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The Daily News Aug 24, 1910

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 hite Rock
& ^    .-
0* '^T^MILES & CO.
;/'   LJ    PRICK. FIV �� "1ENTS.
|Nine Hundred Rangers Are
Missing, But Majority Are
Believed To Be Sa/e.
Spokane, Aug. 2^-Light rain began
I, .,n this evening in Wallace and
'     ' Coeur d'Alene    mining    towns
Uftbe Ares and the weary fire fighters
ina new hope. Nothing but a long
!���dheav) downfall will stop tho tires
Idaho, Northern Montana aud
Northeastern Washington.
' The i'H''1''1   Sl;ites   f��re8t   Buper-
.  rg |���  Idaho and  Montana are  un-
l\e to gel  Into communication  with
900 ol the fire rangers, ���"���* "���'
scorched    or    readied
NO FUEL SHORTAGE    |pffl|ER 0f mfk M ft
mm year  Gim 0f W[5MSIER T0DAY
Only Five Cities on Contin- 	
ent Have Received More; Four Addresses To Be Presented To Sir Wilfrid Laurier
Coal Than Fort William.   !
but  tbat many
I of tbem are
unharmed Is believed.
The mosl sensational rumors of loss
f n[e continue to be circulated, but
ii [8 Impossible to verify them and it
seems likely that, aside from   losses
among the male rangers, tbe number
0[ deaths In the three states will not
be over one hundred.
The Idaho  militiamen are    on    the
pav from the encampment at Ameri-
ican lake, near Tacoma, to the Coeur
Id'Alene district.
Partial List of Dead.
Following Is a partial list of dead
from forest tires in Northern Idaho
aDd Northeastern Washington: Lou
Holmes, Spokane; Tom Welch, Spokane; George Belgler, Newport, 57
vears old; Mrs. Krnest Denbardt.
Newport; George Campbell, Newport;
Thomas Carry. Newport; Carry Handier. Newport; Davis Rancher, n.'ar
Newport; Henry Lleman, Garwood,
Idaho; A, G. Nicholson, aged 17, Gem,
Idaho; S. D. Adams, aged 3<>, Chicago;
A. Illusion. Hillsdale. Wis.: Krnest
Elgin, aged 60, Wallace; William Mc-
Kej  Taft, l.laho.
Rain  Falling  in  Montana.
Butte.    Mont.,    Aug.    23.���Advices
I :   Cul    Hank,    Mont.,    in    FurSon
|( int) saj heavy rain ls falling there.
200  Reported   Cremated.
Sppkane, Aug. 2'.',.���A special to the
IC ������    from   Wallace    says    that
[Foresi Supervisor Wrigle has recelv-
: thai a crew of 200 men un-
el Ranger Kpotkejf has perished in a camp mar the bead waters of
the St. Joe river.
Wrigle Takes Gloomy View.
Wallace Idaho. Aug. 28.���Supervisor Wrigle said    to   the Associated
Press espondent this evening that
tie tool; the gloomiest view of the
situation of the 200 rangers missing
in the St. .loe river county. 45 miles
southeaal of Wallace.
They were under Hanger Kootkcy, a
graduate of Yale forestry school, and
one of the most experienced foreateis
in the service.
im- ilstricl in which they were
working when hist heard from Is now
�� seetblng area of flames. Tne distance from Wallace Is so short that
Kootkey would surely send word to
his chief if he were alive.
President Taft notified Governor
Brady today that he would send all
tlie troops available, but that United
Stales soldiers could not be used for
police duty. Governor Brady will go
io the fronl also.
Timber Was Splendid.
The greal mountain chain ls thickly clothed with pine, spruce, red lir
and hemlock. Most of the country has
never befoie tell the breath of lire.
Tlie timher cannot be excelled anywhere In America, except near the
Pacific ocean.
I' will require decades to restore
lhe devastated portions of the l'oiest.
Secretary    of    Agriculture    Wilson,
Ids   recent    tour    of    tbe   na-
Fort William, Aug. 23.���There will
be no coal famine bugaboo in tlie west
this year. From the opening of navigation until yesterday more coal had
been received al Fort William than
during any corresponding period, the
amount was larger than that taken to
any other Canadian port, and a greater quantity of fuel than was ever
shipped to any one dock on the North
American continent lias been handled
by the Canadian Pacific railway In
Fort William.
Up until last night a little over 015,-
000 tons of anthracite and bituminous
coal had been dragged from the holds
This Afternoon At Queen's Park���Distinguished
Party Will Visit Down Town District and
May Take A Trip On The River.
of  vessels at  the   Canadian
railway docks bere, according
Sir    Wilfrid    Laurier,    premier    of forts will  be made to induce him to
Canada, will visit    New Westminster s,a-v as lon= as fr��ssible.
I     iheie  wnl  be    accommodation    for
���' about forty  people ou    the    platform
The following Is the    program    for. witu  tlie  Premier.    Mayor  Lee    and
the day. as far as has been arranged,  some of   the  aldei men   will   be  there.
Owing to the hurried manner in which lTneie wi" lje lwo or tluee represen-
,,    ,, ���    itaiHes ot tbe Libeial association;  the
all    the   arrangements    were    made, reader8 of me addre8Bes and the mem-
some changes may    be found    neces-. -*e- B 0f Sir \N iifrld's entourage,
sary. j    Immediately   in  front  of  tne  stand
In  the morning Robert Jardine and I Provision   will  be  made  for  the  band
River Canneries Make Fair
Catches ��� Cohoes Appear
In Gulf of Georgia.
Pacific several other of the prominent Liber-
to  the
als of the
aud ior the members of tne different
municipal  bodies in  the district,  tne
official  statement of 0, Peterson   su". H ��'  U'e C'ty *'"' g�� l�� Vancouver clergy and others near the stand.
perintendent. t0 escort the Premier to New  West-1    Tne last  time tlie Premier of Can-
Added to this is about 140,000 tons minster.   On their arrival at Edmonds ���**���** visited New Westminster was   in
received by the Grand Trunk  Pacific Probably about or before two o'clock,, 18'J,;> wlien Slr -Mackenzie Powell en-
rallwav, and 0,000 tons unloaded at a!on the city limits, they will be met by KveJ  the  hospitality  of    the    lloyal
private dock,  wliich  brings  tlie total j Mayor Lee. tbe members of the city City.    Previous to that time the chief
up  to 761,000 tons���fully twenty per council and other civic authorities.
cent more than had been handled up      From th^re tbe party will proceed
until tiiis time last year. (direct to Queens park, which will    bo
Only  tive cities on  the continent���'entered at the upper gate, at the cor-
Buffalo, Cleveland. Chicago, Superior
and Duluth���lead Fort William in coal
receipts, and each of these has more
than a dozen docks, not one of which
however, is taking care of any thing
like the amount of fuel handled at the
Canadian Pacific dock here.
executive officer of the Dominion had
b( en in New Westminster several
times. Sir John A. Macdonald was a
guest here more than thirty yeai s ago
and more recently Sir John Thompson was entertained here.
These men were given a rousing re-
ner of First stieet and Fourth avenue.
The party will parade the length of
the grounds through the crowd on the
oval and will take their places on the ceptlon, but for the time that the local
platform  which lias been erected    in Public men have had at their disposal
front of the band stand.    The police on   tnis  occasion  it  is  piobabie  that
force and all the firemen that can be ltie reception given to the Premier to-
______       ,.,        , , i���.���������i f.���m ti.oir Hniioc u-iii kopn tho  dav   will   far exce .'d  any   previous ef-
Approximately   nlnetv   per   cent   of spared trom their our.es win Keep tne      ���
the anthracite received is for western!way cleared through the crowd to the 10It- .      .        .    ..    o .
., . .,     .. ..    ,     r,iotfr.rm I    rromlnent Liberals and others lia\e
consumption   while  the comparatively i piatiorrn. I ���.i���,,���    .....  ci,. wnf.i,i
,, , . ,.      , ,,U'J     i,  ������,,���  ������  ih... hnvo t'lt-pn    tlieir  been  very    anxious    that  Sir  Wiltiid
small amount of bituminous coal that      As soon  as they   na\e rahen    tncir
is not  consigned  to  western   whole- places on the platform the reading of
Balers is used by the railways. I the addresses will be commenced. The
That there will be an abundance of  civic address will be read by his v.or
fuel here for the winter supply is evi- ship  Mayor Lee;   the board of  iraue
denced by the  fact that orders have'adlress   by C. H. Stuart Wade;    the
Trades and Labor council address by
A. B.    Christie,   and Mie Liberal   address by George Kennedy.    The civic "b'e one.
address will be endorsed by the reeves I    W. '1. Cooksley has volunteered
With only two more days to fish
the sockeye run seems to be improving considerably over the conditions
prevalent for tlie last couple of weeks.
The fishermen are now making fair
catcties and with today and tomorrow
the average will be pulled up higher
than was thought a rew days ago.
On Monday the St. Mungo cannery
got 1800 fish while for the few days
previous lt had been getting scarcely
any; hardly enough to make it worth
while  starting  tbe  machinery.
In the United States, not far from
the mouth of the river, tlie sockeye
run lias ceased almost altogether. At
Belllngham they have been getting a
few sockeyes, but tbe large number of
lish brought in are cohoes. The appearance of the cohoe spells the end
of the sockeye run generally and lt
may be taaen as a fair indication that
tlie run at present on in the river is
tlie last of the sockeye for the season.
So far no cohoes have been caught
here and last night there were few if
any, but they will be here in a day
or two.
already been placed in Buffalo and
Cleveland, which will bring the total
receipts for tlie season up to 1,230,000
tons���l'su.  tons more than was receive! last year.
of tlie several municipalities in tlie
riding and will be in tlie nature of an
address from the district.
Sir    Wilfrid    will    reply    to tV>e ad
dresses and then the party  will proceed down  to the business secion of
tlie city in a couple of private  li. C.
E. R. cars.
j If it is found that the Pren-.H-.r's
party  has time to spend an  hour or  Canada respected and known ln every
Laurier should see how far bis famous remark, "Tlie Twentieth Century
Belongs to Canada," was being exemplified in New Westminster and now
that he has, consented to come, no
stone will be left unturned to ensure
that his \isit here will be a memor-
i^_^^_^^���^^-^^-^ to
decorate   the   tab e  on   the  platform
with British Columbia roses. Many
of the buildings i:i the heart of the
city will be gay with bunting and
flags in honor of the distinguished
visitor and it is expected that thousands of people will be present in tlie
park today to show tlieir loyalty to
the man who is making tlie name   of
Philadelphia, Aug. 23.���Though unable to reconcile themselves to so
unique a plan as their daughter,
Blanche V. Potts carried out ln her
determination to wed George P. Wil-
ward, the girl's parents are today
asking "what's the use ?"
Fearing that Blanche was about to
elope, Mrs. Potts hid her daughter's
clothes when she retired last night.
N'o rooner had her parents gone to
sleep than the girl crept to her
father's room and attired herself in
ms clothes, ln this attiie she slipped
from tlie house, entered her fiance's
waiting automobile, drove to the minister's and was married.
Globe Editor G f 3 His Time
to Propagation of Peace���
Going to Mexico.
Roosevelt Announces He Will  Put Up
Fight at Saratago Convention���
Sherman  May Resign.
two here he will probably be ta'ren
i'on board tbe steamer Paystreak and
i given a trip on the river, over as far
Irs the Annieville bar and then up to
[the Fraser Mills.
While the Premier is here he will
be  kept  busy  c ery   minute and    ef-
"onal forests, stated proudly that
!'"'> were being well conserved.
'"���'' ;;" over which the Are has
P^sed ,.i t killed, bul the timber Is
merchantable ir removed at once. Next
1�� ll>' United States several big corporations, notably the Chicago, Milwaukee and Puget Sound raiiwa s
11,111 "ie  ur d'Alene and Silver companies, which
ti.oir v
Their |
use    much    timber
are the chief   su ie ei
''���<  may  reach   $10,000,000.
Legate Travels Towards Canada  y,",.'.President Sherman chosen in his
Via  Switzerland.
,,.,   ""���  Aug.  2:!.���Canon    Gauthler
"aa gone to [.over to meet Cardinal
v*n��Melli, who Is travelling by way
' Switzerland and Belgium in order
a\ mi  |.'nUK.(,     llt,  wl|1  prot,ably
Jat    the    archbishop's    house
OnVlii     er "llU1 embarkation.
by hi    ta' Va,"lll,('lll Is accompanied
��� 'is niece, 8ignorina Vannutelll, bis
pinew; Counl Galileo Vannutelll. and
t"nce l'<;i lina.id  De
New York, Aug. 23���Leaving behind
him one of thj most muddled situations in the history of New York
politics, Colonel Theodore Roosevelt,
on a Bpeclal train, left here at 10:30
a.m., for I'tlca, N.Y., the first stopping
place In his long speaking tour. Forgetting politics this afternoon, the
colonel Is scheduled to address the
Herkimer County  Grange.
Before starting west Roosevelt
hastily conferred with Griscom. Loeb
and Longworth. The colonel publicly
declared his intention of fighting at
the Saratoga convention.
"I am much pleased with President
Taft's statement," be said. "I think it
makes the situation perfectly good. If
Nassau county wishes to send me to
the convention I shall go, as I regard
the issues now clear cut. So far as
1 am concerned there will not be a
particle of compromise."
I Doctors Abbott and McFee, Mrs.
Roosevelt and Mrs. Longworth were
at the station. Griscom nnd Loeb
were the first of Roosevelt's political
friends to appear. They conferred
privately with the colonel. Longworth
arrived later and joined the conference.
After  the  conference  Griscom  said
positively  that   Roosevelt  would control the Saratoga convention.
I    In N'ew York, following the publication   of   President     Talt's     letter    to
Lloyd  C. Griscom, chairman    of    the
New York county Republican committee,   and   the   man   who   presented
I Roosevelt's name to the state conven-
I tlon as temporary chairman    of    the
Saratoga state convention, only to see
land ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
The details of the reception were
arranged in tlu> city hall last night at
a meeting of lepresentatlves of the
city council, board of trade, Trades
and Labor council and Liberal associa-
Negotiations   Will   Be   Carried  on
Ottawa and Washington by
Toronto, Aug. 23.���Dr. J. A. Macdonald, editor of Tlie Globe, will devote
the future to the cause of International peace.
To this end he has relinquished the
details management Into the hands of
Stewart Lyon, assistant managing editor, wliich position takes on a newr
and broader significance.
Lr. Mae 'onald will continue to live
In Canada, though his work will call
him to many countries.
"1 am not going to leave The
Globe," said Ur. Macdonald. "Hut
by a rearrangement in the ollice
through which Stewart Lyon, the
news editor, becomes assistant managing editor, in succession to the Lite
Mr. Ewan, 1 will be relieved of much
routine work. This will give me
more time for writing editorials and
for public speaking.
Peace Movement.
"As to the peace movement, under
stand that there Is no society or particular organization in connec ion
with what I am going to do. Andrew Carnegie is not behind it as you
suggest. Some time ago David Starr
Jordan, president of Leland Stanford
university, California, who has been
on the fisheries arbitration at the
Hague, called on me and asked me to
give my whole attention to the task
of improving international relations;
stimulating good will among tiie nations of the world.
"I could have received almost any
sum I wished to name, but I preferiei
to stay in Canada and continue my
newspaper work. But my public
speaking in future will be along this,
line. 1 shall give up speaking on
political, social and religious subjects,
and limit myself to tbe subject I have
An Address in Mexico.
"I shall use all the oppoi tunities tO'
do so that present themselves. For instance in September I will deliver an
address in Mexico at the Centennial
celebration of independence, and on
Founders' Day next March, I promised
Mr, Jordan to speak at Leland Stanford."
Mr. Ginn, head of tbe well-known
publishing firm of Ginn & Co., Bos-
Iton, is one of those chiefly Interested
in the international movement, and
the president of Leland Stanford will,
like Dr. Macdonald. devote considerable time to its propagation. It is understood that the offer which Mr. Macdonald refused exceeded $10,000.
place, politicians are trying to figure
out just how the political skein Is
tangled. Today tbey predict that
Hughes and Roosevelt, bucked bv Taft
himself, will control the Republican
situation, and that Roosevelt may yet
ibe named chairman and Sherman asked to retire.
uipiie wm
Craig.    Cardinal
loin him at Liverpool.
Mo��se Charges Hunter.
0,Seward, Al
iiska, Aug. 23.���
(!- Hubbard, of the
������'*.. Wliott company, nar-
cnar ,��S('ill'ei1 death when
u "fea by a bull moose while
2��8 n the Lake Kenal
am, ,' h' kllled th�� enraged
?ft wh<* '< was only ten
t ��-away, The horns are said
foun,i mo8t beautiful yet
��UM >n this section of Alaska.
��� ���������
Sherman May Resign.
Beverly,   .lass.,   Aug.   23.���As  a  re-
.suit of President Taft's repudiation of
j the political methods of Vice-President
[James S. Sherman,
day here that Slicrmnn may
resign as temporary chairman of   the
k Republican convention, but
vice-presidency of tie
is predicted to-
not only
New Y01
may resign the
l'nited States.
I    Tnft's  letter.
though couched In
gentle terms. Is regarded as lahe ling
Sherman as a "political t.ickstei.
Filling    Canada    Up.
03��� v.   M.   Dunford,
' Renwlck   Leyton-
London,  Aug
nn   electrician   of
stone, with his wife n^id thirteen
rirem, wlll emigrate to' Gait, Ont., on
Thursday.    FKe "���*��***�� h�����
ready secured places as domestics
Ottawa, Aug. 23.���Sir Wilfrid Laurier is .iue to leiuin to Ottawa on September 7 and about all the ininisteis
wiil be back by that time. As a
comparatively early session ls looked
for there will be none too mucii time
to prepare for it.
Mr. Fielding uud probably Mr. Paterson will taixe up at the end of September or early ln October the question of reciprocal   negotiations   with;
Report on Project Will Be Ready for
Next Session of Parliament.
Ottawa, Aug. 23.���A report is expected to be leady for the forthcoming
session on the cost of the projected
new piece of the Welland canal. A
departmental staff of three engineers
and twelve assistants is now inaKing,
the United States.   They are expect | BUrveys of the proposed routes, par
ed to take place   both    bere and   at
The head of the department of labor
of Ohio has written the labor department bere, asking for copies of the
Canadian enactments.    He desires   to
tlcularly with reference to the quality of excavation.
A rough estimate places the cost at
j$50,000,000. This would provide a
twenty-one-foot waterway. It is pointed out, however, that It would also be
SIR  WILFRID  LAURIER, P.  C,   G.  C.   M. G.r  D. C.   L.,  LL.   D.
iwn ��t ��?t  Lin   Quebec   November  20,  1841;   entered  Quebec  legisla-
. S    '    i'f the House of Commons since  1874     (for    Quebec
ture in 1871. memoer Mackenzie ciblnet   in
^fl^i'ttSSKrSi in Canada since 1887: sworn In as president
���. .I r,7v rounc 1 of Canada, July 11, 1896; Knighted on tbe occasion of
{JS Sctotla's diimond Jubilee; sworn of the Imperial privy council July
6, 1897.
know whether similar legislation could necessary to deepen the St. Lawience
obviate a recurrence of
strike at Columbus.
the    serious
canals to make them correspond. 1��
fhe new one were built the present
Welland canal would be require! for
through traffic till tliose on the SL
Lawrence were changed.
Rosewood Cases and Mirrors Add
Appearance of Jewelry Store.
By  taking away  the  old  partitions 1 	
which used to separate the repairing  ...        A    .       *   ,,
rooms from the rest of the store, and .,ndian8 Ar^lv�� at, ^ern,on    from
substituting  new  show  cases.   W.  C.' Parts of Province.
Chamberlin. the jeweler, has brought
liis store even moie up-to-date than it
was before. The new cases are made
of rosewood to l-e in keeping witl/Xhe
les: of Lie store tit.lags. Behind
these minors with rosewood frames
have been [laced on the wall and'now
the entire store Is Hit, d with rosewood cases and shelves.
formerly ti.e Utile work rooms at
e'tlier side of the entrance were partitioned off by him wooden partitions. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_^^__
Tlie new  cases, one full of  watches tlle women with their no less bright-
and the other full of souvenirs, are a W comreq cheeks.
vast   improvement.    Tne   installation      |l ls, reported that there wlll be a.
of the new lixtuies ls complete,   but splendid'harvest of hops on Lie ^o;u-
ihere is still some polishing to do b*,*tream ranch this summer.
fore tlie workmen leave It. ~*~~~~~~~~~*
Penticton, Aug. 23.���The Indians
ure now converging from all parts of
Southern Biitish Columbia and Washington upon Vernon for the hop-picking season. About fifty long-naired
n.embers of the Napero tribe (rom
Southern Washington were camped in
Penticton today, and will continue
tlieir journey by easy stages to Vernon tomorrow. Tlieir encampment
made a picturesque scene, the men
with  their  bilgbt  colored  shirts  and
    Quesnel,   Aug.   23.���The   telephone
Sydney, Aug. 23.���Minister.;pt De- Une has been completed to Foit
fence Pearce, during the second read- George from Blackwater telegraph Sta-
Ing of the defence bill in the senate, tion. This will mean much ior tha
fully adopted Kitchener's scheme of residents of tills whole district and
defence. When fully operative the another important step has been taae.i
schemo provides for 127,000 men at a in its development. Messages may
cost of .10 000,000. ;now bo sent to Fort George from any
'l'he minister attacked those who Point on a telegraph line via B'aca-
placed their faith in arbitration, and! water station, where messages will
said   that   Australia   would   refuse  to be transmitted over the phone to Fort
arbitrate In regard to Asiatic exclusion and must be prepared to maintain Its own laws against attack. If
anyone asked why the labor patty was
  Nelson, Aug. 23.���The Gre.a Nortli-
especiaHy keen on military matters, ern railway has decided to leconstruct
the answer was. that that parties pro- its Kaslo and Sandon line, recently-
posed social Industrial reforms re- burne.l as far as Sproule's. The gov-
mled freedom from disturbance j ernment has put a large gang at work
which they must effectively secure.! opening a wagon road from Sproule's
All means of defence must be on the to connect with Whitewater. In the'
very best. There must be no make- spring the railway will reconstruct
shifts, but the margin should be ton tbe Une to Sandon, its former ter-
the side of safety. minus. _**%%
.- y."
1 iii
Classified Advertisements
.....u. ii..... a ruiii i,i avenue,
close to Sixth street. Terms must
be moderate.    Kexjiy    io _o, .nc.v.-.
OiliCt .
Over  Merchants  Bank. Cor. Columbia 111    U I I     Ul      fflllllll LU
and Begbie Sts.
New Westminster, B. C.        Phone 335	
Apply  King's hotel
ili:.\ : i.v.MAS AND DAUGHTER
want a two or three room suite
suital le for light housekeeping.
Plione '.'���'.. James W. Conner, care
Lees' Limited.
WE Have the following choice propel tics, mostly on or mar IJ. C. Electric Railway, and nil but his: two ia
lis! within comparatively short dis
tance of Canadian Northern te I
nus, opposite New Westminster
Council Passes Bylaw Compelling Use When Other
Standards Are Displayed.
Moore's millinery parlors,
I osl  ollice.
TWO and a half acres on  B. C
tii' car line, near Scot: road,
Vi.   tn Inster.     Price,    .2,000;
cash;    il,   11',   ami   Is   mon h
a!    7
I er cenl.
Iii  Winnipeg tlie national flag will
plai e.
room and hoard near Eighth avenue
and Twelfth street. Reply K., News
VYA.VI :���:!:- TO RENT Kill! WINTER
Months, flve or six loomed
furnished housi'. .Musi be close to
busim ss disti in and available by
September l. Reply, stating price
. .am! particulars, to Box 781), News
offii e,
rooms for four; no children; in city
or near vicinity; or small furnished
lm: >e.   Addi ess i'.'>\ A��� 1 tally News.
cottage, unfui nished; dose to car
liar.    Apply   E.   K.,  News  oil ice.
) mrth class englnei ring papers 11 -
���quired. Apply the Y, es minster Mill
Co., Lulu  Island.
ELOCK of 17 lots, 132x66. half mile
from tram line. South Westminster.
A bargain at only .1,500; .600 cash,
ii and  1- nionlhs. at  7 per ( cut.
future there will be no mme proces-
iu that city in which people endowed wilh an Inadequate amount oi
good taste, can display all kinds of
national flags, either excluding or rel-
,  rating io ihe background the Hritish
TWO  five acre   lots  across  road  from      _, .,   , ,        ,
[Cenned3   Station, B. C. Electric Ry. |    n"" ^' council  has passed   :l  ''
Scott Head.   Price $300 per acre, % law which ensures the British flag Its
cash, 6 and 12 months, at 7 per cent, due and proper place.
ACHE   and   one-tenth   in   Burnaby.  on        '������''  b>law  "'l!s ;ls f"i,:'ws:
North Arm  Road, near Geo. Mead's      "In  every  procession  or  parade
new residence, just outside city lim- which  the applicant   for
T    Vi)
���    App
t ity D
ye Works.
., < -
.rt .1
da street
' A .\
T E I)
- 11 o I
g I : !-.
is for
man ic l
e.    Apply
his offici
room, walking distance, with phone
in h ci-e. wanted hy gentleman,
price :    I'. O. B ix 852.
fi I loor factory.
tlcsire house to rent;  il or 7 rooms,
unfurnished;   Wesl   laid   preferred.
Entry   hy   September  1.    Reply  to;
Box B, News ollice.
Best wa.es paid to right party. Apply 201 Columbia street.
i's.   Corners on tramway cu' off un-1
der    consl ruction.      Price    ������ S,i
$1,000 cash. 6,  12 and  18 month  . at
7 per cent.
NEW Modern residence, beautifully
situated, embowered in shade and
[rail trees, near Porl 1 lama i id,
C. P. H. station. Price $5500;
$2,5i 0 ea.-h. balance to arrange at 7
, er cent,
New Westminster.  B. C.      Phone 335
Head  Office        -    s  451   Columbia St. |
New  Westminster,   B.  C.
Branch Office     -     ���     Kamloops, B.C.
1.0 i 57. cf subdivision B, of section
20, block 5 north, range 2 west,
containing one and one-sixth acres.
In. e ll 00; on -third casli, balance six, twelve and eighteen
months at    7    per cent.    inlerest.
(205 A i
Encouraging   Figures   In   Annual    Report of the Board of Trade.
To,onto. Aug. 23.���A year of unprecedented prosperity all along the
line, is the keynote of J. P. Watson a
address as presldenl oi the Toi uto
Hoard, of Trade, the annual report of
v, hich has just   heen published.
As a flnancial center Toronto woul l
: e bard to beat. There are thirty-
three chartered banks operatln In
Canada, and of this number eh' n
have their head ofllce In Toronto. The
air,am- of capital represented by
ti ese eleven banks Is $33,1 10,031, the
Ms   $261 010,700,   ami   the   I
There are flve trusl companies with
bead offices In His city, having an ag-
gregate paid-up capital ol abou .o,-|
000,000 with ass,'is amounting to $62,-
000,000. The clearing house returns
for Toronto during the ye ir were $1,-
437,700,477, the second lai .est In the
dominion, Montreal slightly In the
li ad.
Seventy-six Insurance companies
twenty-four of which have their In I
ofl . here, are doing business In Tori nto.
in the matter of transport itlon, To
ronto  !: is  ha I  a   record  year.    Fro n
July  1,  1!  till  puly  1,  1910, the C,
p    R,   forwarded   from    Toronto   tei
mfnals  .""'; cars, and the G. T.  R
i   ��� out at le ist as man;   [rei  ht cars
a sthe C. P.  "
The estimated value of the b did
lngs erected In Toronto during ;j e
past  year amounts to $18,154,047,   an
Shows   Increase  of  Over  Two   Million
Pounds   in   Canadian   Exports   and
n   se oi er the prei iou s yea   ol  ":.   Is  11 e  flrsl   muni,
custoi   I   n turns   ror   ihe   port
of  To onto  I   ve   more  than   doubli 1
r the        '   "       ' and  ll   Is
i    mt e'fl    il year 1911,
i        evenue        I  hai     reac' ed   $1
housework   and   plain   cooking.
ply  125 Third  avenue.
an;. such II-
all display any national il ig
or flags, the sal I apj licant shall dis-
I laj the British nation ,1 flag unfurle 1,
ol nol less than four and oni ,
feel i 1!- feel > by nine feet 19 feet > In
at ilic head of sui Ii procession or
parade,   li any flags of other nations
are  dlsplaj e I   In  su   i   i es sion  or
parade, the I in e s i .ii be unfurled
under or behind the British national
flag; and for evei y (la if any other
rial Ion   so   unfurl d   or   displace :
i wo Britis lona    lags of the
is and din , n -:  us,    The d ie
observance  of  the  provisions  of  this
section  shall   be  a ci   ditl in   to   the
ni" of a lb ense under subsection
2G ol sei : lon 11 of this bj law, and up-
: n a I i each 11 ���   ' ��� city maj   re
coi er the amount of the I ond or >o-
in the ca        i      lit to be furnish ,1
by su h applicant  in terms of section
o   this bylaw. The   two   chief  civic   undertal  ���
"No procession shall parade In the during the year were th ��� trunk sewet
streets  of   the   city   ol   Winnipeg   in and   nower   elan'.   Involving   an   out-
whicii   national   flags    are   displayed  lay of over $5,	
withoul   having  at   the  head   of   the	
said procession the British national
flag unfurled and flowing, and, wherever the said procession has any flags 	
other than  the  British   flag  displayed,   offers   .500 for  Return  of Currency-
there shall  be displayed  the  Hritish poMce Know Noth
flag as the proper emblem, in a posl-
FIFTY  ACRES   in  township  9,  front-   ���>"��  above   and   in   precedence  to  all |     Ne*   York,   Aug   23.���That   a    Chl-
i other flags." cage woman recent lv losl a large sum
  i of money  in   New York City  became
known today wlum the following ad-
After Eight Years. vertisement appeared in The Herald:
Despite the fact |    "Lost���500    reward    will    be    paid
for rei urn of currency, in large   de-
Ottawa, Aug. 23.���The report of
Lord Strathcona, high commissioner
for Canada. In London, ; Ives the particulars of trade between Canada aim
Great Britain during the pasl calendar
yi ar.
The total foreign and colonial trade
of the United Klngdpm, 1909, was l.
un:;,I IU lull pounds, as compared with
970,056,311 in 1908, An im rease I
33,062,650, The total trade with Canada in 1909 was 29,424,609 as agalnsl
26.538,206 i omuls in  1908,
An Increase of 2 886,403 pounds.
Total expoi is from the Unite I Kingdom i i Canada In 1909 were 8,4] .634,
i ompare I with 6,2^8,417 in 1908, a verified factor Ineie i ;e oi :\i-''i.i ^7
pounds, or aboul ::.:.",< pi r cent. Imports from Canada in same periods
were 21 009,915 i oun is in L909, and
20,2 r.��.7.".:> i oun Is in 1908, ihns show���
lng an Inei ease ol i 60,216 i ound
You'll    ,
oode"   Plate,
CheaP Knives
s'   baskets, A|uiri   '
Cups,   Fishing  Tackle
zme, etc., etc.
1 '"un   warn    vv.
Paper   Nap!
and   Fork
' Ma
A    NEW    PARTY    FOR    LABOR.
Ww York, a ii.. 23.    >'��� w Yorl i Ity
Is to 1     e a bi    d i
lis platform and ii<' a .��� atlon of ]    md
pies have jusi   been mad" public.   Il
"a Street���-665
LNew Westminster, B. C.
"HE5!r5n5KiSr-'r-' -':7aMi|
Mineral Waters
Aerated Waters
��� ���
pal  labor part
I ion";.  Gc ii : e cam
il is city : Ince the
oi   i1- fi.
The  oi to  be
know n as ' he Fedei al  Labor :   rtj  o
,     i'ork, had ii: imepilon al a meel
of labo . I     Juh
Telephone  R  113 p.
B. C.
ing on Clover Valley road, all close |'
to two railroads.   Price .90 per acr i.
Terms over five years. (206-A.)
��������������� "" i     St, Louis, Aug,
WANTED���A  GIRL FOR  GENERAL   SIXTY ACRES in section 30, township   ,hat   her  husband   obtained  a  divorce
Price $125 per acre; 'from her eight years ago, Mrs. Cath-
halance   one   and|erine Elizabeth Stephenson, who was
(204-A.)   known on the stage as  Kate Claxton.
1 is today preparing   to combat the de-
THIRTY ACRES in section 36, block cree. It is aliened by the woman that
5 north, range 1 west, twenty acres j fraud was employed in obtaining tlie
cleared, with new house and barn; I divorce. ,
8, prairie land,
one-third    casli,
two years.
Lvtton hotel dining room.
una,     Tl e    ro stal  n ven ! ' il:''   '     ���
cit,   f(    the past vear to    ���*'     resent, to ba oni; bu   plan
,.   |ar ,. |   oT  ......  , j.,   for making ii a  national party are I i
In     ... ; m and near!?   tv '       :    ' : ,:i :'::''   ' ' ex< I ;'   '
i ir e ns |ts , earesl com] ��� tltor, Mon   dential c tmpaign.
Hrea] Tl e     i art) 's     platform     di m  i I
,, ,    ��� , ,      , .        among other I hings :  ���   an     on   to
The   two   chief  civic   undertaking;   . ... ,
ia\ a ta accomplish i ie folio ��� I      d
sirnble ends:
(I . nership an I opei atlon by muni-
clpullty, Btate or nation of all public
utilities, Including Ice plants.
The establishment ol postal sa\ li
hanks ami po tal express.
Laws prohibiting the use of the In
junction process in labor disputes,
A national eight l r law.
Abolition   of   il lectoral   college
and direct nomination and election of
president, vice president, United
States senators, judges and all elec
tive officers.
Extension of all the provisions of
the employers' liability laws, and I ie
compensation laws, so as to inclu le
within their provisions all classes ol
employment, and ballot reform.
The leaders of tlie movement hop.
to nominate John Mitchell, lately leader of the coal minors, tor governor al
the next  state election.
reward    will
currency, in
nominations:   lost  in  downtown,  New
York, August  5.    Telegraph or write
Mrs. A. L. Goodwin. 1101 Triple building. Chicago."
Tlie. police   sail   that  thev   had    received no information in reference to
' the loss.
on Westminster road; about ISO
feet to another road; for $700; quarter casli. Herbert Gay, Windsor
hotel,   alter   (i   o'clock.
good water.    Price  $-70 per    acre. >   _ 	
Terms      over      eighteen      months.'	
tn.-, v.. -^^^______7EM_
apply  713  Tiew  street.
ply upstairs Trapp block, corner
Columbia street and Clarkson.
P'OOM TO RENT���A comfortable furnished bedroom suitable for two
gentlemen.   Apply at L'.'t3 8th St.
rooms. 70S Third avenue. Apply
alter 6 p. m. or between !) a. m. and
5 p. in. at Room 11, 623 Columbia
First class board.    Newly furnished
rooms.    All  home cooking.    Terms!
���very reasonable, at 513 Agnes street.
room   suitable  for  two.    Handy  to |
business section.    Apply 129 Tenth
FOR RENT���A five-room house with
out buildings; double lot; good lo-
ca'ion; near Vancouver tram in
West Knd. Possession Sept. 1. Apply to Home. Daily News office.
160 ACRES on the Scott road within
six     miles     of    New   Westminster.1
Price $85  per acre;  one-third cash,|
balance   six,   twelve    and    eighteen)
months.    Investigate tiiis.    (208-A.)
80 ACRES  in  section  25, township 2,
.150 per acre;   $4200 casli, balance;
over two years. (141-A.) |
10  ACRES  in   northwest    quarter    of
section  19, township    2.    $200    per j
acre: one-third cash, balance six and j
twelve months at 7 per    cent,    in-1
terest. (201-A.) 11
FIVE ACRES in section 18, township;
8, on Newton road. $150 per acre. I
Terms over two years. (91-A.) '
Through our branch    office    at    Kam-
loops we have received some of the'
best fruit lands in that vicinity. Call
and get particulars.
Development Co,
Registered Capital   -   -   -   $25,000
In 250 Shares of $100 Each, Fully Paid Up and Non-Assessable
��� :,:. sy
If you deposil ���  ���, ���
Bafety lo Tl i   Bank of 1 ' ���������
lt wiil be safe ��hll
It. and ii a Ij  whi n you
and   ll   wlll be
earning for you three per cut.
Interest. Small cr large suras
may be deposited at any time
In    On
,   Quebec   anj   the
. 4.750,000
Bank of Toronto
B.   C,
J. Gracey,
Charles  ft. Gordon, Esq.,  President.
Benjamin  G.  Walker,  Esq., J.  P.      Edgar H. Sands, Esq., Vice Pres.     Dugald C. Patterson, Esq.
Percy B. Brown, Esq. Arthur Bradley, Esq. Arthur Wedge,  Esq.
Phone 3,15
ATNt'll      FOR      HIRE,
or at boat, Eighth street
ptore in the K. I', block; suitable
for stoic rooms, skating rink, or
���moving pictures, etc., etc. For particulars apply to John Forrester.!
Sec. K. P, Trustees, 517 St. George
���street, Cltv.
Frank C. Cook, Gen. Manager.
Head  Office        .        451   Columbia St.
New Westminster, B. C.
Branch Office      -     -      Kamloops, B.C.
Merchants Bank Building.    Phone 655. ���
FIFTY-SEVEN acres on the Yale road
in section L'fi; price $125 per acre;
one-third cash, balance one and two
FORTY acres on the S. W. i/4 section
35 on the Johnson road; price $100
per acre.
with gold chain, hetween tram office and Third streel. Suitable reward for returning same to Daily
News ofiice.
fifteen   hands,    mane    clipped,    tail
long,  has  defect   in    right     foreleg.
THIRTY acres on the Coast Meridian
road; price $lan per acre; one-quarter casli, balance six, twelve and
eighteen months.
FIVE acres in section 25, block 5, R. 2
\V.\ price $1100 per acre; one-third
cash, balance six and twelve
Merchants Bank Building.    Phone 655.
Finder please return to 47 Columbia   NOTICE     REGULATING     VEHICLE
street.    Reward.
you want to increase
business ?   Then see
I G  N
Signs of every description.
Class signs a si eclally.
324 Columbia Street. Phone 766.
All persons using Columbia street
for vehicle traffic of any kind are requested to keep to the left hand side
of the car track while proceeding in
either direction.
By order,
Acting City Clerk.
City Hall, August 12, 1910.
Cedar lumber for sale cheap. We
have on hand a small quantity of
rough cedar, one inch, one and a half
Inch, and two inches thick. Just right
for drainage work. We will give a
(Teal bargain on this lumber. Walsh
Sasli and Door factory. Phone 413. **
The above company was formed in February of this year, and duly registered under the Company's
Act of 1807, with the main object of acquiring properties in New Westminster's beautiful suburb of Ed
monds, upon   the    Burnaby   Heights, and developing and building upon same.
Tlie settler or tlie Investor has only to glance at the general development of Edmonds within tho
last twelve months and to note in particular the work accomplished by the Edmonds Development Company in the district, to see at a glance where lies the choicest field In the neighborhood of New Westminster for safe investment and splendidly situated and healthy residence.
Whilst the Edmonds Development Company is in the best sense of the word a co-operative foundation, und considers the claims of its Investors ns prior to all others, where the development of property
by means of tho company's funds Is sought; It takes also Into the fullest consideration the claims of
the settler who wishes to acquire properly in the neighborhood, or, having land, wishes to build a home
Those operations in realty and construction which the Edmonds Development Company has already
undertaken In Burnaby during the current, year, have shown a net return to Investors, upon the capital
subscribed to date, of over 26 per cent., and during the seven months of the Company's active existence they have acquired at cheap cost some very valuable permanent assets In (lie district, among which
may he mentioned that splendidly situated triangular business lot at the junction of thc Vancouver and
Edmonds roads, and bungalow sites upon the latter highway.
With the object of Immediately extending the field of Ihe Company's operations, the Directors or
the Edmonds Development Company, Ltd., now propose to place upon the market a further block $10,-
ooo worth of stock, and they look with confidence to residents of the districts of New Westminster
and of Burnaby and Edmonds In particular, to respond in subscribing for shares in the Company.
The stock of the Edmonds Development Company has never been advertised or "boomed." The
occasion for such lias never arisen. The corporaflon lias hitherto gone smoothly along, making Inter-
est quietly and steadily, and Its directors have touched none but sale and profitable Investments, whilst
many of its shareholders have COnsIderablj   Increased their holdings.
Applications for stock may lie made upon the following form which should
warded to the undersigned;
White Star-Dominion
Canadian Service
Montreal to Liverpool
14,.*" ton*
Trlple  screw,
S. MEGAN i��.���
Twin    screw,    n.soo   toni.
largest   and    most   modern.
commodatlon  equal to any crowing the Atlantic.
For Rates and Tickets Apply <��
C. P. R. Passenger Station
Furniture Made to Any Design.
Furniture Repaired,
Woodwork of All Ki��lls'
39 Alexander St,
he    cut out    and    for-
Enclosed find $ for deposit on    share.... of the stock of the Edmonds Development Company, Ltd,    Balance to  be  paid  in   nine  monthly  Instalments of $  each
\ Occupation   Signature	
Date Address	
WALTER S. ROSE, Secretary-Treasurer
Merchants Bank Building New Westminster, B.C.
Green Cut Bone to Make
Your  Chickens Lay.
Central Meat Ma*
Corner  Eighth  St. and Filth Ave
PHONE 370.
For all kinds of
Phone 695
or leave orders at
The  Arrow Pf6"
Mrs   E   M. Dommy. r*01
r-    RA9 Victoria
near The Dully News Co.,��",?,
I    Try  a  "WANT"  ad
'it will bring results. *���,*a**\*i*��� up'
Rank of Montreal
��� .    $14,400,000.00
LiPlTAL     11,000,000.00
cEserVE ""	
hes throughout    Canada    and
BraD    e,.1(l    ami   in   London,   Lng-
| Ne��fo'"'d" .''.',.  Chicago and Spokane,
j land. -Ne^]|,   Mestc0  City.    A   general
0.S.A-, ':",    jlnesa     transacted.     Let-
bauiiii'-       - lB8uei1c   available   with
1 Srespondents in   all    parts of    the
*orld;      Bank Department���Deposits
^.vl";V," cuius "f $1 and upward,
r'"'''.'���','', !st allowel at 3 per cent, per
811,1'"present rate).
Total ah sets
G   d, BRYMNER, Manager.
Transfer Co.
tunes Thone W*      Barn 'P*one 187
Columbia 8treet-
g||g*g8   delivered    promptly   t��
my part ot the city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
London, Aug. 23.���Among the so
ciety fads of recenl years tattooing on
an elaborate scale Is one which has
had Its frequent spells of prosperity
for the artist, while at other periods
lie, or she, will be almost starving for
lack of employment.
There is, however, a pretty steady
demand among society women, especially among those who go in for
swimming, for the services of the
skilful tattooer. Beautiful little birds
and butterflies are the favorite devices, but frequently a
Ottawa Celestial Elected
Eastern Canadian Representative in Assembly.
Gardiner & Gardiner
(F, G. Gardiner)
Room 6   Westminster Trust Building
New Westminster, B. C
Phone 661
p, 0. Box 395
Residence  Phone  133
Phone 730
, . _ ... _ woman will be
tattooed with a copy of her husband's
regimental crest, and one woman at
least, is carrying about on her fair
skin her husband's coat of arms.
These are generally tattooed either
on the shoulder or on the underside
of the forearms so that they are concealed by a shoulder strap or a glove,
as the case maybe.
Men, on the other hand, prefer
grewsome designs, such as dragons
and cobras. One of the most illustrious Hritish royal personages has a
fearsome dragon on liis chest, and a
popular actor is tattooed with one of
those indescribable creatures so popular with heraldic artists.
The sultan of Johore, the Maharajah
of Klkanlr, Prince Jaime of Bourbon,
Prince Hussein Kemal el-Dlne. cousin of the khedive of Egypt; Prince
Vladimer Orloff and Prince Colloredo
Mannsfed are only a few���and not the
most Illustrious���of those who have
passed through the bands of the fashionable tattooers. By the way, it is
a mistake to suppose that men are
tattooed In large numbers with the
portraits of the women they adore. It
Is the exception, rather than the rule,
for that subject to be chosen.
McMurphy & Craig
Heating and   Plumbing
'111  Jobbing   Promptly   Attended   To
Colonial  Block
Coach and  Automobile   Painter.
Lettering  and   Top  Repairing.
1014  Sixth  Avenue.
Gold Watches for Lading from |12.f5
gents'    open face
Silver Watches     	
Silver  Watches,   gents'  open    case,
I7.S0 up. ,  .
Agent    for    Waltham    and      lUgin
O * a [ r* h, - ft
Watch rppalrlng a specialty.
Two Doors from Geo. Adams' Grocery
W. K. Walsh      W. E. Walsh, Jr.
Factory, 226 14th St.
New  Westminster,   B.C.
Phone 413.
We   make   a   specialty   of   fit-
doors,  steamed  and  kiln  dried.
3.2  to  25
.   and 4
H.  P.
Local  Agents
Westminster Iron Works
St.,   New
53.    ^^^
Westminster Private Hospital.
223 Townsend St. Maternity
and non-contagious medical
cases accepted. Terms from
$15 weekly. For further particulars apply to Hospital. Telephone 755.
Room  6,  Guichon Building.
Phone 6tf1
And   Uprlver  Landinga
The New Sternwheeler
Leaves Hrackman-Ker Milling Company '��� wharf, New Westminster, with
paRsenp.18 and freight  ss fellows:
Leaves New Westminster Tuesday
Thursday and Saturday at 8 a. m.
Leaves Chilliwack Wednesday, Friday and Sunday nt 7 a. m.
First Class Passenger Accommodation
New   Westminster.
Thomson   Blk.
Given   on   Any   Kind
job   Printing
Phone   388
Ail   Kinds   of   Automobile
Phone 105.     P. O. Box 348.
Office, Front St, Foot of Sixth.
New Westminster to New Westminster
Steveston ond Vancouver
Leave, n,ackman-Ker wharl at 3 P.   M. dally except Saturday,
��n Saturday for Steveston and way points.
A Delightful Trip for $1.50
Ticket, at B. C. E. R. ticket offlce and �� ^S^VMW*
Wc cars'leave Steveston every hour  (on the half-hour)
8e�� the Famous  Fraser  River Canneries, Vancouver.        ���
Round trip tickets to Steveiton. Saturday afternoon .
Ottawa, Ann. 23.���Monday was "red
|e er day for tlie Chinese of Canada.
""������' 1"1'1 their flrst election under
the new constitution���by which China
was enfranchised three year. ago.
The pun ing into force of the'new
const it ui ion marks the most advanced!
step the Chinese have undertaken toward copying the methods of the western civilization.    Hut, [ike the Japan-!
ese, they were nol satisfied with mere-1
ly  copying.    They  thought they  saw I
some  points  in   which   Improvement
could |ie made, an(1 ,hey incorporated!
certain new departures in their    con-
BlMuiion.   one of these Improvements
was the enfranchising of citizens who!
were living In other countries, so that
they would remain politically citizens
of China, no matter where they lived
As a  resull  of this,   the   Chinese   ln
i anada, can elect   representatives to
the Chinese parliament���that   is,   to
the provincial  parliament.    The first
election   in   Canada   under   this   rule i
took place ou Monday, when the Chinese of eastern Canada met at  Montreal, and with due ceremony elected I
from   ahout   twenty   candidates,   Hum'
Quam,   merchant,   219   Albert   street,
Ottawa, and Lee Man How, merchant
of  Montreal   as  their representatives
in the provincial assembly of Qwang
Tung, China.
Without   Noise   or Display.
The    election    took    place    at    the
rooms of the Chinese Reform association  at   108   Drbain   street,   Montreal,
and was carried out without noise or]
undue display.   Although the rooms of
the Reform association were used, tho|
election  had  nothing to do  with the I
association, the right to vote extend-1
lng equally to all Chinese.   Those who i
[could not go to Montreal were allowed
to send their votes by mail.
The election was presided over by
Mr. Kung, Ottawa, tbe Chinese enn-
I sui general for Canada, and the secretary to the consulate Dr. Siao. They
teturned from Montreal last night. To
a reporter. Dr. Siao gave some interesting facts regarding the significance
to the Cliin'so of the event wliich had
just taken place.
"China is making considerable prog-
ress in the matter of a constitution,"
he said.
"The flrst reform edict was issued
hy tbe late Emperor and Empress!
Dowager. From this sprang(the new
bureau for government affairs, wbicb
was ordered to memorialize throne re- i
garding things that should be don,>
and those which should be left undone. Since tbis time which was In
1901, numerous edicts have been is
sued, disclosing thc gradual change of
view that was taking place lu the
mind of tbe government during tbe
following years. A gradual hut real
change of opinion an! policy followed.
Historic Edict.
"In 19or, there was Issued the his-
c nric edict ma'lng the point where
fclthe Chinese Lovernment definitely
Hconsidered thai 'he grant of a constitution for the parliamentary govern-
J ment of China bad become necessary
Hfor the welfare of the empire. In this
the Empress Dowager declared that
tbe only hope of the future of her empire lay ln the granting of a constitution.
"In the previous year a commission
was sent to Europe and America for
tbe puropse of making a study of the
political systems of foreign nations.
The edict of 19011 which waa a reply,
to the report of the commissioners definitely promised a constitution nnd j
foreshadowed a course to be followed
which would lead up to the establish-
ment of a parliament of the empire.
In this edict the Empress Dowager I
pave tbe reasons that led her to adopt
this policy. She pointed out that,
from the "first days of the dynasty
each successive emperor bad ruled according to tbe beat mode's. She then
recognized that Intercourse between
nations had become so close and Intimate that It was possible for one na-
tlon to reclve much ben-dlt from its
fellows, particularly in the sphere of
law nni politics.
Model of West-rn Nation*.
"She then recounted thn! though
China's governm-nt led been established for such Ion? ages, the empire
was todav halting in a dangerous and
sorrowful place.
"Officials bad forgotten t i proteoi
their peop'e !ind the peonle knew not
bow to assist their country. She dis
covered that a constitution and udWe
from tbe people given In r nulla-
' ment Is the foundation on wbicb wes
tern nations have hulit up f eir
'wealth and peacefulness. Therefo'e
China's   hope,   too,   was   a.   ennsfi'u-
"The  full  proer-ru  for  t'e   rea t"i-
tlon of tb" completed system exten 's
over a period of nine years.   The nine
years'  preparatory steps arr<nee,l  to
he   followed   were   contained   ln   an
edict, giving the general principles of
the constitution,  which  was then   issued.    The flrst steps actually taken
manlfes'ed themselves in the opening
of the provincial assemblv of the province of Kwang Tung, which was In
augurated about October 15 last.
A   National     Assemblv,
"Arrangements   are   already   being
made for tbe s-im���nlne of the N*
tional assemblv In Pekin. hut this advanced stasre will not be reached un-
til a good ''eai of the nine years' program is carried out.   The   provincial
council Is an assemblv nf represents
fives of the peonte   living In a prov-
Inre     It  will deal  with purely provincial   matters  and  wil  serve   rs  a
training  ground   fo-  future  members
mnerlM parliament.    The Na-
representatives of princes, nobles, metropolitan officials and the    wealth! r
classes   and other half of   iis   mem-1
hers will be chosen from the members :
of the various provincial councils.
"These two assemblies are to be the ,
foundation stones of the fulure par-1
Liament of the empire. Follow ing will
be the establishment of the local
councils in city, market town and village. A criminal code, a mercantile
code, codes of municipal law will follow in quick succession. A census is
to i e taken. The finances of the provinces are to be put on a proper footing. Estimates of revenue and expenditure are to be prepared. Systems of local an I national taxation
aer to be determined and made pub-
lie, and an experiment Is to be made
With a national budget. Police systems aro to be introduced and there
is to lie a general reorganization of
metropolitan and provincial administration.
"Most people in Montreal and Eastern Canada, hall from the province of
Kwang   Tung.     For   this   reason,   we
held  our elections  of representatives!
for this  council  Monday.      Two  men
have  been  elected   from  the eastern
half of  Canada.    The  line   is   drawn
from   Manitoba,   which   is    not    inclusive.     Other   representatives   will   be
elected for tlie western half.
Will   Go  When   Called.
"These  men  will  not   go to every
meeting   of   the   assembly,   but   only
take   the  trip   to   China   If    they    aie
especially called to discuss matters of
importance.    Otherwise  tbey  will   re-
, main  here and  will send  their opinions on the matters that are being discussed ln writing.   They will also see
to the enforcing of the measures that
tbe legislature In China decides to be
for  the   good  of   the  Chinese  in   all
"They will be leaders of tbe Chinese people in the community, and a ,
medium for complaints, They will
keep tbe government informed on
matters relating to immigration, the
treatment of immigrants, etc.
"The Chinese of Ottawa are very
'much pleased witli the election of
Hum Quam. It is an advantage having an Ottawa man, for he will be
closely In touch with th" consulate
and tlie Canadian government. Hum
with the Canadian government. Hum
Quam has been in this country about
eighteen years. He is very well
known and is highly respected among
the Chinese, not only in Ottawa, but
elsewhere. He is well educated and
speaks excellent English, and is a
man of culture and advanced ideas.
Sixteen Hundred Farm H?.nds and 500
Domestics Distributed  During the
Current Year.
Toronto. Aug. 23.���Sir James Whitney leaves this morning for a trip to
the old country. He WiU sail from
Montreal on Thursday on the Royal
Edward. It is expected that he will be
gone for about, six weeks or so.
On being asked yesterday regarding his trip to England, Sir .lames
said: I
"I leave tomorrow morning and will .CONSERVATIVE
have been a great number of enquiries
las to tlie investment of moneys in
Ontario. The official staff has beets
kept very busy supplying Information.
not only as to the agricultural resources of the province, but also as to
mining, manufacturing and ether
Une3 of activity. To such an extent
has the work Increased, thai our London agent expresses the opinion lhat
additional quarters must be secured
In order to finiiish sufficient accommodation for the work to be done.
"The minister of agriculture being
unable to leave the province ibis summer, I am going over in connection
with these matterB. 1 will meet Mr.
James, the deputy minister of agriculture, and also the minister of education, shortly after my arrival in London, when we will take up the whole
subject, including the suggestion as
to additional quarters."
be away flve or six weeks. Som
time ago an order In council was passed providing that in future either a
cabinet minister or tlie deputy minister of agriculture should visit tlie On
BE    HELD    IN    1912
Ottawa. Aug. 23.���June, llllL', is now
regarded as the most likely time for
the assembly of the Dominion Conser-
tario government agency in London, j vative convention. The original In
at least once every year with a view tention was to have held it this year
to observing the working of our immi- and the date was even selected, but.
gration policy and other matters con- it was considered better policy to wait
nected therewith. |tl 11 nearer the general elections.   The
"During the current year tlie efforts'rumor that these might be brought la
of the colonization bureau have been
chiefly directe 1 towards relieving the
demand for farm laborers and domestic servants. We have been much
encouraged by the result. Cp to the
present time about 1600 farm hands
have been distributed throughout the
province; this is, of course, aside
from the number placed by the Salvation army and other agencies.    It  is
this year was soon disposed of ancl
it is equally certain that dissolution
will not occur next year by reason of
tlie fact that the government cannot
well go to the country before before-
giving effect to the new census with a
redistribution bill. This could only be
brought forward In the latter part or
the session of 1911-12. It ts expected
that the usual custom of going to lhe
tlon  army anu  oilier  agencies,    n   w i inm me uauai .uav,,, v.	
likewise several times as large a num- country after four sessions will be
ber as has been placed any other followed and the elections be brought
year. on In the, fall of 1912.   A few months
"After remaining in Ontario for a previous to that Is regarded as the
few months a number have left on most opportune time of having the
harvest excursions for the west, but general convention of the Conserva-
this number seems to be less than In tlves.
previous   years.     This,   of   course,   is'
.  Railway   Comrrisslon   Cominp.  .
Ottawa.   Aug.    23.���Chairman  May-
bee and Dr.  Mills are tbe two mem- i
be"s of the railway   commission   wbo
will bold a series of sittings    of the
board at points in  the west including
Vancouver, Victoria. Lethbridge, Winnipeg and Fort William.   Tbe remain-
I ing members of the board under the
presidency  of D'Arcy Scott, will hold
tlieir first  Autumn  sitting in Ottawa
,on September 13. .  ��� ,
one of the conditions which we have
to meet. Just as we have to meet the
fact    that   numbers   of   our    school
teachers soon after getting their cer-, German English    Financier   Plans   In-
tlficates go to the northwest to seek temational    Relief   Fund.
larcer salaries. I    Berlin, Aug.  2?,.���Ernest Casel, the
"Outside of  other organizations  at   English financier, has arranged to es-
least 500 domestic servants have been  tablisb a foundation of $1,000,000, the
place! so far during the current vear.   Income from which is to be  used for
"While the efforts of tlie eoloniza-  the beneffit of poor Germans seeking-
' tlon bureau have been largely directed  employment   In   England,    and    poor
as above, attention had also been paid  Britah subjects seeking work in Ger-
, to tlie matter of securing more perrna- "liin>'>   who  are  without    money   for
nent   settlers   for    improving    farms,  "'eir  support.      The new  foundation
While I am not able to give tbe num-l^11  ,ie in  memory  of tbe late  King:
ber. I am in a position   to sav   that  Edward of Great Britain, with whom
man,- properties have been purchased,  the  financier  had  been  closely   asso-
Tbere has been a snecial demand for  elated for many years,
fruit lands in tbe Niagara Peninsula. I    Sir Ernest Cassel, though a British
as  well  as in  other counties   In   the  subject,  lias  retained   bis   Interest  In
fruit    growing    districts.       Such    en-  his  native land.   Germany.     He   was
dairies have been received from New  horn in Cologne, the son of a German
Zealand,   Rritlsb   Columbia,   and   the  hanker,  in  1862,  and,  in  addition  to
other    western    provinces    and    the his English knighthood, he wens the
l'nited States Order of tbe Crown of Prussia, first-
nited States. v/.u^..   ���.   ��.
"The London offlce has had one of class, one of the highest German deco
the busiest years in its history. Tliere rations.
Do you want a lot in the centre
of the city. The old Clute Home,
corner of Third Ave., and Seventh
Street, is now on the market; the
price is $1000 per lot and upwards
and will be sold on good terms.
As the beautiful house is now
on our new street, we will give it
to the purchaser of any two lots
for the small sum of $1000. It
now rents for $35 a month.
Don't forget, we will give you
good terms.
of tie ""!��������' > "��� p k,    w,���   be   a
V*i] Xmber 'but  Seining   the
sin. le   chamber. ber   l6flfW
S^"Half of ^member, will ��
620 Columbia St.
Phone 307 if
The DaiSy News
Published by The Dally -News Publish-
lu.pL Company, Un.ited. at their offices,
Corner   of    McKenzie   and    Victoria
t. A.  Paige Managing  Director
We Furnish Your
Home  Complete
'��� ..-.    .... *' '���
PHONE  73.      716-:
This will be a notable day in
the history of the Royal City. .At
Queens park this afternoon the people
of N w Westminster and the Eraser
valley will have an opportunity of welcoming the distinguished bead of
Canadian affairs: of meeting one who
has, by his enlightened und wise
poll ���: , advance;! I e Inti rests and wel-
fai ' his greal Doi ilnlon to tiie
pc " .; of I oti ntiality and brilliii
pn ��� ��� s v, hii i it toda enj ys; ri
lu arl the vi li e of one n ho is
i iwledged as an o tg the foremost
of :' c few great stati n en i he w orld
oi ��� :- ci n boast. 1 lie privilege of
w< Ico: lng t lie :' : e Minister of Canad In their midst comes ; aca'nr.'iacis.srE.
thi ; ��� i !e of thl district, i ud the
oi portunity \ ii:': this aftei noon will
afford then fori i ertaln to be taken
advantage nf by many thousands.
; i ��� Wiif: id Laurier has spent several weeks i.i touring through the
prairie provinces, an. lias visited tha
cities of Victoria, Vancouver uud
Prince Rupert in his passage through
British Columbia. Peculiar interest
attaches to his presence in the new-
Pacific coast terminal city, where, as
the dddress presented to him observed, "a monument is being raised
to the sagacity, patriotism and creative policy of your alministratlon."
The Premier, moved by this recognition of his great work, expressed the
hope thai he might be spared by
Providence for tlie next three years
���"to see my ambition fulfilled, and to
take the trip from Atlantic to lhe
Pacific to celebrate the inauguration
of tb" National Transcontinental i ail-
Though Xew Westminster will be
the final Stopping place upon Ids tour j
through the far western portion of
-the Dominion, it will riot; we believe,!
be the least, cither in interest, or importance, to our distinguished visit >r,
Looking     to    the    brea Ith    of
If You Want To Go To
in a Hurry, ring up Fhcne No. 117, and ask   for  the
Speed Launch "VIT��M.    It  will   take  5'cu there  in
The Schaake Machine Works, Ltd.
J Hi
5 ��3
"Prence Rupert" and "PrSiice George"
3,500   Tons���320   Feet   Lo.ig���18' 2   Knots
Leaves Vancouver  (Johnston's   Wharf)   MONDAYS  and   FRIDAYS
at  11:30  P.M. for  PRINCE   RUPERT   and   STEWART.
Monday  steamer connects at  Prince  Rupert  with  S.S.
ALBERT" for Skidegate, Jedway, Collinson Hay, etc
steamer  connects  at Prince   Rupert   with   S. S.   "PRINCE
for Kincolith, Naas Pay, Masset, etc.
Leaves Vancouver (Johnston's Wharf) WEDNESDAYS AND SATURDAYS   at   2   P.M.   for   VICTORIA  and  SEATTLE.
Solid wide vestibule trains of coaches and sleeping cars between
Chicago, Detroit, London, Hamilton, Niagara Falls, New York Toronto, Montreal, Portland,  Uoston, etc.
Longest double track route under one management on the American Continent.
For rates, time tallies, booklets, and full information, passenger
or freight, apply to
L. V. DRUCE, Commercial  Agent.    H. G.  SMITH, City  Pass.  Agent.
533 Granville Street, Vancouver.    Phone 7100.
LL odd lengths in every class of merchandise to
be cleared during' this week of bargain giving,
We have to give up our entire front to the contractor
at once to enable him to rush the new show windows
etc., into position. We are thus unable to display I
our new goods for a few days, but will be pie; ! to I
show you the late arrivals that are now crowdinginto
the various sections of the store. Come to the Rem- I
nant Sale, and do not forget to take a walk through B
the various departments. We are a little crowded *
at present, but soon our new addition will be ready li
for occupation, when we shall be better able to cater .
to our growing business.
strength  of bis convictions regarding
the  future  of  tiie  country,  it  is  not
Ottawa, Aug. 23,���A. W. Donly,
trade commissioner In .Mexico, sees
an opportunity of trade developments
with Canada in steel and coal.
He points out   that  on  the Pacific
his coasl of Mexico are many deposits of
,        ,   ,        , ,,       ,.        .., . , ,,     ore for high grade steel but there is
know edge o   Canadian a lairs and the  _,    ������ ,   ' n ,,. ,     n , '    , '
no   coal.    British    Columbia, on    the
other  ban 1.  has  lots of coal   but    its
ores are low.    He thinks that mutual
tra ile    could    be    developed,    Mexico
likely that Sir Wilfrid    will    fail    to  buying Canadian coal and the British
recognize  tlie   wonderful   possibilities  P��1U���bian.9 pstahlisllinS   smelters   to
treat Mexican ores,
and opportunities of this historic old   ___.___
<-ity. Ile tind his government have
been able to do a great deal to promote tbe welfare and assist in the
wonderful development of cities like
'Quebec and Montreal by tbe policy
they have pursued in connection with
the river St. Lawrence and the Great
Lakes. To Sir Wilfrid therefore tbe
importance of the Fraser being maintained as a lirst class navigable
stn am will be at once apparent, and
we   may   look   forward    to    receiving
from him some cheering assurance of
assistance in forwarding the develop-      BY request of a number of citizens,
ment of New Westminster as a great   I  hereby    proclaim    Wednesday,    the
City of New Westminster
Pacific port.
Sir Wilfrid will be accompanied by
Hon. G. P. Graham, Hon. w. Temple-
man and Messrs. Pardee and Macdonald. The two first named are
among the best men in tlie cabinet;
both are experience., strong and able
���workers in the interests of the Dominion. Mr. Templeman is no stranger
to the pegplc ber". Ile is revered far
and wide for liis honesty of purpose
and bis integrity, not only by friends,
but by bis political opponents. His
Inclusion In the entourage of his great
chief is a distinction and an honor
which, we feel sure, everyone is delighted to see.
Local   Improvement   Notice.
Pursuant to section 20 of the "Local Improvement General Bylaw,
1909," notice is hereby given that the
assessment roll for local improvements on the following Btreets, viz.
Hamilton street, between Eighth and
Sixth streets, Seventh avenue, between Eighth and Fourth streets,
Princess street, between Eighth and
Sixth street, Princess street from
Fourth street eastwards; Sixtli avenue
from Tentli to Sixth streets; Fifth
avenue from Tenth to Sixth street;
Belmont street, St. Andrews street
from Tenth to Eighth street; Fourth
avenue from Tenth to Sixth street;
Kennedy street, Blackford street,
Third avenue from Tenth to Sixtli
streets; street between Ash and Seventh streets; Welsh street, Milton
street, Robson avenue; Queen's avenue from Tenth to Sixth streets;
Gloucester street, Royal avenue from
Mclnnes to Seventh street; Agnes
street from Mclnnes to Sixth streets;
Moody street, Holbrook street; Cunningham street from Eighth to Sixth
streets; Victoria street from Eighth to
Lorne streets; Victoria street from
McKenzie to Sixth streets; Carnarvon
street from Tenth to Sixth street;
Ramage street; Clarkson street, from
McKenzie to Sixth streets; Columbia
street from Tenth to Mclnnes streets;
Tenth streel from Columbia street to
Sixth Avenue; Mclnnes street from
I Columbia street to Royal avenue; (iil-
a  public  half, ley   street;   Ninth   street;     McNeelev
holiday, and respectfully   invite   the | ��&���� J*? bSLKKK
Burr street, from  Milton  street  northwards;   Simcoe street;   Eighth  street
rom  Columbia  to   Hamilton   street.;
24th   inst., from   1   p.m.,
citizens   generally   to   so   observe  the
JOHN A. LEE, Mayor.
Mayor's Office, City Hall,
August 22,  1910.
Moving Pictures
Rushton's Orchestra and Mr.
New   Service   to   Mexico.
Los Angeles,- Cal., Aug. 23.���Begin
ning Monday,    the    steamers   of the J, H. Graham, Tenor Sololist
North    Pacific    Steamship   Company, '
wlll call    at    San Diego, making the' 	
run regularly   from     Portland.     The!
new service means a through connec-       Change of Programme 3
Alexander street; Begbie street; Lorne street, McKenzie Btreet. Fife street,
Ash street, Seventh street, Fifth
street from Sixth to Seventh avenues;
Fourth street from Sixth street to
Seventh avenues; Brantford street
from Sixth to Seventh streets; to be
known as the Eighth street sewer system, ls open for inspection at the office of the assessment, commissioner
In the City hall, New Westminster,
British Columbia, and ln case the
owner or any person interested ln
any of the properties Included there-
I in desires to appeal from such assessment., he should within the period of
(11) eleven days from the first pubti-
: cation or this notice, give notice to
the undersigned In writing of his intention to appeal.
Dated the Kith day of August A. D.,
City Clqrk.
Date  of   first  publication   tbe  20th
day of August, 11)10.
lion  between   Portland   and    Mexican
ports, and men
coast trade are
rate war.
familiar    with    Old
predicting   another
times a week.
Admission 10c - Children 5c the      daily
Remnants of Dress Goods, Suitings, Serges, Linin
Silks, Muslins, Wash Goods, Cottons, Sheetings, Flannelettes, Shirtings, Prints, Ribbons, Embroideries,
Braids, etc., at from 25 to 50 percent reduction. All
lengths and colors.
We are clearing them out now, not one to be carried
over. Ladies' Straw Sailors ancl Tarns, Children's
Duck Tarns and Washing Caps. Regular prices from
50c to $2.00 for  10c Each
St. Lawrence-Bristol
Magnificently   Appointed ��� Fast   Turbine Steamers.
Full   information  on   application   to
K. GOULET, Agent C. P. It., or from
WM.   STAPLETON,   General   Agent
Koom 64 Scott Block, Winnipeg, Man.
Phone, Main IHitIO
Re Lots 5, fi, 7 and 8, Hlock 3 nf part
of the south-east quarter of Section 7,
Township 8, Map 628, In the District
of New Westminster, Cloverdale.
Whereas proof of the loss of Certificate of Title Number 12464 F, Issued
In the name of It. T. Wilson Herald
has been  tiled ln this office.
Notice Is hereby given that I shall
at the expiration of one month from
the date of tbe llrst publication hereof, In a daily newspaper published le
the City of New Westminster, issue a
duplicate of the said Certificate, unless
In the meantime valid objection be
made to me In writing,
District Registrar of Titles.
Land  Registry  Ofllce,
New Westminster, 13. C., July 6, 1910.
The corporation require tenders for
sleel castings for the new pipe line.
Plans, specifications and further details can be obtained from J, W. B.
Blackman, city engineer. Tenders will
be received up to September ti, 1810,
by tbe undersigned.
W. A. DUNCAN, City Clerk.
August 2',',,  1. 10.
At last a Positive Cure has been found for
in the Now Famous INDIAN HERB CURE
Manufactured and put up in Victoria, t*. C, by J. F. Fitzpatrick,
Address:    628 Hornby, Vancouver.    Phone  R 4845.
Coming to  New Westminster Shortly���address  later.
This is one more proof of the effllca'cy of the Asthma Cure. Hear
what  the  Victoria  lady  has  to say ahout the Asthma Cure.
1123 North Bark St..
Victoria, B.C., October 28, 1909.
Mr. Fitzpatrlck,
I am writing this to let you know what a great relief I have founfl
your asthma cure. I have suffered from asthma for ten years, M0
have tried so many different remedies and have found nothing tnat
have given me such great relief as your asthma cure, and by con-
tinually taking it, I think I will find it a cure.
��� ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������******%
Our stock of jewelry in Gold, Silver and  Gold  Plated If
the niost
complete ever shown ln Westminster.    Call and bo convince.
: Chamberlin's
Agents for the Howard, Ball, Longines and  Hamilton Watches.
Official time inspector for C. P. Ry.
**************************************************    \
j Sponges and
j Toilet Soaps
| Ryall's Drug Store j
�����������*��������� ^.SDAY,
AUGUST 24, 1910.
cDiT^l? t I \ ( i  \ F\Y/^L   *****************************************************
JJ1     ^���^ ^ ___ _^      ���'   '*   **-S t M   EZFESKHSWIKISXIH*. Bsnan  -**>.  ms.  m    ts* v
��\ Willi
a L. A.   Constitution
r5ids Games   Without
libs' Permission.
With   On
y   Seven   M��
'len   on   the   Field
League Trailers Put It All Over
HI |,  no i ame between the
.Ul l salmon    Bellies   to-
I    willing and the
...    ;.,,t   the   constitution
imbia   lacrosse   as-
I r    still    and    the
1    .aWni probably go down to
* , in the vicinity
with    lacrosse
|n (del ���   ;i1111 not hav'ng
! eaten
One of the saddi sl affairs thai n
has been the prlvilei e ol this paper to
record for many moons materialized
ai Queens park lasi night, when the
Maple Leafs, the team which has
been the leader of the league since
the start of the season, were bi aten
to a frazzle by the Balmorals, who
could only Rnd Beven men to play.
With one man,  Price, covering the
whole outfield, the Balmoral   hi Id the <
Leafs down to three runs, while with
,a man on ev< rj   beat  the Leafs    wlt-
_ rable speculation nesse I "j"   ��� 'ren Balmoral's circh  the
game bere and bases ten times.
,  e looking forward      " Ui!   lll[|" short of a si     dal. Tin
;ame, when  li: e two Pitchers were largel
a . light warning  ""'  the  n a lit.    Smith,  for tli ���    Bai-
. r.    '| nere  is    no  morals,  pitched  star  ball and  ll   .
the Question  and  "nl>   now and tin n    tl al    I  e    Maple
the Shamrocks   Leal slui ��� ers could find  i
!,.., | a| all    is grounds vs     h di I occui le I
.... thi      lei l    ma.n '���'��� '���'������������ ���     nd a deti      ned
the con. ; li ution
ap ieai s:
: edule sh ill n it
...  us' themsi I ia
*������>*.*<���*********************$********** ****************
160 Acres on Scott Road, close in,
Price $140.00 per acre. Adjoining
property is selling at $300 to $500
per acre.    This is a real money maker
BBWBWi J^flfcT^.'j^'.HggawiwWi'UMiJggaBcwwiiij/.BfiWtjj:^
PHONE  295.
* *
I *
I *>
1 >
i   lr
i  t*
'  It
Westminster Woodworking Co.
J.   BROOKES,  Proprietor
WORKS���Corner   Eleventh   and Carline.
PHONE 473      *
 ��� ���
*****************>a,2>4,<*.*a*-a******- *************************
oul    tiie con-
.,���1  contains  the
woi'ds  "amongst
i   I   and   B I   V.ili-
ri   hi   to   i     '
. i- playB with    the
ay appeal to the
. ,��� I to play, but
i   now  and  the
; : obably    nt". er    be
,   of allowing  the
1    was    made    is
the promoters of
hold   ol the    wrong
Safer at Home.
the Montreals were
led, ��� j the 1910 cham-
���  N. i.. U. win _o to N'ew
Ithe  Minto  Cup.���
Ni ws
11   nan on     e otln
hi   ... j   mi:    foi   the Balmi   il . '���
suae h of 'I i ba   on the lni! resounded through the park wll ono is
regularity i    : | he i miners bci    pered
ovi .- I hi   plate al the avei    e i     wo a
: Innlni      '.'      h, on first f ir the " I
Li      , pia     :         Istenl ball, and one
or two of the otl ere 1 here    on
Ion , hut on the whol    thi
ball e ;hlbltlon of thi   Leal    wa   atro
Std Malcolmson   acted   as   um
and  did  not    lia'- e    n  dlftii ult    I
Everything   was too easy to rail  for
dose dei Islons.
The teams:
Balmorals���Morton,   c;    Sn 1th,   p; |
Sinclair,  lb;  Rj ill, 2b;   Davidson, ss;
Wi Ight, 3b;  fielder, Price,
.Maple Leafs���Smith, c;  Di. nan. p;
Roach,  lb;   McMurphy, 2b;   Plckhey,
Iss;   Jamieson, 3b;   Owens, If;   Sloan.
cf; :i. Owens, rf.
Score by Innings:
Balmorals    3 2 0 0 5���10
Maple l.eal's    1 6 0 0 2��� 3 |
Winni] eg, Aug. 23.���The promoters
ol the Ve iti rn Canad i Profes lioi al
Ball 'ea; ne are Bnding thai ll Is a DU'-
licul! maiiei to make II pay, and tbe
��� a ae Is In a very wobbly condition.
Medicine Hal thi ew up ihe B] i
two weel ago and the franchii e was
efe red   to   Si i katoon.     Ri   ll
p thi and the
���    i Is iii a   ,-ery  pn carl ���
Ution.    It 1 eight-team lea
of V   di        .  Brandon,  Ri
:. itoon,   Li th-
Idge, Ca       - and Edmonton.
All hough thi i towns are i
supporti       of   good    baseball, the iubli   I    tha   a  pro-
fesslona -   too much for
ern citl           yet.    \\ inn   i g,
ndo     i Edm mton  ai e
i he e                      ere there hi   e been
tble        ed    ci   ������������ i     dthough
Lethbrldge 1 I
ipport,      i Ine  I hlng  tl
ie e Tly  in  I h ai on   v. i g tbe
pool- showing of the Winnipeg team.
The league was looking to the bi|
Winnipeg attendance to help carry
the smaller cities financially. Winnipeg was so hopelessly out of the running that the crowds are, very poor.
The league was divided into I wo bi r-
Ies. Calgary made a runaway of the
flrsl half and In a good lead for the
second division, although Edmonton
and Winnipeg are playing good ball.
At the present date the following is
the league Btanding;
Calgary      2!
If you want something Choice for Sunday's
Dinner, ring up Phone 101 and order a nice roast of
Spring Lamb, Veal, Spring Chicken or anything else
that is good in the meat line.    You can sure get it at
Albany.   N.   Y..   Aug.   23.���M.   Frank
Dennis,    president    of   several    New
York corporations, here today with his
; family   on   a  cruise   In   his   Bea-gotng
Lack  Strenuousness.
.  ;'i':���iit   indications it	
very much as it  tbe  Nationals [power yacht, the Caroline, announce.l
|   big trail for the  thai   be is ahout  to begin   the   con-
about   the  close of struction of a motor boat eighty feet
1-  I      ��� ison, In the  middle ol   in   length   and   broad   learn,   in   wbicb
��� a. Inexl  year he Will attempt to cross the
have not yet gol a Atlantic and proceed up tiie Seine to
S   I.   r. championship, Paris.    Mr, Dennis says ibis feat has
���  by   the   Tecumsehs never been accomplished, but that he
e   not    invincible,   la sure of making a success of it.
| wins and only one de-      The  boat  he  proposes to build  will
>theii credil i; looks as it thej  cany   thlrty-flve   hundred   gallons   of
|  eabli      pull out at tbe top of gasoline and the hold will be strength-
��� L. U. ladder.   If so it Is proba- ened  to  withstand   the   heavy  seas
1     thej   will  take tbe  war  pain   which may  be encountered in the pas-
tln   .- Imon   Bellies,   tor  It's I sage across the Atlantic.   Mr. Dennis'
be quite the recognized thing I proposed  new boat   will
L. V. champs to light out  rate signalling apparatus
.that  tbo  little craft   will
Moose  daw
��� c-
* n
1 nto Cap just as soon
carry elabo-
aiul he feels
be a marvel
Bird Killed By Golf Ball.
Chicago, Aug. 2'.i.���One of those
things which only happen once in a
million times, occurred at the llaw-
worth club uolf course the other day
when one of the members accidentally killed a Hying bird With a driven
golf ball. R. H. Graves was completing llis last hole. He made a shot
with a drive inashie, and a bluebird
rose in tbe air just in time to be
struck by the ball at about sixty
yards. There is one other instance of
such a tiling pn record. A sparrow
was brought down in the same way
by a player on the links of a club iu
Rockland county, and the bird now
adorns the clubhouse, with new embonpoint furnished by a taxidermist.
Little Glass Jars Of
Potted Delicacies
Shrimp Paste
Bloater Paste
Sardine Paste
Chicken Paste
Lobster Paste
Ham Paste
Crab Paste
Anchovy Paste
1 Calfornia Ripe Olives in
Class Jars
Try some of  the above
JasB     .1-,           1
B.C. Mills
�����!! is n *       rjT* 1* _*
limber  and   irading   Co.
'���   Manufacturers and Dealers in All Kinds of
Royal City Planing Mills  Branch
Telephone   12
New Westminster
Box   137
<ner.    Nol  In do so of seaworthiness.
irded aa a serious
the   plan
lie is convinced that
feasible, as he has managed the Caroline in very heavy Atlantic storms
without a mishap. In the Havana
motor boat race last May, his boat,
the Caroline, was driven 116 miles to
slatids. yet took the
a bird.
ieir season
ii now be reg
onala  would  do any
the   Montrealers   is. des-
| '   record in the N. L. O., much
��� I      It's true   that   the
FEhmen play a stylo of game dis-1 tho  Bermuda
'"ll bj quick passing, and rush-  heavy seas Ilk
' lk "i   Hi"    home,   which    has I     Mr. Dennis will utilize every inch of
i   ��� ognlzed as characterla- space on his new boat,   it will carry
���lie Salmon  Bellies.      lt is   an two anchors of improved pattern, and
i secret in the N, L, U. that the [will he lighted by electricity from its
l����''ls are rather  lacking   In  that own dynamo, this supplying the cabin
I' ffhlch  makes   a   team    stand land  searchlight.
I '8e. The Montrealers had I The gasoline will be carried under
|of that quality, and so did the the llonr of the main cabin, which will
pselis before them, but it is j be furnished with folding tables and
1 by those who know th* eastern specially made furniture. The new
_ that the Frenchmen, alhtough craft will be modelled to a large ex-
I."'1     Udlers    and    playing    a  tent   after  the   Caroline,  his  present
";l"''    :>''' apt   to  light   shy oflboat, but economy of space and hulk
���   ;>   work   on   the   Held. ] will be his main object in building his
Daven'l gol that In them wliich new boat.
enable them to rush  the ball I ���
iv     ""''   '"   ll;'"1   workers   like runrDT.    MCCT
x,"w  Westminster  defence.-Ot-      ARCHERY   experts   MEET.
. . (Fifty   Devotees   of  the   Bow   and   Ar-
(The Daily News is not responsible
for the opinions expressed by its correspondents.)
acrosse   ent busi
won over the
a  thrilling tln-
���,,. ,Ha   P'nk   Tea
���r'lstl  Columbia      	
"Jo th....uuM   Recreation   park,
I,;:';    'Ml     Sal unlay,     left    tho
r.   "i a Btate of bewilderment.
������:,.""* occasioned so much by
.,..' "iu VancotR-er
rl champions
ratlin l!"als '" om'' ils  that   the
K, .'''*'���"" "'" two toam8 could
,,  , " ""'del as absolutely clean
. sually    a   soul hern    race
���rn""k '":' affair compared to
' ies   u ��   UVsl"ii'ister-Yaneouvor
m [,;.,,"," ,""'  two   loams   appa-
_r~Z\{lelr''ated rivalry in the|of 52fi
i,-a    "  angagement     Probably
lhe   .T'';"M' M'" Salmon Bellies
row   Engaged   in   Contests.
Chicago, Aug. 23. ��� Spectators
crowded Ihe Washington park range
today to witness the second round of
all the competitions in the thirty-second annual tournament of the National Archery association. Fifty
men and women devotees of lhe how
and arrow were engaged in tbe contests.
Good scores were made despite a
high wind wliich hindered the arrow's
llights. II. B. Richardson, of Boston,
was the star of the day.
In the double American round he
led the entire Held with a total score
C. A. Welsh
The People's Grocer
Phones 193 and 443
Sapperton  Phone 373
Contractors and
House Builders
We have a lull   line   or   the   Best
Builders   Hardware in tnis City.
Before Building See Us, as we   believe   we   can   save   you
money.     Also Complete   Stock   ot   PAINTS   and   OILS
T. J.Trapp & Co., Ltd.;
:,,"ver                                U. II. 10.
"ma     ""   <) 11 2
f'^les;"���.;���  2   -, 2
;> ., ;,���; ", ;s"" and     .ugden;
>k;u,       l!lil"kenship.
V...  ~~                       U. H. 10.
S... '������     1   8 1
"    1
lna 8heaJ��8a and Lebrand; Kll-
Oakland, Cal.. Aug. 23.���After she
had allowed physicians to drain her
arteries of a quarter of her life blood
In the hope that she could give her Injured hUBband strength to survive,
Mrs. Claude 10. Spence today Is mourn.
ing his death, which occurred In spite
of her heroism. The blood was drawn
from an arteray In the woman's wrist
through a rubber, tube and pumped
into a vein ln her husband's arm. For
Beveral hours be rallied and the woman, who was placed where she con (I
sec him, smiled feebly with hope. His
injuries were to severe, however, ami
the light  for life ended last night.
Spence was    a
railroad brakeman.
IIe"'was Injured between two ears, his
pelvis being crushed.
Editor Daily News:
Sir,���Rumor is persistent In placing
.lohn Oliver on the board of railway
commissioners at Ottawa. Whether
there Is any foundation for the rumor
no one except those in the confidence
of the government can say. Hut let
us hope the rumor is well founded,
.lohn Oliver has been in the strongest
glare of political limelight for many
years, and now that he is out of that
light public opinion regarding him
can be more accurately summed up.
1 think I make no mistake when I
say that Hritish Columbia has seen no
other public man go Into retirement I
with such warm affection of poltlcal
friends and such sincere respect of
political opponents, I have therefore
no resltallon in saying that Mr.
Oliver's appointment to that important position would be Doted with extreme pleasure by the people of British Columbia regardless of political
There are good reasons why Mr,
Oliver's appointment should he pressed on lhe government. Much of the
trouble wllich British Columbia has
all along had with the Dominion government has arisen from misunderstanding of conditions here, if we
had more western men occupying
prominent positions at Ottawa they
could be consulted when our affairs
were under consideration and their
knowledge would no doubt be of great
Again this western country Is sure
to demand a large share of attention
in the near tut ure because of its
(railway projects present and prospective and this of Itself should be quite
enough to justify the appointment of
la western man.
i    Mr,  Oliver is  known as an  honest
man, and his splendid reputation
I would inspire the confidence of the
Icountry that the duties of the exalted
position would be discharged on lines
of the strictest probity.
'    Hoping that the press of the prov-
'luce  Irrespective of  politics  will  s"e
'the    necessity    of     supporting     Mr.
'Oliver's claims.
New Westminster, August 23, 1910.
Montreal Team  For England.
Montreal, Aug. 23.���There is a plan
on foot to send a Montreal lacrosse
team to Kngland next spring. It is
not certain yet whether the N. L..U.
champions will be sent or a combination, but President Findlay of the
Montreal team is strongly supporting
the plan. It Is thought that tlie team
could arrange enough games to pay
for the trip.
Rovers Showing Up Well.
The Hovers had a good practice at
Moody Square last night. About eighteen players appeared in uniform and
the best workout of the season was
the result. J. Bruce has been appointed captain of the team aud A. Brisbane vice-captain. Under the instructions of these two players the team
is getting iu some good'work. The
dressing rooms at the park have been
tlxcd up considerably and the Hovers
have a much better chance of taking
cure of themselves than they had last
year. ,w,    ,, _
A Beautiful Assortment of Rings
on view at Gray's
Diamond Hings from   $15.00 to $200.00
Pearl Hings from    $2.50 to $15.00
Rings with assorted stones as pearl  and  diamond,   pearl  and   ruby,
suitable for engagement rings, from $5.00 to $50.00
John B. Gray
Dominion   Trust  Block.
Columbia   8t.
Ottawa, Aug. 22.���The Canadian
cruiser Rainbow, which sailed from
Portsmouth on Thursday last, is due
at Las Palmas on Wednesday, August
24, After two days' stay she will
reach St. Vincent on August 2!��, leaving two days later for Rio de Janeiro,
Brazil, September 10. Leaving Hlo
four days later, the Rainbow wlll go
around Cape Horn, calling at Montevideo September 18, Sandy Point
September 26, Port Tamar September
28, Puerto Bueno September 2!), Port
Grapple September 80, Coqulmbo October 5. Callus October 14, Acapulco
September 25, and Esquimau November 7.
Sailor Drowns Himself.
Halifax, Aug. 23.���The steamer City
of Ghent was going down the harbor
this morning hound for eastern points
when John Peterson, one of the crew,
climbed to the rail and plunged overboard.
Losses  Paid  Promptly
New Westminster, B.C., August 13, 1910.
A. W. McLeod, Esq., New Westminster, B. C.
Dear Sir,���We have to acknowledge receipt of cheques in payment
of losses which occurred at our mill on June 29, and in doing so we
must express to your companies and to yourself personally our hearty
appreciation of the prompt manner in which the losses were adjusted
and paid, and can highly recommend the companies you represent to
all Insurers.
Wishing you every success, we are,
Yours sincerely,
(Signed) K. C. Walker, Secretary.
The above letter clearly shows the prompt and fair fnanner which
the companies I represent pay their losses. Their rates are the
lowest, and they are all strong Canadian and British independent concerns.   Call today for rates. ,
"The Insurance Man"
651 Columbia Street Phone 62
. te
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Buy Lots NOW in and around Port Mann and your fortune is assured without any effort on your part,
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>��� i
New York. Aug. 22.���George Barr
McCutcheon. lat i of "Graustark"���and
Indiana���and one of the best known
discoverers of tlie fact that lt pays to
be romantic, is going to set up an establishment in this city, from which
in the future, he will make all bis forays Into the fictitious lands of high
This fact became known today and
a reporter sought out the author.
Here are some of George Burr's views
It may take three or four divorces
to accomplish it. but every man always finds his ideal mate.
Love is the mainspring and motive
���a man  fights for money to lay his j
tribute at the feet of one girl, |
In  real  life everything   turns   out
the way It should, just as ln books,!
only sometimes It takes qultP & while.
Love touramentg now are bloodless, |
but they are still fought.    The battle
ground Is the world of business. '
I see no reason why a man cannot!
love two women at once. j
There Is plenty of romance ln New
York, but it's easier to hunt here for
a plot.
A Precocious Youth.
Berlin. Aug. 22.���Riding 400 miles
on the buffers of nn express after es
caping from a reformatory, s'ealin.
$1,500 from messengers outside the
more frequented postofflces by the
confidence trick, undertaking an It-
Allan lour, stopping tbree weeks al a
fashionable Berlin hotel, frequenting
and making bets at the most important race treet lngs. whilst the police
were searching everywhere for blin--
these are tiptoe of the Incidents in the
career of a lll'teen-year-nM hoy named
A-lolf Conrad, who, when finally captured, s.ilrl to tho police office : "1
regret that you have temporarily postponed my future arrangements."
N'ew York, Aug. 2'.).���The actual receipts from all sources of Internal revenue during the fiscal year 1910,
wliich ended June 30 last, exceeded
the estimate made last .November by
$16,768,230, This evidence that the
business of the l'nited States which
is subject to federal tax is prospering
to a greater extent than the treasury
Officials dared to believe last fall is
very gratifying to them. The total
ordinary collections amounted to
$268,788,230, This was an increase
of $22 555,511 as compared with the
receipts for 1909.
These figures are given in a preliminary report made public today by
ft. E. Cabnll, commissioner of Internal
revenue. The lastest figures on the
corporation tax collections for the fiscal year is $20,959,723. This ls .5,-
959,783 more than the estimate made
last fall. The total collections under
this new tax aggregate to date 127,-
0X8.502, the remainder having been
collected since June 30. For the calendar year 1909 the total collections
to date under this tax exceed the estimates for that period by  . 2.OS8.502.
Went   Home   Every   Night   and   Dined
With   His   Wife���Police   Officials
Arc Astounded.
Salmon Report
August   23,   1910.
I    Belllngham���Got    2.100    altogether,
ol   which   BOO  sockeyes,   balance   co-
1 hoes.
Anacortes���Got 2.000 cohoes. No
Vancouver Cannery���(lot   1,600  flsh
I yesterday,   A few boats in this morning average forty.
;    Brunswick���Got 700 flsh yesterday.
:    St. Mungo���Got   1,800   flsh   yesterday.
Mill lsh Columbia���Got 1,300 flsh
yesterday. Got 1,000 flsh this morning.
Bwens���Got 500 flsh yesterday.
Phoenix���Got 3.000 flsh yesterday.
Imperial -Got   2,000  flsh   yesterday.
Bcottlsh-Canadlan���Got   4,000    fish
Terra Nova���Cot 1,307 flsh yesterday. Got 5i!0 flsh from eighteen boats
this morning.
Gulf of Georgia���Got 2,500 fish yesterday.
American nd Canadian Sdmbiti tell im the
common home fly i�� the cause oi mon dilute
aid death than to; other *Hr*cf-
Fly Pads
kill all tlie flics and the   disease
germs too.
Elaborate Milinery Requires Slaughter
of   Little   Featheries.
Paris, Aug. 23.���The French lenguo
for the protection of birds. Is greatly
cincerned ahout the vast slaughter of
bl'<'s caused hy the fashion for "Chantecler" hats. Tho league asserts that
300.000.000 birds are killed yearly for
tbe adornment of women. Last year a
single London merchant N asserted
to have sold 32 000 humming birds.
Oddl-- enough, tbe society for the protection of animals this year presented
It'g annual "grand prlx" to M. Res-
tan ., Co author of "Chantecler."
Bridgeport, Aug. 23.���Tiring of the
hardships of jail life and longing for
the comforts of home, Michael Flanagan, serving a term of thirteen
months in the Fairfield county Jail, at
Bridgeport, discovered a coal hole in
the Jail yard through which he could
obtain his freedom. So he made lt his
practice to take dinner ln tho bosom
of his family every night, and returned to Jail on each occasion before his
absence was noticed.
This was the statement made by
Flanagan himself ln the city court of
Bridgeport today, and he added that
often on the way back to Jail he would
stop at a delicatessen store and supply himself with (he luxuries of life
not obtainable In the county 1 enal j
Institution. Flanagan's term ended
Saturday. Last evening he discovered
in his house a caller whom bo thought
had no right to be there, lie attempted to chastise his wife, who called the
police and had  him arrested.
"That fellow was hanging around
the house all tho time I was In Jail,"
declared Flanagan in the city court
tills morning.
"How do you know?" questioned
tho judge.
"Why, I found him there one night
and threw him out," explained Flanagan.
In response to tho questioning of
the astonished officials, Flanagan
cheerfully disclosed his habit of dining with his family when be was supposed to be behind prison bars.
"I was a trusty ln the holler room,"
he snld. "I found that It. was easy to
pet through the coal hole nights and
scale the Jail wall, so I used to go
home and have dinner with tho
family, Sometimes I stayed home until midnight, but I always went back
to my cell before any one noticed I
was gone."
Flanagan's ease was continued and
his story Investigated. Neighbors were
found who told tho police that tbey
had seen Flanagan at home in Jail
uniform frequently. As be was perfectly open about It they supposed It
was all right.
SherilT Sidney II. wley, of Fairfield
county, who Is In charge of the Jail,
was amazed  and  Indignant, when  ho
heard of Flanagnn's abuse of the jail
1 hospitality,   lie snld thnt there would
be  a   rlgl.l   inves'lgatlon.      Flanagan
I was sent to Jail more than a year ago
to serve a term of thirteen months for
' mnl-lnp  Insulting  remarks  to  womea
iin thc streets of Bridgeport.
5-Acre Blocks on the Tram Line
Revenue Producing Right Now
Finest of Soil
All Cleared and Under Cultivation
Price $175 per acre and up
Terms One-Fifth Cash
Balance Spread Over Three Years
The above is a sound investment and we can
safely say that in two short years it will produce from the land itself the full value paid
for it. We say to you, "Investigate This,"
and get full particulars of our fine offer. The
terms are easy and need give you no trouble.
See Us Today.
The People's Trust Co.��
LIMITED ^urfi46
Chicago, Aug. 28.���Chicago packers
will pay taxes on $10 000,000 worth of
personal property Inside the Union
stock yards this ye nr. This wns settle.1 by the hoard of review. Armour
& Co, will pay on an assessed valuation of $4,026,000, which is the Bame
amount as last year; Swift * Co. wlll
nay on an assessed valuation of $3,-
150,000, which Is $300,000 more than
last j ear. and the assessment, nf Libby, McNeill & Llhby was raised hy
the board of review from $420 000 to
Accept Eastman's Defl.
London. Aug. 23.���Jack Donaldson
has accepted th" challenge of Eastman, the Cnnndlan splinter, for a race
nt 100 wards for the world's professional championship.
Ottawa, Aug. 23.���Tho report of
Lord Strathcona, high commissioner
for Canada, In London, gives particulars of trade hetween Canada and
Groat Britain during the past calendar
year. The total foreign and colonial
trade of tbe United Kingdom ln 1909,
was ��1,003.119,961, as compared with
��970,050,311 In 1!)08, an Increase of
633,062,650, The total trade with
Canada in 1909 was ��29,424,609 as
agaliiRt ��26.538.206 In 1008, an Increase of ��2,886,403.
The total exports from tljo United
Kingdom to Canada in lllOt) were
��8,414,634,. compared with ��6,288,-
447 In 11)08, a very satisfactory Increase of ��2 126,187, or about 33.08
per cent. Imports from Canada were
��8100. .071 in 1909 and ��20 249 750
in 1908.
Lassoed   E��fll"'
.... While iH
Kernle,   Aug.   *������������ -��f
I climbing near Morri^o^
Percy Bean noticed a tm   &{
on the hillside near m^. ,J
, cautiously through tne       tl,e
and while thus engage"11      511
eagle, alight on a jutuw ,,��� m
a short distance   *���''  f��� cog
I gated and discovered He
unable to )**������ ���" . t9 nc��""J
elded to gel the eag e�� ���c *M
Removing be h '��� , -0 j
lasso and attaohing J     |b,, MJ
aroused the curios't. o     jj
sundry  yel|s of ^ered^
One of the birdrODB    ,11,
cliff and Percy       '* , <ji
nooWftverthehea        ���,
ously yanked It oa
W: ~.'J>K���   VkL L��<tBl
b^E   _ -
nt|y   Recovered    From
0f  Home.
"' .,,,t\ month the sub-
in th< PfUp yet another re-
l,    '  '   ' ....   Measure.     From
vi;l Lahlcana,
in   I'
] are
up >'
treasure.      .
where excav-| worn
ress>  ;i  complete
Augustus  of
,r0ught forth.
lBi?'eTnr of the great  Caesar
, the most mag-
Latin culture, was
per'0   .;,,, |,is visage repro-
dof . and terra col
n'"���:"': ^mouS bust of bin, in
���""museum .bowing bin. in
licao in>     older in th0 Lou-
.'   mtless   reproduc-
i'nhoSraphs of th_esetbusts
^sion and shor
tangled mod
ern  hair have  become   familiar   tbe
world over.
The Identity of the . al ue discoved
in Hi.' Via Labicana was readily established owing to the general lines
of resemblance. Beyond this, critics
differ as lo the artistic value of the
although there Is no doubt of
archaeological worth, it has been noticed by some connoisseurs who have
studied Ibe statue in lhe National Museum of ihe Terme in Rome that "the
head and neck are am a piece wilh
the body, ihe marble of which is
slightly coarser and darker, The
right forearm, again, ts of diffi
mai hie. The featun b closely re
bll; I he nl her re. ognized port i ails of
ihe ' mperor.
This has led 10 ihe deduction that
head an I bust v. ere made separati ly
and later superimposed om a sculpt in e
representing   a  drayed   torso   carved
l:"!" Inferior marble at a later per-
"hI and by less skillful bands. Hut
" '- pointed out that such superimposing oi a beautiful piece of sculpture on an Inferior marble was not
Arturo Calza, in LTl'ustrazione Indiana, describes the statue as "one of
the mosl beautiful sculptures thai
have come down from ihe Augustan
age." lie adds: "li is neither a realistic  ��� an Intensely human portrait.
The empi mr of fifty years stands before you in all the consciousness of
his infinite dignit) au I power���the
truthful symbol of his ureal age."
"Let A' ���' digestion wait on appetite, and health on both!"
They will if you take
t,reach  disor
assist di[*'-
i   5C
50c. and we will mail
���      . yet, ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
.ono| DruK and Chemical Company of Canada, Limited,
victim of dyspepsia.    50c. a box.
locked them yet, send u
and make  life v/crth
lf your druggist has
them'.    ' 35
Bi.Q Cattle Shipment.
'-'������iin, li. ('.. Aug. 23, -No less
than nai bead of cattle have been
i hipped by the Douglas Lake Catl le
company during tlie past tew days
consigned to I', limns .'^ Co. al Vancouver. The first Installment of 301
head was sent down on Hal unlay and
thej averaged 1 275 pounds. The see-
ond Bhipmi nt ai 303 head was sent
oul "a 'I uesday aud they averaged 1.-
300 pounds.
Population of Canada Growing Rapidly-Was 7,489,-
781 in March of This Year
Ottawa, Aug. 2'.\.���The population of
Canada on .March ::i last, according
to statistics prepared by Ibe census
blanch of the department of agriculture, was 7,489,781, an increase in the
year of 306,037. These calculations
apportion the population as follows:
1910. 1901,
Maritime Provinces 1,060,678    893,553
Quebec       2,154,034 1,848,898
Estate Valued At ,316,0C0.
Toronto, Aug. 23.���The will of the
late !���'. -i. Phillips, a a anufacturer of
Toronto, was Bled today. Tlie estate
represents a value of . ��� ��� 0 all of
 i! f v. Idow and children. There are no bequests to chari-
l ie .
Ontario      !
British Columbia ..
Saskatchewan ....
To the above lias
migration of 1.823
If    the    i
.111     255,211
687.861 2,182,947
:UT,7^:;    178.567
121.862 Not
377,590     158,940
59,050       52,709
to   be   added   i'n-
no1    yet   appor-
of    tbe
Oporto, Portugal, Aug .22.���Revolution may break out in Portugal at
any moment. It is reported that the
clericals are awaiting a signal to rise,
follow iu" word from their brethren in
Spain. Meanwhile rilles are being
brought into Portugal and pul Into the
hands of the Republican leaders. Tbey
hint at a plan to bring differences to
a head, and il is asserted that they
will meet the clericals on their own
Monsei. near Tenti, the Papa] Nuncio tit UsIh.ii. is looked upon by the
Republicans as being highly objectionable to their views, it is reported that plots against him are numerous and that be has taken refuge in
the fortress.
To add to Ibe general unrest elections will be held next  Sunday.
It is believed that the assemblies of
people attendant upon the elections
will be the signal for commencement
of hostilities. The situation is critical.
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital   Paid  Up    $5,000,000
Reserves     $5,900,000
The Hank has Branches in
Canada extending from the Atlantic to tbe Pacific; in Cuba
throughout the island: also in
Porto Rico, Bahamas, Xew York
and   London,   Kngland.
Correspondents In all parts
of the Globe, thus affording
every Banking facility.
M.   RICHARDSON,  Manager.
New Westminster Branch.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ census
branch is even approximately correct,
ii means that the census to be taken
on June 1 next will show a population
for the dominion of considerably over
eight millions,
U. 8,
After Monday, the 22nd inst.. the price of
stock in the
Amalgamated Development Co.
iwill be raised  to  the  following  figures:
General Investors, $2.00 Per Share.
Investors holding International or Northern Oil
Certificates of Exchange can purchase up to HALF
the number of shares they hold in those companies
for $1.00 Per Share.
As the stock of the Amalgamated Development
Company will shortly be withdrawn from the market, we give the present stock holders this opportunity  of  increasing their holdings at Bed  Rock
Apply to:
Auld, Gwin & McClarty
518 Hastings Street, West Telephone 4327
Texas    Cattleman   Offers    Heart   and
Hand���World Tcur for  Bridal Trip.
(San Antonia Light and Gazette.)
Oh, you girls, jusi  lister,:    |l-re is
one lone bachelor and a cowman at
lliat. who resides in San Antonia, and
who issues the edh    to Dan/Cupid or j
any prettj  maid, to tie a bell on him.
He has wealth, according to Ins sta! ���-1
made to Poi I master Stevens, is
a brunette, fairly good looking and is j
thirty-five years old.    In Ins letter to
Han Cupid, alias Postmaster .1. J. Stevens,  the  giddy  man   of   the   plains
"Old Dan Cupid Mr. Stevens: I
have been reading of late of the many
pretty girls in the north, and in fact
from all portions of the l'nited Slates,
who weie in search ol a cowboy husband and one that they could love for
i tlie balance of tlieir days. During the
pasl fifteen years I have gone with
many girls and In eacli instance they
all told the same story, and that was
that they had no bad faults and that
they were perfect in every respect.
This same old repeated tale almost
made a woman hater out of men. but
things have changed since that time
and I am commencing to believe that
1 will let the woman folks have another trial to tie a hell on me.
"With this object in view I will for
I the next month receive proposals from
. young ladies that  are seeking a cow-
I puncher of Texas, and will exchange
photographs  with  them.    My  motive
in seeking a life partner in this man-:
| ner. is entirely sincere and if the girls
| will just give me a chance to make a '
pick of my    choice.    The    successful
I winner of my heart and hand, I wi
[ take on a bridal tour, which will embrace a greater portion of the world.
' I have a nice ranch one hundred miles
i west of San Antonio, and have enough I ~
! money to insure me from any kind of i
hard work for many years to come
jam a man thirty-five years old, fairly
I good  looking,  a  brunette,  weigh   17i)
| pounds,  six  foot  tall  and a  pleasant
.disposition.   My name is Joseph Hard-
man,  and  my  address for   the   next
| thirty  days  will  be  in care   of   Dan
Cupid J. J. Stevens, postmaster, San
Antonio, Tex."
Montreal, Aug. 23.���Enquiries have
been Instituted from Montreal with a
view to discovering the source of the
news which has heen so myst iriously
spread tr.vv I lie wesleril States, to the
effect that a great trek of returning
American Immigrants is now on, has
resulted in the amazing discovery,
vouched for on high official authority,
that the fake news is the result of a
deliberate campaign of slander upon
Canada which has heen entered upon
I y one of the transportation companies of the United  States.
It is stated lliat there is not the
slightest doubt but that this company
Is the originator of these slanders, as
documents are now in the possession
of officials   in Montreal to prove it.
The depai tment at Washington has
requested its local agents to report
upon tho matter.
Painters, Paperhangers
and Decorators.
Estimates Given. Phone 567
214   Sixth   Avenue
B. C.
All rubbish and garbage must be
removed to the foot of Sixteenth
sireet and Fifth avenue, where it will
be burned by the corporation.
Any person or persons who dump
garbage or rubbish of any kind on
any other street or avenue or on any
lane, vacant, lot or public property
will lie prosecuted under the provisions of the Sanitary Hylaw.
By Order, S. j. PEARCE,
Sanitary Inspector.
City Hall, June 13. DUO.
Six-room Modern House, on car line, Columbia Street. Has Cement Foundation.
Price, $2,500, $1,200 Cash, bai. to arrange.
McQuarrie Bros.
609  Columbia Street
The New Westminster City Specialists
Eastertrook Milling Company,
Eburne,   13. C
!       FLOUR !
Is    Remarkably    Free    From
^^^^^B   That   Crime.
Ottawa, Aug. 23.���There Is a general report that remarkable counter-
felt quarters and half dollars are In
circulation throughout Canada. Tlie
Department at Ottawa had been very
extensively informed of the fact. The
banks have heard it, but the truth is
the Canadian currescy was never before so clean as today, and never were
bogus coins and bills so scarce. The
alarm seems to have been occasioned
by a change wliich was made ln tho
coins of Canada on the flrst day of
January, 1908, and which has apparently been discovered now. Assuming that the surface of a coin could
have a top, and that the crown on
the head of the Monarch was at the
top, the small crown on the reverse
side of each quarter and half dollar
made prior to 11108 would be at the
bottom. When- coinage was commenced at Ottawa this was changed,
and on all coins now the crown ts at
tlie top on both the obverse and reverse sides.
Colonel Sherwood, chief of the dominion police, saya there has hen no
serious circulation of counterfeits in
Canada for some years, ln fact not
since tlie Crozters, father and son, of
Oakville, were taken ln and sentenced
In mos.
HUNGARIAN JEWEI $6.50 per bbl.
IMPERIAL       $6.75   per  bbl.
TERMINAL $5.25 per Bbl.
HINDOO FLOUR |4.50 per Bbl-
FRONT 8TREET. New Westminster. Telephone US.
******************* >*********************************
Weekday Schedule
Cars leave Westminster for Vancouver at 5:50, 6:20, 6:50, 7:20,
8:00 and every half hour thereafter until 11 p. m.
Cars leave Vancouver for Westminster at 5:50, 6:50, 7:20, 8:00
and every half hour thereafter until 11:30 p. m.
Return Fare:  Adults, 60c;  children under 12, 35c.
Sunday Schedule���Cars leave Westminster for Vancouver at 8
a. m. and every half hour thereafter until 11 p. m.
Curs leave Vancouver for Westminster at 8 a. m., 9 a. m. and
every half hour thereafter until 11:30   p.  m. ^^^^
Sunday Excursion Rates:  Return fare. 50c; children, 25c.
Freight Schedule���Freight cars leave Westminster for Vancouvei
at 7:20 a. m., 11:20 a. m. and 3:20 p. m. Freight cars- leave Vancouver for Westminster at 9:20, 1:20 and 5:20.
City  Limits Line���20-minute service from 5:40 a.m. to 11:20 p.m.     *
Sunday   Service���20-mlnute  service from 8 a.m. to 11:20 p.m.
Sapperton   Line���20-mlnute  service from 6:10 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.
Sunday   Service���20-mlnute  service from 8:10 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.
$50 Down and $50
Every 6 Months For
Two Years, Buys  a
White Rock  Time Table
Leave New Westminster���
8:15 a. m., 10:30 a. m.,
4:30 p m.. midnight.
Leave White Rock ��� 6:02
a. m.; 1:55, 5:35 and 8:45
p. m.
WHITE  SHILES & CO., New Westminster Agents PAGE EIGHT.
v -i
!   .' j
. j
I i
M i
Our stock of Carpenters' Tools
is complete, and prices are the
lowest. Come in and let us
���how you.
Anderson & Lusby
iCity News?
*, *
l\U  /  .'/       I>  1       Wl    fr* ,
There will be a complete change   of      The  annual  meeting of the  Youm
People's association of the Lutheran
church is taking place at Kant, Wash..
commencing last night. Rev, B. A.
Sand, who has been president of the
association since its organization a
number of years ago. In Seattle, left
on the Great Northern train for Kant
For carnations, sweet peas aBd
dahlias, phone Davies greenhouse,
R 208. **
Mann Grove park is the cheapest and
altogether the best located property
close to Port Mann. Prices less than
adjoining lots sold a year ago. Oue-'
fifth acre blocks with superb view,
$225 for corners and $200 for Inside.
Choicest lots will go first. See us.
Reid, Curtis & Dorgan, 706 Columbia
stieet. ���*    i
While    engaged    ln    switching    at
Westminster Junction early yesterday
morning W. C. Stroan, a    brakeman,;
get  bouquets,   floral   designs  aad   all j fell In front of a locomotive, the for- j
kinds of cut flowers.   Phone R 2��8. ������  ward  truck almost severing liis legs. |
program in tlie moving pictures shown
at tlie opera house tonight.
The Central livery stables. S. II.
Thompson, proprietor, has added an
auto to his equipment.   Phone 137. **
The usual weekly band concert will
be given at Queens park on Thursday
White Rock for cool sea breezes. **
The postponed meeting of the
board of trade will be held in the
board of trade room at the city hall
on Thursday night at the usual hour.
Buy ln Port Mann now. For real
snaps see National Finance Co.     **
The Roman came in yesterday with
about 135,000 pounds of halibut. She
will start to unload at the Columbia
cold storage wharf this morning.
Davies  greenhouse  is  the  place  to
Princess Dresses
Our flrst showing for fall is always eagerly looked for.   It usually indicates the
season.   In announcing tho arrival  of these new  Princess dresses we do so
'rend of fashl
on for the
  w""   confidence  that no
showing made hereabouts will compare  with  the standard set  In these���the first   arrivals
ire Panamas, lace and silk Foulards, made up ln one piece effects, in styles
P��P"!ar-New York, lo*
don and other eastern markets.   We will be pleased to show customers what  we
nave bo fur
Prices range from
$H.OO to $31,53
Oft on a wintry day
That to tlie house confines me,
My SNAP-SHOTS cast the glow
Of my holidays around me.
There were no cases whatever in
the police court yesterday, all the
regular visitors evidently saving their
jag money until Sir Wilfrid Laurier
comes to town.
Motor launch for hire by hour or
day. Apply Hale Bros. &. Kennedy,
Ltd., phone 335, or at boat, Eighth
street slip. ���
The city council will meet tonight
at the usual hour. In case it is found
that Sir Wilfrid Laurier is able to stay
over the meeting will probably be
The pavement on Eighth street
from Columbia street to tlie water
front is now finished and the contract
of the Hassam Paving company prac-
Take a KODAK and a few spools of tica"y completed
EASTMANS DEPENDABLE NON- if Vou want to hire an auto, ring up
CURLING FILMS with you and you the Central livery stables. Phone
can enjoy every moment of this year's 137
vacation all over again at any time.
KODAKS from $10 up.
BROWNIES from $1 to $12.
See our special prizes for the Provincial Exhibition this fall.
We can explain your errors and will
be pleased to do so.
The injured man was rushed to the
Yancouver  hospital.     Ills  life  is not j
considered  to  bo  in  danger,  but his -
legs will have to be amputated.
Steamer Transfer will make Sunday afternoon trips to Steveston
during the fishing season, fare $1.
Boat leaves Westminster at 3 p. m.,
returning leaves Steveston at t>:30
. . m. ������
Politics in our schools. Every lover
of fair play should read "Educational
Exposures." Then ask Hon. Premier
MCBride: Were any of those bronze
medals given as political favors;
wliich His Excellency Earl Grey so
generously donated to the province to I
be distributed as rewards of merit?
If they  were not so given, then ask
Curtis Drug Store
Kodaks and Supplies
Spectacles, from 50c.
Phones:    43;     Long    Distance,
Residence, 72.
New    Westminster,    B.   C.
Best Service at
{ The Royal Cafe
Every diner appreciates prompt service. It's
pleasant to go into a
restaurant knowing that
you won't be kept waiting;. For that reason we
take care to see that
every one of our patrons
receives prompt, intelligent and courteous service.
Best of food and cooking and moderate prices
too. You should try
dinner here to-night.
The Royal Cafe
63i Columbia St.,  Phone 375
A Fresh Supply
of Webb's Just
T. A. MUIR & CO.
Deane  Block���Four  Doors East
of Bank of Montreal.
Today has been declared a half
holiday by the mayor ln honor of the
visit to New Westminster of Sir
Wilfrid Laurier, P. C, K. C M. G.,
premier of tlie Dominion of Canada.
Fales' furniture figures are fair. **
John Kane, accused of stealing
some stuff from the C. P. R. station
at Abbotsford, will appear in tlie
county court at 11 o'clock this morning for trial.
Try a "Want" ad in The Xews lt
will bring results. *���
Uev. A. E. Eddy. B.A., B.D., who has
been attending the general Methodist
conference Ln Victoria, is staying with
friends in .New Westminster for a few
days before returning erst.
Call at National Finance Co.'s office
re Port Mann, We have large exclusive listings. **
Pot plants and fresh cut fleweri
at Tidy's store.    Phone 184. ������   j
An at home and social will be held
at tie Methodist parsonage on
Twelfth and Eighth avenuo on Tuesday, August 30, at 7:30 p.m. An attractive program has been arranged
and refreshments will be served.
Port Mann acreage, exclusive sale.
National Finance Co. **
In spite of the recent agitation to
have the Great Northern run its local
train down to the marktt siding on
Fridays for the convenience of the
farmers attending the market, the
railway company has decided to stop
the practice as it causes too much delay on the run to Vancouver.
If you are selling your heusehold
furnituie by auction null up Hatt-
Cook, the auctioneer. Phone 550; who
will get you A-l results and settle
"up within twenty-four hours." Established over two years. **
S. Hanson, a Swede employed at
lilssell's logging camp at Ruskin, was
badly hurt yesterday morning by being pinned under a falling tree. Ile
was brought to the Royal Columbian
hospital, where he will remain for
s; u.e time. Hanson's head was badly
la erated.
See i'a'es for Camp Furniture, cheap
and reliable. * ��� 11
The Royal City and Small &  Bucklin lumber mills Will  be closed    this
afternoon to permit the employees to
take part  ln    the    reception    to    Sir ji
Wilfrid  Laurier.    The    Fiaser    River  I
and the Brunette mills may also close, "���
although  this ha I  not   been definitely
decided yesterday evening.
The Public
Supply Stores
New Waist Silks
60c Per Yard
Some of the nicest silk walstings shown for a long time have found
their way to the silk department. It may be of interest to mention
the fact that these silks are known as art silks, an imitation silk, yet
possessing all the brilliancy and finish of a high grade, expensive silk.
What is more art silk Is guaranteed to wash perfectly. We can safely
recommend every piece. Patterns are neat stripes and colorings are
attractive and soft in their combinations. Ask to see them In the silk
department.    Per yard   60c
Have you tried
it ? If not, you
have missed a
If served with
meat or fish, it
makes it more
appetizing o n
account of its
piquant and
pleasant flavor,
Try a bottle.
5    M\    d    N
A    1    I    V    O
3SUU3Aav  OJ. SAVd J.I
3   H   JL
Phone 92
Dozen Hemstitched
Pillow Slips, Each 20c
Forty, 42 and 44 Inch heavy white cotton pillow slips; nicely hemstitched. Regular values 25c to 35c. On sale this week, each ..20c
Special value in linen napkins 10c eacli. Big odd lol to clear at this
Heavy Twilled and
Plain Sheets
$1.00 EACH.
About forty sheets of the
two styles mentioned. 24
yards long, 2 nr 2\ yards
wide. English and Canadian
cottons. Regular values >1._
and $1.35. The odd lotto
cleur, each  $1,00.
Hundreds of
Remnants, on sale
this week only
Next week all counter spl
will be 01 cupied b; piles ���',
new goods. The Remnan'i
Must Go This Week. Prices
are Buch thai if a remnant
is suitable tor your require-
ments you will save from .]
to 25 per 1 enl on the
chase of an end.
Some Special Snaps
5 lots on Second street. Excellent view. Streets on three sides
of this  property.    $350 each.   Terms.
10 lots extending from First to Second street. This property
is especially well situated. Streets on three sides, and lane at rear.
Price 1350 each.    Terms.    INVESTIGATE.
F. J. HART & CO., Ltd.
him: Why did his superintendent of
Education make those plausible false
explanations about tho manner of
their distribution ?    .1. N. Muir.    ������
U. Campbell, vice-president of the
Hallway Telegraphers' association,
Visited E. (ioulet yesterday on his
way hack to Toronto from the south-
'em slates. About, thiee years ago
Messrs. Campbell and Ooulet diew up
iand carried out llie present, successful
: schedule Hint tbe railway telegraphers
I aie now working under.
For a pleasant coal  di Ink.  try  tbe
j Ice Cream Sodas at The Hoyal Cafe. ���
Manager of the lacrosse team ('. A.
j Welsh is having a large banner paint
led to cover the club dressing room al
j Queens park In honor of the Premier's :
visit toda;.   The banner bears the In
sorlptlon "Champions   of   the World |
Welcome sir  Wilfrid."    A  couple ofl
crossed   slicks  on   Ibe  canvas   denote'
the  championship   held   by   West minster.
Replying to complaints to the orfect
that the ambulance did not reach the
I scene of an accident on Monday morning until considerable time alter it
bad been summoned. S. II. Thompson,
owner of the livery barn at which It
is kept, explains that tbe call for
the conveyance was cancelled Itninedl.
alely after. It was not until Mr.
Thompson happened to walk past the
Windsor hotel and noticed young Wel-
"er lying on a couple of chairs that ho
realized the lad had not. been taken
home. Mr. Thompson thereupon, at
his own expense, summoned tho ambulance tind sent the victim of the accident home,
Five acre lots in    Port   l\:a:m.
National Finance Co.
Markpt iSquare
Every Student
Hos The
01 Tlie
Of Tin's
1      2
-" ��� l" 11" ��� 1 ��� 111 '
Our reputa-1
tion with
Lhe bustt^l
ha.s kin.
ami is, tW I
we dc our
utmost for
the intJiviJ-1
ua! advaiN* |
ment anJ
welfare tt
each anil
every oneof I
The Westminster Modern Business
610 Ccliniibia Streel.
1.1, .Hick, Prirf
Ihe Central Hotel Cafe
Opposite B. C. E. R. Depot
25c - Merchants Lunch - 25c
GIV E   US   A
Commencing Sunday
.11. US'
I III .1nl'c1
train for Kootenay, Bi.'' [|)sU,ad
CagO wllHeave.at lp.W
l��:2fi. _   .   mo<*' ,tl
Passengers for Port d 8ri
Barnet can leave st W- ^floj]
at Tort Moody at i��- '
Trr  a  "WANT" sd ��
TRIAL   It will brine ��*�������������


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