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The Daily News Dec 26, 1910

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 port Mann
MB 5, NUMBER 276.
Standard  Make $5 Per  Montn.
KJIIHAS CAUSES     opportunity knocks
Rev. J. s. Henderson, in Sermon R��-
ilTOadS, CarS, StOreS,    and minds Congregation of Truth of
Streets   Crowded
Holiday Makers.
Ancient Adage.
_____ 'Golden Moments In the Stream of
Life," was the subject, of Rev. ,1. s.
Christmas navel, wbicb has been Henderson's sermon in St. Andrew.
|i_o��-ii.fc' the usual gradual increase Presbyterian church last evening, and
L week, culminated in an orgy of the theme which lan all through his
[lotion here on Saturday, when the remarks was the word "opportunity."
lately local movement, which is afti-r | That opportunity knocks at least once
Uthe greatest of all at this holiday . at the door of every man's life, was
n, he. an in real earnest.   Owing ; the  preacher's  contention,  and  u
ly the facl that this year two days the swift seizure of it depended a
Ljll be devoted to holiday making, U1:'u s success, morally and materially.
[L unusual exodus of people for neigh-
���pg towns and country residences
; place, but did not result in any
Ifepopulatiun ol tlie city, as the in-
||n of homecomers and visitors bai-
luted the outgo.
faith:<il b> its promise the B, C. E.
Uput on ill available equipment to
Ikudle the  mobs of  passengers  who   lie in their path.
|*cne��.ii the waiting room and lined' ' ��,h��-'rs  do  not
ltek.il'.   but   even   with   every   car
Opportunity, said Mr. Henderson, is
a stimulant, tne gieat and only neces-
sary stimulant, which transmutes t.ie
base metal of a dull monotony into
the glowing gold of energy and
achievement .Many mere are wno
would would rather be left, alone
to plod along tne loute of regular
duties, and do not desire to be told
of tne glorious   opportunities   Whicj
.ear when fortune
raps on tlieir portals, and miss tlieir
chance to advance. LiKe that soldier
p^d Into service, there were many ot- old, who permitted his prisoner to
^ of unavoidable    overcrowding,  escape, "they    are    busy    heie    and
5 as quickly us one car came in, there, and presently it is gone.' Thai
ed to the gunwales, it was be- is the trouble. The concentration on
ijttJ by an eager throng which petty and unimportant matters, to the
cjti round the doors and rendered exclusion of the big things of life,
toll for the incomers to dlsem-  Tney nave not the faculty Of recognli
ing lhe occasion, and lising to it.
What this faculty is was dlscuised
at length by the preacher, who
reached the conclusion that it *as
the power to concentrate on one
thing at a time, to bend all one s
energies in that direction, and to toi-
Though according to tbe almanac yesterday was the day of the festt
vai of ihe Nativity throughout th�� civilized world, the fact of its falling on
a Sunday will cause it to be generally observed as a joyous and mirthful
occasion today. From time immemorial this great festival of the Christian
year lias always been celebrated among the English-speaking races by indulgence In various form of rejoicing and merry if not rollicking spirits
have prevailed. Among these dinner has ever been the chief social event of
Christmas day. Whether the feast began ere the morn was sped or later
than the hour when "curfew tolls the knell of parting day," it has at all
times been a glad occasion when special delicacies were spread before the
guests at the family gathering.
For the most part these delicacies have a significance peculiarly their
own. The spicy contents of the mipce pie, for instance, symbolize the gift
of gold, frankincense and myrrh ottered b ythe wise men of the east; the
plum pudding served up in its surrounding of blue Uame represents tho
I'uritan idea of tlie torments In store for those who did not agree with
tliem. Then the great loin of beef, which ls a traditional item of the day's
fare, enjoys Its distinction by virtue of the honor thrust upon it by the
merry King Charles, who in an impulsive moment proclaimed the joint Sir
At King George's home at Sandringham. strict adherence to old English
customs is always observed at Christ mastide. The boar's head, the merit
and importance of which has earned for it quite a considerable literature of its own, is a greal feature of the'royal table. Yet it no longer makes
Its entry to the sound of a nourish of trumpets from the heralds, music
from the minstrels, nor tlie servitor's chant of a merry ditty. The roast
cygnets, too, are still served, but t.ie royal peacock "drest in hys plumage," has gone with the old-time por ridge and frumenty.
In more humble homes the Christmas dinner is served in good old
English style, just as it was in the time so pleasntly and vividly recorded
hy Washington Irving in hls sketch book. We find tbe very soul of the
Christmas spirit expressed in Dickens. Though there is a pleasant savour
of joyous festivity at the home of old Mr. Wardle, where they raised such
"lovely pork," and the hearts of the immortal Pickwick and his companions were warmed with the home-made cherry brandy; many of us have
found real pleasure in the simply homeliness of the Christmas festival as
celebrated at Bob Cratchit's, so beautifully depicted in the "Christmas
Caml." Who has not entered fully into the spirit of childish joy expressed
by the little Cratchits, who "stuffed spoons into tlieir mouths lest they
should shriek for goose," and appreciated Tiny Tim's opinion that is was a
wonderfully pudding." There are more conventional Christmas feats related by other classic romancers, such as Jane Austen. George Elliot,
Thackeray and Anthony Trollope. But all are permeated by the same
subtle spirit of festive joy. though perha; s somewhat more restrained in
expression than in the humble homes of Dickens' People.
*.<:. P. R. and Great Northern de-
pes rf; *��� also the scenes of consider-
#B(itement, all the trains arriv-
' ���ffid departing on Saturday being
'Sltilled and In some cases crowded.
'   It ut iliu   travellers   carried     the
J. F. McLean, Guest at Russell, Talks
Entertainingly of Christmas Celebration in Old Country.
Tlie manner In which Christmas is.
celebrated in va.'inis paits of the
world was the theme of some lnteres;-
ing anl seasonable remarks by J. F.
McLean, a guest at the Hotel Russell
Mr. McLean is an "unspeakathe
Scot," as Lis name would indxate,
who has travelled largely and is now
on the coast en route to New Zealand.
For the sake of old-time associations,
as lie explained, he took a run over
to this city from Vancouver, where
he is awaiting the sailing cf the next
Canadian-Australian liner.
When I was in school, said he. New
Westminster was mentioned in our
geography books as the principal city
Planned to Please One Hundred Children With Stolen
St. Louis, Dec. 25.���Frank Wallen's
plans to play fci nta Claus for more
than 150 chlldreu In North St. Louis
have gone awry There is mourning
among the scores of little ones wha
know the big, re��s-faced, kindly man
who gave them tr.inklets" and promised wonderful Christmas gifts.
Wallen has been arrested on
charges of burglary and for the robbery of a post office at Dawson, Tex.
The jewelry which was to have helped
fill the Christmas stockings of his
little friends is held as evidence
against   him.     Wrallen    admits   the
in British Columbia. Vancouver was j jewelry is part of the loot taken.
not then on the map. i from a st0re in Dawson.
Asked as to the manner in whic'.i      u-b..  w���n���  ,.. ��� .   ,        ,. ,_
Scotsmen celebrate the Nativity, hei *hen Ua"en was tested, a list
explained that they do not celebrate j of names of children was found in
it at all. lt is a bank holiday, but \ his pocket. He tried to destroy it,
the great public works do not close | and when he failed, admitted it was
down,  and there  are  practically    no   . u~* nf ���������,������ ����� thn ���*.,,*. _
unusual festivities. Put do not let Iti "' ��f nameS ��f the chtli;en whom
be imagined that the Scot loses a holi-  he had Planned t0 8*ve presents.
Children  Were  Gleeful.
With Wallen was arrested Richard
Itlal  Christmas   offerings   lu   parcels   low it to a successful completion.
Still another class of those who fail
to   piont  by   their   opportunities     is;
that of those who come too late. Fori
mem,   as   lieorge   Elliot   patuetical.y
says, "the golden    moments   iu   the I
lid packages of till shapes and sizes,
lad as they jostled and rubbed
I* . these came In for many    a
Mo_: .nored objurgation. Yet the
ltet.vuis spirit prevailed, and brood-
��� over everything, like the dove of stream of life go by, and we do not
fc.t with outspread wings, so that see them until they are gone forever.'
Ifcre was little annoyance caused by But there are lew, very few, who
Ikni.uiy Inconveniences which are are on the qui vhe, whose eternal
Istftilv tegarded as inevitable at this vigilance is rewarded and who see
���won. aud  recognize and  grasp  the gtddea
��� streets the festival was eel?- opportunity when it comes their way.
Ifcui in time-honored style, and tbe Who grasp it with both hands and
I- throngs that  passed and re-   realize to the full the treasures with
which it comes dowered.
Tlie   preacher   concluded   with   a
vigorous appeal to    his    hearers   to
rouse themselves from the spe 1    of
['3d Columbia  stieet    on     Saturday   the ordinary, to be ever on tlie watch
*as ftjlQW   with   "lights, love  tor opportunity, and when lt comes, to.,
W laughter." grasp it and follow it to the desired
I II was (probably) in the begin-  goal. i
p. mkI ever (perhaps) shall be, | _\ the course of his I'etiuuk'. Mr.
�� bar room provided Us quota of Henderson contributed to the Utefa*|
���da] enjoyment, and While there ture of Christianity a sound piece of toquiii.un nine.
[**" . 1 course many cases in which ' philosophy. To concern oneself only
It excess of animal si irits had been with the salvation of one's own soul
pflowed by a similar excess of vege- was a narrow and sordid view of the
Itele or other siirits, yet the drunks glorious gospel of Christ, said he,
I'ere nol more than might be expect- and it was the bounden duty of each
I ed. ar.d the police force was not over-  0f his followers to look to it that not
Interesting   Indian    Character    Passes   Popular  Councillor    Announces    that
Away Suddenly, While on Visit
to Westminster.
Giim death was the Christmas
visitor which called upon Chief Johnnie of Coqritlam yesterday morning.
Business Requires His Withdrawal
from Civic Politics.
Another rumor as to a possible
candidate for mayor or alderman was
killed    yesterday      when      Alderman
day on tbis account. As an Irishman
might have remarked, he keeps
Christmas at the New Year.
Mr. McLean then gave an interest- Henry, as a witness. A watch pawned
ing description of the manner in by Henry in a place on Market street
which this festival is recognized ia waa the clew which resulted in Wal-
most Scottish towns. "On New Year's  ,    . ��� _ _.
Eve, all work that can possibly be l?"* arrf\ Uetec,1vves Danaher and.
stopped, ceases at midday. A.l after- T sher' of the Pushup ***^- f��UQ*
noon and evening, the stiee.s are
filled" with a roaring crowd, which
throngs ttte-stores and saloons. There
is a good deal of heavy drinking for
which Scotland is famous, but not
very much drunkenness. They make
har.l heads there," remarked the narrator.
"Towards midnight, the bulk of the
population foregathers in the town
square, whicli is almost Invariably
overlooked  by the  town clock.    Pre-
t'f ; r
emed io extract much pleas-
om  this    simple    exercise,    lt
.1   little to amuse the human
. provided there Is an occasion,
The chief was in the city and stop-j^Welsh announced to a representative  cjsely on the stroke of midnight, as
...    .-,.   -.   _,1ji       i, .,..���    . .,     ��.        ..   _ ,    .,,������.,    .      the   clock   booms   forth,   every   ce e-
ped at the  \\ estside boarding house of the News that he had definitely de-
Saturday night.    On Chiistmas morn-1 cjded  not  to stand again  for either
ing when his wife awoke she found j office.
her husband dead in bed.   Heart fail-      Alderman   Welsh   has   been privi-
ure was probablv the cause. , . .       ... ..
..��� ��� "     ���_,i(iu,i  nna    th<_   leged to prefix the title to his name
lhe  police  were  notuied and    tne      �� r
body removed to Murchie's uncertak- for just one year. During that time
ing parlors. There the remains were he has shown himself a capable coun-
viewed by Coroner Dr. Rothwell, who cillor and his name has been f,.eelv
is acting while Captain Pittendrlgh is  mvM<,m lately as a possible candi-
11 Chief  Johnnie  was  chief    of    the date for mayor.
of which there are'    When   seen     yesterday   Alderman heads.
brant who possesses a bottle
knocks the head of it off with a stroke
of his hand (a pretty trick, not easily
acquired), and offers it to his neighbor. As his neighbor also has a bottle
(in nine cases out of ten), some con
fusion ensues, but despite this, the
New Year is properly toasted, and the
bottles are immediately smashed, exponents of the ancient order of things
the watch and recognized it as one
stolen from the Jewelry store ia
lt was learned Henry bad pawned
it, but he was not in tbe city. Detectives Kaiser and Wetzel obtained
information that Henry recently bad
sent $80 to his wife, and watched for
his i\turn. Henry when taken into
custody told where Wallen could bs
Wallen was arjested at a McKinley
line station near the McKinley bridge.
rtHien the detectives approached, the
man was surrounded by a group of
children all talking at once, and evidently gleeful o\ er the presents Wallen had promised tbem.
Children Had Jewelry.
After V.'allen was arrested the
police learned be had often given
children small ai tides of jewo'ry.
They started collecting these aitlctes
as evidence, but a postal inspector
who was in the party urge.I that the.
home ?   No,   to
now not a great many in the Fraser | Welsh stated that although   he   had
vallev,  but  whose  tribe was  at one , annrnached   several   times   bv.
time numerous and powerful. He was heen appioacbed several times d> cerem of "flrst.footing." This con-
about fifty years old and was a. pure- Parties wishing him to run for mayor, 8lsts ,n vis|tlng one'8 frlend8> dona
blooded Indian, in fact none, not hav- or at least stan.1 again for alderman ferentes, and woe-betlde the house-
ing  that  Qualification   can  attain  to ^e did not see his way clear to do so. j hold  which  is  first-footed  by  a  fair
���,'r,V I the bead position of the tribe. I     H,���   hnnlne .s  demanded  his  entire  haired man, for on it will fall mtsfor-
Ftfdened in    the   exe. ution    of    Us  only was his own salvation secu.ed,, tnen<eaa posi ^      His  business  ceman.ed  nis entire tune throughout the entlre yeari��
Wies.   A number of unbidden guests  but that he did   everything   in   his      'n,e/,"{," a llking f���r strong drink  attention and although he appreciated i    Such at least ,fl the plcturc whlch
���        deed in tbe lock-up. but their   nowar  to help  his  bretbern  in    the   ����������� ^ ^ ^ & strange face in the  the  compliment  paid him  by people  was drawn for the News by this in-
i insisting   on  throwing  it  over   tier     . ., ,        . -.,,.��� ,.
heads, to the great danger of   other I clllld1ien be,^1 n   ,  Ln vV
i,�����ii_ I jewelry as it was all cf small value.
Wallen exonerated   Henry,   saying
The crowd then disperses.    To go uged mim merel    t0 ald
perform the m.stie  h,m & disposlng    of    tran8portation
punishment went no further.
"Tlie early closing of hotels has
|lt,ti i.siiltant in a great decrease of
INlkeuneBS,* said Chief Bradshaw.
Home time ago, and possibly this ac-
counti'.I for the fait that this season
j '���" number of misguided people whom
!l"i police were obliged to attend t>
,:ls rather under the records of pre-
wiii jcara.
1,1 I] He bf the efforts of the early
"topping league     (unorganized),    all
same path,
boat   along,
"Help thou thy brothers  *                       However   he was true desiring him to run again, he would I teresting visitor.   How much of it is
���������*���**  l0-  tl,iue  own  1,ath   P   -is friends and on the many occa-! not do so. 	
reached the shore."
Some special Christmas music was
rendered by the choir, Including u
male voice quartette, an ant hem, and
a solo, the latter by Miss Munn.
Funeral ServiceTAre Held at British
,,, Ms tru'.niH ana on iue man.   ^.-,   J true to life, and how much colored by
sions he had been before the magis-      A measure which Alderman Welsh  bis imagination, is left to the readsr
trite he had consistently refused to  introduced into the council and which  to determine.
e the name of the man who s.p-|wiH not soon be   forgotten   is   that]
plied him with liquor.
favoring the  adoption of  the  single1
optional   with  the  members  cf
tribe.    . .
It  is  probable  that  Chief  Johnnie _ tax system
will be buried at Coquitlam with all
the solemn rites which accompany the
burial of all Indian chiefs.   One of hU ^^
brothers will probably be chosen    to |  '
succeed him, althoir;',, thla IDiitter is Mother and Child at Starvation Point
Wolves howled ABOUND.
When Succor Reached Them.
Duluth, Minn, Dec. 23. ��� While
wolves howled around the cabin, Mrs.
Walter Darrah, 34 years old, gave
birth, six days ago, to a baby In an
almost roofless shack near Pelican
lake in this county. With the woman
In the cabin was only her four-year
Peter's Church  Scene of  Impressive Religious Ceremony.
There was a good attendance at
midnight mass, celebrated in St
Peter's church by Rev. Father
O'Boyle, O.M.I., who delivered a brief
but very appropriate sermon, and conducted the ceremonies ln that admirable and impress 1 e Wanner so characteristic of the Catholic church, and
ln keeping with the observance of so
great a iestlval as the nativity of
Christ. !
On this occasion a falily well bai
���' "id went ont.'and" the bells B^'.^e ������:
{J-* fact that It was ^^ ^ ^^ ^   Scores
at Widows and orphans will gather be-
who old daughter.    Mrs.    Darrah    claims
attempting she was deserte.l by    her    husband  anced choir conducted   by    Mr. Fll-
A pitiable "feature of the  ��'jj}�� "over"'thelngUsh channel to some weeks before.   It was only to-'glano rendered Mass In D very credlt-
only    fifty  ��   S��� Th.iP��*av was continued to- day  that the  woman,  her baby  and I ably,  and during  the offertory  sang
The only    do- the little girl were found.    All were that most appropriate   of
Dover on Thursday,
without success.
i taken from a railroad statijn at
Peoria, 111. Wallen admitted robbing
the station.
Wallen led the police^to his room
in North Venice, 111., and from a
bureau drawer jewelry and stamps
were recovered.
"There goes Santa Claus for the
kids in North St. Louis,' said Wallen.
regretfully, as the police packed up
the articles. "I've always liked children," said Wallen. "I've never beea
married, but 1 like to have them
around rae. I used to visit a nickelodeon at Broadway and Bremen avenue, and I guess every kid ln Uie
neighborhood knows me. I'm sorry
they caught me before Christmas for
I was going to he Santa Claus to a
lot of them."    - ....
160 Names on List-
There were more than 150 names
on the list found in Wallen's possession. Opposite each name was noted
the present the child was to receive-
Wallen admitted he was paroled fron*
the Chester, 111., penitentiary tn 19W>
an.l that the parole still hangs ove^
Henry told the pollce Wallen ha*
asserted he had won the transportation as a prize in a lottery, and asketl
him to help sell It. The two men
visited Salt Lake City, Denver, Pue'jlo
London,  Dec.   25.���Three
*ere arraigned in the G
"��! Court today charged In   connec-
i<m of three policemen    who    were
ill,('il while frustrating   a
as'  Week.     A  Witness  bn""   ������������      , .......  Onti.on sire -i.  �������"���	
����* two of the    prisoners   carrying  dence,1880    ���;��Dwember 27.   at 10
..   ..   -u����*ln<r nne   on   1 Ues(U>   BBAi,  u . ���.
Funeral Notice.
The funeral of the late J. G   Davy
,      ,     wm ,ake place from the family resl-
A witness swore that he ^^ , J, lu,t)Son street. Vancouver,
burglary t
awi|v from the Rceue of shooting one  on
7 the    burglars    who    subsequently  a.m.
Med of  big  wounds.    The  prisoners
o'clock this afternoon.   Mr. Grace had
�� ���� from Dover to Calais and was cold. There had been no food and no
H��� "hack for the English shores nre in the cabin for a week and the
��1?^!nSarUy,helostblsM��rlnb motbe* and children were on the
when'app!l,e  of   continuing   toward'point of starvation.    The little girl
"' had started barefooted to a spring fo.-
water when found
I r.     K���l�����.   �� . _<*��I*;.,%�� S m on land or nW *.*._*** �������
"1,>;il!<,'l not guilty and were rem
*:1 Pending further enquiry.
HU(l.  Btreet. and thence to Mountain View, hjmjUJJ- ---������ day.
Duluth   authorities
charge'of the family.
have     taken
very tastefully arranged and showed
to good effect; the latter dept ts in a
material way the setting which surrounded the "Natus Christ!."
immediately after mass the sacrament of holy communion was administered to quite a large number of
communicants. ,
cent stamps, 1400 1-cent stamps and
100 10-cent stamps.
Big four and Wabash railroad!
transportation an.l a mileage book
were found. Wallen had a conductor's punch, which he used to prepare tickets for presentation om a
>-Si i I
eral housework. Apply Mis. A. 10.
Kellington, 44 Leopold 1'laee.
keeping rooms; good references.
Apply box 8, News office.
WANTED���BOARDERS FOU Private boarding house; fii'st class
board; all home cooking. Terms
very reasonable. Apply ol3 A
street, city.
Real  Estate   Agents.
628 and 746 Columbia St.
New  Westminster.
SIX choice building lots on Edinburgh
sireet, near Eighth avenue, only
?r>00 each; terms to arrange. This
is the cheapest property to be had
in iliis locality.
TWELVE lots on Tenth avenue west
on lhe highest ground in the city.
These lets will double in value in
the near future; only $500 at the
present time, on easy terms.
ALSO choice building lots on Dublin
and London streets, west of tha
orphanage, excellent view property.
This wiil some day be the most
popular residence section, as the
location Is unexcelled.
write Are insurance in tlie district;
only good p'oducer need apply, giving full particulars with credentials;
good commission. Applications to
be forwarded to A. L. Cardin, 505
Dominion Trust building, Vancouver. B. C.
proved, with buildings, in the vicinity of New Westminster. Full
particulars to Vancouver Brokerage
Land, (i~ Hastings stieet east.
cure for cancers, sprains and bruise
cure for cancers, sprains and
bruises for either man or beast,
without operation or chemicals, by
application of herbs. A consultation
at any time free of charge with K.
Greyell, 618 Eighth street, between
Fifth an dSixth avenues, New Westminster, B.C.
roomed modern house (practically
newj, situated on the best residential stieet in New Wes.minster,
commanding splendid view of upper
Kraser river. Large rooms, bath,
toilet, stationary tubes and furnace,
concrete foundation and full size
basement; connected with gas, elsc-
tric light and sewer. Half block
from city car. Price ?7500. Easy
terms. Apply Box -4, Daily Newa
get our cash prices on shingles.
Westminster Mill Co., Ltd., box
1X103, N'ew Westminster.
FOR SALE���General store and building on acre lot; house over stoie.
consisting of two bedrooms, kit-
then, parlor, stable, woodshed and
storeroom, including stock, postofflce, telephone, agency C. P. U., and
Dominion Express agencies; near
New Westminster
lars, appy to A. C.
. 30K! Is Ihli a snap? Large lot and
two houses near car and water
front, at Sapperton, rents for $17.00
per month; price .lfiOO; only $300
cash, and the balance to be paid
as rent.   Owner must sell at once.
Real   Estate  Agents.
628  and  746  Columbia  st.
New  Westminster.
Carnegie Donation and Session of Society   for   Judicial   Settlement   of
Disputes   Both   Significant.
Westminster   P.Hate   I
Townsend   t't.     M
cases   accepted.     Terms   from
$15 weeklv.  For further
apply   to   Hospital
.   Tele-
e 755.
Watches,  gents' open
Gold Watcies for Ladies from 812V5
Silver Watches,
17.50 up.
Agent    for    Waltham   and
Watch repairing a specialty.
Two Doors from Geo. Adams' Grocery
Trapp   Block,
Railway Time Tables
Washington, Dec, 25.���Two events
of tlie past ten days substantially
have furthered a movement for inter
national peace, in the opinion of those
who have been prominent in that
movement. The flrst was the announcement that Andrew Carnegie
had placed more than $10,000,000 in
the hands of trustees to be applied to
that end. The second was a meeting
of the American Association for the
Judicial Settlement of Disputes between Nations.
Mr. Carnegie's gift for the peace of
the world formed the basis of remarks of speakers at the association
meeting, and that It met with hearty
approval goes without saying. Mr.
Carnegie himself delivered an address
in advocacy of the move to settle international disputes Judicially. Other
speakers discussed various phases of
the peace movement, and tliose who
attended the convention agreed that
no important part of the subject was
untouched during the three-day session, y,
Hague  Tribunal   Hampered.
Tlie object of the association, as in
dlviduals and collectively, is to bring
about the formation of a court by international agreement, to which all
disputes between nations shall be referred for settlement. It is pointed
out that The Hague tribunal while of
value i.s limited seriously by the fact
that it is a court of arbitration. Being such, its decisions are compromises on many questions raised. It establishes no precedents, or at, least
precedents are not followed, as they
would be in a regularly organized and
permanent court. Therefore, members of the association believe the
real solution of the problem of settling international disputes without
war lies in the creation of a permanent international court.
Last week's meeting was devoted
entirely to discussion, and no resolutions were offered or even suggested.
A  number of men  prominent   in  the
B  C. E. R. Westminster Branch.
Week Day Schedule.
Cars leave Vancouver for New Westminster at 5:50, 6:50. 7:20 and 8:00
a.m., and every half hour thereafter
until 11:30 p.m.
Cars leave New Westminster for Van
couver at 5:50, 6:20, 0:50. 7:20 andj
8:00 a.m., and every half hour there-i
after until 11:00 ?.m.
Sunday Schedule.
Cars leave Vancouver for New West-
minster at 8:00 and .9:00 a.m., and,
every   half   hour   thereafter   until \
11:30 p.m.
Cars leave New Westminster for Van
OOUver nt   ��.:O0 a.m..  anH  evn-y  ti nl   j
hour thereafter  until 11 p.m.
Eburne  Line.
Cars leave New Westminster at 7
a.m. and every hour until 11 p.m.
Cars leave Vancouver at 7 a.m. and
every hour until 10 p.m.
On Sundays cars leave Westminster
at 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.
On Sundays cars leave Vancouver at
8 a.m. lo 10 p.m.
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will mail them. '   -"J'~c-Mdi
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B.C. Mills
limber  and Trading CoJ
Manufacturers and Dealers In All Kinds of
.....    ,.,..   _..      .__.._     stock     PLA|_NISH,
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G. N. R.���Port Guichon.
Leaves New Westminster dally, except   Sunday   from   bridge   passengei
station   3:60   p.m.;    arrives   at   Fort
association  who  followed  the discus-, Guichon 0:30 p.m.
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Box 160
Full   partial-!
D., P. O. Box 29
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scow house, in very good condition,
three rooms, etc. Apply 208 Front
street, City.
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roomed h
and two lots-    :
Immediate possession.
���, Bos
279. City.
seven room modern house on Fourth
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Westminster, B. C.
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25   this o.":i'_e.
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gentlemen,    Apply at 233 8th St.
ply    upstairs Trapp   block,   corner
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board room, City Hall, as follows:
Third Thursday of each montn;
quarterly meeting on the tniro
Thursday of February, May, Augusl
and November, at tj p.m. Annual
meetings on the third Thursday ol
February. New members may bf
proposed and elected at any montb
ly or quarterly meeting. C. H
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Accountant. Tel. It 128. Room,
Trapp block.
O. D. BRYMNER. Manager.
office 'Phone 115.    Bam Tion* 113
Columbia Street.
Baggage   delivered   promptly   0a
any pwt of tka city.
light and Heavy Hauling
MISS M. BROTEN, public stenographer; specifications, business letters, etc.; circular work taken.
Phone 415. Rear of Major and
Savage's offlce. Columbia St.
slons very closely stated that there
was practically agreement upon the
following five points under which the
court could operate, which could have
been embodied in resolutions, if any
had been proposed:
1. The court a development from
previous methods, in order to form a
more perfect arrangement. Other
peaceful methods to remain and to be
To   Respect   All   Laws.
2. The court to be a court of law
and equity applj ing principles of
equity and pood conscience and having leyard to all systems of law and
the precedents under all systems. All
questions, except those of pure policy,
to be submitted.
3. Institution of an international
court is of such importance that it
should be constituted by such states
as desire it, leaving it open to access
to other powers or to tlieir future ad- j
���I. inasmuch as the supreme court
of the United States has served as a
supreme court for the states composing the American Union, and has re-
[eatedly decided controversies between them, the origin, history and
practical working of that court should
be carefully studied.
5. The practicability of creating a
sentiment in . eliools, colleges and universities, in favor of the settlement of
international disputes by means other than war.
Too Many Governments.
Members of the association, such as
Governor-elect Simeon E. Baldwin, of
Connecticut, stated that they did not
expect that all nations would subscribe to the principles set forth
above, nor that the movement would
bear fruit in one or two, or even ten
years. One of the great difficulties in
effecting an agreement as to the
court would be recognition of all gov-
ernments of the world In its membership, it was understood among
members of the association that a
number of leading governments aro
willing to appoint representatives to
the court, but to have all nations represented in it would make it un-
wieldly. Therefore, the most feasible
plan for forming the court would be
to have the leading governments represented in its permanent, membership, with the minor powers represented ln rotation, as may be agreed
Leading members of the association
say that with an agreement among
several great powers and formation of
a court for settlement of disputes between them, other nations would be
bound to appoint members and to
bind themselves to obey its decisions,
in order that great saving of treasure
and human life might be effected.
Loaves Port Gulchon 8:00 a.m.
daily, except Sunday; arrives at New
Westminster bridge passenger station
10:20 a. in.
I 4
I 4
1 ���
G.   N.   R.���Sun-as   Branch.
Leaves Sumas C-.Mi a.m; arrives
bridge passenger station. New Westminster, 10:20 a. m. dally execept
Leaves New Westminster bridge
passenger station 3:50 p.m.; arrives
Sumas 8:00 p.m. dally except Sunday.
New Westminster
Mail Service
: Closing:
United States via C. P. R.
idaily except Sunday)..  7:30
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(daily except Sunday)..  7:30
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(daily   except   Sunday)..
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(daily except Sunday)..16:00
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23:00���All points east and Europe  (daily)    15:15
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Mills      (dally     except
FREEMAN     BUNTING,     ROOM     22
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Game, Vegetables, etc. Dean Block,
next to Bank ot Montreal.
. O. O. F. AMITY LODGE NO. 27���
The regular meetings of this lodge
are held in Odd Fellows' Hall, cor.
ner Carnarvon and Eighth streets,
every Monday evening at 8 o'clock.
Visiting brethren cordially invited
to attend. W. H. West, N.G.; W. C.
Coatham, P.G.. recording secretary;
.T. W. MacDonald, financial secretary ..    ,
Edmonton, Dec. 25.���An anonymous
Christmas present of $50 was received hy Chief of Police Lancey
through the mall today. The money
was accompanied by a letter, tbe contents of which the chief refused to
divulge. He Inten Is to make use of
It. The chief has no intention of ac
ccptlng the gift, which he believes to
come from some person In the underworld. It is not uncommon for the
heads of pollce departments to- receive such gifts. He believes Invariably the giver comes to claim some
favor ln return.
"I don't need Ihe money," he said,
"nnd I want to say that if tho sender
2:10���Coquitlam    (daily   except
13:00���Central Park and Edmonds (dally except
Sunday)       11:00
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Sunday     13:30
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Hill and South Westminster (Tuesday and
Friday)       13:30
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Westham Island   13:30
10:00���Annievllle,  Sunbury (daily
except   Sunday    13:30
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Wednesday and Friday      13:30
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Thursday and Saturday      13:30
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day       15:00
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Friday)        15:0'
8:30���Burnaby Lake (dally except Sunday  16:00
��0:00���Abbotsford, Matsqui, Huntington, etc. (dally except Sunday)     7:3(
will call at. the police department In
side of ten days and prove.his prop. 15:45���Crescent, White Rock and
erty, he or she may have It back, oth- Blaine     (dally    except
erwlse I will give it to the Children's ' Sunday)        7:30
Aid society,"   Although the letter was 15:45���Hall's Prairie, Fern Ridge
unsigned, the chief believes he knows, and   Hazlemen   (Tues-     h
from whom it comes. '; |""'_     day, Thursday and 8at��   '
' *'iji i
Its ���'
I ��EW
HECTOR   McCAIG,  Manager.
Dec. _i
The Favorite Musical Triumph
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"The TIE, The PUG
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The People9s Trust Co. LtdM\\
T. II.  McCormick  Manager Heal Kstate Department. I
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Simpson, Kincolith, Massett, Skidegate, Queen Charlotte City,
way, etc.
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JJ. '��� Lnoav.
1HL   UA1LI    inc. wo.
Sank of Toronto
Manv People-who have
Uerbefore been in a
l#iti��n t0 -d0. S��' may
IL be ready to open a
[bank account.
nrfye Bank of Toronto
[ffrs to all such people
|L facilities of their
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I ]���,frest i�� paid on  Savings
IBalance half-yearly.   ::
Klines*  Accounts    opened
|j. ravorable  terms.
ASSETS   $48,000,000
|H��W   VVF.STMIN3TE-. ,    B.   C.
5:   Columbia street.
IL C. Coasl Mrvii:i!
Uncouveb to victoria.
i    :     1 i.niy except Sunday
m  Da"y
m  Daily
I�� m    ... .Daily excepl Sundaj
 Every Monda)
I I   ���      Dec  S, li. 27, Jan. 7, 21
Jan. 10, 24.
u Every Thun I 1
. r��PER   FRASER.
��� .inster  8:00   a   m.   Mon-
 sdaj and Friday.
ach  7 00 :*   til   Tuesday,
and Saturda;.
ED. GOri.KT.
. ent, Westminster.
II    W.   Bit OI HF..
P. a   Vancouver
Phone 105.      P. O. Box 345.
3fF.ce. Front  St.. Foot of Sixth.
Afraid to Eat?
ment of
; Hon.  William    Templeman Nor is Drinking Among Her
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Outlines Scope of Work to
Be Done There.
lion. William Templeman, ministei
of   mines,   1ms   issued    llie    following
Etatement lu regard to the contro
versy over th<- Victoria Memoria.
museum, which the Dominion govern
menl  la establishing at Ottawa;
"Judging trom remarks published in
the press, there Beems to be   some
Sex Growing in States, Declares W.C.T.U. Head.
Baltimore, Dec. lfi Drinking and
cigarette siiiok!.,f. aie nol on the increase among t'ie women of Araerii 1
according to Lillian M. N. Stevens,
president of the Women's Christian
L'emperance Union. Addressing the
annual convention here, she. said.
"We are sometimes told that drink
among women is on the Increase, it
can hardly be so among the outcasvu
misunderstanding   regarding  the   na- and lower classes, tor ll    Is   largelj
Take Results As Rebuke for
Republicans Rather Than
Victory for Selves.
Washington, Dec 2.").���It la becoming Increasingly evident day by day
thai the Democrats ol tlie bouse have
been sobered by Hieir victory, or the
rebuke to the Republicans, or No\
ember 8, aud thai tney expect to meet
their new responsibilities with earnestness and vigor.
The old, irresponsible feeling that
was bo evident, especially In the tariff
session--the wnat s-i he usi;   attitude
morial museum,    it  is of   co irse, a
national museum, and will be devoted
ture and purpose ol the Victoria Me   drink which lias brought them where 8eemB largely  to   have   disappeared.
'thej aro. Alchollc beverages cannot For Ulo time belngi ,u leaBtj Uli, pr0B
justly, oven among women, be called pect 0, ,)lt! 1>0WHlt)|t. 8Uccess In LD12
a class drink, for alcohol in the cost-Ufta wei<je,j ,lu inetToclive aud 11111 uly
only to the purpose for which it was  ]>��� wine glass is us deadly and dan-  organization   Into   a   compact   dlsclp
constructed.    A   part  of the bul din-;  geroiis as lt. 'la In the dingy  whisky
will house the art col ections, bul tin-  mug.
major portion of it is assigned to an       "We arc sometimes told   that there
thropology, biology and geology,   Tha   is   much   cigarette   smoking   among
National    museum    at    Washington,   women.    In the course of my travels
which  1  exame.l last spi lag, is a so in England and America 1 liave never
confined to anthropology, bloiDg)   met ��� seen a woman with a cigarette in lie.-
geology.    Museum  knowledge has a I-   mouth except ill certain localities    iu
tranced aid become technical in ie
cenl years, ami a modern national
museum is no longer simply a group
et exhibition halls, it is noi merely
a place oi public entertainment and
latlonal amusement, hut an InsUI 1
tlon ot research and education. .V- >
consequence, In addition to exhibition
New   Mexico, where  the surroundings
were  nol   at   all   pleas mt   to  contem
Referring to tie "white Blave"
trafllc tlie speaker s i l:
"It matters little whether Ihe traffic
1 organized' or nm. The fact thai
ii c\lstn In New York and elsewhere
halls it  must  have otlice accommoda-  is  sufficient   to  arouse  humanity.lov
tlon for scientific workers, und rooms  int;   people.   Investigations   In somi
tor scientific collections where the
real wealth of the museum can be
housed like books and manuscripts in
a library so as to be accessible to
scientific students. This is the distinctive feature of a true national
museum. In the l'nited States National museum before the completion
of the additional new building, there
were devoted to exhibition halls 112,-
cities have revealed that even little
Mills in their infancy are sold into
these dens of infamy."
RUN    BY    A   WOMAN
London,    Deo.    2i>.���Mrs
Hewlett, wife of thc   famous writer
aud man of letters, is a partner in a
691 square feet, to storage, rooms for   successful  aviation  school  at   Brook
scientists    and  scientific    collections
76,518,  ami  general offices, etc., 60,-
lands.    Mis. Hewlett has not yet won
her pilot's license, but she will surely
lined, lighting body.
j      1 hc house Democratic,   believe they
j will be on trial heioto tne eoiinti.   in
1 no 11e.1i congress, and thai, their per
loimauce tnen wiii iargeij determine
the outcome df the presidential election of I'JU.      'they are loaning me
most, careful preparations to meet the
sii uai lou adequately.
1    Already more than a   majority  or
the   Democratic  members ol   the  next,
house  have lonnaliy   indorsed l'lia.ni,i
Clark lor speaker,    a conference  "'
the members -elect is 10 be ueid here
in   January   to   select     the    majority
members of the new ways and means
committee, and to determine ou the
procedure ior revising tiie tat ill. This
committee   will   sit   all   summer   predating  a   bi.l  to   be   introduced   wnen
I congress convenes in December, inn.
I     No time Is to he lost when congless
meets iu determining an organization
��� and ln malting tue Important measure
Maurice ��' l*H- yeur-    In appointing the committee   and   in   dialling    a   bid    the
Democrats will be following the example sei by the Republicans in the
winter of  1896-87,  when  T.  B,   Reed
was  chosen  in  advance  as   speuKer,
524 Bquare leet. Th.e present re- very soon, for there is nothing about, appointed his ways and means com
quirements of that institution are ap- the science and art of flying nor aboul mi,,ee, and the bingley bill was
proximately :ir>:},000   square feet   for  the mechanism of a Farman biplane  drafted so that it could be introduced
public exhibition balls, 237,000 square   which   she   does   not   Know.
feet  fer  scientific  collections,  rooms mother, like daughter,"  her
for the scientists connected with tlie the   youngest  aviator   in   the   world
institution, etc., and 80,000 square feet she 'has often gone up -as a passen
for administrative offices, workshops, ger,  of  course���in  her  mother's   bl
"Ll.ie  when the extra session convened an-
child  la er McKinley's Inauguration, Match L6,
Put it right up to us to prove
all we say about Fit-Reform
No picture can give you tbe right idea about
Seeing tbe Overcoats themselves and trying tbem
on, is tbe only way you can learn tbe perfection of
the Fit-Reform designing and tailoring.
So, visit tbe Wardrobe, see tbe new fall styles, and
find out about the quality, style, material and workmanship tbat you ought to have
in your Overcoat.
Above, we sbow two styles jn
Semi-form Overcoats. Made in
elegant English, Scotch and
Irish Twee��.
$18. to $25.
I storage, library, photographic labors
tory. etc.
"In the proposed distribution of
space In our new museum a BomeWha!
larger proportion ls reserved for pub
lie    exhibition.
The  Democrats  recognize that  the
defection pi  members ot their party
plane, and, like  Mrs.  Hewlett, seems   in the tariff session on behalf ol lum
ber and other pet industries caused
a loss of confidence in the ability otitic party to make good. So tliey are
determined that nothing of the Borl
shali occur next   year.    Protectionist
as much at home in the air as on the
Flying  "got  hold  of  her."   as   Mi
Hewett puts it. al the Blackpool avla-
Provision has been  \-Vjn meet, where   she watcned   Qra
made tor the growth ol the museum   hame-White, Drexel and other lVm.tn  Democrats alreadj have begun to say
which   enables  ibe  .<   logical survey   aviators  who have flown In or  ovei   that  they  will  subordinate   "local  into be hou ei there for tne   present.   America   Bince  then,    Her   rclaUves,  terests" to the party'B welfare, iu the
hen expansion makes it  necessary, barring   her   distinguished   husband,  hope of winning the presidential elec-
Ision will have to b< ���   oeai   coldly    dl       raged    Mrs.    Hewlett!   tlon.    Such a protectionist as Repre-
fflclalB whi 1    1   min? to become an airwoman  Sue  sentatlve Pou, of North Carolina, for
the museum Went to France, and during all las' bstance has gnl d hi irll
that they mus' be hou ed undei Its winter lived at the edgi I the avia to retire from tbt ways and
roof,   ai,; coll tlon ground at Mourmelon.   There she committee 11    ��� sa.doln.  be will pro
-     ���   tra room Iii the preaen . ,, a Fret, . .
who taught her to fly and who is now bat si 1 neral
her   partner   In tht
deal   uirectly   with   the  museum,  and  Their rather masculine firm name   Is   .,,,
Messrs. Hewlett & Blondeau."
Together tliey .bought a farman bi
.   gp pari       tin ���      tafl have tc
uirectly   with   the  museum,  and
to have rapid an I easy access ty the
library for  wliich provision  Is  made
en   at
���  fit-m
FIT- 'y-\
- ramjia
In   the   building,     'lhe   work   of    the  plane.     Maeterlinck,  the  great    poet.
��� im and tiie survey IS by nature  offered  to christen   the graceful   and
so   interwoven   thit   an   organic    con-   beautiful   craft  tiie   '-Blue   ilird,"  aad
qi   ��� lon is mosl t onpmical.
lu ( ounti lea wl ere the connection
does nol e. It t, the reason is usually
thai the museum antedates the scion
that is its name. "Messra, Hewlett &
Blon leau' ire 11 ��ud of two t f their
pupils who have attalm I their soar
lng ambition.   One is Snowden Smith,
tiii- bureau, and Is forced to a sepa   (1f  tbe atmy  service,  who took   ids
li  1 1: 1   by Conditions attacneJ   pilot's license eatly tnis month and is
to,bequests accepted in the past, as the first Hritish officer ta be traine'
Is the case with the  United   Stat.s
N  tlonil   museum,    tn  Canada,  how
e   1, the     lehtiflc, bureau antedated man to take
the  museum,  created  it,  and  is  the   this country
�� essential pari if it.     Bul as
stated above, while the geological sur
in a   British   aviatl -n   school.      The
other is M. Ducrocq, the fust French
in aviation, but be has no time to de-
vey naturally goes into the building vote to flying. He made some inter
along with its extreme y valuable an esting flights tit Mourmelon, and tre<
thrbpological, biological and geologi- ciuently visits his wife's school to
ral museum material, the space it oc    watch the fledgling bird. len.
cuples is not more than that usually '  _	
devoted in a modem museum for tli    W0MAN   DESires limit
-*���-���������jr���a'-ir.��� ���*
ThatBest Baker
in Canada
Vgoo.   vet-istl    ' -\." ' A
\        tal d     '   ��� fl���� ;
��� it.
��� ��� Ite A1-.1
..-.c   Ilea ���'   '���' .- ,    ,npct
Bakes in ���'���  ���������       '
scientific side of its work.
"The fear that the museum would
he devoted to purposes other than aa
explained is groundless. A severance
of the geological survey from the
museum would be disastrous to both,
and wou'd involve a d iplicatbn of the
staff of scientific men, which would
entail heavy and unnecessarj ���
pense, an.l would serve no good ,u-
p ae."
Sir Wilfrid Laurier Calls Meeting for
Ottawa, I ee. - ��� -In vhw cf the
great and Increasing Importance! of
conservatisn In Ca ida, Sir Wilfrid
Laurier ha 1 Issued a call for a Dominion Fou ��� ry convention, to be held
under the < -  of   the Canadian
Fot est ry association, in the city of
Quel et , luring the last week in Jan1
i 1 nary. Pit- Lomer Goulfl, premier for
Quebec has heartily etidotsed the pro-
HewYett is greatly   Interested  posal, and the Minister of Lands and
ForeBtp, Hon. Jules AU.ird, is in communication with Hon. Senator Edwards, president of the Canadian Forestry association, regarding the de-
dtiils. Tlie convention will be one of
the m;ist important ever held in Canada.
Hon. Clifford Sifton. chairman of
the commission of conservation, l.a.*
from the first warmly supported it.
anl it has been arranged that the
commission will hold its annual meeting in the city of Quebec during the
same week.
The   legislative  and  administrative
d. Mcelroy
Phone R672.
>23 Hamilton St., or
/anstone Heating and  Plumbing    Co.
Chimney    Sweeping.    Eavetrough
Denver, Dec. 2a.���Given ner choice
hetween commitment to the state asylum or a term In the penitentiary,
Mue Murrell, yesterday asked for thc
maximum sentence in tiie state prison, in hare that her incarceration
might cure her of the morphine habit,   branches  of  the   Dominion   and   the
���'Give me the full penalty, your provinces, especially those dealing
honor," said the woman. T neve,- w,l! with forests and agriculture, the lum-
be of any use in my present candi bermen, bankers, merchants and man-
tion, and perhaps a term in the peril- ufacturers, the marine interests, the
tentlary will make the woman of me  educationist.,  miners  and  engineers.
that I iur e ho^es of be
the railways and the   representatives
She  was  sariteaced t> a   term   <f  of farmers societies   and   the   game
from two to five years toi burglary
Two weeks before trial, the womvi
protective associations, are all   being
consulted, so that all interests wi 1 be
���scaped from the city jail after 1 >ck-   represented and a full and   practical
In* tho matron in a  bathroom.    She  discussion had of those conservation
... ._ I      -.-..V.,,. .1...*      ..rr.       i+���,      ...      /'��..,n.l,.
returned to her old haunts imni-- problems that are so vital to Canadi.
Cleaning, Sewer Connecting, Cess- ^^p^. ani, wa8 raptured by the po- and upon which so much of its pros-
p&ls. Septic Tanks. Etc.. Etc.        lice a'few hours after her escape.        perity depends.
���   ,. , marked sarin* in !W ���c' Uc[trr baki"Stresufe: _ '[he
,        -..;!?,:��������� ���nly.I-., its wo* be��er hut at less cost than
uUi ^m^ts_^t^**mm
1   -etticrencj ,...,,..,., rigjrt nnn-?
';"   . wood.    Ortrr G��m,y-tMotd  deigns
'       ellcr ,    indSQf  :u,U on aisphy on our floor.
���    i rt, :' :��� everv | ur        ���   ���
���ti d'emonstraUon now,
1   T I TRAPP & c0" Ltd
681 Columbia Street --v^lVlbER j.
4   .
Usual Annual Holocaust Mars Festivities���Many Killed When Scotch
Express Leaves Rails.
Railroad   Operators  Get  Advance
Wages According to the Size
of Engines.
London, Dec. 25���A railway disaster
market Christmas in the old country,
tlie victims being chiefly Scottish
people bound homeward to spend the
festive season in the north. A London
& Northwestern railway express,
tiound for Glasgow, was wrecked near
Carlisle and ten lives Were lost. At
least twenty other persons were more
or less seriously injured. The train,
{funning at a high rate of speed, crash'
ed into a pilot engine and was completely wrecked. The coaches caught
flre and many of tlie Injured were
burned to death before any effort
could lie made to rescue them.
Many of the injured, however,
���crawled into safety while the cars
-were burning rapidly, and the shouts
and groans of the dying rose on every
side. Those who were uninjured lent
their aid and the bodies of the two
passengers killed outright were taken
Trom the blazing ruins of the cars
before the flames reached them. The
horrified spectators were forced to
���wntch the travelers pinned beneath
the wreckage without heing able to
give the slightest assistance. Many
persons fainted with the horror of the
The violence of the impact telescoped the cars of the express and
they lay a mass-of tan. led iron
woodwork across the track until
wrecking gantrs were summoned
started to work to clear the line.
��lead nnd injured were brought to
nearest station and doctors
nurses  were quickly at hand  to
Chicago, Dec. 25���The'-wage dispute
between the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and sixty-one railroads
north and south of Chicago was
settled yesterday. There will be no
strike. Instead, the engineers get an
average increase  of 10  per cent, on
Awaiting in vain any news of his son I
the father started on his long hunt.
No trace of the boy could be found
in Seattle, and the father started for j
the south. After exhausting every !
effort there he turned north under
tlie impression that the boy had come
to this side of the boundary. He arrived in the city on Sunday afternoon and gave the police authorities a
description of his son as well as a
photograph. Within half an hour
father and son were united, the father
breaking down as the boy entered
the detective ofiice. The meeting was
a pathetic one.
Tlie boy, who is about sevente?n
years of age, arrived here about two
weeks ago looking for work and called at the detective ofllce, saying ho
was entirely out of funds, lie was
given  lodgings  at the  police station
tlieir 1910 wage sc:ile, giving a Christmas present of approximately $192 for for one night and the detectives con-
each of the 33.-O00 men rinrolvew. I tributed sufficient to keep him in fo;d
Specifically, tlie agreement provides I for a day or two until he had an op
tor a raise of 40 cents a day for   all | portunity of securing work, which lit
lieve the sufferings of the Injured.
engineers, with differential in advance
of 25 cents for 125,000-pound engines,
an added differential 25 cents a day
for the small Mallet engines and a
differential of fl a nay for tlie
heaviest Mallets.
In a letter to the United States
commissioner, Charles. P. Neill, who
as mediator under the- Erdman act
brought the settlement out of what
seemed a sure disagreement, the
grand chief of the engineers, Warren
S. Stone, giVve as the reason for accepting the terms the suffering and
loss which would attend ,n general
western strike. Numerous specific
working conditions are improved by
the agreement signed formally late
today, and engineers are given control of electric gasoline motor cars
used as locomotives, with an increase
of 50 cents a day in present wages.
Hostlers are given an increase of 2.1
cents a day. The new rate is effective
on the signature day.
did. When the father produced t'ie
photograph the detectives remembered the youth, and he was soon located.
Heartfelt were the thanks which
the father showered upon the police
officials as he and his son departed
for their hotel. The boy admitted
that he had not written home because
he was broke and lie wished to "make
good" on his own account.
Buffalo Bill Shot and Killed His Last
Oklahoma, Dec. 21.���Col. William
"F. Cody, "Buffalo Bill," who is visiting with Major Cordon Lillie, "Pawnee Bill," on the latter's buffalo ranch
near this city, shot and killed the last
buffalo of his historic career during
an early morning hunt today.
The Lillie ranch contains five hundred acres, nnd at the present time
150 buffalo, the herd being recently
augmented by a shipment from the
Austin Corbin ranch in New Hampshire.
For some time an unruly old buffalo
bull has been maltreating the   other
animals, and Major Lillie determined
to kill liim for a barbecue feast to be
yiven in honor of Col. Cody and his
party of friends from the east.   "Buffalo Bill" was given the distinction of
bunting down and shooting the bull.
He was accompanied by all the members of the party, together with num-]
erous Pawnee and Osage Indians, and'
executed the death sentence with one
shot.   The dead bull was immediately
skinned, cut up and barbecued by tbe
assembled Indians, wbo, later In the
��1av.   beld   an   old-time   council     and
dance.    The sight of so many buffalo
aroused the old spirit of the warriors,
and they were with difficulty restrained from attacking the herd.    A number  of    the  Pawnee    warriors  were
scouts with "Buffalo Bill" in the north
fifty  years  ago.      The  day  was   set
smart also for the dedication of Blue
Hawk     Peak,   Major   Lillie's     ranch
home.   It is on the exact soot where
���a    former    Pawnee    chief's    lookout
stood,   commanding     a   view   of   the
���countrv   in   all   di-ctiins.      It   is   a
ranch   house.   Indian     council   house,
dugr.  *   ."'1  h"nc .low combined, with
.11  ir���ler"    equipments, seventy-five
feet   ii    .iamefetf,   and   fifty  feet   to
A pnr'ndo ������������,. given, headed bv
Thier White Faele, of the Pawnees.
One hundred .uests were entertained
by Mr. and Mrs. Lillie, including five
noted artists of western scenes.
Los Angeles, Dec. 25.���Because fifteen monkeys tumble 1 through her
windows and overran her home last
.Monday evening, Mrs. Celia Lippman
asked the district attorney's office for
the arrest of her neighbor and one
time friend, Antonio Kyder, a trainer
of animals.
Ryder, according to -Airs. Lippman,
became enraged at the death of two
valuable dogs which he was training
and accused her of poisoning tliem.
When she resented his accusations,
she charges that he deliberately
loosed the monkeys and ordersrd them
to climb in through the windows and
scamper over her house.
"Are these animals so tra'ned that
they will encroach on the property of
neighbors when Ryder so orders," she
was asked.
"They are," Mrs. Lippman replied.
"Their intelligence is nothing short
of human.
A warrant was issued for Ryder's
arrest on a charge of disturbing the
"The Time, the Place and the Girl"
to    be    seen    at  Westminster Opera
house on Friday, is a musical come iy
of heart interest with a plot of strong
dramatic scenes, yet full of fun, laugh-
provoking    dialogue    and    humorous
I complications   all   tet   to   music   and
with its acting possibilities enhanced
by half a dozen uni|iie but thoroughly
life-like    characterizations,     For    instance there is a philosophical young
"sport"  with  a mini  cf  wisdom   expressed  in  a clean  and down-to-date
slang; the trained nurse, worldly wise
but a gentlewoman;   the   proud   and
petulant daughter of fhe rich who is
tamed by tlie "sport;" the Italian laborer,   who   provided   the   sentiment;
the coal heaver who is "just going to
be   married,"   and    the    classy   man-
about-town whose wild oats are harvested as gamely as they are sown.
With   these  types  e'everly   exploited
"The  Time,  the Place an.l  the Girl"
j keeps safely out of the conventional
j rut.    It is   distinguished   by comedy i
rather than clowning, though there isl
a   bit  or  two of  burlesque   interpolated to magnify the contrasts. George j
Ebner will again be seen in the lead-1
I ing role, one that is peculiarly suited i
I to the droll amiability of his methods, j
I     There  are  twelve  delightful  songs, j
among them beina; "Thursday  Is  My
Jonah   Day,"    "Dixie,  I     Love  You,'I
I "Don't   You   Tell"   pnd   "The   Waning
Honeymoon" and fifty wonderfully a*-!
tractive chorus girls.
I     The seat Sale will open at  McKen-
zies' Pharmacy tomorrow.
The Plot Thickens.
Winnipeg, Dec. 24.���With tem; era
ture of between 20 and 30 belov/ zero
prospects are for a sharp Christmas.
What almcst amounts to a general
premonition appears to exist, that the
holiday will not pass without a serious affray between the striking carmen and the strikebreakers. Until
now the situation has heen very quiet,
barring one or two minor incidents on
outlying lines, where police protection
has been poor. But a few broken
heads and a pile of broken glass is
tlie most serious result^of the strike
up to date.
Salvation Army Collection.
Vancouver, Dec. 25.���Nearly $1500
bas already been raised by the Salvation Army for the purpose of providing a Christmas dinner, and help for
the needy during the winter months.
Five hundred and eighty-three dollars
came from appeals and $454 from the
pots stationed on the main streets.
Victoria, Dec. 22.���After a vain
search of over four months, during
which time lie vjsited practically
every, city of any importance on the
coast and then directed his attention
to the Canadian side, John Schul-
theis, a prominent resident of Grand
Forks, North Dakota';' was rewarded
on Sunday afternoon when his long
missing son was bronght to him by
Detectives O'Leary and Heather. Yesterday father and sou left via Seattle
for home, where thej,Chjj8tmas celebration, which prcjratjB^ to be a
gloomy one in the Sefujjtheis home,
will be one of rejoicing.
Young Schulthles left home several
months ago for Seattle. At first he
kept in touch with,-his rarents and
then   suddenly   MA    letters    ceased.
xmas Girts
In  Ganong's,   Webb's,   Cadbury's   and Lcwney's
In fancy designed box js, ranging from half-lb. to 10   lbs.
Sole Agent for above Pipe in New Westminster
Pipes, Pouches, Cigar Cases and Holders
A great variety to choose from      ��� Vv,
Trainload     of     Investors     Awed     by'
Beauty of Camp Day and NlgtiV.'
Kansas     City,   Lee.   25.���Fifty   .jor I
more Kansas City men have Invested
about $600,000 in various mining an I
security  concerns  and   are   evinefcg
keen interest in tlie outcome of proceedings brought against Ben Blanch-
ard, a promoter, who is now in Lon-:
Blanchard has been sued in the eir-
cult  court  here  for  lhe   recovery  of
money given to him for investment by ]
a Tonganoxie, Kansas man.
In 1901 and 1907  American Copper'
company  stock   hfime   well   known
in local financial ri-cles.    At first'la-'
vestors in this ci!y were slow in tnk-|
ing  hold  of  the proposition.      Then,
one by one, a group of financiers were
interested in tiie mines and propeity.
Several   paid   visits' to  the   property-
down in Yavapai  county, in Arizona.
They returned with glowing accounts
of the prospects of the company.
When interest in American copper
was at fever heat, almost a trainload
of investors were invited to visit the
mineB as guests of Blanchard. fhe
property looked good to them. Men
who had purchased only $5000 and
$10,000 of stock doubled tlieir subscription.    Some trebled them.
Expensive machinery was installed
A mining camp was built for workers
that had not an equal in Arizona.
Every house was painted white; every
roof was painted red. It gave a pjfet-
ty effect at night and the mouniln
sides, when the moon shone downfTon
the cluster of houses. It also impressed the investors by day, especially! as
the red roofs could be seen for miijs.
But trouble came. The stock ^as
raised to $1 a share, and that Was
the start of it. Stock subscriptions
which had been coming from New
York stopped immediately. The funds
In the company's treasury became
short and along with this came the
discouraging information that expensive stimiing machinery bought by
Blanchard in San Francisco would no'
do at all.
The assessments nnd requests for
money kept coming until the investors in Kansas City, the heaviest of
whom were a group of wholesale
merchants, sent a representative
down to investigate. Progress had
been made, but money had been lavished extravagantly on every ban.,
this representative reported. After
the Investigation the company wiertt
into bankruptcy.
 I  i
We wish to inform our numerous
customers that we will be moving into
our new premises, 611-613 Columbia St.,
next to the bank of Toronto on the 2nd
of January where we hope to see our old
customers and many new ones, where we
promise they will receive every courtesy.
Thanking you for your past patron
age and trusting that the past year has
been a prosperous one for you,
And wishing you a Merry, Merry
The Shoe Man
The woman's suffrage question
brought up tlie suggestion that she
should teach the men how to cook,
and the hostess declared her willingness. "I only meant to joke," said
Mrs. Amery, "but 1 am ready to m:ike
good. The men have already the
most important part, the dishwashing.
When women vote the dinners should
be ready when the women come home
after the strenuous day's work In uplifting the politicians, and the men
.should learn how to run the kitchen
right away."
Still   Shows    Decided    Upward   Tendency���Debt Also  Increases.
Ottawa, Dec. 25.���The national
debt of Canada at the close of November stood at $327,7f>4,t;21, according to the statement just issued by
tlie finance department. There was
an apparent decrease of $535,35ii during the month, but the debt was
greater than on November lit), 190ft.
by $4,789,805.
The total revenue for the eight
months ending November IU) was $75.-
875,4411, as compared with .64,888,500
during the same period of the last fiscal year.
Ordinary expenditure amounted to
$47,838,848, a decrease of $4,1112,277,
while capital expenditure aggregated
$19,123,941, a decrease of $1,522,925
Local and Eastern.
Ducks, Geese, Chickens
Home Made Mincemeat
Central Meat Markel
Corner  Eighth  St. and  Fifth Avenue.
PHONE 370.
Bargains in
Remember, we stand   behind
Watch we sell.
Boys' regular $2.50.
Boys' regular $ ..00.
Sale pries
Sale pries
Ladles' regular $18 gold filled w.tctj
25 year guaranteed case fitted with
Waltham or Elgin movement
for  *125l1
��� IN ���
A great variety of "gents' watchel
I to choose from   at   greatly   redaceq
I prices. Don't let this opportunity pW
if you Intend purchasing a watcb
The Jeweler
Columbia St., New Westminster. B.C.
Phone 310
Near Tram Off life
Spokane, Dec. 25.���Since the women in t>e state of Washington have
been given, equal suffrage and a club
formed for stu lying politics, und?r
the auspices of tbe Washington Political Equality league, Mrs. F. F. Em-
erv. ��nt'-.uffrarlst of Spokane, and actively identified with women's clubs
and charitable work here, proposes to
give mere man lessons ln cooking.
The Idea started at one of Mrs.
Emery's Sunday evening dinners,
when, a number of young men being
present, she announced that the Jnen
would have to wash the dishes.
Washington, D. C, Dec. 25.���Solicitor-General Lehman is familiarizing
himself with his new office by working sixteen hours a day, most of tho
time being devoted to preparation of
his argument on the corporation tax
case before the supreme court in January.
While the tax cases are set for January 3, the calculations of the calendar experts In the department of Justice are that they will not be reported before January 15.
Both tlie Standard Oil and Tobacco
cases will be heard flrst. A new brief
will be filed in the tobacco cases. It
has been prepared by James C. Mc-
Reynolds, special counsel for the government.
��������������������������������������������������������������������__, m4++++*****>+*4>9���+*44*-*444*4
Now Is the Time to Invest
Dockage with trackage, on Fraser river nnd North Arm in 75 lots.
in city of New Westminster and surrounding districts of Richmond,
Sunbury, Annacis Island, Lulu Isiand, Soutli Westminster, Brownsville, Port Mann, Co<]iiitlam, Matsqui and'Parson's Channel, with
trackage.    Can sell any of the above on easy terms.
Port Mann lots and acreage on easy terms.
Dairy, fruit, and chicken ranches in Surrey and district, ranging
from two acres to 040 acres, at all prices and terms.
For particulars call on J
A. G. Marshall-      j
Phone F507 South Westminster l
>��������� tfOMPAY
ptOt-mOtn    mm,
1HL  UA1LY  NLW5. %
r-Aor: fivw.
|jj SCHOOL WINS    [iraniiiON ~
r. ,e Fight Furnishes Food
for Firm Fathers of Foot-
bail- _
city Boooer lea<��e the High
again on Sami-day who:.
ited   ibe  ' Its   u'ai"   by    a
'������ Lw0  io  ii.ubuig,  nm  same
.        .<    which    was regish r<
1 ���    , ihe  t ar  shops  n   couple    oi
. ago,
ffe^     .rue was the first one in the
which anything nnpleasani
Olympic  Triisteos  Consult   Many   Authorities, But Learn Little of
Value  to  Them.
Is taking up the question ot s dtiflnl- **��� b**c** ,""1 r"'"'"^  ���*���**** *��� W1B :1
Hon, nnd  track  mid   fleld  athletics,  Iti touch  job.    We  had  to  be  particular,
regard to which the stud, of the sub- for ,, ,,���.,.,. ,������, ,���,,.��� ��� ������,,,��� ���r _\_ oh
jecl    is   left   to   the   l'nited   Kl.mdon, ^ j
representative. .   lhe reason for select-
Ing two sports bo wldel.  separated in W,H<'    s,u' W,,K ���* :; "' fl H,">1 ""' ",,v"
their aspect  may )><��� queStloneft, but titty   and   finished   ins:     That   trick
careful oondiderMidn suggests thai in paid  us $800.    Stanley Fay
I taking   fencing,   the   most   aristocratic
I nl   Ibe   Olvmpie   sports  and   athletics, _^^^^^^_^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_
and most democratic the committde ��"" f'"' """ w,rk we ��"ly '"" *ljr'-
' bai   acted   with   great   wisdom.    II     a       "1 went to Htiffalo, bin  In the inenn
'formula can be found which Will unite time  . rrobel  was  busy, nnd managed
the extremes, not so great b difficulty u, ,,iv<. ,.,���. mittfaighl gfclltip to T. M,
need  be anticipated   Ih  dealing with
the Intermediate degrees df opinion.
"As to the reinstatement  of    ihe- Griggs.
Sometimes prople do, and suffer,
because the stomach ba!V*.
ti  pnld   us  $800.    Stanley  Fay was  another  3 -to 5 shot that  we  embalmed
Ate Unwisely ? 	
relieve the discomfort at once, and help dlpest the overload.   The lover of food
things may feel quite safe with a box of NA-DRU-CO Dyspepsia Tablets at hand.
50c. a hox.   If your druggist has not stocked them yet send 50c. and we
will mall them. 34
National Drug ��w_ Chemical Co. ol Cbiio !j, Limited,        ���       ���        ���        ���        Muulxu!.
.���   -
It was rougher than
The R< mic Olympique, the   official
the   international   Olympic
nlttee, devoted _  kn of space re
'���em Ij   to the  irnlne;;'..!,  ol  the ama
teur definition, and tiki's  admits
tjjal aiier two years ol bard work up
���  question the a_ reemenl   to   a
rule which would suit all coontrlet It
well nigh   impossible      Af   to   whal   It
���    b<    db<  v ith regard to the games
12, Theodore Cook, ol England, is
of the opinion thai the wisest policy
u-.ieh has been played yet. and   I    pursue is to let the Swedish defirn
. u',��� minutes after plaj  started   tlon   prevail  a1   the  meet.    Until    a
��� the Hieh school team, and   standardized definition oi the araatem
,;au   .���!-.. ^*********m
lift ��	
I leree,   was   not   snip    oi       ^ hon   the   international   committee
.i..i. r the iit>  league ru ���    al   ihe  universal defini
not penalise either ol the ,i"11 '           :  an English sport-
-���'��� ing   ,    , ���     ������������.:., .i   let  to i '���< I!   com,
,.   regretted  that   the    in- : '   world  asking for the opitl
; ..        place and it is understood lon *>��� ���****. rereed in amateur sport.
'''.".     ,   ecutlve committee, which, v,;i   '< *     aesttons  were    asked    of
' onsUtution oi  tbe league Vmericans, and it  was curious   that
L, full powera to deal with anv  such U��0*   ��������� ���' POStttOO tb know  were nol
. e will use Its authoritj and en Rsk,'li <or their vi,nxs    Fov Instance,
7���,r to arrive at a decision which "' mM   ': '���'������'' ���'<*'���*��� of *�� >nu
ourage future exhibitions oi leglate A   A, A. or the Amateui  Ath-
one    of    the    committee, ,<>"1'  "nl��". 'he two great  governing
Greene,   Green   Seal   nnd   Dr.   Waldo
All Ol these were hoi ohob'os.
professional Into good standing (ts an   and ihe regulars let  up a terrible yell,
there are a variety of opin- Bui we oh Iy laughed,
i general view is thai an a.l Paid   for  lt.
Ions.   'I    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
ni    professionalism    does   "not   alto-
'Anolher  time  we  wanted  to   taki    _
gethfcr close the avenue to the ama-  out  Qreen  Sett I  al   Porl   Kt'le, but it
teur Tanks fun  thai each ease should  was impossible to gel at that pari len-1X
be taken  upon its merits.    Some bold   lar  runner.    This  time  the boMcmfik-|#
thai requallflcation should not be authorized excepl bj an Internatkmkl
tribunal, btfl presumably this would
apply only to such _s would affect in-
tei nai lonal competition.
"The lav \iews ol certain Kngllsh
societies on this iX'in' do not find
much  support  elsewhere;  bin   ii  -must
er's ropresenint [ve wanted to see the
deal and came out to the Course at
midnight, lie didn't knoW Given Seal
from a goat, so we hustled (ind grab
bed King Avondale. That satisfied bim
we Knew our business. The next afternoon Green Seal was beaten by a
whisker.    When  we went   around   to
bj the City team, goi Into a nearthed, ii  is better to lei    the
They were soon separated   ���' ontrj   holding the games aiiend 10
,.   went vm. Tim M ��� '  matter.
rill di"
��� kind,
Making   to   the     News     last   night,
jnted thai   the  governing   bodj   was
��� ed to put ;i stop to anything
ime, aside from being a  little
���   , i. b   side.  Was about tl.e  besl
���  ���   ,    league  lias  so  far   produced
..   city    team   seemed    notlceablj
to their i pponents in combine-
j". Rnd Individual work, but thej pttl
-,.. game exhibition and came neat
Beve tl times.
of tli    _ lals scored by the High
was |) .1   In  00  a  penalty   kick,
j.d the olher was Bcored by  Storm
m .. nice shot  from centre.
Standing  of  the   League.
Won. Losl
��� i . Si hool
,-     villa
_ - 'd:s  .
_.cr   Thistles   Will   Come   with
-��� Rooters and Good Team���
Game  at   Moody   Square.
bodies ol sport in America, told what
he   though)   would   be   a good   all-
ind definition of the amateur. The
views oi a few Americans were published, but tbey were utelet i because
thej   came  lrom  men   who  were    not
��� vel I ed   in   the   model n      slut p.i.,  .      , |
track   and   held   spoil:;,   or   eb-e   know
little or nothing about amateurism, it
was   remarkable    that    one    oi     two
Americans   gave   opinions,   and   ihev
i were  never Imide an  athlolh   Held  in
j tlieir  lives  nor   had  affiliation   vvith
; anv   athletic asBot i ition on this bI le
��� oi t he water,
in referring to the Information from
j America,  the  ttevu.   illvniplipie  says
i he  i eplis ��� ii om I he   Vmei lean as
soclatlons and the   universities   are,
pel bap:,    the    most    itil et est jtii;    of    all
the series, In thai tbey exemplify the
variations In point of detail which
may accompany agreemenl in pun-
clple. The questions pul by Professor
Sloane are nol I lentifled with the live
sent   round   to  the   Kurnpetin   BBSOl Is
tions. bul they develop the same
opinions. The preliminary questions
as to the desirability of n general
definition or the amateui and lhe ad
11  tbillty of re itrli ting Internatlon ii
���poit by such a definition reveals a
be borne in mind that  In manv cases collect  -they   almost   beat   us.      We
tl i     reinstatements are nol  oi  out- eouMta'1  make  a  howl, even though
and-on!    professionals,   bul    Of   meti we gni no coin.
Who ���    offence   lies     In   competing  at. "At   Windsor we gave Creel  a  lobg
meel llgt or in events not  under their ride  at  midm'ulit, and  he  was  beaten
ect, being put-eh domestic, Is nfit ft mile.   The papers got wise, and thai
raised  on   the  aMscussion  Ol   an  inter affertlOoh 1 was arrested.    There was
as      al  definition     Bul  the  athlete no evidence, bnt the chief oi  pollce
who has embarked upon a profession- chased me oul of town. The game goi
, al carer;' in full knowledge should not so hoi that we packed up and came to
be  rei     fled     -  a  desirable person in tlie   big   city,     for  they   got   tis   pat,
the amateur ranks, even though he and yve lived ai the expense ol the
recant:-    an.l, while the Authorities of state fot   over  a  year.    Some day  wo
each sport in every countrj may ve win  let  the turf world    khbit   who
serve the tight to reinstate under ex these getitlemen weie.   in th'e mean
���      nai circumstances, ihe   federti time  they  can  Worry  aVottg frohdei
tions, were the question put  to tlK-m, lng when we will speak."
: would probably be found to agree that	
a reinstated  professional  should  not
i <��� allowed to compete in International
I sport*  unless his relnstatemenl   was
i eon (limed by an inlet national coto
mittee at least tvvelv. months before
the entries for the ��am�� closed;
Christmas Presents
Lowmrt Chocolates
* ���
Ebony Brash Sets, Military Brushes
Ryall's Drug Store
Many a "Sure Thing" Has Been Spoil
ed  by  Being  Worked  the  Night
Previous   to    Race.
Beatlhg the horses Is a hard came
'al'ii  liom  anv   :hi_.1o      Hut   when one I sonj
I has to play agalnsl the   Night Rldets'  ineht, and  the ladles of the city-
Is so strong I companied  by si  threat   from the hit
Cefctralia, Dec. in.���This city is h ������
inu   ipdie   ii   little   excitement   about
who is io be chief of police next year.
s. u. .lftckson seems to be the favoiite
ot ihe mavor, who has ill" appointing,
Bubjecl however, to the confirmation
oj 'he cohheii. Several ol the couti-
cilmeti say thev will not vote to cOfa
firm Jackson.
a lone peMtion has been presented
to the mayor, asking that  lie appoint]
Policeman Btbul as chief.   This petl
tlon  vvas presented to the mayor   lit
open council last evening    He Would '
not permli it '" be read, sttttltm thai
he would hot appoint Mr. Stout under any circumstances
There  has    1 ti   a    BttOUg    proteSl
against tlie appointmenl of Mr. .lack
presented   by   the   church    de
Westminster Woodworking Co.
J.  BROOKES, Proprietor
WORKS���Corner  Eleventh  and Carline.
System" the percentage
thai the player is _  1000 td 1  shot
Fot   the  benefit  of  many   who  do not
fully   comprehend   whal   this
means It mav bo well to say that It
i-; simply t-.iklna a horse oul of &jfl
stall during the dead of nieht, work
rerRl mll������ at top speed, in
________________________m\lifi bim  sev      	
majority  In fayoi  or   he move   fi��� ,  Benaing him as far as he can go
ment toward unification, while all are I wlthou,   fa,1!ftg  ,,��� , ���       ,,,.  |9  .ben
;i~IO'"J  ,lia'   "" "' ������* '"    ''"'���"   cooled     placed back In bis stall ��� ���
t   dlrtsct     in   mohky oi   money.   ,,,,  ,)t,  ,iHii, ,   ,.   ,     ,!,,r..,_ m
ter never to vote tor the mayor for
re-election, should he appoint lack
tehn I SOtt. Tlie mayor comes back ttt them
with the statement that three terms
In succession is enough for any man.
and. therefore, be will not need tbeil
COthtftgncihg Septembei Iii. tlte PS. Transfer wlll leave llrackman-
Ker  wlmrf every  afternoon, except Sunday, at '2 p.m;, for
Ladner,  Westham Island and Way Ports
Returning to  New  Westminster Saturday evening.
Returning will leave every week-day morning at 7 a.m. and l.adnor
7:30 a.m. Additional trip Monday morning, leaving New Westminster at 6 a.m.
e  Is  only  one sporting  feature
���at interest in the city today.  It
match between the Thirties, of
uver, and the Rovers, of West-
r,   ind   is  scheduled     to    take
at Moody square at 2:.to p.m.
���    Rovers    have   been gradually
.eg the soccer lad ler, anl bars
���  j. name for a month or two.
unatelv thev    have    * on none
Ihe  athletes who hav
worth and remain an amateur
' When, however, we arrive at the
debatable ground 0_ ttpeSM, we find
that, while five universities agree in
;;.u' iple with the limitation of expenses, two universities arid six ftsso
��� i itions  do  nor.     The   l'nited   States,
trouble The n"\t day the horse is
a favorite, f_r (be marauder* oily
pick ont the stats, and be runs like a
catt   burse.
The public lets out a howl, the form
players swear at the dope sheets. Ru'
the     manipulators   laugh   in     their
This BCheduIe subject  to change without notice.    For freight and
passenger rates apply to
m* may remember, bl a  vast country,   R,eeVe.. for'they have fhe money. T��vo
and  'he difficulties inherent upon  the
of  this  order  that  are  familiar
holding their opponents ln
-i-    v.) eames to a draw. i
I    iy the Rovers   expect   t.o break
remk of bad luck and celebrate
1 by soundly    beating    the
y     ThUtles, on the contrary, are
ar. of victory and reports from
ivte last night stated that, three
kadred supporters   would come from
ta ""-."-minal  City to see  the game.
E'ery t'hriatmaa there are more Van-
t spectators at the Wesfminsr.er
r  .:.ime  than  there  are  at any
��� .--.ng the year an 1 this Chrtst-
*:'.l be no evept.Ion to the ru'e.
���   Rovers   will  have one  of  the
���earns that, ha.* heen put. In
��� d   this    season    The   players
-en getting tn ��onw good prac
development. of amateur sport there ^ rrflthamites are th0Sf> ���, ^roUi
have rendered some relaxation to the       ���   Qgm6     ^   fwfl ...^���
hard-and-fa.t limit necessary. Ftnt .1|t f���)f fhfl ���Ni hf Kif]Prs.. wpT(1 ,,n
many suspensions have been made of Mp (f) gpf jn thej_ work 0,tpnf] was
-     v, e demanded    unre,,.     Wm     sf,vprfi -,firl<0,|t  and whPn fte
sonableeTper.se money, and it may be hf)rpp w- tHkP. Mf.k rf> his sta)r
taken that while the associations. Urn- band nf |jf,e sw0OpP(1 tan ���rK>T1 rt<!
Hing espmses to the actual disburse- ml8ftm8t8 an<1 arrP. ted th* two prin-
,f the athlete, are not prepared rf ,���_ Anrhfmv Th���mHS an^ r_hn
to s--r down any He. nite limit to tho Srrohel> who were .ent ro Fdmira for
amount of expense whicn an athlete tf.|(Sll. wf)rk Borh havfl n(_Pn relea--ed,
may Incur. ovKlr.s to the ma. nitude or ftn(1 jn th(, follmvln>I confession
tbe Journeys which lie may h- com Thomas Mp,Hln9 whv several odds-on
petled ro take. In Europe generally, ch,McPH Ui^, t0 llve-np t0 form at dl.-.
the allowance, of travelling and hotel f,,rpl1T j0U^es:
exposes is recognized; hut In several Their   Reason.
ir.sr.inc.es the wise precaution    is re-'     ..w-hen Strobei ;,nd I *We art-.^-e!
commended at making the reimburse.   for nleht rl(11nK M ^^^e;,,!  Bav ',
through a club and not direct  sa1d Thomtis. ' everybody rose up and ;
denounced   ns.    Rut   tbey  overlooked i
in-  the fact thnt we didn't do It. for our
Olympic   health   but   simply  for  a  bookmaker, ���
of  who wanted  to have a strangle hold
t. .
: -
��... The line-up for today i
id not been chosen last night.
- ;-i*i best, players are available
men .���	
to a competitor.
Returnm*  from  the  -side  Issues
volved  hy  the.  international
committee   to   rhe   whole
amateurism,   we  may  note  that
committee  has   already   prepared  the
v i ���  for a further forward movement
; ibject
the on the player.    Acrobat  was rhe first
horse we tried to fl\    The dav before
started   1   was  approached    by  a
F\ Carman, the owner of
by  selecting two SPOT.* for ��*������   JJjj*-*    _  p,.opo���m���n  was p,K to
fencing,   whereupon
Who Said Xmas
time to start on y���rJ^I-L-
We   bave
just received a *��-**** WEmmg ��f .jgg��g
All It the Newest Dffsigris.
617 Columbia Street
The nlshr
"'Carman  is aolnif to  bet  a  lot of
motley  on   his  horse  tomorrow,-  this
person SaW, 'and  if you deaden  Acrobat there's J'jriiia in  it  for you.'    *$b\
igreed    Thai rtiglit, wheti everythinfi I
was ouiet. we vv<nt ,fi,o _0t*Oba1 We
.-ivi the botse out on the trae'-, bul
his stall companion, a . na', began b
make   such a dolue   thai   we *ere
OPCed :o   e:e| blm hack    \nd Mr. Carlo,u'. Mend  vvas riciii  there oh the
scene     The  neM   ,]>,v  We  wore asked
to   lake   care   of   Ostoud
'Wo got OMend otil all tight.   For
three hours we rati  him around the
eftHltlg course, and vvben we 'el blm
iach to bis >*hi\ He *vl.>- dftArtV dfead
Cover   Up   Crooked   Work.
"The real work wc. pulled off
around the Canadian tracks. Tie
���ft aorse we sot on the Hamilton
'rack tbTOOgh pulllne; a cleier story
on the truck watchman We gallopd
Turf Star live miles and then spent
three hours cleanln.. her     ""-  -*-*���*
With Best
Here is a Snap
Four Ten Acre Blocks  Near  Port  Haney,   Partly
$100 Per Acre. Easy Terms
McQuarrie Bros.
609 Columbia Street
The New Westminster City Specialists
\ iv7p ToV* thi;. ooDortunity of thanking: our many
WE 3S^?SS for the business they have
patrons ana cue ^ hope yQU aU
llie .yeai , D.mcnomiiR New
J^iven us dunns:
have a Merry Xmas
0. Box 40.
t.    JL.V',     am,..^~       ,-t   -        v _   _
and Pappy and Prosperous New
f -
KELLINGTON   _;&;m f
Office, Northern Crown 13,mk uiu>,., v.  _^j
CA. Welsh
The People's Grocer
Phones 193 and 443
Sapperton  Phone 373
"A Horse, a
Horse, My
Kingdom for
a Horse"
Richard III. felt the loss of his horse keenly, but you would feel
just its bad if you lost a valuable horse or horses through an accident or disease.
If you take out a policy on your horses with one of the companies I represent you will displace one of your worries. A policy
of this  kind  Insures your horses against death from any cause.
������Jtj'C   ' GENERAL AGENT.
��� >}* ii
WW' i-
','JMWIEi_.T��r:-'J ^.viotR 26| lgi
"""    1
. V'
3 ���'
As a "Middy" He Indulged
in Game and Once Was in
London, Dec. -...���There is on'.y
one occasion recorded in which the
late king took part in a formal match,
namely, when in LsiiS lie assisted I.
Zingari   to   defeat   the  Gentlemen  of
Prof. Hansen Has Plan for
Mating Blue-Eyed Couples
��� Set Rules.
Berlin, Dec. ...���Tlie emperor is reported to be Inteleste 1 in a plan proposed by Prof, otto i auser fer the
propagation of a fixed German type of
humanity���a  type  which  will  be   as
Norfolk at Sandrtagham, iand was lixed as the Jewish in its character-
bowled by the flrst ball he received. istics, if the suggestions of the pro-
Early in the sixties, when the pro- tjassot can ever be carried out A na-
fessional cricketer attached to Eton **��*- subscription is suggested to pat
college    was    tlie   well-known    Cam-
Statement That Vote For
Union Has Been Gradually
on the Decrease.
brldgeshire player, F. Bell, he was
not infrequently summoned to Windsor Castle to bowl to the Prince of
Wales and the other young royal
members of the household. But, alas!
it lias to be recorded that on his return from one of these expeditions lie
made the direful announcement that
he "couldn't make a job of 'em at all.
King George, as well as his brother,
the novel movement ou a national and
permanent basis.
Charles C. Whiting, of De Winton,
Alta., writing on "'lhe Outlook for
Church Union," says: Will the Presbyterian church actually unite with
the Methodist and Congregational
churches as a result of the present
negotiations? Tlie prospects just
now, I believe, are against it, because the opposition to union is grow-
Tlie fixed type is to be produced as ! ing too fast,
follows: Only "typical" couples aro I A glance at the history of the move-
to be allowed to mate. The man is to | ment as shown in the votes on the
be not more than thirty years old, the question in the last live general as-
woman not o\er twenty-eight, and sembles will show that the oppo-u-
each have a perfect health ce.tiflcate.' tion to union has been stea lily and
Tlie man should be at least five feet I rapidly increasing. It is in tlie min
seven inches tall; the woman not un-jutes of the assembly of 1906 that we
der five feet three inches. Neither I find the earliest record of tlie state of
the man nor the woman should have | the vote.    There and in tlie minutes
W ^*i__
the late Duke of Clarence, took an ac-j (]ark  ,|ail.     lts tlnt Inav range frotn  of BUOCeeding assemblies  it  is given
tive interest in the game. His majes
ty, indeed, who as a "middy," used to
indulge in the gnme on the deck of
the Bacchante, at tbe conclusion of
one day's racing at Goodwood some
years ago, played In a match In
Goodwood park that, was got up between tbe guests at Goodwood
His   Majesty   on Team.
The team included His Majesty and
an eleven captained by M. Cannon,
the famous jockey. The former is
credited with having possessed one
of the most expensive bats in existence, the blade being of walnut and
the bat being mounted in silver. A
peculiarity with regard to tlie king's
favorite bat, by the way, lies in the
fact that high up on tlie blade on
either si ie of the splice appear the
famous three feathers that form tlie
crest of the Prince of Wales.
Queen Victoria witnessed more
than one cricket match, but never
one that may with accuracy lie described as a first-class fixture. On
August 3, 18t!(i, she, together with tne
Prince and Princess of Wales and
other members of the royal family,
witnessed a very close game at Osborne between the royal household at
Osborne and the officers and men of
tiie royal yacht, which was wora^ by
the former by the narrow margin of
twelve runs. The match was particularly interesting for the reason that
blond to auburn. The eyes tf the
pair should be pure blue without'any
tint of brown.
Fair   to   Ruddy.
Tlie complexion should be fair to
ruddy, without any suggestion of
heaviness or "bee. ness." Tlie nose
ought to be strongest and narrow, the
chin Bquare and powerful, and the
skull well developed at the back. This
kind of a skull Is supposed to indicate love of family and children Tne
man and tlie woman must be of German descent and must bear a German
name and speak the language o.
Germany. There "mated couples" aie
to get a wedding gift of $125, and an
additional grant for each clii:d bo.n.
The couples may settle in the L'nited
States if they prefer.
On    Wrong    Basis.
Other German scientists who have
considered Prof. Hauser's plan for a
"fixed North German type" assert the
whole idea is based on a wrong interpretation of the laws of nature. Ii
recently pointed out hy Major Charles
E. Woodruff, of the l'nited .t.ttes
army, that it is impossible to transplant- a fixed type, except to a tetri-
tory where the weather conditions,
soil, temperature au:l other natural
environments are precisely as they
were in tlie place from which tlie typ3
has moved. The blonde Scandinavians and Teutonic types, the major
says, already are passing cut of exis-
the  late Prince Leopold undertook the  fence in tlie United t-'tates, either by
duties of scorer, whilst figuring on the I the death of tlie  persons  composing
one line
side cf the  sailors  we  find the late j the type or by the modification of the   for union and
Duke  of Saxe-Coburg-Grth
of tho score-sheet reading:
H. H. H. the Duke of Edinburgh
Head, 10; c Cole, b Archer, 2,
as follows:
l'tOtS���15(1 voted for, and    8 against.
11107���147 voted for, aud 11 against.
1908���15(1 voted for, and 32 against
1909���160 voted for, and 42 against
1910���180 voted for, anl 73 against,
This  shows  that  the opponents  cf
union  have made an average annual
gain of more than 80 per cent, while
the supporters of union have made an
average annual gain of less than 5
per cent.
The attendance of delegates at tha
general assembly has been approximately BS follows: 1906, 325; 1907,
332; 1908, 333; 1909, 321, 1910, 340.
The largest vote polled was 253, in
1910. As there are sure to be some
delegates absent when the vote is
taken, and some present who wi 1 no.
vote at all, we may expect that the
total vote polled on this question in
any of tlie next two or three assemblies will not exceed 300 even if the
attendance of delegates is 350. A vote
of 200 for an 100 against in the lilll
assembly would make this, and be an
increase of more than 10 per cent, in
tlie vote for union and only 50 per
cent, in the vote against it, over the
vote of 1910. If in the assembly of
1912 the opi onents can again make an
increase of 60 per cent over their vote
of 1911 and draw fo supporters of
union to tlieir side tlie vote will be
150 for and the same against. Supposing tlie opponents to make again
the same rate of increase, 50 ier een-.
in  1913, we would have a  vote of 75
Wish You All a
Galloway & Lewis
Corner Columbia  ond   Fourth  Streets New Westminster. <   J*\
\y> against it.
type  into  one of much  daiker  com-1    That the opponents of union sh u d
plexion. J make  an  average  annual   gain   of  60
With the change in completion go-s per cent for tlie next two cr three
an alteration in the features���in the years seems altogether likely when
shape of the nose, the expression of we remember that their average an
the mouth, etc. nual gain for the past four years has
Thus there can be, it is asserted, ni' been over so per cent, especially ill
  'fixed type of humanity outside of the  tbey are now organizing tlieir forces
The  Fijians'  Hero Treatment of   the   region where the tyie was produced,   for  fhe  conflict.    Thp   supporters  of
Learn the Difference
Sick    Man.
The Westminster Gazette, in a review of the Kev. George Brown s
"Melanesians and Polynesians," says.
A missionary of forty-eight years'
service in the islands from Xew
Guinea  to  Fiji,  who  is a  master of
Bertillon    Falls   Down.
New York Dec. :'.").���The first authentic instance in which a BertllJon
flnger print identification proved ut-
teily untrustworthy has just been
brought to the attention of the New
two Polynesian and two Melanesian Vork jolife. The case occurred in a
languages, possesses a first-hand London police court where the finger
knowledge of liis subject that Euro- prints were submitted to show that a
pean students can only look on with prisoner had been sentenced for a cer-
envy and admiration. But first-hand tain offense about two years ago. It
knowledge is not everything. The '.vas, however, indisputably proven
student   of   primitive   institutions   by   that tiie accused was then serving in
tlie army, and he was released.
the   comparative   method   must   also
bave a   tolerable   acquaintance  with ���______���^_��.^��_��-^����____.
the paralle's accorded by savage life ���������������������������._
in other parts of the world. All these ferer i.s left to cry and shout and
qualifications, let us say at once, are plead from the midsi or the suffocai-
tn he found united in Dr. Brown, and h'g steam; but they are often allow-
his admirable hook will be warmly ed to remain for hours, and finally
welcomed by anthropologists. One of faint away. When the friends think
the most striking incidents in it. how- the leper sufficiently smoked, they re-
ever, is related by him not having move tlie fire, scrape the slime from
come, under his own observation, but' the body, and cut deep gashes ti
as resting on tlie authority of the Rev.
W. Moore, a brother missionary and a
union, so far as I know, are making
no special effort to meet this new >r-
ganization are saying little or n thing against the proposed alternative
of federation, and seem to bave laig?-
ly abandoned tbe argument for union
based on Christ's intercessory prayer,
all of which seems io Indicate some
weakening In their position.
Ij is altogether unlikely that the
assembly of 1911 wil commit the
church to union. The mai ier will
have to be submitted to sessions and
congregations to keep faith �����_ h the
people, and also again to presbyteries
under the barrier act before union
can be consummated. This means that
a final decision to unite with the
.Methodist and the Congregational
churches will not be reached until Ui i
assembly of 1!U2 at the eai 1 est, and
by that time, as we ha.e seen, tl.e
vote is lively to be a tie, and might
even be against continuing negotia-
tions further. If the question >f ac
tual  union  on  the  basis  proposed  is
'������������'. Oj ���
Try Mooney's Biscuits with all the rest.
See how much more flavory.crisper Mooney's are.
Their superiority is due to our painstaking
methods���oar modern facilities and using the cost- V.
liest materials.   We get the finest cream and butter
from the famous   Western   Ontario   farms  because
we pay top prices.   Our flour is a special blend.
Yet they cost no more than common kinds. S^%?:\: '��>C,*.
;.?���'"'��������� ���.������l*--.--'---:<��*- .-���:���',���
'    \
V:v^^::-:v-.^v'.' i
\rr^y.''-.-������} .:^:
Mooney's Perfection Cream Sodas
Canada's Standard Soda Crackers
trustworthy witness. Here its Ithe
story which Dr. Brown extracts from
a letter written to him from Fiji in
"At Xakelo, a town about two mi es
inlan I from the mission station, lives
William! Laweleu, a native local
preacher. He was a tall-looking (sic)
young man, and in his heathen state
had possessed no small shaie of pr.de, I cured,  his  willingness to  suffer an.
as he himself now acknowledges.   On | thing to obtain a cure, and how much
meeting him on Sunday morning, was i would depend on their firmness.    He
the  blood   flows  freely;   the  leper is
then taken down and laid on his mats not submitted to presbyteries by the
to wait the result. In some cases assembly of 1911 it will le impossible
death���ln many life and health. Wil-; l0 reach a final decision to unite un-
liami bad undergone this process of t!1 tlle assembly of 1913, when, sa I
smoking. He had taken some of the , have shown, it is likely to be vote 1
youth of the place, his companions down by an overwhelming majority,
in health, although liis infe.'ior in ' am flere neither supporting not-
rank. On tlie way to the smoking- opposing the union proposed with the
house he told them his pitiable con�� I Methodist   and   the   Congregations
dition,   his  shame,  his  anxiety.to  he
churches. I merely call altentfcn to
facts tbat seem to indicate what
result may be expected :n tv. o or
three years.
astonished to see liis altered appearance. His eyes were sunken, liis face
bloated, he breathed with difficulty,
and bis walk was no longer thai of
former days, but heavy and careless.
told them they were not to be moved
by his cries and groans.    He begged
them to love him and "do bim well."
le    tried   to   Intimidate    tliem    by
threats, declaring that he would pun-
On  inquiry  I  found  he  was a  leper,   fsfa   them  If tliey  'half-did"   the mat-
and that the disease had already ter. Tbey proceeded to the spot, hls ' that she might die before she should
broken out In several p'aces on bis companions afraid of "half-doing" Wil- be called upon to see the face of her
body. I had heen preaching that Hami, and also of do'ng him too muci, deaM son, Mrs. Caroline Mai.inti late
morning     from   "Lord,   if   thou   wilt,  and thus coming under the anger of   yesterday   had   her  prayer  answered,
Cleveland  Woman  Dropped  Dead  Before  Son's  Body Arrived.
Cleveland, Ohio,  Hee 26.���Praying
thou canst make me clean." I could Willlami's frlen Id. He is drawn up
but pity this fine young man, and and left In the smoke; tiie youths re-
praise God that he bad found Jesus tire to some distance and bear h's
willing to save his soul a though his cries and groans. Some weep; some I
body was now leprous. Un my next run home; a few rush Into the housa
visit to N.akelo I found Williaml so and will take him down: but be cri s,
altered that I did not know him. On "Kua, Kua! me caka vinaka!" (No!
being told tbat he was present, I i.i- nol let it be done well!)
quired what he had been doing, when
thiee or four, with joy beaming in
tlieir eyes, spoke together, and  said,
"They at last take him down, faint
She dropped dead just a few moments
before the body of her son was
brought home.
The mother, who had ben ser.'oi'Sly
ill at. a hosj ital or some time, got up
Tuesday and went to Elyria, Oho,
where her son, Maurice Ma'antl, was
dying. Her condition, however, was
such that she was obliged to return
**��.*>.     iffrwaS**-.*''
Mooney's Perfection Cream Sodas are made in our large
sanitary factory amid a flood of sunshine. Here in this splendid building with its hundreds of skilled employees���each an
W-*^^:^^*___B_W\    exPert in his line���we create this delicious and nourishing biscuit.
\p*';.-*(i_&��_':&^*^            After these biscuits leave the ovens and while thev are
*.$��' 4i-*:*\&;J2&.**?i%:<* ������'������ "?.     . " .    .
v*r ,** . y:----'. >r~ri���'-.-. ���        :***r:-*i
*m��.--'''.^.*T&-**''������������ ������'..
'������.V":��*v1 ���'���������'" ' '.' .11':'���-������':���.".-;*���  ���������yLmr'S
still piping hot, with all their oven aroma, they are packed
in dust and damp-proof packages.    We even ship them in
our own private cars.   No other biscuit manufacturer
does this.
So they reach your table���whole, flaky, and
Try them today.   At your grocer's.
% ^ The Mooney Biscuit & Candy Co., Ltd.,
-J* %a
and  exhausted.    The work, has been   home.      At  once  she  began  praying
effectually done, and  William!  is no  that she  might die before   her  son.
"Sakuvui saka, sa cjai bulal" (He had   longer a Ierer, but in g-^od health and  The son, however, died flrst.   Inf
been smoked, sir, and is now well.') usefully employed in preaching.'
1 then Ipquired about the process of An   astonishing  ta'e,  truly!      Bu'.
smoking, and found it to be as fol- strange things do happen In Fiji; at
lows:                         ��� least,  there  seems  to  be  clear   evi-
"The   leper  is   taken    to   a   sma'l e'ence    from   witnesses  of    different,
empty bouse; he i.s stripped, h's body creels and races to the reality of th��
rubbed all over with green leaves, and marvellous    fiie-wtilklng  rl'.e,   where
then buried in them;  a small lire is men    walk   barefotted   over   red-lnt
kindled, an.l a few pieces of tlie sinu- coals and are unharmed.   The famou-,
tree���a poisonous tree���are laid on it; Are-walk,  however,  is an   undoubted
and as soon as the thick, black smoke telle of heathenism, while i\T������. Moore
begins to ascend the leper is bound seems  fo  have   acceptol   Williami's
hand and foot, a rope is fastened to treatment and cure as simply a me 1'-
his heels, and he Is drawn up over the cal process.    It Is possib'e that, this
lire,  leaving  his  head   some   fifteen Fijian way of treating leprosv might
inches from the ground, in tlie mid.st be worth investigating by the medical
of a poisonous smoke.    The door is authorities who have to combat that 214 Sixth Street
then closed, and his friends retire a awful    disease in  India  and    South
little  distance,   whilst  the  poor  suf- Africa.
drilled that, the body was being brought
bome, she begged to be taken upstairs where she would not have to
see it. live minutes before it arrived she stink Into a chair and died.
Architect and Building Constructor.
Specialist in Steel, Reinforced Concrete and Modern lluilding Construction.   Telephone 8()fi.
Room  13  Dominion  Trust  Building.
And   Uprivcr  Landings
The  New Sternwheeler
Painters, Paperhangers
and Decorators.
Estimates Given.
Phone 567,
Leaves I3rackmnn-Ker Milling Company's wharf, New Westminster, wltb
passengers and freight ns follows:
Leaves New Westminster Tuesday
Thursday and Saturday at 8 a. m.
Leaves Chilliwack Wednesday, Fri
day and Sunday at 7 a. m.
First Class Passenger Accommodation
New  Westminster.
Christmas and New
Year's Excursions
One    and   one    third fare   for the
round trip.
Tickets on  sale  1
Dec. 22nd to
Jan. 2nd
Final    return    limit
Jan. 5th, 1911
H. W. BRODIE,        ED. G0.T.LET,
Gen. Pass. Agent,       Local Agent,
Vancouver.      N'ew Westminster.
The Potato Merchant and Auctioneer.
527  Front  St.,  New Westminster.
Phone 550.
Estimates  Given  on  Any  Kind
of Job   Printing
Thomson   Blk. Phone 388 MONDAY, DECEMBER 26, 1910.
TlON       SALE
.i���lit  to cut  timber  under    I-
Tlic ',,   Berth  No.   535,  comprising
cense o l,iiul.  ,n  the  pr0vince
i e ",',; Columbia, will be offered
ol B,flc auction at the upset price of
>':- ,���, including con of survey, at
5-'''.'" ,)< p. M., on Wednesday the
- ��f December next, at the office
*8th o' |M,minioii Timber Agent at
��J ' tvestmlnster:
K��� iff  Berth  No.  535, situated  ���;���
"province of British Columbia,
tlil uing Section 28, Township 89,
''!,!",,: ol Coast Meridian, containing
" ,a of 640 acres more or less, aa
nn ..on I'lan of survey, signed by
*'���'" .   Lighthall,   D.   L.  S., surveyed
**������\j"v   i'iit),  and  Of  record  in  tlie
lD K��r and  Grazing   Branch  of  the
Sment of the Interior.
De/ (cense  will  not   be issued  until
h   lull   amount    of    the    purchase
,e  and the ground  rental  for  the
Slit year, have been paid.
Tl���; conditions of payment, rate or
/. '   , .,. , are contained in the Tim-
lations, a copy of which may
['        red  on application  to the  un-
or to the ciow.i   Timber
,   m ai N'ew Westminster,
Agl ' l>. 0, KEYES,
Secret ary.
,...,   October  12th, 1910.
I ,   Northwest quarter of  Sec-
.   Township I, in the District of
.   i minster.
. imber L3999A, issued in the
.,.,,,. of  Peter  Henderson,  has  been
.     In   Ibis oilier.
,. |a hereby given that I shall.
, uplratlon of one month fiom
, ,|ttt(  nt tlie first publication here
,,   ,,  daily  newspaper published in
City of New Westminster, issue a
plicate ol  'be said Certificate, un-
j nil,'  meantime valid objection
rl,i,.      me ln writing.
C.  S.  KEITH,
District Registrar of Title
.and  Registry   Offlce,   New   West-
!'.   i'.,  November 30,  1910,
Nelson,   B.C.,  R,f,e   Range-
Sealed   tenders,   marked   on  enve-
l"'"    renders for construction of Neb
I son, li. c��� aifle Range," and address-
'.'  '"  ""' secretarj   of  the    Militia
""""'���   Headquarters,   Ottawa,   will
'" received  u ���,.���,, the 3rd day
o  January, 1911, for the construction
oi a Rifle bair,. ,,i Nelson, li. C.
Plans and specifications may be
seen, and inn information obtained at
"���'��� offlces ol ihe Districi Offlcer
Commanding Military Districi No il
Victoria, n. c, the Director of Engineer Services, Headquarters, Ottawa, ami the Officer Commanding
102nd Regiment, Nelson, li. c
Tenders must be made on the form |
supplied by the Department, and ac-
companled by an accepted cheque, on
a Canadian chartered ban. , for io per
cent ot the amount of the tender, payable to ihe order of the Honourable
'b" Minister of Militia and Defence,
Which amount will be forfeited if the
party tendering decline to enter into
a conn art, in accordance with the
Thi- Departmenl does not bind itself
l" accepi   th" lowest  or any tender.
ricpatv Minister of Militia and De-
fence.   I ll. Q. 18���115���2.)
Department of Militia and Defence,
Ottawa, 1st  December, 1910.
Newspapers will not be paid for this
advertisement if they insert it with-
oat authority from the Department.
ster,   IS.   C,   where  form  of  contract
may  also  be  seen.
Plans specifications and form of
contract may also be seen and forms
of tender obtained at tlie ofllce of
William Henderson, resident, architect, Victoria, B; O, and at tbe Department  of  Public  Works,  Ottawa.
Persons tendering are not Hied tbat
tenders will not be considerod unless
made on tho printed forms supplied,
and signed with their actual signa-
I ni's, stating their occuptions and
place of residence of each member
of the firm  must be given.
Each tender must be accompanied
by an accepted cheque on a chartered bank, payable to the order or the
Honourable the Minister of Public
Works, equal to ten per cent (10) of
the amount of the tender, which will
be forfeited if tlie person tendering
decline to enter into contract when
called ur.on to do so, or fail to complete the work contracted for. lf the
tender re not accepted thu cheque
will be leturned.
By  Order,
Department of Public Works, Ottawa,  November 16, 1910.
Newspapers win not be paid for
this advertisement if they insert tt
without authority from the department.
Life Story of George W. Perkins, Who
Is  Retiring   From  Banking   House
of J.  P.  Morgan  &  Co.
;.    Lots  ". and   i.  Block  4   being
���   a  portion "A" of Section 2b,
. North Range - West Spring-
Ill in the District ot New Westmln-
.��� number 15108A, issued in the
m Catherine B Hrown, has been
fed In tbis otlice.
.' is hereby given that 1 shall,
��� .��� expiration ol one month from
ate of the first publication here-
a daily newspaper published in
of New Westminster, .
te of the said Certificate, un
nthe meantime valid objection
le to me in writing.
District   Registrar of  Titles.
.and   Registry   Offlce,   New    West
:--.������    It. C .  December 2, 1010.
I'nder and by virtue of a warrant of
execution    against    the    goods   and
chattels of the North star Pole   company, at the suit of Frank Willens, I
will sell at the North Star Pole com-1
pany's camp, Royal Oak road, Burnaby,   on   Monday,  the   nineteenth   day!
of  December, 1910, at   ten o'clock inl
the  forenoon, the following  or  sufficient  thereof tn satisfy  the judgment
and   costs  herein.    One  hundred  and
eighty-Six cedar poles about 14 inches
at top. and about eighteen inches   at
hat!   from "ai I,, 66 feet long.   Terms,
of sale cash.
T. .1. ARMSTRONG, Sheriff.
December 12th, 1910.
The above sale is herebj postponed
until January 3rd, 1911, at tbe Bame
time and place.
T. .1. ARMSTRONG, Sheriff.
Re-Survey of City.
Propert) owners intending to erect
atom ", ��� ocrete boundarj walls, or
fences, should refrain from doing so
until the re-survey of tbe city is complete, as there is no provision in the
special surveys act allowing for compensation slvuild the existing boundaries prove inaccurate
W.   A.   DUNCAN,
City Clerk.
Citv  Hall, November 24, DUO.
SEALED TENDERS addressed to
Tl.e Secretary, Department of Indian
Affairs, Ottawa, and marked on the
envelope, "Tender for Alert Hay Girls'
Home," will he received up to noon
December 30, 1910, for the erection
of a frame boarding school building
at Alert Bay (Cormorant Island),
H. C.
Plans and specifications may be
seen at the offices of T. F. Neelands,
Inspector of Indian Agencies. Vancouver; W. E. Dlchburn, Inspector cf
Indian Agencies, Victoria, and W. M.
Halllday,  Indian  Aaont, Alert  Hay.
Each tender must, be accompanied
hy a .narked cheque made payable to
tbe undersigned for a sum equal to
five per cent.of the amount of tender.;
Tlie cheque will be forfeited If the
person tendering decline to enter Into
a contract when called upon to do so.
lf tbe tender be not accepted the
cheque will be returned. In the event
of acceptance of tender the cheque
will be held until the contract ia
signed, when it will be returned.
The successful tenderer will be re-
niired to furnish a bond in satisfac-
tory sureties for a sum equal to the
in.mint  of the contract.
Tbe lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
The unauthorized insertion of this
advertisement in any newspaper will
not be paid for.
Department of Indian  Affairs,
Ottawa,  October  26,  1910.
Take notice that an application has
been mad.' tu register J. P. Hampton
:��� le as tbe owner in Fee Simple, un
... a Tax Sale Deed from S. A. Fletcher, Assessor of the District of West
Inster, to J. P. H. Bole, bearing date
thi 1st day of December, A. IV. 1902,
Ol all and singular that certain parcel
Di tract of laud and premises situate,
lying and being in tbe District of
Sew Westminster, in the Province ef
British Columbia, more particularly
V.i.own and described as Lot 24, block
6; lot 16, block 8; lots _S and .9,
block 6; lots 1 and 4, block S, sub-
<ii.ision of lot -02, group 1, Port'
Vou and those claiming through or
un ler you and all persons claiming
any interest in the said land by vlr-
tue of any unregistered Instrument,
and all persons claiming any interest
in the said land by descent, whose
ii>lo is not registered wider the provisions of the "Land Registry Act,"
are required to contest the claim of
t:..' tax purchase within forty-five
days from tho date of the first publication of this notice upon you, and in
del mlt of a caveat or certificate of
lis pendens heing filed within such
perl .d, or In default or redemption before registration, you and each of you
will forever estopped and debarred
from setting up any claim to or in re-
��pe i of the said land, and I shall register ,f. P. Hampton Hole as owner
' ��� eof In fee. And I hereby order
��� publication of this notice for
thirty days in a dally newspaper pub-
cl   In   New   Westminster   will   be
- I and sufficient service thereof.
Dated at  the  Land  Registry  Ofiice.
Ne.   Westminster,   Province  of  Brit-
Columbia,  this 29th  day  of  November, A. D., 1910.
District Registrar.
To .lames Hograth, Robert MoEwen,
Salter Lawrence, and Julia Carey.
New Westminster Land District.
Take notice thnt .lames Davis Smith
f'f Vancouver, B. C, occupation build-
��r intendB to apply for permission to
Purchase the following described
Commencing at a poat marked "J.
n Smith, S. W. corner," at
the northwest corner of pre-emp-
"on, No. 2951. thence north
about 60 chains moro or less, to or
near Sakinnw Lake, thenoe east (to
elialns moro or leas, thence soutli SO
chalns more or less, thence west 40
chains, more or leas, thence north 40
chains, more or less, thence west 40
'll *���*.** more or less, to the place of
New WcRtmlnster. October 20. 191C.
SEALED TENDERS addressed to
the undersigned, and endorsed "Tender for Public Building, Grand Forks,
B. C," will be received at this office
until 4:00 p. in-, on Wednesday, December 28, 1910, for the construction
of a Public lluilding at Grand Forks,
B. C.
Plans, specification and form of contract can be seen and forms of tender
obtained at the office of Mr. Wm.
Henderson, resident architect, Victoria, B. C, at the Post Office. Grand
Forks, and at this  Department
Persons tendering are notified that
tenders will not be considered unless
made on the printed forms supplied,
and sinned with their actual signatures, stating their occupations and
places of residence. In the case of
firms, tho actual signature, the nature of the occupation, and place of
residence of each member of the hrm
must be given.
Kach tender must be accompanied
bv an accepted cheque on a chartered
bank, payable to tbe order of the
Honourable the Minster of Public
Works equal to ten per cent (10 per
cent) of the amount of the tender
which will be forfeited if the person
tendering decline to enter m a contract when called upon to do bo, or
fail to complete the work contracted
for If the tender be not accepted the
.heque will he returned.
The Department does not bind tt
self to accept the lowest or any ten
^Department   of  Public   Works,  Ottawa   November  24,  1910.
Newspapers will not be pnld for
this advertisement if they insert It
without authority from the Department.
By order.
All   Soda Water
Tastes Alike,
You Say
Beg pardon: I take it for granted
that vou have never tried tl.e
or you would change your mind. Acme
Is in a class by itself. Once tried���
always used.
Our special champagne is a winner.
You ought to try a case for Christmas ! Price $1.25, case and bottles to
be returned.
Factory:   Simpson Street.
Office:   304 Columbia Street.
Tel. 689. New Westminster, B. C.
A:i "office boy to millionaire" career has been that of George W. Per-
kira, who has just resigned a partnership in the great banking house of
.)   Plerpont Morgan & Co.
One often hears the dogmatism
that a man can never grow rich work-
lag for a salary. Perkins' experience
woul I seem to refute that. Perkins
loined the New York Life Insurance
company as office boy in 1879. His
salary rose thus:
1879���Offlce boy at year  $    300
.879���Clerk           1,200
1886���Cashier          1,500
1.887���Solicitor           3,600
'.888���Agency director   15,000
'.893���Third vice-president   20,000
1890���Increased  pay  to     25,000
1899���Second vice-president .. 30,000
1901���Salary Increased to .... 76,000
It was in tills year that he became
i partner in Morgan and Co. With
that firm he Is said to have made
about $800,000 a year as his share of
the profits.
But it was ln Wall street speculation that he scored his great money-
making triumphs.
A man, who knows George W. Perkins well, states that he was one of
'he most expert money makers in the
firm of J. P. Morgan and company,
Made Twenty Million.
"You can safely say," said his
friend, "that Mr. Perkins made no less
than $7,000,000 bulling U. S. Steel
stock, and that he has won $20,000,-
000 from the market in the ten years
he has been with Morgan. He was a
shrewd trader, and at times he plunged in wholesale style. I bave known
him to carry 600,000 shares of stock
and never turn a hair when the market went against him."
Perkins is said to have put through
a 1,000,000 share deal once, the
largest individual trade in tie history of Wall street. His broker's commissions in one year alone amounte.l |
to $300,000.
Morgan   Chagrined.
Perkins  remained  with  J.  P.  Morgan   and   company   longer  than   the
financial community expected.
There were persistent rumors after
the insurance Investigation that Mr.
Morgan was much chagrined over the
disclosures then made, ; nd it was
freely stated that Mr. Perkins wou'.d 1
sever bis connection with the house.
Mr. Perkins' reputation for cleverness is greater than his popularity
among financiers. Tbe desirability of
having as partners men generally
liked has, of late years, been frankly
recognized by Mr. Morgan. It is well
understood in financial circles that
the esteem In which Henry P. Davison was held was a factor in inducing Mr. Morgan to select him as a
member of the firm, while the two
new members, President Potter, of
the Chemical National Hank, and
Vice-President Lamont, cf the First
National Bank, are also popular in
the financial world.
Perkins says he now purposes de-1
voting himself to the promotion of |
profit-sharing, a scheme for industrial
efficiency which he has operated most i
successfully with the In ernational I
Harvester company, cf which he is j
Trains leave New Westminster for Vancouver:    5, 5:50, 6:20, 6:50, 7:20, 8
and every half hour thereafter until 11 p. m.
Trains leave New Westminster for Vancouver at  6,  7,  8  and  every   half
hour until 11 p. ni.
Express cars leave New  Westminster for Vancouuver at 7:20 a. m., 11:20
a. m., and 8:20 p. m.
20-mlnute service from 5:40 a. m. until   11:20   p.   m.     Sunday���20-mlnutes
service  from   8  a.  m.   until   11:20  p.m.
20-minute service from G:10 a. m. until  11:30  p. m.     S jed j j��� 20 min jtea
service fiom 8:10 a. m. until   ll:80p. m.
Trains leave New Westminster for Vancouver at 7K and every hour thereafter up to 11 p. m., connecting at Eburne Junction for Steveston.
Trains leave New Westminster for Vancouver at 8 a. m. and   every   half
hour thereafter up to 11 p. m.
To Abbotsford only���Leave New Westminster 4: 15 p. m.
To Chilliwack���leave New Westminster 9 a. m. and 6 p. m.
Christmas Dinner
December 26th,   at   the
Royal Cafe
Dominion Trust Block. 5 to 8 p.m.
" Peace on earth,  good will towards  men "
Queen Olives
Bisque of Oyster a la Stanley
Celery en Branche
Consomme a la Royal
Lobster Salad au Mayonnaise
Fish ��� ;:���?.-.:���������
Steamed Fraser River Salmon a la Cardinale
Pomme a la Hollandaise
Crimped of Cod a la Normandie Pomme a la Baden Baden
Boiled Westphalia Ham Glace Champignon
Fresh Spring Lamb Chops au Petits Pois Pineapple Fritters
Sherry Wine Sauce Saute of Sweetbreads a la Francaise
Cutlet de Veal a la Chambart
~^*r Roasts
Calgary Prime Ribs of Beef, Yorkshire Pudding
Local  Milk Fed Turkey, Cranberry Sauce
Stuffed Domestic Goose, Apple Sauce
Stuffed Sucking Pig, Apple Sauce
Pomme Terreen Puree Brown Sweet Potatoes
Sugar Corn Haricot Verts
Fruit Salad, Whipped Cream Hot Home-made Mince Pie
Lemon Cream Pie Green Apple Pie
Strawberry Jelly
Steamed Christmas Plum Pudding, Hard and Brandy Sauce
Fruit Nuts Raisins
Tea      ' ���        Milk Coffee
'  '      RUSHTON'S   ORCHESTRA   FROM  5  TO  8.
Mineral Waters
Aerated Waters
Manufactured by
Telephone R 113. Office:  Princess St
3%  to 25 H. P.
2 and 4 Cycle.
Local  Agentt
Westminster Iron Works
Phone  53.
Tenth   St.,   New  Westminster.
the undersigned, and endoi j. Ten-
leWrcons.ruc.ion of two ISO cubic
New York, Dec. 25.���Unless thieves
who stole all the gold crowns and
partly finished sets of teeth from the
offlce of Dr. S. R. Mlshkln, a Harlem
dentist, are caught quickly and their
bootv recovered, it is probable that
about 100 New Yorkers will confine
themselves to the soup and oyster
courses of dinner.
Burglars picked the lock on the
dentist's offlce door and walked away
with practically everything of value
the place contained. Besides a considerable amount of gold, about 100
gold crowns and pieces of bridge
work, most of which practically were
completed, were gone.
The dentltst's loss is about $1000,
while hls customers are out almost
three times that amount.
A fool there was, and he made a gift,
(Even as you or 1)
lie bought it with taste and care and
(For a lady his friends thought rather
And when he gave it, the lady sniffed,
(Even as you or 1)
Oh, the Judgment and taste, and time
we waste
On the gifts at Christmastide;
Which we give to the lady who Isn't
(And now we know she could never
be pleased
And never be satisfied).
A fool there was, and he gave    his
(Even as you or 1)
For a necklace of pearls without    a
(And it didn't the least suit the lady's
And she never thanked him a single
(Even as you or I)
Oh. the chink we lose and the think
we lose,
On the things we buy with pride,
To  give  to the  lady  who    never  Is
(And now we know she can never be
And never be satisfied).
The fool was fleeced to hls last red
(Even as you or I)
She threw him aside, when his gold
was spent,
(And nobody cared where the    lady
And the fool gave way to loud lament,
(Even as you or I)
And it wasn't the loss, and it wasn't
the dross,
The reason that same fool cried;
It was coming to know that she never
was pleased
(Seeing at last she could   never be
And never ho satisfied)
���Carolyn Wells, In December Smart
We are dally opening up new goods and are showing the largest
line of WATCHES, JEWELRY,etc., ever exhibited in New Westminster.
Now is the time to choose tha   article for an Xmas present.
We will put goods away for you until you want them.
Call and examine our stock now, when it Is complete.
Agents for Howard, Ball and Longine Watches.
Chamberlin's jeX"lER
What About That
Christmas Gift ?
Let Us Suggest Something Useful
^^e Kave a full line
of Rogers Bros. 1847
Silverware, also a full
Selection of nign grade
. i Cut!
ery an<
Nickel Plated Ware.
T. J. Trapp & Co., Ltd.
See our stock of Brass
Goods. We have just
what you are looking
for. You should certainly see our Brass
Kettles and Trays before buying elsewhere.
Anderson & Lusby
City News
There  v.i'l  be  no  awtisj  rf  i��e ���     "Remember the postmaa'  is s I
���bt,    and  the  las:   .; .r  ,r>   yet one tl      BUUKM be over
i:-.-.;ibaaixed at tbis Bassos ol tlie year.
...<���.-.   this   (bltbfal   public   servant.
Today lias beep declared ��� puML-   perhaps taore than nny other. Is
bolMaj  and all :.<? >:ores in Ihe .::;���    Barrios of the    than  s his    em-
be closed. ... .<. t\: ressed in a ms:
cer.    So. one*   ..- In, "Semember :h-
meeting .: tbe >e..r will be ht?U   to-
m<    .  ���  :	
I'hop early in thc morning-
before the throngsarcs're&tcst
The Modern
To our students
and all interested in
the educational affairs of our city, we
wish a ven* Merry
Christmas ar.d a
Bright and Prosperous Xew Year.
Tl.e Women's Uisatopat? Society ol   .
St. Andrews Presb.vt< lan charcb will   '���~maa-
hou tbeir monthly miMtlim aii-Wed-     old Naoabaoites reaMing In    *
nesday afternoon ai ;   .  :>5kitr.,v cE  Westinioste.  \.:.        pleased I    n<
Uk   progress the:: fs-;
:.. as tadi*. u ;   -.-. -...< I
editioa  ol  t:.e  Nanaimo  He:..      .   :.-
sisting of twentj - - I pages
ts i . better tastin inial
its lootf papers.   Judging bj   I   ���   ���
���tion cf the   BeraM,   fast    I        .    .
f Nanaimo is developing in a m -   s i
stajtUal waj     Advertisers in ���* tovaJ
���:-'.-.'.    tbo.js.an.:    tahabltaats   Ca; j
wiU    stake   possible   .-. ;��t:-.������������ - |
Rev. C. O. L:.ao. ..' tie Norwegian   ;:i?e edizion are sa ec;erprising hod.  ���
Latbersa church, sill hold .. sen ee       I asiaess men tha: sieas saeceas
in St. hJs church tbis afternoon at j tbeir community. ,
two o'clock, j '
: Mrs. Lane, Fc arth s teet
lay being a I    Way, i'.>e B. C. ���'..
IR. iatenobaa senioa ��il   :(  -������.. ...m?
as on Sundays, sad the d j line will
i be run on the same basis.
The     clear    Haeana      BriHlaats
dgar made by the R C Cigar factory
is Ti.e Smoke after a |0krtstnua dinner.
Suggestions to
r adrerti.     ent I -Jay contains .-. list cf ��� tew i I tl e many article-:
;.     :::.;:.-._  :  -   .,.     . ���. r ston   is open evenings, bu; shop in tl.e morning ..-
renienl    v.". extend to our friends our hearty wishes for a Merry Christmas.
The "R. C." ur.d "OM Sport" cigars I
: can be bought at aay tobacconist   in
ibe city. *���
The   Staff   est  tbe   Daily   News   wil'.!
take its Christmas holiday today and!
' there will be no issue bt the paj-er to-1
morrow morning.
Tbe appreciation of tbe D3;:>  News!
s:.i.T   ;s   tF\:er.i-<rd  t.   Mrs>.->.   W.    erg
i and Woi;. proprietors   cf tbe    B   C ;
Cigar factory, wbo    presented    :   -.
with :�����    nre bo&ea .:' cigars
The ""Briilante" dgar tbe   i ;���     ������
Havana dgar n.a:e ia town. is often
:r.:.:..:e.:  :   : r.ewr d..; licit; i
ChflHwacfc   old   timers   comsacmor
a:ed tbe msUIcbmM   _:  tbe -..-..'.ey by j
a   bancjuet   last   week,   w.^en   many ���
Even'ng   Dress   6uts.  Blc-'ses.  etc..
.- '   ne** fashio-s 'rem  Pa^is.
The Public
Supply Stores
Gifts for the Boys
Sweaters    ana   Jerseys ��� Ait
Btj k .-    each  ....    "5: to JT.00
Bister  Suits���.Bich  *3  to  $5.50
Hzn-.<*.erth e's��� Plain   o:
ed      6 'or 25; to 25c cacn
**' ::s      and      Gloves ��� i-;,-3. .
��������� t...: :?    ; |:  pair     ���   25c to *5c
Woollen Hosiery���Heavj rl
all sises    i*.: ; til        35c to 75c
Girls' Gift Articles
Ri?bon    Ends���All widths   and
rs,  rsau ats;   ea...   '0:  to
$i.oo. ry  the  yard   5c to SUM
Kid Glomes���In kid, lined or un-
.:.- i and  heavy  _n  Cj.���?  f.d.
: .��� - ; iir     75c to $:.25
Handkerchiefs���Piiir;   and    em-
.: Idered: each..        lOe to 50c
memories of the r'aoe were bn  .���-
to mind.    A record of ::e>e :< being
made for historh   . ;.   -.   sea
iidere<l: each..   .
Sasr    Pint
to  . . .
-Each    25c
If jt . wsai s messenger ar .=. .   -
oei cr : est _     .. tbe B. c. UesseB-
ce'. i:-.y  m  sight, ..r.;   that, ar.d    he
will corze to :���. .: aid    ?h.r.e 7S1   "'
The  Salvation Army will    cive
C  r.s:.:a~   :-������.   ���:::"   .���-���--    .:   :::-
..-:-. ks ",: .- :   when .. pr gran of
��� ... . *.-.    wiO be gone thrt
-    ees tasu"
...-. n
Modem Business School
A. L. BOL'CK. Principal.
610 Columbia Street.
We Take Pride
in Selecting Our
Holiday Stock
The lines we are showing    The   nm* rbe  piace
this year are attractive and J . [ ..
ses   - . ���     pens row .-,
of good value and eonsis: in '-;';^-:��* -��� ���-? *******
part of���
Hand Bags,
Ihe   P.   C.   Qgar   factocy   is   on
Serentb  .;�����--���. sl     ���    kgnes   -^nd Isl
est      ranged     - -    I i. I ry    in i
igh Ne��' W�� sts    -��� r was aot
.-. white i':.::.-:ma5. man
: ' ���   "��� sidents    ���  ���  i   f*r*ser   ..  -
- m tncbes nf snow ;o remind
Fancy Chocolates, Hand
We wish to ex-
a;7 tend the Season's
Greetings to all our
patrons and friends
May this be your
Happiest     Christ-
Fancy Combs   Each 25c to IUB0
Hoisery���EsabroidereJ or plain
?. ind colors;   per pi    ;5c
to   85c
Fur    Ruffs���in    bfuwu.    grey,
btte,& . i'.'S :. $���:.::
C: ��� Jackets   ___ $i to $3.50
Umbrellas��� Kach $:.00 to $2.50
Gifts for Women
Umbrellas���Kach $1.00 to $17.50
B.cuse Silks ��� In s-jitab e
lenetlis; } er Length $2 to $7.00
Silk Dress Lengths���;n black or
. ra per U-ng-.h i'2 to $30
Fur Ste es and Muffs ���In a wide
range Si.75 to $40.oo
O-e only Mink Collar���Copula'
\t: e !'. C ristmaa price $75
One only Mink Cellar���Regular
prion $71    Christ. ���   $55
Hancsags���Leather lined.  ���
$V50 tn       $10.75
Hat Kins���Plain and fir.cy;
sack 25c to $3.50
Kid does���ir. lined, BtfDaed
and to U ;. DM pair $' to $2.50
Silk Wnlsls Esdi . $3 to $20
Net Waists   Enth >2.95 to $-.00
Evening Cloaks���Eac^ $22.SO to
to $32.50
Kimonas���Kach ��� $1"5 to $:0.00
Shk Hose���:: _ . ... iov(d.
;������;_.- S' ": t: Si ll
Emtroidered Lisle and Casn.
mere    Hose���All    colon;    i*-r
pair   50c to $1.25
Fancy CoHSTB   Cacb    "c to '    '
Fancy Belts���Kah 35c to $2.M
Fancy  Scarves��� K...'    50c to $5
Fancy     Lace     Handkerchie's���
Bs k 35c to !".::
Emcrcide'ed      Handnerchie's���
Each   25c to $'.25
Underskirts���Each   $' *���:   tfl   %*.
Suggestions for the Baby's Presents
Eibs���In ;a :    ; -. s Ik and Tart -
Mitts���in whi'e or colors;  ;er pair	
Leggngs ���In :e!t or w     ;-. per pair	
Hose���ia pink, sky, cardinal, c-eam. thrown and b
B-tv Pins���\\"i:^ rartoos ram-s   each
'Oc to $��� ::
20c to 35c
���S: *.- ru
;       25c to 35c
Sc  t: I:
and Shaving Mirrors,
Military Hair Brushes,
Safety Razors, Kodaks,
Ladies' Companions,
Perfumes- (Frenchi iEnglish) (Canadian i. Purses.
Glasses, Gold Rim for
- ma^.
ot a let -  the river
��� "    :' wc: 5^;w
S esterday.
We  also  thank
D-esses���    .- ;n. fiannelette aad woollen dresw - 50c to $2.5:
C2i-~-t-- C'caks ��� Ksch $2 '5 ts $3.5"
E*3-:!<*'n Coats ��� :%i I     $2.25 to $".5?
Knitted Jackets���a  .. TBc ta $'.25
Eesr?'in Co'iar Sets���Separate pieces, ���    .  ���'Oc: sets, each Tic
Gifts for the Home
A brief mention
ndredi    t an
abie in our
se< 'ion.
Table    Damask   ���   j
linen in muni   Ic
'��� ������ tra ������������       .
��� that sre   have   i
aa. r.iLs to mei |
you can   obtain a ��� .
any length fOO dc
sure of napkins to
Damask   ���  per  fard    "���>    to
$2.50. NapUi -  ���    ma      .-
fJ tocbas square.
Woollen     Blankets-..
- ���      ;t.- pair ��� $3.50 tc j;...
Lace   Curtains���J.,,-   ;i-   j-.M
t0      I15J00
Pillow Shams���;-;^ci_ s.c tc |U5
"Maish"   Comforter*
ton fined   c-. |     $2.:; u $jjs
Eiderdown Comfortci _
floral  and   Pslsh r  �� -.   -
ers; each ft X tc 51!:.
Bed Sheets-;
ered:   }er  pair      $2 25   ::  5-
L ren P.How Slips ��� '.   .     ....
stJtched;  per ]   .   $2.00 u ��:
White    Tea    Cloths���
Linen  Runners���.-  ,       2Sc to 52
Ln��n Poyllss
and s ,uare s: ... ���
:. ���     ��� ( fe
to   s :
L -tr  T.c e  Sets
signs, per st       s I
Gifts for Men
Umbrella*���>;_     S' tc $8.50
Hand��erc* e'i :
~ -i - ':.      .     ���     -.
35c te $'.".:
S<ik  Ne:-   Bcarves  -
$'^5 to 5
Hcnery���in p'air.    n
2: :  te   . .���       :i:
���  ''".'���  ���'���������- Users    i'a.|w��md
'   r ' ��� nnv  r'lictnmmv    -Pr\i*
me   ai    De.   UUi    **UoCvUIGTo    iUi
-    ��� r. i rt    :
-������������:��� tneir liberal patron-
Thr ::���;.:���_   :���:: _-   :._ 5.Er_-.       -.-_    ^fcC   tnii'   > e<H*��
;as  -..- .-   i-   -:  --   i tiv  -..r-.    -
Manicure   ��*��*�� -   ~';    -:      -    -   ; f       ***  *****
manicure   a>eis n��e law. is -_* ���**_*��_
and manv other thiners we -------^ *-^**: -j
... ���em:ez.<.   i: :  t   :w*t t��. u* of-: :  -.
cannot mention here,
now on view
-       -"-'   .i  :c 5..' .���:_-:._. ���    : .-   - _
<.r.r.5"~if  ~ '-""I..:.i  -:-. -   v---   nnean
Curtis' Drug Store'
::55��  *iiw   ��v   _-__��
;A5'i = ,v5 WZ--- ���   ;-_ 5*-wa.��
New    West'*" taster
How Atout
That Dress Suit ?
Toe   S-ra!    ';-   - :_    ����: * ���
Ve*. I :::c.ct: ?���
bas senr-i ::< cs*y Sti s see
one. ll wiU tt a;,-: '���- n- -r ���-
tec t��_-j .: ��� ��� .. : ^j j__
the .:-.:-:���>; .;���:.= *-;��� --,i i :-���
:'.::����� -.- .-:: ���;���:-- t.-tz : : *
at T::   C;.'._z:.l   r-~i:   '.::   :���-_.���
'���  -.   .     -: -
i      ;   .  ���   .
. - -
-.:   i: :       i   i ��� i
SS '     ���ri-IC.     IO.- ,
h     :'.    :: -     v . ��� ���_
eikfls j
1 ~'.     -.  .*���-. V ���_,*��� a I
We have a Large ar.:
BeantifaJ Stock of
For Uie HcliJjv Ira^e
All Prioes.      A I Sizes.
l>eane B^vk.   441 Coissaibja f:.
New WastpfbHU r  . 1
tii   -   ���-   vj_i   wa:
��� '-���      '   -.-.-:..-   . -   ::_-.   ; - -   :      t
- ���    * i-     ���        -.-.-..
���    ��� ���-       -���---*    ������   : :-���:    t
���-.'-���.--    - . - ���   - : . -.rMtat
'-'-'��� ��� '-" " ' ;    ���--:���.������;    lU.r-.
��� Ion  v ���  pateM    x    *%**
��� - -    ' - '       -       :   ���   yn;   i_iz
���'--'���      :������' ��� ������-,-.    !<-*    HlK t**-
-*-��� *������.     ������ .-_��� _i ���   - ;     ;,<   --_.:.- ������ -���;; :
':       "" :   ������ �����  BL.me j<urj.c��*  tf    a
��� ':i--��a-i ���_:  ::**  .Ni-.j^ll;.            ���
::.-.;   _--*-*���- ; t   ���:.:   :���:._ -    *
��� : -  . ::      1 ._��� ������ ,   .v_.f -:r,.:-. -    ^
*'���--     *     .-.������-. TeJ:-tniie    a.     J
' ���
PUne 92
Royai Bank ef Canada
��.a_ex-" p������\  up *������ .
Besss e           ��� - �����.
1   e.i-: ITS  braacbes,
��'���-!..���. 11 Ciras4s tn 1   tbs
.-    UtM '���: tie Flit:    :z I Si
tferoaglK .���  :^e   b as .   t:r���� in
P< " :   ������-_:���?    Tr.r::   .
KE**    V   ?.K   *cd   lon;-   .
Drifts S����:ap. ���*::���.-*.��� :.-.*���*
c*r nV -V_r prtaclpal To��r�� j.l!
Cities is ::* V��'o* :
T-es-e    <���-*���:'*::     .���:.**��� :;:ns
s":'i s��W)   saaktes 'r'-..:-i
��.��_   A��.r��� -ste-  E-mrK.
Real Estate
Tv _. fciii ns o!
or ie* re oroer-f _ J ���
The    Arrow   Press
Mrs. F. W. DoT.iny. Pre.
5:i roonx-: ijaw ot HerJfr street, nam Isl
.:���:.; moderx   ^iv   tZ'X.X:.  eE��T term*..   5ef
osBsssi sHewalk
is bircm this.
ae*J The Psiiy News Co.. |M Vic:��irU
it f^AYa to MHfin^hse '
��� IN ���
mi moa-ftd hcu��e os ocu't.jr ccrae*,  deiecih.  street,  oieirionkiag
Mood,   aqniu-e   price JS&DD.OO.   r.his is mi eiorptk-nji-lT pood hinj.
"* als.; ::t-i *��� ne fii.;>s it ntimproved utt jiroperties.
See tu Before you inreat
v> Vfl * .'_   ��� I 1 1
til  Chr-stniis      L&-.-.
boose /rea     \\>
Qanterri !-"��� -1 - . -   :
: - i-ad   Dsbert.     W*
tm   b.z.A   Km-.**?-    ~.    ���
-*.*   .-:,.: M��
-    Machines     et<
aer.;s  M In ������
J. H. TODD'S Music House
419 Ooiumlii Street Phone 694
| F. J. HART & CO., Ltd. 1
If you want something choice for Today's Waller, rag up Phone 101 and order a nice roast ci
Spring Lamb. Yea!. Spring Chicken or anything else
fait is good in the meat line.   You can sure get it at
Oofaimhu. Street
Xew Westminster


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