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The Daily News Jun 24, 1910

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 White Rock
vol-''>,K ���'��� ���
14,  1910.
gEE POLICEMEN      m^y anxious tu tmh
onstablea Gill,    Hay and
Walker Ask to Be Relieved as Soon as Possible.
,,, 0, the New Westminster
',,,,,,   B   resigned.   Al presenl
,   , . ,     |   | is of nine men. Includ-
,,,,, and the chief, but Con
r.   . GUI   Hay and  Walker have
* 'hi in their resignations, to take
m  as  the)   can   be   re-
.,  ignatlon wan handed In
0 and he wlll be relli ied
e of the mosl recent
, the force, having started
j I   bul the other men  have
T ��� tee for some time.
K0l���atitfled With  Wage Scale.
i..      .,1.-1 gtood thai  th I
I -i of GUI and Haj I   d
���   a i   the  way  the  new
. -     wenl   Into   force  a   few
Walker has lefl   to
tbei   position.
Men    Mean   to    Leave.
I u i   Hay's   resignations   were
. . | in on Tuesday, and have
:i considered bj the police
but it is understood thai
I.       e determined to lea> e an l
o the commissioners can
���:: tki   new appointments.
| .1   Gill Is one of the old-
i.-. on  the  force,  ha\ Ing   worn
ol  tbe city  police here
fc... ���   e than I hree : eai b, and Con-
H      has  been  connected
|����������� ce   for   about   eighteen
It | pro! able thai a special meptina:
JKthi loi 'ts will be called to
the matter of  new appoint-
Thirty Applications Received for Four
Vacancies on City School Staffs-
No   Appointment   Made.
The problem of selection is agitating the mind of the members of the
hoard of sei,.mi trustees al tbe present
time, no less than thlrtj applications
having been made to all the four vacancies on the teaching stall's of the
City  8Ch00l8.    The  one  score and  ten
letters were read at a Bpeclal meeting
yesterday evening, the session being
prolonge l owing to the desire on the
pari of each ni the applicants to make
as .ood an Impression on the ti uteee
as possible, the letters being replete
with minute Information on the pedagogues' abllltj and experience. Ten
of the applicants live within the < Itj
limits, but the remaining twentj are
scattered from Vancouver Island to
New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.
Quebec and (Intario ai e nol repri i til
ed In the a (dresses of the would-be
.'. e tminster teachers, but every other
i<rii\ ime pro\ Ides Its quota,
After listening to the reading of
the letters, the members ol tbe board
decided that the making of the appointments would have in bi delayed
for a few day s, and arranged tor a
spi cial meeting next week, when four
teachers will be chosen and twenty-
six left,
It was resolved to ask the city
council to Bubmil a plehesclte to the
ratepayers asking whether Tlpperary
was favored as the Bite of the proposed new High Bchool, the suggestion being advanced that the question
be: "Are you In favor of providing a
location othei than Tlpperary as a
siie for the proposed High school. "
Former Senator Turner Argues at Length on Fisheries Question at the Hague
i r.       Ont,, June 2'.;.���The
of i eai e on the Niagara
|' celebrated  in   1915,
i. 1912 as  was  Aral   suggested.
Ittee, representative of var-
i the  frontier,  which
I lative In the project,
]: len       and came to that
��lon. V E Tuttle, of the Ma. ara
li Om board of ti ada, aske I
1 f the ]   ipose I cell oration
lai awake ned  a  lively
Id dea which the com-
'      ��� Ml.    He thought that
Uie ci orenarj ihould be observed In
I 2. but Mr, Montague, of the Nia.-
mm Falls, N V., board, called to mind
1 peace  was  signed on
I ������   1814, and on his mo-
1915 was fixed as the event.
A year ago quite a furore was made
.,\ er the propose l plan, which if not
to prolong our lives was literally to
lengthen our days by Betting the (dock
i hands an hnur ahead In early summer
and hack again to flrsl principles
when the Bun resumed getting up late
| mornings, The daylight-saving bill
' was seriously considered in parliament, but failed to become law, although Birmingham, England, and
Cincinnati, Ohio, actually passed ordinances, Both Cities after a futile at-
Itempi to enforce the undesirable mea-
[sure repealed it. The idea, which like
most fads was not without its good
features, was given the widest possible publicity ln the press, bul public
opinion was against it. The enter-
estlng thing is how soon the pendulum swings to the other extreme, for
in the space of twelve months a mc I
talked of Incident has b( cue,,
most forgotten.���H. ll. Windsor In
July Popular Mechanics,
The Hague, .lune 22. ��� Continuing
his argument before the Fisheries tri-
bunal yesterday, formei Senator Turner, on behalf of the l'nited States,
outlined the negotiations entered Into
prior to 1813. He pointed oul that the
treaty was almosl entirely conformable io the di nit presented by the
American negotiators, and the contents ol the treaty Implied that the
Americans' righl to flsh already existing in 1783 had heen maintained in
pi rpetulty by thai treaty, 'l he limed
states had nol renounced iis fishing
rights in all the bays of the Brlti.h
possessions, but only In territorial
In reaped  to the regularlzatlon of
the   lisheries,   he   la Id   thai   the   I'llltvjd
states should regulate fisheries by a
commmon agreement with Greal Britain, and should have a shale in the
enforcement of such regulations.
(heat Britain had no right to limit
American fisherman in regard to the
time or manner of fishing.
Mr. Turner maintained that the
treaty of 1818 limited the sovereign*
of Great Britain In regard to coastal
lisheries. and the contention that
British legislation and the British
constitution furnished guarantees
against the L'nited States heing unjustly treated hy the British colonial
was  Irrelevant.
lie argued that the treaty gave
England certain advantages in perpefr
uity which were not subject to control, diminution or restriction, am)
cited numerous authorities in support
ol liis argument.
In continuing his argument today
Mr. Tui tier again dwelt on tlie claim
thai the United Stales had the right
to exercise equal power with Great
Britain, and quoted largely from legal
works in the l'nited States in support of this contention. Ile insisted
that the right to lish. subject to the
will or pleasure of Great Britain, was
no right at all, and asserted that Great.
Britain should never he allowed to
set al defiance the wishes of the
l'nited  States.
B.C.E.R. Will Start Regular
Schedule on July 1 On the
Chilliwack Line.
In older to give the residents hetween i.angley Prairie, Cloverdale
ami Intermediate points and New
Westminster an opportunity to utilize
the new electric line, the management
ol the British Columbia Electric railway has decided to pul on a passenger car with the present milk express
which lias heen in operation tor some
This car will leave Langley Prairie
nt 7:30 a. in., arriving ai New Westminster at 8:46 a. in., and will leave
New Westminster on the return trip
at a p. in., reaching Langley Prairie
at 6:15 p. iu. This will give the farmers and others an opportunity to do
their trading in New Westminster all
day and net them home In good time
in the evening,
ii will be remembered that although
a large amount of construction material was heing moved from New Westminster to tlie front, a rnllk express
and freight service was put on between Langley Prairie and New Westminster and Vancouver on May 4 to
assist the farmers in getting their
milk and produce to market with the
least possible delay. The company
has still a largo amount of material
for construction to move, but at some
Inconvenience has deckled to still
further extend this present service by
the augmentation of a regular passenger service.
Seen hy a News reporter, Allan
Purvis, manager of the Interurban
lines, confirmed the above and state!
that the passenger car would be run
in conjunction with the milk express
car leaving Langley Prairie July 1 and
daily  thereafter  until  further  notice.
Big Sale of School Lands.
Rosthern, Sask.. June 23.���A big
sale of school lands took place at Rosthern yesierclay over five hundred bidders heing present. Over one hundred and fifty-three parcels were sold,
comprising 25,950 acres. The total
proceeds from the sale was $338,787.
The :'veiage price per acre was
,'' ~vt   Twenty Four  Acres   Valued   at' Fumes at Victoria Police Station Fail
(Canadian  Manufacturers   Petition  the
.  .lune   23.���The     (������-> cutlve
council ol the Canadian  manufac! ir-
I' tion passed an important
I be forwarded to the Do-
I :��� govi mment, hearing on tlie
I- gratlon question. The resolution
I' ll ������present  immigration po-
I Dominion    government,
1 ��� designed to care for the growling needs of an agricultural commun-
j progress of those engaged
I       er pursuits by making lt difficult
���   :   Becure skilled help.
���    '  olutlon   continues'   "And   it
"  ' Ognlzed that this unhappy result'
I     ���- aboul   not   from  any   wish  on
' I rt ol the governmenl to hamper
;; /'"��� ol  legitimate  Industries,  but
\ * '   '���   ma laudable desire to main-
1   ' 1 -""��� of Immigration at a high
. "Therefore, be it resolved thai the
|"" iiiv,. council of the manufactur-
���'���* association place Itself bn record
**l opinion:
desire of government to ex-
ndealrable  Immigration  is to
',r*nimended, and tha! present regu.
i '""is bq far as thev  contribute to
1   Ul   .HI
Klaw    &.    Erlanger    Now    Willing    to
Open Their Theatres to Independent  Attractions.
Over  $150.0C.   Will   Go  to  the
Highest   Bidder.
One of the largest and most valuable timher berths ever offered for
sale at public auction in this province
will he put up for sale August 10 at j
the ofiice of the crown timher agent
Id the postofflce hlock. lt. comprises
23.92 acres more or less and the upset
price has heen set at $162,203. |
The limit is on the east side of
Adams lake.
At a sale held on Wednesday the
sum of S8.200 was paid hy the Rat
Portage Lumber company for the license to cut the timber on a small
limit on the Lillooet.
to  Kill   Benat Singh, but  He  Has
Narrow Escape.
*��� are deserving of hearty sup-
inasmuch   ns   it   has   heen
rio* i rv '" waiv�� money quallfloa-
mes ii" *"-i*t> of farm Laborers and do-
rvants  who  are     going    10
j. "���' employment, thereby establish-
.'V Principle thai ability and cer-
J       : Bell support are sufficient to
I'lorn    '"''' ently' n sln,i,ar waiver
rj,,'.   '"' granted in the case of me-
tbem rt  1,ml  0,hel'9  wh��  brlnK  wlth
pi��� fleflnlte assurance or Bleady em-
wlt'hn nl fmm rei)lU,l,),e Arms;  that
'"it such  waiver,  regulations are
favor tU8crlmlnatory in that they
"' '"'"' 'lass of Canadian employ-
J">��ve another which Is unfair to
workm      R"d  0B<>  cUl88  of   llrl,ish
above another, which is lin
he mother country.
s''"'u,l"i. June 23, ��� The
j,;""1*1'! today savs: We ln
. ��� country can feel nothing
. lul"ilration for the zeal and
r0nWLtude   with   which   Can-
Chicago, June 23.���A special from
New York says thai the war that Is
i aging in the theatrical world is ahout
to come to an end. Peace is hovering
on the outskirts of the opposing camps
of the "Independents" and the syndicate. Meetings are being held under
an armistice looking toward an agreement that will be a capitulation for
nelther side .but a reconciliation of
personal differences for the sake of
the general good.
In fact, there Is a different rumor
current that peace already has come
and that an agreement has heen reached whereby Klaw . Erlanger would
permit syndicate producers to hook
their attractions in independent theatres In BUCh towns as do nol have
svndicate houses. Henry W. Savage
made the statement that he would
hook his attractions ln both syndicate
and independent houses,
From the officers Of the National
Theatre Owners' association this
statement was sent out:
"This arrangement fulfills the object for which John Cort and those
affiliated with him have been fighting,
that of bringing all producing managers into an agreement such as will
allow tbem to play their attractions
Independently, it does not prohibit
Havana or any others from placing
their offerings in syndicate tbteatrM.
> us that would be a violation of the
I policy of the association, but it does
allow them to play In all 'open door
Vessels   of   Canadian     Navy     to
Strictly "Canadian Make."
Ottawa.   June  23.���In   tlie    notices
which appear In the public press in
a   few   (lays  calling  for  tenders   tor
building   vessels  for    the    Canadian
navy, will be the stipulation that the
I vessels must be built In Canada, and
I that  they  can not  be constructed on
! the Great Lakes because of the Rush-
j Bagot   treaty   hetween  Great   Britain
! and  lhe l'nited States.
The building of tlie ships in Can-
! ada. it is estimated, will make the
.cost twenty-five per cent higher than
! if thev were built in Great Britain.
Victoria, June 23.���When Mayor
Morley sent Benat Singh a Hindu in
an advanced stage of consumption,
Into the police captain's room at the
city hall to wait for him, he did not
know it was being fumigated.   It was.
When the door was opened half an
hour later the Hindu was found unconscious  on the floor.
Benat Singh recovered, and desires
more than ever to go back to India.
Conductor Tetrault of Winnipeg Convicted of Neglect of Duty.
Winnipeg, June 23.���That the street
railway conductor who takes it upon
himself to change places with the
motorman is guilty of negligence and
responsible for any damage or mis-
adventuie was the decision in the
County court by Judge Walker this
morn'ng ln the case of Conductor
Tetrault. Tetrault changed places
with the motorman on a lleadingly
car and ran into a St. James car,
causing a wreck that blocked the line
for the whole day. The street railway company caused his arrest as a
warning. Tetrault was convicted of
neglect of duly and allowed to go on
suspended sentence.
Shaft Sunk at Hot Springs to
Protect Water From Other Miners
a has
8 entered upon the great
,,1U.   n-8e   of   establishing   a
ie Standard adds that
Mh!  I" see that
some of
;���  are to be laid down
V'Sv.  |S
Radian yards"
��� j
��� ,
Regulations Do Not Conflict.
London. June 23.-In the house of
commons today. Under Colonial See-
reary     Seeley    informed    Kinlocke
Cooke   conservative member for ue-
So t, that the emigration rog
ments  of   the   Canadian   gove.tinen
'iVnot  conflict   -ith  -he emigra.io
facilities    specially   provided    (OT    M
Lets Of parliament.    Tho  regulations
Which imposed certain restrict ons on
child emigration, however, were not
���,ade known here in sufficient time M
enable agents in all cases 0 adapt
th'clr arrangements to the ne* condi
Active mining operations are now
being conducted at Harrison Hot
Springs, a shaft having been sunk
1 close to the famous springs on instrnc-
i tlons from J. C. Armstrong, chief own-
'er of the property. Should any valuable mineral be discovered in the
course of the operations. Mr. Ann-
strong will be greatly surprised, for.
although he is spending a fair sum
of money on the development work of
the claim, all he ever expects to get
out of it is ordinary ground and a
few strav pieces of stone. The stones
are being used to repair the walks
around the hotel.
J. 0. Coulthard ls the party responsible for Mr. Armstron's Incursion into
the mining business. Some time ago
Mr Coulthard evolved a brilliant Idea,
and acting upon It he staked out the
land in the vicinity of the hot springs
and recorded a mineral claim, intimating that he was going to sink a
shaft and search for minerals. This
digging1 nf holes near the bath houses
did not exactly suit the proprietor of
the St. Alice hotel, for lie considered
there was more than an enuiH chance
that bis famous spring would be disturbed, and as the hot water is the
biggest asset the place possesses, action was taken to prevent, if possible,
tho sinking of the shaft. The recorder
of a mineral claim, however, has
rights that even the owner of the
ground cannot dispute, and It was
found Impossible to cancel the mineral
claim. But the demanding of a $10,
000 bond as a guarantee that private
property on the land would not be Interfered with proved too much for Mr.
Coulthard, and he allowed hts free
miner's application to lapse.
No sooner had this happened than
Joe Armstrong followed ln Mr. Coul-
thard's footsteps and located a mineral claim which wlll safeguard his
hot water from other miners for all
time. As soon as the necessary
amount of development work has been
done on the claim '.o secure the title,
the search for minerals will be abandoned. 	
J. M. McLeod, Formerly of This City,
Strikes  Big   Flow  of  Oil   in
Bakersfield. Cal., June 23.���A rival
to the famous Lakeview gusher was
struck on the Hale-McLeod property
in the  Midway district today.
The well, at ^,^(MJ feet ls flowing at'
a rale estimated at 30,Out) barrels a
Dr. Ernest Hall, of Victori;^
Gives Interesting Address.
At W.C.T.U. Meeting.
Tlie McLeod referred to in the
above despatch Is J. M. McLeod,
brother of A. \\. McLeod, the well
known Insurance man this city, an!
himself a resident here until about
ten years ago, when he moved to
Los Angeles. In his youth Mr. McLeod played lacrosse with the old
West End team, and for a time figured j
on tiie senior team. He worked tor
the B. C. 10. R. company, being local
freight   agent for  some  time.
About  three years ago Mr.  McLeod'
went, into the oil imsin 'bb in California, entering a partnership with Seria-j
tor Hale, of New York,    lie has been;
fairly successful  in the past, bu;  this
last  big  strike  easily   distances  any-1
thing  fortune  has  favored   him   With:
in recent years, and lf the How keeps
up will soon put him in the millionaire
class, as each barrel of oil  is worth
fifty  cents at  the  gusher.    The  estimated llo ��� of the latest strike, at 30-
000  barrels a day,  would  bring  in  a '
revenue of $15,000 a day.
London, June 2'.',.���An engine with
thirty-two feet, capable of drawing
eighteen or twenty tons behind it,
and able to reel and struggle at walking pace over ditches and dikes and
up precipitous hills with gradients of
one foot In two, was maneuvering recently over the long valley at Alder-
Instead of running on wheels thie
strange machine���a new tractor of the
type designed for hauling .uns in wartime over rough ground ��� moves
along on two huge, endless chains,
which pass over cog wheels at each
end of the apparatus. On the outside of these chains are the feet���
blunt blocks of wood, metal bound.
Where wheels would slip into
ditches and refuse to move, the many
feet of this machine, wliich it plants
down one before the other, with a
curious suggestion of cautious intelligence, enable lt to roll on resistless ly.
Hitching a field gun weighing six
tons to the tail of the machine, several military officials directed its drivers to make it walk across a ditch
nearly five feet wide. The front feet
in doing so left one bank and seemed
to feel their way across to the other
side. Then, with a mighty lurch and
a groan, it swayed across. Quite dexterously the tractor walked down a
steep bank into a roadway. It moved
with ease also over soft marshy soil.
On level ground it ran along at a
speed of twelve miles an hour.
The Hist part of the morning ses-
Blon was taken up with the readings
and discussion of Mrs. Gordon Grant's
interesting and comprehensive report
of the woman's franchise work. Large-
quantities of literature bearing on the
subject had been distributed by Mrs.
Grant, and a special franchise campaign had been instituted after the
closo of the provincial convention last
year. Four months were given to arranging this campaign. Mrs. Grant
working eight hours a day. The results proved that a. great awakening
had taken place, although mr so sat ���
Lsfaotory as had been hoped I'm.
Dr.   Hall's Address.
The plan of work fur the convent-
tii.ii was then discuss,'d and adopted,
after which  Dr.  Ernest  Hall, of Victoria, gave a  lengthy  talk on social
and moral reform.
The speaker began by saying that
he was going to speak plainly and'
state unpleasant facts, but the necessity for doing so was laid upon him at
a moral obligation. It was In his case
easier to practice than to preach. Men
were so accustomed to think of women merely as women that they forgot
they were also human beings. He
was going to stir up discontent, in
the female camp, and start, a rebellion
which would end in ultimate victory
for the sex.
To be free, women must know the
plain unadorned truth ahout the other
sex, for only the truth could make
them free, and only physicians know
the real truth about tlie so-called race
suicide, and the majority of diseases
to which women and children often
succumbed. A physician's whole duty-
was to prevent disease and suffering;
as well as cure it.
Ignorance Is a Blister.
Ignorance was said to be bliss. Id
reality it was blister. The duty oC
physicians was to give abstract facts
to the public put in plain words. From
the feeble minded and epileptic children, the ranks of criminals were always recruited. Matrimonial c irtlfl-
cates should always be preceded by-
a physician's purity and health certificate. The men In jails should often be in asylums or inebriate homes,
and the speaker urged that the latter
should be established in the province-
Women differed from men in non-
recognition of their rights, educationally, legally and federally. If the
conditions of men and women were
reversed, the whole world would be
in an instant revolt. The only institution which turned out women lit to
(.Coutiuued   on   Page  Fourj.
Latest Map of Northern Country and
Interesting   Booklet   Published
at  Victoria.
The provincial bureau of information at Victoria has just issued a map
of the northern interior of the province, showing all the reservations
made by the government during the
past year. The proposed route of the
Ci. T. P. from Tete Jaune Cache to
Prince   Rupert   is   also  shown.
The map shows the extent of the
reservation along the Peace river only
recently set aside for university purposes. This is a block of land forty
miles in widtli and approximately 170
miles in length, containing ahout
4X100,000 acres, commencing at the Intersection of tbe western boundary of
the block of lands selected by the
Dominion government with the Peace
river; thence following the Pence and
Parnsnip rivers to the confluence' Of
the Pack river, and then following the
Pack river to the point where the
Pack river leaves McLeod Lake, and
extending for a distance of twenty
miles on either side of said rivers
throughout  the  said  distance.
A new edition of the official bulletin, New British Columbia, has alBo
been published by the department.
Ithaca, X. Y., June 23.���Cornell university will receive the major part ot"
the estate of Goldwin Smith, who was
prominently identified with the early
history of the university.
Announcement of the bequest wae
made by President Schurman to the
Alumni association yesterday. Its
value will not be known until the executors file the petition for probate-
next week.
The will says: "I make this bequest
to show my attachment as au Englishman to the union of the two<
branches of our race on this continent and with their common mother."
Although Dr. Smith was never a.
business man and had lived in retirement for many years it is estimate*!
that his fortune will be found wortU
nearly a million dollars.
Earl   Grey   Pays  Tribute  to   Famous
London, June 23.���Speaking at the
Cecil Rhodes dinner, Barl Grey ro-
1 ferred to the work of Cecil Rhodes.
It was Rhodes who said that only a.
j federation of Australia, South Africa
j ui��d   Canada   could   be   secure t  the
way would be paved for a federation
of the Empire.    Had Rhodes lived he
would have been another AlexanJcr
I Hamilton in Empire influence. Rhodes,
I Earl Grey said, had been the inspiring..
influence in his life.
Mrs.    Alex.    Ross Lived in Glengarry
County All Her Lift.
j Cornwall, June 23.���Mrs. Alexander
Ross, aged 104 years and seven
months, dlod on Wednesday after a
brief illness, at the home of her son-
in-law. Thornns Murphy, and will be
burled on Friday.
Despite her great age, she was able
to move ibout with a cane till a short
time ago. Her maiden name was Margaret McMillan, and she was born in
Glengarry, near Alexandria, on St.
Andrew's r,y. 1801). Her father,
Archie McMillan, ci me to Canada
from Lo'-h .In. Scotland, fifteen
years e*v Her.
After her marriage In 1S30 she lived
near Cornwall till 1882, since which
time she lived in Cornwall.    She was
Wealthy Farmers Come From Statesr.
Winnipeg, June 23.���One hundred
wealthy farmers from Iowa. Nebraska,
and Illinois arived from St. Paul this,
morning. This afternoon they left by
a special train for Scott and Wain-
wrlght, Sask. The party is typical of
the large number of well-to-do American farmers who have been brought,
up from the United States this year.
Washington, June 23.���Labor
organizations were declared today by the house to be not immune from the Anti-Trust ami
Inter-State Commerce laws.
The house, by a vote of 138 to
130, on a motion to concur witli
the senate's action, defeated
the Hughes amendment, which
would have exempted labor
organizations from the effect
of thOBe laws.
t:    '
quite smart till the last few months.     *,*****************>
JUNE ?4r
t ..!
QassiRed Advertisements REAL   ESTATE
BYLAW, 1910.
Apply  Hox 'A X.    Care  Daily   News.
gagement for evenings. Wriio T.
Af. News ollice.
Northern   Crown    Bank    Bldg.
Phone 646.
Apply  Premier hotel. l.'lldtl'
with breakfast. Central location.
Address P. O. Box 795, City.
Fort George Lands�����0,000 a>oles���
being some of the best land in Central British Columbia, which is being sold rapidly In large and small
tracts. On very attractive terms.
Call and  get   particulars.
Assistant, must be callable stenographer and have knowledge of
book-keeping. Apply by letter to
Uox lid, Daily News Ollice.
at the Condensed Milk Factory, 16
Front street.   References required.
DOUBLE CORNER���On Sixth avenue
and   Eleventh   street;   132x132   feet,
with small cottage. Price $3,600;
$fiU(J cash; balance on very easy
terms. 170-C
CITY���Third Avenue���Small house on
lot, size 54 x 120 feet, Price $1,500;
|300 cash, balance on easy  terms.
male and female, for the public
schools of this city. Applications
will  be received  until  noon of  the
City���An 8 roomed modern house;
size of lot, 132x132 feet; price,
$5,250; $1,250 cash; balance arranged.
inst.     Robert   Lennie,   Secre-
N. W. i 4 section 8, Tp. 10���160 acres
Of good land with 2,000,000 feet of
timber. No timber lease. .115 per
acre.    $2,000 cash.
house of five or six rooms with modern conveniences by July l for
three or four months. Convenient
to car line pi tterred. Apply 2.
Daily News ollice.
ing and tlnsnilthlng. Apply James
& McClughan.
to work in laundry. Wages 15 to
20 cents per hour. Royal City
Laundry, Royal avenue, west of
Eighth street.    B. Abrams, Mgr.
acres of good land at Lincoln station, Langley, for Westminster city
property. Value $3000. Apply B. C.
Securities, Ltd., Dominion Trust
Offices, Columbia stieet, New Westminster.
CITY���Modern house and large barn
on Fourth street. Rented for ..110
per month. Price $3,700; terms
$1,000 cash.
CITY���8-rcomed house and fully modern on Fourth avenue. Size of lol
is 80x146 feet. Price $4,800; one-
filth   cash,   balance  easy.
BURNABY���Two lots dose to store
and tramline. Price $;i(iu each;
terms *i cash and $10 per month.
LANGLEY���80 acres N. I/, of S. E.
1i of Sec. 10. Tp. 10; some clearing. Price $35 per acre; terms
.l.noo cash, balance 1, 2 and 3
housework and plain cooking. Apply  125 Third  avenue.
with harness, logging chain and
wagon.   Apply S. S., Box 150.
acres, South New Westminster.
Splendid view of New Westminster.
$425 per acre. Apply P. O. Box
256,  City.
Delta Fruit Farm���Ten acres on Scott
road, close in. Lrood house and barn,
250 hearing fruit trees. Price $4.ono.
Good terms. 1T2-A
Office:    Northern   Crown   Bank   Bldg.
Phone   646.
Open Evenings for Your Benefit.
ton; cleared and fenced; close to
car line. Only for sale within the
next thirty days. Address A. H.
Tapper, Cunningham Hall, Sixth St.
(2,800 lbs.). Sound. Also wagon and
harness (new). Apply A. N. Mac-
kay,  Burnaby  Lake P.  O.,  B. C.
Agnes street.
ply 818, Milton street.
housekeeping to rent. Apply to A. 11.
Ferguson, Pythian  Hall  building.
rooms. 70;',, Thirl avenue. Apply
after fi p.m. or between U a.m. and
5 p. m. at Room 14, 623 Columbia
street. l.'lldtf
Room 8, Thompson Block.
Phone 629.
We have a few good lots on Hospital
street. $25 cash will handle these;
balance $10 per month.
Watch Surrey Acreage, when the dirt
dirt, starts flying for the C. N. R.
We have the cream of buys.
Ten acres of the best fruit land; 1%
acres cleared; 2 acres slashed, burned and logged off; 'A roomed house,
barn, poultry runs: small fruits.
Fronting on Scott road and close
to car.    Only $2,000, on  terms.
Five acres on Scott road; good garden, house, well, etc.; three quarters of a mile from car. This is good
al $H!iio;  terms.
Room   8,  Thompson   Block.
Phone 629.
house, thoroughly modern, corner
Fourth street and Fifth avenue.
Good locality. Will lease for six
mont hs or to suit; $23 per month.
Apply 427 Fourth street.
store in the K. P. block; suitable
for store rooms, skating rink, or
moving pictures, etc., etc. For particulars apply to John Forrester.
Sec. K. P. Trustees, 517 St. George
street, City.
on Seventh street. Apply Wilson,
Cook & Co., Northern Crown Bank
one black pig. Owner can have
same by proving property and paying expenses. If not claimed within seven days will he sold to pay
costs.   Apply 534 Third street.
Corner  Columbia  and   Begbie   Streets.
Phone 680.
Port Kells Townsite. Lot 21, containing five acres. Price only $600.
A  snap.
10 full sized lots near Eighth avenue
at $300 each.    Easy terms.
Sapperton���We have a few choice
view lots on Blair avenue very
cheap; $25 down, balance monthly.
Worth Investigating.
South Westminster���y+ acre view
lots on car line at Brownslvlle.
Price $250 per lot; '4cash, balance
easy. If you want a home, secure
one at once, as they are the cheapest and nearest, lots on the market.
Lulu Island���Lot 26; near the bridge;
containing one acre. Price only
Corner Columbia  and  Begbie  Streets.
Phone 680.
��  shall hme first  ben approved
l,v a resolution of the Council.
7 This Bylaw shall lake effect  on
I the daj   of       <�� ���3���l
Bylaw to enable the Council of the   may he Clt ed M tm        [^^  ��
City   of   New   Westminster to   raise   '
by  loan the  sum  of  One  Hundred I"'"*; \      before the dual I
and   Fifty   Thousand      (*150,000.00) | (Jj; j-���^  ^.j,   M.iviw,  ,,���.  assenl
dollars   for   Street   Improvements,
For all kinds of
Phone 695
or leave orders at
The  Arrow   Press
near The Daily News Co., 609 Victoria
Transfer Co.
��*mc�� 'Phone 115.      Barn 'Phone 137
Columbia 8treet.
EMg��8e   delivered   promptly   to
any part of the citj.
light and Heavy Hauling
Columbia    St.,    Next    Todd's    Music
House���Phone   703.
For Sale���5-roomed cottage close in;
large lot. Price $2,500; $500 cash.
Balance on  very easy  terms.
For Sale ��� 5-room cottage close in.
Price $2300; $300 cash; balance to
suit purchaser.
Whereas, certain sums of money
have this vear been expended out of
tho general revenue of the city for
ihe construction, Improvement and repair of sl i eels and sidewalks, and it
is expedlenl that additional sums be
sj i ni in like manner, amounting ill
all (with the sums already spent) to
I he sum of One Hundred and Fifty
Thousand  ($160,000.00)  dollars;
And Whereas, it appears that if
said sum of One Hundred and Fifty
Thousand ($150,000.00) dollars, be appropriated from the general revenue
of the city for the current, year the
rate of taxation will be excessive, and
it is expedient that such excessive
taxation should be avoided, and the
said sum should be raised on the
credit of the corporation, and that debentures or registered stock certificates should be issued for that
And Whereas, for the paymenl of
Interest on the debentures or registered stock certificates, propose! to be
issued under this Bylaw, and for etc
atlng a sinking fund for the payment
nf the said debentures or registered
stock certificates when due. it wlll
be necessary to raise by Bpeclal rate,
In addition to all other rates, each
year during the currency of the said
dehentures or registered slock certi-
Qcates, the sum of Seven Thousand.
Five Hundred and Ninety and 32-100
($7,690.32) dollars;
And Whereas, in order to raise
the said yearly sum of Seven Thousand. Five Hundred and Ninety and
32-100   ($7,690.32)   dollars,    an    equal
Bylaw, IU10.
8. Tins My
Ing thereof, -
0f the electors ol the said city in the
manner required by law.
Received the assent of the electors
on     e day of i'-""-
Reconsidered and finally passed in
opi n council the day of
We have some real good snaps in
house property. Call and see us
about  them.
Columbia    St.,    Nexl    Todd's    Music
House���Phone  703.
Take notice that the above la a
im,. copy of the proposed Bylaw which
wiU be taken Into consideration by
Hie the Municipal Council of the City ol
New Westminster one month from
ti,,. dav of the inst publication there
of in the "Daily News" newspaper,
which lirst publication took place on
the 13th (lay Of .Mine, 1910, and thai
a vote of the electors of the city will
he taken on the said proposed Mr law
on the Hth day of .Inly, 1910, hetween
the hours of nine o'clock a.m. and five
p.m. at the following places, namely:
The Council Chamber, Civic Building;
the Fire Hall, Sapperton; and the
Waterworks    Storehouse,      Eleventh
City Clerk
City  Hall, .Mine 11, 1910.
Of the
sum o
the  Mayor
dehorn ui es
or registered
be payable on
I960, at such
Council of the
from   time   to
The Beautiful St. Lawrence Route and
Canadian Pacific Empresses.
From Quebec
Froni Liverpool. and Montreal.
July    1.,   Empress   Ireland   ...Inly 15
July    7...   Lake Manitoba    Inly 21
July 15..  Empress   Britain  ..July 29
July 21..    Luke Champlain   ..Aug.    4
For   ticket   reservation   and   all   Information apply to
C.   P.   R.   Agent.
Bylaw to enable the Council of the
Corporation of the City of New
Westminster to raise t>y loan the
sum of Ninety-seven Thousand. Five
Hundred ($97,500.00) dollars for
School   Purposes.
rate    on     the    dollar     will    he     re-.
quired to be levied on the whole rate- 8ter have cau8ed t() De i"'��
iid before the Council a detailed esti
Whereas  the  Board of School  Trustees  of  the   City   of   New   Westmln-
be prepared and
able property of the City of New West-
mate  of  the  sums required  by   the
And Whereas, the whole rateable Board for the current years ordinary
property of the said city, according to expenses ol maintaining the Bchools
the last revised Assessment Roll of the said City of New Westminster;
thereof, is Seven Million, Two Hun-':ini1 have also prepared a like detail-
dred and Forty-nine Thousand and;ei1 estimate of the sums required to
Ten ($7,249 010.00) dollars; meet any special or extraordinary ex-
And Whereas, the total amount of penses legally lncurrable by the Board,
the   existing   debenture   debt   of   the | which .,-,,,,,-.
said city is One .Million, Six HundredNec'
and   Seventeen   Thousand,   One  Hun-  "���
dred ($1,(117,100.00) dollars, irrespective of the sum of One Hundred and
Seventy-four Thousand. Five Hundred
($174,500.00) dollars proposed to be
raised under the "Lulu Island Bridge
Debenture or Registered Stock Bylaw,
1910"; the "Fire Debenture or Registered Stock Bylaw, 1910"; the
"Schools    Debenture    or    Registered
to   consideration,   alteration   and
approval by the Council, and tbe
final It
same   has   been
thr Council.
And Whereas, the amount required
tinder the said last mentioned esti
mate for schools amounts to Ninety-
seven Thousand, Five Hundred i $97.-
600.00) dollars, made up as follows.
Thirty-five  Thousand   ($36,000.00)  dol
lars for the erection and equipment of
Stock Bylaw, 1910," and the|the new Sapperton school; Two Thou-
"Parks Dehenture or Registered Stock i8and> five Hundred   ($2,600.00) dollars
Bylaw,   1910,"   of   which   none  of  the
principal  or interest Is  in  arrears;
Now Therefore, the Municipal Council of the Corporation of ihe City of
New Westminster e,mets as follows:
1. It shall be lawful for the Mayor
of the said city to raise by way of
loan from any person or persons, body
or bodies corporate, who may be willing to advance the same on the credit,
of the debentures or registered st'iek
certificates hereinafter mentioned, any i
Bum or sums of money, noi exceeding
in the whole the sum of One Hundred
and Fitly Thousand ($160,000.00) dollars, and to cause thr same to be paid
for the erection and equipment ol a
Bchool on Lulu Island, and sixty Thousand i$oo,ooo.oo) dollars for the erection of a   High  school.
And Whereas, by Section 40 of the
the Public Schools Act 1906, as re-
enacted by Section 30 of the Public
Schools Act 1906, Amendment Aci
1906, any statute to the contrary notwithstanding, the Council of any city,
town or rural municipality in the
Province including the City of Vancouver and City of New Westminster,
may in each and every year pass a
Bylaw or Bylaws for levying aspecial
ing lo advance (he same OH tlie eiei
debentures or registered Btock
aies hereinafter mentioned, any j
��� sums of money nol exceeding
. ,i���. whole the sum of $97,500.00, and
to cause the same to be paid Into the
treasury of the said city tor the pur.
menl loni d herein.
i sliall be lawful for
cause any   number  of
| | .   [gtel ed    BtOCk    ceil il'lcaleS    In    In
,,,,[ exci edlng in the whole the
i of $97,500.00 for such sums of
oionej as may be required, nol less
than $100.00 each, or an equlvalenl
expressed in pounds Bterllng of the
United Kingdom of Greal Britain and
Ireland al a value of 4.866 to the
pound sterling; ami all such debentures or registered stock certificates
shall   be   Sealed   Willi   tlle   seal   <i|    the
corporation, Blgned by the Mayor and
countersigned by the treasurer there
of, or by such other person or persons
as may he thereunto law hilly authorized.
;{. The said deh��ntur<
stock lertifloatea sliall
the flrst day of July
place or places *�� Hie
said corporation may
time appoint with the approval of the
holders thereof, and shall bear Inter-1
est at th�� rate of four and one-half
per centum per ''nruni, payable halt
yearly on the Ural day of January
and the first daj ��f Lily In eaoh and
every year, and iMt debentures shall
have attached to them coupons for the
payment of interest, which said cou
pens   shall    be   signed    by    the     Bald
i. a Bpeclal rate on the dollar shall
be levied ami raised In each vear, In
addition to all other rates, on all the
rateable property of the city, sufficient
to pay the Interest upon the deben
tures or registered stuck certlflcates,
and to create a sinking fund for the
paymenl of the principal thereof when
due, subject to any act or enact mem
respecting the same
5 Subject as aforesaid, there shall
be raised annually by special rate as
aforesaid, during the currency of the
said debentures or registered stock
certificates, the sum of $4,387.60 foi
the payment of Interest the
the mini of $."i4ti.'J0 to provl
repayment   of the  principal.
i'.. The  proceeds  of   the  sale  of  the
said   debentures   or    registered   stuck
certificates shall he applied as follows.
and   not   otheiwise,    towards    paying
the cost  of tha passln.   of thin  Bylaw
and   the   Issue   and   sale   of  the   sakt
] debentures or registered stock  certl fl
j cites  therein   referred   to,  and  all  ox
; iienses   connected    wilh   the   Issuance
Of the said loan, and the balance sliall
ihe paid o?er from  time to time as re
'���lulled   upon the order of the trustees
i by   the   City   treasurer   to   the   several
persons to whom moneys are payable.
7. This Bylaw shall take elTe t on
the day of 1910, ami
may be cited as the "8choola Dehenture or Registered Btock Bylaw, 1910.'
8. This My law before the final passing   thereof,   shall   receive   the   assent
of the electors ol the said city In the
manner required by law,
Received the assenl of the electors
on the day of 1910,
Reconsidered and finally passed in
open council the day of
Croquet Sets
Pic Nic Baskets
Pic Nic Plates
665���Columbia  Street 665
New,Westminster, B.C.
Mineral Waters
Aerated Waters]
Manufactured  t/
elephone  13. Offr.
1,387.50 f"i 1
ereon, and *
hie for the   ���
Done At
��� I
\ Benson &
At   Dick   Benson's   Old
8th o'..   Next to Fashion Livery,
raie of not more than Five (5) mills
into the treasury of the Hftid city fori,,!1 ,,u' dollar for school purposes, and
the purposes mentioned herein.  ' ;'!"' Council   may  in  addition  to Buch
2. It shall be lawful tor the Mayor rate :il'l>ly a"-v portion of the ordinarj
to cause any number of debentures or|revenue to sel 1 purposes.
\nd   Whereas.
registered  stock  certlflcates    to    be
made. not. exceeding in tlie whole the
sum of One Hundred and Fifty Thousand ($150,000.00) dollars, foi; such
sums of money as may be required,
not less than $100.00 each, or an
equivalent expressed in pounds sterl-
ing of the l'nited Kingdom of Great
Britain and Ireland, at a value of 4,8th;
to the pound sterling; and all such
dehentures or registered stock cerli
ficates shall he sealed with the seal
of the corporation, signed by the
Mayor and countersigned by the
treasurer thereof, or by such other
person or persons as may he thereunto lawfully  authorized.
S. The said debentures or registered
stock certificates, shall he payable nn
the first day of July, 1000, at auch
place or places as the Council of the
said corporation may from time to
time appoint with the approval of the
holders thereof, and shall bear interest at the rate of four and one-half per
centum per annum, payable half yearly on the first day of January and the
first day of July In each and every
year, and the debentures shall bave
attached to them coupons for the payment of Interest, which said coupons
shall he signed hy tho said Mayor.
4. A special rate on the dollar shall
he levied and raised In each year, in
addition to all other rates, on all the
rateable property of the city, sufficient
to pay the interest upon the debentures or registered stock certificates,
and to create a sinking fund for the
payment of the principal thereof when
due, subject to any act or enactment
respecting the same.
5. Subject ,as aforesaid, there shal]
be raised annually by special rate as
aforesaid, during the currency of the
said debentures or registered stock
certificates, the sum of Six Thousand,
Seven Hundred and Fifty ($fi,760.00) j Forty-nine
dollars for the payment of the inter-1249,010.00)
it will he
portion of
such   pur-
it  appears thai  the
amount required to meet the current
year's ordinary expenses of maintaining tlie schools will exhaust the
amount authorized to be levied under
'Section 40 of tbe Public Schools Aci
1905,  as   re-enacted  by   said   Section
130 of the Public Schools Act 1905,
Amendment   Act   1906,  and
| necessary also to apply a
the ordinary revenue for
And Whereas, it appears that if the
said sum of $97,500.00 he appropriated
; from the general  revenue of the city
j for the current year, the late of taxation will he excessive, and it is expedient that such excessive taxation
should  he avoided, and  the Raid  sum
;shotil(l he raised on the credit of the
corpora!lon, and that dehentures or
registered stock certificates should ho
Issued for that amounl.
And Whereas, for the payment of interest on the dehentures or registered
stock certificates proposed to he Issued under this Hylaw, and for creating a sinking fund for the payment
of the said dehentures or registered
slock certificates, when due, it will
be necessary to raise hy special rate,
in addition to all other rates, each
year during the currency of the said
dehentures or registered slock certificates the sum or i-Tiur Thousand.
Nine Hundred and Thirty-three and
70-100   ($4,933.70)   dollars;
And Whereas, In order to raise the
said yearly sum of $4,933.70, tin equal
special rate on the dollar will he required to be levied on the whole rateable property of the City of New
And   Whereas,   the   whole   rateable
property of the said city, according to
the last revised Assessment Roll there-
of, is Seven Million, Two Hundred and
Thousand   and   Ten     ($7(.
Take not Ice that the abo^ e is a ti ue
copy of the proposi d Bj law which will
be taken Into consideration by the
Mime Ipal Council of the City Of New
Westminster one month fiom the date
ol the flrst publication tl ere< t In the
"Daily News'' newspaper, which lirst
publication took place on the 13th day
of June, 1910, and that a vote of the
electors of the city wlll be taken on
the said proposed Bj law on the l Ith
day of July 1910, hetween the hours
of nine o'clock a.m. and live p.m., at
the following places, namely: The
Council Chamber, civic Building; the
Fire Hall. Sapperton; and the Waterworks Storehouse, Eleventh street.
City Clerk.
City Hall, -lune 11   1910.
est thereon, and the sum of Elghtl And Whereas, tho total amount of
Hundred and Forty and ,'��,2.1oo ($840.- the existing debenture debl of the
32) dollars to provide for the pay-j said city Is One Million, Six Hundred
ment  of  the  principal. j��nd   Seventeen   Thousand,  One   Hun-
ti. The proceeds of the sale of the dred ($1,617,100.00) dollars, irrespec-
said dehentures or registered stock |I've of the sum of Two Hundred and
certificates shall he applied as fol-. Twenty-seven Thousand ($327,000.00)
lows, and not otherwise; towards| dollars proposed to he raised under
paying the cost of the passing of this  the "Street. Improvement Dehenture or
Hylaw and the Issue and sale of the
dehentures or registered stock certificates therein referred to, recouping
the treasury of the city such sums
as have been this year expended in
street works, or may he so expended
until the proceeds of the sale of the
said debentures or registered stock
certificates lmve become available, the
making, improving and repairing of
such streets and sidewalks ln the city
as may ho deemed expedient, hy the
council, hut no sidewalk or street shall
Registered Stock Hylaw, 1910;" the
"Klre Dehenture or Registered Stock
Hylaw, 1910;" the "Lulu Island Bridge
Dehenture or Registered Stock Hylaw,
1910," .-(nd the "Harks Improven ent
Dehenture or Registered Stock Bylaw,
1.10," or which none of the principal
or interest  is in arrears.
Now Therefore, the Municipal Council of the Corporation of the City of
New  Westminster enacts as follows:
l. It shall be lawful for the Mayor
of  the  said  city   to   raise  hy   way' of
he made or repaired out of the moneys I loan from any person or persons, bony
borrowed under this Bylaw unless tho  or bodies corporate, who may be will-
The Municipal Council of the Corporation of the City of N'ew Westminster
having by resolution determined and
specified that it is desirable to carry
out the following works, that Is to
To construct cement concrete sidewalks on both sides of Tenth stieet
from Sixth avenue to Tenth avenue,
except on the east side of said street
hetween Sixth and Eighth avenues,
also on both aides of London, Edinburgh, Dublin and Hamilton streets.
Eighth and Seventh avenues between
Tenth and Twelfth streets.
And that the said Works shall he
carried out in accordance with the
provisions of the Local Improvement
General  Hylaw, 1809,
And the city Engineer and City Assessor having reported to the Council
In accordance with the provisions ol
,lhe said hylaw upon the said
works, giving statements showing the
amounts estimated to he chargeable
against the various portions of real
property to he benefited hy the said
works and other particulars and lhe
said reports of the said city Engineer
and City Assessor having heen adopted hy the council.
Notice Is hereby given that the
said reports are open for Inspection
at Ihe Ollice of the City Assessor, City
Hall, Columhla street, New Westminster, B.C., and that unless a petition
against the proposed works above
mentioned, signed by a majority of
the owners of the land or real properly to he assessed or charged In respect, of such works representing at
least one-half In value thereof Is presented to the Council within fifteen
days from the date of the first publication  of this  notice  the Council   will
proceed with ihe proposed Improve-
men's under such terms and conditions as to the payment of the cost
of such Improvements as the Council
may hy hylaw in thai hohalf regulate
and determine nnd also to make the
said assessment.
Dated this Bth dny of Juno. A.D.,
City Clerk.
Date of first publication, the 10th
day of June, 1910.
v for
(,f Toronto
Utile   veil
adv w
Inn . OU I     '��� ���
and   It
earning for you thi"' Ppr cent
lntei-est. Small or large Bt"118
may be deposited at any time.
ln    Ontailo.
REST    ...
Bank of Toronto
J. Gracey, Mgr.
If6,? J two
hi l,p
I     j and i
. . lar
1101 personi
it- '.
I ii"'"'
Kto coi '
i or
White Star-Dominioi
Canadian Service
Montreal to Liverpool
Triple  screw,   14,900 tons-
Twin    screw,    14,900   tons.
largest   and   most   modern,
commodation  equal to any
Ing  the  Atlantic.
For Rates and Tickets Apply
C. P. R. Passenger Station
My property Js taken off the rn"
until further notice.
Sapperton, U- c-
l;ct .DAV
JUNE  ?4,   1910.
��� I
nd, 4
*    1   I I_|        L/Ol:
that an application has
register   Duncan  Pell
me" "lii,Jf nwncr In fee simple, under
M*XS trom K. A. Wilmot.
; Tax Bale J tQ   Duncan   Hell
to   Duncan   Hell
P^JU"date" the 13th day of
Ll I, "l   ' p���;   of all  and singular
ij^'^aln parcel  or  tract of  land
1 pr niatrict of -N,'w Westminster.
the V-*u     e (l!   British   Colnnihia.
I. tlie '. ,'' i.rly known and descrlb-
J. oi* Par" ..',,, .,, ,(.g of the southeast
I. ��s ���' .- section 18, Township 3,
[l��rteroq Wesl ol 6th Meridian.
ll,..:- ' i tbosi claiming through or
I v ' 1' and all persons claiming
I    ' said land by virtue
Mr*. " .', ,,. .ii cd instrument, and
In' ;iny ',','.- cliit.ing any interest ln
I8'1 P id "nnd hi' df-fent, whose title
p's: , red "." "er the provisions
jl"01 ,:' , | Registry Act," are requlr-
\yy ' - _ :n of the tax pur-
*T ',. within toi'y Bvs days from the
It:'    . .,,;. n,.t  pub! cation ot this
���   ���<���>  i'i'- In defaull of :l
(iI.  ,. nji'i a'e   ot   .18   pendens
| '        | witi Id sue i \ crlod, or In
Wvl, ,r iei 'u.i-moii nffora reglstra-
I ouch of you will be for-
-   L0pped  md debarrtd from set-
lf    iD any ''aim l" ()   la 'e8Pec< "f
.    ,,,-!  I  si.a i    register
Hall  as  owner the :
I |   i,,,..|y  o-l,.   thai   pule
I- , qi ire tor thirty davs
;,;;-   i   pi bllshed ID  New
i .  u ii le M."d and I ifflc
- '������������<''
tli() i . ad Registry Ofl - >
r c Mice (.' British
I  i    '.Oth nay of April, A.
Oann Valley, B, D.; June ...���With
a butcher knife, Mis. Stone Qraybear,
a Blous Indian squaw cleaned oul the
districi court and for an hour held
the room agalnsl tbe sheriff, the Judge
ami all comers,   Eventually the sher
ifl    gOl    possession   Ot     her     Bi
knife and took the woman iu custody.
Mrs. Qraybear had trouble with I i
husband, John Qraybear, wh,, ftpi i al
'���d to the courl  foi  a dlvi rei
ease came up for trial yesti  da    Gray-
bear   making   a   charge  of    crueltj
against the woman.   The Bqua��   was
od  hand dressed in I ill  Indian i os
tume, her head ami shoulders i    i
e.l   with   a   red   blanket.     Tl
narrow sin m the covering hi i  I
eyes  shoi   venom al   hei  dlsBatli I i d
Qraybeai i egan hla testimony, tell-
lQ8 of his Bquawa crueltj to him,
when ihe won in aroi - and denounced
the statemenl as falBe The sheriff
interfered and Mrs, Graybear pulled
���' butcher knife from bi neath hei
blankel and started after the officer,
In two minutes she was in possi . d
��r the ('"mt room, hei husband having led the exodus, Then she Balled
forth and chased coun officials all
around   the  block
Aftei an hour's fight the woman
wearied and dually was arrested. The
courl resumed Its session, and Gray-
!" ii . 01 his divorce without further
ti tlmony, Mrs Graybeai war i radu-
ated form Hampton institute. Id Vir-
��� InlS    and   while  at   that   school   was
oi e ol us brightesl lights.   Aftei hei
i* 'hi n to the resi i vatlon she degem r
ated Into a blanki t Indian
Di��trict of New Westminster.
New Westminster Land District.
Meteorological    Marvels   and   Astron
I ���"'
��� '������ ���
��� .
v    S. KEITH,
l istrict Registrar.
|a t'e-n ainiit Loan fi  Sav-
Oppenhelmer   Brot .   Ltd
;. W. l.elshinan; J. \V. Hew-
to   Contractors���Tenders   for
ig   Water   Main:
s will be received by the un-
< i the laying and jointing
ti en ��� 11) miles ol . 5-lm h
. ,        ��� Iti d   pipe   and  about   g	
12-lnch and 13-lnch Lap
i     , -.        pipe.       The    tender    In-
��� the pipes. Bxlng of all
I eclals,  consti m lion  of
, ���    etc.   Plans, proflh s,
��� mi    conditions  of  cootraci
��� i- matloD  maj   be ob-
���  ,   Citj and Waterworks
���    B.  Blackman. on reed cheque, value   .50,
.    - turned on recelpl of
A marked -
(or 5 pi       nt of  the  amount  must
e  r< ��� ��� Ived  up to 5
;   :-   - ���   : ��� ���   27,  1910.    The
tendei    nol    ne lly   ac-
\V.   A.
Room 6,  Guichon Building.
Architect and Engineer.
HOPE   &   BARKER,   Architects
New  Westminster ��� Trapp   Block
I'hnne 655.
a   pole
City   C ���
Bank of Montreal
LBLI8HED 1817.
'.APITAL            $14,400,000.00
| RESERVE ...     11,000,000.00
il     Can   '��� ' I
!.  ana  In  Lond >n,  I
i , c -   . ��������� an l Spi i
M C A general
li ,���-,    ������ an -   ted     Let-
��� iss :���>: dl il le   with
��� :.-s in    all    p trts ot    '1.
...ink Department���Dep
sums  i-'.   Jl   and upward,
��� allowe' at 3 per cent, per
���> ...-,\   rate i.
eta  over  1186 OOO.i
G   1). BRYMNER, Manager.
Estimates  Given   on   Any   Kind
of   Job   Printing
Thomson   Blk.
Phone   388
i leasure Jaunl In the Medltte anean.
Such is the way Claude Pearci . thi
well-known i unnei described the sen
s.atinus he expi rii ed a In watch
ed the 'Cieat iiouiidin" do his halt
raising, bul altogether unpremeditated stunl ol hani lng to a wire for
thlrtj s. ven minutes one hundred and
iniv (eet above the Niagara rlvei on
Tin silav.
"No Ol .     ,-, nts  to know   who  he  Is,
except that he looked like a young
Englishman, bul who. ve; in |. he un
doubtedlj has a cornei on all the
loose tu i ve thai haa been i olng roun I
tills   part    ol    the   COUlltlJ       foi     some
tl ii      Mr,   Pearce went  on.
"1 he carnival is in progn bs at the
Fi ��� and ai 11 was the opening day
'lieie was an enormous crowd gathered   on   both   sides   ol   Ihi    I'lvel    I"   see
'the' event  of  the day, Greal   Houn-
din's slide for life or death,
The Apparatus.
"On the American side of
was erecte I extending aboul
feel in the air and trom the top of It
a wire was Btretched across the river
aboul 160 feel from the International
bridge below the Falls, to the bank of
on the Canadian side. Down this wire
the adventurer was to slide, hanging
from a pulley by  his teeth.
"He made a mi-take in not having
tested tlie wire before he Btai ted, and
it was plainiiy evi lent from where I
b .1   with   a   brother   ot   Controller
Ward thai  it   was far too slack.
"Everj one held theh bi - ath when
the man mounted the platform on the
Vmei lean side, tasteni J i he appai I us
behind his neck, took i he i ubber bit
ill his teeth and slat te I Off.
Shot Like a Bullet.
��� i lown i he w li e he shot like a bullet fi om a gun, and befoi e the spectators began to realize thai something
had gone wrong, he began to slide
bai ii again towards the Amei lean
Bide. He had not 11 avi lie,I much over
half the way across when the slaok-
of the wire made him go up hill,  , .      , , ...
and  he dldn'l   have sufficient   monien-  VATICAN AND f RANGE.
Spectator    GlVeS    a   Graphic        omical Phenomena Many in 1910
Story of Houndin's Escape -Biame the comet.
at Niagara Falls.
luakes   comets and other as-
i: leal  and  meteorological    mar-
roronto, Jum The n    arkable  '"     '"  ,'"'  presenl   year ot    grace
escape oi Houndln at Niagara Falls on   "��� ��� '��� >-'iu' va> <0 a m-w ami striking
Tuesdas is lhe Bubjecl ol a i real deal  phenomenon that undoubtedl) will he
Houndin wa     . pende.   8   ��c'ated with 1910 when the advent
in the middle ot the gi  g<   toi  aboul  "'    Halley's   famous    wanderer   and
half an houi. disturbances have been forgot-
"Talk  aboul   col i      ivei    runnlna " "      ' "" '"",,"u'1 ������'  is *un^>   ,llls:
up and down one's bac*��   why   then does not contain one longest day,
was enough ol them to make'a trip   properly-conducted years should
through the Arctic clrch    .. ma like a "'"" , - ,
In checking up tin- records yester-
��� ia     ii  was found tnat ine vear contained not onlj this surprising wond-
also   one   even    more   marvelous
i   i   da) on w hich spi in^ change i I o
,; imer, w .Ich i>>  all laws ol nai ui e
Bhould be i he longi si ol i he j ', is
minute  shorter  than  the  othei
i    .   days,   live  ol   which   have  pre-
��� 'i .1  ii   and  torn   of  which  w ill  follow It, beginning today,
All nine ol the loiirest days have
I actl) till same dU! ali in Of lime be
i w' i n    sum ise    and    sunset.      fifteen
houi s and Bet enteen minute - Ves
tei da). howevei, the bud losl a minute, rising sixty seconds later than
u did \\ i dnesila.,, and tomol row It.
will regain the losl unit during thc
dav. a phenomenon most remarkable
ii, bi lentlflc annals.
I ii | Inning  Friday,
approached lis furl
ai 1:22 o'clock and
it  maintained these
tl i day. when ll loiti. fid along the
way and hove Into ai. lit at 4:211
o'clock, . oin. down at the same hour
as Friday. Tonight the lost minute I
will be gained al sunset, at 7:-10
o'clock. This BChedule w-ill he main-,
talned until Monday, .lune 27, when
old Sol will begin his march hack to
the tropics,
spi iny changed to summer at ex-1
a. iiv  3 a. in. on Wednesday.   This Isl
si\ hours later than last year, and In
the   same   way,   the   solstice   in   1911
will  take  place  at   9 a.m., six  hours,
later than this year.   This is due to
the fact thai the year is really 366 1-4 '
days  long, and  calculations must In-1
Take  notice  that   1. ,1.   A.  McOowan,
of Abbotsford, B.C., accountant, Intend to apply to the chief Commissioner of Lands at Victoria, B.C., for
a license to prospect for coal and pe
troleum on and In the following described lands
Commencing al a post marked .1.
A. Mdi, S. \V corner, planted at the
S. \V. cornet of Section 33, In Township If), Municipality Of BUmaS New-
Westminster District; thence north
80 chains; theme east 80 chains;
thence south 80 chains; theme west
80 chains to poinl ot commencement
and containing 640 acres.
Dated at Abbotsford. B.C., this 9th
dav   of  .lune,   A.l> .   1910.
.1. A. McGOWAN
All rubbish and trarbnge muBt bf
removed to the foot of Sixteenth
street and Fifth avenue, where it wt��
be burned by the corporation.
Any person or persona who dump
garbage or rubbish of any kind ott
any other street or avenno or on any
lane, vacant lot or publie property
will be prosecuted tinder the provisions of the Sanitary Hylaw.
By Order, S. 3. PEARCB,
Sanitary lnapeetoi
City Hall, .lune 13, 191<>.
District of  New Westminster.
New Westminster Land District.
Take notice thai 1. Norman Caswell,
of Abbotsford, B.C., miner, intend to
apply to the Chief Commissioner of
i.an.is al  Victoria, B.C., for a license
to   prospect   for   COal   and   petroleum
on   and   In  the   following   described
Commencing at a pest marked N, C,
N. lv corner, planted at the N. K.-
im ner of Section 1" Id TowDshlp 19,
Municipality of Sumas. New Wesl
minster Dlsti li I llieiu-i south 80
chains; thence weal 80 chains; thence
north hi) chains; thence ea t su chains
to point of commencetneDl and con
talnlng 640 aires.
Hated ai Abbotsford B C, this 9th
dav   or  .lime.   A I) .   1910.
New   Westminster   Land   District.
District of New Westminster.
Take  notice    that    Simon    Henry
Clowes of   Vancouver,  B.   (\,  oecupa-
Ition, building inspector, intends to apply for permission to purchase the to*-
1 lowing described lands:
CommeoclDg al a post planted a��
ithe S. F.. polni of a small Island lying:
In channel between Granite island an<3
Nelson Island, thence northerly, weat-
erly, southerlj and easterly, alons tba
shore to the place of commencement.
Containing 10 acres more or less
April 20. 1(110. A gen*
.lune IT. the sun
host  north, rising
settling at  7:39.
hours  until  yes-
District of  New Westminster.
New Westminster Land District.
elude the one-fourth or twenty-four
hours, or six hours, In forecasting
the coming of the solstice.
Popular superstition has attributed
the recent cold weathei and various
other climatic phenomena to the equi-
noctlal transfer! but meteorological
experts   disclaim   any   responsibility.
Take nol ico that I, .1 F. Hoyd. of
Abbotsford. W.V.. lumberman, intend
to apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands at Victoria, B.C., for B license
to prospect for coal and petroleum on
and ln the following described lands:
Commencing at a post marked J.
F. It.. S. W. corner, planted at the
S. W. corner of Section -M. In Town
ship 16, Municipality of Sumas, New
Westminster District; thence north Rti
chains: thence east 80 chains: thence
south Hi) chains; theme west Ru
chains to point of commencement and
containing 640 acres.
Dated ai Abbotsford, B.C., this nth
dav  of June,  A.l).,  1910.
J.  F.   BOYD,
New Westmister Land District.
District   of   New   Westminster.
Take notice that. Alexander McLe*
nan, of   Vancouver,  Hritish  Columbia
occupation   contractor,  Intends  to  apply   for   permission   to  purchase  the
following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted a*
the southeast point of the Island situ
ate about four (4) chains from Tim
ber limit No. 38733, thence northerly
and westerly and southerly and easterly around the shore at low tide-
to place of commencement, containing-
four   acres,   more  or  less
J. F. BAQQS, Anient.
March 17,  1910.
Gardiner & Gardiner
(F. G. Gardiner)
Room 6.  Westminster Trust. Building
New Westminster, B. C.
Phone  661 Residence  Phone  133
P. O.  Box 395
Phone 730
District of  New Westminster.
New Westminster Land District.
New   Westminster   Land   District
Take notice thai James Bateman
of Vancouver, B. ('., occupation, stonecutter, Intends to app y for permission
��� ) purchase the folio* Ing d scribi ���'.
Commencing at a post planted ai
thp Boutheasl poinl ot a small is' a .
lym. about 10 chains north of Nelson
islaod; thence northerly, westerly,
southerly and easterly, along the
shore to the place of commencement;
nl dnlng 6 acres mor�� or leas.
April 20, 1910. Agent.
turn to carry him all the way across.
"There he was. hanging as it were
by hie teeth, oscillating to and fro
on the wiie, until linaliv he came to a
gtop In the i entre of ll. one hundred
 I flft)   tei'  above i he roai lng toi -
i ent.
I'm   a   minute or so everyone  was
too da/eii to do anything, and in fact
- tl tall)   eve: vone     thoughl     thei
was  no  use  in   i rv log  to  I es. ue  him,
ei ������ i i,e>  all   tood with the cold
emselves  up    and
��� E!       L9  will be received on    or
. sday.   June   23,   for   the
nd  completion  of proposed
^e* Mae nic Temple to be erected on
street, New Westminster, B.C.
d specifications can be ob-
m the architects     Messrs.
a     Gardiner,    Westminster
ling, New Westminster.
Till  '   vest  or any tender  will not
: be accepted.
Phone 105.      P. O. Box 345.
-""���   F-ont St., Foot of Sixth.
Gold WatOs for LadLs from .12./S
Sllter Watches,   gents'    open lace
Silver  Watches,  gents'  op��n    case.
17.50 up.
Aaent    for    Waltham   and     Elgin
Watch repairing a speclaltv.
Two Doors from Geo. Adams' Grocery
McMurphy & Craig
Heating  and  Plumbing
I'aris. June 23.���Mysterious negotiations ate going on lu Koine thai
ma,, be e tpei ti d Boon to produce a
111 urn to moi e friendly tei lings be-
twei n France and t he Vatican.
M.   Hi iand,  formerly  tne  leader  in
the   movement    Im    the   disruption   of
the religious congregations in France,
now  liniis as premier that  it  is noi
feasible   to   Ignore   the   existence   of
a8eive8 up    and  "?e holy see and that part oi tne pop-
,.n   their   spli   i,   waiting   for  the   ulatlon  '"    Fran,oe   ���whlch    remains
Lima when  he v. . Id hav.- to lei  go ���JwincMjr Catholic,    l'he new French
md  be swallowi .  up in  the waters  Chamber is a very dlfferen   one to
ljel0W that   the premier  had  behind  him in
Climbed on the Wire t,le last parliament, and already there
"Houndln, however, had no idea ot Jj il --^""<--\\ to form a definite mo-
lng  up  .ami  before  the    startled "on,of Catho ic deputies to press fot
i   ���,   of   thousands   win.   lined   every I J11-?,1'"' ,0 "���*"��� co-ieligl.mlsts.
poinl  of    vantage,    he    deliberately L The re.c,ent,toterview given to-the
raised himself, and threw one h . over I V��"f IV!,,uvt', leader' M' 1,e".s to,c h"
the wire.   He still hung on to the rub-  '"��� ''-'   Ul,e P��P�� .fls n��t altogether
ber wltb his teeth and in thai position discouraging   to   the    advocates    of
removed the apparatus that was fas-! ^'^- ��"'���> Cardinal Coullle. Archbls-
I inn     /,f     I   -1-r-T. r. D     Hiblllir     11 ti     Urn     u-dr it
Take notice that I. John Beckett, of
Abbotsford. B.C., lumberman, intend
to apply to the Chief Commissioner of
hands at Victoria, B.C., for a license
to prospect for coal and petroleum on
and in the following described lahds:
Commencing at a post marked J. B.,
8. E. coiiier. planted at tim s. E, corner of Bectlon 31, In Township 19,
Municipality of Sumas, New Westmln
Btei District; thence north KM chains'.
thence west 80 chains, thence south
km chains; thence east km chains to
point of commencement and containing C>4M acres.
Dated ai Abbotsford. B.C., this Oth
dav of June.  A.I)..  1910.
All   Jobbing   Promptly   Attended   Tc
Colonial   B'ock
District of  New Westminster.
New Westminster Land District.
Teaming and Expressing.
tene.l around  the back  of his head
"When this was taken off lie placed
it over the wire and buna; on to It
with both hands, but he still kept his
grip   on   the   rubber   with   his   teeth.
"While this was Koinn on Bome one
secured a Ioiik rope and attached It to
a pulley, which was placed on the
wire. Another tope hum enough to
reach to the bridge was also attached,
and so the pulley was dragged out
along the wire to the man In mid-air.
"In the meantime the Maid of the
Mlsl had come to a position below
him. but owing to the Btrengtb of the
current, it
there very
to use every effort to keep his staunch
little craft In the vicinity.
"While the rope was being guided
out to Houndin he had the nerve to
partly climb on to the wire and then
look down to the river below, and I
will never forget the aaoni/iiig cries
that went up from thousands of
throats for fear he would take a tumble.
"He didn't, thou, h, and finally the
rope reached him.   The   crook
hop of Lyons, is taking up the work j
where M. Cochin left off.   The recent'
election  lesmis in  France are understood to have raised more confidence
In the Pontiff's mind as to the possl-,
blllty of an understanding. Since then
the   cardinal    has   seen   him   several I
times and though the outcome is jeal-'
ously  guarded  there is a belief  that
blighter conditions are at hand.
The fact that the Pope has repeated his declaration that France shall
not be disturbed in her rights as tb.>
Christian protectorate in tlie far east
Is taken as significant in the present
was not   able  to    remain .*,ilte (,f the negotiations
ong. and  the captain  Iind
New Westminster to New Westminster
Steveston and Vancouver
s Rrarkman-Ker wharf at 3
M. daily ��cept Saturday, and
��n Saturday for Steveston  and way points.
A Delightful Trip for $1.50
Tl^ets at. B C. E. R ticket ofiice and on hoard steamer Elec-
tric oars leave Steveaton every hour ion the half-hour) for Vancou-
See the Famou.  Fraser  River Canneries. Vancouvsr. Etc.
Hound trip tickets to Steveston, Saturday afternoons   fl
Take notice that I, T. Walters, ot
Abbotsford, B.C., engineer, intend to
apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands at Victoria. !!.('.. for a license
to prospect for coal nnd petroleum on
and in the following described lands:
Commencing at a post mai ked T. W.,
S. W. corner, planted at the B. W.
corner of Section 82, in Township 19,
Municipality of Sumas, New Westminster District; thence north 80
chains: thence east 80 chains: thence
south SO chains; thence west Rn
chains to point of commencement and
containing  640  acres.
Dated at Abbotsford. B.C., this 9th
dav of June.  AD., 1910.
And  Upriver  Landings
The  New  Sternwheeler
Leaves Brackman-Ker Milling Company's wharf, Xew Westminster, witl��
passengers and freight as follows:
Leaves New Westminster Tuesday.
Thursday and Saturday at S a. m.
Leaves Chilliwack  Wednesday. Friday and Sunday at 7 a. in.
.First Class Passenger Accommodatior.
New   Westminster.
Until further notice this
bank will be open
from seven to nine o'clock.
District of New Westminster.
New Westminster Land District.
Two  Thousand   Tribesmen   to   Gather
at   Portage   la   Prairie.
Portage la Prairie, June 23.���The
largest gathering of Indians ever gathered in Manitoba will be held at Portage la Prairie on July 26 and will continue for three days, the Bame (lute as
. ( the  annonal   fair.     This   is   not   done
from I by Invitation of the fair authorities,
which tlie pulley was suspended was J but a deputation of the Sioux tribe re-
beside him, and the lower end of thejoently waited on them and asked ', er-
rope   was  swept   across  the  deck  of j mission  to have a place allottet  for
the  Maid  of the Mist, where sonic of
the deck hands made it fust.
Slid Down the  Rope.
"Houndin begun to slide down the
rope, having twisted his leg. around
it. and It would have been a comparatively easy task if the Maid of the
Mist had been able to stay ln the one
position. But the force of the current
was so strong that it was carried
down stream and this way and that
wav till the rope wus curved In a
veritable semi-circle. While In that
condition the aventurer could not descend, so there he hung, midway between the wire above and the boat
swinging up and down, to and fro. till
ev, .-vone thought there wasn't the
slightest chance of him ever getting
to the deck below.
"Rut he had the nerve, and he stuck
to the rope, and as the little boat
swung back ho slid down the rest of
the wav to solid earth, as it were.
"People say it took over half an
Hour altogether, but it seemed like
a week. When it was all over they
were too dazed to cheer very much,
hut a stgh went nn that told how glad
they  all wera better than had they
them inside the grounds and to be
given police protection. Tbis request
was granted and Invitations have
been sent to the tribes.
It Is estimated that at least there
will be 2,000 Indians in attendance.
They have been given permission to
put on pony races an' other snorts
and have secured permission to hold
a parade through the city daily. The
fair management has offe'-e I nrl.es
for the best costumes and it is expected that there will be keen competition in this line.
Take notice that I, Alexander Johnston, of Abbotsford. B.C., lumberman,
Intend to apply to tMe chief Commissioner of Lands at Victoria, B.C., for
a license to prospect for coal and \p
troleum on and In the following de
scrlhed lands:
Commencing at a post marked a J.,
N. E, corner, planted at the N. B. corner of Section 30. In Township 19,
Municipality of Sumas. New Westminster District; thence south SO chains:
thence west 80 chains; thence north
80 chains; tlience east SO chains to
point of commencement and containing RIO acres.
Dated at Abbotsford. B.C., this 9th
daT of June.  A.D.  1910.
Royal Bank of Canals
New Westminster,
F. Shute, Mgr.
j. newsomeTsons
Painters, Paperhangers
and Decorators.
Estimates Given. Phone 567
Oistrlct of New Westminster.
New Westminster Land District.
cheered for the rest of the day.
"When the crowd saw the condition
of affairs at the beginning, when he
came to a stop In the centre of the
wire, they hadn't the slightest idea
that he would ever be seen alive
again. It was something none of
them had ever seen the like of before, and I doubt very much if they
would want to see it all oevr again. I
for one wouldn't. It was too much
for me."
Houndln, they say, Ib a Toronto
Take notice that I, R. A. Tretheway,
of Abbotsford, H.C., lumberman, in
tend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of lands at Victoria, B.C., for
a license to prospect for coal and petroleum ou and In tbe following described lands:
Commencing at a post marked R.
A. T., N. W. corner, planted at the
N. W. corner of Section 29. lu Township 19, Municipality of Sumas, New
Westminster District; thence east 80-
chains; thence south 80 chains; thence
west 80 chains; thence north 80
chains to point of commencement and
containing 640 acres.
Dated at Abbotsford. B.C., this 9th
day of June, A.D.. 1910.
214  Sixth  Avenue
Green Cut Bone to Make-
Your Chickens  Lay.
Central Meat Market
Corner Eighth St. and Fifth Avenue.
PHONE 370.
3% to 2r�� H. P.
2 and 4 Cycle.
Local Agents
Westminster Iron Works
Phone S3.
Tenth  St,  New Westminster.
' I
fl. 'i ft
The Daily News Physician Tells
Published by THe Dally -News Publishing Company, Limited, at their offices,
-Corner   of    McKenzie   and    Victoria
Paige Managing   Director
C A,
Quesnel Auction August 1.
Victoria. June L'L'.���In consequence
f the crowded conditions and urgent
IVnrTiPn Pilin Trillls^ <l('mund for building lots al Quesnel,
fl UlliUll   I Iii iii   11 UIIIO  the government has decided to auction
the remaining lots in the old survey
(some 150 in all) on August 1.   These
lots  are  132   by  GO  feet  in  aria,  anil!
are the  only  available  properties   Inl
this Cariboo town, now teeming with |
business   as   the   base   of  the   exodus
into New Cariboo.
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FRIDAY,  JUNE  ?4,  1910.
cope with  life as it   really was  was
the traifting hospital.
Scriptural statements, regarding the
status of women, must be taken with
reference to the time of writing. Women were not a side issue, they were
' nol  meant, to be subject to man, and
the time was ripe and more than ripe
I for the abolution of Pauline restrictions.
Female   Political   Party.
With regard to their federal rights,!
lit  was  time the  won.cn  held an  old-1
time Uoston tea-party;  all they were!
doing now, was a mere bubble blow-:
ing and sham pillow  lighting.    Party
politics divided  good,  true  men,  and
gave  the  devil   a  chance   to  get   his |
j work in.    As a rule all who opposed I
worthy  of careful study,  for through | women's franchise were interested inl
them we see the immense amount of! the  liquor  or   brothel   traffic.    Much!
I could   be   done   by   persuasion,   much !
��;ood  work that has been and is be- j more by ballot; the W. C. T. I', should j
done hy this most valuable Instl-1 organize   a   political   party   for   fran-|
A goodly measure of Interest attaches to the proceedings of the annual meeting of the Royal Columbian
Hospital, which took place on Wednesday.     The   reports   submitted   are
The  hospital  is  near to  the
hlse,  home  and  nation.    Some two-
by-four men objected to women voting
attainment of its jubilee, having been   on   the   ground   that   they   could   not
flgbl in tho time of war.   Such absurd
iirst established in tlie year 1862.  The  rot w.,s not  wnrtll  consideration  for
a moment.    Mothers gave life to the
nation and kept the ranks of lighting
men constantly recruited.   Men would
measure   up   to   the   standard   women
set for them.   It was up to the women
to demand an equal standard of morality for men and women.   Immorality
! always  meant   disease,  usually  incur-
i ahle.   Men respected most those wom-
1 en who respected themselves. Homes.
! lives, happiness, were at stake. Weep-
iirst building was of course of a modest character, providing accommodation for only some thirty patients.
But the demand upon the institution
has naturally grown with the expansion and development of the city of
.New West minster and the surrounding districts, and from time to time
ing over a city was not enough; worn-
5t has been necessary to enlarge the ! en   must   act  as  a  mighty   unit,  and
act quickly and determinedly.
National Finance Co.
II. P. LATHAM, Local Manager.
New  Westminster.
building. Now so inadequate has the
present structure become to accommodate    all    that    demand    admittance
Queen's  Book for  Boy.
A pretty incident took place at the
close  of   the   morning  session,   when
Mrs. Cartmell, of Chilliwack, was pre-
tliat a spacious and handsome stone! sented by the convention with a heau-
! t if nl copy of the Queen Alexandra gift
! hoo)\. Snap Shots From My Own Camera, for her little son, Raymond Cart-
I mell,   who   is   today   celebrating   his
and brick building, replete with all
modern improvements, is to be erected. The plans for this are in their
final stage and it is probable that
tenders for construction will be called
within the next few days. Possibly
this new building will be completed
In such time as to admit of its opening during the jubilee year of the hospital, for the celebration of wliich
ceremony it would seem a most fitting
It is worthy of note that the only
living representative of the original
board, the board of founders, as it
mighi well be called, is Mr. W. J.
Armstrong.      .Many    of    the
seventh   birthday,   and   who  was  two
years ago made an honorary member j
of the W. C. T.  U. at tlie provincial ;
convention   then   being   held   in   Vic-
toria.    The   little   lad   was   Buttering I
at the time from the loss of one eye,
the result of an accident.    In thanking the  convention  for  its  kind  gift,
Mrs. Cartmell stated that like Hannah
of old, she had dedicated her son to
the Lord's  work.
Plan   of   Year's   Work.
The plan of work for the coming
year submitted by the official committee and adopted by the convention
was as follows:
"First���That all unions should observe Crusade Day in September in
order to Increase the membership.
"That   unions   should   he   urged   to
present'study the municipal voters' lists; that
lists   of   voters   favorable   to   temper-!
.board  have put  In  a goodly term of j anCe should  be  kept  fn order to  in-
.years   of   noble   service,   among   the!fluence tlle municipal election.
.,������,i   .    i,i,     ai     t r. "In view of the intended erection of
number    being   Mr.   James   Cunning- L  maternity ward in connection  with J
bam,   who now,  owing  to advancing the Provincial Royal Jubilee hospital,
a-r>..,,r.   i, ���  ,.���,!    i     c ,.     ' iwe recommend that we do nol  press
years,  has  retired.    Secretary  Keary  the enlargement of tlie  W. C.  T.  U.
is another who has labored  with  af-  home.
r������i;���r,.���r.  ,���,..   ����� , J    "That the  unions  be  urged  to  an-
fectionate  zest   for  many  years,  and polnt  a  flnance COInlllitte(, of  wllk'll
to him the citizens of Xew Westmln- the treasurer shall  be chairman, one!
viler  nwe   nn  email   .,,���������������   ���f        .��� Iof  whoso  duties  shall   he  the  collec-
stei   owe  no small  amount  ot  grati- tkm of member8hip dues.
Hide.    Whilst upon Mr. Keary's shoul-      "That   we  recommend  to the  local
.,   ,���.,;������ ,��� 'union   the   honorary   member   button.
a   major   portion  of wMch   hafJ   bepn
the    administrative    work    in    this tional W. C. T
Twenty acres adjoining Cloverdale townsite on McLelland
road, nicely situated for subdivision. Price for quick sale
only $200 per acre. One-half
Two snap lots on Seventh avenue. Three snap lots on Sixth
avenue. Price $625 to $700
Some nicely located houses for
sale at snap prices for this
month onlv.
Hall's Prairie
Eighty acres, half mile from
Clayton school. Price only
$85 per acre;  a swell buy.
For full particulars see
Commences on Friday, 24ih, at 8 a.m.
We are  expanding  our  premises.    Our  thriving  business calls  tor it   We have to have more room
Soon the workmen will be busy tearing down the walls, but before  commencing  on  this  work ,mj
exposing  the Stock to so much   dust   and   lime,   we  aie   having   a   thorough  clearance  Sab      \   ,.  .
will   eclipse  anything  of  Its kind.    Not a few items of old stock,  right bang-up-to-date good
given  tlie  word  to  go,  and   out they will go with a tush.    It's going to ho a "hummer" whlli
���you'll   be   wise   to   take  advantage of this sale at the commencement;    there    will   he
time, hut dou'l miss any of them   by   wailing.
Goods Charged at SaBe Prices.    Nothing
Sent on approval During This Sale
Ladies' $28 Suits at $14.75
An astounding offer of high grade
suits; every suit a new and up-to-
date   model,   popular   length   coats;
skirts  in   various  pleated  and   button
trimmed   styles,   and   a   wide   variety
of   stylish   colorings.     Many   are   Bilk
lined.    Regular values to $28.00.
Expansion Sale  Price $14.75
9 Suits to Clear at $3.50
All we have left from last  . ��� ���������
Light   Tweed   anil   fancy   male: i
Btripes, checks, and  plain grey. Nine
only  in  ih,.  p.t.  an l  they  can'l
Bibly last long.   Tlie skirl of anj
is   worth   far   more   than   this     I
Regular prices run as high as $1
Expansion   Sale   Price $3.50
All our large stock of Wash Suits,  Coats, Dresses,
Skirts, etc., specially reduced for this   Great Sale
24  Ladies'  Dress Skirts   i     le   from   white   duck   and   also   ns ural   col    ed
stitching,   strapping   and   buttons constitute the trlmn  - All  sizes.
Expansion  Sale  Price $1.50
White   Duck   Coats���Dressy gi r summe    wear;
this lot  '    '      Us regularl)  for less than $5.
li  Btylei
Expansion   Sale   Price  $2.25
National Finance Co.
II. P. LATHAM. Local Manager.
New   Westminster.
tiers   has   fallen   .
adopted  by  the na-
tiiis  tional W. C. T.  I'.. a tiny white how
grand   institution,  the  burden  of the   ...   i',lui "i^.1 ,.Utton  ���unde(J  b?
iW. t. T. U. letters in gold.
hospital  work  proper  has  been  ably I    "That in order to further the work
and   nobly   borne   for   the   last   eight
amongst the young people, we recom
mend the formation of auxiliary
years by Miss Mary Martin, the Lady leagues amongst the intermediate,
Superintendent. through   which   they  become  pledged
I to the W. C.  T.  U.  without organiza-
Only those familiar with the inner 'tion.   The girls to wear the bow, the
���working   of   a   general   hospital   will . boyB   the   honorary   member   buttons.
AH such to be enrolled on auxiliary
be able to fully appreciate the strain membership roll of the local union,
which the responsibility of such a po-l "T,lat the provincial officers be authorized to develop a plan by which
sitlon as this must involve. To carry there may be supplied direct to the
out the duties of director of such an 'local   uni,,n   suitable   monthly   lesson
studies, which will be educational ln
institution as the Royal Columbian J character and which will be paid for
hospital,  in   the  able and  successful   ��-v tlle unions.
.        ,,,,,.      ��� "That  we  recommend that we sup-
way in  which  Miss Martin has done,  port   the   local   option   works   of   the
requires  an  ample  measure  of  cour- Province to tho extent, of $1 per meni-
, , her,  the  monev   to  be  raised  by  the
���age and forethought, patience and self j ,0.;i,   ,mions  acco���1JI1K   gfijftg  Jg.
sacrifice.   It is women of this charac- cretion.
�����,.   ;���   ,ur.,r.   .    -.- r "That this provincial convention ac-
ter, in  these positions  of grave re- cept8 the BUg��e8tlon of Rev. Dr. .pen-
-sponsibility, who face suffering, pain, cer, superintendent of local option, to
l-sease   and  grim  death  itself  every    .'!! l^T 2i i''".  ?" JJ %S%V* ^2
-   Standard in which to publish the work
day of their lives with a kindly sym- of the W. C. T. 1'., in return for which
pathy   and   resolution,   that   win   the i ,!'e U,nI��?!tlwflI ,un*ertake to secure
ithe circulation  ot  the paper in their
real badge of nobility.    To them the respective towns."
Mrs. Botts, of Vancouver, who last
year attended the Dominion convention   at   St.   John,   Xew   Brunswick,
Slightly Soiled Curtain
Ends, 25c Each
150  Lace Curtain  Ends to clca
this '.Meat sale.   Vai lo is patti rns   ind
nets;   an   extensive   rani e  to  cho
from.     Watch   our   window   Bhowing
of these.
On  Sn'e   Fridiy at 8 a. m..   25c  Each.
Children's Sun Bonnets,
15c ��ac/i
Vou   will   I e  able  to   take '���
ee at i       I Lawn,  Ei
dery an i Jap Silk   I   nnel
and cn a������      ������'���������'  ol  thei e aie
pies and so led a little,    The ri
\ alues i an fi om 5 ic to $2 e
On  S.ile  Friday,  15c  Each
world  owes a debt that is immeasu-!
rable  in  its  extent.    Yet  only  occasionally are their most valuable services adequately recognized.
We   feel  sure  that  the  citizens  of
as a delegate from this society, gave
a very full and interesting report, and
was given a very hearty vote of
Airs. Sherwood, on behalf of the Vic-
New Westminster and the people of toria local union, invited the conven-
the    surrounding    communities    will' tl(��n   ,0  meet  in   Victoria  next  June.
jMis. Fitch, of Vancouver, moved thai
bowever acknowledge the true worth the invitation should be accepted with
���of the services of the Lady Superin- thanks, and her motion carried unan-
,    limously.
tendent of our hospital, and that the, Session Is Ended.
hearts of those who have, by chance
200 New     %
Quick- :
Folding I
Roomy, Comfortable and  Safe. The Finest Looking and Easiest Oper
ating   Carts    Made.
"We Furnish Your Home Complete"
��� ���������������
Weekday Schedule
20,  '
Cars leave Westminster for Vancouver  at   6:60,   6
8:0o and every  half hour thereafter until  11  p, m.
Cars leave Vancouver for Westminster   at   6:60,   '
and every half hour thereafter until  11:30 p.  m.
Return   Fare:   Adults,  60c;   children   under  ll',  36c,
Sunday Schedule���Cars leave   Westminster   for   Vancouver
a.  in. and every  half hour thereafter until  11  p.  in.
Cars leave Vancouver for Westminster   at   8   a.   in ,  9   a
every half hour thereafter until 11:30   p.   m.
Sunday  Kxcurslon   Rat^s:   Return  fare,  fiOo;  children, 26c.
Freight Schedule���Freight cars leave Westminster tor Van
at 7:20 a. ni., 11:20 a. m. and 3:L'U  p.   tn.    freight cars  leave
couver for  Westminster at  S:20, 1:20 and 6:20.
|. Hope
Sore at I
|.cr >	
���til i,!'
1 camp '"
mf." "I
L, sate
.ki     |(
at S
in. and
"'T Successors to  Lee's Furniture Emporium
Phone 73 716718   Columbia   St.,   New   Westminster.
accident or misfortune, had occasion
to benefit by her kindly ministrations,
will be full of gratitude.
London, .lune 23.���Earl Grey and
Hon. Clifford Sifton called on Lord
Itraasey yesterday. Lord Drassey will
be visiting Canada al the end of July
,-��nd will make a tour of Hie Great
.���LaV.iL   ,:i  his yacht  Sunbeam.
The closing session of what, had
proved a most successful convention
was held In St. Georges hall, New
Westminster, the speakers heing Mrs.
Edith Murray Dow, Rossland, II. C,
and Kev. Or. Spencer, of Vancouver,
the former of whom spoke on "Woman's Work and Woman's Place," and
the letter on thc application of the
Canada Temperance Act to Hritish Columbia and the history of the local
option movement, pointing out how
the W. C. T. lT. could help.
A   charming   musical   program   was
rendered   by   tho   Misses   Kenny,   of
New  Westminster, and Mrs. Grogson
of Victoria, and
of New Westminster
Notice to Contractors.
Tenders for Valves, Gates, Etc.
Tenders are required for the supply
of Gates,. Valves, etc., for the New
Water Main, for pipes of 2f>ln., Liln.
and V2in. diameter. Specifications and
full particulars can be obtained from
the City and Waterworks Fngineer,
J. W. B.  Blackman, City  Hall.
Tenders   will   be  received   up  to  6
o'clock p, in. on Julv 4, 1910.
W. A. DUNCAN, City Clerk.
New Westminster, June 23, 1910.
4   Pieces
Special for Tcdiy
For Only 80 Cents  per
New Judge for Manitoba.
Ottawa, June 23.���H. Robson, K.C,
a member of the legal firm of Aikins.
Robson   &  Coyle,  of  Winnipeg,  has
'���Irs.  Frank Pearson,   been appointed Judge of the Manitoba
Court   of   Appeals.
The  Fair
646  Columbia   Street.
We bny for cash nnd se.i for the Bame
Well   Known   Rancher   Dead.
Calgary, June 23.���George  L.  Klei-
Bon, one of the beal  known rancher*
in Weslcrn Canada, died today.
City Limits Line���20 minute service from <l:iri a. m. to 11 I' '"���
Sunday   Service���Half   hourly  between 8 a.  m. and 11  V- ��������
Sapperton  Line���20  minute service, from C>: 25 a. in. to 11:10 I"11
Sunday   Service���Half   hourly between 8:30 a. m. and 11 p. tn.
******************** ****************************
Wo carry In stock an assortment of BLUE WHITE WESSELTONS.
40  to  $400. ,
ihe  BEST procurable In Canada, and is a pleas-
These goods are
ure to show same.
Foot Powder I
25c per box.   Try It.
| Ryall's Drug Store j
t f.lDAY
JUNE  ?4, 1910.
-~~~     ~     WST END LADS TROlNcf
***********aaaaaa********a*************************** ��� ���W����*��~^~""""^*^"#^w"^"^
��� tt s
0dou7^ Tells John
0�� White Race is
We have for exclusive sale, lot on Regina
and Second streel i, only $650, One-third cash:
months al 7 per cent.
streel.  between  First
balance In 6 and
I Hope
lore at Him.
1 ca��P ol
rune 23.���Former Cham-
' Suiiivan  was  told   by
;m ,  j, corbetl today
QCe ^B  not  desired at
���ormer Champion
Lacrosse Game of So So Variety Ends
in Three-Two Score, With Green-
shirts Holding Big End.
.1.   .1.
he stood
.oked Sullivan, as
,   bad   t)een  closed  to
Jeffries' cottage at Mo-
L gate
. ���  ti :
Sji|'inPs;     , _ 	
_: "\\,l light and called
"'��� ,,... ei   wants me to say
1   nol  ghake  hands  with
epiied   Corbett,   "you
he will
I've  been   11iir
I   ***************m
lr oroti  " ' ���1"1"1  '"
I ,.   you   were   miSqUOt-
1 ,   ,,.,,.:,   Corbett,   and
,Hoquy    Sullivan    re-
Iwlth   ins   manager,
...   Whlch  was witnessed
I     .   , 'newspapermen, tonight
m .,,, town,     Speaking for
'' ,      lge,   Hall declared thai
I        , j to regard Corbetl as
**  desman, and that he would
,: attempt to see Jeffries
The lacrosse game last night between the West Enders and Sapperton
was not Up to the standard of tne
last two or three matches, bul some
good lacrosse was forthcoming occasionally. Bapperton lost again, the
score being three to two at the end of
time, W. Gifford handled the whistle
but did nol have a very hard job, except in the hist quarter, when the
players began to mix up a little.
\V. Sangster was sent off for five
minutes in the third quarter, and he,
with Warwick, who was sent off far
the resl of the came about tlie middle
ol the lasl quarter, were the only
ones who did not play the game
through, Warwick became inclined
to fight with Coutts In the last quarter   and   several   Others   starle I   ill   to
assist on both sides but Referee Gif-
rord   ruled   Warwick  off  the  held  and
the    game    started   again   before   the
spectators   realized   what    was   go-
One-quarter Bectlon on Hjorthe road
cash:   balanci
  I   l?L'iin  per
ice on easy terms.
Fifteen acres in Section  16, B. 5, N. it. 2 VV.
One-third cash:  balance 6, 12 and ix mont]
We  also  have
ties in citv
ha at  '
large listings    of buslnei s and
i   $1,200 per acre.
per cent.
resldi ntial proper-
aBifiis? Coulthard & Co.
^^^^^^^^^ Limited   ^^^^
*   ���    X
* *
��� ���
��� ���
��� ���
��� ���
We can insure your house, furniture and other property in the strongest and most reliable companies at
the  right  rates.
ing on.       _ 	
vmen waB nmicoo^i    This hiss pretty well removes Sap-'
Jeffries'  trainers and   pelton   from  the  list   of  possible win-
......   nerB Qj t()(i |](,Iln.int   ,1S t|1(.v jjave won |
no  games  yet,  while the  other teams i
have both won a couple.   The Reginas
have not been defeated yet, although
they have been tied by both West End
and  Sapperton.
The- following are the teams: West
End���Goal, Munn. Dlgby, Warwick.
Gregory, Battson, Sangster, Bartlett,
Sangster, Wilkie. Mills. Henry', Swanson, Sapperton���Goal, Conns; Stott,
Patchell, Patchell, Atkinson. K. McKenzie. Archibald, R. McKenzie
I Coutts,  Sclater.  Martin,  Hume.
���   Jeffries,   who   at    tbe
(ijliivan called was lounging In
��� ��� iger Sam Berger as-
I t Coi betl was equally em-
I.. ���, speak for Jeffries and If
| another effort  to seek
Tom I ������ ���������   ild  Iind  the  same re-
Bald   Berger,  "as  the
Ic   access   to   our
is as much  right  as
: e  and   Bee   Jeffries
i C    ��� " quoted Jeffi les cor-
��� Sullivan   that   he
I ng to do with him."
i  ��� ttement to the Asso
|- hai  he was totally
��� ,   treatmen
m. and '    ���       had no Intention of
J :. Jeffries.   He de-
Red tl -   no  foundation
tl  ll  lie had roast.
ed   the   fight   a
: nd will try to
���     bet ui- D    Sulll
public work In
.  tl v In      this
: ���    nee of   100  Bl ��� ������ ' i
��� ng s, -���-ion of ball
1 is   real   exei
��� fteen-minutes Biege
A Nice Little Buy
FIVE ACRES FOR $700.���Fronting on Scott road, half a mile from
New Westminster-Chilliwack Tram Line; good land; easily cleared. .700 cash for short time only. Adjoining land held at
$300 per acre.
Improved Property���Two Bargains
HOME AT  EASY TERMS.���Double  lot   with   six   roomed  house,  on
Nanaimo street, between Tenth and Twelfth streets, near Moody
Square and Lord Kelvin school, and only half a bloclf. from the
Twelfth  Street   car  line.  Price $2,400.    Terms, $1,000 cash, balance in ii, 12, IK, 24, and 30 months at 7 per cent.
READY   FOR   HOUSE-KEEPING.���Five  acre  homestead    at    South
Westminster, half a mile from   river  and   close  to  New   Westminster-Chilliwack tram line.    All cleared, fenced and cultivated
'AH apple trees, small fruits, raspberries,  strawberries, etc,   five-
roomed  house,  with  outside   kitchen,   milk   house,   barn   for   11
cows and 2 horses, chicken  house 20 x 60, brooder house lfi x 40.
Running spring at back door; fine view of river and city.   Price
$5,250,    Terms $2,250 cash,  balance in  6,  12  and  18  months at
7 per cent.    Furniture in house Will be sold for $625.   Lot 4. half
of homestead, all cleared and  fenced, will  be sold separately if
desired, for $:i">-.r>; $1,125 cab, balance in (',. 12 and 18 months at
7 per cent.     Unimproved land in vicinity held at $1,000 an acre.
���  ���
White, SMes & Co.
Private   Money  to   Loan  on   Good   Improved City and District Security.
628 Columbia St.
746 Columbia St.
���NEW    WESTMINSTER,  ���  B.    C.���
t ^aa*.***************************���*********''
*******************,ww  ���=
Contractors and
House Builders
e have a full
ers' Hard
line   of
ardware in tnis
the   Best
ore Building See Us, as we   believe   we   can   save   you
Also Complete   Stock   ot   PAINTS   and   OILS
T. J.Trapp & Co., Ltd.
Spokane.  June   23.���David    Daniel-:
son   twenty  years of  age,  who  fell!
trom   the  top  of   the   new   Morrison
Theater building here, a distance of
172   feet,   withoul   serious   injury   on
June 17. has returned to work on the
structure     Danielson   tripped over  a
coil ot rope on tiie roof and pitched
headlong to the pavement, where he
landed in a whi elban ow.
Before those who saw the descent
Id  rush  to his aid,  he arose and
walked to the offli ������ ol Dr. Stanley ll.
Titus, where he calmlj  stretched out]
on an operating table to ascertain the'
extent  of his Injuries.    A misery ex-;
aminatlon   showed  no  bones broken.!
and  when  Danielson learned this he
walked to his sister'a home and invited   her  to  dinner   in   a    n staurant,
. hei i- he did Justic ��� to a meal that
would   s.iti-���;.   two   men   of  ordinary
Danielson Bays the .ash over his
letl eye is the only thing that caused
pain, adding that the sensation of the
hurried fli. lit through space amply re-
paid the after inconvenience by reason  of  a  close 1  optic.
Hale Bros. I Kennedyll  June Weddin
��� nfiTPn H   T
^^^^   LIMITED.    	
Bank   Building
No.  335.
corner of  Columbia  and   Begbie  Streets.
The Public
Supply Stores
We are able to fill in your wants in the Wedding Gift line from
$1.00 and up. If it is a Wedding Ring, or an Engagement Ring,
we can suit the most exacting requirements.
We shall be pleased to have you call and consult us.
John B. Gray
....... m r.    . a,r*.    inun I  pq
n    Bellies   Will   Make
"crre Effort to  Defeat  Capital
'  Team   Tomorrow.
������ ���     me of the senloi
o   be   played   on
will   take   place   tomorrow, i
...   comes   over   with   a
���   ,   to play the unpaid Sal
Victoria has shown  up
I thi league so far this year
��� ��� itlni   Vancouver  easily,  and
fmln iter has been put down
���      ' ol the list by a defeat by
li al City,
fhe Vlel irla  bunch  is  reported  to
.   ami  they are making
UJorl    to put B llrst class team
��� ! for next Saturday.   Every-
handle  a   stick   In  the
���,., n out  practicing, and
��� present time B number of test
e!    ri   heing  pulled Ofl  between
.     ,ii  of the best   talent   in
Ottawa,   June   23.���Sid   and     I'.unt
Galsl ird,  two   well     known    Ottawa
I boys who have been living in Chicago
the pas:  few  years, are home on a
visit    Both  hoys  played  lacrosse in
I   ��J  the Chicago City league last season.
0      !but   say  owing  t'l  rough  work  during
the  matches, the game was virtually
dropped this season, the Illinois Athletic   club   being   the   only   organization that still clings to it.   Tlie I.A.C.
will play exhibition games with teams
from western Canada.
The Qalsford brothers leave on Saturday night for Chicago and from
there will go out to Vancouver. They
expect to be on hand to see \h-
; cup series hetween
Challengers   for   Minto   Cup   Do   Not
Intend  Staying  Here  While On
the Coast,
A report is being circulated that
the players of the Montral Lacrosse
club, when they come here in search
of the Minto cup in a few weeks, will
' have their quarters in Vancouver and
will only favor New Westminster
with an occasional call when there is
a game on.
,    The report has not come from Mon-
Trust   Block.
Columbia   St.
a\     uominioo     i i "^   -���-��� a
���  ..*.*.** **************************
��������������������������������������������������������������***** aaaaww  ^
I Baseball
Minto I
Montreal    and 11
We Have Just Received a shipment
of OLIVES. They
are a New Brand;
large and well packed.    All Prices. . .
treal but from Vancouver, but even
at that it comes from a fairly reliable source and it is evident that it
is the present intention of the eastern
champions to keep away from New
Westminster except when their presence is demanded by the referee.
There may be a reason for this action of the Montrealers, but It has
not yet developed and until some explanation is forthcoming the lacrosse
enthusiasts of this city will no doubt
feel that they have been slighted.
There  is no question  of  not  being
iable to provide training quarters and
Rivals to   Decide  Cellar  Position  Tonight,
The Alerts and Balmorals are scheduled  to  play  a  league  game tonight
and  some  fast  baseball   is  expected.
At   their   last   game   the   Alerts   won
their first game, and the Bals are not
going to let anything like that happen
again if they can help it.   The referee
has not yet been chosen.
1     The   Alerts   will   pick   their   team
from the following players:  Poupore.
Peele,    McPhail,    Jamieson,    Brown,
Glass, Sinclair, Fitzgerald, Reilly, Robertson, Oswald, Peck and Sharp.
The  Balmoral  team is as follows:
Catcher,  Munn:   pitcher,  Smith;   first
base,   W.   R.   Sinclair;   second   base,
: Howard;     shortstop,    Wright;    third
base. Stein, left field, Canfield; center,
JDelldal; right field, Ryall.
base. Stein; left field, Canfield: center
I field, Delldal; right field, Ryall.
Railroading  the   Fillers.
The waiter who bawls out his ord-
to the cook  In the kitchen    may
A   Joke.
||l,   ease   the   resMents   of   the   Brit-
have ajso ,..,.��� working lsh Columbia city win bave.no use for
<[{v^^ili::��� r-SSifWSS^ **** ��������M;,,umi1
giving the team  I��>undii to pr a ctlse ��-     -^ -g^ M thp dodo;   but
tor  every   team   that   nas    evei i ^
will show many
feY W which wont down to defeat   arrives
',;  '   .-er,   There are two or three
���      ton men on this time, and;
.��� good this team will prob-'
' **  given    more    consideration
;fe,1'lie selections aro made for tho
���' Pei h will probably referee the
it   re:
���'���Toronto News.
...  ' 'ollowing is tin
r       -tti:  Coal
:.   ||
,."'ltl1 a view to encouraging
,;" 'htle lads of this city In
'he an  0f
Sticks,  The
New Westmln-
Munn;   J.  Stott.
A. Robertson, L, Gregory.
. .1. Fitzgerald, N. Kenny,, .
J, Gifford,    C.  Smith,    B.    , "v land    '
spares,  Q,   Atkinson   and   ��- ^ Boston
.  [Boston
| Washington
Watches for Youngsters.
Thursday,   lune 23.
American League
are Here ! Get a
crate before they
are all gone.   .   ���
on,   for   every   ,���,.���.       .
j come west after the cup has always
I received the best of treatment in that
j respect here.
' The lacrosse men here did not inform the Montrealers what preparations were being made for their coming, for the simple reason that they j
took it as a matter of course that ���
they were going to stay here, and tlie
usual preparations would be made in
i due   course.
1 lt will make no difference to the
I games and it will make no difference
I to the city if tlie Montreal team does
I not come here, but if it does not, its
taction will certainly engender hard
feeling and antagonism towards a
team, towards which the attitude ot
the Salmon Bellies has always hitherto been one of respect aud admiration.
his cries  should  live forever
"Mutton broth In a hurry,'
says a
customer.   "Baabaa in the rain! Make
him run!" shouts the waiter.
"Beefsteak and onions," says a customer. "John Bull! Make him a
ginny!"  shouts the  waiter.
"Where's my baked potato?" asks
a customer. "Mrs. Murphy in a sealskin coat!" shouts the waiter.
"Two fried eggs. Don't fry 'em too
hard." say a customer. "Adam and
Eve in the Garden! Leave their eyes
open!"   shouts   the  waiter.
"Poached eggs on toast," says a
customer. "Bride and groom on a
raft in the middle of the ocean!"
shouts the waiter.
"Chicken croquettes," says a customer. "Fowl ball," shouts the waiter.
"Hash," says a customer. "Gentleman wants to take a chance!" shouts
the waiter. "I'll have hash, too," says
the next customer. "Another sport!"
shouts the waiter.
"Glass of milk," says a customer.
"Let it rain!" shouts the waiter.
"Frankfurters and sauerkraut, good
and hot," says a customer. "Fido,
Shep and a bale of hay!" shouts the
waiter "and
let 'em sizzle!"
handling   lacrosse
Dally  News is ar-
'8     tor     a     tournament
',"m,11K teams composed of lads
lll0|e than  ton  years of
lie winners will be pre-
with   a   watch   apiece.
ins   intending   to   take
',','.' Im,si  notify  lhe Sporting
i",'""' "���'  The  Dally   News  by
ir of
Hy  IB
A   dozen
Sic  ||
yoiingstors who
lem8elves the Princess
Scouts have already
"" known their Intention to
e part i- ������
"i the tournament.
��� ;
\t   New  York���
N6W   Y'Northwestern League^
At  Seattle��� .,'
Spokane    "' 1
S,>:"t1''   ;""Honner and Shea;
��� ault and Custer.
,\t Vancouvei ���	
Tacoma            "'  ,;    1
Vancouver     ,.  ,, ".iml" Vilaiikeii
Batteries���Hau '"'"
Gardner and Lew". .
j Standing of the C    ^
I SB     26
Spokane          ., (      07
Vancouver     '!,-    34
Tacoma        .('.      ;;-,
Seattle     '_tlJ__i
Games Today.
Tacoma   vs.   Vancouver
park,   Vancouver,   t   p.  ">���
Spokane al  Seattl9.
ie       DAILY        NEWS
Montreal   Gazette:   "Get   'em   low'
seems to be the 1910 slogan of Jimmy
Murphy's crew.    Most of the Montreal
, men   when   they   turned   out   for   the
1 first practice this week after the game
at   Scarboro    each,     showed     nasty
bruises about the legs, as a result of
low,  foul  checking.    With  shoulders,
arms  and  hands  now  well  protected
by padding, the lacrosse players will
bave to adopt a wicket-keeper's protection if the low checking Is let go
by the officials.   A stiff crack over the
knee is enough to put a player out of
business for the season.    Leyden, of
the Montreal team, was probably the
worst sufferer in the Toronto game.
Nationals announce that Orner Du-
pras is  back  In  line, and  will  probably   figure   on   the   team   that   will
play Toronto in Toronto on Dominion
That vou can secure the best,  fire  protection  in  the city  at the
lowest rates.   I write insurance with no strings to it.   You pay >ou.
premium and your worry stops.    None but
the  business  are  represented  by   me.    All
ever had have been satisfactorily adjusted.
Call or phone for particulars and rates.
the  Best  Companies  In
losses   that  they  have
"The Insurance Man"
Suite 1. Curtis-Armstrong Blk.      Phone 62 PAGE SIX.
FR1DAY, june ?4
When It's
We have the Very Latest in
Styles and Patterns. All the
new things in plain ancl fancy
Silks. Poplins, Baratheas,
Gros Graines and Bengalines.
All at Popular Prices.
Wash Ties
Wash Ties
Wash Ties
 . More   Than   1.500  Cases   Have   Fallen
Wed Ollly SiX Months,    Can- Behind Time of Trial  Since Be-
not Recall Bride's Name -
Thinks Victoria Reigns.
ginning  of  Year.
IM. J. Phillips
The Wardrobe Clothier
Sole  Agents    for   20th    Century   Clothing   and
Deimel's Linen Mesh Underwear.
Columbia Street
New Westminster, B.C.
Hotel Butler Annex
Fourth Avenue and Manoi 8treet
Room   $1   pir  day  up.
Room   and  toard  $2.50 per  day up.
Room   with   bath   $2.50 per  day  up.
Room with bath and board $4 per day
All nitside rooms, with hot and cold
water, steam heat, long distance telephone. 'Bus meets all trains and boats
The Daily News will be Kept on file
ln our reading room.
Ottawa. Juno 23.���Thai a French-
iiK.n named Cartler, Ib Prime Mlnlstei
of Canada, that the Governor-General's name is Monck, and that. Queen
Victoria still reigns over the British
Empire arc a part of the ideas as to
existent political conditions entertained hy Michael Kraser. of .Midland, according tc affidavits filed at Osgoode
Hall yesterday. The affidavits were
made by medical men who examined
Mr. Kraser in accordance with an order of the Divisional coun in an action
hy one ni' Mr. eraser's next-of-kin, as
nexl friends, to have his marriage to
Miss Hannah M. O. Robertson, of
Dundas, declared null anil void. Tic
alleged marriage was performed last
January  hy   Rev,  W.  RobertBon, the
fal her  el'  the  hride.
Miss Robertson Bought to have the
action dismissed as frivolous, and an
abuse of the process cf the court, hu!
an order was made that the question
of sanity raised in the pleadings
should he disposed of. and if tlie medical examination did not support the
obligation made hy Miss McCormack,
who sued as next friend, then the
suit would not he proceeded with.
Mr. Fraser�� was therefore examined
by Dr. Edward Ryan, medical supi r-
Intendent of the Rockwood Asylum
for the Insane. Kingston; Dr. Arthur
Jukes Johnson. Dr. ('. K. Clark, Dr
R. W. Bruce Smith and Dr. R. Kai.es
According to Dr. Ryan's affidavit, Mr.
Fraser has heen insane for a vear at
least. At first he appeared to have
no recollection of his marriage, which
actually took place last January, then
presently he corrected himself, hut
could not recall his wife's maiden
name, or the date of his mania, e,
nor the name of the minister who
officiated, Mr. Fraser is the sole survivor of seven brothers, yet he told
Mr. Ryan he did not know if his
brothers were living or (had. Of his
wealth, estimated at ahout $100,00u.
he had no conception whatever.
"From my examination of the said
Michael Fraser." says Dr. Ryan. I
am satisfied that he is suffering: from
senile demeniia. and properly of unsound mind. I verily believe that
from the indications tbal 1 have observed and from my examination that
the said Michael Fraser has heen in
a similar condition for at least one
year back, and I have no hesitation In
making such statement, and 1 most
positively say in my judgment an 1
belief that he is now in a state of
mental infirmity, and incapable of
managing himself or his affairs, and
I believe he lias been similarly incapable for at least one year back."
Dr. Jukes Johnson, in liis affidavit,
says that Mr. Fraser, who is ahout
eighty-four years old. is infirm even
for liis age, and has such hallucinations as to consider he is still living
in the woods, and that conditions are
what they were many years ago. With
regard to his marriage, his recollection
is that it took place in summer, when
actually.it was in January last���no
summer-like season in Midland. Dr.
Johnson shares the opinion of lir.
Ryan as to the period during which
he has heen  mentally incanahle.
According to the order of the court
the next friend must Institute lunacy
proceedings, to have committee appointed, within four weeks.
-1 j..
HARRY   TIDY,  Manager
in her own Romantic Drama
"The White Squaw"
Seats On Sale At Tidy's Florist Store Monday, June 27
Prices Same As Other Large Cities.
Elections In Alberta.
Lethbrldge, Altu., June 23.���A. J.
McLean, provincial secretary, was reelected hy acclamation yesterday. Mr.
McLean was appointed a minister In
the new Alberta government. In
Medicine Hat, C. R. Mitchell, the new
minister of wdueatlon, Is opposed by
C. R. HuckTale, Conservative.
J. P. Morgan Returns.
N%W York, June 2'A.���J. Picrpont
Morgan came home today from Europe looking the picture of health.
The banker has been abroad for several months, and during that period
there were numerous reports that lie
wns ln poor health. Ile declared he
Was uever better lu his life,
Paris  June 23.���Law court machinery in  France is shown to he in leaf- j
[U) chaos hy the latest statistics.    In |
the criminal  courl   alone  the  number
Lf   accused   dealt   with   in   tho     last ,
twelve months was 31,290-three per
cent   more  than  in  the  yea.   before.
Since the beginning of the year 1,600
cases have fallen behind the scheduled time of trial,
Endless legal points arising from
prosecutions for secret gambling
waste weeks In discussion, and nunc
than 66,152 of such casefl bave been
abandoned  in tlie end.    So the wh	
law cum t system is being swamped
by arrears, from police courts dealing
with party offences to the higher
omits  handling  such  important   pm.
seditions as that of the Idg  liiiaiicler,
To cope with tlie rising tide of
crime and civil litigation there is the
following  administration:
The    tribunal,    With      a      president.
twelve vlce-pn sldents, tourtt en preal
dents  of    sections,    and    thlrt) one
judges for "inst met ious." The attorney-general has thirty-two deputies,
une chief clerk and sixty-seven BWOI n
assistants. There aie eie\cn sections
to the tribunal���the Hist seven trying
civil cases, and tlie remainder petty
Then every parish in Paris has it-
justice   of   the   peace,   with   liis   assist
. ants���twenty   principals   and    eighty
'assistants in all. In these local omits
most of the teal business Is done, for
the justice speedily gives liis verdict.
land tells the parties concerned they
can   go   higher  and   spend   their   lime
iand fortunes In appeal if they want
to. Hut fur this summary method of
procedure the higher courts of the
French capital would indeed be
smothered in an endless range of delayed   cases.
Following are the hour, of despatch
and arrival of mails at the New Westminster postolllce and hour given ln
each case being tho hour of closing,
which Is half un hour, as a rule, be-
for thc actual despatch. All malls,
unless otherwise stated are despatched and received dally except
Sunday. The only malls despatched
and received Sunday nre the tl. N. it
south ami C. !'��� R, east malls, not Including  way mails. Sapperton, Fraser
Mills ami Coquitlam.
August 15 to
Mails  Despatched.
s a.m.���Vancouver and Victoria via
It.   C.   Klectric   railway.
First C.P.R. east taking all points
east Including Langley and district.
The mail lor Abbotsford and district, Clayburn and district, Huntingdon and district, and Mutsi|iil aie de
spatched hy  way of Vancouver.
,s a.m.���Blaine and Seattle, Including all l'. S. points east and south,
ami Halls Prairie, Ferni Idge ami Hazelmere, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and
ah smrey mails are received from
Cloverdale, except  Hall's Prairie, Ha-
.elmere   and   Fernridge,   which   arrive
on the  Porl  Oulchon  train on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays,
11   no a tn      \ ancoiiv er.  Victoria and
Central Pai k, via it. C.  Electric tail-
$30,000 IN  prizes ANQ
-���i al]
Specially low ,
Exhibits seni
llnea w'��" be rei , fre��nC*
Superb  an.
Speeding    Evei
Spectacular   "F
'    ������
Chopping   (������,,,,
ing Events
���'     -J
'���- n-J
;     [
Entries closi
prize list  and Inl       tlon
Manager    and     Si
Exhibition   A
y   h~
Mails   Received.
Vancouver and  Victoria
S.    matter,     and     also
via it. C. Electric
8:30 a m.
Including    I .
(excepl   Tuesday i
.en to 10:00 a in.���Strawberry Hill,
by com Ier   (Tuesday  ami   Friday).
9:16  a.m.--Vancouver   and  Victoria,
via   0.   N.   It.
8:30 a.m.    C   1'   It   east   (first train i
Fraser  Mills  and  Coqult-
Notice is hi,,. .  given that
1,!''.a"'".'.,ui" '"
of the
in   the
Novel Scene Staged by the Irish
Players in London.
London, June 23.���There is a lot "I
activity in the little Courl 'lhe iter, in
Sloan-square, where the Irish Players,
from Lublin, are encamped. They
bring out a new play every night or
two without making any fuss about it.
To be sure, most Of their plays are
not    worth   doing   at   all.   hut   all   aie
well   acted     Unfortunately   (or   the
management,   they   aie   not   well   attended.
Some <>f their offerings are weird
in the extreme. "Glittering dates."
Just put on. is an example, lt is a
one-act play, written by Lord Duns
any. with the scene laid in hell. Two
burglars try tu got into heaven hy
cracking the golden gates as they
would a sale door. While on the Job
thev discuss beer, mothers and sweethearts.
When they blow the gate open���
which is certainly a novel waj ut
geiiing Into paradise���they find nothing hut starlit space.    They conclude
that, after all.  heaven  is  not what   it i  ?
12:00 p.m.���C. P, R. east.
t   1:00 p.m.���Vancouver, Central Park
and  Fraser  Arm.
1 30 p ic..���Fast Burnaby by com ier.
2:30 p.m.���Burquitlam, by courier,
:i:l,ri  p.m. ��� Hlaine   and   Seattle,     in
eluding all  I'. S. points.
7:iiu p.m.���Revelstoke  local  and  C.
P. R. Intermediate points.
1:30 p.m.���Strawberry Hill, Tlmberland ami South Westmlnstei, by
courier (Tuesday and Friday).
1:30 p.m.���Ladner and down river
points. East Burnaby, Queensboro and
Burquitlam, by courier,
2 30 p.m.���Vancouver and Piper
Siding,  via  fl.  N.  R.  north.
3 p.m.-Cloverdale.   Nlcomekl,     and
Port Kells. daily, Clayton on Tuesday,
Thursday. Friday and Saturday; Tynehead on Tm sday and Friday; Hon Accord,  Tuesday  and   Friday.
4:00  p.m. ��� Vancouver   and   llui nahy
.1. 1, I .    ��   ,111V. 'Ml,,    1 ,111,1        �� 11, ,   ,1 <H '.,
Lake, via B. C. Electric railway, Bat-
IDrday an  extra  mail  is  despatched  to
Victoria via Vancouver at this hour.
Blaine   and   Seattle    Including   all
U. S. points, east and south, v ia the
' i:    N    u    ���!.���!���..., "
c. N. R.  'Flyi i
is cracked up to he. They have no
use for it and are rather grouchy over
baving   wasted   their   work.
As Uie play was in hell, the London
long-haii ed cntics did not know what
to do. There was no precedent tu
guide them. One called it "strange
and horrible." Another desci ihe I it
as "beautifully staged and excellently
written." Still another said it was
indifferent alike in taste, idea and
Edmonton, June i..���If it is possible
to secure the right grade of wheat for
the purpose ln the Edmonton district
the establishment of a factory for the
manufacture of macaroni, that product
of wheat which has a large market In
all parts of the country, ls a possibility for Edmonton in the near future.
C Marinaro, a wealthy manufacturer, who operates a macaroni factory In
Pennsylvania, is now in the city, to
look into the possibility of tlie establishment of a similar factory in
this city. He is doubtful if the hard
wheat necessary fur the production of
macaroni can he grown on the Edmonton district, hut has spent the
past two days in looking over the
farming district adjacent to the city
and interviewing the millers of the
It is generally the custom for macaroni manufacturers to purchase their
flour from the millers, hut it Is often
the case when the right grade of grain
is hard to procure, that th" manufac.
turers buy direct from the farmers.
Mr. Marinaro Is very pleased with the
Edmonton district, and believes that
a macaroni plant would he a success
here. It Is his Intention to establish
a plant at some point In the west, as
he states that the duty on his goods
from the States Into Canada is so
high that to supply the market in
Canada from the Pennsylvania plant
ls unprofitable.
Berlin. June 23.��� The Vorwnerts,
the Socialist organ, whoso reputation
for mysteriously procuring confidential documents is notorious, announces
that Gen. Von Heerlngen, Prussia i
Minister of War, hns reported to the
government thnt the security of the
country ls gravely endangered by the
Socialist and Antl-Mllltarist propaganda among young men, whose mill
tary service is due. He adds thnt he
is unable to accept responsibility for
tho efficiency of the army nnd the defence of the country unless the propaganda Is stopped.
The report is based on the hostile
attitude of the populace, especially
youths, toward the army during the
recent manoeuvres.
Absolute Home Rule Is Not Sought,
Says a Native.
Toronto, June 2'.',. ��� Manherlan Merchant of Paanchganiangan, India, now
residing in Toronto, indicated in his
address last evening before the The
osophieil Society that he and his
countrymen do not desire absolute
home "..le. hut rather that free voice
in the government or his land which
is accorded to the colonies Australia
and  Canada.
"India today,' said Mr. Merchant,
"is  nut   a   co unj   but   a  dependency.
anci vol':-: .' than all else, subject tu
the illlu-ine ef ; llenat iuu law;. One
of    I .   ���   i'si Uined    cal M-s    Of    tue    L	
War was the . i'i ma attaching t > the
lau��� al tne 1 ate!, In Soiilh Africa
I tt',;i ive ti e.,i, el (i . and yet. what
d> ue now .-ee j-i that country?
' All of us I 'it dm Chines ��� or ,Tap-
Rlle��u must Littler the indignity of
having our twenty digits cast for Im-
print), we ac iirro of us allowed to
tiave! f'rM class Bid we aie only allow,',: In that <��� i i try in limited numbers, and ;.u;ier innumerable other
Indignities 11 i-'ces.
"1 WOUH :eiu'iii| our friends that
when England "hi the 17th century
ii-aivou-J our .'.u.n she met a peo-
I>I ��� w.io. dc-piti Internal dissensions,
wer* he.r.g well governed, ami were
of a civilization hundreds of years
her sen .) - V �� c wc much to her western irolri'iii.ii g it'fluence hut sho in
her turn rxvai li to us to give the
recognition due ���o nil Intellectual
peoples, ,��� i n pern.ii ns a freer voice
In the . o/erni.i,v.t and taxation or our
own pi o'i'i .. '
Claresholm, June 23.���The scarcity
of beef cattle in likely to be felt hero
soon. Despite Ihe evident source of
profit ln mixed farming It |_ not so
generally engaged In around this district as could he desired. On the Clon-
garry ranch there are just about 1,000
cattle left while on tho Canyon ranch
on r.,000 acres there are only about
seventy cattle. Leeds nnd Elliott
have gone out of the business and the
farmers ought to see to li that this
district is not entirely denuded hy cattle buyers as seems likely to he the
Coast  Division.
Surveyed     agricultural     Dominion
Lands in the Hallway Bell nut reserved ur withheld from entry and not
disposed of or occupied, ate open to
entry under the provisions of the British Columbia Dominion Land regulations.
In the Coast Division of the Hallway Belt any male person over eighteen years of age nnd ot lni wise eligible, may obtain under entiles as
homestead and pre-emption, a legal
subdivision of forty acres of Bench
Land. Residence is required for at
least six months in each of five years,
Total cultivation required to cam patent for a twenty acre homestead, ten
seres cleared and six cultivated, and
lf the remaining twenty acres Is preempted hy the homesteader, an additional ten acres cleared and six cultivated either on the homestead or
preemption,, no additional residence
fur the pre-emption. Price of preemption, live dollars per act*, pay-
aide In the installments with Intnest.
Conditional purchase entries may be
obtained fur twenty acres of Bench
Land hy a male ovei eighteen and
Otherwise eligible nnd not holding
homestead or preemption. Residence
required only for six months during
the fifth year but cultivation duties
Increased. Price, ten dollars pet acre,
live installments,
Bench   Lands   In   this   division   are
lands      below      twenty-five      bundled
(2.BQ0) feet above sea level.    Uplands
(lie  hinds above that  altitude and  mei
subject only  to disposition by quarter!
sections    under   homestead   entry   or |
grazing   lease   to   settlers,
lands  may   be  reserved   for
noses or   loi.sed   to  settlers
Entree fee for homestead
tlon  and   conditional   purchase  ls   ten
dollars for each entry.    After securing
patent   in   connection   with   the   land .
first entered  for, tne settler may  secure another entry nnd so on, but not I
for more than a total of one bundled j
and sixty acres.
Entries under the Hritish Columbia
Dominion   Land  Regulations, effective j
on   the  2nd  July,  11H0,   mny  on  and I
after that date he made for lands then
open to entry.    Any lands withdrawn
from timber berths, as well ns newly |
surveyed  lands,  will  before becoming
available for ei try require advertisement   for   thirty   days.       "Surveyed"
Lands for the purpose of entry means
legal  subdivisions nbuttlng on  a surveyed   line,   er,   In   ease   of   Uplands,
quarter   sections  abutting   on   a surveyed line.
For further Information apply to the
Dominion Land Office, N��w Westmln
Ster, B  C.
A i i, 1909    ���
V ' ''������
vision   ���i   New   w. I
(a)     the   name   of   I ���   j
vi r   Powt i   Com] '
bead offlce at the
Hritish Columbia     .
000,  divided  lni
fl.00 each, all fully paid u
name  of  the   laki
unnamed stream i u i lng ti.r.J]
tion 29, block .1
thence   In   a    t. 1
flowing   Into   the  I
The   point   of   dl  ���
a   south ea tei I ���
southeast cornei ��� Hon i M
a, north range 2, Wi 3
tity  uf  watei   ap] ed fot   li   ,���
feet  pi i   bi con '���]
of the proposed ��
and   pipe   line;     I - The ;:    ���. i
which   the   wah m
two 12 i. thn ����� ��� nd four (ii. pol
tWO    (2),   N'ew
tgi The pui pose I     wbl i
is  iu  be  used
li:, atli n di A
tO be ll rig     ��� Tl
age,   no;     iii    11   tbe  i
be     used      1 nlnl
pui posi    dei \
water   Is to  bi
tuial   channel
altitude   betweei    ;     '
and   point   ol fl
Clown   land    mended I
by    the    pi"!
This  notice   ���
daj   ol   June
Wlll  he made  to the coi I
the  13th duj
the  names  an I        esses of ai
paiian   proprleti ��� '���*
or whose land to b
fe, ted by the |        ���    ���>   ���      I
above or below I e outlet i ��
The   pait   ot   l! e     "'
soclatlon  of  tb<
thoil/es  tl  l  prO|
works reads as roll
ecta for which t! e ci ]
lishcl and  to  Whi
pany are restrli ted are t
of water
of   imrero
and watei pi wei J
tiled   water er 1 {
chase of water rei orde or watei M
lieges for.���    -  Ig)   ' '    '""      |
and   water   power  available I
application and dlstrlbutl
Ing dams. Increasing the head
ter   ln   any   existing  body o   -1
or extending the area thereoi     i
lng the waters or any stiMm. r  "
lake into any other channel      ���
neis. laving or erecting sny     ,t
flume, pipe or wire, constructing!
race-way,   reservoir,   iqw"'
wheel, building, or other ere ���������]
work  which  may be ie.inl.ed i��"l
nectlon   with   the  Improvemen
use of the said water and wai��t
cr or  by  altering, renewing ��
lng,   Improving,   repairing,  or    .
such  works oi        I
Cotnpany at  I
enl >1
'('I It'll    > ,|i
north ran����|
means by *;3
talnlng   any
thei eor."    in i     '
for a license to store wa ter.       ..
���f the proposed resen .
the said water ls Bectlon t>
'2D), block  five   (6)
CM   west;    (0)   The
l�� is proposed to store the w��-
,,.������. ,,,, The area of the J
site or sites at each foot BJ
above the outlet, the depth a jj
outlet    will    approximately      ,
about   six  or  seven  feet;   IQ
���s proposed to acquire tne ��� ,..(
hay  pur-
by   legal
Rary for the purp<'!"'.
if necessary by expropriation.^
proximately  the number
of acre
ntended    to
square  feet
be   impounded,
l< ���
I ' '
H.  II.  Sperling, tiene
Vancouver, H. C.
al M-l!1J1
District of  New Westminsti
New Westminster l**-*- DlS
Take notice that I. 0*"*?. |ntt4
of Abbotsford B.C, ��53_*?
to apply to the < bier for �����
of   Lands  at   Victoria,   B.     ���      etr*
cense to prospect ^^ ���^
eum on nnd In tn<   i""
ed lands: marked ('���!,;'
Commencing at a post   '���'     ���
N. W. corner, planted n^tb^^
corner of Section 28   ">  '    WeBt!#
Municipality of Sumas, N cllll|i,s,
eter District;  thence, east  .      ff6
fhence south  R0 chains, jn      ,
8ft chains:  thence north (���)llt:l!,v
point of commencement
lng M0 acres. ., (,   tlil-; ''
,nKnate,l at Abbotsford B* ���
.ay ���f June. Ag^j BBC*** 0*t
JUNE 74, 1910.
��aStcrtrook Milling  Company,
Eburne,   B. C.
*��� HUNGARIAN JEWEI $0.50 per bbl.
IMPERIAL       $6.75   per   bbl.
TERMINAL .5.25 per Bbl.
HINDOO  FLOUR |4.50 per Bbl-
McQuarrie & Co,
New We��tmlntter.
Telephone 533.      fk
to our office every time you
need a ton of coal���any of our
drivers will be K'ad to take
your order. Then, too, a postal will bring about tho Hawe
result���good coal ln your cellar at short notice. Also, our
phone ls In good order, and
their numbers are 15 and \*.
Coal procured here is crackajack coal, however secured.
Deliberate and Malicious Attempt tu Start a Big Con-
Halation in Alberta.
Calgary, .lune 23. [I would be Bup-
I " ������{l- thai everyone In thl - country
would recognize the greal havoc
wrought by prairie nnd forest fires,
��� ��� peclally in a dry Beason, and woul 1
tal '��� every
them, This, however
and as shown by the incident below
related by Rev. Ur. McDougall, there
are some fiends In human form In the
country, who appear to take a malicious delight In the destruction ol the
property of their neighbors and of tho
public, in carrying out their designs
and at the same time save themselves
from the consequences of their crime,
Toronto, Jum 'i'i.- That the Canad-
an i > atmenl of juve.n.i ... iuents
is sui erlor lo whal bus I i j ... i u lu
Ith i ui the Linked Stati ���* is the
opinion ui Dr. Han i . tlelderer, of
Wei Get U1..11...  who is  visiting
Toronto for a few days. lu. I'tiei.i-
> rer ,. au official In the department
of j n li e of the Kingdom ol Wn n
tembi. and la visiting this country
nnd the I nlted States with a view to
Bl 'id : , juvenile com ts, refoi mator-
uiu other Instilutlons, mtendu.l
for the bettering ol young offenders.
He boma u letter endorsing ins mission from the German Consul-General
al  New  York.
Dr. Pflelderer thinks that the l'nited   States   method   of   dealing   with
Minister of Finance Puts Up
Prices, But Smokers Refused to Pay Them.
London, June 23.���Captain F. S.
Cody, the aviator, while making a
fllghl at Aldershot today, fell from a
height of loo feet and was seriously
Injured. llis aeroplane was caught
in a gust, of wind and becoming unmanageable, plunged to the ground.
Cody was pinned beneath the wreckage.
Captain Cody is employed by the
British war department to teach its
officers   aeronautics.
)oys in reform Institutions tends to
Hon to prevent'draw them away from the farm and
the case, I mechanical occupations. The buildings are very attractive and elaborately equipped, but his opinion is that
the general tendency is "to try to
bring  up  the  children  too  high."
The doctor has travelled through
a good part of the Stales, visiting Chicago nnd other Important cities, and
after Bpendlng a few days In thls|are
province he will go to Boston, Wash-
has vislt-
Bcbool at
a carefully thought out plan was de- ington and Philadelphia. H
vised, to cope with which will requlre|ed the  Victoria Industrial
IMGS���ALL      KINDS      OF      WOOD
I am, I
J.   BROOKES,  Proprietor
JWORKS���Corner   Eleventh  and  Carline. PHONE 473     *
4***********aaa****a*a*aa *************************
B.C. Mills
and  Trading
Manufacturers and Dealers In All Kinds of
Royal City Planing Mills  Branch
12 New  Westminster
Bey   13/
extra precautions on the part, of the
authorities. The man who would devise such a diabolical scheme is not
fii to lie at lar. e In any country, and
Bhould he be can. ht, as he undoubtedly wlll be In time, ho should be
placed where he will never have an-
iii her opportunity of doing harm. Such
a man is a murderer in his heart, and
cannot have any conception of the
loss of lite and property that might
be caused as a result of his dastardly
Dr. McDougall's statement is as follows:
ESdltor Albertan,
When in the foot-hills the other
day 1 came across the evidence of
what ininlit be very fittingly termed
"An Infernal Machine," the invention
of a most malicious and cowardly
mind. The purpose was the burning I tnak
and devastating of a large section of
country. What nature had grown and
stored in beauty and wealth and roil uired ages to accomplish was to be
swept away and destroyed in a few
hours if the "fiend's" purpose had
been successful. The person or persons desiring to burn up tho country
and escape detection if possible had
bought out a scheme; this was the
fastening of a candle to a piece of
dry timher and within a few Inches
of the end of the candle to wrap
around the wood and candle a strip
of flannelette dipped in coal-oil and
thus permitting the human devil committing this deed to ride or walk
some miles away from the spot to be
tired, before the candle would burn
down to the coal-oil and cause the
blaze which would set the country
on file. In the case 1 refer to the
scheme failed either because of a puff
of wind blowing the candle out or a
shower   of   rain   intervening.
My object In directing attention to
this most diabolical act is to show
what type of cltlzenhood a purely selfish civilization will develop, as also
l would hope to stir up the authorities to the need of extra watchfulness,
both fall and Bprlng when this country is very inflamable and fearful destruction to life and property and settlement might take place, as also
much of the beauty and glory of this
defaced    or    absolutely    de-
Mlmico and other Toronto Institutions
and expressed iuterest In what he has
Victoria, June 2 ���C. L, I'arasew,
C.B., and a crew of nineteen men. left
on this afternoon's train for uplsland
points, having boon dispatched by
Messrs. Mackenzie & Mann to survey
the country for favorable railway
routes for the Canadian Northern.
The announcement was made this
morning by Garrett Hughes, engineer-
In-chief for the Mackenzie & Mann Interests on Vancouver Island. Mr.
Hughes added that Mr. Parasew had a
free hand as to tlie plan of action.
The party would in all probability
Duncan their headquarters and
work up-island along the shores of
Cowlchan lake until Barkley sound
was reached.    They are equipped for
Paris, June 23.���American travelers
with favorite brands ol tobacco In
their grips bad bettor avoid Cherbourg as a landing place in Kmope
this year. For the new regulations
in France are  hard on  smokers.
Nominally ten cigars, twenty cigarettes or one and a half ouncos of tobacco are allowed free, which ls less
than half the former allowance. But
customs officers on the French side
going further than that and declare they can levy six cents on any
single (dgar imported.
The changes affect Frenchmen too,
for the government tobacco monopoly
has put up the price of all hut the
commonest class of the weed from ten
to fifty per cent. A National League
for the Protection of Tobacco Smokers is raising protests all over the
country, and oven lf Finance Minister Cochery had intended to pul the
additional money Into his own pocket
he could not be more virulently
As a matter of fact the new Imposition Is not having the desired effect.
The minister hoped to collect $10,000
a day more for the national exchequer, but since the new scale of
charges came Into force on May 13
the consumption of superior cigars,
tobacco and cigarettes has dropped to
a remarkably low level, while the
common caporal tobacco has trebled
its sale.
Bo M. Cochery Is on the horns of a
dilemma. He hopes the public will
return  to  the  better  brands,   hut   if
a thirty-days' stay In the field, and It  they don.t hfl threaten8 lo ra|se the
price of the cheap varieties. If he does
Leave  New Westminster:
5:45���Connects with train to Sumas
and Transcontinental No. '.)"; arriving
New Westminster "r.A'A.
9:10���With No. 2 going east; also
connection fot Nicola and train from
Agassiz, Kootenay, Okanagan and
Sumas; arriving New Westminster
16:25���With train for Agassiz, Kootenay points, Sumas and St. Paul; returning arrive Westminster 18:12.
19:35���With No. !>0 Transcontinental eastbound and trains from Mission,
Nicola and Okanagon ixilnts, and No.
1 from east; arrive New Westminster 22:02.
ED GOULET, Agent C. P.  R.
H.  C.  B.  FOSTER,  A. G.  P.  A., Vancouver.
ls hoped that by that time they will
be ahle to report having located feasible routes.
It is probable they may return from
Barkley sound along the route which
was surveyed by the local company.
They have been supplied with a considerable quantity of data by W. J.
Sutton, who has been retained by
Messrs. Mackenzie & Mann because
of his admitted great knowledge of
all parts of Vancouver island.
This makes the second party of engineers to he placed in the field this
season by Mackenzie & Mann, Mr.
Hughes having some weeks ago taken
out the flrst party.
, ountry
i stroyed.
*-~ -a^iwi~_s_: :r--g��7,:^a:rr
lJust a Few Left ot
West End View
In Lot 10, Sub. Block 12, between 8th and
10th Avenues, to the east of 18th Street.
Price $350, one quarter cash, balance 6, 12
and 18 months. These lots are close to the
new cut off, and you will be wise if you step
in now and secure them.
Two Good Buys
2 nice lots on   Hamilton  St..   all cleared,
50x150.    Price $800 each cash, or $1000 on
Lot 7 on 11th St., Block 19, Sub.  block 7.
Price $750 on terms.
Maple Ridge
120 acres of good land, close to Mission City
Price is $35 per acre. $1000 cash handles
this.   Balance on very easy terms.
Another   Line   From   New  Zealand  to
Canada  Proposed.
Ottawa, June 23.���The Pacific (.'able
I company will soon have a direct and
exclusive line extending from New
Zealand across the Pacific ocean and
across Canada to Montreal. The Hritish. Canada, Australia & N'ew Zealand line has been in operation for
some   years,   ln   spite  of   the  severe
II competition and land line difficulties,
'artlcularly In Australia lt has prov-
financial  success.    There  have
Orangevllle, June -. ���Crown Attorney McKay and High Constable
Hughes have Just returned from Or-
ton, a small village near here, after
Investigating a very unusual case.
Wlnnlfred Black, aged about twenty,
was charged before Magistrates Stewart Tate and ('.. M. llawes with put-
;ing a soluUon of water and paris
green over certain lilac bushes grow- j
ing on her father's farm, which project over the fence on the road. She ���
and her mother resented the action
of the children attending the neighboring school, who were in the habit
of plucking tlie flowers.
J. C. Henderson, the teacher of
Orton Union school, gave evidence!
that on the Hist ult. about l-:45 p.m.
ne saw the accused spraying the
bushes with green liquid. There had
heen trouble on the day in Question
over the school children helping themselves to the lilacs, and they had reported that Mrs. Black had chased
them with a gun.
Aggie Armstrong and several other
scholars corroborated this. Miss Black
was committed for trial, bail being
furnished by her father.
that he will rouse the proletariat, for
the workmen nre the chief consumers
of "caporal ordinaire" nnd the minister who touches their pipe will suffer
as soon as the polls provide a
But there is a funny side to the situation. New and cheap brands of
cigars and cigarettes are on the market arrayed in wondrous bands of
brilliant hue. They bear such names
as Favorltas, Aromatlcs, Panttelas,
Rrevas, Trahucos, Plcaduros, Lon-
drecltos, Damitns Flor, and so forth.
Men with a sensitive palate are disgusted with them. But the men in
the workmen's blue blouse smoke
them in the boulevards with the air
of pampered exquisites.
B.C. Coasts. Sailings
On and after June 5.
to   Victoria.
10:00 a.m    Daily
1:00 p.m   Dally
10:00 a.m    Dally
11:00 p.m   Dally except Saturday
11:30 p. m   Saturday
2:00 p. m    Daily
2:00 p.m    Mondays
8:00 a. m.. .Thursdays and Saturdays
11:00 p. m   Every Saturday
11:00 p.m.  Every Thursday and Sat.
TO  STEWART  (Portland Canal).
11:00 p.m    Every  Thursday
S. S.  Beaver  leaves New  Westminster 8  a. m.  Monday, Wednesday and
Fridays;    leaves    Chilliwack    8    a.m.
Tuesday.   Thursday    and    Saturdays.
For particulars, apply to
Agent, New Westminster.
C.   B.  FOSTER.
A. O. P. A., Vancouver.
Here is an opportunity for you to buy Baby a ���
New Up-To-Date Collapsible or Folding GO-CART ���
Mrs. Black was tried on the charge
been difficulties In Canada because J 0f pointing a gun, and a fine was Im-
messages have been transferred to posed, As the children are In the
private telegraph companies and take i luit)lt 0f eating the flowers, which con-
their chance with other messages. To ; ta[U honey, fatal results might have
overcome this the company has ar- followed if the paris green was ac-
ranged for an exclusive line between tually used as alleged.
Montreal and Bamfield creek, Pacific | ' 	
At a Reduction of
20 Per Cent.
This means a saving to you of 20 cents on every
dollar.   Only a few left, so come early to get the
The British Canadian Securities
Company, Limited
I ocean.    U is now being put up by the
Canadian  Pacific Telegraph company,
\ which will maintain tlie wire, but will
lease it to the  Pacific Cable company
for its exclusive use.
The line will be worked direct between   Montreal   and   the   1'acltlc.     A
; staff   of   expert   English   telographors
aie being hi ought out.
The line terminates at  Moutroal at
'. present   because  there  It   comes   in. i
; contact    with     extensive   competition
'.with  telegraph and cable connections
I with Greal   Britain,    it is   believed,
however, that  within a few years tho
company will continue its laud wire
from   Montreal  to  ihe  Atlantic  coast,
'and will lay a cable across the Atlantic to Croat  Britain, thus establishing
a  government-owned ami    controlled
series of wires extending from Greal
Britain    to    New    /���..land.    I..king   in
Camilla and Australia.
it is said that accumulate ! profits
from business will enable tne company to either establish sn Atlantic
cable link or duplicate Its cable on
the Pacific, and perhaps both.
T. R. PEARSON, Manager.
ice:     The Dominion Trust
^������ ������
San   Francisco,   .lune   23.- Baroness
Scbroeder, daughter of  the lato
Peter Donah us, of this city,
left   here  a  fortune  of   millions,
out   the  plumbing   of  her
Is   teat Ing
Overuse in the news-:
country home, palatial Fagle's Nest,
iM the fool hills of the Santa Lucia
mountain in San Luis, Chispo county,
l��� a search for jewels valued at $:io.
000. ,    .        ,
The  jewels  were carelessly  tosse 1
nto a wash basin hy a maid and were
swept   Into the pipes.    The plumbing
I ii,e entire house has heen dlsmnnt-
ed   without  success.    It  Is  now  be-
llpved the Jewels are wedged in one
of   the   pipes,   and  those  are  to  be
stripped open.
Paris. June - '.���Mont. eron. a village near Vllleneuve-Salnt-Georges,
has, In a moment of excitement, got
up an Anti-Chauffeurs' league, to
which all the inhabitants adhere witli
I remarkable unanimity. Any automobile driver, who ventures through the
village at a speed that seems excessive, Is sure to be stopped by the Inhabitants en masse, who will teach
him to go slowly by puncturing his
tires and smashing tlie windows of his
car, if thej do not. demolish tbe ven-1
U ie altogether.
The lucldenl which gave lise to this
intense   feeling   was   an     automobile I
running over a  little  girl  of seven.
The chauffeur stopped for only a short.
time to see that tlie child was attend-
e.l  to al  a  pharmacy  ami then  drove
away,  leaving  $~.    A  second  automo- !
bile   came   spinning   down  the   principal Btreel while a crowd of villagers
was gathered outside the pharmacy.
They   shouted   to   the   chauffeur     to
slacken  speed,  but   he  was  probably
hard  of  healing.
.\ third automobile came along at
terrific Bpeed, tooting Its horn. The.
villagers became enraged and stood to i
a man In tho middle of lhe road. The |
(sir was coming along at fifty miles an |
hour, and It Is a miracle that it was i
ablo to stop without teat lng through I
the crowd. I
The occupants wanted lo know what
was up, Tho villagers gave them little
satisfaction. The? handled the motorists rather roughly, smashing the windows of the car and ripping open the
tires. After the mob had punished
one party for the misdeeds of another, the gendarmes came along and
told the tourists thoy would he fined.
The success of their first attempt to
take the law Into their own hands
has encouraged the villagers to further applications.
Watch Our Windows
Denny & Galloway
43-45 Sixth Street.
Store closed every Wednesday at 1 o'clock. *
If you have Real Estate for Sale
If you want to Purchase Real Estate
If you want any kind of Insurance written
If you want to Borrow Money
-Consult With-
McQuarrie Bros.
609 Columbia Street
The New Westminster City Specialists
THE  DAILY   INLwj. __
" ^l
���   t-
���\,fi ���)���������������
Something New in
Floor Wax
The easiest way to
finish  a  floor  is  to
saturate a soft cloth
with Columbus Liquid Wax and apply
lightly to the floor,
let it dry for about
fifteen   minutes,
a" -)  and bring to a
Wi i    polish by light
'' ''   rubbing with a
. "AA soft cloth.
No brush to push���-no work ��� no
backache. Resists heel-marks,
scratching, and water will not turn it
white. Goes farther and lasts longer
than any paste wax. Try it! 15e
sure to ask for the genuine
Tbe Easiest Applie3 Floor Finish
Sold by
Anderson & Lusby
J, Ilartmann, postmaster of Dawson,
spent a few hours in this city yesterday.
McQuarrie  Bros,  nre  specialists  in
Xew Westminster realty. Watch their
advertisements for bargains. **
For spring plants or cut flowers,
phone Davies' Greenhouse. R208.      **
Don't forget the lacrosse match between Victoria and New Westminster
here on Saturday. **
A. M. Herring is erecting a commodious garage on Carnarvon stieet,
just off Sixth street.
That      wonderful      picture.
Shadow of the Cross," will be
at the Crystal theatre.
Cleared acre tracts on the B, C.
Electric fronting on the Newton
Road;  highly productive soil; in well
settled locality; went be over twenty minutes on the Chilliwack line;
$300 each and easy terms. Newton
Road frontage is the plum for the
earliest   buyers. **
i>. s. Dwlnnell and VV. Scanlon, two
of the directors of the Brooks-Scanlon
Lumber company, arrived here yesterday from Minneapolis. Mr, Dwlnnell
has only recently returned to this
country from Europe, where he went
on an extended trip on account of the
Indifferent state of his health,
"The      For    Geraniums,    Dahlias    iind    all
shown kinds of Spring Bedding Plants phone
*��   | Davis' Greenhouse. R 208. *���
The Westminster Modern
Business School
If every young man and young
woman fully realized tlie advantages
of pm suing a course at this Institution and then the opirortunities offered
for profitable and congenial employment, he or she would not hesitate in
selecting this Scliool as an avenue
for advancement. We give the same
conscientious attention to placing our
students into positions as we do to
Instruction. Satisfied students are
our  best advertisement.
610   Columbia   St.
Crystal Theatre
KNIGHT   &   VERNER,   Proprietors.
1. Lion Hunting in Africa.���Sensational.
2. When the House Rent was Due.���
3. A   Case  of  Arson.���Drama.
4. Newly Weds First Meal.���Comedy.
5. The  Magnetized   Man.
6. Spanish   Views  of  Postcards.
7. Illustrated song by W. J. Sayce.
entitled "The Hat My Father
Wore  Upon  St.  Patrick's  Day."
The Central Hotel Cafe
Opposite B. C. E.  R. Depot
25c - Merchants Lunch - 25c
Market Square
PHONE 475.
You may be sure you will
get the best service lf you bring
your prescription to us. No
matter what doctor gives the
prescription we can fill it and
give you exactly what is ordered, at fair prices. None but
competent dispensers employed.
Curtis Drug Store
Kodaks and Supplies
Spectacles, from 50c.
Phones:     43;      Long     Distance,     7-1;
Residence,   72.
New    Westminster,    B.   C.
Bell, Ingles & company are building
a new livery stable tm the corner of
Carnarvon  and  Bfacltie  stueets.
The New Westminster amateurs
play Victoria, the league leaders, on
Saturday at Queens park at three
o'clock.    Go! **
For a pleasant cool drink, try the
Ice Cream Sodas at The Royal Cafe. *'
A. MacNeil, a driver for T. J. Trapp
& Co., was taken suddenly ill yesterday while at work and hail to be
taken home.
Lacrosse at Queens park on Saturday; Victoria vs. New Westminster.**
Although no figures are available
regarding tlie cost of the recent assize held hero, Government Agent S.
A. Fletcher states that on account of
the large number of witnesses called
it will be one of the most expensive
assizes ever held here.
"The Shadow of the Cross' is coming to the Crystal theatre. **
Carloads in and more on the way.
See our stock. We defy competition.
For Anything in the Furniture line
come to  W.  B. Fales. **
C. B, Sword, the government fisheries inspector, has returned from
Nelson, where he, with Mr. Cunningham, Dominion superintendent of fish
culture, inquired into a request made
I y Nelson sportsmen to have a fish
hatchery established there.
The management of the Bohemian
Cafe sees to it that the best only is
served  there. **
The fire department has received
500 feet of new Dunlop hose. Five
hundred feet more of both Keystone
and Paragon hose is expected everyday and when it comes Chief Watson
will give the whole supply a thorough
test before placing it in commission.
Victoria loads the amateur league.
Come and see them in action on Saturday at Queens park. **
Ho for the Ladner Races! Steamer
Transfer will leave B. & K. wharf at
lo a. m. Saturday, June 25, for Ladner,
returning leave Ladner at 7 p. m.
Captain C. H. DeReck was injured
yesterday morning as a result of heing thrown from his rig when his
horse became frightened at a passing
car. He was knocked unconscious and
received a cut on the head, hut it is
thought that his injuries are not serious.
Sons of Scotland picnic to Westminster Junction, July 1. Sports,
liiglilan 1 dancing and piping. Trains
leaves 9:10 a.m. Come and have a
good time. **
Special week-end sale of palms at
Tidy's Flower Store. **
Fnder the auspices of the R. T. of T..
a moonlight excursion to Ladner
will he taken this evening on the
steamer Paystreak. which will leave
tlie Brakman-Ker wharf at half past
seven o'clock, returning shortly he-
fore midnight. About two hundred
are expected to take the (tip.
A    deputation    consisting    of    the
mayor, several aldermen and the citv
engineer  of  Blaine  paid  an   unexpected visit to this city yesterday and Inspected the Hassam paving laid down
im  Columbia  street.    The  visitors e\
.pressed    satisfaction    witli    tlie    work
I cai ried   out   heio   and   intimated   thai
Hlaine  would  in  the near  future follow   Westminster's  lead.
The Fairvievv Methodist Hoys club
is coming to Westminster mi Julj 1
with tlie Epworth league excursion
from that church, and is anxious to
arrange for a baseball game with a
team of Westminster boys whose ages
will average about seventeen. Replii s
should be addressed tn \V. Parkes.
1775 Seventh avenue west, Vancouver.
McQuarrie Bros, are now ready to
do business in the real estate and
insurance lines. Ollice, 609, Columbia
street. **
Fire broke ont  about half past   five
o'clock yesterday morning In the stun-
occupied  by the   Royal  City  Cleaning
land Dyeing works on Columbia street.;
I The  firemen from   Halls  No.  1  and  2
(were quickly on  the scene and soon
|extinguished the blaze, but not before
j some    hats    and    clothes    had    been
j burnt up.    The building was practical
ily undamaged and the damage to the
stock has not yet been estimated. Thi
cause of the conflagration is unknown
Ottawa, June 2'.',.���The board of rail-
' way   commissions   has   arranged   its
' western  itinerary   for  the  September
trip.      The   members   will    go   righl
through   to the  coast,  and   will   sit   at
(Victoria on September 5, Nelson Sir
(ternher 2. and at points in the prairie
provinces  on  the  way  east.    All  sittings wir, he held in courthouses,
What the Railroads Clairr.
The bureau of railway news and
statistics has Issued at Chicago a
statement giving four reasons why
railroad rates must be advanced, The
reasons  follow:
They   are   $220,( ,000   behind     on
They paid $130, ),000 more annually  for labor.
They paid $100,000, > more annually for Interest.
They   lost   $25, ,(    annually   o..
passenger traffic.
Total $730,000,000 to the bad in
two years.
Meanwhile this happened to tlieir
transportation revenues: Gross earnings, 1907, $2,589,105,578; gross earnings. 1909, $2,494,115,5S9; decrease.
I.O.O.F. Memorial Services
SPJ   -' '     	
The members of Royal City Lodge
No. 3 and Amity Lodge No. L'7 ana
all visiting brethren are cordially requested to be present at 1:30 p. m.
on Sunday, June 26, in tlie I. O. 0. F.
hall, for the purpose of conducting
the annual memorial day service. The
service will be held at the hall and
subsequently at the cemetery,
Badges  will  be  worn.
Bv order of the Committee.
In Our New  Quarters in tlie
Four  Doors   East   of   Bank   of
If you want something Choice for Sunday's
Dinner, ring up Phone 101 and order a nice roast of
Spring Lamb, Veal, Spring Chicken or anything else
that is good in the meat line.    You can sure get it at
We Have Just Received a Fresh
Stock of Popham's Chocolates
I. A. Mil & CO.
Columbia 8t.   New Westminster.
Some Special Snaps
5 lots on Second street. Excellent view. Streets on three sides
of  this   property.    $350  each.   Terms.
10 lots extending from First to Second street. This property
is especially well situated. Streets on three sides, and lane at rear.
Price $350 each.    Terms.    INVESTIGATE.
!     F. J. HART & CO., Ltd.
Another List of Bargains'
Big Alteration Sale
Week-End    Bargains   of    the   variety   sure   to   he   of   unusual    Worth  tn  thosi ,,i,.;
leslrable Summer  .Merchandise.     Note   these   new   lines.
Sample Curtains Hair Price���IB sample pairs of Nottingham and
Brussels Net Curtains; white and cream, slightly soiled and mussed
through handling; all 3 yards bng;   15 to 52 Inches wide,    Anj  pair
in   this  lot  at   exactly   half  the  regular  pi ice.
At 65c Per Pair
L'1-. and 3 yards long, White Nottingham Lace; 34 to 42 Inches
wide.   Regular values 75c to $1.00.    Sale price, pei  pair, 65c.
At 95c Per Pair
3 yards long, 50 Inches wide, flne White Nottingham Lace,    Regular values |1.25 to $1.60.    Sale price, per pair. 95c.
See Large Window for a Few Patterns
At $1.35 Per Pair
:: yards long, 52 inches wide, nice fine Nottingham Lace. Regular
values $1.65 to $2.00.    Sale price, per pair. $1.35.
At $1.95 Per Pair
30 pairs of Nottingham Lace and Colonial Cable Net Curtains in
white, cream, ecru. Arab and green; 3 yards long, Regular values
$2.50 to $3.00.    Sale price, per pair. $1.95.
Fancy Princess
Dresses, $4.95 Each
White, plni
pagne;   one
Dresses    pam    .
Hurts     trlt
etici, in,,.
new   styles
choose.      Ul
goods    Bizi
lar price-.  -,
pi ice, each, ; ���
White and Colored
Wash Skirts,
$1.25 Each
Regular Values 51.50 to $3,55
Pique,   Poplh      [ep|   ;
dial!   lie.el,    ,' ���.
in   white   and    ���
only    a    small    ���
ch ar. at. each, $1.25.
L * ���
2 FOR 5c
About 40 boxes of Colored
Banshee Lustre. Sllkoshlne,
Stag Crochet Silk and Silklne
Spools in all colors. These lines
we have decided to clear out
entirely, carrying hereafter only
one line known as Silkine. All
thi ��� odd lines, to clear, at
2 spools for 5c.
Women's Summer
Parasols, 95c Each
2 do/.en only the balance of
our stock of Fancy Summer Parasols Tlie warmer weather Is
ahead. BO the offer comes al
an opportune time. Regular
values $1.50 to $3.00. Sale p: li ��� ,
each.  95c.
Heavy   Turkish   Towels
Sale Price 45c per Pair-
White Ecru and Dark Brown
Tow els. new lines placed on
sal as a week end special for
our big alteraUon sale. Regular values i.n. 66 and 70c per
Summer Suitings
and  Cotton  Voilei
25c per Yard
Rt gular 35 I
this special le'     ���       ��� ol the
mosl   valuable   vv,
e I    and    embl i
nit t-    coloi lngs;
suiting. !: a',
ic s and  s'i lp<
of voiles vv	
���ultlni i   i-i.,
::u   to   :,'
���.aid,  25c.
About  16 only, small Children's Parasols.    Plain and fancj colored  tops.    Regula
price,   eacli.   25c.
\B0R I
ro pro
' New Things To Eat"
Do you  know that th: "ROYAL"   is   serving   new   dishes   all   the
tfme rooked   "A   la   Carte."     You   only   live   once   in   the   world   and
why not eat the best. Spring "Chicken" and fresh vegetables; fresh
fruit and cream, from our own "ranch" will be brought in daily.���
Ccrr.e and bring  a friend today.
The Royal Cafe and Grill
Which Is at 604 Columbia Street.
Dominion Trust Block. Main Floor
Value of Exports to and Imports From
Canada About   Equal.
The total values of tic merchandise imported into the United Kingdom and of the merchandise exported
from the United Kingdom during the
four months ending April 30, 1910,
were ai follows:
imports    ClilM.TK.lMW
United   Kingdom  prod'e  136,170,000
Foreign     and     Colonial
produce       38,634,000
These figures are greatly in excess of the totals for llie corresponding four months of 1909, the Increases
In Imports  (9.5 p.c.)    E19,602,0000
In exports���
Of United Kingdom produce   |ly.7   p.cj     ...    18,488,000
of  foreign  and  colonial
produce:  (23.3 p.c.)   ...      7,302,000
The Increases, both in Imports and
in exports were very general. Consequent on the shortage of the cotton
crop there was a decrease of ahout
��4,600,000 ln the value of raw cotton
The rot urns compiled at the present date do not show the value of the
total imports from, or that of the
total exports to, particular countries
during the month of April, but figures are available for the threo
months ending March 31, from which
it appears that practically the whole
of the inereiise of ��9,200,000 In tho
total value of the Imports during tho
first quarter of 1910, as compared
with the first quarter of 1909, occurred ln Imports from countries within
the Empire, the Increase under the
head of tor$tfc:i countries  ujiug  It-
The   soap
you   work
sou nmney wl
io hands or
Sunlight SoT
turns wash-
lull drudgery
into    pleasure.
(ietab.tr of Sunl
to-day and try.
than ��100,000.   As regards ny0--
United Kingdom produce in the Q'WJ
er. the relative proportions of exP
to countries within and to couli ^j
without the Smplre were abou
same in 1910 as in 1909. .
���   The total value of the meroM ' J
Imported   from   Canada    during
quarter  was   ��*'.337,000, and tt    *
the   merchandise     exported |pjj|
Dominion   ��5,320.000.       "'��  ,'',. ,.-
imports and exports Included   ���
Imports. Va.;;C
Articles. g] ���>:, $
Wheat       ' '   .U.W
Wheat, meal and flour ������������      ;,i;;	
���Bacon  and  hams          412-000
Cheese       "'      >   '"'
Canned salmon   	
Exports. 563.000
Cotton piece goods  ...������ '
Woollen and worsted tissues ^.^
und cat pets  	
ll tew
I1  i
I thr


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