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Kek will see
inttosiastic   Meeting  En-
��*�� V. M. C. A. Pro-
,���U0O Collectors Busy
I posai
1.4 IVtW
fieri ot 0*
(V. M. C A
He council
Alumni  Association  Formed  by Resident Graduates at Meeting  Held
Yssterday Evening in City Hall.
;iitended meeting of sup-
movement to establibli
iu tills city *,*�� hold
luuu"- chamber of the city
111 yesterday evening. Ran. J. ii. lieu-
isuii occupying the chulr. Alter
Jflv gtatiag the purpose of tha
leeti'nu. Mr. Henderson culled unou
u. Bayer, western secretary of the
M. c. A~, to give a brief synopsis
the campaign  tor  the  necessary
Secretary Explains Scheme,
a concise manner Mr. Bayer In-
L:;,,i the meeting that the proposed
iildin.   would cost in the neighbored    ;  ; 5 000, and  would  be 42  by
feet, fronting on   Royal  avenue.
,  ���: inl  elevation  would  be three
tries while at the back there would
two additional  stories,    lt  would
tain BWimmlng baths, gymnasium,
58 rooms, recreation rooms and two
h     fitted out   with  forty Bleeping
i,       nts for young men.    He fully
|pi ted tl e building to be self sup-
rtlng within a short, time.
Speakers Support Movement.
I Several speakers addressed the
all tiling beai lily in favor
the movement, Included among
losi v- o spoke were W. R, Gilley,
tank MacKenzie, John Peck, L. B.
���usl r, T. .!. Trapp. R. .1. Rickman,
|i wan MacGowan, D. S. Curtis, Rev.
I��� Thompson, S. P. .Mark, E. A.
md J. D. Kennedy.
One ol the features of the meeting
as the number of young men preset, there being more boys, youths
ft under thirty In tlie council
than had been seen at  any
Irevlous gathering within those walls.
.: r thi speakers above named bad
Ired I elr views on the Y. M. C. A.
iovement, T. .1. Trapp moved and
B. Lusby seconded a resolution
1    .   was  desirable  to  proceed  at
J; with a campaign to raise $35,000
��� e   illdlng ol a Y. M. C. A, in
estminster.    This was curried
��� '       . ^^^^^
\Vlvl\\ oi    eso present at the meet-
volunteered to assist in tlie work
��� ting,
Campaign   Next   Week.
���'* ' i i       lectlng campaign will
k waged next week, commencing on
|ui - ng in an en J with a
/ 'ii Saturday evening,
P'l Mond f evei ing I be final commit-
*����� ��� ���< Hi   ���     be beld, probably In
I1-1' ' 0 ii r  ball, which is to be
1 rters of the campaign dur-
brigadi s will be at work, one
usiness   men   and the
:,;' "f t'"^ ��� om fifteen to elghtei n
There will be over one
mis   at    work   in   all.
T '-  ��Ul work In teams, every ills-
citj being thoroughly cov-
bri I
IE I.  Webbi i   was unanimously ap
I"1'1''1! trea urer   of   the   campaign
1      " ���     i I  will  be custodian of
collected  next  week.
A representative party of the university graduates residents in tbo
city of Now Westminster was held
last night at the city ball to form an
alumni association and to electe delegates to attend ths General Lower
Mainland of B. C. Committee In reference to tho u��w university site.
Dr. T. Waidlaw Taylor was elected
ohalrman and C. W. brown secretary.
Mr.   Stewart proposed  and  Professor
lim wash seeouced tbe resolution to
orgaatae Uie   Alumni   Association  of
New   Westmister,  wbicli  was carried.
Alter   some  discussion  is   was   decided  that   a   committee   of   six   be
eiiosen    by    ballot.      The    following
wore elected:    Professor Burwash, W.
K.   Hansford,   Ur.   T.   li.   Green,   Kev.
T. W. Taylor and Principal Straniberg.
Dr.SIpprell proposed and Rev. J. A.
Reid  seconded the  motion  that  tins
provisional   committee  take   steps  to
ensure  that   the   next    meeting,    at
wliich two delegates are to be elected
to confer with the general lower mainland committee, be called before the
general committee meets.
The meeting was attended by sixteen graduates of various universities
and the gentler sex was represented
by  Miss McNiven and  Miss Clark.
Event is Made the Occasion of Big Celebration---Speeches
Delivered on Bridge After Free Passage is Permitted
���McKenzie Gives Oliver Credit For Efforts
Signal    System,   New   Uniform,   New
Rules,  New   Men���Officer  Regan
Resigns  From  Force.
��� ���
��� Catania,     March     31.���The   ���
��� eruption  of   Mount   Aetna   In- ���
��� creased in intensity today. The ���
��� lava is flowing in the direction ���
��� of Borrello at  the-rate of 112 ���
��� feet an hour. ���
��� ���
"Gentlemen, the bridge is open,"
said Toll Collector Edwin Oddy.
"Old Ap, Dick," said S. O. Paulsen,
.,nd the first officially free trip over
the New Westminster bridge commenced yesterday evening.
The celebration in honor of the removal of the tolls was a great event.
The procession formed at tlie Guichon
hotel about eight o'clock and marched
to the bridge, all the way across It,
turned around, and like the fly in the
song, walked  right back  again.
A few minutes before eight o'clock
the sky had been lit up by a constant
stream of skyrockets from the centre of the bridge, and thousands of
people, attracted by the glare were
waiiing when the procession arrived.
Speeches delivered by 11. L. Edmonds, president of the Conservative
association; .1. W. Crelghton, provincial as'sessor; J. D. Taylor. Mayor
Lee and Frank MacKenzie, member
for belt a and high chief toll remover,
were all listened to by those who
could   bear   tbem.
FjtoMi the soft seat of a victoria
H. L. Edmonds acted as chairman of
the meeting and after stating the
reason for the gathering, which by
this time had pretty well filtered into
the minds of some of the spectators,
called on J. W. Crelghton to speak
nn behalf of the provincial government.
J. W. Creighton.
Mr. Crelghton congratulated the
people of Delta and the people of N'ew
halt the  crowd  heard.    "Ladles  and
' gentlemen,"  said  he, and the crowd
gave a roar of satisfaction, for It was
ithe llrst time during the evening that
some of the more remote listenrs had
some of the more remote listeners had
to  bo  beard  to   the  farthest  corners
of this crowd."     "Hear, hear!" yelled
a man somewhere near the centre of
the  bridge.    "That  is  an  evidence,"
said  Mr.   Lee  with  a  pleased  smile.
He gave a brief history of the 1 rials
that had been encountered when the
bridge  problem  was first  introduced.
Year by year, from ism to 1902, when
the bridge  was completed, something
had been  done   towards   tbe   desired
end.    Now in addition  to having the
bridge, it  was free, and be foresaw in
that   an  omen  of  greater prosperity
and larger development than had ever
been   seen   before.      He   Imped   that
everyone In the crowd would take advantage  of  it and prosper.
"Twenty-five dollars per acre more
on my Surrey land." remarked a
prosperous looking man with his back
against  a  newly  painted   "For  Kale"
F. J. MacKenzie.
The Del'a member was brief, lie
did not forget to mention the strenuous efforts that had been made by
John Oliver and Thomas Gifford in
endeavoring to bring about the act
that had just been consummated
He was a proud and happy man. The
city on the south side of tbe Praser
also attracted   bis   attention   and   he
The police commission yesterday
added two more men to the perma-
nent force. These will take the place
of Detective Bradshaw. who Is now
chief of police, and of Officer Thomas
Regan, who has resigned. The new
, men are K. .1. Pentland, of New
! Westminster, and .1. Fell, of Vancouver.    They  will start their duties at
i once.
The  commission  also  decided  that
the time was ripe for tlie installation
of a plione system so that tlie patrolmen could report to headquarters at
regular   intervals   without   having   to
go up to the police station.    A signal
system will also soon be installed by  j
which tlie patrolmen will be notified if i
they   are   wanted  at  the  station.     A
light  will  be  placed  at  a  prominent
point,  on  the street.      This  will   be
turned on from tbe station when there
is anyone needed there and the near-
i si policeman Will respond.
The chief was given instructions to
have the men adopt a more secludi d
life in the matter of lounging around
street   corners   and   talking   to   their
' friends.
In return for all this it is proposed
that they should get an increase In
pay and this proposition will probably
; be carried through, although the extent, of the raise lias not yet been
announced. Uniforms of a more attractive style will also be provided for
the patrolmen.
Jailer Mclnnes' will be given assistance during certain hours at the station so that he will not have to be
there continually.
Local Syndicate Buys Site
on Front and Columbia
Streets for $55,000.
Property having a sixty-foot frontage on Columbia and Front streets
(hanged hands yesterday for $55,000,
the buyers being a local syndicate
composed of M. J, Phillips, A. K.
White, D. A. Shiles, B, 11. Sands, Tillman Herring, C. L. Davis and J. it.
Duncan, wbo purchased from John
Peck, Captain Joseph Mayers and
Robert Preston.
Alex.   Speck   is   the   owner   of   tlie
buildings on the land and has a nine-
year  ground  lease.    The tenants  of
tlie different stores  sublet  from   Mr.
Speck, and have leases running from
live  years  down.    The   firms  holding
offices or stores in  the building are
lira   Reid,   confectioner;    McAdam   &���
j Irwin,   real  estate:   White,   Shiles   &
Co.,   real   estate;   W.   S.   Rose,   veal
| est ate.    and     tbe   Royal  City   Realty
'company,   on   .Columbia   street,   and
Alex.   Speck, second-hand  dealer, and
McQuarrie it Co., flour and feed merchants, on Front street.
Although it  is too early at present
for  the  purchasers  to announce  any
'plans   for  the   future, the  nature  of
|the buildings are such that they will
not remain standing for many years,
land as soon as satisfactory arrangements can be  made with  Mr.  Speck
[about the ground lease, it is probable
| that an imposing business block will
be  built   on   the   site,   wliich   is  one
of tlie most valuable in the city, adjoining   as   it   does   the   B.   C.   K.   R.
company's depot and fronting on the
two principal streets of Westminster.
The deal was negotiated by Kellington  Brothers.
[Coal Output Curtailed by
Walkout of 70,000 Men
Who Want More Pay.
e Fraser River Bridge. Which Yesterday Lost the D.stl
of Belng   th(, only Toll Bridge in Western Canada.
i       '
t     j
i     ���
1     'i
.   ituii i ipolis,  March 31.���Nine hum
idnei   in Illinois close down
ion ami tonight 70,000 min-
��         ���   i work.   The mines will be
We tint I a new wage scale Is Blgned.
The ol i ;o reement expires today. The
'uspension   will   last   probably   sixty
:   possibly   four   months,   ac-
cordh    io statements of the members
��f tlie   operators'   executive   cotiiinit-
"'"���   One of the operators' committee
S;>^-11 e operators are willing to grant
4|t Increase in wages but will not pay
1,1,1     oi tirers.    lt is upon this latter
feint thai  tbe negotiations may fail.
Ask Ten Cents a Ton Increase.
Tlie   miners    under    the    contract
Which  expired  today  oarned  $">-5h  to
" " day of eight   hours.    They   de-
'"iuui an Increase of ten c��R��� a ton.
Tl'ey also . ��k the operators to pay
we expense of the shot firing.   The
���Peratora say  if tboy  grant the de-
nunds it  ��� ���"    -   ���   �����������������  t��
Commencing   with     the    issue    of
March   26,  Tlie  Inland  Observer    of
Spokane   will   enter  on   an   extended
career of usefulness.    The name has
been changed to The Weekly Observer, to more clearly indicate its scope
and to meet the fact that it will now
cover the entire  Northwest,    lt  will
deal with finance  from the point of
Ivirtw of the general inves'.or and will
'specialize in giving information to the
i public  concerning  Northwestern  propositions and concerns into which the
public are invited to put their money.
Society will be a big feature, and spe-
Icial correspondents for this purpose,
with  the entree  to the best society,
have  been  engaged  in  all  the large
Northwestern towns and in Western
Canada.     Art,   literature,   music   and
drama will be dealt  with, and interesting illustrated stories and articles
will   be one of the  strong points of
the paper.
Dundas Henderson, well known in
England, where among other papers
he had charge of two important dallies���one for Lord Northcliffe���and
who has lately been editor of the
American Musician in New York, has
resigned his position on the last mentioned journal to take charge of Uie
reorganized Weekly Observer.
The Allan Haynes Publishing Company of Spokane, the publishers, deserve the highest praise for their enterprise.
Capital for Mill Subscribed.
Kenora. March 31.���One hundred
thousand dollars has been subscribed'
towards the capital of tlie Royal Canadian Flour Mills company, which will
erect a mill here of 5,000 barrels a
day capacity.
Customs Collector Munn Advised of  Change  in  Ira-
"inniis it will mean au Increase In
���xp��nsi. of .M.otTO.ooo, which the ����t>
���(���must ���vMrttialTy pay.
No inim#iute famine In eoal is pi'e-
���leted. Th. ram-oads and big users
nav��   BuppUes   to    last    them    two
Lewis  Is Optimistic.
Presldenl Lewis said that he was
���ausfled that the suspension of work
^ginning tonight will continue only
"���few days and that the miners will
����Te lltuo  trouble  in   making   their
w contracts with the operators.
Canada Gets  Most  Emigrants.
'���"nilon,   March   31.���Emigrants   to
to!',,1. (lllHnS January and February
"tailed 7,205; to Australia, 6,233, and
10 BOUth Africa, 3,688.
Watertown, N. Y.. March SI.���That
it is the intention of the international
Paper company to maintain the policy
Of ignoring the striking paper makers
is shown by the following resolution
adopted yesterday by the board of
I directors and sent to the various division superintendents by A. Bur-
bank :
"Resolved: That the action of the
officers of this company In dealing
with the present unwarranted strike
be, and the same is, ln all respects,
approved and they are hereby direct-
led to adhere to and continue the same
course of action until the mills arc
in full operation."
Mayor for Big Job.
Edmonton, March 81.-UU.reported
here that Mayor Jandeson, of Calgay.
has been  approached b>   "^govern
.,�� tr, take the position of minister
of o.bllc works. It is known that some
p , il�� nf the government, were ex-
meT.n. that Mr Jamleson should be
C%SSSnate for Mr. Cushlng at
the last election.
Westminster on having a man in par
lianieiit who was true to bis word
Mr. MacKenzie had adpoted a somewhat sensational method in making
tlie promise, and ln pushing the agitation for the removal of the tolls,
but the result more than justified
the means, and he depicted a great
future for the citizens on both sides
of tlie river.
J. D. Taylor.
The Ottawa member started off well,
but  his horse backed  up.     However,
that only caused a temporary delay,
and he echoed tho sentiments of Mr.
Creighton.    "It's a great day for Ireland," he announced, for the Irish are j
always   looking   out   for   their   free- \
dom,   and  in   removing  tlie  tolls  on
the bridge today  the  New Westminster people have taken a great step
In   that   direction."   Ile  also  foresaw
the day when the city on the south
would   rival   the   city   on   the  north
and   the   mighty   streams   of travel
would pass across the bridge without
[(having to dig down Into  its pocket
for the fare.
Mayor Lee.
His worship made the speech of the
evening, not particularly on account
of the matter in it, though that was
good, but chiefly for the fact that
his was the only one that more than
created  some amusement   by  slating  I
that   when   the  Minto  cup   left   N'ew  I
, Westminster it would not go to Vancouver or Montreal but would be carried off by South Westminster.
i    The speech making ended with "God
Save the King," started several keys
'too low by Mayor Lee and 11. L. Edmonds
The procession was not a very large
one,    but    was quite enthusiastic at
times.    Fire Chief Watson came first
on   his   white   charger.   The   Bugle
band came next.   They did some good
work on their drums and bugles during the evening and kept the crowd
i in   good   humor.      About   fifty   boys
(carrying torches  was  the  next  Item
and following that the carriages carrying the men of the hour.   In the first
| were P. J. MacKenzie, Mayor Lee, II.
L. Edmonds, J. W. Crelghton and D. E.
J. D. Taylor, M. P., and Mrs. Taylor
were next In order.
In the third carriage were: Alderman C. A. Welsh, Alderman J. Carter-
Smith,. Alderman J. S. Bryson, Alderman H. Qilley and L. B. Lusby, president of the board of trade.
In the fourth carriage were: T. J.
Trapp, James Cunningham, W. R. Oil-
(Continued on Page Four).
Capetown,  March 31.���Commenting
on the success of Canada's tariff negotiations with the United States, the
Cape   Times  draws  attention   to  the
obvious   lesson   which   these   events
convey to Great Britain In fiscal matters,    lt declares that so far as commercial federation Is concerned, British politicians must adopt a very different  attiude   from  that  shown   by
Lloyd George.
The general Impression here ls that
the value of the tariff as a means of
securing just fiscal treatment from
other countries has never been better
Lumsden Under Examination.
Ottawa, March 31.���Hugh D. Lums
den's   examination   by   R.   C.  Smith,
K.   C,   was   continued   this   morning
before  the  special  committee of  investigation.   He declared that he had
no    recollection    of    suggesting    to
Woods, chief engineer of the Qrand
Trunk Pacific, to deduct a lump sum
of  $100,000  from certain  contractors
In the question  of over-classification
on the G. T. P.   He had recommended
the dismissal of Major Hodgins. but
was not prepared to say tbat the tatter's charges were the result of such
dismissal. , .  . ...^,^_-
posts-13 Concessions.
Customs Collector Munn yesterday
received the following telegram from
John    McDougald,    commissioner    of
customs at Ottawa.
Collector  of  Customs,
New Westminster.
Customs general tariff reduced to
Intermediate rate on and after this
date upon articles Included In tariff
items 94, 99, 109, 112, 180, 228, 234,
28", 318, 3(1G, 604, 634, also 711. Notify outports by wire.
This  means  the duties on several
classes of goods has been reduced by
from  one  third   to  one   twenty-fifth.
Most of the articles affected are luxuries but leather goods and soap are
also included.    The complete list of
changes Is given here, g. r. standing:
for the general rate, now abandoned,
and 1. r. for the intermediate or present rate. ,,
Item 94���Dates and figs, dried, per
100 pounds:  g. r., 62 l-2c; I. r��� 56c.
Item 99���Prunes and dried plums,
un pit ted;   raisins and dried currants,
per lb.: g. r., lc; 1. r., 2-3c.
Item 109���Almonds, walnuts, Brazil
nuts, pecans and shelled peanuts,
n.o.p., per lb.: g. r., 3c; 1. r., 2c.
{Continued oa Pact T~��).
���    ;;
.'. * j .'
it     . '
1    ���",.
'���' *. *': *
��i_r -
: ". II      V .
-.'. i. ��� *r
:'.�� ��.
|    N
'i ;5 .
Classified Advertisements
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I; News office  for replies to her
advi    isement
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... yeai    round.
wl lea   P. 0-,
i ���     . ' !.:: -TWO LOTS ON '.      I i
l    el     owni .      city.   Ap
ply 44, New offii -.
Chi   Lgo,     March   .'Jl.���When     John
er,   convicted   train   robber,   left
bis prison garb behind him after bl
���year Bentem ���   In  Mid
I City  penitentiary,  Indiana,  lie  found
i tbat the woi Id was against him.   He.
cl led 1    "  thei i   .!.as no
e for an  ex-convict  to  lead  an
��� --   lire,  when  John  G.  Mott, of
md Highlan I ';���    .. who then
.:      Ic  Igan City, gave him
employment and assisted him In other
That   was   thirty-eight   years   ago.
i Tucker died in Micbl-
...    leaving   about   $10,    In
���   ':���'.
Tinker's will   was  probated  in the
court in Laporte, Ind.    In it
he  h i\c,  his  entli i  estate  :"  Ml -
Gen  .;���������   Mott, the daughter ol his
��� ���tor.
.. dui Ing the eh ii war,
��� r, as a federal prisoner, was
��� ' ��� I to a long term ol Bervlce in
. tlie   .       .. . ���    City   penitentiary    on
tion   ol   robbing   a   mail   train.
E  orts   '��� I if,,i finally were successful
were made by friends looking toward
��� ase,  which   occurred  In
conduct   in   prison   having
I   iry.
Tucker went to work  with a will,
1 ..:::,.'.    foi       Mr.    '. i
.   nd later in the
riott.    When  Gel
V .   .��� i   :���> ��������� me stroi
i   and looked afte
: mtll  the family  mo\ ed t    '
.   yearB   ago     !;;        tl   I
time he has lived alone in
in Mlcl Igan City.    Thi   i
I to her, 1 ' dollar * y
������   . i    .    nings     He i
: no mom j and was nevei a
i led.
He   was   seventy-d vet 3   old
���.  be dii d and  membei s ol  Miss
lott's  fan llj   w�� re at  iis bedside at
thi  1 i.i.   He had no living relatives.
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If you  are  interested   in  Surrey acre-
ige  we  would be pleased to
.    ; call and s< e our lis:.    W(   I
le ol      ���       ,  ������ e bet I
buys in Surrey and can dellvi
property.    Our lisi  Is too i sti
to gi ��������� in : ill bi . e and If you
not . ii ��� I   ivitb  these, call at our
i   ���
General   Brokers.
Room 6,  Merchants  Bank  B!dg.
Corner Columbia  and   Begbie Streets.
Phone 6S6
size  lot  1-2  block  from  new  car-
.   -. ��� ��� . .    Price  ii 0
(Contlnm 1 from Page On-.,
Item 112���Nuts of all kinds, n. o. p.,
i.. 3c;  i. r., 2c.
[tem Photographs,    chroi
,���;.;. .-, oh ographs, palntii ...
drawings, pictures, decaJomania trans-
:, rs ol   .11 kinds of   engravings    or
..-   then from  and
liar w - art, n. o. p ;  blu p .
��� iap     and   cl
n. ... p.: g. r.. 25 per i en1: i. r., 22 1-2
pei   ' ���
I ,- ., 22     Soap powders,  pow I
, mini ral soap and so..p. n. o. p.;
g. r��� 35 per cent; i. r., 32 1-2 per cent.
. .'    Perfumery,      Including
��� pai atlons, non-alcoholic, i ���
oils, tooth and other po    I
ashes,   ] omatums,   pastes   and   all
���, id   preparations,  n. o. p.,
used   for   the   hair,   mouth  oi   skin:
. pi i cent; i. r., 32 1-2 pi i i ent,
Item 287���Tablewa i china, por-
...   granite   or   Ironi
;   ���   cent;   I.   ���:..  32   1-2  per
i !om
g. r., 15 ent; I. r,
.    ��� ���
Item .      ' I i ���        tlai
���    erei nlty and doi
idlng    w Ind i ress of tin
May Eventually |_i
Universa, De^ ^
(From the New
At a Y.M.C.A. me,
ton on Frldaj     .
of the l nit. : .
bassador,  and   the
vied wiio one ...
that extraordlnarj
P( rhaps there .
Institution ui tl.
the odium thei
Ing the appi o\
kinds of men.
Mr. Taft gave i
of the width i
the association in
de llcatlon ol a Y.: )
Shanghai, bull! . ,-.
by Chinese mand
est in the Institution ���
to be not in cod \
I ��� i inlsm.
Said the Pres  ��� i
much experience ���
I would not undi: ���
ernmi in entei pus.
the head of the Ii
lien's   Christian
what l he BUpplj ol
the  Isthm is   In  tl i
the   army,   ahd   In
1 whore   i: .   .
temptations b e   i
alization    then
������ ,'
SURREY���$85 per acre buys 50 acres
ol  _ I land on the Clover  V
���   'j ownllm   roi ���'-  in  the  i ���
i of sec lon 32, township  8,
S u icy.
T ���      icres   in   Burnaby   on   Hastings
od   I roomi d  housi ;     live
Five   lots
$1,1 00.
near   Reservoir:   cheap   at
woo I.    Apply S. J. N< ws Offii e. |N
n ;ii suitable for gentleman. Apply 609 Victoria street, near Daily
Ki ws office.
white with hiown spots. Reward
will he given for information of
an; one harboring It, or tor the return of it to Mrs. .Sam Brown, 42
Bushby street.
S-rnf*^- ���m*-���'~���������~aS" *S~ mr~a.
Vi :anl   May   i.    Rem   $23.
ll itco   pi '   t,   evenings    be-
tv. i i i!   c,  arid   7.
Montreal, March 31.���Sleeping in
1 it h warm wrappings a baby girl was
'found in the vestibule at 46 Sanguine! streel early yesterday morning.
The babe was wrapped In a black
shawl and did not seem to have suffered in the least from the cold early
morning air.
With the child was a portrait picture postcard with the picture of a
woman and girl in it, and the words
"Happy New Year." fin the postcard was this sentence. "As the identity of this child will probably become known in the near future please
give her the name of Rejane Holley/'
The words were written in French.
��55 per acre buys 160 acres of good
land on Great. Northern raid I
the southeast hi of section 30, township 10, Langh y. Known as ' be
Brockle place; 40 acres cli an d;
bouse, barn, fruit ti i es. et :. A 50
ing concern.
Fifty   acres   in   Surrey,   adjoining   G.
N   R,    Price $200 pi r 1
Splendid    farm    i
$1,25     I er  ;.'���:��� .
Algcma    district;
FOR    :.: NT    HOUSE    AND    FOI R
Lots  in ���
Fl ��� i   bathi 00m,  p
etc.      tent       L2   per mon
fi .      1.x    monl tie   j
to P. Peebles, G2
lu       1  Street.
. .
In Uurni
and bath ro        1        ... . tc.    R
for $12 pi     mont -        :
' If ti ..;.   ;.
1 1 nth man.      Applj   ..   i Can   1 von
.   ice   i-   !.'���: < by   given   that
��� 1 ship  hei ���   ifore subsist!
��� .    11. the undersigned, as "Vidal
bu -." "i the City of N'ew Wi -:
Custo        ,       ��� :  .   has
bi d red   by   1.
Jl debt    owing to thi
I        ���      Ip are  to   be  paid  "1  11.   P.
, and all 1
; p are to be ] ed to tin
om the 1
I tied.
Dated e   City     I    \<  .   '...
ter, B. C, 1 t day of M
<;. W.  BAC< HUS
SURREY���218   acres   of   the   highest
. . iss ol black loam at $190 pei acre.
The   tram   line   runs   thro ig
property.      The    Great    Northern
railroad   and   the   Nicomekl   river
pass just, behind this property and
the  Yale  road just  in  front.    One
hundred   and   eighty   acn s   of  ibis
land is chared and under the highest  state of cultivation.    This land I
could   not   have   been   cleared   for '
less    than    $200    per    acre      This |
would   be   the   finest   sub-dividing '
proposition on tbe market.
SURREY���N.W. 1 4 of sec. 24. township 2; good soil and near Kale
road; $85 per acre, $5600 cash; 0,
12, i>. and 21 months .
SURREY���The east 40 acres of the
west half of the northeast quarl r
of section 16, township 2; $160 1 ei
aci e, half cash; balam e 6, 12,18
:.'��� ,ii, ; 36 months at ������ p ci nt.
Brening   & Co.
General   Brokers.
Room  6,   Merchants  Bann   Bldg.
Corner  Columbia and   Begbie  Streets,
Phone 686.
.South  Westminster Ph~
r.,  1". per cent:  i. r���
11'    :
and    all     ���
ed     or   until. 1 d
than tanned, n. o. p., I leatln
and   cl g.  r.,  11   1--   pi :
cent:   i. r.,  15 pi r rent.
Iti m   634���Fi ���'
I era,  n.  0   p ,  artificial
fruits and
flowi 1..   jltabh for 01 namenting hats:
n.  r..  30  per  cent;    i.  r.,  ^7   1-2  per
i 711���Ail goods no! on ;���-.���
In  this  e . ��� ibjecl
��� oth< r  rate  of  duty,  and  noi   other-
ed   tn        :   duty   and   not
1    'ho Importation whi 1   I
is by law prohibited, 17 1-.' per cent.
.This Is the "omnibus clause." which
contains man.,   miscellaneous ai
The   m b!   Important   Item   that   it
covers is cottonseed oil.    The Cana-
b .. ���
elation Is  :
:..    Its   < Is   1
turning of n llj;
in  the Improvi .���
oT  men.
In the middle of tin .
Italian Mazzlnl ,,
. cted a boi li  y .. |
"Young   Italj 11
achieved   an   Inti rnal
under the name ol "Youi
1     The aims of
.ions in a non- 1 ;���aj ;re
' the alms of the '. ��� ��� ���
were less prai tlcal Ii ., I
On the otber hand     t
thing in the earlie .'iontint
1 be later socli tj
an enthusiasm for
Yet there  are  mat as In tin
current  life of tlie V M C.A        1
spirit   is   becomint    ���      individual!*-
e F507   djaii consumption of the oil from the   tir���more socloloi
Tn    i. .'. .-,
for oce or two
Hamilton     reet, 1
'1 ��� iders soli. Ited for repairing and
removing St. Patrick's hall. Plans
and specifications can be seen at St.-
!���' college, a. L. Lavery and
.Sin, :l and Ducklln's offii e,
T .��� tit.v yeai 11     . rlence al   lawns.
b' uli ������     Is,    Bodd ng,     grad a id
prunl       0 .... Satisfaction
guai  I'lo...1     itrders solicited     ^pply
Begbie   Street.
"-out'letress. Mis. M. Uoiiiiny.
White Star--Dominio��i
Canatlian Service
Montreal to Liverpool
Triple  screw,   14,900  tons.
Twin    screw,    14,900    tons,
largest   and    most    modern
commodntion  equal   to  any cross
ing  the  Atlantic.
For  Rates and Tickets Apply to
C. P. R. Passenger Station
SLF:REY���The   south    half   of   block
containing  ��
iver   valley
.   ���: .     I) cai    .   1.
.LANGLEY���$60    per    acre    buys    80
I land li as the
of sectli 11 35, ip 11       '
Northern   runs   tl ���-  .    prop
erty,    This Is a fine buy.
,$130  per  acre  buys 20  acres of  good
land   with  .���!!���" -h   plh 3 on
"... ...
Sco in.
$150 per acre buys 10 acres known as
Lol l I in the noi thw<.-1 quai ter il
Suction  19, Township ., Surrey.
E'/2 of S.W.1/4 Se-;. 22, Tp. 2, Surrey;
7" aci es on New ton 1 oad closi to
train; ?150 per acre.
$60 per acre buys 75 acres in Sec
tion :;."., Langley. The Great Northern runs through this property, and
the soil is aldei bol torn.
160 acres  of good   land   under  crop,
with 30 chains of waterl
only   $500 per  acre   1 tl   ti
14 acres  exi ellent   land   with   house
and buildings, with -l cha ns w   ti
frontage.    Railway thr ugh  11   ;
ty.    Prlci   $8 100, quai 1
160 acres nearly all cultivated, exc I-
lent land, waterfrontage North Arm,
near city.
40 acres, v, ith ,.,,!, rfn nt, S nbury.
Good terms.
One   acre   _ atei front,      u
���������!   Lulu  Island  bl i I
United States exceeds .>".'"." gallons
a year. This clause covers vegetable
other 1 the total Importations
ol which from the (Jnit< d si.m b last
year were about $4,000,000, ol this
$1,927,856 u.is not dutiable. Mineral
wati 1 s and manufactures of
told are Included.   The trade In ' 1
is   iboul   $100,000   or   $50,    each.
ii.. 1    . nd . hemlcals whlcb ai e
cited to $1,142,-
d liable and $4,711,407 which 1 n-
tered  free,    The fi ee goods are
���    ���'
.    lime, casings,  sponges,
..-. ures ol sti aw and wa?
l' .   larj est    Ingh
It   may  be  thai  tl ��� ���. '.
i he young men 1 ' ntrles will
.���nine at  length to the ' ilflllmeiii I
Mazzlnl's dream of thi  '���'-. I 1
Youth of the World   fi r the promo-
tion of insi\ersal nd tht
abolishment of tj 1 11 ��� y and misery ii j
all lands.
No   Expense   Spared    n   De'enct  ot
Fort   William Cat
r irl   William.   M
ay hen
t to
man, who Is In ja!
a charge of murdc
im the b
��� ������
40   feet    .   il   .)    .���.!.     1
1 per foot.
Apply for terms.
Estate Office.
South Westminster
Phone F507
bottle, eausli      1 '; "
itb    Thi y havi
1 for thi
statos to Canad 1 of thesi   comn odi-
,       . ,   .       1        . ; .   .       ,
retained  one  of the f '     ;
0   .
siding li
ninarj   hi
���   lay,  and  I
111    ���  the Ai
IHI. .j.
���      - .rs .
��� "-_ ���..��-������ ���;���
x       .viaRSKr: rr.r ���TaaaaaaEZMKHi."--
.$55 an acre buys 140 acres of good
hind at Langley Prairie; 25 acres
cleared; 100 frull trees, small house,
good ham; nice stream rum
1 ough the place, wiih good trout
South Westminster Phone  F507
Acreage   and   half   acres;   near   tram.
Easj  terms,   South Westminster.
Five   and   two acre   blocks   and    cu'
offs.    Easy terms.
35 City Lots. Scull Road station.
$150, third cash, balance 6, 12, and
IK months.
15 Acre farm; well stocked and in
good cultivation; with furniture
and equipment.    EaBy terms.
120 Acres; $200 per acre; close in.
Qood lirms.
15 Acres; all under crop; (I cows,
horses and equipment; $5000; $2000
cash, remainder on terms,
$500 per acre  buys 9 acres facing on
I    Hjorth   road   i.i   Section   21;   near
Yale road, Surrey.
$400 per acre buys 9 acres facing on
Hjorth road In section -l; ni ar
Yale 1 "id. Sui rey,
.160   acres   of   Section  7,   Langley;   50
I    acres cleared;    $19,000;    1-:; cash,
balance 1, 2 and 3 51 ars.
$850 buys 3 large lots in Burnaby; all
facing city car line; also a corner;
one-half cash.
$225 each buys four large lots two
blocks from city ear line iii Burnaby; near Tenth avenue, city. One-
quarter cash; balance to arrange.
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL $14,400,000.00
Ru'juitVE    11,000,000.00
Branches throughout Canada and
Ni ��� ��� ui. dl an .1. and In London, Eag'
lurul. New York, Chicago and Bpokane,
Di s A,, and Mexico City, a general
baiiKi.'ii,' business transacted. Letters of Credit issued, available with
correspondents in    ail parts of   the
Ravin_K Hank Department���Deposits
received In sums of $1 and upward, 140 ft. Waterfront ;three minutes from
and Interest allowed at 3 per cent, per   ^^^^^^
annum  (present rate). j v^^^T7Trr-v^II! -^-^-^-^^^ --^      -^^^^^��.
Ttitn'   Assets over $168,000,000.00.    j
mff    WESTMINSTER  BRANCH,       Real  Estate Office. Phone F. 507
(i. D. BRYMNKR. Manager. South Westminster.
$350 per ace for nine acres off the
North ro I on the Clarke load in
Coquitlam; one-fourth cash; easy
terms on balance.
240 acres subdivided into 5-acre blocks.
Each block has a frontage on a 66ft.
road. Price $100 per acre, $100 cash,
balance spread over 4 years.    -   -   -   -
NOTE: A $3000 structure is o be built
close to the above. The ( . N. Ry.,
Cloverdale branch, runs thro igh corner
of property.	
$350 an acre will buy three acres of
good garden land suitable for chicken ranch; on corner oi two main
roads;   Lulu Island.
**r**^rrT*�����*���a**m*aaKk*a-it~r*me~ -^.a*"���*���������:*''���:*sm sm~-awaii~s
132 Feet on Columbia stre i, New
Westminster; excellent vii w; double corner, with residence,
Two excellent lots; North Vancouver;
double corner; $100 cash, balance lo
$2,000 CASH  handles 10 acres of land
all   cleared   with   over  $2,000  worth
of Improvements, having 270 feel of
waterfrontage; situated on main
channel of the Fraser river, close
to Great Northern railway.
$450 will handle 2 1-2 acres, including
house and burn; running spring on
property;    located   on    Pit!    river
road   west   or   Fraser   river   mills;
on ear line survey lo mills.
A   Real   Snap ��� Good   till   Thurschy.
$115 per acre buys 20 acres of good
land   on   Scot)   road,   and   Close   in.
This    has   $1600    Worth    (d   limber j
on it.
N. H. McQUARRlE, Local Manager
Real Estate, Loans and Insurance
Phone 515
Curtis Block 657 Columbia St.
l*TTr>_mW%amma5*1^ ���DAY, APR"- 1- 191��-
i-rayiMaywi^,^ ^:.y^^^^
Have you bought a lot in "Westminster View?"   If not you have made a great
mistake.   These lots are re-selling at 100 per cent, advance.
-��������.�����������   m:
.' ���-^���sx.wre-gncg'w.'v
41 *3? L I
KSEaE^MaaTi ,.:_-.'-_UiJ...:..i3>-^'rv;;^^<iJ^-^i��ia.^..'T71'*'*^^"rfg'
There is no surer way to make money than buying a bunch of these lots.    But
\ou will have to hurry.   They are going fast.
0 IT
���%^i.,____*rjp__T^_.:j^4r5SaT&i:-1���*. aaag^igT iyiawfli-T-ii
In a few months  " Westminster View " will be the scene of{big building
activity, the laying out of beautiful homes.
Don't Delay in
;, but Come Today
Secure a Lot
Real   Estate,   Insurance   and   Timber
Phone 335
Over Merchants Bank, cor. Columbia and Begbie Streets
i I
���. ji -
i ���
',  :._'s
I .
! V,"
I >
; m
��� III
i      .1 .
������!   a  ���'',
i 1' ""���.   ���> ���
Wl. *  !   ���
|r��e-j 1   *k. &*,
..>��� ...i."i. ���   ii .., . ��� .
��� My'* !'���! ^
I    >   . .1  ���,-!   '���,;  (*, I
iWf    ..
I 7'JV
fif '���'��� I j
��� n
:.'. i''.,'i      !        ..:
Publisher! by The Dally .News Publisn- :
Ing Company, Limited, at their offices,
Co of    McKenzie   and    Victoria
E. A.  Paige Managing   Director
��Tr��S5iTr25EsaEaKsam?35Baa��t3BBssars. i
Many   Pieces   Changed   Hands   During
the Fast   Few   Dsys���New   Firms
Open   for   Business.
Figures Show Collections L;st  Month
Were Twenty-Three  Per Cent. Over
Same Period Last Year.
Winnipeg Customs  Returns and Bank
Clearings  Show   Remarkable   In-
During   Past   Year.
FRIDAY,   APRIL  1,   1910.
.   -.���   - hie day in tlie
; .     ry of our city, for it wltm
thi-  termln tion   of    the    iniquitous
I on the F     ei   River
open of this
tapt meai    i    lnter-< ommunica-
tlon t.t: all.   This con-
.. ) been i       ned only after
years of Btrenuous effort, and it was
well I t sui an i sion should be
m .   the  scenes   of   rejol   i
wlih      .... I last night.
Thai of this b Idj    Bhould
bave ���  to toll at all was
oj   thi   character ol
itisii Columbia and
as a land
of i ��� ess. Bi Idge
.;   . nd our '
been subjected
to burden    ..-. I     hindrance.
inl ���'.< rable
titude i   n si   rcely b<   fell
towards the   McBride   administration
for l   Ib.
It ia really b    mse thi   i lei tors of
11 ��� .' ��� ..i ned a govi i nn ent can-
the  last  election that  this
long g  grievance has been re
moved.    The  - n!  in   ^--anting
this concession has professedly yielded to public opinion at the eleventh
hour, and it deserves no credit therefor. Rather ind> <-.l doi - it di Berve to
be i ! sure !. For if the principle that
t ie people are entitled to I ive this
fre< bridge Is good today, i- was good
always, anu there is no merit in the
���- ivernment having kept them out of
what was their due for so long.
Kellington Bros   yi Bterday sold sev-
.....      of   Surrey  propi   i..   In- Below   are   given  I                  is   re-
'    ���   '-      ith ol the Hjorth celpts for the port   and outpi
I             ; three flvi the 1 seal year ���������   i        une to a close
250, $425 and $325 per acre ,asl nieht
respecUvely near the Kennedy station
ami one 500-acre block in section 30
i j   i bi re.
Wll    ���  & I '��� oh sold one and ;������ qua.-
miles  of  waterfrontage  between
is  a
The in.:ease for the year
little over  nine per cent,  on a
c ease
Vi: ...- -     ���   isl  ms i   l-
.,       . port ol  Winnipi -  I
..  31  was
mil a.
An c'u''
in  the bank clearings
31 r i . i
the  In      .   resei i at!  p  and   hlock  83
for $1 on the Yale road In Lang.*
ley, I 320 i :-.v"(j. I$20,30
A  hi I   lot on  Seventh
fetched .-' 1,250.
Tbe    National    Finan n     ���   mp ny
Placed   one   and   three-quarter  acres
��� '   ���     north    ol    C il hi.Ida
The land is in fruit
and has been  p........ <J  with a  view
to subdividing.
Hale Bros. & Keni |     ru
. - r and
est ...       1 nearly a
O.   A.
���      '
i of the posi I     .
with a good 11 ��� ������  ��� I ;
Mes     . Reid & Lewis
Rice    at    737
Front street.
total of over  tv. isand   f0r t;A. month of March and the in-
dollars. first three i
Grand total for fis   il ount to nearly forty mil-
$222,451.19; grand I . Hon dollars.
1908,09,   $202,148.87���an   increase   of
Tl ���   figures for  ' bow an In-
���.    twi nty-three pei
ovi r 1      figures 1
- i
������ ��� h. 1910���
p ������
��� :
-:    ' .
���   ..._
17.27   ���
The total for the year Is n   ���  $1S2,-
igures  I
.-.        .        ......
i the   wei ;.
I   [a , \ 5(   ���.,������.
dollar mark.
New  G.  T.   P.   Bond   Issue.
;.    - 	
which an nteed
of Sasl in. 1     el
^^aaaaaa^^aaaaaaaa^oaa^oao^ <���;-.������������������^���������������^������������������^
on Breakfast ?
N'ew Westminster Bridge
Officially Freed ol Tolls
.-  ���
' Roj il   Cafe
:    .
... [ft;   Fourth  Pi .
You   about thi ��� -     f 'ting   at   I
Firs:. . ���. :       ean;   Second.   T
the  palate;   Third,  the   servici
s are n        at< ;
.   ���      nil -
��� �����������������������������������������������������������>�������������������� ������ aaaaaaaaaaaaa? > > e> ����� ��*���>
iContinued From Page One)
i . . but the accept
��� ���       ���     7.
de ei lon, that il
it ni being an orn-
. i i to oui ' itj. To us it seei
thai the pn n! lioi pita] Bite
lot afford a position v. t! ich a
fine building. In addition to this clr-
i :���:.. ni e I owevei, wi i i Idei the
. il board should take Into careful consideration the objections urged
, ilnsl this location by a correspond-
��� i ��� In tl.f Ni ws of the 22nd. ult.
Spi ..ins with the painful experience
aad poignant feelings of a patient
tbe v. Iter 11 linted ou! how t ryini I
I ie i i ital condition of a sufferer in-
o| .re :i|ited In the Liospltal are I be
varii ��� m is< thai arise from the
I oal 8 upon the river, t lie various
:    li    thi   .    eet i ad    o  forth,
Many will        p     Ize with ber In the
���        !  from   i!     . ���      which
were i cli ai 1} di picted. Vs tlmi i i
��� d i nd the i elppment ol the i Ity
in the vicinity of tl ������ hospital pro-
Is these serious sources of dis-
��� will of course be inci i Bed
and multiplied.
Taking into consideration therefore
these two circumstance, the incompatibility of the position for so handsome and Imposing a Btructuro as
tha! designed by Mr. Birds, and its
unsjiltabillty on account of the disturbing noises by which ii is Bur-
rounded, We think the hoard would
do well to adopt the suggestion of our
correspondent and sell the presi nl
site, acquiring a more suitahle locution in another part of the city.
ley, John Peck, Herbert Hale and H.
Ii.  Ii.  .McKenzie.
In  t   '   :.:���     were:   H.  T.  Thrift, of
���   :   T. Sullivan, reeve of Surrey,
and E. A. Paige.
Re ic  of  the   Past.
Ti.e la.sr but not least of the attractions in the procession    was    a    bull
drawing an  ox cart,  on   which  Hale
B       ers  &  Kennedy  had  advertised
Westminster View lots.   "Bully G    :
Things"   was  placarded on   the  bull,
and from the amount of laughter that
.   ��� ���      -��� :��� ly   b '��� ine   on   its
tiie     description     was
Tl ..- bull did not  seem  to
��� n the brldgi
��� .-   ���     and    made   sun - itte
n   -       which  did  i nd  well  to
ledi-   a couph
j. .    .
^a\WLWa\W.\^_____tLge and^H^HfTom
__ __M
- ��� ' ��� i
tisers        the city,
but  if it d
f 11
i    ��� & Kenni
News   Buys   Last  Ticket.
1   ���   lolls hi een removi d.    A
repres Dally
l.ou. : ���   :  , thai  will ever
:  for a trip ov<
��� Ion took place al 7; 59
p. in. "SureJ'll sell you a ticket," remarked Mr. Oddy, as he handed the
News man the ticket and took in the
��� ofl cial flvi ' ents.
Om ��� ��� ite afterwards the bridge
was ��� ���    free.     Here    is   the
The  accepted   design   for   the  new
Royal   Columbian   hospital,   a   cut   of
I rlnted    in    yesterday's
-. will, we fee        ...      I   with
gem       app n.    Mr.  Birds, the
Is 1 gratulated upon
���  ,    ��� ��� ��� : ��� ���
���   ���
cal   and ���." . .  ���
-ide,  is in
soundest _c.  and  sat
-   van's   feet    ll nge   that
. ical ____________^_________t      ��� '
Easterbrook  Milling'  Company,
Eburne,   B. C.
IMPERIAL    $7  per  bbl.
HUNGARIAN   JEWEL..$6.75  per  Bbl.
TERMINAL .5.25 per Bbl.
HINDOO FLOUR    $4.50 per Bbl'
McQuarrie & Co. r'-on"'v;'n:::" ",:';r'"XT
New Weitmintter.
B.C. Mills
Timber and  Trading
Manufacturers and  Dealers  in  All  Kinds of
Royal City Planing Mill.
Telephone   12 New Westminste
��mpany, Ltd
���   ��� nt of
rivals    Tl e
1  I ������ ���      ng thai
ea of whal
^______i^__b seasnn.
New Dress
ibt, thi   nn.--   ���       ;   . ' ���   ..f  dress   fabri
('���/.    '. ed at tl e pleasing  variety   ind .    ���
te pricing     Iny shade or w< ave that Is In I at the
present  time.    From 50c to $2.00.
New Hair
Hair   Braids.   1
to   han 1.     All
��� ���
���tons,   Pads.   Tui bans    Braid   Bins
colors,   and   a   splendid   variety
; :-���
Timely Arrival of
collection of charming   creations  this   fresh
with   sui b
want   to '    6 5. :.���    II   posslbh      l.nw pi Icll
���ZSuL.: ~.���22&   ^Zm_\~
zs s__m ��k
1 3 7   MR
3 1
Rentals, Real Estate
and  Farm  Produce
iirtam Novelties
Si ���   . .    ���      : iw for a Ban pie of  the lines   we  cai ry.    1
inside and   we will  be pleasi I I i   how you our full rangi     S   Ii
Madias-Muslin-.    I      ,     .-.     Cloths, Camas. Cable Net., etc
v irlety.    From 25c per yard.
~,a_*mWJi?rWa'_TT~* ^j^taL��Jw.ar:y^^3^>...,;i?wa'
K ep this che;.  as
it. aaurt he
Bcrren lered
to Gatekeeper at
other end of bridge.
Find   by   French   Officers   in   Yellow-
head   Pass.
Winnipeg, March 31.���Estimates
furnished by the engineers of tho
amount of coal In si_ht In the
mines discovered by a party of French
ex-army officers, some time ago, at a
Irtjint in the Yellowheud, ahout twenty
miles from the G. T. P. line, place it
at eight hundred million tons. The
quality is equal to the output of Sydney, .VS., or of tho Pennsylvania
mines. The marvellous deposit will
be of great benefit to the prairie
When Mr, Oddy made his epoch-
making announcement, S. O. Paulsen
was right there. Ile had heen waiting
l here tor fifteen minutes wilh a hnrse
named Dick and a load of lumber.
"Easiest money I ever made." remarked Mr. Paulsen to the crowd of
boys and men who were admiring his
thrift, and when sharp al eight o'clock
he started on his trip he threw raids
to the crowd. The curds bore this
legent: "S. O. Paulsen, Dealer In
General Merchandise und Real Estate,
Tlmberland, B. C," which is pretty
good advertising for S. O.
The whole celebration did not last
more than an hour and many of those
present look advantage of an announcement made by II. I.. Edmonds
and attended the Y. M. C. A. meeting In the city hall.
Not Earl Carrington.
London. March 31.���Rumors have
been revived thai Earl Carrington is
to lie the n'ext governor general of
Canada, but they are authoritatively
denied, as the curl cannot he spared
from   the   hoard   of  agriculture.
Phone-Office 304, House A611
767 Columbia Street New Westminster, B. C.
8 Full nize Lots
In Burnaby, beside cannery, all cleared,  price
$2250, 1-3 cash, balance G,  12 and  18 months.
2 Lots on Edinburgh Street
near 12th street, all cleared, $1250 for the two,
1-3 cash, balance 6 and 12 months.
7 Roomed House and Two
Full Size Lots
for $2800,  on easy terms,  close to  car  line.
6 Room Modern House
on 5th avenue, price $2350, $GOo cash, balance
to arrange.
5 Room Cottage
on 6th avenue, lot all cleared, price $1700, on
very easy terms.
2 Modern Houses Close to City
625  Columbia  Street
New   Westminster.   B.   C.
And   at   336   H.istings   St..   W.
Vancouver,  B.  C.      Phone 36D0
High Grade Wutch Movements at
Official C. P. R. Time Inspector.
_ ���������*��� ������������������������������������������ 4
a T
Onion Setts     i
Ryall's Drug Store j
�������������� If
APRIL 1,  1910.
page fivhj.
Porting news
giisr���im s icis
gfiti fOR ROYALS!
������. ...7~'s'.rmzn-jstmn
Famous   Jockey,   Worth   Million   Dol-!
IS   Arranged!     lars, Plans to Take Over Stables
of   Richard Croker.
[tminster Will Oppose
35ieJ Increase.
:. mies   in   the  la-
year   will   stay
i . ��� minster dele-
ir   point.    It   is
. ould be so.   All
lumber of
ee appointed
a\ 1   I- I.,   A   lit \\
UvestmlD��ei  men have bus-
.    .. ej  are required
���  in ry on thi Ir
ten    league
Into cup games
J ill)   ia  all that
pi i ti d "i  thi in.
team things are
there are all
lacrosse   and
Tl.ey devoti
,i- no othei
Moi -
play any  Minto
��� ates look al
bli   llghl thej
. fourteen or bIx-
ai   it   certainly
to   the   Salmon
,    people   In   New
.   the Vi ncouver
. rabblng every-
i h way nnd show-
1 foi  other towns
} ���  Con Jones is a
1 if he  looks into the
be will not insist
j, ...     That the Van-
lated by fair mo-
| '-������ the results of the
bt, when every-
p sed  changes that
f.        stei   objected   to   and
j.      .-.   I good cause tor obeli opped.
ii      e of i 1 lacrosse a ten
ifflclent.   The New
[su    ���   :; can play ten games
��� ��� compelled to play
d 'i  be In shapi   for
��� d the quality of la-
ketball  on   Saturday.
High   school   will
j ; team over on Sat-
ltd tr:    oncluslons with the
Ave,   The two teams
i e before this season
is a win chalked up
i i  college representa-
V    F    aids.   Poupore, Mc-
| Ite; guards, Priest,
Dublin,    March  31.���This    prest m
racing   season   will  see  the  end  ol
Danny Maher as a leading figure In
the saddle on  English racing tracl
on the flat.
Iif cannot do less than L26 pounds,
ami this is almost a prohibitive wi
for   any   man   who  asplri .-   to   b
leading Jockej in England.   The Eng
lish racing truck will, however, continue to  know  him as a trainer ana
occasionally  he may  be seen  In  the
saddle in hurdles and sti epli   chasei
Since  the  termination  ol   tin
racing season  "Danny" I ...   b< en an
islastic   followei   oi   bound ,   In
Itself an Invaluable method ol  train-
���   ��� se ri hau.   He n nt-
e.l a private ��� ���  idenci   In the in    ���
borhood ol Nottingham so as to bi   In
the i ��� atre  oi  tin   bunting  districts.
Then   I i been  ent g  his
.      '..    Oi    bis
aristocratic patrons have also look, a
in to si,a,.- lils Iii spltallty an.l Incidentally to enjoy his inimitable
Maher docs not, however, mean to
make his home in England, as many
of his friends imagine, his heart Is
in Ireland, the home of his parents,
and when he finishes bis careei as a
flat racing jockey, he will Bettle down
among the hills of Tlpperary.
For some time he has been looking,
out for favorable training quarters in
Ireland, where he could combine the
breeding of high class thoroughbreds
with training horses for some of the
owners who have so long and faithfully patronized him for his skill and
Integrltj as a jockey.
He is at the moment in negotiation
for stables on the Curragh, in County
Kihlaro. which were at one time occupied by "Boss" Croker; but If th<
deal does not go through he means to
build an establishment of his own
near .Wan. h. In Tipperary, where be
will have as a neighbor Richard
Burke, a returned Callfornlan���a
friend of his parents���who lives in a
sort of mediaeval castle and combines
the occupation of a gentleman farmer
witli the mastership of the Tlpperary
li  is comput' . at the end of
the present racing season Maher will
be $1,000,000 strong at hts bankers,
so there can be no question of monetary considerations to interfere with
his scheme.
<^0AAA cash down buys the best business prop-
*p��m\j\j\j erty on Begbie street; close to
Columbia, main street.   Balance very easy.
$CAf| cash down handles a 12 room modern fine
0\J\J double house, located at centre of city,   j
close to 6th street, rents at $30 per month.   Price
now $2900.
- {f\ cash down buys 200 acres of land, rich
black soil, sub-divided into 20 acre
blocks, facing Stave Lake Road, price only $16 per
aero. Tho timber itself is worth more. The Stave
Lake Power Company is going to have car service
there in the very near future.
S. News Office
Surrey Snap
A choice 2 Acre Block
(corner) situate in Lot
30, Block 5, N. R. 2
west (South Westminster).
1-3 Cash, Ba'ance 6, 12 and 18 Months
White, Shiles & Co
628 and 746 Columbia ?treet, New Westminster, B.C
Main  Office Phone R85
Branch Office Phone L85
What's the Use
What's the use of having a nice
garden, and the hens scratching
it all up?
What's the use of having hens
if you don't  keep them  home.
Try   us   for   wire  netting   and
T. J.Trapp & Co., Ltd.
���������������������������������������������������������������������** ..���������������^���^���������������������^������������������������������,
������*��������������������� aaaaaaaa��aaaaa <>a* ��������������������������������������������� *������ aaaaaa*
20 acres: for two days only.
.300 per acre; 1-3 cash, balance
fi, 12 and 18 months. A sure
money maker.
We have  several  other good
things across the river for
2  1-6 acres,  $3,000;   1-3
balance 0 and 12 months,
on the tram line.
S acres, $1,000 per
near Royal Oak station,
is just right for subdivision
and can be had on easy terms
for a few days,
1  cash
a Rm. 6, Gii.-:on  Bldg.    Tel. 681 Open Every Evening. J
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaasa*. *a*aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
i\\\ Row Tomorrow.
_v. i.���A most
. he world'i
b'    ��� ���   ��� -   irday,
��� >V -s Cup Tie.
Barnsh y   won
by  3 to Q  for
���     Di   B.
 .in   v. ere
restle a finish
���i  hall i'ii  ;l e
William  Lyall  Presents  His  Plans to
the Controllers.
Montreal, March 31.���William Lyall
appi an d befon   thi   b lard of control
today  with plans for the beautifying
.    city.     In   brief,   he  plan    to
huihl a boulevard through the heart
of the city, from i   -    to west, at a
���   -11, ,(     Provision is also
a   for   arl .museums
parks, driveways, etc., which will line
the bouh vard or be adjai ei I to It
\ .,.., altl ��� compan; is prepare I to
l,:1ck up Mr. Lyall's project as soon
:ii cessarj consenl can be obtained from the city.
Sent On Approval
TO R  .Sl'ONSin .8 PEOl'I.E     *
~/;c InR Pencil
Your Choi.
���>���;;   i
Give us
Badly  Used
Is noi responsible
pn Bsed by Its cor-
privilege ol taking
valuable space to
' In the eyes of the
an  alleged  mistake
in an article in
larch 30, re the re-
of   Mrs.   Dodd's
e  io another.
is   th,
���  change in the pres-
1   "���Mainly   never   had
municate with Mrs.
er;  it  was not  my
lo anything of the Bort,
��� knows
>           '    the   allotlng
the flrsl
��� med,
Up Finlander Brought to
the Soo.
Saul! Ste. Marie. March 31.���A Pin-
lander who was found wandering aimlessly in the woods between North
Cbippewa and Batchewana Bay was
broughl to the Soo this evening. He
was in a bad condition and had been
picked up by Indians. He had heen
looking for work in the camps and
lost his way, remaining In the hush
alone for twelve days, living on animals caught In the traps of the In
dians. His feet will likely
be amputated, as thi
have to
were   badly
I,intra1.....s aie l.\^\ S.;;
Every pen guaranteed
full HKt. bclid Gold���cut
oa n. in band may be ba 1
in ,.ii..t uui standard
black opaque pattern, i
Kon breakable Trauspai
i |is
���\- ���
Will Pay You
The Timberland Lumber Company, Ltd.
Fir, Cedar and Spruce Lumber, Rough, Dressed and Kiln
mension Timber and Shingles, Cedar Poles and Piling in
Dried,   Di-
any  quan-
Ask Us for Prices
us desired, either in r.ri-*~'
i or ui.   ..vu: :....��::   ._'    ",
manager of
question, and from
u   written  Instruo-
There was
of  the
place,   so   far
Would Extradite Armour.
New York, March 31.���Requisition
papers for the extradition of J. o. den
Vrmour, of Chicago, who was recently
Indicted by the Hudson county, X J.,
grand Jury tor conspiracy In controlling the prices of meal products, was
filed with Governor Fori at Trenton.
\. J., today by Prosecutor Garven,
of Jersey City.
ter. it
C.  March 81,
.  Dallj Nl.w
''* h��ve n���i
matter of a new city
' Plans of the    city
Bone so far as to bo
change,   it would
Pity to project  the
ln,iloiI,,'''!,"n  S'l'1^'
Additional Locals
You may try thlipeo a wwk,
If yni.L.1.. tt.h.1 iiMMimieuU I,
a Mttat   ��riil .o than v>u C��Q >-
euro l..r TB>n film THH irBCIAI
rm.i  in   it'.v olhtr lv*..-       I   t
mil rely  i��tl>t��rt. rj  rarj re
,1 .. t i. (..ni a ui..I ���� ��.H WUtl
)uu |I.10 tor IL
Cvt ox urT I. our lain, is bi .1
,..,,,,    r   I tl      t.,M   Ink  ryiCtl
r,.mi'l.'to Ivftk |>root ,ii.iin|.|i I.....
l,o   ri.ii ...l    .i.    il��y   I "-1'1' !l    '
,... k-i .    ilioi i n| !�����.'. ��"lln '���'
.n   iii |ll ill frit t ���...!..    Dill
��� ...in   linrlnc)   (���" I, I'M   i
point, l '       '"' '���''���"
....    taint . ittt llnlih     i ���'
mt." i.".   i ���.  * A.. ��� .-
want, I    y.t-r fl r l.-.lll,   ��til'
,,���.,     .il j   . fot|at '   A.l'."'
I1* Laughlin Mfg. Co.
. a .'Mi������ Bldg.,
Detroit ai��i��
. .'rn 11
tig  a
{y greal
. ; Should he in a more
,;;   '"���itiot, to Rhe picture-
TherV5! nr,'l'itoctu,-o of tho
.:;,-  "Wil   largo    ,-e-1
, ,M  H'i>rii nnd   Queens
���  '"^"'ve nt ihe corner
"  '""l Queens Avenue
5 ^iiir^'nnd wo,,,d
m bo ll ul\ ,,l;" "iis building
ncqulre       ;."I'"M;| "treet, why
,' ��� i , /""aide location at or
,"' "f Merrlvale street.
' ; building at that
���->��������� .,, :, ":"lv enhi
isnce the ap-
>   from   the   water,
Ol   II
Wl"iiii be
vpry central,
March 30, 1010.
There will he a meeting of all   those
Interested In the May Day festivities
In the hoard Of trade room in the
City hull nest Tuesday night at eight
O'clock,    All  the  Old  workers are  re-
Iquested to be present and those who
have never taken part in the proceedings In past years are particularly requested to he there as it is desired that the committee have some
'new blood this year.
Local   grown   plants   und    flowers,
ifresh every day at the  Co-Opeiallve
store, Sixth street.
| The police court record for the
month of March shows thai there
have heen llfty-two convictions, over
half of them tor drunkenness. There
have heen   no  serious   crimes   within
the city limit,   The following is the
detailed   account!     Assault,  1;   carry-
Ing concleade weapon. L; vagrancy,
8; drunkenness, 29; malicious Injury
to property, I; breach of city bylaws,
3; theft; 2; breach of Indian net, 4;
false i ret' nee, I; gambling, 3; furious
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
il .pro. i>tl.inniny
, f i-oe whether an
r vnienUMn.'JttntitnutL'-nr
_sv^ *&%_&&���������
8B5SSBo5ir-..r.-v.". ��>���
Scientific jfltnericam
MUNN f Co.��"-"d"- New York
April 16���Red Mill-
April so���st- Elmo,
Mav 12���Gingerbread Man-
Jutie 2���Dorothy Morton.
June 24���The White
Royal Standard
The Very Best Flour Made
Every Sack Guaranteed
$1.85 Per Sack	
3 lbs Creamery
Butter $1.00
3 lbs People's
Blend Ceylon
Tea $1.00
Office,  Room 8, Thompson Blk.
A. J. CRAIG, Man. Director
New   Westminster,   B.  C.
P. O. Box 953
Leaves  Brackman-Ker  Milling   Company's  Wharf,  New Westminster
With   Passengers   and   Freight   as   Follows:
The People's Grocer
PHONE 193 and 443
Sapperton Phone 373
Leave  Xew  Westminster  Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 8 a. m.
Leave Chilliwack Wednesday, Friday a*nd Sunday at 7 a. m.
Why You Should Insure Against Lawsuits
TTORKMEN can sue you without cost to themselves, and they have
��, VKKYTHIN'G to gain and small chance to lose by so doing
For the latest In fashionable foot-
weiir, see Sinclair's show window today, j   t
jBRSONS other than employees accidentally Injured about the premises invariably sue for damages.
iKGAUDLESS of their own responsibility for the accident, or the
existence of negligence on the Part of others.
ON the slightest pretext employees may sue you, even for accidents
caused by the negligence of a fellow-workman, and
THE suit may be brought against you long after the occurrence of the
nccldent by  which he was injured.
EMPLOYERS and business met can 111 afford to assume the risk o'
this ever-Increasing and uncertain liability.
CREDIT of otherwise responsible manufacturers and business firms l��
sometimes seriously Impaired by such damage suits.
TO   go  to law   means   loss   of   time, money, endless annoyance and
YOUR profits may be seriously curtailed as a result of accident unless you are Insured.
ONLY lnsuranco against such risks will enable you to fix and reduce your expenses to a minimum.
UNDER the protection of a Liability Policy In the Railway Passengers' Assurance Company you win save money and time and be
relieved from all such annoyances.
Alfred W. McLeod
[657jColumtia St.
,   ;
!. I
:. r
��� :,;..$:;��� PAGE SIX.
&    -;i i
;, .'i��'.
i*'. t
���"-.     '
��� v    :,.
���  *���.':�����.-
��^ ; ���
"fiili. ii ���
t1-;;,:   ir i    -
. iTEi-arrreN sells
Vancouver    Morning    Paper    Changes
Hands   for   $200,000���Bought   by
Proprietor of  Victoria  Colonitt.
Vancouver, March 3U���Announcement waa made today that the N�� ws-
Ad ertise the morning paper of Van-
couver, will pass out of the hands of
the pre-. r-nt owner, and will next week
i me I ' pei ty ol J. S. H. Mat-
son, proprietor of the Colonist newspaper of Victoria, who has paid $2
000 for the pa]
The NewsAdvertlser has been a
quiet. Conservative Institution In Vancouver for a long time. It was founded in tl e early days of the olty r.s.
a combination of the News and Advertiser. Hon. F. L. Carter-Cotton,
with wham wan at first associated
R. W. Cordon, has been the principal
proprietor during nearly all the years
of the paper's existence.
Women Candidates Will Contest Every
Arrondisement in Paris.
Paris,  March 31.���If the leaders of
the   French   woman   suffragis'g   carry  out  their program, the    elections
next month will be much livelier than
usual,  as they intend to present woman candidates for deputies in every
arrondisement of Pans   as well as in
other   parts   of   Fiance.     The   candidates will  be placed  before the electors without the formality of prlmar- ,
les, and there is no way of prevent-
Ing this action.
Marguerite Durand, the journalist
and lecturer, and former editor of the
woman's daily paper, La Froude, who |
has started the campaign, said, when
asked as to the programme if women
were elected:
"First, we wish to get the right to
vote and to hold all political offices.
All our organizations must agree on
this point, leaving differences of
opinion to be settled later. Women
are no more likely than men to be
ln  accord  on  every  subject.
"Personally, my first desire is to
abolish the sale of absinthe, close
public gambling rooms, reduce the
number of cafes, reform the divorce
laws, humanize the prison system by
inspectors,    and
The general opinion of people who
have   knowledge  of  the deal Is that i appointing   women
the sale of the paper heralds the re- |then t0 legislate on social and econo
tlrement of Mr. Cotton from the field   mlc Questions affecting women.   Much
of this nature is necessary, as women
compose more than half of the working population of France."
of active politics
Pittsburg, March 31.���The spectacle
of motormen and conductors of cars
running to the suburbs armed with
repeating  rifles is witnessed nightly.
As a result oi several bold holdup in outlying districts with which
as yet the poilce have been unable
to cope, the Btreet railway officials
have furnished aims to their carmen.
Although admiring the courage ol
the English militant suffragette. Mme.
; Durand declared that such methods
] are impossible here. The French
i have a keen sense of humor, and the
fear of ridicule would keep French
women from such demonstrations.
Constantinople,   March   31.���Ameri-
TO DEATH AT RUPERT   can  enterprise  is endeavoring  to secure from the new regime in Turkey
Prince Rupert, March 31.���Mrs. C.
E. Lofstedt, wife of a laborer, died on
Wednesday morning, from wounds on
the head. Inflicted, it is believed, by
her husband. The latter was arrested.
About g:30 on Tuesday night the police were notified of a disturbance on
Eighth avenue, near the sash and
door factory. They Investigated and
found in a little cabin close to the
fringe of forest, a woman in a dying
condition. She had been terribly bi a-
ten. Her husband, ('. E. Lofstedt was
at one arrested, he being found n
the in ighborhood. He was sober, and
did not seem to realize the -
��f Wa ; ttlon. Between three and
��� "   ��� 'Wing mornln
wife   ���  ���        Shi ab   ���-     I
' ,: ���   -.i:ed in a
laundr; , ise Th
:        V consist Ittle girl
ed to work with a local
ern and of hie  was em-
.    - ��� helping   unload   the     rail
e     mei -
a concession for the construction, of
railway lines more than 1,200 miles
in length.
Several railroad projects submitted
; to the Turkish government since the
constitution have come to grief
through want of financial support or
othei causes, but those that continue
to engage the attention of the ministry ni public works still represent a
formidable  total  of  mileage.
Foremost among them in point of
;��� gth and importance must be cited
the American proposal known as tiie
Chester project, which contemplates
��� ��� construction of a standard-guage
line from Sivos r ��� Bitlls, Mush and
Vai    wltl u    i line 1    Dlarbeklr,
nd Sulei ��� . The l< ngth
���   1,250  miles.
New  York,  March  31.���A  will, left
��� j   ' ike Wood, a Staten island hermit,
died recently worth $60,1  may
be  u] -������'   because  of   Wood's   reluct-
to spend an extra 25 cents foi a
r. itary's fee.   All the bequests an- to
table Institutions.
Juneau     M I���The    halibut       '    '"'  wrote the wU1 hIm8e,f w,th
fleet no��      I ads at Icy straits  pel     Qd !Dk'    ���dlng the document
and off i     ......       due to arrive       that witnesses could not see a sln-
ber< wll teal     of the season  sle line "f "' l" took lt t0 a ,n      y
for shipmenl  ���-. Si    ��� '���''  had the signature attested, pay-
Alth. igh the s�� ���  er of the   -: J the legal f"" of 2_ cent^
past wlntei has interfered materially
with the work of tl e fl bi rmi n and
pn rented the landing of large catches
the unusually large prices paid in Seattle has made the season on the
whole profitable for vessels and crews.
After discharging the coming cargo
son <��� of the vessels win return to the
grounds for another catch and take it
direct to Seattle. They will then engage in halibut Ashing on the Cape
Flattery grounds for the coming Bea-
6on. Several vessels now In tl <��� ��� ���
waters will catch salmon for mild
Sevi n boats left this morning for
the Taku and adjacent banks. The
fishermen will dispose of their catcnes
to the mild cure concerns. A number of others are outfitting for this
industry and will get away in a few-
Later on he desired to add a new-
clause, and pasted this over a clause
wl Ich i.' had cancelled, thereby avoiding an extra fee of 25 cents. 1 he con-
te ting relative asserts that this Invalidated the entire document.
Los Angeles Will Be Scene of
vention of Bonifaces.
Los Angeles, March 31.���As tiie
time draws near for the convention in
Los Angeles of the Hotelmen's Mutual benefit, association )t the United
States and Canada, the plans for the
entertainment of the visitors grow-
more deiinite. Besides ti..-ee special
trains, one each from New ,'ork, Chicago and Boa I . special ci.rs from
St. Louis, Minneapolis and C naha will
bring hundreds of excursion sts. They
will be met at San Bernardino April
Reach's   1910   Guide. u   ''>'   committees ol  the   Southern
Reach's Official American League California Hotelmen's asst latlon
guide : ii 1910, published by the A 1 :U"J conducted "J '''is city. A arled
Reach company, oi Philadelphia, and Programme lias tjef;" planned, and in-
edited  i...   ! ;; in is c.  Richter, of the
"Si orting Lift ," Is out, and is, as
usual, flrsl In the field, thug making it  the hai bingi r ol   the   lall
Beason. ll can be said without any
Qualification that, excellent as all of
the e litlon ol the Reach guide have
i"' 'i in recenl years, the 1910 guide
is the best haul book of the kind > ��� i i
Issued by this or any other publisher.
The Bpeclal dl Unction of the 1910
guide Is, 11 ��� ��� ���-. i to the ti xt, quality of
paper used and the number and bi au
ty of the engravings furnished, the
world's  championship   bi rles    being
ludes excursions  to all  points
Ol   111-
Saskatoon, March 31.���Climbing at 11
a pace which within thirty business
days will place the 1910 building permits tor the Hub where last year's
bannei total was at December 31. 1910,
the, Btrenuous bul Intensely interest
ing work in Inspector Harrison's office goes on apace, Al eleven o'clock
today tho permits taken out dining
specially well dowered with splendid ""-' previous twenty-lour hours am-
action pictures. The American league  ouuted to the handsome figure of $33.
guide for L910 is in all respects
a flrSt-claSB hand book tor the National game and a decided credit to
the American company. This is the
ninth annual issue of the Reach guide
as the official handbook of the American league and the twenty-eighth
consecutive year of its publication as
a book of record and reference for
the   entire   baseball   world.
Nominingue Farmer Finds Live Infant in Ditch by Roadside.
Ottawa, March 31,���A farmer living
near N'oiiiiiilngiie. Que., while walking along the road yesterday noticed
a  small   valise   lying  In   a  dilch.    On
".-.ii and placed the total for 1910 up
to date al |243,525, It is notable, too.
that the permits taken out during tho
day did not Include any large individual amounts; but consisted of the
better class of residences located in
all parts of the city and an $8,000
a pa -i merit block to be erected by F.
II. Webb on Third avenue and Twen-
ly-flfth  street.
Royalists Think Time Ripe for Republic's Downfall.
Paris, March 31.���The Duke of Orleans, in a manifesto to French Royalists regarding the Duez scandals growing out of the Llquldizatlon of the reli-
opening it   he  was  greatly   surprised jglous orders, declares that republican
to find a new-born baby, still living.
Ho took the child to the local convent,
and notified the authorities, who nro
now endeavoring to find out who deserted the littlo one.
Grecian National Assembly to Sit.
Athens, Greece, March 30.���The
proclamation convoking the national
assembly was read by King George in
the chamber today and was received
with cheers.
institutions are responsible for the
corruption of man. "In this instance,"
he says." "the liquidator with the
money stolen from the church pays
his mistresses."
The duke announces that, he is
ready to come to Paris the minute
there Is a real chance of overturning
the present rule and lie concludes his
statement by saying: "Popular disgust indicates that the time is almost
Never before have we presented to our patrons a finer lot
of Shoes than we offer for this
season and at prices that defy
We who have studied or
forecasted the stvles which will
be in vogue this season, have
given every attention to the production of models that will
arouse your enthusiasm.
Tan Shoes in every conceiv-
able style and pattern are shown,
and Tans are favored by reason
of our growing fondness of outdoor Summer amusements.
Velour Calf is another leather much in evidence. It is a
close grain leather, takes a fine
polish, and is particularly adapted to our own climate.
We have expanded our Shoe
Service, and can assure our customers that in our store you can
buy the handsomest shoes for
any and all occasions.
Our Oxfords are here and
we can sure please the most fastidious, Oxbloods, Grey, Tan,
Chocolate and Black. See them
in our Show Window To-night.
"The Shoe Man"
rf ..     -    .. t~*a**M ��� ��� |dav
APRIL 1,  191<>-
I Tcfi
Waiting to invest in
New Westminster
Properties. List
your property with
i "��� "������
-r.4.'/.i;^��S**%'iW.   ���:���-.,   ���--,-;-        -. - ,
121 09 Granville St.
ion*2 R4949       Vancouver, B.C
Help for the
���v-<> matter whal a boy's origin
be���no matter what handicaps have checked his .���
:       latter what  environn
have darkened his flrsl  viewpoint���he can find the path to
���   ement, If he can discern
tide       ��� and secure the
strength to endure to the goal.
The V.M.r \. [s in the business of helping jusi such boys
in their efforts to overcome dlf-
ee and achievements.
Help the movement to establish i     . an Institution here.
Veteran Speaker of Congress Is Inter
esting  Figure���Dr. MacDonald's
Impression of the Man.
Quebec, March 31.���According to
statistics I'm nisi,ed by Rene Dupont,
local colonization agenl for the Department of the Interior al Ottawa,
in i very day of the yeai 1909, fifty-
two Inhabitants of the Province of
Quebec left their parishes to go either to the States, to the Northwest, or
to Ontario, in all LO L83 Inhabit
of the province went away.
M r. ' iupon1 explains mis hea> j ��� i
odus ' I popula i in i j i he lack of local ; iusti u s and also to the natural
tai of the Pn ai Ii Ci iadl .ns for I ra-
��� lllng. Ainen:; niher causes of departure given are debts, luxury, too
easy credit at the dealers, and the
greal pressure i sercised by agent. In
selling farm Implements, and who
give too ��� ��� en dlt to farmers unable to paj.
. Sign Works YEE KEE & CO.
|\VS BiOCk, Sixth Street Suits Cleaned and Pressed.
(e\V \\ estminster. Windsor Hotel Block       P. 0. Box 644
Theo. P. Young, Prop. .
rates Given   on   Any   Kind
of Job   Printing
nson Blk.
Phone   388
Phone 105.     P. 0. Box 345.
Office, Front St.. Foot of Sixth.
"Wild  Bill" Donovan Gives Advice
Detroit's Young Pitchers.
Detroit, Mare!) 31.���"Cul oui the
curve ball" is tlie advice given by
"Wild Bill" Donovan, the oldest pitcher in point of service on the Dei mil
ba eball team, to the young pitchers
of his club at their San Antonia
training camp today.
Donovan went on to explain his
position, by saying that by excess
curve pitching while with the Brooklyn club he nearly ruined his arm,
and it was only when Jennings became manager of the Detrolts In the
spring of 1907 and advised him to
give his arm a rest thai he was enabled to "come back." He took the
advice and his work in 1908, when he
stuck to the Btralght, swifl throw,
demonstratted the soundness of Jen-
ning's theory.
"This is why I advise the youngster
to get away with curve throwing,"
he said. It will eventually wreck his
arms as it did mine. Stick to the
fast ball and you will bring home
the bacon nine times out of ten, Curve
pitching is what is making a failure
out of "Rube" Marquard, the $11,000
pitcher,  with  the New York  giants."
'iSEftj^SSOb 03E222E383&
13 acres in Section 26, Block 5, N. Range 3
$500 each.   This property is on the B. C. E.
is only a short distance
from the centre
west at
Ry. and
of New
Blocks 7 and 8 of section 32, block 5, north range 1
west at $350. per acre. This is $50 lower than adjoining properties.
Two and one half acres in Section 25, block 5, north
2 west for $1000.
Twenty acres in section 25, block 5, north range 1
west at $300 per acre on easy terms.
$16000 will handle 160 acres on the Hjorth road being-
section 24, block 5, north range 1 west at $400 an
Seven acres in section 6, township 9, on Njorthroad
and adjoining C. N. Ry. for $225 per acre.
Phone 169
The following graphic pen picture
oi "Uncle Joe" Cannon in whiten i>y
J. A. MacDonald .editor <jf Uie Toronto Globe:
"They've been trying for years to
beal   me,"  said  tbe  picturesque  old ;
autocrat   of  the  house  of  represent!!-
tlves  jusi   a   week ago  today.     "The
cowards,   the   hypocrites,    they   said i
Cannonlsm was a crime and old Joe |
Cannon anathema.    But l in at them.'
I'll heal thi rn .gain.    I'd have given
up the joo long ago ii they had only
li ti   UK   a'oi e.     But   1   won't,     now.
There's too n uch Irish in me to quit
under  lire.
'i'he grey l.fi ded old fighter broughl
down his li-' on his desk like a sh dge
hammer and bit a section clean off a
long hi.ii k cigar.   "Yes, my Canadian
 ber, i hei e's too much Irish in me,
and damned Irish at that, Cor me to
qull  under fire."
Joseph B, Cannon is lhe most aliased man on this continent. Or he was
a week ago. .sou thai he is indi ed
shorn ol his po r even bis accusers
have a good word for him. M> guide
about the Capitol tbat day was the
former Chiel Commissioner of the
District of Columbia, tbe Hon. 11. B,
F. Macl'ai land, one of the speakers on
the list of the ( nadlan club, oi Toronto, lie is a man nl' refinement, ob-
Bervant of all the proprieties.
"You must meel the speaker of the
house," lie said to me. "lie is a man
of rare ability, but something of a
character. He may possibly shock
you." This was by way of preparation. But l had long known of "Uncle
I Joe" and his ways. He received us
in the enter ollice, with his majesty.
He is lanky of figure, long of arm.
j and'his eye has a glint as of steel.
"Come in. come away in." And lie
led the way Into the room, the walls
iof which have witnessed many a struggle of wits and hold secrets the newspapers wot not of. lie felt about his
desk for a new eigai. and scanned uie
as 1 sat  within easj   reach.
"You may have heard up in Canada
that 1 have a cloven hoof," he said,
as lie sat hack and stuck one foot
up on his desk. Then, putting up the
Oilier   foot,   he   added.     "The   fact   is
both my feet are cloven."
"Up in Canada," 1 answered, "we
were told you had also a forked tail."
That idea pleased the old man immensely, and he launched out iuto a
medley of personal biography, proverbial philosophy, political comment,
synical scorn, lurid profanity aud sentimental poetry such as one rarely
hears In the space of an hour.
"People say l break the Ten Commandments, all of them. But 1 don't,
at least not often, l did break one
of them up in Canada two or three
years ago. As I rode from Winnipeg
the Kockli B over your great West
and saw the finest wheatflelds in the
world, 1 though of Virginia and a lol
of our rotten States, and l smashed
the Tenth Commandment every hour
ol the Journey. Yes, sir, 1 coveted
my neighbor's land."
Then he discussed political relations and the .maximum tariff. "No.
that's not for Canada. It would be
madness." Something was said thai
touched a reminiscent < I ord, and he
soliloquized over bis boyhood days
and the struggles of his life. Some
experiences with revivalists wer, re
called. Then he fell back on his
half-Irish blood.
"It's the Irish in me thai lights���
the damned Irish. But 1 have to tight.
Thev call me an autocrat, a czar,
everything hard and cruel. And the
newspapers! Predltlon would be full if
ever) newspaper man had his due.
They came into this room and dan d
me, cursed me, defied me. Herman
Rlddh r sat on that sofa and gave me
my choice. 1 must either give them
tree pulp or they'd kick me off into
space.    1 told him I'd ."
My sensitive and proper-minded escort'blushed as he heard Uncle Joe
enumerate all the things he would be
or do before he would surrender to
"those hypocrites of publishers who
advocated a high tariff for the other
fellows' raw material, but free trade
tor  i heir own."
There was no obvious reason for
an excursus on poetry, but 1 found
ihis scarred old politician from Illinois a muster of Burns, In the stress
and si rain he finds relief in "Holy
Willie's Prayer," recreation in "Tarn
0' Shunter," and rest in "The Collar's Saturday Night" Few Scotsmen can match "Uncle Joe" In quoting from  Burns.
"By the way." he drawled out as I
was leaving, "do you know the Sky
"You mean Ralph Connor," I said.
"That's tlie man for me. 1 have read
all his hooks.    I read "The Man From
Glengarry," at least once a year, and
j cry over lt every time."
i    What a strange mixture of contradictions!   He Is abused by the Democrats.    He is betrayed by  the insurgent  Republicans,    lie is almost the
last of the llis breed of political leaders left in Congress.   The most hated
j and the most honored man In Wash-
\ Ington, he is defended even by some
who regard his principles as worthy of
Ia Kill cannibal, and here he confesses
thai   ho cries over  "The Man  From
Glengarry"  like  a  soft-hearted  Gael.
I They  may pass better legislation  lu
I the house of representatives If Can-
\ notilstu is overthrown, but the place
j will not be the same lf "Uncle Joe"
1 Cannon Is not swinging the gavel.
J. A. M.
Long Legislative Fight for
Win in,i -\ Pension Bill
Ends i     '.. >r .
Pails.   Marc
tive struggle
years,   and   a.
ilation    since
i   31.���After   a   leglsla-
extendlng   ovei
continued  political   a -
1882,   the     Workmen's
Cheaper Gas in Montreal.
Montreal, March 31���After May 1
the price of gas for lighting will be
reduced by the Montreal Light, Heat
_��� Power company to $1.05 per thousand feet. Competition Is the cause
of the  reduction.
In  the   City   of
New Westminster to be sold at
is  leaving
Full   size
as owner
the city,
lot 66x132 feet;v one
minute from post office.
i'i nslon bill has passed the senate,
Onlj three members out of 283 voting oppose 1   il.
'l'he hill as passed the' senate em-
bodli s tie final recomini ndatlons
oi the government, ami is modified I i
man:,   respi cts from the bill    as   It
issed the chamber ol deputies. The
general belief is that tlie chamber
will new adopt It, and thus avoid
further struggles in order thai the
deputies can go to their constituents
in tlie coming election with the old-
a ;e pi n lon scheme an accomplished
i he 11 m Involves contributions
Erom ihi i e e mrces tor the creation
of the pension fund:
First, obligatoi - yearlj contt Ibu-
��� Ions 1i om the waf e.eai ne; s amounting to nine francs for men. six francs
for woi;.en. and four and a half francs
[or minors.
Second, the contribution of the employer, which eipia's that ill the
wage-earner;   and
Third, i lonti Ibul lon of tl    Stat
Even the experts differ as what
the latter will lie, but the gem ially
accepted figure is 180,000,000 fram -;
($36,000 001 I for tbi flrsl yeai the
amount decreasing until the ������ ���'��� ���
works normally, when il will be ahout
125,000,000 francs ($25,1)00,000). The
beneficiaries are to draw their pensions at the age of sixty-five, or after thirty years of service, with certain diminutions ior advanced enjoyment.
The full pension al the lowest unit
of contribution will be 414 francs
$82.80) per annum, except for farm
laborers, whose contribution and pension are slightly inferior.
The benefit of the law, which has
been modified to include In Its scheme
the previous Old-Age Relief law, will
be enjoyed by aboul 17,000,000 persons, including every category of
workers 'except railroad employees,
miners and seamen, who already enjoy pensions. As all state employees
are retired upon pensions at a specified age. this taw therefore practically extends the old-age pension system to all the laborers of France.
Dunn's   Scheme  Thwarted
Grand Jury's Decision.
Baltimore, March 31.���Jack   Dunn's
I Sunday   baseball   scheme  has    been
knocked out hy the Baltimore County
grand jury.   The members of the inquest   had   this to say  about   Dunn's
| scheme.
"Ilaving heard of the \ ro] osi d
movement to hold profession '
of ball on the Sabbath Day, we desire
ito express ourselves on this Important question, and therefore say that
as there appears on our statute books
1 a law entitle l 'Illegal I i," and
'as our county has a high standard for
���.observance of  law,   which Its honorable judges, who do see and will Bl
thai   all   laws  are  propel h   enforced
and violators properly punished when
broughl  before them, would saj  thai
in our opinion no one has power to
.give or permit a violation of a law,
i and as long as the law is upon our
books we condemn any movement that
I will violate it."
Chief  Reason  Why   Winnipeg   Plumbers' Union Lost Its Case.
Winnipeg,  March   IU.���An   Interesting sidelight is thrown upon the now
j famous ease in which the Plumbers'
! union was worsted In tlie privy council on the legal question of the lia-
I bility for damages following picketing
I during a strlge, and also on the right
of the  union to picket the  premises
of an employer while there is a strike
! iu   progress.     The   decision   was    of
great  interest  to  all  unions  because
of the fact that  U meant the death
blow   to    picketing    almost.    Their
counsel, who has just returned from
| London, gives it as his emphatic op-
j Inlon   that the   union   lost   Its  case
simply   because Nthey   had   destroyed
their books when the action was first
called,  thereby   making   ii   impossible
for the plaintiff to learn who was actually  responsible for the strike and
I for  the  administration   of   tlie   union
I affairs.
The privy council took the ground
that lf any body of men purposely
destroyed their union records they
��� must have something to conceal
which they were afraid of and which
did not entitle them to consideration.
Hence the prompt decision tu refuse
them the right to nppeal.
Room No 6 Phone 686
Premier of Manitoba Is in Very Poor
Winnipeg, March 31.���Owing to tailing health It is understood that Premier .Uobiln   has   practically  .decided
to retire from active  politics in the
immediate future.    Ile Is at present
sojourning at Hot Springs, Ark., and
while he is sufficiently  improved to
be able to walk around be is still a
very sick man.    Ills  heart is flnder-
stood  to  be  badly  affected.    Should
ihe retire the Premiership will devolve
upon  Hon.   Robert  Rogers,  and  Mr.
0, Steele, member for Glenboro', will
be  taken  into  the  cabinet  with the
portfolio of Agriculture. Ilon- Mr��
Rogers is leaving at once for Europe
on a pleasure trip and will b.' absent
about two months, and no definite
announcement Is anticipated until his
return or until the eve of the gene. ��V
election. _;  J
,- ,    -i-
���   ',  \   ,
I ���
l    '.
'>& ��� ' -rV- J
��� ������ ''���; 4 *���
. .*
^b-l-f'   ���
:������ a
��f*   * I ',
'. ��'.
���[Mi *���'
���it:     ,
��� 'flii'Sfi 'V *>'
.16- ,"v .VI   .
���'- - fi L
1 Mowers
��������*?=������*������#������* ������=���=�����������������--������-������*������=!=��������������*������*=������*���������-:
I City News I
M##4M4#M*M�� ������  ������*������*������>.> ������*
Self sharpening in both Ball
Bearing and Plain. Prices to
suit everybody.    See  us.
* George   E.   Martin   has   Joined
��� | legal firm of Wade. V.'Lealler &
Ji Quarrie. which will in future
a  known as Wade, Whealler, McQuarrie
��� I k  Martin,  the  two    former    having
X i charge of the Vancouver office of tbe
& Lusby
firm, and Messrs. McQuarrie and Martin attending to the local business.
Mr. Martin has been practising here
for about five years, and was formerly
In Nelson, where he was in parner-
ship with >Ir   Whealler.
An Illustration of the "Free" bridge
is contained in the current  issue of
he   "Westminster   Courier,"  on   sale
the  book stalls.    Buy a sour-
copy. ���'
JI at all
���; renter
The date of the appearance here of
"The Red Mill' has been changed from
April 11 to April 15.
For spring plants or cut flowers,
phone Davies' Greenhouse, RS0&     "
Walter Gleason, a lineman in the
employ of the B. C. E. R. yesterday
morning fell off a power car while
repairing a wire at the corner of First
Two drunks were slated to appear
' in the police court yesterdav but thev
BM Mi ���foi IP WfcJ forfeited 15 tall
For   Linoleum,   Oilcloths   and   Car-
:pets, see W. E. Fales. Agnes street. **
A.  Sebastian,  a  Vancouver autoist.
' was  fined  110 and  costs,  the  whole
amounting to $19, in the police court
yesterday    for  exceeding tlie   speed
J. L. Mclnnes has been given a
month's leave of absence from his
duties as jailer at the city police stallion ar.1 he will probably go to Harrison Hot Springs ln a day or two.
|Mr. Mclnnes has not been well tor
some time.
South     Westminster    property    is
handled by Hale Bros, and Kennedy,
Ltd.    Call in and see them, and they
I will put before you some good things.
We are prepared to supply
you with the BEST BATHS,
etc.. at the LOWEST PRICES.
Give us a call.
Phone 281
The  land  registry  returns  for  the
month   of   March  show a slight  increase over the figures for the  last
itreet  am    Park   row.    Only   trifling: ! month,  which were a record at  that
injuries    were    sustained,    and    Mr. !t_ime'       The    February    figures    are
Gleason  is   expected
work today.
to   be   back   at
assortment   of   Morris
seen    in    this    city   at
Rev. j. S. Henderson yesterday
evening united in marriage Heber
Bambrick, of Vancouver, and Miss
Clara Frances Johnson, of this city.
The ceremony took place at the residence of the bride's father, corner of
Tenth avenue and Twelfth street. Miss
Maude Underhlll acted as brides
maid  and   Albert  Johnson   supported
J  ti.'- groom.
Great selection of seeds and potted
plants at Tidy's. *���
In ar.y | .- ;.. -- Is Competency and
to   be   competent    requires    s: ���
'���"������ -. ��� special training in Gregg
Short .7 ich Typewriting, Book-
��� ���-; ��� i- and Accounting .companied
by   tl ���    allied       d me   ...   Bubjeets.
The Westminster Modern
Business School
610   Columbia St.
Commencing next Monday the j
C. P. R. will start running three ex- .
tra way cars to accommodate the in- '
��� ���-���     ��� eight traffic to Westminster
��� tion on Mondays. Wenesdays and j
; J5.045.S3 and for March they are a
! little short of $5,100. There were
several large transactions during the
month, but none to come up to the
: Burnaby sales of the month before.
Fifty ($50.00) dollars will be paid
for information that will secure the
conviction of the preson or persons
who damaged shade trees on Blackford street, or of any persi n dai
Ine boulevards in the city.
By order. W. A. DUNCAN,
City Clerk.
City  Hall,  March 29,  1910.
A.  L.   EC
;CK.   Pri
popo     11      t the midday i  ���
at  the  Royal  Caff   -       -   .very  day.
It is served from 12 to 2, with quick
ice. ***
The Women's Educational club :
the Columbian college will meet on
Si turday afternoon at three o'clock at
the home of Mrs. Charles Robson, St.
George street.
The local agency of the Oliver Type-
- company is  at 746, Columbia
Streel    Three doors from the B.C.E.R.
station. **
- D.  H. McGowan, of 218 Third
-. en .-. will not receive during April.
F. J. Dingwall, of the firm of Ding
i wall  k  Sons, ji irelers, of Winnipeg
.- .. guest at -: -   Russell hotel.
House and lot in Vancouver, value
i-    for   house   and   lol   in   N- w
Westminster.     Apply,     Box   P.   K.
News  Office.
Suitable   for  Rath room   or
20c  Each
We Give Careful Attention
to accounts ol corporations, firms and '
individuals, and shall be pleased to
meet or correspond wit . thi se who
contemplate making changes or open
tag new accounts.
if  you  haven't a  Savings  Account
NOW is the best time to start one
The Royal Bank of Canada
(Incorporated lv.69i
Capital   Paid-Up $5,000,000
Reserve        5,700.000
Total   Assets      70,000.000
New  Westminster.   B.   C.   Branch,
. .  HHUTP    Manager.
Newest  designs in  Iron  and
at Fales.
The  Fair
646 Columbia
We buy for cash an! se
he si'.me.
Do not book youi   passage without
���eeii g u   tin t.   Our Bystem of handling  tickets  from  the  Old    Country
will Bave yon money,
For dates and rates apply
C.P.R. Agent.
Gold Watches for Ladi.-s from .12./:
Silver Watches, gents' open face
Silver Watches, gents' open case.
17.50 up.
Agent for Waltham and Klgin
Watch repairing a speclaltv.
Two Doors from Geo. Adams' Grocery
Mrs W. A. Gray will leave at the
first of next week on a two-months'
rlsit to Mrs. Bishop at Kamloops. Mrs.
Gray will not receive today.
Tht Arm of Vidal k Bacchus, customs brokers, has been dissolved.
Mr. Herbert P. Vidal will carry on the
b islness as heretofore. **
Mrs. Bella Mclnnes has returned to
her home in Nanaimo after visiting
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Mclnnes here for
a week.
Scows for hire. Apply Joseph
Cl :.���--. Queensborough Ship Var.-.s,
Lulu Island. **
The funeral of Fred Bragden, a
young Mlnnesotan, who died at the
Royal Columbian hospital on Wednesday, will take place today from W. E.
Fales' undertaking parlors.
A payment of $25 procures a lot In
South Westminster from Hah- Bros.
k Kennedy, Ltd. These lots an- in
great demand. **
Teaming and  Expressing.
730   FOURTH   ST.
PHONE   R527
PHONE 475.
-aa-aa *> a-aa ���
���     ���     ���       ���     ���
*i**I"I**I* *!**!** t**i**p *I**l**i**'I**i**!
Muir's White
Pine Cough
For Coughs and
Ellard Bloc*, New Westminster
For a  Few Days Only
Special Snaps  *
also some choice buys
in Surrey
F. J. HART & Col
���M-I-M-H-H-* -H-I-H-H-H -H-H-H-M-!������_��� 4^-M-H-H-f
Nemo Corsets m the new
rlOd&lS  ��vCa,(iy     CORSET department
Nemo Corsets are a combination of perfect comfort and smart style. Nemo corsets
are practical figure-builders and remodelers.
-. Every Nemo does something for you
that no other corset can do.
Nearly every woman (in every country
where corsets are worn) knows that the������
Nemo Self-Reducing
���is the only corset ever made that really
helps a stout woman to reduce her abdomen
with perfect comfort and hygienic safety���
$3.00 to $10.00.
For Slender Figures
Almost equally famous are the Nemo
"Willow-Shape" (with the novel Flatning-
Back Skirt), the "Military Belt" Corset, <5
the wonderful "Back-Resting" Corset, and H'405 ���RtuErBA��s
the chic "Swan-Shape"   ail for slender and medium figures.
See our new Nemos, if you wish to know Fashion's latest
word on the all-important subject of corsets.
The many special features in the makeup of Nemo Corsets are   such   that   they   app.
to the best  dressed women.   An Impression has prevailed that Nemo    Corsets    wen
stout women.    This is not   so,  however,  aa  the  models  made  up  for  the  women ol
Uons leave nothing to be desired   in   corset attire.     We   mention    here   a   tew   ol   the
Nemo Cor-, ts.
-Dress .Adjusting
A perfect corset for women of
average figure.   No. "200 Nemo"
is made with low bust and extra long hips. A triple strip
re-enforcement resists the ten-
dency of hones and Bteels to
push through at top or bottom.
All  sizes,  per pair   $3.00
wmo��� f_____
NO.   320
A t - rsel ��� .-;.��� i tally fi r women of stout figure. Relief Btraj .-.
medium busl and lon. blpa
with possibilities of adjust
in such a manner that absolute
comfort and seivieoablity are
assured. Another BpeciaJ feature is the arrangement of four
suspender attachments. Per
pair    $4-50
N��405 *    RMFfiHW
NO.  405   NEMO COMtT FW
Made with 1 I *< awl "'
tra long skirl :  �� asel!
reducing    corsel    vi';;  reliel
band.-.            penders
Per   pair   	
A particularly nice Muslin for Bedroom Curtains is made up with
hemmed edge and setting of heavy C'luny lace. Insertion materia]
is fine white book muslin and very neatly made up: 40 inches
wide.    Per yard 35c
Another Muslin material of the same general style is shown with
.etting of heavy Ecru insertion and lace edge. Very pretty in
effect;   10  inches wide.     Per  yard  40c
Plain hemmed edge Muslin with setting ol fine lace insertion;
4u inches! wide.    Per yard ^fK
Fancy Colored Book
Muslins���35c a yard
Exceptionally One white striped Hook Muslin with printed designs in green and yellow clear and distinct on each side; also spotted ground with green colored bow knots', width 48 inches. Per yd. 35c
Another   Shipment o/|
Hair Turbans
Six  new  styles < I  Hair Turbans just received;
Hair Pins and  Hair Rolls.
New Leather
A   splendid   rangi     '   ':
Trimmed  Leather and
Belts, depicting the lati
lean styles.
ON   8ALE-I1.35   EACH
One of the UK's'  r<
values of the season. IE
Is this spe-
o this WP<?li'
cial   Hlouse on   s.''��'  ""
All sizes made with all-over embroidered     fronts     and
sleeves.    Special for I
*>-,;.. ..*�������� -'��������   ;-* ��� "���. *       ..���������....���������������   I ���#��� -v. ��� *���������*  ���-�� MV I
^ iiiiTniiiTiriTfmil
Mutton, Veal,
pork and Poultry
LAND    DiS-
Jean   Comador,   With   Combination
Cinematograph   and   Ultra-Microscope, Snaps Micro-Organisms.
District   of   New  Westminster.
TAKE NOTICE that the Pitt River
  Lumber   company,  Limited,     a  body
Tenders for Machinery, Belting, Shaft-   corporate having its head office at the
ing,  Cranes,  Air  Compres-
^^^^^^^^i sors, Etc   ^^^^^^^^^
SEALED   TENDERS,  addressed  to
ithe undersigned, aud marked ou the
envelope   'Tender  for   Machines   and
Leather  Be.ting,
City of New Westminster, Intends to
apply for permission to lease the following described lands: ���
Commencing at a post planted on
the westerly shore of Pitt river at
its Intersection with the northerly
side or the Canadian Pacific Railway
company's  right-of-way,    thence   foi-
Collecting   and   Selling   of   Wild
imals Provides Work for Many
Brave   Hunters.
Fresh Oysters are on
sale   twice weekly
Tools,'  'Tender  for    -   , . lu�� ...  ���~    , .  , __      .   ., ___
.etc   etc   as the case may be. will be   colnpanj,8  right-of-way,    thence    foi-      One   tit    .he   strangest   businesses
mi- ' received' at the office of the Commis-   lowing tlie westerly shore of Pitt riv- | carried on anywhere is that of Carl
' Kinners of the Transcontinental Rail-   er Ip  a  northeastly  direction,  seven I HagenbecK at Stettingen, just outside
way   at Ottawa    Ontario,    until    12   thousand  eight hundred   (7,800)   feet ! 0f Hamburg.   There you can order any
l'aris, March  31.���At last the
crobe has heen traced to its liar and
photographed.    No longer, will it be , way, at Ottawa,    uuia.nu,    uu...    --   ,.,!.>.,*���,,,,  co..* ���      .
able to conceal itself in the blood and ' o'clock noon of the 12th day of April, : more or less to a witness post plant-
. .   ���   . S*^ma l -j   ������   ���;.i    ,.i,,..-/,   ...   I,,. Mto   the   most.
_ . work mischief in tlie dark.    A young
tjEieuch scientist, Jean Comandon, has
p, Burns & u>.
E. C. Traves, Manager.
; 1U10, for   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
(1) Machines and tools;
(2) Leather  belting;
(3) Shafting,  hangers,  steel   frame
work, etc.;
(4) Miscel.aneous    equipment,
dustrial track and lockers;
(5) Motors;
(6) Furnaces and forges;
(7) Cranes;
(8) Air compressors;
(9) Grey   iron   foundry   equipment
and" brass  foundry  equipment;
-^^.������MMM��MMMmM ������������������������������������������������
J.  BROOKES,  Proprietor
WORKS���Corner  Eleventh  and Carline.
dragged   it  out  into  the  light,    and
shown the world what it looks like.
After a long series of researches,
and many experiments. M. Comandon
formed a combination of the cinematograph and the ultra-microscope,
which lias enabled him to locate these
tiny   living   particles.
"The ultra-microscope, as you konw
is a microscope," said  M. Comandon,
j "in wliich the lighting of the preparation  is  made from  the sides. In this  ���  ���
jway tlie bacilli and bacteria that one required for the equipment of the lo-
wishes to study appear extremely comotlve and other shops of the Corn-
brilliant on a black background. The inlBsi'onera of the Transcontinental
infinitely little things are seen in the Railway at Springfield, east of Winni-
Bame way as the particles of dust that   peg. Manitoba.
chase each other ahout in a sunbeam, Tenders Will be received and con-
nr the planets that are only visible sidered for any or all of the items ln-
at night because lighted from the dicated above and numbered from 1
sides by the sun. to rJ. both inclusive.
"This method has permitted  us to J    Pians   and   specifications     may  he
discern a great  number of  microbes   seon  jn  the  office of  the  Chief  En-
wblcb are invisible under the ordinary   gin���er  of  the  Commissioners  at Ot-
microscopes, however great, their power may be.    To the eye-piece of this
ultra-microscope   tho   object   glass   of
the cinematograph apparatus is united.
A drop of blood from an infected animal   is   put   between   two   sheets   of
glass and placed  under the ultra-mi-
croscpoe.    The cinematograph apparatus  is  then  set   working  an.l  the
movements of the bacilli are Impressed en the sensitive ribbon.   An image   gineer at Ottawa, or    ^^
legist, red  in a  thirty-second  of a  Engineer at St. Boniface. Man.
..^-���-.j ,    ���___.   __���.,,���,  musl  be  signed  and
ed on said shore to locate the most
northerly corner of the Pitt River
Lumber company, Limited, booming
site; thence at right angles to said
shore a distance of about three hundred   and   fifty   feet   (350)     to    tlie
live creature from a rhinoceros to a
white mouse, in the reasonable expectation of having it delivered at
your door ln not much more time than
it took the order to reach the great
wild animal dealer. If you saould
order some strange beast that llagen-
Baid northerly corner of booming beck does not happen to have in stock,
site, said point being two hundred he will, if you can afford the expense,
(200)   feet  from low  water  mark  of   telegraph your order somewhere into
said shore; thence southwesterly and
two hundred (200) feet from said low-
water mark seven thousand eight
hundred and thirty (7830) feet, more
or less, to the southwesterly corner
of said booming site; tlience northwesterly to point of commencement,
and containing sixty (60) acres, more
or less.
T. W.  GRAY. Agent.
Dated at the City of New Westminister, B. C, this 28th day of February,
A.  D. lfUO.
tawa, Mr. Gordon Grant, and in the
office of the District Engineers of
Hie Commissioners at St. Boniface,
Man., Mr. S. It. Poulin.
Persons ti ndering are notified that
tenders will not be consider, d unless
made on the printed forms supplied
by the Commissioners, wliich may be
had on application to the Chi.: En-
to the Distilct
CITY     AS-
Court of Revision.
Notice is hereby given that the Assessment Roll for the year 1910 has
been returned to me, and remain:; in
my office where it may be inspected
by any poison having an interest
therein, until the sitting of the Court
of Revision.
The first sitting of the Court of
Revision on tho said Assessment Roll
will be heid at the City Hall in the
Beeond, and the enlargement obtained I    Each  tender muui.  u��  =,.b..w    .,-,,.
is   from   lii.ooo   to   20.000   diameters.   8ealed by all the. parties to the ten- ??��, citron Mondavi VbVi* a"    .t
This enlargement  is so great  that  a   del, and  wltne8sed,    and be    accom- 'Si next   at 11 o'clock   in   U Lo
flea seen under the same conditions  panled  by an accepted cheque  on a JJ��� ne^ at " �� clock, in the tore-
would have the same dimensions as a   chartered   bank   of   the   Dominion   of A '
six-storey house."                                  1^^^^^���         ���-,    *.  M._ ������,,���,. ���, t|lH '-
In a dark chamber at the Academy
Something Unique is
Coconut Cream
Icing ��
of Sciences, a group of scientists
viewed the results of this invention.
The   germs  of   that   baffling   African
malady���the Bleeping sickness���looked     ^ ^ __ 	
1 as  large as  eels  as  they    circulated  ���d s]vM _UMn ten days after the
with   great   rapidity  among   the   red   __ fl,������D
cells  of  the  blood.    Bacilli  of other
diseases found in animals and fowls -* efl t<) be signed and ln any case
were shown and could be plainij seen f _ficn, _ faiinr. nn the pan of
moving   about   like serpents.
 ^^^^^^^^_~-..   person    intending    to    appeal
Canada   oavable to the order of the  agaInst the assessment must do so in       --���,z.7".Z, 7.. '������;���-���;.'    ;-
cSssloners of the Transcontinen-  ��,tlng  fo    b,   fi,ed    with  the City   ^^cMUzatlo^ wlthUta first polai
Africa, and an expedition will start
out. and search the jungle for the
spotted gooperlnkus, or the three-toed
xynchthus. llagenbeck will not turn
down an order for any beast of the
earth, or fish of the sea, or bird of
the air. If you will pay for it. he will
undertake to deliver it, and make no
more bones about it than a butcher
would of sending you up a roast of
How the Business Began.
How   the    greatest     wild    animal
business  in  the  world   was  built  up
by this adventurous and enterprising
Gorman is the subject of a book Carl
Hagenbeck   has   just    written,    and
wliich   is reveiwed   In     the     London
Chronicle. Like many another notable
career, that of Hagenbeck was determined by an accident. His father was
a   humble   fish   dealer   in   Hamburg,
andrfine day yielded to an impulse to
1-uv  some seals a fisherman  brought
to him    lie amused himself by train-
i i^ the seals, and one day sold them
!c a showman, making a profit  that
see.i.ei' huge to the fish dealer.    Encouraged by this stroke, he told the
fishermen who sold him their catches
t. b'ing him all the seals they could
liiid     With  these animals he established a rather  profitable side line.
The   First   Polar   Bear.
Then  a Greenland  traveler return-
tal  Railwav  for  a sum equai to ten   clerk at least seven days before the
per cent (10 per cent) of the amount  first sitting of the court.
of the tender.
Any person whose tender Is acccpt-
^^^^ -"er the ac
ceptance thereof sign    the    contract,
specifications  and  other    documents
O'tTT    ���"'-,
City Cierk.
Mnroh IS   19'f'
TAKE NOTICE that an application
has   been   made   to   register   George
of refusal  or failure on  the  part of
the  party  whose  tender  is  accepted    	
to complete and execute the contract   Troughten as the owner in free Sim-
with  the    Commissioners,    the    said   p.e, under a Tax Sale Deed from Ed-
  cheque shall be forfeited to the Com-   win   M.   Carncross,   collector   of   the
Practics   of   Staking   Mineral   Claims   missioners as liquidated
" Needs Looking  Into. such refusal or failure.
bear ever seen in captivity, nnd looking round for a likely victim to unload it on, he thought of Hagenbeck,
and at the cost of some eloquence
sold the beast to him. Then followed a conference of the Hagenbeck
family, which Carl, then eight years
old, remembers; and it was decided
to rent a vacant shop and exhibit the
bear. Fourpence admission was the
amount charged, and people flocked
to see "The Great Polar Bear from
Greenland." With the proceeds other
d to the Com-   win   M.   Carncross,   collector   of   the anim.,is and birds were bought from
I damages for   Municipality   of   Surrey,   to   George h(, sailo,s  who brought them  home
. and fl con-  Troughten, bearing date the 7th day after theil. voyages Into far countries,
iy  the  accept-  of September, A. D. 1908, of all and Verv siowiy t]le menagerie was built
n Y,a forfeited,   singular that certain  parcel or tract ....     !n sevpn .-ears Hip ennttnl value
Portland Canal  Miner��� oi  me i��-.       rhe  cheques  deposited   oy   p��u"==   -   .  .   .      ,   -,,     Di8trict
tice Utely adopted of staking ...tne  whoge  tenders  are  accepted will  be ,����Jetag  in  the Dlstnct
em newspapers-notamy me  hllce 0f the tender sna.i ue .�����   ---��,--   -----    -  -------      .       up.    In seven years the capital value
?       i   \i,7e,��� of the prac-      ll      u ������_   HpnnSlted   bv   caiiies   of  land   and  premises   situate,   lying   of the stock had cached only   ��120.
Canal  Mine.    .<*_tnepr^     The  cheques  deposited  by ^a.ues   ^  ^^ ^ ^ ^^..^    q{    New   Today   the   wlld   bca8ts    alo���e    are
worth   ��50,000.
Scouring the Wilds for Animals.
It was at the age of twenty-one that
Carl took over the meagerie from his
lather, and began his career. He
realized that the success of the business depended on the securing of odd
animals, and he quickly realized that
snow, Percy Godenrath's paper com.
menting that: "The practice is to be
I deplored; the idea of making a few
' snow locations to obtain easy money
, in Vancouver should receive the attention of the Mines Department."
i The Mines Department can, of course,
' only   go   by   the   law.   which     would
To H sufficiently plain and ex-  sigtilng of the contact.
deposited to the credit of the Re- Westminster, in the Province of Brit-
celver General of Canada as security sh Columbia, more particularly
Tor the due and faithful performance  ImoTO aad described as:--
of the contract according to its terms. '    ^  1,*i_\* V ^ci"f l P?''"on ��
_. .,*.-*. .i ���   Section 20, Block 5, North  Range   -
|    The  cheques  deposited  by  parties   West    Lo(s 3 ���nd 4_ q[ a I)ol.,ion
whose tenders are rejected will be Q, fractlonal gectlon 21> Bl0Ck 5 NorUl
returned within ten    days after the   j^jjugg 2 West
r,..."n    �����         	
The right is reserved to reject any
or all tenders.
By order.
Choice ^H
teem iu u<r ��,..... .
pliclt to protect all interests. Section
16   of  the   act   deals   very   distinctly
with staking when it provides that:
"A  mineral claim shall  be marked
by two legal posts, placed as near as
possib (.  on the line of the ledge or
i vein, and the posts shall be numbered \f��� "��"��������""=������ .
: 1 and 2, and the distance between 0ttawa. March 2, 1910.
| post 1 and 2 shall not exceed fifteen
hundred feet, the line between posts
; Nos.   1  and  2  to  be  known  as  the
location Une, and upon posts Xos. 1
and 2 shall be written the name given
to the mineral claim, the name of the
! locator, and the date of the location.
ange -  west. animais. ana ne quieiuy reanzea mai
You   and   those   claiming   through   jle could not be dependent on home-
.J r.r...        nr,a        nil        lltTCIItK        flaltU-       nn,.,i,..r     ,-.nl.,i-o     f,,,-     tl,..,,, <S^t       t ,1     t ll P
under you and all persons claiming any Interest in the said
land    by    virtue    of    in      unregis-
coniing sailors for them. So, to the
business of menagerie owner he
added that of hunter, and went hlm-
laild UJ VIIIUC        a/a        ���� ������ a. auuvu    1.1J.H.    Wl    iiumci,    uiiu     ��t...    ......
r. t.. n....-,      tered      instrument,      ai.d    all    per- seif t0 the haunts of wild animals, re-
<?eeretarv    The    Commissioners of  80ns claiming any interest in the said turning with strange beasts that made
B��� **���*'. _   ..          .   ���      ,   .     . _. ii   ���_���   rn,.,,,,i,i\   tn i.u.    i   i..,....i.���..���   ��r   i r,..,,l,,,,-.,   ���.,r.a
the Transcontinental Railway
Newspapers Inserting this advertisement without authority from the
CommiBoiorBiM wffl not b>- ����H f��r "
10ns Claiming auy uutu��<i iu a.^  lunnug wuu ��u,u.ec uc-..n,., ,,,���,   ,,���,���
'Land Registry Act," are required to the good burghers of Hamburg gape,
contest the ciaim of the tax purchaser The   menagerie   prospered,   and  soon
within forty-five days from the data Hagenbeck was able to emplby hunt-
of the service of this notice upo- p i . els to work for him,    in his service
and in default of a caveat or ���     - I ��� these daring men have traveled into
cate of lis pendens being filed wicnm part8 0f the earth where white man
such period, or in default of redemp- uevel-  before  trod, and    incidentally
tion before registration, you and each bave made names for themselves as
w��...w" ��� ������ ��� tied before registration, you miu ca,.,, nave maue ntuiios iui   uiciu^.^a ����
District of Coast Range One. of          wln be foreVer estopped and explorers.    The  author  tells  of one
Take notice that Joseph Storms, of debarred from setting up any claim of bis hunters who telegraphed him
"" *" to   or  in  respect  of  the  said  land, from Suez that he was ill, and sum-
locator, and the date . g _T{t_ ;Kelgey> occupati0n farmer, Intends to   to"or  _  respect  of  the  said   land, from Suez that he was ill, and sum-
Upon No. 1 posi "       foregoing. "In-!apply ,or permission to purchase the h u register George Troughten moned  Hagenbeck  to  attend  to  the
ten in addition tc    nei ^^  m Ascribed lands: as owner thereof ln fee.   And I here- anlmal8     -When   I  arrived   at    the
I Rial  Post. _tneBappr    ^ a statement |    Commencing at a post planted In :       order that publlcatlon of this no- b.t.l in Suez where he was staying,
a small bay on west shore of Triangle   g^ fo_ thlrty days ln a daiiy news- bayB   tue   dealer.   "I   saw   a  curious
sliall   im
been   located,   the   holder
Mediately   mark  the   U.> ^ ���e
It's Time for the Spring SKirts and
Ready for tke Rush
, distinctly  sen.- un.
,lty, by blazing trees ana wUei..
aoibrush     and    it    a   1 ��M
Island.    Applying  for the  who.e  island,  containing   40  acres,   more  or
less, situated south of Crib island.
March 10, 1910. Agent.
we re
It seems as though every man in this vicinity
should know about the quality of our shirts-we sen
so many of them.
We've the most refined and the handsomest
spring shirts that you can imagine. They re beauties.
Regular coat style, specially selected
patterns, a larger variety than you will
care to see. All new this season.
Splendid shirtmaking by a maker who
knows how to make shirts to perfection
$1.00, $1.25 to $2.25
We have made great preparation for the men
that always depend on us for the spring shirt outfitting.
Comox Land District.
 a*******-.,       Hmhsr nor    unaer-.        District of Coast Range One.
there is neither ��^��>   <     o). e���,ct      Take notlce that Guy Johnson, of
brush he shall set lepu V        qo{ ie8B Xenlft> OCCupatlon harness maker, in-
hKtwo teet in di- tends to apply fo. permission to pur-
Sat such line can  chase the following described lands.
���        ,     a_���    The locator shall      commencing at a post planted  n a
be distinctly seen,    me '""-'^ _ nn.nt  ._�� __  ���_ mnnth ahnrp of Pear| ts-
tice ior uiiiLj  u*..<o -M m. ., hays   ....    ^w	
paper published ta New Westminster Sl���bt Elephants, giraffes, antelopes
will be good and sufficient service and buffalo were in the courtyard
thereof. tied   to   palm   trees.    Among    them
Dated at the Land Registry Office, sixteen ostriches ran about unfettered,
New Westminster, Province of Brit- while in some sixty large packing
ish Columbia, this 9th day of March,  cases were llsns, leopards, panthers
utrinpd  hvenas.    lackals,    civet cats
than two feet
������.meter at base, so
ItLIU' ,v ������rtr��        Tlie   lOCill"'    k,..~- ^uuiuicuv.ud   ��-   ���   . .
w,l DOS   at  the point  bay on the south shore of Pearl
als0 "'riVidi in Place on   lanyd, the north island in the Indian
where he has WM���*^ l)0S;:   group, containing 80 acres, more   "'
A. D. 1910.
District Registrar,
i    To:���Michael Robert Barry.    John
Dine'aa    A'r.Y!.n.it.|-  C,    Mi>��'  -'one
District of New Westir.ister.
TAKE   NOTICE   that   thirty   days
after date date I, William E. Wright,
striped  hyenas,    jackals,    civet cats,
i hinoceroses and all sorts of birds."
A Great Business.
Hagenbeck   has   today   sixty  European hunters aud collectors  working
Cor   bin,  and  has    great    receiving
, depots m all parts of the globe. There
are lhe in Asia, three in Africa, two
in Australia, three on this continent,
! a��:d  several  in    Europe.    The    two
I most eNpensive wild animals are the
"" ""'s'Wc, rlnim   the sKotc.i yil.age island.     GUY  JOHNSON.      i.     a llcense to prospect for coal ana   dftttKCr0us to capture.    I lie nippo ib
the records of the claim.       ,     tlon ,"   B SHERMAN H. FORD,        Detro.cum on the following described ., arp..���nfc(i and hauled ashore, or else
Plan on the back ��f^e��lthe 1910. Agent  f^.. L ��� t.uv,ped ,��� a pit    The rhinoceros
************  ������������ i    commencing at a post marked Wm. |,_ ���i������ irt��� victim of a nitfali. Lions
where ne uw�� �� ��� ���      Us(,���v01y post: group   containing w acres, unii-o   -���   after date date i, nuuam *.  ������������="-��� , llu,ov   ,M,...���..-	
which shall be <* Utei  u [& sur. b     i . ^    for the whole is.and  lf ciayburn, B. C, intend to apply to ;hlpl,opi���.imU8 and the rhinoceros, and
Provided that wlun ine by situated at the west end of , h   As8t8tant Commissioner of Lands Lfc   laUel. l8 W|thout doubt the most
veyod the surveyor BhaUIW*�� ^{^ yil age island.     GUY  JOHNSON.      If     a licen8C to prospect for coal and   C,.11,,01,)U8 ��� capture.    The hippo is
,_     -��    Ilia    rillllll.    i�� _..    ��� ����>������"    *" ���..-,waaa aa.T   ���     IWHjn I . ^_    .u-    ��,.! I I ���..   llORCrihpd   I.  J J    l....,lo,l    uuli(ir<>.   Or   ClSe
made by the owner
was recorded, posts
wa�� .-    "�� 1,n.nH..i2'nost."        ' Comox Land District
nouce on No   1, *e W�� ^89t and '        District of Coast R.ng. One.
The definition of a leg     ��   feeen ;
"' T[fplaceh wouS^em to perfect
ES JeenX of the investor
a i upped ... - ���.	
E^WriKht'VTouthw^sT corner   set at " il,so th<> vlctlm ��,f a PItfa11- LU)n8
io. wngnt s soutnwest corner, set at ftd               . th    ,          and more
m6 BoZthTl C��onv 2fSSSSf.2�� aung^rous animais are captured when
Boone, occuyiuuu        No. 205, Group 2. New WeBtmlnster ^    -hey are then conveyed t0
apply for permission ot purchase the   District, thence east one mile thence Uo   wondvrfui   artiflclal   yark    and
- ........ *-m ,������������:                   | north  one  mile,  thence  west  three ju������,0 whlch Hagenbeck haB   estab-
The definition ��i��-���-^     been,    T k    notlce that John Eikens. or _
ltl erection where nvInenu . occupatl0n butcher, intends to  JJ^ thence ea8t one mile, thence
found In place wouin seei��_    *��� !__,_,_��� ^^miaalnn ot Durchase the | ?"__   1_.   __������    trt
,     Her  of   FrenTh   Feminist.   Would
Leader  ot   rrj Laws.
Amend Divorce ^
P!,rl8'f SffUSh feminists, made
leader of the Frencn i audlence.
a witty speech toa large ^ ,n
0f which tw";'h'doBr0mlng elections,
connection with thj><%j��������a candl-
ln which she >B ��"�����f deputies.
dates for the chamber jkw.%   her
���������,. .���. r  *��" ���"*���  north  one  miie,  mwite   ***���*   nunyie which s*m*v*^a~mm ���-    ---
following described lands:    ��� fourths ot a mile, thence south three   llsjhe(l pt 8tettingen, where they grow
Commencing at a post planted at ��urum thence      ^ one L.  nialorlty.    Thence they are sold
west end of Cedar island, containing mlle   thence B0Uth one L    c,rzuB_ and zoolcglcal gardens in
: "auwaa Uj-. - ����� - *** * ��� - ���**& slxtsu-*. ,
,�� UMnimmM Island, imeui-eiucuv. ,..������,  wniOHT. rm.���  >i��k= attaiutlne    the business
40 acres, more or
the whole Isiand, ~~��� ._ .,
at the west end ot Midsummer Island.
March 10, 1910. Agent
Comox Land District.
District of Coast Range One.
Take notice that George Philips, of
New Westminster, B. C, March 8,
! 1910.
.     #���r the chamber oi ��^"���w"hfir      Take notice that ueorge ����
Xn for tne cim ^  ,���    her      �� occupation  baker,  In-
Her   pronrain  MJ   f the divorc% | Battle   CreeK.   oc   V qq ^
,rech includes reform on gy8.  tends tc. appiy^ioi v
The risks attending the business
need hardly be emphasized. The
hunters, as a rule, "die with their
boots on," either from the stroke of
some wild beast's paw or horn, or the
i stab of an equally wild savage spear.
| To accept the risks they daily run no
money could tempt them, and the men
Comox Land District
District ef Coast Rang* One.        i money comu wu.v. v- ,	
Take notice that Ole Lee, ot Bonton,  who draw salaries from   Hagenbeck
���  ��� -.    .    ���,��� 1-mmim h . doina the work for nothing
6��1 Columbia St:
Clotters and HaWJaskers
'WSaB? a4*^r__\\*-*,m m SB*Zi*Ui
TaKe nOHCC   Will W mm.~, -.
I occupation farmer, Intends to apply
(for permlssloin to purchase the foi-
lowing described lands:
Commencing at a post planted in
a small bay at N.W. comer of Hudson
Island. Applyiag to purohaae the
whoie island containing ������ acres,
more or less, and Is situated southwest of Mars Island.
March 10, 1*10. Agent
i  ���;
wno amw ttumno ..._.   	
would be doing the work for nothing
if there were no dealers like him to
pay them for living the lives they
Big Figure for Horses.
Brandon, March 31.���At D. G. Buckley's auction sale in North Brandon
ot his prize team, reckoned as the
best pair of farm horses in the province, sold for $1,300 to Andrew Dlller,
of Carroll.
.��;.! II
���  i
i i
IT  ��
it,  ,    - '        i
S   : di   H
i.!��   ' ���'''
!���     ,;i
.  )i
-I'jt'" -.
j ./ ��� T ��� '��� 1
*    .                  '>i    ' ' '
' I,      Wil i      tt-
���������   il'4
v.   ;
VC      ���'
li. > *>
TAKE NOTICE that an application
has b en made I i register the Corporation ol the Township or District of
bui icy as the owner In fee simple, un-
dei a ii.'- Sale Dei d from the Reeve
al [i .', i. of the Corporation of the
'1 o,ii.-l ip or District of Surrey to the
Corp itai'i n of the 'l ownshlp or Dis-
trii i of S'n rey, bearing dates of the
21st day of 0 tber, A.D., L905 and
31B! day of De ei ibi i A.D., 1 I L, ol
all and singular that certain parcel
or trad of land and pn arises situate
lying and beinj In the Distri I ol N< ��� ���
Wi - tminster, in the Pro\ Ince ol Brit-
i. . Columbia, more particularly known
and described as: Lol 1 In sub I
Bi, a _; of block l of section 30, block
;, i. ,rth, range 2  west;  bus 8 to 11,
Ini;       e, ol      -     ;    ' '-',i""
L6, i li ck 5, ii-.i th range 2 west; lots
IB i , 21, Inclusive, block 14 of southeast quarter sen ion 4, township 9;
lol I ���. and V. In Bubdh Ision 23 of
sedinn 16, block 5, north range 2,
.,..,- ���. i-,' - 22 and 23, in sub llvlsion
21 i r sei tion 16 block B, north range
2, wesl; Iota I, 2, 3, I, 5, ,;- ������ 8, 11,
12, block ! ol lol 387A, [ roup 2; lots
2 i 6 .inclusive, block ll of Bouth-
,., ��� larter i ection I, tow n ihip 9;
lot 5 block 3 of lot 387A, i oup 2;
|;��� ���> of lol  387A, group 2;
I ,| j. 22, block 3 <-: southeast quart-
,,- i :tlon I, township 9; lots l -. 19,
bio, _ 2 of Boutheasl quarter bi ction
-1. township '.': lol 22, block 16 of
Boutheasl quarter section 4, township
9, map 519; lol 23, block 16 of iuth
, a si quarter section -1 township 9.
You and those claiming through or
under you and all persons claiming
;U. Interest In the Baid land bj virtue of any unn glsti red Instrun ent,
aD | an p, rsons claiming nny Inti esl
in the said land by descent, whose
title is noi registered under the provisions of the "Land Registry Act,"
are required to contesl the claim of
the tax purchaser within forty-five
days from the day of the flrsl publication of this notice upon you, and
in default of a caveal or certificate
of lis pendens being filed within such
p< io l, or in default of redemption
before registration, you and each of
you will be forever estopped and de-
barred from setting up nny claim to '
or in respect of the said land, and I
shall re. ister The Corporation of the
Township or District of Surrey as
owner thereof in fee. And I hereby
order thai publication of this notice
for thirty days in a daily newspaper
published in New West minster will
be good and sufficient service thereof.
Dated at the Land Registry Ofiice,
New Westminster. Province of British
Columbia, this 29th day of March. A.
D��� 1910.
('. S. KEITH,
District R< glstrar.
: 1 Miller. William A. McCal-
Iclnni s, T. G. Stark, William l> ������ is, Henry Praser, Hem >
Ki - ��� rold Ponsford, A len Sph i s,
George Stone Robi I !.
��� ' G ' iopi . John Robi rts, ;: ������ I
li ���  . '���.  T. Crossley, John   E.
Comox Land District.
District of Coast  Range One.
Take notice that Charles William
Preston, of Madrid, occupation barber Intends to apply for permission
to purchase the following des iribed
1 Binds:
Commencing at a post planted at
the wesl end of Aid r island, the
largesl island ir, the Carey group, containing 40 acres, more or iess. Applying for the whole island, which ls
situated near the west end ot Tumour island.
March  J(.  1 "10. Ago. '
Form of Notice, District of New Westminster.
Take notice that John Ferdinand
Baggs, of Nelson Island, occupation
farmer, Intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at
the southeast, corner of Timber Lot
37341, aboul one mile northeast of
head of Iii.lings Hay, thence north
in cliains to or near small hike, thence
east 40 chains, thence south 40
el,: Ins, thence wesl 10 chains to point
of    commencement,    containing    100
aires more or  less.
Name of Applicant.
Hated at Nelson Island, ll. c, December 29, 1909.
If you deposit your money for
safety in The Bank of Toronto
it will be safe while you leave
it. and ready when you need it,
and  it  will  be
Forgery no Longer Requires
Expert Skill in Penmanship
��� Expert Gives Advice.
Tc 'onto   Street   Railway   Is
the Highest Paid Officials
In America.
Young   Men   Complain   of   Loicliness
of    Life   in   Western   Country
Where   Girls   Are  Scarce.
earning for you three por cent,
interest. Small or large sums
may be deposited at any time.
in    Ontario,    Quebec    and    the
.  4,750.000
mm ioro;^;
J, Gracey, Mgr,
Transfer Co.
mee    I'tione   18a.       b:irn    fUune   M
Columhla  Street
Baggage    delivered    prom.to     ��� <
any  part of the citj
Light and Heavy Hauling
ncFict--TBAM DBPm
Green Cut Bone to Make
Your  Chickens   Lay.
Centra! Meat Market
���.:���:.ei   ^gnih St. tad    Hfth Ann.
Winnipeg, March 31.���"Jim the
Pi . ian" was all right In Ills daj, bul
the world of ciiine moves along with
ij ��� rest of the unlvers t, and tlie
"artist ' ol today scorns to Lmitati .1
signature when be can si cure a cluck
bi ai ing the real, genuini . undou ��� 1 1
signature itself, and tliej change the
amount of tie check to an) sum that
his hearl desires. B. F. O'Donnell,
who maki s a business or raising for
the purpose of Bhowing people how
rn guard againsl ir. was passing 0 n
some "inside Information" on
the   subje t  of  chi ing     the
other d      and 1
made  the    I   I     enl   thai   any   die ik
evei   wri   en witl   pi a, pencil or typewriter < ould bi   altere I in some man-
to   : read   for   a     It
"The skilful 1   ��� ck raiser absolutely
defies  ordinar; I ���  of    pi ecau-
lion,"  Bald   Mr,  O'Donnell,    "He  can
[ally ai     mpiish his  pui pose  with-
oul any tnubh        il   ���   cept to add a
few pen sin.!.. .1 to the original wi i!-
.1,..    for   instance  a   'y'   to  an   eight,
making it eighty, or a 1 1 the top
ol a  c ipital   < I,   making  it   look  like
an  ���]���:.' ami  v.r,;<  with  a   few     more
...   produ iii ;    'Eight   Hund     I
out of 'One Hundred.'
������\.- irly a 1!  v. 1 Itten    amounts  lend
tbems '        .     -.'.'.'..'.
and   is     exl
where    ��� 11 ck
pn \ alenl  than
common   m   England,
1 tusinj:  ia ��� un  moi e
;the (heck
! tne em li >���
I iv\\ rite
1 hlmsell
lie  eannol
raiser can
Estimates Given.
Phone 06
: ; Si :lh avi n ie, between Second a.v-
��� n le an I Thli 1  streets.
���T* rfe a   ft Y n rn i
'pen' li1' ��������� ��� ,'i r,
always remove
11.1 ant with acid and thus
the whole husiness to suit
and ro one may be the wiser
; ui til till Cllei ks comes hack to the
sUner a mr. th latetr among his cancelled tli-cl-s from the hank and he
'finds that his balance is several hundred dollars 01.1 of the way.
In some cases he may be aide to
j make the l.ik stand the loss, although this 111 ends on circumstances
bul in any event it is likely to require
|a lorn; and expensive litigation, and in
the meantime the money thai was
'est is being squandered by the swln-
d'er. who you may he sure will never
b( caught until he has dissipated the
last of his loot.
"There   have   been   cases   of     this
kind,"       Mr.    O'Donnell     continued,
i "which   have    dragged    their     way
through the courts for years, result-
ling in the end in a compromise, be-
h;'ms"  no   human   being could   determine   just    who   was   al    fault.     Tho
bank ti Her Is charged with the duty
of deciding between  genuine    signatures and forgeries, and for this purpose he has a duplicate of each  depositor's signature on file, bul  when
a check comes to him bearing an undoubtedly genuine signature, pros, nt-
1''���> by a mai    .   0 Is dulj   Identified,
and '''"   ' ��� ' othing suspicious aboul
��� ' ��� nt, whal can he do bul paj
'  the mon,.;. ?
"Sometimes,   too,   it   i     very   diffl-
'"" '" tell who Is guiltv in a case of
:. raisim: Checks sometimes con e
'hack to the singer with a dozen different   Indorsements  on   the   hack,  and
Man h  31.���Although    In
, h  ol  the exubi rant  talk
follow ::    the fine show Ihg the Toron-
,, ompanj    made   to    the
1 al its annual meeting it
; that t'no salary of Man-
ming had bi en i
only  William    MacKenzie,    and    the
,- 1 1 \\ hal  < sti nt  It had
hi   :.       ati d.
In rei ignition of his good work the
manager's salarj   was Increased from
...���   . . $20,1  pei   annum,
a top of t'nis he was handed, In
addition, a bonus ol   hank notes  big
to   choke  a  circus  elephant.
i ubicunl and brainy ofl
. count, lie found JU 0
in I he was as gleeful as a
new top.   R. J. Fli -.>���������
I        ps tin   most   fa cina Ing personality in the city today.
Tin :���'  Is another side.    When
enl   Bpreads   broadcast   in
cil y that  w 1th people elan oring
; di nl 1 ush sen Ice al night���
the streel railwaj
Ing   In   eleven   years���thai   the
n)   take-   occasion  to make i!<
;he  besl   paid  car  head  In
America  possibly there will be things
.- ild.   R. I   Fleming has. by his execu-
ive ab'lity, saved his   .10,000 salary
o\. r and oa er again foi  ;   ���   ��� ompany.
Woi king  in  the interests of the corporation, he lias tied Toronto up  in
privy council decisions  till the coim-
cil*just aboul eais out of his hand.
And an thi r bittei pill 1 he city Bwal-
lows is that when hi h . ... -��� ssmeni
con'missloner   a  few   years   ago   and
wanted  n  raise from  $4,1 0  ^.	
he couldn't   get  it.   MacKen; ���
ped him up at .5111,000.
Calgary, Alia., .March 31.��� if Calgary decides to enter an 1 \-
tensive publicity campaign, il Bhould
noi  ende 1    r so  much   to  bring  far-
,. is, skilled tradesmen and capital
i<u , i\ csiiii i:t here as it should to
gel .-11 Is and wivi s. At least th il Is
���.ho cr) 11 :.i 1 1 in up ....
oi lo.oou lonebcme young men In this
city, in the offices 01 the C. P. it.,
o er at  tiie S. M, C. A., In thi ��
.hops  Mid  in  Btores,  ll   Is
: lory
Ul course nan> oi these young fellows don't saj it out loud If thi y
think any ,,u shier is likely to over-
:. ir. :'in.\ ai" Bomi times avet
adlilltlire; it. I.ut it is a facl jusi the
Accommodation 1 imakeNJ
Comers Con.   ,   ble J
videdThrou; .     AlbJ
Winnineg, Mi
great   ru.-a   w] .
1 resent  nine 1. 1
not theast of C
tion camps havi
the  commissioni
I    '  j'l.i 1 of the c .
ed officers of
. e of the oj ���
I),   Speer,   Roj.   , .
and   Kennedy.     Throi
equipment for tl
west  from this
aad the  tei 1 il
to  the  ju .1 ts
most   goal.      'I ! 1
everything thai   ...
. j
Chicago, March 31.���A working girl
with a salary of $12 a week, oui of
a fund which she had accumulated
by saving fifty cents a week, served
an Easter dinner to sixty prisoners
at the  Harrison streel   police station.
Tlie girl is Miss Juili ! Gli 1 son. a
clerk in a downtown stoic, who h>r
her work among the women prisoners
has become known as the "angel" of
the  station.
For two weeks Miss Gleeson, hell 1!
by Miss Helen Anderson, another
working girl, had worked after office
hours pupating the details Of the
Will leave the Brackman-
Ker Wharf for Ladner,
Westham Island and way
points at 2 o'clock, returning
on the following morning.
'Continued   on   Page   Elev
Man   in   the   Making.
Youth   is    malleable.    Like
moist clay il can he shaped
and reshaped up to the time it
becomes hardened.
The v.M.r.A i taking youth
in the clay and moulding it into the highest type of manhood,
it is Bhaping the body in its
gymnasium, the mind in its educational classes, the soul In
Its ethical courses. Thew and
sinew, brain and heart, must
all be cand fer In the en a-
tion of strength, and the Y.
M.C.A. is the place for this
kind of t raining;.
��� v, nai a i'.],- use of iii lie Ing  more
.. i      men i ��� ie?" they ask, "if it is
, i.     i .   in-   sc   lonesome   tor   I li m
a on ;  slaj."
i ... tun. ib ; ' ll Ing aw I ul," . Id
ni ol the clerks in the dining car de-
partmenl of the C. P. tt. I
I'm so ion. -..ai' oui in re tha I t
at the offii e evi ninj s as well as In
i lie day time jusi to ha e Bonn i hing
to do.   I ti led to bn ak the
by attending bi vei al      I ..��� I ivaa
a stranger and 1 hi d low, Evei y
b . 11 the flooi all I he lime, bul
twenty-fli > men stood around all evi
ning. 1 was one ol I hi I Wl m>-!,\ e
and 1 am noi euch a bad looking t, I-
low, even it I do say it m>self. S ������������<���
of tin- fellows just gave ii up entirely
and went oui In the smoking room
ami puffed i Igai s all night.
"Why there are ten uu u for i \ et y
girl in this town. It's something
fieri e. l'\e he. ii told it Isn't much
better in Winnipeg. Bul you bet it
isn'i thai way hack In Toronto.
There are ten girls for every bod}
there, and you better believe it thai'*
the place when.' I'm going one Of these
It's worse in the country towns than
'it is iu Calgary," said a young commercial traveller. "Pack east I used
to take in a dance one in a while to
pass the time when out on the road.
bul It's no use in Alberta. It's simply
a case of not enough girls to go
round. I understand that when the
Puritans of Xew England were up
against this kind of a deal, they shipped in a load of girls trom Liverpool.
We could noi use a ship iu ihis country, bul I would advocate running special: excursion   trains out   here,  from
I lie   east    giving    1 educed   rates   to   all
girls who would come."
it is the homesteaders, however,
thait are worried most. Some ot them,
the younger ones, say || Is tOO lonesome to slay alone out on the prairie :
far from civilization year after yeai
bul there is no chance to get married.
"I   knew   lots of  girls  in   Onta
said one of them who was in 'lie city
the other day. "Whey I come to tow ii
here   though   1   may   mi I I   a   few
on  the  Btreel    hut   what's, the      i
they   won't   look   al   me"
When Rev. Q. W. Kerby, pastoi ol
' ii Central Mi thodisl chun Ii, was
asked whai he though! about the matter,   he   .-aid:
"I don't think Ihi re i any greal
scarcity of women and  ;lrls here now
although   there   was   two    or    th	
.������ears ago.   There may seem to be a
cat city, bul it is due to the abnormal
condition found in new western cities.
ed   bj   the  : iii. in ���
be m.ul    as con
Two  Of   Ihi    I an.j
. r
line ot the i ;
i  ���
are  at
��� '   i      ;,       .        i       |
the fei ���:   . ��� ��� i   the
miles noi       ; Fii :
29  ' ������   e In
1 I,   there   Is   an
Lake   Sullivan,  an
of 1
the Ree i I . ������
l ts rout. J a housi
esl iblisi ������ 1   ia
and   iu   i   ..
various  cai i]
miles   .pn'. bc
i 'iie.-   o ; s manj . . |
��� airtwn . settlei |
���   !  'l'ug  n en  froi I
from   thi    United   .
Pittsburg,     Man I       [.-John w.
Beatt).  directoi   ol   ��� ne arts of tie I
Carnegie Institute, ��� ���     ���
following     paillli I . [ I  ;o '
sei u< on the Inl
will  meet   April   , ���     .-
the   fourteenth    ������    . .   loteroadooij
1 exhibit of canvasi
William   111 Child) Hi*
'sain, of  N'ew   V..ik.   W. Elmer Scto
field,    of  Philadi . Charles 9
Woodbury, of Bi     i   .. nan) Ocht-
��� man. of Cos Cob, Conn.; Charles H. i
Davis, of Mystic Com E. W. Iteij
field, of ('.enter Ridge Pa . ff.LLaffl|
rop. of New Hysi . I'a Henri En.'iuj
Le Sidaner. Oise. 1 I ��� Albert A'eB-
huys. Amsterdam. Holland DirecM"
lieatty is president   I ItajniT.
The awards  to    - Wtiitntlm
gold medals and i : ::y
them ol $1,500, c'
The trouble Is thai
of both Bexes come lu
have no mi
There are i
which an
in   the e
ami womi
broken or al
qualntance :
"I belli ve  '
an   Importanl   i
mei ting this coimIti
bring young people
Fire Insurance
New Westmister  Land District.
District   of   New   Westminster.
Take notice thai Alexander McLennan, of  Vancouver, British Columbia,
occupation contractor, intends to apply   for  permission   to   purchase  the
following described lands:
Commencing at a  post planted at
tlie southeast point, of the island situate about four (4) chains from Timber limit No. 38733, thence northerly
and westerly und southerly and easterly around the shore at low tide
to place of commencement, containing
four   acres,   more   or   less.
J. F. BAGGS, Agent.
March 17, 1910.
Comox Land District.
���Istrict of Coast Range One.
Take notice that John Peterson, of
Vancouver,  occupation  carpenter,  intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at. a post planted at
the N.E. corner of T.L. 25186, on Midsummer island, thence following said
line of T.L. south, west and north to
the shore; thence following shore
westerly, southerly, easterly, northerly nnd westerly to point of commencement; containing 200 acres,
more or less.
Mnrrh 10   1110 Agpnt
SEALED TENDERS addressed to
the undersigned, al New Westminster,
il. C, and endorsed on the envelope
"Tender for Supplies" will be received
up to noon Of Monday, 11th day of
April, 1910, for supplying Ship Chandlery, Hardware, Groceries, Mens and
Coal,  required   for  the  use of  tlie   De-
partmenl   of   Public  Works   at   New
Westminster. B. ('., until March 31,
The supplies furnished must be of
the besl quality of their several kinds
and iiiusi be delivered at the Governmenl wharf, New Westminster, or
where specified in the form of Tender.
The Department reserves the right
to   accept   the   whole   or   pari   of   any
Forms of Tender may be obtained
at the ollice of the Resident Engineer,
Department of Public Works. New
Westminster,   is.  c.
The lowest or any Tender will not
necessarily be accepted.
Resident Engineer.
Depart ment   of   Public   Works,    New
Westminster,    B,   C���    24th    March,
Newspapers Inserting (his advertisement without authority will not
be paid for It.
Comox Land District.
District of Coast Range One.
Take notice that Alven Houchen, of
Iowa,  occupation   farmer,   Intends   to
apply for permission to purchase the
following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted in
a small bay cm the south shore ofl
Hazel Island, at the S.E. point of Har-
bledown Island, containing 20 acres,
more or iess. Applying for the whole
March 10   1010 Agcot
10 acres, improved, close in, for today
only at $350 per acre.
11 acres in South Westminster, right on the
tram at $900.
6 acres at $550 per acre. This is worth
$1000 per acre.
80 acres in Section 34, N. E. 1-4 at $250.
Two 4 acre tracts in Lot 5, right beside B.
C. E. R. New Shops and Freight Sheds. The
price is right.   See us to-day.
Lot on Carnarvon, near 4th, north side, 66 x
132, cleared, only $3000.
3 large lots close to . sw school atSapperton
for $350 each for a few c! 'ys.
5 roomed house on I cleared lots, containing
two corners on 1st streel, $1800.
Some Splendid
Burnaby Propositions
Accident Insurance
Live Stock Insurance
Kellington Brothers
Phone 680
P.O. Box 40
U"- -��� :     r~~7" c    STEADILY INCREASING
'f0^* nurity   and   garden  freshness of
Influx   of
Up-to-Date   Americans   Who     Escape',
the   Duties   of   Parenthood   But   In
veigh  Against  Petty   Vices.
I    Chicago,  March    31.-Sodety    and
  club women who shun motherb I ana
���    perhaps   lavish  thi ������"">   '"'   ;'
Americans    is pUg dog     ��� .   mder the verbal lash
���"���ay       tgg_^_______.y_.-^., :i^i^^^j*~r
^^A bv the use of sealed lead packets.
��eT\J��d aid Natural Green, 4Uc, ooc, B'Jc and m per lb.	
[.Adam  &  Irwin}
.. ii in   	
Speedily Assimilatad With
Canadian Population.
Winnipeg, March 31.���The expected
is' happi ni   t be   wi b1.   and   the
ruiers   are   coming   over
by   Ll        ...:- ind  to take  possession
on the plains.   Figures
lly   dull   things,   and   il   Is
not b< y to delve Into Btatii I ics
lo prove that the imnu. ........	
menl is more active now than at the
e IIn ��� in any other year. The
people are coming as quickly as they
can make their way In this dii i ction,
and their arrival Is n fli ed In official returns. Tlie honn stead i n-
I rli s paint a glowing ,
pi ogress ol settlement, I he
-January showing that the b isln       I i
Feeling Cherished by One
Class Against Another is
to be Deplored.
Questioned by The Weekly Sun as
to   his   feeling   on   the   Phlladel
strike, lloldw In Smlt h said:
come spared for plain speaKing.        .    "The Philadelphia Btrike   is   mosl
Aside trom his warnings to individ- calamitous on account of   its extent
uals, both men and women, he predict- iand violence, bul still i a i   count
i ,1   andi   .           coming to pass���'the ��f the feeling cherished bj  a    great
  ti:,, firs) nos-  and  most   Important    class    ti
.-i.w.l.   it   di  ,nl:l\'S
pei imps   i. i.. .-���. i    ...   .
pug dog, ci me  muter the vei bai lash
of  an   eloq     it   priest   last   night   at
the misi ion i .  the Paulisl fat hers in
Holy  Name cathedral.
Father isidor, wiu.se travels as a
missionary have taken him Into in.my
countries of tl e world discussed "race
i ... de" with combined fei \ or and
bluntni tl al times startled the
large a idience, even though it had
pri    ired foi  plain speaking
>��� ... nil)!'-;   tn   illl
(Lacrosse Goods J
Baseball Goods I
Fishing   Tackle |
. -      X-
class    towards
elve into statistics ed-and e en     ��������� coming to pass ��nemoBl   lmportant    ���.-��    ;--.,
immigration move-  desti the race that first pos es which ��� displays.   And
.""!".: :',,,   ,, fh��lsesS1 I fttry.   -'"-'"   out  ��f  now  come threats of    another great
power and d     li   ed in its possess on ,' Chicago.   The result, it any-
>,v  ,,.,.  m01,     igorous child  bearing  "gu�� ��^  Ul���st,   rlslngS    continues,
Immigrants   I ....   foreign   lands,     g- ��� ,;..,���   0i   manufacturers, oj
i ,    by  which  u��o-  Xtever callings are concerned, from
date   Ai escape   the   bu dens   wm ^ ^  _i; ilj(1I1,  perhaP8  to
and duties      I    enth I."    As 1Rome . .        tula  continent,   per-
fell so wll I tilted States before  otner^i ^^  ^.^ an(J Hlndo8tan;
the Inrushii       in lals, he -   id. *   8carcity nere, and rise oi  prices
"1 :     i ed thai then  i   e many including, of course, the
��    an    Intemperate   l��l . aH1 ,,,��� myself a So
���tty  \-ii es as cigar-
Buy Early while
Stock is Complete
| 665���Columbia  Street���-665
"     New Westminster, B. C.
E.  C.
- 3
Office:   744   Columbia  St.   ��r
lion, No.  l   block,  small   hou i ished  i nd .f.
n ed; 3-4 of an  ai tied; .   car- *f
per acre; t-3 "as!;; balance 6 and 12 months, ���}-���
. .i block in Kennedy subdivision at $275 per acre; ��������
���   6 and 12 mon I T
Whonnock  overlooking the Fraser river; all cleared aia
lit; B-room bouse,  ham  and   stable;  chicken  house 4*
���   to C P. R. sta tion;  public wharf and school.   Only T
balance 6 and   12 months. *���*
;-4"X"I-���l"I"Hi��M"M"frM"M' *********** *******
;. fr'KM'-int and appetiz-
Wl,��Se .nr'oseakviu; fried pota-
Df. \   7 dain v    broiled    chicken
"of an anchorite.
that   department   was  Just   twice    as    ^^
'li' erusahi-   Aliost^	
year.  The  record  ; eal i i petty vices as cigar-  strikers,   i am uvi ui,����� -	
probal      as encouraging the   etie playing.    Sunday   nor is it possible tl
detail    have noi been publh  ed   And   baseball, matters much In-  "��(' till ' ;iiil convinced of tl    .
is   true  of  hom I i       . i.   i . .   added.    "Often   nl Jefferson's saying thai all mi i
i    in e   these cri ...     > sreati,,; equal.    Bul  l hope l have al
mt**m****a^*************ma... I to curry  I deny   ways heen a steady  and laany  advo-
outrigb i  sin. cate of the rights ol labor, indu
tive bi hind   social,   and   political;   a   So lalisl   to
.   nti ii per-  thai extent, and a hearty and faithful
ate fanatics': .   do thev    devote  ou" ' am.
their lives to ttical attacks on     "There seems to be oni; onen
-    jen;.. for that  which, unremedied, musl   In
'One man ��� me, when l was  the end prove ruin,   lt is thai which,
seeking the i on, that  It   was  so great an authority as Mr. Carnegie
because thi   i ns had lost  their  lias assured us is practicable, a part-
bold on the pei ph  and so were trying   nership of some kind between employ-
to attraa atten       by taking up fads,  er and employed,   it is by something
'Another man said they were merely   such  as partnership,  which   will   re-
Pharisees   but     ie  man   who  seemed   store   kindly   relations,   much    more
**************m.~\A i than
* A. SPECK'S       |
goou _____________
pri ate,   are I        nd   ...
of I he | m^u  ...^_  _
li ��ill till up the va-   the tm ot
led  in    t  ���
; ms.    To those  who  ai e  familiar with tl lon there is no
doubl .ui "  e subji ct.   The new population   of  the  wesl    comes   largely
Hum  the   United  States,  from Greal
Britain, and from Ontario.    The Am-
! sons, lie said, are committing sins
In secret and square it hy Intemperate zeal against beer drinking, baseball, etc.
"These are the persons who strain
at a gnat and swallow a camel, tine
woman rants because hoys are allowed
to plaj marbles for keeps, yet she
1 nevuii1. had a child of her own. although   old   enough   to   have   had   a
Britain, and from Ontario.    Tne aiii-   j. nai.ot.... _. .. ian  who  seemed I store  Kimuy   icn...���, 4
ericans make the besl showing in the   to me to hit thi  nail on the head said   'll;>n  by  police or by  bayonets, that | J
early returns, bul the others catchup   they were east i     . ips to their own these  mutually  destructive struggles
in the later statistics.   On the whole  consciences.    These meddlesome per- must finally be broughl to an end.
the   preponderance   favors   the   men' -'"   ���������  ������wmit.t.tne   sins!    "The artisan forgets that  he, as a
and  women  who are already subjects ~ '">�����.��� ...ml  n
of King Edward, although In the proportion of increase the Americans
take a leading place. For that matter, there is not room for much concern. Practically all the Americans
who  come  to  the  west  to  live  take
the oath of allegiance -within a com-! nevqit, nau   a  c;u...   ,.,.       ...   .
paratively   short  time  after their ar-   though   old   enough   to   have   had   a !    "L'ntortunaveiy  mo.w   ���   	
rival,   and   they   are   as   readily   ah-   dozen.    Another woman goes through  lack of faults on the employer's sid
Borved into the life of the country as   the streets  plucking  cigarettes  from'There  have  been  personal  faults  of
ire   their   cousins   from   Ontario   or   the lips of boys and tells falsehoods   employers, and faults caused by the
-���'    ������.-ioU  in. labout priests.   A man who is divorced   want of personality on the part of the j
and  has  two  living wives  would de- '   "'","  "�����������""i?;��tion  as I
Btroy the juice of all the vines and
the rye.
"All of these incidents indicate    a
national warped conscience. Whal are
the   practices   and   sins   these   hypocrites are trying to hide in their own !
lives? j
First in Importance is race suicide,
which   is  the   most   destructive    evil
among civilised nations.   These who
are   guilty   are   worse   than   the dive-
keepers.     Under   their   cloak   of   respectability   they   are   more   wicked
than the  Magdalenes in the    dives.
Race suicide defeats the purpose of
great   creation which is to reap a crop of
�����    '.-..,-..,, The    .
New   and    Second-Hand    Furniture   Bought   and   Sold
Agents   for   Baynes'   Carriages
and   Capital   Milk   Separators
Second-Hand     Bicycles    from
$10   to   $25.00
Front Street
Phone 275
England.    Tlie homstead    entries indicate  the  progress  of  this  development.    Before    a  settler    from    the
Tinted  States  or any other    foreign
country can secure the patent to his
quarter   section   it   is   necessary   for
him to swear allegiance to tlie King,
and   none   of   the     applicants     have
shown a disixisition to hold hack on
account of thai provision in the law.
They   all   know   that   they   have    as
many   opportunities   for  liberty   and
the pursuit of happiness here    s In
their  tenner  homes,  and  eventually
they   realize   that   they   have  a     few
The   Reason   Why.
The    motive    behind     this
^^^^^^^rusaii   u,ib^.a   w
customer is an employer  and  a  master.
"The returns of the recent elections
seem to show that there is far less
antagonism of the employed against
ithe employer class in rural districts
than there is in manufacturing districts.
"Unfortunately there   has   heen no
employers  and   their  organization as
hoards of  management,  which    sever
itliem personally  from those in  their
to   our   office   every   time   you
need a ton of coal���irny of our
drivers' will   be   glad   to   take
your order.    Then, too, a postal  will  living  about the  same
result���good  coal  in your  cellar  at   slant   notice.    Also, our
phone   is   in   good   order,   and
their   numbers  are   1 r.  and   l'��.
Coal procured here is orack-a-
jack coal, however secured.
movement of population is a composite affair rising from many sources.
Tlie outstanding feature is ti"' desire to amass a compi ti nee and to
secure a comfortable home, it is
tins mainspring which sends the American farmers across the line, and
induces them to take an active part
in the scheme of production in this
country.    Agriculture furnishes them
Chicago, March 31.���Time was when
a schoolboy's accurately aimed snow-
ball, exploded on the tall, shiny hat of
some pompous elderly man called for ���
inculcation of moral principles by the 1
medium of a hickory sprout in father's |
^  I     That  is all  to be changed  .at  least
souls  for  heaven.    The  sin    weighs U���� Chicago, and in the public schools;
heavier   in  the scales   of   God   than humane education and moral training
thi   utmost wickedness of the profll-   are to be taught as systematically as
gat6i arithmetic and geography.
"" "1 shudder as 1 think of the pos- In tact, if the course���for it is to
slbl Shakespeares, the Washlngtons, be a real course in study���works oui
the Llncolns, that are sacrificed to the as Mrs. Ella Flagg Young, superin-
modern hatred of paternity. But na- tendent of schools, has planned it.
tme will turn and avenge. What Chicago should have a future race
worse fate can befall a nation than to I of citizens with ahout all the virtues
<l...  ..mud a__m���t���A,.
 _.r ��� "r.Viendar.   The course I study
ll, ;;:;\,:.;h.ingeJ -ndSns.   The |en,poror of the Romans offered prena j^     ^
selves to the changed conditions,   mo ituil,y,ui w.	
particular locality m which thes  set- hum8 for families among his nobles,! Young.
import- |yet all in vain.   Tl
Scotch Whisky
Keeping up the Standard.
W��.'. Scotch Whi.ly ���; i;;���" _
ii .n.   \_   unvarying  quaut>
world   over    ior    Iva    ll"x     -
exceptionally   (me   flavor.
,'    i n U�� tbe same Btnooth
Ev.jytot.lc yo�� op     ;  ,���,[.,,, A.
taste -tlie   same   rich,   i"11
same characteristic aroma.
11 r   L ���      1 Pot Still method
We use the old-fashioned fot
nl distillation. ,      i
Then   we   leave time   to   do   its  work   0
maturing und mellowing _    .
m ���    . *U necessity of  shipping
To ensure against the  necessi y
in wood.
Thet l> why our whi.ky n"cr varies.
Insist     on
"THREE 3TAU '     A miU. .WoaitWy n,��.UreJ Scnuh
JAMES WATSON & CO.. Limited - Dundee.
Raising Checks is
Very Easy Matter
(Continued Prom Page Ten.)
c,nt or two in the lm -    ���  the doomed nation and il  perish, d from , __	
��n accoun   ol thedHterettCe      hlcal .���,,, la��� of the earth. .    ,
freight  rates based on     ogjv        \    , now   ;U       .  haugW t
alas SaaWsA fe jsryrSS.'sf s r:,
Sif^rrs^rxr-ss. ��** __,
de��lre ... >V':f   ' ' ;"      ���,,.��� the!  mi lorn 11 '"w '����� _Z ,     , , ,
,mproved with motherhood.
'vnd sh,- has eight," he added, at
which there was laughter.
.���Withoul children women often are
��� ,      a  ho�� ai  40.    Theae sm uij
withered bags at ��� ��� |i;ive
^"S^l^SR-l train-
k   instead of being   a   mono-
cost   and   in   half   the
time of other Soaps.
     Follow directions
Mineral Waters
Aerated Waters
Manufactured by
Telephone 13. Office. Eighth St.
Lytton Hotel
mil   in  a  inn...,,,
(an,uia they   find  all   the  space  they '
need, and thej  feel thai    they   and
their families have plenty   of   room
for at least one generation.
Success of Canadian Farming.
The continued success of farming
in the Canadian west is the greal
searchli.ht which draws the attention of the American farmer, and his
anxiety to participate in the development of this country gradually ovei
=r��HiT��^.r���-�� surras
chlel aciv.tv  ntbe^��        bq
soil are natural) att   etc        .^   ^
'""" a Kid a refutation for great
west establlahea a d ot man
b-ss :*,:;��,, rJ!as
sa.i was * -��
there Is no way to tell which one of
the indorsers has tampered with the
iv* a,m.   Illlollllt.    A case ol tiiis kind  happen-
iniiess led tl'e other day in Watertown, N. V
beauty nuiltl-  A cheek issued liy a prominent oitl
I zen of that place came bach from thi
hank showing it had heen cashed Coi
a  raised   amount.   hut.  there   was  ah
snlutely  no way to tell  which one  of
the indorsers had raised it.    Each one
denied it, and the police were compelled  tO  give   up  the  caso.
"Check raising used to be essentially   the   specialty   of   the   most   chwr
'.experts���a   sort   of   "hln  name"   thai
was played by tho_o who scorned anything hut high stakes. Tho usual plan
was to purchase a draft for $4 or $">
at a hank, raise It to as many thou
sands,  and   then  cash   it  at   another
hank In some distant city, ln this way
the   fraud   might   not   be   discovered
for two of three weeks, ns the pro
gross of checks through various hanks
iu  ��_>> ...���^  ;o wo-  "id clearing houses back to the orig-
men, who, instead of children, lavish InaJ source is often very slow.   This
lelr  affection  upon  dogs  or    other   gave the 'artists'  plenty  of  time  to
 ���--< ....nil, i  say: Imake their escape.   But of late years
the banks have generally adopted
check protecting machines, which
defy the skill of the most expert forger, and they have turned their ut<-
.n ^^****.
are prepared by expert white
c oks in" the cleanest and mo t
sanitary  kitchen  in  the city.
1"      1 ���
!             i            1
!      ''
. '
'���The man who wires your house place*
�� ervthing  electrically  nt  your  con
SSlSo   Place   your   orders   with
us at once. /.�����,.
Columbia  St. Opp. Tram Office
Phone No. 304
Gasoline Lighting
Red Cross Sanitary
Hall and Lavery Block      *
L* ''I
i '.! v - ���>. .
iy ' . <   I.
" '.�� *��� ; i'
i 'f.    ;��i      ,
..'���*���   Jli 1 '���"
t    f     1*1   . ������.;
1   if .j,   tt\ ���   ���':
i 'lift; *���
.'1'. i
i ��� l 1~ ���
>   1
Have You Considered
the possibilities of
���   -(,��
���al   .!
1Mb     '
V .    ���
IV. ;:
1�� 1:
li ,:|
���,\i;:     ������.*,.'
<   a    '      ���-. ,,   -.
. ..    "1 ��� ������
I ..     X -  ������',��� 'a.   \
H>'    '
'*      ��;i      ����
As a city in tlie making it has already achieved fame. It is a
delightful health resort, but what is a still more potent factor towards
the ensuring of its rapid development is the fact that White Rock is
the point on the Canadian Northern where all transfers will be made
relative to Vancouver Island traffic. Town lots are selling at from
$300 to $500.
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We Have 160 Acres at White Rock
$60 an Acre
right close to the centre of activities. Price $2400 cash, balance, 6,
12, and 18 months. The soil is excellent, and the general lay of the
land places it beyond doubt as a future portion of White Rock proper.
Get busy and consider the possibilities of being the owner of such a
piece of property.
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614 Columbia Street
Vancouver Office, 313 Westminster ave.   Phone 5918
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