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The Daily News Oct 8, 1910

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 "%* -
Port Mann
10 10
���flflfnefard   Make  $5   Per   Month.
Of L A. & i. SOCIETY
Retiring Officials Re-Elected Unanimously
In  Methods   Suggested ���Trouble   Committee  Is
Needed ���Receipts   Up   To  Date Are
Less Than Last Year
iT. R. Pearson Purchases All Three Thousand Pay Penalty
Some Changes j    Cattle Shown Here by Lo-1    of Revolutionary Outbreak
gan Bros., of Nova Scotia
The feature of tlie It. A. & I. meeting in the city hall yesterday evening
was a protest voiced hy I.. A. Lewis,
one of the members of tlie hoard of
control, against the action of thc lliit-
ish Columbian In commenting unfavorably on the exhibition during the
week, Mr. Lewis being very cau
his remarks.
J. D. Taylor, M.I'., editor of the
paper, replied to Mr. Lewis, but the
sentiment of the ineeting was overwhelmingly in favor of the board of
control man, and for several minutes
Mr. Taylor had to listen to hearty
condemnations of bis policy during
the past week. He maintained, however, that he would stand by anything
that had appeared In his paper and
had no Intention of withdrawing any.
Manager Keary Re-elected.
W. H. Keary, secretary and manager of the exhibition, forcibly ex-
pressed his intention of retiring from
Revisions Suggested.
Manager Keary also suggested that
it woul.I be a good Idea it a committee of seven men, live farmers and
two men lrom the city, be appointed
to revise the prize list and thi constitution. The suggestion was accept-
ed, but the difficulty of appointing the
',    ,    I committee again  came ut) and  it. was
; s 111 - in i ,  ...  ,     .,     ,      .      .... ,
'left lu the hands ol the manager and
the pie. idem  to arrange.
Rev.  J.   S.   Henderson   Resigns.
in Portugal.
One of the besl. exhibit!- of stock on
cho grounds Is thai of Logan Brothers,
of Amherst, N, S., breeders. They
broughl seventeen head of first class
cattle and sold the whole stock to T.
R. Pearson, of New Westminster, yesterday.
II. S, Logan Is In charge of ibe exhibit here. The herd shown bere was
broughl direct from the big Dominion
exhibition al St. John, N. B., where ll
carried off nearly all the prizes In tbe,
For stock tbey carried off more ' to'"'n
than   any   otber   sir -Je
Paris, Oct. 7.���A special to llu.
Temps from Madrid says it is reported thai a battle has occuie.l al
betubal, Portugal, between Infantry
that had gone over to the revolutionist; and the royallsl cavalry.
The casualties are estimated al I	
At Badajos cannonading was heard
from the direction of Lives, where
theie is a fort iess.
The censorship al Lisbon ff;r* been
'elaxed  somewhat ami despatches
Citizens Who Have Failed To Visit Big F*
A   Treat- Stock,   Industrial   Exhibits
Cannot   Be   Excelled   Anywhere���Large
Crowds Expected Today.
Are Missing
and    Fruit
money   i ri/.es ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Mr. Logan thinks thai the fair here
is all  right,     lie states that   the <
more freely todi
Uev. .1.  S.  Henderson  wiote  resign
ing from the board of diiectors, as lit 	
us far as stock is concerned, but  fo
horses and pigs the Westminster fair
is far superior to any In the east,    lie
stated    that   he    bad seldom seen a
finer collection of horses.
As for the pigs, according to Mr.
Logan, there were only seventeen on
exhibition at the Dominion fair. This
so discouraged one old sow that was
on exhibition there that she had a
litter of eight, which almost doubled
the supply of hogs at the exhibition.
During the trip to the west on the
stock car thai Lftgan brothers brought
 j   ���   I their exhibit in, two calves were born,
not  afford the  time  to  attend   to all I    Al the close of Ule meeting the rep- one of which took a prize on arriving
���--������--��� resentatives from the   different   dis- here.    Mr.  Logan    states    that
trlcts  at  the  exhibition   thanked   thei judging here has been very
management for the courtesy that had j he  had  only
1��    IIUIJI     --aaaa .. 	
his position, but he was retained should be placed at the head of each
there for a while at least, almost by | department and that an assistant, to
force.   Mr. Keary stated that he could *the secretary lie secured
^^^^^^^^^^^^^ . as he'em  exhibitions  have  this  one  beaten
bad  not  sufficient lime to devote to ' ^^^^^^ ^^^
it. The letter contained a few suggestions which Mr. Henderson
thought would work out for Ibe welfare of the exhibition. The first was
to bold the fair earlier in Ibe year,
probably about, the middle of September, lie also suggested a reduction in
the price of tickets and the selection
of standard designs and colors for
badges and tickets. He wound up with
uggesting    that    a    competent man
^^^^^^^^^^^^^   from     the
scene of    the    revolution.    All    confirmatory reports are thai the revolu-
.     llonlsts are in complete control of the
'gt.   capital and that Hlu Infant  republic Is
making   progress.    Tbe   republic  also
has  been  proclaimed  al   many  points
ln the provinces.
Three  regiments of  infantry  in  the
country   districts   reached   Lisbon   to
day and joined the revolutionists
Today is the last day of tht
exhibition ami any wbo on account if
weather conditions, or for any other
reasons, have not been able to get to
the grounds on Uie flrsl lour days
sb.mid nol fall io make Queens park
their home today.
Some   Fine   Exhibits.
There are exhibits tlieie which
should nol be missed, as they are tuo
i.e. i ever shown in Westmlnstei', it
not in Hritish Columbia. This applies
especially to the agricultural building,
where the district exhibits of frull aro
little less than wonderful. It Is only
theie that the great fruit-growing possibilities  of the fertile  !��� laser  valley
lie    big  what Is satlsfactor;
mm joiueu  uie rvvuiuuuuiiM. I can   he   realized   to   tlle  full.     Surrey,
e casualties in the recent lighting  the county right across the river, bus
are placed at 3000. taken the prize for an exhibit of agri-
Manuel is thc guest of   Great   cultural   products,  and   in   gazing   on
He  remains  on   boaid    tue  l's  amazing  display    of    msgnldcent
yacht Amelie, which arrived | fruit, one begins to realize how favorably  tbe city of New  Westminster  Is
the details, even if the salary were
many times larger, and besides, he
had to put up with too much abuse.
The meeting would not hear of him
resigning his seat and no one ventured to SUgges* a possible successor.
It was moved thnt Mr. Keary be reelected to the position and the manager was not allowed to protest, the
meeting keeping up an uproar of ap-
plainse for several minute:
L. A. Lewis finally suggested that
Mr. Keary would remain in office until the e'.ld of the year at least, and
then if lie found it absolutely Impossible to attend to the work something
might be dene, but lie would have to
stay there at least until the business
of the present exhibition wns disposed
of.       This     suggestion     was     finally
"President Trapp Retained.
President T. .1. Trapp also attempt-
been extended
stay ^^^^^^^^^
been treated   bettci
ralr, and
tn  make
^^^ ne  ii.iii  uui)   one  complaint  ,,,  Um>i, -
to  them  during  their and thai was that his bull, which tookfjPortugal,  where tin
They stated that never bad they  the prize from al" ^^^     '    "          ''"'''  '"
than   tbey   had j east, was beaten
and they would be glad to come
in the
city    diiectors    were    all    re-' brothers
elected,  l>.  S. Curtis taking the place   Sen!
of Kev. ,1. S.  Henderson.    Most of the   No
other directors from all over the province weie re-elected and a representative from Fort Qeorge, A. \V. Moore,
was placed on the board.
Officers and Directors.
The  following  is a  list  of the  offi-
^^^^^^ iere.
following Is a list  of tlie reg-
stock brought out  by    Logan
and    the prizes tbey won:
or yearling bulls. Van Voren Vale,
   8403,    first     prize;     senior    ralf,
Dandy Hick, first prize; Prince Oatka;
second;. Homestead Maid Calamity,
first in class; Chalk River Vale, second in Class, Cow:;, Lady Mary
Rookcr, first; Pilncess Luda Posch,
second;     Artist     Juba    Oatka,    third.
Imperial ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
off Glbrahtr last night. The BrltlsL
officials paid visits of respect to the
passing monarch today and surrounded his yacht with patrol boats to safeguard the  royal party.
There  are  rumors  of  fighting    between loyalists and revolutionists    at,1 I
Betubal and some anxiety is fell that
civil war may develop in the north of
^^^^^^^^^^^^^    monarchy  has a ^^^^^^^^^^
stronger hold on the people, Bernardo  and Winnipeg
MachadO,   minister   of   foreign   a'ffdlrs I Everything  Given  Away.
of the provisional  government  Of Por-       01 course the  main  building draws
��� tilgal, cabled  today  to the  Associated   the largest, crowd.    It  is there that  n
I Press, at the request  of  Provisional | is  possible to get a  free sample  or
President   Braga, announcing
lo Hrllisli Colui;*--
blnns Ih thc facl thai nearly nil ihe
prize winners are bred nol many mile*
lrom Now Westminster. Tbe exhibit
conclusively proves that lhe Fraeei
valley can bold lis own with any pnit
of Canada In the matter of breeding
In ii ses.
Fruit Packing Demonstration.
One or tbe Important special lea-
lures of the fall this year lias beea
the demonstrations i- fruit packing
given by B, It. Denny, of the Or egos
agricultural college, and a large number of provincial fruit growers av
well as local farmers, have been in
attendance each morning to view Mr.
Denny's work.
The demonstration took place Is the
agricultural building. In giving bis
demonstration Mr. Denny pointed out
just, how fruit, and especially apples,
[nicked to show olT at their
The display of the Edmonton-Strath-
cona district Is worthy of notice In
this building. To tliose who have
lived ou the prairies the sight of Hie
lardy grains is sufficient to cause
home sickness, while to the coust residents it impresses the fact that, there
must bo some good laud between here
der bad
 _  that  or-   anything  from  cuocolate  to  iiniiiiuie
been restored at  Lisbon and'polish.    Women may be nen atagge,
that the new republican government   ing out of   the building   laden
eers, the city directors and the board (Senior yearling heifer, Jacoba Roo ���   .
of ijontrol as the.
Hon. President-
President���T, .1
'minster. ^^^
now  stand:
Hon.  Price 1
Trapp,  New
ed to resign, but there was such a toria; A. C. Wells, Chilliwack, It. Mo-
furore that he made but poor headway Donald, Kelowna; M. S. Wade. M.D..
with   his   resignation,    it    was   the Kamloops;  w. Duncan, Comox. a. ii.
unanimous opinion of the meeting that
he was the only man for the Job at
the present time and he was finally
prevailed upon to accept the arduous
position once  more.
As a climax to the reelection of the
two officers, W. T. Sin\ in moved, and
it was passed unanimously, that a vote
of confidence in the manager aril the
management be tendered.
Hon. Price Ellison, of Veinon, commissioner of lands, was appointed
honorary president in the place of
Hon, R. G. Tatlow, whose death last
year left a vacancy on the hoard of
The Manager's Report.
In making  bis annual    teport.    Mr.
Vancouver;   S
B,   Macgowan.   M.P.I
H. Shannon, Surrey.
Hon.    Treasurer���Q
New Westminster.
Manager   and   Secretary
Keary,  New   Westminster.
Board of Control���T. J. Trapp. presl
dent; (1. I). Ilrymner, ti easurer; W. II
D.    Bryn
: Junl ir   and   senior   yearlings.
Canny Orne Rooker, flrst. Senior
calves, Sadie Korn Dyke, flrst; Aggie
Queen, second; Pauline poem, third.
Tbe  exhibit  also   won   many   of  tbe
Championships  In  all  breeds.       Dan ly
Dick got  the reserved    championship
for  bulls and   Lady  Mary   Hooker  was
the champion  female.    In    tbe    aged
I erds. young l erds and three animals,
a .  get of one sire, the cattle In   this   exhibit carried of all the first prizes.
If.       Dandy   Dick   von   tbo   special   prize
! offered  by  the  I'olstein  Fiieson  nsso-
| elation   for   the   besl   bull   under   two
yens,  while Jacoba  ftookrr took   first
would immediately organize general
reform in the interest of all the people.
Much uneasiness is felt at M-idrll
regarding the effect! of events in Portugal on tho republican i anso in
Spain ami precautions agalnsl an out-
bi Q ik  ba- e  been  taken.
v, ll a
posters, tans,
packages, tne
canvass ol tne
Keary,   manager  and   secretary;   with   for the best  cow under two years.    A
Messrs.  L.  A.  Lewis.  W.  It. Cllley. C.   berd  of  one  bull  and   four  cows  c.ap-
A.   Welsh,   .1.   B.   Kennedy   and   Nels  turei the special prize In thai class.
Nelson The exhibit also won the silver cup
City Directors���T. .1. Armstrong. .1. I presented for the b��*st display of Hel-
II. Vidal. D. S. Curtis, P. T. Bowler,; stein Fib-sen cattle at Ibe exhibition.
W. A. D. Jones. J II. Watson, John The purchase of this entire herd by
peck. E A. Paige, A Hardman, Rev. T. It. Pearson ought to mean a great
A. K. Vert, W. Watson. Dr. Buchanan,  deal  to the  stock  raising  Industry  in
^^^^^^^         ��� W. J   Mathers, James (1.  Brymner, L,. Ithis  vicinity.    Theie Is no doubt  that
Keary stated that be had not had time Williams. S. G. Tidy. II Schaake. Al- It. Is one of the finest if not Hie fines!
during the last few days to prepare a derman Dray, Alderman Johnston and herd In Canada and the presence of
written one. but  be would do the best   Alderman Jardine, j such a herd in the Praser valley ought
he could vei bally.     He  said   tbat    he      There were about  flfty at  the meet-  to   have  a   marked  effect   on   the   lm-!
Jjad heeQ Br.anager in r.mn and at that   lng. which did not adjourn until near-' prnvement of Hie stock In the rilstiict.
tinje there wr.a only r.r.o building rm'
the exhibit   n grounds and tbe number of ent: :���  was,  7.:.   this  year the
number wi . f,:\:    The announcement
wae meelv.-i with applause.
Wagners   Band,   of   Seattle,   Probably
the   Best   Musical   Aggregation
That  Has Ever Played Here.
One of the attractions at the fair
which is not meeting with the public
appreciation it really deserves is the
music. In Wagner's band, ot Seattle,
and the Summerland hand, the ll. A.
& I, society bus secured organizations
that would be bard to beat anywhere.
The   Summorhin 1   band   Is   recognized
samples, cauls, bills
little    bottles,    small
spoils of a successful
booths in  tbe  building,
Fine   Furniture   Exhibits.
The two furuiiiiie displays here, one
from   Lees.   Limited,  and     the     other
from David spencer Hi t o., oi Vancouver,-are well worthy or attention. The
manner in which both these exblblu
are arranged is a lesson It, tbe art or
advertising and ^^^^^^^^^^^^
even at the great Toronto exhibition.
Tlie  music  men  also    cm    ftol     be
passed  by  without  attention, for the
tasteful display of piano,  and all B il't.
or musical Instruments compels attention,
What lhe crowd seems to Und must
interesting here Is llie exhibit of the
Kelowna Tobacco company, wliich bus
an excellent display of the green
tobacco and the finished product.
The   Stock   Exhibits.
All day bmg behind the Industrial
building the stock ^^^^^^^^^^^^
and il Is theie Hint the men who make
the fair can he seen iivrt; are the
men who are part of the show; these
men from the east, from the prairies,
from   the   district   nn I   from   the  city,
could ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
best.     The   grading   of   the   different
fruits was also taken up thoroughly.
The grading has been the chief difficulty with small fruit growers and
the government inspectors have quite
often    had    to    report   the    grower*.
These demonstrations will no doubt
give fruit growers a good Idea of how
the fruit   should  be  graded.
The grain, fruit and vegetable exhibit of the Fort* Qeorge Commercial
club ln the agricultural building is
one that Is causing considerable interest to visitors to tbe lair. The exhibit Is in charge of C. W. Moore, who
has been a resident nf Port George
for a number of years and tbe show-
in.   Itself gives a  good estimate    of
what can be done in tbe agricultural
line in tne northern part of tbe province.
Pleased with Fruit.
Two of tbe most pleased men In the
City today are K. C. Armstrong, superintendent of fruit culture in Oregon
state, and K. C. Koberts, of Oregon.
Thees two men  did  the fruit judging
bas a reputation that is not bo.d ���"to t,ie heart of tlie B,WK feeder
The Manage: then suggested gome
Changes in tbe general management of
the.exhibiticn     i:0 thought   that    the
...Idnlght.     ^^^^ ^���_________________________
President Trapp's SpMth.
T. J. Trapp, the retiring president, having made up their minds to Have
made   the   following   comprehensive better exhibit* another year.   Having
report' I learned  wheie they  lune  fallen i!.iwn
Gentlemen,���Our annual meeting
lias come around once more, and our
1910  and  forty-fourth  exhibition   will,
^^^^^^^^JUIOII.       IJ��    iiiwii;.   ii     int...       .....*
board Of  eontiol   should   le   increased   at  the end of the  week be numbered,
to twelve, and the members would ie-   with the things of the past.
tire III."rotation, as is now dune on the      Prom any reports that I liave heard
.school board     lu that  way   new blood   tin; aie this year, and. talk of an ap-
Would be  brought   intu     the     manage-   competent   to   express   an   opinion   on
ment and theie would be    .wiinii old the subject, this exhibition Is far   In
ones left   wbo knew   something about
running tbe exhibition.
He  also   suggested   that   a   superln-
tbey know bow to improve for the
future. 'Plus Is wheie the education;,]
feature   comes   in.
The district of Surrey is especially
to be congratulated upon having taken
the first prize three years l/i sttcces
si in.     Tbis   district   has   set   the   pace
for the other competitors, and consequently has to keep up its high standard by putting more brains Into their
*      ���    .     -.it...
tendent of every department on the
grounds should be appointed so tbat
the manager would not have to do all
the work He suggested more com-
mlttees, including a pass committee
and a trouble committee.
Speaking nf tlie  financial aspect of
the piesent.  lair,  the  manager stated
advance of anything held here In the <.... ...,  K ��. -
past from every standpoint, except in work year by year, and what, applies
attendance.   Tbis, of course, has to be to Bunej appi.es equally to the other
accounted for. in a measure by the districts, and ever> assistance Bhould
unfavorable weather, and also to the be given bj tbe districi to those wbo
Minto Cup matches having heen play- aie willing to undertake this work In
ed  so near the fair dates, which  has Hie different  localities, a:   tbe  prizes
ha I the effect of giving the puhIL:
Jusi a tittle 'oo much lacrosse, Which
had always been our hest drawing
card.    Bul we have prove I once again
that at six o'clock on    Kiluay    nignt   that" It  Is  possible to have too much
the receipts were VMQ less man tney 0f a  vood thing. Our management had
at. the corresponding  time  last
Mr. Kearj tbatiked all tliose wbo
bad belj.o I hi u in the work, making
����teclal leleience to the tar.i.ers to
whom weie ib.e, be aald, New Westminsters two gieatest. assets. her
market and ber exhibition. He wound
iq> by Imiiiig that  mete  would be    a
tried to get. those matches off during
fair wee;<, but were unable to do so,
and It is now up to those in control to
arrange other attractions another yea-
awarded  do not  begin  to  repay  those
engaged  in the work.
For   advertising   purposes   there   Is
nothing   thai   In   any   way   compares]
With   the   results   finin   a   district   ex
hi bit.
The floral exhibit. Is, in my opinion.
equal   to  any   exhibit   ever   tint   up  In
Canada,  while  the  potatoes    and    in-j
dividual exhibits lune teen much ad-
ther attractions aiioi,n>:i jtm   ,..,... ....
that wl'l be equally effective in secur- mired and commented upon. The fruit
lng the attendance Of our Vancouver exhibits have never been so good as
ti lends. I they are this year, and talk of an ap-
The district exhibits, while as num- pie show, when can we expect, or bo|io
^^^^ plug tnat tneie wumu uc a eroiis as last year, are tar more ex- to see a better one than that on ex-
One day ana a lecord attend.une at cellent In many points, than they have hlhitlon In the upper part of tne
the fair mi Saturday. j ev er been, and are really works of art, agricultural    building.      Vou   can.   of
Membership Tickets Redu-.ed. |all,| ft jiiratlonal In their effects, re- course, get larger quantities put to-
On motion or Uev A. K. Vert the fleeting great credit not only upon the gerber or anything tbat is merchant-
price ot ti.e membership tickets was districts represented but upon the In- able, but people are not attracted by
reduced t',om '���', to fl the majority iitiiliial gmvve.s and collections, and .pianCties. It is quality and the variety
oi the a.eu at the iia-ciing thinking especially upon those who have placed that, are tbe taking features In a fruit
that was quite sutTic.en'. them  In  position, and    there    Is    no  show.   If you put one car load or fifty
It was ue. ule I to adopr t'ae seiae- prize in our extensive pri/e list that car loads of one particular apple on
tary'e sugges-ion to appoint l ,ur new |a ���., .ell earned as are those given i exhibition, It has no hetter effect than
membe:s oa ibe board ot control, to these districts. It Is very gratify-la simple plate or box, and when you
bringing tie t >i .��� I up to nine, but. ing to me to listen to the way the \ have a sample of every well known
the^e seemed to be seme dihiculty in representatives of the diiTerent dis- or desirable apple that It pays to
decWing on ibe way in wbicli the a I- trlcts bave sized up the Ju Igment of i grow, where Is the advantage of put-
ditlons should he elected, ibe ill r It ��=> lodges In this direction, and as; ting together large quantities; there
board  was   ie-e.e-ted   In   l's  entirety   far as I can learn the exhibitors are can  he  nothing    further    educational
its size In the wed
Which was one of the official bands,
at the Alaska-Yukon-Paclflc exposition,
��� a reputation that is not bordered
by the state lines yf Washington. I
Dining thfl Concerts k\\Cn yesterday under the direction of Lieutenant
T. li. Wagner, pieces were rendered
that would tax the Ability of many |
bands numerically stronger than his.
but In no case did the musicians find
I the difficult pieces beyond tbem. The
; conceit last night was given in the
agricultural building, and while the
crowd was not ns large as the excellence of the music warranted, still
those   present   appreciated   to  the  full I
the efforts of the bandsmen.
The Items of the pTOgram wliich de-
sei.el the most applause were Rossini's "Semirimade." which was exe
cuted with consl lerable feeling, and
Schubert's serenade, given as a solo
by Albert Nightingale, who had to
favor with two encotes, obliging with
' Robin Adair" and "Annie Laurie.'
these old favorites meeting with popular favor.
By special request tbe sextette from
I Lucia de Lammermoor was given, Chi.)
piece  alone    heing    considered    well
worth the price   of   admittance   by
many of the lovers present. A Chinese
medley, with solo parts by Side Drummer Ingham, was another favorite of
the audience.
This afternoon an 1 evening will he
the last opportunities for local music
lovers to hear this famous hand.
i   lesson  it, me  ail  oi     ���          - ���   i  ���-~o--��-
eoind   nol   be   beaten   at t'lf! exhibition and tbey aie pleased
         because their work  Is over, but  more
beitiuse they saw some of the finest
ffUll here flint they ever looked at
anywhere. Tbey said yesterday that
the tasty arrangement of Hip district
exhibits were a revelation to tlienf
and they did nol know where the me.
in charge had been taking lessons.
'Inday  Is not  tie last day that    fli��
manager and the atutf or clerks in m��
office will ii ive to ft ork, for (here are
all kinds Oi pfdtestS and kicks coming,
tm  in,-  ,���������,���,.:,   '"��� ,Mlt  ������   *N1  !,p ,ll(1 Idat  that there
admirers    throng '8 sut''1 "n ehormo'is rush and worry.
Poultry  Building.
A building'which    does not   attract
many sightseers, but which is of gre��t
interest to poultry fanciers nnd farmers is  the poultry  building. Just   west
of tiie manufacturer's' building
The  poultry on  exhibition  here    is
^^^^^^^^B lias been for some
yeais past;  in fac .^^^^^^^^^^^^
de-l   with    exhibits    :if all    kinds
���ognlzed I w1'"    know    every    animal    on
as the best or its kind in any town of  grounds by name and can tell for sev-
while Wntrner'i, ieni1   'ears  ha('k  tllf>  *'<""**>   "r ""* much.better than
"championship    for    hulls    under    two  yeais past;  in fact, the building is so
years old, and  like Information, oea.
the Heart oi me sioc-v mem,*,. ,lmt    '""">'    "f    ,,ie    entries are not
Thev take a keen interest In tl.elr  snown off to tne best advantage.
I �� Paaae* in Demand.
husiness. these men. X'of for tbem
are the cries .Of the peanut men. the
blandishments of the fortune tellers.
They nre there for business and tbey
take If. seriously. Many of the stock
men do not leave the pens from tbe
time the exhibition opens until it
closes, except for half nn bour every
day when tbey march their B ick
around the oval foi the admiration Of
the crow '.
if the visitor manages to penetrate
the labyrinth of pens and stable.; un>
til he comes to the pig pent, he wlll
come to the conclusion thai Ihllll-
wack is n fine place for pigs. There
Is a  herd  of swine there owned    by
^^^^^^Passes in Demand. ^^^^^^
People who want passes can find
their way to the manager's on ice
through nny rain that yet hns fallen.
What surprises the manager is the
nerve that some people display in
getting and using tlieir passes, lt. has
heen the common practice in past
years for people with memheisliii*
tickets and passes to hnnd their
tickets througb the fence to parties
on the outside, but this >ear the management have a little scheme lor stopping this.
?esterday a  man's ticket   was li.'te*
ns tiie wrong party attempted to cohm
tbrough  the style and    the    original
Joseph Thompson, which won
ne-i     oy    o -
Id cause   ticket  holder applied at  Hie office for
 .Ul       ��.-      mr..       ...Ill
a jew to overcome his aversion to
pork. 'Ihey nre all Ayisbhes and are
certainly fine nnimnls. worth} to be
shown nt nny fair. W. Barford, of
Chilliwack, has some fine Tnniwortbs.
hut, they are not so successful in eaD-
tni in ; tlie prizes ns
herd. But. J. T. Maynard, of Cheam,
carries off ev��>ry prize in the Duroc,
Jersey nnd Essex classes.
Other swine comes from Surrey and
L.-ulner, but to the upper end of   D'e
Fraser valley belongs tlie pnlm In thli
particular branch of stock breeding.
Splendid  Horses.
It  is in the exhibit of horses    that
the stock exhibit  at  the fair    excels
a duplicate, but anything J_�� .got will
not pass him through many gates, la
anotner case a youngster bought a
pass from another and then lost it. lie-
innocently   applied   for   another   pass.
vvtjl,       but was told that the passes weie nut
the Thompson   transferrnblp.
President Trapp stated yeslenlav
thai If a pass was banded out to every
one who applied for one. tlie gates
might Just as well he opened aad
everybody welcomed. The fourth day
of the fair ende 1 last night in a heavy
rain, the third day of downpour in the
four days of fair. The way thp directors keep up their courage iu face of
the  discouraging  rain  is  une of the
w mm������   ������ -. u    i 11 i' i' T en    ii       ^   r- .*'���'' *- ���'    i...    .*.*   *   .
ISlt was ie- ided to leave the mat- quite convinced that Justice has been
S. �� the selection of the others to done all around. Most, of those ex-
tha old members.
done all  around,    .viosr. oi  mono    c*-1     .i.^  ...-	
Jb lb it ing have expressed themselves ast McDonald, the Indian agent, are very
gained hy this. ^^^^^^^^^^^
The  Indian exhibits through  R.
satisfactory  to  the  department,    and
show that the work of the government
is bearing excellent  fruit  and should
he an incentive to the government to j
continue the good work.
Tho society is much    indebted    to'
Andrew  Hnlkett, who Is In charge of.
the fisheries exhibit, kindly put up by
the  Dominion  government.    This ex-,
hlblt has been quite a feature of our |
fair, and Mr. Halkett has done all   In
his power to make this both interesting   and   Instructive.   This   building
should be double Its present size   to
enable  Mr.  Halkett    to    demonstrate
what can be done in this direction.
the stock  exhibit  at   rne  nur    c.w^.n.	
The horses shown are magnificent and   best exhibitions on the grounds.
���-    ..!.--   .         ��� '. . ' '     ��� i ���'���
tContlnued on Page Five.)
Closing Day.
1:00 P. M.���Stock parade.
T.110   P.   M.���Intermediate   lacrosse match; East Delta vs. Sapperton.
11:00 P. M.���Lacrosse match���New Westminster Lacrosse team
i champions of the world) against a combined team of the Nationals of Montreal and the Vancouver Lacrosse team.
7:00 P. M.���Grand electrical display.
8:00 P. M.--Band concerts ln the Industrial and Agricultural bull 1-
ings. by Wagner's band, of Seattle, and the Summertaad band,
of Summerland, B. C.
���#���# PACK TWO
. 4
I  -
Classified Advertisements  REAL   ESTATE LIST OF PRIZE WINNERS
V. vvr ���;-       ���-. RNISHED i   -
i.i-'::.;       i ��� -.   i vvo .and
titchen  [or  foui   aduli
Btate pi Ice.    Add ess Box ';'-.
News office
Like   posil ton,   .   \- ;.'   ho
\\ |   f 1104 8th a ve., city.
W V\ i El .      li   v U .-���": IN YALE
.: to  know
fo.c c - enl   has I     a        i ued    co
r.ov. er thi to    times,    wl il sl    eve
voter  ni  V anco i\ er  has five
iikI c. cry  v out ll    1 distil
only one Oi        ti k'ote'
J. N. Muir.
Head  OrL-e       -       451  Columbia  St
Ne*   Westminster.  B.  C.
Branch Office     - Karrloops. B.C
MODERN   houses  i.i   Edinburgh.   Hen
lej   an.l streets, ���'  ���
��� i is In i
the city.   Cement sidewalks
und a block   from   the   c   ���
i- 14-C.)
lowing is tin
led   ..i tlie exhlbl ion:
LOTS   on   Edinburgh,   Henley.   Dublin
idon s
si t :���''.-���_'. t
EVENTH  ave tue lot, close    to
��� d cash, ba
anee six and tv
- ths���1,
A. C. V.'el lames Tbo
il   i    md
1 -���'..'.   A.
C.  We   -
...... 3 ...
���1,  A.  C.   Wetls;   2,   VV.    R.   Austin,
Cha  L, A. C. Wells
ca." ;- '
1 males, rv s ani over - '.  A.  C.
WANTED   MRS.     DAVISON,     PRO-  ������	
lessor Of  mandolin  and   , |    ^NAIMO   street,  cleared
��ac.      , .        ,    3w pupils      ;:   P' '    *''oU: oce-third   cas
iu ������������^zr^
Ths I hoi     i ���       ii hoicest    pari    (   the
streets   ' Vrmstrong and Carnarvon, and on two largi
fl       i, cas    5 tlance b*. 12 aad IS mont   -
Two i adjoining ei   extended   townsiti
a thi   southweet.   This   u  an  excellenl   proposition   for
-:        sions inl    ���������   ��� ocks.    l'ri.-e and terms on Inquiry.
- near Port Mai n    I   the southwest c mer of si
I west, on Quible  and   Townline   roads,   I iving
ains e and cai        i I 1 into ai
L2 and 18 l    nths  I ba   ���
list of i es at re '
Scliool Sudd!.
Phone 719, or R 432 tvenings.
_n U w l\ :f\ fi.
Cor.  Fifth  Ave. and  Twelfth   St.
| UU2UUJ   UUjijJlKJ
       Yo !   under   two   a/am***********************************.*.************* *
new    lo*; . year*, ; Blfers. one year an1
���  . - street
WANTED    BY YO     \l i'i. SJITU
alion as cl -.'�� In store.   Address 1
Si, Dailj   Se   s,
W 1NTED -    SMART      YOU I'll       L'O
ut;e c large   it circulation,
uv.ii handwriting to Managei
\. ��s, P. 0
WANTED E    ���:     WAITERS     OK
I Col lil   :      -
���>\'.\\ lKi>-    v   YOUNG   VVOM V\      \ l"
-��� . good wages to
son     A; j Ij   Ro, al  City  dye  wo
H   ���
wages - >.     -   3201
THIRD   avjnue.   iurnaby
i    ���
HAMILTON  stres-t tot between  Sixth
Eig ������        :
- lives, ui
-.-..-' ���1,   \.  C    '���'��� ���    -    2,  J.
 ;        ... ..   . ���   \<v-,:.:u.
���tew   h aus* ��animals
���  fh>n cash,;..,   .        :���- i:  2, A. C. Wells
���   ��� ii om   :ow ���
-   -
��� i.-y-c. ���
:IVE  ACRES  in  the    Kennedy    subdh i - -        - :'    'i
r                                                -        -
i U101
3 ....
��� -
- .      ...
SeccI: '   -
WAN FE SMALL     RANCH,      im
proved, ' lings ���  ���
baity ol New Vi estn is e Fu I
-, ticulars to Vancouver !.��� . : age
.Land. 62 Hastings street eas
SIXTY ACRES in section 30, townsh  l
5123 per a
o:;e-third   cash,   balance
.A  I
P -   -
ston :
i, VV. c
THIRTY   ACRIS   in   sect     '   56     3  5Ck
- . ires
���'������ .
good  water.    Price 5270 ; er
Terms     over     eighteen
*-.*****<,*************��� ******* ****************************
665���Coiuirbia   Sire
S--) Acre^ Water Fro;ir Pnx^rtv, two  and  ov,y  half
iles oast tV'-m PORT MANN.    2 120 feet
t Ln
New Westminster, E. C
on Fraser River.    A " ;ry choice tra :t at
srenu r'
>r-qp.    Price iwA terms Liiven <<r\  application  to  the
ovius Land and Loan Co.
Lidgerwood, North Dakota, U. S. A.       I
**************->* *********** *************************
\ Mineral Watei
Aerated Wat;
Manufactured  by
Te'eohone  P.   ' '3. Ofl :��
seeks    work    by    day.
Cornwall street.
WANTED���LOAN Ob' $2500 ON IU-
pruved city property before October
1.    Write Box O. Iv, News office
a few bours daily, by linglisli lady.
Apply Mrs. Wi.xey. 320 Columbia
'iFTY   aires   In   section   32,
north,  ran.uie i  '.vest,  N]  ^-^^^^^^^^,_^_m
ie    ies    - ding    pro-   >
b oc'^   5   -' -
D.;   a;: - : .1 C.
cockerel���1, Rol-
'    ::
*************************** ********* *******************
W A N TED��� HO li SliK K I. PL\'G
rwuis for married couple. Apply
Bo.\ A..V., this ollice.
.ANTED���A  GIRL  F���_   	
housework  and   plain  cooking.   Apply   1125  Third  avenue.
os    >n   in   Fort  Mann 'olls '    PuUet-
day.     Why?    Tbe  terms  are  one-
fifth   -i<     ind    the    balance    over      Polish     eari    I   5    ock���1
TEN YEARS, with interest at 6 per   i^"'* ^^^^^
cent 221-A.) |    Polish, bearded S   : ckerel���l,
 ston Bros.
TEN   acres,   being   lot   6,   section   27,       !'���.._���      earded   S R    -
���������<  j -.'������':���), range - west, N.W.P.,   Bros,
on new Yale road.   $1100 pe- acre; ! Li3b      ea 3      .'let���'..    Rol-
53000   :ash., balance six, twelve aad  ston Bros.
e jltteen months at 7 per eent. In,      Hamburgs,   silvi     jpa   - ������     ock���
terest. (222-A.)   1,  Clarence   SYowen    .   md  3,  A.  K.
  ���     Marshall.
 T7~r;���,.,,,  ,-,-v-- ,. SURREi [am     'gs,    - i angled     ock-
WANTED-A GIRL  BOR  GL.NbRAL        ACRES       n0Pthwesl rter    oftfrei_..   A.   B.   Marshall;   2,   Clarence
section 10. township   2.    $200    per Frowen.
acre, one-third cash, balance six and      Hamburgs,  silver spangled,  hen���I,
���; 1  j    twelve months at 7 per    eent.    in-j A.  hi.  Marshall;   2. Clarence  Frowen:
FOR SALE. terest. (201-A.) 13. A.  E.  Marshall.
  11    Hamburgs,   silver   spangled,   pullet
 _.  _._-,-_    .-,������  .,.,.,.,,,.,   .   vi.-vv'F,VE  ACR��S  "*  section  18. township'���t. ;1nd 2. A. E. Marshall.  3, Clarence
FOR SALE-ttQO SECURES A NEW (    g_ Q0 Ne_.,oR roa(]    U5g per ^   Frowea>
.odenifo^or^er^med^tta^.1    Terms over two years. (91-A.).|    Hamburgs,   silver  spangled,   brew-
 TTivirMrv      g pen���L A. B. Marshall.
JLAIMjL��.Y Hamburgs.   golden   pencilled,    rock
FIVE   acre   tracts,   consisting   of   the  erti���'.  RolSton  Bros,
most   fertile   soi]   in   Langley    dis       Hamburgs,   golden  pencilled,   hen���
triers,  cleared and In  a high  Btate   1 and 1. Rolston Bros,
of  cultivation:   tram   line    running j    Hamburgs,   golden   pencilled,   puliel
through the property:    good    roads   ���1, Etolston Bros.
on  all  sides.    Price $175 per acre      Hamburgs,  golden pencilled, breed-
and up.    Terms, one-fifth cash, bai- ing pen���l. RolBton Bn-s.
anee over three years. Hamburgs.   silver   pencilled,   cock ���
1, Rolston Bros.
Chinese Fancy Goods
Importers of Chinese and
Japanese fancy goods, chairs and
Makers of ladies' dresses,
shirt waists and children's garments.
vjiose  to ci   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Knuuire British Canadian Securities.
Columbia    street.    T.    R.    Pearsun, I
manager    Phone 7HS.
tt ILK���1 AM OPEN TO TAKE *.'\ &
few   more   steady   customers.       VV. I
R.    Bradbury,    New    Westminster,
i-'   Oi
FOB   SALE���FIVE    aOOMED     10T
laje. modern,  paneled dining room
:;.'.     plumbing.       Appi..
siightii aven ts,
1104   Through our branch    office    at    Kjm- ,,
loops we have received some of ths ,   "amf),lr~'-    silver   pencilled    l;,,n_
 ,        best fruit lands In that vicinity. Call L' r toisron  B���*-
i\>H     SALE ��� SUBURBAN     HOME      and get . articulars. Hamburg?,   black,   cockerel���L   Rol-
comprising.six ^r seen acrea right  ����>���w^>^^^^^^���^^w~>^^^w^^.^, �� iV'n Bros.
on the iiitcruri. in. car Jine between   TUF PPOP! FN TDIKT rn     I Tn Hamburg,   black,  pullet.���1   2  and
Central     Park     and   Westminster. I ,nLrtyrLCJ ��KU01  LU., _,J V. :;, Rolston  Bros.
ijood nine roomed bungalow, exee
^      FranK C. C��ok, Gen. Manager,
lent    water    and    windmill,    large' H��ad  Office       -       451  Columtjia St.
sneds.    The land is all cleared and N��w Westminster, 8. C.
di��jr. are a quantity of fruits of' branch Office
'oearlng age- This Is one of the
moat convenient along the line and
we can recommend it. Price 113,500;
$i.ji)H cash, balance on terms. B. N.
Sutherland, Merchants bank building, .New Westminster.
leet, IS h.p. Fairbanks Morse galo-!
ine engine. Will sell or trade for
iliingle bolts or cedar logs. Apply
The People's Tnmt Co., Ltd., 161
Columbia street, New Weatminater,
B. C.
limit, all cleared, $700 per acre for
Una month H500 cask Murakami,
V O. Box 21 id. Vancouver.
mchea wnji;, double key board, first
���iass i-oiniitioii.    Cheap,    Appiy Ira
i.   fteiii.   Columbia  street
tram office.
LARGE LOTS (66x132) on Johnson
��� road; $200 eacn ftQM cash. .1U.')H
351    per month.
Merchants Sank  Building
Real  Estate. Auctioneer, Valuator,
Loans and  Insurance.
Walker Block, Columbia St.
Phones     Office   "03,   Residence   L611
Hamburgs, black, breeding ;ien���L.
Rolston Bros.
Red Caps, cock���t,  Mrs. J.  Walker.
Kamloops, 3.C.   Steveston.
       Red   Caps,   hen���L  and  .'.    Mrs.   J.
~"""���"'^"'"^���   Walker.
Red Caps, pullet���L, Mrs. J. Walker, Steveston.
Orpingtons,  buff,  cock���I.   Walker.
Orpingtons, bull, cockerel���L, I. Laa-
cella. Cedar Cottage.
Orpington, buff, hen���L, 1 and :i. W.
Orpingtons, buff, pullet���I, J. Laa-
eells:   2 and 3.  W.  Wilker
Orpingtons, buff, breeding pen���1,
W. Walker.
Orpingtons, hlack, cock���L and 2,
W".  Walker
Orpingtons, black, cockerel���I and
3, W. Walker:  3, .1. A. Smith.
Orpingtons, hlack. hen���L, J. A.
Smith.   1 and 3,  W   Walker.
Orpingtons, black, pullet���1, 2 and
.'!. W. Walker.
Orpingtons, black, breeding pen���
L and 1. W   Walker
Orpingtons, white, cockerel���L. Roy-
Scarlet, Navy and Tweed effects
Bankof Toronb
Many People who ' .
never before been
position to do so. . .
now be ready to
bank account.
The  Bank of
offers to all such
the   facilities   of
taage and strong backing organization.
Interest is  paid  on   Shjc
Balances half-yearly,
""���'siness   Accounts    op".!:
rn ravorabie  terms.
Z ASS ETS!. $48,000 000
NEW    WESTMINSTE   .   i.   '-
813 Columbia Btrett
White Star-Dominio
Canadian Service
Bexl    to   SIX    roomed    bunqalow,    new      .rice
~;^riba,aaC8,100<��Varyi^Clt. Poultry Yarde
I8��    slectrlc   Igllt,   i.i :    nin- SIX roomed    cottage    and    good    lot
ite   o    .'���    -'   -'  iOO,   rash   ^"'i iii'MU    WOO   rasli, balance   irrunged
lulanca   .-���   ier  nontli,    Bok ;..   	
,,          ... ; M2W   aeven   roomed   bungalow,   furn
��� L,
i rid
TOR   SALK  OH   h' ���'. ���'     ��� '
���i" -���'   oi  darn  iousq on F ��urlll      .iiiiniii
i -     re aiBOB for pur-    ���
. "c "iii     boaamsni;     price
$400 cash, Dal ini a  |20    per
'. ��� ���    ,.    .i       	
lcu,a   ���   oi   i   :  i'''iuii!i   (treat,  Mew   N'--v sight  roomod
Orpingtons, white, pullet.-
:;. lioyal City Poultry Vi.-i
Orpingtons, white, breeding pen���i.
Royal  City  Poultry  Virdn.
Games,  B,  ft.  ft. coch ���1        ���   i a
and James, v mcouver,
Games, B, ft. ft. ooclieri���L,  .' and
'.',, Wm, Stonehouse   Vancou er
Games, B.  R.  R.. hen~l,   : an i   :.
��� .;    ,       .   (te)'      !',,
ii   ..  -;,., o     ary  ias;   ai ms.
odern    house:   Banhom   md   fames,
room, furnished, Lppl u row Press,
<iU9    Victoria    Btreet,    near    Daily
re    RENT    LARGE
MEW seven roomed house and four
oi ��� mi i -vi -ii rests; price J3B00:
,oa ���   arms,
Re n   Estate, Auctioneer, Valuator,
Loans and  Insurance.
Walker Block, Columbia St.
Isbed front bedroom,   BultaWe   forIp>honeBr*Offl6e 703. Residence  L611.
'.\'��    .;'Mil  imimmi.        'M'lii.'-'    Utiy.    .1.    S.,     ___���________^
Dally Newa,
n<;r Agnes and Seventh streets,
Try   a   "WANT"   ;ui   |���   T)l(!   NBW8j
m,'h\    l..ln���   -..,.,,11,
"tflOl.V    7HI    'I'-.W        .;'Hul
BOOM TO IlliNT-A. Qomfortabla lur-
niBiied bedroom iiiiiabiii for two
gentfemsn,   Appi.  at 233 sui si.
TO     RENT   -NICELY     lO.'HNISIlEl.
room Bultahla  for two,    Handy to
iHistnoBs nm.'i.ioii.   Apply L29 Tenth
*tO  LET ���I'-I.'RNISHEI.)  ROOMS.  Al'..
pit   BBStain Trapp   block,   coiaar
Caiuui!��u street  uu Clurksun.
______mm- __      BED-
rooms. 7.08 Tiiini avenue, Apply
after 8 p. m. or between 9 a, m. .mil
���ri p. m. at Room ll. 828 Columbia
ably taken by mistake from Pythian
rollar rink on Saturday iv��niiiB. If
rotuimod to rollor mik inrtlmr trou*
bia will m aroldeU.
Games,   H.   ii.   li.. breeding  pen���1,
| Bunham and  James     ',   Wm.  Stone-
Games, brown red, cocli ��� L, - and
3, Wm. Stonehouse.
GameB, brown red, han���I. - and :;
Wm. Stonahousa,
Games, brown red; breeding pen-���
i, Wm. Stonehouse.
Games, G. ducltwlng, cock���1, Baa-
ham and James,
Games, Gi duckwing, hen���L, Ban-
ham and James; 2 and :!, Wm. Stonehouse,
Games, S, duckwing, hen���L, Wtn.
Games, red pyle, cock���l. Wm,
Stonehouse; 2, Banham and James;
���'!, Wm. Stonebousei
Games', rod pyin. aookecal���i, 2 and
���',, W'li. Sbonehousei
Games, rod ii>'in, hen���t, Banhu n
and James,
Games, rod pylo, pullet���1. 2 and
3, Wm. Stonebousei
Games, rod iiyio. breeding pen���i
and li. Wm. Stonehouse,
Games* Bitxihent cock���l, Wm.
Montreal���<9u��bac���Liverpool.   .
Magantio  Oct. 'fe
i tttm, twin aer<��w L4.879    IM
Dominion     let I
Ljurentic     Oct. -
'New. triple screw. 14,89-   ]ns   }
��� Canada     Nov ���
, Metjantic  Nov.
: Dominion  .... Nov.
The  Lnur��ntii!   ind     'u a ts
new  White Star steanifru "���.tr
iad    iiioHi    modern    from   ��� '.niauiiM
Cor  rates,  barth   ������".������
apply io
ED, GOULET, Aijeiit G. P. R.
w. F, butcher, a (enl 6. %'-
T.  H. LARKE. N.  P   C. P. *������
819 Second Avenue,  3ea   a, Wail
Green Cut Bone to Make
Vour  Chickens   Lay.
m. j. Phillips
The Wardrobe Clothier
Sole Agents for 20th Century Clothing and Christie
and Stetson Hats
Columbia Street New Westminster, B. C.
Central Meat ft
Corner  Eighth   St. and  Fifth Aveni*
For all kinds of    _\
or leiive orders at
The    Arrow    Pr-&
Mi'9. E. M. Doininy, Pi'i.
neur The Dully .Mown Co.. mill Wdf
Try   a   "WANT"   ad   In   Tin.' >'���'
Wlll brine renultB.
___r<    '^��-   "**"- "".   ,  >"
-*./"' *X'***"f\- -*-"
**r ������IKBC\WK/1
^x^4i��jrv> SATURDAY, OCTOBER 8, 1310.
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL         .14,400,000.00:
RESERVE         11,000,000.00
Branches throughout Canada and
Newfoundland, aim in London, Kngland, New York, Ch'cago and Spokane,
U.S.A., and Max'co City. A general
banking business transacted. Let-]
ters of Credit lssucm. available with I
correspondents in all parts of the
Savings Bank Department���Deposits
received in sums of 11 and upward, j
aud interest allowei at 3 per cent, per
annum  (present  rate).
Total   Assets   over   $180,000,000.01)
Room Making Sale
New Buggies und Democrats at cost,
built by Baynes. Come and Bee before
purchasing elsewhere.
List cf Prize Winners
At The Exhibition
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W., breedi.g pea   -
Surpilse   Poultry
741  Front Street.
See  Sign, "Man   on   Wheel."
G. D. BRYMNER, .Manager.
Transfer Co,
tvfflce 'Pbone 115.     Barn Tbou.   137
Columbia Strset-
Baggage   delivered    promptly    ;o
any part of tiie city
"To The
1 1*   >>
General Public
Games, Birchen, hen ���i, Wm. Stonehouse.
Games, Indian, cock I, Royal City
Poultry Yards; 2. Henry Bigg, N< /
Games,   Indi in,  cockerel��� l,
City Poultrj  Yards,
i lamei.   Indian,   hen���1,    2
Royal < Ity  Poultry Yards.
Games,   Indian,   pullet     I,   2
Royal ( Ity  Poultry  Yards.
��� James, Indian, bre< ding pen
2, Royal City Poultry yards.
n I
Leghorns, s
I. I-:. A. on
Yards. __|
Leghorns,   K.  C.   W.,  cock    l.
Walker;  _, ,\. Will, . Bur |ultlam.
Leghorns, If. ��'. W , cockerel    I.
Walker;  2 ami ::, N.  Wills.
Leghorns,   '.(.  ('.   VV.,   len    I.
Walker;  2. W, Walker;  ::, N, Wil
Legh uns,   K.  ('.  W.,   pullel     I.
: Walker.
Leghorns, it. ('
I. W. Walkei .  2,
Leghorns,   buff
I ley;  2. Clatence
I have Mie best potatoes grown in
li. ('. at cheaper rates per sack^or by
the ton. delivered anywhere in the
city Iin,iis of New Westminster free
of charge.
Satisfaction guaranteed. Give your
order now mid gel delivery same day.
Don't forget the address.
stag���1,    Wm.   Stone-
hen���1,   Win
LightMdHea^Hauling     HATT   COOK
Gardiner & Gardiner
(F. O. Gardiner)
Room 6, Westminster  Trust Building
New Westminster, B. C.
Phone 661 Residence  Phone  133
The   Potato   Merchant  and  Auctionec".
527   Front  St.,   New   Westn-inster.
Phone 550.
Westminster Private Hospital.
223 Townsend tt. Maternity
and non-contagious medical
cases accepted. Terms from
$15 weekly. For further particulars apply to Hospital. Telephone 755.
Gold Watcies for Ladks from 112-/5
Silver Watches, gents' open face
Silver Watches, gents' open case,
17.50 up.
Agent tor Waltham and fcigin
Watch repairing a specialty.
(Two Door* from Geo. Adams' Grocery
Z-:.   to  2T>  H.   P.
2 and 4 Cycle.
Local  Agents
Westminster Iron Works
Phone   53.
Tenth   St.,   New   Westminster
And   Upriver   Landings
__ The  New Sternwheeier
=5=    | s. s. paystreak"|
UDlfl: Le��t��a Brackman-Ker Milling Com
pany's Wharf. New Westminster, with
e passengers and freight as follow. :
Leavea New Westminster Tuesday
Thursday and Saturday at S a. m.
Leavea Chilliwack   Wednesday. Friday and Sunday at 7 a. m.
Flrtt Class Passenger Accommodation
New  Westminster.
Port Mann
Ten acres in section 21, rantrc
2. at (1000; one-quarter cnsh.
Twenty acies in seclon lie,
ran^e '.', at .1000; one-quarter
For subdivision, these a:e
money makers.
City Property
First class lots on Seventh
avenue, sins le or double, well
situated, 66x132. This is a good
Good building lots on Eighth
avenue, near Second street. Enquire about this; there is money
to be made.
We have a number of choice
houses for sale from (1500, for
(260 cash, balance easy, to (12,-
National Finance Co.
H. P. LATHAM, Local Manager.
New   Westminster,   B.   C.
The    Pacific    Coast    Fire    In
surance Co.
The     Prudential      Investment
The B.C. Permanent Loan Cc      '
lil     ();: ���:���.!���. .
hi ise
I'ii    (lames
Bantams, games, B
Baunham and James;
::. A. I-:. Marshall.
Bantams,   garni i,  brqwn
I and i. Rolston Bros.
Bantams, gan ei. red  pyle,
Bauham   and   James;   2,   Wm.
house;   '���:.  Rolston  I ros.
Bantams,  <l.  S< bt Ight,  palr-
2. F. Ades, Ce lar Cotl a| e.
Bantams,   cochin,   buff,   pail
v...' er; 2. Wm. Stonehouse.
Bantams,    cochin,    white,
B nl; m.i and .'an.' a
Bantams, cochin, black, palr-
ston Bros.
I-1 Izzlett, pair���1
(',( ese.   ToulOUSl
.1. Chesterfield.
Geese, Toulouse
,1. Chesterfield.
Ducks,     Aylesbur;
prise  Poultry  Yards
I licks,   Aylesbury
prise Poutrj   Yards.
si me-
<;. Ri utley;
Lc| horns
shall; 2. c.
Leg! lies
. VV., breeding
X. Wilt-..
,    COCK      I.    G.
buff,  cockerel    I   n
::. A. I-:   Marshall,
bulf, !>"u    i, a.  i-:.
Routley;  3, Cl  ri net
f ROM 100 TO 140 POUNDS.
i e
Wonderful Praise Accorded
Perunathe Household Remedy
Goertz,  Orlonta,  Okla-
ml   2
��� Fro
horns, buff, I.: ee ling pen��� l, (l. j
and 2,
'.   male
R.,  pair-
pair��� 1,
l   and
I,   VV.
pah    i,
I.  Ifo'-
Mrs.   B.
S. C I!., cock    I, N. Wills
K. C.  I'.., i ockerel    I.  .V.
i Wilh,;  2, Robert   Win Hup.
Leghorns,   S.  C.   B.,   In n    1.   A.   E.
Marshall; 2, A. E. Marshall.
Leghorns, S. ;'. I'... pullet    I. E, W.
I Money,   Burquitlam;   2   ��� ml   :;,   A.   E,
Mat  hull.
Leghorns, s. C. B., breeding
Mrs. Maria
lioin.i, writes:
"My husband, children and myself
have used your mediclnos, and wa always keep them Iii the houso in cose <>f
necessity.   I was restored to health t��y
tbis  medicine, and   lir. Hrirt.maii'H  In-
valuablo advice and books. People ask
about, mo from different places, and aro
surprised that. I can (lo all of my house-
work alone, and that I was cured by the
doctor of chronic catarrh. My h US band
was cured of inllmia, my daughter of
earache nnd catarrh of the stomach, and
my son of catarrh of tbe throat. When
I waa sick I weighed 100 potindl; now I
V/ei i^b 110.
"I have regained my health again, and
I cannot thank you enough for your
advice, May (led kIvo you a long Ufa
ind bless your work."
i en
(Continued on  Page Six )
female���1,  Mrs.  E,
male���1,    Sur-
female���1,   Sur-
Thls is  lo cei lily
ond    hoi so   [USUI e I
Empire  Insurance
. Vancom er.    I!    ('.,
Hi ltish Amor lean Live Stock Assocla
tlon, Ltd., and have this dale rei oh
r I through A. W. McLeod, tin Ir local
represent dr.o,  settlement   in  full.
Per. i:. Bo I
Dated ai  N'ew Westminister, It. C,
this Gth day of October, 1910,
Room   6.  Guichon Building.
Phone  681
Painters, Paperhangers
and Decorators.
Estimates Given.
214 Sixth Street. Phone 567.
NEW WESTMINSTER        : 8. C.
All   Kinds   of   Automobile
Repairs Promtply  Executed.
Carnarvon   and   Sixth   St..   N'ew
Westminster H. ('., Phone :'.."t.
JOHN   0O3SON,   Manager.
Estimates   Given   on   Any   Kind
of   Job    Printing
Thomson   Bi*. Phone   383
Plymouth Kecks, barred, cock���1
and 2, Surprise Poultry Yards; 2, A.
E, Marshall, Yale road, South West-
Plymouth Rocks, barred cockerel���
1, .1. A. Smith. Cloverdale; 2. Robert
Wlndtrip; 1!, George Simpler, care
Hudson Pay, Vancouver.
Plymouth Rocks, barred) hen���1,
Surpilse Poultry Yards; 2, Royal City
Poultry Yards, city; 3, Surprise Poultry \ ards.
Plymouth Rocks, barred, pullet���1,
A. Smith; 2 and ',',, John Humble, Central Park.
Plymouth   Rocks,   barred,  breeding I
pen���1,   Surprise   Poultry   Yard,   '_'.  .1.
A. Smith.
Plymouth Rocks, bufi. cock���1. A.
A. Menzles k Son. Pender Island; 2
and :;, Surprise Poultry Yards.
Plymouth Rocks, huff, cockerel���1,
.1. Hogarth, Burquitlam; 2. A. II. Menzles. U Son;  :;, Surprise Poultry Yards.
Plymouth Rocks, buff, hen���1. Sur-
prise Poultry Yards; ., Surprise Poultry  Yards.    ',,  A    li.  Menzles.
Plymouth Rocks, buff, pullet���1 .1.
Hogarth; _'. a. H. Menzie; 3, James
Hogai th.
Plymouth Rocks, buff, breeding���1,
James   Hogarth;   2.  Surprise   Poutry
',  .:  'S.
Plymouth Reeks, white, cock���1.
Surprise Poultrj   Yards.
Plymouth   Rocks,  white,  cockerel���
1, U:. Walker.
Plymouth   Rocks,  white,  ben���1  and
2. W.   Walker;   '���',.    Surprise    Poultry
Plymouth Rocks, white, hen���-1, Sur-
[a ise   Poultry   \ .ids,   2,  W.   Walker.
Plymouth flacks, white breeding
pen���1, W. Walker; 2, Surprise Poultry Yards.
Wyandottes,  silver,   hen���1.   2   and
1. .1. A. Smith. Cloverdale.
Wyandottes. silver, pullet���1  and  2.
.}. A. Smith.
Wyandottes, pollen, cock���l. Royal
City  Poultry  Yards.
Wyandottes. gfilden. cockerel���1,
Royal   City   Poultry   Yards.
Wyandottes, golden, hen���1 and 2.
Royal   City   Poultry  Yards.
Wyandottes.   golden,   pullet.���1   and
2. Royal  City Poultry Yards.
Wyandottes,   golden,   breeding   pen
���1.  Royal  City  Poultry  Yards.
Wyandottes, white, cock���1 and 2.
Surprise Poultry Yards, .1, Thomas
Corbett, c.ity(.
Wyandottes. white, cockerel���1  and
,2.   Surprise    Poultry    Yards;    2,    W.
Wyandottes, white, hen���1, 2 and :-..
Surprise Poultry Yards.
Wyandottes. white, pullet���1 and 2,
W   Walker,  .1. Surprise Poultry Yards.
W>anlorfes,   white,   breeding   pen���
1. Surprise Poultry Yards;  2. W. Walker
huff,   cock���1.    A.    Ft.
T. Corhett.
buff,   cockerel���1,   A.
District   of   New   Westminster.
TAKE notice that, I, William Robert Dick, of Vancouver, B. ('.; occupation real estate dealer, intends to
apply for permission lo purchase tbe
following described lands:
post    planted
Commencing    at      	
about twenty chains north from the
southwest coiner of Timber Lease
38769, Texada Island, tlience west
eighty chains, thence south eighty
chains, thence east eighty chains,
thence north eighty chains to point of
commencement, containing 640 acres
mote or less.
Vancouver,    B,    <".,    September    <;,
The Municipal Council of the Clly or '
New   Wi   l minster  leu lni'   bj   rei olu-
lion determined and Bpeclfled thai   II
that we lost a sec-1'8 desirable to carry out ihe following
with   the   British ���'���'"���������>������ "ml is to say:
Company   Ltd    of      '" ""l!'Jl'1''1 cement concrete side
:.,,,.,,.    .',,,,   to   the Iwa"*8>    let,lining    walls,    bouloi	
storm sewers, paved roadway and
streel lights on Columbia Btreet, from '
the casi line of Kouith street to the
west line of Leopold I lace, and Unit
said works Bhall be carried out In nc-
Icordanco with the provisions of the
"Local improvement General Bylaw
, 1909."
I    And thr- Clly Knglneer arid City An-'
 sessor having reported to the Council
LAND DIS-''" accordance with the provisions of
the said bylaw upon Ibe said works,
j giving statements, showing the
amounts estimated to be chargeable
against, the various portions of real
property to be benefitted by the said
works and other particulars and the
sail reports of the said City Knglneer i
and City Assessor having been adopt-1
ed by the Council.
Notice   is   hereby   given   that    the
said reports nre open for Inspection at
the office of  the  City  Assessor,  City
Hall, Columbia Btreet.  New  Westminster.   It.  ('.,  and   that   unless   a   petition against the proposed woi ks above
mentioned,   signed   by   a   majority   of
the the owners of the land or real property to be assessed or charged In re-1
spect  of  such   works   representing  at I
least one-half in value thereof is presented   to  the  Council   wthlri    fifteen
days from the date of the first public-1
ation  of  this  notice,  the Council  will
proceed   with  tbe  proposed   Improvements  under  such  terms  and   condi
j tions as to the payment of the cost of
such   Improvements    as   the    Council
may by bylaw in that  behalf regulate]
and  determine and also    to tr.a'.:e the
said assessment.
bated tbis 27th  day '������   September,
A. I)., 11)10. W. A. DCNCAN.
City  Clerk.
Hate of flrst publication, September
29, 1910.
16, K,, 11
i. block 2
district of
He lots  10,  11,  12.  12,  14,
nnd 18, block 42 of section
North range 7. west In the
New Westminster.
WHEREAS proof of the loss of certificate of title number 3379F, Issued
in the name of Sarah Mii.ie bas been
filed  in  this office.
I shall, at the expiration of one month
from the date of the first publication
bei eof, i.n a daily newspaper published In the city of New Westminster, is
sue a duplicate of the said certificate,
unless In the meantime valid objection be made to me in writing.
District  Registrar of Titles.
Land Registry Office, New Westminster.  B, (.'.. September  27.  1010.
Inl li',. block :.'. of lot 201, group !.
town o' Port Me idy, Vm ra) i v*
dition, in ihe dlstrli I ol Net* Worn
ll   ill' let.
Whereas proof of ihe loss ot cert!
IIcate or title number 1700 \. Issued i?
ihe name ol .lohn Slewarl and James
1 a h, lias been filed lu thla office
Notlcd 11 hereby gP en thai I shall,
al    lhe   e\|iirnl| ill   ol'   mie   month   from
ihe dale of the tii_t publication hen
iii a dail-.  nowspuper published in thf
city   of   \ew   Westminster,   Issue
duplicate of the said i ertlflcate cn ������ <
in >' .- c e mtlme valid   objection   be
male Ii) iri' iii  writing
c  H   KEITH,
Distrlcl Registrar or Tttlea
Land Registry Office,
N'ew Wesl a Inster, B.C . 'let   7, ivuv
The Municipal Council or lhe Cor
poratlon ol lhe City of New Westmis
ater having by resolution deter anee;
and specified thai  II  i i desirable   i��
eai rv nn the following work;-., thai ii
to say:
To construcl cement concrete side
walks, Boulevards, curbs, storm
. e.',." :, i etalnlng walls ami pave!
roadways on Second street traa
Royal a\ eii'ie I,, ;;)��� | h ;,, Bnufl
To const ruct cem< nt concrete    ids
walks on   Alexander    street,    Begbte
Btreet, Lorne street, McKenzie Btrest,
Sixth street ami Clarkson street.
To construe! cement concrete side
walks on  Henley street  houi Ki.iitk
avenue  to   London   street,
And   thai   the   said   works  shall   b*
carried oui in accordance with th*
provisions of the "Local Improvtfmaal
General Hylaw, 1909."
And   the  city   engineer  and   city   ��>
set'.;,nr having reported to the council
iii accordance with the provisions ��>f
the said by-law upon ihe said work*
giving estimates t-l kin. .
giving statements showing the
amounts estimated to be cbargeablv
against the various portions of r��at
property to be benefitted by the p.airt
works and other particulars, anl the
said reports of the laid clty enginp*t
and city assessor having been adopted by the council.
Notice Is hereby given that thfl said
peportl ate open for inspection ut tN��
office of tlie city assessor, city half.
Columbia streel, New Westminster, B.
C, and thai unless a petition against
tlie proposed works above mentioned
Signed by a majority of the owner* of
tbe land or real property to be assessed   or   Charged   In     respect     of    sur*
works, representing al  least one-half
in value thereof is presented toMhe
council within fifteen days from the
date of the fust publication of this
notice the council will proceed wit\��
the proposed Improvement! taim
such terms and conditions as tn the
payment of the cost of such Improve-
i; ents as the council may bv hylaw
In that behalf regulate and determine
and also to make the sal 1 BSSeSSflWaN
Dated this 29th day of S��pt��mtar.
Alt   1910. VV.  A.   Df'NC.AN'.
City Clttr*,
Date   of   first   publication   fhe   ?,0��>
day of September, '910.
Bids will be asked up to Monday
evening. October 10, for the excavating for new Bank of Commerce building. New Westminster. For information apply to manager. Rank of Commerce, or W H Cawston, Win Ison
Hotel. N'ew Westminster.
. RyalVs Drug Store \
* a\*,a,a.***^aa***m^t*.***a%a**a*ay��**a. ***************************
bll,I,     r   ���������*���
���1,  T.   Cor-
"Prince Rupert" and "Prince George"
Largest���Surest.���Swiftest 3500 fans. 320 feet Ions-, li.^ knots.
Lea e Vancouver iJohnston.Wharf) (or PRINCE RUPERT m.'lo p.
in. Monday and Friday. Ciote connection* at. Prince Rupert by S.
t. "PRINCE ALBERT" to Stewart on arrival of S. S. "PRINCE
"PRINCE  ALBERT"  also  leaves   Prince  Rupert   for   MaS'-et  10:00  p.
m. Monday and for Queen Charlotte,   City   and   Island    Porta    10:i)u
p. m. Thursday.
For VICTORIA and SEATTLE _:00  p.  m.  Wednesday  anl  Saturday.
Solid wide vestibule trains of coaches and sleeping cars between
Chicago. Detroit. London, Hamilton, Niagara Falls, New York, Tor-
ento. Montreal. Portland. Boston, etc. Longest douoie track railway
Under  one  management  on   the American  continent.
For rates   time tables, booklets and full information, passenger or
freight, apply to
City Passenger and Tlcltet. Agent Commercial  Aae"��.
Telephone 7100.     S27 Granville Steer, Vancouver.       Telephone 300).
��� 1,   A.
Wintemute. 2.
V. tnd ,ttes.
r. v. tntemote.
bett;  2, A. R.
Wyandottes    huff,   breeding
and  2.  A.  R.  Wintemute.
l.a-neshans,    black,   <-.oc.������!,
City  Poultr.,   Yards.
l.amrshans.     hlack.     cockerel   ���   1.
Rovai   City  Poultry  Yards.
Lanashans.  black,  hen���1,  2 and   ".,
Royal City  Poultry Yards.
,     l.angshans,  hlack,  pullet���1,  2   and
:';.   Royal   City   Poultry   Yards.
l.angshans.   hlack.   breeding  pen���1
and 2. Royal City  Poultry Yards.
l.angslians,    white,   pullet.���1.   Rolston  Bros.
Leshonns,  G.  C.   P..,  cock���1,   A.   K.
i Marshall
Leghorns, O. C. B . mrlcerei���:
ton and Mnnd, Summerland.
Leghorns.   O.  C.   B.,  hen���3,
; Marshall.
I.e-.horns. R. C. R., pullet���I,
111, G.   Routley,  Vancouver.
Leghorns, S. C. W., cock���1
I prise Poultry Yards; 2, K. A
j Chilliwack-.   3.  A.  K.   Marshall.
Leghorns.   S.   C.    W.,    cockerel���I,
i Surprise   Poultry   Yards:   2.   P.   Ades,
i Cedar Cottage; 3. R. A. Orr.
i    Le. horns.  P. C. W..  hen���1,  E.
Orr;   2. Surprise Poultry Yards;  3,
Pearson, Sapperton.
I    Leghorns, S. C. W��� pullet���1, E'.
Orr;  2, Surprise Poultry Yards;  ?.,
A, Orr.
The Smart Styles for Fall Wear
both in Soft and Stiff Hats are
to be found in our
John B. Stetson
A, L Mallory
If it is a question of quality, of value for the money, then one of these
Hats is the logical purchase. If style, fit, appearance, workmanship and finish
count with you, then your new Hat will surely be a Stetson or Mallory's
Waterproof Hat, ancl Remember every hat is fully guaranteed.
Prices $4.00, $4.50 and $5.00
E��� 11   We are agents for the Kenmore Celebrated English Hat.    $3, $3.50 and $4
REID   &
ft 601 Columbia St.
Store of Satisfaction
. v-"
���     :��� SM
i      ���
The DaiSy Mews
Published by Tfie Dally .News Publish-
Ja. Company, Limited, at their offices
Corner   of    McKenzie   and    Victoria
E, A.  Paige Managing   Director
������������WK JPUfliMgJ   *MKi-MLl*Mm���E&lfit*i**II^ agKSB3��BgMBa8gBBMMBM____n___M^ffi��^B
We Furnish Your
Home   Com flte
Tlie strong and determine 1 movement made by the businessmen of
Vancouver in the direction of securing fair treatment al the hand?; of the
transportation companies in regard to
freight rates, by the formation of n
transportation bureau i;i connection
with their board of trade, is not made
any too soon. The question of carrying charges is of the greatest impi rt-
anee to tho ports and industrial centers on the Pacific coast, and Indeed ;
in the entire province of British C
lumbia. Al present tlie rates charged jl
by  the  railway  companies are  of   a
discriminatory character and th I
��f transmission from this coast to
eastward points is most unfairly higher than from the east to this coast.
As an Instance of this   discriminatory treatment, if a New Westmhiste
manufacturer or  merchant  desires to
whip jams in pails to Ashcroft, a distance of just over two hundred miles.
ihe rate is 94 cents, but  a  Montreal
merchant   could   ship  this  article  to
Cobden,   Ontario,   the   same   distance.
ior only 36 cents. Thus the Xew Wes-t
minster  man   Is   penalized  to  the extent    of    nearly     two-thirds    excess.
Again,  to  take  as  an  example,   wire
nai!.:     The   freight   for   these   goods
from  Montreal  to  Fernie,  2316  miles.
would   be   a   dollar   and    twenty-one
cents, but from here to Fernie. which
is oni/ 761  miles, the cost  woul 1 be
34   cents.     Almost   every   article   of
merchandise will show the same ratio
of discrimination in favor of the east.
ln   fact   the   rates   generally   average
50  per  cent   higher  from   this   coast
eastward than westward from Montreal  and  eastern   points.    Perhaps  the
dil ection in which this discrimination
shows most unfairly  is in respect to
wheat   and   flour,    the    latter    being
brought   to   this   coast   from   eastern
mills  at  a  specially  low   rate,  whilst
quite a heavy charge Is Imposed upon   flour  shipped   out  of   British   Columbia.    This is penalizing the mills
of this province to a very serious extent.
The excuse given by the railway
companies for these higher rates is
the greater cost of transportation over
the mountains. But even if the cost
of hauling a train over the mountain
section is higher, the company, as a
common carrier, haa i�� right to Impose this wholly upon the peoph on
ene fide ot" the mountains. Because
they do this it is evident that the discrimination is for an altogether different purpose. Passenger rates are
dealt with in much the same way.
and throughout this province they are
aome 30 per cent higher than in any
attier part of the Dominion. Special
rates with attendant privileges are.
however granted to commercial travellers coming hither from the east.
"Mr. Stone, chairman of the Transportation committee of the Vancouver
Board of Trade, has estimated this
discrimination in passenger rates to
mean a loss of eighty thousand dollars
rer annum to British Columbia merchants an 1 warehousemen.
Unless this policy of dlscrimlnati i
r :: I e put to an er. I I tl .. commerce
. i:!  Industries  of  this      tst   cam   t
ad ex|   nd   is thej   -'
rhen       ��� ...      n the
eastern provinces should bi ��� '
ipecl mages in this
nee i N'ew w.   ��� ��� Inster
i greal    odus-
pansion ii      ��� Hate fu-
s  .        ting   ���    eajoj   no
PHONE   73.       716-718  COLUMBIA   ST.,   NEW  WESTMINSTER.
i-mj i r^r i rr jejjc*
During   Exhibition  Week  This Store Will Be Open Every Day from 8 a.m. tto 6 p.m.    8aturda     '
10 p. ii. I,m'
Saturday Snaps
Dairy and Poultry Farm
Nearly 15 acres are in cultivation, good house
and necessary buildings and stock, well fenced and
cleared.   $10,000, easy terms.
Apply S. S.       P. O. Box 29
Careful Shoppers
New  Paisley   Silks,   50cts.   Per    Yard
We Bhould have received this lol three weeks aeo   bui      ��� . i    >v ���     i
������   m i rror, and .���..-������
tw ' aa>'8 aS0    Fi      different colored backgrounds  will   ,  ett)  ;    sle.   de Ign*     I��� .7 |nch. '
popular for trimmings, waists, etc    Special, pei  yard
Hector McCaig, Manager
Friday Evening, Oct.   14
sssss***.ms,M*****m        0Tl
25c  PER  YARD.
White, creani, pale blue, navy,
brown, tan hello, cardinal,
gn en, electric, < !jampagne, pink
and ruse are the shades In this
snap. Almost six Inches wide.
Very special, ier yard .
Shot Ribbon
35c  PER  YARD.
\ -   I ei Hon ol pretl blned
i oloi a    in    Bhol    eltecl '". i
ea ��Ide, fine quail I ':��� ta
i Inl) a limited q lanl 11 ol this.
Per yard
Taffetta Ribb
15c  PER  YARD.
������ ' ���   Boo I value In n ;
:" -:  "-' :"    wide, in ;, ran
"'���"���-~    thai     Includes
every imaginable sli tde Si
;���    yard
The sensation of the Xew   York season.    Direct from one year's run
at  the Lyric Theatre, Ueve York���An exceptional fine cast of players
PRICES,  $1.50, $1  AND  75c  AND  50c.
Seat   Sale  at   McKenzies'   Pha macy, Oct.  11,
Special   in    Neckwear  and Belts,  2St
A clean up of all odd collars, jabots anl belts, leather, silk and fancy  belts
mi.ieu, of muslin, silk and lawn collars,   lie. ..lar prices ran... rrom
'"' to $1.50    Clea
(dingiy varl
ring, r ii |j 25:
Strong Hosiery Values
Travellers' samples���that is tbe reason you set
an opport inlty like this, Including worsted and
heavy ribbed cashmere hose in black and tan,
seamless f'et. some with double knees; all
ladies'     sizes.    Special, per pair ..   . ...50c
slight measure of the increased com-
mercial activity which will result
from the opening of the Panama
canal But she will be seriously
hampered unless she is fairly treated
in this matter of freight rates.
The Vancouver Transportation
bureau has male provision for the
admission of members of other boards
cf trade and we hope the New Westminster board will take advantage of
this opportunity.
One  of  the   most  excellent   publicity   publications   we   have   seen   hails
f:om  the  city  of   Saskatoon,  and   Is
��� (���:;���    aptly     styled      Saskatoon'.ets."
Whilst conveniently small In size the
cements of this booklet are so crisp
::. i baracter and so concisely arrang-
��� '.   ::.a-   one   gathers,  almost   at   a
. tbe whole Btory of the wonder-
pi  -��� ��� 9s  and   ; osj eritj    i I   I be
������  ��� and  Its  poiBlbllitli -  for
: .���-::      ���   i    ; meat.    We i ann ���  help
....... ��� ���   i -.. .      at thl     .'.���'���
ems   :abl< ���   e'meni-.
��� :ui:enl   d< Jlre   '' it   '������ w
'��� --   .-   ter   might   turn   to   and   do
��� In six short  yean      >    an    told,
Saskatoon's population has grown
from the modest figure of cne hundred
and thirteen to fourteen thousand,
and the boast is made, not perhaps
without Justice, that '.in city in the
entire Hritish empire can show anything like Saskatoon's extraordinary
record  of  progress."
This booklet which Just come into
our hands Is designed as a bid for
more inlustrial establishments and
wholesale houses, and in support of
this invitation we are informed, inter
alia, that Saskatoon has already over
one hundred wholesale houses; forty-
five thousand square miles of distributing territory, embracing upwards of
one hundred and seventy-five thriving towns and villages; a well awakened industrial life, sixteen daily passenger trains and three trunk railways; a magnificent and swift river of
purest water; nine and three-quarter
mill of i :; -re'.? sidewalks; a pi 0V>
In lai '.-.- Blty, an agricultural colli ; farm; Ove splendid mi lorn
: ur   city    parks;    thlrti en
ml p I   rmonic, a .Ira:..,.Mr. and
in amateur <>; i ratlc bo< letj
::<m \V�� jtminstei ha ��� ;.': the advan-
. -  that are < lalmed for S is tal i
an :     ore.    Let  her i eople  eet  busy
and see tl tl -: ������ goes forwa d
Turkish Towels
About 100 pairs in all���perhaps more���bought
from one of our travellers. Some are a little
soiled, but the   low   price   makes up for that.
White and colore! towels are here    From,    pei
pair   ^^^B
New Hair Goods
'��� '   ��� ::;" :   -*'������ hes, i iris   rolls    ,���
*lde 8electl :; ot 'hades    Call and |n���
rtowlat.   Switches at popular prices  Hal.
not   exchanged nn any account
Sample Linens
] '���"���������   1,nen�� ���'���'��� tray cloths, runners  ti i
etc. Damask, drawn work and embroider. I
signs     Soiled  a  li',;,.. but  thej   will  wa
; -''���'������     Tn some of thi se thej
are a sua;
A Trip
To Europe ?
If so, you will want the very best
that can be offered for your money,
and It does not matter what class of
cabin Is desired.
will fill your wants. First, Second and
Third Cabin accommodation Is unexcelled whilst the Dining Service leaves
nothing to be desired.
The .Next Sailings are
Royal George  Sept. 29
Royal Edward Oct. 13
Royal  George    Oct. 27
Royal   Edward    Nov.  10
E .Goulet, agent C. P. It., will book
your passage \ia these steamers, or
write Wm. Stapleton, general agent
Scott block, Winnipeg, Man.
All rubbish and garbage must bi
removed to the foot of Sixteenth
street and Fifth avenue, where it will
be burned by the corporal lan.
Any pers...n or persons who dump
garbage or rubbish of any kind nn
any other stieet or avenue or on any
lane, vacant lot or public property
will be prosecuted under the provisions of the Sanitary Hylaw.
By Order, S. J.  PEARCE,
Sanitary Inspector
City Hall, June 13. 1910.
Westminster Woodworking Co.
J.  BROOKES,  Proprietor
WORKS���Corner  Eleventh  and  Cerllne. PHONE 471
***************++++++ ********* ***********************
J     Y,,-!T.:,Mi' ?"! r"''1' "f V"' * is nor *'*������"* ^U proper satl
��� .,:.'   '��� ..  !i;',! " '" the '"'' '   "hop. but. while II Isnmnlm
��� 'p ,'."  ,  .7   ,Th�� rea��>n for dissatisfaction is that  tbe
��� .'.".   ....I'* '" "!'LI";   ��"=M'able Or doing good  work or '���
I    KifX Siija?' ��r' ta ����� Probability, be i. gifted wi,
fi    Wttff��!lnVtK!! f"":,na,e '" M0Urtng tbe services of a first
I I m  ,    ,  "     lS ,,!'kCn I****  ":   '""'   ��atch   repair   work      \ n����
f    a ci m i ! repaii li properly, and, ^^^^^     ^^
f     run, but keep accurate time
as a consequence, it will   d<
Agents for Howard, Ball and Longtne Watches.
Chamberlin's ^^
Good lot. 13th street cn the hill, all
cleared and in frail trees, ready to
build��� .600.1 I ine I I il and
the balance to arm
House and  Lot on  *3th street in rear
of Orphanage, bigl   and di
gain only $1400���J7 ���'     i
anee on easy terms.
Large lot cleared and in fruit on 13th
street with a comfortable new
house of -I rooms, for (1600; only
$600 cash   will give  you.posessiop
and  the   balance  arranged   to   Bult
you. a 4". i
White, Shiles & Co.
Fire Insurance Specialists
Choice 1st with new cottige partly
finished, cn the best street in the
West Bn I -^JlBOO. Terms can be
Lcok up this snap in Sapperton���132
feet square all cleared and In fruit
trees: 2 dwelling houses rented at
present Price for this tine property only J3000���$1000 will se ire
t and the balance In easy payments. (166)
We   h.iv.   ro-ne  splendid  building  let!
in  tbe  West  End at  |500 on    ���
easj  terms.    Watch tbe West End
for sui pi ise..
Choice Residential Site Eighth street,
' icing    Moody   Square,   all   clea   ���'���
'" i graded, ready to build on, no
finer \iew point in the city. See w
for special price on this 1103)
The choicest residential corner in the
City, all ready lo build on, in beal
locality���$1660���terms   can   be ftt'
ranged. fTii SATURDAY, OCTOBER 8,  1910.
Nationals Will Assist Vancouver in Trying to Humble Locals on Own Field.
Salmon    Bellies    and    Shamrocks,    of
Vancouver, to Clash in Horjo Show
Building   on   OctoSje;-    18.
j misspent, as long as good value is re   ���MiwaMni
| ceh ed.
I would thank i he Dominion government and the officers of i he Indian
and fl il ei les department, who have
done everything in their power to
inn e this exhibition a means of education and advancemenl In bringing
aboul the besl mei hods i. make us a
widely prosperous province.
The mayor and city council and iis
various  officers, especially   Mr.   Bow-
i ler and Mr, Furness, M
inager Keary,
The lacrosse  match  scheduled    for
this afternoon  between tho  Wustmin- j
ster learn and    a  mlxoil    aggregation
representing  Vancouver and the    Nationals, with I'M. majority overwhelm-J
ingly in favor of Vancouver, and which '
see.r.ed in danger of heing cancelled
yesterday on  account   of a difference
of opinion as to who should  referee,
will take place all right, arrangements
having    heen     arrived     at     whereby
Messrs. While ami Knsak, of Victoria,
will be In charge of the affair.
The first Intention had I.ecu to have
the two aggregation;, on thc combination team evenly represented, but after those two seven to lour games In
favor of the Vancouvers this week,
Con Jones decided that there was only
three men on thc Nationals who coul I
strengthen his twelve, and so Gauthler, Clement  and  Laviolette will  be
Somi I hlhg new In lacro n e i Lo be
: i en i.i Vancouver on (ictol < r 18,
��lien an Indoor match is to be pluyed
in the Horse Show arena between
the Westminster team and the playing
members of the Shamrock lacrosi e
club. This will be the flrsl time the
national game has been played on the
coasl in:.ide a building, but If the attraction proves successful it li likely
to be the forerunner of man.', others,
li is not likely the players will I e
able to produce such a classy brand
of lacrosse as would be possible In
ihe oj en and ihe opposition of ihe
Westminster team to the Shamrocks
lis an assurance thai the game will be
one sl li .1. At the i ame time, as this
Is to be the Rn t clash between I he e
two aggregations, It is sure to draw
quite a number of the fan
whose wide experienre eminently His
hiia for hli position, I be board of control, the members of the executive
ami i he different i ommittees, who
liu\e bei n ia..;rumentel in getting up
and placing Lhe distrlcl exhibits, the
members of parliament, the Sons of
Scotland, tlie citizens of our sister
cities���Vancouver, Victoria and Nanaimo, ear -, i. Itoi s generally, the trans-
poi tatlon companies, es] eclally tbe B.
C. Eli cliIc iallway, who, in addition
to a large subscription, bave given
us powei and equipment, that cannol
be bought, with money, ami ls easily
worth to our society $5000, and the
various musical organizations, who
ha-,e i onti Ibuted io the entertainment
of our visitors, are entitled
The press, without   which    nothing
can be successful, especially would wu
to witness I mention  our local  papers and    their
(staffs, and last, but    not    least,    tjhe
have   a i
ire also
the novel struggle. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
The  match   la   to   be   the   feature 1 ladles and gentlemen    who
evenl   of a   benefl!   smoker   for   the kindly acted as our judges,
shamrocks,  the   other   items  on   the deserving of appreciation,
the only Frenchmen opposing the Sal- program   consisting of     boxing   and      We are at a loss to
wrestling bouts In which the Reftery
brothers, "Fighting Tom" Burke, Kid
Malcolm, Peter Buzukos, Hume Duval,
Chester Mclntyre and oilier well-
known mitt and mat eelebretles wlll
lake pan.
mon Bellies ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
The match should be a good drawing card, even if the result Is a foregone conclusion. Tommy Gifford is
sari to inten.! teal ing I he | ul from
his stick alter today's game and using the wooil as a crutch to hobble
along with now that old age is creeping upon him, but as this story of
Tom's retirement is almost as old as
the player himself, the fans will not
commence shedding tears of sorrow
until they see the veteran's uniform
torn Into ribbons and sold as
The teams will be scattered on the
field in this order:
Chirk   IV)
.Griffiths i Vi
Cover Point.
T. Gifford   Howard  (V)
Fiist   Defence.
D.Marshall  Clement (N)
Second Defence.
J. Gifford  Pickering (V)
Third   Defence.
C Rennle     Godfrey  (V)
C. Spring  West  i VI
Third Home.
W. Turnbull   Hennessey iVi
Second  Home.
Wintemute Gauthier (N)
First   Home.
Feeney Adamson | \'i
Outside  Home.
L. Turnbull    Laviolette i N)
Inside   Home.
G. Spring   Allen  i Vi
Sappeiton  Juniors  Defeated  7  to 6  by
Fairview   Boys.
At tbe exhibition grounds yesterday
afternoon the boys from Fairview,
Vancouver, played a lacrosse match
with the Sapperton Juveniles, of this
city. The visitors won by a score of
seven to six, leading all the way. Tim
Mahoney was referee.
Tbe following are the teams, which
played eleven men a side:
Fairview���Wood, Painter, Gray, El-
llot, Woodward, Hume, McPhee, Ross,
McKee. Paul and Foley.
Sapperton���Chambers,   Hrown,   Nil-
son,  McKenzie,  11.  Johnson,  B. John
son, Follls, Chambers, Cameron
and .Mitchell.
express our appreciation to those ladies and gentlemen who so faithfully and efficiently
do their part, ami we trust that the
decisions given may in all cases prove'
to  have  been  justly  awarded.
As your president,  I  wish  to  thank
every member itnd officer of the R. A.
&  I. society, and all who bave in any
' wa.v helped to make this exhibition a
siici ess, that lt undoubtedly is.
And in retiring from tlie honorable
position   that   it   has   been   my  privilege  to occupy  for  so  many  years  1
; wisti to say that it will be my privilege to assist my successor in any way
I can by my past experience.   A num-
j ber of us have tried to keep the R. A.
j Ai  I. society on the top, and raise the
standard  year  by  year,  and   we  must
still keep up the reputation of our city
and district.
We greatly appreciate the patronage
of the citizens of  Vancouver, but we
think  tliey  will  be  wisely  advised if I
| they will cut out the agricultural part -
Huff of their fall carnival.   Vancouver Can
! run  an excellent  horse  show,  a  first |
class dog or poultry show, a carnival
or industrial  fair,  but In  my opinion
| they may succeed with an agricultural
Honolulu Pine
Yakima Peaches
Blue Plums
Also try our SWEET POTATOES and nice ripe
TODAY   show, when they have made a Ruccess
  'of their public market, and that takes
Following   Is  the  team   which     will ' years of concentrated effort,
represent Westminster in the Rovers-j     New     Westminster's    market     was
Celtic   football   match   at   Recreation j built up from the ground floor by a
park, Vancouver, this afternoon: Goal,, number  of   public   spirited   men   who
Hartley, Bruce, Lyons, Craig, Sawyers,
Borland, Hayes, Taylor, McAllister,
Shawcross, Caydzien. Reserves, Ferguson and  Brisbane.
The players are  requested  to  leave
this city on the one o'clock car.
Meeting of Ri. & I. Society
Shows Confidence in Officers
(Continued From Page One)
The Industrial and machinery exhibits are more numerous anu of a
larger class than any previous year,
but our local factories do not take
the advantage that tbey should have,
been started, a
donated by the
purpose, and  il
sum of $*.non being
government for tbal
was  hoped  that  with
favorable weather our gate receipts
would have turned in a surplus thai
would have warranted us In completing same. That this building is a
necessity was fully demonstrated this
week; had "iis building been completed our s'ock Judging would have
been carried on ,uder cover, the visitors would bave been comfortably
seated,  the  Judges  would  have   been
of this splendid means of advertising
and showing to the world what. Newjajjie t0 have doue their work In com-
Westminster can do, rather than allowlfort to themselves and pleasure to the
outsiders  to  step   in   and   take   what J visitors.    As   lt   was   the  educational
worked  for glory  only.    Our  agricultural exhibition has been built up on
the same lines by the farmers, stock
raisers and citizens of New  Westminster and district.    In the near future
we trust that Vancouver will be proud
of her sister citj  In her success, from
her market    and    agricultural    standpoint,   as  ber  sister city   is   proud  of
! Vancouver as the commercial  capital
land her success along horse show and
i industrial  lines.
As the citizens of our great province there is no room for Jealousies
Our time and energies are much more
wisely spent In Jointly doing our best
to develop our great heritage.
During the past sixteen years it his
given me much pleasure to be connected with gentlemen wbo have always had the true interests of New
Westminster city and district at heart,
and I trust that It may ever he so.
C A. Welsh
The People's Grocer
Sapperton      Phone 373
60   YEAR3*
realty belongs to    them.
The ladles' fancy work is much better cared for on this occasion, being
placed under glass, away from the
The manual training department of j might have been secured
the public schools, under the care of i    U w���� suggested    by
has    been    much    appre-'promlnent cltUens t,,at
features were lest sight of altogether
owing to th    pouring rain.
Our horse show could have been
conducted under cover, and the speeding contet;. could have been held In
the evening, when good gate receipts  Two Deals Completed Yetterday, One
Mr, Nelson, has   heen    much
elated by the visitors, and Is a very in-
"teresting feature of the show.
The live stock entries are much in
excess of former years, especially in
the horse classes. We would have
had several more herds of cattle but
for the difficulty of transportation, all
boats being so busy that it was impossible to get the exhibits from the ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Islands at all. ito accompll-a tnis by putting a by-law
The sheep and swine are both good   before the people.    This would    have
classes. 11been .1 g.eai acquisition to   all parties
I   trust   that   the   different judges  using the park,   it was arranged that
one of our
we make an
effort to complete this building before
another year an.l instead of lacrosse
that we try a really good horse show
program, as It was demonstrated on
Wednesday that the horse show In
front of the grand stanl (although lt
was very wet) was a very much better
attraction than  many other si/orts.
A new grandstand is greatly needed
in Queens park, and steps were taken
for $55,000 and Another for $9000
���Buyers Outside Men.
Real estate In Port Mann has been
more active this week than had been
the case for about a couple of weeks,
three deals of considerable Importance being put through In the past
three days.
The flrsl deal was put through by
White, sidles a.- Co., who transferred
property belonging to a local syndl-
. ,.,��� ..t \.nun.i,ei buyers tor a consideration in the neighborhood of $">o,-
oc Marks
______________      Copyrights Ac.
_, n ronci mnrtlni * nk��loh ��n<5 description ma;
ulckl. woortaln our opinion fra* whe '
^^^^^ Coral
 ,_���._,     -.Jonl
jmt trim. Olflml afa_?Jwstnrluttjtmlst
���lull* IT   -
Inrantlmi u protwblr
iethar an
ttimf��trt��l. ������onnilotiUiUnWHOIiboit un 1'aumti
���nt Ito*. omm as.ilr.f for ���wurtua *
I'iii��rit*'talunVNM>r<>ul> <Monn * I
*j_ainot***, ___*>**__m la the
Scientific American.
A handao&aly Uhucni*< maaklj. Kancaat eir-
ealalKio -it an. aaiasiUSa Journal. Tarma for
Caiiada^iTi-a T***s, poatasa prepaid.   SoM k.
all newnAaalfra.
  (tun.     Yesterday   two   deals   wei,.   cmii-
26 per cent, of the receipts go to the  pieted, one t,v  .Major ���',   Savage, who
clt)   for all  time, and  It  could  have Bold twentj acies adjoining tbe town-
have given every satisfaction, as your
directors have endeavored to get the
most competent and reliable men t.i
he had. si thai every exhibitor could
feel that justice would be done to all.
Along the recreation line the various committees have done their best
to provide clean sport to fill every
hour of each of the shew days.
'��._The management entered Into a contract with the Hai ties circus people
and the> have put on an excellent
shovv and aie a very satisfactory concern to deal with.
There aie a number of things that
as piesi'ent I might suggest as necessary in keeping up fo date and to
meet the growing demands of this
rapidly expanding country.
I would a��ain make a request that
any member of the society will make
suggesti ms that in bis or her opinion
will le In tlie Interests of the exhibition. There are often Improvements
suggesting themselves that if put In
���Writing and handed to your secretary
Would be taken over and put. In practice    if  thought   desirable,  that   would      	
tend to simplify the prize list and the ment was Justified ln assisting the R.
carrying out of the same. J A. & I. society for the reason that our
Sj&The changes made In prize ribbons society ls responsible In a measure
and rosettes is much approved of by for the success of agriculture as lt
tbe exhibitors. stands today, and money spent to keep
The   stock   Judging   pavllllon.   bas  up and advance this work cannot be
Music Program
I Afternoon).
March���"Maple   Leaf."... .Wagner
Overture���"Raymond."     . .Thomas
Selection  from  "The  Parisian
Model."  Hoffman
Solo for cornet���"Mary of Ar-
gyle."       Wallace
���Albert   Nightingale. Soloist.
Three    dances    from    "Henry
VIII "       German
Waltz���"Die llydropaten.". (iutigl
Scenes from "II Trovatore " Ve: di
Selections from "Martha.".Flotow
Finale��� Teddy      Hears'      Picnic."        Hi ittuii
God   Save   the   King."
been paid for In two or three years,
but   there  we: r  not   ��� ���lioiinh  of  the  Cltl
zena who would take the trouble to
cast  their votes, v. bo were In favoi
of it; and it fell through jus: throu
no Inte esl   I < lng  taken.    We    b ipe,
however, another year will see this a< -
comj llshe I.
As i resident ol tbe it. A. & I.
. oriel v I ". i.-1. to i en onally and publicly thank all those who have in any
v ml: Ibuted to make this 1910 ex
bibitlon a success.
in the first  i lace I would mention
the provincial    government,   together
with Its officers in the various departments, and I wish to mention tbe assistance and  hearty Co-operation  that
we   have  always    lecelved    at    their j
bands.    Especially the lieutenant-gov-1
ernor,  tlie  premier,   the  minister    of
agriculture and  the  various members
cf the    cabinet.    We    have    received '
many favors    from    the   government,
but  1  have always ar .ued  that from -
an agricultural standpoint the govern-
a    local    man,   for
buj et:.  being   Van-1
. ite,  belonging  to
.>in'   an   I   if.   lhe     	
co.iv er capitalists. 4
Anolbet  laii e    i!e w is the turning ,
over  Of   100  acie.,  on   the   llj". th   toad   -
i , ..   . 000,    i he i ro| ei tj  was bo
e . mont hi ago by Angus Stewai t, I
contract ��r of Prince  Ru] "it, q
i   .i  : :.er of .!. VV  Stewai i. of Mes us,
Foley, Welch /.- Stewart, the contrac- 7
tors now engaged in building the coast |
section  of  the  Gran I   Trunk   Pacific .,
railway.    Mr. Stewart bought the land
for $17,000 anl Just  cleans up $:IS,(K)I)   .
on his little deal In mud. I
March���"Maple Leaf"
Overture"���", rube!."
Spanlsb     Fantasia���"I
. . . Waa tie i
Von Webei
a     Fa-
. . . . Yra Hei
Humoresque   "I'm   Afraid   to
Go Home in the Dark."...Lan ; i
Duel  i ti   clai Inet���"Birds   In
tbe .Vests."       Paar !
Me.sis. Lagourgne and Ekstrand.
Belectlon from "Mamselle Napoleon."      I.inlet's |
Gtand       selection ��� "Albion."
        Godf.-e-. :
Religions  meditation���"In   the
Great   Heyond."    Brookl |
Finale���"Auld   Lang   Syne."	
"God  Save  the  King."
Can be insured against claims for damages brought against them for
accidents caused directly or indirectly by their machines.   Rates are
low and all owners should carry this class of insurance.
Apply for particulars to
F. J. Hart & Co., Ltd.
Columbia  Street.
New Westminster.
B.C. Mills
limber  and  Trading  Co.
{   Manufacturers  and  Dealers  ln  All  Kinds of
Royal City*Planing Mills} Branch
Telephone   12 New Westminster Boy   12'
Contractors and
House Builders
We have a full   line   or   the   Best
Builders   Hardware in this City.
Before Building Sec Us, as wc   believe   we   can   save   you
money.     Also Complete   Stock   ol   PAINTS   and   OILS
T. J. Trapp & Co., Ltd.
Commencing September IT,, the SS. Transfer will leave Brackman-
Ker  wharf every afternoon, except Sunday, at 2 p.m., for
Ladner, Westham Island and Way Ports
Returning to  New Westminster Saturday evening.
Returning will leave every week-day morning at 7 a.m. and Ladner
7: HO a.m. Additional trip Monday morning, leaving New Westminster at 5 a.m.
This schedule subject to change without notice   For freight and
passenger rates apply t<.
Drop In Pianos
TXTE have received word that our car of Pianos is
���� on the way and will be too late for Exhibition.
We are now crowded for room. We have decided to
sacrifice our entire stock of high grade Canadian
Pianos at prices never heard of before, for the rest
of this week only.
We have three beautiful Mahogany Pianos,  all new;
regular $350.00 styles.   This week for $225.00
Two new Styles, regular $375.00 for $250.00
One only, Walnut, regular $400.00 for $290.00
One regular $450.00 for $325.00
We will also give 30 per cent, discount on all
Violins, Mandolins, Guitars aad Banjos. Sewing
Machines, 25 per cent, discount for cash. All these
prices are for cash only ; if time is wanted regular
prices will prevail.
J.   H.   Todd's   Music   House
419 Columbia S>.
New Westminster
Insure Against
Accidents or Illness
A railway passengers' assurance company's accident or illness
policy is always a good friend when you meet with an accident or
. re laid up with sii ttneas. ,J
The Railway Passengers Is t.'ie oldest and strongest accident as-
suraace company in the world, and have paid claims amounting to
over thirty million dollars. .._..        .    .    ^-. ,, ,���    I
Highest Security. Lowest Terns. Liberal Conditions.
Plione or call for rates. ____!
657 Columbia Street
Phone 62 is
By-law  No.
Tells   How  a   Blotchy  Skin   Was
Cleansed by a Simple Wash,
was ashamed of my face," writes
.Minnie Plckard, of Aliamashaw.
"ii  was all full nf pimples and scars.
but after using I). D. D. Prescription
I Girl
A By-law to enable the Corporation of
the District of Burnaby to raise by
way   of   loan   the   sum   of   seventy
thousind dollars for the purpose of   1 can say thai now there is no sign of
providing   and   building   sidewalks' that Eczema, and that was three years
within  the   limits of    the    munlcl- ago."
pality. D. D. D. has become so famous as a
Whereas, it is necessary and ex- cure and Instant relief in eczema and
pedienl that the council of the said all other serious skin diseases, that
corporaiion be authorized to borrow Iits value ir- sometimes overlooked In
the sum of seventy thousand dollars clearing up rash, pimples, black-heads,
(870,000) to provide for the construe- and all other minor forma of akin im-
uon of aidewalks within the limits ofipurlties.
the said municipality. The facl  is. thai   while  D,  D. I), is
And whereas, an approximate esti- so penetrating thai i strikea to the
mate of the amount required for   thej very  root  of eczema    or any    other
List of Prize Winners      j
Ai The Exhibition
(Continued from Page Three,)
1,  A.   I-I.   Maishall;   2,  N.  Wills.
Mlnorcas,  black,  cock ���1   and   2.  W.
Mlnorcas, black, cockerel ��� 1,  2 and
3, .1. I!. Holroyd, Vancouver.
Minorcaa,    black,   nen���1,   Kolston
111 os.;   2, and 3, \V.  Walker.
Minorcaa,   black,   pullet���1   and   2,
3, ,1. II. Holroyd.
black,   breeding   pen��� 1,
2,  W.  Walker,
white,  cock���1,   W,   \Y;il-
vai ious sidewalks  has been  made
the council aa follows, vt/..:
Ward 1���Nine thousand aix hundred
and eighty-nine dollars .($9,689.00).
Ward 2���Ten thousand   eight   hundred and seventeen dollars and
cents ($10,817.50).
serious trouble, the soothing Oil of
Wintergreen, Thymol and other In-
gredients are so caiefu1!. compounded
there is no wash for' the skin made
that can compare with this great
flfty j household remedy for every [rind of
| skin trouble.
Ward 3���Fourteen thousand seven! I), D. d. Is pleasanl to use, perfectly
hundred and ninety-nine dollars ($14,- harmless to the mosl lelicate skin,
799.00). and   abaolutely   reliable.     Write   the
Ward 4���Seven thousand aad    flve  D, D, D, Laboratories, Dept, X. M.  40
w. Walker
w. Walker
shall; 2, \\
Walker; 2,
Walker; 2,
dollars ($7,005.00
IColborne street,
Wanl 5���Five thousand two hundred ! trial   bottle,  and
and eighty dollars ($5,2S0.00), [effectiveness
Toronto,   for a  free
prove iis wonderful
Ward 6���Thirteen thousand and
eighty-eight dollars ($13,0S8.O0).
Additional sidewalks and contingencies and costs Incidental to this bylaw
and raising the loan nine thousand
three hundred and twenty-one dollars
and flfty cents  ($
And whereas, it is necessary to
raise the moneys required to defray
tlie above expenditure upon the credit
of the municipality.
And whereas, it will be necessary to
raise annually by special rate the sum
of four thousand six hundred and fifty-
eight dollars and flfty cents $4,658.50)
principal, and the sum of three thousand flve hundred dollars $(3,��00) interest, making a total amount annually of eight thousand one hundred
and fifty-eight dollars and fifty cents
(JS.15S.50) for the term of twelve
years for the repayment of the said
loan and interest thereon as hereinafter mentioned.
And whereas, the net value of the
whole rateable land In the said municipality according to the last revised
assessment roll amounts to ten million three hundred and twenty-three
thousand six hundred and ten dollars
And whereas, to provide for the
payment of the interest and the creation of a sinking fund for the payment
of the said principal sum of seventy-
thousand dollars ($70,000) it will be
necessary to levy a special annual rate
sufficient to raise the sum of eight
thousand one hundred and fifty-eight
dollars and fifty cents ($8,158.50), the
amount to be calculated annually on
the whole of the rateable land within
the municipality.
Be it therefore enacted by the reeve
and council of the said corporation of
the district of Burnaby in council assembled as follows, viz.:
1.    It shall be lawful for the leeve
and clerk of the council for the purpose aforesaid to borrow or raise by
way of loan from any person or ]ci-
sons  or corporation  or    corporations
who may be willing to    advance    the
same   upon  the  credit  of  the  deben-j
lures, hereinafter mentioned, a    sum
not exceeding seventy thousand    dol-j
lars ($70,000) and cause the same   to
be placed in the Hoyal Bank of Can-'
ada in the City of New Westminster.!
white, hen���1, A. C. Mar-
li. c. B., cockerel���1, W.  I
X. Wills.
K. C. B., ha
R,   C.    B.,
^^^^^ ��� Wills.
Rhode Island  Ked. S. ('
al City Poultry Yards.
Rhode  Island   Ked.  S,
l. Royal City Poultry Yards.
Rhode   Island   Red,   S.   ('..   hen���1.
Royal City Poultry Yards.
1st,      Rhode Island Red, S. .'.. i ullel ���1, 2
ami 3, Royal City Poultry Yards.
=2      Rhodi   Island   Red,  s.  C,  breeding
pen���1. Royal City Poultry Yards.
i ��� l, X.
pulh t-
C, cocl
1. I   w.
Island   Ked.   K.   C,   rock ���1.
Bros.;   2, Royal  Citj   Poultry
Island Red, R, C. cockerel���
Irwin, city; 2, Rolston Bros.
island   Red,   R,   C,   hen���l.
I City Poultry Yards.  2, Rolston
Roya ^^^^^^
Rhode  Island  Red
I en���1,  Kolston  Bros.
Andalusian, blue, cock
A. E. Marshall.   ���
Andalusian.  blue,
A. K. Marshall.
Andalusian,  blue,
A. E. Marshall.
Andalusian.   blue
3, A. E. Maishall.
Sealed Tenders addressed to the undersigned, and endorsed "Tender for
Examining Warehouse, Vancouver,  B.
C," will be received at this office un-  Rolston Bros.; 2, 1. W.
tii 4 p.m., on Wednesday, October 26,      Rhode  Island  Re.,  R
1910, for    the    construction    of    an
Examining    Warehouse,     Vancouver,
B. C.
Plans, specification and form of contract can he seen and forms of tender
obtained at the office of Mr, Joseph
Greenfield, resident architect. Winnipeg, Man., Mr. Wm. Henderson, resident architect. Victoria, Ii. C. at the
Post Office, Vaucouver, and at this; Andalusian, blue
department. A. E. Maishall.
Persons tendering are notified that' Spanish, black,
tenders will not be considered unless Bros,
made on the printed forms supplied.
and signed with their actual signatures, stating their occupations and
places of residence. In the case of
firms, the actual signature, the nature
of the occupation and place of residence of each member of the firm must
be given.
Each tender must be accompanied
by an accepted cheque on a chartered
bank, payable to the order of the
Honorable the Minister of Public
Works, equal to ten per cent. (10 p.c.) __
of tbe amount of the tender, which shall.
will be forfeited if the person tender-^    Duck
C . pullet���1,
(.'., breeding
ockerel���1  and
1,   2  and  3,
pul'.et���1, 2 and
breeding | en���1,
cock���1.    Rolston
black,   cockerel���lj   Ro
-, Rolston  Bios
bronze,    male���1,    W.    .
ston Bros
Geese,   ^^^^^^^^^^^^
Duck. Aylesbury, male ���1.
Surprise Poultry Yards.
Duck,    Aylesbury,    female
prise  Poultry  Yards.
Buck   Pekin,   male���1,   A.
1.   W.
E.   Mar-
Dairy products    250   l-a
Knots & vege. lor siock ....  200    150
Arrangement        200    180
Total      2000 1293
Salmon   Am.
Poss. Obt,
Fruits,  fresh     300 211
Fruits,    preserved,    syrups,
jellies,  etc   200 100
Fruits, presen ed In acids ..  100 80
drains   &   Agricul.   seeds   . . .   250 100
Roots .'.   vi ge. for table ....  250 200
Poi ime   plants       250 Ta
Dairy  porducts      250 210
Roots .'������  \ege. for stock .... 200 90
Arrangement        200 190
T; tal       2000 U55
IV. ..  Obi.
Fruits, fresh    300 200
?rults,    preserved,    15 ruj   .
jellies, etc  200 150
Fruits, prosi rved In acids .. 100 Tn
Drains & Agricul. seeds .... 250 100
Roots fi vege. for table .... 250 140
r .   ge  plants     250 L80
Dairy  products     250 125
Roots iS  veg(. for stock       . 200 130
Arrangement         200 190
il       201 0 1235
Poss, Obt.
i'    Its    fresh        300 251
Fruits,    pr esci ved,    s> rui s,
jellies, 1 ' ���  200 s"
Fi iii b, pi 1 sei ved In acids    .  loo ?.">
(.1; ailis  &   agi Icul.  seeds   . .       250 130
Knots &  \ ege, for table  .. ,  250 200
Forage   plants       250 50
Dairy  products     250 150
Roots >v  vege. for stock  ...  200 75
Anangement         200 180
Total        2000 1190
Pelow are given the list of special
priZ68 awarded by the judges Of lhe
different sections of the exhibition up
to last night. The competition was
cl ise in some cases. The work of
judging the exhibits this year has
been effected very speedily and today there are only a lew entries in
the  stock  classes  to  be  judged.
Special piDe. presented by P. W.
Ellis k Co., manufacturing jewelers.
Toronto. Ont. To the winner of the
first prize for tbe best exhibit of
swine���Silver medal, Joseph Thump,
Pen of three bacon bogs, an> breed
or cross, by B. C. Dairymen's anl
Stockbreeders association���1, Joseph
Thompson;   2.  11.  Webb.  Sardis.
lng  decline  to  enter into  a  contract; shall.
when called upon to do so, or fail to
complete the work contracted for.    lf
Pekin, female
Best pair of ducks.
1.  A.   E.   Mar-
old or young-
,1, Surprise Poultry Yaid
the tender be not accepted the cheque j    Pouters
will be returned.
-1,   Kolston
The department does not bind it
self to accept the lowest or any
By order.
Department of Public Works,
Ottawa. September 21, 1910.
       ue  or  black
Fantalls,   white,   pair
Bros.;   2, W. Walker.
Fantalls,   black,  pair���Rolston Bro
-1,   Rolston
pair���1.     Kolston
white,    pair���1,    Kolston
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^      advertisement   if  they  insert   it  with-
to the credit of the said corporation  out authority from the department,
for tbe purpose above recited and itp-;
bentures of the said corporation    to
the amount of seventy thousand dollars ($70,000) in the whole   may   be
issued by the said reeve and cle: k In
accordance with the Municipal Clauses
Act in sums as may be required, but
not   less   than   one   thousand   dollars;
($1,000) each, the siid debentir.es   to!
be sealed with the corporate seal and
to be signe 1 by the reeve and clerk.
2.    The debentures shall  bear    Interest at the rate of five (5) ier cent, j
red, pair���1. Rolston Bros.
_^^_^_^^_^ .      ,,   .    ..���.���,...,, blue, pair���1. Banliam and
^1T?��~!I! Ti \ u��!i -IJ^l  -*��rJ.ala I James;  2. Frank Davies, city.
Si eei.il prize presented by W, Heaton. Esq , Oliver road. K.ist Delia, li.
C.���W.  Walker,  Burquitlam.
For ten of the best-scored Buff Orpingtons���W.  Walker.  Burquitlam.
For ten of the best-scored Barred
Hocks���W. Walker, Burquitlam.
For ten of the best-scored Black
Orpingtons���l. W. Walker. Burquitlam.
For ten of the best-scored White
Wyandottes���-Surprise Poultry Yard,
For ten of the best-scored White
Leghorns���Surprise Poultry Yard.
Special prize presented by George
Thompson, Esq., Vancouver, B. ('--
T.   VV.  Ste: ley,  Kelowna.
The Corporation of the City of New
Westminster has deposited with the
Minister of  Public  Works  at  Ottawa   .... ..
1   ���       ., a- r   .x r>      :   . r    KoblllSOn.   I'ltV
and in the office of the    Registrar of      TT     ,._���_,
deeds for the District of New West-
minster,   British   Columbia,   at   New . .
WcstnAasitv plan and description  of <    Ulllnea'   P1*8-
the   proposed   site    for    laying   steel
per annum payable half yearly on the I pipe   line  or   water   main   under   the
1st    day    cf   May and the 1st day of | north arm of the Fraser River in the
November in each and every year during the currency of the said debentures or any of them. There shall be
attached to each of the debentures
coupons signed by the Reeve for each
and   every   payment   of   interest   that
Province of British Columbia, and after one month from the first publication hereof will apply to the Governor
in Council for approval there of.
DATED this Third dav of October,
1910. tt'. A. DUNCAN,
may  become due and  such  signature  Clerk of the Municipal Council
may be either written, stamped, print-1     Corporation   of   the   City    of
ed or lithographed. Westminster.
3.    The said debentures as to prln-' ,_,
cipal and interest shall be payable at' "
tlie Royal Bank of Canada in tlie city NOTICE,
of New Westminster, or at such other
place or places as the council shall | The Corporation of the City of New
from time to time appoint, with the
appi oval of the holders thereof, and
as to principal the debentures sliall be
made payable on the 1st day of November, 1922.
i.    There shall be raised and levied
annually  by a special  rate sufficient
Homers, black, pair���1, Banliam
and James;  2, Frank Davies
Homers, black cheek, pair ���1, F.
Davies;   2,  Banbam and James.
Homers, blue cheek, pair���1. F.
Ades;   2,  Frank  Davies
Homers, any other color, pair���1,
Banliam and James;  2, J. A.  Smith.
Rabbits,     common,     pair���1.     Ruth
^^^^^^^_ . A. Smith.
Hares, Belgian, pair���1, G. Rout-
ey, Vancouver.
common,   pair���1,   ,1
C,  Gray;   2, George Gray.
Hens' eggs, fresh, 1 doz. white,
heaviest���1, Mrs. Norman McCallum;
2. A. E. Marshall.
Hens' eggs, fresh, one
heaviest���1, Sproutt ami
Mrs. L, Brown, city.
Games, white, Indian,
A. McLennan.
Games,   white
A. McLennan.
Games,   white,
A. McLennan.
doz..  brown,
Schou;    L'.
cock���1.   C.
Indian,   ben ���1,   c
Indian   pullet���1,  C
Following is tlie tabulated showing
made   by   the   different   entrants   in
the   district   competition   for   the   Dewar  Shield,  wen  by  Surrey;
Poss. Obt.
syi ups.
Westminster  bas  deposited   with   the
Minister  of  Public   Works  at   Ottawa
and in  the office of the  Registrar of
Heeds for the  District or  New  West-
1: Inster,   British   Columbia,  at   New
Westminster  plan  and  description  of
the proposed site for laying steel
therefor on all tbe rateable land or P'Pe li,lf' nr water main under the
Improvements or real property in   the ' Brunette   river   In   the   Province    of
municipality the sum of four thousand, British    Columbia,    and    after    one 	
six bundled and fifty-eight dollars and matt" from the first publication here- Q�����"> * Agricultural seeds
flfty cents ($4,658.50) for the purpose\ot   will   apply   to   the   Governor   in  Boots �� vege. for table
of forming a sinking fund for the pay- Council  for approval  thereof. Forage plants   	
ment of tbe said debentures and   tire     D;ited this Third day   of   October, Dairy products  	
sum of three thousand five    hundred , l""- RootB &  vefe- for 8tock
dollars ($3,500) for the payment of In- W, A. DUNCAN.      Arrangement       	
terest at tbe rate aforesaid to become!clerk "��� ���������*- Municipal Council of The
Fruits, fre*h   	
Fruits,     preserved,
jellies,   etc	
Fruits,   preserved  In
due on such debentures during the
currency thereof the said special rate
to be in addition to uli other- rates
to be levied and collected In the
municipality duiing the currency of
the said  debentures or any of them.
Corporation   of   the
City    of    New      Total
2000 1668
wliich the vote of    the    municipality|Fruits,   fresh   	
wlll  be  taken  on  Saturday,  the 15th Fruits,     preserved,
This"by-law'shall take effecTon | <*?.    of   October.    1910,    between    0     jellies, etc	
and after the 1st day
1910. ^^^^^^^^^
(1. This by-law may be cited for all
pari oses as the "Burnaby Sidewalks
Loan By-law, 1910."
Done and passed ln open council
t' e 20th day of September.
Received the assent of the electors
;:t an election for the purpose on the
day of HUO.
Reconsidered and finally adopted by
of   November,I_^}__l am- y^1-1 "��� o'clock p.m., at the Fruits, preserved In acids
Poss. Obt
Special prlz. 1 resented by P. W. Hills ^ Co., manufac: ui lng jewellers, Toronto, Ont. For the best exhibit of
vegetables���Bronze medal, A. G. Marshall,  Soutb  Westminster.
To the person winning the largest
number of prizes under Division 0
���Vegetables. One year's subscription io the Dailj News���A. G. Marshall, South Westminster.
Special piize presented bj A. W.
Peters, Esq., Vancouver. For the best
clock cf dairy butter, distinct from
other entries, not less than ten lbs.,
winning butter to become the propel ty of the donor of this prize ��� Mis.
R. Wilson, Langley Prairie.
Special piize presented by Thomas
Simpson, Esq., Vancouver, B. ('. For
the best five-pound crock of dairy butter, distinct from other entries, winning butter to become the property of
lhe donor or this prize���Mis. R. Wilson.
Special prize presented by Thomas
Simpson, Esq., Vancouver, B, C. For
the besl lu-poiind dairy butter iin
prints), distinct fiom oilier entries,
winning butter to become the property
of the donor of this prize���Mrs. R.
Special prize for the hest ten-pound
"Magnet" cream separator butter, presented by the Petrle manufactur Ing
company, Ltd.���Ladles' gold watch.
Mrs. Norman  .McLellan, Ladner.
following polling places:
The Municipal Hall.
West Burnaby School.
Duthie School.
Mrs. Cobban's house. Gunn road.
Grain & agricultural seeds.. 250 2d0
Roots &  vege. for table  ... 250 1S5
Forage  plants     250 ISO
Dairy  products     2.10 L'25
Roofs &. vege. for stock   ... 200 140
A rrangeinent         200 11)5
Public  notice  Is hereby given that
the vote of the electors of the district      Total      	
of Burnaby will be taken on the above Armstrong,
mentioned by-law    at the    time   and
the "council;" signed b y thVreeVe"andjP1*re1ab0V,e me��t,oned. Ilf  _** c- T-   .   ,      ,     ,
clerk  and   sealed  with  the corporate I Saunders has been appointed return- Fruits, fresh    301
1 on the day of ''nR ��fflcer to take  the  vote of such  Fruits,     preserved,     syrups,
,,,j(| "" ' e'ectors, with the usual powers In that      jellies,   etc  200
behalf. Fruits, preserved In acids . . 100
By order of the council. Grains & Agricul. seeds .... 250
PETER BYRNE, Reeve. Roots & vege. for table   250
Take notice that the above Is a tru��'
cory of the    proposed    by-law    upon
C. T. SAUNDERS, C. M. C. Forage plants    ",.'..'.... 250
2000 1620
Poss. Obt.
���������*- 'f*\ ���<*���
���^ ^mmr*sm5**s*mW*
Special prize, presented for the best
collection of three dozen dahlias, no
two alike, and distinct from other entries���Stride & Sons, city.
Special prizes presented for the
best exhibit of cut flowers (open to
all), distinct, from other entries���1. F.
J. Wright, Central Park; 2, It. Windrip. Sapperton.
Special prizes, presented for the
best collection of sweet peas���1, E. A.
Wilson, city; 2, F. J. Wright, Central
Special prize presented by The T.
Eaton Co., Ltd., Winnipeg, Man. For
the best collection of ladles' fancy
work of any kind, distinct from other
entries���Mrs. J. B. McAllister, city.
Second prize, presented bv W. G.
McQuarrie��� Annie Loree, city.
(Continued  on  I'ate Seven.)
1 EmiUBfi��zasHc��ssBs��jEfBaE3r gnanMama3ffi_MBBvy-%__.
Special piizes presented for the
best exhibit of bottled fruit, homemade, distinci from other entries.
First piize presented by Robert Kennedy, New Westminster���Mrs E. Leather, city.
Second piize presented by W 11.
Keary���Mis. .1. Brymner, city.
For The Home
Our Prices Dui
Exhibition Wee
t* tj
VTEVER before have we heen in such a positi
to provide Furniture and House Furnish:
as we are at the present time. Our large store is
full to overflowing with the newest and hest in
Furniture. We are giving bargains every day.
Why? Because we buy in large quantities���i r
load lots-we are outside the high rent district,
and are thus enabled to give the benefit to our
$10   Complete
Enamel Beds
Brass Beds
Fancy Beds
Sole Agents for Coburn Steel Wood Veneer Ms
Bedroom  Furniture
Dressers and Stands,  $12.00  up
Dining Room Furniture
Dining Chairs, Each   from  90cts.
Leather Seated.
Dining   Chairs,    $16.00   Per  Set
Set contains Six Chairs.
Hall and Library Furniture
Hall Racks from $6.00 up, Hall
Mirrors, Library Tables $8.00 up,
Book Cases $12.00 up, Sectional
Cases all prices and sizes.
Tables of   Every Description
Royal Oak 8ft.  Extension  $9.00
Solid Oak Extension  $16.00
Newest  Designs   in  CARPETS
We are displaying
new designs in Carpets. There is evidence of discriminating care in the selection, and a contentment with small
profit in selling.
612-618 Agnes Street, Opposite   Public Library,
* l
***********,* *****.*<*���*������***'*���*'**'**.* **************************
************^***<*.*>*). *>****<*-*
of Prize Winners
At The Exhibition
Having a lender for the mo lng of tlie residence of 24 rooms,
modern, we ure prepared to sell two lots with the house placed upon
then for S'.'.-l-li, Tcrti:B, $725 cr sh, balance over two yea:.. This must
be sold at once, as we are going to open up streets,
(Changes for this column must be
left at, or telephoned to, this offlce by
9 p.m. on Fridays. The omission ot
any church notice from tbis column
indicates that no copy h.-is heen turned
In by the pastor or other responsible
i arty.)
iContinui'd from I'
To  the  lady   winning   the   largest
number of  prizes  In   Division   N���1, |velope
Mrs. .1. B. McAllister; 2, Mrs. McNeill
Phone 307.
620 Columbia Street.
**********m** t-****i, .>********������*'- *>*********>****  *�� <.������>*����������<
Smoke   and Gas   Tight
Made oi.t of Steel
James I McClughan
Dominion Trust Black Front and Sixth Sts
Phone 302 P. 0. Box 248
************************************ *******************
Sometimes pecpl; do, and sutler,
because the s'.omach balks.
Ate Unwisely ?
relieve the discomfort at once, and help digest the overload.   The lover of good
things may feel quite safe with a box of NA-DRU-CO Dyspepsia Tablets at hand.
50c. a box.    lf your druggist has not stocked them yet send 50c. and we
will mall them. " 34
Drug ��nd Chemical Co. of Canada, Limited,       ....        Montreal.
"THE most vital improvement in Fit-Reform Suits
this season is���the splendid shoulder effects.
Vf/E have created the most becoming models that
have ever been shown���natural, well rounded
shoulders ��� neither   exaggerated   in   breadth  nor
skimped in faddish fashion.
ETIT-REFORM caters to real men who demand
good taste as well as good style.
VY/E show above the Fit-
Reform Double Breasted
Sack Suit ��� made chiefly in
Scotch Tweeds ��� ranging in
price from
$18. to $25. i3o
Sole   Agent   in   New   Westminster
Sunchiy, October 0.
d'Easum, rector. Celebration of Holy
Communion at 8 a. m.; Matins.
Ill tny and sermon al 11 a.m.; Sunday
school al 2:30 p.m.; evensong and
si rmi n ;..t 7 p.m.
ST. PAUL'S REFORMED EPISCOPAL���Rev. A. del!. Owen, rector. Service al 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.; Sun-
daj  Bchoi 1 al 2:30 p.m.;    Holy   Com-
: munlon   flrsl   Sunday  In  the  mo ith;
. prayer tr.eel ng Wt dn< sday al 7::."
p.m. in Ai r. Watson's, Qui i ns a renue
and Fifteenth street.'Morning subject,
"The Disobedient    Pi ophi I    and    His
I In 1";  t-\ ening, "The    Ideal    Cil Izen
Rev. c. w. Brown   HI i., i nsi ir   Ser-
\ Ice   al    11 a.m. and   7 p.m.; Sunday
Bchool al 2:30 p.m.
i���Rev. .). S. Henderson, pastor.   Services ll a.m  und 7:30 p.m.   Sabbath
school   and     Bi'o'.s    class   2:30   p.m.
(',. Thompson. M.A., pastor. Public
worship: Morning service, ll a.m.-.
evening, 7::m p.m.; Bible class and
Sabbath Bchool, 2:30 p.m.; Y. P, S. C.
E., Monday al 8 p.m.; prayer meeting,
We'dnes lay, 8 p.m.
OLIVET BAPTIST���Rev. A. K. Baker, pastor. Services 11 a.m. and 7:30
p.m. Sunday school at -::'.0 p.m.
Midweek prayer meeting on Wednesday at eight o'clock.
���Rev. T. Wardlaw Taylor, M.A., Ph.
D., pastor. Services at 11 a.m. and
7:.".n p.m.
K.   I),   liraden.   pastor.     Services     at
II a.m. and 7::;n p.m. Sunday school at
2:30 p.m. Epworth League on Monday
ai 8 p.m.
Rev. F. S. Okell, 11. A., pastor. Services
at 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. Class meet-
in. at lu a.m. Sunday scliool at
2:30 p. in. Epworth lea.ue, Monday,
at 8 i>. m. Prayer meeting. Wednesday at S p.m. Morning, Uev. C. W.
Brown, B.A., B.D., will preach. Evening subject, "Tbe Highest Liberty."
! ���Benjamin  Sand, pastor.    Service at
', Trinity  church  at  11  a.m.
CHURCH���Corner Eighth stieet and
Third avenue, Durnaby. Rev. Frederick L. Carpenter, pastor. Public worship, 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Sunday
school, 2:30 p. in. Prayer meeting,
Tuesday. 7:30 p. m.; choir practice,
Thursday,  7:30 p.  in.
Twelfth street. Rev. James Held,
B.A., pastor. Public worship at 11
a. m. and 7:30 p. ni. Sunday school
at 2:30 p. m.
Eighth street, between Third and
Fourth avenues. Rev. C. S. McKinley,
pastor. Sunday school, 10 a.m.; service It a.m.; class meeting, 12 a.m.;
prayer service. 7 p.m.; sermon. 7:30
p.m.; mid-week prayer meeting,
Thursday 8 p.m.
Services at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. Sunday school at 10 a.m. Epworth League
Tuesday at 8 p.m. Dundonald school
bouse; Service at 2 p.m. and Sunday
school at 2 p.m. Rev. W. Ewart Jonea,
CHURCH OF CHRIST���305 Durham. Madison Wright, preacher, Sunday services, 11 a.m. and 7 p.m.
Week day service, every day at 8 p.m.
Hospital street���Andrew Grieve, pas
tor. Morning service 11 a.m.; Sunday
school and Bible class 12 to 1 p.m.;
evening service 7 p.m.; people's meeting Thursday 8 p.m.
GOSPEL HALlr-Corner of Sixth
avenue and Ninth street. Rvangellet
J. J. Rouse will preach at 7 p.iu.
pastor. Sunday school at 10 a.m.
Ohurch service at 11 a.m.
Special  prize  presented  by   Weller
Bros.,  Victoria,  B. C.   For  work done
by ladies over sixty years of age, One
rocking   chair���Mrs, Thompson,   2129
William atreet, Vancouver.
S]' cial    pi Izes   presented    by   the
Applications to   be placed   on   the
supplemental-! voters' list for the City
of New Westminster will be received
[ by the undersigned  up to November
1st, 1910.
Applicants must he British subjects
of the full  age    of twenty-one    >��.;(��,
iand have been residents or i. i city six
Nelson, it. c, Rifle Range," and ad-lrnontl18 immediately preceding the
dressed to the Secretary of the Mil-!date of application, and have (luring
itia Council, Headquarters, Ottawa, |tha) ''""'paid aB a householder a
will be received until noon, the 15thIrental of nol less than one hundred
October, for the construction of a rifle,dollara ;| >01"'-
SEALED TENDERS, marked on en-
render   for   consti uction   of
Range at Nelson, B. C
Plans  and   specifications   may   he,
seen, and full information obtained al
the offlces of the District Officer Com-;
manding Military Distrlcl  N'o. 11. Vic-
City Clerk.
Jackson Printing company, New West- toria, B. C, tho Director of Engineer
minster, B. (.'. For the targeBl and Services, Headquarters, Ottawa, and
best  display  under Division Q���1, J.  tbe Offlcer Commanding  102nd  Regt.,
B. Carson,   Toronto;   :
Thorn]  - n, Vancouver,
���   , display from
.Airs.   F,   A.
iny di.-!; ii t.
nol less than twelve <>i' each variety
i idependeni of any ol her exhibits
: tn! i'i tlncl from oth< r enti les���1, J.
Ferguson, Ladner; 2, R. Kitts n, Easl
Special pi izes i resented by the Pacific Meat Market. For the best breed
Ing ]<n. any variety���l. Surprise
Poultry Yard; 2, W. Walker, Burquitlam.
The market yesterday was not up
to the usual standard owing to Ihe
fact that many of the farmers, on
whom the market relies for its supply !
of produce, had taken the day off to.
attend the fair.
Several of the butchers did not
open their stalls and a consequence
was the supply of meat was short.
The poultry supply was also light.
The   best   offering   of   the   day   was
in the fruit section, apples and pears
being strongly in evidence.    The sup-
lily of garden produce  was also good.
Official  Quotations.
Beef, hindquarters, per lb. ..10 to 12c
Beef, forequarters, per lb 8 to 10c
Lamb, per Ib 14c
Mutton, per lb 10 to lie
Veal, large, per lb 10c
Veal, medium, per lb 11 to 12c
Pork, prime, rer ib 18 to 18c
Fggs, wholesale, per doz liic
Eggs, retail, per doz	
Nelson, B. C
Tenders musl be made on the form
supplied by Ib - Depariment. and accompanied by an accepted cheque, on
a Canadian chartered bank, for LO per
cenl of the amounl of tbe tender,
payable to the order of the Honourable the Minister of Militia and Defence, which amounl will be forfeited
If the party tendering decline to
enter into ti contract, in accordance
with the tender.
The Department does nol bind It-
Bell to ai ce] t i he lowest or any tender,
Col inei.
Dep'y. Minister of Militia and Defence. II. Q. 18 -115���2.
Departmenl of Militia and De-
rem e.
Ottawa, 19th September. 1910.
Newspapers will not be paid for
this advertisement ir they Insert It
without authority from the Department.
Xew Scotch and English Worsted,
Tweed and Serge Suiting ior gentlemen, made to otder. Workmanship
and lit guaranteed.
13 Begbie Street.
T.  P
Phono 624.
J, ll. Taylor
every  kind.   Prompt
orders.     Contracts
Supply help of
attention   to   all
8 Begbie St.       New Westminster, B.C
All persons using Columbia street
for vehicle traffic of any kind are requested to keep to the left hand side
of the car track while proceeding in
either direction.
By order,
Acting City Clerk.
Citv Hall. August 12. 1910.
%^%JF ��^,___
Phone 105.     P. O. Box 345.
Office, Front St., Foot of Sixth.
New Westminster Land District,
trict of  New  Westminster.
Take notice    that John    Ferdinand
50c BaggB, of Nelson    Island,   occupation
standard article
For making eo��p, ���oftentng waUr.
removing old paint, disinfecting
��� Inhe. cloaota. drain* end for
many other purposes. A emts
equal* 20 pound* SAL 80DA.
THE        DAILY       NEW
Butter, wholesale, per lb.   ..
Butter,   retail,   per  lb	
Fowl, per doz., live  $9 to $11
Chickens, per doz., live ... .$5.50 to $S
Broilers, per doz $4.50 to $7
Ducks,  per doz $10 to  $1'J
Potatoes, new, per ton   $20
Cabbage, per sack    $1
Onions,   per   stick    $1.50
Turnips,  per  sack    75c
Carrots, per sack 75c
Beets, per sack   $1
Pears, wholesale, per box ..75c to SOc
Pears, wholesale, per box    75c
Cucumbers, per doz / :(0c
Mail Service
Time Time
of of
I Arrival: Closing:
| 20:00��� United States via C. P. R.
(dally except Sunday). .23.00
j   S: SO���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(daily except  Sunday).. S:00
113:00���Vancouver via B. C. E. It.
(dally except  Sunday)..11:00
18:00���Vancouver via II. C. E. It.
(daily except Sunday).,lfi:00
I   8:00���Victoria  via   B.   C.   E.  R.
(daily except  Sunday)..23:00
11:00���Victoria  via  B.   C.   E.   R.
(dally except  Sunday).. 8:30 j
���Victoria  via  B.   C.  E.   It.
(daily except  Sunday)..1
I   7:30���United States via G. N. It.
(dally except Sunday).. 8:30
15:00���United States via G. N. R.
(dally except  Sunday)..16:00
9:25���All  points east  and   Europe  (daily)      8:30
22:30���All points east and Europe (adlly)    14:30 (
9:25���Sapperton     and      Fraser i
Mills      (daily      except
Sunday)         8:30*
20:00���Sapperton and Fraser
mills      (daily      except
Sunday)       14:30
9:25���Coquitlam   (daily    except
Sunday)       14:3d
13:00���Central Park and Edmonds     (dally     except
Sunday)      11:00 |
14: (ui���East Burnaby and Bur-
quit'am   (dallye  except
Sunday) 14:00
10:00���Tlmberland, Strawberry
Hill nnd South West-
n inster    (Tuesday   and
Friday i         11: On
10:00���La In ir,     Port     Gulchon.
Westham Island    13
Am ievllle,   Sunbury I dally
exi epl   Sunday    13
Annalls Island Monday
Wednesday and Friday      n
Woodwards (Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday      13
0:00���Vancouver.    Piper's    Siding     via     G.      N.     R.
(daily except Sunday) ..14:20
11:30���Cloverdale and Port Kells
(dtiily except  Sunday)..15:00
11:30���Clayton  (Tuesday, Thursday,   Friday    and    Sat-
day        15:00
11:30���Tynehead    (Tuesday   and
Friday)         15:00
8:30���Burnaby Lake   (daily except Sunday   10:00
20:00���Abbotsford, Matsqui. Huntington, etc. (dally except Sunday)    23:00
.5:45���Crescent, White Hock and
Blaine     (daily     except
15:45���Hall's Prairie, Kern Ridge
and Hazlemen (Tuesday. Thureoa? and 8<w-
iWl     , **,****���,***��**,',**>
farmer,  intends  to  apply  for  permis- j
)C j sion to purchase the    following    de-
scribed lands:
Commencing at a post planted i
about one mile northeast from the
head of Billings bay, and about 40
chains easterly from the southeast
corne- of timber lot number 37341,
thence north 40 chains, thence east
40 chains, thence south 40 chains,
thence west 40 chains to point of
commencement, containing 160 acres
more or less.
Dated August 21", 1910.
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital Paid Up
. .$5,000,000
. . .$5,900,000
The Bank has Branches In
Canada extending from the Atlantic to the Pacific: ln Cuba
throughout the Island: also in
Porto Rico, Bahamas, New York
and   London,   England.
Correspondents in all parts
of the Globe, thus affording
every Banking facility.
New Westminster Branch.
L.  M.  RICHARDSON, Manager.
On and after October 1, 1010, we.
the undersigned, will sell coal for
cash only, either with the order or on
New Westminster, Sept. 24.
Architect and Building Constructor.
Specialist ln Steel, Reinforced Concrete and   Modern  Building Construction.    Telephone SOC.
Room   13  Dominion  Trust  Building.
Try a  "WANT" ad  ln The  News
It will bring results.
as done by us gives the utmost satisfaction. Our equipment is modern. The Latest
Invention in a collar and cuff
machine has been installed.
Clean, Economic, Prompt.
White labor only employed
Royal City Laundry
Phone 183
11>: im>���
I. Easterbrook Milling Company
Eburne,   B. C.
- FLOUR !       FLOUR !
HUNGARIAN JEWEL  .  $6.75 per bbl.
IMPERIAL    $7.00 per bbl.
TERMINAL $5.25 per Bbl.
HINDOO FLOUR $4.50 per Bb'
McQuarrie & Co.FL0!m ANP = igSfEL
FRONT 8TREET. New Westminster. Tel��phort�� S33.
A nice modern 6 roomed house
corner 2nd St. ancl 5th Ave. Full
sized lot bearing orchard and good
out building, price $3,350 easy terms.
McQuarrie Bros.
609 Columbia Street
The New Westminster City Specialists PAGE EIGHT.
��� ���
A gasoline freight boat, the Burm,
will commence running a twice-a-week
service to Fraser .Mills within a few
daj s.
For all electrical    worjs    i
tracts plione T. Robert*; 761.
Davies greenhouse
pot   bouquets,  floral
kinds of cut flowers.
is the place to
di signs and all
Phone R 208.
shown  at   the  fair,  mysteriously dis-l
appeared from a cold storage planl In
Vancouver, where the fruit had been
lefl for a few days, it having arrived
from the up country town several days;
before the fair opened.    Residents of:
Summerland   had  planned  to  have a I
flne exhibit of fruit, bul this loss has
materially cut down the display.
.1. A. Hates, editor of the Fraser Vai-, Tidy'
plants and fresh cut flowers at;
store.   Phone 184. **
We carry a complete line
at the right prices. Have
it put up and ready for
the cold nights.
ley Record, and C. P. Grant, staff of
the same paper, ate visitors in the
city, coming down ostensibly   to \is:t:
Anderson & Lusby
The Westminster Modern
Business School
lias great demand for thoroughly competent stenographers. You had better go to the Modern as you are certain of thorough training and a good
position when competent. Day and
evening session.
610 Columbia St.
Hand Bags
New Stock        Good Values
Latest Styles
The first instalment of the
biggest and best variety of
Hand Bags ever shown in
this city.   From $1.00 up.
Curtis Drug StGre
Kodaks and Supplies
Spectacles, from 50c.
Phones:     43;     Long    Distance,    71:
Residence,  72.
New    Westminster,    B    C.
New and Second Hand Store
(Late Alex Speck)
All kinds of furniture bought
and sold, Have you Furniture to sell? See me or
ring up No. 275.
The Central Hotel Cafe
Opposite B. C. E. R. Depot.
25c - Merchants Lunch - 25c
GIVE   US     A     TRIAL
d. Mcelroy
Phone  R672.
623  Hamilton St., or
Vanstone Heating and Plumbing Co.
Chimney Sweeping, Eavetrough
Cleaning, Sewer Connecting. Cess
pools, Septic Tanks,  Etc.,  Etc.
In the
Deane Block
Four doois east of the Bank mf
Montreal, under the
Westminster Club
and opposite the
City Market
Columbia St., No. 441.
Hi*" 'minster. B. C.
the big fair,
Tidy, tho florist, w ill hold a sp< cl J
sale of all his prize exhibits in the
agricultural hall on Monday morning
from 9 a.m. to noon. Come and take
your choice. Thlrty-Uiree and a third
��� off regular prices. **
The Johnson-Jeffries light pictures
were again shown al the opera bouse
yesterday evening, bul only a small
crowd turned out to watch the repro-
Iduction of the famous light oi a few
I months ago.
C. Lester, of Vancouver, will speak
on  "Social  Evolution" at  the Crystal
theatre. Sunday, at 8 p.m. *��
For all electrical work and contracts phone T. Roberts, 761.       **
Judge W, Norman Hole. K.C. has
gone to Kamloops to attend the fall
assizes there, where he will act as
counsel on two important cases. He
will probably he absent from the city
for ahout a week.
See Kales' furniture stock before
purchasing elsewhere. Agnes street. *
Several of the city churches are
changing the hour of the evening service to seven o'clock, the experiment
of holding services half an hour later
not heing attempted duiing the winter
While attending the exhibition
smoke B. C. and Old Sport cigars. **
The case against Sasaki, the .lap-
charged with wounding a fellow countryman at Aldergrove early in the
summer, was called In the county
court yesterday, but at the request of
the council for the defence it was adjourned until October IS.
W. E. Fales carries the best selected stock of household furniture in the
city and prices defy competition. **
Tl;e lacrosse bug seems to have attacked the lady visitors at thc fair.
Viewing the grounds from the upper
floor of any of Uie buildings the prevailing colors in suits and hats seems
to be red and blue, the colors of the
cnampion lacrosse team of the world.
Sheriffs sale of household furniture
at .Mis. Emett's residence, 327 Third
-' eet,  Mon la; . Octi bei   10,  1910, at
in a.m. **
A pascenger on the ongoing eastern
train   yesterday afternoon  picked   up
endorse! cheques to the value of four
hundr&j dollars in one of the cars. He,
hande.l them mer to the conductor,!
who has left them with the clerk    at
the Windsor hotel, where tliey can be j
claimed by the owner.
If you want to see a modern cigar
fa ton jou don't have to ask any.
body, but just call at the It. C. Cigar
factory on Seventh, abovq Agnes
street, and we will be glad to show,
you. ����
There is a possibility that the Western Improved Wagon Wheel company
will shortly establish a factory in this
district. This company is in business
for the manufacture of. a new style
wheel, specimens Of which are dp ex-
hlbiU in in the machinery hall at the
Iron heds and bedding, the largest
range of designs and prices. W. E.
Fales. **
Speed aa well as Banltary methods
i" I e the main Hung in dairying
th< e days, in one of the buildings
the fair demonstrations are given
dail, ol milking cows by machinery
���'������ I the machine certainly d.cs the
work, milking the cow In a few minutes. In another building is shown a
patenl churn which will churn cream
into  I niter  within  three  minutes.
Take the round trip on the Fraser
river on Saturday. Steamer Transfer
leaves Brackman-Ker'a wharf at 2
p.m.   Return fare B0 cents. **
For carnations, sweet peas and
dahlias,   phone   Davles   greenhouse,
It L'0,8. ���*
A portion of the fruit exhibit from
Summerland, which was to have been
An Interesting case will come up before Magistrate Pittendrlgh this morning in the district coun. .\ Qsherman
is accused of "corking" another man's]
fishing net by throwing it within one
hundred feet of him and thus getting
them tangled. This is said to be a
favorite method of getting revenge i
amongst the fishermen, although the
man who does Uie "corking" generally
causes as much damage to liis own
net  as t.i lhe Ol her.
The li. C. Cigar factory Invite their |
up country  friends  to  see their    new
factory    on    Seventh,    above    Agnes
street.   The best arranged factory oni
this coast. **
The tisheiies exhibit at the fair has'
been   visited   by  thousands  of  people
since the opening day and  has been'
[one of the  most  well  patronized  dis-1
[plays on the grounds.    The exhibit isi
| in   charge   of   Professor  Andrew   Hal-
kett, naturalist of the Dominion marine and  fisheries department.    A  fine]
collection   of   photos  of  the   different,
provincial fish hatcheries and canneries cover the walls and give a stranger
a good idea of the work that Is being
carried  on  in  tlie province.
The Public
Supply Slores
Look Over
our groceries and then judge
whether they and tDf ir prices
aie not astonishing. Don't hesitate to examine as closely as
you wish. If you are a particularly good Judge of a certain
article call for It and give us
your opinion. M is sure to be
mote than favorable.   For
Our Groceries
are selected by experts. They
have been chosen because they
have stood the most rigid tests.
So we ask you to look them
over with perfect confidence
that you will get your supplies
heie heieafler.
Phone 92
I Some Special Snaps 1
* 5 lots on Second street.    Excellent  view.    Streets on three sides   ���
* of tills  property.    $350 each.   Terms. J
* 10  lots  extending  from  First   to  Second   street.    This  property
* Is especially well situated.    Streets on three sides, and lane at rear.
t   Price $350 each.    Terms.    INVESTIGATE.
j     F. J. HART & CO., Ltd.
Our Goods on
lay to Exhibition   Visitors
We are open every day from 8 a.m. to G p.m. Visitors to the
city are extended a hearty welcome and In no place will they be
made to feel more at home than in our store Oui merchandise
is here for the examination of one and all. Quality and Btyle are
the particular points appaietii in all our goods. We announce the
store and the goods therein open to vour inspecti m.
*\fi \"- rJ      - ki
* _���"' li* - > ��� ���'.' ''��� ���- S.
,   t      N<#i Y* -.
hv"1   \   i  Tv ���* i
i��''��_/     Wfo *).
The   Celebrated   "Maish"
Comforters���Our New Fall
Range Now Ready
The extensive advertising campaign carried on bv   tbe manufacturers of "Maish" comforters has  made this brand  familiar  b>   name
at least to most people We aie sole agents In Nl vv Westminster
for Maish comforters and we are ready at any time to point out
their superior qualities. Vou will find them Just as advertised. They
are filled with pure white cotton as light and fluffy as eiderdown at
half the cost. Coverings are of fast colored silkolines in light and
dark grounds, with or without 1 order design; si/es 60x72, 66x72 and
72x72, with prices ranging from *2-25 t0 *4'75
A Complete Stock
of Blankets
White, grey and colored blankets in the best Canadian makes
There is great variety ln the Qualities, sizes and weights as might
be expected. Both all wool and union blankets are here In almost
every size. We show the various lines In weights ranging from live to
ten  pounds, with  prices ranging from, per pair  $3.50 to $10.75
Our Special This   Week
$4.00 Per Pair
Thirty-sis pairs of a large sized white wool blani.it bi igl I aped I-
ly as a leader In the blanket section. Mos- Btores would ask $4.50
to $5.00 per pair for the sami  blankets,   our special price thi- week,
per  pair        $4.00
Kid Gloves
Every Pair Guaranteed.
We cm ei lence greai
fat tlon In    selling    Ri j i.
kid  gloves     our  custi
ask for them In    lm 11
numbeis. If >i u have nol   ���
WOI n   Kev liici   glo\ es, ti
pair;   you   will   then   be
lo   Judge    Of their    spa
wearing ability.
$1.25 PER PAIR.
Kev tiler   Infanta   and   la Ig
gloves with t wo clasp in tan
brown and  black only;  sizes
6*  to 7',.
$1.50 PER PAIR.
Raynler    Bonneval    Glace
kid. ln shades of tan, brow n,
mode,  grey,   green,  cardinal,
navy   a^id   black,   also   wa
able  white,   all   sizes, 6'���,  I
$1.75 PER PAIR.
Reynier Suzette Glace kid,
hand bewn, three clasp, in
tan. brown and black; also
"Viso" in white, tan an.l
black  with  pearl clasps    BO 1
heavy   embroidered     backs,
i'l(|iie sewn
Our Special
Cape Kid
$1.00, $1.25 and $1.50 Par
Splendid gloves for '-.-
about wear, heavy In
sttoiig   and   durable;    i
in .ait tan oni) . sizes 6
7 Inches.
Silk Lined
$1.75 and $2.00  Per  Pair.
Ver)     i OmfOI table     glovi
being silk  lined to the vei
tip ol th��   M.-a I ���     Shown Id
tan     and     brown    Perrin's
make; sizes fl to 7 inches.
Tb' re is nothing*" K0���' for thr h.ibv
.1     i   Charles Cream,    The  result of
. nclyalj by prominent expert chemisti
kliowithat. >t. Char les Ci en in. when pr<'|��-
��rly reduced with j>ur��t le,ll<-<l witter,
is all lost identical in every resjject wilh
iniiiiitii milk. It differs from ether
Tiiilk product! ill that it is sterilised hy
heat ..lane.
St. Charles Cream does not ntrdle when
used nn acidulous ftuits and imparts a
rich, delicate flavor.   II ia 9   .
llilllianllrd milk.    It is '"   J=~"
not only besl for mother
and infant���It is better
thin the best ordinary
milk for uli purposes.
Sold by b*tt grrxxr*
Ingersoll. ���     Ont.
Six roomed house with stable in rear on two
lots, on corner of lane and  100 foot frontage, on
main street and half a block from car.
$3,000.00, easy terms.
Apply S. S.      P. O. Box 29
Try :i "Want" ad In The News   It
will bring results. **
Market Square
PHONE 475.
If you want something Choice for Sunday's
Dinner, ring up Phone 101 and order a nice roast of
Spring Lamb, Veal, Spring Chicken or anything else
that is good in the meat line.   You can sure get it at
House wiring h Ip. cialty. All orders
rhen jrompt    attention,    nnd    11 Ik Ii t
culls answered.
Phones  761  ��nd  501.
Office:    -    ���    -     435 Colun-.bia Street.


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