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The Daily News Mar 14, 1907

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 WtfJME 2, NUMBER 62
Otto Mew
K      WAR'151907
.tall Secretary-Treuurw  Once Again-R. H. Cheyne Ctr'"" T"""'" """" '"" H��" D"""-i,,F'��m E"""��" ��" """""Transportation Between New W��tmin.ter and Victoria Not
P;                          ,t          ���                   rt                .              ii.. That   Coin   May   be  Safe Battleship not so  Heavy  as            .                r                                    .��        i         .          ��    T           /������.'-        D���.,J    ���{
V.plds   to   Unanimous   Request    and  Is  Manager��� A���    .��� Satisfactory to Merchants  of   iwo  Ut.es -Hoard  ot
* Alter All. First Feared.                                                                 *                                               ,     -           ,           -,            .
Retiring  President  Congratulates  the  Champions.     Trade  Discusses  Subject and  Appoints  Committees.
ne meeting of the New Westmin-
Crosse  club   which  was   held
I    COUncil  chambers  last  night,
i,, [ed,  and   marked en-
.,.;     interest     prevailed
neljout.   The minutes of the lust
ling having been read, and
'  ,   th.    president, N*
'.,_    the  gathering.
in  a   few
thanked   the
chosui   words    ^^^^^^^
,   honor they  ha I  confer
i, an i congratulated th*
which had ail.-ii 1
��� Rg upon him
-access ^^^^^ ^^
I -.. the Mast season.
-I think." sui*' Ml'- Nelson, "thai we
-,i ���   Cheyne  too much
in which he lias hand-
and  1 considered that
In  a   large measure
that tlio Minto Ci
%e   Its   location
totttl bciiu
nol chani
At  this juncture Mr.  Le  ��
permission   to speak,  whi >
been    granted,    he   proc o
.. aie
i ^
i. amid
Chicago,  March   13.���"It    the   man Toulon, March 13.���Minister of Ma
who  .-.   the $173,000  from the sub- rine Thompson   arrived   here   todaj
treasury will send II back through the from  Paris.    The roll of the battle
mall or by express, the chances are ship Jena was    Immediately   called;
In- will never be detected." 407 men replied to their names, Tltose
This   ibservatlon was made yester- of the crew  who are  uninjured   are
iy a high official working on the quartered  temporarily in   the    naval
nn ���
��� ��� II had
ii" ��� mi II
11: thi manm r
������. in- team,
I L success was
Im lo go
The death of Gi orge
Arinst rung,who
great applause, to Inforn S
thai   Robert Jardine an $"
'. i i.ie i  to offer a cup
ate teams of Hie fily ^^^^^^^^^^
Alter prolonged applause, the ��� l<
tlon  of officers  was proce* le I  with,
IIS   follOWS!
Hon.   Pr* sident,    Thomas
M.I'm,    pn   : lent, Rev. J,  S.  Hei  ���
son; Hi ; vlie-i resident, R. H.c
secon !      li e-presldent,    M.    P
si i reta  ,--tn asurer, II. Ryall; a .
.1   .1.  Manning;  executive  commi
George  Ri nnli,   Alexander
F. J   :.;. i.i I-.. Al i. Grey, P. Feeny, I
The Rev. .1. S.  Henderson thanked
��� aram e of   the  money   and   it
-.    .  enl -   the  hope  of the  governmenl  authorities su far us   can    be
��� .       -.-..   inj  cm.- engaged In the
m.    The hope that the mo-
:   e returned in some mys-
'..j.m faile i to matei i illze
barracks. Twenty tour officers and engineers are also reported safe, besides
ihere are forty-four of the crew lying
i'i the hospital^ i rloi,s' Injured, As
the offli ers and crew n imhered G30,
ii will th is e se< n thai 155 are nol
aci mn .-1  ;.. . h tl the naval    uthorl
Better transportation facilities between this c-iiy and Victoria was one
of  the mosl   Importanl   subjects dis-
taken   an  a
affairs  of  New  West-
by tin
bad always
11 the liici-iiss^
Blnster, was deeply regretted
many members of the  club.    In confident     thanked     the
the club for the courtesy
j       which he bad always been  .real
.   ...       ed thai the championship
J      ..     ;..    en .tiii In   N'i W   Westmin
ctlve Interesl   the club for the confidence ihe-, show-
rrea urer   Bantz   admitted ties  consider   II   mosl   probable   thai
foi  the flrsl time thai  there Is a "fe- ���' 'arse number of those have sought
thai  the cash in the refuge  with   relatives   cm   friends   in
��� easury is not $17:1.1  short. He Toulon,
il with a reservation. Later.���Forty-one   of    the   missing
"I have  nol   made  my  official  re- men turned up, leaving 114 apparently
'  lo the governmenl thai there is unaccounted (or or killed.   Touching
a shortage of 173,000," he said, "I can- scenes  were  witnessed  al   the  gates
no    : . bo until I have counted all the of the arsenal.
money���$60, ,000���in  the  sub-treas-i    Thi entire town is In deepesl mourn-
..  retary reported as follows;
[Receipts for 1906,  $2,507.22,  and  ex
ed in placing him al the head of al
fairs. He had hoped to have been
down in tlmi to save th* club from
thi it-.. bul as thej  -��� > me I   le-
t* I, he fi   .id with  i-i' asun   ac
cept the Inevll ible and do his utmost
.   hi    the interesl of the club.
'.. ���   IVestminster delegati s an I .
were   re-appointed
ii ws:      Mi Bars,  F. .1.  Lynch,    A.   \V.
Grey, C.A.Welsh;    alternatives, Rev.
ipcndlture, $2,386.26;   balance   in   tin    J. S. Henderson, C.D.Peele,   VV. Gal-
.ink. $120.96,   Certain repairs would   braith.
...,i i���. made to the dressing room-      11  having been    reported thai   Mi
��� ���..,. .  during ihe cold snap,   Cheyne would resign as manager. thi
.-,���,-,,| pipes had   burst,  and  caused   meeting   unanimously   requested  thai
1-    . jap tge    The repairs would nol   he continue to look    alter  the team.
I:    H H  more  than  $50.un     	
In the course  of bis  remarks, the | decided to let  the    matter  stand for
secretary-treasurer,  H     Ryall,    men-   the present.
\ meeting will be called bn April
11 for the purpose of Instructing the
lelegati - to the leagu* i dug to
be  hi : 1 on the second    Saturday in
My four assistants up to the
pn i nl time have counted $12,000,-
00 I. The wi rl proceeds slowly now.
for we are weighing a large quantity
of gold piece by piece to delect any
shortage in weight."
ed (ie need of encouraging  the
ngei men to follow up the game,
- ; ��. the only way to keep up 1 hi
��� Ddai I. and be hoped that Ids Bug-
Stations would be taken up.    He also
mi   compllm* ni   the  club   on
- total absence i f strife ami dispu-
an I   the   good   fellowship   main'
| iroughoul   the   year.
H. Ryall reported thai  he had writ-
- --. - -i-i- the Minto Cup. request
I Victorians   pul up the
i   for     ompetition     on    neutral
Prominent Jaoanese Expected to Visit
the Cosst This Summer.
The local Japanese are looking forward  to entertaining a large contin-
genl of their countrymen this coming
II  is  the Intention  of the
���i      ese government, according to ad-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^���t-i M.i-l   hero  bv  several   rtietn-
Mr. Cheyne having thanked the club | bers ,���- .,, . ,oca, ,.,,,���,,, ,��� .���.,.���,��� ,���,.
invitation of the officials of tbe Jamestown   Memori il     Exposition    and   to
��� nd onl representative units of every
arm  of both  naval  and military service .
!��� Is constantly rumored In the Jap-
��� press  that   Admiral  Togo  will
an    the body representing the
���i  .         \M-iadj   representations bave
- - -. ������: i le -" the hon -   country thai
tould endeavo    o spend n few
it   the  c     '       possible.    If n
���   ... eived,  arrangements will : :  -   be made toT their
enter! ilnment.
ing following the disaster of the Jena
yesterday. Crowds are gathered a1
the arsenal and dock, waiting the announcement of the names of the dead.
Hundreds of dc snatches asking for details of the disaster have reached naval  headquarters  here.
The minister of marine, upon his
arrival here, consulted with the port
admiral, after which lie proceeded to
the  scene  of the disacter.
The maritime prelect has drawn
attention to an act of conspicuous
heroism performed by five sailors of
various ships who responded to his
call for volunteers to open the sluices
i.i the dry dock. Those men continued their vain efforts undeterred by the
death   of   iheir    leader,   Midshipman
cussed at  the  board  Of trade  meeting
lasi evening, when. In the course of
a   lengthy   discussion,   it   was  pointed
oul thai ihere was a probability thai
llu;   freight    service   wilb   the   capita!
city migbi be discontinued during the
winter months, as well as the passenger traffic. A communication from
the Victoria board of trade bad been
received, asking New Westminster to
assist in the effort they wero making
inwards   obtaining   heller .sei vice.
E. Goulet, Btatlon agent for the C.
P. It., in ihis city, remarked thai his
com] any had no available lii.ai for
passenger service during the winter
time, but in Bummer, the R. P. Rlth'e!
v as put on the run.
After a lengthy debate, in the course
of which the several transporta >���
companies wire handed valuable advice gratis by many merchants. 11
was finally decided thai the better
plan was for the Victoria board of
trade to take some action, as tha.
city was really the greater sufferer
as a resull of the present conditions,
as all the local merchants were purchasing iheir goods in Vancouver, on
account of the difficulties of obtaining supplies from Victoria within a
reasonable lime. The question will
also he dealt with later on in th i I ea-
son. and any suggestions which the
Victoria board may offer on the matter will be duly considered.
Several   communications  were  read
by the secretary,  including  a  letter
ling were; W. R. Gilley, president, In
the chair; .1. A. Cunningham. II. T.
Thrift, M. Sinclair, .1. 1). Taylor, J.
Crean, L. B, Lusby, W. Mathers, \V.
.1. Kerr, H. florer, F. 11. Lyle, .1. Reich-
enbaoh, D. Grossman, c. a. Welsh. B\
.1. Lynch, W. E, Sinclair, E, QOUlOt,
I). S. Curtis and A. E, While, secretary.
Committees  1907-8.
The   nn aiber   whose  name  appears
first is also chairman of the commit-
t  e.
J, Mathers, D. E.
Kerr. II. A. East-
J,   M.  Kenny,    J.
.!. I). Taylor. F. .1.
April.     it  was proposed    to have a
si ore  : oard  placed In  a  cons il   ;��� is
position on the grounds  for the pur-
if n games,  which
pro] osition  ��as   manlmouslj   carried
Votes     ;    thanks   wen
N'els \. lson,  retiring   : resi !��� nl;  Sec-
re! - i ir   I'.   Ryall;     and Hie
i Itj   council for   the use of   council
II   ind, i     esign 11 in ihe keeping of   chamber;   and  after  singing  "He's .
few Westminster.   The repb   he got  Joll\   Good   Fellow,"  tne meeting ad-
short and to ihe point, the sum I Journed.
ErdSe Washed Away,  Railway Wreck
and Three  Drownings  Follow
Sudden   Flood.
'���'������  ��� -.   Pa.,   M trch     13.   Thr* -
railway  bridge wash-
awa;, i      mu;;.   . ridge  .;.  dangi
; Heavy  Pedestrian  Slios  Between T ��s
And   Stops  Traffic.
Belleville, III., March 13.���Two
frelghl trains were tied up for an ii iui
\. sterdaj until a gang ol men hauled
Valentine Rodemeyer, who weighs
��� 03 pounds, from between the ties oi
restle over  Rlchmon 1  Crei k, tv i
Rod* tneyer' i ': ipe I as he was
- ros sing th   trestle on bis way h ime
Rich   Minerrl   Deoosits to Be  Worked
By Ch;cago Firm.
I '.   Six' ��� n clai ;;s
��� ;. copper and zinc,
- ���:.   Mi D tme  *';      , C issiar, recently
i Rosen '���' nd  Hirchel,
������;  . hicago, are to be developed  and
a  railway  will  b<      lilt I oh the head
oi   navigation     a  tl     Stikine to the
, a    listi ni ������  oi   183   miles.    A
tunnel !s to be i ul through the moim-
ce o       ���    miles.
itii.issi, who was decapitated amid a ; rrom the Vi0t0,.lu linn,.(1 or tmfle w.
shower of projectiles iron, the ��-fQueBttag ,h��� assistance of the NeW
ptoding 12-inch shells, until orders VVes.min.s.er board of trade towards
were finally given the battleship I obtalnlng an analyflls o�� the labor slt.
Patrie, moored opposite Hie dry dock, | ���,���������,_ u  U) s(���a].(.i|v  Q[  ]i|(,M   w;(���rH
t0 m" ;1 sh''11 i1"" the w:"e- | paid, etc.     The  communication was
This was done and the water rush.   n,1(,m.(]   ,()  commlttee on  ,,������������,,,,
1,1 in jlI-sl ln """' '" Prevent the and industries with power to act, \
li.imcs reaching the central and for- ,etter waa ,,,���, [,,������,,. R, Brown, of
ward magazines of the Jena.   In these   ,,;: ]-,���IK ,,. ���,��� dreaglng ,���- ������. Har.
��� ines  were s'"""1    ;!l"    -n':!i"r rison River falls.    This was referred
portion   of  the torpedoes,  the  explo- ,���   ,,1(,   navlgatlon  COmmittee.     The
sion or which would have had a ter . ,,)vim.i;i] M,,,-���,:!n    wrote    acknow-
; ;" consequence in thi senal and ledglng n,(.(.||| q{ ;l ,,.<(,lmi���n f:lV01..
ing   a   grant   to   the   Sumas   Develop-
After the shell from   ',    Patrl.  had!, company
l,ur8t     ""���    ^"'-  ''    glanced,  went      A]1 advertl8lng scheme from Woode
Ihl'OUgh   the   arse;,;,'   wall   and   burled    fc   ^^   Qf  ru],mu>,   ������.   ,lnim,.   of
l^elfintoa talus of the    irtifications,   u.hj(.h ^ n<��� nyfM(d. was refer,-, ,1
Mai Kenzie, W. J.
man, M. Sinclair.
Reichenba* h,
Cily Adverlising-       	
Marl, A. W. McLeod, .1. Crean, George
E. Martin, F. .1. Lynch, T. II. Smith.
Commerce and Industries���c. A.
Welsh, !\ B. Lyle. W. II. Keary, Capt.
Vt. \. C.arland, 11. Schaake, .1. W.
Creight* n, H. T. Kirk, A. Malins, 11.
D.  Brymner.
Communications���George Kennedy,
W, L. Fales. .1. R. Grant, F. W. Howay
Immigration���H. T. Thrift, J. D.
Taylor, George Small, D, Grossman,
Nels Nelson.
Fisheries���T. S. Annandale, .1. An-
clerson, J, R. Brennan, A. .1. Holmes,
J. Reid. C. S. Richmond, Nels Nelson, M. Sinclair.
Lumbering���George Small,    L
Lewis, E. .1. Fader. L. W. David.  V
Rand,   IL   Gilley.   R.   .1.   Rickman.
Jardine, F.  L. Johnson.
Momhershiii��� L.   li.    Lushhy, W.
.Sinclair. T. A. Mair. W. Q. McQuarrie.
A   Ha rd in an.
Municipal  Affflirs���D.  S.  Curtis,  H.
Ryall. M,   E. Vanstone,  Rev.    J.    S.
Henderson, James Cunningham. W. S.
Collister, M.  W.    Minlhorne.    W    J.
Navigation���R.   Goulet,   E.   Walker.
A. Munn, 1. G. ('roll. John Peck, ILL.
Roads and Bridges���T. J. Trapp, A.
Evans, J. Hendry, ll. R. DavldBon, ll.
L. DeBeck, T.  IJ. Pearson,  II. A   lb-lye a.
Transportation   and    Postal    FaclH-
ties���J. A. Lee. D. J. McQuarrie. C.
Welsh, L. II. Lushhy, F. T. Cliff. F.
1 Lynch, A.   Henderson.
ist missing n sentry.
The Jena w ill be a toi il loss.    Her
fter  s .Minn  has 11 ��� d   lamai   I
yond  repair.
Paris, Man h 13.��� Ins] i ctor-General
Admiral Bienaime expressed the opinion that the explosion on the Jena
was caused by the spontaneous combustion of powder, which disinti ^-;.;es
after a certain time and requires con-
stanl inspection for safety. Spontaneous comb istion was the cause of the
. xploslon if iIm- Toulon powdi r i iai a
zine in  1899.
Provides for
���in.i.    '
arc ue fell to bis armpits bi twi   n
ties,    He 'I  an 1  yi lied  for half j
���ii' .b'bn Mac-kin came I i his     i   rersity ides for the
Mac', mi could ni ���  ' u Ige Ro I- a en        aent
and   flagged  a   freight  itain
vail. .. i   - idge over the
Iilfeghan ;. .       |,  an engin*
���' ;... | .;., in the water, ai
-  v- . 0j th<   rapid rise dur-
k the r  Crei 1c,
,,   the   Wesl Pennsj I
f   ������ dead  are J.  Ik  Misk-    .
1 iciory	
engl,,     .  .-   years    old,    AUe-1 ^^ tugglngi nna]ly freed the can-
,.      Meanwh le another ; elghl train
Land Grant.
i I    Saskatchewan
of 150,000 acn s. II
��� ���
,\��-iirs j
can; ivi li.   fireman,
Mackin, reinforced by two of the train
���  ....     - ildn'1   gel     Rodemeyi i    out.
Then they gol  two more men  I
near'.;., and the ;i i'e, afl
eihiL ���'���'��� M
Pierpont Travels.
N'ew  York, March 13.���J. !'. M. -  . n
Europe toil       n the steal
Bali ;.���     It  Ie nol  ' n wn how  ' ng
Ston,  pa.;   .i.   M,
i u, Fri  ioi
AW, |;25 o'cloi k, this morn   i
easl   lund '������'��������� red on
-  ii,; | nol   i .i  farther than
'!! B��oml ; ler i ';   i the
^ save away
f< fire-,,
N par
"ai had
,   :  heen stoppei
1 by the bh
Montreal Is Threatened
With Water Famine
bridge sm
Before the engin
.;:  or a    iral .mm,in  on  the
of the train,  could   realize
Crushed Foot.
Vifred X.-lson. a man aboul 30 years      Montreal,   Mai   h       '    After
hEU3  ],een working as  a | having  partially   recovered   from  I
of  age
,ai bine shops for
I happened, the bridge went
��"'n carrying the engine, trainmen
?d 'u" ireight cars with it. So ra-
J1"' ,l:"i'i*<���'.���:��� creek risen during the
"eht lh'.H il had attained a height oi
'���'���n feel instead of the normal
'"" fniir to six feet. So ureal was
fee of the current that one ol
relght cars, heavily loaded.
;S carried down the creel; over n
���l*r "r ;' mile, The fireman, en-
,.;"! :::|i I rakeman were dragged
" "'" faring current and drowned.
lt,c f0
["ie live
help* r al Sch lake's ma
the past four months, was the victim
of a painful accident yesterday after
noon, when working at one of the ma
chines. Nelson, while pulling a lever
managed to gel his too! beneath a
heavy drop pin. which crush I
foot, The injured man was immediately taken to Dr. T. Rothwell,
who  dressed  the  injur,..
breakdown    of
pump, the city i- aga
another break of the same pump
week some parts of the
over a
have been   wi
with a  very
12,000,000    gallon
n suffering from
itbont  water and  othi rs
Mesh mm ali will mi ke    alu  - ��
n laci the cltj n grave dan-
gei In ease of a serio ���-��� o itbr* ak ��� i .
fire. In the upp* r , ortions of the
city, hotels and una; i menl housi i
ihere is no water above the flrsl floor,
which is also the case
iags  down   town.
in the committee framed for publicity
D. MacKenzie, market clerk, wrote '���
resigning   from   the   board   owing   to
pressure   of  business.     The   resignation  was laid  over.
A letter was read from Montreal
hoard of trade advocating the taking
off the tax on Chinamen. IL T.
Thrift read his reply, declining, on lie-
balf of the board of trffde, any assistance to this end.
The secretary read the financial
statement for the pasl year, showing
a ��� re li' balance of $384.70. The membership during the past year had materially increased, the net gain having
been IT. which broughl the total num-
I er ' E membei a of the board up to
' ' a strong efforl Is to be made
thi   yea till further increase the
... mbershlp.   and a   sysl    tatic   < in-
v m-membi rs   will  be   ma li
n    ���   Inducing thi m  to
join  II ��� board.
��� 1 ui on  1 ,':���'   scarcity of < ars
fi :  the mil       uith o   the city ,. Bulled   i'i   a   Blim   Of   $15   being   vote.]   to
, i die expens s of a di ; igate to
be sent to Seatth lo Intervli w Mr
Vdnms, of the G. N'. R, The trip
Is to be madi ea rly as po - Ible, as
are urgently n* e led at the pre-
sent tin e,
The   committee     w! Ich     ha I     i.i I n
Captain   Watt   Wants   Eujht   Men   for
the   Chelmsford.
Any young or middle aged man f
New Westminster who is anxious ���
travel cannol do belter titan offi    h 3
] services  to Captain   Watt,   master  of.
! the good ship Chelmsford, now lying
al anchor opposite the C. P. R. wharf.
Captain Watl wants eight strong men
to   complete   his   crew,  and   left   for
[ Vancouver last evening, intending to
secure a few sailors In that city. The
scarcity of men for this class of work
made the resull of his trip rather
tj mbtful, and the ship may remain as
��� an ornament to ihis city for some
time to come unless volunteers for
the voyage appear on the seem-. The
Chelmsford is bound for Valparaiso,
and the vo; age will take aboul th ie
Drumhead  Court  Martial  Activity  Resulted   in   Many   Executions.
Sm   Petersburg,   March   13.���Statl i-
II   llshed   to.la;      regarding     lh )
drumhead couri martial show thai u i
ii. M rch ���". when their activltj ������
suspended, 764 persons were execu ed,
an average of almost live daily. The
majority of the executions oi cui re I
in Poland anl the Baltic provinces.
in large build-   Instructed to look Into the proposal to |
manufacture wooden   heels    in   "Ihis I
Leasing Papers.
Ont., March   13.    ^
Louis Birk,
ton,  March    13.���The    Harvard
; 'day  decided   in   favor   of
.,'^";: "ance of  the   Intereollegii te
' hiding    football, at    the
"':"'���'���   '    ' .   ��� e tain restrictions.
police court ihis mormn;
a newsboy, was fined $30 for I re "���''
rn- the Lord's Hav Act, In Belling U S,
pa] ��� : ���" Sunday. Blrk tried to gel
around the ai i by stamping the ;������<���
pers io the i Tei I that he was lhe iwr
-.-,- and .'. i ; n i rely leasing the i
but th*   - bei ;������  lid not go,
Prince Henry Declines
National Testimonial
,     March     I '������   '':;��"
The   Nethei li n Is,   ha
nouncedhis   I ci ion to decline to ac
I  natl ���   I  testimon-
.   ,, re���dered In
saving the lives of the Burvlvors of
,he British steamship Berlin, thai was
wrecked al the Hook of Holland, Feb-
, |,., . 21, He Bays he merely did his
duty as a Dutchman and thai he can
ermlt   special  n   i nitl n
Lenora   Mine   Re-Opens.
city,  reported  favorably on the pro-1    Nanaimo. March  13.���The celebrat-
position.     It   is   understood   that    fi  ed Lenora quartz mine, at Mount Sick-
site has  been  secured, and  building  er, thirty-five miles south of Nanalmo,
d era |onB will be commenced almosl , is   to   be   reopened at  once  alter an
Immediately. idleness of many months.  The Lenora
The action of the president of the was the first to ship ore from Mount
board  In   contributing   the    sum    of | Sicker and from its ledges more than
��� -   towards  the  expenses of the  half a million dollars' worth of gold-
ielegation senl  to Ottawa in the In- copper ore was smelted at the Crofton
of the Fraser river  fishermen,   smeller three years ago.    Some fiirui-
endorsed,   and   the  money   was clal trouble arose In connection with
���   I reimbursed.   Two new mem- the property and it has been closed
.   E.   Goulet   and   A.     Hender on,' down for the past three years.    The
v .     ��� elected.
Th<   members pros*      at th
I mine  is the finest  and  best equipped
; ��� . ���    01   Vancouver Island.
g ���' *^3ntj.t-
rGood  Potatoes^
$1.25 per sack
OPERA'SHOUSE Seconj Hand Junk St
to raise good stock is good FEED, We keep the besl and the
besl only. Make your chickens lay by giving them good feed.
Strengthen .vour live stock by building up bone and muscle,
and use CARNAC.
LADIES have you tried the Pastry flour made by the Eburne
Milling Company, If not Telephone 333 and try it; the results
obtained  are excellent,
Telephone 333.
Seattle,  March  l:;.���Another Justice
| court jury,  composed    of    iiromine.it
j business   men,   Stas   supported   Chief
I of Police Wappenstein In his enforcement of the  Sunday  closing  of  saloons.    Six men today decided in .lu->-
tice Gordon's court that Osmond Ovi r-
I land was guilty of disposing of liquor
i in his saloon at 722 Maynurd ayenue,
; ot.  Sunday,   .March   3.    A   tine of  $ 'iu
| ancl   costs   was   imposed.    The maximum line it $l'i��.    The jury remain* I
j ont for more than an hour before an
i agreement   was   reached,   and   for   u
��� time ii appeared that ihere would be
I a disagreement,
There  was    Indisputable    evidence
thai   the  defendanl  amf seven  other
men had been drinking in liis saloon,
bul  no evidence to show that  Overland had sold any drinks.     The jury,
however,   decide.!   thai   the   presence
of the men  In  the saloon  on  Sunday
I and the existence of many beer glasses  on a  table  about   which   they were
I seated, and the further fact that some
ot  the number were intoxicated, furnished  ample circumstantial  proof to
warrant a conviction, which is the se-
, loud one the police have obtained.
Sealed lenders addressed "Inspectors of Penitentiaries, Ottawa," an.l
endorsed "Tenders for Supplies," wdl
be received until Monday, 18th March,
inclusive, from parties desirous of
contracting for suplles, for the fiscal
year 1007--1908, for the following institutions, namely:
Kingston  Penitentiary.
St. Vincent de  Paul Penitentiary.
Dorchester Penitentiary.
Manitoba  Penitentiary.
British Columbia Penitentiary.
Alberta Penitentiary, Edmonton, Alberta.
Separate tenders will be received
for each of the following classes of
1. Coal.
2. Coal oil.
3. Cordwood.
4. Drugs.
5. Dry goods.
ii. Forage.
7. Fresh fish.
S, Fresh meat.
��� ij, Groceries.
io. Hard ware. ���
11. Leather. (   j. '
12. Milk. .1"
13. Oils and  Paints.
1 I. Porl; au*'   Huron
15. Sole   l.enther.
3*\ ^'mware.
v Details of Information as to form of
contrail, together with forms of tender, will be furnished on application
in the Wardens.
All supplies are subject to the approval of the Warden.
Inspectors of Penitentiaries,
Departmenl of Justice,
Ottawa, February 11, mu7.
forms  of  tender   ancl  envelope,   may
\ be obtained at this Department or at
the office of the Crown Timber Agent
al Mew West minster. B. C.
Bach tender must be accompanied
by ru.1 accepted cheque on a chartered hank In favor of the Deputy of the
Minister Of the Interior, for the
amount of the bonus which the applicant is prepared to pay for a license. ���"��� ���.
The highest or any tendef J>ot necessarily accepted.
No tender by telegraph will be entertained.
Department of lhe Interior,
Ottawa. February 27. 1907.
Langley  Items.
Langley,  March   111.���Miss    Maggie
Mclnnis,   youngest   daughter   of   the
, H    Mclnnis,   died   of  consumption   at
'��� Fort  Langley on Thursday night. She
i was only seventeen years of age and
I up to a few months ago appeared to'
i be in excellent health.    But the seeds
| of  the   Inslduous  disease   had   been
! sown, and  she  was cut  down  in  the
| bloom of youth.    But, for her, 'death
had no terror.
"She  came   to   the  Cross,   while  her
young cheek was blooming.
She turned  to the Lord  the bright
glance  of her eyes,
Ancl  when   o'er   her  senses,   Death's
star  was creeping,
The Cross upheld her.    The Savior
was   nigh."
The funeral, which was a large one,
was    held    on    Saturday,    the    Rev.
Thomas Oswald officiating.    He spoke
I very impressively from the text. "My
Beloved Has Gone Down Thto His Garden, to Gather Lilies,"   After the Ber-
! vice,  the   remains   were     carried    to
! their last resting place in the Langley
: Prairie cemetery.    Sim leaves behind
I her four  brothers  and   three sisters
to mourn the early departure of their
! bright and loving sister.
They have  the sympathy of many
��� sorrowing friends.
Mrs.  Yorkson, who has  been suffer-
' ing  from   a   dislocated   shoulder,   re-
1 turned   to   her  home  In   Langley  on
Saturday  from  the Cloverdale hospital.
John Haney, clerk In Coulter & Berry's  store   at   Langley,   has   returned
hi  ne  from   the  Cloverdale    hospital,
e e   he   has   been   suffering   from
blood poison in his foot.
Charles Mufford. of Langley Prai-
I'le Is building a large new frame barn
on his farm.
MONDAY, 18th March
The Missouri Girl
1,000 Long Laughs.    Positively
the Greatest Fun Event of the season.
All Special Scenery!
First-class Specialties!
A great cast, including  Miss SADIE
Raymond  as   " Daisy,"     Frank   F. '
FABRELL as "Zeke."
If you have never seen   "The  Miss-1
ouri Girl," ask your friends who have.
,1 ,, ,, ,1 O 11 II o o o o o o o o o o o
Highest Prices Paid for STOVES, FURNITURE
and TOOLS of all descriptions. Also buy and
ROPE. We also buy and sell everything.
Between Columbia  and      Appiybymai
Fraser River Hotel 'PhZ&A
Prices���75c, 50c, and 25c.
Seats now on  sale at  Ryall's  Druj
B. C. Mills, Timber and
Trading Company
Manufacturers and Dealers In Alt Kinds ot
Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sash,   Doors
Interior Finish,    lurned Work,    Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glass.
217-219 Columbia St.
Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining.
Royal City Branch, Columbia St.
Telephone 12. New Westminster
Applications Wanted
Applications are Invited up to FRI-1
DAY,   15th   inst.,   to   fill   the   position
made  vacant by  the  resignation    of
Dr.  DeWolf Smith as  Medical Officer
nt  Health tor this City.
City Clerk.     ,
City  Hall,  Xew  Westminster,
March '.��, 1907. 5d69 I
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL $14,400,000.00
RESERVE        $11,000,000.00
Branches throughout Canada and Newfoundland,
Xew York. Chicago and Spokane, U.S.A.,
eral Banking Business Transacted,
and   In   London,   Engla
and  Mexico City.    A t;
Letters of Credit issued,
available witl. correspondents In a ' parts  >f the
Savings Bank Department.     Deposits  received in minis of J   and u|
and Interest allowed at 11 per cent,  per annum  (pres* tl    ite) added
four times a year.
Special General Meeting
R. A. & I. Society
A  special  general   meeting   of   the I
Royal Agricultural and Industrial  So-
ciety  will  be  held in  the City Hall,
Wednesday. March 20, 1907, at s p.m. |
Business:  Selecting the dales for this i
year's   Exhibition;    reception    of   reports from the different revising com- i
millees for this year's Prize 1.isi, and
any other business that the members .
may  wish to  bring  forward.
By   order.
W.   II.   KKAKY.
Manager  and  Secretary.
New  Westminster,  li. C,
March  6th,   1907.
Total  Assets  over  $H',S,iWIO,000.00.
(!. D.  BRYMXKR. Ma
The Schaake Machine Works.i
Tenders for a License co Cut Timbe
on Dominion Lands in the Prov
ince of British Columbia.
r City Electric Works
Opposite Tram Office
SEALED TENDERS addressed to
the Commissioner of Dominion Lands,
Department of the Interior, and marked on ihe i nvelope "Tender tor Tim-
bei Berth No. 512," will be received
ai this Depart m* nl until twelve
o'clock nm n mi Wednesdaj. the lsl
day of May. iiniT, for a license to cul
timber on  Berth  No,  512, Bltuate In
ilu   Provim f British Columbia, on
the Sunlit Pork of Silver River, In
aboul Township 4, Range 26, Wesl of
the Gth .Meridian, and described as
. Commencing at a post plant-
'��� i on the North Westerly side of the
Bald South Fork of Silver River,
where the South Westerly boundary
ol Tim irr Berth No. 489, crosses the
same; theuce up said South Pork one
mile in direel distance with a depth
of no chains on the South Easterly
Bide and 10 chains on the North Westerly Bide thereof measured at righl
nugles in the general hearing of said
South Pork within the berth, containing an area of 800 acres, more or less.
The   berth   must   be   surveyed   with-
In one year from the date of the noiice awarding the berth,
The regulations under which a 11-
cen e   will   be    issued,   also     printed
For electric signs, dynamos, motors,
fans, 'phone fixtures, shades, bells, batteries, wire and cables of all kinds
and   size M     lions,-   wiring.     Motor   in
stalling a specialty,   All Kinds of repairs promptly attended to,
J. DICBY, Proprietor
PHONE 30'!.
Transfer Co.
Office���Tram  Depot
ifflce 'Pbone 185.      hbtd t'none 187
Columbia St,
j Three  Men    Reported  to    Have   Been
Lost Are  Safe.
A report  circulated  recently lo the
leffecl thai ihe sealing schooner Vera,
now off the California coast, had lost
three hunters,    u   unfounded.     The
Victoria Sealing Company has received a letter from Monterey from Capt.
A. K, St. ('lair, of ih" sealing schoon-
[er Vera, Btating thai all is well, and
1 thai up io the 1th of March, when the
letter is dated,   the Vera had taken
77 skins.
The sealing schooner Vera put Into
Mem, ley on the 1th inst. to lake in a
isupply of water,   On board, alive and
well, were the three   seal  hunters���
j.Max  l.ohbrunier. lleorge Gowdey ancl
.lark   Moss���who     were     reported    Iii
have been drowned on some, date previous to the 25th of February.
Assessmenl Roll for the year 1907 I
has been returned lo me, ami remains
In my office, where it may he Inspected bj any person Inning au interest
therein, until the sitting ot the Court
i.i  Revision.
The   liis:    sitting   of   tin,.   Court   of
Revision mi ihe Bald A- essmenl  roll j
will be held ui  the City  Hall, in the
.Mii I City on
MONDAY, April 8, next,
ai in o'clock in the forenoon, Any
pi raon  Intending   to  appeal    agalnBl
ihe assessment   mu j|   do   10 in   Writing
to be lile,i wit>i ihe cltj Clerk ai
least seven days before ibe flrsl Bitting  of   lhe   Court,
A Good Thing is Sur* to be Appreciated
(Maple T.eaf
i trainini* in favor every day.    Our output last year was double the
preceding one.    The most healthful and nutritious of beverage'-
City Hall, March (I,  1901
ii;. Clerk,
��� ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������.>o��-i<'*��<
3aggllge  delivered
part of the city.
promptly to \ny
Light and Heavy Hauling
The ptihlie Is hereby notified thai
I Captain Watt, master of the ship
Chelmsford, will not be responsible
fot any debts thai may be contracted
bj   the erew of lhe  said  ship.
Hotel Guests.
Guichon���T. II. Scot:, Vancouver;
. Hamilton, Ont.; I', li.
Graham,  Montreal.
Windsor���D, Malcolm, Vancouver;
.1. E, Taylor, Mount Lehman; *'. it.
Bishop. Victoria; 11. B. Thompson,
Vernon; 1'. I). German, Tacoma; D,
.1. Clarke. Seattle; J. Charbonneau,
Miss 1-. McCallum, Halls Prairie; \.
D, Harris. Lethbridge, Albert i; T. II.
Hai i Is, Lethbridge; A.. V Price, Van
Colonial���II. K Scott, Vancouver;
.1. It. Bills, Markdale, Ont.; John Ellis,
Ladner; .1. P, Shipley, Victoria; I.. '���'..
Demmett, Ladner.
English Watchmaker
Two   doors   from   Geo.  Adams,  Grocer
Ladles'Gold Watches from $12.75 up.
Gentlemen's silver Watches, open
face, $6.00.
Gentlemen's Silver Watches, double
case, $7.50 ci
Agenl for the celebri I South Bend
Watches, supplied to the Wellman
Arctic Expedition,   All warranted
chains. Kings, Jewelry, etc, etc
Watch   re lairing;    en u ge    real on
Electric Railway Service!
Inter-urban Line.
Cars for Vancouver and way
stations will run every halt
hour from 5:50 a. m. to 11 p
in. except ing at 7:30 and 8:30
a. in. Half hourly cars will
I'Un from Central Park to
Vancouver only.
City   Limits Line- Service from
8.16 a.m, to 11 p m.
20 Minute Service���no transfer.
Retween 12 ami a nnd t, nnd 7
30   Minute    Service    diirh
mnlnoei ol miy.   'transi
I oilil   I "";������-��� I.
Sunday   Service   hall I)
i ween S a.m. and   1'  i'-;
Sapperton  Line.
iTolli   ''
���r at
15  Minute  Service
Kcopl     Bt�� ' ���
rturins ���
m   io il  p.m., i
12  and  2,  and  ���"
which hours the
Sunday  Service
tween 8,30 a.m.
service will be ^
.ml I' "���'"
British Columbia Electric Ry- c .Hi)
Ti "'"'
0f Regulations foi disposal
,: winerals on Dominion Lands in
ci *' . the Northwest Territories
g{JYukon Territory.
"It-Coal lands may    be    pur-
I j at $10 Per acre for soft coal
:!�� for anthracite. Not more
U1 '*aCres can be acquired by one
I *in3, ,i or  company.      Royalty  at
I    I  of ten ctnts per ton ��* 200��
*' 'j/shall be collected on the gross
of     eighteen
.and over and joint stock com
���' holding free miners' certificates
L oMain
fe. upon payment mi
%in.m for an indtv
I lilten
ntry for a mining loca-
. |ree miner's certincate is granted
one or more years, not exceeding
ent in advance of $7 50
;r an individual, and from
er annum for a company,
L'ding to capital.
free miner, naving discovered
') jn place, may locate a claim
^1500 feet by marking out the
'Cttith two legal posts, bearing
,tion notices, one at each end of
j,eof the lode, or vein,
claim shall be recorded within
days if ocated within ten miles
I a mining recorder's office, one ad-
laonal day allowed for every ad-
ILnal ten miles or fraction. The
IJt'for recording a claim is $5.
\t least If100 must be expended on
L claim each year or paid to the
lining recorder in lieu thereof. When
��.$ ha-, been expended or paid, the
llocator may, upon having a survey
Lade and upon complying with other
requirement-, purchase the land at
I ji 00 an acre.
Permission may be granted by the
Minister of the Interior to locate
claims containing iron and mica, also
copper, in the Yukon Territory, of an
area not exceeding 160 acres.
The patent for a mining location
(ball provide for the payment of a
Royalty of iti per cent, of the sales
of'the products of the location.
PLACER MINING���Manitoba and
|tje N, W. T., excepting the Yukon
Territory: Placer mining claims gen-
rally are 100 feet square, entry fee
it. renewable yearly. On the North
Saskatchewan River claims are either
is: or bench, the former being 100
ittt long and extending between high
nd low water mark. The latter includes bar diggings, but extends back
to the ba-e oi the hill or bank, not
exceeding 1000 feet. Where steam
1 ewer is used claims 200 feet wide
may be obtained.
Dredging in the Rivers of Manitoba
and the N. W, T., excepting the Yukon Territory���A free miner may ob- j
tain only two leases of five miles each
tor a term of twenty years, renewable in the discretion of the Minister |
of the Interior.
The lessee's right is confined to the 1
���.cbmerged beds or bars of the river 1
Mow any low water mark, and sub- j
for first year and $10 per mile for each
subsequent  year.     Royalty   same  as
placer mining.
Placer mining in the Yukon Ter-
ritory���Creek, gulch, river and hill
claims shall not exceed 250 feet in j
length, measured on the base line or
general direction of the creek 01 I
gulch, the width being from 1000 to
xoo feet. All other place-r claims
���hall be 250 feet square.
Claims are marked by two legal
posts, oue at each end, bearing no-!
tices. Entry must be obtained within
ten days if the claim is within ten
miles of thc mining recorder's office.
( One etxtra day allowed for each additional ten miles or fraction.
The persrn or company staking a
claim mu-t hold a free miner's certificate.
The discoverer of a new mine is
tt'.'.tled to a claim of iooo feet in
length. .-11111(1 if the party consists of
two, 1500 feet altogether, on the output on which no royalty shall bf
charged the rest of the pnrty ordinary claim- only.
Entry fee $10. Royalty at the rate
of two and one-half per cent, on the
vuliie of the gold shipped from the
iect to the rights of all persons who
we, or who may receive entries for
'���<��� diggings or bench claims except
��n the Saskatchewan River, where
the lessee can dredge to high-water
mark on . ach alternative leasehold.
The lessee shall  have  a dredge in
Operation within one season from the
jate of the lease for each five miles
N where a person or company has;
more   than   one   lease   one
dredge  for tacit fifteen miles or frac-l
hon thereof is sufficient.    Rental, $10;
W' annum for   each    mile    cf river
lew'(l.     Royally  at  the  rate of two
11,(1 a half per rent, collected on the
**��t aiter it exceeds Sto.ooo.
."Nging in thc Yukon Territory���
a�� leases of five miles each may be
granted to a free miner for a term of
20-"ar-, also renewable.
. '"'��� lessee shall have one dredge
j" deration within two years from
"e date of the lease, and one dredge
or each five miles within six years
��om such date. Rental $100 per mile
lUkotj Territory to be paid to thei
paying  fee of $2      \  ri..- ,     ,	
g'ving notice and paying a fee
Work   must   be   done   on   a  claim
each year ,0 the value of a, least S
A certificate that work has been
and e������� V"1 ��Pen ,0 �����^���
and entry by a free miner.
The boundaries of a claim may be
defined absolutely by having a survey
made and publishing notices ������e
Yukon   Official  Gazette.
Petroleum-AU unappropiated Do-
minion Lands in Manitoba, the North-
west Territories and within the Yukon
1 erntory, are open to prospecting for
petroleum, and the minister may re
serve for an individual ct company
having machinery on the land to be
prospected, an area of ig2o acres for
such period as he may decide, the
length of which shall not exceed three
times the breadth. Should the prospector discover oil in paying quantities, and satisfactorily establish such
discovery, an area not exceeding 640
acres, including the oil well, will be
sold to the prospector at the rate of
$1 an acre, and the remainder of the
tract reserved, namely, 1280 acres,
will be sold at the rate' of $3 an acre',
subject to royalty at such rate as may
be specified by Order in Council.
Deputy of the Minister of the In
Dept. Interior,
'.Northern Pacific!
Trains Daily
Travel on the Famous
Electric-lighted train.    Low Kates.
Quick Time.. Excellent Service.
New York, Chicago,
Toronto, St. Paul
Steamshir Tickets on sale to all European points.
Special    Reduced    Rates   Round   Trip
Rates  to   Southern   California.
Fnr full informtion call on or write
C. E. LANG, General Agent,
���130 Hastings St., Vancouver, B. C,
Portland, Ore
Grand Trunk Ry.
^ave x. vv. 15.4Q. arr N. W. 11.35.
I-eave N. W. 8.30; ar. Seattle 15 50
Leave Seattle 12.30; ar. N. \y. 18.40.
Leave N. VV. 8.30,10.35,15.40,17.35
Arrive N. w. 9.35, 11.35, 16.40, 18.40.
tl v\���  ?nl0 a'Ia''' ur' Seattle 4 p.m
p.m     w-4-36P-m.; ar. Seattle 10 p.m.
Lv. N. w. 3 p. m. and 9:55 p. m.
Lv. Vancouver 8.35 a.m., and 4 p.m.
Lv.  N.  W, 9:36 am.;  ar. Guichon
l-'M p.m.
Lv. Guichon, 2:40 p. m.; ar. N. W.
5:45 p m. and C p. m.
Mondays only.
Lv. New Westminster 5.50, 0.50, 1
and 8 a. m., and every halt hour thereafter till 11 p. m.
Lv. Vancouver lor Westminster at
same hours.
Fraser River and Gulf
From X. W. Mon. Wed. Frid. 8 a.m.
Prom Chwk. Tu., Th., Sat., 7 a.m.
Prom N. W. Tu., Tb., Sat. 8 a.m.
Prom Chwk. Sun., Wed., Frl., 7 a.m.
Prom N.W. daily, 1 t. Sunday 2 p.m,
Add. trip, Monday, 5 a.m.
From Steveston, 7 a.m. (Frl. C a.m.)
Mail Service
Si    ��� ., via Sumas
7.45 a.m.
C.4U p.m
Sapperton and Mill
side, N'o. 1	
7.4'i a 111.
11.35 a.m
\ an* ouver, No. 1.
7.IT, a.m.
9.00 a.m
0 N.R   Cloverdale,
Blaine .Seattle..
8.45 a.m.
3 ::i! p.m
Van. & Cen. Park
10.30 a.m.
2.00 p.m
10.30 a.m.
9.00 a.m
East Burnaby 	
1.13 p in.
1.15 p.m
Ladner, Steveston
etc  1.30 p.m. 11.00 a.m.
C.P.R. east, Sapperton, Millside and
Coqultlam     3.00 p.m. 11.35 a.m.
Van. and  Burnaby 3.30 p.m.   COO p.m
G.N.R. Flyer     4.00 p.m   11.00 p.m.
I Tlmberland, Tues
and Friday .   ...12.00m.    12.00m.
Canadian Pacific Railway Co.
British Columbia Coast Line
Tenders for a License to Cut Timber
on Dominion Lands in the Province
of Bntish Columbia.
Sealed Tenders addressed to the
Commissioner of Dominion Lands, Department of the Interior, and marked
on the envelope   ���Tender for Timber
,:�� "li  No.  511,"  will    be   received   at
iiis Department until 12 o'clock noon
on Wednesday, the 24th daj or April,
307, tor a license   to cut timber on
l:'  th No. 511, comprising the North
":dl  "i  the South Wesl  quarter and
;!| South   halt or   the   North Wesl
quarter of    Section   6, Township   is.
Eas| of thi   Coast  Meridian, containing an area of 160 acres, more or less.
The berth must  be surveyed wlth-
one year after the acceptance of
len li r
The regulations under which a li-
" nse Will   be    issued,    also     print,.,!
forms of tender and envelope, may be
"' '.mi... ! al 'iii-' Department or al the
���   ��� ( the Crown Timber Agent al
N'ew  Westminster, li. C.
l: 1!l tender musi be accompanied
by mt accepted cheque on a chartered
bank In favour of the Deputy of the
Minister ot the Interior, for the am-
0,'-nl nt the bonus which the applicant Is pre] ared to pay tor a license.
No tender by telegraph will 1 11-
t* rtalne 1.   The hlghesl or any tender
not necessarily accepted.
Se* retary.
Departmenl of tbe Interior,
Ottawa, February 23rd, 1907.
A  Musical Tom-Foolery Produced under the Direction of the Author James
W  Evans.
Opera House, New Westminster, Thursday and Friday,
March 14thland[15th.
Having bought out the Blacksmith-
lug business of R, II. Benson, I will
be pleased te see all his old customers, as well as new ones. Horseshoeing a specialty.
Eighth   Street.
Excellent Train Service Between
Chicago, London,
Hamilton, Toronto,
Montreal, Quebec,
Portland, Boston,
Ami all tbe principal business centers of
PHILADELPHIA, via Niagara Falls.
For Time Tables, etc., address
GEO.  W.  VA'jX.
Assistant Gen'l Passenger and Ticket
Agent, 135 Adams St.. Chicago, 111.
Eight Train? Everv Day in tbe Ye.u
Minneapolis, St. Paul
and Chicago
Embodies tbe newest and best ideas
and H XURY. It is lighted with
both el* ctricity and gas} the most
brilliantly illuminated train in the
v. or! I, The equipment consists 1 f
private compartment cars, standard
id section sleepers, luxurious dining
cur. reclining chair cars (seats free),
modern clay coaches ancl buffet, library and smoking cars.
For Time Tables,  Folders, or any
further information call on or write
720 Second Avenue. Seattle, Wash
The lessee's right is confined to the
'^merged  bar or  bars  in  the  river
flow   low   water    mark, that bounty to be fixed by its position on the
'�� day nf August in tbe V"r of the
date of the lease.
Nn free miner
r snail receive a grant
more  than  one   mining   claim   on
,a��� separate river, creek or gulch
11,1 '"c same miner may bold any
"umber of claims by purchase, and
, ee miners may work their claims
Partnership  by   filing  notice  and
"The Milwaukee''
"The Pioneer Limited" St. Paul to
Chicago,  "Short   Line"  Omaha  to
Chicago,  "South    West    Limited
Kansas City to Chicago.
No trains in the service on any
railroad in the world that equal in
equipment that of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway. They
own and operate their own sleeping
and dining cars on alll their trains an,
give their patrons an excellence of
Ben-ice not obtainable  elsewhere.
H   s  ROWE. General Agent.
.,, Third St.. cr'f Alder. Portland, Or.
B. C. Coast Line Service.
j   (Subject to change without notice).
S.S. Leaves Van.
; Amur Fob. Tth
Princess Beatrice  Feb, Hut
' Amur   Feb. 21st
Princess Beatrice  Feb. 2Sth
'. S.S. Princess Victoria leaves Vancou-
[ ver, 1 p.m. daily.
Leaves Victoria dally at 1 a.m.
Leaves Victoria daily except Monday
I at 8:30.
Leaves New Westminster at 7 a. ni.
on Sundays.
S. S. Joan
Leaves Vancouver daily ut 1:30 p.m
Stcsrr.er Queen City.
Leav* - Vict- ri 1 at H p.m. on lst-
Tth, and 1 i'i- eai b m nth for Clayo-
quol; leaves Victoria 1 n 20th for
Quatsino an i way points.
Steamer Transfer
Leaves New Westminster on .Mon
day, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
and Friday at 2 p.m. ana Saturday
it 2 p. in. with additional trip ou Monday at 6 a. in.
Leaves Steveston Monday. Tuesday,
Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday at
; a, 1;..: Friday at 6 a. in. additional
trip Saturday 5 p. m.
S. S. Beaver
Leav,-  New Westminster, 8 a. m.
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
Leaves Chiiliwack 7 a. m. Tuesday,
rhursday and Saturdays, calling at
landings between New Westminster
and Chiiliwack.
S. S. Tees
Leaves Vancouver at S p.m. 2nd
md 16th of each month, culling nt
Skldegate on first trip and Bella Coola
on second trip. Time on arrival and
departure are approximate,
For reservations and information
,all or address
Agent, New Westminster     j
;,BRt  Gen   Pass   Agent, Vancouver.
'* J, W. TROUP,
General Superfntendent, Victoria.
Manufacturer of
Mineral Waters, Etc.
Aerated Waters,
Family Trade a Specialty.
Trl. 113. Office. Eighth Street,
Canadian Pacific
C?ptain Frank, a Soldier of Fortune     Harry Davit
General O'Which, a denial Warrior lots  P. Bllodeau
Senator Doolittle, just that   Fred Davis
'���..:..:: I.
0. b. Joyful, Railroad Maggot  ,:......���...���....
inspector  Schuitz, Senatorial Constituent  	
J.'dge Who say. Senatorial constituent	
Squire Tompkins, Senatorial Constituent 	
Suffering Peter, a bit of color  ��..:���-	
Heap  Run.  an  Oriental i��.-.i��.	
The   Army    ����� ���	
The Best Man tin readiness)-  Messrs    Johnston,   Peele,    English.    Bun
Gllcrlst,   Martin.
The Bridesmaids  (ln   readiness)  Misses    Lewis,    Bllodeau.    A.    Turnbull,
Wells, Gifford, Peele.
The Irish Maids���Misses Homer, W. Turnbull,   Aicuuii,   Wanlle.   Spring,
Prisciiia, The Season's Catch- mini ghl ,...>  Gertrude Weart
Miss Dainty, the Bchoolma'am   :.-...-..:.- leanette Peele
Jnney  Alma Corbould
Mama   O'Which       -.t. ���    Grace   Corbould
The Fortune Teller   m��>v    Grace   Corbould
S. B. O'Brien
    C.  I). Peele
. .Gowan Macgow in
... Earl R, Warnes
.. W. II. Mumford
    E.  Mllle
Wellaml R. Gordon
Through   vesribilled   trains   to   tha
lasl dally.
First class sleepers and tourist cars.
Trains leave daily a! 15:40 oVloci:.
Information  cheerfully  given
lv .1. COYLE. ED. GOV Li:.'.
A. G. P. A. Agent C.P.H.
Vancouver.       New Westminster
Spokane falls & Northern Ry Co.
Nelson & ft. SheppardRy. Co.
Red Mountain Ry. Co.
The only all rail route between all
points east, west and south to Rossland, Nelson and intermediate points
connecting at Spokane with the Great
Northern, Northern PacMic ancl O. R.
& N. Co.
Connects at Rossland with the Canadian Pacific Railway for Boundary
Creek points.
Connects at Meyers Falls with
stage I'aily for Republic,
Buffet service on trains between
Spokane  and  Nelson.
Effective   Sunday,    Novembci     10,
! Leave Day Train Arrive
0.20 a tn Spokane    7 '5  l"T1
12.25 I1-"1 Rossland   4.10 p.m.
:   0.40 a.m Nelson   6.45 P-m
Little O'Whichs ���Little Willie, Frank Biloiieau; Peaches, Etta Coon;
Denis, A, Thompson; Violet. A. Fletcher; Francis, A. Henderson;
Emlle Zola, Campbell Watson; N Bonaparte, Willie Coon; u>s Angeles, O. Reichenbach; Blamatk, W. Harvey; Berry PranWln, Wllber
Students, Picnicers,   Phantoms  etc.
ACT I.���The railroad station al Whlspi rtown,  a junction on  the  l��. of B.
(Dispenser of Blues) Railroad.   Principal  competitors of the   Big    4.
(sassy  Susan  Sorrowvllle System).    The  engine   is   run   by   laughing
gas an.l oiled with mirth bubbles.
act IL���Happyiand, up Spoontown way,     A   place  often  heard  of but
seldom seen.
ACT   I.
"College   Life"���Opening   number.
"Afloat on a Five Dollar Note"-���Miss Wells and chorus.
"Oh! What a Night to Spoon"���Miss   \ltna  Corhould  und  chorus.
"Stammering   Sweetheart"���Fred    Davis.
"Colleen  Bawn"���Miss Homer and  th,   Irish Maids.
"Mother's Got the Habit Now"���Frank Bllodeau and children.
"I  Love You for Yourself Alone"���Mis Weart.
"Trip to Happyiand"���Miss Lund and  chorus.
"Got to Dance Till the Band Gets Through"���Mr. Mumford and chorus.
"On a Warm Summer Night"���Miss Lewis anil chorus. Including Misses
Mast man. Eastman, Bowwell, Robertson, Green, Woods, ancl Messrs.
Debeck, SI evens, Martin,  English, McColl, Johnston.
"The Old  Brigade,"  "Prisciiia"���Harry  Davis.
"A Musica1 Mixup" ���An old medley of peculiarities, oddly presented by
peculiar people, including Misses Turnbull, Woods Dauphinee, Gray,
Green, Crake. Eastman, Pringle. Bllodeau, Watson, Peele and Messrs.
HiiiM Bilodeau, Davis, Peele, Martin, Gllcrlst, Baker, Harrison, English,  McColl, Peele, Warnes.
"Holding Hands"���An old subject, rendered with variations, by Misses
Johnson, Robertson, Bowwell, Fletcher, Turnbull, and Messrs. Peele
McColl, Baker, Gllcrlst, Harrison, Peele, Macgowan, and chorus of
"The   Mysterious   Phantoms  of   Phiz"���Guess?
"Heart to Let"- Miss Lewis and Mr. Johnston and the Bridesmaids and
Best    Men.
"Good  Old Canada"���Mr.   I. P.  Bllodeau.
Grand Finale.
Frank Major,  Pianist. Welland R. Gordon, Stage Manager
18,000 J EMPRESS OF BRITAIN) 14,600
Nn is the time to send tor your
friends in the Old O mtrj while the
rates are low. Tourist Sleepers run
in St. John to conned with Empress
nexl sailing March --111. For othei
dates and 1 ite, apply to
C.P.R. Agent.
Hr Ik. It Ik Claimed, llu- MoHt Spiritual
Man   Alive.
"Tbe  Jew  is  said  to have  what ls
known   ns   the  commercial   instinct,"
said Oscar S. Straus.   "Hume tcdls us
that under Richard I. 500 Jews sought
safety in the castle of York, where, not
being strung enough for defense, they
killed their wives and children, threw
the bodies over the walls into the tuob
below aud,  sidling  lire to  the castle,
were   themselves   burned   alive.     The?
gentry owing money to the .lews hastened   to  the  cathedral,   where   theii
bonds or promissory uotes were kept,
and  made n  limilire  before  the altar.
'The compili r of the Annals id' Waver
ley, in relating the event,' II ume say..
'blesses the Almighty for thus deliver
lug over this impious race to d   true
tlou.'   History blazes with such st irle
of sell' b icriflce and  barbarity,    Th*
ecmn lerclal  Instinct  in lids particulai
case appears 1 1 have been cm the othei
������in tead i',' the Jew being a natural
barter* r, he Is the in isi spiritual man
alive, ',.''��� has been pounded through
the ages, robbed nml massacred, but he
yield- neither bis traditions nor his
Ideals, Had be been materialistic li
would hove sold oul long ago and
bought peace.    If he would join llu
: Greek clinri li he would lie safe In Bus
sia. Rather than do thai he will walk
���mu tbe jaws or hell, Therefore I Bay
thai   lie  is  spiritualistic or  Ideallstli
1 rather than practical or material,  Wer.
j 1 to choose a family that would live 1
would have ii meet hardships and per-
J seditions. Were I to chouse mie to die
I would give it pleasure mid luxury.
The Jew, denied his civil rights, despoiled of his property, scourged and
murdered, has only been made tougher
and lunger lived. His enemies have
given him strength und trained hlm
most admirably fnr tbe battle of llf<\
no matter in whnt part of the world
fortune may lead bim." ���New YorV
A Gallant llifftiwayman,
A highwayman recently held up n
gasoline runabout on the outskirts of
Rome, The highwayman stopped he
runabout with n shut in tbe air.  Tl
1...    ���,..,    tenth    F,v,,..    H.,.   1,.,,.I.    11 ���������������
concealed him���the holdup happened on
tbe Appinu Way���and found to bis surprise only 11 woman in the little car.
"Where, madam, is your husband':"'
he demanded sternly and suspicion -ly,
"He's under tbe seat," she answered,
"Then," said the highwayman, "I
will take nothing. "It's bad enough to
have a husband like Unit without being
robiied Into 'he bargain."
I-IyoIiiiIoii of Cltetntatry.
The tirst chemists were the alchemists, who for hundreds id' years vainly
tried to make gold by compounding various chemicals. Chemistry was Introduced Into Spain by the Moors in llul),
and the Chinese nnd Egyptians claimed
an early acquaintance with It. However, chemistry was not a science until
thc> seventeenth century. Boorhaavo
was the first to comblno the study of
chemistry with medicine, ond since
then Its ev ilutlou has been rapid,
Colli  111,. ,M"cl  Opinion,
"When ii man lo  ts his money," rr
marked  the cynic,  "he finds out who
bis t ���' nd 1 are."
������Yi ," tu er d Mr. Dustln Xtnx. "it
Isn Wise 11 :-0 ���:: i.'.tii ui. When 11 111:111
lo-' - 1 Is fort' 1 ��� he saves the lime be
used in spend shaking hands and lls-
tenlng to bord luck stories and gets b.
chance to make another."���Washing'
ton Slur.
Intl.- Pitoliera.
Willie Dud* Jack, did you choke on
that cake batter ma made yesterday't
Rich Old Uncle- Good heavens, no,
Child! What put such 1111 extraordinary
Idea into your head? Willie-Why. I
heard pa tell nm he made you cough
op the dough.   Baltimore American.
ine roitowing epitaph Is copied from
a tombstone lu Rrundon, Vt., marking
the grave of n child who died at the
Hgj of a few days:
Bweet maid,  she glancixl  into our world
ti 1 B80
A sample ot our misery.
She turned sway hi-r languid eye
To drop a tear or two ancl sigh.
Sweet   maid,   she   tasted   of   life's   bitter
Refus d to drlnli her portion up.
She turned her little lend asld^,
Disg      n ���. Ith the taste, and died.
:>' fl
THUr.CDAY, marcu
H, 196?.
Published by the Daily News Publish.ng Company Limited, al their
offices, corner of Sixth and Front
streets. New Westminster, B. C.
Managing Director.
.J. C. Brown
Transient display advertising, in
cents jier line (nonpareil), 12 lines to
the inch. Five cents per line for
subsequent  insertions.
Reading nolices, bold face tyi>e, 20
cents per line, brevier or nonpareil,
10 cents per line.
For time contracts, special positions, apply to advertising manager.
Notices of births, marriages or
deaths, 50c. Wants, for sales, lost
or found, rooms to let, etc., one cent
per word. No advertisement tnlwn
for less than 115 cents.
Day  Office    A22
Night  Office B22
Qean, dry, fine Salt���that slips
from the spoon, grain by grain���
congregation   would   be   more  sympathetic.
It is asesrted that Mrs. .Mary Baker
Eddy is no longer capable of managing her own affairs, and Iter son is
applying to the courts lor an account.
li is within the bounds oT tbe possible
that, before he is done, he may discover that this is another case where,
like ihe "evil" itself, the "root" is
purely imaginary.
The "I,on**K��  Rralden*."
The poverty ��t tho Knglish languagtl
Is exemplified by a circular which  I*
making the rounds of u suburb nnd ia
vites subscriptions to a testimonial te
tho station master.   It comes from on*
who styles  himself "the  longest resident," the sail physical fact being tbal
he la probably  tbe shortest,  although
In bulk unci rotundity ho makes up for
! the inches he lacks iu height.    Here ls
: a case in which the very clumsiness of
the German language would be nn In-
j estimable help, for then this gentleman
1 could quite correctly describe himself
i "the   for-tbo lougest-tlme-herein   resld-
' lng"   or   even   perhaps   "the   for-the-
! longest-tluie-herein-residlugest" Individ-
j ual.   Those compound adjectives of the
Teutons  may  be  awkward,  but  thej
express what the user means and Insure accuracy.���London Standard.
���>' ,- ' *
THURSDAY,   MARCH   14,   1907.
We take advantage m  the restful
ami grateful pause, in ihe strenuous,
tirade  of  the    Columbian    directed
against lhe Dominion government, Ulo
member for this city, and the -New
Westminster fishery delegation, to
gently call our jjoaious contemporary's
attention to the fuel, before ii shall
resume Its congenial task that it lias
been sadly wasting its breath by
"barking up ihe  wrong tree."
Assuming thai  Ihere is some ground
for   being   dissatisfied    because    every
point was imi won by our delegation
iii the eontroversj with the cannery
combine deputation    al    Ottawa, be-
lause a minor poinl or two was scored
by the latter In the decision announced   by   the   Minister   of   .Marine   and
fisheries���it   is well,  if  we  are    to
Btorm   and   scold   ami   denounce  and
protest,   and   consider  the   taking of
punitive and remedial measures, that
we should Qrst clear our minds of all
can!   and   hypocrisy   and   political   or
Other bias, and inquire honestly who
is  primarily  to blame  for the efforts
of the cannery combine and trap own-
ers to discriminate against the river
fishermen, making such headway that
they culminated In the astounding de-1
lnands   which have just   been  turned
down almost  i���  their entirety  by ibe
Minister  of   Marine  and   Fisheries al
If we are honest in this inquiry, we
shall be forced io confess thai the
man who ol ail others is primarily
responsible for encouraging and ab- '
hilling the canners in making such
demands Is none other I han Mr. Babcock, the Provincial Government's
Fishery Commissioner, who has constituted himself ever since his ap-
pointment, the champion of imps and
of restricting and curtailing the river
fishing, The very d* mauds made bj
the canners, for the closing of the
Fraser river to fishing above the
bridge and the prohibiting of fishing
altogether next yjar, he specifically
recommend.^; if he bad been the
l'a''-l avail! coureur and organizer of
tn.e trap owners and canners to undermine ami destroy the independent ri-
ver fishermen's Interests, he could
ni), have gone aboul thai work more
zealously and effectually. By virtue
of the authoritative and honorable
position which he occupied���and still
occupies���as the highly paid fishery
experl of the Provincial Government,
hi was almost necessarily given a
seat on the Dominion Fisheries' Commission, and his efforts were all directed in thai capacity to bringing
the majority of the commission (those
of them that needed persuasion) to
Ids way of thinking.
Thus fortified, with the Dominion
Fisheries Commission and the Provincial Fishery Commission behind them
and upholding theii- hands, and putting arguments iu their mouths and
Official authority lo back iheir arguments, iho deputation of the cannery
i en; duo an 1 trap m\ aers wenl lo Ottawa and presented their demands;
and were i onfronted by a delegn I in
of three from ihis city with nothing
:o support them bui the justice of
iheir cause, and a loyal determination
to win recognition of lhe same. Thai
they did win nearly everything in
Face of all lhe odds, is greatly to their
'"'���Id and thai of the authority to
whic a ihi v appealed. If there is tiny
denuni i.i ion ami retribution due, it
is owing in full measure to ihe Provincial fishery official aforesaid,
j whose solo raison d'etre appears to
(have been aashitlng ihe cannery combine nnd undermining the interests of
ihe river fishermen.
ITIicu   Mirk.   Mm   G<-1   Medicine   nn*
Women  (irl   Prayer*.
"There is one peculiar distinction between Arab men and women in Algeria," writes a traveler, "and it may
he considered as some proof of the degraded position of tbe latter. When an
Arab is 111 he goes to his doctor, nnd
Arab doctors, whether deservedly or
not, bave a high reputation. Hut wheu
an Arab woman is ill she may not consult a medico, She must go to tlife
' marabout, who Is hall' saint nml half
' magician. lie clues not retail inedl
: clnes.but be niters a number of prayers
and then he writes one or more of lliera
on a bit of paper, giving it to the patient with Injunctions to chew It and
swallow il. He also supplies ti little-
holy water out of a bottle und the
woman goes away fully believing that
she will recover,
"It has been said that tbe Arabs uc>
notrespeet their dead because they lu, c
no Inclosed cemeteries and becaitr.c
they select fur Ihe graves of their nearest and clearest solitary spots removed
from their places of encampment. But
this practice may be explained by other
causes than absence of respect or af
fectiou for their dead. The task of
preparing the body for tbe grave is always performed l>.v lhe members ul
the family themselves and, In accord
ance with the Koran, it is most care
fully washed In pine water befire
belnj��� consigned to fhe ground. Then
the | ottery of the household is broken
over the spot. In the desert or on llie
steppe the leavl ig of '.he body in an
Isolated place seems lo typify naturally
its presence before the infinite and tho
"In joy as in grief  the  Arab gen-
erally conceals his feelings behind a j
proud reserve, but on tbe occasions of :
the periodical fantasias he throws aside j
the mask and  reveals tbe  true man. |
The dancing, gesticulating and shouting go on for hours until the delirium
ends with the exhaustion of the participants.   A fantasia in tbe desert leaves
a curious Impression of semiunreaUty
en the mind, but it is ihe one occasion
on which tbe stern, sad looking Arab,
casting aside his hauteur, comes forth
as Ibe true son of mil nre."
Steady job; eight-hour
(las   Works.
i Ha   Advantage*   Over   Solid   Lumber
For  Furniture.
If the art of veneering were not til*
extensive art it is today, il would hi
Impossible for any but the compars
lively few who have a good supply 0
the almighty dollar to possess any tlte
articles of furniture at all, Veneerin;
Is not a new art, but the enrlies
American cabinetmakers. althoug
using it to some extent, preferred a
a rule the solid wood furniture.
Tculay hardwood trees, such as tli
oak, walnut and usb, have been made
i more valuable by the invention of ve
' neering machinery  which  will enable
the logs to be sliced up into layers of.
uniform   thickness  of   less  than  one
twentieth of an inch.   Iu the old day I
this process was all by band and wa
a slow and arduous undertaking.
Tha advantages of veneered wool
are that It will not crack, swell nor
warp In the changes from hot to cold
weather, and In the case of doors, for
Instance, It makes them lighter an 1
more easily handled.
For our finest pieces of furniture
the best of oak, walnut or ash is
used, and It may be seen how much
one of these trees is worth.    Out Into   WANTED���A good
thin  slices,   it   will  give  hundreds   of
,'eet of veneer.    A  large  walnut trie
for Instance, Will be made into a larg"
amount of veneer and is sought by ������-.
pert woodsmen.    Found in the heart
��f the woods or on some lonely faru'.,
it   ls   bought   by   the  ag. nt   workin;
for tho Interests Of a  veneering com
pany, and ten (lines as much is pal 1
for It to its owner as  would be  fo!
ordinary lumber.
Thc process Includes the cutting and
trimming of the tree, sawing Into log-
of convenient lengths and then thv
cooking of (hose logs. They are boiled
until soft and pliable in a vat of ho:
wafer or steam. They are then sen'
to tbe veneering machines, where they
arc sliced or sawed Into pieces fruui
one-tenth to one-thirtieth of an IhcIi
In thickness, of absolutely the same
thickness nil over. Their soft, pliable
condition prevents tbem from crack-
lug or breaking.
The cabinet workers then apply
these slices to the articles of furniture, gluing them on with the grain
running in opposite directions and with
flo Joinings visible. Instead of making a weaker article the surface Is
really toughened and hardened by this
crossgruin work, and It may also be
polished to a higher luster than the
solid wood/���Brooklyn Eagle.
smart boy as apprentice lo the Ding Business. Musi
have good education. Apply in person at once.    U. S. Curtis & ''a.
WANTED���Sin in   office   boy.      Apply
12   l.orno  slreet. dtf
340 acres on Pitt Lake, ioo acres open bay land, balance easti
'' Price  $20  per acre.  $1,000  down,  balance on  easy   terms.
160 acres in Chiiliwack;  all cleared and fenced: an exeoit
; fruit and  grain.     Price  575  per acre,half down.
SO acres,  S  miles  from the city, close to good road     i> i���   ���
���      rlce $1,500.
S acrea on Vancouver road, close to car line; 6-room h,,,,.,   ,
"    mill.-,.,    lai',,,   i
1 liouse;  25 fruil  trees;  small fruits;  hot  liouse;  workshon unit  ,
; Price $4,200, $1,000 down, balance 1.  2 and 3 years at (I per ,.,.���,
11 acres on corner Hastings and   Royal Oak roads   $150 n.
���*��� ju  per acre,
in acres, ;! miles south easl of City; good  roads.  Price $2(1
*      Per acre
I,"> acres close to Port  Haney post office:   8%   acres   garden    im
I I tees and good barn.    Prlce$3,150,
l Vs acres on car line at city limits;   6-room  liouse;   i.-,p |,,,ns
house;  1  good cow and stable;  household furniture:  30 fruit  1,-, ���  ',"
'" '! ees beartno
Price $3,150. _ __ '"'-
12 good.modern bouses from $1,800 to $12,500.   hois In illl pari'
city from $80 up.   :i bysiness properties on   Columbia   Btreel      c-11
look over these invest ments.
HALE & LANE,  Real Estate Agent;
248 Columbia St., New Westminster, B. C.
and at CALGARY, Alberta.
Japanese Boy ��� Attending school
wants work with good family in return for board and lodging. Apply
('. S., P. 0. box 545, City, Gd-lio
LOST���On  Sixth  or Columbia street,
a lady's
not as ;
sake   of
gun-metal  watch,  valued,
time-keeper,   but   for the,
old   associations.     Finder
rewarded.    Return to ibis
The VnllRlrr of Ihe Runt.
Omar Khayyam was a famous Persian poet and mathematician in the
twelfth century, who was employed by
the Sultan Malik Shah in revising the
astronomical tables and in making a
thorough reform of tbe calendar. He is ,
Melier known to us as the writer of
some 500 epigrams in verses of four
lines which are unsurpassed In their
pure died ion, fine wit mid crushing sn ]
tire. These clever and fascinating
quatrains were put Into Knglish by
Edward'Fitzgerald, who in 1859 pub
lishi'cl 'The Rubalyat of Omar," a rendering marked by exquisite melodiousness and by poetic insight and power.
Omar has been called the Voltaire of
the east because of his brilliant nnd
pungent wit. while bis depth of tenderness and profound thought, and his denunciation of the fate which dooms to
decay and death what is best and most
beautiful In the world reveals much
that reminds one of Byron, Swinburne
and sometimes Schopenhauer,
ConiolK   by   Ihe   Pennyworth.
It. may not be generally known that
a pennyworth of British consols eau
be purchased. Consols are not like
Shanes, which nre Invariably of a pertain denomination��� ��1, fo, ��10, and so
on���but can be divided up to any extent. It consequently happens that
very small amounts of this lordly sto'k
are bought to make up rv nd sums, but
no one can be registered at the Hank
of England as a holder unless he has
acquired enough to bring him iu four
pence a year ia dividends, and less
than ��1 will purchase a sufficient
amount for that purpose.���London
Saturday Review.
Prnl.se  unci   flatterj .
We must define flattery and praise.
They are distinct. Tn^ini was encouraged to virtue by the panegyric
of Pliny. Tiberius became obstinate
in vice from the flattery of the senators.��� Louis XVI.
WANTED TO RENT���A Ave or six
roomed bouse by family of four.
Address "House," P. O. box SS, city.
GIRL WANTED���for general housework and care of children. Apply
to Mrs, J. Ross Sharpe, Sixth avenue and Tenth street. def-43
STRAYED���3-year-old jersey cow,
rope attached to horns. The finder
will be rewarded by giving information to Daily Xews, or returning
same to 40:',  Queen's  avenue.
���IOB PRINTING���We work for the
best people of Xew Westminster.
Your order will be appreciated.
ARROW PRESS. Room 4. Daily
Xews  Block, MRS, DOMINY, Prop.
R. A. & I. Society.
SEALED TENDERS for the recon-
I struotion of the cattle, sheds at
I Queen's Park, will be received by the
j undersigned up to 1 p.m.. Tuesday,
j March   tilth  next.
W.  II.   KEARY.
Manager and Secretary.
Xew  Westminster, March 13,  1007.
Two  tllrld.
It is just as easy to fall in love with
a rich girl as it is to fall in love with
a poor one. but it Is generally easier
to marry the poor one.���St. Joseph
(Mo.) Press-News.
Be of good courage; that is the main
thine��� Thoreau.
Crystal Sky  Columns.
Aii explanation of a curious optical
phenomenon, sometimes witnessed on
frosty nights, which Is called tbe"pse��-
do aurora."   Is  offered   by   a  scientist
The phenomenon takes the Cora ot
beautiful columns of silvery light
standing over electric arc lamps and
other bright lights and sometimes appearing almosl to reach the iienith.
The scientist says that sometimes the
evening star has a bright shaft below
as well as above, while the rising moon
stands In a broad column of light.
These appearances are duo to floating
frost crystals which keep their reflect- '.
Ing faces horizontal. On examination
bo found that the crystals concerned ,
In the exhibition wore thin six sided
plates of |ce, never more than one millimeter in diameter. When the wind
blows, these little piales are upset, imi.!
the columns of light caused by refiec-1
tlon from their Blirfaces disappear.
...There's lust One Chance in a Thousand...
Of course it's very improbable, but still there's just the chance,
that when you contemplate liouse furnishing you might not know-
just where to go for the Best Furniture at the Best Bargain
PRICES. Take no chances, but enquire of any prominent citizen of
New Westminster or surrounding country ancl the unanimous verdict
of Merchants, Traders, Farmers ancl Mechanics (all of whose happy
homes bear evidence of our Magic Touch) will be, go to JOHN A.
LEE for Carpets, Linoleums, Oil Cloth, Lace Curtains, Coverings
for Furniture, or any article required for complete house furnishing.
John A. Lee's Furniture Emporium
A  Presbj ti rlan minister al Hespel-
c r, Ont., has heen compelled to resign his charge because of his inter-
".- in lacrosse, To the unprejudiced
01 ii ler it would he hard to imagine
B belter way fora man. with a reputation in athletics, to influence the
young.    Certainly a Xew Wesl minster
Greatenl <��f  Ml Cacti.
The greatest as well as the commonest of nil cacti is the "soap weed."
which grows wherever cacti grow nnd
which Is man's only friend In the great
southwestern deserts of the United
States and in Mexico, It furnishes a!
ways a quantity of water when cut.
As its name indicates, it can be manufactured Into a soap, perhaps the least
alkaline soap ever made, even though
the weed itself may grow in the center
of an alkali desert Beer is brewed
from it, the Indians make a hemplike
fiber from It. and horses and men can
eat parts of it If the spines are cut
away; also when It shoots up Its one
grout arm skyward It tops that arm
with one of tho most gorgeous flowers
In the world.���Argonaut.
We have, within a few miles of town, a
splendid farm of 150 acres, all improved,
with good house, 2 barns, stable, sheds,
hog pens; first-class bottom land, and
within a few minutes of railway station.
For a few days only at
per annum.
the adjourned Annual Genera] .Meeting of the Daily Xews Publishing Co.,
Ltd., will be held at the registered
office of the Company, Sixili Street,
Xew Wesl minster, on Friday, the |
Fifteenth day of .March. 1907, at 8
We have just placed in stock the first
consignment of our Spring Shirts, and
they are beauties. Light and medium
colors;, mostly in ordinary cut. Quite a
few in the coat shape style. Cuffs attached and detached. Made by the celebrated W.G. & R. and Tooke Bros. Ltd.
prmg i.juitiiigs
just Arrived one of the largest ancl  most
complete stocks in British Columbia
Satisfaction guaranteed or money  refunded.     Suits kept  in  i-":l'
tree of charge for one year.     Open evenings.
"The Farm Land Specialists,"
New Westminster
Cor. McKenzie   and   Front
*��*.. fHURSDA*
��� MARCH 14, 1907.
'"""'l���       ri'Lii:1
the Cash Store
The Formal Opening
Exclusive Millinery Store
271 Columbia Street
Thursday and Friday, March 14 and 15
and Following Days.
..    ..    Y.u are hereby extended a cordial invitation to attend   ..    ..
i     e open our aew Milliner.*   S  ire,  nexl   door  to our  ni'egenl
quarters,  ������   will bave enlarged     premises four times.
/j^',J^//////j^  V ' "iiiii    ihe nasi live and a hall  years we  have i Ivanced by rapid
m aV^\; I^V^S^a idding Improvement to Improvemenl  and betterment to bettei
at, nm ii now it requires no rose colored glasses to make people be-
lievi  this Is the bi   . store In town.
One year ago  ive made alterations  allowing   additional   space   for
dressmaking and alteration departments.    Now we arc adding another
it  : ' mi. alrea Ij large quarters,
This new store, which is next dour in the old one, will be connei te I
chways, and wRl Mc dcvnied exclusivelj 10 millinery and children's
The services of one of the lies; mllinefs mi the coast   have  been
secured ami she will have entire charge of the new store.
We appreciate ymir custom anil have gone to considerable expense
.mm-  in  make this store tin- besl   equipped  one   in   the  province,
funic io our opening and See if Ihis is not su.
We Imporl genuine Parisian pattern hats as well as New York pat-
li   i. .   .in |   ..,'���   up  artistic  creations   in   your   order   in   our own   work
room. Much latitude is allowed this year in the matter of color. Unlit
le     il course, leading, especially greyish  blues, electric blue . champagnes, twine shades, lavender.-.,  coral
astor shades.    Hats this spring are sei al nil angles and ihis is   me of the secrets of the wide variety  seen, for
wide difference in ihe appearance of the shape.
Plumec are in vogue to a certain extenl  this season, especially ostrich, vulture, paradise and marabout.
��1 ti     of ihe  smartesi  hats this spring are of the "Mushroom" style, while others are toques, turbans, etc.
^  11
1  V
mi, v
1       V
1    \
pinks,  g
Ibe puis
of  I
brown s   and
lie hal makes
About the New Dress Goods
The wide variety, thai is the  prominenl  feature in  the trade
H 'he preseni time, extends also to the dress department, and it
Is jusi a little difficull   lo say  what  is the leading color.
The demand is for novelty, and ihere nevei  was a season when
ige of materials and colors selling was so big.    Blacks ar*
-kin-, needy ai   preseni followed   hy   browns,   greens,   blues   and
-k while no.nly all the mixed colors an  light. While and black
, creamy, grey and fawn   shaded  plaids,   tweeds,   worsteds
and hopsacklngs all are having due prominen e 	
About the New Garments
What Is said of 'lie piece goods may he applied practically
without any change io all Rinds of garments, unless that the majority of suiis being sold are of light  colored  tweed.
Fancy Bolero ami Eton jackets are prominenl in lhe coal
-liis. while .il'. lengths are shown in the separate coals. Many of
Uie >kiris are pleated; some of them having knife pleats, whtle
itlu   -  havi   kn leats and   pane's.
The ��� ew bio tses have many Innovations and are prettily ma le
. .������   evelet embrol lery, valencienne lace and insertion.
About the New Accessories
Ou , Valencienn* s and    'i im   laces aud I ms n iv in
elude more  than three hundred p    e  is.     N*     ess I expect
a good season.
Wash collars, chiffon collars, l.u ...
Ik and leathe     ���'���-.���.. ;      ucl ai , ha      erchlel
I    .      ney silk   Lh e,  cash  i i -      .  ���     "
About the New Wash Goods
This is to he a white se
.-on in which white will he fe ���      ���  Whi ���
stripes, dots, etc., white wl h co i       1  iw*    , whit
ured checks
We have n is much whi;
combined  lasl  se.,    .1,    ���   ides        i
voiles   flowered;   Pi  nch  organdie
plal ulembroidi  i I; -
���. ������    is       ick 1 iwns, m* rsildas
i Jtf Daily Details
For cut Bowers, bridal bouquets and
funeral designs, 'phone Tidy, the Florist, A184.
The  annual  meeting   of   the   Wesl-
| minster   Gun   club   takes   place   this
The board of school trustees will
meel this afternoon for the tirst time
in their new quarters, city hall.
A meeting Of persons interested in
the rillc association will be held in
the hoard of trade room on Saturday
| evening.
The banquet of the South African
campaigners will lake place in Vancouver this evening.    V. II. f. Abbott,
o: Abbott & Hyde, is selling tickets
for the event.
The nig Phoenix, which has been
recently overhauled, is now tied up ai
'he C. I'. It. wharf, and will he ready
for service again as soon as the painting of ihe  vessel is completed,
Mrs. .1. II. Diamond will sinn thai
typical Irish snug "The Kerry Dance,"
al   lhe  Irishman's  concert.
J.   A.��� lu   answer   lo   your   enquiry
i" the last Dominion election, the candidates were ,1. B, Kennedy, Liberal,
ami .1. li. Taylor, Conservative. .Mr.
Kennedy was elected by a big majority.
.1. C. Hrown. Henry Doyle and
George Maclde, the three members of
ihe deputation sent to Ottawa lo Interview the minister of Marine and
Fisheries in ihe interests of the Fraser river fishermen, are expected to
return home on Friday or Saturday.
For cut hyacinths, carnations and
funeral designs, telephone T.  Davies
& Son,  ilorists.     Ted.,  H20S.
A small fire iu tic lower part of
the city gave Iho brigado a run a'bout
seven o'clock lasl evening. The fire
was extinguished after a stiff fight
bad heen pul ii|i hy the lire lighters.
This is I lie second time a fire breaks
out in ihe same bouse within the past
few   months,
The members of the Literary society of the Baptist Young People's
union, will entertain their friends at
the residence of Mrs. .lames Anderson, corner Queen's avenue "and
Fourth street, next Monday evneing.
An interesting programme has been
Messrs. Davis, (litrney and Bilo-
deau will contribute melody to the
Irish concert on St. Patrick's Day.
A small blaze provided excitement
| al the penntentiary yesterday morn-
j ing, but with the assistance of the prl-
i sinters it was extinguished before any
' damage was done. The fire alarm
! was sounded, the prisoners and ulten-
i dunts marshalling out ot the buildings in orderly manner.
The Royal City Lodge, No. 3, 1. 0.
(l  l'\, will give a banquet in theTkld-
i fellows' hall on Frldey of next week,
ia honor of the ihirty-sixih anniversary of the  formation of the lodge.
', The fad ihai the Rebeccas will be
In charge of the refreshments is a
sure Indication that the event will be
a success.
llis Worship Mayor Keary will render "Father O'Flynn," and Mr. Roach
will recite '���Shannon lulls" al the en-
t< rtainmenl  cm   March 18.
W. R. Gilley wore a happy smile
yesterday afternoon, and pointed oul
exultantly to the fact thai his firm
had no scow moored al the tool Of
Eighth sireet. a. circumstance rare
enough to be chronicled, The reason
for the obsence of the scows was that
there were none on band, several being in Victoria loading with rock and
On Friday evening thc second of
the series of university extension lee
ir.rcs now being given al the Columbian College will be delivered by Prof.
Burwash,    His subject   will be "Vol
canoes," "The  Greek   AHih'ie"  will  be
the subjoin of a discourse by Prof,
Kerr, who is down tor the third lee-
in . while prof, Porter will later deliver one upon the subject of "Surveying,"
The funeral of John Hroinsleat, ihe
Norwegian who was found dead on i
ravine  ou   Saturday,   look   place   yi
terday afternoon from Murchie's undertaking parlors. The Rev. Mr.
ordai. of Bellingham, conducted the
service. The body was conveyed to
the grave in the oddfellows' cemetery
by George Troughton, John Prodrtck,
Isaam Johnston, John Nelson. Andrew
Johnston and   Nels   Nelson.
Miss Wean will sing "Killamey."
and Miss Lewis will render "Tipper
ary," at the St. Patrick's Day concert.
The grand meeting of tho A. 6. Im
W., which is being held In "Victor!.���.
this week, is being at fended bj Rr,
DeWolf Smith, grand medical advisor,
George Adams, grand trustee, U. 1.
Peck   and   A.   II.   McBride,  represent a-
tiim the grand council of New West-
��� minster, The Victoria sessions will
j be broughl to a close on Friday, and
] the   New   Westminster delegation  ls
expected to return home by Saturday
i afternoon.
Work on the extension to the Gilley wharf between Eighth Btreel and
Begble si reel is miw progressing rapidly, a large number of idles having
been driven in. The work will be
. rushed along as   fast   as possible,  but
ii will be about three weeks before
the wharf will be far enough advanced to he used. The addition now be-
, ing buill to the wharf will make II
the largest along the Fraser river, as
is   will   he   almosl   double   Ibe   size   ol
i the preseni structure.
Scotchmen are Invited to hear Mr.
I Cameron,   of   Darcy's  orchestra,  play
Irish  melodies,  and see Messrs. Mortimer  and   Henderson dunce    a    jig
nexl .Monday.
A meeting of baseball enthusiasts
will be held next week, when the proposition to enter an inter-city league,
lo be formed hy teams representing
Vancouver, Victoria, Nanalmo ami
New Westminster, will be discussed
ar length. The dale of the meeting
has nol yet been set hut it will be
about thi' middle of the week. The
locai 1 players will be able lo firm a
Strong team this year, as mosl of lasl
year's best players are still in the
city, and will don the uniforms again
Ibis season.
Everything Points to Successful Ex
hibition   Next  Week.
A large gathering of stockmen Is
expected in the city next week, when
the third annual spring stallion and
fat stock show will lake place. This
show will be managed by the I'.. C.
Stock  Breeders' association.
The meeting promises to be a large
one us, apart from bringing their "animals to the fair, many will ( ime to
attend lhe special general meeting of
tbe Royal Agricultural and Industrial
society, which will lake place one llm
evening of March 20.
Tho Dominion Live stock Commissioner, Mr. Livingstone, of Victoria,
will also be in ihe City. An Interesting feature will ho ihe livestock
Judging contest   foi-    fanners'    sons,
Valuable  prizes   will   be  given   foi-  the
winners of the contest,
A   full   dross  rehearsal  of  lhe  com-
pans of amateurs, which is to produce
ihe musical extravaganza "A Trip to
Happyiand" ihis evening in  iho Op-
I era House, was held lasl nighl, when
a privileged few were admitted to witness ihe performance, 'I'he faithful
training of the past few weeks was
clearly evidenced by the freedom with
\ which the actors and actresses won:
through iheir parts, nol a simile
hitch occurring from start to finisV
The principles in the casi will undoubtedly win well merited applause
v !u n they face the footlights after
the curtain is rung up this evening,
while   Ihe   chorus   and   Iho   onsenM'
will work in a manner seldom equal
icl by any theatrical companj whi:
lias visited this cil;.. Seats for tonight's performance are selling fas'.
and Iho S. It. 0, shingle has beer,
placed close to lhe entrance in pi'der
lo he handy for exhibition as soou as
the house Is filled.
Moved to New Premises
302 McKenzie St.
Plumbing and Contracting
jgt��gg% -..        ' SSlBiE^
r-'*:it*!P*6Frr*r!i' ,v>TTT',,M"'-ijiiii        i
P. O. Box 248
Telephone 302
 j II
II i;
'"UKSDAY, MARCH 1.4, ,
.70 Ivi S.
Established 1887
Incorporated 1906
Gilley Bros, m
Peculiar Manner In V. bleb I'ropoaala
of Marrlncv   Art*   Made.
There is  tin   old   custom   prevailing
among the Tyrolew- regarding propos-
Wholesale and Retail
tis of marriage.
man pays a vi.-.
brings with U.i ���
which he 1 iitrs
gents it to lhe n'i
-4 lime 11 young
eve.', lover he
:,��� c f  wine, nf
.1:1,1 pre-
liiS 1 ."��� 'es.
It she accepts ii the * hoi
4 This   celebrated   Cement   is
ors in the Province.
���  used by nearly all large contract-
FIRE     CLAY     and     MANTEL   ��.
From the Clayburn Clay Co.
Settled. Very often the girl has not ye',
made up her mind, and then she will
take refuge In excuses so tis not to
drink the wine and yet not refuse it
point blank, for that is considered a
gross insult, provim; that she bas been
BO days after date, we intend to apply
to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a special license to carry away timber from
the following described lands in the
Coast  District:
No. 1. Commencing at a stake plant-
air in I e(] on ghore of Tsi Bas Lagoon, near
�� ters and solicitors Ri,,L. ��� ,rrl8'
Columbia street, \PW ',<- " kle Blk.,
W. J. Whiteside, li  L. fig**
MR. 3. P. HAMPTON BOI v ���
��* tor of the supreme?,SSnH
Canadian Bank of Coinmerrk ,ffl?,��l
incr   r>ni,irv,K<-   _._- yuu"aerce lmiu I
N. W. Cor. T. H. 6829, thence north
50 chains, east 12S chains, south 50
chains,   west   12S chains  to   poinl   of
Nn. 2. Commencing at a stake plant-
merely trifling with the affections of I ed about .'!0<J feet from east shore ol
ber lover. Actron  Sound, near S. W.  cor. T. L,
She will   for instance, maintain that ��� <;,,.,,,   ,hence sm],h so cha,       eaat g0
the wine "looks sour   or that wine disagrees with her or that she is afraid of
getting tipsy or that the priest has forbidden  her to  take any���iu  fact, she
chains to line of T. L. 6941, north SO
chains to shore of Huaskin Lake, west
SO  chains,  more or  less,  to place of
makes use of any subterfuge that pre-   commencement,
seuts itself at that moment. No, 3, Commencing nl the S. E. cor-
The purport of these excuses Is that   ner T.  L. 7512, about one mile from
she has not come to a decision and that | nead 0j ponvartl Harbor, N. E., thence
Telephones: Office 16,   Manager's Residence 22 X
north 80 chains, east 40 chains, south
160  chains,  west 40 chains, north  80
Clearing-out Sale of Odd Lines at giving away prices.
See our Window and Door.
tbe wine offering is premature.
This strange custom, dating very far
back���according to one account, it was
known as early as ihe*,inth century- '(,uil,s ,(l Place o�� commencement
is called "bringing the wine" and ls      No. 4.  Commencing at the S. W.
synonymous with the act of proposing. ! corner of T. I.. 7fi()4, about one mile
Shy   lovers,   loath  to make sure of ; north of the head of Frederick Arm,
their case beforehand, find it a very   thence wesl 80 chains, south 40 chains
happy institution.   Not a word need be   ,..lst   Sll  (.h.|ins .,���,,  -S(J]||ll   ���,  cha,M
spoken, and tbe girl Is spared the pain-   ���;,,,  ,,.,      ,. ,,,   ,    _,.,,,   ..
til "No" of civilisation. *   , """ '"   '' '"  f439' tttnoe ��*
If any of the wine is spilled or the 4" (h'""s '" Bhore ���* S- M corner lol
glass or bottle broken It is considered
u most unhappy omen- in fact, there is
a peasant's saying for au unhappy
marriage, "They have spilled tiie wine
between them."
The   FnniniiH   Shrine   mill   On-   "l.lllij-
rinlli"   In   Mk.iI'I.
The crocodile, one of the most sacred
animals of the east, has given its name
to several ancient sites. Of tbe various
cities of crocodiles the names of which
have been bunded down to us by He
271. thence north 80 chains, west III
chains, more or less, to point of commencement.
DATED ihis 26th day of February,
The Mclaughlin lumber co. Ltd.
By C. R. .McLaughlin, Pres. and M. 1).
TOTAL ASSETS   45,400,000
Eighty-five branches, with Correspondents throughout
the world. 	
ONE DOLLAR opens an account.   Interest added four
times a year.    Start to-day.
F. B. LYLE, Manager.
TAKE NOTICE that application has
been made to register Edgar L. Webber as the owner in Fee Simple, under
rodotus7riiny nnd Strabo, perhaps the I a Tax Sale Dee(l f''0��� the Reeve and
most striking was the "Croeodilopolis" Clerk of Surrey, to Edgar L. Webber,
of the ancient Egyptian province of i bearing the date 3th day of January,
Fayuin, which, according to tradition, j A.D. 1901, of all and singular that cer-
was built by that pharaoh who "made ; tain paroe] or tract of land and prem-
the lives of the children of Israel bit- ,ses gitllate !ving and being in the
ter with hard service."   This province New Wegtmlngte     ,���  fte
lies within an almost complete circle of , . ������,��,.���,
htlls-a little oasis in the midst of the Province of British Columbia, more
desert, where roses and grapes mingle ' particularly known and described as
with figs and olives and luxuriant palm Lois 1 ancl 2 of Block 10, subdivision
trees grow almost into forests. Its cap- of South East quarter Section 10,
ital is Medinet, and a little to the north Township 1.
of the city are a number of irregularly       you  am] ea(jh  of a],e  ^^
shaped mounds.  Beneath these are the
,       . ..      .        .  .   .,...,. ,;,,���,    tc  cones   the  c aim of  the tax  pur-
ruins of the pharaoh built "Croeodilop- ....
oils," the "City of Crocodiles," later | chaser within thirty days from the
called Arsinoe und the shrine of the date of the first publication of this
sacred crocodile of the neighboring notice, otherwise I shall register Ed-
Lake Moeris, which was then iriO miles gar L. Webber, as owner thereof in
ln circumference.   This lake held thej fee.     And  I  hereby order  that   pub-
Any available Dominion Lands with-1
in the Railway Belt in Rritish Colum- j
bia, may be homesteaded by any per- j
son who is the sole head of a family, j
or any male over IS years of age, to ,
the extent of one-quarter section of
160 acres, more or less.
Entry must be made personally at
the local land office for the district in
Which the land is situate.
The homesteader is required to perforin the conditions connected  there-i
with under one of the following plans:
(1) At least six months' residence
upon and cultivation of the land in
each year for three years.
12) If the father (or mother, if the
father is deceased |, of the homesteader resides upon a farm in the vicinity
o:' the land entered for, the requirements ns to residence may be satisfied
h.' such person residing with the
father or mot her.
(il) If the settler has bis permanenl residence upon farming land owned by him In the vicinity of his homestead, the requirements as to resl-
di nee may be satisfied by residence
upon the said land.
Six months' notice iu writing should
be given to the Commissioner of Dominion Lands at Ottawa of intention
to apply for patent.
Coal lands may he purchased at $10
per acre for soft coal and $20 for anthracite. Not more than 320 acres
can be acquired by one individual or
company. Royalty at the rate of ten
cents per ton of 2,000 pounds shall be
collected on tbe gross output.
Deputy of the Minister of the Interior.
N. B.���Unauthorized publication of
this advertisement will not be paid
ing,   Columbia  street.
office, New Westminster
u build.!
Money" (3
barristers, solicitors, etc        ?/
flees:    New Westminster, Tra'nn mil
corner   Clarkson  and   Lorne stroot
Vancouver, rooms 21 to 21 4p-, n
ville street.    Joseph Martin   K ('<raa'
W. Weait, W. 0. McQuarrie  B"r
Bourne.    Mr. Martin  wijl   be'lath,
Westminster offices every Frlchv   ,
ternoon ' ���  aI'
ters, solicitors, etc., 42 Lo'imk
street, opposite Court I Ions,., y',,w|
Westminster. A. Whealler, P.O. t
:.l 1
Solicitor, Culchon  block, Coluuj.
cia and McKenzie streets, New West
minster, B. C.
W. MYERS GRAY, Barrlsti    Solii     i
aud Notary Public, in practice since!
1891 at New Westminster, B.C   0f-j
flees removed to Curtis Block,Clark-
son   street, opposite   Court House,
P.O. Box 1C9.   Telephone 64.
BOARD OF TRADE.���New  Westmin.
ster Board of Trade meets In ihe!
Board Room, City Hull, as follows;
Second Wednesday of each month. |
Quarterly meetings on the Becont)
Wednesday of February, May,
August and November, at 8 p, m,
Annual meetings on the secoml
Wednesday of February. Near
members may be proposed ami
elected at any monthly or quarterly
meetiig.   A. K. Whi'e. Sec.
UNION LODGE, NO. 9, A. F. & A. M.
���The regular meeting of this
Is held on the First Wednesday in
each month, at. 8 o'clock p. m., in
the Masonic Temple. Sojourning
orethren are cordially invited to attend. Dr. W. A. DeWolt Smi'.h,
sacred crocodiles, and as each died in
turn it was buried iu one of tbe 1,600
underground sepulchers of the world
famed "labyrinth" at band, side by side-
with the embalmed bodies of succes
Holy Saturday  In  Naples.
Naples celebrates in a curious man
ner Lent and the end of Passion week
Ropes are stretched from bouse tc
bouse across the streets iu the ancient
districts on the day of tbe carnival
and dolls made of rags, wearing the-
traditional Neapolitan costume and carrying a  distaff  and  bobbin,   are  sus
llcation of this notice for fifteen days
in a daily newspaper published at
New Westminster will be good and
sufficient service thereof.
DATED at the Land Registry Office,
New Westminster, Province of British Columbia, this 17th day of January, A.D.   1907.
District Registrar.
To Thomas Jeffries, Esq.
All persons served with this notice,
and those claiming through or under
them, and all persons claiming any In-
pended from these ropes.   At the fee<   terest in the gaid ,and b   ^rtue of anv
of the spinner is attached  an orange;
containing seven feathers, correspond
ing to the seven weeks of Lent.   Each
unregistered instrument, and  all  persons  claiming  any interest   in    the
Canadian Bank of Commerce
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000.     Reserve Fund, $5,000,000
B,  E. WALKER, President. ALEX,   LAIRD,  General   Manager.
A general Banking business transacted.    Accounts  may be  opened and  con- ,
ducted by mail with all branches of this bank.
Deposits ef $1 and upwards received, and interest allowed at current rates.   The
depositor is subject to no delay whatever in the withdrawal
of tbe whole or any portion of the deposit.
week one feather Is plucked, so that I sald land b-v descent whose title
only one remains at Holy Saturday | is not registered under the
Then, as soon as the cannon of Fort j provisions of the "Land Registry Act."
St Elmo and the ehurch bells announce I shall lie forever estopped and debar-
the noon hour and the resurrection ol ' red from setting up anv claim to or
Christ,  firecrackers, which have been I ,��� reSpect of the said lan(, gQ sol(, f(|I.
sixty clays after date we intend to
apply to the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works
for permission to purchase the following tract of land situated "in Coast
District, for a Mill Site. Commencing at a post planted cm shore of bay
S. E. Arm Huaskin Lake, about S.
W. corner T. L. No. 6943; thence
South lo chains; Wesl "> chains;
South 10 chains, more or les- to N. E.
shore of Turnbull Cove; thence West
with shore line 20 chains; North 10
chains; East 5 chains; North 10
chains, more or less, to Bhore of
Huaskin Lake; thence East with
shore line 20 chains, more or less, to
point of commencement; containing
40  acres,  more  or  less.
dated this 19th day of February,
The  Mclaughlin  lumber co.,
By C. R. McLaughlin, Pres., M. D.
F. & A. M.���Regular communications of this lodge are held on the
second Tuesday In eaci month in
Masonic Temple, at 8 p. m. Visiting brethren are .'ordially Invited
to attend.    D. W. Gilchrist. Sec.
R. B. K. of I., meets fourth
Friday of each month, al 8
p. m., in Orange hull, corner ot
Royal avenue and Tth street. Sn
journing Sir Knights cordially invited to attend. W, E. Dunlop, W.
P.; .1. Hood, Reg.
���Meets in Orange hall first and
third Friday in each month at 8 p.
m. Visiting brethren are cordis ���
invited to attend. W. Pope, W V.,
James Humphrey, Rec.-Sec,
tied in long strings to the orange at
the dolls' feet are lighted, and the
Quareslma figure explodes amid the
cries of the crowd, wherein pious formulas and profane phrases alternate.
taxes as provided by the "Land Registry Act."
I.oiicIou'n   >l��Nt   Ancient   Couri.
The ancient court of hustings is oi
Saxon origin, and the name is derived
from bus. a bouse, and thing, a niiittei
of cause���that is. a bouse or hall ol
TAKE NOTICE that an application
has been made to register James Lord
, as the owner in Fee Simple, under a
| Tax  Sale Deed  from  the  Mayor and
Treasurer of the City  of New Westminster, to Patrick T.  Bowler, bear-
causes. Courts of the kind were estab- j in- rlate ,he mh ,1;l-v of August, A.D.
llshed In all the great cities, and, as 1'''0-' of a11 ;in'' singular that certain
regards London,  it  is the supreme a��   parcel  or tract of land and  premises
situate,  lying and  being  In  the  City
well ns the most ancient court and ls
the court of appeal from the sheriffs'
court.     In   the   earliest  times   it  tc     .,-,������ u ,-, ,      , ��� .-    i    ,
.  ,,       ,,    ,   . ,. . .  ol British Columbia, more particularly
held weeklv. but it is now summoned; l^^^^^^^^^i^i^i^i^lM
of New Westminster, in the Province
only as occasion requires
Great Northern Railway
known and descr! ed as Lots 1" and
11, Block "D" St. Patrick's Square.
You an 1 ea* h of you arc required
io contest tho claim of the tax pur-
ch tser within i'o;:;,-live days from the
date of  the  flrsl   publication of this
V. W. & Y. RY.
9:20   B in
1:35   p in
4:36   p in     i
Blaine,   Bellingham,   Burlington,
Ml.   Vernon.   Everett,  Scuttle,
Spokane, St. Paul.
  and all points East
9:20   a m     |     Anacortes, Woolley, Rockport,
3:00   p in    | Vancouver
9:65   p m    1 	
3:00   ii in
9:65   p in
,S:00 ii in
3:00 p in
9:20 a in
i mi.'i p m
Leave   Xew Westminster tor Guichon   3:50 p. 1
Guichon o p. in.. .Monday, Wednesday, Friday.
S:|T,  a.m.  arrive from (iuiehon: 9:30 a.m. Lv. for Vancouver.
2 Daily  Overland Trains 2
Spokane, St. Paul, Minneapolis, Winnipeg, Dnluth, Chicago, St.
Louis    anil    all    points    East.
For complete Information, rales, berth reservation, etc., call
on or address,
Im  C.   MEYERS.  Agent,
Hank of Commerce Tiiilldinir.       --       New Westminster, li. C,
S. (I. YERKES, A. O. P. A..
Corner Second Avenue   and  Columbia    Street,    Seattle,   Wash.
mwsmanK ^.vwiWKiaiflwfc.
A writer  In  an   English  paper has
this (o say regarding the game of golf
"Coif is a  great  game,  but  shiver mt
niblicks if I think it comes up to till- 	
dledywlnks.    It Is played with a con- "oUce,   otherwise    I    shall    register
ple  of  farms,   a   river or  so.   two  or James  Lord  as owner thereof in fee.
three sand bills, a number of Imple- And I hereby certify thai publication
ments   resembling   dentist's   tools,   ii iii   tiiis   noiice   for   thirty   days  in   a
strange language  much  like  Hindoo-1 daily newspaper published    at    New
Btanee, any old clothes and a large nr
Bortment of oaths."
Tito i.*m��k*.
He climbed clown from the pay ear.
wlHi his month's wages still in his
"Sure, ye must bo feelin' rich, Pat,
with nil ye have there," said a bystander.
"And what does this signify to me?'
answered Pat. "Just two looks, wan
whin I get It nnd wan whin I give It
to the oiild woman."���Life.
���Tout   n��   Will.
Singleton���No man can tell just what
a woman will do next. Wedderly���And
it's just as well he can't. Otherwise
she'd be sure fo do something altogether different.���Chicago News.
Ho that runs out by extravagance
must retrieve by parsimony.���From
the Dutch.
Westminster  will   be   good   and   sufficient service thereof.
DATED at the Land Registry Office
Xew Westminster, Province of British Columbia this 1st day of February, A.D.  1907.
District Registrar.
To Henry Elliott, Esq.
All persons served with this notice,
and those claiming through or under
them, and all persons claiming any
Interest in the said land by virtue of
any unregistered instrument, and all
persons claiming any interest in the
said land by descent, whose title is
not registered under the provisions of
i lie "Land Registry Act," shall be
forever estopped and debarred from
Betting up any claim to or in respect
of the said land so sold for taxes as
provided by the "Land Registry Act,"
TAKE NOTICE that application has
been made to register Karl Brudvlk
as the owner in Fee Simple, under a
T��x Sale Deed from C. A. Carncross,
Reeve and E, M. Carncross, Clerk of
the District of Surrey, bearing date
the 14th day of December, A.D. lilOl,
of all and singular that certain parcel
or tract of land and premises situate,
lying and being in the District of New
Westminster, in the Province of British Columbia, more particularly known
and described as Lot 32, subdivision
of Section 25, Block 6 North Range 2
Vou and each of you are required
to contesi the claim of the tax purchaser within forty-five days from the
date of the Brst publication of this
notice, i shall register Karl Brudvlk
;i owner thereof in fee. And I direct, that publication of ibis notice
for thirty days in a daily newspaper
published al New Westminster will
be good ami sufficient Bervlce thtreof.
dated al the Land Registry Office,
New Westminster, Province of Hrii-
lsh Columbia, this nth day of January, A.D. 1907.
District Registrar.
To Thomas Archibald  Mclnnes,  Esq,
All   persons   served   with   this   notice,  and  those claiming through  or
under   them,  and   all   persons   claim-
ing any interest in the said laud by
virtue of    any    unregistered    instrti- \
ment,  and   all persons  claiming any I
interest in the said land by descent, j
whose   title   is   not.   registered   under'
the provisions of the "Land Registry
Act,"   shall   ho  forever  estopped   anl
debarred   from  setting  up any  claim
to or in  respect of the .said  land  .so
sold  for  taxes   as   provided   by   the
"Land Registry Act."
I. O. O. F.���AMITY LODGE. NO. 27-
The regular meetlngB of this lodge
are held in Oddfellews' hall, Oo
bla street, every  Monday evenh
at 8 o'clock.   Visiting brethrei ���
dially invited to attend.   S. G eg
N. G.;  C. S. Richmond, V. G.; W, C.
Coatham, R. S.;  J. W. MacDon
F. S.;  Alex. Adams, Treas.
A. O. U. W.���FRASER LOCGE Nc. 1
���Meetings the first and third Tues-
day In each month.
brethren cordlallv Invited to at** I.
Lodge room, A. O. V. W. hall, Odd-
fellows' block, Clarkson street, r.
S. Corrigan, recorder: Louis W.:f, |
master workman.
115,   SONS   OF   ENGLAND,  B. 6.-
Red Rose Degree me* ts Second una
Fourth Wednesday of each i
In K. of P. Hall, Columbia St.
8 p. m., While Rose Degree, Foui
Wednesday   in   each n
time and  place.    Visltln?  B
cordially    invited.      E.  B.
combe, Pres.. II. Disne , i
COURT BRUNETTE. No. 4099, l.< '
���Meets  the  Fourth   Friday   l
month   at   8  o'clock.  In  the
hull,   Oddfellows'    block,     V
brethren are cordially Invited to
tend.    ,1.  II.  RuBhton, C. B-i *��� r'
Maxwell, R. S.
A. O. F.���The regular mei
this Lodge are held on the Secon
and Fourth Tuesdays of end ."
i. m. in lhe Oddfellows Han.
cordialJ ji;
at 8 p,
Visiting Hrethren are ---- R
vited to attend. E. C. Firth, C. n
F. P. Maxwell, Sec.
PERANCE meet   every Wedne
at 8 o'clock p. m., in Oddfeiio
Hall,    Columbia    S reel. ;l..
Brethren are cordially Invueo^,.^
tend, Geo. Burr
Brethren are cmo..u., ���- R m^
CAMP, 191,-Meets on tb*    ^ ,���
Third  Tuesday of even
K.   of   P. Hall.     '";",,���.,'   .
Chief; J. J. Forrester, Rec, URSDAV
MARCH 14, 1907.
k MM     i\    T an(1 mab  money on the side.   You
II lv     II      I cannot  do  wrong   in   purchasing
Ll I I    I I      I p^al  Estate in  New Westminster
I ������ ���^���\/#l# now.   Prices are low, but rapidly
B,T OF      THINKING   !J���* ^^   APPEAR    T0~
b)AY that   are   gone   to-morrow.
Read our list carefully.    Most of our properties are exclusively for
^ by us, and the prices are rock bottom. Make a start now; it is never
I do late to begin.
fei. 333 FRONT   STREET
Tel. 333
and three   bus, corner  irl
i(, ,,,!,   Si ;   .Vrooili liouse  anl
I"'        mm .. $1,500, one third cash,
���    ,   ,    12 months al i pi r cent.
North road,    mi of a mil,'
mlta on    Porl  Mood);    8
:  lOlfll  .
chicken  house,
fenced and in good
Price $4,500,    hall
In in tiO'
���.,..   undei    cultivation;
,  ...   [ram*     arn
in ii months al ~ per en;
One Let 56x132 ft. on
Queen's Av., north side,
SE cor. block 6, S. block
i Trice $1,000, half cash.
bal. 6 per cent. Lane on
back of lot.
JUST A SPECIAL-that's all
House 1 full  storeys.  -1  bedrooms
large hull, 2 clothes closets, plastered and finished in cedar; large lawn,
beautiful flowers, over 50 ro ���
hedges, high board and wire fence
seasnell walks; orchard 40 apple, a
pear, -", prune, ."> plum, large cherr;
and oilier  fruil  trees;   i--> acre of
strawberries;  soil black loam, with
clay subsoil, well underdra i
year produced 738 sacks of |".'
on 4 acres. 2 not fully seed,'!. :, tons
of hay, etc., etc.     $42oo.ooj
S.2000  cash.    Ful
lars on enquiry.
Full-sized lot No. 8, between (ith & Tth Ave. on
4th St., west side. $300,
half cash, bal. in 6 mos.
One acre in block 9, between 18th and 16th St.
on 8th Ave. Price $750,
1-3 cash, bal. easy.
���I;' a inlet, three Bquare miles, ,,t   culars
$6.00 per acre, half cash, balanc \ eas;
���  m I  "M" ii. I:   acres, one b   ���
for ]   tntlng. 1 1-2 ac-
eared,    lion.-", :,  i ,
��� ���   an 1  half, ���-1 a
1   ���    ��� ���    fruit tree     md
mm. :   $1,700,  h lit ca
ee in mths at 7 pe   ,.
m -1 ral table ho] ling, an I
'������ lhe city, call and bring this advei
ill   with  you   for furth
Lot il on Fifth avenue,  sub  B, I I
.(8UD 9. $300 cash. V4 cleared; .- ���.
��� tec   by 132 feet,
!.,.   it. 18, 19, 20, 21, face on 16
gtteet and v'!i avenue;   2 corner  lots
i.m    | inside lots $200 each.    Price
$950, cash.   Single  Iota  at   cash.
Full Bized lot in Sapperton, facing
Brunette street.    Price $150 cash.
2-Sl    !)��� i ae, 7 rooms;   : Bth, [
closet, furnished, hot and col I watei
8i feel facing  4th avenue   uti 1    ::.��� 1
street, 110 feet.    Price $2,400, % cash
Four ami one-half acres between
Sevenih and Eighth avenue; - mth
sirte ot 1st street.    Price $2,500.
m'm-mm  acres   nn    Vancouver    Road,
���  i feel "ii .i,i dlee road fac-
:: '"��� roa Is; I 3 mile [rom Jubilee
sta n on the tram line, ne ir noyal
Oak hote Small house; :: acrfes
cleared an I cultivated. Price $-*,500.
$1,000 cash, balance G, 12, and IS
month.- at 7 per cenl
Seven-roomed house, Seventh sireet.
near  Fifth  avenue,   two  storeys,  full
 ������ Part of lot set out with  sized lot $1,600
: ��� -
$2,750. $1
Near  thc  Bridge
Large lol and two cottages on Columbia street, Sapperton. Both rented
al $i" each.
i me and one-half storey liouse and
full size lot, situated north side of
;:     ,' avenue and coiner of McKinnis
:  i; 9 rooms; bath room, hoi and
cold  water, closei;  woodshed; young
111 ai ig   fruil   tree.-,    streets  on   three
Sides;   line   view.     Price   $1,800.  $'.UII)
one Cull sized lot, 2nd lol from corner, 1 llh street and 8th avenue, lot
66 Mil  Icet.    $250 cash.
��� r n
irej    House,   iu
int. rovemi
us,   also
We have a few valuable lots: ���
Between 9th street and 8th street.
Between  3rd  and  4th  avenue.
Hnw  ��.,mr of It Wiih  Lvakil/ tovaa
Prom DMtruotfton.
Considering that the whole of nncieut
literature was confined Vo manuscript,
lt is wom^rful tliat so much of lt has
come down to us. The preservation pf
some old writings has been almost
miraculous, To a single copy preserved In a monastery of Westphalia, for
Instance, do we owe all that we have
of Tacitus. This ls the more remarkable since thj emperor, of that name
hnd copies" of the" works"of his" distinguished ancestor placed In all the Imperial libraries and caused ten copies
of tliPin to be transcribed yearly. Still,
only the one copy has been found tn
modern times,
A pnpe of the second decade of l.lvy,
we nre told, was discovered by a man
of letters on a battledoor while he was
amusing himself In the country. He
rushed up to town, but he was too late,
for the battledoor maker "had used up
all his parchment the week before."
Two manuscripts of Cicero on "Glory"
were presented to Petrarch, who lent
tbem to an old preceptor. This latter
gent Ionian, being pressed by want,
pawned them and died without revealing the name of the pawnbroker, Two
centuries afterward  they   were  men
tinned In a catalogue of books be
queathed to a convent, bul could not
be found. It Is supposed that Petrus
Aloyoulus. the physician to the Institution, appropriated ihem and, having
transposed some of the thoughts t*
his own writings, destroyed the originals.
The original Magna Chnrta of England has certain mutilations, presuma
lily from a pair of shears. It Is said
that Sir Richard Cotton, calling one
day at Ids tailor's, discovered thai that
man was holding in his hand ready to
cut up for a pattern a copy of the
great Magna Charta, with ali ite appendages and seals.
Second Hand Store
Second Hand Goods of
all kinds bought and
sold for cash. All Mail
Orders promptly attend'
ed to. Kindly write or
call at
Sign Man on Wheel.
Columbia St. New Westminster.
Phone 275
-    an 1    nice    lawn.
500 cash, balance 0
T . er 'eni.
:. I   12
<j Lot.^ facing Columbia
street, Sapperton. $1,000,
half cash, bal. on easy
23,   38
.   39.   4C
;   full   size:
y c
One full sized lot, 66x132; 2 storey
bouse; 7 rooms; flush closet upstairs:
1 :i. idem Improvements; new house:
$3,000. -_��� cash, % in ii months al 7
: et cent. Good sized stable and fruil
trees, Second liouse from 8th street
west, on upper side.
Cenl rally located in a cniunimunding
Situation; Third avenue, at foot of
Fifth street. Two and one half-storey
house. Ten rooms (recently papered)
All modern conveniences; hot and
cold water, bath, Hush closet, lavatory, electric light; nice lawn; lot
17 lots, full sized on 6th street, in  66x132, wiih lane in rear;  part of lot
Burnaby,   East  side   100  yards from set out with fruit trees.   Price $2,750.
Cliff  Can  factory,    price  $1,020. $l,7iuu cash, balance arranged.
liouse on Royal and Eighth strefet,      2 lots, 20, 21;  N'o. 20, $170; N'o. 21,
two  storeys, seven  rooms,  full sized   (corner)   $175.    Durham  and   Second
One and a half lots, Sapperton, just
, :t Colum il ��� street an I Brunette, only
$1,200.    Terms to lie arranged.
Pull sized lot, No. 12 Third avenue
and 13th street, north side. $300 easy
lot,  $2,000.
I   ots on   Twelfth   streei. ,,  ��een
Quel    -  and  Thir 1 avenue:   wesl   il I
shop;    full size.    Prii e \
; ll
���I I   i size i Lots   bel ween   Seventh
an i i: imtlton street, east ol
Ei?       tn el: all i leare I an i fence I
a lai ������ barn on one of the lots. % : 10,
m e one year  tl 7 ,, ��
es halt mil ��� waterl mt, G.X.
I, Ing through, $^.-160. terms
easy.   Investigate,
9ix lots, 50x150, o itsl le i It;   limits
J50 each  lot.    Puller   particulars on
4 lots, with double corner,
on section 1, 2 lots section
2, near Richmond St.,Sap-
pert':1., for sale. $G00, half
cash, bal. to be arranged
at 7 per cent.
-    -      i hall
Pral :
.- ',i barn.
16-room cottage, Tth Ave.&
16thSt., facing Tth Ave.; 2
full sized lots; name of cottage, Cecil; bath room,
woodsheds, peach, apple,
pear and plum trees. Price
$1800, half cash, bal. 6&
12 mos. at T per ct.
One acre back (if the
Orphanage. $800 cash.
For full particulars apply
at once.
30 Lots 45x120 in Sapperton, overlooking the
Fraser River; between the
Hospital, Distillery and
Brunette Saw Mills, with
school in center; IT double
corner lots, balance front
and well located; all easily
cleared; perfect river view.
Corner lots $150, inside
lots $125. Only 1-4 cash,
bal. 6, 12 and 18 months;
or terms can be arranged
to suit purchaser. INDEFEASIBLE TITLE.
One hundred and sixty acres N. W,
U Sec. 1"). Township 11, two miles
from Fort Langley, 5 acres slashed,
N'o. 1 land. Price, $10 per acre. One
third cash, balance ou time, 7 per cent.
One hundred and sixty acres, N.W.'
*,4 Sec. 25, Township 16, 2V- miles
from Abbotsford, creek running
through, 50 acres alder bottom, said1
to be $600 worth of timber on the
property. Price $10 per acre, tyj cash,
balance on time
Ten acres in Lot 463, one mile east I
of Westminster Junction, Al soil, easily cleared.   $30 per acre.
Snap in Lots.
Vacanl lots for sale in all parts of
ty, fi m,i $25.00 to $3,000
SO acres, one mile from Abhotsford,   prices: Section 32, $43 ;  acre; Sec-
10 ai     - cleared, good soil, 220 fruit   tioi    9, $60 per a S, $33
trees   i   i e $1,400. half cash, balance  .
60 acres pood fruit land in Surrey;
can be bought now for $25 per acre,
only one-quarter cash needed, balance
in one or two years at 7 per cent.
: i acres, Maple Ct Ige, Sections 2S,
29 aud 32, Township 9, one-half prairie, rest brush and some small trees.
Too Good to  Miss
House;   Dining   Room.   Parlor,   2
Bed   Rooms,   Kitchen.   Bath   Room,
Pantry:   Chicken  house  and  Wood
Shed; Electric Light. .$1,150, Cash.
After   Winning   a   I-'IkIk   Ilia   Cnlora
ink,'  on   Brljrliter   linen.
Most courtly and gallant of li.sh Is
the three spitted stickleback, the lie-
loved "tiddler" of British youth. These
little lisb derive their name from the
sharp spines with which they are
armed and which they enn raise or depress tit will.
The female stickle'mck Is the model
wife of a mode' hatband. She does
not leave ber e s to chance, but establishes a nesl. or nursery for their
reception, over which h?r Irritated little husband keeps n jealous guard.
Woe betide the rival "tiddler" whu
rashly approaches too closely the domicile of his neighbor during the breed'
lng season. With all Ills spines fixed
for action the warlike parent steams
jut to offer him battle.
The contest that ensues Is desperate,
the combatants darting at each other
with lightning rapidity, biting and
Striking at each other with their spines,
a well directed cut from which weapon of offense will often rip up the
body of the adversary, sending him to
the bottom.
But most remarkable of all is the
decoration which nature bestows upon
the victor. The brilliant green of his
mail becomes tinged with gold, while
his red throat blushes to a deeper hue
than ever.
On the other baud, his vanquished
assailant, should he be fortunate
enough to escape with his life from Ihe
battle, loses bis brilliant and martial
uniform of red. green and gold and retires to some obscure corner of his native pond, attired in a humble civilian
uniform of sober and sorrowful gray.���
Dundee Advertiser.
res,   SVestmlns'.e
nder cultivation,
ilstt let,   I"
1"  a, res or
:i   acre   strawberrle
:     ear; al ler botl im laud: r innii s
bouse 18 x ���::.: frame b   a 30
x ���-���   14 posl   frame ho ise  and  cov*
three in all, stable S cow   a i I
iot es;  :.. ,:��� Mb sion S
1   '   -    churches    near    al    hand;
lands twice  a  day;   about   100
er, Br an I ce lar, never   ������
f2,000   refused   for   standing
carrl i ���<��� house 16 x 21;  ben
:        -i le   d hewed timbei  lal I
12 \ 30.    A chance of a life
""������ $9,000; $4, cash,   mlance ���    i
pn !enti
t:" cottages an I two lots on First
*t:'"';- opposite Queen's  ii irk.    Price
:o acre  blocks,   fruit   lands,  t	
''';  'ion, $20 per acre.
lM ;i"'''s in sec. 32. Timber, fir, ce
'''"'::!i1 alder. Good soil; good roa' -
AMy for fun particulars,
itt thr ������     iua ments at rea - ���
nl ire m
150   teres improve 1 land, buildings
an | sh ��� Is i omplete, near Cl iver lale;
aU under cultivation, $15,000.    If you
can  handle  this, don't   delaj :   it's a
> i ���.: terms can be arranged.
all over the city for sale
from $50 to $3,000.
See us immediately. Tell
us where you want a lot
and we can supply.
I ,-- .!, re.    Tele] hon i   al   Han i     I;
i in,   Pitt  River Bri Ig :.
', .;���;.... half cash, bal mi e one and ;\\ a
years al 7 per cent.   Ex lu ii re igency.
House  i d 1 1"'.  50  s  133,  back of
rewer,    I'm in ! C I mibia  St.    Rents
i' .;.; oo  | e:   month,     Price $1,200,
b ill     cash,  bal ince  In   mx   months.
You cannol possibly gel a higher per
House, corner of Fifth avenue and
Sixth street, one lot, two storeys, S
loms, $2,300, half cash.
House, full sized lot, on Keary
street, Sapperton; rents for ?ld per
month,   Only $1,050.
House, 10 rooms, 1% lots, near
Fourth avenue and Seventh street,
$2,000.   Term- can be arranged,
135 ac res, one mile from Hunting
don, B.C., 70 a* res In grass, 15 acres
drained and fenced: liouse and burn
cos: $2,500; good road along one side;
price $50 per acre, halt cash, balance
I. 13
etc :
acre   cleared:    3   miles
sion. $10,011 per acre, % . ash.
acres good farm land in Delia,
;ii; miles from river, near Scott
a'i, $12 per acre; a real good buy.
acres,  1
tr"m Missii
i,, i acre i on the Si oti roa
i leared;  barn 50 s 30;  sl i le
splendid soil; onl* $-0 per acre
cash, balance easy,
Between  Fifth  and  Sixth  avenu*
-.,,;,:   Seventh   slreet.  elghl   rooms,
le n  stable and chicken house
.,   i ,t,  two   storeys,  $1,000 cash.
160 acres In Surrey. 5 acres cleare!.
fenced  on road  side. $1,800, half cast
balance  on  time at   6  per  cenl
ject to sa'.e if timber.
,;(    ;lrres   in    Pitt     Meadows.
$35 per acre.   One third cash, balance
at C, per cent.
su ,
centage for your monej  than it  per to suil purchaser at 0 per cent.   Rea-I
cent son for selling, the owner's wife is in
bad health, an I has to go to a cold
Double tenemenl house, 5 rooms in
each house, watei. light, full size lot,
��� iveen    Flrsl   and   Second   street,
Pom th avenue, on north side.   Price
$1,500, half ra ih, ' al ini e In one, year
Bl 6 per cent.
in,i ai m'- all lence I, ready for cui
tlvation, good wale;', hair mile from
scho il, al Chiiliwack, $75 per aor-.
Elghl roomed house , all modern
conveniences, on Carnarvon street and
Sixth street, two storeys, $3,750.
One Lot N'o 1-. t icing on 4th Ave ,
hetween is: and 21 St., half block
from Park. $475. $275 cash, balance
21st  AllgllSl an I 21sl  February. 1908.
Part of lot 369, joins Lake Commur,
0 acres, only $25 per acre.
Half cash.   Jump.
In best residential portion of New Westminster,
east end: close to car; 6
large rooms and large reception hall; modern in every respect; 2 full lots 132
x 132, all in lawn, laid out
with shrubs and flowers;
tennis court on one side.
Price $2,750. Terms $600
cash. bal. on mortgage.
Paristana*   llrrncl.
There is no cit.? in the world where
so much bread is consumed as in Paris. It is estimated that every Inhabitant eats one pound u day on the aver-
age. Even in past centuries the French
���especially Parisians--had a horror o;
stale   bread.     And.   as   in   those   dayi
people manufactured their own bread,
they had a curious way of making lt
palatable. Strange as 11 may seem, the
bread they prepared���huge round oi
square slabs was used as o dish on
which the meat was curved and liorc
the name of "trnncholrs," or "tallloirs."
The juice of the meat having penetrated Into the bread imparted a pleasant taste and prevented it from becoming dry.
Hicjli Priced Copy.
During the siege of Klmberley the
editor of the only daily paper there
was ofteu hard put to liml enough
pews. One day In a elubrooin he found
Cecil Rhodes reading a fairly new paper from Cape Town, lie borrowed It
and rushed lo his own office, whine it
so iu reappeared as a special edition,
Belling like hot cakes. Thai same even
lng he met Rhodes, who Inquired,
"Where's my Cape Town paper?" "Oh,
1 CUl il up for the printers." was the
reply. "Please don't do that again,"
said P.itodes mildly. "That paper came
through my native runners and cost
me $1,000."
o 0 ci o o  o o o
o   o   0   0   O
O   11
now in.   Package
and |bulk.     List
Drug, Spectacle, and Seed Store
336 Hastings St. W-, Vancouver.
Bookkeeping, Gregg and Pltmia
Shorthand, Telegraphy and Engineering.
Seven Teachers
Forty-rwe   Typewriters
Students Always in  Demand.
R. 1. SPMIT, B.]A., Principal
Westminster Iron Works
Ornamental Iron worn, including
Fences, Gates, Fire Escapes, etc.
Mail orders and correspondence In
New Westminster. r. u. ��?4.
-��� irej -
I o ;, re
ml lot on Agnes street, two
even  rooms;  a real snap at
, a
Langley, 25 under cultiva-
bam.  sheds,  etc. all  in
���   ;,   snip   ai   $3,000,   half  about
c&   C-tJ��
Ili��   I.imut Lived  Orchid  IIommt.
Even when orchid flowers are fully
developed they may remain uncut upon the plants for two or three weeks
without apparent deterioration. This
fives them ii manifest advantage over
most flowers that have to be cut Immediately upon or even in advance of
reaching full maturity. Country Life
In America.
Agents for Employers
Real Estate Brokers
Liability, and Union Fire Assurance Cc��� of London.
N evert
Mrs, Style-- My husband has the nt
n'ost v'OUfldence in me. Mrs. Myles-
Dld you ever ask bim to let you cut
his hair?���Yonkers Statesman.
Hs   vbo  restrains   nol   his  tonjrik
���hall live In trouble    Brahman ^.(at'.ui
The White Pass
and Yukon Route
FAIRBANKS. Daily trains (except
Sunday) carrying passengers, mail,
express and freight connect with
stages at Carcross and White Horse,
maintaining a through winter service.
l-'cit   information apply to
I id. ROGERS, Traffic Managet,
Vancouver.  R. C
The Fraser River Tannery
W. N. Draper
B. C. Land
Ellard Block.   New Westminster. B.C.
Room 4. Guichon Block /
8  7*
i.- .1
jrrr   THE DAILY NEWS       ���W
We have special inducements to offer in
in order to make room for our spring  stock,   which  is  expected  soon.
The  market  quotations  are  sure  to  advance on the following staple
lines, viz.:
Place your orders for these goods at once.
Public Supply Stores
Social and
Dear Mrs. Home Seeker :
We beg to advise you that we can give you a
charming little cottage in a good location, just off the
car line, for the sum of
$575 cash and the balance on easy terms.   In this house
you will find hot and cold water and a flush closet.
Yours faithfully,
Malins, Coulthard & Co. Ltd
F. R. Glover is expected to return
tc the city today, after ;m absence of
nearly n month.
\V. MoBrlde, Of Mu<! Buy. was in
the city yesterday on business.
j, LelBer, of Bast Delta, wns ;i visitor in New Westminster yesterday.
James  Cunningham  left  yesterday
I'm  tc short visit to Agasslz.
The home of the Rev. and Mrs. A,
J. Hiiicc has heen gladdened by the
visit of the stork, a-young son arriving there last Saturday. Mr. Brace
was formerly pastor of the West End
Methodist church, ol" Ihis city and is
now stationed in Victoria. The new
coiner lias been christened Carman
\ Household
Inability to  Get Lads  Leads Manager   ��.
To Make Change. *
An adhesive, porous
wall-finish for interior
work in every
description of building
Put up in twenty-three
tints and white
Ready for use when
mixed with water
Per J. H. VIDAL, Mgr. Real Estate Department
B.���Be wise in time.
'Phone   105.
'Phone   105.
New Wellington Coal
Mayers & Preston
J. W. Creighton
New York, .March 13.���Messenger
boys have ceased 10 exist in HoboUen
as far as the Postal Telegraph company is concerned, ami as quickly as
possible Manager Jurisch will replace
them with girls. He says he cannot
.net boys lo do tile work, ad after
years of experience with boys, he had
now decided to  take on the girls.
in order to till the boys' places as
speedily ;is possible, he advertised for
girls. Several girls appeared for the
job. The first one to get a position
was .Marion Ott, a pretty 16-year-old
��� Any person can apply it
P. O. Box   345
'Phone   105.
'Phone  105.
�� ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������
Save health and monej
ancl secure beauty in your home
the only permanent .sanitary Wallcoating, a dry powder
ready tor uss  in  cold  water;   made  in  twenty   tints.
Send for color cards
Sole Agents for the Celebrated Stag Brand Paints.
Rock    Island,    Southern   Pacific    and
Kansas City, Mexico & Orient
in Race.
Ki Paso, Texas, March 111.���One of
the greatest fights in the history of,
Western railroading is now on between the Rock Island, Southern Pa-
clflc and Orient. All three roads are
fighting to get a terminus on the
coast of Mexico.
The  first   in   the  rich   territory   of
Western Mexico was the Kansas City,
Mexico & Orient to Guadalajara. Then
the Southern  Pacific  built along  the ;
Yaqui   river  into  Cananea.    .Now  the
Rock   Island,   since   the   visit   of   its
stockholders  lo   the   Mexican  Pacific:
i coast last October, has completed die j
' survey and  put  600 men to  work on '
an extension of its  Naeozari,  Sonotia
branch to Guayamas, which parallels
the  Southern  Pacific  line.
Tel. 65 ���
���������������������������������������������������������������������������< <�����������������������������������������������������������**. V*��i
? Hardware, Monarch Ranges       187 Columbia St.
Complete Canal in 8 Years.
Charleston. S. C, March 13.���Conditions generally in the Panama canal
zone are said to be favorable for completion of the canal wilhin the eight
years  ending  January,  1916, as esti-
i mated by the engineers in charge of
the work, in the c pinion of the Com-
' mercial Clubs of Boston, Chicago, Cincinnati and St, Louis, who have arrived here after a visit to the isthmus.
Und lusby
while ��ggS are High
Egg Food ^d
Poultry Cure
Ellard Block,        -        New Westminster
Correct Styles
Ladies' Suits
A woman's Suit or Dress
is scanned most critically by
the people she meets.
A new shipment of Spring
Suits opened out this week,
and an examination will reveal to any person that I
the proper style is the first consideration.
Material and workmanship add all that is to be
desired in an up-to-date costume. Among the new-
showing are:
Black Venetian and Boadcloth Suits, each $16.60, $18 >������-
Navy Brown ancl Green Broadcloth Suits, each SIS.,jo, $26 and$27
Grey Tweed Suits, each $18, $2*), $21.60, $24 and 125
Cream Serge Costumes, each  ...���_,--,
Cardinal and Navy Repp (.'loth Suits. A distinctive costume of
great beauty in finish and style, each	
A new lot of skirts showing this week.
247 Columbia Street, New Westminster
The Finest ancl Largest Stock of Furniture is to be seen at FALES,
Our clearance sale is still on.    Over $16,000 stock still to go.
New goods arriving daily.    Latest styles and best finishes.
��� v
si   716 and 718 Columbia St.      Four  Floors.       Rear Extension,  Front St. fi
X '���'
**������������������������������������������������������������������������ i ^^^���^���������������������������������������������W
���0 ��V
I Paper 2 Envelopes
Opera House Bookings.
.Mar. 14���A  Trio to Happyiand.
.Mar. 15���A Trip to Happyiand.
.Mar. IS���The Missouri Girl.
Mar. 22���Creston  Clark.
Mar. 27���Florence dale.
April 5���King of Tramps.
April 15���Ward's  Minstrels.
May.  10���Old Arkansas.
Gives new life
Old Tables, Chairs,
and Picture Frames.
It is the Ideal Finish for
floors, interior woodwork,
bath rooms,  sash and sills.
Curtain Stretchers, with adjustible pins.
All kinds of BRONZES, PAINTS, OILS, &c.
T. J.  TRAPP & CO.
Only om- application had bee n n -
ceiveel by the city clerk for the position of medical health officer up to
ye ic relay afternoon,
217-219 Columbia St.
IS ..Desirable Residences.. I
Ladies $15 Watch
S. Bartlett, 6 Size Movement,  Fitted
14 kt. Gold Filled Cases, for $15.00
C. Chamberlin
The Jeweler Columbia St.
Modem Cottage on (ith St. below 4th Ave., with
lot and one-half.    In first-class state of repair
$2500.   Terms.
Modern 7-room House on 4th St. close to Queen's
Ave.; nearly new; tine lawn; a very desirable
home.   $2800.   Terms.
* i
'������ '
8 ���
> i
Modern 7-room House on Royal Ave. in central
location.   $1800.   Terms.
Modern 7-room House on 3rd St. in good repair
near car line.   $2750.   Terms. '
Two 7-roomed Houses on 9th St.   $2000 for
both.   Terms.
6-room Cottage in East End; modern.   $2500
F. J. HART & CO., Ltd.
MMonDHtawDaDntngaeo k<��������^^^^
No. 723.���House 7 rooms; electric light, etc.; all
newly papered and in good repair; corner
lot, full sized; about one dozen fruil trees;
on 10th St. near 4th Ave.;  good view.
Price... .$1750... .Wecan arrange terms.
No. 618. - Corner of 10th St. and 3rd Ave., Cottage;
full   lot,   with   lane  in   rear;    stable.
Price.... $1800.... Terms.
No. 1006-On 6th Ave. near 12th St., nice Cottage
6 rooms; good lot.     Price $1350...
Only $200 down.
Dominion Trust Company


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