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The Daily News Jan 17, 1907

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JAN 18   007 )
J^CTORIA, S-     '
Latest Reports Minimize Number of Dead and Exte  -?jf
of JJcvoc Wrought by the Quake���Kingston   5
Harbor  Reported  Closed  by
A business letter received from Mission City
yesterday has this postscript: "I do believe Jardine
will win. Everybody is praising the Leader and his
It was a Tory Premier who thought a million
enough for British Columbia. A Liberal minister
volunteered to help McBride in his fight for better
terms.   McBride refused.
London. ���*;"'
land   Senilis    r
thus   far   l-uive
16.���The contradictory
iports of news which
reache 1 London from
Jamalcu wilder ii difficult to estimate
the real extent of the calamity caused
by the earthquake und subsequent
conflagration. Messages received by
the various stamshlp und cable cum
panles here indicate thai while the
early reports of the destruction of
Kingston und greal loss of life were
exaggeraii-d. lhe disaster was still oi
a grave character. Ruin and desolation are said to stretch miles outside the city. The shock was felt
from fifty to sixty miles away and one
despatch from the temporary cable
station at Bull Hay says .that nol a
single house between there and Kingston Island is safe.
London. Jan. IC.- 'Jin- destruction
wrought b> the earthquake at Kingston, Jamaica, and ihe subsequent conflagration, according u> an official telegram received this morning al the
colonial office, w;u- by no means as
widespread as indicated in the first
reports. Although tbe total number
of kllbd and wounded has not yel
been ascertained, ii is appartnely not
very large and only a small portion of
Cowan's plausible talk was no match for Mac-
donald's quiet logic, at Ladner, Tuesday night.
The clerk of the weather blames it on the Tories
-says they have used up the available stock of
hot air. 	
It is said that two planks for the government
platform were supplied by P. Peebles.
eminent authorities In Jamaica to
lake all the necessary step.-- to relieve
the distress among the earthquake
sufferers, The admiralty has ordered
the cruiser Brilliant, now in Bermuda,
and the cruiser Indefatigable, al present al Trinidad, to proceed -to Jamaica
and assist In relief work. They are
both vessels of 3,600 tons und their
combined crews number aboul 550
nn n. which will enable them lo land
strong detachments for police or other
duties In the devastated city.
New York. Jan. 16.���Some aiidni mal
details of ihe disastrous earthquake
that overlook Kingston, Jamaica, were
received early today. It is estimated
that one-sixteneth of the city was destroyed by the shocks and the fire that
followed. The number of killed is
placed al thirty and the injured al
3,000. Many structures went down jii
the lower sect ion a a result of the
flrsl shock and the fire started along
i be wharvi s.
The excitement and the confusion
and the debris, which closed man,.
streets  hampered  ihe  firemen and 11
was  some  time  before  they could  gel    declared   Jain-   J.   Hill, president   of
to work to fight the flumes.     The in-   the  Great   Northern   Railroad, in  ad-
Premier's   Constituents   Cheer   the   Liberal   Candidate
Mr.   Farris,   of   Vancouver,   Does   Good   Work
���Although Invited, No Tory Speakers
Face the Music.
Neither Premier McBride nor any
of his staunch supporters accepted the
invitation of Mr. Robert Jardine to
meet him on the platform al Coqultlam   .as'   evening,   when  he   deliver.- |
a political address to the el ictors ol
Dew die. constituency. Mr, Jardine
was accompanied by J. Deli. Paris, ol
Vancouver, both of them making tell-
ed In the province by the Conservative governmenl In   1904, and  thai if
Mr. McBride had been Opposed to
trap fishing in British Columbia there
would never have been a single trap
sei in the waters Mr, Babcock's
report concerning the closing of the
Fraser river, and ihe results that
Wi lid follow such a move were deall
with,  while   the   Seton   lake   hatchery,
ing speeches  in   which they  exposed thai  big excuse  tor needless expense
the Inconsistencies of the present gov- managed by two Imported aliens, was
ernmenl in a manner which met with also strongly  condemned,
the undisguised approval of the farm- With   reference  to  the assessment
ers of Coqultlam.    Mr. Fox was elec- act, the speaker pointed out that hall
ted  to  the   chair,  and   performed   bis the   cost   of   tbe   Fraser  river  bridge
duties in an efficient manner. would  have to be paid  by tbe  people
In   the   course   of  his   speech,   Mr. during the  next seven  and  the  past
Jardine refuted the statement made by three years.    This was about the most
J. J.   Hill   Exoiains  Manner  in Which | Heavy Snowfall  in Montana and  Dak-
Car Shortage May Be
Minneapi lis, Jan. 16���"This country
s facing, in a commercial sense, the
' disease one mighl call slow paralysis,"
ota   is   now over���Blockade
Is Past.
and    warehouses,    suffered    from    the
Are that followed the earthquake. The '
greatest   number  of casualties singly
was in  the ramp hospital,  where col-
.ored troops wene killed.
The telegram, which was sent by
Governor Sweetenham. is undated, but
is presumed lo have been sent on Monday, the text follows:
"Severe earthquake shock Ihis afternoon, between il and I o'clock, causing considerable damage to houses1
and pro; eriy al Kingston. Il was followed b> u lire which continues though
it is cvuaucd io aboul one-sixteenth
part.Of ''!. town, containing wharves
and war. lu u-.-.-
The ('���.;. iial ollicc wis ihis niirn-
ing beti< :���< with inquirers who asked
for ne~Ts :' relaiives or fib-nds in .la
maica,;bu the officials had nothing
further to communicate for ilu present, ex; i���; ' that i be Colonial office
had every reason to believe thai the
fatalities at Kingston were light. The
colonial ofi'uv has instructed  lhe gov-
habintants  rushed  wildly  aboul  after
the   lirst   tremor,  and  quivers,  which;
lasted several minutes aider the shock .
but  which  were of lesser force, added
to their terror.
Tbe crash of toppled bouses a ided
io lhe general fright and it  was some I
time  before  they could  gt   to work to
light   the    Hames.    The    Inhabitants
rushed  wildly about   after    the    first .
tremor, and quivers, which lasted sev-J
era! minutes after the shock but which
were   of   lesser   force,   added   to   their ,
The  crash  of  toppled   bouses  added ;
dressing   the   North western
men's Association yesterday.
"The railroads to-day are blamed
for everything, practically, that is
wrong. The Greu; Northern is blamed. 1 am blamed because it is intimated lhat I own 'fi* Great Northern.
The truth of th, matter is that 1 own
less than 7 jiei cent, of the stock of
the greal Northern Railroad. There
are 3,200 shareholders in the company, l.lee of whom are women. You
never  knew  thai   before,  but   that is
to lhe genera] fright  and  it   was some
lime   before   lhe      people      recovered.    the   -ttn-i    n' wh�� ;'    we   ask     lUr
The general hospital was not seriously   shareholders   :<    subi       ���   $60,000, I
damaged   by  the earthquake   and    to   more  stock  to ... ���   large cap-
:his  place the injured   were  taken as   ita] ,��� ���.,,.,, tha,  .,, , v,   ,,,,iM mC).e
trackage to cni i    the 1 isiness of the
Wesl  loth.  East n ade defend-
fast   as they were recovered.    James
Swettenham.    governor   of   Jamaica,
was   prompt   in   taking   measures     -,u
slop the disorder.   He was ably assist-1 aut iu ;l -i";; :     u"     '  tfle s-- '������
ed by  Sir Alfred Jones, a visitor. Minnesota
" I h ci mi ��� t�� ..... is more trackage facilities, and we cannot increase
these facilities without more money.
it is nol  more cars, but movement of
Seattle. Jan. HI.���The Great Northern Railway has announced that it
lias received advices that the worst
of the blockade on its road, due to
the recent heavy snowfall, is now over
and that trains are moving through
Lumber- those parts of the Molilalia and Dakota
divisons which have caused the most
No word ba.s been received at ;he
local uffic* since a message that came
yesterday from Assistant General
Passenger Agent S. G. Yerks, at
White Fish, Montana, to the effect
thai trains would he moving all along
the line today.
Chief Clerk Miller, of the local office, staled at noun today, that the
company expects no further serious
trouble and that as soon as the accumulated traffic on the road had been
moved, irains will be running on re-
���- liar sche biles.
Both the Northern Pacific and the
Irea Northern officers say they are
i inning trains on  the  regular sched-
���    between  here  and   Spokane   and
-' and, an that all trouble .- p   hose
the Premier to the effect that th ���
present government had been responsible for the act concerning the exportation of logs, conclusively showing that it had been introduced in
1901 under the Dunsmuir government
The log scaling by government officials had been forced upon the govern-
ridiculous arrangement that could possibly have been introduced. The people of the country were called upon
to pay the full cost of a bridge that
would he used by their children for
years to come. The exemption of the
E. & N. lands from school taxation,
the Columbia & Western scandal, th >.
ment by the action of the Liberal Suence's Bridge and Nicola railroad
leader, Mr. Macdonald. In connec- affair and a few other notable blund-
tion with the reservation of quarter ers of tbe governmenl were also resections in the notorious land deal at ferred to, after which Mr. Jardine re-
Kaien Island. Mr. Jardine pointed out sumed bis seat amid applause.
that the premier had been unable to
help himself, as legislation affecting
such deals, and providing for government reservations had been passed
before McBride came into power.
Concerning the prosperiiv of the
province. Mr. Jardine clearly show -d
that the Premier had nothing at all
to do with it.    Mr,  McBride had had
J. DeB. Faris, in a brief speech,
dealt with the assessment act, the
pulp leases, and the great favoritism
displayed towards the C. P. R. by the
McBride ministry. The failure to collect the taxes due on the British Columbia Southern laud grant showed
conclusively that, the Conservuiues
bad  not   attempted   to  carry   out   tb.J
nothing to do witn the Increased de- co'iti'act  a. ,1e !..   <��'   govertuwnt  in
mand   for  lumber which  had  existed connection with the sale of the lands
for the  past  two years, owing to the If  these   taxes   bad   been   paid,   there
increased     population     in   the  North would  have been over $700,000 added
West.    He had had nothing to do with to the British Columbia  treasury.
the manipulation of markets for silver, lead, or copper, and consequently
he could not honestly claim to have
brought the prosperous times to the
The fisheries question was the next
touched upon. The speaker pointed
out that traps bad flrsl been introduc-
Mr. Faris exposed the alliance
which existed between the Socialists
and the present government, when
that party had voted for the deals to
which they objected in order to sustain the government. The meeting
closed with cheers for Mr. Jardine.
the  Liberal   party  and   the  King.
Transforms     Sulkey    Inte    Cutter    by
Simple Contrivance���Ess-y
to  Adjust.
Ah \ Sped, has just turned oul an
inveu'bu: wiivh promises to bi both
Useful and economical. The |fl< u is
'..for   ��� in-   i on wi-ion   of   an   ordinary
���ttlk     v. rh  '.'. iu'.. .-  bandy   ,-u i,
B^B>   'I'    I I eilhvi
Off',!   ���     \  ':��� .- ,.' Lei v, i   .     up--- : ��� mg
the i.. iii in.: r . : ilij- . : cilia I sub- y.
Mr. S. eel, ha-, -b i, e,| leu 1 I Ircpi
bami -���'. a - lo I'm ui ruiinei.- n hieb
by ii.��� .in, of u few   nuts and clomps,
fasten    ouio    : be    \\ bee]   ,    lie     a I Is
thus rilling eii I hi' luimcrS.i Tin
CUttt i I uu w i !, ; i bun the 0 diunry
VBhli \ be h i-iii:   b\   i bnl  name, antl
WhJJe   th.    runners   lack   Ihe   usual   nut
ward .i.pe. is \e,> safe and hard to
capsize,    nn,. ot ih,. beauties of the
Tig for t.'u coasl where I here is only
snow a In fit once in u quarter of a century,   is,   iii.it   it   js   inexpensive,   and
'the iron is worth jusi as much after
It hts   li'en  bent   us  i:   was  before.
Many persons made their way to the i
bills  following   ihe  disaster,   bin  their]
fllghl   was orderly.    The fire was Boon
under control.
Sir James Ferguson i- the only visi-(
tor known Jo be killed.
Washington, Jan.  lb���The   weather
bureau today issued the following bill- j
'The earthquake recorded at the
weal her bureau, Monday afternoon is
undoubtedly a record of an earthquake
lhat is reported to have destroyed
Kingston at  the same hour.
"Judging   from   the   magnitude     of
lhe motion a1  Washington, we regard]
the present disiurba.iice a- of relatively  slight  intensity  us compared with |
other great  earthquakes,  as, for  example, that nt Sun Francisco, Valparaiso, and the greai earthquake report
eu   In   the   Indian  Ocean    October   1.
The amplitude ofthe motion at Washington iu   the present   case  was distinct!)  less than in each of the other
greal earthquakes, and w>  may there
fore  conclude  lhat   the   violence of till
motion ai Kingston was also less."
Santiago   de    Cuba,   Jan     111    Kingston   barbtu.'.  as a   resi.di  of the earthquake, is tii.ised o shipping;  bui   Bow-
..'en  is open     There
lilies of provisions.    Famine und
tlience are threatening and   then
mkiery everyw here.
lliwden is n .���small pori on the southern i nasi of .Jamaica, thirty miles
souts  of Kingston,    There Is no com-
CflJ -    :.!���.!.
the i .: sho
Igl    :
Teams Score Three Goals a side
turn  Match Saturday at
Trout Lake.
present   System   of  Catching   Salmon
to Be opposed at Olympia
This   Year.
wipe ihem away from the entrances
io streams, and a ihird would keep
ihem  out   of  the Straits.
The Columbia river is a secondary
consideration in fishing legislation.
and ii is probable that the complexion
of the fisheries committees in both
houses will he such as will recogniz ���
the interests of the Sound country.
Fruitless    Attempt    is    Made   to
Strainer Away for Cargo
Of Coal.
'1 he  .- .. .iimu-  Dauntless,  owne
the  Western  Fuel  company,  made .11
, brave but Ineffect uu! . 1 temp > 1 ster
day to break through the Ice an I get
1 out to Ball water. The starl was
made aboui noon an i the boa' muis
freed from the surrounding Ice aflej
a considerable amount of difficulty
and steamed out for the centre of the
river, backing un I running ahead, ram
! iiiing the barrier of it ������ When some
distance from the bank an attempt
was made to nun the vessel's head
is need of quan-1 lown Btream and thus make use of a
v uies of thin spots which apparently
lan through 1 be centre of the river
and connect with the open water
wbiioh   is   plainly   visible   .about     the
-   is .
After all the excitement of yester-
lu. s hockey mime, the question of the
supremacy of Vancouver over New
Westminster, or vice versa, still remains undecided, as lhe game resulted
i:i a draw, the final score being three
lals a side. New Westminster
scoi e I  just  on  the csfiJ  of time,  but
the   referee   ruled   lhat   this  would   not
1 ount, so thai a victory was turni i
Into a drawn game. A return match
to be played on Trout Lake on Sat-
urdaj afterno in will :'a..'L. sett] he
The Ice was in first 1 lass coi :   Ion,
but the same cannot I e said 1
I la; ers.  several   of   \\ bom   ha i   nol
been on    skates���of   that    particular
kind���for  many  year.-  nasi.    The  i 1
1 al   team   was BWifter,   but   the   - h
Ing on both side.- was poor. Th    onl
siar on the field was Sutherland, who
played a good game, and showed himself to be head ami shoulders a love
anyone else on the Ice.   Chiclt Godfrey was selected as referee, and was
Olympia, Jan. 16���There is to be
Introduced during the session the
same old  light  over the fish traps of
Municipal  Nominations.
The municipal nominations in Matsqui  resulted  in  the return of School
trustees and a  majority of the Coun-
the lower Sound that his been a fea- J cl] without opposition, but there is a
lure of tbe lawmaking bodies of the contest in a ward, and also for the
pasi. 11 may shed a little sidelight , offlce 0[ reeve. For the latter, the
01. the situation to show that the chair- outgoing reeve. W. Towlan, and Coun-
men of fisheries committees in both , jlh.r Merrifield were nominated. In
House and Senate will not be opposed Ward I, Councillor P. Jackman and
to the traps, no matter what complica- _, Marion contest the seat. The
���bms arise before all the committee- councillors returned without opposi-
' settled.      But to  be friendly    tion  are   M.   I).   Morrison.  Alex Cruik-
inunicalioii   by  nail
and  Kingston.
get ween   Bowden   edges
fsm ���... . .
Land taxation increased 40 per cent; personal
property taxation increased 100 per cent or more;
|ind at the same time biff corporations allowed to
pflodj^e payment of large taxes due.
Minister's traveling expenses, $4,500; fishery
department, $12,000; but no money for roads.
about as efficient as a wooden i . in
bend. The turning of the vessel was ���with apologies to that dummy. He
found to he a big problem as the appeared to be afraid to give an opin-
e ice behi ii fast on either ion every time he was appealed to,
side .tm.l prevented ii from pwinging and his uselessness was only equalled
A reim-n to the wharf was made and by Timekeeper Garvey, who left the
the vesaeJ proceeded to break lits way field before the game was over, as
aiong   by   the   wharves   very   jlowly. | the excitement was proving too much
��� trap mi a ioes not me.in that
.. ���-. - s ��� ��� may not be chang-
:-' e Fish C immii -inner John Rise-
. . ! has come d< ������ I roh Bellingham
with a change oi 11 ihing that will
. a.ii ].��� him to si: oi I the session if
need be. if possible, the Whatcom
County program Is the one that the
fishing Interests want to put through,
and this means the protection of trap
interests and the conservation of the
industry through liberal closing laws.
The anti-trap men have three sets
of bills. One forbids entirely the
use of traps or other appliances in
lhe  catching of  fish;   another  would I
shank and II. K. Phillips, and ill.'
school trustees, K J. Shortreed, Kb
White and A. Cruikshank,
In f'billiwack. there was no contest
all the council being elected as follows i
Reeve���_. C. Kickbush.
Councillors���E, V, Barrow, Percy
Wilson, ..'. A. Evans, T. S. Jackson,
Geo. Qoood, .1.  II. Ashwell.
lu Langley, the nominations were,
Reeve���J. Macdonald and R, B. Hutchinson.
Ward 1���Thus. Mufford and James
/..  McAdani.
Ward 2��� H.  Harris.
Ward 3���Malcolm Mcfntyre.
r~~~mmmm _^��
i She  would   back   up and  then bit  the
ice, but
I ice, inn as the Ice, However, was very
lough on account of it having broken
and piled up so many times, the
vessel's Low would run up on top and
the ice banging against the propeller
made backing up quite a serious proposition. The hour being pretty late,
the fight was given up for the day
: nd   I he   vessel   Slowly    hacked   to   its
i old berth, near the coal sheds.   Ano-
I ther ;ine'i".1   may   ' e  made today.
for his weak heart.     Efficient official-
will be selected for the next game
The teams were as follows:���New
Westminster���goal, T. Gifford; point.
Lance Cheyne; cover point, Booth;
lover, McLaughlin; center. Turnbull;
right wing. Sutherland: left wing,
Vancouver:���Goal, McQueen:  point,
Pringle;   cover   point,   Bailey;
Wheeler;     Center.     Sangster;     righ
wing, Tail; left wing. Herman.
Name an action of the McBride government
that has, in any material way, contributed to the
prosperity of the Province ?
Tell why Mr. Wilson left the government ?
Explain why Conservative papers are unable to
tell the truth about Liberals ? 2
'KURSDAV.  .Un. fJ
Notice to
_r������ *_ a  |      Tbrn   Flowed   a   Ti.rrrnt   of   Oratory
I I    What can be the mutter?  Doors open,
,., .,,.   .,-���.*������ ,-r, -      ii ,   -     members rush out; members are tear-
SEALED    rENDERS   addressed    to
the   undersigned,   marked   on  the  en-I "**��� ��        ���> ' J
velope "Tender for Construction," will ' rection toward the bouse. Then wigs
be received at the office Of the Coin ' and gowns appear. They tell you with
mlseioners of the Transcontinental j happy faces their committees have ad-
Railway, at Ottawa, until twe've Mourned, and then come a third class,
o'clock noon of the 14th day of Feb- {_e gentlemen of the press, hilarious,
ruary, 1907, for the work required for U^^ what's the matter? Matter!
the construction, in accordance with Macauiay i8 up, Vou join the runners
tbe plans, profiles and specifications  tnnmnmmt    rt was an announcement
Train. & Steam-.
C.P.E    MAIN    |. ;������,,   ^
   Leave N. w  15 n>
of the Commlsssioners, for the following sections of the Transcontinental
Railway, viz.: ���
ill District "A."���From a point designated on tbe plans of the Commissioners at or near the City of Monc-
ton, in the Province of New  Brans-
In a moment
one hadn't heard for years, and the
passins of the word "Macauhiy's up"
emptied committee rooms now as before it emptied clubs; the old voice,
tbe old manners and the old style-
glorious speaking; well prepared, care
wick and Quebec, a distance of about j j>ui]v elaborated, confessedly  essayish,
but spoken with perfect art and consummate management, the grand con-
50 miles.
12i District "A."���From a point designated on the plans of the Commissioners, at or near the town of Grand
Falls, in the Province of New Brunswick, westerly to the boundary between the Provinces of New Brunswick an Quebec, a distance of about
62 miles.
i :ii District "B."���From a point designated on the plans of the Commissioners, at or near the Quebec Bridge
easterly for a distance of about 150
( li District "11."���From a point designated on the plans of the Commissioners about 150 miles west of lhe
Quebec Bridge westerly to a point
known as Weymontachene, a distance
of about   15 miles.
(5) Districts '("' and "D."���From a
point designated on the plans of the
Commissioners aboul eight miles wesl
ol the Abitibi River crossing easterly
for a distance of about  150 miles.
Plans, profiles and specifications
may be seen in the office of I lie
Chief Engineer of the Commissioners al Ottawa; also in the
offices of the District Engineers
concerned, viz.:���Guy C. Dunn, St.
John, N. B.,; A. E. Doucet, Quebec
P. Q.; and S. R. Poulin, North Pay.
Persons tendering are notified that
tenders will not be considered unless
made in duplicate, and on the printed
forms supplied by the Commissioners.
A separate lender must be submitted for each section.
Tenderers shall not be in any way
entitled to rely upon the classification or any other information given
by any person on behalf of the Commissioners, and before submitting any
tender, bidders should make a careful examination of the plans, profiles,
drawings and specifications, and read
the forms to be executed, and fully
inform themselves as to the quantity
and quality of materials, and character of workmanship required; and i
are understood to accept and agree tion
to be bound by the terms and conditions contained in the form of contract, specifications, etc., annexed to
the form of tender.
Eacli tender must be sinned and
scale,) by all the parlies to the tender, and witnessed, and fie accompanied by an accepted okecque on a chartered bank of lhe Dominion Hank of
Canada payable to thfi order of thej
Commissioners of the Transcontinen-]
tal Railway, as follows:
For  Section  No.   1,   District   "A," $7T
Modern house on Tth street, below
Queen's Ave.    Price $2200.
vcrsation of a man of the world confiding bis learning and bis recollections
and his logic to a party of gentlemen
and just raising bis voice enough to be
beard through the room.
As tho house filled he got prouder
and more oratorical, and then he pour
ed out bis speeeli with rapidity, increasing after every sentence, till it
became a torrent of the richest words
carrying bis bearers with him Into enthusiasm nnd yet not leaving them i near Third Ave.. $1400
time to cheer.    Tbe great orator was i
��� v. j, .
Leave N. W. 8.30;  ar   Se,-
Leave Seattle  12.38;  .,
C.P.R   WESTMINSTER   ,-''.'
Leave N. VV. 8.30, 10.35   I    :,','
Arrive N. VV. ��.35, 11.35. 1
Lv. N. W. 9.20 a.m.; ar. H
ir. S
V.. W. & Y.-VA.V
I Lv. N. W. 4.35 pan
"    '<"!������
A two story house on west side of     Twelve    lots  at Sapperton,    lying
Seventh   street,   below   Queen's  Ave.   north  west   of Columbia street,  only I and   tith   streets
    Lv. N. W. 3 p. m. aud g
$3,500 for the S. VV. corner of Agnes   Lv. Vancouver 8.35 a.m.
'" V|.;K
A   good  house   on
Tills is close in.  l/ook
' �� m.
LV.  N.  VV.  9:35  am.;   ���. ^
This   house  is   rented    for    $17    perl $50 each. [this property
month:   modern.    Price $2200. Into it.
Four lots on Richmond Btreet, Sap-
Royal  Ave. near  H>th  street;   small   prton;  cleared and  fenced;   will make j     \ g00(j sjZf,(| \Uin<l. facing \��nes St.
house in good repair; only $750. a  good chicken  ranch.   $250. I ;lnil an0ther facing lane at the back,      Lv. Guichon, 2:40 p. m.   ��� ^
near 6th  street.     $2,700. 8:45 p m. and C p. m
2.20 p.m.
��� W
One and a half storey dwelling on
Queen's avenue between Ith avenue
and tfth street; 7 rooms; modern.
Two lots and three room house in
Sapperton, $500.
��� _ .     .. ;    Two   cottages  on   7ib   street,  near;
Dwelling on  Columbia street. Sap- Quee-.a  avenue;   larg  lot;   5 rooms
perton;  easy terms. $700. $2000
Two storey 6-room house lull slreet
A  comfortable   Utile  house  on  Fife       Mo^>-�� only-
)ViTv''$l!oV'IMl   rBPalr'     *"""   frU,t'l     B'  ��" ELECTKIU-VANCCWv0l
Lv.  New  Westminster  r..r,o  $r
9-room residence on   sixth   street   and 8 a. m., and svery half hour ti
Building    site on  Queen s
west;  splendid view; some fri
'. 5600.
trembling when lie sui down. The excitement of a triumph overcame him,
nnd be bad scarcely tbe self possession
to acknowledge the enger praises which
were offered by the ministers and others In his neighborhood. From Whit-
ty's "Parliamentary Retrospect."
Several lots on Third Ave. between
Tenth and Eleventh streets,
able price.
Cock (rii.viT��-An Extinct Trade.
"Cock erowers  in  the past got good
pay," said an antiquary, "but theirs is
an extinct business now.   Cock erowers were employed by the rich iu their
town houses to crow the hour.   They
crowed only   the rising  hour  fur  the ;
most part, but during Lent they crow- ]
ed   everything   even   the   halves   and
quarters  all night long,  it was a kind f
of penance.   These  men  were trained '���
from childhood to crow.   Sometimes in '
their childhood an operation was per- '
formed on  their throats  to give tbem |
a more cocklike delivery.   An ancestor I
of mine on the maternal side was a
famous cock crower in bis day."���Lou- j
don i Iraphic.
Comfortable house on Queen's Ave.
near  Ninth     street. 7-rooin.     pantry,
bath, etc.;   full sized lot;   magnificent
view of the city  and river     $2000.
Two   storey,   8   rooms,   on   nice   lot
| Eleventh  street,  above  Queen's Ave.;
modem;   only $2300.
Two  houses on   one   lot  corner 9th
street and 3rd avenue.    $1000 each.
Large lu-room dwelling on 3rd u\
enue between 3rd and lib streets;
modern; practically new: easlesl ol
terms.   .$2200.
Cottage on  3rd street,  near 3rd  avenue.    $1100.
near Posl Office; modern. This building cost $3,000, and is practically new.
$3,700. A modern home on lhe car-
line, on Royal avenue east House
nearlj n.-w: 'j storey and modem In
every w,i> The lol is 66x132 feel
ind Is ; ice I with stone.
M . li rn home on Begbie Bl '   ne i
:    new ;  close in. $1,800.
after till 11 p. m.
Lv.  Vancouver  for   We tml
same hours.
tistor i
South east, corner of 3rd avenui
and 3rd street; a good building site
l.oi 75x115 on l"ih streel:
house on property; good
No human being can come into tbe
world without increasing or diminishing the sum total of human happiness, |
not only of the present, but of every
subsequent age of humanity. No one
can detach himself from this connec-
There is no sequestered spot in
tiie universe, no (lark niche along tbe
disk of nonexistence to which he can
retreat from his relations to others,
where he can withdraw the Influence
of his existence upon the moral destiny of tbe world. Everywhere be will
have companions who will be better or
worse for his Influence.
A." $90,
6 Fine houses on 6th St.
below 3rd avenue, that
will rent from $15 to $20
per month. Each house
contains 8 rooms with
electric light, etc. At
this price the investment
will pay 10 per cent, net
interest. A bargain at
Two storey dwelling on west sid
of 3rd street, above Queen's avenui
The  north-east   comei-   Ague.-   .md
l'!i   streets.   Six full   sized   bus   with
-mall   house on  corner  lot.     A  goo I
roomed  buj a' $4,000.
100x100  ft   lo'  on   .".th   avenue, near
I'll   si reel.      $-100.
Double corner Ash and  Fourth ave ;
Fraser River and Gulf
From \. W. M,,n. \\,.,|   |..   .   .
Prom i'Iihk,   Tu., ���!.,, gat   -   -
R anions ���
From X. \v. Tu., Th., Sal
From Chwk. Sun., Wed., Frl   ;
From  N.W. daily, ex.  s .:,.,
Add. trip, Monday, 5 a.m.
From Steveston, 7 a.m. i Fri. 6 a.i
Mail Service
Close    lb
Two   lots   on   3rd   avenue    be! ween
13th and 14th streets, only  $300 each.
I    North-west corner 5th  avenu
11th  street;   size  132x132  feet.
Three lots on Mb avenue near 12th
street and the Vancouver car line
House and two lots on stb avenue,
near the car line.    Only $600.
A suburban home on 8th avenue
near 2nd street; small house; lot
cleared.    Only  $400.
Corn.'.' lol I'll avenue and I lib St.
Convenient to town.   $400
Large modern house on the corner
of 5th avenue und 8th street, 8 rooms!
two  lo's.     Only  $3,200.
Well situated lol on 13th Btreet;
good view: size 55x137% ft. Cheap al
Sixth avenue and Fourteenth street;;
ah ml one acre of good land and small
house.    $1,500.
7.1". i tn G pi
7 I". a ai || 13
7.4.". a.m. 9.00
8.45 a.m .
Two storey modern house on 2nd
street and 4th avenue. This is a
splendid corner.   $2000.
South".is: corner 4th avenue and
sth  Street;   cleared.   .$650.
nue.    $1,000.
Seattle, via Sumae
Sapperton and Mill
Side.   No.    1	
V auto iver,   Nu.   1 .
ON.R   Cloverdale,
Blaine .Seattle..
Van. _. Cea Pai k 10 30 a.m,
Victoria  io 30 a :u    ���
East Burnaby   ....   1.13 p in.    I 15] -.
Ladner, Steveston,
etc   1.30 ;i :n   11.00a.s
C'.P R. east, Sappei
ton, Millside and
Coqultlam      3.00 p.m. I:
Four lots on corner Seventh Btreet  Va��. and  Burnaby 3.30p.m.   6.00?:
Three bits corner 5th streel and tfth   and  Sixth avenue; $175 each, or $700   G.N R   Flyer I 00 U m   11
ivenue,   on  corner.    $f,000. for all. -,-���'  ,,',-.	
ilmherlai-l,   Tue-i
Splendid   lol   on   north side   of fith       Nice   lol   on   Reglna   street       Look      and Friday .   ...12.00m
ivenue at ihe upper end of 3rd street.   'n's UP-
iboul   this
Full   sized  lol  on   Sth   avenue,  near
street, between 7th  Tenth street.   A good buy at $250
and  sth avenues.   .$T25 earh
Five lots on Mb
The   I mini   Hn)..
When a mother forbade ber daugh
ter social gayety on the ground that j
she "had seen the folly of such things,"
the daughter very reasonably answered that she wanted to see the folly of   Snap these up
I them   too.    That   is   the   attitude  of
! youth toward  the warnings of nse.���
London I.ady.
Double corner and  well built house I Only $200.   S,,    	
of 7 rooms on 6th avenue west.    The- Boarding bouse on  Six.I,  street   1,
house is  modern  and  there  is  some      Six lots on 2nd street:  partly clear-  rooms modern; convenient to the busi-
frill': also .stable.  .$2200. ed.  .$650. ness   section     Building   modern, and
a   money   maker  to  the   right   party-.
Large residence and two lots on 3rd j     Eleven acres lying north of Queen's   Price $4,650.
street and   Sth  avenue;   eight   rooms;
modern.    $3500.
She  Dili.
Mr. Misfit (savagely)���Before I married you was there any doddering
Idiot gone on you? Mrs. Misfit���There
was oii^. Mr. Misfit I wish to goodness you'd married him! Mrs. Misfit���
T did.���T.ns Angeles News.
for  Section  \"o.  2.  Dictrlct
for Section No. 3, Districl "B
For Sei Mon  No,   I.  I llstricl "B,"
For Section No. 5, Districts "C
���������_>,'' *--'J.011"
Any person whose tender is accepted shall, within ten days alter the acceptance thereof, furnish such additional approved security as may be
required by the Commissioners;
sign the contract, specifications
ami other documents required to
be signed by the said Commissioners; and, in any case of refusal
or failure on the part of the party
w hose lender is accepted to complete
and execute a contracl with the said
Commisssioners, and to furnish the
additional approved security within
ten days after the acceptance of the
lender, the -aid checquc shall bo forfeited to the Commissioners as liquidated damages for such refusal or
failure, and all contracl rights acquire I by the acceptance ol the tender shall be forfeited. The cheques
deposited by parlies whose ten lera
are accepted will be deposited tu .be
i ledii i i the Reecivei General ol ('an
ada as part of Ihe securit) for ihe
due and faithful i erformance uf the
i on I: acl according to its terms.'
Cheques deposit 'd l>: pai ties whose
tenth i s are rejei te I will I c returned
��� within ion daj after the signing of i
ihe contract.
Attention is called to the following
clauses In the form of conl racl;
"All mechanics, labourers or other
I er ons who perform labor for the
purposes of the construction of Ihe
wi : k hereby contracted for shall bo
paid such wages as are generally ac
copied as current for competent workmen in the district In which ihe worl
is being performed, and if there is no
curreni rale In such districl, then a And all the principal business centers of
fair and reasonable rate: and, in the ONTARIO, QUEBEC and the MARL
event of a dispute arising as to what] TIME PROVINCES.
is the currei ��� f dr and reasonable
rate, It shall be determined by the
Commissioners, whose decisions shall
be final."
"This agreemeni is subject to tho
regulations now In fi ri o, or which
may al any lime hereafter l e in f iree
during the construction of the works
hereby i out r,i( ted for, ma Ie un b r
the authofity of the Departmonl of
Labour, and which are or shall be applicable to such works." (The schedule of Minimum wages determined
upon b\ said department will form
pari of the conl raci.i
"The contractor shall, In connection wil li the whole of the said work,
as far as us praciIcable, use only material, machinery, plant, supplies and
rolling siock manufai I urcd or | ro
duced in Canada, provided the i ime
can be obtained as cheaply and upon
as coed terms in Cana I ��� as ol . whi re
bni; ip   i' trd to  quality   and   price."
The (i ntra< lor .shall 11 Dform to i he
Park on 6th avenue.  .$2500.
A   paying   investment  on   ('.'111111111:1
New 7-roomed Bungalow on ti'h Bt.lstreet: lol R6x66 with rented building.
One hundred   lots  in   the   west   end, j modern;   full sized  lot.   .$1800. Price $3,000.
all   well   situated   with  a   srood   view.
Thev  range    in    price $75 to $125.j     *"'���'"   '��'���   '"    ���  '���������������'    "' ' ��� \"-'     ���'
Eighl  lot- at $125 each fronting on
th si t.
Splendid   'ol   on   Carnarvon   street,      House and half lol on Agm
near  Sixth  streel;   size 66x132, facing   6 rooms       $1,300.
south.    $1,250.
Agnes   street   ea-t   on   full   sized   eor-
Lot on Columbia street; south side; ner  lor, a  seven roomed  house;  mod
I size 66x66; a splendid site for a block, ern;   some fruit.    $2,800.
���    , ,                    . ,                        ,   ,. ,    $10,000.
Double corner  6th  avenue and  6th gt, Andrews Street, lot 66x132   neai
streei.     $800.  $500 cash,  balance six      .\  good  property   on Carnarvon St., Ninth   street.   $250.
and twelve months at 7 per cent.      [near tenth street; suitable for ware
house property;  66x  132 feet;  income On the  Vancouver carline,  12th  St. i
un   modern,   residence;   large   led
lire regulations adopted by the Commissioners; aud also to the laws and
rej! ilations respecting fires in the different Provinces wherein the work is
.in-  performed,
The right is reserved to reject any
or all tenders.
By order,
P.  10. RYAN.
Secretai y.
The Commissioners of the
Transcontinental  Railway.
Ottawa,  Jan.   ."ah.  1007.
Newspapers  inserting    this    adver-
i  al   wiilioui   authority   from  the
King's Printer will nol be paid for It.
Grand Trunk Ry.
Excellent Train Service Between
Chicago, London,
Hamilton, Toronto,
ontreal, Quebec,
Portland, Boston,
PHILADELPHIA, via Niagara Fulls.
For Time Tables, etc., address
GEO.  W.  VAjX '
Assistant Gen'l   Passenger and Ticket
Agent, 1S5 \daies St., Cl icago, III.
Westminster iron v ks
c-   .,                             ,,-.,.   ..���.    o nouse   properi\      nnx   |..J  leei ;   ir
*!l'SU"                               ' $15.00 per month.    Onh   $2,000.
aires.   .$2000.
...    , ,    .          ,,     ,    ...           _.. I     Full   si/.ed   Im   on   Columbia   streel
Six lots facing Moody Square. Price weg) ,���. |iun. ||li)(,k am,  tw<j |n,s   (_
v-u eacn- Clarkson  street,  with  building.   Price
Four lots on corner sth street and $14,500.
Tth avenue;  a goood buy at $1200.
fl lilt,      Price $3,000. $1,0011 c 1   h.
Elevi n acres, 1 Ie ired, on sih avenue
Building  site on   west   side  of  the
Crescent, with roagniflceni view ol
river, at a fair price.
Several   lots  on   Fifth   avenue,   hi
tween   12th   an I   irsth   streets,   facing ::;i
south;    size   71x1111;   cleared:     Prli
��� rigbl
Canaclian Pacific Rail war ft.
Brltlah Cotumbla Coast Dm
B,  C. Coast  L1111  Service.
(Subject to change without notb
SS Aniur Leaves Vancouver Jai
Jan. 22,
VAM'rii.'Vt-iR VICTORIA   Rut.
U aves Vaucuuver daily  al  1 n n
Li;a\ es   VlCtOI la daily   at   1   an:
Leaves V  iiuria dail   excepi  \i
Throe and one-half acres on cornei
avi nue  in I 2nth   Ireet for $9C0.
Five lots  on   10th  avenue,  suitable      A  ni('''  residence   within,   five  min-
for chicken raisin-   .$500. I "tea nillk "'' ""' |,|,sl Office  On Ca
I narvon streel near Merrivale; T rooms
$2700 will buy two houses on south i bath, electric light, uu-to-da e
side    of Columbia    street,    between  ing-, etc.   $3,500.
Brunette    and     Keary,      Sapperton;
On Nana        sin el In the \Y.
eh   red   inlj $250.
En I,
al OUl   "i   acre  of land.
House on  I-'., fry   street, wesl  side
i   -tool   house.   .$1100.
Four full sized lots on Royal aven u
bel ween  Hush' ���.   und  Leop ild ;   lb
on   curiier  lot and  another lion
sami   property.   A good buy al $3,000.
��� '���' " faclns Moo lv Square, Thfs
 rnei  and n good i ne.   $5oo.
Lol   on   Ith   stive', jn ���   au ,, .   t-i|
Only $250.
$500 cash, and the balance in monthly payments of $23.00. principal
;.nd interest, will buy a first class residence on Third avenue between 3rd
.-<nd 4th streets. The house contains 8 rooms, bath, electric light, hot and
cold   water;   up-to-date   plumbing   andis connected  with  :       - . -.    .
The price cf this is   $2,500. .   .
Easy tei be arranged   in all the nbo\ icrll         '.        ivi   un
oil funds io lend on flrsl  mortgagi   Bocurltic    a ii    en on  bli     ate of
n   rest, and II  you wish to buy  and have no   then i m    rntrtge
it for \on. .
.-  UP SM1TH1NU,  iii I
-iTiM'fri'HM,  ll(i)\
i ii .1 r. - in :     Iron    v\ oi
I 'eni ���      ' iten   ' Ire .- -
Mu     nrdei-i    'nd  COl 11
.   ,. !'. S'l
'.     Hie
II     ill:
;; HOS.
f, -o.o
I   xisii
���. ik of Conr-merce
S.S  CITY   ' >!' N VNAIMO
Leaves  New   Wei ' inin-'er at   7
on Suad i. s
S. S. Joan
!.i-i '..- B  \'.i' COU   '���     daily   at   I
Steamer Queen  City,
i ,e_ve - Vlctorl i at 11
Tth. and   l I'b e ich  iiioni \\ for i
i|Uol ;    |e l'.'  .   \':. ��� 11   .     on     :
tjual slno and way i  il  I
Steamer Transfer
i..-,i'..-1   New   \\ e u mil
'  IJ ,     Tue   d.l.. ,      \\ .'due    ,'���       .      I
��� nd   Frid.i>   al   2   p in. an :  !
it 2 p. m. with addll>   inl trip .
lay at  6 a. in
Leaves Steveston Mon la ���
Wednesday. Thin ad :.'���  and S
7 a,  ui.;   Friday  at  6  a.  m.
trip  Saturday  E   r..  tn.
S. S. Beaver
Leaves  New   We tmlusibi,  v  -;
Mondays,  Wednesdays  a-,.,I   Fridays
Leaves t.'billiwacU  7  :\.  iu.   I ���
Thursday   and   Saturdays    calling
landings  between   N. w   W�� itn i
and Chiiliwack.
S.  S. Tees
Leaves   Vancouver  al    8    r ;!
and   16th of each   month, rai I'n!
Skldegate on first trip aud Bi l > ''|lf
ou second trip, Time on arrival
I departure are approximate
For   reservations   and   iu' ' !
call or address
ED. (io''.
Agent, r ew \
E,  .1.  COVbl
A-tit. den.   Pass   Agent,  Viu
.1. VV. 'l": " '
General Super'ntendi .    '   '
.:��� Thursday, jan. 17, 1907.
AWuielv    PURE
Easterbrook Milling Com'y
A lady should never forget to say
- when she wants to obtain the very best Flour
Perfection is not easily obtainable, but you get it if
you order Imperial, made from the finest selected
wheat grown in the great Northwest.
Unexcelled for Pastry.'
Try lt
Bakers, we strongly recommend our Strong Bakers.
Ask for  Terminal, and see that you get it.
The Easterbrook Milling Co.
McQUARRIE &   CO.,   Local Agents.
122 Front St.
Owing to the lack of patronage, the
British Columbia Electric Railway Co.,
Ltd., lias  decided  to discontinue the
service  on     the   Old   Line   (between
Westminster City Limits and Burnaby ,
Junction) after January 12th, 1907.
Tli*- car will then have been on thei
line for a complete month,    lt is ev- I
dent,   however,  from   the   amount   of' To the Reeve and Council:
business done that there is no justi-1     Mr. Stein has carefully audited the
fie a tion   for
that line.
Steveston Chief of  Police  Has a  Shot
at the  Mean  Snipe  That Fouls
Its   Neighbor's   Nest.
a permanent   service on   books of the  Police  Department  and
Notice to Water Consumers.
Owing to exci 5Slv< .:-��� and waste of
water since the frost se- in. the Reservoir is getting low . an I the supply
for fire purposes is endanger* I.   Con-
1 am pleased to say has found them
ci rrect. Instead of chronic deficits,
it is gratifying to report a substantial surplus over and above current
. tpenses ami maintenance!. Compared with the year 1905 the municipality has been relieve,I of a financial
sinners are req tested to be careful in burden to the extent of Borne $1320.74.
the use of water and not to allow their The total receipts foi L905 were $2,-
taps to run, but use stop an I waste 2fi7.60, and the cost for police main-
cocks when- they are on the service. '��� nance covering the same period.
Any service found running water to $3009.69, Bhowing a loss to the munic-
waste after this notice  v.   :   have tin- Ipalltj   of $742.09   for   thai   yeai    For
Concert-Orchestra Com'y
Doors open 7.30.
Concert 8 o'clock
water cur off.   I!
i rder,
Citj Clerk.
Tickets on sale    at
revenue   is I store, Dyke &  Evans
City Ha
Purchase Notice
thi    ..ear   1906
i$4292.60, and expenditures $3663.95,
showing a surplus over and above
maintenance of $628.65, be Ide the
purchase of manj articles for tho
permanent benefit ol the de; artmcni
the flrsi \ear in the bistoi . il the
municipality thai a balance has een
shown in favor of the police depart
ment. If we go back to ihe year
i^i'T we find the total recel] ts to be
$951.65, and police maintenance $-.-
788.85,  showing  a   loss  to the inuiiic
Ryall's    Drug
Music    Store.
Todd's   Music    Store.  Purdy's   Candy
Store and Lavery's Bakery.
Notlci Is hereby given that 60 days
ifter date I intend applying to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for permission to i urchase the
following described land, situated at
the mouth of the Kildala river, Coast ipallty in that year of $1837.20, and bo
district: Commencing at a post mark- on, year after year, there has been
ed W. M.'s N. E Corner planted on varying loss to the taxpayers
ihe south bank of the Kildala river through ihis department The small-
at the mouth, running as follows: 40 est deTicll appears in the year 1901,
chains south, 40 chains west, 40 when the total receipts were $18C7.-
chains north to the shore line, thence 45, and maintenance $2476.28; defi-
following shore line to place of com-; cii $608.83,
mencement, containing IC acres more       The   police   record   for    1906   also
THURSDAY, 17th Jan.
or less.
Aug. 27, 1906.
Locator, W. MOODY,
Oct. 24.  1906.
-Synopsis   of   Canadian    Home
stead Regulations
[Northern Pacificj Canadian Pacific
shows that although many convictions appear, the offenses were largely
committed by the transient population who arrive here in great numbers during the fishing season; yet
including all this, we find our prevailing vices are drunkenness, gambling and vagrancy. But to the grosses! crimes named in the Criminal Co ie
we can for A. D. 1906 conscientiously plead "not guilty," notwithstanding the slanders heaped upon this
community by a few irresponsible
hypocrites and mischief makers.
From a study of outside police rec-
Re Lot 4S4, Group 1 (except two parts   or(ls. compared with our own, we find
The Dainty Comedienne,
and a great cast
- IN
The Rig Military Comic Opera.
Sergeant Kitty
Lavishly Costumed and Staged.
Seats on sale at Ryall's Drug Store
Prices���$1.50, $1.00, 75c, 50c and 25c.
Land Registry Act
Trains Daily
Any available Dominion Lands within the Railway Delt in British Columbia, may bo homestp.'ided by any per-
son who >s the sole head of a family,
or any male over IS years of age, to
the extent of one-quarter section of
160 acres, more or less.
Entry must i,e made personally at New York, Chicago,
the lot     land office for bhe district in
which the land is situate.
The homesteader is required to perform the conditions connected therewith under one of the following plans.
(i) At least six months' residence
upon and cultivation of the land in
each year for three years.
(a) If the father tor mother, if the
father is deceased) of the homesteader
resides upon a farm in the vicinity
of the land entered for the requirements as to residence may be satisfied
by such person residing wiih the farther  or  mother.
' (j) If the settler has his permanen
(Residence upon tanning \xu:\ owned
���by him in the vicinity of his home-
ad, the requirements as to residence
y be satisfied by residence upon
sa'd ,and. The  only  all   rail  route   between   all
-Six in.uiths' notice in writing should' points east, west and sooth to Ross-
given to the Commissioner of Do-  land, Nelson and intermediate points
tOiiiioti  Lands at Ottawa of intention   connecting at Spokane with the Great
tO apply tor patent. i Northern, Northern  I'.ic".',: and O. R.
\V. W. CORY.    I& N. Co.
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Portland, Ore
. Spokane falls & Northern Ry Co.
Nelson & ft Sheppafd Ry. Co.
Red Mountain Ry. Co.
conveyed), New Westminster District,
A   Certificate   of Indefeasible   Title
' to the above property will be issued
The only road  which  runs  Through  ,0 R!joda  McKamey on the 29th  day
Sleepers and Tourists  from  coast  to  of December, 1906, unless in the mean-
coast, time a valid objection thereto be made
Eastern Express leaves daily at 15:40  !,> me In writing by a person or person.-;   claiming   an   estate  or   interest
therein, or in any part thereof.
District Registrar of Titles.
Land    Registry    Office,   New  West-
ni nster,  B.C.,  21st  November, liiOC.
,   Train for Seattle leaves at S.30 a.m.
Through   connections   for   ILeotenay
and United States points.
For   rates,   reservations   s.nd  other
particulars apply to
C.  P.  R.  Agent,
New Westminster
or to
E.  J.  COYLE.
Assistant   Genera!    Passt<nger    Agent,
that the resident population of Richmond Municipality is just as morally
clean as any to be found in the civilized world.
Our police doings for December are
as follows: 1 case assault (common),
2   cases  drunk   and   disorderly.
All of which is respeetufully submitted.
Chief of Polit -.
Steveston. Dec. 31, 1906.
home  of    Mr.  and     Mrs. .1.   A.
The person or persons having in their i Fleger, Eighth Avenue, Sapperton,
custody or possession the following was the scene of a very pretty we.l-
Title Deeds relating to the said prop-] ding on the evening of the 2nd of
erty are requested to deliver the same January, when Miss Ellen May was
to the undersigned: limited in marriage to Mr. Herbert W.
12th  December, 1895���Robert Gran-   Harrison  of   New   Westminster.   The
217-219 Columbia St.
Connects at Rossland w'-.it the Can-
for   Boundary
Is  advertis
men)   will   not   be   paid
���Deputy  Mim-ter of the  Interior.
B.���Unauthorized  publication of ad,an   Pap'hc  Railway
Creek  points.
Connects at    Meyers    Fa
tt.'igc rSily for Republic,
.....-._.     _��__���_��������.    ���_��.���-��� Buffel    service   on    trains   _��tw��ei
WHEN   GOING   EAST       Spokane and  Nelson.
Effective    Sunday,    Novemlx
Tl ��� SEND YOU OVER   ^"^
glit  Trains Every Pay m the Yeir    0.40 a.m,
Day Train A 'rive
.  Spokane   . . . .7.15 .p.m.
, .Rossland    4.10 p.m.
.. Nelson  6.45 P m
te.ooc I EMPRESS OF BHITAIN ) 14,600
H. Power X EMPRESS OF IBELAND I      10.V>
If you are sending for friends from
the Old Country, buy tickets now
while the cheap rates are on. You
can gel better accorrunodailon and
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No   trains   in   the   service   on   any
railroad  in the  world that equal  in
equipment that of the Chicago, Milwaukee  &  St.   Paul   Railway.     Tiny
ville McKamey to Thomas Rob. rt McKamey, conveyance in  fee.
Barristers, Solicitors, etc., New Westminster, 11C.
.pv   j Agent.
��**   J   k the Supreme Court of British Columbia.
bride, who was given away by her
stepfather, Mr. .). A, Fleger, looked)
charming in a gown of white silk,
wiib veil and orange blossoms, and
carried a bouquet of white carnations.
The bridesmaid. Miss Ada V. Harrison, sister of the groom, was dress..d
in a cream gown. The groom was
supported by Mr. Alexander May, a
brother Of the bride. The marriage
ceremony was performed by the Rev.
Mr. Calvert of Mission City, the Wedding march being played by Mr. James
limes.    After   a    tasteful   supper,   lhe
happy  couple left   for  Victoria, ami 1
art  of   Ltot   1.   the best wishes of their many friends. I
suburban   lands,   uu   their   return   they   will    reside   ,11
N'ew   Westminster.        The   beautiful
Settled  Estates   Act  and
amending Acts.
title   to
Block  3,
N'ew    Westminsl  r   City
whereof     John    Oswald   presents received by the bride attesl
the . - eem In  which she was h 11,
Coulthai :   Is   tenant
life    In m     a   and
Earnesl Barr Co ilthi
tenant In tail.
Pursuant to the Order of the Honor-
abb Mr. .lus:Ice Men !son, s ial< I tend
ers 1 ddressed to J. J. Cambridge, Districl Registrar of the Supreme Court,
Xew  Westminster, 11. C, will be re-
[inneapolis, St. Paul
and Chicago
The White Pass
and Yukon Route
nun ;:nd operate their own sleeping   ceivefi by him up to Saturday the 19th
and dining cars on all] their trains and
give   tfceir   patrens  an   excellence   of
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"Cupid    in Pos'crland."
Tickets   have   ,.:   ,    I ecu   placed     on
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ty, or at  Dyke,  Evans & Callaghan's
music  house.      These   are   for  the   ?!
33G Hastings St. W., Vancouver.
Bookkeeping, Gregg and Pitman
Shorthand, Telegraphy and Engineering.
Sev,en Teachers
Forty-Five   Typewriters
Students Always in Demand.
R.  I. SPROTT, B. A., Principal
Foot of 4th Ave.  Cor. 16th  Street
New Westminster, B. C.
bodies the newest    and bc-st ideas 1
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li   electricity   a��d   gas;,  the   most; WHITE   HORSE,   DAWSON   and
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hirv and  smoking cars.
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H. S. ROWE, General Agent.
t,U THr��: St.. cor Alder. Portland. Or.
ind 75c seals, and are exchangeable       AH   kinds   of   Ship   repair
day ot January, 1907, foi the purchase  _l  Ryall's drug store beginning Tues-   Work,
of pan of Lol one ,n.  Block Three   day, Jan. 22nd for reserved Beats  The
(.3),  Suburban  lands,  New  West min-   lower floor and three rows in the bolster CT13.      lenders must be accompa-   cony  are   to  be   held   al   these   prices
nled   by ���  certified  cheque for Five   balance of the balcony to sell al 50c,       Estimates    promptly   fur-
""' sallery 25c- nished.
Ship and Scow   Building
a specialty.
(���"I, por cul. of the amount tendered
for  Petitioner herein.
r. h.
Ov.iug to t.he heavy snow up North.
quit*? a number of Lumber Camps and
oilier places ol' business have closed;
down. This hjs caused from .".0 to
100 men to call upon us daily, looking!
for work, if you should need help in
ROGERS,  Traffic   Manager,   the  woods,  railroad, etc.,  caSl on the
���la. 6.
Recent   Arrivals.
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J    Qulnner,    .Manitoba;   H.   N.   Rich.   Westminster, B.C.
Ladner;   Miss M.   Trescott, Toronto;!  ���       	
briber information call on or write
".'0 Second Avenue, Sent?!*, Wash
Vancouver.  B.  C
Central Employment agency, us Wa-
,.-r  street, Vflncouver,    'Phone  2566,
B, l.awson, Montreal.
Hereafter the sum of 60c extra per      Windsor���T.    Holmes.    C.  Holmes,
ton  will  be charged on  all coal d.-   Brennan;   George   Millwood. Vaneou-
llvered  beyond   Ith avenue and Penl-   Ver; J, Haggson, Longfleld, Sask
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E.   i
��� Ither "ii or   ' 'an stairs.
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Bessj  Moon.;., Kamloops; E, H. Pow-
c). Yaie.
Having bought out the Blacksmlth-
ng business of R. H. Reason, I will
be pleased to see all his old customers, as well as new ones. Horseshoeing a specialty.
Eighth  Street. THE DAILY NEWS
Published by the Daily News Publishing Company Limited, at their
offices, corner of Sixth and Front
streets. New Westminster, B.C.
Having trouble wilt (he salt?
Gets damp and hai'L-ns? Then
you are not using WINDSOR
TABLE SALT.   It never cakes.
the only people who were really loyal
to their country.
Mr. Rainey spoke again tor a short
time after the other orators had con- ��� disagreeable.'
A   l.oopholp.
"When  in doubt.''  said  the  weather
prophet,   "always   predict   something
eluded, after which the meeting broke
up alter the usual cheers had been
Managing Director.
.J. C. Brown
sionate vie* of all the matters at
stake." Calm ii may have been for
the   nonce,     bui   independent     never.
Transieu.   display   advertising,   10
SKS liDFive��c��elper2 JM The Mai. and  Empire could no,  give
tutrsequent insertions.                              ' un   independent  opinion  upon   a   poll-
Reading notices, bold face type. 20 tical question in the planet Mars.
���~ents per line, brevier or nonpariel, 10 	
Foi    time   contracts,   special   posl- LABUK   PAH I I   blAKlu
tons, apply to advertising manager. ���.__-,..��,.,
found, rooms to let, etc., one cent per 	
No advertisement taken  for
;eso than 25 cents.
Day Office   A22
Night  Office    B22
Class   Candidate   Addresses   Audience
Composed   Entirely   of  Working Men���Good Reception
..... on:��.*iZi.,
Over a hundred laboringmen gathered in the Eagles' hall yesterday
evening for the purpose of listening to
the speeches of .1. ri. Rainey, the labor
nominee,  Thomas  Turnbull,   and  Mr.
  ������ Davidson, of  Vancouver.     Tiie meet-
COLD AIR. ing was entirely in favor of Mr. Rain-
Newspapers have often made merry   ey, and no speakers appeared for the
ii the technicalities ol modern domes-   0tner parties.
Carpenters Want More Money.
A notice has been served apon the
labor contractors of New Westminster
by the union carpenters, to the effect
thai after April 1. they will stand out
for a minimum wage of $3.50 for an
eight hour working day, and also for
a half holiday on Saturday afternoons, j
when they will receive half pay. A
i few other minor matters are also to
be included in the men's demands.
The strength of lhe New Westminster
union is about 50 men, there being
approximately 75 carpenters in the
city, li is nol expected thai the contractors will make any difficulty about
raising the wages, especially in view
ol the fact that in Vancouver the men ;
are asking for $4.50 a day, with every
prospect of having their demands
'What for'.
"If you're wrong, people are so pleased they don't criticise you."   Washington Star. __^_^___
The fate of nil of OS, men and women alike, Is to be forever wanting
what we have not    Jerome K. Jerome.
II ������ ��1   He lor ill.
Dibbles���There goes Rhymer and blfl
rich wife. She married hiin nearly a
! year ago to reform him. Scribbles���
i Did she succeed? Dibbles Sure. He
[ hasn't written a poem since they facer*
i the parson together.   Chicago  News
Same  Old Feeling.
Gladys-1 feel sure he has never
loved before. Penelope Oh, I felt the
same way, cViir, when be used to make
tore to me!���New Tork Trass.
Farm   Land!
We are now ready to do any kind of
Repairing. Watches, Clocks,
and any kind of Jewelry made to
order.        Work guaranteed. If
not satisfactory,  money refunded.
Horace  Dorer
THURSDAY. JAN. 17, 1907.
they had not
invited to the meeting. The questions dealt with by the various speakers were mostly concerning labor
questions . and other issues were almost entirely neglected. William
Pope was chairman and conducted the
ih science, with ii - chemistrj of
fends, etc. We do not remember, however, having seen anything funnier
than the following serious paragraph
in  ihe Toronto Globe.
"Each Individual living in the house
requires  II.nun cubic   fee!  of   fresh   air
per  minute to keep him  or  her in a ceremonies in a becoming manner,
healthy condition, for that  is how  ihe       Thomas Turnbull, Ihe first speaker,
average requirement of a home works made a lengthy speech, the substance
out."  said   Dr. Oldright   in an  address of which lias already been reported in
delivered  yesterday afternoon  to   be these columns as it  only differed  in
Household   Economic   Society.      This details from  previous speeches which
supply,   he   pointed   out.   could  easily | he  has  delivered  during the   present
Im   obtained     by  opening    a   window campaign.      He   impressed   upon   the
aboul   one-quarter   of   an  inch   at  the workingmen the  necessity  of  fighting
lob  and  bottom." both the old  political parlies, and ad-
What   lungs   the  man   must   have! vocated   joining   hands   with   the   So-
liui to open the windows a little wider, cialisis  rather   than  vote  for  either
doctor.    To Introduce .'l.uiiO cubic feet Grits or Tories, as both Laborites and
<>.'   air   per   minute   through   mich   an Socialists  were  working in  the inter-
opening in the average window would ests of the laboring men.    He opposed
Mozart lived thirty-seven years. His
first mass was composed when he was
less than ten years of age, and the
enormous quantity of his compositions
was the work of ihe succeeding twen
ty-seven years. Mozart wrote forty-
one symphonies, fifteen masses, over
thirty operas and dramatic compos!
tions, forty-one sonatas, together with
an immeuse number of vocal and con
certed pieces in almost every liny of
the art.
20  Acres
$20 per acre
First-class   Soil
Good   Location
Good   Road
Only   6   miles   from   City
  OUR ������
_ ���
260 LUnmbia St., New Westminster
Phone 85.
Stlppler���Did Miss Kutts admit v
your paintings? Dobber���I don't know. |
Stlppler���What did she say about
them? Dobber���That she could feel
that I put u great deal of myself into
my work. Stlppler���Well, that's praise.
Dobber���Is it? The picture I showed
her was "Calves In a Meadow."
The Fraser River Tannery |
require a gall
an hour.
blowing aboul L'.'o miles   ll
Byron E. Walker, president an general manager of the Hank of Commerce, in his annual report, speaks
ot the possibilities of British Columbia
more particularly In fruit growing and
fanning, in a most optimistic wax, "It
may be safely said'' Mr. Walker writes
'ilia' fruit of the most perfect character can be grown in large quantities, in surroundings as favorable to
the frail as they are attractive to the
grower as a place oi residence, lt is
equally certain that for many years to
come the Industr) might Increase rapidly, and yet no! fear for the necs-
sary market."
riuch a presentment of fact, deliberately made in a formal report, by a
man holding a high position in the
1 ' -iness world, cauuoi fail to prove a
u.usi effective advertisement, partic-
������ iar'.j us ii reiterates and confirms
the Important utterances of Lord
f,:,r. on the occasion of the opening
of the Provincial Exhibi Ion at New
There should be little risk in predicting i be dei'eai of the German Emperor in the coming elei tions, if there
i any truth In the rumor thai before
olving the Reichstag, he tele-
c: aphed the chain ellor, "I am resolved  lo drive Ihe whole gang to h���."
.',(cording   to  a   (ontemporary,   .he
.   nk ii irvesi is on In Maine, and before   ih.   in xl   season,   piobably   150,-
iido ol    he .���  humble animals,  foi ;et-
lhnt 1 hej ai..' "rani: aud smell to
���  i > en."  will  ni;;,,pier,i.Ie as sealskin,
n id ol her high pi Ice I furs.
"There is a small building on Ba
nurd a ������ nue v. ii h the .-i"ii ' Price Ellison's Committee Room.". Is Mr. El-
II hi bigger than his party, or Is he
ashamed of ii under the present So-
I illdt-Conservatlve leader'/" ojkana-
can. Yes, Mr. Ellison haa g me on record as ashamed of the combination
led  by Mr. McBrlde.
\ cable despatch anonuncing that
I.m,is Harcourt might succeed Bryce
as Irish Secretary, says, "Mr. Ilar-
i uiirt's selection is regarded as peculiarly appropiaie, noi only because
of bis father's lib'long advocacy of
Muni. Rule for Ir dand :'ii i his staunch
support of Mr. Gladstone when ihe
Liberals split on liii l question, bal
also because bis wife is an American."
Km unconsi lous humor, Vmerit an
Press despatches from England hold
the  world's record.
Under ihe heading "An Independent (>, nie::," ihe Kamli ���; Standard
quotes an editorial of the Toronto
Mail   and   Empire, win h   it   says, "is
far   eno Igh    i e : n  ������.!   I'liin    Ihe   si rife
and   turn oil   ol   a   British   ( olumbia
(dei lion  i'i  lake   ,i   calm   ar I   dlspn
ie Salvation Army Immigration policy of the Conservative government
in lhe ground that it would reduce
v.ages. Dealing with Mr. Macdonald's
speech at the Opera house on Saturday evening, he pointed out thai while
Mr. Macdonald had stated Ilia' the
Liberals had always been the friends;
of the working men. be had nol attempted to show that wages had Increased during the time that the wave
ol prosperity had been sweeping over '
ihe province. Xo effort had been;
made by the present government to
lower the price of commodities, they
bad worked entirely iu favor of tbe
big corporations, to the detriment oi
ihe working classes. in closing his
speech, Mr. Turnbull remarked that
Mie labor candidate had . good chance
of being returned at the head of lb"
pell,   ill   spite   of   tile   little   break   hi- i
had   made   at   the meeting  on  Satur-1
day evening,
.1. ri. Rainey, the labor can Lime,
ri i eived an ovation on rising to speak
lie felt confident ilia: success would
attend his venture, and was much
more confident at the nresenl time
than he had been a week or so ago,
A working man was quite as competent as a lawyer to frame the laws
of ihe country. Referring to 'lie introduction of ihe eight hour law regarding smelti rs, . i iid thai II was
no more than I hi ��������� n king man ha I a
righl io expei I In an. chilized community. I Ie ann uinced bis Inten
lion of devoting all his time from now
on to the work of promoting his own
election, and again staled that he wa ���
i onfldenl of being el icte 1 at I he I. iad
the ' ill
Mr.   Davidson,  of Vancouver,   com-
mi nteel at   length   upon  ihe   work  of
the  Labor party  in  the city  of Van-
on ver.     He wi     i   posed to the i i\
'.ii' scheme of dumping G,000 tin-
��� i workmen In this provini e, an I
i    lie electors to registi ��� theii
against an     ucn effoi t.   He wa i
a I   i oppo ed   in the  Liberal  propos il
'i' create a labor and Immlgi atlon bureau      \   strong   statement   which   he
ie was "British Columbia will onlj
: i   well represented n ben II  Is a free
��� ommonwealth of Itself, by Itself, and
for itself."    lie strongly  condemned
Premier   McBride's weak  and   vat Ilia
ling policy  wilb  regard  lo lb"   Hindu
question.    The ultimate object of iii"
working   man,   he  staled,   was   io   he
lhe stale.    The working classes were
Our Waterproof Arctics are great protectors on
a cold winter's day.
Don't Have Cold Feet
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the feet warm and dry.
The kind we keep:
BAS, made with heavy wool lining1, the 3-buckle kind. $3 a pair
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.   .  ; i, Rii gs, Jewelry, etc
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(-!   ��� -11 3
Columbia Street,
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owing Appreciation
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a st: Ham 5 and Bacon
1 :..... ^.,.i..:..x^.iJ:jt\::^. .'���:.   ��� _���&*-
bL_ '.., '. .     . \U!l I :.
M THURSDAY. JAN. 17, 1907.
Fresh sauerkraut for sale ai Reich-
enbaeh's, 6c per pound.
During 'he last three months of
1906, only five applications wen; made
for naturalization papers. The applicants embraced two Americans; one
Greek; one Chinaman; one German.
Luncheon   Parties, etc.,���Ladies  de-
Uiat they were well able to tly. He
cculd nol get near enough to put a
pinch of salt on their tails anil came
in ihe .conclusion lhat the storie.s
which had been told were without
One of ihe dwellers on Ninth .street
was   locking   up  his doors  about  mid
Lee's Furniture Emporium
For Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums,
Window Shades, Pictures and Framing,
Couches, Parlor Goods, Rattan Goods.
... . ���   night on  Tuesdav  night, happened  to
siring   assistance   in   the   serving   of i , " "
look   out   ol   the   window  anil   saw  a
Luncheons, Dinners, etc., should com
municate with Mrs \v. .1. Norfolk
Post Office, New Westminster.     Td-1
man with a turban around his head
climbing over the fence at the back
oi his >ar.l. The midnight marauder
Charlie Hood, a thirsty Individual j approached the house and tried*to get
who occasionally contributes some- | iu 'he woodshed. The observer tse-
lliing In the civic treasury, yesterday cure.I a revolver and as he opened
enriched the city to the extent ot $2.50 the door the visitor took fright ami
this amount being levied upon him for1 boiled around the side of the house.
having been found on the sireets in The man with ihe gun turned and op-
Intoxicated condition. ened the fronl door and saw his man
running   towards   Columbia  street   as
LEE S     Furniture     Emporium
Dupont Block New Westminster        Tel. 73
In a very short time the new goods will be here.
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Tweed Skirts for women, grey with red and blue
overchecks, cheviot habit cloth skirts with silk strappings and navy blue hopsacking skirts. Worth 3.50,
4.50 and 6.25.   January sale $ 1.95
Ready-to-wear Hats for women and girls, in popular shapes aad popular colors, trimmed in popular
styles. These were 2.50, 3.50 and 4.00. January
sale  95c
Colored Flannelette Embroideries, pink, blue
and red, with white stitching; also with self color
stitching of silk, 200 yards. Worth Tc, 10c and
12 l-2c.    January sale, per yard   5c
Colored Wrapperette? for blouses, kimonas and
wrappers; the prettiest we have ever had; 400 yards.
Worth 12 l-2c,15c and 20c. January sale, per yd 1 Oc
Colored' Taffeta Silks, in Nile green, sky blue,
pink and vellow; Tender Wrap Taffetas. Cheap at
50c pe" vcl.    January sale. 74 yds., per yd
An application for five inches of
v ��� er was tiled yesterday in Water
Commissioner C. ('. Fisher's office.
The water is lo be taken from a small
si ream i unning im i False Creek
through block 300, lot 526 of the city
of Vancouver, 'I'he water is i i be
used in manufactorj for machinery
and Iron work,
The hearing or the Speers case
- hich was :o have taken  place today
I'us   I n   postponed   on   account   of
:!;.' inabllitj of Judge Harrison of
Nanalmo to be present and conduct
ihe case. Judge Bole is now able io
attend court, and fresh subpoenas
'.\ ill have io be issued replacing ihe
name of Judge Harrison with that of
Judge   Hole.
Try some of Reichenbach's tasty
fresh sauerkraut. It will give you an
appetite. 6c per pound.
The wnler in the city reservoir is
i'.'; oriel to Ie gaining a little, or rather, n.h io be diminishing quite so
last as was ihe case early in the week.
The mayor's warning has apparently
had a salutary effect, and people have
though obi Nick was after him.
Rea'   old-fashioned   sauerkraut   for
.-al.' ie   Reichenbach's,, 6c per pound.
A:   Tie funeral of Miss Grace  Mar-
' shall, third daughter of 11. M. .Marshall
Of  llriiii! I'lird  streel, who died   Sunday
i evening, floral tributes were received
ii.'in a large number of sympathising
! friend.-. One wreath bore the Inscription   "From   her   Boy   Friends;"
'others came from Mr. and Mrs C'an-
field, Mr. and Mrs .I. Johns, Miss Card.
.Mr.. Mrs. and Miss Rowe, Miss Ward-
le, Mrs Nicholson. Mr. and Mrs. W.
C. Chamberlin, Mr. and Mrs. J. A.
Lee, Mr.. Mrs. and Miss Winter, Miss
Draper, Mr. and.Mrs. .I. J. Ashton, Capt.
and Mrs. Seymour, Mrs. Kenney, F. A.
Johns, S. Morley, E. Saunders. Mr.
and Mrs. F. .I. MacKenzie (Ladner),
and Miss H. K. Johns, Mr. and Mrs.
Cousins, Mr. and Mrs. C, K. Snell. and
Mrs.  W.  L.  Armstrong, of Vancouver.
Gilley Bros
We wish to call the attention of the (Brick
using) public to our new and
varied stock of
From the Vancouver Fire Clay Co.,
Clayburn, B. C.
Musical Event To-Night.
Pre.--   comments   concerning theat-
opped allowing their tajis to run all j Heal   attractions  are often discounted
The   waterworks men  are   to   a   considerable  extent,   mainly   on
! account of the clipping being extracted from papers unknown locally, but
the following' concerning the Polma-
tier  Sisters  is happily exempt.     The
E endeavor to give satisfaction
to our customers; we think we
have, as our business has grown
rapidly during the past year.
If you are not dealing with
us, we would be pleased to have
you give us a trial.
the time
still   oul   on   the   streets,   and   water
wasters   will   have   the   supply  cut   off
$ Ay /&*?-*> ���E__f_kiS-J$,!y
William Hutcheson, foreman of Gil-
ley's quarry al Pitt Lake, has been
trying for several days past to return
to his work at the lake, but has been
unable to do so on acocunt of the ice.
He has started out on different occasions, accompanied by ten men, in-1
leu ling to make his way to the quarry !
:. going up as far as Pitt river, and
then proceeding along the old dyke.
b I'  so far he has found t.liis tn be im-
i 0   -I ill-..
Plans  for  the   construction  of  the
i\v  hospital   were considered at  the
writer was a visitor in New Westminster for several weeks last fall, and
has a large number of relatives and
friends  residing in  the city.
"The Polmaiier Sisters gave one of
their beautiful entertainments in my
church last evening. it. therefore,
gives me pleasure to sa; they are
arlsts of the highest order. Every
number on the program was strictly
iii st-class .ind the entire
delighted  beyond measure
meeting of the board of control of the   matier  Sister
! Columbian hospital, which  was   ia<jies
i I in  'li.'  inn' d:'s office  yesterday
In  addition  to discussing
if the plans, and deciding
���)   i   ternoon.    I
%   ';-     " tail   "
.     -. A>L_-���__l_..L,
ui on some minor changes, there was
a consi Ie; able aniout i Df routine business transacted, including the passing
i i .:.: - and the I eeei\ lng ol reports.
udience was
The Piil-
are   estimable   young
he  Conipanv   is  one i f  the
fines;   it   has  ever  been  my pleasure
in  hear.���Win.   H.  Fry. Pastor   M.  E.
Church.  Moscow.  Idaho."
The Polmatier Sisters ap] ��� ar       St
Patrick's  hall  ibis evening and   their
entertainment is being eagerly await-
ed by all music lovers of N'ew West-1
B. C. Mills, Timber and
Manufacturers anJ Dealers in All Kinds ot
Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,    Mouldings,   Sash,   Doors,
Interior Finish,     lurnad Work,    Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glass.
Lumber Always in Stork for Fencing and Draining.
Royal City Branch, Columbia St.
Telephone 12.
While proceeding to Vancouver ear-   ���	
!;.    yesterday   morning,   the   crew   in room TO    LET���With    or   without
charge of    the    first   B. C.  E,  K. car board.     Apply, Eleventh street  and
found a small dog tied to the rails a Queen's avenue.                              10-6
little beyond Central Park.     The |
animal  had  apparently  been  fastened job   PRINTING--Let   us    figure
Grade No. 940-21 Jewels, in 25-year Gold Filled Cases $37.5!?
Grade   No.   '.--17      " " "        " "   ..
Grade    No. 2-17      " " "        " "   ������
Grade    No. 3-17      " " "        " "    ������
W.   C.   CHAMBERLIN, The Jeweler
your   printing  for
Arrow  Press,  Dail;
DOM i NY.  Prop.
;;::;:, pits to ob
the  New   Year,
News.       MRS.
to the  track  all   night,  and   Its  bodj
.  covere 1    with   rrosl       The   dog
half    le i 1   �� hen   rescue.I   by  i i. i
i rev:.    The person who tied the dog
to  the rails evidently did  so  with the   QUITO   Tfl   DDpCD
of having it killed by a passing   u'J!!j   IU  Un'JLli,
>in li  inliiini n i ondui 'in i orn-
illing :: dumb animal to .suffer
thi   ���. ee; in", . old for li nn s m a time
caunol be too stronglj    i  n   I.        MARVELOUS     REDUCTION
until March 1st, 1907.
A large number of indigent  Hindu-      Plenty of Goods to select from, of tho
,;   Uevelstoke  were  recently made to   Latesi Patterns.
work lor the public g I.    They were      Satisfaction guaranteed or money re-
hanging   ati und   tho si reets  doing  a
Hit] i  beg] .;i;  and   less   work  so th -
i i ovlnclul polli e  offli er ran  them all
2 17 Froi t Street   -     New Westminster
and  sel   them  to work  sawing up
arge i lie of i. r Iwoo ���'. which iia 1
New Westminster   I
rsw sm smmm smmm mm emmm srm m _r-_--A
Carruthers M
Show Cas
es, Store e
ifacturing Corny.
Manufacturers of
'ittings and Bar Fixtures
I The Carruthers
Manufacturing Co.
leeu accumulating for some time. He
gave the men feed and lodgings and
Incidentally their Brsi lessons In saw
Ing and splitting cordwoood. He considers thai lie has dene a charll i .1 i
act as lie has taughl them haw ,h; >
< an help themselves In future.
Provincial  Constal le Deans took u
drive out to i laj ton yesterday to in-
ve tigiite a chan e that  the Jai a u -���
! workers In  the   luml er  acmps  were
: uo< king   down   the   pheasants  with
, lubs as the birds were too paraly -������ I
with the e ild to te aide to fly.    He
vlsitc 1 hall a tl   .ci camps an I .na la
a (Ullgenl  se in h  without  finding any
��� ign of dead      ��� .. ants,     il"  n ���������
. . .; .   aof   .Taps  i; rrj lng   guns   and
I searched the  i but foui d no gan e.   Al
,.������1!, ��� in     | e dsli   i ii ��� li fl  a wi
I in    to the lull    i   a  ;   nol   to   to    I
���      :��� i   pie   a il    it trouhl \
-   ,i num! er  ���.'   I e i    nts and I
Room 4, Guichon Block
Ovr Prices and the Temper-
aiure Are Both Away Down
4 cleared Lots in Sapperton for $500
3 Lots in Sapperton  " ��50
3 Lots on Princess St   " 850
Burnaby, 10 Lots  " 550
partly cleared   " 550
2 3-4 acres on car line  " 700
22 Lots, two cleared, new House... " 1400
Cali   and   inspect our  complete   list
at  attractive  prices.
EftcLEOD, ~MARK &  CO.
"The Farm Land Specialists," New Westminster
Transfer O
Office���T> o.
S3-_ 9____Kr  "'T1*""
Tr;;_*_E_? '.ji
I y i - -^
> Ml A N
��� *
"��� ���''���> and Contracting
Telepht no 302 \%
A Homo Apart That Should Be
Known as the -Oflii-e."
The most privately conducted home
crust communicate with Increasing fre
iUH'ljny uith tin" world outside. The
coal man. .'he ice man, the automobile
repair abop Mtpt be upbraided or cajoled. Reports nu'st ,,e reviewed, accounts  kept, bijif   tfjjmined  and   tbe
genders occasional* trW1'0'1 wit" :i
cueck. Prom a room refflcved from
lhe rest of the bouse one must .8pe��J*
,^-ith ihe railway station, settle �������
the expressman or deliberate with the.
chauffeur or coachman,  for none of
these things should disturb the tranquillity of the borne or the eipjunanaitt
of guests. If the house is to minister .
to nil the activities of a borne it is
"Kgh ii..,e turn space be devoted to this
mechanism of living.    For want of a '
xxxxj i/ami  _hj_��vo
JAN.   17
better term a room
devoted to S"
The Art of Getting Rich
THE TIME HAS COME for New Westminster fo0 forge ahead# As
the Province develops so will the City grow. 1^ js essentially a city of
manufacturing; sites, and the investment now of a. few dollars will repay
a hundredfold
Size up the situation, and buy now before the_ snow flies.
ters and solicitors, _
Columbia   street,   New   v .     " '"'
W. J. Wluteside, H. L. Ed,.
tor o! the supreme   ourt'offi
Canadian   Bank  of  Commerce biting,   Columbia  street,  oppo    ..   '
office. New  Westminster.    M
J0��y tu
barristers, solicitors, etc       r.
es:   New Westminster, Trapp n/k
rner   Clarkson   and   Lorm     ���...,'.
.li n
���  ���:,,.   e  mi
the hOlisfc
'] tl"* '"office" of
Here the telephone Btands
on a table that hears also the miscellaneous ureiMis and printed matter
that are always wanted in a house
when they cannot be found. Here are
cookbooks, gardening books, dictionaries, time tables, while a few eld
plates, a casl or twn bits ..f Dresden,
water colors and a few cherished photographs relieve an otherwise bum-
drum collection of necessities. Here
arriving parcels are placed und the
daily mail opened. Mysterious cupboards there aie and drawers with
locks lhat work.   Indoors and Out.
French and lOnstllKli WowetJ ����� The?
( ri��>   ii   MUclUS    Btrteet.
See a I'lirisieniie cross a muddy
street. She advances tiptoe to the
edge of the pavement, poises like a
bird ready for a flight, deftly raises
her dress mere than enough to show
her embroidered skirt, the dainty hose
and elegant bottines, mid without more
delay .-he trips across, toe and heel ;
barely touching and the mud refusing
to cling tu the fairy feet that hardly
leave an Impression on it. Landed on
the other side, she gives her tine feathers a little shake Into place and passes
on with shoes that look as if just put
on at that moment.
Watch an Englishwoman Immediately afterward. She reaches the curb-
stone, comes to a dead standstill and
stolidly contemplates the muddy road.
Finally she selects a route. Then,
very cautiously, she lifts her dress, -
making sure tliat the tops of her
shoes are under cover; then, slowly
advancing, she puts her right foot out.
Plump it goes, the water oozing over
tt, and then splash, splash, splash, until the other side is reached, when,
with soiled skirts and soaked shoes.
���she proceeds en her wet and .muddy
Noflbing could be more idMtractserlstlc
of their respective nationalities, and
nothing eoufcl be more *._msing than
thei- niutuii contempt Vor ."each other's ways. ��� Translated Frem tho
French Fee St. Louis Republic
13-roomed House, with
bath room, pantry, scullery, root house and wood
shed attached; electric
light; hot and cold water.
181 ft. front, 280 ft. deep
(more or less). All kinds of
fruit, 5 walnut trees, all
bearing small fruit. Price
for the whole $5,500;
terms half cash, bal. 7 per
cent. Price of house and
land going- with it, $4,000.
Telephonic communication
with house.
2 lots can be bought separately; 50 ft. front, 280
ft. deep, $750 each; good
bearing fruit trees; lane on
back from 3rd Ave. to 4th
One acre back of the
Orphanage. $800 cash.
For full particulars apply
at once.
re?H '45 per month. Will
���*/Mt% 1-500.    Terms
*'5 J'tjish, bal. easy.
Another   of   Our   Snaps.
320 acres near Cloverdale; one mile
from   school.    40  acres cropped   th'
M'ur. :iii acres slashed, easily clear
Best   prairie  land.    Frame     lion-
rooms, plastered; large bam. c1 jii.,Uih
house,    woodshed,    etc.,   etc
$6,400. terms easy.
i$ ie un Victoria, are you moving?
/ ivoeni cottage, water lavatory, back
'. .clieii; barn 20x25: sizi of lot. tux
I -in; fenced and cleared; only $1,200.
tEasj terms. Enquire at once tor ful-
li r particulars.
No.  12  Third  avenue
north .-id".    $300 easy
2 lots, corner .".th street and Bth
avenue; size of lot 100x100. Corner
lot. Cam be bough! al once for $450,
inside- lot $ itm.     (lood snap.
168 acres. Coqultlam, in acres dear
ed,  near lllnck's ranch, $2,000.
House aad lot. ::;: x 100, 1%-storey,
situated   near   queen's  avenue.  $1,150.
t It's up to you to stop paying  rent.
(Hie hundred and sixty acres N. W.
'.4 Sec. l."., Township 11, two miles
from  Fori   Langley,  I  acres Blashed,
corner   i. nirhsou   aim   _orni
Vancouver, rooms 21 to 24, ,
ville street.   Joseph Martin   I   .;
w. Weait. W. U. McQu u      \{''
Itourne.    Mr.  Martin  will   be' in th^
Westminster offices every Friday af
HOWAY,  RBID  & BOWES, Barrtg.
ters,   solicitors,   etc.,    IJ   i, n,
street,   opposite   Conn    ii .        \t��
We-'minster.    A   VVheallei
Full  si/ed   10
and 13th streel
No. 1 land. I'rie
third cash. Iialanc
. $10 per acre. One
on time, 7 pi r cent.
SO acres, half mile waterfront. G.N. |
R.  running    through.       $9,460, terms
easy.     Investigate.
Two  storey  house between  Fourth;
and Fifth avenue, seven rooms. Rents
for $15.     $1,700.
Six lots, 50x150, outside city limits |
$60  each   lot.     Fuller   particulars  on ,
Snap in Lots.
Three   lots, less   16  iff ^  TOrner ,tfj
Sixth street and Kiit ji  ravamie.    Dust
$1,000,  terms easy.
Vacant  lots for    ^  jn  ft]]  ,,,
the city, from $? im ,(lT3r000
SO acres, one
10 acres clea
i trees, price
' in three eqi
: interest.
17 lots,
Cliff   Can
full sized on 6th Btneet, In
Easl    side   Inn   yards   from
aits .or
nriile from Abhotsford,
/Wi(l, good  soil,  220  fruit
IH.,-400, half cash, balance
ai] payments at reasonable
factory.     Trice   $1,020.
House on Royal and Eighth street,
two storeys, seven rooms, full sized
lot, $2,000.
20 acre blocks, fruit lands, near
.function, $20 per acre
11-2 acres, between
and 6th avenue and
and 14th Sts.    $500
/e* improved  land, buildings
150 ac
and sh. ^. complete, nenr Cloverdale;
all ur ilir. cultivation, $15,000.    if you
can    lUrnflle this,  don't   delay;   it's  a
eVfm; terms can be arranged.
hundred and  sixty acres, NAY.
Vi     Sec.  25,   Township   16,   2'2   miles
from      Abhotsford,    creek      running
460 acres, Maple Ridge, Sections 28,1 through,  50 acres  alder bottom, said
_9 and 32, Township It, one-half prai-1 ���,   ,,e   $600 W(lrIh   (lf  timber  on  the
properly.    Price $10 per acre, ';. cash,
Westminster district,, it)
cultivation, 10  acr ��s or
acre   strawberries
I Furnished house to rent;
W rooms; close in; $25 per
Or, will sell the house
and 22 ft. on Columbia St.
for $2,600; $1,000 cash,
rial, in two years.
rie, rest brush and some small trees. j
Prices: Section '.',2, $45 per acre; Section 29, $60 per acre; Section 28. $53
per acre. Telephone at Hammond;
telegraph station, Pltl River Bridge.
Terms, half cash, balance one and two
years in 7 per c< nt.  Exclusive agency.
balance <m time
this year; alder bottom land;  Tunning
spring; house. 18 x 22;  fram a barm 'JO j	
x  o2:   l-l-jiost   frame liouse,  and   oo��v      1-60 acres good farm land in Delta,
.-tables., three in all, -stable S cows and i about 3% miles from river, near Scott
2 span horses;  near Mission Station; | road, $12 per acre; a real good buy.
! schools,    ch:i rch*s    ner.r    at    hand;'
Men'* Unit* and Wi hip n't. Tells.
"1 see here that a Woman writer
���wonders ',vhy a m03�� always looks in
;his bat toefore he jputs it on " said the
reflectlvK man a* ihe looked up from
his paper. "Her- is \vh:i: she says:
'When ii. man pOfc on bis bat he most
always links Inside it flist. What be
expeci- to see remains a mystery, but
he Iooiss fur it mil the same.' That's
easy, lie loots 11u bis bat to see if the
knot 'Bidding tin inside imnil together
will bo at the le.'i'.'k of bis bead when
he pats it on. Now. it she'll tell me
why .i womam always pulls down her
veil mid purses up hri month before
she steps on' of doins we'll call It
S(|H-ire."���Ne'u  York fiess.
steanwr lauds twioe a day; about. 100
acres limber, fir and cedar, never been
logged; $_,00i.i p.fused for standing
timber; cj.rriage liouse 1<> x 21; hen
house ma.de of 'hewed timber laid in
mortar, 12 x 30. A chance of a lifetime, $S.000, $.l,nuO cash, balance at fi
ri'T cent.
vi'i,.   WliinUerN.
li ber las* novel. "The Dream and
the Business,"1 Mrs. Cralgle, I regret tn
not>. used ihe expression "side whiskers ' The re'dundanl "side" is to be
found also in Meredith, Dickens, the
greater Richardson, Bronte, Cnlne,
Corelll, Sin;* and Shorter. As a matter
of fuel. ui;). ss otherwise staled, the
least Intelligent reader would take ii
for granted Unit the whiskers were
worn ell llli' side of tho face, as indeed
is   the   usual   practice.    The  terms  "lip
Whisker" (mustache) and "chin whisker" (bonrdctto) an Americanisms.���
Poll .Mall Gazette.
.',!.>!   Iii..    llin..
Tin- [lev. Walter Colton, author of
"Ship and Shon " nnd other books,
gave a most forcible iilustraii.ui of the
character of nu officer on board the
ship to which lie ivns attached as chap
lain. Tn.' "'li er was a'ways meddling
with oilier people's business and was
seldom in big i ���.< ti place. < onsequently
be "'us most unp ipulnr With tho sail
or--. One uf thi in. goaded to unusual
Irr lan.ui. s 'iii erne day, "I do believe
thai at ihe general resurrection the
llewtenanl will be found getting out of
somebody else's grave."
A choice property has
pst been placed in our
hands for rapid sale. Read
carefully, and invest; it's
a money maker.
50 Lots 45x120 in Sapperton, overlooking the
Fraser Piiver; between the
Hospital, Distillery and
Brunette Saw Mills, with
school in center; 17 double
corner lots, balance front
and well located; all easily
cleared; perfect river view.
Corner lots $125, inside
lots $100. Only 1-4 cash,
bal. 6, 12 and 18 months;
or terms can be arranged
to suit purchaser. INDEFEASIBLE TITLE.
160 acres, N.B. U section 19, township  10,   Langley;    small   house,   30
acres   cleared,    timber   valued   $750.
Price  $1,500,  one-third   cash,  balance;
at 7 per cent.
House and l1^ lots. "' rooms, price,
$1,375, half cash, balance to be arran?-|
ed at ti per cent.; Alice slreet.
.lames Inlet, three square miles, at
$6.00 per acre, half cash, balance easy.
Does It Pay?
160 acres, 10 ac cleared,
without a stump in them;
nearly all planted with
fruit trees, apples, pears,
plums, cherries. Small
nouse; barn and stable 30x
56: good well; half-mile
from school. Only $ 1 O
per ac. and terms easv at
Business Opportunity
Bakery and Confectionery business for sale. A
splendid opportunity for
good man. Shop, house
and stable rents for $25.
Lease, $700 cash for
all over the city for sale
from $50 to $3,000.
See us immediately. Tell
us where you want a lot
and we can supply.
House and lol on Mb si reet, l.oi 6Gx
1 -���. 6 ri ion s, woodshed chicki n hou -..
51.050.   Terms easy.
100 acres,
tion;   house,
good   r< pair;
.angley, 25 under culUva-
barn, sheds, etc. all in
a   snap   .it   $3,000,   had'
Lot Xo. 10, full size, on Aliji-s
street, all cleared and fenced, ready
for building: a real good speculation
I'm  $600.    Hall' lot   No.  7. $250.
160 acres on the Scot' mad, IT. aces
cleared; barn 50 x 30; stables, etc.;
splendid soil; only $30 per acre, $1,000
cash, balance easy.
l',.'; ween Fifth and Sixth avenu. b,
near S"vri.:h street, eight rooms, all
modern, stable and chicken bouse, full
Blzed loi, two storeys, $1,090 cash,
160 acres m Surrey, ."i acres clean- I,
fenced on niad side, $1,800, half cash.
balance en time ,il i; per cent , su .-
ject  ii. .-ale of limber.
07 acres, Hornby Ranch, N'lckomekl,
house cost $H,r.1111 when built, 20 acres
cleared. Price only $3,000, half cash,
balance easy.
SO acres of land near Sutherland's
mill, in Surrey; good house, 6 acres
cleared;  only $1,000, easy terms.
House and lot, 50 x 133, back of
brewery, facing Columbia St. Rents
for $24.00 per month. Price $1,200,
half cash, balance in six months.
You cannot possibly get a higher percentage for your money than 14 per
40 acres near Mud Hay, $7 per acre;
see us for fuller particulars.
s-roomed bouse, all modem improvements, tine location, corner of Fourth
street and Agnes, $5,000, one half
cash. A comfortable home and good
family residence.
Eight-roomed house . all modern
conveniences, on Carnarvon streetand
Sixth  slreet,  twn storeys, $3,750.
e,    full    sized
,   i
n    Ki
Sapperton;   r<
���   $10
Only $1,050.
Just Look!
80 acres in Matsqui .Municipality, 4-room house,
chicken house; one ac.
cleared; good well, purest
water. $1,000. Chance
of a lifetime.
_ In best residential portion of New Westminster,
east end; close to car; (!
large rooms and large reception hall; modern in every respect; 2 full lots 132
x 132, all in lawn, laid out
with shrubs and (lowers;
tennis court on one side.
Price $2,500. Terms $600
cash, bal. on mortgage.
Tin-  Scifj   Anmvi'r.
".lofcvmv," said ihe stern parent, "my
father used t.t whip me when I behaved st the table as badly as yoii are
"Well," rejoined the precocious
youngster. "I hope I'll never have to
make a confession like that lo my litlh-
boys."���Chicago News.
i:lied ur i: itrii Living.
Goodman Gonrong Wake up, pan!.
Wot ye gronnln' about? TufTold Knutt
(rubbing bis eyes)���Gosh, but I've hud
i. horrible dream!   I thought I'd got a
jol' ..'   work  an'   wuz doln'  the  maiil-
('���.irin' fur a octopus.���Chicago Tribune.
Three full-sized lots, cleared and
fenced, close to car; corner of Fourth
avenue and Third street; a good speculation; fiw minutes from poBl offloe;
$1,800; easy terms.
Seven-roomed liouse, Seventh slreet.
near Fifth avenue, two storeys, full
sized lot, $1,600.
00 acres good fruit land in Surrey;
can be bought now for $25 per acre,
only one-quarter cash needed, balance
In one or two years at 7 per cent.
Exclusive Sale
5 acres on 6th St., just
off city limits. $l,i00,
easy terms. Fine property for subdivision or
market gardening, chicken
ranch or small fruit farm.
II (111 SI
Large lol
1 ii 111 hia strei
al $10 each.
and lot. on  Af
seven rooms;
.ml   two cottages on Co
, Sapperton,   Both rente,:
Pari of lol 369, joins
about 70 acres, only
Half cash.    .lump.
Hake Comniur,
$25   per   acre.
Five collages and Iwo lots on First
streel, opposite Queen's park. Price
One and a hall' lots, Sapperton, just
off Columbia street and Brunette, only
$1,200.     Terms to   be arranged.
Full  si/.ei
132, Hot, 10.
lot. on Reglna street, 66x
Sub.   1  l/il  S. price $150.
A   Hi'sliirnlivi-.
Supplicant -I'm taint from lack of
food. Rich I,aily (generously)- How
dreadful!  Here, smell my vinaigrette.
Solicitor, Guichon  bio
tla and  McKenzie Streets, New West
minster, li. C.
Ten acres in Lot llil'., one mile east
of Westminster Junction, Al soil, easily cleared.   $30 per acre
Two storied house, 7 mm.in.-, bath,
sewer connections, all modern improvements, splendid local.'., $2,800.
Terms  arranged.
House, corner of Kit h avenue and
Sixth slreet, oue lot, two storeys, 8
rooms, $2,500, half ca^b.
Boarding house, 20 rooms, on Sixth
street, one block from post office,
rents at $'M per month, or for sale at
liouse, eight rooms, on S: George
stnvt, corner Fourth, $2,jC0; easy
160 acres in Surrey, near  Brown  &
Coulthard's ranch,  $7   per  acre;   gun I
I terms;    fruit   lands;    see   us  for   particulars.
House,    lu    rooms,   I 'i    lots,   near
Fourth   avenue   and   Seventh  street,
��� $2,coo.   Terms can be arranged.
135 acres, one mile from Hunting
don,  B.C., 70 acres  in  grass,  15 acres
! drained an I fenced; bouse and bam
co ��� $2,C ; good road along one side;
1 price $50 per acre,  half cash, balance
j to suit purchaser at 6 per cent Reason for selling, the owner's wife is in
[ bad health, and has to uo lo a cold
nes .-'reel, two      Double tenement house, r. rooms in
a real snap at I each bouse, water, light, full size lot,
, between    Firs!   and    Second    Btreet,
I Fourth  avenue, on   north   Hdo.    Price
$1,500,  half cash, balance in one year
I at tl por cent.
1C0 acres, all fenced, ready for cultivation, good wuler, half mile from
school, al   Chiiliwack, $75 per acre.
01 acres in Pill Meadows, only
$35 per acre. One third cash, balance
a I  G per cent.
8 and 10 acre blocks in Surrey, three
miles from the river, $10 per acre.
McQuarrie & Co., Real Estate Brokers
Agents for Employers' Liability, and Union Fire Assurancs Co. of London.
W. MYERS GRAY. Barristi
and  Notary Public, in pi
��� ���
is'..l at New WestmiatU
lb es removed to Curtis Bl<
son   street, opposite   O in
p.O  Hon 169.   Telephone 61
BOARD OF TRADE.���New Westmlt
ster Board of Trade meets jn g,,
Board Room. City Hall, as fellows
Second Wednesday of eai 1. r:;..:.-^
Quarterly meetings on the
Wednesday of February Maj
August and November, at ��� ��� j
Annual meetings on the :-������[,.
Wednesday of February. New
members rr.ay be proposed asc
elected at any monthly or quarterl]
meeting.   A. K. Whi'e, Sec.
���The regular meeting of ���;..>
Is held on the First Wednesday it
each month, at S o'clock p ::
the Masonic Temple. Boji in..:.-
tirelhreu are cordially Invite) to attend. Or. W. A. DeWolf Smith,
F. & A. M���Regular com::.:; I
tions of this lodge are held os lie
second Tuesday in each nr.n'L :
Masonic Temple, at 8 p. m. ViHS
lng brethren are ordlallv li -.
to atlend.    I). \V. (iilchrl3t. Si
R,    ii.    K.    ..;    I .   meets
Friday    of    . ach     month,
p.   in.,   in   Orange   hall,   corner
Royal  avi nut   and   Tth sti-ec
joumlng  Sir   Knights   cordially
vlted to attend.    W.  E.  Dunlop,
P.:  .1.  Hood. II- u
���Meets in Orange ball first and
third Friday in each month at S r
m. Visiting brethren are cordiall;
Invited to attend. \V. Pope, W. V
.lames Humphrey, Rec.-Sec.
O. O. F.���AMITY LODGE. No. 27-
The regular meetings of this lodgl
aie held in Oddfellows' hall, Colon,
hia street, every Monday evening,
at S o'clock. Visiting brethren coi
dlally Invited te attend, A. P. II..
dav, N.G ; W. C  Coatham, )it'v. 6ec
A. O. U. W.���FRASER LOCGE No. 1
��� Meetings the first and third Tues
day in each month. Visiting
brethren cordially invited to at*end.
Hodge room, A. o. O. W. hall, Oddfellows' block, Clarkson Btreet, C
S. Corrigan, recorder; Louis Witt,
master  workman.
115,  SONS   OF   ENGLAND.   B.  S-
Red Hose Degree meets Second and
Fourth Wednesdav of each month,
In K. of I'. Hall, Columbia St
8 p. tu.. White Roi eii.-..    '
Wednesday   in   each month,  iarai
time and  place,    Visiting  I'.:"
cordially    invited.      10.   P.   Stinrh-
comb.. Pi es., li. Disney, Secretary,
��� Meets the Fourth Friday in
month at 8 o'clock. In the small
hall. Oddfellows' block. Visiting
brethren aie cordially invited to attend. .1. B. Rushton, C. II.; F. >'���
Maxwell, R. s.
A. O. F.���The regular meetings <>'
this Hodge are held on the Second
and Fourth Tuesdays of each nuuitli
at 8 p. m. in ihe Oddfellows' Ha"'
Visiting Brethren are cordialy '"'
vited to attend. E. C Firth, C. R-i
F. P. Maxwell, Sec.
at S o'clock ii. m��� In Oddfellows'
Hall, Columbia street. Visiting
Brethren are cordially Invited to attend, Geo. Burr, S. O; N. R. Bro?T,
CAMP, 191.���Meets on the First and
Third Tuesday of every month '"
K. of p. Hall. John McNiveft
Chief; J. .1. Forrester, Rec. St c
i j.vi .."3j
'tjMti**rm*'m THURSDAY. JAN.  17.  1907
��.����..., I,
Rapid, Easy Grinders
Three sizes,���8,10 and
12-inch plates. Alsc
bagging attachments
for same.
A full line of Pulpers, Slicers,
Hay and Ensilage Cutters.
Bank of Montreal
incorporated   by   act   or   parliament
CAPITAL  (ALL paid up)    $14,000,001)
RESERVE FUND  $10,00��,O0O
Rt. Hon. Lord Strathcona ami   Mount   Royal,    G.   C.   M.
G.  Honorary President
Hon.   Sir   G.   A.   Drummond    President
E. S. Clouston Vice President   and   General  Manager.
General banking business transacted.
Branches in all tbe principal cities In Canada, in London, Fng., New
York, Chicago, and St. John's Nfld , and correspondents in all parts of the
The Royal Bank of Canada
Insures absolute security to depositor?.   START NOW to save your money
and you  will never  regrel   It.    People  do harder things every day an I have
nothing to show for it
ONE DOLLAR opens an account. Put it In your pocket, It would probably be nothing, but ONE DOLLAR deposited every week with us will in
ten years amount to $604.50.   THINK   THIS  OYER.
F. B. LYLE, Manager.
Canadian Bank of Commerce
ftud-up Capital, $10,000,000.      Reserve Fund, $5,000,000
B. E.   WALKER, General Manager.        ALEX. LAIRD, Ass:  Gen'l Manager.
Every   facility  afforded   Farmers  for   their  banking   business.     Sales   Notes
cashed   or taken   for collection.
BANKING   IIV   MAIL    Depo its   may be male or withdrawn oby mail.
Dut-of-town accounts  receive every a tention.
Selling Out $20,000 Stock 11
i-*..'. ��:
. .^���sKxrjcrcHErnKaEaiTsa
���;......,-:��� .���^Ki.n'J
Every article i pii :e of furniture in our establishment at
actual cost with, it ive. First come, firsl served. We
need the cash and you want the goods. ^This^is a chance
of a lifetime.
71i; ami 718 Columbia
Four Floors.     Rear Ext in ion, front Street,   fa
:���. *
>'>"�����'����������-��� .*�������� >.���'���'��'���'��:>:��.���.���..��� :���>��;����..���.>.��;'.���>
4*>4>**+4>4+4444f't *i~l-il->0 : ����� ;��� I �� <���*���������������>����������*��>�����������������������������������������
;| Electric Railway Service!
.'SO Minute Service riuring re J
matnder of day. transfer at ���
Leopold Place, f
Inter urb.ii
< i Cars    for  Vancou ��� -���.   ind    w ij
,, stations   u ill   : un   everj   li ill-
* hour from 5:50 a, tn. toll  p
<' ni. e-;i eptlng ai      lb and 8.30
o i.   in.     Half   ho          cars   will
run   from   Cei
|| Vancouver link
.. City   t_ii-.-ii13  Lie i
|| G 15 n in. to 11
") (VI. n 111 ������ ' ��� ��� i
Park     I '
��� from
��� > I an ���'
.I .   nd
Sunday   Service   half-hourlj   bo- ���
twi en 8 a.m. and  11 p.m. ���
Sapperton  Line. *
15  Minute  E'-rvice  from  6.23  a. *
il   p in., exi"     ; ";ween 4
1.2     ��� I  2.   iii 5 an I  7, during ��
Ice will be *
c .,   service   halt hourly .ie-  ���
and li  ii.ni. J,
Re Easterly 33 feel rf i^it :! i��*ri
Westerl) 11 feel of Let �� Block 6
New Weal minster Cit;
A Certificate of Indefeasible Title
to the above property will be issued
i.. William Campbell, Matttia Camp
bell and Elizabeth Campbeti on the
1st daj ..r February, 1907, unless In
the meantime a valid objection there
in be made to me in writing by a per
son or persons claiming an estate or
li erest therein, or in un> part thereof.
C.   S.   KEITH.
Districl Re jlstra   of Tittles.
Land Registry  office.
New Westminster, it c . December
24, 1906.
The person or persons luninu in
their custodj or possession the tol-
lowing Title Deeds relating to the Bald
property are requested to deliver the
same to the undersigned.
October 17, 18S9, Augustus Lund-
i < m to Donald McGlllh r ij. Conveyance Ij tee of pari Of 1/ois 3 and i
March 2. 1883, Peter Monetta to Augustus Lundbom, Conveyance of part
of Lot ::.
I'. \\ PER,   McLELLAN   ��   SAVAGE
337   Hastings  Street,   W.,   Vancouver,
it. C.
Notice la here i; given that thirtj
days aftei d ite l Intend to apply to
the lion liable, the chief Commissioner m I. in i - and Works, for a
special license lo cul and carry away
limber from the following described
No. l Commencing at a post planted on the Dominion Boundary Line.
on Sharpe's Creek, about half a mile
northeast of I'itt Lake, thence North
81 chains, thence WeBt 80 chains.
thence South BO chains, thence East
80 chain, to point ot commencement,
No, 2 Commencing al a post planted on the Dominion Boundary Line al
the commencement of Claim No. 1.
thence East Ho chains, thence North
80 chains, thence West 80 chains,
thence Smith 80 chains to point of
No. 3. Commencing al a post plant-!
te I 80 chains North of posl first described In Claims No. 1 and 2, thence!
North 80 chains, thence East SO
(bains thence South 80 chains, thence
West 80 chains I i polnl of commencement.
Slake |,   N >.    29,  1906.
John P. Thompson.
TAKE Nt hick that application has
���   a  made I i regl itei   John  VV.  Burr
qe the owner In fee Simple, mirier a
Tax Sab' Deed from The Corporation
of  the  City  of  New   Westminster, to
John W.  Burr, hearing the date 15th
day of June, A l>. 1905, of all and i In
thai    ei tain  i a reel or  I r id   of
laiiri ii ii. 1  premises    :   late, lying and
being in 'li'' I il strict   i   N'ew Westminster, in the Pi ot In      of Hi Itlsh < 'olum
more pai      ilat       nown and des-
I l i'ilie I   IIS   Lot 3   9   In    . '���   ��� ���  i  :!l-ive   of   lot
12,   Sub     mi    Bloi      : '.   New    Wesl
minster ��� lity
You .ie I e n'.i of j ou are rei|     ed
cunt"..; tho 11 aim of the tax pttrcha ��� i
wi; hin   forty-five  .1 ij ���   fi i u  I he dat e
.'I  the first pi    lea   ui   ol   li ������ uotl ���
it  ���   wise   I   shall   regisi hn   W,
then       a Vnd
i  that publli il Ion of this
:   ���' r oi     mo     .  ��� .       ���    ���.'. -
��� ��� ;    t New   We   minster
oil   .al      ifBcienl   service
tin re ;
DATED it Ihe Lan i Ri gl Ir;  Ol
''���.'.     " i    ,    i ���     .     Cl      l|     i I
Ish Colum    i, t tl if Decern
. ���    \ li. 1906.
C. S  KE1 I'll
Dlsl        ;' ;���
T ' Floi     V   Hn  imlll.
All pi ���   >ed with thi   not   e,
ind  i hose claiming through   n   indi
them,   a" !   ill    i    on    cl ilml   i
Intei est  In th :  I  : I        vlrtiu   oi
. :,\   unregl -��� iment,  nnd nil
m    i ' i  .. ii,.   Intere I   n    hi
said lan 1 by dc cenl ��hose title Is
not n- [is ��� ireel :. ler ; he proi I inns
o? the "Lan 1 Re dstrj Act," shall be
foret ���     esto tnd  debarred   from
setting up in; dm to er In res peel
o'' the said land so so|.| for taxes as
i rot Ided tor ' e Land Registry
City Electric Works
Oppoiitc Tram Office
Architectural   Comp��tition  for   C>��a>art
m*��iLjl   and   Justin-   Buildingv
Gompetitive drawings are invited tor
Departmental and Justice Building - "���
be awar&ed a premium at $8,000, iV
merit  at Ottawa   Out
The author ot the beat steBign wil |
be awarded a premium on $8,1  thi
second best. $4jJ00,  the    *%ini    best
$2,000 and Nfca fourth best ftl.000.
Drawings will be received aoi later
than April LiHi.. 1907, and .-we to be]
addressed to tii�� Secretary of the Department of Pubtts Works, Ottawa,
Thi�� oompotUdoo is open t�� Canadian Arohitacta who have been resident in Canada tot one yeai or move
Conditions of   competition   staling
requirements of bufldinga  and  maps
showing site, etc. may be hadt on application ' i the undersigned
lift ocdteit,
Department of Public Work -.
Ottawa, December ��2, 1908,
Newspapers Inserting this advertise-
menl  withoul   authority   from  thu   Tie
partment will not !>*- paid for it
Ha.rfova.y' s
''ep>rurlii   UK   bj   M       U  K.i>>��
Second Hand Store
Second Hand Goods of
all kinds bought and
sold for cash. All Mail
Orders promptly attend-
edflto. Kindly write or
call at
Sign Man on Wheel.
Columbia St. NVw Westminster.
Phone 275
It was (W-t.>jH>r when Tim came to
���Ctnol The family hail lwpn visitinj;
relatives lu th*> tt��-st. and he ha.l n%
joisad in tiie prolonged vacation u
seemed rather iiani to have to iro back
to school, ami it was with laggard Cm!
tlint hiv hesrie<l�� with Ole rest of the
soholars, toward the little frame build
lng when* the tender mind of district
No,  4 was trained.
"Ihe  new   teiiclier'i�� mjft,"   volunleei
ed  Tommy   English.    "The other day
BUI Hendricks brought ��� ixwn blower
and nIi.u the teaoher lu tbe buck, aud
all   she   Hui.i   vvaa,   'Please don't'     I
KUesN there's going to t"^ fun."
Tim smiled weakly it wuh encouraging t.> Know thai be coold practice
his devilments without tbe risk of a
thrashing The last teacher bad been
a man. ami Tim had hud good reason
to remember him, foe o< the younger
boys Tim was the ringleader, just as
Hendricks  was the lender of the older
boys    Thai Hill had eventually thrash
ed the teacher and forced him to re
hIEU  Just  before the end  of  the Bprlng
term was no great consolation to Tim
Tbe trustees bud put in a woman
teacher as an experiment, thinking that
perhaps feminine appeal mi^lit lie
mure potent than the hickory switch
Tim nil her expected a gamit old lady,
as a certain Miss Flint hud been, nnd
when be made bis appearance In the
schoolroom and presented himself be
fore i be teacher be was shocked to
find so young a woman.
Marlon Murthn was only nineteen,
and her fresh coloring and the liquid
brown eyes made m> deep uu Impres
ston on him that for the first ten days
he was .me of the model scholars, ami
Miss Muriha was beginning to congrat-
of the Season
We take this opportunity of expressing mir sincere thanks to our
many customers for their liberal patronage ilurinK Xmas week anil previously. Our business ibis year, 1906, lias
been a record breaker, especially during Xmas week.
Trusting  that   you   will   favor  us
with your patn nage in the future.
1 remain,
Yours truly,
THE JEWELER      Columbia St.
Hot Water
all prices
By Graduate Optician
Ol'.NTl.V   SHE    l-.Nl'hAIMIl   THAI'   s||R   FlAll
, ulate   herself   lhat   the   boy   against
whom everybody bad warned her was
! not so bad after all.
In vain bis fellows looked for some
outbreak, and dually Tommy English
twitted him mi bis susceptibility.
"lie wauts lo marry her when he
grows Up,"  be jeered.     "He'll  be bring
Im; her apples an' candy next. The
aln'l afraid; lie's jusi soft, that's all."
The gibe struck borne, for Tim bad
a big apple iu his desk that be was
thinking of giving Miss Murtha if he
did n 0 feel tempted to eat it himself
during the noon hour.
"I ain't  a akeered of her." be said
contempti sly.    "I   was jusi   waitln'
till I Id think Bomi thin' up."
"Vuli." jeered Tommy. "I didn't say
you '������ - i n skeered. I said you was
Btui '   on I he teacher."
The   iron    oolered   Tim's   soul.   and.
with n dark "You wait and see." be
raced oft to the well.
lie came Btamplng In when the bell
rang and went lo Irs desk with n swagger that n 11 (julte 111 e his old time
i>. 'i 'ie,'. The desk nexl blm was empty, iiini wiih infinite cue he twisted
two bits of spite pencil Into n rubber
band ami dropped them Into the other
desk. Tho unwinding bind rnttled the
pencils around In the empty box with
a crash that stopped the 1' mrth Reader
clnss nnd directed the eyes of the
Wil .1" Bi h i ii on him T in tried to look
uni oncerned, bui he could not refrain
from casting n  glance of tr umph at
tVn.K t.> M* de��k and sat there swlngi
tag his feel idly He wss determine^
tbnl he w.sild nol study and w��.irier.��dl
tagUelj    U'   tbe   lea. her   would   try   t<*
thrash iiim f.M- bis disobedience
Presently tbe others were gone, ind
Miss Murtha nonX lmck t i bei de-It.
Aii'sber scboisv had iiern kept In lo rewrite the spelling lesson and v 4
Murtha waited quietly mini tbe i .-it,
was done \i lust tiny m>>> were alo aJ
and si.w called ko blm. Not once bad.1
she noticed him before; and Tim went'
forward wondering!] .
"They told me thai you were �� b l
boy,"  she- said,    bui   1  did   not tbinlc
that you  STOUld BI t st, toward a  woman."
"What's the difference?" be deniand-
SiX.     "YOU   net   paid   to  tench   ii*   don't
feu. just ilk* a manV
Gently she explained thai she ua.t
���eon hired to teach th�� school, but that
��Ii�� could not remain if she could] not
handle the pupils If lie and some of
the other boy* persWt.il in being .iiv
obedlent, she would have t�� uiv�� up
(be school and thev wrould navi .1-
prived her of a chance tovearn a living.
When sh<> had Unlabel. Tim looked ii ��,
"Say." be said penitently. 1 II lei
you llek me ill you want tO I won't,
light back."
"I don't want (.��� whip \ m. ' ihe siiUI
us she stooped and kissed him I want:
you to be a good boj, that's all "
Tommy English was waiting for him
as the subdued Tim went oul "Did
she lick yon?" he demanded eaueiljr
' 1 didn't bear you holler "
With a bowl Tim sprang al him and
thrashed him as a rebel for his over
wrouuiit feelings,
' Vu' I'll do it again if you say am-
thine about Miss Murtha," he promised
as he released bis victim, "an' I'll lick
any of you fellers what makes trouble
for her."
It took  bui a  week tO make that fact,
apparent, and those who bad taken nil
vantage of the fad thai Miss Murtha
did not believe in physical punishment
learned to behave.
Then came Hen Hanway upon tbe
scene, and il Boon became apparent
that Marion had fallen m love The
proposition was almost too much for
Tim to grasp, bui in a vague way he
realized that the teacher eared a great
deal for Ben. He was not jealous,
though he resented the lost walks home
with Miss Murtha. because now Hen
railed for her with his Imccy. snip Tim
was left behind.
Bui the course of true love never did
run smooth, and one afternoon Tim
came back to the schoolroom to find
Miss Murtha, with her bend bowed ou
her arms, ber slight form shaken by
sobs. Softly he stole out of the. room
and made for the village,
Ken would probably be in the office
of the lumber yard, and thither be bent
bis steps. Hanway was working at
his desk when the door burst-open and
Tim was upon him like a young catamount, pummeliug and kicking Indiscriminately. The attack was so sudden that It was several minutes before
Hanway could grasp the youngster.
Tears of rage stood In Tim's eyes as
he struggled to gel free
"You let me alo'!"!" be shouted. "I've
got to lick you. I said I was goin' to
lick any feller thai made Miss Murthn
cry. an' I licked 'em nil except Billy
lU'tidrlcks, an' I threw stones al him."
"I didn't make her cry," laughed
Hanway. though bis face went very
white.    "Wbat makes you think so?"
"You used to drive her home." cried
Tim. "an' now you don't come any
more, an' I went Into Hie Bchoolroom
this afternoon, nn' she v, is cryln', with
her bead on the desk, nn' I know It
was your fault, nn' I want toltckyou."
Hallway's face glowed witli pleasure.
There bad been a small ipiarrel. but BO
BUCCessfUlly bud she hidden ber feelings that be did not think she cared.
"I'll bitch up and go right over to
tell her I'm sorry." he BI Id. "Will that
"If she Bays yes," agreed Tim. Hanway Weill   OUt.
That evening Tim was at the Presbyterian social when Miss Murtlia and
Hanway came lb. Miss Murtha bent
over und kissed  him.
"My little champion," she whispered.
"You have made me so happy."
"Then I won't lick Ren again," promised tbe pleased Tim. "1 thou ;ht you'd
want me to."
Manufacturer  of
i Bi Itish i <.:uBTibia Electric Ry. Co.,Ltd %
h ������<   J  U ����� A
tOt l�� *���������   .  - I   . ���,�� ��..',-,, ,-, i $ !->*��* t��uii *��
For electric si ;ns, dynamos, motors,
fans, 'phone xttires, shades, bells, batteries, wii I i ibles of all kinds
and size se wiring. Motor Inst tiling ;��� All kinds of repairs prom' '' ��� at ten led to,
J. E        BY, Proprietor
MjNE 304.
ineral Waters, Etc,
Aerated Waters,
Family Trade a Specialty.
Tel. 113, Office.  Big ith 8tre��
NEW   WE8TMIN8TFP    9.   C
Tommy Kngllsh, nnd therein lay hi<
undoing, for the teacher's eyes were
juick nncl her Int iiltion keen.
"Tim," she said sharply. "You will
Stay in after school I might."
"I  ain't  done not Iii m'." he declared
"I did pot say that you had." she said
quietly.   "I said thai  I wished yon to
remain after school this evening.''
"Aw," cried Tim, "thai ain't fair!"
She -,aid nothing, but weni on quietly
with the class work. Tim bad expected
hor to answer, that be ml thi talk buck
again. He could not und irstand this
quiet ignoring of the matter and sat
silent ami uncertain,
During the noon ber Tommy English sought to porsun 'e him Into defying the teacher, but ".hen t o'clock
came nnd he made a; th nigh to go out
with the others n Qrm band was laid
upin his s'.ioui'er. ami Miss Mnrtha's
quiet voice reminded him that he was
to stay In.
To siay after school meant to spend
a certain time in study.  Tim scuffled
The Stnr mill  Her  Pttbllc.
or course materially the star is extremely well oiT. she can, if she hi i
any business instinct whatever, ens ly
become *rlch woman. She earns, we
will say. $500 a week ami a percentage
of the box office receipts. Al thai rate
she need not be miserly to accumulate
a tidy fortune In the course of n few
successful    years.      A     I'"        BUCCeSSfUl
years!   Ali, there's the rub!   The pule'''
Is dear. kind, sympathetic, flattering
and fickle,  its regard is Imme Hate and
perhaps ephemeral It adores you this
year, flocks to see you. bursts Its gloves
applauding you. warms lb" cockles of
your heart with its ready smiles. Its
ready sighs, tosses you flowers, semis
you notes, makes you walk upon air
With gladness. And next year it doesn't
cure for your play or there is some o ie
now. some one bewitching enthralling,
Your personal popularity ins evaporated. And you see yourself going tho
Inevitable way   the way thai greater
actresses ami greater faV U'iles than
yon have gone before you. to their neglected, half c intemptuously pitied old
age to ihe drummed up benefits and
the condescendingly bestowed charily.
���Ethel Barrymore In Harper's Bazar.
Kind Lady -My poor man, will you
never ke n away from booze?
rinm.iiy Robinson- Well, mum, dera
lo one boose I keep awiy from.
Kind Lady���And what boose is that?
Rumi iy Robinson��� Why, de caboose.
nat's where de brakeuien ride.���Chka-
17- 1907.
Special Blend at Special Price
Clearing  out  for   stocktaking
per lb.
Public Supply Stores
Mattel imemitrd for this column shouM Ik- addressed, Social Editor. Daily Sews, P. O.
Box 4<rJ. New Westminster
���Pbone   105.
'Phone   i05.
New Wellington Coal
Mayers & Preston
J. W. Creighton
P. O. Box   3<*5
'Phone   105.
"Phone   105.
several blocks in the _ city and adjacent to it that
are worth your attention.
Eleven acres, cleared,  facing on 8th  Ave.
Price $5000,1-2 cash, bal. in one year.
Another 11-acre block, lying north of Queen's
Park, on 6th Ave  $2500
Four acres on 8th Ave only $2000
3 1-2 acres on First St., adjoining the city.
$1100. About $600 cash, bal. easy.
Columbia Street, next Bank of Commerce
Mr Worsfield returned yesterday
from Cariboo. He reports verv cold
weather in that district.
Mrs. Cotton  i^sve  a delightful little
dance   on   Tuesday  evening.    Among
those present were Mrs.    Yeungling,
Miss Fletcher. Miss Lowe, MissPreese,
Miss Alma Corhould. Miss Claire Cor-
bould, Miss Alma Leamy. Miss Keary, i
Miss Martin. Miss Dougherty, Messrs. j
Martin.  Stewart. Sutherland, O'Brien,
McColl,  Hoy   English.  Haynes, Mills, '
Cotton,  Russell. G.  It.  Corbould and
YVt'lland   Gordon.
Large numbers of people have been
enjoying the skating on 'he North
Arm during the last few days. The
ice is six or seven inches thick and
as.  smooth  as glass.
Countess Olga von Hatxfeld who
conies here on Tuesday in "The Little Duchess" is. if report be true, a
not unworthy successor to Anna Held
who starred in the same play. At any
rate she was very good in "The Burgomaster," "The Storks" nnd other
musical comedy product ions of the
same  classs.
The meeting of the Halcyon Wilis:
club, which was to have taken place
at Mrs. Thornber's residence on Monday evening, has been postponed until
Tuesday evening, on acoeunt of thfi
illness  of  some  of  the members.
Dave Grossman returned from Port
Haney yesterday afternoon.
Miss T. Turnbull is confined to hei
room through ill health.
Chief Constable Spain is among the
number who are at home suffering
from la grippe.
Judge Hole was able to attend court
again yesierday and conducted a short
chamber session. Only one application awaited his consideration.
Miss Grace Stebbins, of Drayton.
Ohio, is the guest of Mrs. Frank Lawrence  of Tenth street.
All the Leading Lines, put
up in suitable packages for
The   Holidays
A.   VV.  McLeod, local  representative   ������/$// Q���J COMB CASES
of  the  Vancouver   Province,  who  has
just   recovered   from a  severe attack   TDA \/FI IrWG  SETS
of   la    grippe,   leaves   for   California. '
Saturday, and intends to be absent for j fytrr r-y  CFTC     Ft t
about  a   mouth.     Congratulations will    ' UILLI   <5��. i 3,    CtC,   eiC.
be in order with the "an revoir," as �� ��� ���       .
Mr.   McLeod  will   bring a  bride  with ; A ������d '"PP�� at
him on his return.     He Is assured in |	
vance of the heartiest good wishes    'i '   j\     l\fllfjf *���/& ^"Vj'c
Ellard Block, - A'etu Westminster
o! the  newspaper  fraternity
at this "advt." UNLESS vou want to buv the
Two lots, lovely garden, magnificent situation.
Price $2,050
Terms 1-3 cash, balance any old time.
This will be worth $3,000 in April.
Presbyterian Church Flourishes.
During lln* past year. $425, balance
of a deb; which had been contract'-.I
sum,- y< ars ago by the West Presbyterian church, has been paid off. At the
annual meeting held last evening, the
financial affairs of the church were
found to be in a flourishing condition,
and all the reports of the affiliated
societies which were brought in were
likewise promising. Ii was decided
to increase the pastor's salary i i
$1,200 a year, in recognition of the
good work tha' has been done by Dr.
Taylor. A matter of considerable Importance that will have to be iliscus-
Bed before long is the reseating of the
charch. The Ladies' Aid society will
take an active interest in this matter,
and will devise ways and means of
contributing towards this necessary
Clearance  Sale
The low prices prevailing on Women's and Children's Clothii g
in our Ready-to-Wear Department have made that department thi
center of attraction daring the opening day of our Clearance Sale.
Here is another attractive list of prices on goods placed on I
bargain table for this week end.       You will find every article worl
Inlying now, even if not needed at once.
Misses' Cloth   Skirts   for   $1.50
10 only, Girls'Skirts made o f Bervicable Cloths of Park Bhadi
regular prices $2.00 to $3.25  SALE PRICE each    $1.50
*15   Capes   for   *3.95
To any Woman who lesires a warm wrap for any  weathei r
Ing, we recommend these Capes.   The;,  are not exact!)  ne��
thev are of the best cloths for wear that can be produced  S
are   Golf   Capes, others  are  Velvi     < apes   and   Sealette   Cape
regular prices $10.00 to$15.00 SALE PRICE each   $3.9r.
Ladies' Golf   Blouses   for   $1.95   each
A fine garment for this cold -nap. in  fact    fi      anj   kind
weather.    The;, come in all colors; Bom* an  open In front, othi
are closed;  regular values $2.50 to $3.00    SALE PRICE each $1.95
20 only, Ladles' Fancy Goll Blouses; regular price $i.im.
SALE PRICE, each     $2.7!
2 dozen Ladies' and Misses Sweaters,  Red,   Navj   and  Whiti
Laced  front;   regular   $2.00 SALE PRICE, each   $1.50
". dozen Boys' and Girls'  Sweaters;  regulai   ;   Ices 65c to 7!
SALE PRICE, each   5Cc
Three lines of Ladies' Blouses al  50c, $1.00 and $1.95.
2 doz. only. Ladies' Flannelette Minus
es;  regular price 65c
S \LK  PRICE, each        50c
2 doz. only, La lies   F     bi ��� tte Blouses ; regulai  pric<   {'. '���- ������ - $2.00.
SALE PRICE ���      . $1.00
2 doz, onlj. La Iii -   Lust r<   C shn e ��� ,
Flannelel te   Blousi -.   i egulai
$2.50 to $5 00.
SALK  PRICK, each   .   ^H.  $1.95
Ladies' Black   Underskirts   95c each
Ladies'   Double   Drilled  Black    Bateen    Underskirts;    reguU
price $1.50.     SALE PRICE      95c
Ladies' Black and Colore.4! Mmeen Underskirts; Double trills;
regular price $3.00 to $3.50  SALK  PRICE, each    $2.25
Ladies'Black Moreen Skirts, with  patent    Band;    something
new and convenient;   i igular price $3.75. SALE PRICE, each $2.75
W. N. Draper
B. C. Land
Ellard Block.   New Westminster, B.C.
W.SXollister & Co
��� �����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������
Malins, Coulthard & Co.,
Real Estate, Financial and Insurance Agents,
Typhoon Works Havoc. ���
Manila,  Jan.   16.���The     islands     of   ���
Leyte and Samar were swept by t ty-   4
Columbia St.,
New Westminster B. C.
proon  on  January   1".     one hundred *
lives   were   lost   ill    l.e> te. 9
The barracks and officers' quarters 4
on the easi coasl of Samar were des- J
uoyod.     Xo estimate of the damage T
I ihe Best is the Cheapest"
,���. The 0     rule works   10th   ,vays  if   you  get   your  dental   work
������<     done by the "Ecston Dentists." Our opera:!.:- ire all graduate spe-
lam age to shipping is reported.
The storm  was the worst for years
V.   Communication with Leyte and Samar   ���
d   hr ��� '  --��������� '      '     *
olalisti  ol  . 1 nj  years' expe
We emplo> no others.   Their
work, acci mplished with the id of the "Boston Dentists'" patented painless methods, is the best known to the profession, Our
gold and porci lain crown an '. brl Ige work cannot be equalled any-
fa.      where at . nj    rice.    Let  us give you an estimate.
ias been cul off for six daj s and 1
fa. meagre particulars of the storm w
fa,   received today.
!���!  fi: 1 j
Sergeant Kitty.
The Butte "Press" of September -lib J
^^^^^ Sergeant Kitty' in the person <���
;��! of Helen Byron, sang, danced and froi- 4
fa Icked inin the favour of a numerous 1
>!   audience ai   ibe Grand.
We Guarantee ail Our Work for 10 Years With a
Protective Guarantee
Read Our Prices���They Never Change
J<     Full set ol tei th.
Cold Crowns   . .
.$5 and up
Bridge Work, per tooth ��� $5-C0
Gold   Fillings ���
Silver Fillings..
Extracting..   ..
.$1   and   up
407 Hastings St., Vancouver, B. C.
jj       Hours 9 a.m. to 8 p.in.    DR. A. R. BA KER, Consulting Dentist.
Miss Byron ���
a sprightl> comedienne of attrac-
fa live personally and unquestioned ia-
f>. lent. 'Sergeant Kitty' is a capital
y musical coined), lt is a lively comic
>*< opera with plenty of pleasing songs,
Vj! catchy music and laugh-provoking hu-
y mour. The chorus is large, comely
fa. an effective. The scenic equipment
!���! and costuming were uncommonly
y   handsome.
Reviser)  List.
Of bookings at the Opera House in
To-night, Sergeanl  Kitty.
22nd, Little Duchess.
24th, Cupid  in   Posterland.
25th,  Cupid in   Posterland, ���
28th,   Pollard  Opera  Company, *
20th, Pollard Opera Company. J
F. J. HART & CO. Ltd
Reference:   BANK  OE MONTREAL
New Westminster, Vancouver, and Chiiliwack, B. C.
��� ��� ���   invite a careful perusal of the following and  respectfullj   solicit   your business
Call for particulars.
Wo u rite Fire, Life, Acci len . Plate
Glass and Marine ins ii am - In reli-
a ie companies.
About    ' ; R  AGENCY.   DEPARTMENT, We
i oilec:  rents and Inti rest,  . ml man-
pro] ert les   and  estates   foi nonresidents
We transact a genen ! i ea! ��� state
business covering the whole of the
Lower Mainland of British Columbia.
loan money on improved property at
from six io eight per cent., according to size and term of loan. We
. andle nothing but conservative securities.
About 0UR CONVEYANCING DEPARTMENT. Deeds, Mortgages, Agreements of Sale. Lease.-, Partnership
Agreements,   General   Conveyancing,
and all mallei's requiring the services
i I a Notary Public promptly attended
Aetna Insurance Co., ol   I!
Atlas Assurani ���   Co., Ltd., Lon    a
Western   \     ira  <   ��� . I   ;
London  Assurance  Cori ni ition
Manitoba   Fire  Insuram ���   Co
Pai Iflc Coasl Fire In ��� irance C .
Sun Life Assuram e Co. of Cana li
Unite I States Fldelitj & Guarant    <
Ontario Accidenl insurance Co.
Lloyd's  Plate Class  Insurance Co
Travelers'  Insurance  Co.
B.C. Permanent Loan & Savings Co.
Dominion Permanent  Loan Co.
Colonial   investment   and.   Loan   Ci .
Pacific Coast Steamship Co.
Westminster Trust & Safe De ositCo.
Secretarial office of:
Westminster Masonic Temple Co, L' '
Western Steamboal Co., Ltd
S, P. c. in Foreign Pans.
F. J. HART  &   CO., Limited
  , -' 4
������������������������������������<���������*�� ����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� *


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