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The Daily News Apr 19, 1910

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fi j. DirectorsConsider-
Lroposition   to  Sell
Council Provides For Salary.
Other Important Matters
Discussed Last Night.
: 000 has been made
Ilfjfof directors of the RoyfU
*f hospital   for   tbe   ground
l��*:i    ', .he hospital building
������-   .The offer is being con-
%Ta committee appointed for
^   ,   but   the  acceptance of
���tl����se: mattei ol doubt, as the
K'imch would be incurred   n ,
ol  locaUon is  conslder-
��� ���mSnthepaBi couple of years
��!? home  the maternity cot-
��:   th   loation  hospital  lmve I
feSE    ���     lo^these hulld-
��'tteroMhemsaie being con-
boSTw hospital building
"f  iv .icceoted   al   a   meet in.
Kd of directors yesterday
fi, several alterations and
ETiavhw been made since the
," S   B. Birds and
|j, Blakemon   was accepted some
TtenKbuildln.   will cost 1150,000
Swlllliavi  i        ; 1'''li"n tor 14n��
bents, this   being   an   increase   of
Luroeover provision   made
Tfte original  plans.    The   pres,,,,
ling is only bulll to house forty-
h patients, bul   owing   to   the   ln-
\    population, it has heen over-
I time, Beventy-elgnt
I ..   being now  under  treatment
Htin its walls.
The city council last night decided
to appoint a publicity commissioner
to advertise the city. The salary to
be paid bini amounts to $76 per
month, bul be is to aci In conjunction
with the publicity department of the
board of tradi and thai body maj
pay the man an additional sum. The
salary paid to the man -.(.Ice:ed wlll
be taken out of the .4,000 which was
voted by the city tor advertising purposes some time ago.
All the membet s of lhe city council,
v.i'.n ii,.' exe, eption ol Alderman Gilley, were present and all sous 61
business was rushed through In fast
I On tlie motion of Alderman .Jardine
it was decided to call for tenders foi
the laying of cement Bidewalks on the
I south side of Ti tub avenue and on
London, Dublin, Hamilton and Bdln-
borough sircis and on Seventh and!
Eighth avenues, the acceptance of
any tender to be dependent on the
passing of a local Improvement bylaw
for the work.
The dog question made its weekly
appearance. "I move that the police
i ommittee be given permission to purchase a net for the capture of dogs
without tags," said Alderman Smith.
"Hear, hear!',' heartily echoed the
balance of thc hoard.
also that permission be given
       "..     noMTJ
 ^_���^���  .
Provincial   Police   Officer  Drops Dead  After Strenuous
Exertions in Keeping Prisoner Under Control
C. P. R. Train���Two Men in Mission Jail.
Solemn and Imposing Rites
Mark Interment of Late
Church Dignitary.
1 J
Annual Meeting is Attended
by Many Workers���Offi_
eers Elected for 1910.
A hand-to-hand struggle to keep a
pi Isoner un ler control on board the
afternoon C. P. R. train from Seattle
to Vancouver yesterdaj had a fatal
ti rmlnation, Provin, bb  \. W.
Lane, of Miss;.in city, dropping in a
falnl and dying in Joe Cole's arms
as the train arrived at Mission, wh sre
the prfsoners <��� ire to be transferred
to the lockup.
\\ hi bei i. e death of Mr. Lane was
due to blows or kicks received In Ida
struggle with I     pi I   u er, or whether
.   . uccumbed  to  heait failure,  wl"
and making an effort to floor tbe police offlcer. Although he was handicapped by the handcuffs, the breed
proved to he a husky man, and it
took all Lane's Btrength to handle
him. During the struggle, which was
belt up until the train was
Mission, the oiiicer received
ber of blows, and,
also kick
i dow
  a num-
it Is alleged, was
d about the body. A wln-
was broken during the ralxup,
which was witnessed by nearly ail
the train passengers, who crowded
Into the car. Joe Cole assisted Mr.
Lane to master the prisoner on sev-
M   lo   ueait   iuiiui   .    .....
!.���..,.,..���., ���e revealed at the coroner's oral occasions, but the man acted as
Inquest which Is to be held this morn-jl' bereft of his senses, frothing at
Ing at Mis lon, when Dr, Stewart will the mouth and returning to tbe attack
aci as coroner. u&aUl and again.
The man who resisted the authority On reaching Mission, Mr. Lane ln-
of Constable Lane, and a companioniStructed Cole to call the C. P. it. po-
who was also intoxicated, refused to .Iceman, Mr. Sampson, who is also
********* 'i  i-  .u���   ���.,ii������  �����i_; lockup keeper.    Cole stepped off the
train, notified the railway offlcer and
The late Bishop Dart was laid to
rest yesterday, after the most impressive funeral services ever held in
this city. Over thirty clergymen In
full clerical regalia marched from the
cathedral to the grave. All the lay
delegates to the synod also marched
in  the procession.
The services were held In the cathedral at 2::'.o p. in., Bishop Perrin, of,
Victoria, reading the burial service,
with Bishop Keator, of Olympia,j
Wash., assisting. Ven. Archdeacon
Pentreath read the lesson. The
I church was filled with tbe most prominent citizens of New Westminster
The full choir of the cathedral was
The seventh annual meeting of the-
Woman's Auxiliary of the Royal Columbian hospital was held in the.
Queen's avenue Methodist Sunday
schoolroom yesterday afternoon, where,
many ladies were present to hear the
different reports read. The officers
elected for the year were: President,
Mrs. A. M. Herring; lirst vice president, Mrs. A. 11.-Gordon; second vice
president, Mrs. T. Scoular; third vice
I president, Mrs. ,t. E, Phillips; treas-
I ui'cr, Mrs. Ferguson; secretary, Miss.
F. Armstrong'.
.Neither  Mayor  Lee nor any of thr*
city aldermen were present.
VV.  ll. Keary spoke most encourag-
charge v,'us returning to the coach, when one
white ��f l')e passengers shouted to him:
"Hey, your partner's dead!"
j    Hastening to the coach. Cole found
Mr. Lane In a state of collapse..   He
picked him up in his arms, but in a
And         ^^ ^^^^^
to  hire  an  express  wagon  on tjarry punam. ......*. ..  ._...   ���
the   captured   dogs,"   continued   the for   drunkenness.      Constable   Lane
heartless alderman." who had been to Huntington on bus
"Hear,   hear:"  shouted  the  council iness.   was   returning  to   Mission   on
with  one   accord,   and    the    motion the afternoon  train.    Joe  Cole,  who
ed ai     npanied by happy smiles j was travelling from Abbotsford to this
an i sl hi  of satisfaction,
I).   E.   Mackenzie   and   Cowan   Mac-
Qowan, on behalf of the May Day
committee, wire present at the council, and Mr. MacKenzie so ably out-
lint i thi n. e is of tlie committee that
the coun, il foi,h .Ith granted r em
the sum of |200. This is $50 mon
than the council grahte l las, year,
but Mr. Mackenzie pointed oui thai
, he ]u\ enlle population of the city
had Ini n ased In leaps and bounds.
Alderman Gray broughl up the matter ol Strei I signs and gave notice
that at the next meeting ol the coun-
glve their names to the police offl-
yesterday evening. The individual who may face a serious charge
Is a balfbreed; the other is a
man. Both have been employed on
the II. C. E, It. construction work for
- i ne time, according to rambling
statements  made  by  I hem while  on
the  train.
The   events   which   led   up   to   theiulca,aJcu ��*����� 	
tragedy presaged nothing more im-i The prisoners, who were somewhat
portant than a very ordinary arrest sobered by the tragic turn of events,
r,��������,,,��� t .mo ! were transferred to the Mission lockup, where they spent the night under
the care of Constable Sampson. They
will be brought to the provincial jail
here today.
Provincial    Constable     Lane    was
about   forty-eight   years   of  age,  and
_____^__ thedral wasl    Vv ��� "��� lNt'ary B;    '    l	
present at the church services and at    n^5  "'  the work done by the auxil-
the cemetery, where the short burial Pir* "jf��e ���  [e^. ��*��"��* "j,**
service was read by Bishop Per, in.      �� ��P����6d   ��ew   gliding   that   w. 1  te
The coffin was draped in royal pur- commenced on June 1 and a so stated
pie and there was a great profusion ����� Women s auxiliary should have a
of  flowers,  the  latter  being  sent  In lar*e* ��'.e"'.bersh.p roll.
from all parts of the diocese.     The L Ad��re"e�� *e e also given-hy Bct.
following is a partial list of the friends}*�� T' J- Ti* ?r a!ldlrHev: A; *eB-
who   sent   the   flowers'. ��w��i   Mrs. lltll and Mrs. A. H. Go.-
Oirl's Friendly society, Vancouver; don*lBO sp?kfe ��  ,he g0��d work dfmt"
sisters  and  children  of  All   Hallow's ! by_ the _ society tluringjho  year,
school,   Vale;   clergy   of   New   West-
E. J.
picked nun up in ms . w, w.. ... ��� ,,
| few seconds the unfortunate man had q
| breathed his last. ^
Etonian C. \. Welsh, chairman of
|kparks couiniltti i       the city coun-
I,lias anni he will meet
.ttwre��� ti it...   differ* nt
pteti   i In    the    city
IM'. Tie  different
! In his store
. !    .li nn Wednes lay night. Effort* iii I"   made   to   ari anpe   tbe ;
tv�� ,|( lor , ractlce al  the park so
y ���'��� ferenl   clubs   in   the I  .
" "  "*�� ^H cil he would mo^ an amendment to
��� ��� "'- hvlow   The
city, where he appears this morning
to    give    evidence    against     August!*00"1   wujtsu.    -
Charlie, accused of murdering Howard had been a resident of Mission foi
Wade last September, was sitting lnUbOUt twenty years, during fourteen
the first class coach with Mr. Lane of which he had been a provincial
when the train conductor came constable. He was a man of fine
and Informed them that he physique, rather heavily set. For some
Hmc oast he had \tt-iu afflicted with
I,. :��� o them for practice.
Selous Returns
Kfta, B. C. April IS.
I Ibe big pimp ii inter
York after spending
I visiting his
-F. 0. Selous-
..   left   for   New
a couple of days
i.    Mayor
pile of R
Winsome   Daughter
Exhibition Manager.
oyalty Falls on
Jp drawing yesterday for the May
P*et resulted In Miss Mary Josepha
*Wn being chosen,
H>ry Kearj   Is the ll-vear-old and
Nest daughter of  W.   H.  Keary]
I'^sfi'e third ol the family who has
"^ honored  In   New   Westminster
r being chosen   as   Queen   of   this. - .
Pa��ay. Her sister, Winnie, was practical
r1'" "1 thi Maj in 1903, and when
,'5'K('ity was only fifteen she was
Ms,n tor thai position and follow-
5 ""''��� her cousin, Mrs. Lelshmau.
FJlMlssJosle Elckhofl, was elected
J " "  honored post, bo that the
.,""'' famllj seems to be bom to
^Position, whid, In the past (hey
r��alwayB mu-,\ with that grace and
��!o necessary for the part.
'��� Keary, in a chat with a rep-
ln  greater  style   and  evhry-
Ia ���- *aa on a more elaborate scale.
P Eiila were thoroughly trained in
l,";iv pole dance before the event
* i''11". and dances and jolllflca-
lo, Y','' tl,G order of the day; every-
I'tltin     n"',ns,'lv('s up to the
��� '     I   this  yeai
I twter more hy pleased looks than
hui"       e 8a,d'   s,le was B,lro fil,e
the Btreets and Bidewalks bylaw. The
nature ol the changes be will propose
.could be gathered trom the discussion on the question. Alderman Gray
thOUg! i that the Vancouver system.
by which a merchant Is allowed to j
ereel nothing bul electric signs and I
has to Keep these lit tor a certain
portion of eaidi night, is commend,ible.
The helghl ot awnings also came in
for criticism and the amendment will
probably make it compulsory for a
'merchant to apply to the council bo-
fore erecting a sign or an awning. All
the aldermen Beamed tn be In favor
1 ei, the suggestions made by Alderman
Alderman Smith and the police com-
mite's were given authority to secure
new uniforms for the policemen, and
Alderman Johnston moved that tenders   be   called   for  uniforms   for   the
On the motion of Alderman Bryson.
II was decided to call for tenders for
the delivery of twenty-live tons of
six-inch oastlron pipe and ten tons of
Alderman Johnston notified the
C( uncil that Chief Carlyle, of the Vancouver lire department, had consented
' tc give the N'ew Westminster conned an exhibition of the apparatus ln
Vancouver, and It Is probable that
some of the members will go to Vancouver some time this week to see a
demonstration of the automobile fire apparatus.
Alderman  Welsh  was given permission to open Up the gates In Queen's
park aud to have signs made, notify
ing   drayi   and   express    wagons
keep out,
Amounts   amounting   to   .;.,-. t
were passed as follows: Police,
J38.07; health, $26; parks, $44.40;
lire. $261.69; finance. $466.17; market,
$13.77; library, $157.96; board of
$3,779.14;    water,     1899.69;
finance   for  sl ,   .
$877.81;   light. $2,463.94
The amendment  to tbe
was unable to quiet a couple of
drunks in the second class car, the
complaint being made shortly before
the train reached Clayburn.
Accompanied by Mr. Cole, who often'
acts   as   special  constable,   Mr.   Lane
went into the coach to place the disorderlies under arrest.
After some difficulty the halfb-i Sfi
was handcuffed by Constable Lane,
the second Inebriate remaining fairly
(|uiet. Shortly after having the irons
fastened on his wrists, the breed be
came violent, using profane language
time past hc had bei n
cardiac trouble and had
by Dr. fort, of Mission.
He is survivd by a widow, two
Bona and two daughters, all of whom
live at Mission. The sons are Aja. a
contractor,   formerly   a    livery   barn
ytaseper.    and    Clarence,   who runs  a
minster deanery; Mr. and Mrs.
Fader and family, Mr. and Mrs.
Davidson,   Mr.  and   Mrs.   P.  .1.
C. and F. D. d'liasum. Mi-
Mrs. W. d. Armstrong. Women's Aux- i
illary of Holy Trinity cathedral, St.
Paul's congregation, New Westmln.
ster; Mis. .1. E. Gaynor, All Saint's
parish, Vancouver: Holy Trinity
choir; St. James' church. Vancouver;
congregation of Holy Trinity church,
Vancouver; Archdeacon and Mrs.
Pentreath: Holy Trinity parisli, Van-
comer; Mr. and Mrs. T. S. Annandale.
The pallbearers were Rev. II. F. F.
Clinton, of Vancouver; !tev. C. Crouoh-
er, of Vale:  Rev. II. S. Akehurst, of
Kamloops;   Rev.  W.   Bell,  of Central
-u """Westminster, and  Rev. ll. .).  Under-
been treated hm, of Yale.
The   hymns   simp:  at   the   services.
The following standing committees
were   appointed:   Buying  committee.
j, I Mrs.   Walker,  Mrs.   Pearce  and   Miss'.
j,  / I Briggs; sewing committee, Mrs. Levar.
'""���-   L.   McQuarrie,   Mrs.   Anderson.
Scoular;   entertainment  commit-
Mrs.  Welsh. Mrs.  Webber,   Miss
anU UOiruv.,
si ore.   The daughters are Mrs. Knight
and Miss Cora Lane.
Provincial Constable Wllkie went
up to Mission yesterday evening to
take charge of the prisoners and to
be present at the inquest today.
qsjebec immi   |
Men Clearing Railway Line
After Small Slide Are
Caught By Second Slide.
Punishment for Crimes to be
Less Drastic if Measure
'tee,  . ^^^^^^^^^^^
��� Herring and Miss Anderson.
I    Tea was served by the ladies.
The following report was submitted
'by   Miss   Armstrong:
I Secretary's Report.
In looking over the past year's record of the auxiliary we bave every
reason to congratulate ourselves ore
the work we have accomplished. We
have been very moderate In our appeals to the public, as we have only-
called upon them twice to respond
to this worthy object.
On June 18. Mis. A. M. Herrlngc
kindly threw open her spacious home
and grounds to the public for a straw-
Praise to the Holiest in the Height." ^ij"*1^    T"e ?Tu>- _\ T"iCh-
"The King of Love My Shepherd Is," ! ?'e f^ tho Bum "'   *106'80 t0 our
"Now the Laborer's Task Is O'er" and ;     'l18"'?- ,
. .      ,   . ,���    ��� ������  ,,r...      ii   f.,,���i.^��  ���f      On  September 14 we bad a  moon-
Jesus   Lues,     wore  all   fa\ont:>s  ol   ..  . ,        ' T    . ,.
.     ,  .     ,-.],.                                           light   excursion   to   Ladner,   the   pro-
Tie  fJi,biisi'"ot  clergy  present  ul, ceeds being $la:i.:in, which slewed thr
..       , .     . ,. ,, nubile  appreciated our efforts. In  re-
the obsequies is as follows .      ...      ,, ,,  ���      .,
Right    Reverend    W.    W.   PerrlnT) *on��>���� llbMftiry to ouf '<**��� '���**���;*���
bishop   of   Vancouver   Island;   Bishop
Keator,    of    Olympia.    Washington;
Ven. Archdeacon  Pentreath, of  Vancouver;    Ven.  Archdeacon   Pugh,   of
.ytton; Rev. II. O. F. Clinton, of Vancouver;   Rev.   II.   S.   Akehurst, Kamloops;   Rev. C.  Croucher,  Yale;   Rev.
W.   Bell,   Central   Park;    Rev.   II.   J.
. nderhill, Yale; Rev. C. W. Houghton,
New Westminster; Rev. J   W. Donaldson,  Steveston:   Rev.   E   R.  Bartlett,
Ladner;    Rev.   D.   DunlDp,   Rurnaby;
Rev. C. W. Haslam, Sapperton; Rev,
W.  Gilbert.   Surrey;   Rtiv.   H.   St.   G.
Buttram, Vancouver;   R'j\.  11.  Beach-
am, Vancouver:   Rev.  II.  L.  Hooper.
North Vancouver;   Rev.  IL H. Gillis
3.46 to our
hospital. ^^^^^^^^^^_
We have at present $(jr,J
credit in tlie bank.
We now have a membership roll of
fifty-eight regular and eleven honorary
. .       .  . North Vancouver;  Rev.  C.  C.
BeCOmeS LaW 111  England. Vancouver; Rev. M. H. Jackson
(Continued on Pa?e Klve.)
19 269.41
!���, , '���  m  a  chat   wltll  a  rep-,----'. t377g.IV,      """,",���.   UrldBO
fc SJJfl SMS ��s 'L""Sfcat**
KiWatfiA is**
���sa. ������arjartt'SE
dty  solicitor had  ��ven
. i'   liui ns  & CO. 10 ���,���  the
thai  the Vancouver m     - *        ()f
0 the   matter   would   1"
Montreal, April IS.���A report
reached the city tills afternoon that a
landslide had occurred art Kakou-
cache, on the construction line of the
National Transcontinental railway,
and that  twenty-flve  lives had been
The   scene  of   the  disaster  is  100
miles northwest of Latuque, the only ,
1 communication being by  means of a
private telephone line which was ap-1
parently put out of order by the land-'
slide,   and    contractors'    trains,   but
from   what   can  be  learned,  a  small
landslide occurred yesterday morning.
lt   covered  the  track  and  a gang of
men was sent out to remove It.
It was while thus engaged that a
second slide occurred, burying a large
number of men.
The report Is that twenty-five perished.
The dead Include two Englishmen,
three   l-'rcnch-Caiiadiaiis   and   twenty
London, April 18.-Hugh Courtenay
Luttrell, liberal member of parliament
couver; Rev. R. W. Summerscales,
Vancouver; Rev. J. H. Sovereign, Kit-
si lauo: Rev. A. A. Dorrell, Vancouver;
Rev. G. H. Wilson, Vancouver; Rev.
A. Macaud, unattached; Rev. j. Iiinch-
3. Gillis,
.;. owen. Minister of Agriculture Said
son, Van-
to Be in Line for Knight*
hood Honor.
member of parliament  A. Macaua, una����-��- ��� '    _' ,,,. M
or  Tavistock, Z  introduced  a  ^S^^^l^A
in    parliament    proposing    sweeping, P're������^fo;pr.   Rev.  G.   F.  C.   Caffln,
in    parname...    ��**���*-  1 Westminster;   Rev.   G.   F.C.   Caffln,
^JtlUlSeP:rcSe^on minors,pen.   -n, C'ntra, Par, ^^
servitude instead of execution for iu-      U ^   ^   ^ hop   Dar.  Is
.n   cide    abolition    of    the   use   of^.^    According to He   ^nonpov
'   whon a Judge is Imposing Urning such contingencies, the execu ovt.i tuc t
Mack cap when      i services  the council of the synod must "^|$dj��rffip ttom the hands of Sir
sentence of deal, reUgloU' �� th���,y day8 and within sixty days  of^^Xrlght, whose dlBablUtteji
5^_^oT��Sr��Sfflt injf- that.meeting the whole synod|JJch^C^.^ ^^^^^
Ottawa, April 18,���That Hon. Sidney-
Fisher is booked for a knighthood and
the leadership of the senate, and will
take with him the portfolio of agriculture, ls the firm belief of those who
are usually Informed us to doings in:
the Inner government ring.
Mr. Fisher will be drafted Into the-
upper house before the next session
and  will quietly take over the reins
��� .     *    ��l,���   Viiinrts  of  Sir
nronioiuu��j a,, "~  - .must  meet.
risons and the  abolition of cor-1     M   ���lla   m0Ptlng
l ..hment except between the  new   bishop   will
poral punlBhment excep
ages of ten and sixteen. The bill
recommends the appointment of a
board  of  prison   commissioners.
the choice of a,1
new uisnop wm be made, but two-
thirds of the total membership of the
synod must be present. The clergy
and laity will vote separately on the
tbe bishop and a majority In both
divisions ls required to elect the
maru uariffuguk, -...^	
of advancing age are growing apacer.
It ls regarded as quite possible that
the portfolio of trade and commerce,,
which ls now held by Sir Rlchanf.
Cartwright, will be transferred to tho
A general redistribution of cabinet
positions before parliament meets-
next   November   la   regarded   aa   ex-
jtremely probable, and  already slafes--
are being made up by those who clalnt
, to know.
delight   that
bad fallen to
Joy 1
tho I
part,  through  satls-
who Is a dainty, pretty
11 the necessary quail
May  Queen,   snld  she
��('''y '"Hied about ll  nil, but sin
not nsrvout
John Murray Will Investigate
Ocean's Mystery.
London, April IK.���An interesting
departure from London Inst week was
Sir John Murray, K.C.P., the well
known naturalist, as the head of an
expedition tor the biological and physiological  examination  of  the  North
Sir   John,   who   is   nearly   seventy
years old. Is equally well known here
-list of  the Challenger
A photographic Instrument has been
Invented by Richard Kartell, agent for
the Canadian Pacific Hallway company
��� ��� .,.   ���rlii  n.rmlt the
New York,  April   18.���Mrs. Fannie
invented ny mui....   .   _ Rosen of No. 21 f�� Monroe street   has
tbe Canadian Pacific Hallway company   not  been   precisely   fortunate  In  her
week was! at  Winnipeg, which  wdll  permit the   matrimonial ventures. In tbe supreme
'      '""���  nt  n   nanoramlc  picture  of  courts she has begun suit for separation  from her fifth  husband,    Harrj
Rosen, who lives at No. 115 Bl'OOlfle
street.    Mr. and Mrs. Rosen are each
fifty-five   years   old.   and   have   been
married a little over a year.   The bus
band is represented by Aaron J. Levy
" !   '- ''''.".....e   wrll known
..,    Mary,
wflll""s of ���,
us.   Tho
b"t,n.,roiul Position
MM,y k	
Idea of taking
did not seem
ng  that   blood
nonsense,  and  that
the family are safe
.      muses Gas in Balloon Bag
"���htn,nfl Cato Explode.
1R.-Ti'.e   balloon   w f.,u t0
sacended ^e^Saturaay^j npar .]ie
peg.    WHICH     n...    ,,.
securing of a panoramic picture of
11 city, complete in every respect, no
matter whal Its size, and Its reproduction on canvas In kaleidoscope
syle. It Is bis intention to make a
tour 0! the Pacific Northwest at an
early date and to take moving views
the   naturalist   01   u.e   v       of   Vancouver,   Victoria,  Seattle,   Ta-
exnedltlon of 187.-1870.   lie has char-  coma, Portland, and, in fact, all the
tered  the   Norwegian   vessel  Michael   Important centres of the const.
Bars   which  Is   entirely   manned   by      The idea ia that, these should be re
Norwegian sailors,    He expects to ho  produced at the Selkirk exposition, to
away four months hp hpW at Winnipeg In 1011.   Specta-
the et
v Phi go
,"1'1B,,.r.m rivmouth on
-We shall  sail   >"���    /;,      imnied
Thursday and beg �� f^'v.ew. " By
ttly�� he S!li;",e too miles south
Friday I expect tows ...
PlOflUCI'U   ill   ....   m	
he held at Winnipeg In 10M. Spectators will enter a building somewhat
like (hose at which tbe Battle of
Gettysburg and otber such scenes
were portrayed on the grounds of the
r��...,ifl��� ovnnsltlon. Tbey
nana is reyiuo.un >. ^^
and Miss Frieda Thomas, well known
;is  the  "Little  Mother  of  the    East
Side,"   has undertaken   tbe  case   for
Mrs. Rosen.
"Pour separate times my client was
married In Russia," Miss Thomas said
'and wur later compelled to get a divorce because of 111 treatment on the
part of her husbands. They simply
had  gone through  the ceremony ex-
London,  April   18.���Representatives;
ot a curious and moribund race wilt
be seen at tbe coming Anglo-Japanese-
exposition In  London.    Tbey are the
Hairy Ainu, or the Red Indiana    of
Japan.   Descendants of the aboriginal
Japanese, they have   retreated before*
civilization from the mainland to tho
Island Ye/.o, where they are now protected by the Japanese government-
But   they  are  doomed   to  extinction
sooner or later, there having been no-
increase In their numbers for nearly
thirty years.
For the first time In history members of this queer race will be brought
to the Western world.   The men hare.*
*"-'"  -"''   full    beards..
tl!nvent""'"'':' lH K,ml>'ln��* nt st- A,in'B
J_ other
Mi��n-nr were
a rSJ^'S^
and hope ^explore the   s popular. ta**m * ^"^
Is  a clever little
candidates for tho covet
.... *H ������ .mm          V'l .�� .
nt midnight
nn, ]
 rm.    "  ,B "', ttl(lt tiie gas
dldates for tho covet-; "rr-j. lightning and tliai
Dorothy TrappL Nina   JJjJJf   The envelope was In
It ig assumed It w����
1      ���a fhnt the
ln tat
- se, Lena Steen, Tot
irBiiull and Eva Gwennap.
oxptoneu.     ���"- ,
ters when found.
anu  iwi�� ���-   ,-t ,1
depth of 1,800 feet.
& JW��k **-*    ft   ���
,,'i hS .111 *       ���!
? fol! -'.'!
lift 33) .-
:.:'-N ��� ::K'.'
��� 1 Tl       i  '
I. I*.     ���
'ia*. '!
I iniiii ���'
& Oil ' -II i 'r
<   rlM" '���'.
P   "*lM>li������'
Classified Advertisements
awers at this office for the following
advertisers: C. C. Topaz., M. \V.
1). G., Box E. K., C. S., and No .E.
Will the owners please call for
bing by sturdy young man. Wages
moderate. Apply \V. Johnson, Colonial  Hotel.    Phone 39.
Northern   Crown   Bank
Ground Floor.
wants one or two rooms with private family. Not far from library.
Modern bouse preferred. Box 983,
ing about eight, acres on Tenth avenue and Armstrong street. Particulars, apply S. Fader, city, or
Walker Bros., Edmonds.
ess. Apply A. S. Neilson. Sixth
street.    Enter by Cunningham hall.
cottage; fully modem; close in;
good location. Write P. O. Box 176,
pleasant furnished rooms or small
furnished house by married couple.
Address A. B.. this office	
regularly, the whole year round.
Arrange with B. C. Nurseries, P. O.,
200-egg Petaluma incubator in good
condition.    Apply  It.  I., this office.
eggs; single comb; good strain; five
cents each. Samuel Wilkinson,
Sixth street. East Burnaby.
wood.    Apply S. J. News Office.
eled counter, with 3 foot solid fir
top ,at %2 per foot, Apply to Herbert
P. Vidal, Custom Broker, Market
Square, City.
Startling   Statement   Made   by
In New York Observer.
New Vork. April 18.���Does the average American family throw enough
away every day to set the table of a
family in almost every other country?
Walter Graham, in the New York
Observer, tells how he recently made
a practical test of this often repeated statement and devoted several
days to the not highly agreeable task
of visiting and Inspecting New York's
garbage cans. Everywhere, he says, ���
he found the same thing: that enough j
is thrown   away   every   day   in   New   SNAP���N. W.  '/.   of Sec.  14. Tp. 10.
Vork  io feed the starving    in North f    Langley:    110   acres   of   fine   fruit
China and India.    The waste, as Mr. j    land;  $45 per acre;  $2,000 cash;  1,
Graham  found lt, ls not only among !     2, 3 and 4 years,
the rich.
New Advertisements
Phone 646.
Open Evenings for Your Benefit.
SNAP���S.   W. Va 0*  Sec-   16<  JP.  10'
Langley; 160 acres of fine land with
2,500,000  feet  of good   hr timber;  |45 per acre; easy terms.
General  Brokers.
Merchants   Bank   Building,
Rooms   5   and   6.
Corner Columbia and  Begbie Streets.
Phone 686
:'il4u Feet waterfront; $12.50 per foot.
In their garbage cans, of course, he
found evidence to give point to the
story of the janitor who said he did
not. know anything about the new
family that moved In except that it
had  "mightly swell  swill."
Mr. Graham says lt. is past belief
what one finds in the garbage cans of
the upper west and east sides. Large
pieces of high-priced meats, chickens,
bread and rolls, almost fresh from the
bakery; vegetables of every variety,
all of which would furnish a royal
feast, for the brendliners, were everything not spoiled in tho general mush.
But Mr. Graham found conditions
not different on the polyglot east side,
In zones of supposed economic poverty, where every penny counts. In
every can and barrel was enough
bread, particularly to feed a hungry
family���larger portions of those
mammoth cart wheel loaves to which
the sons of Italy are so partial, large
chunks of rye or black bread, not infrequently whole loaves In fairly good
condtiion���half burled In a debris of
tomato cans, old shoes and medicine
bottles. Mr. Graham says here is
only another proof how quickly the
newly-arrived Immigrant imitates American ways.
SURREY ��� 25 acres in Section 27
Township 2, facing on Hjorth road;
,4:'o per acre; terms.
SURREY���Southwest '4 of Section 27
Township 2; price $tn.i per acre.
80 Acres in Sec. 10;  $100 per acre.
3 1-3 Acres;  ?1,000 the piece.
About 2 acres in Sec. 3d;   .1,550.
40 Acres in Sec. 33;   .350 per acre.
60 Acres in Sec. 3t>; $275 per acre.
40 Acres ln Sec. 6; facing coast MMedian road;  $275 per acre.
160 Acres in Sec. 34, Tp. 8; $45 per
SURREY���N.W. i/. of sec. 24, township 2; good soil and near Yale
road; .78 per acre, $4,480 cash; 0,
12, 18 and 24 months .
S. W. Va Sec. 34, Tp. 7; $45 per acre.
SURREY���$400    per    acre
acres on Hjorth road.
SURREY���A fine subdivision or
ranch; 40 acres; the S.E. '4 Sec.
33, range 2, W.; price $350 per acre;
good terms.
SURREY���18 acres; 4 acres cleared:
facing on Townline road; lots 2 and
3 of N. E. 1-4 section 31, township
2;  price $350 per acre.
East half of XL;  3.15 acres.
349 Feet waterfront; $22 per foot.
 Lot 41, Block  11, Four North Range,
buys   120      Six W. 4. N. f, W., Group 1; 5 acres.
$300 per acre.
Range 5, Lots 16 and 17, Sec. 32 E.;
10 acres;  $300 per acre.
New York,    April    18.���The    Steel
Trust   is   getting   some     remarkable
large  orders  from  automobile  manufacturers  and   especially    for    those
building a new class of machine for
farmers.     These   machines    are    designed to take the place of horses In
plowing and in the ordinary cultivation of crops. Farmers are notoriously
extravagant in the purchase and handling  of   machinery.     Tbe   automobile
companies are proving that even with
neglect the machinery will be cheaper than  horses.    This will  furnish  a
new  source  of  business  for  automobiles, for the steel trust and for the
oil   producers.     It  will   increase   the
! volume of oats and corn to bo  sold
for human food at the same time. The
I purchase by Morgan of an automobile
j company  and  the purchase by Interests  identified   with   him  of  a  great
arena on Central Park west, now used
for saddle horses but soon to be used
for  exhibiting   automobiles,    indicate
extensive plants for putting the .horse
out of business.    A steel man said today  that   lf tbe farmers take  kindly
to this Idea the demands by the farmers for steel  will be equal to that of
the railroads.
Series   of   Scenes .From   Early
to  Be   Depicted-Battl
e of
t'ngen   a   Feature.
The   popularity   <,f
uugiuuu,   Tli,.   j,,
just   been   completed   v
tinues in  England. The projrr]
pageant,   which   win   be  heid
tage; lot 50x132 cleared, fenced;
one block east of Twelfth Street
car. Price $1,400, terms. Apply,
Owner, 1024 Tenth Avenue.
for c.ne or two ,adies, close to car.
615 Hamilton street, city.	
nlshed bedroom. Apply 713 Trew
street,  city.
Vacant May 1. Kent $23. Apply
221 HartCO street, evenings, between  6 and  7.
Lots   In   Burnaby,    near  car   line.
rooms and  bathroom,  pantry,
Rents   $12   per  month.     May
for   six    nionthe    if    tenant
Apply to P. Peebles, 620 Co-
lumbia Street.
in Burnaby, near car line, 5 rooms
and bath room, pantry, etc. Rents
for $12 per month. May lease for
6 months If tennent suits.
I Real Estate
| vs.
t  Mortgages
SURREY���3,000 feet of waterfrontage
containing luO acres; price $21 per
front foot.
SURREY���20 acres, the south half
of northeast quarter of section 33,
range 2 west; $425 per acre, quarter cash.
SURREY���$160 per acre buys 40 acres
of good land, the west half of the
northeast quarter of section 16,
township 2;  good terms.
SURREY ��� $175   per   acre   buys   20
l    acres    facing    on    Roebuck    road;
known as Lots 10 and 11, Sec. 34.
I    Range 2 west.    Easy terms.
| BURNABY���$100 cash and $15 per
month buys a fine large lot on Third
avenue, Burnaby, near city car line.
Acres    cleared;    facing    Hastings
road; $3,750; 4-roomed house.
Acres in Block 7. D. L. 166 A. Group
1; $700 per acre; on Byrne road.
Acres best fruit land, near Burnaby
lake;   3 minutes  from car;   with 6-
roonied  house,  fruit  bouse,  2  fruit
cellars,  2 chicken  runs,  wells,  stable:  $U1.50U; terms.
by the month or year, small
at Sunbury,  good   house  and
easy   terms.    Apply  K.,  this
House and lot in Vancouver, value
$2000, for house and lot In New
Westminster. Apply, Box P. R.
News Office.
glove, in Sixth or Columbia streets.
Finder please return to Dally News
Guichon Hotel
-N��wi<at   ami   Most   Up-lo-Date   Hotel
In the Clly.
Cafe Adjoins.     First Class Service.
Columbia St. New Westminster.
Phone 18.
Bank of Montreal
,  bSTABLlbHJjlD 1817.;
CAPITAL 114,400,000.00
(RESERVE 11,000,000.00
Branches throughout Canada and
Newfoundland, and In London, Eng
land, New York, Chicago and Spokane,
V. 8. A., and Mexico City. A general
banking business transacted. Letters of Credit Issued, available with
correspondents In all parts of the
Savings tiank Department���Deposits
(received In sums of $1 and upward,
rand Interest allowed at 3 per cent, per
wannum (present rate).
ToW. Assets (iVer $168,000,000.00.
;  'JO! D."brYMNER; $. frnagfep;. ,
Some  of  our  shrewd  clients
are beginning to feel that outside   property;'  is   now   nearly
as high as it is worth. They say
that   the   old   stock   exchange
axiom ls good which says "Sell
when    everyone   wants   them;
buy when no one wants them."
Tbey have figured out that they
have  done  pretty  well by  real
estate     and     are   now   buying
mortgages, /.bay say that seven
to eight per cent,  is good for
such  high class, gilt edged security���in  fact there is no security  better  than  a mortgage
on Improved real estate which
has  withstood  all  the scrutiny
given  morgages    which  passes
through our hands.   They   feel
that    with     such      mortgages
they can  sleep pretty comfortably���no  anxiety  as  to a pos-
J [   slble drop In value.
If real estate has done well
for you, or if you are for any
reason   looking   for   the   greatest   security  In   investment,   It
will  pay  you  to    see  us    and '
talk    over    the    matter.     Our  '
knowledge  Is  at your disposal   ',
without   charge.     Years   of  c:<-   i
perlence and study of financial   |
matters  of all   kinds  fit  us to   ',
speak with some degree of au- ��
BURNABY���Two quarter acre lots
near Second street; an Ideal location; price $300 each; easy terms.
BURNABY���2 large lots near city car
line; price $2f>0 each: one-fourth
cash, balance $10 per month.
COQUITLAM���Two and three-quarter
acres on  Pitt river road, Includln.
house, barn; running spring on prop,
erty;  on surveyed car line running
to mills;   price $1,750;  easy terms.
LANGLEY���On Surrey line, 80 acres,
the west 1-2 of S. E. 1-4 of section
34, township 8; price $80 per acre;
easy terms.
CITY���6 room modern house on large
lot. on Fourth avenue and facing
city car line. A beautiful home.
Price $3,500; easy terms.
Office:   Northern   Crown   Bank   Bldg.
Ground Floor.
Phone   646.
Open Evenings for Your Benefit.
Room  6, Guichon Building.
Phone  681
N. W. ', Sec. 5, Tp. 11; 48 acres;
30 acres cleared; good house and
all Improvements. Tbe buy Includes
furniture and everything on the
the place. Price $6,100; $2,500
cash, balance arranged.
General  Brokers.
Rooms   5  and  6.
Merchants   Bank   Building,
Corner Columbia and Begbie Streets
Phone 686.
Men Wanted
South Westminster Pho.ie F507
160 acres of good land under crop,
with 30 chains of waterfront. Price
only  $500 per  acre, on  terms.
To go to work at once.    30 cents p��r
hour.    Apply immediately.
Hassam Paving Co.
Columbia St., City.
14 acres excellent land with house
and buildings, with 21 chains waterfrontage. Railway through property.   Price $8000, quarter cash.
160 acres nearby all cultivated, exc 1-
lent land, waterfrontage North Arm,
near city.
40 acres, with waterfront. Sunbury.
Good terms.
E.M. Carncross & Co
Real Estate
Insurance, Loans, Conveyancing
Notaries Public
Surrey Farm Lands a Specialty
Local Agents:
Cloverdale   Improvement  Co.,
Ltd., and F. J. Hart ti. Co., Ltd.
Cloverdale, B. C.     L. D. Phone.
June 20 to July 2 under t
of F.  R.  Benson,   tl      wel|
Shakespearean actor   in the
of Fulham Palace, t)le py
don's residence.
First  there  is to  be a   <   j
scenes portraying the war-Ufof
the inhabitants of   anclenl
Following  this  there will beal
representing the Roman km
then will come ten hletorfc ��i
between 510 and 1645 >.*
The   next  part   will  have ltlJ
"Stories of the Regiments in fi
Fights."    The     Battli     0| bul
I (June 27, 17431  was the last ji
I wliich a British sovereign wajl
j ent in  person, and   In   the pj
George 11. will be a | romlnent]
A  leading Incident  to be   jmrJ
Is the gallant fight by Trooper]
for the  standard et    the Third I
sars.    Dropped by a woundrd l
the flag was picked up by llrowrf
In   turn   taken,    pi lon ot
Frenchman. Blown rode off inl
suit, killed the gendarme anil
captured the standard, receiving
merous wounds during the encoi
Sir John Moon's death oni
sands of Corunna will form au|
episode. Still another spwt:tcle|
be the storming of Iladajoz,
Lieut. Macpherson tore down)
French tricolor from the topi
tower of the fortress and replacj
with his own red jacket In lief
the Union Jack as aa] thafl
place was won.
Man   Electrocuted.
Corner Columbia and  Begbie  Streets.
Phone 680.
6 Lots in West End for $2,100.
Fort     William.    April IT.���Jo
Lynch  was electrocuted here ye
day   while   assisting  in rem
lamp from a post.
Water   Works   for   Edmonds Distj
One   acre   waterfront,    quarter   mile
from Lulu Island bridge.
40  feet   waterfront,    three     minutes
from bridge.   $50 per foot.
Apply for terms.
Estate Office.
South Westminster Phone F507
Full   sized   lot   on   car   line   near   Sev
enth avenue;  $760 cash.
Kennedy  Subdivision  acreage  st  $225
per acre;   near the tram  line.
Surrey ��� 10 acres in section 34;
house, barn, and several acres
cleared; price $.1Ta.
Some very good lots in Sapperton;
near tram line and school; below
market   value.    Suburban   1   and   2,
Corner Columbia and  Begbie  Streets.
Phone 680.
TENDERS for ;; ������ -11 ole or in]
will  be received by the undersij
l.p to 5 p.m.. on Thursday, AprlJ
1910. for:   (a)   The construction
stave  water  tank, trestle tof��,l
ing mains, pun p connection m\<M
I fittings thereto; lb) For the cowl
I tion of 6 Incl    '.l i Inch wire wq
stave   pipe,  distributing   mains
I the necea ������     ���    ''   :11,1 othl
: tings.
Spectflcatloi ",
der. etc.. can bt een ���' lhe Ml",'1
hall, Edmonds, Burnaby, B. Ll
tween the hout n ' a ��� af
p.m.   A deposit of an amount equl
r, per cent of tl ntracl price i
,bo made with each tender by-ma
cheque payable to the t'orporatiol
1 Burnaby.    The lowesl or nny ��el
not necessarily accepted. L
Municipal Hull. Edmonds, B.C.,
April 16, 1910.
Dominion Trust
Co., Ltd.
T.   R.   PEARSON,
Manager  N.  W.  Branch.
625 Columbia Street
New   Westminster,   B.   C.
And  at  336   Hastings  St.,  W.
Vancouver, B. C.    Phone 3650
South Westminster Phone F507
Acreage  and  half  acres;   near  train.
Easy terms.   South Westminster.
Five  and two acre blocks and    cutoffs.    Kasy terms.
35 City Lots. Scott Road station.
$150, third cash, balance 6, 12, and
18 months.
15 Acre farm; well stocked and ln
good cultivation; with furniture
and equipment.   Kasy terms.
120  Acres;   $200 per  acre;   close In.
Good terms.
15 Acres; all under ciop: 6 cows,
horses and equipment; $,',000; $2000
cash, remainder on terms.
Droprletress. Mrs. M. Domlny.
132 Feet on Columbia street, New
Westminster; excellent view; double corner, with residence.
Two excellent lots; North Vancouver;
double corner; $100 cash, balanco to
40 ft. Waterfront ;three minutes from
tho bridge;  $50 per foot.
Real Estate Office. Phone F. 507
South Westminster.
Surrey! Surrey!
Close to Hjorth Road on Clover Valley Road;
G. N. Railway passes through property; close
to Tynehead Station, Sawmill and Brickyard.
25 Acres at $300 per acre. Sub-divided into
3-acre blocks. Cheapest buy in this section.
Only $3000 Cash required, balance very easy.
National Finance Company, Ltd.
N. H. McQUARRlE, Local Manager
Real Estate, Loans and Insurance
Phone 515   -   Curtis Block   -   657 Columbia St. ru��SD,v
APRIL 19. m��-
|W0 Crates of
Just In
from   $2.25
Appearance   of   the    Heavens   When
Earth  Whizzes  Through   Comet's
Tail May Be Awful.
Says Andre, director or the Lyons
observatory. "You must not be astonished if Halley's comet shows an
| aspect as strange and stranger than
anything  ever   seen   before."
What effect the adventure will have
upon the earth is disputed. Comets
are little understood. There tire Instruments which can detect their
;ht and Instruments which partla'
Promises to Be a Factor in the Total
Production of Canada.
Mi ntreal,    April   18.���Canada   has
b 'en  a  pro luo i   of  .old  for  many
years, the ore having been first discovered In Nova Scotia, aud tbe won-,
derful outpul of the Yukon Is known |
to every oi        in  1908   the   value  of |
.old mined in Canada was J9.559.274.
In manj   p irta ol  Qu    ec gold baa j
In en found i.i paying quantities, and,
with Im] roved s of operating,
the province gives pro il e of becoming a lai; I ;n the production
of that precious metal New dlscov-
erles are being made frequently
.throughout the province, and this
year will see tiie organization of
I many new compan - tor exploration
aud developmi
About fifty n.i i of the city
| ot Qui bee, in 1 rj  of Beauce,
1.  an aurifei ous . formed by the
valley  of the  Chaudiere river.    The
rniiniiTfUl TO l/l IHinitfE     Ottawa. April 18-The Department
EDMONTON TO  KLONDlht of the interior has Issued a new home-
Chicago, April IS.���Louis Swifts
president of tin. SwiTt Packing company, of Chicago, has announced that.
^  the  products  of  that  company   werw
lands already tuken up ana ui�� um-  being withdrawn from the Great Brl-
Corporal   Darling   Is  Making   Prepara-   _uu[ y^ avallftWe for yeUlement. Out ��� tain  markets  of  trade.
of a total  area of  1134,894,320  acres,!    The Swift company is probably the
the surveyed area ls now 145,249.985   largest shipper of meats and packed
area  under  home
stead map of the prairie provinces,
showing at a glance the disposal of
lands already taken up and the mo
tions for Arduous Journey Through
Northern  Wilds.
Edmonton. April IS.���The patrol of
the trail through the mountains from
Edmonton to the Klondyke, one of and lands otherwls
the many teats of mounted poilce
work, will be undertaken this summer
by Corp. Darling, a strapping Scotch
officer who has been with the mounted police loree for only live years,
but who has in those live years seen
Borne tough service In the Peace River
district, and  along the  line  of  con
acres. The total _..
stead entry, Including patented homesteads, Is 44,027,000 acres. Railway
grant lands total 31,804,074 acres;
school lands, 7,948.500 acres; Hudson's Bay Co. lands, (1,5115,000 acres,
^^^^^ disposed of, 11,-
490,100 acres. The total area under
(train cop last year was 11,960,000
acres, of which the area under wheat
was 0,878,000 acres,, producing 147.-
000,000 bushels. The total area cultivated ls only as yet about one-twelfth
of the total surveyed area, considerably less than one third of tlie homestead land, and about one-twenty-
eighth of the total land area.
>Westminster, B.C.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^    fiilil   Iim:;.1    . :1.      lt
lv show their composition, but bey md   Is estimated thai II I        production j "r"'^"' ^"the"Grand Trunk Pacific
those known facts each scientist has a  of this district, altli orked here-( f t      Kl���,ld>Ke trail la
different explanation. ] f���J* ��� *    - ' "^^S . accom, Led but seldom.    Parties of
01 jfr . ,. ,    ,    ���.���n I mounted  police  in  charge  ol   Inspec-
���e Solo ol   B    ���     .        ���   Is gen- bav/made u,e trip several tiines
."all)   ��� turs,   i ���  deptb   hml   },;vr   suffier( ,   lKll.dslli,,s   which
'-as lens, and what appears to be a   ranging trom u   ew fi   . Eeet* 1 fell more commonly to the lot of the      ��������� -   -    ----..       ....    ,    -
S L, in reality, only the pencil of  The ^argest ^ ,        were j*[ = mesteJ_poiice, m-fre- Gatto. who ^J^^ftA"
A  recent  theory is that, the comet
nucleus or head Is slmpiy an enormous
Originated Idea of Giving Oyster With
Every Drink.
goods into the English centres, and to
have it withdraw its products will
greatly add to the scarcity of food
and meat, products in England.
Tbe reasons  given  for  this  action
on  the  part  of  the  hlg packing company was because of the fact that the-
| meat supply in the United States was
decreasing    In    the quantity of    the
! meat   products   being   put  out.     The
revenue  from   meat   supply   imported
'from the  l'nited  Slates into  England
i.i much lower than that which would
be   seemed   from   the   users   on   this
side of  the  water.    The  time  when
the supply would he cul off from the
British   markets was  nol   announced
by the meat, king, but it  is probable
] the Swift supply, which is considered
the Unrest   to  England, will  be cut
'down   In  the   near   future,    and   tho-
trade entirely broken up during the
present  year.
Louisville.   Ky.
April     IS���Larry
and   second Hand    Fum-
'N  m Bought and  Sold
hoents ^   B /ne.'   Carnages
If Capital   M��k   Separators
Second-Hand    Bicycles    from
$10  to   $25.00
concentrated   sunlight  such    as  pro- ,    ,    ..   , .
to be loimd all at ms In
ceeds from an   or,Unary    searchlight.  tl)e chaudiere valley, over an area of
Outside of this pencil we can see its   1,500  square
length.    But once in it. we would oh-1 fertile,  well
serve only an Inci 1 ase In the heal and
brilliancy of the sunlight.
Under  this  theory  the  only  effect
,    a further conslgnmenl or tie world'a
���,���,,-  i���   ti,���  e-uii.r  davs  than   In  oyster witli every onnK aim u��ub a|fe   , typeWriters has Jusi arrived. Call
? ���    ' .    i   advanetn.   s'ule- fortune in his model saloon as a re- ��� ,,���,,��� a! 74C Columbia street
the present time oi advwicings 1  _e-     ^   ^ ^ ^^ ^ .^ dlaea8e. j ancy *^ ^^ ^ u  (.   ,.,   Ky^.ir
TM*  ,-,.con   U  ment "f ^ country.    The  patrol of
'tb,!:,. .���'   SbJlthe Klondyke trail is one.ot the re
that will be noticed May is will
that the sunshine, will fairly burn one.
But In the shade it should be fairly
lf the. comet's tall Is of gas. at least
the gas Is much diluted. Some observers fear the deadly cyanogen gas,
which, if thick, would stifle all breathing things at once. Diluted, such a
gas might turn the whole world ��� r;
sick to Its stomach for two or tl ee
. ..ran predict a display of electrical
phenomena, tremendous, bul harmless
m , as the aurora borealls.   Deslandres, a
.^^���^���������������������������������������y [Frenchman, says the tall is made up
Front ij
Phone 275
; ood roadi and In proxlmltj to railways. Then nu is quartz
veins, b 11 1 old In lai quantity is nol found. In 1906 gold was
dl icoi 11 ed in qu irtz ln the township
1' Marston, near Lake Megantic and
considerable development has been
done In that  district.
Minim: rights for gold on properties in the. Chaudiere gold district, in
the vicinity of Beauceville, P, Q., were
sold on January l. last, after an ex-
ha 11 tive exploration, to a strongly
��� ; . ,1 company for J150.000, aud
practical work Is now in progress.
suit, died last night of heart dis. ase.
_ (latto   started   as   I   boo:bl;i<'!;.     He
:  duties of the police that lai would not allow one man to he Intro-
.till accomplished by  hardship, even duced   to    another    in   his    saloon,
danger to a certain extent. would not  allow treating, and  would!
Corporal Darling will make the pat-  nol sell to a man who was known to |    A payment of Jjr, procures a lot in
rol clear  through to    White  Horse, be Intoxicated.   He was the owner of  South Westminster from  Hale  Bros.
"  the Louisville Baseball  club  when  it   &  Kennedy. Ltd.    These lots are ir*
"���"  > "...   ���  ���
from Edmonton.   He is of the class ol
1).  C.
(lineral Waters
Aerated Waters
Manufactured by
I. phone 13, Off?* E'9"h St
of cathode rays, whicn   touching our'    ' ��'",'".
: atmosphere   would become X-rays er graceful reply from President Taft de
great intensity.    The effect of x-rays " ��"*0"tn1"R ���� nersona
upon air is to wiing the water out
1 of it. So we may be soaked with
deluges of rain during our comet bath.
Some believe the cornel's tail is intensely hot. But this heat must be
thinly distributed, owing to the filmy
character of the tall.    Moreover, the    ��   tne   omcia.   ����.�������  ��.  ���*���**���_-, ������������.���,���_  1
earth  has an enveloping blank,,  of that his address had been Interrupt ed 1 the mo untelns t
���.     - __., ���   by a manifestation of  dissent    from : occupy the entu
the  views  he  voiced on  woman suf-   ""  "nvth  throng
frage was read to the convention to
day and enthusiastically received '"
daring that he entertains no personal
feeling in connection with the hissing
episode at the Suffragist convention
on Thursday night marked yesterday's
session of the convention of the National American Woman's Suffrage
association. The president's response
to   the   official   expression   of  regret
cool air to save it.    The foundryinan
(can wet his finger and plunge tt safe-
1,   Into molten iron,    Tbe air blanket
would  art  like a  water  Jacket.
There Is a chance yet that we won't  tnc delegates,
touch  the tall at. all.    The full obR'.'r-'
onion,    ne is ui mv ^...^.
sturdy manhood that will welcome the : won the pennant In ISOO
trip as one of hardship.    Darling has'
had his share of It during the short
term of his. service in the police. For
three years he patrolled the trails of
the Peace River dis: 1 let as a member
Of the Peace River detachment. Since
receiving   his  corporal's   stiipes,     be
has been in charge,  under Inspector
.Tucker,  of  the  patrol   that  is  main
I talned along the line of construction
of tbe Grand  Trunk Pacific.
j    Darling reached the city last night
from Wolf creek, where he has been
stationed at the headquarters of the
construction partol at that point.   He
1 will go to Fort Saskatchewan where
he  will   prepare   for   his   trip   to   the
I Klondyke,    lie   will   be  accompanied
by a party  of  three constables,  and
will take  a hunch  of  police  mounts
with him.
He expects that bis Journey through
to  White  Horse   will
mmm.r.     e summer.    He  will
go north  through  the  mountains  by
way of the Peace river and thc Finlay
to  the Yukon.
meat demand.
by 1 rivci
A block of 10 lots in Sapperton.   Price $225 per lot.    One
third cash, balance 6 and 12
Toronto,    today |
totals <",i ven.
Phone 5G7
fblBAntnuP, between Second av-
HKtri Third  streets.
Rfflff WESTMN8TER       - B-C'
Electric Works
We'll bo in Halley's comet's tail
over three hours. Will the effect he
proportionately awful"
Scientists  all  over
warning  nonnle  to  be  prepareu    101 |
strange sights, but not to he frightened. For as the saying gees, the
whole ilH.ooo.oun miles of its tail, condensed, "might be packed in a trunk.'
 ^^^^^^^^_ _.    'foald tribute  to    Dr  .Anna      ^^
'VaiiVhs have nol yet been taken.fTh�� �� aw and preBented a greeting from
!   (, nl calculations may show that the  the suffrapist8 0f Canada.
..U   W1U   miss   the   earth   by   a   ft*J . '    -
' ijsrs SBsJsras "j^r^, Z ZZ Z ���i
S5?�� w3�� p���� *��� '">'ln w""'��l \t_>.
itmm. PAPER HANGERS  AND   ******* ^f,^^, lilllc tU-l
Liandchil.lien. ���.,,.,!, hotnea
I ra.       IMmat   1S   llVltlV   Of   US   Ptlltll   D'lIlLS
I XJ2-    a sirh,  .he  like of which
Fn?venr before beeriseen by m n, at
least since men bave kept a
the   sun   through   the     F���"
head of a comet {   ing
I ,0t "/Bo_Jeat6M00mlieBperhour
ithrough Bpaci ai    '��� Halley b
Lu plunge into the tell o   Haiiey
Su^T^otlOB anes-|
. Tlnia    this    glODe      " "l ,
L��� ��f ^d.treKh'entlrely
A  Wise  Graft  Scheme.
Calgary,    April  18.���Several
schemes have been played by grafters
and sharks, but  the  management of
the  horse  show  experienced   one  at
| the   Auditorium   this   year  which   is
worth   telling.     The   admission   price
\ to the recent show was  .1, or %\ for
i tlie  four  days.    You  could  enter
earth  are I horse for $1,
nd  gel   a  pass for the
^        , ceveral paid the fee 101
people  to  be  prepared    for I entire show.. Sever J^,  ,.pcclv.
SUM .. .
entry, but exhibited no horse
*********- ,i
id the  pass  tor  me   ......   days,  and
buncoed the show management out of
A block of 18 full sized lots in
Burnaby, beautiful view.
Terms to suit the
Sold singly or en
$450 each,
y'--z rui^Tf
���ectrlc Light sm: passes the Coal Oil
r'|) and Gai Co ts less and givis
rouble, See u about the lighting
Mur house oi . tore.
!* Columbia St. Phone 304
miles per
miles per  seconu.  mo
Immersing herself In the celestial mist
In  less  than  three  minutes,    yet so
thick  la the tail  at   the point of per-
"you deposit vour money for
Wety In The flank of Toronto
1 Will be Bate while you leave
Uud read) when you need It.
an I It will be
ion three per cent.
Small or large sums
aay be deposited at any time.
ir for \
In o
and   tne
thick is the tan ui     .   ,
toratlon���600,000 miles���that we shall
be nearly three hours and a half pass
Ing through.
What will happen? Xo two scientists agree In detail. They are. however, practically certain there will be
no harm done to any creature of the
earth, save the harm wbicli fear does.
Hut the superstitious arc almost cer-,.
tain to he stricken with mortal terror
during that three hours.
For those three huura will show to
men the most sublime, awe inspiring
display of heavenly fireworks this
earth has witnessed sine space roared with the primordial flames of creation, the astronomers say.
But, the chalice Sl'6 it Will he nothing but light- tenitic, bul harmless,
For our sunlight during those lur, minutes will be filtered through the com-1
et's head or nucleus (the head will he
eclipsing the sun) and that head will
have just come from a bath In the wry
flames of the Bun. This gaseous
bead. r>l times ns big as our earth and
only 14,000,000 miles away (a mere
step compared even With the distance
to  the  Riinl   will   be   nulling,  fuming,
exploding, blasting, in titanic convulsions of heat after Its recent experience.
And It ls through such a lens our
sunlight must come filtered for three
bouts  and  B   half   May   18.
We did, Indeed, have one slight previous experience  with the tail  of    a
comet.   On dune 20, 1881, we snipped
through  part of the tall of Tebbet'l
"   ���""<���  ��  mere wisp of
17 lartrc lots situated in the choic
etplrt if Surrey, South Westm.n-
SilThe ideal suburban homes,! e
prL $160 per lot.    Must bo sol
en block;   adjoining   property is
selling at $250 per lot.
The Gateway of the Delta"
. .$4,000,000
... 4,750,000
Bank of Toronto
J. Oracey, Mgr.
.    nut it was n inert      -   ..
comet,    nut extreme end
'."7!'Sr. 5 000.000 miles of length
of "!' , scant 8000 miles thick.
-�� lli,1,f ' IExperience of seeing
f'" L,\ the French nstron-
""" """'""iJill. Wlode dan-
J1""    /   .....���,.,n,ii��
160 acres in section 25.
165 acres in section 18.
155 acres in section 18.
120 acres in section 12.
,i,t   hah' R(
onter Mais
omPr I.iais .   ��.   , t(J
">rn i,nd ' ���, Pc me   Suddenly Usii
The moment cam* nt nil(1(lay.
���������,. thosky turn use lnto
-ri,,,,,  there was a rapm v     ' ,
Then there wns a   ,
lurid,   phosphorescent,  yellow  and  al-
Inslantly tbe sky darkened to a
irreen, ns  If a tornado were
_ And  next   Instant,  be
fore the onserver could realize It, the
sun shone serenely again, the earth's
~>'mitp for panning through the 3,000-
up, and    Llals
fore tbe observer
minute for pan
t���Ue-thlck   hair
AH the above are on the Scott Road and the
See us for full particulars.
We Are SureSeUers.
rut With U��. ���	
We have Buyers for Houses in  all
parts of the city.   Owners apply to
Ihe British Canadian Securities
Company, Limited.
T. R. PEARSON, Manager,
Office:     The Dominion Trust
10 room house on Ash Street;
modern; will rent for $22.50 per
month.   Cash $1200, balance easy.
Cleared lot on 8th street, near
5th avenue. Cash ,700, balance 6
and 12 months.
Opposite Queens Avenue Methodist Church>3 x 132 feet.   $3000
cash, balance 6 and 12  months
This is the best buy in the city
today. ���
Symmes & CrandeU
mi Buck, iMk si.        J mors ft* mm ��M�� l
U* * ' """""" ; ���'   r ' ��� ���
I :.,
- bv.-
; !; . ml
Hii *
��� ������> ill )
ill**' "
J <������
. ���:���?,..- ���
<-0: I;
*v' <*';-k.
' :, p;: V '1. ';h".
i: ��'��� I Ml' 'I       '     ;
' flip*
If..*'   ,f:��
III r<
j;   i1
. im
:��i i
lf 1'
1 is if # i
The  Dasiy News
Published by Tbe Dally .News Publisa-
/tag Company, Limited, at their offices,
���Gorc^r   of     McKenzie   and    Victoria
<C A.  Paige Managing   Director
Attorney  for  St5te   Railway   Commissioners   Is   Impressed   With   Possibilities  of This  City.
TUESDAY,  APRIL   19,  1910.
There  have been doubts expressed
in some  quarters as  to whether the
jioliey   of   selection   and   rejection   in
regard   to   immigrants,   Initiated   by
the government this season, is a wise \
one.    Fours have been expressed that \
*>y the enforcement of the new regu- ]
lations,  the  primary  requirement of
-which is the possession of twenty-five
-dollars   by   the   newcomer,   many de-
serving  men  and  women  who would ,
make good citizens would be excluded.
There Is however no cause for any
such alarm. Whilst the monetary
qualification is necessary as a basis
���upon   which   tlie   power  of   rejection
if  necessary,  may   be exercised, this  of a few years ago
is not being enforced as a hard and j�� had ^tood  the_stock_bet_ter_tban
S.  T.  Walker,  brother-in-law of W.!
j T   Rei.!. of Reid & Co., has been on a
I visit   to   his   relations   and   left   last
night  for Seattle on his way back to
Madison, Wis.
Mr. Walker holds a high position
in Madison as attorney for the Btate
railway commission and was formerly  prosecuting  attorney.
in an interview yesterday, he said
he had been delighted with his trip
to the coast. He bad not seen his
relatives for many years. Ten years
ago he came out this way but did
not visit New Westminster. This trip
was really taken with a view to seeing some of his property in Montana.
Montana, he thought, was suffering
from the same complaint as New
Westminster and Vancouver���it was
booming ahead in great style. He
saw nothing but signs of prosperity
all through the west nnd thought it
was a happy reaction after tbe crisis
Xo part of Amer-
fast rule.    Any Immigrant physically
and mentally fit for acceptance as a
citizen of the Dominion, who can show
that be or she has employment assured,   and   has   the   requisite   means
the west. Montana was going in
heavily for fruit culture and it was
apple orchards In which his money
was invested. New Westminster, he
thought, would soon be a great manufacturing centre; he had seldom seen
a  city  whicl:  had  greater  opportunl-
to  pay  the  expenses of the  journey,  ties in it for industries, its fresh wa-
is passed by tbe Immigration officials,
.even though not possessing the sum
ni twenty-five dollars, lt is in cases
of undesirables tbat this rule as to
the monetary qualification is rigidly
enforced, lt. thus serves the excellent
purpose    of    keeping   out   any   who,
ter harbor and numerous railways
gave it splendid chances. He liked
to see the way everything was beina
done to beautify the city, and though
he found walking difficult now, he
eoul:l pre what a fine main street
Columbia street would be when lt
; was finished.   Now that he had once
A Carload of New Office Desks,
Tables and Chairs received last
week are on our sales floor today
Quarter Sawed Oak Desks-of the popular Globe-
Wernicke make; golden and rubbed dull.
Directors' Tables���Tops of beautiful quarter-sawed
oak; square, tapering legs, and the best built up
Revolving Arm Chairs and Side Chairs���that embrace several new features. Shaped wood seat,
curved back, short arms, double springs and
pressed steel construction throughout assures
both comfort and durability.
found his way out here he hoped to
Whilst perhaps otherwise lit, are not' come again s00n as he had thoroughly
likely    to    make    good    and    honest  enjoyed himself.
Some interesting examples of the
way In which tbe new regulations are
���working are furnished by a report
from Halifax, printed elsewhere. From
this it will be seen that good workmen, and honest, healthy men and
women are passed through by the immigration officials, even when they
<3o not possess the necessary twenty-
live dollars. Indeed, here and there
baVe been cases In which a kindly,
helping hand has been beld out to
the poor immigrant.   This is of course
60   YEARS'
as if should be, for the poorest of
persons are not infrequently the best
workers and the most upright of men.
It is such as these loo that Canada
needs, rather than the well-to-do individual of the take-life-easy type.
The new policy of the government
has already produced satisfactory results.    It   is no  longer to  the advantage of emlgranUon agents in various
parts of Europe to accept all and sundry who desire to get to Canada, and
pack them ofl across the Atlantic very
much   like   a   consignment   of  goods.
Nor is it now bo easy for evildoers
.ind neer-do-wells to flock hither and
either swell the lint of law breakers
of   become   a  charge   upon   the   community.    There have been too many
ci these undesirable folk coming into
)Canada in the past and it is a very
.good thing for the country that hence-
fcrtli   tbey   will   be   restricted.     Tbe
outcome   of  the  policy  of  restriction
iind selection has been that tbe vast j
proportion   of   the   immigrants   now
.arriving are of the right kind to make
good,   useful   citizens.     The   ultimate
effect will  be to a general improvement in the type and quality of Can-'
nda's people.
As a side Issue of the new policy
���we have an encouragement to new-
corners to get out in the country districts tather than to settle In cities.
This will usefully tend to prevent the
further congestion of population in
cities and people fhe broad acres that
are awaiting settlement and cultivation. Altogether the policy of the
governmenl must prove advantageous
to the country and lor this reason
will he heartily welcomed hy all.
�� Trace Marks
Anrnnc fer.a!n(f a sketch nnd description rac?
inlckly asrerifln our opinion free whetUor u.i
Invention ts probably pntmtablA Commnnloa.
ttonsstrioturronfldonluU. HANDBOOK on Patents
S*;nt froo. OMoflt ntro:ip- for BecaXtng patents.
Patents taken tnroucb Munn & Co. reoalvj
tptcial riMai, without oharge, In tho
A handsomely Ultistraf.xi weeiiiy, Largeet ctr-
mjatlou of aay BGlenuflo journ-il. Terns for
Canada,UJtS a jear.pobtu. o prepaid,   t��olct bi
-.^-.r^i I''- ������<
'J::- nil       ,;*-: :, ,
ffl- ' >
Just Think
it Over
Another Big
Suit Special
Built on the "unit" system. Tlie library may be started with one or
two sections and expanded from tiirie to time as the books increase
in number. Strictly high grade in workmanship and material, and
shown with plain glass or leaded glass  doors.
IsraiicU oaiuo. 6SS F Bt- Wajlii-.i-ju. li. C
Lees Limited
Phone 73
Successors to  Lee's Furntiure  Emporium.
716-718 Columbia st. New   Westminster
See the Showing
in our Window
An entirely new lot, the balance of a very special purchase tha;
only arrived on Saturday marked for quick sidling. Come and ev-
amine, the styles, the materials, the linings (in many ,,. es they are
silk Hindi, and the finish in these Ladies' Suits. i
garments wilh any at this figure or within ten per cent, of it from
the catalogue houses; you'll see the advantage of buying whoie you
can examine the goods���where you can see what you are uetting
for your money. Our first special only lasted a tew dayi this one
will hardly last that long, to Judge from the smart models included
in the lot.   New colors, too:  Rose, Wistaria, Saxe Blu    < Grej,
Green  Taupe and  Black  are  among tbe shades offered,
All One Price S19.75
Natural Pongee
C. N. R. Buy Steimers.
Montreal, April 18.���The Canadian
Northern Is reported to have bought
two steamships rrom Rublttlnl Bros.,
tlie biggest shipowners in Italy, who
may themselves enter the Canadian
Seven Lots on 12th St.
facing the Carline, close
to Third Ave. and the B.
C.E.R. Shops. One Third
Cash, balance six, twelve
and eighteen months. . .
35c Yard
500 yards of Natural Pongee Silk at a price thnt you will not
bo able to get it for after this lot Is sold. We are able I i ofler it
at this figure only on account of taking a large quantity. Get some
now; 20 inches wide. ...,..._.,��� ...��_ ...ff>- -���... ���
35c per Yard (
Ever wake up In the morning with that "no appetite" feeling'
That's the very time you need a well cooked meal���something that
will tickle the palate and create an appetite. For unless you d��
eat a good breakfast you can't expect to do a good day's wor
Come to the "Royal"���the season's best edibles are on the wtM'
daintily served. We  move upstairs this week.
Fruit, Cerals,  Fish, Fowl,  Eggs,    Meat ��� delicious'y      cooked     a11"
Seabold fi. Jones, Props. Dominion  Trust Block.
������������������������������*���������������������������������>��������������������� ������������������������������>���������***������������
��������<�����������������������������<>���������������*������ i��>���*������{
is is
B. C. Court Must Act.
Ottawa, April IX.���The trade nnd
commerce department will take nol
action in the habeas corpus 'cnse\
against the sixty Chinese aboard the
nine Funnel liner Protesllaus tit Vic-
tore,  puenilng  the decision  of  the
British   Columbia   court.
Thir, ls the last day of the special
price on Dinner Sets. An $18.50 for
only $14.00. You will have to hurry
to got one.
Tlie Fair
64G Columbia Street.
TvVc buy for cash and sod for the Bame.
Columbia Street.
Phone 170
���     CLOCKS
\ Chamberlin's lcl"^
Z Official  C.  P.  R. Time  Inspector.
Ryall's FACE CREAM j
I PRICE 25 Cents ���
| Ryall's Drug Store j
��� ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������*���***** 19, 1910.
page vvtm
Women's Auxiliary Did      WREN WILL SIIM     |
Good Year's Work      IN MNEGIE LiBSlK
Cup I (Continued From Page One.) Overflow   From   City's   Schools   Will     f&%\
1 S'^6 "SleiV'Wlltard
*7 III deS the owner-
P_ ,'bich
are to
I' "'      ,..., 1 in   Cup
W"l'n Cil"1"1
will  be
rf ** SST'ouI of the twenty
��    *lyed Vancouve.
, tOllir1
N-,w Westminster
',���. necessary for
men  to   win   on.
*f3,l only	
members.   Now, the new hospital is
to be considered in the near futuie.
We need more ladies to help In the
good work, which will now bo greatly
increased to furnish linen for this
.large institution. We sincerely hope
the  ladies  of  our  city  will  volunteer
Find Temporary Shelter in Laird
of   Skibo's  Gift.
��l#rs "m make  every   effort
5*    m    Lee, of t��ie Ipoal
f��WWSn&ames on account of
SVpenewtn2 are "the teams:
jV��i* Coldicutt, Grant.
W'J Watt; Vancouver
"J^Jin   Adie,   Parks   and
large nisuiuuuu. ��*<-��� diu^.^.j ..~,.~ That, the overcrowding at the dlf-
the ladies of our city will volunteer 1V|.,.in BChool8 in the clty )m reached
to join our forces as unity la.strength {act
i lurin" the year now closed we nave
held eleven regular and eight execu- that the school board yesterday ap-
tive meetings. plied for and were given permission
Following I tho list ��f lillPn 11U1" t0 U8e ""' westerly room In the Car-
chased by tbe auxiliary this year: aegle library as a schoolroom from
12 nalr blankets, 1 dozen pillows, is May 1. The following is the letter
bureau scarfs, 12 yards kitchen towel-1 wrlttei
12 uuir blankets, 1 do/.en pillows, is  May  1.     lhe following  is  tne letter
bureau scuds  12 yards kitchen towel-  written by  Rev. It. Lennle, secretary
ling' "   dozen  women's  night  gowns,;of the school board to the city coun-
6  dozen  men's night shirts. 3  dozen  ell;
table nankins, 6 table cloths. 3 do/.en  YV. A.  Duncan..
Ssy  Cloths     1   dressing  gown,     104 City Clerk.
ahoati 104 Billow covers, 13 baby! I am directed by the board of school
X o dozen small table cloths, 11 trustees to request that the city coun-
i,t   flannelette I cil grant the use of the westerly cor-,
'    president's Address. | ner room in the Carnegie library as1
ti���.   nrnsldent   read   the   following a schoolroom from May 1 next.   The
i neiroit"
-iris'    department,    ol    the    Central
l'uUes  and  Qentlemen:-I  rise to school  is so crowded  that  an ad.ii-
__~ 2 SS fi^dsaUVi.-SfWSffi
sr'.-jLS. i ��*--sis-r -*��"-
BeMreB   Welsh,  being  first  vice presl-j    The request was granted.
I dent    I   consulted   upon the   methods:	
r  I used   in   the   past,   and   1   found   her  . =
GUARANTEE GARNISHED  most^ eP^   BecQn6 vi(.0 president, i the tea ro0ms kindly loaned to us by
was the most Indefatigable worker r,ll(, ].,���.,,| Council of Wowen and we
ever came In contact with.   Our thirdjinstituted a lunch room in the main
J*-New   York-Boston
Utl^^JchicagoSt.  Louis;
it.  H. E.'
3      4      0
.,      i      '��
,,.,/arpS   FIGHT
|tf" RICKAB;DS.J-J nAf
��� l.   \nril IS.���Senator    Big
1,^ .ork. Apt it possession
.   lalllVaDS h which "Tex"  Rlck-
l       :-,;'-';., , when bid-
^���JjSSSSlw. fight,
lor l       , , ,e in the supreme
_?thl8Sy   Hewassubpenaed
��*"������   Who   wanted   "Big
l^'Xllm or not he had
I t0 tfl1 i nlnnrina    to
t much   money     belonging
frty it should not be paid out of
feUbaum remarked that if
Si.ln-twi.lMo he examined
las; y;ttr:s
���lv.  No definite action was an-
ever eaun- iu ..j,,......
vice president.  Mrs.  Kothwell, alwi
vice president, .Mrs. iwumu,, ��.....,��� bulling for ourselves at tbe Agricul-
assisted in her own pleasant way. Our ,tura[ j;ii,.
excellent   treasuivr,   Mrs.   Ferguson,     Two donations were given In money
who, 1 am  happy to say, is with us   during   the   v(Uri   b(jsl(les   llK.  fees,
again for the coming year, has been These were from Mis. P. J. Hart and
invaluable to the auxiliary, in the me-  Miss Myers-Gray.
...~.n,..,i    fulfilment   of   her   difficult j'  ^nd iiow a word for our most effl-
THE   way   M-L   Paints   are
made, thc factory-tests they
get, and the materials that
make them, gives you most for
your money in a can labelled
Made In 40 shade .    El    ��
for every uso  paint     IWlBMJ
eon HTY6, indoors or
out     I'over ��s much
ami   )a,t   LONGER    _
than    other    paints.
A��k your dealer why   Uaintc
��� und read the guar-    J^ {1111 IkP
antes iu his atore.
Never sold in bulk-always in tins.
Made by Imperial Varnish and
Color Co., Limited, of Toronto.
Sold locally by
Agents for New West
minster and District.
Six-room, one and one-half storey
Cottage in the West Knd. All modern conveniences. Faces a 66 foot
street and backs on a 50-foot lane.
Price %2AWY, $300 cash, balance ?15
j;er month.
Phone  85.-628  nnd 746 Columbia St.
llivaiuauit: nj .... ., ..
thodlcal   fulfilment   of   her   difficult!    Alm . uw a wuu   ^  ^    ^      	
task.   Also Miss Armstrong, who has clent matron, Miss Martin," who"gives
performed her  somewhat arduous la- any amounl of hard, intelligent work
'-  -   most credit-1 jn )ler most difficult and responsible
position,  and   we   may   consider  our-
bors  as  secretary,  in
able manner.
Madame Goulet, as convener of the
^^^^^^^^^^ IIOSlHUll,    una     .. \.
Madame Goulet, as convener ui ^|selves and the city fortunate in pos
amusement committee, has given most I geggw )ier services.
I-   in   her  own  inimitable,    j   Inust  Bay she  ha
ssing   ncr se, > ,mo.
1   must say she has a staff of th
���"*���-������ most cheerful, untiring young ladies
Mrs.   David   Walker,   as   convener t0  as8ist   lu,r     x  could  not  .ulinire
of the sewing committee, has had her | thelr patlent assiduity too much, when
IDPy   n   ni     *r.m,Lu,  woo  ���n
ainusemeiii iwi.i,....
excellent help in  her own inimitable
hands   full,  and   been
over it
quite    happy I a niemi,er 0f nly own family was an
inmate.   That was before 1 filled my
lloate Carlo, April IS.���The season
6. Is ffanlng, Manj Americans have
(turned to Paris. No American dls-
.���. the bank this season by win-
<ii;a coslderable sum.
PTheonly sem il was the winning
Jl;. Hungarl ui ci ml of 500,000
HtMCS ($100,000) in one day's play at
l! no has had an ttn-
ll on.    The  re-
|. th, end of March were 3,-
iW.iMtranop ($600,000) above those
] r ��� . : . season, The share-
is expeel receive ;i dividend
W.      ire i oson, a dividend
'!' ������ ��� ' in tl al of iftsl year. The
Bbmmnoniinally worth |300. At
,;' " ���- market price they are
wrili over il.	
'er il- i inmate.   That was d; .:.��� ,  m < ,,  ...
The buying committee. Mrs. Bel- present omc(?r { ion>t think) though
yea and Mrs. Anderson, have used eX- lhev need a woman-8 pralae very
tremely good judgment in the judl-imuchi Miss MarUn onlv sUuids ln
clous and economic disbursements of danger of losing them, because the
fU!1(ls- opposite sex thinks so highly of them;
Although Mrs. Harold Gordon was ,md Uu,se young lm,n are wlsG in
not an officer last year, she gave their generation, for no women make
freely of her experience gathered In better wives than those who have
past years. -      _  ^    | been   trained   to   some   definite   line
Now is the time
to Kodak. Full
supplies ^^^
Cameras and Photo
Cheapest place
in the city for
What's the Use
What's the use of having a nice
garden, and the hens scratching
it all up?
What's the use of having hens
if you don't keep them home.
Try   us   for   wire   netting   and
Calgary, April IT.���Howard Douglas
Commissioner of Dominion parks, is at
P'esent in Edaionton, securing specimen* of buffalo, musk ox, mountain
joatai.i othi - ids of big game anl-
���b, which wil ��� e sent trom Calgary
"ulie Internali mai exhibition at Brus-
N��,Belgium, which will open on May
1 Mr. Douglo states that the reminder of the ;. ilfalo herd purchased
'? the Domini..,1 government    from
-. ���������. uutnlalon government from
Michael Pablo of Montana, will be
BCelved earl) In May and will be
feed in the buffalo park at Wain-
Ptelit. The number of animals to be
���ctivoci is about 100 and with thc
��lf cr ^^
���W number
"up of this year will bring th
number of buffalo in  the parK
1 up io 1,000.
,Ris will constitute the largest col-
��i'nn of not only buffalo, but of any
Md of wild animals In the world.
past years.
We have over one hundred ladles j ^^1^ whether it is i,    ,',������,..   ,
in our auxiliary, and It would he In-  ,chool,  an   h      Ua,    _   pro'ess�� *^'
vldlous to pick out one or two, where matter not wh!lt��� s0 ^ ��� "'JJ
so many have given us of their best WOmen ham the value of time, monev
in   help  and  encouragement. 'and health
,  Th0i:"  ��.f   ,,,;;  a"xlllarX   Wh��  W    Another'thing I would like to bring
been   lax    n   attending    the    monthly   hl,fore yQU  R ^ bpen .        *
meetings, I hope will mend their ways for a lon    u d ^       '
and come among u u often as they  have       ken t() me   b   t (
can   thus   strengthenUig  our hands, ,a.   thal ^       Bame m fa'   he^th
and enwura^ng us when we feel we giri8  of  ours  slumM  m   be  call d
are   accomplishing   so   little,   while upon t0 minister l0 th ,       A ,.
there Is still so much to be done |ati,s     As SQ ()f t)_,su .^ Uwh
Only three enterprises have been Dled wilh tuberculo8ls in some form
.taken up during the year to raise or othel., whv shoulli nnt thp Tuber.
.money for the InBtiutlon. culosla   Boclety,   which   is   properly
| The llrst. a garde,, party at the equipped for 'the handling of Bucii
residence of the president, to wh ch \pauent8, care for them, ln cases of
tbe patrons ot the Royal Columbian typhoid and other diseases, if the ex-
hospltal and their friends responded lgencleB of Humanity call for their
most generously, making it an unusual preBence in the Royal Columbia bos-
BUCCess for an affair oi  Its kind. pltal)   whv   sl,ou)d   ���������.   I10t   have   .,
The second, an excursion to Ladner, ward U) thetaselve8, with attendants
where the steamer Transfer, laden of ,hpil. own r.K.P? Everyone who
with passengers on pleasure bent, was , knows anything of India, for instance,
met by an equally large and Jovial wilI kmnv _ere Would be no herding
assembly of Ladner and Delta resf- of ,he umdus there with the white
dents.   We have to think Mr. Calvert,   population.
and   Mr.   Lambert,   of   Ladner,   who      There  should   be   also   a   resident
kindly took all the trouble of organ-   doctor,  or  at   leapt  a    good    strong
lzlng off the  hands of the auxiliary,  OTdo,iv for n[p[tt ^or^ to cope with
and we had only to land there and en-jmroll  ca8ea as delirium tremens and
joy   ourselves.     Volunteer   music   on|otj1(M. violent  cases, for persons thus
this occasion was kindly given by the   nffficted   seem  to  be  at   their  worst
Mackness    Brothers.     Frank    Major,   during  the hours  of darkness.
and  Master  Bond, of  New Westinin-      j  wis)l ((1 rcf0|. t0 a  suggestion by
ster, and Miss Minerva Smith, of Lad-  our  asU,te treasurer,  Mrs.  Ferguson,
ner.      Mrs.    Thornbur    very    kindly   vi/ . ���.���\y,iy no, tai<e, $fji��o of our snr-
assisted  on  this occasion, as at the   [)lllR     I1U{    it  ln   {tl0   savings   bank,
garden party also, assisted In raising L^ere it will draw some Interest, and
tbe   funds   by   giving   some   of dier i keep  it  towards  furnishing  the new-
clever readings in palmistry, iwing?"    Very good!    If in the mean-
In the third Instance we took over|tinie wr (,a!; earn sufficient  to keep
 ���a I things going in the institution.
1 must now thank the ladies and
gentlemen who have so kindly come
together to give us Clod-speed, and 1
pray that the blessings of the rich
and needy may rest upon I hem and
all   who  assist   In  this or  any  other
President  Royal  Columbian  Hospital
Xew  Westminster,  II.  C,  April   IS
T,i 10
Spectacles 50 cents up      -^ j#Trapp & Co., Ltd.
D. S. Curtis & Co.
The Timberland Lumber Company,  Ltd.
������ ������ - - ��� ��� ������ ^     r\rr
saw *****������	
Give us
Fir, Cedar and Spruce Lumber,Rough, Dressed and Kiln Dried, Dimension Timber and Shingles, Cedar Poles and Piling in any quantity.
.   Ask Us for Prices
Office, Room 8, Thompson Blk. New  Westminster,  B.  C.
A. J. CRAIG, Man. Director P. O. Box 953
....innni;      AND    UPRIVER
For CHILLIWACK L��>,;-..
U Will Buy Section 13, Block
K  5, Range 1 W., in Surrey-
W  About 157 Acres.   .    ���    ���
M.rch..U B��fc BU(.  H��W���tatar
,   A BASKET F^LLlllflff
C  clean. iW-JJjB
HM.4* obtainedivMW
the toll and hall theiUne
if sunlight Soap Is uiea.
tJellleofyourfo^9'  >
Follow direction*.
The Very Best Flour Made
Every Sack Guaranteed
$1.85 Per Sack	
3 lbs Creamery
Butter $1.00
3 lbs People's
Blend Ceylon
Tea $1.00
The People's Grocer
^      /.     _,.,��'. wharf   New Westminster
-��- "-IBSPBJSS.. WRJjTO *%-*
Leave  Now Westminster Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 8 a. m.
Leave Chilliwack Wednesday, Friday atad Sunday at 7 a. m.
PHONE 193 and 443
Sapperton MM>��a 373
Why You Should Insure Against Lawsuits |
W OHKMEN can sue you without cost to themselves, ancl tbey have
fc VERYTHIXG to gnln and small chance to lose by so doing.
BR.SONS other  than  employees  nccldontally injured    about    the
premises invariably sue tor damages,
\ EGAUDIjKSS of their own resixmsibillty  for the  accident, or the
k       existence of negligcnco on tbo part of others.
| N the slightest pretext employees may sue you, even for accidents
* caused by the negligence of a fellow-workman, and
rHE suit may be brought against you long after the occurrence of
the accident by which hc was Injured.
5* MPLOYEHS and business men can ill afford to assume the risk
��� of this ever-increasing and uncertain liability.
* RED1T of otherwise responsible manufacturers and business firms
.*       ls sometimes seriously Impaired by such damage suits.
I" O go to law means lass of time,  money,  endless  annoyance  and
��� worry.
YOUR profits may be seriously curtailed as a result of accident unless you are insured.
ONLY Insurance against such risks will enable you to fix and re luce
your expenses to a minimum.
UNDER the protection of a Liability Policy ln the Railway Passengers' Assurance Company you wlll save money and time and
be  relieved  from  all  such annoyances .
Phane 62.    "The Insurance Man"    657 Columbia PAGE SIX.
N ��� ���>t* *���
19. 1910.
��� Si ^!- "
,Wi,. S'
?;" -"li.��� ������!���
|y| .��'���.
I m f fil
Council met in the Town Hall Surrey Centre, April IG, the ree\e and
all members being present.
Communications were received as
follows: I ,   .
From C. S. Keith, District Registrar, ' Dominion
a notice that a caveat had been lodged |
by T. J. Trapp against Lots 10 to 27, i
block 1.    Received.
Prom II. E. Young, provincial secretary, re proposed plans of subdivision of part of Lot 3S9 A, Group 2.
saying tlie matter would receive very
careful consideration.    Received.
From A. H. MacNeill, re hauling
gravel for the Municipal council, say-
Government Exercises Great Care to Prevent
Undesirables From Landing���Fitness is the Chief
Consideration���Farm Laborers Welcomed.
Halifax,  X.S., April  18.���A fair un-, very    forbidding    appearance,
derstanding of the effect the new im- j were not going to farm labor and they
had no sealed idea of any other form
0ur   Sheet   Mu,ic
Going  Fast.   6
for 25c.
Call Before
is Al
the present time.    Received. landed at Halifax, and as the effective   ble  to  become ^^^^    .
From I, E. Woods saying he refused provisions of tbe new act which pass-   were not all of that already, that they
o pay for any work done on his por- ed the House just prior to the Easter   were sent into detention and will be
tion of the Coast Meridian ditch until ,,.,., Ss are being enforced under Order-  deported.
the work below his is done according in-council. excellent opportunity    was ;     Thus was the principle of restriction
to the award.    Received. afforded for exemplification of the in-   as now being practiced by the govern
Tho clerk was instructed to write fluence which the government's new ! ment exemplified; that of selection ol
to the medical health officer to com- policy of selection and restriction as the desirable was made just as con-
pel  the late tenants to clean up the   relates   to   the   admission   of    iininl-   splcuously  apparent.
grants, is destined to exert on the citi- An  Interesting Case.
ztnship  of the  future. On young woman, robust and strong
An  Effective  Restriction. ' leading a little boy four or five years
As a large percentage of the citizens   of age,  presented  herself  before the
of Canada in the years to come will be  examining   inspector.     She   had   just
people  born   in  oilier  countries  than   11.40  and  a  railroad   ticket,  but  she |
Canada, the effect, whether elevating  was able to justify tbe Inquisitive of
public   hall   and   grounds   and   place
same in a sanitary condition.
The clerk was instructor! to write
tlie superintendent of the G. N. Ry..
asking him if they will supervise the
putting in of a flood-box under their
track at South 'Westminster and supply the necessary ballast for the fill,
same to he done as soon as possible,
before high water in the Fraser river,
so as to prevent the lands being
J. H.
Music Store
New Westminster, E.^
White Star--Do3
Canadian Service
The   reeve   and   Councillors   Keary  ted to become citizens
or lowering, wliich the introduction of ficial that the lad was the child of a
these people into the country will have dead sister who had been left to her,
on the  citizenship of Canada  will   be as   the   only  relative,   to   raise.     She
determined   by  the care  exercised in was also able  to establish  by  doeu-
choosing those who are to be permit- mentary evidence that she was going
iaA    ir,    Ko^nnin    r.\i \-rr.r,e, tn    ���>..    >. o t> ,. ������*..!    ...... i �� i ,. ..     ...
and Johnson  wore  appointed  a  committee   to   interview   the   settlors
to a
n assured position as a domestic.
������������#������������������������������������������������������������<>���'���'���������������������������������������������������������������>��� jNorth Bluff ro a road in from Crescent
�� I Station, on April 23, at 3 o'clock p.m.
The fol'owing accounts were paid:
The Columbian  Co., Ltd.,  advertis-
��� i ing. $1.30; William Hicks, work C. V.'of the
J j road, Ward 1, $10; William Soomann
work on ditch at south west, Ward 2
to take
and    get I
I next to tne prices
'or Furniture at
Home Furnishers
\43>45 Sixth St.
New Westminster\
.,...,,..>     wvueuo. "���   ""   ��=ou��eu   |�����iiuii   iin   il   UIUUCBUU
Out of this patent condition and to   She was sent on her  way rejoicing,
at   insure that the influence exerted shall after the inspector had taken steps to
be elevating, the policy of selection of see that tlie steamship company pro-
tbe desirable and restriction of the uu-   Wded  her   with  provisions    for    the
desirable  elements  was  evolved.    As journey.     She  was  going somewhere
an instrument for the accomplishment away  out   west,   but   there   wasn't   a
"     results   desired,    tbe    money doubt in the mind of the immigration
qualification provided for in the regu- agent that she would be an asset to
,     _,  latlon   under   the   act   requiring  that Canada.
George M. Thrift, work on Mill   immigrants  have In  their possession, i                     Had Only $6.45.
wnrH k   no                                    ou landing, twenty-five dollars of their '    Again,  a strapping,   fine  appearing
own money, was availed of.   Its effec- man faced the inspector.   Anxiety was
tivencss  was  well  illustrated  by  the written in every feature and his hand
experience of the Halifax immigration trembled  so   violently  he  could   wilh
officials  during the week  which  saw difficulty pass his health certificate to
the  first   large  bunch  of  immigrants
this season.
  Painstaking Examination.
Policies Issued on Lives Estimated at      Of the total number of passengers
S\fi88,020,489 Last Year. landed   by  the  steamships  at  Halifax
' during   the   week,   considerably     less
Montreal to Liverpool
Triple   screw,   14,900 tons.
Twin    screw,    14.900   tons.
largest   and   most   modern,
comm odation  equal to any'crtJ
ing  the  Atlantic.
For Rates and TiUets Apply t0
C. P. R. Passenger Station
���  ______
road, Ward 5,   .12
Council then adjourned
again on Saturday, Maj
o'clock p.m.
to    meet
7,    at    1
the official, so fearful was he that hi
would not get through. Frankly he
confessed his short-coming in money
matters; he had just $f>.45, and he
just as frankly admitted lie had no
assured   employment   to   go   to.     He
Everybody knows that ubiquitous ln-1., ���    ��� .   , ��� ���������   ���  o-  -��.    *��
dividual, the life insurance agent    He        "��� U'u 1>er Cent Were Canadlan8 '<> lla(1 u wealth of feverish ambition to
may   he   Imported  or   Indigenous    but Uu       g f""U abroad-    The re8t-  with eot a cllMce to work in Canada, bow-
�����  ^ ithe exception of a few who were en ever, and as he bad a railroad ticket
route to the  United States, were ap- to   some   farming  community  out   in
| he is everywhere, and the sun never
j sets on his activities
cularly busy ln^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
ling the year 1909.    Representing 180
! con
! pol
t.......  m  me  cnuea states, were ap- io   some   farming  community  out   In
Ivltles.   He was parti- ]ptcant8 for original entrance into Can- Saskatchewan  or  Alberta,   where he
the United States dur-  .i(,..     A,, were subject0(i to a careful said he was going to seek farm work.
109.   Representing isim , ��i.... r   .,._  ������   .    ��� - ���
Transfer toi
Wince 'Phone 115.      B:irn 'Plione 1.
Columbia  Street
Baggage   deliverer!   promptly  to}
any part of the city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
,  , ���       scrutiny   rrom  the  first  class  to  the
upanies  he wrote  ?1,688,020,489 In  8lee but the Bteerage passengers
cles, some   .200,000,000 in excess i^ I)nrticillar who are _ classified as
the record lor inns
scrutiny  from  the  first  class  to  the and was just the sort of a chap a thorn
-s sand   farmers  out  in     that    country
in particular who are all classified as would like to get a chance to hire  he
, immigrants and who numbered 3,5()0 was not detained long     The expres
 , ��� -,U11C .,������.   iL lUKeS some  T,''   PatostaWngly   examined   as   to sion of gratitude tbat  came into the
hustling for the generality of them to "tness for admission, physically, face of that fine, manly, fellow when
  . .< ��� . " ���     I"l . i-i 1 1   f   ���.   1   I   \ ��� IIIIM'.i   lilt flna��ai.ll_ ������ * t . I , I 1  _.. I
of the record for l'J08
The policyholders   were
busy at the same time,   lt takes some
-    inientally, morally, financially,'as well  told he  was welcome,  was  such  ..���
meet their premiums, but they work- Lg in ot'i,er respects, calculated to de-   must have made the red blood tingle
ed   nobly,  paying    in   $a64,7S5,ti9t>,  a ' tt rmine whether they were desirable   1" Ihe veins of the inspector,
gain   of   $U>,uOO,000 over   what   they j 0). undos*j,.ab|e " I    "That fellow will be working on a
paid in 1008.   Interest and other pay-j    If ,he rnaIe immi6rant  was able to   'arm   the   day  after  he   gets  oil'  the ,730  FOURTH  ST.
, show be was going to settle on land or   train,"   observed   the   official,   as  he
tlie!to assured employment on a farm or, turned to the next applicant
ments swelled the income of tlie companies  lo    $747,294,985.    During
Teaming' md Ex*
���������;    t-> as.-aired  employment on a farm or! turned to the next applicant.
a   year the companies disbursed to pol-  |f t!|fi fom;|le lmmlgrant could sailsfy ! Plumber, and Only $30.
* I icyholders   $360,663,063   and   laid   by i tf)(? lnspeofoI. she waa goinK to assured !     A man and bis wife filed up to the
X "for the future protection of poUcy-1empioyment as a domestic or to some dt'sk of l''c inspector.    The husband
��� holders" $242,343,374.   Statistics as tojrelatlve  w,,0  W()U|(1  ploviilo  for hpr;   had $30.    He said he was a nlumW
J   how much went to "yellow doir" fnnrtu   .
holders" $242,343,374.   Statistics as to<re],ltiyo w,10  W0U|d  plovi,]c for her; had $30.    He said he was a plumber
J   how much went to "yellow dog" funds  ln s]]ort   if it wag c]ear|y apparent the ���>& admitted he bad no assured e.n-
��� ,are  lacking,  but  probably  will   come  applicaa't for admission'was desirable Ployment to goto.    Being $7.��u short
was in  no  sense likely  to become a vt ,h�� Qualification, he was clearly in-
public charge and bad sufficient money eligible,  but tbey were such  fine ap-
The assets of the 180 companies at  t0 reach j,^ or her destination, the in- pearing people it seemed a shame to
the close of 1909 amounted to $3,004,   speetor   conducting   the   examination refuse   them   admission.     They   were
out in the course of future legislative
��� ���   .-jiector   conducting   the   examination refuse   them   admission.     They   were
105,5-1-',   an   increase   of   $204,000,000  ^  not   stlck   at  the   money  (juallfi- Be*   us'de   for   further   consideration,
during the year.    The surplus on pol-  cation     nllt iet tlie applicant present Later the  agent   himself investigated
icyholders' accounts Increased  nearly  an��� 0j ^w nspocts 0f being undesir- t'le casc an(l became so assured that
$00,000,000,   to  $544,410,420.     The   fig-   ,lMe &g ft citizt.n of Canada and it be- the  nian  w'as so  skilled  in  ills tradp
ures which are taken from a tabula-'
papers of the United States, give
some idea of the enormous growth of
the life insurance business. Taking
the ordinary and the industrial busl
is to be certain of"employment1^  0" th^ following moming,
$00,000,000,  to $544,410,420.    The  fig
ures which are taken from a tabula-' " "" " *������*������*" *>* ^""auu uhu n De-   ~��
tion by one of the leading Insurance  can>e  necessary  to  meet  the  money  as  ,..���,......, ������,.
papers  of the    United   States     eivp :'lualification, even to the last cent, or   where he might seek it and as well
rejection resulted. , that the couple were of the sort to he
The Beneficial Effects. genuinely  desired, that  he  was  glad
to admit them.    He was doublv pleased   the   next  day   on   receiving   tin
Will leave the Brackman-
Ker    Wharf    for   Ladner,!
Westham   Island and  way!
points at 2 o'clock, returniii
The  beneficial  ofTects  of  the  rigid
enforcement  of this policy  ls appar-
ness together, the insurance in force enforcement of this policy Is appar- sed ,,1(' next d;��y on receiving the
ln the companies operating under the ent ln the ereilt improvement in the r*P��rt thilt the man had secured em-
legal reserve laws amounts to $15.473- class   of    immigrants    now    coming. {),oyment ilt his 'rade without leaviim
fine, tpc ' ' l.'n/.,.Tlrt,i������   AUmA   ....   i , ,       ...   . HnlifMv ��
[109,400. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^_
Tho notable gains made all along
the line reflect the Improvement in
financial affairs since the murky conditions of 1907. The Insurance agent
made a good record for himself last
year and Is entering upon the work
o" 1010 with improved prospects, He
Is rolling up so much business that
the figures already are s:> big as to
slugger the ordinary man's comprehension. Small wonder that financial
magnates are struggling for control
or  thc    great    insurance    companies
t o'   the    great    Insurance    companies
?a.*!&4,*iaaaa*aaaaaaaaaaaaaa\*\aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiaaaaaaaaaai > w'1"0 the busy agent ls hustling and
i the policyholder is paying th-^ freight.
immigrants now coming.
Knowledge that an immigrant will be
sent back if he does not come up to
the mark is apparently havine lt�� effect on the steamship companies and
other agencies Interested iu i.u.i...
ea;i immigration, for Instead of a
horde of distinctly undesirables seeking lo Ian;', as formerly, tue wcok
saw but few among the arrivals who
were even regarded as questionable.
As s whole they were b fine h��: <r
people, people with fine fares, full of
character splendid physiques an I ob
viously tilled with optimism aad enthusiastic ambition to gel out an
make good ln their new country. In
consequence the Immigration officials
had 111i!" difficulty In .dealing with
them nnd missed them with extraordinary rapidity.
Out of the whole 4,b00, but twenty-
four were detained by the examining
Inspector for further examination, and
of those but seven
Halifax. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
A similar case was presented when
a man who gave his occupation as
carpenter and joiner carte before the
examining inspector. He had only
16 in money, and his railway ti ikel
Green Cut Bone to Make
Your Chickens  Lay.
Central Meat
Corner Elghu Bt. and    Mftn Af*����
PHONt   %Ta
LAN'.'.   DIS-
to Brandon, Manitoba, and had no "assured employment in sight. He too
was sent to Ihe wating bench for further consideration by the agon!    The <	
man was such   fl tine   specimen of new
craftsman  and  was  so well  en lowed
mentally that It was obvious Canadi;       I	
2s31.%&SVffTS r-"=��--;,:,::::,S
JKis nSr" i^i^ssssrjrfls�� * -
?u -ar a ���saa? st ts *___*-_ _? s s
aclflc Railway
Jo? ��eet b?si^ss Property near Russell Hotel   $22,000
Joo leeb n? ie- co-r,ner' on three streets     $ 7,500
16Z feet, 2 full inside lots     $ 5 5qq
Five acres, one block from 12th
streetcar line,   only   $ 5,000
Tenth Ave.
Diamond & Corbould
Room 1, Lavery Block
Phone 361
��� cAtiiiiiiiiiuoii, ana    ,   -     ���  ���T .       -�����������*   iwcoouiea   evi-   its   IntftrnopHnn    uiti,    i
- were subsequently  (1('"^es   ��f   having   amounts   running ' side C_JJ_ P
ordered deported. well up to $1,000, nnd one family   a'eoVnnon^   .�� fl   .
ordered  deported,  were English, who   was considerably above   .100,000. ' ' wltnesa I)0M >
failed to meet the requirements, of the East as  Well  as  West
net.    One  was an  Englishman    who,      A   notable  clrcumsi.,������ (.
l��ou_h apparently desirable in every' tion wiS  he immTgraSon .LnliTZ
other respect, was absolutely without] the opening week'of th  ll
flinds   nnd    aa    ho    nnnlH    r,ra,    al.r.m,    mm I th���    I lrt, ".,",,     ?*   '.        8f,fl80��.   WHS
tne  indication  that  whereas  in   past
years  Immigration   has boon    almost
wholly directed to the West, this season   will   see  a  considerable  portion   from low water mark of said biioioi
Ro to Eastern Canada.    Of the imml-. "'once   southwesterly   and   two  nun-
griintS   Who   enron   <���    l..�����     ._    . HvoH    ronni     font    (mm    Cllrt    foW    Wtltl'l
funds and as he could not show he
I   wns  going  to   work  on   a  farm  and
I had no friends, relatives or prospects,
i ho wns detained and will be sent back.
I Another was a youth of English par-
/rntnge,   who   was  mentally deficient.
| A  third wns an  Englishman who de-
, veloped locomotor ataxia on the ship.
; He  wns  amply  supplied  with   funds.
j but he bad left his family ln England
j nnd bad no friends or relatives In this
.country.    It  was  plain   there  was  a
I strong probability he would sooner or
later become a public charge and It
whr not difficult to convince him he
would be much better off at home. He
will be returned.    The other four to
he deported were all Macedonians
ed on said shore to locate the ����,st
northerly corner of the Pitl Wv.r
Lumber Company, Limited, booming
site; thence at right angles to Bala
shore a distance of about three hundred and fifty (350) feet to the
northerly corner of booming site,
point being two hundred (200)
from low water mark of said shore,
th westerly   and   t
dred (200)   feet from said low  	
mark seven  thousand eight hundred
nnd thirty  (7,8.'i0)  feet, more or LeMi
to the  southwesterly  corner of saja
emolument nnd an official In the im-  booming   site;   thence   noil Invest pry
migration building who was kept busy  to P��lnt of commencement;  ami con
directing and assisting those booked   taking sixty (60) acres, more or lew-
T   that   province   to   their   destina-  THE   PITT   RIVER   LUMBER  COW
*/? 8, ,wh0 cnnle ln hist week a con
SWerable number were bound for
Nova Scotia or Ontario points to en-
gage in farming. The Nova Scotia
government had nn official In the im-
tions ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
The landing of the passengers of the
Oorsican, Friday, furnished a fair 11-
(Continued on Page Seven).
T. W. Gray, Agent.
Dated at the City of New Westminster, B. C, this 28th day of FeD-
ruary, A. D. 1910. 19, 1910.
niV   APB|L
^f*^     ^^������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������^
% Have Gients |
Waiting to invest in |
New Westminster j
Properties.      List j
your property with
Sorting Settlers as They
Enter Canada's Gateway
(Continued from Page Six.)
TAKE NOTICE that an application!
has been made to register the Corpor-1
atlon of the Township or District of j
Eiuney aB the owne. ������ a r-, -
d-i a Tr.x Sale Deed trom the Kceve
and Ceik of the Corpora
r in fee simple, un
i the Keevt
tion of the
p or District of Surrey to the
bearing dates of the
II .-...||��_       1.1        ��JU11CJ a.\J       k|l.
Corpiiai'ti   of the Township or Dis
I trict of Surrey,  uctt,
121st day of October, A.D., 1905 and
"1st day of December. A.D
ll    ...,.,    ,.; ,-_    ,,     .
lustration of the average procedure
|of dealing with a large ship load of
new arrivals. The regulations re-
quire that the ship's surgeon must,
during the voyage across the Atlantic, make a general health inspection
of the passengers daily and must once
make an individual inspection of every passenger. This, the government
is able to enforce by requiring tbat the
..i.:.- n ��� l     ��fn���rt..    motra    affidavit
Paper Sellers Are  Industrious Youngsters���Several  Are  Breadwinners
for Their   Parents.
Winnipeg, April 18��� Eighty-two licenses have been issued boys in the
city  giving  them  permission  to  sell
Feel That, at All Hazards,
Union Jack Must Float
First From Frozen Zone.
to enforce by requiring that the h0       whlle over
,n ,     -ship's  medical  offlcer  make  affidavit  papeis uunng .      ,
^r^ Z,T��TQl Af-��� 1901, ��   that he has made such inspections on one hundred have been refused owing
all  ami  singular  that certain  parcel:          ,. n.��� i.,r,,i.'.     1 ...oaub ���-in
r,r     ir:..t     r,r     I.....1     . 1     ......:	
or tract of land and
lying and being in th
7 "'. ���  '    , iinai no nas inauo nueu uio^wuvu. -_,��������� uuuw .������������..
t certain  parcel penalty of refusa, to permit the land- t0 several reasons, principally becausi
premises situate f    Qf tfae passongers. I they were found to not be attending
ie District of New Health   Certificates. |       ' . a  boy  to   whom  a
����s^,aaiKLM swii jsiss 3?* �� *>��<* ^, **_
and described as:    Lot 1 in subdivi- ' ��j .��*  *��*   I'JE.HSS certifi-  Bta. tag away from school the badge
Blon 24 01 block 1 of section 30, block  ^n. health and the debarkation is   will  bc taken  from him for  a week j
6 north, range 2 west; lots 8 to 17,   ; CPed    The first-class h   second of��ence he will be'
inclusive, of subdivision 23 of section *      nger8 ar'e merely scrutinized as and
block 5, north range 2 west;  lots  * *        (he  bM_  {or the  purpose
London, April 18;���British Arctic
enthusiasts feel they are put c:i their
mettle by the American Antarctic expedition. At all hazards the luiion
.lack must be planted at the South
Pole, since the Stars and Stripes got
to the Big Nail of the north first.
But Captain Scott does not find the
money rolling in for bis southern dash.
| So a number of Arctic veterans, con-
so a nuinuer ui /ii v.nv.   I.PW..���-!  	
will "be take'n  from him for a week I nccted  wlth  the  Royal  Geographical
ttea to proceeu.    tn, �����������-      d for the second offence he will be j society, have formed a co*mltteetO
16, block 5, north range 2 west; U*|.����� Z ^TffSMlE,S * * *��� * *" ^ \SS. S S^SSS fJffS��-K
15 to 21, inclusive, hlock 14 of south- |      '{ '       m who may prev-   ����� ������ time. I ���f Hovolnnment.   and  "���-  ��� �� "   ,na
eaHt  quarter  section  4,  township  9; !,_..,_.  ;_._.    ,.'.._.   ,i���������,.t���,i   fmm  re
at any time.
21 09 Granville St.
phon<R4949       Vancouver, B.C.   |
JJsignWorbjYEE KEE & CO.
lots 5,6, and 7, in subdivision 23 of
section 16, block 5, north range
west; lots 22 and 23, in subdivis:
23 of section 16, block 5, north range
2. west; lots 1, 2, 3, 1, 5, 6, 7, 8, 11,
12, block 4 of lot 387A, group 2; lots
2 to ii .Inclusive, block II of southeast quarter section 4, township 9;
lot 5, block 3 of lot 387A. kioup 2
lot 38, block 2 of lot.
ots 21
2 j turning by
is ion
have  been
rson who may piev-   .    <mj �����"-
been  deported,  from  re-      0f the two hundred boys wo ap
 B  ���,   coming  back  as  a cabin     lled for licenses there wa    but one
passenger. Then the second class pas- wh0 had ever been befoie the Juvenile
sengers  are  required  to  file  into  a  court. ���everal
large detention room from which they;    F.   j.  Blllard   stated   that   several
emerge single file and pass before a  o��   the   boyB   who   reccIved    licenses
medical  examiner and  examining In-  were among the hardest worWnganaI
Bpector to puss upon their quallflcar m0st toduBtriow that^he had(OWiWn
tions for admission. .   ,       to deal with.   A littlo Roumanian wa
It is with regard to the third-class  of  fourteen  years  of  age  who came
or steerage passengers, the immigrants aione from bis native   ^d ����� ***"
proper, tha, chief interest relative to  ag0 _ at present sending ter.dollars
- ..     ���������A-mm ,.o������.      month t0 hla widowed mother  at
, group
. .���. J87A, group 2;
      .     . block 3 of soul beast quart-
er section 4, township 9; lots 18   19    J^^St oTtheTm^ation regu
block 2 of southeast quarter section   lot)nnq for u ,    among tlieil
4,  township 9;   lot 22, block  IG  of
southeast quarter section 4, township
n Ctn.     I.,f    .,9      l,l���n|.    tr.    r,f    oniltll.
Old News Block, Sixth Street
New Westminster.   .
Theo. P. Young. Prop.
Suits Cleaned and Pressed.
Windsor Hotel Block       P. 0. Box 644
Estimates Given  on  Any
of  Job   Printing
9, map 619; lot 23, block 16 of south
easl quarter section 4 township 9.
Vou and those claiming through or
under you and all persons claiming
any interest in the said land by virtue of any unregistered instrument,
and all persons claiming any interest
in the said land by descent, whose
title is not registered under the provisions of the "Land Registry Act."
are required to contest the claim of
the tax purchaser within forty-five
days from the day of the first publication of this notice upon you. and
in default of a caveat or certificate
of lis pendens b^ing filed within such
period, or in default of redemption
before registration, you and '' "f
you will be fo --'���
I barred from b
| lations centres, for it is among their
number that undesirables are most
likely to be found. These are likewise required to pass into one large
detention room, from which they pass
      ..      .,._     . ..nmmnlll      IlielllCal
a montn io ma mut,...,,. ...
home as well as paying two dollars a
week for board. During the time he
has been here he has managed to save
$35 towards .100, which he will send
to his mother in order to enable her
i   from which they pass  t0 _s motlier in oruei  w ��="�������
.e  government  medical  t0 buy a ticket to this country,
i    r>   t-Tnix-L-inu  is  the :      in-   Rilli.irrt   was  a  little  susp
first before  tl...  0	
examiner. Dr. A. C. Hawkins is the
official in this instance and practice
and wide experience enable him to
spot  a suspicious case, almost at   a
The Third Degree.
If the immigrant passes Dr. Hawkins' inspection his health certificate
from the ship is stamped and he passes on down a narrow lane to the immigration inspector. There the applicant for admission is put through.
Passing  up  his
Mr. Billiard was a little suspicious
of the story at first and asked the boy
how he sent the money. Through the
post office was the reply and he pulled
; out a number of money order receipts
to back up his statements. A fifteen
year old Polish boy has supported his
father, his mother and himself for the
past year, while a little Jewish lad
has kept his widowed mother and two
young brothers for over a year.
These are but a few of the stories
of the boys whose earnings    derived
le of    newspapers    Is
��"7""l"the  third   degree."     rassiuB   up   ^��   o:  lne  oi>>��   ��>"
default of redemptioni credeiitials accompanied hy the tnrough the sale ot   ���������"   "
atlon, you and each of , hi    conipany's order for a rail-  keeping others  than themselves pro
)rever estopped and de- , ��oad li(,ket which ls the evidence re-  vlde(i with the necessities or nte.
letting up any claim to ;    '  ed that Ulc appiiCant has tr""s-:
of development,  and the society
made a substantial official grant.
On the veterans' committee are
such names as Admiral Sir Vesey
Hamilton, Sir George Nares, Sir Albert Markham, Sir Lewis Beaumont
and Colonel H. W. Fielden, who was
naturalist In Sir George Nares' Arctic
expedition in 1875. These old fellows
are full of hope for Scott. Though
they admit there is danger in Captain
Bartlett they are putting their money
on their own man.
As to the German lieutenant, Pilch-
ner, his announcement that he is not
after the South Pole and has no intention of poaching on either American or British expeditions has softened the British attitude to him. The
Scotch explorer, Dr. Bruce, has indeed written Filchner a letter welcoming him to  the    Southern  Polar
But  news  from   Copenhagen  gives
a more dismal account of the Scandinavian attitude to Arctic exploration.
The Cook fizzle has hurt Danish pride
badly,  so  Captain  Roald  Amundsen,
I who wants to start with a picked staff
i for the frozen north, is meeting with
! a bad frost before he gets away at
��� all.    He ls still 100,000 kroner short
1 of what be needs to make his expedition successful.
I or "in respect of the said land, and I ! ('ul'red  that the  applicant  has traus-_
! shall register The Corporation of the : P��rtation to destination, the name of
���-.-,...   ���P   (.,���.,������   nB | the individual is found
Phone 105.     P. O. Box 345.
Office, Front St.. Foot of Sixth
Township or District of Surrey a
owner thereof ln fee. And I hereby
order that publication of this notice
for thirty dayg in a dally newspaper
published in New Westminster will
be good and sufficient service thereof.
Dated at the Land Registry Office,
N'ew Westminster, Province of British
Columbia, this 29th day of March, A.
D., 1910.
District Registrar.
follow?" and "How much money have  and secondly, of encouraging a   ^^
to    Have
  Funnel    Liner   Said
occupation oo juu ^1^,^^ ^���   uv u^0,,^���  Broken Law.
"ollow?" and "How much money have  and secondly, of encourageing a trend j Victoria,  April   18.���Steamer     Pro-
you?"   are  interrogatories   the   appli-  to the land which congestion of cities tesilaus of the  Blue Funnel line, on
cant  is  required  to  answer satisfac-  is discouraged will have an Important her return from Puget sound    today
tortly.                                                      I reflex in the quality of citizens those wlll be fined about $10,000 for bring-
Here and there if tbe inspector is  Who do come in will make, can hardly Ing more new Chinese than permitted
dubious about the genuineness of the  ))e open to discussion.                           I under the customs laws, which permit
representations the applicant is then,    The policies exemplified at the port one new arrival only for every fifty
required to produce documentary evi-  0f Halifax the past week will be en- tons of the registered tonnage.    The
District negiMia,, , deuce of the truth of the assertions  forced in like manner by the Immi- Protesilaus  brought 190    new    men,
To David Miller, William A. McCal- made'                                                      | gration department at all ports while over  fifty   more  than  the    customs
j lam, Angus Mclnnes, T. G. Stark, Wil-      ln cases which the inspector is not the immigration season lasts. permit.
==|llam  Davis,    Henry   Fraser,    Henry!1 " '"      '"~   """"  "f H,Q nn"
Kells, Harold Ponsfnrd, Alien Spiers,  Pmauu w  uC .�����......._, _.
-   .-,-,���* t ,,���������,.  \i���.���nr_ ; sent to a detention room to await fur-
1    -     ' ��� ...In-rnlinn
I     in cases  Mm..!,  ..w ......   .
'satisfied fully of the fitness of the ap-
I plicant to be admitted, he or she is
^^^^^^^ ' sent to a detention room ..	
et Q, Cooper, John Roberts, Richard Itller examination by the immigration j
. , ' .....~aunr tlio  nn.
1.B11B,    liilK'iu    a  v.......
George Stone. Robert Lyness. Mai
,o our office every time you
need a ton of coal-any of our
drtvers will be g'ad to take
your order. Then, too, a pos-
'tal will bring about the same
���esult-good coal in your cellar at short notice. Also, our
phone Is In good order, and
their numbers are 15 and 16.
Coal procured here is crack-a-
jack coal, however secured.
llosking, Hugh
T. Crossley,
W.......... MIM ���~~~"~**"j
AND   OFFICE*11 l n^x^J
.   ...ai/cc   ProDrletor
TAKE NOTICE that an application
has* been   made   to   register   George
ITroughten as the owner in Fee Sim-
Ip.e, under a Tax Sale Deed from Edwin   M.   Carncross,   collector   of   the
! Municipality   of   Surrey,   to   George
'Troughten. bearing date the  ith ua>
of September, A. D. 1908. of all and
singular that certain parcel or tract
of  land  and   premises  situate   lying
and  being in the District    of    New
Westminster, in the Province of B���
l8h     Columbia,     more     particularly
known and described as:���
Lot 7, B.ock 1, being a portion of
Section 20, Block 5, North Range 2
West Lots 3 and 4, part of a portion
5 fractional section 21. B.ock 5 N.rth
KTol InTtbose  claiming  through
der   you   and Ji   persons   claim |
Sd ^    S-    of    .n     unr.is-
������Land Reglst^C arejwu ed*
0f you will be torevti
debarred from setting up an^
ito or in  respect of the ^
ard 1 shall regis er^orge   d
tner OAttuiiucwwu ...
John E Ingent who determines whether the ap
' j plicant shall come in or be rejected,
oi being unable to arrive at a decision
satisfactory to himself and to insure
against any injustice, he calls in a
board  to  hear the case, whose deci-.
sion is final.
Few Final Rejections.
There were not more than a dozen
Instances  all  told  among  the  Corsi- j
can's   large   number    ot    passengers
wherein a secondary examination by
tbe agent was necessary and finally,
not a single individual was rejected.
One only, was held for medical treatment of an unimportant eye affection.
The  practiced  eye  of    Dr.   Hawkins
singled out among a party of Norwegians,  a  man   who appeared  to  have
trouble with his eyes.   On raising the ,
lids, the inflamed condition revealed
suggested trachoma, an Infectious eye i
disease against which the medical offlcer  ls  obliged  to be  constantly  on
bis guard,    l'he immigrant was held
I tor  examination  later,  when  it  was
| determined the affection was conjunctives, not a serious ailment and susceptible of being cured by treatment.
He  was  amply  supplied  with  funds
and was accordingly sent to the government hospital, and when cured will
be sent on to his destination,
After passing the final examination
of the Immigration department the
| immigrant presents his order for a
railroad ticket to a railroad official,
wbo ls on hand for the purpose and
who, from the destination, advises as
to the proper route to -take, stamps
the name of the road on the order
and the immigrant then goes direct I
to the ticket office of that road, where I 4>
he is given his ticket.   In the mean-' ���
1 SNAP '
Owner going East.   Two splendidly   situated   lotB   in   the   new
scliool block, Sapperton; price $375 each; $100 will handle the two.
These lots face down hill and   have   a   fine ���unobstructed   view;    J
adjoining lots sold at $500. ���
Room 7, Thompson Block       Opposite  City   Hall. Phone 669.     J
^^^^^^      J. BROOKES, Proprietor
WORKS-Corner Eleventh and Carline.
Beef, Mutton, Veal,
Pork and Poultry
ai'Q i Buoii **"*���---��� An(1 i here- i,    .��� RiVen ins nonet,   m >-���� ��.--���-
a_ owner thereof in fee    Ana ne IS gr ^ ^ exanllned
- . ,    .,by order tbat publication ol ����        J������^"^ offloers, he recovers,
PHONE 473    |, dc0 f01- thirty days in a dap|.iingter j b    tne ���
f              ne- __, ,ItMttt~Ihaner published to New ^.^ .   ^^ ^ he ,_ ready t0 depart
HH4^^ttttti^.t(|tt>ttt^>#^^^^^###^0^.>ilI be good and sum i      ^
. *�������������������������������**���<���������*���������*��� _,���  -  thereof. nerlstrv Office, I
 ���   Dated at the Lan djjjgjj��>    Brlt.
Nrw Westminster. ^J���0^0March,
Ish Columbia, this 9th day
A. D. l'JlO- c   g  KEITH,
District Registrar.
A'ov. n^er t��- mP'
Fresh Oysters are on
sale   twice weekly
P. Burns & Co.
E. C. Traves, Manager.
New Westmister Land District.
District of New Westminster.
Take notice that Alexander McLennan, of Vancouver, British Columbia,
occupation contractor, intends to apply for permission to purchase the
following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at
tbe southeast point of the island situate about four (4) chains from Timber limit No. 38733, thence northerly
and westerly and southerly and east-
. around the shore at low tide
to place of commencement, containing
four acres,  more or  less.
J. F. BAGGS, Agent.
March 17, 1910
for the new home.
Convenient Money Changer.
In the  immigration building Is located a broker's office, where the immigrant  may  have money  from any
foreign country exchanged for Canadian money.    At a provision counter ��� ���
be may provide himself with food for j ��� ���
j the journey at prices which the immi-' ��� ���
gratlon agent makes it his business' ��� ���
to see are always the lowest possible i ��� ���
to be maintained and warrant the cat- i * ���
erer continuing in business. I *r
In the immigration building also, are
rooms having accommodation foi
about sixty persons, where women
and children remaining over night, are
made comfortable by matrons In the |
employ of the government and If there
be any rooms left after women and
children have been provided, they
may be occupied by men, no charge
being made for the accommodation.
When a batch of new arrivals has
been disposed of by the immlgratlo
officials, and all arrangements for
their journey have been completed,
they go aboard special immigrant
trains in waiting near the building and
In due time reach their various places I
ol destination. ^
Thus  does  the    government    deal
with  the  people whom  lt invites to
-- ���j u��������mn citizens,
Joseph Travers
Rentals, Real Estate
and Farm Produce
Has Removed to new offices in
Walker Block, Columbia St.,
next door to Todd's Music
House.    .      .      .      .
See Me There Today.
t New Westminster, B. C.
Is This a Snap or Not ?
20 Acres of Splendid High Land within a ���
few minutes of Sapperton car. Fine view ��
of the Fraser  River and city of New ;
Westminster. Price is $250 per acre
with One-third Cash, balance 6, 12, 18,
24 months	
Phone 596 650 Columbia Street
H"H 1'rTi  ���r *l* i �� 4 . 4 ��� 4 ��� TH l��� 4 4 4" 4"4 4 "4 4 4 4 4 4 4
\ ".:������'
irge | T
a-    it
has T
Hon , T
1 i . Si.  i
Sti H 311 '���'.' 'j
:|p .: i. i
nil i
;4* is;
''Js''1 I ��� '���*'"
-ill <��� >���'.
"Asbestos Iron"
!*���#������#������* aa   �����a����a>>&M*Mi��Mfl'��ttt��
iCity News!
|        Our        :
*% a
Naval Policy   f
Is to have nothing but first ���
(hiss workmen and satisfy our ���
customers with first class *
Plumbing and Heating. *
Phone 281 X
There are answers at this office for .    The  funeral  of  Miss  Mary  Forbes
the following advertisers:    C. C, To-   Pottinger  took  place  yesterday  from
paz,  M.  W.  D. G.,  Box  E.  K.,  C.  S.,   the   home  of  her  parents, on  Agnes
and  No.  E.    Will  the owners please   street, to the Odd Fellows' cemetery.
call for same. **     j Rev. J. S. Henderson conducting the
I services.
The   case   of   Corbould   and   Grant I
against   Mrs.   Hepworth,   involving   a[    Great selection of seeds and potted
sum   of   $234.5U,  was  decided   yester- plants at Tidy's. **
day in favor of the plaintiffs by Judge
August Charlie, charged with the
murder of Howard Wade, will come
up for his preliminary hearing before
Magistrate  Pittendrigh  this  morning.
The Epworth league held a well attended rally at the Sapperton Presbyterian church last night.
For spring plants or cut flowers,
plione Davies' Greenhouse, R^OS.     **
As the inspection of the Sixth regiment  takes place on  Saturday afternoon, all members of A. and B. companies are expected to parade tonight
and also  Thursday evening.    This is
A   small  incorrigible  boy  was  sent! likely to be the last time these com-
to the reformatory at Point Grey yes-' panlea   will   parade   as   part   of the
terday.    This is the second boy that   Sixth regiment, they being named as
ha.s been sent down since Chief Brad-  the nucleus of a new one to be known
Howay. J. D. Kennedy appeared for
the plaintiffs and C. Mc. C. O'Brien,
of Vancouver,  for the defendant.
Take Notice���Five chairs in operation at the Hub Barber Shop ln the
Dominion Trust Block.    No waiting. *
A Chinaman by the name of C. Lee
died yesterday morning at the Royal
Columbian hospital.
The popularity of the midday lunch '
at the Royal Cafe grows every day. j
It is served from twelve to two, with '
quick service. **
| shaw assumed the head of the police
' department, and lie says that  unless
several other small boys around town
improve their mode of life, there will
be some more shipped'.
The Westminster Modern
Business School
This institution is particularly desirous of securing as students the
young men and young women who
seek the BEST in commercial education and to those who become stu-
donts here, and work as hard for
their own Interests as the instructors
of this school will, the outcome is
bound to be satisfactory.
610   Columbia    St. Principal.
the 104th.  	
See the new arrivals at Fales, Agnes street. **
Ladies'    Desks,   go   to   W.   B.
The light and water have been
turned on in tiie dressing room of the
lacrosse club at Queen's park and
the senior team will turn out for its
Philip McDonald, proprietor of the';first practice some time this week.
untington  hotel,  is  ln  this  city  o:i
business. ^^^^^^^^^^^_
It is our business to make gloves,
vests, waists and other garments perfect by our special dry cleaning pro- i
cess. If you desire to be well dressed !
for any function, patronize our clean-1
ing department. Royal City Cleaners '
and Dyers.    Phone R. 278. **
.7. Falconer, the man convicted the
otber day for having stolen goods in
his possession, appeared again yesterday on a similar charge and was given
three more months to spend in jail.
South Westminster property is
handled by Hale Bros, and Kennedy,
Ltd. Call in and see them, and they
will put before you some good things.
Regarding the purchase of property [ f_Q���'�����'"
at Lake Kawakwa, Hope, B. 0., mentioned in The News yesterday. In addition to A. F. Hale, of Hale Bros. &
Kennedy, Messrs. J. II. Vidal. George
Adams and H. L. Edmonds, of White-
Bide <t Edmonds, were Interested in
the deal. Some other prominent business men of this.city also purchased
property in the township.
April 30���St. Elmo.
May 12���Gingerbread Man.
June 2���Dorothy Morton.
June 24���The White Squaw.
SenU)n Approval A
To Responsible People   ' __^S
assortment   of   Morris
seen   in   this   city   at
We Give Careful Attention
to accounts of corporations, firms and
individuals, and shall be pleased to
meet or correspond with those who
contemplate making changes or open
Ing ne.- accounts.
If you  haven't a Savings Account
NOW is the best lime to start one
Ihe Royal Bank of Canada
(Incorporated 1869)
Capital   PaidUp    .5,000,000
Reserve        5,700,000
Total  Assets      70,000,000
New   Westminster,  B.  C.  Branch,
F. *HUTe   Manager.
The .May Day celebration committee meets tonight at 8 o'clock in the
board of trade rooms in the city hall.
Mrs. Lester, of Lester Hall, Vance.ner, is giving a dance in the Pythian rink tonight.
Local grown plant? and flowers,
fresli every day at the Co-Operative
store, Sixtli street. **
Owing to the funeral of the late
Bishop Dart, th" meeting of the restaurant keepers and caterers to form
an association yesterday was postponed until Tuesday of next week.
ajfya InK Pencil
for cn>
k8��  f
'. ������:-���-���
i55}t��M SHIPS
To   Furnish
an  OITice,   see
W.   E.
��� *
Do not  book your passage without
seeing us first.    Our system of handling   tickets  from  tlie  Old    Country
Will save you money.
For dates and rates apply
C.P.R. Agent.
W. J. Kerr, manager of the Peoples
Trust company, is on a business trip
to Kamloops.
The city band held a practice last
night in the rooms formerly occupied
by the Conservative club. There was
a good turnout and the class of music exhibited was very fair, considering the long rest the players have
The local agency of the Oliver Typewriter company is at 746, Columbia
Street. Three doors from the B.C.E R.
car station. **
iHUlHUlul.a a.d k-A-d l.u
��__ full 14 Kt. bcliaGd.l���l-ui ijWg^S
__\ ou right hand may l,e l.ml j��J .'.
in t.ilier our Maiu:.-inl ,-*-". r- ,���[.
l.I.ick opaque pa'.lcrn, or /��?-���--'/.--���
Nou-breakali'.e Transpai- *#�����>'./ "'
(in. hs desired, either ia i^i^'?*���
plain or engraved Cuisli, }tr*-t&l' -".,'
as prelerred. i ,_W'   "
Ton ms/ try Hits p*H A *r*
if VOIMluIli.lt.lldit.tS,	
tg   a i.tlUir   arti, lo than ;.��� I en n- V&j'Ji
cuie  lor hues TIKIS THIS M .' I.I. |!3J&..1V " t
it,, a iu   sny oilier nu;l. . if i   I, "*Vi. ^i.   ')
i|ect 1 rt 111 . it nna we will  idol P$S. ���'**��� ���   ���
)on 11.10 tot IL l%i 'V'"'
Ci-tos i.srr I. oor fftii"-   s Mil Jfltys*
Popular  llio  <,r��   Ii.k   Pencil,   n HHO
r,,u. I'taluk iirunftrlnn.pli, n.i., fe-J��.._   '.!
I��   cried   Ir.   any   po.ilioi, ns.���*'1 ���-
��� ,oclet Ol lltnpplni tlftp, "IU''"
any srirlo st first t"t.cli. lr... yraffiKij j(t
nn,n (sprin. ) fpr,]. Irii'inii ffif*r.fv4',
point, jip'.i.Ii.'.I vulcsni/O'l r'i'.l"T 'V?'^'. _V;r!-
cste. tcirs cott�� finlsli. Ki-tril ffir^.';' J
everrwliere for ���'J.r.O. <��e,itr aa'.mrmj
wanted Write for te-tos. Wn
now "Jest you forget."    AJdre
I1* Laughlin Kfg. Co.V
MijMtlo Bldg.,
Dufrolt ut.a
Market Square
PHONE 475.
Gold Watc'jes for Ladles from .12V5
Silver Watches, gents' open lace
Silver Watches, gents' open case
17.50 up.
Agent for Walthaiii and Elgin
Watch repairing a specialty.
Two Doors from Geo. Adams' Grocery
Removed to
Four   doors
east   of   Bank
Montreal, wh
ere the
same care-
ful attention
will be
paid to
^LiE��wJ?^7S Only
au.'����-a..->. a ;.�� i-��t_-s.��.. *a*i.- U.JtJU����>t>^u ��illil     II t   WiMIIII  ������ ���
Also some Choice Buys in Surrey.
F. J. HART & Co
There is a vast deal of comfort  and   satisfaction   In  feeling   stylishly clothed and then  ;   econ
in feeling that way, for you get better service in  well  fitting garments.
The Fashion tendencies  in  Spring Suits and Costumes lend   themselVes   to   the   development
many pleasing models for the present season.
In the assembly of fashionable models gathered here for ynnr inspection our distinction "gty.
Headquarters" is again emphasized. Come and view them. We describe briefly a few 0| the most
popular suits. . ���.��mhw����.��.^_.1\��j!,'_��, w��^��^,..
Black Serge Russian Suit
In this coat is featured the   new  long  V  shaped  collar,  which   is
piped  with inch  wide piping of black    and     while    and   heavy    soutache braiding around edge.  Cuffs   are   trimmed   in   same   attractive   p
manner.    Braid ornaments also   Iind   a   place.     Skirt   is   made   with
deep yoke and pleats.   Pi ice, each    $37.50  [
Taupe Broadcloth Suit
Coat of which is lined with satin; collar of blind; moire silk; coat,
is neatly trimmed with scroll design in rattaii braid; skirt made in
new draped style.    Each   .31.50
Wisteria Suit
Made up in simple tailored style; coat made in seven-eighth ruling,
lined with sniped taffeta; col lar of black moire; Tione buttons to
match skirt;  in popular pleated     style, each   $32.50
Olive Green Chevron Suit
A stylish spring model, well  tailored  . eml-fitting  coat,  lined with
taffeta;  skirt made with yoke  and clusters of pleats.   Each ...$27.50
few Silk Coats
Cuter Garments Most Attractive in Appearance
Handsome silk an.l satin Coats with individuality and style all
their own. The very besl materials are used, and each coat has
been carefully designed and made. Special showing today in tlie
Coat Section.
Made wilh stole collars, tu rn back cuffs. Trimmed with flat sill;
braids and fancy buttons; three-quarter   lengths,    Bach $16.50
and   $19.50
Heavy Black Coats, handsom ely trimmed with jet insertions and
soutache braidings;  lined with   soft silk.   Wear guaranteed. Bach, $30.
With roll over collars and turn back cuffs; trimmed with fancy
braids', seven-eighth lengths.   Each    $22.50
'il h N
If    'j
Kid Gloves
per pair
Reynier   Gloves  ai e
satisfactory to hundreds of well
dressed   women.    Our business
in   this   department   Is
ing   wonderfully   evi
Jusi  now the stock Is i     pleti
in sizes   and  i'l               Everj
pair guaranteed, at, \" r
pair    S1-5C
Tan,     Brown,    . I   le,    Grej
Navy,    Green   1 BlacVt
and   White  Glo\        two  d mi
fasteners;  In sizes I '_��� t'1 v-
AT $1.75 PER  PAIR.
Some  Special  Gb ���> a al  ;llis
Price.    We    espei i
mend these foi
White;   pique sewn
stitching    on    back,   and   one
doir.o    pearl      tai ti i
Tan     and     Grey. Hand    Se*n
Suede���hand sewn Glace Kid w
Tan   and   Pluck.     AM      ���   -    :"
these three lines; per pdr, $1"
A Further Importation
of Spring Dress Goods
Another shipment of serviceable materials just to hand. The new shadings are the most delicate
and pleasing yet shown. Soft Pastel shades, rich Rose tones, Greens in a large range running from
the light Reseda to the deep Olives, Mustard and Drab tints; a 1! Inexpensive materials yet quall7
and finish stand out as the most remarkable points.
Monotone Stripe Suiting, 90c per yard
44 Inch materials of splendid weight and finish. All the new shades are here, Reseda, Mu '������
Fawn, Taupe, Wisteria, Lavender, Grey, Cardinal, Myrtle Olive, Brown, Light and Dirk Navj and
Cream.    Per yard    90c
54 inch Navy and Black Suiting Serge
$2.00 PER YARD.
Fine All Wool Serge; medium weight; suitable for shirts, Suits, coals, eie. Blach an.l Navy on'y.
Per yard    52.00
Fine Cream Serges 65c to $1,25
Hard Finished Dress and Coating Serges ln  many weights;   wldths,42 to 62 Inches,   per yard, 65c, 85c,
90c, $1.00 and   ��� $1-25
Fancy Black Resildas and Molaines
Weaves resembling Shantung silks and Crepe de Chenes, with lustrous finish and firm surface
shown in plain and fancy stripes. Materials of this description are made of a combination ul' slllv
and mohair. Per yard, $1 to $1'75     |l
m w
APRIL  19, 1910-
Sites.   Waterfrontage and Trackage
iis 1"1V
be 1��
yours on our list soon as you possibly can.   It will
your advantage.  .*,.
ii!'""'0- , 26 p('r cent- on our to^mer price of $260.
i  in   pi1C*
������" good buying,  and  wlll  make  a decided  advance
fl of our 66x165 ft. lots at Edmonds and they are ad-
10 priw
These ��re '   f,.w  weeks.  Tne terms are good and so is tlie soil,
illie neV viter system, park,   postollice,   church   and   scliool.
**A. ������-
f Coli"rbi
Phone   698
,u��    Cedar Cottage" of New Westminster, Edmonds.
at     , Phone F. 208.
B.C. Mills
er and Trading  Co.
facturers and Dealers ln All Kinds of
| Man"
Royal City Planing Mills  Branch
���Telephone 12
New Westminster
Bex ,zr
Eastertrook Milling  Company,
Eburne,   B. C.
FLOUR!       FLOUR !
IMPERIAL    $7 per bbl.
HUNGARIAN  JEWEL..��6.75 per Bbl.
TERMINAL |5.2S per Bbl.
McQuarrie & Co.
New Westminster.
Telephone 333.
lere's a Good Thing
Three blocks of acreage close to the
growing city of Cloverdale. $150 per
acre; good terms.
Symmes & Crandell
Dean Block, Columbia Street
pHe Best Assortment in the City
can be had at
I"1 Various Sizes to Suit the Requirements of Everyone.
,Size:    22 in.     24 in.       26 in.
iPric* $2.50 $2.75   $3.00
>��� ji ' ii���'in m n
Tke Wardrote Clotkier
��� '
Capital and Labor at Outs- |
Demands cf Unions Un-!
reasonable, Say Employers'
W,.","""'' ,Al"" "" '"he building
trades lockout, which already has
made a quarter ol a million workmen
Idle, appears to be the beginning of
ft long struggle affecting many divisions of the national Industry The
employers have locked out the men
In un etfon. lo put an end, once und
for all, lo what they regard as tbe
��� intolerable demands nf the latter.
The employers declare that the
workmen have ben pursuing, lor several years, a poltc) of fori Ing higher
wages ami shorter boun bj bringing
about strikes in various cities, thus
securing occasional advantai ���.. which
they would be una]:!,. t<, obtain except through concerted i ct'lon.   They
also say thai the time has ci ��� v.  en
employers  must Btan I to
hold their i osltlon again n tin li employees, Tho General Employers' organization, which includes representations of every German Industry, is
firmly supporting the lockout ami has
already voted i everal mil inn marks
fur the aid nf Die master builders.
Tbe organization apparently proposes
'" supply the sinews of war so lon,;
as the lockout continues,
The labor unions, too, had been
making preparations for the lockout
and planned to support their l.lle
members. The general members of
ihe Socialist organizations, which
comprise hy far the larger part of
tlie organize:! builders, have decided
to attempt no assistance for the first
two weeks and owing to the huge
proportions of the lockout it will be
an extremely difficult problem for
ihe labor unions to secure sufficient
contributions to maintain th, ir members and their families through a
piolongrd period of Idleness.
Formulae Have Been Well Tried Out
Though the NA-DRU-CO line of Medicinal and Toilet Preparations have heen on sale
for a few months only, don't think for minute that in buying NA-DRU-CO goods you are
experimenting with uew or untried preparations.
Their Origin
The twenty-one wholesale drug firnia now united
in the "National" had all of Uiem lengthy careers,
some for fifty to one hundred yearn, prior to tlie union.
Each firm Had acquired or developed a number of
valuable tunuul a; for medicinal and toilet preparations,
all of which became the property of the "K��.tional".
Since the union our ex pert chemists have carefully
gone over these formula; and selected tbe best for the
NA-DRU-CO line. Every formula ha* b*on carefully
studied by theia expert*, improved if possible, and
then thoroughly tested again, in actual use, before
���we consider it good enough to bear the NA-DRU-CO
Trade Mark.
An Example
A pood example of what we mean is NA-DRU-CO
Nervozone for Brain Pag or nervous break-down.
Tlie formula was pronounced the most scientific combination of nerve medicines, but this was not enough lor
us ; we had it tried out with a dozen different kind of
Brain workers ��� School Teachers, Lawyers, Bookkeepers��� u well as Society leaders and home workers,
and everywhere the result was so good that we adopted
it as one'of Uie best of the NA-DRU-CO Une.
There are therefore bo experiments among
NA-DRU-CO preparations. We have invested altogether too much time, work and money in tlie
NA-DRU-CO line to take any chances of discrediting it
with preparations that might not prove satisfactory.
We make absolutely certain that each preparation is
satisfactory before we endorse it with the NA-DRU-CO
Trade Mark.
Ask your phyncsau or your druggist about the
firm behind KA-UFC-CO preparations and about the
NA-DRU-CO line. They can tell you, for we will
furnish them, on request, a full list of the ingredients
in any NA-DRU-CO article.
"Money Back"
If by any chance you should not be entirely
Satisfied witli any NA-DRU-CO article you try, return
tlie unused portion to the druggist from whom you
bought it and he will refund your money���willingly,
too, because we return to him every cent he gives
back to you.
If your druggist should not have the particular
NA-DRU-CO article you ask for in stock he can get
it for you witliiu two days from our nearest wholesale
Some NA-DRU-CO Preparation* You'll Find Most Satisfactory.
Camphor Ice
GroaseleM Toilet Cream
Talcum Powder
Tooth Pa��le
Tooth Powder
Baby's Tablet*
Carbolic Salve
Cascara Laxatives (Tablets)
Cod Lwer Oil Compound,
TaateleM U !>��������)
Dytpapaia Tabids
Hradnche Wafen
Herb Tablets
Pile Ointment
National Drug and Chemical
Company of Canada, Limited
Wbole.aU Branches alt
Rheumatism Cure
Su. nr of Milk
Stainless Iodine Ointment
Toothache Gum
White Liniment
Caused by Struggle with France, Costliest of Modern Wars.
The Lloyd George program of public
finance, whose promulgation a year
ago precipitated tho most remarkable
fiscal controversy in the history of
modern England, was the logical outcome of a situation which has long
tn in in the process of development;
Speaking broadly, lt was during England's 22-year contest with republican
France and with Napoleon that the nation was started upon the career of Indebtedness, public expenditure, and
augmented taxation which has led
straight to the fiscal complications of
the present day.
The struggle with the French was
easily the costliest of all modern wars.
Upon it Great Britain expended the
sum of ,tS31,500,000 ($4,157,500,000)
very much more than the aggregate
outlay of the nation on all other
wars in which it has had a part since
the times of Oliver Cromwell. The
consequence was threefold. In the
lirst place, the national debt, which
in 1702 stood at ��237.000,000 was augmented by upward of ��622,000,000.
In the second place, there was a great
leap upward on the part of ordinary,
recurring expenditures. After 1816 the
armv and navy called for an outlay
of from three to four times the amounts allocated to these services in
ntfs frugal budgets prjor to the
war. while the annual interest charge
upon the debt had come to be no less
than ��32,000,000 or upward of twice
the total public expenditure for all
purposes In 1702. A third consequence
of the wa'r outlay was the piling up
of taxation beyond all precedent, so
that a yield of ��19.260,000 In 1792
had been raised by IMS to ��74,500. !
000. And although after the restoration of peace there was some remission of taxation, so that by ISIS the
vield had been reduced to ��59,500.-
000. far the larger part of the burden
impose.l by the costs of the French
wars has been carried by the taxpayers of the realm from that day to this.
But for interest charges Imposed by
Camperdown and Trafalgar and Waterloo, Mr. Lloyd George would have
had ample moans a year ago for the
paving of pensions to the aged and
,he building of new Dreadnoughts
without the necessity of additional
taxations at all.
Edmonton    Protests   Again    Influx   of \
Negroes  Into District���Head Tax
Suggestion   Is   Made.
New Westminster, B.C.
Vancouver, April i .���Bookmaklng
will be abolished by the Brtlsh Colum:
hia Thoroughbred ussocituiou ... ������.�������
on. Park, and at future meetings the
parl.mutuel system wlll be adop ed.
The announcement was made Saturday bv 11. H. Springer, a director of
the association, following the decision
oi the Dominion government to support the compromise bill submitted
bv an eastern niembei. The local association is now seeking Information
re-' ding the operation of tho mutual, and u is expected that this Information will be Here in plenty ot
tine to perfect the details for the op-
Son   of   the   new   system  at  the
meeting to open in June
By the mutuel system of bpting
th public makes Its own favorites
All the money that is wagered on
each race Is returned to the public
less a nominal percentage the association deducts for handling it The two
principal arguments in behaU oMhe
mutuel system is that It does away
with the objectionable horde of touts
who follow the racetrack, and calls
for honest racing, in that there ls no
advantage for a horseman to lay up
ln any races, for ln order to get any
money through the betting he has to
drive down ln front. There ls no
such a thing under the system of a
bookmaker going to a Jockey or owner and "fixing" them to pull a horse.
Edmonton, April T.���That the increasing influx of colored people into
tne Dominion and especially into the
huinonion uistrict anu tne Homestead
country surrounding, constitutes a
serious menace, and that immediate
sieps ior the prevention of immigration of negroes from the other side
should be taken, was the opinion expressed by Mr. Powell at the meeting
of the board of trade yesterday afternoon. The question was raised in
which Mr. Powell dealt with the race
problem of the States aud prophesied
a similar problem on this side of the
line unless Immediate steps are taken.
Mr. Powell is a Canadian who has
spent many 5 ears in the souiheni
states where, he states, the principal
work of the police courts is the handling of cases of negro crime. Edmonton, it wus claiineu, ulreauy liuu over
100 colored residents and their presence had a demoralizing effect. Even
the best of negroes were not desirable
as citizens, since they were unassimil-
able with whites. In 1870 there were
about 5,000,000 of them in the United
States, in 1890, 7,63b,UU0 and ln 1910,
between nine and ten millions.
A desire was expressed that a capitation tax of $1,000 be levied on all
colored people entering the country.
In briefly addressing the board Mr.
Powell pointed out that the passage
of a resolution condemning negro Immigration might have the same effect
with the Dominion government, lie
declared that already trouble had been
caused In Edmonton by the presence
of colored  people.
On Thursday of last week, he said,
two women had been attacked by negroes in the north part of the city.
It was decided that a committee
should be appointed by the president
to draw up a resolution expressing
the board's desire that negro immigration be prohibited.
President McGeorge pointed out
that some of the finest homestead
land is being taken up by negrot s,
thus becoming worthless for white
Messrs. Powell. Montgomery, and
Fisher were nominated by the president to deal with the matter.
Hotel Butler Annex
Fourth Avenue and Marion 8treei
Room $1  p?r day up.
Room and board $2.50 per day up.
Room with bath $2.50 per day up.
Room with bath and board $4 per day;
All mtslde rooms, with hot and col*
water, steam beat, long distance telephone. *Rus meets all trains and boats
The Daily News will be kept on file .
In our reading room.
Some people do not
That  we  are
The   Shenvin Williams
Co's Agents
So if you want 4o know
about their products call
Columbia Street
$15,000 LIBEL SUIT
North Yaklni". April 1 .-���To-n I
Story, former chief of police, was released from liability for libel today
by Frank Hull and William Benhani
upon the payment of $1 by Story to
each of them. Hull and Benham
brought libel actions against the chief,
Mayor Armbruster and all the council-
men, each suit being for $15,000 .because Hull and Benham's names were
on lists posted In saloons, the saloonkeepers being forbidden to sell them
The mayor and councllmen now say
that this release of Story also releases them, and rely upon this release to free them from the actions.
The cases will como up at the May
term of court.
Falling Stump Cevers Neck.
Everett,   April   1 ,���Edward   Engo-
bresn, of Everett, was almost decapitated yestedray while blowing stumps
with dynamite, near Lochaloy.  When ,
a  charge  was   about  to  explode   he 1
took  shelter  under  the shedroof of j
a donkey engine.    A  large piece  of |
stump crashed through the roof and
knocked    him    down,  and his  neck'
struck tbe  edge  of  a water  barrel
and was almost cut through.
Scotch Whisky
Choose Your ferand Carefully.
A Scotch address 6n the label does not
always mean genuine Scotch Whisky in the
bottle. There are many brands trading on the
reputation of Scotland s Highlands as a whisky
producing country beyond compare���brands put
up under fictitious names, and which, though
hearing Scotch addresses, never 6aw Scotland
at all, much less the Highlands.
Choose a9 ijoui* beverage, a brand with a
reputation hack of it.
Watson 9 Scotch Whisky has been distilled
in the Highlands of Scotland since the year
1815. It i? not only a pure, and genuine
Scotch ; it is a Whisky exceedingly agreeable
lo the palate. This is due primarily to the
fact that we distil by thc old-fashioned Pot
Still method���slowly, carefully, skilfully.
Moreover, we age our Whisky in Sherry
wood���age it for years, until it is thoroughly
matured and mellow to the taste.
Insist     on
"THREE STAR"���A mlU. tU.���<Uy a��ti��ni Scotch
"NO. IO"���A lull-Uiiti. rieUy HmmJ Stotek.
JAMES WATSON & CO.. Limited - Dundee.
:!l !B(IU
; $ I* i
to i ;il ���� i ji    m
31 \\t'%
-, ys.j,. m *�����>*: v >t��*A<A .j***~2._t__
��� mf>tfft***"r��lr��t.'-1 r-r-.Vi!-"\*A ��M_? <"'
Only 30 Days to Clear $35,000 Stock-Price on Every
Suit Has Been Cut to Cost���This Store is Open From 8
a. m. to 9:30 p. m	
.!-'   .���'
I Hi I   Iy
ti*;  J.
'���^iii'p v
iiiwl'tfl������ 4
It is not necessary to dwell at lengths, in this advertisement, on the merits of the stock of the late
Thomas Foster, which comprises the clothing now being sold at 335 Hastings street. Suffice it to say that
greater bargains were never offered the public of Vancouver. The late Mr. Foster enjoyed the reputation
during his many years of business in this city, of selling nothing but first quality clothing, all of which
was received by him direct from the great tailoring establishments in the east in a semi-ready condition,
The sale opened on Saturday morning at 8 o'clock. The large attendance all day and Saturday evening,
the increased number who visited the store Monday, in a great measure bespeaks for the popularity of the
stock and the great bargains represented in the "cut to cost" prices which prevail during this sale,
Remember, this store is open
daily from 8. a.m. to 9:30
p.m.   The earlier you attend
the sale the greater range you will
have to choose from.
Spring and Fall Overcoats���1910 style; extra long; grey and black
vicuna; all silk lined; silk lapels; full skirt; single breasted; fly
front.   A line that sells regularly at $40. ^JO^  7*X
Our clearing out sale price   sp******** I *J
Grey and Black Vicuna Overcoats ��� Serge lined; silk faced; fly
front; extra long; single breated; full skirt; 1910 style. The regular
sale price of this line, $32.50.   Our clearing d��1 Q **.**���
out sale price       *r * **��� ��� **
Topper Coats
Brown, Black and Grey���Box cloth and beaver cloth; best
twill linings; full range of sizes. A line that sells regular at $25.
our clearing out sale                   sjs. :* ^1 C  9C
price     **PlD.sCD
In Black and Grey Vicuna���Well trimmed; fly front; nothing better on the market for $35. Our clearing out sale <fcOO Cf_
price     4p*_��,,OV
Dress Suits.
Dress Suits in Vicuna and Llama Cloth���Silk lined and silk facings. Suits selling for $35, during this clearing out sale for ...$24.50
Kegular $45 suit during this clearing out sale    $32.50
Tuxedos, in three-piece suit or jacket only, in Llama cloth and
The $35.00 suit for       $24.75
The $40.00 suit for       $29.75
Tuxedo jackets only     $18.00
Car Conductors and
Sailors Uniforms
Single and Double Breasted Navy
Blue Serge Suits���Well made; finely
finished; fast dye; give great satisfaction; wide range of sizes; fit any figure; to be cleared at prices 50 per
cent, less than regular sale price.
Three-piece suits during the sale
from    $9  to $20
The Famous Priestly Patent���A serviceable spring and fall coat; showerproof; in grey and fawn; light and
heavy weights; single and double
breasted; skeleton lining. Regular
selling price $25. Our *1 >7 gA
clearing out sale price ��*��*** *********
Special Attire   for
Horse Show Today
Frock Coats and Vests���Vicuna and
Llama cloth; this season's New York
style; finest quality material; superior
workmanship. Regular sale price $45.
Our  selling  out
This store, No. 335 Hastings
street west, is for rent* Possession Immediately at the close
of sale���after 30 days. For full
particulars  apply  on   premises.
All Alterations Free
Our complete and well
organized tailoring department
promptly and efficiently executes all alterations. You are
therefore assured a good fit.
Positively no goods exchanged.
Every sale must be for cash.
This Store Open
From 8 a. m. to
9:30 p. m.
Tweed Suits for Spring Wear
A Wide Rang* of 1910 Patterns���In single and double breasted
tweed suits; men's and youths'; light grey, brown, green and Aa.n\
mixtures; every suit cut from Imported cloth; the style strictly up
to date.   This is a line that sells regularly at $21. d��-| O OC
Our clearing out sale price   *P * **���**���**
Waterproof Coats
One of the Largest and Most Complete stocks of watsfrpi ty>f
clothing to be sacrificed during the sale. Single and double breasted waterproofs, In Imported fawn twill; exceptionally light weights;
suitable for all seasons. A line that sells regularly at all clothing
stores at $15.   Our clearing out   sale \_Q H*\
price    *?&��� ' ��
Serge and Worsted Suits
Men's and Youths' Suits��� Single and double breasted; navy blue,
guaranteed fast color; famous English weaves; lined throughout
with finest Farmer's satin; three button; medium length lapel. Regular price $21 a suit. Our clearing out d_ 1 / i 7^
sale price    ��p 1T". / ���*
Price of Pants Cut in Two
Hundreds of Pairs of Pants���Men's and youths' in blue and black
worsted and cheviot; light and medium weights; finest quality material; superior workmanship; on sale at practically the cost of the
Regular $10 pants for       $7-75
Regular $8 pants for      $6-50
Regular $fi line for      *475
Regular $4 line for      $2,35
The Thomas Foster Clothing Sale
335 Hastings Street West
Vancouver, B. C.


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