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The Daily News Aug 5, 1910

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 White Rock
Sherman's Name Mentioned
in Connection With Alleged $3,000,000 Graft.
rtogM, Okla., Aug.J^What hap-
Windup  Meeting  Orders All  Accounts
Paid  and   Passed���Many   Votes
of   Thanks.
After all expenses In connection
with the recent picnic to Victoria are
settled, the committee  in  charge of
1 Muskogee, uiuo., "-0 ������-���- i the   excursion   will   have   in   hand   a
I ������Bd in the private office* oi united balance of JG0.10  which  win  be ap-
t,t,�� Senator  Thoams   P.   Gore  at [ plied to the liquidating of old debts
Lhlngton at noon on May (l last, contracted as a resui! or over-expen-
trmed the sensational charges Involv- diture on previous occasions,
.tie names of Vice President Sher- Aii bills presented for payment
Senator Charles Curtis, of Kan-1 were scrutinized and ordered paid by
_ Congressman U.K. MacGulre, of the committee, which met In force
SwUoma, and others in a hearing be-1yesterday evening to settle all these
La special congressional Investigate little matters. After the monetary
Lcommittee here today. 'affairs had been attended to, the com-
iDuring a conference hell in that mittee resolved Itself Into a Boclety
Lee Senator Gore testified he had for the Propagation of Votes of
been approached by Jake L. Ramon, Thanks, the following being a few ol
, , bairman of the Oklahoma ter- those included in the list: Captain
Lrla] republican committee, and also Macleod, Purser Ironsides, Chief Stew-
,mer chairman of the Oklahoma ter- ard Rowland and the crew of the
r . republlcan committee, and said <���. p, r, steamer Princess May. C.P.R.
,|ia( be bad been offered a bribe of Local Agent E. Goulet; the mayor and
t��5 000 or ��50,000 to remove certain council (for proclaiming a public boll-
legislation pending In congress, bo day); The Daily Columbian and The
I (3,000,000 might he paid to J. F. i Daily News; the clerk of the weather;
tlcMurray, an  attorney of  McCalles- and  1).  B.  .MacKenzie, secretary and
er. Okla.. and bis associates. | acting chairman of the committee on
The money   was   to  represent   "at-hlie day of the picnic
iorney's fees," and was to be secured j    The  committee expressed  complete
satisfaction  with  the courteous man-
Neilsen's Shop Believed
Leased to Operator Favorable to Strikers.
A new development of the machinists' stril;e transpired yesterday,
when three union men went to work
.it the shop on Begbie street owned
by .1. E, Neilsen on tne terms asked
by the strikers: forty-elght-hour week
and a minimum wage of 46 cents per
hour. Mr. Neilsen did not take the
men on. and it is supposed that he
has leased the shop to men who are
very anxious to gee some work done
and who have complied with the strik-
e;s' demands.
Seen last night by a News reporter,
Mr. Neilsen was very noncommittal in
bis statements. "1 have not signed
any agreement with tne union men,"
said  Ite.
"Have you sold the shop?" asked
The News man.
"No;   I  still  own  the  shop."
"There is a rumor current that you
lune leased the shop to some of the
"That is not correct.'"
"Aie there any union men going
to work at your shop tomorrow?''
"1 can't tell you that: in fact, I
have nothing whatever to say about
Premier Reaffirms His Personal Adherence to Free
Trade in Reply to Address
Damage to Port Moody Industry Esti
mated   at   $80,000���Big   Storage
Tanks Saved After Long Fight.
Weyburn, Sask., Aug. 4.���President
Sheppard, of the Grain Growers, and
a deputation met Sir Wilfrid Laurier
and delivered a lengthy and detailed
denunciation of protection yesterday,
expressing gratitude for what the premier had already done, but stating
that they had expected him to lay
the axe at the root and not merely
lop off  the branches.
The premier, in reply, reaffirmed his
personal adherence to a free trade
policy and while the progress he had
hoped for had not been made, he
would look into the claims of tlie
grain growers. He stated the government was willing to discuss reciprocity with the United States on the
tatter's advance on a broader basis
an 1 after a tribute to British free
trade policy, tlie premier pointed out
it was the result of centuries of prog-,
ress.     He   promised   that    the   tariff   ROCKEFELLER   BACKS
commission  should  go  fully  Into the *"" *""
The fire at the plant of the B. C.
Oil refinery at Port Moody yesterday
lesultod in almost a total loss of the
main buildings although the offices
and some of the storage tanks were
saved from destruction.
The damage has heen estimated at
lt was thought at first that the
tanks might burst and burning oil be
carried down the Inlet to Vancouver,
but fortunately fears on this score
proved groundless.
So serious did the residents of Port
I Moody deem the situation about one
o'clock yesterday morning that Constable Wilkie was telephoned for and
he made the drive from here to Port
Moody in time to assist in checking
the spreading of the flames.
The cause of tlie fire, the breaking
rom a New  Vork  syndicate for 450       _	
00acres of coal and asphalt land now   ner |n which the Westminster visltois
iwnei by the Choctaw and Chicklsaw had been received in  Victoria, some i --������-   __"__-*��� 7, "   ,',*.      ,  ,
Uns in this Btate. jof  the   members  producing   letters  to j l-    sald  Mr. Neilsen, and  that ended
Vice President Sherman's name was Bbow tbe satisfaction in this respect |tlie conversation
nentioned   by   Mr.   Hainon,   Senator   waa Keneral.
lore testified,   as   being   "interested";     After    some    general    conversation,     -        ,  ..       , ���.   ,.,     ������!������   ��,������
the land deal to the extent of iavor-  the    committee   adjourned   to   meet ��� ,,rs ^ 'he shop and  the union has
��� by congress of what again on the second Tuesday in May,  ^  s_f'n V       \    %
! l'.Ul.
However, the strikers claim that an
conversation | agreement between the present opera-
Population Swelled by 103,-
789 From Across Border
in Twelve Months.
Washington, Aug. 4.���Immigration
from and emigration to Canada is the
subject of a statement issued today
by the immigration bureau.
During the twelve months ending:
March 111 there were 74.U1:; arrivals
of aliens and citizens for permanent
residence In the United States, against
61,617 during the previous twelve
In the same period there were 10:?,-
78'J departures of aliens and citizens
from the United States Into Canada
for permanent residence, against 59,-
842 for the previous twelve months.
Citizens are not all counted during:
1909 and it is estimated that 16,00ft
more arrived during the year.    That
       ���   .. .number has been  included in  making
Of an electric light bulb and the con- |
sequent explosion of gasoline fumes,
is most unusu
: the appiova        	
ire known as the McMurray contracts
Villi tl>9  Indians.
Vice President  Issues  Statement.     I
Big Moose,  V   V..  Aug.   4. ��� Vi/'e
i'lesident James  S.  Sherman   issued .
Se  following   statement    concerning j
he charges made by Senator Gore all
gei   Okla., today:
"The storj  that comes to be about-
I .       ..   made by Senator Con- al i
il      . e i- absolutely   without   the
file ti ii ���'��� of foundation."
Ottawa, Aug. 4.���Preliminary reports received at the public works department here indicate that surveying
along the Saskatchewan river, for
wliich a party was sent out some time
ago. is going ahead, and by the time
Papers   Forwarded  by   Italian   Government Are Sent Back by State Department   to   Embassy.
to doubt their word. Such being the! parliament assembles there will be
case aud in the light of Mr. Neilsen's I available preliminary estimates of the
statements, the shop must be leased | cost of the proposed water way for
by some person or persons who have grain from Edmonton to Winnpeg.
complied with the demands of the I While not officially stated, it is
strikeis. Tlie men regard the event as roughly estimated that the work nec-
a victory and last night expressed j essary to navigation along the Sas-
increased confidence as to the result I katchewan can be done for about
of the strike, j ��16,000,000.    This is exclusive of the
They- claim that In many of the | construction of locks to overcome the
cities of the States the men have'Grand Falls. In some places the riv-
been successful and are now working er is six feet in deaptb and in others
at the scale and at the hours de- forty, and it will require much dredg-
manded. , ing.
In New Westminster the feeling be-!    It seems to be  a  sure thing tbat
Stamford, Conn., Aug. 4.���Backed by
John D. Rockofeller. jr., and organized
under the laws of Illinois, a company has been formed here to exploit a monoplane Invented by William
S. Homme, a New York aviator, whose
aeroplane models recently took flrst
prize at the Aeronautical society's
contest. Romme is the president of
the new  corporation.
up the total of (11,517 arrivals.
Farxers   and   Railrn^ds   Cannot   Get
Men  Needed.
Winnipeg, Aug.  4.���Local  lmmlgra-|
|ioi, offices and  employment   agents
Washing ton,   Aug.   4.���What   Is   as-
-    -       ,..-...     sumed   to  be   Italy's   formal   demand
sport a serious shortage fit   labor  in ...        . ��� ,,.   ,,,,,���
H west, .specially In those dlsrTtrts ; f��r tl e extradition of Porter Charlton,
here harvesting   has   started.     This ' the young American charged with hav
re harvesting   has  started.     This ' the young American cuargeu ��>ui ...����� ���. ia... ���...-,      VV",   ""   .,.���..���
it   speedily relieved by\&_ killed his wife, Mary Scott Chart- "J^TSJ 5S&"bSJfS
' , ""��*   ^ere   are   no   {on     ,  L;lko (V;:la. Italy, reached the;   *    ,    BQme   of   Schaake's   managers,
. will  undoubtedly   mean   a  big   ..... deDartment today.   As that case I r,iin��� ���f tha ..hi.-, breakers and some
08!   ���     '
tween ihe operators and the men
seems to be Increasing in bitterness.
It is said that some of the men who
came here as strikebreakers are finding difficulty in securing lodging and
meals a; some of the hotels anfl restaurants and in front of the Schaake
the waterway will fie built, and if the
estimates aie iecei\ed In time, to re
i Five   Hungarians   Killed   and   Others
Badly   Hurt���Accident   Occurred
|        on Two-Hundred   Foot  Bridge.
Vancouver,   Wash.,   Aug.   4.���West
Declares  She   Loves  Him,   But   Minis-
ters Decline to Perform Ceremony.
Omaha, Neb., Aug. 4.���Matsuko Sho-
fu, twenty-four, a Japanese traveling
salesman for a New York importing
house, and Miss Dorothy Miller, nim.
teen, of Chicago, were married here
today by Justice of the Peace Cocke-
roll. After obtaining tlie license the
pair sought the services of several
clergymen, all of whom refuse! to officiate.
Mrs. Shofu said she met her husband at the home of her mother in
Chicago a year ago, being introduced
to him by a Japanese family servant.
She added:
"After that he often visited me at
my home, and I love him as much as
if his skin  were pure white."
She denies that her mother oppose:!
the marriage. Shofu is a graduate oC
S'.anfor.l  university.
move any doubts as to Its feasibility,  bound   train   No.   o,   of   t
a preliminary appropriation is expected next session.
Lexington. Ky.. Aug. 4.���With Lyon
Portland & Seattle  (Northbank)  rail
road, running eight and a half hours
President  of   Russian  Duma  to  Serve
Four Weeks for Duel.
. west. I    st- Petersburg. Aug. 4.���Alexander
q   b _ JI Gulchkoff,   who   temporarily   resigned
opohane, I . .     f,,������,i���__   ������   ,���._���:,iD���,   ���f  ,u,.  i.v,_
i his functions as president of the Imperial duma in order to serve a sen-
road, running eight and a iia.t noursi; ,, _.ri_"
late, crashed into three handcars 1W* ���**"" ** fo'!r ���**" ''"Prlsonment for
ed with Hungarian railroad workmen ���**������ a duel "-Uli Count Uvarofl a
on a 200-foot bridge over Burrs can- ual !ea?fr }n P��rlianien , began his
von, east of the Snake river, today. gr��91 to the fortress of St Peter and
��� ,, ��� i ��� ������ ��� i,in���,i f.,ii St. Paul today, ln the due , which
Five   Hungarians   were   killed,  fall- f      ..   .1        .       ����������_,,,
��� .,,���, .-������,,��� n,��� l,,.���������,i _.imv th��  was  fouSht  November 30, M.  Guich-
'        They, however   are   h     ,������ mu.llej Ul(, Jurlsdiction of the | ~���   strike,s were engaged
���   i     complainants, aa raUway department, the papers were returned      ,,��� ������   amt���nmv.a*'������t_
bontractora are unable to secure the t   'u     ltalian embassy, whence thc.
'���' ' ���    ri |uln . Colllngwood Schrei-
'*r. win-   ���       pectlng the Piince llu-
;��rt division ol the ('.ran 1 Trunk Pa*
Sflc railway,  Is  authority     for    the
itatemenl thai work is not progress'
Bl us fast us could be wished owing
i' the scarcity of laborers.
ai^a..'f**"... ���*.��� =���        , '     ,      ���   ,        -���    �� , ,  ,   !        .i      was   iougnt   .Novemner  ou,   m.   uuici-
county  Inadequately  patroled  by  sol-|ing 2110 leet to the ground below the U]en jvate nlf,nibe;. of  the
diers,   who   have   enraged   the   night bridge.    A number ot others were In-
1! from settlement . s ever.
(     Accompanying the  packet  uroi:
return and explanatory of the coL __	
taken  by  the department  was a  note j swiFT  PACKIr'G~CO
from   Acting   Secretary   Wilson,   sug-j COMING TO VICTORIA
gesting that, as the case lay with the
New Jersey court, the papers should
be presented to the magistrate before
whom the case was pending
some of the strikebreakers and some ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^_^^^^^_^^^_^^__ ^^^^^^^^^^_^^^^^^^^^^
f the strikers were engaged. Idlers,   who   have   enraged   the   nigw|bridge.   A number of others were in-  ���^ wounderd Count Uvaroff s!igllt.
^though yesterday'* development Is riders by the arrest of six or tneir MUred. . ..'lv in the shoulder.
real re-   by tie strikers as a victory,   number suspected of being implicated      It ,B said that the accident was the    ���
ie main trouble seems to be as far ln the murder or Axiom Cooper, there ��� result of the alleged  carelessness of |
Hi      LUC      lUUIUCI       k-s       A*..*.A^.m.       ,    ...   . ,,.-,,,
is   constant   danger   of   another   out- tlie workmen in hoi properlv guardin
break.    Those who are known, to be  tlie approach to the bridge
witnesses in the Cooper murder case	
are in  fear for their lives and  have  CARELESS OFFICER
Not un     action has been taken by  ,,        .,.    _. v���.,, ,        , ,
,, .      ,,,   ,, _     ,  ,,,   ... ���   the continent handling meats and pro-  ambush,
tbe  couit   w      the   case  of  Charlton   ... . _     .,...    ,     .,
visions, will shortlv commence opera
^-ad Who Often Joked While In Water
Drowns in Columbia. ' I jS[cb"the State department, when Sec
lUneouver,   Wash..   Aug.   4���Little | K        mav  be cailed  upon  to
gwman HerberL nine years old, 1**1.^ extradition
tjtallfe in the Columbia river. The |"uestl<m ""> extraaulon
Bi a practical joker. fre<iuently star
Victoria, Aug. 4.���Tlie Swift Pack-
ing company, with headquarters at
Chicago, one of the largest firms on
asked for more protection from botii
the civil and military authorities.
Threats have been made that all witnesses  testifying  will   be  slain  fiom
lied his
Ws companions while swimming
���y cries o( distress  and   when  tbey,
Wm  U)  his   rescue   he   laughed   in   Hudson  Bay  Junction  People Greatly
nt tlmlr alarm.   Yesterday thei Excited.
P't-reieated cries of distress were ig-     prince Albert, Aug. 4.���Reports from
ped ami young Herbert, who really ! Hudson   Hay  Junction  state  that  tlm
MSlOnS,    Will    S11U1 11J     lUUJiiititvv    mf,   .��
tlons in this city on  the same com-  C. P. R. IS PUTTING UP
. . *���.���������  u.n|���   wbl.h   characterizes I    NEW  TRANSCONTINENTALWIRE
prehenslve scale which characterizes
all their branches In various cities in
the west.   Options have been secured
the west,   uptions uave ueen nt-tuicu ,    Calgary, Aug. 4.���The Canadian Pa   _
on severable desirable sites for offices   cific is increasing the number of wiresI f^derson"   has   been   court-martialed
and   warehouses,  and  an   official   an-  running into this city to thirty-eight.' and or(jeretj confined to the post two
nouncement   as   to  tho   location   may   Fifteen   will   connect   this   city   with j nlont.ils anc) fined $100
be expected almost Immediately. Ithe east, ten will reach  towards thel
For some time pfcst the great firm  south, eight will go through Rockies
of Swift has heen represented ln Vic- to the west and flve will connect with
Wife  of  ex-Lieut.  Governor  of   Manitoba   Victim  of  Heart  Disease.
Ottawa,    Aug.   A.���The   death    oc-
i . curred at  a summer resort  near Ot-
...   .       , ,    t, tawa last week of Katherine Dorothea.
\ancouver, Wash. Aug 4,-For Em _.,fe of Ho_ j Q Patteraon>
neglecting to give the angle to the 1 ex.lieutenant goverDor of Manitoba,
battery commander before a twelve- ghe had been a sufferer from hwin
inch mortar was fired, resulting in the troub,e gince cl]rlBtmas. The d.?ceased
proJectUe striking the I. S S. Major wag ^ daughter of the late Major
Evan   Thomas,   damaging  the   vesse|John ^ EU        collector of cu^
greatly and endangering the lives of tomg   t Windsor    ghe leave8     ,
all on board,  First Lieutenant R. F. I famll      f gons ftnd daughters.
IWed and young Herbert, who really   Hudson   Hay  Junction  state  that  th*                    '       j    y   Griffln   Co _   who  the north.
m drowning, found a watery grave. ;town  is greatly excited o>er the ttl* �����a    ���                 Wharf street.   Only 1    A new transcontinental wire of cop
���"> romtianlntiR th.,,,,.i,t  hi. mai dis-' ��.i   ,<X   rttennverv   of   gold   thirty ' lla^e lien"heV."...   ..��� ...a  ,i,u  m J n��r is helne carried through the west
thought his real dis-;;;',:;;, 'riel'diaoovery   of   gold   thirty EX the Swifts  acquired the in-'per ls being carried through the west
a were but a practical Joke . mi,ea north of that place.    Practically | J^���ta'nf the B   c   Market company j and   when   completed   with   give   tne
""���cries were but a practical Jolto \__9B north of that place.    I radical > 1            - ^    B   c   Market company
"��� eft him to bis fate.    When they ! overy   mftle   Inhabitant   has   gone   ^ 1 ~ whlch include the large
Cduwhat ha.l occurred,they were stake  a  claim,  including   the   P08*" I abattoir This abattoir Is being oper-
r^n-nearted   over  their   failure  to  maBter and  station  agent.    There  is. Swifts, but a subsidiary
'"M'nil. 1        ���,���.,.   ohr>ni   the   discoverer,  "ll"    ��� . . ._ .���,.��� ^���01. .1,.
C. P. R. ten transcontinental wires.
n 1/0.vM/11 ��� >	
soi'ne"'inystery""about"'"the  discoverer, 1 ��ed by the Swifts, but a subsidiary
but  a halfbreed who came Into town
inpany was formed to take over the
-���--_ ,���., reed who came Into town l^  meat   InilI-kets   conducted
'OVERNMENT RENEWS with his pockets bulging with nuggets , Q  Q company.
CONTRACT   FOR   YEAR   is   understood   to   have    caused    tlu
('���'���iu.i, Aug, 4.���The Canadian go\.|
���     l!'   has   renewed   for   one  year
"e contract  win,  the  Union   Steam-
'"'    The renewal  is from  tho first
*��CMst next    (n tl)e Inoan(lnie ten.
,'��� ; "1|  being ceiled for a three or
' """  contract.    The   department
IY;^1   ,;; 'V.   '!!�� WfVice between   Arnendme���t Bill  Passed by Australian
hm    ll'  Ausl|nlla   and   New   Zea- House.
Melbourne.   Aug.   4.-After   a   long
debate' the  house of  representatives
Dayton, Ore., Aug. 4.���The body of
pretty Lillian Hlerson, the eighteen-
year-old daughter of Nels Hlerson.
who  was  drowned  In  the  Willa'.uett
_ t-yeari	
wli'ii" :,:"1 con"nerce has been ad-
I-i tnat ti,0 newiy oonatruoted ship
/ we company, the Zealandlo, is t
���    ���   *-m
I'ti.jui the  run  to  Vancouver at
a slxt
I *.
Ad\|(.ca |,
of r.'niKi . -     a slxtecn-knot  steamei
the ia"��, ""ve "ls" heen received at
,:""""��i   concerning   the   pro-
I'etween   Great   Britain
CllgaQood Cr0P�� in Alberta.
I tin n�� \, A"K   1-���F. Howler, eecre-  --��-. .ITV
Spal he..A.lbert.a  P^'fl��   Klevator,COST C,TY,
bill amen ling the Conciliation and j ^ "^ 7ecovered"~today .Miss Bier-
Arbitration act   was  paasco  without  B      w,th ir, compa^,on8  le?t
division, rhe measure extends the,lu,re , yesterday for a day's out-
power of the Arbitration court to mg aiong the river. Bathing was one
every industry, and provides tor com-; ()f ,1]e ]pastlmes elljovtH, dll,.lM tlle
pulsory   preference  to  the  trade  un- Lfternoon
tonista. < '���    yinau  and  a  companion.  Emeline
P. H. Mlgnanlt, of Montreal, read uL^   ventured out to a passing log
interesting  paper before the Interna-  ,��� ���le m|(ldlp ()f ���ie ,.lvel.    The jog
tional Law association on   'The Mod- drlfteil rapidly down stream and when
of Civil _Respons!biU. | ���. hild ,.e.iehecI one of the dee!)est
parts of the river, rolled over
I sysiem It
Fierce Campaign Expected In South
Capetown. Aug. 4.���Preparations
are being made for a fierce election
campaign, the impression of unbiased
observers so far is that the government is holding Its own. This Is due
to the confidence in Botha rather than
faith in the cabinet as a whole. Jamieson. speaking at Johannesburg, emphasized his peisonal belief of Botha's
good intentions, but has the conviction
of Botha's utter inability to carry
them out as head of the coalition government in the worst tense of the
Calgary Mayor Objects to Bandmaster
With  American  Uniform.
Calgary,  Aug.  4.���"We  don't  want
any    of   that   spread-eagle   jingoism
here, an.l you had better inform Col.
Armstrong, or whoever is in authority,  that   until  he Insists  that  Bind-
master   Howell,   of   the   li)3rd   Rifles |
regiment   hand,   remove   tlie   United!
States emblems from his uniform, he |
cannot  take  part  in  any  more  hand
concerts,"   said   Mayor   Jamieson   to
Superintendent     MeCauley,     of     the
Tacoma, Aug. 4.���Seven nurses in
St. Josephs hospital are ill from typhoid fever, while an eighth victim,
Miss Marion Martin, died yesterday
of the same disease. Miss Martin
was a member of the hospital training class and came here only two
weeks ago. She was eighteen years
of age and is survived by her parents
in Seattle. The other seven cas^a
are said to have every prospect of
Washington,   Aug.   4.���Just   across-
street railway system, whose duty lt' ^ Mexican border, tens of thousands
is to arrange for the baud conceit In 8,a('-Ving ^?"S "re 3��ltt'n?, * ",
the different na>lrs I conspiracy    to    induce    the    I nlted
ConSlou Clarke said that he ! f[tates government, by fraud, to pay.
had been approached bv several rate-1 ^ '' Passa^ bucl\'�� China
pavers who wanted to know why the J"1* �����P����ft���fnfh" l0tng ,e(?". 9:,s-
cltv was paving a Canadian regiment- K6^,?^ rtc���tt aTf8 of ����������ese
alband tl plav: in the local parks un- **> ** ��fr08"e*,in r^r zo"a; brouf?ht
der the direction of a bandmaster ����� tact,8 t.0(llg'lt' ,���B '"formation
who refund to vear anything but a is contained In two letters now in the
United States uniform.    He said  Hie I Poasesrton of the department o   com-
attention of Col. Armstrong had been
drawn   to   the   Incident   throup'H   the
merce  and   labor,  sent   by   Chlnes&^
prisoners now beld In jail at Tucson,,
there   will   be  good
ftUgeaw '" 8outhern  Alberta
Pittsburg,   Pa..   Aug    4j-gg   em
plovees who want  to hold their   ohs
Suit cut out ���p����^fc^K*S5
������������������������������������ phone.    Mayor McGee has enounced
��� {hat violation of this rule ^result
)ra Balloon Flight. ��� in the gu   ^^^^^^^
'">'���   N.   H     Auir    4    ��� the citv's service.
���*" balloon fllgft ��60   I      An'.nves.lgat.on of ����j-��J*J
^e longest  ever  made   ��� according to Mayor McGee, ha . ���ho
_       ��� "gest  ever  mane   * according tu ��.....��������-������     ���      nee0unt
K<lwin "k! e!',hla' Dr' Thoma8   *  that ,he ^.^^Pi'-^^ifSS
"r.   1 nomas w  ihbi  >"*������ *-"J   ���������  7.      _���i���.,,p, over
- strawinV ���"    8nd    Welch ��� of "*-W-<-W b>' cl,y ^P105668 0,er
* titer 1.   ,    lande(1 liei-e today, ���  the telephone. ,.
��� (������      h:lvlnR  boon  tn  the  air ���      Instead of char, lng cans n****}
* C,',!h,','r At on�� time the. ��� hea.ts made from their offlcetrto ttug
��� ,,lllul a height of lRinn t*J a M ��nnal accounts, the mayor says tne
Santa Rosa, Cal., Aug. 4���The mutt-
anon ui  wm .���  ��� ated body of a woman with the head
illty ono being dismissed from, and legs missing was found today in
'a canyon near the Kendall ranch. The
body has not been positively Identified, but it ls the belief here that lt
ls that of Mrs. Ura Kendall, who has
t-a n missing, with her husband, since
July 2H.   Charles Denove, a Japanese
a Mind of Henry Yamagachl, was
SJgSrtl  MesaGrande this after-
       ,   , nrresteti  hv the  offlcerg   he
trti iTlMfli feet.   ;  ^auToOU*^ In his house at Mesa
��� employees charged them to tne *an ) ua , _t 0l.���^����� niaht.
wlll be given all tbe coal lequired,
about tan tons, all pony fodder, and
large quantities of frozen meat, tinned meat, butter and cheese.
he    ncldent     Wi   ���1 Arizona, on a charge of violating the
press,   but   Bandmaster    Howe      had cxciUBlon laws,
appeared   in   the  same   uniform   and,    Ubor condltlon8 ,n Mexlco  accord,.
wearing the same emblems on every ,n_ tQ the  letterg) have becom_  8o
cannot make
was evolved
ere  to  cross
, surrender them-
States immlgra-
sentenced   to a
matter of fact, most of the other members of the hand .eemed to have been
supplied with different uniforms
,ous  municipal  departments.
iiiiu    * m************  .   ___,
Grande laft Sunday night.
Wealthy Man Commits Suicide.
Pasadena, Cal., Aug. 4.���Colin Stew,
art, builder and former owner of the
Hotel Maryland, a member of the
Annadale Golf club, and considered
one of tbe wealthiest men of this city,
shot and killed himself today. It
is believed that Ill-health was responsible for the act. as Mr. Stewart had
been unable to sleep for sothe time.
Insurrection Breaks Out. ���
San   Sebastian,   Spain.   Aug. ���
4.���An   Insurrectionary   move- ���
ment, It ls reported, has start- ���
ed ln the Basque provinces ol *>
Blscayalva and Gulpeuxcoa and ���
ln   the   adjoining   province   of
Navarro.    The  government' is
The Hague Aug. 4.���Prince Henry ' ���
of tbe Netherlands, the prince consort ���
of  Queen   Wllhelmina,   fell   from  his  ���
bicycle yesterday and suffered �� frac- ���            ���   _
ture of the collarbone.   Prince Henry, ���   despatching troops to the scene
who  follows   athletic   recratlon   with ���   of the trouble.
enthusiasm, has several times before ���
been slightly Injured ln tbe pursuits.  *******+*.
Classified Advertisements, REAL  ESTATE TURKISH TREATMENT
��� l the circular entitled, "A Shocking Example Set to the Pupils of
tne P lie Sel ->ls," and then to
ask Premier McBride why he per-
i iu the late of the school children
v.. remain in the hands of
an education department. J. N.
ly modern 6 or 7-room house. State
I ition ar.d pi ice with terms. Reply
to Modern, care of Daily News.
d< .-ire house to rent; 6 or 7 rooms.
unfurnished; West End preferred.
Entry by September 1. Reply to
Box  B. News Office.
ary  work
1. News i
of any  k
ANT   TE'.
ind.    Appi;
f  Box
erai servs
.nt.   Apply evenings.
731   Sixth  street.
work  for Market  li
. Front street.
inch  room.    339
Over  Merchants  Bank, Cor. Columbia
and Begbie Sts.
New Westminster, B. C.       Phone 335
WE Have the Best Propositions Going���in Timb r, City and Dlst
Realty, Water Erontage. Improved
Farms or" Farming Lands. Dairying
Farms, or Fruit Lands. Suburban
Property. Acreage for Subdividing.
Revenue Producing City Property.
Railway Terminal Lots, and Acreage.    Whi'e or phone: ���
New  Westminster,  B. C.      Phone 335
451   Columbia   St.     Phone   646.
Open   Evenings   for   Your   Benefit
FOR   SALE���?0  acres  on   Scott   road,
close in, at $iln per acre.
FRUIT  FARM���In   Delta,  10 acres  cf
good   land,   all   cleared,   with   good
houp" and  barns.  250 bearing fruit
trees, on  good  road.    Price  %'
Good   terms. (172A)
People Have Greater Fear of
That Disease Than of
Small Pox or Leprosy.
: or ca
Survey  Official   Mak
pe 1
Latest   British
a   Sensation.
San Francisco. Aug. 4.���Two Blight
earthquake shucks were felt here
..'��� iuI ��� IO o'clock this morning. The
���.. followed each other with only
... brief interval between. No damage
: is  I een  reported.
Dr.   Mary   Pierson   Eddy,   who   for
On...-..  \ ig   I.���Fn ::. .. ' -
'���'.      nm :..  of   Ottawa ���    -���   I -    il su
s  there state  I i  dis-
many years was the only woman pby-1 coveries at Bitter Creek, ii. C, while
sician i.n the Ottoman empire, is on a'affording em-
visit to America, and in an interview   ing do i       . istify a wild rust, to the
in  New  York,  gave some  interesting   0;-:
information   about   her   work   among      Mr. Sl ��    i is one of the
tuberculosis   patients   in   Syria.     Dr.  test known members of the geological
the   only   popular   survey   stall  I is been In the Portland
canal district since tbe   iprlng   mak-
to work in laundry. Wages 15 to
20 ten's jter hour. Royal City Laundry. Royal avenue, west of Eighth
Btreet.    B. Abrams, manager.
years   or    older,    to    learn    trade.
Walsh  Sash and Door Factory,
High and Common schools, this city.
Applications received till noon of
August 4.    R. Lennie. Secretary.
Bfst wages paid to right party. Apply  201   Columbia street.
COQUITLAM���25     a
land.     Water   pipe
side  of  property.
acre:   $1,500 cash.
ires     of
running on one
Price $220 fer
Anv ressonable
Eddy   established   	
sanitorium for tuberculosis victims in
Turkey, and this has now been handed o\er to the Presbyterian board of
foreign missions.
"The Syrians have a much greater
fear of tuberculosis than of smallpox.
leprosy, dlptherla, or any other contagious disease," sai 1 Dr. Eddy. "It is
not an uncommon thing for a person
having tuberculosis to he locked i:i a
stable or any other outbuilding u ;
bis food thrust through the single
window or some small opening
ing a geological survey of the district. He I is | -' examined the new
discovery at Bitter Creek, concerning
which very exaggerated account* have
been circulated. Mr. McConnell states
"The discovery was made on the
precipitous sides of a mountain built
of sla*e? or shales with occasional
��� bands, seamed horizontally with numerous granitic and dl-
critic dyke   - ��� ���     I I ��� i    twenty 1
terms for thf balance
COQUITLAM���25     acres     of     choice
land.    Water  pipe  running
side   of   property.
acre:   $2,250 cash;
and 4  years.      _f
TV/O LARGE LOTS���Clcse to store
and train. One-fourth c^sh; balance $10 i ev month.
"One   instance   of   this    fear   thatlthirty  feet thick.    The slates  dip  at
that of a an angle of forty degrees and are
fairly regular. The nre occurs in
following genei ally the dip an I
strike of thi slates, but cutting them'
In ; tees at a low angle. The principal z me has a tl ickness at the only
the Beaver cigar
* T* '
housework and plain cooking. Apply  125 Third avenue.
can Telegraphone. $12.50 per share.
P. O. Box 1048, Victoria, B. C.
C.   Cook,   Gen.   Manager,
451   Cclurrbia   St.     Phone   646.
Open   Evenings   for   Your   Benefit.
SALE ���TENT.    llxDJ,   3 4 FT.
Cheap for cash.   N'o. 10 Duck.
ly 407 Royal avenue.
Apply   "Dairy
"   care   Daily i
on Westminster road; about 180
feet to another road; for $700; quarter cash. Herbert Gay, Windsor
hotel,  after  ii   o'clock.
ply  H.  Oliver, 2'.','y>  Eleventh street,
rooms,    703  Third  avenue.    Apply
after 6 p. m. or between 9 a. m. and
r. p. m. at Room 14, 623 Columbia
stre< r.
First class board. Newly furnished
rooms. All home cooking. Terms
wry reasonable, at 513 Agnes street.
room suitahle for two. Handy to
business section. Apply 129 Tenth
TO RENT���FURNISHED ROOM. Apply 818, Milton street.
Stop Paying
and would
If so. come
arrange  to
Do  you  own   a   lot
like to build on it?
to  us  and  we   will
build your house for you.   Call
and get full particulars of our
scheme for home building.
We   have   blocks   for   sal
e   in
Surrey   of  2   to   10   acres
car  line.    Some  on  main
within 3 to 5 miles of city
.   We
hold   some   exceptionally
"Assays made here from specimens
'brought in by prospectors are report-
I ed to run from $3 to $8 in gold per l
ton.    Some rich assays were obtained
from   oxidized    float,    but    these,    of]
4 7 Regie street, opposite Russell
National Finance Co.
H. P. LATHAM, Local Manager.
New   Westminster,   B.   C.
The    Pacific   Coast   Fire
surance Co.
The     Prudential     Investment
The   B.   C.   Permanent   Loan
and   Savings  Co.
came to  my attention was
young  boy  in  a  hotel  near  which   I
191-A)   was   working   as   a   physician.    This
boy had a hemorrhage and went to his
home in a mountain village with the
^^^    on  one  thought that rest and pure air would    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Price  $250  per effect a cure.    He -,,-.. turned our of  I where it is accessible
balance 1. 2. 3   doors by hls familv ana evei-v frjt.:;;   Bfl -.   feet, and consists of alllcifled
 'l-'l-Ai   ari.d relative excepting one brother, re-  slate and quartz carrying mon  or less
  fused him either shelter or   asistanci    Iron pyrites.    In places layers ol  al-
This brother built him a Bhelter of mosl pure iron pyrites occur. \ red
boughs on the i nl li side far from zone at about the same eii I n (600
all human habitation and there the feet above the glacier), can I .-��� n
bov died alone and unattended. ->r Intervals running horizontally along
������It Was ' .' - me ��\ lng that a the mountains for a distance of aboul
passing neighb r b! pped at my door -; feet. It Is Interrupted bj sev-
early one morning and after awaking eral rock slides and for most of Its
me. said: cours<   ; isses along inaccessible clil
"'You love to do deeds of mercy,  The  width  of  the   zoni   ranges  from
lad.".    Last night  a man  brought his! Ave to ahout twenty feet,
wife down from the village and threw
her  away in  the cave of   the   crazy
Knowing that it  meant a case of
tuberculosis I sent at once to have the  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
castoff wife brought to my house, but i course, do not mean much,
unfortunately my messenger was too-     "Besides   the   main    zone    several,
late.    It was a case of galloping con-  others   similar   silicifled   zones,   none
sumption   and   her   husband   had   de-  traceable for any great distance, out-1
termined to get rid of her as soon as crop at  various points on the moun-
possible.     He   was   really   afraid   for  tain slope.    The  principal mineral  in'
his own life. !a" of these is iron pyrites with occa-
"This cave of the crazy woman is sionally a little chalcopyrite and at
an interesting place. It has the ap-j one point a small seam of galona.
pearance of having been used by the "Vein matter in the mountains Is
early Christians as a chapel and for i abundant, but the contained values,
a long time was the only home of a! so far as known, are low. so low that
poor woman whose mind became un- It Is still doubtful if they could he
balanced by the loss of two children , extracted at a profit. The ore occur-
on the same day from diptheria. She ' rences are, however. promising
partitioned off her cave into rooms, enough to Justify some expenditure in
in one of which she built a rude bed, exploration. The mountain has not
which she explained she kept ready been thoroughly prospected, in fact,
for any guest that the Lord might most of it could only be prospected
send. This consumptive woman with the aid of a balloon. Good look-
thrust upon her so suddenly she took ing float is abundant in the slides, and
as being sent by the Lord, and Bhe there is a good chance ol flnding rich-
provided for her and served her as ' er shoots titan any yet discovered,
tenderly as was in her power. "The    transportation    question,    if
"It was incidents of similar nature j Pay ore in quantity is discovered, has
that made me decide to devote my! its difficulties, but these could be
life to founding a sanitarium for con- '��� overcome if the deposits prove valua-
snmptive patients and to teach the bio. The valley is filled with a glacier
people of Syria and Palestine how to from half a mile to a mile in width,
prevent and cure the disease. With'which extends down for three miles
funds collected by me personally I
bought the house on Lebanon. It is a
mile away from our nearest neighbor;
is on a beautiful plateau about- 4,000
feet above the sea level and sheltered
from the severest winds by a higher
range of hills.
"Besides this building there are sev-
eral outdoor wards which consist of
tents. Where these tei.'s are used for
sleeping at night they have to be pro-
Stop the Leaks I
inYourCcaSBil! |
Y ������ a Gurccy-Oxfcrd
rang        I 20 per cent.
: '.' '-'���'���"
".     " Ci   ���.   '.' '     '   ' ���-
here i   '     ' .    '   "    Irai
���     !    by   th     ��� ���      ' ������
Gurr.ey- Oxford    Com] any.t
There's so better t   be Lad
in t!        unti        Mad    in
re styl     and tl an
any teel range a 1 i .;.r-
k ' with every lai levice
for econon y an I c avi ni-
Material is the best ':������ I e
had, inside and out. With
or without n erv iir i n
either end. Guard i n ash
door, Braced oven bottom
Dr ip door on warming clos-
Divi led ven flue, t i
insure even baking. Br- tier  top.     T!   ���"; meter i n
v a loot It ���'.! sired. Made
od.    Besides
You'll   wan,   Wooden
Paper   Napkin,.   Cheap     **
Cups,  Fishing Tackle   - u
'    J    titan,
zme, etc., etc. ss'
You   can   get  tnem  all
j 665-���Columbia Street���665
5      New Westminster, B.C.
Mineral Waters
I      Aerated Water. |
Manufactured  Dj,
Telephone   R  113. Office:  Princess Sl|
pecial featun
below the discoveries. Farther down
snowslides sweep both sides of the
valley at a number of points. The'
grade on the three miles of glacier isp
700 feet to the mile, and on the lower
six or seven miles to the Bear K.
Forks 100 feet to the mile.''
"This," say the  geological  officials, I
"substantiates  the   opinion   expressed:
by the survey concerning the flrst exaggerated  accounts  namely,    that    it
��� ill   *0t**i  }iir  fire   i*i.*.&  al   io*'.|  pwv��ibl��
rosJ (or \mtU   ^ill nn ���> ItMl -ti p*r int.
cf   Ih*   co��l   jn   ��o*   WM   iwl    wi.l   like   ill
c okinf odori ap ibe tVim**��tf*
You'll i   ������ .���.-.-���   ,i
UM   i ' ��� i-:.' ' -'    --''   f'i       V   .
���    ���     -   - -    . |        ��� .   from   .*<"���'
< ooking
i   ��� . - rato   1
-: ��� ���',.-������   ���
(txford p periorit}     &    how
I�� -rf'-'-r :i k tod r ing*: can bfi     IVe will
too  ibo*   ..   i  otl   -  Qui       ' ���     rd
Btovea and r. ogea foreyciy purp
for unv kind  of fuels    On display on
<>ur fl tor*> all the (ime.
'l*'t acquainted ��-i>h the besl
known, best lik'fl stoves find rang - in
;t'l Canada Aad do *i pew���for Lbs g ��od
OI your pocket book.
681   Columbia   Street.
If you deposit your money tor
safety ln The Hank of Toronto
lt wiil be safe Mille you leave
lt, and ready when you need It,
and it will be
All The Time
earning for you three per cent
lntei��st. Small or large sumi
may be deposited at any time.
ln    On
i,   Quebec
anj   tbe
Bank of Toronto
J. Oracey, Mgr.
Local Imprtvement Notice.
Pursuant to Section 20 of the "Local
Imporvement General Bylaw, 1809,"
notice ia hereby given that, the Assess-
room: furnished, 609 Victoria St.,
mar  Daily   News  office.
tage.    Kent  $!i  per  month.    Apply
this office for particulars.
.FOU RENT - - NEW FURNISHED Iment Roll for Local Improvements on
house. Kvery convenience. One the following streets, viz., Tenth
block from car. Vacant about Sep-'street on both sides from Sixth ave-
tember I. Apply White, Shiles &|nue to Tenth avenue, except on the
Co.,  Columbia street. j east side of said Btreet between Sixth
 1 and   Klghth   avenues;   also  on     both
TO LET���THE BASEMENT AND\*_e* of London, Edinburg, Dublin and
store in the K. 1'. block; suitable ��� Hamilton streets, Bight and Seventh
for stole rooms, skating rink, or t avenues between Tenth and Twelfth
moving pictures, etc., etc. For par- streets, Is open for inspection at the
-tlculars  apply   to    John   Forrester, office of the Assessment Commission.
er In the city hall, N'ew Westminster,
j Hritish Columbia, and In casp the owner or any person Interested in any of
the   properties  Included   therein    de-
1 sires to appeal from such assessment,
.he shall, within the period of eleven
(111   days  from  the  first  publication
of this notice, give notice to the un-
! derslgned In writing of his intention
j to appeal.
Dated the 27th  day  of June, A.D.,
tected from wolves and hyenas by al would probably be found that the dis-
strong wire netting. One nurse, a covery while affording encourage-
young Englishwoman, who helped me! ment to prospecting does not justify a
the second season, described the place wild rush into the camp. It is a rug-
as looking like a zoologic.il garden ] g^d Alpine country, hence somewhat
when she first caught sight of it. This | dangerous for tenderfeet unaccom-
wlre netting is a perfect protection I panied by an experienced moun-
against these beasts and all the win- j taineer."
dows of the portable hous>3, which I
am taking with me from America, will
be protected by it.
1 "Resides this summer sai.itariuin on
the slope of Mount Lebanon, I have
established one for winter use on Ju-
nieh Ray. Aside from .retting the
funds for the building and equipment,
of these sanitarium" 'here Is ihe
even   greater    difficl       of
White Star--Dominioo|
Canadian Service
New York, Aug. 3.���That the revolution which former President Manuel
Ronilla is promoting in Spanish Hon-
fiuras will be fought largely under the
leadership of Americans, ls the belief
securing | of passengers arriving here today on
nurses   and   servants  to   help  in   the I the steamer Rluotlelds, from Cell);
;8ec. K, !'. Trustees, 017 St. George
-Btreet, City,
tween K. of P. Hall and Third av-
enue and Ninth sireet. Finder
please return to 235 Ninth street.
pockc-tbook containing bank book
and sum of money. Reward if ic-
turned to Police station.
with gold chain, between tram office and Third stieet. Suitable reward for returning same to Daily
News offlce.
City Clerk.
Date of first publication the 27th day
of June, 1910.
work. I am the house phys clan, but
owing to the great dread and fear
among the natives of tuberculosis at
first it was almost impossible '.o get
any of them to help me.
"Many persons have expiussed surprise at there being tuberculosis in
Syria, where the climate is so mild
and healthful. The disease was introduced by the French military police, which were sent to keep order in
Palestine in 1860, after the massacres.
Since then it has been enormously increased   by   the   emigrants   returning
��� from  America.
"Though my sanitariums have been
! open  only a short time they are al-
. ready  known  throughout the empire,
and   we   are   having   applications   for
; admission from all parts of Syria and
Egypt,    As yet I haven't room enough
I for a tenth of the curable cases that
I apply.     We   do   not   take   incurables.
i not only because of lack of room but
General Cabe Conrad, the young
American who was badly wounded
while lighting for Estrada In Nicaragua, has joined Bonilla'a forces. Conrad returned from Estrada's army a
week ago, declaring Estrada no longer
required his aid.
With ;r small force of American
sharpshooters Conrad left Nicaragua
for Honduras. He landed near Celba
and made his way Into the Interior.
He will command Bonilla'a machine
guns. General Lee Christmas, another American, joined Ronilla before
All   Kinds   of   Automobile
Repairs Promtply Executed.
Carnarvon   and   Sixth   St.   New
Westminster B. ('., Phone 354.
JOHN   DOBSON,  Manager.
Montreal to Liverpool
Triple  screw,  14,900 torn.
Twin    screw,    14.900   torn.
largest   and   most   modern,
commodation equal to any ero��|
Ing the Atlantic.
For Rates and Tickets Apply to
C. P. R. Passenger Station
Found Floating at Landing Place
Below Niagara Falls.
Niagara Falls, Ont., Aug. 1.���A
man's left leg, which Is thought to ho
the limb of one of the late suicides,
was found today at the Canadian Maid
Westminster Private Hospital.
223 Townsend St. Maternity
and non-contagious medical
cases accepted. Terms from
$15 weekly. For further particulars apply to Hospital. Telephone 755.
Furniture Made to Any Design
Furniture Repaired.
Woodwork of All K'1"15'
39 Alexander St.
BUILDERS AND CONTRACTORS,   j because they have a bad effect on the jof the Mist landing by Capt.  Raynes
**************************** '0f the steamer.    The only covering of
the leg was a black shoe and a black
sock, with a white foot, but no marks
which would lead to the Identification
of the body from which the leg was
torn were found. A close watch is
heing kept on the rapids in hopes
that the body will be seen and recov-
ippreeia- \ ered.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I.curable patients. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Sealed tenders will be received by "There Is, however, a recently
the undersigned up to noon, August founded refuge for these Incurables.
LB, for the erection of Tramway Sta- and in time we hope to make it much
tion and Offlce Ruilding at New West-  '"rger.    I have received a great deal
I of  encouragement  In  the  work  from
Kfpnv.!l^i'.v'mi'ris "owner "nmv'hVv'p I    Specifications   can   be   secured   at j many of the leading men of the Otto-
''     ^ Ln���, ..r Hnv',i mm!  C^ces of Maclure &  Fox, Architects.��� man empire.   The native Free Masons
���Trr^    yoltl Winch  building.  Vancouver. '[especially have shown their   	
and  proving property. I    The ,0WP8t or any tender no(. nec.ltion and helpfulness and recently they
er may have same by proving property and paying for this advertisement    Apply News offlce.
THE        DAILY        NEWS
essarily accepted.   	
W. H. Hazlltt.
New Westminster, August ,'',, lf'10.'
[have begun to organize to help me in.|'
a war against the spread of tuberculosis.
"The first patients ln the sanita-
rhim were all men. Thn reason for
that  was  that, we  hadn't,  the money
us as men. Last year we had forty-
seven patients. It seems a ridiculously small number when you think
of the Ihousahds suffering from the
white plague, but it is forty-seven bet-
Try  a  "WANT"  ad
tt will bring results.
ln   The  News.
Ito give free treatment, and only the j ter than the year' before, when there
men   had   money.     Now   all    that   is I was no place where they could
changed and as many women come to telllgent care."
rei ln-
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital   Paid  Up
.. ..$5,000,000
.   ..$5,900,000
The Bank has Branches in
Canada extending from the Atlantic to the Pacific; in Cuba
throughout the island; also in
Porto Rico, Rahamas, New York
ancl   London,  England.
Correspondents In all parts
of lhe Globe, thus affording
every Ranking facility.
L. Mi RICHARDSON. Manager.
I^w Westminster Branch.
1    All  rubbish  and garbage JPH^jS
'removed   to   the   fool   or  di     a
Street and Fifth avenue, ffiere
ibe burned by the corporation.    .^
Any person or persons ��'       J
j garbage  or   rubbish  of an>    on anf
any other street or avenue o        ,
lane,   vacant   lot  or  !""lu   '    pro-
will   be   prosecuted   under
visions of the Sanitary BJ ;,(ur.
By ��rder'       sanitary ^
-City Hall, June 13, W"-
For all kinds of
Phone 695
or leave orders at
The  Arrow Pf*9
Mrs. E. M. Dominy,      ^
near The Dally News Co., 6"
Street. ���.v   AUGUST
5,  1910.
M*"7of Montreal
tsu* ���    ,   ,
,,es throughout   (uada    and
1,rl,n  Ti���.d    ana   In   London,   Eng-
IKp��f0'.'"  y0,'k, circn. o and^Spokane,
H'sA'' ^business    transacted
banklnK   ���'"'
l*orld'   �� u-iiik Department���Deposits
gilHIl|ls ttaun _   ^    _ _ _,    ,,___,
Ii reef
annul" U"
UB'.^^Medco City.    A  general
- ol credit iBBuart
available    with
ja    all     l>i"'ts  Ot     the
,f  $1   and  upward,
3 per cent, per
D'7-���.i In sums oi  *i
Sts owe;iefS
i^'S,  over   $180,000,000.00
Total  ��B0
0   p. BRYMNER, Manager.
Ixransfcr Co.
1 Columbia Street-
Engage   delivered    promptly    t*
tt, part of the city.
bht and Heavy Hauling
Re Lots 5, 6, 7 and 8, Hlock '.', of part
of the south-east quarter of Section 7,
Township s, Mail *i28, lu tlie District
of New Westminster, Cloverdale.
Whereas proof of the loss of Certificate of Title Niimbei U-i.":4 I-', issued
111 the name of R. T. Wilson Herald
has been filed ln tbis ofiice.
Notice is hereby given that I shall
at the expiration of one month from
the date of the lirst publication hereof, In a dally newspaper published lr
the City of New Westminster, issue a
duplicate of the said Certificate, unless
iu the meantime valid objection be
made to me In writing.
District Registrar of Titles.
Land  Registry Ofllce,
New Westminster, B. C, .Inly 6, 1910.
District of  New Westminster.
New Westminster Land District.
Gardiner & Gardiner
(K. Q, Gardiner)
r,   Westminster Trust Building
New Westminster, B. C.
651 Residence   Phone-133
0. Box 395
Phono 730
rphy i Craig
Heating and   Plumbing
|lll Jobbing   Promptly   Attended   To
Colonial   Block
Coach and Automobile   Painter.
Lettering and  Top  Repairing.
1014 sixtli Avenue.
Gold Watcleg Tor Lad!.-a from 11275
Bllver Watches,    gents'    open  face
Silver Watches,  gents'  op��n    case,
7.50 up.
Ae ent    for    Waltham   and      Klgin ,
i Watch repairing a speclaltv.
Poms from Geo. Adams' Grocery
Take notice that I, George Beckett,
of Abbotsford, B.C., teamster, intend
to apply to the Chief Commissioner
of Lands al Victoria, B, C, for a license to prospect for coal and petrol-1
eum on and ln the following described hinds:
Commencing at a post marked G. 1!.,
N. W. corner, planted at the N. W.
rortier of Section -8. ln Townsliip 19,
Municipality of Sumas, New Westminster District; thence east K9 chains;
thence south SO chains; thence west
#0 chains; thence north SO chains to
point of commencement and containing G40 acres.
Dated at Abbotsford, B.C.. this 9th
day of June, A.I).,  1910.
Railway   Magnates   Take    Option    on
Pacific  Whaling Company, Va'ued
at   Approximately   $1,000,000.
Victoria, Aug. 4.���Messrs. Mackenzie k .Mann have taken an Option to
purchase ihe Pacific Whaling Company, and will pay approximately one
million  dollars for the concern.
A new company will be floated ln
London, capitalized at several million
dollars, and a fleet of schooners will
be built to engage ln shark and halibut fishing in addition to whaling, the
shark fishing enterprise to be the lirst
establishej In the waters of the continent.
Several new whaling steamers will
be ordered ln Norway and a schooner
fleet wlll be built here.
Large schools of shark from twenty-live to thirty feet long are found off
Vancouver Island and these will be
treated al the coast whaling stations,
oil being manufactured from the liver
and guano from the carcasses.
Cold storage plants will be install-d
at Hose Harbor on Queen Charlotte
Islands at a Sechart and Kyuquot on
tbe Vancouver Island coast for the
treating of halibut.
Tbe enterprise of Messrs. Mackenzie & .Mann promises to give to British Columbia one of the largest and
mosl Important fishery concerns In
the world.
Montesano,  Aug. '.',.���A crew of Gnu
laborers, engaged in the construction
of tlie Oregon  &  Washington Timber
Belt   line,   being   constructed   out   of
Cosmopolis   to   the   North   river   dis-'
trict,  spent   the  entire  night   fighting
a forest   fire,  which started  in  slash-j
lins   and   threatened   the   destruction
of fifteen  tons of powder and  dyna-
mite.     The   fire   started   on   the   hill j
and  it  required  great  efforts of the
men  to save the powder  magazine.
Fearing an explosion, everything
was moved to a place of safety until
the danger had passed. Fire Warden
Reed returned from the Little North
river c'ountry, where Uli.DOO.OHO feet
of timber was destroyed Saturday and
Monday by one of the worst fires of
the year, and reports lhe flames under
control. The lire burned itself out,
being  unable to cross the river.
Persuade   Him   to   Make    No
on $200,000,000 of   Stocks   ir
eign    Corporations.
Tenders   for   Paving   Columbia   Street
The    Corporation    invites    tenders
from    street    paving    companies    for
grading, street  paving, laying of concrete  sidewalks,  and  construction  of j
storm    water    sewers    for    Columbia,
street    from   Fourth   Btreet   to   Leo-j
poid      place.       Paring      companies
will     be     required     to    state    tei in ���
of years they will guarantee tlieir pav-1
ing and the. percentage of money the
Corporation can retain during the period  of guarantee;   also the steepest
grade  they  calculate  their  pavement
is   safe   for   horse  traffic.
Plans, profiles, specifications, and
further Information can be obtained
from .). W. li. Blackman, City Engineer, City Hall.
Tenders wlll be received up to 5
p, m. on August 8, lino, by the undersigned.
City Clerk.
Citv Hall, New Westminster. July
25, lSlO.
Fishermen Expect to Make Big Hauls
in   a   Few  Days.
There was no great change ln the
salmon run reported yesterday. The
fishermen caught a fair number of
lish but not as many as they expect
to catch in a lew days. On Saturday
and Sunday, when all fishing operations on the river and in the gulf
are stopped for thirty-six hours, the
salmon will have a chance to come up
the river aud after that lhe fishermen
expect to make a haul.
When the gun Is fired at six o'clock
on Sunday night there will probably
be the greatest collection of nets seen
this season dropped into the river
and the sight should be well worth
watching, especially as the fishermen
are all hopeful of making the biggest
catch of the year between Sunday
evening and  Monday morning.
Chicago, Aug. i.���Chicago millionaires were taken by surprise yesterday when Frank W. Jones, president
of the Illinois Tax Reform League,
filed with the board of review a statement that $ii0u. 100,000 of stocks in
foreign corporations owned by citizens of Cook county have been concealed by the assessors and review is
and have not been assessed. It ls
said by lawyers for the stockholders
that this stock lu foreign corporations ls not subject to taxes in Illinois, but tho league says it Is.
The communication gives the names
of tiie owners, the name of companies in which they are alleged to hold
stock, and the par value of the securities. Altogether there are seventy
men In the league's list, which ls
headed by the names of J. Ogden Armour and Fdward Morris.
According to Jones, some of these
men have not been assessed on anything like the amount of assessable
personal property owned by them for
the period beginning ln 1905, and he
alleges that $15,000,000 could be added
to the revenue of the county if
legal penalty should be imposed.
Tenders for Steel  Pipe.
Tenders will be received by the
undersigned up to 5 p. m. of August
1, 1910, for the supply of 1.000 feet
of 13-lnch diameter and 1.1100 feet or
12-lnch diameter lapwelded steel
pipe and for 13-inch diameter flexible
Specifications and full particulars
can be obtained from the City Fngineer, J. w. B. Blackman, City Hall.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily  accepted.
W. A.  DUNCAN, City Clerk.
City Hall, New Westminster, July
6, 1910.
The time for receiving the atiove
tenders has been extended until .Monday,  August  8,  1910.
Acting City  Clerk.
City Hall, New Westminster, August
3, 1910.
SEALED TENDERS addressed to
the undei signed, and marked on the-
envelope "Tender for Piping System,"
Tender for Water System," and "Tender for Pipe Tunnels and Wiring
the'iDuctS," as the case may be, will be
| received ut tlie ofllce of the Commit*-
The association  gave notice to the | sioners  of the  Transcontinental   Kail-
Diggers Go to Depth of Forty-five Feet
Without Reaching the Limit.
San Francisco, Aug. 4.���A vast salt
bed in Churchill county, Nevada,
owned since 1870 by C. W. Kinney, an
old-time prospector, has been soil by
him to A. C. Dodge, of New York.
"About forty years ago," said Mr.
Dodge, "while prospecting through
Nevada. Kinney saw what he thought
was a large lake and made for it. On
leaching it bt found the supposed
lake to be a vast salt bed. He realized the value of his find and Immediately set about acquiring it. Year
after year lie hold on to it, an 1 a few
months ago 1 became interested i.i
the project. I have just concluded a
visit to the place, and a chemical analysis of the salt, shows It to be nine
ty-eighl per cent pure.
"There are thousands of little
springs breaking through the ground.
bubbling away and leaving salt deposits. This has been going on for
centuries and thore is no telling yet
bow deep is the salt stratum. We
have dug fort -five feet and no sign of
touching bottom."
Prince Rupert, Aug. 3, ��� Work on
the Zenardi bridge is being pushed
forward with all possible dspatch, and
assurances havp been received from
Mr. Young, of the Canadian Bridge
Construction company that the bridge
will be opened to allow for the passage of trains by August 30.
The steel is laid for thirty-six miles |
out and the work ls being pushed for-j
ward as rapidly as it can be handled.
On Inquiry as to the possibility of Sir |
Wilfrid   Laurier  making  the  trip  up
tbe lines.   W.  C.  C.  Meelian   said  he
did  not  know, but  if Sir Wilfrid expressed a desire to do so everything
possible would be done to gratify his
The piers and abutments were completed weeks aeo, and every effort is
at present put forth to fitting toegther
the tons of steel and other bridge ma-
ferial, Once trains run across, track
laying on the mainland will be greatly facilitated.
board of review of Its Intention to
file with the circuit court of Cook
county mandamus proceedings to
compel that body to assess the stock
of foreign corporations held by residents of this county.
In behalf of the board of review,
Fred W. Cpham said that the board
fixed the taxes as the evidence It hud
in Its possession would warrant.
The list submitted by the Tax Reform League give the following holdings for the richest men named:
Edward Morris, $39,919,700; J
don Armour. $33,1111,700; Joy Morton,
$i;.i;00,000; Arthur Meeker. $.">,370.000;
John J. Mitchell. $4,030,000: Louis F.
Swift, $5 1311,000; E. F. Swift, $5,031'),-
Other men are listed as owning
foreign corporation slocks valued
from $4,000,000 down to $350,000.
Albuquerque, N. M., Aug. 4.���Following the lead of the recently-formed
union labor party of Arizona, a similar
organization lias been formed here.
The platform adopted is modeled after that of the Arizona party. The
party has been formed to give union
labor voters a chance to have a voice
in framing the new state constitution
to be adopted next October.
Room   6,   Guichon  Building.
Phone   681
3V_   to  35  H.  P.
3 and 4 Cycle.
Local  Agents
Westminster Iron Works
Phone   53.
Tenth   St.,   New   Westminster.
And  Upriver   Landings
The  New  Sternwhee'er
���^���-,.. i.   ,  ,  ���.
aves Brackman-Ker Milling Com-
''* wharf, New Westminster, with
���assengeta aid freight as follews:
1 Leaves \. w Westminster Tuesday
fhursday and Saturday at 8 a. m.
I waves Chilliwack   Wednesday,  Frl-
��!' and Sunday at 7 a. in.
tr*. Class Passenger Accommodation
New  Westminster.
teaming and  Expressing.
Reid & Company's
ar^ain Sale
Architect and  Engineer.
HOPE   &   BARKER,   Architects.
New  Westminster - Trapp  Block
Phone 655.
Estimates  Given  on   Any   Kind
of  Job   Printing
Themson  Blk. Phone  318
PHONE   R527
Phone 105.     P. O. Box 345.
Office, Front St., Foot of Sixth.
We need the space while our store is being enlarged, also for our New Fall
Goods. Hence we are offering 200 Men's 3-piece Suits at 1-4 off. This is not
a sale of odds and ends, but a sale of the best things we have.
It requires no shrewd buyer to do business here. Note the price on the
tickets, take off One Fourth, give us the balance and the goods are yours.
Nevermind our loss; we made up our minds to stand that when we
decided to hold the sale.
INGS���ALL      KINDS      OF      WOOD- *
Westminster Woodworking Co.    j
J. BROOKES,  Proprietor J
W0��K3~Corner Eleventh  and Carl.ne. PH0NE "*     J
^������������^������^���������������^���������������~ *���������������������������������������������������"""*
\i       i
/{���hs    >*5w
W|i: W
f/Mm ft
fl ��� slWk".  ��� yH$
[\>*?m. 'vll
/   i    ._wji Rn
���/        '   ���jutf'uB'Ff'a
;   |JJm/
^Bs-ik' ~2*
I il ��� '     ,\'\_Vs
B!: if
III   ^f ���   1? 1,' 1
'    ���   ' t\
ff : *-:'-m
��� '��� ' n
t        ,ii
fl; ; ���������li
1 i i 1
fli ;'!w
ft' ! iJK
r   ^ I      ij/ll
�� i [Tj
11   IK-
IR ! tW
��� iii iiff
1 is,' WJ
What 1-4 Off Means
$30.00 Suits for  $22.50
$27.50 Suits for  $20.65
$25.00 Suits for  $18.75
$20.00 Suits for  $16.50
$20.00 Suits for  $15.00
$18.00 Suits for  $13.50
50 Men's Two and Three-Piece Suits at Half Price.
30 Men's Two and Three-Piece Suits at One third off.
100   Boys'  Three-Piece   Suits at   One-third   off.
Summer   Underwear,   reduced 35 per cent.
Every Straw Mat is ordered out of the store. No halting or dallying.    Every Straw Hat of Every Grade must vacate at once.
There's plenty of Slraw Hat weather ahead, so discard that old
soiled hat you bought at the llrst of the Beason and take your choice
of 100 Hats for 25c.
Your Inspection Is Solicited
601 Columbia St. Mew Westminster, B. C.
way, at Ottawa, Ontario, until twelve
o'clock noon of the 26th day of July,
l'JIO. for:
Ul Air, steam, water and oil pir>-
Ing system;
(!i) Yard  water  system:
(3) Pipe tunnels and wiring ducts,
required in connection with the Transcontinental    Railway    shops    east   of
Plans and specifications may De
seen in the office of Mr. Gordon Grant,
Chief Engineer of the Commissioners,
at Ottawa, Ontario, and In the office
of 11 r. S. K. Poulin, District Engineer,
St.  Boniface,  Manitoba.
Persons tendering are notified that
tenders will not be considered unless
made on the printed form supplied
by the Commissioners, which may be
had on application to the Chief Engineer at Ottawa, or to the District
Knglneer at St. Boniface, Manitoba.
Each tender must he signed and
sealed by all the parties to tlie tender, and witnessed, and be accompanied by an accepted cheque on a chartered Bank of the Dominion of Canada, payable to the order of the Commissioners of the Transcontinental
Railway, for a sum equal to ten per
| cent (10 p. c.) of the amount of the
|    Any person whose tender is accepted  shall   .within  ten   days  after  the
signing thereof, sign the contract, specifications,   and   other   documents   required to be signed, and in  any case
of   refusal   or   failure  on  the   part  of
the   party   whose   tender   is   accepted
j to complete and execute the contract
i with    the    Commissioners,    the    said
cheque shall be forfeited to tiie Commissioners as liquidated damages for
, such  refusal  or failure, and  all con-
j tract  rights  acquired  by  the  accept-
i anee of the tender sliall be forfeited.
The   cheques   deposited   by   parties
j whose   tenders   are  accepted   will   be
I deposited to the credit of tlie Receiver
General of Canada, as security for the
due and  faithful  performance of the
contract according to Its terms.
The cheques deposited by parties
whose tenders are rejected will be
returned within ten days after the
slffniae of the contract.
The right Is reserved to reject any
or all tenders.
By order,
P. E.  RYAN,
Secretary   to   the   Commissioners   of
the Transcontinental  Railway.
Dated at Ottawa. 30th June, 1910-
Newspapers inserting this advertisement without authority from the
Commissioners will not be paid for it.
Re the North East quarter of Section 5, Township 19. in the District ot
New Westminster.
Whereas proof of the loss of Cer���
llficae of Title Number 5059F. issued1
In the name of Allan A. Curtis, hass
been  filed in  this office.
Notice Is hereby given that I shalf,
at the exfiration of one month from
the date of the first publication hereof.
In a dally newspaper published In the
City of New Westminster, issue a
duplicate of the said Certificate, unless in the meantime valid objection,
be made to me ln writing.
C.  S.  KEITH1-
District  Registrar of Titles;
Land Registry Offlce, New Westminster, B. C, July 8. 1910.
Painters, Paperhangers
and Decorators.
Estimates Given. Phone 567
214  Sixth  Avenue
Green Cut Bone to Make-
Your Chickens Lay..
Central Meat Market
I Corner Eighth  St. and Fifth Avenue.
PHONE 370.
The Daily News
PubM*he��i by The Dally News PublUh-
<tag Company, Limited, at their offices,
Corner   of    McKenzie   and    Victoria
.. Mana31
<j;, ;������
JGUST   5.
In bis letter to Mr. R. H. Sperling.
Manager  of the  B.  C.  Electric   Railway company, dated July 16  ipiinted
jn Tuesday's News), Mayor Lee says;
-"I do not think you can find another
jcity on the American continent with
5iS poor a street car service as New.
Westminster   has.    Not on  the  line
you are operating, which is being improved  very much, but In the general
service   to   the   various   parts   of   the
rf-ity."    It Is not quite clear what the
writer means by tlie last sentence of
.this letter.    But  as to the first part
thereof   some   comn.ent   is   due,   not
only in fairness to the B, C. Electric
Railway company, bnt to tiie citizens
in  order  that  they   may   see  exactly
bow   this   matter   in   dispute   stands.
We have taken the trouble therefore
to ascertain how this city is placed
in   regard  to car  line  facilities  compared  witli  some of the cities in the
Dominion.   We find that the accommodation provided is by no means such
as Mayor Lee would have it believed.
Whilst   New   Westminster,   with   its
population of 12,500 has car lines extending over nineteen miles. Victoria,
with 6.0,000 inhabitants, and St. John, 1
N.   B.,   population   40,000,   have   each
only  nineteen   miles;   Halifax.   N.   S.,
60,000 inhabitants, has thirteen miles;
Brantford, 20,000 people, seven miles;
Gue!; h. population 15,000, eight miles;
Peterborough,   15,000   inhabitants,   six
miles;     and    Jamesville,    population!
18,000, four miles.    It should also be
mentioned  that   New   Westminster  is
the  centre  of  an   extensive  car  line
system linking it up with neighboring
cities an 1 important points in the surrounding    country.      In    this    latter
respect there is no other city of its
size so well accommodated.
We   venture  to   say  that  the  City
and    Sapperton    car   lines,   with   the
Eburne and  Vancouver lines, furnish
travelling facilities to the greater portion   of   the   populated   parts   of   the
city.    There are parts of the western
and    northern   sections   of   the   city
which have become more numerously
populated during the last year or so
that   have   no   very   near   connection
with tlie car line, but the Ii. C. Electric  Railway company cannot reasonably be expected to supply a line for
���every  small  area  immediately  it   becomes   settled.    We  are  aware   that
the company has been asked to provide a new line to these uptown dis-j
tricts, and no doubt they will be able,
to do this in due course.    There can-1
.not,  however,  be  a  line  laid  to  run
past every man's door.   The car lines
.that at present form a belt around the
city provide travelling facilities such ,
as no other city in the Dominion en-'
joys, and no one is more than  three '
.blocks from a car connection.   Surely
this  is  reasonably  sufficient,  for  the
present, at all events?   As to the Mill-
side and Lulu Island lines, the company   has  promised  to  furnish   these
.and  but  for the  difficulty  which  has
arisen over the Coquitlam dam affair
they   would   probably   now   be   under
The actual position of the R. C.
Electric Railway company in this matter deserves consideration at the
bands of the citizens. In bis letter
nt July 16, Mayor Leo says: "I have
been waiting very patiently to see
What you are going to do with refer-
-ence to the Millside, Lulu Island and
Uptown lines .... I hardly think
that, you can expect us to keep patience indefinitely in regard to tlvese
matters, as it Is imperative that we
should have the lines opened at an
.early date." To this peremptory com-
nranicatlon Mr. F. R. Glover, the company's assistant manager, replied po-
litely that as soon as an assurance
waa received that the city's opposition to the works at Coquitlam dam
would cease, "we will be prepared to
bogin at once, not only the matters
you refer to but several others of
exceedingly great Importance to New
Westminster." This, by the way, is
the letter wliich Mayor Lee called
insulting! Rut no sensible person will
agree with such a charge. In fact,
.;:. .Mr. L. A. Lewis, the manager of
the Brunette Mills, remarked in our
bearing, there Is not a shadow of discourtesy in any of the letters of thfa
company's officials. In another let-
tor Manager Sperling points out that
���'the additional power we are seeking
to develop at Coquitlam Is neces.-ary
for the operation of the extension and
new lines you ask." The position of
the company is thus made plain;
namely, that lt depends upon the ad-
��� ���
*********************+++ ���
Port Mann, Surrey.  Coquitlam, Burnaby, Langley,  ���
When we say ���
City Property and Houses and Lots.
Snaps we Mean it.
$150,000   TO    LOAN
Fire Insurance, Life Insurance, Accident Insurance,
Motor Boat Insurance,  Automobile Insurance and
Employers' Liability.
PHONE  295.
If you want something] Choice"^ for Sunday's
Dinner, ring up Phone 101 and order a nice roast of
Spring Lamb, Veal, Spring Chicken or anything else
that is good in the meat line.   You can sure get it at
dltional power which Coquitlam lake!
will furnish to work the projected new I
lines and extensions; and without this;
it   will   be   unable   to   proceed.     Tiie '
city   i.-i   preventing   tlie   continuation i
and  completion  of  the  works at  thei
lake by its opposition, an opposition
which is no longer justified when we
have   tlie  explicit  assurances   of   the i
Dominion    government    and    several |
eminent engineers  that the interests
of  New   Westminster  are quite  safe, j
Thus   it   is   impossible   for   the   com-1
pany to provide what Mayor Lee demands.     Every   fair   minded   citizen j
must recognize that this is the exact j
position   of   affairs,   and   that  jt   js
Mayor Lee, acting alone in the name
of the city, who is by his unwarrantable opposition preventing New West-1
minster from receiving the advantages
which the company is perfectly ready !
and willing to provide.
It is time this game of bluff should
be stayed, before the city suffers more
seriously than it has already done, i
Mayor Lee must be brought to reason
and the council qua council, not the
Mayor in its name, take this serious
matter carefully into consideration to
end the misunderstanding and unpleasantness which has arisen. Let
the suggestion of Mr. Glover, for a
conference between the mayor and
council and the officials of the company, be adopted at once, the whole
situation being quietly and properly
reviewed and an amicable arrangement be entered into.
The only Jar to
use.     Automatic Tops.
Pints, 90c per dozen
Quarts, $1.00 per dozen
Half-Gal., $1.35 per "
(The Daily News is not responsible
for the opinions expressed by its correspondents.)
Editor. Daily News:
Sir���On August 2, I saw in your paper an article entitled "China Forbids Mixed Marriages." I think that
an opionlon from a Chinese in your
columns may be interesting to the
Mixed marriages, Indeed, seldom
1 turn out happy, but it is not necessary for China or any other nations
to pass a law forbidding them. I
have never heard that any white
wives have been so ill-treated, as being turned Into the streets, nor that'
many students, or attaches have married white girls. Chinese students
come to this country unlike white
Lochlnvar; they come with a greater
purpose���to learn something which
will be useful to China. Indeed,
sometimes in college, when the hall
is lit. with starry lights, and the rustling skirts gently brush the shining
floor, our youthful hearts are fluttered by the soft, drowsy music; but
once we are behind the oak again,
I tho thought of love dies away, and
ithe solemn duty of learning something
j to help China returns to our minds.
Chinamen  who have married white
'women are generally laborers, for students   and   officials   know   well   that
I there   are    many    inconveniences    in
jSucli a union.    If the couple lived in
[this country, the wifo would be look-
!e:l at with scorns by her own people,
'and   many   unpleasant  remarks  wliis-
j poring in  her ears;  and should  they
i live in China, the poor girl would he
separated from the scene of her childhood, her friends and relatives, so she
is practically an exile.
Comparing the beauty of these two
races,  one  Is  just  as  pretty  as  the
that the
Arrive Next Week
C. A. Welsh
I The People's Grocer
Phones 193 and 443
Sapperton      Phone 373
to have a law to prohibit them. Besides, a man or a woman should have
a perfect freedom to choose his or
her lifelong partner.
This is a divine right, no human law
should or could interfere with their
Xew Westminster, August 4, 1910.
<\ -rf*W-rti--��
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other. Ono has large blue eyes, golden curls, and snowy neck; the other
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raven lock hanging down her temples
like a massive cloud, shrouding a
honey moon. Her sharp glances
even those dark tresses fall to shield
from piercing the youth's heart. The
Chinese girls are just as charming as
j girls of any other nation.
I believe that mixed marriages will
neve.- flourish und it is not necessary
Chicago, Aug. 4.���With a view to
determining whether the recent corner in July wheat, was In violation ot
the Sherman anti-trust laws, an investigation by the federal grand jury
will be started within the next few
A preliminary examination of witnesses will be made before the present grand Jury, according to W. S.
Kenyon. assistant to Attorney General Wickersbam. What facts are
disclosed at the preliminary examination will be turned over to the succeeding grand jury for complete action.
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AUGUST 5,  1910.
Vancouver Will  Make Supreme  Effort
-   ^Teen   ShirtS, I    to Defeat Salmon Bellies at Recreation Park-Both Teams Strong.
��v Defeatm
I East Enders Cling tt Top
of League.
ne 0f tbe hardest lacrosse
I1" �� | ^ year last night the Re-
[ .,',, from Uie West End Inter.
iT, h-uii by the score of C to 4.
KamewasVdaOd rough from
fe_0BfleglnbaB led all  the way from
.t��rt and clearly outplayed  the
Wat Enders al  every stage of the
_      'T|1(. Wesl   Kud  home seemed
Tec a weakness  somowhere  and
';   c0nsequence the defence had
,     n,,k to do than it could handle.
/.',   Core in  the end of tho  lirst
I- . .  ,   .  t   to  0  and  at   hair  time
I       ., favor of the  Reginas.    In
1    Hl,i  quarter   the   Wesl    Enders
|        up   and   scored     three    goals
T    tbe [{,   inas sol  one, bringing
J   ... ,.,| quotations up to 6  to   I,
"I, rter was played by the
., ,��� an  llghl in the bandstand,
���     il the light was hardly
.,   ...   for   lasl    lacrosse.      .Munn
I ,al half a dozen times
I     |   ball to the  west  bud.
I.'.      || tl *  I rei I'  thirled  veterans
I . i the rubber for more
[       [.������,..  seconds at  �� time  and
back al  the West  End
L] aimi on aB Muim.
n fen ed and only pen-
I during ihe game,
j . ���-  third   quarter  and
i ���   last.    A   tew   more
I       ive bi en  allowed   to  inspect
���.������ ce and  the  game  would  nol
tri     fered.
I nd  Mills played good  la-
[    for tho losers.    Swanson, who
; a   good   showing  at   Vic-
���i..   \ ,i     watched  too closely  by
1 low  him to be very ef-
�����.      Fur the  winners  C.   Smith,
Tdj   and   Fitzgerald    played    the
fte game uives the Reginas a fine
,:,ci  lo land  the  champlonsliip.  al-
nigl all tl.- ti '.mis are still in the
I ��� following are the teams:
���Goal, Keary;   point,  Pear-
��� point,   Robertson;   defence
, Cotton, Turnbull, Fletcher;  cen-
|F1I gerald; home field, Kenny, J.
0, Smith;   outside  home,  C.
le home, Huff.
'est End- Goal, Munn;  point, Dig-
��� point,   Galbralth;    defence
ry, Battson, Sangster; cen-
home field, Sangster,
If Mills; outside home. Uattson;
I d;   .--pares,  Cooper  ami
Nobody Seems to know ye! whether
Tommy Gifford wlll be '������ Uie Job
when the whistle blows at Recreation
park next Saturday. He Is walking
around and could probably play |n
case of emergency, bul whether be
will consider the emergency great
enough to risk his knee In the same
field with Con's lambs Is an open question.
Len Turnbull will play and If
Tommy Gifford does not the team win
be practically tho same as that which
beat Vancouver last Saturday, with
the exception thai Doughey Spring
will again lake his place ai center In-
steal of Longfellow, and the home
will be readjusted to give Len Turn-
bull  Ills Old  place al  outside home.
If Vancouver loses this game, the
besi they can do If they win all the
other games of the season will be to
tie New Westminster, and so Con has
instructed liis men to win tomorrow.
There Is no question thai they wlll
put up tho besi try thej have' done
since they hii the tobaggan slide after
th.'j flrBt three games of the season.
Thv eld defense will be there and
thai the;' bit fcettlng 'utter tab on
the Xew Westminster home is Bhown
by the facl thai they beld the champions down to three goals lasl Saturday.
The home ought to |���. finding hs
way around Recreatlofi park by this
time, and thai coupled with tiff better
KM Hogan and O'lieiiiv Mfl have on
th*lr own fielders on vwJAn they have
to depend, should malfe considerable
dlfferftfce In the outcome of the game.
Howtfvdr, every gaffle counts, and
if the Salmon Bellies can hand Con
the hollow *nd of a nine-noTliijig score
as they did *hp last time they played
In Vancouver, they will do it.'
HARRY   TIDY,  Manager
. AUG. 5
Harold Nelson
"Pierre of
the Plains"
Seats on Sale at Tidy's Florist Store, Mon., Aug. 1st
Association   Decides to  Permit  Royals
to    Retain    Standing���Coquitlam
May   Play  in  First Class.
Standing of the
I..     D.
'.;t-     s
-        2
erton           :;
3      1
3      1
Thursday,   August   4.
American League.
ISi Uula ii st game)
Icond game���
" ouis  	
Plngton ......'.	
J Cleveland-
|York ......'.'.'.'.'"."
J Detroit���
���on .
lolt ...'.'.'.	
I '      xn~	
iHliia .....'.'.'.','*'
���t'Ti  '"   sixt��PI>tl'   inning   ac
|l darkness i
,    ��� National  League.
IPhliadelphla -
It. H. B
1 -1 3 '
8 12 3
R. H. B.
5 HI 0
0 3 3
R. H. B.
6 18 0
5 15 V.
n. h. k.
2 T 11
���i :�� 3;
R. H. E.
(14 4
(I (1
At a meeting of the Lower Mainland
Soccer association held in Vancouver
last night it was decided to retain
N'ew Westminster in ihe senior division. Ai one time there was considerable doubt whether the Rovers
would come back as far as the senior
division, but doubts hav,- now been
set at rest and there ought to be some
good football In New Westminster this
The following officers were elected
for the year: President, Con Jones;
Mrs! vico presl lent, A. Fordyce; second vice president, T. Mahoney.
It was decided to notify Coquitlam
thai if they wished to enter the senior
division they were eligible for the
honor, Last year Coquitlam won the
championship of the Intermediate division.
There seemed to be some uncertainty about the question of profession-
all--m, but It was decided to play
under the old rules and the amateurs
and professionals will play together
unless some other arrangement is
made before the season starts. A committee consisting of Messrs. Mahoney.
Itlsk and Fordyce was formed to make
necessary revisions in the constitution.
Pelphla , 	
J New York
|Voik ','""   	
I     .   (Co^t  League.
'' ' Angeles���
II. E.
Ul 3
6 1
11. E.
!l II
4 1
I,.'      lento -
1 Oakland-""
���ml .
R.   H.   E.
1      7
R, n.
3      4
���I    r>
IS,5j_l"����ern   League.
In- K.   H.
le ,    3      9
Perlealln   2     8     2
|n'l Cu8ter  er "ml 8hea;  Chln-
p-er R.   II.   E.
fa ..      6   111     i
perleg^A'",   l     7     1
t'l K,y^]'dni'r and Lewis;  An-
SUndil,3  of  Clubs.
��� ���* ... Won, Lost. Pet.
Longfellow Out of Lacrosse for Remainder of Season.
Yesterday morning Kd Longfellow,
the man who played center for New
Westminster In the lasl match with
Vancouver, fell off an electric light
pole and will be out of the game for
the rest of the year. Ills arm is
broken and he Is badly bruised.
Longfellow was lucky to escape with
the injuries he now bears as he fell
thirty or forty feel and landed on the
hard roadbed of Front street. Longfellow claims that while working
amongst the wins he received a shock
which   made  him  lose ills grip.
Last night he was progressing favorably and telephoned from the
Royal Columbian hospital to II. Uyall
and asked him to send out some tobacco aud all the newspapers with
any lacrosse dope in them. One of
Ihe first questions he asked the doctor
when he recovered from tho accident
was whether or not lie could play
lacrosse again.
Dugdale Has New Pitcher.
Seattle, Aug. 4��� President Dugdale
announced tonlghl thai he had
signed Pitcher Dickingson, formerly of
Lexington, Ky. Dickinson was with
Seattle In tbo early training season,
but went to Mount Vernon, where he
has been pitching great ball. Jack
Connors, the new Spokane shortstop,
came from the same team.
fcl!iS'ra ,'S P��Pulatlon.
llCini'l'>nauK'0.TTllP   *��***
r8t(,the .;,    llio''  is  36W68,
Rioting   in   Barcelona.
Barcelona, Aug. 4.���The first rioting
In  Barcelona  was  reported  today by
the police.    A number of Carlists engaged in a fist light with republicans
and  knives were drawn.    The police
-..  .o   uu .no, quelled   the   disorder   promptly.     Six
13113 bureau today,  persons were injured, one fatally.
Salvation Army
������ a af	
Major a-M Mrs. Morris, Provincial Commanded of
the Salvatfafr Army, will conduct special meetings
Sunday AfterfrVbn at 3 p. m. and evening at 7:30
p. m. There win' be a presentation of the flag and
enrollment of the recruits.
Head Office    -    Montreal, Que.
Capital $6,000,000
Rest Funds  4,600,000
Total Assets (over)  66,000,000
This Bank has 145 Branches in Canada.
A General Banking Business
We give Special Attention to Savings Bank Deposits
$1.00 Starts an Account
Best rates of Interest paid.   No delay in
This gives everybody, working men, merchants, etc.,
an opportunity of cashing cheques or making deposits
New Westminster Branch,
H. C. Adams, Mgr.
;   :
Americans Will   Spend   From $300,000
to $500,000 in Developing Property
in   Sheep   Creek   District.
Salmon Report
Seattle, Aug. 4.���>���!. Robert Guggen
helm today admitted that the Gugger-i
helm syndicate had bought the Nug-i
gest gold  mine at Nelson. B. C, one
of   the   most   valuable   mines   In   the I
Sheep Creek district in Hi ltish Colum-1
bia.     The   first   payment   on   285,000
shares of stock,  which is more than
a majority, was made yesterday after-j
noon   to  A.   II.  Oracey,  president  of
the  company,   by  young Guggenheim.
Considerable  stock   has  been  bought
on  the Vancouver stock exchange.
Jt    is    undei stood    that   the   option
price on the 285,000 shares on which I
the first payment of $25,000 was made
yesterday, is on the basis of $3.50 a|
share.   Guggenheim admits that when
all   negotiations   for  other  properties,
on   Sheep  Creek  are  closed   up,   the
syndicate will spend $300,000 to $500,-'
000 for a mill in that district and will
increase   the   output   of   the   Nugget
mine to 100 tons daily.
The announcement that New York
financial institutions are to charge
clients for handling small accounts
may interest Canadian bankers.
When there was keener competition among the banks here for savings deposits, accounts were opened
wbicli have remained of small or no
August 4, 1910.
Belllngham���Got 18,000 flsh yesterday, of which 4,0110 came from Salmon
banks, 4.Mmi from seiners and balance
from LumroO and  gulf,
Anacortes-^Got 12.000 flsh yesterday.    Seiners doing very little.
Pack on the Naas river, ID,100 cases
to July 31.
Reported William Hickey Canning
Co.  about  filled  up  same  time.
Vancouver Cannery���Got 10,500 fish
yesterday.    No boats in this morning.
Brunswick���Got 4.000 fish vester-
! day.
St. M ungo���Got 4,000 fish yesterday.
I British Columbia���Got 3,000 fish yesterday. Ten, boats in this morning;
averaged   15.
Phoenix���Got  10,000 fish yesterday.
Gulf of Georgia���Got 7.000 fish yesterday. The few boats in this morning delivered about 350 fish. High
boat, 152.
Imperial���Got about 5,000 flsh yesterday.
Scottish-Canadian���Got about 11,000
flsh yesterday.
Ewens���Got 7,000 fish yesterday.
Terra Nova���Got 18,000 fish yesterday. One boat in this morning with
108 fish.
Acme Soda Water, Ginger Ale and Pop���
Anne Soda Water was fast cilmbing to the top;
But Aemg Bodd W .te.   took an awful fall��� ' ��� i  | i
The.   busied their machinery and couldn't go at all.
But  tilt* Atime MdSMnery has undergone repairs;
So  now  _i��mt' ,PfJda  Water  is selling everywhere.
Now did you Sei. 06 o..her fellows?
They were surely oil the IT<3p,-
They thought the Acme had maJe up their minds to stop.
But remember, accidents vyM happen to the best of us they say,
So Acme Soda Water has certainly come to stay.
Telephone 689.
Simpson   Street.
Office:  304 Columbia Street.
Selected at Gray's  please the recipient.
They have distinction, are appropriate and exhibit refined taste
CUT GLASS in Celery Dishes, Spoon Trays, Bon
Flower Pots
from   Pickle   Jars   at   $3.00
Bons, Fern and
Vases and Fruit Bowls at prices from $2.50 to $25.00. .
SILVERWARE  In   great  variety
Tea Sets at $25.00.
BIG    TASK     IN     POSTAL     BANKS.
John B. Gray
Ten Million Pass Books Will Have to
Be Made Up Annually.
Washington, Aug. 4.���Something of
the greatness of the task of establishing a full-fledged postal bank system in the United States can be gleaned, from conclusions reached by the
commission appointed by Postmaster-
General Hitchcock to look into the
subject and to prepare rules and regulations  for  its  administration.    Tlie
value to the banks, and yet the clients
put through sufficient business in the' commission have been making a close
way of Cheques to give as much trou-  gtudy of English  postal banks statis-
ble to the staffs as an account ten
times tho size and of some value to
the Institutions.
It is statod In New Vork that there
is every prospect that the question "f
charging for the keeping of small accounts by banks and trust companies
will soon get Into vogue. This, however, will apply only to customers
keeping a balance of a few hundred
dollars and checking frequently. The
practice of charging for such accounts has been customary in England for years, and bank and trust
companv officials claim that it Is only
on account of justice to their institutions, as expenses are heavy and they
have to keep a large cash reserve.
Tho latest Institution which has
joined the movement for more conservative methods In conduct of tlie
bank and trust company business is
the Title Guarantee & Trust Co. This
companv used to point with a certain
pride tii lis long list of $100 accounts
on which it paid a nominal interest.
But now the company has sent out a
notice to its depositors calling attention to a change in policy.   Tlie com-
tics, and have found that there are
ii,000.000 depositors in the postal
banks of that country. They estimate
that there will be not less than lo.-
000.000 in the United States banks,
and that lt will take from 80,000 to
100.000 ledgers to keep the accounts
straight. These ledgers alone will
require the services of not less than
10,000 additional bookkeepers.
The commission have been trying
to find a substitute for postal bank
pass book, without avail. They are
confronted with the problem of how-
to keep 10,000,000 pass books sent in
semi-annually for the computation of
interest due the depositors. If this
system cannot be avoided it is the
judgment of the commission that a
centra! office will have to be maintained for no other purpose than the
computation of interest.
Trust  Block. Columbia   St.
Opposition   fo   Converting   Institution
Into    Municipal    Hospital.
Winnipeg,  Aug.   4.���An   interesting
report   lias   been   submitted    to    the
of   the   Winnipeg
..anv is going to charge .1 per month | board  of trustees
on  all  accounts that  do not average j General hospital by the committee re-
It is explained that It does notjcently    appointed    to    consider    the
small  accounts | needs of the institution and its future,
following   recommendations   are
made by the committee:
pav  to  handle  these
for nothing, lot alone pay interest on  The
-Earl   Grey
First���That  the   Institution   remain
a voluntary hospital.
Second���Pending    enlargement
On   Way
Winnipeg,  Aug
nnrtv party left
cial'train for Selkirk.   Tomorrow they. to bo made to care for urgent cases
will   visit  Lower Fort
Andrew's   locks,  and
will   embark   on   the
N'orwav hduse and the fat
it midnight on a spe-tbe hospital, temporary arrangements
Garry nnd  St. especially children.
n  the evening |    Third���That the city at once erect
Wolverine   for-a, new., tuberculosis nnd isolation hos-
hortli'. 'pital'
Insure Your Livestock
or other live-
Empire  Insur-
For a small cost you can insure your horse, cow,
stock, against death from any cause ln The British
anee Co., Ltd.
If you own a small house worth but a few hundred dollars, you
would want it Insured at once; yet that house can only be destroyed
by fire, while your horse or cow may be lost to you by fire or from
a  hundred  other  causes.
Judging by the business already done by this company tends fair
to make the insurance on each individual owner so small that any.
one owning a horse or a cow can't afford to take the risk individually.
"The Insurance Man"
651 Columbia Street Phone 62
Fourth���Outdoor department to be
improved and maternity hospital to
bo rebuilt.
Fifth���That the $400,000 given for
hospital purposes be re-submitted.
Sixth���Trustees definitely declare
their unalterable . opposition- to the
General hospital being converted Into
a municipal hospital.
Seventh���For an annual grant by
the city to the hospital in lieu of the
per capita allowance of $1 per day
for charity patients.
Eighth���To meet civic authorities
for a discussion of the- Whole" subject. wm
Eighth Street Sewer.
The Municipal Council of the Corporation of the City of New Westminster having by resolution determined and specified that it is desirable to carry out the following works;
that is to say:
To construct sewers on tlie following streets',   namely:
Hamilton    street,   between    Eighth
and   Sixth   streets;    Seventh   avenue.
between   Eighth  and  Fourth  streets:
Princess  street, between  Eighth  and
Sixtli   streets;    Princess   street   from
Fourth   street   eastwards;    Sixth   avenue,   from   Tenth   to   Sixth   streets,
Fifth   avenue,   from   Tenth   to   Sixth
streets:   Belmont street;  St. Andrews
street, from Tenth to Eighth streets;
Fourth  avenue, from  Tenth  to  Sixth
streets;    Kennedy   street;    Blackford
street:   Third avenue, from  Tenth  to
Sixth streets; street between Ash and
Severn li   streets;   Welsh   street;   Milton   street;   Robson   avenue;   Queens
avenue from Tenth to Sixth streets:
Gloucester street;  Royal avenue from
Mclnnes   to   Seventh   streets;   Agnes
street from Mclnnes to Sixth streets;
Moody  sireet;   Holbrook  street,  Cunningham street from Eighth to Sixth
streets:   Victoria street from  Eigthth
to Lorne streets;  Victoria street from
McKenzie to Sixth streets; Carnarvon
street   from   Tenth   to   Sixth   street;
Ramage street;  Clarkson street, from
McKenzie  to  Sixth  streets;   Columbia
street, from Tenth to Mclnnes streets;
Tenth Btreet from Columbia street to
Seventh avenue: Mclnnes street, from
Columbia    street    to    Royal    avenue;
Gilley street:   Ninth street;   McNeeley
Sealed Tenders addressed to the undersigned,  and  marked  on  the envelope "Tenders for Sewer," will be received  at  the  ofiice of  the  Commissioners of the Transcontinental  Railway, at Ottawa, Ontario, until twelve
o'clock noon of the H'lth day of July,
1910. for the excavation, construction,
and completion of a main sewer line
for  the   Winnipeg   shops   situated  in
Section 5, Tp. 11, Range 4 E.. on the
line of the National Transcontinental
Railway, ahout six miles east of Win:
nipeg. extending from the pump house
and terminal yard to the Seine River.
Plans   and   specifications   may   be
'seen In the office of Mr. Gordon Grant,
Chief Engineer of the Commissioners,
at Ottawa, Ont.. and in the office of
Mr.  S.   R.   Poulin,  District   Engineer,
St.   Boniface,  Man.
Persons tendering are notified that
tenders will not be consideied unless
made on the form supplied by the
Commissioners, wliich may be had
on application to the Chief Engineer
at Ottawa, or to the District Engineer
at   St.   Boniface,  Man.
Each tender must be si. npd and
sealed by all the parties to the tender,
and witnessed, and be accompanied by
an accepted cheque on a chartered
Bank of the Dominion of Canada, pay.
able to the order of the Commissioners of tlie Transcontinental Rail
way. for the sum equal to ten per cent
(10 p. c.) of the amount of the tender.
Any person whose tender is accepted sliall, within ten days after the
signing thereof, sign the contract,
specifications, and other documents
required to be signed, and in any case
John Salvator, of Austria,
Bobs Up in Person of
Baron de Otto.
Mi.  Fraser  uj��� r
for about three wH? . .n ^'
ing to the nor-!: wlth\ *0r�� mj
Ply of provision.    t*(. *'lB,��'< ��
wU"  *00d8   '������ e  ;d.lr.s'��
patched   up  the  Athaha.     ee�� fe
*e bulk of th�� wwftt**'
.in when the t
Veteran Trapper Returns to
Edmonton   From
With Furs Worth $10,000
rai perg i
street;   Blackie street, from Columbia of refusal or failure on the part of the
to Carnarvon streets; Summer street; party whose tender Is accepted to eie
Burr street, from Milton street north- cute and complete the contract with
wards;   Simcoe  street;   Eighth   street the   Commissioners,   the   said   cheque
from   Columbia  to   Hamilton   streets; shall    be   forfeited
Alexander sireet; Begbie street;
Lorne street; McKenzie street; Fife
strc-et: Ash street; Seventh street;
Fifth street, from Sixth to Seventh
avenues; Fourth street from Sixth to
Seventh   avenues;    Brantford   street
^^^^^^^^^^^^ to the Commissioners as liquidated damages for such
refusal or failure, and all contract
rights acquired by the acceptance of
the tender shall be forfeited.
The   cheque   deposited   by   parties
whose tenders Is accepted will be de-
from Sixth to Seventh streets, to be ' posited to the credit of the Receiver
known as the Eighth street sewer ays-, General of Canada, as security for the
tent. due and  faithful  performance  of  the
And  that  the  said  works  shall  be (Contract according to its terms,
carried   out   in   accordance   with   the;    The   cheques   deposited   by   parties
provisions of the Local  Improvement j whose tenders are rejected will be re-
General   Bylaw,   1909. j turned wrthln ten days after the sign-
And the City Engineer and City As-1 ing of the contract,
sessor having reported to the Council ���.    The right is reserved to reject any
in accordance with the provisions of, or all tenders,
the said  bylaw upon the said works. I By order,
giving      statements      showing      the j P. B. RYAN,
amounts  estimated  to  be  chargeable ' Secretary,
,The Commissioners of the Transconti-
Edmonton, Aug. 4.���Bringing out
from the north the harvest of furs of
various kinds gathered during tlie
past winter in the district about Fort
Chlpewyan, at the head of Lake Athabasca, Colin Fraser, accompanied by
his son, Fred Fraser. arrived in the
city on Saturday night after a trip
lasting for twenty-live days, tive of
which were spent at Athabasca Landing. While in the city they are guests
at the St. James hotel.
Nineteen packs of furs, valued at
about $1(1.000 are being brought out
by the trappers on this trip. The furs
will arrive in the city from Aatha-
basca Landing this evening, and will
probably be disposed to the dealers
In the city as in former years. Mr.
Fraser Is not bringing in any rat skins
this summer, as all these were disposed of to the Hudson's Bay coin-
company, at Fort Chlpewyan,
The shipment now on its way to the
city consists of skins of almost every
kind of animal native to the north
country, such as beaver, martin, lynx,
weasel, fox and other furry quadrupeds.
To a reporter Mr. Fraser stated last
evening that the prospects for a bar-
I vest of rats next winter are not very
promising.     The   rats   appear   to   be
steamer at Fort McMurray. There
were fourteen passengers on the
steamer to Athabasca Landing.
The party of F. J. P. Crean, the
government survey man, who ls conducting a:i exploration of the country
east of the Athabasca river, with a
view to ascertaining the agricultural
possibilities of the country, was met
by the Kewatin at Poplar Point, nine-
|ty miles south of Fort Chlpewyan.
North [count von Hammersteln, who left for
the north at-^^^^^^^^^^^^^_.,   ,
equipment   with   which   to  engage  in  tlieir wageB in
work at his oil fields, had just moored   were  out   of   work  ^"" un
his scows at a point a few miles from : Trunk  strike.    His  mills    '!
where  the  oil   fields | closed  down.    ~
Psys   Men  Whil. u..
Ottawa,   Aug.  4.- j      lde
north about two months ago with  tawa's lumber king, h'a8 ' ��� ����t!l
R. Boot
* hud
New York. Aug. 4.���Again the report appears that the versatile and adventuresome Archduke John Salvator,
of Austria, who was supposed to have
been drowned with his wife in a storm
while rounding Cape Horn in 1890
white he was on his way to Chile, is
alive. A man known as Baron de Otto,
but supposed to be the long missing
archduke, was in New York until May
ju last, when he left for Europe.
He came here on a business trip, accompanied by the Marquis de Cassor-
etti, to consult John P. Everett, a law.
yer of No. 32 Liberty street, concerning certain property rights ln one of
the South American republic. He
came here April 1 and stopped for
a while at the Waldorf-Astoria. Later
he. the Marquis and the archduke's
wife, went to the Netherlands. The
wife of the Archduke was reported to
have been a remarkably pretty woman some years his junior. She was
exquisitely dressed.
Great    Linguist    and    Student.
Mr. Everett describes rlie Baron as
being one of the most. accomplished
linguists he ever met. He said he
seemed to be familiar with the history
of all the reigning families of Europe.
He was fascinating, cultured and a
great student.
"There was scarcelv a subject," Mr.  5  .        --, j, .1.1
ci,.._.n    ���.j   .. u. v.  1 u       .   dying off from some disease that  has
Everett said,    on  which  he cou d not .   .     ., ,_ .       , .
,���,,. ,���. ,,,    ���,.   ,. w��*u appeared  In  their  midst  onlv  recent-
talk intelligent!v. , ' *  ���. ,.,.,.. ,
iv    The resu t is that ln nearly every
Fort McMurray. where tne 011 neios 1 cioseu uown. The men'miT,10
are situated, when the passengers,today and publicly thanked m *
from the north passed up the river.     I'"�� ���**���* -"
I for the gin.
Excursion Fares
Mr. Everett would not sav whether   '���".  ,  , ,
  ��� ., 7    rat  house can be found several dead
animals.   It will require several years
the Baron told him he was the archduke  or  not.    He   declared   that  his  ^r*"^ [0 recover "from the effects
relations  with  the  baron   were confidential.    He would not deny that the
against   the  various  portions of  real
property to be benefitted by the said .
works  and  other particulars and  the i
said reports of the said City Engineer
and City Assessor having been adopted by the council.
Notice is hereby given that the said
reports are open for inspection at
the Office of the City Assessor, City
Hall, Columbia street, New Westminster. B, V.. and that unless a petition
against tlie proposed works above
mentioned, signed by a majority of
the owners of the land or real property to be assessed or charged in re-
spect of such works representing at
least one-half in value thereof Is presented to the Council within fifteen
days from the date of the first publication of this notice the Council will
proceed with the propose! improvements under such terms and conditions as to the payment of the cist
of such improvements as the Council
may by bylaw in that behalf regulate
and determine and also to make the
said assessment,
Dated this 2nd day of August, A. D.,
Acting City C!erk.
Dite of first publication, August 3,
District of New Westminster.
New Westminster Land District.
Take notice that I, Norman Caswell,
cf Abbotsford, B.C., miner, intend to1
apply to the Chief Commissioner ot
Lands at Victoria, B.C., for a license
to prospect for coal and petroleum
on and in the following described
Commencing at a post marked N. C, I
N.   E.   corner,  planted  at  tlie   N.  E.
corner of Section 19, ln Townsliip 19,:
Municipality   of  Sumas,    New   Westminster    District;      thence   south   80
chains; thence west 80 chains; thence
north 80 chains; thence east 80 cliains
to  point   of commencement  and  con-1
taining   i;io  acres.
Dated  at  Abbotsford.  B.C.. this 9th;
day  of  June.  All,  1910.
nental Railway.
Dated at Ottawa. July 8, 1910.
Newspapers inserting this advertisement witlK ut authority from the Commissioners will not be paid for it. **
Rae & McLellan
Trapp Block
Phone  714
IN THE  MATTER  of the Companies
Act,  1910,
IN   THE   MATTER   of   Hale   Bios.   &
Kennedy. Limited: j
thc above-named Hale Bros. ti Kennedy. Limited, wlll one month after
the Tth day of July, 1910, apply to
the Registrar of Companies for approval, changing its name to Kennedy
Bros.,  Limited.
Dated New Westminster, B. C, July
7,   191(1. ,
B.   S.   KENNEDY,
Secy. Hale Bros. & Kennedy, Ltd.
7 Roomed House, with
furnace in basement.
Thoroughly Modern.
Splendid Location on
5th Avenue, and Clos3
to Car Line.   Price,
Rae & McLellan
Trapp Block
Phone   714
visitor said he was the missing archduke.
The story of the archduke's life
outrivals fiction in strangness and adventure. He is officially recorded in
Austria as being dead, but many of
his friends and the world at large believe him among the living.
Renounces    His    Title.
He renounced his title as an archduke, his right to succession to the
throne, resigned liis commission as a
gneeral in the army, almost precipitated a war between Austria and Germany by publication of a pamphlet,
married an actress, against the wishes
and efforts of his titled relatives, finally left for London and then purchased
a boat and started for Chile. That
trip ends the career of the archduke
so far as the world today has any
Le made Emille Stubel, an actress
playing in Vienna, his morganatic
wife. For a wdiile they lived on his
estate. Life was made unbearable for
him by his relatives and others.
Through it all his wife stood loyally
by him, even when the larger portion
of his wealth was gone. They went
to London, where be formally married
her. to make secure her wifehood.
Under the name of John Orth he purchased a sailing craft, the Santa Mar-
garetha. A boat supposed to be the
Santa Margaretha was some time
later reported a derelict o:T Cape
Hoin. This fact led to the presumption that he had been drowned.
of the epidemic  and  multiply  to the
numbers that existed when the trap- i
ping opened last  winter.
Mr. Fiaser stated that such epidemics have at times appeared among
other animals of the north, diminishing tlieir number greatly.
Several passengers were brought in
from the north on Mr. Eraser's steamer. Kewatin, among there were B.
Herschel. of Smith Landing, who traveled with the Frasers from Fort Clii-
pewyan, and R. Dewer and J. Donovan, prospectors, who have been Investigating the district about Clearwater   river,   and   who    boarded    the
-TO   THE-
August 1 5 to 20.
Tickets on Sale August 15 to 20.    Final Return Limit|
August 24.
Pare $1.05
For the Round Trip From WESTMINSTER.
Apply : Or White To :
ED. GOULET, Agent,    C. B. FOSTER, A.G.P.A,
New Westminster Vancouver, B, Cl
****************************+*+****+++** ***************
Comedy, the most essential seasoning and flavoring of theatrical presentations; will be found in bountiful
proportions in the production of
"Pierre of the Plains." at the Opera
house tonight. Harold Nelson. Canada's foremost tragedian and dramatist, will appear in the leading role,
and in all probabilities the play aB a
whole will be the most interesting of
all this seasons crop of metropolitan
productions. "Pierre of the Plains."
affords full scope to Mr. Nelson's
wonderful versatility as a peer In the
histrionic art. To his auditors here
the interest ought to be doubly great
since the role ho assumes is one with
which all are familiar and which has
a direct api eai to those who love depiction of heart-interest that are not
overdrawn or exaggerated. Pierre lis
a "breed" with whom the French and
whiles have little in common beyond
a ''eslro to antagonl/." and put down.
Jen Galbralth. the comely daughter of
a roadhouso keeper. Is the target of
Pierre's mute devotion. She Is told
tales of Pierre being unworthy, and a,
common gambler, but his real coiir-
ageousness ass irts Itself after a
tragedy is enacted and many exciting
events transpire that are really thrilling.
Mr. Nelson's support Is capital. Miss
Orace Johnston, a beautiful daughter
Of the Pacific slope, handles the part
of Jell admirably, and at once wins
hearty approbation from her listeners,
Her gowns and frocks arc gorgeouH
Importations of Worth, the Paris
modiste, and were made especially for
the part, of Jen.
We are clearing our Camp Furniture al greatly reduced prices.   Head keki
Camp Stools
Camp Blankets
Per Pair
Guaranteed all
Feather Pillows
Matting for the]
Floor, per yard
The Stools and Chairs are Just the Thing for thc Veranda    ^
Denny & Galloway
1   43-45 Sixth Street,
New Westminster,
* aiore mioses   vyeanesuay /-\*.  i   *j. iu. ���������������������I
Store Closes  Wednesday At 1 p. m.
$50 Down and $50
Every 6 Months For
Two Years, Buys  a
rmy.i ftpm;
���'..:\ i
White Rock   Time  Table
Leave New Westminster���
8:15 a. m., 10:30 a. �����-<
4:30 p m., midnight.
Leave   White   Rock
_ 6:02
a.m.; 1:55, 5:35 and 8:45
p. m.
WHSTE, SHILES & CO., New Westminster Agents
< f   i DAy, AUGUST 5,  1910.
ht list a Positive Cure has been found for
l"  i    _..*    nn    In    \tlm*m~tm     Or*       u..     .      r-     r-	
ured and  put up in Victoria, B. C, by J. F. Fitzpatrick,
628 Hornby, Vancouver.    Phone  R 4845.
to  New Westminster  in  a
ne more proof oi ih<
of the
at the
address   later.
\sthma Cure.
Vancouver man has to say about the Agthma Cure.
38th Ave., South Vancouver.
rj' rpati Ick!
.:. -Having suffered for two years lrom asthma, l was Induced to
'our Hostal Remedy, and alter taking flve bottles for the Bame
pleased to say I am cured. I think you have B splendid
bavins tried a host of different euros, yours was the
.   me relief.    Should  you  wish  to send any
  i siiall be only too glad to answer any
Yours  sincerely, '
I uly 9, 1910.
ll 11|U
���remedy ���
1      thing "' give
to sue me I
..   :������
Aeroplanes May Mean Rapid'Outcry Raised- Mob Pursues
Escape From   Burden of)    Blacks and Forces Them
Naval Armaments.
tO Leave Beach.
Jerilize   your kitchen   things and
lake them wholesome and sanitary
Soap only cleans;  GOLD DUST cleans and
i washes over the surface, leaving a greasy
behind it;GOLD DUST digs deep after germs
d impurities, and insures purity and safety.
>oap needs muscle help (as an exerciser/it's
; GOLD DUST does all the hard part of the
rk without your assistance, leaving you to take
mr exercise in a more enjoyable manner.
OLD DUST is a good, honest, vegetable oil
p, to which is added other purifying materials
ust the right pro- \ i r
rtions to "cleanse _ ^s^Ml///,
ply, vigorously,
[without harm to
mc, utensil or
Let the GOLD
UST Twins do
jr work."
inclusion of the submarine in
year's naval manoeuvres und the
j astonishing development of power-
nlghl on both sides of the Atlantic
suggest Interesting speculations on
the future of naval warfare, says a
wntor in the London Chronicle. It is
*i i iii cult, to avoid the suggestion that
j the day may be even now in sight that!
| will present the Dreadnoughts In thel
true light of Its absurdity as the most1
disastrous means ever devised bv hu-1
mainly for the wasting of human'lives
and human skill and wealth and endeavor. The development of the submarine Is limited because the verv
conditions of its effective existence
condemn it to purbltndness. But with
the advent of the passenger-carrving
aeroplane there Is placed at the disposal of the ifations for the first time
whal may prove to be a cheap and
rapid and effective means of escape
from the grinding burden of naval armaments.
n is unnecessary at this date to an- j
tlclpate the development of the Hying:
machine.    Present   achievements  afford   an   ample  basis   for  speculation.!
If one  man  can   fly  at  seventy  miles!
an  hour today, ten thousand may do;
the same.    If tour can soar above the |
clouds, it is open for any number who;
care to take the risk to follow them.
I It    Is   no   disparagement   of   the    self-}
sacrificing    endeavors    of    aeroplane
i pioneers to say that there is no secret
|of flight.    .Men have learned to fly in
twenty minutes.   At present, no doubt,
safety   lies  in  special  individual  aptitude.    But safety is noi the main consideration in war.
The Invulnerable Aeroplane.
No one at all familiar with mo lem
artillery will be likely to maintain ihe
possibility of hitting a minute sp��cK
in the sky. traveling at three times
the speed of a battleship, able to soar
and dive, to wheel and dodge on the
pivot of a wing's tip. The aeroplane
imports into human conflict the new
and terrible element of absolute
New York, Aug. 4.���An attempt was j
made to lynch two negroes at Coney j
Island today because the negroes
wanted to bathe in tlie ocean with the j
white men and women. Bryant Teal ;
and Frank Davis, the negroes, had j
narrow escapes.
They slipped into bathing suits dur- j
ing the heat of the day and went to!
the pier. About sixty white men and !
women were in the water at the time. I
An outcry against the presence or tho !
negroes was raised by some one.
Several men grabbed Davis, who is!
slignt of build, aud pulled him out'
Into deep water. They did not know '
that he could swim and their object:
seemed to be to drown him.
Davis was pulled beyond his depth
but  ne  proved  a  good  swimmer  and,
saved   himself   by   striking   out   and'
away  from   the   whites  who  seemed
to want his life.   He made a wide de-j
tour, got to shore and ran for cover. |
In the meantime, Teal, who stands;
six feet high and is of powerful build, !
had gotten ashore and taken to Might!
under a hail of stones. The crowd j
took after him.
Teal was almost winded, when a
white man named James Denver saw-
bis plight and called him into his little place of business. Denver stood
off the crowd while Teal hid in the
rear until he got his wind again.
Then he slipped out of a back window
and continued his flight until he was
safely home.
In the chase after Teal so much excitement was created that a dozen
calls for the police were sent.
Tenders   for    Royal    Columbian    Hos
pital,  New Westminster,  B. C.
Sealed lenders, addressed to the undersigned, and marked on the envelope "Tenders for Royal Columbian
Hospital." will be received at the
ofiice of the Secretary, Thomson block.
New Westminster, B. C, until lu
o'clock noon, of Monday, tlie fifteenth
day of August, 1910.
Plans and specifications may be
seen at the ollice of the architects.
Messrs. Birds & Blackmore, 306 Loo
bloclc. Vancouver, B. ('., or at the
Secretary's ollice, Thomson block,
New Westminster, R. C.
Each tender must be signed and
sealed by all the parties to the tender, and witnessed, and be accompanied by an accepted cheque on a
chartered bank, payable to the order
of the Board of Managers of the Royal
Columbian Hospital, equal to five per
cent of the amount of the tender.
Any person whose tender is accepted, shall, within one week after the
acceptance thereof, sign the contract,
specifications and other documents required to be signed, and in any case
of refusal or failure on the part of
the party whose tender is accepted, to
complete and execute the contract
with the Board of Managers, the said
cheque shall be forfeited to the Board
of Managers as liquidated damages for
such refusal or failure.
The person whose tender is accepted, will be required to provide
a bond satisfactory to the Board of
Managers, equal to ten per cent of
the amount of the contract.
The cheque deposited by parties
whose tenders are rejected will be
returned within ten days after the
signing of the contract.
The lowest, or any tender, not necessarily accepted.
W.  H.  KEARY,
Secretary  Iloval  Columbian Hospital.
P. 0. Box 59.
Xew Westminster, B. C, July 14,
Take notice that an application has
boen made to register Duncan Bell
Hall as the owner in fee simple, under
a Tax Sale Deed from E. A. Wilmot,
inspector of dykfs, to Duncan Bell
Hall, bearing date the 13th day of
June, A.D., 1907, of all and singular
that certain parcel or tract of land
and premises situate, lying and being
in the District of New Westminster,
ln the Prj.'.i e ot British Columbia,
more parti-, il irly known and described as part 3.00 anes of the southeast
quarter of Section 18, Township 3,
Range 29, west of fith  Meridian.
You and those claiming through or
under you and all persons claiming
any Interest In thi said lan'd by virtue
of any unre "'Jtoted instrument, and
all persons cliiT.ing any interest ia
the said land by d(-f ��� ent, whose title
is not re fisCored ''.i��er the provisions
of the "Land RenlPtry Act," are required to contest lie c!��j!:q of the tax purchaser within for'.y flve days from the
date of the flrst pu a!-cation of this
notice upon yju and in default of a
caveat or certifLa'e of .is pendens
being filed w'fMn suc'i jcriod, or ia
default of re1irr.ption r-ftora registration, you aaJ cnoh of yen w'll be forever estopped and riebarnd from setting up any Halm to o: In ir-spcct of
the said land, ��nd I sha.l register
Duncan Bell Hall as owner thereof
In fee. And l here, y orde." that publication of this nolK'o for thirty days
In a daily newspipfi pi blished in N'ew
Westminster wll he food and sufficient service tl)ir.-.f
Dated at tho [.<���. 1 Registry Office,
New Westminster, rro''nce'o* British
Columbia, this ;^0th day of April, A.
D., 1910.
I tFtrict Registrar.
To Canada Pe-manent Loan & Sav-
lngs Co.; Oppenheimer Bros., Ltd.,
Liability; G. W. Leishman; J. W. Hew-
or fulminate into the gaping funnels,
and finally circling slowly above them
' and dropping the  remainder of their
cargo at leisure.
When  the  smoke  cleared  the  sea
, would  be  dotted with  crippled  aero-
. planes���whose   pilots   have   failed  to
j restart their engines, or had lost their
in-1 sense of balance in excitement, or, too
The tremendous anna-; daringly, had entered the hail of rifle
jtnont of  the Dreadnought,  its devas-' and machine gun fire and received ai
Easterbrook Milling Company,
Eburne,   B. C.
HUNGARIAN JEWEI $6.50 per bbl.
IMPERIAL       $6.75   per  bbl.
TERMINAL |5.25 per Bbl.
HINDOO FLOUR $4.50 per Bbl-
[de by THE   N.   K.   FAIRBANK   COxMPANY
Makers oi FAIRY SOAP, the oval cake.
Ve carry in stock an assortment of BLUE WHITE WESSELTONS. ���
| Prices in Rings  $40  to  $400. J
��� Is are  the  BEST procurable in Canada, and is a pleas- a
|re to show same, J
Contractors and
^Blouse Builders
e have a full
'udders' Harch
3eW Bidding Sec Us, as wc
*>��>'���    Also Complete   Stock
line   of   tke
in tkis City.
believe   wc   can   save   you
of   PAINTS   and   OILS
T. J. Trapp & Co., Ltd.
B.C. Mills
imber and  Trading
Manufacturers and Dealers in All Kinds of
oyal City Planing Mills Branch
New Westminster
Box  13/
��� '*_
. 'f<6'
/���*' ������
(MapL Leaf Label)
n,n��, because it b pure, nutritious and Tery economical.
tating broadside of twelve-inch guns
as well as its innumerable quick-firers
will be useless at ranges and trajectories so utterly incalculable. It is
due to no deficiency in the weapon
itself, but to the limitations of tlie
man behind it. Humanity has at last
devised an engine of war that its
own highest skill is incapable of hitting With artillery. To kill a foot
soldier in warfare his own weight in
bullets must be fired at him. N'o
Dreadnought could store or discharge
\ the tornado of projectiles necessary to
stop one aeroplane in full  Bight.
Examination of the achievements of
! the past year leads inevitably to the
I belief that the bombardment or block-
lading of tlie coast of a civilized na-
j tion has become finally impossible.
Picture the position of a naval com-
| mander charged with the blockade of
I London and the reduction of the for-
*} I tifieations  of  the  Thames.    Grant,  if
��� you please, that  the  British  navy  is
��� ! occupied elsewhere, and that a prog-
x | ressive war office has I'orseen the con-
��� itingency.    The foreign  admiral's fleet
1 of a  dozen  Dreadnoughts   will   have
cost ��20,000,000, and will be manned
by perhaps, twenty thousand men.
whose training represents almost as
much again of suken capital.
Aeroplanes   in    Action.
As the admiral fires his first shot,
from the safety of a central camp at
Aldershot aeroplanes  are  hurried  to-
| wards the coast in specials trains.   A j
thousand  of  them,  as  a  preliminary|
I measure,   would   be    deposited    with
] tlieir pilots on the coast of Kent and
their dismountable parts assembled in
I an  hour.    They  have cost less  than
half the price of a single Dreadnought,
land the entire aerial fleet requires no
more than a Dreadnought crew.
In the dusk they depart ln single
file for the blockading warships, flying at a height of a thousand feet, or
even two thousand. Some flutter und
collapse at once. A few take fire and
explode ln mid-air. Still others plunge
steeply to earth, and vanish in an
angry spurt of flame. We are considering the aeroplane at its present
stage of efficiency.
Bul the large majority cover the
twenty or thirty miles in safety, reaching the blockading fleet at a speed
which It cannot rival, and at a height
it cannot reach by gunfire. Probably
the first warning that the warships
will receive will be the splash of a
bomb that has missed and the distant
purr or the aviator's engine as he restarts it after planing down upon the
battleships and soars preparatory to
another swoop.
An Attack From the Clouds.
At once the Dreadnought fleet is
transformed from a company of terrible engines of devastation manned
by trained and confident lighters into
so manv impotent hulks animated by
futile operators of small arms. The
mighty broadside, the powerful turbines,'the thousands of tons of armor-
plate-all are useless as If they had
been left behind, Down towards the
sputtering populous decks the aeroplanes will dive from the clouds in
"vol plane"���a matter of seconds���
perhaps trailing after them large par
cols of high explosives at the endI of
sleel wires connected with a battery.
One after another they will swoop
from every point of the compass motors throttled into silence until the
blow is struck. As long as they have
ammunition they will continue to rise
and return and swoop, washing clear
the decks of the apprehensive war-
ships with blazing petrol, rendering
their gun-turrets immovable and un-
lnhabitablo, blinding their marksmen
will,   smoke  shells,   later   flying   low
and se
���eking to cast bombs ot lyddite .means.-
chance bullet. But even at the pres-
ent stage most of the aeroplanes
would be able to return to their base
for fresh supplies of bombs.
Whether by day or night the moral
effect of such an attack would be be-1
yond calculation. At a total risk in
lives and material amounting probably to only one-twentieth of the stake
represented by the Dreadnought fleet,
those huge complex and costly mechanisms would have been diverted from
i the purpose for which they were built
j to one for which they were never in-
j tended and to which they must al-
; ways remain totally inadequate.
I Whether sunk or not they would rep-
! resent so much lost capital���so much
j splendid achievement consigned to
I the scrap heap.
A Dreadnought is too big to hide,
and too intricate to be replaced within the term of any conceivable war.
Aeroplanes, on the other hand, can
be turned out by the score as long
as the nation requiring them retains
control of wood and canvas and a few
acres of its land. They can hide in
any railway station or be packed into
a coachhouse. Command of the sea,
won by blood and maintained by treasure, lasts indefinitely, but no nation
can hope to secure absolute command
of the air for a single month. It
would mean wrecking every workshop in the enemy's country and imprisoning every mechanic. As long as
a hostile warship remained within,
sight of the coast of Britain, swarm
after swarm of cheap and rapid aeroplanes could be launched upon it.
Sometimes by day in hordes, sometimes by night in single spies, they
would wear out the nerves of Its demoralized crew, and finally destroy it
with a single lucky shot. Hundreds
might fall into the sea, a thousand
might fail and return to try again.
But if one only succeeded in planting
its load in a "vital spot the victory
would be to the British. If you are
able, at the expenditure of ��150,000,
to inflict ��2,000,000 worth of damage,
you have won.
So much for the present day. Small
imaginative effort is required to picture a floating aeroplane base that
will be the deciding factor in the warfare of the open seas. On the model
of a "razee" Mauretania for instance,
such a cruiser would have a speed
that would enable it to show a clean
pair of heels to any armour-encum-
bere.l Dreadnought yet conceived.
Standardised aeroplanes would be
packed into its hold, perhaps two
thousand pilots would find quarters on
board, between decks would be workshops and handy packages of explosives. The deck of such a vessel would
be ample for launching against the
wind���a hundred feet usually suffices
the skilled aviator, instead of eight
hundred. The difficulty pf fitting aeroplanes wilh a suitable hydroplane
skiff attachment that would enable
them to rise from the water is one
that may he solved at any moment.
Finally, the total cost would be less
than that of a single Dreadnought.
In this way the conflict would be
carried to the high seas���the same
unequal battle beginning with the futile chase of the floating aeroplane
dock, whose speed would enable it to
choose favorable conditions for discharging its aviators���a battle continued by equally futile flight from the
aerial swarm soaring high in circles
round the laboring battleships and
mining every sort of diabolical chemical upon their decks. Finally, the
aeroplanes descending to drop huge
bombs and trail torpedoes.
If there Is any meaning in the conquest   of the   air,   that   is   what   it
McQuarrie & Co.
New Westminster.
Telephone S33.
New Westminster to New Westminster
"��� Via
Steveston and Yancouver
Leaves Brackman-Ker wharf at 3 P.  M.  daily except Saturday, and
on Saturday for Steveston and way points.
A Delightful Trip for $1.50
Tickets at B. C. E. R. ticket offlce and on board steamer. Electric cars leave Steveston every hour (on the half-hour) for Vancouver.
See the  Famous Fraser River Canneries, Vancouver, Ete	
Round trip tickets to Steveston, Saturday afternoons,  .1.
****** ************* **********************************
Weekday Schedule
Cars leave Westminster for Vancouver at 5:50, 6:20, 6:50, 7:20,
8:00 and every half hour thereafter until 11 p. m.
Cars leave Vancouver for Westminster at 5:50, 6:50, 7:20, 8:00
and every half hour thereafter until 11:30 p. m.
Return Fare:  Adults, 60c;  children  under 12, 35c.
Sunday Schedule���Cars leave Westminster for Vancouver at 8
a. m. and every half hour thereafter until 11 p. m.
Cars leave Vancouver for Westminster at 8 a. m., 9 a. m. and
every half hour thereafter until 11:30 p. m.
Sunday Excursion Rates:   Return fare. 50c; children, 25c.
Freight Schedule���Freight cars leave Westminster for Vancouver
at 7:20 a. m, 11:20 a. m. and 3:20 p. m. Freight cars leave Vancouver for Westminster at 9:20, 1:20 and 5:20.
City  Limits Line���20-minute service from 5:40 a.m. to 11:20 p.m.
Sunday   Service���20-minute  service from 8 a.m. to 11:20 p.m.
Sapperton   Lino���20-minute   service from 6:10 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.
Sunday   Service���20-minute  service from 8:10 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.
******************* * *********************************
ia Street Snap
Six-room Modern House, on car line, Columbia Street. Has Cement Foundation.
Price, $2,500, $1,200 Cash, bai. to arrange.
McQuarrie Bros,
609  Columbia Street
The New Westminster City Specialists
i   t
w. .i.......... PAGE EIGHT.
The Oven
Of a Range
rTTHAT a perfectly constructed,
���*��� air-tight oven will bake better with half the fuel than a
loosely constructed oven, is a fact
beyond question. The Majestic
oven is made of heavier material
than any other, and is riveted (not
bolted) to a malleable I, or angle
iron frame, making it absolutely
air-tight. The oven in an ordinary stove or ranjje is bolted or
riveted to the range body, without
bracing and without frames, allowing a knife blade to pass
through corners and sides. It is
natural that with an oven constructed in this manner, it requires twice the fuel, and not near
as good results as can be obtained
in any oven of a Majestic Range.
The Majestic oven stays that way,
Note  tke  illuitntioa*.
New Things
To Eat
There's a popular proverb to the effect that
"a change is as good as
a rest."
No one can stop eating very well, but a
change of diet often
benefits the stomach and
the health in general.
That's why it may pay
you to. look over the
menu at the ROYAL
Cafe tonight.
The cooking is perfect,
retaining the delicious
natural flavor of the
The Royal Cafe
694 Columbia St., Phone 375
aa ** **#*********$**
.City News;
<****.******. *a*,mv*******9******M*****a***i *f*
N'o more bush fires of any magnitude have been reported at the office
of the crown timber a^ent.
White Rock for cool ��?a breezes. ������
The steamer Belfast arrived from
Todd inlet yesterday witli a lar^e
cargo of cement, consigned to Gill-y
went on to Steveston to have a look
at the canning operations. At one
lime the presence of forty or riiy
police might have been needed in
Steveston  but yesterday,  when  there
| were more policemen in the place than
i there ever  was  at  one  time  before.
| everything was quiet and the loca
force was f]uite competent  to handh
] all the business which offered.
Davies greenhouse is the place to
get bouquets, floral designs and all
kinds of cut flowers.   Phone R 208. *���
It  is announced  that tbe <neditors
of the defunct Crystal Glass company
vili ����ieive a dividend of thirty-three
% cents on the dollars.
See Fales for Camp Furniture, cheap
: and reliable. * ���
Miss C.  McNlven, first assistant at
the  High  school,  is  leaving  the city
shortly,  having  been  appointed  principal    of    the    new    Chilliwack    High
Three hundred and fifty dollars will
; buy a lot and build a cottage at White
I Kock.    White, Shiles  A:  Co.  will  tell
I you how.
There was no change
eye   situation   yesterday
; the catcbes were slight!:
I reported   for  the  few   days   previous.
: The   big   catch   is   expected   to   take
| plaoe on Sunday night.
Steamer Transfer will make Sun-
i day afternoon trips to Steveston
during the fishing season, fare $1.
Boat leaves Westminster at :-! p.m..
returning leaves Steveston at 0:30
p. m.
A   runaway   which   might   have  resulted disastrously took place at the
C.  P.  R.  freight  sheds yesterday.    A
j heavy   team  of   horses   belonging  to
: the   penitentiary   was   hitched   to   a
| wagon which was being loaded in the
sited.    Becoming frightened  for some
[ cause  the  horse  boltei   through  the
south door onto the C.  P.  R.  wharf.
It   was  thought  that  the  whole outfit
! would go Into the river, but the horses
: managed to turn on the dock success-
..     ��� fully   and   start   for   Columbia  street.
I On rounding the corner of the station
in the sock-.one of the horses slipped on the con-
except   that I crete sidewalk, thus stopping the run-
below those ' away.    There was  but  little damage
done to the team or the wagon. ���
For a pleasant cool drink, try the
Ice Cream Sodas at The Royal Cute. ��� ���
The train service to White Rock is
most convenient for campers: the business man can be in town by breakfast time. Three trains leave there
,for New Westminster in the afternoon
Arthur Sears, of Port Haney, at-)and evening, arriving at 2:50, 6:25
traded considerable attention on thejand 9:27 p. m. Trains for White Rock-
streets yesterday by being followed leave New Westminster at 8:15 and
around by two cub bears. The animals 10:30 a m . 4:30 m and midn,ght..
were captured by him on the Lillooet [
river and are very tame. Tbey will j j H Keller. M.A. of the High
be offered tor sale at the market this I school staff, has accepted the prtnei-
morning. jpalship of a North  Vancouver school.
The  management of the  Bohemian j i
Cafe sees to it that the best only is
served  there. *���
A   couple   of   small   bush   fires  oc- j
curred   in   the   city   limits   yesterday, i
I The Sapperton hall was called out to
| fight a blaze on Alberta street and |
later in  the  day  the  main  hall  was [
! notified that there was a bush fire in
the west end.    Chief Watson went to J
' investigate the latter fire and decided]
that it was not dangerous enough to ]
warrant calling out the brigade.
Quick delivery of all house furnish-
] inss bought, at Fales'. Our stock is
I complete, ti.e prices the lowest.    **
The Public
Supply Stores
Pot   plants  and  fresh   cut
at Tid> b  store.    Phone 1S4.
Market Square
PHONE 475.
The Central Hotel Cafe
Opposite B. C. E.  R. Depot
25c - Merchants Lunch - 25c
A  nice  line of
Manicuring  nece*��itiee���
The members of Westminster Coun-;
cil   Royal   Templars   of   Temperance
have decide 1 to hold a moonlight ex-,
Icursion to Langley on  Friday, August'
19, when a steamer will be chartered
by the Templars for the trip.    Moonlight   excursions   on   the   river   have
been well patronized this summer, and j
it is expected the venture of the temperance men will prove profitable.
Kellington    Brothers    wish   to   announce  that  on  and  after  the  ninth
of August they will occupy their,new!
j offices,  in  the Xoithern Crown  Hank
j uuilding. recently vacated by Wilson,
! Cook &. Co. **
Several  hun.lred  people turned out
to Queens park last night to hear the
second   band   concert   of  the   season.
i The night was perfect, the music good
a., i   the   ,. ��wd   was  greatly   pleased
j with the performance.    The first con-
j cert was held at Queens park because
j a stand  had not been built at Tipperary and the old one on the Ciescent
j had been condemned, but the two con-
I certs   have  been   such  a   success   at
the park  that it  is  likely that many
I more,  if  not all  the others,  will  be
j given there.
For carnations, sweet peas and
dahlias, phone Davies gieenhouse,
R 'JOS. ������
Fales' furniture figures are fair.  **
At  a  special  meeting  of tlie board
jof school trustees yesterday evening,
I vacancies   caused   by   the   resignation
Of  Mr.  Keller and  Miss  McNlven, of
the  High school staff, were filled, R.
McMillan, High school science teach-
, er. being promoted to first assistant,
succeeding  Miss  McNlven.    Mr.  An-
Iderson,   fourth   assistant,   was   gLen
ithe  second  assistant, hip and  Arthur
JAnsti\   a   recent   arrival   from   Eng-
I land,   was   appointed   third   assistant.
Miss Rorke wits given the position vacated by Mr. Anderson.
Swimming, boating, bathing and
I cool breezes at White Rock. Have
i you a summer cottage there? I
Chief of Police Bradshaw journeyed
I around the country yesterday with the
; delegates to the convention of Camu
1 dian chiefs of police, which Is at present, holding a session in Vancouver.
Tho party visltei N'ew Westminster
: for an hour or two yesterday and then
We want you to
place your order
NOW for
We are carrying
the best that can
be got.
Phone 92
T. A. MUIR & CO.
Dearie  Block���Four  Doors Ea*t
of Bank of Montrea'.
Some Special Snaps
5 lots on Second street. Excellent view. Streets on three sides
of  this  property.    $350  each.   Terms.
10 lots extending from First to Second street. This property
is especially well situated. Streets on three sides, and laue at rear.
Price $350 each.    Terms.    INVESTIGATE.
F. J. HART & CO., Ltd.     \
Friday and Saturday
Many of our customers will remember our Big Sale of Remnants held bst fall. Since 'hen we
have had neither time nor space to attempt the sale of the great accumulation of end ti ery fo
Bcrlption.    When these ends go on sale at  this our First Annual
customers may rest assured that the prices are going to be low���lower   than   cost   In   hundreds of ia.
stances.   We have divided them into lots at
25c, 35c, 50c, 75c, $1.00, $1.25, $1.50, &c
We will use all our center tables���giving them over to the Remnant Sale for the two days commencing Friday August 5. At these piices are ends of Dress Goods. Wash Fabrics, Staples Draperies
and Cottons of every description. See our window disj lay. No remnants sold al the prices until
Friday morning.
Thousands of Ends of
Laces, Embroideries and Ribbons
At 5c,   10c, 15c, 20c, 25c, 35c and 50c Each
Small ends of all  kinds of Lace, bits of Hair Ribbons and Dainty   Embroideries.    The;     re ���   -I
with  the crowd  on  Friday  and Saturday.    1;  is surprising how many are stowed awaj In the I
drawers  and   fixtures.    When we begin to get them ready for a sule like this is when we   ���
a collection there is.    By Saturday  night   there  will  be  but  a  small  number  left.    All  dlvl
making   it   more  convenient for customers  and  ourselves  alike.   That you may  Becuri   besl  ittentiK
we   advise   that   you   shop   early.
You insure your life, house,
business holdings, etc., etc. Why
not your (ace.
The policy of the "Gillette"
is to- insure you against further
shaving troubles, dull unhoned
razors, cuts, time lost, money spent.
A Gillette Safety Razor
establishes a long term insurance
policy for your face.
Jlsk or writ* for our freo booklet
OJcplalntng a hundred and on.
things you outfit to know ahout
shaving and tho car. of your face.
C.illcttc Safety Rizor Srt consists
of triple silver plated holder that will
last a lifetime, with 13 'toiihl. edged
blades ( n keen ed_es) iu velvet lined
leather cose.    Price f. ����.
Combination Setn���Bni9b, Soap, etc.
J6.50 lo Jju.oo
Sold By
is The Best in the Dominion. It's record of successful operation in this city, though not of W
years, is well known, and it is now better than
ever before.
A NEW TERM ommenceson Monday, Aug. I5'
It will pay you to attend.   Call at the School or
apply to
A.  L.  BOUCK, Principal
610 Columbia Street,
New  Westminster.
THE        0��lt_v MEW
"Pierre of tho Plains," with Harold
Nelson In the title role, will be seen
at the Opera house tonight. This will
be the last production to appear here
until the opening of the Kill season.
Men working on the C. N. R. on
tho other Bide of the river imagined
they were on the brink of the discovery of a tragedy yesterday when
then stumbled across a mound which
bore every resemblance to a grave.
They did not dig It up but notified
the provincial poilce. Provincial Constable Hutchinson and K. Murchie
went ovpr to investigate, but tlioir
delving revealed nothing- but earth in
the mound and what had at flrst the
appearance of a resrular Shorlock
Hotmes mystery resolved into a fniso
The   funeral  otji^i
den will take place M��     K_
twy  from  the r**M*��
ceased,  419  Fifth Btreel
H.   TICHB0RN6 P��Aj
a   Boy   He  Wai J
Famous ' ria.,.���rr.
He  was ���*���>������
London,   Aug.  4r_F.__.l4
trna     wilt
London, Aug. ^Irff8S jM
borne, who, as a e �� ��� * |
in Arthur Or.o.iil <��"[���, ***
possess    himself , M
estates, is dead. S"    <" **���
mnna hlir Eallie 111"'
,....u- -JB game bu ��*���  |o��� to j
turned  from an ��W*��, * *\
anl  on   his arrival b��m.   w
paralytic  stroke, *��


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