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The Daily News Jun 22, 1910

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 White Rock
,,, :,   NOMBBB 131.
By Mr
Are Entertained
George Adams ���
Addresses Delivered.
usiasm  marked
w. c t. r.
ail  the
Greal ��'"
..."     "'��� ""
L   held 1" re yesterday in  Queen's
. MethodlBl  church.     I here ure
.. one hundred delegates
Bnd all attend the meetings
ID   the  discus sions.
Thousands of Dollars Damage Done at Gladstone,
Man. by Windstorm.
Spreading   of   False   News,   However,   Chairman  of   National   Transcontinen-
Fails to Stop Steady Flow of  Im-
migrants  Into  West.
tal   Railway   Commission   Makes
Interesting   Announcement.
ii quarter
Quebec, June  21.���In  an  interview
here this morning, Hon. s. N. Parent,
.nine 21.���A strip of land,
(if  a  mile   in   width,   and
, miBUiumj    along    the    International  chairman of the National Transcontl-
ble wind atritfU .'...',1 ,  ,,    i   .   "���''','  ll(,"1Hlar> from Lake Superior to Van-  aental Railway commiBsion, which is
III    , , ���    nf �� -   night, Uonver, represents the area ol Alherta nere on an inspection tour, announced
leavini a ball of wreckage and debris. Undi   acquired   ���>   Americans   from  that by the end of 1913 the Transcon-
life,  but the the Canadian Pacific railway since the tinental   would   be   completed   from
to    thou- beginning of the year, I Winnipeg to Moncton, and that while
This is the answer given by tlie Oni-' waiting for the completion of the Que-
Bkating  ted states homeseekers to Americans bee bridge a car ferry would be em-
damage done  will  amount
sands of dollars.
Gladstone's    commodious
rink lies a complete wreck               i who instituted the "Why .��� to Can- ployed.
: i the convention was          "   ''"M   smokestack ot the Echo  ada?" campaign.   Interests lnstrumen- "I have the greatest confidence In
Mfiling'Company was blown down and  tal In starting this campaign to keep the future of Quebec," said Mr. Par-
' ";   ed in an adjoining building.         American   men   and   money   out    of ent.   Referring to the construction ot
l In-   grandstand   ol   the   exhibition
Gi on e
. ,.i,>ciiiiiiii-ii by the
'/.    ���  the  Home  of  Mrs
hort,  bul   most   cordial
I .... extended them bj tbe
i upi on, on behall of the
���     ',,,,; ast oclatlon;  i>>   E. Hagg-
i em
1     ���  behalf  of  the  Royal
il rs.
(,'. s. Keith, president
Council ot Women, and
, t)itl  pi esldent of t Ue local
Ion Grant, ol Victoria, re-
io  the   different   greetings,
tful musical program was
...      i r  which dainty   refrei b-
j were   served,  and   some   time
.:. social intercourse.
.    ��� venlng    tlie    convention
Ljfd with devotional exercises by
l".        b, ol Vancouver, alter which
J.        ��� of the corresponding sec-
I,,.      '.; b  M. A. Cunningham, New
I, ���      wai  read  and  adopted.
I-!';.. report   I owed a most eacourag-
|i:. ; ���.   .��� in membership.
; - Qi ant, of Victoiia. the
i;: [al treasurer, followed with the
|        il   report,   which   showed   the
money out
Ci nada are becoming discouraged by terminals and the election of a Union
* and over one hun the continued northward emigration station, he said plans would be drawn
��� and are Inspiring in American jour- up as soon as the contract with the
nals articles so grossly libelling West- city relative to the purchase of the
ern Canada that if there were a law Cbamplain market site is signed.
governing libels directed agalnsl a
nation, Canadian Interests would
have Immediate cause for taking ac-
tlon In the courts.
dred   feel   of   the   high   hoard
enclosing the grounds was blown flat
At 9 30 p, in. a hoi wind Btruck the
town. The beat was so Intense that
It drove the people to shelter. The
:i mperature had reached 102 when the
Btoi iii broke.
The c N. It. crop reporl for the
week ending June 18 is of a .lowing
character. The progress which has
been so marked within the pasl month
Rickard Issues ttement
Declaring His S*. tion���
Training Quarters ,    'ired
Chicago. June 21.���The abrupt, announcement wus made that the defence tested in the case of Lee O'Neill
Browne, charged with bribery in aid
tas been sustained, the general com-   Halifax   Plant  Big   Enough  for   Navy  of tlie election of United States Sena-
ment   being   that
been  exceeded.
expectations    have
line and fisheries taking tlie southern
portion and the navy department the
The old naval hospital will he used
London. June 21.���Somewhere In
Virginia is the heir to the Peyton
baronetcy of [sleham, Cambridgeshire.
Although there is a baronetcy of this
name  held  by  Sir Algernon  Peyton,
of  Swift's  House,   Bicester,   England,  for the cadets' college.    The admiral
this  honor  is  comparatively  recent,  says the Nlobe wlll be turned over
tho so lety to be on a sound  reckoning time by noble decades. It  to the Canadian government on July
Tiie expenditure for   (i:,tl.s   only   from   1776,   whereas   the  24 and in ten days thereafter will be
;:, *a    (3,042,  leaving  a bai-   title belonging to someone in Amen-  ready to sail for Halifax.
... ���   '��� M44 "a hand. i ,.,,��� waa that held hy sir Edward Pey-I
j and interesting address  ton, the parliamentarian, who died in
and Marine Department. j tor  Lorimer.    The action  In sudenly
Halifax, June 21.���Admiral Kings- Btopping testimony followed a dispute
mill is in Halifax in connection with among Browne's attorneys, one of
dockyard arrangement.- for navy and!whom is alleged to have been over-
marine and fisheries requirements. He rulpd by the trial judge in an unwar-
finds that there is ample room in tbe ranted manner,
dockyard for both purposes,  the ma-1    Contrary to expectation, the defend
ant did not take the stand today. Senator Lorimer did not appear during
the trial.
Lieutenant Governor Oglesby had
been summoned to testify today, but
the defence changed that plan without explanation.
110,000  POUNDS OF  FISH
Im the president,  Mrs.  Spofford, was
io with i loses! attention. The
li not in anj Bense mmi-
jmizing igements and ditli-
Icull g on the   many   dif-
Ifen of   work   wliich   the
ft', i     f. U. has I nun  time  to time
Tlie Roman came Into port yester-
He was a verv poor man when he I Officers Elected on Toronto 'Change��� day with about 110,0(10 pounds of hall-
pa ed away, having In conjunction Two Seats for Sale. I but. The boat was only a few days,
with his son  afterward the third bar-1   Toronto, June 21.���The annual meet- leaving  here  Friday  and  getting in
ing of the Toronto stock exchange again about six o'clock yesterday
was held todav at '.', p. m. President morning. The trip would have lasted
Buchanan, who has held offlce for \ longer, but the weather became very
two years, retired, and \Y. H. Brouse.  rough, making  fishing impossible
rr:::;::;*::*: everything stTTitD,
��� London,    June    21.���It    has   ���
��� practically   lac,   erun.ed   tha * F UHT   C\       '    TH    RFWft
��� the corohatlon of King George ��� llUlil   UL \\J   ItLItU
��� will take place about the mid- ���
��� die Of  May,  1911. ���
��� Immediately   after  the  cere- ���
��� niony the Duke of Connaught ���
��� wlll proceed  to Canada to as- ���
��� sume   the   oliieo   of  governor ���
��� general. ���
��� ���
TO GET DUCAL TITLE       Beno, Nevada, June 21.���With lie no
  j definitely   fixed   us   the   battleground,.
London, June 21.���Prince Arthur of with an assurance from Governor
Connaught, King George's first cousin, * U^kerson that no attempt to inter-
is likely to receive a ducal title before; fere will be made by the state authori-
the year is out. He is expected to | ties, and with preparations already
take the king's place iu opening the under way for building the arena, the.
flrsl federal parliament of South Af- Jeffries-Johnson fight seems certain
rica in the fall, the original arrange- of fulfillment on July i. No further
ments having been necessarily cancel-; complications tire expected, and Tex.
ed by the accession of George V. I Hiekai j tonight promised himself therefore he leaves England, it is ex- first quiet. Bleep that be lias had since-,
pected that Prince Arthur will be ��cre-1 Governor Gillett issued liis ultimatum
ated a royal duke���one of the dormant1 that the contest could not be held ir��
royal dukedoms, Gloucester. Cam-; California,
bridge or Clarence being revived for Arena  Site Selected.
blm. The site for staging the tight,  was
Dntll the young Duke of Cornwall selected this afternoon, lt Is a rockj
reaches full age, Prince Arthur will : field in East Reno, about a mile and
be a sort of acting Prince of Wales, a half from the heart of the city. It
representing the king at all sorts of' is familiar in ring history as the:
lmportant functions where his majesty1' scene of the Hart-Root contest of July
cannot be present, lie has already I 4, 1906, It affords plenty of ground
undertaken many Important missions for a spacious structure. One one side-
to foreign courts on behalf of the late   it   is   Hanked   by   the   tracks  of   tlie
King Edward.
Prince Arthur is a good-looking fellow of twenty-seven, has had a thorough military training in crack caval-
Southern Pacific railway and oa the-
other by a trolley line.
Contractor   McLaughlin   went   orer~
the place today with Rickard and thes
ry  regiments and  is still  unmarried.   Reno committee and Immediately be-
Xunierous  matches with  pretty  aris-1 gan to carry out plans to be prepare*!
tocrats have already been discussed
unofficially, but a real official betrothal
is yet to be announced.
for the construction of the arena.
A building about three hundred feet.
square, modelled along the lines of
the structure begun in San Francisco,
will be erected. It is hoped have it
completed by the first of next month-
No   Change   in   Seats.
Xo change in seats will be male la
the original plan of seats.    Plenty of
onet, sold all his property, including
Islohatn. Like men of humbler station who fall on evil times, a younger
was     mosl      optimistic   soll ,>r n,e house decided to try his
Qdent that s ier   ],,.|; |n America.    He settled in Vir-
deslred   reforms  ginia  shortly  after  the   Restoration.
vice president, was slated for election.!    The Roman went over to the ways
Gordon Osier will be vice president  of the Westminster Shipbuilding com-
ked-   for    would    be  His descendants are living there today I and   E.  FYeeland.  of John   Stark   & Pany  last  night to  have    her    hull
j and one of them is heir to the baron-   Co.,  will be secretary.    E.  L.  Ogden  cleaned and will leave today for the
In the closing words of her address  gtcy     Bul  as a title is no gcod In   celebrates his thirtieth anniversary as north.    On  her next trip down her
ii the movement tor fe-   Kngland without dollars to support it   assistant  secretary today. ; boilers   will   be   overhauled   and   she
and this title is an empty honor. Pey-      The membership is forty-three. Two'M'l probably  be In port for several
unless he is   more  seats are  for  sale.    These  will j days.
! reach   tlie  present   limit   of   member-1
| ship    of    forty-five.      The    last   seat |      TAKES  KITCHENER'S POST.
' brought  $20,000.
Historic Structure Wiped Out by Fire
Starting in Basement.
Spokane, June 21.���The South Central High school, one of the historic lumber Is available,
buildings of Spokane, is a mass of j Another arrangement made this af-
ruins. Fire starting in the furnace ternoon was for training quarters for
room from an unknown cause at 6:301 Jack Johnson. Tom Flanagan, tha
o'clock this morning, destroyed the! champion's manager, after looking
structure in one hour. Most of the over several sites, finally settled on
walls are still  standing. I a road house, three miles southwest
The building cost $210,000 and the  of Reno, known as Rick's Resort,
contents were valued at $30,000.   The      Jeffries will be stationed at Moana
total insurance is $97,000,   The board  Springs, three miles south of Reno.
of education held a meeting on the
school grounds while the structure
was burning and decided to erect a
finer building Immediately on the
same foundation.
male I
I trust that  this convention may
l''  " of strength and inspira-
I e all need and that we
I persistent In looking up,
Is.   outward,  and not  In-
��� iihering   that   the  Great
ton probably will lie low,
a millionaire.
Inquest   on   Capitalist.
New   Vork.   June   21.���A   coroner's
he White Ribbon host re- jury decided today that the Inhalatl ���
that   each   woman   does   of "irritant  fumes"  was the came ol
��� when- she is. j the death of Charles Courter D.clcin-
Twent   Ave  years  ago   the  higher  son. former president of tlie Carnegie
;   women  was   hooted  at. Trust company, who died on May 24,
ii   was  when  a  woman  could  as he witnessed an experiment.      Mr.
��� a will, and a married worn- Dickinson carried a $55,000 insurance
'    belonged to her husband,  policy,  on  the paymenl  of which a
���    doors   of   the   church,   of  question  was raised.
ropy, of education and of gov-j  ��� 	
' ��� ' are opening before her, as
these n llze their need of woman's
ii! brain and hand.
"Today the women of Russia (vot-
��� proxy), of New Zealand, Aus-
1 ���' tl ' Isle of Man, Finland, and
Wur of t|,e states of America, bave
I'M parliamentary suffrage, while Eng-
Uantl- Inland, Scotland, twenty-four
|l the L'nited States, Canada, Iceland.
M" i' Denmark, Natal. Bombay,
ila'y. France, several German, Aus-
Wan and Hungarian states, with, last-
��� Slam, have given a greater or
"" ,: i stent of franchise to their
''' report was received with great
��Pplause by the audience, after which
General   Sir   Ian   Hamilton  Will  Go to
UNITED   DRY   GOODS  CO. the Mediterranean.
BL'"3 LORD & TAYLOR I     London.  June  21.���General  Sir Ian
  Hamilton, adjutant to the forces, has
ine  21. The  control- been appointed to the post of inspec-
<ord & Taylor, one of tor   general   of   the    Mediterranean
���oods  houses  in  the forces, to succeed Field Marshall Lord
New   York,   .
ling interest in
the  oldest  dry
L'nited States,
was   reported
has been purchased, it Kitchener, resigned,
today,   by   the   United!    General    Hamilton
is   the   second
Dry Goods companies, who control a military member of the privy council,
long string of  departmental  and dry He was chief of staff to Lord Kltoh-
goods stores  in  several  large cities, ener In 1909-H' in  South Africa, and
The  sale,  it  was learned  today, had
Firms   Desiring  to   Tender  for   Building   of   Cruisers   Must   Inspect
Plans in  Private.
been pending for several months, ever
since the death of Edward P. Hatch.
the president of the firm.
was one of the defenders of Ladysmith in the Boer war. He served
as military representative of India in
the Japanese army in Manchuria,
Seattle. June 21.���Former Governor
John H. McGraw's condition still remains critical. The hiccoughs which
attacked him a few days ago subsided
long  enough   for   him   to   take   some
joined  in  singing the rally
Ottawa,  June  21���It   Is  announced
at   the   department   of   naval   affairs
that  when tenders are called for the
Bong'ahlps of the Canadian navy it will not
Bellingham Pastor Succumbs to Heart
Failure After Run.
Bellingham, June 21.���After narrowly escaping  death  under the wheels
of a Great  Northern passenger train
Strathcona Goes North.
London, June 21.���Lord Strathcona,
who keeps in good health despite the
heavy pressure of business caused by
the Hudson's Bay Co. and other affairs, left London for the north last
night after attending the Metropolitan
hospital  dinner.
Taft Opens Fight With Senate.
Washington, June 21.���Abandoning
a trip to New Haven to see his son
graduate from Yale, and announcing
that he would stay in Washington all
summer if need be, President Taft
today began his first open fight with
the L'nited States senate.
nourishment yesterday, but returned at Blanchard last night, Frank Shaw,
again before night. Despite his long a business man of this city and pas-
and severe illness, Governor McGraw j tor of the Blanchard Methodist Lpls-
18 making a brave fight, and the pa-|copal church, died of heart  failure a
T. 0
Rally Round the   he published.    The British nnd Cana-
I dlan  firms who may desire to put ln
"1 Hie W   C
World '
,.0l>8 of   the   most   Interesting   and' tenders will be asked to do so through
''''���   features  of  the evening the department, ana they win be no-
*tt��ti address by J.
'""��. on "Scientific
tlent perseverance lie has displayed
has left his family and friends not
without hope that he will pull through.
Dougan, of Van-! titled   when   plans   and   specifications |
 , Temperance In-lare available. i
*>'"" In British Columbia Following the policy of the British
falling attention to the ne- admiralty, the designs of the cruiser tor such instruction and speak- ers are to be kept secret and aro
"��>efully of the good work already nol open to the public, it is under-
>PUshed in that direction. stood that negotiations are now be ng I
H'^y the lrnn��l.rf.�� nt ,L���, ���vii�� of  carried on with a view of having the
Australian  to  Design   Medal.
London. June 21��� Bertram McKen
few moments later. The attack was
brought on as a result of over-exertion to catch the train.
Moose   in   His   Farmyard.
Ottawa, June 21.���E. Sims, a farmer
nai, an Australian, will design a coMlMnj within three miles of the town
onatlon medal for the new coinage,
and will be the first overseas Briton
to do so.
...Id the knowledge of the evils of ca
";,I!ks should be more thoroughly In- admiralty oonse
.   "'' Into the  minds  of the  boys being sent oul here
iL'in.. _��� .. .      i��  ...,,v examine them with fucllitj
Furness Elected  in  Hartlepool.
,ondon,   June   21.���ln   the   llartle-
pool bye-electlon yesterday, Furness.
Blrls of the country, as were other ' firms mav examine tnem WKfl �����-
!'8'��>d then liquor would be shun- The application is in   the   hands   of
. hb the young boys und girls grew
,l( ,n��'u and women. The great need
. I'lisent was a text book, which
1(1 be taught ln the public schools
���ould clearly set forth the effects
,,���,""julgence in liquor. At the pres-
It w ""' ,ll0'e was such a book but
Bide* ""l generally known and be-
W;'s not good enough.   To meet
Lord Strathcona.
to copies of plans liberal,  polled   6,169   votes,   and  the
bo that Canadian | unionists   B.998.     Tho election was
caused by the unseating of Sir Chris-
torpher   Furness   for   bribery   by   his
Pared an
'"' 1 text  hooks were being pre-
Madrid, June 21���The clerical party
has opened its campaign against the
ministry of Premier Canalejas. Cardinal Anuilrre Y Marcia. archbishop
of   Toledo,   the  seat  of  the   Spanish
by the time the Union has  Episcopate, has
instructed the clergy
,   MUWal meeting there will be, to inspire a meeting of P���t��B^agaiDst
B��od hook available. I the government policy cm,, emu, tm
.on'.?,0u8an r��l),led to mftn>
*'��ch some of the membe
At the
askod him.
Ithe government policy concerning u.r
y QUM- Church and non-Cathollc religious or-
be 8 of dors.   The women of the aristocracy,
I under the lead of the Marquise Com-
of Aylmer, Que., reported that on
Friday last a full grown moose
browsed In a field with his horses
near the farm buildings. Such an occurrence was never before reported
from the district.
Minnie  Johnson  Elopes and  Becomes
Mrs. Clyde Johnson Before Police
Can Interfere.
A Double Header.
A double fight will be Reno's offering on July 4 if Sid Hester succeeds
in carrying out his plan to srag-�� the
Langford-Ketchell fight on the morning of the big battle    in    the   same
(Continued on Page Klve )
American,     German     and     Canadian
Firms   Bid   for   Quebec   Bridge.
Ottawa. June 21.���Bids are asked
for the steel superstructure of thei
Quebec bridge, which is estimated tcv
cost 112,000,000. Tenders will be received up to September 1. The minister of railways and canals expects
that bids will be submitted by at least
two United States, and possibly a
German concern, while two of the
most important bridge building companies in Canada are said to have
combined for the purpose of putting,
in a tender.
Plans have been prepared by a commission composed of Messrs. Vautelet.
of Montreal; Modjeska, of Chicago,
and Fitzmaurice, of London, England-
These eminent engineers decided on a.
superstructure on the cantilever principle, but specifications may be-
amended to conform to approved suggestions by any of the constructing
firms tendering for the work.
The  Phoenix  Bridge Co.,  of  Pittsburg, Pa., has been given the contract
for  the  demolition  of  the  approach.
Clyde Johnson, of Abbotsford. B. C,  spans, the only portion of the Quebec?
biidge left standing when three years
ago the unfinished structure collapsed.,
carrying eighty workmen to death ie
the St. Lawrence river, and causing a.
loss to the government of $t>,000,000_
Fitters and Engineers Coming.
London, June 21.���One hundreu fitters and engineers emigrate to Canada
this week from Liverpool.    Tbey all
have situations to go to.
I of this address the time.Bias, have joined the movement
' l:i,e that although there was
ment       "K ,1,0,,Rbt tbat an adjourn-
v ls In order and after singing
"urn. it   ,Ry   'be    convention    ad-
hls ....��� ! "1,,|>t again at nine o'clock
the me ','""" luiHlne8s on tho agenda
wm m���   . ,,,0��Rht that an adjourn- .   ,   .      ,  hu  Crevv
th,    ,.:,s> '"der and after singing   Forcibly   Carried   Away   by   Crew
Tug  He   Haa  aencu.
Lansing.  Mich.   June  21.���h   i��
���*. the
'' "f thi
ninny ,,'*',,"""'"���ng  session  yesterday
,   "<" delegates bad not arrived
transacted     Wl18 but llule lm8,np8B
lnK the        Many short reports show-
different h08re8B of the work In the
r��ceivert Pr*nch��8 of the work were
Nl(1 '"Hi considered
-ported" bore that Deputy Gamet. War-
don C B. Petit has been forcibly oar-
S nwav on an unknown Wisconsin
fishing tug near Green bay.
The tug had been seized.bj the
warden, and wns being towed b: the
steamer Charles Osborne, when sne
broke away and escaped.
Furthest Development of
Independence Reached By Canada
london Tune 21.���Commenting on cans raised tbe big stick of their
the agreement of commercial reclproo- penal tariff, the Canadian government
ty between Canada and foreign coun- would have had some reason to enlist
tries, Including the United States, the Ithe practical co-operation of the Brit
Morning Post pleads for the commercial unity of the British Empire.
"The Canadian negotiations," it
Bays, "represent the furthest development of colonial independence reached
by the Canadian government, having,
in the case of the United States, carried on negotiations almost as If it
were the central government and the
Empire were nonexistent.
"There is no link," It proceeds, "between the fiscal system of Canada
and that of this country such as might
���.nder one in any way dependent on  power of the Empire, for the .ultimate
,n other    If this country had been  means  of enforcing Canadian  rights,
a position to back Canada against but that contingency Is so remote that
the l'nited States when the Amerl- in practice Is is never thought of.
lsh ambassador at Washington, but
no common interest In fact existed
apart from that of mere sentiment,
and there was no practical reason
why the Canadian government should
give any thought or Downing street
at all.
It Is thought that lf the government
of the United States were afterwards
to refuse to carry out the contract,
the Dominion government would have
to look to the United Kingdom, which
controls   practically   all   the   fighting
and Minnie Jonnson, of Sumas, Wash.,
were mairied yesterday morning by
the Rev. J. S. Henderson. The wedding has the elements of romance.
Minnie gave her age to the clergyman as eighteen, but Minnie's tatner
has an iuea that she comes about
four years short of that; both are
probably mistaken.
The young people wanted to get Nanaimo, June 21.���The first gun ot
married and the old people had no what promisee to be a big legal battle
such wants; in fact, tney were quite I between the Western Fuel company
agreeable to letting the young people | and the corporation of the city of
pine for each other until several more! Nanaimo was fired yesterday, when
summers had been chased Into the Ithe company made application to the
dark recesses of time by several win- municipal court of revision tbat cer-
ters. tain lands In the city be assessed to*
But the love of the two victims i tbem. The lands referred to com-
of the June bug was of the kind that' prise all the squares in the city used
surmounts all obstacles and so the | by the public for the past thirty year*
following things happened:
Clyde took bis father's horses and
Minnie and started for New Westminster. They started at dusk in the
(driving rain and drove through the
terrible, black, wet night, with buoyant hearts and empty stomachs. Bespattered with mud and still buoyant,
but wet, they arrived here in the
morning, procured a marriage license
and were united ln the holy bonds of
matrimony by Rev. J. S. Henderson.
Meanwhile the hearty protests of
the parent of the lady member of the
partnership were shipped to Chief
Bradshaw in the form of a telephone
message, but something faster than
the telephone wlll have to be Invented
to stop people getting married, for
even while the Irate papa was shouting, "Hello, Hello," into a dispassionate mouthpiece of rubber, tbe two
young people were being made one.
The police did make their appearance after the ceremony, but even the
arm of the law Is in a sling when It
conies to love, and the couple returned to Abbotsford with the happy
consciousness of having successfully
engineered a daring plot.
as recreation grounds and considered
as city property and always clatraed
as such by the corporation.
The Western Fuel company coo-
tends that these properties were deeded to them by tbe Vancouver Coal
company on February 11, 1903, and
now seek to have the city acknowledge its claim to the lands in question
by consenting to place them on the
assessment roll and charge the taxes
thereon to the said company.
Tbe court refused the appeal, contending that the property claimed br
the company had been regarded a<*
public property since the Incorporation of the city, thirty years ago. In
all probability the company will appeal against the decision of the court.
of revision.
Lumber Plant Burns.
Bellingham, June 21,���The plant oF
the Bellingham Bay Lumber company
at Maple Falls, thirty miles northeast.
of this city, was partially destroyed
by fire yesterday, loss, $25,000. The-
plant supplied the town with electric-
light and power, and the place isi i
in darkness. PAGE TWO.
��� -.r'
Classified Advertisements  REAL   ESTATE
room located within easy distatue
Of Daily News offlce. Address "C,"
Daily   -News   ollice.
with breakfast Central location.
Addi ess P, 0.  Box 795, City.
Assistant, must be capable stenographer and have knowledge of
book-keeping. Apply by letter to
liox 20, Daily  News Ollice.
at the Condensed Milk Factory. 16
Front  street.    References  required.
male and female, for tho public
schools of this city. Applications
will be received until noon of the
22nd inst. Robert Lennle, Secretary.
Office:    Northern   Crown   Bank   Bldg.
Phone 646.
DOUBLE CORNER���On Sixth avenue
and Eleventh street; 132x132 leet,
with stui'.ll cottage. Price $3,500;
Siiuu cash; balance on very easy
terms. 170-C
CITY���Third Avenue���Small house on
lot, size 61 x 120 feet. Trice $1,500;
$300 cash,  balance  on  easy  terms.
STREET     IMPROVEMENT    DEBEN-  same   shall   have
TURE OR registered STOCK     by a resolution (
;. This  Bylaw   a   ta ;<
the ���   !   '
ti .
BYLAW, 1910.
City���An 8-rooir.ed     modern    house;
size   of lot,   132x132   feet;    price,
$5,250; $1,250    cash;    balance   arranged.
N. W. \\ section 8, Tp. 10���160 acres
of good land with 2,000,000 feet of
timber. No timber lease. $115 per
acre.    $2,000 cash.
house of five or six rooms with modern conveniences by July 1 for
three or four months. Convenient
lo car line preferred. Apply Z,
Daily News otlice.
CITY���Modern house and large barn
on Fourth street. Rented for $30
per month. Price $3,700; terms
$1,000 cash.
CITY���8-rctmed house and fully modern on Fourth (l resile. Size of lot
is HOxHrt feet. Price $4,800; one-
fifth  cash,  balance  essy.
A Bylaw to enable the Council of the
City of New Westminster to raise
hy loan the sum of One Hundred
and Fifty Thousand ($150,000.00)
dollars   for   Street   Improvements.
i. (
i r
Whereas,   certain   sums
may be
nn in  l ii bi utuie
Byla   ,
8, This 1 J latv
Ing  then ol   - ��� :;  :'
e eh
manner required bj  In ��� ���.
Reci Ived the assent of I
,.. . ........... -	
.... m ,-. ,.i rn i 1 the ....v   ol
- J  != ��� ���  ���
f    money
have mis year been expended oul  of ,,,, ,  ,.
the  general   revenue  of  the city   for      Reconsidered .
the construction, Improvement and re- ,,;,,, council th
pair of Btreets and sidewalks, and ii   j:.io.
is expedient  that  additional sums be
spent   in   like  manner, amounting   In
all  (with Lhe sums already Bpent)  to
the   sum   of   One   Hundred   and   Fifty
Thousand   ($150,000.00)  dollars;
And Whereas
Take  notlc ���   that   '
Ggirl. Apply King's hotel, Columbia
ing and tinsruithing.    Apply .lames
& McClughan.
to work in laundry. Wages 15 to
20 cents per hour. Royal City
Laundry, Royal avenue, west of
Eighth street.   B. Abrams, Mgr.
house work Apply, Mrs. A. E, Kellington, 501 Queen's avenue.
acres of good land at Lincoln station, Langley, for Westminster city
property. Value $3000. Apply B. C.
Securities, Ltd., Dominion Trust
Offices, Columbia street, New Westminster.
housework and plain cooking. Apply  125  Third  avenue.
BURNABY���Two lots close to store
and tramline. Price $300 each;
terms i% cash and $10 per month.
LANGLEY���80   acres   N.   ' 2   of   S.E.
U of Sec. 10. Tp. 10; some clearing. Price $35 per acre; terms
$1,300 cash, balance 1, 2 and 3
Delta Fruit Farm���Ten acres on Scott
road, close In, good house and barn,
250 hearing fruit trees. Price $4,000.
Good terms. 172-A
Office:    Northern   Crown   Bank   Bldg.
Phone   646.
Open Evenings for Your Benefit.
with harness, logging chain and
wagon.    Apply S. S., Box 150.
acres, South New Westminster.
Splendid view of New Westminster.
3425 per acre. Apply P. O. Box
256,  City.
Room 8, Thompson Block.
Phene 629.
We have a few good lots on Hospital
street. $25 cnsh will handle these;
balance $10 per month.
Watch Surrey Acre, gs, when the dirt
dirt starts flying for the C. N. R.
We have the cream of t>u. s,
ton; cleared and fenced; close to
car line. Only for sale within thb
next thirty days. Address A. II.
Tupper, Cunningham Hall, Sixth St.
(2,SOO lbs.), Sound. Also wagon und
harness (new). Apply A. N. Mac-
kay, Burnaby Lake P. O., B. C.
Agnee street
ply 818, Milton street
housekeeping to rent. Apply to A. H.
Ferguson, Pythian  Hall  buinl'ng.
bouse, thoroughly modern, corner
Fourth street and Fifth avenue.
Good locality. Will lease for six
months or to suit; $23 per month.
Apply 427 Fourth street.
Ten acrss ef the seet fruit land; l-_
acres cleared; 2 seres slashed, knri-
ed and IojsH eff; 3 reoined Msuss,
barn, penltry russ; snail fruits.
Fronting ea Seett read and clese
to car.    Oaly $2,M0, en terms.
Five acres ������ Scett read: goed garden, house, well, etc.; three quarters of a mile from car. This is good
at $1300;  terms.
Room   8,   Thompson   Block.
Phone 629.
above is a
na- copy of the proposed Bylaw ��
wil] be taki n Into consideration by
it appears that If the n,,. Municipal Council of the City ol
sni.1 sum of One Hundred and Fiftyi\ew Westminster one month from
Thousand ($150,000.00) dollars, be ap- the day of the flrst publication there
proprlated from the general revenue Ml in the "Daily News" newspaper,
of the city for the current year the which lirst publication took place on
rate of taxation will be excessive, and
It is expedient that such excessive
tsiation should be avoided, and the
s��ld sum should be raised on the
credit of the corporation, and that debentures or registered stock certificates should be Issued for that
��� mount;
And Whereas, for the paymenl of
interest on tlie debentures or registered stock certificates, propose'! to be
issued under this Bylaw, and for creating a sinking fund for tlie payment
of   tlie   said   debentures  or   registered ,
stock   cert ideates   when   due.   it   will __-._
be necessary to raise by special rate,  SCHOOLS J3EBENTURE  OR   REGIS-
In  addition   to all  other  rates,  each
the 13th day of June, 1910, and that
a vote of the electors of the city will
be taken on the Slid proposed Bylaw
on the Hth day of July, 1910, between
the hours of nine o'clock �� ni. and live
p.in. at the following places, namely;
The Council Chamber, Clvlo Building;
the Fire Hall, Sapperton; and the
Waterworks Storehouse, Eleventh
stn et.
City Clerk.
City Hall, .lune 11, 1910.
year during the currency of the said
debentures or registered stock certificates, tlie sum of Seven Thousand,
Five Hundred and Ninety and 32-100
($7,500.32)  dollars;
And Whereas, in order to raise
the said yearly sum of Seven Thousand.   Five   Hundred   and   Ninety     and 	
32-100 ($7,51)0.32) dollars, an equal Whereas the Board of School True-
rate on the dollar will be re- tees of the City of New Westmln-
quired to he levied on the whole rate- ��ter have caused to he prepared and
ahle property of the City of New West-
A Bylaw to enable the Council of the
Corporation of the City of New
Westminster to raise by loan the
sum of Ninety-seven Thousand, Five
Hundred ($97,500,001 dollars for
School   Purposes.
And Whereas, the whole rateable
property of the said city, according to
the last revised Assessment Roll
thereof, is Seven Million, Two Hundred and Forty-nine Thousand and
Ten   ($7,249,010,001 dollars;
aid before the Council a detailed esti-
mate of the sums required by the
Board tor (he current year's ordinary
expenses of maintaining the schools
of the snld City of New Westminster;
and have also prepared a like detail
ed estimate of the sums required to
meet any special or extraordinary *t-
And  Whereas, the total amount of penses legally lncurrable by the Board
the existing debenture debt of the; which last mentioned estimate is subacid eity is One Million, Six Hundred ! Jrrt t0 consideration, alteration and
and Seventeen Thousand, One Hun-j final approval by the Council, and the
drei ($1,617,108.00) dollar*, Irrespec-, same has been finally approved by
tive of the sum of One Hundred and"" Council.
Stventy-fsur Thousand, Five Hundred' A"d Whereas, the amount required
(1174.S0M0) dollars proposed to be! under the said Inst mestissed esti-
rs'.sei uader the "Lulu Island Bridge ' mate for schools amouats te Nliety-
Debenture or Registered Stock Rylaw, seven TllOUPand, Flv�� Hunted. (J*7,-
1*10";   the "Fire Debenture or Regis-1580.06)   dollar*,  made  tip at  felfeWST
j Thirty-five Thotisind ($31,110.00) dol-
, ltrs for the erection aid equl.nieai or
ithe new Sapperton school; Two Thou-
'ssnd, fire "onrlred ($2,500.06) dollars
for the erection and equipment of a
I school on Lulu Island, and Siity Thoti-
for the erec-
Corner Columbia  and   Begbie  Streets.
Phone 680.
10 full  sized  lots  near  Eighth  avenue
at $300 each.    Easy terms.
tared Stock Bylaw, 1910"; the
"Schools Deheature or Registered
Stock Bylaw, 1910," and the
"Barks Deheature er Registered Stock
Bylaw, 1. 10," of which none of the
principal  or Interest is In arrears;
Now Therefere. the Municipal Coun-|sand ($60,000.00) dollars
cil  of the  Corporation of the City  of j Hon of a  High scliool.
New Westminster e,i��ers as follows:        And Whereas, by Section 4u of the
1. It shall be lawful for the Mayor Uhe Public Schools Act 1905, as roof the said city to raise by way'of J enacted by Section 30 of the Public
loan from any person or persons, body i Schools Act 1905, Amendment Aci
or bodies corporate, who may be will-"] Linn, any statute to the contrary noting to advance the samp on the credit withstanding, the Council of any city.
of the debentures or registered Btock town or rural municipality In the
certificates hereinafter mentioned, any Provinoe Including the City of Van-
sum or sums of money, not exceeding couver and City of New Westminsti r,
in the whole the sum of One Hundred "1;'-V in each and every year pass a
and Fifty Thousand   ($150,1 .00)  dol-  Bylaw or Bylaws for levying aspecla]
.. .���,,. the same on the credll
,  ,: benturea or registered Btock
i .., 9 hereinafter mi ntloned, any I
,     :  of money not exceeding
,. bole the sum of $97,600.00, and
..,..,. tl e Bame to be paid Into the
j  ol the Baid i Ity tor the pur-
:i.;ied   herein.
iaU be lawful tor the Mayor
...,   an)   number of debentures
Btock   Cet lilnales   to   bl
not exceeding In the whole the
sum  0f   ��� 17,500.00  for  Buch   sums  of
.   as maj  I quired, nol  less
$100.00 eacli. oi an equivalent
expressed In pounds Bterllng of the
United Kingdom of Great Britain and
, i at a value ol 4.866 to the
pound Bterllng; and all such debentures or registered stock certificates
shall be sealed wilh the Beal of the
corporation, signed by the Mayor and
countersigned by the treasurer there
of, or by such other pet son or pet sons
aa may be thereunto lawfully authorized.
3, The said dehentures or registered
slock certlflcates shall he payable on
the nrst  day of duly   iwo, at luch
place or places as lhe ('���uaell of the
said   corporation   may    fiom    tuna   to
tune appoint wlta ths apptoval of the;
holders thereof, aid shall b*��r Intel
est   st   ths  rata  of  four  and  one-half
per  cesium   pei   a.num.   payable   half'
yearly  ea   tlie   flrat   day  of January
and the  first   day  of July  in  each and
every year, and the debentures shall
hsfe attached to them coupons for the
payment   of  Interest,   which   said   COU
pens  shall   be  signed   by   tne    said j
May.u .
I. A special isle on the dollar shall'
he levied and raised In each year. In
addition to all other tales on all the
rateable property of the city, sufficient
to pay tlie Interest upon the debentures or registered stock certificates,
and to create a sinking fund for the
payment of the principal thereof when I
due, subject to any act or enactment
respecting the same.
5. Subject   as  aforesaid,  there  shall
he raiae.   annually  by special  i��te as
aforesaid, during the currency of the
j said   debentures   or   registered   stock
certificates, the sum of $4,387.50 foi
ithe payment of Interest thereon, and
ithe sum of $J4�� 26 m provide tor th*
repayment of the principal.
0. Tbe proresds of the sale of the
i S&14   debentures   or   registered   stock
rettiflsstes ahall bs applied aa follows.
I and   net   otherwise;    towards   paylue
the oesf  of tha pasatag of this  Bylaw
iand   the   Issue  and   sale  of ths   It Id
j debeatures or registered sto<.k certl.
I cates therein referred  to, snd all ex
, penses   connected   wltb  the   issuance
of tbe said loan, and tbe halanas ahall
be paid aver 'am tiiae to tiras aa T*
iquitfd upas the eider of the trnsteee
\Vf tke elfy Iraaaarar to tha sertml
, persess to whoffl TI751P.-J aie payable,
7. This Pylaw shall take offset on
'the day  ef 1918,  and
may be cited ttt tbe "Schools Debenture or Registered Stock Hylaw. 1810."
8. This Bylaw before lb" final pass
.ins thereof, shall recelre lhe assent
| of the electors of the said clif iu the
manner required by law.
Received the assent of tbe elector*
on lhe day of 1910
Reconsidered  and  finally  passed  in
open council the dav of
Croquet Sets
Pic Nic Basket*
Pic Nic Plates
Etc., Etc,
665���Columbia  Street 665
New.Westminster, B.C.
Mineral Waters
Aerated Waten
Manufactured  by
elephona 13. Office. Eighth 8t I
t  -.��� M
- Done At
Benson &
At   Dick   Benson's   0 d Star,
th St., Next to F.i
��� I
on Uer
Sapperton���We have a few choice
view lots on Blair avenue very
cheap; $:!5 down, balance monthly.
Worth investigating.
South Westminster���\.\ acre view
lots on car line st Browosivlle.
Price .2SS per let; ..cash, balaiee
easy. If yen wast a haste, seenre
one at eaee, as tkey are the cheapest aad nearest lets es tke stark at.
store in the K. P. block; suitable
for store rooms, skating rink, or
moving pictures, etc., etc. For particulars apply to John Forrester.
Sec. K. P. Trustees, 517 St. George
street,  City.
on Seventh street. Apply Wilson,
Cook & Co., Northern Crown Bank
one Mack pig, Owner can have
same by proving property and paying expenses. If not claimed within seven days wlll he sold to pay
��� costs.   Apply 531 Third street.
For all kinds of
Phone 695
or leave orders at
The   Arrow   Press
near Tiie Daily News Co., 6U0 Victoria
Transfer Co.
Office 'Phone 11b.      Barn 'Phone 137
Columbia Street.
Baggage   delivered    promptly   to
any part of the city.
light and Heavy Hauling
We have a buyer for a 6-room house;
modern; net above Sixth aveaue.
Terms, $i00 eash, balaice monthly.
Lulu Island���Let 26; near the bridge;
cosUiInlng   one   acre.     Price   only
Corner Columkia and  tsfbie  Streets.
Phana 181.
Columbia    St.,    Next    Todd's    Music
House���Phane   703.
For Sale���5-raomed cottage close in;
large lot. Price $2,600; $500 cash.
Balance on  very easy  terms.
For Sale ��� 5-room cottage close In.
Price $2300; $300 cash; balance to
suit purchaser.
We have some real good snaps in
house property. Call and see us
about thpm.
Columbia    St.,    Next    Todd's    Music
House���Phone 703.
rate of not more than Five (5) mills
on the dollar tor Bchool purposes, and
the Council may In addition to such
rate apply any portion of tin- ordinary
revenue to school purposes,
registered stock certificates to bei And Whereas, it appears thai the
made, not exceeding in the whole the amount required to meet the current
sum of One Hundred and Fifty Thou- i year's ordinary expenses of malntaln-
s.uid ($150,000.00) dollars, for such I In." the schools will exhaust the
sums of money as  may  he required, amount authorized to he levied under
lars, and to cause the same to he paid
Into the treasury of the said city for
the purposes mentioned herein.
2. It. shall be lawful for the Mayor
to cause any number of debentures or
not less than Slfitt.OO each, or an
equivalent expressed in pounds sterl-
ine of the United Kingdom of Great
Britain and Ireland, at a value ef 4.866
ta the pound sterling, and all such
debentures or registered stock certi-
fleates shall be saalad with the seal
af   tke   corporal ion    signed   ky     thej
Section 4o of the Public Schoola Act
1905. ai re-ennaaed by nsii geeefan
30 of the Public Sehoola Ast i.Oi,
Amendment Act 1900, aad it wiU ba
necessary also to apply a portia* ol
the ordinary reTenue for such pnr-
And Whereas, it appears tbat if the
Mayer   and   cnuatttrnlgaed     by     tke ; **id i'iib af $A7,i>tO.10 be appropriated
treaaurer   tkereof,  ar   ky   such   etfcer   'ram tke geaeral  revenue of the citv
for tha current year, the tale of laxa-
'ten will oa excessive, and it is expedient tkat such eicessiva taxation
tkouid ka avelded, aad tka said nue
��� hould be raised aa tha etadit of tka
earaoration, an. tkat debeatures ar
egistered iteek certificates skeuld be
parses  ar  persena  as   may  be  there-
ante lawfully authorized.
3. Tka aaid debaatnras or registered
steak oerttieetes, shall ke payable on
the Int. day of July, l��(i��, at. aueh
. laaa ar plaoea as the Canadi af tha
said   carperation   may   from   tlate   to
tints appoint  with tke apprevsl of theJ����ued for tkat amount
kaldars  thereof, and  shall  bear inter-      And Whereas, fot tbe payment of la-
eat nt tha rate of four aad eae-kalf per  torest oa tka dakentnraa er registered
ceitant fer annua, payable kalf year-   ��teck   oertitsttes   preposwd   ta   ha
ly an tke first day af Jaauary and the,��ied uader tkis Bylaw, aad far cr
flrst  day  of  July  in  eack  and  every
year,  aad   the dekaatures shall  have
attached to them cenpeas far tke pay
ment of interest,  which said coupons
shall he signed by the aaid Mayer.
4. A special rate en tha dollar shall
ba levied and raised in eacli year. In
addition to all other rates, on all the
rateable property of the city, sufficient
to pay tlie interest, upon the dehentures or registered  stock certificates,
Take  DOtlce that  the above  is a  true
copy of the proposed Bylaw which will
be taken into consideration by tbe
Municipal Council of the City of New
Westminster one month from the date
of the first publication thereof in the
"Dally News" newspaper which first
publication took place on the 13th day
of June, 1910, and that a vote of the
electors of the city will be taken on
the said proposed Bylaw on the Mill
day of July 1910, between the hours
of nine o'clock am. aud fire p.m., at
tha following places, namely: The
Coucil Chamber, Civic Building; the
I'ira Hall. Sapperton; and the Waterworks Storehouse, Eleveath street.
City Clerk.
City Hall. June 11. 1810.
Tit* Municipal Council of tha Corporation of the City af New Want Minster
luring ky resolution determined and
speailad tkat it is desirable to carry
oat tbe fallowing works, that is to
Ta CMStruct cement concrete sidewalks oa   koth sides of Tenth  street
front  Sixth   aroauo  to 1'anth  avaaua.
exempt oa the east side of said streel
Is-1 between   Pixtb  aad  Xigktb  avenues,
��� l-1 alto ea   kath  sidas  of  London.   K.in
'**.* slaking  fund  far  tke paymeni   burgh,  Dahlia  aad   Ha&llten   Streets,
B1Kktk .nd Sereatk are. uos between
Tsall aad Tweirtk Streets.
Aad   tbat   the  said   works  shall   he
carried   out   in   accordance   with    the
ar tha said debsatures ar registered
stock certlflaates, when dua, It will
he necessary to raise by apeclal rate,
In   addition   to  all   other   rates,   each
ficates the sum of mur Thousand
Nine Hundred and Thirty-three and
70-100 ($4 933.70) dollars;
And Whereas, in order to raise the
and to create a sinking fund for thelsald yearly sum or $4,933.70, an equal
payment of the principal thereof when special rate on the dollar will be re
due, subject to any act or enactment quired to be levied on the whole rate-
year during the currency of ihe said provisions of the Local  Improremenl
debentures  or  registered   slack  eerti-1 (ieneral  Pyiaw, 1909.
And tha City Engineer and City As
sessor having reported to the Council
In accordance  with  the provisions of
If vou deposit your money '(
safety  In  The  Bank of Toronto
it wiil be safe while you leave
lt. and ready when you ;       :'
and  it   Will  be
earning for you three per cent.
Interest. Small or large sum��
may be deposited at nny time.
In   Ontario,
REST   ...
Bank of Toronto
NEW    WESTMINSTER,   13.   C.
J. Oracey, Mgr,
respecting the same.
5. Subject as aforesaid there shall
be raised annually by special rate as
aforesaid, during the currency of the
said debentures or registered stock
certilicat.es, the sum of Six Thousand,
Seven Hundred and Fifty ($6,760.00)
dollars for tho payment, of tlie inter-1
eat  thereon, and   the  sum  of    Eight I
The Beautiful St. Lawrence Route and
Canadian Pacific Empresses.
From Quebec
From Liverpool. and  Montreal.
July 1.. Empress Ireland . .July 15
July 7... Lake Manitoba ...July 21
July IB.. Empress Britain ..July 20
July 21..    Lake Chaniplaln   ..Aug.    4
Hundred and Forty and
321 dollars to provide
ment of  the  principal.
H. The proceeds of the sale of the
said debentures or registered stock
certificates shall be applied as follows,    and    not   otherwise:    towards
aide property of the City of Xew
And Whereas, the whole rateable
property of the said city, according to
the last revised Assessment Roll thereof, is Seven Million, Two Hundred and
Forty-nine Thousand and Ten 157,.
249,010.00)   dollars;
And  Whereas, tho total  amount  of
32.100 ($840.-! ������K'.  existing  debenture
for  the   pay
debt oi the
said city Is One Million, Si. Hundred
and Seventeen Thousand, One Hundred ($1,017.100.00) dollars, Irrespective Of the sum of Two Hundred and
Twenty-seven Thousand ($227,000.00)
dollars   proposed  lo  he  raised  under
paying tlio cost of the passing of this | the "Street Improvement Debenture or
Registered Stock Hylaw, 1910;" the
"Fire Debenture or Registered Stock
Rylaw, 1910;" the "Lulu Island Bridge
Dehenture or Registered Slock Bylaw
1010," and the "Parks Improvement
Debenture or Registered Slock Bylaw
1910," of which none of the principal
Bylaw and tlie issue and sale of the
dehentures or registered stock certificates therein referred to, recouping
the treasury of the city such sums
as have been this year expended In
street works, or may he so expended
until the proceeds of the sale of the
THE        DAILY        NEWS^
said   debentures   or   registered  stockior Interest Is ln arrears.
For  ticket  reservation   and   all   information apply to
C.   P.   R.   Agent.
certificates have become available, the
making, improving and repairing of
such streets and sidewalks in the city
as may bo deemed expedient by the
council, but no sidewalk or street shall
be made or repaired out of the moneys
borrowed under this Hylaw unless tho
Now Therefore, the Municipal Council of the Corporation of the City of
N'ew  Westminster enacts as  follows:
1. II shall bo lawful for the Mayor
of the said city to raise hy way of
loan from any person or persons, body
or bodies corporate, who may be will-
the said hylaw upon the said
works, girlng statements showing the
amounts estimated lo he chargeable
against the various portions of real
property to he benefited by the said
works and oilier particulars and the
said reports or the said City Engineer
and Clty Assessor having been adopted by the council.
Notice is hereby given that the
said reports are open for Inspection
at llie Office of the City As-iessor, City
Hull, Columhla street, N'ew Westminster, B.C., and that unless a petition
agalnsl the proposed works above
mentioned, signed by a majority of
the owners of the land or real property to be assessed or charged ln respect of such works representing tit
least one-half in value thereof Is presented to the Council within fifteen
days from the date of the first publication of this notice the Council will
proceed with the proposed improvements under such terms and conditions ns to the payment of the cost
of such Improvements as the Council
may by by-law In thai behalf regulate
and determine and also to make the
said assessment.
Dated this 0th day of Juno, A.I).,
City  Clerk.
Date or first publication, the 10th
day of June, 1910.
White Star-Dominion
Canadian Service
Montreal to Liverpool
Triple  screw,   14,900 tons.
Twin    screw,    14,900   tons,
largest   and    most    modern.
commodation equal to any
ing  the  Atlantic.
For Rates and Tickets App'y t0
C. P. R. Passenger Station
My property Is taken off th'' "l:l
until further notice.
Sapperton, B. C.
net WEON
��50AY. JUNE M, 1910.
. an application has
���rae BOtU' regi����'r Duncan Bell
T ��^ '" , in fee simple, under
., tl>e"w,,C ,1. B. A. Wllmot,
��"��� .de I'0''1 "- M.-ncn Bell
!��*.!.  nf   d5
Duncan   1
I'of ,lj,\'b,tle 13th day
(fb>�� " f li and lingular
��aV, ;"V,,r tract of land
gf'certam i ',.,,_ lylng and being
ffpremi" J N',.w Westminster
mil plstrict oi *
,i e oi
, tin'
pi >���'
' British Columbia,
Washington Holds First Place in Estimated Yield of Northwestern and
Pacific Commonwealths.
'i lie council met  ln the
hall  on  Saturday, .lune  18,
at  2  p.m.
the following specifications be approv-j
ed: Hauling gravel urn yards Hamilton
mad. grading U^h street from
Fourth avenue to Six avenue; ditching
Bole Line road (sixty chains) north
from Vancouver road; grading South
road (seventy chains); grading Wise
read to S. W. boundary nf D. U M.
The clerk write the B. C
District of  New Westminster.
New Westminster Land District.
the ��',".,;.. iy known and describ-
iJparU ,ie8 of the southeast
��sPartf3sfie��ct|on   18.  Township   3,
arter o***    , 6th Meridian.
U'lll-  claiming through or
liLiU'1 ' ",   -ii   persons claiming
&��" J,,, hind by virtue
��� lntei "   , instrument, and
unre   ���    ^ ,my  lnterest In
J ,;,-,,���. ent, whose Hth-
,,, -. i
not re"-
I persons  	
"     ',, ���������'���er the provisions
, '.,.,, v Act," are reqnlr-
,Und,Rl/-.." m of the tax pur-
r^to forty llv-days from the
fcihe        .
Buei  ���::",;;::,'p��,! cation
fce��ape" v"'
of   this
and  in default  of a
rtlfl.av   ot   da   pendens
, rl In ���'���'���' lertod
Spokane, June 2L���Buyers for com.
mission houses in New Vork, Chicago,
Boston, Philadelphia and othei  large
distributing centers, travelling In the
Northwestern and Pacific states, estimate that   IB 000 ens or from 9,000,
(  to 10,000,  boxes of apples, suitable   for  eastern   markets,   will    be
shipped from commercial orchards In
Washington, California, Colorado, ore-
gon,  Idaho,   Montana and   Utah  this
season,    it also is ei tlmated t bai between 3,000 and  1,000 cars wlll bt
quired to supply the local and
pean tradi
Pn ��� qi Lis Worship Reeve Byi ne,
Councillors McGregor, sti ide, Coldl-
���  .n.   McKee.  Hill  and   Rumble.
T. VV. Mayne, chairman ol the
Burnaby school board, addressed the
council with reference to their renin, t for appropriation towards the
a; pointment of school health Inspi ctor
al a salaiy of $35 per month, under
i be Schools Health Inspi i tion act.
| The Reeve us! i i wl ether the hoard
would r> quire a medical Inspector in
addition to a medical health otlicer,
',",,"c�� duty   it   was to examine  the
_______ or  I'1
;,,'   , ffora regis!ra-
lee.  Ant
���:- '      ,,. | mi i.'.Io,.   ^^^^
,r m.u win be for
t" ; ' ,.���i debarred from set-
.restow; ;,:<;;; ,,,,,.  ��� aspect of
".and    ���''''���   '  fil;al    regl '"',
,,   Hall   as  owner   th< <i
""     ,erely 0"l��. that Pub>
-    . .,..��� ... u e for thirty days
,     i pi Wished ln New
:;   .;������,���', o���d and sufflc
.' .',.',. mi Registry office
.       this
tween 3,000 and  1,000 cars wlll be n
,                          ,  ,, work as he always had performed   i'��
quired t.supply the local and Euro- dut,e_ _nd ,���.,���',,,,,   ,.���,,   ,������  tllt:
'"'.'','    _   .          ,        .    ,             , school health Inspector would be re-
,. ""' ,";";<"   v;'"".' ,,,L" ,cr��P, 'J'- (,M.,e,l to make a thorough periodica:
the several states is placed at  $27, ���,.Ui]1,ia,i���,1 ;i.   ,��� th0 Bene��il healtl
     .,..,,,,1    nni
schools. ��� --^^^^^___________
waf im suggestion of the medical
ii all ii officer of having m gli cted Ins
work as he always had performed his
duties and been mosl kind; bul the
i   i...,ltii   tnsiieetor  would  he   r<
company to move four poles back on
the Nelson road to ten feet from west
fence line.   That Councillor Coldicutt
have  culvert  and  fill  fixed  at  corner
of Eleventh avenue and Sixth street.
The request of the Coquitlam council
for ditch to he tilled in on the North
road ft   in the forks north he referred
to Councillor McKee and the Engineer
with power to act.   The request of the
Burnaby school  hoard for the boulevard   to   be   cleared   ill   front    Of   the
Hamilton road school he referred to
'Councillor  .McKee and  the   Engineer
"" ��� 'etter ol the
Take notice that 1, J. A. McGowan, j    All   rubbish   and   garbage must  br?
of   Abbotsford,  B.C.,  accountant,   in- removed   to   the   foot   of   Sixteenth
tend  to apply  to the Chief Commis-1 street and Fifth avenue, where it wil a
ii. u. -i..., sinner of Lands at Victoria. B.C., for be burned by the corporation.
Telephone  u license to prospect for coal and pe-1     Any person or   persona  who  dump.
troleum  on  and  in  the  following de-1 garbage  or   rubbish   of   any   kind  or
scribed lands: 'any other street or avenue or on any
Commencing  at  a  post  marked   J. jlane,   vacant   lot   or   public   property
A. McG., S. W. corner, planted at the  will   be   prosecuted   under   the   pro
S. W. corner of Section 33. in Town-1 visions of the Sanitary Bylaw.
ship 19, Municipality of Sumas, New
Westminster   District;    thence   north
su   chains;     thence   east   So   chains; j
thence  south   80  (bains;   thence  west!
80 chains to point of commencement
and  containing ��'.4u acres.
Dated  at  Abbotsford.   B.C.,  this  9th
dav  or June.  A.D..   1910.
,1. A. McGOWAN.
By Order,
City Hall, .luni
s. J. r
13, 1910.
District of  New Westminster.
New Westminster Land District.
r-(.  'nee or British
i.Oth oay of April, A.
i    S. KEITH,
1 istrlct  Registrar
ItyCiiria Permanent Loan K- Sav
, f.   Oppenhelmer   Bros.,   Ltd.
n G, \V. Lelslitnan; J. \V. Hew
Notice to Contractors���Tenders
Laj -j '.V iter   Main:
I ��� will be received by the un-
���frsigm '   e laying and jointing
' teen (14) miles of 25 Im h
Bteei Rivetted   pipe  and   about   8,000
i. It ch and 13-lnch Lap-
In ^^^^^���**********
��a '    peclala, construction  of
....      ilverl -. etc.   Plans, profiles, i
k-    ��� .nditlonB   of   contract]
tr.; ��� tnatlon  may  be ob-
Llni ���      City and Waterworks
pigineer, J. W. B. Blackman. on reed cheque, value $50,
��� nil ned  on  receipt   of
i I ��� A maike(i cheque
���or 5 pi of  the   amount   must
l                 i ������nder.
received  up to 5
Jl 1910.    The lowest
(��� ������ nol   necessarily   ac-
\v   A.   DUNCAN,
City Clerk.
Vi ���������������   Westminster,  June
I lie     BOVCIAI      rn....,,     ttl     j
000,000 to $29, un at present prices.
which are likely to advance because
of the decreased crops In Ohio, Missouri and other central apple states,
Buyers sav thai the Pacific and New
England states will supply the bulk
of the apple crop this j ear. The last
statement is borne out by ttplted
states government reports for June,
just received In Spokane.
Washington holds flrst  place, with
an output estimated at 4,850 cars, of
whhh the Yakima Valley  will contribute   be ween   2,000  and   2.250  cars;
Wenatchee Valley, 1,800 to 2,000 cars.
other  districts  In  Eastern  Washington, Including Walla Walla and Spo-.
kane Valleys kiMI curs; Western Washington, 300 cars.  Colorado. Including
2,500 cars in the Grand Valley. 4,000
cars;   California.  4.000  cars;   Oregon,
1.200 cars;   Idaho, Tad cars, and Utah
and   Montana.    Taft    cars.    Western
Washington is credited with the largest   increase  In  acreage  and  crop in
the country.
Arrangements are being made In
various parts of the district to hold
several thousand cars In cold storage
until early next spring. Four warehouses are being equipped in Spokane,
Mr. Mayne stated thTtl^ | J^j^^tKUtataing as
,    holes being left In the Lake View
school   grounds   and   to   know   >      he
work   was  done  by  authority  "fJ'c,     laRe nu�����   ������������-     .  .  ml  ,0
council, he referred to the Engineer.        AbboUf0rd, B.C., miner, Intend
-   ���   ,  M-  walker be notified that the cou..-, ,��� the Clllef commissioner ol
quired to make a thorough periodical J'��� Wajwr ne im,irove. apply ,, .,    fn,. _ ���   n8(.
examination as to tho general health e1Mb not aw * Q. ,hl, ,,���,���,    " coal   ftnd   petroleum
"'  ^11  cbllJreu  attendlni  school and   mentt ��   ��" of ^ pogt        pros] tollowlng   described
report   to  the  board.    On  motion ol    ������;���     ";      ^( ^     eonVenience to the  ���^ ana
'^'   '<l[l'>    '    ',;;.:;,!, and .nose  using same. lancfl08mmenclngat a postmarked N. C
expendltuid  ',      ; yaegef ������. tlu, uiUm1  ;���   ���,    v
tension  of   Fortune  street   to  Lots  ^rner ot section 10, in Township 19.
nunicaiions  were  ira��=c  "a i*;, ������A-i mock D. D. L. 30, be grant-
I l.e     in  tn .i. .....     	
i .. inclllor Coldicutt it was decided to
make  provision  for  this        ^^^^^
m ^^^^^^^^^^___________
Communications   wen.,  received   as  extension
ind . i
New   Westminster   Land   District.
District of New Westminster.
Take notice that Simon Henry
Clowes of Vancouver, B. C, occupation, building inspector, intends to apply for permission to purchase the fol-
iNew v,c ���. -�� lowing described lands:
,  Commencing  at a post  planted at
Take notice that I, Norman Caswell,1, the S. E. point of a small island lying!
. ���.   ,.��.    ,,,inor   intend to \'a channel between Granite island an<$
Nelson Island; thence northerly, westerly, southerly and easterly, along the*
shore to the place of commencement;
containing 10 acres more or less.
April 20, 1010. Agent.
From Bowset
with refen nee
Ge rge Round.
.  ,.;  al,tl   i -I    iJliien  i', .'	
Reid and Wullbrldge ed ��n hU ^
to Tax  Sab   deed  to  ;"��� = -; ��"' ��   "   '   '^ ^ t���   the exten-
Referred to tin  soilci-  ^���\^ *g��� Lot 215, D. L.
*  , ,to  point
��� . ,,, I on   bv   the   Engineer   in   accordance
|.,���m Corbould and Grant complain-  30.   Dl
 ^ ,,,.;,).   \tr   Ettlnger's  application.    F-1
lng  as  to  council    encroaching    on   ����"  ���  ��� , fol. Uie deepen-
Block   16,  D.   L.  97,  bj   construction  Mandevu . i wlgglng       d,
ol   bl hway.    Referred  to  Counclllo!     ���-    >   ';      ��        Councillor for the
I.���  the ward and the Engineer | M^ Engineer to report, lhe
^omC.Uummel.managerllghtand.^aroanai u.ade  _fl  tQ
power department,  B. C.  E. Ry.. re-  letter   ^f the                ^ &< nlgM
Resting  the council to pass Wiring  blasting ,���.    ,-���,.,.������
Municipality of Sumas. New Westminster District; thence south 80
chains; thence west 80 chains; thence
north 80 chains; thence east 80 chains
to point of commencement and containing  640 acres.
Dated  at   Abbotsford.  B.C., this  0th
inspection Bylaw, owing io defective
wiling, wbicli caused light to be poor
and lor which company wire blamed.
Councillor Rumble gave notice of
motion of introduction of bylaw next
ii. t eting.
back  ,,���. them to cite case in point.
The request of Mr. Tanner for Mos-
crop and Gilpin roads.be opened ui,, be
referred   to   the   engineer   to   report.
The request of Messrs. Ross and Shaw
day  of June.  A.D.,   1910.
District of  New Westminster.
New Westminster Land District.
From *.'���
T.W.P.po,re er ,..d i-j�� ? ��-�� �� "gt _?-S
Room   6,  Guichon  Building.
Phone  681
Architect and Engineer.
hope & BARKER, Architects.
New  Westminster - Trapp  Block
crossing.    Received aud filed.
From P. Warren requesting Byrne'
road ditch to he deepened and Wilson
load to lie opened up. Received and
reply to be sent thai it was lhe council's intention to commence work on
the ditch and that they had no outlet
for the road.
Fiom (;. Phillips with reference to
bad condition of Johnston road near
Duthle post ofiice. Referred to Councillor McKee and tbe Engineer.
From D. K. Mollison offering to deed
road allowance along the west boundary of bis property.   Received.
From Dr. J. G. Davidson, general
secretary Lower Mainland University
1 committee, enclosing account of ex-
penses In connection with University
I committee amounting to $1850, of
which they requested $150 from Burnaiiy. Referred to Finance committee.
From Smith Ai Woodworth, enclos-
D. L. 8:'..    Clerk to notify them that
the council have the mater ln hand.
The   request   of   James    Heard    for j
the Boundary road to be graded from
Hastings street to Pandora street be
referred   to   Councillor   Hill   and   the
Engineer.    The    Engineer   interview
j Mr. Purvis of the B. C. E. Ry. at once
with reference to the re-grading of the
Vancouver road from Tenth avenue to
Edmonds.    That Councillor  Coldicutt
,and the Engineer had interviewed the
Mill   company,  who  were  willing   to ]
supply   lumber   of   size   required   for j
. Piper crossing, and would recommend
that report be adopted and that men
be put on to do the work as soon as
possible.    That specifications be pre- j
pared for ditch to be constructed on
Piper   road   to   straighten   creek   ancl
road  be   cribbed    where    necessary.
Gravel   be   taken   from   from     creek
crossing the Piper road.   The plan of
New Westmister  Land  District.
District   of   New   Westminster.
Take notice that Alexander McLennan, of  Vancouver,  British Columbia,
occupation  contractor,  Intends to apply  for  permission  to  purchase  th��i-
Ifollowing described lands:
Commencing at a post planted a*
the southeast point of the island situate about four (4) chains from Timber limit No. 38733, thence northerly
  and westerly and southerly and easi-
Take notice that I, J. F. Boyd, offt'ly around the shore at low tide
Abbotsford, B.C.. lumberman, intend 'to place of commencement, containing
to applv to the Chief Commissioner of four acres, more or less.
Lands 'at  Victoria. B.C., for a license I ALEXANDER   McLENNAN.
to prospect for coal and petroleum on I
and In the following described lands:
Commencing  at  a  post  marked   J.
F.   B..  S.  W.   corner,  planted  at  the 1
S. W. corner of Section 24. in Town-1
ship 16, Municipality of Sumas, New
.Westminster District; thence north 80
chains; tlience east SO chains; thence
south  Kit  chains:     thence    west    SO
chains to point of commencement and
containing 040 acres
J. F. BAGGS, Agent.
March 17, 1910.
Gardiner & Gardiner
(F. G. Gardiner)
Room 6, Westminster Trust Building
New Westminster, B. C.
SS^TbbSSrt. B.C.. this 9th I Pbone 661 Residence Pbone 13��
-    - at-.      min 	
of June, A.D.
Phone 730
Bank of Montreal
I'tPiTAi ���������   $14,400,000.00
ISrve :::::..  n.000.000.00
Branches throughout    Canada    and,
i.  ana  In  London, Eng-
ork, Chicago and Spokane,
,. ;  M���.i, ��� City.    A general
iness     transacted.     U��-
.      . ,,,.,,, l8BU9rt    available   with
lenti tn   ��"   Part8 l"     "'
"Sttngi Bank D9partmentTDeposits
received ln  sums of  $1  and upward,
.    ... ,Uowe' at 3 per cent, pel
annum  iptesent  rate). ���������,,_ _n
���,....^  over  $186,000,000.00
G  ii. BRYMNER, Manager.
TENDERS will be received on   or
e  Thursday,   June   23,   for   the
erectiot   and  completion  of  propo>-��o
New Masonic Temple to be erected on
Agnes -''.-nt, New Westminster.  n.i .
Plant and specifications can be on
taim . trom  tho  architects.    ������";
Gardiner   &    Gardiner.    Westminster
f Trust 1 ii Ming,  New   Westminster
The lowest or any tender will not
'"���>-   llj   be accepted.
1-rom  sum.    u^   .,��.
lng petition from owners of Vancouver ]
Heights  (D,  L. 186)  for construction
of waterworks.   Laid on the table in
\ lew of larger scheme.
The board of works report was received as follows:
Road to gravel pit on the Austin
road be opened up. The hours of
labor remlan as they are now, that is,
eight   hours   per   day.   six   days   per
Fourth street be referred to
  committee of Councillors Coldicutt and Stride
and tbe Reeve to see Mr. Draper. The
Intersecting roads be opened up for
a short distance on each side of Uurnaby Lake Tram Line and that existing intei secting roads be regraded
and ditched so that the B. C. E. Ry.
1 may make provision for the necessary
nours   |.��i   v......         culverts   and   crossings.     The     abut-
week in accordance with the vote of! ments of the Gunn road bridge west
the men just taken and that the of the Caribou road be repaired and
ages remain the same except in the some new planks put ou the covering,
ase of men '. ing special positions . estimated cost $-0. A gravel screen
to be referred to the Engineer.   The  be  obtained  and  two  men    put    on
District of New Westminster
New Westminster Land District.
Take notice that I, John Beckett, of
Abbotsford. B.C., lumberman, intend
to apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands at Victoria, B.C., for a liceuse
to prospect for coal and petroleum on
ancl in the following described lands:
Commencing at a post marked .1. B.,
S. E. corner, planted at the- S. E. cor-!
ner of Section 31, in Township 19,
Municipality of Sumas, New Westminster District; tlience north SO chains;
thence west SO chains: thence south
j 80 chains; thence east SO chains to
1 point of commencement and containing f.40 acres.
Dated at Abbotsford. B.C., this 0th
day of June, A.D.. 1010.
McMurphy & Craig
Heating and  Plumbing
All   Jobbing   Promptly   Attended
Given  on  Any
job   Printing
clerk notify Messrs. R. V. Winch &
Co. that nothing In the statute providing for frontage tax assessment,
but ou receipt of a cheque for half
| cost of construction of such roads as
; they required, the council would pro-
' ceed with the work.    The Patterson
screening gravel iu tlit. pits of tne
Jubilee load, near Gray road and that
the matter of screen be referred to
Councillor Rumble. The logs and
brush on the Baitibtidge road be burnt
the full width from track to Johnston
road.    The Johnston road be slashed
*.    -   ���..-_   f,,n
District of New Westminster.
New Westminster Land District.
And   Upriver  Landings i
The  New Sternwheeler
| s. s. paystreak]
Leaves Brackman-Ker Milling Company's wharf, New Westminster, witb
passengers and freight as follows:
Leaves New Westminster Tuesday.
Thursday and Saturday at 8 a. m.
j    Leaves  Chilliwack  Wednesday, Frl--
Iday and Sunday at 7 a. m.
First Class Passenger Accommodation'-
New  Westminster.
,    void llie   JOIluaiu"   .v,���    ��� ,ii
,    T   and burnt aud also regraded the full
i     .���,    north   of   Vancouver   road     be, and bunu     ^^   ^.:dns   frQm   tbe|
lushed and logs rolled off tUlrt^three
leet   for   twenty-five   chains,   to   the
Take notice that I. T. Walters,
Abbotsford,  B.C.. engineer,  intend
width   for   twenty   chains   from   tbe I apply  to  tbe  Chief  Commissioner  of
North road.   The question ot planking j Lands at Victoria. B.C., for a license
Until further notice this'.
New   Westminster   Land   District
Take  notice  that   James   Bateman,
of Vancouver, B. C. occupation, Stone-1 o|.rvn��.���,    _.      ^^^
cutter, Intends to apply for permission I extension  ot Clayton  road.     	
to   purchase  the   following   described   gineer  make  survey   of  proposed  dl-
anils: version of Queens avenue through D.
Commencing at a post planted at L. 188 and report at next meeting of
the southeast point of a small island the board of works. Estimate be
lying about 10 chains north of Nelson  brought In at the next meeting of the
Island;   tlience    northerly,    westerly,   council of the amount spent on roads I     The  tiagiuoei   ki,u	
-_....,.' aiong the to date and also outstanding liabilities, j Edmonds water supply, showing 1560
Councillor Rumble had seen Mr. Price lineal yards of ditching done and 1100
on Deer Lake road and that he had I yards of six inch aud 600 yards t\
agreed to allow twenty-five per cent I four inch pipe laid, and that there
off original price of rock at $1 per were six uit/U at work on water tower
yard. The B, C. E. Ry. be wiitten to,' foundation. Six of the sixteen con-
informing them that council are now j crete piers having been completed,
���edlng with the regarding of the j The   Engineer  recommended  that  in
*���-' �����<��"�� nf the nroposed regradlng of the
width   ior   iwBinj	
^     ^  North road.   The question of planking I Lands at  iu-iun��, ��.>,., ._.
north houndarv of Block 29, D. L. 36.1 the Pole Line road between tne Hasi-j to prospect for coal and petroleum on
The clerk write the school board ask-;ings road and the U. C. E. Ry. be re-'.and In the following described lands:   ,      , .
ing  for further particulars as to na-  ferred to Councillors Stride, Hill, and      Commencing at a post marked T. W., | DanK Will De Open
ture of work required of Engineer in I Rumble  aud the  Engineer.    Council-1 S.  W.  corner,  planted at   the  S.  W.
establishing grades on school grounds. ��� lor   Hill   reported   that   considerably comer of Section 32, in Township 19.
Specifications  be  brought In  for  the ��� number of settlers were complaining j Municipality   of   Sumas.   New   West-
-  r*    ,.������,     ThQ En. ias   t0   rock   being   left   unrolled     on; minster   District;   thence   north     80
' Douglas road. Would recommend that chains: thence east 80 chains; thence
roller go ou to Douglas road to loll south SO chains: thetice west 80
same.    The  Engineer have rock cov- "        * *""A
ered  at Central  park near  Boundary
road.    Report adopted.
The  Engineer submitted report on
south  SO  chains:     tneuce    ����.    80]
cliains to point of commencement and
containing  640  acres.
Dated at Abbotsford. B.C.. this 9th
dav  of June,  A.D., 1910.
Ulltv    it j ******   >��_    -  i
from seven to nine o'clock-
Royal Bank of Canada
New Westminster-
j F. Shute, Mgr.
southerly   nnd    easterly,    	
shore to the place of commencement;
containing G acres more or lest.
Agent, j
District of New Westminster.
New Westminster Land District.
Phone 105.      P. O. Box 345.
Office, Front St., Foot of Sixth.
Teaming and  Expressing.
yard,    ine ������. _ ��� ^	
informing them that council are nowjcreie   ino.�� ��� H 	
proceeding with the regarding of the j The  Engineer  recommended  that  In'    Take notice that I. Alexander John
Boundary mad  and  request  them to ��� view of the proposed regradlng of the  ston, of Abbotsford, B.C.. lumberman,
finish tlie culvert  under the right of   Vancouver road  and  Wise roa.l, that  intend to apply to the chief Commis
the   Boundary     >-n��d.     The  it would be advisable to have pipe Hue  sloner of Lands at Victoria. B.C.. foi
.__,.��� ,������,. ��� rtintance of  a license to prospect for coal and pe
Painters, Paperhanger*
and Decorators.
-..   ... PHONE  R527
way   on   the   duuuu��>.      road.    The
Fraser  Valley  Nurseries, Limited, be
notified  that  council  are  now  ln  a
position to start crushing and request i
them  to  supply   man  to  crack   large
stones  hauled   out   by   them  on   the
road.    Also similar letter to I, Maw-
hlnney be sent.   Balance of grant received  from  the  Northern  Securities
be  spent  on  the  following  roads in
D. L. 149:  Road from Patterson road
east for thirteen chains, through center of S.  W.  quarter;   road between
Blocks 1 and 2 In lhe north half of
the S. W, quarter (nine chains); the
Johnston road he slashed from Bain-
bridge road to Phillips road  (twenty-
G.  Rumbles    gang    be
deepened nine Inches lor a distance oj
600 feet.    Report adopted.
The  following   tenders    were
sloner oi  ijauun -.
a license to prospect for coal and pe-1
scrST iaudsand '" "" ^^^ ** I Estimates Given. Phone 56T
Commencing at a post marked A. J���
N. E. corner, planted at the N. E. cor-J
ner  of   Section   30.   in   Township  19,1
Municipality of Sumas. New Westminster District; tlience south 80 chains;
thence west 80 chains:   thence north I
80 chains;   thence east   80  chains to
214 Sixth Avenue
B. c:
"at 133 P* chain; Sixth stree  . BO ��u ��f-   �������,_t and contain-
Fourth to  Sixth avenues, Bu.   ��jnt     ^
New Westminster to New Westminster
":���+***���**������%, .-i VIS
Steveston and Vancouver
,       Str. .TRANSFER,	
Leaves Brackman-Ker wharf at a *~>
on Saturday  for Steveston and way pom   .
A Delightful Trip for $lb"
6 .    -mm .���* nn boaM steamer
gess and Davles,  .150.
lt was decided to call for fresh ten- ]
ders for South road.
Councillor Rumble and the Reeve
were empowered to negotiate with the
Vancouver Drilling company for drilling well at Central park as soon as
1 ���...nt wns eomnleted.
The Puncheon on the Johnston  road
from  Pole  Line  road  to  Balnbrldge!
road   (thirty-five  chains)   be  covered
with about six inches of each obtained partly from deepening ditches, estimated cost $8o. Two men be put
on to repair the Barnet road, removing   large   porjectlng   stones,   repair*
, lng   bridges   and   ditching   from   the
[ North road to Barnet, estimated cost l umoi   ������.	
   --' ""����n chains of  by the mining of guano.
lng 610 acres.
Dated at Abbotsford. B.C.. this 9th !
day of June.  A.D.. 1910. |
District of New Westminster.
New Westminster Land District.
_���   ��� Take notice that 1, R. A. Tretheway,
BIRD RESERVE  NOT jof   Abbotsford,   B.C..   lumberman,   ln-
TO  BE  DISTURBED j tend  to apply  to  tbe  Chief  Commis-
  ��� sloner of lands at Victoria. B.C.. for
Klamath Falls, Ore., June 21.���The a license to prospect for coal an.l pe-
federal government will not allow tlie troleum on and in the following de-
wlld   game  in   the  bird  reserve    ou   scribed lands:
Lower Klamath lake to be disturbed      Commencing at a post   marked  R.
fVio reserve I "   ""   	
The  council   then   adjourned
Thursday. July 7. at 7:30 p.m.
Green Cut Bone to Make
Your Chickens  Lay.
Central Meat Market
Corner Eighth 8t. and Fifth Avenue,
PHONE 370.
The reserve , A. T.
rickets nt  B.  C.  _.
cars leave Steveston every hour
K;;",;:��. ��m��" ����_��vj"���~
ton the
postts oT guano upon which claims re-, Jjjrt ^M   chan ,f ^^^^ anJ
3S r^r&srrffli.^^ ��...... **
cetved here. ��w ���� ... ���al
3% to 25 H. P.
2 anJ 4 Cycle.
be gravelled, esttmatou ....
Fifth avenue (D. L. 53) be brushed
from Seventeenth street to Wise road
(eighteen chains) and that about six
chains of puncheon be laid an.l the
ditches cleaned  out  where the  road
-��� ��� -Am*     nnBt     %1^Q
Etc.  ���
See the Famou. Fraser J^^^SSi, ��
Hound trip tickets to Steveston, Saturday	
chains oi  v*--* .���"-"-  ~ ,        the  road      accui��."* ,nt.rlor department      uatea ai. ���"""""'-Jn	
ff-ffAt^-l&lBSft��^"l^ ��' ***.���* " lm'- ft. m\*mmo.
Local Agents
Westminster Iron Works
Phone  53.
Tenth  St.,  New Westminster. 1
. I I   ��� ���'���, ,���. ' " 1.
��� i.S'.'-.t'?:.*, i!ii
Published by The Dally .News Publish-
tag Company, Limited, at their offices,
Corner   of    McKenzie   and    Victoria
tSE. A.   Paige Managing   Director
Hundreds of Participants in  Religious
Procession   In   Austria   Drank
Poisoned Water.
Steamboat Lola Sinks.
Chicago. Jhine -1.���The sr'mmhoat
Lola; a pleasure boat plying hetween
Kensington and Riverdale Park, sank
yesterday in the Calumel river while
eri route to tii" park with 100 passengers. All on hoard were rescued hy
three or four launches that hurried to
the disabled boat. 'l'he vessel sprung
a leak when near the Kensington &
Eastern Railroad bridge and was run
Vienna.   June   21.���The   authorities
today are trying to learn the identity
of the originators of what they believe was a plot at wholesale murder
by poisoning the waters of a mineral
spring near Trau, which has resulted
in the death ol three persons and the
! serious   illness*   of   200   others.     The
! springs are on the route taken by a
Now that the question of street ' religious procession. When the procession   passed   tlie   Springs  hundreds
| of persons drank the water. Three
it would seem to be worth while con-; were seized with convulsions and died
almost  immediately.     The  procession
| disbanded and the priests in charge
paving   ofi devoted  their time  to caring for the
,      .   i stricken.   Nearly .100 men and women
Columbia street through Sapperton to!    e__ t.ikpn (0 ho8pitalB T,.IU    of tMa
the eastern boundary of the city. Co-  number it was reported today that 200
,, ,       .* are  battling  for their lives,
lumbia street is  the  main  arterj   of      HhjslrlanB   and   mirsP(.   hftve   been
ibis  city;   it  is an  Important  trunk  sent to Trau from nearby cities.
WEDNESDAY,  JUNE  22,   1910.
that the question ol
Improvements is so much in the air
it would seem to lie worth while considering the wisdom, justice and advisability   of   extending   the
t -\
National finance Co.
H.*P, LATHAM, Local Manager:
New  Westminster.
road, giving communication, east and  V,CT,M 0F CRUEL J0KE|
west,   carrying   a   large   amount   of GOVERNOR LOSES POST
beayy   traffic.     As   such   the   entire]     St. Petersburg, June ��1.���liis exceil-
length  of  this  roadway  should  be of  ency the governor of one of the pro-
. j vincial   districts   has   been   asked   bv
a   character   worthy   the   Importance  Premler gtolypin to resign, in conse-
of New Westminster.
It is possible that the Mayor and
Aldermen are not aware that the city
possesses in the eastern extent of
Columbia street a thoroughfare the
condition of wliich would be a disgrace to any respectable community.
But  so   it   is.
quence of a practical joke perpetrated
by one of the governor's subordinates.
Beyond signing documents which he
never lead, this governor fulfilled none
of his duties. He frankly owned that
he detested his work, wliich he left
entirely to his subordinates, merely
signing the documents and letters mechanically.
One of the young men conceived the
! idea of drafting a saucy letter to the
Apart   from   the   fact: premier, and getting the    governor's
that this section of our main roadway,! signature.    The governor duly fell in-
! to the trap, nnd M. Stolvpin was as-
extending  from  the  Hospital   to  the ] tonished   to  read   that   the  governor
city  boundarv,  is  full  of  great holes \ declared   his   official     business     was
"silly work."
and in  wet weather presents the ap-
Reading   on,   M.   Stolvpin     learned
pearance of a  veritable  slough,  that' |1,at tho governor was not in the least
; Interested in the development of the
part beyond the car terminus is also ] province, and never read the official
inconveniently   and   dangerously   nar- \ documents.     His   excellency     further
I advised the premier to follow his ex-
row, in  places there not being room ! ample and to devote himself to play-
for two  vehicles to pass.    It is also! in& bridge, "which  is much more Interesting than stupid politics."
miserably    and    quite    inadequately j  	
lighted at night.    Tbe general appear- \ G,RL  DECLINES TO  RIDE
anee of the Sapperton end of Colum-1 	
bia   street,
Hall's Prairie
Eighty acres, half mile from
Clayton school. Price only
$S5 per acre:  a swell buy.
For full particulars see
bevond   the   penitentiary. I   . Washington, June 21.���That "an in-
i vitation from the President is equiva-
is anything but creditable.    It wears  lent to a command" was disproved by
an  air of continual  neglect  and  SUg-  a/oun�� wnman  yesterday afternoon.
. when William Howard Taft invited
gests a miserable highway of some : her to take a ride in his automobile.
decayed  town  rather  than  the  main ! The President, however, did not feel
; that he had suffered a rebuff, as the
artery of a great and prosperous city, j invitation had been extended  merely
As to the side streets in  Sapperton.   in ,a rtesirp  ��� assist-
l Accompanied by his aide, A. C. Butt
perhaps the less said the ebtter. \ the President was taking a spin in his
Sapperton deserves better treatment'. handsome 'car.    As they drew near a ;
| young man and young woman, who I
than this. It has a numerous and | were on horseback, the mount of the I
rapidlv    increasing    population,    and ; 1;}'ter st"mbled and fell, throwing its    �� ' �����������
: rider. Capt. Butt sprang from the
contributes no small proportion to the' machine and ran to her aid, the Presl-
city treasury.   Xew streets have been   dent  anxiously  looking  on  to  see   If
j she had been hurt. The president
and are being opened up here and a proffered the use of his machine, sug-
great number of high class residences  PestinS that the yotfng woman allow
him to send her home.   She declined,
bave been erected In the locality dur-1 saying   she   would   remount.      Capt!
Ing  the  last  twelve  months. ! I3u,t and her escort assisted her back
��� .  ,. , .  .    . _ .     ..   !lnt0   the   saddle,   where   she  svtayell
But it is mainly because Columbia , dizzily for a momen.   Again the Presl-' -
street   is  the  great  artery   of  traffic : dent tendered tbe use of his car, butL.^.^.^. m~*m 	
ain  the young woman declined the \*��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������
Twenty acres adjoining Coverdale townsite on McLelland
road, nicely situated for subdivision. Price for quick sale
only $200 per acre. One-half
Two snap lots on Seventh avenue. Three snap lots on Sixth
avenue. Price $625 to $700
Some nicely located houses for
sale at snap prices for this
month only.
Ever shown in the citv.    Exclusive designs���direct  importations-have just   come  to  hand
our extensive  selection, and making our showing a most desirable one   to   choose   from
direct   importations-	
and Yace"effects""in"~Coiiai:8, Jabots and Sets, white and ecru Guipure Lace Collars7styirsh l I'll
Silk   Scarves  in  self-stripes  and   fancy   floral   patterns,   in   light   shades   and   also   in   black,
astonished *��� 'he chp'ming variety, and  highly pleased  with the low pricing.
From 25c to $3.25.   See Them.
Specials in
$9   to   $10   Values   for  $6.
$8.50  for  $5.00.
Values   to
Two extra good snaps in umbrellas. Fine quality silk Gloria covers,
rustless frames; in Directoire and
curved handles, with silver and gold
mountings, pearl and hone inset;
manv are suitable for engraving.
Novelties in
Cushion Tops
A New Assortment of Cushion Tops
and Slips Just Arrived.
Plain Linen Cushion Slips natural
color, with colored embroidered
flowers In various sha.lings. Exti i
special, 50c each.
All   Ready   for   Filling.
Fine quality Natural Linen Cushion
Slips. Good size; colored embroidered
designs in centre.    At 90c each.
Leather Cushion Tops and Tab .
Cm ers In burnt designs These maki
splendid and useful gilts. At$2.50
$2.75 and $4.50.
New Ideas for the Coiffure
'he new Queens-waj
National fence Co.
li. P. LATHAM. Local Manager.
New   Westminster.
Some   up-to-date   novelties   in   Hair  floods  arrived   here   Saturday,
all  the  wanted shades, light and dark, at 75c per length.
New Hair Rolls and  Pads  in  numerous  stvles.  all   shades,  35c each.
New  Turbans in  the latest shapes, and all Shades, made from  real   hair,
New Turban Pins and Barrettes in shell and amber from  10c to 75c each
Hare  good  vai ;������    al  "5c
Clearing $1.00
Belts at 25c
A clearance of Ladies' Leather
Belts; in Black only; all sizes, numerous styles of buckles. About ;'. dozen
only constitutes the lot. Regular 75c
and $1 for 25c.
Buster Belts at 25c
In    Black.    White.    Red,   Grey   and
Brown, with double buckle and wati
trimming.    Belts  that  will please the
little ones.   Special value. 25c each,
Boys' American and Portsmouth Collars
Suitable for Sailor and Duster suits;  a pleasing assortment of embroidered   and   tucked  i fects  la
White  Drill.    Will  launder perfectly.    Round and  square  patterns.  Al   25c,  35c, and  50c  e.
Handkerchiefs for
Fancy Work
We have bad many enquiries for
these goods recently. A new Btock
arrived Saturday. Call and see them.
Pretty floral designs; good size. Two
for 25c.
Cushion Girdles 25c
A broad i ai le :���  of mixed coloi li
in Mercerised Cushion Girdles  Ain i
every  shade you are like to require
is here.   25c each.
| u-tfa -���w.jL'rflmrT'
to and from this city that  we urge offer, and presently was heirself again"I*
the laying of a good permanent road-     ,slle and  'ier escort then  rode off, X
without the President and Capt. Butt
way throughout its whole length, with  havlng learned whom the;. Q^ MJ
an extension of the double car track
from Leopold place.    The cost of the
���work   would   be   greatly   diminished
Government  Schooner Will  Take  En-
if  the   co-operation   of  the   Dominion! gineering  Party  North.
.   T.      .    . , , . , ;    Halifax,    June    21.���The    schooner
and   Provincial   governments,   which  Chrissey C. Thomey, purchased by the
together control a considerable extent \ Dominion  government  for an  explor-
, c     . i        ., i 'ng expedition in the north   will sail
of frontage along the street, were se- .��������..   *_Ziann   ���,���_���    ,,   ,"     _   ul    <lu
,toi   .Nelson   river,   Hudson   bay,   next
cured.    There is every reason to ex- j week.    Her company will consist of a
crew of six. The vessel will remain in
Hudson  hay as  long as the weather
pecL that such co-operation  would he
readily afforded.
recUon. Already several new factories
permits, returning to Halifax Septem- j *
The permanent improvement of t    -,-%rl.T1l�� engineering staff, in charge \*
iof Mr. Parrizeau, of Ottawa, will re-If
roadway  would  greatly  assist  in the; main   until   the   ice   forms   and   then It
development of this part of the city, 8t��� overland fo1' Winnipeg,  . ' ���
���"i     The   government   steamer   R*anlev    f
more particularly in an industrial di-  fitting out for Fort Churchill and Cart-  2
1 Wright, will follow a couple of weeks
I later.    The government steamer Earl
joing  up  here,  and   there  is  no. Grey will go to Pictou in a few days
doubt   that   with   a   good   permanent';1'1.'1 wW Proceed thence in August to
. tiring    the   governor    general    home
roadway   in   existence   much   greater  from Hudson bay to Quebec.
attention   would   be   directed   to   the'	
advantages  of  waterfront   sites  and!
other   favorable  locations  in   this  lo-1
Weekday Schedule
Burnaby Court of Revision.
The   Court  of   Revision  of  the  As-
eality.    It must not be forgotten thatI sessment  Roll  was held on  Wednes-
| day, Juno 15, and on Saturday, dune
not very long hence there will be an; 18. when 2?,H appeals were dealt with.
Important  new  town  established  on   . The ('n"rt after hearing all the evl-
... | fence on Wednesday reserved their
.the opposite side of the river, which, decision and on Saturday sat as a
it  is   reported,   will   be   laid   out   iu' Hotircl of Equalisation and by resolu-
' Hon decided a general reduction in the
thc most modern and approved style. I assessment,   of   twenty-five   per   cent
To have New Westminster put in the ��ver fir-A abovd the reductions made
by  the  Court of  Revision
Shade by this newcomer among main-      a   resolution   was  passed   that   all
/and communities would be a Berious Improvements, evidence of which had
.a., . |been K'ven at the Court of Revision
reflection   upon   this   city   and  preju-  were to be allowed.
dicial to its future development. I    The   court,   then   adjourned     until
���,   ,   , , ,,      Thursday, June 25, at 8:30 p.m.
To look at the matter from another '
point of view. It seems a lame policy
to improve the western end of Columbia street and leave the remaining
portion in its present uncared for
-���ronililion. Let us lune a broad, hand-
tffltoe thoroughfare here, like the main
sitroet   of   Winnipeg,   paved   over   its
London, Juno 21.���-It Is slated that
in consequence of Canada's refusal to
participate In the Umpire conference
on the grounds that the different parts
of the Kmpire vary too widely, It Is
probable that no steps will he taken
entire  length,  and  giving  tho  street I fnr ,lle "resent: In connection with the
i proposed   uniformity  of   trade   ma-kjB
s*m Important and commanding aspect,   and patents.
i have the largest stock and most Up-to-date  facilities
for quick service.
Successors to  Lee's Furniture Emporium
1   Phone 73 716718   Columbia   St.,   New   Westminster.
Paris, June 21.���Henri Dallamagne,
now in jail awaiting trial for murder,
has been elected to the municipal
council of Kravllle. His crime was killing the mayor of the town, lie shot
the mayor dead while tbe latter was
presiding at the polling booth in the
election, and the sympathy of the electors was so strong for him in ills summary enforcement of the "unwritten
law" that he was elected by an overwhelming majority to the vacancy
caused  by tbe major's death.
Dallemagne's nomination and election took place while he was still in
jail, and ho knew nothing whatever of
the proceedings, or of any Intention to
make him a councillor. The election,
however, probably will be declared Invalid.
H.B. Lead Pencils
25c Per Dozen
The Fair
646  Columbia Street.
Wc buy for cash and se,l for the same.
Montreal  Gazette President Dead.
Montreal, Jtjpo 2L���Richard While,
president and managing director of
The Montreal Gazette, died this morning, Hged seventy-six. lie had been
In 111, health  for some time.
��� Cars leave Westminster for Vancouver  at  a;."^,   6:20, 6:50,
��� 8:00 and every  half hour thereafter until 11  p. m.
J Cars leave Vancouver for Westminster  at   5:60,   6:60,   T:-'1.  J>
��� and every half hour thereafter until  11:80 p.  in.
f Return   Fare:   Adults,  60c;   children   under   12,  3.ric.
I Sunday  Schedule���Cars  leave   Westminster   for   Vancouver   at  I
��� a.  m.  and  every  half  hour  thereafter  until  11  p.  m.
:* Cars leave Vancouver for Westmlnstei- at  8  a.  m., 9 ft.  '"��� ;iIlJ
every half hour thereafter until 11:30   p.   m.
��� Sunday  Excursion  Rates:   Return  fare. HOc;  children. 2'tc.
I Freight  Schedule��� Freight cars leave Westminster for Vam
��� at 7:20 a. m., 11:20 a. m. and 3:20  p.   in.    Freight  cars  leavi   Van-
J couver  for  Westminster at.  S:^0, 1:20 and 5:20.        *
X City Limits Line���20 minute service from iMfi a. tn. to 11 P  '"���
��� Sunday   Service ���Half   hourly  between  S a.  m. and 11  p.  ni.
f Sapperton  Line���20 minute service, from 6:26 a. m. to 11:10 P **���
��� Sunday Service���Half hourly between 8:30 a. m. and n p. m-
******************************* ***+*****************'
We carry In stock an assortment of BLUE WHITE WESSELTONS.
Prices  in  Rings  $40  to  $400.
These  goods  are  the  BEST procurable ln Canada, and is a pleasure to show same.
j Ryall Foot Powder!
25c per box.   Try It.
| Ryall's Drug Store j
���I********************************************** *edn
JUNE  22,  1910.
page n\a.
Porting news
Lof Punketry
���..a.i-    L.icrosse
Some Day,  Perhaps
Will  Be  Hurled at
Lverytbing Settled,
Fight Goes To Keno ���
We have for i sclpslve
Becond streets. ,,��� |
per cent.
********************************* aaaaaaa****aa*aaaaaaaaa*aa*i
months at
sale, lot on  Regina
.650. One-third cash;
street, between First
balance In >i and  12
(Continued From Page One
,  , tj  and full blown,
make Vancouver groan,
inb raw and green,
,  ire to
' . ii hei y~ "
le��,'�� red ribbons plainly seen.
I , Lhe close of day.
I 'caved in looks lar away.
' |aurels banded down
l -f ��� ���
���hninplons i",:"
I ...  away   a tear,
drowns in local
������:..���   M !
I ;
:u Vancouver town,
it Borrow
��� snyone teen anything like
iround under a
., representing the New
;*';.,.,    i       ,   ..���    team    Weeping
 i "Lacrosse, West-
��� wj,i, the  Vanoouvor  team
i ie entrance with flow-
handkerchiefs   and
"' s,,   V\ ell you should b< e  II
1  ia   well   worthy   of
al study.
the News to criticize
' jhlch Is a masterpiece of
is good enough for
there   is   something
..   adi'U.     Tbe   Optimist
rain is responsible for
ivldently stepped on
has not   had  a chance
i    brilliant bunch tor several
I.        ; i mi which tie' insult
I j       ������ .1. and no doubl thei e
j        * dtlng for a propitious
|.. ���     irprlse  an    Inoffensive
���o tin tl tt going to jiress
���        , only succeeded in an-
}. ne   ipy, bul that was enough
: tie Been I '"it. and tbe lacrosse
....   .   eral ned   that   if  it   lets
urer win another name It Is lia-
publlc of this city
el .;������ ol appalling trash.
Ttams  Now  in   the   Running   for
-.he  R. J.  Burde   Watches.
!��� I Saturday   after-
l in thii: . ed lacrosse game
��� the ��� :. ���  ' m  Juveniles, tbe
t  oof droi i ��� '.  iut of the running
I ���;.:... su teams i e-
n tbe I hese being the
���lie Greenhorns
��� ��� rd Kelvins and
t be played as
tiers, 2 p. in.,
Greei Roveib, July
ei ton, I p. m.,
arena, lirstrr was busj today endeavoring to arrange for ;��� permli
and is Looking over numerous sit s
ior training quarters for his fighters.
Tex Rickard's Announcement.
Itlckard's announceinepl of ihe selection of the battleground I'm- the
Jeffries-Johnson contest was made iu
this signed statement:
"l have decided to hold the Jeffries-
Johnson ligbt In Ken,,, in making the
selection I wish to give my reasons
for so doing. Goldfleld made an
Offer whirl, ii was hard to turn down.
They air the mosl liberal men l ever
| Saw. Tins morning a committee of
Goldflel 1 business men offered to take
me to a local bank and guarantee me
1200,000.   I decided on Reno, however,
��� for several reasons,
"in the tii si place, i did nol teel
thai the fight tans of the east and
wesl Bhould be compelled to take thai
extra twelve bonis' ride across the
hoi  dcsei!   to Goldfleld;  then again,
i the people trom San Francisco ran
gel here on the morning of July A
and leave the Bame night In order to
be bark to business the following
morning. For this reason 1 think
probably one or iwn thousand will
come from San Francisco thai would
not  go to Goldfleld.
"The Reno people have done all
they could, They will build a suitable arena and pay the $l,nnu license
for me."
Goldfleld   Sorry,  but  Game.
The Goldfleld delegation which had
made a determined effort to get the
bin battle received the announcement
I wltb expressions of regret  but  with
Itheir promise to "boost the game" to
the extent  ot  their ability.
|    Reno's tight fans are wildly enthusiastic over the defeat or Goldfleld. The
Keno committee promises to make the
necessary  preparations tor the care
of all who come to tbo tight.
Jeffries aud his trainers are expected tomorrow*
Flanagan has sent a telegram to
Johnson advising him to lose no time
in leaching Reno.
One-quarter Bectlon on Hjortl
caBh; balance on easy terms.
Fifteen acres in Section 16
One-third cash;  balance 6, 12
We also have larg
lies  in   city.
ie road at  $200 per acre.    One-t',iliM
. li. 5, X. R. 2 W. at $1,200 per acre.
and IX months at T per cent.
istlngs    of business and  residential proper-
Malins, Coulthard & Co.
h   sobe luled   I i
Ighl   between   the
Maple  Leafs  was
count   of   the   wet
be played tomorrow
.  Qui       park.
Walla Walla. June 21.���Automobll-
lng alone across half the continent.
including some big mountains, proved
considerably more of a feat than first
thought, bo Elmer and Floyd Clymer.
the two lads who intended to drive
from Denver to Walla Walla, changed
their minds A common train Ian led
them here to lay. Floyd and Elmer,
aged seventeen and eleven, started
out in their Car and got as far as
Boulder, then the rest of the way
looked longer, and they turned around,
went back, and came out with their
i\e arrange 1 to
Cl ivei
ot Van-
���   E
and   on
July   l
wart;   tl
take   a
lie  ball
to   ei
oi  thai
Shoot   at   Ladner.
it will be beld a Ladner to-
I ilte a number of Van-
ta   and   some   follow-
rl   trom   tbis  city   will
Intending taking part
���    here   on    the   twelve
ear.  picking  up  the
\ ���������<    at    Steveston   and
��� "i by launch.
8      21.���The      cases
���   morning newspapers,
Tuesday, June 21.
American League.
At  Boston��� R.
Washington       -
Boston    3
At   Detroit��� R.
St.   Louis     0
Detroit        8
At New York ust game)���R.
Philadelphia     "
New  York      -1
Ai New Vork i .ml game)���R.
Philadelphia   ~
New   York      I
Cleveland 11st game)���     R.
Cleveland     3
With  Violation   Of  the   Miller Chicago
ng  odds and  reporting
nissed   in   the   police
ning,   the   magistrate
that the  law  did  not   apply.
��� oust    a   sheet   called
information   was   laid
������* a week,
12nd game) ���
. '*'*��� ''ity. June 21.���Governor
j kerson, of Nevada,  will
5jr,(lre with  the Jeffries-John-
p governor was here toll   he   would   take   any
"joking   toward   stopping   the
i ���h" declared thai he bad no
."""ton.   He intimated thai the
, ("lll(1 nol   permit   blm   to  Inter-
,..'":i i! he were so disposed, as
J*'y    provides    for    holding
,1,llln certain restrictions.
j   n8eaP��lto,   June   21.���Glenn   ll.
Pes avi,,0   aPPeara  In   the  Twin
"   lln:i  meet  here tomorrow,
,,,    ''ll with a writ of attachment
r,, ';,"'  : '.808 against  (be Curtiss
I'-iii-1';;; ,",','l>"��- s. b.
nS5tD���motw' wh�� v*
P jo  OOD
cJJ���    '"'"'""a   IS   to   get   thirty
" \w,l        K,()BS receipts of the
PApke r "n June 22.
������ !���'���.���    '���-   it  Thome;
out the
'its that Curtiss is try-
1 liis earnings from his
National  League
Philadelphia (.1st game)���
Philadelphia 2nd game)���
At Chicago-
Cincinnati      0
At Brooklyn��� ������
New   York    	
st.  Louis  list game)-
St. Louis 	
St. Louis (2nd game)
St.  Louis     3
Pittsburg  10
Eastern   League.
Ai Providence��� 1{
Rochester  ���
Providence  .
At   Newark
Montreal    ....
: Newark       -
At   Haiti more��� 1{
Buffalo   4,
Baltimore     ''
Northwestern   League.
At Seattle��� H
Spokane      ��� J
11.   11.   E
.  1
11. E.
and  Ostdelk;
'-June 2. - Billy Papke, of
Jack (Twin) Sullivan, of
each other with short
clinches   for   twelve
Armory A. a. tonight.
Bave   the   decision   to
'""d  was slow and  un-
;>iul   '
"'u' being no open spar-
s"';,1"iit hitting.
Surrey ~~
.    'H'liin    'i      at8 Lancashire.
u.,i,v ll   2L~ln   <*   orlcKet
hjrta between Surrey and Lan-
piCketa       '   lu'u|ur   wtm   by   seven
1 gle, Chlnault, and
j     At   Tacoma���
I Vancouver    	
Batteries���Miller and
and Blankenshlp.
Coast   League
At Los Angeles-
Los Angeles    f'
Batteries���Christian     and
Klein. Castleton. and Warring
At San Francisco���
San Francisco   	
Batteries���Sut^r, Stewart, iu
ry,  Willed  and llogan.
At Sacramento��� R.
Sacramento     6
j Portland       1
5     4
2     1
Take Your Pick!
Hero are a Tew sample propositions or the many good opportunities tor profitable Investment in City. District and Waterfrontage
property listed with HALE BROS. & KENNEDY, LTD.
Some City Snaps
Two Lots���Comer Richmond Street and Tenth Avenue, Sapperton, close to proposed Uurnaby Lake car line. Substantial advance
certain.     Price  $350   each;   cash.
Two Lots���Coiner Major and Kelly Streets. Sapperton. One
block from Columbia Street car line. Lane in rear. Good level lots,
easily cleared. Situation gives beautiful view. Price .1,400 for the
two. Terms, $500 cash; balance in 6, 12 and IS months. For residential site, or as an Investment, a good thing.
Fraser River Frontage
40 Acres, 1,300 Feet���On Parsons Channel, near Port Kells, above
Port Mann. Price $276 per acre, or only about $8.50 a front foot.
Terms, one-third cash;  balance In 1, 2 and 3 years at six per cent.
Two Choice Waterfrontage Propositions���At upper end of Lulu
Island, on main river, within city limits. Eleven hundred feet frontage In one. and fourteen hundred feet In tlie other, at about $100
a front foot.    For particulars apply.
Desirable District Deals
Lots in Westminster View���A few of these rare bargains for the
homeseeker or small Investor left. It only takes $25 down to secure a $200 residential lot In a most delightful scenic location;
within ten minutes of the city by the New Westminster-Chilliwack
tram line.
80 Acres in Surrey���Within half a nille of the New Westminster-
Chilliwack railway and the Great Northern railway. This is a snap
at only $80 an acre, with $2,400 cash, and balance spread over four
Another Eighty Acre Pick Up���At $75 an acre, only $1,500 down,
balance in 6, 12 and 18 months, is located in Langley Municipality,
near Aldergrove, not far from the extensive Fraser Valley Nurseries,
lately removed from Burnaby. Less than a mile from the Great Northern railway and a little over a mile from the B. C. Electric railway.
Projected branch line to Nurseries will bring it closer. Would make
a fine fruit farm, or four of twenty acres. Sure thing investment to
turn over before second payment at good profit.
We can insure your house, furniture and other property in the strongest and most reliable companies at
the  right rates.
White, Shiles & Co.
Private   Money  to   Loan  on   Good   Improved City and District Security.
f>28 Columbia St.
74��'> Columbia St.
���NEW    WESTMINSTER,  -  B.    C���
Hale Bros. & Kennedy
Contractors and
House Builders
A^e have a full
Builders' Hard
line   of  tlie   Best
araware in tins City.
Before Building See Us, as we   believe   we   can   save   you
money.    Also Complete   Stock  ot   PAINTS  and   OILS
T. J.Trapp & Co., Ltd.
June Weddin
We are able to fill in your wants in the Wedding Gift line from
$1.00 and up. If It is a Wedding Ring, or an Engagement Ring,
we can suit the most exacting requirements.
We shall be pleased to have you call and consult us.
John B. Gray
Merchants   Bank    Building,   corner
Telephone   No.  335.
of  Columbia  and  Begbie  Streets,
II.   10.
Rae & McLellan
Trapp Block
Phone  714.
Block 5 North, Range 2
Ten Acres, Section 32,
$l0J per acre.
Eighty Acres in Section
21, $600 per acre.
16.76 acres  in  Section
27, $500 per acre.
Terms: Third Cash, balance to be arranged.
Toronto lacrosse experts have started the old familiar cry "Back to Amateurism." They claim that if Montreal
wins the Minto cup the team will return to the amateur game with lightning-like rapidity. It is also said that
the Shamrocks with their youngsters
are in support of the idea and the Nationals are also expected to follow the
lead. If this is all true It would only
be a matter of getting the other clubs
Interested In order to have the slmon
pines reign again once more. Though
I his scheme seems feasible it will
hardly prove a realltv, as there are
too many star players in the pro ranks
just now who are out after the long
green to think of playing for fun.
Dominion   Trust   Block.
Columbia   St.
Cuxshaven, June 21.���At today's regatta on the Lower Elba, the American schooner Westward, owned by
Alexandrer S. Cochrane, of New York,
won a splendid victory over the yacht
llamburi.owned by Yerein Seefahrt,
of Hamburg. Emperor William's Meteor and Dr. Krupp's Yon Bohlen and
Ilalbecb's Germania.
San Francisco, June 21.���The holdings of the Western Fuel company, of
the Nanaimo coal properties on Vancouver island are aagin rumored to be
on the market. The officials of the
Western Fuel company were reported
to ha\e sold the lands to a British
syndicate for $.,000,000. This report
was dendied by lhe company's officials
The coal fields are near the Dunsmuir property on Vancouver island,
They recently were reported to have
been sold to a railroad.
Vice-President James B. Smith, of
the Western Fuei company, discussing the report! said:'
"We have received propositions
from several parties, but it would be
impossible for me to give you the details of any sale because there has
been none."
CHICAGOANS   $500,000
Chicago, June 21.���It is estimated
that Chicago spent $500,000 yesterday
for "cooling beverages." A prominent manufacturer of ice cream said
that on a holiday more than $200,00��
is spent for ice cream and ices.
More than $200,000 is paid out for
beer and other intoxicants, and another $100,000 for lemonades and
other soft drinks.
Criticism Causes Action.
New York, June 21.���Criticism of
casualties among firemen at recent
New York fires has resulted in an
order from the fire commissioners
which makes every truck company ia
the department a sort of ambulance
and hospital corps. The crew of each
truck is receiving a thorough course
of lessons on how to render first aid
to injured firemen when overcome by
smoke or otherwise injured in a burning building.
Rae & McLellan
Trapp Block
Phone  714.
DAILY        NEW
Paris. June 21.���Continuous war is
waged by the Paris police against illegal gambling bells, the directors of
which show considerable ingenuity in
concealing the real nature of the establishments. Usually they are ostensibly stamp-coll.'eting societies,
pigeon clubs, or charitable institutions, but even more craftiness has
been exercised in a case which lias
just come to light.
At a little Montmartre theatre, at
present closed, it was given out that
a play called "Banco" was in rehearsal. Ine one act the characters are
shown playing "Banker," and the po-
lice commissary of the district observed, not without astonishment,
that it was only this act which was
rehearsed, lie asked for an explanation, and was Informed that the remainder of tlie play could not be rehearsed because tiie parts were not
committed to memory, and the scenery was lacking.
This set the commissary thinking,
and investigation revealed the fact
that the play was a myth: the theatre
was being used as a gaming house,
where not only banker, but roulette
and baccarat were played by gamblers
masquerading as actors. The usual
raid was made, the cards and money
seized, and the gamblers wlll have to
answer in the police court.
Quick Settlement of Fire  Loss
Coquitlam, B.C., June 16, 1910.
A. W.  McLeod, Esq.
Insurance Agent, City,
Dear Sir,���
I beg to thank you most sincerely
for the prompt manner in which the
companies carrying Insurance on my
mill have adjusted and paid the losses,
t'ae cheques for the amounts coming
through much quicker than 1 expected.
Thanking you for same, I am, ~t  .1 '.,,,'
Yours truly,
(Sgd.)   A.   H.  COLE.
You can never fortell when your premises are going to be destroyed by fire, so protect yourself in time by insuring in reliable
companies that pay their losses promptly, and whose rates are the
lowest. ,
Telephone or call at my offlce and I will be pleased to give
rates and any other information.
"The Insurance Man"
Suite 1, Curtis-Armstrong Blk.      Phone 62
fflT'a 'v:....'1!!. .'1 'i" m.a��uu
��� i p    PAGE SIX.
THE Daily news.
Wednesday, jo
1      ��
I  ,.
fej \_J \&?
.     '��� I I i
TO be successful in business,  to establish,
maintain, and keep it on a firm basis^
three things are essential to that end :
FIRST���Thorough knowledge of the business you are about to undertake, and, of
course, the necessary capital.
SECOND���Good location, ample facilities to
receive fresh stock and a well-kept, clean
store, having nothing but the best in quality
of dry goods, drugs, groceries, hardware, or
whatever the nature of your enterprise may
THIRD���Tell the people that you are doing
business by Advertising in The Daily News.
Talk to them; get them interested; gain their
confidence in your ability to supply their wants
as efficiently as any store in Vancouver. Back
up your statements by showing them the
goods. Don't exaggerate their quality or excellence; give plain straight talk, otherwise
you will lose the confidence and goodwill of
your patrons, both present and prospective,
and don't blame them if they do go to
Vancouver for their shopping.
Constant Transfer of American Capital to Western
Half of Dominion Amazing
Police Raid Country House,
But "Cousins" Escape
With Plans of Forts.
August 15 to li
American  scums  ...^    ,
tlir  country   an  amount   of    inonefj
which,  n   is estimated,  will  amount
to J160.000.000 at llie end of this year.
The investment of   American inanu-,
tun ui in.   capital    is    Increasing    as
..never before.    At the Bame time the
[imports <'f American merchandise In-1
to Canada are larger than ever.   Al-1
though American exports to the United   Kingdom,  France,  Germany,  BeU
glum and tlie Netherlands decreased'
during April l, tlie exports to Canada
Increased    hy    one-third.     Canadian
purchases in the American markets in
April amounted to J6.670.920,
This clearly  shows    that    a    large
..amount    of     the      American      capital
i brought   in hy  settlers is returned  to
the  l'nited States iny tlie purchase of
I American goods witli which tlie settler
is   familiar.     At   the   same   time   the
j proportion   of   this   capital   which   remains  in  Canada  is  larger  than  the
Wood, received an application from a
German who wanted to occupy the
farm. Terms were agreed upon, and
ihe German and his family took pob-
sesslon. Soon German visitors began
to arrive. Paying an unexpected visit
one day, M. Demange found a young
German who seemed ill at ease "lie
is my cousin," declared the farmer.
Evidently the farmer had numerous
relatives, for fresh cousins arrived
nearly  every  day.
The truth is that tlie farm was used
ms a resort for German spies. The
police authorities were Informed, and
a watch was kept, (in the an hai of
two   more  "cousins."   three   detectives
and two gendarmes decided to take
action. They rushed into tlie farmyard, and arrested Joseph Muller,
Muller's companions escaped, followed by the gendarmes. The fugitives   fired   several   revolver   shots   at
$30,000  IN  PRIZES f
Specially low  rati
on railway s and i.n; i
Exhibits sen:
lines   will   he
'0 PREWi
rom an
on Canadi
Superb  and   unique
Speeding    Evi ;imi   Dog Sk
Spectacular   "Fi
Broncho  Busting  I
Chopping  Com.
ing Events an.! ;.
Entries close   \
prize  li.-l   and   Infi
Manager    and    Secict.ey ya���..
Exhibition   Associate,
proportion of that sent over from their pursuers, and entering tho wood,
England or from the l'nited States for were lost. A camera was found con-
Investment    in    Canadian    railways I sealed In a van.   Muller recognized It
���er, finds it necessary upon sei-   	
in the Canadian  West to make Muller confess*.!  that   they belonged
mines or manufacturing enterprises.
In the latter Canadian industry still
is more or less dependent upon foreign machinery. The agriculturist,
however, finds it   necessary  upon  set
... __^^^^
a large direct considerable outlay for
I buildings. The American settler par-
! tlcularly is not content, like his tore-
��� father, to establish himself in a slab
I sided shack, but must house himself
comfortably and permanently.
Many persons competent to Judge
consider this exodus of American capital to Canada to he as important to
England, which is so much talked
about and to which the stock market.
as  his  own.    At   St.   Charles  and   the
neighboring   farm,   formerly   occupied
by Muller, photographs of the   si. na'
ing   batteries   of    Bruley   and
Fort   and   certain   plans   were   found
to him. He added that his companions
who had escaped had other photographs and plans In their possession
Muller, who declared that he is a
native of Lorraine, confessed that he
was working on behalf of Germany.
______ i    Berlin, June  21.��� Deportment    and
frequently seems responsive. The diplomacy are now heln. taught to
hest opinion here is that the money Bale8men .,���,, Hai,.sw<���nen in the Ber-
situation this fall ln the American lln Btores The Association of Shop-
middle   west   will   be   rendered   even . keepe	
more Btringent than usual because of Umployeeslnay learn just now to be-
the withdrawal of capital by Amerl- have iM (U..,nnK wj!h cn8tomerB. The
cans settling In Canada. The com-1 curriculum Includes lessons ln how to
plaints   of   Chicago   and   Minneapolis
is berebj
will be n
of the "Water  Act,  1 ll
license   in   the   Nl w   V, ���   ���
vision   of   New   Wl
la l   'l'he   name  of   Col
��i. na.- ver   Power   Compai
Lucey  l"':"1 ""'"',' ll< "''' City   |
Hritish Columbl
000,   divided   in'..   . ,U3j
$1.00 each, all  fully paid   i|
name   of  the   l.il.t      I ���
unnamed stream i uni      thr :.*.
tion 29, block .".. Doi tb ringe
thence   in   a norl |
tlowing   into   tin-   Fraser river;
The  point of dlv< .       ..-)
a   southeasterly   din  tion  :  . ;3
southeast  come:- ol section 19,M
5, north range 2, west; (d)
tity   of   water   ap] lied f..r, .166 cub
feet   per   second,    iei   The     .   -J
of  the   proposed   '���>    - -   a small das
and   pipe  line;   ifi  The prwnlsej tt
wliich    the    water    Is   to  be   ISM
where two (2), three d four (*). grotf
two   (2),   New   V, ���  I itrl J
i g i 'llie purpose I ��� wl.:, lie rataj
is   to   he   used, di    ��� ���'. If for
bankers already have been heard here
M     The process works out in this way: I
i A   prosperous   farmer   In   Minnesota.
ithe Dakotas, Nebraska or some other1
I western state decides to sell his farm
and emigrate  to Canada
talk   nicely   and   agreeably;   \fO*n   to  litigation  de ��� e land intended!
how gracefully; how to treat Ill-tempered customers and how to conduct
an animated conversation without undue familiarity.
The expenses of the school are
He usually j borne  hy  Hie  shopkeepers   who are
to      he      Irrigated,    gJrlng   aete-1
age,   no;    Hi   if   tl.e w&tet
!.,���     used     f<T    j ower   or   i ' :.?���
purposes describe I ;l
watei   is to I e ������ turned tt        -���]
tural   channel,   and thi   d lf<       J
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ���* j norne   ny   tne   snopKeeper*    who   aie   iurtu   uutuium,  ���.������>��� .-*     ���
finds a customer In a neighbor.   The convinced that courtesy on the part of altitude   betwa
farmer  not   only   withdraws  from   his ' -���- -���-  ��� ���- -* -��<     - ��� '-��  ~�� """"  nn'   Hi A
local hank all his cash capital, but
his neighbor usually apples to the
same hank for a loan with which to
make the purchase. Immediately the
purchase is paid Hie emigrant carries
the cash to Canada.
It has been estimated reliably that
! every man, woman and child settling
in Canada tilings into tho country on
an average Jinoo. Since the emigration from the l'nited States to tlie
prairie provinces is expected to
amount to 150,000 persons this year,
the flow of capital across the border
will he < nourmous even compared
with the direct Investment of British
capital   In   Canada.
William MacKenzie, who with
Daniel Mann, controls the Canadian
Northern railway, Its affiliated steamship lines and many other larre industrial enterprises Is the most active
agent in stimulating British investment. For tho various enterprises
Mr.   MacKenzie   obtained   in   London
their employees is one of the greatest
assets  in  tlie  retail  business.
recently not less than $40,000,000
There  exists  at   present   tbo  somewhat i>eculiar condition thnt Canada is
taking   gold   from   New
the   remarkable   increase   of   Imports!
Coast  Division
Surveyed      agricultural
Lands   in   the   Railway   B<
served or withheld fiom entry and not
disposed  of  or  occupied,  are  open   to
entry under the provisions of the British Columhla Dominion Land regulations.
In the Coast Division of the Hallway Belt any male person over eighteen years of age and otherwise ellg-
lhle, may obtain under entiles as
homestead and pre-emption, a legal
subdivision of forty acres of Bench
Land.    Residence  Ir  required  foi
York   desnlte ���    aKt K'x mn,1,,lr' '" each "f ,lv* years
'"'Total cultivation required to earn pat
..nd  point of i ('turn, no; <
Crown  land   li ""'PL
hy    the    propo  '  ��� '���
This  notice   wa
dav   of   June,   I al
Will   be   made   to till 1
the LStb day ot J tly ��� ,J-1
tbe  names   and   id   essi     ' ar'>
patlan   proprteti rs "I
or  whose  lands are :.kH? t<> be
fected by th- proposed worl      1
above o.' below thei  I        '     I
The part of tl ������ Men irandumoiw
social ion   of  th mpany wM
,,     , thorises the proposed appli -     *
Dominion  inoriien no- i     i
r.lt    not   re   works rends as fe. OWJ
'"   DOt   rt   jects for which the cot paw ��� ; *
llshed and to whhh objects * Co.
pany are restricted are the m ���-
of water and  wain   power DJ        _
of  unrecorded   wain   or M 1
water records or wati   j
  ,,:) Rendering ���*���������*
power available for ��
application and distribution W"
ing dams. Increasing lhW��
ter In any existing body ��
"3 or extending the area ttersoUJ
Rt lng the waters of any stream,!����
lake Into any other chasnel 01
chase of
lieges for,���
and  water
line <
^a**m * -      n"��.'is   invine or erecting Ml
out for a twenty acre homestead, ten   ��",B'   l*7.~f   ,. _ir-  constructing!
acres cleared and  six  cultivated, and   nunw' PIpe__,._.."i"'   aqueduct  *"���
ther en '
required In *_
from the l'nited States.    During Aprlli'      "     . .     ; .     . ...     .    ,   ������.
'. ,,      .     ,      , , '        acres (deared  and  six  cultivated, and,
the Canadian hanks drew no less tban remaining twenty acres  is pre- race-way
lUBOOOO in gold from he United I tw, b the homesteader, an addi- wl"'cl- ^ll*1��S' ��L
States Meanwhile American IndM-U^, ten acres cleared and six cul- work *hlch "1MT *"
tries  show  a disposition  even more tlmad  (,|I)ior lh    homegtftad  or
eager   than     hitherto    to    establish  .      ���       ,,,,,      ,        .,
. ,        . ,        ,,      ���,.        ,^   ,     lire emptlon.,   no   aodllional   residence
branches   ti Canada.    Hamilton, ont.i; .   ,,' ,, ,, ,        ,
for   tlie  pre-emption.    I Hee ot   pre-
1 continues to attract American agrlcul-
i t ural  Implement   factories,
neclon   with   the  Improvem   J
use of the said water and ��       \
.newln.. ��3
London. June 21,���In a smart dressmaker's salon a number of dainty
wraps are displayed. Their characteristics me a commodious amplitude
and  a   light   weight.     Thev   aie  Intend-
emptlon, (Ive dollars per acie, parable In flve installments with Interest.
Conditional purchase entiie. may he
obtained for twenty acres of Bench
Land   hy   a   male   over   eighteen   and
otherwise eligible and not holding
homestead or pre-emption. Residence
required only for six months during
die fifth year but cultivation duties
'increased.    Price, ten dollars per acre.
the said
'20).  block   five
Ihe  suc-
(��� 1 to he used for hilllar I
many women think Is lo In
cesser to bridge.
This dressmaker, who
genius for meeting Bo<
boasted of. the number
wraps she was making and said:
"Many of my clients tell me of the
formation of billiard clubs In the most
exclusive circles. The game is likely
to be very popular. Just ns men take
off their coats to play billiards, so
will women substitute for the corsage
a little wrap that leaves the arms free
and the movements of the frame unfettered. It will be worn over a looso
shirtwaist, or he shirtwaist and wrap
ln one. I am now making as many
billiard coats as bridge frocks."
live ins'allments.      ^^^^^^^^^^^^
Bench   Lands   In   this   division   are
lands      below      twenty-five      hundred
I . .  (2,500) feet above sea level.   Uplands
,*,., ,l    ate lands above Hint   altitude and  are
ety s  foibles,!
of     billiard
Remarkable   Escape   of     an
Whose Carriage Went Ov;r Cliff
Montreal, June 21i-��-A small boy
wheeling a baby buggy on the mountain yesterday afternoon carelessly
ran It too near the edge and the carriage went over the cliff. Spectators
rushed to the spot, expecting to see
the baby killed. The carriage had
fallen   over   one   hundred   feet,  sheer
subject only to disposition by quarter
sections under homestead entry or
grazing lease to settlers. Flooded
lands may he reserved for hay pur-
I>oses or leased to settlers by legal
Kntree fee for homestead, pre-emption and conditional purchase Is ten
dollars for each entry. After seeurlnp
patent In connection with the hind
first entered for, tne settler may secure another entry and so on, but not
for more than a total of one hundred
and sixty acres.
Entries under the British Columhla
cr   or   hy   altering,   rf
lng.   Improving,   repairing, of
tRlning any such works <��� >>������ ,.
thereof."   <n)   The  Company JJ
for a license to store water.
of the proposed reserve!, fo
(2)    west;    lol   The   meM"  j>)
p is proposed to store th   ��.
dam;   (p)   The   area   Of  tM
site   or   sites   at   each   too"   ���
above the outlet, the depth ��
outlet   win    approxmateiy
about   six   or   seven   feeit.
Is proposed to acquire the^ ,
sary for the purpose, by i (r,.tp|
If necessary by exproprl&tlon. ,,*
proximately the number or t ,iUl(0|
************* 'ippoiiniti'".
��� i
Intended    to    b'1    ^^^^^^^^
square feet. ,,,.,-,, ro hTt1, i
VANCOUVER POWER <  >������    ,;..|
Bperime- General ��'
District of NewW"'"11
New Westminster Land
Tr,.���.--e DecltS!J
Take notice that I. r'"",f;���l.  inten11
CJUU1VB    UIKlt.l      I UC    Mlinnn    ��   ' '. ...in....   . inr.i      	
Dominion Land Regulations, effective of Abbotsford, B.L..
  ~ .  . i..... , i...     i
on   the  Iind  July,   1010,  may  on  nnd
after that date be made for lands then
.open to entry.    Any lands withdrawn
Infant j from timber berths, as well as newly
surveyed  lands,  wlll  before becoming
available for entry   require advertise
ment   for   thirty   days.       "Surveyed"
Lands for the purpose of entry means
legal  Subdivisions abutting on  a surveyed   lino,   or,   In   rase   of   Uplands,
quarter   sections   abutting   on   a  sur
veyed line.
For further Information apply to t
'��������� '���,       ,,,,,,f   Coiii"'1*
apply  to the Chler^ (i   f),
nd I
ier I
!     ;'
to   appiy   io   mc   -  ��� ,.    ,���, ���
of  Lands  at   Victoria.  *->"-�� netror
the  baby  killed.    The  carriage    had veyed line.
fallen   over   one   hundred   feet,  sheer      For further information apply to the
down, but the baby had been CftUgJM Dominion Land Office, New Westmln-
in a clump of bushes within a yard ster, B. C.
of the edge  of  the  cliff.    The  baby/ P.O. KEYES,
was rescued and found to be unhurt. ,^,-v.,, i '���['��� '_ Secrotaty.
i'^"" '"toninS <*'
rouse to  .
enm on ancl in tin
ed lands
Commencing at t po����  _*rW
llie N'
N.  w.  eorner,  plnnte 1  ���' g,,|p
corner of Section 28. I"   ' WHtm��
Municipality of SumaSe" ,0 c|isin��;
ster Distrioti  thence east fl ,���,
thonce south ��o chains. clifllns t
80 chains;  thence north ^10
point of commencement
ln�� 640 acres. n(-  tl���� ���'
' kted u��  AhbotsfoM' .'-<
<to of June' ^BORGE DECKE-1 L.ON
JUNE ?2,  1910.
Kastertrook Milling  Company,
Eburne,   B. C.
$6.50 per bbl
$6.75   per   bbl.
.*5.25 per Bbl.
.$4.50 per Bbl-
McQuarrie & Co.-
Murder of Explorer by Wa-
daians Leads to Belief that
Natives Must be Downed1
a   fT'mO f-
New Westminster.
Telephone S33.
to our office (very time you
need a ton of coal���any of our
drivers will be g'ad to take
your order. Then, too, a postal will bring about tha sane
result���good coal ln your cellar at short notice. AUo, our
jdiotie ls in good order, and
their numbers arc lo and IS-
Coal procured here 1b crackajack coal, however st cured.
���____'___ i. i".uia*'i
lEW WlSTMINSTER woodworking company
J.  BROOKES,  Proprietor
|W0RKS���Corner   Eleventh   and   Carline.
B.C. Mills
Timber and  Trading
Manufactur era and Dealers In All Kinds of
Royal City Planing Mills  Branch
���2 New  Westminster
Box   137
t_-^__^___i___ri*>\ jbl; .*-
Uust a Few Left oi
West End View
In Lot 10, Sub. Block 12, between 8th and
10th Avenues, to the east of 18th Street.
Price $350, one quarter cash, balance 6, 12
and 18 months. These lots are close to the
new cut off, and you will be wise if you step
in now and secure them.
Two Good Buys
Vice lots on   Hamilton  St..   all cleared,
30x150.    Price $800 each cash, or $1000 on
Lot 7 on 11th St., Block 19, Sub. block 7.
Price $750 on terms.
Maple Ridge
120 acres of zood land, close to Mission City
Price is $35 per acre. $1000 cash handles
Ms.   Balance on very easy terms.
ritish Canadian Securities
Company, Limited
T. R. PEARSON, Manager.
Office:    The Dominion Trust
Overuse in the. news
London, June 21. -Gravi c mcern Is
felt by tbe Vn ��� . and Brl .. . intei
ests in Central Africa on account of
the hostile attitude of the natives.
The brutal murder of Lieut. Boyd
Alexander, the famous explorer, news
of which reached here Beveral weeks
iagO, wan oniy a slight indication of
i the hate that the natives of the state
of Wadnal feel toward Europeans.
Since   1904   the   Wadnalans    have
I been carrying on their work of inur-
'der and  plunder.    Peaceful  methods
i aad  punitive expeditions  have failed
to accomplish anything, aud the possibilities are that before the question
is finally settled, France and England
may hy compelled to Join bands In a
greal and expensive war against these
: The story of Wadnal reads like a
page from the history of mediaeval
times, when the Portuguese were
struggling to obtain a foothold In
' Africa. Wadnal is now the sole remaining state of the Soudan that Is
hostile to the rule of Europeans, and
i is the last stronghold of the slave
The Wadnalans possess a force of
at least 20,000 trained men. These are
aimed with the most modern rilles,
ami although they have been cheeked
from time to time, their suppression
* has so far proved impossible.
J The state adjoins the Sultanate of
#} Dar. yif und the boundary of Egyptian
J SoUd&n, nnd is nominally part of the
X French Soudan.
* j Pillage   Deere, iss  Caravans.
J     Since time Immemorial Aueshr, the
* capital, has been a town of importance
?  as  the  center   of  tlie  routes    along
* which richly laden caravan* pass fiom
* i Tripoli. Kano and the east,    lt is, in
X | fact, the trade of Central Africa.   Owing to the pillage of the Waduaiana,
however,  the  number of  these  caravans has been decreasing yearly.
ln  1S^5  Wadnal was conquered by
the   Sheikh   KI   Kanemi,   the   famous
'captain  of the Sultan  of Hornu.    As
the  power  of  Bornu  declined  in  the
eighties,   the  Wadnalans,  encouraged
by   the   preaching   of   the     Stiuousii
Mahdi,   became   powerful   again,  and
ln 1891 they were able to repel the at-1
tack of Rabah, the "Black Napoleon"
of  Central   Africa,  who  was  born  a|
slave,   carved   out   a   great   kingdom l
with   his   sword   and   was   eventually
conquered and killed in battle by the |
The aggressive policy of the Wadnalans began in January, 1904, when!
liny attacked the French post of Fit-';
tii. The French replied by building a!
coi don of forts around the state and j
occupying the district of Shari, wliich1
was one oi the chief hunting grounds
fo:   slaves
As a cotiruer-stroke the Senoussi
Mahdi. the most powerful and sinister
figure in all tlie continent, sent emissaries to Ali Dinar, tlie Sultan of Dar-
fur. and tried to convince him to com-'
bine with Wadnal in driving tlie British and French towards the coast. At
���liis crisis the influence of certain
European powers was not unsuspected.
Constant   Attacks   in   Force.
Ali Dinar judiciously threw in liis
lot with tho British, although depriv-I
ed of the slave trade which was once I
the chief commerce of his country,
and since then the Wadnalans hive
fought with only the aid of the tribes
to the north of tlieir district. Not a
year has passed without attacks be-
| ing made tn force on French forts,
and frequent punitive expeditions have
been organized with little effect.
The character of the Wadnalans Is
exemplified by the plensnnt humor of
Adeni, the son of the Sultan, who directs the affairs of state Instead of
his father, who Is a mysterious and
retiring personage. Adem's favorite
amusement was to practice revolver
shooting with prisoners as targets,
and to test his latest European guns
by picking off people in the market
place from the roof of his palace.
Punishment Is inflicted in the state
with an almost unequalled savageness,
but it is in regard to Europeans that
���he Wadnalans display the most striking tiait of their character. They not.
merely hate them with the intense
hatred of religious fanatics; they are
openly contemptuous, and are ever
ready' to hack their opinions by force
of arms.
The problem would be difficult
enough If only the Wadiiaians had to
be reckoned with, but there Is a far
greater difficulty behind this. The
'.leaders id' the Wadnalans are In real-
I by merely the tools of the nll-prevad-
lng Senoussi sect, and one blow
j against the Senoussi might set Africa
; ablaze from Cape Coast Castle to
.Cairo and from Tangier to Khartoum.
The growth of the power ol the Senoussi, which, although unseen, far exceeds that wliich the Khalifa wielded,
lis  one  of  tlie romances of  history.
During tlie past  ten or twelve  years
lit lias extended with alarming rapidity
'from tlie Sahara outwards to Nigeria,
I Senegal,  tho Gold Coast, the Soudan,
the Cameroons, Morocco, Algiers, Tripoli.   Egypt,   Arabia,   India  and  even
Mighty Secret Society.
I No concealment of tho fact that the
I object of tlie sect Is to combine the
Mohatnetan world against the Christian Is attempted. It ts a vast secret
society, with an army, stores, arsenals,
| modern rifles, cannon and emissaries
everywhere, and no European can
guess at the extent of Its sway. Towards the middle of the last century
Ks -Senoussi, a Moroccan hy birth, who
bad lived for many years in the holy
cities of Mecca nnd Medina, and who
claimed to be descended from Fatima,
the daughter of Mahomet, became offended at the adoption of European
��>>#3 *x- v-$^J ^ ^^0kki
��^"    -<:lt:-y'-k'lt;Pl0k''y.   l���'^HHpVf%
ffc^ : j wm i
.vv V
If, Madam, we could take you right into our
Model Bakery at the Mill, where all our tests are
made, you would see exactly what we mean when
we say, " Robin Hood Flour is Different
You would see how favorably it compares with
other flours in respect to color.
Its superior quality would be plainly visible
to you.
You would quicker realize why you are to add
more water than usual when using it.
The bigger loaf made by it would lie before you.
Seeing it, you would note its closer texture -no waste.
Tasting it, you would admire its finer flavor.
In short, you would surely decide that you ought
to start using Robiu Hood Flour right away.
But, Madam, if you cannot come to our Bakery,
we can help you to have better Baking Results of
your own.
Use Robin Hood Flour yourself, and prove that
what we claim for it is true.
We supply the flour-quality. We
give the guarantee. It is up to you
to get the benefit.
Have you asked your grocer
about our Money-back-guarantee yet?
Saskatchewan Flour Mills Co.
Moose Jaw, Sask.       *
Greatest  Open  Air  Socialist  Meeting
In History of City Addressed by
Milwaukee's Radical Chief.
Chicago, June 21.���The greatest
crowd that even attended a Socialist
meeting in Chicago Sunday greeted
Kmtl Seidel, the Socialist mayor of
Milwaukee. It is estimated that there
were 60,000 persons, men women and
children, at the gathering, which was
held in a North Side amusement park.
Tha meeting originally was called
for the purpose of raising money for
the support of the Socialist press in
Chicago, but resolved itself into an
"ificial opening of the Socialist campaign for the fall election. Several
thousand dollars were raised for the
eight Socialist newspapers published
here in as many different languages.
Of all the speeches, Mayor Seidell
was the mildest. The keynote of all
the speeches was "Make Chicago a
Socialist city  like  Milwaukee."
Mayor Seidel termed the commission form of government of government " a plutocratic plan for keeping
the plutocrats in power." ln giving
Chicago Socialists sodie practical advice on how to carry on their campaign so as to win next fall, he said:
"It is not essential that the workers
be instructed in Socialism. Socialism,
is a phase of civilization, a growth
anyway. Talk to the people in their
own language, not in isms and ologles.
Show the people the reason there are
boulevards in front of the homes of
the rich is because the rich furnish
graft for the politicians and the politicians furnish the boulevards In return.
Oil    of    Wintergreen,    Thymol    and
Glycerine,  Combined,   Used  as
a Simple Wash.
Does it not seem strange that so
many people suffer year in and year
out with eczema?
There's a simple wash that stops
the itch instantly and permanently
This wash is composed of mild and
soothing oil of win ter green, mixed
with thymol and glycerine and known
as D. D. D. Prescription. It has now
been used tor so many years, and has
proved so highly successful, that no
sufferer should hesitate a moment before trying it.
If you suffer torture from eczema or
any other skin disease write at once
to the D. ll. 1). Laboratories, Dept.
N. N., 2'.', Jordan street, Toronto, for
a free trial bottle. Wo are confident
that 1). !>. D. will cure you entirely
and it will certainly stop tha; awful
itch at once. Frank McKenzie, Druggist.
customs at Constantinople and Cairo,
and decided to enter the desert,
A baud of fanatics accompanied him
to the Sahara, where they were welcomed, and founded monastery after
monastery. Ks-Senoussl recruited
agents, while his vlcar-general, 101-
Alom, enrolled followers.
Ills son succeeded him and created
further trouble In the Algerian Sahara. The movement continued to
grow, but It is only within the last
ten years that it has become a real
The present Seoussl, who has never
been seen by a European, wanders
about the continent with a small band
of followers. His countless emissaries
are unsuspected, and Include most of
the native priests.
He directly controls tho immense
population of the Sahara, possesses a
well-drilled army, officered hy the renegade Turks and Egyptians, and obtains large quantities of the most modem European rifles, and even cannon, through Tripoli and other districts.
Ceremony in London Will  Be One of
Most Important Religious Func-
tions in Nation's History.
London, June 21.���The consecration
and solemn dedicaUon ot Westminster
Roman Catholic Cathedral is to be one
of the most important functions of the
kind that has taken place in this country. The long and elaborate rite will
be almost identical with the pontifical
of Egbert, Archbishop of Vork, who
died in TiiT. On June 27, the day preceding the consecration. Archbishop
Bourns, fasting, will solemnly "set
apart" the relics of the saints to be
used in the ceremony. As eight o'clock
on the morning following the consecration services commence.
Twelve crosses are marked on the
walls of the church, with lighted candles before them. The archbishop
knocks three times with his pastoral
staff at the main entrance, saying in
Latin. "Lift up your gates, ye princes,
and ye be lifted up, ye everlasting
doors, and the King of Glory shall
come in."
"Who is the King of Glory." asks a
deacon standing in the porch, and the
archbishop answers: "The Lord,
strong and mighty, the Lord, mighty
in battle." Then the door is opened
and the bishop enters with his assistants.
On the ash-strewn pavement he describes a cross composed of the Latin
and Greek alphabet���a curious ceremony symbolical of the Latin and
Greek churches and the instruction ln
matters of faith imparted to the Catechumens.
There  follows  the  consecration of
the high altar and side altars, the
bishop walking three times round the
interior while the walls are aspersed
and blessed.
The relics are then borne in, placed
in recesses ln the altar stones, anointed with holy oil and sealed up.
A solemn mass of thanksgiving of
the cathedral, and for the restoration
I of the hierarchy, will be celebrated
j on the morning of June 29. In the
afternoon the Bishop of Birmingham
will be celebrant at the second vespers of St. Peter and St. Paul.
King George has formally approved
of the Royal Naval and Military Tournament, which opens at Olympia today and is to last till Wednesday,
July 6.
The chief feature of the program
will be "Britannia's Muster," which
will be one of the most striking spectacles ever witnessed at these tournaments. Between four and five hundred men will take part in the series
of tableaux, which will illustrate the
military characteristics of the various
parts of the empire.
The troops representing the four
great dominions���Canada, South Africa, Australia and N'ew Zealand���will
be played into the arena by the pipers
of the Scots Guards and the drum and
fife band of the Grenadier Guards,
while the march of the Indian troops
will be accompanied by Indian music.
Mrs. Fournier Suing Steamship Company for Her Husband's Death.
Montreal, June 21.���The suit is being heard before Mr. Justice Archibald and a mixed jury of Mrs. Cyrllle
Fournier. who claims $15,000 fronl
the Donaldson line for the death ot
her husband. Fournier, it Is claimed, was working in the hold of the
steamship Kastalia when a longshoreman fell on him from the first deck
and broke his neck. The longshoreman, who, it is alleged, was intoxicated, escaped unhurt.
9        Milk Chocolate,
S   Croquettes. Wafers,
Cakes, Medallions, Etc.
Cowan's Cream Bars
If you have Real Estate for Sale
If you want to Purchase Real Estate
If you want any kind of Insurance written
If you want to Borrow Money
-Consult With--
McQuarrie Bros.
609 Columbia Street
The New Westminster City Specialists
������'   '���;���:,
\ ' mj
,   ^     ��� PAGE EIGHT.
Something New in
Floor Wax
Tha easiest way to
finish a floor is to
saturate a soft cloth
with Columbus Liquid Wax and apply
lightly to the floor,
let it dry for about
fifteen minutes,
'/ and bring to a
.'/ polish by light
'**** rubbing with a
���//A '"���' soft cloth.
No brush to push ��� no work ��� no
backache. Resists heel-marks,
scratching, and water will not turn it
white. Goes farther and lasts longer
than any paste wax. Try it! Be
sure to ask for thc genuine
Angus   Mercer   yesterday   returned,     Vandals recently destroyed a num- |
from California. ber of fine imported rose trees in l>r.
holmes'  garden,  near the  bridge ap-
For spring  plants or  cut  flowers,   proach on Columbia street.   The dam-,
phone Davies' Greenhouse. Rl'OS.     ** I age was apparently done by irrespon-
The  heavy   rain  ?est*rday   stopped! sU>1�� y0UthS-
all work on the Hwlsam pavement.
The management of toe Bohemian
Cafe sees to it that the best only is
served  there. '*-'": **
N. II. MoQuai,Ttpv<acconipaiiied by
Mrs.   McQuarrie,  is spending  a  few
days in Seattle.
Ticket No. 7155 won the free trip
to Uie Jeffries-Johnson light in the
drawing at Freeman's. If this ticket
is not presented by Saturday another
drawing will take place, numbers being drawn until the winner is produce.! by someone in the room.       **
Tb�� Easiest Appliea Floor Finish
Sold by t
Anderson & Lusby
The old  Sulbrook  &  Innes shingle
For    Geraniums,    Dahlias   and    all ' ���"���������  at Harrison  is now  being  fitted
kinds of Spring Bedding Plants phone
Davis' Greenhouse, K JOS.
The Westminster Modern
Business School
out by  Vancouver men  with a  view
to reopening in the near future.   The
mill  has been  idle for several  years,
James .MoNainai'aidias returned from ' but   the  present activity  in  the  lum-
I Columbia   university, -Wk'i'e    he    has   ber trade is considered opportune tor
! been studying for s.gxe time. 1 the resumption of operations.
Ho for the Ladner Races! Steamer j The members of St. Pauls Reformed
.Transfer will leave B. <k: K. wharf at church Sunday school, conjointly with
i Id a. iu. Saturday, June 2:>, for Ladner, \ the cadets of tiie H. T. Li, will
j returning leave Ladner at  7 p. in.        | hold  a basket picnic on  Saturday al
Second  beach,  Stanley   park.    A  spe-
The annual meeting of the Royal
Columbian hospital board will be held
in tlie secretary's office this afternoon.
McQuarrie Bros, are specialists in
New Westminster realty. Watch their
advertisements for bargains. **
The Crystal theatre, conducted by
C. O. Trusler, has been taken over
by R. T. Knight and T. J. Vernon,
of Vancouver.
If every young man and young
woman fully realized tlie advantages
of pursuing a course at this institution and then the opportunities offered
for profitable and congenial employment, he or she would not hesitate in
selecting this School as an avenue For a pleasant conl drlnk| try tlie
for advancement. We give the same | Ice Cream godas ,lt The Rova, C;ife_ ,.
conscientious attention to placing our
students into positions as we do to A meeting to' discuss the Twelfth
instruction. Satisfied students are , of July celebration at Port Hammond
our  best advertisement. i will be held in W. E. Fales' store at
A.   L.  BOUCK, ! eight o'clock tonight.
610   Columbia   St. Principal. |     Carloads in and more on the way.
Gold Watc'aes for Ladies from |12.75
Silver Watches, gents' open lace
Silver Watches, gents' open case,
f7.50 up.
Agent for Waltham and Elgin
Watch repairing a specialty.
Two Doors from Geo. Adams' Grocery
| See our stock. We defy competition,
i For Anything in the Furniture line
! come to W.  E. Fales.
cial car will convey the party over,
leaving here at 9 a. in. sharp, and
returning in good season for the welfare of the youngsters. The various
societies connected with the church
are cordially  invited to attend.
B. C. E. R. Car No. 38, better known
as "Siberia," ran into a fia'tcar at
Edmonds shortly befoie ten o'elo. k
last night on one of its last trips on
the Burnaby-City Limits line. .Motor-
man Knight and Conductor Andrews
were the only ones aboard at the time.
Andrews suffered a broken arm an.l a
number of gashes, while Knight escaped with lesser injuries. Both nun
were taken to the Royal Columbian
hospital, where they are being treated.
The vestibule of the car was partly
In the police court yesterday, Walter E. King, charged with tlie attempted theft of a cheque, was sent
to jail for two months.
Spring is here���how about those
plants for the gardfcn? Tidy, the
Florist, can suit you to a T in anything in that line. **
The    transportation    committee    of
**the board of trade yesterday held an
informal meeting to discuss the recent
complaints  against  the  Great   Northern  train service.    The whole matter
was discussed, but the committee will
meet   again   before   taking  action   or
reporting  to  tne  board  oi  trade,    ln
the afternoon Secretary Wade, of the
board, had a visit  from J.  B.  McCallum, of the  Matsqui-Sumas board of
i trade.    The Abbotsford man also had
The rain  yesterday  did  damage to  a   budget   of  complaints   against   the
the strawberry crop and the
brought in the next few day:
probably be very dirty.
fruit ! Great Northern service ancl these will
will  be considered along with the others.
The Central Hotel Cafe
Opposite B. C. E.  R. Depot
25c - Merchants Lunch - 25c
GIVE   U>    A
McQuarrie Bros, are now ready to
do business in the real estate and
insurance lines. Office, 609, Columbia
street. **
Horse races will be held at Ladner
on Saturday at the Delta Agricultural
society's grounds. The Ladner comet
band will be in attendance.
The business office of The Westinin-
Market Square
Rome, June 21.���King Victor is preparing to pay a visit to Russia and it
is  probable   that   while   he  is  on   his1
travels he may stop to see the kaiser '
at   Berlin  and  President  Fallieres  ai
Paris.    The Italian  king  was  greatly
interested in the report from London
Uiat   Kaiser   Wilhelm   had   expressed
ster  Courier  yesterday   received  two I nimself   to   the   French   minister,   M'.
! letters  from   England   an.l  one  from  Pichon,  in   favor of a general   Euro-
New Zealand asking for copies of that Pean   federation   wliich   would   go   a
I publication. i long way towards making war impos-;
Isible.    While this storv  has been de-
The funeral  will  take  place  today nied his majesty is hopeful that there
���_...   \h-oixi   St.   Pauls   Lutheran   church   of j is  some  truth  in  it.    Italy's  develop-
I RIAL; Gust. Anderson and Miss Jensine Ole-  ment is retarded by the enormous ex-
; sen.   both   of   whom   died   early   tbis' penses  entailed   bv   the   preparations
week.    Rev.  B. A. Sand will officiate,   for war and she would  welcome any
A. W. McLeod has returned from a! "I!"'* J*1**  r���lble,. Prom��<*   ��|
success   which   would   relieve   her   of
i business  trip  to   Nicomen,   Desroche. |
| Agassiz,   Harrison  and   Harrison  Hot
j Springs.    He  reports doing  conslder-
I able  insurance   business   at   eacli   of
j these points.
The school board  will  hold a spe-
the  burden.
PHONE 475.
Urges Cheap Cable Service.
London, June 21.���Colonel Newtonmore, premier of West Australia, before sailing from here Saturday, urged
cial meeting on Thursday evening'to the necessity of a cheap cable ser-
consider applications for the four va- v'ce-
cant positions on the teaching staff.
Two male and two female teachers
are wanted.
You may be sure you will
get the best service if you bring
your prescription to us. No
matter what doctor gives tlie
prescription we can fill it ancl
give you exactly what is ordered, at fair prices. None but
competent dispensers employed.
Curtis Diug Store
Kodaks and Supplies
Spectacles, from 50c.
Phones:    43;     Long    Distance,    7-1;
Residence, 72.
New    Westminster,    B.  C.
King Inspects Bisley Team.
London, June 21.���The Bisley teams
  , of the overseas dominions at present
A petition   is  being circulated  ask-   ln England will be inspected bv King
ing the C. P. R. to move their station   GeorKe   at   Buckingham   palace   this
j from Nicomen to Desroche, the latter   Week
being a more important point than
! the place where the train now stops.
Desroche boasts a mill, store, school,
postofflce, church and quite a number
of private houses, while Nicomen is
a comparatively unimportant point.
Retired Official   Dies.
Ottawa,   June   21.���Edward   Brous-
seau. former registrar of the state department, died yesterday.
I <
In Our New Quarters in the
Four  Doors   East   of   Pank   of
If you want something Choice for Sunday's
Dinner, ring up Phone 101 and order a nice roast of
Spring Lamb, Veal, Spring Chicken or anything else
that is good in the meat line.   You can sure get it at
Commences Tuesday,  June 21st
30 Days of Alteration  Sale  Prices���Prices that are down  lower than    any    before    oft     .,    .
Westminster     We are forced to reduce our stock to the lowest possible limit  Inside ol   0 e*
ing the past few weeks customers and ourselves have been Inconvenienced by the work ,���.,��� s' . [)"r-
tering and enlarging our store. In a few weeks we must temporarily vacate the portion do '',,,"1.;i1'
by the llousefurnisliing and Millinery Departments. To crowd our stock into two-thlrda thi ���,. (,al "Pied
means a great hindrance to business.
uitTi  n  determination to sell at    least   Sir. nun   ��� n.
"��'   BtOci
So we enter this Alteration Sale witTT a determination to sell at  least   $15,000   wortl
Ceep your eye
windows and, what Is better, view  the piles an.l  racks  full  of go, ds at   prices  which   leavei   n    ffl^��"
before we must crowd everything together.
We give here the first list  of prices.    Watch  every   advertisement
the expectation  of profit  on our sales.    Doors open at 8 a. m. Tuesday.       No   goods   on   a
Cash   only.      Everything    reduced.
A   simple   list   of  prices  without   many   words��� figures  speak  louder:
500 Pairs of Hose
25c per pair
Regular 36 and  50c per pair.
Ribbed Cashmere. Hoys' Cotton,
Girls'     Cotton,      Embroidered
Cashmere and Cotton; Natural
Wool Feet, etc. All sizes. Cut-
price,  per   pair,  26c.
500 Yards Colored Pongees and Foulard Jap
Silks 50c
Regular 60 to 75c. All colors
in  Pongee. 34  inches wide, and
Fancy Colored Jap Silks, 27
9c   Per  Yard.
Regular values, 12% to 20c.
No room to mention prices,
but long piles Of tin se must be
sold   before   we   must   move  the
depai tinent.
We simply have no place in
the Btore where the Millinery
Department can find the necessary room. Come prepared for
bargains in Trimmed Hats.
Keady-to-Wear Shai.es. Children's Galateas. Sailors, and
Trimmings of every description.
One Lot of Corsets
75c per pair
Cromptons, P. D., and B. & I.
Corsets.     Odd    lines   which    we
have     discontinued     ordering
anew.    Si/es   18   to   28  in., one
or more styles
These Items arc VVbrfjl
Seizing Quickly
EACH. ' $6''J
LADIES  AND   MI88E8' Vii_
SUITS.   $2.95   each,
VALUES   $1.50  TO W��
EACH   75c.
white    embroii.e:r7""7m
INSERTION.   T.  to 4 inch.s
wide   for   5c   PER  YARD.'
RONS AT 25c, 55c, 95c
AND $1.35.
7000 Yards of Lace
5c per yard
Regular   valuei   to
long list of old and i ���
White and   Bia
6 In chi s wide.
Head Office    -    Montreal, Que.
Capital $6,000,000
Rest Funds  4,600,000
Total Assets (over)  66,000,000
This Bank has 145 Branches in Canada.
A General Banking Business
We give Special Attention to Savings Bank Deposits
$1.00 Starts an Account
Best rates of Interest paid.    No delay in
This gives everybody, working men, merchants, etc.,
an opportunity of cashing cheques or making deposits
New Westminster Branch,
JU MfflfLl%WWL .-.*��7.T-"'*"��� 1
H. C. Adams, Mgr.
The Public
Supply Stores
We Have Just Received a shipment
of OLIVES. They
are a New Brand:
large and well packed.     All Prices. ��� ���
We Have Just Received a Fresli
Stock of Popham's Chocolates
T. A. Mil & CO.
Columbia St.   New Westminster.
Some Special Snaps
V   I
5 lots on Second street.   Excellent view.    Streets on three sides
of  this  property.    $350  each.   Terms.
10 lots extending from First to Second street. This property *
is especially well situated. Streets on three sides, and lane at rear. J
Price $350 each.    Terms.    INVESTIGATE. 2
F. J HART & CO., Ltd.
Tempting Dishes
Of All Kinds
Some Doctors advise folks to eat lots of Vegetables in the Summer time; others say, "Eat plenty of meat all the year around."
The splendid "Royal" menu provides for both classes. . Every seasonable kind of Fish, Flesh and Fowl will be found hereon, as well
as all sorts of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables. Drop in for "Lunch"
or "Dinner" today.
The Royal Cafe and Grill
Which It at 604 Columbia Street.
PHONE  375   .  -    j [Dominion Trust Block, Main Floor
Our j
are Here ! Get a
crate before they
are all gone.   ���   ���
Phone 92


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