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The Daily News Feb 20, 1907

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UTY SENDS DELEGA TES mm weighs short    diver will not dive
TO OTTA WA ���0UNCES T0 ?m      SAYS ,rs DANG���8
luncil, Board of Trade and Fishermen Strongly Object
To Plans of Vancouver and Victoria Delegates in
Connection   With  Fraser River and  Salmon Fishing.
. nation of thtree will leave for strongest argument againsi u,,
Vi, either this afternoon or to scheme ironi New Westminster's
,,   :    rnlng,   for   the  purpose  of   standpoint,  was  the attempi   to close
���he  river above  the  bri Ij
Mr.  Audi rson said  that   :..��� ,11,1 n()i
'' :  a  moment   tha   the gove
I'enl   ,vi      !   igri .-   to   Ihi    II - rlmln
Hon 1 1 c ose ihe fishing in tin   Fr.
��� ������'"   hours, and n    11
'Six 'mat's in the Gulf.
W'   R   Gillej   Inquired   tvheth       ,.;
be ��� vi nl ol  ih ��� dele    Hon
able to si cure all the com 1     1 n
ed for, the meeting  won] I be In :, .-���
E'antinj!   thi    close     seast n     durins
Vm's-  I rovldlng  the  fishing above the
Fraser  river   bridge   was   nol   cai   ���
Mr.   Mi
rke;   Shopper   Finds   He   Is   36
Shcrt  on   nineteen   Pound
oz.    Makes Descent to Locate the Stranger
���Cannot See and :inrts Death
11 , er   -���! ittason   ol   Vancou ver   yes-
I terday   made   a   descent   at  the s-pot
. . ere thi   s ti . m ; ng Si rangi .   is sup-
. " 1   to   have   sunk   about      :i   days
i - '.   The apparatus used by tit" -liver
for  t'n
againsi   the     recommenda-
, the representatives
,   ���    mver  and   Victoria  can
.,  w 1,1, left   the coast   im   111
, g��� irda.\ afterni     Tin' de-
��� .��� selected from among
W,   il.  Keary,   mayo .
,1,   It.   Brennan,  Geo
. lie  final  selection  will I e
11101 ning, and  preparations :
..: tare  of   the  delegati in
.  I       The   trip   to  Ottawa
,, ,,   W ill   occupy   al   leasi   two 1
:. 1 the  proposed expenditure
e  met   by   the cltj   coun-
Markel  shoppers  would  do well  to
weigh   thei;-   butter   as   soon   as.   they
���   ' h   home  as   .-��� .���' ral   cai es   have
1 'nm' 10 han 1 during tin   past week in
'���':' 1  there is  found  to be a  eon-id-   -    s nmci  :    a board the Samson, and
������ shortage in the weighi  of the   he descended with the aid of a rope.
< 1
iVhi   ���;  '.'��� ���-..- sold  tor pounds.
Ill'* a.1-. .    .a.-t       Aie,,   1 ..    ;��� -I
nine"' a     supposedly     po ind
'1 ie fli        ifflculty he foun I v.i1- the
th   ,-il.v   of   tin-   w U   r.      Win .1   ' a I
11   ' he i a dept;.   il  a boul  flft  'a  feel
commenced   to   get     dark    and at
Members of  the   Black  Chapter Assemble  150 Strong
Mayor   Keary  Gives  Address  of   Welcome���Officers
Are Elected���Will Hold Banquet To-Night.
Ti:,. cltj       now in the bands of the   Grand  Black Chapter which wi.; ri t
Orangemen.     They  have  come  from | lr= Vancouver in the month of Ma;
'a, south, easl and west, aboul a
hundred 1 a 1 fill ��� trong, to al * ad a
Grand   It ��� I^     tea lon.
Officers   were  elected  as   follow-;   K.
VV. ti. Master, Sir Kt. I). ('. McLaren,
Kamloops; K. VV. I*. Master, Sir Kt.
Edwin  Hush, Mission  City;   R, VV   A.
pointed   oat
,. $250 for each member of      ��� "'���  -"fickle   pointe
..,,;,���!. closing of the  Frasei
m* ' ting  called  yester
,1 ria
* m
: uon for the purpose of dls-
:���,,    fisheries    question,   was
ii a led,   there   being   preseni
:,. .,:,. Aid   Henley, Aid. John-
. 1 iray, Aid. Shiles, represent-
incil, and  VV.  R. Gilley, J).
T,    S.    Annandt le.    A.   E.
K.  Brennan, represent-
I   of   trade,   and   for   lh ���
committeee,    .las     Anderson,
Ceo  Mackie, Andrew Hal-
1   I). Taylor.
Keary occupied   the    chair,
������ �� words explained the pur-
��   meeting.     A.   E.   White
pointed secretary,   .lames  An-
:.   a   short   sj ell,   suggested    ,
ility  of sending a  simnr;
. ti to Ottawa, saying that this
only effectual way to cniinter-
tlon   taken   \i\   the   Victoria
,'���:   canners.     He empha-
11   : ��� cessity of making the de-
strong as possible.
irtls strongly supported -Mr.
,. gestlon, and suggeste I
:.. n Ing a ' immit-
' "   "'       curious   enough     , ��� .        :. ,.: ne coul , n ,; Ree hlg nands
cales and   ������. -   -ar- before Ms helmet.    Hi    'ontlnued bis
' -       find thai the whole lol onl; 'seen!   until     be   bad     reached   the
���  ���     1    ���" It ���: I     slightl       an Ler d    lh of a..oat  GO f* et.    There he fit
be p* und. , ���    >  hlng   gi Ipping   him   ...    :��� i   the ,
���.   who was  advised waist,    lie  gave   the  r-.>ai	
rtagt    '1.ok   ih ���   trouble tn kwerfng  and     fell   carefully    around
���''  -"���   .    lozen   pounds  he   had   pur- iim he discovered that  In- was pra
1 - ���" I ������'! I  found  thai   be  was aboul      call; nimed In with poles and jag-
o  - ince and a half to the pound shy. ged  sticks.    He  found thai   the  mat-
As butter has been, and still is, im 1 esses which Moated away from the
price, almost  a  luxury, it is certainly banks  after  thev-   had   heen   us< I  for
;:  fact   lhat   the  purchaser should  re- shoring purposes  were many of them
ceive  'he full   sixteen ounces to   the standing    on     their  edges,    leaning
ound   in 'end   of  buying   butter   b} againsi each other.   As some of them
"'".���   weight. 1  ��� thirty and forty feet deep he came
In several of the eastern cities, the to the conclusion that i:  was as much
concerning fishing bad been disposed   chiel
' ' earl) In the session, there was very   ia   th
,i'""  'banc of such   regulations  be-   sures
"���    * tforeed   on   the  other  side,     m
this   case,   it    would    In
lo call   for a  close
lhal   the
r riv* .   was contingent  upon the    Washington    state
1 assin
imiiar legislation, and as this
1,1 no' been done, and all regulations
e   mosl    unjust
season on  the  l-'t'it-
���-' r  river.
Reverting to the question of finances, the mayor said that he though!
that the fairesl way would be for the
council to supply the money. In tins
way every taxpayer would help to
snare ����e harden.    The aldermen pre-
senl  tu the 1 ting agreed  with the
"la.vor's views, a formal motion was
-hereupon made by .!. Reid, asking
the council to furnish the sum of $750
i,: '" h ' to cover the expenses of tiie
delegation, which was to he sen; to
Ottawa Tl is
: I'
of  police  is   given  a   free  ham]    as  a   diver's   life   was,   worth   to   ge
testing   of  weights   and   mea- j tangled up among them.   The density
He will drop in upon a butter   oi the water added to the dangerous
Sl  ������    or merchanl and weigh up some   h loked   sticks,   clinging    brush     and
'���'  his  goods  ;. . t II the butter, for in-   forked poles renders a diver very lia-
;"  be at   all shy in   bl   to gel tangled up in such a manner
was carried unanimous-
' ��� ii in la e, ��� hi    nexl  spe 1
.: on the necessitj of hav-
n   n . ti    hal di natation
��� a,   ' he   c.nine:.\ men   and
, - should all be represen
��� tggested the names of Mr.
hi    fisherm '1.   an I   Mr.
in d* he offer
.   as om   ol     ie d        ition
:   i   -  .    no excuse for
, lose  ' ���������   riv* r   ..��� x
. .,1.        he   ild st..r..
a. ti   with   tbe   powt      behind
���     ���   eutirelj   for  His
led       rhe closing of the 1 i*<
i   a-   v ould   be .1  .-11 at   in
a. ...       n  me    a    ������'   ���
. . -��� I  . -   one  o    ' ������������    le|
:     ��� ... a I
IllSl  . ���       "II 1 i'
....      lardlne bi    ent
��� :   '   ���      a  ���    est S Of     'ei     '.
.-   . Iso asited to be exempt
. .     m, on account of the
partner, and
It .     : 1   ,      *��� be name I
''���''���' meeting then adjourned, and
l!" special committee ap iointed to
select the delegates, held a meeting
imm* Hatelj afterwards, hut owing 0
si me of the gentlemen selected n I
1 ' ing  In    ;     city,  it   was  d( cided
���"'���   nn    : trl her action   intil 1 his
weight, the chief simply confiscates
tiie whole shipment, and sends it
off to the hospital. A load of coal
on its way to ti purchaser is ordered
'' be 1 lace i on the scales, and if th t
weighi Is short, the driver is ordered
to haul his load up to the hospital and
place the black diamonds in the coal
shed for the use ol the institution.
Tbe same rule applies to grocers and
other vendors. In places where sucn
laws as these art- In force, such things
at dishonest weights are practically
A   titin has*     of  beefsteak   in   th ��
city recently  bad an experienci   s;',
Uar to thai oi ibe butter buyer.   The
ti :'.-   worth   of   meal   ��hich   was
in hased looked somewhai small and
. ���  .:    I,   turned  onl   to   I ���
��� . Lo seriously endanger his life. Mr.
MattaSOH therefore decided thai the
contract was off so far as he was con-
��� 1 ined.
It Is understood that Captain Fen-
on wad endeavor to secure the services of another diver to hunt for the
missing boat. Tbo.se who bave experience in the mailer and are familiar
with the difficulties in the way con-
si er thai the chances of locating
Ihe missing boat are very small in-
1I1 ed.
The delegates ur* meeting in the I). Master, sir Kt. VV. S. Jago, Van
K. of P. ball and a vasi amouni ol couver; R. W. O. Chaplain, s.. Kt.
routine business bat. een 1 am i; Jason 11 Post, Victoria; K. VV. G.
Tito closing sessions will Le held to Iteglstrur, Sir Kt. .1. .1. Tulk, Van-
da} and ibis evening, :n, i I max will couver; R, VV. n. Treasurer, Sir Kt.
��� leached when the brei iren will II- Fawcett, Vancouver; U. VV. II.
si town to a banquel in Kenny'i re Lecturer, Sir Kt, VV. E. Dunlop, New
laurant. Westminster;   R.  VV.  D. (I.   Lecturer,
Yesterdaj morning the gathering VV. II. Dunmore, Vancouver; R W.
v as welcomed by Mayor Keary in a 0. r'irst Censor. Sir Kt. John Walsh
mosl aide address expre ed his Victoria; R.W.G. Second Censor, Sit
pleasurt In being aide to welcome Kt, .1. .1. Doherty, Cumberland; R. W
to the city, assembled delegt tes. He First Standard hearer, sir Kl I)
expressed the hope that their sessions ; Glbbbard, Mission Cltj : It. W. Second
would be of a harmonious and satis- Standard Bearer, Sir Kt. E. B. Lang-
factory character. He alluded to the dale, Vancouver; It. \V. G, Pursui-
fact that the lasl time he bad addres- van;, sir Ki. 11. Birmingham, Van-
sed a Grand Orange Lodge meetin; couver; R, w. G. Tyler, Sir Kt, A.
was before the big lire of seven year.-t Armstrong, Cumberland; U. W. D. G.
ago. lie bad then expressed the as- Registrar, Sir Kt, C. Elliott, Vancou-
surance thai be would meet the Grand ver,
Lodge in New  Westminster al  a later The    following   were   appointed    to
date, when the city would be enjoying acl   on   the  committee:   Sir   Kt, Dr.
a  Hood   of   prosperity   such    as  bad Osterhout,    Kamloops;    Sir    Kt.    .1.
never   been   known   before.     He   re- Donaghy,    Vancouver;    Sir    Kt.    Dr.
juiced thai his forecast bad come true Evans,  Vancouver;   Sir   Kt.   .1.   Hood,
and thai he mel the Orangemen undei
such   favorable circumstanc* s,
The reply 10 Mayor Keary's address ; Vancouver;   Sir  Kt
was   made   hy   Rev, Merton   Smith, of   Vancouver.
Xew Westminster;   Sir Kt, John Wallace, Victoria;   Sir  Kt.  II.   G. Taylor,
John    Jackson,
Vancouver, who thanked bis worship
for his broad-minded and friendly
The financial standing of tbe order
was found to be most satisfactory, An
a] propriation was made for the en:
tertalnment   of  the   Most   Worshipful
During the afternoon and evening a
vast amouni of routine business was
transacted and the attendance at all
the sessions   was  large.
This afternoon the officers of tha
Provincial (Jrand Lodge will be appointed.
Disastious Flood.
Bellingham, Ten.  19.���The bunks ol
the Xooksack River at  its mouth are
1 ' mil ling.     Greal slices of the M. .1.
1 ��� ������ are faring into the stream
'-������������ '  '    al ,,a,  'it.,-   be   re
Sl   .'���
li        -,   ,.-���'. as   ��� result,
lias   net       gon        u the
.; cbt ���
, ne\      ���   11.
ii I
ci ri
Concert Tonight
Pa t.'-  1 R. I-: 1 Chin  a choir will
a   vocal   and   instrumental
this   evening,   v. 1 In* sdaj.   Feb.
-���. in the :��� dure room of th,. church.
A  mosl    ..;:ractive    p;o, ramme
een     epared      The admission is fix-
e; ai the low sum of 25 ��� ��� nts.
N��w   Branch.
'        Canadian   .. :      oi   Comme:
������-',���'...   ��� ne 1 a branch al  Misison
City.     Th* ;���   '������  \     rent* fl   t* .      rai ���
-.a  -, .  in the Masi nil end-
e erection of   Iheh   own     did
Mr     lonroi   Is in  char-  .
...    -   ten     , . ���    ui
!   egalion
01 e kind to
���  Id  ;. '      1   m
isln   is, M r.
Wife Accuses  Husband  of  Biting   Her
Wrist���Defendant   Released
On   Bail.
Aino-ig 1.700 Canadian Pensioners Are
tc   Ee   Found   Several   Local
nihil    ��� e fi
til    -. mot ning of F*  t   27,  b*    it
... Igh, S.M.    ' he pit ii
In tin tlrs   Stanley   fa i
ton :       n, and lefend  in    ���
ngton     is
bittei     .    gent]
.  .
isi  In tin  wrist.
M . und M ".. I  '. i
ll . u  In d     in tb
nil i ; - and
bom* , J. D. ippan     Ij   lived  amicably    tea'" In
t 1    bashful, while the   The;        ,e a   family   an I   the  ol l<
Buttei     m and J. C    boj   :-     boul   twenty   years   of  age,
ie ;.    Finally    This  ; i mg  man  doe.-  nol  gel   alon .
:  .    delegation   was   verj   well with his daddy, and is said
��� ,   0   a 1 immittee eon-   to   be   upheld   In   his   repudiation   ol
h p the Mayor, tne   parental control, by bis mother.
���  the l oard of trade, T. S
��� : -.
���   n
mtl   ' tl.  Johnston.
''���'I .   I   thai   in   the event
being found Impossible to semi
li o  al   om e,  a   strong  pro-
tin  tu tion of the Vancou-
1 ^ ' tiiria cannerymen be wired
���  thoul   delay,
Keary  replied   thai   they  bad
-''���I to Ottawa, and bad re-
i'oplle    it,nn  the minister  nf
; !-1  i'i betie- saying thai  he
.'''' '"o'i carefully  Into the matter
ling upon  any action.    ,1.
���    VI.P., who had bad sever
"ns   with   the   minister,
��� 1   to  say   thai   In
tb ma.nds of
'      ���    "ran      I.
'''    renit    1 I
��� ec* mbei the father undertook to cor-
rei ; the son. The son declined I 1
take correction peaceably and tit'
path a' ,fi" ��� led to teach the son a
|< sson. In Die middle of Ihe dlfflcultj
Ibe mother "butted" In and took the
son's part. In Irving to pull the fathei
off, her wrist bumped up against the
father's teeth, and as a result she BUS
iained a considerable gash. She immediately left her husband's bed and
hoard, taking ber son with her. The
piesent assault case is the outcome
,. trouble.   The preliminary bear
I ...  ,,.:ll.     dtlce yesterday, and   the ear
nam! 11    to    the 'ho
.   ���,���   a enllone 1.    The   defendnnl   wa
! on $1,00 1 ball,   He wa    lefend
,1 i,j  Myi rs Gray, while J. P.   ;
I for tho t.i nlntil
��� ith
. ��� .--   vi i  In
.. n*
.   .     seventy, pension  1
raised lo $15 a month,    nd a
in    ml   i-   im       '
a mot il     ��� tnj   '
���.     ���; I,,     *,��� a rlcan    y nsion
n ,-   1 'stricted     ���   '���:��� ������    " tn  citizens,      ;,. . ,.   tner(
bui  to anyom   whi   b        I In ery   night
'    i        :    Into    the tin bui* 1    wat
 te  rising.    Oni   a   the bousei
���  onging  to Clark    was   remo
��� '���' . oing  into the    river. ,. .
in   ng   :   ia.      ��� ni ,   b    Sanford
..   v!,;. hew is in ���.. :   -   .    \\ In ���     1 he
ouse     tood    ,- aovr a 1. ging
��� earn      From ten t     : ftei n feet cj
ihe ban I een  washed . vi
ic -     ...a.  conl tint! .-.
': '.     ...a' 3 an
��� : Clark I 'at - thai he ��i'i 1* si    . n
valuable  land.    Since the  high   ..   ;  .
������ log jam has bei it gn atly 1 niargi
is -aid thai    its extent    is 100 pi
��� nt greater than lasl Dec* ml er.wben
atti m]      was  man"   to ri move it.
' ver in front of the Clark  fa  11
1 -    - v.-   .������ i    until    it has fornn I
101 seshoe, and I he full   foi 1 e ol
��� a:ten   is thrown    againsi  '
���.���-..i'i   wood  and  logs    pi  tei
el   uk.--.
netl    id C ec    e tha
a   I   -       ��� ��� ' 10 Ma jor C :  11   n
e, who has 1   argi   of tl e Unit* d
.    1 ngi leering d        tniei
Sound.       ( "it'iii len at dn I
llesl 1    Marb
I bo        econ
I    to    S
ling * bat 1
1 i.
Want   Thaw   Trial   Proceedings   Publishes���Consider Them Greatest
Of  Mo-al   Lesson-.
Suggest   That   Saloons   and   Places   of
Amusement Be Open Till Sunday Noon.
Want  More  Amusemeti
���    1     has been
it b*    re th   public     .     -���       at
riding entertainment t.ie
: o'irod    QUI    : hal    PU    II
nl    are   oci a lonal   onl;
i       omethli
" . on,  Feb.  lh.���();t    ���'       gr iun 1
h failure to n    a lie all ;h"
in   the   trial   ���      Harry   K.
'!'.   .-.   wi    Id mean thi   .. 1     ��� ning  of
a ���.  ��� .-    moral less in 1 I  the age,
igcJi    I   min   te -    ���:   ;    ''-i.i ae* .
;.'   1 b '     tailm   ;.."' ting   a   few   daj a
t 2 1. unanimously vott ' I 1   di ce thei 1-
sr-Ives on  record as favoring all pub-
ii. ity   ���   ssible  coneerning   the tria .
Tin   R v.  Mr,   Hall   announced   his
. -,   mi   as   follows:
��� i  feel  thai   I sh ml 1 making a
, ��� ns late fool of mj st If If I fa. ured suppressing thai testimony. A
peril 1   cannot    fail   to  have   a
strong  .: 11 al  effect   upi n    evi    one.
an I to impress upon the min Is 1
and      un     dike, I he   ni   essitj  of a
:���    I     if ll\ Ing.    As to its '"
ing ret I  by young girls 1 erai   1 1
me '        he eff* cl cann ei f Is*
..  '1  th* m  the
babits  ol  li:.'  and   in
.    ' i; .   rhls.
lal and testl e on
lui iresei
the    ertalntj so..'.   . 1
0 reap,' - an:: ���
I that
.. , : . ,���   are  eligible   for  t:i";;
of the money.    It is estimate 1
over   1710  Canadians    will    b 1
b   ���
���i dng"
in   Vancouver,   and
made  thai   this  tempi
New  w*: min ti .   pe iple to  go over
id  spend  their 1 venings in thi   ter
minal  city, and  often leads to their
drawing pensions In Canada front this    ; ,jng  tne!r 8],opplng there also
,..,,,, 0Ili iim] n.al 500 Of these are vet- estlon thai     means
erans who served iii the Mexican war
ti. fore
��� m
oi   tsIS.
Among those who will benefit by
th, Dew act are Col. Scot., of Porl
lv, who will receive $20 a month
1, ivlng long sitica passe I the age limit
, , seventj five years, and .lames Rous-
sea 1. ,,f Sapperton,
$12 a month
nrv.      Tl "
who will draw
from the American Ire 1 ���
al ter  serve I   as   an   In
. ,,_.,.., an In  a   New
year ���
V'l-k      ,.,���;..
hould bi   . mtployed to Becun   regular
visits of good theatrical companies to
New   Westminster���the emphasis  being on the "good."   Something in the
way of a guarantee would be required,
mt the idea Is thai  local merchants
and   hotel   man   could   afford   to   "pul
up" in order to furnish '-ui h a guarantee, as  they   would  derive   benefit
from keeping . he people al hour'.
'i"b" < olumna of the Dally News a,re
.ti I  r the discussion, al n b ont I
th, bi    Btiggi    i in.
Labor   Party   Meets.
\  meeting 0   thi   La!   1   Pai  .   wa
held  on   Monday   evening,  when
isinea   of the ��� irty's flrsl campaign
c osed   up.     Arrangements w< re
. :���   to strengthen  the organization
.   thai when another eh ctl in   om* s,
the party  will  be in bel 1      b ,.    1
light  the labor battles.
It was recognized thai 1 h< gr at* sl
hindrance to the emancipation of the
workers was owing to thai economic
superstition which claims that the
workers have to be Indeendenl upon
capital, ami thai the only way in
v hich wa. can have progress in this
province is to legislate in the Interests
the  capitalist   class.     To  assist   In
dispelling this Illusion, 11 was decided
���  hold  monthly  meetings  al   which.
;   a Morgan w n Creighton d* sires an
1 ' ' o.'Minity  to show f'.' 1 . bor party
- < rror of Its way. they -.111 be
. :   ; lal ���'.
Seattle, Feb, 19.���Important action
v.as taken by the State Liquor Deal-
ci s' as sol lation lasl nighl as a resull
of the Sunday saloon closing order of
the mayor.
Acting upon the Instructions of '1 1
society, Walter Fuhen. attorne; foi
the  < rganlzatlon,   prepared  an '.     ��� :'
��� ilympia   for   presentation
I L* gislature, a bill amending the pre-
j bi tit  cl* sing law Instead of repc-'-UPS
' ��� itirely,    The new bill, which provides   thai   saloons,   theatres   and   all
"   amusement    shall    remain
" " ��� ��� on Sun laj   until noon, ren lining oj en for the    alan     ol th   ,i iy,
: . ord* ��� to - bow w lal they bell ive
the d* fei ts of the present  law,
v. iii- ii provid* s thai all business bous-
���   "Meat   drug   stores,   under iking
esi il lishn en -. hi .��� Ie   ind liver}   si t-
les 1 n      "i I all day,
a   men   h   ���������   d>   I It I     tha      If
M  '   "  M   ire      es nol   take  1
1 ���'    .. ���    1    .. is    all   these
ton ������  sheriff 01    h 1
���    .' ng attorm     ,vlll   ie asked 11
��� cute.
-' bllt thi Is ��� lng done a c im-
plaint will ' e Ira e I and placi i in
the ban is of some judge of the Su] er-
lor  court   accusing  Mayor  Moore   wilb
malfeasance in office and wilful violation of duty in declining to enforce
the entire Sunday closing law. The
court win be asked to declare bis
office vacant.
Mayor Moore today made the Btate-
ment that, for six months, he has
planned to issue his now famous order
and that the original date set for such
closing was the Sunday prior to last
Christ mas. Why he should have waited several months to enforce the law
the mayor dues nol explain, excepl
that the police depart ment lias been
busy and tin- job of keeping thi Ild
on takes considerable time.
The Fraser Riv* r Mills are now run-
'!'' '   :: hi an 1   la ���  an 1 are Bawlng a
'  amouni of timber.
' 1
> -.
u *
��� *
'    V
thiit    th
That will make you think
^^^^^^^^^^^ here's where your FEET come in   *^i^i^i^i^i^H
t��� Spring will soon be knocking for admittance. Our Spring Shoes will soon be crowding our winter shoes ant
P^nty*ol time to; wear winter shoes yet, but not plenty of time for us to sell them, so that we have decided ty
ALL OUR WINTER SHOES MUST GO.      This is the way we shall hasten their departure. M
11 "M\ i^B -,,	
/^V ' JT tt..;-'
Ladies' American patent
leather boots reduced from
4.50 to 3.25 a pair.
Ladies' fine kid, Blucher
cut boots reduced from 4.50
to 3.25 a pair.
Ladies' kid button boots,
our best make of 3.50 shoes
for 1.95 a pair.
Ladies'fur trimmed English house slippers, reduced from 1.25 to 75c a
Ladies' comfortable house
slippers, 50c a pair.
Misses' and Children's
felt house slippers, 35c a
Ladies' patent leather, 3-
strap evening slippers, reduced from 2.50 to 1.50 pair.
Ladies' fancy beaded 2.50
house slippers, 1.50 a pair.
Ladies' tine kid, turn sole,
2-strap slippers, worth 1.75,
for 1.25 a pair.
3.25   a
Children's soft sole snoe
in   high and  low cut,  tan,
black and
for 25c pair
the 50c kind
Heretofore we have' Ladies' winter boob
made no reduction on 4.50 box calf, leather
Congress shoes. waterproof   boots,
Our 3.50 Blucher kid, rub
.   . -,. ���,���  .ber heel styles. 2.05.
every pair in the store;    _     ���    " ��� ���^
1    Our $4 heavy patent Colt.store.     We   can   save you
New stock just in.   'boots for 2.95. Imoney on children's shoes.
This week we make
A reduction on e\ ery line
of  children's   shoes   in the
. fi
)��� ���' - &
\     ���   . .
Men's heavybox calf boots We have thesp in lapp _ml ,   v;c "mi-> ll�� B'����*����< *
made with waterproof soles . W.e ha.\c the*e m la,Lt ,ancl scho��l shoes in the country.
.,���,i i ,.,<], ���. i;���Q/q. ,-,���.  k kc\ elastic side,    big reduction r,     ,    ,    , ,           .   L^m^
and leather lined, our 5.50 .&             , Boys school boots, size 1 to 5 1 50 nair
linnfa -pnv i "o on this line   prices irom $2 "                      '                '   '}' i)tU1'
We carry the greatest stock of boys' and girls'
Packard's American shoes.      Some snaps in Packard's
,     , _,, I on mis niif  ihu'cs inmi v hhhi^���^^^���i^m^���J Our 5.50 patent kathor, I'M i--winter hoots.   The leather
Our best 4 50 leather lined to 4.50 a pair.         Youths' school shoes 1.00 and 1.25. cher cut, boots narrow aad  Lined.rope stitch, welt kii I
"Keen" shoes a waterproof     ,T   , ,. ,      Ll1      hand made> heavy,  waterproof school wide toes; reduced to 3.95 a 6.50 boots for 4.5ftpair,
oot for 3.00 pair. Mens carpet slippers 50c.boots, 1.40 and 1.75 a pair. pair
Our 3.50 lines for 2,75 and
a pair.    Mens  1.25 slippers        Children's school boots, the good-wear kind       McPhe.W-  fo.fi co      i       ,ri01hne���
95c pair.    Genuine comfort.'75c, 90c and 1.25 a pair. '  r�� ' ''" \ Jl'A 4-50 and  ^aterprool hoots: alwi
5J0 boots for 3.95. ' sold for 6.50; now 4.E0.
Florsheim's   American
srasK -Mmwmwm%m&i$
k        f If J" flip
If these prices do not set things
moving at a lively rate, we shall
be very much mistaken.
New Westminster
-   ..-���r.'.ft.m��rwiMnnwiMwifc^.,....'Ja^.-^^ ���wedn
FEB. 20. 1907.
��� a
At the Big Clothing House
I In addition to our Tweed and Worsted lines of
Clothing, mentioned in our 15 days' Clearance
Sale, we have added 50 suits of Black Cheviot
and Diagonal, which are going at 50c on the
Remember, these will not lasl long.
Where can you get a $20.00 Suit,
with trimming to correspond, for
$ 10.00?
^irdrofoe Clothier
Columbia Street,  New Westminster
Trains & Steamers
;,    .    .   w, 15.40; arr N. W. n 35.
.. ...   -.   W. 8.30;  ar. Seattle 15.50.
tie 12.30;  ar. \. W. 18.40.
ivi    .   VV   S.30, 10.35, 15.40, IT.::...
��� : .,  N  W. 9.35, 11.35, 16.40, 18.40.
Lv. N. W. 9.20 a.m.; nr. Seattle 4 p.m.
Lv. N, '"    1.35 p.m.; ar. Seattle 10 p.m.
V.. W. (c Y.���VANCOUVER
Lv, N. v.\ 3 p. m. and 9:55 p. m.
Lv. Vancouver 8.35 a.m., and 4 p.m.
Lv. N   W. 9:35 am.;   ar.  Guichon
J .  ; ' ������
Lv Guichon, 2:40 p. in.; ar. N. W.
:.    aud 0 p. m.
y. :.... a only.
Lv. N'ew Westminster 5.50, 6.50, 1
and S a. m., and every half hour there-
11 p. m.
Lv. Vancouver for Westminster at
lame hours.
Fraser River and Gulf
From .V W. Mon. Wed. Frid. S a.m. I
From Chwk.  Tu.,  Tb.,  Sat., 7 a.m.
a ona���
From  N. W. Tu., Th., Sat. 8 a.m.
From Chwk. Sun.. Wed., Frl., 7 a.m.
��� '   '��� :   -
S'.W, ���;... Ij. ��� x   Sun lay 2 p.rn I
. Monday, 5 a.m.
Fri in Steveston, 7 a.m. (Fri. 6 a.m.)
Mail Service
Close. ','.���      .1 I
Seattle, via Sun as 7.45 a m. ������ I" p.m.
-    -   Ion   ad Mill-
\'o. i   7.45 a m. I '-"���'������ ;i.m
:,  No.   l.  7.15 a.m. 9.00 a.m.
' lov* rdale,
': aii ���    -'. .������>..  S. 15 a.m, 3.30 p.m.
Van   &  Cen. Paik 10 10 a m. 2.00 p m.
: a    in 30 a iii. 9 00 a.m.
EJti naby  ....  1.13 p rn. 1.15 p.m.
. Sti v   ton,
eti       1.30 n in. 11.00 a.m.
���   ���      , Sapper-
Ide and
lam        3.00 p.m. 11.35 a.m.
:. iby .:.     ; ,m. 6.00 p.m
yer     4.00 ;  m I 00 I .m,
ilu   land,   Tups
: Friday .   ... I 2.00 ra. 12.00 ra.
7th, and 1     i each   month  :      i
quol;   lea v* .-  Vli toi Ia    on    J I h    I  r
Quattino and waj points.
Steamer Transfer
Leaves New Westminster on Mon
day, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
and Friday at 2 p.m. and Saturday
at 2 p. m. with additional trip on Mon-
lay at 5 a. m.
Leaves Steveston Monday. Tuesday,
Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday at
7 ?.. ii..; Friday at C a. m. additional
trip Saturday 5 p. m,
S. S. Beaver
Leaves New Westminster, S a. m.
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
Leaves Chiiliwack 7 a. m. Tuesday,
'Iii irsday aud Saturdays, calling at
landings between New Westminster
and Chiiliwack.
S. S. Tees
Leaves Vancouver at S p.m. 2nd
and ICth of each month, culling at
Skldegate on first trip and Bella Coola
on second trip. Time on arrival and
departure  are  approximate.
For reservations and information
call or address
Agent, New Westminster.
-.est. Gen. Pass   Agent, Vancouver.
J. w. Tuorp.
General Suner'ntendent. Victoria.
Canadian Pacific
i     ....       .-������:. ile i   trains   to   i
Pii -   class sleepers and tourlsi   - i
���   \     lailj   al   15: !0 i ��� I*
Information  i he* rfullj   giv> n
A   G.  P    \ Agent   C R  I,
Van- mivi r.        New   Westminster.
Eight Trains Every Day in the Year
Minneapolis, St. Paul
and Chicago
Embodies the newest   and best ideas
for   C* IM I i 'RT,   CONVENIENCE.,
and   LUXURY.     It  is   lighted   with'
both   electricity   and   gas;   the   most I
brilliantly    illuminated   ti'-.in    in   the i
world.      The   equipment   consists   oi
private   "ompartment   cars,   standard
16  section   sleepers,  luxurious  dini ig I
csr. rtdining  chair  cars  (seats  free), i
modern   day   coaches   and   bttfltt.   library and  smoking cars.
For Time  Tables,  Folders, cr any-
further information call  on cr write
"vo Second Avenue. Seattle, Wash
Grand Trunk Ry.
Excellent Train Service BetweeD
Chicago, London,
Hamilton, Toronto,
Montreal, Quebec,
Portland, ooston,
And all the principal business c* iti r of
PHILADELPHIA,  via Niagara F.i\;��.
For Time Tables, etc., address
GEO.  W. VA'jX.
Assistant Gen'l Passenger and Ticket
Agent. 135 Adams St.. Chicago, 111.
Spokane falls & Northern Ry Co.
Nelson & Ft. Sheppard Ry. Co.
Red Mountain Ry. Co.
The only all rail route between all
[ oints east, west and south to Ross-
; land, Nelson and intermediate points
connecting at Spokane with the Great
'. Northern, Northern Pacific and O. R.
& N. Co.
Connect- at Rossland with the Canadian Pacific Railway for Boundary
Creek points.
Connects   at    Meyers    Falls     with
1 stage  ('aily for Republic.
j     Bullet   service   on   trains   between
I Spokane  and  Nelson.
Effective    Sunday,    November    io,
Burnaby  Council.
The council mei on Satin day Ke .
li. when Reeve Byrne presided over
a full attendance,
Plans  of  proposed   subdivision    of
the following properties were pi ������- n
id  and approved,  viz., districl  lol   i
districl Im  13 and district  lol  156.
The   plan   for  subdivision  of  block
I , nl'  districl   lol   153   were   referred
i tick as nol being prepared in accord
ance wiih sail section   1. J, 3, of sec.
6b of the  Land Registry  Act,  1906.
Mr. Killain, (ol Messrs. Killain <t
Karris, barristers) attended with a re-
quesl thai the council would recom-
uen I the Issue of a permanent gram!
of water-front rights to his clients
who were proposing to ereel large
saw mills on a portion of districl lot
188, fronting on to Burrard Inlet. The
council had already acquiesced in >..e
grant of foreshore rights, in reply to a
requesi from the departmenl of marine ami fisheries, Ottawa, bui his clients were desirous of securing a grant
In perpetuity rather than a lease. Tne
question was referred to a committee
  I wiili instructions to Inspect and re-
All kinds of Ship  repair I1""1,
. The following tenders were accept-
WOl'k. |.  Alfred Bailey, for widening Third
avenue al  ?8.00 and $8.25 respctively
.hi  se< tions I and 2.
George Bulman for extention of Nelson road al  $18.00 per chain.
Mr. Austin wrote thai a fracture
I . : started In the crib work of Bruin   te bridge, and the reeve and coun-
Day Train              Arrive
g.20 a.m.
...  Spokane  ... .7.15 p.m.
12.25 p.m.
... Rossland  ... .4.10 p.m.
g.40 am. .
��� -. of Coquil lam, In I he chair, and
Mr. Smith acting as secretary,
". In Rn mattei disc issc I wa I hi
��� li sing ni the schools during the re
cenl cold weather. The trustees explained their reason for closing the
schools, and the matter was dropped.
The  nexl   qu< sl ion   was  the  quali-
iti a of teachei s. After some debate as in the advisability of engaging no teacher who had not at least
. second class certificate, the trustees
ivere left to their own judgment in the
A good deal of debate, which waxed
warm al times, was then Indulged in
1 ui matters of interest to those present. It is hoped thai the meeting
will stir up popular interesl in local
Foot of 4th Ave.   Cor. ICth  Street
New Westminster, B. C.
Ship [and Scow   Building
a specialty.
Estimates ' promptly furnished.
RESIDENCE���24 Eighth street. New
Westminster, B.C.
Canadian Pacific Railway Co.
British  Colombia  Coast   Lln*
3. C. Cc   ct  Line Service.
to 1 hange without 1 1
l.ea...  Van
 !'.���:.. Tib
... ilrico   I ���      i UH
 ;��� ���������-.  21  ;
���   ��� rice   Feb. 28th
Victoria   leaves   V   llCOll
'    .111. dally.
'��� ���        \ Ictorla daily at   1  a.m.
v.. toria daily except Monday
������    -   a.
icTORia      new      WESTMINSTER
Sew Westminster at 7 a. tn.
��n Sun
S. S. Joan
'     Vancouver daily at 1:30 p.m
Steamer Queen  City.
' 'a   al    11    p.m.  on   1st,
The White Pass
and Yukon Route
F URBANKS. Daily trains (excepl
Sunday) carrying passengers, mail,
express and freight connect with
stages at Carcross and White II irse,
maintaining a through winter service
I ni   information apply to
j.   ll    R( GERS,  Traffic   Managei,
Vancouver.   R    ("
"The Milwaukee"
"The   Pionw  Limited"   St.  Paul  to
Chicago,   "Short   Line"   Omaha   to
Chicago,  "South     West    Limited"
Kansas City to Chicago.
No   trains   in   the   service   on   any
railroad   in   the   world   that   equal   in
equipment  that of the  Chicago, Milwaukee  &  St.   Paul  Railway.     They
own   and  operate  their  own  sleeping
and dining cars on alll their train's and
give   their   patrons   an   excellence   of
service not obtainable elsewhere.
II. S. ROWE. General Agent.
[34 Third St.. cor Alder. Portland, Or.
[Northern Pacific!
Having bought out the Blacksmith-
lug business of R. H. Benson, I will
be pleased to see all his old customers, as well as new ones. Horseshoeing a specialty.
Eighth  Street.
Trains Dally
el on Hi" Famous
i ; . a!,',.���(! train.    Low Rat* a
Quick Time. Exc* i: ... Service.
New York, Chicago,
Toronto, St. Paul
Steamshir Ttck< ts on sale to 11! European points.
Special    Reduced    Rates    Round    T'i,
Rates   to   Southern   California.
For full informtion call on or write
C. E. I.ANO, General Agent,
430 Hastings St., Vancouver, B. C,
ssFlNEST AN D   FAS J ES ��� =
:8,oi)0 I EMPRESS OF BUITAIW (i*,s.i 1
N-ow 1 ... time to sen.1 for your
rrlendH |n the 01 I Country while the
.. low. Tourist Slei ilia's run
, , . . ��� |,n to conned with Emp 0 ���
.,, . lug,  11 irch 22n I,    Fi r other
.;���. .- ��� and rale, apply to
C.P.R. Agent.
Manufacturer of
Mineral Waters, Etc.
Aerated Waters,
Family Trade a Specialty.
TH- 113. Office, Eigbth  Stre:t,
Transfer Co.
Office���Tram   Depot
'flo ��� ",  ume isfv       '*."T   r a
Columbia  S:.
eiiior Love were appointed tu confer
\. " tbe 1 loquitlaui council to Inspect,
' li 1 full  powei  ui act.
Mr. i" ��� a- in complaint of water
1 rerflowing his land was receive I.
('can. Love reported that this was
caused i.;- children having blocked up
;.l,e box drain.
The Invitation for tenders for slashing on road along North line of dis.
loi . ' waa ordered to be renewed.
A i ommittee 1 ouslstlng of the
K* u', Couns. Stride, Anderson and
Rumble, was appointed to meel the
- hool board al West Burnaby school
. 11 Saturday, February 23, at elghl
, 1 lock, with refen nee to the e-s'J
for 1907.
Application 3   for   the  combin* d   of-
���   of 1 tad for* man, mad tax < olle<
I... :,M 1 (.on   a   ������   '." re ordered to I?
is..,I  ,'.,������
lend en
I   latli 1        iav.  was Introduced,
id til      and co:i
1   :      -ri    ���':���:.,! m,
lie propi     : 1     . .
: a. ..���!��� delivered    promptij   to   tuy '   between n,,.
.    ,1 thfl city. " '      :   ,v ial-'' ;"1,i ,:' '
iston   oad, the 1 1 irk reported hav-
��.   5 , ui fj      |�� cceived       1    ollowlng  offers  of
Light and Heavy 1 laming       ���..- j ,,,, nneid, .w,,.,-,..
��� Ion of 'n   10, J150;  the   iwnei.-  ol
_,.        _| .     --j.       |        lol  58, $2o0;   Mr,  Mueller,  owner  ol
City LlectriC  WorkS     ���   ���-��� ?200;  sari, offers being on the
Opposite Tram Office
The Fast Mail.
Lincoln .1. Carter's "The Fast Mail"
Is the test and most successful rail-
read and scenic melodrama on the
road. Mr. Carter has woven into a
conslstenl story all tlit' good points
of a sensational melodrama. Hi- dramatic   climaxes   at   the  end   of   .'ach
I act are strong enough to sustain a
whole play, yet they are sn well gra I-
ed that the spectator's Interesl never (lags throughoul the entire performance. The clever clock trick al
the end of the flrsl act, never fails
to take three or four curtain calls, the
Mississippi river steamer, iis engine
room showing a practical furnace, an 1
the explosion with complete change of
si cue behind a curtain of rising
smoke showing the wreck amid the
swirling in the back ground, all thes ���
j together with many more thrilling and
Interesting   scenes,   such  as   Niagara
Falls by night, go to make up a play
lhal should nol be missed when 11
pears al the Opera  House tonight.
Hotel   Gue.ts.
Guichon���D, Cameron, Revels
D Lottrie, Sardis; H. R, King, -. B.
Mathers, Vancouver; .1. A. Lock, vvin-
ni ' g; E. D. Hill and family, Sl. Paul.
Minn.; S. H. Shannon, Cloverdale; W.
I .  Bassett, Victoria,
Windsor���W. ll. Brett, D. Malcolm-
son, Vancouver;  J, Kelbj. Ladner;  T.
s-   ''��� :��� ���:��� i b,   T.   Bra Iford,   W'mni-
" --���: E. .1. Clark, R. ,\, wton Powell,
'-        ��� iver;   .).   \Y.   Bennett,   Wis m;
0 \. R the ��� iy. ( loverdale; Thomas
'I! ibard, Mission; D. M Robertson,
Tynehead; VV. Tho;..; son, Motin!  Leh-
in; T   S. McComb, Vernon.
:     I.  Fenl   II,   C.  Hani.-a,
lerby:   J.   ] yton;    ���!.   \v.
:   "     !. ;:   Simpson, Vanootwer; A.
1 ������ - a,   VI torla;   W.  T.  Marsl ���
������ : 'ade, Mission City;
zenby, Hal
For electric signs, dynamos, motors,
fans, 'phone fixtures, shades, bells, batteries, wire and cables of all kinds
and sizes. House wiring. Motor installing a specially. All kinds of repairs promptly attended to.
J. DIGBY, Proprietor
PHONE 304.
condition   thai   thc  road   Is   made   at
I'M e.
The clerk- was Instructed to com-
m* ace making the assessments on
February L9, the roll to be returned
on April 13, and the (ourl of revision
ea  May  is.
The  office   will  1 e closi cl   every day
excepl   Mondays and  Fridays,  (when
ll will be open from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30
i p.m.)   during the assessment   period,
 ���   thai   is lo say to  March  16th,
_4    n   11* r  n   O   ��        T'"' oounc,l adjourned mi Saturday,
FARMbliab   I      V:"'r>' 2nd, ai 2:30 p.m.
-The Fraser River Tannery
Municioal  Meetinq.
There   was ;i   fairly   well   attended
PAYS TMF  HIGhlEST   M"'''lil1"   of ratepayers   of   Coqultlam
and   Burnaby  in  the   Blue   Mountain
PRICE    FOR     HIDES.   ;; hool, North  ma I. on the  16th, Mr.
Clai... I!:.'.,v 1 of the Atlanta Constitution enjoys telling how in hia
early days in the newspaper field
he was visited by a Georgia Earm-
er. having his seventeen-year-old
son in tow, and who upon entering
thc ofiii e bi i i. "1 c ime to gil some
information, Mr. V. iwell." "I shall
be glad to afford ; i anv thai 1
can," politely responded Howell.
"Well," said the fanner, "ibis boy
o' mine wants to go into the literary business, an1 I thought you
would know if there was any money
in it. It's u good business, ain't it r"
"Well, yes." said Howell after some
little hesitation, "I've been in it
myself for some year.-, und"���
whereupon the farmer eyed him
from head to foot, glanced around
the poorly furnished office, surveyed
tb ' editor once more, then, turning
to bi< son, said, "Come 'long hoi ie,
Jim, an' gil b ���', to your plbwin'."
-Harper's Weekly.
Sa  ,:
; ���
'���:   |
J', .
��� F i
THE  DAILY  NEWS what a mistake to use coarse
Published by the Daily News Pub-        Salt for cooking!    Fine,  pungent
WINDSOR SALT   adds,such
i daintiness to the food!
lishing Company Limited, at thei
offices, corner of Sixth an,I i ;
streets. Xew Westminster, B.C
Managing Director J.C.Brown         -    	
 _ ���     .a. onsidera  le  amouni   more
,-VERTISING RATES. U* the  hinds.
. . ,f       \.iw 'ii" facts of the case are. Mr
Transieu.    Usplay   adverus ns    -o 	
cants per .ne mmpanel) 12 lines to
tli(? inch. F;��e Mtti per ilne tor
niMsei'.i'ent Insertions.
Reading notices, bold face type   20
ronts per line, brevier or nonpariel, 10      lours trttlj,
Considers  Time   Ripe  for   Rebellion-
Rights  Must  Be  Secured.
By Force.
I'; meron purchased 22,000 acres of
i ind an i paid the sum of $80,000 for
it. Further comment is unnecess try.
cents per line.
I Xew   Westminster,  Feb.  IS,  1907.
C*.i=  nei   nue. ,
Por   time   contracts,   special   post-
t;imfl  apply to advertising manager.
Jfffoc.0Va^VTaleXt %\ Mac. Edward Island is talking of
f.mnd. rooms to let, etc., one cent per fecession���and Prince Edward Island
n-or'l. Xo advertisement taken for ..;i fl yberaj Government! Now according to the talk of the Conserva-
:oc. -han 25 cents
Day Office   .
Night  Office
. jjj ,*;��,'-. sal
tive papers here, Liberal Governments
A22 are the aide tools and agents of the
B22 Ottawa    Government;   therefore    the
���. Ottawa Governmenl must be planning
.ii. break up Confederation by the secession  of the   provinces;   ancl  since
������ i.ccssiiin being completed, the Ottawa
Wednesday FEB. 20. 1907.        I Governmenl   would  cease to exist,  ||
___^____ .  follows thai that governmenl Is plan-
,T_r._ i Ing to commit suicide,    li is "up to"
mtt " i he oi -ai. ��� to  tell   us  whv.
Tne    nteresl   ol   New   Westminster
.   Fraser flatteries Is finite too im-
n    n   matter  to be   used   as  a An annouucemeni  ,,:   ,;,,. intention
cai   football;   and   therefore   the ,,, .,,,, Government, in  the matter ol
Dail    News does nol  propose to deal fi���)ng ,,,,. V1|.(N, s(?atg ,n Ih(, cablnet|
now  with certain  facts which  w<  am] Q. Ml.   MoBrl(,e.a [ntenilon as to
���ra..    the   political   footballers   look u|l.(.h ,.,���lMi.]|(,n,.j   ,,,  abandon,  may
ver.\ i.iolish. ;,   expected to appear In the govern-
The thing to be considered Is that ,,,.���, ol.gnns ,,���,ily ,���. , ,m0rrow. The
the capitalistic Interesl   (or the bulk .  ,..,   ,.,������.,   as   .,,  ,,���.   ,.���,,,,. ,���i;il,
of  It),   engaged   in   the fisheries   is ,s ,,,.,,  ,,,,, ,,,,,.isil,n ,,.   -,,,.   McBride
playing   the   usual   corporation  game   to sit for Victoria cltj  �� 1 seem to
of endeavoring to pull everything its |j(   |jni|     Dewdney will be consigned
own   way, and that   it   appears  to  be ,,, ,h(, ,,,���,,,,,. ,,,,,. ,,, Mr   M   .Manson,
necessary for someone to be stirring ., relation of Mr. William Manson, who
In defence of the public interest.  The V.(S defeated ,,., Ml.   Brewster In Al-
proposal   is  in send   a   deputation   to ,,.nj
Ottawa,   and   we   believe   thai   it   has
become necessary to do so.
As to closing the river in 1908, that The  Colonist   says:     "We    should!
would   be   mosl   strenuously   opposed hale to take a thrashing with as poor
by   the   capitalistic   interest inself��� a   grace as the  News  of  New   West-
which   first   proposed   It���unless   the minster."     Will   the   Colonist   kindly
Ashing on Pugel Sound was also clos- quote  or cite an  artick���a  sentence
ed, and thai appears to be impossible ���furnishing a lair foundation for its
sneer.     The     Daily   News   does     not
Pittsburg,   Ka:.. K.'ii.   19.���Addessing
a crowd oi  1. i persons here yesterday, ('. E. Rolfe of   Erie,   Kan.,   the
principal  speaker at  a  mass meeting I
composed large!} of coal miners.urged j
bis hearers to arm themselves.
"The time has come for rebellion," :
he said. "The courls have refused  u.^
a  fair  hearing, the  right of petition
has been denied us, and we must prepare to  use  the  lasi  recourse, force , ...    	
of arms, classified advertisements
"The  Died   Scotl   decision   was foi    .~~-~ _^���.-���-~~-,-~~-.-~.~.
lowed  by a  rebellion of the working WANTED  TO   RENT    \   Ave  or s!n
class.    Arm yourselves, keep a steadj roomed   house   bj   family   of  four.'
nerve and gel something to kill squir- Address "House," P O   box SS, city,
rels  with, for the  woods  are  full  ol
squirrels and  there  is  going to be ...GIRL WANTED    for general    house
killing, ' work  and  care  of children,    Api  :
Resolutions were adopted condemn- to Mrs. .1   Ross Sharpe, six li ave-
Irg lhe courts and state and national aue and Tenth s                       def-4;:
governments for iheir part in the pro
. ,,    ,, THE ARROW PRESS   Job and Com-
II;   :;    \l the .Mm ei-l|.i\ wood cases.
mercial  Printing,  Posters, Dodgers,
Typewriter circulars, Business head'
Langley  Items. mgS|     Programmes,     etc      DAILY
Langley,   Feb.   19.     Man;,    people   Ol        NEWS     BLOCK.     Mrs.     DOMINY.
ihis  district  have   been  laid  up  with      Prop.
tin   grippe, and  several  of them are   ���������������������������������
still] suffering. NOTICE.
W.   c.   Fry  and   bis   brother-in-law 	
'I    ll.   Leavelle, have  moved  onto  .1.   p,,,   \   m,   Malins.  deceased.
'A. Jenkins' old farm.   Mr. Fry is the      All  persons   having  claims   againsi
kind of a man thai the neighborhood   the late Alfred .Melville Malins are re-
Goldsmith    Silversmith
and Diamond Merchant
Columbia St., Next to Tram Office
nei Is. He intends to hav his low
land dyked, and a telephone in his
limise for the convenience o( the peo-
ni .-is. He intends to have his low
house in the near future, Mr. Leavelle, who has been in the hospital
at Bellingham, is expected hack very
The sleighing Is over for this winter as ihe sun of the last few days
lias made quite a thaw and has rend-
quested to hand same (duly verified)
���i the undersigned on or before the
tirst day of March,   1907.
FROM   75   CENTS   UP.
luWi sneer.      I lie     Dally   .News  does     not
Th ��� l)ail.\   News pointed out, some "hlow its own born" as the Colonial
.onilis  ago,   thai   the   Puget    Sound does, but  ii  has  no  reason  either to
Ishery  commission,  in   iis   reporl   to complain   or  to   whine.    As  for    the
Governor    Mead,  had    said    nothing election, which is the "thrashing" re-
aboul  an "off year." and  that, there- ferred to by the Colonist, we know all
tore, there did not appear to be any aboul that, and so. we Imagine, does
-,"il!"1    for   apprehension    on    thai the Colonist,   The Daily  News did its
:'(""'' best, according to  Its  lights,  for the
Bui   while   all   who   care   t0   fouow rigM  and  for  tne (.(|l]nll.y   and  w  be.
ivents and  talk of lads  as they are, lieved   whal  ii  said;  can  the  Colonist
have  known   this   for  some  time,   Il sa.*  the same?
by no means follows thai  there is not
good   ground   for alarm   as  to other
points.     The recommendations of the      The  Daily  News
fisheries   commissi!
received      a
ssion contain certain signed letter which ll cannot print
lauses which are mosl objectionable, f because, while the matter discussed
nd which, if enacted Into law, would
The public is hereby notified thai
I Captain Watt, master of the ship
Chelmsford, will not be responsible
for any dob-* that may he contracted
end the roads very soft and disagree-1 D, the crew of the said ship.
The  river is open up this  way now j
and the steamers Favorite and Beaver
have si.'ame.I by several times.    They
have broken the Ice so that ii is now
running oul  in good siyle.
The  Porl   Kells school   fras started
again and  ii  is hoped  that  the aver-
age win Keep up as wen as it is do- i    English Watchmaker
lng now,     Miss A. Whiteley has sue- I T ,_   ��� c        ,*       . , ~
I two  doors   from    (sen.   Adams,   Grocer
ceeded  Miss I.. Wilkinson as teacher,
and   fills   the  place   very   well.      Miss
Wilkinson, the former teacher';    was I    Ladies'Gold Watches-from $12.75 up
much liked and Is very'much missed I. Gentlemen's  Silver   Watches,   open
b) the scholars.
Miss   Josephine    Veomnns.    who.   a
CAPITAL  AND   RESERVE  $8,290,00.
TOTAL  ASSETS 45,400,000
Eighty-five branches, with Correspondents  through
the world, 	
ONE DOL��l~\It opens an account    Interest ad   ���' foui
; : les a year.   Start to-day.
work   most   serious  Injury to our  Interests, and  il   appears thai  every ef-
-.'on VviJJ he made to have these reeom-
n endaiffons carried  into  effect.
That   effort   musi   be,  lm)st   strongly
iposed, and   .N'ew   Westminster must
tk ��� such bi��.|is ,ls may |���, necessary
"  '""��� '.li'  facts Of the case before the
'' >'r rn in* 'ii t  ami  the  country   in   such
'���'  shape ami with such force thai the
a.1  standing  of the  matter  will   be
i ent.
ay be regarded as a public one, and
a fair subject of criticism, the treat-
menl   Is   too   personal      The    Daily
.\e\vs    does    nOl     Use     personalities     itself,   and   does   not   care   to   make   iis
i'i Itimns a vehicle for I hat son of
thing in this case, u e can cover
thc whole ground by saying thai the
write;' objects very strongly to the
,M ij or's remark about some of the
... cupants af the posit lon of chief of
police In N'ew Westminster drinking
al bars; and he also seems to think
lhal some of Chief Mcintosh's predecessors were quite as worthy of praise
is the preseni chief.
Reichstag Opens.
One  of those    errors    which    will
happen sometimes, made a  fool of a
'tier    signed  "I lay seed"   wbicb    we
i     i    estei .j ij   moi ning.    Tbe  fig-
 , , ��� ler n,   Fe ..II'.    Mm
-- '     . ho il i   in       een $80,-
W,   ,,.���...  :];,. | .-: ., |n correct   " ' i:' ' lll!' "'"���'���'  i:'    '��� '      ' ,i:i'-  ' ,s
. irm' . '���' d     re i I   I he   ipei        from   the
_ ���      , .     , _       . in.me in a clear, loud voice with con-
i    e "Province    and Good Bargains
,.,,..,.. . idei able  i lociitionan   effeel      [iof .-.
i i    e Editor ..! the Daily .News:
A  few  days ago, an item ap- '''"�� t0 ;l"'  foreign  relations  of (Jer-
ared  in  the  Daily   Province  to me ; any   and to  International   pease,  he
;':'��� - ���  ��� li.it  D. ('. Cameron, of the Ral oai'li
.   rtage   Lumber  company,   bad   pur-      'The general political situation en-
��� from the Dominion government titles us to the assurance thai  peace
leu  .wi-    ol   land   for  $29,000,    A will   continue  to  be   preserved      My
... :,��� bj  the editor was to the ef- ntnen   maintains with   mr allies
���   Ihai   If Ihe transaction had been i      -       leurtfeli   relations,  and  with
nigh by the provincial govern- c-ihei   powers,   tood  and correel
ir. Cameron,  would  have had lions.
few years ago was a scholar at the
Port Kells school, fa now the "school-
ma'am" of the Mast Langley school
and is doing very well.
The salaries of the teachers bave
been   raised   by   the   new   trustees  to
$50.00,    W. Berry has I n appointed
secretary of school board and els
a salary of $150.00 a year on condition that he visits the schools monthly and makes a report as to the advancement  of the pupils.
Jas. Gray, of Langley Prairi*, has
hauled timber oul for the purpose of
erecting a  large frame barn.
R. A. Braden, jr., has started teaching again. Iii- school is back In the
woods  an i  i ailed  Glenwoo I
- ...
���   B
. '" r*'  i
Wheiaid BCVK 11.11
������^WKangr-jnB.T.-.TnTY;tt ��� ., ��� :-,.-.-
, IJ said thc student;
"It's best to be prudent-^^^
pJI -iSt:-'"s'
9msm "
M II i$ I f Ifm
% -
.... ������     - I""!-...    .,      iamiuul,*
A Cynical i:nuii��!i x leu ,,r Pcminln*
lliiln.-in   Vnlut-i-.
Decidedly   women   are  an   Imitative
class, from ber piirlh -i age the small
girl apes the doings of ber elders and
had she her own way. would be a miniature epitome of fashion. Such enter
talnments as she is pennificd i > wii
Hess In her iimiIIht's iir.-r.'.;.,_ r mill In
Imitates, wilb dolls mid nurses for eompany, in the nil ----.���;,. la ber sell i ,1
days she Invariably "f in . " herself
mi some sp. . .al I'l'lciii] ... b , i .,'|,. ,;.. ...
as a model uf feminine pel i'ei i .a. And
al a certain si,,;... ���|   ;.,, ,  p ,.,,��� ._-r-^
are as i b  nlll, ��� as pea     ���   a pod,
As  Ibey iiialure and i|e\ .-I ip  Ila y may
|l 'I bap, whow SOIIII'  dgllS III      id     Illll ll
ii;.. bill  in all Hie in  in  ; . lies of life
th " ntliiue to be i latlvu than
- ���     nnl.
i'asliiuas, boiisokoepin! ii ill enter
tnlnlug are ail moru or Ic-, i ducted
"li   UlC  same   Mm *,  aad   II nly   true
sign of friendship lhal is shown to the
young married \\ mum is r, i.,-.-. hur to
order her  life and  her  h cue  on  ber
friend's principles,   Any departure fr mi
those principles or any m inptoni of in
dividual tasl ��� or Htmugth of mind will
sound ibe lirsi challenge of imp ipularl
ty for the luiildiiig inalroii    I ler moth
or and her iiiotlu r's I'rb nils v. iii
il"-.. e  ii    i   ���        ol   lliell'   inethiiib   a ,
the   "    ,..;-.    I  .  ,       .;    ;!;',, |'v,"   a.nl
c\ ���;���;. di 'line from lhe -.-���-.-n.-1  .      ������<���
'���' III    be    prop III       ���       ���.;'������;    1)1' I il
e." IS,    1(11 i   ;,,   ;.      .    i  .Mail
PI ...   al).
Th ��� ��� . ���...."��� i :���:-'. .��� ��� i ib"
band of in i and of i , . i ��� ;. ������. ia
lh . .       ii   i .   ���
I .    i      I:     i ���      '   i   ; -i i
���.,.'.,:���������...���;     ���   '  , ���
���   i .   ' . ���   ���'���   '  ,     -        .... a
nth ���'. ���
��� ',���-.������      i
face,. Jfi.W
Gentlemen's Silver Watches, double
case, .ST.5*i up
Agent for the celebrated South Bend
Watches, supplied to the Wellman Arctic Expedition.    All wan-anted.
Chains,. Rinp;s, Jewelry,, etc.
Watch repairing; charges reasonable.
F. B. LYLE, Manager.
Bank of Montreal
Surrey Municipality,
Tenders Wanted
Ti nders will be rei i ived  uni ii nexl
mc ting  !������   the council, I March  2nd i
". % ESTABLISHED  1817:
Bronchus throup;houl Canada ai I \ ���', , Hand, ���
New York, Chicago ami Spokatn I'.s \. i
era,  Banking  Buslni ��� -   '1 ransac te I,
Letters of Credit Issued, avail; bl< %% i I corn ioi
; i   Londo:
Me    eo Cil
foi  repairs tr( Huntley  Bridge, across
N'icomecklc  River.
Savings  Bank  Department      I) I ... us of fl  l
and inte. esi  allow - i    '   '   i ������   ���     '   per annum   i   re enl
four times a year.
Plans   'in.I    Specifications   can   lie
s. ea ai  the home of Councillors Sal-   ToUnl A'sbcHs  ove
livan, Johnston, Rood.
Dowesl  nr : n>  tender nol necessarily accepted.
Cloverdale, It. (.'., Feb. 11, 1907.
xj:\v  .. est di s's nan i 11'. <cn
C,  P   BRYMN   '-
Canadian Bank of  Commerce
notice is hereby chven thai  Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000.      Recurve Fund, $5,000,000
sixty   days alter  date   ��'*���   Intend   to HEAD   OFFICE, TOROMTO.
appl,    ;..   ibe   Honorable    the  Chle    Bi K.  WALKER, General Manager        ALEX. IvAIRD, Asst. 3  i   Manage
Coiuinisslonei'  ol   Lands  and    Works 	
;":'  nei'mlssion  io the  mi-       BRANCHES THROUGHC   T CAN ADA AW D !N THE
lowing tract of land situ      I in Con Uh.'STfiD   STATE      AND   ENGLAND.
District,  lor a   .Mill  Site.     C lene I  	
iliii al  a posl   pliinte 1 nn     lion    i      ba
S.    K.    Arm    llnaskin    Lake,   nbolll    S.
\V.   coiner  T,   I,.   No,    G!) Hi;     i heni *
Seal b   lo    chain ���:      \. ��� fi   chain
A  ��� nera.'i Bunking bi linesw transact,
du led by mail with :
Acci unit -  n i..' I-
>ranches i >f i h    La 11>
^; null lo chains, more or less to N. B.   , .   . , .
,., ,. .,.,,,.....    ,,      ,,    .   Dcposil   cf $1 and upward: received, and interest allowed u>1 iu  'ent
depositor is subject to no delay whatever in the ��������� tl I
of the whole or any portion of the deposit.
.shore   of   Tlll'llbllll   Cie, . ���;    I bell' e    \Y
w ii I) shore line chains; N'orl ii I"
chain -; Bast .". i haini ; N'orl b 10
| ba 'li -. more or le.- I, lo shore of
Hua Mn    Lake;    thence    Easl     with
. .- lia.- ^'i chains, moic ot less, n
point of commeui onienl; con a nit i
|i.   acres,   more   or   less.
DATED thi *   IDth da;,   of Fein nary,
i bn;,
Tbe    M' I.A I'CIII.IN    MTMUER    (   ...
By ('. i:   McLaughlin, Pros., M. D,
: Electric RaiRway Service
Inter-urban   Line.
City Electric Works ���
Opposile. Tram Office
I'or i lectrlc signs, d . namos, moto
fans, ', '- ni-- iixtiiri's. sha I" . '-ell-. batter!
and   sliso
stalling a specialty.    All kin Is of r
i Oars for Vancouver and way
1 stations will run every b ilf-
* hour from 5:50 a. m, to 11 ,.,
in. excepl im; at ?::;n and S;���o
a. m. Half hourly ears will
nm from Cent ml Park to
Vancouver onlv.
30   Mini/.:    S"ivice   durlnB
m iln,ic- ol day,    * rnnxfef ���'
i..'o|M>;,i place,
bunctay    Serv/ic?   ball ''. ��� ��� ���
I ween 3 a.m. and   ' ;     '"
Sapperton Line.
lb Minute Service fro a
City  Limits Lins
a,   '..   11   p.m., ������;..   .
12  aa I   '.'.  and  5   and
J^ity Limits Line   Sei vice from
i; 15 a.m. tn 11 n tn.
louse   wiring,    Motor  Iii    ��    ,��� Minll.    .,
' ^   zo. Minute -Service���.-.!, transfer.
i       llei ween 12 and t ami 5 and 7.
,.,    promptl    atten led to, ���
��� : ring
wiih ii hours i!i" service
hall hourly.
Sunday  Service   halt' '
i .' een
I a m, an
j. digby, Proprietor  \% British Columbia Electric Ry. Co.*
PHONE 304. | �����. ' ,  .
mmiwiii ii w i ESDAV.
FE3.  20.  1907.
��� 1*    THE DAILY, NEWS
Sample Blouses
mmass\\\\\\\las\tl\llll\\\maasai\\mass\tmataM,tm **-��.-^..^-.���..�� .���.��. T .��, w�� �� w v �����, w w ^.-�� ���W ,v, �� ,�����-"V��a .�� ���..���..��� ���..��. �����..��. ��� w, ���.���..���. w, t .���..���,.'��..���,.'��..���..�����..'��..�����. �����.
I In Daily Detail/1 J ONLY 4 DAYS MORE
;���:  ��
One-quarter   to
one-half less
than actual
Our buyer secured a manufacturer's entire range of sample Blouses recently at such a
substantial discount that we
feel like hollering ��� Blouses
half price.
The lot includes Blouses and
Shirt Waists of Scotch tar.
tan plaid. French fancy Batiste,
fancy flannel, fancy lustre,
delamette���and the many fancy
waistings, with a legion of fancy names, and includes in the
color range, black, white, and
almost  all   the  colors between.
At 85c
rou    can   find  almost any  cclcr    you    want    or    any pattern,  in
-     ,   -ocd  materials;     easily      -.orth $1.25 and more.
At $1.15,   $1.35    ind  $1.85
Dozens of bright, attractive shir; ...lists. No use trying to des-
c-tethem; just come and see for yourself. These prices include
~jry French   wa.rts.   artistically  made, cf fine wollen materials.
Ladies9 clothing
.  phenomenal   Biiccess    o   lhe Smith Cash   Store can mainly
ited to the fact thai we have always taken the initiative.
tt'e do nol show  practically the same styles sea.-.a after season,
i���;��� Introduce those things which are considered Inovations in
making.    Jusi  now ii  is the smarl  new   coats, either shorl  or
ll is worth your while to  I ike a look In oar windows once in a
Indows t'i a store are wh     races are in men���Indexes of char-
Wo irj to show the newest goods In the windows jus; as soon
.. arrive.    These days we i   ������ showing some   splendid styles in
its, in bine shepherd check, Herringbone stripes, coverts and
i colored checks.    The> have pleated    backs,   carvel    pleats    ou
iatch  pockets, patch cuff    i nd natt.\    trimmings of   cloth bttt-
'!"',.���    prevailing   prices    are $12.50 to $16.50; although we have
$9.75 an I up to $20.00.
Korea; Bowers, bridal bouquets and | ment of J. Gelser, one of the seven
funeral lesigns, 'phone Tidy, the Plor- j who applied for the position. Mr.
ist, A184. Gelser patrolled his beat for the first
time   last   night,  and   will   remain   mi
\V.  Springer's  usual    offense    cost   nighl   duty  until further orders.    He
him the usual fine of $2.50 and costs   is   a   husky   guardian   of   ibe   peace.
In lhe police couri yesierday morning,   standing six feel  two and a half inch-.
Springei   paid   up. es  in   his   socks,  and  weighing   well
over  bin  hundred  pounds.     lie  sei v-
Burnuhy  Municipality.     During --s   ed on the Winnipeg police force, and
ttssmem    period   lhe   office   will   Im   was also a policeman in Queensland,
open  on   Mondaj   and  Friday  only  in , Australia, for a number of years,
each week, from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
until March  16th, next. It. G-. WALK-      Two basketball names will be play-
l-;i;   r..\i r ed  ai   ihe armouries on Saturday ev
ening, the first commencing at  seven
lurj   selectors   were  at   work  o'clock, when a team composed of the
���   lay In the court house and com    Vancouver    University    juniors    will
eti .    ..- list of grand and petii jur-   "1('f"   the   .Militia juniors.     At   elghl
,   yyin   |)e  expected  to   be  mi   o'clock,   ihe   sixHi   regiment    basket-
ib" Spring sitting of 'he as-   hall   earn will  plaj   againsi   ihe  Van
.   ,     ,.t couver   seniors,  ami   some    excellent
play Is promised  by the lads mi both
: ���   i.ee.  ih,.  ciiinniuau  arrested   s,de       The   local   team   is   in  good
i   i ago mi a  charge of ap-1 practice, and is likely to prove more
latins   monej   belonging   to   an-   than a match for the Vancouver con-
I GIGANTIC  Double Header SALE I
|    So if you wan! io save your money, don't waste
�� time, but secure the best bargains while there's time
8 Linoleums and Oilcloth...
tingeni. The local team will be emu
posed nf -he following: Guards, Peele,
McArthur; centre, I.nun; forwards,
Ro  ���    son, .Morrison.
Hal,  was    yesterdaj     dis-
i hai ������       ��� om    'be   police   couri.   the
. i\ iua   withdrawn   ihe   ac
1 bill.
ii i an-, ihe Celestial who is
charged wiih theft, came up for hear-
!���- again . estordaj and was once
e remanded; ihis time for two
lay-. Ih- fully expects thai his Or-i-
1 "'al friends will make good the
amouni of mone.\ he has confessed to
have stolen.
There will be a football match on
Sal a; laj afternoon bel ween the local
s. niiirs an,] ihe W'.'.-ihaia island aggregation.      Tin-   match   which     will
. commence al 2:30 is expected to be a
��� swifl one. Members uf the team are
expected to ie om to practise every
line evening tween now and Saturday.
for a nice bunch of Violets or Tarnations, telephone T. Davies i- Son,
Florists,    Tel.   HJiis.
A meeting of the Amalgamate I So-
cletj of Carpenters and Joiners was
held las; nighl and it was decided that
from April 1 lo Sept 30, the carpen-
I' rs working day should be of eighl
lu.urs and thai the prevailing wages
were to be $3.50 per day for full union j
m* n. After Sept. 30, the wages
would  be more optional.
A special meeting of ihe board of
i ..a; i ol  oi the  Hn.i al  Columbian  lms-
pital  will   ie  held   on   Monday  after-. . ,,
i   nment.        Lieut.  Hughes expressed
neon  in  the  minor's office,  when the   ,   ,   . ,,.       ,   . ���    ,       ,. ,.   ,    ...
h.m-sell as being entirely satisfied with
\> ill be considered, the architect hav
Ing promised lhal  they will  be readj
worth 80c, 75c, 70c, 60c, 55c, and 50c,
going at  60c, 55c, 50c, 45c, 40c and 35c.
!���: Some good Chairs, worth 75c, at       48c
;���! Rockers, worth $7, at    $3.75
V Matting, worth 30c, to-day only 14c yd.
New Westminster
Tel. 73
Choir Concert.
A vocal and instrumental concert
has been arranged, under the auspice- of the choir of St. Paul's Reformed Episcopal church. The event
which Is promised to be one of the
besl uf iis kind Of the season, will
take place in the lecture room of the
church tomorrow evening, commencing  at   8  o'clock.
The programme consists of songs,
recitations, pianoforte duets, etc., by
some of the talented members of the
church, and the oholr will give a collide of glees, Hail Smiling Morn, and
Good Ni.nht Beloved. The admission
will be 25 cents, and children under
lL', accompanied   by   parents,   free  .
J Dupont Block
Range Is all   Right.
Lieut, Hughes, It. ('. E��� of Victoria,
who was recently appointed president
of the board of examiners of the rifle
range   recently   constructed     on   the
BOllth side of the river by \V. W. For-
i'Mor, came over Horn ihe capital
city a couple of days ago, and, In company wiih the other members of the
hoard, inspected the range preparatory to i; being taken over by the gov-
.   nment.
Choice HAM or BACON
Fresh EGGS at 35c a doz.
Established 1887
Incorporated lltuii
I Gilley Bros, ih \
���[ ' ��� that date. Other matters of nn
ltalloe will also come up for dis
-.-ion   before   the   board
,f,   amended   plans of the  new  buildings   ,
il | the work done on the range, andsenl
in   a   favorable   report   to  Ottawa,   but
i; will be some days before an answer
is  received.    A  few  minor alterations
were suggested by the board ol*exam-
biers,  including the  repairing of tne
In   order   to  discover  whether   the   "Ephone line, which  had  been dam-
veterinary   surgeon     was   correct   in    lged somewhttt ��>' the heavy snow,
'iagnosing the cause of death of the
board   of   works    horse     on   Mondaj Opera  House  Bookings.
afternoon  as al ippag i ol   the bowels, |     ,,VY ���,���_..-,-,���, Fas,  M:1e
posl   mortem examination  was      id       ., ,
,    , .       . ;     Feb. 2S���The English Concerl Co,
or  the  body  yesterday,  when  ii   was
found   that the   vet.   had   been   qui e      Mar-   :'"~A Cowboy's Girl.
correct   In  bis   assertions.    The   car-       Mar.  16    My  Wife's  Family.
cass was later crenial   I :n the woods       \jar, 22    Creston  Clark.
Wholesale and Retail
Sixth Avenue���7-roomed House
with a very nice garden, and
well   situated;   close   to  cars.
Price $2800.   Half cash
Mcl��QD, MARK &  CO.
'7/,,. r i       i c       ���  /;..��,. " New  Westminster
I he I-arm Land Specialists, 'Yt-U
. u - Ide    : ������  . Ity  limits.
Dr.    li.   !>.   Brown,   <
. .    ���.   stir-
ti   n.  who usually  paj s weeklj   \ Isits
!.,   Now   Wesl.  In ' a, will nol     e  In
X This  celebrated   Cement  is
��� used by nearly all large contract-
��� urs in the Province.
X Telephones: Office 16,    Manager's Residence 22 X
I ���
������������������������������������������������������������������������<><K> ���{.*�����������������������������������������������������������������������
FIRE     CLAY     and     MANTEL *
From the Clayburn Clay Co. X
iii.  until the beginning of March,       _.     , ��� M    ..        c ,1    i ;l
iiji;,.   ���een  ca���e(1   t0 goutharn      The Annual Meeting of lhe Lib-
in  ..a account of ihe serious eral Association of New Westmin-
of    bis    father-in-law.
ster will be held on
74 j at 8 o'clock, in the Liberal Club
F. W. HOWAY, President.
rowing Appreciation
===== Sugar Cured ======
Breakfast Hams and Bacon
~~        LIMITED
.;   iv n's   headquarters are   a;   Blaliv
'"Ts!us "Tnl ;''"'"!'!   FRIDAY EVENING, Feb. 15th,
...    di     hml aim    Id* elded  him  to |
i, | ,  ,    .aai. mentlj   when be w ���'-
.vn   lo C illfornl i.
enil   of   t.h<    I He     Edward
, , ii    two      Election of   officers and other
lnc   ''""-'   important   business will be trans-
;, nvln : lhe fundi:  i ' Idence un I pro
,, .!M,:  ;., ib.:     Trinit:    cube.bai.  acted.
,. i... ,.  the   funeral   service    will    be
., ..rVai   le   the   Rev.   A.   Shildi Icl
, Messrs. Eiifl J. W. MacDONALD, Secy.
,,   urine, N'elem i, F3arwe.ll, Mathers.
,..|   ':iniell, Ihe first four having been TCIWir^PDC
nssocii i with rj LrXLJLrC^
, ,.,.,,,. i   In   Ihe   business   conducted	
: ... Man nl F. .1. Harl & con ny.   |
Win ���,. receive 1 bj the undersigned
T. A. !'. Slini'lie, manager of the ex-   (|,   |n ||oii,| nn Thursday, 28 February,
m'linental   farm   al   Agasslz,   was   In    1:i(|^   fo]   ,hi,   purohaM  ,,!'  Lol  30  In
,iiv yeslerdu:   for the  lirsl time   (.j|y  11|i)rK  y^ upon whi(.h is situated
BI,1C0 his return from the East, where   g  , |,,,i|i tw(j Btorey reBidence.
V^CZTrZ      Terms, one,hlrd eas, .the bal-
ance In six and twelve months, with
.rn per cent.
!!,.  will  ad-j    Tonders musi   be  accompalned   bj
mectins al Chllllwacl< today,   n rertifled checque equivalenl  to Ave
.  '';,',,-,,       if agriculture, hav-   per cenl of the bid made.
n       i 11 ('      I 11 i '   ��� |
,rru inv|te(| to speak by the man-      The ^^ m flny ti,n(U,,. ���:,   ,,,,
i committee of the Chiiliwack ex-   wwarU, aocepted.
,      ,   ,    .���,   MALINS, COULTHARD & CO. Ltd.
.,    . , |  ...    .1. ied       the reslgna- ' 	
. ... .. .���.. the poll   i
ne , ,, ,   ���-   Mev,  Wesl     isl    ,    . C.
The n i I Beautiful Selection of Rings ever
ia orted into the city are now en.view in
our store i n  C* iumbia street. :      :      :      :
in solilaire, twin, three ancl assorted settings
RINGS in bewildering profusion
W. C. Chamberlin
The Jeweler
Columbia St.
months   as*
M , i-   ,, i,is illness    ance In six nn
i ,- ,.H- rei nvei'i'i    Iron    Ills  inn1 ss
' mpletelj  interest ai sevi
, |S ,lh|e iu attend to his manj uu-
Temporary Premises: Trapp Block
Plumbing and Contracting
P. O. Box 248
Telephone 302
: '
��� 6
Can This
,\   160 acre   farm   three   miles  from
Porl Haney, SO acres al! cleared, over
, .1 - plowed, land  is  well fenced
anl cross fenced Into six fields; large
elling ami barns, dairy, root house
��� ml henerj:   260 assorted   fruit  trees
earing, small fruits in abundance.
i    -   farm Is   well   located   ami  in   a
id .-la;.- of cultivation; good school
ea  same section  (good  water).    The
irovements   alone  have   cost   ?7. i
��� ihe whole is here offered for
- 1,500. $1,000 cash, balance on very
. asj terms a; 6 \ er cent. This farm
list be snlii at once.
We will be pleased to show any in-
lending purchaser the above place as
ll v.ill stami investigating.
White, Shiles & Co.
260 Columbia St.,
Neii Westminster Phone 85-
t\ ProvpNkiun nf WornlK '���<��������>:   In  Rtta-
guri and Norway.
In some of the Hungarian forests
and In the pine woods nf Norway there
exists a tiny, wormlike insect culled
the selara, of the genus tijnila. Dnr-
liie; the month of July or early in August they gather together in large
numbers, preparatory t-> migrating it.
search uf food or for change of condition. When setting oul mi this jour
| ney they stick themselves together by
means of some glutinous matter and
form a huge serpent-like mass, often
reaching a length of between forty and
fifty feet nnd several Inches In thickness. As the selara is only on an average about three thirty-seconds of a;i
Inch in length, with no appreciable
breadth whatever, tbe number required
to compose a continuous Hue of tbe
size above mentioned is almost Incalculable. Their pace is, of course, very
slow, and upon meeting an obstacle,
such as a stick or stone, they will
either writhe over or around it. sometimes breaking into two bodies far this
M. Guerin-Meneville, a celebrated
French naturalist, said that if the rear
portion   uf   this   wonderful   snakelikjO
pi ession be brought Into contact with
tiie front part ami a s .rt of circle
formed tbe Insects will keep moving
round in thai eirde for hours without
apparently noticing tbal they ar,' getting im "forrader" mi their journey. It
the procession be broken in two. the
portions will reunite in a short time
'I'lie Norwegian pea-ants, when thej
me. t one of these trains, will lay some
article ef their clothing, such as a belt
or handkerchief, mi tbe ground in front
of it.    If the procession passes ever It
it is regarded as a good sign, hut if It
makes a way round the reverse is believed.
oi a pontc nod civilized society and
way of life, and you will be soliciting
tbe wind, talking to a statue, shouting
in the desert. 1-tnt in the most uncouth
assemblage and in tiie vilest haunt In
the English speaking world mention
fair play ami found your argument
and your plea ou that basis, and the
effect Is Instant aud eloijueiit.���i'tiila-
deli/hia Ledger.
217-219 Columbia St.
Second Hand Store
A  Plea Thai  l�� K��-n|)��'��-ti-d  hy  tlmuai
All Classes of Hen.
There is an appeal to which nenr'y
all classes of men give heed let us
have fair play. You may address a
scboolful of mischievous hoys on flu
beauties of goodness, on the evils of
cruelty ur harshness to their fellows,
and they will laugh at you. Exhortations to avoid any abstract evil or
wrong and appeals to follow any abstract virtue will seem hazy to almost
any collection of ordinary, healthy and
lusty young hoys, hut if their sense ot
fair play be addressed there is a ready
Go among a crowd of wharfingers oi
longshoremen or the roughest and most
reckless sailors, who have neither
home nor principles of any sort, and
talk to them of the things of the bead
or of the heart, and they will think
that you are a harmless hut quite futile specimen from crankdom. Try t<>
awaken in tbem a horror of the brutality of their usual life, speak in moving
terms of tbe force and beauty of kindness or of virtue or of any attribute
Would   Von   llrropiilue   It   If   Yon  SOW
lt on Another'.
'���How curious it is." said the philosopher, "thai tbe [iers,i:i  for whom you
I care must  on  earth,  the one you see
\ oftenest   and   who  receives  your most
.' constant  attention, is  the  one whose
countenance is least familiar to you."
"Who is that?" asked the visitor.
"Yourself," said tbe philosopher,   "it
is a  fact that if people could lie duplicated and could meet themselves in tbe
street very few would recognize themselves.    We  look  at   ourselves  many
times during tbe 305 days iif the year.
We say our eves are blue or brow    "!'
whatever other color they may be. our
hair black, our chin peaked, our forehead high. We knew every lineament
of our face from constant study ami
attention, yel when we turn : j
from ibe mirror we cannot conjure up
a picture of ourselves.
"We know Just bow our friends and
even acquaintances look. In fancy we
can see tbem sitting s,i nr standing so.
and their varying expressions under
different circumstances are clear to us
even though we may not have
them fur years, bui when it comes to
ourselves we cannot (ill in even the
outlines of the picture, We may laugh,
we may cry, we may frown, but we do
not know how we look while We are
doing Ir. Photographs do not help us.
We have never seen ourselves in the
flesh. Mirrors and pictures are poor
aids when we sit down and try to see
ourselves with  tbe mind's eye.
"That is why people are so deeply
Interested In anybody who is said to
resemble them. Just say to a nan.
'I know somebody who is the dead image of yon.' and he will never rest till
he sees that person. Then if the likeness Is really true he will own tliat
up t.. that time he had had no conception of how he really looked."
The visitor smiled wanly.
"I wish you wouldn't talk like that."
she said. "It makes me feel positively
uncanny."���New Vorli Press.
Tin- Letter 1.
The name of "I" is in Hebrew jod or
jot. a band, nnd the earliest characters
representative of the sound closely resemble a band with but three fingers.
Little by little one linger after another
dropped off until only the little finger
was   left,   and   the   letter   I mm.,   the
smallest in the alphabet, a jot or tittle,
that is. the "I" and its got being synonymous of the most Insignificant
tliinlt-s that could be described.
Second Hand Goods'of
all kinds bought and
sold for cash. All Mail
Orders promptly attended to. Kindly write or
call at
Sign  Man on Wheel.
Columbia St. New Westminster.
Phone 275
SUI1S TO ORDER, . . . $17.00
PANTS 10 ORDER  5.00
until March 1st, 1907.
Plenty of Goods to select from, of the ,
Latest Patterns.
Satisfaction guaranteed ur money re- |
247 Front Street   -      New Westminster
Westminster Iron Works
SHIP SMITH1NU, liKim,!'. and
STR1 CTI i; \i. IRON    WORK.
Ornamental   iron   worn,  including
Fences, Gates, Fire Escapes, vie
Mall orders ami correspondence in
New Vent minster. t>. u. 474.
Room 4, Guichon Block
W, No Draper
B. C. Land
Ellard Bbck.   Nrw Westminster, B.C..
Second Hand Junk Store
Highest Prices Paid for STOVES, FURNITURE
and TOOLS of all descriptions. Also buy and
ROPE. We also buy and sell everything.
Applyorbyb���il'       Between  Columbia  c
'Phone No. 214       Fraser River Hotel
A Good Thing is Sure to be Appreciated
(Maple Leaf
0    Is Raining in favor every day.    Our output last year was double the
preceding one.    The most healthful and nutritious of beverages.
B. C. Mills, Timber and
Trading Company
Manufacturers and Dealers in All Kinds ot
Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sash,   Doors,
Interior Finish,-   lurned Work,    Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glass.
Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining.
Royal City Branch, Columbia St.
Telephone 12.
New Westminster
t- *-.<���������������,%����������������*...-���
TAKE NOTICE thai application has
been made to register Edgar L. Webber us the (iv. n. . in Fei Simi le, under
a Tax Sale Deed from the Reeve and
Clerk of Surrey, to Edgar I-. Webber,
bearing fhe date 5th day of January,
A.D. L901, of all ami singular that certain parcel or tract of land and prem
Ises situate, lying and being In the
District of New Westminster, In the
Province of British Columbia, more
particularly known and described as
I Lots 1 and 2 of Block 10, subdivision
oi South Easl quarti r Section 10,
Township 1.
I, i and each of you are req ...
-, ,niin si the claim of the tax pur-
. chaser within thirty days from the
date of the flrsl publication of this
notice, otherwise I shall register E I
gar I.. Webber, as owner thereof In
fi, . And I hereby or I* r thai publication "i this notice for fifteen days
in   a   daily   m ,'��� iblished   al
\, w   Westn Inster   wl      >e   good  and
stiffli iei ���    ervici   thi   ���   f.
DATE11 al        Land Registry Office,
N'i ,v   W'estmius ���   ���   i'1"^ Ince  ol   B
Ish  Colin ���   ���   17th  daj   of Janu-
;     .   \.ir   : 107.
I il trii;  Regii
To Thomas Jeffi i* -.  Es i.
All persons served with this m Iii ���
ami those claiming through or under
them, and all persons claiming any inti rest ::i the said land by virtue of any
unregistered instrument, and all per-
-i ns claiming any interest in the
said land by descent whose title
is not registered under the
provisions of the 'Land Registry Act,"
shall be forever estopped and debarred from setting up any claim to or
i:i respeel of the said land so sold for
taxes as provided by the "Land Registry Act."
TAKE NOTICE thai an application
has been made to register James Lord
���is the owner in Fee Simple, under a
Tax Sale Deed from the Mayor and
Treasurer of the City of Xew Westminster, to Patrick T. Howler, bearing dale the ISth day of August, A 1).
1902, of all and singular that certain
parcel or tract of land and premises
situate, lying and being in the City
of Xew Westminster, in the 1'rovince
of British Colum!.ia. more particularly
known and described as Lots 10 and
11, Block "D" St. Patrick's S i lare
Von and each of you are required
to contesi the claim of the tax pur-
i .. 5er within forty-five days from the
ate of the first publication of this
notice, otherwise 1 shall registi i
���lames Lord a> owner thereol In fee.
And I hereby i ertify that publicai lon
��� : '.'us notice for thirty days In a
tail} newspaper published at New
rt'* stminster will be goo I and s ..:;
cient service thereof.
DATED at the Land Registry  Office
Xew-   Westminst* r,  Province   ol   B
Ish  Columbia  this  1st  day  of  Febru
ary, A.D.   1907.
('. S. KEITH,
Districl   Registi
To Henry Elliott, I.
���\':    ersons served with this uotli e,
and  those claiming through or under
them,  and  all   persons  claiming any
Interest in the sal 1 land by virttn   of
tiny  unregistere I  Instrument, and a I
1 rsoni   claiming anv  Interesi   In the
said   lan I bj    lescent,   whi se  tith
''    registered until r the : revision   i I
the   "Land   Registry    \et,"   shall    e
'   ���     estopped   an I debarred
ttlne up an.* < laim to or In ���:���   ������������ i
the said lan l so sold for tax*
i  '.Med by thi    Land Res   I  ,   Vet
Synopsis of Regulations foi  Disposal
of Minerals on Dominion  Lands in
Manitoba, the Northwest Territories
and the Yukon Territory.
' ') \ L���Coal  lands  may    be    pur-
:    led  at Sto per acre  inr soft
ind  $20  for  anthracite.     Not   more
th ���:     o acres ran be acquired by one
individual  or  company,     Royalty   al
the rate of ten cents per ton oi	
pounds shall be collecti d on the gro
QUARTZ-Persons of eighteen
years and over and joint -lock com-
panic* holding free miners' certificates
may obtain entry for a mining loi a
A free miners certincate is granted
for om- or more years, not exceeding
five, upon payment in advance of $7.50
per annum for an individual, and from
$50 to $100 per annum fur a company,
according to capital.
A free miner, Having discovered
mineral in place, may locate �� claim
1500x1500 feet by marking out thc
same with two legal posts, bearing
location notices, one at each end of
the line of the lode, or v."in.
The claim shall be recorded within
fifteen days if ocated within ten miles
of a mining recorder's office, one additional day allowed fur every additional ten miles or fraction. The
fee fur recording a claim is $5.
At least $100 must he expended on
the claim each year or paid tn the
mining recorder in lieu thereof, When
$500 has been expended or paid, the
locator may, upon having a survey
made and upon complying with other
requirements, purchase the land at
Ji.00 an acre.
Permission may be granted by the
Minister of the Interior to locate
claims containing iron and mica, also
copper, in the Yukon Territory, of an
area not exceeding 160 acres.
The patent for a mining location
shall provide for the payment of a
Royaltv of 2# p*'r cent, of the sales
of the  products  of  the  location.
PI r\CER MINING���Manitoba and
the N. VV. T., excepting the Yukon
Territory: Placer mining claims generally are 100 feet square, entry fee
$5 renewable yearly. On the North
Saskatchewan River claims are either
bar or bench, the former being 100
feet long and extending between high
and low water mark. The latter includes bar diggings, but extends back
to the base-of the hill or bank, not
exceeding 1000 feet. Where steam
power is used claims 200 feet wide
may be obtained.
Dredging in the Rivers of Manitoba
and the N. W. T., excepting the Yukon Territory���A free miner may ob-
. ,.., on]y ,.,,,. |, .... - of five mill - each
(or a term of twenty year.-, renew
able in the discretion of the Minister
f the  tnt* rior.
The 1  's right is con ���
submi rged bed r bars - f the rivei
below any low water mark, and sub-
fur first year and $>0 per mile for each
subsequent year. Royalty same as
placi r mining.
Placer mining in the Yukon Territory- Creek, gulch, river and hill
claims shall not exceed J-o feet in
length, measured on the base line or
general direction of the creek ra
gulch, the width being from 1000 fo
2000 feet. All other placer claims
-���hall be 250 feet square.
Claims are marked by two legal
posts, one at each end, bearing notices. Entry must be obtained within
ten days if the claim is within ten
miles of the mining recorder's office.
One extra day allowed for each addi
tional ten miles or fraction.
The person or company staking v
claim must hold a frte miner's certificate.
The discoverer of a new mine is
entitled to a claim of 1000 feet in
length, aand if the party consists of
twn, 1500 feet altogether, on the output on which no royalty shall rx
charged the rest of the party ordinary claims onlv.
Entry fee $10. Royalty at the rate
of two and one-half per cent, on the
value of the gold shipped from the
ject to the rights of all persons who
have, or who may receive entries for
bar diggings or bench claims, except
on the Saskatchewan River, where
the lessee can dredge t high-water
mark on each alternative leasehold.
The lessee shall have a dredge in
operation within 01 1 n  from the
date of the lease for each   five miles
but v. here a person or c mpany has
obtained   more   than   one   lease   one
dredge for each  fifteen miles or frac- j
tiun then uf is sufficient.     Rental, $10 i
per  annum  for    each    mile    of river:
leased.     Royalty  at   the   rate   of  two
and  a half per  cent,  collected  on  the;
output after it  exceeds $10,000.
Dredging in the Yukon Territory-
Six leases of live miles each  may be |
granted to a free miner fur a term of j
20 years; also renewable.
The   lessee   shall  have   one   dredge!
in   operation  within   two  years   fi   -.,
the date of the lease, and    ne dredge j
for  each  live miles within   six years
from such date.    Rental $100 per mile
Yukon  Territory  to  be   1 1  to   the
The lessee's right is confined lo the,
submerged   bar   or   bars   111   the   river
below    low    water    mark, that boun- I
dary to be fixed by its position "n the
ist day of August in the y��r of the
date of thc lea-e.
No free miner shall receive a grant
of mure than one mining claim on
each separate river, creek 01 gulch,
but the same miner may hold any
number of claim- by purchase, and
free miners may work their claim-
in partnership by filing notice .and
paying fee of $2. A claim may be
abandoned and another obtained n ���
the ime 1 reek, gulch or river, by
giving notice and p tying a fee.
Work must be done on a claim
each year to the value of at lei -t $200,
A c* rtil cate that work has hern
abandoned, anad open to oc* upation
and  entry by a free miner.
The boundaries of .-, claim may be
defined absolutely by having a survey
1 :1 I* and publishing notices in tiie
Yukon   Official   Gazette,
Petroleum ah unappropiated Do-
minion Laud- in Manitoba, the North-
west Territories and wilhin the Yukon
territory, an- open to prospecting for
petroleum, and the minister may reserve for an individual or company
having machinery on the land to be
prospected, an area of 1920 acres for
such period as he may decide, the
length of which shall nut exceed three
"mes the breadth. Should the pros-
pector discover oil in paving quantise , and satisfactory establish such
discovery, an area not exceeding 640
acres, including the oil well, will be
sold to the prospector at the rate of
?! an acre, and the remainder of the
'fact reserved, namely, 1280 acres,
will be sold at the rate of u an acre,
subjecl to royalty at such rate as may
be specified by Order j��� Council.
DeP��tv of the Minister of the  In j
"ent. Interior,
Mh. j, i'
n     V."'"1   ; !eB��LE,J
Canadian   Ban . I
ing,  Columbia ���    f
office, New  y Poatte ^
barristers ,* ^QCAUji
Bees:    Ne*    .. ������     ;
corner   Clarl . ,'.    ->���   <
Vancouver,��� *    J
ville streei.    , .,   -Ut:,,;."
W   Wean.   v.. ,     ,'   :X K. g
Bourne.   Mr. ;,. /^li,
Westminster ,. .   J *�����
ternoon %it> Prlda,,
ters,   sole etc   iiH
s;:"';'  "    ' Hoi��eIa
OWAY,   REIIJ   ,     .,
v    '  '    er, p.o'
Solicitor, ��� J
bla and U ' \
minster, fi. ('. I
and ; I1
91    ��� Xew v.
1,       ...
���.   street, 01
P.O. Box 169.   Ti
''". B.C fjij
ster   Hoard  of Tn .    1. eel   ��� ���
Board Room, Cil as ��� ','
Second Wedni
Quartwly  meetings on the I '���
Wednesday     of     Febi ;\
August and Nov* n ��� at"s -
Annual meetings 1 a the ��
Wednesday     of ,.|
members   may   ! e   1 ri posed ���
elected at any moi
meetiig.    A. C. V.:.  .-, Sec.
UNION  LODGE. NO. 9, A. F. 4 J
���The    regular    meeting   ol
Is hold on the First WednesdJ
each month, at S 1   lock p.
the   Masonic   Tea ph     Sojoia
brethren are cord
tend.       Or.  W.  A,  Deffoll Sri
F.   &  A.   M.���Reg :   ���   'onuEM:-��|
tions of this lodge are held on:
second   Tuesday   In  .   cvi monti ill
Masonic Temple, .'��� S !��� m v..*[
Ing   brethren   are    < rdi       I  -:
to attend.    I). W. Gil* I
R,     I).    K.    of    I ,    11 .*������'���    lit*I
Friday    of    each     \w ntl
p.   m.,   In   Orauce   hal
Royal  avenue  and   7". street I
journlng Sir Knights
vited to attend.    W. E. Dud I
P.; J. Hood. Ri .
���Meets  in  1 ii ing    I      I -
third Frldaj In each 1
ni.    Visiting  bn th en   re corfii
iBvfted to attend. I \
.lames Humphrey, R*
I. O.  O. F.���AMITY  LODGE. N0.S-
Thc regular meetin
are held in Oddf* ' J
Ida   .street,  even    Mi '       |
at 8 o'clock. Vi-: li ethrei j
dially Invited to atti nd. S.Gn I
N. <;.; r. s. Richmon I '���' G �� I
Coatham, R. S.;   I. W, I
F, S.;  Alex.  Ad ms, '   ���
���Meetings tho first 1 nd third I
day    in     each     moi Ih,       v     :l
brethren cordially ln\ ted to t>
Lodge room. A. 6, U. W, hall, 0*1
fellows'  block, Clarl   in streel
S. CorrlRan, recordei     Louis V
master workman.
115,  SONS  OF  ENGLAND, B. S-
Red Rose Degree me*'   Second "i
Fourth Wednesday of
In  K. of  P,   Hall, C*
s p. in., White R '
Weduosdav   In   e i
time and place,    VI ���
cordially    Invited.     K.  ��� I
combe, Pres., n. DIsi
 ��� I
���Meets the Fourth  I I
monih   ai   8  o'cloi k.  In  tl
hall.  Oddfellows'   bloel     Via���������;
brethren are eordl ill;
tend.   .1. 11. Rushton, C. Rd
Maxwell, IJ. S.
F. F.
m'll'il I
A. o. F.���Tim regular m*
this Lodge are held on the s��
and Fourth Tuesdays of each 1 n
at s p. 111. In the Oddfellow \W
Visiting Brethren are conpar.
vlted to attend.   B. C. Firtn, i" '
V. P. Maxwell, See.
PERANCE meel   every WW*   '.
nt s o'clock p. m.. in Oddisj
Hall,   Columbia    street.    ��'��  ,,
rirothrcn are cordially Invi tea' -
tend, Goo. Burr, S. C; N. R. Br
CAMP, 101.���Meets on the r�� ���.
Third Tuesday of every ''"'viv,..
K.   of    P. Hall.     ���I"lin
Chief;  J. J. Forrester
Sec I:-
B   20.  1907.
;-      tnber, in two months' time that property
y(    are thinking about now will in all probability   ��( out of vour reach as an investment'.
What's the use of d, .... rig?   Buy to-day and sell to-morrow.   Spring is
Lst here, and with it is coming new industries, new sawmills, Capital
,d Labor.
Note the New Address---FRONT ST.        Tel 333.
I  5*3x132 ft. on
...   - Av.. north side,
'   or, block 6,  S. block
51,000, half cash.
-,:.:.   Lane on
lots   or    ioi>
In      RRO\> \S\ lilt
Near  tho   Bridge
Full-sized lot No. 8, be-
twei 6th & 7th Ave. on
il St., west side. $300,
ha I cash, bal. in fi mos.
One acre in block 9, between 18th and 16th St.
on 8th Ave. Price $750,
] ���- i ash, bal. easy.
; . -
- .
$15C   ;asr
$2 4O0,  ���_
���   $2,500.
Pi        ;
.��� ��� ���  .    S
ton strei     easl
al! ' leai ed and I
on*    : the lots. ?:
:. :e cu     ear   I i
.   thro ish.      $9.-160. '
--  " sl"". outside cil    limits
each lot.    Puller   pari.   ilars
-." m cottage, 7th Ave.& |
It?; St., facing Tth Ave.; 2
Jul! sized lots; name of cot-
,ge,  Cecil;   bath   room,
1 sheds, peach, apple,
larand plum trees. Price
SiSOO, half cash, bal. ti &
os. at 7 per ct.
 ! i
���   .  \\ esi minster district,   < ���
cultivallon,   ip| acres or \
re   strawberrie
o" mi lan i    i inn
i IS x -j:  frani ���    irn ll
f r: 11 n e h     e   i i I   *
able tl cows an 1
:   near Mission SI  '
eli .r. lies    ne ir    al     hand
: �� Ice a day; about 1   i
' r an I ce lar, neter 1 een
1''   : ef ised   I  r   stan ling
' te '; 11 se  lfi  x 24;  hen
le    :  hewed timber laid in
10.    A chance of a life
ioo, $4,000 . ish, . dance al 6
on I      streel
2 houses on I
j  '   00
5   . :���:
I    i )ne :. :\ . of  the
''   ���     ���      .    SSOC    ash
��� full | articulars apply
.:���'..   .
S- ip    n LjtE.
. $25.00 to $2.C00
SO aci   -    me ni im Al   o
ared, good soil, 220 fruil
trees   price $1,400. half cash, balance
iua i at re isonable
intei est.
150 ii res ini ove I land, bulldin ;s
,n ! she 1 - i omplete, near Cloverdale;
all  un ler c iltlvati >n, $15,000.    If yon
n han He this, don't delay: It's a
terms cau       arrange 1.
CO a ;ood farm land In 1 iel n
." . mill - fi   in ri\ t, near S* o I
I, ���'. j . ������ - acie. a real - io l li ij
e onlj
\ .
$300 oasy
... reet, in
Is from
If  Ca Prici   $'.020.
rl K      ��� ������'.,���:.
k ,i si orej s   seven     on a   I ul!
acn land -.  near
$20   e   ai  a
m    ���  Inlet,
J  .00 ,;rr acre.
in ������   '        l,   rtl
mlaiu    ea ���:���
all over the city for sale
from~$50 to $3,000.
See us immediately. Tell
US where you want a lot
and we can supply.
50 Pots 15x120 in Sapperton. overlooking the
Fraser River; between the
Hospital, Distillery and
Brunette Saw Mills, with
school in center; 17 double
corner lots, balance front
and well located; all easily
cleared; perfeel river view.
Corner lots $125, inside
lots $100. Only PI cash,
bal. 6, L2 and L8 months:
or terms can be arranged
to suit purchaser. INDEFEASIBLE  TITLE.
Pi        ...    |i .:-.,...
...   ! \   . '.,!.!.    $400
l.i. bloi i. i.   Ith sl ������-     Yon   I
.-.   $1,250. i-? ca -
��� ��� -
es co ���    of 6tl    n Kgne
.   . . ��� 2 fei     o "'
: .   . .... yea
$fi I . .   $10,000.
....     . ...
10x10     Corn*
; lot. i once foi $450,
$40      ���        e lap,
1. a       ot, 33 x 1 storey,
���       .... $1,350.
It's up to you to stop paying rent.
Om i��� ��� -. a ,  ��� Ixt;    icres X. W.
j Vt See. 15, Township ll, two miles
from Porl Langley, 5 acres, slashed.
No, 1 land. Price, $10 per acre. Ono
third cash, bala ... time, 7 percent,
One hundred and - v \ n es, \ W
Vi se,-. 25, Township in, 2H miles
\ ... i -.. d creek running
through, 50 nere- alder bottom, said
to e $600 woith of timber on ihe
pro] erty. Price $10 per acre. H cash,
balance on time
i'- ���-. acres In Lol 163 one mile east
nf Westmins ei Junction, A1 soil, eas
lly cleared.   $30 pei aci e
Ho i ������'. coi nei of Fifth avenue nnd
si\ih Btreet, one '";. two storeys, s
rooms, $2,500, half cash
Boarding house, :';l rooms, ou Sixth
eet,   one   bloi k  from    posl    ol fii -
rents al $30 pei month, oi  '-n ?ile at
House, el hi i oom i, ou SI Qeorge
il eet, ' oi in i Fo u Ih, $2,5C0; i as;
tei 'ii =
House, full sized lot, on Kearj
itreet,  Sappe ton;   ri I  -  foi   $10  pel
m mill,    (in'     IC"' i
CO acres    ood d till   lan 1 in Sin re>
can be bou .'i!  now   :      f   i pei   i	
only one qn irtei  en h nee le I. bal in* i
i'i one or two yeai    nl 7 per cent.
sil acres in Matsqui Municipality, t-room house,
chicken house; one ac,
cleared; good well, purest
water. $ 1,000. Chance
of a lifetime.
;:2-roomed  House, with
room,  pantry, scul-
. root house and woo'!
attached ;     electric
-    :  hot and cold water.
PI it. front, 280 ft. deep
or less). All kinds of
'. 5 walnut  trees,  all
small fruit.   Price
ie   whole   $5,500;
;.':' cash, bal. 7 per!
Price of house and '
ing with it. $4,000.
mic coi imunication
can b< bought sep-
ely; 50  ft. front, 280
eep, $750 each: good
fruit trees; lane on
3rd Ave. to Ith
160 ai          i the S   dt 1 id, in ai
cleared       irn 50 3      i; I ible . el -  .
ilend ���.    01      $30 ]       n re, $1,	
ca   ,. nee e
Bel (Veen   i IS ���-. ',   avi mi'
Seventh si eet, eight
..   table and eli   ken house, I
lot,   two      '    "     ,  $1,1	
��� I   i
. ������, p I on le, $1,800,    ilf i
ilanre    n time at 6 pe    i enl . su .-
P i, Comi
I -" ai !   i, M iple lUdge, Sections 2S, I
"'   m I !!'. Town ���'������ i |i,  half pi il       House,    10   i    I'     lots    ne u
lie. resl   brush and    ome  unall trees Fourth   avenue   and   Beventh   Btreel
['rice     Section  12, $45 per acre; See $:,ooo.   Terms can bi   irranged,
i imi 20, $00 per acn .   lei    18, $55
; ei    ii re,    Telephon i   il    Hi nd;       135  m i lie from  Huntln
iph    ��� ition,   cIti   Rivi     Hrldg ' '"��� U-C ��� TO  icres In gra is, 15 ai res
Ti rms, hnlf e i   i,            ���  nm   in I two ���''"'<       '  '��� "" '-   house and  hai a
I 7 per cenl    Exclusl      igeu ' "s< $2,50"; good road  ilon   om -': le;
price $50 pei  acre, hall eas li,   ml mi ������
Ho    ���     ind lot,   50   -   I 13,   ;. " Ij   of lo Bull  pin i hasi i   il G pi I  r enl     Ilea
ii    i lol  in d i   St,    Hi ��� m rei Belltn t, th      vner's   vlfe Is in
��� '    e                    pi Ii a  $1,200, bad heall             lias tn     i to a cold
inlai        a           monllis i im ite
���   i hlghi    pei ,
Double tPneiin ��' i -'    i  -  In
���I  i i
��� ,     . ; ���        fi|ji size Int,
.        i i        md   ���'    md
...      i       r : -
" |,500,       I -
;, ' . -
���esquc Mississip ���   -    ���
been nlmi      in ��� ��� m   hi
ing    o ride ovi ai     hill
road f)i    mill
when thi Brand
... - .....
reai   ed al
one * ''..'������ ��� ��� ������ ng outing
frhe 'i ���' ���'���'��������� ������ ��� m ������ ������ hi '<
��! o-;   overhang    I ������ ater,
when    the   oak   ' ��� ������-������'��� '���  ������
' ���������   over   the   hillside,  where
1' -   rocks glare in the sunshim   ot
i tain top, \\ here th*    -. ���������
are   nbundanl      *ng   birds   in   the.
I���     ��������� c ni  si iiim ;   ng in the
tree tops, where, as vou float ovev
thc rapii then i an everchanging
panora mi ol seer ��� beai I * . where,
in fact, nalur* e in all hf'T
lhe   Whit*
rivfr ftoal     x. ��� be si
yo   -     ""i | . ��������� i and
Si rei
The Mails on thc Ocean.
One     ���   .. I        .   .-
forn     ������       -
.   , ......
. '.    .    |      ....;'
i' . ble to      '  I   ���
on foi\   paidi. ��� ���
th*        On an  or
.... trip thoy carry o
an   in ihoul   '?���"' ettei
and               tered ������������<��� '������
The re all to be "      ���
in detail in Iheir books during the
* -        ���    this  lake? more  :
tha    thi   icl nal sorting.    The ,
��� iis do not always manage to fi
tho work 1\\ the time they reach
port, and when such is the case thej
accompany what is lcfl lo the pen-
eral postofiice and complete tlm job
Names of French Warships.
Whal is curious in the li;t of
French ships of war now on the
stocks is thai nol one of ihem is
called after a v. irrior, whether naval
or military, b I thai the patronymics of philosophers, and even of novelists, have been preferred. The
now ironclads are named after Pan-
ton. Mirabeau, Voltaire, Diderot,
Condon el and \ ergniaud. The
cruisers take the names of Victor
Hnro. Jules Michelet, Edgar Oui
net, Ernesl Renan and Waldeck-
Rousseau. The mosl poel i* al names
are * hose git en to the new submarines. There arc to be two Wasps
among them. Bui there will also
be an Emerald, an Opal, b Ruby, a
Sapphire, a Topaz, a Turquoise, a
Cir* " and a Calypso. W estminster
World's  Supply  of  Iron.
11 fl ill surprise a greal many to
learn thai we are likeh to run
shorl of iron inside of a single een
-.nn if wu keep up the preseni rale
of consumption. As a matter of
fact, we are more likel} I" increase
tbe cousumpl ion than u e are I	
dure it.   The world has only  10,-
* ,000,000 Ions nf iron ore availa
ble. * If tin se '���. i m m; has twice
as many tons as the I fnited States
Russia aud Fran* o e n h have too,
000,000 tons more than this coun
try,   Om consumption is placed nl
::"..* ,000,   v* hii h   is   mere   than   a
third of the world's total consnmp
Hon.    I., -li.'- \\ eokly.
Wednesday, February 20
Urcest Train EYtnsu*
��� on Any stage
Seats on sale al Ryall's Dn
PRICES���75c, 50c and 25c
��� :   ���    \
ia the Rallwa;     -
������   ��� 	
he e>  ectii
Kit 1 y   mil! i	
which ' tttat*
form the conditions  < onneefe -
with and I   he follov        ilans:
(U    VI  least six months' re
upon and    cultit a* ion of   the land in
each year for three ;ears,
{���>) If the father (or mother, if i ie
. . jc deceased), of the homesti 11
e resides upon a farm in the vicinity
o.' the land entered for, the 11 rjul ���
mente as to residence may be satl ifli :
ii such person residing with the
father 01 mother.
rn    If the settler has his perman
enl residence noon farming lan '��� own
ed b; him In the viclnttj of his 1!'-'"
sti ad,   the   requirements to i esi
dence maj   be satisfied    bj  resid  i
upon the said land.
Six months' notice In wrltlngshould
be given to the   < lommissloner ol ' i
minion Lands al Ottatva ol ;"' hi
to apply for patenl
Coal hinds urn  be pin chased al f ">
per acre for sofl  coal and $20 foi ai
thraclte.      Nol  more 'ban   320 acn
i nn be acquired b*   one Indh lilual
company.    H"' all *   al  the 1 al    ol  I
ci ills per lon ol  1 000  1 i i :' il
coll* cted on ' li iss output.
W. W, CORl
Deptit*   bl t.be  Mini I     I
\.  n,    Unautl ���������'     ibll    ': -
this   ad* ertlsei        iM nol        |   ; '
    : ��� . :
. ornei of F
$5,000, one      - '
ible home an .   |
i . ���
nise ,
.- !   1
In be il residenl ial por-
I ion of I fi w We tmin ter,
i-,i^. end; clo e to cur; 6
large rooma and large re-
ci il ion hall; modern in e
er; n pect; 2 full lots L32
. L32, all in lawn, laid out
with hrub i and flowers;
tennis co irt on one . le
Price $2,750. Terms $600
rash, bal. on mortgage.
     ' S'5  per aor
i i   acres   In   PU      "     : - ��� -   o   ���
il  ���'  pei    ent
Large lol   ind    ��� ��� * on Co
ila s     't, Sapperton    i;
at $10 each.
. ,   \ it, two       F'i'.e  cotl Iges and two lols on  First
  snap al    trpe     ipposlte Queen's park.    Price
..       , $7,000.
Rea>  Estate Brokers
Agent, for Employers' Liability. .��i Union Bre Assurance Co. of London.
All   His Own  Fault.
A  book  agenl   rei enl' i obtatni :
Qilmissioi] to I he ollii i   of Th im i-
Edison and assailed him with such
-in -,i., ...   ii ion of arguments in fa
or  of  lhe  publi* al ion   . !    h she
represi nted   that   the   famous   h
.ei-..   ������ i . huri iedl,- subscribed.
A ri. i :i gradti tl i    I  ral  in of hip
energii s Mr. Edison a      ;
"Ilow  did   ."������!   evt'i I   ;'
mast* ring s        i I con inc
ing spee* h as th t?"
"(ijti hes are taught
at th ��� r*     "'id the
sweetly,     by   means   of   tl p
. '-.."    Harper's Weekly.
Insanity In the Cities.
The fact ij that the greatest por
in of the insanity is already eom-
from the cities, and the flat is
one of the conl ributing factors
among all  others  incident to the
rcrowding of  population,    The
ispect is that matters are liable
to be worse' before they are better
if the present tendency of crew
into apartments continues,   .lour
nal of the American Medical Asso
Sword of  King  Behanzin.
I'clianzin, king of Dahomey, has
presented his sword to the French
minister for the colonies. Tho
weapon was purchased years ago at
a theatrical costumer's by an ex-
plorer, who afterward gave it to
Behanzin. The king ordered the
court armorer to make a sheath for
ii oul of empty Bardino tins and
wore it. until quite recently.--I.ort-
!'ni St>'dard.
25c per doz.
to $1 a cake
FYfS    TrSTEO    f R!=E
336 i [ai I Ing   St. W . Vancouver.   (
Bookkeeping, Gregg and Pitman
Bhorthan l. Telegraphy and En-   (
Seven Teachers
Forty-rtve   Typewriters j
Students Always in Demand.
P. J. JFtOU, P. 1, Piindfd
i ii.
. ��� B
DO YOU want to save  both time  and money  in
making your purchases ?
DO YOU want to look upon the largest  selection
of European goods in the province ?
ARE YOU a wideawake buyer ?    Yes.    Then you
must deal with a wideawake firm.
IF YOU will take the trouble to come and see us,
WE WILL, in 3 minutes, convince you that it is in
YOUR INTERESTS to place your order with us.
I Public Supply Stores
Matter intended for this column ihould be addressed, "Social Editor, Daily News, P.O.
li,'X 402, New Westminster "
Von.  Archdeacon  Small was in the
city   yesterday.
.Mrs. Coulthard gave a .small bridge
rally   yesierday   afternoon.
..A Cheap Home..
A good House and three Lots
on  Third Street for  $1900.
Sice 2-storey House, corner lot,
on Queen's Ave.  Only $1600.
Malins, Coulthard & Co. Ltd
Real Estate, Financial and Insurance Agents,
Columbia St., - - New Westminster B. C.
Ronald Cliff, of the Western Canadian Can factory yesterday left for
Xew York. Pittsburg, Philadelphia,
Chicago, Montreal and other centres
M on business connected with the com-
__ pany. He will purchase a considerable quantity of new machinery with
which to increase the efficiency ol
the factory plant.
F. II. Holi was a passenger to Hope
Francis   Freed,  of  Chemainus,  was
a  visitor in ihe city yesierday.
.Miss I). Clouston who has been visiting her sister, Mrs. \v. Cartwright,
of this city, returned yesierday to her
home  in Victoria.
A Cold Handle
; : ������-   ?"���$
'Phone   105.
'Phone   i05.
ew Wellington Coal
See that Hood?
It is lined with Asbestos,
prevents radiation of heat.
The handle is attached to
the hood, and thus kept
A   woman  who  once wears a pair of B ami 1 i -~.
comfort, style and durability. '   !lnd.<int(,
These points have made H and 1 Corsets   famou
eel other makes in these worthy features is clearly ' '' "%(
mendations of women who have worn them. iy therecni.
The steels in Ii and I Corsets are all placed on the
secret of their tfreat success.    Made thus they assure  ��� 'u'hi'ir*
prevent the breakage of steels over the hips." " l'"mf('rt m
The proper lacing is another specia
feature of these corsets. Full instruc
tions issued with every pair. V*^
For slight figures ask for the
Lady Curzon
Girdle Corsets
Medium stout figures will find great
satisfaction in the lit of the
Style  AX  and
Lady  Ruby
Mayers & Preston
J. W. Creighton
'Phone   1C5
P. O. Box   345
'Phone   105
Maple Leaf Rubbers
are the most satisfactory brarj for
both dealer and \v3arer in this prov-
They possess all the gcod qualities
cf material, style, fit, finish and durability characteristic of the best Rubbers, and are more serviceable under
Western   climatic   conditions.
Ask your dealer for
1. Leckie Co., Lid.
Th i Santa Rosa Republican has thi
following accounl of the marriage
A.  W. Mel.end.  which took  place
thai  city on Feb. 5.
The wedding of Miss Ruth Tom, ���
= of this city, one of the daughters i!
, the late Justice and .Mrs. Jackson
Temple, to Alfred W. McLeod, ol
New Westminster, li. ('.. took placi
at high noon Tuesday. The eorennnr-
was performed in the handsome Temple home on It street, which was beautifully decorated  for the occasion.
Attending  the pretty    bride    were
Miss  Rosamond  Temple, a  sister, as
! :.,aid of honor, .Miss Edith Snyde-Kwi
nersle\   and   .Miss    Maybelle   Temple.
another  sister, as  bridesmaids.     Dr
, Jackson Temple of San Francisco sup
imi"! I the groom as host man. and to
| Thurlow Temple fell the pleasing duty (f gi\ing the bride into the custody
of hor ; i pband.
Very Rev. A, L. Burleston, rector uf
the   Church   of  the   Incarnation, per-
[ formed tbe wedding according to the
pretty v'ts of the Episcopal church,
While the r arriage vows were being
i exchanged, the couple stood beneath
a handsome wedding bell of manzanita
i and   Leather,   which   was   surmounte I
t by ,��� iv nopv of smilax, making a pret-
. t>  setting for 'he wedding ceremony
The .tpar'men: ivas beautifully decora-
������ i  with   vari-colored   carnations and
! reeneri.   the   lecorative  scheme   be
ing decidedly artistic. Ellard Block 	
The bridal costume was of whiti
and she wore the hridal veil ���
and carried a bunch of lilies of the which they will return here for a
i Hey, Her travelling salt was i brief visit before journeying to their
ored creation, The happy In.me In New Westminster. Befon
couple departed on the afternoon their departure a sumptuous wedding
train   for  Southern  California,    after   repast   was   served   to    which    man.'.
frii a L   ive ���       Iden,
The couple wei e the rei :��� nts ol
many handsome an i 11 I pre mts
In silvi r and cm glass wan . in Ipall;
i n I ���:.'���- ������ were .:-; laye I in om
Vmon tl ise ��� . esenl from oul oi
I wi . ��� the u iptlals iv* re Mrs, J. If.
M* Leod md John McLeod, mother
und brothel of the groom, who reside
In Los Anj ��� . s, and Mrs. .lames Shaw
and Mi.-.- Edith Snyde-Kinnersley of
San Franci   o.
he   ��� .: ���   ir   one  of  Sa it -   R isa's
esi known girl     n        highl.i  accomplished.     She   li -   ��� - ���      if   friends
h* '������  who  will  wish  for her a happy
jcurne;   throu        |        th hi      liosen
-    nl  ���:.  Mr. McL    I "
For stoul figures we ci i mem
Style  F and
��.   ' ,   n: f.y/8 '
247 Columbia Street.  New Westminster
j-1        r~~
Effff Food and
OO Clearing-out Sale of Odd Lines at giving away price
DAiiltfU   A|.|IIA ,See our Window and Door.
New Westminster
Rapid, Easy Grinders
l|| 1 ��jF'   I Three sizes,���8,10 and
|||P;        j 12-inch plates.    Alsc
bagging  attachments
for same.
ttg   -   .        ���; - %
;���     -..-���
m \ ���**&
A full line of Pulpers, Slicers
Hay and Ensilage Cutters.
Vancouver, B. C.
Sole Agent in New Westminster, W. I SINCLAIR
kite Machine Worked.
WE wish to emphasize
is this���Money can seldom be put to work in
such Good Real Estate
as that which we are
at present nil'*'ring.
See us and get our
timely tips on some
good bargains.
IHiiin iimi i M������ ������
Modern, 7-roomed House
on Third Street, below Third
Avenue. Grates, electric light
and sewerage. Price $2,500.
Good terms.
T. J.  TRAPP & CO.
Threat of Secession.
Iti i .������.���������
ttin      '���    [hi    1 louse  of
ken     |i thai
,  -1   -       	
;,. :;        '     '.      n      :'.   fl 'G   Ed
ii 1 nnil the        The
��� .   ���        aid that there was
In ���      '-i i. Ing  in
Prince Ed;     I 1      id        ausc of Ih ���
comm iti I    lion   with
mainland.    Hen.    Mr,    Brodeur,
Minister of   Marine,  dcprci al d    lhe
Lulu Isla
' f|ire�� imi    of
^cession  sentlmeni
���M-imiwM^.liy^-^^^-i-^ [
and said that I he terma of confedera-
lion did im' call for ra i unnel, There
i ��� . ������ no complaints of the Winter
service iliis year.
Hon, Mr. Borden said thai the bond
nf union was imi being carried out,
nnd If necesary to do this, the construction of ;i tunnel ought to be
faced in once by the Government.
Mr.  Lemleux    announced    In    the
House the telephone strike wns settled by the commission,    He read n
" legram  from  Mr.  MacKenzle  King,
ill said thai the strike was settled
"ii the basis of ;i seven-hour day with
two Inierml   Ions    ol  half  an  hour,
��� <". .  nol   tn  be continued  for more
Ihan two hours wlthoul  Intermission,
��� i,   ihis  w:i i n  hetl i ���
i '' lemenl   than   5   li un s  al   a   high
I '     ure,
AT A BARGAIN.    205 acres oi flrsl class land, bl
'   "''    El6htv acres ready for the plow, balan ,       ���
"���"''-   s""'"" "�� Rood road aboul  three miles fr* i   I
'""'   a?J ln��   Ewen   Ranch.    Waterfrontage of aboul on*
'"' mnln river.   Price, $80 per.acre.    Reasonable  ter,
m��ck8��f Ave acres and up, of lines: sandy loam soil; elghl "'i;'-
,.',,..", ,"V"v' c��nnected daily by river steamers; dyked
'  ";    Each block has waterfrontage and good monej i   a   ���
"J "���hlnf "lili"- "'" salmon run.    Price $30.00 per acre and up. a
"""'-'  '" amouni of cleared land.
Dominion Trust Company
, *mmi��mia*amam,aaa~��<


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