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The Daily News Jun 8, 1907

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 Ite, Shiles & Co
,lumbia St. P^ne 85
���>  NUMBER 134
White, Shiles & Co.
on city comai
Judge   Harrison   Impcses   Sentence   on   Columbian   College   Players  are   Scat-
Watch  Thief.
r $S ans-
Estaie Men Request Mayor Keary to Sig
;0lumbian College Puts Forward  Many './.est
Requests For Rebates and Privilep ���$
in    order    last   street,   provided   any    houses    were
j mmittee meeting of the I buill on the adjacenl lol . which the
I    N deputation cam*' from tie    Finance!-   ol'  (he  city   would  not  per-
,.,,!),..... another represent-  mi', mm It   was a hard  n itter m find
men,   while   II.  T   mom .��� for street ere far ni    i
I,.,.,- 0f  the  Orangemen ��� Important,  than  th< se   nn    the
. ,__,.. Hon    io    the   limits,
o   . nd members ol      Mu or Ke i Mr, Bacchu   il
he ' "ii i'i.  e : thai    ���   hl * slgnln
plan . '��� layi d    ���   I em et In Sap
perton  would  b<   commenced.
Mr.   Bacchus   considered     thai
niertaln    the   Sovereign
oi   Orangemen,    which
nver .ui the nineteenth
uontli    He considered thai as
nn n  . .iin*'  from    the
.vould do well tei bring
��� , .i.i- city, lake them up
m :  explain and   poinl  out   !
Scotl St* wi rt, i cc i I if stealing
' -b'\, :��� ,vat.ch from I he n sidence ol
D. K. n lo, Twelfth sl reet, was yester-
afternoon sent* need to six
months' imprisonment with hard la-
tioi hy Judge Harrison, the prisoner
having elected to take a speedy trial.
'���' ; assing sentence, lh* iu Ige remarked thai lie would :ake a lenienl
view of the case, as the prisoner was
undoubtedly drunk when the theft
was committed, and also as the watch
had ince b* en ri I urned to the owner.
St v.,.,: ��� conducted his ��� ..ti defence,
��� examined s* veral of the
������-in a p. cullar mann* r. He
I* I guilty, inn al the same time
arked thai he did nol know thai
I ; stolen ;li" watch. The judge
is d to accept thi pi* a, bui the
l   * '��� id* a."   later   proved    that     Scotty
tered  to  the  Four  Winds.
Owing to the absence from iin- city
of several e.f ilie. !,im oi' the Columbian colli', e iiM.se leal! ] ; ���, .-. ;,���- intermediate match betwei a that aggregation ami .rn- High schoo] bal
artists will not take pla today. An
effort may be made to gather together a scratch team, bul this is not
likely. The near approach of the holidays Is responsible for the exodus
from the city of ilu
players, and there are not enough
young baseball players In the big in-
stltution of learning to make up another nine redoubtable enough to
meet the High school, the match
been abandoned,
Today's game is the last one In
which the Columbian ci 'ie ge team
were to figure, according to the published schedule, and only one more
game remains to be played, this 11
between th.' Royal City and the High
si hool teams.
Locals Lose First Baseball Game Against Vancouver Amateurs by 3 to 0���Sinclair's Sensational Slide���Steady
Ball, But Nothing Brilliant On the Field.
Score.: Vancouver Athletics, 3;
intermediate   Westminstei   Seniors. 0.
In a five Inning game, the Athletics
of Vancouver shut off the local nine
at Que* n's pai . :���' sterday evening
The   play   was    levold   of   any
place whence he .mum," an i one mor'
swing the- leal, onl:. to be stria", out.
This decision was questioned by
many of the players, Beveral declaring tliat the hal! was not in-: I the
foul Iiii". imi of course, the umptr-3
ll  was only a mat ier of in  hi B,
s.'ii^a- ��� ruled
tional features, and was mc  remark-  oni' way or the other,
ah'..' for brilliant  efforts on the pari      Fim-   the   visitors,  the   third   Inning
of anj of the players, The game star -   ���. as ;h ��� h tppy time.     Two   of   the
ed   lati   -.  mes   nearly  always    start   hunch    ambled    hom"    durin-      hal
late,  somehow���and    as a resull    of period,  and had  an  eas
���'ais.   [our  o
,- ancelled,
The   batter)   for   the    local    team
L.wi.-  and  Briggs, worked   well    to-
... ��� -    the c* untry  would
op* ning up of the rive r
Of the channel.
discussion,    during
Mr. Thrift laid his views before
in*      evith   force    and     logical
ents, ii   was decided   that    his
li: mayor attend  to all the
roposed    excursion,
( :        lhe r* sl   of the council.
ol   roughgrading    sub-
as of lots by private    parties,
ng of the  plans by
In   : iayor, was thorough-
I lasl   ev* ning.     Messrs.   .1.   H.
an!   E.   \V    Bacchus,     accom-
liy Mr.  Blair, who has  Invest-
Sa   ���    in, wailed on the coun-
off*       im*   reasons     why    the
lion sho il t  be rescinded.
fl   Vidal,  who  had   the  honor ed'
!   ���    mm    the    meeting,    de-
lh<   fact  thai   the   account   ol
ellng 'li" measure had created,
'   ��� :   In   the   papers,  ha l
enti I thi   2 ellng of    the    re b.
men as   being    antagonistic.
would certainly expedite matt* . ,vas the man responsible foi the mys-
Several oth* questions were as i terious disappearance of the time-
the   deputation,   and   th*    council    jn-   piece. .<�������*      ;___,�����
would    give ���	
their decision by nexl Monday. The
membi rs of the deputation having
thanked the council, then withdrew.
The R.-v. Dr. Sipprell, principal of
ihe- Columbian college, Mr I! ev,- ll.
bursar, an 1 D. S. Curtis, waited m the
mayor and  aid* rm* n in the interests
�� Mr! Curtis,'in _ few words, stated Capital City Has No Houses;Six Big Fermented Liquor' !nVt_e fi       "Mi.,:   ���
had to be it. .Wilson uot home by easy stages,
landing finally aft* ' . tine drive io
righl by Pierrot. This weni just beyond  Sayce's  reach, and  Pierr it  got
gether,   but   the   work   in   the  oiiifiei'1 ; three   hn_g.'r.     He     : .���_ istcrcl     later
am.-   uot   up   to  the     mark.       Sinclair   after   a   slash   at    lie     horsehide    by
i played a good mime, and was the only
i man  on the   team   who   succeeded   In
reaching  third  base.    This sensation
took  place during  the  third  innings,
Frost,   who  died   two  minutes    later
after   lan.linn  the  ball   in  Barbaree's
In   th"   fifth   inning,  Forrest   .-'.erred
when   Sinclair  smashed   the  ball   nut   the fun by getting to first on a drive
| to left field and succeeded in reach-j to center field, and setting to second
rror by Stein.    Hemphill fel
ine object of the deputation, which -
was a request for c* rtaln privileges
an 1 rebates, and called upon Bursa
Bowell, to read a lengthy memorandum which he had prepared and
which minutely set forth the ree|nests
in detail, and as tin- memo said "any
other items which the good nature.!
Ingenuitj ol th*' aldermen mighl suggest."
In brief, and shorn of its many
phrases, the petition was to the effect
that the city place- a sidewalk cross-
Prairie Capital.
permission to erect a lent at Beacon
Hill nark for one of '..:���; clients who
sought m small cottage rut had sought
for it in vain. The ma; <���������. declared
ai ih.. entrance' to th.' college, I that '"dor the terms of lb- grant of
-o as io allow teams to enter th" the lan-.! lie could not give the desired
grounds without spoiling the planking, I.Permission, it would b< setting a
use' of more water for the purpose dangerous precedent in an-, event,
of Irrigating the grounds; more con- His worship referred 1.) the neces-
venient  lighting of the street  iiv the   sit.    for   a  greater   numbei   of  small
To Spare ��� Mayor Refuses
Peculiar Request.
Victoria, .lime 7.���An unusual demand was made upon Mayor Morley I tillers of Canada, Gooderham ti
yesterday afternoon. It came from a Worts, of Toronto, tie Hiram Wi ��� '
local  real   estate  deal. 1   and  was   for I Co.. of Walkerville;  Joseph Seagram,
of  Waterloo:   Wiser  &   Co.  Prescott;
Firms Select Site in the tllis p��int> he stole to second, reach- lowed ;;: bat> b'" f;iilei1 ,0 connect
'      ' I lng the pillow  amid  a   cloud  of fine  with    Lewis's    curves.    Neilson    did
sand on a slide.    A ste-al to third foi-   better, bringing Forrest home with a
Winnipeg,  Jun<   7.���The great   'lis
lowed, hut here his triumphal march
round the diamond was destined to
stole. With Silver at the bat, great
things were expected, but the man
with the rich name failed
enough   ginger  in  his   slap.
stinger to the right. Pierrot ieicked
up the weapon, connected and reached
first, sending Neilson 10 third. Lewis
woke up to the facl Hint it was up
to put j to him to keep down the score, and
and    a ! pitched untouchable ball for the next
quick  play from Hemphill to Stenson
caught Sinclair vainly trying to return to third after a futile attempt to
get   home.     Silver  reached   first,  but
Harry Corhy, of Belleville, and Hamilton Distilling Co.. all of whom are
interested in the General Distilling
Co.. of Toronto, are completing ar-
ragements to institute a great distillery planl in Winnipeg which will . , . ....
1                               inning followed a long drive by Stem.
make Winnipeg the greatest distilling | Barbaree  was   resting comfortably  at
two, .1. Watson and Frost,'who fanned
the gentle  breezes in succession.
Following is the batting order:
Athletics���Pierrot,  second   base:   .1.
died there, as Sells, who followed, al-   Watson,  catcher;   Frost,  center field:
lowed   the   umpire   to   call   the tradi- j Ballenllne.   first   base;     C.     Watson,
tional one. two, three���you'r out.        j right    field;     Stenson.    third    base;
Great  excitement   during  the  third   Forrest,   left,  field;   Hemphill,   short
said  11     Vidal,  was    nol    the  entrance;   water for    the    swimming  cottages.   Families  oi  two and  three
nation  was coming  be-   .��� ,,   whi(.,,   wj]1   ,���.  install*^   ln   -V jhad no ne* 1 e.f th*   larger houses and
lie ci mcil in mii imiorson.il way   m,w gymnasium now In the course- ol   naturally objected to paying fhe rent-
,   '
stop;   Neilson.  pitcher.
Westminster      Seniors���,T.
pith ��� verj   confidence    thai
���   settli uie nt   would  he arrived
lati d thai Hie idea thai
i      Hi     purely affecting the
f i- erroneous, as he bad
ei many private citizens
he produced. It  wns nn import-
Inatti      ��� e be eiid nol know why
mni td  decided    to    refuse
. ns,   and   he   w ished
���he rl li rnu n  would    ask    some
I evhich      the      deputation
u I'*' ; Ii used to answer.
the matter woul I receive
ti ntion,   as  considerable
|' ilreadj   been  lost  to  the
���   action of the council, and
' ���   case   of  si veral   families
:i '    '.   shorl   time  ago to Sap-
'''  construction; a more satisfactory water meter;  a rebate on the water tax,
and a  mate.'ial  reduction of the cosl   an  opportunitj
of   the   Insultatlon   ami   wiring of   the
new science building.
Tin bursar, Mr. Bowell went minutely into the' financial state of thi
college, which necessitated the greatest of 1 conomy being exercised.
center   in   western   Canada   and   Uie seCond when the bat and. the ball met   short   stop:   Sinclair,  tirst  base;   Sil-
western stains of the American uni in    wi.h .li;  ... ,ln>8 n������jve power behind j ver.   third   base:   Sell",  second   I ise;
"Negotiations  for Hie site have no*   ,,     According to the umpire, the ball' Briggs,  catcher;   Barbaree, left   field;
,,,..,,. t])e|been  consummated,"  said  John   Har- |just went insi^e the foul line, but this  Stein, center field; C. Lewis, pitcher;
latter,    il.- believed   thai    there  was  graft, who is representing the General   fact was no1  made pub)ic llntil aft.-  Save*', right field.
here   .       n  ,,;,,..,;.,,.  Distillery company, and  is a relative J Barbaree    hail  made    a    tremendous     Umpire, Homer McLean, of Colum-
nvestors. nf ,i"' head "f ,he Gtooderham  firm.   aash  <-,.,���.,  aeconr]  ,��� third  and  then  blan college.
Some- days ago a   ���    mg  man hold- J  am in  wlnn*Pe��. however, for that   home.    Stein had reached second he-! Score by innings:
ing  a  good  position applied    to    the  PurP��se   and   '"   make   arrangements  fore   the   fielders   had    located   the      Athletics     0 0 2 0 1���
provincial  department     dealing    with   for   ''"' institution of   the  enterprise  sphere, but had to travel hack to thei    Westminster    0 0 0 0 0
��� ;.,, ;01. the ]oan ,, a tent ln I almosl   Immediately.    The  question of  ~
a site  is  almost   finally   decided  and
which vi  s] "mi  Hi.   s imme 1   months
,,   il.   was aide to pay his way hut could   need 1"'t create worr>' on ,,,<' Parl ' r
real   estate   men   now.       I  may
Rev,   Dr   Si;e|eri'ii    a!se>    addressed
the meeting, and expiated on the ad-   not obtain a house i ritabl*   for him-, ._._._-   ,A���im _ _.   until 1 nn   r*n_n
- - �����* ��� - - -' ' -""��� ' ' :i:;;;:i;: ST_. L^T.? ���;;,:;':;::    TO BE MADE LOWER;      AN UPWARD SOAR
tirely   meeting  Hie   demands    of  th
as   he   could obtain,    an
kind con!'..1 red on the city, in the way
of educational  facilities, and outlined   rental  was asked.      Tin.   were much
.   ger than he requln 1     -I- had been   I     '   '      "    '   '    '   ' ���  f|     '
'offere!   small  cabins   '"it   they   were
the great   work the c dlegi   ha 1
. m pll hi 1.
His   worship   ask* tl   the   el iputatlon
.���   ter   will   probably   be   I    uj hi   up  at   be  employed   the  yeai
unfit  for human habitation. The mat-   "l"01"'    Prom  150 ;" 2('11 men a
n an>   questions   and   stated  that
present   they   were   getting   some    il
t.he next meeting of   hi  advis* ry com-
l'1'1   "''"   the   object     of   settling   ,],.,   articles   mentioned   al   les3   than   -""' '' '���   ""' Ton:;-'-' ass*   iation,
|n and had sine-   left the country.
' 'hi-  able  to   procure h inses to
P*  mm    n ���   fi ellng  j istifled
-''a-  until  - ich times as    the'
1 division   of  intersecting
; Ign* 1.
.   .' ..    spoke next, dis-
the   local   side   iif
considered    (hat
cost. .fter considerable discussion
���; , ci unci] decided to wipe off the
chai ge ' ir wiring the science building, which in itself is n considerable
Item 11 Ing In the vl* Inlty of $13 1.
The matt* r of free w iter could n 1!
romlse 1 at present, bul should
any other Institution such as the
pro] ose 1 V. M. C.   \. be given bett*
duc( ''��� a   h;-h   class|Reclaimed Land of Wet and;Coast Figures Raised  Fif-
���"""   ""���    *0 I
irouiid, six
thousand tons of coal will be used annually, and from 500,000 to 600,0 ���
bushels of '-'rain will be required
Boggy Sides to Be Subdivided and Sold.
teen    Cents ��� Winnipeg-
Is Still Worse Off.
point, of view, the   terms   on   water   and   light   than   thi
1   v ��� - ;   no!   ��� tand,     It   was  C0]]( _,,. ... ,.. gl tt Ins. theii  rates woul I
e.n I   me  council   ..,. piac ,|    n the same basis,
��� 1    '    mi' Ion  eef i imi   kind ^     \     c,   mmnical Ion     wns    1 eci Ive'
' ��� 'line     on    tendei   ,-.,,,,, p   1;   Glover requesting lhal the
1    1 ��� rtalnly   affetced   Hi*'   C01lncj]    _��� , n-0nt( e    tho  B,  C,   E   it
privllegi s of  private citl-   ,,. 1 ���   ,      ..   -.     for    th ���    Chiiliwack
bram I loc ime Into the cit?. Vftei
, onsidi rabl*   dlse ussli n, the clei k �� ..
Instruct* 1   ' ���   wii e   Mr,   cl 1    -   -
qui ��� ting him to meet the council
nexl Monday nigh;, when 11 deel l< '���
reply would  be given.
Several  minor  matters having been
the    meeting    then    adjourned.
Haldis is cn the Way,
Tw* nl. -three    cars    of    hydraulic
. .        ,   .          ., Dauntless  Runs  Atjrcund.
s'..mm. d from the eastei n states
to  New  Westminstei   ovi     the  Greal The large tug Dauntless, owned by
Northern  railway, ami  destined ofr the Messrs,   Mayers    and     Preston,    ran
Klondike works   if  the  Guggenheims, aground    earl)     yesterday    morning
.,. taken  I    Skagway by  th* near  Cottonwood   point.      The    tow
steamer Haldis ol   hi   M ���   Heel boat  was going down the river when
,,.    ���   .. n���x,   ,.-,., north.    The   Haldis ���'   Heavy  fog came  up,  rendering ob-
s'he  ,1 1   havi   finish* I di    in glng   in '   "   ": i��J Invisible, th*   1 urn nt    I
The ,seh. nu   is now being outlined Another  advance cl   fifteen    cuts
by   property   owners   in   the  vicinity I has taken place In the price of coast
of Trout  lake, to lower the level of shingles.    Shingle manufacturers de.
the   water  lev  :���.-.:};������   six   feet.     Bell   id cln,    that    the   cost   ol     holts,
the plan is iii- desire of the owners greater than at any previous time in
'.   property  ln  the  locality  to   auk* the history of the industry, has forced
about   sevent)  mmios  of  land  on  the the  s lling  cost   up.    Bolts  are  now
available for habi-
���   ' 1 Mount
c-    ton last  uie-
- hor* s of the lak
The lake at il    1 resent helghl
.-��� a-
bi lling at  from $5.50 * - -b', 1 er     ���' I,
and as a 1 onsequ* 1.    the co il of   r 1-
..:      Ini
Uuii lers of housi ���; ��� n    the
1 ,;.!  tax,  wh m
id)   p'  in",   a
;  be c* mpi lied ! 1
'  ' '   rou   h   railing sin 1 I -
"id   t ixation  was  Illegal.    The
" :. a< ii now stood, was cer-
'      '' ���   lng   1   certain   amouni   oi   discussed
! out  of  the  city.    He  consi l-
;ll'n   unless the  council    could
''|,|v good cause for noi signing
���   ""'   parly   authorized   was,   ai'-
- to the law, obliged to _ign.
was  not  only  unreasonable   but
"i'lstic"  to the  city,  and  be   'inli (���!
��� .   , lin, ,        tal lng  the    oal   slightl)   - er  ol    hei
��� . ,    ,    :,.:,.      .,,,.,      ��� -   these  lol    wel  and   bog       an
"  ' ' .     , . .    , he   lowering   of  the  level,   while   no-
1 pi cei 1 to Ladysmith wh* re  !";"!'   ;'"���   "M   ;| ""l   ti!i*   !'"' .;,,.,, ,
,,    ,    ,     , , ���.m ��� ,,,   ,;,   .... .        reclaim ng any   and, since the slopi   1 1 some relief in thi
,vlll endeavoi   to secure    bunker the hank, and when th*   tide fell   '���.,.,.       .
koitoni for nenriv ii."   of the banl   li   ml     steep, would of-   the  advanci   In owledge    hal
rhe boai Is in no dan      ."':,;;   ^ain the spot. A number of ,,���       [(     ,, nnv. [n        |nipeg ]M. tQ
��� turn with the other ves ;".   ,!'";"!l   '-'    'i!IV111   is   running   Vancouver  citizens are Int* estei  in ^^^ foj|    y^
.     .mm the,  .    Prom Ladysmith  Wrongly.    The S ison lefi al  noon   '"   -',,',���,'. Mad  It is  probable that
���y   Haldis will pro,  ��� I to New West-  yesterda)  I 1 make an attempl to lift   aa ��������" " f^.^0^ ' '   p;0p-|!r '    "       . '
uinst* :��� and she may arrive th  on    ������   ' - and float her in. , deep wat, ,  ;\'-  ffil   '"' BuMlvld^ :'"" P,aced ��n|Vancouver    Shingle
Sunday or Monday. She will then load   Messrs. Mayers and Preston left yes-   the market.
all the pipe she can accommodate and   terdnj   as soon as they gol  word oi    ���Pe��� "    ti    ��,       " /""'i"        \
the accident, and were on the sf.r,r;!,:" "vi" authorities to do the work.
this permit being necessary, Bine* thi
She will Ilk* ..   have to remain   r< Bting on the
. :,    in gei    th    c mm  whole length.
..o'.a    to Vancouver will fill oul  het
cargo with general merchandise consigned  to the  Yukon.
Nev/   Way  of Fighting  Snow.
Winnipeg, June 7��� A conference
The   toll owing   Is  thi-   team
I' '
, . . i years  a
which ���     .
1 Preston.
Canadian  Pacific officials was held in   has   been   selected   to   represent     the
the offices of General Superintendent 1 civic   faction  tn  the    baseball   game
md' Price today, and the consideration of which  ls  to take  place  In  the near
his  a   number of  matters   suggested   hy j future between the city ami the Pro-
measure the experiences of the past    winter j vincial   authorities.    Several    of  tho
all day.   The boat, which is the larg
est regular mg on the river, is valued Ioutlel "r the u'^ |li,SJ,'s through the
al  ahout  $75,1  and  was  bull!  two  sout;    ' '   "   "';' ":  ' :" "      '
1  specially   for   Mayers    and |lu
Cheme involves, simply
listed  thai  the    mayor
would see the matter In
:"l  hoped  that     th*
,; l"' rescinded withoul delay.      I was taken up.   One of the chief mat-1 players are rather dubious as to their
"s worship He   mayor raised the|ters which occupied  the time of the j ability  to  hold  down   their jobs  {01
Rlion   of   dual   taxation,   and
"" Ider thai
'""ll1  bo  termed   taxatHon
' ' 'i' .  l
did I conference was the discussion of lhi   nine innings, bul Manager N. II. Mc-
is the matter ntood, I besl   methods of fighting snow, sug-  Quarrle Insists    thai  he    will    make
gestlons   being  made  by  officials of every man on his learn work to the
the corapan* who had the work to do , limit.    The   team    consists of:c,   P,
M r.
nowever, contended that
idvanced some strong argti- during the
nter.   As a resull of th*
Bowler; c, S, .1. Pearce; lh BJ, Hoult;
r��r the affirmative.    Both Al-j discussion additional equipment    will  2b   Fire  Chief  Watson;   3b chief of
'��n famine and Henley consider-  be purchased  by the company, some Police Mcintosh;   ss.  N,  H. McQuar-
1 'f any plans were signed, it  of it  being of a  class not previously (rie; If, Prank Booth; cf, K. Robinson;
1  council liable to open up tho used in the west.
rf. C, J. Robson.
Collision at Golden.
Vancouver,    June     7.-VPassengers
who arrived on yesterday's    delay* I
train  saw  when they  passed Golden
two badly damaged engines which
met in a head-on collision on
Tuesday. The accident occurred Just
wesl of Golden, No one wns lnju 1 I
the engineers and firemen of both
trains Jumping for safety    when the
crash was Inevitable. The engines
were telescoped. I�� look aboul eleven
hours to clear the trucks of tho
ntO False creek at its head.    The
a   deepening
of the ditches to take the surplus water to the creek, as after the lowering, the flow through the ravine will
remain 11 precisely tho sain.- level as
Fine Launch Coming.
Xanaimo, June 7.���Dr. Mason's
line launch, built fur hlm last summer, was purchased today by the Dominion governmenl to be used on the
Pras* r river as a patrol boai ln the
fisheries there, This launch, in company With Caldwell's launch, also sold
for the same' purpose, will he taken to
the Pr: n r In a couple of weeks.
b. in
r   the'   xxx.
brand are now quoted in Vancouver
at $2 05, and H.. piice delivered in
Winnipeg is $3.45. (Vl this time last
year the same class of shingles were
selling in Winnipeg ... .2.65. Number
2 shingles have i__oa advanced h ire
to $1.80 ami the Winnipeg quotation
is $2.60.
It is reported that many of rhe
shingle manufacturers are carrying
orders on future output for several
months. Of course these orders were
hooked hi fore the advance, but when
they are worked off the entire coast
production will he nt the new rates.
The I!riti_h Columbia Lumber ft
shingle Manufacturers, l.d., the incorporated company which has displaced
ih" old association of manufacturers,
has (deeded John Hendry president,
Messrs. II. HePencier and E.J, Palmer
vice' president, and R, 11. II. Alexander secretary.
'; '
.������;.e..l. THE   DAILY   NEWS.
t 1,'
"Washington or Bust" Motto of Overland Travellers. ! ���
Everett, June  7.���After residing in
California   several   months   in   scan il
���       iv. u sr v_/ xx. x       ���
��� .*:* b*b*y*:<i. * *'..* *���'��� * *
A   fine  day and   good offerings  on
of  health,   I'.  J.   Gehl, a   pioneer  of sale made yesterday an ideal market
Snohomish   county,  has    decided    to day.
istnrl home, taking the overland trail     The old reliable farmers were thei"
rrom   Anderson,   Shasta   county,   and   in good numbers, together with man)
new faces, the facl   that seeding and
cruising mer the many nines between ,        . ,    . ,
general spring work  is now over,   il-
the earthquake state and Washington |lon,!ng  nurflbers  ���,��� them    to atteid
| in a covered wagon. who   have   heen   missed   during   the
Gehl writes friends in Everetl  that past three week-.
he,   his   wife   and   three   children  are       Al   nine o'clock   yesterday   morning1
I looking  forward   to  the  long journev when  business  was    at    its    height.   MOfSC   rCclClflS*
, wdth  considerable interest:  that they Lytton square certainly presented  an
I have their "schooner" all prepared for attractive appearance,    which    spoke
the trip and  hearing the inscription, well  for the interest   taken    in    the and   Pr"iZCS !
Circus Pay, New Westminstei
���   i    4    *%   ** ~~A ___. Two Performances at 2 and 8 P. m.
July 1, 2, 3 and 4 ^_^__,, ���  _^^ ��� g ^ ��� ���^
$1 5,000
 ,��� I "Washington or Bust."   The home of weekly market, nol only by the farm-
'| ihe Gehl   family  is  in  Hartford, this o\-a  themselves and   residents of the
count v. Immediate  vicinity,    but    by    many
Reduced  Railroad   Rates from
For. 25 Cts.
can always be assured when you
buy your
New Westminster
Music House
Formal opening by the Hon. (i. II.
others   from the  Terminal   city,   who  V.   BULYEA,   Lieutenant  Governor of
taking advantage of the reduced rates  Alberta.
on the interurban  tram  service,  and ''-* . ������ 1
who wore preseni in large numbers. .   n, ,       ,     ...     ,
a Hue I,., 0f beef w,sonere,, >,s Best Stock Show in Ine Wesl
terday, being in most cases falrlv
young stock and In firsl class condition, and though the supply was well
up lo  last   week's  offering,  the  mi- n
jorlty   was   disposed   of  early   in   Ihe ���"'   lOintS. ,
day, and by noon completely sold out.       \y[me    jyj.   fiske   and   15   New
A   slight   reduction    on   lasl    week's v    ,    .  ,. , .i_     ���>  j I
i.rics seems to be respons  for the York Arl,sts on the 2nd-
run on beef.   Hindquarters sold from Driving Club Races every evening, i
nine   to   ten   cents   while   fronts   we're 	
disposed of at seven to eight cents.   . , ,
For  lull   information   apply  to  the
so,,,,, good mutton was on sale and   Secretary-Treasurer.
readily disposed of thirteen cents per    	
pound, bul the demand was far shor:
of ihe supply causing the slock to be
all sohi oul early in the day. The
majority retailed at thirteen cents.
Laml,   was   also   very   shorl   on  do- y[e wjJ] sencJ to any
maud, bin   what  was offered in mosl
cases was nice looking meal, and was cldCU'eSS,    {)OSL    pre-
raostly sold wholesale early in the day
for from five dollars to five fifty per
Pork was very scarce and fetched
eleven and eleven and a half cell's.
The supply of veal Is steadily looking up, and some nice looking cuts
were s.lllng for 10 1-2 cents, and no
difficult)- experienced in obtaining the
price. Eggs went up slightly yesterday, though the supply was well up
to the murk. The demand is becoming exceptionally good, nnd the mi-
( jority of small dealers realized 30
.cents withoul any difficulty for every
'.dozen they had for sale. A good supply of butter was on hand and wholesalers were stocking up for 25 cents
in large lots, bul the average buyer
��� ! .-'--i-' the old price of thirty cents i
t mind.
���' uv]   and   chicken    were   not    verv    ,       ���   ��� ,       ���    , , ���       i   i i ���
PKu.titi.1,   th, ugh    lie  has  been   nn   LOOK !       LOOK ! !        LOOK ! ! !
increasing demand for these feather- 	
' '  dolicHcies.      Large    heavy    birds   JUST  ON  THE   MARKET.
were  selling  from  eighl   to nine  dollars  per dozen, while    the    younger
birds averaged seven  dollars  ner doz.
Quite   i   few cases of nice,    youne
190 - Circus Champions and Celebrities ���
SS  Famous  Equestrians 11   Arabian   TumblJ
is  Darina'A^Uilata***"* 23  Merry  Mirthful c/o__
10  Packless   Rough  Riders * ,   -
9   Scnsctioricx:   Be
20 Astonishing i
A Complete J span sse Cir.
>*      , Superb   Car-land   Er.trej
Scores of Trained Wild E.J
Herds of Performing Elep;,%
. Camels. Llamas ancl B   , [_c
Educated   Seal.   ar.d   Sea iK^a
Highest    Jumping   Horsj|
Thundering Roman  C!--. . t r.
Trln.d Imported Arabian 3':1' ;:.j
j   Only Lady Japanese Art:
fOG Shof/and Pony /._//.;
Cake   lA/a Iking   Hor;
WMMaW^   Marvelous Picards
S^C^, Celebrated Sti rk (10) FamM
Le Fleur Tr
paid, a
Good Tooth Brus
and a 25-cent box
Tooth Powder
New lot Stamp Mat Pat- REM EM BER      THE      PA
terns just to hand.
"V   / ^HRI Pretty Edna Maraf
l^#flw   f "2	
6TV /   . . '0 $mi streei Paracid
and Seed Store
in half-pound packages
iC per Ib.
Vancouver      manufacturer     nee.ls
good men to represenl the very Iat* -'
, novelty.   Agents coining money.   Gat
cii'CKs were ci. posed of, as latch- neo-      ��� , ���        ,���
'-'' i> i""    wise,    start    working    for   yourself.
P'e  seem   to  be on  the  lookout    for '
these  birds,    and al   prices    rangin.1?
om  $.s  to  $8.50;
'ii'lily disposed of
from  $S  ie. $8.50;   the    supply    was
Everybody buys on sight. Profits ov-.r
one hundred per cent. Don'l waste
tunc asking foolish questions, but
3end nue' dollar for fines: samples la
A small supply of potatoes was on America
hand and the price moved up the. last
'"bTJ^ZZrZr,;,,   The Phoenix Company,
as good as usual and a brisk business   Space '��� ':!*' Granville St., Vancouver
was carried on in thai departmenl of
Auctioneer  Trapp    conducted    an-       f_r_r_r_r_v_-      nmiii   I
other of his successful auction sales
and a considerable amount  of money
to raise good stock is good FEED.    We keep tii" besl
besl only.   Make your chickens lay by giving them go
Strengthen your live stock   by   building up   bone  and n
and v.-o CARNEFAC,
LADIES have you tried the Pastrj Flour nuele by the b.
Milling Company. If not Telephone 333 and try it: the r
obtained  are excellent.
FRONT  STREET. Telephone j 13.
Adams u Deans
The wonderful progress of Canada is illustrated by the fact that the
finest Cocoa iu the world is made there.
Is the purest and the best and is fast becoming the beverage
for old and young.
Shingle and Saw Mill
The Schaake Machine Works, Ltd.
' hanged  hands.   Fine Page,  who haa   I
lately    invested In a  ranch    up    Ihe
river, buying in several  nice looking
milch   lows.    \iii,.   horses,   son f
which were good looking animals,
while ithers were fitter for the b me
I'lle ihan an auction s lie, were sol !
for all they woro worth, no sua;.- :. .
I!l : I'lckod up In horse flesh these
M'". Brown, of Parson's Slough, wa
In with butter and eggB.   A, Davie, I,
McKee,  A,   Patterson,  all  of  l,adni
w' n  visitors ai the markel yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs, A. Brown and I). D,
Dove, of Sunburn were noticed on
'li" snuare with some fine farm nro-
Ml'. nnd .Mrs. Alexander wire in
from Sunburry yesterday.
Mrs. Childs from Porl Kells was In
"iiii a good assortmenl of fresh laid
eggs anel butter.
���I. Miller, Mr. Voglestein, A, .1
Peschy and <b \ewman, weir in from
Mull's Prairie with butter, eggs and
336 Hastings St. W , Vancouver.   |
Bookkeeping, Gregg and Pitman   j
Shorthand, Telegraphy and En-   |
gineerlng. j
Seven  Teachers I
torty-Five   Typewriters }
Students Always in Demand. {
R. J. SPROTr, B. A., Principal j
in the
____________ .77^ 	
TOTAL   ASSETS  OVER    45,000,000
We welcome small ace mnts and pay interest four times
a year on Savings Hank deposits.
F. B. LYLE,   Manager.
Hotel Guests.
Ollichon P, D. Blair, K, Murray,
Vancouver; .Mrs. k. Shannon, New
Denver; Mrs. .\. |��. McGilllvray, Mrs,
Thor! r-'i, Mrs. Willis. Vancouver; W.
! A, Mel ne. Anacortes; Alex, Each-
em, Qlalni
Windsor -T,    Crawdell,    an!    ti n
n '"..i"" i o   X irrls &  Rowe's clrcu i
advi rtii In i . taff.  .'.. Plclier, Vancott-
J ver;    F.    McManns,    Barm I;    Ci   I
i Brown, Vam ouver,
Kenney's Restaurant The Canadian Bank of Commerc
Open All Night
Paid-up Capital, $ 10,000,000.      Reserve Fund, $5,000
1 B,  E.  WALKER, President.
Manufacturer of
ALEX.   LAIRD,  Geaen
Mineral Waters, Etc.
Aerated Waters,
Family Trade a Specialty. '       Business may be transacted hy m ail   with   any   branch   of  m��
Accoun-. opened, ami deposits made or withdrawn by m
Tel. 113. Office, Eighth Street,   attentli to out-of-town accoun ts,
? 1
4���?Kr DAY. JUNE 8,  1907.
nadian Pacific
jlway company
C{0nii Day Excursion.
: , all local points at
,     |R| nil ONE-THIRD
I   - round trip.
.   May 22, 23 an.l 24;
Mav 27.
"Quality and  Price"
ipplies foi  the pantry you warn them
of then
' "ti the man who makes a specialty
ir money?
(ith St.. next tn Columbian office
Phone 309
Edmonds Tea Co.
: Minis ��� rs an I others ted in
e i i. ch   sen Ic* -   will      ���    -      u ward
their copj to ihis office nol later than
n. on Frida re   nsertion. 1
Our Straw Hats
We are stalled at the outstart in the description
of our Straw Hat Stock. We've Straw Hats for
everybody---Old Men, Young Men, Boys and
Children. Full Shapes, Medium Shapes, Small
Shapes.    Soft Straus and Stiff Straws.
.. r. H. Agent.
New Westminster.
d Trunk Ry.
lent Train Service Between
:ago, London,
Hamilton, Toronto,
ltreal, Quebec,
Portland, Boston,
���   j m'i business centers of
_RI0. Ql EBEC and   the MARL
_L0, NEW YORK an.i
I -,; HIA, via Niagara Falls.
�� ibi* i, etc., address
CEO.  W. VA_X.
���tanl Passenger and Ticket
lent        -v    "   ���":t'- Chicago, 111.
Trains Daily
��� the Famous
i ��� hted train.    Low Rates.
Our  Refrigerators have perfect aii
surrounding the entire refrigerator.
We have Zinc and Enameled Lined Inside
Screen Doors and Windows.
said at   ���
Curtain Stretchers of different
Call and see us,
T. J.  TRAPP & CO.
Excellent Service.
[v York, Chicago,
Toronto, St. Paul
..���ts e,n sale to all Euro-
11   "
lia!   Redj'."tl    Rates    Round    Tii,-:
Rates to  Southern   Califoe-ma.
pull infe n tion call "n or write
C. E. LANG, General Agent,
jOHasl ���.   St., Vancouver, H. C.
Portland, Ore,
IThe White Pass
md Yukon Route
NKS,     llaily   trains   (except
p carrying   p_s. .n_er^,   mail,
I''        " I    Freight    connect    with
}���       t Cai  -.es, and White Horse,
iin_ a through winter service.
I '   rm ill .n   apply   to
H    Rl IGERS,   Traffic   Managei,
Vancouver.   B.   C.
Tiie Milwaukee"
'���i<- Pion'-r Limited" St. Paul to
;hjcago,   "Short   Line"   Omaha   to
go, "South West Limited"
Kansas City to Chicago.
"ains   in   the   service   on   any
��� in the world that equal in
nt thai of the Chicago, Mil-
&  St.   Paul  I. lilway.     They
rate thetT own  sleeping
ng cai   op all! their trains and
��� "i"   pati i ns   an  excellence  of
I  obtainable elsewhere.
H   S, l;e IWE, General Agent.
I St.. <-er Alder. Portland, Or.
B. C. Mills, Timber and
Trading Company
Manuracturers  and Daaters in All Kinds of
{  Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sash,   Doors,
Interior Finish,     turned Work,    Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glass.
Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining.
Royal City Branch, Columbia St.
Telephone 12. New Westminster
��� *
��� Established 18.7 Incorporated 1906 *
! Gilley Bros. Ltd I
* ors in tn
This  celebrated   Cement   is
us* .1 b) nearly all large contract-
"rovin* e,
Wholesale and Retail
FIRE     CLAY      and      MANTEL
From the Clayburn Clay Co.
X Telephones: Office 316,    Manager's Residence 22 %
��� rains Every Day in thc Ye.ir
Minneapolis, St. Paul
and Chicago
' dies the newest and best ideas
[ . ' UXURY. H is lighted with
IP01" electricity and gas; the most
'        "tly   illumi���at(,(|    trajn    j���   tile
I. The   equipment   consists   of
J'      te  "ompartment   cars,   standard
1      section  sleepers,  luxurious  dining
"��� 'telining chair cars   (seats  free),
modern   day   coaches   and   buffet,   li-
n'"v and smoking cars.
��� .  '   r  Time  Tables,   Folders,  or  any
"��  information  call   on   or  write
"so Second Avenue, Seattle, Wash
Great Northern Railway
Round-Trip Rates
Tickets on sale [June 6, 7, 8.    For full
information call on or address
Holy Trlnltj cathed , R< ..A, Shll-
tlrl* k, rector. Holj Con . n, 8 a.m;
Matins, s* i n on and Hoi i mimunion
11 a. in.: evensong a i I sermon, T z
p. in.; S. S., 2:30 p. ra. I I ism lasl *
s m laj In month in ch , . Evensong
and    - mi n by reel       i .  dail.
....    ���   .   10  i.m. and excepi
a Frid    .  �� b- a   Eve  i ���
7:30.    1 lol)   Comm in on ��� -.������     Thurs-
laj   and saint's daj   a .m     Choli
ctlce on Fridi        ter E ,-en song.
St. Barn il as    !:< v   C. VV. Houghton
'   - ������    Hoi    comm ...    m.,
.     i.. 11 a. m
evening prayer,  i cla
... .  Sun .
Sunda il;     choir
. .   ��� ' mmm Fridaj   S p.
: ������ ��� ir    Morning    pi aver     . - el     Hoi;
C. mi uinion  11 a. in.: ev* i Ing  | i aj ei.
7 ;e. in.:   Bible class, 2 p. in..   Sun a;
school, 2 p. in.:  ba   Is I ���     Sun
day  school;   choir pi     i ���    Fri lay  S
p. in.
St Paul's Reformed Episcopal
church���Rev. A. de B Owen, rector
Divine worship Sunday, 11 a.m. aud
r 7 p.m.; Sunday school, 2:30 p.m.
Prayer meeting on Thursday at 7:30
��� p. in. All are welcom*
| Olive! Baptist church Ri t, M. L.
J Rugg, D.D., | astor, Pi < aching on
I Sun-lay at 11 a.m., and al V p.m.; Sunday school  mil   bible classi -  at   2:30
p      in.:      Young      P* opi* s     n ting
Mondaj  evening at   S  p.m.;   Midweek
��� :   meeting  on   \\ ��� lm sday  even-
in.     ���  S  p. in.    Rev. P.  H,  McEwen,
of V in< Oliver,  ,;   : el .... I   . Q it* 1'  Of  ihis
. . li, will preach both morning and
��� ���.-.-. on e xchange with the pastor.
E_e\   I Ir. Rugg.
Queen's   .venue Methodist���Rev. W
j    ii. Barraclough, B.A., pastor, Services
11 a ni. and 7 p.m.;  Sunday school
Bible    Class    at    2:30    p.    ra.
Morning   subji ct,   "I lu    aim   for    tin1
new   year;"   evening   - ibject,   "Nega-
live and  positive Christians."
W .-��� En 1 Methodist- Rev. Mr. Ma
i ��� e, tor, Servlc* s, 11 a m. and 7
p.m.; Sun ! i;   school, 2: 10 ; .m.
.-',.' | erton     Methi list,  ���   i!*'v.     I.
rhoi as, ; ' tor.    Sun lay   -��� rvices,  11
a.m. and 7 p.m.; Sunday si hool, _: 30 .
p.m.; Epworth League, Monday, S p.m.'
ning service, |
St. Andrew's Presbyterian���Rev. .1.
S.   Hen   ���    m tor.     S in i ij   ser
vices Ila.in. and 7 p in : S in ; ij s* hool
and Bible Classes, 2:30 p, in.
!    ��� .���" '     .   ��� Thi lion of thc
i'    isthin    ��� ��� .: ��� ." ���     a  serl* -
n I Biblical  Qu    11 ens."
Wesl   Pi es ytei i m- rtei.  T. Ward
'  v.    Taylor,    M.A..    Ph.D.,    minister.
S rvici s   Ila: m.  nn 1  7. 10  , ,m, :   Sun-
.    . ho el and  Bible class, 2: 30 p.m.
Knox  chin h,  Sa] i ei ton    Rev.    D.
Me l.enzie,  B. V.,  pastor.    Seervices, 11
;-. in.  and  7  p in.;   Sunday  school and
'. ele    class,   2:30   p.m.;   meeting of
',    '-.-. s  c   E,  Immediately  after the
��� . ening  servii e.
i... -, i'i i [all, corner Sixth avenue
an I Ninth str* el Breaking i f bread
��� .. ry Sundaj at 11 a.m.; Sunday
: chool and BII le i lai i. : p.m,: gosp* i
address, 7 p in.: piayi r mi eting, Wed
nesday, S p.m.
i;...��������� ' Hnll, Ti nth troet. Sei vie* .-
: md 7 p.m.;  Sundaj    el ool al
'������ p.m.
I. . rieian Church,  Roa. B.   \   S ind,
Service    Sun   ij   moi nin     i I
\ it   11     i'cIi ���
....    al   Od 1   Ho   ���'   I. II
o'cl II
I Hue  Mounl iin Si hool  Hous  . N
re a 1    Se rvl* e al 3 p, m.
Salv ei 'mi Army S* . \ ie es ... isual
i i   the   Army   hall.
St, Peter's Cathedra]  i Itoman Cath
In '    Sun I e.   Mass al  8 and  in a.m,.
I hlsm in 2 35 p.in.: Evening Devi Lions, 7 p.m.
Anglican church Sen Ices al St.
M :.-. 'a Sap] erton: evening prayer and
ton ev* ry Sunday al 7 o'clock;
first Sunday In the month, m irnlni
prayer with a celebration of the Holy
Communion at 11 o'cloi k; Sunday
Bchool al   2:",n  p.  in.
St. Alban's Burnaby���Morning
prayer with Bermon every Sunday nt
II o'clock excepl ih*' flrsl Sunday In
the month, when the service will be
ni :; o'clock in the afternoon. Rev.
D. Dunlop, B, A., priest in charge,
��� Panama, Sennit, Milan & Canton Braids ���
X Men's Mats 50c, $ 1, $ 1.25, $3 to $7.50 X
* Boys'  Mats   25c,  50c,  60c  to   75c ���
Children's  Mats  50c,  f>Oc,   75c  to  $1
We many exclusive styles in our lines, and the
Man who wants a moderate priced, stylish Hat
can get here thc best his money can buy- ���while
the Man who wants Straw Hat Elegance can,
also, find here a Hat to meet his fancy.
***************** *******<>** *****************<
* >
275 Columbia st.
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL    $14,400,000.00
RESERVE        $11,000,000.00
Branches throughout Canada and New foundland, and In London, England,
New York, Chicago and Spokane, U.S.A., and Mexico City. A General Banking Business Transacted.
Letters cf Credit issued, available with correspondents In all nurt? of the
Savings Bank Department, Deposits received In sums of $1 and upwards,
and Interest allowed .it 2 per cent per annum (present ratel added
four times a year.
Total  Assets over $168,000,000.00.
"The Best is the Cheapest"
The old rule works both ways If you gel your dental work
l me by the "Boston Dentists." Our operators are all graduate spe-
, ilists .'i' many years' experience. We en loy no others. Th* i
'.-. .... accomplished with the aid of the "Boston Dentists'" patented | iinl* ��� methods, Is the e I known to the profession. Our
::-���-,] and porcelain 'rown and ' ;.''.' work cannol be equalled any-
w here al any price.    Lei us give :��� ';,i an e tlraate
We Guarantee all Our Work for 10 Years With a
Protective Guarantee
Read Our Prices���They Never Change
!' ill Bel of teeth $5 and up
Oold Crowns   $5.00
Bridge Woi k, per tooth $5.00
Oold   Fillings $1   and   up
Si! v*���    Fillings   50c
Extruding 50c
407 Hastings St., Vancouver, B. C.
Hours 3 _.m. to 8 p.m.    DR. A.  R. BA KER.  Consulting Dentist.
Second-Hani!PIANOS $250 Reward
F. C. MEYERS, Agent
Bank of Commerce Bldg.
Rushton & Speck
We also do all kinds
of   general   repairing.
Sign  Man on  Wheel.
.olumbla St. New Westminster.
Phone 275
DeseTted from th*' sti imer
Woodford, al the Fraser River
SawminS, ii Chinaman, aged a i iui
58, Elve l'e el nine Inches In height,
sallow omplexion, face wrinkled,
Btoop in B&oulders, wmik wearing
overalls whenJllast seen, rhe
above reward will be paid by the
captain of tbe s.S. Woodford to
anyone giving Information causing
the apprehension of the said
SflySggff5_tg Westminster Iron Works
Telephone 194
Permit for C. P.   R.  Shops.
Winnipeg, June 7.���A permit was
issncii ii) the ('. P. R, today r*n- i-n-
provements and extensions al thi car
shops, in cosl over $115,000. .1. Mc-
Diamld ft Co, have the contracl for
1 the work,
18,000   I EMPRESS OF BRITAIN j 14,500
Next sMilinK i'i-om Quebec, May 31st,
for other dates and particulars of re-
dUCtons in  lares, upply to
Ornamental   Iron   Wont,   including
Fences, Gates, Fire Escapes, etc.
Mall orders and correspondence Invited.
C. P. R. Agent.
Agent for all Atlantic S.S. companies
New Westminster. f. O   474. THE DAILY NEwS
Published by the Daily N'ews  Pub-
shing   Company   Limited,   at   their
fflces,   corner   of   Sixth   anil   Front
streets, Xew Westminster, ES. C.
Only the cleanest machinery is
used in preparing WINDSOR
TABLE SALT.   It is absolutely
E.   A.  Paige Manager
geometry,   physics     and     chemistry; I
Saturday, June  1-5, algebra,    history; '
[Monday, June IT. latin authors, latin!
grammar and   composition;   Tuesday,)
[June    is.     French     authors.     French
jgrammar  and   composition;   Wednesday,  .Line   19.  German  authors,   Qer-
* .i
.   man composition.
'no doubt say  better Lite than never.
Transient   display   ��dyertising,   10 ,
cents per line (ii'mnareil), 12 lines  .0
the   inch.      Five   cents   per  line   Izy'-"  proving   the     connection   between
subsequent insertions. the applicants  anl  the'  service.   One
Reading notices, bold face type, 20 W0Illl| ,])inU tha, .,,-,,,,. Ml|.   vears few
cents  jeer   line, brevier  or  nonpareil, . ., ... . '
10 cents per line. ot ,ht' participants  in  the movement M 	
For   time   contracts,   special   posl- would j-emain, bul it will probably be   yesterday,   looking   oyer   the   harbor
tions. apply to advertising manager, found that even- second man in Italy   and   adjacent   points   with a   view  to
deX_.e_.c��f wiS.' tor'^lwt *h�� is ��ver slxty-five thlnks ot him"   s"<;"^ ;<  slte  ':'"- ��  saw  -"111  tha.
or found, rooms to let, etc., one cent|sp,f as a Garibaldlan. he  is  anxious   to  erect   her.-.     If   he
per   word.      No  advertisement  taken I	
Would  Build  Sawmill.
Xanaimo.  June 7.���John O'Brien,  a
well known lumberman well acquainted   with  the  island,   was  In  the  city.
for less than 25 cents.
Day  Office    A22
Night  Office    B22
tie   is   anxious   to   erect   hen- ...
can  secure  a  suitable site  al  reason
able  terms,   situate:]   near  fresh   wa
i      _  ter he will al once erect ii mill.   The
All of a Sudden Decides to Be a Mis-    People   he   is   interested     with   hold
sionary. large timber limits on tbe island.
SATURDAY. JUNE 3,  1907.
A Toronto paper has an entertaining  article  In  which  ,i  letter  written
Los   Angeh's,  June  7.���Inspired  on
I ibe spur of  the moment,   while  .1"-   ,.,..,___,   ,.
.I WANTED -Mun   for  grocery    wagon,
livering.a   little   box   of   eandv   lo    i       ,,,,  ,  .     .,,,.,.,, ,,
Must  he gooel wiih horses and know
departing    missionary    friend.    Miss      ci,y  %yi,Ui  good   ���..,,,,,s  and  Bteady
j Clara Heintz, a  popular society  girl.      employment   to  g 1   man.    Applj
started on a five years' sojourn in fhe       at  once.  C.  A. Welsh. tl'
practically unknown  laml of    the-    fir
.    m    ��� - 'norih.  She decided in five minutes to  WANTED���Waitress,    a;.ply    imnie
by   Dr,   Pntion, who  came  mil   to  the ,., .,    , ,      ^^^^^
aecompaiiv   Deaconess     f aider,     who
coast after the meeting of the British U__   ,  ,    ,,
.... ; na.-.   oeen   lie
,,!      AsSOCI'llinn     1..      T '
I will sell during the REMAINDER OF THIS
MONTH ONLY, several 15-Jeweled Wolffian)
Watches, with 20-year case, written guarantee, for $10.50.
Medi al Association in Toronto las:
sum m.i r, is reviewed in a humorous,
but .1 ihi' whole, appreciative, waj
One , ;' the paragraphs in the article
i.i! ivs ilie fact that the critic would
have  been   better    qualified   for    his
lasl    'lad   he     heen   out   here   hlmSolf
before he wrote..    Here it is-
here   visiting   her  brothei
���,,|ie.i Illl
eliately, ai  Kenney's restaurant.
to  .St.  Johns'   Parish,   ].,   the    \],s���n   WANTED~Girla   to   le.
V'pl.v 217 Front  sii
��� i in    tailorlns
'The good  doctor enjoyed   Vancou-   lnterest.(Wn   miss''>n^'y   work
wilderness,  twenty  miles beyond  tl.	
Arctic   circle,   where   only   -ne   wi.i'e FQR   8ALE_Moi,s_     $-     ,     hIve        s
person, Deacon Studt, lives. Qvalae,   corner   Ninth   street   and.
Miss Heintz is lhe daughter of thc Sixth  avenue.
late-  Carl  M.   Heintz, editor    of    tin'	
i Rural   California,  and   has  long   been
ver Island to the full, ami
as  for Es_   aPPa>'entl| never had  thought  of taking it up.   She is a member of Chris.
J. NIELSON, express and bag.gag
phone 215, corner Front ami Mi
Kenzie streets.
Also a splendid line of 17-Jeweled ELGIN
Watches, nickel movement, with 20-year
case, written guarantee, for $13.50.
Goldsmith, Silversmith and Diamond Merchant
Columbia Street,      - Next Tram Office
quimalt-ii   seemed  a   little    heaVe_ -   -
".'"   ���""'"'���       ADd   Whj'?      Read  ;hJfPiSC0,U'1  Church-    She  expressed her   TIMBER 77^ '	
1 winS and  ascertain:     ']  drove to I <lete���V#lon ��<> "��er mother ami sis-   ���BER LANDS-We deal exclusive-
Esquimau and. of course, around ,��� , I ters l.efor,. leaving to carry the go, ���"       ',er-   HaV�� 'a''Se and smal)
tracts  on   wa;.i'-     if   vou   wish   to
about  the city, and liked the look ofl
determination  to her mother and sisters before leaving to carry the go?
pel farther norih than any white woman has ever attempted.
SB    greatly.    These    ai
more'   Fnsrlish !_________ ________________���
,.        ^ngnsn   ln    appearance    thqn _
- ���TiZe^ZTni T. H MatriCU,ati��" E���'
dOUbt the 'etc-'refers to theVahit.1!. ''''"' r��"0WlnB ls ,l1" official pro-
the natives to turn ������ , ,. . ��f'S''1"" for j'"'i��>1' matriculation ex-
nnd  saydontcheknow-' trousHaginations    for   Toronto    universih-
Tn    Bl-'��sh    Colu���,bi,'Uls    irl      Jt0 be,held at Columbian college, com-
,,,   ,., p,ain ns    it  is of mencing Wednesday, June    12	
raa"   ��<"   Victoria   ,,���.,. T* ReV' "'��� "' Ba"-aclo���gh    is ihe     '
IitHe heaven >^re below" to ti?      !l-^aer"   The exams will beheld
d  ;     ^d the Toronto,, ~~
buy or sell, see me.   5. R. Chandler
i"i   Hastings  St.,  Vancouver. B.C '
FOR SALE���A small islam! containing
about 15 acres, close to New Westminster city. Can be used for a mill
site.     For    particulars    apply    to
Gundersoii & Aune's grocery.
During   the   months   of  June,   July
and August the  following stores  will
 close on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednes-
Printer's  Ink  Tells���Try    the    Arrow   elays.   Thursdays   and   Fridays   at     5
x-      Press for a few hundred Dodgers or  o'clock p, m.:
  -..  .���-*��__!    Circulars���Silent    canvassers    that I T.  II.  SMITH.
_r>od j 9.30 a, in. to 12 noon and from 2 p. m.      reach  where   the   merchant   cannot ,\. J. BIRTCH
^^^^^^_ -- 'iter been   to   IM p. m.    Wednesday, June    12,1    .go.    A  transient customer t���,i.,-   -' \    H   GORDON
acquainted  with  this part of the Do   larith .m   ��� w  S.'COLLISTER & CO.
minio"- he would not to^Lull ��? if" ^ Ene"Sl1 dammar;  Thu,
go.    A  transient customer today, b
permanent one tomorrow. All class-
��� ''-",:;';::���;,����;-::
llel , . ,.'   . ' ' ���'
Room 4.  Daily  N'ews Block
good    doctor's
caj iti '.
appreciation   of    the
n hi
!:u' "���  the Lemieux te,
we madi
as lo
terda       the    r   y'"''U' mmmmi   >'^
......:',,:.    :" x""- !��-�� i,s
,   ,   ���,,. '""'""- Poinl   i.,   i;���
\::':  ������"-���    �� says, -It ls<
a^ays Will yield to conciliation and
'   ''   !'"'"'    But   to  reject   the    -_od
'   '    ��� !,i  ' '���   Lahoi   Departmenl  pre
r:""- work' en anil en yersinth*
'"    '       Isnient, and withoul the sup
|)Ublie   ' ,ni0"  1 strike seldon
:    cee',s  an(1   a   'ockoui      ���    seldon
Spring Shoe Styles fi Men
!W>i___Vi_��_i___MMit_^ ���______^���	
S        Ini
a   ilium
;   -   ������ 11   In
h0n0r   'v '' '���"" Ion club, a few even-
i     ""' s"' Roben Bond, pren ;..   ...
,   n"'0ilndlai I,  said  il  waS Ms ,,,,,
"V '. ":;;-  reporl    lo the contra,,
;,"'A"   tan"'ns. thai  I... ;,ad ,eceivp;,
"le.     ": "::'! ^treatment from u. '
j,  J " lsJIi";sters |��� a��� h,B ��� ,
h""   ���:',l "'em.    X��� sensible   ,0rs0���
'"'""" anythii,    .; ,.. ,��� , ��� ,
'!'   I" diahle  ihai   Sir   Robe
have   ���   .���  m    "   ,,,,
���   ' ckowl,    ��� ..... ,,
"     ��      ��� had ll  noi  been th-
:' '"  aai     '!.'       ,,.    ,���,m
;im   ���    '   "ate  '��� i ,    .  .
1  url   ms
"'   cal1    an ntion       .  1
'   ���     ' '"'      lo   I',
"':''    ' I  thei    , ���  ,,;,   .   ,,
mtrj   il, ^^^
nation il    gratllud      Is   no
��� '    Iron     In  Italy as II  is In
1   el     led States, or ei. e the hunters
ol    the    ' lusil 1    ei dlar    are   ke, 111 r   111
tii" f.��� ites than In  Ralj  or have had
a   bett, r    "pull."      Wo do  nol   know
whal amouni Uncle Sam ha: paid oul
In ].'.-   Ions during the pasl thirty or
ior;:.  * e irs, but we do Know .hal the
sun   runs far Into  the millions;    bul
In K ily, the men  h ho followed Garibaldi  h ive received  little or nothing
In  the  way of recognition during all
the   ;    f century   which   li is  elapsed
sim e ' he re l-shlrted army overthrew
1 rowns and thrones and created Unite I   Ital ��� .mi of the fragments,      VI
las .   '��� 1 we ver,  after  hair n  centurv, I
[.nil       1 ily's   parll imenl   lias   \ ited
mom ���..   for the rellel of those old foi-1
be v. ers of Garibaldi who mav b,   , mom
.���i"i!   in   want.   To  fhoie  who  nee I    '���
1 he ." ..,:  Is limited, and the amouni
, i    $200,000.      Pei haps    that    is
enough for the needy am mg the - im-
, . .,     Rft*   years,   They will
In our lines of MEN'S
SHOES we show every style,
leather and last known to the
best makers of Men's Shoes.
Every pair has the fit.
Shoe salesmen of experience fit your feet perfectly.
Wear our shoes once and
you'll fully appreciate their
superiority over othei' makes.
A firsl class farm In Chiiliwack District,  close   te   town, all
Trice   $75   per  acr*';    1-2   cash.
im acres on I'itt rive.', close te the- Fraser, with good bu ling.
binds, all cleared, about  55 acres in   crop, price $7500. with 1 1 j le
20 acres on V, W. .. V. Ry��� in Burnaby, only ." miles out, rtl 1
i'd. small orchard, G-room house, good barn, price $2100, 1-2
S -i.-r.'s on main road on Lulu Island,clos e ' 1 bridge, $200-;
cash, balance easy terms.
30 acres on Lulu isl md, _00 yards   v- iter :.   ntage,  onl    '.   11
city,   price $1500,  to a  cash   i uyer.
Male &  Lanci
248 Columbia St., NEW WESTMINSTER, B. C.
Phone   335
Lots in Sap] erton, near the par-  ���*���';
Also some gocd lots near the schoolhouse.. cheap, on I
132x165 feet on Tenth St., cleared and in grass.   1
I .ice'.' 1 :' land is below Third Ave  $1050
naif cai h, balance b and 12 months.
One lot near Brunette saw mill , cleared
half cash, balance 6 and 12 months.
We are showing some nice Lines.
For instance, our ''Taylor made,"
Patent Colt or Gun Metal Shoe,
made on three new shape lasts, a
stylish shoe;
For $5.00, $5.50 and $6.00 a pair
P. Peebles
"���I...    ! ���       . 	
270 Columbia St.     NEW WESTMINSTER, B. C.
Phone 3Cl
Cf_2 !222* ' ^^^^*f:*^Zfaaaf.,
".-Vfc<_��__!���- _HW��i_,fl. ,��.
y���*& ,r   ���    ��  v
We are also showing a strong line of
Men's Boots at $4.00 a pair.
No!    u     ',s,     a 0ver$15- -todctnitogo.
New goods arriving daily.    Latest styles and best finish. I
NOTE���All  Our Shoes Arc  Union  Made
BIG SHOE HOUSE, Lid. - New W��tomrter \
���81   I _Tk___!���-��.. ___. a?
>;   716 nnd 7,8 Columbia St.      Pour  F[Z/ ��fi,UM
dwWMMrmf  ����-��� Extension.  Front St. ���
******* ���-* - ^     p      - " " '
i  SEND IN     D^,/c        . * *:"
: YOUR    BOY^ AND  G1RI5:
and have their eyes examined
___.____.���__ .._..._.   . ~^
* * * o:.*���:*: * $ $
^ ��� <>
*>''<��� ���::*��� o wi> -> *
Cash Store
Bummer Dress Needs
Lower Priced Here
. .   an  epitome  of  th i Store - S       il   .nno in    ... nl  for I i-
-, ���   ill the departments   ire   represented,    ml     th      crowded
,  m me the less attracth ��� - ir thai  reas n.
v..! kin lly  remember thai rell i   ���   q   illi round satis
.    tssured���always.
I Smart Tweed Suits for Women
river points,
Owing   i .   conl in ie :   fine   ivi ithe
sales of tu ee I   suits  have  fallen
manj    buj ing   Muslins   Instead
evi r,   the   suits   musl     lie    sol I.
. ��� .. 1! good ilai   colors   such
��� -   _reys  and   faw ns  with overchecks
��� I  ���' tncj  mixl in es of green and are
tivelj     ' imme 1    with    T iffel .
an I   Moi e   3
Even if you  don'l  need ., suit  1m-
liatelj   ���   i'ii  in ike a good Invesl -
mei '     ���     lyin      ne of I hese now, and
���._   .'   ���       ���  irl;. Sails   lhal
��� n m        $14.00, $16.00 and even
$21.30.  on  WEDNESDAY
S   ��� east  win,l_w display.
A Sale of Untrimmed Shapes
At   25c
��� lozen Bell  Crown  Flop  Sha    3,   In     Main    natural    color
.  natural color, with red, blue and brown straw interwoven.
��� ~;n's   goods.     Regulai  50c and  75c.    WEDNESDAY, 25c
Lacrosse today, New West-     Mi- Lefro>'* ': Mud i;'    *as ln thc
ci--.  on business yesterday.
minster vs. Maple Leafs.
li. Ritchie, left on the up ri\ei I o it
Prof Kerr, of Columbian college, yesterday for his home at Port Haney.
left yesterd ij  f ir Toronto.
Cat flowers and Pot Plants. Ring
Miss Ella J ihnston was a passenge     ,,,, Tidy, the florist.   'Phone A1S4.
cn th>'  Favourite  yesterdaj    for    up
.1. Freeman, proprietor of the Tourist hotel, Peer:  Moody, wns in the cltj
For plants,      especially  ,,���  business yesterday.
Asters,   ti le] b ine   T   Davies   &  Son,
15 nog ^  large consignment    of    Chinese
goods   arrived   yesterday,  the   Rlthet
.lex.   McEwen   is  still   confined   to  bringing In 500 packages of Celestial
his residence on account of a serious  wares and ten cases of Chinese gin.
attack of rheumatism.
A Chinaman who, judging from the
Miss    Sophie    Bilodeau,   win*    has symptoms,    had   been    "hitting    the
been  serious]    Indisposed  for several pipe" al a rapid gait, was removed to
days  past,  was reported  j-esterday  to the   Royal   Columbian     hospital    for
be Improving slightly. treatment yesterdaj
On liis return from his bridal tour. The   Ladies   Aid  of the  West   End
Officer Gelser of the city police force, Methodisi  church   will   hold    an    ice
will  be  presentee!  b}   his  brother of- cream   social   on   the   afternoon   and
fleers with     I   ;en ol goodwill in the evening of Thursday,    June    13,    al
shape   il  m   - lendid mantle clock. Moody Square.               '
The se ��� I shoot of the local rifle Joe, Mead, an in.Han. was found
experts, �� are taking pari In the ' email In a cam;, acres.- the river yes-I
Canadian rifle competition, will take terday morning, the cause of death
laci toda ... -lie Brownsville range, being unknown. It Is probable that
Aboul a ! ezen marksmen will take the provincial police will look into
part the matter.
C. G.   Major,  who has  been suffer- The Celestial    Empire    arrived    in
ing  from  a   long  and  painful illness, port   early   yesterdaj   morning    with
was removed  from the Royal Colum-   100, I pounds of  fresh   halibut,  two
Mar.   hospital   yesterday.    Mr,   Major carloads  of  which   were  loaded    for
has  considerably Improved     if    late, Montreal.    The  boat   tied  up at   the
and   his   complete    convalescence    is Columbian  Cold  Storage wharf,  from I
confidently  expected   before  lung. which place she leaves today.
The Rev. C. W. Houghton will leave'      .\ social lime was spenl at the resl- I
to.lay for Victoria, where he goes to  dence of  Miss Lillian  Howell, corner
take charge of the  mission ship Co-   Eighth  streel  and  Sixth avenue, lasl
lumbla  fee- Sundaj-.      Mr.    Houghton  evening.      A   number   of    Columbian)
will     return   lu re  aboul   Tuesday   of college students  were entertained  by
next   week. the young hostess until a late' hour.
While cutting shingle holts at Burn- ,\   threshing   outfit   was   unloaded
aby   yesterda:    a   Japanese  employee from  a  scow yesterday  afternoon  at
of Aokl. the contractor, was killed by the G.  N.  R.  wharf.    The ..unfit  has
lhe falling of a heavy limb of a tree, been   purchased   by   Messrs.   Embree
The.   unfortunate    man's    skull    was and   Beharrel,  who are  taking   it   to
fractured,    li" was only  25 years of East  Helta to be in readiness for -.1"''
age an 1 a receni arrival from   Japan fall threshing.
Just received a shipment of Brass and Iron
Beds direct from Birmingham, Eng.    They
are handsome, strong and durable.    Come
see the line.
White Bedspreads, Sheets and Pillow Cases
Come and inspect. A great variety,
John A. Lee's Furniture Emporium
Phone 73
Again Selling Ready-to-Wears
At   $2.95
il mi e   il  on rea ly-to-wear    Hats,    in    medium
colors, Including tui eans,  Peter Pan--. Colonial effects ami
med sailors.    Regular $3.50 .4.30   &   $5.50.   WEDNESDAY   .2.95.
Mrs   T.  Gifford,   wife of  the  well-      The   B.   C,   Gazette   of this    week
known lacrosse player, underwent  in notes    the    appointment    of    R     H
operation yesterdaj  afternoon for the Cheyne to he chief clerk  in the laud
removal of a  tumourous growth. The registry offlce, vice Mi. Holt, superan-
operation    was  a  com;ile''e.    success, nuated.    Notice of the appointment of
nnd   iii.    patient     is reported    to  be ���'��� ('- Rold to a clerkship in the .aim'
o    loing a- well a- can ! cpected. office  also  appears.    An   addition  to
j.} the' list of notaries public is W. I;. T.
^1      Adam  Read,   an     aged    farmer   nl Graham, of Chtlllwacl
0  Ladner, ilie] m.i  his residence vester
Surprising Values in Blouses
At   95c
'���- n   Women's   Hi i .- -.  of  white   Victo la   1 iwn,  in   I
. .   of  which  has thr      rows   of   Insertion   in  front,  aU i   "a   |  ,,,,.,.,, ;|.  I!n,,,,,l:t,y  Ba>-  this morning,   l'"""(';' '��' ��'omen will be held in the
day   morning     The  funeral will  lake
An  imiioriani   nieetin?
lhe   local
Men's Straw, Felt and Silk
Christy's make
Ail the latest styles of Soft and Hard goods
The light 2 oz. Hats are just what you want
$2.50 and $3.00 the hat
Sole Agents for New Westminster
I  cuffs;   another styl is    six  clusters   of  tucks    n front,
. a little  .al. Insertion;   ino;'.iei     till   has   Insert! m,   an 1 inci s
. uck    all  sizes.    V ���   WEDNESDAY  95c.
\l .:,..     ������ |es   j���   wai its  o! :i*       natei lals   as     1' -;  lan Lav. a.
ii   I.in. n. Shin   Waist   i.e. ��� .1    '   sii',.   . tc.    with   Dnti i V ekes.
;. Pan coll irs   and  other  . lyl.s.   al     $1.23,  $1.75, $2.50,
:o. $5.co and $0.75.
m  Noncomformlsi  minister offlciatine.
1 ee.inl
trade  rooms  on   Monday  al
li   Murchie the-  funeral arrange-   :;;:;" >'  m-   A 1|H'~" attendance is de
ments in hand. sil'ed ''"'' ""'  l,url)0se of making  "-
i ang.'liii'ills   fir   lhe   coming     of     the
Large consignments   if nativeChin-   national  council  which  Is  to be held
ese  wine have  been   received   b\   the  In Vancouver, commencing July  15.
��� closes promptly al 5 >'cl ���'<������ each evening, excepl Saturday.
Kindly shop as earlj as o il le and allow thc girls to gel awaj
sharp on time,
267-271   COLUMBIA  ST.      j
I ������ ���T'w*.^rr^-.ft1fflfl_ff__Hm��^ M^____________BBMBMi
Chinatown merchants during the past
week, and ihere Is every indli ation
thai a greal celebration Is about t i
In held, bul the exact nature of this
is bej-ond n white man's deductive
iU powers.
Tie' i ..;.-' ' rig ide of the St, Bar
nabas church will parade t * Bervlce
tomorrow morning, assembling In lhe
armouries for this purpose at a quarter after ten o'clock. The' Ben Ice will
i ommence al eleven o'clock. The
Rev. V li. I.obrelgh, M. A., of Gra i ���
e liurcli,   Vancouver   will   have  cha' .��� ���
while    the
A Complete
Farm "
���   0********0*
.rrnngements are being mnde fo
n baseball ; anie bel ween the Van
couver Ubieties and the' local -��� n in
to    lake   place   In    North  Vancouver   "Gv- ��� M-  A" "'   P�����eton,
lulj   I,     \   ,nrk   is  .'     be    formalh   xvi:i comU,cl ,!l" BVelll"�� Bervlce-
open* I In tin   amblUnus city on this      v,-. c   chamborlln  has  recentlj   In-
ilate,   and   I    rittlnglj   Inagurnl ���   the   a ,,n, ,   ..,,, ���,    Vl rj     |Uln ���������.,,,      , , |
event, an attractive program of .ports  mblneis, finished In rose wood, at his
". Ill    "   gone  through. Jew.lrj   store    on    Colum  In    Btrei
Th* se c'       li'    enable I hlm  to til
plaj   lo ihe besl  advantage lhe  m i.
nll'li enl  Btock of Bllver go ids and cut
���]        receni ly  Imported   bj   him,  be- '
i |i    ml llm   greal ly to thi   linnd ionic
.'    cn '���    already   Installed.     Thi
i nblnets,   four  in   number,  occupj   n
Phone 101
A   full   m: "a m     bull,   consigned     lo
13 '    mi .-:-'. ii ' ���-��� ii. milkmen, ��� [ Sap
perton,  .' elvi el  from  Ellensburg
* the Do ninl m  express  agenl   ) e i
.^     tei laj nl \n     attempl     tt i
160 acres, with 90 acres cleared and in
cultivation. Some good timber cn balance;
worth $1000. Soil black loam and clay
subsoil. Two acres of fruit trees. Fine
8-room Dwelling and Al barn. First-class
spring of water.
Price only
On terms
niiieli' ie-.   I In   i'.  ' Inion express   igeni
in have the bull placed for safe keep-
length of lhi\   ''ee'. and cosl  aboul
ing   in   i!m   i . '.ens   house,  lai1    i - a   ���
I large consignment    of    crockeryware
* hail just   been  received,  the' customs     Showers of 'iie punctuated lhe de
��� authorities  raised   strenuous objection   rarture nl' Miss  Henderson, win.  has
"The Farm Land Specialists," New  Westminster
for   reasons  'esi     known    io   them-   been   connected   with   T.   II.  Smith',-.
Wholesale andj^Brtg
Columbia  Slreet
solves, The' animal was accordingly sou',, for some time past, when she
accommodated with a berth in a left the city yesterday over the C. P.
freighl car mr.il such time as lhe R, for Toronto, where she will visit
. wners could apply  for 't, her sister.   Owing to the facl thai n
gentleman,  whose attentions to Miss
';':'" vour, , , ' ��� le's societies of :'ii.   ,,,,���,,,,,.���,��� nave ���,���  ,,���..,,,���,,  the no-
city will hold a mass meeting In the  ljr��� ���, ,���,,. r,j,,���,K accompanied her
��� St. Andi w's church parlors on Mon- ,���, ,,���, ,,,,,���_ ., ,.,,.,������. ,��� lh(. oftec1
-    .lav . .ening next, when a Boclal toe,. M|.|t g weddlng cerem0ny was to tare
will be .bout a hundred mem-   ,,,.���,,.  8h_rtly   quickly   Bpread,   hence
* hers ai e: ected lo be present, the good wishes and customary pro-
p Representatives fr mi ihe- Epworth fugfl rllngtng ,,,- ,,���. gtinglng oereal
'+    league,   the  Queen's   Avenue   Metho-jThe joKc, ls ���., ,,���. trlends, however,
ecause they anticipated   the   happy
dist church, the  Olivet   B,  V.   P.  V
��� ��� *,.������::������::���::���������::���,:��� *:.*;,*;**.* * * *
��� *>
* * * *������*:'���*
St, \n Iri'w's, young people's such ty,
Knox church Christian Endeavor
biv.iich, Si, Mary's, Sapperton, Epworth league will attend, The mt eting v.-in hear shor: addresses from
differenl ��� iem1 ers of the clerg . vhlle
songs mi recitations will be rendered during the evening. On accounl
of this unl in meeting, the . ���"; tli
which .'.ally inei I on Mom! iv night
,- ill ca    el I   ���  wee-lily meeting,
.������vent, the date ot th   ceremon;    lol
having been arranged upon -is yet,
On and after June 1st all acci
,, ,   ���   poBltl    I*   be ]   Id h    '   '   15! m
6f   following   mouth, oth new
orders v i'1 ��� i    be   llled.
EY BROS    ' TD,
In the spring a younc; man's fancy turns to
thoughts of love, and in Juno he gets married.
We have now a splendid new assortment of
Cut Glass
including Bowls, Pitchers, Vases, Water
Bottles;   and a   magnificent  selection of
comprising beautiful Tea Sets, Candelabras,
Coffee Services, Serviette Rings, and Sugar
Basins.     To view our stock is to purchase.
Wedding Rings Our Specialty
GOVERNMENT DREDGE    REAL ESTATE^_BYLAW- ^ C UBDIVISION of Lot 46, Block VL, comprising some of the finest reside!
uvHn.iim.iii i/iili/ul    A hv ]aw to fix the rate and provMe ^ ,      offered for sa e exclusively by us.   This mj
CLEARS AWAY MUCK ���^-0'..t^_?^.t>-.M n.^slt?S]n tne city, js now oirereu iu^^c ^ ^ ^   ^ ^   ^
Big Mudslinger Commences
Operations at Evans-Coleman Wharf, Vancouver.
.1 in*
Vancoin im .
menl   ilredge   King   Edward     started
work  this moi ning cl* arliig awa;   th
muck thai  has accumulated from the
sewer between the ferry landing and
issessable property in the city of
Xi w Westminster for the year
The municipal council of the corporation of the city of N'ew Westminster enacts as follows:
1. There shall iie raised,-levied aa.l
collected, for the year 1907, upon the
assessed value of all the rateable real
nificent property is situated on the corners of 4th Ave., 1st St. (feciJ
Queen's Park) ancl Emory St., comprising in all ten ddxlZU toot lots lacing J
1st St. at $700 (excepting the corner lot facing 4th Ave. ana 1st bt.held A
$1000); 2 lots on 4th Ave., 421x120, at $600 per lot; ,4 lots, 52*x8 $450;|
5 lots, $400.
Call at'our office on Front St. and inspect plans.
the Evans-Coleman wharf. This vessel's dredging equipment consists of
a long arm with a revolving screw
hi Its extremity, which digs up the
mud and iv*'.Is ii Into a capacious pipe
connected with a very powerful cen*
irini.nl iiniiii) em board the
which  Bucks    up    ��� verythin
govern- .
property  In the  said  city,  as shown
on the last revised assessment roll
thereof, a rate of 24 mills in the dollar, for the following purposes:
(a) To provide for sinking fund
and inier.-st on debentures issued by
the corporation, and outsandlng, 17
mills and 96-100ths of n mill in the
dollar, less 10 and 33-100ths of a mill
received in general revenue.
(b) To   provide  for   the   payment
dredge, of charges  for school   purposes,    IG
small mills and 2S-100ths of a mill in the
$3,500. subject to 10 months
lease. .Fine residence for sale on
2nd Street, corner Fourth Avenue.
Splendid location, now rented for
$30.00 per month; lease can be extended if purchaser so desires. .A
good pay:ng investment. .Terms to
be arranged.
enough to ��� nter the pi ie. The discharge from the pump is di iven
through pipes laid on a si ring of pontoons carried out several hundred
yards lo de* p water, where the muck
is poured into the inlet.
Th.   dredge  is  lie!!  in  position  by-
large Iron-shod posts, one of which is
placed  forward  and  the other  afl
amidships.     One of these    posts
dollar. less I mills and S.-lOOths ol
a mill received from education department.
fei    To provide a general revenue
for the use of the corporation for th ���
year   1907,   I  mills   and   DS-lOOtbs  of
a mill in tin.' dollar:
2.   Every  person   who  is   assessed
of on ilie revise.] asses, ment roll for '.he
is current  year shall   cause 10 be paid
Four houses to rent. One on 12th
street: one on Fourth avenue: one
on Agnes street: one cn 13th street.
Apply at once.
One let No. 12 on Royal Avenue,
third lot from Eighth street, $1,050.
for sale exclusively.
1 lot No. 24 on 13th, street south
side of  Uh avenue'.    Price $200 cash.
; lots Xos. M to SO and 95, 95 faces
,,��� sth avenue, next to Gunns ranch,
I lots .leai*'.! without ;i stump; email
hous.. chicken house, 175 choice
chiel;'!!.-; horse and  rig;  $1500 cash.
1 1-2 house', li rooms and flush
i:,.-. | on ith avenue, on.- lot from 2nd
reel on south side; fruit trees. Price'
$1900; 1-2 c;is;'. tei ms for balance a:
7 per e ent.    Size of lol 55xlG5.
17 ien -. full si/-'. Gth  SI .  Burna   .,
easl  side,    100 yards  from Cliff Ci n
feet; all clear* I;  lane Factory; soil good.   Price only $1020,
back.     Price    $ 1,000;  $350 cash, balance on easy terms.
2 lots on 8t_ St. bi ween 5th and
Gth Ave. on easl side; full sized, COx
132; Xos. 9 and 12.     Price $1000 for
Splendid Farm. 10 chains waterfront on the North Arm of the Fraser River, adjoining the well-known
Mead's estate, No. 156. Fifty
acres, ali under cultivation. One
of the best bargains to be obtained
in the district. For exclusive sale.
Price $10,500; $3,500 cash, balance
in 6, 12 and 18 months at 6 per
Small house for sal
ing Agnes and Victorj
west of 6th St,   si 71V
Water   and   gas
tions.   Terms.
Small housi.*, V
6 rooms. Water.
if Lots
Lol facing 2nd St., betwe* n Queen's
iim] 3rd Ave., second lot from Queen's
Ave.;    52x125
alongside nni
half cash, balance easy ai 7
Mere exclusive   properties  just   listed
with us for sale.
dropped down and sinks its poinl  In  to  the  collector of the
Die mud allowing the dredge to swing his office, city hall,  th
on ll like a pivot. Heavy anchors
carried on either siele control the vessel. The dredging arm itself can be
manipulated In a number of ways to
colled the mud without moving the
whole vessel. The King Edward is
equipped with a stern wheel driven
hy powerful machinery to enable her
al all limes to make headway againsi
currents in the. Fraser riv* r,
tow her pontoons.
Nanaimo, .lane 7���Dulce is now
being extensively gathered by sum"
fishermen and Indians for sale to the
Chin* se. Dulce is a Kind of kelp thai
grows on many of the islands roundabout. Ii is highly relished by Indians nnd Chlm se, latter drying it,
cutting it fine and using it with cabbage to eat.    The Chinese believe i'
of the taxi s  for
rate! under this by-law, together with
nil arrears (If any) within thirty
days after demand has heen made for
the same, nnd any person who refuses or neglects to pay such tax'js
within the time hereby limited .ball
be subject to the provisions of the
"Xew Westminster Act," 1S88, and
and to amending acts, with respect fo the
collection of taxes.
3. The collector is hereby authorized to receive the taxes levied under this by-law in instalments of not
.'..us :���! and ... Sui
In Block 1 1 . corner c
St.;  full sized lots
2-storey House, 7 rooms, bath room upstairs; flush . lose 1 ; good stable; on Agnes
St.near Sth St.; nil modern Improvements.
Pric*   ���:.:.   1. ilf cash,  balance * asy;   a
n ally 1 xcelle nt bargain.
Sub. 21  e.i  Lot  lei.  Block XIII. 4-Room
liens.'; hot and cel.l water; flush closet;   cash, balance 6 nionths ai  7
which  he or  she is   l"t  of    fruit   trees;    chicken  house  and
burn.    Price  $800; terms  $400 cash, balance 2 and <; months at 7 per cent.  Ham-
Knox cbur       lap- bothi nal�� V.^)K balance easy.
_���",  lots on corner of 5th Ave. and
sai 1  city, at
full  amount
,. ,;:;;.;.,:;;".,;,; perton, east side Columbia Street on
ear line.   $J00 cash.
:: lots south siele of Sixth Avenue; 6th St., S.-W. corner; cleared. Price.
very light clearing; 60x115% feel on $1200; half cash, balanc* In 6 months
Sub. Block  10.    $1050 cash.
���I lots on Fifth Streel. 11, 12, 13, 1 I.
Sub.  15, S. Blk.  13.      $350 each, half
A Bunch of LOTS
Lots   11   and   15 ol      .    .   ,
(clean Ij   Price $500; :
cash, bal ince 6 mom
Lot 11 em Sh* rbro
: e Ii ared,   Price' $275; 1
m e, ii nionths at 7 1 ���
Lots 10, 17 and 20 ol .
S500 I      three or $175 1
I alance G nn nths al 7   ���
2 houses corner of   Merrival    and
Vgnes;  full sized lot;    city block 31,
first house off 6th St.  between  lol   II:    one house rents  for $-'."., the
other .$10: flush closets and all connected with sewers. Pric $3,500.
Cash $2,000, balance in 6, 12 and 18
months at 7 < '<.
���|U acres U section 14, X. *_ of E. '_   ed. $1,200, $800 cash
of Tn. 2, about 2 miles from bridge off      o  lots,  N'o   24 and
Surrey;    house  18x26
7th and Sth Avenues.
.-storey House, 7 rooms, with all modern Improvements; size of ground 100x
142; second lot from 6th St. on 4th Ave.
on south side, 100 feet on avenue. 142.
Lane on both sides. Price $3,200; $1,00.
cash, balance on time e.t 7 per cent.
per cent.
1:, acre between Queen's and 3rd
Ave. on wesl sid* of 10th; No. 5 and
11, Block 48; 132x165 feet; ali cleared
and fenc* d. Price $1050; $."..".0 cash,
balance in 6 months.
Full sized  lol een  Ree;.al avenue.  I ���
tween Fourth an I Merrivale; all clear-
El.  ', of Sub. 10. Township 10; some   ,,,...,.,,,1.   ..,,., ,
timber.    Price $15 per acre; terms $1,000  ;,
cash, balance easy.
S.-W. Sub. Township 13; some timber;
railway runs alongside; old 5-ncre orchard. Price $15 per acre; t'M'ms $1,000
cash, balance In three equal payments.
-' lots Block 4, Richmond St., Sapper-
ten.    $45 per lot.
1 acre clay, house on Cam line near
Joyce station: partly cleared; fenced
across front facln
bloi b -.i, bi
...     ,,,     .,���   , ..,    ,   fliftn.  twfeen Sixth avenue an.l Nanaimo St.,
other 3 can be added upstairs; small  and   between   Hth   and  16th   streets.
shuck:   I'o   acres  cleared and seeded   Price $J25 for both, cash
with clover, red; fairly easily cleared
2S   acres  on    Mara   ro
$1��0 ,m acre    FOR    \
ONLY,   One-quarter  1
arii] 2 ; I ars al   7  ','
2 lo's. f.|i) sized, 132x1
th*   Cr*   c* nl:   7-room* , ���   ?���
$10,500. > _, cash, balance 6, 12 anj
Block  12 'ni  12th St., 1    I -..-
ill sized lots.    Price $2,500. one-:..
cash, bal. 6. 12 and 18 months
less   than   one-quarter   of   the  taxes
levied  on  any lot,  and to allow the $700 cash, balance arranged.
discounts  provided  for   in  clause    -1
���I. A discount or reduction of one-
sixth of the amount paid will be allowed on all taxes levied under this
by-law if the same be paid to the col-
Bli ck  7,  Lnl  6, 2 subdivisions run-
n ng from 5th to 6th St.. 4th and 5th
Ave.; one lot on tram line.   $800 for
price $1,500 for the two.
recommended   for  stomach  trouble.
Almost any da ' now big boat loi Ih
of sacked dulce m 1*   be seen < line
Into harbor fro m the Islands, nice
is also gathered extensively in Nova
Scotia, and tin ������ Is nol 11 blue nose
who will nni :��� ;��� to li iving eaten
ii  frequently. (j
has high medicinal values and it finds lector on or before the first day rv_
a ready sab' among them. They also August, 1907, 10 per cent, of the am-
use it in putting up a medicine highly  r'"nf  b'-'bl.  if paid   on   or before the
first dny of September. 1907; 7 1-2
I or cent, of the amount paid, if paid
on or before the first day of October.
1907, and 5 per cent .of the amount
paid, if paid on or before the firs*
day of November, 1907; but no discount or reduction shall be allow. <]
en arrears.
5.   This by-law may be cited ns the
"Real Estate Tax By-law, 1907."
Done   and   passed   iti   open   council
the 20th  day of May. A. I).. 1907.
W.  II. KEARY, Mayor.
W. A. DUNCAN, City Clerk,
In the matter cf the estate cf Charles
Elair. I ste of New Westminster. B
C. deceased.
NOTICE  IS HEREBY  GIVEN pursuant  t 1   the  "Revised    Statutes    of
8 - roomed modern residence on 4th Av. between
6th and Tth St., with one
acre of land, containing
fruit trees, outbuildings,
stables, &c.; an exceptionally cheap bargain. Price
$4,500. $2,500 cash, balance
in 1 year at 7 per cent.
One mile from shingle mill. Price
$1,200:. terms half cash, balance 12
months at 7 %.
1 full  sizeel lot on  Sr.  Patrick's St.,  one
tram line.   $1000, north side, between John McKeuzle's
and Clover's house. Price $-175, half
cash, balance in i; months at 7 9_.
Full sized lot No. 12 on Royal Ave,
and Sth St. P.-ice $.1050, half cash,
balance at 7 '. per annum.
Westerly 4, 11 of 63, Sub. Block .".,
132x132 corner 100 feet square; two
houses drawing $2S per month. Price
$5,000, half cash, balance in 0 and 12
2 lots on Princess St,   No. 11 and  storeys, on Fourth Ave.,
12, between Oth and 7th Ave., two lots Second    St.    on   south
from 6th St. on  .-outh    side.      Price
No. 11, $210. half cash, balance 6 mos.
al  7 '; :    No.  12, cleared,
cash, balance G mos. at 7 *
Full-sized lot No. 8, between Gth & Tth Ave. on
4th St., west side. $300,
half cash, bal. in 6 mos.
One acre in block 9,1x1
tween  18th and 16th
on 8th Ave.   Price ."
1-3 cash, bal. easy.
Hous*  on    Brantford    streel
side   :. un  Gth   street,  paint* I il j
$15.00 i * ;  month in ad\ i
A Cheap Prcperty. James Inlet, three square miieu
House 6 rooms,   flush closet,    1% $6.00 per acre, half cash,            -fl
mejoi from Large lot and  two cotta   -   :. i
side.   Price lumbia street, Sapperton.   Both reiij
$1900;.   hii!:' cash,    balance al  7 per a; ;in each.
$315. half cent.   Fruit irees; lot 55x163 one and one-half sto: y
Hou ���   30x42, i'h    St., between  Ith full   siz<   lot,   situated north side
Double    tenement   house-, -lib Ave.,
lSl ;tr_.i 2nd St.;   I lot.   Prici- $1,700:  and ",h -Ul':    - single and i double  Ki   al avenue and corner ol  Jcr i
Murphy Landing,    -1  miles cash half ami half in 6 months at 7';.  bedrooms    upstairs,    and   bath  loom   street;  9 rooms;   bath ree
TENDERS   id in ssi d  I i the under-
s-'isne I at Ol     ..'. an I marl e I on the
envelo ee   ' Te nders   for  Scow, Steam
Engine,  Bo                 ... buoy
service,   British   c.-l mil i i, oi tender
scow  .    m   "   ... 11]   ...   .-... [ved  up
to  the
20th   DAY     IF    1ITXE,   I! "7,
for supp!) I deli .-erlng  at  Vic
toria, a woode nn.] the ei e ���
tion on board . f a st," | derrick with
hoisting . nj Ine, boiler and other ac-
��� ssori* - nc irdln? I ��� specification:
'''^'i for su] |j ylng an I d* llv* ring al
Victor! i wl ��� li ..������,. i. ... double cy.
���     tan      ; ' ig engine,  winch
!- b. ive fo ���    hols      i   li ums and two
li hen Is, an upi Ighl steel tubular
team   boilei   ���      :     horse  ; owe r  ca-
���  :.v   aud   i tural steel  I* rrlck.
3 '    ,;       ��� the mai hlner.i  an I
but ' can be i    afned
Cl  acre
above Mission Junction    Just  al  the Hen- for $10 each tenant room
landing ol Murphy Landing, about tin-      1G0 S.B.  Y4 ol  Section 26, Dist,  12,
centre of lot; 2b acres cleared, under  10 acres,part ly cleared; Kanaka creek cnen """  Pantr-V-    *ull sized 1 ���
cultivation;   broom  house,   barn   and running through; good road; one mile ning back  to Ash St.     Price $3,500;
stable;  aboul one acre orchard, bear- north   of  Webster's corner;    shingle $!,.-  caSh, balance   al $500 per   ...
mill and P.O. at the wesl corner; tim- , , -
ber worth ?7 ;  ai re; cedar and fir;        ' '"'' ('''   '
���I  miles    from    Port    Mane;..      Price      Six   and   one  half acres,  een,.  acre
J2.100; terms $1,100 cash, balance ar- .;,,���,���,  readv  ,,,, p]antlng;   ,  ,.2   ,..
10 acres land New Westminster,Lot :"s Pi,nl>' cleared.    House,  5   room .
s.  Div, 34, Surrey;    3 miles from 14x24;   storey  and  half,  small barn;
Ing fruil trees. Price $1,350. on easy
terms for $1,250 cash). $22 per acre'.
'_��� casi:, balance 0 and 12 months.
10 acres section 32, N.-E. corner of
x.-.v, >,, uncleared. Timber fi". cellar, and alder; good soil; a mile from
Wale road; sandle road and new road,
.". lots corn* r oi stn et be twi em Sth
and 9th Ave, on 2nd St., si le of 2nd
St.. equal to one acre; pai tl    cleared.
$500, half cash.      A  splendi I
tunity for investment.
cold water, closet
bearlg fi ait trees
side      fine  ���. lew.
11' ii
One ' . l size I lot, 2nd lot
:.' r,  14i m  streel   and Sth
:'     i I ; '��� et,   $250 cash.
woo I
Sill" j
Price $'300 lA
brid.ee.    Price'   $400;     $200   cash,   balance terms al  7 ' ��� :    near the Turn-
i er e annery.
1 room house,    bath room, pantry;
oppor- on  llth St.. be-v. i Queen's and 3rd
��� hi ken house;  fi nil ; rees and straw-   i'- nl   ill,
located  in  a :|
���    ent,
mi    .
in ���
���:   *'.
' oilers
���      tl
to   '���   i
��� i.
lhal edito     an I  oth* rs  having
claims ag ilnsl  the i state of the said
Charles Blair, who died on or al oul
the   20th  day   of  April   1907,  ar ���   r ���-
queste : . n   or  bi fore   the 22n I,  (22)
day eu' June,   190",  to  send  bj   post,
I ���   ' Id ��� r deliver to the undersigned
solicito ���   fi .��� Ro leric Sample and Dr,
:   '   ���     '.mi ll,  executoi    of the
will   n      te  tamenl   of the said
ci* * thi ir . ii,' Han    and   Bur-
ii.oi ' ; ,.,  .     tions, th*
Im . th*   itate-
eii       ���.: e     and    lie na-
'    ��� -���- - If an  i   hel I
. h   lasl   mentlom I  date
Will pi   Cl "'1 to .1  --
trlbui    thi   assets    of the
:-���   ������������������ ;' no m       .        riles entitl d    rh. r* to,
'    ���      ������'.'.. i ��� im. ,    oilei  and derrick '       '       !  ":i,.v l(' the claims of
will   In    Ived      ��� '       parai     ten     ": '' ���   ':!'"-   '���'���']i   then   have   notice,
icow or tenders for all ' :"' :    '   ''���-���' sa''l executors will not
together. I e liable for  the sai I  a ssets or any
An acci       I cheque on   i cl   rtererl   !:l:      '   ' "���' to any person or persons
Canadian  bank ��� iual  to 20'     if the "' ft'1,ose claims noiice shall not have
whole amouni of the   ei        musl ac-  '"'" '"waived i.m them at the time of
company each  tender.      The  cheque  i:'"''' distribution,
accompanying    the   tender   accepted      Dated ;b:-   22nd, day of .May. 1907. j
will '���   forfeited If the party lender- MARTIN & McQUARRIE,
Ing declines to enter Into a contracl  Solicitors for said   executors,   Trapp
or  fails  to complete    the  work  con-        Block,  New   Westminster,  B,  C.
traded for, and each cheque will be   ~ ��������� ������
returned Immediatclj  in case i f non-
acceptance ol a t* mier.
The Di partment does nol b nd II -
self to accept the lowest or any tender, /'flee 'phone 18B.       nam 'fDonB 137
New    avers inserting   this   advert- Columbia st.
lsement   without  authority  from  th<
Depart; ion    rill nol be' paid.
Deputy Minister of Marine and
Fish*  I*
Ottawa, Canada, 28th Mav. 1907,
���".tii Ave. on west si le.     Price $2,300,
i.j cash, balance in 6 months at 7 ','.
24 acres in Sunbury; 6 chains water
. fron!;     12 ai res   cleared;    S-roomed
_  Columbia    IS97,  Chapter 1_7, house  lath al]
S rooms, 2-storey house, bath room, I acre upper side of Ith Ave. and 2
ivater and light; full sized lot, 66x100 lots west of Gth St.: large house of S
feet, situated Gth St. between 4th and rooms;    electric    light    connections;
shade trees and fruit orchard. Price
$4,500:. $2,500 casb, balance in one
year at 7 %.
berry plants; $1,700, half cash; I al
am ������ In three months al 7 per oent.
1 M.- Is a valuable holding, and ni n
t" the < Ity, call and bring ibis adver-
' ��� ' ent with you i r :' u ther particulars,
plastered; wood shed,
chicken barn and fruit trees of all
kinds. Price $3,0C0. Terms cne-third
cash, i alani e G and 12 months.
100  acres, 2
$40 per acre
l.e e it'
Two lol - on   ISth  -' eet, b<
tween  7th and  Sth aven ie i,
Corner of
No.  1!  and   ):
cash, balai
 '"ii   stn
Pric*   $245,
100 m. i In Surrey; S '- of
X y of sec 9, ti ��������� ie ':.-. .'. I
house, 10x24, md i blck* n coi ���-.
. mall :., .: 00 trull trees; 12
ai res clei red, i acres un ler
.   Itlvation and   ���       i he I
Pi:   ��� $20 per acre, ^ cash, balance in i_' months al 7';
full size lot,
block o.
St.   1
���atrick's    S
I lot, 55.6x166, Tenth strei t,
off Queen's avenue, l'-.b-<- $450.
Ti rms $200 cash, balance terms
to suit.
A Good Special
Five acres on 10th Ave.,
right across from old res-
envoir, city limits. $1200.
Half cash, half in six
11 ous" 24x24; 4 rooms;
framed; inside ship lapped.
Barn 1.2x16. One acre
partly cleared. Land No.
1.  Bal. easily cleared.
1 tne full size,] lot, 60x1.12; 2 ste rey
b' ���'���: 7 rooms; Hush closet upstaii ��� ;
��� ' modern Improvement : new hou
$:.000. '.. cash, ^ In G nionths al 7
pei 11 m. Good slz* I stable and fruil Btrei Is
tn es. Second house from sth .sire-, t
west, on upper side.
l" acres in sec. 32, Timber, fir, < e
1 'r an I alder. Good soil; good roads.
Apply for full partic ilars.
Lots  17.  IS,  lb, 20, 21,  face on  ICth
"ieei  ; ni  Sth avenue;  2 corner lots
-���" ':   I Inside ba   .--.'.. i each.    Pi Ice
I 5(    cash.    Sm  ',   ' ���    a|  v:i.u
-'��� ii' and on* : all acres betwe n
"    ' :   I avenue;   south
' eet,    Price $2,500.
lation;   .bird   avenue, I
Fifth      ���        Two and on I
Ten rooms I receni f
All   mod* rn  conveniences;
��� ��� I   '.' "'������:���.  bath,   flush ; 1
tory,   electric   ligbl:   nice I
00x102, e\ Ith lane in rear; |
sei     et with fruit trees,   P ;-'! I
$1,500 e ash, balance arranged.
2 lole', 20, 21 ;
i i ner)   $175.
No. 20, $170:
Durham   and
mode : m Im oi enien . lol 66��132;
lane bai ; pari of lot set oul .ith
fruit trees and nl lawn. Pi Ice
C2.75C. $1 50 I cash, ... I 6 ind 12
month    ai 7 per c< nt,
Snap in Lots.
I-"1 ii on Fifth m .��� nue, sub n, in
tb 9, $300 cash. i. cleared; i Iz i
55 feel  by  132 .   i|
��� lotise nnd three lots, corner :;, |
Ave, and llth St.; 5-room house
"0   acre   blocks,    fruit
1 ���' ��� tl in, $20 per acre.
:' ISe, full Sized lot, .
street, Sapperton; real.-, foi
month.    Only $1,050.
House,    10   rooms,  V-j
'���' avi nue   nnd   Seventh
$2,ooo.   Terms can be arrange
4 ' ill sized I.ois between
avenue   and Hamilton sl ���
th   trei:. nil cleared an
fl large barn on oneof the lol .
���'��� ilf ca ii.   balance .me ;
kitchen.    Price $1,500, om' Ih
7    I.ee��s    Oil
Queen's and
ir l of i ar shop;
n I   cash.
Twelfth    street,
Third avenue; ��
full size.   Price
Vacanl lots for sale In all parts of  ha!- '' "nd 12 months at
Ird cash.
7 per cent,
House  corner  of
7th  St.
the city, from $25.00 to $3,.00
Full sized lol in Sapperton, facing
Brunette street.    Price $150 cash.
Six lots, 50x150, outside city limits
$60 each   lot.    Fuller  particulars on
''"     "'   ot   -I   rooms    nnd    woodshed:
small   stable;     l   lot   44x132,  on  2nd  lot
i    uli  Ave,    on   13th  St.,    wesl  side ���
:      tleally  new;  papered;  sink em.I pan-
,: '���'���    Price  >'l. I:  terms $200 cash   $lfi
Ave.; 9 rooms; 2 full sized lots, 66x
132; orchard of apples, pears and
plums. Price $4,000, $2,000 cash, balance on time ;it 7 r;.
and  4th   enquiry.
nthly ;ii 7 per cent, or rents
���ei'!. for one year,
-   lots  oft  Cumberland   St.,
'" per lot.
acres North road,    ". of ���' u11"
from city limits on    Porl M*
���'' rea    under   cultivation;
house;  frame  barn;    chicken  ho"se|
barn 40xS0;    fenced and in ���
it $l'i per   pair  south  side.      Price $4,500.    h'
Sa'pperton.   ''''''��� bal- in i; months at 7 per cent
HG acres, half mile waterfront, G.N.
I,, running   through
easy.    Investigate,
Acreage on Vancouver road, corner
$9,460, terms of Gilley road.   $225 per acre.   Acreage is selling fast at this price,
-' lots corner of  l"th and St. Ai
���v''.. between   Ith and  Bth  Ave.,  -       ] '.<
<-' 10th St.; nil cleared.    Prlce*.00,     ,
'������eli.    balnnce (1  months at 7 per
o.ih run  through from street  to
a ytood bargain.
Transfer Co.
Baggage delivered    promptly to ��ny
part of the city.
Light and Heavy Haulim
Office���Tram Depot
Telephone   333
Real Estate Brokers
Telephone   333
Agents for Employers' Liabil.ty, and Union Fire Assurance Co. of London.
J.'xr JU
NE  3.  1907.
T H E   D A
Notice Is  hi   ���
' .   '
IVEN that six-   after dati   we In
^.oVM   <���/�����   toth*
I      '"        '.:  mti :.i to apply to   ,
.,.���,!     el     1    ,11.1, '
.,". _tfo.idowTnrg ':""������;"'���	
���: 3 Kitsumgallum  clal  license   to  cm
. ler th
Land H
...     !_     .���..., =  ���_...
f :   .     B  posl   planted    lmber  tro���   '
��� of the north-west  lands,  sltua
e  provisions
A, :."  shall  be
��� .    ...   debai red  from
settln    ap an        .  . to or In respect
ild lan      ��� sold for taxes as
fided ,an I Registry Act."
^?^r��cf%Ts\���� the West     ....
eli.m \ illage  m   i
. ..    ,1    a   post    planted       v���    ���,,
ol the north-west      -N"-   -"���  : inning     as
^���T^aheswesT: *a|nSwest,80 . , :!, ,
60 chains "ast and 40 east, mor,' oi less to th
'   ��� ��� f ��>mraence- along the shoi   i   pointofcom, , .
.    it     :i   post   planted inent.
.     0| the north-west cor-
,.s pre-emption cleiim.       NO. 21, I oni
1 ��� ������:-���,;;':;'::..'.���;;i1,ieaon tm, west
.    ������ "m",I,iv,;;;:;;;t,.,1 about 15 mil1 Kitumai in
ot'thfnMth-west .-.-- aian Ullage in a small     .     ��� ,ence 8
TAKE NOTICE '.ha; an application
m ad .   .ister  Alice  B.
Tenders for License to Cut Timber on
Doniin.on Lands ir. the Province of
Britis'- Columbia.
Tenders for a License to Cut Timber
cn Dominion La'ds in the Province
of Britis.i  Columbia.
Se tied      'i'.ii lei -      :.il:      -'������.   te   : lie
���  imlssionei ... Dominion Lands  He
SEALED TENDERS idd      ..... partment of -.be Interior, and marked
.    '   ._..;    is           owner    in     Ke"  Commissioner    of   Dominion    Lands, ou  the i-:i\.'i.i;i<> "Tender ft)-.- Timber
Simple, under a Tax Sale Deeel from   Department of tin- Interior, ..nil mark- Berth No 521," will 'ee received at this
the Mayor and Treasurer of the City   ed on the envelope "Tender for Tim- Department   until \2 o'clock  noon or.
of Mew Westminster, :,> Alice B. Mc-   ber Berth No. 518," will he received Wednesday, the 24th day of .inly, 1907,
Dougall,   taring late 'iie l.'.th day of  at this   Department until    12 o'clock for a license to cut timber on berth   ,,u'  Hon' ;1"' Chief Commissioner of
to  point  '     ��� .ent.
."..   Commencing ;.       p i sl  se   .
io Ne i   ! stake,  th* nee    west    <
as, sou le i lght s chains, .mi-: e
ty . Iiains and  noi I . ��� Ight >   c i   n ��� to
point of commencem* nt.
.1   l'   THOMPSON
Ni *   W i.m        .  il.  r .  30th   Mav',
N'oiie e  Is here ij   given  that   thirty
days after date we intt-snl to apply to
; s pre-emption  claim,   chains west, - I
,vs:  100 cbains east :
[oo   cbains west;     4'.
-ilnt of commencement
.,���..    ,t   :i   post    planted
.   ,-reen's pre-emption  claim,
ellowsi 1'!" chains east;
,00   chains   west;    40
m ..f commencement.
at    a   P'>st     piano.I
south, 80 chains
January, A n . i:*"t',, of all and singular
that certain ;>arcel or tract of land
and premises situate, lying and being
in the City of New Westminster, in
���    province    of   British    Columbia,
'���as',  more oi   less  to sh ire,    thence more   particularly   known    and    de-
n'ong   shor.. -i   [joint   ol  commence- scril)etl as:   Subdivision 30 of Lots S
ment. ;(,i.i 9 Suburban Bloi k 3.
N'o. _:. Commencing ..��� a post plant- You and each of you are required to
eii in :i '-*.-   given name of Indepen- contest   ihe   claim   ol   the   tax  pur-
''"'''  l'y   i'tuat* I about 2 miles south chaser within forty-five days tromthe
noon on Wednesday, th" 24th day of) No. 521, comprising lan.is situate in '-:nl'ls ��n<J Works foi permission :>
.Inly, v.i.it. for a license I i cul timber ihe Province of British Columbia, to ou1 and ('ar;> awa3 ""' Umber from
on l!e'rM,i No. bis, comprising lands
situate in tiie Province of British Columbia to lie west of Chehalis Creek
anil described  as follows:
Hie East of chehalis Creek and Lake  the following described lands, situate
and comprising b blocks, described .s  in the Kitsumgallum valley:
follows: claim No.  iii- Commencing a: post
Block  I.���Comprising that    portion  planted s. e, corner about  20 miles
outside Timber Berth No. 44, Block l,  up from the mouth of Norih Pork of
Timber Berth N'o. 51S,    comprising
that portion of Section 29 lying north  and T'mber Berth 254 Block 1, of Sec-   ;h*' Kitsumgallum river
.; ,.: ,i,. north-west cor-   east
.  ureen's pre-emption  .-.aim.   ,      ,
iWa    100 .hains east . .        '
160   chains  west;    40   then
est cor-        '  "'  the north ol  Constie Is-   date of  the firs:   publication of  ibis
Vrm, notice, otherwise 1 shall register Alice
'. McDoug iii  is owner thereof in tee,
Vnd l direct that  publication of ibis
1 notice for thiny days in a dally news-
. r published at  N'ew Westminster
of commem
ce   SO  chains   - i ith     m  cl
,,: commencement,       ...      ,   .
"   a   post    planted easl    " chal"= ������ '        10 chains easl
.... oi ti.- north-wesl cor- I"   . ha   .     i     th,   80   chains   w*
".      1 mptlon   clan,,.        j
���Uows;  l" chains west; '
'of Commencement. N'��   :"   ' ' "'"1 will   I,   good   on I   sufficienl    service
���   m   post    planted  ;"""'  20 mile      mth of Kittimat In- thereof.
rth of the north-west cor-   dian   villa, ,   Devastation   channel
... pre-emption ...enn. "l     a'""" '      Dated  at the   Land  Registrj   Office
follows: so chains west;   on eas   bank and about 50 yards south v      ...   . ,, . ��� ..
Blof th,-  Hot Springs   then.,. SO chains       "   Westminster,   Province  of  Brit-
.���as-. 80 cl lin     outh   -i chains wesl   is" ColumWa  this    5th day ot Apri1'
-., poll
M    al    a    l"s<      I'  '��������� ���
... the north-wesl cor-
.. nreen's pre-e mptlon claim.
�� .... ..    too chains easl .
100 chains west; anel 40
i ii,..  point of commem	
tneere" nr less to the .-hon' then along
th.-   shore  I i   poinl     <>f    commem e
No. ^i   Commencing at post plante I
��� tout   :."��� mile   north of Harttery Ba)
ISt rili
ng     m;     a     pest      plant,.,1
oi the north-west cor-
,   -...., . pre-emption claim,  0n   ens'   bank   ef  Kittimat   Arm
.  follows :  40 chains north : e
40   chains   nortii;    i"   Hawkesburj   Island   theme  .pe  chains
r SO chains south; 1 -���> chains  east| ,,,,, cimjns nnr:h, .|(, chains wesi    interest  in the  said land by virtue
��� ni commencemi at.
.......   a,   ;l  post    planted  more or less, to shore then along shore  :'">'  unregistered  instrument, and
north ,,r in.- south-west  ,,, point   of commencement
���   \,,   j.;.  then   running
100 chains west ;   4" chains
... cast ;    an.i   10  chains
ol commencement.
.     ��� g    at    a    pest      pi ml*  I
. .  north nf the senile wesl
Ion  No    26,  then   running
chains west.  40 cl i as   ��� )���.,,,,.   \:,t   chains   south,   10   chains   settln
A.  I)..  1907.
C.  5.   KEITH,
Distric! Re
T i   William   Edmonds,   Esq.
All persons served with this notice,
and those claiming through or under
them,   and  all   persons   claiming any
persons claiming any  interest in lhe
it posl planted   Kli:1  1;nl1'  by descent,   whose title is
of Timber Berth "^ and that portion
of Section 32 outside Timber Berth
264 and said Berth 2S0, in Township
1. Range 30, West of the Sth Meridian;
also the north half and the south-east
quarter ot Section 26, the norih half
an.l the south-wesl quarter Section
_'i, he easl hall Sei tlon J ���' th >. nori b
half Section 32, Sections 33, II, "."���
and those portions of Se tio->< 22 and
36 outside Timber Hen!'.- 280, '-'.'.I and
272, In Township I. Range 1, Wesl of
the 7;h Meridian; also Sections 3, 1.
.".. the> north half and south-east quarter   See-Inn   i'i,   Sections   7.   S,   the   liol'lh
half and the south-wesl quarter Section '.'. the south-easl quarter See:ion
'10, th" south half Section 16, the south
half an 1 the north-wesl quarter See.
tlon 17. the north half and south-east
quarter Section is. the south half and
north-wesl quarter Section 19
those* portions of Sections 1, -. the
east half Section 11, and Section 12,
west of Timber Berths 272 and 302,
In Township 5, Range I, West of the
tion 23, Townshii
of   the 6th Meridian,   containing an
area ol 3S 7 acres, more or less
Block 2. -Bounded on the' west b>
Chehalis Creek, on the east by Timber
Berth 29S Block Land the easl boundary of same, produced northerly to
Timber Berth 298 Block 2; e.n the
north by Timber Berth 264 Block 2, lake on west bank nbout 20 .-hains
and 298 Block 2; and on the south b> south eef the mouth of Kitsumgallum
Timber Berth 254 Block 1, containing river where II enters lake, thence 10
mii area of 725 ae-ivs. more or '��� chains   west,   160  chainB    south,     10
Block :'.. Commencing at the south chains east more or less to the Bhore,
east corner nf Timber Berth 298 thence along shore to poin: of corn-
Block 2, thence north-easterly at righi   mencement,
I. Range :''". West sumgallum lake, thence running as
follows: io chains west, 80 chains
north, in chaina east, 10 chains north,
10 chains east. 80 chains south. 18
chains west, ii) chains south to poinl
of commencement.
Claim No. ll.   -Commencing a4 post
planted al the head of Kitsumgallum
claim Ne.. 12. Commencing al post
planted about 20 chains south of tbe
north west of T, L. No. 7941, thence
in chains wei I. L60 i hains south, 10
chain.-   easl. 160 chains north io point
.  easl ,   -I'i chains   north
ni ��� ment.
at   a   post    planted   te   chains   north,   I'i  chain-   wesl
of the north-west cor-
No, 25, Commencin
ibout   in miles nortii  of Hartley Baj   '"" registered under the provisions of 7th  Meridian;    also   Section  12, the
on   east   bank   of   Kil imat   Ann   on   the   "Land   Registry   Act."   shall   be eaat  n.llt- section 24, and the south-
Hawkesburj   Island on a small creek,  forever  estopped  and  debarred from Past  quarter Section 25, Township 5,
up any ciaim to or In respect Raage 2| Wes1  oC    ,;���.  T:-, Meridian,
east, 40 chains north,   10 chains east,   of  the   said   land   so   sold   for   taxes containing an area of   13,025    aci'es,
\ . Ireen's pre-emption  claim,
foil ,-.. -     100 .'hains Wl Sl .
100 ch iins '��� isl ���     l"
ilnt of con   ."M'.
... more or l* ss.
' \l.   Ml "il'Y.
. Vandall.
Loc .' 11 -
il, 19 17.
ei . i!e Dominion Lands with-
m   Belt in British Colum-
;��� homesteaded by anj  , ��� i
ie sole head of a family.
lie 0 ���":' 1x j ears of   age, to
.'   one- 1'iarler    section ol
more or less,
..,��� made personally at
land '>:'.'..*' I ir the district in
' . ��� '. oil is situate.
esteader is required to per-
on lit!..;is . mnected  there
. le   one of the following plans:
��� .1 leasl six nionths' residence
1.1   cultivation of   the land In
. ir three years.
If the father for mother, if the
le, eased), of the homestead-
les upon a farm In the vicinity
��� land entered for,   the   require-
��� ' residence may be satisfied
��� h   person   residing   with  the
or mother,
If the settler has bis perman-
idem .��� upon farming land own
e li  ;:i- noi th,  10 chains west, to point
of . ommencem nt
No 26. C'i mm* ncing al posl planted
abo ��� ne mile and a quarter wesl
of Kiakiata Ba.\ Indian village, on the
north bank of bay, thence 160 chains
norih. In chains east; more or less
to Indian Reserve line, thence 3co
chains south along Reserve line to
ihore. 'hen along shore to point of
Located April 6th, 1007.
NOTICE is he reby given that 30
. - after date, we inten.l to apply to
lh ��� Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a special
liceni e to cul an 1 carry away tlni-
��� ��� r froi i the following described
lan Is, situated In the coast district:
:���, tinning il .-. posl ���'. inted bead
oi .- nail baj bo iti e i Broughton
island about one mile easl of Booker
: i j.ion. thenc north 10 chains, west
se .hains. north S:l chains, east 40
ehains, south. 10 chains, east 10
e hains, south tO cbains, east It)
(hains, south 10 chains, west 411
chains to point of commencement,
as   provide !   I
the  "Land   Regtslry
Take' notice that thirty days after
>la'e i intend to make application to
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Work.- for a lie* nse to c it and carry
away timber from the following described lands:
No I, Commencing at a posl planted on ' he wesi -; le of Twenty-Five
Mile Cre-'k and marked James Sharpe,
Nee. I posl; thence 10 cl ilns wesl;
ihfiii'e. snath S i chains; thence east sn
chains; thence north iO chains; thence
Vi esl 10 chains, to p ilnt of commencement.
No. 2.���Commencing al a posl
planted one mile s mth of James
Sharpe's No. 1 post; thence west 10
chains; thence south80 chains; thence
easl 80 .Iiains; thence norih so
chains; thence . ��� -' 10 chains, to
point of commeni ement.
Tenders   for    License   to   cut   Timber
on Dominion  Lands  in the Province of British Columbia.
more or less.
The berth must be surve; ed wilhin
one> year after the date of the notice
awarding the berth.
The regulations un ler which a lionise will be Issued, also printed
forms of teuder and envelope, may be
obtained at this Departmenl or al the
office of the Crown Timber Agent at
N"w Westminster, B, C.
Each tender mus; be accompanied
by an accepted cheque on a chartered
bank in favour e.f the Deputj of the.
Minister E the Interior, t ir the' amount of the' bonus whli h the applicant
is in'.". ��� ��� | to ,���:<:���  for   i Hi ense
The hlghesl or any tender nol nec-
i ssai lly  '   ���' [ite 1,
No '��� -. - '.'��� teh graph will be en-
tertaine 1.
lie; ai: mi ." e>:' the Interior,
Tenders for License tr Cut Timber on
Dominion Lands in tbe Province of
Britis:-. Columbia.
��� SEALED TENDERS iddressed tothe
Commi --; 'i-e;' of Dominion Lamls.
Departmenl of the Interior, and mark-
angles  io the   easterly boundarj    of
sai.I  Berth  298 Block_. 2 mil."-: thence
north-westerly at righl angles i.. list
course, :.| chnins; thence seiuth westerly, a' righl angles to last course, 2
mile- to easterly boundary of sahl 0f commencement.
ma Berth 298 Block 2; thence south-east-j claim N'o. 43.- Commencing al posl
erly along sahl boundary to place of planted al the north wesl corner of
beginning, excluding therefrom anj location No, 12, thence 10 chains west,
portion ot Timber Berth 308, which 160 chains south, 10 chains oasi. 160
might fall within the same', containing chains norih to point of commence-
an area of sr,i acres, mon' or less,       ment.
Block 4.���Commencing at a point claim No, ll
on the easterly boundarj of Timber
Berth 302 Block 1, r, chains southeasterly from thi- north-easl corner
ther.'.if; thence south-easterly along
sab] easterly b Hilary v > chatns.more
or less, to   he   an jle   In   said   east
Commencing al post
planted at the nortii west corner of
location N'o. 13, thence IU chains west,
160 cbains south. 10 chains easl. IOO
chains north to poini of commencement,
Claim  No.   I.",.    Commencing at   the
boundary ol Timber Berth 302; thence north west corner of location  No.  ll,
north-easterly, at right aire's to last thence   40   chains   west.   160   chains
coins,' follow-in''; Uie boundary of sahl south, in chains east, Hill chains north
Berth :'."'.'. 40 chains;    thence north- to poinl of commencement.
westerly   paralled   ie> fust course sn ctaini No. 46.- Posl   planted al iho
chains, mora or b-ss. to correspond
with length of first ceeiirse.; thence
south-westerly paralled to secon.I
course oi chains, to point of commencement, containing an area of 320
acre's, more or les.
nortii wesl corner of location N'o. I'_.
ihence so .hains west. 120 chains
norlh, 40 chains east, se chains south.
|i�� chains easl, 10 chains south to
poini of commencement.
Claim No.   IT.  -Posl   pkuite'el al  the
Block 5.   Commencing il a point on Uorth west corner of location No. 11,
the easterly shore' of Chehalis Lake, j thence 40 chains    west,    160    chains
north,   in chains    east.    160    chains
.'.n ehains southerly from northerlj
en.] e.f said lake; thence southerly
along said easterly shore' eef lake, 2V_
mile's in direct distance, with a depth
eef (17 chains on sahl east shore', mens
south lo poinl of commencemen
Claim No. 48, -Post planted about
in chains norlh of the north W6Bl
comer of T. I.. No. 7943, thence 160
el at right aii'Mb's to in*' general Lhains west, 40 chains south, 160
bearing of saiel easterly shore of lake J chains easi. more nr b'ss lo river.
within the block, containing an area: thence along river to poim of comet 1.340 in res, more or less. mencement.
Tin- berth musl be surveyed with- Claim No. 19.- Posl planted at the
In one year after the date ot the no- L0rth wesl corner of T. L. 7943,
lie.' awarding the  berth. thence 160 chains    wes'.    I'i    chnlns
The'   regulations under which  a H- j ^,,ut li.   i.n   chains   east,     40    chains
ited   |im.ni tll pojnj of commencement.
Claim  No. :,().-Posi   planted aboul
ci nse will  be    Issued,
forms if tender anl envelope, may he
ol Lalned at this Departmenl or al the
ei e:-. the envelope "Tender tor Tim-   office of ihe Crown Timber Agenl at
SEALED  TENDERS   a 1 Iressed    t<
Ihe * ommlssi un r of !��� iminl m Lands,
ber  Berth  No. 519,"
���   tl   . D    trtmenl
will be received
Until    1-   o'clock
V mcouve
B. C
LTD.   Departmenl of the Interior, and mark-  nQon    .   vv,,,,,,,,.,,,_ ,,,.. .,,,,,  1,.,v 0f
17.        ".i on the envelope "Tender for Tun-  ju]v   t907, for a license' te, cat timber
TAKE Nt ITICE thai applic ition has
m ],,;, le to register Florence Mary
Eveleigh as ihe. owner in Fee Simple
under a Tax Sale Deed from The Cor-
dni in ibe vicinity of his hoiu*
the   requirements   as   to roi-   poration ot the Distrii        "    ..        '���
be satisfied    by  residence   James Cunningham
ie said lan 1. 10th da
i onths' notice in writing shoul i  and  i
a ie, tii"   Commissioner of Do-   trac
��� f ir patent.
11 I    may be purchased at   .li
tearing date the
M irch, A. D., 1902, of all
Ingular  that   certain   narcel   or
I   of  land  and  premises    situate,
m  ,,. , ,,    .;������ ',���; .a   |j ing ainl being in the Di trict of New
W* stminster, In  the Province of British   Columbia,     more     particularly
known an I described as subdivisions
23 aa l 21 ol s ibdivlslon "A" of lol 29,
group 1
for sofi i oal and $20 tor an-
Not more than   320 acres
acquire l by one Individual or
Royalty at the rate of ten
. er ton of 2,000 pounds shall be
'"l mi the gross output.
Vv, W. CORY,
'" put}  of the Ju.nisier of tll
Unauthortze I   publlcatii
ber Berth No. 516," will be received al
this Department until l- o'clock noon
an Wednes lay, the 5th day of June,
1907, for i license to cul timber on
Berth No, 516, comprising lands situ-1
ate in the Province of British Columbia, and descrll ������ i a sfol'.ows:���
Timber Berth No. 516, comprising
Si ei ions 27, 23, 33, 31, and the Easl
halves of Sections 29 and 32 In Township IS, Range 2'. Wesl of the 6th
Meridian, containing an area of Bj
square miles, m ire or l>--.
The berth musl I e surveyed within
nn.. ye ir aftei the date uf the notice
awarding the berth.
The rei nl it Ions un ler which a ii-
c* use will be' Is -a" 1, also pi luted
forms of ten.ler and envelope, may  hi',
on Berth No. 519, comprising lands
situate in T'e" Province ot' Brlti ih Columbia ' . 'h" wesl side' of Chehalls
Lake an I   i escribed as follows:
New Westminster. B. C.
Each  tender musl  be accompanied
b} an accepte I cheque ou a chartered
leiitik   in  favour  of  lhe   Deputy   of  the
Minister of the Interior, for ihe amouni of III*1 bonus which t!i*' appll-
i ,.nt  i- prepared to pay for a license.
No tender by telegraph will be entertained.    Tin' hi'-ihe'st nr any tender j
Ti] h   No.  510,  comprising   not  necessarily accepted
those portions of th - following lan N
which ii" l ' the wesl of Chehalls Lake
and oul I le of Timber Berth 302 Block rjG
2, name . Sei 'inns 26, 27, the north
half of See ;. in 28, the south half of
.     ��� the   south half and the
no 'tl . luarter of See Hon 34, Section 3 'i ' vnshlp 5, an i See tions I,
2, the ias ' alt of Section ". the north
, asl   ' ��� E S 'Ction 10, Se. Hon ' I,
il,,.    , ill or Section 1-. thesouth
wesi   i"      '   of Section  14,   and the
Secret arj.
artmenl of the Interior,
Ottawa, April 24th, 1907,
south-e 13l  quai ter of    Section  li
v.,,, and "ich of you ar- hereby re- oUanled al thi. Department or at th,'  Township 6    all in Range I, West ��
qulred to c mtesl the (Minis of the
lax purchaser wilhin forty-five days
rrom tbe date of the first publication
of this notice, otherwise I shall register Florence Mary Eveleigh as owner
thereof In fee. And I hereby direct
idvertisement will not be cil that publication of this notice for thirty days in a dally newspaper published at New W* stminster will be good
md Bufflcienl service thereof.
the Land Registry office
..������   . ..: :      . !   m       -",'  ,i     ��� '   ridtan, containing an area
New  Westminster,  B.  C, '"���' '������������" ;' re9' more or 1"^
Each tender must be accompanied The berth mus' be surveyed within
by an acv'ei cheque on a chartered me year aftei the date of the notice
bank in favour of the- Deputy of the ''���'������ : I B berth
Minister of the Interior, to rthe amount of the  bonus  which  tie"  appll-
" is hereby given that, 6u days
late,  l  Intend to apply to the
Chief   Commissioner   of   Lands
id Works for a lease of the foreshore.
for booming and milling   pur-
���  iprlslng the whole of a baj'.
'"'" the name of Independent Bay.
'' ���'��� al oul two miles south of the
Dull'I   al
cant is prepared to nay for a license'.
The highest or any tender not necessarily  accepted.
No tender by telegraph will be en-
Take noiice that, thirty days atfer
date l Intend to make application to
the Chief Commissioner of l. inds and
Works for a license to i en and carry
away limber trom the fellow lng described lands, situated In New Westminster district,
l. Commencing al a post sei on
the south bank of Cypress creek ahout
three aud a ball' miles west from Silver creek, Ihence north eighty chains,
easi eighty chains, south eighty
chains, and wi si eighty chains to
point of commencement.
60 chains west of the norlh easl corner of location No. 48, thence so
chains wesl. su ehains north. SO chaina
east, sn chains Bouth to point of commencement,
Claim N'o. 51.���Posl planted al the
south wesl corner of T. L, No. I'M-',,
thence 160 chains wesi, 40 chains
north. 160 chain- east, 40 chains
south to poini of commencement,
Claim No. 52. -Post planted about.
In chains west of the south east corner of T. L. No. 7943, thence L60
chains west, In * Iiains south. 160
ehains east, 10 ohaMts north to point
of commencement.
I,or ,te,i   May  ".,  1907,
I .oi ators:
.gent, r. v \NH\i.i,.
__fc_f _K
___��__? *i*v
New Westminster 1 "���'*>'>i!"''' "'' ,lnl^;i   tertained
Columbia, this 25th day of April, A. !).,
To   I...  A. Bayne,
AH persons served with this notice
C,  s.  KEITH,     Department of the Interior,
District Registrar. Ottawa, April 6, 1907.
W. N. Draper
������al of Cost! island, on the east and those claiming through or under
,;'ni'- of Kltlmat Arm. and about two them,  and   all persons claiming any
"i'h trom Kildala Arm, Interest In the said land by virtue of
Loi ited April 5th   1907 any  i p*  instrument,  and all
Hiu-,u'>,o""v''"""" ;""" "���::.::;,.'i::',,1",";:-_���_._._��������..,���___,__.-�������   --�����
any   i
perso ���
said   .8
B. C. Land
Tl e julatlons under   which a li-
,,.;....   .. ii! :,..    issue.i.   also    printed
forms of tender and envelope, may be
obi iin "i al ibis Departmenl or at the
j Office of  lh" Crown  Timber  Agent at   cliains,    wesl
New Westminster, B. C eighty 'chains, and easl eighty chnins
im;1 a,  t nder must  be accompanied  ti  poinl of commencement.
I by an accepted cheque on a chartered1    3.   Commencing al a post sei clos.
| bank In favor of   the Deputy of   the  to No. 1  slake, thence    west    eighty
1 Minister of the Interior,  for the am-   chains,   south   forty   chains,   east   one
ounl of the bonus which the applicant hundred and sixty chains, north forty
1 is prepared to pay for a license. chains and wesl eighty eha'ns to point
Tbe highest or any tender not nec-jOf  commencement
e-ss.-rily accented.
No tender hy telegraph will ho en- j.nallwaj   bell   line,  d'stant   aboul   six
Auction  Sale of  Condemned  Ordnance
Under direi tion of the  Honourable
the Minister of Mllltla and  Defenco,
Messrs. Jones & Co., Auctioneers, will
sell  bj    Public Auction,   on    Friday,
.   Commencing al a post set close 114th Instant,    al   10:30 o'clock a, rn.,
No.   I   stake,  thenci'  not tli  eighty al   Victoria, certain  condemned  Ord-
el.hty   chains,    Bouth nanoe Stores,    comprising   Accoutre-
i.   Commencing at a post set on the
miles north of the norih shore of
Harrison lake, thence west eighty
chains, north eighty chains, east
eighty chains and south eighty chains
ments,  Tents,   Blankets,   Clothing and
various other articles,
The Ordnance Officer In charge will
furnish any fur'.hea- Information which
may be required.
Articles purchased musl be r.m ived wilhin twenty-four hours after the
B.  FISET, Colonel,
Deputy Minister of Mllltla  ml
Department of Militia and Defence.
Ottawa, June, 1907. THE  DAILY   XEWS.
Cherries,   Peaches,   Pears.
Public Supply Stores
VALUE  OF A GOOD   NAME. :C��C<<CO>>>>>>>>>X'��>>>X'��"<J
18 Rooms facing
on Columbia St.;
onlv $50 a month
This is a cinch !   For further particulars
apply to
Malins, Coulthard & Co. Ltd
Per J. H. VIDAL, Mgr. Real Estate Department
New Wellington COAL
Blacksmiths' Coal in stock.
Norris  &   Rowe's  Circus    Enjoys   the
Confidence of the  Pu.-'ic.
The value of a good name aa h
trade marl< in winning the confidence
and esteem of large numbers of peo-
ple ceiiiniii be overestimated, ami was
never better exemplified than In the
case of the well-known showmen,
Norris & Rowe,
i The |>.__enl tour Is known us the
i "Jubilee Souvenir Season," as 11
marks twentieth year of the partnership of Norris & Howe. Costly
souvenirs will be distributed to ever)
one, as Norris Aj Rowe wish tn acknowledge Hie compllmenl of man.
pasi seasons' excellent patronage of
the public thai lias always greeted
their efforts so generously. Time and
again have other circuses with false
names Invaded the territory of Noi
ris & Rowe, but somehow the public
uas quick in choose the real from the
false, ami the well-known wester1!
showmen soon had the field to themselves again.
Vi'iTis, ,. Rowe promise a great big
new circus ihis year, ami as their
promises have hen kepi In the past,
there Is no reason to doubl the truth
of their announcements ihis season
Prom ihe glorious, gorgeous free
streel parade, the special side-show
features, the comedy of the clowns,
ilu- cleverness of the aerial gymnast3
and acrobats, the skillful bare-back
I riding by lady and gentlemen equestrians, the trained wild animals, to
the exciting hippodrome races, will
he found the most exhilirating.whole-
some entertainment for all. Norris
& Rowe exhibit in two rings and upon an elevated stage and under i
spread of clouds of snowy canvas
greener than evei' before. They travel in a train of three sections of fifteen cars each, making 45 cars in all
Exhibitions will be given in New
Westminster next  Friday. June  11.
w ���_ ���*!
j Floorglaze I
It dries hard over night, with
a hiph gloss, and
Wears On tbe Floor '$
���Not Off
For  Week-End
Snap ancl water does not
mar it.
It wears as well on Outside as Inside Floors.
Use it on your Inside
Floors, Veranda and
Porch Floors. Outside
and Inside Stairs or
Steps, and wherever you
want a durable
High Gloss Enamel Finish.
fi. -
fi. '
'fi. '
P. O. Box  345
'Phone   105.
and enjoy to the full extent the beautiful
summer under the shady trees. :       :
We ham-: a Large Stock to select from,
but don't delay;   first come, first choice.
Japanese Paper Denounces San  Francisco Outrages.
Tokio, .June 7.���The Hochiclw,
which is supporting Count Okuma In
his position on the American c|tiostjon.
this morning snys:
"The San Francisco outrages are
worse than the murder of a mission-
eery in CWna, which resulted in the
occupation of Kiaochow. Who would
blame em appeal to the last measure
if an impotency to protect treaty
:igbts is proved? We hope, bow-
ever, that Ambassador Aoki will he'
strong enough lo make the Washing-
| ton government quickly take measures to mete out justice to the Japanese."
We stock the celebrated
Peter's Swiss Milk Chocolates, the most delicious of all confectionery.
Sold in packets.
Lemon's Milk Chocolate
in tasty boxes, the most
suitable of all gifts to a
young lady.
See Window Display.
THE DRUGGIST    -   Columbia Sf.
Toronto Organist Forced    to    Play at
Point of  Revolver.
Hardware, Monarch Ranges       187 Columbia St.   Tel. 65
SS Agents  for   "KLEENO" ��������
* $
��� 7
��� :.
Toronto, June ",.-��� \ half drunken
man with a revolver, a church organ
and iis player form (he basis of a
story thai is I.eing told in musical
circles in ihis city. One evening las;
week Arthur T. Blakeley, organist of
Sherbourne street Methodisi church,
entered   the  edific    to   practice    his
New Stock Patterns
- OF -
{���;������,       ' '     '������������������ t
b   '��� '.:':
/.    J
. .. ���   .
.. : -  pieces coming in every
few davs.
=====  and a - - ���
By Renting (.'ne of Our Long
Safe Deposit Boxes.
'i'i���'��, MuslroHnsfrnmenfs,Strings,Sc.   ���
       ,.  ;..;���!     ���' !____.      ���
I J. J. MACKAY 6.  CO. j
Vancouver on Sunday
FROM '8 A.M.
TO    11   P.M. As Usual
���jjj ��2.50 PEB KEAR OP
We cordially invite
you to inspect them
at any time.    :   :   :
217-219 Columbia St.
Also, a lot e.f lovely things in CHINA,
suital le for wedding gifts,
���ei isic, Il Is Blakeley'a habil to 50
alon* ' t.hes* practices, Upon the
im ��� ning In qui stion he bad finished
his practice aboul 11 o'clock, and was
preparing to turn out the lights and I
pi home. Suddenly a voice from under the gallery interrupted, The organist turned to see a. well dressed
man. obviously quite tipsy, pointing
n revolver with unsteady hand. Blakeley was rudely told to continue playing, and again and again the demand
waa repeated until I o'clock in the
I morning, when the eccentric visitor
decided he ha*I enough.
Ihe Westminster Trust
and Safe Deposit Co., m,
:     Manager     :
������I     fc-
To Avoid Brutal Lacrosse.
Montreal, .June 7.���In view of .he
recent brutal lacrosse exhibition al
ihe National grounds, Maisonneuve,
��� arising oul of which Shamrock players are being prosecuted criminally,
the town council has decided to adopt .a bylaw prohibiting anything in
th*' way of brutal sports and authorizing the chief of police to StO]) such
exhibitions if be deems advisable,
There are two rapidly growing departments J
our store which through careful attention in
past, have grown faster than other departm..J
We refer to
We have come to he known as the ReliarJ
Hosiery and Glove Store, and our values in the pajj|
are responsible for our reputation.
We handle no seconds or inferior qualitiesi
these departments���nor will we do so.
We keep our stock complete at all times.
Many New Lines of Hosiery, among
these, have arrived this
Women's Lace or Embroid-
eried Lisle or lace eitiel embroidery combined, in Tans,
Pongee, Cardinal, Black em I
White, per pair 35. to $1.25.
Women's Plain Lisle Hose, Iu
all shades, pei pair 35c to 75c.
Women's Plain Cotton Hose, In
Tan, Grey, Champaigne, Natural, Cardinal an I White aad
Black, per pail 20c to 35c.
Natural Sole Hose, per pair 35c
Women's Out Size Hose per
pair 35c to 60c.
Boy or Gir.'s Heavy Cotton
Hose in fin* 1 r wide ribbs, tan
01 black, per pair, 20c to 35c.
Children's Socks in one half or
thr* e quarter lengths, all colors
plain or lace, per pair 15c to
\ Big Dollar's Worth in Women's Cashmere
Women's  Plain Cashmere  Hose,   regular   value   30c,   Frl
Saturday,  -l   pair for $1.00.
Women's   Plain   Cashmere Hose,   regular  value  40c,   Fi
Saturday, 3 pair foi $1.00.
Women's   Plain   Cashmer.   Hose,  regular  value  60c,   !'
Saturday, 2 pail  foi   $1.00.
Special Clearance ot
Short Oloves
Ten dozen Women's Gloves,
mostly odd lines, and other
special values for this clearance; colors tan, grey, black
and white.
Regular values 30c to .tic.
URDAY, per pair.    .
Plenty of Long Oloves Wm
Women's  Long  White cr Crean  L <- :
.!* i*es, per pair 50c, 75c, 85c. and "'.
Women's Long Elack White or Cream
S Ik Gloves per pair 75c to $1.35,
Women's   Lace   Gloves   or   Mitts.
i ulj. per pair 50c to $1.25.
Long  Castor  Washing   Gloves.
1 ul:. per pair $1.25.
Women's     Long     White     Giace     Kid
Gloves.  per pair, $2.25 to $3.00.
Lor.g   Swede   Gloves   In   white,
and colors, p. r pair, $2.25 to $2.75.
Colored  Glace Gloves   12 and   i';
t* 11  length, per pair $3 and $3.50.
247 Columbia Street. New Westminster
Extra Good
House on Ash street, convenient   to car and Fourth  avenue, six
rooms       $1500..0
Fourth avenue, modern house, six rooms, near car line.    Price $1650
2n acres on North Road, unimproved,   first   class   soil.     Price,
per  acre     $55.08


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