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The Daily News Oct 5, 1908

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White, Shiles & Co.
White, Shiles & Co
260 Columbia St. Phone 85
,i :.. 1908
^SMative  Library. "     "
'-'-���'' n  Revelstoke Will  Try to
���   i    Te/t   Books   of
-ni   Standard.
adle Classes Judg-
Honors  Se-     ���
by   Ladies.
Publishers   cf   Daily   Mail   and   Of-ei-
Publications  Prepare  to  Dispense
With  Paper  Trust.
|Deputy Minister of Public Works Wires Robert Jardine That Contract for   Purchase
of $300,000 Dredge Has Been Closed    Resident Engineer Keefer  Busy
Preparing for Construction of Groynes Down River    Chilliwack and Other Up River Improvements
to Start Soon.
thai tbe Lib
earnest In
he deman Is
lor   the   provi-
I through  the
thai win admit
up the  ni"!
.Ill   n!' $10U "  ..
il osl ol    h
. vol id i ���'..
Iii   pun ii,i ii   ..
1 i willing  ,i ���
���   Jardine,    the
. I. ed the follow-
the   deputy   lnin-
Ottawa. Ont., Oct, 3, 1908.
 e,  \t?ti\  Westminster.
British Co'umbia:
gjltract has been   closed  for  pur-
ction dredge for  Fraser  river
���   Dominion Resi-
.. ��� -��� r.    upon   whose
powerful   oew
qu   ed, will receive
. regard then to,
��� .������ nsion of
course of a day  or
I in a position  o
ii ��� ition ' lie impor-
I       ��� ��� ��� ,, ne ud'-.l in il.-,. re-
1 .. 1..   Baron, thi
I ��� n published  al
I \.-\. .
_.��� ��� .or   was   _oi' d,
Liu .ii"- ��� I..ii fer commenced wo
on  the  Improvement  o!   the channel,
for some tiin.   iii.v.  th.   King lid
.lie Ige  has   ii.-, ii  engag. tl  In
�� ���  ol  the new  cfeipHi,   Ini
cutting  and hc mi-ft---   wn |,        .    .���. ,.f
Fecti ),, ���   i- ,���
lu the i,i. anwhlle th    buildini
groyni -     in Importa.i    featun   ��� ���
In    ���       - thi   ,     tructure.
... Ided and the i
nei  thu_   i leai  ,,   ana   deepen   I    .. :
als .    ���   proceeded with     \\ u
I' :   liarl  ol   the j the < bann.    ii  cul aud the cui rent ol
the  river thrown  Into this
of  the   groj ues,   i he   -.*��� tti i -..
I.- ep itself clear.
Thii ��� :n   of   channel   <!.
and  groyne   building   will   be ca
through,  and   when   Ann:'
bar has ... en n a. hed the inti n     .
'.i  p. oci ��� !  in  Ladm r and scon
ways.     Tliis   kind   of work   has     een
done ai  Matsqui,  with excelli ni    results, no less than  100 feet of ton
slio:.. having been thus created,
The principal part of this work wlll
be at Woodward's SI..ugh, and wh.n
this has been done and the extension
of the jeity ai Polm Garry carried
oui seawards, mail) all that can well
be done, with present appliances will
be completed.
When the powerful Pruhlini  dredg
arrives ihis will cil! some 10,000 feet
of channel extending out to the gull
With regard to the work above, the
bridge, Mr. Pl-ke'a dredge has been secured and the Intention is to send this
i , -
o get li
��� ii   to   '
.   .-
al ii   b(
-'la-'   oal   s:.;np-
l     ���
. on.
. . ���
Be  ������
a  *
and i-
���  oi
- dom . Mi
-II.i'.-    '   i   have
"i thi   : ver will
this     ; be
svill bi H
ii. in rive      Ol
��� ���   ���
can ed i      and
chances an Pike tin dgi
-   ������      anxious to
���:. ng      .    nain   channel,    and    only
: Hi      im-.-.. .        ��� .    in w
Iredgi     ��� com   . I    his   p ins,
'!h Vt ihllng dredgi i i ol a veil
I...-. - ��� chat acter and can i ff i i
all., clea 2000 j ards ql l e c ia ��������� I
per 1 as agalnsl the 500 yar'-  ol
ih.. usual form oi river dredge.   The
value   of   ihis   clevei    invention     has
fully proved In Germany,  England,   Egypl   and   the   Unit, d   States,
The completion of ihi work of .1
ening the channel will be of Immense i
a. fl    to  the  city and  .listrict.    At
ti ,     one mote large new mill Is like-,
ly to be put in operation here by the
Hi....i,s    Scanlan    Lumber   .-omi.any.,
which has jusl acquired extensive tim-:
:.. i  limits ai Lillooet,
tain    placi   ..   Ri
ie.   secon .   -. .
-. .,     p    Pee   ���
���  .:   Dui        he ���
���I thi   convi nti ., will
.:���     "
et taken
'.��� "        ol    repres. nl i
;t   es of Maui
��� .    'A i.
-. Itatii
.. ;;        .   t h
to* dl ''
��� ���   th ol   cl
ew ti ng j.
aral ion       .  ...   I
b      - ���   four prov-
*. n I irgi   an undei
pTovinc.    ilom
r   !,      irovlnc
he  United   '  ���
i tit  an impoi tanl  re
, ...
. igh
the gT
Th.   ���
.   -
now      Ini rapetli ion  i . ictoria     I iel      ...     Th.     Harms-
two   sa. if Loi Uu>
lie    ��� i i   men,   . M ill   and   -..ther    n wspapers,
S   in  from ������ ini    : in
largi    - 'in   Vai   i     i     Island, a
���   .   the sain. bt   in.
-. hurd ���    anothei  '��� . . '���' trict,  and  options o
toni   wall. ilch will be
C*-sedation Jump. bought o        This Is tl
I   h wa      '.."ii   In   thi fii
latlon      imp,       .    cpmpetltoi ��� though   tl e bold ng
ng o  ladi<     taking     he pui rail        .   Newfound
M ��� '.en mi    I.- sii " won and _ and i   ritem
���[ ���    r.       ���    !���:    Mi       i      ..    In I.      ompetitloi
Dona] lion   Pedro,        In
nd,  .Mi        riith   being  tl 	
hese   1      .      took   the   f.
needlni     uni. h
' rrapp on his  pony
���. d v.. '     Onlj one jump was
Othei     entering   wi n     D
i   iiiiil'on an.l   B   ���
Saddle   Class���Ladies.
. ii la        fai ��� d the judges  J
i   ru ��� and  Sh rifl  Arm-
in ' '.die class, an i    :
.   a   mi ihro i-'a tin li
grandstand,     Di .
and  conditions ol   '���'��� ��� o,"   Mrs    McDonald,   was   placed
po '
'.!'������ i" Ic schools which he *'      i-"'   'en on "St, Louts" sec-
and  '.'. s. Ai\-in.-.m on "Smller"
. ��� bei   i ompetltors were
M  i   Baron  lohn ion, Mi
Ro       ...   '���'.: - Trapp
MUR IS 330,000 USES
The   ntal catch  |       he si asi/n  of
moi     ���.       338,	
the i ..-.'.;s of th.   pack  for the year
��� Ing  largely conflni I to the cam
..    the Prase   and Skeena rivers
bi lng  .i   noticeahle  falling  oft
in th'   pack on Rivers Inlet.
vl ile
Disaster   in   India.
l;om   , Oci    ;     nv, r 700 i  bodl< s
have air. bei n ^xtracated by  ihe
' e iTth ��� ��� ni ol Hyderal ad, and
: ... I.- lis that ih.- toial death
roll   re from   thi    floods  that
deval .    Hyderabad   and   Dec-
' a ���  6 ts a week ago will exceed
all   pr' ��� ���   i.mates.
I hols  s< ut    out   from   these    western  such an outcry.     'When 1 speak on
I lands.    Then there were human Bad- this subject I know absolutely whal l
flees  to the  goddess  Diana,  and  sti-  say, whethei   In  public or private, on
j had already told them oi the  i"".   ,1,is great question.    I talk in laeis,
lives offered annually in ihe United ���"' I new Action, I talk of things that
Siai.-s on the altar of Bacchus, and it ' know, und uot of things ihat l hear,
was the same proportionally In Can   snd as for apologies ih y come every
time from the other side." Having
pointed oui how her life had heen
threatened for her attitude on these
subjects, temperance and moral reform, she repeal  d that, the age want-
Repenting   at   Leisure,
v   white   woman   who  married    a
Smith. Miss  Chinaman   som,���   months    ago     was
I amongsi   the  passengers on the lasi
Men's Class. Empress of Japan from Vancouver to
Th. men's saddle class attracted Hong Kong, As soon as they reach
eleven competitors into thi a ena,and ed that city and she saw the teeming
tho judge soon weeded out all but native life there, she lost her nerve
flve. Aftei i careful Investigation ol and wanted in comeback to America,
th.ii- points "Golden Crest" IJ. A. bui her husband would not let her
Russell), "Harry" (T.J, Trapp), and and bundled her away to Northern
"Stai Ugh iRansford), were given china, where he maltreated her in a
tl,. wards in that order. The com' shiamefnl maun.',-. She made her ee
petition was notable as a promise ot cape and returned to Hong Kou_*.
the attraction which horse sh..-. where she sought the protection ot
would give in the future. the Ann rlcan consul and asked io be.
Aboul   six   o'clock   in   the   evening,   sent  back to America, which was ae-
shortly after the end of the lacrosse cordingly  done.
game,  a   race  was  .arranged  between 	
C. Tyner's  "Asthore" and  Miss Ross'i Federal Nominees.
I (Vancouver)   "Devlltroa,"   owners   up,      Montreal, Oct. ..���The nominees for
Visiting Team  Goes Down
Before the   Onslaught   Of j the   dlstanc,   being  once  around  the  the Commons yesterday were
Salmon Bellies���9 to 6.
|g0n)US Temperance Meet- ada;    every   year   human   sacrifices
ings Begun���Effort to S-a!were raade '"' "a,"chus- attd   ,,u're
. would  '. e  many  more before  the year
CU1V Local Option. closed.
���  Evils of  Traffic.
���''������'    :   ..   \   Murcutt, the well- j
��� JK,*U   ' 'up   ni"'   lecturer,    had   a
mi   ��� ��� ���   ' lasl evening when she
-��� ���       ti   series   of    Illustrated
���wires .1*.    he  opera   house,  which
y'  .ui successive Sun-
!""'���'    ";,;  -'" auspices of the  CUl-
I-*���--' Tem .. ,.���.,,��� league.   There was
* '���'���''''. "."ii,   the  stereopticon
j1**- hai1 "" ""ne io hand in  lime.
^ **"     '   ''H   was    changed   trom
"""'    ��� Hull  Uvea" to "Dl-
['���"��������� ���   inn
I* li     ami
polling Mia i
'' .''. I
��"ll      ���
("( their
.ml  liaacbiis ot
Mel.end    piv-
'i.i"" i   thi     lecturer,
i liouse would b,.
���    wheu the subject
'���"  al  livil and  World
The irade. was brutalising and d<-
I moralising both to the victims and to
those engaged in the truffle. The statue of Dttttia. was believed to have
dropped trom heaven, but the lecturer
denied that the liquor trafflc came
from above. Tlie liquor traflic was
born in hell, she declared, with emphasis. There never was a darker scheme
hatched In the darkest depths of hell
than  thai diabolical trade.
Again, the deinonsirators al Kph-
esus claim.'.1 their business was lu
danger, .lusl as she entered the City
hall at Vancouver thai day, a punipii
bu had been given her, drawn up by
the bi.-wers, calling on the fanner
ami  others  noi   to Bupporl   the tam
ed men and women of backbone. He-
veriing to local option, she declared
that Ilritisli Columbia was the ouiy
province where no local option legislation existed.
Reference  to Chilliwack.
���  ii ������  track.      A  $50 side bet w-as at
(stake between  the owners, while nu-
i ni.To.is side  bets were also made on
Hayed in  Bplendld weather in tne ��he result.   Asthore came in ahead by
presence of a crowd numbering about ,    '""' ''lV" i''""l'|s.	
twelve thousand people, the much
In raided final lacrosse match 1. tween
the Salmon Bellies and the Capitals
proved a splendid attraction to the
exhibition, tireai interest was manifested throughout ihe game, the visitors having wou many supporters dur-
Hamilton East���Mayor Stewart,
Ilumilton West ���Samuel Uarker,
i lonservative.
Jacques Cartier���A. Boyer.  Liberal.
Exhibition of 1908 Has
Now Passed Into History
ing the few days residence in this city.
\\ ith a well balanced team on each
side,  every  man   a  star  in  his    own
position,  the  game   was    the     linesi
thousand people and cash receipts at
tlie gales of $2,350, on the closing .lay.
the big New Westminster fair came
io an end on Saturday evening after
,i siiccessiul live days' run. The attendance on the closing day was nearly two thousand less than on the cor-
day   lasi   year,  while   ihe
I peranca cause
I s||e   saw    oil".
She knew a Joke when
Did  anyone   imi   ih"
I   the   Story.
ul ' lie passage from .
���   ' lol ,n Bpheaus,  "''""
��� parallelism be- Prohibition Wave.
.1  "..ni and the     Speaking >.i  th*  wine of  prohibi
.,., ...    . i seen here ihis summer.
There   was   a   mwn  near   Weslmln-
,. First Quarter.
Bter  where  for  six   years   past   there
.,   ., The   game     stalled     shortly     after
had  been no liquor sold, the pioviu- ���
,   .    .      ,    ,   three, Westminster securing inoin the
cial governmenl deposed the board ol ,
.,, . ,   , .   .. face-off.   Speed was shown right from regpondln
1 licensing   magistrates,   and   then   ap- ��� l .       ,        I    -
I ,,   ihe start, Westminster playing down cash receipts lacked $i.n..u trom tne
pointed new  oius in whom they could,
nust.    in spite of the people's wish, ���' '*' lie   '
,   ,. , , Spring Gets First Goal,
tbey   were  forced  io accept   licensed j r    "
hous, s.    Gigantic  petlUona  would  be      A lon�� niu dmvn ,1'" flHl1 ,,y CUal'"'
d another bv  Ga,br^�� *M checked    hv    CameV0D
,      ,, ���, ,   Cautiirmg, Spring passed 10 Len Turn-
women, io be presented to the provln 1*^       6    '     ���
,.        ,���,,.,   ! bull, who sliot.   Hutton cleared badlj
cial Kovemiueul on the subject ol lo-
. , .    ljimghv  getting  tin-  ball  and  Bcorlng
,.,]  ,,,11011    .ini  a   provincial  conven- **     &u*  ��
1,1        .,    n,   i,���i,i   i���   v-.,���     '���"J  flr8t  SOal ot  the gam'-. give a correct statement ol  lh.' lin.iu-
tton   ....aid  i"'   shortly  nobi   in   van-i
,,   ,,.,,      tin resuming play went to the sui- <._aJ .tanding of the H. \. & i Roclety
,\l*'l   dt*H'gaU'H   lroill   all   o\'i
iiioi.,  Bellies' goal.   Jimmy Gifford In   :,j  the presenl  time,  the general im-
signed, one bj  voti rs
IliU ' bus .''In
in ' lng  the  num
Vancouver,  Vlcto-
.viHi the numbei
brewers   and   saloon   keepers   benefit I couvei
,,     ,,..,111, ������ .ib,. iin.vin.e. to consider the BUhject.
'���ne iiaiiK . lerrupted, passed to Feeney, who car-  nr.ssion   prevails   tli-.it  ih
I ���|-i,...   would   uo into ibe  bailie  Willi  a '
,���,���,,.,.     ried  the ball down,  passed    to    Leu\\iiB\ ,-'���-. \ will not  show
deiel nlination   to  sw. p   lhe  eounli>
Miss  Muiciiii spoke for  thre,. pans
and i
lion in lh.
United Stales, s is remind 	
0|     ,n   hou I    111   In I    llsU.ll   VlgOlolls
ed  the audience that eight  Sillies w.ie
I nclstve   uiaiin.'i
itles iii
ior prohibition, and munj   com
oilier Stales bad joined them,    If they i
Dealing had onlj   eight  provinces In the H"
the story I minion come oui  for prohibition and
'    '     mil mad
'"'���i.i    .,,
���'"M.1 i���.
Diana ��
"i i',-,.,.
"���th,   ||)|
marching .���
' r   .nl the righteousness!    The temperance peo-
��� I " the perpetuity pie were going to work with thai end
so did the liquorIin view. (Applause.) Those who
the progress tem- questioned them if any progress was
"'"e when  the traffic were    talking    aboul.
We   do
i11'.      t Ap*i ihint.;   we know"- declared'the l<*ct-.
the  worship   ofjurer
1     In   I..- ��ro.__..ip|    The habll
���nn!.lie    to  the I dergolng a
"""   w,,,v   annuallyLonsldered
"i"li     !n the old every night, as used to b��
millions of devo-|tfte ,,id country.   Physicians were bow
1 !""  divinity,    and Ln  their side, an.l so w.re th.- cap-
"c--'hina there were tains  of  Industry  who  were  coming
Vi'li ,.���,,, ' '.liUniii     beer,  to  realize  thai   the  sober men
I n,i   I
ry thH
'"' tin
oi the people "er.- un
���lialige:   it   was   not   now
oo.i  taste  io  i.e   drunk
|||e rase in
-1 lains  nf  Industry
Milwaukee    b
declared thai the [the bejt to a-., i"'.
Association   Football.
Vancouvei    District    L.'iigu
Division  I.
Celtics    ����� ���
Wesl ba in  Island       1
Thistles        -
Division 2.
II   U'l'V   big
Turnbull,  Who BhOI   and   scored   pasil
Seen    attempted    to      draw      Sandy
Gray  trom the net, bul  the bluff did
net work with the silent custodian.
Sandy   StODs  a  Hot One.
Cummins attempted to Bcore on gel
ting  a   pass   from   Pringle soon   after.   gM-iugtncy    in   the   United   States,     a
but Gray saved again. | condition which   kepi   many   probable
Doughey  Gets   Next  One. j visitors from the south away from the
After some swift passing on the |,j,, p]]v. This was especially noticed
horn*.. C. Spring tiling In a straight. ,IM American Day. when a much Small-
shot that landed In the right spot.       j Hr number  of  visitors  came  up  from
Wiih an attendance of ovsr thirteen ion for large individual savings bank
Although the Provincial exhibition
Of 1908 is a thing of the past, there
is yet much work to be done, and an
only ih. live stock was allowed to lie
removed yesterday In order io cut
down as much as possible the work
on Sundays, there remains all the
work of removing the exhibits In the
various buildings, dlsniftntllng the
booths and clearing lhe grounds, the
lasi a particularly heavy task In view
of the inevitable litter, paper catalogues, show cards, etfc, *
The live Stock for Ladner ami down
river points was shipped yesterday on
Hi, _'it. of Nanaimo. md tot Chilliwack and ftp ri.. r points the Be iver-
ma ie a spi cial lr',p yesterdaj. \ 'he
Westminster fair concludes the pan-
gram  ol   shows   In  lhe  coast   district,
total   taken   in   twelve    months  ago.
The total  cash receipts this year were
$13,051.40,    as    compared  with  $18,-
561.15 in   r.iuT.     i   dilf. .��� nee  of  $���'..-
wii il,   all  the hooks have noi  yet
been  made up,  and  il   is  too early   to
margin ���>��� profit.   The decfease In the'ibe animals are returning lu.ni ��� attef
receipts  Is  attributed  io Be vera!  ren-la round of the various shows.    What
ions, chief among these being the dis-Ithe   position   In   tliis   regard   ma>   be-'
organization   of   transportation   faeili-   nexl  year, 11   is rfifficuli  to si... jum
ii,s owing io the c. P.  It. strike, ahdjplicated as  ii  will  be  bj   the Seattle
,.,,. aftermath of the recent  financial|Alaska-Yukon Pacific    exposition,    as
i,r.e.d.-rs ai ��� haturallj reluctani :<>
keep their prize animals from home
an Indefinite length of time.
The manufacturers exhibiting reporl tha; they have placed a good
number of orders,  and  thai  ilie ad-
Caps Score.
Bellingham  and   nearby   towns   than |vertlslng given  has been  profitable.
m,i were assuring ���
,"";lli".'    were    doing; , bcuselves   fir, I
on  land than'
* of  Christianity. I s
I their employee
j sinil lis  cried  oui  about
1 advertisements| being iniiireil;  it  was th
;"i'tu 'T ihe alea   ' v.sied   Interests     There  wa
������  the  character l
ni   ,,,,hl.,i;ll, silver- ���   Spokane   ��
,,,���!,. buslnesSi ���    Vancouver      7
old cry   ���*���*
ilways  ���������������������������������������������������
Ashcroft secured rrom lhe face-oft.' bad been expected.
but lost to Tommy Gifford. A longj A contrast to the scarcity of holi.lav-
shot by Jimmy Gifford went wide, and | money south of the line was evl-
Westmlnster lost the ball. Bones Al- denceil on Wriday, QhlMreri*s Kay.
len scored after cleverly eluding fom when every boy and girl in the city
Rennie. [was  admitted free  to the grounds by
The fourth tally for the Salmon]courtesy of M.-mager Keary and his
Bellies was thrown in by,Len Turnbull S co-directors. The quality of clothing
from directly in Front of the net, An| worn by the bairns, as wall as the lib-
attempt   to   score  for   the   visitors   bj
The opinion ot those having a pecuniary interesl 111 the show, either
as exhibitors, or as side showmen, le
strongly in favor of nn attraction-
which will h.ij.t the people in the ��ve-
iiings. a horse show being favored by
Seoii failed, (laliiraith intercepting,
Bryson's Fine  Attempt.
.lack  Bryson, securing on   a    pass,
dodged un field, eluded the    define
(Continued on Page 6.
Ship 7,271,000 Feet of Lumber.
oral supply Of spending money with j Rellingham, Oct. 4.���A total of
which fond parentis had supplied the 7,271,000 feet of lumber was shipped
Kid,lies, plainly Showed thu; $.est- from this port during i|epleiiiiier, ac-
minBter still makes good her title to I cording to the report of the hatbor
,.,,,������ one nf lhe riebesi cities' (jjj the piaster, just filed. This is a gain of
Pacific const, as well ns lhe town j more than 2,000,0.0 I'ei ovvr the
with li holds tin- record in the Dom in-  record of the month of August.
*\'<*   ���
i   1,'
��� ittrr. %-
;1 ,
1 I
.' ���' '       '    '"'I
:    '"V
,*fi TJ
��� ' ;     ���  '
..in.* .
,    .  ������
'   ,.����� *"%
���  .''-.I?*,.'.*?
I1    ', -��� '-
I   *
'   A
1. '.�����!
���'   I
*:p*i   +���
���:.-,���>���   *
-- J.\y\%'
.. ���  .1
if <n_?1   ' '   1 I
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V,V-.^,,..    *-
*���*���"    "*-.^'la-    l"    1
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]**.&***%.!>��*_. <_il
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.    a,.:     !f.-W   A**
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VE *���* <ii_ "'
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*i   i**'.  ���'���
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.rn *_f'V   '''''.���."���"  '
'___Ud ? - '** .><"���
1ft JM' ' -.* ���- -'
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.   *f: *V( ijW, ��� .
��.  ' Ti
l^W'-''"-   :
jLv:���JT-'* i-fc'* *f j  ��
if-. a&N;.*\v'���"'������..
la! iflv'T-. ;-,*�� Mi.
���iMl.fi.-i'. i***' r4> v
^MK'v-''' -
Exhibition Made Memorable by Great Collection of Portraits and Relics of Famous Navigator's Time and Early
Days of Province���Valuable Selection of Historical
Works Still on View at Queen's Park.
Historical exhibits do not attract
until some years have elapsed since
those whose deeds are commemorated have passed beyond the arena of
criticism and passion, when from the
shadowy past I^heir achievements
stand out, and the memory of their
shortcomings is forgotten. The great
intrepid navigator like so many
of those empire builders went out on
his   perilous  mission     actuated     not
sponded. There .are depicted pioneers
of Cariboo, Victoria, Westminster,
Burrard Inlet aud Nanaimo.
Among the clergy portraits Is one
of Rev. .lohu Sheepshanks, now bishop
of Norwiek, who lived in a little log
cabin, ami was first rector of Holy
Trinity parish. Several of these exhibits are loaned from Columbia college, including that of Kev. Bbenezer
Robson, lirst .Methodist minister, who
principally    by political   reasons, but  was able to attend  the unveiling on
Wednesday. In connection with the
portraits of the Royal Engineers is
one of Lieut-Colonel Wolfenden,
King's printer, then a corporal in the
detachment, ln the Victoria pioneer
list is another portrait in oils of Hon.
Robert Dunsmuir, founder of the Dunsmuir coal interests ou Vancouver island.
Many Quaint Maps.
Plans of the old Cariboo wagon
road and Col. Moody's first map of
Westminster, showing the. town laid
out to Royal avenue, are noticed, and
fine examples of the issues of B. C.
stamps prior to confederation, now
very valuable. There is also a communion set, with the arms of the Hudson's Bay company, sent ou*. to Fort
Vancouver from Kngland. A flue full
length i-ortrait (oils) appears of Sir
George Simpson, governor of the territories of the Hudson's Bay company.
The artist Is not known. Most of the
photographs are sepia enlargements,
and are truly artistic in their finish.
A fine feature of their section is the
series of photographs from drawings
of Curtis, one of the greatest students
of the Indian, whom he has depicted
in every possible manner. This is
part of his collection which is being
pu dished n book form at the present
time. The promoters are to be congratulated upon securing this collection,
Curious Exhibits.
Exhibits iu this room  include     la
in the interests of one of the many
commercial enterprises from which
have been built the British regime in
India aud the Northwest, and which
today are sowing the seeds of civilization in Africa and Borneo. Not
merely is the memory of Simon Fraser aud his colleagues honored in the
historical exhibit, but gathered together are portraits of the pioneers
of this province, early statesmen who
laid the foundation of legislative independence,brave men from the world
over who came here in the late fifties
and early sixties, drawn by the gold
cTaving, and The pioneer merchants of
the coast cities, more especially those
who directed the affairs of the Infant commonwealth when-Westminster, newly carved from the forest,
was the capital of the Brinish Columbia colony. This valuable collection,
���which will pass in to the control of
the Provincial government, has been
mainly collected by three men, It E.
Gosnell, provincial archivist; E. O. S.
Scholefield, provincial librarian, and
Dr. Newcombe, who has collected the
examples of Indian  work.
Vancouver's Voyages.
There is one feature which the
managers have cause to complain of,
the need of more ligtri, especially in
the central gallery. Natural light Is
practically impossible, bul more electric lights would have been very web
come, as the exhibit is being visited '
by    hundreds,    and    receiving    more!
careful attention than any other part pnsi   printing press upon  which  what
of ���'the exhibition.    Entering the Fraser section, the visitor is taken back together with    early
to the first white navigators of this paper   wd whlch w
cr.st, Capt. Cook and Capt. Vancouver, because   here   are a number   of
of their colleague-, and the
and factors of the Hudson's
ny "f that   age.    There are
.s of ihe  two discoverers,
..   couver let by the Arts and
��le'ty, Vancouver,   A por-
. m Stuart, Lord Strathco-
1 . is one of 'the features here,
���vitli a colored view of Ezra
nd his oxen.who were among
." .;    to make   tin-    Oregon    trail.
Rene Quenten's portrail of Sir Alex-
'under Mackenzie Hanks 0n  one   side
that of Simon Fraser. the la-'er an en
largenienl of a paste] drawing by an
unknown  artisi   in  the  possession  of
the family.    All the   celebrate l   discoverers and adventurers of the nor h
Pacific coast  are here depicted,    and
then follow a series showing the esta i
lishmeni of responsible government in
the two colonies. M      .\ ilk >r' ��� painl -
lng in oils of Hon.       '   ".. in. '   u occupies a   promineni _������ : ���
will           . -.- ivei iiors ol    ...,-:. 'i
is now- the It. C, Gazette, was printed,
issues of the
In use from
1860 to 1X74: a chronometer used !,y
the Royal l-_n.gin.-ers. and chain, when
surveying ihis townsite, and a 3eries
of weights and measure.- issued from
tlie old mint which was in opei ition
in the city in pre-contederation day.-.
An illustrated chart of contemporarj
history of Canada, designed by Mr,
Gosnell, aud which was to have been
a feature of the exhibition has beeu
withdrawn, as it is incomplete, and
unsatisfactory in many details. Simon
Praser relics figure in this room including his sword, walking-stick, bellows, and spoons, in a small gallery
are shown portraits of some of the
past grand masters of the Masons of
British Columbia, Including Sheriff
Armstrong (1905). There are -"in ���
I'm drawings of early Westminster
in the gallery, many portraits of plon-
. er,. and old cartoons of the i sties,
, the slglflcani e of whicli  a ips
now forgotten.
Interesting Native Exhib t
,..    .ie dl CUl
1 the literal
i' ic
...        -..,,
II .;i
.,   i nice ro
V        ���   . -
.   I
.    I
.     i.     h i
i i
. ' ���'.
leaking people in British North
America, Cariboo Sentinel. British Columbian and others.
\Wanted-:- Lost -:-found a
1 for Sale -:- To Itent -:- tte. S
LOST���Lady's English open face 18-
carat gold watch. Finder j.lease return to J. Bell, World office.
claims, and the negotiations which led Time- (published at Victoria) Hntish
up to confederation, together with a Colonist, The Press, Le Courlei ns
very fine assortment of bound copies thi name implies t',__- French
of the early provincial newspapers,
including both Victoria and Westminster .journals. It is a long story how
Britain comes to be in possession ol
the north Pacific toast, although not
all which priority of discovery gives
her. Russian, and particularly Span
ish authorities, are to be seen setting
out the claims of their countrymen.
and not merely are there works in
these languages, but French an.l
Dutch authorities are represented, and
translation into German of the mem
orial on the American aspect of tli
San Juan boundary question, as pre
sented to Emperor William I of Germany is included. In all the library
includes about 200 volumes illustrating the history of the province from
the days of the fur traders onwards.
Cook's Voyage*.
To help the Btudent there are sonn
excellent chins and maps shown,
covering the last century and a half.
and a good plain sketch of Fraser's
route during his travels. This map
more readily explains than much reference to the courteous officials the
district through which the discover-:
travelled. Particularly valuable are
the two volumes published by Captain
LOST���At the exhibition grounds, a
lady's purse, containing sum of
money and papers. Finder will receive $5 reward on returning same
to  H.   M..   News  office.
FOR SALE���Three five acre tracts,
three miles from city, on main
road, good fruit and vegetable land.
On on.- I have a cabin. 100 chickens, tools, etc Partly cleared. Will
sell  cheap.
M>t(tt___**����MM��M��>��M��Mt��m444__nM ,
AT *
:W. C. CHAMBERLIN ^J-e,..;
Sole Agents for
The IiOngines Wati
and Hamilton Wati
TO LET���Housekeeping
is.ied or unfurnished,
room with flne view.
Ninth  street,  city,
rooms   turn-
also   single
Apply   123
FOR SALE���Light pony cart, in goo<l
condition; or exchange for buggy.
Morley, Vancouver road. East Burnaby.
WANTED���Maternity   nursing;   terms
moderate.    Address "B,'' this office.
Vancouver during his retirement from   WAN,TED__A   girl   [or geaera,   house
the  service,   which  are   very   scar,..      w()rR     Ap_)ly    ^    Mrg   p   R  Ly,e_
and of particular interest to this di-,    Thi,.d Btreet| aboye Queen8 avenU(i
trict after whom the largest town is
named;  also the narrative of Captain ' TO  RENT���Two furnished bedrooms.
Cook, of whose death a large picture,     Apply  Arrow  Press,   back of  Wind-
Is included In the exhibition, especial-      sor hotel,
ly as  it  is accompanied  by  a bound
volume of sixty-three    plates.    These
plates show scenes on the west coasi
of Vancouver island at a time wheu
no other white man had ever visited
Nootka   Sound  Incident.
John Meares is represented by two
volumes, one of the voyages made In
1788-89 from China to find the northwest passage, and a copy of tho mem- i __________^.._.__________________-______-_-______---___________-.
orial forwarded to Grenville, then sec-I WANTED���One  experienced  waitress
rotary of state, in 1790, reporting on      and   one chambermaid,   residing  in
th.- cai.tare ��f British vessels by the      town  preferred.    Apply Russell ho-
Spaniards,  which almost  precipitated |    tei.
a war. and was afterwards settled by
a  commission  consisting of    Captain
Vancouver and Captain Quadra,   rep-1
resenting  the    Spanish    government.'
This   forgotten   episode,   which,   however,   aroused   very  considerable    attention at the time, is the. subject ofl
much notice  from the early    writers,
WANTED���Dressmaking; also plain
sewing done first-class. Experienced.    M.  M., P.O., city.
CAN or CANADIAN make; ROOT CUTTER8 in different sizes, and
REVERSIBLE Sl-ICERS AND PULPERS, roller beariu on main
shaft���and In fact all kinds of FARM IMPLEMENTS, , ., t. j,
TRAPP 4. CO.'S STORE on COLUMBIA STREET. . | ,. ,���...;.
large   and   varied   stock.
>* **************************.
, : ROOM TO RENT���Suitable for one
or two gentlemen. .Apply southeast corner Fifth street and Fourth
avenue, or P. O. Box 311.
The Fraser Valley Nurseries
have for the coming season a very complete line ot
Make no mistake, 'jut sturt your orchard right, by baying from A ���!
HOME .NURSERY, where you are not bothered with fumigation,   as A
well as getting acclimated trees.   We have over 200,000 fruit trees and Jl
can handle your order, no matter what the size.    If we   have   no ���
agent in your locality, write to us at Burnaby Lake fi r prl _a ���
lu  ; i     Hon. T. Mclni
: .. .     ��� iniou
logel ���'���     with   the   i ..
.. i :.  M n   -i .i .     lai
Dougla ly ai
i   ed to save to   ���
...    i..
at ol
liown    iu il       ii ould I
���    the cm
���     .       ...
rovli ���   ;    '
A fill'    .'ii- he  a    ii
oi il. C. In Londoi I. 1     n
iin I   ;. ���    res '     all  tli
mlnsti ��� ��� ��� iresi utatives In I
. ,   ,  ' '.".;   trom   ��� tie   Ovcrlai ���   raph
.  ;.i  and   provincial   hou . .  maj
��� i,.���    plan.    '���   lib -   '     ' "       '"���'  W0     " ' "    ���    ���
Honn       One   n..a     ;   tUze then    ti ' '";"'    llank( ' �� *'>    '!,'���
n iii .       has   !n*lia*11   w,th " l',ald llkl    '     Scott' !l
tartans, and   Ithoug   on    ��� ne   a the
t'.'ii.ut      .      ,.���   Mu     . ...
.'ie       .villi's In 1        : . '���
: a>.   ollectlon ol nati. ���
-    i    uc ed ii      ie Chi        ;
adians,       . .���..    i ' ..      nui  ue
'    mi        .      mo    be noticed    Id wl
many ; u iilc ti.en tn      ��������� ���
giv.-a lo thi   larger life of th
A Noble Ca id.
Pict irea  of tho e  who    hivo
pensgd |i sth i, from S . M iti        Begbie onwards, those clerg)   who    first
taughi   lhe christian ti tiths on   these
Bhon   . the Columbia  detachmen     of
, ,.    . ., i ,   ,.,,,.   Rev3becl   lend carved medlclm
Royal  Engineers, all are shown, in   .
th" church, medicine, and tli ��� arm .
an i then there are those of whom no
long    paragraphs    are    written,    yel
nevertheless empire   bulldera   In the
truest s.'use, riding down  the forest.
or working in  the    mine.    All    living
pioneers have  been    Invited
their pictures and nearl.i  ali
Drltlsh mui eum, is km -.-. n to be In
ii .- a photograph appears, but
....:. i tlon waa m le ai Yale In
th ixtii... some of these are slriwii
photographically lhcludlng a i peel-
mi ii,    Rev, C.  Croucher   an I    M,  P.
��� r.'s From  Yale.
Historical   Library.
All   ibe  principal  looks of the  provincial    goyernment's   collection   at
Victoria having relation to the North I
who seem rather to imitate their predecessors than to examine the question in the light of Independent re-
search, and there is also a colored engraving called "Trie Spanish Insult to
the British Flag," loaned, as are i her
quaint documents, by Mr. Justice Martin. In this connection should be
noted the curious volume, dated 'vl1--
and published al Madrid, entitled "Re-1
lacion del viage necho por las golestaa
Sutle y Mexicana en al an i de! 1792,
para reconocer el estrecho de Fuca,"
which gives the official view ol
explorations of the Spaniards ii
clfic wai.-rs north o f Californ i
Book for Diplomacy.
oih.-r important contributions
the early discovi rer of the countr,. ar.-
the books of George Dixon and
Nathaniel Portlock, with a Dutch edition, Sir Alexander Mackenzie'., narrative of the overland expedition he un-
di rtook, and that of W. R, Brougnton.
A valuable volume to the diplomatlsl
Is thai of Rush, comprising Incidents,
official and personal, from 1819 to
1825; amongst the former negotiations
on the Oregon Territory and other un-
i b 'ttled questions between th United
I-, ea   Bi II tin   which   haa
i bi .a- . ilue to students of the
i,,    . latlon    I el ween Greal
, . i id   and ib ��� United 9   '
Autograph Letters.
Miss Praser, gr md
���   . .  i'i ise .   ���      -ui.
thi   ni.'in.n li .
,   Igl    li"; i    '
'    ;i'e   ,!    ICI I'CSO
i, |      ., .,   i   ��� -��� ���   . 11 ,1
tu his   ' ttln   out       ��� he
:;a .!���_,;.   li .    the       '��� ���'!'   which .
bis   lialii",      Mb"-'   I'1 : ��� . Is   8
. ii, r     .       portrait of   h      cplo   r
.., hii h I     .elieved to be I      besl  por-
i rail existing    Thl.  ihow case should
,. examined b   all.
The fcomlng Payonct.
Time does not permit tn . .amino
the other features, but thej form a
mine of Information irom which ,\ill
doubtless he gathered the Information;
local colors, dress and subjoci matter for th ��� historic il pugeani wiiich
is to follow at a lai" r date, Those
who hurriedly declare thai this coast,
has yet to make history nre mistaken,
and Ui"i-e i- In ii the making of . peak-
iyjr scenes as good as the i-ec.-ni Quebec centenarj In which uoamen, soldiers, Indians,,diplomatists and pioneers may be grouped in picturesque
Early  Newspapers,
Early  newspapers represented    are
FOR SALE���House, stable and two
lots, cleared and fenced, Second
strutt and Tenth avenue. price
reasonable, and terms easy. Also.
two lots adjoining, nearly cleared.
Apply to George Sharp, on the premises.
The Fraser Valley Nurseries, Ltd. |
WANTED���Two or three unfurnished
rooms;  must ibe moderate;    near
bridge preferred. Apply Post Office
Box 732
AGENCY���Under new management,
266 Columbia street, 1'hone 366. I'd
box SO". Can supply you with all
kinds of help promptly, free of
charge. Branch office. 107 Cordova
street west, Phone A 2750. Vancouver, B. C.
Japanese Employment Agency
Male   and Female   H-?lp   Promptly
COLUMBIA    and    McNCiEuEY   STS.,
Phone  431. P. O. Box   886
W.). Sparkman
Begs  iii announce that    he    is
now   ri ady     to    undertake    all
kinds "i upholstering, etc., etc.,
a:   the  lowest   price.-,  .axing   by
dircc*    work    the   middleman's
Cosy Corners a specialty,
All communications addressed
W. J. Sparkman,
Cor. Sixth and Carnarvon Sts.
will moe! with Immediate attention.
S.S.  ramonab_
W. IN. Draper
B.   C.   Land
Ellard BlocK, New Westminster, B C
Regular sailings between
calling at Hammon 1   I Ungle
Mission and w
sengers and freight
Leaves Brackm in .. K ' ���'���'���
New Westminster, Tuesdays. Thursdays and Saturday at 8 a  m.
Leaves Chilliwack Wednesday, Fit
day and Sunday at 7 a. m.
For rates and particulars, apply
It. WHITMORK, Secretary.
"The Milwaukee"
"The Pioneer Limited' St. Pwl JJ
Chicago, "Short Line" Omaha w
Chicago, "South Wesl Limited
Kansas City to Chicago.
Pacific coast history ar,. to be seen, the Daily Evenlug Express, Victoria
to send | Including books of discovery, records Gazette, Vancouver (Island) Times
hav,- re- obtained     to     determine     boundary j North    Pacific    Times.    Westminster
A group of the famous American Beauty Chorus in "A Knight for a ^TT ��� cnHsm - 25c per tin
r",' S Caches, $1 crate
Pres    Tars 1-2 gals, ,1.35 doz
Jt' those 10-Piece �� Sets
,      we are seUing at JZ.75
GROCERS Prompt Delivery
The best Laundry   )Gap
Sunlight Soap
rr���"-nto of prize
Every Day
$At Morey's|
8 ,.v, r-hi.    8
11   *
; clai
���'_    '
i. English Chi-
|4.50 tc   S20.00.
:���  ���     decorated,
12 50 to $10.00.
NEW ia   irrivlng
' I')*.'.
�� 217-219 Columbia Street
Wyandottes, golden, pullet���l, _ and J    Duck. r-'K.u, i.m<u<    a ...... -,
.;. c   M.-Diai mid. Dunkey, Sapperton.
Wyandottes, golden, breeding pen���| Pigeons
1.1.      -LI'.:     Oil   , ,   . ,,
...      , ,,.,,'    Pouters, red,  white or yellow   m   I,
Wyandottes, white, cock- 1, Mrs, I.. .   *
,,   _ , pair���1,   .Mcintosh   &  Goddard,    Van-
\). Beattie, Steveston.
Wyandottes, white, cockerel���1, Mrs.
,,   ;.     ,.   .        .        ,, Pouters, blue ... black, pair- ���_, vii
H. t.    Rademacher,    Vancouver;    _
,,,,,,.           ,. . Intosh fe Goddard. Vancouver.
and   I,  Washington Grlmner,    Pendei ,.         ,
, , iamails, white, pair���1, ,1. ,1. Jack-
i   . '
. ���    . ,,       ,,   ,      son,   Sapperton.
v. i.i   ttes, white,hen   Mrs. Hie.'
Jacobins, black,    pair���1,   Mel -h
macher,    North   Vancouvei;    \\.    \..
Dav!    Cl        .   .   :. Mrs.  1.. D.  Beat- & <"M^1 ,
Jacobins, '.vluic.    pair���1.  Mclntiisi_|
'",,- ,, & '-'"��� '��� lard,
W vi ndi    ���      ...   lullel    I  and 2, ,, .,  .
..:, obin , yell   .'���. pair���1,    M. Intosj
Sprot   .. -    i      B ima ij   Lai e   :;. \\.  .    .   , ,
,.   , ,k  (.oddard.
.Inc..  in     ie.),  pair-   I.  .'.Iclnu._h   &���
ndottes,      nl     cock    2   I)   W.  ,.   ,
! Goddard. e
Magpiei, red     .      I, Mi in   i b    <t
i . i, . indoU ff,  hen    I.  'i    nd  :'.. ,,   ,,
the  awai Is     m   tbe r. , idard
r     ��� ��� imlnstei ��� T ���
i iv. is.  silver,  i air- 1.  Mcintosh    &
���   .; .������ kere! '-'.,,
Owls,  bim.    paii   -l.    Mcintosh    .v.
���   '    '   and - .   ,,    ,    ,,,.,,
ioddard; 2,  v\   Heaton.
���'��� . . . ,   ,,
i.v1-. anv other color, pair-   1   Mc-
illet���1 and '_', w .   ,    ,',,
____________._^^^^^H ..-ii
n    ..,,. Hi [nt .sh ,v God-
...   mentioned:
(���-.onting on Cnir.a.
���>.     ���
i   .
^Q|IAI\l\lLi     CL   V'
TDCCT *__,���  Westminster. Telephone 333.
roMti '���APf-
~i' !&d
,   -ydhfc' *^j*.1o_
UAllMiVOl*     Kl j*
,..;,  cups  nnd   Si    '
1    E.'.i'h i       er.   Victoria;   -     I.   M-
W< iin ������' r.
B. dozen    plates���1,   M. M.
We ister; 2, Edith Coi   - r,   WalUer
Vict ria. r ,...,
B .   ..���:������ -I    -���-'���'���    ���     tdl ���'      ,-,���.
Coo        .'ictoria*. 2, Mrs. Shuri, Ham-   ^
moiv . C ich
Bi e ���   h    convent    ial   H      Walker
i. Edith-"Cooper.
I     ,. ,,  .......
.,.;:, .:. :.;. M   Wel
���,'���,'.    min
j.   .,   ��� ...j,, i       ood    1   ind 2
I ..,,    . . ���   ���       '.' 01   ���'' ���
, on leathe
,1 vv. stmin
, Sneep.
Spei r.zi   pri b ���: '���
den   d :   ;l'-' '" '   '' :'    :
(tbrou agen rs. T.   I
: w Wes       ister:    J
Ehejp  on  . xh! li
;,���, Sb innon Bros.   Clover
g prizes     presented   '���'���
Amerii in  Oxl   d   Down  Record  : -   '
) elation:
Be. ram���Alex.     Davi -
I     Bl ���   .��� ewe    i  and -J- Shan
' in.:i B
Sei .       ,    ir lambs, either S  *<
. ���:.   tir ��� ling pep    l, W.j
���:. cock    1, W. Walker,
partridge,    cock���1,    SV.
,.i idi '���    hen ��� 1,
Carriers,  an*,   color,  ; air���1. Mcintosh & Goddard.
Tumi lers, long f ic. I,  pair -1.    Mc
[hi        _. Godd ird,
l ....   :       lue, pa Davie     a
Son, Wi    mlnsl u
bliu  . h. ' k, pair��� I, Dai ���
a*;- Son.
Homi ���     an       bei  coloi.
Davb     & Son.
G.   C.   H .   hen���1,     A. j
j^^^^^is i niiii
... .���'' i     I,.
mm . I 3,  Roy   Pehner, New
_ ���       Any  other   .  i b ty nol   - peel ��� .
this   lis .   aii    '   ....  2   Mclnto
-.    dard
one dozen, ... h
. ghorn
.���. i .:.
C. B., pull. I    I  a��d -���
',.. Wall   ..
i ���   b,   i,r. . dll '
 Ki       . ib W. Ur:.y. Wesuniu*-
j, a. O'Connor, is'eggs, fresh  ..i.e dozen, brown,
.    i .  W., cock _ ���    i   W   H   Austin, Sapperton.
,      ..;  2   A. or ^^        (jggS|   .{re8hi    ���u.   ���
S,  C.   W���  cock. .a,,i..,:-!,  Mrs.  R.  McClure, Mount
'   J    '��� wilson'      , , .,   Lehman.
ns,  S   C.   NV..  hen���1   and  - Poultry.
^!"":';'!\vV'1u,K*    i and 2 Special   prizes   presented    b.     -
Legh��rnS   S   (\   or     ,-r Columbian   Co.,  Ltd,     For  th     best
!   '   r's CW   Seeing pen-1   I .mg,pen, any varlety-1,   J.   J-
Leghorns, S. C. W., brei         . ^       w   Wfllker
Leghorns, K   C. W_.   cook���1,    V\ .
 j Walker.
^^^^^^^^HH    ,    I      _____________________________��� Leghorns, R. C. W., cockerel   t, w.
\  Hardnian.    A.James    J. McClughan      ^        ^     ;i,. s,,���;, ,|    by  Henry   WalkeI
_~.a__._r-    l Birkt .'���   -        Ud.:    For best pen ot
PLUMBING |1,1,K"^ - - "- -
Stallion, 4  years old    and    over���1,
and 2. Thomas MerceT, Ont.; :i. Pern-
fat sheep-Silver medal, C. T. Higgin-
son &  *
Leghorns,  R. C.  W.,  pullet-1,  W.'      ^ 8tock farm:   I. French Brofe.
j Walker.
  ^���^^^^���^^^^^^^^ eock-l.   W.
I    S""'"'1 ''v[y-' Presented by the Giant   ,_ ,     (,n..^ paH.. ,_ w   Walker       |
Pow.le: C.ms.ili lai  .1    Victoria,  I!. ^^^^*^^^B
Stallion. :: years and tinder  I���I, '1'-
vlercer.    2,   o.    Campbell;  3; 1*/.  B.
Pure Spices in  1 -4 lb. pkfes. ^^
Guaranteed and^iEAjiNG   ; r;,.-^^^ llu,,. 3_l
fai! strength and w^ht Jtoey w^ M    Trust Blocl* -rr^M0^^-?^^
turned if not better than any >ou na\e uj     ���     iai , exllibiv}on o.c  rhos Mercer;,, ?wMta ..��*
LU1 , LM -i  Shannon Bros.                          horn8, buff, pullet-1, W. wai-   fam
ZT                   /<��� . ��� ���- .'? v                           ( '   ���   ��� e                            ',. ,-���  -��� and 3   W. E. Carbutt.                     Btatttolll foal of 1908-1, Pembeitoi
ur^%/_i=ill^^ Drue Store ^^^^^ \ .   :.,... ^'^1;.:^,^
��� -***:,-*::.*:..*:.-;!.*:.*;'-*5!*|!-..;:.*-��.. ���-.:::.:.:::.:;.-:. :::���;:=. ,:-::.^o-:w#
j" Get-Rich-Quick I
1     Wallingf ord"     ��
1. =:;.��� ; tion of 160 acres, wore or i����.
i \ Story ..1 Promotion.      For Pleasure and Profit. |*-��- J^, '.e.
��� )'*:*      ~ !_._,��� i.onrta Aeency   or   sub-
I       PRICE
Li..I-....-H.-. buff,  pullet���1, W. Wai
^^^^^^^^^^^ ker;       and 3, \V.  E. Carbutt.
.    Special  prize presented    i.y    Henry |    Leghorns, buff, breeding pen���1, A.
Birks *;  Sons,  Ltd.:   Fur  best exhibit | O'Connor; 2, W, E. Carbutt.
jof swine���Bronze medal, \Y. M.  lb.in       Minorca**; black, cock-   1 and -. \\
ynoptis    of    Canadian     North-Weit   ford, Chilliwack. ! Walker.
Homestead   Regulations. Special  prize presen   d  by tin   Wil       Minorcas, ..lack,  cockerel���1  and  ',
*      Any even numbered section of Do-   ':n8on  plow  Co ��� Toronto:    For    liie  \V.  Walker.
���*' minion lauds  in  Manitoba, Saskatcb-   "Sl > *������*   -l!111 lwu sows, and age, an>       Minorcas. black, hen-   i
t  ewan and Alberta, excepting 8 and 20,    " ���-.l���l,   I"-.  Thorn,. chilii-.vncl.   Walb.r. ^^^^^^m
. ��� not reser.'jd, may be homesteaded by      Special prize    presente   dby    Ryriej     Minorcas, black, breeding pen���1, 2
.���.}' any person who is the sole head of a  Bros., Ltd.,   manufacturing   Jewellers,  ano :;. \v. Walker
���  ........ ������aaP  ix  vears o: i Toronto:     To   lo  the   winner    of  I'm
and '.'., W
-1, Sh.au-
any person who is the sole nenu ul -   ^^^      Jq  [q  lhf,  wlnner    ot  the]     Minorcas, white, cock        ,:.���'. -   ^v 	
arm.  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Stallion, foal of 1908-1, Pemberton
stock term; 2. G. Watson; ������. Shannon
51 mood mare with foal at foot, 3
vears and upwards-1, G, Watson; 2,
Emberton stock farm;  3,  Inverholm
stock farm.
V..Id mare. 3 years and up���I. Snan-
,,1.11 Bros.; 2. Alex. Davie; 3, S, R.
Filly. 2 years and undei  3���1, Arex.
Filly, 1  year and under
Thompson, bronze medal
Plymouth Hocks, Ua
w iDeMinols, while, pullet-1, S. Smith.      piny,  toal of 1908-1  and 2, Shan
rred cock���1. W.      ;          ncllled,   cock-1 RroB.. 3, Shannon Bros.
golden pencilled,   eock-i,, Bjofc. ;.   sbannon Bros.
4 _______H XT __..._.   T\__ol��_,VO    ...:T
{  Book
made   in  person   'J_>    -."*=   ��*'���""-  ���*'}''.""  ' ,    ,������,..,.,, I hiiihiiuip,".  f."'"^-   ���       ^^h        1 ' "'-'..
=:>X rDominlon Lands Agency   or   snh-  Walker, Burquklam;  2,  '��� J    ackso^. Ralph Robinson, Westminster.      produce ol- 0 ne mare,    an     ag
il UenTtor the district in which thejSapperton; 3, N. R. Brown, Westmin-, ^.^^ ^ cock_i, w, Wal-^^.   sex iregisteredl    two anuna.s
='4 land is situate.   Entry by pro**y may.  s|er
r*i  k���M��pr.  be  made at an agency on        ,
lanu ia ���."�����"'���    ���   - a^i .
however,  be  made at an agency onl    plvimmUl Rocks, uarred
Orpingtons, buff, eock���1, \\.   ......    ...
I either    sex tregiate.rui    a-.- 	
roeli.'i-el��� i ker:   2,  W.  Heaton.  Fast   Delia. I .   0. ��� ���   .. , ,,
."'���������' 1   Shannon  Bros-  2, Pemjerton s.ock
���"el.-e;-el���1.    W.| ,	
certain conditions by the father, nioiti-
er, son, daughter, brother or sister Of'
^^^^^ an  intending   homesteader.
Npwsj Fif-nle-r*? Kt     'lhe l'('uiesteader is rejuired to per
ncwa *-'*s<*lclB  �����* fonil the homestead duties under oue
farm. ^^^^^^^^
Suffolk Hunch���
,   ..   w       Orplngtous,    buff,    cwkerel-l,  W
1,W.  Heaton,   East     Delta:     -.   l>-      ��� , ., ,������, :!,  \v. Wnlkcr. ^_   .-,,���_���._.  -*^^HM.        ,,.��    1
Bray,   Westminster;   3,  A. O'Connc/,  He0%Ingtons> buff, hen-l( W. Walke.'l      Sta���ion,  ::  yeara  ami    upwarus-1
Westminster. ,,.,   Smou  &  Shou,  Burnaby Lake;   3, and 2, M. Steves.
Plymouth Rocks, barred, hen-2 and 2.   ^ St;ilu,ni     foill    ot-    r.ms-i. .1.  ti.
11 Qf-otinnprs NeWS UCaiers ui torm the homesteaa auu�� ����- 1 sW .walker, Burgultlam. Orpingtons, buff, ntfllet-1    and    2, steve8, _
s^ers Stationeis  ^g; ioiiowiug pUus. RockS| barredi  1)uUet-i, j w NVi(lu,,.        j   Brood mare wKh ,-0il, Bt toot
ttm       '.'^^s^ 11)   At least six months' residence - 2and 3> A. O'Connor.     SP>
����������������������������������������� **���*���*****���" ^ and  oultlvatlon  of  the land  in '^���^���
jach  year  for   :breu  years. _   ^^^^^^^^^^^
l8,    A nomesteader may   If he so ^  R(lcks   buff| Oock-1, W.
I38lrea   perform the    required   re,.- ���'���1111111111111111���
: Picture : |
ighl Trains Every "sv in the Ye*t| _p  tbe  vicinity
BETWEEN I  n/~\GT t     a\ ��*zImS   '����<'!**���'��' '
M,.      c_l    D      1     \l\JO I     lL/.a*rW**-*,'*-/   reqiilvBmenl
lnneapous, M. r am i     arb now on sale at        l3, inn
.   ��, . I..    ..nocvii   CTATIONERY   STORE.   .    .    ,   ls <)<
tight Trains Every nsv in the Ye*t
^^^      ���  Walker. ^^^_ ���    --^^^^^m
-   - ,. oruingtoM. breeding pen-l, Sprott ;uul upwards-l, J. M- Su'^S-
Plymouth  Rocks,  barred,    breeding, &���^   ,   ^   ^^ ,    Mfl uw>.  ., ,,,���., and upwards-1,
en_l, a. O'Connor: 2. W. Walker-.���   1    nrninEttm8.   black,  cock���Strike    &jj_  ^ steve
: ir Schou: 2, \s. Heaton.
"tons,   black,  cock���strii_e     ._
\\. Heaton: ::, Stride ti Sons
.ears and undei
I. J. M.
and Chicago
Till-   1 RAIN OF t-AME
THE    :-. ir rH-WESTERN,    LTU
Embi newest    and best ideas |
Ioi   ��� iRT,   t.'t)NVENlENCE.
llir.     .^v a.       	
J.   G.    GAMON'S   CIGAR    DIVAN.    F.
Plymoutn  nuiiiv,      Isons' 2  W  Heaton; -. bi����� ���        Fill
, , a  *.",.. - -�� r- '���m "���"'' '"9 ���rr10"' "��� " ''w "ss - - r r
,��.'..  -�����"   "'   ""' "    ' ,'i... <.���'���..'.   """���   ' u"' '   '���'��� ,   buck. ie.. ->. ��� ��." ���'��� ,..,,���,. m "" ���"""-'' "."���'"'"''-
,������,,    ism   ...res   Hi   extent,   *���> ,     uipins'-uuo,
'":"'              If hlk homestead.   JolniW. Walker. stride & Sons.                                      [.I.M.Steves
Walker. Heaton; 2, W. Walker
,., ���;;���,;.-�� -.��.;<.- /��-?��**;"iST      ���	
1      -,a..,i,  of a  homesteaib-r    Aulker    -. -ins.  1- "
father ts deceaseo) 01 a  h n(v,kg   huf(  bre
I,.is   1
. .-������
*\ '
.' *���-'
���inw'.''��� y:
._����� 1 ������ ������.
.��� a-.'V
. . b_.
_U      '    ' ������.   '
' : ���-������_
' !>'.
,  ,.     ,��� ���*' 1. ���#,
... ,<���'
'a,* '   .     .  '
I' ,    *>    '..   -
4.*     ''}]
- '*}
I   ,b.'V'
:''   I'^l
v -^ ___
7 i*Ri
���'���   'l', -:r;
.   ���..'-'
���'' *���..-1
��� . . . ���
' i-
I :���       ���
I ������'4*
���' '   ���'**.-   _.
> ��:-.*.' ���*-. ,���* 1?
'   JD*1!.'   *    .    a.   ���
lh _.'
-   ,.;���"'.:'���-;���-!
���'  ,'      ...
'      ^fe
Sr* ���     *#'
>       *%W' 1  v
'   :       i.-' .  r
?' ^
���>l��*:.  fS*
L    .      *   '���������*,
���     .   J*''"       ' L.       lit
.   ,. ���   v�� -���. ���' .    '*'   ���
���i*   "l-'i,  ������
���ii.-   -__    -a
;: ��� 'y*Mi
M '
���>���( **^*tirti
English -shir,. horses-
Stallion, ". yeara   and   upwards���lv
r r^mu'm cigar oivAN. p. i:;;;;.;m;;;,ent .^m.^ f~ ����"^i ko^; .^. ^i--..';"!^^1
jt ,', B.  Hogati
:;  years an.l  upwards,
brilliantly illuminated train in the
world. Uu- equipment consists of
private   .ompartment   cars,   standard
r.-.-.v   '.uuipariment   cars,   ..lanuaro O *nia   nff
16 lection  sleeper?,  luxurious  dining  en^-ST  OCTVlCc   pc 1
������� reclining chair cars (seats free),] ^^     ,bT^ _���_L-,,
\\ ,lll\'-i . Dl .'.oi"ii.    "    .'
,lacu,  breeding pen    1.1 .pj,, g_  yi, i-cev;
mare.   5^^^���^^^^���^
      . .,   ,     H.1IltflllW   sanies, B. R. %< pali    -���   wllll foal ai  fool    I. Alex. Davis..
!-,H1":;"";;.;.Iv"'by' him.  no.   I*.      I. W, W^r, a. Mrs i- ->--;���    ^   ^mmh|   ,...,,,,1,..,., ,,illy  t0a, o. 1��W  -1. A**. "-"
h.    ,t,,et V"'  ��       ���'  "so   'acres in extent, in      Plymouth Rocks, white, cock    I. VV. ^ g_  i||ir,,. ,���,,   palr
,THE FAIR." Columbia Street.      _ thall alghtl   ;:^ hnmagteftd  or up.   walker J__��      ulim  Rolph| Westminster.
hUe'  cocUer        Ba"iu;il'���<. Cochin, buff,      '. - and|
n',mr,u"h'.s o'wi,  residence duties by j    ,.,ummth  Rocks,  white,   hen-L        ' ��� ^ ^^   Cochin, white, pali���1, VV.
Frei^t and Pass-      ��� ��� I ��� <��T. I^.
������������' ���i;:y$*
.'��� T��i- ������..l'' ��..^ t*>
.*5'��.��,ii.wb ����� ,W."3C
> ft*. ���">.. i
'    '*<,V:wtai.'-.l*lTL
���    --������'". '1.1
���. :������ * ^ :i*|
...    -V !i ������ {.;
eight -   I-"*"1   'l,:'   	
���ieiniti of the homestead, or up-  walker.
a ...._,... V,!,.,
 '  n..  'dcin.n   ot  we nvi....���.-, --���     ��� ������
| '                      __  f ���   t home8tead  entered  for by h.m Plymouth   Rock .   ���
       ini "lighted   -With  j   nwer   FraSer RlVer ,;;'���;. vicinity, such homesteader may ,.  w.  Walker
both electricity   and   gas;   the   mo8t|*^��Wer   L T*��  fnrm his own  resilience duties h> plymouth  Rocks,  ���
modern  day  couches   and
��iMv and  sin,.king cars.
F(>r Time Tables, Folders, or any
eats free),   ���,?..�� .       .
buffet, li- SS  "Favorite
(4)    Tue term ���'vicinity" in the two
pr^cedlng  paragraphs Is  defined    a^
and  8,  W.  Wallo".
Stallion,  3   years  and   apwardt-l,
,   B   Hogate, Bi indoh.
Heavy  drafi
Brood  mare, 3  years  and  over   i,
*    J,    lam-
��� ' \wft*m
d   3,   W.   >v,.o".. ���    \V.,i.,,|      l>,   .\lrs.   !���..    !>..'" "���     	
Plymouth Rooks, white, puliei     . -       ^       ^  w. Gordon, Burnaby Lake,
Mrs. K.  Barrett,    Central  ,,,...,���.,.,,,��� Btock    farm;
;. _..  R, O'Neill.
W.  Walkei
a   uireci   t.'.y.     ,
  of  road  allowances crossed    In      ne
^r^ormaZ;\rororVrrte|    Carrying frelg^d passengers to ---^ncsteade,  Intending   ��
p. W  PARKER                   all points between Now Westmin m m realdence duttw Ij �����
��� W. ^AKKhK.                   I.n.,\ve,.ilu.ni island. JordauC8 with the above while living
Leave. Brackmau-Ker's wharf dall ents or on farming and own
eaning not more than nine miles in 1    plymoum  Rocks,    white,    iireem**
a dlrect line, exclusive of the width!)M_li w. Walker
Bantams, cochin, black, pair���1, C
W   Gordon.
  .   ,,���,  - .    Pi-tales,   palr-1, NV.   Nlcholl,   Van-,
Wyandottes, silver, cock    i   anu    ��� 1    uver_
\.  Kolosolf, Eburne. . Geese and Ducks. '
Wyandpttes, silver, cockerel   ' ���"'   I    ^^ T(Jlllouse, male���1 ami 2. SV.
Filly or gelding, :'. years and over���
I. 2 and ::. S. lt. O'Neill.
Filly or gelding, 2 years and under
3���1, Alex. Davie.
Filly or gelding, 1 year and under 2
���1. J. Tamboiine; 2, Pemberton stock
farm;  3, Inverholm stock farm.
��mi S
ecoml Avenue. Seattle. W����b
Choice Meats at
Kolosolf.      *m**m**m**mWm*L       i ������    \v..n-ei'._________^____________________________________________________________iMViriir        "'��� -^^^^^^m
  Wyandotles. silver, hen    1. 2 ^*i.J.   VVa      .    ^^^     ���,.,.���.,...,    and   2.      poa, of 1908-1,    Pemberton    siock
in farniuiB '��"u """ i .    Kolot=off '      '
JZZ -it Saturdays,, 2 ^ ; I,^ ^"fjZS^^  ^"^ ^ ""^' ' '    "n'-><   U,   U 1. VV.  Walker; | ^ ��� ;ull o�� heav/ dra^horses-
addlllouai trip on Mondays, leavh - J-jJ^jJ.J"   wrltlng must
m _______________________��-. n��.
A. Kolosoff.
Wyandottes,  silver, bi
reeding pen
1)m.K   Pekin, mal 1, W,  Walker;
... w. Heaton:  3, W. Dunkey, Sapper-
fl " lu,di
Central Meat Market1;,: , ;---_,. ;^^  ��� .-.;;V;,--rt^.T
nyy^r H--? ��� ��� -< - - ��-y,. %,   i^tirr..^ -= fcT u ��� *"
BOwe,, at B:80 p.m. ,BV=   nentitv of the Minister o' the mien     i w,ii.i'i.
mowell & oudy. Proprietora. _.  ���..ton     Tuesdays.IDepui)  ������� ������
���  Calling    at    Btevesiou
n E
SDVEirr Sw      'ii
, N ���
." ���*- ii,-    n e w a
i-bnrs.iavs and Saturdays.
Ttoketa to Steveston an'
I cents on Saturdays onl:
eturn 50 thi
,  adverilsement   wiil  no,   he  paid   .^^ W. Walker.
1    s, k. O'Neiil; 2, Alex. Davie;
Brood man-. 3  years and  upward^
���   ii    ii. Jardine,
"���  ' ,,,,������   .. Vears and under
Killv or gelding, - >'������'
., *-.'    I\>   MB
,�����* ' t!. i.H-ft
....^���f">l��    P-  ...
��.' '��� THE  DAILY  NEWS.
���SJrVf **���    '* '
MONOay   ^
��.���&���'��� "-'
��*J_fts- ���'.**��*"'
f IP .���-. :������.__._'  S,    .1
:    'a'--
Ar.if.*r^ r ��� ����� .
���*���>��� ���*' ������...'
fM".? i.
ri. _ *'i .. "i
��3 '*'�����>
' W'i-'^"l.*- .
r    ,     �����   :* A" ���-'
'��� H>*i'i*(y
-���' skw v
.*>; *6*'ii is-
fl  ... ������"     '
��� 1   mi  , 'iv,
J*'.j    ,'*''       a.1    ""
,.k Ha -i"
;.Li ??9kji^- ���; ��
���   ii'   lb*..*
W&W'  -ri *
_s4 ��l, iii-C'r* *
'I   ' "I'.'. '
_!_}* ���'''_*' iH'-'''
m ���.  '"
.ll MHi "r .1
wT*f y.i-i,1 ���
*'���'_��; }������* * i"' ��� ���
uni* ft--Tit .;_���/ ���*
i *. '"'J, ..;'*'  :.
du ���
'. I'i'.'a'!*   . *���������
i i!     " ����� ,' ia
je* * *
M-j\ * '
"   '*-*',  * |
:'"' I'.;,.
iff ".���"'
��� ��� i
fi W' ���' ���
&. -|i .$
'; ti if    .'��� .,    L    -
IIP-        "
Iiii, '*���,
', I*
Published by tbe Daily News Publishing Company, Limited, at their
offices, corner of Sixth and Front
��treets,  New  Westminster.  B.  C.
���.  A.  Paige Managing  Director
MONDAY, OCT. 5. 1908.
Do not forget that George Eulus
Foster would control the Dominion
treasury if the Conservatives were to
go Into power.
Pprhaps from the point of view of
excellence not only in classes, but in
the close competition in the classes,
the  exposition  which closed ou  Sat-
within the province would bring out
representation of a class as much
needed In the province as any other.
Tae attendance, though not fully up
to last year, showed that in the Terminal City Hi- genera] public does
not endorse a threatened boycott, and
nou- thai the fair Iris closed let us be
plainly understood as believing we
can give the good people of Vancouver a really Interesting program at an
annual celebration without the aid ot
the lacrosse aggregation whose movements seem to be controlled Iby persons whose only interest in il is the
money they make out of it. The
boys will always be welcomed here:
we belive they can play a clean game,
and vve hope the sad disappointment
of not meeting the Capitals here on
Thursday will lead them to break
.away from the  tinhorn element.
A very noticeable interest was in
evidence amongst the thousands who
attended tli" fair in the beautiful
flower beds and lawns at Queen's
park.    The park ranger,  Mr, Robert-
Ac! to pronounce judgment,
unstinted   in   tneir   praise.
who were!would work when he
ii- lingers  at  a  representative  fish-
���man's   meeting  lln   this  city  some
snapped   thoroughfares
minuted  'a**'
of the  i "��''!
the condition the grounds were in this
year, and the park committee is to
be commended for having the beautifying of our parks in such capable
hands. We hope to see additions
made to the staff so that something
may be done to beautify the other
parks,   li is money well speni
urday night has surpassed all others  ^   ^ (1(,.(���.ving of Rreat prai_., for
whicli preceded it,  not omitting    the
.Dominion exposition.    In the district
exhibits, with Chilliwack absent as a
district exhibit of mixed products, the
grade   was   considerably  higher  than
it. was in 1907.    The Langley exhibit
was certainly ahead of what it was
Ji-iaSt  year, so that  the Surrey exhibit
must be considered as excelling what
Chilliwack gained the lirst  prize    on
at.  last   year's   fair.    Cog_uitlam   was
reaching higher at this exposition aud
succeeded. The Okanagan exhibit  was
more  compact  .and   quality   was   very
much more in evidence than it was in
its collection twelve months ago. The |
exhibit  from Mission  City  could  not 1
bo expected to compare with the larger   districts,   because    very   much of,
their   products   are   early   fruits.   the j lh,.���,,���.h.(
soil   and  sunny   slope   being  adapted
more  to these   than   the   mixed   products.
of  this city  were  illu-
night.    The turning on i
was   the  occasion of  a |
A NEW dictionary. few  reeks a.m.. and defiantly told thlslband concer ;  citizens also united In
Whai    has    already    been    spelled ;"-  class   that   "th,.   regulations celebrating the event.   Speeches were
'���frozen''   is   Taylortzed   as   "enthusi-   would     ��� carried out  to the letter." made bj officials and prominent chiasm." did aol give a rap for the Usher-  zens.   The streets were thronged un-
Thai  which was received with "cob:  men   then.    Now   he  comes   cringing! til a late hour,
indifference" at   Friday  night's mee     for their votes {or a Conservative can-      The new electric  Ugl"   plant Is  lo-
ing is Taylorized as "thunders of ap-   dida ���. Mr. Taylor   and talks about e   Cate betweed F and tl Btreets.   It cost
plause." settlement   between   the  two govern-l^i     The plant  is owned by the
A "scattered few" is Taylorized mt        nts.   If the settlement was what he Lit.       six   months  ago   bonds   were1
"largely  attended." , . | .it. why did he n.,i  i.^e olu, *n.   .,,,,,,!  ,,,  pay  for  the improvement.
Mr, Taylor's talk aboul   the Fraser  dividual case and carry li through to  ���	
river being neglected by the Liberals   the Privy Council and not harrass the
falls flat when it is remembered thai   ,,.,,,���  fishermen   on   the  river?    The!    A   definite  announcement  is   made
notwithstanding many appeals to the fishermen did  not object   to  nav  the   from   Winnipeg   that  a   double daily
of the
There is
pay the
Conservatives during the twenty years | license fee, but objected to the condi-  transcontinental service on the C.P.R,
they were in power,  they  never dld|tion attached to the license, that the'will   be  maintained   this   winter,    anj
anything,   and   so   parsimonious were   provincial    government    regulations'accommodation not previously accord  ,
they   that they discharged  a  captain  were to be adhered to.   These regula-
of   the   snagboat   "Samson"   because tions Mr. McBride knows his govern-
the crew  had twenty pounds of dried ment has no .authority to make, and
apples   added   to   their   meagre   fare, the way in which it  has tried to en-
We could wait until Gabriel's trumpet; forCe them  is a  fair sample of Con-
sounds  before any intelligent  system servatlsm.
of work would be undertaken by the 	
Conservatives. His talk was wastedl Conservatism is the enrichment of
In view of the telegram received by the few at the expense of the multi-
Mr.  Robert  Jardine from the deputy tude.
minister of public works, that the m-i, protection and George Eulus
dredge Fruhllng has been purchased Foster are tW(> olj,er samples, an.l
for use in deepening the channel thlr- Ujjen we i,avt, Mr j D Taylor as an-
ty feet to the gulf. other, because he must acquiesce in
  j what  Premier McBride and his asso-1
Premier McBride dkl not want  the elates have done or he could not in
sins  of his governmenl   visited  upon  vite hini to speak in his interest at ai
Mr.   Taylor.    We  can  only  judge  of public   meeting  in   the centre  of thei
Conservatism  by  the way  its  princl    district   where   the   honest   fisherman
pies  are  worked out  here under our   das been made to suffer.
Get the Hi
Special Today Only
ed. The new time table comes into
lorce on Sunday next, and as far as
Is known there will be no change in
the arrival and departure
trains east and westbound,
still sonic question whether
number 1 and 2 will operate east of
Winnipeg, as the C. P. R- nvay take
off the Toronto special to Winnipeg,
and run those trains through to Montreal via Toronto.
The Publicity association did good
work with its tree distribution of
post cards of the city, which visitors
were required to address and mail at' very nose.   The sacrifice of the home,.
the stand. This Is a novel waj of advertising, and will do much more
good than the same amount of money
siient in booklets.
''Capitals" have endeared
to our citizens by their
gentlemanly demeanour since they
entered our city; they are gentlemen
and we have endeavored to treat tnem
as such, and we ar.
to remain a  few days more
While upon this section we would a_ Huchi an(J we art, gl.((] they wl,.,
suggest to the board of control that
then; should be a return to the individual exhibit. The individual exhlb- The B c E 1{ company officials
[tor, competing in lines in which he are deserving of commendation for
has special knowledge as to their cul- th(. saf.. .[U,, thoughtful manner in
ture, would have to produce his best whlch tlu, handled the crowds. Cour-
in each line, and we. would get back tesy aml care havt, been h.aruied out
to the old days when the immense | un3tin,tingly.
specimens   astonished   the   visitors,    j 	
If this principle works good in the , The Exhibition band exceeded any-
fruit section, why not in the produce I thing ever expected from a musical
classes? Articles manufactured of combination north of San Francisco.
leather were missing this year, and , and delighted not only the general
We think prizes for home manufacture' crowd, but also musicians well quali-
and interest of the fishermen along
the Fraser river in the interest of a
gigantic corporation, the cannery combine, is a sample of Conservatism.
Mr. Mc Bride did not realize how tliis
Blaine,   Oct.   4.���After    having
Streets in darkness for two years.
The Fair
240 Columbia Street
New Westminjt,
Tomorrow's Bpec il G
I ish  Shaving  Stick. 2
arm��i"s Enj,
oer stick.
bu\   fi
,r ,, ,,��-,, ,.--,v--A--.,--,e-,,-..-\.--,,",.",i-v.--.,-',,--i,--,,��-,,--.i-.. .-.a -... ���  ���-..--,.--..",.--,,--,.--,,--,,���,.--,,--,.--,.-,,--,,-..���-,,���-.,-���,,-..-������;;.
77iifs Is My 41st Birthday f
Frank Harris Hitchcock, chairman of the Republican national
committee and manager of the campaign for the election of William
II. Taft as President, was born October .".. 1867, at Amherst. Ohio.
He was graduated from Harvard university and later attended Columbia haw school. In 1S31 he entered the government service at
Washington as a clerk. While a clerk he read law and became interested iu politics, and after serving as assistant secretary to the
Republican national committee p. was made chief clerk in the de
partment of commerce and labor, whence he was promoted to the
position of  first  assistant  postmastei   general
Presents  the Astonishingly Successful   Musical   Comedy
Exactly   as   presented     for  one   solid
year  in  Chicago,  tive months   in
New York, and tive months in
Superior Cast of Principals. Including BOBBY BARRY and BL3IB HERBERT, and a Stunning Company of
Sent   Sale  commence!
(ni.   Sth, 9  a.m.
nt   Ryall'
Pnces-$2.0C.   $1.50.   $1.00,   7_c.   50c.
P.O.Box  471.        Te Rp5 ,j,|
Estimates   Submitted.
Iron Work.
JOHN   REID,   Proprietor.
Manufacturers ot
-Vrought   Iron   Gates,   l-encej, Crettl
ings,  Balcony Railings, and
Fire   Escapes.
General Machine Work an
Office and Works:
Tenth Streo!,   ���   New Weslmtt
tr      AOVER .: - ���'     n
��� IN  ���
THE       DAILY      HEW:
Ir YOl" '.', i-    ���  3l! .J." )U
Johnston's Big Shoe House, Ltd
��� T******************\********^^ IW-id���a g_K5��___a_FS*ffi_B_&*--^
The Largest and Best Equipped Shoe House  in  British Columbia
We have the goods you need. Any time you realize that the time has arrived for casting aside your old shoes, call at our big store and we will supply you with the exact kind
of Footwear you need. Our stock is almost unlimited and no customer is turned away
because we cannot supply his needs.   These prices will interest you:
Men's Working Boots
Mi n'_   Besl  i Irain   Le n r,'-;-.  i liucncr
cut, V.'.ii." ir ioi  Bo its   a pair..    ,; I   I
Men's  dou   ������  3ole,   b ix  i ill   r,'r,, u-
. rs,   ;:, id ���   '. ll b   pi ���-.-   rl. el te I   Boles
Men'    F
Bool .  ....
Hli   BlUChO!    VVOI  . :,.:
If   it' i  Logging   : Ioi con till   li
We hiv,. the kin i you wan
Boys' and Girls' Shoes
,f__.,'V*''!R_S'i*vr'''"'', ���.-<'.'�����' ;.r__rv
Ask to see the lines of Men'.. Fine
Box Oall ii I Kid shoe- we are selling for    $3.00 nnd $3.B0
Thej <��� iual $ 1.00 and $4.50 shoes of
��� here.
\.,!.   foi    mi     "Me Iio"   Hox   Calf,
le,'her     lined,     Waterproof    Bixiis
$3.00 :i   pair.    Good   as  any
other $6.00 shoe.
Ladies' Shoes
W.    uppl    ;,earl,  all the Boys and
Girls   in country    with    Shoes,
Tin i' a on for this la thai they are
' he kind Hi ������ will oui wi ar i he ordinary make twice over���bi sides giving
the children'! feel an air of Uniness
:|u ' ���-''..... illy neal appearand .
The prices on our Boys* nnd Girls'
Ulrica arc (be lowest  in the province.
Men's Fine Shoe;
Tills is the store tor medium priced
!.: lies' Fine Shoi s.
We are establishing a name for the
high quality Ladies' Shoes. We Bell
for $3.00 to $3.50 a pair.
"Empress  Shoes," $3.00,  $3.50 and
Marsh "High Merit" Shins. In Patents, Gun Metal and Kid, al $3.00
and $3.50.    All  beauties.
N'o  '..ian   in ed   ;
..." .'n for as K-- od ....
��� aal  torwoar.   Oui  I i
Gun M. tal , etc., In la   '
:,:   y, 00 a  p .1.'   are th ���
For $3.50  and  $4.00
so.ne    beautiful  line
livery  young   Fellow
wearing oar High Merli Pal
i r Boots, al $4.50 a i ���>''���
New Westminste
Sign of Big Electric Boot
_______________ *0'
[ TJ^Ca^ Stores-
-T. H. SMITH The"Ca,h Stores] I'OTYNEWS
[ Cl-
I meri:
; B.  C
irged   with  having
���   lion,   wiil   face
��� ;..  morning.
Igara of    exclusive
ante,"   made  hy   tht
' .1 y
riTORS   to   New  Westminster Fair are cordially invited to
Vn ike this store their headquarters while in the ci t;. We extend
'   necial invitation to our mail order patrons to come and make
Ll known to us, as there are many of them whom we only
^Through our letter order department.
Hi. IK___**lk      $40-00 Women's Suits for
Big Sale of Women s
Suits, Coats and
���; ~% In fine unspotable Broadcloth
$27.00 Women's Suits for
i .
In all the newest of cloths,
chevrons, stripes, etc.
Two i . fishermen on the Fraser rh ��� awaiting trial on a
charge ag been drunk and disorder!, ri ,;��� case comes up this
moral ti
Cl'-. sale of over 4000 Colum
bia phoi .graph records at J. H.Todd s
music ... A 75c record for fifty-
cents. Coin., early, as this stock reducing   ... ..ill not las-, long.
A  mei ���  ...  ol  the  V.  W. C. T.  0.
will  bi   In   .   il   Miss 1. M. Marshall's,
Brandforcl    treet,  at 8  o'clock Wed-1
needs.,   evening   insi.-ad   of   Tuesday
, evening.       A   full   attendance   is   re-
! quest.-:
For cut flowers lor any floral work,
i ring up Tidy, the florist.   Phone 184. *
! Sir Thomas Taylor, ex-chief justice
of Manitol a, and father of Re\ Dr.
T.  Wardlaw Taylor, will lecture   on
I-\Ve,;. n Home Missions'* at West
Presbyterian church  at   eight   "    -''
I tonight.
***************** z
It's Up To
House ���
Furnishing ���
8 wire tapestry in Floral and   ���
Block   patterns.    Ileg.  90c and
$1.00'per yard, tor, 60c per yard
Make and Lay Free.
Mammoth Furniture Emporium
    -~. .,_._,,__   otdcct   NEW WESTMINSTER,  B. C
lliuiiiiiivus       ���  ��� ���  m
I Opposite Lorne Street.     Phone 73. ^
���*;'_':������.;''i:-��*;*^*��-;yi:>����; [:�����.:''-::''������������: ':���#���:";*������;'':��*��*,:y.>
Bi, Bargains in Blankets, 25 p.c. off Regular Prices
" ...   ,....��� ..ii ,..,_,,i u-hite ami erev*.
���    ,   .   ���      .a,.i    in  line all-wool white an.l grey.
0ver yin ..air of Blankets in stork,  m  nn< ^m^
p     .    white,  from   $3.50 to 	
,;.,     from $2.50 to
Alexander Broadcloth Suitings at $1.25 per yard
/ileAU"  _. _-  ..���.,  ti 7.-, ivr vard.    Out   price  for  same,   in all
Vai ���
,,,., sen this beautiful fai  at $1-65 and $1.75 per yard.    Our  price for same. In^all
mly, per yard
Stupendous Values in White and Colored Bed Spreads
ad  In  the si  -,. -,-    ��� luced,    White Bed Spreads, dou il<   bed Blse, for, per pair..$1.00
Manufacturer's  Snmple  Line
...... ,,ii
., .   of an old - >uni i y manufacturer'
cenl   un i ices
aamph    - '" ""���'"" the ""V"v    '   '
All Columbia phonograph di-.
ords in Btock now gelling at 50c each,
regular   price   "ac.       Buy   while  the
choice j.  large,    .1.  il. Todd's music
j .1011.se. **
Visitors to the exhibition from the
Maritime Provinces included Graham
Fraser. of New Glasgow. N, S.. president of th? .Nova Scotia Steel com-'
pany, and Joshua Peters, a prominent
capitali.--   ol   Moncton.   N.  B.
Knock  the  cover off  a lox  of  "B..
C." cigars and try one.   It will make!
[a "hit." **
The wedding of Donald Eastman, ot
.ltoyal avenue, an employee of the B.
i C. B. ii.. and Miss Douglas, was sol-
I emnized on Saturday by Kev. Father
iO'Boyle.    After  a  short  honeymoon,
the   young    couple    wlll    return    to
i make their residence in this city.
An   Austrian, whose  name   the au
thorlties have failed to learn, fell into j "=
; the rivei off Gillej Bro-' wharf cn1--
I Satin.in.   evi niu-:.  but   - ive  for  the
conseq em wetting, he was little the
worsi for the Immersion     \ generous
inindi .   Spi .-'.��� ��� .   :.  in inothei
suii of cloth'.-.
& Son,! *
Very Nobby Styles in Close  Fitting
Covert   Cloth   Coats, plain and
stripe effects. Prices 15.00 to 25.00
Gibson Style Plain Broadcloth Coat,
in black and navy.    16.50 to 24.00
Handsome   Voile Skirts, navy, cream
and black. -        12.00 to 18.50
i -./
* *
I Peaches
Plain and Fancy   Towels Half Price
ns,  hemsUtched and   hand drawn      half PRICE
For flrsl diss cut flowers pot plants
,r bouquets, telephone   Davis
Sorists.   Tel. B208.
Theodore Wat
��� trotter
���Utl<  ... ..   aa.
will give an Illustrated led i      ���
ui i Gloves
Monster Sample Sale
Mite,     >.  Ill    a,...
a Queen's Avenue Method -t cnurch *
on "Pioneer Travels in Africa," atjj
Queen's Avenue church tomorrow ���
evening. The lecture will be repeat- ���
ed    later    at    West   End   Methodist j *
The Last of the Season
cUurch. and also at  Centra. Pan..
~7~t    i   d   IMPORTANT ��W( 8F mm
.rand Trunk Ry. 11 m ru if ��� mu ��� mm SEtN HERE
When You Are Sick  j
' Excellent Train Service Between
Chicago, London,       I
Hamilton, Toronto,
i Thai  you  - lould have the v rj
al i intion.    No*. we are not doi 11 i
^^^^^^^ neither do v..  profess to be,   It's n
Iii - i .mr business to prescribe,  we prefer
���"lOntreDl,  Quebec 'letting your doctor do that.
Win   '
.��.,   ^_.�����,w, ,we  come in  Is when  you  want
Portland, Boston,,-��� - ~��� %�� '^fV Z��*m*W �� ��** -
iness centers of, n,n.   ,iuly   u plainly to   glvei
 ���boi;;    a
(H,t___________________________________Ll    ���a_
vou  exactly  whal   the doctor ot   .n
and of the best quality, thl   Is wh
' Jhe  bono,  ol  the dru   :1st  Is tt
I To put ll mildly, the druggist who l*
Inoi  honeel  with    tbe   sick is   a dis-
.'   ::   musical     un
farces    orten    want.'
.   ilng 1.   "'h   *'     ���
., rging   ..:.  things  which  an
I.     rhls   craving   Is   the
or  such   society drama       ���
,.,.--    ... :>:- l
T   ,,  .  Prawley at the Opera house
rue steamer Georgia, of the Cana
dian-MexU-an iin'. en route for Mexl-
can ports 8mce leaving Westn,..i.,,.
lus had much 'difficulty with her
w; the ,������,���', chief officer and
oth( p_ h:u,u, resigned. The Georgia
has a light cargo, including 80 tons
0, BOx shook, trom Anacortes loaded
,. victoria, and four passengers, L.
',��� McNeill British consul at Colima;
c ,', seat ni. A.M  Jones and S. Dom-
Public Supply Stores ocOjAoams |
��� Columbia  Street.       New   Westminster,  B. C.       Phone 92. J
���^**************+���~ ������iM yr      :
C." and   Old |
old    rellabh
^^^^^^jt'.i   an.l  th
' .   ���   NEW  YORK and
D"" " Niagara Fall.*'.
etc . adHress
       w. VAUX I ^acrtoThe" profession.   We want to
^tar.i ..    , ^ Ticket in your nexl  proscription no matter
*R����. Iffi A lams __(    Chiraeo. 111.     ! vn fa ��� ,,,���.������.  wl
this one com.- away from a plaj
��� . ous "t the trl  '
ove I. and th    failure ol
��� ,   ,   ,- il   his   baser passions.
i    All dealers handle "B
Sport"     cigars.       The
brands, -""'T
Vld, J, J. Johnston on   Wedm   la    *
secured a numl   r ... Inti n sting pho- ���
.   i.. ihs ai the unvi illng of thi Sli u a  )*
m. ui ��� i..'.        ������' including    a  J
: lid pii ture ol   i large number of I ���
' i Min-. rs. g ithered together for tbi   *
first lone in ;. quarter of a century.
'   ; -.-  views show  gatherings of Na-
.-ions    and   N-.; .ve   Daughters,
i. Ige   Howay  addressing  the  crowd,
unvelllnK of the monument, etc.
_L(.. ;:, . . :.��� laid  in an artlsl's stu-	
dioand ,n - ball ,n.   The dial     -       ��� .Ah^[U,,  enlarged and
and unconventional, and tei i provincial collection ol
or:'- ������'-^" -'���.-." -,,,^0  picture
lumbering  love ot   Jo
���'"���*���"������ grace to me P'"*.""���- .  """*������       ,   i   ,ded t0 the Provincial coi-ov^i	
, and Ticket |n yonr nexl  proscrlpUon no matte ���,   vir8��� gucce���
��� ll    ChirAKO.IU.        , ,   ,,ni..or wr';es it. and we i'1-'1'-' B,     :���-;  u<\ ��� "���  ���'��� '��� ���'"   """U1
                        !"'              ha. vouwiime, as,,,..- .             '0"1 artist,, a forniei      ,,,,    Bale-8even    roomed    house,
I"     (       \J  A  K    F  iSe     We   have   been   twenty-flve love,, and tuo                   ^^                      ^   ^  Qarrlaga   hllUse.
*   ���   V,KAlXL;   I iTainTualness here and are will n�� ed out in ati   >          .                    1     .   ^ ^                     ^
r_.-,._._.   .....         .              to  be judged  hy our  record.    1   >- J      r  , ^ ovll 8plr,  ���i  dress (partlcll       apply t0 owner. ��92 Eigl th
English Watchmaker
""* do��'*  from   Geo. Adam*,  Groctr
^������'Qold Watcnes trom 112.75 up
.'-""'���������'i' ..'..,���.,_,_, ^,..a.
to be judged hy our record. If you
j e innol afford to pay for yonr medicln.
; we Avlll supply sanu        ^^^^
.,    -tlemen
��'"'''��� $6.00.
Qem - ,
Silver    WatCh��a
_,���    .���en'B ���
ri^. *7.50 ,.       M
Wm_5! tl,r tbe !'"!"!'.ated South Bend
Aro,, , ��� '   ������'    the    Welhnan
Ph :   ' \ll  warrauted.
eic. i.tc,.
riiarnen   reason-
���'|iv. ��������� nan    �����
-     aN    ���
PjS. -can give yon better valiu
apectacles  than others.    We '���
snecl'ilt.v of this lln*
a a
1   '���_____________���    _____________________________���_________________��� iK.w a
\,':'i;1jo a dinner at  the Riwsell hotel   on
\,,.-,!.'Saturday, given in honor of the Capl-
Uyton,Ual Lacrosse team.   All the members
...   ',,,    oi ni,. vlslUng team and manj ol ta.
fplfaHthe  v,  :.i.ius:er    officials    and    players
^rimploycr ,-ere    ��    the   number   present,
��� I *
Devil." pmyeu ny ��   i fruit trees; on full lot.    For further
aloal  ovil -spirit  in  d.-ss ^ plinlcuiftI.s apply to owner. J9.ls.lgnw
I  , tliea   Hill-til*', cunning  and   'n1'1'*-1'I street
fC,,;"'"'  I,,''s,    ni- representation given   .��..-., Bev4nty.tw0 guests
H,,.r is forceful and olfcer, - '8 lh< '
playing of Olga Gray, the wife,
.,,,,   emotional,     uncertain
woman to  perfection.    Vera
a8 the  artist,  gives  a
^...n/.niioi.. v.'bil" ��� ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
���.���del   cast   aside   bs   if;-' M''"'';;:;.;,.   ,mons tieB3 noticed  were:   Rev
when a new,fancy takes h m, ae_        )g     Hentfergon    (1���.1,sidc���,i.    Mayo
nt,on.   other important parts. ^   ^ ^^   (vioe-presldent
h,l9band (James Mortonl ana ^ (manager). P. J. i-v��'h-
���irl honestly In love with       ���   ���
()U,n��-iv Bryant), were In ca
Let Us Get Together
.  . ..._._. if .win mean
and talk  insurance   In  a  serious way, and  I  am sure It will mean
money to both of us.
I have been writing insurance here for ten yers now, and the
companies I represent are all reliable Canadian companies which
need no eulogies as their records are a splendid evidence of the
business methods and prompt payment of  losses.
I  can save you money on your premiums if you give me a
chance, and at the same time will be making a fair profit myself.
Let me quote you a rate on your old and new business.
r.a. the
J Aid. Gray and Johnston,   Many interesting sp". ohes were made.
Economy Insurance Broker
**************��*���*""<+ *^*****~*��*~"��"*"
��� '  "i. ''.'J
��� xv     *��_'' I
J ���% $ ���
'   r^
i  fit      ' * J
��� ';i**
��� '���     .''���        S '1
"l,     a     '
:, ���  .
 IhH   '     ''���'".-
��� f'*    .:   *
i���.������*'���   r II
'a,      '   "     ���" :
' ��� ; .' " M
' yi'"y:'-^
���   .,' M
Bl m' ' -  - '     "    *  *_____���
*��$*\ '*>    \**\
���: - --iy^
:*���� **&V*. ''ft.,
**���&y.'v.& -���'"���!>
^.*l-        -'.r;rj*
���.  . thr ,..*���" *#**'
MONDAY, oc7\
��� i^i *&^^''^ .y
iiiil*:iMtv.V1*'*k' ������/ '**:'
IJlS-^'iiiv J ���
|g .-���    ,:
VT'* #"*���* " >.*
.'���., i
it i
'     fa. ,^"..#'\       ,       !
a ''���*!'
'   tfp>        .'    ''
afi r, -__ .*:-.
-*,'.. V"***!. .���
Jl   p. .*   .
���V'-i*!';-,.-^ "''
"I'?;,. ,**��
'_V -��*J
�����-,-"..' .I..,
tin i. ���"���-*'
��� -���*���'
��� Ij  **��� .-'
M * _______��.; ,, ">
Si'.'*. :^r-;'
il't."     e   *.**���.
fT-lt.   '
___.e, .' ir   ill
^1; ������*.,������
IK*: .*-���
V.)     '     '      a      *��
"���.   ' t"
������ -
W"'T" 'l*i 'j- :
1�� 'i4 -.��-.
(Continued  from  Page  1.)
Good Health
and rushed bach towards the net, but j
shot wide to Len Turnbull, Cameron:
capturing the rubber,
Scott scored the    second    for    the
i ..;. . shooting with    only    ���'���ray    to
Swift   Lacrosse.
Play  throughout the    first    quarter
wns  fast  and clean, every  player bi
ing on his metal.   The home players j
outshone the Caps most of the time.
Splendid passing and close   checking
was a feature throughout.
Second   Quarter.
With the score four to two ni Eavor
ol  the locals at  the commencement,!
the visitors forced the play Into home	
territory, having the advantage of the r
Incline,   Shea made a pretty run down Spring    1.21): Capitals, Allen_i
the Held, but railed iii his attempt to New
score.   So,,:, after Bones Allen netted I <*" '    ' '   ,;"
the rubber with a swift low shot,
Hutton Gets Hurt.
Stopping the ball with the body on
E.W.GILLETT ��?ffP22
����� ** ****** mmm��� +^4..t.^*4-:-H*^*^*H~:��4-H�� ��M*.H-.M"1 l-^-H**!!
* __ ... '**��"*
Len     Turnbull
Second quarter ��� Capitals, Allen
(2.29); Westminster, L. Turnbull
(1.35) Tom Rennie (2.00), 0 Spring
(9 18
Thl        ���" Westminster,    G.
S] , (7.42) capitate, i 'ummlns
(11.18)   Cumml      (0.35).
Fou th qua Westmin! t< r,   Bry-
.'i.n     i
W. .-.iniu
Galbralth  .  .
T.  Gifford   ..
J.  Gifford   .
T, Rennie ���
W. Turnbull
C. Spring ..
Wlntemute   ,
G. Spring ...
L.  Turnbull
.1. Bryson  ..
.. .  Polnl
lsi D. i'. nee .
,2nd Defence
. .3rd Defence
. Ci ntre ....
.3rd Home ..
.2nd lloiii" .
lsi  Home .
....  Inside  . .
Referee    I'.  .1. Lynch.
Timekeepers���J. .). .lohnston. D,
Penalty timekeeper���Harry Major
and G. ...  Rrvson.
Coal umpires���H, H. Cheyne, New
Westminster;   it. 1'liillips, Capitals.
..   Hutton
 Fai an
I'. moron
. . .Pringle
. Ashfleld
. Warwick
. Eastwood
a slim from Len Turnbull the Cape
goalti nder was put oui of business tor
aboul a minute. No medioal assistance was i quired. 11 itton u. ver
'..ears, a pa I  ol   anj   I Ind.
One   More  G-U   In.
'I he ball remained in the vicinity of |
the ������ i itor's net, and soon afti .- Len
Turnbull  added  one  more on a pass
from Gi unipj Spi lng,
Punk \\ in.' mute L'aili d :;. a fine ai -
tempt to gain cr idil for ...    ball; s
minute later. Immedtatel; after Tom
Rennie score.1.
Mixnp  in Goal.
B our Capitals and i hn e Westminsters gol mixed up in a Rugby scrum
right on the crease, extricating themselves with difficulty. Scon gol nurt
in the melee. McDonald was warned
by Fred Lynch against cross-checking.
Banzai   for  Grumpy.
(!. Spring, after cleverly dodging
two defence men. Iluim a hot one
among the twine, aud incidentally secured a greal ovation from the many
admirers of the promising young interim diate.
Third  Quarter.
Both sides took thittgfe easier at thel
mart   For checking Allen too closely HOW FEW THINK JUSTLY
Doughey   Spring   was   given    a     dve OF THE THINKING FEW.
minute check. j HOW  MANY  NEVEFi THINK AT
Scott made a good attempl to score,  ALL| WH0 THiNK THEY DO.
getting the ball on a  pass from Warwick.   Sandy saved easily,
Shea curried the rubber up the field,
making a greal run. .\ pass io Cummins was interrupted b> Tommy Gifford.
Grumpy Spring scored after some
fine passing at the Capital end.
Disputes   Referee.
Fagan, ruled off for tive minutes by
Fred Lynch, disputed the penalty and
ime up his cheek.
\n attack on ihe. home goal was
relieved by Tom Rennie, who dodged
foui home men after stealing the i libber from Eastwood. Play did not
long remain away from the Salmon
Hollies citadel, a determined attack
giving Gilford's stonewallers plenty of
healthy  exercise.    A   hot   shot     fr un
J. E. Brown & Co.
272 Columbia Street
��� *
*********************** * *
It Will Become
Intelligence to
Without Investigation we would
All Err.
As  for our pari  we have ex-
��� ieise.1 all care In obtaining the
highest   class tailor  work   pos-
,   :o secure.
v..ur investigation wlll streng
���in a   our  claim.--.
Tailors  of   trie I    experlenc.
un   and   make  our  clothe
nave no difficulty in fitting
lispi ip< ��� Iionate  !'.-'
,r ----���*., ���l.'fff.V-l : 'f    J,"*'; '.>i
)     MV. M  ,..-v
\Ab.>yh '>*-h^yy\-^-- .;
i *i ! ;.:' f       ,-   t   .    I   /   t   -rfV     ,*,*,*'   '  . ��^'
^4-^-r-j, m
 -"i ft >      i ,' - v>   -
The evidence of Quality i-
well ��� stablishi I in Northwa;
.    . hing,  $12.00 to  $28.50.
J. Eugene Brown & Co.
     Clothiers and Haberdashers
Notice is hereby given that the Vau-
couver Power company, Limited, has
this day deposited In the Land Itegis-
\ try Cilice at the City of -Now West-
Synopsls uf  iaii.Kiiini   Humcsiiiiii!
Any available Dominions lauds witli-
In the railway belt in British Coluin-
. *
���y ' ' i"
iiii    :.. 'MB
~r>'-,'\[? ill
: ���. *J'��(M
The kind of clothing we sell is the ki: .1 that
wins favor with the best dressed men in New Westminster and district.   We show the latest styles
whatever is intended to win an intelligent tn
Business has'nt drifted our way blindly.   < )ur Fashion Craft Suits and Overcoats possess all the little
There are three-fourths of the
human race who need an.using and
being shocked into a self-consciousness of strength and ability, confidence and determination, not only in
lacing iIn- questiou of business and
success, bin iu all other problems in
lite. The man who gives such people
some Of his own positive, optimistic
personality ls giving them strength
and life itself, converting millions and
millions of brain centres, lying dormant und unused, into action and increased function.
The trouble is thai ihe majority of
people do not recognize their powers,
abilities and trends aud have no confidence In the lutein potentialities dor-
! minster,   British   Columbia,   the   plan bia, may be homesteaded by any person  ^
and   book of  reference  of  the ��� \\ c-t-' *'ho Is tbe sole head of a family, or ��� v
minster-Chilliwack Railway Extension any male over 18 >'ears of ase' to the 7.    distinctions which gO With tine tailoring,
jfrom a point at or near lots one and extent of one-quarter section of lilt.
it wo,   city  block   four  in   the  City   of;! acres, more or less.
Xew Westminster, to Ahcotsford pass-      Entry  must be made personally at
ing through    the    Municipalities    of the local land office for the distrlcl In
Surrey,  Delta,   Langley,   Matsqui   and   which  the land  is  situate.    Entry  by
the  townsite  of  Abbotsford  in    the proxy may, however, he made on cer-1
District  of  New   Westminster,  being tain conditions by the father, mother,
section   one,   two   and   three   of   said j son, daugnter, brother or sister of an
railway, as shown on the said plan and i intending homesteader.
approved .and sanctioned by the Chief j    The homesteader is required to per-
Commissioner of Lands and Works for form the conditions connected there-'
the Province of British Columbia.        | with    under    one    of the    following
Dated this 7th day of August. A. D.! plans: I
| A. E. BECK,
Solicitor  for the Vancouver Power
I Company Limited.
Scon  was  cleverly  stoi d   bj   < I ray. j mam and unused within them.   Anew
but before the ball could be lielded,! self-consciousness needs to be awak-
Cummlns had secured and slipped a ened; they need to be aroused from
swift one past the Hags, lie dupll-1a torpor of mental loafing,
cated the trick thirty-five seconds [f your lite has been full of ups and
later, the ball getting bad. before ibe downs; If you hav failed In your un-
Westminster defence coul,i cover their dertakings; if life has meant nothing
men. but a continual grin.I, with no better-
Last Quarter. j ment, no progress, no up-llft, if every
The Caps faced the play at the thing seems to go wrong, then ii is
Stan, but failed to penetrate the de- time tor you to know the reason why
fence. Warwick had one shot ai the and remedy. All of us are more or
net, but Cray lit'ied the ball out of loss governed by our owu view point
danger, and our own narrow little circle, de-
Scott sent in a low shol shortly af- sires, ambitions, and efforts, conse-
ter, bul Sandy scooped It up. Gal- quently we miss the issues that do
brailli secure.!, and paBsed to Doughey j not ,.,mil, wJthin our range and with
Spring, who made a feint to Shool ani tha; i,m, 0f life's greatest, possibili-
pasaed to Bryson. who scored. : ties.    Look   aboul   you   and   see   how
Tommy Makes a Try. man.',   really   capable  men  arc  tied  to
Relieving undue pressure at the West- the blighl ol things mediocre with
minster end, Tomm.i Gifford carried nothing bet tei in view than a con-
the rubber up the field exchan Ing . Inual grind, Mlcawber-llke waiting
puss with Hilly Turnbull, and got rlghl for something to turn up. Mr. St.
in on ihe flags. Pagan saved the Albans is particularly lined to help
situation, just such  men.    ills experience with
Pringle contributed to ... excite men and means is an extensive one
menl by sonn exceptionally Bne field and his methods are above-board and
lng, his hard work being a feature of sincere.     He    makes    no   claims    tn
NOTICE is hereby given that a
I Court will be held pursuant to the
| Voters' List Clauses of "New West-
\ei.   1888."     and   Amending
requirements as to residence may be
satisfied by such person residing witn I
the father or mother.
(3)    If the settler has his perman- j
ent residence upon farming land own-1
ed by him in the vicinity of his home- '
stead, the requirements   as    to residence may be satisfied by    residence
| Acts,   by     His   Honor   P.   W.   Howay, j "I*00 the said land.
Judge of the County Court, at the law      six months' notice in writing should
Courts  in   ihis  City, on   Monday,  the  be given to the Commissioner of Dom-I
5th day of October, 1908, al 10 o'clock ,lnlon Lam-S at Ottawa of Intention to
a. m., to hear and determine such ap- ���PP1? for Patent.
| plications   of   which   due   notice   has!    COAL.���Coal mining rights may be |
leased for a period of twenty-one years
added advantage of being ready for immed
use, less in cost, and better than anything el
ready-to-wear.   Take for granted we hav.- wl   ���
ever is worth your while in
Conservative  Styles for Elderly Men
Nobby  Styles for Young Men
Attractive Styles for Boys
Exclusive  Styles for Children
We think every man and boy should wear our
kind of clothing, because we know, as the public
cannot know, how splendidly it is made.   Different
vicinity ot the iand entered for. the j*  entirely from  the common hum-drum sorts to
which you've been accustomed. If you want something really distinctive in a Fall Suit or Overcoat
this is your store.
(1) At least six moiuas residence
upon and cultivation of the land in
each  year  for three  years.
C_) lf the father tor mother, if the
father is deceased), of the homesteader resides upon  a farm ln    the
given. I
All   persona   having   business   with
| the  Court   are  required  to attend  at
the said time .iiid  place.    By order,
City Clerk and Clerk of said Court.Lhantable coal mined.
N'ew Wesminster, Sept. 22, 1908. -w  ^\-   CORY
Deputj of the Minister of the Interior
The Clothiers. Pliow:
Successor to M. L. Dc Beck
been gr, < n -   - *���  ... , ^, %��JM
at  an  annual rental  of  $1   per  acre.   ^..j^j..j.^^.^..j.^..j.^^..j..j..j..j.^.^.  .j..��^..j^j^J..J.^..i. .;..;�����������;���-.".".''^
Not   more   than 2..60 acres .'hai!    be
leased to one Individual or company,
A royalty at the rate of five cents per
ton shall bo collected on    the    mer- You'll   B*.'   StllCfc
On  Our Cement I
Important Notice
, Canadian Pacific
Ihis quarter, I supernatural  nowers, or anv    of -the
McDonald shol In u hm  one    from jugglery   oi   so-called   fortune-telling,
.-lose in, landing the ball ln the net,      his mode of procedure is based   ou a
A strong attack by the Caps follow-1 scientific principle and the resull.    is
The plans, profile and estimate   of]
cost of tin. proposed permanent   Improvement   Of   Columbia    street     (in-i 	
eluding a main, trunk sewer, cement
Bldewalks and    street    paving)    have!    If you  want  to    enjoy    your
been prepared and placed on view in  across the continent���
the room lately occupied by the scliool     Travel by the Scenic   Railway
i rlji
ed, their whirlwind tactics coming
Into prominence, bui the champions of
the world were equal to lhe occasion.
Two minutes before the game ended, Iii on weni down again, having
hurl bis 1. g
' Guiic on Tuesday.
lu  ih"   interval,   an   annoiinceineni
was made thai  another  :.':
! " played nn Tuesday aflei n
Flrsl     quarter -    Westmlnstei.   C
.*. . ia.   . MO),  I.. Turnbull  (1.211, C.
certain. In giving readings it is not
his aim to cajole you with entertaining bales of Impossible success, bul
to give you truthful and accurate advice, no matter whether ii pleases or
displeases you; the Truth is the thing,
I'arlors so arranged thai you will
ineei   no   other   callers.     Hours   from
; board, city  hall, where they may be
Inspected     during    office    hours    by
I parlies  interested In  this   very  neces-
I sary local  Improvement.
Acting City Clerk-
City Hall, Xew Westminster, B. C,
] August 25   1908.
li   would  ten to nine p.m.
Edward St. Albans, Palmlsi and
Psychic, Hotel Russell, parlor and re-
i' ��� ion room upstairs, Side entrance
i n Carn I'voii bi ri  t.
FAIRBANKS. Daily trains (except
Sunday)   carrying   passengers,   mail,
express and freight connect witb
'U'.ect at Carcross and White Horse
���naintmning a through winter service
l-'o'   infirm ation   noplv   tn
i.  If   ROGERS, Traffic  Managei,
I America.
j    Through Dining Tourist and  First-
Class  Sleeping Cars.
Eastern Express leaves at 7:15.
Atlantic Express leaves at. 17:25.
For further particulars ana reservations apply
Agent. New Westminster,
or to E. J. COYLE,
Asst. Oenl. Pass. Agt.   Vnneonviir.
tar       ADVERTISE      "M
-- IN ���
THF.        DAILY        NF_W!i
[���ci; ju.n. rsnTURNS
i. here
will be
oil   see    	
you   want
uquullj  ph';
lull     V.J
which we can
We   figure  on    ���
your material    i"
we   ral j   on   y""1
wiiii your flrsl ""
pllsh thai resnli
li io lis today '
in in
I ,,.'.!"    :"  '-
The White Pass
and Yukon Route
Pointers and Decorators
Estimates on AH Work Giv<
399 Sixth Avenue \
SewWestn*'r>�� TIIE DAILY NEWS.
OCT. 5. 1
^^^n^^"-"*"*-1 LIST Of PMH WIS
,���d RET,AIL
Page   '���'������)
ered���1, J. H. and'|H.  H.   Lindsay. Westminstel
j    h.  Watson.      |b. Sylviannie. Westminste
|    Toil.t ;n..:-. embroidered
,    mares,   in   har-led���l, Mrs.    G. R. She   .,
,.   (i.  Davies;   2,[Mrs. E. Smith, Glenbo   ���
Pincushion   (best  of any
T. Knight, jf
and    under
.1.  W. Stundish;
PKone 11)1 PKone 101   j
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL f.4,400,000.00
RESERVE       111,000.000.00
{fatties throughout Canada and Newtoundlanjl. and In London, England,
Sew York, Chicago and Spokane, U.S.A., and Mexico City. A General Banking Business Transact-vd-
men of Credit Usued. available witl correspondents in all  oarts ot the
King! Bank Department.     Deposits received In sums of $1 and upwards,
and Interest allowed at 3 per cent, per annum (present rate) added
four timet a year.
I Ailed over J If, 8,000,000.00.
What shall you do with
your idle money.
::, shown lu
12, VV. .1. K'
i     Fill;   ..
��� 2���1,  :- :: .
Foal ..: I .
Pall   '.i .  .      horses, .
| mares  of -.������ I Iin       15%   bands    and
I over,  In harm--    ..,   ...jr  le    1,  T.   ft.
Pearson (city);  2, *r   Knight, jr.;  3,
R. McKee.
Single driver, mare o rgeldlng, in
I harness to vehicle���1, T, Knight; 2,
i T. K. Pear on; ::, R. MoKee; 1, Alex.
I Speck.
Saddle h".  '
Gentlemen'i saddle horse, mare or
gelding- i. Miss M, Fillmore (city);
2, A. I... tier; ���:. A. Atkinson.
Ladles' saddle hoi e, mare or gelding���l, A, li. Atkinson,
Shetland ponies-���
Besl   single driver, in  harness
vehicle -1, Jas, Raye; 2, VA
Boat  pair drivers,   in    harness    to
veulcle���1, vv. il. Clark; 2, Jas. Raye.
Stan.lanl bred horses-
Stallion, thr.,. years and upwards���
1. G.-o.  Marshall;   2, J.  H.  Watson;   3,
.1.  Murray.
Stallion. 2 years and under 3���1, H.
! sex, an;
I J. T. Wil
I    Genera
j     Team.
ness  to
; vv.  it. a
I     Mar.- o
I holme- SI
Farm;  -
Geld in   ^^^^^^
1,   Inv - ock   Farm
j. Peathi:   one.
Gelding        filly, 2  years and
13���1,   C.   II    iKl.il S.
Oeldinu' or ally, 1 year and under
; 2���1, Pern * m Stock Farm; 2, C. H.
i Davies.
Foal  of   1908���1,  Pemberton   Stock
I Farm,
1 Team of gelding* or mares, to be
3hown in wagon���1, Inverholme Stock
Farm; 2, Pemberton Stock Farm; 3,
John Featherstone,
ind)��� 1,
,ny age���1, Inver- ,
���j. c. H   Davies.  |
Pemberton     Stock
. ion Bros,
or filly, 3  years or over���
and  '.j,
M-.--   r.   ii itchlnson,
 ,   ���
il. Clark. I
For  Amateurs  Only.
Point lace-1,   Mrs.  R.  S.   Hutchin- j
son, Vancouver;  2, Mrs. Mary Steven-
son, Vancouver.
Honlton   Lace���1,   Mrs.   Daniel Barclay, New  Westminster-.  2, Mrs. F. P.
Maxwell. New Westminster.
"   Battenburg   Lace-1,   Mrs.  Hutchinson. Vancouver;  2, Annie Lorce, New
Mrs   .]. lm   Wis.
Handkerchief   ea . ��� -      ,.    any
kind I-  I,  Mrs.   B.  Voung    3 ippi 1 ton;
2, Mrs. G,   11.  Sharp, Enderby.
Collins, fane,   (best of anj   kind) ���
1.  Mrs.   Hutchinson;    2   Mi-s  Lockie
' Brown.
Lady's handbag, tor work or shop-
i ping���1,    Mrs.   E,   Smith.    Glenboro;
Mrs. VV. Shaw, Vancouver.
Bead work (best of any kind)���-Mrs
E. Smith; 2, Miss Lockie Brown.
Best basket, In raffia work���1, .Mrs.
Walter Shaw   Vancouver.
Best pap.r (lowers (assorted)���1,
Mrs. Daniel Barclay: 2, Mary Montague.
Best lampshade  (In    -haded    crepe
paper)���1, Mrs, VV. C. Robertson.
Best Coronal ion braid work���1, Mrs
.1.  H. Vidal,  Westminster;  2, Mrs. E. | Uarcla
H. Murphy, V.uicouv
Novelty, best of any kind���I, Jessie
.1. Allen; 2. Beatrice .McDonald.
Outline work on linen    or cloth���1.
Enderby;' Laura Alexander: _. .ies>ie .1. Allen.
B.si sofa pillow���1, Mildred Sylvester;  ll. Vera Kenny.
Cotton blouse���1, Laura Alexander,
Shadow worl; embroidery on bloilSt;
or apron���1, Vera Kenny; -. Kathleen
Best piece   ol embroidery   of   any
kind���1. Nona Dockiill;  il. Kate Jack-
| son,  Victoria.
Special prizes presented by the Pol-
son Iron Works. Toronto, Out.:
To the girl winning the largest number of prizes under division P:
First prize���Laura Alexander.
Second prize���Vera Kenny.
Third   prize���Naomi  Itolph.
(Work   by   children under    twelve,
done since October, 1907.)
Kitchen apron���1, Brownie Peebles;
I 2, May Barclay.
'    Pinafore or  apron���1, Elsie Baber;
I 2, Brownie Peebles.
Darned socks or stockings���1,   May
Stewart. , ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
I    stallion, 1 year and under 2-1. J-   Westminster. ���v(_rs,_
T and J. H. Wilkinson; 2, W. Walker, j    Knit,ed Lace dor pillow  covers)
Bi-ood  ...are.   with loal  al   foot,   3.Mrs. Robert Hampton, New Westmm
years and upwards-1. J. T. and J. & 8ter; 2, Mr
' Wilkinson. ,      ! minster.
Yeld  mare. 3 years and upwards-
I]   .1   T. and J. H.  Wilkinson:  2.   I.  K.
Pearson; 3, .las. Cameron.
1     piny   2  veins and  under 3-1  and
';;,  j,  T. and  J.  H.   Wilkinson;   2. Jas.
FiUVi   ,   v.-ar   and   under  2���1,  Ja..
Cameron. d
.     Foal  of  190S   (entire)-l,  J.   r.  anu
this query of   ours a
11   v.or-.li   while to  give      	
can "ul reflection. ,
,..  .   are  ,,ientv of opportunities for .peculation with
..   large   returns:   but   they are  lor  the  man   who
;..., .... , ,   ;.,  lose-who has monej to spend.
thai promise   BUdden   riches   too often  bring
disappointment; bul the determined, s>s,^n>
,-lng   ...d   depositing of small amounts ...
under   3���L
____���  The __=__==
c$sj90wo     'nc��'^"d      $47Ao6;ooo
Lne fail  to  bnnj  ultimate  success. One do.lar makes
the start.
New Westminster Branch.      F. B. LYLEt   Mgr.
home  savings BANKS, in large, medium and small
. furnished on application.
.1. II. Wilkinson.
Produce   of   one   ms-re,  2  animals,
any   age,   either   ses   (registered)���I
' : :. 1   :, .1. T. and .1   H. Wilkinson;  2,
.1.   Cameron.
Stallion. 2 years and upwards���1
jand 2, T. Markdale (Ontl; 3, W. K.
I Butler (Ont.).
Stallion,   2   years   and
Veld mar... 3 years and up���1 and Barclay, Now Westminster
2, VV.  B.  Butler. j    """���-''ack darntng-1,
Filly,  2  years   ind  under :',���1,  VV.
E.   Butler.
Stallion,  ay   agi ���1,   W.  t
Reserve  stallion- 2, Geo.
11 ibon,
Championship   female,  any
VV. E. Butler.
Reserve   female, anj   age-
-.nd .1.  il. Wilkinson, ribbon
Get  of  one sire,
"      '       .,      ���.M.  l Sharpe. Enderby.
,1  C Swltzer, New West-
Cotton  shirt���1,
 I . v ���.   Langley   Prairie;
I    TatUng-LMlssLockle-BrownNe.        ^
Westminster; 2.    Mrs. J. J. Robson,
r^Cnllieied- Doylies   (iiuel-l,! Mrs. IXBarciay.
I Mrs. Daniel Barclay,    New Westminster; 2, Mrs. F. M, Cordon. Vernon.
Set of Crocheted  Mats (coarse)���1.
���Mrs. G. it. Sharp'-. Enderby; 2. Mrs. E.
Smith, Glenboro.
Se. of Netted Doylies-Miss Lockie
Brown. New Westminster; 2, Mrs. B.
Young. Sapperton
Set oi Tenerlffe Doylies-Mrs. D.
Barclay, New Westminster: 2. Mrs. A.
Gordon, Vernon.
Drawn Work-Mr,. E. Barrett, Central  Park:   2,  Margaret   Beattie,  New
Queen Anne   darning���1.   Mrs.   u.
Hemmed   handkerchiefs   (three)���1,
Brownie Peebles;  2,  Marguerite Mus-
Mrs. Walter j Son, Victoria.
I     Best    dressed    doll���Vyoian    Rlck-
man;   2, .Muriel Grant, Victoria.
Doll's bassinette, furnished���1, Florence McDonald.
Doll's hat or bonnet���1. Mary Keary.
Scrap books���1, bMith Innes.
^^^^^^^ I     Fancy pin cushion���Francis .Norris,
Button holes on    linen ibest sixl ��� j Fernwood  road.
1,    Mrs. J. C. Switze.r;    2.    Mrs.   G.      Outline work���1. Weuonah    Burton
McKenzie, Surrey;  2, May Barclay.
Embroidery    on    linen���1,    Phyllis
Best novelty of any kin 1���1, .Mrs. D
Mclntyre, Vancouver;
Shaw, Vancouver.
Best  work 'done by ladies over    TO
.,,,     of age���1, Mrs. G. D.Clint.
Knitting,  Sewing.  Wool   Work, Etc.
I    Plain hand sewing (any article)���1,
Mrs,   Daniel   Barclay:   2.  Miss   Locki,
I Brown.
Mrs.   C.  Matheson,
2   Mrs.   E.   Smith.
Dockrlll; 2, Minna Walker.
Sofa pillow���1, Brownie Peebles
Mrs. E. Smith;  2,'Mav Barclay.
rs. I). Barclay. !    Hemstitching���Mary Keary and May
Cotton  night-dress   (fine)���1,    Mrs. j Barclay, each first prize.
M. E. Gordon, Vancouver;  2,  Mrs. B.      Worked initial   on   linen���1,    May
Young, Sapperton. j Barclay.
Flannel or flannelette night dress��� Best collection of home and foreign
1, Mrs. Verry, Westminster; 2, Miss | postal cards (must have been through
L.  Storey,  South  Westminster. "*""'
Knitted wool scarf or cape���1, Mrs.
Hugh Burr, Westminster; 2. Mrs.
Hugh Burr, .Westminster,
Child's frock (In whit Mrs. G. R,
mail)���1, Dougla, Pettit, Vancouver;
2, May Barclay.
Special prizes presented by the Pol-
son Iron Works, Toronto, Ont.:
To to the child winning the largest
.1.   T.
Tenders Wanted
Huckaback darning���1. Mrs. Mar
shall Sinclair, N.-w Westminster; 2,
Mis . Lockie Brown, New Westminster.
Outline, ln silk���Mrs. G. A. Boothroyd. Cloverdale; 2, Miss Lockie
Brown Westminster.
initials or monogram (on linen)���1,
B. Sylvianie. Westminster: 2, Margaret  Beattie, Westmlnsi -
Hemstitched collar and cuffs (linen
|���1. Mrs. \v. tl. Fry, Westminster; 2,
Carrie  Meredith,  Westminster.
Embroidered table cover (linen)���1,
Mrs. B. Voung, Sapperton; 2, Mrs, .1.
V\ ise, Westminster.
Embroidered table cover (cloth)���1,
Mrs. ('. S. Matheson, Langley Prairie.
Embroidered centre place  (,iu silk)
���1.   Mrs. R.   Fawcett, North  Vancou-
Sharpe, Enderby;
Crocheted wool scarf OI cape���1,,
Mrs. Sharpe; 2   Mrs. M. McNeill.
Knitted wool petticoat���1, Mrs.
Smith; 2, Mrs. Gordon
Crocheted wool pettlcoat-1, Mrs.
Wise; 2, Mrs. McNeill.
Knitted or crocheted �� toi slippera
���1, Mrs. D. Murchle 2, Lucy V\ .
Sorby, Cloverdale.
Knitted or crocheted wool  Intani a
jacUl,-l. Mrs. Smith;  2. Mrs, Sorby.
Knitted  stockings,  wool-Miss .lane
Robertson, Westminster; J  Mary Montague, Westminster.
Knitted  socks,  wool���1,  Miss Robertson;   2,  Mrs.  B.  Young.
ai Mrs. G. K.i     ��� ���
...  _  verry   New number of prizes under division R:
First prize���May Barclav.
Second prize���B. Peebles.
Third prize���May Keary.
Manual Training.
Best    collection    of    drawing    and
models, first and second  year���1, C.
Kerr; 2. W. Harvey.
Best collection Of woodwork, second
year's work���1, George Trapp; 2, S.
Hawkins; 3, L. Mason.
Best collection of drawing, Becond
year's work���1. George Trapp; 2, H.
White;   :'..  E. Davis.
Best    collection    of   drawing    and
woodwork, first year-1,' A. Lanting;
2, F. McAllister; 'J, G. Kimura.
"' Best  collection of woodwork,    first
 ^^^^ I year's work-1. ^H I | ^B
Knitted   mitts,    wool���1,   Mrs.   C-|3jr, Mack,
Mrs. H.
IRUnna        1A_S_.
I I 5
I       STREET, FOOT Of SlUltt. ���
I���   tenilers  will   be  received  to
���->����� ��Ct0i"r  T* sir New-Wsllve;'; ^Mr, J. Wise. Westminster
,.,lWn and hewn dr ..es to. -v . bm.dcivd cemre piece (linen)-
����        '1    Mrs    Banna   Simmons,   Vancouver;
..'   Mrs.  John Wise.  Westminster.
" Embroidered sideboard scarf (Unen)
I ininstev-Chilliwack   Railway
'dale to Ahboisford, also Abbotsford to
van be
^ procured from
h0(.;ll Manager. ^W Westminster, or
������-'   "���l'u" . ._  nn
 ]^ JLTD.
H. Hazlitt, Purchasing Agent.
���Phone   105.
Mineral Waters, Etc.
, Mills, Tkiber
'rcr-ing Company
lv  trade a speciality.
^B or.'.ce   Eight str:t'
v   WESTMINSTER,   e.   C
tracturan and  Otaian <n AU Kind* ol
Lath,   Shinglt*,   Mouldings,   Sash,   Doors,
Interior Finish,     lurned Work,    Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
I -urge Stock Plain and Fancy Glass.
Lut"oer Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining.
Colonial Hotel
,������,,,. New Management
Union Labor_ White Help Only
j   ��. Robbins, Manacer
���1. Mrs. John Wise, Westminster: '_
Mi.-. M. McNeill.
Embroidered photo frames���l, Mrs.
Faw-ett, North Vancouver; 2, Mrs.. E.
li. Murphy, North Vancouver.
Embroidered table doyli<���1, Mrs.
John Wise. Westminster; 2, Mrs. 11.
Ba clay, Westminster.
..lery,  ribbon���1,  Mi>;-  Annie
,  ..... v.. k ..,:,...::     ... 1       lohn
Embroidery,     ecclesl isi teal���1,
:-i.', \  >.- \\'������ tmim ������ ���
oidi :       cul    .... k.   on   1 n
. or u--.111.. r    I. ' irs,    E   Barn
-1 .    Park;  2,  Mrs..   E.   Olh tai
,, Dlder; ....      .  ���    ���'.    i-i
'.  M-...  M   ..   r     !'"'���    ��� ���
; 2, ii I.-. E. Smi   , Glei .oro.
, ... dery,    Bhadow,    on     bl
:   ' Ite)- i.    Mrs.    M  1 1   ill    Sin
...insier;   2-, i).  ii. Hornby,   /an
couvi r.
. 1 roldi���'.���.', eyelet, on ' '<'>. e 01
centre piece���I. Mr... .lohn Wis -. West
minster; _!, Mrs. .lohn Wise
Matheson, Langley Prairie
Kirk. Westminster.
Knitted gloves���1, Florence Brown
2, Mrs. E, Smith, Glenboro.
Knitted counterpane���1, Mrs. E.
Smith: 2, Mrs, B, McDougall. Sapperton.
Crocheted counterpane���1. Mrs. H.
Kirk. Westminster:   2, Mrs.    Beatson,
Silk or velvet counterpane���1, Mrs
J.  Swltzer, Westminster;    '_!.  Mrs. G
1 Gordon, Vancouver,
���    Wool-filled   comforter���1,   Mrs.   J.
Imlah, Westminster;  _. Mrs. Kirk.
Embroidered linen spread���1,    Mrs.
Shurl,   Haney:   2,   Mr.     Smith.
Infant's bonnei  I bi   1 of any kind) ���
l   Mrs.  McNeill:   2,  Mrs   Hu chinson,
Vam ouver.
'    ". relay.    2,
Sw Itzer.
V. orli . 1 under    six-
..        !.     ��� '
; 2. Nanom
Fan. .i md
:. Niiuonil   I'm;..
Bui 1 ..'..������     '   Laura
���nder; t. .Mar^^^^^
Best collection of drawing, tirst
year's work���T. Fetberstonhaugh; 2,
It. Shaw; 3, T. Pilgrim.
Best original model    and   drawing,
second year's work���1, George Sutherland; 2, T. Gifford; 3, George Sangster.
Best  original  model  and    drawing,
lirst    year���1, T.    McAllister;    2,   T.
Ftatherstonhaugh; Z. George Trapp.
Special  prize, presented  by  A.  W.
Peters,    Vancouver:    For   the    best
crock of dairy butter, not less .ban 2 1
lbs.���.Mrs. R. McClure, Mount Lehman.
Special prizes,   presented   by   the
Canadian Salt Co,,  Ltd.:   For the best
twenty   pound   crock   of  dairy butter
���Mrs. R. McClure, Mount Lehman.
For the '- -t  10 lb. en ck of d 1   ,
Mrs   R, ..   KH ���   ���'.. Delta, '
1,     ���        est 5 lb.     01     'of   dairy
mtl        .Irs,  R. E. ��� m,  Delta.
Sp< -    ���-. ;lt>   1. ��������� -
if   h.     . .   .a'.:    For
a;     -.real,
.1 sslonal In
1 'Five R
ial        '",    presented    by    the
Transfer Co.
omwe. Vic" j Ogilvie Milling company
ria. ,    v ,.. ,             .                 ...,.-onal ...    tne
,.���  bandki ���       ^   -  " '                              ,      .      ���
..,   tmlnster; 2,    Ratal *>                                             .   ,���.  1!t,u.;
ill, Westminster.   , V,V���:1V     Pori    Ham-
pino* si - *'������"������ w-1' '"l   1;,;,,;',!   '
Westmin    Al zander, Sunbury. ���       '��� ,,,.,,���..., by the Van-
-"'���         .           ,.(,���., ,    MrB.W.Ioi. handkerchlef-1. Vera Kenny,    2. couver                   ^                    d,
Wallacliuui embroidery-   L -Ml ,,,,,,.   npn-professlonal In
>���'���  Westminster; 2.  Mrs.  Man   Sen ^    ^ ^^    laT^^J^������   Royal Stan-
Stephensbn, Vancouver .   Mra i Dockrill; 2.'Vera Kjenny.                        ^fl6ur-l, Mrs. Lewis Henderson;
^   MriH��r   *Dr^      ' -V    "^   iU   COUOn"1'    m\tl��i^ v    , e     the
^Hampton,     Westminster;    2,    -^JSS*" B. C.r For the best loaf
lejtander. |   . mod,.maae bread, made   by   an>
p  ,.,ni,.l,y or pokerwork on wood-l,  -   ���"    )n    ,(,fessional ta the province-
Charlotte Rennie, Westminster , M    ���     .  ��� a
ChOObei   lac- -Lily   Hampton;   2,  ��������'
L,avlra Alexander
Royal C
'ity Branch. Columbia St.
Telephone 12. New Westminster
��� Fawcett;        ^^^^^^^^^
Mouni  Millie (centre plete)-
2,  Mrs. .lohn Wise.
' Hand painted Bole, pillow��� 1
,.;    QKlchrist,   Wes-.minster;   2.
garet Beattie, Westminster.
  i" sofa Pillow   (be.t  of any  kind)���'
.���.,       p,r,i  'Phone 1W|Mrs.   B.  Voung,   Sapperton;   Mrs.   M
unice 'Phone 18D.     BBrn Westminster.
Columbia Street. ^^ ^ ^ q. my uinl)
naR-age   delivered    promi.tb'   to    L   Mre> B. 8mlih. Glenboro. ,
��ag�� -     -"������ '     Tea  Cosy   (best   of any. klnd)--l.d.h.^
Mrs. John Wise; 2. Mrs. R. S. Hutci-,    Dolls
' '       '   *i
���i ���    . ' ���
, *'
���    .    /
-^!;'s'v   _
'   ���    a      ���"..'-"'  '     A
1      .'d  4
'        '%'**.
*%' '
' ��� '   ���. ;
���   yu:-]
���   ���      *
��� ' '"
' **'   I'  , ""m ''
>   y.:|
��������� ���������'�� ������ \
��� ������?��������'��� ?,. 1
��� ,���, ,Si
-4 V -ti
I,   ��.
.,,    *
. l'i,  ,  "���'
��� ���: .  i",*-1
;     ����������� .\ _��i'- ���
**_��� V : ���V   J>
!*?''_' Iu*%'l!!li1>_l
'     a'1
.,���*������ y% \&
��������� ".1
������    .     u.   *[.������������       '  '.I
M -l 'ir.il
��� :��� 1
���   '    '-4''T;
���>' ���\.*^:*,4-
���*": *-*t'ii  \
**���   J "Mi      ._. te        i.      __. ���
**i>-if ���        ,���'������(
��� .���' .       '. J'!
e   .'       '���Si'}'
"4* ���'    ��� ������..^Ri
jUER. 1 a .-       T   .���     ,    -'   "-,
-��� $im
�������� *���**���-  ��� ��� vvr..vU
;,*���*:����:    "S?   '..tl'"   :'|
*     .''.���'���'>v4lfl.4
.'���...*"-.'a*i.       *i7*\r>\
, *:.>���'    .'___,. _ ^<��i_..t<_
any part ot the dty.
Llffht an4 HeaVy HauBDg  lnMB> Vancouver
Lil^Ul ****** ���** J _mn- .    pillow shams (drawn work)���1. ��r.
A N'o. 1" Hour���1, Mrs. A.
.^uvay, ��,, Mrs. Lewi; Henderson.
Fancy pin cushion���1, Vera Kenny. I     Special   prizes    presented    by   the
Best  dressed   doll���1,  Carri.-   Mew-t Easterbrooke Milling Co.,  BhurnO, B.
Helen Bennett. I     C.:    For the best loaf of home-made
bed,   furnished���1,   Beatrice bread, made by any lady non-profes-
u-"1   frnm their "I:
'    **}*>'\t\:\>.
���      *    ��      *     "a* i
' ' -.V ! 'JJ
������tv -^. *-���:** ��|
f<v -���'���Ol'i-IV'
.���Li*:\ft v.W v
������* :,.aV*v^
Bead work���1, Naomi Rolph.
j Mrs. A. W. Gray; 2. Mrs. R. B. PurUy. %
.' ��� f. Vt .*. ;
1       . "tUt.-at.        It'
 II*-Aft. V-
���"����� k'M �������� j
y.   X,!..l   '
V   '
I I	
l.��'1i '&    ;*,-���  i,.��'.'i ,.
.i::M ',4;
f$r: . !$ %.1ft4li
jrt_e. ���
riv.* te ��� i '
f__Mi?*P *-i'��-
i'fll.    ^lll""-. .a
ftjM ������*��..
if .13. Fn J *,**���-   ,
LW^      a I
��  'h *'  __
.'. ���"��� V'
ti! ���'}.*;���    ���
Lasts Longer, Heats Mere Water, Heats it
Quicker,   Uses  Less   Fuel,   Bakes  Better,
And gives belter general satisfaction than any other
range on the mail el.
Ii you will call at our store, we will prove these facts to you.
OCT. 5.
There's no reason why you
jhould buy ���"cheap1 imported Salt.
moie ��� is absolutely pure ��� and
goes farther.    Get  WINDSOR.
183 W
Short Biography of Career������
Many Floral Tributes Were
Sent to the Funeral.
We Have
of the best quality.
& CO.
Ellard Block, New Westminster.
it?       ADVERTISE      "M
��� IN ���
THE      DAILV      NEWS
f *:x'
The    late     Uexdnder     Henderson
whose   death   occurred on   Thursdn
was  born  al  Shebster,  in   the  pari ���
of     luii.-,,   Caithness-shlre,   Scotland,
and ��;ts   i.,.   profession  a  mechanical
engineer.    After  practicing englneei
inn in Thurso and Glasgow, he cam
in Canada, and  was tor about  eight-
teen  years  manager  of the machin
departmi nt of the Joseph Hall works
it  Oshawa, which  was his home fori
the  greater   pari   of hi.,   life,    in  Its
public affairs he was from the outs, i
actively interested, nnd was for ninny
years on the board of the Mechanics'
Institute library, and on the board oi
education,    afterwards  serving  as   a
member of the town council.
Ol Covi nanl Ing stock, Mr. Hen ler-
son was a member of the Presbyterian
church, to which he was devotedly attached, and In whose history he was
profoundly versed. A lifelong Lib. ral,
in his earlier days lie was an ard. nl
worker in the cause, and until within
a few days of his death he was able
to follow an outline of current affairs.
In IS99 he came io reside in N.-\s
Westminster, where ii" lived quietly
during the past eighl years.
His wife, who in-, deceased him ten
ars ago, was Miss Grace Kllpatrick,
jof Paisley, Scotland, a member of the
J. | of Paisley.      	
���!��� Torthorald branch of the Kllpatrick
TJ family, li.- Laves one son, Hon. AL'X-
3.; a nder Henderson, governor of the Yu-
���!���   kon,  and   two  daughters,  the  Misses
The Funeral.
The fun.-ral of the. hue Mr.  (lender.
~ "j* Margaret and Catherine Henderson
BUSINESS .�� ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
.}. son took place on Saturday afternoon
Every   order   placed   with ��J�� |..,,,,   hjs   residence,   70   First   si net,
us    means    a   satisfied   cus- *T an(j  waa   attended   bv   many   personal !
tomer. JL friends, some of whom were from bis
mid i_.ii._i   citiqcicc **" '"'' nome-   The Rev' ���'��� s   Henderson,
HUH WUKI_;5AiloM_.i. * ,,. st  Andrew-S ,.m,i,di, conducted the
OUR PRICES ARE RIGHT * service,    ar    which   the   portions   of]
Haies on work "!' any des- 4*1 Scripture read, and  the hymns sung,|
criptlon   or quantity   quoted **��* were  all   tavorltej   of   the   deceased,]
on application.
Jackson & Morrison
Daily News Block.
New Westminster. Phone 388
"The man who tries to attract business without
advertising is like the fellow who throws his
sweetheart a kiss in the dark. He knows what he
is doing, but nobody else does."
���William Jennings Bryan
to know that the place to buy, either   for  speculation,   or   a   Fl
Acre Home, where you get all City Facilities is
Call and g.'t our Price hist at once, as this means dollars to
F. J. HART & CO., Ltd
Telephones   88-109
win.  had himself  selected  them.    Ini
Un- Rt-\. Mr. Henderson's address, hej
referred    particularly   to  the   strong
; faith   and   sterling     robustness  of   ,a j
I character, which grew strong, r with j
I illness and  Infirmity, though  he was i
debarred   from   taking  any   active  interest in public affairs.
The  remains were  Interred  In  the j
Oddfellows' cemetery, Hie bearers being  Peter   Blrrell,   .).   Sproat,   Angus
Munn, T.  H. Smith, Ralph  Robinson
and .I.  J.   Mackay.
The only son of the deceased, the
Hon. Alexander Henderson, commissioner of the Yukon, now in Dawson
Olty, was unable io be present at the
Th.- floral tributes of respect  were
very   Leautlful, and  Included the following;    Wreaths, Mr and Mrs. Leek
anil   family,   Vancouvei-;   Mis.   Knight
and   Mr.   M.  .I.   Knight;   Mr.  and   Mrs.
Ralph Robinson; Hon. Mr. Jdstice and
] Mrs.   Morrisou,   Vancouver.    Sheaves,
Mr,  and  Mrs.  Angus  Munn;   Mrs.  and
I Miss   Murchle;   Mr.  ami   Mrs    B.   J.
'Fader and family;  Mr. and Mrs. \V. (i.
McQuarrie    Pillow, William and l. W,
I.. McCraney, Vancouver.   CroBs, Mis
j Francis  Fletcher     Sprays,   Mr_    and
I Miss   ...-lined.. ,    Mr.   and   Mrs    A.   II.
[Gordon;   Mr,  .md   Mrs,   Peter  Blrrell
and family;  Dr, and  Mr-, Workman;
, Stella    and    Alice    RoblllSOIl.     Mrs.    A.
I Ewen; .1   \. Smith, and Rev, and Mrs,
A,  B,   Vert,
D   Murchle was the undertaker.
* Electric Railway Service I
4 Interurban   Line.
��� Cars   for   Vancouver  and    way
��� stations  will  run every half-
��� hour   from   6:60 a. ni.    Last
*: car loaves at 11 p. m.
35 (Last  car Iv.  Vancouver 11:110.)
* Cars   leave  the   depot    every
* twenty minutes tor  both  Sap-
* perton   and   city limits  over  the
city line.
British Columbia ESectric: Ry. Co., Ltd
��� f ���������*���������-*-"-���-������'��������������������������� ������-���������-������������������ *��������� ^
*    ��� OCTOBER  5.
' l7lo    An   expedition    ol   lti llish   and I
Provincials    uppmred   Liel'ore
I Port Royal in Canada,
City  Line:    Cars leave tram J   |17;t:i   Zunger'8   Weeklj   Journal     Ihi
office on the hour, twenty mln- ���   | s,,,mil|   mm.   |p   x���w   V()||.
in.a appl tire I.
ITi'.N    Hurricane     in    Havana   caused'
gr.-ai   destruction   of   life  and |
properi y
1-813   Chief    TeCumseh,   ail.   ..i   i he
Qrlllsb, died,    Horn  In  1770,
1888    Hiislness  portion  of   Uken,   S,
('.. destroyed  liy  Bre
is?*-   Murquls   ..r   Lorne    Appointed
Oovetnor Or-ncral  of  (' mada,
1893    In.   William   Lawrence   conSe-
.-lai.'.l   bishop   of   Mansnchu.
ntes after and forty minutes af- *
tor, commencing at 6:20 a. m. ��
Sapprrton   Line:   Cars   leave %
at ten  minutes after the hour, *
half past and fifty mi'iutes after ���
the  hour,  commencing  at 6:30 *
a.  ni. ^
Sunday  Service   hair-ncjurly be- #
tween H.'.W a.m. and  11   p.m.
mm -1
-*���������--  '-    i
When a customer buys an article of clothing he or
she wishes something that will give them satis 'action in every particular. It must be stylish, well
made and of good quality. Our clothing for ladies,
misses and children has these required characteristics. We do not buy inferior brands, but procure
the best and sell the same at prices less than you
pay elsewhere.
Reynier's Kid
ftfttflD PRIX> PAR/S.
The fact *hat a glove is made by Reynl.-r is considered ample guarantee  thai   H   will
factory.   We are sole agents for this well known make of gloves,   Note the varietj and th,
lei your nexi gloves be Reynier's.
Suzette. 2 clasp <!la<->'. the lest glace glove pro-
cur, ible, beautiful, aofl finish. Tans and browns
inly.    Per pair     $2.00
Bonneval, a 2-clasp glace kid glove, a line which
we have handled for years, shown in shades of
havy, green, grey, cardinal, tan, rown, mode, black
and white, Bizes 694  to .*.'_. per pair  $1.75
Ska, a 2-clasp glove, glace finish, shown in shades
if    grey,   brown,  black and  white,  per  pair  . .$1.50
Leila, a 2-clasp glove, glace finish, brown and
black only, a special glove .at a special price, per
pair  $1.25
Siia,   l-clasp j,iciue sewn, glaci   finish
per  pair    }1 2=
Reynier    hand Bewn, Suede, a I. i *-' I. ���
every   respect, In  facl  the besl  made. J
grey,  tan, and black, per pair          i2-M
Heavy  tvape Kid Gloves, tan only, 1-clasp
glove with gnat wearing qualitl'
12 billion length, Cape Kid. tan only, ;  *m
12 biiiion length, Sita, glace kid. la tai
White, all si/..-, per pair  '���������        &���"
Bilk   Lined    Mocha,   a  tin.   warm    glovi     hear*
weight,   grey and tan only, per pair ...        *1'75
Boys' tan Cape Kid Gloves, per pair ..90cand95c
Ladies' Cheviot
Special Value for $13.75
Three-quarter length and material In a diagonal
Cheviot, all wool, a most serviceable wearing fabric. Colors are navy, brown, draw grey and black. Blacks are
semi and loose tlttinn; yoke i.s lined with serge lining
and .-earns are bouad throughoul; collar is of same ma-
terlal with Btltching on velvet us trimming; cuffs are
turn back style with braid and ornament trimming; pock-
els are made with fancy trimmed flaps. Only a limited
number of this spedal line; all sizes, 112 upwards. Our
Bpecial  price,  each      $13.. 5
Jjeavy Rajah
New Showing oj
Ladies' Kimonas
The best   value and the nlci st styles wo h
Pure silk, of exlraheavj wetglit, for winter wear,.   ^^   ^ ^  ^^ ^  Amerloan  m f,
new   shadings  of   reseda,   navy,    Alice   blue,   pink.     ,n  fl   y,.,.,.,^ ()f  co]oring,       \\V   are   now   shol
Jky    grey,   cream,   tuscan,     black   and   white,    per     30me   lB   Btyiea  ,���   I,,,,),   ghort   and    h'l'.'
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ to
.$1.00 I   Bach
W. S. Collister & Co
BMBMB-fi.; "* s*m jwiwwiiidBWMnma \
, BHB^jfflWiaBaSi^*-'-'. *- -


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