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 lite, Shiles & Co
,   I. c. Phone 85
-^^lE 2, NUMBER 174
Mian Expert Coming to
Inspect Mineral at Harrison fii ver.
Aid.   Smith   Refutes   Story  cf   Broken
Main on Carnarvon Street.
- i I!   dif-
lil ��� r:.    in
'   '    Lhal
���    ��� cenl
, .,        ,;   few    days,  work
... i on the graphite
I    ' the   Harrison
*   wb,.   ..     , iscovered by .1. P.
.;/.    .  .       months    ago, and
...  been sent to a
.    .     :,. '.��� assay offlci _  In
..; ��� the continent, There
... It done there this
... igh to guaranti e thi
'���t , ,.;, to 'ie-- deposits.    This
oul   $100  worth  ol
ii   ���< vi n  claim.-.
,,   | ..      set d ������'-���' :��� la
y...   .       .-.:.������ Immediately in-
., | -; ���   graphite  pn -
.. . |, ��� asl few months, Mr.
i. a ii] north atti n ling
ll othi '��� ��� -:'-. bul ;n future
.-,:,;. ... ui; his undivided at-
-,:. ��� ��� le veloping or selling
... properl es Associated wiih
:, thi -'������; '''-:" properties are E.
H. VV. Ketchum and C.
..- , ��� : : i ivi i. James Shai pi
.; . Mrs, W. F. Johnston, of
dty, \ C. Shallenberger, of
.. . i! ��� i.. di in? the undertaking
Iii presi:.   time.
itoted ' ��� ' man chemist, Hei i Vou
;..���..'! ��� ii       now on the waj
tie coast, oming here fi r thi pur-
��� : ins ��� ��� ag the propei ties, and
i_._. Bwa mpli b from the claims,
jtHeln ��� working in the Inti n su
bro fi ������ blch are lai gi i ei - ol
b. k C HarJmuth, of Aus-
tud the :* ��� ; pencil company. ol
ii the event of the graphite
���..-. ��� ��� : suitabli foi usi In
Ml . ��� oi penctli It - expi thi se : .\<i fii ms will
|i      ������        ���     rod ict    ol   thi
mine s.
f.Gravi   , ol the Gi and . ami ti
PiBten  ���������ei In the propi rl ������. ..nn
irttti.        sjid received
H< Intlmatt ���  thai he
j ilso inspi ct   the   properties    iu
Mn thi course ol a few montbs,
N '   whal   steps   will  he   tak��A
todee      mi nl ol Lhi   projx "iis.
not   al   pn sent
!**��� eceived a i    iple <
:'' can capitalists, who
I* tu Lu      ii Ight, nut Ii.   does uol
si;:     He ��� spi cts  to
- ������ :-      tl ���      definite announce-
'-' on l      eturn from Lhi      tlms,
il tw. hree weeks       qi
ar i laims    ba i  been
' ��� ��� yeai    ago, bul  had
. the loi ator.   Chief
���' ��� ' ish was interested to
' ���   ��� ib stake ln ]     t oi
pro]>ert>   .,  1893,  but  lie all iwi d
' 'Dttri lapse, his partners do-
The ]ei opi rtj   '���'��� is ap-
: en until a :�� u  i .ths
9. when  '
Chairman Al:    -���
commlttei.   of   I
fere  mate .
���i' v.  papei   with  n ���
l!< alion's  ���    ilanation  ...   ���.*.
shortage of wate resei voir.
it wai    ���.. ed In     ���
evening I bal thi e d ie to
tlec bn if a        n on Can
stn el   on  the -- th in -   -
effected  bj   tbi er n
over it     \ld. Smith       rn      bal  th<
published   statemi nl   I    not  ti
the vei I      then
i-  no main e.n Carna  .      street,    ii'
states that  a    ri        lid r in a
small pipe nea ol    ���        Carni
'...a '. ���' prior to ::.���' 20th
month, but thi e was nol
more than    Ix ' ���   waste
�� ia  nothing  worth  mi nt   n a.
��� mall  plpi   ������������ bii ���.   .���:��� . '��� 'i    ���'��� I
Smith,  lea Is froi      he  Ten
n   In
V., Vv. & Y. Co. Must Grade
Dangerous Crossing On
North Road.
Will   Boycott  Fair.
Victoria, Julj 31.��� \  ri
adopted   by   the   Voung   Pi op ���
defies of the. various cil     hu   hi    In
session Monday evening al  thi   i  m-
gregational   church  condemning
.action of the Iicei   ���      ���   nissioners In
permitting the sale of liquor al  thi
next fall fair.   Those preseni  pledged
themselves to abstain from attending
The Women's council of the city are
Teported to bi   a oul  '���   taki      nilai
Cruiser Up North Never
Swears at Engine, Never
Hurries,   Never Worries.
ered I
II ..
-     ���
hite was again dis-
' hi mpson, who ma Ii
th    ,. i
Uvi   barbon  in  hi ���..
.    o      and
in ;'.s ,.i Iginal state
it win leavi  a l
Is usi d ex ten al>   Ij   in
i   grea
i tries for
1'   ���    often
time.     acklead,
W��   ������ TING SALMON,
Fishermen Advanced
0 of   Fish.
'i     Dui Ing  the  pas)
li icki ���       ..   taken
! nails, lead an i other
tn  the stomach  of
1 salmon would noi
on ���
'���' mud.
Irleh diet, the
Kit Hi,, '���'-'ltl( n   :hl found
i(.:,v. ,"     ' "IMI ii wi re sticking there
town the throats oi the
. it '"'      '   their weight.
|hi   .       '       I 'und    Balmon    will
1 Pound, a. tweiitv-five
It.,,,, ,,.( ' Fish     weighing
io-j    ' "y-two piiiinils to    twenty-
|.V ,.���_."""  ""'   fishermen   received
|arti,.i���u " Were stuffed  with  these
n and  ti���
Th|/?.2 CPnts a I'onnfl.
'etore- ii s believed the
'won .   '"aa ''"''"'cd thi' fishermen
A nr       hlB doaSe.
��*: 'I"'"1"" salmon packer said to-
"nt of r]f|
���:   ;=
pounds of steel-
I'ocii."   '       ���  twenty    pounds    of
lilj'^i'l the canneries thai
Palfl out $200 for this use-
Victoria, July ::i.-T.:, . . _. a.
tleman In :l���- north, ths proud possessor of a gasoline launch, who according to tiie testimony eet Abraham
Thrasher, of Ottawa, Ont., al preseni
In the iit;., rival.- tin patriarch Job
In the virtue with c. I h thi name
of the biblical worthy Ib at i ated,
According to Mr. '1 bras! i ��� then is
little doubt but that thi genl i an
referred  to i-   the mosl .an
In the world.
Mr. Thrasher h us  na | considi rable
ex ��� :;. nce ln the I tttav, i  valh j   with
timber and lu came qui here ���       dsi
various limits for the firm i t  Black-,
stock  &  Co., of  this   . .. i
Sinclaii he has jusi etui ne I from a
trip to Prince Rupert md Gi ihai i >
land, i'o ha.- gone to reporl on a
number of limits staked then . Hi
states that nearly all the good pi
lies eai that islan ] ba\ i ei a sl _J e :,
Tin re are main cruiser still In thi
woods, however, ll was In crossing
to the islam] from Port Ess . ��� .
thai hi encountered th < ownei of the
launch.    In his own -.ids:
"It waa not the dirtiness ol thi 11
thai surprised me, though It was the
dirtiest craft Lhal evei floate I probably sine V lah'e ark ground) I i n
.Mount Aral al an I wasn't 11 ��� ���'��� a e
in  which i'i" i a-' lied
kerosene, ooal oi itln
othi    I'arletle     ivi    everj     ':-
im hiding    " ii     grnb.that   ma ���
wondi -.     It was  the p ';i' u ���        the
owner ol Lhi    mnch, \v-   \
two days and a  half g   n
days and hall coming, and lln  launch
stoi ," ���! on  a    conservative ei
about once In every hour    'i bi n tli"
owner would commence tinkering. He
never   bwop ,   nevei lost, bis temper,
just Bmoked and  tinkered and  jvhen
he had argued with bis engini   for a
stray  hour  or BO,  it   would  lain-   Ul   I '
go again, ol  course nevei  foi   much
longer than e.n hour."
Mr. Thrasher Implied, however,
that there wai no lack of profanit)
on that craft.
Prior to bis return he vlsite I Porl
Simpson and Prince Rupert, Every
thing is very active al the latter place
and the belief Is general that grading
will commence within ninety days,
There is no real estate to be bad
within six  miles of the townsite,
Mr, Sinclair wlm accompanied Mr,
Thrasher on liis trip remarked:
���While we were there, a Presbyterian
minister arrived. He wanted to start a
mission, lie was polltel; but firmly
advised that his presence was not desired on th" scene, hy! lie was compelled to leave. There I a church of
England mission already e.t, thescene,
which provides tor the
Care of the community.
'.  Inspecting the situation atth.e
���   tion ��� I  the V.  VV. ek  V. rail-
and the North road, a short .lisle ���   easl  ol the city limits, yesterdaj    ifternoon,  the members  of    the
. .  commission came to the cou-
��� e.  thai  thi   -and hill over which
thi   I . i waj  i in- from the Brunette
- ���   te   -i ���   track should   I e gradeel
lown    in   : ��� ���. onse  to  the   persisteni
equi   ti  ol   ���   n sentatives of Coquitlam an i  Burnal j.
��� matti i was first taken up when
Lhe tailwaj commission sat in Van-
' luvei   two  years  ago.    Alter going
the | ro. and cons of the question
il th ��� time, thi c mmission ordered
the V. \V. ii Y. to install an automatic
��� tin crossing to warn persons
of tin approach of trains from either
direction. The bell was installed ln
elue course, but it proved unsatisfactory : . Burnab) and Coquitlam people, so Mr. Wools, manager of the V.
W. A: Y., was asked to grade the hill
to permit a clear view of all approaching tiains. Mr. Woods refused to
take any action withcuu an order from
the railway commission. The request
was renewed before the commission
in Vancouver yesterday morning, and
after hearing what Reeve Byrne, of
Burnaby and Reeve Booth of Coquitlam had to say ou the question, the
mem: t : oi the board eieciiled tha; the
only mean : arriving at a proper
idea of the requirements would he a
visit to tbe scene. They accordingly
came i il on yesterday afternoon's
train, and spent about an hour viewing thi spot. The justice of the
claims made by ihe municipal representatives was apparently recognize.i
by the members of the commission."
and tho former were given to understand that au order woulel be issued
calling upon the railway compan.) ;<���
make the required improvements.
Reeve Byrne embraced the opportunity while the commissioners wi i
on th< ground ; i call their attention
to the inferior cattle-guards used on
the line. The) were taken about am!
shown the guards, and even '.be graw
of ;i departed Jersey cow which lost
its lifi while trying to negotiate the
guar.is was pointed out. Tbe comi i 5-
sionen promised to consider the i t-
tle-guai .1 situation au,1 Imp < '. ��� m its
along Lhal line will in all pr. .... I
.,   01 lered.
Bush  Fires Creep  Clcse  to  H. Gilley's
Lumber Camp.
The biisb fire which has been raging
In lhi vicinity of Hastings during the
la it : w days is gel .- n serious
��� .��� :.. hour, an I unii ��� rain comes
.-hoiti... there is every probability of
a repetition of the destruction of
timber an I fences which occurred lasl
Bummer. Fire Warden McKay b -
been keeping watch on the blaze, and
has had men at the scene for some
time for the purpose of keeping it. in
check, it is reported that the flames
are crowding quite near to H. Gilley's
logging .amp. near Burnaby lake, and
that unless the blaze is checked, the
men will be stopped from work, and
considerable timbei may be destroyed.
Reeve Byrne, ol Burnaby, who was
In the city yesterday afternoon, stated
that there were fires all along the
V, w. tc y. track between Vancouver
and  tbe  N< rth  road.
White, Shiles & Co.
JI tVi,..-    .BRITT   WINS.
Strong Language Used by
Justice Clement in Denouncing Shady Deal.
Candy Dumped   Into  Bsy.
Tacoma, July 31.���Sanitary   Inspi <���-
��� i Bedford ami Fine today dumped
over 200 pounds of candy belonging to
pushcart peddlers Into the bay under
rdi rs from Health Officer Green. The!
randy was made by trie peddlers in an i
old ramshackle shed built cn piles of'
filth, the stench of which has become
so nauseous that complaints have been
made by people of the neighborhood.
Health   Officer   Green    believes   that
the filth in the candy may be partly j
accountable  for the number cf cases |
of diphtheria  that  are  now    in    Ta- ;
Ex-Premier of B. C. Again
Vancouver,  July   31.���At  3:15  this
afternoon, the jury found for the
World in the libel suit, Green vs.
World. The verdict covers costs. The
jury   was  out  forty  minutes.
"1 find it difficult to find lauguage
sufficiently strong to characterize such
an action," said His Lordship Justice
Clement this afternoon in the course
of his charge to the jury in the libel
suit of Green versus the World. His
lordship was referring to the letter
written by Sir Adolph Caron to it. F.
Green, then commissioner of lands and
works In the local government in
which he mentioned certain shares
which he would place at the disposal
of any person named by Green.
In stinging language his lordship
continued to characterize the action of
Caron, ending with a statement which
created little short of a sensation in
the court: "Such a man should have
the insignia of royal favor stripped
from him. I have no hesitation whatever in making this statement."
Referring to the part played by
Green in the transaction his lordship
sai.l that Green should have immediately resented the dishemeor done
him in having such a proposition put
before him.
"Mr. Green must be a very innocent
man if he was unable to see the dishonor." said his lordship, adding that
either he was thus innocent or he ex-
Iiected that something to his advantage would accrue from the acceptance
of the shares by Mackay. He added
that if the plaintiff found the jury to
bim, he had only himself
Bat  Nelson   Loses  Decision   After  20-
Round  Battle.
San Francisco, Cai., July 31.���Jimmy
Britt was given the decision at the
end of his 20-round bout witli Battling
Xelson here this evening. The result
was uuexp< cted, as Xelson has all
along been looked upon as the better
man. This was indicated by the run
of the betting, which was 10 to 7, and
even greater odds, in Nelson's favor.
Public interest in the battle has
not been strong, and the attendance
was not large.
Nelson beat. Brit! in Colin.! in September,  1906.
Missions Among Hindus.
Toronto. July 2,4.���The executive of
the Presbyterian Foreign mission committee met this afternoon and spent
considerable time on question of missions work among the Bast Indians
who are landing in large numbers in
British Columbia. The Hindus are obtaining employment among lumbermen
and others, and the problem Is to
shield them, so far as possible from
the dangers of the country. Dr. Nugent has been working among theni
for some months, hut tbe desire is
to undertake more aggressive missionary efforts.
Docks Are Busy Again.
Du'.uth, MJapL, July 31.���The ore
dock strikers this afternoon voted to
return to work and operations will
be resumed tomorrow. This is regarded  as  breaking the strike.
Enters Political   Arena-'fin,V,gainst ^^_^^_
to blame.
Campaign Opens To-Night'   hi�� lordship's charge was of consid-
  j trable length and he went  very fully
i into the details of the statements con-
the  announcement  was made  ta  the i taiue(] jn m artic)e on wWch lhe ...m
World that Mr. Joseph  Martin. K. C,, ,s based     Each SIatemem  waa taken
ex-premier of British Columbia, would   separatejy ami the jllrv instructed as
run   against   Hon.   W.  J.   Bowser,  at- , t<J  h()w  R  shoill(]  be  deaU  ...jIb     H..
:-.r:.-rr general
re-elect ii n.
Frederick of Denmark Makes
Speech Announcing Future Policy of  Realm.
Cruiser Construction Pel cy.
London, Julj 31.���During the course
i ' .. ilise ussion on naval matte s :n
tin House ol Lords yesterday. Baron
Tweedmouth, tirst lord of the ad-
iii' .,'"... said the admiralty had in
mind . n v. and exten le I crtiisi . construct i a pi Iii ;. which pro!..: i]. WO ;
���  ight I ii wa: d next  '��� i tr
���'.\:t. .  all." said he, "the ci iis<
;.'���   -   Ij   ;     mi ans of which we   ... ���
;       minan i  i f the sea.  The I ati li -
-   are the  I  ill logs  of  the  sea.    it
is their business to destroy th<   fleet
I.' thi  ��� nei iy, h aving thi
poll   ��� ' bi   wi tei .."
Cln being asked over the telephone
if this were true Mr. Martin replied
"I  think so."
"It is pretty well settled then, Mr.
"1 think so."
"Thank you."
Mr. .Martin wil] open his campaign
tomorrow evening at Recreation park,
where he will address a mass meeting
of the citizens on the Japanese gui -
Reyjavik, Iceland, July 31.���At a
banquet given in his honor, last night,
King Fiederick of Denmark, who, accompanied by Prince Harold, Premier
Christensen.   and   forty   members     of
Pointed out what statements had been i the  RigSdaB'   &TTl\f  here  >;esterd:;-v'
proved and what had not, and instruct-   ann0��u"(1   llis  P0"0?   regarding    the
ed   the  jury   if   thev   found   that  anv,  fut,,re  relatl0ns  betW6���n    the  Dalmh
damaging statements whatever, state'-   orown and ,ct'hl,u1'
,���__���._. ��i,���. i_ ��.__!        ���   ��� ,.,   ,        "1 have inherited the kingdom as a
ments that in their opinion were libel-
.,., .   ���.,,..      . A   IV, ..   ,i unit,"  said   King   Frederick,   "and   as
Ious, were not proved, thev must fin.I
for the plaintiff such " sha" remain trora generation
At the outset he explained that he   t0 Kenera��on-  bllt !  ha���    ;lls0    irl>,
charged  them  with    a  verv    .serious   ne'-|te"  from  my fa,her the Ua ">���
-,__���_., , <��� ,i , ���   ,   ,.     that, the  Icelanders are  to  be    .   (���,.������
sense of the position h-i occupied. He ,       , ...     . * lloe
i, , i   >,,������-. ,.   ��� , 'People who co-operate  with   <>,���  i;inir
hail   hlmseli   been  move  or  less  ac-       . ,    , ' -  h,nfe
|in framing the laws l^der which they
| are to live.    J have therefore estah-
Pciice Court Statistics.
The following are the police court
statistics for the month ending July
31: Drunken less 35, breach of lmlian
act le. gambling i, Inmates bouse of
ill fame 8, breach slreet bylaw 1,
discharging firearms 1, frequenting
bouse ol iii fame 1, breach of tra ��� ���'
ii.- nse   bj lay   1,     refusing    to   pay
nail   ta:;   1,   bri - . il   et   Motor   Vl hi    ���
act 1, assault i. false pretences 1,
bi i ach Liquor llc< use b; I ev, 4,
theft 2, burglary  i;  total 78.
lively in politics and had no doubt
that the jurymen were or had bpon in
a like position. He would try to divi -t himself i f all leaning and trusted
that the jurymen would do the same
���that all would prove themselves big
enough and broad enough to be perfectly unbiased.
He told the jury that they mu;t tak.'
the law from the bench.
He  trusted  that  the day   hal    not
is   public   life.     He
: coim   when    any  man In  British  Columbia   mad��   any   difference  between I
;      | rlvate  and  1:
! then
! libel,  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Llish  and   comment  on  the  actions of ��� Haim -��� a 11
llBhed   a   :6mmission     consisting    of
meml'iis  of the Danish  RlgSi?*? :II1C'
the Icel..:i lie Althing, to arrange' J:i
legislation to define the constitution..' '
position  of  Iceland in the realm and
to find a form under which the trea-
| dom oi  Iceland may be built up and
I protected while at the same time the
'unity  of the   realm  is  preserved   and
: Insured."
iiuai wel-
\ , ij-ge di li -��� 'i":> represi ntativi < !
\ i uver, North Vancouvi r, South
Van ��� uvei a"' ei irnaby w< nt ei ���������n i i
Victoria last <��� venlng on the Charmer
to Inten lew the executive of the -
��� i nment use'"ling the proposal to
ered a large Bteel bridge across Bur-
rard Inlet at the secon l narrows.
Mei Ings have bei n held In Vani ���
ver and othei | laces lately, at which
the undertaking was thoroughly dls-
cussi d, and it has been ,agre< d thai
ii would be a very short-sighte 1 policy
on the purl of the provincial govem-
!,,, nl Lo .allow a railway company to
secure control of the only possible
site for a bridge across the inlet. It
la understood that the delegates will
press the government to construct the
bridge as a public utility, making it
sufficiently large to accommodate not
only railways, but ordinary pedestrian
and general commercial traffic.
On the delegation were four from
Vancouver, four from North Vancouver, four from South Vancouver, anil
two from Burnaby. Reeve fai'rne and
Councillor Cliff, Of Burnaby, wore the
deli gates from that municipality.
\i I son,  B. ' I., July  31,   Tbe  sm I-
��� .    ,- :   i   i    i ay at th
' ,:; Limi an IntotesUng one, .
though it is not particularly pleasing
to own-'.s and manage i b ol shipping
mines, and -till less to lessees, who
thi pi ri< i i ; ��� xpiry coming ni i i -
er while profits an l< la ��� ���! ,,n i re-
' iced.
The subject has    been quietly dis
cussed   by   mining  men   for
time, but  while many expressions of
F.Emeses   Was  Gigantic   Fraud,
went  on  to explain the law of     London,     July     31.���Egyptologists
that there was a right  to pub-j claim  that  they  have discovered  that
_^^^^ .. was I fraud and tb.it he
public men. but not when facts were ' is not entitled to the appellation of
distorted or when facts were manufac- j "great" which the historian- have
tired and commented upon afterward.!given bim. Recent explorations, it is
\< to damages, In case they found stated, have developed the facl that
for the plaintiff, the law lefl thi fix- the manj templet and monuments
lng of the ami mt entirely In the bearing bia name, and therefore bup-
handf ... thi jury, posed!)  bis work, exiited a thousand
,  years   ���.       bim.     The explorers be-
Dcukhi to Tramp to Europe. lievi   i1"   king  waa  vain  and caused
Wlnnipeg.W a., July 31    Doukhobor his name to b< cut everywhere.   Prof.
pilgrims, 33 In number, who reached  Naville, one of the official explorers of
Winnipeg yesterday on a march to a antiquities In Egypt, had thia to say
warmer climate continued their jour-   aboul   Rameses:
ney eastward this afternoon. "The more we discover about Ram-
They were presuaded not to go by | est.- the more convinced are we that
, way of the States, as they would cer- | he   was  ,a   fraud,     He  was   not   great
tainly be turned  back at  the border, in any way, but his vanity was colos-
.       1 They hope to reach Montreal, and they   sal.    To satisfy this, he conceived tho
a     0ng|have implicit faith In completing thej notion of causing his name to be in-
hazardous journey  and beint
impatience have been heard, there lsl "<""����� ^"'"^  "������ uelnS ��'-'1e '
������, genual complaint againsi smelter]taUe shlp for St,l'the!n  Europe.
Tbey   declined  to  work   farms  pro
niiinagi ment.
The production of ore in Kootena;
especially in the Slocan, has been less
during the last 12 months than for
many years past, and the supply
available for the smelters has been
uncertain and variable in the ex-
t rome.
Added to these features of the situation  there  is  thc  persistently
declined to work
vided by the gi vernment, being averse
to using horses or cattle and also to
wi aring clothing made from wool or
boots made from leather.
scribed on every temple, statute and
monument. We are now beginning to
find him out."
Mrs. Patterson's  Reward.
By   Way  of  Emphasis.
I    "Hibbert      Heywood,     Tsimpsean,
I does  not   care   about   being   left  he-
hind at a time when the festive sockeye is on the run," says the Port Es-
siugton   sun.     "At  Dominion cannery
Ottawa, July HI.���Hon. \V. Temple-1
man wlll take with him when he goes j last Sunday night, Heywood was late
re-ito the coast a very fine piece of plate   in  getting  into  line, and  the captain
which the marine department  is pre- i of the  Bute was  pulling out  without
seating   Mrs.   Minnie    Patterson   for  him.    Hibbert didn't like his protes-
, heroic service in connection with the; tations being disregarded, sp he took
enrring report of a general reorganization   of  business   affecting  the   Wei
Knoteii.iy smelters, on which no de- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
finite information is vouchsafed from ' rescue of the crew of the American j a shot at the captain by way of
any RUthoritive quarters, where in- , barque Colona on December 8, 1906. emphasis, and narrowly missed him
quiries are met only by diplomatic Mrs. Patterson is the. wife of thc' by a few feet. Spectators say there
failures to confirm. , lighthouse-keeper at Cape Beale. i was only one shot fired." TIIE DAILY NEWS.
Ladies, Win
���_ j������, .
OFFER TWO PRIZES - First, $15; second, $10, for
the best loaf of bread exhibited at the forthcoming Provincial Exhibition, made with their celebrated
No entrance fee needed���all that is necessary is that the
bread be made with IMPERIAL FLOUR.
New Westminster.
Telephone 333.
Hardware, Monarch Ranges       187 Columbia St.   Tel. 65
OT Agents for  "KLEENO" Ta
New Wellington COAL
Blacksmiths' Coal in stock.
j Romance of Long Ago Revived by Winnipeg Man's
Claim to Lovatt Estates.
Winnipeg, July 31.���John Fraser,
collector for amalgamated press of
Canada, with offices on Smith str^pt,
is considered to he the legitimate
heir to the famous Lovatt estates in
Scotland. The present lord took the
Lovatt scouts to the Boer war.
The line of descent is traced to 1689,
when a wedding dance was held at a
farm near Beauly Castle, the family
seat of the Lovatts. Thomas and Alex.
Fraser attended the dance and upon
entering the piper played the "Vis Tag
Air Mac Thomas," a tune distasteful
to Alex, the elder of the two brothers.
Alex, drew his dirk und In endeavoring to silt the pipes he wounded the
piper, Thomas, the younger brother,
whei wanted the title, persuaded his
brother to fly the country under the
belief that he had killed the piper.
Later, it Is alleged, Thomas caused a
report to be circulated thai Alex, died
in Wales, s e he got the title upon the
death of the then Earl of Lovatt. Alex.
was nol dead, however, but married
in Wales, and ha I a largfe family, the
eldest sou being John, who is the
grandfather of the present claimant.
In Wales he was known as -Old Lord
Fraser," and "Old Lord Lovatt," and
when his wife died she was enjoying
a pension given her oy the Earl of
Anglesea under the title of Lady
The father of the present claimant
had the case before the house of herds
in 1885, the lords being of opinion hs
was entitled to the title anl the
estates, providing he could produce
certificate of the death and the marriage of Alex. Fraser, who fled to
Wales. At that time this could not
he obtained, but the present claimant
has since discovered it an! is now
preparing t i bring the rase before the
house of lords again. The claimant
has bi en b i ping out of the way for
month.- past u ! many of his relatives
did not know his whereabouts. He
' iti 3 that '. ��� has confidence that
within the next year he will be Loni
Lovatt, controlling the vast estate.
Men's Suits
We have taken all our broken
lines of Men's Suits and placed
them by themselves, and now offer
them to first comers for just
$8, $9 and
Late callers will get no chance at them, for the Suits will sill i n sight.
No old stock���all new spring styles.   In this lot are
Suits we have been selling all season for $12, $15 and $16
Just think what a bargain these Suits will be for the men who call early
enough to get them.    Here is an unusual opportunity.
Boys' 3-piece Suits that sold for 5.50, 6.00, 6.50, 7.00, going at $3.25
Men's Felt Hats in gray and brown, worth 2.50, for $1.00
Men's White Shirts, 1.25 and 1.50; to clear at 75c
Several broken lines of Men's Colored Shirts, to clear at 50c
P. O. Box   345
'Phone   105.
Intoxicated Men Perform Crazy Stunts
cn  Board  Ship.
Port Towns a :..'...��� 31 S emi thing
little sh irt of & riot prevail id in b iai -:
the Straits Steamship company's
steami i��� :.��� i T impson, which arriv-
ed hei ��� a even o'clock this morning fr im S (attle In place of tiie'
steami r Rosali -. The Thompson started from Seattle at midnight loaded
with passengers for San .luun Island
points, and before she reached Poinl
No Point Chiel Engineer Edgar '...
V.u ney ami Assistant Short had become hopi lesslj Intoxicated, setting
fire to the engine room of the steamer and nearl; tffo ting the slee ilng
passengers, Oil burners <<.r,i��Yvt
..������'.. es    were    r< ckli ssl;
turned on full   elast, causing   i fire in
the' engin   an      illi r ro ims, ��h
a   time  thre tt/e t ������ i    tee  d ���
steamer, an I     t for the timely work
oi'  John   Hansen,  an   employee, who
succeedi d  In  tui ning off the oil, th
������ im< t   voul    ..   all probability have
burned  to wati r' i  e Ige.   The densi
smoke  i om fill id  th
and cn .i:'-'! a :��� inic among the ;   --
sengers,    On arriving hi re the  pas-
- mgers refus el I e procei I f irth ir un ���
- ���      !     :      :    '  fii the vessel was equipped with I . i
r__        -^ _# _^ .. _   _^ Bober engineers    When Intervlwed
The Canadian Bank of Commerce lST����tt~JT��Z
  away  In  the ship's  galley  Imploring
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000.      Reserve Fund, $5,000,000  " """ "' ��iw' !| ' '"'"""���
B. 10.  WALKER, President ALEX.   LAIRD, Qene
������' :���:
TOTAL  ASSETS  OVER   45,000,000
We welcome small accounts and pay interest four times
a year on Savings Hank deposits.
Call and seejour new lines of  FURNITURE.      The best of
woods,   the latest of patterns,   the best of workmanship,   and
the most reasonable of prices.
J   716 and 713 Columbia St.      Four Floors.      Rear Extension,  Front
St. 8
F. B. LYLE,  Manager.
Shingle and Saw Mill
Trains Daily
Travel cn the Famous
Electric-lighted train.    Low Rates,
Quick Time. Excellent Service
New York, Chicago,
Toronto, St. Pau
'    Steamshir Tickets on sale 'i all! ���'
I'pean points.
| Special    Reduced    R-eites   Rour.i  Tfijj
Rates   to   Southern   California.
.er full informtion call on or ivrite
('. E. LANG, General Agent, |
430 Hastings St., Van ivi r, 8. C.
Portland, Orel
The Schaake Machine Works, Ltd.
"The Milwaukee]
"The Pionr��r Limited" St. Paul ,0I
Chicago, "Short Line" Omaha t|
Chicago,   "South    West T
Kansas City to Chicago
No   trains   in   the   sei
on any
Manager, Adventi:ts fcr Bellingham.
Belling)] tm HI.��� Nooks ic     :-
lireparlng to ������������ ve t lie leli gal
the annt al ?athei Ing ee: the Chrlstl tt
Ad i ntlsi ch irch im a camping
ground of sevenl ��� en acres between 500
ninl i, i pi rsons are expected to assemble Augusl 1 ".. The cnn' in i '....
BANKING BY MAIL���Deposits may be made or v.-itlnlrawn oby mall, j vv(11 cont(nlle . ,iVI, weeks Paul S
Out-of-town accounts receive every attention.                                                  Robinson, editor of the Nooksack H-
Every  facility  afforded   Farmers for   their  banking   business.    Sales   Notes
cashed   or taken   for collection.
Bank of Montreal
porter, who Is in Bellingham today,
says that thesd annual gatherings are
.ment occasions iti the life of tii"
Christian Adventlsts and Nooksack.
Guichon���M, A. Nelems, Vancouver;
Miss \v. Shepherd, Montreal; Mrs. n.
McDowell, Vancouver; C, M. Sayst,
Toronto; I) A, Lothler, Winnipeg; S.
Garman, A. <; mvreau, Seattle; Edward
CAPITAL $14,400,000.00
RESERVE       $11,000,000.00
Branches throughout Canada and Newfoundland, and   ln   London,   England
New  York, Chicago and Spokane, U.S.A., and Mexico City.    A Gen- I J,    Matheson,    England; J, Boscourt,
eral Hanking Business Transacted. Victoria;  A. P, Glllis, Tacoma,
Letters of Credit issued, available witl. correspondents In all oartl of the Windsor H, Ramsey, Stettler, Man;
World. : ll. Kyni!!, D in  P itti rson, F. Den n n.
Savings Bank Department. Deposits received In sums of $1 and upwards, p0rl Moody; N, Harlem, Tacoma; G,
and Interest allowed at .1 per cent, per annum (present rate) added , n. Robblns, Agnes L. Barritt, Port-
four* times a year. land;   w. i".  [i nsld . Van ouvor.
Total A-rsets 'ever $1 os,000,100.00. Colonial    I   W, Blackie, Vani        -;
NEW WESTMINSTER BRANCH. G. D. BRYMNER, Manager.   .'. J. b. ! wife, Kami ������  ;.
B. C. Mills, Timber and
Trading Company
Manufacturers anJ Deatera in All Kinds of
Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sash,   Doors,
Interior Finish,    Turned Work,    Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glass.
Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining.
Royal City Branch, Columbia St.
Telephone 12. New Westminster
railroad in the world thai , I
equipment that of the Chii igo. , I
waukee & St. Paul Railwa) | '"rJ
own and operate their ������ !l "",���i
and dining cars on sill th it '; <""; ^J
give their patrons an excellence
service not obtainable elsewhere
H. S. ROWE. General Aie"!
... TWrH St. rr-r Al.l-r Portland. I
Spokane falls & Northern Ry Co^
! NelsonS Ft. Sheppard By. Co.
Red Mountain Ry. to-
The  only all  rati  route  ^ULL
points east, west anei south to ��\l
land, Nelson and intermedia e v-^x
I connecting at Spokane with wc     Rl
| Northern, Northern Pacfoi   i"'1
i & N. Co. ,   can-
Connects at Rossland l,|ln       i.,ry
1 adian   Pacific   Railway  lot   '"
I Creek points.
Connects at Meyers I
'tage fi\\y for Republic.
Buffet service on train
Spokane  and  Nelson. ,o,
Effective   jsunday,
Leave Day Tram        _     om.
0..20 a.m Spokane ..������/����� '���,!
ra.as p.m Rossland ������������J^jLw
���"��*m rTjackson. DAY, AL-'u
UST 1, 1907.
:SS5\1 .ERS   addressed   to
^:;; .: md endorsed "Ten-
\i    ""iJ; j,   Building, Cumberland,
I i ved ut this office
;:,::. -sl    V-b  1?07,    in-
\^u ' construction   of a
p] |SlV���i
lumberland, B. C.
Iflcation can be seen
plans aw
I public
laad fornix
der obtained nt ihi;
. . on application to the
".,'. ... Cumberland.
Persons tendering are notified that
. vi\: mn he considered unless
;,: inted   form  supplied.
'       ,. their  actual signa-
I ii'-
It .   ,
. ., ���  r,.- accomi anied
ii ee; on a charten el
,    . e tn tl e order of the
I ,    ��� .    Minister   of    p���M!c
I.,..,. , .. i ten ]" r cent (10 p.c.)
I ..,, ,���, ml of the tender, which
|V>!,. f, rfi ted if the party tenderly declini   '    �� "!,'!' i,"<l   a contract
TV.    .     .  ,     ���    -  tee dO SO, or if he. fail
I,'.,,.. ���.     .   work contracted foi
I       .,.   . ' act epti il thi- check
Kill ���''
Mjj, ,i,.  ��� ��� . nl el'11 s not hind Itself
J       , -i, ->t <.r any tender.
rn der.
j.      .... ��� ���    f Public VYierks.
v..a   a . ��� rting    this    adver-
I... ;���  authority  from  the
I;, 11 nol be paid for It,
��� L. Br License  Ey-law   1889,  Amendment By-law,  1907.
s, bylaw   :n   further   amend   the
*l i,   ...   By-law 1889."
The mun   council of the corporation of the city of New Westminster
|._               '���'������':
ID Se< tion i- ol the "Liquor
iLictnfe By-law 1889" is herebj repealed ai ��� following substituted
It;, efe
U   N   di w license fe i the Bale of
liquors sl      b<  -.anted unless, in ad-
\f o ti othei   ������ quirements and
Iprovi.iii.-   ei  that behalf required by
pi a or requisition  for the
final ��� ich ii;'' nse, Blgned by a
I:.. ���  qualified el< ctors resi-
Rntwithii   the division in which are
|.<:. ���     .���    pn misos   in  respect   of
id ��� :;������  Is i ought,    be   de-
\. ���      thi   clerk or acting clerk of
1;s���������-   it   a at the time of dellv-
Ic:!'1     m the petition mentioned In
V ���  this  bylaw, an I he shall
1- ansmlt   the  same to  the
Ifcii.e.  ���   ard, and  the  board  shall
J�� ��� -   ��� ll   grant such license, if
I ��� !   the majority  ol    tie
JW ' ���      resi a- the public interests
l:'" al, j rovided that the pe-
|; a herein   . rovided   for  shall   not
ipon any application for
I'''''  ������   ���      ��� nse.    Fi ;  the purpose
I"    section the city shall be divided
I wing   livisions:
��� ��� portion i: the city ly-
|'- ���    ::.: i 111   Ol   12th  street.
ition of the city ly-
I"  ���'���' ���   middle of 12th street,
e of Sth Btreet
portion eef the city ly-
|     '������'-������     bi   middle of Sth strei t.
I ��� ��� ��� tth street, and a line'
I      the northi asterly  boundary of
��������� i iced    t.e  the    Frasi r
portion of the city ly-
I    ���' ' ' ��� ��� third divisloV, and the
I boundary   of   Queen's
f ��� tag the said north-
I of said  park, pro-
' ' ' rthwi at.erly  boundary
' ' ..ml  tn tin. Fraser  river.
��� ��� In ; arcel of land on the
I v,;' ol . .,, pjvei Included within n.. ���
' ��� ii  city.
��� ���' pe ition of the city not
. livisions hereinbefore
law b   s be i Ited as the
���   B; law  1889,  Amendment E
eu in open    ci uncll
1 ily   it'ieT.
MCAN, City Clerk,
"EARY, Mayor.
Bears the Stetson Name
The most critical, try as they may, can find
nothing to knock in the "
We have the Stetson Soft and Derby Hats
in all the latest styles, in black soft
styles; also in new colors.
$4, $5 and $6
TSp!flnAn Elegant Home
Buffaloes Escape From Wild
West Show at Gotham's
Pleasure Resort.
The Wardrobe Clothier
ra *.
IW. C. Chamberlin
;���; The Jeweler
Columbia St.
We will sell the balance
oi our stock or
New York, July 31.��� Kitten runaway !
buffaloes caused more excitement yes- |
terday afternoon at   Brighton    beach, J
just  as the race track   crowd  poured
oul of the gat; . tl .:;  bas been wit-
ie'. ��� .: before al thai i  sort iliis summer.
The buffaloes bel< ng tee the "101"
Ranch Wild Wesl show, which had
just arrive! to begin an engagement
at Brighton beach. There were wild
scenes when the patrons of the track
came rushing nut of the grand stand
and were confronted by a herd ofl
strange animals, wh>ch were just aa
much frightened anJ excited as tbe ���
Everybody fled fe the highest point
in the vicinity, and si vera! of the men
climbed telegraph poles, The women
shrieked and grabbed the nearest man
siul hand in band rushed away from
the king of the prairies.
The trouble wax all caused by the
��� cowboys in charge of the herd, who
tried to unload too many of the..animals at once. The train had been run
on a si Jing back of the Brighton
Beach hotel, and a large crowd had
gathered to watch the unloading. The
nien drove twelve of the animals out
of the car and got them tu the ground
without  trouble.
Then a big fellow 1 t came frightened j
at  the strange noises and the crowd \
of people and made a  break.    In an
instant the others had joined in flight.
While the  cowboys   were  trying  to
round u;i the twelve,    three more es- |
eaped from one of the cars. The but- |
faloes scattere I in all directions.   All
the   cowboys   were   put   to   work    to ���
round  them  up,  and they  rode back
and forth, using picturesque language;
and throwing their long lariats.
Just then the crowd from the race
track appeared, and, with trolley cars,
buffaloes, excited men and women.
yelling cowboys. and spectators
shrieking with laughter, it was worse
than pandemonium.
One   of   the   big   1 uffaloes   started
down the track for Coney island, with
a   cowboy   in   hot    pursuit.     Another
headed for the boardwalk on Brighton
beach, and caused a great scattering \:
in that direction.
Finally twelve of the buffaloes were I
, driven into a corral thai had been pre-
pared for ihem at the park.   Three of j
the largest  of the animals, however,
refused   to  go back   even  after  they
Wi '���   caught.    One of them  lay down ;
;-e the marshes near the wireless station and no amount e;t prodding could
get him to move.
Two others were tied with ropes and
lying on the ground in one of the corridors that  leael to the grand stand
| at the Brighton Beach track. I
We have for sale a 2-storey
8-room House, entirely new,
with all modern conveniences;
clothes closets in all bedrooms,
and Al bathroom; cement
foundation and retaining wall.
This property is situated in the
best part of the town. Call
and see us for price and terms
"The Farm Land Specialists,"
New Westminster
������^^���^.-'���'^^���^^���^^���^^���^^���^^���^^���^^���^^���'^^���^^'* ..^���^^������^.^���^^���^^'���^^���^^���^���^���������^^���^���^^���^
25c. a bottle
$1.50 per Gallon
    AT     I
^ _t
Electric Railway Service j
Interurban    Line.
Cars   for  Vancouver  and    way
stations will run every half-
hour from 5:50 a. m. to 11:30
p. m.
Cars leave tne depot every
twenty minutes for both Sapperton and city limits over the
city line.
City  Line:    Cars leave tram
office on the hour, twenty minutes after and forty minutes after, commencing at  0:20 a. m.
Sapperton   Line:   Cars   leave
at ten  minutes after the hour,
half past and fifty minutes after
the  hour,  commencing  at 6:30 $
a. m.
Sunday Service hair-nourly between S.30 a.m. and 11 p.m.
British Columbia Electric Ry. Co., Ltd
Poundkeeper Batt yesterday rounded up four cows which had wandered (
to this  city    from    Vancouver,    The
milk producers were claimed by the'
I owners yesterday afternoon.
At 20 Per Cent. Discount
Off Regular Prices.
Thr J&aple Liaf ForeVar" .
ade mark, becau eili  -.-���������'       W
TIDE TABLE -Fraser River
For  week  ending   Aug,  4, 1907.       j
High        Low
Date Water      Water
Time      Time
Monday" 77 "TTTT.T-<s7f>0
Tuesday     10.00
W  Wc huve taken the Maple Leaf for our Ire
J English Watchmaker
Uo A>On   from   Geo.  Adams,   Grocer
>Vate ties   from  $12.75 mi
I,  '"'���''' '���     Silver   Watches,   open
.."   Ifi fin
. $6.00
f ��7!.:',:      Silver   Watches,   double
v./',        '    celebrated South Bend
Arctic r '    :,li,''l   l0   H"'   Wellma
Chains ] "!     AU  warranted.
Wi|(,' '' ���    ��� Jewelry, etc., etc.
%     rel,al|,|ng;    ohargea   reason-
w..:.: 6:
Thurs '...
I Friday .. .
Sun ,'.-.
It .2n
23. IB
2 1.50
II .'i
17.45      #
8.20      ���
Is.:;:      I
9.20      g
18   II
10.10      *
Great Northern Railway!
tfift ST. PALL TO MINNEAPOLIS $��ft    "
Tickets on sale Aug. 8,9, 10, Sept. 11, 12, 13 acct. Jamestown
��� ".jWJfl Exposition.    Return Limit. Ninety Days.
Above rate is from New Westminster; $00 from Seattle.
Same rates apply to Duliith; proportionately low rates from
Washington and Oregon jk'i::is Rate to Chicago: $71.50i
from New Westminster. $04,!i!i from Spokane, $71.50 from,
Seattle,    Low rates to Omaha, Kansas City, St. Louis, and
many oi.i'T extern points ��� .
i...'_.       ' v_
Standard and tourist sleepers, dining cars and Combination
Observations car. Meals iu dining car on the a la carte
plan,    The "FAST MAIL"  is  another good  train.
F. C. MEYERS, Agent
W, A. ROSS, Assistant Genera!  Pass. Agt., Seattle,  Wash.
:*:::��� ���:��� *y*b*c*c*y*y*:*:* * ** *2*2.* * *::���..��� ��>���#*#���#���>!*���#
.'1 .le.'
inster Iron Works
BHlp 9
|MITH1N(J, HmuiiK. and
' lr,!M. IRON    WOKK.
fcnce8| (;        iJ��n   Worn,   including
Ittll'orrt 88'      9 HlBoapeB, etc.
vile,,)      "era and correspondence In-
n,, .   fiEQBia imuuirr.
"""inter. f. o. 474.
Just received a shipment of Brass and Iron
Beds direct from Birmingham, Eng.    Iney
are handsome, strong and durable.   Come
see the line.
White Bedspreads, Sheets and Pillow Cases
Come and inspect. A great variety.
John A. Lee's Furniture Emporium
Phone 73
High Water Low Water r
Time H'ght|Time Ht. *
. . 8.12  10.6   2.54 6.0 ^
21.20 13.8 14.22 3.1   ' s
.. 9.21  10.1    3.49 5.9 *
21.69  I 1.3 15.10 1.6 J
.  10.38   9.7   4.45 5.2 ���
22.36  12.7 Hi.0.1 li.l
, 12.08. 9.6   6.40 4.6 f.
23.11 12 2 10.53 7.6
..13.48   9.9   6.38 1.1
23.47 11.7 17..'.:: 8.7
Saturday . .   . .   15.10  10,6    7.24 3.5
   19.16 9.4 *
'Sunday   ..   ..    0.26 11.8   8.11 ::.l +
16,10 11.3 20.33 ii.7 ��
We Eat to Live |
But at the same time it  is npces-
;    sury to know what we arc eating.
Monday  ,.
ruesday ,,
Th irsday  .
Friday ..  .
Phone 101
COMPANY,   - -   LTD.
Wholesale and Retail Butchers
Columbia   Street
At KENNY'S Cafe f
You can rely upon Getting the        | v
Best of Evbbythino. =���;,*���.,
���4i*>H'#^'!^��'*>ii<*tt<>#^ THE  DAILY   NEWS.
Published by the Daily News  Pub-'.
shins Company Limited, at their'
Jtees, corner of Sixth and Front i
Btreets, New Westminster, B. C.
E.   A.  Paige Manager
Transient display advertising, 10
cents per line (nonpareil), 12 lines .o
the inch. Five cents per line for
subsequent insertions.
Reading notices, bold face type, 20
cents per line, brevier or nonpareil,
10 cents per line.
For time contracts, special positions, apply to advertising manager.
Notices of birthi, marriages or
deaths, 50c. Wanes, for sales, lost
or found, rooms to let, etc., one cent
per word. No advertisement taken
for lees than 25 cents.
On check*! analysis WINDSOR TABLE SALT has been
proved to contain 30 % less impurity than the seven other principal
salts on the market.
Day  Office  	
Niaht   Office   	
In  a non-partlzan  paper published
in Toronto, we Hnd the following as!
to  Sir  Wilfrid   Laurler's  position an.l
Influence at the imperial conference: ,'
"On two [mints in particular he did
much to promote a clear and Batfsfac-
torj understanding. The first was:
thai the conference was to be regarded as between government and government and that all the representatives mei on terms of perfect equality
with th" Imperial government, The
second point was thai it was not for
the daughter nations In the conference
to attempl to force tbe hand of the
British people In the matter of preferential trade, Whether or not Greal
Britain should extend a preference to
the colonies was a question purely of
domestic policy to be settled by the
British people and parliament alone."
Butte, Mont.. July 31.���A special to
the Miner from Great Falls says:
"Because he imagined the Almighty
ordered him to do so, a crazed sheep
herder, whose name cannot be learned,
derailed passenger train No. 3 on the
Great Northern at Toledo station, seven miles east of Havre, Sunday morning, causing the death of the fireman
and slightly injuring a number of passengers.
The tran was proceeding at a rate
of thirty miles an hour, when, within
fifty yards of the switch stand in
front of the Toledo depot, the engineer saw a man throw the switch, the
light changing from while to reel. He
instantly applied the air, but in a moment tin' engine, mail and baggag ���
cars an I Smoker were a mass of
twisted and broken wreckage.
The fireman was so terribly scalded
that he died in about ten minutes. The
engineer, mail clerk and baggagemas-
ter escaped with a few bruises.
bh nting j proposition for ths periodical
meeting of the conference, suggesting
ii should meet every V.\e years on
June 2, beginning In  1912.
The British delegation  went  ahead
uf the Americans, having already communicated in the strictest secrecy to
only a few delegates.   Its proposition
on the same subject, establishing tin-
conference should    sit    every    seven
years,  but  that,  two years before the
meeting    social    representatives   of
Great Britain, France, Germany,    the
' United  States,  Russia, Italy,  Austria
! .and Japan should meet to prepare the
: work for the conference, prearranging
: everything and  the    matters    to    lie
. taken under advisement.    Thu3 when
I the  conference  meets again  its  pro-
'��� gram  will   already be  so  studied by
! each country that satisfactory agreo-
tne'ii's can  be  reached.
wanted-Waitress,   apply   Kenny's
restaurant u
WANTED   -40   boys   U)   work   :i'
gla^ work*   Apply ..t works.
WANTED���Position in rea] estate office by good hustler. Apply A. G.
p. O. Box 693.
FouND-coiiie   dog   (young)   ;^,30 acres 0f ievel land with 1320 foot waterfrontaw
Vancouver  license   tag   fasl it       io j i   _;]^ ^^ ^ Kwdwo    nn fhp flroaf \U,.fL.    .  W-
I way;
,..    ,,.���,, ,.,���  :iv       , ,;;'l mile from the bridge, on the Great Northm/Rail
r expenses, Box G. Dally N'ews.
LOST���Ladies  Brooch,   between  Lytton hotel and  tram office.    Finder,
please  return to  Lytton  bote!  and
receive reward.
Price, $8 per foot
Supposid Smuggler escapes.
Aberdeen.   B.C..   July   31.���Because
she bad no clearance papers and was
supposed to be a smuggling craft, the
ten-knot gasoline schoner Lady Agnes
i of Seattle was seized    yesterday    by .
I Collector   of  Customs   McDonald    of
Prince Rupert.
But last night, under cover o��dark-l
ness, she gave the authorities the slip
and departed to the northwest, presumably going to Ketchikan, Alaska.
The crew of six men claimed that they
were timber cruisers, but the collector was doubtful of the statements
made,    The  Kestrel  may  be sent   In
i chase of the Lady Agnes,
The Columbian thinks thai a certain
document which it cites, qualifies its
author for membership In the Annan-
las club, No one will deny the Co-
lumbian's qualification to pronounce
an opinion on such a subject���It cer-
talnly oughl to be posted on the rules
and regulations of thai club. \\ js to
be presumed also thai ll was obeying
11 n,b- ol the club when it pronounced i
Hie' opinion stated.
Pollard Sisters Coming Back.
Victoria, July 31.���Among the passengers expected today on board tha
Canadian-Australian liner .Manuka,
which is looked for to reach port from
Sydney, Australia, are Daphne and
Ivy Pollard, two of the stars of the
Pollard Lilliputian Opera company,
well known to local theatregoers.
Daphne Pollard and Ivy Pollard have
been engaged by John Cort, the. onetime Victorian, who is now one of the
prominenl theatrical men of the United States. The two Pollard.-, are to be
starred for three years, their contract
being for that term, by Mr, Cort.
Mus Ella Collinge left Victoria yesierday morning for New Westminster,
where she will be the guest for a faw
days of her unci-'. Mr. Meredith.
WANTED���By  midelle  aged   business
Englishman, occupation in any position of trust with business ability, i
moderate salary, highest references,
New Westminster or Vancouver. Ro- '
ply  Box A. Daily  N'ews.
6-romeJ house on Eighth street, between Third and Fourth ivenue, newly painted, and papered, to be sold
Immediately, a bargain al $1500, half
cash Apply McQuarrie et C i., Front,
EMPLOYMENT AGENCY���We furnish help of all kineis. farm, bush,
saw mill, railroad labor, he' el li Ip,
etc., etc. male or female. Write
Canadian Pacific Emplo; menl Agcy.
506 Cordova street west Vancouver.
TIMBER LANDS���We deal exclusive
ly in timber. Have large and smai.
tracts on water. If you wish tc
buy or sell, see me. !��. R. Chandler,
407 Hastings St., Vancouver,  B.C.
Hale &  Land
248 Columbia St., NEW WESTMINSTER, B. C.
Phone   335 P. O. Bo* j��
��� ������
on  6th  St. car line       -       -       -       $300 each
Corner lots 9th St. bet. 3rd & 4th Av. 500   "
Inside lots between 3rd & 4th Av. 400   "
Lot on Agnes street 66x132        -       -       $1000
Several of these lots near the Vancouver car line
$175 each,  $25 cash,  balance $10 per month.
Better terms if you take more than one.
When The. Hague conference was
dlsi ussing the proposal thai a formal
ril i lan ti in of war should be made a
require me til of International law, the '
d< lega : oni China pul In a request
lhal ba 1 a very sharp sting In It. He j
�� mti i the conference to say what
constil ited war, reminding the raem-
11 i that "several European nation..
11 ib Invadi ! and foughl Chin:, withoul
admitting thai they were engaged In
Surprise for Hague Conference.
The Hague, July 31.���The British
delegation are working on a proposition which will cause- surprise when
Representatives of the United
States have been privately discussing
with other leading delegates the advisability  of  the   United   States  pre-
An  Improved   saw   for cutting ties;
was  lately placed   on  the  market and :
has already met with favor trom thei
companies engage.! in the tie cut'ing
business,    A   Large  number  of   them
bave  been sold  to  firms  In this  district by Miss Johnston, coast agent tor
the machine.    The first  consignment
of the machines has arrived from the
east, and they are now at th ��� local ('.
P.  R.   freight shed,   from  where  they
will shortly be distributed,
From $31p- Peebles
VI sj/ <J L ���   70 CoIumb.a St     N��W WESTMINSTER, B. (
Phone 307
*********************** ���'.-'*���'���   ****************** >���������������<
The La lysmil i Le : ���-���-���. which has
been published in Ladysmith for the
: asl two an i h ilf j ears by Frank L.
Reynolds, has discontinued publication
an i the planl h is been amalmagated
with  thai   of  the   Nanaimo  Herald
Royal Studio
(Under entirelv new management)
Tv. q little HOtes on t he question of
prefei . " come to us in exchanges,
On . In : iei a ri cenl bye-election
in thi i M I Country���which the dis-
iati hi i not -..('in to have mi n-
I ai . ��� la Ifl reform (Chamberlain n II late Vi ���: snowed und tr;
and bi othei Is th U Lor I Hugh Cecil |
in a i te pe 'i h li dared his j
kn. ���  thai Mr. Balfour l who is an j
Intimati   friend)   Is   -til!  a  good   fn     !
���    (1 eports to the contrary not -
n It     andlng.
For the Balance
of the Week Our
Sale of
A Good Om
House on Tth Avenue, near 4th street.
Five rooms, hall and pantry, and electric light. Nice lot, stable and chicken
run.     Price $1800,   favorable terms.
The McBi Ide orgai like
Ide ��� opjio Ition to tl n elect I n
of Mr, Attorney-Gem : al Bowser, K.
('.. M. P. P., etc., etc, Various are
lh thin the, ba.... i; aboul 11.
Wiiu c ild be galne i. tli ask;
thei e,, 'lan thai lhe i - ,\ minister can
nol po sil ;. be di feati I, so wl ]
ii.m  ol ha i Ing .ni eleel ion?   Th in the
\ ancouver papi   ���   poinl   oul  thai   the I]
govi rm enl ha t bei n n   ;  goo i to the
'       ���    i   .-      are nol two II Ita mem-
bi :.  li   thi  cabin -l and Ib nol a third 11
mil a re Idenl ?   Would the elec- ;
Le of turning flow ti a go\ ei n-
iiH tr.   .. hich has glvi n theni hair the ' j
ca    let und a groal  big percentage of j
lie works expenditure? Bul
thro igh all the talk one looks in vain
for anj hlnl ol a quest lon o| principle, for anj appeal on the ground
that eitbe r Mr, Bowser or the govern- J j
ment represents anj line of polic or
Bystem of administration other than {
the distribution t<> their friend ��� of I he
1     ..- and fishes,
��    ���
iw?B��ro��araKRMw*��EB7ri^^ ��waaHB��BgKBreB_MaBBBBMMMn��_g
Belfast Authorities Alarmed.
Belfa et, July 31. Thai the authorl-
tli view seriously the local situation
arising from the strike of the dock
laiior. is for Increased pay anel shorter
hours, aggravated by the revoll of Lhe
police, who are demanding more pay
because of the extra work the strike
entails, Is evidenced by the arrival
here of the Firsl battalion of the
Cameron Highlanders with a Maxim
gun ati l a detachment of cavalry.
WILL CONTINUE. We have placed on tables all the lines we
are offering, and on every pair wo have cut the price almost in
two. It will pay you to investigate. HERE'S A SAMPLE
Men's Black Vici, Goodyear Welt Oxfords, $4.50 linos for $3.00
Russia Calf and Chocolate Kid Oxfords, $5.00 lines for  3.75
"     Box Calf and Dongola Oxfords, regular $2.50 lines for  1.75
Ladies' Patent Leather Oxfords, our $4.50 kind for  2.75
"      Black Vici Kid and Chocolate Oxfords, our $2.75 kind for     1.95
"      Goodyear Welt Oxfords, our best makes of $4.50 Shoes, for   2.75
See the assortment of Ladies' Oxfords which we are selling for $1.00 a pair
Adams'  Celebrated   Truss  Rod
l-ee Studebaker, Standard and Stei I Skein Mountain Wagon . I
Agents for the J. J. Chase Threshing Machinery.
T. J.  TRAPP & O
Ll.    ited
X Established 1887 Incorporated 1906
! Gilley Bros.
Expedition Starts for South Pole.
London, July   31,���The   Endurance,!)
e     ... ::  barkenUne, Hailed down the | j
Thames yesterday  with the  English
South Polar expedition, commanded bj
Lieut, lv Sitae Kli'ton mi board.   An at-1
mpl evil! be ma le t'i reach the South (
,   ! ag ; hi summer of 1908, i
Sign of the Big Electric Boot
This celebrated   Cement is
J used ley nearly all large contract-
��� ".���   in the Province.
X Telephones: Office 16,
Wholesale and Retail
FIRE    clay    and    mantel
From the Clayburn Clay
. Manager's Residence **   j aUoust
1, 1907.
\buy now
e|  Af //a//7 Price
jummer Stocks are being- rapidly cleared out.
never did and never will carry ever goods.
leases of New Goods are in, 100 more will arrive
in a few days.   Plenty of selling space will
be required.
Come Now, Buy and Benefit
White Swiss, in a variety of patterns, 46 to 50
35 - and 40c per yard	
25c Curtain Rods, 2 for 25c, or....
inches wide, regular
$5.00 ones for $2. GO.
: pairs of a pattern.
nes for $5.00, or ...
$7.50 ones for $3.50.
ink balance of 20c and 15c lines
��� ,
latterns in blue and
10c: and 7 l-2e, or .
Perfect goods, in standard shades, some chiffon and ruching trimmed,
$3.50, for $1.75, $4.50 for $2.25, $0.50 for $3.25, $10 for $5.00,
Light Shadow Plaids, in worsted or tweed, pleated and finished with
), or
ttons and self-strapping, usual $4.5 i f ir $2.2.
S      ; le for hot days in bleached cr unbleached.sizes
for 10c and 5c ones 2 for 5c, or	
3 and
20c ones
\|C0TT, )\  HOSE
'���d and plain, odd
or ...
lines, (
xld si::'1-, usual 25,' 1
mnants of Ginghams,
ins, all
now 2 for 25c
^^^^^^^.HALF PRICE
Dress Hollands, Flannelette and
:; Cases of Samples, consisting of Tapestry, Table
Covers, Fancy Linens, Boys' Wash Blouses, Lace
Ties, Collars, Fancy Slips and Tops for Cushions,
Gloves, Hosiery, Towels. Curtain Ends. Silk and Moreen Underskirts, Wash Skirts. Infants' Bibs and
Dresses, bought at usual discount for samples and
always find ready 3ale at SMITH'S.      ::::::
Se Early To-Morrqu^^^^jSn^s
First to Sell
During August Store Closes at 5 p.
'���271 Columbia Street,
New Westminster, Ii, C.
. D. J. Stewart
is   spendin;
4   a
few  el
ays camping at
winter's euply
of firewood
was |
placed  In  the
fire hull  cellar 1
yesterday afternoon,    a
loads are expected today.
few    more
Harley Ackley, express messenger on
the line between this city and the
junction, is temporarily laid up with
blood poisoning in the turn I. W. Maxwell is rellevelng him on the run.
For all kimls of cut flowers and pot-
j j ted plants, see Tidy, the florist.
Che'.- Young, the Chinaman burglar,
received a twelve months' sentence in
the police court yesterday morning.
The Celestial back door operator was
found guilty of stealing a number of
articl'-s  from houses  in  Chinatown.
. C. C. Fisher ami family are enjoying the pleasures of country life at
M. A. Gray, the bogus check flash
financier, was yesterday morning sentenced to spend the next eighteen
months in jail. The limit was three
A. Skelly, driver at, Xo. 1 fire hall,
is temporarily on the Inactive list, the
result of allowing his foot to get in
the way of one of the horses yesterday morning.
Mrs. C, P. Moss and family, wh.)
have been spending some time at
.Nelson, Is expected to return borne
today. She wdll be accompanied by
Miss Meconium, who will remain In
the city  for  about  three  weeks.
Sealed tenters will be received by
the undersigned up to 0 p. m. of August 12, 1!��)7. tor 'lie purchase of the
following machinery:!
1 medium speed Doty engine center crank, 150 h, p. driving wheel. 10
feet dla. 20 inches face, with Feed-
water heater, complete, in good running order.
1 clutch pulley lit; In. x Hi in. face
4 T-S bore.
1 clutch pulley 56 in. x 11 in. fac*
4 7-8 bore.
1 wrought iron rim, split, 54 in. n.
12 iu. face 4 l->* bore.
2 100 light D. C. incanelescent dynamos, 110 volts.
Machinery can be seen at light station, Tenth street, N'ew Westminster.
City Hall.
31, 1907.
City Clerk.
New  Westminster,    duly
members of St.  Peter's churcl
For   cut   flowers,   bouquets   or   fun-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ eral   designs  telephone   T.   Davies   &
helel their annual picnic yesterday at ; gon g 91)3
English bay and Stanley park, returning to this city about 10:30 p.m.
The party filled three' special cars,
ami numbered probably from 150 to
200 pers ins.
The li. A. it I. society will hold a
special meeting this evening in the
; mayors office to receive and con-
sider reports from tbe entertainment
|| committee respecting a program of
amusements to be given at Queen's
park during exhibition week.
On account of Government Agenl
C. C. Fisher having arranged te) take
his holiday .luring the early part of
August, a number of applications for
water records which was set down for
hearing 'luring the next couple of
weeks lune all been adjourned till
August 21 and i'i'. N'lne applications
in all are being held over.
New Stock Patterns
The Royal City studio has been reopened  under new management.    Mi.
! Hawels, who has bn I years of prac-
This afternoon the children at thei
Catholic Orphanage will be given free
rides on   the  merry-go-round  at  the j
corner   of   Eighth  street   am,   Agnes, t
Mr. Stevens, the proprietor, Is giving .
 the children this treat, and it i.   also |
tical experience in the old country, is \_i_
the new proprietor.   Specimens of his
work show the highest art, and there
is no doubt but that his work will be
greatl)  appreciated in th.- city.
finer.,,'  wei-elf.,,,.  K1���in ,_
Today the city treasurer will do.
nothing bul count money, and mark
"I ,1 m the tax sheets presented by
those who are wealthy enough to take'
advantage of the discount for early
payment. August 1 is the last day
on which the customary ten per cent.;
discount will be allowed. Aboul Beven
thousand do!!.irs was received yester-'
day  it: taxes.
New   voters are coming in rapidly,
and City Clerk  Duncan Is registering j
��� bem  for  refer ence   when   the    civic
lections become a live issue'   again.
I.erweii   twelve     and
e   -!��� red yesterdaj. an 1 for the last
. Iia!;' a dozen or more a day have
lied  for registration.    Mr.  Duncan
reports I but the' most In- ever received
eiie' day iti any previous year was
our,   The. il-! will close thi- evening,
Two applications foi' water records
re  granted    yesterday    by    Water
mmlssioner C. C.   Fisher,  the  first
���   J.  A. Catherwood, of Mission city,
,i 1   the  niii.'i- to  the'  Wesi   Shore  &
rthern I.ami company.   Mr. Cather-
.-. nl applied for a record of one inch
.   an   unnamed     stream     running
through lot 32 subdivision of lot 1. G
:;.    The  West   Shore  company  asked
for   in   Inches from  a  small  stream
which  rises  in  lol   1494,   North  Van-
.    iver.    The water will  be  used for
I ultural anl domestic purposes.
intention to present each little
one wdth sweets ami fruil As there
i are over fifty to be entertained, the
i hospitality and kindness of Mr,
I Stevens wdll long be remembered by
! the bairns.
���1.  E,  Klein, an employee of one of
the lumber cam) s on
was   tin.   victim   oi'   a
dent   yesterda-    mora:
gaged  in   fe<>.!i:ig the-
Johnston road,
��� anil  saw    ., , ���'.
n.     While en- !
leant saw,  part
of the supports broke, and Klein fell
with his wrist against lhe saw. A
severe gash in the right wrist re.salted
the artery being severed. After being
temporarily atttended to at the cam .
the injured man borrowed a horse
anil rode into lhe city, where Dr. Hall
bandaged up the wound in a scientific
lt wlll-Jje  several   da;,
ble to return to work
in the camp. Which is operated bj thi
Vancouver Timber and Trading company.
Band Concert Tonight.
Tiie weekly baml concert will be
held this evening at the Crescent.com
mencing at the. usual hour, a i mg
list .if popular selections have been
listed for this evening anl the concert
should be attractive. Following is the
i. March.        Beau ideal.
2. Overture, Oriental.
3. Caprice' Promesses
I   Overture. Tancredi,
5. intermezzo,      Cherry,
ii. Song,        Dear Old Georgia,
7. Characteristic.     Fan Tan    Anthony
8. Descriptive! Skeleton Dance,   Allen
9. March.   King of the Wind,   Taylor
God   Save  the   King.
217-219 Columbia St.
Also, a lot of lovely things in CHINA,
suitable for wedding gifts.
W. IN. Draper
B. C. Land
EUard Btock.   New Wsttmlrsier, B.C.
Civil Engineer and
The mission circle   eif   Wesl  End
:��� ihodisi   rliurch,  will  holel  a   trolley
,.ty   on   Friday   evening,     Th.'  cars CARD OF THANKS.
ill  leave  the  tram  office  at   T.JO  p, Mrs.   Kill;   anil   family, through   '.te
i,   stopping at Sixth and Eighth ave- eoiimins of this paper, wish.- to thank
les jgoing to English bay, Vancouver, their many  l'rieinls  for the kin'iv-
nl  returning  will  have    tor   New shown them In their receni    ien >> ���
Westminster aboul   10.30 p. in.    The ment.
lembers Of the circle are looking for- .        ..  . 	
ird to a gooel time,   Tickets can be] POSITIVELY
I'd from member
or em the car. The
fifty cent.-.
; of committee,
re: urn   fare   is
Very few  marksmen   turned   up al
Moody Square  last   evening  and  the
weekly shoot of tin' New Westminster
Gun club was iii consequence rather
t line. Herb, Gilley was a new man
it the butts, and llis work was generally commended for a beginner. Mr.
Gilley will probably be n regular attend ml In the future. Frank Trapp
made .:!, and Berl Galbralth male Hi!
aiints, otll eef a possible 25 last evening. Nexl week's shoot will be full of
inteii'st because of the special competitions which will be commenced,
The month of August should see some'
lively   time;   at    Moody   Square  butts.
The damage suit which has been instituted by ii. Belyea & company
agalijjt the Calgary Milling company
: for alleged non-paymi nl of monies
due for teaming and hauling, will
come on for hearing ibis morning before Judge Cane, of Vancouver. His
i: m >r Judge Cane will also hear with
the assistance of a special jury, the
damage suit commence] by Pretty, of
'airison. against okawara. of Vancouver to recover paymenl I'm n cash
r gist ���!��� which the dap purchased and,
na e 'ding to the plaintiff, never pal l
for, .This latter case- will COtne on for
in aring on Prl      ���    i ning In '.':������ N ���������
Westflllnto; ("itlfi  :: i i se,
- OF -
Corner of Eighth Street
and Agnes.
Bring your children anil give them a
CASH   FRIZES given on Saturday
for the host lady riders.
Clquid Ucn��r instantly restores
the brilliant newness and finish cf
Pianos. Furniture, Picture Frames
Interior Woodwork, Hardwood
Floors, and all polished, garnished
or enameled surfaces.
It renews and redresses everything it touches. Ee varnishing "is
unnecessary) becausea scratches,
stains and' dirt instantly disappear, leaving a smooth,'brilliant
Clquid Utnttr 13 not a varnish, bui
a surface food that is absorbed by
tho old finish, instantly restoring
the latter to Its original brightness. Easy to use���only a piece
of cheese cloth is necessary. Driej
One delighted customer writes
that it is worth $li'0 per bottle.
The price is only 50 cents.
 AfewtrUI bottlesi it IOc^jsaeh	
Sold by
By Miss Williams.
Receipe Book given away FREE, at
The Public Supply Stores
th'    n THE DAILY NEWS.
Valuable Proper
AI] over the city for sale on easy terms. Acreage on the
proposed B. C. E. R. route to Chiiliwack. Lots on the
proposed new route to Vancouver. Houses in every
district.        Farms throughout the Fraser River valley,
WHEN the wife���tired of sewing made easy
by use of  the   Singer Sewing Machine
bought at J. H. TODD'S-wants to entertain her husband, she brings out the
chooses  the   selections  he   enjoys,  and
prepares  to spend a pleasant evening.
Two acres in block, corner of llth Street and
Royal avenue, invaluable for industrial site,
$4,500. One half cash,
balance to be arranged.
House and cottage on Columbia st ,   2r-
house rents for $25, cottage for $12; (
I $5,000, easy terms.
120 acres, E 1-4, section 2,", township H, Maple Ridge, 1 lam 70x78 ft,  .
1  l��arn  38x70  ft,  C-room  bouse,    all   ;j
nearly new: to acres cleared, 50 acres
under cultivation;  balance as pasture,
easily    cleared. 2 acres   (ef   orchard;;'
good rich bottom land;  2 good wells   ..
and creek; $100 per acre; $4,000 cash,   '���
balance easy.
One acre, corner of
MH and lltli Streel
and Royal Avenue
Subdivision of lot 46, block 6, comprising some of the finest residentia
I sites in the city for sale exclusive!}
by us.    This magnificent property Is
situated on the corners of Fourth av<
House 30x42, 4th St., between 4th
and ath Ave.; 2 single and 1 double
bedrooms upstairs, and bath room
down stairs; parlor, dining room, kitchen and pantry.    Full sized lot run-
 ..���     .*,  -. -I ... .    UH     .ILJ.      JUl       JUU
nue,    First    street    (facing    Queen V ��� ning back to Ash  St.    Price $3i800
Jilted Jade Denounces Man
Who Attempted Train Robbery and Was Murderer.
Butte, July 31.���Through a chain of
what is regarded as conclusive evidence for the most part forged through
bis own evasions, admissions and indiscretion, George Tower litis been
placed in the county jail here as one
ol lhe men who killed Engineer Clow
ailed wounded Fireman Sullivan, of
Ibe Northern Pacific eastbound North
Coasl limited train, near Ibis city on
tin  morning of April 21.
His partner, who is suspected of be-
Ing bis companion in tbe attempted
robbery, is in custody and two officers ami two detectives of the North-
< rn Pacific bave lefl fur Oregon 1'.'
bring bim back.
The evidence- againsi Tow< r rests on
tie    word   ol'   bis   landlady    that     be
brought  the dynamite to iheir room !
two days before the robbery and later
broughl  ibe suit  c.ise, which she bas]
identified.    Hi' was gone the night of!
the  robbery,  togethl r  with  his  room- I
mate.   Furthermore, he wrote an in- I
criminating letter regarding the powder and   the  suit   case  to a  man  in |
lln'  county jail,  urging  bim  to  take'
lb" responsibility for the powder, say- |
in,- that if he diil n<et lie. Tower, would [
Bwing foi it.
Through the fickleness of a woman]
thie letter came Into tie hands of the*
police. All this evidenci was gathered while Tower was In the city jail
dui :-.���- the pasl two weeks, serving a
sentence for disturbance. His arrest
was made originally without suspicion
oi bis being guiltj ol worse than the
(11        :       ail'.
park- and Emory street, comprising
in all ten 33x120 foot lots facing on
First street at $700 (excepting the corner lot facing Fourth avenue an 1
First street, held at $1000); two lots
ton Fourth avenue, 42 1-2x120, at $600
per  lot;   four lots,  52   1-2x85,  $450:
, five lots, $400.    Call at our office en ,
Front street and inspect plans.
Three ful sized lots on Fifth avenue,
I north side between First and Second
,' streets, No. 5, 6 and 7. Price $400
! each or $1100 for Uie three.
$1,500 cash, balance at $500 per year
at 7 jeer cent.
2U storey bouse, 10 rooms, also
modern improvements: lot 66x1112;
lane at back; part of lot set out with
fruit trees and nice lawn. Price
$2,750. $1,500 cash, balance 0 and 12
nionths at 7 per cent.
;     1  lot  No. 24  on  13th.  street  south
��� side of 4th avenue.    Price $200 casb.
1C0 acres, 2 miles from city.
$40 per acre
Two lots on ISth street, between  Tth and  Sth avenues.
1 full size lot, block 0, lot 14,
St. Patrick's Square: Price
1 lot, 56^x166, Tenth street,
off Queen's avenue. Price $450.
Terms $200 cash, balance terms
to suit
No.   310.���9-roomed   House   and   bath
room,   Agnes   St.    $3,000;    1i   casb.
balance 3 and 6 months at 7 <;
No. 312.���8-roomed House and bath
room, Agnes St. Price $2,500; %
casb, balance 3 and 6 mos. at 7 <",.
lot-   V�����    Bl   +      0_> _, ,,���_ .   Bl0Ck   1L>   M   12th   St-   eaS*   S^-    10
���ote, Nos. Sl to S6 and 95, 95 faces  full sized lots.    Price $2,500, one-third
cash, bal. 6, 12 and 18 months
Full sized lot, ncith side of Ham-
; llton street between Sixth and Eighth
\ streets; $225.
on Sth avenue, next to Gunrs ranch.
4 lots cleared without a stump; small
house, chicken house, 175 choice
chickens; horse and rig;  $1500 cash.
1  1-2   house, 6  rooms    and     flush
closet on 4th avenue, one lot from 2nd
House corner of 7th St. and 4th
Ave.; !i rooms; 2 full sized lots, COx
132; orchard of apples, pears and
plums. Price $4,000, $2,000 rash, balance on time at 7 %.
Transfer Co.
100 acres less right of way about i
acres for railway; 25 acres stumped
15 acres roughly cleared and fenced:
1 1-2 story house 18x28, lean too 14x28
and lean too 16x22; barn 30x32 and
lean  too 32x14;   granary   10x16;   two
chicken houses, each    10x12;    wagon ^^^^^^^^^^^
shed  2iix30;   small  milk bouse,  small.         wit b, opposite    Knox church, Sap-
orchard, all kinds of fruit, 65 bearing1*500 for three or *175 ta(n;  ]"2 cllHh  Perton, eastjrfde Columbia Street (en
 . ������v .���_ ,,,_.,��� iuu u lots corner of street between Sth
street on south side; fruit trees. Price an.] !"1' Are' on 2ncl st- *}de ,of 2n-
..���,...    .  ���       u                     ,_ , St.. e.iual to one acre; partly cleared.
$1900;  1-2 cash, terms for balance at ��r���   .   ���-
7 per cent.    Size of lot 55x165.
$350 cash, balance on easy terms.
Lots 16, 17 and 20 of 11 of 3. Price
$500.  half  cash.      A  splendid    opportunity for Investment.
More exclusive  properties  just   listed
with us for sale.
Lot 5, opposite    Knox church, Sap-
lffice 'Phone ISS.      Warn \rnone 137
Columbia St.
fruit trees;  natural spring well. Price j ua!ance 6 months at 7 per cent
$6000;   $2000 cash, balance easily ar
ranged at 7 per cent.
car line.   $350 cash.
Sfrontri *������
bouse, lath Jgf
��� hlni'*- Pric. i>,ooo. t J
cash, balance , aud 12
$3,500, 6ub|ect to" ,.
lease. .Fine residence d
2nd Street, corner FourtI
Splendid Ioca: on, now i
$30.00 per month; |eaSe J
tended if purchaser so dj
good paying investment,
be arranged.
i    Double    ten. meni  house
1st and 2nd SI     : ;(j!   P'
cash half and half ins mod
K. nls for fl'. . .....
40 acres ', ee. tion li \
of Tn. 2, about :; nn,- [��,���
Haworth road, S irrey;   hd
l\-i storey bouse   I rooms 1,
"���her 3 can bi  ,, ided ml
shack;   1%   ������,  .       ,,.,'.,
with clover, red; fairly easl
'��ne   mile  froi    ihingie ml
$1,200;.   terms half cash
months at 7 ';
Pul] sized lot No. 12 on '
and Sth St.   Price $.1050,
balance at 7 ', per annuml
Westerly 4. li of I > 1
132x132 corner 100 feel :(
bouses drawing $2! per mo|
$5,000, half cash, balance!
160 S.E. hi of Section ..
i'i acres.partly cl. ared; Kai
running through, go , road
north of Webstei s cornel
mill and P.O. at the west cl
ber worth $7 per acre; ce��
4 miles from Port Hani
$2,100; terms $1,100 cash,
S.-W.  .Sub. Township 13; sJ
railway   runs  along! I
chard,    Price $15 p. r acre
cash, balance In thn ��� equal |
1 acre clay, bouse on traJ
Joyce station;  pari     clean
across front facing tram .
$700 cash, balance .
Baggage delivered
part of the city. ���
Full sized  lot on Third  street, between Koyal aud Queens avenue east
promptly to ��ny j side, new house; $1500.
Light and Heavy Hauling
Offiso���Tram  Depot
Manufacturer of
Mineral Waters, Etc.
Aerated Waters,
Family Trade a Specialty.
Tel. 113. Office, Eighth Street,
Two lots, block 34, lot 0, $1000 each.
27% acres of tbe best soil, 10 acres
cleared, under cultivation;  200 young
fruit trees, just comencing   to   bear; I
new house, 1% storey, 5 rooms;    hen
V6 acre between Queen's and 3rd
Ave. on west side of 10th; No. 5 and
6, Block 48; 132x165 feet; al! cleared
anel fenced. Price $1050; $550 cash,
balance in 6 months.
3 lots south side of sixth Avenue;
verv light clearing; 60x115% feet on
Sub. Block 10.   $1050 cash.
4 lets on Fifth Street, 11, 12. 13, 14,
Sub. 15, S. Blk. 13. $350 each, half
cash, balan." 6 months at 7 '..
One acre in blocl
tween ISth and lj
on Sth Ave. Price
1-3 cash, bal. easy.
Full sized lot on Royal avenue.
^^^^^^^^^^ ?rriva
$1,200, $800 cash
'tween Fourth and Merrivale; all clear-
houses,   in  good  order;    some  actes j street and 8th avenue;'2 corner lots
be. i 2 bouses corner of Merrival and
Agnes; feill sized lot; city block 31,
lot  11;    one house rents  for $25,  the
 ^^^^^^^^^^^^ other $11';   flush   closets  and   all eon-
Dected     with     sewers.       Price. $3,500.
10 acres In ser. ;;j.   Timber, fir, ce- Cash $2,000,    balance in 6, 12 and IS
dar and alder.   Good soil; gone] roads. I months at 7 '...
Apply for full particulars. s.-K. r, otSuh. 19, Township 10; Borne
timber.    Price Sir, per acre; terms $ I. o. > o
Lots 17, 18, 19, 20, 21,  -p.ee on  16th   cash, balance easy.
plante,1 with wheat, eats and potatoes
Water from nearby spring. Balance
of property easily cleared. Price
$4,700; $2500 cash, balance C
ami 12 months.
Lots  14   and   15 of  1 of C    of
. . ..#-    jii   uuu    li)   ul   1   OI   t      OI       4
$230;   ���]  inside lots $2tm each.    Price   (cleared.)   Price $500; for the two, 1-2
$950,  cash.    Single  lots at  cash. cash, balance 6 months a: 7 per cent.
Large lot and  two cottaj
i lumbia street, Sap] erl :..
I at $10 each.
One and one-half sl
full size lot, sltuati d nnrJ
Koyal avenue and corner o(j
street; 9 rooms; bath roon
cold water, closet: woodshj
bearig fruit trees; streets
sides; fine view. Price jj
Lot 14 on Fifth avenue, sub B Ifl
of sub 9. $300 cash, u cleared; size
55 feet by 122 feet.
Lot 14 on Sherbrook street of 11 of
3, cleared. Price $275; 1-2 cash, balance, 6 months at 7 per cent.
flSC 'III  nl
John    h.
loe    of
of   small
Scientists   Find  Worms  in   Ice
Tacomn, duly 31.���In their
Mo mt   Rainier,   Profi bsoi
fi, tt,  nf  ibis  city,    ami    Professor
c, wles .nnl -i   -i'1' ntlfic   party
i ti. ag i,   dlscovi i"d  in   the
Urania    glaclei
'i h. discover} astounded the scl -u-
tists, ubii could hardly believe theii
i yes until they had cut into the hard
ice and removed some nf the worms
foi microscopic examination, The
wm ms were' aboul ;n inch in length
and (he size of a hair, and presente i
,ti wriggling, squirming mass in the
solid ice. lu places Ihe iei
most  black   with   thi in.
This property is only y_ mile from
tram  line.    Over two hundred  chick-   _. ���,���v;   ,^au.   ��_:<_o per acre.
ens and ducks could be sold with the   age is selling fast at this price.  ^^^^^^
property at a snap. ' both, hair cash, balance easy.
ICO acres, Westminster district, 40 i
2S  acres  on    Mara  road. Burnaby. | acres  under cultivation
Acreage on Vancouver road, corner I     2 lots on Sth St. between
of Gilley road.   $225 per acre.   Acre-   Gteh Ave. on exist side;   full sized, 66x
132;  Nos. 9 and  12.      Price $1000 for
Lot facing 2nd St., 11 tweJ
and 3rd Ave., second lot froi]
Ave.;    52x122 feet: all cleai
1 alongside  and   back.     Pric4
th and   half cash, balance easy at
58.0UU I LMPKKSS OI,'  BHITAIN 114,600
H. Power \ EMPR Ii_S OF I it ELAN U I      TONS
Particularly low rates from tb..
01,1 Country. Reservations made
nere  for all sailings.
Empress of Britain fuly 26th.
For   particulars  apply
C P. It. Agent.
$160 an acre FOR A FEW DAYS
ONLY. One-quarter cash, balance 1
and 2 years at 7 ','
N'o. 306,���9-roomed house,, with bath
room, corner of 6th and Agnes St.
I'ric.. $4,000: -i ems u cash, balance
'.', and .', months at 7 ','.
House,    full    sized    lot,   on    Keary
10  a. les or
chard, % acre strawberries pi,inted
this year; alder bottom laml; running| enquiry,
spring; bouse 18 x 22; frame bain 30
x 32; I ' post frame house ami i off
i stables, three In all, stable 8 cows and
2 span borses; near .\U-sinn Station;
Sl bonis,     idi ir- lies     near     at     hand;
steamer I m . ��� tw Ice a day; about 100
tn res timl er, fir and cedar, nevei !"���' a
Six lots, 50x1 r.n, outside city limits
$60 each   lot.    Fuller  particulars on
Sit i.'ition;
c,,.���,..    c  ���           "'���     ��� ��� i i .iin   cei t::   nevei i,,,. ,,
Canadian Pacific
2 Transcontinental Trains 2
l Seven roomed house all
modern improvements, north
j side of Hamilton St. $1500
i 1-2 cash balance easy at 7
| per cent.
I timber; carriage house' 16 x 24;  hen|
i bouse made of hewed timber laid in
! ni.ir*;:.",   12 X  30.    A  chance of a  life-
I time, $9,000; $4,000 cash, balance al 6
I per cent.
No.  308.
1 ome<3 House, with bath
etc.; Agnes St. $2,500; i ,
���alance :; and (! mos. at 7 %
located in a commmanding
'third   avenue,  at   foot   of
;'-:'1:   ':i et.   Two and one half-storey
i:" IHI'    Ten rooms (recently papered)
All  mod. in  conveniences;    hoi    and
'":'i  water,  bath,  flush  closet, lava-
tor-v>   electric   light;   nice   lawn;   lot
06x132, with  lane  in rear;   part of lot
-' ;  �� :;   With  fruil trees.    Price $2,750.
S1.500 cash, balance arranged.
160 tores on the Scott road, 16 acres j
cleared;  barn 50 x 30;  stables, etc.; '
splendid soil; only $30 per acre, $1,000
'���������������-n. balance easy.
One lot No. 12 on Royal I
third lot from Eighth streetj
for sale exclusively.
150 acres Improved land,
I and sheds complete, near Clj
al] under cultivation, $I5.000T
can   handle   this, don'l  elolnj
bargain; term- can be arranf
160 acres good fai m Innd
aboul 2K mile b tn a  river, nj
road, $12 per acre;  i real ,-"j
Part of lot 369, :> Ins Lake j
about   7o  acres,  oc -   $�����>
; Half cash.    Jump,
2 lots, 20, 21; No, 20, $17<H
(corner)   $175.    D irham anJ
ta Fur the above t"1" Pn (
special price will be made to
was til
Sword  Mightier 1 nan  Pen.
Havana, duly 31,   Napoleon Qalvez,
journalist on the staff of Cuba, is dying from ia sword  thrust in  the  lung
received in  a  duel  with   Benito Colli ino, sun of n  prominenl  barrister,
Qalvez, ft is said, offered an insult to
the . bier Celeriiio and the son challenged him to a duel.  An attempl waj
made to keep the affair secret, Qalvez
explaining to the authorities that he'
received bis jypund by falling
Excursion  rate* to all points Easl
Jlliy 8rd' 4tl)  and  Bth;    August Sth,
Tickets good for three
j 9th und 10th.
<-;. y. It. Agent.
New Westminster.
iOO Cords of Tan Bark Wanted
At thi
rraser River Tannery
Highesi Cash Price Paid
Telephone   333
front Street
Telephone   j33 AU1
ui,m :,mds with-
British Colum-
,     S hereb ���    thirtj
T^lTZr '     '   ^   " TenderS   f��r   U"~  *   Cut   Timber
Lands and w  ' ��n D��m;nion Lands in the Pr��"     	
HOME-   cut  and  carry away , ''"�� of British Columbia.             Tenders for License to Cut Timber on
the following desci               i LENDERS   addressed     to        Dominion Lands in the Province of
'��(;rr -   ���     ' ���:s
Claim No. 40-Commencing al ��ost '"' '"' the envi ������' -   Tender for T
Planted S.  E. corner about. 20 miles I bLer Benil *��- 525," will be received at j Commis
British Columbia.
East Quarter of said Section lying to j
the North and West of Lot 47, Group
2, ami all that part of the North East
Quarter of said Section lying to the
West  of Lot  356,  Giuup 2.
A   Certificate of   Indefeasble  Title
ssioner    of   Dominion    Lands,
^ ���elt m ��""""���       | up from the mouth of North Pork'of'' ,artmeilt �������! 12 o'clock noon , _
)llonle3teaded by any^�� J the^ Kitsumgallum river    ^^     ^    .���:.���.   . ,.   lay, the 28th day of August      partment ot the Interlor> and mark"
is tbe so
uie ove
e bead of a family, | sumgallum   lake,   thence   running"^   -'"^    "    ' "^se to cut" timber on
lforthe'dKtta|of commencement.
Claim N'o. 41.���(
^id office
'^erTrequired to per-1 P^ted at the head of KltaumgaUum
���"ins connected there- lake >n *est bank about 20 chains
01 ,m following plana: 80Uth "'- the- mouth of K - ngallum
' r months' residence ' nver wh""' i: enters lake thenc. 10
lJBr,:'tion 0| the land in <*�����" "est, 160 chain, .outh, 40
;:;:::   ' ��**����� east more or less to the shore,
,0F ���, d,er, if tbe  then Lahore to poin,  of com-
le'a'be(/;,��� homestead- mencement
:i... vicinity ''���' ���'" N'o 12. C m nen ag .,��� posl
-entered for, the require- Planted about 20 chain Bouth of the
;;;.,.,   e e satisfied   aorth  west of T. I, x,  7941i ,,���..���...
Lon residing   with  the   i" ��� bains west, 160   halns south   i
iiber. nalns "'-'��� ll" cl north to poinl
r gettiei    i   bis perman- of commencement, ^^^
ng land own-      Claim No.  13,   Co       :.      ���   .   pogt   ��� '
if his home- planted at the north  ��       i    :i..
irements   as  to resl-1 loc
by residence   160
ail lanl. J ! chai
mug should ' meal
:.:., loner of Do-      claim No   14.   Com  ien lng al post
tit Ottawa of Intention  pIanted   ,. ,:���. ...._..,.   weg)   ( y..^ Qf
ftf*Ml location No. I !, then e 10 - i iins west
iw be purchased at |10 1160 chains , .,.,,_ ,, chaing ^ w\
ed on the envelope "Tender for Timber Berth No. 523," will be received
at  this  Department    until 12  o'clock
noon on  Wednesday,  the 31st day of
July, 1907, for a license to cut timber
I Mara Til      th    .,SeCtlon 29, We8t ot | on   Berth   No.   523,   comprising  lands
ommencing at post129, and U    TelZTln%[1^0   ���T * ^ *"?"" * ^ ^
Rang,       , . ,   ,, the elh median |umWa' ^ "^^ " f��U��WS:
r 18 years ot   age, to j follows:   40 chains  we ......   B        No  :'-~>- comprising lands situ
...Quarter   section of I north, 40 chains east, tu chains nori      ' '' Provlnce "��� I!-'i>��h Colum-
<01 !40  chains east,  80  chain,-   south   40 ''''''   le8cribed as follows:
I        ,   personally at j <*ains west' "0 chains 30uth to p'oint   ., Ti "   ' '   N'"-   525,  comprising
be m.w�� i'     .'tI_   of commencement | tne North half of s
NOTICE   is  hereby   given   that   the
to the above property will be issued to I partnership heretofore subsisting be-
Margreta Jensen, on the 19th day of  tween Joseph  Cameron    ami  Joseph
im-    SEALED TENDERS addressed to the ' August, .1907, unless in the meantime | Mark   McDonald     as   "The     Mission
Lumber Company" of the District of
New Westminster has been dissolved
by mutual consent as of the 29th day
of June, 1907. All debts owing to the
said partnership are to be paid to
Joseph Cameron of Sapperton in the
a valid objection thereto is made to
me in writing by a person or persons
claiming an estate or interest therein,
or in any part thereof.
C.  S.  KEITH,
District Registrar of Ti'les.
Land  Registry  Office,
The   person   or  persons  having  in
their  custody or possession  the  fol-
containing an area of 185 square miles!
Timber  Berth   No.   523,  comprising  l^lT1"!.^*.?*11"8 !?..t?.eS^J
the north-east quarter of Section 15,
and   that  portion  of    the  north-west
nlon- ,, ��� !;.Ss.
The berth must be surveyed within
ir after the date of the notice,quartPr of Secti',n H n��t covered by
1 '��� ���   i -. ���   the   berth, Timber  Berth   471   (being approxima-
;ulations under  which a   li-  tely th'' uorth 36 chains)    in Town-
be   Issued,   ilso    printed Iship ''- Ranse 27. West of    the    6th
'  ndei ai i   nvelope, may be! Meri(iian, containing an  area  or  304
��� il thl tmenl or al the' acre8< more or less,
the Crown Timber Agent at      The berth must be surveyed within
'tminster. It. r. one year after the date of the notice
tender  mu      ���    iccompanled awarding the berth.
"','""1 chi      on a chartered]     The regulations  under  which  a 11-
favor of t   e Deputy of the   cense will  he    issued,    also    printed
New   Westminster,   B.  C, July   IS, j District of New Westminster and all
claims against the said partnership are
to be presented to the said
Joseph Cameron by whom the same
will be settled.
Dated at New Westminster this 13th
day of July,  1907.
j. h. johnso.v   j. m. Mcdonald
property are requested to deliver the
same  to   the  undersigned.
Conveyance dated 9th May. 1894,
from Thomas Graves Gregson to Elizabeth  McGregor.
42 Lome Street.
New   Westminster,   B.C.,
Solicit')!- for Applicant.
Tenders    for License to Cut    Timber
on Dominion Lands in the Province   of   British   Columbia.
SEALED    TENDERS    addressed to
I .e satisfied
':   "  "  ,h" ��ttb  we"- ";.;n.;"i, '           .    '      '             <\- ��� taof tender and envelope, may be | the CommWonerVD^nron La"nds,
cation No. 42, thence   io   halns wesl                                  ahtcn the appli- obtained at thia Department or at the L ,      ,.     ,       ,       .
;u nhntno ��������n,   ,                                                repared to  ea   for a license ��������,     .��� ,,     n m.   ,                        Department    ot    the     Interior,    and
iu cnains south,  10 chains easl    160                                                             ' ��mc<   "; the Crown Timber Agent at.
lains north  to poini   ,f comm                          ' ' "'   ''  ''      ":::"     not ^w Westminster, B.C. marked on the envel��Pe "Tender for
ont ssarily accepted _,_,_ f _j l    Timber    Berth    No. 527," will be re-
, ��� :.
|(er soft coal an I $20 for au
liol ;;       than   320 acres  ment
,.���>.; ..��� individual or
loyalty al the rate of ten
t:; |. nds shall be
��� tbe -      ' itput.
Vi. W. CORY,
jo!-die Minister of the lu
chain,   nortii  to  polnl   of
<���': iim   No,   (3.���Co i : at the
il  corner ition  N'o.  1!,
���   t '   chains    i    I    160   ciiains
������ - : hains et      160 ch tins n i
to   io!nl  of commencement.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^     Each tender  must be accompanied _h^._...h_________h._________________________________________________i
mder by telegraph will be en- j by an accepted cheque on a chartered  celved ul  ,his Department   until    12
bank in favour of the Deputy Of the ' o'clock nootn on Wednesday, the 4th
Minister of the Inferior, for the am- day of September, 1907, for a license
ount of the bonus which the applicant : to cut timber on Berth No. 527, corn-
is prepared to pay for a license. prising lauds situate in the Province
The highest or'any tender not nee-   of Britisl1 Columbia, and described as
Sec 'eta
of the li terlor,
11 tawa, June 291 i   1907.
for  License  1.   "._.���',  "T
��� on  Lands In >e r:
publication of
ill not be pal i
da; B at'--
plication t i
I'.:_ of Lands an I
\  i-   ���      I c
��� SHALE!.    "ENDEllS addressed :.:> the
1     '  N'��'   "     p -'     'an   id at the _.           .,   i;....,.,.;....    UadSi
i west corn.               .���::,. 12. ;.   ,       v   ,, ... ,    ,.   ,.    .,d mark.
80  chains  w ist,     121    1    1 na , ;   ,,   .,,,, ....     ,        render f >r Tim-
������ ' ' li'-':     east, 80 chaii       >u , ,, a s,>. 524,"   will  be received
10    Bains east,  4H       iin    south    to th[s  Department   until  12  o'clock
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^���his  Departmeut   until 3
^^^Wpm '������--������������ '���������'��� ,u  v.-.-in.'-      . 21-t  day of
��� -. ���   47.���Post phmtel at the| August, 1907. for a license to cut t!m-
essarily accepted.
No ten ler by telegraph wil! be entertain'-!.
Department of the Interior,
Ottawa, May 30th, 1907.
In the Matter of the "Trustees and
Executors Act," and in the Matter
of tre Estate of Augustus William
Lundbom. Deceased.
Trains & Steamers
Leave N. W. 15.40; arr N. W. 11.35.
Leave N. W. 8.30; ar. Seattle 15.50.
Leave Seattle 12.30; ar. N. W. 18.40,
Leave N. W. S.30, 10.35, 15.40, 17.35.
Arrive N. W. 9.35, 11.35, 16.40, 18.40.
Lv. N. W. 9.20 a.m.; ar. Seattle 4 p.m.
Lv. N. W. 4.35 p.m.; ar. Seattle 10 p.m.
Lv. N. W. 3 p. m. and 9:55 p. m.
Lv. Vancouver 8.35 a.m., and 4 p.m.
Lv. N. W. 9:35 am.;  ar. Guichon
2.20 p.m.
Lv. Guichon, 2:40 p. m.; ar. N. W.,
follows: ���
Timber Berth No. 52?, commencing \ 8:45 p m. and 6 p. m.
at the West  end of the most North- .     Mondays only.
erly   boundary  of  Timber  Berth  290; ;     B. C. ELECTRIC���VANCOUVER.
thence East, along sai.l North bound- I     Lv.  New  Westminster  5.50,  6.50,  1
ary  of Timber Berth 290, 20 chains,   and 8 a. m., and every half hour there-
more or less, to the West boundary of. after till 11 p. m.
Lv. Vancouver for Westminster at
same hours.
All persons having anv claims ��� de-
corni    ��� ition No   11,      r on Berth No.524, comprising lands j mands against the estate of Augustus
10 chains    west,    160    chains   .���   ite in the Province o! British Col-
10 chain-        st,    160    chains j umbia, and described as follows:
I situ
William Lundbom late of Surrey Centre,  British  Columbia,  deceased,   are
cut and carr ,! ' ' ' '    ' Timber Berth  No. 524,    comprising hereby requied  to  file  with  the 1111-
iwlng des- ^"-  18.���Posl    elanted  a   iul 1   Subdivision   14   of Section 12, dersigned their names anl addresses
ti  New WelB
^^^I^^HI^H___________________________________________________________._______________._________i     __���___________���
acres, more or less.
��� -   1. irth   of th :i n th   west
of T.  L.  Ni. 791 th n i ��� 160
. ist   gel   on            1 west, 40  chains . I  .    160
- :, ek aboul       -       easl   more 1 ���    t     river.
' then   ��� al mg river I
[,.: of 1
������i west from ^M
eightj chains, '���    'nt,
.   .tie    .... Claim No. 4
|Bi ttst ���. t'.ity    chains    to   n irth
' :
|*ake, t north eight;.
��� 1 ightj ch tin ���
ist set 1 los
^^B e
l;L- ���'���' north forty
ilns to point
.   ���
hip 6, Range ",, West -.b th   7th and !';i;: Particulars    of their   claims,
MerW  :..  containing   n  area   of    to and  ti,.'  nature  of the securities  (if
iny)  held by them. dui..  verified, on
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_m or before the 31st    day    of    August.
erth must          .  .    ed within ;. ,,-
iftei la!    of the   notic
awarding the berth.
Timber Berth 37S; tbence North,
along said West boundary of Timber
Berth 37s. 120 chains, more or less, to
the shore of Pitt Lake; thence West
20 chains, nure or less, to equal
length of South boundary: theuce
South 12i) chains, more or less, to
point of commencement containing I
an area of 240 acres, more or less.
The berth must be surveyed within |
one year after the date of the notice1
awarding the  berth.
The regulations under which a license will be issued, also printed
forms of tender and envelope, may be
obtained at iliis Department or at thej
I north
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^���jt   corner S^^^H
chains    vi   it,    10
liost set clos1   - , 160   chains   east,     40
oint of 1 . ���- .
'   1 n    Nu.  50    1' -      lanteJ a ou!
3 west of I 1 east cor-
ii: en   No.    IS, ce
chaii      ..   . ��� comme  -
N'o,   51      P I   n
soiti'e  \>. al  corni r of T   L. No. 7943
-..   160  ch ilns   '.v ���-'.    40    1 '
--���I ���'. -       .���������' .   160  chains    1    t,     I      cha
1 stant   about   six   s . ,,. ,        ,. enti
Claim   No.  52.- P
���^1, office of the Crown Timber Agent at
N itice i- hereby given that after the   .,      ,,.        . _
-New Westminster, B. C.
said  late the executors will proceed to
The  regulations    1 I     which a li-  distribute the said estate amongst the I    Eacn tender must be accompanied
ense will    be    Issued,    also printed   parties entitled thereto, having regard   by an accepted cheque on a chartered
forms of tender and envelope, may be j only to the claims of which they shall   JJank  in   lav"1' of tlle  Deputy  of the
btained at this Deptrtment or at the  then have  had  notice, and  they will   Minister of the Interior, for the am
the 1 -t ���    er Agenl al   neet be liable for the proceeds of the!0lmt of Ule bulllls which the applicanf^
'is prepared to pay for a license. | Sunday;  Calgary and A ancouver, No,
Fraser River and Gulf
From N. W. Mon. Wed. Frid. 8 a.m.
From Chwk. Tu., Th., Sat., 7 a.m.
From N. W. Tu��� Th., Sat. 8 a.m.
From Chwk. Sun., Wed., Frl.. 7 a.m.
From N.W. daily, ex. Sunday 2 p.m.
Add. trip, Monday, 5 a.m.
From Steveston, 7 a.m. (Frl. 6 a.m.)
Mail Service
Dispatched by C. P. R. train at T.;r>
a. 111.;  close 11  p.  m.t
Sumas and Seattle, via Huntingdon,
Millside  No.   1,   daily   except  Sunday;   Sapperton   No.   1,   daily   except
P ��f th i north    Bhore
e>s!        ,'bains,    ea.^^^^^^
'  ' eighty ehains
11    menc -"   ' ��� chail
nce   i'i'1
south,    160
T.   L.   N'o    7-:
 |w   I   I"   1
1  :   B6I   COS ���
0! c ' .. ueni enn
wesl   eighty
':" ��� -. easl eigh-
f :    : btj   chains to
T wamencem. nt.
,���       ���'��� P.  1 HOMPSON,
C, 30th May.
hat, 60 d ,   -
���   Ml	
.    :��� irs:
Agent, E. VANDALL.
Ij,    tntend    1 applj to the
of   Lands
���ie" toresho e
1 milling   pur-
"S the whole of a bay,
_, indent Bav,
f.    "��� 1 south ot the
K|r ' ''!. on the east
Ito.,"'11" A 'inl about two
T1 "on, Klldnia Arm.
S . VLED   TENDERS    idd    ised  to
un lei signed   and    ndo     I "1
Elevatoi,   Calga
N it, We stn li !'.. C.
Each ten        musl   bi   accomi   ule I
n accepted 1    tque on a 1 hart, re i
In  fa\ mr of the Deputy of the
of the Intel' ir,  for the am-
���   1 b<     ��� -.'. til '   - ... .. eplicani
��� ire It;.,    for a  license.
T! ������ highest tend r 11 ���!  ne< -
ice   pted
N ' : ���;. er by teieg    ph will    .   en-
' :  tl    :.
Sec   tary.
en   of I he   ;..'  .. ir,
1 itta va, June 25th, 1907.
Tensers    for License to Cut    Timber
cn  Dominion Lands in the Province of Br.tlsh Columbia.
,ED   Tl NDERS   a Idressed to
1 :���. ��� [��� immlss   ���      ���   '. ''te.i.ii en Lan Is,
1 meni    1 Interior,    an i
on I      ��� nv<   ipe ������ f' ndi r I r
No, 526."   will :.,' re-
thl menl    until    12
11 1 in on  \S ��� li   - lay, th ���   Ith
ol Se item ier, 1907, 1 ir .1 li, ense
t timber on   er .: S 1   526, com-
��� state, or anj   pari thereof,    so   dts-
tri uited t > any person of whose claim
hi 1 ie, ��� 1; , Ice at the time of distribution thereof.
1 ited this 24th day of duly. 1907.
Solicitor for John McKenzie and John
Churchland,    executors    of
The highest or any tender not nec-
cessarily accepted.
No tender by telegraph Will be entertained.
 H Secretary.
ab ive  Department of the Interior,
Ottawa, July 5th, 1907.
TAKE NOTICE that application has
been made to register Margaret Roh-
son as the owner in Fee Simple, under
a Tax Sale Deed from The Corp ira-
ti 11 of the Township or District of
Surrey, to Margaret Robson, bearing
��� the 7t it day Of November, A D.,
I. 1 of all and singular that cert,,in
parcel or tract of land and premises
situate, lying and being in the District
of New Westminster, in the Province
of British Columbia, more particularly
known and described as lot 7, subdivision of Northwest quarter of Section
19, Township 2
Take notice that I, Henry Grose, of
Vancouver, li. C, timber cruiser, intend to apply for a timber license
over the following described lands,
situate   In   the t'oast  District:
1���Conimencing at a post planted
ai S. E. corner thereof and situate
about 20 cliains distant In a N. E. direction from the S. W. corner of surveyed lot 495, theuce north 100 chains.
thence  west  40 chains, thence south
2 (first mail C.P.R. east) daily. Mails
from the above points received at
S:15 p. 111.
Dispatched  by  !!. C. Electric railway
Co., 7:45 a. 111.:
Vancouver, No. 1, dailyexceptSundays.   Return mail received 9 a. 111.
'Dispatched by G.N.R. train, S 45 a.m.:
Cloverdale,     Nicomekl,   Port   Kelbi,
Hazelmere, Hall's Prairie, Blaine aad
: Seattle (all points in Washington and
: south,   also    all    points   iu   eastern
states), daily except Sunday.  Return
1 mails received at 3:30 p. in.
Clayton,   Tuesdays   and Thursdays;
Tynehead,     Wednesdays  and   Saturdays.   Return mail received Mondays
: and Fridays.
Dispatched  by B. C.  Electric railway,
10:30 a. 111.:
Vancouver No. 2;  Victoria, No,  1;
Central   Park,   daily   except  Sunday.
Return mail received  at 2 p. m.
��� I ���..���     ��� 1-    Kb'ctric    ^^^^^^^
,\!:.,.. Public Building." will be rece
I   ,,  ,:.;- offlce until Fi i lay
j 2.  1907,  it. lusivel.,   : ir the ���
tlon of an electric elevai ir il the Ca
I gary, Alta., Public B illdlng.
Plans tendering are no tiled that
tenders will nol ��� ���- ' -"��� unle3S
signed with thei      1 ial     Futures.
Each  tender  must   be   e   tompanled _
l���y an aocepted cheque on a chartered   ( , irdlng ,;,��� berth.
 :..\aU   mad,, payable to the order ol      v;|, regulations under which
I'RY   ACT        he Honourable the Minister of Public !cense   w,��� be   fs8Ued,
irk -. equal to
to contest the claim of the tax pur-  'lijo"t J|MI chains distant In a north|RetUrn mails received at 1:10 p. m.
chaser  within   forty-five days    from  direction from the south-west corner'
the date  of  the firsl   publication  of ot surveyed lot 495, tbence north su
.    . e 1 lun   ; ���    nd d. sen . . ..
-:   -
Berl     Ni   526, comprising
,;, .   North   half of the   South   Mas'
of   Section 31.   Township 12.
Bast of Coasl Meri lian, 1 ontalning an
of SO acres, more or less.
100 chains, theuce east 4u chain
2���Commencing at a post planted al ��� Dispatched by carrier,  1:18 p. 111.:
V'i and each of yon are required  i"e   south-east   corner   thereof    and      >v-ist Burnaby, daily except Sunday.
Dispatched by carrier I2:ei0 noon:
Tiniberlanel, Tuesdays and Fridays.
Return mails received Tuesdays and
Dispatched by C. P.R. boat, 2:30 p m.
and 1:00 p. m. on Saturdays:
Ladner,     Westham     Island,     Port
- Guichon,    Steveston,   Sunbury.   daily
islng lands situate In the Province thlg notlce npon you, otherwise I shall   ehains, thence south 80 chains, theuce
,,, "" (i;-  1-10) acre   ��� !
���   il  quarter ot
Hihei       hlp    -L   Whereas
[Uljp ,ofl   Silicate of title
>.;.  .  ";' in the naime of|
]h   " n filed In this I
;u,,u that I shall
register Margaret  Robson. as owner  west 80 chains, thence south 80 chains I
thereof In fee.    And l hereby direel   thence east an chaius, containing 640
that   publication  for  thirty   days in   a   acres more or less.
daily newspaper published    at    New      3���Commencing at   a  peist  planted
Westminster  of  this  notice   will    be   at   the  southeast  corner   thereof and
good and sufficient service thereof.      , situate about 120 cliains distant in a!'
 ^^^^^^^ Dated at/the Land Registry Office,  north-westerly    direction    from    the, except Sunday.   Return mails receiv-
The berth must be surveyed within   New Westminster, Province of British | south-west corner of surveyed lot 405,   ed from 9 a- '"��� t0 n a- m-
,...    ear after the date of the notice   c0.umbia, this 18th day of duly, A.D.,   thence  north  Ml chains,  thence  west      Woodward's,     Wednesday.     Return
1907. I SO   chains,  thence   south     Su   chains,  mall on Wednesdays and Saturdays.
^^���,   ' I c' s- KBITH' thence east 80 cliains, containing 640 Dispatched  by  B.C.  Electric  railway,
also    printed j District Registrar,     'acres  more   or   less. j        3:30p.m.:
To Fredrick Throssell and H. Burton.       ___r'nmmanr.tn_r.   ...   ���   ,���, ,   ,.i,,���,_i       ,. ��,     ���    ,., .    ���      *,     ���
4���1_ ommencing  at  a  po.=t   planted      Vancouver, No. 3;  Victoria,  No. ?;
Return  maila
ed j received at 6 p. m.
Burnaby    lake.     Return    mail    at
ns, I
0:   .^	
! Dispatched by G.N. Fyler, 4 p. in.:
(10 P'c')   fom:g of tender and envelope, may
obi tl e
I&  h.. am(,u..t  of  the lender,  which     ... ,, ... ,,, this Department or at the      AI, per8on8 Berved wlth this notice,  at thfl ,mlth west corner Uiere(jf aM.
,, ���    I inder-     ....       , the Crown Timber agent at and thoso olalmlag through or under at the nolth west c0[.ner or 8Urveyed ]       "     '
.....    !_...    .1    contract 1  _..__.   ���-.._,e.���lni!ter.   R.   C. Ihone      een.l     eill    IlPrSOnS    Clalmlns    any    i���t   .nr     .1 .u   on  .!,.)._    .l,���-,������!
p. m.
returne I
id itself
i cheque will be r
I    xhe Departmenl  loes not
tft" >r"*n- month Trom to accepl the lowest or
11,0 first ������e,n..���..... ,        ��� ! By order,
Se 'etarj
'Wlcnto 0( th
* Hade te
st bubllcation here if
e said  certili-
ni6anlime vaii.i ob-
c i-i willing.
.,   , J; ;     ar or
Minister or the Interior, for the am-1 sa|,i land by descent, whose title is
oun( 0f the bonus which the appll-|not registered under the provisions of
Canl la prepared to pay
The   highest   or   any
^ssai'ily accepted
N, tender by telegraph will he en-  the said land so sold for taxes as pro-
rtftlnad. I vlde.l by the "Land Registry Act."
Commencing at  a  post    planted
north-west   corner,   about   SO   chains
To southern    points,    daily except
Sunday.    Return mail It  p, m.
ay for a license. ,  hp "ijand Registry Act," shall be for- '                                     ntannteharl hv CPR   train  'it 5-0'. n
.������,iul.   .ni               .         ,       ,....���.  e..n���, ct distant 111 a norther y directum trom 1 uis.'aicne.u n>  1..1 .u. ti.un .is.i.uj u
my   tendei    no.  cver estopped and debarred from set- '                                                  ..    .               ,.���,,
,  ,     .          .    ..-_��� 1 ���f the north east corner of lot 49.t, thence          '"������   nia!1  closes at  4,.(u  p.m..
ting up anv claim to or in respect, of >        -!*a                                            ____________���___________���
east    10    chains, thence    south    1601    Calgary and Vancouver, No. 96  (C.
chains, thence west 40 chains, thence ! P. R east, second mail). Return mall
Deparl nenl of
Ottawa. ���  I
Newspapers will aoi f J * ��     1)e,���r,a.ent of the Interior.
ment If thej   Insert  II ����  I ,,.,,,,,   J;;1, Bth, 1307.
Re' South West quarter of Section
28, Township 16, New Westminster
District���All   thai   part of the  South
nortii 160 chains, containing 040 acres
more or less.
Located  July   6,   1907.
received   at  10:35  a.  m,
Sapperton. No. 2; Millside, No. 2;
Coquitlam, daily except Sunday. Re-
teiru mail received at 10:35 a. m.
'��� ('- duly 6,1907  oul autl orlty from the
1 irtraent.
immiwy ,���
_m>..���... .
:.������::.������ ���-������ ������ *������#������#������#������#���#������ j**:i**^**y**ib**y**i **���::������
4 Cleared LOTS
On 5th St.; 66x132 to wide lane; 2 of these
are corner lots; they are all cleared except
one stump. These are fine building lots;
only one block from car line. For short
time only.       -      -      -      Price $850
For Sale exclusively by i
Fire   and   life   insurance agent,   Real Estate Broker J
276-278 Columbia St, Westminster.B.C. Phone  170    |
*y**y**;:-**i2**y**y**ib**y**%*n:*���=::********** ** ������
Innokos Country Overrun
With Prospectors, Mosquitoes and Other Newcomers
The Excitement in Surrey
incident to buying up land on the route
of the tramway to Chiiliwack, has only
fairly commenced. If you wish to be "in
the swim" and make some profitable turnovers, consult us at once. We have land,
in tracts from 40 to 600 acres, all worth
Malins, Coulthard & Co. Ltd
J. H. VIDAL, Mgr. Real Estate Department
Dawson, July   31.���Fully   two  tbou-
I sand people have gone into ibe Inno-
ko country ami are now scurrying
through the hills and valleys fighting
mosquitoes, dragging small boats
through sloughs, cursing their luck or
; anxiously  sinking through  muck and i
:  gravel for the yellow fetich.
Purser CD. Grange, of the steamer
Hamilton, which has just arrived from
'��� the lower river, says small bonis
have  been  heading for    Innoko    for
, weeks, taking men from Fairbanks,
and there will probably be no end to
{the procession for some tim*. The
information obtainable on Die main
river is meagre, as tlle men who ge.
to the new strike disappear up the
winding stream  and scarcely  a trine
I of their place, of departure from tin
father of the northern   waters is to
! be seen. Distances there are so vast
that the procession of men going into
| the wilderness seems scarcely to have
left a trace of its flight.
Some who bave beta up the Innoko
have gone out disgusted. Two men
who   were   on   the     stranded     Healy
��� steamer at Kushowim crossed by In-
I noko, staked claims and did  not even
! record theni. They made their way
down to Yukon and worked as firemen on the Hamilton to St. Michael.
Great Annual Summer Clearance &
Commences THURSDAY, August   1,  1907
Underwood        Empire
v Typewriters:.
Used  to  It  Now.
Fort Lavaca, Texas. Juty 24.���A ten-
pound boy has arrived at the home of
��� the Rev. Abraham C. Ruebush, a
Methodist minister, and it is his
twenty-eighth. The father, who is
sixty-five years of age. says he wants
more children. He has twelve boys
ainl sixteen girls.    Of these six boys
1 and seven girls were by his first wife.
The   Rev.   Mr,     Ruebush's    grandfather. John   Rusbush,    of    Staunton,
Va.. lived to be ninety-one years old
and his grandmother died at eighty-
t four. They have an even dozen children, whose descendants number
During this month we will take in the store occupied by .M r. Thomasl
Gifford. We expected to be occupying that store a year ago, b r owing!
to circumstances we made no move to obtain possession until the first ofl
this year. The time in which to make our alterations is short now, as wel
ought to have had the carpenters in the store on the 1st of July. Toi
make a quick clearance we will reduce everything in the store (exceDtl
threads and Butterick patterns) FOR FIFTEEN DAYS ONLY. ''
Watch for every advertisement.    You will see something to your ad-1
vantage, as we are determined to make a clean sweep of all summer goods.!
Extremely Low Prices on Women's
and Misses9 Wash Suits
After your long hot and
dusty walk, ease your
feet and make them
comfortable by using
T. JL wiirs
T. A.
Foot Powder
l/'Q0liii{( and Refreshing
Columbia St.
New Westm,nster, B. C.
Subscriber Makes a Correction.
To the Editor of the Daily News:
Sir: In your issue of 24th inst.,
you report a "Fistic set-to in Sunday
school room of the little church at
Surrey Center."
This is incorrect, as this affair occurred at Bast Kensington school
house, on the Hall's Prairie roa.l,
about six miles from here,
Lockwood has sworn an information
against VV. C. Jones, and two of his
sons for assault.
I shall be glad if you will correct
this in j o ir nexl   issue.
Surrey Centre, B. C, July 29, 1907.
$ We have just opened up a nice ;���!
:���: iine   of   ALUMINUM   GOODS, :���.
* ;���.
,���< including��� ;���;
8 t
| Preserving Kettles ��
I     Tea Kettles I
| Rice Boilers |
I Etc, Etc. I
The Wesl End Methodist church
Ladies' Aid society will break away
from the i.e.lien path ol strawberry
socials and Ice cream festivals on
Monday evening next, when Moody
Square will be the scene oi a water-
��� melon   party.    It.   is   unofficially   announced that the ladies do nol Intend
��� to draw the  color line.
* i
riving  ���
jr.    - i,i\.-.i       guuuD      .eee      f_,,,.j��;
���j splendid    satisfaction,   and   we
,���< recommend  tbem. '���.
We make a specialty of
Toilet Soaps. We have the
biggest line in the city,
ranging in prices from 2c. to
$1.00 a cake.
PURE CASTILE at 25c a Bar
OLD BROWN 25c a Dozen
Fu!) Line of Colgates.
See Our Window
D. S. CURTIS & CO., Drugs, Spettacles.Secds
New Westminster
Rushton & Speck
We also  do all  kinds
of   general   repairing.
Sign  Man on Wheel.
Columbia St. New Westminster.
PI.one ays
How many in this lifi an like
tii��' butterflj who Uvea In tlje
enjoymenl - and pl( asures of the
present, with ine thought of ilie
morrow, and how fev.. ci mpara-
tively, are like the ant which
continually labors, preparing for
that rainy day or cold we ather
v. hich Is sure to com<���
No, the "Eutterfiy" man is not
a success. It takes a 'Hustler''
to get on in the world. Start it
now. We can show you choice
investments in City and Farm
Properties. Now is the time to
start. Buying now will insure
, good profits. We can show you
I How, by buying right, 'tis easy
to  make
Money in Real Estate
PHONES    88���1C9
Women's white muslin, fancy, dull and white linen  wash suits, regulai
price $4.50 to $6.00;  sale price, each    $3.95
Women's white embroidered linen and cream lustre, wash .suits, regulai
price $7.75 ami $8.50; sale price, each       $4.95
Women's cream lustre shirt waist suits, regular prices    $10    and    $11;
sale price, each      $5.95 and $6.95
.Misses white and navy lustre suits, regular price $4.Ted and $5; sale pric<
each     $3.50
Misses navy lustre suits, regular price $5.50;  sale pric^, each  $3,95
$22.50 Silk Shirtwaist Suits
Now $12.95
Two only, silk suits. 1 Mack and white check silk an.l 1 snot silk, regulai price $22.50 and $21: sale price, each      $12.95
Wash Suits and Dresses for Children.
Read and profit by buying at these prices.
Girls' Russian sailor suits of <ieatn serge,  regular    price    $3.50;    sale
One lot of children's Buster Brown suits, sailor suits, white and colored
muslin  dresses,  regular juices $1.25 and $1.00: sale price, each 95c
One lot Misses colored crush wash Buite, regular price $2.75; salt  price. .$1.95
There Are Many Bargains in the
Underwear Department
Women's white knitted cotton  Combinations all sizes, regular prices $1.10 and $1.25; sale prici  each,.l
Women's cotton Combinations, wjfciit.  only, regulai price 75c; saie   pri e, each   	
One lot of women's cotton Ulidervests, including I.town and (Mam balbriggan, white lisle', .nn1
cream mercerized cotton, reguiai  prices 75c and 85c; sale price, each	
$2.75 Corsets now 35c pair
One lot ol P. I)., E. T., and C. P. Corsets which have sold for fiom $1.25 to $2.75;  now, pel  pan
35c Gloves now 15c per pair
10 dozen of women's and misses Gloves in cotton or lisle, all     li rs, regular prices 25c to 35i . ��� '
per j,air   	
$1.00 and $1.25 Silks for 50c yard
500 yards of plain taffeta, fancy checks anel Btripes, satin peau de henes, lengths varj from oni yard tf
ten yatds to the piece and tliete is great variety foi blouse lengths. These are opportunities I ������ |
buying from this lot  for your comin g fancy work, regular prlcee 75c to $1.25; sail price, pei .
Women's Summer Coats
Less Than Half
2', , ::..-, ,'��� ats in thi lot, made in iii male rials such ai fan
. 'i ' regular value, $8.50 to $12.00; sale price, ea '<
Women's Fancy Kimonas, 95c
���'.   nl., fancy colored Muslin Kimonas,regular prices $1.25
25 only, women's colored 1'iini  Wrappers,all sizes, regulai pnc<   ��
Bale price, each   ���"'
10 only, Wrappers, regular price $2.00; sale price, each   ������
We Are Making a Big Clearance of
Women's Skirts of every description
Women''  while or colored picque and duck wash skirts, all sizes and nilihis season's goo's, regula .
$_!.rio and $2.60; sale price	
One loi wash skirts of white duck and linen crash, regular prices $3.B0;8ale price each  	
21) only, women's gray tweed and cloth skirts, all sizes and lengths, regular prices $7.50 and   f" '
price each 	
Misses cloth or lasl re skirts, regular juice $3.00;  sale price  	
;  ll-lll' r
Every department offers big inducements to buy during- this sale.   A greai Usi ol bargn
we have not room to mention here aw,ail our customers Thursday morning.    Watch    in
announcements regarding Dress Goods. Muslins, Crash Towelling, Lace Curtains,   Blankets    W '
iery, Belts, Collars, Whitewear, Blouses, Millinery, Laces, P.:rasols, Blouse Lengths, linden
No goods on
approbation or
exchanged during the sale.
Everything as
W. S. Collister & Co.
247 Columbia Street
New Westminster, B.C.
This start��
tl   ul  5 P-
every day
cept Sato"
Shop  "��ly[
the mornlnSf
rmaia i


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