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The Daily News Oct 12, 1908

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"".*���  >
i'MHE"    '
NEW   WE B   C,   MOM'AY  MOKNIM. B   R    :, 1908
vr *M�� Shiles & Co
Ru:        STATE
260 Columbia St. Phone 85
OFflClALLY VIEWED  ��� ���
f Powerful Fruhling Dredge Purchased by Liberal Government    How it
^Verforms   Its   Work-Remarkable Results cn Kiel Canal Works-
Applicability to Ambrose Channel Undertaking--
Practical Views of Experts.
City Council and    Citizens!
Spent Saturday in Inspect-Liberal Candidate Cheered by Fishermen of  Lulu  Island
ingSourceof Water Supply Town -Work on Fraser River Improvements Are
  Fully   Appreciated There-Tory  Times   and
Liberal Regime Contrasted.
L  Fnmling        '   ' ol    dredglng'
\ operation upon
erful new dredge
w ,,���. Dominion    govern-
101,3   ,  -    l"    tne
���rraser    river
��� -   ���  '"MH.na.it
Robert   Jardine,   the Liberal candi-
date. received  a  hearty ovation  at o
vativ-s   when   in   power,   Mr.   Jardine
turned to the principal  local  Isbui -
Hi-   was  not   there,   he said,  10   make
,���,������,.  an enormous  and    quite    un*.easily be ?��� �� great may b��   th.
necessary volume of water, which ih economiei effe, i a dredging ->>
again discharged through an overfli ��������� n  which cuts out     hi.   cause    ol
wi,*,.   consequent    Berious   losses     ��� enormous loss
efficlenc.  and economy. >-"��������� "- "      " Owe are materia
,.   has remained for Herr  Fruhlin*   to be dredged such a. mud and hue
^^ '        sand, which cannot   be deal: with at
., ;     ���,,.     ,,.,   ,. ..       .   rind     .'.iction
dredger, since anj overflow from such
n*.' -I-*,      ll   ���*���*��� Ji"l. t��Vl    V, a.*.*- .-.���        ., --
lai gi  gathering of fishermen, cannery- ^ ^.^ _(..01ni,.0.  about wlval he would
his dredgers to close the mouth ol
,,..��� ;illl0;!n thel the suction pipe by a great bucket or
'    .     ,.   ;    virtually  a  ���i=, igh w.n.-h lutes into the surfac.
L,ea- .... - ��� City hall shortly after
, igbi o'clock S turday morning, In
-.ig,s prm .; ,v the corporation, all
the in- m ���  _  ol  the City council and
|  numb'| "1   inteiv.ted  citizens siarl-	
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ do  and   what  lie   would   not  do;   but
post of Inspecting the dam and PlP�� jsteveston, on Saturday night. Thomas they knew him pretty well ami he felt
^^ 'sure they would  trust  him to devote
ei; preside i. _
fhp his best efforts to then- interests,  rne
-������ Hardman, having referred to   ��� ^^ ^ lmprovement, upon which
candidate as one peculiarly well qua'- |h< . h.i( .ll].(i.1(|y startedj waB an lm*
lifted  io  represent   them  at   Westmin- ,...r.in.   work|  as.  they all   knew,    it
ster, which observation  was  hearuiy had been
line, this beta* an annual duty always]
, erfo    ��� I
the   Citj
Tlu  , I  :i-is'.ei I  y..--. "���   K''a:*y    	
Aid.   Gray,   I   dine,   Faaer,   Johnston, ...hit-h observation  was  hearuiy had been  undertaken  by  the govern*
Garretl   Henli    and Shiles, City Clerk ^      ( ( the work D0W be- ment, as he had told the w.-stminster
\v. A. Duncan, .1. A. Cunningham and '   ^ deepening of the board of trade ii  would  be.  if thej
\    e   Whil      pres dent  and  secretary   ���''-   '"  n,"[ ��"*  ' *''  ( ,)n!v ,,,,-  jt before Sir Wilfrid and his
0j ^ ird ol trade; Reeve Booth, Fraser channel and the general im-1^^ ... a bua,ness proposition,
Hn(j (-, ..... Cameron .md Fox, of provement of the river, and urgsd that Already the government had devoted
Coquitlam;   I.   R,   Glover   and   IX  J- j thjS Was of the greatest Importance to j $400,000   to   this  great    undertaking,
,11 i,��� and down-river points, partlcu-   $300,000 of which was for a powerful
���  steveston   would  it   n,i,.,i  a new dredge which was coming across
I   .U  -      _-,...a_a     ...     ,l__a    Vl'llSPI'    tti
ent of tin- river, and urged that
this was of Hi-, gri atest importance 'o
McQuarrie, representing the B. C. K.I
H. con, any;   and  D.  S.  Curtis, John j
Reid, R.   I.  Hickman,  1..  A.  Lewis,  F.'
Pt PC--1
tt.   cum ui.i- .    uuu   j*-*-.   *��.
Reid. H    I   Rickman,  1.   A. Lewis, F.  lar*     '"  Steveston   would  it   mean  niu-  -"-i����  	
Sband, Wate   Superintendent William good   l< "������   No better man.could they I the ocean to the Fraser as fast as hei
,    v     ,��� ! ,. .   . ,.. _ ,,       own   Bteam   could   bring   her.     They
Stott, and   ;��� ir ntatives   ol   the  lo- find  than  their candidate to see that
1 were  going  to .accomplish things  on
T^Ttourtee    mile    of road  to Co- H"   """"  "**   Pr��Perly  Can'ied ��Ut'  tWs river and have a fine navigable
e   om ten mies  11Loud applause.)   Robert Jardine nev- channel of thirty feet deep right away
er went out for anything but he got j from Westminster to the      '-'   '" ���
I  l_l_a��.. I        Tr,    QtAVPRtOn
Irchawl by th*
Dominion  government at a cost of $300,000, now on her  way
Fraser river channel improvement works.
New   Westminster   for   the
lW������i  .,  the   besr   feaiures of  materia,  dredged  and  not only com -j a  dredge r  wU.  ine vita biy carry^ith
Lit-, tor grab) and the auction pels this material to come unde   the Ktt^e mud a ^
L,   obtaining   the   hard-biting action of the snctuin, gJ^J^-J, \%����*. ,ame in the hoppers.
Ultlve results of the bucket aclates all unnecessarj   water ^ Fmmng ,yst(.m was specially
i and th.- economy add continuity pump. - ������-���-��� --
iiuitlam lake were covered in about
three hours, the party arriving at its
destination in time to indulge in a
little recreation before partaking of a
lunch, provided under instruct-
tions from Mr. Glover, the meal being
���served in the Vancouver Power company's dining hall.
After lunch, the official inspection of
the dam and intake pipe of the city's
water supply was carried out. everything being found satisfactory, Special Interesl was added to this year's
visit of the council, in view of the
suggestion advanced by the Vancouver Po-v--: company that it be allow-
C..1 to raise ihe dam at presenl in existence to a height ol seventy-fiv.
teet, sixty teet higher than the structure at present restraining the flow
of   water  down  the Coquitlam.    Tho
It. i Loud applause and cries of "Bob's
the man.") Speaking upon the urgency and importance of the Asiatic quts-
tion, the speaker pointed out that it
the   yellow   people    were  allowed   to
  ;ul;'.  tHear.
Hear.) To Steveston, as to many another place located on the banks of
their great river, this work would be
of incalculable advantage.
Touching upon the question of the
the yellow people were allowed toj .��a.v���0 .., ..
come in as they chose then Canada j fishermen's persecution by the Provin-
would very soon be up against a se-'cial governmenl. which he condemn-
rious problem. Sir Wilfrid Laurier ed, Mr. Jardine assured them thai ihi.
had already done something to n-me- was, one of the things he. had at heart
dy the evil and might be trusted to do and so soon as they gave him the
more, and in this direction the sei- power he would set to work to try
vices of Mr. Jardine would he most and get this serious grievance remov
valuable.   They could not expect any l ed.   ln conclusion he said that to the
11������*,������,  interests   of   his   constitu-
sympathy or help from tlie Conservative party, the attitude of utter indifference to the question which the party leader, Mr. Borden, displayed was
evidence of this. The pretended interest   in  the  Asiatic question which
-           ,heCTTuai   of   h^ Conservative candidate for Wes
���" - - ��� ��� argument advanced by .he officials o     ^ ���,,.,  t0 be  re
,   T.he Quantity of this -superfluous I developed to deal with such light ma-  ^ (,on.->anv ��� lhai th*  desire the j mins-tei _  ^^ _
��suction system. As th.   quantity a.^harged bvurials    which   have   hitherto  baffled
b, efforts have  been  made    In water pumped u.,  and ������������  |n (lf dredging engineers,
rears to Improve the efficiency if I the ordinary   suction    dreoge       ��    e| ^  w
ordinary  suction   dredger   which,  sems from 75 to 96 per cen (Continued on Page Two.)
It, open  mouthed   suction   nine'whole work done by the pump, ttwuil
and owner of a. small shack near the
Twelfth street car line.
Two other girls for whom summonses were issued had left the city be-
squarely between the uprights for the
winning count.
Then followed  some    hot  work by
both  sides,  Lumsden  playing a great
k.i,    .ill   he   ar-1 garded with caution.   Mr. Taylor was
additional   water   which   will  b '���        [ Bincer6 nOT consistent In his
j.ested in i-s flow tor power ''<'J*e ; r .U1(K. ��� he were he would not deal
,nd also as a reserve in case of acci i ^ ^^ ^^vs for commodi-
dents or long  dry seasons as well obtain
The enormous  increase  in  the  vol-! ties"1'" .      _..,���f    onn
ume    of    water    in   Coquitlam  lake
important interests of his constituency and to aiding in the building up
and development of their great Dominion he intended to devote his energies if he were returned ou the 26th.
(Loud cheers, and cries of 'You will
be, sure.")
A. Malins said he believed they had
in Mr. Jardine one who would make
a good clean flght and a man of whom
they could all be proud. 1 Cheers.)
He was a man who always did what
he said he would. I Applause and cries
8es Were issued had le    tne c j j y~~ . y ^.^ ^ ^
I fore the police were, able to serve B ^  ^^   ^ ������,
^^K  j papers.
City Solicitor McQuarrie will prose
dice Serve Blue Papers on cute on behalf of the city, while u��
Inmates of Alleged Houses! -Jj- ^JJ^ ��. ^ ^
of 111 Fame. '
from the coiner to directly in front
of the nei. Here McKenzie did some
ne,it work tor 'he visitors, and the
hall   advanced   toward   Westminsters
Realizing that they had only a few
I minutes  in  which   to  tie   the    score,
Coquitlam played desperately and sev
broughl about by the building of a
seventy-five foot dam is almost beyond ('imputation, as the lake is ten
miles long by from one-half to three-
quarters of .1 mile in width. About
two miles from the city's intake pipe
is a tunnel connecting Lake Coquitlam with Lake Buntzen, and it is by
the additional  water flowing through
ties thai he could quiie as wen ootaiu  m_ _>���__.._. ... 	
from white men at the market, and of "We know that" and "He always
elsewhere, as other people did. After has done.") __s to Sir Wilfrid Laurier
touching upon the better Terms ques- and his government, they were proud
tion,  Mr.  Hardman said he  felt sure of  ihem  and they wanted  to  return
.��� .i, ...   ,v,a,m ,n continue their wise adminis-
liou,     ... ��� .  __
thai if all of them did iheir duty they
would be able to return Robert Jardine to parliament by a sweeping majority. (Cheers and 'We'll put him
.11        ,,,-,..       a-aav.       ---
them to continue their wise administration for many years to come. (Applause.)
W.  W,  de  B.  Farris reviewed the
chief political Issues ln the course of
Jged with  being either  keeper
Inn-iir.-.. ... 'muses of ill-f,ame in thej
nil i.i the city, thirteen women
'e been to appear in thel   ^^^^^^^^^^^hbh^b
llil' coun  thla  morning,  when evi-1 Outsiders  Start Off Strong
J l __. .    __.,��_-h    But   Lose
���act iu
this tunnel Into the second lake ''h"' 1'''!,'r'Woru""accomplished by the La"
, ������ ,,he Vancouver Power company would " ,...,,....ion   and claimed that
Coquitian. played desperately and sev- J*         ^ ^ <)f ^ ,)0W.   ,-,er ^"^ ��� ,/^en   wise,   pm-
eral times It looked like a score, but tWs .^                         he ^vernment had
by hard play the local backs proven^H^ immenSi. ���Jd��. and���J^^aJJl,   pro8perity
.,   llUi  necessary  tally    from   be.n                 * ^ be m ,��� not cleai, \,  condition  ot   wonderlul         P   ^
made.    Time was called wiih the ball 11  ��� ****
ltd    ,
.    "i   the  accusation
��� ��� ti. 1 by  the city  polit
"   . ��� ��� ���    were Berved on Sat*
'"'' ���'������������       indi i  instructions from
h:'   :' law, wbo is in cnarge
,nt |! .luring  Chief   Mc-
da/s   Football   Match,   But   Lose
Out  by  One Goal.
absence  from  tin
..:, licit the wo
��� . in which c.i..i
be Imposed by the |
in   the   evenl   of. ih
Westminster won a victory over Co-
qultlam ou the football field at Moody
squat., on Saturday afternoon, defeating the boys trom the district by
B   B<   ne  of   four   goals  to   tlliee.
in the flrsi few minutes ol ibe game
visitors   f.iirly   played   lhe   hoiui
,  deciding to light men off their  feet, net ting    the WH
�� lhrte Ume8 hetore the Bot.�� couJd
!Pb made. |locate 'l���- uprights a. the ottaei  end
.. ises of ill-Linn.*; ft the field.
lias    n   known   LO       When :b,. home ,.,,.. nnallyc.,--
'on to th'e tricks of their speeds   op
noaents. matters took on a more even
ttspect, and after some hard playiug.
Lun|Bd. n shol  from the corner, sending   the   i.igskin   fairly   between
hist   score Wl   '"
-Kl)ber,    Jardine,    who was loudly a len-&*^J����Zj2&
upon  .his,  and   desired  that  Canada
should be a white man's country. lAp-
���laUse.)     He   severely   criticised   the
-  Premier  McBride  in regard
ry-Understood by the member, of the  ^^^  ^   A   d^,    in j his opinion that the Asiatic exclusion
,��� the cen.r.. of the Held. ��� the statement thai |Untie to the -^ ��_\J �� ,������,
JOhn Hannan, Doyle, McKenzie and|     -
Wallace did the  bes,   work     or   he
vi.i,ors.    while   l���'""-,���>���,���    Br"C6   :,n''
^ ahowed  a,,  best  for the ��"
Throe of th��  Westminster teami
., 'I , of Pavide , Hoi,  and Col.er
who hai jus.   ^^^"::
illnl(lr game a fe�� minutes pm��j
Tho W��lniin-��r team conalsted ol
La   Davids".: backs, Clark and Col-
'" ''      .,     ���.,.-   Bruce.  B��M. ifault;
;:;;,'"'"',.���"- >�������*��
, ,, i. -.." |"--"-* b" -*���
'^ment that Untie to .be ^^',1^ of far greater Import
a   reserve   s, ly   is    advisable    no, | ���' ��^^   '^   ^ todly en-1 Ince to British CO^bU than tha     f
���,,,iug with favor by -he m.^.y ��1 ���  - -"^^ ^i^ ���, a taBd^ J ��.,������ T-���-    ^��Bi^^t4
tie aldermen. hJSnon country. - For this they were 1 tbe vastly  improved and __
questioned as to what they though,   million , y   ^^  ^.^^
<in- of ihe-proposal to increase the height
of the dam from fifteen to seventy
flve feel, several of the aldermen wrr.
of lib opinion lhat the work wa
neither necessary nor advisable. Th
chief <�� .jection taken to the dam i
thai  I'   would   mean   restraining   th
iml,,t,l   to .be   Libera,   governing, con.llilon of the count,     In   h   ^
li(.t, whlte1 reducing the burden.ot\railway underUkings   h ^
ti.M.iioi.  mu.  the  national  debt  *��,W^*^^1 movemenl
1;ll, ,.  tacreased  the  revenue O    the ^ the   n, ,o.      . > ^
.n.iniinn,,. (Applause.) Right at  homeLxpressed In  the achem
thev had proof of the beneficial change Red route. ���
��� had  cQme    llVl,   the  emmtry|    The   proceeding.
since the Liberals had   leen in power.
in i-'ii: times were haul, both up and
:   ill",  ll  public
railed   at tention    to
" ��   -;     as,
' " '' i.-rn-. as to the pui
* for wiiich ihe houses won- used, I posts, making th
_  .
cial measures were
Loss of  Thirteen   Lives.
A scoring fever seem
���. summon.led to seise the boys of the homeW
,���,.   fouowlng   closely   on   Lutwd-"
Kb,-1 try,   Brown  seiH   a   pretty   "ii
!   :   ���'   ���   ������ iha, all Inmates, keep-!Weatminsters
"s and '���'���    .....    ,.
*:Z   IH      -ber   HUi   rorHambur.
Ilu'   ,vu" ,     ._.i,.,     ..        !. owned   ln  Stettin.
onSaturday evening. I for   toiiowma   �����-�����-*    ��� lh(,
"���*-��� names ���i   ���  ,,,���,���.��� .���.,..    piQ-! try.  Brown sen, a  pretty one   ^	
'"'" H^a,... :   E,hei  MorrlB     Maylcoveted   spot,    Tbe ball   was    --    | ^l''tl,,''w    0W1U.,| In Stettin
M",;'"'' .nnie White) Bea*   kick. I   again    before   l-ocl,   -jNtppo.ua   ,.-
���;"1;" en. all Inmates ot some neat foot-worlj ahd fierce      ^
k'.;      ' known a- Charlie ing,  landed   another  goal.
i ll"1'11   Dale,   Gypsy score. ,      n/ostmln-i    un*-->  av,    ..,.,
Une "'"   ' Dunoar     ���, the second half, New wm ^ ^. [n r;i,ul(Ul th    ,e
Carman  ster bad the ball In the visit . u6  million   bushels;  .<>a(S'  "
of  the  White  ntorj a greater pari of the tlme^ ^ .^ hiy[Wy :>] IllimoIi; ^ * nu-
recently   moved   with twenty minutes to pia..        oa) iUon and three-tjuattoi-*,
si.*.,,   to  ;>s  present j ball only a  ten  yards rrom ��e * ^_ &fplf^ wWe l91,ne(, today ��>
rm,  .   m H-l'     ���     ion and Seta  Lumsden took advantage ol an |       ��� anrl statistics offlc.
lng the deeper I tunity    and    ahot,   sending tlu
of an enthusiastic character t^   *h*
out, ooncluded with cheers foi   - ��� '���
 -���        - i,*K*J**^
Alliance   in   the   Far   Ea-**-
11, t   11 ���Ti  i-; '.< arned
gong Kong, Oct.  u.   u w
,���.,,.  ,-,,������  a   reliable source  that  the
 I      ,   ������������,  ,,f   sir  Hi'bi rt   ll'in's  ���
su   niiiuins   .a,.uai^BHg^^^ , ,���,,IVI-ring  to   the   seatiuai real   le.ison ,   ,
.aldermen have full cognizance. \i" >   ��l       ���     ,*vatlves, ahd con. Ceni  visit   to   England  was to D��ng
" '���""���; ";i    Asli,.d for m, opinio,, on the sub- [gatlonso    he       ' proftt- about an alliance between China, the
h;mV" ;" ;.     >���    Mavor Keary informed the News   nas ung th< ..      ;;    J V , ^  ,.,,,,,   Urltain,    to
Stoma's  c-jncluding  f���J>&{ ^# , dam tw��t,;il��U^��'^  htnt^ wasteful conserve   Interests ot tb- nation-
ta(n   ���,���,,  crowned. _  The Pr \        ^ fm. ^ u0(l���s ,��� ^ government       ^ ^^       ^ ^ ^
vu not damaged,    rhe i     o -i ,,mM,ully.  ���nd  that   he would |and dlshon? . i 	
'longB ,��� the llaniburg-Amer.' - PJ ,��� favor ()f ..pporting .a gn-at-
���,, |a under tin command of cap ^^^ bear,ns In mind the pos
Schrotter.      She    left  -New  Yoik_on.    ^ ^    ^    ^^   ,^nd   tht
.lluu   ,,,   water   close   to  Ihe   ciiy's  ���   	
j i uke Pipe, as the water al thai ��;|,": '," '""";,'",,-,,,���.,. and land could be
wi.ui.i lv practically stagnant with ���' -' (" ' Bye (|(i|1,irs .������, ,.v,.��� |ess,
���ixtj ..,- seventy, toot head ai the dam, bongn i ^ ^^ ^ ^^ Q, (lij,
whlch Is only a few yards sWay. I*i J much nearer $B00 that $6,
..D0Hd"  water, used for drinking and,land    ��� mora ,n|Blw(M,���y Bign
n      ,,     meUeneral   purposes,   is   far   Inferior   to   mere     ������ .
"���  lU'lSrwl.   box -'- ���2A ���''��� " f- '.'f T ��fSrrSru nt^he acanda, alls
German steamer Pretoria ana i aldi-riuen  have lull cognizance Wer ..     ,
,,, ....  been  in  collision in a  togl*
SlcSe^nU.      Thirteen  of  the
comniunh  knowi. ...
Il"""       Helen    I ial'
u������   Ull> ;    l*ottle
I '      '
Harvast .Figures.
Ottawa.   Oct.    11.--The     total
on i
v. j______________H_____________________________________ . m^^
Thei slide  danger   that   might  attend   the |
' overflowing   of   the   land  around  the
lake lu the rainy season.
The question wlll be thoroughly
discussed a, a council meeting ln the
near futnra, when expert evidence will
be heard on the advisability of brfild-
Ing ,he immense dam suggested by
the Vancouver Power company.
The inspect ion party left on the re
turn jourhcy about two o'clock, arriving home shortly after��flve.
Liberal Headquarters
���_���_���        _____,___��_________,���>���__���_____________.
for the  Electoral  District  of New Westminster���
ami   Mackenzie   Streets),    Phone   468,
All  enquiries  by  voters will r ive prompi  and  carefn   al
'    i ��� ���   *m
���my" .,'"������ 1
��� y  k
���<��� ''.��v. ���
���"y ;���������-*
wi  y
Kir.    , -V '
"'-���' ._���
:    ,^;i
\ y
i ���
.'���.' i
1   .    '"-i.l
��� -.  ' ' ! '
���  ' ��� 7
'���! .
.    ' ���!
a ._
:'v i '��� ''������%]
-'!i- -fa%
���/'^rw-.i "W
���i V *>'. '���
.   -     i. Wl*. ���.-..;
�����*' '*;
">>�� -���'''.'-,?
. ������_���
I...'     -I... ���
*M_> .   <\.
���   ���   I '���if*���, ������
i" ,   V ... .we -   �� .
t -��*     *^      I ���
a-;^ '^i
>'',    -
'' 'fi'^v-
;,   ��� -^ ,.>!��*:���  A*
'a,'     V-*"     '   *   -U'     '   ���**"
.  ,. *,    .a. j��*��  ,        V
.���1   ������
**>.'���- ��*,   ��� i'.;
���.V- - .^        ���       t**W  J**
���i*  ^;,:��;-,'f
* 'tli '��� 6' :i "i
4___'*T�� '_:-__���*��� vP.ti
I'i t) '1  '"".Jl'.
��� *****__!        .   ** __** *! ���
*'���-._; '-___���
>    ���'!*    .... *h ;*.,(���
... ��� i.-r.j
)>..'v. J'-.'.'.Vl|
* * i' *r *m
*\1   a ��� m
#*-   ���    ���n-.r
'ii ���'  i"i rf.    i-    .'    *
'" -*_!'    '
I* * T*-'."'���<**��________________���___���
*W'f5it.'�����*��*��� ��:-'i.!��''.''
*v lifPtl-, ���
���liyif l******--^'..
fP->'A ���:;���
���f*�������� -,*- "I**"' ��*"i -d    .
ai t ���' 1*5 M ____it*   '*        *'
J*m. w. >'
-,j {���**?}.'
'?'��� '������-*-'>'��'
���-��� *!f * ,**'
____t____��<: ;,ae.      ?,, ������*,.j,    .    ,
._,���'." I
Ma ���*".'��
frig'.  !''���
��vw. "18 .
,:F,  '   *':'*'
4i--rJ -
_{__[&'': J ���'
if- ��;
M0NDAY' OCT. ,2|
I eer, invented and brought out the sy_>-
l tem  known  as the    Suction  system.
DEEP    RIVER   LHANNlL I action of a centrifugal  fan pump r.
tr-head just above each of the spile
These jets play on the mud  brougl
into   th*-  dredger-head,    and  atom'.
it;   but  the  supply  of  water can  b
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wiving at one end of a tube  whose i regulated, so that only just sufficlen
I other end is suspended over the bot-
! torn it is required to dredge.   The rev*
jalution pf the fan causes a strong at-
and its greatest successes have been I uaction up the tuifctji and it is this up-
obtained in the finest quality of mud j draught or suction process which
and sand, since there is no overflow draws after it lip. the tube the light
and   therefore   no  overboard   loss   of  silt or Band bottom over  which  It  is
The Fruhlmg System of Dredging.,
The Fruhling System of Dredging
is the invention of Herr Otto Fruh-
ling. a distinguished German Government engineer, and has resulted in
one of the greatest advances ever
made in connection with dredging apparatus.
The Fruhllng dredgers will lift with
equal success all classes of material
to be met with In maintenance work
at, a very much smaller cost and great-
-Now it will be reaJily understood
that, with the solid matter caught up
by this process, there will also be a
large percentage of water, the latter
being of much lighter consistency
than the bottom, aud therefore more
readily sucked up the tube; and it Is
precisely this fact that has made the
is admitted  to reduce the mud to
consistency   which  can  be   taken  up
the pipe and through the fan. into the
holds of the  vessel,  without fcloggtng
Moreover, no water is admitted Into
t.ie dredger-head, except such water
as has been admitted through ae
high-pressure nozzles, t,he reason of
this being that the whole of the opening of the dredger-head is buried in
the bottom while the vessel is dredging, and therefore only solid matter
can gain admittance into the dredger-
head; the regulation of the water supply  is,  therefore,  the easiest of mat
er speed than any dredgers of exist-j been found possible to so far improve
ing   types,   viz.,  bucket,   suction,    or   the process as to enable it. under the
grab dredgers. | most   favorable   conditions,   to   -Iring
Herr Otto Fruhling brought the sys-1 up 20 per cent, of solid matter to 80
suction process capable of being used.j ters. The spoil as it comes up is de*
up to the present day, practically ex- ] livered into tht; holds of the dredger
clusively in sand, and, even when | or into barges alongside through de-
dealing with this material, it has only I, livery pipes, and men experienced In
the subject, standing by them, can teit
tem to the notice of his Government,!
who desired that the great efficiency
claimed  for ir should  le  proved    to
their   .satisfaction   by   * he passing of
per   cent,   of   water.     The   enormous
waste of power is made apparent at
a glance by  this  statement.
Though  san I   is   a   very  important
certain tests. j factor to be dealt with in the up-keep
After these tests had been carried and clearing of channels and river
out, the German Government order- mouths, yet. on account of its chared a small dredger to be constructed ' acter, it is cheaper to work than any
on the system. The work performed other botton, and can be consequently this dredger was so satisfactory | ly moiv 0]. less centainly kept under
that the German Government finally control, The problem of ways and
approved and adopted the system and j means  of  dealing successfully   with,
ordered a larger Fruhling dredger to
be built to replace the dredging plant
on tho Kiel canal, which consisted of
that is, keeping under control the vast
accumulations of mud and muddy sand
or clay that are met with in our great
a  large  bucket   dredger    and     three I docks and  harbors has  never,  up  to
steam hopper barges.   The result** at-J the present,  been solved  in America.
tained by this dredger (named "Nic-
olaus"! more than realized the anticipations of the authorities, being truly
remarkable, as will be seen from the
following certificate:
-Kiel, 12th March, 1903.
Nearly every engineer connected with
dredging or harbor work of any description has at one time or other attempted and failed to devise some
means by which this source of trouble
could  be  eliminated.    The .advent  of
-This is to certify that the Dredger I the suclion system, and Its wonderful
'Nicolaus,' in the Emperor William success when dealing with ihe sandy
canal, has dredged in 700 working bottoms met with at Suez, ana in the
hours 1,350,000 tons of sand, mud and canal works generally, caused great
silt, and has transported and discharg* hopes to be raised, but on the attempt
ed this material for a distance of 1*6 being made t0 work the I)rocess in
miles  in 1,450  hours.      The  average | mud( the lube and {he fRn fiUed on
at a glance whether too much or too
little water is being admitted. The
spoil dredged into the holds of the
dredger or the barges consists, so far
���as is practlcaly possible, entirely of
solid matter, and therefore the least
possible amount of power is wasted
in dredging;  aU is good work.
The   chief   advantages  of   this   invention may be given as follows:
In the first place, the cost of working this system is much less than that
entailed by the use of any other
Secondly, the speed with which 'be
vessel   does   its   work  is  superior  to _     .
that of the grab or bucket systems. suitable for manoeuvering and turn-
To begin with, the grab or bucket ing vessel round in the canal.
type- of dredger are only able to. On deck the machinery consists of
work by means of slowly jj.aui.ngU powerful double winch forward
themselves in the direction desired by j fitted for the purpose of working
their winch power  working on great  two anchors to pull   vessel    forward,
We are showing the
latest desigh and pattern in Cravenettes and
$10 to $25
I Synopsis oi um
AL> a  '       iDo<nlaloMlanJ,ttl|
!lnth*"'U-'       '    'a British Coi
bla'mi- ���'���"' ���� bitty*
I who U thi
' i of a
<>'��� age, t
ropes  and  hawsers  affixed  to buoys,
banks, or dock walls, etc.,    resulting
should it be necessary  to work with
anchors  and   chains  instead  of    pro-
In serious hindrance to navigation' peliers; the anchors can also be
leing frequently caused, when work j used to aid propellers In forcing vessel
is being carried on in narrow rivers forw ard should very stiff bottom be
or docks. These chains and haw-:- ...countered. There are also four
have    to   be affixed and    hauled    in j winches���two   forward   and   two    aft!th(, mixjng chamber, and the amount
the experimental  craft  became clog
cost   of   ".he   above   work   (including
irans;. irt i was three-fifths of a penny
per ton.  (1,2 cents.)
"After carefully watching the work
done '::- the 'Nicolaus,' I am able to
saj ihat, in my opinion, the FruhlingI H_��� . ' t,*"     .      ..       .   .
time to time,  nu;  the grea.  pro
sys,  :..   .   the most reliable, econonn ^^^
cal, and effective system of mainten.
ance   .    Iglng 1 have seen.
'*'*'*'*'*'*'*'*'*'*'*'*'*'*'*'*'*'*____________ r., t_ti *__________^^BB^^^BH^^^H__________IB_H___
when the vessel starts and finishes ���for working the hoppers when Ula
opirations. causing additional waste .-.y-atem of emptying vessel is .tsed.
of  time.    Grab   dredgers,    moreover. ] Also a powerful crane aft    for   rais-
: are    unable    to    work    with barge-.! |nK and   lowering the dredging gear.
j owing to their cranes and grab bU'-'.v-1 ThU     crane   is   also     designed     tor
any male
I extent ot on.
j acres, more
Entry must .^^
j the local . :ae .
iwh-ch ���-���" la   ll     tuate. Eatrv'
I proxy ma, f, be made oa jfl
tain coal.-.:  :. ... :a'her, motll
i��on, daughter,   m  her or slater ot I
| intending bom,      ider.
The horn, tead , required to M
irorm the condltl ms i -nnected tlJ
! with under one ot Ow toltoij
, plans:
(lj   Al ;'- iontns' residflj
| upon and cultivatl in ot the lm
leach year for thre- yean,
(2) If the Cal ��� mother, ii jj
.father is decease       ot  the howT
steader resides upon a farm in i
vicinity of the 1 ind entered lor,
'requirement; as to residencemaH
satisfied by such person residing jfl
the father or mother.
(3) If the settler ban hii perd
^ent residence upon farmiag laadoti
I ed by him ia the vicinity of his
stead, the requlrementa   a. ;oi
deuce may be satisfied by reslfaj
i upon the said land.
Six months' notice in writingilna
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_    be given to the Coraui'.-sioLero'.I
The after or back part consists of   -' . ,nlo_. Lan)s a. otUwa tj. ^.^
chamber  which is termed the rnlxu*-;, appiy for patent,
chamber,   into    which    the    material |    COAU_Coal mini-.-. r:ght. m
dredged by the bucket is  forced.    Il ; leaSed for a period o!-vi.r.-o-i.yai
Is from this mixing chamber that thel  t  aQ  annaal ^^  _, }1 ^TJ
dredged  material is pumped. j Not   more   than 2560 acres rti!|Tl
The mixing Is done by means of ad-   leased to one iadivi'lu.il or COM
milting water at the upper end of the ' A r0yalty at the rate of five cea'JH
box girder, through which it flows on  ton sball bo collected on   the
the  outside of  the  suction pipe  Into | chantable coal mined.
W. W. C0Rl|
Deputy of the Minister ot 'he l_uk|
J. Eugene Brown & Co.
    Clothiers and Haberdashers
terial dredged  be solid the prongs or
points assist to atomise or split it u i.
of water ls    controlled by  means ot
levers from the deck. Hi
Should the ground to he dredged he
stiff ooil. and require more atomlsifg
or splitting up than can be done, by
the bucket and mixing as above men-
ged with the mud almost immediately, iets     c��nst**��tl/    swinging    overside, j the   purpose    of   raisin
and the experiment  was  abandoned. | an.d-. eoMequetnly, aave  nn    sooner j'fete., and strongly -Ales the two halves] t^^'iV can   be   i^sened   by   the:
'.ii'-an- of water under pressure, which]
Is ;'.'. by the Blake pump through
three pipes laid side by side and se*
The old systems were continued with,
jand  improved  in  minor details  from
"Chief Engineer of the German Go.
'Member   of   -..     Imperial     Canal
.Tr...  above  .-      ��� liev. I    to
-  .--cord.)
Bi fi re the "Nl_ ilaus" star,   I  work
--.'.:;.  dredging to ne at
Kiel c mal entranc ��� was  perl
ed    .,   a  largi dredg
type to th
.:i th1   Bi il. ������ Isles    n : Col-
; ;ht"      earn hoppei bai-;������-.
.    .-. ���     sii lilai   con liti m -  as
Frul ling d    ��� - ���   Xlcolaus   these
._:    . ap ibh   oi .-:���
.   1,500   . ul .     ;.. ��� 12,6, ���
���:  daj
Owing to  the excellent  work done
was  unsolved,  and the difficulties  to
be contended  with increased year by
This has been changed
filled their own holds than they must j of the stern of the  vessel    together.!
proceed to the dumping ground, shoot'j,, addition there are   Beveral valves,
their  cargo   out.   and   return   before j valve-rods, etc.. led    through ihe a eel,:
valves in    thej
fell   to   the  German    Government to
have in their emploj an engineer, by
name   Hen-   Otto  Fruhling.   who,   re-
.:.:  ;'tit'  wist  importance of corn-
being able to re-commence operations. The difference in speed while
actually dredging between grab or
bucket dredger and those of Herr
Fruhllng's type, may be gauged from
the following figures taken from
a   reporl     dealing   with    the    actual
for    manipulating 	
piping system.
Vi -sei   Is   constructed   as   a   hopper
dredger,     and  has    three    cOmpart-
.cured on  top  of the   I ox  gird- >*.  and
which lead through .-.mailer pipes into
���ynopais     cf    Canad an   Ssrth-Wtij
Homestead   Regulations,
Auy even n im en
- : J\
the  prongs or pointa at  the edge of .n;nion  lands  in Sas'utM
buck.:, and Into ''���"' mixing chambers -..,,..  md A.1 lerta, exo -���������'|
nts for holding    the   dredg".I ma-   B     .    ,,,r ca8e (i[ tll���   xiU<>i;m.-    s.s, .iin reaer; ���:. maj -^
ferial.    Ohe  forward. <of    V>(<    cubic
,,,,>,. j    ijr.l.i; cubic  yards) capacity.
^^���atei'ial lirunshuj^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^l
.   . m
j each syst^	
tiie enormous accumulations  ol   mud      -v- dredger working  with  th
and clay refuse  In   the  har.iors,  can
als and river mouths of his own coup-
set to work to solve, the pro lem
performances of the test    vessels of j and   two aft, on'-   on each   side   of j    y;esB^, can he discharged either by j age, to tbe extent o: one-quarter
Ithe   gap,  of  100  cubic   meter.-   (130.3
Fruh-1 cubic  yards,     ca; icltj   each,    or
th    hopper oi by tho dredging pump, tion of 160 acn
"^^^^B  Application   ^^^B   m"
to attempt :" devise any imi rov, . ;ont
In  any   existing  system,  but   that  of
^H^^H^^H^H^^H^^H^H^pa c
an :   Ipes are ai ranged so
dredged material can.  be   discharge 1 j made  in person
in: i hopp .    a .-*'-s or on to the banks
Of     -1""   cubic   meters
ernment in the Keil canal,    raises anjK532.2    cubic   yards).      The    boilers
average of '""' tons of stiff   mud   In and   maehihery   are   ---itiiated    -_-.-. , 	
 ^^^^^^J , .  ..    ni the Canal.   Tins arrangem u: also
He recognized that it was imr.ossiole j l-   minutes,    the   perpentag*!    being   ihips-, and this ni*ranfemeni  ol  holds  bnal)Jo   .    ,.,,.,       Innl.   ,,, .-���, .,   ..
:""r    :'   '"' ,���lli,��� mud  :!!!':   l5  :"    '    miu  ";   ' ' a,w:iys be,ns :'";'!  salvage boat, as   he holds can be very
existing dredg-! on an even keel: '       ' 1^,^  ^  qt  ^^^   ^  ^^
a Don
agency toj '<-������"��� - '
^^^^itrh       excellence ^^^^^^^^^^^jj^jjJilJjjjJH
j could ever attain..   The chief difficulty
. I to ovi rcome was the fact that,
with  the open-mouth tube, it  was in-
��� , lia'-'i,- that  by  far the greater jior-
and the enormous'saving in cost  ef-  ;inu of ]J0.V,.. exerted should   y , waat.
the sum or (1[1 in bringing up practically pure wa-
land i| llpua '     -'I
iowevi r, be 'I
B ��*|
br, Bon, da ighl
.hi Inten :..-    ������
Th< b ,ri estea ��� '���:
tn.tii "ljer0ll
^ ,,     n���jn...      tl)   VoSilel  |   piopcllel   w.'ti. ,,;.,���:,.;..-.- I
dredging   by   suction,    the grab  and j er  of  the  grab-bucket  type working'    The. vessel is fitted with  rw-,  .*>.���'> ���"' - ^ _ ^.^ ��� ' 1,,.llll!h;,        ���,,
.,  processes having been i-.,,,,,!!, j in England raises 1400 tons of spoil in j of engines of Mff H.I-. _����^_w_��nMl , has several g.'eai  advantages, among!
^H____________H-_____.   followiug^d
cent   of water.    And one of the mo3t  of   180  ti
modern of    bucket    dredgers,   work
p.,   which     mal.'
,       ,,,.!-
ing  at  another  large  English    port,
raisi s 700 tons of spoil in about one
I'ected 11 the "Xicolauj	
$500,000  was   .    once   i-oted in    the j ter  when rl���:ilin>.   with   heavy   soils. I hour and a half.    The percentage of
.   D    and    Prussian   Parliaments In 1898. he had succeeded Ln devising solid and  water in this   case    being delivering  water  under  P���
-.,.   ���;..   :.:-,. ...��� ,.-  at   one- building!,a method  by  which many  obstames|about equal to that in the case of the|dredger-head  to  scour    out
to docks, etc.,
more Fruhling dredgers to replace va-
us   suction   and   bucket     dredgers
��� ..,.-* I     One  of   th ae
now completed, Is guar-
ajle I srab dredger.
thel |
a method  by  which many
were   swept aside,   and   be   wa-
to offer his Government in particular,!    Admosi   as  Important a
and the world in genarl, his machine.
Tae  vessel   In   which  lhe apparatus
Ir,n _____________________H _______! minute wlivn driv- 	
pu reviui-uon, pei ,inei [n |l;,ri,ow ^^-.j <������ ftt entrain."
centritugal   purnp *M* <.m*k*k*k****%%%%%*******************a***********am^^^^^^^
lng; a Blake pump 12 inches by 18V4
Inthes bj   14 indies bj   12 Inches tor
thi   ��MJ
ls to be fitted lias her stern half di-
anteed  capable of  dredging
1   0D      ������   nour'    TUi*-  !'3jvided   In   the  center, thus   leaving  a
-;   powerful    dredger    la the lengthy narrow gap.    In this gap   is
world,   hut   designs  have   been   pre-   ,...,.,   .,   lii:i.   ,���.,    vm   ^.v^.i^iv
onstructed girder,   projecting    over
the   vessel's   stern,  and   working on
!.uions fixed amidships.    The BUC-
ja larger one to dre^HB____H
��� ���':-        hour
Details  of   Dredger.
ru'.. about thltrj ye      ago d,   ig-
ition,  ������������ r   pi rfoime i aim is
luvariablj   bj   dredging   machines ol
thi    well-known   bucket     system,    in
lion pipe or tube Is run along the en*
length of the girder  (a flexible
steel tube connecting it with the cen*
[ugal   ;.11111,1   In tlu- engine   room),
 ^enclosed   B   I
  largi#i)bioug   iiox   n-alU-d   a  dredger-
soooping up the bottom and discharg   head) fixed on the end of the girder
lions of cost and speed is the
that the Fruhling dredger Is th
type of machine existing
will Jr.' Ige the bottom level That
this is a fact will be at once ad-
mltted, when it is considere I that
i the Fi uhllng ty i e dra ������ along the
Lottom a large box ol al east 12
feet In width, while it is ��� qua I, obvious thai a succession of b u ��� ts digging   into  the  bottom  will  dredge  a
| necessary, or to  be used  for salvage
quea. operations;  a dynamo, aud the usual
fact auxiliary  machinery.    Steam is  sup-
only j piled by two boilers or the ordinary
peclaily  when- iiiei"
; Is, much traffic: and in    addition,    as
vessel has not to . e anchored or moo.
i ed, much time is saved by nol having
j to moor and unmoor ^^^^
(2)    Vessel being    propelled    while ] the
upon  and  cultivation
,-ach   year   foi   thri
(2)    A Homesteader may, If*
ci'aalrea, perform the   ��������� ������\���ei r*
deuce  duties   ...   Uvlas on   ��;3^
,and owned  solely  bv him. ^
than  eighty   (SO)   acn -'"^
vicinity of hla b m-*��-eaa  Z
dredging withiie^stM^e ground|pwn*er.WP '" land w
not rnM
^^^^^B^>cooped .U^^^^B�� an>
--  ���'-       ������'���������    "'���  buckets with s       >Ua   0,H,n   ���ud   faelng
edges  are   kepi   constantly   at  woi
ing the spoil brougat up Into barge
lying alongside,   A process known as
tic   grab bucket" system was Intro-
and at rljht angles to same. A pow-
. .,,.; i ran* la 11 - cted above tl"' end
ol the girder projecting over the stern
duced shortly after this,  in which a and with this crane the girder ls low-
kind of   .ticket, constructed so that It  ered  to tlie bottom  or  raised, as  re
can 1    mechanically closed or opened, qUire(i,     i,   |2   |n   ths   dredger-head
ia   .., , | chains  from    upright fitted on the end ol the girder, that
cranes, ;- i ropped to the bottom wltu the chief secret of the invention lle._
[<g |a%vg 0pen, ani Its weight forcing Along the edge of the box are fitted
ir | ;-a,. mud, Is c'."S "1 ati l Ufti 1,^ long prongs or spikes, the glTdet is
:i!. th contents emptied '���>'" ;i"- lojtrered till the dredger-head reflts on
im:,   ... the dredger 'the bottom to be dredged, the spikes
iri ���,,-. and expenBlva to w6rU,lciig \uu, ;ind break up the ground,
lies .'������ systems have, n*verthele a, the centrifugal pump is set working,
.,   ; ,,  accesstty and from lack of bet-jam) the vessel steams ahead.   As she
also the dropping of large grab huck-
n-anne type  working at a pressure of (quired depth, thus obviating tbe risk
.   ,-, ospheres    The auction pipe ha-  ��< tonnla* Holes In the neighborhood
a diameter of 15% ioches    We tound|   I   -���.,. etc, and undermining them.
the wh.,:,. <)<��� the machinery apparent*      i ij    V ssel being   propelled   while, t||.ul elghly
ly in verj good condition. Sing ean out or   scoop   up   th
' ti,,. piping -v..em of vessel is. In    ���-'������" tor a width of 11 feel 8 Inche
��� i .  ,-,.    /..'.ninieti'     and   i:i   'UL>   required   direction   till   nolu
our     opinion,     very     (-oinpi'". ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
should th ���    dredged material become
filled, and can, after discharglni
(f the father (Ol ni-'tiier.
father Is dei ' ^2
Idas permanen   re in * J
land owned "ln*  :'    1
���80)    ��� ��� lX"" '
.    ��� v
wiolnlt) of the
n  a homestead - ���
too,  solid to be pumped out of
same^^^^^^^l ol   laudmarkst^^|
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H______________________________________L .    i ���., i the levelling
hole, or succession of holes   as wlll-J holds, it can be loosened and soiten i s.f.
ed  by mi ans of opening the  valves,
afcs to the bottom, and the action ofin lor, should thla not prove effective,
open-mouthed suction pipe working j by putting water under pressuri
close t.o the bottom, The making through other pipes by means of the
of these holes I   of very serious im- Bl ike  pump.     Tliis   arrangement  is
portaace. as, If it occur., neat- t > dock | also patented   by   Herr  Fruhling.
walLs  or  other   harbor  const motions,
it   is extremely   liable   to   un lurmlne
them and cause them to subside,
Ent}ineer's  Report on  Steam  Drsdger.
As requested, we proceeded to Hamburg, and from there to Itruns-
i.'.it.ell. at the Elbe entrance of the
Kaiser William canal, to inspect
and report on the Bteam dredger "Nicolaus" s. s.. fitt.-d with dredging
system by Herr 0. Pruhling, of Brunswick.
We    visited    vessel   on  the  ?.0th
111 That bj the construction of thi
dredging head the Pruhling system
combines several good |x>ini.. of the
suclion aud bucket dredgers, the principal and most important of whicb is
ln the vicinity, such bom,   -J*
perform bis   twn - ; ,.,
iuingwltb "���     '".   ��   t��
cn   Tno term "vie "      ,,
receding   paragra hs is *****     ���
more tl
.   ..'.-ll
preceding  parm   ��� v;ir,
���nesting not more   -    " l"v0
n  direct line. -" ' ��� ,   ,���  .be
of road  allowances
(5)    A   homesteader
by two trunnions working in healings. At the after end or the box
girder is the Bpeclally-deslgned
dredger-head, which Is raised or lowered ns required through the gap In
voRSci by means of'the crane at after
ond    of    vessel.      The   dredger-hen .1,
 which In this case Is about 11% meters
u�� | consequence, the flght to keep j along, and becomes filled with mud or'j steam  dredger  "Nicolaus"  b,  b. had (11% foot), wide, consists of two prlu-
.;,   ,     meiB open to those vessels He-j clay, or whatever the bottom encounn-j been   constructed specially for work- cipal parts,   The forward   or    front
and at the entrance of the;.,art is In the form of   a bucket   or
tfer appliances, to be adhered to, aud, I proceeds, the dredger-head is dragged|| September, 1802. and   found   that the
The special dredging apparatus  invented     by   lU-rr  O.   Fruhling     cou-,
sists prlncipall.. of a strong box gird*
er, which contains the suction    pipe.]
and  is   attached   to   vessel   and   held
intending l"
^^^^^^^^^ duties I" I
the power of dealing by suction with | perform  his  '������������*:-1'    "    wh���e nvloO
cordance with tne |i||fl��n-
with parents m "' ',r;n,"',hl, ��?��"'���
;oil   heavier   and   more claylike  than
has   bitiicrlo   been  attempted   success-
full.',   with a suction dredger.
(5)    That  the   amounl   of   water
-.------------^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^        . Humped  up Is under tin-    control    of
iu position at the forward end of gap1 ,        , ,.,.,,
'    ' (those  v. uking the  vessel,  and  that It
s not  necessary to pump    up    more
..irons of calling at them lias, in Bev-.tared  consists  of,    As  the. material j lng    ln
, nil notable Instances, nol proved al* enters the dredger-head jets of waterJKaiser William canal, her dimensions
together luooessful, al   very   high  pressure are   projeotel being    about    -it  meters (165  feet)
Al   Uw time of the construction of on  to It  from a number of openings  long by 8Vfc  meters  (28  feet)    wide,
M... limine, an i'L'^JlV; I 3XLUiS_l_l___3lo.'l-__ t!l'' t"1*'<L.9Lt-le dredg-] these  dln'.ensions   bein-   tae    li:-g.8t
scoop, having several sharp prongs
or points on the edge. This, on being
drawn forward, scoops up the material
water than Is required (in the case
of mudi to moisten tho mini for effective pumping.
Mil That the material dredged containing only ,a Hmall percentage of|
water, no time Is wasted in waiting
for material to settle or extra pumping to allow water to overflow from
the holds, bul as soon as holds are
ful| veBB&l can proceed to the dumping ground.
(7)    The small number of working
M by himself must " <
for tHe district o  .�����   -J^ ���,,.<
Ota months' noi , g��
w given to the Comn
minion l.��nrt.  >' "	
to apply for patent, ()i.v
nepnty ofthe Minls^ ��� ^ ���;
th|9  advertisement   ���"*' j
i for.
��� IN -
D A I '   Y
N t
;   W ' lit************
COMPANY, Limited
phone lOi Plione 101
MM��**< ���_*�� ************ *************************
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL ��14,400,000.00
,    _L:        111,000,000.00
I        , ., jfenada and Newtoitndland. aud  lu  London,  England,
New Yj bicago and Spotta ne, U.S.A., and Mexico City.     A Gen'
' a |iy    _,_-  Buslnesl Txrfnsac t.d.
��� 4        t'"'
liters o' Creatt lt**-u-..dt &v%ilabjft wi tl correBpornieuts in all oarU of tht
I   World.
Ivlnai Bank Department     Deposits received In sums of $1 and upwards,
aprt Interest .'.Mowed at 3 per cent, per annum (present rate) added
(our times a year.
Lm Asiets over J1C&,000.000.00.
How to Save
Saving   bi gins   at   home  and
tie foundation of a savings ac-
.. mt in the determination  to
lave regularly.
FIRST    Make   a   definite   al-
.     oi   a  savincs   deposit,
. ar{    '..- ; ossi de, before any
iditun   Ie   ma le  from  the
..   une,
THEN:    Keep  a  careful account ol income an i  exp< nses
in order to a vol 1 waste.
Do It Now
OUK depositors receive interest ou their SAVINGS ACCOUNTS every three months���
March 31st, June 30th, September UUth, December ;ilst. The
red ink interest entries that you
Bee put down In your Javings
bank-book will strike you verj
pleasantly indeed.
home  savings banks, in large, medium and Bmal
. nished on application.
Capital urn/ /.rirmi'
Total Asnett
$8,290,000 ,869 $47,400,000
New Westminster Branch.      F.  B.  LYLE,   Mgr.
P. <>. Uok   3-��5
'Phone   105.
**  -' i _.
Use   it
all the
he   Sunlight way.
soap,    without
micals,    it    saves
���     common    soaps
Sunlight   Soap
and  follow  directions.
i .,-���*
From Other Points  of View
cents a bar
If So, Why?
"Canada has become a byword of reproach in England," says Premier
Roblin.      The     statement   is   a   rank
takei  up land in the United States ,s
-.-, rth $1,000  to the State,    l  agree
this   estimate."    Tliis   utterance
n .   one    of   Mr,   Daly's    reports
falsehood, but, as the lawyers say, if  rn i le when he was demonstrating tift
i*. is true, than it. is due to the unpatriotic , eches of Buch man
Ro lln   Ot,  v. , Free Pri
IV i
rop in
Smith's Sodas - 25c per tin
Preserving Peaches, $1 crate
Crown Jars, 1-2 gals, $1.35 doz
Jeily Jars,     -       -     50c doz
iee those 10-pieee Toilet Sets
we are selling at $2.75
Real   Merit.
live in ither in 1857 nor in l**-**---
��� In 1908,    '������. ���      ���  d, allng with the
���  ��� nt, an.  i    h thi   work done in
���    I- veloprai ��� ��� ..;' the West. In    the
twelve  ;���   rs, under the  pfi
dstratiou       11   the   government
I lia 1    fail'  1   in West,    nn   ex.- I ���
.  ! havi ���      . I, from public c< fill mnatlon \    ii  has sdcCei li
 I  all  ���        - il Ion, it  will  rec
I".-.. lit   ffom all   fair-minded    men
;- : onto Sti
Hcnesty   Forsooth!
Toronto Mail and Empire -a
wi   want   honest men at Otta-
and thi :.  proceeds to solicit th
i onfldence ";
Fowli -,   Dal
gi    and ��th
infompetence  >n  dealing witb  Immigration problems.      During  the   four _
yea      .. .>:.- te'nuie of oflh e as mln
��� he . . ���  ..   , Bi tish and l.
imi   ation  fell  frqm  a  total
oi  20,45a   in   i 592 to   IC.S30   in   1896;
in ier \lr. Sifton's e n        if  ii
Bee,  the  figure rose    from    9,304   In
1-S9.    .in 1,63 i  in  1903     :.'.   igra    in
ti   -.    1 ��� i ni ed  States  fell triom 2
360 in  1893 !.. 829 in  IM**;. and rose
��� - ii. in imiT fo i:.*".r,2 m i!i":>
total  immigration    under   the
regime was 87,497, and underthe
.; regime _i'._..:ii.   riua is to aay*,
..n  the  basis  of   immigraiion  alone,
Sifton's tenure ol offlci   must, al
.\lr. Daly's own estimate .of the i Jui
of nn immigrant to the country*,
down as worth $576,8477000 mon
.��� Dominion ol Canada than  Mi.
Manitoba   Free Press.
Phone 97.
Easterbrook Milling  Company.
Eburne.   1*. C
Imperial $7 00 per brl.
Hungarian Jewel..   $6.30
Terminal $5.50
he country  for Foster,
Tope.   Bennett,   Lefui
of the unsavory cri ,
who at pn   ��� a   guide the destinies i
Prompt Delivery the Coksemtlv.  party.   Honesty, for.
r J   -.. ith!    Thi   Mail  and   Empire  migh,
    as   well look  I     llllies in a cesspool
tones,   men   anions    'be   Poster
ei gang    Reglna Leader.
FRONT  STREET. New  Westminster. Telephone 333.
Tc   Stive   Millions.
It I   i stlmau 1 thai wrhen In opera-
hi   flutl ��� -. 3 Hay  route will  ���
saving iu freight of from eight
I to   '���,.    cents .i bushel on    weste. a
wheat   Such an estimate of   the ad-
I vantage of sueh a line ought to    lift
the scheme.at once, from the farmers'
i point of view, into one of paramount
| importance,    lt is a scheme as comprehensive  in  Its  way  as  the building of either of the transcontinentals,
and is in a manner the cope stone of
these undertakings in    that  it    will
bring the centre of these long lines
in touch with tide water���Saskatoon
Business  Man's Tsstimony.
���   li ��� ..;:     ', i  onto     . '���;-������ -     ,
rei ���.  .    n      ned from a trlp ...
hi   I'.i' in. coas,  ���  i_ ;.i.....ia '..
i,   about the VA i        "V hen l went
the C. P. K. a dozen yeai .-���
��� 1  -.lid uu  my  return  that  1 couldn't
-.,    how   that   rallwaj   wm. ,    ever
i up enough business to maki   li
aylnig proposition.   On m)  return
this  time    my remark    was   that  i
coudn't Bee how this C. P. R. would
ever be able-to handle the business |
see pouring in on it."
The  a.ove  is taken from ihe columns of Toronto  Saturday  .Sight,    a
| weekly paper having no part}   affilla-
. tions.    How  concisely  this  "   leading
I Toronto business man"  sums  up ihe
result of Liberal government in Weat-
I ern   Canada'.       it  was  just   a dozen
\ years ago that Laurier was placed in
office.   At that time the future of the
| C. P. H. as a paying proposition was
I doubtful;   today  unable io take care
of all the business offering and  two
[new   transcontinental   systems   partly
: built and in operation, and a further
statesman that each settler
Manufacturer oi
Mineral Waters, Etc.
Aerated Waters
Family trade a specialty.
fel, 113, Office   Eight street
By Mr.  Daly's Own  Measure.
"II has been calculated by an Amer" j out)el ^ Hudson-:. Bay being proviu-
W !��  ed for.    'Lie moral  for the  people of
the  West is  self-evident.    Take   LAU*
I tier ai bis word-Put him back    to
"finish his  work"    by  hastening the
| completion of the Grand Trunk Pa-
I ciftc from ocean to ocean and bj Immediately building the Hudson's Bay
1 railway���Regfna Leader.
auiii mi trot* I
���V  Hardman.     A. James     J. McClughan
j     and   HEATING
.Front Street    Trust BlocV -
j Picture :
J.   G.   GAMON'S  CIGAR   DIVAN.   F.
'THE FAIR," Columbia  Street.
Neirly aU ��ood�� in thl* Up* �������*���
presenl lime art .dulterafi ani m
/��ct unlit to us*.
GILLETTS i* uMd by tha t��*t baton aid
C-_t��rer�� *v.iywttr..
NCFUIt    ��� U��_**T|TWT��S.
GILLETT'S cost* no mer. than th. iaf.rlor
���d<j-t*r(t��d goods.
No Extravagance.
.    The charge of extravagancy cannot
be sustained unless it can  be shown
I that the country   is spending    more
.in afford or is getting let-
value of    the  money    ��� >,
RtFUIt    ��U����T1TUVB��.
J . ______ company!
l). BOX  4T4,        Tel.  53.        Res.  42H
Estimates   Submitted.
^��11 STREET. FOOT OE SIXTH. -  ��� HEW WESWI1BTEB'.    ..Westminster..
 ; Iron  Works
C. Mills, Timber and
rading Company
Manufacturers and Deai.r* in All Kind* ot
Lumbc,   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sash,   Door*,
Interior Finish,     lurned Work,    Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Urge Stock Plain and Fancy Glass.
Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining.
Royal City Branch, Columbia St.
Telephone 12. New Westminster  I
JOHN   REID.   Proprietor.
Manufacturers of
j Wrought   Iron   -I***--5.  f*enc��.   Crest-
ingt*. Bailcony Railings, and
Fire   Escaipes.
Genera! Machine Work and
Transfer Co.
' unice 'Phone 18��.     Barn Thorn
Columbiu  Street
l-.aggase   delivered   promptly   to
any  part ot '.be city.
Light and Heavy Hauling ^
: t.r.in ii
I than the
i pended.   F-or >' mtt8
that the revenue of the country Is ot
I ,w value to the people unless it ��
I used to improve the condition unde.
I whiCb the people live.   Money in the
treasury does not do any W*��J$
\ sealer who lacta the necessmy public
Ul,,,ces. it does not find hm a
! n,n,a, ior his crops or a means o
I gettlfag Ms produce to the mar**.*
WZ* not help him to Weep ui^
, vviUllUe outside world or m any o
er way and to his comfort 0- '
"'/rove hia facilities for ma^g a lh
'"That   tL  ^unei���   ^vernmenj   does
not spend more than ti>e connti > can
ltff0,.d is shown by the fact that  "ide
ils adiiiiniStratlon the revenue JM ��
ceeded expenditure by au average
0Ver   p.ooo.uuu per year to,
years.    That is to say
;jnue for   the  twelve   years   ������
i-ule  has  exceeded
NoUca is hereby given that the Vancouver Power company,  Llmitad, has
this day deposited in the Laud Registry Office at the City ol Sew West*
mins��c,   British  Columbia,  the  plan
1371 aud   book of  reference  ol  the  West-
minster-ChilltVwack Railway lixtenslon
(rom ��. polmt at or near lots one and
two, city 1>1<��-K  tour In On- City  oi
\,.\v Westminster, to A.b olsford pass-
rough    the    Municipalities    of  period the r.ev.en
Del-..,   Langley,   Matsqui   and less  than  the ^
the  townsite  of   A.hbotsford  in    the  Under '
District   of  N--'-    Wostmlnster,  being country
the total n-v*
tia.   nidinary  ex-
Office and  Works:
1 mitli Street,  ���   NewWestminster
J. Newsome&Sons
Painters and Decorators
Estimates <m All Work Given
399 Sixth Avenue"
Every Day
I At Morey's
40 piece Tea Sets, Kngllsh I'hi-
ita,  $4.50 to  $20X0.
10 piece Toilet Sets, decorated,
$2��0 to $10.00.
NEW  things  in  China arriving
-every week now.
Come and see.
217-219 Columbia Street
W. N. Draper
B.   C.   Land
Ellard BlocK. New Westminster, B C
,;���,>���   oue, two  ami   three  of  --aid  ? 11r,.r,**s  per
���ailway, as shown on the Bald plan aud : manage
approved and sanctioned by the Chief
ComH-tosloner iiaf Lands and Works for
lie. Pwvlnfce of British Colombia.
Hate.' this TIL day of AngUBt. A.  D.
Spitcitor for the Vancouver Power
>anv Limited.
penditure by over
raBt  aiis with tlu- last twelv
.  ,.    ��� wiiive  rule   during    wnicn
' "���   ���'���" over $4,000,000
ovdinarj   expenditure.
management the
I at    the rate of
.,.       Under    liberal
ha.' had  an   average
.iu:;.-::.: per year:
Conservative    friends     have
gain     bj   inviting  a   COm-
,i���. ananclal managemenl
Laurier governmenl  with thu
1 parUon ol
of   Ilu
Of   the  government
.���Pacific Globe.
that   prec
Med  it.
Tenders Wanted
tr       ADVERTISE       "��
��� IV ���
THE       DAILY       NEW  13
i     Sealed  tenders IWlH   be received  to
jniKUi. October 15th,    for\ supply    of
'sawn ami hewn fir ties for .\.\v West*
' niin-ter-Chilliwacl.    Railway.    Clover-
1 trail- to Abbotsford, also Ahbotsford ,<'
I Chilliwack. j '^ -m ism;, the mandate of which you
Specifications can be procured from  renwed In 1900 and In 1904, and which
Local Manager. N'ew  West minster, or  mandate, I  believe,  you  will  also re-
-,..   office ney as soon as the bugles sound the
it. c, .-i.'.rTKK' KAlLW.W CO.', I-Tl'   t-.il' of d.i,y nl fhe polw*- Sir v.i.Md
,-.    IL  litixliit, Purchas':.-  A-teiit.       i.;..,,-.' r,
The Bugle Call.
t ,|,i,1k 1 can claim thW when the
pages of Hisio.y are unfolded to the
eyes of future generations It will he
regard-ad that, though the generations
unlet, have pasBed laid the lounda-
tl0n8, the supreme honor of crownhW
the edifice was reserved to the fid-
niiiiivtii.iii.il Which >ou placed In power in 1896, tin
���:   *
-   _1
,   �� . ��� J
���      '������
'   '      :
- ?'4--*i
1 .-��� X i
*        . la 1
���      '���      'J
���'   _.-*_.
1 '���! ��� J
���.. mi
. ���-m.'i
!i \r>._
��� '    'Hi 1
* __ a
���', ���*
.    i ���.   _,
i  Wl
.f >*)_���:....>   ,   -.
NPa'.: '���^������t-wjL-
j -  -i-l
: '"Ofi*1'''-!
f*   ,i. * vu
���  ,**������ .'   .J ' i
* ��� r.-.-A'^'iv
'   ''*''l
��� -.: L*��&of-fll
��4i"i ..Mjb-.fl-* -> ���**?',.
���7    wii'1 >rr- -;. I
��� _i^^fv*v%-ffi' r
-   * j. ������*��<.!
��r    i*N -    .   tIU.j a'MH i,
.�� ��� ������__-*���"
'*'��� '   Wl
���"-*.. '-I1
- ���*I*W,'
"If.?. ������
.-#   iJ��!-���*. -P >
ii .*   *,ref   '-"*���"    .
������411 .^^/C.
���>* -'��3.. ��� ;
rw^"* _i V*'.   '�����
_/_."����� IS*'
**_ _U  -.4 ''*'
'lis! -v'-
��� i * ���- '-���"'; r
���<-.      :,     ...     i    ���'
l-$*,}���������  * '."
p-iyfij.   ��� ���(
_--, -,: '"J  JV
B*i3-..* ���(','> *-
K��� ���'.�����.. -ii -a,'.
nl Srfa**1 -Sir l:
_. ���_, fr#4'.:.:. .
H*'_S#^*''J"" "
�� i   "ii'il     T
m'-'.J**}'i * ��       .*.',-''
���i-tJEI.1'. ', ''
*;���'������_, ii
m." ""   "���
riffr j:; ... *�����
* ii ** *   s-i   i1* ��*���
i K   *���
Published by the Daily News Publishing Conipan., Limited, at their
offices, corner of Sixth and Front
streets,  N'ew  Westminster.  B.  C.
E.  A.   Paige Managing   Director
MONDAY.  OCT. 12,  1908.
Do not. forget that Toryism as practiced here in the Civil Service exhibits what Borden means by Civil Service reform���that is��� going from bad
to worse.
if such a lamentable thing did happen aud the Tories once more got into power at Ottawa, what could the
fishermen and the business men of
this city expect at their hands? The
Tories have clearly indicated what
they would do. Premier McBride and
his government must continue to produce the goods to the cannery combine, and the Tory leader at a meeting of fishermen wishing and seeking
redress of their grievances, angrily-
told them that the regulations of the
Provincial government would lie carried out n. the lett'-r. Now in these
words there was not one ray of '��� >P<
for these thrifty, hardworking fishermen, who are settled, and have built
their homes on the tanks of the
might] Praser. No relaxation except at
ejection time, for for a week or so
their fishery guardians have been
withdrawn just to blind these sons of
toi] who have been robbed of their
moans of earning a livelihood. But
uo one ever dreamed that the vexatious regulations that have so seriously affected the river fishermen, and
incidentally the trade interests of this
city, were to be made more stringent.
No one ever thought that the persecution of honest men t.i the limit of
endurance would be carried beyond
the extremes of the Russian autocracy. Bu; the Conservative journal
of the Capital City of the province,
the Victoria Colonist, is authority for
the statement made by the master of
the. government, John P. Babi ���
This fish trap combine expert now-
thai only ti million of eggs have
- ire'.. when we had an author:*  * .       si itement   in   the   N
ertisi r   commending the    reg .   ���
tions - ui   Seaton Lake h
ery  was   :' il .    He di  w s   thi   con I
-I'm   tha,   thi      sti I iting  i  - il
must   be  made   more   drastic.
��� gulations I ������ ma le more dras,
���  ;     i net
fishermen   altoj ethe        This   i-   evi-
Mr. Bal i ock's Intention.    An I
what is Mr. Babcock's iut- ntt< n Is law
.-. ��� t Toi     got ernment   ..���   Victo-1
.:   li     if thi y will so ; ���     cut    the
fi -:.��� ;���:..   0    at    ' his    tit:.-1.    V   . as   a
tl g   .    nment thej  have no*, i
the   authoritj   to   make    regulations,
would  the Conservative do ifl
thej issessed the authority by
-.:* ii        thi ling in control at Ot-
���'.���-' i      In the '-vent of these thrifty
settlers     eing   entirely   deprived     of
gitlmate right to fish as British
.;���   ���-   ind     Magna Charta. what Is
��� become of their bright homes dot-1
.long the tanks of the Fraser riv-
- '   What does Premier McBride and
.- gi vernment t tre so long as they
can  fatten  on  the    est  of the land.
while   hi    lonest fli herman's family is
want '   What doi * th,    ;ov-
Babcock  care    as
.. . .:.* his spleen on this,
,    ly his sponsors, the
��� r river saimon in
asked bj
��� .   Mi Br le to support his Tory
;    .;���   .1   it Taylor, in this
C   ild Mr, Taylor stop the peril     ,    , oui '..   ��������� hy  I is   he
Pi  mil r McBride in i
.   ���   ,, ���    ��� .   ��� ���  glvi
��� i to the deman I    I   it Mr
.   removed,  then  whj    lo.
-,���     r nvi .- him ���" :''   ��� -;-    in
his  bi ; alf,    "ti   the public plafi
The Invitation to do so puts Mr Tay*
��� -,- In the Ughl of condoning the cf*
ensive    ��� ��� ���     ���'ion, and if th ��� T
persecute now, can you expect repentance in the future? The only repentance so far in sight, is that promised
by Mr. Babccck of more drastic restrictions. It is time for the fishermen and the business men of this city
who benefit by the river trade, to
stop, stand still awhile, and thin!..
then act as only common sense can
dictate, and vote against Mr. Taylor
as the exponent of Tory principles,
"the enrichment of the few it the expense of the many."
The reading by Mr. Ceo. H. Cowan
of documents he says he unearthed
while in Ottawa, reflecting on Mr. Mclnnes' administration in the Yukon,
turns out to be a newspaper attack on
that gentleman, garbled to suit Mr.
Cowan's case. Everyone knows that
Conservative and Liberal alike who
was desirous of seeing clean administration in the Yukon lauded the efforts of Commissioner Mclnnes to
that end, and when, for reasons dear
to every true man's heart and which
showed him to be intensely human,
he resigned, much to the regret of Sir
Wilfrid Laurier, Hon. Frank Oliver
and the Liberal leaders, not only did
the Yukon Liberal association tender
him a. testimonial, but a personal address was delivered him by the citizens of Dawson, irrespective of party.
Nothing could be desired greater in
the way of endorsement, and now It
remained for th ��� holiest of the Purity - Foster- Bordi n - candidates, who,
after conducting a campaign of personalities, cried "Enough! Let us be
good now!" comes forward and reads
this garbled attack of a newspaper,
owned by men who had been prevented from having their owu way in the
Yukon, as though it were a document
he had discovered in the archives at
Ottawa. Thes.. ;ind other tactics indicate that the Cowanite Conservatives are at their wits end to know
what to do to make their case good.
The hopelessness of the Conservative cause is bringing out the latest
blackguardism of some of its advocates. According to yesterday's News-
Advertiser. .Ur. Robert Cassidy. K. C.
who when called upon to speak on
Mr. (i. H. Cowan's behalf, was eulogized by the chairman for his ability.
labored hard to answer Mr. Mclnnes'
charge that Mr. Cowan acted with
double front on 'he A.iatic question,
and in concluding said: "Are you - -
li;- to vote for S ; Wilfrid La ... .
after that? If you do, you are a set
of curs."    We maj   from  experiei
spec! - -.,:. thing li'.:    thi . attei
tlon, from the Con     -.:.-;....
here, but his sagacity    ,,. | tl al ���
S] eakers,  will  prevent  them
I      isting the ��� li     irate . rior -    the
lay of polling.
The   Conservative   candi la,
was recently in raid, . bj the 1 a ,r
ian trumpet In the Ti . lorian o gan
as "ta straightforward, outspoken
man.'' has been telling the elecl ,rs
that -'trade ami the countrj are going
to the dogs, etc." But here are a few
figures which show at once whai an
extraordinary development in Canadian trade there has been during the
twelve years of the Laurier administration:
Excess over
Exports,       l ..ul
(Million    i Million
dollars i    dollars)
1896         H6 ���
l-:'"   Lit IS
18&S   L59  '"      43
1899   155 39
  183 67
1901   194 ts
1902   210 94
I '���'���:   225 L09
190.   211 95
1905   201 S5
I 106   246 130
. 107   254 138
190S   263 117
To the good tor twelve      i ,43
Mrs, A. .1   Hill and family desire    ,
ill '.;- ..     who extended ���-> tn-
' ��� ���  on  th.. occasion of  the deal
rei   Hall,  and  also to
who .   mi:' a*" t Boral tributes,
TIip FrlUnn Tlioafn  ^�����^��*cc^^^ 0*0*0*0*0*0*00*0*0*0*^*0
Corner Columbia and  Begbie
High Ci-.- Moving   Pictures.   Illu
trated Songs.    Program changed M -
day, Wednesday and Friday.
I Get the Habit
We Arc Proud
A-  THEODORE  WATERS,  late   cf  Zululand,
Wiil  be given in the Knox Church.  Sapperton, TO-NiGHT.
Under  the   inspicft of the Young People's Society
,- 8
of  the  goods  we carry  ani
satisfied   we   can   give   you
good   value for  your  mono.    is g
you can get anywhere, and bet- T
ter   than  most   places. #
, ���
.N'ew Goods are arriving daily O
and there are lots more tu come o
yet.    You   are   welcome   to  in- *^
spect   our   stock,   whether   you 0
lute or not. O
Our Special for today la
Whisks, regular 15 cents, for
10c each.
Come and let us show you
the finest store you aver Ban
in a town of this size
Tuesday_Oct. ^
Jos<-Ph and V/iUiam ff
and     .,:.
Sher: la,
���    ...       ���
"The Rivak
of ^e late J -H
Prices  $1.50.  $1.00, 75c  _���., *, I
Ft; i
The Fair
iO     .
iThe lecture;- ati i  Bkull of hippopotamus.)
In the course of the lecture   which will  be Illustrated  by  lime
Westminster Opera h
Wednesday, Oct. 14
ght view.-,  the  following Bubjecta will  be dealt with:   Travel.  Ex-   y     A   Superb,  s-     *      , sc,,nt,.|
Africa. Admission,  35c:     children.   20c.
240 Columbia Street
New Westminster
Tomorrow's   Special���White   Emp.-;
Envelopes.  2 okgs.  for 5c.
"We buy for cash and sell tor   he
j    ploration.   Animals.   Adventure, Big Game  Hunting.   Lif.   Among lhe   6
2    Untutored Savages of Darkes-  Africa, and  the Boer War. Q   \  vivia
*��� ^
O   Lincoln J. Carter's Specia  p*,h,���
0 |
3^0*0*0*040*00*0*0*0*0��K>#0  0*0*D*D*0*0*00*aK)*0*0*0*G*��0
The regular monthly meeting of thei
Westminster    Publicity    Association
i wlll   be  held   in  th*--   board of trade
I room.  City  hall,  on  TUESDAY even-
��� lng, Oct. 13, at eight o'clock.
All members of the association are
requested  to   attend,    as  important
; matters are to be brought up for discussion.
r *************** a****************************
���| We   are   now   booking   private
t,j? Christmas Cards.    Printed Greetings
J;..: with your own name.
A beautiful line of samples can
be seen now  to  select  from.
! Flaming|
Introdm Ing thi
1 J. J. MacKay & Co. |
���5 Booksellers
News Dealers
*t  GENUINE LASS  _i\.
fi*I "1
the ��� Iramtl
'���*!  magnltud
See the  Coun
8e ��� thi   Ul
3 ���' the Genuim -. _; ...
Big  Special   Cast of Peoplt,
Popular  Prices���50c. 75c and fi
Secretary   Wc-stminster   Publicity   A-
ADVERTISE     IN     THE      NEWS Westminster
Opera Hous
Thursday. Oct. 15
s Up to You
t i make some natty little Xmas gifts for those   -.
cial frlenda   of yours,   Bul before starting at them
let us Bhow you our new line of    Fancy  Linens,
Buch   a-   Fancy Worli Bags, Pin Ca e    Book Cast
Shaving   Paper  Holders, Towel  Backs, etc., etc.
Prlci s   vary   from 25c to $1.00.
A. J. BIRTCH, 275 Columbia Street
Gecrre  M.  C
S     "The
for Friday
and Saturday $j Honeymooners
at Johnston's  Big Shoe House a
We Shoe The Town
A-:���.    for   "Cert"    football
> '     Our prli e $3.50 a pair.
Vici  kid.  Blucher cut,   with  Cubam
iei I, for $3.00   , pair
< iut. ".'.'' ���   , olh       cul  boots; i
|   :��� r tall we r, $3.50 a pair
P.ateni :   ��� I ic!      cut; spi
p   ��� ". $3.50 a pail
'������ la for this
pa   q   leai
Our   prl -   11 * .   i
Oun       ��� ���   i ix call     ��      with
hea-        .   ���       1.00 and $3.50 a pair.
Box i iii  i.n.'  with heat ������  Boh   and
leather line I,   i iur price $:' 50 a  pal .
Patent |i ather  Blucher cut and dull
kid top.   9 eel tl price $4.50 -i pair.
Ask for our $.'..J," men's
bool with i".ither lining and
made trom No.    l  box    calf
Ask to see tins patenl leather shoe for ladies. It'b
very stylish. Our price $l.'*u
a pair.
n -> goods coming In every day.   Ask to -������������ our new Empress Bhoes for ladies and our Invlc'
ho men.
'* "��� '   -��� ���''������  ��� the  ��� extra -hoc values toi today and tomorrow.
JOHNSTON'S Big Shoe House, ltd. |
able :' ���
The Cohan
an Old Fashloi
.it Noise," ' in.
a*t**l    "   -V>- T-'' \
pO     a.--, i.if. .---j
^N   , i 1
rW s":i- U J
rW   Ilium'.' -I' I'm ii ���'���   lz<>
*ffa  Ing to Have ���-'',:
JSS       Cohan   Music,   Cohan   Boys, CsWI
l****\   Girls,  Cohan   Noise. Cohan Charac'-.r-r
isticc.   Cohanesque from Bee n- ig �����
?"(S      S:":J alsuli
LAJj . -.a-' '
rh       Prices   25c,   50c. 75c.  $1.00, $150-
If. crake
K     English Watchmaker
&& L��� ,���������  from  Co. Adam,, 0^
LATE   WITH   i. A.   LEE
Begs to
now  read
!   til.la     ���    '
at th    . ���''  '
i ���
,-tng  :
W. J. Spnrhman,
Cor.  Sixth and  Carnarvor
will meet with
Sign of lhe Big Electric Boot.
New Westminster, B. C.
Two   door*   from
��� ]2 75 UP'
Ladles' Cold Watcnes from ^ ��� #,
Oentlemen'a   silver   warn"
Watches, do.*
South Be"d
^5J     aienii^uifu n
fY\   fare, $6.00.
Ks' Gentlemen's silver
IJL|,case. $7.50 up. ,
5��    Agent for the celebrate   B ���m*
Ui ,Watrh.'_. iupplW   -o    w.irr:,n,ed.
gg'AiTtle  Kxnedltlon     VII *u^ ^
Chains, Rlnps, ����'^ ,.|K*
Watch   repalrta*:   cDarge
'.insed nion;*, tire eit-e ot tue uit-*.i_.* | im-.-s  oia U-*Y
12.   '908*
1  ULi      **
��� �������������������� * **���������**������**'��� ���������*0""** ** **
*w w w *��� T wi ���? v I*i_e--,ww**��jp
������ ������.:.���������..������.'
*******   **:**���.���**������������**
:ived   at   '-he
Saturday, i��ad
.   hi ^ *-^   ���  ���. ����������������������� "*���  -
NEWS'! j DressersandStands j
$13.50 to $80.00
���?**>���:.-:**   **   **   **���**:���������**:**������'
1 tor any floral work,
ring . Phone 184. *
1 hotel.
,  and  daughter, of
���iiis  city   Satur-
:l,   tlie Russell
is working a1  Chris
3ay.   On her return
For I lss (   t flowers  pot plat.
or bou ; ���  lephone    Davis & Son,
i. B 208,
." ci g
��� hit.'
(''..- i
r oft a lox of "B.
md tt    one    It will malcei
i:   i.
game   laws,
this   mornin
oi   East   Delta,    who i-
uiilating the  Provincial
ammoned  to appeal
oefore  Magistrate Cap*
Mammoth Furniture  Emporium j
 _._-_, ..urn* STREET.  NEW WESTMINSTER,   B.  C.    ���
tain  PU ��� :; Irlgh  In  the district court.
Opposite  Lome Street.      Phone 73.
A funeral .-..vice was conducted on
Havana  eigars of    exclusive 1 Saturda.        members of the Orange
,he "Brillante,"   made  by   the  lodge  No   1150   over the bo Jo. the |
late Isaac Hood, who was killed near
N,anaimo lasi   Tuesday.     Officers  of ��
L. O. L. No, 1593 were also presen
j ^~*******************���*���""���
c   .
T. H, Smi i left ; ���--���������fiay Cor a six
. 1 Weel       lurchasing   tour   in   Chicago,
Nl...   vo I   and   Montreal,  travelling^
rer :   p i< ij .  roads.
$8 and $10
Coats for $5
\ golden opportunity to secure a   eallj   ������-.". k-eaV,,. Coat at
ilously amall price,   This    Is  a   manufacturers'  sample
line, and the workmanship, style and tinish is even more per-
[i _��� than on regular good?.   We purchased them at -.3 1-3 per
ifl regular price.   These coats  com--  in  English Cheviot,
: and Coburgh.    Graceful, loose fitting 3-4 length, ripple
pleated  back,  flat collar of velvet braid, trimmed, etc.    Other
-   short  semi-fitting    We lave one complete rang- at $5,
.' 512.50, and another a;. $15.    All sizes.
Water Commissioner C  C   Fishes. #
on   Saturda    refused   to  gran-   wate;-'1
All Colum .le  phonogiupu disc rec-'  recor^ to C, S, Battle, E. W. McLean |
ordsl ��� 50c each, ������"'��� Me9Srs  Ho_* Graveley & Co., all f
_ wMl0  lhc of Van.   ivi     and whose applications
choice I    la - -    rodd's music �����������   ;   '        *' '* u"m a --'r,",i   "'-'*
house **   "": mgh Lot 213. I
\l ���   Henry   returned       The      .:{:..   ol   Samuel   Rawlins    |
..,..,..,.,���,   ;   ,:,    -.   ���-....  where   thej   whi   lied      heart disease ai thi   Ro
had  been  sp udlng  their honeymoon, al Columbian hospital on Frida
having ��� I in Victoria last  took     ...    Saturday  ai the re
,A,,.. j of   the  decease I's   tamilj.   In     Del
Mr. Rawlins bad recently come hen *
I from England with his two sons, Sam- *
luel and Ma   .. to engage In farming,   ���
i Gordon's Dry Goods House
Clearance sale of over I  -Jl""*
[biaphonograpl   records at J. H* Todd M
���nasi,'  house.    A  75c  record tor ��t>,aad   ,a. 72 years of age.
Lents.   Come early, as this stock re* I
ducing sale will not last long.
by express from New York - 25 j
Suits���Nobby styles in the
newest cloths
��� .
��� ���
��� ���
New Arrivals in the Dress Goods Department
11 25 per >,,i!'	
New Chiffon Broadcloths at $1.50 per
 ��- ���     .  .vr.r
.    ta inches wid
ier s ���''���'��� ^^^
New Range of  Satin  Hats
a  '     "I     '   '     J"'"''
The case of Ah Sing, who is serving .i term foi selling opium to Indians and who was due to appear on a
habeas corpus, application having being taken on the ground that the coru-
mittment was faulty, had to be set
over until next week, because Jus
tie-,- Clement failed to put in an ap-
I pm. .iti:-.- here on Saturday.' Several
other case
The  meting  of th-  Olivet   Baptist
V   p  c   tonight will be lead by P. XN-
Small.  ' Talks   by   the  different  con-
��� yenors will occupy a large pa" of the
Th   . me ;���. obtaining the rebate in
::,',.       municipality  on   1908   taxes
rSpires on October 15, 1908.
1-he piano you bought at the exhibi.
tlon should be insured In a  *J��*e __
flre    insurance    companj wni1^ Lpened a branch business ln this city
ghlies &  Co., of 260 Columbia street   ^  ^      ^.^ ^ ;h(, offi(?e of    thc
|are th<   mo    reliable and experience gettlers. Association   of B. C, Begbie;
:',-���.���, with  which  to Place    this bu^ I strei,    Mr. Fisher is an accountant of I
Prices range from
s were also adjourned.
Mr. Wm Fisher, of the firm of Rorie
& Co., accountants,    Vancouver,    has
High Class Millinery
Special Showing this week
long -' inding and wlll
. ivi rs
to attei
���   -i, .   p\--��cutl\e  ".   ���'"-   uim     ���'       ""���    	
�������,      ',-, be ���t  !1(M,       ping worh for New Westmin*
^^hie's parlors at eight o'clock thla  Bte,    atrons.
Ml  members are requested      ^ ^ degh.e to have a ,m track
Li ��� th ample accommidatloh toi
aale  .seven    roomed    house,
avi .-     ,-kwets    wood-
bath   too,,,,   pantries,   closet
;���,,,   .tall,   carriage   house
S'trees; on full lot.    Kor further
SicST- apply to owner. IM Eighth
T. li. Smith
Headquarter, for Women's Ready-to-wears
��� 'curing  control  of a  large  section of
'(land north of Chllko lake, in the Chil-
j cotin  country.     Mr.   Farmer   will   be
absent for about six weeks.
Hunting Boots
PKeasant   sKootinJ    opens
I5tl_ (next TWsday).
Every sportsman   wants  to  be
A goeJ pair of Waterprooi
Hunting Boots i^ one of tKe ne-
ceflsitie.. We have opened today
a special sKipment. TKey are
made oi tKe only waterproof
leatker  (Crssco  Calt)-
a large field ol horses, comes the news
that a nee  ital!-mile track at Central
Park,  which  Is close to the govern-)*
raent reserve track and easily acces-
5ible   1,    t   ut.   trom   Vancouver  and
Westminster, it- a possibility fo,- next
n  a  -i.ring   as ll seems a movement has**
B.  h. Fanner left y-^^Kf"under  way   for  some  time  by
trip of inspection.^****����*�� ^prominent local and Vancouver horse-
California capitalists  wno
��� ���   -~"""  nf I    Vancouver   won   the   first game  of
..���,. aprieg of the Pacific coast soccer
! league, Saturday, winning from Seat-1J
.Ue by a score of 6 toO.   With the ex* j |
.    ���,,��� -R  C " and "Old'. ceptlon of an occasional rush, the ball
AH dealers handle   B. ft ^^ ^ ^^ ten.kol,, .,     uu.
Sport"     eigars.       The ^\ ^   ^   goals should   have   been
brands. j gayed bv tUe g0al-keeper of the visit
Those who  gathered  ai   the  ^f ing team, who Is not in the eame ol""
-;:;t;;n.t::rr;-';'::r'rt",>,w'u'c'    -
->: jyyizy,z'^
BSttlg      .,'   ecture.    His  knowledge
instratea      -  ' ,       A ,i,,
,���   .  nf   Wild  animals,  couple I   with 	
"-*   T:zy,ir:;yz,iy.y
seVen-.vear-old daughte    o��    1  {     own  s;ik(, was
Simpson  ��ho.^o���.:,scou    ,;.    ^0^. hut that when it was
^' ^Je past fwCMrs-Uomeoneelseoutofthemlr
��i| 500 Baskets
I Concord GrapeSj^
* . ��������������� ��� ���
* ������������-���*    ^=^~~
| 50c per Basket
��� ���	
! Public Supply Stores GEOp��Dpfws
Columbia   Street.
New   Westminster,  B. C.       Phone 92.
***************************** **************************
een I ^___________
sit-   "
.   . I o Q
The   Vancouver defence  was
and their kicking strong.
Tbe   Hev.   Dr.   Sutherland,   general
-���tary of the  Methodist  board of
/missions, preached a ver., forceful and
i'.r.iressive sermon at Queen's Avenue
i Methodist church last evening.   Dur
At tlu
Slmp80n ���ad m r^z\^^^
!83enger for a doctor, and | eto�� ^ ^ Vaiu.ouv(,1, effectively sang
���The Man of Sorrows
Ld gone across to a neighbors to
assistance    ln summoning   hei
See   tKem  in  our  window to-
The Reliable Shoe Man
Fruits of AH Kinds
Good Cooking Apples 75c per box
and up.
Pears, Bananas, Grapes,
Cantelopes, etc.
PHONES 193 and 44S
C. A. Welsh rA*c,o:::"'
8 _w^5
when everybody ami his dog wil,  be out  witl, a  gun and judging
r       t,  lherp  will be many Ml *MJ- Miv oc.
The large number of shooting accidents that have -
,.���,,,, lh,s year shouid be a warning to  all t*����    tha       hey
should have an accident ins ,ranco policy and I can giT��   .
be8I will give you a polk* for m��� for 18.00 thai will pay bene-
BU for all kinds of accidents. .ipl,licat_on
Phone, write or call and , will te glad to fill out an ,
for you, but it you meet with a misha*. and havi  no. al      -
not blame me.
Economy Insurance Broker,
i    '  i
I   , 'h.
. >,......
���'     j* ������'
. vi��t*,
*���   ,.'%'.l
.,. .*i*'
ii ���..
, rt*
.  .. \jp ?
, ��� .v
}   ""Li.'
��� i; I   ���*' V
1 ������f.v
''      '    1
. *p
���     .
**'��� *���'*__��'  > '--.f
' ,:��� -^
- ���������'1
, - ���
- ���eV'*i
**,,��� ������' ��� .-,;*
���'      '  '"" v"1.
-    ��� V1  ��� ��� -.*    1 ^*'
* > ��� V
. S , "-ji
-- -a,*
k;* v...*:.-.'   vj
'       '-'A
, -���"���';"
���     '   A *'
,*L*m l
V    'aw     *���".        *>'��� :'
��� i^B
i^ * ���>�� *-��
- %?*���:������
- '������'���i-.h I
lf*$i Si'!*
���ir  ��� b*"*ni . ���*���**���*. _    ���
ml *'i.-*iM
igi%M*t fe '
J-^#ff>��_tii'*i* V 3 *
rT"4' 'V  :  -   -
v*''       t-'-.W i
"a"     IV-   .)>_
���.^tH**].**.'**.**^���i'*S��." jK-
-'Li ;'ll-i*F*. *', "V ft J ���]���.-(** ��j
: ,' :,{ fnw -T '��� w :�����.**��� .���;   ���'-���"    i.
;1 |M IS; ���
if-m\wMfk'* ��
���Ii-. /iJ   ll ' Ik     '      eU   ������     *    ���' IBM    1"    .
-.   f.     ii        'I- *i    "I, '    .  .if- , ���.
'V| ;<,'.ij^;1';,;j!!*/
��� .iM,J.J*.-.|r>B.k  j.  *
._ ��� . -'"''ill'.".* ' ���?��<..
\     - X->.'    '
it;.     .,i   ,��..#
*- *i' - :   nti" ���
& ...-���_.-   ��� t*j- -;.'
iJ^m^tr: '.v.,
:��'^^te^i' ,*\- "
T **S ���'������*>.'
H;*._.��t'.;�������� *   L_
W-** ���-���""���'     !--������ * -
WAii1^   ��� ���".
St.      ''' ���
.3_ ll'-  ��� ��� ������
k- . ^W ��� I! .,* *
>,-;.,' <* u *
i'.'. i
-***M.i."W;1��-<,.' :���-��� "
Flil-e 'eitl''' ' ���'$���"���
i 'il i:' * ��� '',* *
L-'M *���.   I. *
(Continued from Page Two.)
p..its,  so  that  wear and  tear and  repairs are reduced to a minimum.
j   (8)    Tlie adaptability of the system
t<  meet  various local requin ments.
* We are Informed by the government
fagineer in charge of the Hrunsbuttell f**g oi.erations.
Ilstrlct that previous to the "Nikolaus"
j_   commencing work, it took a large
bucket  dredger and three steam bop-
�� i  Ughti rs winking nighl and day to
Ji'iji the channel clear, whereas    the
atomised and undiluted state be ob-lpended more than $1,000,000   bn   the man.*   soils h therto capable of being'
tained for comparison with   any Mil  construction  of   these   machines,  has worked only by the bucket    or    grab
that it Is proposer! to deal with under ajbptea 'he system    throughout    the systems can under the Fruhling sys-
this system.   There appears to be   no 'empire, and has now under construe- tem be economleeJljMreated   by   __.���.-
doubt that many soils, hitherto cap-  tion further machines for emptoment tion   and thererore   v.-,,   regard   the
able of being worked    onlv   bv    the  in nearly all the German pom of im- leuionstrajion    as    moit    suecessful.
bucket or grab systems, can under the  portance on the BtUtic und -North s.ti. , roving a  great advance in economy
Fruhliig    system     be    oconomicuilv    . In addition,  the    British   D^Sglns!.and dispatch i^fntuffe dredging-!
treated  by suction, and therefore we Co., Ltd, has already constructed two Fl-ANNERY, BAGGALLAY &   mihn-
regard the demonstration as most sue-  of these vessels and has further ve- ^    SON,
cessfui, proving a great   advance   in .-els under construction; and a dredger Mai ne and Consulting Engineers and
, y.inomy and despatch in future dredg-  has lately been dispatched under bei *."'���'-*>   l-ondon.
own steam from Holland '-o Shangai. I    addition to these opinion ii may
two English patents have been sub-lThe vessel arrived at her destination ��� I that Fruhling dredges in ac-
mined ions, namely 19239   of    189$,  without having experienced the slight- iperation have been   visited    by
and  iii:.:.? of 1900, tho first being for est misfiap, This quality of seaworthi- engineers from all parts of the world
the tuetii.i-i of mixing the spoil    with 'ne_s is one ol the notable advantagi hat    arrangements   have    been
sludge, and removing it upon the sue-   of  the type,    Mo  insurance  premium made, or are being made, for employ-
O4O4OiC��O*O*0O*C*O*O*O*C*0 -^O^HOeoeoKO^^      -^ I
The Best Yet \
Five and  ten acre blocks of the  best soil, ,i
cultivation, on Chllliwach nam lit,.     , .,
Up0n  thi    land,    Terms reasonable.
y   ten
'"NiK-'iaiii.���"   s.s.   now   does   the
rt;i.,   '..ffectiv.'lv   and   works   only
g< ;:rs \,*f i.-ay.
j At   uliout     11 : l.'i   .:.:n.   I n   Sei t.   30,
tViC, vessel unmoored in our presence
ing    them    in    v,v:u   Britain    (two
dredgers delivered), China (one dred*
tion  sysleni  as above  descrtbeil,  tuid above   the   ordinary   marine   rate   for
the second being for a. skillful until- cargo vessels was paid on ihe \,am'
od of inixitii--  the sludge    with    wa- for   the voyage,   thus    demonstratim- i              ered  al    Shanghai),    .lapan.
ter    while it  is deposited in  the in? the.high'idea pf her qualities held;bj Egypt,    Brazil,    Argentine    Republic,
teflorroi fhe hopper for the purpose <% insurance linns.    S.-awm-thiness is of South  -Affrlcd and    elsewh.ie.    Seven
e        .                 , ,,������.,��� ������,���, .iredn-  being carried  away  to the dumping- no small importance when the necess edges oi various sizes, one   of them
ii tin1  tlu* uuav and ciiii.iieuceu iiicuj.  ,         ��                           -                           ' ..,.,,
.    .         ,,,,.,������.   ,��� ���,���;,,.,,- the ground, and in such manner    us    to ity  ior long and rough  voyages pi! nn      powerful afloat, are employ*-
lllii'   111    llllll'l'    llilllJUl,  ,10    lUUbU.lli.'    lilt.  : o **                                                                                 ..     ii                                                  	
..       ,   ,,,������   ���n. ���.���,,   lopk'koep the _---.il  sufficiently  mixed   with work in rough waters is consul .'red. etl    ..   lie   '...'iman government on n-
I DominioriTrustCo.,Ltd.
g THOS. R.  PEARSON, Manager.
*   Real Estate, etc. Money to L  -1
c��oe<:**o*oe*oeco-��o*c-eo*oeo*c 0*6*0*0*0* ���ooeoeoeru   \\
and was locked out of canal,"proceed- I Mould to be pnfhped out of the hopper
-d  a out   3    kilometers,    where    the  and  deposited   through   the   pipes   on
nidged  material wes discharged, the, shore.    In   this  way a   vessel  similar
torwaid   coi.iiu.rini.-n.   of    2b0   -cubic  '"  the  "NMkoLps'j     s.s;,    constructed
meters being dumped througt. hopperd ""der ti... two patents above referred
i�� no seconds, and the two after com-  to, la adaptable both tor winning spoil
partments of 100 tubic meters each --rom docks, harbors, and .
bCing pumped overbear, in  .*..  mlni'Places, w:,.��� thp soil Is   less   sandy  experts in the accompanying report
r4os.    Vessel  then returned to outer   'Han  has  hither. n  possibf.    for   lis  main advantages  ma
larlfc t���.U  lilbd tui tl.rc     compart-  suction, and Is |l*so adapja ile to carry
,,.,,'s  in  IG  ii.iniius   with   mui.  con*  sCp spoil ttt a di-t,t..". and deliier :t
tllrOng about   L5  per cent,  of  water;   through pipes   to   1 ie   required   nlae,
Advantages of the Fruhling System of   c   ials,  rivers  and  harbor.-.
Sustion    Dredging  Over    Other I'm-  system  has been submitted  to
Systems of Suction Dredging. | the   Panama  canal   commission,   w ho
The numer��us -.epainto  advantages  :      arranging io have it inspected in|
ensuing from the use of the Fruhliii"
system  of dredging  are explained in.
ike  detail  and  In  technical  language    bi
1 'ation.
________________________________   AT
The J
���^.111  proceeded    about    3 kilometers,I -��� or making up artiflcia] land, as    is
and   dumped    the   who'.,    cargo   In  frequently  requii        n    harbor    cor\-
.(1   seconds.     Vessel   then   returned [struction.
to    the    htirbnr    at     1 : 15    p.m'.      We
requested    to   see    the     whole,     of
-.he   compartments   Oiled   and pimped   overboard     or     discharged     on
land.    It  was explained that the ori-
H. e -,   to   valves   in   the   forward  compartment  had  been   blocked  up  with
(Signed 1
Flann..]-.. Baggally .!_ Johnson
li  Fenchurch  St.,  London,   Eng,
A   Giant  Dredge   (The   Fruhling
(Extract  from  tli.' "Scientific  Ame
can" for Sept. 2, 1SIU5.)
be tabulated as follows:
It is the only nutans w.ureliy thu
suction system of dredging may be
equally successfully applied to woi'i
in   mud and  sand.
It reduces the cosi of working bj
75 per cent.
lt is the only system which ensun
the dredging of a level bottom.
It is capable of working in a gea-wai
when it is Impossible fofc other dredg-
1-   ers to be employed.
It can be employed in work In tar-
row and confined spaces such as ca
6d  4'VrtKeut.    Bin the    government I recent ly     be'-n     completed    by     & j��- undermining the
epX-li-^il*  the district  very curte- ] Schlchau. of Ei.li.ia.  and Danzig,  Gel-   such   structures by   tl
ouslv and  kindly had    the plugs re-1 many, for the Imueiial navy, and it Is| holes In  proximity tt
sly and  kindly had    the piugi
moved. ^^^^^^^^^^^
'At 3:52  p.m.  vessel    was    cast    off jof  the  .lad
ITom quay and    at once,    commenced j depth,.
wood plugs by order of the authorities, j    '"Che igiganttic dredger represented I       ^^^
-.���, .    i��� __._-.atb    In ib��   .ppnn.iri!'\ in" nhntri"!���_nh    ins l mils,   docks  and   wharts   without   leal
as they were not required to be work-,1" ine accompanying pnoiograpii    nas ���
^^ of  undermining  the    foundations    oi
tlie    dredging   of
Intended for maintaining the channel] II nai- h"'n Proved b-v years of ex"
river at a convenient' haustive ,and complete trials, under-
j taken with characteristic thorough-
dredging in inner harbor; all three | The dredges available in the Prue-, ��"�� by the German Government to
compartments- were filled inl2M.[sian seapoi-s. up ,0 this time. h& Assess all of the advantages mention*
minutes with black mud and fine sand; Pfoved unable to deal wiih the Jadp ^ ���*1"-'vf' '""--nnation regarding tn<
vessel then steamed along Canal for channel, which "is rather shallow Wt | system may be obtained by appllea-
a distance of 12 kilometers, having to I the new. dee;, draft German battle-'"'" ���*> the German Government ha.
ease down when passing four steam-, ships. bor authorities in Germany
ers   andaitiving- opposi.e    jetty    ati     "This dredger, which is the bigges.       "The value of powerful and efflcu n.
1*52   or in exactly one hour;   vessel In the wbrld, sailed for Wllhelmshaveh j dredging machinery as the means 01
was then  turned round  in the width after a short test of its engines made I accomplishing large works of national
of the canal, the twin screws ena.ling I lu the Danzig shipyards, .and  in    the j Importance  ean   hardly   be  over-esti-j
tliis manoeuvre to be    executed    with   latter  part 01  December  rapidly    ac-   mated.
facility     Vessel was  moored at 5:15 compiished its  trial    dredging    with       The  development oi   the    modern
p.m.    The shore pipe  wis coune.-ted splendid results. | high-powered dredrglng^nachine wl
by ���,-���' dredging pipe was started.! "Whereas, the contracts called to, render possible great works hitherto
and all was discharged by 5:40, or in an hourly dredginu capacity Of 16S0 unthoughl of, and by deepening chan-
11 minutes. Vessel then returned to'cubic yards In soli ground, the dn dge neb and harbors will remove the most
where she    arrived    at' ,v   far   exceeded   this   figure,   readily   serious   limitation   to   the   growth   OI
ns#nieiitly   to   the 1
..-'..���..������-.*���..������..���",..���..���.(������.���. .���,'l.':s'.^',.\i..*',.\i..*t,.>**s'..*:-\',*'��
��� --..������m*-*���.,",.'"._'������. ���"..". .   '._--,_--, .*-',,--,,--,.���-,,*.,*���..���".,--. t-"..*'.(���
Wanted -:- lost -:- found
I for Sale -:��� To Rent -:��� Etc.
.     J.rrj,'0-JrjrrJ?^-:rj^?^r: _::-.;;_.;;,._::.-,
���|- 1 RENT iuita farm, 220 acres, till
. iltivated and un lerdrafned, goo 1
1 ��� -i--< . bai ns and buildings; spring
water piped on to property; ship-
irig facilities b.\ water .and
church and school close; pis luced
$500u this year; 5-year lease 10
right party. White, Shiles & Co.,
New   Westminster,
WANTED���Experienced man audw..,.
to work for fruit tan 1.   Wife lutisl
,.e willing  to  do  housework.     Apply
l". .1.  Hart it Co., Ltd,
LOST���Exhibition weeic, a purse containing three ?30 bills, etc.; initials
on purse, A. IJ. P. Finder suitably
rewarded on leaving purse at Mac
Kenzle's drug store.
A    nun-
'iri.   Mrs.   Ur
liruiisbuuell, ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
ti;J,' p.111.    Tin-    whole    operation    oi ' dealing   with   6600   cubic    yards     ior   steamships,   and   to
it-edging,  transporting  for    12    kilo-  about 7700 tons)  per hour, Instead oi economy of sea transportation
in,!, is,  etc., discliargin.-
and return-
4680, as stipulated."
fng, etc., occupying 2 houVs 40 minute3,       i.N'ote.���Tiie    dredgers      Mills    and
We wire permitted io attend -an.l Thomas, the contractors' dredgers on
wiines.. the above operations by the ihe Ambrose channel contract in New
kindness and courtesy of Herr Gil- Vork harbor, which are only slig.Hly
ben, chief engineer inspector of the smaller than the dredge now d'-
Brunsbuttell district, ; scribed, together dredged an average
The Fruhling system is intended to amount per day of only 11,000 cubic
adviuice and cheapen the process of '��� yards during the year 11)04 in easy
Dredging, by making it pfls'slbhi to ap-!sand, or only about one half as much
|ly the suction system 10 soils that again as the Fruhling dredger raised
have hitherto not been available for ��� in oil" hour by itself.)
inch a system, with Its consequent] "in heavy sandy ground, of specific
Until iibo.it thirty years ago dred
WANTED���Dressmaking;    also    plain
sewing done first class; experienced
Apply  M. M., 192 Royal avenue and
 ^^^^^^_ ,    Leopold Place
-The  great expansion    which    litis   	
taken place in the size of steam-hips Full SAL!
makes necessary th.- Improvement of
harbors and channels all over the
world. This must keep pace with the
vessel improvements if the best results are to be obtained, but at present
it must be said that the vessel leads
Iin Lhe race and it is 'up to' the liar-1
bora everywhere to provide accommoJ W  L^T-Housekeeping  rooms   turn
dation  for them. ^^B
"Internal  waterways  also occupy  a!
large share of national attention ani
weigat 1.96 ihe dredge excavated jiisn | "aiioual expenditure, but ii is aston-
cubie yards per hour, 65 per cent,   of j 'shing now little Attention is devoteaj
ished or unfurnished, also single
room with fine view. Apply 1-'"
Ninth  street,  city.
m ilu- economy represented by the
mechanical efficiency of the dredging
tools used in building and maintaining
them. A saving of only one cent per
yard means ten thousand dollars on
each  million  yards of  work."
ing wns accomplished  by  buckets up-'solid ground being raised by the pres-
i'ii the well  known method, but  after  sure pipes."
���the cutting of the Smv. canal through]     (.Note.���The    percentage    of   solid.-
���yaii.d  by   means of the Bazine or sue-   raised   with  the ordinary   suction sys-
ui system of dredging, it was recog-   tem  rarelj  exceeds 10 per cent.)
Klized that, In the case of sandy soils,      "As regards the speed  stipulated by
a  centrifugal pump,    noting   upon    a  contract,  this had to  be eight   knots j
sue,inn  pipe  whose nozzle  wa,t placed : with full load., aud tanks pumped lull.   Ma<;" ''>'  for Excavation and  Dredg-
clos ��� to the submerged    sand    it was ! The mean speed during a  run of s-v-J'"���*-'���   '
desired to dredge, would clear away eral hours' duration was, however, t.-u ' Opinions of Expert Dredging Engineers
such -"il more quickly and more knots instead of elghVknots, showitig '"After carefully watching the work
Economically than the bucket system : an .-norn-ons increase In the perforrfi ,|'""' '"'������ ""' '-N''''"'''"s' 1 am able to
of .:!.,|:_in:_. and ties cni i Ifugal piiinii' ance or the dredg-. The coal eon- s:'-> thal '" '"> opinion, the I'm.,ling
>, Ion system has ii".n applied ever sumption was extrehidly'favorable, be* 3ystem ls the m0st reliable, economi*
nee v.tili economy in I advantage 0.85 pounds per horse power per hot^r, cal ;'"': effective system of mainten-
wher' er the soil has feen suftlcleiit- "Oyfing to thla increase In output j auce dredging J have seen.'
ly sai i. .    For clay or,   heavy   -soils, and  .pee.i the dredge is able to raise s< "--l-l'-l-.
however  hi   suction siystem hasmever anil   remove  aa much   is  31,200 cubic  Cblel   bugineer   on   Germ i
yel    been    satisfactory,    and    l.ecket   yards of soil In one day, correspond
il . Igtng   lm    conseqiien'U;   continued   In     to n   yearly   output   of   7,800,000
for      na li n   it, which ::i<-h soils nre  cu dc yards In 2-*.0 working days."
iiiet     Herr Fruhllng's  Invention    h.ia        Kach cubic       i of soil raisi I c    ���
for its object  th.   implication of sue-   accordingly less man 0.6 of ,i cent, m
tlon  dredginp  to  soils  that  ar.-    lesi  eluding allowance for the depreciatioh
j'-.i'.iily and more in the nature or mud of ihe dredge."
pr cfay than ha- hitherto been pos- l.yote.���Th�� average co I of dredg.
ni I.- for under any previously known ing and removing soil mi the Ne,w
(���iiciion sysieni. York hkribor  eontracl   b>  the  govern-
|   The sysleni   may    be   briefly    de-  menl  and the contractors    is   about
fecribed as a combination of mechan-  5,50 cents per cubic yard.)
ism in  which   mechanical  attrition  .s      "This   result   is   quite
jipplii',1   to  heavy   soil,  and  the  same   much   more  satisfactory
r)    for   gel
il   house
work.    Apply
to    Mrs.
B.  I
Third  .street,  a
bove Que
TO   Kfc.NT- Two
1    In
Apply  Arrow   1
're..s,   bai
���k .
if   \\
sor hotel.
WANTED   Two or three unfurnished
rooms;   m isi   . < moderate;     near
bridge . n fei red. \i>i'ly Poi
Box 732
Canals.    Member  of  'h^^^^^^_
Canal Commission at Ki.-i.
������|   ba\ ������ sei n  Lhe dredge 'Nil ��� aua'
ai^work on    he  i'lii'i  r.iii.,1, ,,n ;    I  111y 1 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
opinion il is doing better work - >r Its   VESTMINSTKR BMPLOYMEN
size   t ban     ;...   o| her dredger  ,i lloal ���"
Consulting  Engineering to the Cana-
di in  Governmenl.  Mont real
"The   l-'ruhling dredge  is a, splendid
machine,   It is adapted to work In all i
free  materials, es dally    sand    and !
unique     aill|'""d-"
than  any  Id'!
lv L. CllltTIIKLL,
Js sinniltaiu'oiisiy moistened by water  the figures so Car realized, aw the ha.--
i.r".ioctt'<!  upon It, so as to reduce the   hor dredges so far known  raised each
noil by mixture with water to mud, or cubic yard <d' soil ai an average of 931
im emulsion ol sufficient fluidity to be cents.    Tne Schlchau shipyards,    wo
actel upon by the suction of u centri* are  Ihfonned,  have secured contracts
fugal   pump, thus  enabling heavy  soils   for  a  number of  these novel  dredge.,,
<o  be  worked  with  the same facility  especially  for foreign pons."
|s sand.    The soil in the'neighborhood   The     German    Government    and    the
tiln.f"   i. '(Tied   tn     -. j,. -. 11 - -     in ." Frjhlinj;   System.
been   easily  deall   with   In  this   way,      The Fruhling system of rlredglng is
and  ii   would,  we think.  . e desirable  not In anj experimental stage.    Since
Consulting   Engineer   on   Mississippi
and on   Erie Canal,  New  York.
������There appeals, to lie no doubl  thul
san ; le ol  - lie   material
it -   1902 ���.     ��� ;���   man government has ex-
Choice Meats at
Central Meat Market
Corner Eighth St. ana    Fifth A.enue
PHON-.   ?70
BOWELL &  ODDY. Proprietors
AGENCY Under new management,
2G(i Columbia street, Phone 366, P.O
box 807. fan supply you with all
kinds of help promptly, free of
charge. Branch office, 107 Cordova
street west, Phone A 27-r>0. Vancouver, B. O.
I Japanese Employment Agency
Male   and  Female. Help   Promptly .
! COLUMBIA    and     Mr.r.:__E_.EY    STS.,
| Phone   431- P. O. Bn_   885
_ r
A tt-vu.T*-*���<-
���  IN  ���
-JJ:   .'���   i   '..   v
E w s
Sole Agents  fi
The.  Longines   Wai
Hamilton Wa
WANTED���To purchase, ,. acres good
bush land, close in. W. E, li , .News
WANTED���Furnished room by young
man; close in. J. E. C, Daily News
i.i 1ST���L.t.ly's English open face 18-
carat gold watch. Finder please return  to .1. Hell, World office.
If you want a heater for soft or hai I coal oi  wi ���:..!.
Oxford Kloranc, Oxford Oaks, handsome in appea ai  ,    nd all -chk
heavy nlckle trimmings.   Also large range of airtight   .
Do   not   forget   to  call   iu   and   insp.-c-   our Oxfi .  ;.
Ranges, the ranges that give fai genuine satisfaction.
T. J. TRAPP X Co., It.
���**********************************************m�� j
I'hree. live acre tracts,
three miles lioiii city, on main
road, good fruit and vegetable land.
On one 1 have a cabin, 100 chick ���
ens, tools, etc. i'.nily cleared. Will
sell cheap. Apply J. E, W*.', this
The Fraser Valley Nurseries
have for the coming season a very complete line of
Make no mistake, jut start, your orchard right, bj     lying    **
HOME NURSERY, where you are not  bothered  with fun
well as getting acclimated trees.   We have over 200,         treei
can handle your order, no matter what the size.    If we   have :
agent in your locality, write to us at Burnaby Lake pr prices.
|    The Fraser Valley Nurseries, Ltd.
����������0*C>*C^0*C>0��0#040*C*0.K> 0*0*K)��O*C*04CC->C*C*C-��C^
# Now is the time to look after your
| FOR SALE���Light pony can, in good
condition: or exchange for buggy.
Morley,   Vancouver   road,   East   Bur-
i    naby.
! '	
FOR   SALE-   House,   stable   and   two
lols,   cleared   and    fenced,     Second
stroet   and    Tenth   avenue;      price
reasonable, and terms easy. Also,
two lots adjoining, nearly cleared.
Apply to George Sharp, on the premises,
Call in.
Eyes Tested Free]
d*>c��o��o*>o*��o*oo*��o*D*o*o��o*c 0*0*0*'^* * *   ��. ���:*��-���-��� I
You'll  B<   ^l'ck
On   Otir  CttX\
when     ���
will lu
othei    building   mawn" ���,
which v..
We   figm
i( toniplete
vour niaterii
it S.oLl
we   rei)   oi
with   .our I    '     dcr'��!gl
plisl, thai n   Hi    *>lngt01
ll   III   us '���
���   - i ��� .���'.
OCT.  12,
�������������������������������������������������� *������������������������ �����.   * ��� ������������������������������������]
tender, addressed to th, un- ^43���|iif��W^^K .v::^:,.;-^^:^^^::^: -c��*W��
,���, endorsed "Tender    for -����|i��&��4HHI������. IH����������WM|
feeS'^dV'endorsed "Tenfer for
fcSTl*W stares, Post Offlee
��, |! (' " ��''*��� be received at
-SIcV until l:30 p.m. on Friday,
������* , electric light fix*
���Jtf the P��    Office, Vancouver.
[Land specifications can be eee^,
I'������;;,,���, tender obtained,at   this
Ir-mwit and   on   application    to
Ctossi d��rk   f,f Works*
���>erson_ '.':i!      ' "'" notlfied that
���T     ffj| considered unless
, ou the printed forms   supplied,
'signed 'vil't their   actual   signa-
Lea(,h temier tn isi be accompanied
fan accepted i heque ou a chartered
��lt made payable to the order of
Honorable the Minister of Public
v.;,., equal to ten per cent (10 p.c.J
Itheamouni ol the tender, which
j ,���, (���;;.:��� i if the person tender -
.decline '" enter Into   a contract
L called ��:*���'��� :" (*�� M- or *f he
I ., ,,,.: te wor]$ contracted
j, ,1,,. tendi      ������ not accepted the
Lie will '     '' ' i;li'''1-
^.   D   ifiit-nt does not bind Itself
..;.- thi : '������������ -st "r any tender.
B   Order,
(artmeni of Public Works, Ottawa,
(October 2, 1908.
Ie��-spapers will not   be   paid    for
I [yen tit   if   they   insert     it
biott authority   from   the     Depart-
Regular sailings between
ling st Hammond, Haney, Langley,
Mission and way ports, with passengers and freight.
*aves   Ilrackman &  Ker    wharf.
Westminster,  Tuesdays,  Thurs-
Ls and Saturday at 8 a   m.
leaves Chilliwack Wednesday,  Fri*
i and Sunday at 7 a. m.
for rates and particulars, apply
Western steamboat co.
it. WMiTMORF. Secretary.
lephone 334. P. O.  Box 556.'
pcuntants,  Auditors  &   Assignees,   i
wrttte'n lip    S'tite-',
Y nt.nie out     StoCk
checked.    Trading]
accounts mad.*' if :
Ai '-ount.s. collecte I   I
pi   pared, ,!
-egbie St., New Westminster.
rand Trunk Ry.
pellet.! Train Service Between
pcago, London,
Hamilton, Toronto,
[ontreal, Quebec,
Portland, Boston,
ldall the principal business centers of
[���LADELPHIA,  via Niagara Falls.
lor Tin-.. Tables, etc.. adHress
GEO. W. VA'uX.
f. - Passenger anil Ticket
1W 138 Warns St. ChirAeo. III.
LV' _YT~
ffOOKlNG Tu   AN1,   pR0M    ANY
''..        ,N   THE   OLD   COUNTRY
Ym   Bai**nsa   of   tne   Empresses
fl'''' I an I IS,
(w other  Hate*  and  particulars,
ppply t.i
C. P. R. A Kent.
60   YEARS'
Tradc Marks
18���..'"" I��PTobKhif r*Vn*9n *>��* wlieilw BO
_  -
. i-��_
' l��Sl  111,,,',...-  a-'"""""""   ""  *   '���"���*.��'
Jur,��"""*i��'f 1'utentii.
������riil'l1'-'' ui��� Vi;"'' "Ior KiM-tiruTir p
I   P-lI     . ._.__'.,u-tiiiir(to, liitho
WW hhb���
w *��
Day after day, and week after week, tell the
people what you want them to know. Interest
the public in your business by compelling them
to read your ads. Make them watch your regular
space in this newspaper every morning. "~~   "~~~
bystem Spells Success
Advertising in ' 'any old way" is a thing of the
past. Select your medium with the same care
that you select your salespeople. Stick to the
best. ~~
is unequalled as a*means of bringingjyour wares
to public notice.
providing you have the goods.
:     ADS. ON REQUEST     .
' B.<S_J��Ji.'o,i.r,,>*"ir' l">-'ti_Bu -.repaid.    -*old by
See Our
Ad. Man
No ad.
No ad.
is too small
is too large
The Daily News reaches its readers in time to
influence their daily wants. Use its columns to get
your share of business.
A Bladenaburg merchant was dozing
in his store one day when a little strl
with a pitcher appeared in the doorway anil asked tor a quart ot molasses.
The storekeeper yawned, stretched
himself, half openi d his eyes, and then
in an injured tone suld, "Ain't there
nobody in lilailensburg that sella
molasses but me ?"
���*-"- ; *%
jit ji.
ft if
-a",    a".
s ���
Sa ��t
jlf jn
i I? it
, u. ��� *J��kiai__ttin_il��a^i**>r^^ -:"::"���:"::"���!"���:"-"* -l^l-v-^-lM'-^-.ii^^^-^-^-il^^^^trt..^^-.....-^^
Football Match Won by a
Fluke���Social Function at
College on Friday.
The city junior soccer team defeat
ed Columbian college ut Moody square
Saturday  afternoon,  by one goal  to
nil.   The single point made was scored at the very start Of the match by
a iluke, the ball bouncing off the back
of  Munn,  one of  the city's  forwards,
Into   the   college's   goal    After   this,
the  play   was  continued    hard,    but
; neither side was able to force its op-
! ponents to  lUve   way.      The  college I
team was much the lighter of the two i
and   showed    lack  of   practice.    The I
other team  was   in  Letter condition,
but  its combination  work was poor. |
F. Os Canfield refereed. j
Tomorrow night the juniors and in-
termedlates of the college wlll have j
a practice game in preparation of
their contests on Saturday. The |
game which the college intermediates
had scheduled for last Saturday with
the Vancouver Shamrocks did not materialize, but the school will have a
teuni in the field for this week.
The faculty of the college have at
last set the date for their reception to
the students, which is always the first
social function of the school year, and
has'been put off this year on account
of the fair and the visit of the Metho-
dlst missionary board to the coast. It
will be given on Oct.   16.
on Friday afternoon the Literary
society   will   hold   the debate   which
was set for Friday of last week, on
"Resolved, that the present government at Ottawa lie sustained." It had
to be postponed on account of the negative supporters being unable to secure any material to advance their
arguments. However, under the capable leade/ship of Mr. Bradon, they
hope to be a.U- to,conduct a masterly
retreat and gain full honors of war for
their surrender on the postponed date.
Notice to Builders
Tenders will be received by the undersigned up  to Wednesday noon, of
Oct. 14th, for the erection of a    two
I storey   dwelling    house   ou    Twelfth
J street, for .1. McNiven. Esq.
Plans and    specifications   may   be
seen at my office-
Lowest or any tender    not    neoes-
! sarily accepted.
(.. H. CLOW, Architect.
Prominent Speakers Will Support Robert Jardine AU
This Week--Big Rally on
Liberal meetings in support of the
candidature of Robert Jardine have
been arranged 1'or this week as follows:
Monday evening, at Cloverdale, the
candidate will be supported hy Rev.
O. MacRae and H. A. Eastman, ou
Tuesday, at the hall, Mission by W.
W. de B. Farris; on Wedne-sday, at
the Knights hall, Chilliwack, by Hon.
w. Templeman and F. c. Wade, K.C:
on Thursday, at the Town hall. Ladner, by Hou. W. Templeman and F
Patterson; und on Friday, at the Opera house, city, by the Hon. W. Templeman and W. W, B. Mclnnes, Liberal candidate for Vancouver city. On
Saturday evening .Mr. Jardine will address the electors at Westminster
An   Eloquent   Sermon.
Last night at Holy Trinity cathedral
the Rev. A. Shedrick preached an eloquent sermon on the text, "Young
man, 1' say unto thee, arise." He
first showed that Christ Is still calling the young men of today to arise
from sin, from sloth, indifference and
carelessness, to arise to a higher
plane, a more spiritual and a more
happy life. Then he dwelt upon the
sympathy and power of the Saviour,
sympathy for the fallen and for the
weak, power and sympathy in the
hour of temptation and trial, when
perhaps, no earthly friend can or will
lend a helping hand, Christ speaks
those words of comfort, "Young man.
\ say unto thee; arise." Passing on
to another branch of the subject, the
preacher pointed out that the young
man in the text was the only son of
hits, mother and she a widow. There
lay a world of pathos in those simp!"
words, and Jesus, the Prince of Life,
meeting the mourning widow and
childless mother, says to her. "Weep
not," and to the dead. "Arise."
The musical portion of the service
wis well rendered by both choir and
XI Lower Fraser River
��� iFreiglit and Pass-
*'' c-
Ijenger service per
��� SS. ""Favorite
%[ Carrying freight and passengers'to
J : all points between New Westminster
��� ! and Westham Island.
���' Leaves Brackman-Ker's wnarf daily
o at 3 p.m., except Saturdays, at 2 p.m.;
2 additional trip on Mondays, leaving at
J j 13 a.m.
!      Returning  leave Westham Island 1
;.ti.111. daily, except Fridays at t> a.m.;
| additional trip on Saturdays, leaving
i j at 5:30 p.m.
*\    Calling    at     Steveston     Tuesdays,
J j Thursdays and Saturdays.
x]    Tickets to Steveston an-**, return 50
* cents on Saturdays only.
South African Veterans Combine.
Ottawa. Oct, IT���Representatives of
all South African Veterans* association!-, throughout the Dominion will
assemble at Ottawa on Monday next
for the purpose of forming a Dominion association, and discussing matters in-the. interest of. volunteers who
served in the late war.
The White Pass
and Yukon Route
FAIRBANKS. Daily trains (except
Sunday) carrying passengers, mail,
express .ind freight connect witb
stages at Carcross and White Hor3e,
naintaining a through winter service.
Foi information apply to
1   H    ROGERS,  Traffic   Manaw
Kight Trains Every Dav in the Ye*tf
Minneapolis, St. Paul
and Chicago
Embodies the newest and best ideas
md LUXURY. It is lighted with
both electricity and gas;, the most
orilliantly illuminated train in the
.vorld. The equipment consists of
private ���-.ompartment cars, standard
16 section sieepers, luxurious dining
car, reclining chair cars (seats free),
modern day coaches and buffet, library and smoking cars.
For Time Tables, Folders, or any
further information  call  on  or  write
���P. W. PARKER.
7ao Second Avenue. Sea����le. W_ah
VHUALLBR, BAKRISTBR, Solicitor, etc., 4_ Lome Street,
opposite Court House New Westn.luster.    Phonp H3.
i Canadian Pacific
It you  want  to    enjoy    your   trifc
across the continent���
Travel by the Scenic   Railway   ol
Through Dining Tourist and Flrat-
Class  Sleeping Cars.
Eastern Express leaves at 7:15.
Atlantic Express leaves at 17:25.
For further particulars anil reaem-
Tons apply
Agent. New Westminster
| or to E. .1. COYLE,
I    Asst. Oenl. Pan. Aft,  yanpm***
HITI'.SIDK & EDMONDS. Barristers and solicitors, Blackie Blk.,
Columbia street, New Wt-simlnsier.
W. .). Whiteside. H. L. Edmonds
ters, solicitors, etc. Offices, Ne-��
Westminster. Trapp Block, cornsi
Clarkson and lorne streets.
G-.OK**'   H.. MARTIN, Barrister and
Qi-'irHor.  Oulchon  block. Colum*
-Ib  -nd McKenzie streets. V���� W����t.
-.iinqtffl     R   C.
P. H A N S F O R D. Barrister.
Solicitor, etc., Crescent hlo��*.
corner Columbia and McKenzie
irre.-ts. New Westminster. B. *~*
VV. MYER8 GRAY, Barrister, Solicitor.
Curtis block, Clarkson street. P. O.
Box 1��9.   Telephon. 64.
it .�����  \ <���
��� -. "���       !',"��� i
.; ������ v .    ,
0*11 ;
L' ,.,     ���   *
: i ���; ft.' .
,    ^  , ���
���*    '
'1 -
. ������'
1   *���;.'"> ���;
'   '_ *     _*_���_. *H
' *\t       *
-.-   'i' '��� s '
. '���mb.'.'i
��� -'YNt.-
: -    v -
i *'���.
���   �� V '���*���'"'
��� *t
��__��� . *
.��� ii
,.' i     -   '
hi-1 >. ��;'i,-.'��"
��� >l'\r'. 'i'i"- ���.������*.!
���   ������ fV- \$+*ft
���  �����->-.- ,
,? *.*,*\y.\% *
".-,,'.*-' - >.,&.* I '
a.        ���'��'".'
���   Uti&r"-'*'
���i  ,,*r>" ���-���
-      .f. . -r
'���   ' P1*   .V      ti.'!1'
��� 1& ***(>mw ���
���..'��� -V ��� "i
t*!i* ���*'      '���*     J.     ��K1
��� " ," ��� ���  _t ���'
:, K 'y^M
*\:,x'&p:  S'>:.(���;-%, v.-J-J
���  t    *", tii'   . im'** "������'���'-��� Ii
'~ ���^r*hW%'td''M
#?;  ���*;..:''���"* ���'���"������" '���'
��� ni-m
' We...?'. *   l.��_H  Si'. |.,_! m. '?'.,-?ti
I ?-^:.*B^.*i
V .        '      ^--i.*V       'U -        *_ ���      I '       *I*''   ���
'vji.^* VA#**|l
* 5' ��������� I'^L-aSrin
**^ki   'yX:*\ .Sftavj
��� -,;���*���* '��� '.*""T**i \
**\__f-" '." ���'  I fa
.>*_���!   ':��� .'",'_j__.BS IH".'
t* r���  ���.
r\*\WtTfJ*. '"���.*, *f ���������*������_���. "���
���.I'M'!.'5' _A'-  v**if ���     A.     T
i. iU'> ������ "*���>' -_i_��'"������   Jri. ���
___   1__! ___J_r .   ' ���        .1   -�����* wi ��� i    *t? -
���*i #TV#f& ;���:, ���
���T*fflO��.',*:."#4l>1 r ���-*"&
��5^,i\r.*"?    r-
^M^-v:.  i
i IS'.- 3; �����*"
" 1    it     '��� *J la *.,"���   .��
l*J?:2..''P ' ���
I -il _!' >i:- J- JjfjiViS.:
This is a good time of
year to do
before the wet weather
sets in arid the
into the wood.
Scenes in Hovels of Darker Chicago���Work of the
Women Praised.
Richard BrinSley Sheridan's famous'
comedy, "The Rivals,"  with its sev-;
eral scores oi  years*of "uninterrupted
popularity   and   success,   is  a   nionii-' MlSS MUI"CUtt Describes Some
ment to tin* clean-minedness and pure!
hear'tedness of the Intelligent theatre
g<' r.   Km- more than a century there
has never been a question as to thej
'���nji.; nn nt   di i Ived   bj   iis  audiences.
As   presenti '.  tliis  sea-son   by  Joseph
and  William   W.  Jefferson,  and   their:
fine conipany. tht- local theatre goers
will   soon :���   enabled  to see what  is
best   in   high   class   comedy.    A   rare
treat  is In store.    Every theatre goer
who   appr elates   high  ideals     should
utilize the approaching opportunity to
witness this  merry   yet   dignified  en*
tertainmeni which comes to the Opera house tomorrow night.
Hollywood Paint
"Wears on the Job, not
Anderson &
Ar.   Indian   Drama.
Lincoln   .1.   Carter's   border   drama,
'��� "The   Flaming Arrow."   will   open  an
engagement of one night only ,at the
Opera house  on   Wednesday  of   ihis
week.    The  play  is  said   to  possess
I the true western melodramatic flavor
j depending   for   its   success   upon  the
j brisk  action,  exciting    climaxes  and
stage   mounting,   together    with    tin
adroitness of dramatic conception and
\ an excellent plot.   The company niiiii-
; bers thirty people and carries till the
I paraphernalia  connected   with   an   at-
| traction of this calibre.
U..i'tT',-- '
31 ('f'll'iC' :��� ft,
i |tili. 9* ."m-.\ j. "������**>.    ..
: *i*i **-;��� ���'���
i-* *i 1 -���' *_���.    ��� i%
������ii Mr-m'--* '
?&W*i li>
We Have
of the best quality.
& CO.
Ellard Block, New Westminster.
.\li.-s Ada Murcutt gave an iutere.t
Ing lecture i n "How th..- Other Hall
LJvi s," at the Opera hous* last eve
ning, showing sum., very good stereopticon views of the life among the
slums of Chicago.
The   lecturer     described   the   good
.work that was being done by women
i in the various Institutions, and at the
presentation of every picture which
depicted   the  miserable life   of  some
; poor family whose home had been
wrecked by drink, tbe speaker told
many   interesting stories  incident     to
: the daily life of the poor children of
the congested districts, how thousands never saw even a blade of gras.
or felt .ti mother's tender live. Occasionally the lecturer spoke of the
work of the women of British Columbia, and remarked thai "although they
had no ballot, they had a wonderful
Influence," and added that she pitied
the politician's when the women of
this great province got after them.
She exhibited views of the interiors
of all the great orphanages and homes
for the pooi*. and told of the indefatigable and untiring efforts of the nurses and deaconesses to make happy
the lives of the miserable and unfo'-
I tunate  creatures  whose   fathers   and
Kamloops, Oci. 11.���Notices are be- j husbands  had  been  ihe helpless  vicing posted up through the riding of tims of the drink curse.
Yale-Cariboo, naming November 12 as      views
were also shown  of the  fa-
election day. Nomination -will be held
in Ra van's hall, Kamloops, on Saturday. October 24.
f*****I-'-'I',''I-",I-"'I"I���I���I���I-- �����I*"I-''I���I���1���I��**I���I**-*!**
m ��������*, *M   ���i   *   '
IMS!-.-? '���'>-.'���v
tr       ADVERTISE      **��
��� IN ���
THE      D A I L v      NEWS
Every order placed with
us means a satisfied customer,
Rates on work of any description or quantity quoted
on application.
1 Jackson & Morrison !
Dally News Block.
4��     New Westminster. Phone 388    JL
mens Halsted street district of Chicago, where rows of filthy tenement
houses and hundreds of little frame
shacks are backed up .against one another, breeding germs and disease,
and through which runs the great
Northwestern railroad, whose cars
carry thousands every day who witness the terrible conditions brought
about by drink and who still continue
���i* i to vote for candidates that uphold thi
liquor traffic. Next she described the
charity hos]tjitaJs wftiose occupants
were the children of drunkards who
had used all the money for drink,
leaving nothing for their medical attention.
The speaker was obliged to stop
lecturing several times and watt until
the noise made by some disoderly
persons lh the gallery had ceased, in
order tha . she might be heard.
HIB-li    j Electric Railway Service
',' -wr.-
8*  .H-lltf '.
s*,***vflt * ..-"���: -   .�����
:��M ri.-. -; ." >*���
&kj*y;^ ' ���
lnterurban   Line,
Cars for Vancouver and    way
stations will run every half-
hour   from   5:50 a. m.    Last
car leaves at 11 p. m.
(Last car lv. Vancouver 11:SO.)
Cars leave the depot every
twenty mi-iutes for both Sapperton and city limits over the
citj line.
______________________      I
Cars leave tram f.
City Line
office on the hour, twenty mm
utes after and forty minutes at- *
ter, commencing at 6:20 a. m. -|
Sapperton Line: Cars leave S
at ten minutes after the hour, f.
half past and fifty minutes after ���
the hour, commencing at 6:30 *
a. m. jjj
Sunday Service hait-neurly be- #
tween 8.30 a.m. and 11 p.m.
British Columbia Electric Ry. Co., Ltd
.Nanaimo,   Oct,   11.���An   Interesting
election bet on the local contest has
been made whereby a local man t-ets
all three ways, and no matter how
lhe result goes, he has got a. sure
Three men were hotly discussing
politics when a fourth happened
along. The Shepherd man bet $f>0
with him that Shepherd would win.
The Smith man bet. $50 with him
that Smith would win, while the
Hawthornthwaite man bet $50 with
him that Hawthornthwaite would win.
Thus the man who made the three
bets will win $50 in any case.
Russian Cholera Decreases.
St. Petersbugr, Oct. n.   The cholera  continues   to decrease.    For   'he
twenty-four  hours ended   al   noon  today there were ninety-nine new cases,
forty-five deaths, and   128  recoveries,]
There are at  present l"2l  patients ins
lhe municipal   hospitals,
t&rm'k   * J ;. 'i'i- _ ���
V*v.| *.
.. ��.**-'"
ll, ���-"��� ;���   ���". '.
*.*   * . 1 *���
]W!   *,'.'��� -
mi'ti ���
!?.'*'.���.        y,    ". j.
M*K**--   ,   "
lib- I ���\    I*   -
H.l..r'  ft.  L
Iriir''"������'  y '"'
"Ju. %���.: *��� >'*",?
ic_'/*iin 2.1... *'        ..    .
*_ ���4 ���? i>, **>":'
fflfe^i'fi-'fc'^'j -"���
iM'% y f*.      4'
"The man who trie.s to attract business without
advertising is like the fellow who throws his
sweetheart a kiss in the dark. He knows what he
is doing, but nobody else does."
William Jennings Bryan
 WE WANT ���-
to know that the place to buy, either   for speculation,  or  a  Five
Acre  Home, where you get all City Facilities is
Call  and  get our Price  List   at   once,  as this  means  dollars  to
F. J. HART & CO., Ltd
Telephones   88-109
which   now   stand... on  tile   knoll  in  Al-
beri Cresceni   ihe grey granite ground
free from all   uggedness bj a ma nor
I hand,   is   dailj   attracting     lavoi i ile
. comment from \ I slioi ��� to N'ew u estminster,
Thai our cltizenn themselves were
pli used by the workmanship displayed
by the builder and designer was
strongly exemplified by the facl that
Mayor Keary personally congratulated Mr. .las. McKaj upon his work and
also tendered him appreciative thanks
<m behalf of the committee,
Mr, .las. McKay, who has had considerable experience In ihe manipulai
j tion of marble and granite, certainly
used thai experience to kooi] advantage   when   building ihis  menu.rial  to
, the discoverer of the Fraser river,
who. like himself, originally hailed
irom "Bonny Scotland,'
Mr, McKay is proprletoi oi lhe B,
c. Monumental Works ,,i, Columbia
street, and visitors passing his place
of business tire Inviti | . ca|| ,,, ,,,,,
Inspect hi., designs In all branches of
the work.
Another of
pecial Line
Ladies' Hats
Twenty-five only ladles'  trimmi i  hats, .
FOR     THIS     WEEK,   to  Bell at  thl.  ...
They are ail ihis s-asoii -   shapes and  t.-  ll .jj  ,,
bona, silks, foliage and ornaments, In populi
A demand for hats at this pric. has prompt!
tion to place on sale these special values, ��� .,,
this price. See our small show window for
On   sale   this   week,   each  ,...
-_-_-----__��� M.CO
A Special Line
at $4.00
The name of Heatherbloom
is synonymous with serviceability. Heatherbloom wears
well and special features make
these underskirts the most popular skirts made. This special
line is made In black, brown.
navy, cardinal and fancy stripes,
made with full shirred ruffle and
dust frill and th**n again they
"ii-��- made in good full sizes, in
fact ihere Is nothing inferior
about Heatherbloom skins: see
this special line this week,
each $4-00
Children's Polo
or Golf Suits,
$2.50 to $3.50
These serviceable suits for
childen are proving immensely
lwjpular. They consist of ideated Eaatlmlne navy serge skirt
attached to body or waist lining.
The waist seel ion consists of
fancy, fine, knitted wool Jersey
In cardinal, or navy, with neat
wool cap same color ns waist.
the New Waist
.Made up in excellent Imitation of wool Di laine. It is made
of extra fine wov.-u cotton In
neat patterns. Mostly flne
stripes and spots on light
grounds. Widths are .'10 to 33
inches, warranted fas' colors;
per yard       20c and 25c
Ladies' Aprons
of Every Description
Customers ai ��� - nning -,
appreciate thi genuint value,
procurable In oui ns.  \v.
liave very seldom poki n a ur
this special departn ��� . bul we
dii so uow with ass ance that
we offer larger stelei on an.
better values th IE . rocun
. New bete, \Y, n.. v q u ;, u
special values:
Waitresses' Aprons���Witb .
without bibs, whlti only; ead
25c to    .1.2*
Fancy     Work     Aprons ��� ':
while muslin and  lawn;   short
length;  r.mnd styli   wlh (rl I
lace   und   same  material   eai
50c  to    *125
Misses' Aprons���Madi ol fin.
cream butcher's linen, witb ot
without bibs and pockets; each
75c   to   "'25
Ladies'   Work   Aprons���Mat'
of colored check   and   -'   ���
ginghams,  with  bibs;  each W-
to    -*1'00
Overall Aprons���iu a wietj
of colors and patterns, all slzf"'
each 50c to  *1'00
Ladies' Lustre Blouses
Each $1.75 to $4.75
There I-- an unusual range of 'Styles in cream, black, navy, brown, grey,
lustre blouses; siz.-s nr.- from 32 to 42 inches. Every garment perfectly finished and correctly sized.
We Are Showing a New
Selection of
Neck Ruchings
Wide up-to-date ruchlngs In
all the popular shadings, lt
seems as If we cannot gel these
ruchings fast enough. See this
new lot al once, as they will
soon be gone. Among the many
neckwear novelties are new gold
braid and cord tics, motor
scarves and  colored collars,
An Attractive Display
of New Lace Trimming
Wiihuiii doubl  the nicest, ram:.' of  lace and   :!      '
mlng  We   have '-ver  bad   the. pleasure of showing,     I
:| 'Iglnallty of design which Is sure to pleasi  tl ���   ~",,"'h'
somehtlng dlffereni   ironi'iii ��� usual r if trlmniln
This   new showing   consists Of  new   lib't   Insertion
and lace
cream and white,  iwo-tonetl etteots   In   fllei    Insertion,
edgod Oriental laces, tin, meshed  guipure, collar Insertloi
black lace and Insertion, g,,),,   iln,|  B)]i, applique   ate;  ^
ami prices.   Ask i(, Bee them.
at nn
W. S. Collister & Co.
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