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The Daily News Apr 5, 1907

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 APR 6. 190/
Read the magnificent offer
of The Daily News on page 2
Readthe magnificent offer
of The Daily News on page 2
VOLUME 2, M'.MIii:i; 81)
veral  Prominenl  Educators  Prepare to
Unless More Substantial Inducement
Are Offered    "Better  Pay  or   J
New," Their Slogan.
3? .ve in June
;   , Remain
Live Hogs Cremated in Flaming Building  at  Ladner.
I   ip h i     house   belonging to
Stoke     ,��� ���  i'    Ins, al  La In
irn     o I In   ground  Wednesday
t.    Five live together with three
���   ���    and ,. number of cei!ea
��� ���     :   heel   ivere   tota I.   consumed,
["he  only nation     w hich   seems
ihai        a    conliagral lon
1     om a small s.i   ve which was
ug, ..ie ! ihe lie.' getting im..
and    rease   w   ���   -,  in   i
.    . ���    ..... of th
Handsome   Cloth   Boo" rii"  Books Given
Away   Free.
In   making   U
he    ��� plendid   offer aitiS'
nounced on page I wo ol i his Issue,?! .���
Dailj  N'ews feels  sui i   tha   il  is vm
Ing a move thai will be greatly apimj
IS   Heel   nil. IV
elated I.;   M!    an I all.    l
i hai   em  opportunity occurs   to sei ure
a   han Isome   cloth  i n i    ook,  by  a
.- tan lard author, free, but this is ; ea :
h ��� offer amounts to    !���'.>. e\-
��� un   sendin      ...    lollai       i thi   Daily
News, the        ��� delivoi ed al
r li :      one yeai      \\'\
t;b ��� :    asked  to select  a
Mrt. Nu^^'^jtiV-erS Interesting Address at Annual Easter
Thankoffering   of  Queen's   Avenue   Methodist
Church    Work Among Afflicted Indians
Described    An Election.
elation        tween  the   teachers
\,. school  mi .".ms in be
i ;i_. j,.   , Ine 'I every day, the
_.   ,,,, ng the   teachi i      eing that,
i the      ���   Her manner In which
i    ,      reati I   their  request.
ii       . -.' lies in  immediate
'.    ,;,     action, and unless the
'i   ������'...��� i i,. i .
���  ��� :,   cit;   counci 1 ti 11 a 1 on i
wards I he end  of  Mai i h.     Th    te a
I'M: .1'.; .ill-      I |l< >','.
the ti ustei s, immediate] y repll
��� bis   �� as  far   fi om   sal isfaci      .   and
. ��� sted thai  the boai d     ibml   sup
��� : .��� ntarj   esl imates  as  the   i    in
��� had   heen   given   to   in le i s and,
to fulfil  their  partial   would  be In  the position  to con Idei
the   loss   of some ol   New the matter in a favorable llghl     The
���   te       m       ��� iie   Leaehe vs will trustees' reply to ihis was verj  sho t,
e result.                                        ; and contained after the preamble   i
hie!   points of dissatisfaction following: "That thi   board would en-
: The average wage' of deavor to adjust salaries  before   the
Westminster school teacher end of the preseni year, lo take effect
than any other school  In the on  January   1,  190S."    Following ihis
:, ���.  notwithstanding    the    fact the  board   increased   the   salaries   ol
New Westminster schools are I six teachers oul  of a total of twenty--
iom    -  regards educational six,  and ll   is  thought   by some thai
ts.    No definite schedule has as this partial increase wns granted with
��� ��� '.    !'..���; |e I   upon,  ih��.   trustees
��� ���  ���     N'��    : '   "'   ' ���'���' :     ���'    :'"; from   over  een,- bun Ired   titles   which
:" '' ! "nd '>"' -������- cnlj   wiM   .,. immediate .   mailed or de :   i
he e      me u    the men  who
���   ������ le      I in the slau^ hte    .. n ���
���   work  in  the  morning     Thi
��� . timate I  i iout $ 1500
and  is a    ital    iss, S   eke ���  & Collin
no In   , ance on the place.
\m  In.. stigation  into   th    cause of
. II   ie   ma le
ed. If there an Iwo books j'ou would
wish, then have the paper senl to a
friend, and make a pn -ent doubly ac
ci pta  '.-.
li is iiiii necess i :.- to enlarge
ii] . ��� .��� ii of I choice works
. electe tl, a the Ii-' speaks for i If,
and Is published in detail.
by raising a small number of
j, and a vague promise, soughl
ilu   question over for another
bi n ��� he  probabilities are thai
hoard  will be elected, and the
Iter bandi I over to them.
Idiiec nf the   prominent    teachers,
l<   M
a view tee break the combination, and
as a bait to kei p the res' staj ing on
iu anticipation of a like raise. One
teacher in commenting <>n the state
o affairs, said thai it seemed to ���
the policy of the board to never raise
ii salary until a teacher hud decided
to resign, and then a small in iucement
cm the    subject    yesterday, i was offered.
State ihai thi- majority of the trustees had a. ������ 1 in a very UllbUSinesS-
like v. in thc matter, as was illustrated by the following:
During  the   first   par;  of  February,
Since  the arrangemenl   for a  schi ���
dale by January has failed, the wish
is that the matter be adjusted by June,
as   if the teachers  do  nol   know
then   their  exacl  standing,  and what
|te teachers  as  a  body, submitted  a they may expeel in the future, several
dule tn regulate salaries, and es- of the must efficient  have decided  to
Ished a system of increase.  Three go els. where,  as some of them  have
ks later, a reply came to the effeel offers  which,   from    a    remuni  ativi
ii  ���    : nates  were practically in point of view, are awaj    In    I of i n;
Ihi     ear, mm'  il   would not  he in thing In the educational line In New
. with the acl to change them. Westminster.   .
J. 6.
Hi la i lazel te,  pul
the: ...       in    Victoria,    hdiI
iks: ���        here today, will con
$- ��� ��� informing all and
Ilk1 G   Bi ��� iimi. r  has  been
tinted       '���    tb n al ihe Provincial
ini . menl marks tho
0111    . ���   -ie.'   ruos:   bitter   in
en tion    ��    . li  has disl n
[tiauimity of the memb( i s ol
evi   "   ��� ��� iuie    ime  past
an    '.      . h loi j  for the Mc
���   facl ��� a
nn ��� m nei wi - made lo
ime tin - hal Mi. Br) ui
,e        appointed,  i'ii1  this  be
llloflil ..���'.  '.'.-'     Of     the
mt to the po
b ....   nol   dlscour
and   : enuoti   efforts wi re mado
-���  the    decjslon    revoked,   Mr
iner       de .. I,    and    another
Inenl      . ..im\" appointed In
ad     Napoleon  Bowser, of Van
, led    lie    I irees   .-.��� ainsl    Mc.
nd      ought   all   kind  of pres-
Itee bear againsi :he appointm* nt
<^JJr.    I, ���.-.   ' a.|   Me   eiu   pill |i,e-.'
premier refused to reconsider his
on.  an I  the  appoint inent  was fl.
!/. ��� :���' I yesterday morning.
:     ���  Saskatchewan, April  I.���Great
��� sei ��� :. .ie; has bi en caused here bj
the liscovery of large deposits (it
a ; .. .. w miles from the I iwn The
discover; eas made by a homestead
e.' em an adjoining quarter sect ion. A
part)   dJ   four,  hesdi d  by Frank  Wai
��� . VI ." P., at oni e li :'i for the spot
, nd ui on their return to the e own
i   qQ     ed ' lie reporl of the homesti a i
��� ..
In the meantime, oilier parties :
��� : in and bou ;h   I he quai tt r sec
tion mi which the fin i was male, an i
, joining m iarter, and they have
-.   . ��� ;  :, i     offei    to resel   at
m ,       ���   ham ed  |i 'ices.
Thi state ol Fourth sire.;, m, i ,,
Fou h and Fifth avenues has i tiled
foi h . oni Idei ah ������ comment during
:li- pasl ��� pi ll of ��� ainy weathei. Tl
i.i. R-all are' old and rotten, the drain
���i ��� I n and useless, and along the
street i- cattered an accumulation of
dirl ami filth of all kinds. The resl
di nts of that locality are up in arms
against these conditions, and a strong
ly worded petition is aboul to be cir-
e uh ��� > for signal ires. The boai el ol
works will be ashed to lake action al
once In order to remove anv danger
of the place becoming .. breeding
ground for typhoid and other germs.
li ��� n ol thi Woi Id, Westmins-
t 'I. ii t, No. ".:. held a most succes- '
. ;' "m ��� In yesterday evening, when
an interesting lecture on Woodcraft
was delivered by Sovereign Ramplin,
'   repn  entative  ������    the   hi ad   chapel
��� ��� thi .'. O. W. Al oui twenty members were present, ind everyone was
leep interested in the straight talk
- .. n  to   them by   Mr.   Ramplin.    In
tddress, he stated  that  the order
W. o. W. was at  the prese it
'ia.- in  a  inns' prosperous condition,
��� " '   m       better   ofl   financially  i han
���   ���   case for long time ear-'.
. n an . Mr.  la.- iplin   ;
. m.   liiigernfg doubt as to the
tabi        ���      he oi der   which    might
ed the i tinds of thi  mem-
" ������     nsational stories having
en i      :' iti d last summer concern-
he    eondit   ti    of  thi     treasury.
1 nd figuri    wen   paraded before
   ler    In  a   most   convincing
��� mm ���-.  and  M r.  Ramplin prove 1  be-
>   'el    he  -ha low of a doubl  that the
i '   eresent,   ind a ������' i 's had
ieen, nlj      ilvent,   but     with a
largi tr-.. in the'treasury.   An able
id    '      m   ,��� fluent and gifti ! speaki :
bi. ughl  "i a  . Ins..  by  a  sti  ng
o i he " embe      to work unceasingly in the interests of the W. O. W.
���    '   of thanl    was tendered to the
���   " ���   in m ��� [lately after he had re-
sun     '   ::'
In thi       ence of C mncil Command-
H.  '..  Edmonds,  who  was  unable
to be    | resent   on ai      in     il   illness,
sory mnt     W.    G.    Mc-
���! presided.     '\  Iel er  was read
:   i      Mr,   Edmonds,   expressing    his
regret at  bi Ing able to attend, and een
utign   of   sympathy  was
i xtendi ���    to   1 Im,  togethet     w Ith  a
hearty wish I       .       ieed       ��� lovei
n   hi    li ngthy Illness.    V referent ���
i the di ���       ���   Sovereign J.
-'   Phil iughl    orth a   i    ilutl n
"   '   m        : ���   ror the v   lo     and fan
lly of tl        ..���.,.. . [|)e
i '    l  ..!..������; |
oi ling   ol     he
cam i a flou n lition,
seven       ��� ha     i ned
hiring past year. LTndei the order
ne i a presen office holders
were re elected officers until I ��� ��� i n I
'>'' the j ear. This will obviate the necessity of an election bi ��� held dur-
enrren!   year
The annual E istei thank offi i ing
of i he Quei n's avenue Metho lisi
chi: e ii was appi eciati d by all who
were fortunati enough to ;. ten i tl
. i . ice and liste n to Mi -. Nugi nl
interesting talk on missionary work
in India. The meeting ��a oiiene I
with a short speech from the chair by
the Rev. W. II. Barraclough, after
, hii h the audience then joine 1 in singing the old missioary favorite, "The
Morninf Light Is Breaking," followed by a shorl and fervenl prayer by
Dr. Slpprell, The thankoffi i ing services were, conducted in the usual
way by -Mrs Slpprell, and were concluded with prayer and song. At the
ci nclusion, the Rev. W. li. Barraclough spoke a few words on his firs!
impressions on missionary work. A
sacred sole b) Miss McXiven was rente red w ith great feeling and expression and was received with great appreciation. A charming little ceremony took place when Mrs. SippreU
requested that Mis. Cunningham and
Mrs. T. u. Pearson step up on the
platform, and in a few well chosen
words presented each of them villi
life membership certificates in the
Ladies' Mlsionary society.
The chairman then Introd iced Mrs.
Nugenl  who came to the front and in
Over two hundred dollars In receipts
for the third day of'the great Catholic
I azaar, larger crowds than previously.
more en Irishism  in  the  various contests   and   raffffles,   great   onslaughts;
on  the  tallies and  stalls loaded   with
di licacies and sweetmeats of all kinds, |
rapidly diminishing piles of dainty and
attractive trifles laid out on the stalls
in a tempting aria;.-, marked the clos
ing bom - al  ;;:. Patrick's hall yester
'I he  interest   in   the   I wo   contests,
:. i:., and Dally New.-   ,,,.!.,: with the subject the irritation  had moved the hearts of her audience,
vanished and  the tones of her sweet      A vote of thanks to Mrs. Nugent was
voice aroused in many a heart the de-  unanimously carried, to which the la-
sire to go oul to that far country anl   ay responded in a few suitable words,
t in spreading the gospel.   As a      The following business reports were
her charming and lucid style went im-
,i te ndencj tee dull I he percep
and consequently difficulty wa ���
i> need in installing the gospel ti ti h
Ings Nevei theii ss manj w ei e a ��� ept-
ing Christianit;. Mrs. Nugenl then
Lou hed on the revival and the .'.a. s
in which ��� affected the natives. In
some eas. s conversion was su I len,
'hey had dreams, saw visions, etc.
and held prayer meetings lasting far
into the uighl; yet, aoU ithsl m ling
the peculiar incidents attending -ome.
e. ses, il seemed as if the pow r of
Cod was surely working In His own
way to make known to the masses of
unenlightened heathens, His supreme
will and power. Several touching
��� is. were quoted, of the effeel 3 pro
duci d on those who had received
Christ, especially in the case of children, and the speaker read a 1< tter
she had received a few days ago, from
a young Hindu girl who hail heen taken In by the mission during the -;reat
famine.. The communication was
written in Hindustaiiei'. which Mrs.
Nugent translated as she read, and
the writer in the quaint phrase ilogy
of her nation expressed her great joy
in having received the teachings of
Christ, and her undying love for her
foster parents, Dr. an.l Mrs. Nugent.
Mrs. Nugent, throughout her discourse was listened to with the utmost   attention,   and   only   when   she
inediately   to  the  subject   of  her ad- resumed  her seat was ihe. spell  bro-
dress.    The lady at the beginning of ken. and the applause that broke forth
her discourse   was   suffering   from   a was but an inadequate expression of
���at,   but   as  she   pro- the depth to which her fervent rones
v.-. the Vancouver Province; incjeasei
dailv. The race lasl nighl was neck
and neck in both cases, but at the
closing hour the News and the C.. P.
R.   were  leading by  small   majorities, j few lectures on gospel work in  India   then   read:   From   tbe   Mission
uri'S being: News L91, Province   i,iH| already  been heard  In  ihis city,   reporting membership of 60; good at-
at   meetings;   cash  re   Ipts
: , i
.   les
ten   votes.     Tie.   figures  are  marked
' a   blackboards   : laced  on   the stagi .
and  as   I he  returns  : rom the  various
em rgi 'ie   can\assers  aie  brought   in,
Die C.   P.  K.  had  .sec.....',I  ::.:.".   ^rs. Nugent said that she would take   tendance
leadin    the    Hill  n .1  by only   for hei subject a branch that had pro-  $29.00.
Missii n Circle���Good attendant
:    etings, though  working under
latTly   nol   been   yet   discussed   here,
namely the work among the lepers.
Afti r a few remarks on the general
iressions upon  first  landing in te
:  elis-
tbe  returning office)  ���    ���       them  on  dia, and the filth  and squalor which
the  board.     The     Province    led
advantages  from   changes    of
dents.    Cash   receipts.  $6Ck00.
Business was here relieved by Miss
the newspaper contesi for some time
lasl evening, but the supporters of
the   home caper  nobly  rallied
. port, in I the morning favoritt
again forged ahead. TodaJ will marl,
the close of the contest, and the fin
Ish  is 1 ound io be close.
Rev. Fi ther O'Boj h   opened the cv
everywhere greeted the eye, she weal   Fitzgerald, who in her usual splen'"
style  and  voice, rendered  a  bea'
sacred solo.
The report of the  secreta?
on to describe the disease in various
stages,   from   the  first   leprous spots
to  its   which  appear, to the point  when the
different members of the body putrify  Woman's Missionary socief
and dropoff.    Leprosy, the lady stat-   and showed    gratifying
ed,  was   incurable,   several   remedies   Measurer's   report
had  been   tried  but  with no  success,  jgos.75; expenses, $1
and the only thing to be done was to   satisfactory bal
y of the
,y was read
Tesults;   the
owing   re I it -,
>.S0, leaving i
^S  of &3Q6.95,  with
.eet   tee come  in.    ���^
- W.'^ the officers for the corn-
ening   concert   with    an    interesting prevent as far as possible, the spread   SOme  receipt*
speech,  pointing  to  the splendid  sue- 0; this  loath! erne   lisease by  the es-   following
cess the ladies had made of the baz- ::,  ������    .,.       0f  institutions   to segre-   [ng
aar.    lie- certainly  sustained  his  rep- gate the   ifflicted ones, and by trying   .   |   J,Pl   ���   President,  Mrs. w. J.  Sip-
utation   as  a   humorist,   keeping  the to take the young children of lepro'((S ti'relJ"V vice president, Mrs. D. Robson;
audience In ceaseless ripples of laugh- .         .;. ,,,.,,.,, ,.���.,, |n ^   fl '��   (fording secretary, Mrs. t. c. Mac-
.   .    Music w.is supplied iv.   Seal.-.  , ,,,   |   ���   in,  ,   t,^,   ' Thfl Donald; corres ondln    secretary, Mrs.
Williams pi no,    Indlj   loan   . foi  the v(nc<   ,     i   ���'.���   ���.,..,.',,',   ���Ji   ,','"   ''���   H   White;   treasurer,  Mrs   f.   0
''f''"   '     ' '*gt III,      The   ->.���,,.
J    '..''.  Xvhi re Dr.  nnd   Mre.
itie aed, Is a natlvi  sl
'' '   ���      ���'���''���'    "    ���    '     led    fa Mai
V I     '   'i     :  I I ���     ial.' |,
rty-Five Scotchmen
Enjoy Fraternal Visit
Eiephant Was Peaceful.
Toronto, April 4.���Por   lighting    a
nte h     i the trunk of the elephan   In
the Riverdale Zoo, James   McFa
v,:s fini i ?] and costs, or ten days, bv   '''"l|:|il1- beautifully together,
Me casion  bj   J. 1     Todd     '    ���
"���thnroja, and i iving to th
|     .    .   ��� ���       ,   ���    native
'   procuring ol    lb     ,nd as-
asylum     ��� .     dl
coun considera ���'
':..'���    h    :��� '    .   con-
di Ine I from lh     .!
te to  b til I.    Th ���
here,  Mrs,      ig< nt  remarke I,
have n e Ide a of the n iture of this tils-
������   and the to ^regard, on the
P irt of the. nativi ��� I Its consequences, i.. pers bathe In he same, streams
1 ���'���'��� pi ople, i eli g.iods. work at
various calling:., and intermingle
''       : communities.
re drink-
o.' 't in any
J.   il    Whit
VIessi -    Da i li.  Bilo
- i In . land an '   .��� .
Homi ," fills locall)
he first time   i'i     tblic, and
' 11   ' M ���     '
M '      VU let   '<.. dm ���'    solo wa
w ith   ini" control  and    ���       nl     won
ti.e  a-In.: ation '    the audli nee,   Han
Davis and .1. p, iii: idea i   10th fa ,    ���
���i    ai Itoni   solos,   Mr,  Daj is   sing-
inj   in fine style "Th<   Rollicking Sailor,"  while  Mr.   Bilodeau  pi. asi I  ev
eryone with '���The Slumbe ��� B ���   ."
Roach  favored   tvith a duet  "O. That      ,.;  ,.,���,���    ,���    .    ,ells ,,h,
Eelilnrjham   Wants   Baseball.
m    \..:i:     I.   Bellingham
nthusiasts    ,-ill no
-     e-s  of   the  iVa
���    ��� city 1
'        las    -.v.. k   imi   whi '
���  Spokan ��� ; es i rday
gave    io   c to Ta   ��� ia,   Legal
��������� ���<'������'���'���' '   been Iaki n and the
:: ''   ���'   his ���    rning v.:. ���. an
injunction  was taki u oul  in the local
COUrtS,      There is  p]( nty of moili',
hind the Bellingham managemeni and
a determined effort will be made ���
hold the franchise. Bellngham wants
baseball and is prepared to pay for
We Two Were Marin
���"'-"'���    Ing water is obtalne'. with
ty-flve members of the local
of the .Sons of Scotland accepted
vitation of the Vanvouver camp
e i art iii an l .iiertiiininenl hold
��� O'Brien hall, Vancouver, last
Aboul one hundred and twen-
uibers were preseni as were also
number of ladles.     After a
Magistrate Denison yesterday morn
Ing. McFadden is a young man. He
was smoking in the. elephant's house
and had ignite.,] a match to lighi his
Superintendent Carter saiel the acl
i : fill have resulted fatally. [f the
elephanl had become Infuriated, the
animal   would  have   attacked   either
if the
of :"   -���' :;:1^ '"       '     ">�� Inevitable  Two  hug,,  shingle machines are the
closing day   oi the  results.     In the lepi r i hums alreadj   latest sh
a large number of people are ' instituted
being the
p.m., when  supper was served, aftei
which   "Auld   Lang  Syne"   was   sung.
The Vancouver camp expressed their the young man. himself or souk
gratification al having Hi" Lord of the other b; ttanders,
isles camp in  their midst, to which ��� .	
the Rev.   \.  E3. Vert suitably replied. Xew   York,  April   i.- Paul   Morion
The    New    Westminster    contingent Is   lo take  charge  of  the   Equitable
then marched In a body tei the special aj   :   ,��� b isim ss wesl of Chicago, This
car escorted  by  the Vancouver men Is the first lime a president ls leaving
tddress from the chair, dancing and thfe pipers, and an enjoyable even-
Ic were Indulged In until  ll  lng was fittingly broughl to nn end,
in Insurance company  to personally
hii tie" : '���' ' uslnt ss.
I azaai
expei ted to be preseni. in tiie evening an auction sale of illl remaining
goods will be conducted by T. .).
Trapp. A juvenile band of fifteen
pieces will be over from Vanvouver
in order to discourse the sweet strains
of "See the Conquering Hero Comes"
In honor of Luce and the Daily News,
���ul lo play a funeral  march over the
shattered  hopes  of McL I and   the
Province, Either Mr. Myers or Mr.
Goulqt will be greatly chagrin".I when
the result of the railway come j| ;s
announced, and music will be sooth. ���>
Ing in the etreme I i their disappointed j i>
souls. i ���
ments mad   by the Schaake.
ool  work   is   being   done,   Machine Works,  these  being consign-
the progress was perhaps a little slow, (ed to the Red Fir Lumber company,
as one of tbe features of leprosy was  of Nanaimo.
��"���,.���:':��� ��� ������. ���' ���:;:������.������ ���.;:.���:;:4.-.���.���*���::���+:.+���:.���c*M*r>:
I C ECURE AT ONCE one of the handsomely bound
I <~J   standa
ard works offered by The Daily News
on page two of this issue. There is sure to be one,
out of the large list, that you have not got in your
library; and it's an offer worthy of seizing.
��� ;;���.::������:;'������:*:"���:: ��� m�� :.���:: ���^���^���^���^^���^���^���^^���#4^#-^#^(^1{^i
Assessment Roll for the year 1907
h.e.- been returned to me, and remains
in my office, where it may be inspected by any person having an Interest
therein, until the sitting of the Court
Cf Revision.
The Brst sitting of ihe Court of
Revision on the said Assessment roll
will be held at the Citj Hull, in the
said City on
MONDAY, April 8, next,
at le o'clock in the forenoon. Any
person intending to appeal against-
the' assessment must do so in writing
to be tiled wiih the City Clerk at
least seven days before the first sitting of   the   Court,
\V. A. DUNCAN, City Clerk.
City Hall, March (i, 1907.
Second Hand Store
Shadow  Etiquette.
"I saluted the  Kaffir chief respectfully uiul hearty," said the sailor. "Can'
you Imagine my surprise when be Rive
me a kicks
" 'Get off my shudder,' lie says.
" 'Get off my shudder.'
"l was standing, by crlnus, ou his
shudder, the sbiuleler e>f bis stomach.
1 skipped from there te> the face, lie
groaned. When l got on to sunlit
ground again be says tei me:
"'Didn't you never ha\e no brlngin'
up'.' Look at you now, lengtbeuiu' out
your shadow lotur.-.r'u mine. Crouch,
consarn you, or I'll warm your hide
with tiiis here club.' "
The sailor gave a loud laugh and
emptied bis glass ed' milk.
"Them Kaffirs," lie said, "regards
their shudders as part of themselves.
A polite Kaffir would no more walk on
another's shadder than a polite American would bit a hiily. They have n
regular shadder etiquette. Ynu mustn't
mi a., account let ymir shudder be
longer than a superior's. You must
crouch tn make ll smaller, ami that
there crouch I'ur Ihi' purpose of dimln-
lshln1 ilie shadder is though) by tho
Spencerian philosophers I don'l say I
think so, mind lo lee- tbe eeriixin of tho
bow."���New Orleans Times Democrat.
JL JL JlJT^.jL. JL    iw   -iT^LJLjj.j
that is necessary to have The Daily News delivered at your home every day for twelve months and to
secure one of the handsome cloth-bound books enumerated below. Read the titles. There are 100 selections to choose from, all standard works, and gems of literature. Among the authors represented are
Charles Dickens, Sir Walter Scott, Victor Hug'o, Alexander Dumas, Charles Darwin, Charles Kingsley, etc.
Ten cents a week, $5.20 a year; and it's a nuisance when the boy calls every week to punch your card.
OUR OFFER relieves you of this. You obtain a handsome book and the paper delivered free for twelve
months for $3.00. Don't delay, but make your choice at once; if you delay you will probably not be able
to ^secure the book you want the most. Fill in this coupon and mail with $3.00 to The Daily News, or
call at the office and select your title.
Second Hand Goods ot
all kinds bought and
sold for cash. All Mail
Orders promptly attended to. Kindly write or
call at
Much   Law,   Poor  Case.
Among lawyers there- is a saying
, that iu the trial of a case au attorney
if light on facts must lee heavy on law.
The other day an attorney was prepar-
' Ing to leave bis office in one' of th.. liiir
Office buildings tn gO to the ciitirthnu.se
' to try a case-.   From the shelves of bis
| library be bud taken  many  large law
j books containing decisions  ami opln-
, ions of higher courts.   At  Intervals a
j .boy went in and out of the' door, an.l
each time he bore in ills arms a stack
of tho books, which be carried to nn
, express wagon that stood in the street
below.   The attorney   was  to  use.  the
books in the courtroom.   Another law
yer, who is of southern birth and who
always   addresses   his    friends   with
some army title, watched the boy as he
went   iu   and   out   carrying   llu-   law
I Books.   Then he dug llis hands deep
! into his trousers pockets and said to
1 the lawyer:
i    "Well, AU'll sweah, kunnel, you must
J have   uo   case   at   all."���Kansas   City
The Daily News Publishing Co.
  ������- ��� *
Enclosed   please   find  Three   Doilari. aniount for one years s.^rcription   +
*   iei  advance for the Daily  News.    Kindly send me
Address   J
Please.name three books in order desired   in eas-'   the  flrsl  or  second  ���
ces should be snbi out. ��
��� I
"Of making many books," says Solomon, "there is no end," That's truer ihan ever today, hep it you are wise enough to i.e.- . fta
Daily Xews' offer and secure one of those on iheir list you may be sure of getting   the  Cream   of   Literature; .one of the  hooks  that   have i
top from the first and will always rank among the highest.    Why?    Because they are the gems of ihe- greatesl  minds the  world   has ever
Sign  Man  on  Wheel.
Snow  and   Rain.
The tirst nam te> whom  it ever oc-
I curred to tlml out how much rain was
Columbia St.            New Westminster.; represented by a  given fall of snow
_,.                                           was Alexander Brlce of Kirknewton,
 Mhonc 275                     j wno in March, 1705, made a simple experiment with the i tents of a stoue
jug driven face downward Into over
six inches of snow. What he learned
was that a greater or less degree of
cold or of wind when the snow falls
aud its "lying a longer or shorter time
ou the ground" will occasion a difference in the weight and iu tiie quantity
of water produced, "but if," he added,
"I may trust to tbe above trials, which
I endeavored  to perform   with  care,
MIXED and SEPARATE    snow Qewly la"''"' u'i;h a moderate;
gale of wind, freezing cold, will produce a quantity of water equal to one-
tenth part of its bulk." So that a fall
of snow of ten inches represents a
rainfall of one inch. -London Chronicle.
Toronto Parks Lawn Grass
White Clover
Flower Seeds
Vegetable Seeds
fresh and Reliable
Spraying Materials
Grafting Wax, Etc.
The Adder. p
A full grown miller may measure-
two feet in length nnd aboul six
Inches around the thh-ke-st part of Its
body. Its movements are sluggish, and
of course the Idea that it is capable of
transferring its head from one extremity to the other every six months is due |
simply   to  superstition.    The  fact   ts
lhat the tail Of Ihis snake elm's not;
terminate in a point, as with ophidians
gene.rally, but is stumpy nnd resembles tbe- head sn mueli that it is dlffl-
Abbe Constaritin- -1 lalevy.
Adam Bede���George Eliot
Aesop's Fables��� .
.Alice  in   Wonderland���Carroll
Andersen's Fairy Tales���Andersen
Arabian   Nights   Entertainments���
Black   Beauty���Se.well.
Cast up by The Sea-���Baker
Children  of Abbey���Boche
Child's History of England-Dickens.
Data of Ethics���Spencer.
David   Coipperfield���Dickens
Deemster-- ('nine.
Descent of  Man���Darwin.
Dombey & Son���Dickens.
East Lynne���Wood.
Emerson's   Essays���Emerson.
Fifteen Decisive Battles���Creasy
First Violin���Fotherglll.
Green Mountain Boys���Thompson.
Grimm's   Fairy Tales
Grimm's    Household   Tales���
Gulliver's Travels���Swift,
Guy  Mannering���Scotl.
Handy Andy���Lover.
Heir of Redclyffe���Yonge,
Henry  Esmond   -Th ickery.
Heroes   and    Hero   Worship   Car
Hiawatha   and   Evangeline   -Longfellow
House of the Seven Gables���Hawthorne.
It's  Never too    Late    to    Mend���
Ivanhoe���Scot t.
Jane  Eyre���Bronte
John  Halifax, Gentleman���Mttlock.
Kenil worth���Scott,
Lamplighter   Cummins.
Last Days of Pompeii���Lytton,
Last of the   Mohicans -Cooper
Light   that   Failed���Kipling
Lorna  Doone'��� lilaekmnre.
Middlemarch-   Eliot.
Mill on the Floss���Eliot.
Mosses    From    an    Old    Manse���
Natural     Law     in     the     Spiritual
World -'Diiinini in :.
Newcomes    Thackery.
Nicholas Nickelby���Dickens
Old Curiosity Shop���Dickens.
Oliver Twist���Dickens,
On the Heights     Vuerbach
Origin of Species���Darwin
Our Mutual   Friend���Dickens
Pathfinder���' 'ooper.
Pickwick  Papers���Dickens
Pilgrim's   Progress���Bun; an.
Pioneers���I loop tr.
Prince   of   the   House   of   David ���
P.obinson   Crusoe   -Defoe.
Rob   Roy   -Scotl
Romance of Two Worlds     '.'orelli.
Romola    Eliot.
Scarlet   Letter     I��� ���, ma I Morn,..
Scottish Chiefs���1', tei
Sign of the Four���Doyle
Silas Marner   -Eli it.
Silence  of  De-ine  Maitland    Grey.
Sketch  Book���Irving
Story     of     an     African     Farm���
Study in Scarlet     I lo; le.
Swiss Family Robinson
Tale  of Two  Cities.     Dlcki
Tales  From   Shakespeare
. Talisman    Si ol I
Tanglewood   Tales���Hawthn
Thaddeus  cf  Warsaw    Porti
Thelma    ('..,-
Three   Men  en  a  Boat���.Pm oi
Three  Musketeers���Dumas
Toilers  of the   Sea���Hugo,
Tom   Brown  at  Oxford     lln.
Tom      Brown's      School      D.i :
Treasure   Island    Stevenson.
Twice   Told  Tales���Hawthon
Twenty  Thousand   Leagues  Ur.
the Sea    Vei ii".
Uncle Tom's Cabin    Stowe
Under Two Flags���Onlda
Vanity   Fair    Th ti    e J
Vicar of Wakefield���Goldsml
Water Babies     Kingsley.
Westward Ho    Kingsley,
White   Company     Doyle,
Window in Thrums. A     Ban
Wonder Book. A���Hawthorn
Drug, Spectacle,   and  Seed   Store   cull feu- an observer situated nt a distance of a few yards t;> distinguish the
t t
one from the other; hence (be story of
iis  being twee  headed,  the  fallacy of
% Established 1837 ^"SSIncorporated 1906j��S�� J
1 Gilley Bros, ui
Canadian Bank of  Commerc'
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000.     Reserve Fund, $5,000,Oi
B.   !���:.   WALKER,   Presid \i.i;x.   LAIRD,   General   Ma      i
Hasl Ings St, VY . Vancouver.
i.     ....." mi m Gregg and Pitman
1    Shorthand, Telegraphy and En-
.   n   ring.
I    which   no   intelligent   observer  could
fall to detect.- Pioneer.
' Seven  Teachers
[  Forty-Five   Typewriters
Students Always in Demand.
R J. SPROTT, B. A., Principal
Tin- parvenu st I  it till bo could
staiiel it no longer.
"James," he fried out piteously, "tell
in. the worst! Vou find my table manners execrable!"
Bul bis new butler, bowing first with
stately c lescension, only replied:
"As a matter of professional courtesy Hi cannol hentertaiu, much less
he.'.press, lnin.v hoplnioo which might
seem In hnnyway to reflect on my
predecessor 'ere"
Anil ho bowed ngnlll and was silent.-
%        This  celebratt .1   Cemi nl
��� used by nearly all la ntract-
��� 1.1. it, thi  Province.
Wholesale and Retail
Manufacturer of
Mineral Waters, Etc.
Aerated Waters,
The Wings of Time.
Methuselah was walking In his garden.
"My goodness," 1 sclulmed suddenly, "there's another Hower on that century plant! Why. il Bcems but yesterday sluce I plucked a blossom from it."
He walked slowly toward an oak tree
200 years .eld which he had tenderly
raised from an acorn,
"Ah, ine." he mused, "how time
flies!"   Harper's Weekly.
#   A general Banking business transacted.   Ai
counts   ma\
ii - '   I by mail with all branche  of th    b ink.
'in ned  arid
FIR��     CLAY      and
From the Clayburn Clay Co.   #
SEWER   PIPE,   DRAIN     TILE,   *>
X Telephones: Office IG,   Manager's Residence 22 J
Family Trade a Specialty.
Trl. 113. Office, Eighth 8treet,
The Larger Class.
"Of   course',"   saiel    the   seeker   after
knowledge, "we seldom bear 'thee' and
j 'thou' nowadays.   They're used mostly
by poets, aren't they'.'"
"No,"   replied   tbe   editor;   "they're
used   mostly   by   ] pie   who   think
e they're ports."- Oi-tholle Standard and
Transferee��.."""'  "  P~.;^r~
Dentist���I've Oiled all your teeth that
Office'Phoue 185.       Barn 'I'&one 137   have   cavities,   sir.      Ma honey -Well,
Columbia 8t. thin, mi tir rlst av thlm too.   Tbln
whin  th' cavities i ie they'll 1k> nl-
Buggage delivered    promptly to ��ny   ready filled, b'gobal-e-Puck.
part of tbe city. 	
Don't Judge a man ley bis failures in
t'e.r many n man fails because he
i honest lo succeed.���Arkadelphta
ei'K.i Southern Standard,
Light and Heavy Hauling, 11'%
P. S.��Bartlett, 6 Si/.e Movement,  Fitted
in '11 kt.Gokl Filled Cases, for $15.00
W. C. Chamberlin
The Jeweler Columbia St.
Deposits cf $1 and upwards received.   Interest allowed at current rati    afl  :
added   Tour  times  a year.   The depositor i.  subject to n
whatever in the withdrawal of the whole or any portion of the. deposit
!#������ �����B ULL �� T i N^w��am
Great North jrn Railway
V. W. <& Y. RY.
Leaves Dally            NEW    WESTMINSTER Kvvhc Dai
9:20   a in        I., line,  Eollinsham, llm llngtnn, Ml. 1     ���
4:115    ji m        Vera in    Everett, Si attle,  Port I mil I . .". |i I
1:35   p m        ���'   ���' tne, J! P lul.and all points Easi rt:0tl
9:20   a m            Anacortes, VVoolley, Rockport, 3:00 p i
3:00   p m      |                       Vancouver 9:20 a in
9jj>5   11 in |      1:35 p
12:10 a in        "The Owl,"  between  Seattle,  N-u f>:2'J n
Wesl iniii ��� er .*.  Intcrme Han
'I,i.,...   New Westminster for Guichon    3:30 p. m.      \ rl
Guichon ti p.m., Monday, Wednesday, Friday.
s-.'r. a.m. arrive from Guichon; !>; 10 a.m. Lv, ������    \*nn
2 Dally Overland Trains 2
Spokane, St. Paul, Minneapolis, Winnipeg, Dttluth, Chlcn   t
Louts    .in '    all    .'Hints    East.
For complete Information, rates, berth  reservation, etc., c
du or a m'.M'-m
F. C. MEYERS,   \ ��� ml
Office���Tram Depot
'1 ���
1   J
1 '5
k of Commen e Building,
New We I mini
II. M, ADAMS,   '.
Klnj  Street,  Cnie n Stalli   .  .   ���. e
gasSS9BS22Si^3i'^: -
1; FRIDAY, APRIL 5, 1907
rilE   DAILY   NEWS.
glad to announce
ie Delivery began ye
o our patrons that
iterday of our
ssjajaatasiatiaa m ��na*n>��*.^��^��w^��air��n��l,,,y;,��m,>>..iiri wiwwxp1*^ ��� WWWMWIMIH
itAailMifc'fifr V.ie^UBSWAA'rffflM* WiSaMmi^iiiKAMKMeft^-^;- .���c***.-.*^.'^^ .o ,   ..,..,.
in New Westminster.
Please be ready to receive your Pantry
when delivered.
Warehouse   255   Front   St
W th its p!a;n tints, supplies a luxurious wall-covering fcr the
n e t handsome rooms, leaving your walls free from tht dtli-
r urn of wall papers. We will be glad to tell you mere about
Alabastine, if you will ask us. Let us show you a tint card
and cutting of wcod with 35 coats on.
Curtain Stretchers, with adjustable pins.
Airklnds of BRONZES, PAINTS, OILS, &c.
t i m i tecJ
B, C. Mills, Timber and j
Trading Company
The Eye of the Needl��.
When Christ says In his sermon
"that it Is easier for a camel tee pass
through iii'" eye of a needle than it is
for a rich wan in enter the kingdom
of heaven" he do is uot mean a sewing
needle, but n bole through which a
cami 1 had t > pass through in getting
lute, a fortress, it was the cust irn in
old times, and in parts of Arabia still
is, for the people of .1 village to build
a fortress against the robbers of the
desert, Into which they carried an underground passage in a zigzag form
barely large enough for a camel lying
down on its side? to work itself through
Into the courtyard of tho fort, and the1
Saviour beautifully compares thestrug-l
j.'lcs of il.- animal to what the rich man
must suffer in order to gain paradise.
Tbe bole was called "the i-yi' of the
In the old  stone cahirs, < ,r  walled
citi-'s.  in  Ireland  specimens of tbi'se ,
eyeholes may b ��� s een.    Most <>i" t. em .
have   been   partially   destroyed,   bul
there is one almosl perfect al Griauan
Eilrach,  In  Donegal,  aud  sn like the
���    ��� ��������� 11 eyel      - ' bal one w<,nId think
the;.' were made by lhe sn tne v ui 1. me 1
The  Irish  annuls  relate  that   i: lea
was  en cte 1   by   n   Touch  el"  I taannn
. hi if   i.m. n  ; ���. rs   before Christ    1     1
Clearing-out Sale of Odd Lines &* giving        .    ^
SJee our 'Window.and Door.
ye IPs
Westminstei Iron Works
Manufacturers nnd Dealers in All Kinds ot
Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sash,   Doors,
Interior Finish,     Turned Work,    Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glass.
The Magic Flat.
"This is our library."  -, 111 tl ������  N'c.v
Veirk woman, lending her visitor int -
the front 1 n ....    "And tin t 1   zj   1   tl
room back of il is the music room.
} Tho 'den' Is the b m. brlghl room 011
I    ; eur left,   Coiik  e.   v and see it,    i'i      GENERAL MACHINE A
!    wm have just  five r ns In nil.   Thi 'WOKK.        t
I    small back hallroi 1 . we use- as a pack- '      SHIP SMITHING, UUlLHiVi an.l
j    Ing and storage closet.    Isn't it cozy?" STRUCTURALi IRON    wuitu
j      '���r-c-s," agreed her visitor doubtfa        Ornamental   Iron   Wont,   inciud
ly, -inii  where do you sleop and eat.   Fences, Gates, Fire Bl.scapes,   it
and all that?" Mail orders and correspondence In
"Oh." snid the N'ew i'orker Indiffer-    rued.
ently, "my husband and 1 sleep in the iir^B-if^t   I3��=ir-
'den'on tho oriental couch, aud mother JOsafN   IiLlD,
sleeps in  the musio room on another BEGBIE ii t'Kijrj t.
{   couch lhat pulls 1 ut al night.   Wo eat   New Westminster. v. u. <:<
on thai funny littlo table in the libra-1
ry.    Sfou've im Idea how big it can be
ade when the lea.   s are in.-And   flTLftNTfC   STEAMSHIPS
"The Maple Leaf FcreVer"
a t:-.e Maple Leaf fcr our trad: mark, because it is Canadian.
��� ���-., /^���>MlTr,rr v
(Maple Leaf
[Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining.
we dress in tbe bntliroom and keep euiiM _ _
clothes in the pneking room.   So. you   OF ";HE CANADIAN  PACIFIC RY.
see, It's all very convenient." ==FINEST   AND   FASTEST���
"What do you do in tho kitchen?" inquired the other laconically.
"Oh, we keep tho dogs ln there
[Royal City Branch, Columbia St.
Telephone 12. New Westminster
: nigtit, and in tbe daytime we some-'  is.ooo i EMPRESS of Britain 114,500
tlmoa use it���to cook in."���Now York! H. Power \ EMPRESS OF IRELAND j     TONS
Reduction   in   fares from  the   Old |
Country,    Now Is the time to secure
���' ikets,
Tourist sii'.'i ers run t<j St. John to
next   sailing
He Didn't  Hnah.
"Mamma,"    queried    little
"what is "hush?1''
"Why do you ask, dear?" said  his
mother, j < onne ������   with   Empress
"Because," explained the observing 1 April  19th.
lire-bin.   "when   I   asked   sister   whal      T, , ,    ,
made her hair all  mussed after hi*!    ^r further particulars apply to
JrA\ ri~ r^Tirr       ix t       thi ir     *TVTr-\V/C   made her h,lir ;i11 mussed after l!(''' 1',"'!l'"'' :':,):i,'"h"" :,i';,lv t0
"*,��.'.    >   ? .. J. .. I  1<JL^    '   111 1 1 II���.       1 1L.YT0'  'Hush, dear.'"   Chicago News. C.P.R. agent   or all Atlantic companies \Z oimp^p^n'**.   1 v""*f"
FRIDAY, APRIL 5.  1937.
P      shed by the Daily News Pub-
Fine Salt���tliat dissolves quickly
on the food    flavouring deliciously
lia    ng   Company    Limited,   at    th m ���never   gritty,   never   bitter,
offices,   corner   of   Sixth   and    brci ..nKincnD    T\mr    c\it
streets, New Westminster, B. C. WINDSOR   TABLE   5AL1,
������������-���� ��.*������ t ������������������������
Transient   display   advertising,    li
cents per line 1 nonpareil 1, 111 lines
the   inch.      Five   cents   per  line   for
subsequent  insertions.
Reading notices, bolei  face-  typo, JO  	
cents   per  line, brevier  or  nonpareil,
10 cents per line. '
For   time   contracts,   special   posi-   H0PPERS ARE  VERY  numerous
tion.-. apply to advertising manager,
Notices    of    births,   marriages   or        AT  BINGHAM   LAKE.  MINNESO-
deaths,  50c.     Wants,   for  sale's.  lost
or  found,  rooms to let, etc., one cent        TA���TRAFFIC   IMPAIRED.
].<:>r   word.     No   advertisement   taken
for less than 25 cents. '
That day will be the 'last of a special
(    discount of 20 per cent, on Cut Glass.
20 Per Cent. Off on Every Dollar
��� ..:��� ���:��� ���
Bingham    Lake,    Minn.. April    1.���
Frogs bave become so numerous the
Nffht��^"::::::::::::::::::::S p-i-^.ww.
 �� on   the  Omaha  road   was  stopped   OJ
am the little hoppers near ibis place. The
'^���^}if.'H' nlgh|   ,,.r;i,,.   a   passenger   train  was
--  stopped   from   a   similar   cause,  near
FRIDAY.  APRIL s, 1907. Mankato.      In   grasshopper    elays    ll
 ���   was  common  for  I rains  to be Mopped    __ .	
In   ihem. but it  is something new for:    CLASSIFIED   ADVERTISEMENTS
IYolis lo impair tratiic. i^i^i|        \ -~~~~        ���~-
Goldsmith        Silversmith        and  Diamond  Merchant
Columbia Sireet
Aii ording to the reporl  In the' Tor
onto Mail and Empire, Rev. Dr. Shear-'
er,   of   the   Lord's   Daj   Alliance,   the
gol   bl i I rl).  from  Knox College the
othei daj i. looks for a trial of strength!
Fear Seizes Harriman.
Washington, April 1.���li was learned today thai the Harriman corporations, whose ramifications extend to
.. ihe. coal lands and other vast interests
In the Far West, are offering to restore to the governmenl the properties
they have heretofore claimed as theirs
by good and ample title.    They prefer
WANTED Boys : deliver dodgers.
Apply Daily Xews office during
or Sale
WANTED���Saw-mill engineer having
"second papers, \;.,>'v Praser River -Saw Mills, Limited, Millside, B.C. '
between the Dominion Government
an.l ihe. railways on the question of
the observance of the new Sunday
law. Dr. Shearer says "the Interco-
le nial   railway   is observing  the'  new
law.   The Canadian Pacific railway is   (    ^ ^ ^^ lh.m ,���, 1)roseculed.   i G00D   OPENING  for  young  man   ti
Ol i'.. ing   lhe'   law    fairly    well    in    the
West,  mi  the  prairie and <>n branch
50 acres just two mi4es wesl of the Citj on new car line to Vancouver,
WANTED���Room and hoard by a gen-j Partly cleared. Price. $210 eoer acre oi
. terms
Prime Meats
t Ionian.    Box S. this office.
,!'-.' 50  icres, eleven miles from Cit;  al Station anil  Posl Office; good In
barn,  chicken  house,  orchard   partly cleared, Onl;   $2,000.
study law at  Martin ei McQuarrii
Westniinst^i^i^i^ii^i^i^i^i^i^i^^i^i^^^^H'All cleared.
lines in the East, but on the main
lines In Ontario and Quebec there is
genera] disregard of the law. The
(Iran.I Trunk has in general, especially
Put His Foot In It. 'aw office.
Ou one occasion in Scotland a truest'
arriving rather Intent a country house | WANTED��� Fireman.    Must   be   used
was  rjuarti red   In  the'  haunted  room. \
,!,(���   Priee $55 per acre. 1-:', casb, balanc*
in smaller lots at ihis price.
terms.   This property can ' ��� sold
  Altboush   professing  to  be  a   skeptic.
on iis main lines, treated the law with like many others, his courage vanished
simple  contempt."  Then   Dr.   Shearer with the light.    Determined, however,
goes on to give an outline   ,: lh - prob- to Protect himself as well as possible,
ab]e     ���      f the pa���        companies- he Placed a loaded revolver under his
��� , pillow   and   awaited   events.     As   the
not, ol course, referring to the Inter- ^ s,n|(.u mldnlgll, he Bnw a flcsby
colonial  which  is a governmenl road, hand   at   the   end   of   the   bed,   and,
but In the corporation-owned railways, steadying bis none, he addressed the
lie says: "The policy of the railways visitant thus: "if you do nol iustantly
seems clearly to be to ignore Hie- law remove your hand I shall lire- without
till i:   is  enforced,   thou   deliberately fur""'r warning."    He counted three
,, ,,,,., ' ! ami   then   discharged   Ibe   bullet.     A
..How a general blockade in the hope ,]owl of pn,n wl]j,.h :m)1]S(,(, ,hl, house
ol raising an outcry among commercial | l,0Ic1 followed, and it was soon djseov-
nien againsi the  Lord's Day  Act, and ered   that   tho   successful   marksman
to heavy work.    Applj   to Manager
al (las Works. 6d-76
60 'icres al  Cloverdale.  Price $21  ;-er acre,  with terms,
.".'i acres near   Westminster  Junction, on    .. >.l    road, easilj    cleared.
Price $20 per acre.
WANTED���Female   'Help   wanted   ati        10 acres lots in Surrey, Coquitlam, Burna :    md  I .ul u Island from $200
once.    Applj  Xew   Method  Laundry,   Ul'-
Burr block, Columbia street.       dtf
FOR SALE���4-room house, JSO0; 7-
room house., close in, Jl.lO.i: 5-room
house, close to Bridge, $1,700. White
it Shiles, Columbia street.
HALE &  LANE,  Real Estate Agents
248 Columbia St., New Westminster, B. C.
ancl at CALGARY. Alberta.
go io parliament and ask for the] had sliot away two of liis own toes.���
repeal   of   the   clauses   affecting   rail-   London Throne.
ways.    When the Act was finally pass-
"" by Parliament, one of the railway ^ni^.ing. " Co"* F��?1 f.��� ,r!
Ivan   the  Terrible,   Peter  the Grera
magnates angrily said to an M.F.: "If   Qnd ������, ,.���������,������. ,,������ ll:1(| ,.������,,��� wnys ^
thai   law  Is enforced   we  will   tie  up with their fools. A dagger thrust wonld      *3,40U   (half cash).   Apply bo* 594,  *
all the industries in the country!" AI- follow  a   poor  joke  ami   banishment      New  Westminster. J
ready iheir  representatives  in  Parlia- any sign of declining wit.   Once when   ��� ���
menl   are   conducting  quietly   a   pre- Fougere, the- jester of Czar Paul, ��t-' roR SALE���Several lots in Burnaby,   t>
FOR  SALE���Finest   strain   While-   Pe- ���	
kin    duck   eggs, $1.00    per   dozen. J<	
George       Morrow.       DirtilleryviBe |
New Westminster. l2d-70    *�����������������������������������������������������������������>����������������������������������������������������������������������
FOH SALE���Convenient 6-room modern residence with large garden,
stable   for   two   horses,   etc.    Price
IThe Fishing Season!
close to Can Factory and City limits,
has now commenced. I have some
splendid new lines in FISHING
TACKLE, Rods,  Lines and  Reels.
Smoked Meats
Bacc n
Pork Sausagei
lhiinury  canvass loeekim; tee swee.piim    fended bis reeyal ui.'.ster hpvas peruiil-    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ _ ^^^^^^^
amendment." ted to depart in peace.   In the middle, wlUu>        Shil>s.  ���   JWOOTING���CaH and inspeefmy fins stock of nuns, new and second- t     WmnoVU'l H'^t"
,,,...,, , I of tho night, however, he was arousal ��� J ���      VV CHlcI W Ui 31
AH of which shows that the view of   aM ordered t0 get up llud I)repare for      < ��.v- * hand- *
the ease expressed by the Daily Xews1 immediate banishment t'i Siberia.    Im|
a few elays ago Is the corre
i'i   one,
| vain the unhappy  man  pleaded.     He-J FOR SALE���A small islaaili containing
<��   BICYCLES���of tlW latent patterns for s.-.le and to hire, both for Li-iies   ���
ll' the railway corporations make. the.    was bundled Into a dark van and driv
attempt   anticipated by Dr. Shearer, the   en  away "ll  bls  1'"1"  ���i""n"'y'    ""-v
question,    Wh,    is      Boss?      will      ^,.    "Her day.  week  alter we-e-k    it  bis.ed
tie".i   arr v:il   he-   s eniii-il   eeiit   into   lln-,      rtm^mmmsmsmsiiiissisttttttttttttttttaaaa*
brought on trial.    It  is up to the peo    J.^IJ, ,)f   ,,,, ,-,,������    All the ttmehel     Gunderson & Aunes groc��y.
pie's representatives in  parliament to   ilmi   Deen driven not toward Siberia.
'    lei  Ihe vi rdict.    If they  represent j butarouud nnd around St. Petersburg!
(heir constituents, tlpr.   will  stand  by  ~
ehv  law, Polite   Notice   Boards.
and  gentlem��n. 4
aboul   J:", acres, close to -Xew   Wes'    ���           ^   Keys  made;   |oekg fiUcd;   ^^   w_   gaws aciss01.Si  ���tc ^   ���
minster city. Can be us.-.! for a miir.U   gpiund  and  tharpmwd# ���                                   ���
For    particulars    apply    tn IT ���                                                 Ai
White Pudding
 ,  At the hospital just opposite the en-
trauce to the- Mast India docks nnd thc
e   h   Sir   Wilfrid   Laurier,   Sir   F.   Blackwall tunnel   under the Thames
13 ed. ;i. nnl Mr. Brodeur at the Colon-   notice boards  nre sol   up  asking  the
la'   Conference,   Canada   will   'nave   a   drivers, for the sake of those who are
ill within, tei walk their hors is oast the-
. ���     ! -'ii'-   earn. ....
Imilelim;.     lhat   Is  a  common  euough
retiuost, but what
FOR  SALE���I  lots  in  Hurn.ihy, clos
io   the.   Vancoiivc;     car    line.   $!���-". ^      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Several large lots on Elghtte stree JTRA?PBLOCK. TRAPP BLOCK   ���
anil  near can factory. Burnaby, >'''.' ��������������������������������������������������*���������'������������*�����������'����������������'�����������������������������*�����������������
ro  $80   ."'.i'ii.    Will I'I'.   ,m   S"H1LES, m>	
Columbia street.
TIMBER   LANDS���We- deal   exciusivi
ly in iim ie ���.    I lave lai ge and sma
tracts  on   water.    Cf  you   wish   to
buy or sell, see me.   !'.. Ft. Cham
107   Hastings  St.,   Sancouvev,   B.C
it  I  pei-uliar
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^     ut'eivst here is tliat lh<- e-arler. bavin-
Kti-Tuherculo.Viw    .Vsociaiion   (.,,m|,ii,.,i  ,������  H   with  the-  modest ���      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
In      ,, iidii I   to   the  i;.... .nine.ut   ror   mand, is confronted at the other cor- __..._,,.._    ,,. ,     ,        ,,
���   ,       ��� e ..    ,t   thn   leee'leliei"   llV   lllolll.M   leeeai'd.    JOB    PRINTING��� \\ e     '.VOI'li      lo"      the
���ol l,bslinh"al :':"':,.":'!; Z��KAmSm w.n-1 i,,, , Ie ,������ x.-, west���B ������,
'"Wishment of a sanitorium.    PI ctr ap- saying    imnj                                         ^  ^   ^     ^                ated |
l,lii     |on on        to be successful.    \ ic-	
��� '    '     sui -ni',.  I   $20,000 An  Eventi
nnd   Vancouver   $10.0   1   Iowa          Ihe "'-wmii's tho matter?    \ ou look as if
lng fun.1. which li  now onl;  ahuu something  extraordinary  hnd  hnppen-
"Something   extraordinary   bas   bap-
pened,    Do you see that street sweep-      Tenders  will  be received till  April | a
       _ WM
ARROW   PRESS.   Room     1.     Daily
N.ws  Block, MRS,  Do.MlV    Prop,
ie Settlers' Association of
18c per lb.
1 .   secure   the   Lieut GoVernn 1
on of $10, ���" '
y h   e   Sir   Wil frl I     ta ces   11 1  with
er   the fellow  who i- Btlrrlng thing
"Yes.    What about him';"
"When ho saw me coming a moniept
I fl, 1D07, by the undersigned f. ���: thc es-
Late of the late W. E. Enu 1 son, foi
1 he  purchase or lease of 1 he
��� Ron ��� ITiUO     ��� .   :.      ���    1 ���   ���
lad, i.le     a acre     In all, 01      i   . 1      e will no
10 ai   es in lol   -������ r. 1 'na 13 tie cheap, al   J80 per aere: eas;   Le     .-.
in Ic^Hi^i^i^i^i^B pd^i^i^i^H
Geese, 15c lb.
Ducks, 18c lb.
:iee    m,.'mi!   authorities  the  riuestion       ������ ,       ,   ,. ,  .
nfn he> Stopped ami eluln t try te> e'lieiKe-
VT     .....   s i.'.:.��� ������       t   Iful fa 'ml      ..  ml ' ial   t 80 acn
lays only at $20 au aire.    A  chance
_^^_^^^_^^^^_^^^^_^__^^^^_^^^^_^^^_^^^_     FLOATING   DRY   DOCK
of the embargo against Canadian cat- ������,   ���.|t),  dUSt   and   germs."   Chicago  situated at the fool of Fourth avenue
lie.  he will  have strong  allies in the Record-Herald, >;, w  Westminster.     Thi   plan    has n Hyjorth road.   This is listed for a
larnieM- , ;   ihe   hla-i   o!   S.eeiland,  who  ___      mud-saw  ami  full  opiipm-h ..-tl-. ,,r  a   life'M. i^H
are  i     the cattle    feeding    business. _.__,n . ieiWWrST ||f||   OT   '" '"  lnEoclnatlon  fronl '���'���  M-  Eddy nl A splendid selectloi  o    a   .     alwa\     llsttMl   with    us  throughout     the
���rhe.. ���     jind the bnyiim ami 1 j IJ |_ IJ A Hill   NK    "'    '''"'k'     llicil,"s'"   ;'"'V ,"1"1"'   '"' ' !l "'"���'������ =           ::i\".   W   ...    Call,,'.;..        ���   will   b ��� pi,",s, ,|  ... ,,,  (��������
:,.,-,!,:, of Canadian cattle .,  verj  pro- |J|  L|\f\ MINSTER  llUlJuL   necessarily accepted. details
"table business, and th   embargo has Miss SADIE emerson. lUots throughout   he city ot New   Westi    -   ���    from $50 I    $ Ii>r bous.
soriousl> diminisheil their income. N*a-   X(,w   Westminster,  It.  ('.'',; in all Maris for sale
lurally,  lln >   are ojiposerl   to  it;  and P   (|   g0��� -r-
ioo level- .^ 4 ,y     H-1      t     .,! '   '    ���      :  H. T. Thrift, Mgr. J.B.Wilson W.H.Clarke
In a let!  io take any stock  in  ''proU
tion"  theories.
FRIDAY,  5th April
Reiche r
BOOM YOUR BUSINESS BY  ADVER   718 Columbia  St.   (Fales Block), Tel.  334.      Branch   Office.  Hazlemere. B.C.
The Musical Comedy,
Estimates Not  Ready.
Victoria,   April   I.    Minister   of   Finance Tall iw  had no Intention of presenting :ii" estimates ror some' time rrtT TT?    T/'T'\.T^~,
yet, but  with the announcement  thai    1 JLIU    j\.11\v_>
McBride   would   go to London  every- _ English   Watchmaker
thing is hurry and bustle.    No Inkling QF   TRAl^lPS   Two  door, from   Ceo   Adam,, Croc. |
has been given as to the exact amount
of   the estimates,  and   II     is    almost   Ladles'Cold Watches  from  $12.75 up,
doubtful whether Hon Mr. Tatlow will Gentlemen's   Silver   Watches,   open
have them read, for presentation nds Street parade at 3:30 o'clock ',",'"' $6m.
, ,,    , i (,entli'iu''ii s Silver  Watches,   double
afternoon,    Whether the government ,..,_,,  57,50 ,,,
will be able to gel the business of
i'o' house iu such shape remains to
11'  seen, but   with tho majorltj   thei   Store,
F- ^A^fi Second Hand Junk Store
(Wholesale and Retail Deaiq
PIlDlIt! II!!.
ei  ei  ei   ,)   'l   11   o  <e  O (1
O    ')   O   O   O   O   O   1)   I)   O   o
;.    sess   ii   is   very  likely  thai   everything will be arranged as required.
Agent for the celehi ate 1 South fl n I
Seals now on sab' a:   Ryall's Drug|Watches, supplied   lo   the    Wellman
' Arctic Expedition.    ' il  v arranted.
Chains, Kings, jewelr . etc., 1 tc,
Highest Prices Paid for STOVES, FURNITURE
and TOOLS of tdl description:;. Also buy and
ROPE. We also bit} end sell everything.
Between   Columbia  and
Pmces   ~^c  and  5Cc-    (r i;'
I. 1
Wph' repairlns;    charge,   reason   frQser   R{Ver   Hotel
Apply hy mail,
or by
'Phone No. 214
���������������������������������������������������������������***! .  1907.
THF.   DAILY    V K \V S.
��� ������������ ���M>e:^:;:*M'*:'*=;>.;::-*::������*���:+���. ������/���:"������ ��� ��� ��� ���������*���<
������   ������I I    ���     li I   III ������������������1���������MMj
i It! Daily Details
Incoming   b i its    yester lay    report
very rough weather in the Gulf.
Cut  flowers and Pot Plants.     Ring
up Tidy, the florist.   'Phone AIM.
lly  discusse I.    The- three mem-
iresent    were .1.  A.   Lee, .1.  A.
Cunningham   and   '���>��� 3".   McQuarri
Strike    one   for   New   Westminster.
Vote for the  Daily  News.
...There's Just One Chance in a Thousand...
Of course it's very improbable, but still there's just the chance,
that when you contemplate house furnishing you might not know-
just where to po for the Best Furniture at the Bkst Bargain
PRICES. Take nn chances, but enquire of any prominent citizen of
N'ew Westminster or surrounding country and the unanimous verdict
of Merchants, Traders, Farmers and Mechanics (all of whose happy
homes bear evidence of our M8gic Touch) will be, go to JOHN A.
LEE for Carpets, Linoleums, Oil Cloth, Lace Curtains, Coverings
for Furniture, or any article.- required for complete house furnishing.
Owing   to    the    immense    success
J. Scott and C. Hoffman, of Vancou-   u.hi(.h   attended   tbe   presentation   ot
ver  were in town yesterday. ,,|(,  tW(l   .���,llU|a,.  comedies    "Iei    on
Concerning  that  contest���Vote for  1';"1" Francais." and "A Thousand a
the  News and  local enterprise. Y.ui."   presented   under  the,   auspices
o1' the st, Barnabas Dramatic club on
George   lt.   Speck  lies   removed  to  Tuesday evening last, an arrangemenl
larger and mon- commodious premises   [las   Deen   made  for  the  repeating  of
iie   the Trapp block, Columbia street,   the plays in the Opera House on Tues-
liead the advertisement on page four,   day evening of nexi week.    The same
, efficient casi will be holding down the
boards, and, with the. added rehearsals,
they should be able to outshine the
previous excellent performance. Popular price's will prevail, it being the
S, '., Cawley, the well known real Intention of the management to have
.'M '   i  man of Chiiliwack   was a vis-   the S, I!. 0. sign out as earlj us pos-
in the city yesterday on busineaa.   sihle.
,lr.  Cawlej   reports  real estate  business as I eing very brisk In the valley
town ;u present.
John A. Lee's Furniture Emporium
Mr. Charnley, of Barnstone, was
around the markel lust evening, having brought In a fine asortmenl of
Iressed beef.
The Province Is The paper you
should voie for in tbe newspaper popularity contesi ai the Catholic bazaar.
Every section of this up-to-date store is filled p
h new spring merchandise. Go to the suit section
I they'll tell you every ruck is full and they don't
iw where to put more stuff' when it comes���same
the millinery, likewise in the dress goods, small
ft\ ires and  hosiery:   and still there's more goods
m  ning in.
It's a good thing we're selling lots these days, as
ll iat is the only thing that can relieve the congestion.
K 'low we speak of a few items of interest.
��. _ i ������������ -���'��� '   " ��� ��� ���
I        New Spring Coats
Loose coats of medium weight, -��� ���:��� or fawn Scotch coating
tv.������ .1 with collar and cuffs; Bmarl little coi'i for earlj spring wear,
$6.73 and $8.50.
Tourist coais in short, me.Ii :n and long lengths, of Imported
twe. els, cheviots and homespuns some with collars, others collarless
an.l  trimmed with a touch of colored   oi    Mick   broadcloth  on   neck
Ah   Ke-...   who    ���' ithi   .-1   unto
his fathers on We Inesday night, was
buried by D. Murchie yesterday afternoon, The dei eased had ieen suf-
ie ring from appen li< itis for some
months an I bis death had ' een daily
i'-.mi'ci.. i  for some  time  past.
Want   to   Vote   Before   County   Judge
Before Going Away.
Toil.n'o, April 4.���A petition signed
Either Mr  Myers or Mr. Goulet gets-  Bj   aboul   two thousand   railway men
' ,:''  Sl:- and   commercial   travellers   has   been
A  good market   is  ;   edicted  for to-   presented  to the legislature by  Hon.j
iy. quite a few of the rural residents  j, s. Hndrie asking that a commercial
cuffs;   fine attractive garme
ilarlj price 1 at $10.50, $11.50
Hisses' and Girls' coal s  : .
i ���.' : ments at $6.50.
ii i ���'  Cor  wear and comfort and
iring;   a   very  nice assort menl   of
coming In last night, and the melodious crow ol the chanticleer, together
with sundry other specimens of barn
yard music were heard at an early
1: mr this morning.
; osslbie, and a large gang of men are
busily ai work on the excavations. The
steamer Linda arrived yesterday with
a large scow lea led with crushed rock
consigned to E. .1. Fader, which will
bi used In I he stoi e an 1 lime work
on '��� In   "��� w ��� liflce.
,'i'\v Coverl cloth cum*-- of ini eorted covert cloth in a pretty shade
.mi,  made In  various  popu a     styles,  such   as   pleated   sleeves,
I  backs, etc.;  some lined  with  silk, satin or sateen and some
���  I,   $8.00.   $10.50, $12.50  in ;13.50.
law be passed.   The petition sets .nr
that those signing Ii are unable to !>ej
at home on election days without loss
of  time  or    money.    The    provision
which  they suggest  Is as follows:   A
Luce.    The Daily News.    Gold-head-   law   to   be   known as the  Commercial
d  cane.    New  Hat.    Gne  Dime, one   Voting   Law,  to   permit     commercial
cte. iravellers and railway men to vole be-
,  .     lure the county judge, magistrate ori
Work  on  the  new   Hotel  ltussel  is   ���....,, ���
,   ��� ,., justice ot  the  peace on  Saturday or
���"ii.;  pushed  forward  as speedily as   ,.  ��� , ,. ,
Monday preceding the. day of an election, an elector being enabled to vote
ly being sworn by the said county
judge that he is entitled to vine and
that he cannot gel home withoul loss
of time and money. The scheme further provides that ihe- voter, after being sworn, shall deposit his ballot in
Vote fo    ���������:������':���   ilumbia's greatest   a ballot  box to be kept by the county
newspai  The P   evin ������.  it the R. C.   Judge   or   magistrate   until   after the
baaaar. eiiction, when ii shall be handed .ever   -r^       j 1 i -\    i i ���
t,. be ,���,.,!,.. by the returning oncer. Do thev not appeal to you as particu-
City  real  estate stni  continues t0; The judge shall cause the voters list i       i n    f i n      ,     i \     0 T
'topees to be so marked as to show those who [ larly graceiul and comfortable:    Is
have voted and to prevent impersona-
Look at These Styles
The judge shall cause the voters list
to be so marked as to show those who
tiT���^^ not character and snap about
having   changed   hands    durins
lum  of ih"  Arm  of  White &   Shll
I  The flrm '���'���""',s anr,ther h,w trans"  bo |   :. '. .    ',ment .
267-271   COLUMBIA   ST.
"j""* '""�� ''""'!: them that distinguishes them from all
action pending, but details are not at   one  to thirty-six months.
preseni for the public.	
The  Burns silver dinner set  is the
lg raffle.
Hotel Guests.
Guichon���F.   P,   Bowen,   Haminton;
others?   Don't buy from the first shop
window.   If you do  you  stand but
��� uienoii���e.   r.   ��owen,   iiannnt-.m:   -i ��� ,  .-i -i n ��������� 1 1     i 1
Henry McEitoy, wife a,,,e daughter, little chance ot getting good clothes.
I :.;\;;     .;���;.;.; TV,:: ^^��y^\^: Go where the good clothes come from.
n"v"rir;: r   '   lrajback 'vh" ?ieaAn,Aan^portesToronto: v"A"Mac" 20th Century Brand Fine Tailored Gar-
work on that account.   New men have. *>
a"-^>-applied to       ad as soon VmclZ~ p; ^^ \^��q ments for Men can be obtained from
' :    '-��� ;;,;\.:;:,;;:;.nv TCZZ J�� us onlv in this town.   Spring styles
ainters  will  be on the job, and the "
work will be nushe ! right ahea I.
mouth, England; A. L. Griffith
haven;   Joseph   II.  Teaford, WI
Luce mm    your   -v-   H-:   R-  i!-   Pickers,   .Mission;   S.  A.   -i-|Q   Cq]p
^dnow ready for you.   A perfect fit or
ook at This!
Block of 10 Lots.   The best
thing1 of the kind in the city
vote and  influence is needed  all  the Cawley, Chiiliwack; A. Johnston, Chil-
satne. liwack.
Colonial- R.  (i. Simms, Vancouver;
petev  P< e^les   Is    reported     to  be D   A1    Robertson,  .1.    D.    Roberts in,
:''' '���'���   "'   embark  in   the   v  tl estat Tynehead:   Joseph   Mclsaac,   Vancoti-
''   -���   '���i!'il        ���  '���'-   '   "'"'r  Mr- ver;  G. ll   Turner. Mission
Mlison,  tt   brotber-in-lav    of   Premier 	
McBride, who was on th    sti ff   if the
hank   . ���   Britis]    Colin              r      i: ��� Dates Ahead.
:         tore  formei      oc< upied APr11 "    Roman Catholic Bazaar.
>.'.   Dyke, Evans & C           in will   ,ri April S   -Holj  Trinity  Vestrj   tn el    SOLE  AGENTS   FOR  NEW  WESTMINSTER   DISTRICT.
suinahly be tin    iceni   of their future "'.-���                                                          '	
iterations     When ' tsln  3    increases April S���Sl   Barnabas Vestry meet
lent 1; .   i  brani h   office   in in   be 'nS.
opened  al   "The   House    Thai    Peter April 9���F. W. Howay lectures,
Built," Westminster bridge, April .9   County cour' sitting,
fo    The   Province  al   ba ��� mr,
S;'   Patrick's ll ill.
on terms
April 9���Board  ot trade.
in the
picLEOD, MARK &  CO.
'The Farm Land Specialists," New  Westminster
Several of the Vane tvei carpenters were In the city yesterday, and
re '.'"i   thai  unless  the  < onl ra< tors in
the   Terminal   Cit:     accede    lo   the  5C^nnPV,<S     Rpcii'Aliratlt
ti nns prop ise 1 b3 the union no settle- ' ��veiiney ^     ACMdUrani
menl  i an  be epecte I.    It  is possible
that several non-union men who have  -
gone oul In bj m] ath;   v Ith the othei -
will  ceiuM'   to   New   Westminster, as
work is plentiful In their line here,
Open All Night
Tenders Wanted.
Red Gate Tea...
,���""" Coffee
50c per pound V/VIIWW
cul   !.;��� telnths, carni 'ions  nnd
Tenders will be   received    by    ihe
undersigned   up   to   Monday,   the  3tli
April,   al   5   p.m..   lor  suppl;   of  S-in.,
U-in.   and   iin.  vitrified  sewer    pipe.
A   special  meeting of  the trnnspor-1 bends branches  and plugs   for  Sixth
. (uneral designs, telephone T.  Davles
... Sen, florists,    Tel., B20S.
W. N. Draper 500 Cords of Ian Bark Wanted ,
'    :
B. C. Land
tlltrd Block.   New Westminster. B.C.
At the
Eraser River Tannery
Highest Cash Price Paid
tatlon committee of the board of
a le was i alle 1 for ��� esterday after-
in, the business t i be discussed
a i he n sw freight si lied tiles pro.
posed to be establish* I on the C, P. !!.
' ilns westward from Calgai y. Owing
i fact that enl    tbree members
turned up, no bu '" sss v as done, al-
;-. ,,;.... ���',,, i ,.;,: ,,_���,. | ;-'i;.-��� -, g wore In-
streel sewer delivered Tenders for
pipe to bO per lineal foot, and tor
bends branches and plugs al so much
The. lowest or any tender nol . i
sat ilj   : ccepted.
City Clerk.
City Hall, April 2. 10 7. " I 73 I
for   ....
��� Telephone 302
P. O. Bore 243 THE   DA II. Y   N EW S.
FRIDAY, APRil ,    I
An lmpre����rio'�� Advice. ; being uttered by men.    It isn t a  fine
Some   years   ago   after   the  regular . type of num that gibes at the new wo-
Italian opera season had ended at the    man.    Vou know thy story of. tbe man
Academy  of  Music,   New   York,   that j in the county Jail?   'What brought you   the Honthe chlef Commission
a sort of  trying  on    hern,  my   pour   fellow?   a   missionarj   amj works for permission t<
r less.
building became
Whnt brought vou   ty  days after (fate wi   Intend to apply  to
-  nf   Lauds
.nnl  r.-il-
'I married a new woman, sir."   ry  away   the  timber from   the  following   per Fr
'Aha!' said the  described  lands,  situate nl  Kitsumgallum  	
south;  120 chains east  to Skeena River;  Reeve and  B. M.  Carncross, Qlerk  of
along river to pot it  of commence-   |h(    Qjstrict   of   Surrey,   bearing   date
the i Ith day of December, A.D. 1901,
of all and singular that certain parcel
or tract of land and premises situate,
nn nt, containing 640  acreB, mor
Located  February  22,   1907.
March 22
Valley, (loasi   district:
20.���Commencing    at     a   post    planted
arena tor would be prima donnas and ! asked
tenors    One day during the open and    the prisoner groaned.
you to desperate  courses, en.      no, | cUllmi .,���.��� running as follows: tso .'i.ains      Notice is hereby given that ;i" days
said   the   prisoner.
turned up.'"���San Frnncisco Argonaut.
Mme. Pappenheim.
Wheu the tenor said. "Congratulate
us. Max; we have just leased the academy for classic operas-no candy rot
for us." the impresario replied:
"I wish you great success. But tell
me your proposed repertory."
To this Adams responded ���" 'Antiir-
one,' 'Orfeee,' 'Iphigenia,' 'Sapho,' 'Al-
ceste,' etc."
Maretzek 6uave!y snid: "That is mag
nificeut. But do me a favor as an old
and experienced friend. Give the.
"Xrovatore" once each week in orderto
pay salaries."
Thi�� advice was not followed, and
very soon the academy was again for
rent--New l'ork Tribune.
lying anil being In lhe' District of New
Westminster, In the Province of British Columbia, more particularly known
ribed at Lot 32, subdivision
Of Section  25, Block  "e Norlh  Range 2
Tbe   old   woman  east; SO chains south; SO chains west and     , ...      t     .  . .     aniication
mi   .-haiiis   north   ". point  ol   commence- '"���'���   aax<   '  "'" "ll '" "MM   ai"";'"""
,....,:. to  the   Hon. the  Chief Commissioner West.
....   .    .     21.���Commencing   at   a    nest    planted of Lands and Works,  for a special li-       v       nnd each of vou  are  reouested
An Odd Little Anagram. ;-;, .����, -^-^ %^^^ l^ -"-- -n ,-,,1   carry  away timher ' ''	
Here   is   an   interesting  little   puzzle   then running as follows:  l��U chains west; from    the    following   described    lamls.
aud anagram which was published in  iu chains south;   hains .as-, .md 40 situated ('miser within forty-five days trom llu
point    of comnience-
:i'i days after date i Inten     , a
the Hon.cbiet' Commission! i ,,'��� ','
and  Works for special II   :
and cany away  iim1.. i   ��� ,
lowing described land. .
Kitsumgallum   River,    Ce
Range 5:"
Claim No. 1.���Commen
planted 25 miles up from
Kitsumgallum River, on
to contesi   tin- claim of the tax pur-
of Kitsumgallum Lake, i ,
lows:       M.I  chains   wesl :     |n    M
south;      io   chains   west;     .n   "
a newspaper several years ago
A ��� olel wo.oian with
���hains  north  le   tile  pouu    oi   commence- , .  ,���,���.    .,       ,..,,,,   ,,t   ,\,���   tirul    eulilic .time   nf   Ihi^
ment Coasl   Districl  Range 5 district. No. | date  ot   cue  iosi   pumicauon  ui   ems
22.���Commencing   at    a   post   planted  101, commencing  at   a  stake  planted  notice.    I shall register Karl Brudvik
i;!rierV',v!''V'r";'!vnU;::v"'';a!;e::;nVM;;;"ni a p��si on the Encheshese River. thereof ln,,,,,  And, (!il,
\y,;\!J^\:-\,Z^: sliTams"  about a mile and a  hair up from its pu.bllcation   pf   -bis   notice
So chains north;    K0 chains west and  SO   mi  tth.  thence  easi   40 chains,  thence '
chains,    thence    west    SO   for  thirty  elays in a  dally newspaper
Xew   Westminster   will
���       10,
Put on her ��� and to market went.
������ ," said she, "give me, 1 pray,
The whi rewitha! to   this day."
Each of the blanks is to be filled with   chains south to point of commence nn nt.
a word of four letters, and the same Commencing post    pla
iboul 5 miles north ol tli rth-west cor-  chains, thence south mi chains, thence   published   al
The New and the Old.
A Chicago girl - dd the other day in
an address bet. ire a girls' club; "I a
\..,. nl]   if you  to ! ������ new w n.
urge you i" i   ." i ,; h
ab mt nev.' wa  len
let'ters occur In each of the five differ-  ner"of"c7iK A!'Green"s pre-emption ~cla7m,  east   10 chains to point of commence-  ]|(. ���.(|(l(| ,1I1(1 sufflcienl service- thereof.
*nt words     These words arc consecu-   then running as follows:  lea   chains east;   :,.. nt.
in �� j ��   ���,���,...���,   io chains north;    160   chains west;    40 102 DATED at the Land Registry Office,
tively "vile," "evil,     veil,     Levi   and    ,   , , ,      f commPncc.m���nt. . 10^-
���"���yp." 24.���Commencing   at   a   post    riant..!      Commencing   at   a   poinl   near   the   New   Westminster,   Province  ol   Brit
ish Columbia, this   llth d      of .1  n i-
follows :   i fin chains easl
about ii mile -��� north of tin- north-west cor- im  nth of Cnion Creek al the east line
in r  of e'. !���'. A. Green's  pre-emption  c of the   Indian   Ri serve',  at   the lead   of
Fluffy Young   I'hlng (al the play,   1   V, ;     '     ��        '   V    .      ' ; .��m����*t: , nlon  Bay, near the mouth of Works
believe this man in front of us is trying  chains north to point of unencement. Channel,   Range     5,   Coasl     District,
���   to hear whal  \   i'n   saying.    Man  In             Commend                           planted hence   10   chains   south,   thence    80
I    Front
ed to tin
��� I  nyn pontluu dl
urning around,   Vou do me an  ^ ,V;, m m. \ ", ���'.,  . '   , '^atm  '' *���  east,  Ihence  SO  chains  north
ibes I Injustice, my dear young lady.    1 am   then rum thence    SO chains
trying net te hea
���:   com
ary,   \.l>.   1907.
Dlsti Icl   Re  I trar.
Tn Thomas   Vrchibuld  Mi   im
All   persons   si v\ ed   with
tice,   and   those   claiming  throu  h   i
under   tin  n,   ami   all   person     ���   i
Ing  an;   Inti resl  In the     ild
\ Ii tue of an\  nun    stereel In I
'pring Suitings
i" cbains nortii;     Hill   cbnin     eVest       tu chains   south   to the
'Ul i to ] ob '   il ��� no nil nt. .... ,,,,, ,,,,,,,���
20.    Conn       ling i   pe lanted '"   nl-
'i mi i s i on io   ' i                  -������- 'u,:i-
���    ���' ���' .'. A. Green's i           ��� '  li i,      I          en In ti     isi on the nort h
running as                                       west; ���;.             j     tVork' I 'ie.   r.i- '..   11 ui--'   5,
.     '\    ' - ., ' ' C D ���       .    i iouI   .    m  le     ��� :
.    , ���    I    pi '     , ov   '. Ba  .  thence  120 nnd   ill pei    n      la
���or- chains north, thence  SO  chains east,; in   tho  said  land !     enl    ,vho
...''...     ' '...    '   .   ! iei        th to shore, then e iv,      rl     lltle  Ia  ���,      ., , tei,  ,        .     th
... is east: so cimin 'MM:,    shore lint of   i omn i nee
i to p nen ment.
...'..���   .'   ;.    posi    plante -]qj. shall be forever este     ���  '
bout 7 miles north o u    i-we      cor-       ,, . ' ,,
,-. ,-. A.Green's      'e-r-mi tio i claim. '! ^!''���'���'"  '���'' '"'   ",1  ""
"Land  Registrj    \
forever estoppe  1 and deba
hore   from   setting   up   any   claim   to  or  in
Just Arrived one of the  larg'est  and most
complete stocks m British Columbia
Satisfaction Guaranteed or  money  refunded.     Suits  kept  in  repair
free ot charge for one year.     Open evening's.
= THE =
ner or i.. i". a. ureens pre-emption cl ..........    .    ,....,..,,	
���    i il   .   ���   follows: ' ihainseast; i|   osite   the   mouth  of   Hear    Creek   respeel   of the  said   'and  so
I'1   ' ��� ! ��� ���':���'!��� ;,;"   ":': m- west: and 40 ar),i about a half a mile north mi ihe  , ... ,      ,    ...     , _
no    i   M.  the  noin    of commemce- , .. ,,���    .���     ,-,, .    ,, taxes as pm   UK  I  BJ   tne    l���
1 Lomm im north arm of Were;- Channel, Range
'������   '���'��� , .       -..    trr    Apt "
posi    planted ���>,  Coast     District,   thence    west    To try Act.
ui miles i   rth of thi north-west cor- chains, thence north v" chains, thence
��� ������ ��� ���  C. F. A. Green-s  pre-emption  claim, e.,s(   ,,,  : ,.,,,.,   .i,..,,..   southerly  alone NOTICE,
then runnin %    -��� .��� Hows :  40 chains north :     . ... .
-" chains  west;    in   .   tins    north;    io -':"  '"  poinl   oi  commencemen 	
chains west;   SO cl     ns  south;   120 chains 1fl- NOTICE   IS   HEREBY   GIVEN   that
' "���'��� '" ;.'":     '    '      mencement. ,..,,.,���;������   .���,.,;���    ,,���     thp isixtv da vs after date I intend to appl
 m    ��� :. ::eu'    at    a    post     planted       I  ���    ll   encWS       I    a    Stake     on      Uie
about   4n  chains  north  of  the  south-wesl ',      m   ai,out   50   cliains   south   of  the
coiner oi   I eti.."  No.   26,   then   running .,,,.-, ,.     ,.   ,. ,,.      nnl.th
as   follows:     160  chains  west;   III cl dm '   '   '      '' '.     l    .    ���   ' ,'   ""    " " .'
norlh;     160 e       ' -  cast ;    and  40 clu . '    Vvork S     Ch;    ne .   Range     ...
south to poini   if commencement. Coasl   District, thence east 90 chains,
31.    C. : i. lencing   at    n    posi     pi inted .],,.,. ...   .,,,,.,;,   .It chains,  thence   west
i   ���-"  eli ilns  north  ol   the south-west ,      ,       .       , ,     .
corner of  Location  N'o.   26,  then   running l"     -]('   beach,   thence   southerly   and
as  follows:     160  cbains  west;  40  chains \\rsterh   along  the     each   to    loinl    it
-���  ith;   16e    chains east;   40 chains   north ,������,,.  encement
commence inent. .*?
32.���Coi    nencing    at    ei    post    planted luo-
ai.e.i!  ; .      -    nrth of the  north-west cor- (''���.���������.  'ing   at   :'   stake     20   chain
nei  of C. F. A. Green's pre-emption  claim, east   of  the  moi   h   of   Mink   Creel    .
then running .     follo\    :  160   hains wi st; (ll    ���,..,. ,.,- i\-.,. ; ��� ��� < -i,.,,,., .;   ij.,,,.-,.   ,
40   chains   -... 160 cl      e   east:     4�� ;h'    ���*'' '; " . A   '."  ; ^a"p    "'
cl eins  north   to  point  of e i  mencement, Ci    =t   District,  thence  wes;  su chains,
��� nee nortii 80 (hains. thence easi
Si ��� hains. thence south SO chains, to
point of commence n < nt.
ont lining 640 acre s, more oi  i --.
Cor.  McKenzie   and   Front
j.     it ers.
March 21,  1907.
mi the Honourable Chief Commission
cr of Lands and Works for permission
mi purchase the following di sea ibe l
lands, situated on what is calli ���'.
Middle and South Dundas Islan .
Ilmi..-" ���"'. Coasl  District:
Commencing at  a   post    about   one-
half mile easi of the head of Duck Inlet on the   north   side   of   the   inlet,
ai   .I  S.  II.  I-'.;    thence  100 chains
n irtb:   thence 80 chains east:  thence
:  to said    inlet:    thence    soul h
westerlj and westerly along thi   il ���
to poinl of commencement,
S.  II    FORD,
!���'. II   CR ������''I.
Le cal
.   . ���  y-five
the wo
iranches, with Correspondents  throughout
ONK DOLLAR opens an account.   Interest added four
times a year.   Start to-day.
F. B. LYLE, Maiassr.
'   mmencing   at   a   poinl   em   l.ach-
mach Liver near the corner of lot 195
at the head of Work's channel. Range ���
.",.  Coasi   District,     thence   4"   chains      vo-ricK   1-4   H.KRRRY  GIVEN  that
TAKE NOTICE that   thirty  days  aft.     west,   thence   SO chain-   south,   thence s- *, .', ,   ''..',,,,,   .'      ,  .,,.,.,,, to aD,lly.
"      '         "'':    ' ' ""   Chief Com-   M,    ���.....-.,. ,..,  .   thence SO clnins north '       '      '
���  Issloner of Lands nnd Works, f.ir special   f'J cnains east, tnenci     0 Cliaini   noun, |o  U||
Umber   licenses    to     it   ancl       ���   ,-  a.vav   thence -10 chains '.vest to point ed com- (l]. n
I timher from the following described lands   mencement,                                                         \tn   ,,,,.,.1,,  .
������    K     ... ill       .'. ii.   , in the 100 to  pun nasi   tn.     u ... \ n       ��� ���   '   '.'.'
Cm   : Dist let ��� ��� . ,   .      lands, situated on whal  li   called Mnl
,t i ommencing   al    tl    [lOS     m    chains   .      .   o,,.,,i,    nnnfloo   tslnnil     Rnnrre   '.
33.���Conn  '  .     . ;i    ���   - ��� .. ...        ; . .   ,. ,.   land   renin li    Munu.i.s   is.a.en,   nan.
ihout   40   chains  v ol    the    se    Ih-west   ''    '   "���   ;::"   ''""-'  : '     : ''   '; "'' ;  line  "
of the o:d n Reserve, at   the mouth ol
ien  too chains west; to cbains  ihe   Enches-hese   River   on  the   north
"linH "-'��� '   ' '    hains  B0 '     -   -   of   Wo    ' mm I    Ranee   5
lo poll     of i ".'!.��� ne emenl ....... i mi i.    lee.i-e    ...
34    Co. :��� nt    .'    i".-   planted ( '     ' District  thei        " chain.' north
; rth-east comer of thence SO    i hains     west,  thence    SO
I.            No. 33. thei                   w -��� . 40 . hains   south,   thenc ihains   ea ;l
.   ' ;"       i'"' ���    '    ;" ��� '      - -        im    ������ ��� .;.... ,t.
to j of comme
���   "lie   ' -       ' posl      rtln rited '^--
 -e   it corm -.- of ���  mencing at   i post on Ihe
-' m-   ' ���  ! '   li Ii     :  I - ������ le     . i Rh   r, aboul a mil
.'���   :'.'" ;; ;    ��� ,.'; ���   "   ami    :, i ���  ���   . i   mouth, ti t i
.,...- I   chains, then I - - chains,
is wesi        n thence north SO e hains    tl   nc     eve   I
��� Locatie    N'o. 3ii, the     ioo chains :Sfl    bail       ' ence - outh   t'i chains to
'.'''.".' '   -          '!;'"' :|1'"V'
ii.-     ��� '���".- le i   '..  ��� lie north  a. ��� i  ol
..,,.    p] v ,;  We I     tinell, Range '. Coast   Dis-   Commissioner of   Land.-  and    Works
t j trict, a   nit a      lie  . ��� I a half s inth-   for   permission   lo   purcha i    'iie     el
,|"1  wi -���  . :  the head  n' the north  arm
10 .  .     t; lfil
Honourable Chief Commission-
Lands and Works for permission
Coasl District:
Commencing  al   u   i1"-'        inte 1  al
the l.i' of Sw in Inlel; tli      ���   so ith
100   chains;    thence  easl   SO  chains;
thence north to shun';  them" wi    ���
!;.  an 1 north-westerly along the  ���
to point of commencement,
!���'.  II. CRAGO.
March 23, 1907.
sixty   days  after  date   we    nt  nd   to
a: ; Iy   to   the   Horn I (ble     ml    '
Co] : i
I '   ���'���
��� r,i ner of     .     ���  loi    ".' ���.   '
lowing tract oi land sltuni   I in t o .
n from the east,
District,   for a  Mill  Site,        immi n
i,   |nnin�� ,.   a   ,"'..   nn  the  shore i:i- ;ii a i"is'  I lanted ";' s ":
_  ;-���   ���. '.   ai i er  end   of  thi   n irth  arm S.   i:    ^.rrn   Huaskin   L.  .' . it   S
-,'i.i    o chains "    '"   ��� ���'���-  Channell,   Range   5,  Coasl \v.  corner  T.   L.   N'o     09-13;     tin
��� i Distri '   aboul  20 chains south of the gouth  in    chains'     Wesl    i n
m nt.
t coi :.'
���:.'.;' .-      nai-e    -v ���    ' '
iith to
 :    NO.
ni 11 h;   l^ei chain-, eas'
south to poinl of comnn
claim N'o, l'.   Commene
planted  aboul   2:', miles
mouth ol  the above rivi i,
bank   of   Ihe    Kltsum
thence    SO  chains  i ist
south:      lo   chain:-   west;
south, more or less, to ���  ���
nori lieud;.  along i he 11.
ei   commencement.
i laim N i. li.   ' lorn:
I ed   at   the   soul h n i
T. L. 7942;   thence   ID
.     in      o m.i :     10  . ha
cl  ii11--    ������':''.:   10 -   .
les i,   to   I hi      Kit: I
hi ��� ;       al
i       n No, 4     Com   ���
|i   nted     boul   10 ii
i of the Kit   u
the   east bi
ICO  chains    south;     lo
n ore or  less, to tl
: ly u   '," the rlv<
I.   i ei,mu: ncement.
' .,   ":   ''' i, .���.    ' ' un
lante  I  a iou1   IG n    ���
ith i'1 ��� h ��� abo\������ rlvi
. ��� : .     thence    SO  chi
< hains south: so i bain   i
less, to  the  river;     I he
along the river to  the  ;
i llaim N'o 0.   I loninn n. i
nted 12 miles   up  fri
the    river,    on    I be
then "   40  chain i   ��� ���
'   lh;     lu chaip ���  < ast;
.   i;   Go  chains  east,
.:���    ��� I.   .     them ������  noi   ���
Iver to tl .'
: ��� IM.
'' im Nc. 7. <' imn ��� n
I ��� il aboul lo im ilns
- ��� tl ivesi i ornei i I the
n i. serve; thenci
\.. ��� ' : 10 ( hains se Hit 1 :
... . ;.. ch ilns n rth, to
nn in enu nt.
Claim No. S,    Commen
e . nte il  ou    the north-we sl
T    !.   7945;   them e cl
t" ' hains  north;   160  ch In
chains   south,   to   ,    lnl   ( I
i 'laim N ' ''.    i lon men
planted on the-    north west
T.   L.  7945;   thence   160 i h
|u  chains  south;   160       tin
ih.' west  line of T   L. 7'';'
along the line to pi Int ol
Claim No. 1". Ci n mi ni
post planted on the wesl ' ��� ���
7915, aboul   in cliains    south
wesl    corner    of    T.   l.
���la ..   ���    ���;���.  chains  we   t;     |0
ntitli      '     chains east,
T   ! .  7945;   them i   .    ng   he
'    Im   N'o.  ll     ''. .. land
"-' .       v ctW
run��� ; -^'''CHlfl
i west; v iUb
' ne     ;> lng
7945;     '! -.    10
��� i point .    .
;     Im   No.   12
inted at tli
of T.   '.   7945;    : ien
chain     ivest;     10 ch a
chains  easl;   then ���������   10        ;:
oinl of i "mile, nceme
Li    ited  !���'' iruni     I I,
William .m>' .;���.
ri: L\K  VANDAl
Pei ;' ank Vandall,
Man li
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL    $14,400,000.00
RESERVE       $11,000,000.00
Branches throughout Canada and Newfoundland, and In London, England,
New Yo;!.. Chici ;o and Spokane, U.S.A., and Mexico City, A General Banking  Business Transacted.
Letters of Credit Issued, available will correspondent In all ] irts of the
Savings Bank Department. Deposits received In sums of $1 and upwards,
nd Interesi allowed al 3 per cenl, per annum (preseni rate) added
four times a year.
Total  Assets over $168,000,000.00.
3D.���Ce ��� ai      post p     ted al   n out i    if   Sm w   Cri i k,   thence   east
'"      '     ;���  ���;,   160   ���:.;.,.-.   -hea,.'   norih   40  chains
...������.'       ii . ��� ,
���   ��������� ���
tt'ii i.i am mo my
INI      .' M.'M'AI.I,
',.;',,;!      ���(  then vest   160 chains, thence -outh shore of Turnbull Cove;  thence   Wesi
hains   " pol  I  oi commencement with shore line 20 chains;   North   10
110. chains;   Mast   5    chains;     North    10
C >mi iei   '���. i   at   a   posl   pi inted   al chains,  more or    less,  to    shoi	
he nn   ih of Ford Cn ek, on the north ..      . ,
% c
-! feet,
Land Registry Acl 5?c
Easl    with
'    iTtCR ERRBY
In  the  Hon.  I       Cbl'-C  Connnl tslom r" of
i      '        [11       :      on  to   cut
���    .  i     froi i .    ��� .'..I
I  hind ii ���     on   th.
v    . i  Rive      Const   district,   R
N .    :,
il. CRAGO.
March 21,
G. P. BRYMNER, Manager,
irln    nt n  posl
1    I ifatltz   River,  nboul
���    rom tin- mnul   , on tin   ���
'i        ��� ���      ���     e. Ifio       iin       ist;  4(1
" ��� Ifl i  nil   ��� r-i sl ;   in chains
rth, In-  riv. '"':iii   of  .'..eii-
������     :        res,	
Clali     '��� I     ' ng at a   post
I'ln   t"d   ten   .       v.. ���    i   River,  about
..  : ��� up . rom  the mouth, on tin   i
tin :.'"���   10(1  chains  cast:
i"   ch; irth;     100   cl ains   west ;   40
llllltl M ������   :     e���'-.: ��� r       tO    |...ial     of
conn  em in     .,  a 040 aci
...    less.
Claim   No,    IS.-   Com hip     at    posl
plant."d n : titz   Rive r,   nbout
two mile     up from I        in    li, o    the i
m        of rb     :  '     ���        00 cbab     east; 40
th;   loo i    .in-   wesl   to   river;
(hrnce    to chn Ins noi Iherly along river to
point   i       ��� ���    ... me ui,   i tabling   610
more   or lei s.
Claim   N'o    16     Co nmenclng    al   po ;
.be:.'  of   Work's  Chanm II,   Range   5, """'     Lake;    thence
 Coasl ; : I let, thence SO ehali    norlh, s!!,"'(' !ln" -" chains, more or less, to
thence SO chains    east,    thence    SO point  of   commencement;   ci
chains south,  mori   or  less    o    hore, io  acres,  more or less.
v    ,,,���,  thence westerly ale        hon   to poinl      ,,,  ,. ,
, N    '\'    ,.     , ,,, DATED this   10th dav of February,
Inti ml to apply  ��i    ommenci    ��� nt.
S.   H.   FORD,
The    McBAi'GHLIN    LUMB1 R    I   >..
-       LTD.
   By c. R   McLaughlin, Pres., M   D,
tlllrl        ' ' ' ���'''      '    inl''" '   ' ' VdTIC ���������    t��!   III-l'l.-liV    rii'iv   ,,    ,
make  . . Hon.  the      VMI< "   [S  m-u'-ln   l'^ ^  that
���mi      cm ���" Lands    and    '    ''������'������'  after l,:l1''. '  "l'"n :  to a e]
W i      for pe ,   .. cu   ami car-  to  the   Hon.   Chief  Commissioner,  of
I Rowing   Lands and Works, for special lici
to i mi and carry away timber from the
[ ,;' '. '���.:������   !" "i Ibed lan Is, situate 1  ns
lescrl   "I lands,     Runted lotham
S nin i   '��� ew W i   I minster I list mim ;
I.   Comi lencins al a stake 10 chains
��� asl ol   .- ;     iaj al the head of Hoth-  follows:
am Sound;    thence north so chains;      i,   Commencing al a stake pi ���!
"'���',   . "   ���    ' :1 ;   ';""":��� .���:"',:l1 on   M .���;,,,do    IslantL  Sa  m d    Lis
" chain  ;    thenc    ea t SO i hains to
poinl of commi en trle,i :''  l!l" southwest cornei  of sec-
2.���Commi     In    i I   n  stake at   the ':'" ,;: ,h' ncc "<,nl1 80 chains; the rt ���������
north-eaBl    corner   of   Claim   No. 1; ensl 80 chains; thence south 80 chains
LADIES have you tried t :..��� Pastry Flour made bj the Eburne
Milling Company, If not Telephone 333 and try It; the results
obtained   are excellent.
FRONT STREET. Telephone 3
p    tod  on     " Zymagatitz  River,  nboui   thence  north  80 chair..":   thence wesl thence wesl 80 chains to poinl of emu
��� ���      '        '   '''""'  l1'"'1  '"',il'  oil  the so chains;    thence south so chains;
i. ���!':.���: oi   i   ��� .���.  th.   ioo    cha ns   ,                 . , mencement,
cast; 40 .i ilns north; i'i" chnnls west to  thence nisi SO chains lo poinl ol com- .
tin        i" chains southerly along|mencement,               ' -���   Commencing al a stake planted
.'"��� mmeni    lent, contnln        ;.    Commencing at a posl  10 chains or:  the northwest corner   section    5;
""cii'ii     Sa' 17����� Commencing    ai   post  west of the north-east corner of Claim thonce easl   80 chains;   Ihence south
plan ted on  tho Zymagatitz  River, ahout   No. 2: Ihence north 80 chains; thence ,.,.���,,                               .   .
' mile up from the mouth, on the we  i   ......i    80   chains;    thence   south    80 cnatns,  tnence west     -u    chains;
chains; thence easl 80 chains to poinl thence  north  80 cliains  to point    of
��� i  river
i    iin
i"   chains   ensl   to   rhi r
tin nee   ioo  chains  southerly   nlon ���   river of commencemeul
March 21st, 1907
commi ncement,
3,   Commencing nl a stake planti d
al the norlInvest corner of section 5;
thence north  80 chains;   therce east
SO   cliains;    llu nee   south   so   chains;
������ tin nee wesl 80 chains to poini of com
[" \ K K NOTICE thai application has  mencement.
.1.  R.  AGAR,
��� ��� i "iai of commend me nt, contal P>4
.    I '     en'    le
Cl  I]     M...   i  .    elomm. :.  ns      11     post
ii led   on bank    nf   Skeena
five       bout  hall   mil    In low  the   mouth
imi  ill    .. Rive r; thence   ��� . .
0  el     i    ���    ��� chains   nori h
'..:������'       i     er:   tin ne     alonfl   riv
 m i '    com 140
more      r  1<
'  . '       nt  posi i;1., .,  ma(le t0 register  Karl   Brudvlk
il   on   tin     south    hank   ot   Skeenn
1 nbout half mile an rrom the mouth as the owner In Fee Simple, under a  John Carlson   Locator   "
nl    Kit umKallum   River,   on   the     south -,.      o  ,    ,.    ,  <��� .
River;  thence   120 eli '',:': S:''" l""1 li'""1  C'  A' '  ;;;'   "   '��� ' March 2L1, llu
Re  Subdivision  8 and 9 ol
suburban   Block  7. New   Wei
City.     Whereas   proof  ol   the
Certificate   of   Title   Num ���
issued in the name, i i Grn ���   p, |
has been filed in this office.
Notice is hereby gl.��� a I
at the expiration of < ne month
the date of the Brst , il : ation
of issue a duplicate of the
ficate,  unless In the  mi an
objection be mad" b   me
c. s, Lid i
Districl  Re Isti
Land   Registry  Offlt e,  Ni ��   ���������
ster,  II. ('., March  13,   18
"The Milwaukel
"The   Pione��r   Limited"   St.   Paul
Chicago,   "Short   Line"   Omahii
Chicago,   "South     West     I.''"'!
Kansas City to Chicago.
No   trains   in   the   service   o"
railroad   in  the   world that  ".'
equipment  that of the Chic
waukee  &  St.   Paul   Railway.
Own   ami   operate  llicir  nun
and dining cars on all] their traim
give  their   patron.-;   an  excellefld
service not obtainable elsewhert
II. S. ROWE. General ^1
t34 Third St.. enr Abler. Portland
Having bought oul  the Blacksf
Ing business of It. II. Benson,
be pleased to see all bis old ''J
ers, ns well as new ones.    Horl"
ing a specialty.
Eighth  SI tl
i ������.;
4PRIL 5, 1907.
' AI    FST ATF in the City of NeVyT Westminster and throughout the
i AL   LatOi/rlij ]\Tew Westminster District is advancing in price very
^^ rapidly.   Property is changing- hands so quickly that
tees ruling the market today are oftentimes non-existent on the morrow.
Lots throughout the city are doubling in value, owing to the many large
new industries starting up, bringing in their train a greater population of
Always Better
Progress is thc watchword all over the
great Progress Brand Tailory. Better
fabrics belter workmanship better fit���
better wear.
. 333
Tel. 333
���: CENT
. ,,   ... < f Lola S nnd  11
���,( | ome !'   Ot   J Mil ham   eileil   Jn.l
I !,,���].,. 7 rooms, bath room up-
!;',-li do    '    1 1  -' i "      "ii Agues
.:i, si ; all .M 't':"  ImP' "���
. !,,,,,_  hull' cash    balance   ci
.,. lli-iit   bargain.
��� I  0f  [,.,���   |8,   Ulock  XIII,   ;  Roo
��� ,i  ,.,,1,1 wate im   litis .  '
i |-,,ii   iive-s.    chicken   house     i  I
��� ... .     ��� ��� ms   -1 ish   i
ind fi in " m - ut  V i"���!��� cent.  II im-
I,,,:     . ofl   'iin   St.   I"i v.  en
-III   Ave
v  11,,,,- '   ;  rooms, with nil      id
.,,,, mi ui -.  hiz>'  of   ground   tOux
,,nd  i"1  '��� 'th St. on 4th Ave.
JUST A SPECIAL.-ili,i!'s all
House' ii full storeys. -4 bedrooms,
iarge hall, 2 clothes closets, plastered and finished in cedar; large lawn,
beautiful flowers, over 50rose trees;
hedges, high board and wire fence's.
seashell walks; orchard 4n apple, 8
pear, 5 prune, ."e plum, large cherry
and other fruit iren-.-; 1-8 acre of
strawberries; se>il Mack loam, with
day sulisi.il, well underdrained; last
year produced 738 sacks of potatoes
een -I acres.!' not fullv seeded, 6 tons
of hav. etc., etc. $4-200.00;
$2000 cash. Fuller particulars een enquiry.
dames Inlet, three square miles, at
$6.00 per acre, half <-ash, balance easy.
2%   storey   house,   in  rooms,   also
Full-sized lot No. 8, between 6th & Tth Ave. on
4th St., west side. $300,
half cash, bal. in (5 mos.
One acre in block 9, between 18th and 16th St.
on (Sth Ave. Price $750,
1-3 cash, bal. easv. ���
Six   and   cue   hall   acre'-,  one  a<  e      Large lol   and  two cottages on Co-
cleared   readj   for  planting;  i 1-2   i      lumbla street, Sapperton.   Both rented
: >   e leare I.    I louse,  ."���   r ��� it   -.   ���,��� $],, each.
14x24;   storey  an 1   half,  sma
chic ken house;  fi uh  I rees an I strav
lien     | lants;   $1,700,  h i E cash .   lia
In    liree months al  7 ; er    '������
e m ' an I  one hall  ston     house and
��� ....   . it,   situated  north side  of
lioya!  i ..'ii'iM an I corner of McKinnls
��� reel;  9 ro mi -:  bath room, hoi  and
That is why men, who demand the
best in clothing, wear
ress Brand"
Sails aad Overcoats.
H.   L_.   de BECK
Mow   Woxall   Was   Natrftd.
Near Schwenksville, Pa., is a village
This luable holding, and ne        ,,;   water, closet;   woodshed;  young   that bears the name of Woxall,   This
to the city, call and bring this adver-     , ,: .   frun   trees;   streets on   three   wonderful name' was the result of an
tisement   with   .   u   ;   .   furthei   parti- flue   view.    Price  $1,800. $900   error upon thej)art of the postofflce de-
culars. casi
���i,l,.,   IIM)   feet   "ii   avenue.
i���,,ii    ,|,,.   I',,,,,   -.:    i); -: uielern    improvements;   lot
��� "ii Me.i" rn 7 pw cent. jane at hack;  part of lol sei out with
;   rooms    and     woodshed; . . .
1   |oi   4Ixi::j,  ..ii  :..'!   lot   fruit    tree's    anl    nice    lawn.    Price
on   13th  si .    wesl   Bide;   $2,750.  $1,500  eas!:.  balance  6  and   12
new ;   [inpe " 'I ���   ��lnk  nnd  pnn-
    tei mi    --' ash,   $1.">
; per cent, or rei      nt $10-pei
��� ���   year.
'tin be e lan I   Sl
fruit    trees    an I    nice
:,   nl lis al 7 per cent.
1 .   i:i  Si  rey,
One full size I 1 ���:. 66x132;  2 storej
ipperton.   house; 7 rooms    flush closei upstairs;
all modern ih p ovements; new house:
$2,000.  ';  . tsh,  i.,  in ii months al  7
rn e of loth and si. Andrew's   pei cent,   Good sized stable and fruil
���.   |eh  nnd   ''lie   Ave ���   we -i   sl��le ,
ill cleared.    \'\n-ssoo, ) df   Ll'ees'    Second  house from Sth street
:   west, on tipper side. ��
irougb  rrom  streel   te
'I n\\ nsblp 10    - ei ie
acre . term' Jl," "
elf  Sill).   1!
I'lMe ������   fife   |"
nice i.kv.
Snli. Township  l", :  some  i Imber:
i mis   alongside';     old   5-nc ���    in
I'i |e    .-1 j   per   icre :  ti mis  $1
lance iei three e i|Ual  payments.
lilock   I,   Rlclu ioi  !   .-'
8 - roomed modern residence on 4th Av. between
6th and Tth St., with one
Here of land, containing
lifuit trees, outbuilding.
Hj|l'!es, &c; an exception-
cheap bargain. Price
(I. $2,500 cash, balance
year at 7 per cent.
Snap in Lots.
Vacant '..ms for sale In all parts of
the city, from $25.00 to $3,*00
SO acre's, hall mile water.froht, G.X.
li. running through. $9,460. terms
easy,     investigate.
full sized lol In Sapp : ton, facing
.',.   11.mm'  s'ree       Price $150 cash.
Eight acres n V mm , ivei it id, One full sized lot, 2nd in: from cor-
230 feet; 3 0 feel on lubilee road fac- ner, 14th stre ; and Sth avenue, lot
Ing three roads;  I     i lie from Jubilee   6i   xl44 feet.   $250 cash.
station on  the ti im  line, near .,  ;       	
Oak hotel.    Small   house;     3    a
i ieared  an 1   culth ite :     Pi ice  $4,500.
$1,0 ��� ish,     t! tne e    6,    12, an 1   18
n onl hs al   7 per i ent.
17 lots, full sized on 6th street, in
Burnaby, East side 100 yards from
Cliff  Can   factory,     Price  $1,020.
House on Royal aad Eighth stre '.
two storeys, seven rooms, full sized
I .:.  $2,000.
(10 aere-s pood fruit  land In Surrey;
Canadian Pacific
House, corner of Sth Ave.
and bth St., 1 lot, 2 storeys, 8 rooms. $2,300; half
partment In Washington. The place
was known many years ago as "Crop
pestettel," nr "Crowtown," and later
as Mechanicsvtlle, bul when a postofflce was established there In 1888
neither of these name's was satisfactory, and It was decided to choose a
ne'w cognomen, Many were tho sug
gestions submitted to the postofflce de
partment, lent all were found to be too
nearly  like"  the  name of some other For other parUculars apply to
postofflce t.e be acceptable,    one day  B   ,  00YLE I'D  GOULE
the village storekeeper saw the word
"Noxall" upon a piece of ��� -.-i 10-o nnd
called the attention of Bereral friends
to it.    At once all agreed that "Nox
Running   Through   First-class  Pullman, Tourist ami Dining Cars daily.
Atlantic express leaves ai   15:40.
Si'attlo anel  points seiiiih, S:30.
A. (!.   P. A
Agent C.P.R.
Xew Westminster.
HOUSE and  LOT "'I'  would   be  a   lino  name   for  their
,.,,,.,. ,, town.  So the neistiitllco authorities wore
( entrally  located in a commmanding ,  ,      ��� . ..
iiniiiii'il.     Soon   u   letter   came   trom
situation; Third avenue, at foot of Washington approving the name that
can oe bought now for $27. ;eer acre, Fifth street. Two and one half-storey bad been chosen, but in the letter It
only one-quarter cash needed, balance bouse. Ten rooms (recently papered) was spelled "Woxall." So Woxall be-
in one nr two years al 7 pel cenl           AU  modern  conveniences;    hot    and came the name of the village.���Phlla
Jjjftl. ,'figl Vj
>,?��� fi '���'/���! Wi W
cold   water,   bath,  flush   closet,  lava-   delphla Record.
.   i lectric   llghl;   nice   lawn;   lot
33,   3D,   40:   full
4S0 acres, Ma; le ]\. Ige, Sei ti ins 2S,
"i ���'- ' '".'   T iw nshi , D, u-j   ' a'f pr title, rest  brush and some small trees. C6x132. 'vl,h lane In rear:  part of lot
Prices;  Section 32, $45 per acre;  See- sel ��ul with fruit trees.   Price $2,750.
tlon 29, $60 per acre; Section 28, $53 y:'"> cash' balance arranged,
per   acre.    Telephone   at    Hammond: - '.ois. i'ii.  ���_'!
What   Puz.-.!cd   Her.
A woman xi 1 ��� ��� ��������� rei   lous education
had boon received in the plain edifice
erected by au  unassuming New  Eng-
Nn. 20, $170; No. 21,   laud    congregation    was    persuaded,
Any available Dominion Lands within the Railway Holt in  British Colum-
telegraph   station,   Pitt   River  Bridge, (corner)   $175
easily cleared;  Eighth anj Seventh     Terms, half cash, balance one and two stree 3
avenue    and    CirrUerland    street,     years at 7 per cent.   Exclusive agen y.  	
$300 cash.
160 a res, Westminster district, 4"
acres uuder cultivation, 10 acres or
h tr I, :'i ai : e strats berries plante I
this year; aider bottom land; running
spring; house 1^ \ ��J; frame barn 30
x :;:'; 14-post frame house and co*
stables, three In all, stable S cow 9 an i
_' -. .mi horses; near Miss i n Station;
scho iis,    churches    near    al    hand;
4 lots, with double corner,
on section i. 2 lots section
2, near Richmond St., Sapperton. for sale. $()(><>, half |
cash. bal. to be arranged
at 7 per cent.
Durham  and  Second   much against her will, to attend divine bia, may be homeateaded by any per-
servlce   in  one  of   New   York's   most sou who is Ihe sole head of a family,
showy   churches,    she'   Bhowed   from or any male over IS years of   age, to
     the start that, notwithstanding her pu- the extenl of   one-quarter   section of
6 Lots facing Columbia
street. Sapperton. $1,000,
half  cash,   bal.  on   easy
160 a
es   1 in..
un ler eulth a-
site 1-, etc. all  in   Interest
Murph    !.an ling,     I  mil '
hi  Junction,    .In.-'   al   I ,
el Murphy Landing, about th<
' : ':."��� acres cleared, under   steamer lauds twice a day; aboul  10
..    l-room   house,   harn   and   acres timber, fir and cedar, never been   ,.���,.,.   bouse   barn
mitt one acre orchard, bear   :,,L.,,,.    jo.000   refused   for   standing    '   H"   ranB|r'.  ft ail1 Vr-
rees.    Prco $1,350, on easy , ,    ,       sood   repair,   ,,   snap   ai   $���.ouj.
-,��� $1,250 cash,.   $22 per acre,    ,a,b       ' ,:    l:'' house  "' x  -l:   hen  ca��h.
., .. ,,  ,��� |  jn ,,���:������;, Ii iii      ma le ol  hewed Llmbei   laid  in
.... , mortar,  12 \  30.    A  i h ince of a li!';
��� cl lon 32, .\.-!'.. i orm r > I ��o*--
,.  nncli ared.     Til ibi ,   ftr,  ce- ":i"'' *9'
:       ���, a mile from P '>' cenl
:        ad and new   road
r tanii'iil training, she was In imvsi oil in   ,,.,,
,,                 .,       H _���      ,,.,.,       i  ,     "'"  at'ios. more or less,
th,' proceedings,   she studied the elaborate ceret ty,  the architecture,  the      l':",,'>   must  be made personally   at
rhlily tinted  windows anel  the altar the local land office for the district in
decorations  closely.    By   nnd   by   het  which the land is .situate.
ey is became fixed on the celling.   Het
_ friend  wondered whal particular tea
ture of those  lofty heights  held  her
Oue hundred and sixty acres X. W.   attention for so long a time,    During wi,h "Hl1"1 "M0 "'' llu' following plan-:
'.4  Sec.    15, Township 11, two miles   a 'till In tiie chanting of the choir sheI    (i)    \, |eag| sjx months' residence
f:��m Fort  Langley,  5  acres slashed,   tried to And out. I upon and   cultivation of   the land in
The homesteader is required to perform the conditions connected tl	
N'o,  1 land.     Price, $10 per acre. One
thir I cash, balance on tim
"Oh,"   saiel   the   Ne'w   England   wo-
man in  tones of Intinit ....���ern.  "I eRch ���UMI' tor three years,
1>ei "'     '   was jusi wondering how on earth they    (2j    ir the father (or mother, If I ie
gel away up there to dust tho rafters!"[tatner la deceased), of the homestead
One Hundred  and  sixty acres, N.W.    -flew York Post.
,i , ,
al i
{C\:   V*   Cil
Six lots, 50x150, outside citj   limits
ci m of streel  between ^i',   $60 each   lot.     Fuller   particulars  on
\'.<m nn "m!  St., sl le nl  2nd   ennUiry. ,
i io one iu  e;  pai th  i leare I.
if caSh.      \ n (j |    ,,   i I'" ir   ,,i! i   rn;" half   acres   between
:  iii.- ;i iien Seventh   and   Eighth   avenue;   south
side' of '     Btreet.    Prii e $2,500.
toi      b ' i ���.'. 7 rooms; bath, flush
fui nishe I, hoi and col i watei;
'���  feel   racing   II li  avenue   an I    3i I
'    ct, , 10 I'eei.    Price $2,400, ',, cash
en Sunbur,\; 6 e h tins \\ater
il      u  acre'.-   i learetl;     S-roomed      '''''     ; on   I
' il h and pi istere I.  woo I Blic I,    e!   - i
��� irn  and    fe nil   : rees  of  all
S rc   us, 2 storej   hou se, ha h rei un.
water    ni   . ��� y.   ail si-/.i i lot, G6xl00
feet, ���'���     ���; >m i.i'1 v. . u  Ith and
5th A    . ...i  ... -.; -i ,.,.      i'i,.   $2,300.
lalance in (J nnm: le - al  7 '..
Price $3,0C0.   Terms one-third
ilance 6 aud  12  . , m
i  acn s,  2 miles   11om i II j
i .���
.  Iota  on   ISth   street, be
��� ��� a  7ili anil  SI i  avi nue
i '., ner  ol     Hamilton    ' I a
11  an I  12.    Prii ��� $245,  !��
i a 1 a n c o (I n i n
i a  avenue,  sub
. $300 cash,  ij  , leu
)    132   1. "'
; ie
F m..m    S.CRES   IV1URCHIE   ROAD,
BURNABY.    $150  PER  AChL.
Five cottages and two lots on First
street, opposi e Q lee i' p ... Price
s in sec. ��� 2, Timber, Eir, i e
dar and alder. Goo 1 soil; goo i roads,
Apply for full  pari li ular3.
160 apre    o Su re; . " d 'res cleare i.
fenced on roa l il le, $1,800, half i 11\
halance i n time   it C ] er i oni . su ���-
ject  to sale   if timl ""
Lots  17, IS, 19, 20, 21, fan
��� ���  nd St]   ,;\   n   m   1 corn      lots
;   Insl h ea Prin
SC;o.  cash.    Sin       lots a    en
i: ������ . "im: Flflh .'.. i Sixth avi mm--..
near Seventh ti eel i ' mi; r i mi i, nil
mode :i, i able and i hii ken ! I
slr.ed   I it,   t,we     store    .   ;'. sh,
H Sec. 25, Township 16, 2% miles
fi om A ibol -r' I. creek running
'hrough, .".'i  acn s alder bottom, said
What Is "All Wool 7"
have   met   a   county   magnate,   a
er resides upon a farm In the vicinii.
o; the land entered for, the require
ments as to residence may ho satisfied
wealthy mini who would not bo put off   "���     Mlr!l    person   residing
Me  be  $600  worth eef  timber on the   with anything but the best, If he knew  father or mother,
pro ty.    Price $10 per acre, % cash,   it,  clad   In  a   handsome "homespun"
wiili  th '
balance on time.
suit, the delicate blue gray mixture nt
which  I  happened  In Know  was pro
6-room cottage. Tth Ave.&
0th St.. facing Tth Ave.; 2
full sized lots; name of cottage, Cecil; bath room,
wood sheds, peach, apple,
pear and plum trees, rrice
$1800,. half cash, bal. 6&
12 mos. at T per ct.
a  .ni,     In Sun '"��� :   S1-   iei
ol   ���.   , nshlp 2,
H   -    and chi   icni iop .
rn;  60 fruil   trees;   12
���are I,   I    at res    tin lor
I   i Ivation ai ! S i sl tshed
|.   " $20 per acre. ', cash, bal-
"- In U months al 7';.
House    .rn i  three    In:j, corner 3rd
\ve   and 11   i .-:'     li-n mi houi e an I
kitchen.    Pi ii e $1,500, one Lhlr i cu !i
bal, ,:  in ! 12 inonl li   al ', pei  i ��� m'.
i acre    North road,    ; i   il   i
It)   llmil    '  i    Po     Moody;
,  rc      un ler    i uli Ival lon;    7-roonv
I'M ; ...    chicken   hon e,
. ii   i"  ��� m        nreel    ud In  I'M ��� l
i air -,i ith   il I"      .'    e   '-' '00.
li, ' nl, In C ��� lonl'.- ��� nl 7   cr < enl
'e mi aci ea In Lol Hi:;, one mile e i >l
ot Wr-' min iter Jum tlon, Al soil, eas
lly <���!���' ire !.   S30 pei  nc e
le   ; de tenement hou i \ 5 rooms In
e   h house, water, Ifihl   I       ilze lot,
el wei m    1 ;m'   nnd    Sec I    str	
i nvet     . i'ii north  si le,    Price
$1,500, 'in''     '   i tice In one ;ear
G ner cent,
(3) If the settler has his permanent residence upon farming land own-
iliic.'il by the judlcbns blending of'old ",l !'v b ' ,h" vicinity of his home-
blue stockings, such as navvies wear stead, the requirements as to i
wi-.h (del white stockings, I have seen dence may be satisfied by residence
a "society" lady In n stylish "bliinkel upon the Bald land.
tweed" motor i int, Ihr comp islll in of
which I know lo Id of such n nntiire six months' notice In writing should
lb i ii niighl very onslly owe iu ex- '"' given to the Commissioner ol Do-
Isteiicc in i':ri n (ho cast-off hosiery minion Lands at Ottawa of intention
of  Uer owu   scullery   maid,   collected   to apply for patent.
Coal lands may be purchased al $10
per acre for sofl coal and $20 for anthracite, Nol more than 320 ai ��� i
i au be acquired by one Indlvl lu tl or
company.   Royalty at the rate of ten
from tho nsh bin. 13ven the' .indue' try
lug n ''a ��� of "m:set'epreseutation of
good " n. i. as likely as not, be tin
consciously sitting In somebody else's
thrown  away  rngs Heal   ho lias  len'Mv ;
���-.-   Mnuufu ���
ns   "all   vt
tmer In Oi
il."���A    'Ve..
11(1    M.IK'MMM.
nil slz
��� lor. block
nt  11,
I  I   lot, ....'_,\ii;t;.  Tenth sti
Hr   Queen's avenue,    Price $450.
���"��� , ens $200 cash, balan,  ���
���<   Miit,
e corner of    7ih St.   an 1   I'
9 rooms;  '.' full sized  lots, Gfi
chard   of   ap des, pears an
Price $1,000. $2,000 cash, ba
li   I illll'   IM   7   '    .
IOO aires on Ihe Scot       ���     ' .   .
���'' .     , .'     \   ���      -'"���,'.
li '.;'������     ��� ' ' ��� ;
i a    , balan
�� L.'t'i acres improved lati'l, bullJin
J      '  Culls! !���!  Lots   betwei i    Si   i ati ,��� ,     ,,,,..,,   ,  ,.  ive   ;.-...
j  Hvenue    and  Hnmlltoi) streel   east  of    ;    ,  , ,,.   ,. ,i,iv,.- ,lK $15,000.    If you  j
'   Elphth street; all ���'  ured ai I   ��� need;   ,   .,   ��� , .,   thlSi   , ,���.,    ,..;.,-. ;   |fa   i
j n large born on 0     ���:' the lot 1. '���',:      x...-,.. .,.,.,. , ,:i ;,, nrranged,
I  b ill' 1 ash,   Ii ilnni .��� t ne year nl  '.    ot
>        , ioo acres good  fa 111 land In  Del n,
'  1 enl
houi   ".. iim. ' 1 fi   .: rlvei, near Scotl
7 Lots "ii   Twelfth   street, between     |(ul   ^12 ,,,...,,.,..   , .,,:l; g00i] buy,
.   n's and Third avenue; wesi side
, r ei    ;.,���    i>,.i,    �����> -mi      '���'   acre   blocks,    fruil    ands,   near
if e or shop;    lull size.   Price $3,600
.in" ��� lon, $20 per acre
House, full size 1 I it, on Keary
��� treet, Hum, orton; real - for $10 per
m inth,   1 inly $1,C50.
[louse,    lo   rooms,  I'i   lots',   near
near  Fifth  avenue,   two  storeys,   full   Fourth   avfenue   and   Seventh   stree:.
mum! lot, $1,600. $2,000.   Tonus can be arranged.
full size.   Price $3,600
j     Pari of bit 369, Joins Lake Coramur,
nbout.   To   acres,   only   %'i'i   per   acre.
:   Half cash.    .lump.
Seven-roomed bouse, Seventh street.
all over the city for sale
from $50 t.>'s::,""M.
See us immediately. Toll
us where ycu want a lot
and wo can supply.       |
IHO acres   ;': lence I, rea It  for cui
. ition, uiil  water, half  mile  trom
school, nj   Chiiliwack, $75 per asri.
Bl thi ' ' "ii" i house . all ni idem
conveniences, on Carnarvon street and
Sixth Str   two storeys, $3,750.
2 lots, full sized, 132x132, coiner of
lhe Crescent; 7-roomed house. Price
S10.50C. Y2 cash, balance 6, 12 and  18
His Modest Claim.
.1  claim for diuuag ���- ngnlnal a rail
roar] comp my Is to  if ton a li' wise fi r
exoi bltnnl  chtu pe ���   linl  n simple bill
such us was receive 1 by an A ini r
r ill 'ond   coiiipnii,     e any   3 cars
en' 1 npart  from Its hum n' "is     po
is I".Ir isblu :      II   1,1.    IIS full >ws:
I'M" Railroad comp
to ,. ibi Dr,
Jul;   :'. 1 ���','    To 1 innlrui ���   111   Lo   1
r.i e'.i.v Into my  wlfu; as por 1 loo-
ti : b bill for . urlns her F10.0
���;���,  1 m ' bins   be n   ho*   and     pll   1 -
her . 11 1��        ������������'
To up ' ' tins  m ���   .: ��� .   born (w n 1 en '
:,  il bn iklrifi  it  	
To I iiriiiM'.  in"         6.0
ci iis per imi of 2,000 pounds sh ill
collected on lhe gross outpul
vv. v. CORY,
Doputy  of the  Minister eef il, ���  I
.'.'. B    Unauthorlzi I   1 il  Icatlon of
'bi ,   advertisemenl    will n il be , (i 1
The White Pass
and Yukon Ro lie
There   is   tltltbc.i'l
Ibi'"* claim   was   pa
Scrap Book.
itutlug thai   WHITE   HORSE,   DAWSON   and
��� ' .''i-iii'lv.        FAIRBANKS.     Daily  trains   (except
Sunday)    carrying    passengers,    mail,
express    and    freight    connect    with
Her Chile/ Retort. Jtages at Carcross and White Horse,
'''he Inte  Dr. ol   Maiden, after majntainlng a through winter service.
pouring forth the story of bis undying      K���  information app|y t0
love in the most touching manner for onruod   t   a     \n
H    ROGERS,  Traffic   Managet,
Vancouver.   R.  C
over an hour to B young woman who
hf> hoped would become his fourth
wli'e,   was  refused   the  Becond   time
Block  12 on 12th St., east side;   10   He started for the door; but, looking f^ifv FlprfTlC Wftrlf^
full sized lots.   Price $2,500, one-third   around, he said in a most thunderous v^njr   i-iiv.v.11 n_   tt vji *\a
cash, bal. 3, 12 and 18 months
tone, "Hy heavens, you are the coldest woman I ever saw!"
The young woman looked up and
nnsweivd sweetly;
"Oh, UO, doctor; you have seen three
cohlor than 11"   Huston Herald.
Opposite Tram Office
Real  Estate Brokers
Agents for Employers' Liability, vnd Union Fire Assurance Co. of London.
For electric skttis, dynamos, motors,
fans, 'phone fixtures, shades, hells, batteries,   wire  aitel   cables  of all   kinds
and si7.es.   House wiring.   Motor in-
"Where arc you going, my pretty ! stalling a specialty^   All kinds of re-
nuti'lr" pairs promptly attended to.
"I'm   going   a-jilting,   sir,"   sho J# D|GBY, Proprietor
sii.l.    Mew York Life. phone 304. 1
uWti Til E   DA II. V   X KWS.
FRIDAY, APR.L 5      I
t t
We have just received another consignment of the celebrated Empire Ceylon
Tea, in one-pound packages, at 25c.
Public Supply Stores
Two   Fine   Residential   LOTS
on Royal Avenue east,, with street in rear,
each 66x132. $850 cash and the balance
almost any old way to suit purchaser.
Two 8-Room Dwellings in center of city
good streets; each house in good repair and
in good renting locality.   $2000 each; terms.
Malins, Coulthard & Co. Ltd
Per J. H. VIDAL, Mgr. Real Estate Department
Blacksmiths' Coal
Cumberland,   Maryland ��� Guaranteed
J. W. Creighton
Vancouver, April 4.���There is in-
prospect of the painters' strike now
in progress In Vancouver being setled
jusi you The men remain firm in
their demand for-fifty cents em hour!
and a closed shop, and the employers
abide by their offer of fifty cents an
hour and an open simp. The' masters
however, today made a statement in
which they give the history eef the n ������
"We have' not been correctly repre-
seifred," saiel William Stanley, seen
tary of the Master Painters' association yesterday, morning, "and the pub-
Iii have only heard the men's side of
'li.- question. The- lads of the' case'
are these: Three weeks ag > we offered the' men forty-five cents em horn
an 1 a closed sheep, but they refuse' I
that and demanded fifty cents an houi
and : closed simp. This we- could not
entertain, bul we' made them another
offer of fifty cents an hour ami em - ipi n
shop. They would nol accepj this, an I
came  (ml  een strike."
The carpenters' council has issue 1
a statement respecting the strike now
in progress. There.' are over twelve
hundred carpenters on strike, while
about a hundred nonunion men are
still working. The following statement has been issued to the press:
"Three months ago we made our
demands to the Builders' Exchange
foi $4.50 per day, to go into effect on
April 1. when our agreement with i'
i spired. We wish to deny that w<
Lro; an offer from the Builders' Exchange of ?4 per day to go into effect
or April I. The offer we did receive
from the Builders' Exchange was ol
ii por <lay to go into effect on -Ma\
1, together with a threat that i; would
appeal to the Dominion Government,
and invoke its aid through the agency :
i>-: the Conciliation and Arbitration
\ct. should wo refuse to accept. We
decidedly objeel to governmental or
any other form of outside interference
as we consider that wo are able tei ar-
bitrate our  own   troubles,  should   a.
iei! rat ion be necessary."
|     A
| Household
I Necessity
An adhesive, porous
wall-finish for interior
work in every
description of building
Put up in. twenty-three
tints and white
Ready for use when
mixed with water
��� Any person can apply it
Showing the Vogue in New
Spring Fabrics
There is an increasing demand for Stripes in on
Dress Goods Department.
The latest fashion journals account for partofl
this by pronouncing striped patterns as being rnoslf
I Among our latest importation of Stripe
s artl
r>4 inch Grey Striped Tweed, per yard
M inch Grey Striped Tweed, pe r yard
P. O. Box   345
'Phone   105.
'Phone   10b.
Japanese   Britishers.
The naturalization mill ,.i the opening   Of   t))>'    Vpril   Session   eef  lhe OOUIlty
court   yesterday   morning  ground   ou' j
a score or more of Japanese-born Bril
ish subjects in preparation for the sal I
mon fishing season on the Praser river.     The Japane.-" who intend to fish
this   year   are   i omm< ncing   to   applj
tee:   nal iralization   in   large   numbers
for  none' bul  Bril is h  su ji cl    are en
titled ��� i Hi enses,
Absolute Accuracy
in Dispensing
is   a  special feature  here.
Your   doctor   knows   what
quantities and materials to
put   in  your   prescription.
Here you get exactly what
your doctor orders.    Every
drop is measured and every
grain is weighed  by scales
and  measures   proved  accurate by tests.
It is in your health's interest
to  have   your   prescriptions
filled by us.
Ellard Block, - New  Westminster
Some Exclusive Dress Lengths
No two patterns alike,   Some 54 inches, others  II  inches
Stripes   are   shown   in   these,   as  well as small checks and p]
Lengths for     .>ii, H.T.'e, 7.50, 8.00
Plain Cloths in great variety
Royal Satin. Panamas, Henriettas in every popular shade; bro
leading   in  all  plain  cloths,  with Navy and Cardinals in great dei
Per yard   65c, 75c, $1,1.
Checks are popular as ever
Black and White (.'hecks   ;j5c, 60c tee $1 pi; ..-
247 Columbia Street. New Westminster
J   I    Th
;���;     The Finest and Largest stock of Furniture' is to be seen -it PALES
:���!     Our clearance sale i i still on.   Ov< r $15,000 stock still to eo.
.���,      New l Is arriving daily.    Latest styles and best finishes.
Pendray's no.i winter Tree Spray
The Most Effective manufactured.
. Pr til ' r - spraying al re isonable
rates. C. Mace. 'Ph< n< 39, C iloni 1
H< '' I. Cd-72
Much Money Cominn in.
Victoria,   April   I.���At   the    annual
... ��� ��� ig  of  'iie'  Anll-Tube rculosis soci-
e ty,  which  wa -   hel 1  at  the ',;';   hall   ���
lasl  evening, il   was anounced  bj   Dr,
Pagan that  the $50,000 which was re-  ���
5��;   716 and 718 Columbia St.      Four  Floors.      Rear Extension,  Front S: J
��:*:���::���:>:>:>::���:>:*>:>:>:>::<>:>::���::���:>:;<>::���:>::���:* �����>:������::���:'���::���:>:>:��>"���:��� ��� * ���. ��� ��������.��� < ..���    tie
In a
Hardware, Monarch Ranges        187 Columbia St.    Tel. 65 ["Ired   before   claim   could   be   made
to the donation of Lieutenant Governor Dunsmuir had almost been sub-
sci Ibed and it 31 emi I 11 r'talnty I hat
the full amouni would be collected
within another month.
PaperS Envelopes \
���������������������������������������<'���<&���������������������*����� ������*���������������������*��������������������������������������������
Opera Hcurc Bookincjs.
\ ��� - m ��� (���:' Tn m
\    .'  ' ...     Vlinstrels,
V   II :.; Hi lib   Di
'.' V Strai ;ei  In Tow n,
May s \ Texas   Rnngi v.
:;.     li il !  '���    ansas.
Maj   1 Peck's  Bad  Boy
217-219 Columbia St.
��"���:>;>:������:>;:*:>:!��:>:>;>::���'>:>.>.'>:>.:*;>.:���:>:;���.>:>;:�� :���:>;:���::���::���>;:���.;���"���"���>"���"���>"���;���;;���:>;>'>"���'���"���'>;'���"���;
DO    YOU    WAN!
A Good Home, Cheap 1
Six rooms, pantry, all nicely papered and
painted; house 2-storey; well situated on a
corner lot or> Tenth St.; lot 66 x 132 ft; 11
fruit trees; nice lawn; splendid view.
I Vice $1,750.   Terms can be arranged.
J. J. MACKAY y GO'S    I   t\>   ii   n    ��� i
J J I ..Desirable Residences., i
Electric Railway Service |
Inter-urban Line.
Cars for Vanco.uver and way
Btatlons will run every hatr-
tiour from 6:60 a. m. to 11 !>.
in. excepting at 7:30 and 8:30
a. m. Hair hourly cars will
run from ��� Central Park to
Vancouver only.
City Limits Line   Service from
6.15 a.m. to 11  p in.
20 Minute Service���no trunsfer.
Between 12 and 'i an i b and 7.
30   Minute    Service    during   re-  ��
rranarer at ���
malnder ot day
Leopold Place. J
Sunday   Service   half hourly   he ���
; wi i'ii 8 a.m. and 11 p.m. ���
Sapperton  Line. +
15  Minute  Service  from  0.2o  a. T
in    lo   1 I    le.m.,   excepl    between ���
I -  and   2,  and  5  and   7,  during i
which hours tli" service will be J
half-hourly. *
Sunday  Service   hair-nnnrly be- <��
tween S.30 a.n . and 11 p.m. ���
Modem Cottage on 6th St. below 4th Ave., with
lot and one-half. In first-class state of repair.
$2500.    Terms.
Modern 7-room House on 4th St. close to Queen's
Ave.; near]v new; line lawn; a very desirable
home.   $2800.   Terms.
Modern 7-room House on Royal Ave. in central
location. '$1800.   Terms.
Modern 7-room House on .'3rd St. in good repair;
near car line.   $2750.   Terms.
Two 7-roomed Houses on 9th St. $2000 fov
both.   Terms.
6-room Cottage in Hast End; modern. $2500.
New and
ite Blouses
in Lawn, Muslin, Mull and Linens.
"I J
PRICES from 90c to $6.50Hi
-275 Columbia ���
s 11
t British Co J urn bia Electric Ry. Co., Ltd {
��� ���


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