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The Daily News Sep 8, 1910

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 Port Ma id 11
���,,].; 5, NUMBER Iks.
U>^ihii,0 fit/
I f    C D 1 r\
Standard   Make  $5" Ps.   McMM)
BV Majority Vote,  Provincial  Government  is  Asked to
Terminate His Appointment Under Municipal Clauses
Act���Mayor Lee Surprised and Annoyed
At Aldermen's Action.
K tlie resolution passed by the city
council lasl night has any effect, the
reign "' Auditor Moses B. Cotsworth
jS ;,t an end. it was moved by Alderman Welsh, seconded hy Alderman
Smith, and passed by a majority nf
H,ree in the council, that the government be asked to terminate the appointment of -Moses B. Cotsworth as
JUdltor nf ihe city of New Westmln-
Tiie resolution took Mayor Lee completely hy surprise.    He was entirely
nprepared for such a move.
it makes tne smile," he muttered
to himself, us he started to hunt
through the Municipal Clauses act to
jee if nothing could be found which
would rule the resolution out of order. There was silence ln Ihe council as lie searched through the volume.
He tli.! uot Iind anything In the book
that exactly fitted the case, but he
casually remarked that he thought lt
vas out of order.
Alderman Jardine here arose and
remarked that it was not for his
worship to say whether the govern-
ueni would cancel the appointment
or cot and he would ask him to put
tbe motion.
Mayor l.ee: "I can rule anything
out ol order. Of course the council
can apical to the chair. The audit
��s made after the wish of the major!: y of tlie population cf N'ew Westminster, and before the year Is out
Auditor Cotsworth will be hack
flne to complete the audit."
���::,in Jardine:    "If you call the
| abuse I and others got from Mr. Cots-
tortli an  audit.  I   think  you   liave a
li i of justice.
Uderman Jardine's tone    evidently
<!!: : ol  BUil   his     worship.    "I'll    ask
jduto refer to the chair like a gentle-
Lid he.
Uderman Jardine:    "1 think I have
I. ine so and am doing so," an-
1        Mi  Jardine. i
Ji'.i.vnr Lee   here   averted    further
BnttUee hy starting on a speech on'
��fe audit  question,     He  said  that  he
Ho  regretted  that the auditor's report   bad   occasioned   any   unpleasantness.     In  the  council  everything  had I
been  going satisfactorily  until the repoit came In.
"1 have tried to be fair." said Mayor
Lee, "and have taken no sides against
anyone, or for anyone, but I am wiil. |
ing to take my  full share of the re-!
sponslbillty for the audit or for any-
thing in the audit ever since it    was,
Alderman J. Carter Smith explained L
that  he thought the auditor had flu-       ...
ished his report and so he was justi- , reply t0 the budtet he senl the:n���
fled in seconding the motion asking ! Alleging that the city was being held
for his removal., "He has finished his up by the B, C. E. K., Mayor Lee, au-
work; he is paid: can we not dispense ! thorl.ei by the council, appeaie.l
with the man ?" asked he. \ direct to the directors in London, ask-
Mayor Lee explained that his workilng them If they would    uphold    tbe
was  not  finished;   that he  would  re-; statements of the local officials,
quire a month or six  weeks to com- I    The reply of the directors,    which
plete an abstract of the hooks and to ! was read at the council meeting last
R. M. Home-Payne, On Behalf of London Capitalists, Upholds Local Officials of Ct mpany and Gives John A.
Lee The English V12W of The Dam Controversy.
by    vour
give a correct statement of the   city's
financial standing.
Alderman Welsh stated his reasons
fer making the mot ion. He stated
that if there was anything wrong,
everyone wanted to know It, but he
thought that the report of Auditor
Moses B. Cotsworth was not fair in
any particular.
That Mayor Lee's startling pioject  were thought unnecessary
Of appealing to the directors of    the  engineers and officials.
B. C. E. R, in London did not serious-!     You   aie  uo  doubt    aware    of the
ly affect    the   London    financiers   is  cancellation of your land grant around
by   the  letter   he  received  in  Coquitlam lake by the Dominion government,  presumably  through  the  Influence of your officials.
It has been said that New Westminster was opposing your company
and fighting against its develop.neut.
'Phis is as contemptible as it is false.
Placed in our position, I am convinced that every member of your
board would object even more strenuously than we have done. We have
night, shows that they have absolute rights which we must protect and the
faith in the ability and Integrity of most important of all Is the absolute
their  British Columbia  officials. guarantee of our municipal water sup-
At the request of Alderman Welsh, piy. \ye did not know whether it waa
Mayor Lee read both his letter to the threatened with contamination or not
directors and tlieir reply to him. amj glmply asked for the proof from
When he finished reading he embark- reliable and independent authority.
el on a long oration on the rights of  This  we  are    getting    through    Mr.
FALLS 10 f 1
Wi Ier supply
Natural Res ar voir Fourteen Miles North of Canadian  Northern Railway Town Has Abundance of Pure Water
For Needs of Future City���Conveyance Scheme
Under Consideration.
the city of New Westminster and the Powell, C. E., representing the provlu-
"His attack  on  Alderman    Jardine i fallibility of great engineers, claiming cial    government,    and Mr. Freeman,
was simply    ti"rce. and    his remarks | ti.at the    city,  with    the information &    _^    acting    for    the    Dominion j
issessment  were  uncalled | new at hand, was not sufficiently pio- government.    Personally,    I   will    he
tected  against possible disaster from perfectly satisfied with their findings
the works at Lake Coquitlam. to deal with your company on reason-
Mayor Lee thought that it would be at,ie terms, and am free to state that'
<i good idea to find out exactly whete  i  te!ie\e the  citizens  of  New   West-1
the city stood before    anything    else minster will be pleased to withdraw
was done.    He thought that the city farther opposition  upon    fair    condi-1
clerk  ought to  fish  out ail    the o.d tions belli,  agreed upon with the city.]
e report {documents  relating  to  any  contracts      i.et tne assure, gentlemen, that our
and agreements    with    the   company opposition is in no sens.-' obstructive,
and  Iind out exactly in what relation  but purely defensive and in the    in-
the city stood with the Company.        terest of a large body of your    su; ��� j
Alderman  Gilley  thought  the    sag-  porters and well wishers,
gestlon good.    He was not in favor of      With these facts In  your minds    I
hindeiing development, but    he    was v.'ish to draw your attention to other
an> ious lo see the water supply kept questions affecting our city,
fiee from possible contamination. We  have  been   patiently  endeavor-
It   was  finally  decided  to  leave tiie   [ng to  secure efficient  au.l  necessary
matter for the present ln the hai.Js  improvement <o our street car service
of  the  water  committee  which     will  m    New Westminster.    As   you prob-
that   any   unpleasantness to cancel  the auditor's    appointmentiprobably arrange a meeting with the ably  know  the city  is served by    a
epl in during the course of the'as it was stated by the auditor him- ��� H. C.  E. R. officials    to discuss    the  twenty  minute  schedule   (with  a  cir-
linwever. he was there in the, self that hc had further    reports    to  situation, which seems to have reach-  cuitoua route)  and    a thirty    minute
Interests of the people of New West-1 make.     He  thought  that  the  audito- a dead-lock. service between Yancouver and    New
Bluster and he wanted to see Justice ; had   gone  beyond  the  sphere of  t ������      The following are    copies    of    the Westminster, the latter serving from
Jane.   He thought that some mistakes ; work for    which he   was   appointed:   letters written b;  Mayor Lee and the  Fifth  avenue north and    west    only.
Buy have heen made in the auditor's I however, he was of the opinion  .......   explicit    reply    fiom    J.    M.    Horn*
Kfori mid if there was, he wanted to  the  report  had done good. 'Payne:
tett'ie wrong righted.   "If we ask an!     Mayor   Les   finally   put   the   matter  The President and Board of Directors
auditor or n gentleman to make a ie ito a  vote;   Aldermen  Welsh, ' Smith,!       B. C. Electric Railway Co., Ltd
about  the
"1 moved the resolution in the best
interests of the city.    I thing he was
in [most unfair in the report all the way
through,"   were  among   some  of  the
remarks made by Alderman Welsh.
Alderman (lilley agreed with Alder-
���nan Welsh, charpcterizing t
as a lot of rubbish. He stated thnt
some oi tiie exhibits put in might be
of some value to the city. During the
"'"��" of i>i�� remarks he hinted at
a change in the attitude cf Mayor Lee
from the time the auditor was engaged up to the present time.
Mayor Lee bitterly thanked him for
las kir. 1 leferences.
Aldc-.inan Johnston announced that
he  would  vote  against  the  resolution
Where is the future city of Port
Mann to obtain its water? is a question tllat has apparently occurred only
to a few.
Yet. it Is an all Important question,
for a populous and busy railroad and
manufacturing city, such as Port
.Manu is expected to become, without
an ample water supply would be as
handicapped In its progress as a bird
without wings.
Where then Is this supply of the
most necessary element contributory
to man's existence to come from ? It
Is evident that a vefj considerable
quantity will be required. Placing tlie
population within the first year or two
at say 0000, and making a moderate
allowance for Industrial purposes, a
supply of something like 450,000 gnl-
lits per diern 'Ml' be necessary. This
would be a minimum measure, and
any scheme that is formulated looking to furture needs, would be required to make provision for at ieast
flve times this quantity. A moment's
consideration will decide that such a
quantity of water cannot be obtained
anywhere in the immediate vicinity of
tho iroT'nsed townsite.
But a few miles nortl, of the coming
city nature has provided a more than
ample measure of pure water, which
would flow by natural gravitation to
Port Mann and furnish a supply suffi
cient for the needs of 250,000 people,
or more.
The course of this supply is at    a
point on the North Lillooet river, just
, oeiow    a    wild    and    beautiful    spot
'known us Martyn's Falls.   The stream
is  the    natural    overflow    of  pretty
Lillooet lake, which is fed by ylaeiers,
and at the foot of the falls the mighty
irusti of the water, tumbling over cascades  of  some  ;i00  feet  through  the
j centuries  has  worn    a  basin    which
j forms a natural reservoir. By the con-
| sti uction  of a  small  dam across the
j wild canyon through which the crystal
stream   rushes   from   the  basin,    the
| storage    capacity   of   this    reservoir
could be very considerably Increased.
It is less than fourteen miles from
Martyn's Palls to Port Mann and    in
whatever way the water might be conducted, the scheme would not present
any grent engineeiiny difficulties.
Inasmuch as this is the only possible source of an adequate supply of
good, pure water for the new city, it
has naturally a considerable value.
The property upon wllich Martyn's
Falls is situated is owned by H. A.
Eastman, of this city, under a Dominion crown grant. He is at piesent
engaged in considering a scheme for
the conveyance and supply of the
water to Port Mann, it is likely that
an incorporated company will be
formed to carry the scheme to perfection.
projected elsewhere in the province,
but New Westminster has been ana
is still neglected.
Under these circumstances I do not
think you can blame the people of
this city for becoming impatient.
Your present waiting room In this
city, for instance, is a disgrace to any
civilized community, and  1 claim  we
have been ion ,-suitenng people and Reward of $500 For Capture
have asked nothing unreasonable nor, -
Of George Reid, Husband
Of The Victim.
tl* I
nnd lf the findings are correct. |    Alderman Gray nnd Alderman Bry-
Itj  ones must be punlshod."      son were absent from the meeting.
Sapperton has also a twenty minute
service. I think your returns wiil
show you good results on the Sapperton line. I would not be surprised,
however, to know that the city line
showed less progress.    This may be
anything tuat you womci not ask and
insist on getting.
Becoming disgusted with the leng
delay in carrying oat those, admitted
by your officials to be    necessary im-' * _____
provemeuts,    1    communicated    with'
i..our local general manager, (a copy \ reward of .500 has been offered
[of which is enclosed marked A.l and ���y t,.e provlncla) government .for the
I receiving an answer trom  Ins assist-    " , _ _ ,,     , _,    .
| ant  i a copy enclosed B.).    Not wish- ����rtUra of Geor^e Reid' of Clayburn.
ing to do him an injustice by a wrong wbo is wanted to answer to a charge
I Interpretation on the, to me, astouud- of brutally murdering his wife in her
|ing  contents  of  this   letter.  I   wrote  bedroom on  Tuesday    afternoon,    on
Aldermen  Welsh, ' Smith,
port. ����������� muBj tai;e j,i8 report and con-1 Gilley and Jardine voting for the can-j      London, England.
���Mer it    If the findings in the report cellation of the auditor's appointment, |    Gentlemen,���It is with regret that I
��reti:t rinht, then the people wrong-, and      Alderman      Johnston      voting i am compelled, as mayor of this city to accounted for by the service clrcum-
lullv accuse!    mav    vindicate    them-  against. | approach your honorable body on be- navigating the city:  a man can walk
half of the rights of tho citizens of fr0m Columbia stre-t, the business
New Westminster as we conceive thoroughfare, to the residential and
them. upper part of the city and be ahead of
Unfortunately we, as citizens, have  the car.   This leaves the western por-
for the past year or more been ln op-  tion   of  the  city,  approximately  one
position  to the project of your com- quarter, without any service at all.
pany In building a dam at Coquitlam      \\'e ilflVe also been asking for some
lake. two or three years for a tram    ser-
At the time the proposition was vice t0 Fraser Mills (Millside). There
first made we had little or no data \B there a large lumber mill and some
concerning it. True we had a state- thousand or more inhabitants. The
ment fiom your engineer that theie owners of the mill have been petition-
was no question about the safety of ing us to try and secure this service
the dam, or maintenance of the purity for them so that their emplovecs and
of our water supply. There had been families could have reasonable access
no    satisfactory    survey    of the   sur- to  N'ew  Westminster.    The result of
  roundings made, showing the area and the delay has forced the mill to erect
[nature of the land to be flooded, an.l  and op?ra��e a  store to supply neces-
A  fire that at one time threatened ; no borings or test pits to prove    the saries  to their employees, even this,
on   Lulu  island  in '��� foundation. I am Informed by the mill authoiities.
lt should be remembered that we |s not sufficient to keep the men satis
had spent a considerable amount of fled, they want some convenience to
money in purchasing tiie right to the pet to the city. The non-fulfillment of
water of Coquitlam lake and were the promise to construct this line has
owners of the land surrounding it. caused New Westminster and its
you therefore cannot blame us for displaying considerable Interest in any
undertaking that would flood our property ond possibly jeopardize our
water supply.
The opposition started because    of
the luck of proper knowledge of   the
for a confirmation, (copy enclosed O.)
tha  twenty-third anniversary of    her
'    " Dwelling    House   and   Stable   Saved
United States Awarded Five    from Destruction���BiMe is stin
Points ln Fisheries Dispute
-Great Britain Two.
Smouldering in Brush.
and leceived the even mo:e Incomprehensible statement from the   general birth.
manager (copy enclosed D.). I resent- The murder Is perhaps the most
ed this quite evident "hold-up" and brutal In the criminal annals of Brit-
concluded that there was nothing left lsh Columbia. The woman was in her
for ir.e to .'.o but Inform the council bedroom, fully dressed and wearing a
and public that my attempts to come hat ���nen ��he was attacked by a fiend
to some amicable arrangement witu who struck her five blows on the fore-
your local officials was unsuccessful, head with a carpenter's hammer, spllt-
1 regretted very much to have to uo ting the skull and scattering brains
this, but my duty as chief city official and blood over the bed and floor. Not
left no other course open. satisfied   with   this,  the   brute    next
I was authorized by the council to slashed her throat with a razor, sever-
take the matter up direct with \our lng the windpipe,
board in Loudon and ascertain if t:.e The crime was discovered about
sentiment contained ln the enclosed seven o'clock on Tuesday evening, but
communications were the sentiments no word was received here until about
of your company, and further to re- nine o'clock yesterday morning. Two
speetfully ask that your board give b. C. E. R. men who boarded with the
the necessary Instructions for the im- Heids were the first to learn of the
mediate commencement of the neces- murder.
sary Improvements referred to herein.     An inquest was held yesterday be-
in conclusion, Gentlemen, let me as-  f0re Coroner Dr. Stewart, when a ver-
sure you that we deslte ta worK    in diet of murder was returned, the jury
harmony   with  your  company,  whilst  holding George Reid, husband of the-
/'������'��� Hague, Sept. 7.���Tlie century-
��'d fisheries dispute, the source of
c',:v nl diplomatic friction between
,lle United States, Great Hi itain.
Ctoa la and Newfoundland, was
"Med today with the award of the
:tl''" 11 arbitration largely In favor
ot the l'nited States.
several   dwellings
the city limits was fanned Into a brisk I
blaze  yesterday    afternoon.     It    had
been smoldering for several  days.       j
The Bremen were called out and a
chemical   engine  and  two  men  spent
the  afternoon    at    the    seat of    the
trouble.    There  was  no  water  theie.
,11'1, An clean  government  is sua   but  the men  with the chemical did
���wetl on pointf 2, S, 4, 8 and 7. out lome good work and managed to save
JJ ;: total of seven points on which the   dwellin ;   and    stable   ot  D. D,
jj* Issue was fituued.    Great Biitaln  Bourke from total destruction,
*KU mi questions 1 anl T>. i    The Htenien left about eight o'clock
While the l'nited States triumphs at night, leaving everything In good
j��� points, point 6, decided in favor of condition. The blaze was burning m
���j��t Britain, has been held by Eng- 8J���.e brush and peat nnd ls not yet
Mnmen to be the most  important of extinguished,
J"��M submitted. This was stated In n .aay break out again today if the
~J form of this question: From ' wlinl rises. The only damage done
jere must be measured tluee marine waa to a plank road which was par-
~lle�� or any of the coasts, bays, tlally liestiojed.
' eeki or harbors referred to In i
, '    of    the
Uofy of 1818 ?
..United   States    fishermen    claimed
e "8ht  to take  the  measure from
'   ' P,art "f the Hritish North Amort
merchants to lose a vast amount    of
The extension re nilred would only
be about two miles from your Sapperton line.
We also asked for th-' construction
of a line down Lulu Island. This Is a
conditions. Wo asked the government coming and very 'eslrable and Im-
to withhold approval of the undertak- portant manufacttiring section of our
ing pending investigation. Your local city. Representatives of thrc1 new
officials displayed considerable oppos- industries called on me stating that
tlon to this request, and presse.l the if we had this railway on the island
government for Immediate approval. I they would erect their plants there,
feel assured that your board will employing a number of skilled me-
agree that our proposition was reason- chanics and laborers. I brought this
able and Just, and such an one as to the attention of your local officials,
your board, composed of Intelligent and I am informed that the represen-
buslness men, would have insisted on tatlves of the proposed Industrial con-
for "your company. cerns furnished them  with the prob-
It will be unnecessary    for me   to able output of their various plants   I
safeguarding tho interests of tlie citizens.
Yours very faithfully,
Juli.N  A. LHl'J,
The Rcp'y.
London, August 2:', 1910,
his Worship Mayor Lee,
City hull. Ne* Westminster. B.C.
Dear Sir,���On behalf of the di ec-
tors of the Hritish Columbia Electiio
railway I have the honor to acknowledge, with thanks, receipt of your
favor of August ���!.
Wo have read all the accounts published in the newspapers concei ulng
the controversy between the citizens
of New Westminster and    our    corn-
deceased, responsible for the crime.
Provincial Police Officer Wilkin
went to Clayburn from heie yesterday
to take charge of the case. He remained there all night directing the
hunt for the fugitive husband.
i The Heids were not very well
known at Clayburn, only coming there
in July from Eastern Canada. They
had been married about thirteen
months, and came west to take charge
of Mr. Hemphill's fifty acre farm at
Clayburn, living on a house on the
property. As far as could be learned
the couple did not quarrel and the
husband is said to be an abstainer.
Reid is a member of the Orange order.
I Mrs. Reid's prrents live in Vancouver and are hiuhly respectable, ac-
pany   nnd I need hardly say that the '        whQ d_ u_;
negotiations and coneB.ondence    be-  le..e���bt!)eir names
���'" shore and therefore the liberty to
l'' Hl 'be middle or anv Canadian
JV or   estuary having    a radius   of
com ,h,'ee miles-    The Brltl��h
nJ     'on waa that the limit Ins been
"tired from an Imaginary line con-
' be   headlands.    The   peace
'���'nsi.lined the    British    contev
Ke��?    can* wi" lho right to employ
1(,''""iKlliuulos-R on their fishing ves-
Wd other minor points.
p    Niobe to Sail In October.
��l'l.iRrr,K"v,mh'     Kn*"     *���*���     7'~Tlie
.hleh ;Nlo,,e of the Canadian navy,
'-���<.. w"s ('��minlpsioned yesterday,
���Id ,���'"1',1'""l', <������ Captain Macdon-
^' 'wcb for Halifax early In Octo-
Bye elections in Alberta.
Edmonton   Sept. 7.���The   elections      	
for  the   vacancies  in  the    provincial: recapitulate the disadvantage  we. as  was informed in a letter dated  May
house  in   Macleod  and  Glelcheii  con-1 citizens,  had  to  face.    Your officials  30, over the signature of your general
fluencies will probably beheld early 1 m  not    iend    us their    support as manaper  that nejotlatlpns �����<��'�� ""-n I
in October  according to the gossip at  readily as they should have done as in progress wiih the various industries
haGovernment buildings here.    Can- UepregentaUves of the city, with the  with a view of running spur lines to
aa are named in both    and    the  resuit  that the securing of an inde- the  factories.    Nothing  further    lias
���-���������- pendent competent engineer  was un- been done, notwithstanding the    fact
duly d*laved.   The results of the find-  that the city widened Us new bridge,
lngs of Mr. Chlpman and Mr. Powell  to provide for railway transportation. I
you aie.    of course,    familiar    with.  The double tracking of the interuiban I
These and other subsequent evidences line was stopped at Central Park, and
have  convinced   the   majority  of  the  although  we were promised  Its com-,
people of New Westminster that our pletion into New Westminster by July |
opposition was well taken.   As a fur- 1,  nothing has  yet  been  done.    For
ther proof of this Mr. J. F. Freeman the early  consummation of the varl-
has required many things to be done ous schemes. 1 have appealed In vain
to prove the foundation of the dath to your local officials.   Promises were
and is making and  has  made  many made from time to time, but no reconditions to snfe. uard the purity of suits have been forthcoming,
the water supply which were not ��*<n-     Extensile Improvements and erten-
ltemplated in the original scheme and sions were being tnadf and new lines
negotiations and conesi
tween the local manager and the city
of  New  Westminster  have  had    our
closest personal attention.
We  engaged as our    engineer    at                        ,         He wa8 tJj     he_,.
great expense one of the three hist ,__\ .,_��,..__��_�� j j :_    	
Reid was last seen about two
o'clock on Tuesday aftcnoon. two
hours after the crime is supoosed   to
parties are ready for the contebt.
Vannutelll Faints.
Montreal, Sept. 7.-Cardinal
Vannutelll. the papal legate,
threw thousands Into con-
sternatlon when he fainted at
a big reception here this evening. His condition ls reported
bb not being serious.
��� !
5 ������'��;������������������������ ���������������'
living authoiities on
dams, and instructed him that in his
plans he must primarily secure the
absolute purity of the city's water
supply, and needless to say, the safety
of the dam, the less or any fault in
which would necessail'y cost the company several million dollars.
From the flrst our management
have offered the city authoiities and
the citizens every possible facility ��� f
assuring themselves on these points
and bad we been met in a reasonable
spirit our respective engineers and
representatives could have settled
what Investigations and test pits
were necessary, and the whole subject could have   been    satisfactorily
i    ti      t   ivi  'nK towards Abbotsford   and is    sun-
n.iiiaii Kiii  p(jged to be acr08s tlle boundary line
by this time.
Liable to Penalty.
Vancouver, Sept. 7.���The
White Pass and Yukon railway
was this afternoon said by the
chairman of the railway commission to have been guilty of
granting preferential freight
rates to one firm, thereby laying itself open to a heavy
penalty. The action to be taken
was not stated.
(Coatlauod ou Page five.)
��������������������������������������������������� If
m I
WAN I ED ��� A S.MAI.I. FURNISHED (Successors to Ha'e Bros. & Kennedy.
house  September  lo  or    October  1, Limit id.)
by young couple who can . iie un
Questionable references, Write A
\., (-ire this pa] er.
" | Over   Merchants   Eank,  Cor. Columbia
and Begbie Sis.
New Westminster, B. C.        Phone 335
Bcncj of Plantagenet Kings Tound by
Archaeoiogist   in   Abbey   of
Shippers     Now     Declining     to     Ship
While   Prospects   Are   Uncertain.
No   Cargoes   for   Vessels.
Six    i coined    house     (labor    only).;
Plans and  particulars    from    Jonn |A GINGER 8NAP���City lot, 45x145, on
Uunt an, Lord Kelvin school.
apply Walsh :;ash and Door Factory,
fruit cannery. Apply 12 Fronl street.
���___.__________.���__.�����mm  ��� 1
speak English, wants position. Apply P, 0. Box 818, City.
position tis ti washing maid or
family day work. Apply 27 McNeely
street,  city.
flrsl  i lass lady clothes ironcrs    and !
two siiirt polishers; two dollars per
d:,y and fare. Electric Lace & Silk
laundry, Vancouver.
grapher with experienced preferrea,
Applj   at  ome,
Third avenue and tram line, one lot
and street from Queens park. Price
$2000; $G00 cash, balance 6, 12 and
18  months at  7  per cent.
man avenue, close to tram line,
1% acre lot, cleared and
60 trees planted. Ten roomel two
story house, stone foundation, hot
water heating furnace, electric light
and modem conveniences. Price
$7000; $2000 casli, balance over
three years at 7 pei- cent. .One
thousand gallon an hour artesian
well lately struck near this pro-
] erly.
Paris, Sept, 7.���A discovery of great
Interest bus been made in the old
. Abbey of Fon;e\ mult,
l'he skeletons of King Henry II. of
England, his wife Eleanor, his daughter Joan (who married King William
jof Sicily), and King Richard Coeur j
de Lion, lane been found In the crypt.
There can be no doubt whatever of
their genuineness.
Although    tiie    Plantagenet    kings
St. Johns, N. lb, Sept. 7.���With n
ba l slump In the New York  lumbei
I market, shipping men here regard the
outlook bine. Freights have fluctu-
ated considerably in the presenl season, but H has now come to the point
where there is nothing offering al all,
'as shippers decline to ship in the
rocky condition of the market.
Whether or not vessels wlll lay up as
an  outcome   remains  to  be  seen,   but
Do  You  Want  to
Sell Your Acreage
or City Property?
If so, we have clients open
to purchase property of all
descriptions. Send your list
addressed to''Inland, "P.O.
Box 431, New Westminster.
Quick results guaranteed
.witiwiJL.il        i.iiu       i  iaiiuii,uiji:i.       ni��an ' ...        , ,       . k  .      , ,.,,     ,,, t . *���
were known to hav, bee,  buried   n\���me arTe  ""''  b.e.re ��    ' !   ,''.'" '': C*      i. ftrt   AnftrAva|     A
the  abbe.,,   an.l  although   the  tomb-W-.    nt��n\S0iP0P ��LtHJ   ��� ^flt Hll ApprUVdl   J\\
stones   of   Richard   Coeur   de   Lion. ���3*d ' '."   .hey had |l "ne, l��" ''���   ', '"I * -*i *   '
Queen   Eleanor and   Henrj    lb.  wit;,;'"'0 <;t flnS anyw>Yrre' ia"1 ":' "  ,       To Responsib .a Psop .��   * |j��S
their full-length effigies, are on view "e to gel a cargo. When it was asked fcyj
there,   the   .raves   themselves   wer�� lf ��?e bottom was falling out of the ��    oy o tl I 11\   HRJ
W.  S.  Collister  &
there,    the    .raves    themselves    were
never found, and it was believed that
they had been desecrated in the revo-
. INE     FRASER    FRONTAGE���Forty   I'll inti  of  1789 and  the  royal  remains
acres (1050 ft.) near New Westmin- scattered,
ster. Two seven and eight roomed The old abbey became a prison in
houses on property aud wharf 180* it has since fallen largely into
building 20x40; 20 to 25 acres culti-1ruins, and M. Magne, of the Fine Arts
a] ply  Royal < Ity steam  laundry.
a few hours daily, by English lady.
\!>lly Mrs, Wlxey, 320 Columbia
strei t.
day or contract. A] , ly
Box 19, Dailj
vated. Price $20,750: terms. $675 I
cas i, $3000 November I, 1910 balance over three years al 7 per cent.
I [alf of i his property separately for
$H 00. Torn s $262 5 cash, ba a
In three equal payments at 7 pei
i ent.
IPECIAU- Two    ten   v.:
Idsl   of  Twin  Cities on :
Mo re's millinery parlors, opposite
posi office.
acre  lots  In
stibdi : I i of 33 foi i lots. Will be !
sold e< paratelj or I igether for sl r
time at $675 an . c e; a! oul i If
_ li e ol a Ijacenl subdh Ision pro.
perty.    1 lasy terms, on i ppllcal lon.
department, was'recently Instructed
by the minister for Pine Arts to restore it is far as was possible to its
original condition.
During i.i:, ,.i ; k in the ruins of I b ���
crypt   M,   Magn -   ha 1   a   wall   palled
I down, and  found  behind  it  an   arch
;�� '.'��� ii a gold cross and a coal of arms.
sei eral  i ild   li - pards   inscribe i
On the wails were the nan: s
Ali .  .."    i Eleanor),    and
room and board near Eighth avenue
and Twelfth street. Reply K., News
<V A N T ED ��� H 0 1' S E '���'. E E PING
I oon s for mai lied couple. Apply
Box A.A., this office.
Sash fi  Door factory.
housework- and plain cooking, Apply   U'5   Third  avenue.
.sab- off the farm on market Friday,
September 9, one heavy team of
horses; will do any kind of work.
Thomas Corbett.
Over  Merchants   Eink,  Cor.  Columbia
a id   Benbic   Sts.
New Westminster.  B. C.      Phone  335
" Rich ird,
"i lenri."
M,  Mu| ne gave "'der.: to dig
the   four   gravi * wei e   found,
skeletons lay fn m east to west.
As si   n ��� ������ the re itoratlon is co
piete I the ske]e ons of the Plantaj ���
nets  will   b    ; ��������� e 1  under t he   be tu
tifully carved tovnbstones in the   ab
! ey.
if the bottom was falling out of thi
market,    the    reply    came    quickl.
"Why, it  ha.s already gone and there
Is nothing left."
Another prominent Bhlpplng man
said, "We have a large vessel in New
l'ork now with a cargo of 700,0i i
laths thai cannot be disposed of at
The latest bulletin from the Nl >'.
York markel states that it was about
the sai ie as I isl . i ek, v. hlcb n is
aboul as bad as it could be, I hai t h -
demand i.: sl< w, with pi Ice le is $17
��� . .::. : od that it is hard to find
b i; e .-. Ri ;arding laths, t he bullel In
says i      the rei ri   so large
ed foi  prei ent ��n il i
and con i ssions  hai e to be  mai i
, pui chasi for future m ��� da.
,.p j Tho quotatl ins are $3.40 to $3.50 I r
,m,     the best .   . la istock
Win a ii Is I iken Into considei ������'loi
i hai      e  spruce  1 i   have
eon rang! i   $27   to   $30   and
latl i   Fro  i   ������ ���   5  lo  ��� ' 50,  I ime  ld<
of the      te    . I: ;. had.
itrf    y..a     u*   ft.'
i\HI 5
665���Columbia Street 665
--      New Westminster, B. C.    9
"" *mm***-**~nmr t
Mineral Waters
Aerated Waters!
Manufactured by
Telephone  R  113. Offlci :  Princess St
/ p.   .:-*������
Head   Of.ricc        -        451   Columbia  St.
New Westminster,  B. C.
Eranch Office      -      -      Kamloops, B.C.
LOT ��7, of subdivision B, of section
20, block 5 north, range li west,
containing one and one-sixth acres.
Price $2000; one-third cash, balance six. twelve and eighteen
months  at .  7    per  cent.    Interest.
London. Sept. 7.���Eai
recently announced that the govern
ment Intended to found credit banks
in England, under state auspices. This
announcement follows closely upon
the decision of the Irish governmenl
to withdraw state support lrom the
credit banks, which have proved such ne
 SIXTY ACRES In section 30, township
FOR    SALE���TWENTY-TWO    FOOT     8, prairie land.   Price $125 per acre;
launch in first class   condition;    a!    one-third   casli,   balance   one   and
for :$l.n cash.    Apply 818 Ken-      two years. (204-A.)
ne ly street,
New Westminster.
house to rent. 217 Keary street,
on Westminster road; about isti
feet to another road; for $700; tjuar.
ter cash. Herbert Gay, Windsor
hotel, after ti o'clock.
room,   IL'l  Third avenue.
apply 713 Trew street.
ply    upstairs Trapp    block,    corner
Columbia street and Clarkson.
KOOM TO RENT���A comfortable furnished bedroom suitable for two
gentlemen.   Apply at 2?,?, 8th St.
rooms. 70.", Third avenue. Apply
after 6 p. m. or between 9 a. ni. anil
5 p. in. at Room 11. 0^3 Columbia
First class board.   Newly
rooms,    All  home cooking.
very reasonable, al 513 Agnes stieet.
room suitable for two. Handy to
business section. Apply 120 Tenth
THIRTY ACRES In section 36, blocl;
5 north, range 1 west, twenty acres
cleared, with new bouse and barn;
.ood water. Price $270 per acre.
Terms     over     eighteen     months.
TWENTY acres in section 33, block
5 north, range 2 west, N. W. 1).
Price $500 per acre; one-third cash,
balance six and  twelve months    at
i  per cent.
FIFTY acres in section 32, block 5
north, range 2 west, N. W. D.; absolutely the best subdividing proposition in Port Mann district today. Why ? The terms are one-
fifth cash, and the balance over
TEN YEARS, with interest at 6 per
cent. (221-A.)
TEN acres, being lot 6, section 27,
block 6 north, range 2 west, N.W.D.,
on new Yale road. $S0f) per acre;
$2500 cash, balance six, twelve and
eighteen months at 7 per cent, interest. (222-A.)
 ������ 160 ACRES on the Scott road within
HOI SK���j    Six    ml|es    of    N>_   Westminster,
iurnishcd,    price jg5 ,.��.,. a(.re.
Terms,    balance six, twelre
one-third cash,
and    eighteen
Inrestigste this.    (208-A.)
store in the K. P, block; suitable
for stoie rooms, skating rink, 0r
moving pictures, etc., etc. For particulars apply to .John Forrester.
Sec. K, P. Trustees, 517 St. George
street,  City.
80 ACRES in section 25, township 2,
$150 per acre; $4200 cash, balance
over two years. (141-A.)
10 ACRES In northwest quarter of
section iti, township 2. $200 per
acre; one-third cash, balance six and
twelve months at 7  per    cent,    in-
noon, a gold watch and chain, either
on Columbia si net, or between
Third avenue and Pine street. Reward.   Return to Dally ftews office,
ing sum of money and checks
Finder return to the Royal City
Dye Works and receive
FIVE ACRES in section 18, township
s. on Newton road. $150 per acre
Terms over two years. (01-A.)
FIVE ar.re tracts, consisting of the
most fertile soil In Langley districts, cleared and In a high state
of cultivation; tram line running
through the property; good roads
on all sides. Price $175 per acre
and up. Terms, one-fifth cash, balance over throe  years.
a blessing to the farmers of Ireland.
These institutions were founded by-
Sir Horace Plunkett's Irish Agricultural Organization society, and they
now number 267, They have an approximate membership of 18,000, their
capital is $265,000, and they have lent
to their members upwards of $1,250,-
i"1'1 since the flrst was found id in
How they came to lose state aid ir,
a curious story. Sir Horace Plunkett, j
the vice president of the department
of agriculture and technical instruction in Mr. Balfour's government,
after years of splendid work for the
uplifting of Irish industries, lost his
seat in parliament. His record was
unique, but he was eventually hounded out of this non-political office nominally because he was not an M. P.;
now the position is filled by T. W.
Russell, who is also now without a
seat in tlie house of commons, and
yet continues to hold bis ollice. On
May 10 last a deputation from the
society waited upon the congested
district, board and asked for further
financial assistance to enable the organization society to develop agricultural co-operation generally in tho
west of Ireland. The society had been
in receipt of $1(150 a year for organizing and supervising credit banks in
the congested districts. They now
wished to extend this work over the
greatly enlarged area entrusted to the
new board, and also to introduce
other forms of agricultural co-operation, believing it to be vitally important that the organization of voluntary
effort should keep pace with the state
assistance likely to be given by a new
government body with $1,250,000 a
year lo spend, as provided under the
new land act. Mr. Russell, who is ex-
oftleio, a member of the congested
district board, In the course of the interview warned the board against acceding to the request of the society.
He made certain damaging statements
about the banks to which his department has lent large sums of money;
said that the peasantry, whom the society had trusted, were dishonest;
that public funds had been rashly
loaned to these hanks and that they
were in danger of being lost.
Some correspondence has passed on
the matter, and the society claims to
have successfully rebutted Mr. Russell's statements. Rut the Interesting
point, ts that in Ireland the government, through Mr, Russell, has discouraged credit, hanks, while in Kngland It professes to regard tbem as an
Washington,   D. C, Sept. 7.���A  ne-
;  o vas arraigned before P ': e Justice   Mullowny   this   morning   on   a
Carrington charge  ol   sti iling   su i el   c rn   from
t he  i lanl   cli iction of I lie   de
pai t ment  ol  agi (culture's expei [mental farm.
After glacing over the diagnosis of
the ailmenl 3 affiicl lng this  particular
iii Id of i era the j istice turned to the
o and said;
"Don't you know that that coin was
full of saproph) tes, i hj comyicetes,
mucorales, i erisporiales and ei j se-
pha eae?"
"O, ray lawd, jedge, don't say dat,"
gasped the negro. "Ah knowed Ise
feelin, mighty ba I���sick in de bald
an' lai. s."
"Go down for thirty days," said the
judge, "ami when you gel out give thei
saprophytes a wide nenn."
Every pen g       ���  ���    I
f::: , i : ���  . i      i. ���
ou right ban I may ke n��,!
���:\   e.ihei   oui
blai k . pal '.in. oi
Ni iu brc
s desired, c
plain oi  ��� ngravi.\ luiish.
us ]irei,
1   i mi    -    tbit]      a "i
. i. II. r    ���i.    ���
,    (���     I    r    .      , . ���     i
i :   ' ���    i I     :, t: . :   I   ..:,���,  ,(
.;  I
,; aci  ,-t    r���   il,.i,t   ��� i   I
.   . '     I    ..
Cer an in '.      . md _
I -    ' -    !     -     I  .
.    |   -'- ���.   ���   .    ���  f ll       r
.,   ...     ,1     ..'.     a; y    1    ill
I   . '.. I ' ���   lliop]    : . I ,.���. ** i il, ��� .
.,���!���    *���      -   M   I ,.l I   Itch.     Il-li
print)  I   '    i
point. I '       ���������! ���������>'>'���
... t, .. flla lutitli. RtUi
trtrrwlwr* l,,r 9: so. A,, ���'
,.������t, l    Virtl. for . ���ml,   Wnli
.    ���   ���' !..,t >,,-! f ..;��� t   '     A ! . - *
** Laughiin Mfg. Co,**j
UajMtle Bldg.
Detroit. vi
essential   feature of slate
the encouragement of agile
ult ure.
Just the time for a New Suit!
Your old one is getting to look shabby. Our stock
of  Fall  Suits and  Overcoats  is  complete.
New   Patterns,   New  Style*.
I ly .lames Doyle, Penitentiary Row,
if not called for In fourteen davs
will  be sold  to defray expenses,
. O. O. P. AMITY LODGE NO. ^7���
The regular meetings of this lodge
are held in Odd Fellows' Hall, cor-
ner Carnarvon and Eighth streets,
every Monday evening at 8 o'clock.'
Visiting brethren cordially invited
to attend. \V. II. W, st, X.G.; W. ('.
Coatham. p.c. recording secretary;
���i. W. MacDonald, financial secre-
Through our branch office at Kamloops we have received some of the
best fruit lands in that vicinity. Call
and get particulars.
Frank C. Cook, Gen. Manager.
Head  Office        .        451   Columbia  St.
New Westminster, B. C.
Branch Office -      Kamloops, B.C.
with guld chain, between tram ofllce and Third street. Suitable reward for returning same to Daily
News ofllce.
London, Sept. 7.���Mrs. Katherine
Booth-Cllbborn, eldest daughter or
General Booth of the Salvation Army,
and once known as "the Marechale"
is destitute, and, according to Horatio
Bottomley, M. P., she is actually In
need of bread for hersef and ten children.
According to published statements
the aged head of the Salvation Army
refuses to hold any communication
with his daughter, despite the fact
that her sad plight has been known to
hlm for some time. He has never
forgiven her for leaving the Salvation Army with her husband, Percv
General CUbborn became infatuated
with the teachings of John Alexander
Dowle out in Chicago und publicly acclaimed him as "Elijah II." Later
CUbborn joined Dowie's colony at
'Zlon. but became helpless through illness.
The cut here produced shows our new Model 10,
Type Y.   A very fashionable suit for   a
young or middle aged man.
Prices in 20th Century Suits $20.00 to $32.50
M. J. Phillips
The Wardrobe Clothier
Sole Agents for 20th Century Clothing and Christie
and Stetson Hats
Columbia Street New Westminster, B. C.
Many People who have
never before been in a
position to do so, may
now be ready to open a
bank account.
The Bank of Toronto
offers to all such people
the facilities of their
laage and strong hanking organization.
Interest is paid on Savings
Balances half-yearly. :: ::
Business Accounts opened
on favorable  terms.
ASSETS   $48,000,000
615 Columbia Street.
White Star-Dominion]
Canadian Service
Montreal to Liverpool
Trlple  screw,  14.9T torn..
S.S. MEGAN i.-^_
Twin screw, 11,300 tons, "he
largest and most modern. Accommodation equal to any crossing the Atlantic.
For Rates and Tickets Apply <��
C. P. R. Passenger Station
Furniture Made to Any Design.
Furniture Repaired,
Woodwork of All Kinds,
39 Alexander St.
Green Cut Bone to Make
Your  Chickens Lay.
Central Meat Market
Corner  Eighth St. nnd  Fifth Avenue.
PHONE 370.
For all kinds of
Phone 695
or leave orders at
The    Arrow   Press
Mrs. E. M. Dominy, Pro-
near The Dally News Co., 609 Vict"1
Trv  a  "WANT"  ad  In  Tlie
It will bring results.
News. ,RSDA
Y, SEPTEMBER  8,  1910.
Automobile for Hire
Day  and   Night.
Telephone'- Day 703. Night L611
Rank of Montreal
"      ESTABLISHED 1817.
.iSaWnd,  ����  irl   London    Eng
10APLTAuE ''.'..........    11,000,000.00
clie3 throughout    Canada    and
throughout province _SAW WONDERFUL GROWTH
mow Vork, Chicago and Spokane,
\]."*\ and Mexico City. A general
_fZ_a business transacted. Let-
rS In'iedit |88U-"1' aYaiUble with
[Jrrespondents in   all   parts of   the
ravings Bank D->F��rtment���Deposits
lived  in  sums ol  $1  and  upward,
I'd interest ailowei at 3 per oent. per
'Iin) (prose-it  rate).
U Total  Assets   over   $1SC.0M,QM.M
G. D. BRYMNER, Manager.
I Transfer Co.
Barn 'Phone IS?
Columbia Street-
p,jg��ge   delivered   promptly   to
ii.t part ot the city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
Gardiner & Gardiner
(P. G. Gardiner)
I Room fi   Westminster Trust Building
New Westminster, B. C.
Phone 661
Residence   Phone   133
p, 0. Box 395
Phone  730
rphy & Craig
At tlie annual meeting of the agricultural societies of British Columbia
held in Victoria in January last, dates
for the fairs throughout the Province
were arranged as follows:
First   Circuit.
Alberni      sept. 14 and 15
Nanaimo     sept. 16 and 17
Comox     gept, 22 and 23
Cowichan       Sept. 23 and 24
The Islands   Sept. 21
Victoria      sept. 2' to Oct. 1
N. and  S.  Saanlch Oct. 7 and 8
Second   Circuit.
Coquitlam      Sept. 20
Maple   Ridge Sept. 21 and 22
Mission       sept. 23
Agassiz       Sept. 27 and 28
Chilliwack      Sept. 20, 21 and 22
Third    Circuit.
Nicola      Sept. 13 and 14
Armstrong      Sept. 22 and _
Vernon        s*pt. IS to 17
Kamloops        Sept. 2! to 30
Kelowna      Sept. 21 aad 21
Salmon   Arm    ti��#t   23 aud 24
Summerland       Oct. 17 and  \%
Fourth Circuit.
Surrey       Sept. 27
Langley       Sept. 28
Eburna     Sept. 29 and 39
Ladner      Sept. 23 and 24
Manager   of   Harland    and   Wolff    Retires   After    Forty    Years   Active
Work   in   Business.
Heating  and  Plumbing
HI Jobbing   Promptly   Attended   To
Colonial   Block
Gold Watclea for Ladles from |12V5
Silver Watches,    gents'    open  face
Iti r Watches,  gpnts'  op?ii    case,
j tf30 up.
Ai-ei.t    for    Waltham   and     Kigm
Witch repairing a speclaltv.
ftoDonia from Geo. Adams' Grocery
3Vi  to 26 H.  P.
2 and 4 Cycle.
Local  Agents
Westminster Iron Works
Phone   53.
Tenth   St..  New   Westminster.
And  Upriver  Landing*
The  New Sternwheeier
Leaves Braekmnn-Ker Milling Ce*
Panys wharf, New Westminster, with
Passeii. <>i s  and  freight  aa  follews:
Leaves New Westminster Tuesday
Thin sday and Saturday at 8 a. m.
Leaves Chllllwaok Wednesday, Fri
��"!' and Sunday at 7-a. m.
f|rst Class Passenger Accommodation
New   Westminster.
Train  Service New
5:45���To Seattle, Port  Moody,  Bar-j
nett and Vancouver.
8:00���To Vancouver.
9:15���To Montreal, Nicola, Vancou--
ver and local points.
li:0B���To St. Paul. Kootenay points
and Sumas.
1 ti: 45���To    Vancouver      and    local
points,  Agassis and local points.
19:;I5���To Montreal and    Okanagan
20:50���To Vancouver only.
Arrivals. *
7:43���From    Montreal,    Vancouver,!
Port   Moody.
9:10���From    St.    Paul,   Okanagan,
Kootenay and Sumas.
10:18���From     Agassiz.     Vancouver
and local points.
16:15���Prom  Vancouver.
1S: 45���From     Vancouver,      Seatt'e I
and  local  points.
20:40���From Vancouver.
22:02���From  Montrea!    and    Nicola 1
ED  GOULET, Agent  C.  P.  Ft.
H.  C.   B.   FOSTER,   A.  G.   P.  A.,  Van
W. B. Walsh      W. E. Walsh, Jr.
Factory, 226 14th St.
New  Westminster,  B.C.
Phone 413.
We  make  a   specialty   of   flr
doors,  steamed  and kiln  dried.
Dublin, Sept. 7.���Uexander Montgomery Carlisle, the general manager
ami chairman of the managing directors of Messrs. Harland and Wolff,
shipbuilders, of Belfast, has retiied
from his position owing to nervous
All his working life has heen connected with the gieat firm from which
he now retires, lie joined as a pupil
apprentice in 1870, under the late Sir
E. J. Harland, the founder of the
business, an.l passed steadily upwards
iI'i',ugh all tlie stages of employment
to the highest, but he has worked too
hard and with too few holidays, and
nature has now reminded him of her
claims, happily he Is only fifty-six,
and he may hope for a long autumn
of life in which to enjoy his belated
Harland and Wolff's have been described   hy   qualified   experts    as   tlie
most complete shipbuilding yard in
ihe world, and lt has ucliieved'success
In spite of the fact that all Its s:ee:
and iron and coal, of wliich commodities its consumption is enormous,
I have had to he imported.
Before surrending his position. Mr.
Carlisle completed the arrangements
for the launch a few months hence of
the two greatest vessels the oceans
have known���the White Star liners
Titanic and Olympic, each with a tonnage of 4H.00II. They are much bigger than the Lusltanla (32,000 tons),
but have not her greyhound speed,
having heen deliberately designed for
a rate of twenty-one or twenty-two
knots. Comfort, steadiness and accommodation rather than speed were
the ends aimed at in their construction. Mr. Carlisle is a great believer
in the big ship. Like Lord Pirrie, his
distinguished chief, he thinks the only
fault of the Great Eastern was that
she was before her time. With ade-1
quate docks and harbors for their'
housing, be thinks that the ship of
heavy tonnage is the ship of tho fu-
Mr. Carlisle has peen a remarkable
growth in the size   of   the    Atlantic '
liners during his long   career.      The |
first Oceanic he, helped to build for the '
White  Star  company   had   a  tonnage ���
of 3000, the second Oceanic was 17,01 0
tons:  the Adriatic.  America, and the t
Rotterdam   (built  for  different  lines) |
climbed to 25,000 tons: the Lusltanla
and    Mauretania.    cradled    in    Other
yards, crept oh with 32,000.    Harland
and   Wolff  have  now  replied  with   a
Titanic    Olympic    and    an    Olympic
Titanic,  each  of  46,000  tons.   Where
the competition in size will end,   no
body can presume to say.
Mr.   Carlisle  had  always   combinod
industry  with  a  vivid  Bohemlanlsm.
He does not golf, he does not shoot, |
I he  does not  fish, and   be  has   beSn
(heard   to  declare   that  lie xmly    read
one   book   through   in   his   life:   but
music and the theatre and the stalls
I of   artistic   clubs   have   always   been
���  e salt of life to him.    He was made
.. privy councillor in 1007.
He  is not in  the least inclined  to
claim virtues lie does not possess, an.l
ik is well known that he finds little
'fault with an address presented to
! him by an Irish friend, in which he
! was   described   as   "right   honorable,'
right worshipful, right trusty and we'll
beloved counsellor .Trinitarian, Cnitar- '
'ian.   nothingarian,   orator,   statesman,
'shipbuilder,  slogger.  patron  of  many h
livings (he had 12,000 men u^der
I him),  monarch  among higher critics.
purveyor  of  good   deeds   and   good
Coal  City Celestials   Have  Scheme to
Avoid   Racial   Feelings.
Nanaimo, Sept. 7.���If a scheme at
present being put before the provincial educational authorities by the local Chinese should meet with approval there wil] he an end of the Oriental troubles in the city schools. The
alien .lance of Chinese children in the
public schools has long been a cause
of dissatisfaction, and several attempts have been made to end the
trouble. There is no doubt that the
mingling of the children of the two
races on the forms and In the playgrounds of elementary schools was to
be deeply regretted, but nothing much
came of the several agitations in
town. The only way out of the difficulty seemed the establishment of
separate schools, but to this the provincial authoiities would not agree.
However, the local Chinese have met
the difficulty themselves and aro
ready to do what the department of
education could not see Its way clear
to do.
They got up a petition which, after
referring to the dissatisfaction which
the intermingling of the children of
the white and Chinese parents had
caused, stated that they were prepared to build a school for their own
children, if the department will supply the teacher. It is understood that
the matter has already gone so far
that Dr. Young, the head of the edu-
cation department, has consented to
receive a deputation of the local Chinese residents at the head of the
movement. There is. apparently, a
sufficient number of Chinese children
to occupy a teacher, and all things
considered, the scheme appears to offer a very convenient way out of the
Ate Unwisely ?
Sometimes people do. and suffer,
becauae the stomach balks.
reUevs tbe ieoomfort at onoe, and holp digest the overload.    The lover of good
thkigs may feel quite safe with a box of NA-DRU-CO Dyspepsia Tablets at hand.
50c. a box.    lf your drugc^t ha= not stocked them yet send 5Cc. and we
will mail tiaajn. 34
N��tiontJ Drug and Ch��n��c��l Co. of Canada, Limited Montreal.
"Prince Rupert" and "Prince George"
3,500   Tons���320   Feet   Long���18/2   Knots
Leaves Vancouver (Johnston's Wharf) MONDAYS and FRIDAYS
at 11:30 P.M. for PRINCE  RUPERT  and   STEWART.
Monday's steamer makes close connection at Prince Rupert with
S.S. "PRINCE ALBERT" for Masset. Kincolith, N'aas Bay, Charlotte
City,  Lockeport.  Jedway,  Ikeda Bay, etc.
Friday's steamer makes close connection at Prince Rupert with
S.S. "PRINCE ALBERT" for Massett.  Kincolith, Naas Bay, etc.
Leaves Vancouver (Johnston'3 Wharf) WEDNESDAYS AND SAT-
URDAYS   at   2   P.M.  for   VICTORIA  and  SEATTLE.
For rates, time tables. Booklets, and full information, passenger
or freight, apply to
L. V.  DRUCE, Commercial  Agent.     H. C.  SMITH, City  Pass. Agent.
533 Granville Street, Vancouver.    Phone 7100.
The Daily News-Advertiser
Have removed their local office to 706 Columbia St.
(In the office of Reid, Curtis & Dorgan)
Agent, A. J. LEVY
fz____w3 r!r-?nffiw*?Mla,-^3i.
Edmonds Development Co,
Authorized Capital   -
Westminster Private Hospital.
233 Townsend St. Maternity
und non-c.ntasious medical
cases accepted. Tonus from
$16 weekly. Eor further particulars apply to Hospital. Telephone 735.
All   Kinds  of   Automobile
Repairs Promtply Executed.
Carnarvon  and  Sixth   St.   Ne*
Westminster B. C. Phone :<M.
JOHN  DOBSON, Manager.
Estimates  Given  on  Any   Kind
of Job   Printing'
Thomson  Blk.
Phone  388
New Westminster to New Westminster;
Steveston and Vancouver
L'ov. B Brackman-Ker Wbart at 3 P.  M. daily ��cept Saturday, and
��n Saturday tor Steveston and way points.
i Purely  British  Show  to  Be    Held    in
t London, England, in 1915.
|    Toronto. Sept.  7.���The commission
lon which  Lord  Strathcona  is acting,
i nnd which will carry out all arrange
! ments for the great British Imperial
Exhibition to be held in Urn lon, England, in  1916, is represented iu Canada   just   now   by    Viscount    Hill,   of
Hawstone   Hall.   Salop,   Kngland.    ln
addition to Becurlng pointers from the
Canadian    National    Exhibition,    the
viscount   Is   making   preliminary   arrangements for  Canada's representation at the exhibition in Britain.
The  promoters  are  preparing  for a
'purely  Hritish  Empire Exposition on
in   scale   never   before   attempted    in
Britain or anywhere else in the world.
I No foreign country will bo represented at the exposition.
j    "The products." said Lord  Hill, "in
manufacture are   agriculture,   minerals, timber, fruit, grain an.l probably
cattle,   horses   an.l   Other   animals   of
every  British possession, as well as
Of tiie  Hritish  Isles, will  be shown."
Arrangements are being made so that
"these products wlll be brought to und
taken   back   from   Britain   over   rail-
I ways and ships owned by Hritish capitalists  and  mannel  by   British  subjects.   Each self-governing and Crown
eolonv wlll have its own committee to
arrange for it. and, as far as possible
its own building to hold Its exhibits
it is Intended that the exposition
sliall be self-supporting and no sub-
sldv will be asked for It.
The opening ceiemonles will be in
June 1915, as near as possible to the
seven hundredth annlversity of the
Magna Charta.
In 250 Shares of $100 Each, Fully Paid Up and Non-Assessable
Charles rt. Gtrdon,  Esq.,  President.
Benjan-in  G.  Walker,  Esq., J.   ..      Edgar H. Sands, Esq., Vice-Pres.    Du. aid C. Patterson, Esq.
Percy B. Brown, Esq. Arthur Bradley, Esq. Arthur Wedge, Esq.
A Delightful Trip for $1.50
Tickets at  B.  C.  E.  It
ticket ofllce and on board steamer
'"<��� cars leave Steveston every hour ton the half-hour) fo.  Vancou
8" the FanAou, Fraser River Canneries, Vancouver, Etc.
'iouad trip tickets to Stevesten. Saturday afterneeas, |l,
The above company was feraei in February of this year, and duly registered under the Company's
Act of 1807. with the mail object of acquiring properties ln New Westminster's beautiful suburb of Ed
mouds, upon   the   Buraaby    Hetgkts. and developing and building upon same.
The settler or the Investor has only to glauce at the genera! development of Edmonds within t'.-.e
last twelve months and to n.)te in particular tke work acconlplis ed by the Edmonds Development Co:n-
pany In tbe district, to see at a glance where Ilea the choicest fit Id in the neighborhood of New West-
minsteV for safe Investment and splendidly  situated and healthy residence.
Whilst the Edmonds Development Company is in the best Ee se of the word a co-operative foundation and considers the claims of its Investors as prior to all others, where the development of property
by means of the company's funds is sought: It takes also Into the fullest consideration the claims of
tlie settler who wishes to acquire pro; ertv In the ne'e^borhood, or. having land, wishes to build a home
Those operations in realty and construction which the Edmon'f Development Company has already
undertaken in Burnaby during 'lu .rent year, have shown a ne- return to Investors, upon the capital
subscribed to date, of over 25 ver erut.. and dm ing the seven m nths of the Company's active existence they have acquired at cheap co��i sr.ise very valuable permanent.assets iu the distilct. among which
may be mentioned that splendidly situated triaasiilar business lot at the junction of t'.-.e Vancouver and
Edmonds roads, and bumgalow sites upon the latter highway.
With the ob'ect of immediately eiteaalig tho IwU ef the Company's operations, the Directors of
the Edmonds De?elop��eat Conspasy. i.ti., aew prepese to ilaeo upon the market a further block or $10.
000 worth of stock, and they loek witk conttdeaee to residents o* the districts of New Westminster
and of Burnaby and Edsioads ia particular, te respond la subscrll ing for shares in the Company.
The stock of tke Edmonds Develepnieat Cosspany has nev��r been advertised or "boomed." The
occasion for suck has aever ailsen. Tke eerperatlen has hitherto gone smoothly along, making interest qHtetly and steadily, sad Its directors hare touched ions but safe and profitable Investments, whilst
many of its shareholders have considerably increased'their holdings.
Applications for stock may be made Hpon the following form, which should be cut out and forwarded to the underslgaed:
Mayor of  New  York   Almost   Recov-
ered  From Wound.
St.  James,  L.   I..   Sept.   7.���Mayor
Gaynor walked six miles today in a
broiling sun with the thermometer at
70  and   the  humidity   at   the   same
mark.    He returned home dusty and
heated, but seemingly  fresh.    Neigh-
Uors with whom he talked thlpk Utat
'it will   be only n   matter  of   a   few
weeks before hc is fully recovered.
Enclosed find $ fer deposit on   share of the stock of the Edmonds Development Company, Ltd.   Balance to be paid in nine monthly instalments of $  each.
Occupation    Address	
Date  Signature	
%^mm^��mm ��im.}*j&mtim?mm&-^
WALTER S. ROSE, Secretary-Treasurer
Merchants Bank Building New Westminster, B.C.
��1 page Forn.
Thursday, septe
The Daily News
Published by THo Dally -News Publish-
tng Company, Limited, at their oillces,
Corner   of     McKenzie   and     Victoria
E. A. Paige Managing Director
The result attained by the appeal to
the railway commissioners in regard
to the necessity lor some means of
protect! n to the public at the North
road crossing, on the Great Northern
railway, does not appear to uk to be
very satisfactory. The commissioners
have ordered that u watchman be
plat ed nt the ci os Jing by day an 1
night and thai the erst of this service
be boi ne by I he railway company tn
the proporl lon of 50 i er rent., N'ew
Westminster 26 per cent., Burnaby
munii i. alitj 15 ] er cent., and Coquitlam 10 per cent. It is rather difficult
to con i i bend t he basis ui on which
thesi pro] ort Ions ol t ont i Ibutlons aro
)' .:. ! I "I- why indt eii i he whole cosi
shou i not be 1 '-rue by i!:e railway
any. Their railway was . ci n
sti ��� te l long after the road wt s
throuj . and bj I e making and operation of their line ite i ri enl si uation,
which is a perpetual danger t<> users
of thi leal, has been created, it
would seem therefore but. ordinarily
fair that it should bear the entire cost
of the measure of protection imposed.
Whilst tiie placing of a watchman
at tiis crossing will be some protection against tlie present danger, this |
cannot bo said to be a satisfactory
solution of the difficulty. As a temporal.' arrangement it may suffice,
but the continued development of the
district, in the vicinity of the railway,
wbicli seems certain, will render
necessary at some not very distant
date a more through way of ensuring
a safe passage across the railway at
the point in question.
We Furnish Your
Home   Complete
|     |   	
jl^ rr*xr i htem^
REMEMBER   WE   CLOSE   AT   C    P.M.    SATURDAYS, 10  P.  M.
in tho entire    west."    And    not
least interesting tiling in connection
with that notable piece of work is the
fact that nut a man of tlie entire 10.
.Him engaged en ti.e work received one
ceat cf wages.
Last winter the Iowa roads became
the  viding a dining room in the new hospital for the use of thos:' patients who
are approaching convalescence.
Xew    Westminster,    September
Editor Daily News:
Sir,���Will vou kindly Insert  tie fo
so bad mat traffic vas practically sus- ,o...ng. ope_ |em,r jn youl. cplumns.
pended.   Finally the matter became a      To Mr. J. 11. Buntzen,���Your   pres-l|
, ,   .,      ... .,���.  ence among  us  Is  ome  more  hailed iff
political question, and both parties got wJth J(|(?.lsm.e |jy  yo,u. ,|i:my  ,-. K.II(Ks J
behind tiie    good    roads    movement, heie.   You are of course aware of the
.,   , i  ,.,., ,.  i rouble   between   this   city   ami   your
Governor Carroll called a good i  ads compan_.    T||(. (vU.lUm |g unfortunat^
eeting at    Des   Moines   early   last and cannot result In benefit to either i
, i     ,*    i-  .ki    ,,..,..:���,��� v-i -  party,    lt is to be hoped you are not!
March. anJ ou    ot  t.ii.- meeting \>.io ;     ��� .        ���      ���
��� too late in coming to the scene    of
evolved the plan of a river to river trouble, Feeling on the vexed quest! m
I   ., etching   from   Council   Jilurfs :lias ��<>'  Y*}   reached  a point  beyond  |
i which a  friendly se bi   ���
.���a the Missouri river to Davenporl on  impossible,    l'our friend    h ve i   e j
nee   of    380! confidence In your  i   ui     of fairness,
, sissippi,
eas   to west.
t, t.
in youi- judgment of men and affairs,
straight   across thc state from jn   your   ,,,,;   known   sympathy   with
pur aspirations, and    particularly   in
your conciliatory    disposition
ad oi  appointing now commit- has t,,;ai,:,;.i  you  time and again  to
to handle the work the regular bring forth   harmonj    from   discord;
and because of this confidence the
Republican aad   Democratic   commit- |iope i;; freeiy expressed that you will
teei .a each county throagii which thejsee year way clear to adjust matters
in a manner alike s it ii fai ti rj to the
road would pass were appealed to. A interests oi your c o pany and to the
rivalry was created as to which party self-respecting sentiments of the city,
I To render .some assistance in this ad-
would have the most workmen on the jUStment is the object of this letter.
job  v hen the time for work arrived.      Briefly    stated,    the   city    became
[alarmed on two points, viz: the purity
[Last Saturday was selected.8   the day, of the w.u._. an(, lhe gecurit,  0{ lL;,
[and from nine o'cloc
ibe hoar of work.
Every  farmer alon
1 ersonall..- seen by    the
1*ae hi - : '���' emenl   in
t! e an ol i ii ;< n corset y
las been attained In the Bon
Ti : Corset. Theie Is a
charm and grace about ii
n al ap] eals to the finer
tastes i nd    e: cites   admlra-
and fancy. E ach
Is an ori ;in; i conception of
surpassing cxc;llen;e in
bv< :���;��� detail. Call an I In
, ��� the new m idels. Have
your new Fall Suit ii:1!. I ��� .
a Pen Ten Corset.
to ten o'clock dam. As to whether theie weie sufficient grounds for this anxiety is not
the question. The fact is intense
the way was anxiety existed and I respectfully sub-
mit thai the first duty of your company should have been the removal of
aad practically every man agreed   to! this anxiety.    Hut  tiiis was not done.
If the groun.ls weie weak the task I
were till the easier. Your company I
may liave had tbe very best of inteii-;
give the or.e hour that was asked for.
Farmers  were  asked   to  bring    tlieir
, , ,   , j  tions, but the city wanted such form   B
plows,  scrapers  and  road  drags,  and  �����  ___���_���___ ,, ,,   I
* ' ' ; ot  assurance  as  would    remove    till   g
an  organization  equal  to those    em-j doubt.   A wife may be as pure as one
railroad    building
ployed  in  regular
was  worked out.
ceding the  work  all  bridges ancl cul
of God's angels, but the fact does not
lessen   the anxiety  of a jealous  hus-
In  the weeks pre-   band and the law of .Moses does not
even censure him lor his groundless
anxiety.    The plans for protecting the
verts   along   the   road   were   repaired  purity of the water should have been,
and put in first class order that there
A few years ago I noticed a mason
[should be no delay    when   the    road  smoothing a bed for the corner stone
builders started working.
of a large   building.   I   told him   he
would likely find a layer of sand im-
Hundreds and thousands of   plows,  mediately beneath.    To test the mat-
picks,   shovels,  scrapers,  road  drags,  te,r lle tuok a crow bar al)d in a few
minutes it almost slipped    from    his
grading- machines and    other    imple- hands into a bed of sand. He thought
ments  were    brought    along.    Every'he lmd Juml l'an as tlie nature of the
substance would give the impression
tanner brought his team    with    him. t But he had to dig ten feet deeper to
Superintendents and    overseers    had get  a   ;;ollc'  foundation.     We  cannot
.  .   ,        , .. ,.    _|te"  hut the    suggestion    may    liave
oeen appointed, and, as the result of! averted a calamity and saved human
the wdrk done, the state of Iowa has Ilives-    In a    district    such    as    ours
,   .   ,     ,       ...        ,.. , where the geological  formation  is so
now what is described���a little over-j freakish  it    should  occasion  no sur-
enthusiastically, it may be���as "the
finest piece of long distance roadway
in the west."
There are many parts In this district where the roads are greatly in
reed of repair and improvement. The
difficulty wliich stands in the way of
carrying out die necessary work to
put these roads in good shape is twofold, tlie great cost that would be involved and tiie shortage of labor.
Uurnaby municipality, enriched by a
greatly increased settlement and the
considerable appreciation in land
values within its boundaries is spending a vast sum upon road work and
some splendid stretches of highway
are being produced. Hut there is not
another municipality in the Fraser
valley which could afford to do likewise.
A scheme that was recently carried
out in the state of Iowa might, however, with advantage be adopted by
some of our municipalities,
In the short space of a single hour,
a line of road, 1180 miles in length, and 	
Btretching entirely across the State of   Editor Daily Xews:
Iowa, was put  in  what is declared to      Sir,���May I be    permitted    through
be "the mosl perfect condition of any the columns of your valuable paper to
road west of the Mississippi river."       !'"'"t  '""   l0 '"" bulldln8 committee the work contemplated   11"theyToted
Weeks  and   months   were  spent
preparation  for  the  work,  but   not    a   of these patients who are able to be
pick  or shovel  was used    until
desi.rn.ie.I   second    was     licked
Royal Worcester Corsets
Without doubl the besl mi Hum priced corsel   on the   ^mi
tinea:.    Style and comfort  ar - the leading   featun    of I
Royal Worcester torsets enhance  nnd beautlft   even   figure   n
lng Die form into the grace! tl lim - thai appeal I    lhe st
Prices from $1.75 to $4.50 1|
D. & A. Corsets
A widely known corset that his made a reputation by the usi
materials and scientific methods in making an.l designlrfg   1
are Intended to suit all purses,
From $1.00 to $4.00
(The'Daily News Is not responsible
for the opinions expressed by Its correspondents.)
price to see people become alarmed
regarding the safety of such a gigantic structure as the proposed dam.
Again I respectfully repeat the plans
should have been convincing.
The last municipal election has
been construed by some as Indicating
hostility to your company, l think i
can assure you that no such feeling
existed, or if it did exist it was confine .1 to a small portion of the community. True the Coquitlam dam
question was an Issue, but there were
other issues and many voles were influenced more by these than by that,
for it was felt that your company
would remove all causes of anxiety.
But granted that the dam was the
sole Issue lt was not true to say that
the result indicated a feeling of hostility to your company. Those who
opposed the const ruction of tbe dam
realized fully the great importance of
of  the new hospital  the  necessity of against the const ruction    it    was   be-
in I providing a dining room for the use cause they were intensely sincere and
intensely  conscientious  in  the    belief
, that there was too much life and pro-
the  on  their  leet,  there  being  no    place party involved.    It cannot be said that
Off.  where those  patients  who    are    pro- they were actuated by sordid motives
Then some 10,000 Workmen swarmed  -u,'cs;'i:i- toward recovery    can    have In opposing the work designed to bo
:their   meals   except   in   the   wards, P'&reat public benefit ln which   they
out on to the roadway, and when they whlch,_t times   ta   very   unpleasant. ^ZTJl tw���     ^'T^'    ,'
cease i work an hour later Iowa   had The undersigned would be pleased to I__iii!L^!!   __!_   ___J___J__*
g-dlstance roads J contribute towards the expense of pro-'
(Continued on  Page Five.)
_tgl_Pt JCffJiWEiBtai*' \_*m**Bl.
Tenders for Steel  Castings.
The corporation requires tenders
for steel castings for the new pipe
line. Plans, specifications and further
details can be obtained from .7. W. Ii.
Blackman, city engineer. Tenders
will be received up to September G,
1910, by the undersigned.
W. A. DUNCAN, City Clerk.
August 28, 1910.
Sealed tenders will be received by
the undersigned up to Monday, September 12, 1910, for the erection and
completion of a Church Building on
Sixth avenue.
Plans and specifications can be seen
at the residence of Kev. F. S. Okell,
Twelfth street and Eighth avenue,
The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
j. w. Mcdonald, sec
At last a Positive Cure has been found for
in the Now Famous INDIAN HERB CURE
Manufactured and put up in Victoria, B. C. by J. F. Fitzpatrick,
Address:    628  Hornby, Vancouver.    Phone R 4845.
Coming to  New Westminster Shortly���address  later.
This Is one more proof of the eflllcacy of the Asthma Cure. Hear
what the Victoria lady has to say about the Asthma Cure.
1123 North Park St..
Victoria, B.C., October 28, 1909
Mr. Fitzpatrlck,
1 am wilting this to let you know what a great relief I have found
your asthma cure. I have suffered from asthma for ten yems, and
have tried so many different remedies and have found nothing that
hare given ine such great relief as your asthma cure, and by continually taking it, I think I will find It a cure.
.-,,_-. ....... AIRS. MAY WITTY.
! - Mm v" ���
All rubbish and garbage must be
removed to the foot of Sixteenth
street and Fifth avenue, where It will
be burned by the corporation.
Any person or persons who dump
garbage or rubbish of any kind on
any other street or avenue or on any
lane, vacant lot. or public property
wlll bo prosecuted under the provisions of the Sanitary Hylaw.
By Order, S. J.  PEARCE,
Sanitary Inspector
City Hall. June lit. 1910.
Our stock of Jewelry In Gold, Silver and Gold   Plated  is  the  m��sl
complete ever shown in Westminster.   Call and bo convinced.
Agents for the Howard, Ball, Longines and   Hamilton Watches.
Official time Inspector for C. P. Ry.
***    (
A Choice Building Lot on corner Fourth
Avenue and Fourth Street, all cleared. Price
$1600.   Terms.
Two Cleared Lots on Pine Street, $1050
each, terms spread over 3 years.
Choice Acre facing Seventh Avenue and
backing on Hamilton Street. $2600, only $500
port m&m
We have the Exclusive Sale of several tracts
of Acreage in the Port Mann townsite.
See our list of Residences for Sale situated
in all parts of the city.   Terms Reasonable.
Oliver Tynewriters. 10, 12 and 15 inch carriages. Small Cash Payment and $5 a month.
Call in and see one.
,,,:���,; 'vy;'    Q   ���
See Us For Prices and Terms
SMILES & CO., New Westminster Agents jiJRSDAY,
SEPTEMBER 8, 1910.
grosse Boys Must Defend
Cup On Sept. 17 and 24 I
Or Return the Trophy
���    received yesterday  demand, Mu this wai   ,,   osed i.v the
i'. p. Ross,    managing .older heads
Minto Cup, calling upon .   R���_ ultimatum yesterday evening,'
,��� Lacrosse club to de    " SS L��   ' the locaH
, to accept, the dates or forfeit the cun :
lth( ,.   mpionshlp trophy on Sep- only gave the officials    until   eight
������ and 24, the dates asked by "clock this mprnlng to gel  th lr re-
Nationals, or else re- i'ly ''' '���'������'���   A reply was   sent   last
to the  trustees. ',      ''  '"",";.''"'��� .any  reason there    is
'"���'������  !n delivering   i   there mav   u-
extraordinary    demand ���
We Siave Moved to Larger Quarters
Business Demanded It, and can now
be found at 708 Columbia Street
Interesting developments.
di  by Mr. Hoss is ii puz- Two telegrams were senl    one
. ,  officials of the local club. Presldenl  Lecours and the other
i   under the impression that Trustee   toss, the latter reading'
o   dates would not    be "Accept   September 17 and 24
i .    bad    been    heard though dates nol satisfactory   to us
ere has been Borne delay in Trustee McBride nol yet heard from."
on account of the pro The   n e . ,��� e to th ��� presldenl    of
ed by the it. A, &  I. the Nationals was shorj  and  to  the
i   havi    the   championship | oint,   All it said wa i:
. t off during exhibition "Will play you   September   IT
The   "Red Cross" Sanitary Closets;   The "Ajax"
Chemical Fire Engines; The Simplex Fire Escapes;
* INGS���ALL      KINDS      OF      WOOD- ���
| Westminster Woodworking Co. ���
�� ���  "                                    J.  BROOKES,  Proprietor ��
i WORKS���Corner  Eleventh  and Carline.                                 PHONE 473 *
Aluminum   Advertising    Novelties
That Pays. "
���'* Advertising
igo a telegi un v -1
1                lonals suggesting Octo- Both telegrams were signed by Sec
.,   dates sultabl ��� to the reta ���;   ll. Ryall,
- these apparently were Manager C, A. Welsh, of the West-
recelvi l bj  the French- mil ster tea     Info mi I the X' ws lasl
-    i ti pi 13 ing on thi rongl;   ipj osi I to
ed them bi   t.   A reply plaj I  g  tin   Nationals on    the   dates
 rs   presldenl   o ested    bj    tl <���   challen ;ers   and
reci i t i on   Mon- \  ��� ild much have             ed    ��� ���
tinli  s the dates the thi m a     liti le   late .   'i he bo;    '     ���
ted were agreed    to, been playini     everal hard
ild  nol   <   i ie  wi  I late and have another on
��� er this fall oi  next thi         ad within a weel
meant no Mini i Cup Winto Cup ga   es coming on i ght af-
of the ] ter, It    will    make    I
r ol  ai ce ling to the i   .;  lies i.i li
j First Show of    tha    Scison    Pleases
Critical   Crowd.
far   the besl    presents lon    of
"The Burgi        i     evei    ��� en In New
min tei il   j iven  at  the
���   i house la       nl tn ler    the
tion  of  William   P.  Cullen.    Qus
New Westminster Land District,
trict  of  New  Westminster.
">'������'��� ��� '������ I  ie   thai  John    Ferdinand!
Baggs, of Kelson    Island,   occupation
farmer,  Intends  to apply for  permls-:
sion  to  purchase  the    following    described  lands:
Commencing    at    a    post    planted:
one   mile northeast   from th��
head  i i   Billings  bay, and  about     40
' bain    i isterl;   from    the    southeast :
corner of timl er lol    number    37341,;
 rth   10 chains,  thence  east
cl   Ins, them e    south    4o cliains.
thence    real    10  chain    in   point     of;
-   - en ent, containing  160 acres
or less,
Dati : Augusl 29, 1910.
-"" If you want something Choice for Sunday's
Dinner, ring up Phone 101 and order a nice roast of
Spring Lamb, Veal^Spring Chicken or anything else
that is good in the meat line.5��You can sure get it at
Full Weight, 20 lb.  Box
Tenclesr for Cast  Iron Specia's.
The corporation  is desirous of ie-
-.,,4.    t?���m  r\��� ,     i "  ceivlng  tenders : ir cast  iron specials
st, For One, Has;' kept the for t:���. Qew water ,��� i;i   p,anB|8peci.
flcatlons   and   further  particulars   can
lien   i in   n ai a  of   laughter  from
tl DllSy Since  He Btart to linisl>- while Doodles, his sec
ffcat Nelson.
down   of   the   long
|e flghi        California  has put  a
i ,   champion events of all
.   L'nli  ���- i he promoters in the
I'        -     el   Btarted   again   and
I md battles, it wll]  belondact William Conley
retary,   made  a  good   second  iu   the
mirth produfclng business,
["he sin lng oi Phemie Lockhart,
who took the pan of Willie Von Astor-
i.ilt, a midnight son. look the audience
by storm, as did the dancing ol her
sister, l-.ua. The "Harlem Spider"
song and chorus was also one of the
lots of the evening.
During an Intermission in the sec
ave a "Dink-
he obtained from J. W. B. Blackman,
city engineer. Tenders wtll be le-
celved by the undersigned up to 5
p.m. of September 12, 1910.
W. A. DUNCAN, City Clerk.
August 30, 1910.
B.C. Mills
Timber and  Trading   Co.
Manufacturers and  Dealers in All Kinds of
lespeil" in which he touched on sev.
eral of the li\,- topics of the da. ,    ia
eluding the auditor's report.
shift ihe champion bouts
Australia  and   Eng-
I haven, but   both coun-
i-t quite a  distance   away,  and
-   s, who hold most of
aid  prefer   to fight   at
For a champion, Ad
nol  heen very  busy 5 Ine ���
j le from Battling Nelson.
:���       ol notchers.     The   one
the liane would like to
 n Wolgast and Fred I forward.
impton of Great Britain, 	
McFarland. Apple Crop  Not  Entire Failure.
'��� question  keeps tlie Chi-       St.  John.   N.B..   Sept.   7.���Sir
il ol a match, but there is te rick Borden In discussing the .Nova
ingta thai line to prevent a meet
general   crop   Is   a   practical     failure
British North America's Dividend.
London. Sept. 7.���The statement of
the Hank of British North America
for the half year ending on June 30
shows profits ot ��64,119. An interim
dividend of 30s a Bhare haa been de-
Clared  and   ��30,605  has  been  carried
B.C.LI. Directors Give
Poor Comfort to Mayor
(Continued From Page One)
disposed of In two months,, lXBSs_a& of
which for two years the company has!
met with    continual    opposition,    although   it   has  Bhown  every  d&B&e to'
meet the  reasonable   wishes    of    the
cir.y,  and  has  willingly  submitted   its I
plana to searching    investigation,   ail
the  hands of experts    nominated    by
the city, and  the  Dominion  and. pro-1
vimial governments. The plans of (die
Fred. | company have now been approved by
these    authorities    without    material I
Scotia apple crop, said that while th*. modlfteations,   Meanwhile the citizens
We have both
the   Okanagan
and the Washington Peach ,
Just Ready for
Royal City Planing Mills  Branch
Telephone   12 New Westminster
Box   137
Tlth Wi Ish,  as   the   latter   can
tti  \>. [ght easily���that  is,  133
li:!- ringside,
lil i match would be Owen
1 i  Wolgast,  but   it    seems   a
1      ���    to get them together in
lUnty-round  bout.    Wolgast  says
��� 1  Hauling Nelson first
|       thi   title, but there appears
**��� little likelihood of the meet-
|lbefoie nexl  New Year's or later.
I then they  may  not  be   able   to | that
** on terms, as Nelson will not
Nlor the terms proposed by Tom
V manager of Wolgast. New
m* can hold bouts of twenty
Hs m*i may land some of them,
'the lH'omoters there do not care
going too strong for fear of
Wing the game.
there are some instances where orchards yield more than they did last
Enlarging Royal Alexandra.
Winnipeg. Sept. 7.���The que*tion
whether the Royal Alexandra is to be
enlarged Is to be decided at once.
Hayter Heed, the superintendent or
the C. P. H. hotel system, declared
Sir Thomas Shaughnessy would '
deal with the question of increasing
the si/e of the Winnipeg establishment.
Plif local pin smashers went, down
'Weai yesterday in the first, game
the Beason    against    a Vancouver
W, losing by a small majority. The
T*t follows:
Pant .,
id ..
IT "    '
f ���
.1 17
i 56
Next Saengerfest in Everett..
Eureka, Cal.,   Sept 7.���in   closing
the business session of the Norwegian
society convention in this city last
night the delegates finally chose
Everett, Wash., as the place for tbe
next annual meeting and Saengerfest
after a spirited contest made by tlie
representatives of Spokane.
Quake Felt at Washington.
Washington. Sept. 7.���An earthquake, believed to have been about
4500 miles away, was recorded on the
seismograph al Georgetown university early today. The tremors, which
lasted trom 8:04 to 3:66 o'clock,
were very slight, and in an east and
wist   direction.
lino judge
-L. O'Connor.
More"   Blsworth  and  Wiggins
i       ���"      Small
' '      61' IE
furnished     house
��� ��� ������ or October 1, by young
l'te who can give    unquestionable
'"'M-    Write   A.   V.,  care     this
chance to see
wl C0UV(
' Il
our   boys trim
before playing the Nation-
!���,,.:'; '������'��� Minto Cup, Saturday. Sep
Millions Spent for Charity.
New York. Sept. 7��� The total cost
Of public and private charity In New-
York City is about ?35,000,000 an-
nuallv according to estimates prepared tor Mayor Gaynor'a congestion
of population commission. Ot this
sun! the city spends aboul J16.000,-
have,  as you sSata, been caused  hhtU
ous lo��s.
t'ntil two years ago the relations
between the city or' New Wastininntjtr
and the British Columbia Elentrki
railway were of rlie most cordial
nature, and the interests- of no 'tity (
have ever been advanced by a rail I
way more energetically and unswlliaJv
ly than were those Of New Westminster by the Britisli Columbia EJlanttrtel
railway. All our interests and all mui-1
Influence, ami the narsonal influunce
of our director*, havt again and agxin |
heen used for the advantage of New-
West minster city, as must be- well
known) to every citisen of mora than
three years' residemce. If thi* sitis-
factory relationship has been, disturbed it lias been by n�� act. of oucsl The
British Columbto, Electric raflway
heartily desires to see the old good
feeling with the city and its rapresen-
tatives restored, an** desires, nothing
more than to advance the inrerests of
the city in every way so lomg as thes
Interests of the railway arts not unduly sacrificed. Tlie railway will In
the future, as hi the past, give its
most, favorable consideration to proposals having these objects In vi<ew,
some of which you enumerate, but It
cannot do this until the city sliows
some inclination to co-operate with
the company, and some eonsldevntlon
for tho Interests of the raihvav.
1 have the honor to remain,
Respectfully yours.
Chair man.
Contractors and
House Builders
^^e have a full   line   ox   tne   Best
Builders Hardware in. this City.
Before Braiding See Us, as -we   believe   we   can   save   you
money.    Also Complete   Stock   oi   PAINTS   and   OILS
T. J. Trapp & Co., Ltd.'J
C A. Welsh
The People's Grocer
Phones 193 and 443
Sapperton  Phone 373
(Continued from Vase Four.)
Propose American Advisers,
si Petersburg, Sept. 7.���Advices
,.,������ Teheran state thai the parliamentary committee has proposed the
api.oi.itment of Americans as_financial
advisers to Persia, t�� replace the
Swiss citizens, Who arc subject to
French and German influence,
Stands    free.
Prize for White.
w :,sl"1'-    Sept.    7.���Grahnmo
I ! "lte. the English aviator wbo
��� lm,'.(>!"'"'"""   I" ihe aviation
��� tl., -i "''��' wiU probably   win
��� '  Mn-  prize tor his flight
��� imwJta 'mrbor today'
! '"He.
��������������������������������������� e-v
Wesley   Mills    Proposes    that    Some
Standard Be Adopted.
Sheffield, sept. T.-At a meettag oj
the British association. Mr. Weslej
Mills, formerly of McGill   un vers y
Montreal, expressed the op nloi. tlm
some standard of pronunciation should
b(, established, particularly wltt e-
grl to tbo use of vowels and he e-
1 lion of the vowels to certain con-
_ ants This standard might be re_-
red ot. a . ran.opl.one and an lm-
rierial body might mak-, recommendations OD the subject. The
Mr. Mills met with no acceptance
according to dictates of conscience
are "the salt of the earth" and en-
lit led to the respect of every good
man, even though the .rounds of
conviction were weak as water.
Mayor Lee has expressed himself
openly that he has no hostile feeling
towards your company. His attitude
has been ln accordance with his perception of his duty towards the city
which he has sworn to serve faithfully.
the directorate of wbkh yo,u are a
distinguished member would adjust
matters satisfactorily.
On the contrary we have always
had a warm feeling, tor the U. C. F.. R.
Itjjnd In view of that friendly attitude
we think we deserve better than to be
told iu substance that we must sacri-
1 flee our principles and our conscience
I before we can hope to get tliose Im-
, pravameats aud extenaious which the
j requirements of the hour so urgently
; demand, lt Is not New Westminster
l alone that suffers, hut the general
'public. Much money has been invest-
!ed aloug tne projected branches of
this city, and every hour of unneces-
! sary delay Is not ouly a loss, but an
'injustice to the Investors.
Those who know you best, claim
'that the reputation of the B. C. K. H.
has a stronger place on your mind
than even Its material advancement.
It is therefore with confidence In
your desire to be just and. fair that
this appeal Is now made to you, sir,
to use your good offices to bring
about a better understanding between this city and your company.
Although the foregoing are my
own views without suggestion or request from arty source I am of    the
I       A Beautiful Assortment of Rings       |
��� on view at Gray's |
Diamond Rir^s from $15.00 to $200.00
Pearl Rings rrom  $2-50 to $15.00
Rings with assorted stones as pearl  and  diamond,  pearl  and  ruby,
suitable for engagement rings, trom $5.00 to $50.00
I    John B. Gray
* Dominion  Trust Block. Columbia   St.
cer  a
You, sir,  furnish  in your own  car
striking  example  Of  the  value opinion that all our citizens would be
(,f lovaltv to the Interests one is paid glad to see the dispute    settled    on
to serve    The confidence begotten of lines that would not place either your
has placed company or the city in a humiliating
lovaltv to vour  company
you at the 'top round of the ladder. A i position. With the immediate con-
course of action that Is proper in your j struction of those branch lines wllich
se  cannot  possibly  be  Improper  in  must  ultimately  prove    of    inimens-
benefit to your company we should
see the wheels of progress move
more rapidly towards our destiny as
one of the  most  important,  cities on
views  of
the case of Mayor Lee���Loyalty to the
city. There ls no hostility to your
company even now. There Is, how
ever, a sore feeling over the treatment received and lf this feeling has the Pacific coast,
not   been developed  into  hostility    It       ,. D. D. BOURKE.
is because nf the old affection for the I    New    Westminster,.   September
B C. B. H. and of the expectation that 1910.
By taking out a policy In the Railway Passengers' Assurance Company you are protected against accidents of all kinds. The Railway
Passengers is the oldest accident company in the world. Claims paid
over thirty million dollars.
The policies are free from objectionable restrictions, clear, con-'
else and easily understood by anyone.
657 Columbia Street
Phone 62 Hum
i -j
minster Board of Trade meets in tne
board room. City Hall, as follows:
Third Thursday of each month;
quarterly meeting on the tnird
Thursday of February, May, August
and November, at t> p.m. Annual
meetings on the third Thursday of
February. New members may be
proposed and elected at any monthly or quarterly meeting: C. H.
Stuart-Wads, secretary.
Mouldings. Burlaps, and Sanltas,
house painting, kalsomiuins, paper
hanging and decorating. Sixth
street, New  Westminster.
Limited. Front street. New west-
minster. Manufacturers of modern
saw and shingle mill macninery,
Mill plants and specifications prepared.
dmmzio playhouse    TAXATION Af FECTS
| IS TO BE PORTABLE        m Qf ]%m
ayJime Tid
Novel  Theatre to Be Euilt  Entirely of
Iron,  and   Hemispherical   in
kind of job printing.     Midget loose
leaf ledgers; Cowie Carbon Papers.
Phone    5S,    P.  O.    Box  U2.      Old j
Dally  News Block, Sixth street.
repaired by your local tuner, W. E.
Martin, Mus. Bac, 811 Dublin St.,
Phone L815.
est in flre lighting apparatus.
R. Harris <fc Co.. Lavery block,
Columbia street.    Phone C5fi.
McKay, manufaetartr and importer
of mounmental t��ffl*��toues, butltiag
stone, etc. Satisfaction guaraitees.
roiurabla street. New Westatiaater
Sept. T.���Some particulars of
d'Annimzio's      hemispherical
are to be published. The in-
wlio contributes them to the
Result of New Imports In
France Causes Falling Off.
- Smoke Cheaper Brands.
ger G. J. Sykes), 62 Powell street,
Vancouver. Phone 3BT5. Prompt
attention given to all orders for
male help. Ring us up, wire or
write if unable to visit us.
Phone 18. Newest and most up-to-
date in the city. Terms moderate.
Flrpt class cuisine.  J. Trachy, Prop.
Phone 103. Ceafertable accomodation. Terras moderate. McLeod I
Watkins, proprietors.
��� *
Figaro. writ*s with great enthusiasm,
which is not surprising, as he is Signor d'Annunzio's manager, J. Schur-
mann, the Impressarlo. The Festal
theatre is to be entirely of iron. This
does uot sound particularly festive or
cool, but the reason is that the d'An-
nun/.io playhouse is to be portable. In
seven days it can be taken to pieces,
packed up, and conveyed anywhere,
and it can be put up again in the
same time. This property of the Festal theatre is the more remarkable because it is to seat 4500 spectators, lt
will be planned like a Roman amphitheatre. Imagine, for an instance, the
antique theatre still preserved at Verona, made on a smaller scale, of Iron,
and portable, and you have the d'An-
nunzlo playhouse. One other improve-
| ment which the Romans did not think
of besides the material use 1 and    the
Paris, Sejit. 7.���Taxation sometimes over-reaches itself. If the present temi er ot smokers in Franc? continues the lesult of the new imposts
on tobacco will spell disaster. The
juices of all French tobaccos, cigars
and cigarettes, except the cheapest,
and the duties on all Imoprted kinds,
were raised from 10 to 33 per cent
last May. At the end of June the
sales show a deficit on
months of  $341,200.      The
Pistols,    Watches,    Rings    and    other'
Jewelry Discovered���Four Depredators   Under   Arrest.
Cobalt, Ont, Sept. 7.���After a career which they hoped rivaled the exploits of Jesse James, four French
boys have been arrested and their
cave discovered, it was very cunningly hidden at the bottom of a steep
bluff in an old mining tunnel about
a mile outside Cobalt. The entrance
to the cave was well hidden by a
boulder, which the
up to the opening
B' C E. R. Westmj        .
Week Day S��� *
leave Vancouv
minster at 6:50
a.m., anj
er ���<>��� .Ne.
'ISO i
until ii:sa :j,���
Cars leave New  VV,stmins
couver at 5:50  R;
2:00 a.m., am]
after until 11
��- 6=20. 6:50.7:20aoS
'halt hour
00 .._,.
gang   would   roll I
when   they   left, j
Isidore Parent, the big chief or the
gang, managed to maintain secrecy I
previous under terrible oaths, and the cave I
treasury  would   not   have   been   discovered   if!
Sunday SchMm,
Cars leave Vancouvei
minster at 8:00 aa,]
every    half    hour   U,
11:30 p.m.
Cars lea re N��w W
couver at S:00
'"> a.m.
��� 21
comforted  itself  with   the   argument one of the conspirators  had  not con
that smokers were burning up the ad- fossed.
hour thereafter
estmln.ter for
������������������. and . v. .
until ll
tors    and    solicitors.   Westminster j
Trust Block, Columbia street. New
Westminster.   W. J. Whiteside, H. I
���  L. Edmonds.
* MARTIN���Barristers and Solicitors.
Westminster offices, Rooms 7 and 8
Room  6, Guichon Building.
Phone 681
vance supplies they had bought before the new taxes came Into force,
the returns for July are to hand, and
damage that consoling argument considerably. The estimate for the
month was $8,400,000. The figure
turns out to be just over $7,-
200,000. Not only Is there a deficit
on the estimate, but falling off of
nearly JHO.OOO as compared with last
year. The total deficit upon the estimates for tobacco sales since the new
portability is introduced.    The amphitheatre will be "studded with baskets taxes exceeds $500,000 in two months,
of flowers, over which canopies of vel-'The  AnU-TODacco league  is  thinking
In   the   cave    Provincial    Constable
McKay   found  early   yesterday   morn-1
ing,   fifteen   watches,   two   revolvers,1
forty   rings  and   a   number   of   watch
fobs,  nnd  many  stick  pins  and  trinkets.   Since last winter a series of rob- \
beries have mystified the police.   The
boys  have  now   been    without   doubt
identified tis the perpetrators.
The downfall of the gang came
when a boy was seen running away
from a house he had robbed on the
O'Brien property. He was taken into ct'sto'y and  aftvi   no.is   of close
Eburne  Line
a.m. and every hour until ii ���    ,
Cars leave Vancouver at! ?���?* L
every hour until 10 n m    "     ''*
On  Sundays cats leave
at S a.m. to 10 p m
On Sundays cars leave Vane,   ...
8 a ni, to in p.m.
D.   J.   Stewart,   Local   Manage-
Great  Northern
vet will spread, thus forming boxes.'' ��f  sending  a  telegram  of  thanks  to questioning told with sobs the whole a. m. arrives Seattle
Guichon *!ock. corner Columbia and I I    WPWCOMF   Sr    QHMC
McKenzie   streets;    Vancouver   of- \*r*   *****��OVr-lUL*   Ot    OVilJ
fi ees. WilMams building, 41 Granville street. F. C. Wade, K. C.I
A. Whealler, W. G. McQuarrie, G. E.
Painters, Paperhangers
and Decorators.
it does not seem quite certain lliat
velvet canopies all round the iron
amphitheatre  will add to its pictur-
|��gqu��neS8.   The stage is to be hemispherical,  "In the share of  a  balloon
i CUt, In half."
The iron amphitheatre will be first reduced the quality
! set  up  in  Paris  on  any  space  large to suit tlieir purses,
enough, such as the Champ de Mars,
'or the Esplanade, and the first night
the French minister of finance. But
the probable reason of tho deficit is
not that the Frenchmen smoke less,
but that they smoke worse tobacco.
Many people, instead of Increasing
their expenditure to suit the treasury.
of their smokes
md, once on the
path of economy, paid
more   than   before,   but
n Railway.
Leaves New Westminster
:06 p.m
story of the cave and a year-long se- Leaven New Westminster
ries of robberies. According to his I a.m.; arrires Seattle 3:15 n
narrative there is also another cave i Leaves New Westminster
and gang at Latchford, with whom p.m.; arrives Seattle 9;to n m
the Cobalt juveniles corresponded 1.eared New Westminster
and worked.
The names of the gang are:   Isidore
Parent,    Paul     Yilleneuve,    Theodore
not  only   no Gouln  and   Edgar  Davids,  all  of   Co-
less.      Appa- halt and all French
Accountant. Tel. R 128. Room,
Westminster Trust Block.
Estimates Given. Phone 567
Hall Safe Co. Office, Room ?. Westminster Trust block, city.
Curtis Block.   P. O. Box 694.
Typewriting; copy work, business
letters, etc. Ceumbia street. Telephone 02.
Real   Estate  and   Insurance   Agents���
City,  farm  and  Bunurbnn   property,
628 and T-lfi Columbia St.
lorlng. A new line of Spring suiting just in. Button making, pressing and repairing. 4t> Lorne street.
Phone 11508.
214  Sixth  Avenue
B. C.
Any available Dominion Lands with-
In the railway belt in British Colum-
Lia, may ue nomefcieadeu hy auy person wno is tha Bale head of a tarniiy
or auy male over 18 years Of age, io
the extent of one-quarter section of
160 acies, more or less.
Entry must oe maue personally at
the local land office for the district
In which the land is suua.e. hJntrr j
by proxy may, however, be made 0B
certain conditions Dy the lather,
mother, son. daughter, brother or sis-
,ter of an intending homesteader.
i The homestead*!- is required t* perform the condition? connected therewith under one ot the following
(1) At least six months' restoeit*
ipnn  and  cultiraUsa of the  land os
ach year for three year*.
(2) If the father ( or mother, lf tse
father is decased), of the homesteader
resides uikmi a far* ia tbe vicinity of
is already announced for Arpil 20 rently the only course for the treas-
next. The first play pei formed will ury is to charge more for all tobacco.
be "a great poetic fairy piece by Sig- including the cheapest, but there
nor d'Annunzio. requiting 700 supers i would be howls of execration from
and an orchestra of 120 musicians. ' the majority of the adult male popula-
Mis3 Isadora Duncan is expected to.tion and a cot insignificant minority
appear in the play with her little girl  of the ladies.
dancers.      Tlieir    '-'Festal     Theatre," j ������        ,
says the manager, will "revolutionize  u,   S.   CUSTOMS   ARE
all     previous    conceptions    of    play- BEATEN   THROUGH   CANADA
houses. .      ,. ,
In October next the public will be
invited to apply for shares in the concern. The working capital is to be
$4(1(1,000. of wllich, it is said, two-
thirds have already been subscribed
iy friends of Signor d'Annunzio. The
poet in Ihe meanwhile is enrage 1 according to his manager, on a four-act
piece called "San Sebastian," in which
will be s?en " a new star already applauded with frenzy in two Parisian
a. in.-, arrives Seattle 7
Leaves Seattle S:n,r,
New Westminster 2:60
Leaves Seattle 12:25
New Westminster 6:25
Leaves Seattle 4 :;r,
New Westminster 9:27
Leaves  Seattle  11
New  Westminster 6:30 a.
:35 a.m.
ft. m.;  arrivj
p. in.
25 p.m.;
15 p. in.
15 p.m:
27 p. m.
45 p in :
Ptiris,  Sept.   7-
gold  in  solution
everybody rich."
the  result  of  an
-"Theie    Is   enough
n  the  sea  to  make
This information is
analysis    of   ocean
ers and dyers, 345 Columbia Btreet,
phone R278. The place where the the land entered fer, the reqniremMts
dirt and dust is removed from the as to residence may b�� sRttege. fcy
fibre���not pressed in. Goods called such person resldlag with the latier
for aad delivered. Or mother.
_______________________________________     (3) If the Bettler has his p_rmaa��it
Chicago, S--pt. 7.���Although the list
of deaths and accidents due the celebration  of the  Fourth  of July  is ap-
'. palling,  the  same  observance  of  the
day   this  year shows   a   notable   im-
iprovement  in  this  respect,  according
|to  statistics compiled   by  the Journal
of the Medical association which were
I made public here today. Thc decrease
; in accidents is most marked ln those
sections  where  restrictive  legislation
has  been   put  in  effect,  the   journal
says: ]
The summary shows: Two thousand nine hundred and twenty-three
persons were Injured July 4 this year,
of whom 131 died, seven deaths were
due to tetanus;, nineteen were killed'
outright by firearms, eleven by explo-]
slons of powder, bombs or torpedoes;
smart turnout. The Jtehion Stables.
Game. Vegetables, etc. Dean Block,
next to Bank of Montreal.
Dealer, Upholsterer and Undertaker.
corner Agnes and McKenzie Bireets.
Pbone 176, night  call  81.
residence upoa farm iif land ewnd
by him in the vicinity of bis Berne-
Btead. the requirements a�� to reeltUnc*
may be satisfied k-> resident* upon
the said land.
Six months' netlo* ln writing should
be given to the commissioner ef De-
iminion lands at Ottawa of intention
to apply for patent.
Coal.���Coal mining rlgtits may be
leased for a peri��4 ���! 'wenty-en��
years at an annus! rental of tl per
sere. Not more than 25��0 aeret
Shall be leased to nne individual ��r
company. A royalty at the rat�� et
five cents par t���� .hall be <-��lleote��l
on the merchnntahlv e��al mined.
Deputy of the Minister of the Interior
maker and upholsterer, 425 Clarkson street (behind Burr 'olock).
Furniture mad,' and repaired. Mission  furniture In  fir and oak
Co., bank, ottice and store fittings,
caiilnet, stair, showcases, maniei;
and detail work. Designs and esti
mates furnished. J. Brookes, pro
prtetor. Works: Corner Eleventh
and car line. P. O. box 254. Pnom
Washington.   Sept.   7.���The   government  has  issued  orders   for   an   increase in  the number of customs inspectors  along the eastern   Canadian
border.    The customs authorities have
accumulated   evidence   showing   that
many   valuable   purchases   by  Ameri-I
cans in  Europe are finding their way'
into the United States by way of Canada,   and   instructions   have   been    Is-'
sued to all of the agents to   keep   a
sharp  lookout   at   the  Canadian   ports
which are the gateways of transatlantic travel, to intercept any attempt at;
smuggling.     The department   has   a
mass of Information  collected  by  its
agents abroad, showing the purchase]
of many valuable articles   by   Americans, but the tu tides  have not  been,
traced to the port of New York or to
any of the other Atlantic ports of entry, and there is a suspicion in official |
circles that  the purchase! s hav > been:
frightened away from  New  York by
the publication of the  news of sei/.-:
ures that   have been  made  there   re-,
cently and may try to bring the goods ,
In through the Canadian ports.   Mou-i
treal  and  Quebec  aro  being  watched
with   special    care,   as   they    are    the
principal torts of entry for European!
travelers   entering   by   way   of   Can
G.  N. R.���Port Guichon.
Leaves  New Westminster dal
cept   Sunday  from bridge ; .send
station   :::M)  p. m.;   arrlrsa al Pf
Guichon ti:.'!(! p. in.
LeaveB   Port   Guichon   8:0
daily, except Sunday; arrives il Nd
specu-j Westminster bridge pai engei stall!
110:20 a. m.
water   recently   concluded    by   M.   Al-
phone   Herget,   a   professor   in   the
Oceanographic   institute.    Fresh  possibilities  ;ue  thus  offered   to
lators and promoters.
"The analysis revealed about fifty
milligrammes (.77 grain) of gold In
each ton of sea water." explained the
professor to the correspondent. "That
seems little enough, but cons) lerlng
that it lakes a line of figures a column wide to giv the total number of
tons of water in the ocean it is easy
to see that an immense amount <>f
gold  is  beld  In sol ut ion.
"If each nf the 1,500,000,000 Inhabitants of the world bad bis shine, it
would equal $24,000,000 apiece.   What |
a beautiful ending to all difficulties, Commencing Sunday, A _
apparently, it only remains tn make it train for Kootenay, SI Pan
a reality." cag0   wi||   |,.aw. tt{   ;;,,.-,    |���      |
"Are  there other  precious  minerals   IC '
In the sea?' the professor was asked, j
"Yes," he replied. "There are ten
milligrammes of silver per ton of sea
water, hence the total Is about 50,000
times the amount, taken from the
earth since the discovery of America.
There are about sixteen grammes i (��
ounce of salt) in each pound or sea
G.   N.   R.���Surr.as   Branch.
Leaves   Sumas   G:00   a n 1
bridge passenger station. N'ew We[
minster,    10:20    a.m.   daily   (:,-���
Leaves    New   Westminster  b   |
passenger Btatlon 3 50 p, m.:
Sumas S:P0 p.m. dally excepl Sundl
Passengers  for  Porl    M   ���'
Barnet can leave al 16:45 and arrf
at  Port  Moody at  18:27.   Ed 0 ll
80  YEAR?
New York, Sept. 7.���Domeniclo
Bcarpla, a Hay Ridge cobbler, Just out
of Sing Sing prison, where lie had
served lire years for stabbing a woman, walked into a group of Pay Itidge
gossips today, shoved them gently
aside, then shot the man he wanted,
Kellpo  Crenetto,  through   the   heart.
the best since 100,1, when the journal in  population  for one  year of 2S,(iOO Crenetto'fl   testimony   had   convicted
began  keeping its  records.    In   1903, seems remarkable, but this ls actually
4449  persons  were  injured, of  whom  what happened In this city.   Last year
six by cannon or similar contrivances I Toronto, Sept. 7.���Tho assessment
while twenty-six, mostly little girls, of the city, which has just been coin-
were burned to death by flre from pleted, points the way to a popula-
flreworks. Hon   of   400000   before   many   years
"Startling as is this showing, It Is  hate gone by.    The story of a growth
hlm   during   the  trial,
warned   him   that   he
40C lost their lives, 40S of them dying when   the   assessors   hud   completed  from   the   prison  and
from tetanus, the grand total for eight their tour of the several wards of the police   have  no  clew
years shows that 37,526 persons have city lt was computed that there were, abouts.
been   injured   on   Independence   Day In round figures, 323,000 men, women  _____________________
celebrations, of these 1(102 died, 40(1 as and children resident  within the liin-i'!rr      !?r~ "^
the  result,  of their  Injuries  and  008 Its of the municipality.    With the In
Scarpla had
would return
kill him. The
to  Ills   where-
T��M��c M*w,|
DeeisM   I
-*****___* * ttt-f*mf*tSai
tSSkt _*___\ *3__WK^8ma^M
lB*aarm_M __>*___*'__\_a*,,,: I'tter'
MU��iifCe��,,~Urt' Mew U
w__o* ooZsTm* r si- w-^ton. a u
from tetanus.
N.H.���Unauthorized    publication   of
Hi|.    ���>. ��ortls��mpnt   will    not   *** pain
The    Fall    Fairs.
The dates of tbe fall fairs through
the upper country and coast have
been announced as follows:
Nicola  Valley, September  14.
Kamloops, September 2%, 29 and
Vernon, September IB, 16 and 17.
Armstrong. September 22 and 23.
Kelov.-na, September 20 and 21.
Salmon Arm, September 23 and 24.
Vancouver,  August  15  to  2fl  Inclu- j
Victoria, September 27 to October 1.
New Westminster, October 4 to 8
Lethbridge Experimental Farm Successful With Two Incnes of Rain.
Lethbridge, Sept. 7.���w. 11. Fair-
field, of the Dominion Experimental
rami at Lethbridge, hns demonstrated
beyond a 'oubt the value of dry farming this ;e:ir, and be has discoveied
that with only two Inches of rainfall,
by this scientific method, a normal
���iop can be had. He hud experimented
with tho eastern method of tallowing
In  summer and  had   this   dry   vear
crease of 28,000 noted this year it is
now admitted that there must be at
least a population of 350,000, according to the records of the assessment
While the work cf the assessors is
considered accurate, and properly and
carefully done, it is a'ways felt
around tbe City hall that their figure:;
average live per cent less than the actual number. 'Phis has been demonstrated too, by The Globe upon several occasions by a careful census la
places taken tit random throughout
the city, lt is (|tilte reasonable, therefore, to put the present population of
Toronto at 370,000  allowing a live per
found  It a complete fallute.     By dry!rpnt addition to the figures of the as-
farming,  however,  winter  wheat   had 8��ssors.
yielded anywhere from twelve to
twenty bushels per acre, which Mr.
Falrflelds regards as good, considering that there had only been two
Inches of rain since January.    A nor-
Winnipeg, Sent. 7.���Frank Marlaggl,
the   former  well-known    hotelman   of
A Coed Thing is Sure to be Appreciated
(MapU l.*t*t
1* ffaintog to (nor every tttrf.   Our Mtput Ust rear was double the
preceding off*.    Ths most healthful **i*~ nutritious ef beverages.
mai   annual   rain  for  the   Lethbridgei,,,ls   rl,v     arrived   in    Port,   Arthur
district     ls     sixteen     or     seventeen Thursday   night   from    Corsica.      Ho
Ist. ted  that  bis trip to   Canada   was
Mr. Fairfield   has   not   commenced'Principally for the purpose of closing
the  threshing  of  his   Irrigated    land ollt ,lls  large real  estate holdings ln
crops yet,  but from   appearances   ho Port Arthur. Fort William and Wlnnl-,
thinks they will give a normal yield.   Te*-r-    ������e fi,il'  h��R the greatest conti-1
Thla is the flrst really dry summer donee In  the future of these   places,
that the farm has experienced In its hut now that he was residing so far
three years of existence,  but It   has awny  from  his  holdings  he felt that
proved   rich  for  purely   experimental  he would sooner dispose of them.
purposes. |    "A  man  owning real estate sliou'd
On the dry lands, alfalfa did not do hi* right on the ground to look after
rery well, but on tlie Irrigated ground ���������'' stated Mr. Marlae. I. "I have the
t has gone as far as three crops. Two htmost fulfil In the future of western
are already cut, and the two realized Oanndu and believe that the cities
about four or five tons to the acie. w''��re I hnve Invested will become
The third crop will yield another two Preat Places, nnd that. If I held my
Menflik   Critically   III.
Addis  Abe'ba.  Abyssinia,  Sept.  7.���
The condition of King Menelik, who is
reported to have had a 6troke of apoplexy, was said today to be critical.
sterilize   your kitchen   things anc
make them wholesome and sanitan
Soap only cleans;  GOLD DUST cleans anci
Soap washes over the surface, leaving a greasy
film behind it; GOLD DUSTdigs deep after gerffll
and impurities, and insures purity and safety. J
��� Soap needs muscle help (as an exerciser, its
fine); GOLD DUST does all the hard part ot the
work without your assistance, leaving you to taU
your exercise m a more enjoyable manner.
GOLD DUST is a good, honest, vegetable oil
soap, to which is added other purifying mateviais
in just the right pro-       \ I /
portions to cleanse    \s\\l/////
easily, vigorously,,^
and without harm to  "'
fabric, utensil or
"Let the GOLD
DUST Twins do
your work."
ompan* I
Makers of FAIRY SOAP, live oval cake.
propertv thnt I would be better satisfied if T could dispose of all my holdings.   It has necessitate., two trips to
this.Country hlready to look after it.". m***w**w*m-m***SM_m*a-aa~ss********
At Fort William  Mr.  Marine. I still   _ -^^^^^^^��
owns a larjro number of lots In Marl-  Made   DV   THE    N.     K.    FAIRBANK    G"
pepl  park.      In  Port   >rtlmr he   has
blocks of land in different Alices. 3SDAY
SEPTEMBER  8,  1910.
���   0ne by us gives the ut-
st satisfaction. Ourequip-
L ent is modern. The Latest
Mention in a collar and cuff
line has been installed.
Economic,   Prompt,
labor only employed
All   persons   using  Columbia  street
for vehicle traffic of any kind are re-
' '��� to keep to the left hand side
���"' the car track while proceeding in
1  '  ' r direction.
By orde:-,
.1. A. RENNIE.
Acting City  Clerk.
('i'y  Hall, August  12.  1910.
Phone 1C5.      p. 0. Box 345.
Office, Front  St.,  Foot of  Sixth.     B
City Property
loyal City Laundry
Phone 183
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital   Paid   Up    $5,000,000
Reserves     $5,900,000
II.C. Coast SS. Sailings
to   Victoria.
in   Dally exci pt Saturday
:>i  Saturday
Do you want to increase your
business '.'   Then gee
I G  N
igns ol  every description.
Glass sigi ;,   laity.
r03 Columbia Street. Phone 756.
The Bank has Branches in
Canada extending from the Atlantic to the Pacific; in Cuba
throughout the island; also in
Porto Rico, Bahamas, New Yoik
and  London.   England.
Correspondents in all parts
of the Globe, thus affording
every Banking facility.
L. M. RICHARDSON, Manager.
New Westminster Branch.
Chippewas of Mille Lacs Do
Not Relish Idea of Moving
To White Earth.
liursdays and   Saturday.;
    Every Saturday
1 ,'ery Thursday and S it.
ITO STEWART  (Portland Canal).
    Every   T
leaves New  VV<  I   [i
|   ��� I mday, Wednesday
Chilliwack 7 a
j Thursday    and    Saturdays
. apply to
' ��� w Westminster.
��� '. A.. Vancouver.
il  bo, you  v. i !  wanl  the verv best
CQCiZr,   Fir  and isemlock  '- I  can  be offered  for your    in iy
and i: does nol  matter what class of
First Class Air Dried Stock   cablD la ''��� :��� ���
will fill your wants. First, Second nnd
f   VOU    V.'ant   to   build Third  Cabin  ai aii m  is unex-
'        celled whilst the Dining Service leaves
HOW IS your time, tell US       nothing to be desired,
Tia- Nexl Sailings are
yOUr   V/antS,    OUr    price Royal  George   Sept. 1
will suit Royal Edward ���     ��� Se:3t-15
5. C. Manufacturing Co. �����
Phone 173     Lulu Island
Rcyal George  Sept. 29
Royal Edward   Oct. 13
: .Goulet, ageni  ('. P. It., will book
assage  \ i i  these - earners, or
in. Stapleton, general    agent.
Scol; block, Winnl] eg, Man.
i��ED     ���vfiu*L.mm^*2
While Earth, Minn.. Sept. 7.���Two
hundred Indian families refuse to
leave Mille Lacs reservation for
While Earth, and the government
must either make a new treaty or
move the Indians from Mille Lacs by
police or military force.
The   Indian   department    at    Wash- I
ington and the Indian Agent, John R.
Howard, at. While  Earth, are in a  lix.,
and are puzzled at  what to do.   Il  lias!
taken   the   government  several   years'
to induce about  200 Indians to leave
Mille Lacs, and it  has cost  thousands!
of dollars to persuade   them   to   remove.      This  money  is said to corny
from the Indian fund belonging to the
Chippewas, which the government has
in trust for the Chippewa tribe.
Su desperate has become this i II nation that the interior department.
aft< r   using   the   persuasive   powers   cf
Indian Interpreters and Chip] ewas fa-
\ < rable to the government, an I gl . -
lng aM Inducements possible, though
the Indians say ii is hope delayed,
have senl Commissioner D, J. Hall, of
Washington, l��. ('.. one nf the original
Indian commi sslon< rs to Mille Lacs
and White Earth, Commissioner Hall
has : een quii : ly al work for several
s trying to induce the remaining
Indians to move to White Earth, bul
they are obdurate and insist on stay-1
Ing on the foi bid len ground. They
cannot be ct axed off and when they
once go to While Earth they soon return to the place of 'heir fatl ei
Attorney    Hendei son,   of   Washington, has been among the in Hans trying   to learn  the  facts about the   exchange  of ilie smamp  lands  for  the . >>
Mille Lacs lands and  the subsequent
change of the swamp lands for    the
si ite,  and  the  loss  of ahout   inn ana
acres of land to the Indians, which in
time the governmenl  will make good,
if Mr. Henderson can gain a hearing]
in Washington.    Many of the Indians
'are anxious to liave him act for th im
at   Washington,  others are  willing  to | ��,
trust the government  and  wait.
.Meanwhile  200   Indians   and   their
���families  are  vagabonds  by  law.  their
lands at  Mille Lacs have been signed
. away.
We    have    several    lots
Eighth   avenue   which   must   be
sold,    t'all and  see  us ai   once.
In townsite, one-half acre lots
and   blocks  up  to  eighty   acies.
We have the exclusive sale of
the very choicest, buys in the
townsite. Prices from $snn to
$2000 per acre.
~*SM   B   I'l
National Finance Co.
H. P. LATHAM. Local Manager.
New   Westminster,   B.   C.
8:00, 11:00; Arrive at 8:30, 13:00.
B.   .'v    V.   "States."   daily  except   Sun
C.   &
15: tr,:   An ive  at
Sapperton,    daily
Leave, 8:00; Arrive at 9:16.
V.   East,   daily.   Leave,   8:30,
9:25, 22:80.
except      Sunday;
The    Pacific    Coast    Fire    In
surance Co.
The     Prudential     Investment
The B.C. Permanent Loan Co.
ail Service
II.  &  V. "States" daily except  Sunday
Leave, 23:00; Arrive al 21:00.
Vancouver,     daily      excepl      Sunday,
Leave, 8:00, 11:00, 16:00, 23:00; Ariive ai  8:30, 13:00, 18:00.
Victoria, daily except   Sunday.  Leave,
Leave, 8:30, 15:45;  Arrive at  9:26
and 21:00.
Fraser   Mills,   daily   except   Sunday;
Leave 8:30; 15:46; Arrive at 9:26.
Coquitlam,     daily     except      Sunday;
Leave 8:30; Arrive at 13:00.
('������ntial   Park,   daily   except    Sunday;
Leave,  11 :IHI;   Arrive at   13:00.
Edmonds,     daily      excepl      Sunday;
Leave,  11 run.   Arrive al   11:00.
Easl   Burnaby,  daily   excepl   Sunday;
Leave, 14:00;   Arrive al  11:00.
Burquitlam,    daily    excepl     Sunday;
Leave,  1 1:00;   Arrive at  10:00,
Tlmberland,    Tuesday    and     l-'riday;
Leave. 14:00;  Arrive ai  10:00.
Strawberry Hill, Tuesday and  Friday;
Leave,   14:00;   Arrive  at   10:00.
South  Westminster,  Tuesday  and  Friday;  Leave, 14:00;   Arrive al   10:00.
Ladner,  daily  except   Sunday;   Leave,
14:20;   Arrive al   10:00.
Porl   Oulchon,   daily   except   Sunday;
Leave, 11:20;   Arrive al  10:00.
Westham    Island,    daily   except    Sunday;  Leave. I 1:20;  Arrive at  10:00.
Sunbury, daily except Sunday;   Leave.
11:20;  Ariive at  10:00.
Annacis island.   Monday,  Wednesday
and   Friday;   Leave,  14:20;   Arrive
at  10:00.
Annlevllle,     daily      excepl      Sunday;
Leave, 14:20;  Arrive at  10:00.
Woodwards,  Tuesday,  Thursday  and
Saturday;   Leave, 14:20;   Arrive at
8:30 and 18:30.
B.   &   V,   "Vancouver,"   daily   except.
Sunday;   Leave,   14:30;   Arrive   at
Floveidal",     daily     excepl      Sunday;
Leave.  1 1:50;   Arrive al  11 :00,
Fort     Kells,    daily    except      Sunday;
Leave,  1 1:50;   Arrive al   11 :50.
Clayton,   Tuesday.   Thursday,   Friday
and    Saturday;    Leave,    1 L*. 60;    Arrive at  11:00.
Tynehead,    Tuesday    and     l-'riday;
Leave, 1 1:50;   Ariive at   11 :00.
Burnaby   Lake,  daily  except   Sunday;
Leave. 16:00;  Arrive at 16:16.
B. >V- S, "Stales." daily except Sunday;
Leave, 16:46; Arrive at 15:15.
q*** ************************ **************************
* _
! ��� I
% Dwight's  Cholera
Price 25c
j Ryall's Drug Store \
The Remarkable Progress of the
Have been unprecedented in the history of the
Oil Industry.
Full possession to all of this Company's immense
holdings was not completed until the 20th of June
-Just two months ago.
Since that date the Company has installed machinery for two flowing oil-weHs; has commenced
and is already far advanced with the construction
of a Refinery on the ground ; and has shipped Nine
Miles of piping to convey the product of their Oil
wells to tide-water.
Can this record of progress for two months be
beaten ?
The present week will see the stock of the
Amalgamated Development Co. quoted upon one
or more of the local Stock Exchanges. Watch the
Price of Stock: One and
Two  Dollars per  Share
Apply to:
Auld, Gwin & McClarty
Inmctes cf Spanish Asylum Die Short
ly After First Symptoms.
London, Sept. 7.���The following
despatch from Valladolld, Spain, was
published here a few days ago:
"An    unknown    disease,    which   advances  with  the  moBt  frightful  rapidity, has  broken  out   lfi  a  lunatic asylum  here.     Death   in  same  cases ensues within a few minutes of the first
symptoms appearing.    Five of the patients have died in the last two days,
while three others who have heen at-1
tacked have heen placed under observation.    The   post   mortem   exuniin.v I
tion   railed  altogether   to  reveal   the
cause  of  death.      The only   external |
sign is a red   spot   resembling   that
caused by a sting on the face or neck,!
and it is believed that the outbreak is'
caused hy the bite of an Infected insect."
This telegram was shown to an eminent Hurley street physician. This
gentleman has practiced for years
both in Italy and Spain, and Is an authority on all phases of blood poisoning. In view of the scantiness of the
description of the disease, the physician could not speak definitely ns to
its cause or character, but his views
on somewhat similar kinds of dis-1
ease which hav come under his notice are interesting.
"1 have known men nnd women ln
Italy," he said, "to leave their homes
In the forenoon in perfect health, and
following bites by poisonous insects,
or rather, by Insects carrying in their
bodies germs of contagious disease,
they have reached my surgery in the
afternoon In a dangerous state of
fever. I have also known not a few
lo die from these bites, though not
with the same rapidity as Is suggested In the case at Valadolid.
6-Room House, between Queens
and Third Ave., close in. Price
$1575, if sold at once.
McQuarrie Bros.
609 Columbia Street
The^New Westminster City Specialists
5l8 Hastings Street, West
Telephone 4327
$25,000,000   FORTUNE
HUNGARIAN JEWEI $6.50 per bbl.
IMPERIAL       S6.75   per   bbl.
TERMINAL ��5.25 per Bbl.
HINDOO FLOUR ��4.50 per Bbl-
McQuarrie & Co.
New Westminster.
Telephone S33.
Bridgeport, Conn., Sept. 7.���A little
over  fifty years  ago a  farmer named
I Miller, living near Mid lletown, Conn , j
; called     in     his     four    sons���Darius,
- Frank,  Nathan  G.   and  Charles���read :
,them a lecture on the use and abuse j
.of money, gave them  .700 apiece, and ;
j told them to go out in the world and j
Darius, the eldest, was thirty then,!
ithe youngest, was scarcely twenty.
! They scattered and worked, schemed
and thrived, anl today they met together ln the home of Frank to cele-.j
brate the golden wedding of Darius
Bod his wife; they told how they had
multiplied that $2800 almost ten thousand fold.
The estimated wealth of the brothers today is $25,000,000. Tlieir activities range from dry goods to rall-
raods, from real estate to electric,
lighting. None of the Miller boys was
a failure.
The age of the Miller "boys" and
their sister, Mrs. Kate Strickland,., of
Bridgeport, total 370 years, hanging
form sixty-five to eighty-one, but their
activities are ceaseless .and .they are
all In the best of health.
Weekday Schedule
6:20, 6:50.  7:20,
6:50,  7:20,  8:00
Cars leave Westminster for Vancouver  at 5:50,
8:00 and every half hour thereafter until 11 p. tn.
Cars leave Vancouver for Westminster  at  5:50i
and every half hour thereafter until 11:30 p. in.
return Fare:   Adults. 60c;  children under 12, 35c.
Sunday Schedule���Cars leave Westminster for Vancouver at 8
a. m. and every; half hour thereafter until 11 p. m.
Cars leave Vancouver for Westminster at 8 a. m., 9 a. m. and
every half hour thereafter until 11:30 p. m.
Sunday Excursion Rates:  Return fare, 50c;  children, 25c.
Freight Schedule���Freight cars leave Westminster for Vancouvei
at 7:20 a. m., 11:20 a. m. and 3:20 p. m. Freight cars leave Vancouver for Westminster at 9:20, 1:20 and 5:20.
��� <r        f   '
City Limits Line���20-mlnute service from 5:40 a.m. to 11:20 p.m.
��� ���       Sunday   Service���20-mlnute service from 8 a.m. to 11:20 p.m.
$ Sapperton   Lino���20-mlnute  service from firiO a.m. to 11:30 p.m.
* Sunday  Service���20-mlnute service from 8:10 a.m.,to 11:30 p.m.
If you buy your Ammunition from its, you
will have good results
We carry high grade,
reliable loaded shells.
Anderson & Lusby
Oft on a wintry day
That to the house confines me.
My SNAP-SHOTS cast the glow
Of my holidays around me.
Take a KODAK and a few spools of
CURLING FILMS with you and you
can enjoy every moment of this year's
vacation all over again at any time.
KODAKS from $10 up.
BROWNIES from $1 to $12.
See our special prizes for the Provincial Exhibition this fall.
We can explain your errors and will
be pleased to do so.
Curtis Drug Store
Kodaks and Supplies
Spectacles, from 50c.
Phones:    43;     Long    Distance,    7-1;
Residence,  72.
New   Westminster,    B    C.
*&**#**#**#**#**#***-f**<   ������������:��<#���������������*���������������������<�����
There wc
crown f' .
sect ,   ���
the to- .-���������
good tor. a
608 Colun.ei:
reported at tho
���- terday.
f Pu:
I'.v. f,
an acre    in
I '    .4.r>0 and
'���   Dorgan.
ill    be
The weekl>   '''fn
held at Queen.-, i *'J
leg, Instead  of c is '-*��� - ���<
Pot plants an' --sh j; flfvers
at Tidy's store.    Pn*..* .���,���. *'
Quicksand and spitUff'i irvc .e
of the streets are ea :'!:ir t> .. -ie to
the workmen laying t!,. . ,'.'., street
sewer. '
In the city police court yesterday
only one man appeared. lie was accused of drunkenness and under the
new law was interdicted.
Mrs. J. W. B. Blackman and her
two sons, John and Ashbrook, leave
for England on Sunday for a six
months' trip. They sail on the R. M.
8. Megantie.
Bargains ln all lines at Fales', the
reliable furniture dealer. **
B. Harris & Co., the specialists in
sanitary goods and fire extinguishing
apparatus, have removed to 70S Columbia street, the office lately oc"
pied by Malins &. Coultharc'
We make  fir a"
windows;   Wai .,     o ��-  p'
tory.   Phone -L ������
New and Second Hand Store
(Late Alex Speck)
The People;/       '      -���      .
took over the ��������!'��    >-��
Wilson, Cook <��. C ..���-.,._ ago,
reports that thee * ,.���- uuerable de-
mand for Port M;r,., property. Scarcely a day passes that there is not a
piece of property changes hands in
the vicinity of the Canadian Northern
Don't miss Saturday's lacrosse
match, Vancouver vs. Westminster,
in Queens park on Saturday, the 10th.
Stands are free.    Admission 25c, **
W. Wolz, of New Westminster, won
first prize in the Salmon sweepstakes
yesterday. He will get about $4000
for holding ticket No. 1.41. which was
drawn at Victoria yesterday. The
winning ticket was sold by ,1. Gamon
The name of the winning horse was
Swynfotd; second, Biozino, and third,
You can get porch columns and
balaatera turned while you wait at
the  Walsh  Sash    and    Door factory.
One Oi the most notable weddings
ol x season took place yesterday
;.rt-.-"ii>Oii when Miss Vera Corbould,
.'.,... bt". f Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Cor-
bOVl ya united in marriage to H.
4' 'ifiii,    *    High    Hive-   Alberta.
Mayor Lee was in Vancouver yes
terday and while he was gone about
fifty of the city laborers invaded the
city hall in search of their pay. They
could not be paid until the mayor had
signed the checks and so the workmen waited, turning the usual quiet
appearance of the civic ofiice buildings into a miniature resemblance to
a bank run. His workship arrived
on the scene about five o'clock and
the workmen went away happy soon
The remains of the late Wilfred
Reginald Hickman were laid to rest
yesterday in the English church cemetery. The remains were followed to
the grave by the members of Post No
4 of the Native Sons of B. C, of which
body the deceased was a member. The
cortege went from the residence on
Second street to Holy Trinity cathedral, where the simple burial ritual of
the Anglican church was read by Rev
Canon d'Easum, assisted by Rev, C
W. Houghton. The pall-bearers were
H. Dart, A. McColl, A. Gray, B. Corbould, F. Beecher and T. Dlplock.
Stewart  Coutts,  one  of  the    most
popular  B.  C.   E.   H.  conductors, and
Miss   Maggie   McGIIIivray,   of   Cedar
Cottage   we   narrled by    Rev.  Mr.
He'j, or  ?.,i. perron, at Cedar Cottage
...  j���-s.nog. Miss   McGIIIivray,
.'im.      '   "i**    r ide,    and     Dingwall
' >" t, ._;u...' j   the groom, attend-
i;:,-      'j6    r '���   ip 's.    The    ceremony
vij- **".��� vi-,**    *.     number of invited
''!*--   - ������ contracting parties. Af-
���'* ���*. jnolng their honeymoon traveling along the Sound, nnd going south
as far as Portland, Mr. and Mrs.
Coutts  will    make    their    home    on
111 kinds ��1 funite kuglit
and sold, Have you Fliini-
ture to sell? See me or
ring up No. 275.
ite.'. c   fl.    i)
�� -d the
ceremony i-* tftr
ii   ny of
che .     -:���(���   ���.,.,
' ���       n-'ti'.j.
The Public
Supply ft >res
Th* CentN fq|c! Caf*
_-pr/0?ite   B
25c - ife: \wm Uincii - 25c
choice; cooking
prompt service
GIVE   US     A     TRIAL
Market Square
PHONE 475.
d. Mcelroy
Phone  R672.
623 Hamilton St., or
Vanstone Heating and Plumbing Co.
Chimney Sweeping, Eavetrough
Cleaning, Sewer Connecting, Cesspools, Septic Tanks,  Etc.,  Etc.
in the
Deane Block
Four doors east of the Bank of
Montreal, under the
Westminster Club
and opposite the
City Market
ltie \i -sec i'r. , mi.- ��icyuarrl��
have opr-W up V.xi: ... ***> of afreet
and dress liar, at th:ir .iew nilllln-
..y parlor-* (.Vi.ujk.. s .'eet. over T.
il. Smith .'- Co ��� '<��Hrtmerttal store.
T>    ���    r  e'   s1.ov.-qp    all    the    latest
���".3. **
M   O. N'orfs. ftf Kamloops, irftft has
be��'Q hero for s��Verai day* WWatlgat
.i< ��� i        lufc+ness propositions in
���turned to,his home. He
e back lfrre fit 'about a month
and bring his  tKnfe  with him.    He
will reside in NS* Westminster   and
will  probably  accept a position  with
the Peoples' Trust company.
Look Into the show window of
Fales' furniture store today. *���
Yesterday morning about eleven
o'clock the firemen were given a run
to Eighth street, just below Third
avenue, where the home of Mrs.
Emerson had caught on fire. Fire
halls i\os. 2 and 3 responded to the
call and had no difficulty in extinguishing the blaze before it could
do any damage worth mentioning.
William James, the fifteen months
old son of Alexander Matthews, of
Fraser Mills, was buried heie yester-
day in the Old Fellows' cemetery,
Rev. J. S. Henderson officiating at
the services. The child's mother died
about a year ago and the father was
not to be found. For the past few
months the infant has been looked
after by friends at Fraser Mills.
Sir William Grantham, judge of th*
King's bench, and a resident of Bar-
combe, between Tunbrldge Wells and
Lewis, Sussex, England, was in the
city yesterday visiting Frank Broad,
who formerly lived at Burgess Hill,
In the same district. Mr. Broad show-
ed his distinguished guest thc principal sights of tlie city, inclu ling the
B. C. penitentiary. Sir William being
interested in penology.
I   You Need
R10c6rt6�� ftl all t!mea, and our
iit&ftS is the right place to make
your purchasrs.
We have the best grocei Us in
town. Our bottled and entitled
goods, flour, butter, egfcS ��tt cl
other staples arc noted for their
excellent qualities. They make
good eating possible, and that
means good health.
We Deliver
your goods to your home, and
save you the trouble and inconvenience of your carrying them.
Call at our store, and lei.ve
your order for whit you need,
and our boy will deliver your
goods very promptly. We don't
charge you extra for this.
Phone 92
We Are Now Occ
Our New
Our floor space is much enlarged.   We hope that in a few davs m-^- .1 ���
will be completed so that we will be able to serve our customers to the h ���
possible advantage.
We are busy rearranging and adjusting the stocks of all department
We trust that under the new arrangements, shopping here will be a plea^n
Our efforts will be to make our customer.' feel at home in all their deal
with this store.
In a few days more we expect to have our complete new stock marked off
and on display in the various departments. You will find plenty here to
interest you.   Watch our advertisements.
First Showing of New
Fall Coats
The announcement   regarding the arrival of the new fall coats will  be welcome news to manv cub
tomers who have been awaiting their coming.   The models now on display  indicate  with  absolute   ce"-
tainty the trend of fashion for this season.   Our coats were perse nally selected In the   European   ani
Eastern fashion centres.    Materials most in evidence are'fine brtadcloths, heather   mixtures,   dlagon I
weaves in light and dark colors and colored tweeds.    Those now show   are    full    length  and    cut   ir
graceful lines that conform to the figure with neatness and gracefulness.    Each coat is perfi  I      ,
ed, lining and trimmings are first class.    We cannot here enter Into any detailed description of anj
the garments, but extend an Invitation to every woman to visit the coat section and examine u.e ,:....
Hundreds of New Dress
Skirts Now Ready
Here again we announce our readiness to serve In the showing  of  the  newest   models In  --
dress skirts.   You will find these in the new section now occupied tor tbe lirst time by   the   n idy-t
tear section.
Sec. 7-8, Twp.
2. Per Acre
6 lots on Second street.   Excellent view.   Streets on three sides ���
of  this  property.    $350 each.   Term*. *
a,        10  lots  extending  from  First  to  Second  street.    This  property *
��� Is especially  well situated.    Streets on three sides, and lane at rear. J
* Price 1350 each.    Terms.    INVESTIGATE. $
Some Special Snaps
Columbia St.. No. 441.
New Westminster, B. C.
F. J. HART & CO., Ltd.
Here's an opportunity I
extraordinary: 360 acres j
of good land all subdivided into small tracts.
Good long terms. These
are for men who act
when action means profit. 	
Yale   Road  Acreage
Forty Acres of superb
chocolate loam at the
junction of the Yale and
Hall's Prairie Roads.
This is a mile from Ue
B. C. Electric, one mile
from the Great Northern
and right in the midst
of land bringing $175 to
$200. For a few days,
and to assure a quick
turn, we are authorized
to offer tyis at $125 an
Acre with terms to suit
most anybody.	
706 Columbia St.        Phone 466
Opening Night, Monday,  Sept. 12tl


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