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The Daily News Jun 16, 1910

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 JUN 17 1910
White Rock
WsVas.de pbopebty
^H!!g^8TM.N8TER. |
.,-M|lKlt   126
NFWfflllr   T0 EXERC18E m m
[salesmen NowBxclud-
tt in��� PortiOD
I     ictrv Office.
1 Registry
Complaints of Country  Residents  Arc
Arousing  Police and  Prosecutions
May   Follow.
thai 1 ��'"ve IC-
the  depart-
,ct exclu
' Mtettow. students-at-
80llclt��d other office."
l'he  provincial  police Intend  keeping   a   Bharp  lookout   for  automobile
Bpeedera  and  anj   Infractors  of  tin-
law   will   probably  be   Beverely   pun
isiied.   Several pai ties from the coun-1
lie .in-.   ���        try   districts  have   been complaining
K Pt0Vlh "Interior portion "' ,hiH   lately ol the rate the Bpeed Bends teai
ed  by   the  bUH   through the country and they ask the
���# tbelni .,   ,���...,,,,..  ..ther   poiice ,,, ...,,,, j(
i ��t *'"     u,.iicitorn. studenta-at-      Every daj  lioi ea are frightened by
automobiles. It is nol generally known
thai drivers ol automobiles wbo i
ceed iii'. en mlli a pi r hour are liable
to Berloua trouble. The limit on the
count rj roada i Qfteen mlli a pi r
hour, and any one excec ding thla pace
would pi bably be found guilty ol i lu I-
ous driving.
The ci Imlnal rode says, under i ection 28'. "Anyone la guilty of an In-
dtctlble ol ��� ni i and liable to two
years' Imprisonment, who having
charge of any cai i iagi or vehicle, by
wanton or furloua driving, or racing
oi other wilful misconduct, or by wilful neglect, doea or causes to be done,
any  bodily harm to any person."
President MacKenzie Assures
Mayor Lee That There
Will Be No Delay.
Famous South African Leader Reads Manifesto Covering His  Program.
Be   Recti
l    Tipawwoiirht Battle Move
Whole  City
-C.  S.   KEITH,
Districi  ReglBtrar
,. B  copy   ol   a   ettei
titrable conBterna-
Se men of the
.-.. similar communh*
I lol tbe Anna In
. extensive -
!"! . ll,   office,  and tbe
,cM     \ m ii has raUed
W-*T -;.:..., frnm nearly all.
M^r   bUKlliesa
dun contain
J    Measure Too Drastic.
I...       i   ���   ���.-.. i ted wen- read;
!'.   ��� ��� pri  enl system had
,.-. thought   thai   they
r> without  resorting
a   the total
eai e ital e men from
id the i   inn
t ] romlnent realty
An   assurance   thai   the   Canadian
Northern   railway   v. id   start   work
!  within the nexl few weeks was
i:i back from Victoria hint
n ��� by Mi ��� or John A, Li e. His worship mei William MacKenzie in Vic-
toi la and had a long C ur. ersatlon
most of which, as is customary with
Buch convei Hon . ie nol for publication at  present.
Howes ei. t he date tor receiving the
tender   [or  tbe  sixty   miles  of  road
east of hei e ins all eady i xpli ed and
i   tender    will  be opened  Immedl
ately.     The  company  will  stipulate
I with the contractors thai  t hey  must
stai I woi k al once aud the resull will
p i il ably be thai eor,. 11 uction will be
commenced   here  very  soon.
The tii st. sod will be turned al Port
Mann and the construction will then
pro eed Bl raight easl following tbe
Fraser. Provision has been made for
the construction of only sixty miles
of the mad at the present time.
Mayor Lee und  Alderman Jardine
returned last nignt from a nip to Victoria, whither they went, to Bee about
a new survey for the city. They talked
the matter over with the surveyor general and other officials of the government, and it. is probable that an order
will he Issued in ti few days authorizing tne city to take steps to have the
new   survey   made  at  once.    This  is
the assurance given to the tourists,
li  Is expected that the new survey
Heavyweight Battle Move
Chief Executive to Actiori-
mw "'. nf town yesterday and
ky of th�� *"Showing proa-  secretary
I    I '"  . i   the  city,   :
Probable  Democratic Slate.
Allentown, Pa., June la.���When the
cl ��ci atic siate convention reasi ��� i
hh-d this afternoon it appeared probable thai the following ticket would
be nominated: Governor, Webster
I Grim, Bucks county; lieutenant gov.
lernor, T. /.. Mlnhart, Franklin count---
���nai   affairs,   J.   I
i- .  -,,.: ' isers  around   the   city,
[.... few  of them
\ .a   represent*
W. J.  Kerr Thinks   It   Unfair.
| emarked that   it   was
.   i :.:.lines  ol
nd competent
i rk.
:-. bet o em
pflli e foi
nt   with   the
���    .  tO . 0 about
estate men
��� !-��� ���      revenue ui
hey should
shown Hon.    How-
1that ths pr<
tei i tiaa Ha .;��� ���,,, lencles,"
R. Pearsoi    ol  tl e   Di minion
F*' out ot thi   city,
��� believed that  his views of
BlakeaTee, Carbon; Btate treasurer, B,
K.  Phllson, Somerset.
Syndicate   Which   Intends   Purchasing
Timber Limits in Western Canada
Will   Work   on   New   Plan.
Cuts His Hair When Jail Sentence
Against Him Is Confirmed.
Auburn, Cal., June IB.���K. P. Singh,
a Hindu of high caste, who since
November, 1908, has heen trying to
cleai  himself of a charge of robbery
which resulted in his conviction, must
serve his sentence of seven years In
San Quentin, according to a decree
of the BUpreme court denying Ins final
Singh did not lack money for his
di fence, Hindus in California, British
Columbia and his native India com-
Ing to his assistance. At one time
he i ttempted to starve himself to
death I.n jail. When informed of the
di cislon of the supreme court he
ordered his hair to be cut, thus losing
his   caste.
Pretoria, dune 15,-ln declaring Mb
policy today, General Louis Botha, p   -
ffiler   of   l'nited   South   Africa   Bald
there was no other way possible I an
to form a government from the governments   already    existing.     Other
steps would have been most  fatal to
South  Africa,  as  investigations  had
clearly  proved that  the '"ajor.ty did
not wish for a coalition ministry. The
time had come, be said   for starting
With a clean sheet, and he hoped that
���,,, party organizations, especially hU
own. would be dissolved and amalgamated in a great Party with broad and
wide principles and named the faouJi
African   National   party. ���	
government,   foremost   among   which!    wnen
is the task of welding different races
itto one great people by applying sympathetic treatment to natives ant toi
ored neople.
It should also aim al the encouragement Of the white population he said
and the prevention Of Asiatic Immigration A broad educational policy
fo supply the needs of the country
workers, Its duty to the Empire In
regard to defence, development of ts
industries, mining land settlement, encouragement of torejgn capital and
the opening up of foreign markets,
are among the things advocated.
San Francisco, June 15.���Stirred to
action  by  protests  from all  parts of
the state and country, Governor .lames
j N. Glllett today took steps to prevent,
the championship fight between Ja!mea
I J.  Jeffries and  Jack  Johnson, scheduled to be held  in San Francisco oa
July   I.    In a letter to Attorney Gen-
I eral  V. S.  We'ub, the governor today
Will   do   away   with   all   trouble   will.   '.M-ve-ed    his    disapproval  Ol    pri��*
the streel lines.   Through some errors  fighting and directed that the courts,
made   by   the   original   surveys   the   be Invoked to prevent the light
owners of property In the clt; havi
never heen able to he quite certain
how much they owned, ln some sections of the city there is a discrepancy of several feet between the line
In  use  at   present  und  tlie o.io  sup-
Invoiced to iirBYciii >i.v .
F.'ickard  and  Gleason  Surprised
Promoters   Tex   Rickard   and   .lohn
Gleason had heard no whisper of the
governor's intention.   When the news
I reached  him   Rickard  rushed  to the
ollice of Attorney General  Wcbh and!.
j asked what that offlcer proposed to do..
When   the  survey   is  made  it   Will U"f   a ^conference  with Mr   Weld,..
probably he necessary for the city to   Rickard said  he believed    that    the
expropriate   some   portions   of   lots  flght W(ni1,1 be -W-A ln San Francisco
round to be ln reality on the street,'"1   the  advertised   date,  despite  the
but whether the property owners can i governor s orders,
be   compelled   to   buy   parts   of   the!     Rlckard  ,Y"ul(I   ���* t*y_t__^xx  hlf
street found to be on their lots is a  course would be until Mr. Webb band-
different  matter.    The  work   will  be! ed  do,wn an optaton, but he had no
proceeded with us soon as the order intention of abandoning the effort tc
granting  the   permission   is   received   hold   tlie   light  here.    Both   he   and
from   Victoria Gleason devoted  much time today to
Mayor  Lee   and   Alderman   Jardine ! a conference with thoir attorneys. The
-��   i���.i   ,i���fonr.f�� decided   on
' course   of
Q - " \/i-. PrKlDBIIIB ..,., NO
ary, June
ol   th<
tabllshed in Berl
mote  Interest  in
16,���J. J. Blaki Ble��.
Canadian house es-
I . Germany, to pro-
Canada and its  In-
P. R. Vice Presidents Will
Longer Be Given Numbers.
Montreal, June 15.���It was announced at the headquarters of the
Canadian Pacific railway yesterday
that the ��� ystem of numbering the
vice presidents of the road had heen
abandoned, and henceforth they would
all rank as vice presidents in charge
of specified duties.
David McN'lcoll is vice president
nnd director; William Whyte, vice
president in charge of western line;
1. G. Ogden. vice president in charge
of finance and accounting, and G. M.
���'"" rvrociHent  in charge of
~e   Willi   U1UIL    hwiu
als<rsubinttt"ed"to the government al comae oi legal defence decided oa
proposition to light the New West-1 *,lU V}?^ n�� "5 filVen ��Ut ^
minster bridge adequately, but no def-\^' ^\ebb ha,s made a statement.
Inlte answer to their proposal was! Kickard says that Mr Webb has prom-
ivon : ised him, because of the great expense.
 of erecting the arena and other mat-
I ters connected with the fight, that his
U'likdHVC D IV Tn rUAVnEQ opinion would be forthcoming without
UUUuUll U   D"l   UUi  uUA^llLo    delay.   Rickard expects it within two
__ j days.
Ready to Take  Fight  Elsewhere.
In the  meantime Uickard says  he
)a)*J[\ U    Ufl     UW.    v....   . _,
Canadian   Singer   Engaged.
London.   June   15.���Miss     Beatrice
Lapalme,    a    Canadian    singer,    has
signed  an engagement  with the Her-|of finance and accounting, aim ^	
ham opera company, of London, and I Bosworth, vice president in charge of
ns Majesty's theatre this j traffic and all eastern steamship lines.
Canadian     Committee     on     Advisory
Board  Is  Possibility of  Near  Fu-
ture_Progressive   Policy.
London, June In.���The    forecasted
changes in the Hudson Bay Co.'s board
'��������� ���.Toinnnced this week.
will prepare to take the fight to Nevada or  Utah  if  compelled  to  leave
Just what will be the nature of the
legal proceedings to be instituted by-
the attorney genera] is not known.
The governor's letter Is positive in
directing that the courts be asked to
intervene and give a definition of
prizefighting   by   the   supreme   court.
i.-im  Onera  com >��".������ *-*          ,.
S6r���Tat His Ma]esty-B theatre^
season and later at Convent Gardens.
eved tnai   m��  ***>���*���- ���- |-���tmBntg    interviewed    here   today,
^estlon are practically  Identl ^terests now ev nee
KeT-        .    r  the marked Interest  In Canada.    In fact,
,, ls also out  of  the ma , ,������.,,���.,��� capital is
rtner, Ed Savage, re- ; J        ��� ^ investment  to the
,,  regulation was no*  a^m "mber limits
"   M,r;   ?^hS SS  aScXrd   lands  being  m  do-
i   would  be  the ana ag cateB    de8lring     imbfti     | |
llmita  will  introduce a new ���
of lumbering Into Canada    Thej
,vu"!follow  the  methods  adopted  In  u r
,r  Ule  laru-.lo,.'���'*   '        ,,..  H%,s^ are  prese     .1
.      .,        .,a. revenue of the m�� ��� , tm Wul be U^a
U   derived   from     Wj����   m���s   tha,   bave   .cached
t Teal est      Arms U  would appeal   '.,,���.-
.    ..,,, ... tha,   the ^rlvlWge their prim
uld  be   refused   theffl ,
iiie othei enjoy   their   unre- [
Toronto Man Appointed.
London.  June  15.���I.   W.  Howell, of
Toronto,  has  been  appointed  recording  clerk   of   the   Worlds   Missionary
eoiii;iess at Glasgow.
V.bsworth. vice pret>iu��m
traffic and all eastern steamship lines.
Miobe Sails in July.
London.     June     15.���The     cruiser
Nlobe,   wbicli   will  form   the  nucleus
of Canada's new navy on the Atlantic,.,
coast, sails for Halifax at the end ofl,
ie     '.orec���.' ��� ��� .��� .
K,v(.,,>llliai,i 'prizefighting   ny   iu��   a^..v...^
t,cD y* ,~~ *   ,.,,,   ���,   ,, i For this reason Mr. Webb wil apply
will be officially antiou, ced this v. ,e      foi. 1( bi,. a��� par(ics hX^
Some  rumors  are to the  effect  that        t ^ f(j.   J hearfn    and     Qcar_
the reorganization  has heen  hiou^.t,, temporary  injunction,  pending
about by  B.  Guy  Uidpath^of ^George , & ��Afxif.[0*-.     By   this  step  hi   would
avoid delay, since thus the promoters
would  have  to  appeal    if    judgment.
.���j  ������.,;nc.t
. Real Eitate Firms Pay Heavily._
i- ,1; .  . ���   .. sidles fi to..
,.     . -,. by  far the
::n feet or water
King Peter  Leaves for  Scene of  01*
aster That Wrecks Towns Along
Moravia   River.
Indignation    Meeting    Makes   Several
Serious Allegations Against  Rail
way Company.
Kitchin & Co., who has been workinD
for years to secure a more progressive |
administration. Ridpath is well known I
in Montreal, where he has been a fre- <
luent  visitor.
From all accounts there will bo a'
general   reorganization   and   imtn use
saving in the course of time.    Lord
Strathcona remains in office.
There are over 4.0UU shareholders
of the Hudson Bay company, many of
whom are ln Canada. Mr. Ridpath,
when seen, declined to discuss the
changes, but a Canadian committee on
the advisory hoard is a possibility
of the near future.
uncled u- are over twenty -        - D.en|ution
mi New Westminster  Texa| Me-rber   Introduces   Keso
4 for months  past   their   average! ,n C6rtgress to TMX  c    ���.
ttributlont  to   the   registry   office,    Washington, June 16.���i-n��, _e'may
Hit exceed   .100  *,<���?  mftnth  Hoh.    , ma��� by  airship or iu i.   ^.    uiun
H      IntJlvldi-m firma dotihllng afld .    tlll. IH,xt step in aenai mivov: "���"���-,,
iH m     ,n  addlttW   to  this a     J,,  U.muuive   Jffljjg^  ^hor.  river.   TMrt div; Uves^	
���O M  ,,,.     -, ,,,,o���v^r  mil  estate int,..duced   a   TV*   U   ���sUml.u-r   The  towns  OI inumlaled.
i.. ss&s Sri -
''  Mr. Bhepparda raw10"���, ge made
, these experi^nts Bhall ne   ^
and   reports   suhu     e<      �� ,o
session of the pres��.   cong   ^     .
whether   aerial   n���j; rapld trans
utllUed for sale a. I nu i .(,-s
..mission of the njnns-    J"- ���   J,',.���,,.���
resolution  was rererr*
lettmlnster registry   Office  to   even
pet proportions than  many of the
ul firms.
'As tho average   monthly   revenue
tlstry' office  does   not j
I    exceed I   000  It *s easily  seen j
JtaUhare ol Mus revenue is derived
I urcce    .'her   than   real   estate
Ptuiind the   i tlce of the ne* regu-
�����tt��i maj con equently be nueationed
.  '   ��� hand, the system of
P^nlmosl  anvone to handle the
i^i-m documents on file In the
'��� m has been the custom i'1 the
,������.   i'i���Floods
Belgrade,  Servla  June 15;
roUowlng torrwtWjwlM naj
nf rhnorla, Jagodlna and
The towns of Chupna.     6 .
"the streets.    Many
,>::;..v.r, ���_��.��*' "���"�����
Brussels,   l���*���^���  been   f<
throughout   Belgium ^.^^
I lowed   in   the   dwer    . he:ivy
by  Hooded i'ond,.lo..;en   ^.^
owes.     Bridges have o vil
the HI
WOU1U      lltX**~       *-v      ��� rr
were entered against them.
May Lose $30,000.
Rickard estimates that he will lose
.30 000 If he is forced to take the
fl*li to Nevada. He said he would
Sde��r Reno and Ely. Nevaji ��*
Salt Lake City.    He Is said to fa^r
Won'ffUa, which has ^
' eresRed  rapidly  since it was suited
fC   two" weeks  ago,   was   ordered
suspended   temporarily  when  the  ac
___ "       i ZS oTTti\ their8 'raining as though
. tn ply From Topeka to Kan-  nothlng  bad  happened
Attempt to Fly ^ro Hpurse The Qover    r-s Letter-
, sas  City  ior  4 Mars.      cnn   Francisco,  June lb.���Governor
Tc Loll u indlsatnlon me.U.e m*\    To���efcl. K����;-TJ��� , "���, Jiftfoloo* 01St, iS loi ����<������� ,""e'' S
torm . prosro��l��� ��d,i,s " "" ""_    >Z *1��Z_fix, 2 *t����P< <�� **��� '�� ��� convention    .IU.    >��. ��~ ��
;:."���' ���,c M s-*^iK ssrss �����..r. _%_\____~=!2iki��:z
mllwu cl *JJ2���� ������J�� been �� W^SSSSttSXiSta <""��
nlsl.t.   The rcideni. "uie �� Ml* X**^��nU���*�� (o���i,cen
^���aff^spsi**^""^'i c���ic��c����---ass,*
re���'toi���,Brn.ec^asS;,.,n w- -J^^.-^r^-as?.--
dignatlon ��f��"ttje Q">m fl    JUlllP, although he �� ..  ,&e diseaB0.  ^ ^ ^ been _f.
and   several   loiuoit      i
Policeman   Suffering   From   Smallpox
1 Stood  at Crowded Corner.
Chicago,    June 15.���Thousands    of
JM��J. eaonot be regarded as Batiafac- .R|NQ  WELCOME
Nhmthe standpoint of the ^f^PREPAP'NRGC0L0NEL F
���Wl ���, lhe documents and  must FOR cu	
nfusliui. dehivs and aimoyniu'O 15.���Vice
. ,,���m a.d g ,lK, Btafl of tl.o|    New  To*   J       ac<jepte(j 1U1 invi-
���"����� In manv places those paylngldenl Sherman, .      ..�����.-
In man, ^^^^^^^
fequlalte fee  are  allowed  to
I ir?8,��d in under the personal
ocuments they may be
... .     ..      ...,i mi
lvi,u,   ' �� registry office clerk..  Pro-
' ki ^at the accommodation is Buf-
IK��J this ivuuh! (ippMLT to he a wls0
E*�� m one ensuring the proper
wmeni of feet '   '���"(  " ''
Ine docu
No A(
���V     ,
I jWhiri
I old
i   time IB.���inun-
Beme, BjiUjJffi ^central dis.
dat ions in the easier d (
trleta ol Swltserland hj e^ ^ A1(m.f
menB5 daSrv building. wllinB ten
""V    n^nnted an uivi" huried a iftcv'JW
jJStYS .-optionUnarm enn^^'  	
1   ���..���if  nevt  Saturday, ���
'renU   nethe company for the
amda denouncing ����� ��)jw       ms of
r'r'Co"tS��  moS.  Berloua
the  Une.    One coai^V.iy
charges against tg ^
iu  he choosey.
Fnnin-er   and   Fireman   on   C.   P
9       Freight  Train   Injured
the disease/ ,   , beeB at
j    lt is probable that ne did
!fect0d   for   several  days   h he
���J'e^nre HI and collapsed.
tatlon to ho P���B��"eirnext Saturday
"r T1,,T *T*   occn I on comntittee to
DOtlfl!2    K<*     .       Of   illness   in   h'1
SlI?S wouTdTe unahl, to attend.
Pioneer   ��ftad.
Verno*.,'Juno l?>-,-,Dcath claimed another ol the pifiArors of British Columbia  this  week, when  Louis  Klrkpat-
she<J'bta this wee*, ** >"     Ycrnon jubi-
.) net . v n���o,cd away at ��"         ., k  had
.iron;:,:;;, mdng "the proper;-^ lU .UfflA j^*��Z govern- g* &&.    Mn    gf^S, ���nd
ot fees and safe handing of |oft����i�� wlM hft ***"��*&  acceptances ^n ,n iU health for ���mm    q   gU���ut
ments."                                Ors h&ve  s   ,,-..��� have commlaslc  '       -"
KelllngtSfl,   tf   ��wlll��8
'" ih*
6(11* ,h(
, ��_v%nd"i��tt have commissioned
.anil sevei.n them,
gton   ddlkatM tiJ"    %avs   at   least  one
l    tWo  commitu    ;���-       ,0 b0at de-
bll,t..sh'iP  "J1,1   ;;.l,mrt  in the water
It cat,se"d IM* inconvenience | Juration '
did   not   se*  Vhat  ndvan-
new systv^tt had over the
been in in neuuu
a   few  days   ago   suffered     a
stroke  of  paralysis,    lie  was
���'-��   Wilt
'" u     urn. ,iii    iiiv.v... ���	
estate tnen and only wot*
<of.r��',f the lawyers.   "Sup-
, k '8 1 wain   t���  make a search  in
���litn'rv"   iV.narked   Mr.   Kellington.
ST^pervislon of one of the offlce
^lih ^VwOTI**"^ thought tl-^l-n-
""^ fed he hack here In half an      J. 3. John ,     .,��� eve    ou,
&), �� i had to wait until the clerk rul ^ waa^�� ���     &nd barriste_rs,
1 W-- to wait on me, or If 1 had to  clut ng  ia   .
*����� ������'>'- M,..i  ... ..    t.m. iim i excluaea,  >i
n  ....
stroke of paralysis. n�� ....
entlv recovering, but on Monday while
at breakfast be suddenly collapsed
and passed away ln a few minutes.
lie was among that hand of sturdy
pioneers who came to Cariboo during
the gold excitement of 1862, and for
about twenty-five years had heen a
esldent  of  the  Okanagan.    He was
:     '���*   <-r>fll-S  nf  agi "
narrow- escapes irom u����. ...
also "all. gtd 'hat the trains were late |
nearly   ult   the   time   and  one   could
never, ^e sure what time a train might
bo along.
The absence of an agent at Aider
grove also came in for criticism. Thc
freight is thrown off and there Is no
one to take care of it. It was stated
at the meeting that the cars Supplied
for way freight were unsuitable, sometimes meat and furniture having to
bo shipped in dirty coal cars.
lt  was  decided  that It was neces
  t . hnnd togethei
the   how   i*""   ���*,.-"      _,,..,i.,v
���    *va Wiles Has Enormous Area-
New South Wales Has
:","1  Und   a   lawyi
t   he  so  had,'
,,M      -  lo���yer to ma*e "th. I ******.��n?f_\ Z aee that,**
., I'1' for me, ii might consume eev- hUMJ    �� ,;lW olerKa have any ����
��� '' "ours; i��� fact. 1 might not be able lawyera ana ' , n    ing
*&.^e deal through the ��^d^\^A�� 'U^, 'eerily  he
leatate^J^^ai estate men
resioeui   ...   ...
about sixty-eight years of age end was
unmarried, with no rolatlves in this
ountry, though lt is said that a
brother HveR somewhere in Washington state. For many years he had
worked on the government road gang
fiii," '""'  necessary for us
,,��� ;:mn" the instruments, and If the
Previ whlch 1|!U| been
t    ious to  tlds had  heen
In  force
documents of the ollice would
Co ' been proteoted, for no one not
t0 "'('l('11 with the ollice is supposed
Usee! allowed in the vault. If ���- ls
he rl y for a searcner to see a title.
mi[-' be  allowed  to  do  so   under
��� protest        ,^^^^^^1^^^
of the City." ,,,,���   to
Ml   the  other   m n
the same bpinlM otJBM ly  get
real estate dealMB *m i       UH-
together and tal��mm day or
tion  in  the matter  wunm
^^^^ ^  ^^^^^^^^ n    Univ.   ..
afternoon,   Fireman   F.   M,   Hellman 1 Planted This Year.
lost his right foot and nis left was Sydney, N.S.JV-. June 15.���The gov-
badly crushed, while Fngineer D. II.'eminent'statistician reports the area
Mclnnes was badly bruised. F.oth I under wheat for the year, ending
were on the eastbound fie'ght. The', March 31, as ^376,326 acres, yielding-
passenger train was delayed several 28.ri32.029 bushels of grain, equal to
hours. 14.33  bushels  per  aeffe, and   503,130-'
 tons of hay.
Holding  Lands fov   Increase. The  grain  yield is the record  for
^^^^^ London. June 15.���At a meeting to-  the   state,  exceeding the    December
bo shipped in dirty om, v...���. day   of   the   Southern   Alherta   Land 1 estimate by nearly 3.000,000 bushels;
lt  was  decided  that it was neces-   company.   Sir  it.   B.  Lano  said  that' and the average for the previous six
sary for the citizens to band together   It was obvious that  the longer they  years by 10,000,000 bushels.
in some way to protest against this  hold  tbe  lands, pending  the  comrde- 	
treatment  and  a progressive  society   tion   of  Irrigation   works,  the  better VERY  QUIET AFFAIR
was  formed,  J.  Jones being  elected   price   thej-   would   eventually   obtain. 	
the  first  president.    This association   During the year they hoped to start      Star   City,    Ark.,    iu��,   -_
will act with the Langley and West-   another   town   near   Bow  River,   and  Turner, a negro, was taken from the
minster boards of trade in efforts to  also expected that thc canals nnd ts-  officers   by a mob here Monday night
have the condition of things bettered,   ervolrs will he doing their full 'hity.  and   lynched.    The   negro   had   just
Mr. Wade's trip to Alderptrove bears   Lake   McGregor,   ho   added,   will   he  been arrested for entering the roon.-
out  In  part  the allegations  ma le at   partly filled, and the future was full  of a white woman near ti'arett, Ark., ���
the meeting.    Though the train  was   of   promise. a few days ago.
on time to the minute on the outward .  After overpowering the officers the
trip to Aldergrove, the returning train Roosevelt Reported at Sea. mob   took   the   negro  to   the  woods-
yesterday   morning was  delayed  two      Cape  Race,  Nfld., June 15. ��� The  nearby,  and after hanging him  to a-
~"~- ****** at Cloverdale   steamer   Kaisorln   Auguste   Victoria,  tree,   riddled   his  body   with   bullets^.
.--,...,������ nmnne jts passen .era  The mob then dispersed.
So quietly  did    the    lynchers    do-
their  work that, nothing was known
of the affair until after the body of
the negro waa found, still hanging to*
the treet yesterday.
June  15.-W11I. '
Classified Advertisements  REAL   ESTATE
BYLAW, 1910.
fii=t bei n approved
shall ha .B     	
resolution of tlie Councl
bv a
at the
Condensed .Milk Factory, 16
street    References required.
Office:    Northern   Crown   Bank    Bldg.
Phone 646.
Open Evenings for Your Benefit.
Bylaw to enable the Council of the
City of New Westminster to raise
by loan the sum of Ore Hundred
and Fifty Thousand (. 150.COO.00)
dollars   for   Street   Improvements.
male and female, lor the public
.schools of this city. Applications
will he received until noon ui the
22nd inst. Robert Lennle, See;<-
tai y.
Acreage���$300 each;
$10  per  month.
1 4 cash;  balance
house "i five or six rooms witli niod-
ern conveniences hy July l for
three or four months.    Convenient
to  car line  preferred.      Apply    Z,
Daily  News office.
City���An 8-roomed     modern    house;
si/e   of lot,   132x132   feet;    price,
$5,250; $1,250   cash;    balance   arranged.
N. W.  [4 section 8, Tp.  10���160 acres
of good land with -,000,000 feet of
acre.     ,1
No Umber
,000 cash.
lease.    $35 per
Ggirl.   Apply Kinj
's hotel, Columbia
CITY���Modern house and large barn
on Fourth street. Rented for $30
per month. Price $3,700; terms
$1,000 cash.
Whereas,  certain   sums  of    money
I have tiiis sear been expended out  "i
(the  general  revenue of  the city   for
���jthe construction, improvement and repair of streets and sidewalks, and ii
is expedient that  additional Bums be
I spent  in  like  manner,  amounting  in
all  iwith the sums already spent)  to
ithe  sum  of  Une   Hundred   and Fifty
Thousand  ($150,000.00)   dollars;
And Whereas, ii appears that if the
said sum of One Hundred and Fifty
Thousand ($150,000.00) dollars, he appropriated  from  tlie  general  revenue
tore :'!���
^^^^Jpylaw  shall
the daj   of
may he cite 1 as t no "
...  1910."
8. This Bylaw b
lni   then of, shall
he said
ed bj law.
!.���.  ived ���  e assent   '
day oi
I   an
:., :.   I lie
i ii'. oi  on
11110, and
������Street Improve-
I ,      ered Stock
final p:i*s-
the   a...-oni
oiiy in the
i i
day of
ilie eh ctors
lng to advance the same on the credit
of the dehentures or registered Btock
certificates hereinafter mentioned, any
sum or sums of money nol ��� xceedlng
in the whole lhe sum of $97,E ,00
to cause the same to he paid inti
> the
ing and tlnsmithing. Apply James j
& McClughan.
otlice or desk room.    State
Reply to Index, care Daily
CITY���8-rcomed house and fully modern on Fourth avenue. Size of lot
is 80_l4fi feet. Price $4,800; one-
fifth  cash, balance easy.
and    tramline.
lots   close   to
Price  $300
ese to work before 8 a. ni. and after
7 p. m.   Apply S. S., P. O. Box 150.
terms '; cash and $10 per month.
of   S.E.
WANTED���YOUNG GIRL TO Assist in light housework. No cooking. Apply .Mrs. Baker, 109 Columbia street, Sapperton.
and   3
to work in laundry. Wages 15 to
20 cents per hour. Royal City-
Laundry, Royal avenue, west of
Eight'h street.    B. Abrains, Mgr.
Apply J, this office.
keeping rooms. Apply Box B. News
house work Apply, Mrs. A. K. Kellington, 501 Queen's avenue.
acres of good land at Lincoln station, Langley, for Westminster city
property. Value $3000. Apply B. C.
Securities, Ltd., Dominion Trust
Offices, Columbia street, New Westminster.
housework and plain cooking. Apply 125  Third  avenue.
of the city for the current rear
rate of taxation will be excessive, and
it Ir expedient that such excessive
taxation should be avoided, and tlie
said sum should be raised on
credit of the corporation, and th
hentures or registered stock certificates should be issued for that
And Whereas, for the payment of
Interest on the dehentures or registered stock certificates, propose! to be
issued under this liylaw, and tor creating a sinking fund for the payment
of the said dehentures or registered;
stock certificates when due. it will
be necessary to raise hy special rate,
in addition to all other rates, each
year during the currency of the said
dehentures or registered stock ce.ti-;
ficates, the sum of Seven Thousand.
Five Hundred and Ninety and 32-100
($7,500.32) dollars;
And Whereas, in order to raise
the said yearly sum of Seven Thousand. Five Hundred and Ninety and
32-100 ($7,590.32) dollars, an equal
rate on tlie dollar will he required to lie levied on the whole rateable property of the City of New Westminster.
And Whereas, the whole
property of the said city, according to
the last rerised Assessment Roll
thereof, is Seven Million, Two Hundred and Forty-nine Thousand and
Ten   i $7,240,010.00) dollars;
And  Whereas, the total  amount of
the   existing   debenture   debt   of   the
said city is One Million, Six Hundred
and   Setenteen   Thousand.   One  Hundred   i$l.fil7,ino.oo)   dollars,  Irrespec-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^       tire of the sum of One Hundred and
Ten acres ef the best fruit land;  IVi ! Seventy-four Thousand, Five Hundred
acres clearei; 2 acres slashed, knri- j ($174.6nn.no)   dollars   proposed   to be
Taki ihai   the  above   is  a
true     y.. i'i the proposed Bylaw wliich
[will   be  taken  into  consideration   by
the Municipal Council of the City of
: New   Westminster   one   month    from
the day of the tirst publication there
of  in   the  "Daily   News"     newspaper,
reasury ofthe said city  for the pur-  H C**-**-***>.*. C    i
��,ses mentioned  herein. | VlUUUck nPT��
2. It shall be lawful tor the Mayor  m T ^Vld
o  cause  any   number  of  debentures j Jj _.
'      ">c Nic Easketsl
Pic Nic Plates
Etc., Etc.
to    111
ile the
sums   ol
i wliich first  publication took place on
13th day of June, 1910, and that
vote of the electors of the city will
taken on the said proposed  Bylaw
Hon theT4th"d;7of"Julf;i9l6;betweenIplace or places as the Council
���* <?e- J ^VSouVs of nine o'clock a.m. and live j said   corporation^ may J^omi
LANGLEY���80   acres   N.   /2
_   of Sec.  10,  Tp.  10;   some
lng.     Price    ,3a   per   acre;
$1,300   cash,   balance   1,   2
Delta Fruit Farm���Ten acres on Scott
road, close in, pood house and barn.
2n0 bearing fruit trees. Price $4,000.
Good terms.
Office:    Northern   Crown   Bank   Bldg.
Phone   646.
Open Evenings for Your Benefit.
pm   at the following places, nnm-.T.
The Council Chamber, Civic Building;
the   Fire   Hall,   Sapperton;    and   tlie
terworks    Storehouse,      Eleventh
street. .���.��..
City Clerk.
June 11, 1910.
Room 8, Thompson Block.
Phone 629.
Four Lots in Sapperton; 150 yards
from car. $590; $25 cash, balance
$10 per month.
Corner Lot, 68x124; slashed; facing
clown hill; levely view; close to
new school, Sapperton. Price $5M,
on terms.
By'aw to enable the Council of the
Corporation of the City of New
Westminster to raise by loan the
sum of Ninety-seven Thousand, Five
Hundred ($97,500.00) dollars for
School   Purposes.
with harness, logging chain and
wagon.    Apply S. S., Box 150.
acres, South New Westminster.
Splendid view of New Westminster.
$425 per acre. Apply P. O. Box
266,  City.
den, house, wei
ers of a mile from car.
at $1300; terms.
ed and logged eff; 3 reamed heuse, Iraised under the "Lulu Island Bridge
barn, petiltry runs; small fruits. ; Debenture or Registered Stock Bylaw,
Fronting on' Soett read and close ; 1010"; the "Fire Debenture or Regis-
to car.    Only  |2,6M, on terms. jtered     Stock     Bylaw,     1910";      the
��� ���    "Schools    Debenture    or    Registered
Five  acres  on  Scott rotd;   good gar- Stock      Bylaw,      1910,"      and      the
etc.;  three quart- "Parka Dehenture or Registered Stock
This is good   Bylaw,   1910,"  of  which   none of  the
'principal  or laterest is in  arrears;
Now Therefore, tlie Municipal Coun-
|Cil of the Corporation of the City of
ton; cleared and fenced; close to
car line. Only for sale within thb
next thirty days. Address A. H.
Tupper, Cunningham Hall, Sixth St.
Room   8,   Thompson   Block.
Phone 629.
Whereas the Board of Scliool Trustees of tiie City of New Westminster have caused to be prepared and
laid before the Councl! a detailed esti.
mate of the sums required by the
rateable Board for the current year's ordinary
expenses of maintaining the schools
of the said City of New Westminster;
and have also prepared a like detail
ed estimate of the sums requin d to
meet any special or extraordinary expenses legally incurrable hy the Board,
which last mentioned estimate is subject to consideration, alteration and
final approval by the Council, and the
same has been finally approved by
the Council.
And Whereas, the amount required
under the said last mentioned estimate for schools amounts to Ninety-
seven Thousand. Fire Hundred (|97.-
500.00) dollars, made up as follows; j
Tblrty-flve Thousand ($35,000.00) dollars for the erection and equipment of
the new Sapperton school; Two Thousand, flTe Hundred ($2,600.00) dollars
for the erection and equipment Of a
school on Lulu Island, and Sixty Thousand ($60,000.00) dollars Tor tho erection of a High school,
(2^00 lbs. i. Sound. Also wagon and
harness (new). Apply A. N. Mac-
kay. Burnaby Lake P. O., B. C.
Corner  Columbia  and  Begbie  Streets.
Phone 680.
! New Westminster e,,.cts as follows:
1. It shall be lawful for the Mayor
of the said city to raise by way of
loan from any person or persons, body
or bodies corporate, who may he willing to advance the same on the credit
of the debentures or registered stock
certificates hereinafter mentioned, any
sum or sums of money, not exceeding
And Whereas, by Section 40 of the
the Public Schools Act 1905, as re-
enacted by Section 30 of the Public
Schools Act 1905, Amendment Act
1906, any statute to the contrary notwithstanding, the Council of any city.
town or rural municipality ln the
Province including the City of Vancouver and City of New Westminster,
or registered stock certlflcates
made, not exci edlng In the whi
sum of $',i7,raio,iio tor Buch
money as may be required, not iess
than $HHi.oo each, or an equivalent j
expressed in pounds Bterllng of the
United Kingdom of Qreal Britain and,
Ireland al a value of 4.866 to the
pound Bterllng; and all such deben
tures or registered slock certlflcates
shall be sealed with the seal of the
corporation, signed by the .Mayor and
countersigned hy the treasurer there
Of, or by such other person or persons
tis may he thereunto lawfully authorized.
3, The said dehentures or register* d
Istock certificates shall be payable on
ithe   flrst   day   of  July   1960,   at   such
Of the
me to
time nppoint with the approval of the
holders thereof, nnd shall bear interest at the rate of four and one half
per centum per annum, payable I
yearly on the first day of Janu
and the flrst day of duly In each and
every year, and the debentures shah
have attached to them coupons for thi
payment of Interest, which said COU
pons   shall   be   signed   by   the    Bald
1. A special rate on the dollar shall
be levied and raised in each yeai, in
addition to all other rates, on all the
rateable property of the city, sufficient
to pay the Interest upon the debentures or registered stock certlflcates,
and to create a slnktn_ fund for inpayment of the principal thereof when
due, subject to any act or enactment
respecting  the same.
5. Subject as aforesaid, there Bhall
he raised annually by Bpeclal rate as
aforesaid, during the currency of the
said debentures or registered st ck
certlflcates, tlie sum of $4,387.50 foi
the payment of Interest thereon, and
said debentures or registered stock
Icertificates shall he applied as follows,
and not otherwise; towards psylng
'the cost of the passing of this Bylsw
and the issue and sale of the snld
debentures or re. lstered stork certlfl
cates therein referred to, nnd all expenses connected with the Issuance
of the said loan, and the balance shall
he paid over from time to time as re
quired upon the order of the trustees
hy the city trensnrer to the sejeral
persons to whom moneys are payable
7. This Bylsw shall take effect on
the day of 1910, and
may he cited ns the "Schools Debenture or Registered Stock Bylaw, 1910."
8. This Bylaw befoie the final passing thereof, shn.Il receive the assent
of the electors Of the said city ln the
manner required by law.
Received the assent of the electors
on the day of 1910.
Ue. onsldered and finally passed ln
open council the day of
,olumbia btreet�����6a]
New Westminster, B.C.
S j Mineral Waters
Aerated Water
Manufactured  by
'elephone 13. Office. Eighth |
.ix^^vi;sr'"'""���!wood:work. and]
6. The  proceeds of  the  sale of the   ���  j
- Done At-
Benson &
At    Dick    Benson's   O'd  Stand,
view   lots   on
have   a   few   choice I
Blair   avenue   very j into
in the whole the sum of Ono Hundred! may '" each and every year pass a
and Flftv Thousand ($160,000.00) dol-! Bylaw or Bylaws for levying aspecial
lars. and to cause th* same to he paid Irate of not more than Five  (5) mills
p'.y SIS, Miiton s'reet.
housekeeping to rent. Apply to A. H.
Ferguson, Pythian  Hall building.
rooms; electric light. Apply 233
Eleventh street or 746 Columbia St.
store in the K. P. block; suitable
for store rooms, skating rink, or
moving pictures, etc., etc. For particulars apply to John Forrester,
Sec. K. P. Trustees, 517 St. George
Btreet, City.
cheap;  %2h down, balance monthly.
Worth investigating.
South Westminster���'4 acre view
lots on car line at Brownsivlle.
Price .251 per lot; Hcash, balance
easy. If van waat a heme, secure
one at once, as they are the cheapest and aearest lots oa the market.
List your property with us. We have
the buyers if the price ls right.
We have a buyer for a 6-room house;
modern; not above Sixth avenue.
Terms, $5u0 cash, balance monthly.
Lulu Island���Lot 26; near the bridge",
containing one acre. Price onlv
the treasury of the said city for
on the dollar for school purposes, and
tin-  Council   may   in  addition   to  sueii
irate apply any portion of the ordinary
I revenue to school purposes.
And  Whereas,  it.  appears  that   the
j amount required  to meet the current
I year's ordinary expenses of maintaining   the   schools   will     exhaust     the
j amount authorized to he levied under
I Section 10 of the Public Schools  Act
as   re-enacted   by   said   Section
the   Public   Schools   Act   190S,
Amendment   Act  11)06, and
necessary  also  to apply a
rerenue   for
I Corner Calumbla  an*  Bagbie  Streets.
Phane 686.
on Seventh street. Apply Wilson,
Cook & Co., Northern Crown Bank
For all kinds ot
Phone 695
or leave orders at
The  Arrow  Press
oear The Daily News Co., 609 Victoria
Transfer Co.
tiifllce 'Phone  18b.      Barn  'Phone 137
Columbia Street
Baggage   delivered    promptly   to
any part of the city.
light and Heavy Hauling
Columbia    St.,    Next    Todd's    Music
House���Phona   703.
For Sale���5-roomed cottage close in;
large lot. Price Jli.noo; $500 cash.
Balaace on  Tery easy terms.
For Sale ��� 5-room cottage close in,
Price $2300; $300 cash; balance to
suit purchaser.
purposes mentioned herein
2. It shall  be  lawful  for  the  Mayor
to cause any number of debentures or
registered   stock   certificates     to     bo
made. not. exceeding in the whole the
sum of One Hundred and Fifty Thousand   ($150,000.00)   dollars,   for   such
sums of money as  may  be required,
not   less   than   $lon.nn   each,   or   an
equivalent expressed in pounds sterl- 1905,
ing of the United  Kingdom of Great 130   ��f
Britain and Ireland, at. a value of 4,86* j
to   the  pound sterling;   snd  all   such,
debentures or  registered   stock  certl- i tllP  ordinary
flcates shall be sealed  with  the seal j P0R��8-
of tha corporation, slgaed by the And Whereas, it appears that if the
Mayor and countersigned hy the ��ald sum of $97,600.00 be appropriated
treasurer thereof, or by such other 1 from tha eeneral reveaue of the city
persoa or persona as may be there- for tha current year, the rate of taxa-
unto lawfully authorized. tion  will   be  excessive,  and   It  la  ex-
3. Tho said debentures or registered pedleit that such axcessive taxation
stock certificates, shall be payable on should ba avoided, and tha said sum
tha flrst day of July, 1900. at such should ba raised on tha credit of the
place or places aa tha Council of tha corporation, and that debentures or
said corporation may from time to i registered stock certificates should be
time a. point with the approval of the | issued for that amount.
it   will  be
poSiOB    of
such   pnr-
Take notice that the above i'; a true
! copy of the proposed Bylaw which will
: he  taken   Into consideration   by   thi
I Municipal Council of the City of New
We 'minster one month from the dat
of the first publication thereof in the
"Daily News" newspaper,  which  flrst
publication took place on the 13th day
of June.  1910, and that a vote of the
electors of the city  will  be taken on
the said  proposed  Bylaw on the  1-lih
day of July   1910,  hetween  the  hours
of  nine o'clock  11.m. and   five  p.m.,  at
the   following   places,   namely;      The
Council Chamber, civic Building; the
Fire  Hall,  Sapperton;   and the Waterworks Storehouse, Eleventh street.
City Clerk.
City  Hall, June 11. 1910.
Sheriff's sale of Smith-Premier
typewriter, 3 ofiice desks, 10 chairs,
:.l tables, a quantity of linoleum, office
-supplies, maps, etc., at Evans it
Darke's office, 70fi Columbia street, on
Thursday, June 16, at 2 p. 111.
We have some real good snaps in
house property. Call and see us
ahout them.
Columbia    St.,    Next    Todd's    Music
House���Phone 703.
to  25
and 4
H. P.
Local  Agents
Westminster Iron Works
St.,   New
holders thereof, and shall hear interest at tha rate of four and one-half per
centnni per annum, payable half yearly cm the first day of January and the
flrat flay of July la each and every
yasr, and the debeatures shall hate
attached to them coupons for the payment of interest, wliich said coupons
shall be signed by the said Mayor.
4. A si>ecial rate on the dollar shall
he levied and raised In each year, in
addition to all other rates, on all the
rateable property of the city, sufficient
to pay the interest upon the dehentures or registered stock certificates.
and to create a sinking fund for the
payment of the principal thereof when
due, subject to any act or enactment,
respecting tlie same.
5. Subject as aforesaid, there shall
he raised annually hy special rate as
aforesaid, during the currency of the
And Wheraas, for the payment of interest, on tha debeatures or registered
stock certlflcates proposed to ba issued under this Bylaw, and for creat-
' lng  a  sinking   fund  for  tha  payment
;of the said debeatures or registered
stock certificates, when due, lt will
be necessary to raise by special rate,
ln addition to all other rates, each
year during the currency of the said
dehentures or registered stock certificates the   sum   of   rnur     Thou.nnd,
' Nine Hundred and Thirty-three and
70-100  ($4,933.70)  dollars;
And Whereas, in order to raise tho
said yearly sum of $4,033.70, an equal
��� special rate on the dollar will he required to be levied on the whole ratn-
! able   property  of   the   City    of    New
1 Westminster.
And Whereas, the whole rateable
property of the said city, according to
said debentures or registered stock 'the last revised Assessment Roll there-
certificates, the sum of Six Thousand. I of, Is Seven Million, Two Hundred and
Seven Hundred and Fifty ($6,750.00) Forty-nine Thousand and Ten ($7,-
dollars for the payment of the inter-1 240,010.00) dollars;
est thereon, and the sum of Eight1 And Whereas, the total amount of
Hundred and Fortv and 32.100 ($840.-1 the existing debenture debt of the
32)   dollars   to   provide   for   the   pay-1 said city Is One Million, Six Hundred
l>ver Brothers, Toronto, will send you
cake   of   their   famous   Plan toi
BjbUcX  'joa^,
ii you mention  this paper 'THE
DAILY        NEW
ment. of the  principal.
6. The proceeds of the sale of the
said debentures or registered stock
certificates shall be applied as follows, and not otherwise; towards
paylr. the cost of the passing of this
Bylaw and the Issue and sale of the
debentures or registered stock certificates therein referred to, recouping
the treasury of the city such sums
as have been this year expended ln
street works, or may be so expended
until the proceeds of the sale of the
said debentures or registered stock
certificates have become available, the
making, Improving and repairing of
such streets and sidewalks in the city
as may he deemed expedient by the
council, but no sidewalk or street sliall
he made or repaired out of the moneys
and Seventeen Thousand, One Hundred ($1,617,100.00) dollars, Irrespective of the sum of Two Hundred and
Twenty-seven Thousand ($227,000.00)
dollars proposed to be raised under
the "Street Improvement Dehenture or
Registered Stock Bylaw, 1010;" the
"Fire Debenture or Registered Stock
Bylaw, 1010;" the "Lulu Island Bridge
Debenture or Registered Stock Bylaw,
1010," and tho "Parks Improvement
Debenture or Registered Stock Bylaw,
1010," of which none of the principal
or Interest Is In arrears.
Now Therefore, the Municipal Council of the Corporation or the City of
New Westminster enacts as follows:
1. It shall be lawful for the Mayor
of the said city lo raise hy way of
loan from any person or persons, bodv
SEALED TENDERS uddressed to
the undersigned, and endorsed "Tender for Steel Tui Boat for British
Columbia" will ba received at this offlce until 4:00 p.m., on Monday, July
4, 1910, for tha construction of a steel
tut boat.
Flans, specification and form of contract eaa be seen and forms of tender
obtained at this department, at the
offices of G. A. Kaefer, Esq., district
engineer. Post Office building, New
Westminster, B.C., and William Henderson, Esq., resident architect, poHt
office building, Victoria, B. C.
Persons tendering are notified that
tenders will not he considered unless
made on the printed forms supplied,
and signed with their actual signatures, stating their occupations and
places of residence. In the case of
firms, tlie actual signature, the nature of the occupation and place of
residence of each member of thc firm
must be given.
Tenders must specify time of delivery of fug boat at Now Westminster, B.C., free of all risks and charges.
The   Department  does   not   hind   Itself to accept, the lowent or any tender.
Bv order,
Department of Public Works,
Ottawa,  June fi,  1010.
If you deposit  your money lor
Bftfety In The Bank of Toronto
It will he safe while you le����
lt, and ready when you 1
and it will be
earning for you three per
Interest. Small or large
may  be deposited at any
Ontario,   Quebec   and
REST    ...
. 4,750,000
NEW    WE8TMIN6TER,   B.  *���>
J. Gracey, Mgr.
Newspnpers will not be pnld for
this advertisement If they Insert it
without authority from the Department.
White Star-Doming
Canadian Service
Montreal to Liverpool
Triple  screw,   14,900 tons.
Twin screw, 14,900 tons-
Urgest and most modern
commodatlon equal to any
Ing the  Atlantic.
For Rates . nTTkkets Apply t0
C. P. R. Passenger Station
3  borrowed under this Bylaw unless the or bodies corporate, who may be will-
TENDERS will be received on or
before Thursday, June 2'.',, for the
erection and completion of proposed
Now Masonic Temple to be erected on
Agnes . treet, New Westminster, B.C.
Plans and specifications can be obtained from the architects. Messrs,
Gardiner & Gardiner, Westminster
Trust Building, New Westminster,
Tho lowest or tiny tender wlll not
necessarily ho accepted.
My property Is taken off the i
until further notice.
Sapperton, U- L-
iarK��t ',910.
-n T.N >"''''
BBA^Jned, tjaA
#r5''      iHCd.'
addressed   to
endorsed "Ten-
,,���   uiitibh  to-
e��-    ,.,.,-eived at tblB offlce Uj^!   bearing  date  the
of   a
��*"   goe forma of tender
'.;.:;;.���., *��*
,. Esq., District
���trlcl ont., and G. A.
[ ��� notified that
I; nsldered unless
.,.., forms eupplled
*("�� tl,e '���
the  13th  daj .  	
,r all and elni I                            0  ,,    ���      TVirpp
i or tract of land Says More Wheat is Bought Over  1,000 Sold  in  mrec
te, lying and !��� ���,,     Vno���    r>p_
New westmln anci   c0j(j    [n    Winnipeg!    Provinces 1 his  xear,  ive
and   Sold    in
Than Chicago
Take notice that an application has
been inado to icgis.er Duncan Bell
Hall an the OWnei In lee simple, under
a Tax Sale Deed rrom E. A. Wllmot,
Inspector of dykes, to Duncan Bell
,e the 1 '.it li day ol
June, A.D., 1907, of all an I a
that certain parcel
bargu jand premises sltuat
1 in tlie District of     	
In tho l'r).- ... e oi  British Col
more particularly known and di
ed as part 3 GO a- tes ol the bou   ���
quarter  of   Section   18,  'i iwn     p
Range 29, west of 6th Mi ridian,
Vnn and those claim!
I under   you   and   all   pi 11  me   i la
..       any interest In thi Kaid lau l by
' ew I of any   unre '--t. <-1  Instrument
; all person i 11 un:.>ng any   ��� ���  ���
the said 'and by        ent, ��� tl li   M	
Ih not re ;u ��� ���(��� I    ������ er the pro the cit) of Calgary
. of the "Land Reg'pti". Act," are requii . 0 wus a  -
,\ ed to conte .' i .-���    ..   i ol the .,i,.i i.
al". Chaser wltb IU lory '.w days fiom the  ceuti
case  oijd.lI(.  0j   tll.    &|  ,   pliy! cation  of  this
notice upon  .>���   and In default of a
caveat   or  certifl ..'������  ol   ,:.   pendens
-   j       ibeing filed  ������ rl-ia     ti i jeriod, or In
f   ,   1 default ol  rei o pi lon i - foi ��� rt glstra-
tion, you sal i ii-h ���' you w!U be for-
i ��� ievei  estopped and rtebarad t'rora set-
id charges. tln(, up ailV ria|)n [(, ,,   ia i.gpect ot
be accompanied  th(   s;i!i,  ,M,   ._,,,  ,
6, Guichon Building.
Phone   681
Provinces 1 his Year, Representing Over $3,000,000
Gardiner & Gardiner
(F. G. Gardiner)
Room fi.  Westminster Trust Building
New Westminster, B. C.
Phone  681 Residence  Phone  135
HOPE & BARKER, Architects
New   Westminster���Vancouver.
Phone firr
P. O. Box 395
Phone 730
NIcMurphy & Craig
Today   more whea    I    b   i   it    and
in   i, lunipi .-      ...    lu    i uli.
ArthUI    SI i ill. "i      in      !������   ,i ..mi B
i/i:ie.      Moil ii lt   lS
H.I..' a   by  Auiei ii-au  tnouej.    'i uree-
of Cans prosj eioua
In  tbo
lit in ���
M H	
.      ' lt*ure, the nature
���J,,!, ��� :   |  phu-e of rest-
,,,-  of  .he
Ince o* '
��� If)' timr
:                      Vancouver, B.C.,
md char. es.
01 '     -     inn
Winnipeg, June 15.   Thei strong fln-
.       ltlon o1 western Canada can-
not  be shown In any clean;,   manner
by a snort consideration o   the
,   0f business  done  In  autoino.
peious  bib    during the present year,    vmn
whicn   ..-   ���- five months gone, thei total sales
b.eep. -wn    In  the three  provinces  of  Manila   >.
today the ZZ 1��. ^e^^rU^ St
r oi tue If ���    i"" ���"      '     L,600.nnn thl dealers   flies, ow-
ity, l�� own Ubj  Americans.   I,    ... -      I    rem* "   ! v"., 's,��� ,��� lng cam
, ���  i  ->������ ;���?��� ; ���;       :   ; .;���-,' The value ���>��� <*�������
���   ���'' '   V   '   i        ,ring   his vear, Is over
^8tTMSn/pWAtae!i;Vomoblies  owned in   western  Can-
Heating  and   Plumbing
All   Jobbing   Promptly   Attended   To
Colonial   Block
on a chartered
the      order
the     Mini ''';
fl,,.   twenty five
00),   which
person tender-
, a  contract
! dn'so. or fail to
| contracted fcJr.   H
����* ,   ,     accepted     th.
^tnfdoe.enpt bind it-elf
: or any tender.
��� . ,r   ���..,.   to
vertis<'m,'n,   lf
the said 'un 1. and 1 si.a I retli tei
Duncan Bell Hall as owner the eol
In tee. And I iiei ������! f o"h that publication of t!      ���    i"e for thirtj
In s dailj i"..v. [   , ������! pi ! Iii hed in New
ti i��� v, .; '.. ���. i   ii an l sufficient service tu<     !
Hated at tho l - nd Re Istry nfflcp,
native Canadian  Is outnumbered two
to om   bj  lib   Ami i cou In. Suutli
.- Hue, in fact, i ... ... .; i led middle \,est hi,lies aio forming "Why-Go-
.i ���    "    v. i  . hai actei istlc-
. i.  this brand new coun
I.  a, ,i i,.,,
la  to a Bum of between ten and
nd ��� b .. ii million dollars.
i. .��� >.;....ent railroads have reaped
a rich harvest In freight, the rate ot
automobiles  in carload   lots  being  on
the lirst class basis, with a mmimum
���  ��� | > iei one
Given  on   Any
Job   Printing
New  ���
i ��� th U
n . I 110.
To Canada Pen
lngs   Co.;   Oppenhelmer   Bros,
j Liability; G. W. Lelshman; J. vs
, r-c ''nee <>��� Brills
ith aay of April, A.
.    .    KEITH,
Lletrlcl  Registrai
aru.nt Loan & Sav
all} American ia this Drauu ue�� v.uuU-,v.,v .
,,i as i1  Bcatters ... U,UuO pounds v,t.eie more tuan om.-
 id  (or new  wheal   fields;   "A mtomi  ill.   is  shipped  tn  a car,  i.nd
bels in a year oi   bu    "' ... ca e oi  a Blngie ear being sulpyed
.   uepartment   report    of last tue minimum ts b.uoo pouuua at n.si
Di   .....   . ed thai the total Am clai    rate.   This averages out at about
tents in Canada had al- $40  per  cai   for  every   car   handled,
mi        o
New   Westminster   Land   District.
District of New Westminster.
Take notice that Simon Henry
Clowes of Vancouver, B. C��� occupation, building Inspector, intends to apply for permisslt n to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at
the S. 10. point of a small island lying..
in channel between Granite island andi
Nelson island: thence northerly, west-
erly, southerly and easterly, along tha
shore to the place of commencement;
containlnu 10 acres more or I'-.s.
April 20, 1910. Agent.
H. C. Mark & Sonc
��    Notice    to    Contractors���Tenders
���       Laying   Water   Mam:
Tender, will be received by the ;
d-rslened for the laying and Joint ���
,,      ���    mrteen (14) miles of
Bteel  Rivetted  pipe and about  i
-,. ���  each of IMncb and 13-lnch Lap-
y , _.. tbat   is  to bridge
llo. .    .:,   rneK-d   and
rcadj   reached   the  - sum    of
-'"i.      This  b im   ....    . pprox-
l< ... ci. 1,1 .I u   follows:
i'.s companies  a. ei age cap-
i al,   *���   ���������"���"    .10 I,   10,000
il    ���     ;, .    ���     .11   Bi ItUu   Co-
i imbia   mills  and  tlinbi r 50, i 000
���  tnients in  British Co
lumbia   mines i  50,000,000
I. ind deals lu .'.Iii... ta, i       10,1)00,000
Investments in lumber and
mini s  in  Albei ta   	
Packing  plant.    	
Implement and distributing
I. ind   deals  in  British  Columbia        2,(n)0,000
: 000,000
I : i Igea c ilvert i, etc Plai b, pn I It
,- Bcatlons, conditions of contract
and further Information may be ob-
��� i ne II m the City and Waterwoi ks
Engineer, J. W. B. Blackman, on re
��� of a marked cheque, value $50,
which will be returned on receipt ol
giving the neat little sum ol  $04,000
paid tor  iieignt aione.    The aveiagu
'.     ery   uf   auiomobiies    throughout
tne  v,est   works  oui  at  the  iuio  of
three   carloads   every   day   lor  every I'
daj of the >ear up to the pri csat lime.
The value of tue car alone does uot
hy any means represent uie amount I
of money spent iu getting tne car on
the road  for  lib iuiuul  iuu, aa every
man getting a car has to supply himself with oil, gasoline, spam mes aud
lubes, grease, etc.,  Which  may  safely
be estimated  at $20 per car,  making
a further sum of $;;2,0uu to add io the
total Invested.
This  amount  of business,  great  as
it may  seem, will  however be only a
drop  iu   the  bucket  if  tlie  financial
outlook at the commencement of tlie
| l'Jll season is as good as it was in
' 1010, and dealers are already liguiing
'out contracts for supplies, and in most
cases   increasing   their   specifications
to nearly double this year's, so as to
be in a position to cope with the de-
'niand that will be made for cars next
Cor. Fourth Ave. and Second St.
Manufacturers of the bread
that is making New Westminster famous. Also choice cakes
cookies aud candies,
ing drivers wlll be
pleased to call.    Pho
New Westmister  Land District.
District   of   New   Westminster.
Take notice that Alexander McLennan, of  Vancouver, British Columbia*
intends to ap-
urchasa   tho
olee cakes.    | nan, .,.   ,m���
Our oh'.ig-   | occupation contractor, intet
more  than    I ply   for   permission   to   pur
me 435. I following described lands:
*      Commencing  at  a   post
��� i ���        ..ti.ccct nnint  of tlie i
Teaming and Expressing.
Gomrnenemg in. a post planted at
the southeast point of the Island situate about four 14) chains from Timber limit No. 38733, thence northerly
and westerly and southerly and easterly around the shore at low tide-
to place of commencement, containing
four  acres,  more  or   less.
J. F. BAGGS, Agent.
March 17. 1910.
Dub ���Uon
Btreets. for  5  pei   cent
', l -, inllliin     Hiirc-Lfi.      ,,i     .,     ,-- .
52^between ,,        |     -  - ���
Eighth ' ''.! Tenders  will   be  reci
of  the  amount  must
Tenders  will
p, :a   i :  June
or   any    ti :���'������ '
���'���; '��� '���
be  received   up  to  5
1910.    The  I
....     .    rilj    ac-
W.   A-
City  Clerk.
Bank of Montreal
I  nT tcHvn 1817
' ***����� 5
I' ���!  I"Iti     Kt
and (
....   ���
pro     o
l "      I
..,     Imwiiir in
.ii- ��� be chat  ���
.      ��� ,    portloi     -(
' *���  " '
(I Clt.   Eni
having bi en ad 11
. ven   that
.....   n
the CU K ">  '���'' ,"A'   Bnd  M -v
'   New W..Ti���" hanking    business     --. ih
������'���" B i"-'!'":' lUlli---'-- issued        ' ���. -:l
'    *'"k,    ,.b0���. ^respondents In   all   parts ol    th,
....    , |  ,,.  .,  majority  "!;^''d^ no���n��it^
tke owner, of theiand or^ropcr- [ worid.^^ ^ D3partme^-DeposlU
annum (pr��entr*te)00
Total   Assets   ovti   ��
,;. D. BRYMNER, Manager-
"Wh) d you leave your own coun-
try?" 1 bad the temerity to ask a den-
Im-clad man from Nebraska, as he
Bt I In the shadow of his "high-bagger" threshing "Alberta Hed" out of
the siuok.
"1 ���.. .' l."' be mildly Inquired.
"Ol course you have!" ^^^^^
"1 ain't seen tnythlng to Bhow me year.
I   hev,"  persisted  tlie  amiable  txpat-;
rlate, "except 1  get a Canadian quar-  EUROPEAN TOURI&rs
ter In m> i bange now and then'." '   '"'%'",
"But tnis is King Edward's country'."
"No. 'taint young man! It's God
A'mlghty's country! That's what it
is.    And I guess I'm a blamed sight
PHONE   R527
Berlin, June 15.���Now that the trav-j
elling season is on it Can do no harm |
to remind the traveller of certain pre-'
cautious which he will do well not to ]
--    .1...   r>rin.
amed sight|cauuou�� -����- ""neying on the con
l;;ar;V Nebraska and the hon,.- folks  neglect when   ourney^g
^easterners   have  with    anything
Leave New Westminster:
5:45���Connects with train to Sumas
and Transcontinental No. 07; arriving
New Westminster 7:43.
9:10���With   No.  2  going east;  also
Re Lots number 14 and 15, Block
4, New Westminster suburbs.
Whereas proof of the loss of certificate of Title Number 6892 A, issupd
in the name of Eustace Alvauley Jenns
haB heen filed in this office,
Notice is herehy given that I shall,
at the expiration of one month from
the date of the first publication hereof,
in a daily newspaper published in the
City of New Westminster, issue a duplicate of the said certificate, unless in
ithe meantime valid objection be made
to me in writing.
District Registrar of Titles*
Land  Registry Ofhcp. New Westminster, B.C. May 12. 1010.       '���
No. sir; it's
all     God
;   rallway   terminus       9; io_N\ -*  ����*���"���� ^'from ,
Bran, be    ' it     Canada    and
Newfoundland,  anu  in  London, K- ���
land, New York, Chicago and SplJ-^!
 '-'   City.    A peaei
transai te !
l et-
Ity to be assessed or chai tied  In  ro-
| . work?   representing  at
least om    df In value thereof is pre-
Council within fifteen
.... the tli at pub) -
t|( ,. tiie Council  will
proceed wll    the  proposed   Itnprove-
h   terma   and   condi-
to the i lymeni of the cost
��    ienti as the Council
-   ���-       that behalf regulate
. and also to make the
��� stment
Dated t Jt   ith day
of  June    A D
City Clerk,
atp of flrst   publication,  'he  10th
I fay o| June, 1910,
New Westminster
���   e  that
Land   District.
James   Bateman,
tfVincouvj . IV C, occupation, stone
SAILS��� june 17
Empress of Ireland    June a3
Lake Manitoba ���    Iuiy \
Bmpreai of Britain . - - ��� qqULBT,
'   C.P-R. AspuL
west o' the Missouri.
olle.   (ids   West!    It's     ��..     .	
mlghty's outdoors!" I window he usuany ran, .��� 	
1 tried to point out to him that he'anee of a friend, much better dressed
v. as under a new flag and a new gov-1 than   himself,   who   politely   requests
ernment,    His  retort was worthy of I a light for his cigar or asks some eas-
ecord. ! Uy answered question, while the seedy I
"A surveyor!   parallel    o'    latitude 1,looking  individual  runs  with  skilful
ain't such a bull oi a thing t' climb I fingers through the pockets of the un-1
over!" wary.    A few minutes later the trav-
And   the  del im-clad   Nebraskan  ln  eller is turning his pockets Inside out
i his homely way. went on to show me   and   wondering   "What  ou   earth   did
1. iw   the   country   was   all   one.     He1 I do with my purse."   There are many
wouldn't   even   admit  that there  was I other ways in which tlie voyager may
any weakening in the feeling of Am-1 have his holiday pleasure sadly dimlu-
erican   citizenship.    Nobody   had   do-> Ished through want of circumspection.
Handed of him tlie sale of his birth-      lf tho traveller is a women she may
light.   He found himself under a sys-  carry her pompadour with tickets and
tem of government that was proving I money  dependent from her waist. If
itself   as   democratic   as   any   in   the   so, the situation is certain to be taken
world, with representative institutions advantage of by the railway thief with
even more direct in the submission of, a strong pair of steel-cutting scissors.
the executive authority to the will of  The traveller, again especially on con-
the people.   He found a scrupulous en-,tlnental corridor trains, may be tempt
forcement of law and the greatest re-'ed  to  leave  his small hand  luggage
Bpect   for   the   rights   of   person   and , perhaps witli valuable contents, in his
property.    He found himself free   of I compartment while he goes to spend
ithe ever active antennae of that loath- ���--vimom car
16:25���With train for Agassiz, Koo
tenay points. Sumas and St. Paul; returning arrive Westminster 18:1::.
19:35���With  No.  06  Transcontinental eastbound and trains from Mission,
| Nicola and Okanagon points, and No.
II   from   east;   arrive   N'ew   Westminster 22:02.
ED GOULET, Agent C. P.  R.
H.  C.  B.  FOSTER, A. G.' P.  A., Van
And   Upriver  Landings
The  New Sternwheeler
Leaves Brackman-Ker Milling Company's wharf, New Westminster, with
passengers and freight as follows:
Leaves New Westminster Tuesday.
iThursday and Saturday at 8 a. m.
Leaves Chilliwack Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 7 a. m.
First Class Passenger Accommodation*
New  Westminster.
IX. but ft Sailings
, '"���"���
ends to app'y for permission
.-  the  following  descriheo
ndng  at  a  post   planted  at
point of a small Island
   ..chains north of Nelson
,sla��'I; thence northerly, westerly.
"Werty nnd easterly, along the
8IWrMr! the place of commencement.
""Kalnlng 6 acres more or lest.
JOHN F. BA008.
��Prli 20, 1910, Agrnt
Overuse in the daily
Phone 105.     P. O. Box 345
Office   Pront St., F
ed octopus known as the trusts. He]
was in a country where everyone was!
was too busy growing wheat and making roads and building cities to hang
i ahout talking jingoism and ki-towing
|to potentates in gold braid. There
was no obtrusion of nationality. This
newer country of his adoption was,
n fact, under hostage to peace, with
its thirty-five hundred miles of un-1
fortified boundary and Its prairie cities without a machine gun.
W.   J.   McLe.in   Will   Leave   Winnipeg
Shortly  on Trip to James  Bay.
Winnipeg, J are 16.���W. ,l. McLean
returned yesterday from a trip In the
east, and will he leaving  probably on
June   18,   for   James   hay   and   other
Intermediate points, to pay the annuities  ot the  Indians of treaty  No. 9.
In  regard  to  conditions  In  the east,
Mr. McLean said he did not find them
- *--�������� on agricultural
compartment while he goes to spend i
an hour or two in the refreshment car
to find on his return that his small
luggage has disappeared beyond retrieval. Even when lodged safely as
he thinks, in his hot*l, he wWl be
wise to take no chances with his jewelry or banknotes, but deposit them in
the hotel safe.
Until further notice this
bank will be open
f Sixth.
Definite plans for the erection of a
thirty-story hotel on the southeast corner of Madison and Clark streets were'
announced, says Tho Chicago Record*
Herald, when Harry C. Muir acquired
a leasehold on the property just east
of tho hotel  on  Madison  street,    for
which   he  has  beeu    negotiating  for
several months     The rlvslrv between
Mr.  Muir and James K. Sebree, who
���held   tho   Madison  street   property,  ls
ended, and work on the big hostelry
soon wlll begin
On and after June 5.
to   Victoria.
10:00 a. m    Daily j
1:00 p.m   Daily !    _-
io:oo a. m  Daily from seven to nine o clock.
11:00 p. ni    Daily except Saturday!
11:30 p.a        Saturday  ******* '"*�� --
2:00 p. m    Daily
2:00 p. m    Mondays
8:00 a.m.. .Thursdays and Saturdays
11:00 p. m    Kverv Saturday j
11:00 p.m. Et��jt Thursday and Sat.
TO  STEWART   (Portland  Canal).
11:00 p.m    Kvery  Thursday
S. S. Heater leav��n New Westminster 8 a. m. Monday, Wednesday and
Fridays; leaves Chilliwack R a.m.
Tuesday. Thursday and Saturdays.
For particulars, applv to
Agent. New Westminster.
C.   B.   FOSTER.
A. G. P. A.. Vancouver.
Royal Bank of Canatfr
New Westminster.
JF. Shute, Mgr.
;' *;
New Westminster
' :; ��� s Brackman-Ker w
tm Saturday for Stevest
A Deli
at B.  C.   E
('itrs leave Steveston
s�� the Famous  Fra.
Hound trip tickets to
bo far advances faere   \\ h.^n 	
standpoint as-they are   v      .^   th 1B._Th�� bylaw fot
Estimates Given. Phone 56T
,jdpolnt as urn ��- -       had    the
In   Montreal.   Mr.  ��   '- Royal
privily  of    ln^lnga(   ^^      ,
George the C. N-  ":��� Toyage in
��U8t COn!PSdw�� he considered the
| Montreal, and wnic
All   rubbish  and   garbage must   be
removed   to   the   foot    of   Sixteenth
 .   mh��1.. it will
Revelstoke, June 15.���The bylaw for
the   borrowing   of   $27,000   on   debentures for  the improving, augmenting  removou   ��,
and extending of the water supply for  street and Fifth avenue, where
the city  of  Revelstoke was introduc-  be burned by the corporation
ed last night at the city council meat-      Ant person or  persons  wl
��� i... ��v>r*�� r��tidlnRS. Vot
NEW ^^^^
twelve In a
Any'peraon or  persons  who  dump
prosecuted   und u    tne   i��u
before Sep-
ms, ��������� v���       , in  take place on
ln�� ��.  t,,e,_n f II     Tie   debentures
Saturday, June w.x nUe
WU,  run  for  r fty  T     �� be s()1(l
of flve per <'cn   ��"e    ThP Unking
������!",,,;���;��� 1.0,1b.. Uml  take  ��    '!. LvS p.r W��
_ .%��__**_ -rrr;,rr ^ i.��.
expects to be hack on ot  ..	
tember 1. Asked If his trip would
not be a very arduous one. he replied
that after his long experience of trav
el he found no trip too hard now.
The DukeU3 ��������- a^
interesting lecture gl*en
JJX   Deans   Cameron
Western   Canada.
"s!ons��ofl U;;"s'anUary Hylav,
��> ��rder'        s'uuu-y^JnTector.
City Hall, June 13, 1910.
Green Cut Bone to Make
Your Chickens Lay.
Central Meat Market
'Corner Eighth  St. and  Fifth Avenue,
ir'�� a   PHONE  370.
ft lat'SS^SSrr ste sag a S^-��s
17 B00 000      Reserve   funds   now   ex-  lots ar $100 cagh Bm_
^���idEPSja fJW !��r���� -,our"""   -"
ig. day(at a rm�� ��  ^ l toome of ��o a
of   gallons   whk 1Mb nnr 8(,ieme
were | day.     i "r PAGE FOUR.
E 16,
I t^5
fi    l   *)��� ;rt'
The Daily News
Published by The Dally News Publisn-
tmg Company, Limited, at their offices.
Corner   of    McKenzie   and    Victoria
E. A.  Paige Managing   Director
Correspondence  i j
* **mR*s*v^*v_ ���Ef.WaT.- aer_-^i5E_r_-|
THURSDAY, JUNE   16,   1910.
Now that a poundkeeper has been
appointed and the Pound bylaws of
the city are to be enforced, it is to
be hoped that we shall soon be rid
of the nuisance of straying and ownerless dogs. But if this work is to be
carried out in a thorough manner
some proper facilities should be provided for the confinement of the impounded animals, whether these be
dogs, horses, cattle or fowl. The pres-
ent accommodation at tlie disposal of
the Poundkeeper is altogether unsuitable and as a means of restraint ls
practically useless. Dogs confined
herein make their escape quite easily, or can be rescued without difficulty by their owners or others.
In a city of the size and importance
of New Westminster proper accommo-
dlition should be provided for impounding animals, with a suitable
yard strongly enclosed and a
house adjacent for tbe Poundkeeper.
There are any number of places at
the disposal of the Council any one
of which could be utilized as a site
for a properly constructed pound, and
the provision of this would not mean
any great expense. It is ridiculous
to expect the Poundkeeper to perform
his duties in a satisfactory way with
the unsatisfactory accommodation
now at his disposal.
What good the charity organization
societies of London, England, can hope
to accomplish by their campaign
against the immigration regulations
of the Dominion of Canada is difficult
to comprehend. They must be given
to understand that Canada is, and can
be, the only judge of that class of persons whom it is desirable to admit
into this country, because it is Canada
���who will have to support those who
prove to be unfit.
There is, as has been before pointed
out, no discrimination against Britishers in the regulations. They apply to
arrivals from all countries and are designed to prevent the flooding of the
country by those who would in a few
months become a public burden.
Should the report be true that the
.charity organizations intend to protest
to the Dominion government it is
hoped that the reply will be sent back
that ic this, as in other matters, Canada is mistress of her own house.
As to the assertion that British ar-
tizans and mechanics are not wanted
in Canada, the best reply is that any
self-respecting immigrant i3 welcome,
provided that he possesses the very
small sum required, in order to prevent his becoming a public burden;
and that in the case of Australia the
condition is not the possession of five
pounds but of twice that amount, and
that the landing of certain classes of
artizans is prohibted altogether.���Ottawa Free Press.
Y.M.C.A. Camp for Winnipeg.
Winnipeg, June 15.���C. R. Sayer has
just completed arrangements with the
military authorities of this district to
conduct a Y.M.C.A. tent at the camp
to be held at Sewell this summer,
which will open on June 21, when it
is expected that between 3,000 and
4,000 men will be preesnt at the camp.
This work of the Y.M.C.A. is carried
on with much success in the eastern
provinces, and has Doen heartily endorsed by the military council. In
England it has also been highly
recommended and endorsed by no less
an authority than Lord Roberts. Tiie
Y.M.C.A. camp for Sewell has arranged for sport, games, and other amusements, and practical talks and song
services to take place at night. C. S.
Bishop, one of the provincial secretaries, will be in charge, assisted by
V. A. Aldridge, of this city, as well
as some Brandon workers.
Editor Daily News:
Sir���According to the published
itinerary that has been drawn up for
the forthcoming western tour of Sir
Wilfrid Laurier, premier of Canada,
and a number of his leading colleagues, this city does not appear in
the list of important points to he
visited, in the course of what is apparently to be a flying trip by the
distinguished party through British
Columbia and the Yukon.
I have been looking in vain for
some public protest or other action
looking to a revision of this program
before it is too late. As the premier
is not expected to arrive ln the province until some time in August, there
would appear to be yet time in which
effective action in the direction indicated might be taken, but lt is to be
hoped that no further time may be lost
in moving in the matter.
Apart altogether from party considerations, it will be a distinct and irreparable deprivation, as well as a
slight, to the people of this city and
district if they are denied the opportunity, for the "some one has blundered" reason, of seeing, hearine. and
paying their respects to, not only the
premier of the Dominion, and the first
citizen of the commonwealth, but the
great, typical and Illustrious Canadian whose unique and commanding
personality has shed lustre upon the
name of Canada ln the councils of
the Empire and the governments of
the civilized world.
In the very nature of things, it is
not improbable that the forthcoming
, visit of Sir Wilfrid Laurier to the
Pacific coast may be his last. It will
be just sixteen years in September
next since Sir Wilfrid, then leader
of the opposition, made his first and
up to the present, last visit to British
Columbia. On that occasion, he was
given a non-partisan address of welcome, as a distinguished Canadian.
by the city; with Lady Laurier and
a party of colleagues, he spent the
greater part of the day ln New Westminster, and addressed^ magnificent
mass meeting in the evening in the
Agricultural hall. Now, with the added
i honors of a decade and a half of well
'won and nobly used power upon him,
and with New Westminster city and
district of considerably more importance, to put it mildly, in the province and the Dominion than could he
claimed sixteen years ago, it is proposed by the grievously mistaken
management of Sir Wilfrid's tour to
give this city and district the go-by
altogether in the one visit to the coast
that the premier has ieen able to
make since his accession to power
in 1896.
I have coupled this city and district
In the matter, because they comprise
the Dominion electoral district of New
Westminster, and are bound up in
every way, politically, socially, and
commercially. Together, with the no
ble Fraser flowing throughout, and a
rapidly extending network of railways,
electric tramways, and other highways
of traffic further linking their fortunes,
they constitute the most important,
populous, prosperous, and promising
community in a richly endowed province of incalculable potentialities and
prospects. With a century of enthralling history behind her since Simon
Eraser silently pushed his adventurous canoe, past their then fort Bt
crowned promontory, to the sea; sitting enthroned at the inner gateway
of one of the greatest waterways of
the continent; with the garden of the
province and' every natural resource
as her environs, and sons who have
done her honor in the field of manly
prowess and the seats of lore and
learning throughout the Dominion
and at the Empire's heart, and in the
political arena as well, and with a
splendid destiny now plainly written
on her brow, the Royal City, to use
a homely phrase, does not need to
take the hack-wash of any city or
community - in British Columbia or
That we have not been given the
consideration to which we are entitled
by those responsible for the arranging
Of the premier's Itinerary in British
Columbia on the occasion bf his forthcoming visit in August, goes without
saying; and, in the Interest of the
city and district, from the local patriotism and public honor point of
view, it behooves, not only the Liberal, association but representative
non-partisan bodies such as the citv
council and board of trade, who doubtless have, Incidentally, matters nf importance to bring to tlie attention of
the prime minister, to "get busy" and
bring pressure to hear so that New
Westminster shall have a visit and
an address from Sir Wilfrid Laurier.
either before or after his excursion
into the Yukon.
A public petition might not be a
bad idea, and the city should also
seek the co-operation or the district
in the matter, whatever is done.
New Westminster, B. C, June 15
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Your Inspection
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Weekday Schedule
North Yakima, June 15.���Three hundred people at the First Methodist
church last night indicated that they
do not want to hear the results of the
Jeffries-Johnson prize fight round by
round announced by megaphone at
the Fourth of July celebration.
Dr. C. B. Gibson, pastor of the
���church, said In the course of his sermon that the announcement would be
an insult to people who want to be
patriotic and do not want to hear
iibont tlie fight.
Dr. T. E. Wobb, an old Grand Army
man. made a motion that the congregation express its disapproval of the
.scheme, and the vote wns practically
unanimous. Dr. Gibson suggests that
the committee make its announcement
T>y bulletin, so that those that do not
want to hear them will not have
t itci.i- celebration spoiled.
N'ew York, Juno 15.���Mrs. O. If. P.
Belmont, Miss Inez Mllholland and
other well known suffrage leat^.rs
were made defendants in a suit filed
In the L'nited State circuit court yesterday In behalf of A. Sitemer, a
shirtwaist manufacturer.
Sitemer alleges that he was driven
out of business by the recent strike
of shirtwaist makers and asks $50,-
000 damages of the suffragists who
gave moral and financial support to
the strike. He alleges that aiding
the strikers amounted to conspiracy
in restraint of trade under the Sherman 'Anti-Trust law and that he Is
entitled to triple damages as the act
ir< scribes.
.Mrs. Belmont and Miss Mllholland
were arrested ono night several
months ago. Miss Mllholland was
arrested one night after a street demonstration  but   was  discharged.
The Largest ���
"Open Stock" X
in all B. C.
Recent "carload" arrivals
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New arrivals in  Handsome   ���
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���'.       are thinking of refurnishing.
Successors to   Lee's Furniture Emporium
Phone 73 716718   Columbia   St.,   New   Westminster.
Cars leave Westminster for Vancouver  at   6:60,  6:20,  6
8:00 and every half hour thereafter until 11  p. m.
Cars leave Vancouver for Westminster   at   5:50.   6:50,  7:20,  !
and every half hour thereafter until  11:30 p.  in.
Return   Fare:   Adults,  fiOc;   children  under  12,  86c.
Sunday Schedule���Cars leave Westminster for Vancouver at 8
a.  m,  and  every  half hour  thereafter until   11   p.  m.
Cars leave Vancouver for Westminster at K a. in., 0 a. B. ;inJ
every half hour thereafter until 11:30  p.   ni.
Sunday  Fxeurslon  Rates:   Return  fare, 50c;   children, 25c,
Freight Schedule���Freight cars leave Westminster for Vancouvet
at 7:20 a. m., 11:20 a. m. and 3:20 p, ni. Freight cars leave Vancouver for Westminster at 9:20, 1:20 and 5:20.
City Limits Line���20 minute service from <!:15 n. m. to 11 p. m-
Sunday   Sorvice���Half   hourly  between  8  a.  m. and 11  p. to.
Sapperton   Line���20 minute service, from 6:25 a. in. to 11:10 i>�����'
Sunday   Service���Half  hourly between 8:30 a. in. and 11 p. ��>���
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I !!
��� 4
TONS.   ���
pleas- ���
t ���
ER     |
I $.*
16, 1910.
Governor Gillett
Up In
���d Runners
rt Between Leaders
��� .ale, lot on
* ,/,   ;    ��"d.^eets, only $650. Onkhlrd
<_    mom
and Si
have for exclu
i  per cent
hetween  First
balance  in fi and 12
Puis Ban on Big Fight t
���        = nnd Wesl Endera will
|        f   ml;,   ,,,,,���.  game  at
wm}1 The Reginas foil away
feBSC,ic  ��ben  they  Ued  ,h0
* ��&B  and tb" West Knd
*" Jmfldent  that  they can go
i'LthSthe me" of the East
rteuer,   Tori Rennle was to have
Pfbiit owing  to  hla  shoulder
"���f'lt be able to officiate, aud
.'Van *IU be '''">*en t0,la-v'
iTXwIn.  aro the teams:
V'0! I Goal,    Keary;     point,
.if  COM"
ut   Cotton;
L; third ll":* :i,"
"! ritieei
���;,       ,    i   Qlfford;   ������
,   ,-  gn [th;  spare, Day.
"Vnd-Coal   Munn; point, Dig-
Leraolnt, G Ibralth;   Brel   de-
. ' ..     n I defence, Batt-
\_i defence, W. Bangster; cen-
, ...   third  home,  R.   Bang-
home   Mills;  llrst home,
'-outside McPhadden;   Inside,
(Continued from Page Om-.)
Robertson;   first
second    defence,
11. Turnbull;
Ird home, Ken-
B,   Morrl-
B  Cooper. Murray.
1     f"cp, MAN WITH  CAMERA
m -;.y failed to appreciate
i | getting to Queens
\.   . ... terday evening, sev-
���   of the exevutlve will
���ion  of seeing this
���ofidal i   ' ire of the Westmln-
j Kroue team without their fair |provided by
|d within its com-
.  Ryall   and   Wells   Gray
md fame by a few
j...   : ||   thai   Is   small   consola-
Ithei   .- ��� ��� " ������ ���' ere of the team,
.  ,i ������; Hon  of  Tom   Uennie,
. i . in Chilliwack, and Spare-
(Latham and Longfellow faced the
i.-,.   Manager C.   A.   Welsh   and
Iters Thn Mahoney and Dan  Mc-
also Bcrewed up enough  cour-
|to join tbi   ���' Th'' picture.
readv for li       Hon ln a few
Eastern Leagj
���   eai  	
fi ��� ���
it R .Chester���
��� -. -   	
tv tvark���
. ii
.   4
- Ule���
r     i:
tie  llllll.
���"" ���
Spol i  i
J '
I' :
i     Gaddy"
.ml B
Standing   of
II.   E.
6      1
K. II. E.
   r, 17 2
    4 8 2
and    Bugden;
.   II.  E.
4 5
5 4
Won.  Lost.
iver  .
t ������::::::    :S
Garnet Today.
VmU:"  SP<*ane,
j��u'e vs. Vancouver, Rreoreatlon
I     ��� p'.i tlcQ  Last  Night.
I bad   n   good   workout
;"��� ��'   the  park.   Longfellow
Brl ���,rform and getting Into the
-   """thi   locals
IS ��� '.i-"K l
r  ���������<  It'll   n    f
"In  ' ' r"w n   'its
'""be be , ,,
���  wa
I. . "  '    eptlon   of   Sandy   Cray
��� ��mere with t
He  does  not
condition as
members ot the
work will (nit
ipe. Tom Ronnie.
' not  in  the  game,  but
"1"'1' members of the team
he sails sot.
here is the queerest of
'"""���H   from   Jacksonville,
Instructed Attorney General Weld, to
slop the Jeffries-Johnson light and 1
shall expect him t.   do ho."
Following   is   a   part,  of  Govern
Glllett'B   letter   to   the
"Many complaints have been mad..
at this ollice by prominent citizens
of the state protesting against this5
so-called light and requesting that
some action bo taken by the proper
authorities to stop the same.
"The district attorney or Han Fran-1
cisco has informed me that he does
not propose to Interfere ln the matter.'
"The first session of the legislature1,
| held in  this statu,  ln  the year  I860 I
enacted a law making it a felony tor
two persons to fight each other upon
a  previous engagement  on  a  wager'
for  money  or any  other reward.  This
|law has been amended from rime toi
time, but never so as to make prize-
fighting  lawful,    in  1903 the legislature again amended the law relating
to prizefighting.   The law. as amended, did not remove the ban which the
laws of this state has always placed
upon prizefights, and while a sparring
exhibition,   under   certain   conditions
and restrictions, is permissible, under
this  act   a  prizefight  still   remains  ai
felony. .   ���**���.���
| "It ls claimed by many that the
contest Boon to take place between
Jeffries and Johnson la to he a prize-
light, as the term Is understood lni
the law, and therefore a crime under
OUr  statutes.
"If   this   is   true   It   should   he   pre-'
vented, but if carried out, the Inter-!
ested  parties should be punished  as
"I believe that you should Investigate the matter und take such legal
steps as may be proper, in your judg-!
ment,   If  warranted by  the  facts,   In
presenting the case to the court  for:
its decision and  ask to have all In- j
terested parties enjoined tending the
Prizefight  Not  Defined.
"Our supreme court has never de-'
fined a prizefight, and 1 believe that
an opportunity should be given it to
do so.
"Since the nmendment of the law,
in 1899, permitting sparring exhibi-;
tlons, prizefighting, under tlie guise1
of this amendment, has greatly increased, and has heen tolerated in i
California until today our state ls a
Mecca for prizefighters, much to our
"Our people have the right to demand that prizefighting shall cease
In this state, and it will lf our pres-,
ent laws are enforced, especially if our
courts follow the supreme courts of
our sister states In dividing a prize-
"In my opinion a prizefight exists
when there is a reward to be gained
by the contest or competition, either
to be won from the contestants, or:
othei wise rewarded, coupled with in-'
tent to inflict upon such contestants
gome degree ol bodily harm.
Rulings  in  Other  States.
"In Kansas the Bupreme court held;
the contest  must be a fight and that
thi re must be an intent on the part :
of the contestants to do violence and.
Inflict some degrt e of bodily harm on
each other, and the tight  must  he fori
some pri.e oi  reward
"Other stales have made similar rill- I
lngBi       To     show   that   the   so-called;
���sparring exhibitions' held in this state
under the auspices of the Incorporated
Athletic club have not  heen sparring;
exhibitions hut prizefights, I need but
refer to the files ol the dally newspapers.    I  Will call your attention to
two or three of the recent ones; First.
the Moran-McCarthy light.   The Oakland Tribune ln its issue of April 30 j
In reporting it uses this language;       |
-���After tbe sixteenth round had
gone some fifty seconds. Moran land-;
ed a blow on McCarthy's Jaw. It did
not look like a heavy punch bul thej
young tighter went over backwards, ,
his head seemingly dropping below, as I
though his neck had heen injured, and
us he struck the floor the soun.l Ol
the Impact could he heard throughout.
the pavilion.'  McCarthy  died.
"Next the Wolgast-Nelson flghi took
place on Washington's htrfhday. tit
seems thai prizefighters always want
to tight on Washington's birthday,
Decoration   day   and   independence
das i    It  was reported in all the dally
papers ol the slate by rounds.
"1 quote from tlie San Francisco
Chronicle of February 23: 'Round 13���
Nelson's lips wore puffed and his eyes
and chocks were swollen. They
mixed h like tigers, Wolgast having
all the better of It, landing repeatedly
on the body and Jaw. with Nels in
lighting wildly and spitting blood. Wo1
gast  literally CUt  the Battler's lace
ribbons, but still the Dane came
for more.
'"Round 89���Wolgast appeared to
nut In the finishing punch; he Jabbed
incessant lv at the Battler's anatomy
and again the blood flowed in a
stream. Wolgast almost sent Nelson
to the floor, landing blow after blow
on tho defenceless champion's face.'"
Go   Elsewhere.
���if   C.ov-
'   ';'7'',("  c"''- on Hiorthejroad at f200 per a
bal "!' easy terms.
Fifteen acres In Section 16
One-third cash; balance 6, 12
business and residential proper
acre     One-third
. B. 5, N. It. 2 W. at $1,200 per acre,
and IS months at 7 per cent.
We also have large listings    of
ties In city.
I Malins, Coulthard & Co.
��� Limited.
By the Realty Market Dial is that temporary lull which in all
healthy movements succeeds a period of unusual activity. Those who
' e to their Job"���the Initiated, substantial investors���know
We have six acres good land, partly improved, 3 miles from city, 1 mile
from Chilliwack tram.
$200 Cash
Balance 1 and 2 ;
Price   .1,500
1   11
r   I ' a'
, - *���
that this
To Buy
very good reason that it is
at lower prices, as a rule
i I  M'Uil
country like  Hritish Columbia, which
the time when  many want to
than   when   "things   are   hum-
is pulsating with the
Strong, Vigorous Life
of unexampled present and prospective railway and other development���steady and rapid advance in realty values is assured, despite
any  occasional  temporary  reaction.
Those who quietly buy up .i
Good Propositions
now, therefore, will reap rich rewards when the buying movement
is in full swing again before long.
We can show you some good Investments In different lines.
Hale Bros. & Kennedy
Bank   Building,
No.  335.
corner of Columbia and  Begbie Streets.
White, Shiles
& Company
Private Money to Loan on Good  Improved City and District Security.
fi28 Columbia St.
74<1 Columbia St.
B.    C���
**********>****< * ************************************ <
Head Office   -   Montreal, Que.
Capital $6,000,000
Rest Funds  4,600,000
Total Assets (over)  66,000,000
This Bank has 145 Branches in Canada.
A General Banking Business
We give Special Attention te> Savings Bank Deposits
$1.00 Starts an Account
Best rates of Interest paid.   No delay in Withdrawals    Open Saturday Evenings from t to 9 o dock
 this gives everybody, working men, merchants,
etc., an opportunity of cashing cheques or making
deposits. _____��_�������
New Westminster Branch,
H. C. Adams, Mgr.
Contractors and
House Builders
We haw a full   line   of  tlie   Best
Builders  Hardware in the City.
Before Building: S��e Us,, a* we  believe   we   can  save   you
money.    Also Complete. Stack  oi   PAINTS  and   OILS
T. J .Trapp & Co., Ltd.
Only Three Lots Left
12nd Street New Sub-division
Peter Peebles
Columbia   Street.
Phone 307.
June Weddin
We are able tn till in your wants to the Wedding Gift line from
.1.00 and up. If It fis a Wedding Ring, or an Engagement Ring,
we can suit the must exacting requirements.
We shall be ploused to have you call and consult us.
John B. Gray
Trust Block.
Columbia   St.
ie next
Fight   May
Promnt.      ents the Dutch-
;pive ,,'.'       Qleason and Rickard ro-
i* fl.i,fnI ^er propositions tor tho
, "1*11., Imt   ���
Dear Sirs:���! am manager of
Ike . ' Jeffrles band. We would
Wah h"1'" '" Seul Francisco and
'lw .,,   .  "   music   for   thc   light be-
S?il*i"   iUil\  'am!    San   PtanclBCO,  Juno   1
"r :">.'t,ii,;        ;, l .wnnl 1o call|ernor Gillett has stated he w
,i:,Ml'-      rrw th.   a0   ,T   W�� Semlt u    o handle the JeffrtesJobn.
"  ,i:��"        Ich"    li ��"r   0l,,rn!  son tight in this state, thai settles us.
""���"U -     li        1Ui,  e        I ��� shall order Wo,k stopped at once on
tow ana in he p,,,yorB 5i ithe arena   and take the fight else-
w  ������������ all can play to heat the .��������*T*^ T(,. Rickard to the As-
|P ,.        -.i.   render   any   kind   of  JJ^at^d PreBB when Informed of the
Hernia i���     l,l,1-v n'c fast kind which   h0ll'll',.L   ,.,i���, toda?
'  . ,.:. ���>""' the thing daring the ��� governor b action today.
8��me of that soft and low Jeffries is Crestfallen
'" fo pretty well too. Of. Ren Lomond. Cal., 'une 11
!-,.'][' W"��M expect vou to pay when apprised or the action of
"natter 2 "' yo" c����� to take this wnor Gillett, said: "1 can't believe It.
Ntfact"' wf '"��! doubtloss come to 1 do not. think that the governor wouh
l]'-" aothin ,'ni,R-" Johnson would do thai alter he hud repeatedly said
"'W.n, Mlp'' than to have hair thai ho would not interfere. i snail
he arenn   i     ands scattered through  continue  my  training until  1  receive
'''I "���,',,,     ""    '"'Tiles   is   nrtl   at-inn*   nfflolftl    lulu: n. t >\ ���:<    '      ���    '''���'    '    ''
Must Arrange Another Data.
Is some dispute abOUl  where
ka\] game between the Alerts
,mi, the Maple Leaf. will be pulled
off   it is scheduled (or Saturday after-
noon, bui there is  �� lacrosse match
at queens park and there Is not mud,
to time before the game begins.
'over, the  Alerts cannot  get
men off in time to play  before tbe
lacrosse match.   The Alerts wish to
play on Friday  night, and the mana-
wlll  get  together  to decide on
all their
the proper
time for the affair.
English Cricket Results.
London.   June  if,-Kent   cricketers
today heat.. Sussex
by "l*i-l runs.   War
not  wick boat Gloucester hy HO runs.
The Fair
646 Columbia Street.
Wo buy for cash and se,l for the Bame.
4, *
* Kaufman-Langford Fight Stopped. ���
Sun Francisco. June 15.���
Following his instructions ln
regard to the Jeffries-Johnson
fight, Governor Gillett today
telegrapheS to Attorney General Webb to stop the twenty-
round light between Al Kaufman und Sam Langford, scheduled to take place on June 18-
Donkey Show Succeeds.
London, June 15.���The CoBtermong-
er's Donkey show ls an event which
ts perhaps only possible In London.
One hundred and forty "mokes" were
on view nt this year's show at the
People's Palace, a popular resort In
the Fast End. Queen Alexandra's silver challenge cup, with a set of harness and sliver medal, was the chief
prize competed for, being for the best,
animal ln the show, and was won by
a seven-years-old beast which drags a
flsh and fruit cart. Lord Lonsdale and
tho Countess of Sharishury also gave
prizes for competition, and the awards
were preesnted hy the Marchioness of
Ormonde. Most of the donkeys were
decorated with purple or crape In token of uatlonal mourning.
---*~-' <\ow Westminster, B. C. June Vi, 11)10.
This is to certify that we have lost a horse Insured with the
British American Live Stock Association, Ltd,, of Vancouver, B. C.,
and have this date received, through A. W. McLeod, their local rep-
rcBentuflve, settlement In full.
Dated at New Westminster, B. C, this LUh day of June, 1910.
(Signed) BELL INGLES & CO.
Per C. Ingles.
Statistics show that there are millions of dollars Invested ln
stock in British Columbia, and it Is safe to sny that in ten years
three-fourths of the stock now alive will be dead and become a total
loss to the owner unless Insured.
"The Insurance Man"
Suite 1, Curtis-Armstrong Blk.      Phone 62
!4 % i PAGE SLX.
p . ��� ,Vf *'���>
|//ere's an
1    '     .             ..���    mn)    materia .
Canadian  GoverT^i  Makes  Change
|n Tariff Schedu'e-
Ottawa. June 1
imported   tor   use   i     raw
the duiy is slightly
Mineral Deposits to Be Further Investigated-Experiment in Zinc Smelting.
The following  articles  are
We have a window of
lonely suits. One only
of each line. Made and
tailored by the 20th
Century People, which
is a guarantee of Excellence. These are in
single and double breast
style. All nice patterns
of imported worsteds.
Prices $24 to $28
The work of the mines branch ol
the department ol mines, of which
Hon W. Templeman is minister, has
been arranged for the ensuing season
us follows:
The fuel testing plant in Ottawa is
to be operated under the direction oi
i;   p.  Haanel, for Uie purpose of ex-
while on
declared duty free
1. Fuse   heads
^cSon thread for use iii making
...    Ddescent gas mantles.
,,-,���!,, glycerine, for refining.
3, Soya beans and bean cake used
as ci ttle food and fertilizer.
tubing,   brass  covered,   for
���1  bars and  bath
of   metal  foil     and
and   demonstration.
M. J. Phillips
Columbia Street
The Wardrobe Clothier
New Westminster, B.C
At Kirk's Hardware
You can get Hammocks and Refrigerators, Screen Doors and Screen
Windows, Lawn Mowers and Sprinklers, Sreen Wire Enamelled. Rubber
Hose and Cotton Hose.
Sherwin-Williarr.s   Paints.
"Ladies' Aid"  Range.
New Arrivals in
Ladies9 Blouses
Children's Dresses
The White House 617 Columbia Street
second producer, suitable for lignite
and bituminous coal ls to he installed
a)   the  plant.     The   government   | i
bog al  Allied is to be operated for a
p, rio l ol about three months to di
i ns rate the latest  process of man i
facturing  air    dried    peat.    Sevet
>usabd  tons will be  pn duced  i
lng  the  present   season.    Part  ol  tl
...   , fuel produced will be Bhlpped
i for use In the peat-gas produc
ei   | . in|   now   installed,  and   part   will
,. sold in the ni - ibot hoed for domes
Ho us,..    Tl e operation of the pi
at  the bog,  which is open to publi
Inspection,  Is under  the  direction  of
A. Anrep.
The   investigation   of  peat   bogs
Canada, to ascertain their extent and
to determine the quality and quantity
of peat available, will be continued I
A. Anrep after the operating plant at
Alfred is closed down  for the sea
The iron ore deposits in the vicini tj
of Bathurst, N.B., will be Investigated
and additional magnetic surveys mad"
by Einar Llndeman. Mr. Lindeman
will also visit the magnetic Band
areas on the north shore of the St.
Lawrence. j
The iron ore deposits of the Ni'--
taux torbrook basin in Nova Scotia
will be surveyed magnetically by
Howells Frechette.
The investigation of the copper re
sources of Canada wdll be continued
by Dr. A. W. G. Wilson. This sea
son's work will be carried on in On-,
tario and in the Marrtime provinces.
Commercial processes for utilizing
the sulphur contents of pyrite ores are
to be investigated with the object of
preparing a special bulletin on the
subject. Pyrite burning is of special
importance at the present time with
respect both to the sulphite pulp industry and to the preparation of mineral fertilizers. This work is to be
undertaken by Dr. A. VV. 0. Wilson
in the autumn.
The investigation of the molybdenum deposits of Canada will he continued by Dr. T. L. Walker for the
purpose of completing and publishing
a monograph on the subject.
A special report on the building
ind ornamental stones of Ontario Is
to be prepared by Dr. William A
Parks. This report is to be the first
of a series of monography on the
building  materials  of  Canada.
A second edition of tbe monograph
on mica, for which there is a constant
demand, is to be prepared by Hugh
de Schmidt.
An ore dressing plant for experimental investigation Into methods of
concentrating certain iron ores, is to
be installed a', the testing plant in
Ottawa by G   C. Mackenzie.
Plants wne e explosives are manufactured and s.ored in Canada are to
be visited by Joseph G. 3. Hudson.
An invitation nas been issued
through the home secretary of Great
Britain to Capt. A P. H. Desborough,
to visit Canada to consult, with tne
government wltb regard to the regulation of the manufacture and storage of explosives ein.l with respect to
the establishment of an explosives
testing station.
Officers of the division of mineral
resources and statistics will visit mining districts in various parts of the
Dominion for the purpose of collecting statistics j. mineral production
and of securing Information of geu-
in  making
,   ound coke for electric batteries.
The following articles used m manufacture are to be subject to a reduced
duty: ,.
Preparations made from   pyroxylin
and wood naptha, preferential five pet
ad  valorem, intermediate seven
and a half per cent, general ten per
.ilk in siutn or spun. Imported ror
������ aking ribbons and shoe laci s, pre
���  ���, ntial rate five pei  cent, Intermed-
. even and a half per cent, i ener-
al ten per cent.
Wood bandies to make to "D   Bhovel
bandies, prefi renttnl rate ten | e   cent,
ad valorem, Intermediate twelve and
a  half  per  ci m.  gi neral   flfti en   p< i
Hard rubber, for 'be making of fountain pens, preferential five per cent.
ad valorem, Intermediate Beven and a
half per cent, pern ral ten per cent.
Chlnaware, when Imported to be
mounted by manufacturers of silverware, preferential fifteen per cent, ad
< i em, intermediate twi ntj pet cent,
general twenty-two and on hall per
Ten pin blocks of wood ln rough
when Imported by manufacturers, prefer! ntial   five   pi r   cent,   intermediate
bi ven  and  a  half per cent,   general
teu per cent.
Canada Makes Agreements With Bel
gium, Italy and Netherlands.
Ottawa. June 15.���The Cabinet Council has endorsed the trade agreements
reached between Hon. \V. S. Fielding,
acting on behalf of Canada, and the
Consuls of Italy. Belgium and the
Netherlands, acting for their respective countries, whereby Canadian intermediate rates on a Bpeclfle I list
of items included in the Franco-Canadian trade treaty are extended to
these countries in return for favored
nation treatment of Canada hy them.
Details of the agreement will not be
made public until Friday, pending the
final signature by the respective Consuls. It ls understood, however, that
the new arrangement will affect only
a very small percentage of Canada's
total imports, and will not prejudic-
ally affeet any Canadian industry. (,:i
the other hand, the general public
will benefit hy a slight reduction in
customs taxation on some of tb" items
pt import which now come in from
Italy. Belgium and Holland. Last
year the total imports from Italy
were  valued   at   1757,732;   from   Bel-
Coast  Division.
Surveyed agricultural Dominion
Lands in the Railway Belt not reserved or withheld from entry and not j
disposed of or occupied, are open tu
entry under the provisions of the British Columbia Dominion Land regula.
In the Coast Division of the Rail-'
way Belt any male person over eighteen years of age and id hei wise eligible, may obtain under entiles as
homestead and pre-emption, a legal
subdivision of forty acres of Bench
Land. Residence is required for at
least six months in each of live years.
Total cultivation required to earn patent for a twenty acre homestead, ten
acres cleared and six cultivated, and
if the remaining twenty acres is preempted by the homesteader, an additional ten acres cleared and six cultivated either on the homestead or
pre-emption,, no additional residence
for the preemption. Price of preemption, five dollars per acre. pay.
able in the Installments with Interest.
Conditional purchase entries tnay be
obtained   fer   twenty   acres  of   Bi nch
Land by a male ovei- eighteen and
otherwise eligible nnd not holding
hi mestead or pi e empl len Residence
required  only   for  si\   months  during
tbe   fifth   vear   but   cultivation   duties
increased.    I'i ice   ten dollars per acre,
tive installments,
Bench   Lands   in   this  division   are
lands     below     twentj flve     hundred
(2,500) feet above s> a level.    Uplands
aie lands above that altitude and are
Bubject only to disposition by quarter
sections under homestead entry or
grazing base to setiieis. Flooded
lands may be reserved for bac purposes or based to settlers by legal
Entree fee for homestead, pre-emp
tion and conditional purchase is ten
dollars for each entry. After securing
patent in connection with the land
first entered for. the settler may secure another entry and so un. but not
fnr more than a total of one hundred
and siity  acres.
Entries under the British Columbia
Dominion i.and Regulations, effective
on the 2nd July. 1910, may on and
after that date be made for lands then
open to entry. Any lands withdrawn
from timbei berths, as well as newly
surveyed lands, will before becoming
available fur entry require advertisement for thirty days. "Surveyed"
Lands for the purpose of entry means
legal subdivisions abutting on a surveyed line. or. in rase of Uplands,
quarter sections abutting on a surveyed  line
For further Information apply to Hip
Dominion Land Ollice. New Westminster,  B. C.
1'  0   KEYE8,
High Prices Are (
to   Look  to
Pe'ling p
Canadian W
Agricultural ��0
est I
a  li ��� nit  Of
'' Nation i...
��es haveincrea ed trom ,; **\
pei cenl In dlff, . ��� , 1U0 ol
-I States, say,
Magazine. Acn ., r'01l
ableen or twel
acre is now comma
and Improved lam.
from $5u and $100 ai
.350, Fruit land, ai
nigh as .. ,.i.n,i ,
dlreci  eii i
Inflated values of
'    110 |
acre to _\
ml .   ��� ���    I
, Ills  has a I
In the northw, .     1
tier,   ol  live a, I i |
been   drlvi ii   acre I
price and -en    . .    ��
year 60,1  pei p
They   took   au   avei
tbem.      This
tiai led from ti.
States in on,   twi
is significant.   \
heavier   than   in   '
in  fac, thai   It di .    ]
of special  train ~.    1
It   is estimate I that 1 *
farmers   will,
high-priced land,   of t
and   Northw, Bl   fo,
priced   acies   nf   the
production  of   Ami ,
duds nut much 1L , . ,
sumption, and thi
the   Iiish   of   thl,
is nf great ee:  , [0 {if[
il>77:   and   from   Holland,   Sunday.    The
Following are the hours of despatch
and arrival of mails at tbe New Westminster postofflce and hour given In
each ease being tbe hour of closing,
which Is half ap hour, as a rule, be-
for the actual despatch. All malls,
Ul 688 otherwise Btated aie despatched   and   received   daily   except
Only a percentage of this
be  affected   bv   the     new
only  mails  despatched
gium.   $1,8
$1,301 604.
trade will
Hon. W. S. Fielding and Hon. William Patterson are un their way
to England in connection with the
final deliberations of the Imperial
Royal Commission respecting trade
between Canada and the West Indies
They will he absent from the capital
about two months. Whether they will
take the opportunity to begin the
contemplated negotiations with Germany for a wider trade agrement than   spatched bv war of Vancouver
that,   consummated   during   the    last:    %   am Hlaine
session  of  Parliament  is  still   uncer
and received Sunday aie tie Q. N. R.
south and C. P. Ii. east malls, nut including way malls, Bapperton, Fraser
Mills and Coquitlam.
Malls   Despatched.
S a.m.���Vancouver and Victoria via
B.  C.   Electric   railway.
First C.P.R. east taking all points
east Including Langley and district.
The mail for AbboUford and district, Clayburn and district. Hunting
don and district, and  Matsqui are de-
Another   Inveni
penance   that   < '.   ���
I., i n   completed   i j
house,   lt Is ki
ami   by   I'   Mr.   Wi
that the i xpense   I
tired   \chicles   will   be   li
bast  sixty  pe: ��� , .
tire   may   be vriti
claimed  foi   t1 ���   ��� ���
will   ultlni i'i        educe the pri
automobiles   ��� 11
months   Mr.   Westl
woi king   nlgbl   in I  day on !���<
spring ide (
The   u.���- a'.: I
now   hi lng   trii -|
:������ ' a B   of   ph.; I      . .���   :,
cushions en  l! I I j
i ��� . ated  i lui : I
placed under ��� . .
of an automol        ���:���.-��������� -., i
In   with   great
rubber time now In use i
fur an auton ���   . i
time Inches
ten Inches loi
lng up and d.
��� . .   work!,
creasing   oi   d i
It i- ���
house   that   an \
Hei I   Bteel   tin
Bprlngs  rid, - '��� to d
the rubber  tin  I i|
The Westlnghou ���      , l
up automobiles  wltl
the air spline
Popular   Show    Is   Coming      Here   on
Monday   Evening.
A  popular attraction  at   the Opera
house   for   this   criming   Monday   evening  is  William   P. Chilian's   new  edition   of   "The   Alaskan,"  already   seen
here In its original  torsi      Thin Bnlen-
interest   relating   to   the   mining | did musical show has been revised by
and Seattle. Including all F. S. points east and south,
land Hall's Prairie, Fernridge and Hazelmere, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and
All Surrey mails are recclred from
CloTordale, except Ball's Prairie, Hazelmere and Fernridge. which arrive
on the Port Oulchon train on Tuesdays, Thursdays, nnd Saturdays.
11:00 a.m.���Vancouver, Victoria and
Central   Park,  via  B.  C.  Eleotric  rail-
Morgan Builds Hos: U
Paris,   June   M      V     e|
American pbllanl   i .
in   Paris   and -    ��**n    '1
Fiend,   towns.      J   Pie,
has built an Isolated I os|
les-Balns for lung disease*. He
even wddened tbe boulevard    ':
sick   folks   mar   have  mer.'       I
stroll about     llis friend ami parol
Charles  Lamar, als , has |
trlhuted to this hospital, likewise
Rutherford   Stuyvesant.    U ��
known  that   Mrs   William K   - ]
bill  owns a hospitn   In Paris
she  entertains   the   Bii k  folk """��� '
sic  from   the  grand  opera w l
roast  duck  from the Tour DAO
two very clever comedlai
e""  .%:i,   nuci   cumruia ll :-
as'Carroll and Ous Wrlnbei
solv es
Or   ir,
eon en
of five months ln Chicago,
many   of  tho orlj Inal   i u
industry,   including   a   record   of  ne
and lecent. developments, and dat
I to  character   of   ores   and   products.
prices, markets, and demand for various  mineral   products.
F. W. Harbord, London, Eng., Is to
investigate and report on recently in-
Ivented   processes  In   Europe  toi   the
'production of spelter and zinc oxide,
Experts are to be engaged to Investigate and experiment for the purpose
'of attempting to develop a process or
processes for the utilization ol the
Zinc oies of Canada In the production
Oi zinc an.l zinc products in Canada.
A special expeit Is to be engaged
| to Investigate metallurgical problems
economic importance.   Tho plant of group of well
the school of mines at Kingston
been placed at the service of
mines branch for this purpose.
ON   .1,500  A  MONTH
San Francisco, June 15.���"I cannot
possibly live on $1,500 a month, your
honor," said Mrs. 10. VV. Benedict,
wife of the late Edward J. Benedict,
who die I recently at the Fairmont
hotel, in the superior court this morning. "Why, my automobile costs $450
a month," she added.
Following Ihe death of Benedict his
father brought suit to procure the estate valued at $1,000,000, and has been
endeavoring to prevent Mrs. Benedict
from obtaining possession of It.
Pending the trial, Ihe wddow was
given $1,500 monthly. Today she asked
that this be raised to $. ,500 nnd tho
court took the matter under advisement.
Summerland's Fruit Crop.
Summerland, June 15.���Ben Hoy, as-1
a'ai^pf horticnlturlst, anil .1. L. Berk-
ley, of the Okanagan Fruit union,
were in the district for four days, go-
,11,, i,,er itie vai ious orchards and
studying the prospects of the crop.
The approximate estimate at which
they arrived is that there wlll be ln
all probability sufficient fruit to fill
about one hundred cars, ma do up ss
follows: Apricots, 2000 crates; plum,
and prunes, 2000 crates: apples, 15,-
000 boxes; peaches, I'di.OOO boxes;
cherries,  500 crates.
Belleville  Old   Boys   Reunion.
A   reunion   of   the    Old    Boyi
of  Qulnte  district
Hlchnrtl r .
who thern-
have parts suited to their hum-
this new offering. The piece
here . rter a pin nomenal run
ind while
numhe, h
have in en , etalned, many new an l
noi ��� l Interpolations hav be n Introduced. Amongsl the latter la the now
fan ous "Snowballing" number. In
which the "Glrly" chorus throws snow.
ball, at the audience, while the i i :
len, e pells then, back. It la ve, y Inti :��� itlng while it lasts, bul n i one
enjoys the clever conceit more than
Mr., Mrs. and Miss Audience, The
ehaved, genuine Alaskan dops are still ,-, prominent feature, While the weiid dance of the
"Totem Poles," the wonderfully realistic snow siurm scene, and tin
prismatic and electrical effects a
to form an entirely "somewhal
ent" departure In  latter dar
Bandmaster Wants Balm.
N'ew Vork, June ib,���Francisco
Kane,ill la, a bandmaster, has sue] the
Rooseveli reception committee for
$50,000. alleging the committee engaged his hand to play on the Commit! >e
boat and later engaged a different or-
genizatlon, Officials of the committee
declare the stilt is ridiculous. They
propose to light it.
Revelstoke Ass'ssment.
Revelstoke, June 15.���City Assessor
C. M. Feld submitted the assessment
roll for the year 1010 last night at
the city council meeting. The roll
showed a total land assessment, of
$052,255 and Improvements $1,088,466.
From the land assessment must he deducted the sum of $38,810 for exemptions and from the Improvements, $08,-
000, leaving n real assessment value
for land of .0111,445 nnd for improvements $1,020,400. Taking the figures
of last year the increase in land assessment ls $266,163 and for improvements $111,220.
Belleville  and   Bay
Is to be held July 22 to 27, this year'comedy. The ent
at Belleville, Ontario. Special "rail- ' ���-������������ w"l be brought
way rates are in effect on many lines.
and arrangements have been made on
a large scale for hospitable entertainment for the home-comers. Among
those ln charge of the reunion are:
Sir Mackenzie Bowell, K.C.M.C.. ex-
Premler of Canada;   E, O.  Porter, K.
;C, M.P.;   W. B, Noithrup. K.C, M.P.:
jJ. W. Johnson, M.P.P.; Mayor March,
and I). V. Sinclair, Esq. Thc secretary
is Lieut.-Cot. W. N. Ponton, who Invites correspondence from any old
Hastings   citizens     who     have     been
transplanted to this city.
ere  In'ac,
besides  the  principal comedians,  Carroll and Weinberg, the large company
consists of Detmar Poppen, Leo Keii-
Al   Rauh,  Sidney  Algiers, Jus. la
Alice   Keen.   Etta  Lockhart,
Scott,   and   an   exceptionally
large chorus.
S toner,
Baby  Foods Kill, Says Physician.
St. Louis, Mo.. June 11.���Patent
baby foods cause nine out of Een
deaths of Infants ln summer, declared
Dr. L. P. Itoyster, Norfolk, Va., before
the American Medlcan association.
"Mothers," he said, "don't realize that
fresh air Is the best medicine for the
little ones." Dr. W. A. Evans, of
Chicago, declared that hot school
rooms cause immorality among children.
Now  York,    June    15.���Archbishop
'Farley  was ordained  forty  years ago
today, and as an anniversary gifi  the
] priests  of  the   Archdiocese  of  New
[York   have   pledged     themselves    to
raise the debt of St. Patrick's cathedral   within   three   months,   so   that,   lt
1 may be consecrated In  September at
the close of the  Kuchnrlstlc congress
in Canada.    Every priest in tho arch-
Malls  Received.
R:Jo a.m.���Vancouver nnd  Victoria
Including F. S. matter, and also
(except Tuesday) via B. C, Electric
9:00 to 10:00 a.m.-Strawberry Hill,
by cornier  i Tuesday and  Ft Iday).
���y. 16 a.m.    Vancouver and Victoria,
via   0.   N.   R.
8:30 a m.     C.  P.  It. east   (flrsl  train,
Sapperton, Fraser Mills and Coquitlam.
12:00 p.m.- O.  P,  K. east.
i 00 p.m.���Vancouver, Central Pari
and  Praser Arm.
L:30 p.in.��� Fast  Burnaby  by courier.
2:20 p.m.���Burquitlam, by  courier.
3:15 p.m.���Blaine nnd Seattle, in
eluding all F. S. points.
7:00 p.m.���Revelstoke local  and C,
P. It. Intermediate points,
'��any|    1:30 p.m.���Strawberry    Hill,    Tim-
(gO   berland   and    South   Westminster,   by
differ-  courier (Tuesday ami Friday).
���""sieal i     1;30   p.m.���Ladner   nnd   down   liver
���   ��� ���������:���     i produc. rointH  Bagt Burnaby, Queensboro and
'   Burf|,,ltlam.  by  courier.
2:30 p.m.���Vancouver and Piper
Siding,  Tin  O,   N.  R.  north.
.'i p.m.���dloverdale, Nlcomekl, and
Port Kells, dally, Clayton on Tuesday,
Thursday, Friday and Saturday; Tynehead on Tuesday and Friday; Bon Accord, Tuesday and Friday.
4:00 p.m.���Vancouver and Bin nahy
Lake, via B. C. Electric railway. Saturday nn extra mall Is despatched to
Victoria  via  Vancouver  at   thlR  hour.
Blaine and Seattle, Including all
D, S. points, east and south, via the
G. N. R. "Flyer."
Washington.   June   11.-Tlie W
ese government, according ' i
en,  program, on Friday "ill
tbe existing  treat}   with
The act of the Jai
of hostnity, hut Is nnn   f m **
thai governmenl  to revise ��'
Up to date its whole fabri
The  present   trentj   w   I n1
bv  Secretary  Ore,
Cleveland administration
time the status of Japan in >
relations  had  heen  thai  ol B
barous  country.
I hi
Starr  Rises to  Explain ,
Xew   York.  June   M     FrfJ* ..
Starr, professor of anthropol
win' 1"
would ��
University of Chicsgo,
I hat  Theodore  Rooseveli
return from the Afrlcsn
hts   I1''1
today  explains  why
tlons were wrong.   He Bays-
did   not   penetrate  the  porUOT
rlen th. t items st  Orst annou
would visit.   Had he done so
hnve        encountered       I1   )(|
swamps   thnt   would  have ��
Professor  Starr  says.
1 of
need i
$500  TO  $5,000
Big Drygoods Houses Amalgamate.
Toronto, Juno 15.���The Thomas
Murray company, Ltd., and the John
Mukay company  have just   completed
ileitis is con
London. June 15- P
willing  lo the  Lancet
theory that append
He says: st be"
������ir the disease Is tlM~*innuonpe ,
to the effect of microblei,,._.,
diocese has been assessed from $501) a deal whereby these two big dry-
to .5,000 or more, according to the goods and house furnishing firms wlll
size and Income of his parish. Tho I ho amalgamated wltl, a capital of
laymen will form a general committee $3,000,000. They will open n high
fo assist the clergy In the mdcrtaV- class departmental store on Yo:ige
!"����� street.
micro-organism m II
ditIons be i
.liliom  be conveyed from '
fret' '
Dr. Hood dwells on^ %t *'
ber of enses and point* 0��
in recent years the t.H
h���R changed,   being     ""
virulent than formerly.
ie of i" .   mon
���I, "'" t,,uRS^Y.
jUNE  16,  1910.
"��� '.':ais
���   tl
.   ..��� ;. '
r in plHil
. ��� ���'
i,   '
n [��d
In ital
t i
: ,; *''������'
.   liillO.l
r. Donald Wl
a is cont��8|M
,e, as'!'
Ic inflnoi"'0
T7..tcrtrook Milling  Company,
^ Eburne,   B. C.
Iff, C01D, HUM,
$6.50 per bbl.
$6.75 per  bbl.
TERMINAL .5.25 per Bbl.
HINDOO FLOUR $4.50 per Bbl-
New Westminster.
Telephone S33
George E. Corey Tells of His Fine Statesmanship Will
Seventeen   Days of Peril     Needed to Steer Clear
Dangerous Journey.      * |\var on Large Scale>
to our offlce every time you
need a ton of coal���any of our
drivers wlll In. glad to take
your order. Then, too, a postal will bring about the same
result���good coal In your cellar at short notice. Also, our
phone lg li> good order, and
their numbers are 15 and 16.
Coal procured bere Is crack a-
jack coal, however secured.
**************************** ****************
ir5!$i fittings!
J.  BROOKES,  Proprietor
V0RK&���Corner Eleventh  and Carllns.
. *************************
Cturera and Dealers ln All Kinds of
Royal City Planing Mills Branch
Ttlephone 12                      New Westminster
Box   137
Beattli . June 15.���Crossing Lak,   Le
���;i1^'-' on sole Lee through which the
hl��*" broke, forced to awai, i un , ,wn
'" ^1 the ice fre, se ti wed on a
barge down the river, transterre I to
little steamboats with Insufficient food
and warmth, delayed frequentlj by ire
Jams, George E, Corey, ol Seattle
representing W. T. Isted, ol this city,
on Koine Insurance matters in Alaska!
had a series of unpleasanl experiences
on a trip from Seattle to Dawson
which t onsumed seventeen days.
Tbe hardships of the trip were
caused by the fact that Corey took the
worst possible time of the Beason to
make the Journey, ln order that he
might go down the Xuijon river with
the flrsl Ice. lie will proceed to Fairbanks, st. Michael and thence to
He lefl Seattle May r, on the Dolphin and wenl dlrecl to Bkagway and
by the White Pass & Yukon rain oad
to White Horse. He lefl this town
May in on a barge In ti w of a ga, o-
line launch and reached the upper
'���ml of Lake Le Barge the same night.
in describing his trip over the ice,
Corey says:
"Start! d over the ice in a sleigh
with eight others and 1,200 pounds of
age. About 8:30 the horse broke
through, but was hauled out in a few
minutes, We waited on solid ice for
an hour or so until the sun got low
and the Ice stiffened a bit. It is thirty-three miles down the lake, but on
account of bad places and large
cracks, we had to po hack and fill
across the lake sometlmos the entire
four miles. We travelled nearly fifty
miles tn reach the end of the lake.'"
A steamboat was boarded at Thirty-
mile river, but a delay of five days
waiting for an ice jam to break, was
necessary befoie they started on
May 17. Another Jam delayed them
eighteen hours at Five Finder Rapids,
while jams at Hell Gate ancl Yukon
Crossing kept them hack. In speaking
of the boat Corey says:
"She Is small with poor accommodations, one little room for three, and
very little food. It we had not man-
aged to pet a piece of moose at Hoot-
alinpna and a few other stores we
would have run out of grub."
Corey states that the St. Michael.
with eighty passengers for the Iditar-
od, left Dowsan May 2-1 at 9 a.m. direct for the new gold dtggin. s. "The
people bere seem to think the strike
is all right,
them   have
Constantinople, June la.���All cx-
perlenced observers In Turkey regard
the present situation as the most critical thai has arisen since the deposition of Abdul Hamid. It will require all the statesmanship the government can muster to steer clear of
war on a far larger scale than the Albanian outbreak, and the Internal administration presents difficulties
enough without any foreign complications. Above all, trouble Is sure to
result, from compulsion applied to any
of the races now owing allegiance to
ithe Sultan.
I 1' is difficult to see how the conferences of the powers on the Cretan situation can evolve a permanent settle-
mem, especially as the curtailment of
Turkish authority In tbe island will
cause sm di resentment in Asia Minor
that violence is sure to result against
the Christians. Moreover, Turkey generally is far belter able to give an account of Itself than under Abdul Harold's rule, and if war should break
out, only a big European army could
keep the Turkish forces out of Athena.
Even the Albanian troubles would subside in that national crisis, for the
Albanian Moslems would rally to what
they would consider a holy war
against the Greeks.
All around the administrative circle
the Young Turks are on their trial,
and the Cretan question is an important part of the test. If they show
themselves nationally stronger than
Abdul Hamid, they will continue in
power, lf not, by the sword alone can
the destiny of Turkey be worked out.
Must   Conquer   Prejudices.
Above all, tbe ruling Osmanll caste
of Turks will have to conquer their
prejudices and accept a great equality
with other races, including Christians,
or they will have to try to maintain
by force their position as a military
aristocracy. There are about 6,000,-
0U0 of the Osmanll, and their task, it
they choose to rule by force, will be
to dominate 14,000,000 Arabs, 4,000,-
000 Greeks, 11,000,000 Armenians, and
a variegated assortment of small Macedonian nationalities.
So far the Young Turks have proceeded towards equalization among
the races. But many critics see a
danger of their trying to direct that
equalization into complete Ottomaniz-
ing of the others. If that is tlie aim,
the explosion will surely come, for
neither Greeks,  Arabs nor Albanians
Hotel Butter Annex
Fourth Avenue and Marion Street
Room  $1   per day  up.
Room  and board $2.50 per day up.
Room  with  bath $2.50 per day up.
Room with bath and board $4 per day.
All outside rooms, with hot and cold
water, steam heat, long distance telephone. 'Bus meets all trains and boats
The Daily News will be kept on file
ln our reading room.
he writes. "A number of  will  abandon  their  national  customs
received    letters    from land   dress t^to     become    out-and-out
friends and relatives telling them of
good strikes."
Paris. June 15.���A strange
a member of the chamber, a doctor.
and a Parisian masseur who are alleged to bave Induced an eccentilc old I nation
Turks, in spite of the example of many
prominent leaders, including Hahmud
1 Shefket Pasna, now minister ot war,
1 who has Arab blood in his veins.   So,
IN  WILL! to harmonize the conflicting elements,
! time and tact are necessary and corn-
story of  pulsion must be avoided.
Germany to Back Turkey.
And in event of war, what European
would be at the back of Tur-
IJust a Few Left ol
West End View
!n Lot 10, Sub. Block 12, between 8th and
10th Avenues, to the east of 18th Street.
Price $350, one quarter cash, balance 6, 12
and ls months. These lots are close to the
new cut off, and you will be wise if you step
in now and secure them.
Two Good Buys
?nice lots on Hamilton St.. all cleared,
��>xl50.    priCe $800 each cash, or $1000 on
woman named Dumont, to make a will
in their favor, is at present being investigated at Nice. Mine. Dumont,
Who was the widow of a shop proprietor in Paris, was supposed to bo worth
250,000 francs. She possesses property
in Paris and the provinces and spent
tlie winter season in her % ilia at Cap
���Y Ail. She had a mania for changing
her servants, whom she invariably
promised to remember in her will,
liisually she made a will every six
months. One man who enjoyed the
woman's confidence for some time and
was made to believe that he would be
her heir, hanged himself ln despair
when Mme. Dumont gave him his
key? The answer supplied by prominent men here is���Germany. News from
London states that the Kaiser sees no
cloud on tbe international horizon,
and his conferences in London with
Hritish statesmen are likely to result
in an understanding between Germany,
England and Russia in regard to Persia. Rut Germany has ambitions also
in Turkey. Well-informed men here
believe the growing German fleet is
not intended as a menace to the British coast, but as a support to German
schemes, and the great outlet for
German energy abroad at the present
time Is in Turkey. Germany cannot
keep that outlet open without a fleet.
From the  memory  of  how   England
The police took action In the matter broke the power of Franco in the Leon receiving an anonymous letter, ao-jvant by a sustained naval demonstra-
cordlng to which Mme. Dumont was : tion between 1S30 and 1S40 Germany
compelled by several persons to make has learned the lesson of the lmport-
a will in their favor. Those who have anee of giving evidences of naval
benefited by the will declare that might
there ls no justification for the charge
lodged at  Nice.
.5,000   AND   JAIL   TERM
Lot 7 on 11th St., Block 19, Sub.
price $750 on terms.
block 7.
Maple Ridge
120 ncres of good land, close to Mission City
JTJce is $35 per acre.   $1000 cash handles
Balance on very easy terms.
ritish Canadian Securities
Company, Limited
T. R. PEARSON, Manager.
Office:    The Dominion Trust
Alton,  ill.,    June  15.���Charles W.
Freeman, a young travelling salesman, is in a tight place as a result of
having applied for a mall route in the
Yellowstone park.
While out west, a year ago, Freeman made application to the post
ollice department for the position.
Since that tune he has taken a travelling position word came to him that
he'had been awarded the mail route
and that he was to begin work on
July   1.
Freeman wired he could not accept
and the officials wired back that he
would have lo do il or forfeit a bond
Of $5,000 and spend twelve months
in jail.    They  refused to excuse him.
He has appealed to Congressman
\V. A. ltodeiiherg of this district to
try to get relief for him. In the mean-
time he will have to resign Ids posi-]
tion and start west to pack tho mail
over a lonely route in the Yellowstone,
,|gladys aoki not to
divorce jap
the grej %
s out tlia       "
,. of i'"1 (1"
in o��
esale w
will ho
lnery for  Kamloops.
w'ne and spirit busl-
"l'ened in Kamloops
a Bltnliar ''���' ?'Hrlon-   Mr. O'Brien
win ,,"*l,10sa t" Vernon. The
of jj]     ,(1 carried on under lhe
' J- O'Brien & Co., to dis-
Carson, Nev., June 15.���Mrs. Gladys
Emery Aokl, daughter of Archdeacon
11 Emery,   of   the   Episcopal   church   In
]California, who married Gunjiro Aoki,
a  Japanese  servant  working  at  her
home,   is  today  quoted  in  nn  interview to the oftect that she would withdraw her suit for divorce.
The young woman, whose marriage
          ���ssse to  the Japanese  caused  a sensation
��� ��������� I about a year ago, recently came to
ittngulBh it from the Vernon com ern. Nevada nml instituted preliminary pro-
There will be no store, merely bonded | ceeatngs for divorce.
warehouses and an office,,    The couple were married ln Seattle
waiei   i '.   ..     rv It��� 1   there   a   child   was   born   them,
he  located  In  the gJJ'JJJ, gj hoen here for about a week
and and during that time has been a constant visitor with his wife and child.
So there ls further danger and difficulty for the Young Turks in the Jealousy between England and Germany.
If the kaiser's protestations of pacific
ideals  mean  that he has  taken    up
1 Kins Edward's mantle as the inter-
national peacemaker, he has Important and urgent work at hand right
here ln this Turkish crisis.
Would Lose Gloom.
With the united support of England
and Germany, unhampered by mutual
suspicions, the outlook for Turkey
would lose much of its present
As to the Albanian disturbances,
they have unwholesome points of resemblance  to  the  beginnings  of  tho
I local strain that led to the Russo-
Turklsh war. Hakki Pasha, the Grand
Vizier, insists the troubles nre quite
local an l foreign intrigue has nothing
to do with them. But as tn the case
of the disastrous rising of 1875, the
present disorders had their origin in
\ a question of taxes.
In that former Herzegovian revolt
over the tithe Austria was pulling the
wires behind the scenes and today-
there is stimulus for the Albanian re-
hellion in the fact that Austrian Interests largely hinge on the weakening of Turkish authority. Some
competent observers suspect Austria
of inspiring trouble so that later she
may receive a mandate from the
powers���none of whom wish to step
Into these thorny parts themselves���
to restore order. After that there
would be the hope of absorbing Albania as Bosnia and Herzegovina were
These are the notions that prompt
the Young Turks to clo their repressive work vigorously ln Albania.
Notice is hereby given that an application will be made under Part V.
of the "Water Act, 1909," to obtain a
license ln the New Westminster Division of New Westminster District,
(al The name of Company, Vancouver Power Company, Limited. The
head ollice at the Glty of Vancouver,
British Columbia. The capital, J2.500,-
000, divided Into 2,500,000 shares of
$1.00 each, all fully paid up; ib) The
name of the lake, stream or source,
unnamed stream running through section 29, block 5, north range 2, west,
thence in a northwesterly direction
flowing into the Fraser river; (c)
The point of diversion, 2,300 feet in
a southeasterly direction from the
southeast corner of section 19, block
5, north range 2, west; Id) The quan
tity of water applied for, .166 cubic
feet per second; (e) The character
of the proposed works, a small dam
and pipe line; (f) The premises on
which the water is to be used,
two (2), three (3) and four (4), group
two (2), New Westminster District;
(g) The purpose for which the water
is to be used, domestic; ih) If for
Irrigation describe the land intended
to be irrigated, giving acreage, no; 11) If the water is to
be used for power or mining
purposes describe tbe place where the
water Is to be returned to some natural channel, and the difference In
altitude between point of diversion
and point of return, no; (j) Area of
Crown land intended to be occupied
by the proposed works, none; (ki
This notice was posted on the 2nd
day of June, 1910, and application
will be made to the commissioner on
the 13th day of July 1910; 0) Give
the names and addresses of any riparian proprietors or licensees who
or whose lands are likely to be affected by the proposed works, either
above or below the outlet, none; (m)
The part of the Memorandum of Association of the company which authorizes the proposed application and
works reads as follows; "(3) The objects for which the company is established and to which objects the Company are restricted are the acquisition
of water and water power by records
of unrecorded water or by the purchase ot water records or water privileges for,  (g) Rendering water
and water power available for use.
application and distribution by erecting dams. Increasing the head of water in any existing body of water,
or extending the area thereof, diverting the waters of any stream, pond or
lake into any other channel or channels, laying or erecting any line or
flume, pipe or wire, constructing any
race-way, reservoir, aqueduct weir,
wheel, building, or other erection or
work which may be required in connection with the improvement and
use of the said water and water power or by altering, renewing, extending, Improving, repairing, or maintaining any such works or any part
thereof." (n) The Company applies
for a license to store water. The place
of the proposed reservoir for storing
the said water ls section twenty-nine
'29), block flve (5), north range two
(2) west; (o) The means by which
it is proposed to store the water, by
dam; (p) The area of the reservoir
site or sites at each foot in depth
above the outlet, the depth above the
outlet will approximately average
about six or seven feet; (q) How it
ls proposed to acquire the land necessary for the purpose, by purchase, or
if necessary by expropriation; tr) Approximately the number of acre feet
intended to be impounded, 20,000
square feet.
R. H. Sperling, General Manager.
Vancouver, B. C.
Railway Time Tables
B- C. E. K. Westminster Branch.
W.tk Day Scneoule.
Cars leave Vancuuver for New Westminster at 5:50, 6:50, 7:20 and 8:00
a_m., and every half hour thereafter
until li:30 p.m.
Cars leave New Westminster for Vancouver at 5:60, 6:20, 6:50, 7:20 and
8:00 a.m., and every half hour thereafter until 11:00 v.m.
Sunday Schedule.
Car* leave Vancouver Ior New Westminster at 8:00 and 9:00 a.m., and
every half hour thereafter until
11:30 p.m.
Gars leave New Westminster for Vancouver at 2:00 a.m.. and every half
hour thereafter  until 11 p.m.
Eburne  Line.
Cars   leave   New   Westminster   at   8
a.m. and every hour until 11 p.m.
Cars leave Vancouver at 7 a.m. and
every hour until 10 p.m.
On  Sundays cars leave Westminster
at 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.
On Sundays cars leave Vancouver at
8 a.m. to 10 p.m.
D.   J.   Stewart, Local   Manager,   New
Grsat  Northern Railway.
Lv. N. W. 11 a.m.;  ar. Seattle 3:55
Lv. N. W. 4:30 p.m.; ar. Seattle 9:40
Lv. N. W. 12:27 a.m.; ar. Seattle 7:15
Lv. Seattle 8:05 a.m.; ar. N. W. 2:55
Lv. Seattle 4:35 p.m.; ar. N. W. 9:30
Lt. Seattle 11:45 p.m.; ar. N.W. 6:20
Lv. Seattle 12:25 p.m.; ar. N.W. 6:29
G. N. R.���Port Guichon.
Leaves New Westminster daily, except Sunday, from water front freight
shed 3:30 p.m. and from bridge passenger station 3:50 p.m.; arrives at
Port Guichon 6:30 p.m.
Leaves   Port   Guichon     7:00     a.m.
daily, except Sunday, arrives at New
I Westminster bridge passenger station
9:20  a.m.,  water  front  freight   shed
19:30 a.m.
G.   N.   R.���Sumas   Branch.
Leaves Sumas 6:00 a.m.. arrives
bridge passenger station 9:20 a.m.,
water front freight shed 9.30 a.m.,
daily except Sunday.
Leaves New Westminster water
front freight shed at 3:30 p.m., bridge
passenger station 3:50 p.m., arrives
Sumas 8:00 "p.m. dally except Sunday.
and  other
which  will
yard.   It ls understood that
manager of the Revelstoke Wine
Spirit Co., wlll join the new concern.
Notice to Paving Contractors:
Tenders for  Paving  Second  Street
The Corporation invites tenders
from Street Paving Companies for the
grading, street paving, laying of con
crete sidewalks, boulevardtng and
construction of storm water sewers
for Second street from Clinton place
to Sixtli  avenue.
Paving companies will be required
to state term of years they will guarantee their paving and the percentage of money the Corporation can retain during the period of guarantee,
also the steepest grade they calculate
their pavement ls safe for horse
Plans, profiles, specifications and
further information can be obtained
from J. W. B. Blackman, City Engineer, City Hall.
Tenders will be received up to 5
p m. on the 20th June, 1910, by the
W. A. DUNCAN, City Clerk.
City Hall. New Westminster, B. C,
June 4, 1910.
"Lucky" Baldwins Estate.
Los Angeles, Cal., June 15.���The
official enquiry Into the estate of E.
J. (Lucky) Baldwin, just filed in the
probate court, fixes $10,931,910 as its
total value.
Emigrants Are Under Watchful Eye.
London, June 15.���In the house of
commons today Sidney Buxton, president of the board of trade, stated that
complaints had reached him from
third class passengers on some steamers going to Canada, and each
case had been or was being Investigated. Great care was taken, he said,
to see that statutory regulations regarding food and accommodation were
being complied with.
Any available Dominion Lands wltb-
in the railway belt in British Columbia, may ke houeeteaded 'by any person who is the sole bead of a family
jor any male over 18 years of age, to
ithe extent ot oroniuarter section ot
'160 acres, more or less.
j Entry must be made personally at
ithe local land offlce for *he district
iin which the land fc situate. Entry
jby ptoxy may, however, be made on
[certain conditions by the lather,
j mother, son. daughter, brother or Bister ot an intending homesteader.
i The homesteader is required to per-
i term the conditio^ connected therewith under one ot the following
i (1) At least six months' residence
lopon and cultivation of the land oa
'each year for three years.
I (2) If the father ( or mother, if tne
| father ls decased), of the homesteader
! resides upon a farm in the vicinity ot
'the land entered for, the requirements
las to residence may ba satisfied by
ieuch person residing with the lather
or mother.
(3) lf the settler has his permanent
residence upon farming land ownea
by him in the vicinity of hts homestead, the requirements as to residence
may be satisfied by residence upon
the said land.
Six months' notice In writing should
be given to the commissioner of Dominion lands at Ottawa ot lntentlpn
to apply for patent.
Coal.���Coal mining rights mayt be
leased for a period of twenty-ona
years at an annual reptal of.Jl p<?r
acre. Not more than 256d nerds
Bhall be leased to one Individual or
company. A royalty at the rate ot
five cents per ton shall be collected
on the merchantable chai mined.
Deputy of the Minister of the Interior.
Nil.���Unauthorized   publication   ot
this advertisement will   not be pau*
i f.   ,; ,,
��� iy.:ti- -;.
. v.y,,. ���*
: 8' c * * Vt
' {,i|,;; '���:'
r"|f" ii PAGE EIGHT.
Something New in
Floor Wax
i*  . ���
The easiest way to
finish  a  floor  is  to
saturate a soft cloth
with Columbus Liquid Wax and apply
lightly to thc floor,
let it dry for about
fifteen   minutes,
f, if   and  bring  to a
, i    polish by light
^      ' '  rubbing with a
]/,< -i '' soft cloth.
No brush to push ���no work ��� no
backache. Resists hcel-n arks,
scratching, and water will not turn it
white. Goes farther and lasts longer
than any paste wax. Try it! Be
sure to ask for the genuine
16r    191Q
Itreve Welcher, of Coquitlam, spent ,     Rev,   J.   S.   Henderson  officiated at
yesterday in the city. tlie marriage of Adolphus Blggar and
.Miss Jane  Qulble, both of Surrey, at
See   the   new   Camp,  and   Veranda   s,    Andrews   manse  yesterday   after-,
Furniture at Fales, Aynes street. *���    I KOon.   The bride was attended by Mrs.
! Austen   Stephens,   while   Albert   Big-
gar   acted   as   best   man.     The   bridal
I couple left for the south on the after-
For a pleasant cool drink, try the | noon    train,   intending  to  spend   the
Ice Cream Sodas at The Royal Cafe. **   honeymoon in Belllngham and Seattle.
With Natural Wool and Balbriggan
Mrs. D. A. Shiles will not  receive
again until further notice.
n :��� bh
The hoard of trade will hold it
ular monthly meeting tonight.
The Easiest Applicfl Floor Finish
Sold by
Anderson & Lusby
We have a number of fine residences for sale on easy terms. Come
in and see me.    S. Fader. **
Captain Thomas, proprietor of The
Vancouver Sunday Mail, was a visi
tor in the city yesterday.
For Bamboo Shades see Fales. **
James   Watson,  a   member   of   the
I city   tire  department,  yesterday   took
as his bride  Miss  Lizzie  Marion  bu-
I puio.  of  this  city,  tlie  wedding cere-
I mony    taking   place   at   St.    Andrew:-
I manse in the presence of a number i
of invited  friends.    Rev, J.  s.   I let:
(ietson  officiated.    Mr. and  Mrs. ,1.   I.
I'. Hand   attended   the  bridal   couple
The honeymoon is being spent in Vic
of   the   license
Customers   who   have   used these hose are usually satisfied with   their   purchase.     Womei
coming acquainted with the advantages of wearing a cotton stocking withoul the ordlna
sole.    Natural   wool   or  natural  balbriggan  soles  are  much  easier on  the  feet.
Natural  Wool Soles, black cotton, Hermsdorf dyed���a secure guarantee of fast coloi    .i,
inches, per pair.35c:   3  pair for   $1.00.
Balbriggan   Soles.    Fast   black   cotton   with   pure   unbleached   cotton sules;  sizes s'^ tn |
pair, 25c and 35c.
��� cotton
��� to i
Captain   Wooster   returned   to   the      At  a  Bhort  session
city yesterday after a couple of days'  commissioners   last   evening   the
visit  with liis sister at Cloverdale.
: censes of three hotels were transferred  at   the request   of  Mie   holders.
The  Bohemian  Cafe  will   in   tutuie  The Central  hotel  license was  trans-
$1.25  Each
White   duck    suit    with    navy   and   white   sailor
navy   and   white   sniped  duel.    Made   with   belts
l to s years ol    - e
io  Clear.
collars  ami   cuffs;
also   In   faun  Btrlpi
md h ather buckles, pants to match,
A big  range to clear, at, each. $1.25.
The Westminster Modern
Business School
be open  all  night.    Special  arrange
ments for private parties.
If every young man and young
Woman fully realized tlie advantages
of pursuing a course at this institution and then the opportunities offered
for profitable and congenial employment, he or she would not hesitate in
The Hassam Paving company yesterday started work on the south side
of Columbia street at the end of Mc-
Xeeley  street.
ferred from 11. C. Gordon to W. 1'
** Curran, the Lytton from F, J. John
son to A. McLeod and the Colonial
from M. F. Insley to Charles Schwann
Xo other business came befoie the
kinds at Fales, Agnes
* *
A  meeting of the Philanthea club
will he held at the residence of Miss
selecting this School as an avenue I Kvelyn Cunningham. Fifth street, at
for advancement. We give the same \ half past seven o'clock this evening,
conscientious attention to placing our   when a suggestion that the club fur-
students into positions as we do to
instruction. Satisfied students are
our best  advertisement.
610    Columbia    St. Principal.
nish a room in the Royal  Columbian
hospital  will be discussed.
For  spring  plants  or  cut   flowers,
phone Davies' Greenhouse. R20S.     ���*
At Holy Trinity church, Vancouver,
yesterday, Edwin Keary Ik-Beck and
Miss May Forrester were united in
matrimony, several Xew Westminster
people being present at the ceremony,
including Mr. and Mrs. W. 11. Keary,
Parnell Keary, Mr. and Mrs. Tait, Mr.
and Mrs. Coley Matheson, A. B. Rand
and others. Mr. DeBeck ls a son of
W. DeBeck. and nephew of li. L. De-;
Beck, formerly a well known merchant
of this city.
Special   showing
buttons.   Laundered
of   lawn ' i.inene"
collars and  cuffs.
$1.��0  Each.
and   vesting  shirt   waists.
Nicely fucked fronts.   Al
Made with coal
, ,., ,
White Brilliantine and Vestings
20c   to   35c.
Btripes and patterns In materials
A splendid assortment  of nit t
thai   are  most   satisfactory   for  wear. They wash nlcel)
mercerized appearance; 30 Inches wide,    Per paid 20,
, k. eplng their
25, 30 and 35c.
Gold Watches for Ladies from .12-/5
Silver Watches,
Silver  Watches,
|7.50 up.
Agent    for    Waltham   and      Klgin
Watch repairing a specialty.
Two Doors from Geo. Adams' Grocery
Throe water applications, totalling
At the regular monthly meeting of to 100 cubic feet per second, were
', Post Xo. 4. Native Sons of B. |\, I made yesterday by the Green Lake
: this evening, delegates to the meeting I'Mining and Milling Company, Ltd.
| of the grand post will he elected. Af- Fifty feet is applied for on Brandy
i ter the business is concluded a social Wine creek, the water to be used
J time will be spent, the diversions in- to operate a power station: thirty
| eluding whist, and other card games.     feet from  Fitzsimnions creek for the
Ecru Brilliantine
Similar in appearance to pen gee silk, have a nice mercerized finish and shown in spots, Stripes and narrow and wide fancy stripes,
Per yard, 20 to 35c.
New Patent Leathti
and Elastic Belts
The newest
ing Bl own In w   ������        :,i
tow genuine ,   I 1
and fancy elasi Ic bell
of   the   elastli
leather   fronl trim-
med   with   g
and   contrast!
leather.      A    . , ��� _r
Is now ready.    Each  55c to
gents'    open face
gents'  open
The proper place to dine is at the
Bohemian Cafe, Depot Hotel block.
The best of everything. **
same purpose, and twenty feet from
London creek to develop power to
drive a mining and milling plant. The
applications will be heard by the min-
| ing recorder on July 21.
The speakers at the temperance rally   on  Sunday   evening   in   the  opera
house will  be  Mrs.  Spofford, of Victoria, provincial president of the W.C. I
T.   V..  and   Rev.   W.   S.  McKiDlev,  of. Bill to Abolish Jewish Pale is Strong
The Central Hotel Cafe
Opposite  B. C. E.  FL Depot
25c ��� Merchants Lunch - 25c
GIVE     L'S   A   TRIAL
Market Square
PHONE 475.
this city. The Mackness Bros, have
| promised to sing and the meeting will
I open with a special song service.
Spring is here���how ahout those
I plants for the gardfen? Tidy, the
i Florist, can suit you to a T in anything in that line. **'
ly Supported.
St. Petersburg. June la.���The bi'.!
providing for tbe abolition of the
Jewish pale, which has been introduced in the Duma, has no chance of
enactment. Its introduction, however,
is of importance as it shows the
strength of the element which favors
H.   P.  Hume,  one   of   the   painters   gvlng  the  Jews   t
he   right   of
' on the Xew Westminster bridge.
'��� missel his footing while at work yes-
��� terday and fell about twenty feet to
I the deck of the bridge. He was
! taken to the Royal Columbian hos-
i pital, where it was found that he had
I suffered no serious injury, but was
I badly bruised and shaken.
For Geraniums, Dahlias and all
kinds of Spring Bedding Plants phone
Davis' Greenhouse,  R 208. **
Ed Goulet, agent of the C. P. R, has
' received a letter from the superintendent at Vancouver Etating that as
a result of receiving complaints from
I residents of Xew Westminster about
1 the train service between here and
I the Junction at night, the company
j will run the local in from the Junction
] and back between Jit).05 and 21.35
I every night.
That landlord of yours comes every
month religiously, doesn't he? He is
collecting from you every rent-day
money that you couJd be turning to
your own profit. Do yon realize that?
Just fool him by buying this fine home
on Sixth avenue near Twelfth -street.
^^_^_____^_^^^^ I Has excellent view, close to Lord Kel-
**!s^s^^^s^^as^^���. , vjn S(.)100] an(j ciose to car line.   Vou
j can buy it for $2,100-,  $290 eafih :and
a short time  we are  offering ' the balance as rent.   You are oftexed
this for two days.    After that it's a
different story.   W. J. Kerr. **
Razor Strops worth One Dollar for
Fifty Cents. Can sell yo�� spectacles
Cheaper than others and no Ct no pay.
We are agents for Kodak* and supplies. Arsenate of Lead Jiw Caterpillars.    Ask for quotations.
strlcted   residence  in   Russia,
signed by 165 members of the
sition.   one-third   of   the   total
After some discussion the measure
will be shelved along with the bill for
the abolition of the deatb penalty
and similar proposed legislation.
Thousands of Dollars Worth  of Crops
Are Being  Destruyed.
Port Arthur, June 15.���A heavy i
pall of smoke hanging over Port Ar-'
iliur and district shows that the'
forest first which have raged for the
past two days are still spreading, de-'
stroying thousands of dollars worth
of crops and burning out many set-'
Crown   Timber   Agent   Oliver     has'
started   a   relief gang   for  Kakaheka, !
where the fire fighUTs are exhausted.
The   extremely     hot   weather     gives
promise of thunderstorms  to quench
the  fires.
The funeral of the late Jolm Hitnh
Will take place at 2 p, m. today to
the I. O. O. F. cemetery, from the
residence of W. R. Gilley, St.. George
Spectacles 50 cents up
D. S. Curtis & Co.
New Westminster, B. C. Phone 43, 71.
In Our Xew Quarters in the
Doors   East   of
Bank  of
We Have Just Received a Fresh
Stock of Popham's Chocolates
Columbia St.   New Westminster.
We Have $50,000 to Loan
on City Improved Property
���Straight Loan.
We represent the B. C Permanent
Loan & Investment Co., which
is prepared to advance any amount
of money on secured properties.
Monthly repayments   arranged. . .
The Public
Supply Stores
Selling Out
Bargain Prices
on all Odd Lines!
If you want something Choice for Sunday's
Dinner, ring up Phone 101 and order a nice roast of
Spring Lamb, Veal, Spring Chicken or anything else
that is good in the meat line.   You can sure get it at
I-I- P. LATHAM, Local Manager
Wine Glasses,
Cups and Saucers, and Souvenir articles at
Cut Prices
i _���
* t
Some Special Snaps
5 lots on Second street. Excellent view. Streets on three sides
of  this  property.    $350  each.   Terms.
10 lots extending from First to Second street. This property
is especially well situated. Streets on three sides, and hine at rear.
Price $350 "each.    Terms.    INVESTIGATE.
F. J. HART & CO., Ltd.
A Cool Lunch and Dinner
For a "Hot Day"
When the weather is warm you require light, appetizing, wholesome food, to tempt the palate and satisfy the appetite. And for
this very reason our Special Lunch and Dinner, served between
11:30 and 2, and 5 to 8 P. M., will please you greatly. The tables
are spotlessly clean, our kitchen Is strictly sanitary, which conveys
all the odors of cooking from the dining room, thus the cafe is not
on'y delightfully cdbl and airy���but   entirely  free  from   any   smell   of
Now is the time
lo acquire something in one of
these lines.
The Royal Cafe and Grill
Which Is at 604 Columbia Street.
PHONE   375       -       Dominion Trust Block, Main Floor
Phone 92


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