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The Daily News Jun 27, 1910

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 White Rock
,1'MK ���-
Up Poles Kill and Steal
Lone Shut By Infuriated
Lb of Pursuers.
i. im.
.lune 26.���A double
Cjl-'und tl e robbery ot more than
������' ' ",..,,. young Russian Poles,
prlncipal business thorough.
iol Lynn yesterday, bad l's Bequel
than two hours later In the death
���,- . ,. bandits, the Berlous
lading "; another and the arrest
���the third,
XL vlctin     llf "ie  murder    were
"   . ��� Iregan, one of the hest
n ifacturers of the city,
Police < ' -lames Carroll, ode
fiiic oldest ollicers In point of Ber-
Ljn tbe ' ical poilce department.
Ihedead ibber is An ly Anson, of
j, .��� ; ��� ty second street, New
Dg   to   his   statement   to
i lie way to the hospital,
..     of the other wounded high-
Lvllft j-   unknown,   but   the   third
'",       iid   be   was   "Hill   Koval-
n, has been ldentltied as
ifl \ .   lamacla  Plains outlaws.
J. Hi '. two persons and held that
L      B stQji in a state of terror
ft, Landregan, accompanied by tbe
eman. ...      returning    from the
nn National hank to the factory of
��.   I   Landregan, of which he ls
li '.us, and was carry-
jin a ba '��� the weekly payroll
���he factory, which employs between
I ''latlves.
lu       i       deared tho factory on
liiiuu stn ' three robbers ran up
��� ei and opened fire at close
i...    ��� the trio seized the bag
[money and almost at the same In
Meeting of Friends of Dumb Animals
Will   Be   Held   This  Afternoon   in
Board  of  Trade   Room.
There will he a public meeting held
in the board of trade room in the city
hall today al i p. m. for the purpose
or reorganizing the Society for the
Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. J.
Pengelly, general secretary, and the
Becretao of the Vancouver district
wlll be present at the meeting.
Under the new charter the Jurlsdlc
tlon of tin. New Wist minster branch
extends over all the electoral distrl t
Of West ii.inster and it is hoped that
the citizens of the Royal City will
show their Interesl In tiiis movemenl
by being present.
Officers will be elected and a committee will be appointed to wail on
tii.. council In an endeavor to Becure
financial aid to actively prosecute the
campaign against cruelty to animals.
Secured Many Jobs.
Winnipeg, .lune 26.���Since the beginning of the year up until yesterday
the employment bureau of tbe Men's
Own secured positions for 6,521 men.
Langley   School   Board   Later  Suceeds
In Getting Injunction Quashed Because   Facts  Were   Suppressed.
Gold Seekers Are Face to
face With Failure-Many
Are Disappointed.
Falrbank.s Alaska, June 26.���To the
exact  extent of the stampede to the
Iditarod that camp is overcrowded.
This seems certain from the best Information that can be obtained from
disinterested parties who know actual
conditions In what was at first thought
would be among the greatest producing gold camps the Northland has
ever seen.
From the icost reliable sources is
is learned that, before the great stam.-
pi de Btarted, the new Mecca for seek-
ers after the precious yellow metal already had all the population the camp
could sustain on treasure in sight and
proBpe tive. Therefore those who are
making the hard trip sustained by
high hopes of quick wealth are doom
ed to hitter disappointment,
The Flat creek dumps are not coming up to expectations. Hundreds of
men must, return to the States or to
older camps this winter, The Iditarod
prol.ably will he a camp of some 1,500
souls only during the winter to come.
All boats for the Iditarod so fai
have mado Otter City, at the mouth
of Otter creek in the Iditarod river.
the reports say. From now on the
vessels probably will reach only Diet-
man. 110 miles below the Iditarod.
There is hitter disappointment expressed over the situation in the new
Important Towns in Chon-
tales Fall Before Attack
of Provisionals.
Declares Only Result of Ballot Would
Be   the   Debauching   of
The   Injunction   granted  to  George
Hunter   and   Francis   Worrel   against
| ���  :,��� fell dead, killed   'lie jf***" ^���'"���"'"���"istees   restrain-
oufh the neck.   8oon!^/^!?Lr??-lnAe.rf.e.,ln?.wl^a_b,^
was killed Carroll fell
I". led  and  the    robbers
prteil up ��� el on the run. head-
fur High U    h. one of the parks of
dty   A".     ��� idling this bill they
parated. I
Bn tlie d . 5,000 people started
jl      lit.   Main were in automobiles,
Id arme.i    lu a short time a cordon'
lie High Hock dismal It  ��     trying    to    escape
: i   icaiiy  Impregnable
that t/ic ���    ee  bandits  came  to
(   Anson died  in  an  ambulance
i ;t bullet wound In the neck.
d wire fence erected by the plain
tiffs, was absolved Saturday by Mr
Justice Murphy, sitting ln chambers.
Fifteen years ago Langley school
board purchased a half-acre part ol
lot 305, township 2, and erected thereon a schoolhouse, in Which they hav,
been In quiet enjoyment until recently, when the plaintiffs, Hunter and
Worrel, erected a barb wire on pari
of tin- property, claiming it as theirs.
The erection of the fence had the effect of shutting off the lavatories and
well from the pupils. The trustees
Immediately pulled the fence down
,,r, ���,.,���,���.,, tl|/,,ndidain.ifTsi,io.,.p.lyap1.liedfoi and
' - Itaiiied  from  Justice  Murphy   an  la
Landregan.   When he
broug ��� ���   the police station, Bev-
|fil huti I       hoe factory employees
eked tl'   prisoner on the   steps.
I locked : ' down, beat and kicked
Sevi ;, policemen were roughly
hndU>.i ii . ndeavoring to protect
I .ho   was   tlni
Ito the  ��� tlon.
fi'M lost  Lives  When  Senca   Falls
Hotel Burns.
I'1 I a N. Y., June 26.���Three
pons loi their lives and another
^ a nan m escape from serious In-
lr!'in a fire that destroyed the New
lento house today. The building
pining the hytel was also burned.
���������-'"'��� tiuiated at $40,000.
junction restraining tlie defendants
from interference, the result being
that during the pasl week the scliool
has been closed.
W.     O.     McQuarrie     Immediately
moved   to   have   the   injunction   so
asi.le. owing to alleged material mie
representation and suppression < f n.a
terlal facts.
On the rehearing, his lordship most
emphatically stated that all the facts
had not heen brought out, and thai he
had no Idea the granting of the injunction would close the school, and
while not casting any reflection whatever on tho plaintiff's solicitor for the
suppression of material facts, absolved the injunction,
Messrs, Hunter and Worrel were
ordered K1 ;;*. all qQBts of the sewnd
hearing, and an order was granted to
the Langley school trustees for an
enquiry as to the damage they had
sustained by the first Injunction.
W. O. McQuarrie, ol Wade, Whealler, McQuarrie & Martin, acted for
the Langley school board, while H, L.
Edmonds acted for Hunter & Worrel.
Director of Census Brands as Misleading   "Advance"   Figures  on
Seattle's Growth.
Bluefields, Nicaragua, June 26.���A
column of the provisional forces under General Arsenio Cruz has captured La Llbertad and Jigalpa, important towns in the department of
This   column   is   part   of   General j
Mena's army, which was detached for
the purpose of occupying advantage-
ous points within reasonable distance
Of Acoyapa.
General Mena, with his great body
of troops, remains within gunshot of I
Ocoyapa, which is garrisoned by sev-j
eral    hundred  of   the   Madriz   forces. I
General C'olonen, another of the pro- j
visional leaders, has taken Sun Fbal-
do, one of the ports in Lake Nicaragua,   where  he   defeated   200   Madriz
soldiers   who  were  on   their   way   to'
reinforce General Vasques.
Ottawa Firm Gets Contract.
Ottawa, June 26.���The contract for
the extension to the eastern departmental block, for which a sum of
$76,000 was voted last session, has
been awarded to Doran & Devlin, of
Ottawa, who were the lowest of eight
tenderers. The extension will give
additional room for the Dominion police and provide space for the external
affairs department, which is now located in the Trafalgar building.
New York, June 20.���Coloney Henry
Watterson, of The Louisville Courier-
Journal, in an interview today gave
some interesting views on woman suffrage.
"I deplore the agitation for women
suffrage because I think it tends to
create sex antagonism." said he. "1
believe in the widening of woman's
held of work. There is practically no
profession today in which a capable
woman cannot stand, but the ballot is
a very much overestimated benefit. If
I could remake the constitution, I believe I would take the voting power
from half those who exercise it. And
1 would not inflict It upon a woman.
i hold her too high to wish to se
her debauched by politics."
"Hut is politics necessarily debauching?"
"Politics is muck," said Mr. Watterson. "In any close contest where the
woman vote was determining, the will
of a bad woman would control."
Capital Players '1 urn Almost
Certain Defeat Into a
Brilliant Victory.
Searchers Fail to Find Bodies of Men
Who Perish in Wild
Washington, June 26.���"Figures on
the population of the principal Pacific coast cities probably will be
ready some time next week." said Director Durand, of the census, today,
"ln the meantime no estimates are
being given out.
"1 am aware that certain persons
have heen sending out what they
called official estimates of population
but they are without authority. They
are based on the purely niatliemaiic.il
i . i nates of popul tlon male last year
1 y the bureau of vital statistics, and
;.re wholly untrur: worthy.
"Any so-called e:> imate on the population of Seattle would be a pure
guess, for several years ago, so unusual was the growth of Seattle, that
the bureau abandoned making estimates of population there. No figures are given out ollicially until the
count is completed."
Sudden Outbreak of Hostilities in New
York's Chinatown Lasts Only
a   Short  Time.
Seward, Alaska, June 25.���Seven
men are believed to have been lost
in a storm wliich swept Cook inlet
Wednesday night, according to a report receive! here today from United
States Commissioner Hildreth, of
Knik precinct, Cook inlet.
The men, among whom were Joseph
Laubner, a prominent citizen of Stew-
ard; F. R. Stewart, founder of Stewart City, B. C; William Perkins and
John Winter set out in a dory from
Kern Creek to cross the inlet. [
The water was rough when they
Btarted, and they had not been out j
Ions before a terrific storm came up. j
Nothing lias been heard of them and
no trace of their boat has been found.
It was thought that they might have
taken refuge on Fire island, half way
across the inlet, but searchers have
been unable to find.any trace of them,
and it is believed that all were lost.
The names of three of the men in
the party are not known here.
New York, June 2G.���The tong war
that sleeps but never dies broke out
again today in Chinatown and In
ninety-three seconds three Chinamen
were shot, two of them fatally and the
third was painfully wounded. More
than 40 shots from heavy calibre revolvers were exchanged.
Seven Chinamen were arrested. It
was all over as quickly as it began,
and for the remainder of the afternoon the streets were as quiet as
they had been an instant before the
Ottawa, June 26.���Anthony Czar-
necki. of Chicago, is in the city-with
credentials from Archbishop Quigley
to Invite Sir Wilfrid Laurier, Canadian premier, to a Columbia Day celebration in Chicago on October 111.
It is being gotten up by the Knights
of Columbus in conjunction with the
state authorities. He presented the
invitation to Sir Wilfrid and hopes to
take back with him an official acceptance.
""tnipeg ,1m, Get_ First Contract for
C' N. R. work on Coast Section
"-Figure   Not   Divulged.
lune  26,���The     Northern
company, of  Winnipeg,
"***��� the first section of the Ca-
orthern   Pacific   railway   on
coaBt.    Construction woik
Jesuits to Celebrate Silver Jubilee of
Entry  Into  Manitoba.
Winnipeg, June 26.���The St. Boni-
face college of Manitoba is preparing
for Jubilar feasts on August 16, 17 and
IS. The former students of the col-
lego will gather with all their formal
professors and hold a grout celebration on the above dates.
"Twenty-live years ago next August," says the circular, "the Jesuit
fathers took a hand ln the adniinlstra-
, co"hi..���!,.(. at once.
,,,s statement   dealing     with   t...     ,  ,
"MJ8 ol the llrst link of line from' tlon of St. Boniface college An elab
, ''Mann to the east side of Chilli- orate program comprising solemn high
!"���*���� made todav by Vice Presl- mass, banquet, excursions, etc., has
v nM;um "> the Canadian Northern' been drawn up to celebrate the event.
a* I Every old student of St. Boniface col-
-Xo decision  i,..=  ���f hu.  r��aM,��H   i���,m "tn herehv requested to send bis
New Orleans, Jun . 86,���Meager tele
graphic reports from Beaumont, Tex.
at midnight say the Beaumont oil
fields are threatened with complete
destruction by a tire which started j
at Bl Vista, a few miles from Beau-
mont. tonight. Ten oil tanks have]
burned, according to the report, and
manv other tanks are aflame. |
Fanned hy  a strong wind, tho fire,
jumped from one tank to another, and .
it is feared that the entir . oil field is
doomed.    Nearly  all   the   tanks   are j
built  close together.    The loss up to
midnight is estimated at .100.00.   The
tanks were the property of the Gulf
Pipe Line company and the Texas Oil
companv.    The  Ore  originated  along
one  of the pipe lines of the former
company and spread to the other lines.
leclslon has  yet been  reached  lege Is hereby reci
fcrer..  �� *'" ,)0 ***o successful tend-' address   at  his  ����"'�����,	
I !..''"' th�� construction of the same' to the secretary of the alumni assocla
tjwjnj'i Tine Trom Virginia "to" Du-! tlon'Vliil Royal, St. Boniface, or to
1,1 Minnesota, J  Dutton, 304 Kennedy street, Winni-
Cn Ma"" W0,lU1 not    divulge    the' peg, nnd ho wlll receive by mall more
tot,..,    .   the  Northern Construction  detailed information,
c      >< '������nder.   Thev had, he said,     The question of a Cattollc unlver.
t  S ""'^ 250   miles    of    C, N. tt.  sitv ls among the probable topics of
kson " '-' ' ������   ��� -  discussion.
on the prairies and tlieir work
���*) B heen good.
Ml] ),..  'lxPei,,0d   that   the   company
>t Is
hV(._,,',uC Btart��d work opposite New
Mtmll>8ter within thrco weeks.
1 toir*
. ^"rnnin      i
Vi! i,  ,'"ue    26.���Because    sho
ftMe i0 I   h.er li'isbaiul will not be
lonea is B
JJM thai .,
W. ir.1 l,t.iln'i prosperity, Mrs. Mary
totlnor i lH asking for a divorce from
Hits ntonth' Who wlu inherit $8,000
Plaint I, Act:��rdlng; to the com-
ll��ift ,',1,,n',';: iK '-.o original spend*
"" Is afraid that, the
icy wlll only ag
('llfI"ri'l ���'UH!   "I'l't'ar   before .Judge
v       lhe" -JUlJ   7   and   show   cause
1,ls Propensities.
"ce    should    not.    be
Married SecretlT^^ Leading Ma"
on  June  12.
South   Bend,   Ind.,   June  26.-ROM
Melville, better known ^''^,
country as "Sis Hopkins,   was secret
ly married to Prank M nzey, her_ lead
lng man In the play    SU Hopkins,
on jUne 12.   The ceremony was per
formed  In   New  York    ,t   ;
Collegiate church on Fifth avenu
and   Mrs.   Min/.ey   are  now-a.their
������Sis     Hopkins"     Mrs-     )\{\'\'...\
aI���assed a fortunei of which severa
hundred thousand dollars has been
vested in real estate, the largest
flee bulldlng in South Bond being 1
;���,,,���.,,>,   she will continue on th��
It. gGa
Careless Traveller.
Brandon, .lune 26.���Carelessness or
forgetfulness of a traveller was shown
todav in the discovery in a room in
the Imperial hotel, vacated last night
by V. N. Demill. of Calgary, of a vest
containing 12,400. Demill and party
were on an auto tour from Indiana to
Calgary. The money was sent west
to the owner on the noon train.
Ottawa, June 26.���Although no appointment is expected until September, it appears to be practically decided that the three new judgeships
on the bench of the superior court of
Quebec will be filled by the appointment of J. A. C. Ethier, M. P., for Two
Mountains; K. A. F. Greenshlelds,
K. C, of Montreal, and J. G. H. Lau-
j-endo, K, C, also of Montreal,
When the appointments are made it
is likely that Judge Weir, now on the
Aylmer-Pontiac circuit, will be transferred to Montreal and be succeeded
In this district by Mr. Ethier.
Redistribution Foreshadowed.
Ottawa, June 20.���An order-in-coun-
cil has been passed fixing June 1 next
as the day on wliich the census wiil
be taken throughout Canada. The
schedules, which have been approved
by the governor-in-councll, are practically the same as those of other
years. It Is expected that the figures
will all be tabulated in time to make
lt possible for the government to introduce a distribution b"l during the
session of 1912 which will probably
be the last session of the present parliament.
By the score of six to five Victoria
won tho first game of the season herr
on Saturday in one of the most exciting finishes that lacrosse has furnished!
this season. With the score four to
one at the end of the third quarter
and apparently everything working;
right for the locals, the Capital players by the most brilliant exhibition ol
lacrosse seen here this season snatched the victory.
Scored  Five  in   Last Quarter.
In the last quarter, the  Victorias
who had appeared helpless against the
New Westminster defence for the first
, three quarters, scored fhe goals, while-
the locals had their troubles annexing
| one lonesome tally.   Two goals in two
; minutes just before time was up tellsr
the tale.
Play, Not Luck.
To anyone who had not seen thfc-
game, it would seem that such a rev
suit could only be brought about by
sheer luck, but that was far from the
case. The winners simply played
rings around New Westminster; ha<J
them beaten, faded, dazed, rattled and
The crowd which turned out to witness the tragedy was far too small. It
is  rather  discouraging,   to   the   amateurs,   considering   the   brand   of   lacrosse that they offer to the public,
that they receive such poor support.
The First Quarter.
The  first quarter  was  fairly  even,
but New Westminster seemed to have
a shade the best of the argument. The
locals got the ball from the faceoff and
had things pretty much their own way,
except for the fact that Johnson, liv
goal, seemed to have an idea what he
was there for, and stopped all kinds
of shots.   However, after twelve minutes play O. Smith worked In a nice
goal.    New Westminster did not remain in  the front,  for it only took
i Young a little over a minute to even
| the score.   The scoring for the quarter ended when Jack Gifford, who had
not been showing up well early in the
i game, came in with a nice shot and
'put New Westminster one ahead. Pet-
ticrew, who seems to have but a poor
j idea as to how a gentleman should use
his feet, went off in this quarter for
attempting to trip Atkinson.   The foul
was most deliberate.
Second Quarter.
In the second quarter the game was
New Westminster all the way and
only the great work of Boss Johnson
in goal, saved a couple of thousand
goals. As it was the locals annexed
two while the visitors were still thinking about the one they had captured
in the first inning. Petticrew again
went off for tripping, and excited the-
jeers of the multitude on top of the
press stand. Okell went off for five
minutes for slugging, but the New
Westminster men remained virtuous
and on the field.
Third Quarteh
There was no score In  the    thinT
quarter,   but   New   Westminster   still
Vast Products of the New British Inheritance and Income Taxes.
London, June 26.���Chancellor of the
Exchequer Lloyd-George estimates
that the receipts from the inheritance
tax for the financial year ending July
1 will amount to $128,01)0,000.
The delayed Income tux collected In
April and May amount to over .100,-
Chicago, June 26.���Federal Ju'ge
K. M. Landis will force Indictments
of Individuals ln the forthcoming investigation by a special federal grand
jury of the meat packers' trust le-
gardless of what action is taken by
the department of justice In Washington, according to a well authenticated
report in circulation tonight.
Landis is determined that the individual packet I shal be brought to
trial on charges of conspiracy in restraint of trade. The law provides
that the court may Instruct the grand
jury that if evidence is Introduced
showing a conspiracy on the part of
the corporation, the officers of those
corporations are liable to prosecution.
The report is to the effect that Landis
will use this means to bring about
the packers' indictment.
(Continued on Page Fife )
Camps of Fighters
By Huge
Crowds on Sunday
Reno, Nevada, June 26.���Quiet and
steady progress characterized the first
Sunday in Keno since the Nevada metropolis became the Mecca of the
sporting world as tho theatre or the
Icffiies-Johnson fight. With the arena
springing up like a mushroom, the
lighters devoting themselves to earn-
est preparations for the meeting, and
every hour bringing assurances of tho
Starting of special trains and cars
from all points of the compass, Tex
Rickard today had the first day of
peace be has experienced sinme Gov-
emor Gillett, of California. Issued hs
instructions to prevent the fight in
San Francisco.
At Moana Springs there was a con-
tlnuoU8 procession of nutoiiioblles. cai-
riages, motor cycles, and all kinds of
Se n vehicles and pedestrians
winding along the read all day. Jim
CtfMtt mvs master of ceremonies and
he spent most of thg day as the center of inteersted groups which gathered around him.
Jeffries was not to be seen He began the day with a fishing excursion
which led iilm up the Truckec river.
The crowd heard little of his plans.
Nearly everybody in Reno visited
one or the other camps today. Most
of them visited both. Many women
were in the curious throngs. With
little to distract tlieir attent'on, the
street gatherings drifted today back
to the question of "Who wlll win?"
In all the talk there could be found
no concensus. All agree! that there
were too many angles and too many
possibilities and unknown quantities
to admit of a sure forecast of the
Captain Cox, of the Nevada State
police, arrived today with sixty or his
picked desert riders.
Tacoma, June 26.���Charging the
growers us well us the keepers of the
stalls in the public market with combining and destroying produce in
order to keep up the prices, Mayor
Fawcett has declared war on the offenders.
He cites an Instance of a grower
who threw away a lot of vegetables
and berries because he could not get
the price he demanded.
Strawberries and radishes are much
cheaper in Seattle, asserts the mayor,
and he is determined to find the reason for It.
Fainted When Sentenced.
Woodstock, June 26.���John Whyte,
a farmer of Blandford, who was tried
this week at the county court sessions, on the charge of attempting to
burn down his own barn, was sentenced yesterday afternoon to two
years In Kingston penitentiary. Whyte
is sixty years of ape, and fainel when
Uu received LU sentence.
Question  of   Legal   Measurement   Decided in County Court���Defendant
Loses and Must Pay Costs.
The following judgment was handed down on Saturday by His Honor
Judge Howay in the county court la
an action, Allen vs. Deane:
This is an action to enforce a me*-
chanic's lien claim against Lot I,.
Block 15, New Westminster City, owned by the defendant.
Mr. McQuarrie for the defendant
objected to the statement of the work
done as not being in compliance with-
Section 12 of the Act of 1900. I think
however, that the powers of amendment given by Section 13 of that act.
are large enough to make me to grant
the amendment asked for by Mr. Edmonds for the plaintiff and as there
was no evidence that the defendant
was in any way prejudiced by such
amendment, it is granted.
Upon the merits two questions.-.
(1) When a contract Is to lay brlcks.-
by  the  thousand  is  payment   to  be-
made according to "Kiln count" or according to "Wall measurement"?
(2) Is the defendant entitled to any
set off, and if so what amount, for rebuilding the wall?
The flrst question is a very important one and I have taken some timo to
consider lt. I am giving my judgment
at length so that if tho case goes
further, the court of tippeal may have ��
before them the grounds on which tt :
is based.
The contract was to lay the bricks:
by  the  thousand,  but    the    plaintiff
seeks to affix to this contract an alleged usage that the method of ascertaining the number of thousands ot"
brick Is by measuring the wair.
It Is undisputed that the actual mmr-
ber of bricks supplied by the defend-'
iCoaUaued ou i***i* Tl��it*��.. PACK TWO.
'.- *.  ",f-
siat with housework; no washing.
/teply Ui A, Care P. 0. box 269*
Apply Box Z   ���'���' ���     '
Xmk' dm      for er< i��� -     Wi Ite T.
:>I. : ��� ..
Aj ; i     Pn  ���������'���:   hot�� 131 Iti
with   I Cei location.
������ . P. 0. Box "
Assistant, must be capable steno-
grapl er  an 1  hai i    1 se    of
book-keeping.    Apply   by   letter   to
Box 20, Daily News Offlce.
at the Condensed Milk Factory, 16
Front  street.    References required.
Office:   Northern   Crown   Bank   Eidg.
Phone  646.
$90  per acre  secures you   'i0 acres  or
. :: lit land two and ...
. .y for j
the plov. ; |
m 1	
Fruit farm in Delta. Ten acres of good
land:   ai:
and    arm    - ng fruit t
....     Price '
-���   - h^a
Fort   George    Lanes���20,000    acres���
Sl .a:. 1 in
tra!  British t Is  be
ing Bold ra; Id ...
a.    On   trery  attractive  terms.
Call and get particulars.
DOUBLE   CORNER���On  Sixth  avenue
ind  Ele renth  sti eet;   I 2x112  feel
.   small   cottage.    Price
>.' ....      -. in e    :-   rery   ���
.   ���:... - :. ������ on the credit
BYLAW, 1910.
DEBEN- - -' lered st��
;:.L���.  ������Lertl :' '
be cited -Is the "Street I
��� .  S
i   of "One   Hundred   ���
A  Bylaw to enable the Council of the   "
City   of   New  Westminster to  raise
by   loan
d   Fifty   Thousa
dollars  for  Street   Irrproveir.ents.
Mfty   Thousand      (.150.000.00j .
'. .    ���   e   certain  sums  of    mont ed tbe assent
���     ���    ;��;d out ol
���    . ���   ���
nt and re-
... I
Iii at that addltl
Bpent  In   like   manner,  a
- already Bpe  t)
.  of
���������:���        ���    ������
��� -  sum of 0 ndred  and Fiftj I Bylaw
...-.:.!   ,|1J ��� ideral
An I When '-hat if thi
sail sum of Or.t- Hundred and Fifty   ���..
usand (|150,000.0OJ dollars, he a] - - the flrsl
iriated from tii'.-  general  revenui
of the city for the current year thi place on
rate of taxation wll] be exi ��� Bslve, and  . ��� ( June, 1
it  is   expedient   that   sue!    exce ilvi e of thi  electors of the city will
hous' of flve or .six roonu with mod-
ern conveniences by July l for
three or fo ti on d : b. Con renlent
to car Une preferred. Apply '/.
Dailv News office.
CITY���Third Avenue���Small house on
lot, size 54 I 120 feet.   Price V. '���
$300 cash, balance on easy terms
taxation  should  he  avoided,  and  the
said  sum  should  be  raised    on    the
credit of the corporation, and that debentures or registered stock certifi-
be    issued     for
���   ���
���       -     -i.,,
Lhe pur-
to ca ise '
g in tne wh.de the
monej ��� -'- ������ :   '
i a;: socfa th
egist k ci ���:.:.   .
. i with the seal i I  I  ���
corpoi ' ��� '- hy the M tyoi and
t)    ��� ��� r then
���    j erson or pei
eunto lawl ilij  author-
1 di   enl tree oi -.- gisten d
stock   ertil I be p lyable on
flrsl daj of July i860, at such
place or places as the Council of the
said t , ' on may from time to
time appoint with the approval of the
holders thereof, and *hall bear inter-
���   ���  .   rate of four  Hiid one-half
i  ���
���   is   a
ing and I i In       Apply   ' - ��� ������
& M<_ . .-:. n.
to work In laundry.    Wages 15 to
20   cents   per   hour.       Royal   Clty
Laundry,   Royal   avenue,   west   of
Ki. hth street    B. Abrams, Mgr.
City���An Sroorred    modern    house:
size  -of lot,    132x132    feet;    price.;
*.'-'. $1^50   cash;    balance   arrange '.
N. W. ] . section 8, Tp. 10���160 acres
of good land with 2,000,000 feet of
timber.    No timber lease.    $35 per
acre.    J- ;.-h.
ken on the said proposed Bylaw
on th y of J ily, I HO  b< -ween
the hours of nine o   ������ ���"��� and flve
p.m. at the I
cates  should
amount; .    Fire   Ha      -    perl nd   the
And  Whereas, for the  payment  of v   terworks    Si    ���   i   ie.      Eleven!     pei    entu tnnnm,  payable  ball
Interest on the debentures or register- 6i   . ��� yearly on 1       flrst   day   of Januarj
ed  stock  certificates,  proposed   to  be                                W. A. DUNCAN, w I '      '��� ��  day of July In cadi and
issued under this Bylaw, and for   n                                             Citj  I I rk   every year, and tbi   debenl
ating a .-inking fund for tbi   ; ij mentL       \       June 11, 1 have atl ���      - tpons toi
���   ���  said  dehentures or registered!  "'���' '''    '    '" '��� ' "  "",'"1  '
Croquet Sets
Pic Nic Basket
Pic Nic Plates
Etc., Etc.
665���Columbia  Street 665
New Westminster, B.C.
*****"**��� aesKasjBi ���**[
stock   certificates   when   due.   it   win
be necessary to raise :"���  Bpeclal rate, SCHOOLS  DEBENTURE OR  REGIS
in   addition   to all   other   rates,   each       ISTERED  STOCK  BYLAW,  15,0.
WANTED���TO    EXCHANGE    35  1-2
acres of food land at Lincoln station, Langley, for Westminster city
property. Value $2000. Apply B. C.
Securities, Ltd., Dominion Trust
Offices, Columbia street, New Westminster.
EURNABY���Two lots Cos* to store
and tramline. Price $300 each;
term? U cash and $10 per month.
"^vilsonT cook &.c6T
Office:    Northern   Crown   Bank   Bldg.
Phone   646.
Open Evenings for Your Benefit.
housework and plain cooking. Apply 125 Third avenue.
with harness, logging chain ami
wagon.    Apply S. b., Box 150.
Room 8, Thompson Block.
We have a few pood lota on Hospital
street, i'2'j cash will handle these;
balance $10 per month.
Watch Surrey Acreage, when the dirt
dirt starts flying for the C. N. R,
We have the cream of buys.
acres,    South    New    Westminster.
Splendid view of New Westminster.
.4.5   per   acie.     Apply   P.   O.   Box
266,  City.
ton; cleared and fenced; close to
car line. Only for sale within the
next thirty days. Address A. II.
Tupper, Cunningham Hall, Sixth St.
(2,800 lbs.). Sound. Also wagon and
harness (new). Apply A. N. Mac-
kay, Burnaby Lake P. o., B. C.
room suitable for two. Handy to
business section. Apply 120 Tenth
Agnes street.
TO RENT���FURNISHED KOOM. Apply M8. Milton   .'if et.
housekeeping to rent. Apply to A. H.
Ferguson,  Pythian   Hall   building.
Ten acres of the best fruit land; 1 Vi
acres cleared; 2 acres slashed, burned and logged off; 3 roomed house,
barn, poultry runs; small fruits.
Fronting on Scott road and close
to car.    Only $2,000, on terms.
year during the currency of the said
debentures or registered stock ce.ti-
Qcates, the sum of Seven Thousand,
Five Hundred and Ninety and 32-100
($7,590.32) dollars;
And Whereas, in order to raise
the said yearly sum of Seven Thousand, Five Hundred and Ninety and
32-100 ($7,590.32) dollars, an equal
rate on the dollar will be required to be levied on the whole rateable property of the City of New Westminster.
And Whereas, the whole rateable
property of the said city, according to
the last revised Assessment Roll
thereof, Is Seven Million, Two Hundred and Forty-nine Thousand and
Ten   ($7,249 010.00) dollars;
pons  Bhall   be   signed   by   the
���    ��� ���
4. A Bpeclal rate on the dollar i
be levied and raised in each year, in
addition to all other rates, on all the
te property of tbe city, snffli It ni
Westminster   to   raise   oy   loan   the,,,   j,a.,-   ,|lt,   interest   upon   the   deben-
sum of Ninefy-seven Thousand, Five  tlires 01- registered sto, k   I&cates,
A By'aw to enable the Council of the
Corporation   of  the   City     of     New
Hundred     ($97,500.00)     dollars    for
School   Purposes.
Whereas the Hoard of School Trus-
of the City of New Westminster have caused to be prepared and
laid before the Council a detailed ��� sti.
mate of the sums required by the
Board for the current year's ordinary
expenses of maintaining the ichoi Is
of the said City of New Westminster;
and have also prepared a like detail
ed estimate of the sums  required  to
and to create a sinking fund for the
payment of the principal thereof when
due, subject to any act or enactment
i es| ���'���.���.: th��   : -me.
5. Subject as aforesaid, there shall
be raised annually by special rate as
aforesaid, dining the currency of the
Mid debentures or registered stock
certificates, the sum of $4,387.50 for
the payment of Interest thereon, and
the sum of $546.20 to provide for the
repayment of the principal.
6. The proceeds of the sale of the
said debentures or registered stock
certificates shall be applied us follows.
Mineral Waters
Aerated Waters
Manufacture-!   by
elephone 13. Otf.ce. Eighth ji
**********aaaa* ***4**444h
meet any special or extraordinary ex-
And   Whereas, the  total  amount of jper.ses legally Incur, able by the Hoard,
the   existing   debenture   debt   of   the  wlllch last mentioned estimate is sub- j and   not   otherwise; ' towards   paying
said city is One Million, Six Hundred J"*  t0   consideration,^alteration _ and j th(. C09[ of th��� pasg|ng nf thi*  Hylaw
and   Seventeen   Thousand,   One  Hun
dred ($1,117,100.00) dollars, irrespective of the sum of One Hundred and
SeTentr-fo'ir Thousand. Fire Hundred
i $174,500.00)   dollars   proposed   to  be
Five acres on Scott road; good par-
den, house, well, etc.; three quarters of a mile from car. This Is good
at $1300; terms.
Room   8,   Thompson   Block.
Phone 629.
Corner  Columbia  and  Begbie   Streets.
Port Kells Townsite. .Lot 21, containing five acres. Price only $000.
A Bnap.
10 full sized lots near Eighth avenue
at. $:',00 each.    Kasy terms.
; Sapperton���We have a few choice
view lots on Blair avenue very
cheap;  $25 down, balance monthly
i     Worth Investigating.
final approval by the Council, and the' and   tJlF   lssue   and   Sklp   flf ttie   BalJ
same   has  been   finally   approved   by i debentures or regls-ered stock certlfl
the Council. cates therein  referred to. and  all ex-l
And Whereas, the amount required Uen8e, connected with the issuance
I under the said last mentioned e��tl-1,* tbe sal* loan, and tbe balance shall
raised under the "Lulu Island Bridge ' ma,e for schools amounts to Ninety-1 be paid o��er from time to time as re-
Debentnre or Registered Stock Dylaw,' s<!T('n Thousand, Five Hundred ' *9~-- ] rjulr��f<l upon the order of the trustee.
1910"; the "Fire Debenture or Regis- 600.00) dollars, made up as follows:Uy the rltT treasurer to the nevera
tered Stock Bylaw, 1010"; the I Thirty-five Thousand I $3B,W0.00) dol-1 p,rson9 l0 wllom moneys are payable.
"Schools Debenture or Registered lars for the section and equipment of i 7. This fivlaw shall take effect on
Stock      Hylaw,     1910,"      and     the Itho new 8apperton school; Two Thoa- the dav  of 1910   and
"Parks Debenture or Registered Stock !?and- five Hundred  l$2.;.00.00) dollars jmay be cited as the "Schools  Deben-
Rylaw,   1910,"  of  which  none  of  the  '
principal  or Interest ls  in  arrears;
Now Therefore, the Municipal Council of the Corporation of the City of
New Westminster e���. cts as follows:
1. It shall be lawful for the Mayor
of the  said city  to  raise  hy  way of |
loan from any person or persons, body i
or bodies corporate, who may bo will-1
Done At
j Benson & McMenemy;
for the erection and equipment of a tnre or"Registered Stock Hylaw. 1810
At   Dick   Benson's   0 i   Stand.
8th St., Next to Fas- tr. Lvt-y.
school on Lulu Island, and Sixty Thousand ($60,000.00) dollars for the erection nf a  High school.
And Whereas, by Section 40 of the
the Public Schools Act 1905, as re-
enacted by Section 30 of the Public
Schools Act. 1906, Amendment Act
1!'0��;, any statute to the contrary noting to advance the same on the creditIwithstanding, the Council of any city,
of the debentures or registered stock! lov-n or rllral municipality In the
certificates hereinafter mentioned, any ; Province Including the City of Van-
sum or sums of money, not exceeding ! couver and City of New Westminster,
in the whole the sum of One Hundred ] r,la>'  ln  earl1  anrt  every  year  pass  a
and Fifty Thousand  ($150,000.00) dol- i Hylaw or Bylaws for levying especial| be"taken   into*^Bonslderatlon""by  tl'
lars, and to cause the same to be paid Irat'' of n,lt BJOre than  Five  (6)  mills
into the treasury of the said city for1"11 t1"' dollar for school purposes, and
8. This Hylaw before the (inal passing thereof, shall receive the assent
of the electors of the said city ln the
manner required by law.
Received the assent of the electors
on the day of 1910.
Reconsidered and finally passed In
open council the dav of
Take notice that the above is a true
copy of the proposed Bylaw which win
'IO      RENT ��� FURNISHED     BED-
rooms. Tu:!, Third avenue. Apply
aftei t; p.m. or between 9 a.m. and
G p. m. at Room 14, t'>2'S Columbia
street. I31dtf
*'OR      RENT ��� SEVEN     ROOMED
boose, thoroughly modern, corner
Fourth Btreet and Fifth avenue.
<3ood locality. Will lease for six
months or to suit; %2'A per month.
Apply 427 Fourth street.
store In the K. P. block; suitable
for store rooms, skating rink, or
���moving pictures, etc., etc. For particulars apply to John Forrester.
Sec. K. P. Trustees, 517 St. George
street,  City.
South Westminster���'/. acre view
lots on car line at Brownsivlle.
Price $250 per lot; >4cash, balance
easy. If you want a home, secure
one at once, as they are the cheapest and nearest lots on the market.
Lulu Island���Lot 26; near the bridge;
containing   one   acre.     Price   only
Corner Columbia and  Bogbie  Streets.
Phono 880.
on Seventh street. Apply Wilson,
Cook ft Co., Northern Crown Bank
Ht rayed away from Dot anl Mill,
Deer Hake, Thursday morning. Last.
Been   at   corner   of   Pole   Dine   and
Westminster road.   Suitable reward
if relumed  to Doran's  Mill.
one black pig. Owner can have
aanm by proving property and paying expenses, If not. claimed within seven days will be sold to pay
COSts.   Apply W.'A Third Btreet.
Columbia    St.,    Next    Todd's    Music
House���Phone   703.
For Sale���5-roomed cottage close in;
large lot. Price $2,600; $600 cash.
Balance on  very easy terms.
For Sale ��� 5-room cottage close In.
Price $2300; $300 cash; balance to
suit purchaser.
the Council may in addition to such
rate apply any portion of the ordinary
revenue to scliool purposes.
And Whereas, it appears that the
amount required to meet, the current
year's ordinary expenses of maintain-
Amendment Act 1906, and lt will be
We have some real good snaps in
house property. Call and see us
about, them.
Columbia    St.,    Next    Todd's    Music
House���Phone 703.
the purposes mentioned herein.
2. It shall be lawful for the Mayor
to cause any number of debentures or
registered stock certificates to be
made, not exceeding in the whole the
sum of One Hundred and Fifty Thousand ($150,000.00) dollars, for such
sums of money as may be required,
not less than $100.00 each, or an
equivalent expressed in pounds sterling of the l'nited Kingdom of Great
Britain and Ireland, at a value of 4,860
to the pound sterling; and all such J necessary also to apply a j>ortlon of
debentures or registered stock certl-1lhf" ordinary revenue for such pur-
ficates shall be sealed with tho Beal POses.
of the corporation, signed by the AnJ Whereas, lt appears that If the
Mayor and countersigned by the\*~*** ���Ml of $97,500.00 be appropriated
treasurer thereof, or by such other jfrom ttie Beneral revenue of the city
person or persons as may be there- i r��r l^e current year, tho rate of taxa-
unto lawfully authorized. j "on   wi"   oo excessive, and  It  Is ex-
?>. Tho said debentures or registered j I��edlent that such excessive taxation
stock certificates, shall he payable on ���&Ottld i>o avoided, and the said sum
the first day of July, 1960, at such jHlloul(1 be raised on the credit of the
place or places as the Council of the corporation, and that debentures or
said corporation may from time to' registered stock certificates should be
time appoint with tho approval of th��-! I��siied for that amount,
holders thereof, and shall bear Inter- j And Whereas, for the payment of In-
est at the rate of four and ono-lialf per ' ,,;rcst on the debentures or registered
centum per annum, payahle half ycar!K,ock certificates proposed to he ls-
ly on the first day of January and the'iH,ied under this Hylaw, and for creat-
flrst day of July in each and every \-nS *��� Blnking fund for the payment
year, and the debentures shall have p' tl,e sal<1 debentures or registered
attached to them coupons for the pay-1 s,ock certificates, when due, it will
ment. of Interest, which said coupons De necessary to raise hy special rate,
Bhall be signed by the said Mayor.      j In   addition   to  all   other   rates,   each
4. A special rate on the dollar shall ��� -Vf>ar during the currency of the said
be levied and raised In each year, In debentures or registered stock certl-
addition to all other rates, on all the I floatei  the  sum  of   rour    Thousand,
Municipal Council of the city of New
Westminster one month from tie dato
of the first publication thereof In tbe
"Daily News" newspaper, which first
publication took plan- on the 13th day
of June, 1910, and that a vote of the
electors of the city will be taken on
the sail proposed Bylaw on tbe nth
ing  the  schools   will    exhaust    thel day of July 1910, between the
amount authorized to be levied under jof nine o'clock am. and  live pin    at
Section  40 of the Public Schools Act   tho   following   places,   namely:      The
1905.   as   re-enacted   by   said   Section | Council C
30   of   the   Public   Schools   Act   l.uS
tamber, civic Building; the
Flro Hall. Sapperton;  and the Water-
For all kinds of
Phone 695
or leave orders at
The   Arrow  Press
near The Dally News Co., G09 Victoria
Transfer Co.
��*fflce 'Phone IIS.     Barn 'Phone 13/
Columbia Street.
JBafgage   delivered   promptly   to
any part of tbe city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
Local Improvement Notice.
Pursuant to Bectlon 2U of tbe "Local
Imporvement. General Hylaw, 1909,"
notice is hereby given that the Assessment Roll for Local improvements on
the following streets, viz., Tenth
street, on both sides from Sixth avenue to Tenth avenue, except on Ihe
east side of said street between Sixth
and Eighth avenues; also on both
sides of London, Kdinhiirg. Dublin and
Hamilton streets, Klght and Seventh
avenues between Tenth and Twelfth
Streets, Is open for inspection at the
office of the Assessment Commissioner in the city hail, New Westminster,
Hrlllsh Columbia, and In case the owner or any person interested In any of
tho properties Included therein desires to appeal from such assessment,
he shall, wil bin the period of cloven
ill]   days   from   tho   first,  publication
of this notice, give notice to the undersigned In wilting of his Intention
to appeal.
Dated  the  27th  day of June, A.D.,
City Clerk.
Date of first publication the 27th day
of June, 1910.
rateable property of the city, sufficient
to pay the interest upon the debentures or registered stock certlflcates,
and to create a sinking fund for the
payment, of the principal thereof when
due, subject to any act or enactment,
respecting the same.
5, Subject as aforesaid, there shall
be raised annually by special rate as
aforesaid, during thp currency of the
said debentures or registered stock
certificates, the sum of Six Thousand,
Seven Hundred and Fifty ($6,760.00)
dollars for the payment of the Interest thereon, and the sum of Klght
Hundred and Forty and M.IOO ($810.-
32) dollars to provide for the payment of the principal.
<i. The proceeds of the sale of the
said debentures or registered stock
certificates shall be applied as follows, and not otherwise: towards
paying the cost of tho passing of I his
Hylaw and the issue and sale of the
debentures or registered stock certificates therein referred to, recouping
the treasury of the city such sums
as have heen this year expended ln
street works, or may he so expended
| until the proceeds of the sale of the
said debentures or registered stock
certificates have become available, the
making, Improving and repairing of
I such streets and sidewalks in the city
'as nwy he deemed expedient, by the
council, but no sidewalk or street sliall
be made or repaired out of the moneys
borrowed under this Hylaw unless tho
Nine   Hundred   and   Thirty-three   and
(70-100  ($4,983.70)  dollars;
And Whereas, ln order to raise the
said yearly sum of $4,938.70, nn equal
1 special rale on the dollar wlll be required to be levied on the whole rateable property of the City of New
West minster.
And Whereas, the whole rateable
property of the said city, according to
the last, revised Assessment. Roll thereof, is Seven Million, Two Hundred and
Forty-nine Thousand and Ten ($7-
249,010.00)   dollars;
And Whereas, the total amount of
the existing debenture debt of the
said city Is One Million, Six Hundred
and Seventeen Thousand, One Hundred ($1,017,100.00) dollars, irrespective of the sum of Two Hundred and
Twenty-seven Thousand ($227,000.00)
dollars proposed to be raised under
the "Street. Improvement Debenture or
Registered stock Hylaw, 1910;" the
"Fire Debenture or Registered Slock
Hylaw, 1910'," the "Lulu Island Bridge
Dehenture or Registered Slock Bylaw
DUO," and the "Parks Improvement
Debenture or Registered Slock Bylaw
1010," of which none of the principal
or Interest Is ln arrears.
Now Therefore, the Municipal Council of the Corporation of the City of
N'ew Westminster enacts as follows:
1. It. shall hc lawful for the Mayor
of the said city to raise by way of
loan from any person or persons, body
or bodies corporate, who may lie will-
works Storehouse, Eleventh street.
City  Clerk.
City Hall, June 11, DUO.
The Municipal Council of tho Corporation of the City of New Westminster
having by resolution determined and
specified that It ls desirable to carry-
out the following works, that is to
To construct cement concrete sidewalks on both sides of Tenth street
from Sixth avenue to Tenth avenue,
except on tho east side of said stieet
between Sixth and Eighth avenues,
also on both sides of London, Edinburgh, Dublin and Hamilton streets,
Eighth and Seventh aveniiCB between
Tenth and Twelfth Btreets.
And that the Bald works shall be
carried out ln accordance with the
provisions of the Local Improvement
General Hylaw, pjou.
And the City Engineer and City Assessor having reported to the Council
ln accordance with the provisions of
tho said bylaw upon the said
works, giving statements showing the
amounts estimated to he chargeable
against the various portions of real
property to he benefited hy the said
works and other particulars nnd the
said reports of the said City Engineer
and City Assessor having been adopted by the council.
Notice Is hereby given that the
said reports aro open for Inspection
at the Ollice of the City Assessor, City
Hall, Columbia street, New Westminster, B.C., and that unless a petition
against, the proposed works above
mentioned, signed hy a majority of
the owners of the land or real property to be assessed or charged In respect of such works representing at
least one-half ln value thereof Is pre
Sented to the Council within fifteen
days from the dale of the first publication of this notice the Council will
proceed with the proposed Improvements under such terms and conditions as to the payment of the cost
of such improvements sir thn Council
may by by-law In that behalf regulate
and determine and also to make the
said assessment,
Dated this 9th day of Juno, A.D.,
City Clerk.
Date of first publication, the 10th
day of June, 1910.
If you deposit  yc ;- ���   -���.  '~"
safety ln The  Bank of Toronto
it wiil be safe whlh
It, and ready wb< n
and It  wlll be
earning for you thn e V*t <"nt-
Interest. Small er larpc sum>
may be deposited at any time.
Ontario,   Quebec
RE8T   ...
and   the
Bank of Toronto
J. Gracey, Mgr,
White Star-Dominion
Canadian Service
Montreal to Liverpool
Triple  screw,  14,900 tons.
Twin    screw,    14,900   tons.
largest   and   most   modern.
commodatlon equal to any
Ing the Atlantic.
For Rates and Tickets Apply
C. P. R. Passenger Station
My property Is taken off the mar
unlll further notice.
Sapperton, B. C. The
JUNE   27,   1910.
,nai an application has
T<*e " delo regSer  n^iin.���l
10   Inl in fee simple, under
gall as ��>e , from E. A. WUmot,
IV *" ,f ihk.B. to Duncan Bel
MP*!tor -date the 18th day of
S ll. Tv IM ot a" ^d singular
jum'. Al ���'���.������eel or tract of land
K certa"PSftetlying and being
Sd^SStricVol New Westminster,
1     '<���  01   British   Columbia
i. the i'1 '   ; rl   icnown and descrlb-
p,ore I    ,   lfi0 .���,es of the southeast
e4M pa'f   section   18,   Township   3,
quartei     ���     g   ()f 6th Meridian.
.au.-e - , .;,,.,, claiming through or
you ana . 1 ,lU persons claiming
,.,. .aid lan'd by virtue
anv in"'1' need instrument, snd
ol ���'���������'- "lu ,* mg any interest in
all I'1'1..". , , n, defeat, whose title
the said    '      ��� . (,cr (lll, provisions
District of  New Westminster.
New Westminster Land District.
Take notice that 1, R. A. Tret]
1 of   Abbotsford,   B.C.,   lumberman
tend  to  apply   to  the  Chlel  Cot
sloner of lands al  Victoria, B.C., foi
a license to prospect foi coal and pi
troleum on  and  in  the followh
\ sei ibed   lands:
Commencing at  a poBl   marl ed   R.
j A. T., N. W. corner, pla   ���     at  ihe
; N. \v. cornei' of Section . :���   In 'i 1 \ a
'ship 19, Municipality ol  Sumas, New
Westminster District; i1.. 1 ci   1 ast 80
chains; thence south 80 ch Ins; thence
west   so   chains;     ther  - li   80
chains to poinl of ci 1    ent and
containing G40 acn
Dated al  Abbotsford, B.C., ibis 9th
dav   of  .liii:.'.   A.D.,
Judgment is Oiven in      I are SEARCHING FOR
Action On Brick Supply
(Ci ��� tinued From Page One )
Ii8n0t,'.i     ; I'.'���...11-s:Act," are requlr
_     -C    il,^    4nv     mil'
. 'll "-:d':n of the tax pur-
J,nTi,.u> forty ih-days from Uie
District of  New Westminster.
New Westminster Land District.
if the
'.    (  pub! cation  of tbis
a.i'l  in  default of a
j chaser
Idate ���... _
[notice '   ' lfi a.���  ot   ,:9   pendens
cayeal 0    ���          ^ ](.lM   ,���. ,���
helDg���   r ,t. 1 -ir.i-tion r,ffor3 reglstra-
Idefaulto1 Y,.,,1,, ���r v, ��� will be for-
*����� >'.'.'. i.i and debar., d from sei-
U"  '.      , I ,,,������   inmpeci ol
tli .,;   .,,���.  1  si.a I    register
' ' n' ii '|i',ll as owner thereof
\<y  '   .    ', herety o-l- tbal pub-
llD ,',f this noire fer thirty days
'      newsp^pei ptblished In New
Ileal 10 ^^^^^^^^^^
i in a. d:iil>- .'���'���V,"V1:1'1' Ve'.ood and BUfllc
ft'esti 11
6pn','"'. 1 Ti.'nd Registry Office,
minV.tr. r-c'nee 0' BrlUsh
'this 1.0th aay of April, A.
I lent
,   Datei
I.   ���
I: ���
1 l. trict  Registrar,
fjCanada Permanent Loan tc Sav-
Oppenhelmer   Bros.,   Ltd.,
iu 1',. W. Lelshman; J   "
Take notice thai I, Alexander .; I ���
ston. of Abbotsford. B.C., lumberman,
intend to applj to the chli I 1
sloner of Lands al Victoria, B.C., tot
a license to prospect for coal and pe
troleum on and  in the following  de
Bcribi d  lands:
Commencing al a posi marked A  .1 .
N. E. corner, planted al the N. E
ner  of  Si ction   30   In   Tov 1
Mut li Ipallty of Sun   -   x-  - \\ ��� 1 tminster District; 1 hen il h 80 chains;
them .��� we I  v" chains,  tl en :e north
80 chains;   thi m e < asl   B0 chali
point of commem ement  and 1 ontain
ing ' 10 acn ���
Dated at   Abbotsford   B C, tl I    9 1
dav  of .lune.  Air,   1910
\V. Hew-
I Notice   to   Contractors���Tenders   for
Layi.-j   Water   Main:
I  Tendei   will be received by the un-
for the layinp and Jointing
oi rteen < 14> miles of ""cinch
Steel B   ��� tted   pipe  and   ahout   8,000
(eel ' 12-lnch and 13-lnch Lap-
����� Ided     leel   pipe.    The   tender   in-
cludi ���  the pipes, fixing of all
'   '    B] ecials,   eons! 1 UCtioH    of
Ivert8, etc.   Plans, profiles,
ipecll        ns,   conditions   of   contract
and furthei   Information   may   be   ob-
City and  Waterworks
Ei . ��� W, B. Blackman, on re
celpl . ked cheque, value $60,
������> leti ���   returned on recelpl of
��� der,   A marked i heque
(ot ' ���  of the amount must
i b tender.
be received  up to E
I ���    27,   1910.     The   lowest
or not   necessarily   ac-
\V.   A.   DUNCAN,
City  Clerk
New  Westminster,  Jnnt
Room   6,  Guichon  Building.
Phone  681
Architect and Engineer.
HOPE  &  BARKER, Architects.
New  Westminster ��� Trapp   Block
Phone 655.
Bank of Montreal'-
Estimates   Given   on   Any   Kind
of   Job   Printing
Thomson   Blk.
Phone  388
CApiTAL      $14,400.000 00
RESERVE  v.'.       11,000.000.00
. throughout    Canada    and
New!     Hand, ana In  Lond tt   Eng-
York, Chicago and Spokane,
C.8J     nd  Mexico City.    A general
ba, business    transacted,    wt-
-lit   Issu.M     available    With
lenU in   all   parts of   tne
Hank Djpertraent- Deposits
n .   .    in sums nl $l  and npwaro,
udlnti  est a'lowe;' at 3 per cent per
;���resent  rate).
1 ���     Assets over  1186.000.000.00
���;. i). BRYMNER, Manager.
New   Westminster   Land   District
Take  notice thai  .lames  Bateman
.of Vancouver, 11. C, occupation, ston
cutter, intends to apply for perml b' i i
to  purchase  the  following  described
Commencing at a post planted at
the southeast point of a small Island
lying about 10 chains north of Nelson
island; tlience northerly, westerly,
southerly and easterly, along the
shore to the place of commencement;
containing >'. acies more or less.
April  20, 1910. Agent
Notice to Contractors.
Tenders for Valves. Gates, Etc.
Tenders are required for the supply
of Gati Valves, etc., for the New
Water Main, for pipes of 2Bln., 1MB.
and 121i diameter. Specifications and
lull pa     culars can  be  obtained  from
tl.- i       anj  waterworks  Engineer,
J. W      Blackman, City Hall.
Tem'.   b   will   he  received   up  to   D
in. on July 4, 1910.
N   A. DUNCAN. City Clerk.
New   "��� estminster, June 23, 1910.
Phone 105.      P. O. Box 345.
Offic, Front St., Foot of Sixth.
Gold Watches Tor LaflUl from .1275
Sllrrr  Watches,    genta'    open race
Silver  Watch<*8,   Rents'  Open    case,
17.50 up.
Agent    for    Wai tha tn   nnd     Klgin
Watch repairing a specialty.
Two Doors from Geo. Adams' Grocery
Teaming and Expressing.
PHONE   P527
'    00, and  that  Is all  the
brick actually laid b;  tl <��� plai    I
II Is claimed, !...���     .     .  :.t the de-
"t   must   paj   for  la li
bricks,  being  the wall
ami makin
M  S.
1   ' '     e  was produ ed  before me
to show that knowledi        nd I he di
fendant  stated thai    ��� .   ioranl
er state ol
!  " i iw would mi isapes of a
tradi ���   or the gi lie.
l  I old  then .  i  .      facts as
1 md that the i      itifl   ca i only re-
��� ���     pa   ; ���   i  foi   ia; I ai tm i
number of bricks li i. that is.
on the 1     ...ii Un count.
I'l on the secon 1 point, il Is undis-
puted that the bi li ������ i were p Into
the wall in a very v., j condition; It ti
also undisputed that In order to i
I ood work the brick should be dry.
��� . ��� entary km wled ol thi
perfoi '. work is
ed to pi        a it wil    n e
'  . nd skill.
i   en tl oui h It t     lit bi     ��� owner's
duty to cover the bricks lupon which
poinl I express i allure
to do so ih.es ii :��� exempt the i lain-
���.ti from I is obligat ���   ������ u on
able  care and  shin   In  the  work,    I
liai to put ��� . wall, -;o
wet that they will nol absorb the
moisture In the mo I u and thai too
in the month of November���is not do-
ins the work with reasonable care
and  skill.
And on this ground alone ihe plaintiff would be liable on the set on'.
Of course tlie wall, so constructed,
fell down. The plaintiff, agreed to rebuild it. the defendant supplying four
hands of cement. There were other
terms of the arrangement, but these
are not essential to be considered. The
plaintiff did rebuild pan of the wall.
li cost the defendant $500 in labor
alone to remedy the rest of the work.
I therefore hold on this .mound also
thai the defendant is entitled to the
set off claimed.
The amounl of that set off has heen
fixed by the defendant iii his claim
at $250, wliich under the circum-
Btanci s i think most fair and reasonable.
An alleged usage o( bricklayers Is
ih.it in a contract to lay bricks by the
thousand, unless kiln count were specified  wall  measurement  applied.
Words denoting weight, measure or
number, must undoubtedly be understood in their ordinary sense unless
some specific meaning be ascribed to
them by statute or custom or usage.
Now an usa. o to have any force In
law must be reasonable, Coke Littleton 62 a.
"Evidence of the extent  of differ*
lence  between  measurement  on    the
merchant's     premises     and     mean*
i uremenl   at   the   time   of   shipment .
'might be material to enable the judge
to form bis opinion on the reasonableness of the usage;    and ir the usage
should appear to be in a high degree i
unreasonable on this account such evi-1
d< nee  might   have  welghl   with    the
jury  on  the question    whether    the'
isage did or dl I  t.ol  exiBt  in fact,"
Uottomley vs. I u-bes 5 Blng N. C. 128.
The   dlfferetl   Q   between   kiln   count
and   wall   mess  renient   is   46.662   or
$456.62;  and to ask this defendant to
pay   for   laying   over    45,000    bricks
| which were In fact never laid, appears
i to tne most  unreasonable.
I     An   unreasonable  usage    does    not
.bind  any one who  was ignorant  of It
I when   tiie   contract   was   made.     See
Blackburn vs. Mason, I H. at p, 300-1,
and cases cited In Halshury's Laws of
England, Vol, 10, i> 269,
If a purchaser orders ii do/en
oranges, and the denier acting under
nn alleged usage, while supplying only
eight   oranges,   claims  payment   for  a I
dozen, common sense requires iand
the law supports it) that such an unreasonable usage must be shown to
have been known to the purchaser and
thus tO bave been  an  Implied term  of
the contract. Bo here. But no evidence was.
There will therefore be judgment declaring the plaintiff entitled to n Mechanics Hen on the Interest of the defendant In the said property for .71"
and also Judgement against the defendant   personally   for   that   amount.
This amounts is made up as follows:
uftying 194.200 bricks   $1942.00
cuning bricks on corner (admitted Item) .... ^^
Punctual to the Moment
S. S. Terra Nova Sails
From West India Docks.
$liii;7. no
Deductions .. I)llo00
Tush   pnld    in',mlt,P1'   Item'   *'���
Amount allowed tor rebuilding
\  London exchange has the follow-l
In  referi nee to  the departure of i
rerra   Nova  for   the  search  for
.   South Pole:
I'unci mil to the moment,    and with
tusB 1 ttends the departure of
dh ary i teamshlp, the Tei ra Nova
:   ofl   from  her berth in 'he West
India docks and turned her noso sea-
��� ��� i    in quest of the Bouth Pole.
The few hundred friends and well
1 i    at the d ��� ll< ei i .1 her;  the \
crew cheered in return; the White En-
dipj' .1 at  Iii i  -tern, the tugboat
el  gi unied along with taul  tow-'
and   tlie   whaler   slowly   moved
down between tl iwa of merchant-
is bo ie c eagre shore crews took
up the i In eis as she passed,    Every
i  dipped  her  bunting . as    the
wooden i iii ee master glided by. Every
ti .user with aii ouni e of sieam in her;
. ��� r shrieked a whistle or groaned a]
iren in farewell.
Down at  the dock  gates a crowd ofl
strictly plebeian bul  royally    enthus-
.    sightseers  repeated   the  cheers
of the friends left behind at the bei Hi.
The steamships gave another chorus
ol loots, thai were cordially responded
to   by  the  explorers,  and   the  Terra
Nova   passed   out   of   London   on   the
111 -i ie, ii Ins of her three years' ci uise.
The weather  was  charming.    Early
i'i the afternoon there was a pleasant
little ceremony when Lady Hiidgeman
broke"  the  White   Ensign  that  flies
from the main of the Terra Nova, t'ap-
lain Scott made a little speech before
Lady llridgeman pulled the string that
liberated the bunting and let the color
float out from the stay.   He explained
thai it was Sir frauds Hi idgeniaii who
had heen mainly instrumental in securing for the ship the privilege of sail
ing under the White Ensign.    Therefore, his wife had been invited down
to "break" it.
Everybody cheered ns she broke the
color and then everybody, cheered for
Captain Scott.
All the day the vessel was crowded
with friends of the officers and crew.
Daintily dressed women who knew
nothing about such matters tripped
over coils of rope and sniffed about
in the cook's galley and admired thel
view from the bridge. Then tbey Inspected the officers' lnessroom and
their sleeping cabins.
In one of the latter they found the
pianola which Is being taken out to
beguile the bears and other music-loving creatures of the Antarctic. The
Instrument would not fit ln the mess-
room unless the dining table was moved out. Therefore, it was stowed elsewhere. But the feminine assumption
was that lt was put in a sleeping
apartment  to keep it  warm.
Thoughtful and sentimental sailor-
men showed their women frelnds over
their quarters. Some of them lifted
up little children���wee brothers or
cousins or sisters or nieces���to show
them things. In high places. Then
they bade them hood-bye and Bent
them ashore while they finished their
Other snllormen, with more masculine tnstes. foregathered with male
friends, and joked merrily over the
prospects of adventure.
At ten minutes to five everybody
was ordered off; and everybody left
save those guests, Including about a
dozen women, who had been invited
to travel ou the Terra Nova as far as
Qreenhlthe. Ten minutes later the
gangway wns pulled on board, and the
Terra Nova started.
Among the many friends and spectators who cheered their farewells to
the ship were the veteran explorer, Admiral sir Clements Markham,    Lady
Markham, Captain Robert Bartlett, of
Commander Peary's Polar expedition,
Sir Francis anl Lady lliidgeinan, Admiral Bruce, Admiral sir Vesey Hamilton, Sir Georgo Held and his two sons, ,
Mrs.  Scott   (wife of  Captain    Scott), I
Mrs    Evans     (wife     of     Lieutenant |
Evans), Dr. Scott Kellle (secretary of
the  Royal  Geographical    Society    of
Japan) and a number of naval and military officers,
; The Terra Nova proceeds to Portsmouth, and thence to Cardiff to fill her
bunkers. Thereafter she sails for Lyt-
telton. New Zealand, where Captain
Scott will Join her In the autumn. Hy
Christmas, which is midsummer in the
summer hemisphere, the boll explorers of the Terra Nova will be battling
with the Ice barriers of the Antarctic.
The Chatanooga News of Februarj
23  says of the new  romantic drama,
"The White Squaw," which  Manager
Harry Tidy is offering to the patrons
of the Opera house on Thursday even
ing, June 30:
" 'The White Squaw,' ably presented
by Miss Delia Clarke and a select com-
pany, was well received at the Albert
theatre last night. Miss Clarke, the
j authoress of the drama, appeared In
the character of Reamata, and ai
, ted bersi if well,
"The plot of the play is unique and
| the ending  is  somewhat  melancholy,
which is nue of a large number of
modern  plays.
"Michabo, the Indian foster fathei
of Reamata, tells her the tine Btorj
of her life anl she realizes that e u
is a white girl. It is also reveah I
thai Ni annua is the sister of Octavla,
though they have not seen each othei
In many years.
"In the end there are mutual explanations, Marshall and his sweetheart are reunited and the play ends
with the while girl left among th
Indians, while her friends go bach to
civilization, which is rather an unconventional ending.
"Miss Delia Clarke, as 'The White
Squaw," acquitted herself with um ii
credit in a difficult part,   she shows
greal   ability   and   her   work   was   decidedly the cleverest of the perform
*    ���
All rubbish and garbage must bf?
removed to the foot of Sixteenth*
street and Fifth avenue, where it will
be burned by the corporation.
Any person or persons who dump
gai huge or rubbish of any kind on
any other street or avenue or on any
lane, vacant lot or public property
will be prosecuted under the pnv
visions of the Sanitary Hviaw.
By Order, S. J. PEARCK,
Sanitary inspector..
City Hall, June 13, 1910.
New Westminster Land District-
District of New Westminster.
Take notice that Simon Henry
Clowes of Vancouver, B. C, occupation, building inspector, intends to apply for permission to purchase the fol-
lowing described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at
the S. E. point of a small island lying:
in channel hetween Granite island ands
Nelson island: thence northerly, westerly, southerly and easterly, along the-
|shore to the place of commencement,
containing 10 acres more or less.
April 20, 1010. Agent.
Laurier Changes Program.
Ottawa, June 26.���Owing to his
many engagements Sir Wilfrid Laurier has altered his vacation program.
Instead of going first to Arthabaska-
vllle he wlll go west on July 6 and on
his return In September will \isit
Arthabascavllle. Lady Lam let- will
also visit Arthabaskavllle after which
she will go to Banff for the remalndci
I of the summer.
District of New Westminster.
New Westminster Land District.
New Westmister Land District.
District of New Westminster.
Take notice that Alexander McLennan, of Vancouver, British Columbia.
occupation contractor, intends to apply for permission to purchase the
following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted al
the southeast point of the island *����-
ate about four (4) chains from Timber limit No. 3S733, thence northerly
and westerlv and southerly and tMt*
erly around the shore at low tMe
to place of commencement, containing
four   acres,  more  or   less.
J. F. BAGGS, Agent.
^^^^^^       ^^^^^ March 17, 1910.
Take notice that I. J. A. McGoWan. ,
JUW.'tS'K Gardiner & Gardiner
Bioner of Lands at Victoria. B.( to
a license to prospect for coal and petroleum on and in the following described  lands:
I Commencing nt a post marked .1.
A McG S. W. comer, planted at the
V \v. corner of Section 33, in Town-
BhlO 19, Municipality of Sumas. New-
West minster District; thence north
80 chains; thence east 80 chains
thence south 80 cliains; thence wes
80 chains to point of commencement
rSa^'nl-SbSord^.C. this 9th
day of June, ^1910^^
(F. G. Gardiner)
Room 0.  Westminster Trust  BulMIag
New Westminster, B. C.
Phone  661 Residence  Phone  133
P. O.  Box 395
Phone 730
McMurphy & Craig
Heating  and   Plumbing
_l__;All   Jobbing   Promptly   Attended   Tt>
Distrlct of New Westminster.
New Westminster Land D'.stiict.
Take notice that I, Norman Caswell,
of Abbotsford. B.C., miner, intend to
apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands at Victoria. B.C., for a license
to prospect for coal and petroleum
on   and   in   the   following   described
Commencing at a post marked N. C.,
N. H. corner, planted at the N. E.
corner of Section 10, In Townsliip 19,
Municipality of Sumas. New Westminster District; thence south 80
chains; thence west So chains: thence
north SO chains; thence east 80 chains
to point of commencement and containing  040  acres.
Dated  at  Abbotsford.  B.C.. this  9th
dav  of  June,  All.,  1910.
Colonial   Block
And   Upriver  Landings
The  New  Sternwhee'er
Leaves Brackman-Ker Milling Company's wharf, New- Westminster, wit!*
'passengers and  freight as follows".
Leaves New Westminster Tuesday.
Thursday and Saturday at 8 a. ni.
Leaves Chilliwack   Wednesday,  Friday and Sunday at 7 a. m.
First Class Passenger Accommodation
New   Westminster.
District of New Westminster.
New Westminster Land District.
Take notice that I. J. F. Boyd, of
Abbotsford, B.C., lumberman, intend
to apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands at Victoria. B.C., for a license
to prospect for coal aud petroleum on
and in tho following described lands:
Commencing at a post marked J.
F. Bi, S. W. corner, planted at the
S. W. corner of Section 2i, in Township 16, Municipality of Sumas, New
Westminster District; thence no: th 80
chains; thence east 80 chains; tlience
south HO chains; thence west 8(1
chains to point of commencement and
containing 040 acres.
| Hated at Abbotsford. B.C., this 9th
day   of  June,  A.D.,  1910.
J.   F   BOYD.
District of New Westminster.
New Westminster Land District.
Until further notice this
bank will be open
from seven to nine o'clock^
Royal Bank of Canada
I New Westminster-
F. Shute, Mgr.
Painters, Paperhanger*
and Decorators.
New Westminster to New Westminster
Saturday, ��'1(1
Steveston ood Vancouver
'"     n UraCman-Ker wharf at 3  P.   *�����*�������"
ftn Saturday for Steveston and way points.
A Delightful Trip for $1-50
Tli k��t. at  B.  C.   R.  U. ti^et offlce and ^^^'"or Vanco.t-
,r"   cara leave Steveslon every hour  ton  the
'�� tbe  Famous  Fraser  River Canneries, VrtJJJJJ ��J  '
K-md trip ticket* to Steveston.  Saturday afternoon..
ant. ��� w HOWAY,
Co.   J,
.lune 88, A.D.. 1810.
H L. Edmonds tor
McQuarrie, of Wadt
Quarrle and  Martin,
plaintiff. W. O.
Whealler.   Me-
'for   defendants
Caterpillar Plague.
St. John, N.H., June 20.���The annunl
plague of caterpillars has struck the
C. P. R. this yenr at McAdnin Junction. They nre covering tn��Ins and
rails. Last year trains were delayed
by tlietu, but tho plan Is now adopted
of directing a column of hot steam
along rails, blowing them off before
the wheels strike them. *The advancing swarm strips trees ns It goes, leaving  leafless woods behind.
Take notice that 1. John Beckett, of
Abbotsford,   Ht'.,   lumberman,   Intend
to apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands at   Victoria,  B.C., for n license
to prospect for coal nnd petroleum on
and in the following described lands:
Commencing at a post marked J. 6.,
S. 10. corner, planted at the S. 10. corner   of   Section   81,   In   Township   lit.
Municipality of Sumas, New Westminster District; thence north R0 chains;
tlience west  80 chains;   thence south
I RO  chains;   thence  east  R0  cliains  to
point of coininenceinent  and  containing 010 acres.
|    Dated at Abbotsford, B.C., this Dth
day of June, A.D., 1910.
Something Vnitj-* to
District of New Westminster.
New Westminster Land District.
Estimates Given. Phone 567
214   Sixth   Avenue
Green Cut Bone to Make
Your  Chickens   Lay.
Central Meat Market
. !���
Corner Eighth  St. and  Fifth Avenue.
PHONE 370.
Coconut Cream
��� -��� ���'
raE W,*, A�� CHAWED WTTH n.   MUM 0��LT W
Take notice that  1, T.  Walters, of
AbbotsTord.  B.C., engineer,  intend  to
applv  to  the  Chief Commlsslo'��>r  of
Lands at Victoria, B.C., for n license
to prospect for coal and petroleum on
and In the following described hinds:
Commencing at a post marked T. W..
S.  W.  corner,  planted at   the  S.  W.
corner of Section 32, in TownsMo 19
Municipality   o'f   Sumas,   New   Westminster   District;   thence   north     80
chains; thence east 80 cliains; thence
south  80  chains;     thence    wert    R0
chains to point of commencement and
containing  640  acres.
Dated at Abbotsrord. B.C.. this Oth
day of June, A.D., *n.f.
3V6  to 25 H. P.
2 and 4 Cycle.
Local Agents
Westminster Iron Wetb
Phone  BS.
Tenth  8t.,  New Westminster. f     FACE FOUR.
The  Daily  News ; Correspondence
T*.\M*b^ by The Dally News PnbHtt-        ���     DaJ1_ New_ ,_ _ot respocsib!t.
ing Company, Limited, at their offices f01 ,_._.   c.-.i:.:-,;,. expressed by its cor-
<Corner   of    McKenzie   and    Victoria respondents.)
C A- Paige Managing Director
MONDAY,   JUNE   27,   1910.
It   seems   a   little   strange   that
' irday"s   paper   :   u   dis-
-  edlto ally the High school mat-
^_  ter.    It  is gratifying to hear, from u
newspaper, that an interest has l������   a
(aroused   in   school   matters,   because
���   b ich   an   Interest   of   the   citizens   is
highly desirable.
it is also pleasing to bear editorially
., 'that  "No one has any Bertous doubt.
! we  believe,  that  the  institution   (the
Quiet Wedding  cn Saturday..
A quiet  wedding took piace at  gt
Andrew's manse on Satu irning
when Rev. J. S. Benders r.
the   ceremony   which   united Charles
Arthur H    ��� ��� --:    Irene
Haggarti      The groom ;-.neJ
by   R.   Hagg irty,   while   Mi -    Ai- i
Garrett  assisted  the  bride.    Mr.
Mrs. Rogers left in the afternoon for
Victoria and Seattle, where the hon .������
moon will be spent.
r ^
National Finance Co.
ll. P. LATHAM, Local Manager.
New  Westminster.
throughout America.
Great Britain in 186L
country like the United States, which   \\; .������    school)   stands   in   need  of  im-
.     , . ,,,.., ,,���. aiivano**  provement and enlargement.   Nor per-
maVfK   ro   loud   a   bOaSt   01   lln   dU^ance    ' ,        ,. ,
rna.K(b so iouu a. wm ,]apg  can   there  be dispute as  to  the
nnd   progress,   Bhould   have   remained   w_ \om  0f  the  trustees'   decision   to
. L        .i     ���., .1,1   ,0._cr   erect  a  new,  larger,  and  more  modioli:   now   without   the   world   recog-  ^ buUdlflg."
ciised advantage of Post Office savings      r think the judgment of the majority
m.     i        ,., ,���,   ir -,i,,���i, n haa finii--  of the rate payers will agTee with that
hanks, whilst this institution has fiom    _,.,,. _.,,_,_ ., ��_,_ th_  ntW9n will
ished exceedingly for a great number think over the situation.   The present
of years  in almost erery other civil- High    school    quarters   never    were
<m  iva.1.        am, suitable  for   the  purpose.    More  ac-
ised   cotintrv  of   the   world.    Yet   so commodation is needed,   Further, the
it is     For only on Wednesday was it location   of  the  High   school  in  the
same    building,    and    on    the    same
that the Senate decided by a majority grf)1]ncjs  ^th  the  Public  schools  is
or twenty-one  rotes to institute the an undesirable arrangement for many
��� reasons. Then the present High schoo
System  of Post Office savings  banks roomB  are  needed   for  Public  school
Our neighbor Is accommodation.    So that a new  High
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^B school, on some other site, while nee
nearly half a century behind the times essary _ itself, is highly desirable for
In   this   respect,   Post  Office   savings other' reasons.    There is no question
of the need of the Sapperton and  of
banks     having   been    established   in tt]e Lulu  js]arl(} schools.    These con-
In Canada thi.s slderatlons should insure the passing
_____________________ of the School bvlaw on July  14 next
splendid aid to providence and thrift wi,h ]irtle or no opposition.
Has   been   instituted   since   1868,  and      The fact is, there is no opposition
of any account to the school proposal.'.
���ome idea of its wide appreciation is  except   that   some  few  people  object
to be gathered from the fact that for-  to the using of Tlpperary for a High
.-, boo! site.    This in spite of the fact
fty-four and a half millions of dollars   that   the   scllo'oi   board   obtained   the
stood to the credit'of depositors in the grant of this land to the city.   And it
was given spedfieallv for school pur-
Canadian Post Offlce for the year U09.1 poses    purther, the objection is made,
In Great Britain, where the centen-  not because the site is unsuitable, but
because some people,���on Queens ave-
nary of savings banks has just been'nue and Qearby,���would have no other
celebrated, the total sum deposited in   use made of Tlpperary than that of a
, , public  park   iand of course a "short
fcbe Post Office for the financial year  cut-h
190'),  amounted  to  one  hundred  and j    You, Mr. Editor, state that there are
_,.   ' .,,, ,.        ,     numerous   objections   but  that   "The
fifty-two   million   pounds   sterling,   in  mogt vjta, of these would _f.em tQ b_
addition   to   which   nearly  twenty-one   that  by placing a school on  this re-
, ,        ,     ,   serve the city will be robbed of a most
millions of   pounds   of   government valnable .lmgr. Now< Mr Editori the
stock was bold by Post Office dcposl- "numerous objections" cannot amount
,      .      to much If that ls the most vital one
tors, and a vast amount  was also In- fw that obJectton cannot be _,,.,, f.s.
vested in Post Office annuities. tabllshed.   How is the "lung" value of
.    .-    . ,t ,v���. i ,,    ,���. ,-���;.���   a  square of  five or six  acres to be
In view of these facts and the nn-., ���   '   ,,,.���.   . _    .,      ,    .
appreciably affected by the placing on
jnense  service  rendered  both  to  the  it a High school building of pleasing
State and the people by savings banks ' ,lkiiiy"  Md. Proport��<"��?      What use
: can be made of Tlpperary as a park,
In   checking   Improvidence,  especially   that  cannot  still  be  made of it. if a
among the working classes, the recent iHlBb  school Ib built upon its Royal
avenue side? St. James square in
celebration of the centennary of say- Toronto, on   which   stand  the  Model
ings banks and the acclamation of the and , the   Xormal   schools,   although
much more crowded by the buildings
founder of this Institution as a bene-  than  Tlpperary  would  be, Is siill  pa-
ractoi  to bis race, forme l a notewor- Uoniz'-d by the public as one of the
pretty    parks���one   of   the    notable
thy   event.     The   originator   of   this ("lungs"���of the Queen City.
valuable aid to providence and thrift. As '" alternative sites. I still maintain that no other suitable Bite for a
was  the   Kev.   Dr.   Henry  Duncan, of   High school is owned by the city. And
Rnthwell, a remote and sparsely popu- ' v'""l(1 lik'' l" know where any such
site could be secured, even for the flg-
lated parish In  the county    of Dun-  ore I have suggested, twenty or twen-
Iriee, Scotland. Tl.is good pastor de- '>-���������>��� thousand dollars. Vou, Mr. Iv.l-
.. . Itor,  suggest   three different  Bites  to
wined the scheme ol a self-supporting the   board���(to   "the   School   Trust."
savings bank to enable the industrial Thanks!) First���and thereforel Bup-
, ., , , ,   ,        .  . pose   you  consider   most   suitable���is
population to whirl, be ministerel to the   Chinese    cemetery    on    Eighth
provide  against   the  proverbial   rainy   street.    Addison,   I   believe,   used   to
: entertain himself when in serious
day. as well as to improve their social Uood, by strolling through Westmln-
poeltlon,   and   render   the   poor   laws   K!,'r abbey and musing on the epitaphs
���__���__,_ ,,.     .f, , of the great.   The entertainment may
unnecessary.   After overcoming sever- have been 8ultabte for tliat BerJou^
al difficulties, Dr   Duncan established  scholarly essayist, but lt ls a far cry
*�������� r.r*i      ,.i���      i     ,   .    li   ,,.., i from   that  to   the   New   Westminster
the first saving, bank in his little par- j HJg���     sdlool     B���ld,���ts     wan(J,.rinK
ish on May 10, 1810. When the pre- among the unnamed graves of the Pot-
Jndice against tbe innovation had died ���� T^L'ZJ*ISUtgfo
clown Buccess came to the modest in-1 be desired, It ls on the extreme edge
Stitution  and   in   the  fourth  year  de. i "r��he ���rporatlon-dIfnc.,lt.of access
*���***** i from all  parts of the residential area
posits to the amount of nine hundred'of the city, and much of what Is not
iind twenty-two pounds were made.       graveyard  now  Is  swampy.    Second,
The success of the kuthweli mini*. Moody square.   The use of tbis square
tor's experiment demonstrated that ul'lr ?, Kh00l ls,rnlra:,-r ,0 U,e ,0,"m
of Its reservation. That was what
was possible to give ito use tho doc-1 kept Lord Kelvin school off Moody
for'a own words in his pamphlet) "to square. So that, is not available.
��he honest, and successful laborer or j TMlid, North end of Queen's park.    If
I a   school   site   can   be   obtained   their
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artisan a place of security free of ex
|it will doubtless be needed before very
lien.o, for that part of bis gains which   long for a public school to serve tho
the Immediate wants of his family do   north   central   part   Of   the   city.     So
not require, with the power to reclaim ',li;,t "  K"PmK "' ""' ,hat ,he altern;i"
,. .  ,.      ,      , ,,   the to Tlpperary Is a new site, and
all or any  pari  of It    at.    pleasure.",���   w)||  ,.,���.',�� |fl|v ",,��� ,0Htlv.    But why
rfoven years later savings banks had should we seek any alternative site
multiplied to quite a large extent and | when we have such a splendid site,
won; established all over Great Brit-1 Buitable in every way for a High
���Ain.    Encouraged   by   tbe  happy  rt
school, In Tlpperary? And why
should not the beauty of Hie city and
of Tlpperary be enhanced by bull ling
there such a High school as wlll he
a credit to New Westminster?
New  Westminster, Juno 26, 1910.
Hull, of the movement Dr. Duncan
sought government, approval and protection for the Institution and finally,
.ifior a great deal of opposition, and
With   the  aid   of   Wilberfoice,  secured
a legislative enactment giving statutory support ami countenance to savings  banks.    Thus  strengthened, the
movement,   leapt,   ahead   and   ln   1821,     _____________________________________________
only eleven years after tho establish-1    N'elann. 'J'11"' 2(1.���The second  unit
 .    , ,,     .    .    . ,     .     . ���   .,     k,   of   the   Nelson   civic   power   plant   at
menl of Hie modest hank a   Rnthwell.  n .       ��� tt- i       i i .   .
' llotuiington falls has been completed
tho amount deposited In savings banks and the whole plant has ben accept-
thTOUghout the United Kingdom was ed and taken off the contractor's
iver four million pounds sterling. In h&nds. For ahout four years the Bln-
,0���,       ,        .in.     r*.m t gle unit, has .implied light, and power
18(51,  when   thc  Post     Ofllce   savings   _     .i       i.       ..J h    n
' h    to tbo cltv with practically no cessa-
���hank   was   established,     there     were j tlon, but. now that the second unit has
1,809402    depositors,    with    forty-one   been   completed   the   plant   originally
and a hair million of pounds to their  Installed  will  he given    a    thorough
... overhauling and In six weeks' time tie
cren   ' [city will have both units to rely upon.
Though ho late in the field, lt is to The completion of the work, costing
*>e hoped that tho United States will aboul $300,000, has been a long uiider
rinil tho adoption of a national system .laking. but the city Is now exeellent-
.. ���.   ���,  ,,,...,,   .���,���   lv equipped, not onlv for llghl lng pur-
for  the  encouragement   of  thrift  wll ,   . , , .
* poses, but to supplv power at reason-
prove to he the lasting advantage of lablo ,.at(;H t() nill|j,   fuc(0,i,,H and'the
.'ho Btate. mines.
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��� *
Weekday Schedule
Cars leave Westminster for Vancouver  at   5:60,  (5:20, 0
8:00 and every  half hour thereafter until 11 p. in.
Cars leave Vancouver for Westminster   at   6:50,  6:60,
and every half hour thereafter until  11:30 p.  m.
Return  Fare:   Adults,  COc;   children   under  IL',  35c.
. .   4
Sunday Schedule���Cars leave Westminster for Vancouver at s ���
a.  in.  and every  half hour thereafter until  11   p. in. .
Cars leave Vancouver for Westminster at 8 a. m, 9 B m. ��n|l ���
every half hour thereafter until 11:30  p.   m. *
Sunday  Excursion   Rates:   Return  fare,  50c;   children, 26c. ���
Freight Schedule���Freight cars leave Westminster for VancoUTW ���
at 7:20 a. m., 11:20 a. in. and 3:20 p. m. Freight cars leave v'in' *
couver for Westminster at 9:20, 1:20 and 5:20.
Motorman   Knight  Leaves   Hospital.
Motorman Knight, who was slightly
injured In the recent collision between
a B. C. IS. R. passenger car and a
flatcar on the Burnaby line near Edmonds,  was sufficiently recovered  to
leave   the   Royal   Columbian   hospital
Death of Mrs. Shaw.
The death occurred yesterday of
Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Shaw, of COqult-
lain, who passed away after a long
Illness. Ti.e deceased lady was llft.y-
Seven years of age, and leaves three
sons to mourn her loss. I lor husband
predeceased her about eight months
ago. The funeral wlll he held Wednesday to the Church of England Cemetery, \V. EC, Fales being ln charge of
the arrangements,
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Sapperton Line���20 minute service, from 6:25 a. in. to 11:10 P '�� J
Sunday   Service���Half  hourly between 8:30 a. in. and 11 p  B>       |
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************************************************ MONDAY.
JUNE il. WO-
Capital City is Anxious to
gix With the Best Players Next Year.
Great Finish Wins
Game For Victoria \
*********************** \ 9*a*aaa*******i--r*i-*s*****<r-***i******************aa*.*aaa*
(Continued from Page One.)
hwotiver, Junfer 26.-Although   the
I ���   of   1910  IB  only   half
r   gntbuslasts In Vancouver,  New
!i.ninM. ' and Victoria are already
,,.. the personnel of the league
'ion   Everything points to a fourth affair with two .clubs in the run-
:    .   ��� Vancouver, one from New
i��tmlnster and the other from Vic-
"' |    gwi ciiey    cam"    up    from
'!   Capital  City   yesterday   morning
*   g I,,,   v   bunch   of   amateurs   in ''
.  ���    ,   Irous of having Victoria
Qted In the League, and the In-]
; the Capital    City    would
.or-1 off the league to a nicety aud
r    ,       e more matches and keen
r 'tjcond  Club  for  Vancouver.
��� spill in the ranks of the
seemed to have the besl of the argument. However, the visitors began to
show signs of life and made Munn In
goal work a little. Both he and Johnson stopped all kinds of shots and
were looking tor more, Henry was
the only man penalized In this quarter
He Inhospitably hil one of bis guests
over tbe head ami Referee Gifford
gave him five minutes to read up on
Last Quarter.
Its  a  sliaa.e  in  mention  the last |
quarter.   The Victoria men must have
been drinking "come, come" or some
dope   with  a similar  name  for  they
went Into the game as though thev I
had a chance to win, a thing, which
even their lone rooter dl l not hope for.
It   took only  one minute ami twenty
. | .. . ������.,! the cheering Infor- seconds for the fireworks to start and
.. ,   the island  folks would then some fellow with a name import-:
,    ,. ���,   donal team in the league ed llU tll(. wa, from Norway  wlth
.    officials of the Vancouver letter added tor every Illil(. u tr.lw.M.
e tminster clubs haw all  ed, did some nice playing and bulged
the Westminster net. Alter that there
was a Ihe minute lull before MacDou-
gall did a like stunt and then another
five minutes till Young came through
with a fast shot which  tallied.
This  tied   the  score  and  the  men
who  would have bet if tbey had had
any money, began to doubt how they
L. has paved the way for an: wouid h.iV(> ,.,,    ,n tWQ minute8 New
club iii  Vancouver nexl   year, Westminster made a nice ruBh and at
:.      all   Blgns  fall, this other  tho end of ono of tlie prettlest Cornell h,   comprised    of    "home- blnatlons of the game C. Smith scored
*M    There ave many enthusiasts ��� making the score five to four In favor
Vancouver who believe that a team 0{ tne locals.
n   can  successfully    cope j    Hut   alas;" Xew   Westminster   only
other combination,    and  had a chance to rejoice for one minute
...  an opportunity to place  before thev were plunged into a state
r'-v'->  i:    team of ancertalnty by    Macdonald,    who
Bcored a nice goal, and then their un-
,���   wl      It's a safe bet that  the certainty was removed by Macdonald
on the Job If they hold  repeating the performance at the end
of   another   minute.     Score,   Victoria,
6; Westminster, 5.
J" acres are under crop. Small house.
'11 years old). Pedigreed Jersey COws.
and  household effects. $3,750;   $1,600
N'ew barn.   1,000 lb. mare
Implements, wagons, etc.,
balance over 3 years.
alins, Coulthard & Co.
We can insure your house, furniture and other property in the strongest and most reliable companies at
the  right  rates.
: Otherwise there Is no telling
! the 1 ture holds for lacrosse in
Cubs Must Import Players.
; st   ���    Bible   that   all   ot  the
i  little Importing next  Victoria
���ei.-   N.w Westminster needs a coupe  n on the home, and they
Wll ���  ���  overlook   a  chance  to  sign
bmi   f tbe < istem stars.    Vancouver
|i trong combination right
I tb(   whole lot should stand
I   Ihi      ���   :    while    Victoria    mnst
Westminster���O.  Smith    12;15
Young   1:20
Westminster���Qlfford    4:00
Westminster���C. Smith  12:00
Westminster���Henry   9:00
No Score.
Wins   Free   Trip   to
Producing   Ticket
Steamboat  Exchang
ast six or seven men I Victoria���Brynjolfson   1:20
the;    i   hope to put a strong Victoria���McDougall   5:49
1 Victoria���Young 5:20 |
Westminster���C. Smith  2:00
Victoria���Macdonald   1:00
I Victoria���Macdonald 1:00
Referee���-W. Gifford.
Timekeepers���J. P. Sweeney and G.
' Grlmston.
Goal Umpires���Galbralth, Redgrave.
First  quarter���Pettlcrew   (Victoria)
. five  minutes.
Second quarter���-Pettlcrew  (Victoria!  five minutes; Okell (Victoria) live
; minutes.
Third quarter���Henry   (New  West-|
i minster I live minutes.
I    Last quarter���McDougall  (Victoria)
"an l    Fitzgerald    (New Westminster)
Bve minutes.
The  Teams.
Munn   Johnson
Patchell   Clegg
Robertson       Dakers
First Defence
.... Okell
Second Defence
���   '
. .-man's Steamboat Ex-
Saturday night. Martin
und to be the lucky man.
numbers  bad  been  called
|�� tit Mr. Monk came to the
I' .    ninth   round   with   No.
|- - ���. hantly displayed.
The holding of the lucky number en-
"     Monk  to h trip to  Reno.
j" ind return.    Ile bus already
I       ed offers from different  parties
I tlous to soo the big light,
I' ' be   has   refused   them   all.
I'"' ' - has not yet stated wheth-
I'' .nds to make the trip him-
Atkinson   Noal
Third Defence
McKenzie       Brynjolfson
Pitegerald   L- Sweeney
Third Home
Second Homo
Kiel, June 26.���In a stiff breeze to
Iday the Vmerlcan schooner Westward, j
[owned bj  Alexander S. Cochrane, of J-
|Nn v....    won the Jubilee prize, de- |
'**ing   1 ..dt ut    Krupp's   Von    Hohlen   C
1*1(1 Halbach's Germanla hy one min-
.]'   ���! forty-two seconds.    Emperor
Meteor,   with   the   emperor
Dished  fourth  only  a  few
I   hind   the   (inriuanla.     The
'"���'���'���������'   today   conducted   divine   ser-
'"������aboard the imperial yacht Iloli-
���:.. ,...
O.  Smith
'irst  Home   	
Qlfford   YounK
Expect Great Crowd.
Last year 8,300 spectators wore pre
sent at" the Dominion Day game between the Vancouvers and New Westminster. This year lhe management
u nreoarlDg to accommodate 10,000.
Gave 1,500 Sticks Away. '    '    ' '
"��� . June   26.���An   Interesting
"fWeni al the lacrosse match at thej
,lil��'l  on   Saturday   was   the   giving Suffragette  Is Fined
a':'!' '" 1,500 boys the same number     London. June 26.���Emily DaM.i.n
,! ������'"'"   o slicks.    Mr. Solmaii. who   a  militant  sulTragette
donate i
i    '     H Is safe to'say he has gone   lords by means of ch
l'\^y way about it.   The chief ob- bels were addressed to Mr. ASqi i n
;    '   heretofore  with the hoys has The labels contained such expressions
""' thi      ,���,,,���!,,..  ���r .,  iar.,-,-*a.* bHo.Ic.Uq "i>,.lmiiant   women  wont   take this
Mr. Solmaii, who ft militant uirngeue. was fined $25
ese sticks, desires to en- in Row street police court yesteraay
��� playing of the nation al for breaking windows In the house oi
'ilk to which la-
.n't be trifled
leretofore with the boys has
curing of a lacrosse stick.
si'." "aRonal came lg rather an expen-
',.",' '"" to play,   ParentB do nol core
',;""1 "'il all the way from %i to $3   the r, . ���    ��� ,     .,     , ,...
u"'v ^ar for the necessities of theifacilities for the passage by the com
The lab
as "Indignant wome
Ihanll " and "women wo
��� rhese   messages   i.te,,ed   t-
refusal Of the government to give
'N;"'>v the boys have the sticks,  mons
of Mr. Shacltleton's bill tor tho
th.,r,i '"   ,tM'   uujo   huh:  *.u*a  bhv����i I uiuud   w   ������*  ���   ,,,.,1,.,.   ,,rr
,,nlis'" Mr, solman's generosity and enfranchisement ol women un      cer
',;     :ii'   to  say  there   will   be  more'- "tlnna   the  "conciliatoi J   : ul
u  "s" teams in Toronto this year
";i ever before.
more ' tain conditions, the
trage bill," as It is called.
Albany,  N.  Y.. Junt
. June 2C.���Representa-
liiilill,,,' '' A'nes. of Massachusetts
the (, '""loiim-ed his cnndlilacy for
formai S|iites senate  today  In  a
, l.""/n,M,t embodying an ex-
toi I,,' '""er attach upon Sena-
In hl8  I   Cat>��t  Lodge.     Mr.   Ames
l';in|lii|i|,(!""I""nl H:''VR hp liecomes a
niiv,,,,,'. |"1"' luivlng fulled tO Induce
a-iinst --u       '"   ,llkp    UP    'I'1'    I'Bht
��� Senator
Walnil. lit's bill  pending the labor
iaw m relation to workmen ��� compen
sa.lon   in   certain   dam'e.o.is  omP
menta, Ms recommended bj'toe com
,nisSio���  which  i. mvestirottag   'n
quesUon of employers
signed by Governor Hughes lartjigMe
Governor  Hughes  also sign     t <
J ,,m, placing toe telegraph jaj
companies under toe juns
��� Lodge" and his political',diction or the public sendee commis-
, I sion of the second district.
White, Shiles & Co.
Private  Money to  Loan  on  Good   Improved City and District Security.
028 Columbia St.
746 Columbia St.
���NEW    WESTMINSTER,  ���  B.    C���
A Nice Little Buy
FIVE ACRES FOR $700.���Fronting on Scott road, half a mile from
New Westminster-Chilliwack Tram Line; good land: easily cleared. $700 cash for short time only. Adjoining land held at
$3u0 per acre.
Improved Property���Two Bargains
HOME AT EASY TERMS.���Double lot with six roomed house, on
Nanaimo street, between Tenth and Twelfth streets, near Moody
Square and Lord Kelvin school, and only half a block from the
Twelfth Street car line. Price $2,400. Terms, .1.000 cash, balance in 6, 12, 18, 24, and 30 months at 7 per cent.
READY FOR HOUSE-KEEP1N G.���Five acre homestead at South
Westminster, half a mile from river and close to New Westminster-Chilliwack tram line. All cleared, fenced and cultivated
3S apple trees, small fruits, raspberries, strawberries, etc.; five-
roomed house, with outside kitchen, milk house, barn for 11
cows and 2 horses, chicken house 20 x 60, brooder house 16 x 40.
Running spring at back door; fine view of river and city. Price
$5,260. Terms $2,250 cash, balance in 6, 12 and 18 months at
7 per cent. Furniture in house will be sold for $525. Lot 4, half
of homestead, all cleared and fenced, will be sold separately if
desired, for $2 525; $1,125 cah, balance in 6, 12 and 18 months at
7 per cent.     Unimproved land in vicinity held at $1,000 an acre.
Hale Bros. & Kennedy
Contractors and
House Builders
We liave a fuH   line   of   tke   Best
Builders' Hardware in tkis City.
re Building See Us, as we
Also Complete   Stock
believe   we   can   save   you
ot   PAINTS   and   OILS
T. J*Trapp & Co., Ltd.
Merchants   Bank   Buiidiryj,
Telephone  No. 335.
corner of  Columbia  and   Begbie Streets.
******************* ���+�����������
June Weddin
We are able to fill In your wants in the Wedding Gift line from
$1.00 and up. If it is a Wedding Ring, or an Engagement Ring,
we can suit the most exacting requirements.
We shall be pleased to have you call and consult us.
John B. Gray
Dominion   Trust   Block.
Columbia   St.
We Have Just Received a shipment
of OLIVES. They
are a New Brand;
large and well packed.    All Prices. . .
If you want something Choice for Sunday's
Dinner, ring up Phone 101 and order a nice roast of
Spring Lamb, Veal, Spring Chicken or anything else
that is gcod in the meat line.   You can sure get it at
are Here !   Get
crate  before   they
are all gone.   .   .
Qn'Appelle, Sask., June 26.���This
1 morning a farmer living about six
i miles north of town reported to Con-
I stable Jessett that a man had been
lying on the prairie near his place
since Sunday. The Constable Immediately notified the Mounted police, aud
on their arrival, accompanied hy Dr.
Henderson, they drove out and found
the man, who appeared to be a Gallclan laborer, lying on the prairie near
the buildings of Mr. Hrown. who occupies the farm of John Pollock. The
doctor found that the unfortunate man ,
was Buffering from pneumonia and j
rheumatism. He was practically unconscious. The police brought the unfortunate man to town, and later took
Uiin to the Indian Head hospital, '������
seems stian. o that a man should he
allowed to lie sick on the prairie for
three days without the authorities be-
in:; notified. The parties mentioned
refuse 1 to assht the police when re-
quested  to.
DAILY       N E W>
Cheese Makers Fined.
Ottawa, June 26.���L. Lalonde nnd
F. Robinson, Paplneauvllle, Quebec,
pleade i guilty to charge? of "stuffing" twenty-one cheeses with Inferior or worthless "curd" yesterday. The
charge was laid by Inspector Mac-
Pherson of the dairy commissioner's
stuff. Tl'.e defendants wore fined twenty-live dollars and costs, and there
will be the loss on cheese In addition.
This Is the second case wllich has
come up under the law.
Fire Does $125,000 Damage at Rough-
keepsie, New York.
Poughkeepsie, N. Y., June 26.���Late
this afternoon the steamer Poughkeepsie, of the Central Hudson Steamboat
company, and the company's warehouse at Highland, opposite the city,
were completely destroyed by lire.
The motor Cardinal and the Luahc,
of the Wisconsin navy, were also destroyed. The total loss is ubout
IL25.000.     -
That yon can secure the host tire protection in the city at the
lowest rates. I write insurance with no strings to it. You pay your
premium and your worry stops. None bnt the Pest Companies in
the business are represented by me. All losses that they ha\e
ever had have been satisfactorily adjusted.
Call or phone for particulars and rates.
"The Insurance Man"
Suit a 1* Curlis-Arn strong Blk.      Phone 62
; "��� H^H
*____)'* PAGE SIX.
Monday, JUN
The Proper Thing
bbbb In Shirts *_3ss.
Stock  Not for Sale But Wiil Be Given
to Capable Employees���Workmen's Horres.
Ci eston, June 26.���A. E. Watts, pres.
ident of the Wattsburg Lumber c
I any. which owns mills at Proctor and
Wattsburg, upon being interviewed at
Creston today in reference to his cooperative plan of employing workmen at his mills, said In part:
"My proposal of making employ. p_
partners is to give them a real busi-
Girls "Turn Them Down"
Because of Evidence of
Labor, Say Workmen.
Premier Asquith Makes Important Announcement���Language of Accession Oath to Be Altered.
Do   "nue
man's hand
actei and his ability to provide a
home for them?
of   a
London, dune 26.���In the House of Af Iffft_\   1 f_ I J
Commons Mr. Asquith announced that HUc l|M     j   | |ft J
the  budget   would  be Introduced on O             ��� ^ IU j
; June 30. l'Jlfl
gir'.s  think   mo i
man they do of his char-
od      The  Prime  Minister
' eive  an  opportunity  for  the  Beconn
promised   to
"Are the 'better class' of American readlng ,,,  |,;nj,| j, Bhackleton'a bill *3��.0C0 in sriZES
citizens  so  undemocratic  tbal    tbey
don't care tor m
echanics as neighbors, Uor  th.   enfranchisement  ol    women,     ,,
ness Interest in the business In which r^fl though the representativi  ol the  but he said be was unable to promlsi
��������� JJUJJ
they are engaged, and I do not pro-  -���-    r g,���, may ,)t, a cierk at ii:, ������
pose asking men to purchase shares,        fc     d lh   mechanic a bricklayer at
they are not for sale, but  will each    bou<  v n  a ,n>""
year  distribute  a  certain  proportion]    -    *  ,,.',.,',/���;,   Iiivd broadside at
of shares to the employees who ex
further facilities in this respect at the |>.
pn  ��� ol session. line    ... |
Mr. Asquith also said that be hoped Supi   _
to Introduce a bill In refi rem e to the
Light, medium and dark
patterns. Stripes, checks
and neat patterns. The
pleated lines are strong
sellers.   All new designs
From   $1.00   to   $2.50
hi'.it ;��� real interest In the business In
a practical way.   These shares wlll be
fully paid up and will carry no liabili-
I j   with  them, and will be given according :'' the worth of the men and
'   ��� lir ability and the measure of buc-
cess thej make.   My idea is to atti
tiom! men, who wish to make pen.
ent   i ..mes   and  for that  purpose  we
have   reserved   lands   near   our   mills
which   will   be  either  sold   on    e sy
[terms or leased to  workmen    under
j perpetual lease.   Lumber and all necessary articles for construction of ;
i manent residences will be supplied on
itime and at wholesale prices.    My , rt-
iicle recently published in the Nelson
! Daily News on the new and practical
Socialism has attracted widespread attention.    I am in receipt of many letters asking for further particulars and
making   favorable   comments   on   the
I idea,  notably  from  the editor of the
American Lumberman, the minister of
! labor and others.
"With the high wages men can now
learn at work in logging camps, in
! the sawmill, and in the sash and door
.factory, if they own their own
Former Superintendent ol Schools E
G Cooley after he had finished telling  Kim's    accession    declaration    di   I
:ihe members ol  the  Association    oi   wee_    u would, he said, merely propose to alter the language of the di -
(..'..mm. rce, at their weekly luncheon at
[hi  Great Northern hot* l. what he ex
I ects to li arn u ���   ���'  Industrial train-
n public Bchools on his appi
trip to tit i drew  more i i
ti ntion than Mr. i' iolej 's Bel address,
Bays The Chicago Record-Herald.
When thi   I       ei  bead of Chicago's
school Bystem answered tbem. withoul
hei,,:.,    |
claratlon.   it  would not  vary In any inj  i: . ��� ���
mat. rial respect the conditions of the]    > I
buci ���  Blon to the throne.
li i- hoped that the veto eonfei 11 e
will be finished before the end of
July.    Augustine Birrell,    who    Is a
prL.e lis
qualification, In the affirmative, some- member of the conference,  speaking
thing of a sensaUon was created, at  Bristol last  night, made some at-
Quit  Building Trades atalwarts of the
George Beaumont, an architect, and '-���'l        ���
a member ol tbe Association ol Com- Liberal party, as far us tbe stun retJ
and        '-'eta,/   Van
merce, propounded the queries, He    ���'    .nee surrounding
quietly through Mr. Cooley's Bpeech, permitted.
listening closely, and  when  Chairman
Nathaniel Butler announced that the
speaker would answer any questions
that might be asked,    Mr.  Beaumont
Air.  Chairman,  I  am an architect
the   negotlatioi
plication wi
He said the conference was not between popes or plenipotentiaries, not
>,, twe< i. thoai   win. could    bind    or
loose, not be'ween those    who   could
NoUce ] ' .'en that
of the "Wati r '
license In tbi .
vision i i  v .. ���
mi   'I he nai ���
ver  Powi ii
head   Office   at  ll      ���    ��� .
. ,i    or    dellvi r.    Therefore,
and I make a practice of chatting with there was no deed to get agitated. The  British Columbl
the mechanics who work on the build- motion that any one would meet at a|000,  divided
lngs 1 am electing.   I like tn get tlieir  round table to try to discover a coin-
views of things. A great many of them |promise  was  ridiculous.    The object
| with an acre or two of land, if attend-   u" me <ht>"  have 1ult- ��r ";'' Rolng|waa to discover an agreement  to find
'ed  to  in  their spare  time,  they  can   l"  M"u   the   buildin^   trades   because out how far lt extended, and how f
save at least half their wages, and it  t'R' 1"-'!tcr class of people don't seem  lt would carry them
lis a well known fact that an acre of
j the productive land of the Kootenays
in produce from $100 to  ,2<in worth
r\ 00 each, all : .; up. i
name of the laki .
unnamed Btreai ���     j
tlon 29, block 5, i :. -L
thenci'   ln   an ���   . $m
Tbey must not
to want to associate with them. i forget that  in the event of disagree-  flowing   Into   I
"The bricklayer, for Instance, comes menl their position would revert to H.    The  point of dJ ... j
i   southeaster!) q Iron n
M. J. Phillips
The Wardrobe Clothier
of produce annually. Therefore, if he
' chooses he can be practically independent in the course of a few years,
��� besides  becoming  a  partner in   a  lu-
bonie   with   his   sbu. is   cn'. .led     with   former state
lime, and the neighbors don't  like loi
see him living neai  them.    Tl\e young j
men say the nice girls turn them down \
because   their   hands   are     bit
cratlve business.    But if is distinctly i coarse, with big knuckles, or are seam
Sole  Agents   for   20th   Century   Clothing   and
Christy and Stetson Hats
New Westminster, B.C.   ft
understood that we have no use for
drones or men who are looking for
easy snaps, and also that -when we are
giving our shares as an inducement to
attract good men, they are not getting
shares in a bogus concern, but In a
concern whose assets are worth over
ed and cracked from their daily toil.
The average mechanic doesn't live in
as good a home as the $15 to $1. a
week clerk, although he earns more
money. The average pay in the building trades is seventy cents nn hour,
but   men   are   scarce.     Perhaps     Mr.
half a  million.    Neither is a sawmill   Cooley can explain this."
of this kind a temporary business, as i
Possibly  the  familiar lines of    the
The Beautiful St. Lawrence Route and
Canadian Pacific Empresses.
From Quebec
From Liverpool. and  Montreal
July    1. .   Empress   Ireland
Columbia Street
we contract over three million feet of Scottish plowman, "For a' that, and a'IJuly
timber tributary to the Proctor saw- that, a man's a man for a'that," flitted Jul)
mill alone." |through the minds of some members!July
t -
.   Lake  Manitoba
Empress   Britain
Lake Cbainplain
southeast conn r ol      tioi :  j
5, north range ;    E
tity  of  water api ed for, .:������ \
feel   pi r second
of  the   propoM' i :i <:;..,, j
and  pipe  line; .     preolsfiu
which    the    watt . i-   to k
two (2), three .. -  I  roil
two   (2),   New   V. ��� ���             ���'������(.
ig i The purpo ��� ���> wei
Is   to   be   use! . Io|
In Lgatlon  di *i .: er.iw
to      be      Ins. .   'i   ice|
agi',    tm;     (I)
be     used     lor     ; ver   or  Biol
Victoria, June 26.���One of the many
indications of the prosperity and rapid
growth of Hritish Columbia during the
past couple of years  is found  in  the
| record    of    automobile    registrations,
! which show that since the first of the
'present year almost as many automobiles have been purchased in the piov-
HARRY  TIDY, Manager.
in her own Romantic Drama
The White Squaw"
Seats On Sale At Tidy's Florist Store Monday, June 27
Prices Same As Other Large Cities.
of  the  audience.    At  any   rate,  each
one  hunched   forward  a  little  ln   his
chair and put his elbows on the table
| and listened eagerly for the reply.
Mr. Cooley, who already had given
int. rame to this epigrammatic statement. "The boy who is to become an
efficient workman in any calling must
believe it is something worth while
and like to do it." admitted that Mr.
Beaumont had truly described existing]
"That  Is  one  of the  most  difficult j
"I am In
For   ticket   reservation   and   all   ln
formation apply  to
C.   P.   R.   Agent.
ince as in the preceding six years
In 1904, when registration was first problems of today," he said
instituted hy the province, there were hopes that schools for Industrial train-
only thirty-four machines in the whole lnS "t***7 create a different  viewpoint j
! of  British  Columbia.    At  the end  of toward manual  labor.    I am in hopes
j last  year  the  number  had  increased that the domestic science courses will!
j to 114  .while tiie total today is 1008. make good housekeepers of the girls.
Since the end of December the num-l80 they will take a pride in their own
ber of cars registered  has  hen   384, w"rk an'' respect a workingman  who
Coast  Division.
July  15
July Jl
July L'9  purposes desci II
Aug    I   water  is to be :
tural   i !.:.   '.i - \
altitude   betweei
and point of ri ---\
Crown   land  Inti ���
by  the   propi  i ��� noDe:
This notice ��
day    of   June.   191
u ill be made to tin
the  13th day , I
the  names  and ���   e�� of an. I
partan   proprieti ,:	
or  whose  lands t0 -*1
fected by the ; works, <P
above or below thi       ' "'��� none'   .
The part of the  '��� ��� 1
sociation of the        . >n>'
.. il
an average of over sixty a month or
two a day. The registration continues to roll up and the staff of the provincial police is being kept busy Issu-
ing licenses.
A search of the registration records
revealed the following Interesting fig.
ures, showing the number of ears own-
ed in the province at the end of each
year given:
In 1904, thirty-four; 1905, fifty; 19M
112;   1907,  275;   1908,  303;   1909,  614: I
1910,   1008.
The total Includes  motor-cycles, of I
which there are only a dozen registered.   Vancouver leads In the number 0f
cars, with Victoria an easy second.
Albany, N. Y., June 28.���A big electric car crowded  with pleasuie Beefe
ers,  bound  for  Electric  park  on   'he
j Albany Southern railroad, ran Into an
open switch ahout a mile below Rensselaer yesterday afternoon and crash-
led Into a work train on a siding.   Of
\ the   hundred     or     more     passengers
respects his own trade."
Polish   Desired   Now.
Mr. Cooley dwelt briefly with the
subject, but he declared more attention was paid to polish than to framework nowadays. Both he and Mr.
Beaumont were heartily applauded
when they finished their discussion
of the subject, showing tho interest
the listeners bad taken in it, and while
the question was left open, it was apparent that most, of the company
thought Mr. Beaumont had presented
the meatiest question they had heard
for some time.
In bis talk on lndustilil training In
the BChOOls Mr. Cooley said he would
Investigate particularly the training
besl adapted to the needs of boys from
fourteen to Bb t< en years ol I. [Ie de
clared that this was the critical stage
in thi lr education, a gap bi tween theii
Bchool training and their practlc .1 ex
pe lence in  life.
Many boys leave school at fourteen
years of age, because tbey may go to
work ai thai age although the law pro
vhh s that unless tbey do work they
must continue In school until they are
Surveved      agricultural'    Dominion 'thorlzes the propi 1
,ands   in   the   Railway   Belt   Hot   re- works reads as . J
md not Jeets for which the ��� mpan) ���     j
Ished and to whi " ** ae"a
i������ ; 1
aboard,   including  two  local   baseball   sixteen, but many do not get jobs
j teams,  twenty  were morn or less  in-  of tbis class he sail:
Mured,   five     seriously.     The     Injured I     "There  are  in  Chicago  todav  about
, were brought to this city In a special   25,000 boys and girls rrom fo
car.    Some were sent to the hospital, ] sixteen   years  old
I but the majority  were able to go to | nothing. They
I tlieir homes.
turteen to
served or withheld from entry
disposed of or occupied, are open  to  ���
entry under the provisions of the Mrit-  P��<>.v are restricted ar.' tl - ��"i '
ish   Columbia   Dominion Land  regula- of water and watei   |   ����
tions i of  unrecorded  water or
In  the  Coast   Division  of  the  Hall- chase of water re��
way Belt any male person over eighteen  years of age and otherwise eligible,    may    obtain   under   entries   as
homestead   and   pre-emption,   a   legal
subdivision   of   forty  acres   of   Bench
Land.    Residence  ls  required   for  at or extending the .
least six months In each of live years.  l"i' t^' *���'���*����� ' f "
Total cultivation required to earn patent for a twenty acre homestead, ten
acres cleared  and six cultivated, and
if the remaining twenty acres In preempted by the homesteader, an addl
tional   ten   acres  cleaiwi  and   alx  cultivated  either  on  the  homestead  <u
| pre emptlon..   no additional   re;i i^nce
j for   the  pre-emption.    Price  of  pre
! emptlon.    five   dollars   per  acie, pay.
[able in five Installments with Interest.
Conditional purchase entries m*.'. b<.
obtained   for   twenty   aires   of   lieneli
! Land   by   a   male  over  eighteen   and
Otherwise    eligible    and    not    holding
homestead or preemption. Residence
required only for six months during
the fifth year but cultivation duties
Increased. Price, ten dollars per acre,
five Installments.
Bench   Lands   In   this   division   are
|lands     below     twenty-flve     hundred outlet
(2,500) feet ahote sea level.    1'plands  about six or seven
t !
lieges for��� -(g) K'n'l��"W "J
and water power available I"r ���
application and distribution W ^1
lng dams. Increasing the hen<i "���\
ter ln any existing body " ����J
nea thereof. w_
lng the waters of ...
lake Into any other channel or o
nels.  laying or  erecting ����y   ����
flume, pipe or wire  . *JWJ*J
race-way.   reservoir.   MueJ*^
wheel, building, or other erecuoM
work which may be required^ J
nectlon   with   the
use of the said water an
er or by alteilng. renewing
lng.   Improving,   repalrl
mining   anv   such
thereof."   (n)  The
for a license to store water. n>"
of the proposed reseryoli  ���        .,
[a section ,w",',���i
;      ovemenl
water. '
,. \*.  ur iin!jfl
I ���''   -:
tlie said   water
'29). hlock five  (5)
1^1   weHt;   ml   The
lt   Is  proposed  to store
dam;   tp)   The  area
not ih
of ll"'
If you have Real Estate for Sale
If you want to Purchase Real Estate'
If you wart any kind of Insurance written;
If you want to Borrow Money
-Consult With--
McQuarrie Bros.
609 Columbia Street
The New Westminster City Specialists
folks on the streets and In tin
doing    absolutely lore lands above that altitude and are
i" l body of Idle young! subject only to disposition by   .uarter
alleys. | sections   under   homestead   entry   oi
rani'   ,
Kite   or    sites   al    each   (���'������'���   lD J
above the outlet, the depthi U��jj|
will   approximately   *
feet.   "I1 ,"
Is proposed to acquire j**'   eW
hay  pur-
by   legal
learnlng things that do  not   tend  to-!grazing   lease   to   settlers,
ward citizenship I Ian(ls  may   ,,e  IMf.,.v<!(,   for
Mr. Cooley said several German Clt-1 poses  or   leased   to   settlers
es  had come the nearest, to solving subdivisions,
the problem of proper industrial train-'    Entree fee for homestead
ing   t .rough   a   combination   of    th��� tlon  and conditional  purchase is ten,
Bcliool   and   the   shop.     H0   said   the dollars for each entry.   After securing '
evening schools of Chicago and other! patent   in  connection   With   the   land;
large cities practically worn valueless ' first entered for, tne Bottler may se-;
except for  the Instruction  they  gave  cure another entry and ho on, hut not
foreigners in  the use of the English   for more than a total of one hundred:
aary for the P,irI,0S'\,,,Tij|li(1|1. ,i
,f acre
if necessar? hy ex prop'
proximately the  numbei
be   impounded,
Intended    to
square feet.      .,,   j,tP
R.  H.  Sperling. General ���
Vancouver, B. C.
District of New Westm
���ent    from    "The    White    Squaw,"
Opera House, Thursday, June ZQ.     '
Denver "Police Uncover Theft
Dragnet In Pawnshops.
Denver, June 26.���Through the recovery by the police In a local pawn
shop of a gold watch nnd chain be
longing to Mrs. Wllllan, Gordon Lennox, daughter of former Gov Henry A
Buchtel, who was married here last
Saturday afternoon, it was learned to
day that the bride was robbed while
she wns standing at tbe altar The
watch ancl chain, a present from her
father, had heen left in a Chatelain
bag in the ladies' dressing room of the
church while the ceremony was being
New Westminster
Land Distr.^
and sixty acres.
Entries under the Hritish Columbia
Dominion  Land  Regulations, effective, of Abb
on   the  2nd   July,  1910,   may   on   and | to  apply
Take notice tbat I, Q^L^i.t'sP*
B. ( - '
coal iim' '
open to entry.    Any lands withdrawn j conse to prospect  h"
from timber norths, as well as newly |cum on and In the
surveyed  lands,  will  befoie becoming jed lands: marked *
available for entry require advertise I    Commencing nl ���* I'��.  ,.,",i���. N
after that: date be made for lands then j of Lands at  Victoria.  �������� ���^ |l(,n
withdrawn |conse to prospec*^tor j^^g ties
menl    for    thirty    .bn s ";-tur\fved"    N".   W.   COTW P.1"?,6 j��� ��ToWnslllP
Landfl for the purpose or entry means I corner of Section ZS- ,n���  '" \ye
      ,f Siima-0. Is'
legal subdivisions abutting on a sur
veyed line, or, in case of Uplands
quarter sections abutting on a surveyed line.
For further Information apply to the
Dominion Land Ofllce, New Westmln
ster, D   C.
P. 0. REYES,
Sec; eliuy.
Municipality <
,ter   District;   thence
thence south so chains
��� nrtll   SO   Cllid",
s. chains; thence nortn        c(
point  of commencement
"����� " '""'��� fea
''iiECi:E'r- *0N
NE  27,  1910-
f^Xook Milling Company,
^a5 EWne,   B. C.
r HUNGARIAN JEWEL. .   $6.50 per bbl.
��� JdpSIAL    *6-75 Per bbl-
?MAL. .5.25 per  Bbl
HINDOO  FLOUR *4.50 per Bbl-
Discovery Proves That Nanaimo Series Extends Over
An Extensive Area.
New Weitmlnster.
Telephcre S33.
re a*&*_%
let, i��,on '
mmlsSlO .
80 <*<S
to our office every time you
need a ton of coal���any of our
drivers will be glad to take
your order. Then, too, a postal will bring about the same
result���good coal ln your cellar at short notice. Also, our
phone Is ln good order, and
their numbers are 16 and 16.
Coal procured here is crackajack coal, however secured.
^*******>***** ���������������WW
- . ���
J.  BROOKES,   Proprietor
VCRKS���Corner  Eleventh   and  Carline
PHONE 473     ���
ORKS���corner   lic<i-..u,   ���.,,.   .....	
>************************ 4************************
. B.C. Mills
{Timber and  Trading  Co.
Manufacturers and  Dealers ln All Kinds of
Royal City Planing Mills  Branch
Vii toria,  June  26.   A  di   overy of
''���'-     ���    mi     Itude which i
the facl thai the Nanai no co .1 Bei les
is nl' an unusually extern Ive area has
been made on Tumbo island, A second
se'  . of coal, fifty-eight feel below the
eight-foot  Beam   discovered   a   month
ago, has been struck.   On Wednesday
���last Mr. Stone of the firm of Messrs.
Stone and Knight, diamond drill contractors, of   Spokane,  arrived  ln  the
city from Tumbo Island and informed
A.   B,   Hepburn,   the   principal   proprietor, of  the  discovery.    Mr.  Hepburn, accompanied by Mr. Blakemore,,
the mining expert, upon whose advice j
the drilling has been carried out, and'
Richard    Smith,    of    England,    who
is Interested in the property, left yes-j
terday for Tumbo island and verified I
the information which is of such an I
Important character.
The importance of the discovery
lies in the fact that it proves that the
Nanaimo coal series exists at Tumbo.
Throughout the whole of the min is of
Vancouver Island the lower l.iouglas
seam has been found some sixty feet
below the upper Douglas. This distance is correct to within two feet in
the case of the Tumbo island meas-
I ures.
In consequence of the discovery a
��� new  contract   has  been  awarded    to
Messrs.  Stone  and  Knight    to carry
jon the drilling operations    still    further.    It is also likely that Mr. Ilep-
S burn will put down another bore hole
| on   Saturna  island,   where  he    owns
2,500 acres of coal lands.
As a result of the discoveries on
Tumbo island a considerable amount
of prospecting work is being carried
on at Mayne, Saturna and Qaliano
islands. A local syndicate, in which
the Tyee Copper company, Is largely
interested, has secured a number of
claims and Intends starting a diamond drill hole on Gallano Island, opposite to Mayne island. The operations to be carried out there wlll be
under the direction of Mr. Bryant,
the mining engineer of the Tyee
Copper company.
New Westminster
Bo*   137
IJust a Few Left ot
West End View
In Lot 10, Sub. Block 12, ^e^.8tL^td
10th Avenues, to the east of 18th btreet;.
Price $350, one quarter cash, balance bf U
and 18 months. These lots are close to the
new cut off, and you will be wise if you step
in now and secure them.
Two Good Buys
2 nice lots on  Hamilton  St    all cleared
50x150.    Price $800 each cash, or $1000 on
terms. .   ���
Lot 7 on Hth St, Block 19, Sub. block 7.
Price $750 on terms.
Maple Ridfee
,20 acres of good land, close to Mission^Cg
Price is $35 per acre. $1000 cash handles
L:     Balance on very easy terms.
Victoria. June 26.���Wu Ting Fang,
former  Chinese  minster at  Washington, has taken up the work of evolving a national Chinese merchant marine company after the manner of the
I Nippon Yusen Kaisha, and is starting
a national subscription to this end. He
j has headed the list with a contribution
of  (30,000,  and a  rich  Chinese  merchant   of   Java  has   given    a     like
amount.     The  undertaking  is    being
officially supported by the Pekin gov-
ernment, and agencies for the collec-1
tion of funds will be started through-
oul  the  world wherever Chinese are
The  project of establishing steam-1
ship lines under the Chinese flag on
the Pacific was started two years ago
[when the seventy-two guilds of Kwan-
jtung, South China, took up the movement and  prospectuses were sent  to
Victoria in common with other parts
of the world.   The Idea is to build a
volunteer fleet under government control, and these vessels, with Chinese
masters and Chinese crews, are to be
engaged   jin   various   trudes   on  (the
China  coast  and  also  In  the   transpacific trade.
Two  White  Frogs  Alive  Found   Five
Feet Beneath Ground.
Rlevrslde, June 26.���Landlord Cooper, of the Hotel Riverside, while dig-
jging a hole on his premises in the rear
I of the hotel, unearthed a strange find.
He had reached a depth of five feet
when he noticed a movement ln the
Tal.ing his shovel he uncovered a
rmooth pocket about the size of a
lion's egg and in tt found two frogs.
As soon as they were released from
their prison they began to show signs
of life and In another minute weie
hopping around as lively as any frog
could he.
They wore thrown to the surface,
and an Investigation disclosed two
more pockets similar to the first one
uncovered, each of the pockets containing two frogB, Like those found
llrst. the others were alive and frisky
as soon as the warmth of the sun af
fected them.
The frogs when found were huddle 1
together and were white. The color in
a   lew   minutes  changed   to   a   green
I Shade.    The soil in which they  wore
! found is a hard loam.
a  811'
Company, Limited
T. R. PEARSON, Manager.
Office:    The Dominion Trust
Montreal.-'June lilt.���Tt Is figure 1 by j
Canadian railway officials that Immigration into Canada from Europe slnco
January l was almost 112,000, which
is   considerably   more   than     lor   the!
whole  of  last  year  and   much   more i
than twice as much for the same per-j
loil   last  year.    The  most  surprising j
thing is the continued activity. In past
years tho rush of immigrants always
dropped off towards June, but this season every boat coming out is loaded
to capacity  with    settlers.    This    is
shown by the fact that the Canadian
Pacific has so far during June handled
! 12,436 settlers, as compare'! with about
8,000 for the whole of June last year
i while the total Immigration during the
llrst three weeks of this month was
almost 23,000 and there are now somo
ti.OOO  people on the Atlantic, due to
arrive at the end of the week.   The
present   year  will   easily   break    all
i ecorda for Immigration, almost doubling previous figures.
TO be successful in business, to establish,
maintain, and keep it on a firm basis^
three things are essential to that end:
FIRST���Thorough knowledge of the business you are about to undertake, and, of
course, the necessary capital.
SECOND���Good location, ample facilities to
receive fresh stock and a well-kept, clean
store, having nothing but the best in quality
of dry goods, drugs, groceries, hardware, or
whatever the nature of your enterprise may
THIRD���Tell the people that you are doing
business by Advertising in The  Daily News.
Talk to them; get them interested; gain their
confidence in your ability to supply their wants
as efficiently as any store in Vancouver.  Back
up your  statements by  showing them the
goods.   Don't exaggerate their quality or excellence; give plain straight  talk, otherwise
you will lose the confidence and goodwill of
your patrons, both present and prospective,
and don't blame  them if  they  do go to
Vancouver for their shopping.
The Daily News
j**"     %    " .., PAGB EN3HT.
| Warm Days
��� Are Coming
��� ��������������������
��;f *:.**#*)*^.**m*nt*********^ ^X**-:******************, ���
I City News I
���**#**#*******��#**#**-* **m
************************** I set properly.
A. G. Featherstone, of Ottawa, private secretary of the Hon. Frank Oliver, was a visitor in the citv yester
McQuarrie  Bros,  are specialists in
Xew Westminster realty. Watch their
'advertisements for hargains. **
The  barciue  Alta,  which  has  been
; anchored in the river here since Friday   night,   left   last   evening' on   her
long voyage to Natal.
For   Geraniums,    Dahlias   and   all
kinds of Spring Bedding Plants phone
' Davis' Greenhouse, R 208. **
Work on the Hassam pavement on
' Columbia street was stopped on Sat-
< unlay, as the cemeut avai'ahle was
i considered too fresh and not liable to
The Westminster Modern
Business School
If every young man and young
woman fully realized the advantages
of pursuing a course at this institution and then the opportunities offered I For   Anything  in   the   Furniture
for profitable and congenial employment, he or she would not hesitate in
selecting this School as an avenue
for advancement. We give the same
conscientious attention to placing our
students into positions as we do to
instruction. Satisfied students are
our best  advertisement.
610   Columbia   St. Principal.
Crystal Theatre
KNIGHT   &   VERNER,   Proprietors.
For a pleasant cool drink, try the
Ice Cream Sodas at The Royal Cafe. **
More boats are fishing in the river
now, but the run of salmon stiil continues to hold off. There are barely
enough caught to supply the local retail market.
Carloads in and more on the way.
See our stock.    We defy competition.
come to  W. E. Fales.
George Harrison, general manager
of the Merchants Bank of Canada for
this province, paid a visit to Westminster yesterday, when he was the
guest of Local Manager II. C. Adams.
The management of the Bohemian
Cafe sees to it that the best only is
served  there. **
See  the Wonderful   Picture
A Wierd and Wonderful Picture
Monday and Tuesday Only
j Hunter Jack, a blind Indian, is
| scheduled to appear in the police court
I today on a charge of imbibing too free-
I ly. He is only partially blind usually,
] but he was quite so when the police
gathered him in yesterday.
Sons   of   Scotland   picnic  to   Westminster   Junction,     July   1.     Sports,
highland   dancing and piping.   Trains
leaves  9:10  a.m.    Come and
good time.
Hon. William Templeman, minister,
of inland revenue and mines; Mr. and
Mrs.   Feathersone  and   .Mr.  and   Mrs.
Robert   Kelly,   of   Vancouver,   visited
tlje city yesterday, taking lunch at the;
Russell with Robert Jardine, W. J. M. ;
Sandel and A.  E.   Kellington.    In tlie
afternoon the party  took an autorao-,
bile trip through Surrey and Delta.
The marriage took place at Knox
Presbyterian manse on Saturday
morning of John X. Corder, of Xew
Westminster, to Miss Sadie Louise
Martyne. of Toronto. Ontario. Rev.
B. G. Thompson performed the cere
mony in the presence of a few friends
and witnesses. After the ceremony
the couple left on a honeymoon trip
to Vancouver island.
In a fast game of lacrosse before
the big game on Saturday the Hustle! s defeated the Tigers by a score'
of two to one In the first game for-the
Burde watches. The game was fast ;
all through and Referee C. Smith had
quite a job keeping the players in
their places. By the form shown in
the game, the Hustlers have a good
chance of winning the time pieces.
Under the auspices of the Epworth
league   of   Queens   avenue   Methodist
church, a national  and patriotic program will be given in the church par- j
lors    at    eight   o'clock  this  evening,
when all the nationalities in  Canada
will be represented by proxy. Refresh-;
ments will be served, national dishes ;
being   the   specialties.     An   orchestra
will be in attendance during the evening.
The Great -Northern auditor has
found the books of F. C. Meyers, the
missing agent, all correct. Xo word
has been heard of the missing man,
although there are all kinds of reports circulated concerning him.
About  fifty  members of  tho  local
lodges of the 1. O. O. F. attended the j
annual Decoration Day services of tin-
order yesterday  afternoon,  the event |
being   in   charge   of   Isaac   Lawrence,
P. G., chairman; W. C. Coatham, P. Q.,
secretary;  X. R. Brown, P. G.; J. W.
MacDonald.   P.   G.;   Sam   Bowell   and
Fred   Parsons.    Service  was  held  In
the I. 0. 0. F. Hall, after which the'
members    proceeded    to    Sapperton,
have a | where the cemeteries were visited and
** | about seventy graves decorated.    The
Decoration  Day service of the  order
was read at the cemetery.
Don't Miss It
Other   Interesting   Features
The Central Hotel Cafe
Opposite  B. C. E.  R.  Depot
25c - Merchants Lunch - 25c
Market Square
PHONE 475.
There will be international complications at the police court today, when
Peter Toney. an Italian, will answer to
the charge of stealing the sum of
.SO from two Belgians. They had all
been living at a hotel together down
town, and the Belgians say that Toney
filched their money and left. They
followed and captured him and banded
him over to the police. All the money, with the exception of a few do -
lars, was recovered. Toney's version
of the affair is that the Belgians were
under the influence of li'iuor and he
had taken the money in order to keep
it safe for them until they recovered.
Magistrate Edmonds wiil decide on
the merits of the two yarns this morn
You may be sure you will
get the best service if you bring
your prescription to us. Xo
matter what doctor gives the
prescription we can fill it and
give you exactly what is ordered, at fair prices. .None but
competent dispensers employed.
Curtis Drug Store
Kodaks and Supplies
Spectacles, from 50c.
Phones:     43;     Long     Distance,    7-1;
Residence,  72.
New    Westminster,    B.   C.
To accommodate the large number
: of children now attending the East
i Burnaby school, built about two years
ago, a couple of rooms are being add- '���
| ed.       This   will   double   the   seating:
capacity in the rural hall of learning.!
j    Good  progress  is now being  made
j on the installing of machinery in the
j Northern   Pacific   Luinlier   company's',
I mill at Barnet, and another couple of [
months should see the big plant active
once  again.  The  mill  was  burned  to
the ground about fourteen months ago.
An Important meeting of the W. C.
T.  U.  will  be  held  at   half past  two
o'clock this afternoon in the parlor of . ���afBfre"t ^^ mysterious pain .ng
Queens avenue Methodist church. The  J\ Sl':Ui��M11?  ,    n lv.       ", !
financial affairs of the recent conven- h" 1?een exhibited aU over the world
tion will be straightened out and all ���"* h" ahvays **"* explanation or
the members are urgently requested I "n,,,,;s,18;.,s ,now ^'"V'0*'" :,t ! "'
to be present- Crystal theatre.    The picture tea life
I size unfinished portrait of the Man of
The fire brigade turned out about I Sorrows, depicted in an attitude of
j half past four o'clock yesterday after-i gentle resignation. When all lights
noon, when a call was sent in from are lowered, a faint glow is not iced
Ithe west end of the city. A heap of I which gradually grows until the faint
'old shingles and sawdust near the end outline of the Savior can be seen
| of Fourth avenue had caught on fire | while from the background emerges
land might have spread to a danger-j the shadow of a cross. The cans- ol
ous extent if the brigade had not responded promptly. The blaze was extinguished in a short time. This ls
the first time that the fire brigade has
made a run on the n^w pavement and
the difference in the time made from
one end of Columbia street to the
other  was surprising.
this phenomenon  has never been ex
plained, and  such  was the effect   on
the artist when he first witnesse 1 it
! that he declined to finish the painting
j In  later  years he  has often   tried  to
I reproduce the effect, using the same
colors and materials, but without success.
In Our Xew Quarters in the
Four  Doors   East   of   Pank   of
We Have Just Received a Fresh
Stock of Popham's Chocolates
1. A. MUIR & CO.
Columbia St.   New Westminster.
u New Things To Eat"
Do you know that thc "ROYAL" is serving new dishes ail the
time���rooked "A la Carte." You only live once In the world and
why not eat the best. Spring "Chicken" and fresh vegetables; freeh
fruit and cream, from our own "ranch" will be brought in daily/���
Corr.e and bring a friend today.
The Royal Cafe and Grill
Which Is at 604 Columbia Street.
Dominion Trust Block, Main Floor
\ Some Special Snaps  |
a        6 lots on Second street.    Excellent view.    Streets on three sides
���   of  this   property.    $350  each.   Terms.
f, 10   lots  extending  from   First  to   Second   street.    This  property
Is especially. well Rltuated.    Streets on three sides, and lane at rear.
Price $350 each.    Terms.    INVESTIGATE.
F. J. HART & CO., Ltd.
ur Alteration
le Prices
Will prove a boon to hundreds of our customers
in the purchase of their holiday necessities.
This week brings a holiday, a break in the
steady grind of business. Shop early thaf you may
avoid the "last day" crowds.���Read on.
PRICES on Boys' and Girls' White and
Colored   Dresses.
Girls' Sailor Dresses, $1.95 Each
Regular $2.25 to $2.75.   Good  materials, well pul  together, nice
patterns and trimmings, all put together  made some or the  nlcesta
Wash Dresses possible to buy. Materials are Gin. hams. Chuliibrays,
Ducks, Drills and Galateas In white or colors with contrasting collar
plainly made or with braid trimming.    Si/es for girla 4 to 16 years.
Sale price, each, $1.95.
Boys' Buster Suits, $1.25 Each
Regular Values up to $1.75.
Strong materials in attractive colors and styles.    Clothing bought
here is superior in every way. These Hoys' Muster Suits are the right
kinds for hoys who are sure to give them hard wear. Sizes for
boys 2 to s years.
Girls' Colored Dresses, 75c Each
i Regular Values Up to $1.00.
Holland Galatea and Chambray Dresses In plain or striped weaves.
This lot contains a splendid assortment sure to appeal to the likes
of the little folk and the purses of those who have to pay for them.
Your choice at sate price, each,    75c.
Summer Undermuslins
White wear of every description away down in juice as an in
ducemesl to Quick buying.
White Cambric Night Gowns, 95c Each
Regular values to $1.86.   Women's Fine Cambric and English Long
Cloth Night, owns. Made In large, full size. Nicely trimmed with
Insertion and embroideries, widli or without yokes. All Sizes.
��ach 95c
Underskirts, 95c Each
Wldt* Cambric and Longcloth Cndersklrts with wide full double
flounces. All lengths and sizes. Regular values $1.26 and $1.85. Sale
price,   Each,  95c.
Corset Covers, 35c Each
A spkaidid range of od.l lines to be cleared at this price. All
Ladies' Drawers, 35c Each
Open and closed Whi'e Cum brie Drawers with hemstitched and
embroidery trimn liiis.
Holiday Neckwear
Do not forset tlie personal appearance. We endeavor to keep 111
mind the demands of our customers who are particular abou: their
Neckwear. Despite the fact that we are busy clearing out our overstocks In every department we keep In touch with the manufacturers of Neckwear Novelties. VVe mention here a few of the very newest styles���Just arrive:. Elvery article sold at sale prices���another
feature of our Neckwear Department.
Polaire Collars. All white and white with neat bands of red silk
as trimming.
Chantecler Bows, Plvas.int Tai'o, Dutch Collars of Lace, with under lining of Paisley silk Square Cut Dutch Collars In fine finalities.
Two Tone Jabots nnd Dutch Collars, etc. We have added to our
usual showing a fine assortment of better qualities In response to
a larpe demand for goo Is of high character. Ask to see the new
varieties.   Our show cubcs aie full of them.
White Shirt-
Waists, $1,35
Regular   \ ���������.'���. .���      S1.50 i
$3.75.    Note  th      ttC8   Tj
make    posslbli
showing      this      week    ii
l'.lonses    we    pui       ,. i   ,
splendid        '.',    |  . |     , ^
price which wi ntended
to sell at $1.50 each. \ve
have    how f. i '-'���:-
price to the lowest
limit,  and   to tin      I added
���*>   dozen   of  oui       I  y Km.
broldered VV
bave be*.ii ,
and    16    only year*i
Blouses     with      hort   and
three-quarter lei ei -.
regular pi Ices i ch were
up to $3.75     Tl ���   entire lot
goes (in  gale  ' ��������� .
each, $1.35.
30 Pieces of
Veiling, 20c
Per Yard
A    general nee i
all the odd len
plea ��� which havi  been popular dining the past i
Brown, Navy, I
ami Brown and        ���
and   Whi'e   ai I    N ���
While coml li are lhe
most numerous In the
tlons placed on
low   price     R< ���*���
36c  to  75c  i" t   '��� : !    Ths
lot, to clear, at, pei yard, 20:
16 Boxes of
Flowers and
So many prices arc in tbll
lot  of  dowers   thai   II  ����� lm"
possible to put them on sale
at any one particular price
The ptiee is CUl   if  tWO, bOW-
ever, and merit ������ ��� ��� k saU!'
Regular prices 40c to *-���'"'���
On   sale,  each,  20c  to  *1 00-
Another Line
of Trimmed
Sailors and
Shapes, $2.00
Another special offer from
the Millinery Section mai
lt possible for another
women to secure one
these Popular Hats,
previous lines at this l'"ce
prove! most popular. ' ���'
early if you di si <��� ��� ;l',v"|t'
able hat at a fraction "1 '��
original price.
��� .m��-a*J^~.'^^'&*^


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