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The Daily News Jun 14, 1910

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White Rock
1     c.ASlDE   PROPERTY
NEW   WESTN        TER.
JUNE 14. 1910.
PRh       viVR CENTS
L Session of City Fathers
Luces Much Argument
L Few Results,
.'. outside the regu.
������ -. was transacted.
Employees  of   Montreal   Herald   Trap,
ped  in  Burning  Building and  Roast,
ed   to    Death���$600,000   Damage.
lon of the city coun
���    .��ai.v Uie time the .conimuni-
It  was time that
���  ; ,,,h- should be m
I   ^cation of  Light Poles
1   L- ,,ur   was  taken   up
���  where the tight
I, ed on Columbia
.   opinion ol Alder-
Ai'lev that a   pole   should   not
b ired  �� '"���   ;,n    m^fecUng
. rZaet   Columbia,   ufltess   it
ClTdlrectly In the cut re of
r ui the aldermen,  with
\     .    0|   Alderman  Jardine,
TL.il to ������������' Beneral talk and
I���-.���'        ;   was  called  In   to
IVhistfic""1' " was lhe u"'"lln|-
I the poles should be
fj]- equal distance apart and
rrm ��� be not in the road
I, Without a map,
f. ���   the   aldermen   were
J   , it was hard to follow
I th"   discussion,
���' . . about  by  Alder-
that tbe llghl pol��s
XreTn tl ��� o ':i,i"n :i1 present,
|,er it wai ���-'���   'll" report  was
|. ���   M.rk and the whole council
ei the ground and
be placed an equal
I . ��� the same time
th the street crossings.
Bridge  Matters.
|qj the n e engtn -���;   It
���.... wati r pipe
be ol the flex-
to run  alopg  the
[������ rivet     II was decided
:  e toi   pipe
���Tl 'go, which a
\ the hands
thi to decide with
I nan. 6 I by
I, ��� d   Jardine
I to Vlctoi. i
j ���
[ci that Fireman
..:. loi ro   und   he
��� nted A.        Herein r  in  his
\'.- iks reported tbat
I i  build  a  cement
treet under the lo-
. plan;   that   Dublin
!"������' I ind sidewalk built
I Improvement plan;
I ���' ' on the west side
I e renewed. Concern-
Pi : exu nslon ol the
I ��� an reported that
I about |650 and this was
1 o mui h to expend
I eral revi nue for such
_ eel h nt. of the stn et
���   ���. while for the ex-
I asked the chairman
F mittee If he had In-
f imor that  the
I*          ���   had lefl    some   horses   uti-
. ���   eral   davs   In    the
|':"'  '���     ��� whereupon   Alderman
��� ' there was no truth
'���-���  It      "I  thoiiRht   so."  said
bul the rumor was
i1/1'!8''"      M i though! it should
i��� ' bmttted or a   switch
1 '  irthern to the planl
Prince Rupert Meat
���   i pi o' r.l by the coun-
Montreal, June 13.- Hetween thirty
anl forty lives were lost today, It
Is believed, In a Are that destroyed
the Herald newspaper building, at the
cornet ol St. James and McGill
sm- ta I en this morning, The , .
act number ol dead will probably not
be known until the debris has been
cleared  away.
About 1" 16 oYlo, k this morning a
heavy water tank that was on the
roof of the building broke through
and crashed down through the live
stories to the ground In the resultant wreck the gas was liberated and
caught t'ue. The building wart abla e
in a few minutes.
There was at once a panic among
the employees ol the various departments. In the bindery, on the filth
floor, many girls were at wank, and
their retreat was cut ofl by Are. Fire
men with extension ladders rescued
many of them through the windows.
but  Phillls Qulndon, one ol  the Bur-
Vivors, slates that many were killed.
Many bindery .iris and the linotype
men fell through the huge gap In
the floors of the building and were
hurled under machinery and timbers,
The crowds assembled outside the
burning building could hear the
shouts  of the  dying  inside,  while the
tiaines were Blowly travelling towards
them, hut practically nothing could be
done to Bave them.
It was Impossible to control the
tire, which was fanned by a strong
wind Inspector McMahon. of the po-
llci force, called upon i hose around
him to organize a rescue party, but
a tremendous wall of flames suddenly rising from the basement made it
Impossible to enter the bdtldlng.
it is difficult to arrive at anything
like a conect estimate ol the number
of  killed and injured at   present.
The Imperial Hank building, situated next tO the newspaper otlice. w.,s
damaged and some of the clerks are
reported missing Subchlef Mann, of
��� ��� fire department, la 11 ported killed.
Latei i epoi ta will probably show a
lai er loss ol life than was flrst re-
poi led
There are siiii some people in the
��� mont undei the tanks. Two ambulances were engaged In taking away
the dead and injured. Five firemen
are rt poi ted to ha\ e hen killed by
the falling of a wall and ten occupants of the Herald and Imperial hank
ai������ missing, b< Ueved to have bi i n
killed by the falling debris or Buf-
located befi ire tl ej could escape from
the building. Thirty or forty men and
women are known to bave heen i
.lured in making their escapes f i
the various buildings In the bloi
.1.  s   Brlerly, managing dlrectoi   i f
j The    Herald,    says    the    loss    wlll    he
half a million. He thinks the reports
of loss of life exaggerated. He believes ten Will cover all. Others take
a different view Sixty .his working
in the bindery department on the top
floor  are  not  accounted  for.    No  list
I of dead can he secured yet.
The Herald is getting out an eight-
page  paper  tonlghl   in  Thw  Qazette
! building.
Publicity Commissioner Points   Out Advantages of   This
City and Vicinity to Members  of Commission ���
Valuable and Lengthy Data Compiled.
'' ���  ���
I wen
Below  is  given  the  city's  case in
the  university  site question, as pre-
pari l bj  the publicity  commissioner
and presented to the University commission:
Prom the viewpoint of New Westminsti r, u.o bi lei tion ol a site for
such an Important institution as a
Pro\ Inclal unlvei slty, ia i ne ��' Ich
Bhould be ol vital intc.es: to every ln-
dli Idual and e\ ei >  i ommunlty.
The university question haa long
bi < n undei < onsldei ation in this city;
it has been discussed f i ei s 1 oltti
ol \ iew and the decision u ,,s ai 11\ "d
at, that pi es. m condh I mi musl be
lost sight ot and the future alone
Upon  this basis I  shall  on leavnr to
look ahead, ami foresei . as far aa pes
siblo. Ibe  necessities  Of  tlie  people  of
British Columbia, in the way ol higher education, for a pei bul of twenty-
five or fifty years to come l propose
to submit as an axiom that the University of Hiliish Columbia must possess opportunities for expansion such I
as no other scat of learning has pos-:
sessed al its lni option. .
I believe, that tiie work entrusted
to the commissioners is one requiring
the  most  Btatesmanllke foresight, in
older  that  they   may forecast   future i
requirements; the constructive ability1
that win enable them to arrange Bucb
a scheme of education as will provide i
ample space, and opportunity for study j
(theoretical and practical)    in every!
branch of learning.
The older seats of  learning  were
hampered by local conditions, by lacki
of space, and other difficulties that can \
be obviated (lor 'hoy mc well known
to educationalists) by the exercise of
-.t rei bought  based  upon the Increase!
of   population   in   this   province;   the;
rapl I   progress   now    n< Ing   made   in
scientific  discovery,  and  the  Bpeclal
teatures  which  demand  a  more  ad
\ am ed   knowledge,  In   ordei   to   en-1
i.o ge the prospei Ity of the pi "pic. and
the  prestige  ol   the   university   as  a
i ent: e foi education,
Possibly there are sites to he loon 1
more suitable than this city, but it is
claimed that very many Important
characteristics are concentrated within  our -/one of    influence,    amongst
these are climate, geographical situation, contiguity to centres ol population, transportation facilities to all
nee ami continent,
Ic conditions, elec-
��� inns kinds, spi dui
practical studj i
., mining, ' n In
���chanics. nn teor
well as ch em-
General    Superintendent    Bury    Pays
Annual  Inspection Visit���Promise
Better Train  Service.
. Reques's for B. C. E. R.
.,., '   bj   Alderman Gray
j: . Alderman   Jardine
i. b   be asked to con-
[..,'. , s poles on Columbia
I i street  to Leopold
'he i ompany will also be
Eighth street from Co-
to From street   accord-
��� ���tnent said to have
'' I   Into   between   the   com
\, '   year's  council.
>���,,..' a ol a block on Second
���   ������ i b> Peter Peebles was
c ��� council.    The   plan
item :sl',n   makes   arrange-
| �����:... "I'inuation ol Princess
this  is  only  a  thirty-
Itjig^ ",. some objections were
J;   -, Peebles was present and
I ���'   the  map  had  I D
j' '��� Council last vear, hut
m- to (|     ;"; not affixed his signa-
..-... ol been regularly sur-
(old      . of the iota had been
Nt. Impression  that  the
In order.   If the ooun-
��� '��� ���"���  to disallow  the  sub-
,:;oi |'ld be a great hardship
lnal owners of the land
Argument   of   Sir   Robert   Findlay   on
Newfoundland   Fisheries   Lasts
Over    Five    Days.
00   Page   four).
��� **************
��� |T\ M<*Wy   Declaration. ���
��� tune   n-in    the   ���
his   afternoon   Pre-   ���
- .        ������������   unernoon    i
��� '/th   announced   t
bill -v
' he Introduced for
'�� of the king's
hat    ���
He . i
��� and confirmed the   *
communications ���
! Ha "v,'.tl           *t--.n   him   anl ���
��� '   Balfour on the ���
��� wi                which, he hoped, ���
��� ,r> an early  meet- ���
5 ���
The Hague, June 13.���Before the
Fisheries tribunal today Sir Robert
Findlay,   counsel   for   Great   Britain,
continued his argument, which has extended ovet live davs Coming to the
Alabama treaty of 1*71. It was stateil
that the ease now put for ward hy the
l'nited iltates that In the arbitration
entered into in 1881, under the treaty
signed  In   1877,  the   Biitish  govern
merit presentd l's case on the basis
that l'nited States fishermen were
not   subject   to  any   regulations,   and
Tt was certain that tlie award which
was given, allowing greater value to
fishery concessions which l'nited
States citizens obtained, as compare,1
with those Which British subjects obtained on the coasts of Anieilr. un*er
Mie same treaty, Is a circumstance
whicTi really makes It impossible for
the British government now to set
up the pica that the Newfoundland
fisheries   were   subject   to   this   right
of regulation
lie hoped to ��atlsfy the tribunal
that the statement made by the United Slates In the broadest, an.l most.
confidential terms was one * !- h was
not. supported by anj evid '��� nut
that    when   the   British   governmenl
, e   as   presented   to  b  tribunal   tn
1887   was examined, it would he (
that It did not lend the slightest support to flu Amerte m    ���- 'VttAoa thnt.
the   British  government had  ever  admitted that it had the right of regulation on the Newfoundland coast.
ol the proi
���    .0  water,   hygh
. Ic facilities of  '
opportunities  fo
agriculture, fore:1
eering,  applied
ology and astronomy
Istry and physics.
Originally established as the seat ol
government, that honor was subsequently bestowed elsewhere, and we
may  therefore  be pardoned  If OUI   BB
plratlona are now centred ln making
om influence felt, throughout the Do
minion, by reason of our close proxlm
Ity to the University of British Columbia
I'rac 'bally   destroyed   by     fire     lu
September 1898, the city of today Is
bui  a little over eleven years old;  the
I citizens  by  their  thrift  have    made
| themselves   independent.     established
i mercantile enterprises, and a commet
cial reputation.
The  policy   of today  is  one  of  wise
and thoughtful, but energetic expansion. No expense is being spared In
making this "City of Homes," us we
proudly term It, an ideal one for residential purposes; thoroughly up-to
date as regards the purity of its water,
Iti aanltar; arrangements, the cleanliness of Its streets, and the lighting
of the same tn Improving these public
utilities,   provision   bus   been   already
made foi         .000 expenditure In
work   this   year,   whilst   further  com-
prehensh pi ms, foi the public bene
tit. are already prepared and undi r
civic consideration
���| be following figures show the as-
s ��� -.ment for the last two years
Personal property, 1009, $3,008,000,
increase. 1910, about $930,000; realty,
1909, ti.v t' 00, Increase, 1910, about
$830,000; total assessment, IM9, $l".-
891,756, Increase, 1910, about $1,800.
The prosperity of the city Is equally
shown hy the returns of the city
treasurer, as follows: 1907, $jkt,:'.|a.
1908, $346,437;  1909, $688,166,
Increase of population ts a guide to
the stability, aa well as the commercial possibilities of a city or district;
the municipalities of which New Westminster Is the mercantile centre, are
becoming steadily, hut rapidly settled
and now contain from 40,000 to 5(1.000
The population   of tbe city proper.
[898  w is 6,321;  in 1001. 6.100;  in
7.280; fn 1000, 12,100.   Very conservative estimates for this year approximate upwards ot 15,000.
The work of development, already
referred to. has largely consisted of
ewerage sanitary road-making, cement sidewalks, and a splendid electric-lighting system; proposed improvements under consideration In-
two sewerage systems; one eB-
timated to coat $42,000;    the   other.
l.llllilicu    "'    <-"��"    -r ���-, . " ��_
serving an area of about 160 actj^s in
the vicinity of Eighth street, e
lng for a distance of sortie ten
An enlarged water system is another
i1 portant work which will be entered
upon within the next few weeks by
the laying of seventeen miles of water
main to the intake at Lake Coquitlam;
these pipes with laying will cost
aboul   $376,000,  and   are  estimated   to
provide a supply of 6,260,000 Imperial
gallons iv(;v twenty-four bonis.
A recent local Improvement scheme
provides for the rapid extension of
wide concrete pavements throughout!
the city; ti ee piun'tln. . and boulevard-
in. of streets, and the beautifying of
our open Bpaces; all of which are,
I Bubmit, points worthy of consideration as desirable adjuncts for an education centre, or for a city ln near
proximity to an university,
The climate is too well known to
require Bpeclal consideration, but the
topography of New Westmlnstei must
nol be lost sight of from a hygienic
point of  view.
Situated on the swift-flowing Pra-
sei and with a southern aspect, the
warm sun ls tempered by the cool
breezes from the Belklrka and the Pitt
River mountains; It Is neither enervating nor relaxing, and the ozone-
ladened atmosphere from the nearby
Pacific ocean, with Its health-giving
properties, so tempers the climate that
even in the height of summer the cool
nights permit of the physical system
ami mental faculties recuperating.
The steady growth of the city, its
commerce and industries, has induced
tl,< 11 ('. Electric Hallway company
to make it the centre of their opern-
tl ns throughout the peninsula The
Canadian Pacific, and (heat Northern
transcontinental system provide facilities covering the entire continent
of America', whilst the Canadian
Northern system will shot tly establish its engineering and other works
at Port Mann, opposite to New Westminster.
The Increasing reputation of the
city,as a port possessing wharfage
accommodation to the mouth of the
Fiaser   itself   ill",  miles),   presages   its
attaining an industrial and maritime
repute equal to that of Liverpool, or
Glasgow, within the next few years;
which is emphasized bj the fact, that
within    the   last    few    months   several
wholesale houses have established
themselves along (Mir waterfront, and
two leading Camidb n banks opened
their doors for business.���In addition
to four long established; now- Indus
trlea and factories are locating In our
midst, whilst many capitalists are Investigating With a similar object.
Incloded amongst the seventy different enterprises alreaOy in opera-
tiou are the largest machine works
In Westell! Canada, as well as the
only railway car building factory.
Wlthlfl a few miles Is the largest lumber mill in the world, and ih the city
itself three other  mills of  first   rank!
The Fraser river canneries (HO),
nnd the halibut und salmon fisheries
with their cold storage plants, and
the shipyards are in themselves a
basis of stability from a commercial
point of view; but, besides there,
there nro foundries. Iron works, boiler works, shingle mills and box factories, carriage works, sash and door
factories, a wood-pipe factory, brewery, tannery distillery, tin-can factory, condensed-milk factory, oatmeal
mill, creamery, u new steel pipe factory, and many other Important Industries well established upon the
8,000 ncres of land within the city
From the foregoing, it will be noticed that engineering works, already
existent, would provide excellent opportunities for practical demonstration
to the student, particularly the turbines   Ol   *be   Western   Power   Co    lit
stave river;  and the ever-increasing
ascent of the Fraser by ocean-going
steamers,  would give similar ad van
luges   to   the   mm Ine   engineer,    this
branch of study being probably one
which wlll eventually be embodied In
the ordinary currlculuuffl,
The   District   of   New   Westminster.
Phis  covers an  area  or  4.000 000
acres of land, consisting of nn undeveloped mineral region, a large timber
belt, and piuetlenlly the richest and
largest  agricultural district  In  British
The commissioners have traversed
but n small portion of this locality;
Ond What they have seen Is a fair,
average sample of the arable, fruitgrowing, nnd dairying portions of the
New Westminster district.
From this land the future wealth of
our province must he largely obtained; and entirely so, If steps nre not
speedily tnken to protect our salmon
fishing Industry! The hick of knowledge hns nf recent years imperilled
our future prosperity; forest protection and tree cultivation, equally with
fishery protection and development,
must ho studied scientifically, or these
two great industries will pass into
alien hands; the fruit-growing experts
fear (with good reason) for tlie future of our orchards, now threatened
by insects and parasites imported
from elsewhere!
We respectfully submit, that the establishment  of an  university  in  the
(Continued  ou  Page  Four).
Q. J. Hury, of Winnipeg, general
manager of the western linos of the
c. P. R., was In the city yesterday on
his regular annual Inspection tour. He
came from Vancouver In an automobile and dropped in unite unexpected
h on the local agent. Ed Goulet When
Mr, Bury noticed the extent of the
business done here he was surprised
that the proposed alterations and e\
tensions to the station had not been
cai lied OUt long ago as the trade
done certainly warranted such a slip
He remarked that the work would be
commenced at once.
Mr. Bury visited the yards and build
ings of the company and found every
thing in satisfactory o.jler. When
asking the agent If there were any
complaints about the service. Mr, Goulet told him that there had been some
protests against tho night service to
the .1 unit ion. some of the travellers
staling that they had to wait too
long there before being brought Into
This was the hind of thing that
Mr. Bury was looking for and he
promised that anything that could relieve the situation would he done at
once. As a consequence of the visit
the city will doubtless soon be given
a iniuh better service than heretofore.
Ontario Is Encouraging the Spread of
Animal   Life.
Toronto, June 13.���Under the Provincial park policy, as applied to the
Algonquin reserve, the Department of
Lands, Forests and Mines has been
enabled to Inaugurate steps towards
the restocking of unsettled districts
of the north country with wild life.
Five years ago. the districi was practically depleted, but for some time
past the government ranger, hi the
Algonquin park have beeh Instructed
to encourage the animals in travelling beyond the park confines.
This procedure has been notably
successful With the beaver. "Our
rangers have encouraged their progress down the streams from the
park," said Hon Mr. Cochrane, in an
IntefVleW, "with the result that heavers nre now found a hundred miles
and   mote   from   the   park   limits  and
me fast multiplying,   This condition
Is possible owing to the fact that their
killing is now prohibited "
It   Is  understood  that   the  policy  of
the   minister   contemplates   similar
distribution of other wild life, nnd
the probable enlargement of the
park. No official steis. however, have
yet been taken as to the territory to
be annexed.
Lengthy Discussion on the
Egyptian Question Follow
Reference to Remarks.
London, June 13.���Theredore RooBe-
veil's speech led to a lengthy discus
Bjon of Egyptian affairs in the huoae
of .commons   tonight,  the  InsurgentF-
demanding to know what course the
ministers    proposed    to   pursue    ami
some of the liberal members denouncing what they termed Mr. Roosevelt's
interference.     Arthur   .1.   Balfour   expressed    warm    appreciation    of    Mr.
Roosevelt's     sympathy     and     klndlj
ii eatment
There was nothing in the Bpeecfs
to which the most sensitive could
take exception. The situation in-
Egypt, h" declared, called for prompt
action and he hoped that they would
take hasle to give support to the Hritish   representatives  there.
Sir Edward Grey, foreign secretary.
who replied to the criticism on behalf
of He government, announced lhat
Mr. Roosevelt's speech was good. He?
Had seldom listened to a Bpecll WitiS
greater pleasure, its friendly Intention, he said, wns obvious and. fatten
as a whole, it was the greatest compliment to the work of one country
ever paid hy a Citizen of anothef-
There was nothing in tho present
situation in Egypt, fhe foreign secretary declared, to cause disquietude or
.justify a sudden resort to UQUBUal
methods, but if the symptoms already
noted of anti-British agitation continued, the government would Immediately assert its authority and protect the Egyptian minister who followed the government's advice.
Interpellations were Submitted itr
the bouse during the course of tlip-
day bearing <m the same subject, fee
which the secretary of foreign affairs
made a brief reply.
Session   of   Methodist   Conference   at
Toronto  Is  Livened  Up by   Reso
lotion on   Professor's Book.
Toronto, .lutie 13,���A series of yt solutions relating to Prdfessoi Jackson's
hook. Studies in the Old Testament."
caused a stormy se^bm of the Toronto Metho list conference ibis afternoon, A resolution tabled on Batur
day, pronouncing iigninst .Inckson r
teachings, wns removed thlR morning
nnd   two   amendments   moved   to   it,
one to send the question to 11 committee, nnd one to send it to tlie gem
oral   conference.
itev. Dr. cleaver declared thnt the
Jackson teachings were going through
Methodist colleges and were nccepted
by   the   professoi s   nnd   (might.
Two professors from Victoria. McLaughlin and Howies, denounced their
colleagues , McLaughlin   challenging
tbe conference to tiling formnl cluviges
of heresy for trial befoie a church
court. A leading layman In the Bher-
bourne street church and Bible class
teacher declared that he bad accepted
the Jackson teachings, and that If
these teachings were denounced he
and hundreds of others would withdraw from the Methodist church.
Local    Studemts    Pass' Examinations
With Honors.
Three ptrtB of the University of Toronto examinations, which have just
been published, contain lhe names of
four of tlie students of Columbian college, who wiote their examinations
here a few weeks ago. The second
yeai students me all Hint have written so rai. the first year atlldeuta
starting in B few days on the senim
matriculation, which is equivalent u>
the first year in arts.
Miss Hazel Kenny came fust in
second' class honors anil fourth in
general proficiency In the second \e-,ir .
.1. I.e Hoy Laldley came second ti*
Becond class honors and fifth in gen
eral proficiency In the second year.
Miss Bfiji Bhaw and George White?
passeu their second year examination
AN   ECHO oF   1885.
Former   H.   B.   Co.   Employee   Blamer
Rising on Incompetency of Inspector.
Montreal. June l;l. ��� W. J. McLean,
who landed at York Factory in 1M<>.
to enter the employment of the Hudson Bay company at that place, nntf
who in 1XK5 was stationed at Fort
Pitt, nnd with his family was n pris
oner In Big Hears camp for sixty day*-
during the rebellion, is now in tiip
city. Ile declares that Ihspectof
Dickens, son of the great novelist, being deal and Incompetent for the position, sent out scouts with Mr. McLean. Und they remained at tho tort.
McLean Is nltnost sure tbat nn arrangement could have heen reached
whereby the lndlnns would have gonp
buck to their reserves. They In fact
had about decided to abide by the-
Hudson Bay ngent's ndvlee, when the
two policemen came along nnd upset
Mr McLean says tltere enn be ws
doubt as to the feasibility of a four
months and B hnlf shipping season nt
Fort Churchill, nnd thnt the road vnn
be built from the 1'ns to Churchill
wil bout nny difficulty. Nelson. h����
says, is not  In  the tace.
Washington, June 13.���As a result
of information sent to the house inst
Saturday by the war department, disclosing the ' alleged fact that Frnnk
W. Carpenter, executive secretary of
the Philippine government, and Mr.
Worcester had bought and leased
"friar lands" in the Philippines, Representative Martin (democrat) today
Wtroduoed a resolution to demand an
investigation, charging malfeasance In
Montreal, June 18.���Bourossa's pn^
er,   Le   Devoir.     Baturdny   published
documents with a view to   shun lug
Mint the fainuus IoUro called the
Emancipation wus the muse of the fe-
tmivnl of Consul (leneral Kleekowski
fiom this post two years ago.
The pnper in  the first  place  sIiootf
that   the   Montreal   Masons    brought
pressure to bear on the vtrand Orient
of   Prance   nnd   that   the  consul  ww-
removed to South AniCrlon.
The claim wns set up, so It appears,
that Mr. Kleekowski went out of hfe��
way to look nfter French priests wb<��
came over here nnd that he was als<��
too familiar with the Canadian clergy..
Insomuch that it wns necessary tv*
have him recalled.
��� ������������������������������������������������*.
Cloudburst Kills Many.
Cologne, June 18.���Great loss
of life has occurred in the A lir
valley of the Efel region as tho
result of a cloudburst which
swept over the district on Sunday night. Late estimate;
place the total number of dead
at 190.
mmm *
Umm 1
j:'; r!;,'K>',:!
4 ��� -ij ' ,   i -.���; ���
m the credit,
Classified Advertisements 'REAL   ESTATE
it     to advance the same -  ,
of the debenture* or registered stock
_  Office:    Northern   Crown   Bank   Bldg.
STREET     IMPROVEMENT     DEBEN-' pame  .hail   have first been
:     TURE OR   REGISTERED STOCK       by a resolution o:      ���   <
BYLAW, 1910. "   This Bjftawtshail ��*���*��*��
certifi lit *   ���  tinuftiM mentioned, anj
��� exceeding
the sum of $97,500.0(1, ana
male and female, ior the public
schools of this city. Applications
will be received until noon of the
tZHd iiiSL Robert Lennie, Secrete:;
'       " ::i:'::KOr:'lll'li-ll ["Hi.-:-"-        ���   to be paid into th,
"epl'1 ... said city for the pur
Phone  646.
Open Evenings for Your Benefit.
City���An 8-roomed modern house;
size of lot, 132x132 feet; price.
$5,250:    ?1~50   cash';    balance   ar-
rana--1 .   i
house- of flve or six rooms with ruod-
t-rn    conveniences    by   July   1   foi Eor   Sa'e���Cottage;    3   rooms;    large
MftK or i   ar  month*    Convenient lot:   on   Ten:::   street:   fnbQ   oast
to   car lirje   preferred.      Apply     Z. This is a snap buy.
Dally Neu, office.  ~ w   ^ -~^~ - Jp   10_,60 a:re$
WANTED���SMART    DINING    BOOM of g����d laud with  I'.OoO.OOO feet of
Ggiri.   Apply King's hotel, Columbia i    timber.    No timber lease.    $35 per
City of New Westrrinster to raise
by loan the sum of Ore Hundred
and Fifty Thousand ($150,000,001
dollars   for   Street   Improvements.
enture or
^             -     -.-^orc the finals ' Igftfc ^    ~
:' _ .  ���.   ..    .-.���, I  stock certificates  to  h
Whereas, certain sums of mont
have this ;������ u been expended out erf
the general revenue of the city for
the nstruction, improvement and re-;
pair oi streets and sidewalfcs, .i.-id iti
is expedient that additional sums be
s;ent in like manner, amounting in
all i with the sums already spent i to
the sum of One Hundred and Eifty
Thousand  lf?&0,000. ������<  dolla
r required hy law,
. . ���  ���   assent of the <
'cn day of IM.-
...       nd finally passed in
'��� -:���' of
. , . -. ���  stocR
..   not ��w ediog in the whole tbe|
sum  of   l;r���'���   '   "  ���"'���'   ''���''���*  Hllm-S   ��f
.   required, nol
jXI i aeb,  oi   an   etmiyalent
��� _*i in  pounds atenling of tpe
I .'  . | ,,;- _ |om ol Great Britain and
i  at   a   value  of   t.866   to   the
- .  sterling;   and  all such  deben-
that   the   above   is   a.<
_      oPy of the proposed Byl tures oi- registered.stock certificates
v%:     ...        .     mto  considered i      ���   shall be sealed  with the seal
Croquet Sets
Pic Nic Basket
Pic Nic P
Etc., Etc.
K4";00   P
of  the
acre.    12,000 cash.
And Whereas, it appears that It thai. . ., council of the City of corporation, si. ned by the Mayoi am
said  sum of  One  Hundred  and Fifty   _,        ,,- ��i���..��-   ���������   month    from  rniint.raiened  by thc treasurer there
N-      Westminster  one   month
WANTED���BOV TO LEAKS' PLUMB- CITY���New 5-roomed house on Thir-
ing and tinsmithing. Apply James! teenth street. Price $2,000; terms
_ McClughan- r-^'J cash, balance |.0 per month.
 ! ���         *���**<m   i������������**************^���a��������
ARCHITECT WISHES TO SHAKE CITY���Modern house and large barn
office or desk room. State location. j on Fourth street. Rented for J30
Heplv to Index, care Dailv News. P��"   month.     Price   33 f00;    terms
��� > i    $1,000 cash.
WANTED��� POSITION     BY     JAPAN-  ���	
ese to work before 8 a. m. and after , CITY���8-rcomed_ house and_fully mod-
7 p. m.    Apply S. S., P. O. Box 15u
from  countersigned  by the treasurer there _  _ ���
Thousand  < J1 "������'.���"    JO)  do.lars. be ap-  ;;     ,  .   cf"'t"he"first publication there-  of.-or by such other person or person     ���   M M A Fj JT*. \T % ty
propriated  from  the  general  revenue  Q,  jn 'the  ������1>;tjjy   News''    newspaper.' as  nuy he thereunto lawfully author-  |     IWI ���   I wC   H    Y     \'
665���Columbia  Street���665
New Westminster, B
"WANTED��� YOUNG    GIKL    TO    AS-;
sist in  light  housework.    No cook-
em on Fourth avenu��. Siz�� of lot
is 80xl�� feet. Prico S4.*00; one-
fifth  cash, balance  easy.
of the  city  for  the current  year the i w, .".   .,.,, pubi'ication took place on; lzed
rate of taxation will be excessive, and   t ;.iy pf Junp   1910, and that      3. The said debentures or heglstered
it   is   expedient   that   such   excessive Q, 't,'e ,jt.ctors 0f the city will'stock certificates shall  be  payable btt]
taxation  should  be avoided,  and  the  f    ....     r lbe ^j proposed Bylaw j the   first  day   of  July   ll-no,  at   such
said  sum  should  be  raised    on    th-   ,. . ..-,, dav of juIt> 1910, between i place or places as the Council of thej
credit of the corporation, and that de-  .,"   ^onn o! Dj"r.e o'clock a.m. and five   said   corporation   may   from   time   to
ring places, namely:   time appoint with the approval of the
T ���  Council Chamber, Civic Building    i.oiders thereof, nnd shall hear inter
the   Fire
Hall.   Sapperton;
S- ���   :-"���
and   t;      - sl
!:���������-��� nth
ing.    Apply Mrs. Baker, 109 Colum-, BURNABY-Two   lots   cose  to   store
bia street,'Sapperton. and   tramline.     Price   $250   tooh;
terms U cash and |10 ter month.
W. A
City Clert
WANTED���10    GIRLS    OK    WOMEN   -
City Hall, June 11, 1910,
to work  in  laundry.    Wages  15  to   LANGLEY-80   acres   N.   I 2  of   S.E.
20   cents   per   hour.       Royal   City!    U   of Bee. K'.  Tp.  10;   some clear
Laundry,    Royal   avenue,   west   of
Eighth street.    B. Abrams. Mgr.
Apply J, this office. 	
ing. Price 335 per acre; terms
$1,300 cash, balance 1, 2 and 3
SURREY���Surrey waterfront snap.
10 acres close in. Price $250 per
acre.    Terms.
keeping rooms.   Apply Box B. News
office-     WILSON, COOK & CO.
WANTED���GIRL  TO  ASSIST   WITH   Office:    Northern   Crown   Bank   Bid
house work    Apply, Mrs. A. E. Kel- \ Phone   646.
lington. 501 Queen's avenue. Open Evenings for Your Benefit.
ben tures or registered stock certificates should be issued for that
And   Whereas,  for the  payment  of  y,-.-^rwork's
interest on the debentures or registered s'ock  certificates,  proposed to  be
issued under this Bylaw, and for creating a sinking fund for the payment
of tiie said  debentures or  registered
stock   certificates   when   due.   it   will
be necessary to raise by special rate,
ln   addition   to ail   other   rates,   each'
year during the currency of the said
debentures  or  registered  stock  certificates,  the  sum  of Seven   Thousand,,
Five Hundred and Ninety and $2-100
($7,590.32) dollars:
And Whereas, in order to raise
the said yearly sum of Seven Thousand, Five Hundred and Ninety and
32-100 ($7,590.32) dollars, an equal
rate on the dollar will be required to be levied on the whole rate- *' ' have caused to be prepared and
able propertv of the Citv of New West-  '���      before the Council a detailed esti.
Aerated Waters]
A By aw to enable the Council of the.
Corporation of the City of New
Westminster to raise cy loan the
Sl,ti of Ninety-seven Thousand. Five
Hundred ($97,500.00) dollars for
School   Purposes.
at  the  rate  of  four  and  one-half
r centum  per annun    payable   half   Ri|ir������Wol   X\J **. l-
yearly  on   toe   first  day   of Janpao   ITIIIICI <U   YV cUC.rS
and the first day of July in each and
every year, and  the debentures sbalj
have attached to them coupons foi Uie
payment of  interest,  which  *.'id  con
-   shall   be   signed   by   the     said
4. A special rate on the dollar shall
be levied and raised in each year, in
addition to all other rates, on all the
- ��� .ble property of toe city, sufficient
tu pay tlie interest upon the deben-
-���.:��� .- or registered stock certificates,
and to create a sinking fund for the
payment of the principal thereof when
reas the Hoard of School Tn* ,!" ��� "Ubject to any act or enactment
tees   ot  the   City   of   New   Westmln-  respecting the same
'elephone 13. Office. Eighth tri
����������������������������� ���������������������������������+++.J
acres of good land at Lincoln sta-.
tion, Langley, for Westminster city
property. Value $3000. Apply B. C.
Securities, Ltd., Dominion Trust
Offices, Columbia street, New Westminster.
Room 8, Thompson B'ock.
Phone 629.
And  Whereas,   the  whole
registered   stock
:.'  tor
WANTED���A  GIRL  FOR  GENERAL   Four   Lots   in   Sapperton;   150   yards
housework   and  plain   cooking.   Apply  125  Third  avenue.
with harness, logging chain and
wagon.    Apply S. S., Box 150. j
acres.     South     New     Westminster.
Splendid view of New Westminster. |
$4^5   per   acre.    Apply   P.   O.   Box
256,  City.
of cleared land, good house, large ���
barn, packing house, stable, chicken '
run, 200 bearing fruit trees; on good :
road close to tram line; six miles
from city. Apply to Wilson, Coo*
& Co., Northern Crown Bank Build- j
tor::   cleared  and  fenced;   close  to"
cai line.    Only for sale within th .
next   thirty   days,    Address A.   H.
1 ippet   Cunningham Hall, Sixth St.;
.   -   . Sound.   Also wagon and ;
hprwmri    new J.    Apply A. N. Mac-1
_HT, Burnaby Lake P. O.. Ii. C.
from  car.   $560;   $25  cash,   balance
$10 per month.
Corner Lot, 80x124; slashed; facing
down hill; lsrely rlew; close to
new school, Sapperton. Price $6M,
on terms.
jTen acres of the best fruit land; IMt
acres cleared; 2 acres slashed, burned and logged olT: 3 roomed house,
barn, poultry runs: small fruits.
Fronting on Scott road and close
to car.    Only $2,040, on terms.
Five acres on Scott road: good garden, house, well, etc.; three quarters of a mile from car. This ls good
at $1300; terms.
5. Subject  as  aforesaid, then-  sliall
be raised annually  hy special  rate as
refli ' r **. durtn* thf' f'"rreni'>' "f
rateable  ���     '��� -^ ^e current year's ordinary   said   debenture!   or
propertv of th* said cltv  according to expenses  of  maintaining  the  schools! certificates,  the  sum of  $4,38
,;,r    1  .* 1    a      .        ^'"u'lg "j     ,'.        .. n       . ... ,,-.,,      ithe payment of interest thereon, and
the   last   revised     Assessment     Ro     ol tne said LK.. or >ew Westminster, *  ��� - nrnvutm for tt
thereof,  is  Seven   Million,  Two  Hun-  and have also prepared a like detail-1\^ 8U��� of *f'<'-"   �� I'��� ide f,>r "����
dred   and   Fortv-nine     Thousand   and  ��"  ^';::::''e of  tY'e 6ums rff'uir''d  t0  "Tr"? h   P     ," P       ,       t  ,u.
Ten  ($7_J49.010:<H�� dollars; meet any special or extraordinary ed    *��� The proceeds of toe sale of the
And Whereas, the total amount of' tenses legally incurrahle by the Board.; said debentures or regis ered stock
the existing debenture debt of the ��� *���������*������ last mentioned estimate is sub-: cerlifl ca,es s ball be api died as follows,
said city is One Million, Six Hundred  lm  t0   consideration,   alteration   and , ���\nd
and   Serenteen   Thoasand.   One  Hun-  Anal approval by the Council, and toeithe.co��t ��/ lhe !>"���*"���� this By
dred   ($1,617,100.00)   dollars,  irrespec-  same   has  been   finally   approvel   by j and   toe���issue   and ^sale  ot__��_��>���_ "Id
tire of the sum of One Hundred and  lhe Council.
debentures or registered stock certifi-
Seventy-four Thousand, Five Hundred1    A-'d Whereas, the amount  required]-**�� therein  referred to. and ail ex-  J
Done At
iollarB   proposed   to  pe|un(ler   the   8a'd   last   mentioned   esti-. P*nse��   cot
he "Lulu Island Bridge   r' ve for schools  amounts to Ninety-! of ttlP Rald
connected   with   the   issuance
oan. and the balance sha
hr  the  city  treasurer  to  the MTeral
'$174,500.00)   d
raised under the    i.\ ���;  ;~.-.ni   ���. ��� ; .*-���
debenture or Registered Stock Bylaw ;s��'v''n Thousand, Five Hundred  i^7.-,be Pald ***' from 'lme ,n }[tno RS r'-
1910";   the "Fire Debenture or Regis-  r'      ' '   dollars, made  up as  follows: l< llr��'1 thp order (,f "*>��� l    *    '
jtered     Stock     Bylaw,     1310";     the I Thirty-five Thousand   ($35,000.00) dol-
j "Schools    Debent
| Stock      Bylaw
."Parks Deben..., ,
; Bylaw,   1910,"  of  which  none of  the  ffr the erection  and equipment of a|JW ''
i principal  or Interest is in arrears;
jbenture or Registered!^" for *-^ erection and equipment of I"'���"0* tf) whom monevs are payahle. Z
tw, 1010," and the t!'e new Sapperton school; Two Thou-1 T- Ttlls B-vlaw Bha" take efft'ct un t
iture or Registered Stock  sand, five Hundred  ($2,500.00) dollar*  *h�� ria-v   of i;'1"-   ani1   Z
��� Benson &
At   Dick   Benson's   Old   Stand,
8th St., Next to Fash on Livery.
Rocm   8,  Thompson   Block.
Phone 629.
Now Therefore, the Municipal Council of the Corporation of the City of
jNew Westminster euacts as follows;
1. It shall be lawful for the Mayor
[ of the said city to raise by way of
| loan from any person or persons, body
n Lulu Island, and Sixtv Thou-' U;r�� or Registered Stock Bylaw, 1910."
sand ($60,000.00) dolla'rs for the erec-! R- T,lls B.vl<''w before the final pass-
tion of a High school. I lng  thereof,  sliall  receive  the  aai   nt
J And Whereas! bv Section 40 of the of the e^'ors of the said city in the
the  Public Schools Act   1905, as  re- manner reQPlred by law.
'enacted  by  Section  30 of  the  Public!     Received the absent  of the elector!
i-Schools   Act   1905,     Amendment   Act  ��n "'*' da>' r,f
Corner  Columbia   and   Begbie   Streets.
Phone 630.
or bodies corporate, who may be will-1'1?0*, any statute to the contrary not--     Reconsidered  and finally passed i
ing to advance the same on the predlt|withstanding, the Council of any city, OP6" c��*-*-c*- the da>' of
of the debentures or registered stock   town   or   '!ir:il   municipality   in    tilt-   1'1"'
certificates hereinafter mentioned, any   Province  Including   tbe  City  of   Van- ' "  *	
sum or sums of money, not exceeding)couver and City of New Westminster,
in the whole the sum of One Hundred ��� rn:'-v ln feiicfl and every year pass a
and Fifty Thousand ($150,000.00) dol- Bylaw or Bylaws for levying aspeclal
lars. and to cause the same to he paidirate ��* ������"* more than Five (6j mills
into tlie treasury of the said city for  "n t!>" dollar for school purposes, and
::     I iri'oses mentioned herein.
Agr.es street.
ply %1 %. >>Hiton s'reet.
t frusekeeplng to rent. Apply to A. H. |
Fergison, Pythian  Hall  buiidLng.
rooms; electric light. Apply 233
Eleventh street or 746 Columbia St.
store In the K. P. hlock; suitahle
for store rooms, skating rink, or
moving pictures, etc., etc. For particulars apply to John Forrester,
Se". R'. p. Trustees, 517 St. George
street,  City.
Sapperton���We have a few choice
view lots on Blair avenue very
cheap; $25 down, balance monthly.
Worth investigating.
City���Lot on Ninth street between
Third and Fourth avenue; unsurpassed riew.    Price only lUh<>.
Modern groomed house, ideally situated; close in. If you are looking
for such a place call and see us at
once. Price tnd terms on application.
South Westminster���\\ acre view
lots oa car line at BrownsiTlle.
Price }_���� per lot; Va cash, balasce
easy, if j.n waat a heme, seeore
one at s/sc**. as they are the cheapest and sesrest lots oi the market.
Corner Columbia  and   Begbie  Streets.
Phsne 880.
the  C   ui.' il   may   in  addition   to  such
It shall be lawful  for the Mayor  rate apply any portion of the ordinal>
to cause any number of debentures (Jr!revenue t0 school purposes.
[registered   stock   certificates    to    be      And   Whereas,  it  appears  thai   tbe
imade. not exceeding in the whole the  amount required to meet the current
Isum of One Hundred and Fifty Thou-; year's ordinary expenses of maintain-
sand   ($150,1  1   dollars,   for   such"' in��   the   schools   wiil     exhaust    the
sums of money as may be required, anioupt authorized to he levied under
not   less   than   $100.00   each,   or   an  Section  40 of the Public Schools Act
(equivalent expressed in pounds sterl-   l?"5,   as   re-enacted  by   said   Section
| ing of the United Kingdom of Great   ��� '
i Britain and Ireland, at a value of 4,866 I Am<"
to the pound sterling; and all 6uch j necessary also to apply a portion of
debentures or registered stock ccrti-(thc ordinary revenue for such pur-
flcates  shall  be  sealed  with  the seal t poses.
of   tbe   corporation,   signed   by     the;    And Whereas, it appears tbat lf the
Mayor   and   countersigned     by     the  Bald sum of $rj7.5^0.00 be appropriated
I treasurer  thereof,  or   by   such  other;from the general revenue of the city
: person  or  persons  as  may  he there-  for th* current year, the late of ta.xa-
i unto lawfully authorized. .tion will  be excessive, and  it is ex-
3. The said debestures or registered  Pedl. nt  that  such  excessive  taxation
j stock certificates, shall be payable on \ should be avoided, nnd the said sum
ithe   first  day  of  July,  1060,  at  Buch-should be raised on the credit of the
j place or places as the Council of (he corporation, and  that dehentures    or
Bald   corporation   may   from   time   to' registered stock certificates should be
I time appoint with the approval of the issued for that amount.
(holders  thereof, and  shall  bear Inter-'    And Whereas, for the payment of ln-
est at the rate of four and one-half per;,Prf>st ��n the dehentures or registered
.'.   aa   ii.-i-uaiieu   uj    iaju    section,         " >  '
of   the   Public   Schools   Act   10o5.'the   f(,U��*'lnK   places,   namely
endtne.t Act 1906, and it  will he I CoUD''n Chamber, Civic Building;
Take notice that toe above Is a tru<
copy of the proposed Bylaw which will
bi taken Into consideration hy the
Municipal Council of the City of New
Westminster one month from the date
of   the   hist   publication   thereof   in   th.
"Daily News" newspaper which first
publication took place on the 13th day
of June, 1910, and that a vote of the
electors of the city will he taken on
the said proposed Bylaw on the 14'h
day of July 1910, between the boors
of nine o'clock a.m. and  five p.m., at
Fire Hall. Sapperton;  and the Waterworks Storehouse. Eleventh street.
City Clerk,
City Hall. Juno 11, 1910.
on Seventh street. Apply Wilson,
Cook & Co., Northern Crown Bank
For all kinds of
Phone 695
or leave orders at
The   Arrow  Press
.near The Daily News Co., 609 Victoria
Transfer Co.
fvfflce 'Phone 1>5.     Barn 'Phone 137
Columbia Street.
Baggage   delivered    promptly   to
any part of the city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
Columbia    St.,    Next    Todd's    Music
House���Phone   703.
For Sale���5-roomed cottage close In;
large lot. Price $2,500; $500 cash.
Balance on  very easy terms.
For Sale ��� 5-room cottage close in.
Price |2300; $300 cash; balance to
suit purchaser.
We have some real good snaps in
house property. Call and see us
about them.
Columbia    St.,    Next    Todd's    Music
House���Phone 703.
:;y_ to 25 n. p.
2 and 4 Cycle.
Local  Agents
Westminster Iron Works
Phone   53.
Tenth   St.,   New   Westminster.
3 tables,
. upplles,
'Darke's <
Tliur. d".
s Bale of Smith-Premier
r, '.', ollice desks, in epe'ru,
a Quantity Of linoleum, office
maps, etc, at Evans &.���
ifflcp, 700 Columhla street, on
, June 16. at 2 p, in.
SEALED TENDERS addressed to
the unaerslgned, and endorsed "Tender for Steel Tug Boat for British
Columhla" will be received at this office until 4:00 p.m., on Monday July
centum per annum, payahle half year- SWCK certificates proposed to be ia- 4. 1910, for the construction of a steel
ly on the first day of January and the,s,J��d under this Bylaw, and for oreat-'ttig boat.
first day of July In each and every log a sinking fund for the payment | Plans, specification and form of con-
year, and the debentures shall have, of the said dehentures or registered | tract can be seen and forms of tender
attached to them coupons for the pay- stock certificates, when due, it wlll: obtained at this department, at tbe
ment of interest, which said coupons,''0 necessary to raise by special rate,' offices of G. A. Keefer, Esip, district
shall he signed by the said Mayor. in addition to all other rates, each ; engineer, Post Office 'building New
���!. A special rate on the dollar shall, >'''��r during the currency of tbe said j Westminster, B.C., and Willlam'lleiid-
be levied and raised In each year, In I debentures or registered stock certl- erson, Esq., resident architect, post
addition to all other rates, on all the -t ficates the sum of rour Thousand, ] office building, Victoria, B.C.
rateable property of the city, sufficient,-N'ine Hundred and Thirty-three and | Persons tendering are notified that
to  pay the  interest  upon   the  debeo- 70-100   f$4.933'.70)  dollars; | tenders will not he considered unless
tures or  registered stock  certificates,;
and to create a sinking fund for th9 sa
payment of the principal thereof when .special rate on the dollar will he re-
due, BUbject to any act or enactment i'l'ilred to be levied on the whole rate-
respecting the same. | able   property  of   the   City    of    New
5. Subject as aforesaid, there shall J WeStm&Stet'.
be raised annually by special rate as j    And   Whereas,   the   whole   rateable
aforesaid, during the currency of the  property of the said city, according to
said  debentures  or  registered    stock ' the last revised Assessment Roll there-
certificates, the sum of Six Thousand,' of, is Seven Million, Two Hundred and
Forty-nine   Thousand   and   Ten     (17.
2l!i,010.00)   dollars;
And Whereas, the total amount of
the existing debenture debt of the
said city Is One Million, Six Hundred
and Seventeen Thousand, One Hun-
dred  (ll.oiT.ioo.oo)  dollars,  Irrespec-
If you deposit your money f<
safety in The Bank ���.  '
lt  wiil  he  safe  wbfli
lt. and ready when !
and  It  wil:  be
earning for yon three per cent'
interest. Small or large sums
may  be deposited at any time.
Ontario.   Ouebec   aDd
REST   ...
. .$4,000,000
Rank of Toronto
J, Oracey, Mgr.
- �� ...-.,   uuim,��, leuueiH wiii uui ne considered unless
And Whereas, ln order to raise tho I made on the  printed forms supplied
Id yearly sum of M.933.70, an equal   and   signed   with   their   actual   slgna-
Seven Hundred and Fifty ($0,700.00)
dollars for the payment of the Interest thereon, and the sum of Eight
Hundred and Forty and 32.100 ($840.-
3L') dollars to provide for the pay-
1 ment. of  the  principal.
6, The proceeds of the sale of the
[said   debentures   or   registered   stock j tive of the sum of Two Hundred and
certificates   shall   be   applied   as   fol-1 Twenty-seven   Thousand   ($227,000.00)
lows,    and    not   otherwise:    towards  dollars   proposed  to  be  raised   under
: paying tlie cost, of the passing of thls'lie "Street Improvement Debenture or
; Bylaw and the Issue and sale of tho   Registered   Stock   Bylaw,   1010;"   the
dehentures  or  registered  stock  certl-: "Eire Debenture or  Registered  Stock
I ficates therein  referred to', recouping  Bylaw, 1910;" the "I.ulu Island Bridge
Ithe treasury  of   the  city  such   sums Debenture or Registered Stock Bylaw,
las  have  been  this  year expended  In  1910,"   and   the   "Parks   Improvement
|street works, or may be so expended|Debenture or Registered Slock Bylaw.
until  the proceeds of the sale of the , 1910," of which none of the principal
said   dehentures   or   registered  stock, or interest Is In arrears.
I certificates have become available, tho |     Now Therefore, the Municipal Coun-
| making.  Improving and  repairing    of | cil of the Corporation of the City of
such streets and sidewalks In the city   New  Westminster enacts as folhiwB:
as mav  be  deemed  expedient  by  the      1- It shall  be lawful for the  Mayor
j council, but. no sidewalk or street, shall   of the  said  city  to  raise  hy  way of
tures, stating their occupations and
places of residence. In tlie case of
firms, the actual signature, the nature of the occupation and place of
residence of each member of the tlnn
must he given.
Tenders   mu3t   specify   time  of  delivery of tug  boat at  New  Westminster, B.C.. free of till risks .and (barges
The   Department  does   not   hind  Itself to accept the lowest or any tender.
Bv order,
Department of Public Works,
Ottawa, June  6. 1910.
Newspapers wlll not be paid for
this advertisement if they Insert it
without authority from the Department.
Edmonds Waterworks.
Notice ls hereby given that all parties requiring water service aro re-
riuested to make application on printed
forms, to be obtained at the collector's ollice.  us early aa  possible.
be made or repaired out of the moneys   "��an from any person dr persons, body   Munlolnnl  Hall,  Edmonds, B. C, May
borrowed under this Bylaw unless the or bodies corporate, who may be will-      23, 1910.
White Star-Dominion
Canadian Service
Montreal to Liverpool
Triple  screw,  14,900 tons.
Twin    tcrew,    14.900   tons.     '
largest   and   most   modern,
commodatlon  equal to any
Ing the Atlantic.
For Rates and Tickets Apply
C. P. R. Passenger Station
vehicles   while   waiting
on C*
All   vehicles   wime   "'TV'-nutlivvavfl
lumbia street must stand   bub.       up
with   the   street,    and    "��     '   tll,..j
against   the  sidewalk,  so   tnai
mav   be  sufficient   room  ><>' ,,
:md especially the lire teanU �� ^8
along  the   street   with  BafetJ
PUbllC. ,     rvPX'CAN'
By  Order; Jt*>  *���  -^ ggrfc
City Hall, May 87, 1910. T.ESDAV
JUNE  M, tfi'O.
yiyj,yyrr I"1''    PAGE THKk^
���!ll       NOTICE   TO    CONTRACTORS.
��ter.'"' will l)
,  ����    addressed  to
l,r����lfed at **����� offlce
r-hia.- '- De on Wednesday, July
"S 4:00 P'�� ��� on J^gucttOB of a
���_V 'wall Twin   Screw    Barge
>8 ""Sffiatlon and form of con-
&��ped��^n and loraisof tender
l_t-��*betM��  department,   at the
��,'V��     'uchaud, Ks.,.   District
���cb"1 J\     .,,.,nts  Ban"   Bldg.,   St.
,   J.   O.   Sing,
Toronto, Ont., and (1. A.
let Btogineer, New
K Merchant* ��'
.ferret Montreal,
fcnes B"     ,     ineer,
r   nwtri*1 i\
Take notice that un application lias
boen made to register Duncan Bel] |
Hall as the owner ln fee simple, under
a Tax Sale Heed from E. A. Wllinot,
Inspector of dykts, to Duncan Bell!
Hall, bearing date the 13th day of;
June, A.D., 1(JU7, of all and singular
that certain parcel or tract of land
and premises situate, lying and being
ln the District of New Westminster,
In the Prj.r .i^e ol British Columbia,
more partlcil.My known and described as part 3.0U teles of the southeast
quarter of Section 18, Township :;,
Range 2'J, west of Oth Meridian.
You and those claiming through or
Prussian Army Officer  Had  no  Fewer
Than 250 Specific Acts Charged
Against Him.
Room  6,  Guichon Building.
Berlin, Juno 13.���A court-martial
sitting at Glogan, In Prussian Silesia,
has sentenced a non-commissioned of-
Hamar Greenwood Asked to
Run for Bedford Because
He Looks Like Author.
KVtpndering *re notified I
persons tenu       conBidered un
u��rs W" ,...i   forma   hupp
nro notified that
ide on
si.n*>d *Vhelr"occupatloM    and
statins    ���> ,_   the  CMe  0f
0f resident
fleer, Franz Llbowska to two years
Imprisonment and degradation for perpetrating twenty-six acis of cruely on
members   of   thc   First   Battalion   oi
The evidence showed that Llbowska
hit   a  recruil 's  head  flftj   tin es    In
succession and thin Btruck his victim
under you and all persons claiming
any Interest lit thi. said land hy virtue
of any unre *��b ed Instrument, and
all persons eli.".mg any interest in
the said 'and by dt-fient, whose title
111 noi ���>*>  .Is not re;ist""ed ���'.. < er the provisions
ated forms BupftUea of the ..Land neitistry Act," arerequlr- BUv;tCDO
wi,h ,hClr,,m^tions    amiled t0 contest t"'e " A :n ot lhe tw pur-  '������- the face"wlth'the fiat'of his sword
, ���,����       clias"r withln for-yfi^* days from thelLib0W8ka aiao   ma?treatei3   the   same
in  tin   case oi;dsiIe of the t,.0it  puuj'cation of this   ,,.,.,.������   by   klcklng   ,liK    head    wiUl
s""":uM  ���.  -,.-, .notice upon  yn,   and In default of a   klu;fi boot8,
,���  and  place  of  nsi- Uaveat   or   cf,, llfl ,a.���   ut   ;,���   pei<jens
member  of  tho  nrm|belng f|]Pt wiii In sue. , _, ',
default of tad ir.ptlon  r.fior.; resistra*
1����� tion, you aal (.'fh of you wil' be for-
Vancouvcr,  B.C.,|ey��� f,Rl0ppej bll^ flel)��rr��fi from setting up any i I. Iin to <>���   u respect of
UJuov  ���  ���- the  said  land,  and   I   sha i    reclstei
cheque on a chartered j Duncan Ufu llan art 0WUPr thereof
In fee. An* l hvrisry oM��. that publication of tills r.i.li"o fur thirty days
', Bignature, the nature
t.e act"'1' Mh   .     .���  ..��  -^oi.
lence of ^^^^^_
'.,��������� ���'"���    . Bpeclfy time of de
Tenderers i��llhl    -   -     n"
^��� . ^_  ^^ ^^^^^ -     thirty,
jcriod, or Inflows j��� succession on the head and|borough
Another     recruit     received
London, June. 13.���Hamar Green
wood���the former member for York���
Is not likely to be permitted for any
h ngth of time to subordinate politics
to law, Since his defeat hy .1. (',. Butcher he has been the recipient of a
number of Invitations to contest other
constituencies, though, so far, the requests have heen made in vain. .
Among, tlie constituencies anxious
to sei ure liis serviced has been that of
Bedford, which is at present repre-
Bei ted in the house by W. A. Atten-
-u London barrister, who has
residence    in    the
Architect and Engineer.
625 Columbia St.
HOPE  &  BARKER, Architects.
New   Westminster���Vancouver.
Tenders will be received by the
undersigned for the construction of
the flrst section of the Canadian
Northern Pacific Railway from New
Westminster easterly for a distance
of sixty miles. Tenders to include
the grading, bridging, masonry, track
laying, ballasting and erection of telegraph line.
Plans, profiles and specifications
may be seen and Tender Forms procured at tlie office of T. H. White,
Chief Engineer, Koom 15, 135 Hastings Street West, Vancouver.
Total work to be completed by June
1, 1911, and tenders to be received
'at our ofiice, Toronto, not later than
'June 15, l'JIO.
of dredg'
and charges.
R 8,enderkbniTst be accompanied
[Each team ._.*
����� accept' --the      order
*      Parable       the       Mlnistel
liono tble
.������  ������.��-, for twenty-five j'n adally"n*wsp <.<m pi bllsbed In New
-    s , ,.       (J25,000.00),  which Westminster wll le tood and sufflc
.'��5ani! :.    ', if the i>"'*on tender- lont srrvire tuercf
,   i               .,,. mto a contract Dated at the und Registry Offlce
^c1!"',      ,   to do so. or fail to New Westmlnv.^ci r:*' ''n('e ,,f BrUis.1
L work contracted for.    If Columhh
to""1"'...,,,    not    accepted    thelD|1910.
wet ���
the Wiel
'':"���   ��� '���.,'.;'X;'a not bind Itself
���'..,,. ,,,WP^ or any fender.
���     '    Rt order
....... 0f Public Works, I
��� I ,v "l   1910,
.   <WWa' I   Ll   not    b<3   Paid   for
B  !        '       55 thev   insert   it1 Notice   to   Contractor
I    ,V      ..,,;;  authority. 1       Laying   Water   Main
face, and Llbowska dug his nails so qualified by long ...
deeply Into tho unhappy soldlen's neighborhood .an_J b^ Int.neBfc ln Bed
cheek thai blood was drawn. Many ^d enterprises to he considered a
recruits and young soldiei-a had to local man. Mr. Attenborough dis-
submit to having their hair pulled out placed Percy Harlow, who held the
ol H.eii   heads seat  In the Liberal interest in the last
brie ol   Llbowsica'fl  habits  was    to parliament.    The   Vnlonist    majority,
throw bags ol cartridges, swoi Is and  *as only 169, but Bedford is generally!
similar missiles ai tlte men's    heads resarded as Unionist rather than as a
while they  were cleaning    the    bar- Liberal scat.
racks.    He once etMftelled  his    men      It is pleasantly suggested by some
when  drilling  to  hit one another on   flf   Hamar  Grteetiwobd's  local  friends
^^^ the head   whih. he looked on and en-   thai   die  Bedford  invitation  was  due
this '.nth  aay of April,  A.   joyed the combat,   After a hard day's  1" ""' discovery of a supposed rcsom-
11 he would compel the men to get   glance in hlnr to John Bunyan. Other
v    S. KEITH, ,���, at  night  and sing to him.    Those' constituencies have also been offered
1 (strict He. i^trar.   ^bo8e voices or so'nfes displeased hltn  '" Mr' Oreenwood.
n'Sritnt Loan & Sav-| were   beaten   and   systematically   ill'	
Estimates Given  on   Any
of  Job   Printing
Gardiner & Gardiner
(F. O. Gardiner)
Room 6. Westminster  Trust Building
New Westminster, B. o.
Phone 661 Residence  Phone 133
New   Westminster   Land   District.
District of New Westminster.
Take notice that Simon Henry-
Clowes of Vancouver, B. C, occupation, building inspector, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:   .
Commencing at a post planted at
the S. K. point of a small island lying
In channel between Granite island and
Nelson island; thence northerly, west-
: erly, southerly and easterly, along the
shore to the place of commencement,
containing Id acres more or less.
April 20, 1010. Agent,
' To Canada V
lngs Co.; Oppenhelmer lhos., Ltd.,
Liability; G. W. Leishman; J. \V. Hew.
treated   on the following days.
In many rases. Lil.owska forced bis
men to lend him money, which lie
.ever repaid.
Ottawa, June i'.i.���The desire of Sir
Finest Shackleton, thc man who got
nearest to the South Pole, to devote
the next few years of his life to an ln-
��� vestigatlon of the mineral and water-
France Making a Test of Invention to 'power resources of  northern  Canada
' I seems  to  be  more  likelv  of  accom-
enders   for     SEND  THE TIME  BY  WIRELESS.
P. O. Box 395
Phone 730
McMurphy & Craig
Heating and  Plumbing
All   Jobbing   Promptly   Attended
Colonial Block
^  tsnacKieiuu  n.ii. ...... .
II concreto side-  KI>P/1"''a'1"n*', conftltfen*   of   contract 1 ���j-, ,     nd    t midul>i|lt  by  mi>anfl ot  ing his company upon his trip to Nel-
Tu construct cement co.,  t q sj.     and  furthPr  toformtlon  m;iy   ,,,.  ���,,.   ^^   m���SRagea   ^0m   the    Eiffel  son  or  Churchill and  so on  through
Ulned from the City and Waterworks  Tower    Th��� flr8t trial Iook plaoe last  Hudson hay to Quebec.
Engineer, J, W.  B.  Blackman. on  re   M0n<lay  with ships at  Brest.    Three      ^lr   Ernest  Is  now   somewhere  be
celpt of a marked cbeeue, ��alue $r<i|.  Kj.arks'are transmitted at  intervals of1twoen  Winnipeg nnd Ottawa, but he
which will he returned on rWetfet of  u-0 minutes each.   Thus, for instance, '"'""" """   ""^���'""''
a bona flde tender, a ma.ked cheque .,������. l8 Uv,.n ,u eight q-^c-, precise-
for B per , ent of the amount must ,v> a ^,,,m,| al g ,, 2 m _ an,, a ,hinl
accompany each tender. M 8 ,,   4m    The Bame method is to
Tendeis   will   be   reeelvi .1   up   to   T> *****
p. ni.  ixf  June   .7.   1910,    The  lowest
or   any   tender   not   necessarily   ac-
i epted..
W.   A
walks on both s li 9 of  Tenth  s
Irom Sixth avenui   lo Tenth avenue.
,, ppt on the i idp ol ^aisl street
��� .. sixth an'.  Elgnth  avenuss,
les ol   London,   Kdln-
burgl .   Mamilton   streets,
renuea between
rei Btreets,
And I   ���������oiks Phiill  \>e
��� carried ince  with    the
I improvement
and City AS-
the Council
li   provisions (.(
m    the    said
Iemi f.fs showmu the
to be chargeable
uainst the is pot tloni   ot  ri i!
enefited by tin
1 particulars and the
e said Clt)   Kugilt.���;.
��� ��� having bi en adi pi
ebj   given   that   the
open for Inspectli n
6 City  Assessor, Clt)'
will teach here before tbe ogvernor
leaves on Wednesday and it is probable that the arrangement which Earl
Grey desireB may he agreed upon.
The program includes a tour from
Norway house ln light pack condition.
��� The party will comprise not more than
' a dozen and each one of them, Includ-
Model Bakery
H. C. Mark & Sons
Cor. Fourth Ave. and Second St.
Manufacturers of tho bread
that Is making New Westminster famous. Alsd choice cakes,
cookies and candies. Our obliging drivers will be more than
pleased to call.    Phone 435.
New Westmister Land District.
District of New Westminster.
Take notice that Alexander McLennan, of Vancouver, British Columbia,
occupation contractor, intends to apply for permission to purchase the
following described lands;
Commencing at a post planted at
'the southeast point of the island situate about four (4) chains from Timber limit No. 38733, thence northerly
To ' and westerly and southerly and easterly around the shore at low tide
to place of commencement, containing
four  acres,  more  or leBs.
J. F. BAGGS, Agent.
March 17. 1010.
City  Hall
a, 1.10.
hi' followed at noon and at midnight.
Arrangements have been made for tlie
         regular transmission  of the time at
j hildni. ht from this time onwards cap-;a IK"-e" au" ���**�����  __
DUNCAN,      talna at Befti therefore, provided with   tag His Excellency himself, will have
City  Clerk    ���ir���i���.,s  receivers   will   be    able   to   to take their share of the portaging
New   Westminster.  June, r6gulate Uieir chronometers whenever  whlch  will he involved in    the    tour
the}   require,    A  clock,  furthermore,I'"'
Bpi   lally prepared on the Eiffel Tower
Hall. Columbia street. N'ew U .���stmln-   i >.jv. ��u�� ;   f       transacted
tt unless a petition W^'nK^tiss'e.i.   available
..;,..,,l    works    above ters of credit issue
igned  hy  a  majority  w
��� xnm ��� . land or real propi '"
:���, ;., ,. , ��� d or charged In re-
,.,.,, wol \rS representing at
;e��si one-haif in value thereof Is pt*
it-,-,< Council within fifteen
date <>r the flrP' I"1" "
cation of (his notice tbe Council win
��� :  wiili   the   proposed   lni!>r<>\e-
: ���������. such   terms   and   Cpnfll-
������   the pavme.nt  of the cos
. n enta us the Cquncii
may by 1     iw In that- behalf re. ulate
���    jeti        ������ and also to make tM
>ald BBsi  -. tent,
Dated this  0th  day  of  June.  A.l'-.
pity   I'lcik.
Date of flrsl   publication,  the   l"Gi
day ol i ���       110.
Bank of Montreal
K. T.\HI.I:-r. I U 1S17. ,
CAPITAL    $14,400,000.00
RESERVE         11,000,000.00
Branches throughout    Canada    and
Newfoundland,  anu  In  Loudon,  En
laud. New Yoik, Ch rago and Spoki ..��� ,
"U.S.A.,  and   Mox'i ���, City,    A   g . eral
^^^^^ with
correspondents Hi    all    parts of    thc
WO! Id.
Savings Bank Department���Deposits
received In sums of $1 and upward,
and Interest allowed nt 3 per cent, per
annum   i present  rate).
Total   Assets   over   $186,000,000.00
G. D. BKYMNEU, Manager
to transmit the time, second by Bee ind
by wireless flashes so that the long!
tude may  be computed almost  Instantaneously  anywhere  at   sea on  ships
! pro. i led with wireless apparatus.
The advantages of this   procedure
in  cloudy  or foggy  weather  wlll  be
t ���  ii mous, especially In places where
���' ere are Irregulnr currents, and ships
hi   that   case  ��"1  at   onee  he  warned
if they nre drif-'t g out of their course,
'J'lie  new  "win       b"  will also he used
hereafter to del  rmlne the hmcitude
of   various   plai   I   on   the   continent,
and of various s.atlons In Africa. Tho
Eiffel Tower, in fact, is already in regular communication with Dakar. Fort
Etiienne, and Kiiflsnuo. on the Atlantic const of North West Africa, as well
down the Hayes river.
The only difficulty which seems to
stand in the way of "South Pole
Shackleton" accepting the Governor-
General's Imitation Is lift itinerary,
but it is hoped that he will be able
to complete that before Earl Grey
starts for the north In August
Teaming and Expressing.
Re Lots number 14 and. 113, Bloclt
4, New Westminster suburbs.
Whereas proof of the loss of certificate of Titte Number 6602 A. issued
in tlie name of Fustace Alvauley Jenns
has heen filed in this office.
Notice is hereby given that I shalj,
at the expiration of one month from-
the date of the first publication hereof,
in a daily newspaper published in the
City of New Westminster. Issue a duplicate of the said certificate, unless in
the meantime valid objection be made
to me in writing.
District Registrar of Titles.
Land  Registry  Office, New Westminster, B.C.. May 12, WlO.
Windsor. June 13.���As a result of
placing tuo much confidence in a
stranger, Alderman Trumhle is out
over $luii In cash, besides other prospective rewards. The man, who represented himself as a wealthy resident
of St. Louis, Mo., looking for Investment, readily agi cod to pay Trumhle
$8,000 for the hitter's bakery business
730  FOURTH   ST. PHONE   R527
mm pacific
And   Upriver  Landings
The New Sternwheeler
Leaves Brackman-Ker Milling Company's wharf, New Westminster, wltb
passengers and freight as follows:
Leaves New Westminster Tuesday,
[Thursday and Saturday at 8 a. m.
j    Leaves  Chilliwack  Wednesday. Friday and Sunday at 7 a. m.
First Class Passenger Accommodation
New  Westminster.
_________________}������ as well 1 $H,iiiiii tor mc m.^. .
as with {lie Canary islands, and with | He stipulated that Trumhle should re
Hi/erta and Orhn on tho Moditorian- ** *"-vha�����,|_  <j,rPi  months    ti
can  coast.    In  a  short  time it  Is  expected thnt several posts In the Inter
Leave New Westminster:
5:45-Connects with train w Sumas
ior of Africa such ns Ahecher and Lo-
ango and Brazzaville, farther south
will he In regular wireless communication with Tails.
main  in  the store  throe months    to,    ^.^^-  ..������	
teach the new owner the business, lnjand Transcontinental No. !'
return for which the lat'er voluntarily   jn,>w Westminster 7:43.
agreed to present Trumhle with an ex-      9:10���with  No.  2  going east;   also
pensive auto. connection for Nicola and train from
The matter had progressed so far Agassi?., Kootenay, Okanagan and
that the man took over the active Sumas; arriving New Westminster
management of the store, while Trum- io:i8
iB.NANA  SPIDER   ^  ft   ^^
SAILS��� June 17 j
Empress of Iniunu      Ju ,g .,^
Lake Manitoba     h,    x\
0f Ur"a,n    ED   GOCLKT
C.P.R. Agtmt.
New Weatminster Land District,
take :. lipe that James Batenwn,
er, B C occupation, stone-
Wto.tot. da to apo'y for pernitssi<^
e the following described
&��MIK Mng at n post planted at
,' theaal point of a small Island
��� 10 chains north of Nelson
'sla"l thence northerly, wester ly.
nd easterlv. nlonu- the
shnrp to ��� a place of commencement
staining r, acres more or less.
April So  iiin Agent
Phone 105.     P. O. Box 345.
Office, Front St., F
Montreal. June Li.���With a ltuge
hunch of bananas upon his shoulder
a man trotted from a waggon to a
booth In Bonsee.ours market, where already he had deposited several such
[ hardens. He went back for nnother
load, got It upon hia shoulder, and
was stepping across the pavement,
when suddenly with a wild shriek, he
J        �� ..art
management ui m��.- =��� .
ble attended to the bakery end. Tuesday night the supposed purchaser disappeared with the two days' receipts.
The provincial police have been asked
to Investigate.
. : I '���
'.6 25-Wlth twin for Agassi?   Koo
toil.S s��'"a9 r\st-,^u ,e"
5K arrfre WeBtmlnst^-m ;
Until further notice this
bank will be open
turning arrive Westminster 18:12.
19:35���With  No.  96  Transcontinen- 4?^^^, _����������   *.���   ^:^���   ^>���1�����.1��
tal eastbound and trains from Mission, ^0^ Seven  tO   nine   0 ClOCK.-
Nicola and Okanagon points, and No. _____
arrive   New   Westmin-
1   from   east;  ^^^^^^^^^^^^
8teV "ed GOULET, Agent C. P. R.
H. C.  B. FOSTER, A. G. P. A., Van
Bl Coasts.Sailings
fore   the   man   woo      __    _,._���i. . onTd 1 ��...n  o���  rfccollet. I
ni ill
Royal Bank of Canada
New Westminster.
F. Shute, Mgr.
Painters, Paperhanger*
and Decorators.
Estimates Given. Phone 56T
New Westminster to New Westminster
Steveston and Vancouver
'--Hrackman-Ker wharf at 3 P.  M. dally except ���
on Baturday for Steveston and way points.
A Delightful Trip for $1.50
Ticket, at B. C. K. ^^^6^ra"lr^ouT^eVa��eou'
Wc cars leave Steveston every hour  ton the half hou.
^ the  Famous  Fr,��r  River Ca ��. V��jWjV ��* '
Hound trip tickets to Steveston, Satu.-day afternoons.
\un   who   had   rarrw i   ...,, . tM  _....,
Venomous insect near his cheek could , gftun au ftecollet
muster courage to kill it. 1
Then the work of unloading the
bananas went on, but each bunch was
carefully examined before being shouldered
2:00 p.m    Dally
2:00 p.m   Mondays
8:00 a. ni.. .Thursdays and Saturdays
11:00 p.m   Every Saturday
214 Sixth  Avenue
B. Cr
~ Iwlae fmpOMlb.e for the    human race     , \y ^��^1$$^ and  Sat
any way   ouchy she will be��� off. ndea   tne, op dlBCOVered  the  germ    of ll^days;    leave.   Chilliwack   8   fcW.
y^M^j^fi^rtS;*^   ^on.akestheaeclara-^uSa..   Thursday   and   Saturdays
��thPr odmyce��natft ITi^T,^. I JVrW    S  -scientist, ,For particular, ap^to
I post.
Si'zimmerma,    who will short-
jy   publish   the  particulars  of    P^f.
lyuow   ""(������n   was  intended  for uj ���
Aeent  New Westminster.
A   G. P. A., Vancouver.
The  Oliver  Typewriter   Agency
1 UC      v   . w-ln0r (
Green Cut Bone to Make-
Your Chickens  Lay.
Central Meat Market
Corner Eighth St. and  Fifth  AvenUe.
1 PHONE 370.
If there are forty  people Im New
i Westminster who want to buy a summer camp site they have n ��W
1 ------   thlB   Week  as White,
?*;2&!3*r"Sir| �� they"reach ^X^KnU^CoS V^et" Is being c��nJtlonal gg^S^ST^, choice
.lean ��n-rg ^"���"T Canada." declines, tbi^ act being ^ ^n 74b &^ teJ����frgp^j^\&B5^ for from t*MJ_*
james Ontario, W'y^ffij^J, adorned  of degeneration and the neg ���      01iv[,r   t home   Seven not termg rf fc ^
\n equally amusing aaore����    ,wa olrn\ty,a nnrt , .,, ,   . .. .      .__,.. 1.7 ��,. �� Hav nnvs for It.   See Hoi-  *?���� ****._? ,_   ,A���.  i,���iti.v��arlv  d��T-
lOtS   Sl    WUlie    lku��-n.    .�����          ��� ^^
enually amusing ��... -- -r;.-���     , the end.       '  ,   l* :       , , .J������������^'^
���nn SZm letter ��^ *fflwSd '   lfi when all   terrestrial   peoples ^nMntaadayj!^ .jm ^ ^ y0���
Sooh reached Qu��e���� P^Vn,    To-1
l0 jy-SK�� ^
t    See Hoi- 'I350 eacn, on umuib u> ��*���� ���--
'H!!��m*fl��CS!5,�� ����� PAGE FOUR.
The Daily News
Published by The Dally News Publish-
Sat, Company, Limited, at their offices,
Corner   of    McKenzie   and    Victoria
& A.  Paige Managing  Director
TUESDAY, JUNE   14,  1910.
This is an age of serious purpose.
We   all   seem   to  be   perpetually   en-
waged in the struggle to make money
���ami  in spending it.    "Tis true 'tis
pity, and  pity 'tis 'tis true," for this j
yjnceasing    competition    for    material j
���prosperity dulls tho human  sense of
the real beauty and joy of life.   Men |
or  today   have  little   time   and   less
inclination  for  the enjoyment  Of  the'
arts  or   for   indulgence   in   the   rare'
joy  or  humour.     In fact,  humour  as
a national  asset  may be said  to  bej
almost dead.
Nor   is   there   any   groat   exponent |
vrf the  art  of   humour   remaining  to:
ms now that Mark Twain has passed j
to his  rest.    Perhaps some  day, otic
of the throng of busy  money-getting!
humanity    crowded    in    tlie   market
place, there may arise a Canadian to
-whom  shall  be  given   the  genius  to
��xpnnd    the    hearts  and  excite the
laughter and tears of his fellows, but
���lis yet there is no sign of his advent.
It has been said, and very appositely, that a sense of humour Is a great
asset, a saving grace for humanity,
and that the expression of it occupies a large space In the healthy mind.
:Mr. Owen Seaman, the accomplished
editor of the world-famed journal
Punch, speaking at a dinner of the
Authors club recently, described humour as a great thing to clear th��
air; a great solvent against snobbishness and vulgarity, false rhetoric and
shams. He spoke of this corrective
sense of humour as a trait peculiar
to Englishmen, and said: "Men whose
tastes would have led them to give
serious expression to lofty ideas were
restrained by a too keen sense of the
ridiculous; they saw the pitfalls of
their craft, the danger of banality, obviousness, pathos and ambiguity. They
wore severe critics of themselves and
contemptuous of every standard but
the highest." This is giving great
but yet not unworthy credit to the
Influence of humor. It is justified in
one respect at least, that is by the
large share of public life which hai
Kioen and is obtained by the journal
nver the destines of wllich .Mr. Seaman presides.
Reform league has given The city its
support in the contemplated changes
in ihe liquor license law. 'l'he following resolution was passed at a recent
nn eiing:
"Whereas it has come to our attention that it is the declared purpose of
our city council to require all saloons
and licensed drinking places of this
city to close their business places at
11 o'clock p. m. instead of 2 o'clock
a. nt. as has been the custom, we
would heartily extend the appreciation and endorsement, of tlie league to
the gentlemen of the city council for
taking the matter in hand."
The letter, which was sent to the
city council containing thc resolution.
also stated that if the council wanted
to make the hour 10 o'clock instead
of 11. there would be no objections
offered by the majority of the citizens.
The communication was filed for
reference. The bylaw was not considered by the council last night hut
laid over for a we^k.
A letter from Rev. Ft. Lennie. secretary of the school board, asking that
the city's sewage syste.m be extended
so as to permit the Lord Kelvin school
to be connected with it was referred
to the engineer for report.
The B. C. E. R. submitted plans
of a siding on Sixth street which is
necessary for an adequate car service
to the north of the city and on the
Edmonds line. Referred to the city
enclneer for report. The company also
submitted plans of a switch to its
wharf on the river front. The council will visit the spot and decide what
to do.
ITev. Fathpr OTioytS, on behalf of
the French-Canadian settlers at. Mill-
side, asked leave to tap the water
main there. Referred to water committee.
The Canadian General Electric
company advised tlie city of quotations on light meters. They offered
to accept the old meters in part payment. The letter was. filed and the
city clerk authorized to write to the
company asking it to keep the meters
in stock as the city, would probably
order them.
Claims of District
Ably Set Forth
(Continued from Page One.)
Council Debates
On Pole Location
(Continued From Page One )
nnd the  persons  who  had  purchased
Jots there.
A letter from the railway commissioners concerning the right-of-way of
the V. V. Sz K. through the east end
of the city was received and filed.
The. city objected to the way some ot
*he crossings were put in, but the letter indicated that the city would be
-adequately protected In any work the
company carried on there.
Accounts Ordered Paid.
Accounts amounting to $8,809.45
'-were passed for payment. The amount
���was distributed as follows: Board of
works, $3,784.11; water committee,
91,293.76; health committee, $1.80;
fire committee, $137.96; market com-
mittee, $20.41; parks committee,
$548.36; finance committee for schools,
4t>44.14;     library    committee,    $5.50;
light committee, $1,213.80; police committee,    $40.05;     bridge    committee,
422&80;  finance committee, $81)2.70.
The following letters were read.
yliscussed and disposed of:
F. McCuhlln, of 831 Fourth street,
asked that the city open up the balance or Fourth street and also Tenth
���rt ven ue. Referred to the hoard of
John Stewart, of 1118 Fourth avenue, called the attention of the council to the unsafe and wornout condition of the sidewalk in front of liis
residence. Referred to the board of
C. E. Fowler, of the International
Contracl company, wrote asking for
a meeting with the bridge committee in order to settle some dil'i'er-
���enooK arising from the const ruction of
*.he Lulu island bridge. Referred to
vthe special bridge committee to act.
A letter from J. A. Montgomery
asking the council fo assist him in
boulevarding in front of his residence
al. tho corner of Fourth avenue and
Fourth street was read. Tho city
will pay the cost of the drain as
asked for.
Whiteside   &   Edmonds,   on   behalf
of Captain J. Oroll, notified the coun-
til that they would lay :i formal claim
against    the    city   for  damages  BUS-
tained   to  their  client's   automobile,
'Captain ('roll was coming along Front.
��� sin>et   about   two   o'clock   on   Friday
morning when he ran into an excavation in  the middle of the  street.    11
is alleged  that  there  were  no  lights
to warn travellers of the danger.    p->.
terred  to water and  finance commit-
.������Tea for report.
Sitae Citizens Temperance and Moral
centre of these Industries, and upon
the banks of the Fraser river, would
be wise both from a commercial and
educational point of view;  and especially beneficial to the great revenue-
producing   departments   of   the   province,    whilst   the    river   steamboats
would    enable    students   from   Chilliwack, and other points, to spend short
vacations at their homes-; or provide
facilities to students from other districts for Improving their faculties of
! observations in many varied localities.
Xo seat of learning would be satis-
I factory  unless  ample  provision  were
! made for boating, bathing, fishing, and
similar   recreations   if  reasonably   at-
Itainable:   the   neighborhood  of   Xew
Westminster city offers all these inducements,   and   many   others!     Tlie
i campus, the cricket field, the athletic
grounds,   the   experimental   farm,   together      with      extensive      pleasure
j grounds,  we  conceive  should receive
i far' more consideration than has been
i given  to  them  in  the  past:   for  the
j field  of  play  is in itself a scliool  of
j the highest rank in forming the indi-
I vidual    character;    in    implanting    a
spirit   of   self-reliance;    in   teaching
obedience;   in inspiring that spirit of
��� comradeship, witlwut which no uni-
I versify can attain the highest rank'
! Here are learnt the great lessons of
I discipline and self-control; of sobriety
1 and morality; by wllich alone, the
| highest honors can he attained,���and
which has already won for the sons
of Xew Westminster a world-wide renown���as the champion lacrosse
The future prosperity of British Columbia depends  not  merely  on  com-
[merciallsm; but rather, on our ability
ito wrest the secrets of nature from
j the  soil,  the  rocks,  and  the  forests
amid which we live!
If Oils be a fact, our training
' should be something 'fat superior to
Ithe usual purely academic teaching!
'It should Inspire a student to patient
��� and careful scientific investigation of
those minutiae which the untrained,
or careless, observer passes by as
beneath his notice;  the eyes, as well
i as the mental faculties must be developed; and tlie varied natural set-
.ences applicable to the special require-
I ments of this country must be particularly cultivated!
Tlie ordinary curriculum must be so
oxtended   (and so  capable of  further
expansion   from  time   to  time),   that
not only every  branch  of theoretical
sluriy ln the arts and sciences, classics and theology, music and mathematics, may be taught;   but, that space
1 may also he available for experimental     work,     and    practical     training
schools established for the purpose of
educating     teachers���who    shall     he
trained with a view to Qualifying for
appointments to positions which will
enhance the reputation of tlie Univer-
. sity of British Columbia, tind estah-
1 lish  it   as   being   an   ideal   centre   of
learning; not merely in the Dominion
of  Canada,   but   In   tlie   first  rank  of
the   world's   universities!
It is respectfully submitted, that
I not less than 1,000 acres of land he
set apart for the future needs of tills
province; and it is believed, that the
wisdom of allocating, what may be
considered by some, an unnecessary
, extent of university land, will be fully
justified by the increased settlement
Which will be speedly induced by the
mere knowledge that, ample provision
Is being made to secure the utmost
possible educational facilities for all
in submitting those observations
( for your consideration, those entrusted wilh the duty of showing you
around the district, and preparing this
statement, have endeavored to do
their part, conscientiously, and In the
Interest, of  the  entire  province.
Publicity Commissioner.
i mr^fliFW',!ff��'MSgMia��^}*|l-wu||J'|����i
Trapp Block     Phone 714
.to buy real estate is now,
during the lull before the
storm, while prices are stationary long enough to see
them plainly. For instance,
for a few days we can offer:
Lot 6, Block 22, Royal Avenue, at $5,000; half cash. Be
wise in time. Some day this
lot  will  be  worth  $20,000.
to buy is a matter of opinion. We suggest the West
end, Surrey, and Sapperton.
We have a bargain in eacli.
Agnes Street, 6-room cottage
on full sized lot, $4,200;
$l,50u cash. Tills will undoubtedly be business property.
,:i,l,'M '���;
Five acres in Block 5 of Sec-     **���
tion   30,   Surrey;    $800    per
acre; third cash.
Columbia Street, Sapperton:
Two new modern houses on
four lots; $8,000 for the outfit, or separately; third cash.
80 acres, Mount Leman,
$5,200. The soil will grow
anything the climate will
stand for. Xote the terms,
$1,000 cash, 1, 2 and 3 years,
7 per cent.
As for
sh�� won't love you the less
lf you have a good piece of
real estate going up like a
Trapp  Block    Phone 714
l^ i r**-r i nr
REMEMBER,   WE   CLOSE   AT   5   P.   M.    SATURDAYS,  10 P.  M.
An Economy Sale
of Staples
Two Extra Specials in White Sheetings
Shrewd Housekeepers will take advantage of this offer. Cotton
at the present time is away up in price, but this is a snap we
bought some time ago. Come early after it, the quantity is
limited and cannot last very long.
Bleached Plain Sheeting 27 1-2 cts. per yard
Full   bleached,   8-4   sheeting;  fino round thread almost  free from   tilling.     This   is   worth     "    m
yard to buy at today's regular price.    Our  price  27' 2c  per yard.
9-4 Hochelaga Sheeting 37 1-2 cts. per yard
Absolutely  free  from  dressing;  2-t yards wide;  plain only;  round, even thread.    The  name "Hochelaga" is a guarantee in  Itself for  good quality. Regular 45c  per yard for 37,2c per yard.
Sheer Linen Lawn 19 cts. per yard
A special purchase of pure Irish sheer linen lawn:   10 pieces only; a most suitable fabric for waist.
Excellent   laundering   qualities, no filling or dressing whatever.    Special sale price 19c per yard.
White Victoria Lawn 10 cts. per yard
15 pieces 31-inch White Victoria Lawn.     Excellent  value.    Still at the old price, 10c per yard.
Mosquito Net 3 yards for 25 cts.
White, Green, Red,  Yellow, Pink, Barred and Plain;  36 inches wide,    3 yards for a quarter.
Cotton Ripple Crepe for 25 cts. per yard
Double width Crepe, a fashionably fabric in cotton for dresses and   waists,     Comes  In   Bl ��� ���
seda,   Mauve,   White   and   Tan;  42 inches wide.    Regular 35c for 25c per yard.
Two Specials in Pongee Silk
20-inch Natural  Pongee.   Value you cannot equal in  the city.    Our price  35c  per yard.
34-lnch Natural  Pongee;   5 pieces only.    A big snap while It lasts.    Regular 65c for 50c per yard.
bleep at
JTfaturday ;"
fcb lie ,
F tweet spe<
Lin ster *
feln the rai
Ills Btorj
It, ali'l ��'
tbat -
���   '
ti 10 8ub
n ���
,r    l
L ia his lab
E ""
New    York    Magistrate    Must Decide
Whether  Parsee  Comes  Under
Designation of White Man.
New York, June 13.���Argument was
made in the United States circuit
court of appeals today aa to when
a white man ls white and the why and
wherefore. The particular subject of
the litigation is llhlnajl Franzl .Bai-
sara, a Parsee, a native of Bombay,
Some time ago Mr. Balsara made application to become a citizen, and
while it was held up ho went before
Judge Lacombe and obtained an order
admitting him to that high estah'
Wherein a man can order his wife to
stay home and keep the fire working
while he goes out. to vote.
That order wasn't to the liking of
the United Stales attorney who
stands guard at tho nation's portal
In the naturalization court, and he
made up his mind to see what he
could do about it. Hence the proceedings yesterday. Mr, Balsara was not.
in court, but he was described by Addison S. Pratt, representing the government, as being chocolate tinted.
Carl A. Ilaiisman, attorney for Mr.
Balsara, begged leave to differ.
"This man," the lawyer said to the
court, "is a white man with a dark
complexion." ��
Thon Louis Marshall, who Is Counsel for several Syrians who want to bu
American voters and fear t heir prospects are iu danger, mingled in the
"If we take the word white in Its
literal meaning," he argued, "there
Is not a white man In this court room.
Wo have complexions, not color. The
phrase Tree white persons' was used
ln lTlio to classify those who were
not negroes or slaves. Nono of us
would ho a citi/.en If required to comply with the literal moaning of the
word white."
Mr. Pratt was armed with a lot of
ethnological data which he submitted
In support of his argument that Mr.
Balsara Is not. entilled to citizenship.
Judges Ward, Cox and Hazel asked
many questions and reserved decision.
******************* ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������*
My property Is taken off the market |
until further notice.
Sapperton,  B.  C.
The Fair
646 Columbia  Street.
Wo buy for cash and Bed for the same.
Just a few drops of the famous
I). I). I). Prescription applied to the
skin will take away instantly the
worst kind of an itch. Wo positively
know this.
Oil of wintergreen, a mild, soothing
liquid, combined with such healing
substances as thymol and glycerine,
will penetrate to the Inner skin, kill
tho germs, and heal. Thi' D. I). I).
Prescription, made at the IJ. I). D,
Laboratories of Chicago, seems to be
just the right compound, as thousands
of remarkablo cures prove.
Don't go on suffering from eczema
or any other Itching skin disease,
when relief is so easily obtained.
Just, write the I>. I). I). Laboratories, Dept. N.N., 23 Jordan St. Toronto, and they will Bend you, free,
a trial bottle. This sample Will relieve the itching at once, and prove
to your satisfaction that here al least
la tho cure  for your torture.
Wtdte for a trial bottle today. We
kndw It. will relievo you. Frank
McKenzie, Drugglsl. **
Weekday Schedule
Cars leave Westminster for Vancouver  at  refill,  6:20,  6 50,  i\
8:00 and every half hour thereafter until 11 p. in.
Cars leave Vancouver for Westminster   at   5:60,   6:50,
and every half hour thereafter until  11:30 p. in.
Return   Fare:   Adults,  COc;   children   under  12,  36c,
Sunday Schedule���Cars leave   Westminster   for   Vancouver  at S ���
a.  m.  and every half hour thereafter until  11  p. in. .
��� I
Cars leave Vancouver for Westminster at 8 a. in., 9 a. ta, '������ni
every half hour thereafter until 11:30  p.   in.
Sunday  Excursion  Rates:   Return  fare,  50c;  children, 26c.
Freight Schedule���Freight cars leave Westminster for Vancourei
at 7:20 a. m., 11:20 a. m. and 3:20 p. m. Freight cars leave Vancouver for Westminster at !l:20, 1:20 and 5:20.
City Limits Line���20 minute service from 6:15 a. m. to 11 I' ***>
Sunday   Service���Half   hourly between  8 a.  in. and 11  p. nl
Sapperton Line���20 minute service, from t'i:2,r> a. m. to 11:10 P ������������
Sunday   Service���Half  hourly between 8:30 a. m. and 11 p. tn.
******************* * *********** ***j************ *
������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������*** 11
We carry In stock an assortment of BLUE WHITE WESSELTONS.  J
Prices  in  Rings  $40  to  $400.
:riices   in   mugs   *iu   io   ��iuu. , *
These goods are  tho  BEST procurable in Canada, and is '���* Ple      ���
X    ure to show same. J
! Chamberlin's JEw"U j
Ryall Foot Powder j
25c per box.   Try It.
| Ryall's Drug Store j
't i.SDAY,
JUNE 14, 1910.
��� I
��� |
��� I
I   ll
picas-  ���
y Mail Writer Falls
, Awful Dream
at His Work and
.     .,,. |,as fir at call on the
B>eVtr, The Vancouver  Sporting
"'"/.rush of l|Iili"H t0 tho ll,':ui
:..'J ���".''.,,���,  pounded  the  key-
aWfl^inoffensive typewriter In
l      ...        When   be   got
po"8 ";,, C0vered that he had
Whispering In  "b ear  and  his
1    .7 ��neecli had made a noise
to the effect that
'     ,   waa   to   blame  for   the
^anks of Con Jones'fctred
,1 course, is replete
but  the gist of
fault of  the
The Alerts and Balmorals arc scheduled to play a league game of hull
Pete Latham will probably figure in
tlie next game against Vancouver. It
is doubtful if Doughey Spring will be
in condition to play.
The plans of the men interested in
the golf club are being completed. A
sketch of the grounds at Westminster
Junction may ho seen in the offlce of
the secretary of the Board of trade.
Gordon" Spring  Is   rapidly   recover-1
ing from his attack of quinsy and will
probably   he ahle to toss a few shots
In   the   Vancouver   net   in   the   next i
Doughey  Sprint; is suffering from a!
serious injury to his  hand, which he
sustained  In  Saturday's game against'
Vancouver.    Yesterday   Doughey paid
a visit to a Burgeon and submitted to
an  operation. <
. , ,V;!' h&\* ""' excl"slve sale, I<it ot.  Regina  street, hetween First    -
���'���'��� Second streets, only J650,
months at 7 per cent.
Oile-third cash;   balance In 6 and  1:
One-quarter see, ion on  Iljo.the road at $200 per acre.    One-third
cash;  balance on easy  terms.
Fifteen acres in Section  Hi, H. ',, x. r. 2 W. at $1,200 per acre.
One-third cash;  balance (1, 12 and is months at 7 pe,- cent.
We also have large lisUngs   of business and
ties  in city.
residential proper-
Malins, Coulthard & Co.
BU Btory
n.l ma) ' ������
it   is  tho
ti W
ja - grass
i bis la
lei fW -
All playing members of the lacrosse*
team uud members of the executive
tire requested to put In an appearance'
at Queens park on Wednesday evening, I
Longfellow, who j when a group picture of the champions and the ollirluls is to he taken
by S. .1. Hit. hie.
is tbat
��� Bellies.
eat it-
.... ii .a
te  for  one of  th.
signed   ou   with
l,d  beef  for   Atli-
effort   This, miih
I ie-ln-the-Mall street
By the Realty Market Dial is that temporary lull which in all
healthy movements succeeds a period of unusual activity. Those who
are "wise to their job"���the initiated, substantial investors���know
that this is
The Time To Buy
it on
which his plot
is silly.   It ls hard-
hul   if  it   will  give
Eofiatlsfaction, The  News
��� ;   of  the   Westmln.
'.   ��� Ms statements are ab-
". ...   The locals are not try-
LV trouble  for Cn  Jones;
>',..���;; -,  ���.������mi   the   better   will
t.'. ���  gel  ���     bo   pleased.
��� to ward eft   any   future   pipe
i which may  trouble  Athlecus
|.. |���,. ...... :.  |g over, he will  do
j to paste In his hat the following
fof things which Westminster has
I. ���.   ��� | ,i SB not intend doing:
faocked tlie Minto Cup; drugged the
[.ine  wa":    i '   the   Vancouvers;
.; rei    driven spikes ln
j... ,. ���    the 1 ��� ��� efll of the vt. i-
....     the 1 ibber at half time;
lied a self-closing net to prevent
i; kidnapped Con J..ties; connived
J PIuvIub to affect the attend-
rece pta '���   girls  to   make
eyea   Bl  thi   aspirants  and
[affect their  usefulness;   inserted
liiawG In tl ��� I ��al sticks; suborned
befud lied  the  uin-
tralne 1 the   I amplons in Jlu- iplajr.
11, or  1 Vancouver      a surer
Pat Feeney knows now Jack Johnson will feel after James J. Jeffries
gets through with him on July 4. or
vice versa. Pat is beautifully marked
from heel to crown. Punk Wintemute
and Hill Turnbull also hear some resemblance to zebras. All this because they insisted on going through'
the Vancouver defence on Saturday.
Secretary Ryall, of the New West-1
minster Larrosse club, received a tele-'
grain from James Murphy, of Toronto, I
stating that he had shipped the sticks
for the team. Great difficulty has been!
experienced this year In getting good j
sticks, and the team ls badly In need :
of the shipment which is now on the j
way. \
Free   Press   Lectures   Savage
Lacrosse Players.
It waa a pitiful exhibition of 'sport'
that the Capital Lacrosse team gave
the thousands of onlookers at Dans,
downe park on Saturday afternoon,
says the Ottawa Free Press.
There was a minimum of sport and
a maximum of hooliganism in their
���for the very good reason that lt is
sell, and at lower prices, as a rule
ming." (,   |
In  a country  like British Columbl
the time when  many want to
than   when   "things   are   hum-
whlch is pulsating with the
Strong, Vigorous Life
of unexamplifled present and prospective railway and other development���steady and rapid advance in realty values is assured, despite
any occasional  temporary  reaction.
Those who quietly buy  up
Good Propositions
now, therefore,  will reap rich  rewards
is in full swing again before long.
when  the  buying movement
We can show you some good investments In different lines.
Hale Bros. & Kennedy
Bank   Building,
No. 335.
corner  of  Columbia  and  Begbie  Streets.
American League.
I           it��� R.
(York .     i
\i ��� ��� land���
F :.
I; si  i.
'���'��� ''��� \
n. ii. es.
.. il   u
t i    	
[��� '������ rk
I Garni��� lt.  II.
fr :
I -
lOStnii   .
way of killing larrosse In
Ottawa could not be found than the
methods adopted hy the Capital lacrosse players to obtain a victory over
the Toronto club.
The day has gone hy when the re-
ipectable citizens of any city will pay
money to watch a butchery under thelx
disguise of sport. Hundreds came
away fiom lhe .came before it was
over on Saturday with a feeling of
The decisive defeat which the Ottawa team sustained was as nothing
compared with the way in which they
lowered themselves In the estimation:
of the onlookers hy their unsportsmanlike conduct
With new grounds and a splendid
grand stand, there was every reason
io believe that the Ottawa lacrosse
club would have a must prosperous
.season. These predictions were confirmed by the very large attendance
atpy^mi-laaWA. wai
We have six acres good, land, partly improved, 3 miles from city, 1 mile
from Chilliwack tram.
$200 Cash
Balance  1 and  2  years
Price  $1,500
White, Shiles
& Company
Private  Money to  Loan on Good   Improved City and District Security.
R   85^���628   Columbia  St.
L   85���746   Columbia   St.
*.**************** a
We have bona fide enquiries for Port
Mann property, and also for a few
lots on Sixth Avenue west, lf you
have anything to sell, get busy'.
Rae & McLellan; Trapp Block; Phone
714;   P.  O.  Box 916.
t    lu     a
!j *i 6
li.   11.   E.
  2 4 4
,                             ii 7 4
l*t Philadelphia��� R n E
i 6 1" 1
I    ' phla   3 .| 6
1A' '     ''���'-'���' R tt )���'
mt   1 t\* **��� ta.
W- Louis i - i
���                                      ... 1 4 2
Eattern  League.
.  N"w *\ ii e
\             i 4' 1
I" 8 4 1
1 Toronto- u. 11. E.
1                0 8 2
1 ���' 18 tlmore
k   Northwestern League.
}: n I.
2 1 2
U. II. E.
0 5 2
1 0 0
U. II. E.
11     l l
3     2 :t
'   ' ancouver-Seattle game
ll *Z '' "11 failed to arrive.
It.   II.   E
of   Ottawa   people  on   Saturday  after-i
That   favorable   forecast   has   been 1
upset, not bj  the team's Inability to
win,   but   by   its  evident   adoption   of!
the  loathsome  motto "Victory  at  any 1
In this ease the price paid Is loss
of public resivct.
The  team  Is  also  welcome  to  the 1
satisfaction of realizing that it might |
have won if its players had been able1
to stay on tho field instead of wasting
their time on the benches while their
opponents piled up the score
The Capital lacrosse club has had
no truer friend anl supporter than
The Free Press, and It is with regret
that we find it necessary to make
these severe remarks.
The malingers of the cluh are good
sportsmen. They cannot help but be
disgusted at the conduct of their play,
ers. We can well believe that they
have already read the riol act to them
and taken Steps to prevent a repetition  of such   scenes  as  those    which
were wltnesse 1 on Saturday.
Contractors and
House Builders
^^e have a full   line   or   the   Best
Builders' Hard-ware in the City.
Before Building See Us, as we   believe   we   can   save   you
money.    Also Complete   Stock  ot   PAINTS  and   OILS
T. J.Trapp & Co., Ltd.
sterilize   your kitchen   things and
make them wholesome and sanitary
B   12      1
1       4      4
In   New   York.
WlterlM   m ,,	
' ''ct ammol   and   liyines,
' '""1 Brooks.
ll York
r* is to
'une 13.���Admiral    Sir
l, Of the British navy
way to Canada, wheie
J""1' ifrtim    �� nn honorary degree
���day 0��� ,' "nlverslty, arrived here
lol, llner Baltic from Liver-
gruy-Tluired.    but
������ erect, with hullct-fur-
rMi��.n   ' 1'':"1' WiUi characteristically
the AdinlrJi     "n"'h '"'R^K. however,
ton. i;, ' '" ta'ked brloflv.    "If you
hid, .(lnx  something about me," he
i'totlese  1"" ''"""''I'her the way the
Withe .���.'""'"'oyed mo uuHslan navy
, iVi,,,,''1 "' -Japan
6&ST*'."^ thO   recollection.
made   his
""...e   ins   one     atite-
foe fieet       "10 offlCOTB of ,i,0 jap.
ht [,'.   ',|" my pupils," ho snld
VIci'H    '
naval    ;���>,,l'�� in training Japan-
.(hrr s   ,"",,v^ and
I.lie    ,,,-
promoting a
i'ntineeec" "'  ",IV1>' omdencv,. the
frlti9h vet��ernn,en' bestowed on tho
�� lion0lIll ��,n,*-tnl the highest of
'   '"' Order  of the   Rising
l^llZl'l wm Vttll   n    relatlv.
���hi t0 "J for a few davs before
8ervlce In
lie  retired
Some statistician, who   thinks   thq
Woi Id oughl t>. know about it. has devised a table which Is Intended to
show the activity of New York. Hero
are certain extracts from It:
Every hour has a fatal accident.
Every eight hours a divorce.
Every ton hours a suldd ������
Every second two telephone calls.
Every second 3,750 gallons or water
are consumed.
Every  two seconds an  arrest.
Every thirty seconds an immigrant
Every minute forty tons of coal nro
Every five minutes a child is bom.
I    Every six minutes a death.
I     Every thirteen minutes a marriage.
1     "Wonderful!" We might add a few
Items, as. for instance:
j    Every tenth of a second a chain-
' pa ".tie cork pops.
1 liyefy twenty minutes the son or a
j Pittsburg  millionaire does something
I    Every forty-five seconds a Joy naer
passes 11  given point.
I     Every   three  seconds   somebody   is
"tipped" nt the Waldorr-'.'vstorin.
1    Every twenty minutes somebody arrives to spend money lie has secured
I    Kverv fifty minutes some man trom
the west slops into n leading position,
Every three minutes a new play is
offered to some theatrical manager.���
Chicago Kecord-llerald.
Soap only cleans; GOLD DUST cleans and
Soap washes over the surface, leaving a greasy-
film behind it; GOLD DUST digs deep after germs
and impurities, and insures purity and safety.
Soap needs muscle help (as an exerciser, it's
fine); GOLD DUST does all the hard part of the
work without your assistance, leaving you to take
your exercise m a more enjoyable manner.
GOLD DUST is a good, honest, vegetable oil
soap, to which is added other purifying materials
in just the right pro- \ r /
portions to cleanse J^W//.
easily, vigorously,
and without harm to
fabric, utensil or
"Let the GOLD
DUSf Twins do
your work."
Makers of FAIRY SOAP, the oval cake.
$     Only Three Lots Left
2nd Street New Sub-division
Peter Peebles
Columbia   Street.
Phone 307.
June Weddings
We are able to fill In your wants In the Wedding Gift line from
$1.00 and up. If lt is a Wedding Ring, or an Engagement Ring,
we can suit the most exacting requirements.
We shall be pleased to have you call and consult us.
John B. Gray
+     Dominion   Trust  Block.
Columbia   St.
JT1 ti i I
New Westminster, B. C, June 13, 1910.
This I. to certify that we have lost a horse Insured with the
Hritish American Live Stock Association, Ltd.. of Vancouver, B. C,
and have this date received, through A. W. McLeod, their local rep-
resentaflve, settlement In full.
Dated at New Westminster, B. C, this 13th day of June, 1010.
(Signed) BELL INGLES & CO.
Per C. Ingles.
Statistics show that there ate millions of dollars Invested In
stock in British Columbia, and it is safe to say that In ten years
three-fourths of the stock now alive will be dead and become a total
loss to the owner unless Insured.
"The Insurance Man"
Suite 1, Curtis-Armstrong Blk.      Phone 62 PAGH SIX.
I Opportunity
thai ���! T.      ��� JS**%*
Public Men Are Called Upon
To Fight Against the
Growing Evil.
Nail It!
We have a window of
lonely suits. One only
of each line. Made and
tailored by the 20th
Century People, which
is a guarantee of Excellence. These are in
single and double breast
style. All nice patterns
of imported worsteds.
Prices $24 to $28
Paris, June 13.���Public men in
France are at present engaged in a
desperate struggle with that terrible
green demon, Absimne.
What one may almost describe as a
national institution in
"aperitif hour," the hour, usually about
five   o'clock   in   the  afternoon,   when
Heir to English Title Plans
Distribution of Millions to
Omaha, Juno 12.���To give away .1.-
000,000 every month for ten months
! and then go to work as a day laborer,
in the gold mines whence he has just
been snatched in order that he may
France ls the | inherit $lu,ouo,OUO and a title in England, is the task set for himself by
Alfred James Alexander Hrown, who
was in Omaha (lie other day on his
   to Gloucestershire, England.
proj>o*ed and
most people  leave off  work  aud tal
some sort of appetiser in preparation j way  ._ _r	
for dinner. In the great majority of From papers in his possession there
casts this "aperitif" is a glass of I is no doubt aa to Brown's identity im
absinthe, the slow green poison that' of the existence of a vast fortune
drives its patrons to the mad-house. | which be says he is going to England
Some   one. has   said   that ."absinth-1 to claim. *****
costs  France   an   army     coi rs I    For  fifteen  years
believed by liis family to he dead.
M. J. Phillips
The Wardrobe Clothier
New Westminster, B.C.
ls:n        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
every year, a.ud it is certainly among I
tlie  young   conscripts   for   the   army
that  the effects of  the deadly liquor
are first felt.
Most of 'the recruits are addicted
more or less to the absinthe habit before they aie called up to serve the]
colors, and it has been found that in
the districts where absinthe is most ���
popular as many as fifty per cent of
the young men called up are unfit and
I have to ho rejected.
An army officer lias declared that in
I the  garrisons  are    Innumerable  men
physically unfit, the hospitals are til-1
| led with invalid soldiers, while every ]
prison   has   an   alarming   proportion
of insubordinates.
Introduced   in  France.
Curiously enough it was through the
army that absinthe was first lntrodue-
led into France.    Durin.g the Algerian
war that came to a close about 1M7,
jthe troops suffered severely from ma-
jJaria. and the army physicians urged
the soldiers to take a little absinthe
as a safeguard against tlie fever.   Tlte
! soldiers  liked  the  flavor of  the new
I drink, anil continued to consume large
I quantities even after their return  to
! France.
The vogue of the new driiik spread,
and very seen the manufacture of absinthe became a nourishing industry.
Tlie liquor is prepared by pounding
together the leaves of wormwood nnd
some other herbs, aud afterwards soaking them in alcohol for about a week.
When distilled, this compound gt\es
the emerald-colored liquor that is tlie
cause of so much misery in France.
Some people are said  to drink the
green liquor neat, but it is nearly al-!
ways diluted with water.    The water
| is added very slowly in order to avoid |
Brown  ha
and I
only by accident did he discover that
his  father,   Sir    Geiitelles   Brown,  of
Belmont   Manor,  Gloucestershire,   was;
dead and that tlie estate and title luld ,
descended  to  him.
lie was in Australia when he read
the news in a daily paper and tlje j
next day found him on bis way to |
England via the l'nited States. Ho
stopped at Big Springs, Neb., in mi
effort to locate a cousin in that town.
but failed to find him and came on to
Fifteen years ago. Brown, at that :
time about twenty-five years of age, ,
had a quarrel with his father, Sir >
Gentelles, and was ordered to leave j
and never return. Alfred left home
and, going to Australia, became a
gold  miner.
Two months ago Brown came down
from the gold mines near Ballarat,
New South Wules. Australia. Ou the
night of his arrival in Sydney. Brown
dropped into a restaurant and while
watting to he served accidentally pick j
ed up a newspaper. Tlie first Item tp
attract his attention told of the death
In England of Sir Gontelles Brown.
"What  am  I  going to do    with  all '
this money?   What right has any man ,
. to that which he has not produced? I'
.have  always   believed   that   no    man
' should  have  more  tBan   he    actually
needs, and now that 1 have an oppotv
utility to 'make good' I am going t<>
do it."
Coast Division.
Surveyed agricultural Dominion
Lands in the Railway Belt not reserved or withheld from entry und not
disposed of or occupied, are open to
entry under the provisions of the British Columbia Dominion Lund regulations.
In the Coast Division  of the Hallway Belt uny mule person over eighteen years of age and otherwise eligible,   may   obtain   under   entries   as
homestead   and   pre-emption,   a   legal
subdivision   of   forty   acres   of   Bench
Land.     Residence   Is  required   for  at
least six months In each of five years.
Total cultivation required to earn pat-
ont for a twenty acre homestead, ten
acres cleared and six cultivated, and
if tlie remaining twenty acres is preempted by the homesteader, an additional ten  acres cleared and six cultivated  either  on  the  homestead  or
pre-emption.,   no  additional   residence
for   the   pre-emption.     Price  of   pre-j PIANOS
emptlon,    five   dollars   per  acre, pay-      r
able in five installments with interest.      Martin
Conditional purchase entries may be]     Phone
obtained   fur   twenty   acres   of   Bench |��
Land   by   a   male   over   eighteen   and
mlnater Board of Trw*
hoard room, citi
Third Thursday    0, "' *�� ��<J
quarterly     m(,tln��r   �����*
Thursday of Pe^V?
end Norem-ur  ,{,'""
KE35 *h5S _Xti*A
J"     Ne*  membera ml
Had oftjob printin, *��*\
loaf ledgvrs; Cowli iVbn. a
Phone 55, P. o. Bo D ft
Dally  News  Block
fRONT 61
��J 142,
^xth Btr.
-Paired by you, ; ������, -^
Martin,   Miir.   h���,     .-.���  r,���;
'11 Dnbi
��� ��� ���
��� ��� 11 <lt
been | "������������"   ������;	
otherwise   eligible   and   not   holding
homestead or pre-emption.   Residence COAST
per t
t\��rs    anil    solicitor
Trust  Block,  C
Westminster,   W,
L. Edmonds.
Columbia Street
Hotel Butler Annex
Fourth Avenue and Marion Street
Room  $1   p*r day  up.
Room  and toard 92.50  per day up.
Room   with   bath  $2.50 per  day  up.
Room with bath and board $4 per day
All mtside rooms, with hot and cold
water ��t��am heat, long distance telephone. 'Bus meets all trains and boat*
The Daily News will be fcfpt ���on Ale
in our reading room. I
At Kirk's Hardware
You can get Hammocks and Refrigerators, Screen Doors and Screen
Windows, Lawn Mowers and Sprinklers, Breen wire Enamelled, Rubber
Hose and Cotton Hose.
a chemical reaction that would make
the tumbler as hot as the globe of an
electric, lamp. ~r
The usual way is to place on top of;
the tumbler containing the absinthe a
saucer  with a small  hole in  the bottom.    This hole having been covered,
with a  lump  of sugar,  the  water  is1
poured into the saucer and allowed to
filter  slowly  through  and  drip down
amongst the absinthe.   Sometimes tlie
lump of sugar is held over the tumbler in a perforated teaspoon and  the
water slowly poured over it.
Looks Like Milk.
The mixture produces a greyish.,
cloudy liquid. Public opinion in
France against absinthe has become!
so strong that the manufacturers have;
Introduced a new kind in which tliie,
cloudy appearance is intensified to j
make the liquor look like milk, so that
the habitues may drink it without re-!
proacli. I
When taken in excess absinthe
quickly deranges the digestive organs
and destroys the appetite. An nnap-;
peasable thirst takes possession of the.
victim. ' The next stage produces delusions and unbearable mental depression, and, finally, lunacy. i
Equally horrible is the fate of the
man who avoids orgies and drinks his
absinthe in smaller but regular doses.
Disastrous   Effect  of   Liquor Trade
Southern  Nigeria.
London. June 13.���Tlie Native Races
Committee have published a remarkable reply to the Report of the Government Committee of inquiry iuto the
liquor trade in Southern Nigeria.
Tlie Native Races Committee contend
that the government inquiry was incomplete, and colored in such a way
as to give a wrong impression about
the enormity of the
its disastrous effect on the natives
of the colony.
They allege in reply to tlie govern-
required  only   for  six   months during
the   fifth   year   but   cultivation   duties
increased.    Price, ten dollars per acre,
five Installments.
Bench   Lands   in   this   division   are
lands      below      twenty-five      hundred
(2,500) feel above sea level,   Uplands
are lands above that  altitude nnd are
subject only to disposition by quarter  whitksidf
section's   under   homestead   entry   or
grazing    lease    to    settlers.      Flooded
lands may be reserved for hay purposes or leased to settlers hy legal
Entree fee for homestead, pre-emption and conditional purchase is ten I
dollars for eacli entry. After securing
patent ln connection with the land)
first entered for. the settler may se- ,
cure another entry nnd so on, but not |
for more than a total of one hundred :
and sixty  acres.
Entries under the British Columbia I
Dominion  Land  Regulations, effective
on   the   2nd   July,   1910,   may  on   and !
after that date he made for lands then
open  to entry.    Any  lands withdrawn
from timher berths, as well as newly |
surveyed   lands,  will   before becoming I
available  for entry' require advertisement   for   thirty   days        "Surveyed" !
Lands for the purpose of entry means
legal subdivisions abutting on a surveyed   line,   or.   In   rase  of   Uplands*!
quarter   sections   abutting   on   a   surveyed line.
For further Information apply to the
Dominion Land Office, New West minster, B. C.
P. 0. KKVLS.
J.   Syi.i * .    ��� ���  pn���
Vancouver.     Phone
attention   given   ���>   alV ordd
male   help.     Ring   ua   ���������
write if unable i     . .,��� ���1
ibla itw.l
J. WMtai
MARTIK���Bai >.J
Westminster off l
Gulchon block con J
McKenzie   Btreets     Vai
fires,    Wil'laias    :        Ung,
ville   streel.     .,  c    Wade.
A. Whealler, W. G   McQua ,|
ii. J. A.  BURNETT, Al'DlTORl
Accountant.      Tel.    It 121
Westminster Trust Hlock.
ceuntunt.      Audits made.  Srif
organized.    A. ent for the Kail)
Co.     Room  9.  Westminster
block.      P. O. Box 795.
Curtis Bl k k    1' 0. B016H
Following are the hours of despatch
and arrival of mails at tlie New Westminster postofflce and hour given lu
leach case being tho hour of closing,
which is half an hour, as a rule, be-
for tiie actual despatch. All malls, [Real
'unless otherwise stated are de-
1 spatched :'iid received dully except
Sunday. The only mails despatched
and received Sunday are the 0. N. K.
south and ('.  P,  It. east  mails, not ln-
Typewriting;   copy    worl. MM|
letters,  etc.    Coural. 1 til
phone -62.
liquor trade and'unleHS    Otherwise    stated
Jfletate and Insurance M
C tv.   farm  nnd S'lnnrban P��
628 and 74i: C
this is denied by the governor���have
Ills face gradually becomes" sallow I bl'en Paid hl Kin ln sU Vf Uiu ('olo,)v'R
and care-worn, and his hair begins to courts fl,r il lon�� Perlod' an<1 ,ll:tt
dropoff. Next come muscular quiver-itlK' disgraceful practice of pawning
lng* especially of the arms and1 c"llt!rt'n for Kin���absolutely Ignored
shoulders. Loss of brain power fol-1 by t,lp committee In Its report���ob-
lows, and he is haunted by horrible 1 tal"R throughout the nmony.
dreams and delusions. Gradually par-1 HolP ls ��mrt ot tl,G evidence on this
alvsis overtakes him and lands him 8">'J<'f't --u''" W tne Ven. Archdeacon
ln a merciful grave. ' Melville-Jones   before   tlte   committee
Absinthe  has  been    prohibited    in of '""Hilry:
Switzerland   and   Belgium,   and   it   is      Q-���Have yon any idea of the niitn
ment   report  that  an  Important  docu ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
ment  submitted   to  the  committee  of  eluding   way  mails.  Sapperton,  I'tasol
inquiry  was completely Ignored.  that!Mills ""J Coquitlam
a native chiefs pension was suspend
ed because lie advised his people to
abstain from gin, and that the committee of Inquiry was plainly biased
against   missionary eviuence.
The Native Races committee allege
in direct contradiction of the resulls
of the inquiry that the importation of
spirits In South Nigeria is steadily and
rapidly Increasing, and that much
drunkenness results therefrom, that
educated Mohammedans, young men.
women and children are all learning
to drink gin. and that gin Is used as
one of the forms of currency in the
Worse than all, the Native Races
committee asBert that fines���although
Mails   Despatched.
8 a.m.���Vancouver and Victor!
B. C. Electric railway.
I     First   C.P.R.   east   taking  all   points j
least Including Langley and district
The   mail   for Abbotsford  and   dis- j
trict, ClaybUrn  and  district,  Hunting-.
don and district, and Matsqui are despatched by way of Vancouver.
8   a.m.��� Blaine     nnd     Seattle,     in- :
i eluding all 0. S. points east and south.
and Hall's Prairie, Fernridge and llaz-
Ielmere, on  Tuesdays. Thursdays and
All Surrey mall, are received from I
Cloverdale, except Hall's Prairie, lla-i
zelmere and Fernridge, which arrive j
on the Port Gulchon train on Tues-j
days, Thursdays, nnd Saturdays.
11:00 a.m.���Vancouver, Victoria and
Central   Park, via  B. C.  Electric rail-1
luring.    A new line ol Si     -|
lng Just In,   Button making
ing and  repairing
hlock.    Entrances 625 CnlumMJ
and 626 Clarkson St   Phone
.ra Wd dyers, 346 Columbia ��
Phone   R2TS.   The  P>��Cs ��"*
dirt and dust li removed (rom
flbr^-not pre*sn1 In-   Goo<
for and delivered.
RING   UP     160     FOR    **E��fl
eaart   turaent    The  t*��m
Game. Vegetables, el
next to Bank
I lean
Sherwin-Williams  Paints.
"Ladies' Aid" Range.
(probable that France will soon follow
Hie example of these neighbor*,
awhed at the
\ cry
New Arrivals in
Ladies' Blouses
Children's Dresses
A. J.
The White House
617 Columbia Street
Toronto Grand Jury's Suggestion For
Protection of Girls.
Toronto, June 111.���That the larh
should be used moie frequently in the
cases of persons found guilty of committing criminal assaults on giiis v.as
strongly urgeJ by the grand jury In
their present ment to Judge Winchester on Saturday In Hie general sea.
sions.    In dealing  with  tills question
j tiie presentment contained tne follow
lng reference: "Our attention has been
I particularly   drawn   to   the  numerous
I cases of assaulting young girls, some
of which  were of a  very serious  na-
I ture. Scarcely a week passes hut
some report of this kind Is published,
md ns the crime is becoming very
alarming, we, as a grand Jury, recommend whipping in all such cases. We
feel that the IhrIi Ir the only remedy
that will keep this sort of ciltne
town, and at the same time serve us
an admirable proticilon for young
Iier of children who are
present moment V
A.���So,  but  the    nun
large. H^^^^^^^^
Q.���Would it run Into hundreds?
Q.���How long woull a child ve
main In pawn?
A.���Tbey would remain In pawn for
ten, fifteen or twenty years, People
grow to ho quite old as pawns.
(j.���-Is the pawn in the position of
a slave or of a domestic servant?
A.���As long as lie Is a pawn he is
In the position of a slave.
The Native Races committee believe that, thfle Is a wldspread desire
among the people for prohibition, and
that prohibit Ion is practicable.
Fraser  Mills  and  QoQUlt-
125 _
1:30 p.ru.-
2:30 p.m.
3:15 p.m.
eluding all
7:00  p.m.
maker   and   uPholste1rern���rr ,
.on    street    (behinJ    BuffJ
Furniture  made and  " P
Mon furniture In Bi and "lh
St. John, June 13.���Local wholesalers are perturbed over the cattle situation at present, and particularly over
the action of the Toronto firm of D.
B. Martin, wliich ls quoting cattle delivered  here ut  a lower figure  than
the local wholesalers can buy from
the raisers. It Is stated that the Martin firm is the Cunadlaii branch of tho
Swift. S- Co., of Chicago, and that they
aro determined to cupture the trade
of the provinces for the Chicago firm.
Cattle are at present sold nt a figure which tbo wholesalers say hardly
pays them for slaughtering.
Kingston, Juno 13.���When two
photographers were taking pictures in
the penitentiary, Carl Dullmttn, leader of tho dynamite plot to blow up the
Wetland canal, refused to give tho
camera man a sitting.   He was put In
Alarming     Condition     of     Minnesota
I       Aborigines  Revealed by  Report.
1     Washington,     June    13.���Alarming
health conditions on the White Earth
Indian Reservation In Minnesota linve
aroused  the commissioner of    Indian
affairs   to  stienuous  action   In   an ef-
j fort to stamp out disease and correct
evils believed to contribute to serious
*    A corpR of physicians have submitted a report  showing that  of r>f>8  Indians examined thus far, l!ir> were suffering with trachoma, eighty-five bad
j tuberculosis lu  some  form,  with   Ihe
'glandular form    predominating,    and
I seventy-five were Buffering from other
1 diseases.    Tlie report shoWed  that  of
Malls  Received.
8:30  am.���Vancouver  and   Victoria
including   V.   S.   matter,     and     also
fexcept   Tuesday)   via   II.  C.   Electric I
railway. H	
,:00 to 10:00 am.��� Strawberry Hill,   \," ].y t <*l.Ka.   THK
by courier  (Tuesday anl Friday). Dealer. Uphellterer an
0:1.".  a.m.   -Vancouver  and  Victoria,      corner Agfl's und HcKeMM
via 0. N.  It phone  176, nl. ht call BL
8:80 a.m.���C, P, R. east (Aral train)
lam,      ^L^^^^^^^^^^^_^^^^
IJ: 00 p.m.���C. P. It. east.
1:00 p.m.���Vancouver, Central Park
and  Fraser  Arm.
���East Burnaby by courier
-Burquitlam.  by courier.
-Blaine   nnd   Sealtle,     ln-
'. S. points.
-Revelstoke  local  and   C.
P. R. Intermediate points,
I 1:30 p.m.���Strawberry Mill. Tlmberland and South Westminster, by
courier (Tiiesdny and Friday).
I 1:20 p.m.��� Ladner and down river
points. East Burnaby. Quecnsboro and
Burquitlam, by courier.
2:30   p.m.���Vancouver     and     Piper
I Siding, via C.  N.  It. north.
I    3  p.m.���Cloverdale,  Nlcomekl,    and
Port Kells, dally, Clayton on Tuesday,
! Thursday, Frldny nnd Sat unlay, Tyne
head on Tuesday nnd Friday; Bon Ac- j
,cord, Tuesday nnd Friday.
I    4:00 p.m.���Vancouver and Bmnahy
Lnko. via B. C. Electric railway. Saturday an extra mail Is despatched to
.Victoria via Vancouver nt this hour.
I     Blaine   nnd   Seattle.   Including   all
, TT. S. points, east, and south, via the
,0. N. R. "Flyer."
Co., bank
cabinet,   stair,
and detail work.
mat**   furnished
prletor.      Work
end ear line.
ofiice and   store I��   J
,howca��eg, ��'   ("
Designs a^ <
P. O. box
a dungeon. Then he ylolded. ^^^^^^___,^_^^_^^^^^^^^^^^^_.
Dullman raised a technical ob.1ort.lnn I the Lr>0 Indian homes vlsltod, ninety
that he was not an ordinary criminal, were unsanitary, forty fairly clean,
but a political prisoner. He Is regard-j and only twenty In good sanitary eon-
j��d at the penitentiary, however, as an'dltlon. On the reservation there are
ordinary "Ular-" k^roxin: .'.cly 5,000 Indians.
Roblln May Retire.
Winnipeg. .Tune 13.���Premier Roblln has notified the members of his
cabinet that owing to a serious affection to Ills heart be will not. be able
to take part In the campaign. Tho
other members of the cabinet, are
urging blm to stick, but announcement of his retirement may be expected any day.
liiirl.p*.   and
fl.corlitln. ���
hou.*   painting
hanging    and
street. New Westminster
___JmachJnej^ ��^_.
Limited. Front ��trt��* "*f ,,,,.<"��
minster.     Mann ��*"��� " ,>.����
saw nnd
Mill   plauts
)R KS.
McKay, manufacturer
and W��mn
MClvuy,   ...���������������--      .,u(onr9, i'" ,���,,,)
of mounmental t'^' %H,ir,in' ' ;
atone, etc mM^nU^t.
Columbia struct, .n��* y
JUNE 14- 1��16-
co'0'r r "ftour i
L^ u.iNGARIAN JEWEL   .  $6.50 per bbl.
' Hn .Trial ���   ���   $6.75   per   bbl.
'Snal'"'. 16.25 per Bbl.
^HOOOAFLOUR 14.50 per Bbl-
IflcQuarrie & Co.
L���ut 6TR��ET-   	
lew Westminster,
Senator Reed Smoot Tells
Boston Folks How They
Would Be Far Better Off
FREEMASONS ARE MANY     | Railway Time Tables
u. c.
Relations With  Italian Branch of Order Which Were Broken May Be
to  our   ofiice   every   time   you
need a ton of coal���any of our
drivers   will   be   glad   to   take
your order.    Then, too, a postal  will  bring about the same
result���good   coal   tn  your  cellar at short notice.    Also, our
phone   ls   In   good   order,   und
their  numbers  are  15  and  16.
Coal  procured  here  Is crack a-
jack coal, however secured.
.1   mm i int.-b   i'.^u, ......
I   ���,.,.     I,     ,       O.   I���. ,,,.      BUDSeqUeiHiy     Still     LU     OW.���
Latter bay Saints st 111, , , ���, , _ ,
,.,,, * ., ,       Ian consul-genera. S gnor Levi
- Bible sanctions polyg-  Frt,,IllilS()���Bof  high de8grfie aDd
. prohibiting plural mar-j ^^      {      h      * *t wag fa
'��      :    ��������� - .- ,,.nn���.u(1n between the
iUS fittings
JSBSEl    kinds    of    wood.
BROOKES, Proprietor
h>RKS-Corner  Eleventh  and  Carline.
Boston, June 13.���Reed Smoot, Mormon apostle and United States senator
liotn i;tali, visiting in Boston, said today, in an interview ut which all tho
( newspapers of this city were represented, that Wormonism, if adopted as
ithe religion of this community, would
operate as a powerful stimulus in the
spiritual life of the people.
Polygamy, he said, is a dead Issue
so far as present conditions are concerned. But he admitted that polygamous marriages contracted by the
chief saint* prior to tho manifesto of
1896, are still In force. lie declared
i that the Mormon church does not
sanction plural marriages today, and
that while tlie Latter Lay Saints still
believe tbat th        " ���������-"'-
amy, the edict ��� w
rlages extends over the whole world,
wherevr the church maintains a mission. Senator Smoot delivered an address tonight on "Mormonlsm of Today,"   before   tlie Thursday   club    in |
ln talking with newspaper reporters
Senator Smoot said:
"Our church is growing, not only in
Utah but elsewhere.    We maintain a
corps of at least 2,000 missionaries in
I the  held all  tlie time, mostly young
men, all of whom pay their own ex-
' penses.
"lt is a poor sort of an  Individual
'- who does not get a call to spread the
gospel, aud in tlie smallest communities out in Utah fully seventy-five per
cent of the male population have car-
I rled on tho work in foreign countries.
I This  of  itself   ls  a liberal  education
j for our young men.
"A good many priciples of the Mormon church, lf put into operation in
any community, would result in   the
spiritual uplift of the people.   And the
benefit would not only be spiritual, but
moral,   social   and   financial.   For   Instance, there is no want or suffering
among our people.    We take care of
i that through our system of tithes and
I offerings.   While all Mormons do not
! strictly observe the mandate, we are
| supposed to give one-tenth of our income in worldly goods tor just such
"Polygamy is a past issue.    It was
never  mandatory  on our  people,  hut I
we did hold that it wus carrying out I
the precepts of the Bible." ,
Rome, June 13,���Tbe visit of a party
of Young Turks to Italy, organized by
virlous semi-official bodies and placed
under the patronage of the Italian government, lias more than one object in
view.    Primarily  it is a commercial
undertaking for the purpose of promoting Italian exports to Turkey, aud is a
sign of a generally awakened interest
In the Levantine markets among Italian  manufacturers    and    merchants.
But it has also a political object and
forms  part of a  general  plan  to  extend   Italian   influences   In   tbe   near
One of the  organizers   is    Signor
Notice is hereby given that an application will be imidii under Part V.
of the "Water Act, 1909, to obtain a
license in tho New Westmister Division of New Westminster i.istrict.
(a) The name of Company, Vancouver Power Company, Limited. The
head office at the City of Vancouver,
British Columhla. The capital, .Li,500,-
000. divided into 2,500,000 shares of
.1.00 each, all fully paid up; (b) Tiie
name of the lake, stream or source,
j unnamed stream running through sec-
  tion 29, block 5, north range 2, west,
_      .""  _ ,,���_,,,��, thence   in   a   northwestei ly   di. ection
Sunday Schedule. ., ,  .     *r.      -, * ,
gl   "' Mowing   into   the   Fraser   river;    (c)
Cars leave Vancouver lor New West- The po[nt oE diversion, 2,300 feet in
minster at 8:00 and 9:00 a.m., and a southeasterly direction from the
every    halt    hour    thereafter    until \ southeast corner of section 19, block
E. R. Westminster Branch.
Week Day Scneauie.
Cars leave Vaucouver lor New West-
minster at 5:aU, ti:o0, 7:20 aud 8:00
a.m., and every halt hour thereafter
until  li:3u  p.m.
Cars leave New Westminster for Vancouver at 5:50, G:20, 6:50, 7:20 and
S:00 a.m., and every half hour thereafter  until 11:00 9-m.
11:30 p.m.
Gars leave New Westminster for Van
couver at 2:00 a.m., and every hall
hour  thereafter  until 11 p.m.
Eburne   Line.
Cars   leave   New   Westminster   at
a.m. and every hour until 11 p.m.
Prlnn  Levi,  an" ex-jourualist and  art j Cars leave Vancouver at 7  a.m. and
critic, who was recently given an ap-1    every hour until 10 p.m.
poliitnient  In  the  foreign  office  and | On  Sundays cars leave Westminster
subsequently sent to Salonica as Ital-      at 9 am- to 10 p.m.
Ian consul-general.    Signor Levi ls a,On Sundays cars leave Vancouver at
-  . ....   ..   ������,j    j)j3 I    8 a.m. to 10 p.m.
I mission  m   mc  ..v.u.       .._    to re-, o.   J.   Stewart,  Local   Manager,   New
i vivo the connection between the Ital- i Westminster
Ian and Turkish Freemasons, which
at one time had been very close, but
during the recent Turkish revolution
had   been   broken   off.    The  Turkish
Great Northern Railway.
W. 11 a.m.;  ar. Seattle 3:55
leaders  belong,  anu  in   met,  a*    **..*- .   jj^
Ume ^en Sr the authority of the Lv. N. w. 4:30 p.m.; ar. Seattle 9.40
Italian   grand    master     (the  Grande | ���.���
Lv.  N
leaders  belong,  and in  fact   at    onej  im_
iind it is now hoped that by
the   intimate   relations   be
Lv. N. W.
12:27 a.m.; ar. Seattle 7:15
tween   the   two" organizations   Italy's -^Seattle 8:05 a.m.; ar. N. W. 2:55
political influence In Turkey may be
Lv. Seattle 4:35 p.m.; ar. N. W,
P-m. XT TV
Lv. Seattle 11:45 p.m.; ar. N.W
Lv. Seattle 12:25 p.m.; ar. N.W. 1>--'
The Italian Colonial Institute and
the Venice Commercial Museum have
helped to promote the project. There
has been a remarkable spread of Latin
Freemasonry In Turkey since the deposition of Abdul Hamfd.    As Is well       ^	
known the  Committee of "Union and q   N. r_ port Guichon
Progress, before the revolution of i Leaves New'Westminster daily, ex-
1908, took advantage of the shelter cept Sunda).( Irom water front freight
and secrecy of the mainly Jewish I shed 3;30 pm and from brldge pas.
lodges of Salonica, and the Young; 9enger btati0n 3:50 p.m.; arrives at
Turkey party would now seem to have  port Gulchon 6' 30 pm
identilied   Itself   with  this    form   of      Leave3   Port " Guichon     7ll00     a.m., aypUL.auuu
FrThT movement   Is   almost   entirely  ��ily.   "^Sunday, arrives at New  lng dams_ Screwing' the "head of wa
Thr  movement is ainoost enureiy yestmlnster bridge passenger station tet ln any existlng body of water
lv  lne resu't or 19;20  a.m.,   water   front   freight   shed or ext,
9:30 a.m.
.., north range 2, west;  (d) The quantity  of  water  applied for,  .166  cubic
feet  per  second;   (e)   The  character
of the proposed works, a small dam
and  pipe  line;   if)   The  premises on
which   the   water    is   to   be   used,
two (2), three (3) and four (4), group
gjtwo   (2),  N'ew  Westminster  District;
(g) The purpose for which the water
is  to   be   used, domestic;   ih)   If  for
irrigation describe the land Intended
to      be      irrigated,      giving      acreage,   no;    tl)    If   the   water   is   to
be     used     for    power    or     mining
purposes describe the place where the
water Is to be returned to some natural  channel,  and the  difference  in
altitude   between   point   of   diversion
and point of return, no;   (j)  Area of
Crown  land  Intended to be occupied
by   the   proposed   works,   none;    (k)
This  notice  was  posted  on  the  2nd
day   of   June,  1910,   and   application
will be made to the commissioner on
the 13th day of July 1910;   (1)  Give
the names  and addresses  of any riparian   proprietors   or   licensees   wbo
or  whose  lands are  likely  to be affected hy thn proposed works, either
above or below the outlet, none;  (m)
The part of the Memorandum of Association  of  the  company   wliich authorizes the proposed application and
works reads as follows: "(3) The objects for which the company is established and to which objects the Company are restricted are the acquisition
of water and water power by records
of  unrecorded water or by  the purchase of water records or water privileges for,  (g) Rendering water
and  water   power   available  for   use,
application and distribution by erect-
 I������    .\.n    y,r.nrL    r\f    wn.
political and is mainly the result of
propagauda. Many Turks have been
induced to join the lodges In the belief that they are thus being connected with an English institution.   It Is
-ti.    .,:,  ..,,,1,   f���,
q    N    R-���Sumas  Branch.
Leaves   Sumas   6:00  a.m..    arrives
ted with an English institution. **,.���., L���av<.;, ftlmi.4B ��� ,.,. _
of course, extremely difficult for them|brldge pa8senger 6tati0n
"       '    between   English  and | water  front frelght 8hed
OI   COlirSe,   C.MICurc.;    m   _.-
to  distinguish   between   English   and
continental Freemasonry.
Manufacturer, and Dealers In All Kinds of
Royal City Planing Mills  Branch
���feohone  12 New  Westminster
Narrow Escape of an Attendant in an
Animal Show.
Albany, June 13.���Fast ln the coils
of: a  monster  boa constrictor  which
was   slowly   crushing  his   legs     and
body, John  W.  McCarthy, an attendant in an animal show exhibiting on
Brbadway, hud an experience   yester-
| day that he will not soon forget. But
for   the   alertness   of   Bert   Christian
luiu.  ,-	
water  front freight shed
daily except Sunday.
Leaves New Westminster water
front freight shed at 3:30 p.m., bridge
passenger station 3:50 p.m., arrives
Sumas 8:00 p.m. daily except Sunday.
Head   of   Animal   Supposed   to   Have
Had Rabies Shipped tor ExamlnaUon
title i June i;>,.-Because the head oi
gSTaJftfi 2S Cornell ^^ ^ ^^rme.rMcCarthy would
> at Ithaca. Hazel Beekman, six years or, crushed to death.
~e   whose  home is in  *o.kulU.      ,' waa  cleaning the    large
^AS^JSuT^ Tna8danger|pii in which tbe boa was confuted. He
~&--rabid   animal,  �� ��.  ��� 1^^ waraed ��S!��ggL^'iS^SfffSfSS^oSS;
dsath trom hydrophobia tojattempt to enter the pit undo   an. 1 In th    railway^be t^ ^_ &q
li iinui u,w.-r--- i    n, attempi  io uu���   ��� ���-���- - -
cbiW was attacked b>     a  BBl i[mc^ but t0 use long hand-
f     ,  mora than two  weeks ago   ana  J^ ^^^McCarthy/how-ever  neg-
. dou had been killed its "e;^|wtPi,   )o   obey   orders,  being    In
in uie rhiik.   u^-i. ...  .
bia, may be homesteaded by any per
son wno Is the sole head of a family
��     Vli,t'w
PER, 1(U��?
VJi ��^
lust a Few Left oi
West End View
In Lot 10, Sub. Block 12, between, 8th ^
10th Avenues, to the east of 18th btieet.
Price $850, one quarter cash, balance b, B
and 18 months. These lots are close to the
new out off, and you will be wise if you step
in now und secure them.
Two Good Buys
fee lots on  Hamilton  St     all cleared
50xir,o.    Price $800 each cash, or ?10UO on
UTonllthSt, Block 19, Sub. block 7.
Price ST50 on terms.
Maple Ridge
120 acr* of good tod, cU��i toMte ,on Cty
Price is $35 per acre.   $1000 casn
""     Balance on very easy terms
' son wuu ia mc a-w	
���,r,-ll   aaeumed  that   the   dog   han    ^ McCarthy attempted to
,,n  suffering  from  rabies and lick enough
nnhitm  o.dof  the ordinary  medica       'np^ule)   .   ��*  ^.^  qu(ckly
; ,,, ent was resorted to In tUo girl s J. JJ��tf ^ ^ several tlnir^
ll It ,   ,  ,,,.      McCarthv was thrown to the bottom
"lv rd  came  from Cornell  that J   I    ��� g��^|t;where ho struggled desper-
head   bad   lust   arrived,   after |�� i.��. i .       ���    ���,��� ���_n��� Ar wa9
or extending the area thereof, diverting the waters of any stream, pond or
lake into any other channel or channels,  laying or erecting any  line or
flume, pipe or wire, constructing any
race-way,   reservoir,   aqueduct   weir,
wheel, building, or other erection or
work which may be required in connection   with   the   Improvement  and
use of the said water and water power  or  by  altering,  renewing,  extending,   Improving,   repairing,   or   maintaining any such  works or any  part
thereof."   in)   The   Company   applies
for a license to store water. The place
of the proposed reservoir for storing
the said water is section twenty-nine
'29), block flve  (5), north range two
(2)   west;   (o)   The  means by  which
it Is proposed to store the water, by
dam;   ip)   The area of the  reservoir
site  or   sites  at  each  foot  In  depth
above the outlet, the depth above the
outlet    will    approximately    average
I about six or seven feet;  (q)  How it
is proposed to acquire the land neces-
i Bary for the purpose, by purchase, or
Iif necessary by expropriation;  tr) Approximately tlie  number of acre feet
intended    to    be    Impounded,    20,000
square feet.
R.  H. Sperling. General Manager.
Vancouver, B. C.
I     .Uui. a\na. >..n
scratching    the \*-ai ���0{:a-' ia"u -������ ---
'in which the land is situate. Kntry
by proxy may, however, be made on
certain conditions by tbe tatber,
mother, son. daughter, brother or Bister of an Intending homesteader.
The hemesteader ls required to per
��� ���..���   ..��noA��ej  there-
|Notice to Paving Contractors:
Tenders for  Paving  Second  Street.
i    Tbe    Corporation   Invites    tenders
[from Street Paving Companies for the
hahnlf ,,  .,   .  .t,..     McCarthy was uirowu t�� >���"<= v  .    ,. ���������i,���j in ner rom =mw ran"B l'u'ui", v" ',
'lv rd  came  from Cornell  that tin I    ��� ��   ���   w)iere he stn,ggled desper-     The h.meeteadej:1s required^to per ^^ ,ayl      of con
a3    head   bad   lust   arrived.  Wter �� .^epi ^ **%??"<oi^tne lonowing crete    sidewalks,    boulevarding    and
Z*L. bM.n lost two weeks, and th.t ��� Christian, who heard bis wHh   under   one   ot    tne * eonstructlon  of   storm   water  sewers
vuimitlon  showed the presence of "g  and'wUh others he leaped Into plaB,: for gecond 8treet ,rom Clinton place
-'lv,   The_Beekman cWJd was rush-1 man armed with a c= ^ ^^ .      ,   h *
ed  to  the  Pasteur  Institute  ln  New
York for treatment.
the pit, one man armed with a cleaver
and others with knives. Christian (1) At leest tlx months' resWenc*
quickly hacked the muscles of the boa eeon and cultivation of the land on
until the serpent relaxed Its hold, al- each year for three years.
lowed McCarthy's body to be drawn I      -     ��.���,^_ , ���. ml
from the pit.    He    was    faint   and
construction   u>   <*....,,..   	
for Second street from Clinton place
to  Sixth  avenue.
Paving companies will be required
to state term of years they wlll guar-
ch year for tnr��e yea���. lo mair ,_   ,  ,	
(2) If the tether ( or mother, it tne  antee  their  paving and the  percent
-      . ...    i. ���.,_,rt<,T  age of money the Corporation can re
inspector of frpm the pit.    "? ; w���
ASYLUMS   FOR   INSANE   lripplng with perspiration.
,  I    Th�� snake,  wllich  waa
13���Several  Import
(2) If the father ( or mother, if tne  aDrau,r"   '.I'*" " "   :     ���
tether I. decee*d). of the homesteader  age of money the Corporation can re-
reside, npom a farm In the vicinity ol  ^n } Ulin�� the period of guarantee,
-    -     ���   -- a ��^, t_. ����niiirem��>nts  a,8�� the steepest grade they calculate
pavement   ls   safe   for   horse
miner is uw�����i. �������� ��� _      , ,  ,,    ���,   laiu  uuiwt   ^"-   *���*-    - -  - ,
���ipping wuu PU.OK -���        ,. ,���  . iteslde. npom a farm In the vlctoUy 0�� U)e .tePpp8t Krade they calculate
The snake, which was then killedI.'���� lend entered for, the ������^,?��TO"  their   pavement   ls   safe   for   horse
was about twenty-eight feet long and �� ** ��  w> "tisfled   bl.      _
  The snake, which w_�� m.��� �������. fte land ettWrea iol �����- "������'"":- \   \their
,      Tune  13 -Several  Import- wa8 about twenty-eight feet long and             reeidenc�� may  ^, ���*",*,,.��� 1 traffic.                              tn   u    _   nn,
Toronto   Ju      �����               wlm tlle ��               inche9    ,      circumference J      h      m)n ^amg with the lather      v           rroflleg    Bpec,flcationB   and
Mt ����taiW".t��� ��SI have been de-, The  ^anager said it Was  valued et       mother. Lurher  lnformation  can  be  obtained
*6\ Tl l bv  tho  Provincial secre- |2 800-                                                                         tu    ha8 hl8 perman*nt  (vom j. \v
Cld6d 7      form     Part of the general ���T^T B.nTS     LiSeJee upon   farming   land  own*d   net,r. City
Ui\l   ul  the toprovement of these RICE pr,ces CmuSED RIOTS.     rB'^ce1_u^e TlclnUy of his home I    r��nd,n
Cuiitions that will be carried out In   I*  �����.  _.,. n..
R.Uad eteed the requirements as to resld-enc
 h .     .    .      , Chinese  Believed  Foreigners    R^lsed :^**a'J. Yatlsfled  by   residence  upon
*^SS^-i*��_KlTW, - Twft nam*.    [**s " ���
tobours,    Hamilton      Toronto.
ston,  Brockvlll
and   London,  will   be
"Hospitals" ln place of Asylums
other  step   which   marks   a    r
departure from the past is the placing
of those  under Inspection, as are the
general hospitals of the province. The
iProvincial  secretary has notlllod tho
] medical     superintendents    that     Dr.
| Bruce Smith wlll in future conduct the
I liii'dioal Inspection, report on the care
land treatment of patients, the train-
>    -.it,or   1
"(Signaled as   1     0, ;lce and not a��ii-"'i^^
************* An- ...     ��_��*-.   ���*,��   rrtfiftnt    rlOTS
and   Trouoie   r��n����w��"        '   "  *     *_ ��� a
Ton,- 1!-"It was the high ,the said land.
Juni '    '   - '    six months'notice in writing shonld
r^ljEJ^jaW ��\*W* /^Ibe^TTS the cpmm.sslonv,ilOo
-Ucal   !-J-n,"  said    B. C1.    Emmett,    of ^
,     ... .     ,,      ,____  be Riven to  in.   iv,���  .
!lh'n",    "*J    K; ��* , S_SS_"_3 ,r''mlnl0n ���������*** Rt Ottawa of Intention
Shanghai   China, when tiilkina of tho t ,   f
riots  last  nlglit.    He  said  the  man- "
(iivins, or rnrp'-nlnq <-lass.s f��ve.hv| Coal.���Coal mining rights may be
their manipulations, responsible for leased for a period of twenty-one
the rise in the cost or rice, and the rears At an annual rental of $1 per
natives were led to believe that the acr��-      Not   more   than   2560   acree
^  foreigners were really to blame.    At "hall be  l��ased to one Individual or
und treatment oi  v**.-*- , I tlijc* places where the troubles arose, Icompany.      A royalty  at the rate oi
ing of nurses, und other matters per- {jTjy  lA{)[) mU(is  inl;ina froni ghane- |flv* cents per ton  shall  be collected
tuinlng to the hospital care of patients.     r(   .. ^ ^^ ^ foreigners except On the merchantabl'e coal mined,
lt ls understood that the new pos ton LX  mlB8lonarle8i aIU,  ���1P people fllA W. W. CORY.
will  not   interfere witli  the  position  ^  cllsci.ll)linat0     lnit    stacked    or Deputy ot the Minister of the Interior,
now occupied hy  Dr.  liruce hin th as   ,hvoaton(,(1 a��� forelRnprs. ' ___
���������         M-Iuiuahleln-I     br   K.mmett, who Is at
0f 111"
British Canadian Securities
Company, Limited
T. R. PEARSON, Manager.
The Dominion Trust
Inspector of Prisons and Charitable In
���Mr. Emmett, who is at the Queen's
Hotel, represents the shipping firm of
.lardine, Mathiesoii & Co.. Shanghai,
who have a fleet of many vessels
trading In Chinese waters.
Mr. Emmett says Shanghai is splen
iitdly governed by a commission of
flve representatives of foreign powers.
N.Il.���Unauthorised   publication   ot
this advertisement will    not be pain
IliailUU      . �����,.       mm      -	
B. Blackman, City Engl-
icr, uuy Hall.
Tenders will be received up to 5
m. on the 20th June, 1910, by the
W. A. DUNCAN, City Clerk.
City Hall   New Westminster, B. C,
-    -     -   -
Sraled tenders will be received by
the undersigned up to noon, June 10,
for the erection of a tramway station
and offlce building at New Westminster.
Specifications can be secured at office of Maclure & Fox, architects.
Winch building, Vancouver.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily  accepted.
Mischievous Persons Destroy Y.M.C.A.
Owfn Sound, June 13.���Some time
after eleven o'clock last night some
miscreants gained access to the Y.
M. C. A. parlors and perpetrated an
act of vandalism of a particularly
wanton   character   by   breaking    and
practically   destroying    the    athletic |    Kenora, june io.-��.	
trophies, breaking tbe hammers and | Ian from Cnnghnawagan named Georgt
Kenora, June 13.���A French- Can'ad-
One bay mare.   Bog Spavin on nlgh
)F BEER RAISED;  hlnd leg     Lump on nlgh fore leg.   If
CROWD BURNS BREWERY  no^ cl(llmed  wln be  soid June  14  at
12 noon.
R.  H.  BATT.
New Westminster, .nine 8, 1910.
,i  g��"r" .nf,
M       HONOR
if'ttaburg  , '���	
ft Mm,., -'"'"'    1
lav, '".;"��� BrltlsB
L   ".  l|f,0i(l|.,l     ,m     mm.
,,   ,.   fixtures  of' the   piano, slitting
About 100 attended!    The de d      ���� ^f (hat . b(g   ten-
KuHtorlum there.   A ����     y a,  w���ieh  in view ottto K to  y^c
meeting Baimuaj (la>s   \ .-.-.i... '��� '     .   .      success-
Prided large sum of money i.MM w
ILr'The  r>l'ce  are  working on
gyt. ad '.be  Attorney-General .
LATE   KING   the "��������---"��� tftken
._ . m���, decision wbb taKB.,:
��e liv-HesldoniH    of    , The t^d.'^lch ^lU be        g {m,
,.    Jrltlsh blrih or descent   by ����b^lP"��lV^B i.i the sanitor-
"V" erecl ����� a memorial BgW PeK6JTCe Cwiul B. C.
r^l,;:,li"- Edward VII. a re- Elm.   Bri'f', V lUe meeting
1111,01 u'u"'.v for the tuberculosis i dors presided at tho me
Ian rrom \. uu. u........���.	
Canadian, was arrested here on the
arrival of the east bound train Friday,
on a charge of having travelled on n
C. P. It. employee's pass, given him
by one, F. Miller, of Montreal, ��� in
whose favor lt was issued   .
Canadian said he was unaware he
was doing an unlawful act and plead'
ed not guilty.   "The magistrate found
Munich,  June   13.���Despatches   re
eelved  today  from Dorhen, Bavaria,
say that a crowd of 10,000, every person ln It mad with drink, rioted, fighting;, off the police and firemen while
a brewery, which the mob had fired,
was burne 1 with a loss of . C.0,000.   A
Score, Including several    police    and
firemen, were Injured.   The refusal ot
the  brewers   to   lower   the  price   of
beer half ^^^^^^^^^
been, incer
Garden Work
^^^^^^^ English gardener Is open to under-
rs    to    lower    urn    L......V.    w.   .'  , ,, , .    .       . .      : , , ,
. ,    . take all kinds of garden work; making
a cent a pint after it had       . .,       , . ,    . .        .
and   seeding   lawns,   laying out   and
neen, i m:. rased, caused    tho   trouble.    ... , ,.
M planting  n��w  grounds;   or  would  at-
The crowd manhandled the police and   .     .   ������   jL-ILJ   ,,���������   ���   ���,��������,    .
��� ..... ...,���,���,. m, t1,e brewery man-  _f_   one   or   two   days  a   month   to
cut tho firehose till the brewerj man-
SSJES^S-been notlfled-
was Uomi; an uiuivni... ... ^ _,.��� .
ed not guilty.   The magistrate found lent tho flrehofee till the orewerj  muu-, .
the prisoner guilty, but reserved sen-lager agreed to the demands for lower \*rim up.    Apply C. H., Box 556, New
teuce for a few days. prices. Westminster, B. C. PAGE EIGHT.
1*. 1
! :   i
;.*    ���
���   ,:'���'
Something New in
Floor Wax
The easiest way to
finish a  floor is  to
saturate a soft cloth
with Columbus Liquid Wax and apply
lightly to the floor,
let it dry for about
fifteen   minutes,
if and  bring to a
7   polish by light
rubbing with a
yy A   ' soft cloth.
No brush to push ��� no work ��� no
backache. Resists heel-m arks,
scratching, and water will not turn it
white. Goes farther and lasts longer
than any paste wax. Try it! Be
sure to ask for the genuine
������H = U.1:MIJH
_ WOmZ'
The Easiest Applied Floor Finish
^^^^^    Sold by
Anderson & Lusby
��� **)
The Westminster Modern
Business School
If every young man and young
woman fully realized the advantages
of pursuing a course at this institution and then the opportunities offered
for profitable and congenial employment, he or she would not hesitate in
selecting this School as an avenue
for advancement. We give the same
conscientious attention to placing our
students into positions as we do to
instruction. Satisfied students are
our best  advertisement.
610   Columbia   St.
Gold Watcaes for Ladies from $12.75
Silver Watches, gents' open face
Silver Watches, gents' open case.
17.50 up.
Agent for Waltharn and Elgin
Watch repairing a specialty.
Two Doors from Geo. Adams' Grocery
Ihe Central Hotel Cafe
Opposite B. C. E.  R. Depot
25c - Merchants Lunch - 25c
Market Square
PHONE 475.
For a short time we are offering
Razor Strops worth One Dollar for
Fifty Cents. Can sell you spectacles
cheaper than others and no fit no pay.
We are agents for Kodaks and supplies. Arsenate of Lead for Caterpillars.    Ask  for quotations.
Frank S. DeGrey's new yacht, the
Faloma. is at present lying at
Schaake's wharf being fitted up.
See the new Camp and Veranda 1
Furniture at Fales, Agnes street. **
Publicity  Commission  C.  II.  Stuart
Wade  will address a meeting of the
i Society   of   Londoners   in   Vancouver
i next  Sunday evenln. .
Phone L-528 for all kinds of teaming.   J. H. Huggard. **
The local Council of Women hell
its regular meeting in tlie hoard of
trade room in tlie city hall yesterday
For Bamboo Shades see Fales. **
Talt's mill at Alder, rove was
'. burned to the ground at noon yester-
! day.    The loss will be about $40,000,
of  which  ahout  half  V.'.l lie covered
by  tlie  insurance.
For a pleasant cool drink, try tlie
Ice Cream Sodas at The Royal Cafe. **
Remember the lawn 'serial on the
grounds of Queen's avenue Methodist
church this afternoon and evening.
Strawberries, cakes and ices will be
served from five to ten o'clock.     **
Awnings���All kinds at Fales, Agnes
street. **
Dominion Penitentiary Inspector
Dawson and Architect E. J. Adams,
of Ottawa, are spending a few days
in tlie city on their annual visit to
the penitentiary. They will lie here
for several  days.
We   have   a  number  of  fine  resiliences for sale on easy terms. Come
in and see me.   S. Fader. *���
E. M. Bryant, found guilty last Friday of stabbing a C. P. R. sleeping
car conductor, was sentenced yesterday to nine months in jail, tlie sentence to start from April 21, the time
of his incarceration.
The Bohemian Cafe will in futuie
be open all night. Special arrangements for private parties. **
Samples of the different kinds of
concrete, which were submitted to tlie
city by contractors in different parts
of Canada and the L'nited Sta*es. were
yesterday packed up and shipped back
to   their   respective   owners.
For spring plants or cut flowers,
plione Davies' Greenhouse. R208.     **
Tho results of the McGill colege
sessional examinations have been
published. John J. McNiven, a Royal
City High school lad, leads with honors. Charles P. Creighton is another
Westminster scholar on the pass list.
The proper place to dine is at the I
Bohemian Cafe, Depot Hotel block. I
Tiie best of everything. **    '
The death occurred on Sunday of
Celvania   Carl   Bowman,   tiie   eight-
I months-old son of .Mr. and Mrs. Carl
I Bowman. The funeral took place yesterday  to  tlie  Odd   Fellows'  cemtery,
| Rev. A. F.  Baker conducting tlie ser-
j vices.
Spring   is   here���how   about   those
: plants   for   the   gardten?     Tidy,   tlie
Florist, can suit you to a T in anything in that line. **
An apron sale and strawberry social
will be held In tlie grounds of St.
j Barnabas rectory on Thursday afternoon and in the parish hall in the
evening. An orchestra will be in attendance at the hall, and a number of
vocal selections will be given.
A  Japanese   stabbing   affray   wliich I
occurred on  Saturday  night  and  was
only reported to the provincial police
yesterday took place at Talt's mill at'
Aldergrove.    The assailant in the af-;
fair   has   left   and   cannot   he   found.:
The  victim  is in  the  hospital  at  Sumas, with a cut and broken arm and
a   cut   leg.     Hir,   wounds   will   probably  not  be fatal.
Archibald Gray, general traffic man-1
ager of the Great  Northern  railway,
paid a visit to the city yesterday and
inspected tlie yards and offices of the
company here. ,
For Geraniums, Dahlias and all
kinds of Spring Bedding Plants phone
Davis' Greenhouse, R 208. **
Mayor Lee and Alderman Jardine
will go to Victoria today to see about
a re-survey of the city and some other
matters. Mayor Lee may be gone a
couple of days and Alderman Gray
has heen appointed acting mayor in
his stead.
Archlbishop McNeil, of Vancouver,
held continuation services in the St.
Peter's Roman Catholic pro-cathedra!
here on Sundav. As this was the
first visit of his grace to this city
he was presented vs i111 an adaress ot
w i'come on Sunday evening. The address waS read by Joseph McDonald
Yesterday morning a reception in
honor of the bishop was given at St
Anne's college.
The wedding of David Roy Donley
and Miss Mabel Gertrude Reiclienbach
was solemnized yesterday evening at
the residence of tlie bride's father.
641 Eighth stret, by Rev. J. S. Henderson, the ceremony taking place at
five o'clock. Miss Annie Ashhy acted
as bridesmaid and E. L. Tait supported the groom. About thirty guests.
all intimate friends of tlie contracting
parties, were present. After the ceremony Mr. and Mrs. Donley left for
a honeymoon tour in Washington.
With Natural Wool and Balbriggan
Customers  who   have   used these hose are usually satisfied with   their  purchase.    Womei     ���.. ,
coming acquainted with the advantages of wearing a cotton stocking without the ordlna
sole     Natural  wool  or  natural   balbriggan soles are much  easier on  the feet.
Natural  Wool  Soles,  black cotton, Hermsdorf dyed���a secure guarantee of fast color , t   (
Inches, per pair,35ci  3 pair for  $1.00.
Balbriggan   Soles.    Fast   black   cotton   with   pure   unbleached   COtton Boles; sizes 8% to 10 in |v.
pair. 25c and 35c.
Sheriff's sale of Smith-Premier
typewriter. Z office desks, in chairs.
3 tables, a quantity of linoleum, offlci
supplies, maps, etc.. at Evans &
Darke's office. TOO Columbia street, on
Thursday, June 16, at 2 p. in.
Sentt0n Approval A
To ResponsiBLB People   * R"��ta
Laughlin igb
$1.25 Each  io  Clear.
White   duck   suit    with    navy   and   white   sailor   collars   and    cuffs;   also   in   fawn  striped      .     .   |
navy  and  white striped duck.    Made with belts and  leather buckles, pants to match.    Blzi
1  to S years of age.    A  big   range to clear, at, each, $1-25.
$1.50  Each.
Special   showing   of   lawn "Llnene" and  vesting shirt  waists.   Made   with  coat   fastenli
buttons.    Laundered collars and cuffs,    Nicely tucked fronts.    All  sizes.
White Brilliantine and Vestings
20c   to   35c.
A  splendid  assortment   of  nice  stripes and  patterns in   materials
that are most satisfactory for  wear. They wash nicely, keeping their
mercerized appearance;  30 inches wide.    Per paid 20, 25, 30 and 35c.
Ecru Brilliantine
Similar in appearance to pon gee silk, have a nice mercerized finish and shown in spots, stripes and narrow and wide fancy stripes.
Per yard. 20 to 35c.
New Patent  Leather
and Elastic Belts
The newes'  i tj !. a nre bt
ing  shown  in   wl ,
row genuine pati I
and fancy elai I
of   the   elastic
leather   from. trim-
med   with   gold
and   contrasting
leather.    A   bi < i did range
is now rea Ij    I        35c to
C/jelnK Pencil ist^fj
Your Choice of
for on!?
to any
Bt I>
(lustrations a.e Exact Siz*
Every pen guaranteed
full H Kt. bcliU Goid���cut
on riglit hand may be hdil
iu e.tlier our standard
black opaque pattern, or
Mm-breakaMe Transpai-
ent, bs desiredt either in [
plain or engraved finish,
a�� preferred,
Vou nay tiythtiptn a ~f**V,
if fOU ilo DOl flnd it ui tt|l te��f lileti,
t. baiter situle than yon can *������
euro for ihh. e Tints Tin- trm ._
Plica in any t.tlitr make, if l<��lj
entirely fJAtUfactor} in tiny
iptot return il aii'i mo Kill tend |
>uu lUOtortt,
Cry or r ��pt ii OUT fa.ni*-is ind J
popular Kin Qm In It ttncll, r.
ciimi'letq a*-*.*, proof trioihph, tusj
| |>ft earned tr. any poll tion in
pocket tn ibopptni l'��?, wrhti i'
any ��n��I�� at j. r��l touch, I'Uli
num < ���)��� rlnfr) h��d�� Iridium
point, poilibedvnleinlzM rnMwi
case.   t*Mra  cntU   ffnUh.      Retail
iTorywbsrs  for ������''-".     Airsnii
wanted    Wrlt<�� for W"mi.   Write
Dow  " left yotj forget"    AJ'Wen
|* Laughlin Mfg. Co.*j
MljMtlO Bldg..
Detrcl*. U!i��b
A Cool Lunch and Dinner
For a "Hot Day"
When the weather is warm you require light, appetizing, wholesome food, to tempt the palate and satisfy the appetite. And for
this very reason our Special Lunih and Dinner, served between
11:30 and 2, and 5 to 8 P. M., will please you greatly. The tables
are spotlessly clean, our kitchen is strictly sanitary, which conveys
all the odors of cooking from the dining room, thus the cafe is net
only delightfully cool and airy���but   entirely   free   from   any   smell   of
The Royal Cafe and Grill
Which  Is at 604 Columbia Street.
PHONE   375       -       Dominion Trust Block, Main Flo t
V  J
The Public
Supply Stores
Selling Out
Bargain Prices
on all Odd Lines |
Spectacles 50 rents up
D. S. Curtis & Co,
New Westminster, B. C. Phone 43, 71.
In Our New Quarters in the
Four  Doors   Kust   of   Pank   of
If you want something Choice for Sunday's
Dinner, ring up Phone 101 and order a nice roast of
Spring Lamb, Veal, Spring Chicken or anything else
that is good in the meat line.    You can sure get it at
Head Office    -    Mortrea', Que.
Capital $0,000,000
Rest Funds  4,600,000
Total Assets (over)  Gfi,000,000
We Have .lust Received a Fres'.i
stock of Popham'a Chocolates
I. A. MUIR & CO.
Columbia St.   New Westminster.
aaaaaaaaaaa*****************************************  \
This Bank has 145 Branches in Canada.
A General Banking Business
Some Special Snaps
.1 lota on Second street. Excellent view. Streets on three sides
of  this  property.     $350  each.   Terms.
10 lofs extending from First, to Second street. This property
Is especially well situated. Streets on three sides, and lane at rear.
Price $350 each.    Ttjrms.    INVESTIGATE.
\     F. J. HART & CO., Ltd.
We give Special Attention to Savings Bank Deposits
$1.00 Starts an Account
Best rates of Interest paid. No delay in Withdrawals. Open Saturday Evenings from 7 to 9 o clock
���this gives everybody, working men, merchants,
etc., an opportunity of cashing cheques or making
deposits. X|
New |jf estminster Branch,
H. C. Adams, Mgr. ��
Wine Glasses,
Cups and Saucers, and Souvenir articles at
Cut Prices
Now is the time
lo acquire something in one of
these lines.
Phone 92


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