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The Daily News Jan 8, 1907

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t maim Wtmfe*
 I      ���
_ 190?
Liverpool To  Be Abandoned  In  Favor of  Southampton
After June 6���Greyhounds Will Call at Plymouth
And Cherbourg.
Liverpool, Jan. 7.���The White Star
Line tonight issued an official state-
men to the effect that it had decided
to transfer its service from Liverpool
to Southampton, beginning June 6, involved In the change are the Oceanic,
Majestic and Teutonic.
West hound the .steamships will call
at Cherbourg and proceed to Queens-
town, where, in order to carry out the
company's obligations to the government, they will embark mails, as well
as passengers, sailing withoul any delay for Xew York. Eastbound they
will call at Plymouth and theuce go
to Cherbourg, ending the trip al South
The leason for ibis step is to meet
the growing demand of travellers for
facilities enabling them to embark or
disembark at a continental or British
port and obviating the necessity of
crossing the channel.
While the announcement concerns
only the vessels named it causes much
chagrin, especially as Liverpool is now
spending $20,1100,000 on a dock to accommodate the latest types of transatlantic greyhounds. Competition for
the first class passenger business is
becoming keener each year and the
German companies, recognizing this,
have been calling at both a French and
a British  port, and  it is to meet this
competition thai the White Slar Line's
New York stemmships will cai 1 ai
h-a.-t at one French port, it is thought
Other British lines will be influenced
by the action of the White Star Company.
The Vancouver Province, C. P. R.-McBride-
Social" organ, refers to the President of the
Cour as "Hon. Francis Lacey Carter Hyphen
Cot     ."   Happy family, those Vancouver Tories !
^? Did Mr. Wilson, before he left for Cariboo, re-
fjck "Skiddoo!" to the "Masheen," or did that
' ower address the significant observation to him?
Changes in Councd.
The . 11y council which adminlsterel
public affairs during the year of grace
i."<; has :- ne the way or all thing'
and is it'".- no more. Al noon yesterday the three new members formally
t >k their seats In the council chamber, and .'.eard themselves addressi I
<��������� Mdermen officially for the fir-:
time. Alderman Cray. Smith nr ,
Johnston replace Aldermen Alius.
Howay and Davies. No business of
Importance was done at the meeting.
with the exception of a motion that
the usual rebate be granted to certain
industries, which was unanimously
carried. The members of the 1907
council met last evening in committee,
but the proceedings were mostly of a
routine nature.
According to his organ, the Premier devoted
one hour and ten minutes of labored explanations to
offset a little "slush," which does not seem to say
much for the political judgment of the said Premier.
Smarting under the attacks made on its blundering school act, the government takes advantage of
the teachers' convention and sends a school inspector
here to defend the act.   Great dodge, isn't it?
Do not believe Tory yarns about Liberal movements. Plenty of them are manufactured daily, as
the poor Tories have nothing else to console them
Forty Out of Two Hundred Sikhs Who Refuse to Work
Without Wages, Huddle Together in Police Quarters
���Grievance Against Contractor.
Vancouver's Solid Five.
All the Liberals nominated in Vancouver have accepted, and the ticket
will therefore be, W. W. B. Mclnnes,
R. P. McLennan, J. W deB. Farris,
Alex. Henderson. T. F. Neelands.
After Twelve   Months' Constant War-   Fraser   River   Fleet   Lies   Idle   While
fare, Harriman Confesses Him- Cakes of Ice Float on
self  Badly  Beaten. Surface.
Nearly 200 Hindus who were employed on railway construction for the G.
N.R., near Mad Bay, struck work yesterday morning, and left their camp
and returned to New Westminster,
walking the whole distance with heavj
pasks on their backs. The Hindus
reached New Westminster about live
o'clock last evening, and were directed
to the police station, where a larg<
number of them were given quarters
foi the night. About forty of them
sp< :.' thi night in the cells, and in
the enclosed exercise court, sleeping on
���heir own blankets and whiling awaj
be time bj  talking and smoking.
The cause of the trouble between tin
men and their employer was explained
to a News reporter by Mahomed Khan,
an intelligent Hindu who speaks very
good English. It appears thai thi
man who employed them and whose
name they do not appear to know, has
lefused to pay the men any money for
the work they have been doing f ir
the past five weeks, and that there is
also considerable difference of opinion
as to the rate at which the men should
be paid. The Hindus were hired to
go out and work by contract, but after
some time they discovered that the
conditions governing them were such
that   it   was   impossible   for   them  to
make more than a few cents a day,
and they asked to be allowed to work
by day labor instead. This the contractor refused to allow, and the dissatisfaction resulting culminated in
yesterdaj 's Btrike.
Mahomet Khan explained that the
Hindus had slashed nine acres of Umber, and graded 1,200 feet of road, and
that no payment for this work was
forthcoming. The men were obliged
io buy their own wheel barrows, shovels and other tools, but the contractor
refused to allow the men to remove
this,, from the camp when they went
on   strike  jester lay The    Hindus,
however, brought all their personal belongings along with them. Mr. Khan
complained thai their employer refused to allow them to remain in the
camp until the weather became a little
milder, and insisted on their leaving
the vicinity, telling them to get off the
company's lands as soon as possible.
Asked what the men would do, Mr.
Khan sail that they were not destitute, and everyone of them had money.
Some had ��5, and some had ��10.
This money would be pooled, and they
would rent a large house in the city,
and go out there to live until they got
work again. A number of the other
strikers had gone to Millside while
some of them were going to Vancouver.
Liberal  Leader Is Pleased With Work
of   Organization   Throughout
the  Country.
Sweetheart About to  Marry.   He  Hurries East and Regains Her
,^Th< following is from the World of
yes*Mday :
"H3 am thoroughly satisfied," said Mr.
MJttKlonald, "with the present outlook.
1 am particularly pleased to find the
���work of organization in such excellent
and advanced condition here in Vancouver. Notwithstanding the fact that
every effort was made to create the
impression that another session of the
legislative assembly would he attempted, and the elect.inn sprung in the
most hasty manner, everything is in
good  shape for ih<   contest.
"The same thing is true of the interior. Oui organization all through the
Upper country and the boundary is
in very excellent shape, nnd reports
of a most encouraging nature are coming iu constantly. I counl on six wins
at least to be recorded from the Interior. Eight, and probably more, will
be the number of seats which we can
confidently ex]��-c:l to gain in the coming contest.
C.  P.  R.  Arrangements.
Vancouver. B. ('.. .lan. 7���The Can
adian Pacific Railway Company is
pr< paring lo beat all rival- in the
coas'ing trade from Seattle as far
north a - Skagway.
In .. ti w days tlie big white flyer
Princess Victoria again will be put
Upon    the    ; nn    ' el ween    Victoria    and
Seattle When ihe Princess Bi an ice,
now on tic' rollle is release I she will
be ow hauled and placed on the run
to Prime Rupert, The new Princess
Royal, now Hearing completion, will go
on tl" Northern schedule also. The
Princes- May. new in dry dock, will
bo ri a lv io rem w her services between Vancouver ami Skagwa. by Feb-
rtiarj l. The steamship Amur is to be
released from thai run. She will be
held in  reserve for use as a  freighter.
A special despatch 'o thi (.lob*
from Woodstock. N. B., dated Dec, 31,
says: A romantic wedding took place
this afternoon at the home of the bride
when Miss Lena Burtt, daughter of
Mr. Wilinot Burtt of Jacksonville, was
married to Mr, Norval Britain, and the
couple left this evening for their future home in Revelstoke, li. (_'. Before
the departure of Mr. Brittain for the
VV< si some years ago, he was engaged
tc marry Miss Kuril. Their enrres-
; ondence continued until recently, in
ihe meantime Miss Burtt became engaged to a prominent young business
nan of Woodstock, and the wedding
was arranged for tomorrow. An announcement card was sen: to Mr.
Eirittain in Revelstoke. He promptly
senl along some presents to the bride-
elect, but just as promptly followed
arriving here a few days ago. He arranged another date, one day prior io
the proposed wedding with the Woodstock man. and carried off his lady
love to his western home.
Nomination  for Chiiliwack.
A   meeting   was   held   in   Chiiliwack
(.a  Saturday evening for the purpose
Of   electing   delegates   to  a   convention
v, rich is to be held en Thursday at
Abhotsford fin' the pur] ose of sele
ting a candidate for Chiiliwack i oh-
stituency. c. VV. Munro, the present
membi t. had announced his Intention
"I retiring into private life. ba'. acting
ai on the advice of his friends, i' is
altogethei likely that he will reconsider Ills decision, an I again run for
office, Mr. Munro is very popular in
his district, and if he decides to again
(titer the Held, his election Is assured,
Portland, Jan. 7.���The railroad battle, waged for the last year for the possession of the north mink of the Columbia river, the greatest warfare of
its kind ever known in the Pacific
Northwest, and one of the most memorable in railroad history, is ended.
The Harriman line, known as the Columbia River Railroad company, is
withdrawing its construction forces,
thereby confessing defeat. Within
another week the last camp will have
dismantled.    The victory is Hill's.
This was ihe only water grade
through the Coast and Cascade Mountain ranges from the ocean lo Idaho,
��� xcepting the present line of the O. R.
&  .V. along the south bank.
From ihe day Hill stole a march
on his rival and locate.', a line along
the north bank from Wallula Gap lo
Cape Horn, the fight between the forces of Harriman and Mill companies
has raged on the gra ies, in the tunnels and before tin- court.-. The latter
proved Harriman's Waterloo. The
most powerful agencj in the forefront ill the struggle has l>eeu the -su-
perior court at Vancouver, with juris-
dic-tlon ovei a large part of ihe contested ground. Decisions were uniformly favorable to Hi'.!. Later, the
Supreme Courl of Washington sustained these decisions,
The crucial test came in a decision
by the supreme court denying an ap-
I eal for a new trial in the Diddle condemnation suii in Klickitat County.
The decision virtually settled the Columbia Valley company's case. To
��� late the companies have expended up-
; wards of $1". ,000 since the contest
I egan. Harriman has .- < nt $350,000
in north bank -neb .- an I tunnel work,
: hat is rendere 1 ti tall} valueless by
:!,.��� supreme cour   di uisl m.
If Harriman elect to ton Inue tbe
' attle, suits will be n ight lo i n
ieiuti ihe use of Portlan I & Senile
[racks at poor ��� u| thi n n th bank
svherever  a   second   railroad  can   be
built  a:  reasonabli -t     Th" result
would be an entln I ��� new line en a
higher grade, making  a::  work  I ���  e
For the first time in many years
the Fraser river is almost impassable
for ordinary river craft. The river!
fleet has teen placed out of harm's
reach in the hone yard beyond Lulu
Island bridge. The Beaver, Transfer, Pedagogues
Ramona and the Favorite are there,
and all the smaller line of tugs as well
as a number of fishing skiffs and
scows are there beside them. At Ladner, river traffic is suspended and the
Somona, the Ladner-Stevestpn ferry,
is set fast in a bed if ice. At Chiiliwack, the Minto is still in business
an J the enterprising residents of that
in   Convention     Discuss   Local   Puck  Chasers   Desire to   Meet
Educational Matters���Some In-        | Vancouver Skaters on Burnaby
teresting Papers Read. Lake.
About   14b  teachers, of   whom   11 ~> With  ihe  continuation  of the cold
were ladies, assembled in St. George's weather and  the consequent Improve-
hall yesterday for the purpose of hold- mem of ,ht> fimen la(.es   from g ^.^
ing  their  annual    convention.       The
first session took place at lb a.m.. and
ei's point of view, the playing off of a
little  burg   are  managing  to  keep in   consl8ted  of  the   president's   addres
touch with Harrison mills.
On Sunday, the Henrietta, a big
steel frame freighter, loaded with coal
lor the Tottenham, ploughed through
tie- ice as contemptuously as though
i: was sea foam and deposited its
cargo at Millside. li then steamed
I ack down the liver taking with it
the barge Canada, which was brought
in from Anacortes a few days ago
with a load ef ties lor the Tottenham.
yesterday afternoon the li. C. General Contract company's boat, the Topaz, which, like the Henrietta, is blessed with a steel frame, also managed
to get through to this city without any
championship hockey match between
the enrolment of members, and a leng- New Westminster and Vancouver is
thy exposition of the alleged benefits   again mooted, and if ihe weather holds
out. there is every probability that a
of the school act. Schools Inspector
A. C. Stewart having charge of this
part of the programme. At the afternoon session, a paper on drawing was
read by J. Kyle, while F. W. Howay
gave an interesting discourse on the
early history of British Columbia.
At the evening session, an interest-
game wii; be played either at Trout
Lake or at Burnaby Lake, tomorrow
oi Thursday. The Vancouver men
;ue anxious to try their mettle against
the New Westminster sports, and the-
Province, last  evening intimated that
ing paper, "On the making of the old the oft postponed ice battle between
world," was read by A. E. w. Salt, the rival cities might be advantageous-
while  1':. Fagan delivered an address,   j.    pllileil  off  this  week.     On  several
Piano selections and songs enlivened
the proceedings at each session, and
previous occasions, arrangements ha
been   made  for a hockey   match,   but
in the evening refreshments were serv-j the  delay has been  such that  by
serious difficulty.     While passing ihe   ^  U) t])e visiting teachers.     The of-
Japanese rice mill, ntar Millside, the
captain noticed a large scow drifting
aimlessly down stream, in the middle
of a small ice floe.    He proceeded to
fleers elected  yesterday  were as   follows:
time everything was in  readiness  the
ice was no longer in condition.
By doing a little hustling, both cities
President, Thomas l.eith:  first vice-   cou]d eastiy .sedeci a hockey team to-
president, F. M. Cowperthwaite;  sec-  day, and the match could be arranged
break   through  the   barrier,  ami   take   (ij|]  vj(.,,.p1.,,suient. Miss    E.    Rogers: ;������,.   tomorrow  afternoon.     There  are
treasurer,  Miss  Jean    Patterson;    re- seVeral well known hockey players in
cording secretary, tl.  McKee;   ceres- ,ilis ritv> Komt, (l|- wnonj played in the
ponding secretary, M  Lewis,   'ihe se- |ast match against  Vancouver   some
lection oi a committee was left  in the years  ago,  and   in   addition  to  these,
hands of the officers elect. there are quite a number of young men
���  who   have  made     New     Westminster
the scow, which was partly loaded
with ties, in tow and bring it back to
this city. It appears that the scow
had drifted away from the Winnipeg
Lumber company's mill, near Port
Hariey, and the owners, on account of
the drifting Ice ha I been unable to
recapture the derelict. The Topaz
will low the scow out to Vane 11.
lofore done,  useless.
Death of W. C. Burge.
The death of William C,  Hut;
$1,000,000 Seized.
Versailles. Jan. 7.��� When the local
authorities here took possession of the
seminary under the church and slate
separation lan. bonds and other securities aniounl.Mig to $1,000,000 were
dliCOveivil in lln- institution. The securities have been taken possession of
by th" municipal authorities of Versailles and will be devoted to charitable purposes.
est son of W. Burge, of Cheltenham,
England, occurred on Sunday evening
ai on,' of the city hospitals, The deceased, who was only 12 years of age,
succumbed to general paralysis, a complain! from which he had been suffering for some time. He leaves a wife.
but no children, in Vancouver. The
funeral will lake place at ten o'clock;
Wednesday morning, Ihe service to be
conducted by one of the church of
England nrnisters.
Swap Territory.
Melbourne. Jan. 7.���Acocrding to
The Age, missionaries in the Pacific
islands declare that France hi s ceded
Tahiti to Groat Britain in consideration <>���' territorial concessions in Bur-
trill), or Further India   i in lo-Chlna.)   J
Pope Declines Pence From France.
Paris. Jan. 7.���'t was announced today that the Pope will no longer ac-,
cepl Peter's pence ft-on Fiance. All
donations from French Catholics hereafter will be devoted to ihe support
the clergy in till ' ountry.
But  What   Does  the   Province Get?
Nanalmo,   Jan.    7.���Dan   Carmod>
who now lives in Seattle, formerly
a resident of Victoria, has closed a
deal in Seattle by which he secured
half inierest in a tract of limber land
���J7JMIH acres in extent, located on Vancouver Island, estimated to contain
2,021,000,000 feet of tii'. yellow and red
cedar and white pine.
Mr. Carmody bought the tract after
i' had been examined by several ex-
perls and by himself, and he pronounces it one of the lest timber areas he
has recti.
A  forty  day  option   was   taken   and
the  deal   was   closed  on   Thursday   at.
Seattle through the American Savings
and Trust Co.
The other half Inten Si in the timber
trad is held by Mr. Cameron of Van-
(ouver, aivi Malcolm McDougal of Or-
lllta, Out.
Alaska Telegraph.
Sean!", Jan. 7. -The United S ���
cableship Burnstde returned to Seattle
yesterday after eight weeks in north-
��� rn waters The vessel completed the
extension of the cable from Cape Fan-
shaw to Ketchican, which gives ihe
towns of Ketchican, Wrangel and Had-
ley telegraphic communication for ihe
first time.     ���
Week of Prayer.
The first evening's meetin
nection  with  the    annual    wet k    of
��� a ���'    was held  In St, Paul's church
last  night, and  In spile of the bi .   i e
their home within the past year or so,
1:1 ('":l" who have made a reputation in hockey
circles in eastern cities, and who
would be only t( i willing to chase the
puck over the Ice once again, for old
and slippery sidewalks, there was   ,jm(.s' Bake,   Although  Vancouver has
a bigger population to draw upon,
New Westminster should be In a position to bring forward a team that could
make ihe terminal city boys look like
a visiting lacrosse team going away
from Queen's Park on a Saturday afternoon.
Record Time.
Victoria, B.  ('., Jan.  7.���The steam
ship Empress of Japan passed Carman
ah inbound  at  tl: 15  yesterday  after
noon making the fastest run made by j Responsibility   for  Education."
any of the Empress steamships since,    A|  Sapperton  (Km,x church)) R,,v
the  new  overseas   mail service  began j  .    ,,   Von   wj],  1(,,i(,  ,m(|   Rey   w    ,.
last summer.    The voyage from YokO-| Barraclough   will be the  speaker.
hama to quarantine here was made in
a  good  t.'etiilalice.     An  excellent   ad-
Ore-,, wa   i Iven bj  lb v. J. S. Hi:, li
sen ea subjeel  of 'The Church's
Respon  II lilt}     for     Missions."       The
leadi r o  the raeel lng was Rev, A, deB.
At  Sapperton last  night, a similar
series ��� :  meetings  were commence .	
in the Knox churrch.    Rev. I).  McKenzie wtis the leader and Rev. H. Lennle Bob Sleighs Bring Trouble
was tin' speaker.                                       A   number   of   .New   Westminster
In th" Reform" I Episcopal church youngsters got into deep trouble yes-
tonight, Adjt. Gosling will lead ihe tenlay afternoon, when the chief of
meeting, and Rev. Dr. Slpprell will police and detective Bradshaw took
speak.    The subject is. "The Church's ! their hob sleighs to the police station
in order to protect the people passing
less than  11  daye fen hours.
on Columbia street, at the foot or
Sixth street, from the possibility of
coming into sudden contact with a
party of youthful coasting enthusiasts.
The excellence of Sixth street as a
coasting station  was  too good to be
Charity Begins at Home.
lion.   James   Dunsmulr,   Lieutenant
Governor, has tied up the steamer Tel-   overlooked, and the boys persisted in
bis  a:   Ladysmith,  and he  refused  to   their sport after being warned by the
Waste of Water.
The civic authorities of Vancouver ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
had six Inspectors out yesterday, look-j allow any more coal to he exported to j police to desist. The boli sleighs
ing after people who were allowing San Francisco until the local demand were handed back to the hoys later in
their water taps to run. A bunch of, bad lacn satisfied. The mines at the evening, on their promising to
those offending in this way will be be- Nanalmo, however, are reported to be curry on their sport In so;>w more se-
I'oretlie terminal city beak tomorrow, ��� ] sti!l shipping south. eluded spot. 2
3. 190?,
C0UNC11 MEETING.      g���***^^ U^p REGISTRY ACT   'Purchase Notice
Chiiliwack Council.
A regular meet ing of the Chiliwack
Council was held on Saturday Jan. a,
Present the Reeve and allthe Councillors except Councillor Stade.
The minutes of the last regular and
adjourned meetings were read and adopted.
Communications were received from
the undermentioned and dealt with as
Hope Gravely & Co. re Belrose farm
received and filed and the clerk to
reply; H. Jesperson, applying for loan;
Barrow���Ashwell, Whereas there
stands to the credit of the sinking fund j >J
account of the Township of Chiiliwack under by-law 18, the sum of
$3,428.46, which cannot be immediately
applied towards paying the debts
thereunder, by reason of no part there-
id' being yet  payable.
lie ii resolved thai J3.400.00 be invested on lirst mortgage on real property held and used for farming pur-
poses by H. Jesperson (part of Lot
118, group -) and being a first lien on
s.iid property. Mortgage to be for
."> years and hear interest at ti per cent
interest  payable half yearly.    Carried.
Midlit, re assessment and Prairie
drainage lax. Barrow���Ashwell, That
the communication id' R, Moflit he received and filed and the clerk notify
Mr. Mmlii that upon enquiry we find
his tax not ice was mailed in ample
time for him to appeal at the Court
of Revision and this Council can take
no action in the matter at present.
Mrs. Reece, re hydrant tax. Received and  filed.
A. W. Yoiinans. re fi. A. Kipp's
statute labor for 1905. Received and
filed and collector authorised to strike
off the delinquent  roll.
The Medical health officer presented
his report for the year 1906, which
was received and referred to the council   for   1907.
Ashwell- Wilson, That the amount
now standing in the savings bank of
the Royal Hank of Canada for Big
Prairie drainage scheme be transferred io the general account of the
township of Chiiliwack.    Carried.
Ashwell���Harrow. That the clerk be
instructed to transfer balance now in
Big Prairie -drainage repair account
to Hit; Prairie special rate account.
Carrie 1.
The Highways bylaw, 1907, was then
reconsidered, passed ami ordered signed and sealed,
Tiie finance committee then reported the following bills correct and recommended payment: I). Karr. $2.50;
II. Jesperson, $2 00; A. A. Cruick-
shanks, $4.50; (',. W. Chadsey, $13.55;
C.  A. Ford. $:;.("!:  Total. $25.61.
Evans���Reeves. That the finance
< ininiiitee report  amounting to $25.61,
��� received and adopted.    Carried.
The council Uii'ii adjourned,
Home is Not Home
We have in stock, ready to fill that empty
niche in your drawing room, The Finest
and Best Pianos manufactured in the
Dominion of Canada, and at prices you cannot beat.
New Scale Williams, Morris
Nordneimer,   Dominion
Each in their particular line the very best.
DROP IN when down town and listen to the
Newcombe Piano Player; it's a beauty and
cheap; or enjoy selections from the opera,
or topical songs rendered by the magnificent
Edison Phonographs and Gramophones in
our store. Every one is welcome, so all
come and spend a pleasant half hour at
(\ ed on the Dominion Boundary Line at
the commencement of Claim No. l,
thence   tost SO chains,  thence North
���31 SO chains, thence West 80 chains.
thence South SO chains to point of
Xo. ::. Commencing at  a post plant-
led Nil chains North of post first des-
,; : cribed in Claims Mo, 1 and :;. thence
North Si) chains, theiwft East Ml
chains thence South SO chains, thence
West 80 chains lo point of commencement.
;*>::cc<cc��>"<o��::<^^^^ |# T H E fraser river lumber co.
J. H. TODD, Proprietor
Next Guichon Hotel - - Burr Block
Notice is hereby
given that vi j,
after date   I  in,end  applying  to t
Chief   Commissioner   of  Lan
Works for permission to
Re Easterly :Yi feet of Ixit 15 and
Westerly It feel of l>ot 4. Block a,
New Westminster City.
A   Certificate  of  Indefeasible   Title I following   described   land,  .
to the  above  property  will   he issued j the mouth of the Kildala rivi     ,���,.
tt,  William Campbell,  Matilda Camp- j district: Commencing at a post mat
bell  and   Elizabeth  Campbell  on  the  ed VV.  M.'s  N. E  Corner
1st day of February, 1907, unless in
the meantime a valid objection thereto be made to me in writing by a person or persons claiming an estate or
interest therein, or in any part thereof.
District Registrar of Titles.
3 l Land  Registry Office,
New Westminster, B. C, December
24, 1906.
The person or persons having in
their custody or possession the following Title Deeds relating to the t>ui<l
property at'�� requested to deliver the
same to the undersigned.
October IT, 1889, Augustus Lund-
bom to Donald McOillivray, Conveyance in fee of part of lxits I! and 4.
March 2, 1883, Peter Monetta to Augustus Lundbom, Conveyance of part
of Lot 3.
337   I Listings   Street,   W..   Vancouver,
B, C.
district:  Commenein
plai '..(
the south  bank  of the  Kildala rive
at the mouth, running as foil
chains    south,    40   chains   wi
chains north to the shore line, thenc
following shore line to place of con
mencement, containing 16 acr
or less.
Aug. 27, 1906.
locator, W. MOODY,
Oct. 24.  1906.
Notice is hereby given that thirty
days after date I intend to apply to
the Honorable, the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works, for a
special license lo cut and carry away
timber from the following described
No. 1. Commencing al a post planted on the Dominion Boundary Line,
on Shane's Creek, about half a mile
northeast of Pitt Lake, thence North
8f chains, thence West so chains,
thence East
point of commencement.
No. 2. Commencing at a   post plunt-
fi I thence South so chains,
W | SO chains to point of com
Synopsis   of   Canadian    Home
stead Regulations
Any available Dominion Lands within the Railway Belt in British Colum.
bia, may be homesteaded by any psr.
son who is the sole head of a family
or any male over 18 years of a
the extent of one-quarter secti.ii
160 acres, more or less.
Entry must be made persona
the local laud office for thu distr
which the land is situate.
The homesteader is required to
form the conditions connected therewith under one of the following plans
(i) At least six months' resid net
upon and cultivation of the lan : ia
each year for three years.
(2) If"the father (or mother, if the
father is deceased) of the home-!
resides upon a farm in the vk nity
of the land entered for the requirements as to residence may be sali-tted
by such person residing with the father  or  mother.
(3) If the settler has his perm;. n|
residence upon farming land owned
by him in the vicinity of his homestead, the requirements as to reside (
may be satisfied by residence up r.
the aaid land.
Six months' notice in writing should
be givrn to the Commissioner of 1' ���
minion Lands at Ottawa of intent n
to apply for patent.
Deputy  Minister  of the   Interier
N.   B.���Unauthorized   publication  u(
this  advertisement  will  not  be  paid
The   Way  the   Notorious  Jack  Graem*
Was Arrested.
"A man and a woman,*' said the
police chief, "occupied a compartment of a Pullman. In a desolats
place, the train speeding like light-
Ding along, the man said to the wc->
" 'Madam, I will ask J'OU to look
out of 1 he window a few minutes.
I nm going to make some changes
in my apparel.'
"'Certainly, sir,' said the woman
"Two or three minutes, filled
with odd, rustling noises, passed,
Then the man said :
"'Now, madam. I am finished.'
"She looked at him, and, beho'd,
he had transformed himself into a
dashing girl, heavily veiled, fu-li-
ionably dressed and with rich and
beautiful blond hair.
"Some moments later in her turn
the lady .-aid;
"'Now, sir. or madam, whichever
you are, I'll ask yon also to look out
of the window. I have some changes
to make in my own dress.'
"The other complied, and when
he was permitted to withdraw his
gaze from the passing landscape,
what was his surprise to find the
lady changed into a man. He gave
a loud laugh.
" 'Il   seems,' he said, 'that WO are
both fugitives; hence we should be
pals. I am n hank robber, What
are you ?'
"'I,' said the other. Mm Detective
Hawke of San Francisco, and for
three day; in female attire I have
been shadowing you. Wrists together, please, so thai 1 may now
slip the flippers on.'
"'I'h 1 ." (oncludcd the police
chief, "did I letei: ire I law ke arrest
the notorious Jack Grai me in 1879.
Ii was the neatest arre :, from the
melodramatic standpoint, of the
vcar."   St. I.) ': Gl the Democrat.
If you believe In fortune telling nny
body c'ati fool you.
After some people have dono their
duty they act as If they expect people
to cheer.
If yni are disagreeable, people
will hate you. There are no exceptions
to this rule.
When a man Is compelled to make
an effort to he good natured, he should
see a doctor at once.
Every man is occasionally against
this proposition; He can't afford to
and he can't afford not to,
If the attention of those you are talk
ing to wanders frequently, that is a
sign that you are not talking well and
are talking t'"> much.
Some people think they aw all right
if they don't steal. But there are many
other things you must do, if you waul
to stand well with your uelghbors.-
Atchlson Globe.
Foot ofj-lth Ave.  Cor. 16th  Street
New Westminster, B. C.
All kinds of Ship repair
' work.
Ship_ and Scow   Building
a specialty.
Estimates /promptly furnished.
RESIDENCE���24 Eighth street New
Westminster, B.C.
Tlio liidinpeitHuble "Well."
Across the eiuii luncheon table a man :
looked  up  from  his  grilled  sole  and
proclaimed that  no man  in  England !
can carry 011 a  conversation  without j
saying   "well."      The    usual   hot    was
made,     for  a   week   the  two  friends
glared   tit   each  ether,   knowing  tii.it
"well" is the beginning "f mosl casu
al sentences.    Vou may nol  have no
tleeil that.    Dumbly they parted day *
by  day.   with   a   handshake  and   the
word "well" frozeu on their lips.   Aft
or a week one of the two had to con
fess that the lauguage had got the bet
ter of him.   "Well," he said, "I'd rath
er drop a sovereign over that dlnnei
than  choke   that   -well.'     I   can't  tall
without It."   London Chronicle.
Westminster Iron Works
Still' SMITHING, BKlDUJii and
Ornamental Iron VVorK, including
Fences, Gates, Fire Escapes, etc.
Mail orders and correspondence In
N'ew Westminster, f. U,  474.
336 Hastings St. \V., Vancouver.
Bookkeeping, Gregg and Pitman
Shorthand, Telegraphy and Engineering,
Seven Teachers
Forty-Five   Typewriters
Students Always in  Demand.
R. I. SPROTT, B. A., Principal
Staked, Nov, 29, liiuii.
John P. Thompson.
City Electric Works
Opposite Tram Office
For electric signs, dynamos, motors,
fans, 'phone fixtures, shades, hells, hat-
lories, wire and cables of all kinds
and size- House wiring. Motor in-
stalling a specialty, All kinds of repairs promptly attended to.
J. DIGBY, Proprietor
PHONE 304.
A   llni-il   Shot,
A   prominent   lawyer   in   Ohio,   whe j
was very eccentric, always rubbed hi-
hands and went through several othei
movements before speaking,   one day 1
While In court a younger lawyer, after I
seeing him do  this several  limes, got
up and did it, too, In a very slow pud
deliberate manner, and, after saying
what   be   was   going   to,   sat    down
whereupon the older man gol up and
said, "Thai young man acts like a good I
lawyer, but he talks like a fool."
Shingle and Saw
Mill   Machinery
New Westminster, B. C.
London  Wentlicr.
may as well own up to th ��� truth
that the conventional abuse of our ell
mate and our weather has been great!;
overdone. When we are Inclined l(.
envy coin.'.ries whose meteorological
conditions have less of the eletncnl ol
"glorious uncertainty" than our own.
We are much too ready to overlook th*
immense advantage wo p issess in our
almost absolute freedom from violent
extremes. - London World.
Carruthers Manufacturing Corny.
Manufacturers of
Show Cases, Store Fittings and Bar Fixtures
nu.rrirr - --.--i - r - ���     ....     .     .i.ij.i    I    u in i r-mi---i irr-r"i  - <HWWWWM<
The Carriithers Manufacturing Co.
TAKE NOTICE that application has
been made to register John VV. Burr
as the owner in Fee Simple-, under a
Tax Sale Deed from The Corporation
o�� the City of Xew Westminster, to
John W. Burr, hearing the (late l.'.th
day of June, A.D. 1905, of all and singular thai certain parcel or, tract of
hind and premises situate, lying and
being in the Districl of Now Westminster, in the Province of British Columbia, more particularly known and des-
; ribed as Lots '.< to 16 Inclusive of lol
12, Suburban Block 13, Xew Westminster City,
Yon and each of you are required fo
contest the claim of the tax purchaser
within forty-live days from the date
ol the first publication of this notice.
Otherwise I shall register John W,
Burr, as owner thereof in fee. An i
I further order that publication of this
notice for one month in a daily news
paper published at N'ew Wesimin '
will he goo 1 and sufficient service
DATED at the Land Reglstrj Office,
\ew Westminster, Province of British Columbia, this 2Stb day of Decern
ber, A.D. 1906.
District Registrar.
To Flora  V. Ilammol.
All persons served with this notice,
and those claiming through or under
them, and all persons claiming any
interest In the said laud by virtue 01
'any unregistered instrument, and afl
persons claiming any interest in the
said land by descent, whose iiiu> Is
not registered under the provisions
of the "Land Registry Act," shall be
forever estopped and debarred fronr,
setting up any claim to or In rnspovt
of the  said  land so sold   for taxes' as
Land Registry Act
He Lot IS-i, Group 1 (except two parti
conveyed), N'ew WwtiniasUr District.
A   Certificate   of  Indefeasible   Title
to  the  above  properly  will  he  h sic
to Rhoda McKamey on the 29th di
of December, 1906, unless in the mean
time a valid objection thereto be math
lo me in writing by a person or pel
sons   claiming   an   estate or   interest
therein, or in any part thereof.
District Registrar of Titlbs.
Land   Registry    office,  N'ew West
minster, B.C.,  21st   November, 1906.
for   by  Ihe   "Land   Registry
The. Fraser Rivet Tannery
.'ho person or persons having in their
I custody   or   possession  the   following
''I'ille Deeds relating to the said property are requested Ic deliver the sain'-
lo ihe undersigned:
12th  1'ei ihor.  1895   Robert Gran
ville McKamey to Thomas Roboot M
Kanicy, conveyance in fee.
Barristers, Solicitors, etc.. N-etm  Westminster, B.C.
;i the Siipne hurt d British telurcbid
IN Till': MATTER ot I
Settled   F.states    Ad   a:
amending Acts.
title   to  part or   I tot   1,
Block :;, suburban lan
New    Westminster   (T ,
whereof     John    Oswal l
COUltbard   is    tenant
life    in    possession    ni'J
Earnest Bar.r Coulthard Ij
tenant In tail.
Pursuant to the Order of the lb
able Mr. .luslice Morrison, ii 'ale I tenders addressed to .1. .1. Cambridge, i";'
trie). Registrar of Ihe Supreme Court,
New  Westminster,   II.  ('.,   will   1'     "
reived by lildi up to Saturday the IOtn
day of January, 1907, for the pur' base
of   part   of  Lol   on.'  Ill,   Block   'I '
Cl),  Suburban   lands,  New   Westminster City.     Tenders must he at :l'
nied   by a  certified  cheque foi   I ���'
(."), per (cni. of ihe amotinl I  ml   '
��� '*>-0 <r* V 1
Solicitor   for   1
'i 1 itioner   lic;vln
.la. 5.
u TUESDAY, JAN. 8. 1907.
Synopsis of Regulations foi Disposal
of Minerals on Dominion Lands in
Manitoba, the Northwest Territories
and the Yukon Territory.
COAL���Coal lands may be purchased at $10 per acre for soft coal
and $20 for anthracite. Not more
than 320 acres can be acquired by one
individual or company. Royalty at
the rate of ten cents per ton of 2000
pounds shall be collected on the gross
QUARTZ���Persons of eighteen
years and over and joint stock companies holding free miners' certificates
may obtain entry for a mining location.
A free miners certincate is granted
for one or more years, not exceeding
five, upon payment in advance of $7.50
per annum for an individual, and from
$S0 to $100 per annum for a company,
according to capital.
A free miner, naving discovered
mineral in place, may locate �� claim
1500x1500 feet by marking out the
same with two legal posts, bearing
location notices, one at each end of
the line of the lode, or vein.
The claim shall be recorded within
fifteen days if ocated within ten miles
of a mining recorder's office, one additional day allowed for every additional ten miles or fraction. The
fee for recording a claim is $5.
At least $100 must be expended on
the claim each year or paid to the
mining recorder in lieu thereof. When
$500 has been expended or paid, the
locator rr.ay, upon having a survey
made and upon complying with other
requirements, purchase the land at
$1.00 an acre.
Permission may be granted by the
Minister of the Interior to locate
claims containing iron and mica, also
copper, in the Yukon Territory, of an
area not exceeding 160 acres.
The patent for a mining location
shall provide for the payment of a
Royalty of 2V2 per cent, of the sales
of the products of the location.
PLACER MINING���Manitoba and
the N. W. T., excepting the Yukon
Territory: Placer mining claims generally are 100 feet square, entry fe��
$5, renewable yearly. On the North
Saskatchewan River claims are either
bar or bench, the former being 100
feet long and extending between high
and low water mark. The latter includes bar diggings, but extends back
to the base of the hill or bank, not
exceeding 1000 feet. Where steam
power is used claims 200 feet wide
may be obtained.
Dredging in the Rivers of Manitoba
and the N. W. T., excepting the Yukon Territory���A free miner may obtain only two leases of five miles each
for a term of twenty years, renewable in the discretion of the Minister
of the  Interior.
The lessee's right is confined to the
submerged beds or bars of the river
below any low water mark, and sub-
for first year and $10 per mile for each
subsequent year. Royalty same as
placer mining.
Placer mining in the Yukon Territory���Creek, gulch, river and hill
claims shall not exceed 250 feet in
length, measured on the base line or
general direction of the creek 01
gulch, the width being from 1000 to
2000 feet. All other placer claims
Mlall be 250 feet square.
Claims are marked by two legal
posts, one at each end, bearing notices. Entry must be obtained within
ten days if the claim is within ten
miles of the mining recorder's office.
One extra day allowed for each additional ten miles or fraction.
The person or company staking v
claim must hold a free miner's certificate.
The discoverer of a new mine is
entitled to a claim of 1000 feet in
length, aatid if the party consists of
two, 1500 feet altogether, on the output on which no royalty shall be
charged the rest of the pr-rty ordinary claims onlv.
Entry fee $10. Royalty at the rait
of two and one-half per cent, on the
value of the gold shipped from the
jeet to the rights of all persons who
have, or who may receive entries for
bar diggings or bench claims, except
on the Saskatchewan River, where
the lessee can dredge to high-water
mark on each alternative leasehold.
The lessee shall have a dredge in
Operation within one season from the
date of the lease for each five miles
but where a person or company has
obtained more than one lease one
dredge fur each fifteen miles or fraction thereof is sufficient, Rental, $10
per annum for each mile of river
leased. Royalty at the rate of two
ami a half per cent, collected on the
output  after  it exceeds $to.ooo.
'���' Dredging in the Yukon Territory-
Six leases of five miles each may be
granted to a free miner for 3 term of
20 years; also renewable.
The lessee shall have one dredge
in operation within two years from
the date of the lease, and one dredge
for each five miles within six years
from such date. Rental $100 per mile
Yukon Territory to be paid to the
��� The lessee's right is confined to the
lubmerged bar or bars in the river
below low water mark, that boundary to be fixed by its position on the
Ist day of August in the yp:,r of the
date of the lease.
No free miner shall receive a grant
;pf more than one mining claim on
each separate river, creek or gulch,
but the same miner may hold any
number of claims by purchase, and
free miners may work their claims
In partnership by filing notice and
paying fee of $2. A claim may be ,
abandoned   and  another  obtained  on
the  same  creek,  gulch  or  river,  by  day,  Tuesday,   Wednesday,  Thursday
giving notice and paying a fee. and   Friday  at  2   p.m. and  Saturday ,
Work   must   be   done   on   a   ciaim ; at 2 p. m. with additional trip on Mon-1
each year to the value of at least $200. , da>' at 5 a- m-
A   certificate   that   work   has   been      Leaves Steveston Monday, Tuesday,!
abandoned,  anad open  to  occupation   Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday at
and entry by a free miner. 7 a. m.;  Friday at 6 a. m. additional
-.,..-        ,       , ��� l    trip Saturday 5 p. m.
The boundaries of a claim may be 1
defined absolutely by having a survey!    UPPER FRASER RIVER ROUTE
made  and  publishing  notices  in  the S. S. Beaver
Yukon   Official   Gazette. Leaves  New   Westminster,  8   a.  m.
Petroleum���nu   unappropiated   Do- I Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
minion Lands in Manitoba, the North- j    Leaves Chiiliwack. 7 a. m. Tuesday,
On* Way to Beat Monte Carlo.
A Frenchman found a way of
beating the game at Monte Carlo,
lie went to n roulette table and
threw down upon the rouge $1,'<;50
in notes pinned together. Xoir
turned up, but before the croupier
could gather in the notes the
Frenchman snatched them up and
made a rush for the door, exclaiming dramatically as he passed out:
"My children's bread? Never! Never!"   There was a burst of laughter
west Territories and within the Yukon I Thursday and Saturdays, calling at | frum the astonished spectators and
Territory, are open to prospecting for j landings between New Westminster ; g^ff exclamations from the officials
petroleum, and the minister may re- and Chiiliwack. Bu, thev did not follfnv hi     and he
serve  for  an  individual  or company j NORTHERN B. C. ROUTE. \ was allowed to eo free with the mon-
having machinery on the land to be, e   ,.   _,. wao auowea to go iree wiin xne mon-
prospected, an area of 1920 acres for'     , _   S" S' ���8   . ���   ,   e>' , lhe Plan unfortunately would
such   period   as  he  may  decide,  the      Leaves  UM,��nrtr at   S   >Mn'   2nd! work only once. It has not sufficient
length of which shall not exceed three ' and   1Cth  of  each  montb'  "^'"S  at : continuity to make a "system."
times the breadth.    Should the pros-! Skidegate on first trip and Bella Coola 	
pector  discover  oil  in   paying  quan-' on second trip. Time on arrival and
tities, and satisfactorily establish such  departure  are  approximate.
discovery, an area not exceeding 640       For   reservations   and   information
acres, including the oil well, will be  ca]] or address
sold to the prospector at the rate of p-p   GOULET
$1 an acre, and the remainder of the Agent,  New Westminster.
tract   reserved,   namely,   1280   acres,: E. J. COYLE,
Asst. Gen. Pass   Agent, Vancouver.
.7. W. TROUP,
General Suner'ntendent, Victoria.
he goes to the "happy hunting
grounds," where he will enjoy endless sport.
Where  Four States  Meet.
The United States is the only
country in the world that has a
"four corners," that is to say, a place
where four states meet. Look at
your atlas and you will see Colorado,
Utah. New Mexico and Arizona
touching each other. At no other
place on the globe do four states,
territories   or   provinces   unite   to
Ingenious Young  Man of  Nantes.       | f<Till SUCh il junction.
There is an ingenious young man j The spot is on a spur of the Carizo
at Nantes���that is, if he is still at mountains, and few tourists visit it,
Nantes and has not been removed to | !,lirtl.v because it is not easily acces-
lorever in the other wofTd, lor they
also believe that the pony will accompany its (load master.    That he
may have his weapons ready when  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
he gets there, they bury with him !
his rifle, his pistol, his bow and his   Trouble Starts While Tobogganing and
quiver of arrows.    Thus  equipped
Results   in   Bloodshed���Aid.
Johnston, Peacemaker.
a more appropriate place.   He was
partly because compara-
will be sold at the rate of $3 an acre,
subject to royalty at such rate as may
be specified by Order in Council.
W. \V. CORY.
Deputy of the Minister  of the  In
Dept. Interior.
Trains & Steamers
Leave N. W. 15.40; arr N. W. 11.35.     '
Leave N. W. 8.30; ar. Seattle 15.50.
Leave Seattle 12.30; ar. N. W. 18.40.
Leave N. W. S.30, 10.35, 15.40, 17.35.
Arrive N. W. 9.35, 11.35, 1C.40, 1S.40.
Lv. N. W. 9.20 a.m.; ar. Seattle 4 p.m
Lv. N. W. 4.35 p.m.; ar. Seattle 10 p.m
Lv. N. W. 3 p. m. and 9:55 p. m.
Lv. Vancouver 8.35 a.m., and 4 p.m.
Lv. N. W. 9:35 a.m.; ar. Guichon
2.20 p.m.
Lv. Guichon, 2:40 p. m.; ar. N. W.
8:45 p m. and 6 p. m.
Mondays only.
Lv. New Westminster 5.50, 6.50, 1
and 8 a. m., and every half hour thereafter till 11 p. m.
Lv. Vancouver for Westminster at
same hours.
Fraser River and Gulf
From N. W. Mon. Wed. FrW. 8 a.m.
From Chwk. Tu., Th., Sat., 7 a.m.
From X. W. Tu., Th., Sat. 8 am.
From Chwk. Sun., Wed., Frl., 7 a.m.
From X.W. daily, ei. Sunday 2 p.m.
Add. trip, Monday, 5 a.m.
From Steveston, 7 a.m. (Frl. 6 a.m.)
Mail Service
Close.   Received.
Seattle, via Sunias 7.15 a.111.    6.40 p.m.
Sapperton and Mill-
side, No. 1  7.45 a ni. 11,35 a.m.
Vancouver,   Xo.  1.  7.45 a.m.    ii.00 a.m.
O X.R.  Cloverdale,
Blame .Seattle.. 8.45 a.m. 3.30 p.m.
'Van. �� Oen. Rark.10.30 a.m.    2.00 p.m.
Victoria    10.30 a.m.    9.00 a.m.
Kast Burnaby  ....  L13 p.m.    1.15 p.m.
Ladner, Steveston,
etc  1.30 p.m. 11.00 a.m.
C.P.R.east, Sapperton, Millside and
Coqultlam     3.00 p.m. 11.35 a.m.
Van.  and  Burnaby 3.30 p.m.    6.00 p.m.
G.N.It. Flyer     4.00 p.m. 11.00 p.m.
Timherland, Tues
and Friday .   ...12.00m.     12.00m.
Canadian Pacific Railway Co.
British Columbia Coast Line
Eight Trains Every Day in the Year
Minneapolis, St. Paul
and Chicago
not quite sure whether
genious young man is
due to undergo his term of military! 1ivel.v few people think about it. A
service. Now, a widow's onlv soi monumeni marks it, however, ereet-
is by a beneficent rule exempt. What ed bv tl:(' government surveyors.
couid be simpler! This voting man : Tne Point is reached by a trail lead-
slew his stepfather and presented ^g irom ,hc' r";l11 from the Navajo
himself to the authorities in the pa-' s}'ri,1f-rs '" Colorado, in the Ute res-
thetic position of a widow's only ervation, to the San Juan river.
Bon.   But inquiries were made into ~   "   ~
TO SEND YOU OVER, the matter, and that is why one is      ��� The Barbers Pole-
^^m ^^^ How many of you can tell why u
",   barber has a red and white striped
polo as a sign?    In the olden time
I   1 barbers   were   also   surgeons   in   a
What Spanish Titles Cost. Bmall way, particularly in the opera-
Spain has 000,000 titled persons tion of bleeding. To assist the op-
I ���that is to say, about one in every, eration it was necessary for the pa-
j thirty-eight inhabitants. But such tient to grasp a staff, and the bar-
| titles are held as less than nothing : ber always kept one ready, as well
! by the original peerage of the coun- as strips of cloth for bandaging the
trv- These are know" as the I patient's arm. When the staff was
rur iLKSm, irn ' grandees and form an aristocracy not in use the bandage was tied to
I   k a ���    ���? ^       ?�� f^I? i entirely of birth, some of them, like it so that they might be together
Embodies the newest   and best ideas | ^  ^  lande(]'gentrv>  havin'g  nQ Lhen wanted, and the harbor usual-
handles at all to their names, and, ly hung them at his door ns 11 sign.
yet entirely refusing to mix with I In the course of time, however, a
even dukes of new creation. To be-', painted pole took the place at the
world. The equipment consists of I coma a Spanish baron ��400 is suffi- door of the one used in the opera-
private compartment cars, standard! cient. A viscounty costs double tion, and thus cair.a the sign.
t6 section sleepers, luxurious dining! that amount, while to be made a
car, reclining chair cars (seats free),1
modern   day   coaches   and  buffet,  li
and LUXURY. It is lighted with
both electricity and gas; the most
brilliantly    illuminated   train    in   the
A sleighing battle, in which none
were slain, was waged with reckless
animosity on Sixth street yesterday
afternoon. A number of boys around
sixleeen years of age got into a mixup
in some way or other and allowed
their angry passions to arise. They
doubled up their fists and sailed into
each others smelling apparatus and
windows. The lus! of battle was in
their veins and the more they fought,
the more they wanted to fight. Other
lads caught the contagion, and the
whole bunch steadily (ought their way
up the hill, shedding gore and bad language as they ran.
A peacemaker loomed in sight in the
person of Alderman .1. .1. Johnston
who undertook to load the pugulists to
kiss and make friends. The lads wore
not much in the humor tor kissing and
preferred kicking, but, the worthy Alderman's powers of persuasion and
paternal remonstrances eventually led
to the boys calling off the row. Some
of the lads now have swelled heads
mid black eyes, but they all say you
should see the other fellow."
brarv and smoking cars
For Time Tables, Folders, or any
further information call on or write
'20 Second Avenue, Seattle, Wash
Canadian Pacific
B. C. Const Line Service.
(Subject to change without notice).
SS Amur leaves Vancouver Jan, 9,
Jan.  22,
Leaves Vancouver daily at 1 p.m.
Leaves  Victoria daily at 1 a.m.
Leaves Victoria daily except Monday
at 8:30.
The only road which runs  Through
Sleepers  and   Tourists  from  coast   to
I coast.
Eastern Express leaves daily at 15:40
Train for Seattle leaves at 8.30 a.m.
Through   connections   for   Kootenay
, and United States points.
For   rates,   reservations   and other
particulars apply to
C. P. R. Agent.
Xew Westminster.
I or to
E.  J.  COYLE,
Assistant   General    Passenger   Agent,
Excellent Train Service Between
Chicago, London,
Hamilton, Toronto,
Montreal, Quebec,
Portland, Boston,
And all the principal business centers of
PHILADELPHIA, via Niagara Falls.
For Time Tables, etc., address
GEO.  W. VA'jX.
Assistant Gen'l Passenger and Ticket
Agent, 135 Adams St., Chicago, III.
'Northern Pacific j
Trains Daily
1 ,     i��� ���������  . I TI��*  Regret  of Ilia  Llf*.
count a payment of ��1,200 is neces-. gir WUUam (il.;)V(. tho emlnent S(.,.
**rv- entist and jurist, never forgave himself
FOR   THE    LITTLE   ONES.        for not  d*a<;overln8 tll<; spectroscope.
  i "I had often observed," he said, "that
_ . .      . ..    _ .     ,1Lj u    .   ' there were different lines exhibited In
Origin of the Expression "Happy Hunt- 1   . ,   ,,��� ,  ,    , ���..   .
" ���     ��       j ., the spectra of different metals ignited
ing Grounds.' ,    ,.'      ,,  , , ,. . ,    , .    ,
" In the voltaic arc, anil If I bad had any
You often hear or sec the expres- i reasonable amount of wit I ought to
sion "happy hunting grounds,"' and j have seen the converse���viz. that by
H may be that some of our readers \ ignition different bodies show in their
do not know how it originated or spectra) lines the materials of which
what it moans. It is the name given , *"*? are composed."
to the Indian's heaven, which his r^Toor wmter..
imagination paints as a prairie well 1 Hewiu _. Time wuils on no man
stocked with buffalo and other ! jewett-1 guess that's tbe name of the
game, with no one to molest him or j new waiter at my restaurant���New
make him afraid.    From this belief j York Press.
arose the custom of killing the In- |	
dian's pony at the burying ground,     To do il" '�� 0,lr power to win health
so that he mav eniov snort with it ' and keeP il ls as muoh olir du,r a8 *��
be honest���Seward.
Arranging Settlement.
Houston, Tex., Jan, T.���The Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and
the Brotherhood of firemen are in session here today arranging the details
of an agreement reached yesterday In
settlement of the Southern Pacific
firemen's strike, it was expected that
the strikers would return to work at
noon today, but at that hour a finel
settlement had not been reached.
The Transient Throng.
Guichon.���John Shaw, B. Fay, Nanalmo; P. 9, Gordon, Vernon; D. Wilson, D. Dunnell, Victoria; P. M. (!.
Coperthwaite, Vancouver.
Windsor���\V. Thomas and wife, Visa-
lia; E. Gattey, Vancouver; Mr. and
Mrs. T. J. McCormaek, Seattle; .1. T.
Munn and wife. Iilaine; J. ,1. Mclsaac,
Colonial���D M. Moore, Coqultlam;
\V. A. McKeon, Vancouver; \V. Hied,
Brandon; H. .1. Barker, Atlln; S.
Moore, South Vancouver: \V. .1. I.eary,
Pare Guichon; A. W. Dill, Toronto;
H. L. Webb, Chiiliwack.
Easterbrook Milling Com'y
A lady should never forget to say���
when she wants to obtain the very best Flour
Perfection is not easily obtainable, but you get it if
you order imperial, made from the finest selected
wheat grown in the great Northwest.
Unexcelled for Pastry.���
Try It
Travel on the Famous
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Electric-lighted train.   Low Rates.
Leaves New Westminster at 7 a. m. ! Quick Time. Excellent Service
on Sundays.
S. S. Joan
Leaves Vancouver daily at 1:30 p.m.
Steamer Queen City.
Leaves Victoria at II p.m. on 1st,
7th, and 1-Ith each month for Clayo-
quot; leaves Victoria on 20th for
Quatsino and way points.
Heartier Transfer
Leaves ,\'e* Westminster on Mon
New York, Chicago,
Toronto, St. Paul
Steamshir Tickets on sale to all European points.
Special   Reduced   Rates   Round   Trip
Rates  to   Southern   California
For full infonntion call on or write
0. E. LANG, General Agent,
���130 Hastings St., Vancouver, B. C,
Portland, Ore
Bakers, we strongly recommend our Strong Bakers.
Ask for  Terminal, and see that you get it.
The Easterbrook Milling Co.
McQUARRIE &   CO.,   Local Agents.
122 Front St.
Published by the Daily News Publishing Company Limited, at their
offices, corner of Sixth and Front
streets, New Westminster, B.C.
Of course your grocer has
He will send it to you always, if
you specify WINDSOR.
Managing Director.
... J. C. Brown
How to See the  Wind.
Transien,    display   advertising,   10       ,��� . .. ,    , .        , .
cents per ine nonpariel) 12 lines to rake :1 polished metal surface of.
the Inch. Five ueuts per line to: two foet or more and with a straight
mbsec.uent Insertions. | edge.    A large handsaw will answer
Reading notices, bold face type, 20 the purpose. Take a windy day on
rents per line, brevier or nonpariel, 10 ; which to make the experiment,"pay-
cents per line. , jng   m)   attention   to   atmospheric
For time contracts, special posi-; conditions, for such an experiment
Cons, apply to advertising manager.      ���.���   i     ��� ,   .,,���������,���<���n,.   ���,.,a���  ������  ���
kiJu~~Z   �����   M.,1.-    ���?���.-i������^L   ���..  ean  bo as successfully  made on a
Notices   of    births,   marriages   or t   , . ,     ,
deaths, 50c. Wants, for sales, lost or , clear day as it can on a cloudy one,
found, rooms to let, etc., one cent per j and the results will be equally good
word. No advertisement taken for in Bammcr 1Unl winter. The onlv
iesj than 25 cents. H ��� i   .     ���    ,        .   e
| thing you  need  to look our  lor is
that you do not attempt to "see. the I
' wind" on a rainy or murky day, as I
Day Office  A22 conditions arc then very unfavora- .      .. "       ��� ,    . ;���;
Night offlce ........B221 bl��-    Whcn everything is in readi-1 ff601"^' the sam�� ��� the rest of , g
  riess, hold the metallic surface at
, right angles to (lie direct ion of the
j wind���i. c, if the wind is in tho
north hold the metal cast and west,
but instead of holding it vertical
incline it about 42 degrees to the
horizon.    When this has been done
TV��    Widow    Had   Good    Reason    For   !���!
' '���'
Ringing Off Sharply. ^
Telephone mistakes have their se- fa,
rious side. A man who wished to j fa
communicate with another named }�����
Williams looked in the directory and I ��J<
then called up a number "south." >J
Presently there came through the 18
receiver a soft feminine "Hello!"'?*;
and he said, "Who is that?" >Jj
"This is Jlrs. Williams." ��
TUESDAY JAN. 8 1907.
"Have you any idea where your   J*j
husband is ?"
He couldn't understand why sho
rang off so sharply until he looked | $
in the book again and discovered ] n
that he had called up the residence j S
of a widow.���Milwaukee Sentinel.     ! >i
His Specialty. '���;
"Z .*e Uiai all tlue physicians are , ��J
becoming specialists nowadays, Dr j ij
Pillington.    I suppose you have a ! !���:
Clothing for Men
"What is it?"
"Golf.M���Chicago Record-Herald.
How It Was Arranged.
'Wen; vou consulted about vour'i**
The Vernon Okanagon says:
Without any controversy, pitiable in-!
sight carefully along th Ige of ��   ^Ugh,X8   cnga��ement   to   Count Nj
sharply defined object for some mo- :       "sh.?. ��
ments and you will see  the wind
Easy Change.
Thn Hummer girl from off the beach
Has faJeJ out of sight.
Tho lesson that she had to teacll
W" have committed finite.
And now upon the golf links wide.
With blood and head awhlrl,
We, quite as happy, play beside
The buxom autumn girt.
All He Needed
"They are holding a conversatlor '
"I didn't know that he had stud
"Qh. yes,
to love.'' "
He got as far as the
pouring over in graci
deed  is the pllghl iii which the Mc-1 mo8t like water
Bride Government fiiiils itself in being ]
compelled to go to the country at this;
time.      We   say   compelled  advisedly; '
forever since the eye-opener Comrade
Hawthornthwaite gol In his tour of the'
province, last summer, as to the had i
odor,  with  his friends, the Socialists,
of his illicet alliance with the McBrlde
Government, II has been apparent that
lie  would  devote himself,  if another
session of the House were held, t.i trying to patch up his own damaged reputation for political decency and consistency    (from    a Socialistic   standpoint)   and lei   the    Government    go
hang.    As  the Government   only  got
through   by the skin   of  their   teeth,
lust   session,   wlth   Hawthornthwaite
standing  beside it,  whenever neede 1,
in  every  dirty  deal,  it  simply dared
not   lace another session withoul  his
assured support.     Hence the general
election.     Completing  the   plight
Ihe Government Is its own Incomplete
ioll-call.     It is true il  has fllle I one
vacancy,  this week,  by taking a  weak
man. Mr.  Mason of Albenni, into the
Cabinet, but the Chief Commislsoner-
shlp, made vacant  by the resignation
(���'' Mr. Green,  which  was as a Hurl  of
���' belated pro election concession tu an
outraged  public conscience,  is yet to
Ic tilled.     This is Ihe sort ol' a tattered and soiled rag of a Government, the
members of which have not, with good
reason,   confidence   from   the   people!
I1' ike remnanl would resign like their
cdlieaguea, Messrs, Wilson and Green
they   would   show   a   li"'";.  sense  o
their deserts   an;1  .,  inll, appreciation
ir,   ���ulv-!1(,,   0[  ,1,,.   inevitable  public
lurves al-
Xo," answered Mr. Cumro.v
"Mother and the girls net as if they
thought I ought to feel flattered tc
bo asked to the wedding."���Washington Star.
Ou questions of behavior a child al
ways  exhibits  undue  curiosity  as  to I *J
Sis father's past record. I !���!
Imitation   Is   sometimes   the   rawest
Tbe Innocent bystander usually Is ! jjj
outfitted with a life sized vacuum in j }���!
his cranium.
Wild oats as a crop do better In the   *J
city than the rolled variety.
A paper called the Week, printed in
Victoria, says:
"The Xew Westminster News of Dec.
2Mb   is guilty  of "mixing   the   metaphors." This is  probably due to rea-
' ns  which  it   would  lie uncharitable
to criticise at Ihis lime, hut  one of the
slips is loo good io he entirely overlooked, The News says thai the Columbian is ihe pocket organ id'the lion.
R. McBrlde. By the same token it
would be Interesting to know who-e
nioui b organ the News is."
One of these days   when the Daily
News starts a competition department,
II   will offer a  prize  for the solution of
the question Is the above paragraph
more worthj of remark as a sample of
Ignorance or as a sample of Impudence? The point i- rather a line one.
'.. to mixed metaphors, does not the
poor Week know th it numerous things
i 'her than musical Instrument i are
called organs? and that there are musical Instruments called organs which
ate not mouth organs? The poor creature should not allow itself to be too
greatly hampere I by its traditions; It
should learn that the guttersnipe equip-
menl of ihe mouth organ and jews-
barp does not exhausl the catalogue,
In the meantime, we see no reason
to  refuse the  Information   which the
] :ior     creature     craves.      The      Dally
News is the organ, considered commercially, of the people ol' New Westminster; considered politically, of the
I.il.(Mais of New Westminster. Nor
do we ask the We, :, to exchange informal ion. We ; Iready know who
owns that paper: whose organ ii Is,
and several other details which it
might not, perhaps, thank us for printing.
Just such as a careful man will appreciate selecting his new clothes   from.
SUPERB BUSINESS SUITS. Tweeds and Serges. Absolutely faultless in every
detail"of style, fit and finish. Hundreds of the season's richest patterns to choose from.
MAGNIFICENT OVERCOATS, a grand display. Tweeds in all their richness and
elegance; Meltons, blue and black; and all other popular fabrics.
DRESS SUITS.   Finest material, perfect fit, models of excellent workmanship.
Smoking Jackets, Dressing Gowns, Fancy Vests, Mufflers, Neckties, Umbrellas
Everything a man needs.
Get the habit, and go to
The Wardrobe Clothier
WANTED���A waitress.
lal   Hotel.
Apply Colon-
LOST���A hunch of keys, near Ihe new
gas house. finder please return
to the Merchant   Hotel Par. 4-1
WANTED���Smart     Boy
Apply Daily News.
for      Office
Evening Slippers
The   Coming   Great   Event   Is
We wish to announce that we are
today showing the greatest assortment of Evening Shoes that has
ever been displayed  in the city.
LADIES' Fancy  Beaded Vamp  Slipper, with new
Cuban heels,
$1. 75 a pair
LADIES'  3-Strap  Patent   Leather   Slippers,    with
low, medium   and  extreme  height   heels,
$3.00 a pair
LADIES'   White   Kid Slippers,
$2.00 and $2.50 a pair
If it's Evening Slippers you are
looking for, WE HAVE THEM
wanted���Girl   wanted   for   general
house work, at once. Reasonable
wages. Apply to Mrs. It. Ross Sharpe
Sixth avenue ami  Tenth street.
BOY   WANTED���   All   (
\pply   at
's   Hook   Store.
WANTED���Ki'.sr   (Mass
d    at    onre.     A
&   McQuarrie.
1 an.
lie' ween cor. 2n
, $:; worth id' Rubber
il  reward,   John
roll.   c.o.
Gilley Bros.
We-wish to call the attention of the (Brick
using) public to our new and
varied stock'of
From the Vancouver Fire Clay Co.,  at
Clayburn, B. C.
MR. HARRY DAVIS, Baritone, will ro-
celve pupil.--. Lessons in the art of
singing and voice production. :i_l
Columbia Street.
JOB PRINTING Of every description
done a: lowesi rates, at the Arrow
Press, Satisfaction guaranteed,
Office: Daily News BI ick. .MRS.
DOMINY,   Prop	
Westminster Central School, one I'd'
primary work.   Applications received until noon of January  lib,  1907.
R.  LENNIE,  Secretary.
Rapid, Easy Grinders
V% ��' ki��
:���������   ���'���"3 tyiw-L, - ���
Three sizes,���8,10 and
12-inch plates. Also
bagging attachment s
for same.
A full line of Pulpers, Slicers,
Hay and Ensilage Cutters".
^FraserRiverTanneryy#   J#   TRAPP   Si   CO.
A Good Thing is Sure to be Appreciated
h\ ('aider, of Ashcroft, has I n appoint.!'.I County Couri judge for Carl-
boo in succession to Judge Cornwall.
.1 R, Brown, ex-M.P.P. for Green-
Hood, succeeds Mr, clement, now Su-
I reme Couri judge, In Grand Forks
Columbia Street,
Sew Westminster,
English Watchmaker
Two   doors   from    Geo.   Adams,   Grocer
Ladies' Gold Watches from $12.76 up
Gentlemen's   Silver   Watches,    open
face, $6.00
Gentlemen's Silver  Watches, double
case, ST 50 UP
Agent for the celebrated South l'.eii'l
Watches, supplied to the Wellman Arc- ! ���$
tic Expedition.    All warranted. I    i
Chains, Rings, Ji welry, etc.
\    Watch ��� 'i ��� rii ;, c mr ;e I n 91 maWo. I ^
(Maple T.eaf
T.3 paining in favor every day.    Our output last year was dnvihle tha
preceding one.    The most healthful and nutritious of beverages.
The  Cash   Store
January Sale
One of the best proofs of the prosperity of our city and of its people is the
way in which they have patronized us during the clearance sale. Of course the
low prices for good goods have something to do with it too. So we look on the
future with increased enthusiasm, and throw out more bargains.
We can't put our hands in your purses and walk off with your money, compelling you to take advantage of the cut prices, but we do ask you to come and
see for yourself, knowing that you can't resist the temptation to buy.
Our Whitewear Sale is still in progress, and we have still an excellent assortment of made-up garments for your selection at the following prices:
Ladies' Night Robes 50c, 95c to 3.75
Ladies' White Skirts 95c, 1.10 to 4.50
Ladies' Drawers 25c, 35c to 2.95
Ladies' Corset Covers 25c, 35c to 1.75
Ladies' Blouses 75c to 1.95
Children's Pinafores 25c to 75c
Tapestry   Portieres
Just a few pairs left. They must
$4.00 for $2.">0
12.00 for  6.25
8.00 for  4.25
20.00 for   9.00
For House Wrappers
and Dressing Sacques
25 pieces of figured ones in colors
as red.s, pinks, blues, preens, browns
and fawns. Regular 12c, 15c and 20c;
.1 anuary Sale   10c
Pure Down
Full size for double beds; covered
with beautiful (lowered sateen; regular
7.00 for 5.00; regular 9.60 for 7.75.
White Quilts and
Size 11-4 Marseilles, and smaller
size Honeycomb blue, white, and pure
white in assorted patterns; regular 1.25
January Sale 95c
An Extraordinary Offer of
Blouse and
Dress Silks
About 800 yards of fine Chiffon, Taffeta and French Benga-
line in Reds, Blues, Pink, Yellow, Tuscan, Brown, Russet, Reseda
and Grey; also Surah Silk in Black, 20 inches wide, and suitable
for evening dresses, blouses, and separate skirts.
Regular 65c and 75c Silks. A Q
January sale T"I/C
A Terrible Slaughter of
Winter Coats
Last Winter's
About 20 winter coats, including Meltons and Cravenettes,
Short Beaver and Frieze Coats, Misses' Tweed Coats and Girls'
Bearcloth Coats; some lined with Fanner's satin, salesia, etc., and
well made in every detail.
These were 2.50, 3.50, 5.00, 7.50, 10.00, and as high as 20.00
each. fl��1   QC
January sale price ��p 1 ���&7��J
T.   H.   SMITH
267 Columbia St., New Westminster
^"���ArfwjiiWWMWWRwr i
BUY NOW before prices go any higher. Property is
sure to increase 25 to 50 per cent in value before spring.
Here are a few properties which we are offering at a
reasonable figure :
The Daily Details
City of Manama Safe.
San Francisco, Jan. 7.���According
to a message from Mazatan, the City
ot Panama arrived at that port at S
p.m. Sunday. She experienced a
rough trip, but sustained only sluhr
damage.    All on board were safe.
The local Aerie of Eagles will meet
in their hall this evening for the purpose of electing officers.
The Installation of officers of the
lieula Rebeckah Lodge, No. 5, I. O. O.
V., will take place ihis evening.
.lust received, splendid new lines of
ladies' evening slippers and gentlemen's dancing shoes, in time for the
Citizen's Ball. Johnston's Big Shoe
House. 6-2
The annual re-union of the members
('���' the Olivet Baptist church will he
held on the evening of January 16. An
interesting programme has been prepared and the event will be quite as
enjoyable as that of former years.
There will be a meeting of the members of the Y. W. C. T. I'., this even-
Ing at 8 o'clock, al the residence of
Mrs. .lames Cunningham. Eighth st.
As there is business of Importance to
be discussed a lull attendance of the
members is requested.
The agent at the C. I'. X. office had
ar. easy time yesterday. AH there
was fur him o do was to sit and smoke
and swap yarns with his friends. There
was no selling of tickets or checking
of freight and it reminded him of the
meloncholly fact that "every day will
be Sunday, bye and bye."
Gilley Bros, have made arrange
ments to have their coal supply shipped in from Vancouver by rail during
the time ihe river is blocked by ice.
E. Gilley was busy yesterday superintending the loading of three cars of
coal, .which will be on hand today.
That salt water out port of ours does
(ome in handy sometimes.
during the present cold  snap, and the Raisuli   Escaped,
water in the reservoir is rapidly dimin- Tangier. Jan. 7.���Zinat. Raisuli's
ishing. The proper method to prevent stronghold, was virtually destroyed by
pipes from freezing it to turn off the; fire and fell into the hands of the
water at the stop cock, at the same' troops of the Sultan at noon yester-
opening the house taps to allow air to! day, after a short and almost Woodless
fight.    Raisuli and his seven hundred
followers succeeded in escaping to the
mountains, despite the elaborate plans
ster hridge a few days ago, Dr. Holmes   0f War Minister Gabbas.
enter the pipes.
While  crossing  the   N'ew   Westmin
was the recipient of unwelcome attentions on the part of a large eagle,
which showed a marked desire to settle on the doctor's head, evidently sizing up the medical man as a desirable
perch. Dr. Holmes was watching the
ice crashing against the piers of the
bridge when he suddenly heard the
Hopping of wings close by his head,
and noticed the eagle beating the air
only a few feet above bini. The doctor expressed his disapproval of the
eagle's atttentions in a forcible manner, and the king of the ai:' soared
away   without causing any  trouble.
A. \v. Speirs, who was arrested in
Vancouver on Saturday morning on a
charge of procuring women for immoral purposes, was present before
the police magistrate yesterday morning, who, after hearing the evidence,
and listening to J. P. H. Bole, who appeared on behalf of the prisoner, reserved his decision until this morning.
Spiers, in his defense attempted lo
prove that he acted on behalf and with
the consent of the women. The two
girls, one of whom is Spiers' wife,
went into the witness box, and swore
that they had been inmates of a
bawdy house in Vancouver before
coming to this city. The accused is
out on $200 bail.
The Lions will meet in session this
evening at the usual time and place,
when important business is to be transacted. All members are requested to
be present.     By order,
Secretary and Treasurer.
Notice to Water Consumers.
Owing to excessive use and waste of
nater since the frost set in, the Reservoir is getting lower and the supply
for lire purposes is endangered. Consumers are requested lo be careful in
tbe use of water and not to allow their
taps to run, but use slop and waste
COCks where they are on Ihe service,
Any service found running water lo
waste after Ihis notice will have the
water cut off.    By order,
City Clerk.
City Hall, .lan. 7. 1907.
Although there is a considerable
quantity of drift ice in the river, communication between Chiiliwack and
Harrison is still open, and the Minto
is running as usual. Travellers report that there is less snow at Chiiliwack than there is in Xew Westminster, and that the cold is not. so in-j
tense in the garden of the Fraser as it; discussion led by
l;: lower down. <_>
The  congregation of the West  End   School, of Vancouver
Methodist church has received the tld-l
ings that its new pastor. Rev. Mr. Ma-
gee,   who .was  journeying    westward j
from   Toronto   in   company   with   his
wife   and   family  had   been compelled
to stay off at  Calgary on account  of
the serious  illness of his child.     The
little  one  contracted  a  severe attack
ot' pneumonia, ami is receiving treatment at the Calgary hospital. I Miss   V.  Vass.    ,'!. Raffia   work. Miss
M.   E. Winter;  discussion led by Miss
Today's Programme oc Teachers' Convention
Fourth Session, 10 a.m. ��� 1. Domest-
i: Science, Miss Berry, of Vancouver;
Miss W. McKeaud.
Entomology, Mr. Harvey, of Queen's
Nature study,
as taught in public schoools. Mr. Robert Sparling; discussion led by Mr.
J. G. Lister and  Mr. G. VV. Clark.
Fifth Session, 2 ii.ni.-1. The tea-
Cher and discipline, Mr. E U. McMillan ;discussion led by Mr. D. Robinson
and Mr. E. W. Murphy.   2. Piano solo,
Hereafter the sum of 50c extra per
ton will be charged on all coal delivered beyond 4th avenue and Penitentiary, or any extra long packs, and
either up or down stairs.
Farm   Land!
20 Acres
$20 per acre
First-class   Soil
Good   Location
Good   Road
Only   6   miles   from
.!. W. Galloway, who returned yes
terday from a visit to his family at
Chiiliwack. states that there has been
a considerable amount of inconvenience caused lo the Chiiliwack people I
on acount of the delayed trains. In
bis own case, after leaving home, he
found that there would be no train
connection ai Harrison, and as there
was no accommodation there, lie had',
te walk as far as Agassiz. where hi
put up for l be nlgbt.
A M. Xewsom and Miss it. McFarlane.
260 Columbia St., New Westminster
Phone 85.
The annual Christmas entertainment
in connection with the West End Me-
thodisl church will take place ihis ev
ening.      One
evening will
j tata   entitled
Business Property
Lot on Columbia street, size BGxOG
feet. $8,000.
Lot on Columbia Street, north side.
Warehouse property on Carnarvon
Street, near loth; sin ill bouse on lot;
Hoarding lions.'. 17 rooms, modern,
good locality, $4,650
Dot on Columbia and two lots on
Clarkson. with  building. $14,500.
Vacant   lot, close in. $2,500.
Residential Property
9-rooni bouse on nth street; modern;
lot :',2\\.,2: $3,950.
Dwelling on l.orne street. $1,500.
Dwelling on Begbie street, $1,500.
Corner lot and house, close in, $1,800
Residence and two lots on Columbia
Street,  $7,500.
Six uots on Agnes street and 4th;
house $',200.
Ni(o residence on Agnes St. east. Two
large lots ad bouse up-to-date; a good church
buy;  $2,300. $250.
We have many  more.     If you cannot sec
Large house and lot on Agnes street
east ;   modern;  $3,500.
Cottage and large cornel' lot. Agnes
and First streets; chicken house and
:tii; some fruit; six rooms; electric
light; $1,450.
Nice house on Fife Btreet, iu good
l< pair;   small   lot ,  $1,000.
Large dwelling on 3rd street; modern; 8 rooms;   two lots;  $3,500.
Double corner and house on Sixth
i Ave. VV.;   modern;  7 rooms; $2,000.
New house, up-to-date, nice locality,
, $2,700.
Vacant Property
On Cameron, near 6th street,
Ol on Carnarvon slice!. $350.
Vacant lot on Carnarvon street
Merrlvalo street, $300.
Two lots on   Royal  Ave.  and   Second
si i eet, with stable, $700.
Large lol on corner Columbia  and
Brunette streets, Sapperton, $1,250.
lots     opposile
Columbia street,
anything to suit
Lot  fn< Ing Sapperton Park $100.
Fifteen lots at  Sap; erton $50 each.
Lot  on  Queen's  Ave,   VV.;     planted
out  ill  trees;   $600.
Two lot.- on Third Ave near Mih
street. $400.
Fourth Ave. and Sth sire,
lots, J850.
Corner lib avenue and Ash street,
two  lots, $1,000.
Coiner   lol   on   Ith   avenue,   in  West
End;  $400.
Two I'm" lots on south side id' Bth
avenue, between 1th and Bth streets;
A'out otic acre between Bth and 6th
avenues and I lib nn 1 16th streets;
small  hous;   $1,500.
! a. res on Cumberland road. A
::'_��� acre-, on 20th street and Sth
avenue, $9C0.
; acres al northern end of Queen's
Park, $1800.
About  one  acre on  Bth  street,  near
! Limits;  good new house, $1,900.
you  in  this list (all at  our office.
of the features of tne
��� the rendition of a can-
"Santa Clans' Die.itn.'
which the young vocalists have
been practising faithfully for some
weeks past. Later in the
Santa Claus himself will appear
proceed lo divest the Christmas trei
of its wealth of presents for the
and girls of the Sunday School.
Lee's Furniture Emporium
For Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums,
Window Shades, Pictures and Framing,
Couches, Parlor Goods, Rattan Goods.
THOS.  R.  PEARSON,  Manager
~I;:nk of Cosrsniesce
The residence of W, 11. Nesbitt, 279
Agnes  street,  was     recently     enten d
during  the  absence  of  Ihe   family   by
some unknown persons, whom the  ��� ���>
���wo fine   ijee suppose  lo  have  been  youir., lads
and the furniture and household good i
damaged lo a considerable extent, Nothing appears lo have been stolen lioni
the house, so Ihnf Ihe only logical
conclusion that can be arrived at is
that it is Ihe work of some silly prank
ist. The police are investigating the
case, and believe they have a due.
The tickets for the civic ball arc being   vapidly   sold,   and   all   indications j
joint to the forthcoming event beui*;
one of the most successful  functions
over held  in the  Royal City.     Ow!n.:|
to   there  being  a   certain   amount   ol
misunderstanding as regards the price,
of tickets,  the  committee  wishes il   lo   i
u'o  nndcrst. .���<!  that   ?6  will   secure a ,
ticket allowing a lady and a gentle!!'.' i
to enter the   ball  room,   while   $'J   will
be the price charged for a single lady
ticket.     I'lie ball is a public event, and
not by ii" italion.
Tbe city clerk bus Issued a wi   nlng
ie the w it.",- i onsumers of the cltj
I dinting out thai any one who allows
the water to run to waste in order to
keep tbe pipes from freezing will Ie
v :: .��� i of tli ��� us i if the wal . This
pvai ti.e li.i ��� '<' en    e: tenslvely    ust d
LEE S     Furniture     Emporium
Dupont Block New Westminster        Tel. 73
3 1-2 acres $900; terms
1 1-2 acres $475;'$200 cash
1 acre $350; half cash
These are in the city limits and are near
the proposed car line.
Temporary Premises: Trapp Block
Plumbing and Contracting
Box 2-18
Telephone 302 THE DAILY NEWS
Annual Public Meeting.
The Annual Public meeting of Electors will lie held nt the Municipal Hall
on Saturday. Jan. 12. 1907, at 2 p.m.,
for t��ie purpose of hearing reports
from the outgoing council and of discussing Municipal ami School Board
Intending candidates for the office
of Reeve. Councillors or School Trustees are invited to attend and address
the meeting.
Nomination day is Monday the 14th
inst., Let ween 1- and 2 p.m.
Burnaby, Jan.  5.
The London Economist assert*
thai "the world's cereal harvest of
1906 cannot fail to prove one of the
greatest ever produced." The wheat
crop is above the average in the
north of France, but it has suffered
from drought in the south and west.
France will need to import very little if any wheat. Spain has reaped
a good harvest generally, while Germany has pood crops of barley and
oats a? well as of wheat and rye.
Austria-Hungary will produce a
much larger wheat crop this year
than last. In Hussia the winter
wheat crop has been officially reported to be a good one, while the
more important spring wheat crop
is poor in nil but a few provinces.
Roumania is now expected to produce a record wheat crop, and
Servia and Bulgaria have good
crops. The Canadian wheat harvest
will not prove very abundant.
India's wheat crop harvested Inst
spring was the greatest but one ever
The Art of Getting Rich
consists of three things: Industry, ability to save, and lastly, the ability
of sizing up a situation quickly and of acting promptly.
Given these three qualifications the rest is easy.
217-219 Columbia St.
Having nought out the Blacksmith-
ing business of R. H. Benson, I will
be pleased to see all his old customers, as well as new ones. Horseshoeing a specialty.
Eighth  Street.
t8,000  [EMPRESS OF BRITAIN J 14,500
If you are sending for friends from
the Old Country, buy tickets now
while the cheap rates are on. You
can get better accommodation and
cheaj er rale by applying to
C.P R. Agent.
Spokane falls & Northern Ry Co.
Nelson & Ft. Sheppard Ry. Co.
Red Mountain Ry. Co.
The only all rail route between all
points east, west and south to Rossland, Nelson and intermediate points
connecting at Spokane with the Great
Northern, Northern Pacific and O. R.
& N. Co.
Connects at Rossland with the Canadian Pacific Railway for Boundary
Creek points.
Connects at Meyers Falls with
stage ("lily for Republic.
llufTet service on trains between
Spokane  and   Nelson.
Effective    Sunday,    November    io,
Leave              Day Train Arrive
Q.20 a.m Spokane   7.15 p.m.
12.25 pm Rossland  4.10 p.m.
940 a.m Nelson  6.45 p.m.
"The Milwaukee"
"The Pione*r Limited" St. Paul to
Chicago, "Short Line" Omaha to
Chicago, "South West Limited"
Kansas City to Chicago.
No trains in the service (in any
railroad in the world that equal in
equipment that of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway. They
own and operate their own sleeping
and dining cars on all! their trains and
give their patrons an excellence of
service not obtainable elsewhere.
H. S. ROWE. General Agent.
T34 Third St.. cor Alder. Portland, Or.
The White Pass
and Yukon Route
FAIRBANKS. Daily trains (except
Sunday) carrying passengers, mail,
express and freight connect with
stages at Carcross and White Horse,
maintaining a through winter service.
For information apply to
J.   H.  ROGERS,  Traffic  Manager,!
Vancouver. J3. C
While they  were detaching mosaics  inside   the   Cathedral  of   St
Mark in Venice the other day, snys i
the   Cleveland   Plain   Dealer,   the
workmen  found   imbedded in the
cement a rare coin of the time ol
the dope Enrico Dandolo, who died '
in 1205.   The supposition is that
the   coin   dropped   in   the  cement 1
from the clothing of the mason at I
work on the job centuries ago.    If
this  is true the  unfortunate man I
probably never knew what became j
of it.    lie may have supposed it was \
omitted from his pay envelope, o" I
that the chap on the job next to j
him   pinched   it   from   his   jacket
pocket when he was emptying his
dinner pail, or that Nicolo Gooza,
the wine vender at the far end of
tbe Bridge of Sighs, had worked the
change racket on him.   All of which
seems a pity.    And when we con-
eider how he may have gone home
and handed his salary to his wife,
how she looked it over and harshly
remarked   that   he  was  short   an
Enrico Dandolo, and then accused
him of leading a double life, why,
it all seems very painful and very
unjust.    But it's too late to do anything about it now���seven centurief
too late.
Puncturing a  Fallacy.
The barber applied the rich brown I
dye with a fine tooth comb, combing It
evenly into the grizzled locks of the
old man.
"Hair dye, sir," he saiii. 'Tlaln, uu-
varnished hair dye Is the base of that
absurd fallacy about people turning
gray In a single night.
"If you investigate those yarns you i
find that Invariably they concern persons In prison. Orslnl, pining lu jail,
had his hair go back on him. Marie
Antoinette, languishing In a cell, found
the deep hue of her hair changing to
an ugly gray. Raleigh, Imprisoned In
the tower, developed grayish streaks
with incredible speed.
"The secret of all that, ir,y dear, is
"These prisoners lu order to conceal ,
their gray hair dyed It, using a poor
sort  of dye  one  of  those  sorts that
have to be applied every day or two.
In prison, naturally, they could not get 1
hold of this dye, and hence their locks ;
whitened at u miraculous rate.   When
people   said   of   them   pityingly   that
their   terror   of   sorrow   had   turned
their hair gray In a single night they
acquiesced  themselves  In  the  decep- j
tion. for Is It not embarrassing���I leave
It to you. sir, Is It not embarrassing���
to explain to the world at large that |
one uses hair dye?"���St.  Louis Globe
The peopleing of the American West produced in one decade such
cities as Milwaukee, Chicago, Duluth, Seattle. Large fortunes were made
by those shrewd enough to forsee the marvelous growth of these places.
These men were not wealthy, but had a few dollars to spare, were able
to size up the situation quickly, and were prompt to act.
THE TIME HAS COME for New Westminster to forge ahead. As
the Province develops so will the City grow. It is essentially a city of
manufacturing sites, and the investment now of a few dollars will repay
a hundredfold.
Size up the situation, and buy now.
A choice property has
just been placed in our
hands for rapid sale. Read
carefully, and invest; it's
a money maker.
50 Lots 45x120 in Sapperton, overlooking the
Fraser River; between the
Hospital, Distillery and
Brunette Saw Mills, with
school in center; 17 double
corner lots, balance front
and well located; all easily
cleared; perfect river view.
Corner lots $125, inside
lots $100. Only 1-4 cash,
bal. 6, 12 and 18 months;
or terms can be arranged
to suit purchaser. INDEFEASIBLE TITLE.
One acre back of the
Orphanage. $800 cash.
For full particulars apply
at once.
House on Brantford St.,
rents $15 per month. Will
sell for $1,500. Terms
$750 cash, bal. easy.
House and lot on Sth street. LiOt 6Cx
120, 6 rooms, woodshed chicken house,
$1,050.   Terms easy.
160 acres, Langley, 25 under cultivation; house, harn, sheds, etc. all in
good repair; a snap at $3,000, half
Another   of   Our   Snaps.
320 acres near Cloverdale; one mile
fiom school. 40 acres cropped this
j ear. 30 acres slashed, easily cleared.
Best prairie land. Frame house, 61
rooms, plastered; large barn, chicken j
lu use, woodshed, etc., etc. Only
$6,400. terms easy.
Snap in Lots.
Three lots, less 16 feet, corner of
Sixth street and Fifth avenue. Just
$1,000, terms easy.
Vacant lots for sale in all parts of
the city, from $25.00 to $3,000
SO acres, one mile from Abhotsford,
10 acres cleared, good soil, 220 fruit
trees, price $1,400, half cash, balance
in three equal payments at reasonable
Seven-roomed house, Seventh street,
near Fifth avenue, two storeys, full
sized lot, $1,600.
150 acres improved land, buildings
and sheds complete, near Cloverdale;
all under cultivation, $15,000. If you
can handle this, don't delay; it's a
bargain;  terms can be arranged.
This  is  in Victoria,  are you  moving?
4 room cottage, water lavatory, back
kitchen; barn 20x25: size of lot, 40x
140; fenced and cleared; only $1,200.
Easy terms. Enquire at once for fuller particulars.
Full sized lot, No, 12 Third avenue
and 13th street, north side. $300 easy
17 lots, full sized on 6th street, in
Burnaby, East side 100 yards from
Cliff  Can   factory.     Price  $1,020.
House on Royal and Eighth street,
two storeys, seven rooms, full sized
lot, $2,000.
20 acre blocks, fruit lands, near
Junction, $20 per acre.
4S0 acres, Maple Ridge, Sections 28,
29 and 32, Township 9, one-half prairie, rest brush and some small trees.
Prices: Section 32, $45 per acre; Section 29, $60 per acre; Section 2S, $55
per acre. Telephone at Hammond;
telegraph station, Pitt River Bridge.
Terms, half cash, balance one and two
years at 7 per cent.  Exclusive agencv.
For Quick Sale
Lots 2,3,4 & 5 in Block
22, corner of Royal Ave.
and 11th St., next to Pipe
works; $1,050 each, half
cash, bal. easy. A splendid speculation, about the
best on offer to-day. Can
be bought separately or
en bloc.
Exclusive Sale
5 acres on 6th St., just
off city limits. $1,100,
easy terms. Fine property for subdivision or
market gardening, chicken
ranch or small fruit farm.
Furnished house to rent;
10 rooms; close in; $25 per
Or, will sell the house
and 22 ft. on Columbia St.
for $2,600; $1,000 cash,
bal. in two years.   .
Full sized lot on Regina street, 66x
132, Lot 1", Sub.  I Lot 8, Price $150.
House and 22 feet on
Columbia St.    A snap at
Well  Timed  Pun..
A southern clergyman, an inveterate
punster, snys thai while he Is well
aware that puns belong to the lowest
order of wit he Is seldom able to resist
the temptation to make one when op
portunlty offers.
On one occasion after preaching nn
elocment sermon he was met by tw<
frleuds, one of whom began to pratsi
his discourse In enthusiastic terms.
When he paused  for breath tbe otbei
man   said,   with   :i   laugh:
"Well, doctor, can you stand as much
soft soap as  thai'.'"
���'Indeed I can if there isn't to'> much
lye in It," returned tho minlstei
At another time he was present ni
the marriage reception of a young couple of the name of More. The occasion
was somewhat stiff up to the time ol
the minister's entrance, and be qUiclil,\
discovered the State of affairs.
"Madam," be said, with his radiant
smile, addressing the awkward young
bride, "how fortunate yon are! Ther���
are so few people who can say with
truth, 'The More I want the More 1
The Inugh which followed put Ui*
company at vi<&>.
The bon bous of small talk are often
responsible for social dyspepsia.
A thinking machine at popular prices
might cause a revolution in society.
Credulity is the basis of many a stressful operation.
A rapid traveler isn't necessarily a
fust man.
A fool is a fellow who believes '"
.-( Ihlng thai you never heard o.'.
160 acres, Westminster district, 40
acre; under cultivation, 10 acres orchard, % acre strawberries planted
this year; alder bottom land; running
spring; house is x 22; frame barn 30
x 32; 14-post frame house and constables, three in all, stable 8 cows and
2 span horses; near Mission Station;
schools, churches near at band;
Steamer lands twice a day; about 100
acres limber, fir and cedar, aever been
logged; $2,000 refused for standing
timber; carriage house 16 x 24; hen
house made of hewed timber laid In
mortar, 12 x 30, A chance of a lifetime, $8,000, $4,000 cash, balance at 6
per cent.
160 acres good farm land in Delta,
about 3I/�� miles from river, near Scott
road, $12 per acre; a real good buy.
1C0 acres, N.B. li section 19, township 10, Langley; small house, 30
acres cleared, timber valued $750,
Price $1,500, one-third cash, balance
at 7 per cent.
House and 1% lots, 5 rooms, price
$1,375, half cash, balance to be arranged at C per cent.; Alice street.
40 acres near Mud Bay, $7 per acre;
see us for fuller particulars.
.lames Inlet, three square miles, at
$e.00 per acre, half cash, balance easy.
Does It Pay?
160 acres, 10 ac. cleared,
without a stump in them;
nearly all planted with
fruit trees, apples, pears,
plums, cherries. Small
house; barn and stable30x
56; good well; half-mile
from school. Only $ 10
per ac. and terms easy at
2 lots, corner 5th street and 5th
avenue; size of lot 100x100. Cornei
lot. Can be bought at once for $450.
inside lot $40(>.    Good snap.
1CS acres, Coquitlam, 10 acres i eared, near Black's ranch, $2,000.
House and lot, 33 x 100, lVfe-store;
situated near Queen's avenue, $1,150.
It's up to you to stop paying rent.
One hundred and sixty acres N. W.
Vx Sec. 15, Township 11, two mile;
from Fort Langley, 5 acres Bla :.-
No. 1 land. Price, $10 per acre. 0n(
third cash, balance on time, 7 per cent
One hundred and sixty acres, N.V.
% Sec. 25, Township 16, 2% i ���
from Abhotsford. creek running
through, 50 acres alder bottom,
to be $600 worth of timber on the
property. Price $10 per acre, U casl
balance on time.
In best residential portion of New Westminster,
east end; close to car; 6
large rooms and large reception hall; modern in every respect; 2 full lots 132
x 132, all in lawn, laid out
with shrubs and flowers;
tennis court on one side.
Price $2,500. Terms $600
cash, bal. on mortgage.
all over the city for sale
from $50 to $3,000.
See us immediately. Tell
us where you want a lot
and we can supply.
House and lot, 50 x 133, back of
brewery, facing Columbia St. Ilents
for $24.00 per month. Price $1,200,
half cash, balance in six months.
You cannot possibly get a higher percentage for your money than 14 per
Lol No. 10, full si/.e, on Agnes
street, all cleared and fence.1, ready
for building; B real good speculation
foi   $600.    Half lot  No.  7, $250.
lii'i acres on the Scott road, 15 acres
cleared; barn r>o x 30; stables, etc.;
splendid soil; only $30 per acre, $1,000
cash, balance easy.
Between Fifth and Sixth avenues,
near Seventh street, eight rooms, all
modern, stable and chicken house, full
sized lot, two storeys, $1,000 cash,
Three full-sized lots, cleared and
fenced, close to car; corner of Fourth
avenue and Third street; a good speculation; live minutes from post office;
$1,800;  easy terms.
160 acres in Surrey, 6 acres cleared,
fenced on road side, $1,800, half cash,
balance on lime at 6 per cent., su'.-
ject to sale of limber.
07 acres, Hornby Ranch, Nlckomekl,
house cost $2,500 when built, 2b acres
cleared. Price only $3,000, half cash,
balance easy.
80 acres of land near Sutherland's
mill, in Surrey; good house. 6 acres
cleared;  only $1,000, easy terms.
8-roomed bouse, all modern Improvements, fine location, corner of Fourth
street and Agnes, $5,000, one half
cash. A comfortable home and good
family   residence.
Eight-roomed house , all modern
conveniences, on Carnarvon street and
Sixth street, two storeys, $3,750.
House and lot on Agnes Btreet, two
storeys, seven rooms; a real snap at
Large lot and two. cottages on Columbia sireei, Sapperton. Both rented
al $10 each.
Five collages and two lots on First
street, opposite Queen's park. Price
One and a half bus, Sapperton. j list
oft Columbia street and Bruneibe, only
$1,000.    Terms to be arranged.
160 acres, all fenced, ready for Cultivation, good water, half mile from
school, al   Chiiliwack, $75  per acre.
8 and 10 acre blocks in Surrey, three
miles from the river, $10 per acre.
Part of lot 369, joins Lake Coinmur,
about 70 acres, only $25 per acre.
Half cash.    Jump.
60 acres good fruit land in Surrey;
can he bought now for $25 per acre,
only one-quarter cash needed, balance
in one or two years at 7 per cent.
64 acres In Pitt Meadows, only
$35 per acre. One "third cash, balance
at 6 per cent.
Double tenement house, 5 rooms in
each house, water, light, full size lot,
between First and Second street,
Fourth avenue, on north side. Price
$1,500, half cash, balance in one year
at 6 per cent.
Business Opportunity
Bakery and Confectionery business for sale. A
splendid opportunity for
good man. Shop, housr
and stable rents for $25.
Lease, $700 cash for
Ten acres in Lot 463, one mile east
of Westminster .Junction, Al soil, ei -
lly cleared.   $30 per acre.
Two   storied  house,  7   rooms,  bal
sewer   connections,   all    modern    Improvements,  splendid   locality,   $2,80C
Terms  arranged.
T/2-storey house, six rooms, prlci
$500, easy terms; near car line; ecu
trally located.
House, corner of Fifth avenue and
Sixth street, one lot, two storeys, S
rooms, $2,500, half cash.
Boarding house, 20 rooms, on Six' i
street, one block from post offic,
rents at $30 per month, or for sale al
Mouse, eight rooms, on St. George
street, corner Fourth, $2,500; easj
House,     full     sized     lot,    oil     Keai I
street,  Sapperton;   rents for $lb h ���
month,   only $1,050.
Just Look!
80 acres in Matsqui Municipality, 4-i'oom housi.
chicken house; one ac.
cleared; good well, purest
water. $1,000. Chance
of a lifetime.
160 acres in Surrey, near Drown &
Conlthard's ranch, $7 per acre; goi I
terms; fruit lands; see us for particulars.
House, 10 rooms, IVj lots, neat
Fourth avenue and Seventh street,
$2,000.   Terms can be arranged.
135 acres, one mile from 11un>ing-
don, B.C., 70 acres in grass, 15 ncreJ
drained and fenced; house and bars
cost $2,500; good road along one side:
price $50 per acre, half cash, balance
to suit purchaser at 6 per cent R<*'
son for selling, the owner's wife is,n
had health, and has to go to a Co\&
McQuarrie & CoM Real Estate Brokers
Agents for Employers' Liability, and Union Fire Assurance Co. of London.
smsm TUESDAY, JAN. 8. 1907.
ters and solicitors, Blackie Blk.,
Colombia,   street,   New   Westminster.
W. J. Whiteside, H. L. Edmonds.
MR. J. P. HAMPTON BOLE, solid-
*"���> tor of the supreme court. Offices
Canadian Bank of Commerce building, Columbia street, opposite post-
office. New Westmiuster. Money to
barristers, solicitors, etc. Of-
lew: New Westminster, Trapp Blk.,
corner Clarkson and Lome streets.
Vancouver, rooms 21 to 24, 445 Graa-
Title street. Jiseph Martin, K. C, j.
W. Weait, W. O. McQuarrie, H. A
Bourne. Mr. Martin wifl be in tin
Westminster offices every Friday af
Canadian Bank of Commerce
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000.     Reserve'Fund, $5,000,000
B. E.  WALKER, General Manager.       ALEX. LAIRD, Asst. Gen'l Manager.  ;
Every  facility afforded  Farmers for  their banking  business.    Sales  Notes
cashed or taken for collection.
BANKING  BY  MAIL���Deposits   may lie made or y.itlidrawn oby mail.
Out-of-town accounts receive every a. ten tion.
HOWAY, REID & BOWES, Barristers, solicitors, etc., 42 Lome
Street, opposite Court House, New
Westminster. A. Whealler, P.O. Box
GBORGE E. MARTIN, Barrister and
Solicitor, Guichon block, Columbia and McKenzie streets, New West-
minute i, B. C
W. MYERS GRAY, Barrister, Solicitor
and Notary Public, in practice since
1891 at New Westminster, B.C. Offices removed to Curtis Block, Clarkson street, opposite Court House.
P.O. Box 169.   Telephone 64.
BOARD OF TRADE.���New Westminster Board of Trade moots in the
Board Room, City Hall, as follows:
Second Wednesday of each month.
Quarte.ly meetings on the second
Wednesday of February, May,
August and November, at 8 p. m.
Annual meetings on the second
Wednesday of February. Ne*
���members may be proposed and
elected at any monthly or quarterly
meetiBg.   A. E. White. Sec.
Bank of Montreal
Incorporated   by   act   oi   parliament
CAPITAL  (ALL paid up)    $14,000,000
RESERVE FUND $10,000,000
Rt. Hon. Lord Strathcona and   Mount   Royal,    G.   C.   M.
G  Honorary President
Hon.   Sir   G.   A.   Drummond    President
E. S. Clouston Vice President   and   General   Manager.
General banking business transacted.
Branches in all the principal cities in Canada, in London, Eng., New
York, Chicago, and St. John's Nfld., and correspondents In all parts of the
Architectural   Competition  for  Departmental   and  Justice   Buildings.
Competitive drawings are invited for
Departmental and Justice Buildings to
be awarded a premium of is.uoo, the
ment at Ottawa,  Out.
The author of the best design will
be awarded a premium og $S,000. the
second best $4,000, the third best
$2,000 and the fourth best $1,000.
Drawings will be received not later
than April lath, 1907, and are to be
addressed to the Secretary of the Department of Public Works, Ottawa.
This competition is open to Cana-
dian Architects who have been resident in Canada for one year or more.
Conditions of    competition    slating
j requirements of  buildings  and  maps
showing site, etc. may be had on application to the undersigned.
By order,
Department of Public Works,
Ottawa, December 12. 1906.
Newspapers Inserting this advertisement without  authority  from the Department will not be paid for it.
The Label
That Protects
What do you look for
���style ?
Second Hand Store
This   label  guarantees   them   all.
And you find it in
"Progress Brand" Clothing
H.   l_.   de BECK
The Royal Bank of Canada
ibsolute  security  to depositor-:.   START NOW to save your monei
will never regret it.    People do harder things every day and have
UNION LODGE. NO. 9. A. F. & A. M
���The regular meeting of this
il held on the First Wednesday in
each month, at S o'clock i>. m., in
the Masonic Temple. Sojourning
brethren are cordially invited to at
tend. Dr. W. A. DeWolf Smith
Insures al
and you
nothing to show for it.
ONE DOLLAR opens an account. Put it in your pocket, it would probably be nothing, but ONE DOLLAR deposited every week with us will iu
ten years amount to $601.50.    THINK   THIS  OVER.
F. B. LYLE, Manager.
F. & A. M.��� Regular covjruunica
tions of this lodge are held on thi
second Tuesday in eac^i mrmth 111
Masonic Temple, at 8 \>. m. Visit-
lng brethren are .'ordially invited
to attend.    D. W. Gilchrist. Sec.
R. li. K. of I , meets fourth
Friday of each month, al 8
p. m., in Orange hall, corner of
Royal avenue and 7th slice-. S)
Journing Sir Knights cordially in
Ylted to attend. W. E. Dunlop, W .
P.;  .I. Hood. Reg.
���Meets In Orange hall li.'st and
third Frulaj iu each month at 8 p.
m. Visiiing brethren are cordially
Invited to attend. W. Pope, W. M���
.lames Humphrey, Rec.-Sec,
I. O. O.  F.��� AMITY  LODGE, No. 27���
The regular meetings of (his lodge
J! are held in Oddfellows' hall, Colum-
I bin street, every Monday evening,
I at 8 o'clock. Visiting brethren cor-
'.; dially invited to attend.  A. P. Halla-
dav, N.G.; W. C. Coatham, Rec. Sec,
A. O. U. W.���FRASER LOCGE No. 3
���Meetings the first, and third Tuesday in each month. Visiting
brethren cordially invited to attend.
I Lodge room, A. 6. U. W. hall, Oddfellows' block, Clarkson street, C.
S. Corrig.in, recorder; Louis Witt,
master workman.
B. C. Mills, Timber and
Trading Company
Manufacturers and Dealers in All Kinds of
Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sash,   Doors,
Interior Finish,    turned Work,    Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glass.
Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining.
Royal City Branch, Columbia St.
Telephone 12. New Westminster
of the Season
Second Hand Goods of
all kinds bought and
sold for cash. All Mail
Orders promptly attended to. Kindly write or
call at
Sign  Man on Wheel.
Columbia St. New Westminster.
Phone 275
An  Honeat  Legislator  Who  Wat  Corrupted Against His Will.
Representative Jacob Deidler of
Ohio has a farmer constituent who
was elected to the Ohio legislature.
He is a fine, honest old chap, with
strict ideas as to right and wrong.
During the session a bill of great
interest to certain corporations came
up. There were active lobbies for
and against it.
One dav a lobbyist called on the
farmer and offered him a sum of
money to vote for the bill.
"Go away!" shouted the farmer.
"You cannot corrupt me. I'll vote
against the bill."
"But," replied the lobbyist, "if
you will investigate you will find
We take this opportunity of expressing our sincere thanks to our
many customers for their liberal patronage during Xmas week and previously. Our business this year, 1906, has
been a record breaker, especially during Xmas week.
Trusting  that   you   will  favor  us
with your patronage in the future,
I remain,
Yours truly,
THE JEWELER      Columbia St.
r... Hot Water
Electric Railway Service I Rr)tt|pQ
Interurhan   Line. 30   Minuie    Service    during   re-   .       ���������* V���*   L   vl ^-^ '\~J
115. SONS OF ENGLAND. B. 5.--
Roil Hose Degree meets Second nnd
Fourth Wednesday of each month,
In K. of P. Hall, Columbia St., al
8 p. m., White Hose Degree, Fourth
Wednesday in each mouth, same
ti in i ��� and pi,ice. VlBiting Brethren
cordially Invited. E, B. Stlnch-
coniU, Pies., II. Disney, Secretary.
COUR'r  BRUNETTE,  No. 4099,  I.O.F.
��� ���Meets the Fourth Friday in the
month nl 8 o'clock, In the small
hi''. I, Oddfellow:-:' block, Visiting
brethren aie cordially Invited to al
tend. .1. II. Uusliion. C. 11.; F. I
Maxwell, II. 8.
Inter-urban   Line.
Cars for Vancouver and way
stations will run every halt-
hour from 5:50 a. in. to 11 p
in. excepting at 7:30 and 8:30
a. in. Half hourly cars will
run from Central Park tu
Vancouver only.
City Limits Line���Service from
6.16 a.m. to 11 p.m.
20 Minute Service���.\o transfer.
Between 12 ami ;: and t> and 7.
30   MlnutB    Service   during  re- .
maluder or day.   Transfer at ���
1.''opold Place. J
Sunday   Service   half-hourly   lie- f
tween 3 a.m, and 11 p.m. ���
Sapperton Line-. *
15  Minute  Service  from 6.25  ii. J
in.   lo   II   p.m.,  excepl   between ���
12 and 2, and 6 and  T. during 4
which hours the service will be *
half-lioii.ly. *
Sunday Service   Hair Hourly he- ���
tween s.i'.u a.m. and 11 p.m. f
all prices
that the other side is offering much
more for votes against the bill than
I am for it. and you will at once be
under suspicion of having taken
money from them."
"What can I do?" asked the perplexed fanner.
"I suggest that you stay away
and do not vote at all."
The farmer staved away. Next
day the lobbyist met him and handed him $500.
"What's this for?" roared the
"That's for staying away and not
voting on that bill I was speaking to
you about."
Tho farmer sank limply in his
"(in-fit heavens," he said, "ain't
there no way a man can be honest?"
���Saturday Evening Post.
A. O. F.���The regular meetings n'
this Lodge am held on the Socund
and Fourth Tuesdays of each mouth
���at S p. m. in ihe Oddfellows' Hall.
Visiiing   Brethren   are   cordialy   in
llWited to attend. B. C. Firth, C. Pv.;
f. P. Maxwell, Sec.
'tt 8 o'clock p. m., in Oddfellows'
pall, Columbia street. Visiting
rethren are cordially Invited to at-
ml, Ceo. Burr, S. O.J N. R. Bro^-,
CAMP, 191.���Meets on tho First and
Third Tuesday of every month in
K. cf P. Hall. John MeXlven
Chief; J. J. Forrester, Hoc. See.
British Columbia Electric Ry. Co., Ltd %
Every article or piece of furniture in our establishment at
actual cost without reserve. First come, first served. We
need the cash and you want the goods.'"This^is a chance
of a lifetime.
W  718 and 718 Columbia St.    Four Floors.     Rear Extension, 1- root btreet.   >}
;���; ��
By Graduate Optician
Manufacturer or
Mineral Waters, Etc.
Aerated Waters,
Family Trade a Specialty.
Tel.  113. Office.   Eighth  Street
NEW   WESTMINSTF ,"!.   B.   C.
Senator   Hoar's   Marbleheader.
On one of Senator Hoar's annual
pilgrimages to Marbfehead with
Worcester friends lie expressed a
wish to met some "genuine" Marble-
headers. While driving down
Fronl Btreet Uncle Bill High was
espied, and Edward W. Dohcrty
thought no more genuine Marble-
header could be found.
Tho carriage came to a halt while
the two men were made acquainted.
After u few remarks about the
weather, fishing, etc., the senator,
with a twinkle in his eye, asked,
"Can we drive around to Gloucester
this way?" pointing to the east.
Uncle Bill saw the twinkle and
quickly answered, "Yes, if your
noises are webfooted and you'te
got strong faith in the Almighty."
A Good Deal of Meaning.
Senator Knox at a reception in
���Philadelphia said of a certain
"A good deal of meaning wa3
subtly compressed in u very few
words. It was like Ihe speech that
u young girl made to an aged millionaire.
"This aged man had proposed to
i' ��� ��� ��� ing girl and she hud accepted
, .'er.
"A few days before the wedding
the old gentleman, taking'the band
of his prospective bride, said with
tender earnestness:
" 'Hear, do you love me for what
I am, or for what T was?'
"'I love you, dear friend,' she replied, 'for what you will be.'"���
American Spectator.
Conkling's  Recipe For Success.
When the late Senator Gorman
of Maryland first went to the senate Mr. Conkling nnd he happened
to be seated together upon a sofa
in the senate chamber while a well
known statesman of the period occupied tho floor. "Gorman," said
Conkling, ''you have conn! here in
good season. Let me give you a
sure recipe for success. Begin
every speech you make with the assertion that you, and you alone, are
the purest man that ever lived and
end each with the declaration that
you arc the bravest." And when
Gorman asked Conkling why he
himself had not followed this r��-
icript Conkling answered, with a
���igh, "I learned it too late."���Reader.
Willing    a  Try.
Stem Father���Yol want to marry
my daughter, do you? Young Man���I
do. Stern Father���What's your salary?
Young Man���Ob, I'm not particular.
Just give mo a trial ol! three months,
and if I fall to give satisfaction as a
sou-...!;��� '-'<ii need not pay me any
Male Vanity.
Man believes himself Irresistible n<
all ages, nnd I believe that the older
he grows the more fascinating bi
thinks himself.���London World.
Too Literal.
Judge Kenesaw M. Landis of tho
United States district court of
northern Illinois has his share of
humor for which the family is
noted. Since his appointment to
the bench he 1ms not indulged in
this trait as he did when an attorney. One of his stories was told to
a select coterie of friends the day
of his appointment.   This is it:
"There was a state senator in Illinois whom every one in the lower
end of the siate familiarly addressed as Tom Merritt. He was noted
for his wit'and stammering. Ho
was invited over into Indiana to
make a speech for a Democratic
candidate for governor. Warming
up to his subject, the senator said:
'I've been t-t-told that the Re-republican candidate is a scho-scho-
seholar, that he has tr-tr-translated
Homer's "Iliad." Wha-wha-what
good is that to us? Every Democrat reads Homer in the or-or-orig-
"The best part of the joke is, ns
Merritt afterward said in telling tho
incident, thai nobody in the audience even smiled at the statement.
Merritt went back to Illinois tho
next day."���American Spectator.
"A  Mcrsacje  From   Ood."
Governor Guild of Massachusetts
had a visit lie- other day from a
crank with a "message from God,"
His experience I'einin.led n Boston
lawyer of an incident in Fall River
years ago, when a clergyman named
Alley was on trial for the murder of
a parishioner. "He was defended
successfully," said the lawyer, "by
the late Jeremiah Mason, considered
by all of us to have been the greatest American pleader who ever
faced a jury. Mr. Mason bad finished his examination and was to make,
his pica in the morning, He was
about lo re1 ire. when a crank was
ushered in. '1 have a message from
the Angel Gabriel declaring that
Brother Alley is not guilty of this
awful crime, and'���bu-t he got no
further. Mason beamed upon him
und said: \Mv dear sir, this is most
timely. Go at once to Gabriel and
have a subpoena served upon him directing bis appearance in court in
tho morning.' The crank departed
in a trance, and the door closed before ho recovered." r 8
a Arijvai of Crockery
and Dainty TOILET SETS.
Also, Large Assortment ot  GLASSWARE to
choose from, at tne
n    if     o 1     Ojl GEO.  ADAMS
Public Supply Stores     PrOP
Matter intended for this column should be addressed, "Social Editor, Daily News, P. O.
Box ��u. New Westminster."
���Phone   105. 'Ph��ne   105.
New Wellington Coal
Mayers & Preston
J. W. Creighton
P. O. Box   345
'Phone   105.
���Phone  10S.
ladies' Collarsand Belts
The Daintiest we'have ever shown
A. J. BIRTCH, 275 Columbia St.
E endeavor to give satisfaction
to our customers; we think we
have, as our business has grown
rapidly during the past year.
If you are not dealing with
us,wTe would be pleased to have
you give us a trial.
T Robinson, manager of the Harri-
j son hatchery was a visitor in the city
Dr. and Mrs. Green, after having
J snent a short honeymoon visiting the
' coast cities, left yesterday afternoon I
for their home at Lillooet. A large
number of friends and acquaintances
of the bride were at the station to bid
her and her husband farewell.
j Captain Gardner left yesterday afternoon for Harrison Mills from which
place he proposed making his way
i" his home at Chiiliwack, to wait till
the ice rolls by.
Miss Crake, who has been spending
j the past few days with her parents, at
their home on Third avenue, returned
' yesterday afternoon to her school at
Salmon Arm.     Miss Atkins, who is a
teacher In the sunn; district, accom-
j panled her.
.Miss Townsend who lias been visiting in the city returned yesterday to
ber home at Kamloops.
.Mailin   Monk  underwent  an operation in the Royal Columbian Hospital;
yesterday, and is said to be progressing favorably.
Mrs. Edward Coonay, of Kamloops,
is at pit-sent visiting her mother, Mrs.
McLaughlin, of Sapperton, with whom
she will remain for about a month.
Mrs. Coonay is acompanied by her two
children.  Edna   May and   Russell.
Mrs. W. A. Gilley gave an enjoy-!
able party at her residence on Friday j
���veiling. Those present were Mr. and !
Mrs. Draper, Mr. and Mrs. Startson,'
Mr. and .Mrs Gray, W. Munford. and1
An enjoyable New Year's party was!
given at  ihe residence of Aid. Shiles
on Friday evening, when a large number of guests gathered together to en-
1 joy a social time. Among the guests
present   were   Mr.  and   Mrs.   Howard
1 Welsh. Mr. and Mrs. .1. Rogers, Mr. and
Mrs. C. Tail, Mr. and Mrs. W. N. Ma-
theson. Mr. and Mrs. C. Keith, Mr.
and Mrs. .1. Phillips, Mr. and Mrs. ,).
Reichenbach, Mrs. Muir, and F. Reich-
.1. Reichenbach, although still compelled to use crutches, is able to be
about again.
Miss Roberta Thornber will make
her debut tin's week at the civic ball
lo be given in honor of ihe Lieut.-Gov-
I ernor and Mrs. DunSmuir.
I    (i. 1).  Brymner,   manager   of   the
. I Rank of Montreal, returned on Sunday
I from  Chiiliwack.
Children's Coats
for .  .  .$1.50 each
Think of it!
the most.
The very time they are needed
Three dozen Children's Bearskin, Eiderdown and
Winter Tweed Coats, in sizes to (it from 2 to 7 years
We believe this is our opportunity to reduce our larg<.
stock. It is your opportunity to save money on every
coat you buy. Regular values 2.50 to 7.5b. While
they last, each  ] ^
Ladies' Coats
$2.95 each
Just as big snaps in Ladies' Coats. We have
been reducing the price on this line several time: this
season, but we have made them all one low cjuick
moving price for this week. Regular values from 1.50
to 15.00.    Special, each      2.9J
anderson & W. S. COLUSTER & CO.
247 Columbia Street. New Westminster
PERFUMES 1   1-2     ACRES
All the Leading Lines, put
up in suitable packages for
The   Holidays
TOILET SETS, Etc., etc.
A good supply at
Ellard Block, New Westminster
W. N. Draper
In the West End.     Handy to proposed new tram
line. Don't delay buying this for a quick turnover
B. C. Land
Malins, Coulthard & Co.,
Real Estate, Financial and Insurance Agents,
Columbia St., -  New Westminster B. C.
Growing Appreciation
===== Sugar Cured =====
Breakfast Hams and Bacon
Tin- Duodecem club mel yesterday
afternoon for the first time since the
holidays, a: the residence of Miss
Muriel Shildrick.     Among those  pre-i
senl were Miss Alma Lewis, Misses Ellard Block. New Westminster, B.C.
Eleanor and Gertrude Brown, Miss Lil- ^^_^____^___^_^__^__^____
Inoei Armstrong, Miss Josephine Mar-   .
tin, Miss Muriel Cotton and Miss Veda I!��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������������������������������
Leamy and Miss Alice Rlckman.
are the prices on the following property :
Situate about 9 miles from this city,
on Barnston Island; connected daily %
steamers. We are offering blocks of five
acres and upwards of choice land suitable
for fruit raising* and diversified farming.
Each block has frontage on the river.
Don't Wait.
Miss tsa McDonald was at home to
a number of her young friends yesierday afternoon. Anion g those present
were   .Miss  Molly   Holt,  Miss  Gertrude
Gaynor,  Master John  Worsfleld, Miss
Xool   Armstrong,  Misses    Mary     and
Clara  Malins  and   Miss   Margaret   and
I Master Carrall Hand.
<l. \V. Snyder lias returned from a
visit to his parents in the east, and
will shortly resume bis duties as local station agent for the V. \Y. <t V.
The Halcyon Whist club held an en- ���
joyable meeting last   evening at   the *
residence of Mrs, Thornber, when the J
first   prixes were  won   by   Mis.-   Vass ���
and   Mr.  Thornber.     The consolation 4
prizes went  to Miss  Hughes an I Mr. J
Havelock,     I lui Ing  the coins.��� of the ���
evening  Miss    Hughes    favored    the ���
members with some beautiful singing. %
Dr, Rothwell returned  last evening T
from Rosedale, when- he had been <m ���
a  professional visil   to the young sen ���
Ol   Duncan   McRae  Munro.  who Is suf- X
fering from appendicil Is,
Columbia Street, next Bank off Commerce
Westminster SUIT^i
Transfer Co.
Office���Tram  Depot
Columbia St.
Baggage delivered    promptly to iny
part of the city.
=$20 AND UP���
Cut and Made on the Premises
Light and Heavy Hauling THE UP-TO-DATE TAILOR
There does not seem to lie much
doubt that the first bnthlng machine
was seen at Margate and that It was
tbe Invention of a worthy (maker
named Beale, who placed his hopeful
invention on the Margate bench In
1760. "The public ure obliged to Benjamin Hi-ale. one of tbe people culled
Quakers, for the Invention," writes ti.i
author of "A Short description of tbe
Isle of Thanel," published in 1706.
. But it was the old story, the public be
came grateful after the inventor bad
TO   ORDER   been   ruined   by   his  enterprise,   His
  successors   had   reaped   the   harvest.
Old Benjamin Beale's widow could remember In her last days the first fain- I
ily that ever resorted to Margate for 1
the purpose of bathing being carried;
into tbe sea In a covered cart.  In 1803 [
Beale'S  machines were one of tbe institutions of Margnte.   it  was alarmingly claimed for them that "they may
bo driven to any depth Into the sea by
careful guides."���T, P.'s London Week-
Office 'Phone ISP.      Warn 'rjioiie 137   247Front Street
New Westminster
Safe Deposit Boxes
Westminster TRUST and
Is the one place in the city where  absolute security for  your valuables
is assured.
Boxes  $2.50   a  Year  and   Upwards
Silverware Stored 25c a  Month
Deeds, mortgages, insurance policies, wills, marriage certificates, certificates of stock, leases, pension papers, jewelry, money, etc., should be
kept in a safe deposit box, affording safety from fire and burglary.
Vaults open 9 a. m. to 5 p. m.    Saturdays 9 a. m. to 1 p. m.; 7:30 to 8:30 p. m.
We have MONEY TO LOAN on first mortgage security, at current
rate of interest.
Westminster Trust and Safe Deposit Co. im.
F. J. HART, Manager
��� ������������������������������������������������������<���*���+���������� 444


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