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The Daily News Jun 29, 1910

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 White Rock
��0 IfffO
WHITE^OCK," THE  ' <     PE
'A, \%^_^L*.SHILES       IO.
��� , NUMBER 13V.
* 29, 1910.
rustee   Advances
['or    Locating
jjjgh School on Tippjrary
W.   R.   Stanton   ancl   i-.   Rhodes   Will
Replace Constables Gill and Hay���
Trouble   at   the   Park.
,, expression of opinio cured   yesterday   by   The
, Dr, T. B. Green, one
J*      ,     ,.-. the board i I i chool
Lne the action ol the
,   Monday   night,   Dr,
, ' |   thai   the  coum I  ��� n
tri fused to granl the re
I  i  board  that,   be
,  objection to Tlppi
nni glte, a ballol    houhl
to  the ratepayers July
\;i    >'< i   favor  ol
High   Bchool   site   other
part   of  Tipperary   .qu-ire
^Has heen given  to ih- cl
��� ������   estimated   cost   ol
������. to |25, ���"
board  would  welcome
,;i  of the ratepayers on
The  mayor  and  a  ma.
ilderm( n refui e I i allow
.    ion.   That is. the rate
; ,      ,.,,,   have   the   chance  to
.,,.,,  on  thai   question  il
..,   _top   them.      That
-, m he an unwarranted attempt
a      oi >   i! eeting of  the  pollc
commission yesterday afternoon  Wll
Board of Control Arranges
to   Have   Barnes   Circus
Here For Big Fair.
lam It. Stanton and I. Rhodes
ti I to tal e the places of Con-
Btablos Gill and Hay, who have re-
i ��� ed. The new men v 111 com ��� e e
their il ui h ��� on the flrsl ol the month.
There Is still a vacancy on the force
can e i by the 11 Blgnatlon oi Constable
Walker and anol her appoint ment ��ill
have   o bi   ms le ��� ion,
Thei e   were   i ome   complaints   n ���
cei'.ed   aboul   dlsoi h  ly   conduct   In
i, ���������    park  on  Sundays and In the
���   i ��� lngs, and  it   ��as decided  to detail one of the regular constabli
I to I he I rouble,
Those present al the m< eting <*,  re
Ma ot   Lee, l Jommissioners A! lei mi
.1   Cartel Smith and T. S. Annandale,
chief Bradshaw and City Clerk  D in-
1 he management of the P ��� Incial
ll lon yesterday made an i i ���
menl i to hat e a fli 81 cli - amus e-
n i ' company pul on the at i ract Ions
al the exl ibit lon hei ��� The company
secured is the "Bai ne ���' Big i tin e
R Wild Animal Cln i - Ich i.i
said to hi one if the bi 1 In the bus-
The big ti nt Is 100 id i I mg
and   contains  seatini   accon i
foi  about   1,500 people
Tiie show claims thai  it  lS tht
Immense Receptacle on Roof
of Dyeing Works Brings
Injuries to Many.
Part of Structure to Be Erected This
Year at Cost of $5,000���
Detail of Plans.
By the erection of the Horse show
  , building at a cosi of 115,000, of which
I $5,ooo wlll be expended this year, a
Allentown,   Pa.,   June   28.���Sixteen  structure  will   be added   to  the  fair
mon were Injured or scalded and thou-1 buildings    at    Queens    park    which
lars ol damage was done]speaks volumes for
Big Business Being Done at
Provincial Assessors Office
While Rebate Lasts.
sands of <loll_^^^^^^^^^^^^^
todi :���. when a 10,000-gallon war i tank
above the roof of the National Sin;
Dyeing company's plant hurst, flooding the building.
The tank tore a hole in the roof,
dropping timbers on the men beneath
ami breaking Bteam pipes.
Home of the mi n were scalded by
escaping steam and others sustained
arms or I
 BIUM     ......     ,^^^    III).,
wild animal circus in existence. There   broken
are othei animal shows but the Barnes
companj   ruts  on  a complete  circus 'MEN ARRESTED FOR
irith  animal   performer.       The pre- PILFERING HIGH GRADE ORE
micro esqui sl i ienne I   a .-��� al, and a
couple   of   black   hears   make   good I    Cobalt. June 28.���Two arrests were
ch "��� ns.
funny tricks. i���   o =,   ���    --
In adiiiion to putting on the main|LuckJ Godfrey at  Elk  Lake,
attraction,  the   Barnes
......  :s volumes for the progress and
tenterprise of the 11. A. ft I. society
It. will provide an ampitheatre L30
feet  by 270 fe t. the arena being 75
j feet by 200 fee: in the clear. The
Beating capacity of the building will
he  ::,.iiii,  though  this can  he further
! increase 1   to  5,000   by   placing  chairs
in the arena.
Entrance will be through two pair      lu_
| of large double doors which will open hbjj []u_,
into n  Bpaclous  foyer, connected  with'-
which will he waiting rooms for both
| sexes.
I     Tlie arena is to he admirably light-
with  lantern li. hts.    Surrounding
       ed   ......    ��^m
biacK   neurs   mane   suuu j -^Vin'connection with alleged high-1 tbe arena will be a series of seventy
The elephants also do some j made ln��nnc  ��  ^ ^  ^ i ^^   ^ provIdlng  a(,,)]n,,l0.
Lucky Godfrey al   Elk  Lake.    These dation for from six to eight persons.
,       a,,- (ieo'-.e k" Gordon, captain of the There will be a promenade seven teet
company   ha^ I i?_ -  a��nrfWllliam Acker, an ore sort-; wide directly between the arena and
e in Aprii.i tlie   boxes.     An   excellent   feature  In
broke ' the arrangement of the boxes is that
Yesterday's takings ai the provincial assessor's offlce eclipse! hy sk.
wide margin all previous records, ip-
to the time the hanks closed in tlie
afternoon $5,740 was taken in unci
with the takings after that the amount,
should run well over $6,000. Although
the figures for the previous record
are not avallahle, there is no doubt
that the amount taken yesterday i^
at least over $1,500 greater than ever
received before in a single day.
The lasl day of the month will fin-.
 .... limit allowed for the twenty-
five per cent discount allowed by the
department on the payment of taxes.,
and In order to accommodate the public who may not he ahle to get. away
in the daytime, the office In the courthouse will open from seven to nine
o'clock in the evenings today and tomorrow.
Lexington, Ky., .lune 28.���A cloudburst in the mountains of eastern K n.
_         tucks   last   niuht   caused  damage  isti-
:in unwarranted attempt j mated   at   $100,000,   Bwepl   dwellings
opinion.   It would seem   from their foundations, destroyed con-
-.���   mt  .i.inuu   thnt   thelgiderable   standing   timber   and   put
many   residences   of   that   section   in
So far as can be learned today no
lives  were lost.
The storm vented i'^ greatest fury
in Floyd county, where tbe creeks be-
��� ame torrents In a few minutes.
i ibe surface   of   things   that   th
I ouncll   do   not   want   to
j es  of   the   people��� for
l     t the mandate to use Tipper-
I e given.    I think the re-
ballot   would    he    in |
ir ��( Ti; : ��� ;aiy. for ever since the
(begun I liml pi i' aie In-1
; ��� withoul exception fa
ring Tlppi    ' )   as a site.
Tbi   ��� ���  tion made to the School
om the d<. Ire ol si,me
- -    ��� ���   no use of Tlpperai y
��� than "   il of a public park  The
| entered    against    that
[eatun       the proposals.
What the  Act   Says.
������ restini; to know how
I    i . relation to the gut
llils lai '. '    the city.    Here it  Is:
here i gi ante I to the cor-
i ty of New Westmln-
BBors for ��ver the
i ths schedule to this
r to maintain and use,
'ens ; ���       loody square and that
(art of Tlpperary   square   lying   be-
contracted to provide a number of side
atliactions, and a free exhibition In
front of the grandstand. The features
will be the latest Coney Island tads.
aud there will be a museum and side
ol the finest variety.
Harold A. Hushea, the advance man
for the 'irius. was in the city yesterday and had a conference with the
board of control of the exhibition. The
price of the attraction and all the
details were arranged at the meeting
anl the contracl  signed on the spot.
The company has met with favor
wherever it has gone and has already
li dates for the summer months In
nearly all the priarie cities of any
Importance. After leaving here they
will go to Saskatoon, Edmonton, Calgary. Brandon. Moose Jaw, prince Allien and other places.
At the meeting yesterday the board
er.   The shipment was ma
just   before   the   winter   roads
is   crowded   with   specta-
The  floor of the arena is slightly
���     .      1     u..     i��w,l nenrn    tr.    nrA.
. and it was all high grade ore, I they are to be elevated in such an
eighteen tons heing estimated at manner that a perfect view of the
$40,000. j arena is obtainable  even  though the
When the ore arrived at the smelt-1 promenade ^^^
er at Thorold the hags were found to, tors
contain  country  rock  and   low  grade      '	
vein   matter  and  to  be  worth  about i inclined toward  Its  Inclosure to pre
$5,000 instead of $40,000. | vent a horse from crushing a rider's
It   is  anticipated  the   men   will   b-? i leg.
charged with stripping all high grade      The board of control is very grate-
from   tlie   vein  at  the  sorting  table, ] fui ^^^*****m
and placing it in hags apart, where,
It is alleged, night by night they could
take it, away and cache it, in the
meantime filling the sacks with low-
grade ore and rock. The accused
have been admitteJ to bail of $5,000
C. N. R
Three   Hundred   Suspects   Lodged
Jail   Until   Guilty   Party   Can
Be   Picked   Out.
At the meeting yesterday the Doarai
f control decided to provide rosettes  U. S. SECRETARY GIVES
for tlie winners in the horse and eat- RULING ON  HAIR DUTIES
tie   exhibits.     Last   year   these   were ���	
only provided for the horses, but at Washington, June 28.���Secretary of
the annual meeting of the society it the Treasury MacVetgh has ruled that
was thought well to have them for j certain importations containing about
the cattle too, and the hoard will five per cent merino wool and ninety-
spend several hundred dollars in pro-! to ninety-five per cent goat hair
viding them. I brought to the United States on what
It was decided to issue membership  are commonly called "capskins" from
no to the provincial government for
the generous contribution of $5,000 toward the construction of this building.
Work in  Local Branch of Department
Is Cut in  Half as a
,     It was decided to issue membership  are uuuiuiuu>,>  ^....~-
Buenos    Ayres,    June    28.���Three tickets for adults at the price of $3,; South Africa, and which are of Pei
hundnd   men   are   in   jail   today   mid |'he ticket  to admit the holder to the'sian  origin,  are  properly   dutiable  at
and  Fourth  streets,  for I the police are exhausting every means
a  and  enjoyment  of  the Ito   learn   the   identity   of   the     	
public park;   upon  trust '
Winnipeg,   June   28.���According   to
the   weekly   crop   reports   issued   by
the C. N. R. today concerning the system   in   the   prairie    provinces,    the
wheat   has  never   before  at  this   period of the year been in such a flourishing condition as at present.
i     From  nearly  all   points  conies  the*
news that a great advance has beea
made, and that the weather  of late,
hot as it has been, has not damaged
the crops,    in fact, on  the coAtrary,
it has improved matters considerably,
and farmers throughout the west, are
expecting the yield to eclipse former
years by many thousands of bushels.
Optimism is the keynote of success
and the whole farming community is
confident, according to these reports,
that  the  crop  will  be  phenonienally
big this year.
Gi.ec cents per pound. .
               ���                ....'   T|,p courts had held that such imbibition.     The  tickets,  l.owever   wi 11     ' ��*                duti.lble at ten cents a
person I not  include admittance to the grand-1 Donations       _       ,
I the tlcKet  to avium  mc ���
I grounds during the  week of tlie ex.
the  to   lean,   the   identity   of   the   person I no,  include admittance to ""!./;.   e! pound as merino woo
.        "ust, L.h0 threw a bomb In the Team, Col- stand, Childrens tlcketsfo, the price I ^ Gk,       vill     N
use .lie 'remainder   of   Tlpperary!,..   ,.... ,   ���_,n,,���!inri,   when   thel��' *'��� w11! ?_ls_�� ..   "'.a  ,���0 tronhla I glove  interests  were
.-��� I
,r school pm poses, and until ,
,    to any  part  nol  bo thea l
..���uln   and   use  it   for   the J night.
reatiot.   i d enjoymenl of the public park.'    The gin   for
e8' is plain enough. The
,able tor a Public school
,,.,     ere |a all the provision on
. tj00i pioperty that wu
.,. ,     .,,  a   mt,i|c school in that ;
;:.  ��� ���     lU>     public schools must
. nient  as possible to the
But tor a High school,
,      pupils, the site is well
bb      It will be manv years before
,        ,    re thai-   one High schoo
the citv. and whei ever 1' is, it must
���     .   rrom some sections of the
,       .   thla  Blte   will   always be
.   ible, especiall)   for  High
h ms. no matter which way
it city grows. ..ii'
"If the city has other available
tea they will doubtless be
wdwl for Public schools. So why
should ne th ��� trustees favor USjnf?
fe onlv .Re they Have for a HigU
ikonn And why shonid not the peo-
hagrei R8 they do, that Tlpperary
the best site under the clrCUtB-
ices'!  (if course it would be bettet
It wore level���but where will we
��� suck a site In tills city at any-
like $20,000 ��r $86,000? And H
l*�� can get it, do the people want to
i��5 the price and let Tipperary go
hum i xcept as a park0
Parks Are Numerous.
%   rnhldng   lhe   city   of   a   park
:;'i- vicinity  has  been   much  over-
"V. In ibis discussion. What other
Wtot the citv  is half as *el1  sl"''
*'��� with   park  areas  as   Royal   av
"**���   Start  at   the   Asylum  grounds
Jl"1 go along   Royal   avenue       Hrst
Wns   park    to    Granville    street.
lh<-i a block and a half and Clinton
Wac<t'. then  a short  block���and  TIP-
���**���*���; park.    Then  Tlpperary school
Pounds i 	
during  a  performance  when
was   filled   with   people
Eight persons were mortally wound
ed and a panic waa barely averted.
W'nile the confusion was at It o
height the orchestra played the national   anthem   and   the   people   were
A reward of (50,000 lias been offered
for information leading to the Identification  of  the  bomb  throwers.
the|��f tl. will also bo issued. This action was taken to avoid the trouble
i ��� ��� crlenced with last year's system.
Those present al  the meeting were
'. J. Trapp, in the chair; G. 1). Brym-
The Gloversville, N. V.. and other
glove interests were represented at
the hearing which the secretary gave
on  the subject today.
The skins on which the wool comes
ner.  \Y.   Ft.  Gilley.  C.
Secretary W, 11. eTIary
A. Welsh and | are used in the manufacture of gloves
and It was contended that if Importers were required to pay the high
rate of ten per cent it would seriously
interfere with their business.
OF $100,000  REWARD
Washington, .lune 28.���Owing to the
fact that only (10,000 is in the government's moiety fund, Richard Parr,
who was awarded jum.tiiKi for discovering the fraudulent underwelghing
of the su:;ar trust at N'ew York, will
le-vp io wait until the nPTt session
of congress to secure the full amount
I due  til in.
j     The $10.(��0(i probably will be turned
'over to Parr within a few days The
remainder of the award will be appro-
i printed by congress at the next session.
Chicago, .Tune 28.���A war between
the Methodists and General Overseer
Glenn Vollva is reported to have
started today following the dedication
of a modest chapel by the Methodists
inside the precincts of Zlon City.
"We will tight this invasion to the
death." Vollva is reported as having
said   when   he   heard   of   the   dedica-
New York, June 28.���Reoug Bey,
acting consul general of Turkey in
this city, anounced today that the
ministry of public works in Constantinople has invited bids for the construction of an extensive trolley system In Constantinople and vicinity. To
the  successful  bidder   is  offered  the
The work of the crown timber office
here has been practically cut in half
by the creation of an office at Revelstoke under the management of R, J.
Watson.    The  new  office  deals  with
the railway belt, sta-tina; at a point
about  ten   miles  east uf  Lytton  and
extending to tlie bound'i.v of AibeiU.
The Nicola valley remains unJei- .: e
jurisdiction  of the    j ��� il  office.    '! he
necessary Tiles and papi's have i ecu
shipped from this offica and the new
branch has already com' \- .ic; d won.-.
Ever    since    the     rallwv"     ra-  -
through the crown timber oTue ne-e
has had jurisdiction ov.v the limbf-
in   a  strip  of  land   twent;-  mi;es  on
each  side of the  C.  P.  R. along the
whole length of the line ebtween Vancouver and Alberta.
The new offlce is enthii. sepoiate
from the local one and will be on the
same status
San Francisco, June 28.���Eighty
Hindu laborers were slated for deportation on the Pacific Mail liner Siberia, which sails for the Orient today. The deportation was ordered by
a special board of Inquiry, following
the ruling of Immigration Commissioner Hart H. North that undei thc*
present immigration laws it would
be impossible to exclude Hindus.
in the past Commissioner North has-
permitted nearly every immigrant
Hindu to land. Complaint was made
to the immigration bureau at Washington and Special Commissioner
Fred Watt was sent here to investigate The deportation of the eighty
Hindus today is one of the results of
his wrk. He subjected the Hindus
to a rigid examination which they
could not pass.
Bishop McDowell and a large mini-line  succ-fsom,   u.a.m~.   ���
" ��� "���'*���������. assisted | franchise decided upon by the govern
ment of such lines as the bidder may
be able to include ln the concessions.
her  of  Methodist  dignitaries
in the ceremonies.   They say they are
in Zlon City to stay and grow.
Dilapidated  Shacks Will   Probably  Be
Ordered Torn Down, as Requested
by   Fire   Chief.
National     Transcontinental     Railway
Commission   Gives  Work  to
, Lowest Tenderers.
A��  ,   .Hit   ol   ll��  ��"   ""S>f�����������.li.���ta
day night, the mayor
No Tidings of Trieste Re-ijy-^^ w and some o; ^"^oT'Mi^e. ohm
eeived  Since   June 14- Eh?=^^
��      u-   ~   rv.net I ���<"��   "f   'he   city   and   taspecteojme j u.   ^  Mnntraft}   were  ���warded
Searching Arabian toast
C. Woursell Says His Business Is Injured   to   Extent   of   $10,000.
Calgary, June 28.���As an outcome of
_.       , us' ..   ,  .. ,   the recent police court case in which-
The changes means that the work n ���,������������,;,���,��� ���������,.i�����,���i ���* Q���in������
... h,.w nffire which has C' Wourse" was convicted of selling.
wnicn uas adulterated lard on information laid
by the Dominion authorities, Mr.
Woursell has starte 1 an action against
the Arm of J. Y. Griffin and comoany,.
for $10,000.
The  statement  of  claim  is  to ther
fact that the lard was purchased by
Woursell in the regular way of business and the defendants represented
the lard to be pure and unadulterated
and fit for sale.   Some of the lard was
sold and was afterwars found to be
adulterated  and   in   violation   of  the
laws  of the  province.    The  plaintiff
says he has lost the business conducts
ed by him in this city, and been convicted of selling adulterated and impure lard.   He puts in a claim for $10,-
000 damages and the costs of the action as recompense.
here in the timber office, which has |
increase 1 tremendously In the past
year, will be greatly curtailed. There
are many disputes with squatters and
others regarding the timber in the
eastern part of the province, and the
Dominion government found it both
awkward and expensive to handle the
business from here. There will be no
changes   in   the   local   staff.
:or  two  blocks.      Then   the
 chool grounds-,  then a blocK
��residences and Toronto place. Sucn
*" "ray of open spaces reserved on
"���(' Btreel does not look much Use
''"ns the breathing space in that
locality.     No   wonder   the
���ononis  of   the   Tlpperary   site   do
"anl   to   hear   the   voice  of   the
High   School   First.
"I!l" this ls just to show that the
"istoi'K h���ve nothing but the welfare
1 ,l��' city at heart in their proposal
' "ii" site. Note very distinctly
er('' that the Tipperary location is
,no' the essential feature of the by-
��*��� Tho essential feature is, n High
ch0��l, in any reasonable location
Tjewhore. By getting a High school.
,;""'li We snrelv need, we get an addi
"Wiil l'nl -
3omhay, June 2S.���There are no tidings from the Austrian Lloyd steamer
Trieste, which, with her thirty-four
passengers an.l crew of eighty-five, is
eight days overdue from Trieste,
Three ships are searching the Arabian coast.
The Trieste, a steamer of 6,095
gross tons, sailed on June 4 and was
last reported from Aden on Juno 14,
Taft Goes to Massachusetts.
Washington, June 28.���President
Taft left here today to spend the
next three or lour months at Beverly
une    28.���The    National
Railway commission
on   mu..    >       contracts   for   work-
some  of  shops at Winnipeg.    The Morgan Bn-
^^^^^ "-*     n*    illinnpp.   Ohio,   se-
f the business sec- cure me roiiimu   election of the city and Inspected the | trie traveling crane; Mussen's Limit-
shacks and old frame buildings which jed, of Montreal, were awarded con-
Chief Watson proposes to destroy. j tracts for eleven electric booth
As a result of the visit the council cranes; George Anderson & Co., Mon-
will probably condemn some of the treal, will supply one five-ton grej
buildings and a report to that effect iron foundry crane, five hand-power
will In all likelihood be forthcoming traveling cranes and fifteen gib
i at the next meeting of the council.       cranes, while the contract for twenty
-���--*--    l^���r,Avv   POtlill-
Zeppelin's Deutschland Hovers in Air in Stiff Breeze,
Unable to Land.
Kattenvenne, Germany, June 2S.���
The Deutschland left Dusseldorf eaily
this forenoon for an excursion intended by Count Zeppelin to demonstrate that it could be navigated un-
Aviator Has Narrow Escape.
Manchester, N. H., June 28.���Crasfit-
ing into a roller coaster structure at
Pine Island park near here today, E-
J. Parker, of Rochester, N. Y., operating a dirigible balloon, had a narrow
escape from death  when  his airship
was  wrecked.    Parker  had  just left
the ground  when  he  lost  control or
his   machine   and   saved  himself hs?
clinging to the coaster structure.
Those   present   on   the   tour   were ���g��ra^L���n  poes  to  the  Whiting      A slUt breeze was blowing when the
.,? J.  Aldermen Gilley. Gray and  ment    cranes    gw Contracts,      ft  left  her  moorings.    She  sailed
Falls Five Hundred Feet; Lives.
Bucharest, June 28.-Whlle making-
a flight yesterday. Ouillemener. .*���
French aviator, fell 500 feet and ee-
After Long Rest Suffragettes
Recommence Active Crusade
i inegeii, iiarvii .....~	
': and then apparently was driven by the
| wind in this direction.
I This place Is seventy miles north
of Dusseldorf and the airship reached
��� here flying with the wind.   When over
| the city the pilot attempted to bring
his craft about and after some ma-
noeuvreing  headed   her  for  Munster.
leg was broken.
i wreck.
���,���,,,,ion or disappiova
Seanilno.totl.eniayo.^  ^
,.��� icVcho^-at lhe Central,   j cil f^jtj^�� 'olipllt to bave
,'   we built   ���   Public  school -we ���Ible. -AM x-ne v wliat       ov
ff�� |tOt  thereby  ge.  a High school     ho   o, ��>     "> . .        ���,,, 0spei-.a
',7'>>"el bylaw is noi a PuWllc and tl ink ofjtne ffiftde     ch ��� fea-
a��Bh school scheme; It is one plan,   si tic. I     ' a    '* J��' ��         ,���  tll(> bylaw.
>"��"  to  meet   the   whole   (,uestion   ture  In completely  dls-
��*ooJ accommodation In the city. I lhe ��c    oi ooar ^m Ut   ,   t.
f been well thought out  and it  l^fjjgj. Sre the people want It.
)S Slvcn to the people to receive their   the school
   . noeuvreuig   iwo*���   .���*-���   ���--   -        ....
 ���  ., . | nn.is course was held for a time, but
���������,������ .,�������� ��;-*���� r?.o-fjLstMffitBW^saBffi. *r ,,r';Steu"l z
J��g&n taottylty, mBltMt nt
Asquith  tO  acceae  ' bi���  noW
to  push the equal  sunrabt.
to Mrs. Pankhurst. pians i��> ����> ������-���-- | fiV(,ntu���llv     the Ueutschland     was
men ^all heen completed "^JSSfSJfliS her track until she
go   into   operation   unless   the   Pi me  ��� the tow
ine  wuiuwo        ,,,i,inii Mrs.
;;;���^g �� *. commons.
^Woman's Suffrage league,  Wgch       u^o�� v��. -^,,--- di8al)leJ
18 ���^TjSvTiil^^l"*^onl'one was wolklng pl0P''
Sno&ent thatJ*'large ^f^il^Slwar.1 dusk the Deutschland was
women taxpayers *��� *******_ *Lff   jockeying,    seemingly    without
DI11  u���n,fuM  to  pay ****"  UnleSS       yt power to make a safe landing.
According'are permitted to Wt*.
��� ������������������������������������������������������-
��� ���
French   Troops   Routed. **>
Casa Blanca, Morocco, June   ���
28.���The French punitive expe-   ���
dition ln the Chaoui region has   ���
been route 1 by the partisans of
Schik   Maelainin,   a   fanatical
priest,  who  for  several  years
has stirred up great agitation.
The  loss  was  heavy on  both
sides,  the French  losing thirteen    killed    and    seventy-ame
wounded, mostly native troops.
*******************> r     PAGE TWO.
Classified Advertisements iREAL   ESTATE "%�� 01T!^*S ���?
BYLAW, 1910.
\S**m *
well broken and not afraid of nam
cars or autos. Apply P. 0. Box 304,
New Westminster, B, C.
i'or   general   store.      Apply   Allison,
Fori  Hammond.
sist wiili housework; no washing.
Reply to A, Care 1'. O. Box 269.
Apply Premier hotel. 131dtf
with breakfast. Central location.
Address P. O.  Hox 795, City.
Assistant, must be capable stenographer and have knowledge of
book-keeping, Apply by letter to
Box 20, Daily  News Ollice.
Office:    Northern   Crown    Bank    Bldg.
Phone 646.
$90 per acre secures you 10 acres of
good friiii land two and a half miles
tram line all cleared and ready for
the plow; $300 cash. 181-A
Fruit farm in Delta. Ten ncres of good
land; all cleared, with good house
and barns; 250 hearing fruit trees;
on good road.    Price $4,000.    Good
erms. 1TJ-A
Fort George Lands���20,000 a.cres���
being some of the best land in Central British Columbia, which is being sold rapidly in large and small
tracts, On very attractive terms.
Call and get particulars,
A Bylaw to enable the Council of the
City of New Westminster to raise
by loan the sum of One Hundred
and Fifty Thousand ($150,000.00)
dollars  for   Street   Improvements.
house of live or six rooms with modern conveniences by July 1 for
three or four months. Convenient
to ear line preferred. Apply '/.,
Daily News ollice.
ing and tlnsmlthlng. Apply .lames
&  McClughan.
to work in laundry. Wages 15 to
2u cents per hour. Royal City
Laundry, Royal avenue, west of
Eighth street.    B. Abrams, Mgr.
WANTED���TO    EXCHANGE    35  1-2
acres of good land at Lincoln station, Langley, for Westminster city
property. Value $3000. Apply B. C.
Securities. Ltd., Dominion Trust
Offices, Columbia street, New Westminster.
housework and plain cooking. Apply   1L'5  Third  avenue.
DOUBLE CORNER���On Sixth avenue
and Eleventh Btreet; 132x132 feet,
with small cottage. Price $3,500;
$500 cash; balance on very easy
terms. 170-C
CITY���Third Avenue���Small house on
lot. size 54 x 120 feet. Price $1,500;
$;S0ii cash, balance on easy terms.
City���An 8-roomed     modern    house',
si/.e   of lot,    132x132   feet;    price,
$5,250; $1,250   cash;    balance   arranged,
N. W. li section 8, Tp. 10���160 acres
of good land with 2,000,000 fei t of
timber. No timber lease. $35 per
acre.    $2,000 cash.
BURNABY���Two lots close to store
and tramline. Price $300 each;
terms \i cash and $10 per month.
Office:   Northern   Crown   Bank   Bldg.
Phone   646.
Open Evenings for Your Benefit.
Apply '2Ui Eleventh street.
_���.  .  i    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
FOR. SALE���TWO. GOOD. TEAMS I Watch Surrey Acreage, when the dirt
with harness, logging chain and i dirt starts flying for the C. N. U
wagon.    Apply S. S., Box 150. We have the cream of buys.
Room 8, Thompson Block.
We have a few good lots on Hospital
street. *2o cash will handle these;
balance $10 per month.
acres. South New Westminster.
.Splendid view of New Westminster.
$425 per acre. Apply P. O. Box
25H,  City.
ton; cleared and fenced; close to
car line. Only for sale within tlit
next thirty clays. Address A. H.
Tupper, Cunningham Hall, Sixth St.
(2,800 lbs.). Sound. Also wagon and
harness (new). Apply A. N. Mac-
kay, Burnaby Lake P. O., B. C.
room suitable for two. Handy to
business section. Apply 129 Tenth
Agnes street.
ply 818, Milton stnet.
Ten acres of the best fruit land; \_
acres cleared; 2 acres slashed, burned and logged off; 3 roomed house,
barn, poultry runs; small fruits,
Ftontlng on Scott road and close
to car.    Only $2,000, on terms.
Five acres on Scott road; good garden, house, well, etc.; three quarters of a mile from car. This is good
at $1300;  terms.
Room  8,  Thompson   Block.
Phone 629.
Corner Columbia  and  Begbie  Streets.
j Port Kells Townsite. Lot 21, containing five acres. Price only $000.
A snap.
10 full  sized  lots  near  Eighth  avenue
at $301) each.    Easy terms.
housekeeping to rent. Apply to A. H.
Ferguson, Pythian  Hall  building.
rooms. 703, Third avenue. Apply
after ���'> p.m. or between 'J a.m. and
f> p. in. at Room 14, ti23 Columbia
street. 131dtf
Sapperton���We have a few choice
view lots on Blair avenue very
cheap; $25 down, balance monthly.
Worth investigating.
store in the K. P. block; suitable
for store rooms, skating rink, or
moving pictures, etc., etc. For particulars apply to .John Forrester.
Sec. K. P. Trustees, 517 St. George
street, City.
; South Westminster���',4 acre view
lots on car line at Brownsivlle.
Price $250 per lot; 14cash, balance
easy. If you want a home, secure
one at once, as they are the cheapest and nearest lots on the market.
Lulu Island���Lot 26;  near the bridge;
containing   one   acre.     Price   only
Corner Columbia  and  Begbie  Streets.
Phone 680.
)n Seventh street. Apply Wilson,
Cook & Co., Northern Crown Bank
Strayed away from Dorand Mill,
Deer Lake, Thursday morning. Last.
seen at corner of Pole Line and
Westminster road. Suitable reward
if returned to Doran's Mill.
Columbia    St.,    Next    Todd's    Music
House���Phone   703.
1 For Sale���5-roomed  cottage  close   in;
large lot.    Price  $2,500;   $500  cash.
Balance on  very easy terms.
For   Sale ��� 5-room   cottage   close   In.
Price $2300;   $300 cash;   balance to
suit purchaser.
bleachers, Queens park. Owner may
have same by telephoning 369 and
paying for advertisement,
For all kinds of
Phone 695
or leave orders at
The   Arrow   Press
oear Tlie Daily News Co., 609 Victoria
We have some real good snaps in
house property. Call and see us
about  them.
Columbia    St.,    Next    Todd's    Music
House���Phone 703.
District of New Westminster.
Mew Westminster Land District.
Take notice that I, Norman Caswell,
of Abbotsford, B.C., miner, intend to
apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands at Victoria, B.C., for a license
'to prospect for coal and petroleum
���on and In the following described
Commencing at a post marked N. C,
"N. E. corner, planted at the N. E.
corner of Section In, in Township lit,
Municipality of Sumas, New Westminster District; thence south 80
���chains; thence west 80 chains; thence
north Sn chains; tlience east 80 chains
to ]roint of commencement and containing 610 acres.
Dated nl Abbotsford, B.C., this Oth
s_x of fane   ' ri. mio.
Local Improvement Notice.
Pursuant to Section 20 of the "Local
Imporvement General Hylaw, 1909,"
noi ice is hereby given that, the Assessment, Roll for Local Improvements on
lhe following streets, viz., Tenth
street, on both sides from Sixth avenue to Tenth avenue, except on the
east side of said street between Sixth
ancl Eighth avenues; also on both
sides of London, Edinburg. Dublin and
Hamilton streets, Eight and Seventh
avenues between Tenth and Twelfth
Btreets, is open for inspection at the
ollice of the Assessment Commissioner in the city hall, New Westminster,
British Columbia, and in case the owner or any person Interested In any of
the properties Included therein desires to appeal from such assessment.
he sliall, within the period of eleven
(Ul days from the first publication
of this notice, give notice to the undersigned in writing of his intention
to appeal.
Dated  the  27th  day  of June,  A.D.,
Cltv Clerk.
Date of flrst publication the 27th day
of June, 11(10.
Whereas, certain sums of money
have this ye.ir been expended out of
the general revenue ol the my for
the constl uction, improvement a.id re
pair of streets and sidewalks, and it
is expedient thai additional sums be
spent in like manner, amounting in
all (with the Bums already spenl 1 to
the .sum of One Hundred ami Fifty
Thousand   ($150,000.00)   dollars;
And Whereas, il appears that if the
said sum of One Hundred and Fifty
Thousand i$150,11(10.00) dollars, be appropriated fiom tbe general revenue
of Ihe city for the current year the
rale of taxation will be excessive, and
if is expedient that such excessive
taxation should he avoided, and the
said sum should be raisi il on the
credit of the corporation, and that debentures or registered stock certificates should he Issued for that
' amounl;
And   Whereas,   for  the   payment   of
I interest on the debentures or register,
led stork certlflcates, proposed  to be
tissued under  this  Hylaw. and  for creating a sinking fund for the payment
lot the said  debentures or registered
1 stock   certificates   "hen   duo   ii   will
I be necessary to raise by special rate.
, in   addition   to  all   other   rates,   each
year during the currency of the Bald
debentures or registered  Btock  certificates, the  sum of Seven Thousand,
Five Hundred  and Ninety and 32-100
($7,590.32) dollars;
And Whereas, in order to raise
the said yearly sum of Seven Thousand, Five Hundred and Ninety and
32-101) ($7,690.32) dollars, an equal
rate on the dollar will he re-
quired to he levied on the whole rateable property of the City of New Westminster.
And Whereas, the whole rateable
property of the said city, according to
the last revised Assessment Roll
thereof, is Seven Million, Two Hundred and Forty-nine Thousand and
Ten   ($7,249,010.00) dollars;
And Whereas, the total amount of
the existing debenture debt of the
said city is One Million, Six Hundred
and Seventeen Thousand, One Hundred ($1,1117,100.00) dollars, irrespective of the sum of One Hundred and
Seventy-four Thousand, Five Hundred
($174,600,00) dollars proposed to be
raised under the "Lulu Island Bridge
Debenture or Registered Stock Bylaw.
1910"; the "Fire Debenture or Registered Stock Bylaw, 1910"; the
"Schools Debenture or Registered
Stock Bylaw, 1910," and the
"Parks Debenture or Registered Stock
Bylaw, 1!H0," of which none of the
principal or interest is in arrears;
Now Therefore, the Municipal Council of the Corporation of the City of
New Westminster e.mcts as follows:
1. It shall be lawful for the Mayor
of the said city to raise by way of
loan from any person or persons, body
or bodies corporate, who may be willing to advance the same on the credit
of the debentures or registered stork
certificates hereinafter mentioned, any
sum or sums of money, not exceeding
in the whole the sum of One Hundred
and Fifty Thousand ($150,000.00) dollars, and to cause thr same to be paid
into ihe treasury of die said city for
Ithe purposes mentioned herein.
2. it shall be lawful for the Mayor
to cause any number of dehentures 01
registered  stock  certificates    to    be
j made, not exceeding in the whole the
sum of One Hundred and Fifty Thousand ($150,000.00) dollars, tor su<-h
sums of money as may be required,
not less than $100.00 each, or an
equivalent expressed in pounds sterling of the United Kingdom of Great
Britain and Ireland, at a value of 4,866
to the pound sterling; and all such
debentures or registered stock certificates shall he sealed with the seal
of the corporation, signed by the
Mayor and countersigned by the
treasurer thereof, or by such other
person or persons as may be thereunto  lawfully  authorized.
3. The said debentures or registered
stock certificates, shall ho payable "11
the flrst day of July, 1960, at. such
place or places as tiie Council of the
said corporation may from time to
time appoint with the approval or the
holders thereof, and shall bear interest at the rate of four and one-half per
centum per annum, payable half yearly on the first day of January and the
flrst day of July ln each and every
year, and the debentures shall have
attached to (hem coupons for the payment of interest, which said coupons
shall be signed by the said Mayor.
4. A special rate on the dollar sliall
be levied and raised In each year, in
addition to all other rates, on all the
rateable property of the city, sufficient
to pay the interest upon the debentures or registered stock certificates,
and to create a sinking fund for the
payment of the principal thereof when
due, subject 10 any act or enactment
respecting the same.
5. Subject as aforesaid, there Bhall
be raised annually by special rate as
aforesaid, during the currency of the
said debentures or registered stork
certificates, the sum of Six Thousand.
Seven Hundred and Fifty ($6,760.00)
dollars for the payment of the interest thereon, and the sum of Eight
Hundred and Forty and 32,100 ($840.-
32) dollars to provide for the pay-
ment   of   the   principal.
t\. The proceeds of the sale of the
said debentures or registered stock
certificates shall be applied as follows, and not otherwise: towards
paying the cost of the passing of this
Bylaw and the Issue and sale of the
debentures or registered stock certificates therein referred to, recouping
the treasury of the city such Sums
as have been this year expended in
street works, or may lie so expended
mull the proceeds of the sale of the
said debentures or registered stock
certificates have become available, the
making. Improving and repairing of
such streets and sidewalks In the city
as may be deemed expedient, by the
council, but no sidewalk or streel shall
be made or repaired out of the moneys I
borrowed under this Bylaw unless tho!
same shall  have first  been  approved
by a resolution of the Council.
7. This Bj law shall take effeel on
the day of 1910, ami
may he cited as the "Streel Improve
ment Debenture or Registered Stock
Bylaw, 1910."
8. This Bylaw before the final passing thereof, shall receive the a- mt
of the electors of the said city in the
manner required hy law.
Itecehe.i 1 he assenl of tiie electois
on Uie day  of 1910,
Reconsidered and finally passed in
open council  the (lay of
Take  notice   that   the   above   is   a
(rue copy of the proposed Bylaw which
will   be  taken   into  consideration   by
the Municipal Council of ihe City of
I New   Wi'st minster   one   month    from
the day of the flrsl publication there
Of   iu   the   "Daily   News"     newspaper.
which flrsl  publication took place on
I the  13th day  of June,   1910,  and  that
ia vote of the electors of the city will
be taken on the said proposed Bylaw
on the llth day of July, 1910, between
the hours of nine o'clock a.m. and tive
p.m. at   the  following  places,  namelj
The Council Chamber, Ci-. ie Building;
the    Fire    Hall.   Sapperton;    and   the
Waterworks    Storehouse,      Eleventh
City Clerk
City Mall. June 11. 1910.
A Bylaw to enable the Council of the
Corporation of the City of New
Westminster to raise oy loan the
sum of Ninety-seven Thousand, Five
Hundred ($97,500.00) dollars for
School   Purposes.
Whneas the Board of School Trustees of the City of New Westminster have caused to he prepared and
laid before the Council a detailed estimate of the sums required by the
Hoard lor the current year's ordinary
expenses of maintaining the Bchools
of the said City of New Westminster;
and have also prepared a like di tail
ed estimate of the sums required to
meet any special or rxtraordinary expenses legally incuirable by the Board,
which last mentioned estimate Is subject to consideration, alteration and
final approval by the Council, and the
same has been finally approved by
the Council.
And Whereas, the amount required
under the said last mentioned estimate for schools amounts to Ninety-
seven  Thousand,  Five   Hundred   <$'."7.-
." "rn  dollars, made  up a_s folk)ws:
Thirty-five Thousand (jlB.obO.MT dollars for tlie erection and equipment of
the new Sapperton scliool; Two Thou-
1 Band, the Hundred ($2,500.00) dollars
for the erection and equipment of a
school on Lulu Island, and Sixty Thousand ($60, .en 1 dollars for the election of a  High school.
And Whereas, by Section 40 of the
the Public Schools Act 1905, as re-
enacted by Section 30 of the Public
Schools Act 1905, Amendment Act
1906, any statute to the contrary notwithstanding, the Council of any city,
town or rural municipality in tlie
Province Including thi- City of Vancouver and city of New Westminster,
may in each and every year pass a
Bylaw or Bylaws for levying aspecial
rate of not more than Five (5) mills
011 the dollar for school purposes, and
Mie Council may in addition to Buch
rate apply any portion of the ordlnarj
revenue to school  purposes.
And Wheieas, it appears that the
amount required to meet the current
year's ordinary expenses of maintaining the schools will exhaust the
amount authorized to be levied under
Section   40   of   the   Public  Schools   Ad
1905,   as   re-enacted   hy   said   Section
130   of   the   Public   Schools   Act   1906,
Amendment Act 1906, and It  will he
I necessary also  to apply  a  portion  of
'ihe  ordinary   revenue   for   such   purposes.
And Whereas, it appears that If the
said sum of $97,500.00 be appropriated
i from the general revenue of the city
���for the current year, the rate of taxation will be excessive, and It is expedient that such excessive taxation
should be avoided, and the said sum
should be raised on Hie credit of (he
corporation, and that debentures or
registered Stock certificates should be
issued for that amount.
And Whereas, for the payment of interest on the debentures or registered
stock certificates proposed to |>o issued under this Bylnw, and for creating a sinking fund for the payment
of the snld debent ures or registered
slock certificates, whim due, It. will
be necessary to raise by special rate,
in addition to all other rates, each
year during (be currency of the said
dehentures or registered stock certificates the sum of rvuir Thousand.
Nine Hundred and Thirty-three and
70-100   ($4 '.133.70)   dollars;
And Whereas, in order lo raise Ihe
said yearly sum of $4,933.70, an equal
special rale on the dollar will be required to be levied on the whole rate,
able property of the City of New
Wesi minster,
And Whereas, the whole rateable
property of the said city, according to
the last revised Assessment Roll thereof, is Seven Million. Two Hundred ami
Forty-nine Thousand and Ten ($7,.
249,010.00)   dollars;
And Whereas, the total amount of
the existing debenture debt of ihe
said city Is One Million, six Hundred
and Seventeen Thousand, One Hundred ($1,617,100.00) dollars. Irrespective of (he sum of Two Hundred and
Twenty-seven Thousand ($227,000.00)
dollars proposed to be raised under
the "Street Improvement Debenture 01'
Registered Stock Hylaw. 1910;" the
"Fire Debenture or Registered Stock
Bylaw, 1010;" the "Lulu Island Bridge
Debenture or Registered Stock Bylaw
1010," and tbe "Barks Improvement
Debenture or Registered Stock Bylaw
1910," of which none of the principal
or Interest is in arrears.
Now Therefore, the Municipal Council or the Corporation of the City of
New Westminster enacts as follows;
1. It shall be lawful for the Mayor
of lhe said city to raise by way' of
loan from any person or persons, body
or bodies corporate, who may be will
ing 10 advance the same on the credit
of the debentures or reglsten d stock
certlflcates hereinafter mentioned, any
sum or sums of money not exceeding 1
in Uie whole the sum of $97,500.00, and
lo cause lhe  Bame  lo  he  paid  into  llie
treasury of the said city lor the pui
poses mentioned herein.
2, it shall be lawful tor the Mayor
io  cause any   number ci   debentures
or registered' slock certificates to be
made, noi exci eding in the whole ihe
Bum of $07,aim.ihi tor such sums of
money us may  be required, not  less
lhaii $100.00 each, or au equivalent
expressed in pounds sterling of the
United Kingdom "t Greal Britain ami
Ireland al a value of 4.866 to the!
pound sterling; and all such debi n-
t ures or registered Btock certifli atea
shall he Sealed with Hie seal of the
corporation, si. ned by the Mayor and
countersigned by the treasurer there
of, or by such other person or persons
as may be thereunto lawfully authorized,
;;. The Bald debentures or registered!
stock certificates shall be payable on
the flrsl day of July I960, at such
place or [daces as the Council of lhe
said corporation may from time to
time appoint with the approval of thej
holders thereof, and shall bear Interest at tho rate of four and ono half
per centum per annum, payable half
yearly on the first day of Januarj
and the tlist day of July In each and'
every year, ami the debentures Bhall
have attached lo them coupons for tie
payment of Interest, which said cou
pons sliall be signed by the said
���1.  A  special  i ate en  tie dollar shall ',
be levied and raise,i in i.uh year, in
addition  to all  other  rates   oil  all  the!
rateable property of tlie city, sufficient
to paj the interest upon the debentures or i egi tei ci Btock certlflcati s,
and to create a sinking fund for the
payment of the principal thereof when
due, Bubjecl t" any act oi enactment
respecting the same.
6. Subject  as aforesaid, tin re shall
be raised annually by special rale as
aforesaid, (lining the currency of ihe
said debentures or registered Btock
certificates, the sum or $4,387.60 to;
the payment of interest thereon, and
the sum of $646.20 to provide for the
repayment of the pi lni Ipal.
o. The proceeds of the sab- of the
said debentures or registered stock
certificates shall be applied as follows,
and not otherwise; towards paying
the cost of the passing of thi? Bylaw
and the i. sue and sale of tbe Bald
debentures or registered stock certificates therein referred to, and all expenses connected with the Issuance
of the said loan, and tbe balance shal.
be paid over from time to lime as re
quired upon the order of the trustees
by th? cjty treasurer to the soma]
pemons to whom moneys are pnv..!,'o .
7. This Bylaw shall take effect on
the day of ];tio. and
may be cited as the "Schools Debenture or Registered Stock Bvlaw, 1910.'
8. This Bylaw befoie the final passing thereof, sliall receive the assent
of the (lectors of the said city in the
manner required by law
Received the a.-sent of the electors
on  the day  of
Reconsidered and finally passi d i:i
open council the dav of
t Croquet Sets
p��c Nic Baskets
Pic Nic Plates
Etc., Etc.
A 'I
665���Columbia Street���663
New Westminster, B.C.
Mineral Waters
Aerated Waters
Manufactir ,
Telephone   R   113. Office:   Princess St
**************** a a���������u
t WOOD  WORK, and;
Done At
1 Benson . McMenemy;
X    At   Dick   Benson's   Old  Stand, 4
k   8th St., Next to Fashion L .���-,, J
Take notice that the above is 0 true
copy of the proposed Bylaw wbicb win
be (alien into consideration by the
Municipal Council of the City of New
Westminster one month from the d ito
jof the lirst publication thereof in tlie
"Daily  News" newspaper,  which   Br I
' publication took place en t he 131 h day
of .lune.   1910, and  (bat  a  vote ol   ' ie
electors of the city  will  be taken  on
the said proposed  Bylaw on  the  14th
day  of  .Inly   1910,   be! vv i en   the   hours
of  nine  o'clock  a.m. and   live  p.m..  at
the   following   [daces,   namely:      The
Council Chamber, civic Building; the
Fire Hall, Sapperton;  and the Waterworks Storehouse, Eleventh street.
\V. A. 1)1'MAN.
City Clerk
City Hall, Juno 11, 1910.
District of  New  Westminster.
New Westminster Land District.
Take notice that I, .1. l-\ Hoyd. of
Abbotsford, ii.C, lumberman, intend
to apply to tlie Chief Commissioner of
Hands nt Victoria, B.C , for a license
to prospect for coal and petroleum ou
and In the following described lands:
Commencing at a posi marked J.
P, B., S. W. corner, planted at the
S. W. corner of Section 24, In Township 10, Municipality of Kiiiniis, New
Westminster Hlstrlct: thence north 80
chains: thence east So chains; thence
south Rd chains: thence west Su j
chains to point of commencement and
containing 640 acres.
Hated   at   Abbotsford.   B.C,
day  of June,  A.D.,   1910.
If you deposit your money for
safety In The Hank ef Toronto
It wiil be safe while ' a !,,aye
it. and ready when you need i*.
and  lt   wili  be
earning for you three per cent.   I
Interest    Small or large sums
may  be deposited nt any time.
In    Ontario,    Ouebec   and   the
CAPITAL   ....
.  4,750,000
J. Oracey, Mgr.
White Star-Dominion
Canadian Service
.1 niv ir.
The Beautiful St. Lawrence Route and
Canadian Pacific Empresses.
Prom Quebec
From Liverpool, and Montreal.
July    1. .   Empress   Ireland
July   7...  Lake Manitoba
July in..  Empress   Britain
July 21, .    Hake Chaniplnlii
For   ticket   reservation   and
formation  apply  to
C.   P.   R.   Agent.
.. July
. .July
. .Auk.
d   all
Transfer Co.
tvfflce 'Phone lis.      narn 'Fboue 187
Columbia  Street.
Baggage   delivered    promptly   to
any part of the city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
Montreal to Liverpool
Triple  screw,   14,900 tons.
Twin    screw,    14,900   tons.
largest   and    most    modern,
commodatlon  equal   to any citing the  Atlantic.
For Rates and Tickets Apply t0
C. P. R. Passenger Station
My property is"uke"n.o�� the market
until furl her notice.
Sapperton,  B. C. WEDN
JUNE  29,  1910.
,i,-,i an application has
Tl*e��fcf0tbregSer Duncan Hell
��';"l,!    ,��� ,��� in tee simple, under
^-is'^" .in B. A. Wllmot,
ft S*>e /':;,"'. Duncan Hell
�����ector ���'��� tl,.u. the 13th day ol
B��rtod7   of all  and
g^  ElVr^ being
tU ore��l8!fIct ���f Ne*
m<l I"
of   land
' British   Columbia,
ilstt  _.. ^^^^^
'''���''' ...V'kn'own and descrlb-
'.'   ���,,., of the BoutheaBt|ship
***     l'   "      ��>>
'     -l""'1,".eclioti   IH,   Townsliip
Urter '        . ,,, 6th Meridian.
Calming through or
. ,   .,���   persons  claiming
Uer .',:  said lanVI by virtue
1    inter?    ��; "^  |nBtrUment,  and
_'**���  ! ''"',u *.ing any  Interesl  In
(j,  ,.,..;��� ent, whose title
I .., .,.,- the provisions
,.: r.e'.iftrv Act," are re.uii
li   ��� , ,���..,,.,! of th.   -a-, pur
ror'yflv* dayB Hon. tbe
\. ,,.,-,���:,: ea: ion   of   this
i. ���   '������,   and i" default  ol ���������
'ce,1|!' '   . in ������,���������  ol   ,*n  pendens
F- wifi'ln ����cj lcliod' '"' '"
District of New Westminster.
New Westminster Land District.
Take notice thai I, It. A. Tretheway,
of Abbotsford, B.C., lumberman, Intend to apply to the Chlel Commissioner of lands at Victoria, B.C., for
a license to prospect for coal and petroleum on and in the followln
Bcribed   lands:
Commencing al  a  post   marked  it.
A.   T.,   N.   W.   corner,   planted   at   the
X. W. eonier ot  Section 29
19, Municipality
li1. im '���<��"
in  '!
hi  Sumas.   New
Westminster Districi:  tbem e i
chains; I hence boui Ii 80 chi Ins   !
, | 80 chains; thence north 80
chains to poinl of commencement and
containing 640 acre
Dated at Abbotsford, B C . this 9th
day of June, A.D., 1910.
CANADA'S fUR TRADE5 smoke, says^ls. willison
CITY     OF     NEW
Visit of Earl Grey Will Draw
Aside Veil-Romance Of
Early Days.
Editor in-Chief   of   Toronto   News   Declares   This   Will   Be   Case   in
Twenty-five Years.
Tl e
District of New Westminster.
New Westminster Land District.
will help
from tin last
the    Ca     lian
^^^^ ernor-
^^^^^ the t li'iii. ins
direi i Ion ol I hat inland
,1      . \.\'���>.'��� hm ni'"' retfstra
I load, cr yen wil' be foi
vn"    Cd and debarred rrom set-
ial,n to o'  In respect ef
ft- H _____________________
^'"'.'"!an'i""'i'i'u!  I  Bhal    register
��� ,ll us owner thereof
\���d i hei-ly -i- thai pub
,   ,,:s  ,;,;,.,.  lor  thirty days
I   ^irnews%^;e;r."bUshedlnNew
| te,   -i, ie toodand sufflc
.' .';:":.'���,-! Registry Offlce,
I.   .'.���,   !-,, ince o1 Brltls i
���    ST'i -"",-J
1 letrlcl  fit git far
. .     da ].,. ������; .ne nt  Loan & Sav
1oCana oppenhelmer   Bros,,   Ltd.,
W.Lelsbman; J. W. Hew-
t ke not! e thai I. Alexander Ji I n
of Abbotsford, B.C., lumbei -    n,
Intend to apply to the chief Commissioner of Lands al  Vlctoi la, B.C., for
;, llceni e to proi peel for ci al and i e
���     ��� nn on and  in the following de-
t\ hinds:
Commencing ut a post mai ked A, J.,
N. !���'.. cot ner, planted al the N. E, corner   of   Si et Ion   30,   in   Township   19,
Municipality of Sumas, New Westmln-
gtei  District; thence i outh 80 chains;
thenci   ������������ est 80 chain ;  thence north
��� '  - bains;   thence easl  80 chains to
poinl of commencemenl and contain
B40   ere
D ted rn   Abbotsford, B.C., this 9th
dav  of June    ^D.,   1910
New Westminster.
Westrr.i.7tir^nd D,strict.
Room  6,  Guichon  Building.
Tike i  lice that I. George Bei ki tt,
[ ird,  B.C . teamster, intend
the Chief Commissioner
io! Lands al Victoria, B. C . for a 11-
I ..- peel for coal and petrol-
I .:i the following descrlb-
Comi ��� ���      - al a posi marked G. B .
|\ ���       planted al  the M. W.
��� Section 28, In Township 19,
j " ty ol Sumas, New Westmiu.
Isti thence east  80 chains-.
thet 80 chains.  thence wesl
I ��� tin nee north v" chains to
I; ���: encement and contain-
��� . botsford, B.C., this 9th
. e. A tv. 1910.
Architect and Engineer.
HOPE & BARKER. Architects,
New  Westminster ��� Trapp  Block
Phone 655.
i iBank cf Montreal
L_DIT_. $14,400,000.00
S -'.'������-V^.'.    11.000,000.00
Bram ���    throughout    Canada    and
ml.  anu   in   London   Eng
.,    York, Cb'cago and Sp kane,
I  Mex.cr, City,    A general
business    t,ans.,.-u-d.    ljk
edit issued    available   with
,,,.,s in   all    Parts ol    the
"S!i,  - Hank DiFartment-DepoBlU
......,��� Buma ol  U and upward,
,     , allowed al 3 per cent. pe.
annum  ipresent  rate).
,   vsseU  over   $186,000,	
G. n. BRYMNER, Manager.
Given   on   Any
job   Printing
contemplated visit of Earl Grey
to the Uudi    .  B .;   ten ItOry
to draw   u    ... ��� io \Ci[
great n . , md of
i Eur trade. During the past few years,
'��� Interesl in the Huds in Bay  ba    ;    n
���  lni real In ;, and the Gove
Gem ral'a visit, will turn
| of many In t
'i he wi sl Is becot ing i      : aratlvely
thickly Bettled, and consequently does
  possesi  much fascination for those
adventurous Bpirlts    in  whoi        i Ins
runs the rich red pioneer blood   the
blood which tend   I i mi ds the expansion of a nation.    In sei a  new
countty to conquer and ci\ilize, these
im ii are attracti d by the lure of the
Not thland,   Tliey ca t enviou   ��� lances
toward  the  vast   territory   which,  foi
i v.ii and a half centurli s, 1      been thi
I'm ti adi r b   paradise,   in   w hi   i,   v. it b
unobti usive   Becrei y,   manj   I      sand
dollaiB'   worth   "t   furs   are   annuallj
gatheied    ogi thei   an I  exported.    To
this daj  the Hud           j   territory is
the land ol  romance In which travel
is by  met na of canoe, York boat, or
dog team, and where the re Iman has
noi  >ei  deteriorated Into the Bamples
Been herded by a pati rnal go> et ntnent
within the fixed limits ol the reserve
But as civilization advanced over thei
..,   tern plains and made them yield
wheal Instead of furs, so will it make
Hudson   bay   produce  its  harvest  of
mini ials and pulpwood.
Three Hundred Whites.
Although the settlement of   Hudson
j Bay may be said to have commenced
with  the establishment  of    Rupert's
| Fort in 1668, the present white population  of that Immense  district does
:not exceed tbiee hundred souls.   Even
I these are  mainly a transient population of fur traders and their families
.The   forts   today   are     scarcely   a
'larger than they were when the fur
trade  of  this  district,    was    started,
whiie   the   majority   of   them   contain
fewer   white  men  owing  to  the  fact
that half-breeds and Indians have been
trained to do work which at first had
to be done by a staff of white laborers.
Fur trade posts are the exception proving a rule in commercial life, that the
prosperity of a place can  be judged
by iis increase, for the smaller a fur
trade   center  can   bo   kept   the  more
prospi i ity it enjoys.
It seems hardly possible th
Toronto, June 28.���"Within the next I
Bve  years  everj   woman   will���
vote "i- have a right to vote, and with-
i in the sure period, twenty-flve or lit-]
i cent of all women will smoke,"
J, S.  Willison, editor-in-chief of
��� i'\\b, in an a Idiess at ibe annual
lng of the  Women's  Pn ss club
��� : day afternoon,    About   seventy-
live members of the club attended the
meel lng, Thet e are now local branches
'! oronto, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Re-
a, Vancouver and the 'l hunder Bay
branch al  Port Arthur and  Fort   William.   The total membership is about
one hundred and twenty.
Tl '��� newlj elected officers are: Hon.
I n Bident, Mrs. C.  !'. Walker, Winni-
peg;      president,     .Miss   Majors    Mae-
M urchy,   Toronto t re-elected i;    v ice-
p i   Ident   for   Ui ltish   Columbia   and
i .rn, Mrs. Isabella Ecclestone Mac-
kay;  vlce-persldenl for Saskatchewan
and  Manitoba,  Mrs.  Bennet,  Regina;
. i i pi esident for Ontario and Quebi c,
Alice  Head,  Port  Arthur;   vice-
president for the Maritime Provinces,
'���liss L,  Montgomery,    Cavendish,  P.
E.  1.;   recording  secretary,  Miss  Lillian Beyner, Winnipeg;  corresponding
etary, Mis. Palrbalrn  Fraser, Toronto;   auditor,  Miss  Ledlard,  Winni
August 15 to 20
All rubbish and garbage must bo
removed to the foot of sixteenth
street und Fifth avenue, where it will.
be burned by the corporation.
Any person or persons who dump*
garbage or rubbish of any kind or��
any other street or avenue or on any
lane, vacant lot or public property
will be prosecuted under the provisions of the Sanitary Bvlaw.
By Order, S. J.  PEARCE,
Sanitary  Inspector.
City Hall, June 13, 1910. .
^^^^  1910. ^^
Specially low rates from all  points.
on railways and boats.
Exhibits sent as freight on Canadian
lines will be returned free.
Superb and unique attractions in
Speeding Events and Dog Show.
Spectacular "Fighting the Flames."
Broncho Busting Competition, Wood
Chopping Contest, Trotting and Pacing Events and Hum Club Races.
Entries close August  1.    Write for
i>ri/.e list and information to
Manager    nnd     Secretary    Vancouver
Exhibition   Association.
New   Westminster   Land   District.
District of New Westminster.
Take notice that. Simon II
Clowes of Vancouver, B. C, occupation, building Inspector, Intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at
the S. E. point of a small island lying,
in channel between Granite island ami
Nelson island: thence northerly, westerly, southerly and easterly, along the
shore to the place ot .commencement.
containing I" acres moro or less.
April 20. 1910. Agent,
i.   auditor,   miDB   uuu.i,
historian, Miss Katherln Hughes,
Edn onton.
Among those present were: Mrs.
Coleman ("Kit" of the Mail and Em-i
plre); Mrs. Balmer Watt, of Edmonton; Miss Cora Hind, commercial editor of the Winnipeg Free Press; Miss
Barrle, Port Arthur; Miss Turnbull,
London; Miss Ruttan, Wodstock.
District of  New Westminster.
New Westminster Land District
London. June 27.���Since Andrew
Andrew Carnegie's recent return to
England he has been particularly active in removing deserving old Scots
from the humiliation of English work-
a.n^.! houses. His latest discovery has been
an ex-clergyman, who some years ago
left the church in Scotland to pursue
a journalistic career in 'London.
This  man,  whose  name  is   Robert.
Duncan, a member of a highly respectable family in Edlnburg, bad decided
literary   ability   and   occupied   for   a.
number of years a prominent position
I on   the   press,   both   ln   Loudon   und
j Paris.    But age creeping on  lie  was I
j no longer equal to the strain of mod-
ern  journalism  and  he  gradually   de-j
I gi nerated until in the end he became
Take notice that
jof   Abbotsford,   li.C .
1 tend   to apply  to  the Chief
sioner of Lauds at Victoria,      _
a license to prospect for coal and petroleum on and  in the following described lands:
Commencing at a post marked J.
A. McC,., s. W. corner, planted at the
��� S. W. corner of Section 3M, in Town-
j ship 19, Municipality of Sumas. New-
Westminster District; thence north
80 chains; thence east SO chains;
thence south 80 cliains; thence west
SO chains to point of commencement
and containing C-10 acres.
Dated at Abbotsford, B.C.. this Oth
day of June, A.D., 1910.
,       New Westmister Land  District.
__ District   of   New   Westminster.
Take notice that, Alexander McLen-
jnan, of  Vancouver,  Hritish Columbian.
occupation  contractor,  Intends to ap-
,1'ly   for   permission   to   purchase   thc*
[following described lands:
i    Commencing  at a  post   planted   at
j. a. Mcuowan, the smlt|1(,;ist ,,olnt o{ the is|.u,d Blt��-
uccountatit,   in- ate abollt four (4) chalna tr(Jm Tllr7.
t.oinniis-;ber ,linlt No  38733) thence northerly
d.U, 101 ian(j westerly and southerly and easterly   around   the   shore   at  low   tidp
to place of commencement, containing
four  acres,   more  or   less.
J. F. BAGGS, Agent.
March 17, 1910.
Gardiner & Gardiner
(F. G. Gardiner)
Room 6,  Westminster  Trust Building-
New Westminster, B. C.
Phone 661 Residence Phone 13��
eeneraieu  unm ���" >-'"���  -  , .
 it except-! absorbed ta Fleet street's submerged
ine the territory immediately adjacent
New   Westminster   Land   District
Take   notice   that   James   Hatcm.in.
nf Vancouver, 11. I'., occupation, ston ���
cutter, Intends to apply for permit
to  purchase   the  following  descrlb d
Commencing at a post planted at
the southeast point of a small island
lying about 10 chains north of Nelson
Island, thence northerly, westerly,
southerly nnd easterly, along the
shore to the place of commencement;
containing 6 acies more or less.
Appi leant.
April 20, 1910. Agent.
Notice    to   Contractors.
Tenders for Valves. Gates,  ttc.
Tenders aro required for the Buppiy
ol Gates,  Valves,  etc., for the  New
Water  Main, for  pipes of  ��ln.,  l->
diameter, Specifications mi
Nl particulars can be obtained from
lie c        and   Waterworks   Engineer,
I. W. i:  Blackman, City Hall.
era  will  be  received  up to
p m. on July ������ 1'-'1"   ,..   ,.
vv. a. DUNCAN, City Clerk
N.-.\  Westminster, June 23, II i* ���
to   tlie   St.   Lawrence   this   was   the
firs!  part of Canada to be settled, so
well have the fur traders been enabled
to keep the country  for themselves.
When   Earl    Grey   leaves    Norway
I lease, at the head of Lake Winnipeg,
he will start on tho old fur trade trail
down the Nelson river wbicli, for over
two centuries, was the principal traffic route between the west and Britain.
Over   this  route,  all   th"  supplies  for
e trade of what was then known as
itupertsland wr:e floated nnd carried
iuto the country, even up to the time
the Hudson's Ba) company ceded their
1 charter   rights   to   the   Canadian   gov-
| ernment in 1869.
Tin re  are  many  old  fur  trade employees yet living beside the Manitoh-
an lakes who formed part of the boat
brigades wllich plied    between    Forts j
Garry and York. Lord Selkirk brought
his ill-fated Red River colonists over
tlie   same  poriages  and   through   the
same waters that will be traversed by
the  vice-regal  party;   and except for
some slight slir caused by lumbering
and fishing operations near the head
of  Lake  Winnipeg.  Earl  Grey, as  he
Utterly helpless, he was obliged to |
st ek the hospitality of on? of London's
workhouses, and here he was found '
by the Pittsburg millionaire, who ord-'
ered his removal to Scotland, where
he can spend his declining years enjoying a pension of "iii a week. This
is not the first example of Carnegie's
timely interest in Scots who have fallen on evil times away from their native heath.
A few  years ago he found an old
schoolmate similarly situated and had ��� .c
him immediately removed to Scotland I of
and placed on his pension list.    That
was the case that prompted Carnegie
to set aside a special fund for the purposes indicated.   Before anyone benefits by it he must show that he has
not contributed, hy dissipation or extravagant living, to his own odwnfall.
Notice is hereby given that an ap
plication will be made under Part V
of the "Water Act, 1909," to obtain a
license  in the  New  Westminster  Di- ,
vision  of  New  Westminster  District. |
(a)   The  name of  Company,  Vancou- j
ver   Power   Company,   Limited.     Tlie  A1'
head ollice at the City of Vancouver,
British Columbia.   The capital. $2,500.
000.  divided  Into  2,600,000  shares of
.1.00 each, all fully paid up;   tb) The
' name of the lake, stream or source,
'unnamed stream running through sec-
' tion 2'.), block 5, north range 2, west,
! thence   in   a   northwesterly   direction
1 flowing   into   the   Fraser   river;    tc)
j The point of diversion, 2,300 feet in
a southeasterly direction from the
! southeast corner of section 19, block
15, north range 2, west;  (ci) The quan
tity  of  water  applied for,  .166  cubic
feet  per  second;   ie)   The  character
the proposed works, a small dam
P. O. Box  395
Phone 730
McMurphy & Craig
Heating and  Plumbing
Jobbing   Promptly   Attended   To-
Colonial  Block
And   Upriver   Landings
The  New Sternwhee'er
  ���'--   MtllliiB   Pnm..
Leaves Brackman-Ker Milling Company's wharf, New Westminster, witb
passengers and freight as follows:
Leaves New Westminster Tuesday.
Thursday and Saturday at 8 a. m.
.-. ,,,   .,,,     ,���.���_,i-__  _���      Leaves Chilliwack Wednesday, Pri-
and  pipe  line;   tf)   1 be  p.em.ses on and Sund       t ,
which   the   water   is   to   be   ��^d, ���
two (2), three (3) and four (4), group a
two   (2),   Mo���  Westminster  District; I ROYAL CITY NAVIGATION CO.. Ltd-
Watches,    gents'    open 'ace
gents'  open    case,
Gold Watdie. tor Ladles from $12-/5
Sllter   ^^^^
Silver  Watches,
,?A .en?'   for    Wa.tham   and     ttl|��
*w��h pairing a specialty
Adams' Grocery
Phone 105.     P. O. Box 345
Office. Front St., Foot of Sixth
Teaming and Expressing.
follows the river, will look upon thej
same scenes at tho present day that
his noble predecessor did in 1812.
Keep things as' they are is the motto
of the fur country. Travel throughout
a hundred years will scarcely ahVct
the   primeval   nature   of  a   fur   trade
Romance of Old.
When they arrive at York Factory,
the party will tread upon land reeking with the romance of early fur
trade days. During the French dominion In North America tlie forts oni
Hudson Hay witnessed one long strife
between the French and English, I
some of them changing hauls as]
many as six times. Fierce sea tights
took place off York and Churchill between the armed ships ol the Hudson's Bay company and frigates of
the French navy, at times resulting
in the loss of four or five ships. In
order to repel these attacks the company built Fort Prince of Wales at
mouth of Churchill river. It was
time occupied by the yearly visit to
the fort ln order to barter the pelts i
they have secured.   They generally re-
ail  main at the fort for a few weeks when
lie they make these trading visits, erect-
-���   =-   .....������0   within   an   encamp
ing  their   tepees   within
ment near tlie fort. i
These tepees, in which the    Northland Indians dwell both summer and |
winter,  are     made    out    of    native-1
dressed deerskins, which are stretched
over   a   cone   shaped   framework   of
slender poles. The floor is strewn with
a thick layer of small  spruce brush,
wliich is neatly laid like thatch on a
roof, and, when kept clean and tidy,
the Indian tepee is a remarkably comfortable habitation.
At the present day tbe majority   of
the Indians of Hudson Bay are living
practically in tlieir aboriginal state,
and it is the policy of the fur traders
to keep them as much as possible in
that state.
They subsist almost entirely on the
spoils of the chaso, consequently the
goods bartered for their furs consist
mainly of dress and trinkets, arms
and ammunition. It is Indian nature
to want to copy the white man's
dress although generally with an
added color and it is this fact which
i2i,  New Westmlnstei
(g) The purpose for which the water
ls  to  be  used, domestic;   ih)   If  for
irrigation describe the  land intended
to      be      irrigated,      giving      acreage,   no;    ti)    If   the   water   is   to
be    used     for    power     or    mining
purposes describe the place where the
water Is to be returned to some na-
Itural  channel,  and the   difference  in
altitude   between   point   of   diversion
and point of return, no;   U) Area of
Crown  land  intended to  be occupied
by   the   proposed   works,   none;    Ik)
This  notice  was  posted  on  the   -nd
[day   of   June,  1910,   and   application
I will be made to the commissioner on
Ithe 13th day of July 1910;   (1)  Give
the  names  and addresses  of  any ri-
I parian   proprietors  or   licensees   who
or  whose  lands  are  likely  to be  affected by the proposed works, either
above or below the outlet, none;   (m)
j The part of the Memorandum of Association   of  the  company   which authorizes the proposed application and
iworks reads as follows:  "(3) The ob-
.       I   I     l.ra * ,-m.r. . ��� ��� ���
New Westminster.
Until further notice this;
bank will be open
from seven to nine o'clock-
Royal Bank oi Canada
New Westminster-
F. Shute, Mgr.
Painters, Paperhangers
and Decorators.
WOIKS   reana  no   .~	
iects for which the company is established and to which objects the Company are restricted are the acquisition!
of water and water power by records I
of  unrecorded  water  or  by  the  pur-!
chase of water records        water priv-1      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
ileges for.  (g) Rendering water MEtfi'mfltpq Civpn    PVinno ^i-V7
and   water  power  available  for   use.  ^limaieS UlVen.   mone H*Of.
application and distribution by erect- 	
 '""  fl'o bend i
^^^^^^^^  anu iiiciiui.,,.....
ing dams, increasing the head of water  in   any   existing   body  of   water,,
or extending the area thereof, divert-1
ing the waters of any stream, pond or
lake Into any other channel or ehan-
,:"���    "nv    line    Ol
214  Sixth  Avenue
B. C
Steveston and Vancouver
.     .    .  ^   n    \t    dally  except
Green Cut Bone to Maker
Your Chickens  Lay.
Central Meat Market;
ment at HanwhWMScVnal offend-1 Se slid water Is section
the mouth ot c mu vm., ...��
completed in  1734.    A massive stone  added color uuu .�� .- 	
Btructure,  having  foundations    thirty has always given the fur traders tholi
feet wide, it was one of the strongest first footing. lake lmo tuij ^^	
forts in America. After many vlcls-1 They always were a peaceable race nel8i iaytnK or erecting any line or
sit tides it Burrendered to three French; and never resented the invasion by f)umei ptpe or wjre> constructing any
frigates, under Admiral l'erouso. in i the white man after the manner of race.wayi reservoir", aqueduct weir
178., nnd an attempt, occupying two I their more southern brothers. In fact Urheel, building or other erection or
days, was made to demolish it. nut! they usually welcomed the fur trader | work wi,ici. may bp required in eon-
although French gunpowder was free-
Veuves Hrackman-Ker wharf nt 3 P.  ; ���  l ,l
OH Saturday for
Saturday, ��nd
Steveston  and way points
iriiay  ror bww������ ���  f (\
A Delightful Trip for $1-5"
- - "��� - * ��������� "tr;rr',^-"'-''--
<���' cars leave Steveston every HOUI
'...  .. saaan am* ^-^S_SE.S	
Hound trip tickets to Steveston, Saturuay
ly added to the store captured from
the company, the solid walls resisted
their best efforts.
Churchill will eventually be selected
as the terminus of the pre,,	
son   Hay   railroad,   because  it  Is  the
only deep water harbor on the west
coast   of the  bay.    Even  the    small
company's  ships   which   yearly     visit
this region  must  anchor nine    miles
from York  before discharging cargo;
but   nt  Churchill  they tie up only a
few feet  from the rocky shore.    The
old stone fort which was the pride of
the old regime, will witness the hustle
nnd bustle incidental to the commence.
ment of the opening up of the bay.
Indian Fur Traders.
To each of the forts in Hudson Bay
the  fur  tinders  hnve  attached   thousands of miles of territory which    ls
hunted nnd  trapped by  Indiana connected   with   each    particular    fort. |
These hunters roam over the country J
throughout the year, excepting for the tribe
they usually wmvou.w. .... fur trader  work v]y\a_ may be required in con-1
with open arms being only too glad to   nectlon   with   the   Improvement  and
Obtain  the articles he brought    with  uae ot tllQ BaW water and wate,. pow. I
him. er or by  altering,  renewing,  extend-
There are a few notable exceptions., ingi   improTlng,   repairing,   or   main-
however,   especially   when,   with   the|talnlng any such  works or any part
ment at ttauuuu �����������,,....
justice was meted tbe principal offenders by the fur traders which served to
make tho occurrence an example conducive to greater safety.
The fur traders have always feared
trouble with the Eskimo of Hudson
Ray   rather   than   with   the     Indians.
the said water iB section twenty-nine
'29). block flve (5), north range two
f2) west; to) The means by which
lt. Is proposed to store the water, by
dam; (p) The area of the reservoir
site or sites at each foot ln depth
above the outlet, the depth above the
 vimotniv    average
nan   niwi   **.m       ,   ...     ���,.,'.,. rwlmatelv     average I
,f      sullen disposition and outlet    will    approximate iy    *       e
eti'e civilised in anyjnanner    In a togw-- toy^ bf purchase or!
wav thev are apt to despise uio i      ��� bv expropriation;   (i) Ap-
SS, conBeQuentjy^ are lg��J %j*3B3f & dumber of -re feet
cult to manage than me 1��u"1'1 .���,._,_lr_. ��� j-j    �����   i,p   tmriounded,   <;o,i>uu
.   l tdtSSS at lie mouth of Whale
ferTt-ieeast coast of the bay hns
tended   'to   be   impounded,   20,000
R. H. Sperling, General Manager.
Vancouver, U. C��
3V_   to  25  Ii.  P.
2 and 4 Cycle.
Local Agents
Westminster Iron Works
Phone  53.
Tenth   St.,  New  Westminster. ���I'i
The Daily News
VtfMlahed hy The Dally .News Publish.
ia& Company, Limited, at their otlices,
Corner   of    McKenzie   and    Victoria
C A.  Paige	
.Managing   Director
ky) LABEL.
JUNE  29,  1910.
Figure With Us For I
New Window
Shades and Awn-
'*> "
##��, %lkyprfmhrT^ ���   v
]���-������. ���- ���
it is much to be regretted that
Alderman Bryson should have
allowed himself to be carried away
by tbe strength of liis feelings in regard to tlie question of the high tension wires stretched over the Fraser
river bridge, at Monday night's meeting of the Council, and to have ma le
.assertions that are not creditable to
himself nnd are likely to be
���dic.ial  to the interests of th ��� city,
A letter was read from the Department of Marine and Fisheries at Ottawa which made the whole position
���clear. This showed that the B, t'.
Klectric Railway company had done
more than it was required to do by
placing tlie wires at an altitude of
165 feet, that the towers, which have
ieen erected at great cost, are not
���capable of any extension, and that the
bridge itself will not stand tho strain
ot any increased altitude of these.
Vet, in the face of all this Alderman
Jlryson most indiscreetly and Improperly suggested that if the wires are
not removed the harbor will be
Such an assertion is as ridiculous as
It is mischievous, Alderman Bryson
must know, and if he does not he can
soon place himself in possession of
the facts, that 160 feet is all the Dominion regulations call for, and that
all over the world this elevation is
regarded as a safe and proper one for
placing obstructions of this kind over
harbors and navigable waterways.
Quite a string of examples of this rule
could be furnished, but it will be sufficient to mention one close to home;
name, the power wires stretched
across the Second Narrows of Burrard Inlet. These are 160 feet above
the level of high water. This height
Is really amide for all ordinary shipping, and it is only occasionally that
a big four-master like the Mariechnn
is likely to come along and find the
���wires too low for her masts to clear,
in such a case it is quite easy for the
topmasts to be lowered. This proceeding is to the sailor of no more
concern than the trimming of the
If Alderman Bryson had gone no
further than to make his wild assertion about ruining (he harbor be
would have done badly enough, but
when he goes out of his way to throw
mud at the mayor and aldermen of
the late council lie is making his position very much worse. By this easting of serious reflections upon his
predecessors Alderman Bryson is descending to a method of attack that
Is, to say the least, discreditable.
There is not the slightest ground for
his aspersions and the sooner he recognizes this and acknowledges his
error the sooner will he recover his
position in the estimation of his fellow citizens.
We are newly equipped to turn
out the best possible work, In
short time, and will be pleased
to submit tenders. Have your
work done by responsible
Vudor Porch Shades
The most popular and satisfactory shade made to keep out.
the sun and glare, yet permitting plenty of light for sewing,
reading and  games.
Handsome new shades of
browns, tans and greens, in I
to 10 feet widths.
Victor Hammocks���The best
made; in qualities. from,
each    $4.50  to $10.00
z_> i r*^r i rr jej jo
r-MTM-HMJ- aeggsaa���������| max vs���rm*c~-_^-m
CLOSE   AT   r>   P.   M.    SATURDAYS,   10 P.   M.
3   Phone 73
Successors to   Lee's Furniture Emporium
716718   Columbia   St.,   New
In connection with Dominion Day  the steamer
the C. P. X. Wharf at 7:30 a. m.. returning the
Chilliwack at 6 p. m.    Two Dollars   for   the
Beaver will leave
same evening, leav-
round  trip.    There
will be no boat from Chilliwack on Saturday, the second of July.
HARRY  TIDY, Manager.
in her own Romantic Drama
Lingerie  Waists
Just Received a shipment of new waists, a little late for when they
were intended, but a timely arrival for the holiday. Comprised of the very
latest models, including dainty Lingerie waists in embroidered and lace effects,
with the up-to-date short sleeves; and colored and white Shirt Waists, in a
wide variety of smart styles. They all go on Sale now, and they are marked
at prices that will guarantee a short stay in our Waist Department.
Lingerie Waists $1.50 to $6.00 Shirt Waisls $1.50 to $3.00
Call and Inspect Them
Snaps in  Children's Dresses
About 8 dozen only, Cream and
White Jap Silk Dresses fer children
of all sizes. Dainty little frocks at
a templing reduction. Regular values
to $3.28 for $1.75.
$1.50 Wash Dresses for 90c
A mixed collection of Children's
Dresses. Broken lines and old sizes
make this an attractive offering. Regular prices to $1.50.   On sal ��� at 90c.
Wash Collars and Jabots 25c
We have an exclusive Bhowing of
Smart Collars and Jabots in Embroidered, Lace and .Muslin designs,
Priced lower I ban any store in the
city, and in styles vou cannot inspi- t
ai any other Btore; 25c, 35c, 50c, 75c
up to $1.75.
Tourist Frilling
10c  Box
Hair Nets 10c
Boxed Frillings
Reg. 75c for 50c
Silk Waists for $2.75
An   e\i ra   special   In   I    Iii -   S I
Waists     Broken   line  In
Brown  only:   some In  tucki I
others  hav.'  Insertion  Bel  li
lar values to $6.60,   Ch aring   I >2.7f
Blouses and Tunics for 75c
And here is varletj eno
one      Boys   and   (Kris'   Blouses  anl
Buster Tunics In an exi e<
collection of colorings ai
The  regular  \ aluea of  thee
high as 12.::..    Sale prii e, 7-><-.
Summer   Hose at 25c a Pair
Lisle and Cotton lies.- in   '    i
and   Polka   Hots.     We  an     ���
of Blockings this week
shade  in   Lisle.     Our  i eg ���
now  on  sale at  25c pair.
,i|J!lulWnMV o.
.*i- tu- v*v��
Seats On Sale At Tidy's Florist Store Monday, June  27
Prices Same As Other Large Cities.
It is good to see that the proposals
of  the  School   trustees  In   regard  to
the provision and erection of a new
High school is receiving careful attention among the general body of ratepayer, and that particularly the question as to the location of the school,
is being earnestly discussed.     We do!
���not think there can  be any question
that there is  a  very  general  feeling j
of opposition to the proposal to place j
the   High   school   on   Tipperary   park.
Mayor Lee voiced what is undoubted-j
3y   the  trend   of  public  opinion   upon'
this matter when he said at the Coun-1
cil   meeting  on   Monday   night,  "that
Tipperary should be set apart for park
purposes for all  time, and that when
the time comes for building a High
school   it   should   be   placed,   not  on
the outskirts of the business section
<if the city, but in a place more accessible to the residential section." This
is exactly the view we have taken in
respeot io this matter all along.
It. is altogether unfair, Indeed we
think il is highly Improper, for the
Trustees to attempt to impose upon
the ratepayers as an alternative to
the Tipperary site the expenditure of
twenty thousand or twenty-five thousand dollars. We repeat that this is
not the alternative. There is at least
one other site available, the northern
part of Queens park, which as we
I>ointed out yesterday, is particularly
well suited for the new High school.
The many advantages which this location offers were admirably put forward in the letter of Dr. Holmes,
printed in our yesterdtiy's edition.
We believe the action of the Council in refusing to add this -alternative
to the ballot will be universally np-
proved. The Trustees will do well
to recognize the trend and strength
of public feeling on this question and
enfleavor to place themselves in line
New Things To Eat
Do you know that the "ROYAL" is serving new dishes all the
time���cooked "A la Carte." You only live once in the world and
why not eat the best. Spring "Chicken" and fresh vegetables; fresh
fruit and cream, from our own "ranch" will be brought in daily.���
Come and bring a friend today.
The Royal Cafe and Grill
Which  Is at 604 Columbia  Street.
Dominion Trust Block, Main Fl
Parachute  Failed  to  Open   When   Man
Jumped   From   Balloon���Sustains
Serious   Injuries.
llellville. N. .1., June 28.���Palling
one thousand feet from a balloon and
clinging to a parachute which failed
to open properly, George Taylor, twenty-one years old, an aeronaut of Philadelphia, was seriously lf not fatally
injured in making an ascent from
Hillside park this afternoon.
When Taylor let go he shot downward like a plummet for two hundred
feet, the apparatus refusing lo open
because of sonic defect. When within a hundred feet of the ground the
parachute opened slightly and this
saved  Taylor from  instant  death.
****** ********
Weekday Schedule
6:20. 6:50,
Cars leave Westminster for Vancouver  at  6
S:oii and  every half hour thereafter until 11  p. ni.
Cars leave Vancouver for Westminster   at   6:60,   6:60,
and every half hour thereafter until 11:30 p. tn.
Return   Pare:   Adults.  60c;   children   under   IL',  35c.
Sunday  Scliedult���Cars leave   Westminster   for   Vancouver
a.  in.  and  every  half hour  thereafter until  11  p.  in.
Cars b'ave Vancouver for Westminster   at   8   a.   in.,   9  ti
every half hour thereafter until 11:80  p.   m.
Sunday   Excursion   Rates:   Return  fare,  50e;  children, 25c.
Freight  Schedule���Freight cars leave Westminster for Vancoi
at 7:20 a.  in.. 11:20 a. m. and 3:20  p.   tn,     Freight   cars  leave
couver  for   Westminster at  !>:20, 1:20 und 5:2(1.
City Limits Lim���20 minute service from ��',:15 a. m. to 11 P '"���
Sunday   Service���Half   houily between 8 a. m. and n p. o.
Sapperton  Line���20  minute service, from 6:26 a. tn. to 11:1" P "'
Sunday   Service���Half   hourly hetween 8:HO a. in. and 11 p. >"���
:20, 8:00
at S
in. and
Salvation Army
Salvation Army Picnic to Port
Haney will ho held on July 1. Fare,
return, adults 70c, children, 35c.
Train leaves C.P.R, depot, at 9:10
a.m.    All come.
Airship  Line  in  German  Not  Proving
a  Success.
Berlin, June 28.���Storms delayed
the Pan-German aerial liner Deutschland from sailing today and there ls
a belief that the undertaking to run
the airship on regular passenger trips
will prove a failure.
After the two successful trips the
Deutschland   lias   lain   Idle   for   three
days owing to unfavorable weather.
Many persons who bought tickets ln
advance are expressing dissatisfaction
with the unreliablenesa of aerial craft.
Nelson, B. C, June 28.���At the next
meeting of the board of trade attention will probably be directed to certain conditions in the egg market.
"Thero are all the marks of the operations of a combine," said F. a.
Starkey yesterday. "Ask for quota-
tionB from any of the leading egg
firms and they all quote the same
terms and conditions and submit the
same kind of a contract. Moreover
tho prices they unite to quote are $1.50
a ease higher than prices in St. Paul.
Adding the duly and freight the price
laid down In Nelson is seventy cents
less for eggs purchased in St. Paul
than for eggs purchased on tiiis side
of the line. As a consuming community we naturally arc in a position to
be tolled hy any combine. Whether
tho poultry ma n in the cist gets any
benefit or whether the combine forces
him to take lower juices is unolhei
matter. The situation is certainly one
that  should   be  investigated."
THOMSON-FARMER��� On    Tuesday,
June   28,  at   Mount   Lehman,   B.   C,
Mildred, daughter of w. Thomson,
Mount    Lehman,    to    Stewart    liny-
wood Farmer, of New Westminster
******************** **************>*******+*****'**
We carry In stock an
Prices   In   Kings  $40
These goods are tho
ure to show same.
BEST procurable in Canada, and Is a
yall Foot Powder j
25c per box.   Try It.
| Ryall's Drug Store j
X                                        EYES  TESTED   BY  OPTICIANS. t
���  *__+*���******
*********** c.DAY, JUNE 29,  1910.
Lue L��'ders Completely
Submerged By Men With
I ^ Restless Name.
American League.
At   Philadelphia-
i   ���
10 acres are under crop. Small house. New- barn. 1,600 lb. mare
ill yenis old). Pedigreed Jersey cows. Implements, wagons, etc.,
and household effects. $3,750;  $1,600 cash; balance over :: years.
.    l.cals  bit   the  dust   for
ffie   this   year   Ins,    night
weni   down   before   the
| ',,���. decisive score of 13 to
';',,.   MertB   seen!   to   have   ilcv
T     -nnlng Btreak thai  nothln
i |;,st  nl. ht  they  bad l'
At Washington��� It. 11.   E, It
Washington     7 11     51X
New   York      il 10       lit
At Cleveland It. ll
Cleveland     5 lo
St.  Louis     o 4       i ��� z
At  Detroit��� R, "    '���'   *
1 I*
.,   ���
I Wmlk:is- Coulthard & Co.
i,nits at every Btage of  Philadelphia
must   hav ���  bee
ie Ir oppo
| .   Leafs      ^^^^_
lT"  tei to.- tbey made all
Bnd could not hll the
,,   ,11,1   have a  rha.ire  at
fireworks  Btarted   in   the
',nI1lng,    when    the    Alerts
,-ee mns, made possible
1.  the  put'   of  th-   Leafs
,, beavy hitting, but the
,  ���0,  hold the hail,    i.i
nlng  history  repeated  It-
,    AlertS   began   lo   gel   a
, . 0| the ball.   Btarr, a te w
. ,  diamond, wbo caughl for
inded on one or Storm's
the  extenl   of   a   three
National   League. [
At Chicago��� it.  ii-  '���:. I -
Chicago     li
At New York-
lt.   ll.   B
Ij,,.;   ;,    seven
���-l, was  the
!New  York      ^^^^^^^^^^^
'I    At  Pittsburg��� It.
Pittsburg    o
St.   Louis        1
Eastern   League.
At Jersey City- R,
Montreal        o
Jersey City   1
At  Newark��� it.
Toronto     l
Newark     6
At Providence It.
Buffalo    2
Pro*. Idence     3
ai  Baltimore��� it.
Rochester     8
Hall llnoie        2
Coast League.
At San Francisco��� R.
San  Francisco
I Wish I Had!
We can insure your house, furniture and other property in the strongest and most reliable companies at
the  right  rates.
White, Shiles & Co.
Private   Money  to  Loan  on  Good   Improved City and District Security.
628 Columbia St.
740 Columbia St.
���NEW    WESTMINSTER,  ���  B.    C���
Inning  game  and
_ Waterloo   f>r   the	
eafs  for  the   Alerts   romped Oakland     -     -
iwith no less than live mns. This,    ,\t Portland��� u-   '
. ,..,,,.-,.  thej   Portland           ���;     >
Leafs so  much that
��� mt bi    and three of them came
i        r fti .   score of tie- evening,
\- Inning both teams uot one
IMcPhail,   pitching   for   the   Alerts,
the best work he has done
1 oldlng  the  Leafs,  who
. a bunch ol Bluggei s, from
tl ,   ball  with any  effect.
I     :   thi    -ixth   when   the   losers
- there were only one
Iter dug up by Manager I
hi Tier, i    vt d   to   be  a  great   find.
E' lome and moreover he
;-. ia i better than most. He
tl ���������  prize man on the field.  None
| tbi     ��� -bowed    any    brilliant
Bti -    who was pitching, held
te Mens down   fairly   well,  but   he
e  support  and  weak-
: '    al  moments.
��� ���    gave   perfect   satis
I :       The    following     are     the
rts ���C, Starr;   p,  McPhall;   tb,
.   .-' ��� lair;  ss. Poupore;  3b,
Brown;  cf, Jamleson;
... _________* ��� ��� ���
At Los Angeles��� U.
Bact ameiito        1
Los   Angeles      2
Northwestern   League.
At  Seattle��� R,
Tacoma      7
Beattle     2
I    Batteries���Annls and  Byrnes
i ton and Custer.
At Vancouver���        R.
Spokane   5
' Vancouver   2
Batteries���Killilay and Shea;
son and Sugden.
Standing of Clubs.
Won  Lo
Spokane        38      28
Vancouver     37     2S
Taroma      2H      31
Seattle       2S
Games Today.
Vancouver vs. Spokane
park, Vancouver, 4 p, m.
Tacoma at   Seattle.
Don't be amoim those who. a few years hence, will be saying these
"sad  words of tongue or pen,"  because they had not
Taken Advantage
of the greal  growth, now only begun, of  New Westminster on both
sides of the  River and  in  the surrounding District.
At the Right Time
which is just now, before everybody  catches  on  and   property  soars I
beyond ordinary reach. HI
We Can Put You Next
to the best things, City, Suburban, District, Waterfrontage, Improved
Farms, North, Last. South and West.
Some   unusual   snaps  for  a  short  time,   owing   to   special   circumstances, below market values.
Contractors and
House Builders
We have a full   line   of   the   Best
Builders  Hardware in this City.
Before Building See Us, as -we   believe   -we   can   save   you
money.     Also Complete   Stock   ot   PAINTS   and   OILS
T. J,Trapp & Co., Ltd.
Hale Bros. & Kennedy
It fa���C,   l.
lb, Fletcher;
���  Dignan; if,
Imn ���
. ii
llandford; p.
2b, Silver; ss,
Sloan; cf. Gar-
2 1
- 1
Stand,ng   of   the   League
71 I
Disappointed New York Business Man
Says Chief  Executive  Has  Proved
Mere   Politician.
Merchants   Bank   Building, corner of  Columbia  and   Begbie  Streets.
fflBIUIdiiLB      *-*** _.,_��_*_      u/rcTMiMCTCD        D       C
Telephone   No. 335.
June Weddings
Montreal. June 28:-J.O. Bliss a r^
tlred business man. of New York and I
DEFEAT'eAST  DELTA  w. q.  Rockefeller, a ��epha* oi    it
  Standard  Oil   magnate,  were in tne
,    oI   lacr0B8e  players  com- city the other day on the way to Metis
��ed of a mixture or Sapperton inter-  tor a Ashing: outing.
n I Sapperton Juniors trav-      F,���-   the  time  Mr.  B   bs  wi���
,,������, ���,- tlu.  East   Delta  spokesman of the party ����
lb  la8M,   mghi  and  won a  ,,. Rockefellers nephew hao     ^^
, of the national game by |e4  an  opinion  that
lie score of 12 to 8.   The game was'18till   .row  and  that    some
of tliem
m.M the Delta, showed lac*: ol&d~be shipped* the -��*��>*<��
\ and  coaching.    Tho  Bap- export   in  spite of the    np
mbaya state thai tbe men In the j Washington.   Mr. Bloss saia
n .ii  sports and  gave them
The   Sapperton   team
Patchell,  Patchell,  Cham-
n, Follls, Cornier. 11. MacKenzie.
rchlbald, IL MacKenzie, Coutts
���     : ;   Sclater.
United States were fast
people of tbe 1 u��w..	
coming   to   the   conclusion that  Mr.
Taft   was   scarcely   a   safe   man   the
took him to be after they bad
Odd Pieces of Glass
At 5c, 10c, 15c, 25c and 35c each
We are able to fill in your wants in the Wedding Gift line from
$1.00 and up. If it is a Wedding Ring, or an Engagement Ring,
we can  suit the most exacting requirements.
We shall be pleased to have you call and consult us.
ni "lit I     mt   n��Dii       1 _
[Special This Week!| John B. GTcYy7
1 ririH Picr.es of Glass a ,...,s>-r>   ami-,   icva/ci i pr
= |The Fair
646 Columbia Street.
Wc buy for cash and se,l for the same.
Dominion   Trust   Block.
Columbia   St.
as to tbe
after run
houses  it
1    ream   all   round   Is   tbe   stake
whlcl   ihe Central  and   Last   Knd
Ma    umlors    will    unduly    evert
MelvpB ,it  Queens park this even
���      ..  shcedule  match   is  to  be
** Otl     The  name  starts   ;it   hall
ix o'clock, and wlll  be  referee.1
: ���   are   the   teams:   Centrals���
.-*������ Mortison;   Marks,  Doherty.  An-
'  Wnts in,    Archibald.    SwencesUi.
.,    Coiirntnev.     Bent.    Salt
pares,   Spicer   and
,,   End (subject to change)���Goal,
��� fink; Whittaker. Day, Sin-
..- Rei I, Whittaker. Kastman, Huff,
,   .lohnston,    McKenzie,   Tip
'if. Bpares, E. Johnston, Oliver
'Jd Courtney.
Jeffries Remains Favorite.
,./"�� Francisco, June 28.���Betting on  ....
' ;hl opened ibis morning at better
1lls of   lu  to   7    .Teffrlas   being   the \ as   W(
Mace 1
10    to     .,
���'"     Many
:!iul   there
in Bight.
.Jeffries   being   the
wagers    are   being
is  much   Johnson
got   rid   of   that   prince   o
Theodore Roosevelt.
Being asked his opinion
railway bill, be said that
Ding the gauntlet of tioth
'. was now in the hands of a committee
of both, where, as usual, a compro
'mlse would be reached; but no one
could predict what the measure would!
I look like after that. ;
More   and   more,   be   said.   In
States   there  appeared   to   be   conflict
1 between   those   who   have   and
j who have not. and It was very difficult
to see Where it  was all going to end,
as  politics enter Into every  phase
j national life.
"Do   you   think   that   there   is
desire on  the part  of capital in  your 1
country to ride shod over the democracy   of  the  tuition'.'"   Mr.   Bloss  was
"There is certainly no desire to do
this.   Goods and passengers are being
carried in our county at  a lower rate
than in any ether county in the world,
and   there   is   no  country   where   the
'working people aie better off,  where
thed.   ami   where   they   live
as   in   the   l'nited
11  generally
,,���,  laws  which
national stat-1
^s|e Wins College Championship.
I,,   w Vork. June 28.���Yale won the
,,i,V|lr'i vm,-  baseball   championship
���uaV. capturing the deciding contest
Rcoie of 10 to 9,    Ten thousand
��� ,.n ������    mid   their   friends   saw   a
L'^'iumiiiy  played  game,  In   which
1 ;���'   M'1'' Of  buttle  ebbed  and  flowed
,. ' llien  carried   the   Yale   eatnp   to
Then   he  spokt
had been placed on the  	
ute book, citing, amongst others, the
Sherman anti-trust law, many clauses
'louhi never have been en-
any   other  country
law   were
generally,   ^^^^^^^
been adopted, and,
effort  to vary  lt
all   right'
this    law
ail Offers Big  Prize
, ''"'"'"ii, June
'"" Hull 	
W>W  S60.000   prize   for   aerial
'"'��� ''us for a one thousand
18.���This Lon-
>' Mall has offered an-
0f which
acted  In   thai   ol
Sections  ol   the
but,   Bpeaklng
should never have
in c0.n8efhnde,uDsnetethlng8 generally
Into force bad ups��.
throughout the countiy. ion bad
Being   tisU.nl        '"���      "      vU,w   01
not  heen  brought . m   ul���.s
the coming fall el< ;' lv p0utlcB
Sled that, ^^toUom ol all
appeared to be at tne ]W. at
tne tfouhie besetting t"1
We Have Just Received a shipment
of OLIVES. They
are a New Brand;
large and well packed.    All Prices. . .
are Here ! Get a
crate before they
are all gone.   .   ���
Phone 92
must pander to the popular will, for
if he does not be will naturally fail
to catch sufficient votes to secure his
election, though, unfortunately, the
pandering to the will of the masses
is generally antagonistic to tlie interests of the nation.
As for Mr. Roosevelt, Mr. Bloss did
not think that he would be again a
presidential possibility, although he
might get into the United State senate.
Baltimore, June 28.���After pouring
rain for a week it poured whisky in
Baltimore country Sunday night. Good
old Maryland rye streamed out of
3,0t)il barrels down the hill over pastures and potato patches to Gwynn's
Falls, which flows by the suburban
towns which dot the line of the Western Maryland railroad. For miles and
miles the odor of whisky filled the atmosphere.
The cause of it all was the collapse
of a nine-story warehouse of the
Gwynn Brook Distilling company near
Gwing's Mills from the effect of the
recent heavy rains, which undermined
the foundations.
There were 20,000 barrels of whisky
I stored in the warehouse, 8,000 barrels
of which went down with the portion
1 of the structure that  fell.
Amateur Aviator Establishes Record.
New York, June '28.���Clifford B. liar-
>nion, in a Farman biplane, sailed
'thirty-one times around the course at
Mitiolu. L. I., tonight, remaining aloft
one hour and flve minutes, covering
apnro. iuiately forty-five miles and es
tablisliing what is believed to be a
new amateur record for duration. Harmon is wealthy and has never competed for prize money.
If you want something Choice for Sunday's
Dinner, ring up Phone 101 and order a nice roast of
Spring Lamb, Veal, Spring Chicken or anything else
that is good in the meat line.   You can sure get it at
Disastrous Fire in Genoa.
Carson City, New. June 28.���Genoa,
the county seat of Douglas county,
twelve miles south of this city, was
almost completely destroyed by fire
late this evening. The loss ls over
That you can secure the best fire protection in the city at the
lowest rates. I write Insurance with no strings to It. You pay your
premium and your worry stops. None but the Best Companies in
the business are represented by me. All losses that they have
ever had have been satisfactorily adjusted.
Call or phone for particulars and rates.
the Present (lay. repeated thai
Ak for Mr.   rattle r^^  W(M.0
fiolld   men   of   ������������    - vos
,u disappointed.    ���   ib01lt
Hen.   probably  wanted  to
HE        DAILY       NEW
1 *
Short  Honeymoon.
Nicola, B.C., June 28.���A
Kamloops couple married last
week had a somewhat unusual
honeymoon trip. They came to
Savona, where the trains cross
and after ten minutes view of
the beautiful lake, returned on
the eastbound train to their future home in the inland capital.
"The Insurance Man"
Suite 1. Curtis-Armstrong Blk.      Phone 62
;.;-.- 'I'y&'^l  >' ******��.$- d-'lxZi^y- : . Ms>
r>v-i> J
Horrible Cruelties Practised
on Defenceless People in
Peru���Bad as the Congo.
LUST of pal: mall
Hostelry  Four  Hundred   Years Old  to
P.iss   Into   History���Link   With
Old   London.
The  secretary  of  the  Anti-Slaveryhvhicl
Scene  from  "The  White   Squaw,"   Opera   House.   Thursday,   June   30.
Leave  New Westminster:
5:45���Connects with train to Sumas
and Transcontinental No. 97; arriving
New Westminster 7:43,
9:10���With No. 2 going oast; also
connection Cor Nicola and train from
Agassiz, Kootenay, Okanagan and
Sumas; arriving New Westminster
16:25���With train for Agassiz, Koo
"tenay points, Sumas and St. Paul;  returning arrive WestniinsU'T IS.'ii.
19:35���With No. 96 Transcontinental eastbound and trains from Mission,
Nicola and Okanagon points, and No.
1 from east; arrive New Westminster 22:0-2.
ED GOULET, Agent C.  P.  R.
H.  C,   B.   FOSTER,  A.   G.   P.  A���  Vancouver.
Any available 'Dominion Lands Wltb-
In the railway bjit in British Columbia, amy be homesteaded by auy person who is tin -sole bead Ol a family
or any male over 18 years 01 age, io
the -extent of one-quarter section of
100 acres, more or less.
Entry must lie made personally at
th* local land office for the district
ln which the land is situate. Entry
by pioxy may, however, be made on
certain couditious oy the lather,
mother, son. daughter, brother or sister of an intending homesteader.
The homesteader is required to perform the conditions connected therewith under one ot tne toiiowang
(1) At least six months' residence
��� rillinillT niriFir npon and cultivation of the land on
_*     LANAU1AN   rAllrll     each year  for three years
n r  r       i-.it* r   *v <2) If the fath*r ( or inotner, it tne
D.L, l08Slbb.Sai!lBI!S father is decayed), of the homesteader
����� resides tuxm a farm in the vicinity oi
n         .    f the land entered for, the requirements
STEAUShim  prom  MAwrnnwFR   as  w   residence  may   bo  satisfied   n>
STEAMSHIPS   FROM   VANCOUVER  ..,Jch QQ  resldin     wlth   tljg  lalher
m* -,   ,0r mother-
10:00 a. m   Dally
1:00 p.m.       Daily :    (3)  if the settler has his permanent
TO   SEATTLE. residence   upon   tanning   land   owned
10:00 a. ni    Daily  by  h'm  -a  llle  vicinity  of  his  nome
11:00 p. m   Daily except Saturday 'Stead, the requirements as to (veMence
11:30 p.m   Saturday  ma>'   b*   satlsfl��d   by   residence   upon
TO   NANAIMO. 'the said land.
2:00 P- m   Dally ;    six months' notice in writing should
TO  UNION  AND  COMOX be given  to the commissioner ef  Do-
2:00 p.m    Mondays niinion  lands  at  Ottawa of intention
8:00 a. m.. .Thursdays and  Saturdays to annly for natent
ll:00p.m    Every SaJturtiay     Coal.���Coal   mining  rights  may   be
TO PRINCE RUPERT. leased   for     a   period  of     twenty-one
11:00 p.m   Every Thursday anfl Sat. >"*ar3 at an annua'  rental of $i  p��r
TO STEWART ^Portland  Candl).      8Crp-       Not    more    tl,an    2srn    qPr��"
11:00 p m Every Thursday Bha11 te 'eased to one lnflWttuai <or
S. S.  Beaver  leaves  New  Westmln- company.      A royalty   a; the rate  oi
ster S a. m.  Monday, Wednesda-v and fiv* cfcnts  Per ton  sha"  bp collected
Fridays;    leaves   Chilliwack   8   a. m. ��n ^e merchantable coal mined.
Tuesday,   Thursday   and    Saturdays.; w- w CORY.
For particulars, apply to Deputy of the Minuter of the Interior.
Agent. New Westminster.
C.   B.  FOSTER. I    N.Ii.���Unauthorized    publication    or
A. G. P. A., Vancouver. this  advertisement   will    not  he  paio
and Aborigines Protection society ha
received   a   communication   from   Sir
Edward   Grey,   the   Foreign   Minister,
to the effect that he is in communlcn
tion with the Washington government
with a view to a joint Investigation
���of the allegations against the IVru. ,     ���.   , ,.,   .
Ian Amazon Rubber company.    These | tho  early  Tudor _ period
allegations  are   thai   the  company's
agents. In order to secure rubber from
the Indian colli of rubber, prac-
j tise atrocities Blmliar to those indui
' e;l in by the agents of the Congo Free
State in Africa.
The  documentary  evidence  in  tli'
hands  of  the   British    foreign   oflh
deals principally with the Putumayoi
Valley, where the rubber latex  its* I
is obtained almost entirely  trom tl e
virgin creepers of the dense primeval
forest.      The   workers    are    Bimpie,
kindly, unarmed natives,   The agen
of the company appear to be in the
main     low-type     savages     and     h;il;-
castes.    The overseers are a  nonde
script   class,   gathered   from   the   four
corners of the continent, and, as In
the  Congo  State,   they   are  paid,   nol
jfixod salaries, but in proportion to the
j rubber   they   extort.     Then   there     Is
1 evidence  of  definite   connection    between  the government  and  the  company's "military forces."
Shot Down  by  Rubber Hunters
i    Of the many sworn statements,
telling of horrible crimes committed,
I the following, by Rosa Espana, a
I Colombian, is an  example;
"A   few   days  afterward   (the  Clearing of tfonest land  by  some bona  fide
j traders.,  when  the clearing  was  finished   and   the   construction     oi     I te
j house well advanced, a group of near-
ly twenty Peruvian caucheros (rubber
collectors), all armed with rifles,
I peared upon the scene. Two Bar bad < s
jnegiue-s framed part of this band. The
| Peruvians first encountered a group
i of eight persons���four men and one
I Colombian  woman,  two  Indian    men
London. June 28.���A historic link
with the London of the past Is aboul
to vanish In "Ye Olde Bell Taverne,"
Which faros Pall Mall and St. .lane a
gquare. The lease bas elapsed and
fallen to the Crown, and it will very
seen be demolished.
"Ye Olde Bell Taverne" is probably
the most anclenl and famous hosteli j
in London around which cluster many
historic associations,    it was buill  in
iboui four
.uindred years ago. a ... stands between the Carlton and Hefoi m clubs
The cellars of the house extend Bome
distance under the "square," and
formerly, In the days of the "Mei i le
.Monarch" and Nell Gwynne, who ac
customed to entertain her friends al
the Inn, there existed an exll from
the back parlor Into lt. and oven In
the reign of Queen Anne, when the
liostelrj was' frequented by noblemen
and all the wiis of the town.
Origlnallj there existed a lake or
reservoir In the center of St, .lames
square, which Macauley described in
1675 us "bring a receptacle for all the
offal and cinders all the dead cats
and dogs of Westminster." Thla was
In fronl of the windows of the gilded
Batons, ot the first magnates of the
realm, Ormonde, Kent, and Pembroke.
The square was Improved and en
rinsed in the reign of George I., and
around this enclosure and "Ye Olde
Bell" Dr. Johnson and his friend
u Savage, when frii ndless and penniless
1 walked a summer's night. Into the
water of the lake the mob in the
Gordon riots threw the keys of New-
gate, wbicli tbey bad broken Up and
iOARD   OF   TitAiu,-        ���^
board  room, City   u   ^s^
,,,, ,'J meeting 0. .����
""���rsday flf |.>i.r* 0B I* li
and Novelet)*, ,, , ' MiJ. An,
meeting. ������ ,,.,.' ���***���   ai'
1 '���" "Urv- N, w JSJJW^
proposed and <-Wte_ ., ' %
I.v or quarterly m Ji,'n* "M.
Stuart-Wa ��� JJ**
Sixth str��j,
AND Ol ��� ..,,
repaired by \ i
Martin,  M '       1
P ��� : ���
Coast Division.
Surveyed agricultural Dominion
Lands in lhe Railway Belt not reserved or withheld from entry nnd nol
disposeit of or occupied, are open !,,
entry under the provisions of the Brll
ish Columbia Dominion Land regulations.
ln   the   Co,is;   Division   Of   the   Kail-
way  Bell any male person over eight  IWESTMINSTER prp
een years of age and otherwise ellg      '.'.nu 0f Job prlntln
ible,   may   obtain   under   entries   us     leaf ledg rs; r.   ���.-;,
lioiiiesie.il!   and   pre-emption,  a   ie: a      Phone   ..;,,    p  ,,
subdivision  of  forty  acrea  of  Bench     Dally New? g
Land.     Residence   is   required   for   at   ���
least six months iii each of live yeai piano tun
Total cultivation required to earn pal \~~-^^        iuning.
(���in  for a twenty acie homestead, ten   PIANOS
ions cleared and six cultivated, audi
ii the remaining twenty acres is pre
empted by the homesteader, an addi
tional ten acrea cleared und six c il
tivated  either  on  the  homestead  or
pre-emption,,  no additional  residence
for   the   pre emptlon.     Pi Ice  ol   pi e-
empt lon,   Qi e   dollai a  p> i   aci e, paj -
able in five Installmi ms   . Ith interest. ���
Condi) lonal purchase en; i ies maj be
obtained   tor  twentj   acres  of  Bench
Land  by   a  male over  eighteen   and
otherwise   eligible   and   nol   holding
liouieste.nl or 11 e empi Ion.    Resldenci
required  only  for six   months during
the   tilth   y> ar  but   cultivation  duties
Increased.   Price, ten dollars per acie,
five Installments.
Bench Lands in this division are
lands below twentj Q\ e hundred
(2,500) feet above . ��� a lei el. Uplands
are lands above thai altitude and are
subject only to disposition by quarter
sections under homestead entry or
grazing lease to settlers. Flooded
lands   may   be  reserved   for  hay   pur
by    legal
LABOH    \i
ger O, .1. Sykesi, ���;_ Pow^
vancouvei      H
attention  git ���
male   help,
write If unal
poses or   leased   to  settlers
BUbdiv isiotis.
Entree fee for homestead, pre-emption and conditional purchase is ten
dollars tor each entry.    After securing
^^_       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_     patent   in   connection   with   the   land
Some years ago another celebrated  lilst entered for, tne Bettler maj   Be-
hostelry, the "Star and Garter,    was cure another cnlrv aml K(1 ,,n, but no,
closed.     Tho  inn   was   frequented   by   ��0_ nior{
WHITESIDE &  EDM   -.[ll
I   rs      a':'i      SOll      ��� Wes'inlml
Trust  Block, Colui     i Bl   ���"������J
Westminster,    w
1-. Edmonds.
WADE, Wll i:\I.U-:u, McQl-ARRiJ
MARTIN    Bai f
Westmlnstei offlci u8-
Guichon bloi ic, corm ,
McKenzie . j
lies,   William
vllle  Btreet.    r. I
A. Whealler, W. G. Md |
Martin. r^
Sir Joshua Reynolds and his distin-
ap-|gui8hed contemporaries, ami in one
of the empty rooms upstairs was
fought the duel between William, lift li
Lord liyron and Mr. Chawortb, who
was killed. And when "Ye Oldo Bell
Taverne," which looks rather    Incon-
II. J.  A.  BURNET :   Al :i
Aci ountant.      I el |
Westminster Tl I
and one Indian  woman-all of whom  Bruous amid the waning glories of St.
James' square and the stately palaces
of Pall Mall, is numbered with the
things that are not there will not be
a single inn in the famous thorough-
fai e.
lt may be thai another site may bo
found upon which to re-erec( tbe
famous old Inn. Such things bave
been done before. Indeed, thej bave
now just finished putting together at
Chelsea the stones and Umbers of the
old Crosby Hall, which were carted
away from th<> city three years ago.
it has i*eii rebuilt on the land where
More had bis garden and where King
Henry   used   to   walk,   chatting,   with
were apart from their companions, engaged in the fabrication of mandioca
Hour. Of this inoffensive group the
two Indians fell, shot dead.
"Then    the    Peruvians     discharg -.1
their   weapons   at   the   Indians     win
j were constructing the roof of the
roof of the house. These poor unfortunates, pierced  by the bullets, sonic
| dead, others wounded, rolled off the
roof and fell to the ground. The bandits��� far It is only by that name that
they can be called���not content wiib
these cowardly murders���for they had
(already killed twenty-five���took the Jn-
dian  women  of  advanced  age,  threw
i them  into  tbe  canoes  of  the  Colom-
than a total of one bundled I
and sixty  acn s.
Entries under the iiiitisb Columbia
Dominion Land Regulations, effective!'
on the 2nd duly. 1910, may on and
after that date be made for lands then I
open to entry. Any lands withdrawn
from timber berths, as Well as newly
Surveyed   lands,   will   before  becoming
available for entry require advertiaie-l
ment   for   thirty  days.      "Surveyed" stenography   &   TYPfWR;ffl|
Lands for the purpose of entry means
legal   subdivisions  abutting   on   a   sur-   FREEMAN
countant. Audll " idl - -'-3
organized. Agei t foi tbe I i^
Co. Koom 9, Westmlnst '.-.
block.     I*   O. Boj ..1
veyed Hue. or, in case of Uplands,
quarter sections abutting on a sur-
veyed Une.
For further Information apply to tho
Dominion Land Office, New Westmln
ster. B   C,
P, ('���   KKYKS.
Curtis Block.   P. O. E a ��� 'I.
Typewriting;  co]      wor. tmiiai
U tiers, etc     C
phone 62.
District of  New Westminster.
New Westminster Land District.
Take notice that I. John Heck, tt.
his anu about Mores neck.    Tbe dell ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
hians. and conducted them to the mid-1cate gray stone looks rather new fer   Abbotsford.   B.C.,   lumberman,  intend
die of the river, where they discharged Crosby   Hai]  aa one  knew it   in   tbe  to apply to the Chief Commissioner ol
their rifles at them, killing all." ri,-v- '"" H  gains in one way. in thai   Lands at   Victoria, B.C., for a  lloen e
\nother piece of evidence ls offered  in ils ,1(JW home the hall gets plenty  to prospect for coal and petroleum on
Heal   Kstate   and   ll - ���  ������ * AcP
c tv,   farm   and   ���      '  w 9*��.��_
628 and 746 Colui    la Sl,
A Good Thing is Suite to be Appreciated
(Maple l.aaX
Is gaining In favor every day.   Our ���otput last year was double the
preceding one.    The meet healthful aad nutritions of beverages.
j by Arnaldo Gulchard, notary public \ot n''iht tbrough its beautiful ori��l
'at   Hacinxia  Iquitos,   bing   the   sworn window.   A hexagonal oak lantern has
statement of Daniel Collantes: l**-*3*311  i":t over the  roof,  which  is  a
"Macedo ordered me to begin work \aew feature,  but  inside it  looks just.
at Ultimo Retiro, where I found an- 'ilU! " u*-m1 '" The lovely timber in
Unher criminal as chief, .lose Inocente the r""f lo"ks nillrh lighter, for they
Fonseca. A few days after my ar-1 have acraped oil tbe dirt of centuries,
! rival this chief had the Chontadura,Ibut  otherwise it   has  bun  fitted   to-
Ocalnama, and Utiguene Indians call- -Bother, numbered piece by piece, ex-
iBli, and about  twenty-four hours later|actly  as before.    It   was  worth  while
sa\ ing  Crosby   Hal
roof  alone.
hundreds of  Indians  began   to  appear
about  the  house   in   accordance   with
this order.    Then this great  Inocente I 	
Fonseca   grasped     his     carbine     and   TURKISH PRINCE'S TOUR
for this exquisite
and  in  the  following desci ibe,1  lauds:
Commencing al a post marked J, B ,
s. E, corner, planted al the B. I". corner of BectlOD 31, In Townsliip 19
Municipality of Sumas, New Westminster District; thence north 80 chains;
thence west 80 cliains; thence South
! 80   chains;    thence   east   Su   chains   to
point of commencement and containing G40 acn a
Dated   at   Abbotsfonl.   H.C.,  this  !'th
day  of .lune.  A D.,  1910.
bu ing.   a new  Hi
Ing Just in.    Bu
Ing and repalrli -     Room .
block.    Kntrai.c. b 625 Colut
nnd 626 Clarkson St.   Phone Rj*
- 1
machete and began the slaughter of
thafie defenceless people. This operation he carried out in company with
six of his confidential secretaries,
some of whom used their enormous
inacUetes about the necks of their unhappy   victims.
".Bring ,in Rubber."
"Meanwhile tine mutilating Fonseca.
Belgrade, dune 2~.���To those accustomed to the old conditions in the Balkans, when Sultan Abdul Hamid was
the most hated ruler in the world, the
warmth of the welcome given to
Prince   Vussuf   Izzedln,   the     Turkish
of New
d  District.
ce  thnt
1.   T
B.C., engine
t.   Intend
ers niid dyers, 346 Columbli - "|
phone  R2TS.    Tbe   ,   ��� - ��We
dirt nnd dust Is remoTed Wmj]
flbr��>���not pressed In-   .''0��^ ca 1
for and  delLvre-I.
heir apparent, in the Balkan capitals
j with  hit? extra large chief's machete,' during  tbe past  few  days
LIVERY   ^3*53^^.-,
apply  to  the Chief Commissioner ofl RING UP   250   FOK   HACKS *\
Lands at  Victoria, B.C.. tor a license1    smart   tursaut.     The Fashion sv
to prospect for coal and petroleum on ;   hies.
Jind In  the following described lands: '
Commencing nt n post marked T
sterilize   your kitchen   things and
make them wholesome and sanitary
Soap only cleans; GOLD DUST cleans and
Soap washes over the surface, leavimg a greasy
film behind it; GOLD DUST digs deep after germs
and impurities, and insures purity and safety.
Soap needs muscle help (as an exerciser, it's
fine); GOLD DUST does all the hard part of the
work without your assistance, leaving you to take
your exercise in a more enjoyable manner.
GOLD DUST is a good, honest, vegetable oil
soap, to which is addea other purifying materials
in just the right pro- v i /
portions to cleanse m^^l!/////
easily, vigorously, ^ ~*
and without harm to
fabric, utensil or
"Let the GOLD
DUST Twins do
your work."
i massacred  right and  left    the    poor
[ wretcluw,   who,   bill bed   In   blood   and
Jin the agonies of death, dragged them-
1 selves  plleou. ly  over  the  ground,  ap-
I pealing jt.i     vain    tor     mercy.     This
'tragedy over, Fonseca ordered all  the
: bodies to he piled up and Inn ned. This
I sue ne was .Mill  more horrible, for as
booh  as  this  order  tv��s obeyed  and
I tliey    weie    being    burned    ciies of
I agony and desperation  resounded on
every  sl.le.    these    proceeding  from
j victims    still    living,    who,  aroused
by tbe fire, gathered strength to cry
and lament for a few moments while
they veie heing consumed iiy the de-
: aiming flames.
"Meanwhile  tive   monster    Ftansecn
shouted:   'I  want   to extermteaie all
I the IndlariB who fro not obey nay orders about   the  rubber  that  I  require
| them to bi-inK in!""
Here is the Btaten .ent of the Colum-
|Man Consul at Manaus. Brazil, dealing -
I with   the  leport  of  tils  agent  at  La
Reserve, on the left tiauk of the Cata-1
"Six   Colombians   were   made   pris-'
oners by order of the Peruvian,  Bar-
tolorne Zumaeta, an employee of tlie
Peruvian Amazon company, and were
came  as  a
S.  W.  corner,  planted  at   the B.
revelation.    At the  bands of all  the ;<'i" lpr,'"���?eou.n :;'J- in Township 19. bblNSOM  *
..  Municipality   of  Sumas,   New   \Vest-|    Game. Vegetables, etc   I'^n
minster   District;   thence
oor ier of Section
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ,  i^i   un   mt
notables,  from   royalty   lo    piovin
magnates, the future ruler of Tin Key-
has received Bucb hospitality as must
tend  to improve relations witu  a  ic-
gi-nei ate l Ottoman Bmi ire.
In Soi via Ibe spectacle of such en
terialiiuieiits  was especially  Interest.-       ��� n, june   ,\ |,    jqin
lng to students <������  m������wv   '..*��� t* ..���*������
 north     Su
rhiilns; thence easl Su cliains; thence
montli K0 chnins; thence west 80
chains ;<> point of commencement and
containing G40 ,icm b.
Date !   ;:t   Abbotsford,   B.C..  this  9th
next  to Bank of  Montreal.
history, tor it was
out of the misrule of the I'as'ms tbal
an Independent Servla sprang.
Another bilking development going
on Jusi now is the exodus of Moham-1
medans from Bosnia to Turltlsh territory  in  Europe or  Asia.    Thousands
have passed tbrough  Belgrade within)
the past  month, joyfully looking forward  to  transferring   their activities
from Austrian to Turkish soil. Greater
changes are taking place in the Balkans under the sway of peace than all
the    successive    risings over accom
Dealer, Dphoisterer and l na'.r;e.J
corner Agnes and McKenna
Phone 176, ni. lit call 81.
Notice   to     Contractors
laying  Water Main:
Tenders will be received by the undersigned for the laying and Jointing
of aboui fourteen (H) miles of 28 inch
Steel Rivetted pipe and about 8,000
feet each of lL'-lneh and 13-lnch I->|>-
welded Sloel pi po. The tender includes hauling the pipes, fixing of all
  i valves  and  specials,    construction  of
ITCHING   ERUPTIONS bridges, culverts, etc.    Plans, profiles,
quickly cooled specifications, conditions of contract
_____ and  further Information  may  be ob-
u     ��      LEWTHWA1TE,
maker und   upholsterer. 42
.street    (behind    Bun
and  ������ ;������""
son ^^^^^^
Furniture miidi
sion furniture In Or m"1
i iit'l
i Miir
Makers of FAIRY SOAP, the oval cake.
Just a few drops of the famous
D. D, D. Prescription applied to the
skin will take away instantly the
worst  kind of an itch.    We positively
conducted to the section U/ilsaj.es, the know this,
residence of Zumaeta, who is a Oil of wlhtergreen, a mild, soothing
brothei-In-law of Julio Arana, one of liquid, combined with such healing
the members of this syndicate. Ileie. substances aR thymol and glycerine
after being tortured In the ccpo, they will penetrate to the Inner skin kl'l
were murdered by the employees of the germs, and heal. The I) n D
the syndicate, under the direction of I Prescription, made at ti)0 \\ f) D
Miguel Flores, who came from El En- Laboratories of Chicago, seems to be
canto expressly for the purpose. : Just the right compound, iis thousands
"Zumaeta and   Flores, accompanied I of remarkable cureB prove,
by their employees, next made a raid I     Don't go on suffering from eczema
on La Reserva,  where they captured  or   any   other   itching   Hkln   disease
Serrana, the owner of the place, with  when relief is bo easily obtained
his  employees,     Ramon   Castre     nnd !    Just,   write   the   I).   D,   D.   Labora-
Juan de la Anatonas, as well aa Man- .lories, Dept.  N. N., 2',\ Jordan St   To
uel Erase and the twenty odd workmen he was conducting to the lower
Caqueta  for  the   Gomez   and   Arana
company,   recently   established   there. 	
Ml these men were put in chains, and'is the cure for your tortiire!
then   murdered     most,     barbarously, I    Write for a trial bottle todii
Muir  corpses,  horribly  mutilated,  be.know    It   will    relievo
ing thrown into the river." 'McKenzie, Druggist,
ronto. and they will send you Tree
a trial bottle. This sample will relieve the itching at once, and move
to your satisfaction that here al  least
talned from tbe City nnd Waterworks
Engineer, J. W, B. Blackman, on receipt of a marked cheque, value $60,
which will be returned on receipt of
a bona fide lender. A markel cheque
for five per cent of the amount must
aCCOmp&ny each lender.
Tenders will be received  up to E
p.m. of June 27, 11)10. The lowesl
or nny tender not necessarily accepted,
City Clerk.
City   Hall,   New   Westminster,  June
8, 1(110.
Co.,  bank, office and  Bt��"' ,,a���ieii
cabinet,  stair,    showcases, ��' fj���.
mid detail  work.    l*,lKn* j?.'  pro-
mutes  rurnlsh.Ht.    J.   Brt^. ��� ���$
prietor.       Works:   Corner^ ��� >
nnd car line.     P. 0. box m,
Mournings.   Burlaps.
bouse   painting.   kaI��om ning,
hanging    and    fleeoraUng.
streei    N'ew   Wesimmstet
The time for receiving tenders for
above has heen extended to Monday,
July -I, at 5 p.m.
City Clerk.
IJmlted. Front street. wefwmodero
minster.     Manufacturers ��,���,#,
enw  nnd    shingle
Mill   plants nnd  ��P
mill  n""'
McKay, mnnufneturer ��n<
Itni"     ,
of moiinmentnl torubHtot.
stone, etc.   Satisfactionif.
Columbia strc.t, n��w �� ���
'.et. W��DN
29, 1910.
Kastertrook Milling  Company,
Eburne,   B. C.
HUNGARIAN JEWEI $6.50 per bbl.
IMPERIAL       $6.75   per   bbl.
TERMINAL *5.25 per  Bbl.
HINDOO  FLOUR $4.50 per Bbl-
McQ^rrie &Co.-
TKc  Wail  Of Tke June  Brid
Bj   Mary BOStwIck.
II .   not raining
And hammered
New Westminster.
Telephone J33.
ruin ��� raining berry bowls.
brass, and jardinieres, and gilt-edged casseroles.
'iii. foi  one lone, good-looking rug I      itlsfj our souls���
It isn't raining rugs, alas���it's raining berry bowls.
It li   nol raining rain to us���it's rain'. '  n clocks���
We know  them  when they're comln |usl by looking al the box.
v.i re pining for some i            tor o ends will dine in flocks,
But dishes do nol come our way���ii t id, three mission clocks.
It la nol raini              to us���it's raining butter knives���
Enough to lasl a thousand tribes through all their "	
thousand lives.
[ft a r ri
it fro
I. JA*
to our office every time you
need a ton of coal���any of our
drivers will be g'ad to take
your order. Then, too, a postal will bring about the same
result���good coal In your cellar at short notice. Also, our
phone Is In good order, and
their numbers are 15 and 16.
Coal procured here is crackajack coal, however secured.
I  wish   we  I    !    ome  tablecloths, bui when each gift arrives
We  And  il   lsn'1 i,  but just more butter ' ^^^^^^^
It is nol raining rain to us���it's raining awful junk;
The donors mean to treat  us well���but, oh, their taste fs pun'.;.
Hand-painted ij  ter  forks���in misery we're sunk
Our flat will just be delug id by this
Seven-Year-Old Blind Girl  Left Dying
in Care of Imbecile.
Gaspe,    June   28.���The    harrowing
, fate of a seven-year-old girl named
Marguerite Vezin, was revealed at an
I inquest held over the body by Coroner Jonas at Gaspe bay, when it was
shown that a girl wbo was iu a very
delicate condition had been abandoned by her parents, who were always
quarrelling, and then left alone with
an imbecile for two weeks before her
death.    She   was   totally   blind.
The verdict returned by the jury
was: "Excusable neglect," with censure for parents.
Following are the hours of despatch
and arrival of mails at tlie New West-
j minster  postofflce and hour given in
��� each case  being the hour of closing,
which is half an hour, as a rule, be-
for   the actual   despatch.     All   mails,
unless     otherwise     stated     are     de-
spatched   and   received   daily   except
Sunday.    The only  mails  despatched
and received Sunday are the G. N. R.
south and C. P. R. east mails, not including way mails, Sapperton, Fraser
Mills and Coquitlam.
iin of awful junk.
Brockville. June 27.���Hon. George
P. Graham, minister of railways and
canals, writes as follows to the Recorder regarding the peat industry:
"I have been wondering lately wbile
others are seemingly taking a live Interest in the prospects of the peat industry, if Brockville has forgotten
that she has one of the richest deposits in Canada at the old pond. It
| was a live subject, a sbort time ago,
! but somehow or other we have never
been successful in this country in the
Movement in Favor of Re-; British Naval Experts Be-
laxing Restrictions On] lieve That Day of Huge
Emigrants Gains Ground.
Mails  Despatched.
8 a.m.���Vancouver and Victoria via
B. C.  Electric railway.
First C.P.R. east taking all points
east including Langley and district.
The mail for Abbotsford and district, Clayburn and district, Hunting-
cHn and district, and Matsqui are despatched by way of Vancouver.
ft  a.m.���Blaine     and     Seattle,    including all U. S. points east and south,
'and Hall's Prairie, Fernridge and Haz-
i elmere, on  Tuesdays, Thursdays and
I Saturdays.
All Surrey mails are received from
Of   peat   to  the  extent  Cloverdale, except  Hall's Prairie,  11a-
&e6bf��.ncke fittings I
..     4
INGS���ALL      KINDS      OF      WOOD- ���
Berlin, June 28-.���The stringent regulations now preventing thousands of
Germans living abroad from revisiting
the   Fatherland   may  be  abrogated  if
Battleships is Doomed.
London. June 28.���One theory to
which Hritish naval experts are gradually coining is that the day of big
battleships  is  nearing  its    end.    Of
of making it a marketable commodity.
"Tbe government la carrying on ex-1
i pertinents  as   Alfred   and   I  am  told'
jtbat they are not only interesting but
1 point to success.    I would advise that
these experiments be followed if peat
can be successfully manufactured, the
old town need never want for eitlver
electricity or  producer gas.   I  would
advise  those  interested  to  communicate with the inland Revenue Department and see what Is being done, as
�� consider it of great  Importance to.
Brockville, and in fact to all Canada.
zelmer* and Fernridge, which arrive
on the Port Guichon train on lues-
days, Thursdays, and Saturdays.
11-00 a in���Vancouver, Victoria and
Central  Park, via D. C. Electric rall-
A- a���,c, ,a^aaa     ���mj      w..     ������. ������	
j the government approves a plan which I course it is true that the Dreadnaught
ii is at present considering.   The pro- craze is just at its height at the mo-
posal which is to lift tlie ban against I .���, ���,     ,,,,. ,, ,��� ,   . ,.���    .     .,,���,.
'            ���                 , ,           .                    . ment.   Hut this is taken to mean that
former German subjects who emigrated   without   performing   military   SPr.! it is also about time for it to collapse.
I vice,  emanated  from  German  circles j    AclUil1 naval alters, indeed, are alia  the   l'nited  States and  took  fnrm  ready beginning to lose faith m Dread.
i In a petition recently framed by Prof.j naughts.    Their  idea is  that after  a
i Ernest Richard, of Columbia  Unlver-!few suc'h shlP8 had been 8<'nt t0 the
Bity, New  Vork, on behalf of leading ibottom b>' submarines and destroyers
I German  societies.    This petition  has \the combatants would be so appalled
[been   laid   before   the   German  Chan- 1""1""" ""�� """trim loss lnvolv-
J.   BROOKES,  Proprietor
IWORKS���Corner   Eleventh   and  Carline.
B.C. Mills
Timber  and  Trading
Manufacturers  and  Dealers In  All  Kinds of
Royal City Planing Mills  Branch
12  " New Westminster
Box  13/
| cellor.
While the government has not yet
! come to any decision, the proposal is
I known   to  be  receiving  friendly  consideration,    lt  ia  commented  on  ap-
I provingly even in  extreme Conserva-
! tive  quarter*,  where  objection   to  it
] would most naturally be expected.   It
is urged that merely the commercial
___ | advantage  ter be  expected  from  per-
" | mitting Germane of wealtb and position  to revisit  the  Fatherland  would
be  great, and   tlie moral  effect  of  a
measure  promoting  more  cordial   relations  with  foreign  countries  where
the German element is large and influential  Is  an  even  more important
consideration.   Should it be decided to
relax   the  prosent  regulations,  a distinction  will  be  made between    Germans  who  evaded   service  and   those
who   deserted    while   actually   under
uriiia.   The latter will not be admitted
under any circumstances.   Thus an investigation will be necessary in each
lease, but  it is thought  tbis difficulty
I could be easily surmounted.
[lust a Few Left ot
West End View
In Lot 10, Sub. Block 12, betweeni 8thi and
10th Avenues, to the east of lbth street.
Price $350, one quarter cash, balance> o, i-
and 18 months. These lots are close to the
new cut off, and you will be wise if you step
in now and secure them.
Two Good Buys
2 nice lots on   Hamilton   St..   ����*""*��
50x150.    Price $800 each cash, or .1000 on
terms. '���
Lot 7 on 11th St., Block 19, Sub. block 7.
Price $750 on terms.
Maple Ridge
120 acres of good land, close to MjBiwGg
Price is $35 per acre. $1000 cash handles
this.   Balance on very easy terms.
Loudon, June  27,���"A great native
war is coming, perhaps this year, within a  few   weeks,  as soon as  the  new
.crops   have   been   threshed   and   the
1 grain hidden in the hills;  perhaps tn
May or .lune of next year; perhaps a
year later on.   No man living can say
[exactly when it will break out; but if
a man says it  will not  come, set hini
down   for   a   liar   or   a   fool."     These
iare the words of Stanley Portal Hyatt,
la recognized authority on South  Africa,   who   has   lived   for   many   years
among the natives.
Hitherto nativi- wars in Africa have
been with, or between, different tribes,
but today there is a united black nation making common cause aaginst Uie
bated white man. Many of the canters
of danger are to be found in the Ethiopian clinch, a Christian organization.
with scores of American negroes as
ilts pillars. Politically they all have
I superficial civilization, bul
they would be entiri
The  country   Is   up
proposition,    The
wars hits resulted
by the enormous financial loss involved in their destruction that they would
pull them out of the zone of hostilities
to  be  held  in  reserve for  some  last
desperate extremity, while the smaller
craft fought it out among themselves,
"if a naval war broke out tomorrow
between England and Germany," said
one distinguished British naval critic
the  other  day,   '"England   would   not
dream   of   sending    out    its    Dread-
naughts. They would not sink the German fleet nor blockade German ports.
"The  flrst  operation   would  be  for
our small craft to clear out their rivals. When this had been accomplished
our Dreadnoughts might possibly be
let loose. But th<* chances are that, by
this  time,  the  struggle would    have
been ended.    It  is much more likely
| that no Dreadnaughts would figure ln
I the struggle at aiBL'"
Thea the critic Instanced the result
I of certain manoeuvres off Toulon.
Three submarines were assigned to
the task of attacking six battleships.
They theoretically torpedoed four of
them, and the other two fled in con
The experts think it would work out
just  about  like this  in  actual  battl"
And they do not think it would have
to happen more than once or twice be
fore naval commanders would become
chary of risking a $10 000.000 Dread
nought against ai fleet of $3r>0.000 de-
��� st roy^rs     or     $100,000     submarines
Hence, the experts argue, the day of
the Dreadnaught will soon be past.
Until, the past year or two very little  thought   has   been   given  the   Indian.   John Wanamaker with his beautiful  pictorial   production  of  Longfellow's   ever-loved   Hiawatha,   and   the
production of the same poem enacted
by real  Indians the past summer on
Lake  Champlain,  in  wliich  President
Taft,   Governor   Hughes    and     many
other  well   known  men  and    women
from all parts of the country showed
so  much   interest,   started  tlie  belief
that the present generation has a far
kindlier feeling for the red men than. way.
was the case years ago.    The white I    1:3!.   p.m-
Bijuaw, who is the central, figure in tlie  bet-land   and
play of the same name, which will be
presented by Manager Harry Tidy at
the  Opera  house on  Thursday,  June
30,   was   reared   and   lowid   by   Chippewa Indians.    She will tell you how
kind   they   were  to   u   white     man's
daughter.   There are twfii Indian characters  in  the play,  a  chief and   his,
squaw;  also a French trapper;  a fur
tradder for the John Jacob Astor Co.,
the white squaw's beautifill' sister, and
a surveyor and his wife..   Among the
players interpreting the several characters are such well known people as
Miss Delia Clarke, Mis* Grace Cahill,
Miss Hindle  Kohman. Joseph Gillow,
Mitchel   Lewis  and   William F.   Kohman.
Mails Received,
8:3Q a.3J>���Vancouver and Victoria
Including U. S. matter, and also
(except Tuesday) via B. C. Electric
9:00 to 10:00 a.m.���Strawberry Hill,
fcy courier (Tuesday and Friday).
9:15 a.m.���Vancouver and Victoria,
7ia G.  X.  R.
8:30 a.m.���CP. R. east (flrst train)
Sapperton, Eraser Mills and Coquitlam.
12:00 p.m.���C-P. R. east
li;00 p.m.���Vancouver, Central Parte
and Fraser Arm.
1:30 p.m.���East Burnaby by courier.
2.:.3& p.m.���Burquitlam, bu courier.
3.:t5 p.m.���Blaine and Seattle, including all U. S. points.
7.: (Ml p.m.���Heveistoke local and C.
P. IL Intermediate' points.
Strawberry    Hill,    Tim-
,_,. .mr Soutli   Westminster, by
courier (Tuesday and Friday),.
1:30 p.m.���Ladner and down river
point* East Burna&y, Queensboro- and
Burqufltlam, by courier.
2:20 p.m.���Vancouver and. Piper
Sidlns&. via G. X. R. north.
3 pum.���Clovertfctle. Xicomeki, and
Port Kells, daily, (Slayton on Tuesday,
Thursday, Friday anil Saturday; Tynehead an Tuesday and! Friday; 3<>n Accord, Tuesday a*iT Friday.
4:0��. p.m.���Vancouver and Bai naby
Lake: via B. C. Blbciric railway. Saturday- an extra mall is despatched to
VicttiBia via Vancouver at this hour.
Bliaine   and   Sonttfe.   including   alt
U. Si. points, east and south, via the
! G. NL R. -'Flyer."
v savages.
~ against   a  hard
stoppage   of   tribal
n a tremendous in
and new
Icrease in native population.
that the continent is more thickly set
| tied there Is not the same opportunity for retreat to the northwards away
from the march of civilization. The
Ca|K> to Cairo railway has sounded
end   of  that   period.     Blacks  are
Tornnto, June 117.���What is regarded as a remarkable utterance in respect to prohibition was made by
Rural Dean Cayley at the closing session of the Angllcian Synod here last
week. The matter of the license to
thp Brockton club was under discussion.
"The Christian church," he said, "exists to preach the gospel.   We do not
1 find in any word of our Lord's teaching the doctrine of prohibition. We are
going mad on this subject of prohibl-
; tion,  not  only  In  one  but  in   many
The Rural Dean quoted a remark
made to him that this kind of action
by churchmen was "making the
church stink In the nostrils of some
of the most splendid men ln the country."
"We  haven't  the  right," he added.
"to alienate the respect  ami support
men  who do not happen to think
���   .r.m.--'Al_:
m- ii T^rti.'' -~t-'f
��� tr. jfc>- ,>'*��� fe
?���'.���..__> *��*___v.-'';. ii; ' l-
���r-'f-'l'-i^jfm.)  ,���:/   ���'- '
'.-' aZrarJ''%.1B'.Jr'.,-'������'. T\
,'$-V. 5. /
- sy\*-* *A i
V ..i  ���' t^'^;;^*., ��� -.^ ���   ' ;���:&    :^&?M:'���������<���&:>
.>>:*. 3r;.->--:;��N' -:���������>��� \;M  ' -l'yl'-$if/---Mh; S# ��� I: .
rations and
overflowing from the reservi
the  races  are  being  pitted  in  closer
opposition every day.    The whites re-1
strict the native rights; the blacks are
envious of the white men's farms.
Bechuanaland and Basutoland are to
a large extent Independent,   but the
j blacks fear the Union government will
open these territories lo while settlement. The natives of those regions
I have modern anus and could pui an
of 30,000 well mounted and
warriors Into the fleh
less than a week. There alone
enough  tinder to start  a  huge
it  wise for men
ory than God."
be more prohibit-
.   *. ���  ...
S. V.
������ JS*
' ��� **?  '"3pL\1
, ���?���������
��� ���   At***
;V. *
' V.
-*���*.*. ���
��� -,.-v- ��� .
i.\: ������>���'.'���>
��� . - ���':*. -.'a .
��� ���:���;.-.���> :':'������������
in '.I
--.'������: .
Miss Delta Clark, appearing in her own   play,  "The   White   Squaw,"  Opera
House, Thursday, June 3a
! army
| equipped
h British Canadian Securities
Company, Limited
T. R. PEARSON, Manager.
Office:    The Dominion Trust
iand   all  over  South   Afiiea  thi
Ihordes wait ready to leap to the con
I fllct  at  the lirst
I action
0f concerted
Rome, June 2S.���The notorious Slcll.
ian brigand, Mulone, wbo escaped the
officers of the law four years ago. and
fled from Italy, was t'ied for contumacy at Hergula on Monday. After
being found guilty of murder, blackmail and otber crimes, he was sentenced to 144 years in prison, Mulone
sailed for the Unite:! States in 1906,
it has been learned. No trace of him
has ever been found by the detectives
. r.t Liie. rnnadian chartered banks for
"t- _. __ .,��� *��sr ^ia'sM."' M,"on
k. the assets reached that stage awu ���  wltll  April are a
T^fiWaK^S^ Apr., and the second for May:
,llows, the nist ugu't- -��,..____    $    77.194.84
fol      _
Notes In circulation  ....
posit s on demand ....
leposits   after   notice   ..
otal liabilities ;...
i Call loans on stocks ...
Current loans In Canada
Total assets 	
If you have Real Estate for Sale
If you want to Purchase Real Estate!
If you want any kind of Insurance written
If you want to Borrow Money
-Consult With-
McQuarrie Bros.
609  Columbia Street
The New Westminster City Specialists PAGE EIGHT.
'    ...
��������������������������������������������������������������������������������� f
l Warm Days
Are Coming
SCity News!
**#**#**#**%**#**#**#** #**jV^*#**~***#**%;**%**--
The usual weekly markel will be
held today on account of l-'ri lay being
Dominion Day, a legal holiday.
Wanted to rent, a 6 to 7-room modern  house not  too far out.    Reply to
Jas.  VV. Connor at  Lees Ltd. **
W. N, Carty, of this city, was married yesterday morning in Vancouver
to .Miss rilling, of that city.
For a pleasant  conl  drink,  try the
Ice Cream Sodas at The Royal Cafe. *:
Hayden .Murchie, of St. Stephen.
N. Ii.. is spending a brief holiday in
this city, the guest of his aunt, Mrs,
F. Eastman, of Royal avenue.
E. Goulet. station agent of the
C. P. R., states thai the delay al
Westminster Junction, which Mayor
Lee complained of at the council meeting on Monday night, was caused by
a car leaving the track at the Junction. There was no delay after tin
train  started.
This afternoon there will be an Ice
cream social on tho grounds of Mrs.
Carroll's residence on Columbia street
near the penitentiary. In the evening the entertainment will take the
form of a progressive card party, The
proceeds of the day will be devoted
to the  Providence orphanage.
The Westminster Modern
Business School
Henry A. Howe, of Abbotsford, is
applying in the mining recorder's office for a water record of one-tenth
of a cubic foot nf water to be taken
President L. B. Lusby ami Secre- fiom a spring rising nn ihe V.V.& E
tary Wade, ol the board oi trade, right-of-way in ihe northwest quarter
have been invited to a banquet to be nf Kection 14. township 13 the water
held by the Surrey board of trade t0 be used for domestic purposes,
next Tuesday. i
For Geraniums, Dahlias and all
kinds of Spring Bedding Plants ph me
Davis' Greenhouse, R 2u8. **
Carloads in and more on the way.
See our slock.    We defy competition.
youcan-fFor  Anything  in   the  Furniture   line
W.  IO. Kales. **
Put in a few months here
not dispute the fact that by putting inl come to
a few months preparation here, it will :
be the nucleus of a savings account J     For the convenience of people wish
Ilia;   is bound to bring accrued inter-; in
, formance at  thc Opera house.  Harry
Come here���put in a few months in ; Tidy will  keep his florist  store open
conscientious   study   to   Improve   and  until 8:30 p. m.
secure a practical business  training,      J]]e m        ,men-  of t|lP Bohemian
which is bound to increase youi eain- speg best
ing capacity, which in turn increases | served  there .��
your savings account.
This institution gives the same con-1     TIle   Roman   came   ;nt0   port   ]ast
scientious  attention  to the  student's  night with a load of 100,000 pounds of
advancement and welfare as does the I balibut.    She will  lay up here for a
A. Blackley is applying for four
licenses to prospect for coal and oil
in the city limits of Vancouver. The
block of land covered by the applications contains about 2,560 acres, of
which a post planted 160 chains south
to book seats for tomorrow's per-j of   the   intersection   of   Birch   street
and Sixth avenue is the center. Applications such as these will have to
be referred to the department at Victoria before they are passed upon.
Day session the entire year.
610    Columbia    St. Principal.
Crystal Theatre
KNIGHT   &   VERNER,   Proprietors.
"The Tragedy of Mendon."
(Special Feature.)
"The  Trained  Falcon."
i Educational.)
"Brothers  in  Arms."
(Military Drama.)
Illustrated  Song.
W. J. Sayce, Baritone.
lhe Central Hotel Cafe
Opposite B. C. E. R. Depot
25c - Merchants Lunch - 25c
Market Square
PHONE 475.
day or two to have her boilers overhauled and her sides cleaned.
McQuarrie  Bros, are now ready to
do business in the real estate and
insurance lines. Offlce, COO, Columbia
street. *���
All the poles for the center of Columbia street have been erected and
are ready for the B. C. E. R. to put
on the fixtures to carry its wires.
There will he a street light on every
fourth pole.
Sons of Scotland picnic to Westminster Junction. July l. Sports,
highland dancing and piping. Trains
leaves 0:10 a.m. Come and have a
good time. **
Edward  Layton, a former  resident
of Prince Rupert, was brought to the
city  yesterday   by  the  provincial   police and incarcerated in  the peniten
tiary  to  serve a  three-year term
In the county court yesterday before Judge Howay the trial of Wong
Hong, of Ladner. vs. Sam Hung wis
heard. It is a suit for $200, and after
hearing the evidence his honor give
his verdict for the plaintiff for the
full amounl of the claim with costs.
H. L. Edmonds appeared for the plain
tiff and J. R. Grant for the defendant.
The case of Erickson vs. The Stirrej
Shingle company will be heard today.
A quier wedding to<ik place at
Mount Lehman yesterday morning,
when Stewart Haywood Fanner. 01
tbis city, and Miss Mildred Thomson
daughter of \V. Thomson, of Mount
Lehman, were united In the holy
bonds of matrimony by the Rev, C
McDlarmid. Miss Cecilia Langley
acted as bridesmaid and E. 11. Sands
supported the groom. Mr. and Mrs
Farmer are spending their honeymoon
in Seattle.
On August 10 the Dominion government will offer for sale at the crown
timber office here a timber berth on
for ithe east side of Adams  lake at  the
upset price of $102,203, which includes
the cost of survey.    The berth  is the
McQuarrie  Bros,  are  specialists in   largest offered for sale here for some
New Westminster realty. Watch their' time  and   the  bidding   will   doubtless
advertisements for bargains. **
An ice cream and strawbery social
will be held this evening at the residence of Mrs. S. F. Mark. 707 Agnes
street, commencing at eight o'clock.
The proceeds will go towards the fund
being raised to paint St. Pauls Reformed Episcopal church.
he brisk. The limit contains :':'."'
square miles and is described as follows: The north three and one-h""
miles of township 25, range 11, and
sections 13, 24 and 25 of township 2a,
range 12, all west of the Sixth meridian. The limit is situated on Adams
lake a few miles north of Shuswap
and   Notch   hill.
Head Office   -    Montreal, Que.
Capital $6,000,000
Rest Funds  4,600,000
Total Assets (over)  66,000,000
You may be sure you will
get the best service If you bring
your prescription to us. No
matter what doctor gives tlie
prescription we can fill it and
give you exactly what is ordered, at fair prices. None but
competent dispensers employed.
Curtis Drug Store
Kodaks and Supplies
Spectacles, from 50c.
Phones:     43;     Long     Distance,    7-1;
Residence,  72.
New    Westminster,
' '
This Bank has 145 Branches in Canada.
A General Banking Business
!   I
B.   C.
We give Special Attention to Savings Bank Deposits
$1.00 Starts an Account
Best rates of Interest paid.    No delay in
This gives everybody, working men, merchants, etc.,
an opportunity of cashing cheques or making deposits
In Our New Quarters in the
Four  Doors   Bast   of   Pank   of
We Have Just Received a Fresh
Stock of Popham's Chocolates
I. A. MUIR & CO.
Columbia St.   New Westminster.
New Westminster Branch,
H. C. Adams, Mgr.
JK_g-;y. .;j ,��� ��� '.'.mr,*****.*���*-��*- \
X 1
I Some Special Snaps
:5 lots on Second street.    Excellent view.    Streets on three sides
.    of  this  property.    $350  each.   Terms.
* lu   lots  extending  from   First  to   Second  street.    This   property
* Is especially  well situated.    Streets on three sides, and lane at rear.
Price $350 each.    Terms.    INVESTIGATE.
F. J. HART & CO., Ltd.
ur Alteration
ale Prices
Will prove a boon to hundreds of our customers
in the purchase of their holiday necessities.
This week brings a holiday, a break in the
steady grind of business. Shop early that you may
avoid the "last day" crowds.���Read on.
PRICES   on    Boys'    and     Girls
Colored   Dresses.
makes     NEW
White    and
Girls* Sailor Dresses, $1.95 Each
Regular $2.25 to $2.75. G iod materials, well pul together, nice
patterns and trimmings, all put together made Borne of the nlcesta
Wash Dresses possible to buy. Materials are Ginghams, Chambrays,
Ducks, Drills and Oalateas In white or colors with contrasting collar
plainly made or with braid trim min. . Si/es tor girls I to 16 years.
Sa'e price, each, $1.95.
Boys' Buster Suits, $1.25 Each
Regular Values up to $1.75.
Strou. materials In attractive colors and styles. Clothing inm. ht
here is superior In every way. These Boys' Buster Suits are the right
kinds for buys wbo are sure to gi\e tbem hard wear. Sizes tor
buys 2  to 8 years.
Girls' Colored Dresses, 75c Each
Regular Values Up to $1.00.
Holland Galatea and Chambray Dresses In plain or Btrlped w<
This loi contains a splendid assortment sure to appeal  to the likes
of the little folk and the purses of those who bave I i pay for them,
Your choice at  sale price, each,    75c.
Summer Undermuslins
While wear nf every description
ducement tn quick buying.
away   down   in   price   as   an   in
White Cambric Night Gowns, 95c Each
Regular values to $1.35.  Women's Fine Cambric and English Long
Cloth Nightgowns.    Made In large,  full  size.    Nicely  trimmed  wltb
insertion  and  embroideries,  with   or   without   yokes,        All   tfi/.cs.
Each 95c.
Underskirts, 95c Each
White Cambric and  Longcloth   Underskirts  with   wide full  double
flounces,   All lengths and sizes.   Regular values $1.25 and $1.3E
price,   Each,   95c.
Corset Covers, 35c Each
a splendid range of odJ lines to be cleared at  this pii-e.
Ladies' Drawers, 35c Each
Open and closed White Cambric
embroidery ti-iinn.lni-s.
Drawers  with   hemstitched  and
Holiday Neckwear
Do not forget the personal appearance. We endeavor to keep In
mind the demands of our customers who are particular aboul their
Neckwear. Despite the fact that we nre busy clearing oul our overstocks in every department we keep in touch with the manufacturers of Neckwear Novelties. We mention here a few of the very newest styles���just arrived. Every article sold at sale prices���another
feature of our Neckwear  Department
Polalre Collars. All white and whlto with neat bands of roil silk
as trimming.
Chantecler Bows, PKrasint Tails, Dutch Collars of Lace, with under lining of Paisley silk Square Cut Dutch Collars In flne qualities.
Two Tone Jabots nnd Dutch Collars, etc. We have added to our
usual showing a line assortment of better qualities In response to
a large demand for goo Is of high character. Ask to see the new
varieties.   Our show cases are full of them.
White Shirt-
Waists, $1.35
Regular   valu<
$3.75.    Noti
make    po
showing      ���   .
Blouses    we
Shirtwaist     al
price     whi!;
������   To
ed  :
to   sell   at   $1.50  each.   \\t
h.r. e   bowevi i      ��� . , ��� ��� .,
price to the lowi
limit,  am!   to   tl i ,
6   dozeil   of   ou
broldered Walsti   It es
bave become I
and     15    only    I isl    yeari
Hlonses      with ;
thre.. quartei lei n
11 . ulai pi ices
up to $3 75    The entiri
goes  on  sale  thl
eich, $1.35.
30 Pieces of
Veiling, 20c
Per Yard
\    general    clearance  ol
all the odd b
pieei s which 1    el ei n ; p
ular  duilnn  thl   :
Brown, Navj
ami Brown and
and   White   bi      '    '���  and
White combii ire the
most numerous ���
tions placed on i
low   price.     Regular  value.-
35c   to  75c  per  yard    Tht
lot, to clear, at, per yard, 20c.
16 Boxes of
Flowers and
80 many prices are In U,i8
lot of Dowers thai H la lm'
possible to put them mi Bale
at any one particular price
Tbe price is cut In two, however, and merit a quick sale.
Regular prices 40c 1 - V ""���
On   sale,  each,  20e  to $h0��-
Another Line
of Trimmed
Sailors and
Shapes, $2.00
Another special  offei   ""'��
the Millinery Section makea
mother BW
one   o��
Hats.     Our
this price
ular.     Be
It   possible   for
women    to    secure
these   Popular
previous   lines   at
proved    most    1>('I'
early If vou desire
able hat at b fraction of the
original price.


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