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The Daily News Jun 21, 1910

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 V I ', *_     < ���> *
hite Rock
"WHITE   ROCK,' THE  P.^   ~.
WHITE, SHILES & "��� \
IUl pd      diimt .mm   CANADA IN GHAT BRITAIN
iCER.Men Present D.J.
McQuarrie With Armchair
silver Service and Address
r.. C
md   i
E.  R
hirtj    em
c un]
Second Street Improvements
Advanced Anolher Stage
-No Contracts Awarded.
Westminster    Gazette    Says    Viceroy
Belongs to School of Business Representatives   Abroad.
General Agent of Company Will  Prob
ably Arrange for Desirable Changes
Before   Long.
Clued in the old I. 0. 0. F
fid evening to. th.  purp.   ���
i D.   j.   McQuarrie   e*
' ,.  local  branch  ol
��"'aL!; Rn address and un
��*���'    ..preclatlon   ol   pasl     ���
The address, which
��D    Millar    Wl
::i,    Esq.:
I -Tho  employees
Co .
\ nil
tejimlister brunch, B. C, E.
|       ��� permli you to vai ati
' ical   manager,   which
.;.   Iield,  withoul   marking
rjinccit regrel al  your departure.
Ji       timt we  owe  you  a  m tch
ol   gratitude   than   can
. .1 here In words.   In
-... ith  us as emploj i ea
I    . ostei   brai ch
[ ��� minded, just and gen-
Soi onlj 'his. but the Interest
pen i il welfare you have i
{ways.   These reasons
an honor as well as a
.   sei veil   under  you.
'. therefon  a k , ou to accept tin  e
|p ,i   Blight   token   of   our
al   in  your  n< w   bus-.
. --   .. i,' . ���   you   will    meel    with
���  -   financially,   and   that
i  McQ  ���        md yourself will en-
blessli      i health, happiness
Ind i man)   , t... s   to I
. "Tin in   behalf   of   the
i -        i'   Cooper,   L,   B.
I e, A. J. Bond."
��� mployeea to Mr.
foi in of a hand-
tered   anu  chair
I; ��� ���       ri en ii1*'. suitably en-
Mr, McQuarrie Returns Thanks.
thanks for the band-
��� in   the   mon.   Mr.   Mo
I. lated    thai    he    would
i  work six months on the rock
e b   | eech, bul liis Bub-
orical    accomplishment
���      . -  modesty.    He  regret-
i .ms.',- of the English Ian-.
too limited i" permli him
i ii as he felt they ought
i it.  both "li  liis own and
i Ii 's behalf, but from tho
lean  be could assure
nothing   could   possibly
him greater pleasure than
tch  a token ol  appreciate    employees   ol    the
Iourse of his flfti en years'
:: with the companj  he was 18i;iewaik
nk that Ills ri unions, both
ipei iors ami  with  lis sub
Under the ; ildani e of Acting'
Mayor Graj lai' nlghi the council bad!
a sjiori   and  buBj   session.    Most  o(|
: v,.    taken up with the
lng of minutes and reports of various
kinds, the only new  business of [ 11 at
Importance being i he opening ol  ten
dei'8 for the paving of Second Btreet.
Three   Tenders   Submitted.
There were three tenders submitted
and the figures quoted are supposed
to cover the cosi of sidewalks, Btreets
and the construction of storm Bewers.
The Hassam tender, vol11", was thi
lov ���   I. that ol the Rudolph S. Blome
company,   of   Chicago,   for   granitoid
pavi uenl. was the next with $65,690,
and   the   Warren   Construction   company, of  Portland, for bltl ulltlc i t��v-
ing.   was   the  highest    with   $66,90o.
en   ������!   Jaidine   moved   that   the
Hassam  company   be  given  the  contract,  contingent   on   the  passing   ol
the bylaw, but Alderman .lohnston interposed with a remark that he understood the residents of this street wore
to have Borne Baj  regarding the kind
of pavement they wanted, and all tho
tenders  were  finally  referred  to the
engineer for report at tbe next meet
���  i, i,.
London,  June   20.���Earl   Grey   has
alreadj   stirred the   English  business
���'i   the  commeicl tl  possibilities
i   nada.   'I he \\ estminster Gazette ,
    says:   "Earl Giey, whom we aro glad!
ii  sjiori   and  busy  session,    musi m , tl, ri,.,.  back  In   England  for a  brlel
tl ���  time was taken up with the lead-   visit, is In the Bchool ol b isinei a vice-
-. ...i���.,.���. ,,,���(  ._t,nrt.B of various   r0ys.    Hardly had  he landed  when he
was   preaching   thi Ibtlitles   of
The paper then quotes Earl Grey'a
coi imunlcatlon   urging   British   com-
nn rclal   houses   to   send   their   best
��� nts  lo Canada.
London, dune 20.���Every American]
who comes to London visits Westmln*'
ster Abbey as a matter of course, and
this Bummer, tourists from tlie other
Bide will iind an added Interest in
the ancient church.
This is tiie "Norman Undercroft"���
the only complete portion now remain!
lng of  Edward  ihe Confessor's original  building, and dates back  nearly
oiih thousand years.   This Undercrofl
is a low-vaulted chamber which formed,  lu other  days, the substructure
ol   the old  dormitory of the  monks.
meet.- Preserved in the Undercrofl  are the
figure   effigies iu wood and wax of kings and
���i i.-a���n,.,i  in   to .Tames  I.i
ing.    Englneei   Blackman  will  figure effigies m wouu *uu v��ua. ���* .
out    how    much    eacli    lot    will    be queens from Edward III. to James I.,
assessed for before making the report, which were carried at their funerals
Liquor Bvlaw Not Discussed and   placed  upon   their  coffins  in  tlie
Thi    llquoi   license  bylaw  and  the Abbey.
Btreets and Bidewalks bylaw were not The   figures,   in   various   stages   of
touched.    The  foi mer   will   come   up decay,   aie   dressed   In   rich   clothes
at a Bpeclal meeting of the council to worn by their living counterparts, and
be   I'll   next   Monday   afternoon   at the exhibition is the most curious If
five o'clock.    The advice ol the city not the most beautiful, to be seen in
Itor  and  the "pinion of the chief the Abbey precincts.
ol police wlll ! btalned on it before
���i   -
It is finally passed.
Alderman Bryson, chairman of the
water committee, repotted that he
could not recommend the tapping of!
the water main at PYaser Mills as
had been asked by Rev. !���'..' il I
i i'Boj le; that a new meter had hern
Installed at S. Tidy's residence and
thai several of the Btreet valves of
the system had been covered by the
iei i ai woik on some of iho streets
in raising the grade.    He asked "   '
Amherst, X. S., June 20.���Shortly
after Examiner Stevens and a boy
named Tom Wood entered the Cblg"
necto Coal and Railway mine this
morning, there was a heavy explosion   in  the  mine.  Quantities of gas
of   works   reported   as
SlOU    111    i ue    uiiu..   >
I has so far prerented access to them,
***********aa^^^^^*************s******X. ,-,��� i i but the management and miners aie
the water department be notified ,,,., H ,,,,,. can tfl reach th dead
when when any work was being done .. a?ive '
that  into:tried in any way  with the       '       ' 	
water s.- stem
The   board
:    i. Re the application of P. McCub ,
bin  for the clearing  and  grading of
Fourth Btreet  and Truth avenue, we
n       in end that ihe street be cli are ',
at  a cosi of $300, an I that a fui tl i
estimate be made for grading '
This amount to be taken trom
tor Fourth Btreet.
2. Re complaint of J, Stewart . boul
Bldewalk on Fourth avenue'between
Eleventh and Twelfth streets, we recommend  that  the sidewalks   be   re-
That   the repeated  protests  of the
board of trade to the Greal  Northern
are having some effect, was evidenced
bj   t he \ isll  here s t Bterday ol   K. J-
Burns, general agent of the company
Hc came to Inquire Into the conultlon
e railway sen Ice on the Bouth
ol the river, and as a result there
will   probably   be   some   marked   Im-
pro ements In the sen Ice soon.
lie called on Publicity Commissioner Wade and had a long conference
with him on the subject. He said
that he would see that the representations of the board of trade in the
distrlcl and the New Westminster
parent organization would be brought
to the attention of the higher officials
of tlie company, and would receive
1 attention  from  them.
Mr. Burns expressed himself as be
lng in sympathy with the demands
of the residents along the line. He
thought that most of tho requests
made were reasonable. Mr. Wade
asked that the trains be so arranged
that people coming here from country districts would be landed in the
city not later than 0:30 a. m. and
Mr. Burns promised consideration of
this request.
Mr.  Hums  pointed  out that if the
company  were  to  give a  better service on the local trains some of the
stops would have to be cut out.    At
present there are seventeen stops between   here   and   Port   Guichon   and
It  is  impossible  to  make  good  time
on that account.    Mr. Wade said that
I that  might   be  arranged  so  that  tlie
| company  would not  have  to stop its
train at every crossing,   lf there were
a stop every three or four miles arranged   so   that   the   residents   along
the line would not be more than two
miles from a station lie did not think
there   could   be   cause  for   complaint,
and it is probable that some such sys-'
tem will be adopted.
Mr. Burns said that lie would endeavor to have Mr. Costello and some
of the ether prominent officials of the
company pay a visit over the line and
examine into the  conditions at close
lt is proposed to take Mayor Lee
and Mr. Wade along on this trip and
the whole question will be thoroughly
t,    ��� .�� rn Rf Blame for Position of B.C-
Imoortant   Business to l^uiaim, iu
Discussed  at   Twenty!    E.R. Ju��=e Conductor Over
���    . Rridtre Still Unfixed.
Seventh Conference. I    Miate ��l
although   Date
Sentiment   I
Empire  C
|S   Uncertain,   Strong
Selection   of
for Ceremony.
Sultan   of  SulU   Coming  to   Dispose  of
Collection   of   Pearls   Valued   at
perlors and with  ms ��uu- 0mmena  ma.   >"'   '""      .  dangerous
alwaj-B been pleasant,  newed al once as It is in a dang
sen Ice
.. rything had nol
ooth aa drawn oil.
much regrel thai
bn ak awaj   from
;   he  entered  th<
.   .,;,���, there were only three
on the main line, and
- .  had to earn  trelghl on
,.,   oar8,    m  those  days
forty-five dollars a month.
,.,, g0ing as high as nftj
ough 'his was exceptional.
me expr< ssi d his pleas-
c( thai the empl >ye< s bad
agrei men!  with the com-
.     the  wage  schedule,     me
B C i.  ,:   had always been fair and
towards   the   men.   and
, ,. yi^ a point  than pre-
'���'   ' ���   mble. ..I
luslon   Mr.  McQuarrie  said
1  always  treasure  the pres-
, :1    blm   as   pleasant    niemeli-
long relationship with the
Local   Manager  Speaks.
'11 accordance to a request rrom the
.   resented  by   L.  B.  Davles,
"  '   Stewart,  Mr.   McQuarrles successor i���  offlc
always j condition.   Cosi  $105. rlllV(,n,h
It had      3  Tha..  the  sidewalk  on ple\enth
he had   .treet   beween   Hanlan and Auckland
the old   streel  be renewed as II   Is In a Daa
C0.dlS   a��8su?ac��e   box   dn.n   be
puttnon  [hel-est    Ide of:Tw.lWj
,,���.., ,     Estimated vest  ?1d8.
B   Thai   the  cinders  from  the  dis
Portland, June 20,���On duly 1 next
the Held division of special agents of
the general land ollice. consisting of
Oregon, Washington and Alaska, will
be turned o\er lo I.. 1.. Sharp, now
chief of the division at Helena. Mont.,
and Andrew c'ln istensen, present
I chief of the Oregon, Washington and
I Uaska divisions, wlll be detached to
Investigate the Bo-called Cunningham
and Qreene coal  claims In  Alaska.
The  filings  on   these  claims  are  at
present withheld from patent by order
London, June 20.���Although no def
Inlte date luts yet heen ftxed for Kin'
George's coronation, it is nol unlikely
that   the   ceremony   wlll   take   place
on  May  24,  1911.    This date is cele
brated wherever'the British flag hies
as Empire Day.   it was chosen originally for the celebration of the "Imperial Idea" because it vas the birthday of Queen Victoria.
it is known that King George favors
the Idea of being crowned on Empire
Day. He is the flrsl British monarch
who has made a comprehensive tour
i of the British dominions and is an
ardent Imperialist.
The idea of tlie Empire Day corona
tion is due to the editor of the Louden Observer. .1. L. Garvin, who
writes: ^^^^^
"11   King  George  were  crowned   in
West minster  Abbey   on   Empire   Dajf
nexl   year  we are convinced  that   tlie
ceremony  would be as Inspiring, as
creative in its effect upon the thought,
feeling,  and  purpose  ot  the   Mother
Country  and Greater  Britain as any
even! In all the annals of the Empire
' and  the  throne.    The  sell-governing
states and  India  would  take  lor the
lirst time  their  rightful  place:   and
Manila, June  20. ��� The Sultan of
Sulu,  once  offered   his  hand  in
marriage to Miss Alice Roosevelt, ts
to   visit   America..     He   says   that   tho
object   of   Ids   trip  abroad   is   to  dispose of a collectldn of pearls valued
at  something  like  $2B0,000,  the  proceeds from which will be devoted to
improving the condition of his poeple.
He  will  be  accompanied by  fourteen
prominent    Moros.     He   has   already
saiii d for India, and wlll make stops
tit several European cities.
In August, v.u ;., President Taft, who
In  ids capacity  of secretary  oi war,
was  touring   the  Philippines   with  a
congressional  delegation  and   an   unofficial party, visited Sulu.    The Americans    Included    President    Roosevelt's daughter, who was entertained
lavishly  by  Sultan  Hadji   Mahammed
Kiiam,    who    sliowere I    them    witli
gifts and finally declared his wish to
marry Miss Roosevelt.
He insisted that his people were
unanimous in tlieir desire that she
remain among them. Miss Roosevelt,
however, returned home to become
the wife of Nicholas Longworth, one
of the party
This morning the twenty-seventh
annual convention ol the BritiBh Columbia Women's Christian Temperance Union Opens in Queen's Avenue !
Methodist church, with delegates trom
all over the province present.
The convention will start promptly
at 9 a.m., when Mrs. Lashly Hall, of
Vancouver, will conduct a Consecration service in the school room of the
church. After this, routine business
such as the roll call of officers, read-
' lng of minutes, etc., will occupy some
The reports of the superintendents
Of departments will then be read lu
the following order:
Evangelistic���Mis. Lashly Hall. Van-1
Sailors,  Lumbermen  and  Miners���!
Mrs,   L.   Manson,  Nanaimo.
Work Amongst Railroad Employees 1
���Mrs.  .1.  Smith,  Ashcroft.
Exhibitions aud  Fairs���Mrs.  S.  Ll-
liot,   Kamloops.
Unfermented  Wine���Miss    E.    Gil-
chiist, Ladysmith.
Foreign   Work���Mrs.   G.   II.   Smith,
Vancouver, Grandview.
Temperance Grocery���Mrs. Conway,
Parliamentary     Usage���Mrs.   G.   K.
McNaughton, Cumberland.
Parlor Meetings���Mrs. D. P. Piekard.
Anti-Narcotics���Mrs.    M.    Stainton,
Scientific Temperance Instruction���
Mrs. J. F. Smith, Cranbrook.
At 11:30 there will be a devotional
half hour.
The  reception   to  the  delegates  is
generally   held   in   the  evening,    but
this year a change has been made and
; the   welcome   and   garden   party   will
1 be held this afternoon ou the grounds
of Mrs. George Adams.
Chief Templar Fred Haggman, Mrs.
[C. S. Keith, president of the local
council of women', anu Mr:. Nesbitt,
president of the local branch of the
W. C. T. O. will deliver short addresses. Mrs. Gordon Grant, of Victoria,   wil   lrespond   in   behalf  of   the
Mrs.   C.   S.   Keith,   president   of   the1
local council of women and Mrs. Nes-j
bitt, president of the local branch of |
the W.C.T.U.    Mrs. Gordon Grant, of
Victoria, will respond in behalf of thej
The event of the evening will be the
annual report of the president, Mrs.
C. Spofford. of Victoria, but there are
also several other important addresses
and reports to be heard at this meeting. The following is the program
for the evening:
Devotional���Mrs. Bryan. Vancouver.
Report of Corresponding Secretary I
���Mrs. M. A. Cunningham, New Westminster.
Report   of Treasurer���Mis,  Gordon
Giant. Victoria.
President's   Annual     Address���Mrs.
C. Spofford, Victoria.
Rally Song���"All Round the World."
Address���Scientific Temperance Instruction in British Columbia.
Schools���J. Dougan, Vancouver.
Tin  program for Wednesday will be
published in tomorrow's issue.
 ��� I
Pittsburg. June 2d.���Charles Wash-'.
ingtoh, a seven-foot negro, threatened!
to clean out  a police court  during a !
hearing of some friends who had been|
a: rested. He had court officers and
witnesses cowed until Lieutenant
Thomas Carroll, who is but five feet
and a half tall, placed a chair behind
the negro, climbed upon it and felled
'him with a blackjack.   A Btjuad of po-
I lice  then  can'
..1   Washington   to  a
llie  1111M.0  ,...
������   -   ce  here   in  ���, V.niisWrt  present withheld from patent by order l flrst  Iin���   ,:���.,    ,, ;    l
^Pressed his JraUfIcatSThat>of Vn'M"n T.a[K^Llll��nfi5,t m Uoul1 " '"" 1^"eI,-.<,'e �����ln* ��"
.11,,,,,. ,-1 mchot In-1 Empire Day of the king, who has seen
tlio e
bei  ti,
atW had
loyeea had seen  tit  to remem-
e   retiring   manager.     Mr,  Mc-
lad  had  liis ups and downs.
nol always been able to co-
with   the   views   of   the   men,
-JBe were mere t rilles when all
)ln88   were   considered.     He   wished
'ti  in  a
pref" ".,       t   1   and are the claims   could It dui �������"u'."r _7u0 haB Been
SK -':-"���"""""' "'��� i SSI'S tSffl^ass
vestlgation l
iv congress.
be it,
fur t|
all success in his bus
me,  expressing   the   hope
�� few years he would again
a position to retire, this time
te remainder of a life, which he
B��P6d would be long and pleasant.
several of the employees next took
""' "our, snme requiring considerable
',":"hi"K before they could be JUf-
,"1'"11 to "testify." Included among
!"' speakers were A. J. Bond, F. C.
\""\'iy. 1). Gracev, G. S. Pressy, Tim
'!riK("'ll. 1). Millar, George Reid and
1. Reid.
.The  gathering  broke  up  after  the
Ringing   of   "For   He's   a   Jolly   Good
in which all joined lustily.
more of his dominions than tiny other
sovereign before him, would mean little less than a new birth of political'
imagination and imperial life."
^      inn.rB   All Unable to Speak Eng-
j ik, Piaht Following
lish, Injured In Fignt
Niagara Falls, Ont., June 20.���It. L.
Borden and Premier James Whitney
and party were met at the Grand
Trunk station on the arrival of the!
11:03 u. iu. train here by a large
crowd of citizens and were enthusiastically cheered us they stepped off
the car. The local reception committee, which had ten automobiles in
waiting, took the distinguished visitors in charge and drove them to all
-  ^"����>n  victoria
London, June 20.���Conservative
bankers again state that Canadian
promoters with second class securities
to sell might as well stay at home
and save their money, as they cannot
sell them here. Bankers ridicule the
flamboyant campaign of the newspapers to boom British Columbia lumber
stocks, as the statements of the prospective profits are largely exagger
Curtiss Makes New Record.
Louisville.   Ky.,   June   20.���Glen   H.
Curtiss broke the world's record for a
I quick start Saturday when he rose in "Hudson  Flyer'' at the Churchill
i Down racetrack in 4 1-2 seconds.   The
| previous record was 5 1-5 seconds.
The high wiie over the Westminster
bridge  came  in  tor some  more  prominence   at   the   council   meeting   last,
night, ancl now the whole affair seem��
io be more Involved than ever.    Harbormaster   Shiles   had   Informed   the
council that lhe advice he gave thenh
on 1 iie height the wire should be was,
. i.en on information he had received      ^^^
from C. Gardiner Johnson In Vancouver,   but   the   letter   given   here,  and
j which  was read out at  the  meeting
of the council  last night, denies that.
; such is tlie case: an.l tlie whole thing;
has now  narrowed  down  to  the two
I statements   of    Harbormaster   Shilesj.
! and C. Gardiner Johnson.
Here is the letter received from Mr-
Your favor of the seventh inst. only
I reached me yesterday as I was absent
in   Victoria.     Now    I   note   that   yout
were directed,  1  take it. by bis worship  the   mayor,  to  write  to   me  re-
information   I   am   reported   to   baveb
given   Harbormaster  Shiles  last  September.    May 1 endeavor to the best
of my ability to put at rest this mischievous report by saying".
First, If I ever gave Mr. Shiles
what he took for official informatiou
1 don't remember it, and it must have*
been iu conversation only and 1 don't,
remember the conversation.
Second, I do hold the position ot"
Lloyd's agent for the province, bin
in no way could that position be connected with wires stretched anywhere
obstructing navigation.
Third, in my capacity of secretary
to the Vancouver pilotage authorities.
I wrote to the Vancouver harbormaster and told  him there was a vessel
going oast of the wires stretched over
Burrard inlet  and asked him for the-
height   above   water.    I   wanted  this
to confirm a letter I  had  written  to
the  B.  C.  E5.  H.  in  my  private capacity of agent of the vessel.    Tbe har-
' j. master gave me a very nice and
prompt  reply,  stating   il  think}   as 1
write from memory, 352 feet, and the
vessel went up and under.
Fourth, If I ever heard, I give you
my word that I had forgotten that
vim  had  a   wire  across   the   Fraser-
And   lastly,   If   you   will   allow  me,
there is only one person to deal with
1 a  matter  like  this;   i.  e, the  harbor-
I master, who can always refer by wire
if  necessary a difficult  question  like
this to Ottawa.
1 cannot conceive how the report
became public that I had something
to do with the stretching of these-
wires and how high they should he-
Nothing could be farther from correct than such a report.
My private opinion, if I had beera
asked, would have been in tlie neighborhood of 1150 to 3K0 feet; I think,
the great bridge above Quebec was*
S60  feet above the water.
The letter was filed but later im
the evening, under the head of Inquiries, Alderman Bryson brought the
matter up again by requesting that
all the correspondence relating to the
matter be read. The clerk lead all
the letters, including correspondence
with and replies from the marine department at Ottawa.
Tho lirst letter is from Harbormaster Shiles to the city council and suggests that the wires be not less than
160 feet high.    One is from the city
to the department  consenting  to thev
wires being placed nt that height, The
others are relative to the same thing:.
There is no written record at present.
on   hand   to   show   that   C.   Gardiner
Johnson gave his opinion.
fhe matter has boon left in the-
hands of the mayor und will probably
I be straightened out in the course of
time. At present Mr. Shiles is out
of town and his version of the affair
cannot lie obtained.
\yvo    Jn'lc   20'""In
Lieut.   Howe   Given   Office
Ott=���-    -      - ���     ���  ���a
. -tewa, June 20.���Lieutenant P. C.
'��� ""we. who lu
us been loaned to the
by the admiralty, has been
head    of    the    dockyards
inch   of  the   new   Canadian   navy,
,?, wlll rank next to Admiral Klngs-
fntallv    wouil-
to   fleam.   ��"<-���    ,    ' ' ,,mu>d.    Ml are
three others badlS T^giuh,  and
foreigners,   none  speaK UwA n0
th�� police tousjw W abl)j to tran.
Sbe" into BBgUsh. d9   thej    ^'-f^^^edestrianr'siarted out
,    circumstantial  evidence knied nolds, a noteq P     tmm port
I police to believe that ^ j to do a 	
Ls held on the, floo   *h ���   nope g ��� ���               Newcastle   flf
ftbOUl  lllu  puv.w   ......
also gave them a trip on the Maid of
the Mist.
Heat Overcomes Pedestrian.
Toronto,   June   20.���"Jimmy"   Rey-
noted pedestrian, stari
walking stunt for from Port
�� (,�� to To 0 no and back this morn-
Was held on the noor ��..;;^- _       ftm0pe Jo'Tgggo Newca9tle   flf-
the murderer, and 1Mb huh . . __^ ���-������   '���'"
Hainhara to Visit Japan.
San Francisco, June 20.���M. 11.
Hainhara, flrst secretary of the Japanese legation at Washington, arrived
last night, en route to Yokohama on
a leave of absence. He will leave for
Japan Tuesday. Referring to the
Asiatic exclusion matter, Mr. Hainhara said: "I. believe that California
is unfair ln its attitude on the sub-
jest of the immigration of Orientals
into this country.
Farmer   Killed   by   Lightning.
Sherbrooke, June  20.���Joseph  Pou-
Un,  a  farmer  residing   near   Martln-
vllle, was struck by lightning and Instantly killed this afternoon.   He was
First   Flight  of   Lady   Abdy   Is   Rank
Fail/Ur��_Machine   Damaged   by
Dropping to Ground.
London,   June   20.���Graham   White,
lhe   English   aviator   who   was   near-l
winner of the London to Manchester I
prize  of  $50,000  recently,  announced
that he would take pussengers ln his
biplane.   Lady Abdy secured the right
of first flight for  ��12fi.    Second and
third   flights  were  to  cost  her   ��14
10s.   The llrst flight took place Saturday.
Soon after the start the engine of
the machine failed and the biplane
fell It happened that it was only
about ten feet In the air at the time,
and Lady Adby and White were un-
Cincinnati. June 20.���One railroad"
employee was slightly injured whem
passenger train No. 73, of the Louisville & Nashville line, was derailed
today at Catawba, Ky., thirty-five
miles south of Cincinnati. All the-
cars that left the track remained upright, and except- for a shaking up,,
none of the passengers were inconvenienced. , ..
Six Hundred Names on Winnipeg List
Objected To.
Winnipeg,   June   20.���-On   Saturday-
over six hundred protests were filed'
against   registrations   placed   on   the-
voters' lists during the previous seventy-two hours.    The majority of the--
protests were made by liberals.
Strong objections are taken to the ���
limited   time   given   for   filing  objections,   only   some   twenty-four   houra-
being allowed from the time the polls
close, which gives little time for in--
I vestlgation.
Sir Herbert Haytock Dead.
London, June 20.���Sir Herbert Hay-
lock, until recently assistant manager'
of the Bank of Montreal', died here
*-,-i- Yf I
,lw. ���
I,      '.' 1,,
Classified Advertisements  REAL   ESTATE
wiili   breakfast     Central
Addi-^jj.i.v u. U.os lili, City.
Assistant, must' ho capable stenographer . ud have knowledge i i
boofc-Jieeping. Apply by letter tb
EJos  20, Daily -Nov.a Ollice.
at iiu- jCeadeased Mlli Eactory, 16
JEcofli stteeL   ttcf .reofiea required.
male and female, for the public
Schoa!s of this city. Applications
will be received until noon of the
22nd inst Robert Lcnnie, Secretary.
Office:    Northern   Crown   Bank   Bldg.
Phone 646.
D<?U6lE CORNER���On Sixth avenue
and Eleventh stieet; 132x132 fe t,
with small i .im. e. Pri e S3.5UU.
$5U0   easti;    bahuitje   on   very   i t*j
'���. terms. 1T0-C
 ; .	
LARGE HOUSE AND LOT���On Corner of Fifth avenue and Ti nlb
sine.;   etehl   rooms,  fully  model n,
BYLAV/, 1910.
A Bylaw to enable the Council of the
City of New Westminster to raise
by   lonn   the   sum   ot   One   Hundred
same shall  have flrsl  be n approveJ
.   a resolution of the Council.
' ,   -fills  Hylaw shall tain   i (led  i
the daj '"l"    '
maj be cited tis the "Streel lni]      i
menl  P< b< nture or  Registered  ��
���   '������   i ''���"���" .    ,
s   This R\ law im rore the Una   |
and   Fifty   Thousand      (.150,000X0,       *��� ..���   ti���
dollars  tor  Street   Improvements.     ,- ���. ��� , _     .   |-.   ,f ,,.        ,, lt, in tllt,
  ���   u aj    i  ffuli   ' bi law.
WhdSeas, certain  s t:.;s  of    mftnev     nj��eeivi i tin   a   eai ol the ehvoois
have   Bis year been exifeidfid <"it ol on the daj    i ���'���'"���
the  gem ral   tovenue  ol   tl ���-���  ��� > ,   foil      ;;,   , H    ic I  ... 1   ��� ���   iHj   l ;:   ' <������  (fl
;   ���   ce;.   f$Bfe>n, iniproveaioK and i ..,, uouikII :i��e duj of
pair of sti'eeEa and sldewattw, and  II   | .,,.
is  expedient   thai   additional  sinus  h. 	
HO   :   e     fKtfl      T  e        I    i
Hundred  and Fifty; \ true"copy of the proposed Bylaw wliich
���nt   that
wilh   full    sized    basemen!.     Price [spent   In   U!;e   fanner.  aiuSntitlng   lu
.r,.:V.<i;   $i_\'n   cash;   BS1SES3   imt'iiII   (with thc sums? alrrtiny s* c:iti  to j     T. t.
two   '.cars. 3-C
l-'i\e roams
2 f, et
SB,. 00
Thousand  (S1BO.000.00)  dollars;
will   bi    tuki .1   into
WANTED���TO RENT I'l RNli.'-! 1! 11
house of live or six rooms tvith modern conveniences by Tuly l for
three or four months. Convenient
to car line preferred. Apply Z,
Daily  News ofiice.
HARTCO STREET���6 roomed house.
Finished with burlap: gas and electric lights. Price .3,000; Sis000 cash;
balance one and two years.        G4-C
Ggirl.   Apply King's hotel, Columbia
stret t.
City���An    8-roomed    modern    house;
si/e   of   lot,   132x132   feet;    price,
_        $5,260;    .1,35(1    cash;    balance    ar-
ROOM 1    ransed' .
lng and tins,a
&��� Met lughan.
tbing.   Apply dan
N. W. i'4 section 8, Tp. 10���1G0 acres
bf good iand with L'.utlu.uuu 1'oct of
timher. No timber lease. ?l!5 per
acre,   $2,000 cai h.
to work iti laundry. Wages 15 to
20 cants per hour. Royal City
Laundry, Royal avenue, west of
Eight* street   B. Abrams, Mgr.
CiTY���Modern house and Itrge barn
(.ni Fourth street. Len ted for $30
per month. Price $3,700; terms
$1,000 cash.
CITY���S-rcnmcd house and fully modern on Fourth avenue. Size of lot
is 80x1*6 feet. Price . I.SiiO; one-
fifth  cash,  balance easy.
bouae work   Apply, Mis. A. E. K.l- _    	
lingion,  r.'U  queen's avenue. BURNABY���Two   lots   close   to   store
*"  io I     and     tramline.     Price   $300     eacli;
acres of good land at Lincoln sta-
lion, Langley. for Westminster city
property. Value $3000. Apply li. C.
���Securities. Ltd., Dominion Trust
Offices, Columbia street, New Westminster.
terms  _  cash and $10 per month.
housework   and   plain   cooking.   Apply  l'-'O  Third  avenue.
with harness, logging chain and
wagon.    Apply S. S., Box 150.
acres, South New Westminster.
Splendid view of New Westminster.
$425 per acre. Apply P. O. Box
286,  City.
ton; cleared and fenced; close to
car line. Only for sale within tht
.next thirty days. Address A. II.
Tupper, Cunningham Hall, Sixth St.
<2,80�� lbs.). Sound. Also wagon and
"harness (new). Apply A. X. Mac-
bay,  Burnaby Lake P. O., B. C.
LANGLEY���80 acres N. \/2 of S.E.
U of Sec. 10, Tp. l(i; some clearing. Price $35 per acre; terms
$1,300 cash, balance 1, 2 and 3
Delta Fruit Farm���Ten acres on Scot*:
road, close in, good house and barn,
250 bearing fruit trees. Price $4,000.
Good terms. 172-A
Office:    Northern   Crown   Bank   Bldg.
Phone   646.
Open Evenings for Your Benefit.
co    idi      [on   I .
And Whereas, ir appear* Wat If the :       "-:- j. j:   I  ( craned  bl tlie <
said sum of one  Hundred and Fifty .-..,���..,   WesfTrnlnsCer  one  mouth    frojn
Thousund   (f}5ti,()00.QO)  dollais, be ap ,    , j!;.v 0f the  flrst publication  tiler*
propriated  froui  the general  revenue , .  jH the "Dally  News"    newspaper,
of the city  ior tlie current   yeas' the vvhlfih  first   publication  took place on
rale of la .atioti will be e-ectsive, and ; ,,.  [3th day of June,  1310; and  thai
it   is  expedient   that   excessive a u,[r 0f the electors of the city will
taxation should  be avoided,  and  the i,- taken, on the said proposed Bylaw
said sum should  he  raised    on    th, on the 14th day of July, 1910, I
credit of tho corporatidn; and that de- , u, [,oura 0f nl  e o'cl ick a.m. and
bentures  or  registered  stocK  ceijtifl- , ..���. at  Uie follow!   i pla<
dates  Bhould    be    Issued    for    that j .,. Council Chamber, Civic Buildl
amount; i p e   I lall,   Sap] el ton;   and   I ie
And   Whereas,  for the  paymenl   of Waterworks    Sti   i      i e,      Ele>   ���
inl crest on tlie debentures or registi r        , ,
Room 8, Thompson Block.
Phone 629.
We have a few good lots on Hospital
street. $25 cash will handle these;
balance $10 per month.
Watch Surrey Acreage, when the dirt
dirt starts flying for tlie C. X. Ii.
We have the cream of buys.
ed stock cei tiflcates, i i op ise;l to be
Issued under this Bylaw, o id fo. creating a sinking fund for the i ayihcnt
of the said debentures or registered
sloe',;   certificates    whei;    due.    it    Will
be necessary to raise by special rate,
In addition to all othei- rates, each
year during the currency pf the Bald
debentures or registered stuck cei'tl-
flcates, the stun of Seven Thousand,
Five Hundred and Ninety and :\2 loo
($7,590.32) dollars;
And Whereas, in u."ih r to raise
the said yearly sum of S> Vi n Thousand, Five Hundred and Ninety and
32-l0o ($7,690.32) dollars, an equal
rate on the dollar will be required lo be levied on tiie whole rateable property of the City of Xew West-
And Whereas, tiie whole rateable
property of Lie said city, according to
the last revised Assessment Roll
thereof, is Seven Million, Two Hundred and Forty-nine Thousand and
Ten   ($7,249,010.00) dollars;
And Whereas, the total amount of
the p. Isting debenture debt of the
said city is One .Million, Six Hundred
and Seventeen Thousand, One Hundred   ($1,617,100.00)   dollars,   irrespec
W. A.
City i'l
City Hall, June 11. 1910.
A Bylaw to enable the Council of the
Corporation of the City of New
Westminster to r.isc cy lo-.n the
sum of Ninety-seven Thousand, Five
Hundred ($97,500.00) dollars for
School   Purposes.
Whi reas tlie poai d of S ;hooi Trus-
es of the City of New Wi tndn
ster have caused to be prepared and
laid before the Council a detailed ��sii-
mate of the sums required by the
Board for thc curt ent year's ordinary
expenses of maintaining th? si hools
of tiie said City oT Xeir, Westminsti ' .
and have also prepared a like detailed estimate of thc sums required to
meet any special or extraordinary expenses legally Incurrable by the Board,
which Inst mentioned estimate Is subject to consideration, alteration and
final approval by the Council, and the-
same   has been   finally   approve 1   bj
tive of the sum of One Hundred knd|the Council.
Seventy-four Thousand, Five Hundred      And Whereas, the amount required
($174,500.00)   dollars   proposed   to  be   under   the   said   Inst   mentioned   esti-
raised  under the "Lulu  Island  Bridge! ���������**e  {r>-'  school,    .mounts  to  .Ninety.
Debenture or Registered Stock Bylaw,
seven  Thousand.   Five  11 un rt rod   if^
191*0"; the "Fire Debenture or Regis-1 &00.00) dollars, made up as fallows
tered Stock Bylaw, 1910"; the|Thirty-five Thousand ($3&,0D0.00) dol-
"Schools Debenture or Registered lal's lor the flection and equipment of
Stock Bvlaw, 1010," and the Ithe new Sapperton school; Two Thou-
"Parks Deheature or Registered Stock sand, nre Hundred ($2,500.00) dollars
Bylaw.  1910,"  of  which   none  of  the   "
Agnes street.
ply SIS, Milton street.
housekeeping to rent. Apply to A. II.
Ferguson, Pythian  Hall  building.
house, thoroughly modern, corner
Fourth street and Fifth avenue.
Good locality. Will lease for six
months or to suit; $^3 per month.
Apply 427 Fourth street.
store in the K. P. block; suitable
for store rooms, skating rink, or
moving pictures, etc., etc. For particulars apply to John Forrester.
Sec. K. P. Trustees, 517 St. George
street. City.
on Seventh street. Apply Wilson,
Cook & Co., Northern Crown Bank
one black pig. Owner can have
same hy proving property and paying expenses. If not claimed within seven days will he sold to pay
coots.   Apply 634 Third street.
For all kinds of
Phone 695
or leave orders at
The  Arrow  Press
near The Daily News Co., 601) Victoria
Transfer Co.
cjfflce 'Pnone  13b.      Barn 'Phone 137
Columbia Street.
JBmgSage   delivered   promptly   to
any part of the city.
light and Heavy Hauling
Ten acres of the best fruit land; 1_
acres cleared; 2 acres slashed, burned and logged off; " roamed house,
barn, poultry runs: small fruits.
Fionting on Scott road and close
to car.    Only $2,090, on terms.
Five acres on Scott road: good garden, house, well, etc.;   three quart-(sum
for the erection and equipment of a
I school on Lulu Island, and Sixty Thousand ($60,000.00) dollars for tho erec-
I tion of a  High school.
And Whereas, by  Section 4n of the
: the  Public Schools   Aci   1905,  as   re-
enacted  by  Section  30 of the  Public
i ig i i advance the same ��� a the credil
0I ii e di bentures or n &i ered Btock
certlflcates hereinafter un ntioned, any
Mini or sums ol money nol exceeding
in the whole ihe sum of $97,500.00, and
,., ,.;1I1:,. the ame to be paid Into tho
treasurj of the said citj for the pur-
I , mentioned herein.
2,  |i   shall   bc.kiv Ii.l   fo*'  i hu  Mayor.,
|     ,       ,   ;;,;; ;\ \l I H V < ' \    '    I'       dl ill    I ' C ' II I  'J ' C1 !
,,,. |, pp.-.  e I : lock i ertilli utes to I*, j
; M,i,.,' noi v-ifii < "in."- in lhe vVh 1.' i.a-
sum  of  $'.17,100.Oj  lor   bucIi   pums  of
,.,, .,.%   . .   v   >   Bo  ii iiinril.  nol   li ...
than ^100.00   ''.ich.   oi    an   ��� 'p;u.:h ill ,
etoiessi d   i'i   l"1 ""i:;   Bterllni  of   the ,
l'nited King lom of Greul  Bii ain .    i
hei ::,.'.   al   a   value   i i   l.Siii;   16   (Tif'
 ;i,.|    .'. trn-;   ai;d   all   BTOTI   d,-b. a-'
tures or  re I   en d   stocl   i   rtlfl   iti
shall  be .    ih I  with  lhe bi ii ol   the i
,.,,.-,���,! alio-!. S\] ll'-d  Wi   ''.if  '������'..ty
counti rsli ne I  I >  Lhe i:'   surer then
,.f. or bj b ich other pei i >n or | ersonu
���    ;   be thereunto lawfuHy Iii
;i. The said d^beh-tureis or ri glstored
Btock ceitiiiiaies shall be payable i n
t ���,,.   flrsl   daj   of   Julj    I960,   al
, iai c or places as i ho Council of the
said   cor] oi atlon   maj   from   time   to
time api  with the approval ol the
holders I  ereof, and Bhall bhar Inter-
l;.i    a!    ;   ,���   fate   Of   l"Ui'   and   i;::e-h.ili
;,',.:". : nntnii, jidyable hall
y. aily   pp.   tin    li.! i   day   of Ja
ai i ��� ������ ��� ,������     ������      o    Iillj  I i    ich and
everj   year, ai I  l  e delx   I   i
i i .e attach 'd i i .  ���    ipoi    for 1
; .. , ;   cat    i t    ill'i'l O. I .    H 111   h    - lid    C     I
: ms   shall   b ���   signed   bj    :ti      Bald
I lyor,
4. A Bpeclal rate on the ch liar ball
be li vied and raised       ���   ch year, In
,.   ��� ion i" all othei   rates   on all tj
rate ible , ropi rtj ol tin  i Ity, sufficli ni
i.,  p <..   the Interes     ipou      i   ��� i   i
tures. oi   ii   ���   ered ��toi     cartl
and to cn ate a sinking fund  !������
p,,.. a , in (a ti c pi in. i, al thi . eol h b< i
due, : ubjecl to any aci 01  i aa Lmi ni
respecting the same,
6. Subject as afori said. Lh :������ Bhall
be raise! annuoJlj bj special rate as
aforesaid, dui inn i be cm rencj ot t be
said debentures or registered stock
certlflcates, tho sun <n n:.s,... .���
the paymenl of interest thereon, and
the sum of $546.20 to provide for thi
repayment of the principal.
ii. The proceeds ol  Uie sale of the
said   debentures  or   registered   stork
certificates shall be applied as follows,
and   not   otherwise;   towards   paying
tii" oosl of the passins of this Bylaw
and  tlie  Issue  and  Bale  of the  ssid
debentures or registered stock oertifl
cates therein referred to. und all ex-
\ ponses  connected   with  the   Issuance
I of the snid loan, anil the balance shall
I be paid over from time to  time as re
quired  upon the order of the trustees
by   the  city  treasurer  to  the  several
perse&s to whom moneys are payable
7. Tiiis Bylaw shall take efTei : on
| the day of 1910, and
j may be cited as the "Schools  Deben
ture or Registered Stock Bylaw, 1910.'
8   This Bylaw belore the final pas.
in.   thereof, shall  receive the assent
of the electors of the Baid city in thi
manner required by Law.
Received tlie ass, ol ol  the elect
on  the day of 1910.
Reconsidered and finally passi d In
open council the flaj of
h Croquet Sets
| Pic Nic BasbiJ
1 ^ Nic Piatcs
Etc., Etc.
| 665���-Columbia Street--^
j|      New Westminster, B.C.
Mineral Waters
Aerated W��.i2r|
LV vl
1 -^%
I    A'1'
Hcertaln P
il Pitt*1
F ' . t 'i ';i
���ou '"ia .,,
lr vou a��
If' U,;,V,
elephone  13. *������'.���_
***�����������********* *��.*>.. t��m
\       HORSE
:     SNOEsftG
- Done At-
: Benson & McMenemyl
J    At   Dick   Benson's  Old Stand.  .1
t 'I
���   8th St., Next to Fashion Live'/. Jl
*'*a*ra**a*a* **.*��� *a**t**444t\
prlnclpnl  or interest i.   in  arrears;
Xow Therefore, the Municipal Council of the Corporation of tlie City of
New Westminster enacts as follows:
1. It shall be lav.-ful for the Mayor
of  the  said city  to  raise  by  way  of
loan from any person or persons, body j Schoplp Act 19Q6-, Amendment Aci
or bodies corporate, who may be will- 1906, any statute to the contrary noting to advance the same on tlie credit I withstanding, tbe Council of any citj-,
of the debentures or registered stock town or rural municipality In the
certificates hereinafter mentioned, any|Province Including  the  City  ol   Van-i N0T1
or sums of money, not exceeding | couver and City of Xew Westminster.:    ���i-..1^,. ,,,���!,.,, tha) tha above I      tru"
ers of a mile from car. This is good  in (he whole the sum of One Hundred   May  '"  each  and every year  pass  a  copj , , ;i(. proposed ByJaw which will
ind Fifty Thousand (^150,000.00) dol- Bylaw or Bylaws for levying aspecial   i���.   taken   Into consideration   by   the
rate of not more than Five (5) mills Municipal Council ol the City ol New
on the dollar for school purpose,', and Westminsti r one month fiom' tl e d t<
the Council may In addition to such U the flrsl publication thereol In tho
rate apply any portion of the ordinary "Dally News" newspaper which lit
revenue to school purposi s.
And  Whereas, it appears that  the
at $1300; terms.
Room  8,  Thompson   Block.
Phone 629.
Corner  Columbia  and  Begbie   Streets.
Phone 680.
10 full  sized  lots  near  Eighth  avenue
at $;;i)0 each.   Kasy terms.
Sapperton���We have a few choice
view lots on Blair avenue very
cheap; $25 down, balance monthly.
Worth investigating.
lars, and to cause thr same to be paid
Into tlie treasury cf the Said city for
the purposes mentioned hen in.
2. It shall be lawful for the Mayor
to cause any number of debentures or
registered   stook   certl filiates    to    b
South Westminster���1/4 acre view
lots on car line at Browisivlle.
Price $259 per lot; Vicash, balance
easy. If yeti wait a taeaae, secure
one at once, as they are the cheapest and nearest lets en the market.
We have a buyer for a 6-room house;
modern; not above Sixth avenue.
Terms, $500 cash, balance monthly.
Lulu Island���Lot 26; near the bridge;
containing one acre. Price onlv
Corner Columbia and Begbie  Streets.
Phone 680.
made, not exceeding in the whole die amount required to meel the current
sum of One Hundred and Fifty Thou-; yar's ordinary expenses of maintain
sand ii$1 :>n mm.i.iii) dollars, for Buch
sums of money as may be required,
not less than $100.00 each, or an
equivalent expressed in pounds sterling of the l'nited Kingdom of Great
Britain and Ireland, at a value of 4,8Sti
to tlie pound steiling; and all such.
debentures or 'registered stock certl- the ordinary
fleateg shall be sealed with the seal ; poses.
of the corporation, signed by the! And Whereas, it appears that If tha
Mayor and countersijied by the said sum of $97Jt5V0.09 be appropriated
treasurer thereof, or by sucM other! from the {jeiieral revenue of tho city
person or persons as may bo there-1 f��r 'he currant year, the late of taxa-
uato lawfully authorized. ! tion  will  bo excessive, aid  it   ig ex-
3. The said debentures or reglgtered | podient  that  such  excessive  Uxaiiun
ii)'-;   thp   schools    will     exhaust     the
amount authorised to he levied under
Section  40 of  the  I'ubllc  Schools  Act
1905   as   re-enaetod  by  said   Section
:������'���   of   the   Public   School*   Aot    1901,
Amendment Act 190c. and it  will be I workg Bioreho. se, BieTenth'rireet
necessary also to apply a poitfoo of m A  DUNCAN
P*r"l City Clerk
publication took place on the 13th day
of June, 1910, and tbal a vote of the
electors of the city will be taken on
the Bald proposed Hylaw otl the Hth
day of July l'.iln, I etwi "ii the hours
of  nine o'clock  a.m. and  Jiv ���  p m..  at
the following places, namely: The
Coaicll Chamber, civic Building; the
Fire  Hall, Sapperton; and the Water-
revenue   for   such
City Hall, June 11. 1. in.
The Municipal Council of the Corporation of the City of New Westminster
havlag  by  resolution  determined  and
stock certificates, shall be ptyable no'Should  be avoided, and  th�� gald  tsum | speoifled that it is desirable to carry
tho   lrst  day  of July,  lSiifl,  at  snob  should ba raised oa tlie credit of tho'
place or placea ag tho Conndl of the corporation, aad  that  debaniiiren    or
said   eorporatlon   may   from   time   to: registered stock certificates should ba
time appoiat with the approval of the'ssnod for Ihit  atnonnt.
holders thereof, and shall bear later-'    A.nd Whereas, for the paymeit of in-
out   the  following   works,   that   ls   to
To construct cement concrete sidewalks on both sides of Tenth street
from   Sixth  avenue  to Tenth  aveni
est. at tha rate of four aad oae-half per I terem on the debentures or registered  except on the east side ol said street
Columbia    St.,    Next    Todd's    Music
House���Phone   703.
For Sale���5-roomed cottage close in;
large lot. Price $2,500; $500 cash.
Balance on  very easy terms.
For Sale ��� 5-room cottage close in.
Price $2300; $300 cash; balance to
suit purchaser.
We have some real good snaps in
house property. Call and sec us
about them.
Columbia    St.,    Next    Todd's    Music
House���Phone 703.
Dry Salt���each tiny grain keep-
mg fresh and  piquant.      Never
Use it.
Local Agents
Westminster Iron Works
Phone   53.
��� Tenth - 8t.,   New   Westminster.
*��<_-*_    ���;���!_>������*'. T:Y'"-"N E wrfc".V     lV.,; '    '"���''��� ''-���':  ��� ::''    J
aili   : ���   :.'.���;.' ieoJ'1 ��� -        ���
' 3V&  to  25  II.  P.
2 md 4 Cycle.
centum per annum, payable half year-j stock certileates proposed to be Is
ly on the first day of January and thei��ued uoder this Bylaw, and for oreat-
firtst day of July ln each aid every,'"8 a siakiag fund for I ho payment
year, and the debentures shall havo;��r the said debentures or reglatered
attached to them eoupoia for the pay- Stock certificates, when due, it will
ment of interest, which .aid coupons be necesssry to raise by special rule,
shall be si_ned by the said  Mayor. in   addition   to   all   other   rates,   eacli
4. A special rale on tho dollar shall T��&r during the currency of ih��? said
he levied and rai.sed In each year, In | debentures or registered stock certi-
addifion to all other rates, on all the Acates the sum of vottT Thousand,
rateable property of the city, sufficient (-Nine Hundred and Thirty-three and
to pay the interest upon the tl.cUen-' 70-100 (J4.933.70) dollars;"
tures or vesIsfereJ stock certlflcates,! And Whereas, in order to raise the
and to create a sinking fund for thel said yearly sum of $4,988.70, an equal
payment of the principal thereof when special rate on the dollar will be re-
due, subject to any act or enactment|Quired to be levied on the whole rate-
respecting thi.  Sftme. able   property  or   the   City    or    New
5. Subject as aforesaid,  there Bhall 'Westminster,
be raised annually by special rale as!    And   Whereas,   the   whole   Rateable
aforesaid, during the currency of the 1 property of the said city, to
said debentures or registered    stock the last;revised Assessment Roll there-
certificates, the sum of Six Thousand, J Of, is Seven Million, Two Hundred and
Seven Hundred and Fifty ($6,760.00)
dollars for the payment of the Interest thereon, and tbe sum of BJlghl
Hundred and Forty and 32!l0p ($840.-
32) dollars to provido for lhe payment of tho principal.
G. The proceeds of the sale of the
said   debentures   or   registered   stock
certificates shall be applied as fol- (Twenty-seven Thonnand 1 $227,(Hi0.ii'.)
lows, and not otherwise: towards! dollars proposed to be raised under
paying the cost of the passing of this: the "Street Improvement Debenture or
Hylaw and the issue and sale of the (-Registered Stock Hylaw, lull);" the
debentures or registered stock certl-1 "Fire Debenture or Registered Stock
ficates therein .referred to, recouping  Bylaw, 1.910;" the "Lulu island Bridge
between Sixth and Blgjjth avenueH,
also on both aides of London, Kdin-
burgh, Dublin and Hamilton streets.
Klehth and Seventh avenues between
Tenth and Twelfth streets.
And that the said works sliall be
carried out in accordance with the
provisions of the Local Improvement
General   Hylaw,  1 Do:*.
And the city Engineer ami City As
Besspr having repotted to thc Council
in mvordanco with the provisions of
the said bylaw upon the said
works, giving statements showing the
amounts estimated to be chargeable
against the various portions of real
property lo be benefited by the said
works and other particulars and tho
said reports of the said City Engineer
and City Assessor having been adopted  by  the council.
Notice   is   hereby   given   that  the
Por y-n,ne     housand   and   Ten     i$T,.   said   reports  are  open for  Inspection
249,010.00    dollars; at ,lu, om,.(. ,,,��� (���c g,t    As;(,ss()I, Cjt,
Ant,   Whereas,  the total  amount   ofl Hall, Columbia street, New Westmln-
the   existing   debenture   debt   of   the
If you de'posil ���    ��� '
safety In The '        ''
It whi be safe
lt, and readj wl 1 a you 1   ��� ���'���
and it will be
A UT he Time
earning for you three pfr cut
lntei��st. Small or large sumi
may be deposited at any time.
ln   Ontario,   Quebec   and  the
REST    ...
said city is One Million, Six Hundred
and Seventeen Thousand, One Hundred l.l.mT.TOri. .0) dollars, irrespec-
"ve of tho sum of,Two Hundred and
the  treasury   of  the   city   such   sums
as  have  been  this  voir expanded   in
Debenture or Registered Slock Bylaw
Did,"  and  the  "Parks  Improvement
[Street works, or may be so expended (Debenture or Registered Stock Hylaw
i until tho proceeds of the sale of the   1910," of which none of tlie principal
aald   debentures   or   registered   stock ior interest ls
certificates have become available, the
making, Improving and repairing of
such streets and sidewalks In tho city
us may he deemed expedient, by the
council, but no sidewalk or Btreet Bha"
11 arrears.
Ster, B.C., and that unless a petition
against' the proposed works above
mentioned, slimed by a majority of
the owners of the hind or real property lo be assessed or charged In re
spect of such works representing at
least one-half In value thereof Is presented to the Council within fifteen
clu.ys from the date of the flrsl publication of this notice tho Councl] will
proceed with the proposed improvements under such terms and conditions as to thfl pn?rnonl of the cost.
of such Improvements us the Council
may by by-law TRTh'al behalf regulate
and (lelermlne nnd also lo make the
said assessment.
Dated this  f)Ui  day  of Juno,  A.D.,
City Clerk.
j Dat.   0,  ,n.i>t; iPUbllotion,, thfi- 1-04.1
tbr/fffl ;i:;iivj,.! HerfieH ����*8
���y_L  .MdlSfl   -.'i''-���.".". 'ir'. ,nftl icxl
nnaMai neSMtUUi vumhi inti.   .:io
<��ioil   i:i:li'i  Jiyy.i'.iij','���   I
-.hurli  -iti)  Vt \ <nn
��� iu.,. . jDjLiii( ito j 11'. ���:'��� iin <>:. ���    .11
|o      .  - 0 01 1 r*'.: ����� H "lib;  two ������
���>:'. I   : <    ���)<'.!    ':'��� ;    (Hrfifcl    fjirt'-lfim    fli! 1
' v'c     . !������/  91  .'in:;  henofj'fii]  si     II
I   On "   ������:(!   !���:  lit* Otl I   ftl   .99.  SLti  'U'JtiJl
Now Therefore, the Municipal Coun-
ell of the Corporation of Uie City of
>>rew Westminster enacls as foUows'
1. It shall he lawful for the Mayor
of the said city to raise bv wav of
���dMBmftjB oi, repuiredatrttof dhe momn's' lonih frohi any person of persoiie hnfi"
fctaBMred ituidenjthia.'tlyhiwuiiloss't-iw or bodies Corporate, \vliu..may be will- ^^^-fw^Wifi,'"I'l	
 lii_'!il'_'   ; .nfi-fOeh.-'l   tcr'01-v.   i )f-|i 51 .   ,
" "���'���>;'    "/fttri'. ,' ���-..,,'     .,,��.-      ||    .       ,   ...       ;��� ������; bUv ,-1 i
.t*f..n)rioU   yd   b<>!i!>l   whsi I        ' K..t ttOftani     I  i    ��� ���' ,:  , >��� . ,  n ,,   t_,u> . iU.,., .,. ,   ,,,,,   ,.:,.,r| ,:,   . |   ,;
���ii-.'! iii!'..e:'ji.--.0'; wwiX ,��SoOTirtofl��    U-uA ntotl no' louie     ,������>, -.- ., .-,; ,-; ,.  ��� . (i, , .,.,,, ,,,,, no f,|.���,: Mil���,
���ninr.,.'.   lftflit   .cltdaoi -tatow r.  .nil <nom eiiii mawl iuw otao-ioT ol oifirtl  n  rflrtw  jIt>   .1   will   b**m)oq   tutsi',
-nl tn,;   .nbUrfall \'l M&trtffl BSW Mm \l_\  MMmi-;'n'*���'.'.  ifton  i.��n.'.-:! *l\    .  ,-.   ......  ..,,,,,,, ,,.,.., :,,   ...   it;   .   ���.,,���,)���,
luvn ��H   .noon#i*Jli UtfJ beills Vi���*i6hanlwo /oeMi Jo   ���������/</ i-;,..  ..,,,  .(���. -   ,���r. .1MI\ t| }j ;.,,u, ���,^,i,:,; a y ���,
Bank of Toronto
J. Oracey,
White Star-Dominion]
Canadian Service
Montreal to Liverpool
Triple  screw,   14,900 tons.
S.S. MEGANTIC��� T���e
Twin    screw,    14,900   tons.    '
largest   and   most   mwarn.
commodation equal to any
Ing the Atlantic.
For Rates and~Tickets Apply t0
C. P. R. Passenger Station
My property Is taken off the BW
until further notice,
" Bappertou" B. C
,miWO  ne
tto *-��H -���UJ.;;:.
n " ��� ��� tr ���*������
mo I siul ,>>������- ��� ���   ���   \" ;' ..,- ��� ���
,.:. ..,.  . ,   edl   to   ���"        .       i
���;,,   '���,:.-')  ���"���>���''��� ��� '     j
Ww *iy-*-!r- <:,.:.'-' THE DAILY NEWS.
Vancouver Concern Owning
Rich Coal and Oii Lands
Will Locate in Capital.
District of New Westminster.
New Westminster Land District.
New   Religious   Craze   Strikes   White
Bear Reserve���Pale Faces to Be
Take notice that 1, J. A. McGowan'l    AiI   rubbish   and   . arbage must  ** -
of  Abbotsford,  B.C.,  iftoountant,  W- removed   to   the   root   of   Sixtetotl
tend  to  apply to tho Chief Coromis-1 street and Fifth avenue, where n *ii
s'toner of Lands at Victoria. B.C., for be burned by the corporation.
a license to prospect for coal and pe-1 Any person or persons who dump
trol.-u.n on and In the following d��-1-WWQBFW rubbish ot any kind am
scribed  lands: iin-v other street-ur ^venue or on any
'Commencing at a post, marked J.'l!in,?- vacant lot or public propertv
A. McG., B.. VV, comer, planted at tho \ will be prosecuted under the pro-
S. W. comer of Section 33, in Town-1 visions of lhe Sanitary Byla
">��������� u     I     l>:
Carlyle,    June
'.Religion"    is
W  .     IUI  ll.ll      '..     *~  ' -VT������.
,ln in,  Municipality of Sumas, Ne\v
.   ,   .   ��� .a.      k ���    Tinvr i
..-.,,,  Meridian
w'8     daimins through or
Sge -������ ,   ,-!aii""'s    .������
M and ';       ���  persons claiming
�� y��U AnVcVld land by virtue ,
Tintei" |  instrument, and,
"- unr*   ���'    , ���  ,,,,.,.   interest   In
ent, whose title
v,reBt in
16:25���With train lor   ���������:���������  \i, Ki o
feuay  points.  ;' , till      ,.; d  .I.  Paul;   returning arrive tVi   I minster 18:12.
19:35��� With  No. 96 T  continental eastbound and trains from Mission,
U"1 ,   ,,.the P.ovis,    s m  p.t8l.
Sti .,..- Ac.."are,eMiiii- .  .,,.���
I "Land'   ���     ( ��� of ,1|P IIlN ,,���,-.������
=;>!,. days from Uie
Nicola nnd 0 kafiugon points, and No.
j   from   east",' arrive   New
1)li;>. cation   ot   this
,.[ in default of a
���rMfl  ,"  ol   >>*  P.endeni
1CJ  tciiod, or in
11 ��� r.rfora regl
l��rf^,pHic.rj-cii WHI be foi
 bin "i tr-opa e-ei
lestopP6,       ,������   ,; {.ipectof
���   i   _lia
|       !l !_!.
ED GOULET, Agent C. P. R.
H.  C.   B.   FOSTER,   A.  G.   P.  A.,  Vancouver.	
Victoria, Juno 2".���-a large oil shipping enterprise for Victoria, w.iUa at-
I :. . :.: hi I offii ... -. Ill shoi tlj be
established m Victoria. This announce-,   , ,,
"���'������'���   waa   ; -ti   "''s    morning    by   ;av;  .   trlend|  wMle  driving through
..���I James  Auld,  presldenl   oj   the  Amai-|t|   ,,,,,,.  at   midMght  on  Sunday
Weatmin"   ;;"!"i   DeyelQiJU^ut company,  wno, ,.,... I101iCTl| Uiat  u^hts we burning
'    "" I nas been In the citj  tov w vi i d days] a ;i-1 the inhabited =fc��n*ip.
I ���'. toi  a ��� He toi  the I h ition ol   ,|);|.   |10U1. ,,.- t|1(. -
���   ������'""���      m>i    Aniii'H    iirin,   Auld, I uiuai
 ^^^ .Westminster  District;   teemse north
manifested in  many   queer and  out, k(|  chalng.    thence  easl   80  chains.
lanuusl, way; one oi  the most curious 1   * B0Uth 80 chains;   tlienc ft,qsi
r,  .    ,us fervor is just nwff^,,, to point  of commencement
By Order,
City Hall, -Tunc 1
S. .1.   I'KAHCE.
Sanitary lm-aoctw.-
  south  SU  cliains,   uivm.    ......
aiflicting the'noble '^d'men'^ __i��� <*��***P, ,K?'  '"' $W����ce��A*k
Wl.'.- Bear resent n-.n|, of ('���lvi,  an    ""f1"1";, '"   *��"��������    ...    mJ
The  editor  of   th*   Carlyle   H. raid i , ' *$ fh ��**��#>.^>"(" "l!s 9th
��td        lull  aa  owner thereol
i v ������) ���   that pub
iro for thirty days
the   plant,    .Mi.   AmUs   . ,  	
i.       ii     '! ������'" LTlty, or   .ailCOUVer, have
:ii |uired all  thi   i Ights and Interests
oi the Alaskan Devi        ehi company
- all tin Ir oil and mineral propi 11 li
at   Kateila
he   vai loui   i ropi i ��� '.< a  which   the
V -
On and after June
,-.-u   ��� t0   Victoria.
���    _���,,, pibllshed in New   L0 00 a.m    ''
,,��� .ood and sufflc     | oo p.m   ��-���-
I ,'id Registry Offlce, |io:00
,  ,   ince ..��� British
'. ���!,  cay of  April,  A.  u
DP  PnoptVC CnU'inno  CWjlPari:    ������      eoking having been se-
IJil. L'JliolOO.odUlllUo   cured. II        now   In  u   position  to   o
J     i ange di \ i lopmeni and ten Ina
. BhunUe?, which at
oi  Lin.- Sight   is rather  un-
d.    A little later, the faint  tinkle
ol a!; hosl   of Bielgtl   bells  v.-aS heard,
District of Nev/ Westminster.
New Westminster Land District.
New   Westminster   Land   District.
District of New Westminster.
Tal;e notice that Simon Ilenrjr-
Clowes of Vancouver, II. C, occupation, building Inspector, Intends to a;./-
ply for permission to purchase lhe fofe-
lowing described lands:
Commencing  at a  post  planted at
the S. E. point of a small island lyinpr
���r.nn n.i..i,ii!o islatnl insc.;
oi aj host of sleigh  bens was nearu, i    Take notice that I  Norman Caswell,  ,lle w- ''"��� P01"1 U1 ���- * "������" >���
ami a light Been approaching across  0f Abbotsford   B.G.,miner   intend to {*** channel between Granite i8lan4 tU*M
they,' ,,p,lv   ,,,  the  Ghlef  commissioner  of, Nelson bland: thence nort ho: ly, west-
up their team in a shaded   i,c':.."is at  Victoria   l'.<\. for a license erly,"southerly and'easterly, along'tt*
pertgin of the trail, the-watchers wit-   td  prospecl   for  coal   and   petroleum  shore to the place ot commenceqwaifa
  -' "'":on   and   in   the   following   described ^containing 10 acres more or^less.
lands ( i.owks.
ni    ��� . an  Interesting  porthjfi of the
ci i...   :.;   i  | n i enting the arrival of
Tin   oil   propertl      an   located    at
Katel'a, A     ........    very vai table,
. ��� ��� are six pro luoing oil i ells. It
,. estii ted I ha! tin . Ih v. Ill pro-
dui ���   I O00 barrel - pei day.   The com-
ttieJ'breat  Splrife'-'    -l""���  the  re" I Commencing at a post marked N. a,
5 vi wfu .insured I I. and carry- J   E.   corner   P =.:.:. d at �� ;e  N-    ;���
li* light, marched two Indians the cj-ner of Section 10 ^n   rownsW|      ,
source '���:  the steadily Increasing tin- Mumei;.al             S.n, a
tl     '���   Hon, c,i;,u-,..tly MWWBg Apater   Dlstrlet      thence
thl 'I:      eenthem.   The Wo le part. <���!,. ��;.tfeence ves   ;  '        go .chains
,..   .. .  ,.,,.,i Wli!i  sleigh bells, etc.. north 8Uch_.nns,_thtncoea.t   ^   ^
;,,, | passing within a lew rods oi the
11U1 111    pu   , ,,	
to  point  of cbmmehcemeni
tainins 040 acres
and   con
containing 10 cues more or less.
April 20. 1010. AKcrr..
New Westmister Land  District.
District  of  New Westminster.
Take notice that Alexander Mcl-*r��-
point   o:   comiiujn.-ciiiw.,.  ,
u.j. ,,   ,.,.(,   .j..,:: rake  notice  c i iii i   .".ir.uijuu   ...��_
Dated al Abbotsford. H.C.. this 0th n;U1' of Vancouver. British Columbia.
...    ...... occupation contractor. Intends to ��!���-
dav  of Juno. A.D.,  1910.
occupation contractor, in'ends lo ��!���-
ply for permission to purchase the-
following described lands:
Commencing at a post, planted a*
the southeast point of the it-land situate about four 14) chains from Timber limit No. 38733, thence northerly
!idpes culver! Plans, prol
��� - ' I.:   ��� I   ci nl   id
���   -li.n  may  be ob-
nd Waterworks
.:���.      |    .   ;    Blackman, on re-
eque, vai ie ���
��� i .1 on receipt  of
'. mai ked < heque
nt 1
, *
���        rived   Op   to   B
jfllfe 27.  1010.     The   lowest
Br  any  I
Room  6.  Guichon Building.
Phone  681
I position ou liic ^-^.v	
offers exceptional advantages for   all
���   Ip   mi's of products f"i'm the sur-
.: ding territory.
District of New Westminster.
New Westminster Land District.
Murphy & Craig
Heating and  Plumbing
in-.������     u ly   ac-
M    City
New Westminster, JuiM
Architect and Engineer.
HOPE   &.   BARKER.   An bite. ts.
New  Westminster ��� Trapp   Block
Phone i'.'r
Sank of Montreal
roughout    Canada   ���U1'1
[anu in 1-"^'
I ch cago and Sp Kan ,
;.,,, City, v genial
Inei . transacted, uei-
��� iBBue-i. avallanle w��n
i In    all    parts of    me
n Dk Dirartmenl -D^osTts
m  ,,;   Jl   and upwaip.
.,�� :it 3 per cut. pei |
L'1 i  eai   raid-
- I    .      la   mer   $lSa:OOH,00<) "V'
  Saskatoon.  June   20.���George  Gray.'1
  'of Hull, Quebec, one of the    largest
Winnipeg,    June  20.���A  successful (pork packers in Canada, is in the city
police vai.'. was made lasl evening by .today with a view to purchasing a site
Inspector Rooertson, when he entered'. for a western branch  factory, which
the   Tribune   Building   and   raided   a  it is proposed shall lie opened during
1 room In which he discovered several   the present year. The firm which Mr.
��� ���  | loyeeB of the paper playing poker.   Gray  represents   has  plants  at   Hull.
"You   had   better  cash   in."   said   the  Peterboro and Brantford and branches
I Inspector, and the players then hand-  at   Ottawa ancl   Montreal.    They pro-
led  the chips to a man  named Orris  pose opening an establishment in the
| and  lie  paid  their  equivalent   to  es-   west, and it is with this view in mind
tablish the case for the police.    It is  that Mr. Gray is investigating the con-
understood   that   they   will  all  plead  ditions in this city.
guilty. j    One  of   the     important    problems
  which   Mr.   Gray   is   investigating   is i
IGKJtNING CHASES (the supply  of  pork, and  whether  or
Take notice that I, John Beckett, of   ...    T . . .        n ,,      , ,   .
Abbotsford.   B.C.,   lumberman,   intend   A!1   Jobblng   Promptly   Attended
to apply to the Chief Commissioner of i
Lands at Victoria. H.C.. for a license 1
to prospect for coal and petroleum on:
and in the following described lands: '
Commencing at a post marked J. B.,;
S. E. corner, planted at the S. E. corner of Section 31, in Township 19,
Municipality of Sumas, New Westminster District: thence north SO chains;
j thonro west 80 chains: thence south
80  chains;   thence  east  80 chains  to
^^^    CORRECT
Estimates   Given  on   Any   Kind
E of   Job   Printing
to" i __
���'������]-""���   ��� Ireland *i ��� ��� ���'���
j '���   | '.a   	
i v-'.li ��s Britain
^ES Ithe supply  oi   pum., .. ...   ....
OUR   GOVERNORS  not there is enough of this meatrais
-    ��� ' ed on the prairies to warrant the es-
Lonlsvllle, Ky.. .une 2U.���Four gov- publishing ot a plant here. He b\j-
ctnors who are here to lay to select 'j lieves that should his firm open a
the liu.c and pla ������ for tlie governors plant a, great deal more pork would
in November had two narrow escapes be produced and that hog raising
from being struck by lightning while would shortly become a groat induf-
I autOHioblllng from Versailles to I try in this province.
Frankfort.    Once the lightning struct' ^^^^^^^H
the iails ol an Interurhan-Un6 by .the
foadslde and sent a shower of sparks
pver the machine. Again the lightning struck in the road twenty feet
al cad of the automobile.
The governors in Hie car were Wilson ef Kentucky. Hadley of .Missouri,
Ans��?n of Soulh Carolina and . tJloan
of Arizona. Mrs. Wilson and Mrs.
Hadlfy were also in the jauuunobil..
point of commencement and
ing 040 acres. ^^^^^^
i     Dated at Abbotsford. B.C., this 9th
day of June,  A.D., 1910.
. -.'.imp 17
 I ' ��� 1
iv mn     L.���.   ,������'*
snore to uhs |...
.containing 0 acies more or.loss.,     _
I Agent.
Phone 105.'""P. *6.'B
Front St., Foot
the fallacy of trying to win numey by
bettQtg on races.    He has figured out
iiiatheniallcally   thai   Uo   system   can
Aieut'racing.   AdiiiitUug thatsonui peo.
must   gamble.  Sh'  Hiram- =*"vk*
District of New Westminster.
New Westminster Land District.
pany's wnari. won   ,,^	
(passengers and freight as follows:
Leaves New Westminster Tuesday,.
I Thursday and Saturday at S a. m.
Leaves Chilliwack  Wednesday, Fri~
day and Sunday at T a. m.
; First Class Passenger Accommodatfor^'
New  Westminster-
August 15 to 28
I **" m r\H r\
Take notice  that  1, T. Walters, ofl
Abbotsford.   B.C.,  engineer,  intend   to
apply to  the  Chief  Commissioner  of I
Lands at Victoria. B.C.. for a license'
tt) prospect for coal and petroleum on
and ln the following described lands:
��� Commencing at a post marked T. W.,
S.  W.  corner,  planted  at   bfie  S.  W.
corner of Section 32, in Township 10.
Mnnieii'.ality   of   Sumas.   New   West-1 __._
minster   District;   thenco   north     80 j ,'"   "'-,"."",
chains: thence east SO chains: thenci from Seven  to   nine   O ClOClC .
south  SO   chains;     thence    west    SO j<
chains to point of commencement and l ___
containing   04ft  acres.	
; Dated at  Abbo'.sf.ird. Jl.C. this Oth
dav of June, A.D., 1010.
T.  WALTERS.    1
Until further notice tnifc>*
bank will be open
Royal BanK of Caaato
New Westminsters
F. Shute, Mgr.
.Socially mw..-ates from all'points
on railways and boats-
^^^^^ lit!  |.ei��-..
pie   must   gamine,  ,.�����   ... shoi'Ka \ 530.00Q IN
the Noiiconfininlst  conscience by sitg
gestjng the establishment of national
reulfttde' wheels,  :i  percentage of the
v innings  to go to the treasury.    He
"1   would   have    national     roulette
substituted for betting on races. Bet-|���  - ^^^^
tltUt-OU raffl1} Ahould be ycnali/eil so,'Speeding    Events
"that ultimately racing would cease eX-|���     -���-��.,i^r    '^icl
cept -between genuine horsemen.    By
orgairixing   ioulctti\     with; miniuvuni
odds against the nlavers. which would
mean that about .10 out of every $500
passing over the tables would so to      cm.,^, . .	
the State, the latter could pay off tlie prlze il8t ^d information to
District of New Westminster.
New Westminster Land District.
,' Take notice that I, Alexander John
.top, of Abbotsford, B.C., lumberman
| Intend to apply to the chief Cominis-
>-   ���*-   viMnria    B.C..   for
, rau\>;i>=. "������- -^_______________J Intend to apiu.>  iu ,.,
Exhibits sent as freight on Canadian Sioner of Lands at Victoria, B.C.. for
.,. ,     ,���, ,���, .���._ a license to prospect for coal and na-
imes wm be returned free *_��� ,��� u,o foUowlng de,
Estimates Given. Phone 56T
New Westminster to New Westminster
*******m     ���  ���   ' Via
Steveston and Vancouver
the MiiH-, ....  ...
national debt in a few years.
it   is  not  expected  that   the Chan-.
���cellor of the Exchequer will seriously | Manager
consider   Sir   Hiram's   proposal   as   a
new means of raising revenue.
and    Secretary
gR40 nrres.
., n. ...    Dated  at   Abbotsford.  B.C.. this 0th
Vancouver  day of June.  A.D., "lfHO.
Trade With Victoria City.
Victoria, June 10.���As an outcome of
,the  work  of  the  board  of  trade for
the improvement of the steamer connection   between  this  city  and  New
l Westminster a. letter has been recelv
"   "   ,""^pnt. intent of th1
June.  A.u..   imj...
District of New Westminster.
New Westminster Land District.
Leave. Brackman-Ke* wharf W 3'*.   _
<���� .Saturduy for. Stevestou ^ ^ ^v
of   Abbotsford,   B-U.   '��'        ConlI1iis-
���.tween  this   cuy   ������   --    11    d  t0  upply  to ^f. l(" ;   BC    for        ^I1UD ���....-
\m fc ..tetter has been reetf* \{ of iands ^fgftl^lT* po- cons, to prosnect for coal
od from c. D. Vincent. ��.^ otj�� I ' t   ,*c     ��� ^^ v\ ^      ^
r,lf Steamship and WM   ]     .,   te   trolcuui  ou and "��  uu. 1 . mn..vP(1 n  B
Green Cut Bone to Make1
Your Chickens  Lay-
Central Meat Maitet
nnlMCI   I     A   ODDY
Take notice that I, Goo-re Beckett.
of Abbotsford. B.C.. teamster. Intend dv������--.- ��� . .
to apply  to the  Chief  Commissioner  Corner Eighth  St. and Fifth Avennec'
.  of Lands at Victoria, B. C, for n  11- PHONE 370.
.eet  for coal and pe-  ppnsc to prosnect for coal .nd rPt-nl- ^_^|
ii  the following de- end on and In the following drscrlb- j
irday for. Stovest.ou H^ w,�� ���" -/>
A Delightful Trip for $1 -^
Ti,k,,�� ���, b. c. k. r. M*o"ctrdu.ri.*w��')��' '""��u'
Wc cars leave Steveston every houi
.   2B'IZo TMm. morpings.
"^President of  the boar
w��c   -       ,   ���   _���,   niantea   n..i    uoui..��� r   A    .  tVlo ��   w ,     TENDEKS will be received on   *X
���ommeneing at  a pos-  ""rKe   m, L,   w   corner. planted  at the V *~ Thursday,   June   23    for  thf
T���  N. W. corner, plhnte 1  nt tn   p. on ���R  ,_ Tow^���i, in.   beioie coulpietion  of prop��w��
ll corner of Section 2^    tn Town   corner^ rf .WijWj;  ^TasoSic Temple to he erected^
I (.ffeiins W l";1^ ;.t;;uy "service.   The
Living a double Wf^^J steatner
fe��dr��;fe! l^issh =smm
corner of ssecuon to   ...   ���-���:        . _rect on  ana  compienuu  ^.  ���������-������'"
Munhdnalitv of Snmas. ^��W Wjrtjjj; ��$ Masonic Temple to be erect-l��r-
��� i  Tnf tbe'b'o^l. is rtl^ ��5rSStri5; "thence east 80|Bter District-, thenceMjMt 8     h. ins M^SSZSfisZ-t
Leiser, **��*��_* , ^ou Sis return West^nsterDUmc ,q ^^
See the Famous Fraser Biver ��""n*      '   a{teinoons, $!���
Hound trip tickets to Steveston, Saturo  ^
I1,,';,1 ..    ter in hand will be oa Ited J��  JjJ^ t0 p lnt
leuss .he [atest progOBal foj an I ,     ^
Moved  service.    ]\���\      congidered
SSpany m ��-*������    win    he
^r^lnsu^T Proper support.
OI'     ��� i    iitv nf Sumas,  New Municlnai"v oi nm,.��, . -���    -��� New Masonic leium* **-*-*-������--������
Municipality of ��r���a"'fl'   ���,, '        Dlstrict-.  tlience east 80 chains.   *"��     street. New Westminster, ac_
aBter.District; thenoe^ east 80 torDwm g. t]*$��*_^and apecIHcatibnB can be **>
thence south so dudni..thence ��jen��M�� ^^ ^      ,     ,        Plans ana   p ^^    ^���^
'"of commencemen! aSi  point'of commencement and contain- gJ-JJ rjggg**
S3��;%S��   BC    t,s9th  ^S^hotsford   B.C., this 0th   ^^��JS��ESS-I
-W^^SU^AT.     ^ ��f JUne'  oS6HOE%ECKETT.      necessarll, he accepted. ine  uany news
.1' ��� i>
published hy Tne Dally .News Publish.
f_% Company, Limited, at their offices.
'Corner   of    McKenzie   and    Victoria
af   a. Paige Managing  Director
would be, it seems to us, a noble way
of helping a man to help himself. An
Institution of this character would not
smack so strongly of that smug air
of charity which is so repellant to
the British poor. Moreover, it would
be doing good work in  the cause of
Protecting     Powers     Overawe     Crete
With   Display of  Force.
Paris, June 20.���To insure respect
for tlieir decisions, the lour protecting powers of Great Hi (lain, liussia,
France and Italy have decided to send
naval forces to Suda bay in the northwestern part of Crete.    The relntro-
Empire building.   Tlie same ambitious  duel ion  of  international  garrisons  al
desire  on* tlie  part   of  the  erstwhile jCrete  in 01'der  to  preserve  a  pacific
laborer   to   become   a   cultivator,   to
which   we  have referred, would  con-
ms   been   considered
Tor some time,  but   the plan  was op-
: posed by Russia.
jtlnue, and that substantial section of;    The present action follows the pro-
the community formed of prosperous j tests   made   by   Turkey   against   the
I settlers would be constantly recruited threatened purpose of the Cretans to
 ��� ; i elect and send delegates to tlie Greek
Notwithstanding the immense tide  from   these  worthy   people   who   bad j parliament at Athens. The protecting
of immigration  which   has  flowed  In  made good.
TUESDAY, JUNE  21,  1910.
eneral  feeling j
Council Opens
Paving Tenders
Shis year there is a g
among the farmers of the middle
west that there will be a considerable
shortage in the labor required when
harvest time arrives. The cause of
j.his is probably due to two circumstances. First, because the area of
cultivated land has been considerably
Increased this year and there is every  tillory   be   put   on    Brunette    street
indication  of  an  abundant   crop;   sec-  there being ;m estimated quantity of
ondly, because very many, if not most
<of the immigrants, have become cultivators   themselves.     For   the   most
powers entertained the protest and
made known that while the Cretans
would be assured autonomy, the nominal Turkish sovereignty iu the Island must b.e preserved.
(Continued From Page One )
about 55o yards at 40 cents per yard
laid on the road.    Cost   $220.
The report was adopted in  full,
The Vancouver Engineering works.
Ltd., sent In a bill for $105 for stuff
part the  newcomers   have  beta  ot   a
Bnperior  class to the  Immigrants of  supplied  for the  Lulu  Island  bridge.
former times and unite a huge pro-  Referred to the bridge committee for
portion   of   these   have   possessed   a   leP01 ���
'��� . C.  E.  Fowler, of the  International
useful amount of capital.    The ordln- Cont'ract companyi wrote that if the
my wage-earning class of Immigrants disagreement between themselves and
bave  not.  apparently,  been  quite  so  the city could not be arranged other-
,    ������ ,,,.,.,i wise,   they   were   willing   to   submit
numerous as usual.
,, ,._,. I the   matter   to   arbitration.     Several
There is a rather interesting point
other letters in  the same connection
in   connection   with   this   farm   labor   ���.,,.���  lec.eived and  ;lll  were referred
question which bus apparently escaped   ,0 ,|1(? bridge committee for report.
rhe notice of some.    This is that the      VV.   A.   Gilley  asked   permission   to
the  middle  west   liut a piledriver and l uildlng materia
on the Lulu island road as he Intend-
. 1 to start work on the ii. C.  E.  Ft.
view, somewhat tn the nature oi  an   approaches to the bridge a1 once. Per-
evil.   That  is to say, the prosperou    .      ;,,.. was granted.
condition  of  the country  is such  as      Joseph Crane asked the council for
worth   his  a lease of tiie west end of Fourth avenue  so  that   he  could  make  exten-
to his busines s.   He guarai    ed
to  abandon  the  place  any   time   the
city   required   it.      Referred   to   the;
i^ i r*si i rr ed
CLOSE   AT   5   P.   M
Ever shown it, the city.   Exclusive designs-direct Importations-have just come to hand, augment.,,
our extensive selection, and making our showing a moBt desirable one  to  choose  from.    !,,.���   "
Collars   Jabots and  Sets,  white  and  ecru Guipure Lace Collars  stylish
and   Lace   effects   in
floral   patterns,   in   light   shades  and
Ii I. i
��Uc  Scarv6B in self-stripes and  fancy   norai   pan.'ins.   in   iigui   bubobb   anu   also  in   black
astonished  ���"  M,e chP-ming  variety,  and   highly   pleased   will,   Ihe low   pricing;
From 2ac to $j.<!o..  oee   I hem.
Specials in
$9   to   $10   Values   for   $6.
$3.50  for  $5.00.
Values   to
Protect your valuable documents by securing a private
box in a fire-proof vault.
.great prosperity of
ss. from  the labor  demand  point   of
to   encourage   every   man
salt to strive to become a cultivat
rather  than   a   laborer,  and  as  tii 're
Is every  facility existing  this praise-
We pay -I per cent on deposits, interest semi-annually.
We act as executors, trustees,
and agents. Consult us regarding insurance and I"    s.
worthy ambition can be accomplished  finance committee for to;.on.
difficulty. The general) ���>��� Clifford's application for a sidewalk on tl . si uth side of Fourth av-
,' .. was referred to the board ol
woi ks for n .
laborers pure and simple.    Each yeai .  . 0f Third streel  sent
us the  area   of cultivation  incre   ���     In a |     %   for  thi    |
and tl     numl i c of cultivators requlr
with   little
adoptl >n  of  this  ; rinciple  n suits,  oi
course, in depl ting the ranks of tin
Two  extra  cod  snaps  In  umbn .
las.     Fine  quality   silk  Gloria   com I -.
rustless   frames;    In   Dlrectolre  and
curved handles, with silver and gold
mountings, pearl and bono Inset;
many are suitable for engraving.
Novelties in
Cushion Tops
A   New   Assortment   of   Cushion   Tops
and   Slips  Just  Arrived.
Plain  Linen Cushion SiipB   i   i
��� ilor,     with     colore I     embroil
tlnw.'is  in   various  si a :���>- |.;u.
special,   50c   each.
All    Ready   for   Filling.
Fine quality Natural Lima Cu
Good size; colore I erabroldere i
di   'ie   In ci ntre.   Al 90c each.
Leather   Cdshlon   Tops   and   'I   ���
('..v.':s in burnl di Blgns.   The ���   i
��� l 'endld   an I   useful U$2.50
$2.75 and $4.50.
New Ideas for the Coiffure
.n^e   up-to-date   nov< Itles  In  Hall   Goods ���   hen
all the wanted shades, light and dark, al 75c pei
New  Hair Rolls am! Pads In nu   ���
New Turbans in the latest shapes, and
New Turban Pins and Bai ettes 1
Satui day.    The  ni ��   Qui
ti   ' o      i e it   hair.
and am ei   fn m  10c t i 75c < .
PEARSOX,  Lo   ���!   Mgr.
Gearing $1.00
Belts at 25c
A.  i nci     of
Belts; in Blacli
ous stj li s of b .
only consl Itutef   I   i
Buster Belts at 25c
!:.    Black,    VV     i
.    Al
lot.    Ri
ing helj er,  so  i-.   !    ���
ratio the 1: mes mo ���
i te.    And  ll  would si em thai   I
shorts  .���  of  I : ��� ���  musl   c intinui   foi
a con: I lerable tlnn       co     . unl il, in
fact,     e land is all   s tth .1.     '1   i n
only will there be a surj ius ������
caus id   by   the   later   arrival
n ible   io  ol I tin   Ian 1.   and  in   pai I
by ii.   overflow I   un the citii s.
Vet it Is evident that there is a
considerable surplus of good labor
material in Greal Britain al the pres
et the site.t wi .i  Hassam pavenienl
��� ���.   i Referred to tin
ei   Ineer  to  I ike  the  neci ssai .���
s ... .   . ; lian e with the a) i lica-
.B. Lead Pencils
25c Per Dozen
Bjornson's  Widow  Has  Now Suffered
Further Less in Floods.
���    '.    .  i    ..'..-..��� .       .���'
...   s    nol   a   wealthy   man
bei en lu and his widoin
sultei ed a sever by the d    I ruc-
tive floods in >������   ���
The author's country seal Aulestad,
: : . .. .-.'��� ept :��� ti ri ... bu
i l rough .. dam and so much dam
done that .Mme. Bjornson can-
no! pay for i he repairs and has determined to sell tlie property. This
ent time, wliich, if it could only  be is the second time thai Aulestad has
transplanted   to   this   country   would  '���"���' /> inundated, and the last time it
s< verely crippled Bjornson s resources,
���it hast  materially  assist   in  solving   ;,s   1]e   generously   assumed   responsible   problem   wliich   now    faces    the  biiity for damage done to other propert'.' than his own.
prairie farmers.    The  difficulty  is of      Surprise is expressed at  the small-
course to gel  there people here.   For  ness   of   Bjornson's   estate,   but   it.   Is
��� explained  that  he  spent  large  sums
the most part they have become pan- oll thc maintenance of Aulstad, where
perized  owing to  the   long  strain  of  he kept open house, while his Illness
,    , ,     in    Palis    was    very    costly.      Mine,
unemployment, and have not the Bjornson's future is secured ln a mod-
wherewithal to defray the expense of erate way by royalties on her husband's   books,   and   the   Norwegian
C46  Columbia  Street.
Wc buy for c i h an i sei] for tho same.
Boys' American and Portsmouth Collars
ent of i ��� :
Drill,    V. Ill launder perfeel n��. At 25c, 35c, an    50c i
Cushion Girdles 25c
A  bro
oa :; ���
Handkerchiefs for
Fancy Work
:... d ��� es for
good sl
;av.^-^rsr^.zxrr^^ HBHBEaEwsrrx.^ "      ...: '%"...... ' rS
a journey hither. Their only means
��� of accomplishing this ls by obtaining
.assistance from one of the various
charitable societies wliich exist for
the purpose. But for one thing the
Hritish poor have a strong objection
to seeking  charity  of  this  kind,  and
storthing has expressed its willingness
to continue to the widow the so-
called poet's state pension of $450
Honolulu.    June
-Tlie    cruiser
for another  they distrust and dislike   Chattanooga ls being towned  to this
i port  to lay   by   the  cruiser  Cleveland,)
what they  regard as the Inquisitorial   v.t:i<h found the Chattanooga drifting
methods of (lie societies.   Then again 400 "liles at 8ea. unable to proceed
I under her own steam.    The port proof course the funds of these charitable | peiler  had   been   lost.    The   vessels
bodies are limited and thev can onlv  are expected to arrive here Wednesday.
afford assistance to a very few.    But ,    The Chattanooga is a first class twin
it is able men by the hundreds that! screw  protected  cruiser o��  ten  guns
| and 3,100 tons.   She Is the lirst vessel
Me want of the second division of the Asiatic.
IThere needs be some permanent in-1 fleet,  commanded   by   Hear   Admiral
...   ,. ,     ,   . , , , I lather.     The   Cleveland   is   a   sister
stitution   or   fund   trom   winch   poor  ihlp> and both  were en ronte t��� the
people of ability and deserving char-1 Pacific coast for overhauling.
acter, who would make good citizens
tot Canada, could obtain a loan at
a low rate of Interest to enable them
to emigrate as farm hands to this
country. If one of the wealthy men,
like Lord Strathcona, who now devote
Jhcir surplus wealth to the endowment,
of public institutions, churches, free
libraries and the like were to establish such a fund it would be to the
have the largest stock and most Up-to-date  facilities
for quick service.
***a*aa************ >*********<��� * *************��*******\
Weekday Schedule
' *
Xew Haven, Conn., June 20.���"Uncle Joe" Cannon will ho re-elected to
congress if he will consent to run,
says ,n statement hy Congressman
N, D. Sperry, of this city, dean of
the house of representatives. The
statement, published here, says:
"Cannon  is an honest, man and his
Illinois   distrlcl   will   stand    by    him.
I Whether ho will be re-elected speak-
'asting advantage of both Great Brit-1 er or not   will  dopend  upon the  majority the republicans get In the fall
elections.    The republicans will control the next house without a doubt."
Asked   what   the   Insurgents   would
.ain and Cana la.    Such  a trust sufficiently   endowed   would   be   self-sup-
porting,  because it   would  always  be   ,       ,  m  ;(     ._,      	
mcelvlng back the money advanced,  body on earth can tell."
Phone 73
Successors to  Lee's Furniture Emporium
716718   Columbia   St.,   New   Westminster.
PaWtUCket, It. I., June 30.���A chicken salad served at a lawn party given
by the Women's Aid society of the
Bdgewood Congregational church on
Saturday evening, is said to have
caused tho Illness of eighteen who
are suffering today from ptomaine
poisoning. Among the mosl seriously
affected are Colonel Arthur A. V. War-
field, a member of the governor's staff,
and his wife and daughter.
Tho pastor of the church,  Rev.  Ur. |
John   Hale   Larry,   and   hla   wife,
numbered among the sufferers.
London, June 20.���Canada was represented by one lone banner oul of
seven hundred In a remarkable women's suffrage demonstration in London
on Saturday. A Canadian friend
watching the procession gave a street
urchin sixpence to run up to the
lady with the Canadian banner to
ask her her name but she replied
It was not to bo known.
Taft  Signs  Statehood   Bill.
Washington,   June   20.���President
Taft this afternoon  signed  the statehood bill admitting New  Mexico aud
Oklahoma to the Union.
Mr. and Mrs. John Ilurkett wish lo
thank all those who so kindly sent
(lowers and other tokens of sympathy In their recent sal bereavement,
Cats leave Westminster for Vancouver at   6:50,  6:20, (
8:00 and i yery half hour tin fatter until ll p. m.
Cats leave Vancouver'for Westminster  al   5:60,  ,; '���     ��� - ���
and every half hour thereafter until  11:30 p. in.
Return  Fare:   Adults. 60c;   children  under  12, 35c.
Sunday Schedule���Care leave   Westminster   for  Vane
a.   m.   and   every   half   hour  thereafter   until   11   p.   in.
Cars leave Vancouver for Westminster at  s  a.  in., 9 a. m. and
every half hour thereafter until  11:30  p.   m.
Sunday Excursion  lutes;   Return fare, 60c; children. 2
Freight Schedule���Freight ears leave Westminster tor Vai       ���
at 7:20 a m, 11:20 a. m. and 3:20 p. m.    Freight cars leavi   Vancouver for  Westminster at S:20, l:2u and 5:20.
Clty Limits Line���20 minute service from 6:16 a. m. to 11 P- '"���
Sunday   Sorvice���Half   hourly  between K a.  m. and 11  p. tn.
Sapperton  Line���20  minute service, from 6:26 a. in. to 11:10 1' **������
Sunday   Service���Half  hourly between 8::i0 a. in. and 11 p- D.
the ci
We carry In slock an assortment of BLUE WHITE WESSELTONS.   (
Prices  In  Kings  $40  to  $400.
These  goods are  the  BEST  procurable In Canada, and Is a pleasure lo show same.
, wil
'  on of cm
W c'ub '
| Ryall Foot Powder |
25c per box.   Try It.
j Ry all's Drug Store j
*********a************************************* IX 1 11 ^^^    HLjTT
Robertson Presents
por Competition
Willow Wielders.
lune   .11.���Cricketers    in
"'"��� , L pleased to know that
'��   .; ',,,  ba8 been present-
 ,, ffho can successfully
'.,s, any club in Canada.
>0ronto    City    league,
,',.���   cJty   clubs,   divided
rtsicms ol A and H respec-
��",;,. the flrsl elubs having
rtlof challenging for the cup,
hy   n i   means
fesed of
i ��
,���lt,!!; f"!' ' ^e sale, lot on
.uui second sue. ���    , ..
months ai 7 per cenl
Ij   $050. One-third
between  First
balance in 6 and  12
|(,:11   Cl
club from any
the holder
a   local
,,!'���  tl    '
part of Can-
of  (he
bv one of
M    l,as   beell    Wl
|l'��    .',; Toronto during 1910.
dUbs iii good standing
,,,   .     md Winnipeg, an i
- |,iie holding, Inter-
should be consider-
conditions are by
any   one   clause
[ rluba are  relieved of
be directed at
. cul h e ot 11 ustei   .
of  Cup.
.1. Ross Robert-
| | i   The   CUP    Bll all
the crlcki i  champ-
r,d . hall be oi i i
by     any     ri cognl
: e Dominion.
. menl   of    all
will be vi ited In
all I
the   date
gam,        (c)   De
Appoint   umpires
���   ni   all rs t
ophj       Till       :
to undei
e  in  any  ol
���il   di fe id    it
to do
r> played oi
except ln casi
il .ii  the
���    trns-
Sapperton   Defeated   Yesterday   Even
ing by Four Goals to Two���Game
Fast   and   Fairly   Even.
The West Knd juniors again showed
tlieir superority yesterday evening by
defeating the Bappertons by Iran
goals to two, thereby gaining a linn
hold on the leadership of the league.
Play was fairly even for the first three
quarters, the defences keeping out
the borne pretty well.
In the final period play was fast
on both sides, the Wi slenders having slightly the best of the argument.
Tho winners played better combination and shewed up well in several
rushes, some of which, however, were
broken up by the strong Sapperton
Tim Mahoney releered. K. Follls
and E. R. Gilley acted as goal umpires.
The sinters were: First quarter-
Johns i West End), Second quarter���
Sclater (Sapperton), Sangster (West
End). Third quarter���No Bcore.
Fourth quarter���Carroll (Sapperton),
Sang ter, Fee (West  End i.
These ai e the oppo lng ti ams:
Sappertons -Goal, Salnl; Chambers,
Patchell   Campbell, W. Follls, George
''   ���    on, Carroll, \v. Sclater. House,
; G       Atkinson,    il.   Sclater;
re man   A. Follls.
West End Goal, Pi em :���; Mortlson,
1 i ��� iry, Cooper, Adams, Pi e, Sang
stei. Burr, Wllkie, Bb I m M u ray,
Johns;    , i ���      \.i.i. > and Gilley.
One-quarter section on Hjorthe road
cash; balance on easy t<
lance 6, 12 and 18 months at ,
Listings    of business and
at $200 per acre.    One-third
acres in Section 10  B   5   X   R   ������ w
One-third cash;  ba
We  also  have  large
lies  in  city.
it $1,200 per acre,
per cent.
residential  proper-
��� ���
��� ���
��� ���
��� t
i Malins, Coulthard & Co. I:
We can insure your house, furniture and other property in the strongest and most reliable companies at
the  right rates.
Take Your Pick!
Hero are a few sample propositions or the manv good opportunities for profitable investment, in City, District and Waterfrontage
property listed with HALE BROS. &  KENNEDY   LTD
White, Shiles & Co.
Private   Money  to  Loan  on  Good   Improved City and District Security.
G28 Columbia St..
746 Columbia St.
���NEW    WESTMINSTER,  -  B.    C���
Some City Snaps
Being the Wise, Wis?r nnd Budwelser
Remarks of Con Jones to Divers
and   Sundry   Person "jes.  as
Heri inafter   bet   Forth.
Itude i on the
...  oi   phr-��� the trou
and othi i
Two Lots���Comer Richmond Street and Tenth Avenue,
ton, close to proposed Burnaby Lake car line. Substantial
certain.     price   $350   each;   cash.
Two Lots���Ci,mer Major and Kelly Streets. Sapperton. One
block from Columbia Street car line. Lane in rear. Good level lots,
easily (haied. situation gives beautiful view. Price .1.100 for the
two Terms. $500 cash; balance in fi, 12 and 18 months. For residential site, or as an Investment, a good thins.
Fraser River Frontage
40 Acres, 1,300 Feet���tm Parsons Channel, near Port Kells. above
Port .Mann. Price $275 per acre, or only about $8.50 a front foot.
Tetms, one-third cash:   balance In 1, 2 and 3 years at six per cent.
Two Choice Waterfrontage Propositions���At upper end of Lulu
Island, on main river, within city limits. Eleven hundred feet front-
in the oilier, at about Sinn
aye  ni  one,
a  front   tool
and   fourteen
For partlcul
hundred feet
irs apply.
r,  bi
.     i"
-      ���
: ���...  evi n
gieal im e.
ba envy
and malice are I      lieit
Desirable District Deals
Lots in  Westminster View���A  few  ol rate bargains for the
homesei ker or small investor left. It only takes $25 down to se-
cure a  >:. entlal lot  in  a    most    delightful   scenic   location;
within ten minutes of the city by the N'ew WeBtmlnster-Chilllwack
tram line.
80 Acres in Surrey���Within half a n lie ef the New Westminster-
Chilliwack railway nd I Greal Northe n railway. This is a snap
an  acre, with  $2,400 casi alance spread over four
\ ��� ai s.
Another Eighty Acre Pick Up���At $75 an acre, only $1,500 down.
balance in 6, 12 and IS months, is loci i 1 In Langley Municipality,
:   . not far from the extensive Frasi r Valley Nurseries
lai ': ren ived from Burnaby. Less than a mile from the Great Northern railway and a little vei a mile e B. C. Electric railway.
: ed brani Hi ��� ' . eries will i ring it closer, Would make
a fine fruit farm, oi ir ol twenty acres. Sure thing Investment to
i '��� '... foi e si 11 -.������'��� ;   : menl al go id piofit.
Contractors and
House Builders
We have a full   :me   of   the   Best
Builders' Hardware in this City.
Before Building See Us, as we   believe   we   can   save   you
money.     Also Complete   Stock   o.    PAINTS   and   OILS
T. J.Trapp & Co., Ltd,
look   upon   tin ir   twen
per  a Ives,
.     ���  Q
n  t blg-
eat tui
are I    I      played
. the
,   IV    Ol     '
are nol  I ound to
any  challenge.    All
received  by  the
dune        1        each
then   de. ide   what
;.   accepted, and iti
n to me In my hoi      I
. . ....       :    .
: '
I  and
i malice
up mori   d       i or wi
coiner of Columbia and  Begbie Streets.
June Weddin
We are able to fill in your wants in the Wedding Gift line from
$1.00 and up. If It is a Wedding Ring, or an Engagement Ring,
we can  suit the most exacting requirements.
We shall be pleased to have you call ancl consult us.
John B. Gray
Trust   Block
Columbia   St.
Quick Settlement cf  Fire   Loss
And ha ��� .���       .    I ui on them
1 looke 1 Into my ci        , and lo, thej
\\eie nol overllowing with rhino;
When fore 1 wi pi and shattered my
straw hat Into bargain counter rem.
uants, for 1 Knew that we musl part
���  i aving been accept.
I shall   Tin   the  place
itch.   The secretary
'  .   club    shall     'hen
h ea with the names
who    will    represent
"  trustees  with    tlie
mis who will represent
\ I match, together with
[ " '       I   tl each man is eligible
- In   Si ction   3,    These  nfll-
' ���   in  the  bands  of tbe
M W :'     '  two weeks befoie the
""���il tor the match.
A Clause.
,r"l'li>  is to be    presented    to
ihe     Toronto     City
I ;c tor the season of  1910.    This
1111,111 the llrst holder, and will
to defend the cup un-
Rae & McLellan
rapp Block
Phone   714.
And my hear! was faint within me
for To.'is Clarkson, for he was a
mighty man ol valor; yea, be had laid
low man)  enemies.
And I waa saddened to number Gib
bons with the wicked, for his like was
not  in all the hind.
So I reasoned with them and re
proved them. I cajoled tbem With
visions or a certain Cup and of a greal
Bul they would none of my counsel,
they despised all my reproof.
Therefore Bhall they eat the fruit
of their disobedience all the days Ol
their lives, or until they go and dwell
In a far country, whence 1 shall buy
them as Blavea, even as hirelings for
uidiiiotiH In 1911,        i my
tlds     championship
states  thai   It   Is    his
that    the     trophy     be
bona fide  clubs    only.
be considered from
of  tWO or  more  clubs
amalgamated   merely   for
'" ' ol
tH loan,
hallenglng, or from
from   seveml   clubs
,e Intlmat
Even so shall hap to all who dls-
counl  me al less than the usual rates.
Bul whosoever shall dwell with me
and work my will shall I supply plen
lil'ully  With  the  root   Of all  evil,  them
shall I smother with greenbacks and
Choke  with  much copper.
And all those things shall thou. Sl
Wash, the set ibe, put down oil B scroll
0f parchmoal and the heralds shad
read il aloud lo lhe multitude that
thev know my words and my Will
lane 20.���Replying to
..    ,;,llll>   thai   strong   pressure I ���	
tBon��  .   ought "Pun him today byl *,.....
JJL Crested    In    .he    .'Offi les-j KAUFMAN LANGFORD
San   Francisco, BOUT OFF FOR KEl..( s
contest   in
The?! h1Uetl sUltcd lll8t ntBM:
,,      nas been no attempt made
i j,,   "' ��' an endeavor to Influence
gam ,  "f!,Ul me In my position m
ifs ���,";�� light between Mr. Jef-
���in, | l '"��� Johnson.    On the con-
M letters '"" l<M,'lvlnK messages
... [l H all d;iV from people all
ti ,| ' J;0��ntry  congratulating me
ll,;;;/lu"" 1 have taken.
San prn   i   nce ln ,h(> authorities
.,,n.cl8c�� and know that they
olatG the law in  regard to
,,. ! further wish  to state
,.),;'"'"-'"luisoii light Will not
v 'ii'iini ,"" Callf��rnla soil  under
ftatlc n. ,   eB'   Tllls l8 Anal ami
U!3 - can make it."
HI ,
San Francisco, .lune 20.- LotllB
Blot, promoter of the Langford-Kaufman tight, which was postponed until
next Saturday on account of the dras-
Uc aci ion taken by Governor Gillett,
has announced thai the Qgbt 18 ofl
for good. , ,      ,    .
lllot declared that he would not attempt to siage a "lost" contest today,
as had been planned, bul would ti>
to secure  from  the chlel' executive a
definition of a boxing contest
Tbo governor has asserted tha be
will not. Interfere with any strictly
boxing contest that Biol may hold.
but that he will not permit a pnzc-
Block 5 North, Range 2
Ten Acres, Section 32,
$500 per acre.
Eighty Acres in Section
21, $600 per acre.
16.76 acres  in  Section
27, $500 per acre.
Terms: Third Cash, balance to be arranged.
Rae & McLellan
Trapp Block
Phone  714.
II.   B.
I cu
Nortlnvestern   League.
At  Seattle��� lt.
Spokane   1
Seattle      0
Batteries���Baker and Brookes
dricks and Custer.
At  Tacoma��� R.
Vaucouver        o
Tacoma      2     7
Batteries���Jamieson and Lewis; and Byrnes.
Standing   of   the   Clubs.
Won. Lost. Pet.
Vancouver    ''���-
Spokane     32
Seattle       -i!
Tacoma     26
Games Today.
Vancouver at Tacoma.
Spokane at Seattle.
National League.
At  Chicago-
Eastern  League.
At Montreal��� R.   H.   E.
Montreal     1     6     l
Newark      4      7      1
At Providence���Rochester 2, Providence ".
A: Jersey City���Toronto 1, Jersey
City 2.
At Buffalo���Buffalo :!. Baltimore 4.
Whitney   Sails  for  Arctic.
Boston,   .lune   20.���The   steamship
Boethlc, chartered by Harry Whitney,
of  New   Haven, and  Paul  J,   Kainey,
of Cleveland, after being equipped at
this porl. is today bound for the Arc-
It Ic.    Hunting Will  be the purpose of
: the expedition.   Captain Robert Bart-
j lett,  who accompanied Peary  to  the
far north, has command of the Boe-
| thief.    vMeml)eVs   ot   the   party   sa*d
1 they  would not attempt to find the
| records Dr. Cook claims to have left
nt Etah.
Coquitlam, B.C., June 16, 1910.
A.  W.  McLeod. Bsq,
Insurance  Agent. City,
Dear Sir.���
1 heg to thank you most sincerely
for the prompt manner in which the
companies carrying insurance on my
mill have adjusted and paid the losses.
the cheques for the amounts coming
through much quicker than I expected.
Thanking you for same, I am,
Yours truly,
tSgd.)   A.   H.  COLE.
' .saRswfr
You can never fortell when your premises are going to be destroyed by fire, so protect yourself In time hy insuring in reliable
companies that pay their losses promptly, and whose rates are the
Telephone or call at my offlce and I will be pleased to give you
rates and any other Information.
"The Insurance Man"
Suite 1, Curtis-Armstrong Blk.      Phone 62
I i\
E       DAILY       NEW
Law Student Drowned.
Quebec. June 20.���Alphonse Poullot,
a   law  student,  was drowned in  the
Indian   Lorlete   by   the   upsetting  of
a canoe.    lie could not swim.
Many  Jews  Under  Arrest.
Kiev,  June  20.���One.  hundred  and
ninety-four   Jews   have   been   placed
under arrest ponding an investigation
Into their rlgita ci residence here.
District of New Westminster.
New Westminster Land District.
Take notice that I, George Beckett,
of Abbotsford, B.C., teamster, Intend
to apply to the Chief Commissioner
of Lands at. Victoria, B. C. for a license to prospect for coal and petroleum on and ln the following described lands:
Commencing at a post marked O. B.,
N. \V. corner, planted at the N. VV.
corner of Section .8, in Township 1!.
Municipality of Sumas, New Westminster District; thence east 80 chains;
thence south 80 chains; thence west
80 chains; thence north 80 chains to
point of commencement and containing 040 acres.
Dated at Abbotsford, B.C., this 9th
day of June, A.D.. 1910.
District of New Westminster.
New Westminster Land District.
Take notice that I, R. A. Tretheway,
of Abbotsford, B.C., lumberman, Intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of lands at Victoria, B.C., for
a license to prospect for coal and petroleum on and in the following described lands'.
Commencing at a post marked R.
A. T., N. W. corner, planted at the
N. W. corner of Section 29. in Township 19, Municipality of Sumas, New
Westminster District; thence east 80
chains; thence south 80 chains; thence
west 80 chains; tlience north 81)
chains to point of commencement and
containing 040 acres.
Dated at Abbotsford, B.C., this 9th.
dav of June, A.D., 1910.
��� f..
���%k im    ***** *-"*-' *S�� *�����***��������������"
���4 ****
.t    '
-    ii
oIeTchajilotte news
'A Dangerous Calling and
Small Reward-Pelts and
Oil P l'odiict of the Hunt.
Railway Time Tables
Federal   Member   Has   Done   Much   to
Thanks���Not  so  With'
McBride   Group.
X,,.f,.Kidfinn   eorres;"iKl
ni dr
an Inter-
Tne last issue oi Die ��Been  Char :
>c. No.  . voni^..Uuao^uuw uu: |
���<; *****<** . i    - ��� ,���,���** ****************
We have the Very Latest in  ���
Styles and Patterns.   All the
new things in plain and fancy
Silks.     Poplins,   Baratheas, .
tiros Graines and Bengalines.
All at Popular Prices.
Wash Ties
Wash Ties
Wash Ties
v Uutioi-tttiir tn t|n ancient   ij.n-o.-U  the
.; ���        '. iur "r., the
to   l'-V   the
e, N'ew York  Herald gives
;t ijig a :.-ouul  of tile &9Jpn��
* vvhiiii is iei
,   ilony.     ,
Pie,ions to 1802 the Newfoundland
''seal   fishing  was  carried  on  entirely
.:.���,- i'.:' vessels, and twelve or four-
"'tije. thousand men were annually oni-
"ployed   during   the   six   weeks'   open
. e&j ui.     In   1S-1U   more   than   6#),000
.. als we e I ro ighl  intf port hy New-;
:' u:n Hand vessels, end as Hie revenues othei
der the caption
The grand to
: M.muit vig havi
lions tiofii
"A Comparison:
al of %"t'm, I    le    ibe
receded m w��foprIJ
the Domi'eiou ovi i nme-
insh uucnUh'.'' of oufi
.uin:���r., the Hon. Willi:.... Templd
,,.,��� who visited the islands lasl suai-
. ier'and noted a tew of our require
nie'nts. i'i n thousand doll;.is a yeaj
for a mail service for Ova years;   ���>-���,-
   for  wharves  and  ch arin.    OUl   i"*.
laifie from Ynkoyn river; and now the
gratlfvini.   news is announced thai au
station is to lie en eted
B. C. E. R- Westminster Branch.
Week Day Scheoule.
Cars leave Vancouver tor New West.
minster at 5:50, 0:5U, 7:20 and 8:00
a.m., and every half hour thereafter
uuiil   iiiju  p.m.
Cars leave New Westminster for Vancouver at 5:60, 0:20, C:50, 7:20 and
S:00 a.m., and every half hour thereafter until  11:00  ..OL
Sunday Schedule.
Cars leave Vancouver Ior New Westminster at 8: on and 9:00 a.m., aud
every half hcur thereafter until
.1:80 ii.m.
Cars leave New Westminster for Van
couver at S:0Q a.m.. and ev.-v ball
hour thereafter  until  11  p.m.
Coast Di
il     |l(
w treiess
The Wardrobe Clothier
Sole  Agents    for    20th    Century    Clothing
Deimei's Linen Mesh Underwear.
Columbia Street
New Weslnvnster, B.C.
You can get Hammocks and Refrigerators, Screen Doors and Screen
Windows,   Lawn   Mowers   and   Sprin-
ers, Sreen Wire Enamelled, Kuhher
Hose and Cotton Hose.
DUST will
sterilize   your kitchen   things and
make them wholesome and sanitary
Soap only cleans;  GOLD DUST cleans and
Soap washes over the surface, leaving a greasy
and impurities, and insures purity and safety, i
Soap needs muscle help (as an exerciser, it's
ne); (J-.UJUD JJuol does all the hard part of the :**?����* ������*** ���*>**��<���; ��m. facing
_       i     ���,-[ , ���   ��� 1 r       ,     ,   1       I up the leads, of open  water, cuts off
v/ork without your assistance, leaving you to take !
your exejreisc m a more enjoyable manner.'
GOLD DUST is a good, honest, vegetable oil
soap, to which is added other purifying materials
in jnst the right pro      v. i; /'
portions to .cleanse   ^^\i>///rS
easily, vigorously, uz^
an d without harm to **��$
fubric, utensil or
hands. '
."Let the GOLD
DUST  Twins   do
your work."
v.ere a.l thai time light, each man got
.:.-goodly amount as his share In the
tiip, hi 1SI.1', for the first time, two
steamships left Newfoundland ports In
syareh ei seals, bnt when both re-
i .io ..! wi h con pajatlvely n itnlng, the
i ea of hsiii'.i.- for sea's with steam-
snips was given up for some years.
Ai present, however, there is oul;.
oiie sailing vessel in tlit? who'e seal
fishing fleet of twerify-nve craft, and
as this one has met with hard luck
in the pasl few years she will be withdrawn soon.
Adventurous   Calling.
Tho men taking part in the annual
'seal   hunt   are   principally   Newfoundlanders  of  long  experience    In    the
'business.    Although  the  season  lasts
: but a short time, the seal fisher nue:-;
, with more adventurers and  runs far
greater chances than any    other kind
of seafaring man.    His work requires
| that he dispense with ships and boats
(and  all   defensive  weapons   except   a
short, heavy metal-tipped club and on
rare occasions a light gun.
The average crew of today on board
j Newfoundland sealing ships ls about
i 175 men. The men's share ranges
I from .50 to ?8fy those In had luck
[sometimes getting as low as a single
I dollar, and those with a run of good
| luck reaching an even $100. It is an
extraordinary event when every man
' of a crew gets $100 for his six weeks'
jof hard work, hut hardly a year goes
��� by but that poor fishing and liaid
j luck send several vessels back to port j
, witli less than $5 as the share of each j
: i::an of the crew.
Seal   fishing   exercises   much     the
. same sort of fascination over those en- I
j gaged in  it as the theatre does over
the  stagestruck   youth  or  the    card!
'table   over   the  gambler.    There  are'
linen with tiiis year's sealing fleet who)
'have  made the trip every  year since,
[thej!  have  been able  to walk, whose
fathers made the venture bo-1
fore them, whose children will make it
after  them, und  who  will  continue to \
go  out  on  the ice pans us  long    as
their Iggs will curry them.
The seals for which these men endure such inhuman hardships are not
the fur-bearing seals, ihe pelts ol
which are made into garments. The
fur-bearing seal is a native of Alaska
and the Pacific, ami as compared with
the Newfoundland seals a;i Alaskan
seal Is a small fortune. As an individual the Newfoundland seal is almost worthless, the value of the Newfoundland fisheries being dependent
upon Quantity rather than quality.
Tiie seal  of the Atlantic  beats no
! fur worthy of the name    it is of coin-
'menial   \alue   simply   because   of   its
I oil and pelt, the latter being made in
|tu leather, and it is because so many
I thousands   of   them   are   slaughtered
each   j ear   that   the  returns  of    the
sealing industry are  much  larger for
' Newfoundland than for Alaska.
The   Harps  and   Hoods.
The most valuable seals caught by
the;   'Newfoundlanders   are   the   harps
and   hoods,   while  the  scarcest    and
most   eagerly   sought    after     is     Die
square flipper.
The harp seals are essentially the
seals of Newfoundland commerce, and | was
of all the cargoes landed at ��t. .lohn'a
harps make upVmore than niiniy per
cent. The harp seal is a migratory
animal, ranging manv miles during its
life through the Arctic and Noil li Atlantic. They live In cormmjpitlo., cull.
el "patches" by the Newfoundlanders,
and choose the edge of tho northern
Ice flue us their home, lu tlie words of
the Newfoundland hunters they choose
the "new" ice���lhat is, ic< recently THIJ
formed���where they can find i lenty'
of water and can keep their blowholes open, that they may descend
into the water whenever they feel Inclined. They breed upon the Ice tloes
and procure their /ood from the Open
wat-.r beneath.
The Main Patch.
Harps are never found upon heavy
ico fioes except   when si landed Ihcie
by  an   Unlooked-for   ico  ja:u,    whicn
compl a
In ad-
Lands in  the  i        .''ivi,'"""'1"'
senred er withheld tlom   "" **\i
disposed   ol   or  0cc  pied   ,' ' "''S
entrjr under the pn     ,..
Is.  Columbia  Dominion , ��
in the
way,.,,,  at,   ,     ,' J
een years <>i age l
ible.    may    ob| 1
homes:-Md   ami
at Lawn   iliil  and  rushe I  to
tion In Queen Charlotte ('it.1'.    " - ,
liltt'oh we might uien.Upn that Uie wire
. | tatlon at Ikeda Head, MoreshJ
Island, was Installed tkis year. Tina
is certainly gratifying to the pi opl��
,,r Queen Charlotte Islands and
aooul al! we could as k from thi   1
, r i !..rn:;:.ent   ill  .���!!"  .ear.
If the .'.lellride | .. eminent would
only do one-half as much we would bo
able to develop our  resources to such
Eburne   Line.
Cars   have   New   Weetp.inster   al   8
a.m. and every  hour until   11   p.m.
Cars leave Vancouver at 7 a.m
every hour until LO p.m.
On   Sundays  oars   leave   Westminster
at   9 a.m.  to  L0  p.m.
On Sundays ears leave Vancouver at
S a.m. to lu p.m.
subdivision  ol
Land.    Kcsidi i
leasl six  im
Total pultlvai   '    i
en|  for   ��� tu,Q'
p.,twei .       ,  ,   .
ich a clean d at I
eiiipted  by  tie
D.   J.
Stewart,   Local   Manager,
If i, e
tlonal  ten
tlvate.1   either  on
and ; pn emptlon    u
for   the   pi cvemj i
emptlon,   five   di
able in five In   i
Condltl ��� nl p
obtained   fo��  >
Land    bj    B   ttl    i
othei w ise   i
houi'.steal  in
extent   as   to   surprise   the   Whole
WOrld, and we will be here wl.i nil  I j
! of other  placi s  are  forgotten.    Thc j
Great   Ncrthem   Railway.
people of Queen Charlotte Islands:
have come to stay. All we ask In.mi
the provincial government Is a fair j
return  fo? the  mom y we ar.   paying ;
into  the tteaskir..    A   paltry   .12, I
for   toads   ami   trail   for   the     whole!
W.   11   a a'
W.   1.
\v. u
Seattle 11:45 p.m
Lv. Seatth
Lv.   N.
Lv. N.
Lv. N.
Queen Charlotte group is farcical. The'WjV' Sea,tle 8;{hl
treasury receives from this group (ifiP-111-
islands nearlj  $3 0 pei annum an.  Lv. Seattle *���*>
still   we   are   the   most   neglected   dis-  i
trict in the whole province.   Our new
road superintendent, who is all  that
could be asked, cannol do mote than
blaze the needed trails, let alone build ,Pm-
them   and   the   necessary   ruads.
This is on a par w ith our police pro- '
tectlon���one man to patrol the whole
Queen Charlotte group���Is ridiculous.
Drunken brawls are getting too frequent; we don't have "blind pigs,"
mns all have eyes; they don't even
need glasses for there is no police In
sight. And yi t One of our govern.
ment ollices ranks third In scraping
in cash, di the whole prot Ince. Our
member is all right and we think has
done all he could, hut something moie
than broken promises are needed, an
at  once.
Another expression of opinion, under the heading "A Nasty Knock," Is aa
The Provincial
surely packing a
too   heavy,   as   shown   l.;>    the   recend
election  In  Prince  Rupert.    The people of the Skeena  district  supported
'William Manson must loyally last  fall,
'and  what   have  we  got  in  return?    It1
.will take more than the pap-fed press
to convince   till.'   people  of   this  dUl ' ll I
at another election that we are getting
a fair show for our money, and a tew
cliques and hob -in. he-corner rings
With fat hands will get what is coining to them, Some on,,, [g tiding for
a fall  that will  surely come.
���   ���
ar.   Seattle  3:55
a p.m.;  ar
a.m.; nr
Seattle 9: tn
Seattle 7:15
5 a.m.;  ar. N   W.
ar. N. W. 9:80
;  ar. NAV. 6:20
p m ;   ar.  NAV.
G.  N. R.���Port Guichon.
Leaves N'ew Westminster daily, except Sunday, from water front freight
shed 3:30 p.m. and trom biidge passenger station 3:60 p.m.; arrives al
Porl Oolchon 6:30 p m.
Leaves Porl Oulchon 7:00 a.m.
dally, except Sunday, arrives al New
Westminster biidge pa8se_ger statmn
5:20 a.m., water front freight shed
, :30 a.m.
G.   N.   R.���Sumas   Branch.
Leaves   Sumas   6:00   am.      arrives
[bridge  passenger  station    9:20  am..
water  front   freight   shed    9:30 a.m..
daily except Sunday.
government  is most      Leaves   New     Westminster    water
-1 front freight shed at 3 30 p.m., bridgi
passenger  station   3J50  p.m.,  arrives
Sumas 8:00 p.m. daily except Sunday.
i.     tin d   only   loi 1
tin   fifth  year bui '
Incn ased.   Price, ti j
ii\ e Installmeni;.
Bench    Lain.;-    ll
lands      belpw      I    ���
I 2.alio i  fi el   ab"' .       .i
are lands al.o,.
subject onlj  to d
sections   undei
gracing   lea e   to
lands may  be n or   ll    ��� .
Bubdtt Islons.
Ent ree fee for
tion   and. comic Ol       ;
dollat s tm each ent
patent   In  ci mm
flrsl  entered fi
cm e another ei i;
for more than a t< I
and sixty   acres.
Entries undei  I
1),.minion   Land   re .    ;..
on  the  2nd  July,
aftei ' hat dat  ��� ��� -J
open to enl���> |
i from timbei    e I
surve) ed  Ian h
available foi   ei -~|
i ment   for   thirt)   i -     ��� I*
Lands for thl    | ;|
b gal  Bubdh Isloi i -I
\,... ed   line   oi cate -.|
quarter  seel   ���
\ i yed line.
For furtl er li
Dominion Lai 4
Bti r, li. ('.
I P. G
New Arrivals in
Ladies' Blouses
Agricultural   Department  cf Thnt  Province   Emulates  Alberta's  Plan.
Rosenfehl. .Lii.e L'n.    The daily spec-:
tal   in   charge  of   Profeasor   Miti :.��� ...
made   its   first   stop  of   ibe   tour    nl :
Plum ('oul e, wlieie ;ui Inter sied audience of between  fifty and sixty  peo-1
pie   took   Lu   Uie   lectme  ibWere.l   byl
Professor   _Mtcl��ell  and   his   aide  as-j
[SlsUlIlt,   Ml'.  CnlWC.     1 Ml! 'Ill LT thO Colli. ,e
jof the lecture many intelligent ciues-
itions wxrc put. to tho tecturers by the
members'Of the audience. Demonstrations ol1 butter maklii". separating,
etc., were given and the various meth-
| ods of testing in order to determine
the ti. lit moment ut wliich the cream
perfectly ripe lor .the work of
making Into butter, was simple and
clearly explained, Mr. Sherman, the
well known show judge of dairy
cattle, gave a short outline of the
points necessary lo prodimo the |>"TR
grade of ndlking cows ami explained
the system of feeding and te ingle;
forward so that the average milk yield
would male i; a paj lng Invesl meat.
Children's Dresses
A. J.
The White House
617 Columbia Street
Head Office    -    Montreal, Que.
���iol ;��� ���
i) nl I no  I
Made by THE   N.   K.   FAIRBANK  COxMPANY
Makers of FAIRY SOAP, the oval cake.
thelr.j ucu^ In'o open  water.
\'essids Ktartiug In search pf harps
always try tolocate the gieat com-
munltyof I In !^o seala thai congregates
nii'y March on t.ho edge of the Arctic
Ico floe. Thin the Newfoundlanders
call  the "uuiti  pafc.h,", ;
'j'lie harps allow themselves to drift
southward with the lee until afier the
young seals ure weaned, at the ago of
iahout  four weoks, ami -until Cue edge
' [of the Icetfloei him I'eachcd a point, op-
pociio ihe (|aan<i Dunks.
T''obrua.i'y is,the weaning nion'.h for
tjhp young ()(, the Imrp tceals. and in
th* last of the month the young sea's,
called white coats, because of the pure
white color of, their ^klns. ,f11ht lake
to the wul'er. At flfst tbey are perfectly (lelplpss and flVniriiler about much
as a h'uiiiaiT Infant atteiilptu to toddle
aflier If has ;;r'aduated from'the creep-
ng stage. Thoy seek the soft snow
and keep close to their parents for
Home   time   after   the   weaning     lias
ItUh'th. .Inn.  UP.- A whitefitOi weigh.
Ing thlrty-slx and a  half pounds was
caught   off the  noribeast  end   of Isle
Royiile.   Lake   Superior,   by   Captain I
John   .Maloney.
Six   pounds   makes  a    pnn-l     si/e I i
whltefh''i.  and   this    great,  fish     must
have    been    a    i'r^\'hrard    at:lo:ig    his j
ajieelal  finny tribe.
Tim   bfg.  (ish   measupej. three   feet
twrt'imd u h��!f Inches in fefegtfi and Is
five iand  a half inches thick  Ihrotighi
tlie hack.'
U Is twelve and three-quarter
inches wide. ������
(Spt, Maloney vnu^ht the flsh from
a li.oiK.ii hiuV kiv�� Uurt'lt gne blot SA
��-ve;i hfdif'k flight.   '       l   **J
Capital $6,000,000
Rest Funds  4/600,000
Total Assets (over)  6(>fO0O,0U0
This Bank has 145 Branches in Canada.
A General Banking Business
vjanconvgr; June JjCteVFMte of.
ficlM   stn'ement.  is  yet.    foi'tllcomin'K.
from eljjior Lljo, men or. the company
In  r-~>rfl to tho firr'nnnlmr of a  new '���
schedule it Ih understood that thn n.
C. Klectric employees lmve agreed to
the lermri'sis submitted  bv the com-
phny with ii few minor changes. For,
Ills past  week the men have bad he-
fore'thom copies of Iho new Kchodiilij,''
All   clty   car   men,   It   Is   understood,
have agreed to accept the torms which
give them a liberal advance over tho
We give Special Attention to Savings Bank Deposits
$1.00 Starts an Account
Best rates of Interest paid. No delay in WitM''^,;
als. Open Saturday Evenings from 7 to S) ACW��
���this gives everybody, working men, merctiar ,
etc., an opportunity of cashing cheques or mWl *
depositr. ________��-^_
New Westminster Branch,      -      H. C. Adams, Mgr
taken place. i
Dy the middle of March,   when tho  f'>r""'r scale.   The Interurban employ-
hunting season opens, the young harps
are  in   their  prime  and    their  pelts
weigh  about  fifty  pounds.    It is the
(Continued  on  Page gevcnj.
ees arc practically unanimous on the
terms as arranged, and when flnallv
signed by nil the man will he handed
hack for acceptance by tho company
,Tiie new schedule will take effect on
July 1
Ottawa. Juno 20.���The International
Aviation Association, Limited, Is tho
title of a new company to which Incorporation   has   just,   been   granted,
$100,(10(1. This is
enterprise of the
pointed in   Canada
empowered to
planes, balloons
for travelling '"
fflanS!ar m
the uh'. :>"d to. ���i_m&a_
rtrook Milling  Con ;   s
3. C.
EWEL...$6.50 per bbl.
IMPERIAL     5.B.70  per bbl.
TERMINAL $5.25 per Bbl.
HINDOO FLOUR    $1.50 per Bbl-
McQnme & Co.
New Weitminster.
Telephone 333
TEMPERANCE [Seal Hunting
Norlti Atisntic
'Catch My Pai" Has Enroll*
ed 120,000 Members Within Twelve Months.
U'oniioued from Page Six.)
 ___ _. 1
'"������ ""��� n oi the hunters to remove the
;        ���       '.....:'.    es oj) Un-;
Ice; . itliin a   ,veek afti r the sea-
' "!.' J- .'���'  ���" "
*g____^2za*���i?s_i .^ra^ssKsr* ca*
to our pifle. every time you
need a ton ol coal any of our
drivers will be glad to take
your order. Then, loo, a postal will bring ahout the same
result���good coal in your eel-
ar at short notice. Also, our
phone ls In .ood order, and
their numbers are 15 und 11.
Coal iu ocured hi i e Is CraCk-a-
jack coal, however secured.
inn.iin.  .i .in.  :      ':. ' ; i  w   ���  the
u    h; ..ii ������ ���>;   ���>..-��� . nioev-
������������-.������ i ,.iiUT
���'������    ' ' in      ���     ,.���: i      |��.,I   :
. i leratlon ��� and toklayLaJie
has ugatfl ih-- horn r . f -iv:.. (he
whole king loin a lead in the ui;(tfer
of temperance. The Vnto-i my Pal"
ffiqveiUWit, wlucj U&l'W in
le 'I a.i a ; ;���.-(>. iia Spre ifl to
Kiti'hmd Wfd HroH. m| atrQ pre ,'ues to
have an i Keel there quite as revolutionary as it  lias had in Ireland.
vat, and what little oil remains is
boiled out. The oil and skins are
shipped to England and to the United
Slates, where tho former product is
. ed In making fine soaps and In tanning, The oil was formerly used In
lighthouses and lightships for Illuminating purposes, and a great deal of ii
was formerly shipped to Germany
���whore it was BfflSWtnftlty treated and
sold as pure cod  liver oil.
A single bright snol in the lives ol
the sent hunter,' H TurntPh^l ey t: e
pul.lie welcome which   ��h&se    hajrdy
;'fl!I     ^opened .   I      t ..I' tho'' ,��� eam&B always recti'.������ on  the rein; n
nortlu.      ico flo^l     foAnffl   .vrn  Ll'.iv   from rhe,. siting.    For weeks ill terHhe
hi   .    im.'   i
.������'ii     liafi
���'.I out   March   2'.   tl ose  thai   have  the
scapq.   rlauuli.ej' luavu i :oir p.ue.utek_f_
tv/u uiu
I CM IVI tl r-. o
Liverpool, June 20.���The crew of
the sti amer La Rochelle of B lyonne,
N..I.. numbering ten men. were drowned today following a collision bi tween
t he La RocheUe and the ste tmer
If ewes. The La Koehelto hin down
the Yewes and wank within it i*-w
.minutes after the collision.
""���-   '      ....   v...j   HDiii  uie. riMting.     r ui   w i'i'i>..   _li i ei   tne
���i .lies    or    ihous.inds    08   season  is  closBd   the  whole r..Fi, ol
| Newfoundland, talks  of  wJHfln^  |>ut
and I iki to the water for ; hemselves,
and thereafter they are known as
"ra ��� . I jackets," as they begin to
.shed i heir first coat and to take on ;i
seceii i one, much more hairy and
rou. her than the first eoat, which
gives them much the sun... appearance
as a Newfoundland dog jusi after
leaving the water. The color of the
co   .   however,   does   not   chun.e   ap-
results of the season's hum In:.'.
"fllppf-v    siipiio.-t."    roimisnire.    o!'
various tasty dishes prepared from .he
flippers of the seals, especially those
of the square flipper seal, ure the
order of the day.
Branches of the organization have preciably until the seals-are tour years
just been established in London and old, when it Rains tlie dark color and
the founder of the movement, the Rev. j Rs harp-like markings that give this
It. J. Patterson df Armagh, is in bo family of seals the name of harps.
great demand to stall fresh lunches' Although tho young haips may he
thai it is evident he will sooi i to easllj captured, and allow themselves
give up liis pastorate nnd devote his '" !l ' lubbed like sheep, the old harps
whole time to the work. are difficult  to capture, not so much
The "Catch my Pal" organization because of their QghtMg abilities as
which now has 120,000 enr led rmarui--1 because they take to tiie water at.the
bers tn Ireland ewes its origin t�� a lilH! sign-of danger. When caught on
tii isl  trivial imi.hnt.    Mr, Pettefson, the ice floes with ho bhance" of escape,
3I2S2ESS3 tt.^f���-m/----rn
m*4*>**>* ************************* ****************
un  nPFirF. All lo
J.  BROOKES,  Proprietor
WORKS���Corner  Eleventh  and  Carline. PHONE 473
who is a Pre ibyterlan clei i: n n, t. d
bi cn leel urlng on temperance in ids
elnncli iti Armagh, but the |i 'ur s
were jui I pari of his ordinal\ '.vork.
ami he had no idea line they ���,���.. ������ I .
be the starting polhl of a greal wave
ol refoi in. on duly l:'��� Ihui, he was
going along the street when he i o-
tlced six men lounging aboul a lam;.
lost, (ine of them came over and
spoke to him. "There are five men
your reverence," he said, "thi
Oughl to get to take the pledge.'
however, they may he clubbed and
wh. a the blow-hOles have been (dosed
J by Jamming ice and there are no
i leads of open water at hand ninny
^thousands of them may he killed and
! skinned in a few Hours.
The   Hood   Seal.
The    hood seal receives    its name
from the peculiar cowl that  protects
the liea I of the males of this species
Following are llie hours of d .snatch
and arrival of mails at the Xew Westminster postoffiee and hour i^iven in
eacli case being the hour of closing,
which is half an hour, us a rule, be-
for the actual despatch. All malls,
unless otherwise stated are despatched and received daily except
Sunday. The only mails despatched
and received Sunday are the G. N. lt.
south and C, P. H. east mails, not In-
eluding way mails, Sapperton, Fraser
Mills and Coquitlam.
; and which is not developed until the
y,,,, i seals reach their full growth. More
Xhe   than  any  other   variety   Is  the  hood
Mails   Despatched.
S a.m.���Vancouver and Victoria via
B. C.  Klectric railway.
First C.P.U. east taking all points
east including Langley and district.
The   mail   for Abbotsford   and   dis-
Notice Is her<M>y given that an amplication will he made nnd. Pari .*.
oi ino "Water Act, l'.'iiu," to obtain ti
license iii the New Westminster Division of New Wtstmirihtcr District,
ia) The namo of Company, vvui itt-
vor Power Company, Limited. The
in".ad ollice at Uie City ul Vancouver,
British Columbia. The capital, IC.aOd,-
OOOi divided Into 2j50fl,9QQ shares of
|fl.OO each, all fully paid up; lb) Tlle
name of the lake, stream or source,
unnamed stream running through section .'j, block ii, north r^nge ~, wi st,
thence in a northwesterly direction
flowing into tlie Fraser livr; '(*)
The point of diversion, 2,300 feet lu
a southeasterly diieelioti from ihe
southeast corner of section 19, block
a, north range 2, west; Id) The quail.
ii:y of water applied fo-, d6fi cubic
feet per second; (e) The 'character
of the proposed works, a small dam
and pipe line; (f) The premises on
which the water is to ho used,
two 12)., three.{,'���'���) and four (I), groap
two rJ), New Westminster District.;
lg) The purpose for which the water
is to be used, domestic; Hn If for
Irrigation describe the land intended
to be irrigated. giving a.eve-
age, no; d) If the water Is to
be used for power or mining
purposes describe the place where the
water is to be returned to some natural channel, and the difference in
altitude between point of diversion
iVid point of rrtnrn, no;   i]v -Area of
trict, Clayburn and district, Hdnting- Cro\|i land intended to hfloccupied
incident struck Mr.  Patterson as) be- se:-' pugnacious
miliar and he crossed the street and
had a chat with the men. The result
Of it was that they'all called at his
house later ih the day and expressed
their'uillin. n,^ to  become total ab-!te,; "   v   ''     =ii'ritory  and  make
Patterson was pleased.
!lends live together in families and
disdain to mix with harps or any other
variety of seal. Unlike harps, they
se. ;   'he heavier ice. where they scat-
B.C. Mills
Timber and  Trading
.' ctiirers and  Dealers In All Kinds of
stair.ers.    Mr
of coutse, but he pointed out to the
men that they ought to do what they
could to get others to follow their example. "All right." said oue. "1 know
a pal  I can catch."
Another thought that he also could
"Catch a Pal" and before tlie
every one of them had promised to
bring in at least one "pal." The ex-
presslon Btruck Mr. Patterson and lie
determined to adopt it as tlie label of
his linn emont, wh;eh from that' day
spiead with amazing rapidity. The
influence which it exerts can he Judged from statements made at Lambeth
I'ajai ���' London, Urn other day at a
onfi rciiei of the bishops of tha An- The Right Uev. Dr.
Cni/.ieT. 'Hishop of Down, Connor and
Dromoie, declared tliat he could nam..
dozens'iif towns in the north ol In-
land where there had been no petty
sessicms this year bn account of J.he
infliieiiWe of the "Catch my 1'al" move.-'
ment.    One of them is Armagh
don and district, and Matsqui are despatched by way of Vancouver.
8 a.m.���Blaine and Seattle. In- i
eluding all F. S. points east and south.!
and Hall's Prairie, Fernridge and Haz-1
elmere, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and'
All Surrey mails are received from
zelmere and  Fernridge, which arrive
on tlie  Port Gulchon  train  on  Tues
11:00 a.m.���Vancouver, Victoria an.
Central Park, via B. C. Electric rail
their    surroundings      resound    with
growls  on   the   approach   of   danger.
Rifles are always used when hunting
for adult hoods, for. contrary to the,,  ,     ....        ...        . ,,..        .   ,
,            .        ,     ,      ,    , ���  _  .,     davs. I nursuays, ana oatui'ia>9
general run of seals, hoods have the      _,.������ ....     ,-1   -,-;���,,.,
parental instimff fully developed and
a male hood will protect its mate even
left i HS il female will protect her young���by
' fighting to the last breath. Hunters
are seldom killed outright by the attacks of hood seals, but the members
of Newfoundland crews who will carry the marks of an infuriated hood
seal's teeth to the grave are many,
ancl numberless cases might be cited
by rhe proposed works, none; (ki
This notice was posted on the 2nd
day of June, 1910, and. application
will be made to the commissioner on
ths Flth day of July 1!H0; (1) Give
the names and addresses of any riparian proprietors or licensees who
or  whose  lands  are  likely  to be af-
Cloverdale. except Hall's Prairie, Ha-!, f^cte'd by the proposed works, either
Mails Received.
to show how deadly a wound the hood
8:3,0 a.m.���Vancouver and Victoria
including U. S. matter, and also
(except Tuesday) via B. C. Electric
9:00 to 10:00 a.m.���Strawberry Hill,
Royal City Planing Mills  Branch
'2 New  Westminster Box
can effect.
A  Ferocious Animal.
A comparatively light blow with a
club on the end of the nose or under
the chin is sufficient to kill a hood,
but to give such a blow to an adult
female   watching  over  her  young  is
well  nigh   impossible  for .bpt.h  sexes
are  remarkably   ngile, and   shdnld  a
.ti hunter-miss tiie seal and feo; sprawling
''over  the  ice,  as often  happens,  the'
-.������ *"���            a.'t, !'�����"#%.-V - ��
Is common knowledge that in the past, ,
., ,    ,    ,,,���,   ,   ,,;,.,,   ,,,     I, ���r0n i  hi icd will quickly revenge the attempt-
.  ht-  ecU'i Ut.-tuui    e ap i ai   oi     lielan h    , '     .   -      ,. . . ...
,.,,,.',._ f. ���_, ,w,���.\- i iJd assault  with  a  few vicious   bites
iid** not bdcn notably free from drunk- ' K_. . .. ���
, .     . trom a set of sharp teeth.
enness and crime. _, ,    , .,,
���     Anothei   remarkable feature o   ibe    ,1?^^n,e',,    l Stf ? S
',,,,   Srusaoe E the way  in which it fn* dog hood when there Is no gun
 = , ,.     o   ,  H ,i  ,,.   ,i,���,���h,(n., i handv.    One man approaches the old
Ag   h^-^ll^i^Jl:^ll:'Li^ from the front and occupies his
���a^ST^SBa^Xatt-X^^ !tlons ***&��� ��� tl&^2^tt��i while the second mnn'ereops
..  pr'QQ'. ;lie junL ats eiitnusiasiiL     ,aicii|
t my raUttib" as tlieir ProtestaJU. confreres and constantly appear m the
same platform with thein. The dif-
lei'ont. Protestant ..!enoinimitions seem
to have sunk all differences and instances are common now of Church of
Ireland clergymen taking tb.> services
in Presbyterian churchei and vice
: versa. Hundreds of publicans have
gone out of business and hundred
more  are thinking  so  and   the  Irish
�� t pawnbrokers are also suffering froin a
1       A%|r. ,diminution   iu   the    volume   of  thei
Just a Few Left oi
West End View
In Lot 10, Sub. Block 12, between 8th and
10th Avenues, to the east of 18th Street,
Price $350, one quarter cash, balance 6, 12
and 18 months. These lots are close to the
new cut off, and you will be wise if you step
in now and secure them.
Two Good Buys
2 nice lots on   Hamilton  St..   all cleared,
">iM50.    Price $800 each cash, or $1000 on
Lot 7 on 11th St., Block 19, Sub. block 7.
Price $750 on terms.
Maple Rid��e
120 acres of good land, close to Mission City
Price is $35 p.QB acre. $1000 cash handles
this.   Balance on very easy terms.
niuefields,  Nicaragua,  .lune  -').���A
J score of American soldiers of fortune,
including Victor Gordon and his corps
I of  men. brought  from  New  Orleans,
! were shipped to Colon Saturday as a
I result of General Estrada's proclamation barring "undesirable characters"
from Nicaragua.
Kstrada's men admitted that the
! Americans had rendered excellent
'fighting service to the revolutionists,
bui they expressed the fear that the
Americans would sell out to Madriz..
Only Americans favoring will
be allowed to remain.
Ite British Canadian Securities
Company, limited
T. R. PEAR90N, Manager.
Office:    The Dominibn Trust
Ottawa, dune 20.���The following
government wireless telegraph stations on ihe British Columbia coast
are now In commission and In a posi-
tlon to handle commercial business:
Victoria, Point (hey \\ .tncouvei),
Capo o. Paehena. KsKsvun
Island, lhoda Head, Queen
Islands and Prince llupert.
Following are the to'ls: To and
from ships. $1.80, Urst ten words, and
twelve' cents eacli additional word,
wliich Is the -maximum ralu allowed
by the tfernri convention. Rates tor
vessels on the Vaucouvct'-Vietoihi-
Scattle service, twenty-live cents. K.)!'
Twin!' .itrShTfs's, rate is from fit'iy
cents to seventy-five cents.
,."������--, ���'
. Hoein Creek. Ky., dune 20.���Uev.
Robert Vanouver is dead and Rev.
Isna? Perry Is under arrest today SoU
lowing a duel fought with knives Jale'
last night. The
the pulpit of the Rock Creek Baqti
Late pastors. ,,
believed trouble ov
etfta<W thfe- W.M. ��
. itt^WVHMBPL. - - ., -, . .
left ear and the wound resulted In
slant death.-*"* "������-''������'���O- t*
up behind and hits him a stout blow-
on the paddles or hind flippers, which
causes him to turn his head, when
the man in front tries to club his nose
or a certain spot beneath his jaw.
This operation is by no means simple,
however, for hy this time the dog
hood Is aroused, and with his cowllike head protector lowered so that it
covers liis head and bulges down over
his eyes lie presents a ferocious sight,
and when the hideous bladders, each
as large as a man's fist, make their
appearance from the ends of his nostrils, and his hideous growl is vented,
even an expert seal hunter feels a desire to flee.
The end of the nose and a spot Just
beneath the jaw are the only known
vital spots or the hood seals, and when
attacked they protect these parts by
ducking their heads and catching the
blows on the hood, wjjlch is impervious to cudgels and buckshot. Old
seal hunters tell tales of old dog
hoods that catch the hunter's club ln
their mouth and by muscular force
hurl it many feet across the Ice, and
one hunter Insists that he saw a dog I
hood tear a club from a hunter's hand
In this way and hurl lt straight *it
the hunter striking him with such
force that it knocked the man senseless,
i The   Flipper   Seal.
The sqitare flipper seal receives its
name from the shape of Its great flippers, which, when extended, measure more than ;i foot, across. Al-
thoui h in reality members ol the seal
family, the square flipper presents
more the appearance of the walrus.
The tusks -of' Ihe latter animal are
wanting, however, and the resemblance is piuicipall; due In the promi- j
nent position of (he' c'anlii ��� teeth. A |
mature seal of thjs siifcies will weigh
about a ton, the ten aione weighing
eight hundred to one thousand pounds,
and prcmtaB* oil' of 'th'eHvesl quality.
In the thickness of their pelts, too,
they differ from the harps and hoods,
fur their p.ejl.s,v:yy frojn Uirep to five
incht's in t^WkneSfj. The, y .lyi.; are
c(A��enHl. with'a 'cdurtioi dark ; brown
hail.. Soijffisi HM :aiid. grows
more and more briskly as they grow
older. ,..-.- f
The   Scalers'' Return.; u      . .
On the return from the seal Ashing
the vessels dock at St. John's, where
the   cargoes   are Jjmdtjd. jind^tur.ped,
by courier (Tuesday and Friday).
9:15 a.m.���Vancouver and Victoria,
via G. N, It.
8:30 a.m.���C. P. R. east (first train)
Sapperton, Fraser Mills and Coquitlam.
12:00 p.m.���C. P. R. east.
1:00 p.m.���Vancouver, Central Park
and Fraser Arm.
1:30 p.m.���East Burnaby by courier.
2:30 p.m.���Burquitlam, by courier.
3:15 p.m.���Blaine and Seattle, including all V. S. points.
7:00 p.m.���Revelstoke localand C.
P, R. intermediate points,
1:30 p.m.���Strawberry Hill, Tim-
berland and South Westminster, by
.courier (Tuesday and Friday).
1:30 p.m.���Ladner arid down river
points. Fast Burnaby, Queensboro and
ibove or below the outlet, none:  (m)
The part of the' Memorandum of Association  of the  company  which authorizes the proposed application and
works reads as follows:  "(3) The objects for which the company is established and to which objects the Company are restricted are the.acquisition
of water and water power by records
of unrecorded water or by the purchase of water records or water privileges for,������> fig)*' RendertnK.whter
and   wator  po^ver  hvailable ',feft. iise,
application and distribution by erect-
.inft dams, increasing the head.of water  in   any  existing  rfo&y or  V-ater,
OV cxtendiug.the area thereof,. j}i?6rt-
| ing d>6 waters of any stream,
'lake into any other channel or,'.chitn-
: nels,' laying or erecting  any1 lj'ne  or
��� flume, pipe or wire, constructing "any
race-way,   reservoir,   aqueduct   Weir,
Wheel, building, or pther erection or
work, which may be required in' connection   with, 'the?"' Improvement and
use of the snid'watPr and water power or by altering-,  renewing, ��� extending,   improving,   repairing,   or   maintaining any such  works or any.part
thereof."   in)   The   Company   applies
for ,tt: license to store water, Tlie place
of tljje proposed reservoir -for .storing
the said water is section iwenfy'-nine
'2'M. bloclt five (a), north range two
121   west;   lo)   Tlie means by  which
W is proposed to store UH wat,er. by
Burquitlam. by courier,    i
2:20 p.m.r-Vancouver ami Pipexl _l_nl;r4.) Tlie :iren of th. ve$feivoir
Siding, via G. N. R. north. | site  or  sites  at  each  foot  in  depth
3 p.m.���Cloverdale, Xicomekl. and'above the outlet, the depth above the
Port Kells. daily, Clayton on Tuesday, outlet will" approximately 'average
Thursday. Friday and Saturday: Tyne- about pis .or seven feet; tq) How it
head on Tuesday and Friday; Bon Ac-|jB proposed to acquire the land neces-
cord, Tuesday and Friday. ' SiU-y for the purpose, by purchase, or
4:00 p.m.���Vancouver and Binnahy \u necessary by expropriation; l.rl Ap-
Lake. via B. C. Electric railway. Sat-j proximately the nuniber of atre feet
urday an extra mail Is despatched to i intended   to   be   Impounded,   20,000
Victoria via Vancouver at this hour.
Blaine   and   Seattle,   including   all
U. S. points, east and south, via the
G. N. R. "Flyer."
square feet.
R.H. Sperling, General Manager.
Vancouver, B. C.
Hotel Butler Annex
Fourth Avenue and Marion Street
Room $1 p*r day up.
Room and fc^ard 12.50 per day up.
Room with bath $2.50 per day up.
Room with bath and board $4 per day.
All outside rooms, with hot and cold
water, steam heat, long distance telephone. 'Bus meets all trains andboata
The. Dally News wHi be 'kept on file
In our reading room.
C.ARl.SVOM   nil.PC.BT    M��r-
, i ���
HiiO bos sitD Ls^oH adT
i  ... ��� A
& t-ti is tl rfturtW
Bvw'ti' 1hrtr~��t*t,j> Wi v'6' f ifitiiW"" E\:
���psi'tu, 'wafi'TWunvrTtgui psy nnswF
���pi��rtsoii a*��Wm tl��v IMtftfA .t irhtia* tU?;to^^*^ t>
duel  took  place? int$14 a day), then skin the seals, and
Rode Creek Bat|lst!fthe pelts aro cured a��^ uiapiifaq,t,ured
wlu<rB> tlie participants
helThe oil Is known AJmMM ^Mni__i
In-1 "and commanaB a gdWl*pncfl: TTieTlMt
' Jof the carcass Is then rtit Into -\ steam
If you.have Real Estate for Sale
If yp\x want to purchase Real Estate
'���-*'���������-     > *k 1
If you want any kind of Insurance writteft
'   ���        If you want to borrow Money
******* ij ���    '"'li
,,aa _������������. *>*���*.������ ������-*****-��� i-**-? ���mai..: ���
SIHlRfo coftiiibia:$trfe^M 3MA3Q
80b la vsiAS no alooita
The New West
jmteT .ri3B9 0CE< .-<tio<jot'.| alill
ihoaoiq ald'V .looiia f>nooo8 ol Jail', moil snlbaMxe a:ol Ot
iR3i io "iiisl bun .nobis eoidt no aleoilB    .botmilla Heir   .lUdooqiM bI
3TA0IT83VMI    .amisT    .Hosa 08Sf ��ah��l
Lai   n*\   o  tciau   i   n
rister City Specialia*
ile-x'-f s brftl-i-itA Jaut evall e'/.
Btiiuloooii^ a'uifitlaol lo Joota
.0) a m a :i
"���'**���  ar!***-
���^  t   . PAGE EIGHT.
21, 19ii
l (*,
. 1,;
Something New in
Floor Wax
The easiest way to
finish  a  lloor is to
saturate a soft cloth
with Columbus Liquid Wax and apply
lightly to the floor,
let it dry for ahout
fifteen   minutes,
, 11  and  bri:i��  to a
/'/   polish by light
' '^n7 .~{>^,7' *'*' ''  rubbing witli a
v/t <1 '��� soft cloth.
No brush to push ���no work ���no
backache. Resists heel-marks,
scratching, and water will not turn it
white, (iocs farther ami lasts longer
than any paste wax. Try it! Be
sure to ask for the genuine
*x**X**%**i'r**Z**x*a;.-**... a a'.. ���**:.:**:r**.;**x**%**;.i**..+
;City News!
��� ���
-m       - ^^
Ibe Easiest Applie3 Floor Finish
Sold by
Anderson & Lusby
Mrs.  B. C. Travos will not   receive   Owen   conducted   the   service  at   the
again this season. house.    The floral tributes were very
beautiful  and   numerous, tin- sorrow-
Por  spring  plants  or cut  flowers,   tag mother and father placing a floral
phone Davies' Greenhouse. H2U$.     **   ,,jiio w on tlie casket, while Hie othei
.Mrs  w. C. Chamberlin will nol re- floral offerings included the following:
ceive again until the autumn. j ��� Wreathe - Mr.   and   Mrs.   Watson,
Mr.  and   Mrs.  Turnbull,  Mr.  and   Mrs.
The management  of the Bohemian  F. Doane, Mr. and Mrs. D. McDonald,
Cafe  sees  to  il   that   the best  only  is   Mr.  and  Miss Warwick.  Mr. and  Mrs
served there. **|Russell,   Mr.   and   Mrs,   Harris,   Mr.
' Erickson,  Drs. Jones and  McQuarrie.
The   heavy   wind   yesterday   blew      Floral crosses���Mr. and Mrs. W. R.
down  one  of  the   line  maple  trees  in   QiHey,   Miss   1!.   0.   Jameson,   Mrs.   A.
front of the High school. j h. Gordon.
Sprays���Mr.  and  Mrs. Pearce,  Mr.
For Geraniums, Dahlias and all
kinds of Spring Bedding Plants phone
Davis' Greenhouse.  R  208. **
S. 10. Fletcher. Mr. and Mrs. Creedon,
Mrs. S. J. Spearin, Mr. and -Mrs. H
Stead, Mr. and Mrs. W. Mackle, Mr.
and Mrs. E. Gilley, Miss Blair, Mr
and Mrs. Fulton. Mr. and Mrs. Hardie, Mr. and Mrs. Mathers, Mrs. G.
(ishiiinne. Miss Walmsley, Miss Kan
McQuarrie  Bios,  are specialists  In   non,   Miss   Taylor.   Miss   Merryfield
Mayor Lee yesterday received a
card of greeting from W. s. Collister,
who is al present in Switzerland.
Xew Westminster realty. Watch their
advertisements for bargains.
The Westminster Modern
Business School
If every young man and young
woman fully realized the advantages
of pursuing a course at this institution and then the opportunities offered
for profitable and congenial employment, he or she would not hesitate In
selecting this School as an avenue
for advancement. We give tlie same
conscientious attention to placing our
students into positions as we do to
Instruction. Satisfied students are
our best advertisement.
. A. L. BOUCK,
Miss G. Burr, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh
Burr. Mr. and Mrs. Spring. Mr. and
Mrs. W. Hughes, Miss X. West, Miss j
Dowd, Mr. and Mrs. W. Henderson
Mr. and Mrs. Schaake, Mrs. Levar and
Miss Gilley. Mr. and Mrs. A. Chap-
pel, the Misses Mercer, Mr. and Mis.
S. F. Mark and  many others.
Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Munro, of Chilliwack, and  Mr,  and   Mrs.  A.  D.   Mc-
The Port Guichon local on the Great ; Kae  sent a floral   heart.
The W. C, T. U. executive held a
meeting last night to arrange tlie details of the business to be discussed
at tlie convention.
For a pleasant cool drink, try the
Ice Cream Sodas at The Royal Cafe. **
Northern line yesterday was delayed
a couple of hours by the breakage of
machinery on the engines.
Carloads in and more on the way.
Will Adjust Coal Strike.
Indianapolis,     .lune     20.���President
.Lewis, of the United Mine Workers of
See our stock.   We defy competition. Americai   announced   today   that   the
For  Anything  in   the  Furniture   line
come to  W. E. Fales. **
idle in the southwest.
610    Columbia    St.
Gold Watches for Ladies from .12./5
Silver Watches, gents open lace
Silver Watches, gents' open case.
$7.50 up.
Agent for Waltham and Elgin
Watch repairing a specialty.
Two Doors from Geo. Adams' Grocery
The Central Hotel Cafe
Opposite B. C. E.  R.  Depot
25c - Merchants Lunch - 25c
GIVE   U>    A      TRIAL
Market Square
PHONE 475.
great strike in the southwestern coal
districts   would    be   adjusted   within
Tlie Women's Auxiliary of the Royal j .*�� _3e}^; J.hA''Ly_T,l""sa"'1 men are
Columbian   hospital   held   a   meeting
yesterday in the city hall.   Only regular routine business was transacted.
Spring   is   here���how   about   those
Who   Holds   No.   7155.
Tom Freeman's drawing for the trip
; plants   for   the   garden?     Tidy,   the   to    ,he    Jeffries-Johnson    fight    too
I Florist, can suit you to a T in any-  place |a8t ni{,ht- the winning number
ahing in that line. **     i being   7155.     Xo   one   present   could
produce   the   lucky   number.    If   tlie
man with the good card does not make
himself known  before Saturday evening another drawing will be held, and
on  that  occasion   will   continue  until
McQuarrie Bros, are now ready to   a  number  held   by  some one  in   the
do   business   in   the   real   estate   and   room is drawn,
insurance lines.    Office, 609, Columbia
street. **
Publicity Commissioner Wade has
an interesting illustrated article on
Westminster city in this month's issue of the Westward llo! magazine.
Mayor Lee, Sheriff Armstrong,
George E. Martin and J. Stilwell Clute
left yesterday to attend the meeting
of the grand lodge of Masons at Cranbrook.
You may he sure you will
gel tin- besl service if you bring
your prescription to us. Xo
matter what doctor give;-, the
prescription we can fill it and
give you exactly what is ordered, at fair prices. None bul
competent dispensers employed.
Curtis Drug Store
Kodaks an:'. Sup, li- s
Spectacles, from 50c.
Phones:     43;     Long     Distance,    7-1;
Residence,  72.
New    Westminster,    B.   C.
"The Alaskan" is a good show and
j the large crowd which turned out to
'. see it last night was not disappointed.
The wedding will take place on ���'��� has been advertised as having a
Tuesday morning next of Miss Pilling, Plot and that may he cored, hut when
of Vancouver, and W. X. Carty, of u tomes to the manager of a theatii-
New Westminster. The ceremony will cal company marrying an Eskimo girl,
be performed in Christ church. Van- who ���* tar prettier than anyone north
couver, at 11:30 a. in. \oi the arctic circle has a right to hi'.
! the plot is a little too thick for the
The French-Canadian workmen at average mind.
Fraser Mills have planned a celebra- The singing and the music are the
tion of the Festival of St. John the main things, and tlie different songs
Baptist, today. This fete is always a were repeatedly encored, especially
big occasion in Old Quebec, and her the famous Totem pole song, in which
transplanted sons intend following tlie real live Totem poles meander around
custom in their new homes. j the  stage in  grotesque and amusing
In the poilce court yesterday   W.     The   chorusea   were   ���������.,,   ,���..,,.
Weir was uned $a tor setting off ex-  than ,lk. individual selections. Totem
plosives   within   the   city   limits;   two   Pole  ,,,,..������,  volce  bad g0 ft
Swedes    charged   with   being   drunk,   tilm,   a,���uud   ti|(.   x,),,,|      ,,.    th      ',
forfeited their bail, and Walter King,��had   been  evidently   frozen,  and   the
charged   with   attempted    heft   of  a  volces 0f the lady singers were also
cheque,   was   held   until   further   In-   slightly   raucous.     UIck   Atwal  r   had
.ulrles are made concerning  him.        a falrly good vui���,   1)U, llis song  waa
  not as catchy as the rest,
Many   Floral   Tributes. Ku  Kit. the little Eskimo maid, was
Tlie floral tributes of lining sorrow charming, and so was the Polar Bear.
and esteem  laid  on  the grave of the ':     Th" humor of the play, supplied by
late   Charlotte   Ethel   Burkett,   whose VValzlngham     Watl     and     Prod   soi
funeral  took place last   Friday,  were Knlcklebien, was distinctly good, and
very  numerous.    The deceased,   who the audience was kept in a continual
was nineteen  years of age,  was the state   of   merriment   while  eltln i   of
eldesl daughter of Mr. am! Mis. John them  was on  the stage.    Tii'  I  I   o
Burkett, of Ninth street, city, and was the evening was made when Wai   ng
greatly loved and esteemed by a large ham  Wall  remarked  that  mi  hi.;   |our-
circle of friends to  whom  he'-  unex- ney from Alaska to Chicago he would
pected death came as a greal  Bhock. have to stop off at Xew VVestmlm er
Tlie remains were borne to their
last earthly resting place by Messrs,
W.   Burr,   George   Bun.   E.   Warwick,
In Our New Quarters In the
Four   Doors   Fast   of   Pank   of
We Have Just Received a Fresh
Stock of Popham'8 Chocolates
T. A. MUIR & CO.
If you want something Choice for Sunday's
Dinner, ring up Phone 101 and order a nic3 roast of
Spring Lamb, Veal, Spring Chicken or anything else
that is good in the meat line.    You can sure get it at
| Some Special Snaps  j
5 lots on Second stieet. Excellent view. Streets on three sides
of  this  property.    $350  each.   Terms.
10 lots extending from First to Second street. This property
ls especially well situated. Streets on three sides, and lane at rear.
Price $350 each.    Terms.    INVESTIGATE.
to  see  thai   the  Greal   Northern   put,
i a new depot.
Altogether the play was enjoyable,
E. Turnbull, G. Morgan and K. Harris,   nnd the attendance shows that  prod uc-
Uev.   Canon   d'Easum   officiated   at tions of even average merit ami  age
the graveside, while the Rev. A. deli,   will receive good patronage bere.
T        I      U k DT     ��lv.XA on l*i\J
Commences Tuesday, June 21st
30 Days of Alteration  Sale  Prices   -Prices  thai   are down   lower than    any    before    nfl'i
Westminster.    We are forced to reduce our stock to the lowesl possible limit ,,, i,|..
ing the past few weeks customers and ourselves have been Inconvenienced bj  the worl
tering and enlarging our store.    In a lew weeks we musl temporarily   vacate   the   portl
bj tiie Housefurnlshing and Millinery Departments.   To crowd our Btock into two-th
moans a great   hindrance to business.
So  we  enter  this  Alteration Sale wilh a determination  lo sill at   least    J15.000   worl
before we musl crowd everything together.
We give here the flrsl list  of prices.    Watch every advertisement,    Keep your eyi
windows and, what  is better, view   the  piles  and   racks  full  of  goods  at   pi ices   v.
the   expectation  of   profll   on our sales.    Doors open at 8 a. m. Tuesday.       No   goods
Cnsh    only.      Everything    reduced.
A   simple   list   of   prices   withoul   many   words-limn es   speak   louder:
'"   -\'"iv
J-robratioi I
500 Pairs of Hose
25c per pair
Regular 35 and 50c per pair.
Ribbed Cashmere, Hoys' Cotton,
Girls'      Cotton.      Embroidered
Cashmere and Cotton. Natural
Wool Feet, etc. All sizes. One
price,   per   pair.   25c,
500 Yards Colored Pongees and Foulard Jap
Silks 50c
Regular 60 to 75c. All colors
in Pongee, 34 Inches wide, and
Fancy Colored dap Silks. 21
9��  Per  Yard.
Regular values, l2Vi to 20c.
No room to mention prices,
but long piles <if tin Be must be
sold  before we must   mme the
depai tment.
We simply lune no place in
the stoiv where the Millinery
Department can tind the n i
s.iry room. Come prepared for
bargains In Trimmed Hats.
Ready-to-Wear Shapes. Children's Oalateas. Sailors, and
Trimmings of every de��ci I] I    D
One Lot of Corsets
75c per pair
Cromptons. P. I��.. and B. >V I.
Corsets, odd lines which we
have     discontinued     ordering
anew.    Sizes  is to 28 in., one
or more styles.
These Items are World
Seizing Quickly
LADIES'   CLOTH   suits tt.��!
SUITS,   $2.95   EACH.
VALUES   $1.50  TO $2.;C '
EACH   Tjc.
INSERTION,   '   .   ���     '.   -..,',
wide   for  5c   PER  YARD
RONS AT 25c, 55c, &5c,
AND $1.35.
7000 Yards of Lace
5c per yard
Rei liar   valui ' .   a
long list of old
White and Bl
5   inches   wide
We Have $50,000 to Loan
on City Improved Property
���Straight Loan.
We represent the B. C. Permanent
Loan & Investment Co., which
is prepared to advance any amount
of money on secured properties.
Monthly repayments   arranged. . .
The Public
Supply Stores)
- ii
ri. P. LATHAM, Local Manager
Tempting Dishes
Of All Kinds
Some Doctors advise folks to eat lots of Vegetables In the Summer time; others say, "Eat plenty of meat all the year around."
The splendid "Royal" menu provides for both classes. Every seasonable kind of Fish, Flesh and Fowl will be found hereon, as well
as all sorts of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables. Drop In for "Lunch"
or "Dinner" today.
The Royal Cafe and Grill
Which Is at 604 Columbia Street.
iTy i.
We Have Just K*
ceived a shipment
of OLIVES.   They
aro a New l!l'an(i;
large and well pack'
ed.    All Prices..��
are Here ! Get a
crate before they
are all gone.   ���   ���


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