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The Daily News Oct 16, 1908

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 White, Shiles & Co.
wnite, Whiles & Co
260 Columbia St. Phone 85
1?.   C.   FRIDAV  MOUXI.s
OBER 16, I! OS.
___________________________________________r -itf--^**--1   -     f'    ,:���
�� ���fNf|APPEAL iii fISHERY CAS
Down River Residents Ap-
jpreci - Work of Liberals
During I *ast Twelve Years.
1.;- ���:��� Blled an
ii. at and   i
mm ci ion with the i audi, .   ire    il   .iabert   J irdim .        .   ,1 :
.i !,'.,..
Judge Howay Hands Down Findings in  Kendall  Appeal
Cases Supporting Dominion Contention That the
Provincial Regulations Ave Ultra Vires-
Appeal Will Follow
The findings   in  thi   appeals  in the   ,:.        ������     irged  thai   t'he  lit
��������� Iman i ied that hi      id | case^f Kendall vs .North, for fishin
htal Bor
len i i           told
...     on do
Uia: ..'.'������
u know an       ng i
an af. cterized
��� ���������
a .      .             ie,    Il I
-,\a.-   .. ii th            tion i
�� i houi . lm ial llcem ������. aad
art  accoi ling to thi
.     ia       .    atlons,    were    hand
-    .       ....   b 8  honor  Ju
ii   ��� .   .  ca ie  i he i ui
id ihe app al   ill
.    ..   costs.
.i   lie:
is   .���   ...    nt.    In
i   .; ,    tiim   >������ a     . illd   undi ���      ction
92   S.S  2   British  > erica Ac!
Privy   Council   Finding.
Wii i regard   o I I    i    ach
a. - ..:.. ii     . i..   C    rid,    adm
. . ii -   ind  i   ndlt   ...
te consequent \     .    e Domini     regu
i,,..-     ��� an to i it aw aj its founda-
i.loo     Again I think It untenable   to
oi   in .   thai   the  Crown   Pro. ai iallj
: mote  I lie   si Heme
tne ..  ��� ������ ���
He   il     . UP   ���
,      , . lythlng, and
t_h.ej   ' pon   his sei Ing   It
eouipl-u ;     Touching   upon   the   Importance    ���   the   "���"       VI .  Hardman
said he had learned from the manager j tjje
of ihe  .:.  Fraser Wills  that  of the
one  hi l ou..  of lumber  tbey
were going to cut, sixty-five millions
won! ! ,i i i go oui on vi ssels; this
mean: a . ��� one vessel a week being loaded Every ship that came up
ihe river would mean ai least a thousand dell; the merchants of New
Westmin ��� then ile re would . e
souk- in le employed al the mill.
,-he iti ... had t ild him they would
requiii half a ton of butti r per month,
_;i!ii   bu '..:_,  al  pats   and  abohi   150
or Xe.
... from   -. conviction made
��� ���             ...  Stipendiar;   ;.i has any   proprii   irj  Interesl   in    the
���  for   ..   i    mtj of w estm  . [sh,    1 he   v hi i ies  <... e says,  (1
1   . ��hi rebj   the a      . ,\.i . ai  P. 712.i  What   ,      proprii tai
onvieted for that he "on ... ighu   in   relations   to   ;   hi   ies   were
I.'"**   in the  i ra ei previouslj   vested in the provinces re-
icland  drifi   In  th spectively   remain   untouched  by that
Langk     district in    the    r gula i ni na tment, i.e. the B. N, .'.. act. I ca��-
'i".!    referred    to nol   follow   Mr.  Cassidy  in  his  argi
i.i ta&,county aforesaid unlawful-, mem   thai  the- crown in  right ���!   the
I. ms ol and net did take
in without a license Issued undei
provinc - has, ii' not the ownership ol
tin- Ash, the same right of fishing in
illations  regarding the  taking a   tidal  navigable   river, the riparian
mtinued on Page Eight.)
'iiwack Electors Plainly Show Conservative   Candidate That His Time Is Wasted Around Valley
City---District Is Strong for Jardine-���-
Hired Hecklers Harrass Orators
Prominent   Speakers   Here   Tonight
Ip real  in ihe    Knight*.,    nail., thousand  miles  by lta great    railway
wink, was occupied on NVedneB- policy,   had   developed   the  resources
eveiiimr. on the occasion  of    a ot '���������-' Dominion by a sapient eqjigra-
Wneetlnc hfeld In support of tb. ,i<JU P��Ucy' a'Ul had C���Wd    a    ""
iu., ' niarkable     condition     or     prosperity
watim- ���t  Robert   Jnrdini      Tlie . , ...
���     *.m througnout the country, from the At-
were at times made a lantto to the Pacific, in this pros-
��� llv'-l. by ihu cai- calls and In- J perlty the people ot Chilliwack hud
I"1"1""* oi a small baud of youugIParticipated, as they all knew. ��� (Ap.
��� who were assembled in the'plai,8e') Here, at home, the chief is.
fcn- in i    ���    , | su<_s   were   better   terms  and     Asiatic
���*" '"i'i .u the reai    whoso eon-
.  wnose eon  |exclusion.    As to    the   latter    every
1 *' u i'"U.' evident that thej ' whilt. Inan ,i(,si,t.a U) see a white Can-
an agency of mischief j ada, and lie  i.\lr. .lardine)  meant   to
1 ti,,
d!,J1 i. li. Taylor, the Conner*
. ,cat ���������"" wa - present on
'' ',,*",   ,i     I,a ���     i
i iieclal    Invitation.
.1-1, Oilillg       K.-\y-
|a��� " ''il io bring   Into
' '     -       Hat    ,���,    ,a :
S""i,,"',('"     '���     the     Liberal
attention  I i
I ieir approval
i] - , ill.:, tle-
Temph man
��� : Iid.ite, rep-
element of
Hi contu-
a- caused
!|>     the    almost
MM-*     li""'
:":  |  i lion of
th�����i,���, ' "   ���' small  lamp
*]"''"         lie
ttftvin ���
i   :       ����
tight :'or this. Thej did not want in
British Columbia a condition of things
thai existed on lhe oilier side of tho
line In connection with the negroes.
Proceeding, ihe speaker condemned
the action ol Premier McBride iti con*,
nectlon with the Introduction of the
i'n si Natal ai i iu tu - provincial bouse
and n mark, d upon the lack of Interesl   iu the  ..Malic  ciu5st|on dlspjtu i .
bj    the   Cousel'v ���alive   lender.   *M r.   l!,u
: dun, v* hose . ole coni i Ibutlon to i li,*
ilisi usslon   iu   the   I louse   upon     th--
jJapanese treatj nad been to ask wbai
was the value of a j en, ( Laughter, i
At thai iline the Japs were flocking
Into the [limine bj the thousand, aud
the urgency of the question bad been
! specially brought to Mr, Hordeli'.. attention when be was on the coasi iusi
fall, Recently the Conservative can-
d id ate   for   Vancouver   had   journeyed
Mr. Borden   a bout    bis
The  most   important   political  dem- I
onstratiou     in     this   campaign   takes-
lilace this ev ning at tlie Opera house, j
when   the  electors  will have the opportunity   of   hearing     lion.   William
Templeman,   minister of  inland   revenue   in   me   Laurier  administration,!
W.  B.   B.  Mclnnes. Liheral candidate i
for Vancouver; Denis Murphy, of Ash-;
croft;  and  the  Liberal candidate  for
this   riding,   Robert   Jardine.      Other
notable speakers  are  expo, ted.
Seats will be reserved for ladles,
and those who wish a scat must come
(rarly. -as the house will be packed.
The Conservative candidate is invited
to attend. The meeting will demonstrate to the public the strength of
the cause of progress in this cbnstitu-
> ncy.
of salmon made under the provision!
of the B. C. Fisheries Act 1901, and
amending acts, and without having
anj lea e ,; I ��� ''niii contrary to the
provisions ol the said regulations and
statutes." The facts are not in dis-
i ute. II is proved that at the time
and place mentioned���the Fraser rive
being tidal navigable water���the appellant having a llcensi Issued under
the fisheries Act of the Dominion,
but noi having one issued under the
Fi. her.es Act of the Province, caughl
salmon with a boat and net,
Respondent's   Cast.
Th.- defence is that a provincial license is not necessary; that the provincial regulations requiring a license
to be taken out are ultra vires.
Mr, Cassidy, for the respondent, argued  that   the  Crown  in   right  et  the
i province  was  the owner of the  fish.
land   that  being  such  owner the   pro-
vlncifll legislature could specify the
terms and conditions on which alone
the fish could be taken; that the regulations referred to were the terms
and conditions, and that the licenses
constituted a sort of contract between
the Crown and the fishermen, alterna.
ownerG on no-navigable rivers here
There is an inter.sting discus-ion of
the crown's right in such waters In
Filzhardinger vs. Purcell, 77, L. J.,
chapter 52'k
The  Provincial   Regulations.
As n gai'ds the second branci of Mr.
Cassidy's argument it will be noted
thai there is no section ot the act
Imposing a liceiisi fee, that is iin-
pi ti d by the regulations in the B. C.
Gazette, 11)08, page 181S. These regulations after detuning the words "take
salin. *" prooMr*d to divide the province into four districts for Bsherj
purposes,    Then follows:
Hoc ::. No person shall take salmon of any kind in any of the wateirt
Of this province unhss authorized so
to do by a license issued under the
provisions of these regulations,
Sec. 4. A license to take salmon
for one year from the first day of
January until Dec. 31 may be obtained
from the commissioner of fisheries
upon payment of a fee of two dollars
and fifty cents.
Section  5 then proceeds  to  specify
(Continued on Page Two.)
government, or the province bettered
by the wise development of its resources, in the shape of improvement
works and new railways was the point
at issue. (Hear, hear.)
After referring io the active part
he had taken in connection with the
passing of the V. V, & B. railway bill
and thi Chilliwack railway undertaking of the li. C. E. R.. Air. Jardine
dealt with lhe Improvement works
now In course of being carried out on
the Fraser river, which, he said, was
going to give them what they had
been seeking- tor the past twenty
years, and meanl doing a great deal
towards the development of New
Westminster and the towns and settle, j
i C'onflnin .1   nn   P igi
  lhe candidate to'- easl   "' s,,<
1:i"  i" position   on   Ihis   Important   question
! ' in
'llon "�� rbl,,
***** I ��� ���
1111 "HI ": ition was one
i  ���    hearty -H-** ''"'" stated thai  If thd Japanesi
Observing  thai
1^1 un i ,___________________________________________���
','        '"".���"���"���������'-'    but scandal
-;,.,,,'    l!   '"'   and lam when I %
"'""-"i  Us  sense   of Df'ttton  as  Sly   Wilfrid
"n  uncertain  way !I*'1'1'" *'""
in-.,    HC In  19Q8.    i v,   ; applause.)
In.I   in     cou-'
!l" y,
did  nol  carry  out  Us agrwrnenl for
limiting Immigration   to  this country
lie would movfi.that the same he abro*
ated.   Bui this was exactly the same
JLuurler   H
e time before, t Laughter aud
terms    que ;i"n
be      ii."-
\s   to   liu**, .iaHt^-i
111 i,;  I'lait'oiai i tliey all  stood  oh    liiiich
"���    I'i.'H'm .11 i  I in V    -|'|    SIOOU    uu       IllllCH M
1      '���������>iU upon  platform, the only i>ruciica!   liffere^
,';   '., ��� \'i' '< wise and    .,;,;: ,,    to method.    WSetfier nn ln-
1   which  hadjci-eased ,. <:n'.i i��� u:t;t,u   -m..:-   ���*'���
Cana-lti   one   ;.,��� ,  ffi . '   ���,' mry  of  tie    pro' 1
,    a-'     ,'���'-������ I
Suggest! Alleviating Distress i
in Britain by Forcibly Annexing Staff of Life.
London, Oct. to.- The recent demonstrations by nie un-niployed in
Qr���M Britain brought about one result today rather out of ihe ordinary.
Ibis was Un- Issuing of a writ against
William .Ituiii-s Thome. Social-Democratic iiKiml" r of Parliament from
,;,,. southern Division of Westham. tor
inciting to ii  breach of the peace by
making a 5  h  In  which  he advised
i), , unemployed to rush tie* bakeshops
a   ... .ihaii afarve,
\      bod..      Of      the     Ullil.iplo.vei!      iS
marching i - *-1 * - > fn'm Nottingham to
9i limis mils v.i-:-" avoide I in Sheffield yesterday onlj   when  Lhe mayor
.��-.,. !    . h<-!    He. -_',ar  lti ,��J5I '.������
Would    '��� devoti d to relief work.
A Monster Mass
Tonight, commencing at etfjht u clock, in tKe  in-
t��rtsts of Robert Jardine.   tlie Literal
Hon. William Templeman.     W. W. B.  Mclnnes.   Denis
Murphy, Esq., Robert Jardine and
Aid. J. J. Johnston will be chairman.
J. D. Taylor. Conservative Candidate, is invited   to attend.
Reserved seats for ladies. Everybody welcome.
^�� IIMHIIIIWI _���  .,��.__���. ���a..... |T1l___IM_____________ii_i ��� in., i.l _*T
'*        ** V*
I "      "'���.���
... v.  ���*���   );
' i      .. .     ���/
, ,  .
���< .
���  ������* ���
- Al*' .     3,    ���        ' .   a ���  I-.
, '
'    "���        : ft      -
. '*7<
'��� "fl) '
.   :   -    '.
���   r'cyy
t*:''l ���   ���   -.
���' ���' fip��iii
.t, "*-1, **������
. m: *.
���'*.-'�� ..���'*
1,'. '*ii
���   ���' * ���;
_   .    ��� 'V'
''.'��% i.
At] ym^xs
,.��� >'���
��� i.
'��� '
"���y ���"" \
i ���    (j.,. "' w * ���
���-'f 'JW..--C, -���,***.-'      j
!���*    ������'."���.
���'i '..'"��� .
'.. '   I.'"''-   la/     "'      ?'���!
M\'f  ''���'���->.���"i".'
" ' ;.'A^
'���"-        ,' ���'.''   I ���
���* .��� ������'** '���". 'i
��� yy-<
- I. I       > ';,,*_������    . .*"
_ p-.t ��'.',*���, "V ��� iV.4.     I
���'���-��� i:^H
��� {**..��   >-"���.** ���      ViJs-   -
���>    .     �����"'    aV     ''V. 'I'.
' ,^-;JV
.-'  .'/- *�����. .a
..-.��.]�������_���  ������.���*��� .c   -l
.'    A-*��*;  .-���,,/.���; ���'
.'��:_?  ;'>ivV^'
f-',.-r     ���*   :tf >-���< ���, ',.
��� ^.,yp
._** ��� -Jt'1 ���'���" ������  ��� ir
- '.'Ifl ���*c"_. .1        ���***��� ���'���
' -��� imm*'-sm
���y-^i"*Ji'iy    '1
��� *,*���     *_"  "  ��.. ;.* .ij/r^v- 'g
��� ���������..' *��� if i*T.__i. X."I
* ���       a,
m 'iW'
rr-: t* ' ������
.      * ���   .A **
-" fc'��H   ���   .   ���
- J��'-^
Vagi- J\ni'JV'1>   *
f:i -
v 1   *
' Y '-4-> '
BM   .   ('_. ���JrT'l .��,
��      _
f I
,*V*. a.*..*7l*   .     ..i
fl-V*  it      I_1hJ.' j-,-'
��Z ������   4'"p*l!*w ''',**���'..
���ftfttiv  ���*
id" ;*i��.- ...* "
rt     *J_   -' .    L
:<*    I'- ,'.     ��'   '
.,������ ii-/,- -!
���t; ,*F I. ���
rf :, V**   . ;
���*-������   .. ���'��.-�� 'v.
"V    ai,  ''it,,   *     I
i   ��� ?   ���<_ *;i -
i,,i- ',
'���)i^ '   '
��T,rt   .'
-jt,..M ������
1��''.u��3'*'^ ' ��
j n   ��� ':,   '       ih   ������
��� If
��� ���-1 ,��
.fl-' -W,i      ��� "���"
.,..   '  i,nn f jj
Ag,     ���' I ��� ?     ���*
Jkv..,- ^
*'..u*     '"'���
,. ��� v      . Jr..
SH.      -        ;
ft?.***������>:# -���
J*''1.*"':   "
���**"'���/  :-"*."*
!flL-��-a.    i
Jl'''' Sw*
��^f IE,_-._' ', . *
17 _���!
1 i _   W    ' ' ak   '
I Trf'',*#>'.*
I_!:.__��� I/ '.'
Contlnu id  from   Page 1.)
thi times when a licensee may "i ��������� ���
.- ilmon" In the  '>"'; ��ns districts.
Si ction ii di als with the forms ol
license, and    ection   i    sa "Anj
person who shali i salmon without
., license Issued under these regulations or who shall t.i i.e salmon al a
time not authorized by a license issued under these regulations shall be
guilty of an offence."
The authority for these regulations
..a section 9 of the B. C, flshi rles act,
1907, as enacted by 1902, C 26, SS.
which declares that: "The lieutenant-
governor may from time to time make
regulations and may from time to
time vary, amend, alter or repeal all
and every such regulations as may be
found expedient for the better management and regulation of crown,lauds
leased under the operation of this
act, or Of regulations made thereunder, and the fishing right., then unto
pertaining, or for the regulation of
any fishing lease license or permit
which may be made or granted
virtue of thi.-. act, or of said regulations, etc.
The question of the control of the
flsheries was dealt with by the supreme court of Canada and the privy
council upon questions referred to
them by the governor-genera! of Canada. The case ii found in 26 S. C. ft.
Ill, 1S98, A. '.'. Tun. and UT I... J, P. C.
Last Word on Question.
Durins the very careful and lengthy
argument of this appeal, the fisheries
case as ii is usually tailed, was constantly referred to by both of the
learned counsel and both relied on it,
as being the las;, word on the quc-__-
tkm. in that case it is stated by the
privy council that "iiis true t.iat by
Sec. !)���_ the provincial legislature may-
impose the obligation to obtain a
license in order to raise a revenue for
provincial purposes."
This indicates one of the powers
which the province has in regard to
fisheries. Towards the end of their
judgment the privy council aay: "For
these reasons their lordships feel constraint d to hold that the enactment
of fishery regulations and restrictions
is within t.i'.' exclusive competence of
tho Dominion legislature and is not
within tho legislative powers of provincial legislatures." These two quo-
tations Indicate the line of demarcation in this ca se,
How   Regulations   Should   Bs   Viewed.
In which division   do the    regulations above given imposing a license
.ax, and  the section of   be  ftsaerles
oi authorizing such regulation fall?
in section 9 aforesaid together with
the   regulations    passed    thereunder
llrect taxation within the province in
order to the raising of a i ���-.-nue for
provincial purposes, or is It legislation
regulating fisheries '.'
in considering this ques ' in the
words of tne privy council In Russell
vs. The Queen. 7 A. C. at page S39,
must, be ihorno in mind.
"The true nature and character of
the legislation In the particular instance under discussion must alwaj's
be determined in order .to ascertain
the class of subject to which it really
Indeed this, a.- was said by Osier,
���I. A., in Kev vs. vVason, 17 A. ,R 239,
"Merely states the difficulty which
presents Usi it ai th < tii-. shold of
every case In whit b the question
In solvin -    his  difficulty  the n gu-
��� Mons mus . t think, be ;, iwed as a
������ ' ''��� an I    . ir trm  n iture reached
ti a i onsl.    ition ol ���' ���  whole, and
of i       .      ind        _lr. (  issldy iu
���-   vi ... argeiU'tr  :���>:  the    re-
-. undent    lid   ���       ��� ��� rapt   io  divide
' i treated th tn as a wh ��li
S'     ���' .������������ .    'o the "regulation   of:
i..   T-i.iii- lease, Hi - nse or pei un .'
a i   later  the*    regulations'   so-i ailed '���
a i] i ar in the Oazetl      Thi re I ���
suggi stion anj ��������� here   n Bectlon 9 that
2 ;'':������.:": _���.:'':���*������;'':���������:":������������-"_.������:  :;':.���.:" .���.*"*���������   *-. :"_���������:*������'' .  if��***ifs***Jt!z***'*'i***l?';**i    ���������       ."��'-������*������'     *"'������{���*���'','��� ������->:���������: :    '���*���:   .*._  ���.���.'-..-.������..*.."..._.        ...'.������     -������.   ���������     ���*-���':*��� C
Great Liberal
will be held
Opera House,
New Westminster,
at 8 p* m.
Hon. W. Templeman, Minister of Inland Revenue
W. W. B* Mclnnes, Liberal Candidate for
Vancouver city
Denis Murphy, of Ashcroft
Robert Jardine, Liberal Candidate for New
Westminster riding
All are welcome. Reserved Seats for Ladies
^i-*.'^;.**���; ^���**-:ii.*, .
VO*J*0*'J*'0*00*0*0*0*0*0*0   0*0*,J*r.J,*O*O*0O*O*O*O*O*0*0   0*0* ^*<3*,J*O*0O*O*^*0*O*0*o
deed the license fee seems a mere in-   to the scheme of the B. N. A. act the
cident. [enactment oi the parliament of Can-
If 1 am right in this view it follows
that the regulations imposing this
license fee are ultra vires,
I have not gone into the subject at
greater length as both counsel imi-
mated 'hut an appeal would be taken
from iii> decision In any evi nt, and
I me io hand ii down In time for
u i appeal to be brought before the
full coun sitting in November.
The appeal herein is allowed and
the conviction quashed with costs.
adii In so tar as these are ui'hin ! *���
competencj musl override provincial
legislal Ion. Thi appeal .. u allowed
and the com Iction tp ished w   h cosi -
West  Indian  V-dcano  Active.
Bassoitere,     Island   ol   Quad iloupe,
Oct. 15.���A rain of ashes from volca-
noei   on   M ti Unique  and   SI    Vine   ll
j Islan Is   i .   fa, ai      ovei   < ���   i laloupe.
j Mo,on Soufriere, the largesi volcano
on St, Vincent, , calm, and the ashes
must come from ..oue   other crater.
Pronibited  Hours Case.
'" P��wer w!'    i       telnS Invoked is     ,., Kendall vs. North, No. ::. an ap
sectlon   ���'-���   ss'   '-���   '���-   N-    v   act'  peal from a conviction for fishing dur- "
Direct   taxation   within   th"  province   [ng ,,,    ..,   ,    . ,,  ,.���,,,,,,._ as ordei- Moral Clean-up in Belgium
" ""' ed bj the provlnci and at an open Spa, Belgium. Oct, 15. i��� accord-
season according to the Dominion ance with the anM-gambllng plans,
regulations, his honor. In the course the police last nlghi raided the inter-
of his llriil'iig. said the privy council national club, where manj people
finding :iis;.o.o i of ihe appea) If the were engaged |n playing roulette and
provincial regulation Is regarded as baccarat, and Bolzed the Btakes.
. regulation.   If these provincial i.--;u- 	
ivinclal purposes."
"Bui as all delegated ; owers to tax
to be closely scanned and strictly
construed,  II   would  Eeem thdit   when
������ power to llci ns   Is giv n, the    ln-
11 ndi,a in  um i   bi    hat regulatii n ,1s,
��CT. i.
ifl ME
lan   "        ��� ' ��� -��� .
andSa ���
:-.;���.'. ���
for all :.
tiei; were
[Danders o I
In  readlnes-
The de
is v. Ithhi ,'i
!.' il ivi d
iv,. point, . i
slble to the
in   the  Ba
'I ho a iu-,' n
prise an '  has ���
England   I
peace pi i] .
��� irki,  .,!, i
London,  i)
ion in
��� J
I    -
���-   is a
ICi    ten
sions   ���.������ .
proaching       ;
powers    oi     .    ,
changes    o
treatj   I
1     .- :;.
uppermi   -       be minds i        J
diplomats     p  i   , ^
opening  the Black  Si at
of othei    ��� ' |, |,j |
' :   '',::'  ":   ' b capital
I    -x l'"*i"'' . . .eeJ
ceived a isei ;.
intlm i ...
i Dardanelles opt ne i   ; ....
��� kej   ls ai quiescent. 1:,.- :;.,;,
lie   Will   tt a::   .. .  .,,
i that  the matt, ,   pro  , ;, nin ^
of the  subjects i is.Iob u
It   is   Iut mated      i Si   Pe
that  the
' are:
Turkej   t" ;
! of Bulgaria    and
Bosnia  and   li
Bulgaria  to pa
' nlty   to be  den o _.-,
capitalize thi   .' m   -:;ja
tive  per   cen
A joint  gu i   i .
' the  terrltoi la! Eur
[ Turkey.
The retent ��� . ���   ���-
a   closed   -���������
warships   ol
to the  rail      ���
Montenegr i
ing to th    -���  n j
Berlin   treat;,   i nd      -���        ���'���{
��� railroad  to  be  in ''I
. Joint  control  of Servia I
Montenegro,   ������ ']
��� point on the sei MontenH
Rumors are cu 'm-1
lory  -power-   ire '"'J
the     foregoing     irovinions.    A'JSI
wlahes assuranc �� loftitg
[era at least, that the annexatwj
| Bosnia  and   Herzegovina Is 'H
' by them as an ai [.orapllsbed (Wj
Turki.   wit e    .i I   ������ hand lull
donla and compensation from Boffl
for the seizure ol thi  Oriental i
way iu Eustern l: mmella ������!1;^
Russia and Greal Britain are*
Mini-*'': I.��l
tc ill
0*K)40��0**K>0*��CO*CaK.*K)��0*��0*0 0*0*K)��K_)��0*K)*KX)*0*0*��0*04C*��0
i We will sell the S
have agreed  i
'sky and  Sir Ed��
provisions v.
opening    of    the  Dardane  -
! question,   it   I     i     ''  !   s!!!
i subject of se     it<  negotiation.
|li, tween  ���' nd Turter-
Castle Brand Collars, all shapes
20c the Collar-None Better Made jj
Lhe object, unless there 1.-- something IatlonB  ...  r0Snrded    ae  Mr,  Cassidy]
in tho language of the grant  or    In argued thej  should  bo, as the  terms I
the circumstances under   'hich it  is,.,,,,,  conditions  upon which  a  person
made, Indicating  with  sufficient cer-   ..,,..,,,  .,,., ,,.,. ..  rlgh|  .,, ,.lk(. provin. j
t-aintj  thai the raising of revenue '������:   ci;)! property, the case seems no dif-
thereof   was contempl ited,'
Oooley on taxation, c Xl/X.
What  Regulations Constitute
After a careful examination and con-, vires Dominion legislation. In such an
eideratlon of tbe matter I have arrived event  the provincial enactment  must
at   Hie  conclusion   ll'ial   its  essence  ls Tall.
the regulation ol' the times when "It has been frequently recognized
places where, and implements with by this board and H may now be re-
which Ashing may be carried on.   In*  garded as settled law, that according
Floods  in China.
Hongkong,    Oct,    15.���There    have
been disastrous floods iu the Sun King
und Hai Ping districts,   Several towns
are submerged and hundn ds of peo*
for them then would be thai they wer�� I P,e have '""" rendered homeless.
inn a  vires. Inn  im onsistenl  with Intra
'-liu'..    The most thai could be said
Prince Rupert Sale Date Set.
Vlelorln, B. ('.. Oct, 14.��� President
Hays, of the Orand Trunk Pacific who
has returned from Prince Rupert, says
lots there will be put ,,n sale In
Ail Lands Now Held for Gra^J'
poses Thrown Op" to H^s*-
Entry-Leeases Given no..**'
Ottawa, Oi . 15. ���" ' ':
cil has bei a pa d : >��* V**
Kta bereto, , ' I    ;'   ..
minion lands in
British  Columbia   ""��� '
whole or anj portion of the Wj
shall be open to homi -������������'.,;;,
omption entrj and purchase
recomn.ei.il,   that,  *��"_���������      &
:.'��� ii
a -���
i.i ���^'���"'
rence of thi
to cam<'l  <u-   "���'-���
of such  lea ehold
Ispected by ....
Lent of the lnteriof, and g^      ���
lease for such portions M    J
reported ��,    ��h offlc r *      ,^
i tin' .ifl""
an office-' ol "^
cupled ai)'1 ;|
nsultable tor ''-''
209-211 Columbia Street
th" lease "oCV.d,lSj
| of twenty-one years from i a
i which the original lea �����
iand   to  provide   for ^      oB$
either  in   whole  Of  �����   '    ^
���        ,i,     I,--a "  tw0 ���
ing the  e'���  ���
OK)*Cp#O��O��X)��O(-**OK>*O4O��>040 O��0<)0<X>O*>0*00*O*0��O��X)��)0<X) ��� w-rltln-r. F*
THE daily NEWS.
******* ***********************
COMPANY.  Limited
'  ���.._.������
"     Y_��
Use it in the Sunlight way.
Simp-3r soap,   without
harmful chemicals, it saves
all the toil common soaps
compel. Get Sunlight Soap
and  follow  directions.
ontinued   from   Pag    I.)
J . ���.__.
... i on ,h��.- riv er.   iU con. lush .. :..
said  tli       f  the;
thi ir    uppoi     ind < mfldenci   ou   tha
hould   devote  all   his
il being
.������!",' . ���      . "   ituen y. (L,
J   I'.
r hone
Pkone 101
I   Hiitt*****************************************
Sodas   -   -"   per tin
��� Peaches,       crate
. Jars, 1-2 gals, $1.35 doz
-     50c doz
those 10-piece Toilet Sets
ire selling at $2.75
: :tur,
��� . burst   of yell
5-i   ,ii.i cat . ill
��� ���   ��� ,.
Chilliwack in the    . i
proposed to do in    ib
eti xi  thai
o outl ne what *,    e
fell flat, but the speaker had the cai
calls and   shrieks of    his    disordi
band to cover his retreat to the r ar,
Hon.  Win. Temph man,    who    w, -
enthusiastically    greeted,    spoke    at
i ni th upon the qui stions ralsi d, re-
: .   in   ;:   very   i le ir and  d<   I    d
wiiy tl iou    wild i taten . I
i   ations madi   by the Conservai
candid te.    He,  howi
der - m e dlffic iltj   it, making hi
'. iwing I     . '   ���
I and the
; .' . ��� ie youths at I
Tin    .. ���   . ���.
'   : ;
the coi any pro!?
i onsi        d - -        ;' ���   -
I chi .-       will
ivas c.i      In that i
'    n  Westminsti
��� .-. .
: .   26 ���
i Wilfrid  Laurii
it: thei
A n ix r1
rf C
of Montreal
Phone 97.
. & DEAN
GROCERS- Prompt Delivery
��� en aiivi   pai.    -,. ���   ���
. i   thi
. la .,   ! Newfonn.i and,  ;mi_   ln   London,   England,
go and  SpoKane, I  - '-. , and Mexico City.    A Uen-
islnesa Tranaac
���, available witl. correspondent., in all narts of the
,.    ?. .ment.    Depo l i   received In sums oi $1 and upwards,
..ed ut :��� in' cent, per annum (present rate; added
ln;i times a year- -,- ��� '���
|,j . ,.( . *     "
N-v�� STER BRANCH Q,  O,  BRYMNER, Manager
%   . -   -.'y*-'.yj}-y.?   '--^wm
last, rl roc
Li ompany
1 burne.
B. C
1   '
asues i ipaign proceedi lb .-...
I     "��� n iter part of hal
an    .. it ri Cerence    ol
i ���      .1    to  thu
1 touching
i    he v. hi '���    i !an
,    .M   ;: ���      ii   :   .ue;     .
:. :ti   who   wi ; ���   for    11
!-  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
I Wh Ch      ���  ' ���      i     ::
.... , ,, of  ben       .���.-'. I    ni
i .'H thi    u llenc -.
Pri niler Mi Bridi
ch In tbS7    ther'     ��as    a
.no.-i ing ot* th<
der tl
of su ��� ��� ���        u     hem
. .          Inch  of ha   I    ini
.   . .     this  confer   ioi    i il   i rem
bi foi
Columbia noi being then ri in     nl
utawa in      i   to dis as   th ���  ...
.; i, he said the
:   ie wi uld have I i    lei I
...   .  ..'.;:.    "Judge of his
aid   i-   r  ���I������ .
Mi B i le
th :i    no!  to take his case be-
: linisti .
of    the    other
. I        iert( d that this    o
���   like a  packed    jurj
:; ��� io give fail trea
Nine  -...I- -  out of ten the  * on
are thi        ��� ���..   savers of the famil, .
Men  mean  well enough.    They know
the   value   'if   having   money   in   the
bank, bm they haven't the knack u
*****M*M*mWL***mM saving.    Tbey   haven't   learned     the
  one    dollai-  do  ibe     work of two in buying,   md
other  dollar  away   for the   rtiine  ,\:i     r:] ,-   ;.,   .;;..   -,,
\. COUNTS are kepi   i   nfldential  and  held  subject   I i
i li*'.. own order.
open Bavlngs accounts.   Parents who desln   to
in tin   name of child en,  subject   to  the order of  parents,
i   of our HOMH   SAVINGS   BANKS,    and   savi
cei:    n      ���������   ,...,;   witn the resull
..   savings BANKS, In . rge, medium and small
nished "ii application.
Lnpei i?.i $7.00 per brj.
Hungarian Jewel. . . $6.30
S5.50   "
FRONT  STREET. New  Westminster. Telephone 333.
���--"tsTvirrcrT-. ft '"rt
UMa^sfell ���' _U�� _"u��S
Ri " Ing ti te resolution of ' he
ncial premiers that British Columbia was entitled to $100,000 for
ten years, he remarked that the men-
tion of Mr. .lohn Hendry's effort.- a]
fe. ' ars a a to o itain aid from ihi
government to Improve ..hipping
facillth 9 ;������ Ni w Westminster by Mr.
Jardine, his personal representative,
remlndi -1 him tha     u  Bum menti in   I
by Mr, Hendn   mi- the same as than ,���
, a ., ������'] ��� :   Illustration wa
granted by the premiers for the whol ���   |    . .  ( .
that  hi   was ihe pi rsonal    ei n   enta-1
\ ti>*e o;' Mr. Hendry.
j province.
Mr.    Ja
Interrupting,   > i ��� ��� u i ���
i certain   resolu    ins      ���  ���
.   .-. . ���        foi inula ��� : ' ���
".,... i i . .��� ..      ��� iilcl pa.,  on n is
i to t he provlni es     Su    equent-
mother i onfereni.   toi ������
which   British Columbia    ivas    aga a
. noi   )������ .. '     nie I.     i'n ���  iii--;   in emiers
i onfereni i - was in L9t T    These  ��������� ���   '
til!    co ii' rences    of    the    pro. Inclal
p -i miei -   and  though  thej    occa: un
ally had "����� or two of their mlnisti
i with   thi . .  only   the premiers   vote
Mr,   I'aj Ioi - simile thai   thii:   gal ii . -
ing   w as  like    a    jurj    i on p se I    of
prejudiced persons was nol n fair
that    of   a
stocl ho dei -   n a Joint c< n-
ihe  iii'o. ..        ...   .
ra   ..a    ..
term!    ind   thi .    could   nol
irra   -   i
Capital and l\esei )>�����
Total Astets
^^^^^^^^^^^^  $47,400,000
New Westminstrr Branch.     F. B.  LYLE,   Mgr.
interest Added Four Times a year
.1.  1).  Taylor said  he did  nou sup ,;|  ....   ^^^^^^^^^^
Ipose for one moment that  the  men-   |n .,,���,-   ,, ,     ,    McBride had
ept    ,.    H   c m - tit o*
A.s to the 1       ...     -uce,
Manufacturer of
Mineral Waters, Etc.
Aerated Waters,
Family trade a specialty.
Tel. 113. Office   Eight street
nttAii voi/*i
jritl-MMU <
p* ' :. !lo.   345
""Ei Fill STREET. FOOT Cf SIXTH. -   ���
I A Hardman.    A.James.   J. McClughan
Front Street
'Phone   105.
I). Box   174.
: Picture :
J.   G.    GAMON'S  CIGAR    DIVAN,   F.
___. _��. "THE FAIR." Columbia  Street.
Trust Blocl*	
Transfer Co,
tion of Mr.  Hendry's name would
objectionable to Mr. Jardine.
Robert Jardine: "It is nu;, but you
have no right to say that I am the
personal representative of Mr. John
"J.  1.).  Taylor:    "I  would  say   that
Mr, .I,inline should draw it mild upon
tliis matter, because we might hire a!
hall and go itno the question a little
deeper." i
Robert Jardine:    "All right.'
, from the. ,  r.i   beginning an I had con-
in ;��� d up to the presen   timi   :���   ma ce
li a a  a   political i-s u,. bi I ��-een    tli *
,, province   and   the   Dominion   go\  rn-
I men:,    li  might   be  an  issue    et ���-'��� ��� n
j the  pro . iin-' s if t he;   chose  to   u
Iii so. lot; not with the Dominion government.    The verj   basis of the ple.i
;et  up  by th" premier of British Co-
iiiniiia  was a  t-tlse one.    It   had been
tsserted   that  Canada   owed    British
.    .        T   _   _    , .,    .       ( oliunliia some twenty mil inn dollars,
Continuing. J. U.   Taylor said they
,   ,   , , ,,     .,    .      ,,   a Ithe   difference   between  the   amounts
had  th- promise of  Mr.  Borden  thai
, ,,     , _f_.i_���i,    I!""1' hy   British  Columbia  to the  Uo-
he would take steps to ascertain whai |
_ ,u .   _ .     ,. , million  and  the amounts retnrnefl t->
was due to British Columbia and see
,. _        ,, u'lii" province since confederation. This
, :hat they got it.   Proceeding to touch .       ���
. ,    . .,        ,-, wag  a  false    statement,    manipuiaieil
On  the  exclusion  question the    Con-, ,
1 ror a purpose.    In the House of Com-
{mons at last session a return wa.-
| moved for and brought down, tleiv
he wished io remark that one of his
duiies as minister at Ottawa was to
see that the proper allowances were
made to British Columbia and he con-
isidered   that   ;h<.     besl    and    fairest
Tel. 61.       Res.
i   Submitted.
esl rn.
Ufa    "<
iiEg Company
JOHN   REID.   Proprietor.
Manufacturers of
Wrought    Iron   Gates,   l-ences,    C����t
ings,  Bailcony  Railings, and
Fire   Escapes.
light and Heavy Haulieg
i servative candidate asserted that the I
I Liberal government had facilitated
the entry of Chinese into this coun-
tr yand lia/l repeatedly disallowed the1
provincial Natal act which aimed at
the exclusion of Hindus. The presence of these Hindus was, he claimed,
I "Ithe   whole   product  of   the     Laurier !^^^M^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_
md they had. he said, term;i "*e ���-"���'1'*��i--11 ^"iiM -iv'' u' thla
the province was In the building of valuable new railways and the institution
t) it  of works of Improvement an ' develop-
ment. (Cheers.)
the government'a* fco-what was going I !l" '"'"'''"'"' :' !'iru"*1"(1 1|-' lhe
tub done about the Fraser rlveT. He Provln< -;i;"i 'bat the Dominion
had passed their ilr-dge on the rivet government had expended on account
that day tied up al Macdonald'. land '' ' ll,c ���' t only two and a quar*
ini:. lt eoui i no-, come up just now.
but it mighi ii" then bi tore election
day.   This little attempt  to be. funny
government.' ^^^^^^^^^^^
a distinct breach of faith on
part of the government In regard  to
, ��� the Japanese.    Finally he asked  t
office  'Phone  18b.      Barn   'Phone 1371 they   should   get   some   promise   from
Columbia  Street-
Baggage   delivered   promptly   to
any  part of tee city.
Manufacturer* and Deatern tn All Kinds ot
Lu,niJ^,   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sash,   Doors,
Interior Finish,    lurned Work,    Etc.
Hsh and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glass.
'������bbs. Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining,  j
Genera* Machine Work snd
.jB5*_a\\viTii__u_2rf.'*;.TaiJi_��. w-*Tr-_tKi'-ff_��r jftfr:��,T(* MMB
 Every Day
and Work*: g       - jf - w ,
.    mew Weslmliister | At   MOXey S
���" ~ H   40 piece Tea Sets. English Chi;
J. Newsome&Sons
Office and  Work*:
Tenth Street,
Painters and Decorators
Estimatflfl on All Work Given
399 Sixth Avenue]
1 t
I -       City Branch* Columbia St,
'-one  12.
New Westminster
VV. N�� Draper
B.   C.   Land
Ellsrd Blocl;. Nev.  Westmitistei, B C
na,  $4.50 to  $20.00
10 piece Toilet  Sets, decorated,
$2.50 to $10.00.
XEW  things in Chin1, arriving
evpry week now.
Corne and see.
217-219 Columbia Street
in Any Quantity*
, u I i,t muklaC SOAP, d.tter.lr.-; wmcr, ItmoV'
Sins iilt! palnti UUiiitectliijt .Inks,  _io_.etii
'i.'-i 'i ,oi' nnd ,1'r nutty other >iirpo��t*<
.     ...,.���.,,. !.< _U po-iiid.'* h_il '-'odft.
.'-.'.;���: !.Ti;.-_
��� IN'  ���
DAILY       N
nt-'r--,*   *->*--*-pf-r-^
,>. ..'il.Lu !    1    LtMITKPI
rowe.-. .i one P i ~
..'.__-.-^-.-a. -; ��ataa__ai-_a_wpHB t __tw Tfir
, ter million -   bui   tin   auditor g< neral
1 return   I this   imo in!   al   J5,300,000, a
. pain .   ,.;  thi ���,   millions.    Upon:
I .li    ." si ofRj e the Province said only
".    and  u   haii   millions    had  hp-jc
spent; the auditor general placed this
sum   ill  :i\  mid    :  half  millions,  a d!S-
parl-ty of tv*o millions. Upon mall
subsidies there was a disparity of
three and a quarter millions, And so
ll was through many other items of
ihe provincial account. The total
amount of the difference In thi Items
he had given was $11,400,000! Tae
provincial governmenl had simply neglected to give credit to the Dominion  for many iienis in the ace, unt b)
I which they soughl to jolster up their
claim. (Laughter and a voice- "That's
jusl   like the.ii."i    Did  the;,   consider
j thai ti cause so badly bolstered up was
I worthy of serious consideration? (No.)
He regarded the provincial statement
jas preposturous. The claim hud two
aspects, !!'��� believed the province
was entitled to consideration because
of Its -i'"-;--;":i and Its i ������  mi u        a,
IContinued on Pt ge Seven.)
T 'I
i    '     ���'",.
��� ���...-��-
�����       ,'1 ���
*'* ''      ''�� ���
..'-���    ':���'���'*���'������!
i   it-
��� .>������'
i   ��� i ���
!;     : ^
'      'tv'-
���' ���   ������'���
��� " "'w,' .
__< '.i.�������.   ���
V   K.-^v.i-
���*    -.���". 'S*     .
>5p I, ���.-���
":X   . .-m: i. i
.�� %
-1   '-;":.'.-
> * ���
i  i   ��� ���ft'-1.-*
** ���
���' '������ ���"
j   **"   -**1, i ���
h i'S:y\
���     : '.'
. ���**
"���       I l|      .-  ' Jt.-'.     V
, '   i "Jr.
k     ;��j' .'*!-if ���-�����'!> I.!
��� '  41
-"-"--���-"""���^,!'.^!k'*'* \
-,.      * :       '    .-.'t'V^.'
. ������������,-!>���. <
���"* *j-*itm lit
'��_. *u  ,        ��� -���Jm,  I*
���vaiaS*"*;       ..���.'���' .-' :���
JWX ���?*���!',, V-
���' >.;*'-_��V4_>
��� '      .-'������* it' ��� ".t��
��� \p ���*���'��� ���ytA
������>:��� ft._?.
*.;*> -��������:�� -f;,I I"-    .,��� ���
-��� ���-.�� ��� *.'-.*4.''
si: <-,'V^.*iJ;
'���  ''.J- :<���'-"-:.-:
.**}*��� aV-'^^TJI
"���.^"'tikSSfk. '**��� I' ~'*m
>���  * ^������**W*fy,tiiL.'*m ���J5iWviii>'
,  ,'__'�� V ���_   I    ��l *   _���   . '
��� "3
'j '-
_ i * ,
4-f rivn��.'?__ u'
���__#.'��*�����_-.��&-iff "; w
���ti-'i *'-'?..    --4:
1*^' ��� '���
���ti. . -.-if'-.' ���"��� **���
I,    L'
'\ '"-' ���
jtfr.r -   i._ei -   .
fflft-'l* '*,*-:-ti
'-!������'���".rf*:�� . -
���>     .'iii '������ ��� ��� I
i'i r '*'.'."'���     .���'��������
���*"$_..'  .'   ���    ),,..;��� .*'
''��� *- JV|>J
h-. :���, '{���*'    ,
fe *yy*\i
%^ ���"���
ft "!   .   "
���   -ill'.'"'   Vi r* !��� jit:
^*n.- ��� ������.,. ft.r
:i v.1,  '! ,? 'Is
jMir4'i*-'"i!J d
M"-*       'T *"
tf'���.'!,,������' ��� :���
il1** '  .**.,:,
m ... .i ���'���- '��� ,*���
'Wm:tyy >���?������.
|Kv '���:'';���>'������
UV'^*" .��';''.-*1
*"^* .'���' *3
li ��� .*" ���'
I-ffllvv-"�����<������' ���
Ski**'5' ���'���
\t)i 5   '������     .. v ''��� '
S1f*I***���������' :���
ME��_ M "'
'-: i,ifH.>_i Vii
U  ami*' ���������*"'���*
", I   .TS   i- '���,-*!'-'        .��
ff.2 Fiii'    ..;  ���*    '
livf^ii i
,{  ���' i'-'S'  *
�����'������"     *'������  . '���'
if Ij    :>\ ��� -.'
til''#:?������ '*
ii-r* _. *i * ������'
���ij-'. ~
.'ublished by the Daily News Puu-
tlshrug Company, Limited, at their
nffites, corner of Sixth and Front
streets,  -New  Westminster.  B.   C.
E.  A.   Paige Managing   Director
<un ion{JLTi^bel>
^* **-C��i->&
FRIDAY,   OCT.   16,  1908.
[iosed  of in  the twelve    y
1S96 to 1908.
This area is equal to a I
ber 25 miles wide extendlni
-ars    from  fi- a rule are outspoken now and have
no us" for anyone who    suggests    a
alt of tiiii- cl mge In administration. In ihis pftr-
fr.'in tit1';   ticula      insltuency    the   husbandman
miles north of Edmonton  to  the   In-1 will  be \  r   jealtjus ot    any    stro
ternatipnal boundary. Imovemenl In this city calling   foi
It  is equal to a belt 48 miles widi [change and we can assure the tarn
thai   there is no serious opposition I
wide, ihe Liberal candidate; his leader am
; the ministry, the people having com'
from|to the conclusion, that this is no tin
: ���: a change.
IK. not forget that the Liberal government has reduced    the    tariff    on
nearly  everything the farmer has  to
from Edmonton to Battleford.
li would made a strip :;G miles
from Edmonton to Saskatoon.
It equals a belrt l- miles widt
Edmonton to Winnipeg,
It   is  equal   to a  strip :: miles   wide
from   Halifax   to  Vancouver.
lt would make a belt of ttimber one
mile wide reach from ley Cape on the
Arctic coast of Alaska to Cape Horn,
the southern extremity of
Sold at   the average price the  Mac-
Successful Comedy
George   M.   Cohan's    musical    poi
pourri. "The  Honeymooners,"   entertained an appreciate audience at the
' '""��� ���:���..������;���-. .
Our Me
Soutb  Opera house jest.rday evening, com
i pelling genuine laughter from start to
finish of  the  performance.    Amusing
kenzle government  received  for  ttai-1 situations   follow  in  quick succession
The farmers who today travel
over i
the Yale Road are not without an oc-
cular demonstration of how the Con-1
servatives waste money wben they ���
have the control of the treasury. At |
no time in the last twenty years was I -nt0 the treasury
this trunk  road in such a  deplorable
 : given
ber limits  tliis area would have    put
$237,10S into the public trwsury.
Sold in   tlie average  price received
by th.- present government  it    would
have  put   $845,905   into    the     public
Its disposal did not. bring one dollar
It was a free gift���
i without money and without price.
The  present government,    has    not
;twa>    an   acre   of   timber in
throughout the piece, while popular
encore - compelling songs are introduced as often as possible. Willie
Dunlay, the starred male member of
the company, deserves all the praise
lavished upon him, while his support
Is of the very best.
twelve   years.
Mr, ,1.  D. Taylor,    Mr.    Ames    and
those of their school of argument de-
domain    has
Every acre sold has
been sold in open competition to the
highest bidder and in every instance
noi ice of  intention
to sei!  has    been
elare the public
"looted" he. use the timber limits
���disposed of did not bring more money
to tbe treasury. Very well, let us see
when the looting was done and whose
business it   was to  prevent   ir.
the    longer:
been , advertised as long as
period allowed by the
If   t'ne    public   domain   lias    been
"looted"   by   timber  limits  being  soldi
too cheap, the "looting" was done be-
Following is a  list of   the    timber! tween the years 1879 and 1896, when J
areas disposed of by the three govern-! the  parliamentary  colleagues  of  Mr.
ment-s who have held office since 1873, Ames had the   management   of   tvi
with    the    prices    they    received  for j timber.
I hem:
Mackenzie Government (1873 to 1378.)
Area    ;ill) square miles
Bonuses    $7,150.00
Average  per mile           23.00
Conservative Government (1878 to
Area   29,322 square -Miles
Hon uses    $121,219.00
Average  per  mile         $4.13
Laurier Government (1896 to May,
\rta      6456 square, miles
Bonuses    $528,878.00
Average per mile    81.92
Comparative statement showing the
total  area of  timber berths    granted
within Lhe railwa.' belt in the
of British Columbia, and the
received  therefor  during the Consei
v.i ivi   an 1 Li' 'ral administrations r <
spei    '.���'���. :
These are facts to which Mr. ,f.
Taylor cannot give honest denial.
When  the House of Commons    was
last  in  session  the  members of    the
Foster wing of the scat-tend forces of
the   Conservative   opposition,   tried  to
convey to the House and th�� country
an idea taat blue ruin stared Canada
In  the face.    While  not   intending to
do   so.   ;hey   have   made   the.    farmer
think and  reflect, lor, of all the people in this broad Dominion, the tarmei
I rends and  thinks most and    is    verj
province I much more discriminating in his ju Ig
bonuses | m( n,   than any oth i    clasi    In    i .
it ntr...   As Intelligent men thej   ���
carefully  welghii ��   ivhat  these T
said an I  what     h     T   i -   are   a;
Get the Habit
"Many a Politician
Who Ls Now on
the Stump will
Soon be up
a Tree"
How true this saying i.-. and
many will soon realize it, at the
sain.- time we want ALL to realize that "The Fair'' is the
place to shop. A new store���
a new stock and a new deal
Cups and Saucers are our
Special for today, and we at ���
offering    "Emerald"    decorated
Cup.- and Saucers  for $1.00 per
dozen.    Try them.
The Fair
240 Columbia Street,
New Westminster
rwear |
Men's Underwear is specialized here. The
study of the particular and different requirements of men is well understood and has received our careful attention.
Middleweights up to the severe cold weather Underwear in choice unshrinkable wool and
Cashmere, merino, mercerized cotton, silk and
wool, etc.
Underwear at $1.50, $2.00, $2.50 to
$7.00 the Suit.
C  H
Notary  PU|
R . ;
!<ew  W *
.,       C��nve>'^:tJ
-nne Block
Choice Meau at|
Centra! Meat MafJ
Corner Klirhth -;��� ""-nl
1 s������   '''������    Fifth ��_    I
PHONE  :<7n
4  ODDY. Pro
The Edison Theatre
Night Robes
Corner Columbia ��������� B
High Cla . Moving  p,,,^.   '
^ted SongS    ,w   ,1,i:u,^.
������'���'! Friday
day, Wedne  11
Here's to comfortable winter nights for men
and boys!
There's an ocean of peaceful slumber inside
our Night Robes.
We've a fine.variety: Muslin, Cheviot, Flannel and Scotch Flannel. Neat patterns in stripes
and plain colors.    Roll collar and military style.
75c, $1.00, $1.25 to $2.50
All our Night Robes are cut full and roomy.
Every man hates a skimpy Night Robe.
Successors   to
H. L. DeBeck
,!'      '����� ���������'���'���' ��� ���������������   that   he
now    ... - ^   underta
kin Is ot upl Isti
at  the lowe
��� man'i
"'  ai; |
''    etc
direct    woi
Cos;   Cornei
All <  >:..:: ,   i ..
W, J, Sparkman,
Cor.   S'xth  and  Carnarvon Sts.]
will meet '���' Ith
Conservative  Administration   (1835  to ing through the country and th
1st July, 18961. | not  but conclude that   these croaker:
\iva 1114 square mile31 and  blue ruin artists  have    nol
Bonuses   $56,213.00 ability  u,  govern,  . .:.!     ���    unss
���     .- __,' per mile    19.10  a   party  to  whom to hand  over    th.
Liberal Administration (1st July, 1896,[affairs of the country to admlnist
to 31st May, 1907). In his close study the farmer  Bn
An 1401  square miles that in 1895-6 good ha>   ...i-      lll-ng a
Bonuses    $463,665.00  point  of shipment  at  six  dollars pei
Tenders Wanted
Sen:.. |    .....  i .. ..       . | |   .  , .
marke:     renders foi   Bridgi    ,.1;|
p.m.   of   N'o     '   ���      .til
follow lng:
l.    'I o     ipplj mat -
build   tii ��� i' if   a
across ihe North Ann o!   i nf
river tt:  the   ill    o ent*j
Island n this citj
.'.   To ;     ; .
super, tructure   o
materials    ���
by the corpoi    ���
���. ins ai
m ���
Ail Lin
es ot footwear &
��� .
,, ���.
irll;   i       *   '
\   Dl -NC.
Average per mil-'           303.7,.
The late Conservative government
disposed of 29,322 square miles of
timber; the present government of
6456 square miles.
The Conservative governm mt for
29,322 square miles received $121,219;
fhe present government for 6456
jquan   miles  iec-. ived    $528,878;    to-
ton, whereas now it is bringing
twelve dollars a ton a point of shipment. Oats weie selling > sixteen
dollars at ton in 1895-6, but today oab
command ihe very respecta ie price
of twenty-three dollars per ton firs;
hand from the farmer. Butter sold in
L895-6 at eighteen to twenty-two cent.,
per pound, it is now thirty-five cents
and    some   grades    reach   a    higher
| at Prices That Defy Competition ffi
m "���     -    '--, ������������- -.:-.-
gether    with    annual    ground    rent.
amounting to $30,  per year and 501 figure.    Eggs sold it; November, 1S95.
cents per thousand stumpage dues. las low as sixteen cents per dozen,
The Conservative government re- they are now eagerly sought at forty-
ceived for the timber disposed of an two cents, and taking the market
average of $4,13 per square mile; thel price for this year the farmer has
presenl government has received for averaged thirty-four and seven-tenth
the Umber disposed of an average of cents for his eggs.     Potatoes    were
as low as six dollars a ton ih 1895*6,
re- but now tbe tubers command four-
: he   tei a dollars per ton.
.' :' [uare mile.
i 'onserratlv.    government
oi   the   ; ml er  one-fifth
��� ���  ��� _ Ived the    Mackenzie     The Conservatives  we.e  In    pow r
rnment,  who preceded them, and   for nearly twen y j iars prior to .lune.
��� :.���   *      .    lh th    n     igi    ecelved by 11896, and  did Qx the high  protective
enl ���-  .-eminent, tariff to the    limit.    Under    It,    the
.   Conservative     ..  ,    nmen    farmer worked hard all the time, and
��� .i ich i   .  mile I '   timber the only thing of a  monetary  sensi
. ;enzli     [overnment,    tvho thai  grew was his moi  ;aj     nnd   In
���  ���     .  thi .".   ..,'!.!  have   iu!   the    hctpelessni is    ol    his       tuation
���   he treasuri   In tead    otlmanj  a man who had speni  years In
om the disposal ol    lm er.|cl< iring and bringing hi.- holding un*
n   Conservative nmen    ier cultivation had    to   abandon    I!
is  i h  p r mile    for     he   md   seek    day labor where he couldl
hey sold as th    pn   ent    ������      find  it.    Bul    in    1896   the    count
thej   would have .      $2,402,   Bpoke, the very hills trembled   and a
the treasury Instead ol $121,    land slide occurred, which Instead of
j bringing terror and dismay, brought|
In Mackenzie governmenii ot out a new determination noi toi
IS7S disposed ol timber al the   illow this tali land to become a howl
yyyr ���
.. i
III]   i
.  ;
i mi
ceived   !';.    the   Conservative lng wilderness, bui  to give the  Llb-
govcrnment, who followed them, they era! party a chance to bring bach the
ive pui into the tree arj only exiled farmer on to his land and make
���������: 120 . .      .in $7150. ! liim prosperous and happy and in this
Ha presenl  governmenl    sold'confidence they were not. mistaken, for
limits al   the avera; ��� price re   we have evidences    on   every    hand
the Conservative govern-'ithal    farmers   who   in    1895-6    were
i preceded them thej   would  thought  to  be financially  ruined foe-
Into tbe treasur;   only $26,-   yond  recovery, are now the thankful
1 of $52S,81S, owners   of   their   holdings    free    of
.i tr ol thi CoiiSen    Ive  ule,  debt and  with  a  res; table  balance
',326 square miies   >l  western  to lh Ir credli a!  the bank.   The in-
'���'  '��� given-away  with- evltable outcome of th'e farmer's study
.: lng in., ceni   of  bonus  Inito of these comparison? is that    many,
���'   ���-���>������ ;who  by   birth  and   training  are Con-,
This  area  consisted  In  212    limits (servatives,  have concluded that  they
averaging aboul 50 square miles each   (..m atand a continued period of pros.]
This  i>  50  per pen;, more, timber,perlty and do not wish for any change|
than the present  government  has dis*  and  while   they  are    undemonstrative
Ask    for    'Cert"    football
OOt    Our price $3..10 a pair.
Vici  kid,   Blucher cut.   with  Cuban
heel, for $3.00  a pair.
Hun  metal college cut  hoot.
for tall wear. $3.50 ,i pair
Rati nl leather, Blucher cut;
:     '���   $3.50   i   pair.
Ask for our $::.,",<i men's
bool with leather lining and
nuule fium No. 1
mv    rat
.-. for ih.s "High Merit"
shi '
.n !'��� ithe
me i.
nut- prici
'   .0
i ietal an I box   alt boots, with
'      foi  -':'. ���'' and $3.50 a pair.
Bos  < ill boot  with heavy soli   and
leather iiued.   Our price $3.50 a pair.
I'.uont leather. Blucher cut an I dull
kid top.   Special price $l 50 ,-\ pair.
Lower Fraser Rive
Freigkt and Passenger Service per
SS. "Favorite
!    Carrying freight ai '*'r=J
all  points  between New V      ^1
and Westham island,
Leaves Bracftman-Ker'a wnarf iW|
jat 3 p.m., t-xceiit Saturdays, at H,
| additional trip on Mondays, imtos
5 a.m. .
Returning  leave Westham m
;-,,���. daily, excepi Frldaj    t**-'-
[addiUonal trip on Saturday!
at "i:3;l p.m.
Calling'   at    Su  '
Thursdays and Saturdays.
Tickets to Sti ve  on in
cents on Saturdaj
::. '���
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ther shoe tor ladies, it's
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New goods ���   in  ig in'every day.
.hoes for men,
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and our Invictus
iKin't. overlook these extra ..h.i.- values for tu'day an 1 tomorrow.
Every order placed *llh
us m^ns a sat.cf.ed M��
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f an
Rates "ii .'���
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on application.
sc, Ltd.
Msm 8 tbi*
Dal|y News EBlocK.
Westminster. F
Sign of the Big Electric Boot.
New Westminster, B. C.
IN   B. C.
t,    ne*1
D A I  -- Y       , Z
16. 190B-
^yAnmn*-*CO*O*0*0*O*0*0   0*O*O*O*U*U
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Women's Underskirts
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ICity News'
���  ������  ������   *,.   ���*��.:������..������-, **��� :���**���'���:**   **   **   **������
**������.:���**. **   4,
AMrvrurD iat r\x: %
i   *
....   today for the. for M innes and jar)j|n,
ction   with Metbo-  the twen
, I
er ofl a tox  of  * B.
one.   It will make
cii,  accompanied  by
-."���tilling a few days
in Seattle,
ressers and Stands I
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i   cigars of    exclusive cislon wa
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(;''! ih   il   Kenny's.    White!
lab01  onlj   qow, and  well  coo!: -d  food
all the time. X
The p ��� ii eedinga In the social evil ��
cases were resumed yesterday morn* X
ing, when evidence was heard  in  the t
.. ..75c
est - ita '' 	
A Stirring Special in
Women's Underwear
charge against  Beatrice Ranker.   After the conclusion of the evidence, de-
reserved till the two other
es to be heard on Tuesday next
have been disposed of by the magis-
:"ah t and her two daugh- jtrate-    W.  (.;.  McQuarrie   prosecuted,
"'''���* ret yesterday from a threeanc- ���'��� P   Hampton Bole defended,
months   ,;.      ,, Eastern points.
Mammoth Furniture  Emporium |
Opposite Lorne Street.     Phone 73.
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inge   trom   Chinks.     **
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he il. C, A. A. U. at
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ribbe i
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A Si otrish concei i will be   ,'iven at
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the cause list at the assizes at Vancouver thi- \vi.,-k, he Is expected to
take the assize  here.
Clearance sale of over 4000 Colum-
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5     VV. Vanderberg, of Brads    -', was
n  in the city yesterday on business. He
* reports i inditions Improving on    tbe
��� O ' Pa title co ist,
��� * '    Ti   West min; ter  Rovers  have  the
Q I ���      livision game In  the V in-
o ouvei D u .-. i'.i.. all lea ;u ��� toft .. hen they meei the Xation-
o als ai  Brockton  Point.
Eyes tested free of charge at Horace
Dorer's, Ophthalmeter and Ketino-
scope. Ophthalmic room at. your service. **
-I. C. M. Keith, of Victoria, obtain- !
the first premium, $500, and E, (1. \\*. iy.
Siiit. of this city, the second, $250, in V
the competitive designs for the new #
Provincial asylum at Coquitlam. *
Twelve architects competed, tnvlta- Uj.
tions were sent out to the architects ��
some inontn-s ago, asking them to sub. ;_?,_
mit plans for the new building, which ���
when completed, will probably repre-T:
sein an i . endlture ol over u million Y
dollars '������������
Gordon's Dry Goods House
All   li ilers liandie "B.
Sport"     cigars.       Tin-
C." and "Ol I
old    reliable
A white girl, it-tu Hays, aged about1
twenty-three,   was  rescued    from  an
opium den in Chinatown by Sergeant '���
Geiser   and   Officer  .lohnston. of   the
city  police, yesterday  evening, attention being drawn to the joint in w,iich
she  wa    held by the number of Celestials loitering in  the vicinity.    The j
girl, who  came  bere     recently   from
Victoria   was taken to the police station, v   ere shi    a-s^d the night.  Sh"'
wil| appear in the  police court    this.
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IO street. ������>       ,;'
prlncl-  O
P larce.ll
nternationa]    upetinl a    i       f    the j *
has a!    i "ii made to
the     Pi   ��� . "Ol  cou-
. i :       '. ���      i-ti   B.   C,   schools,
wliicli     i on. iu    tui sda/
a- _t. lastin     . ���:��� s.   Th
���    \v.  c,
The Public Supply  Store Offers to
the General Public
tment.    Mr.  l'i .nee- is  a
���. very inter   ting ai Ical Bpeak-
*'    Thl   funera    took   place W'ednesda;    .       h- is t.i" lead,"- ol the adult de-
:2l-:  the I. O. O. !'. cemetery of Masuyi i partment, the chief movement ot the
itmara, wo died at tha RioyaJ Colum- twentieth century In    Sunday scliool
ff Li,
Iftlbian hospital the previous day as the   is-ork!
���J*.: result  "f tin  accident.
practically  through  nts  *
T. 1-1. Smith
Headquarters for Women's Ready-to-wears
**   pr
*'���-    *���     *���     ���-      ���-    ���������;'.-.'��� ������--".#.    ���������.;"".������; :-�����.   ,_��Jfii^'>i|f|'tij*1i>i'i{f*t' *,*���>��""'>���/^* \[ *-N|" '*' ".-������: _:***:":-*ai-  A
0t *to��.y*��o*00*0��0*0*0*C)*��0  3*0��0��K)*O*0*OO��ci*K)*0*0*>O*0
OC-tO��CK;*��CC#C*��C*0*0*C*��0 04O*O*��C^O'K)*OC^C-K>*C^0*O*<^
i      The Georgian is moored off th
i   C;   E,  K. what!'  with a load  of  steel
J i tails   tor   the   Westniiiister-Cliilliwacl.
. i
; I extension,   brought   to Vancouver  by
ijone  of  the  Blue  Funnel   liners  from
11 Englan I.
I For tirst class cut flowers pot plants
i or boiinuetB, telephone Davis & Son,
i florists.   Tel. B 208.
;    il.  A, Peters.  K.S.. a specialist    in
3 lbs. good Butter $1
Pure local Honey 25c
per jar
PHONES 193 and  443
C. A. Welsh
Q  tody     and    lung   culture,   will   open
��'classes it: St. George's hall next week.
S when   he   propo_,���s   Instructing   n.. a.
<IJ1 women   an I  chil iren   in   the   correct I
��� method i ithing as an aid to lm-
ZI proving   ���','���' ���    physical  condition. Ten j
Qj dollars is the fee charged for the se-
s of less
efforts that this department has be-
., 11 nue so prominent during the past
'tew years, At the recent international
convention held at Louisville, Ky..
under Mj\ Pearoe's leadership, 1200
business men belongins to the adult
classes marched through the streets
of that city, and demonstrated to the
public fhat the Sunday school is no
longer to be regarded as simply for
tittle children, but that it is for men
also, and nien of calibre.
The genera! themfe is The Twenti-1 ^
eth Century Sunday School Organized |0
tor Effectual Work. The different i 5
phases of the organization and work) 5
of the   up-to-date  Sunday  school  will IJ
of the famous "Russian de Luxe
Tea" which is the highest grade
Tea sold in America and will be
demonstrated by one of Tetley's
Best Tea Demonstrators.
Public Supply Stores GEOprA^AMS
Columbia  Street.
New   Westminster,  B. C.       Phone 92.
0-K)*C*K��*C*O*OO��K3*C1*O*0*K)*O ����������0*0*0*0*0040*0*0*0��T,-��'T
The   People '*
\��*:*^*'J)*J*-J*O0*O*O*O*'J*0*0  O*O*O*0*'J*0*00*O*O*O*0*O*0
Pi m*
w mu ii ii Ig ��� Howay yestei'daj
dan i- I down his decision In the county  . mn ,K tlon of the corporation of
M i ��� . ; ii  rs.  iii!  Tout,  Hill Tout  an
-;,,,,,   md tb Tout Lumber com- - ' U
gave jud*^enVjcsrJ Road Improvements in Dis-!
trict Discussed---River and i;
. piaiutifl - tor $165 and costs again
'Hill   Tout   and   Hill   Tout   and   s n s.
n,,. action again-sl the conipany was
dismissed, without costs.
0 The Highest
*M____M_B_M��NM_____B___aM_a - _NH_____MMUM>
in Quality
The Lowest ��
in Price
Up to You
worse   foi
attempte I
way into one of the al-
bawdy    houses   on    Eleventh   meeting
Olijectlng to his presence, tli"   not   lav;
Umts Olsen, while the
liquor yesterdaj evening,
/tn force hi
le.'.' d
Transportation Matters
Under Consideration.
not  as
'���' make some natty llttli  Xmas gifts for those spe-
!' friends    of ; oiirs,   But before starting at them
us shew y0U  ,,,������ u,.w  nn,- of    Fancy  Linens,
' *   as   Fancy Work Hags, Pin Cases. Rook Cases.
v"'ng   Paper  Holders, Towel Racks, etc., etc.
vary trom 25c to $1.00.
attendance   at      the     montiih
of the Board Of Trade  -'���a--1
���  last   eveniu.-..     There   v.eie j
I woman in charge Bent In A:call to thej present;    .1.  A. Cunningham, in  thej
j police,    ni-in   was  arrested  a  short charr;   T. J. Trapp, B, Goulet, l>. s ;^
time later, being discovered wander- Curtis, G. Small. C. A. Welsh, W, R. M
tround In au  unfinished  quarter i Gilley,  Marshall Sinclair,  F.  B.  Lyle,
Other agents who cannot meet my rates for insurance will t 1.
u that the quality of the insurance my companies give you Is
good, but I can prove it is the best, and challenge any of
them to prove a single instance where they have not | aid their
losses with promptness equal to any. Investigate for yourself
before placing your insurance, and if it !s not a question of value
for your money  I am satisfied you will place it with me.
275 Columbia Street
Overuse in the news
of the building,
Elmer Jones, campaign manager for
#, it. Mclnnes In Vancouver, was
chairman at a political meeting held
at Hastings school house ydsterda)
evening, wheu addi esse.-, were given
bj iiiius, If ,itui A. Whealler and A.
Malins, of ihis city. T.ie hall- "as
well RUed; keen interest being taken
in the speeches. In Hastings, as in
11 other districts on the co.ist, the
cause of Liberalism is strongly supported by a large majority of the electors,  a condition  which  augurs  well
E. .1. Civan. .!. Anderson, .1.  li. Kennedy,   and  A.  E.  White,  secretary.
Roads Improvements.
.Mr. Trapp, as chairman of the roads
and bridges committee, reported that
work was going on satisfactorily in
connection with the Port Moody road
and thnt some portion of it would be
gravelled as soon as the new work
had settled. The Pitt Meadows'bridge
would bo reopened in about two weeks.
As   to   Bon   Accord   road,   Mr. Crean
Economy Insurance Broker
0*0*KD*O��O*C��K)O*0��O*0K>K)*0 0��C^O��0*0*0^0*K��*C^O*0*C)40
(Continued on Page 6)
��� ., i  '_.
.  ������      ....
��� -. ������"
'      ���    ���  '      1*
��� r-    J ,   ''rt    ..
1 i *.    ���
���   .     ��-���_>
������  ���*���
'"     , aW.        '���
.'.'   J    Ttr.   '
��� .   '!.:���; ���'
���'        .." *il
. ':''w :&%.?(
::'��� ,- Mfo
��� ���. \
. (I ,     a'     ...    a
-,* '
.     -      '   V"i
���%   i
WA        -.   '���
, ��� -<m> *
��� -Iv- ;>*��;t'
a5!l.    tl
��� j miT***. ;,
.. !
- *
'''.      a '"..a '^     ���
.    ' ���''    i       .      -        -
���        '��� ''������������      .'
"4   '      - ' '     **.   ���   ���
.<  9 i<:? i'*-.1.ll|iV'*"' '���
��� :     ���:'(^.'���'',"
, ! ���*���   .���   * h
���' . * :'���-'���
*f\' . I -*Tf*C 'j
' ,' *     '
***** - :  /%';
.;,   \M
' ���. tig
''-:-: :;^v
���     ' .-.- ���"?.:
����     *,���:*    '
-   %-**'   -ViS*' -
���j��-'-\ ���   -%*   "
- _%'������:'
���������' .   ,-:������*���������.
it **      �����   ;   ���
**~vv'kj***y-' ������:,'.
*1   'I     a     '          ���-       '������''    4-    **>        .*
 t,   ".    * '    "
. y\;;fi*%}
'.���! '���..'<�� 'tti-.M-- ���
- ^m-J,
,���*, j- -*,ryrj
��� ������'������ s-Ai,'.'*,
*   ,. _. _. KP.-r. f _.'' ._. y. *'.
���" -   . .��'.'��� *,m>i-y- 5
- ���. *   l;M*? .*'  *
��^, *���;���.: iw. a*
,  ', -��� *.... t' �� , "i ��� w
��� ���*������-:_   J-V-L! ' d
��� "I >."  ���*'-.
i    ��� t. tlH **     n ���______ -
��� -' V*     '-"l.^'-taL���\**F
,* ''.f-i v -lR*m
* --.*.�����'*      l!   \    ���������"'r  Heft
*.*'���/'**>��� w~*k��� M
. ��� r*'��?i'.'4"'*,:*-'m
��� ������''��*���*���:���'? pf* ..
ati},a'.;uMm PAGE SIX.
,Y*   r-CT.  1(
���y' >��� ���������>," ". *.
. ���__}' _________________________________________���
iir _*____.__* **��� f -, <�� ^i
^fosss fta*
__ n *
*'���:'    '       ,. ���
: . S_��*-1r
i - v.* - -
i - !;\ MM ��� ',
m*'*?$���'*_ A*,;    ,**,.!*.
nlF '" -A'''*''���'*'-_'   ' *'
������1 *''!'���:,._._, _ ���.
:f ���afV.-j^ -;   :
'���-Fit-: '-"   i||Ifl fll
h'1*#*^ i��i"
';?���� "i.i <��������$-
[^...-r i
.'K_':.: <'/���<���'
I"   _'*.'���_' .'��� ������"*
r;* t���������* * '*, > -
���*>._.      ��� . .' .
V'��.( "���,' ����� .- ���       ���',
T*iy. -j ������ ������"*
'MU ."���' ..''' ���'
'i;Ji*/*'':'.* i;
'iff -   . <������ '-..������
***������ ���' ���-.���������'
��� It ��� *���".   ,.,.. :     "V
uvj -..**y
Jl :*".*' .'�� -..   .*������
H*. '-**��� i' *'
"*. 5*'   ���,,; ���
���*���*����� i�� .
|E#:-*�� ��'*�����::
IP*  ; ���  ���"*���* "v
P.. "i
��� !-   ������   ���'��".' 'Ml
,TS   '    *"���' '<
i||:r}i ;#:*- -
r .I ���*>**.
IT*.  I'*l ���   -
'   . .. Inued !:   ni  i'.; ���   Five.)
i   j, nt.   The Yah .... the
���  ng gravelled,   'I here wer<
  - ....   ....
Th       .1,- board    ���    ild ap-
chief commi      n
foi   .i   bridle   path    o   bi
. d    on    iii     I
i ���      .    efore wiutei
lent of i . ��� i
:   ' ���
:..  the chief (      .     - ai
Vict    ;.    Mr, Crean re] or   d       t tha!
ird road  w.t-  wel]  in band. -
the I wo pai i    l<     i     nib    y Ihe'
a    .   govi; nmenl and Sui
v.u.ii ;    ...   undertak* n,    at
tvi re  pit dgi      to its  . on l ui I
..    . 'urther tlmt  wa   given th: mu-
ipal  committee,  al  thi   r< qui st of
ilurtls, to make arrangem. nts I t
.   ,..��� ei lng bi i ween  I he Cil j   counc
.   ... miitti ���  and the property   iv n
��� rs with refi rein i   I i the I npi'ovi ment
i 'oluinbla strei -
River   Matters.
Mr.   Glllej   ..     ,      tti  iti   .     i   thi
ilitj   of  securing  tin    dr   _
Lulu   Islan 1   brid *;e   i n   thi :
I h . owing   to  i he  fact    tnat
1 . c miing   up   the  N irth
".    .      o ,��� hi   up  princi ..
.    .    . and   ; 'oplar Islands,    an I'
Cit;   council   wer..,  let-
ring conti for the su
:."   i   ������   ���   time to act.    He sui     si   I
 of the i illlmi n, i lentioning
. :' I..  A.  Lewis, A.  1).  ..It.-'
.   .- , i . Small, v, it!) the council to I
urge  upon  thi m   to  take  this  actii n. i
".i.i passed a resolution leavin
0*o*0*C*0*0*00*C*0*0*0*0*0 040#0*0*O^D*oo*c^
_-��� *���''"-
-      ���
Five and  ti n acre Wocks of the    i
cultivation, on Chilliwack tram line,    Ci
.,   [lib   lau i.    Terms  reasonable.
',.'           *                ' '' ���:/'���<���    '���"���
y-.. -; y^yj[y''ii,:.
' y'y:     ?   '���
'     Ulr ���*�� ', li    ,-��� .
\'*,'-"!*;     .Jt "*-*\-* ���  '.',.���'\iK.i .' .'-���".������j "**!'*���.!"-':. _'-'.~M��r ���������*. '"������'��l".**T''*3f_E
te.:i':.ii-n;iif- ������---;������/���,.���:;���:. ������: &��� ���%%&���' ���     ���*
...',"- F.vi k' '!���&
2   Real E3tate,Jctc.
r in tha navigation comm
i    . ���'. .i." . ' ��� er to act, and add to its j
ml    ��� .
\V. R, Gilley also called atti ntion to j
thi condition of Westham island. ,a��|
i: ��� river was forcing a new channel
through the land, and had broken into the dyke, He had been down there,
pan) with other gentlemen and
G, A. i ei fer, resident engineer, de-
1,   . m at   oi   public   works,   as  pilot
 ...i"...   and   thought     action
I     ��� immi diatelj  tak< n.    It  was
li '    with  him  to  urg i  lhe tn ittei   ou
the   authorities.
.'   ;���. tti .���  .\a,  ri ad  from  .he Ti
.......   a illwaj 3   "< mmM tee     at
Chl ago,   stating   that   the   excursi n
;...     tor the Alaska- Yukon-Pacific . x-
ii a   wo li.i   be   ?50   from   Duluth,
Minm ...  ill     t;i.  Paul, and other mid
....    is,    ll.  J loltly .Myi rs, the
,.  ,      puri haser of the Duponi block,
sen    ...   tui er of picture  post  card:
of   Los   Augeles,   showing   the  orna-
whlch hi   wishes to see
, .��� Ci lumbla  street    The com-
.. ������    reported     through
Si ��� -.  the  British  Exporters,
....    ad    ��� ���      -        :- I   tbe informa-
i   t . '       ca        uters  they  required,     .n.-iti ������ .'..',-  Sinclair, a dis-
slon      ' It       .;���������"   ���:_.   alleged   dis-
rimlnatlun   iy    .'.-       P. R. :?. fixing
tlj It    -i J-   .:     . iterlor
ti       ',ii:iir-"-i- t.*���:    ���. - -   . .aster,
ii gli   .i.-    ..nt. --   -. .   - ed  the
 i     uni    lean    ��� :. . -'   :.   It
:    lied     11       ""'*       ll :
rans    '   : linn   "'.nini.-   ���   m ' .
hm   hey  ibou d  i  I  the C.P.R.
li    : ������: i    V 'situ  un i ���   -rr   Van _ouv tr
'  ���     ,:.'���   -1 -        -.--  coast from
- i - ������ : *. :���   :. -   to     >:' the Fra-
-     A.   D.   McRae.   was
.- of the  board,  and
��� . ��� ��� ������!  the room.    Two
���   -  in  connection  with
n nt   of  the   Praser mills
'."��� 1   bi fore   the   adjourn*
'.'St- v  / '
-.       '
0*Z*r^^>-0*0*>O0*0*Z'*>0'>0*C*0 0*0*0#0*0*0*OC-�� -* -.*-4.- a   0
   "   " '-'*^*0
*VEIL PINS and t
BEAUTY pins!
Sole Agent-   foi
RUM    T!ll___vve!er |
The   Longlni ���
and    Hamilton Wat j
tm************************************,: ������ ���*>. .*'.��<u*|
rtv-j"__L,*___-ipn���������������a��������*������i��i ���" '��' i��������������� .-!^*.'a��i'ii������-'j-g. _..������-. _j.. ��� ��� .     ..j-^a-       I
Nothing Gained Withou. EHort
TO effort���no  gain.    Yet   Iii..:   does   not
mean tbat the greatest gait. .��� . ies with
the greatest effort.
Forinstar.ee, it requires very little effort
to insi.st on having
"Progre.:-  Brand"
I t   kwhatyoti lying'ProgressBrand':
���stylisl , perfi  I Citing ������ * ments
���made oi depend ;1 l< got ds
and sold with
. n     uni onditional
..   mteethat they
-1 ���  ex pert tailoi
Soils and Overcoats
Clothing, and the
gain is proportionately great. If, on
the other hand, a
man is satisfied to
accept the first suit
or overcoat that i.s     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
handed   down,   and   will   make   no  effort  to label gains a great deal with very little effort
secure .-, reli.able make like "Progress Brand" The gain is not merely one of dollars and cents
���he can't expect to have other than shabby (always an important consideration! but is the
clothes atid be a walking advertisement of his greater  gain   of  commanding   attention   and
own  indifference. respect by being always well dressed. 18
must give satisfaction o; yarr: money
back. The man who
looks for the
"Progress Brand"
il e a 1 e r and the
Progress  Brand"
Sold and guaranteed by
REID & CO., New Westminster
If yo i v. ani a hi   i  i tor   oft or
Oxford Floranci, Oxford 0 ....
heat; nickle trimmin- -.   Also lai gi  rang i   I
IXj   not   fm gei   to  call   in    ind    i
Rangt  , the rangi    that glvi   real genulni ������'   i
T. J. TRAPP & CO., Ltd,
��� .-���.r**S--.-!__t _":���;*-���-���'- -.*_��___ r-*.-'-
**************************** ���*���<**������ ���>����� �����<. 4****<: *<*����*��m��
���* The Fraser Valley Nurseries
'?    have for the coming season a very complete Uni    r
* Make no mistake, jut Btart your orchard right,
��� HOME NURSERY, where you are not bothered  with
wel! as getting acclimated tie- -.   We have over 2   i
can handle your order, no matter what the size.    !? -.-.
agent in your locality, write to us at Burnaby Lak<   '
Political  Intelligence
it    The Fraser Valley Nurseries, Ltd.
o*040*o-K.*-ct*��<DO*��c��o*.c*vc*o*o o*o*>c*o*c*��-D*c: ��� ���:��� :*���:*j*g��
Ormstown, Que.,  i        ;      sir  Wil-      Sealed tenders addressed to the uu-
I'rld Laurier had a reception;       dersigned, and  endorsed "Tendei    toi
terday.   A feature ol the meeting wa:-   Electric  Light  b'ixtures, Po_i    Uil'lce,
the presence of the iiuplh   of the fto-   Vancouver, 15. C," will be received ait,
man   Catholic  and   Protestani   acadi    this office until i:M p.m. on Friday, Chilliwack.
mies, who rendered several patrioticOctober 211, 190S, for electric light ii:.-| Specifications can be procured trom
songs. Sir Wilfrid, in his speech, kept, tures at the Post Office, Vancouver. Local Ma.iuger, New Westminster, or
io  the  stun,,  line as  in  his  previous]     Plans and specifications can be seen   mj  office
speeches.    He declared that he ah so-1 an** '^'"ls ot tenaer obtained at   ihis  B.C. ELECTRIC KAII.V..W CO., Lin.
lutelj declined to discuss the Conser-1 department, and   on   application    to;    W. ll. Hazlin, Purchasing Agent.
vativ.   charges of scandal until  they\Chas. Tossell, Esq., clerk   of Works,
were liroved  material,    lion. Messrs. Vancouver.
Brodeur and Fisher also spoke. Persons  tendering are notified   lhat
tenders will not be considered unh
Tenders Wanted!        �� _
se:,���d tender^be received to f Now �� the time to look after your
noon. October loth, for supply "'\o
sawn and hewn tir lies for New Wi x
mm ti : -Chllllwai i; Railwa; . Cloi i ���
dale to Abbotsford, also Abbotsford to|J
o Call in.
Eyes Tested Free
Rally at Saskatoon.
made on the printed forms   supplie I
Saskatoon, Sask.,  Oct. 15.-A    ,blg---<l signed with their   actual   slgna-
Liberal rally will lie held here on Fri- |tul'es*
,        , ,,     ., .,     ,   ���     ,     Each  teiid-r niiisi be accompanied
lay niKht.    Mr.   Duncan  Marshall, of ,
 ., ... .     ,,       ,.  , , by au accepted ciieque on a chartered
.-..liiiont<ni, will he the cine! speaker.      J '
M.,..,!���      ,.,,,.1, ,-.,1.1.      ,,,    ali,,    .,,,1.,,.    ,,f
lion. Mr. Oliver will speak at  !'��� r-
j bank,   made   payable   to  the order  of
due this evening.    Perdue ls  iu the|tne Hoilor-ule the Minister of Public
onstituency  of  Battleford,    close to W��TkB' ,J|"K" '�� '"" |J"'' Cent ��" P*CJ
tbe  Saskatoon limits. of t,,,! "l"""11'   ("' lne tender-    which
| will lie forfeited If the person tendering decline io enter Into   a contract
i when called  upon  to do so, or if he
fall io complete  tii" work  contracted
I tor,   If i ,i" lendei   e nol acci |ite I I h��
Lemieux  for Gaspe.
Que.,   Oct.    I.",.���Xo
for the Commons were held in Gasp
Perce,   Que.,  Oct.   15.���Nominations
ounty yesterday.   The Li ei ais nominate i   Hou.   Rudolph ���   Lemieux, ikjsI
mi. ter-general, and t he run-   rvatives
Mr,   Alheri   Kdwaid   Flynn,  of   Perce,
..il v urate.
i let.   I. .    A   ir-,-   and
"' lion in     ie relations bei n een
���i ���.       ���    M 'hini   was   : evealed  hen
:, .������:.��� v.. ��� announced thai ihe
������   nl   would  be i alle I
in    uplanation of Its refusal
to a     .. Japani se detachments to pui -
lie   -J ie _e   tnai auder    act oss    i he
,-       ii line Into China,
'I'll' action of China In refusing to
permit the presence of armed Japanese soldiers within her borders is
construe i  ns nn  al ilttidi
South    Siincoe.
le,  (int..   Uei     Id.    S null   Sunt-
Lib   al      ha. ���    notninati d    I'.
iel!, ' ���   Toi ��� n.i,mi,
Liberal   Elected   by   Acclamation.
Quebec, Oct,  15.    J.  B, Carbonneau,
Ll eral,   ��a.,   elected   by   acclamation
���   terday   for the   l< glBlature  of  tbe
County of Lake Si. John,   Tne vacan-
r    was  caused  by  the tli ath  of    M r,
. oei   who was kill, il  .,y a train,
Pettipiece    Withdraws.
Winnipeg, .Man., Oct. 15,    It. P. Pet
        similar to  tlplece, announced   his   retirement   as
thai  taken by china during the Tatsu   Laiior cnndldnte In Medicine Hat,
M        Imbroglio,    After awaiting    an 	
explanation  for a  sufficient  length of Want $10,000,000 Loan.
iiii", thc Mikado's governmenl will San Francisco, Oct. 15, A |10,Q00,-
Issue order.! directing the .Inpanese OOfl lionil Issue for the Improvement
garrisons of Northern Kores to Ignore of the harbor of San BYancinco prob-
iii,. Chinese iimdar) In I heir pursuit ibl.v will e recommended to the nexl
,        Ipani fislature by thp loi_;lslatl ve coniuill -
Si \ eral  i kinulsln .-. na  a r   nil n  nn harlxi     n     n   'ments,    which
c [and,   have   resulted  ami    It I i     ':   ������'��� today,   The sum '.'.ill he in-
v.       ���   ���   - di Hi liplomatlc    hli     ten     .    ��� ���    ��� :��� the ��� >. >cji liture for a
.,.,,...... I fifteen   year?'.
cheque will  lm returned.
The I lepa i: menl doi - not bind Itsi lf
to acci |il  ��� he lowesi or anj  tender.
l!y Order,
aei   etn ry,
Departmenl of Public Work    ���   tawa,
October 2,  1908,
New: p ipei     will  nol   be    paid     for
this  advei tisemenl  if  thi    :     it
wlthoul   nuthority   ; om    J      Di partment
Regular sailings bet-veen
calling at Hammond, Haney, Langley,
Mission and way ports, with passengers and  freight.
Leaves Brackman & Kei wharf,
N'ew Westminster, Tuesday::, Thursdays and  Saturday at 3 a   m.
Leaves Chilliwack Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 7 a, m,
For rate;, and po tlculars, npnlv
P.. WHITMORE, Bei etar'y'
0K)*C*O*C^0*0O*0*C*O*O*O^ O#O#O*OK)*(_^CO*O*0*O*0^
Sealed lender.-, addressed to "the
undersigned and endorsed "Tender lor
Dredging Coal Harbor," will be received until Friday. .:mh October,
liios, at 4:30 p, m., for dredging required at Coti! Harbor, Vancouver,
Province of British Columbia:
Tenders  will nol   be considered  un-
h. a made mi  the form supplied, an
Bigni d with ncl mil .- gnal un ,   of ten
del "i  .
Speclflcai Ion and form ol teud r < in
be obtain : on application " G. A,
Keefer, ISsq., res) lenl engineei
New \\ ��� ��� mlnsi . B, ('.. an I ai
��� he Di ia ment ol Publli \'.'': I ���
Ottavi a 'i i idi musl lm ude me
tow ing  ol rli ii    to and   rrom
��- rks, 'ihi :, idgi a can be employed which are 11 glstei ed In Can ida at
i he iiim��� of ill" filing of tendei a wil hin
twenty daj s after i he date thi y havi
been notlfii d of t he acceptance of
their tender,
An accepted cheque on a chartered
bank, payable to tbe order of tbe Honourable the Minister of Public Works,
for one thousand dollars ($1,000.00),
must be deposited as security. The
cheque wlll be returned ln tasi- ot
non-acceptanci   of  tender,
The Departmenl does nol bind Itself
tn accept the lowest or any tender.      ,
By order,
Department of Public Wot y.r
Ottawa,  Octobei   7,   1908.
.\ - spape ' will not be paid tor
th.ts ndvertiseini n; if they insert H
wlthoul autho ll, from th ��� Department,
You'll  Be Stuck
On   Our Cement
win:.   you see  how  I;
win i,     ou  wanl   11   "",    ^
wil] be   ���. tally pleased wl
othe illding    materia
whii       ���  carry a >
Wi    figun   "u    ��� ��� :,~
yi   . .   Ial.    -
...   ..
with .V       first order i
ii las .'
vJ-JL JL/ xjlj \
Ll IVI IT E D "" J
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********************* ������������*���������*�����������*���*"* -fi 3AV.
��� i
^'^^^^���oe-r-'to+O0^ ��� v - o+o+q+o+o+O+OO+C^C+O^O^
ot0^*o*9H^���-1Z���   ���������  ; i _
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(Continued trom Page Three.)
the development of the province, as
| had already been done, and would no
! doubt continue to be done.
Speaking   upon   Premier   McBride's
Journej   - -  England, tbe speaker observed that the words "tina! and un-
| alterable"  contained in    the  statute,
| were altogether  superfluous  and   un-
I necessary, as had been pointed out at
the time by one of the clerks of the
British  House of Commons,    for  uo
statute was final and unalterable.     ,e
words were originally contained in ,a
resolution adopted by tbe Quebec con-
adopted by the last
making   It   an  expensive   province   to
admini   ��� r, more  ��� s - nslve ::i.m  anj
other    ������ dnce     rtnother point would
ii.-   the  tariff.    British  Columbia w*as
no   ��� manufacturing province and tne}
hud to ;,ay a good deal In the way of  ference and  was
cu-   mis and excise   which  was  taxa- conference.
tion.    Was  I'-  no:  strange    that  thej    The   question   of   Asiatic   exclusion
Conservative candidate.who complain- bad been made a political football in
ed of the increase of the tariff by a I British Columbia for some years. Tbe
Mr. W. W. B. Mclnnes
Mr. Robert Jardine
will address the Electors of South
Vancouver and Burnaby
in the
Agricultural Hall,
Monday, Oct. 19th,
at 8 p. m.
Conservative government from 17%
per cent, to 30 or 40 per cent., was
supporting a still further increase in
the present customs tariff and at ths
sam." time demanding better terms
beca : ���        th - increased duties.
Tae policy ol the government ever
���':. it came Into power bad been.
j not to increase duties, but to reduce
I them. British Columbia last year paid
duty on seventeen millions for goods
Imported from abroad, and the reduction made on the tariff by the government represented a saving to tho
people of the province of $100,000.
But Mr Taylor was ihe supporter of
a policy that would Increase taxtaion
by  five or ten per cen .    i A voi
government was certainly entitled to
credii for stopping Chinese immigration to thi- country, and for one or
two years no Chinamen have come
in. though i' few had arrived recently.
The government had passed an act
for increasing the head tux upon the
Chinese and had made an agreement
with Jap.':; thai no more than a certain number of ��� *>rers should conn
Into the country md these only by
permission of the Dominion government. The result of this arrangement
was that during the. last three months
titers had not been flfty Japanese
come into British Columbia. Th _���
 j agreement was being lived up to by-
ice ; the Japanese government, and it tnls
"He's  no good.")     He   |Mt. Temple--!
man)   did not  I e i ���*.      h ���     lople    of
British Columbia desired  to see what
Mr.Borden called adequate protection
The Liberal government was trying to
( ,.*��p  the  tariff  or.  a   revenue  basis.
They hud lowered ii and given a pre-|
ference to England.    It had been as
! serted by-
was not done, they had the govern
ment officials on this side to see to it
Then there were not any Hindus coming in, this ibeing the result of Mackenzie King's journey to England and j
the arrangement be was able to make
with the British government to restrict the Hindu immigration to Can-
j Wanted -:- lost -:-" Found .
I for Sale ���:��� To Rent -:- Etc. I
part   i .ish.
Dally New
TO RENT���Delta farm, 2*10 acres. aU j FOR SALE���Light pony cart, in good
cultivated   and   underdrained,   jtoodl    condition;   or  exchange for buggy.
house, harns and buildings; spring
water piped on to property; shipping facilities by water and rail;
Church and school close; produced
$5000 this year; 6-year lease to
right party. White, Shiles St Co.,
New  Westminster.
Vancouver  road. East  Bur-
v 'l'"'    . c mple   to   '.-hare   in
:i -   modt rate.
'���- Mi     D., Britcola P. 0.
:* SALE   ;-., ��� acre i0t, cheap
Brownsville;   close   in.
M    Dailj   News,
WANTED���To purcha
bush laud, close in.
3 acres gooa
E. H.. News
FOR SALE���House, stable and two
lets, cleared and fenced. Second
stre t and Tenth avenue; price
reasonable, and terms easy. Also,
two lots adjoining, nearly cleared.
Apply to Qeorge Sharp, on the premises.
Conservatives that the Lib- ada.   Altogether "he policy ot the Liberal parr, had promised  the country  eral government In handling this vex-
free  trade     It  was  true Sir  Wilfrid  ed Oriental question had been a sen-
Laurier  hud  in  discussing  the  tradejslble and proper one.
question at a public meeting, expressed a great admiration for the English
policy, had said this was an ideal tar-
j iff and wished Canada could have It,
hut that this was impossible for many
years to come.
Speaking further upon the Better
Terms question, ..Mr, Templeman remarked that Premier Whitney, the
Conservative premier of Ontario, had
said that Mr. McBride had not been
either fair or candid towards the conference. As to the proposal of Mr.
Borden to submit this matter to investigation, what would the other provinces say? They would all want ad-
I ditional subsidies aud none of them
i would accept the position that anyone province should benefit at the ex-
i pense of the other. Altogether he regarded it as a very serious matter to
attempt to interfere with the very
! basis of the principle of con'.'":'
tion. This agitation was unfair and
unpatriotic and would probably lead
to very serious trouble if persisted In.
Ii was much better to obtain for the
province larger contributions toward3
beneficial works of Improvement and
Mr. Templeman urged that the electors  could  not  properly   record tneir
votes   upon   the   questions   of   Better
Terms   and  a\.siatic   exclusion   alone;
they  must  consider  the  greater  national issues.   They saw that the result of  the careful  handling of the
tariff  by  reduction of duties  and  by
giving preference to England had resulted in the trad-e of Canada increasing   enormously;     it    had   increased
three-fold during tbe term of the Liberal government (Hear!  Hear!);  pro
���jress   an,.!   prosperity     had     marked
every year -n the history of the government.    One of Us best works had
been   its   Immigration   policy.      The
prosperity or' British Columbia, today
In the coast cities, in the agricultural
aud  lumbering  districts was   due  almost solely to this emigration policy,
and   the  peopling of  the  agricultural
provinces  east  of the   Rocky   mountains.   Tbey had Bpent a large sum of
money upon this work and had   last
year  brought  In  260,000 people, at. a
cost of ? I per head, .vhiie tho Conser-1
vatlve- i.i  LS96 brought  in I'o.OOO at a
cost ol    li :ii- head.   They hal spent
WANTED��� Furnished room by young
man; < lose in. J. E. C, Daily News
CurniBhed front bed-
i ow Press, tack of
or 287  Victoria St.,
WANTED���Tyro or three unfurnished
rooms;   must ibe moderate;     near
bridge preferred, Apply Post 0-flce
Box 732,
LOST���Lady's English open face 1
carat gold watch.   Finder please re
turn to .1. Bell; World office.
for   general
177 Queen's a
LET*  Two  furnished
*,!-' ���!���, this office,
_'"' '"���������'���'���" rbusinesi
"--, Citv
Perleneed clerk in cigar
ss.   Apply    Box
WA.\T)*i,     -       ��______________________m_____
--..���crieneed man and w
* W01'k for fruit ��
'a wiiuns
j- J. m
irm.    Wife must
'����� do housework,   Apply
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v   nurse   girl.   Mrs.   Dr.
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road, good fruit and vegetable ����
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sell cheap. Apply J. E. W.,
T0 LET���-Housekeeping
Ished or unfurnished,
room with fine view.
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rooms  Mm*
also  8lngl��
Apply i--!
AUENC'Y���Under new management
26G Columbia street, Phone 366, P.O
box 807. Can supply you with all
kinds of help promptly, free of
charge. Branch office, 107 Cordova
street weet, Phone A 2750. Vancouver, B. C.
Japanese Employment Agency
Mate and Female  Help Promptly
COLUMBIA    and    McNtGuEY   STS.,
Phone  431- P. O. Sov  885
present   management
of  the
Hotel Butler Annex
Fourth  Avenue  und Marlon Street,
Washington, wishes to announce that UNIFORM REASONABLE
RATES will prevail in the future, regardless of conventions,
World's Fair, etc.
Room $1  per day up.
Room  and board $2.50 per day up.
Room with bath $2-50 per day up
Room with bath and board $4 per day.
If rates have seemed unreasonable in  the  past,  please  give
this hotel another trial;    we will   promise    to  send     you    away
thoroughly   satisfied.
All are outside rooms, with  hot  and  rold water,  steam  heat,
ond long distance telephone.   'Jus meets all trains and boats.
in railway subsidies twenty millions
and had built 3000 miles of railways,
which became necessary owing to
great increase of population. Me
considered that the expenditure of $3,-
600,000 tor the Crow's Nest Pass rail-
'���' ���!.' ha ! I een many tunes repaid to
the people of the country. Were
these things proof of the criminal extravagance with which the Conservatives charged them?
A member of the audience having
asked whal became of the coal from
the interior, Mr. Templeman informed
him that much of it was turned into
coke for the smelters.
"lt goes into the United States."
"Yes,"     replied     Mr.     Templeman.
''quite a lot of it.    Much of the coal
Iron-.  Vancouver Island  goes to    San
Francisco, and what else should it do?
I do not care where it goes���to China
if   you   like���so  long as   we  get  the
money back in this country. (Cheers.)
The opening of the Crow's Nest Pass
mines  and  the   reduction     in  prices
which the government had been able
to secure were largely responsible for
the prosperous conditions of the smelters. (Cheers.)    Again, was it criminal
extravagance   for  the Dominion  government  to   erect   important     public
buildings   in   British  Columbia? With
I two   exceptions,  one   in   Victoria  and
one  in  Vancouver,  there   was not   a
public building in this province where
the  Conservatives  went  out of office.
-Alter this year there would not be a
city in the province without ai  least
one public  building. (Cheers.)
Then   the   government   had greatly
improved   navigation   facilltless  upon
the coast.    Would it be criminal extravagance if they spent a million dollars on the improvement of the Eraser
river?    He had the pleasure of bringing the proposition of New Westminster's citizens before the cabinet and
it was agreed to at once.   The government agreed to make a start upon the
plan  submitted and  it  being  pointed
out that it was absolutely necessary
to have a first-class dredge to deepen
the channel and build  the jetties,  it
was agreed to obtain one.    The government had been charged as culpable
that night because they had gone to
Germany to get this dredge, but what
sensible man except Mr. Taylor would
say such a thing. (Laughter and cries
of   derision.)     Tae   dredge  Ajax had
r.een two years in construction and if
they  had   undertaken  the building of
this new dredge in British Columbia,
if that were possible, it could n >t have
beeu   accomplished   in   anything  less
than a year.    But they had obtained
this powerful new dredge at once and
she was sailing across the ocean now.
(Cheers.)     This    w.as    also  the  one   .
dredge above all that  was necessary
for doing the work.
In conclusion Mr. Templeman call-
ed  attention to the fact  that all the
principal planks of the  Halifax platform���about   which   Mr.   Taylor    had
been careful not to say anything���bad
Ibeen effected  by the  Liberal govern-
l ment.   He could not conceive that the
'constituency    of,   New     Westminster
could do other than support the Liberal government which had done more
In  one  year  than   the  Conservatives
had done iu ten. (Loud cheers.) They
would make a grave mistake if they
did not  give this support. (Applause,
-.-.nl a voice���"They will do that")
The honorable gentleman then resumed his seat amid hearty plaudits
and cheering.
A tjupstion was askei: "Wasa$800,-
000 appropriation tor New Westminster spent upon Victoria harbor?"
Mr. '['.-'.'..pieman: "Certainly not.
The tiling would ,te Impossible. The
auditor general would not allow it."
Tli9 proceedings closed with the
singing of the National Anthem.
Subsequently thc Hon. W. Templeman, Robert Jardine and a number
of well known Liberals of tho district
sat down to supper at Galloway's restaurant, under the presidency of R.
C. Bar well. The well served repast
was much enjoyed.
>���*_    *��       .*
'���"���j, -  ,���
. :  ������      ���   ,
:' ��� ��� ��� -���    -, -
i ,*j\> - v $
. *..-'���'..*'��� ���'
���''' x ,,
��� ���������*������
/���"���t- *l
I     ".%���'���' .*
'   ''"'��� '��� ���
���   .*-,;i'i",    ������
;'��� ���
m    ������**���'(!
". ���-,��
_-   '
; HLerli
,'"        I-'   (.,.��������.
i* '���
,.   $ *."< ���    til". 1, ?.'  '
���'   '������ : '
.   -r ,.ii''"ri4':���
- ���"' tf-yj
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*"'*' .'��� ��� .rl     ' '
,   : >��������
- \tirm
'��� r$,��
'. jj.''"���v.*   ...'������   ~:
����<    -V    '
'������'���,*.   iV   1
t.,   -  ���',-*'���''' l����_��*^ ���   I
- - *__ ��� i ,
���l * -i,   tu ���..';������������
.��� _-��� ������t.-'i, :**;.*
Jrt  <���     |. -��m* ��� :   .       ,  .      ��
VI   I '      .'
���<!..:;_;. ���,.
*���'��� .toift-   Tr'il.
,.- .���' r*1?'.'*; -i:'1 w   'ii
" n   .  ���/*.���.��'.",���
���    :_*   ����     '   ml    i     ��� ^ ?*��� ���   ���*
y* m���**<].*;;}*������.
���** -  '.-i-"! - ��� ��� _''
,*,'���" *i*l.', L ..-.* :
���-���-* *ty.'*i
i i.V^.Mf >;;_
���   ���  S�� A   -"mT'.rA    k.vU
.    .-���".....������ii :,''.*��� ���:>*���
���        '    ;":i**'-   IM M-. ��� ji**:
* ���** J
'.      a   'I
V *'��v''*��� *H$
.1* i. **��� ���
"-!.! ta# ll
���11     <i*"*_    '"!;��� :+l*T   -' l<
<n- ,*| i**w -,,��:,, ��� -
-������: '   '.:    Wi��1fc$&r*'.ri
P    'i.    ������"��r.\
������ **������''   _.   UV-
._".'   . '<���-���   '������;
?iQ*m. Ck'.��-
"hUl " l��ll 'a!
Sis *ii ���������  * v '
���*ai-4 ly.:*i_?* *"���.*���"
���..T..^��,i-i:.'i,>I'*    VS.:.
,,  "
��L  'II  !'._.    i
,7*   It.     ��������� .    ���    4
1   ,ii;,-....'v,We> '���
'���i.'--*^^-  q i
v ;W*1
rt# f' .
irfii*. ,
;wr^r; i
r? ������'.*".
f\M   '.',��-'"b;
���ab'*"'_,"""l'..   '
���*��� ',_.'.    .-   '
. 1. fcb,     ' .   ���
*:-'"t ��� ���".���'���������
V'?. w ������"*��� '  ���
,*' ������>
���#*;���:;; ;������ '
'������fl .if'- il i r ji' ���-, ������ ���*
fK'�� ���?. '
I'K_ i::"">'-ja>"
���fi*? f '    -*   ":
-   -    '      >  ��   .       . :
I.,       V  '    '
M_r4��'���� *J "���*:���
If." ' *4���"'���ii''
����&-? ' j .," -ft
ft? ���" ?i.p-
".Lj   . -; i- .;
I* .   .��' 'i
Jr.' ,,��
This is a good time of
year to do
The iv.i-lii!] match in the Inter-
bouse bowiiiiL; leaaue was brought off
I Inst eventnn 3OTWK?eh Hughes and Em-
| ery's teams, Price captained Emery's
live in his abs ��� ���: -. :. i I the team won
by it!;: pins. Rol ��� iison made the
highest  scoi     i 2.    ToniiiT.r.   gi ���
will   be   be wi Hale  an.l   La tha in'--;
���' ams,
Hughes'   Team.
Tti.   Ave.
T"\      c           ���
Stein     152    ! l.'i
106    371
Robertson   . . . ' ".���    182
[J.   iMonl;     1*33
137    !___.
i 17    129
: 12
,C. P. Latham    21    1 17
Htifib'es   ..
1"!    :;7::
before the wet weather
sets in and the
Capt.   Emery's
1        2
Dailey   ...        :"
:;    Tti.
F.   Burni tt   ..'." ;    1 "A
145    107
into the wood.
Rogers     1W     167
W. rfurn'i II      ' '��� '���    '"'
155   -467
it'     153
Price    I1"*-    -3"2
i    ;>m
21 ! i
(Continued  from   Page  i.i
ions ot bay, Therefore they would
si e thai ' ��� tillers of the sol* in tbe
district were going (o benefit by tin
establishmi n i this mill, Nor was
this tlie onlj Indus   of the hind fha
, would be established on >. rlvi r. It
', ai   pretty . ei tain that within iwo or
1 two an : a hall j ��� the river 1m-
:in'ii; being completed the population of -V ��������������� Westminstei. would fe
do : led; an I tbi ������' "Id tin an fi .a i
ly increased market. Tlie speahur
then gave comparative prices of coui-
,i,.-.  |'n   1896  and  ai   the jti��*������-.-���''-
1 time,  the  great    Increase    of  the--i
showing   how   wonderfully     the com-
��� 'cial interests of the province had
, ih \ eli.pel   un.Ier   the   ptOSUeSSive   I''1
[minlstratton of the i.-.ium- .^oveni-
iiieni.    (Applause.)
Fraser Fisheries.
Roberl   .l.ii-.line.   who   wa-.   iU-lUl hi
"T- 1c' 1^,
i Paint
'Wears on the Job, not
Anderson fe?
hearty   reception,  said     the;.
We Have
of the best quality.
,& CO.
Ellard Block, New Westminster.
Reglna,   Sasl      Oct    lo.    The Cap!
tal   Lacro isi   i ' morning   for
wardi i  to  P. D    to        ru te ��� ol
Minto Cup, a ch 11 M.-v for the silver
-. .: e   ��hich  Indi tl      eh impion-
ship nf Q'an'a        i   icrot-so i ircles, The
cup is :n  pri   enl  held ;',-   Xew  West -
minster,  ha\in      ��� ��� n  w: .1  this  sum-'
mer in two suci es ...   games.
The Regina Ca
of th ��� w. stei n ��� 'ana la Lacro ;se association for 1907 and 1908, and ari
also holders of Lbe cKipman Cup for
the international championship, u j,s
i-Xiieclid thai
cepted    garni
abundant  evidence  on   all   sides   tha
the countrj had enjoyi d a remarjta i
era  of prosperity   under   the   Li -   ���
administration, and he did not belli ve
the electors   fc-ould  now  turn out   Si
Wilfrid Laurier's government to oial*
room fi     i pa I done nol h
he  [ng,    Having touchi I upon the Asiatic
and   Bi ' er Ti rms questions,  Mr. Jai -
dine p   iceeded to - ��� in of the Impo
tani local i isue in n gar 1 to the trea
menl of the fishermen.   The Dominion
regulatii ns in regard to fishing on thi
Praser were nol quite as they should
are champions   be, ami he would devote his efforts ti
getting thi ������' amended, bin  the chii
fault had   ��� en on th ��� part of the Provincial government,  which had introduced an act nnd started in lasi Jan-
ihe challenge  is ac-   u'ary  ti   enforce  their regulations,    A
wil]   be   played   next   more Iniquitous persecution than that
spring  or summer.
Liberals Disfranchised in Manitoba.
Winnipeg, Oct.la���Every day brings
to light many disfranchised Liberals,
not only i:i Winnipeg, but in all parts
of the province. Slot only was regis-
teration made difflcull last -May owing to the inconvi nleni location of the
booths and the short notice given, but thesi
through   clerical   errors,    dozens    of
put upon the fishermen was neve:
pi I-, etl il I. The mi n had Btronglj
resented this treatment; but .--oiiie of
them had been convicted in the prosecutions undertaken by the Provincial government. Now, however,these
convictions had been quashed by
Judge Howay (ApplauseI. who said
the province had no right to Issue
i bnoxlous regulations,
River   Improvements.
nanus  were  lefl  off.    ,'v,-,- one  hun- Referring   to   the   Fraser   river   im-
dred   Liberals    clamored   to   see   the provement,     Mr. Jardine     said    this
reglsteration books at the governmenl would nol only give them a thirty feet
offices   yesterday   to  see    that   their channel  away to the gulf,  but   would
names   had   been   legall,
they  wer,,  refused  the
'  entered,
rei; nest.
tr       ADVERTISE       ts*
��� IN ���
THE      DAILv      NEWS
Ottawa, Oct. 13.���The Canadian and
Mexican governments are negotiating
for a new  mutual  agreemeni   for the
continuance    of     the     Pacific     coast
si i, ������   to   protect   the   dyke s  on   ; he
Delta and Westham Island. This work
was in  no  way  an  election  proposl-!
lion.   The government had taken thei
matter up iu earnest and ii  would beJ
pushed through  with all speed.
Hon.   W.  Templeman   reviewed  the
work   of   the  government   in   a   ludd i
and  interesting   speech,   and   claimed!
that it was this that really formed the
steamship   service   between  the     two   jSauc  0f  the  present  election
countries, but nothing definite is arranged yet. It is hoped an agreement
will lie reached  In  a short time.
f ;!! t    * Electric Railway Service i
Interurban   Line.
Curs for Vancouver and way
stations wil] run every half-
botir from 5:50 a. m. Last
car leevee at 11 p. m.
(Last ear lv. Vancouver 11:30.)
Cars leave the depot every
twenty mtautes for both Sapperton and city limits over the
cit\  line.
City Line: Cars leave tram ���
office on the hour, tweaty mln- ���
utes after and forty minutes af- *
ter. commencing at 6:20 a. m. 2j
Sapperton Line: Cars leave S
at ten minutes after the hour, %
half past and fifty mtautes after ���
the hour, commencing at 6:30 *
a. m. ��
Sunday Service   iisitr nenriy b��-  r
tween 8.30 a.m. and 11 p.m.
Mr.  Rudd,  in  proposing ,a vote    ofl
thanks  to  the  speakers, said h.- had j
never heard such a clear, definite and I
fair statement of affairs as they had
just received  from  Hon.  W.  Templeman. (Applause.)      The  motion   was
seconded  and   carried   with   acclamation.
The Leaver arrived in lute yesterday afternoon with a heavy cargo of
oarcasses, fruit, hides and other merchandise, mainly for today's market,
from up-river poinl s. She also
brought down seventy-five pussi ngers
from up-river points.
British Columbia Electric Ry. Co., Ltd
��� ������--* ���������.��� ���:��� ���������������������;������������������-������:>���������:������-::������.:;-������:.��� #���>:.-���-:;= ���..���.\f*#**i*#*??*#*i!t*#*'��i*
null".!   dwell
lliii'. o
rooms, modern,
rooms, modern,
5 30.CO rents  new  modern  7
$25.00 rents on Fifth avenm
$22.00 rents on Agnes street, i, rooms, modern, ]-,     ...,..,
$20,00 rents 5-roomed cottage on Fourth street, modern, fine lot,
$20.00 rents on Columbia street, near Crescent, 6 rooms,
$18.00 rents on St. George atreet, 0 rooms, modern.
$18.00   rents   7-iotimed   lions,- on  Third avenue.
F. I HART & CO., Ltd
Telephones   88 -109
VOLUNTEER     BOUNTY     ACT,    1908.
IfJverj  asslgnnieni  of the rlghi of a |i
j South   African   Volutei r entlth i]   ,,  a
i ''Old gram   musi     be   '.,?.   wa.)   ol  up*
pointmeni of u subs.tlinte und mu i be
i hi  i he in: ii.  provided  bj   the  \, I
Special  attention   Is  called   to  Sub
I section ���'��� of Section ���'. i). ihe Volume*, (
Bounty Act, itiu*.. which provide, lhal
no assignment of the right of a  vol-'
uiiieer by ihe appointment of a i :..-
stitute shall be acci pted or recognli. id
by  th"   Department     ,,|   ;|,,.   interior
whieh  is not executed and dated after'
the  date  of the  warrant  for the land
grant issued  by ihe Minister of Militia!
and Defence In favor of the volunteer.!
Commissioner of Dominion
I.and:'   Ottawa,
28th  September,   1908,
Telephone 334. p. 0.  Box 55G.
Accountants,  Auditors  &.  Assignees.
Hooks kept, and written up,   State-
I ments  of iieeoiini i   made out,    stock
sheets   listed   and   checked,    Trudlna
,111111 profll nnd 1":    aci o mt:   made up.
Books   ImLnnced.
i Balance : liec!    pri     . i ,.'
Eegbic St., New We��tmln��ti
An   Underwear  -Department
Tnat Can Supply Your
Every Need
it  is not tlie ordinary kinds of Ci '    ���*���'���
Tine ii i3 that we carry  :���, v- -       ���:''h  ;-'   similar to what
then again we pay special atteotlon ti ..'.,.
-tores think it is no'   worth while u '���     with.   Taki   tl        u    Ei '   abou
'uelow.    Then visit om unqe'rweax de nd    ee ourself if
Just  mention  any   iin,.  you wish to see ������'-    ' ���' sb R*n   o you  ��� , ,,  ..���.
Ladies    W-^ool   Combinations
Union  and   All   Wool  Makes
Penman's   Natural Wool  Combinations.   E ch  $2.50 and $2.7:
Watson's  All   Wool  Unshrinkable Comfcin  tlon       Bhov. i   b   '  ey
���  ���  ���   only;  all  -/< -     Each  $2.00 and $2.25
rhe st.  Margarel   Combination .   m Engll h maki  of garjnentfl, ail wool
grej and white; : ��� ,      .-.. |; ;. ;    .-,      $1.50 to $2.00
All   bizes   of   CKiidren s   C
bmations, $1 to $2
I i j*
Penman's Natural   Wool  Combinations- for children and misses,    (Sai h
 $1.00 to $2.00
Children's and Misses* Union Combinations,   Watson*,;,   grey  only:   flne
ribbed;   medium   weigh:.    Bach, according lo size  .$1.00 to S2.CC
An Excellent Ckoice m all
Qualities oi Women s
Undervests  and   Drawers
Mote tli"  s ecial  values here mentioned:
Women's Winter-weight    Cotton     Undervests,
grey  only;   drawers to match.    Per garment  ..35c
Heavy White Cotton Unserve* ._ aud Drawers,
slightly liner than those shown In ti'" grey; fleece
lined.    Per garment       -10c
Ladies' Union |'nderwear and Drawers, ,.; several   qualities and all sizes.    Her garment    40c to 75c
Ladies'   All Wool   Undervesi    and   Drawers,    In
i tui"   medium and  heavy  ri1*. s. and   shown  In  all
weights  from Ihi   llghi  cashmenre    to   the  heavy
wool,   ln   grey and white. P< r garment, 7ic to $1.50
Ladles' Natural Wool Undervests and Drawer-.
In two grades Turnbull's and Penman's make.
Each   S1.25 and $1-50
Ladh ���-' HI
.!.   .   :'-.:. rvi
medium v elj
Ities   onlj ;     d
in,ri b     E ti     i   - . $1.50
TIghl  .     in
only,   sold
lti   Inches,    Per !
    $1.25,   $1.3!
Special   !���: v      0   si:
I'ndervests,   In
.-til wool qualll
are extra largi
drawers can  b<      :
match.        !'��� :    garmeni
 75c to ��1-75
Ladies  Cof-on or
^Vool Corset
Ladies, Fine Ribbed Knit Cotton Corset Covers, with out -
sleeves, high neck; all sizes,
 35c to 50c
Ladles' Woollen Corse! Covers, otherwise known as the
Spencer Ribbed Swiss Vests;
exceptionally soft, and medium
weight; high neck and long
sleeves     Each        $1-25
Silk and Wool I'ndervests
and Drawers. Garments of *\
tra nice grade; flne ribbed, soft
elastic and perfectly finished iii
every respect; especially desirable as an extra warm garmeni
uiihou: extreme weight. Per
"i uu ui    . uch    $2.50
Small Children's Button
Front Undervests,
Watson's make
Made   of    fine   soft    white    wool.      A
Bpecial iitii'iue feature of this line is
tho fact that the seams are al! turned to the outside, which prevents all
chance of imitation so objectionable In
many lines of children's undergai-
ments, rii��- quality of the slip undervests is the besl produced. I'iach --..
    50c to 65c
Ruben s Vests for Infants
Undervests in the Rueben atyle are so well known to even
person that It is unnecessary for us fo describe them. We carry
ai  al!  times all sizes in thr,.,. graces,
Ruben Vests, union, white only; fine ribbed; all sizes, Each 35c
Ruben  All  Wind, perfectly finished and made exceptionally soft
Y"iir   choice Of   two   weaves. Each    50c to 75c
A Special Line in Children's Sizes,  25c to 35c
Dndervests and Drawers to match, made In wool and cotton
mixture;  heavy weight;  unshrinkable; grey only.   Each 25e to35c
Infants' Hands, made In 3 sizes,   Watson's   Unshrln
in  fine   of! whlti   won!.    Each   	
'��� Boys
wo   Special  Lines oi
Underskirts  ana
Turnbull's Natural  Wool Shirts  '*"d Drawers,  In sizes    for
from 2 to 12 yrs.; made and finished iu Bame style a_ ��';1 kn0
fcflrttienfa of the sum,, make for men; sold by Bizes  Bach75c o
Turnbull's  Perfeci Kitting Union   Shirts  and    Drawers,    m
plain  button  irom and unshrinkable.    This line wi   have b'"
years and we can specially recommend  It   tor  boys'  wear.
.ir to '���>*���
garment, according to size. ,.   J
'���*   (HI
' '
W. S. Collister & Co,
....���..t.t..���au_x��c___miuiiai ..t.'::.*-:....'". '���


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