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The Daily News May 14, 1907

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 flute, Shiles & Co
L p. ge four. PHONE 85
,,!.( \IK 2, NIJMBEH I i:;
White, Shiles & Co.
Lds Inspection Planned For 5 A. M. Wednesday
Sanitation Discussed and Septic Tanks Suggest
No Rebate For Water Wasters    Census
Returns Gratifying
Mi   bettej
wer*   th
���    lon  . ���  th
night.    A deputu-
I    '   Rickman, Mr.
'   *'   I' 11 ���    o n, r e ]
' ii   ���      of    th*
��� d  on the
inesl  ��� ha     i   b ���������
ie    Instituted   In
>   presi nl  on*
Hired    nd ed beyond iecog-
: ol mom j sl  I* n
i John 'm. Ii .  ��� n,
. . nl      irriv*     in the
��� - ������   la;   aft*  n* m
Offlc*    .... foot of
',::  ' '���''  ���   ���        '��� ti   move.    An-
eculiai  one, . i  |,
Thl tr eel
The depul  tlon
I    ���   on
. ��� :
there    evas  pri ctii ill
"   ' ;": a  ' ��� ���   ' A petition   from   four of  ,he Lulu
e m. di astrous  resu ents wi
'���     unless somi steps : ' ���     :          ouple     ���     :;..      .   . 1(
t����-t t ���   n ���
les sug��  sted.    Sex
lermi n   spoke   on   ��� tu
h< re are manj   i >-
��� rcome,   the  need  ol
.. ,i -  . illj   : ���
II, and after ee fi ������.
mayor,  the   whol*
m I in  the    health
i1, following \\ hich Ihe
'��� d*    i  ; lon withdrew.
Id  ��������� ee ,.      an .
. ���     .   enl   ie*   lnj
. -  o:i   tin   i   m
Henle    In
'. I li   rn tn  Smi h stal -
ai , of works was do-
��� ���  to gel ahead with
.ing to thi
le to
!i I  _s  fasl  as t ime
litcl    m    I       Idi     f    thi
i  cross  I    the  ad
Th*        tt* re-
I ;     ���   . ���,..���.
' '   ".
The citj       .: I
C. Bose,      nori       see V. B. C
''1 .   lhal   th*    n commi   d   Ions     pro-
��� ;   e iring lasl   Mai the U. B.
C. M. had      ei      lopt* the gov-
��� ��� nm* m- :m e i:,   |as( kitting    : I; ���  leg-
��� i      The  portion i '   the    com-
nunl elating to thi   I ts i   -
���I e  finant i    committi i   ��� i
.. i "    tin   rest   ���        efi      I   to
thi     n nee eommii tee I     ���     rt.
:'   .-". i i'i kranoi wi       requesting the
com       to e tiggi ��� ���      me   em* Ij.  as
en  notil the  b iar 1
ol Ix alth ��� hat hi   was     Frl  . m .  on
_s ileis sew* r 1 n
fifteei     ��� . ��� ��� ��� !    Mr.
. 11   .......   ;;:i(|   goni .,.  |, rable
Almost half a hundred d* legates
from diff* n nl pai ts of the province
answer* d their nam* s when 'le- roll
-.'��� ihe B, C, brani h of the Women's
Mlssl   . . ie ly  " as called  In   ibe
Qui   n'f    \  ���     ���    Metho lisl  i iiui ch  at
the opening i '   hi   *     ferenci   yesterday  afti i m Many    visitors    who
;e   livi ly   ini  resl   In   missionary
m ��� i oni ���   :   I with the
ociety, wi  e also present and ���: irked
tthusias       ���   ���. aded all the delibi . a -
Tl i     evi ning    si ssion    wa -
I i." ly mmi nde I, an I the  v n lous i e-
poi ts  n ad   sl o\\ ��� 'I    most    gratifj ing
state   .. nl .   Thi   i ti i 'iei:.' I; tving been
opened             !   . otional  exercises,    n
m ' .  :;   was    ��� ndered   by  the
choir,  fi Hi win ���   n : .'������ b  the  president,
Mrs  J. F,  B* tts, of  Ladni r, read her
annual report,
Mrs. iie ':s has ; een presi lenl   il i he
society :' >:   the last  twel ���      ears and
her comprehensive grasp on the mission  work  fully qualifies her for the
certain   wei     hi      .lends  of an hour   responsible position  which sh,. holds,
fore in I r roon   sprang out on   Her address was a general resume eef
Mm ien-! brutally assaulted him.   When    ';'   '''':;--  ::l!,i  ���'   review  of the   past
year.    She  congratulated the  societ;
E. J. Fader Will Expend $30,000 on Building of Big Docks
Near Fraser River Bridge���Accommodation For
Largest Ships Afloat���Contract to Be
Let To-Day.
��� ii  '���- I In th*     Ity,
:~ md       il.ht, il       p* :.     w;is
ukii ' room  of a I    al
botel     . ... ed, flashed a
the   <  owd in   ' he
saloon   [_        ���        made the acquaint -
e ol     ,o tough looking Individuals
who  said  that   they  were  bound   for
ttl        hich  v as   Anderson's   des-
road,  for th* of    ination -   ree  di ink      ogether
bile   . -. : then And* rson left to
:.'        - . ge  and   mi the
train,   Inti ndinj   to    ai ch   it   at    eli*'
Ri Idge.   Whi :i nei - the i Ity end of the
.  gi   two  men.   whom   Anderson  is
minded him into ________________K""'
���  ing,   .      it; . they took the ""  the  u''r::i   advancement  the  work
enom :���   w! Ii :   hi    bad   been  carrying
tn I ma le   off.
.nderson is   ���             e could Identify ; oth .    ' Is   issailants.    Mi ssages ' "' l' I ''! --1-  homes
..    ��� sent to the polic*   of i very i ity !'!'i:!:! '��� '- ' -;    ,|n-
which the pair could   be making  for, The report   from the corresponding   !
Meel  ���  ���        .         ebabli     be    stopped secret;   y was next read, showing the
was making, and mentioned the large
ii itions which had been receiv* i
53O.OO0  of which   hid   been   spenl   in
n I   missions    In
<m .   ������'   ���      :.        '-.!. son was 11 n
ospitai    to   have   hi
��� : that   , v|���,,.,,  ���.,    plumbing,    hi   -���    ,    ��� :
company   that   some  action  b;   the   council   be
morning    and   taken in the matter.    Alderman Gar-
olh wing   satisfactory  figures,  Xo. of
will b,  able 514, an I     ...     '   -    lVei  last year'
���-'      '���'    ' '    ship, 66. increase over last
e hrough     ick. H y,    .y.: N'o. of Missions Outlooks senl
is though!    . ic*      hal    the y .   I  y ���:,..   ������ .     as,   yt,..,.^  .,.,,.     T]]
' " " ���'"  which ir0Ugh showed a  decided
��� II
^^^^^^���O    SI','
��� y^:   ri  pilri '. h
��� ��� nl     he In-
' ���.  .
m !        ild ne*
1   , xpen  II tnd ' ���
iii"   ��� .   foi    hem-
r*  I   exp ained  then    if th*     ravine
igh which th*   s* .-.- ��� ���.. was al-
Its nal      ' lo the'
ning tl
ermission obtain
___JB ���
ma li  his reports.    Vf-       i    I     rise    rom   I ��� ���
on,  ii   was  ;ii.   . ���   ���      ���   ��� ' '   II   was  fai���  :.       satlsfacto
i! will me*    al ���       .fter a short <lisi us ' n,  the matte*
i ��� ��� ������    ee i Third   :    ' m.   ri f<   ti      eh*      i    on mitt
��� errow morning, and to nr-;.
ody,   then  adjourn   to       \  request   from   Th mas   Hood,   to
prlvat*       ��� tidenc*     :  - bui  ling material for constructing
eight    m   ��� . ,   by   whi h . a Qtieen'       enue, was gran
'  "   pari   ��� ���'   'i:"  : lac*     , _    _ |, r the usual con* I Ions,
rman   Henley will       v  petition  was received  fi  n   i
I* ��� - In the vicinity of Sixth and
mm giving thi pi Eighth streets requesting that the city
i as read, and creat-   ���.      -,    stumps i nd li --. on
��� :    Imp       lon,    U-     ���.. tue   between   Sixth    and     Eighth   ll<n! 0l*
mm   in  commenting  ���        ������      !  and   grad*   and lay  sidewalks   ��   " i!vriv'
advocated the an- | to enable  them   i > gel   building n
.    - .   o tak*
Thi     :-     batche    es on th*    I
euiil Stuart lakes will m i.. ed In
f a few   ib.v.s.    This   :-
mad<   i ertain        tli*   .   rival ol F,  II.
Seventh   ''     ''  ��� va,   sup*   Int* n
ie     tivity In missi in try
" v   candidates have vol-
for* Ign    mission    work
this  ;., ar   and   mo     are expected in
ii   ���!���   ���     iture.     ' 'I the auxiliaries
are rei > ���'��� '���  '���- '���'" doing mosl   ^;eii::-
- it;-.
sui or's report for 1
te    ed  a  total    amouni     ral ��� i      E
- :  i. .71, being i;r.,>.:;_ more than v a ���
lated   the     pret     i       ear.    T.   .1.
Lanj    .        ���   ;    . the B. C. P ������-
man* nt oan C . of Vancouv er, also
|e livi red ie sl '" .. I Ir* ss on the
��� Financial As; ��� * f Missions," n e
. i usln* ss man' in ol vi* w, an I
'is rema :-. were cl* ar and ��ell to
i In       Hi    main . onl intlon   wees
: r ....... ���   number of l     Istlans an l I
Woi..   "h   ; ii   cons;: uction of  E,  J.
Fader's  wharf,   which   i-   to   bi
lust      ist ol   the    New    Westminsti r
bridge ������  i ommenc* d   within  ee
mm  ,.,.  -. and will in- i usbed forwai I
��� tii   Ij   as   possible.     The   wharl
���   .    i tl   ���   " feel lon .   evit]   9i
fe* ' do* :.e.... an . will   e s   i onsl ne-'-
ed tl   t scows and' I hi   larg s   sea g i-
ing  .      ��� .   can dock n Ith *
Ity.        ��� ii   fifteen hundred    II*     ...
���   us* .1  ii,  the * onstrui tion, the ma-
joritj   ��� :  Vi hich will be suppli* d :   u
Mr, Fader's lumber camps.
The   . isl of Uie wharl  will be I   -
twe n  $25,000 and $30, I,    ':," aking
of th       bai:' yesterdaj   e v* ning,   Mr.
Fad*      emarked thai II was 'ii- int* n-
tion to ; tild      whai i  foi  tl     gen*
use ol  N'ew   Westminster   i . ple  i nd
for th    ��� enefil of th    ship] ing Inl
��� sts.   The ni inciple so often displa;
bj  whai I own* rs    Ke ep off, 'i.i- li
Ivate I e" will nol be carried out
in this case, and evt ryone will be welcome to "the use' of the wharf at any
time. It is Mr. Fader's intention to
ereel large warehouses, bond rooms,
and gen* ral and Bhipping offices em the
wharf, and everything will le" done In
the u.'.s' ;ni te* dale manner possible
A wharfinger will be on duty night and
day an I will have his res. lence right
on the wharf.
The dockage charges will be mosl
liberal, tnd everything possible will
e don -I ncourage busini ss to come
to New Westminster by those respen-
-1 o he l .mu tgemenl ol the whi rf.
Although the contract for the build-
-. hart is nol actui I Bjtgn-
. . ��� ��� .��� i and delivered, all arrnffge-
-,n nts are ; radically compl* te, and
th* signature of the responsible parties will e attached to the dot uments
todi ���.    ';'i.'" contract  for the supply-
cessar;   piles and lumbe   was
t few d       .:.". and the firm
ii   I le Is neew preparing
share of the work.
Winn the city council granted  Mr.
Fadi r the lease of the water lots, il
was  with the  understanding thai  he
.   '    i   bui I  a   wharf    600  fe ���   long
; a specified  time,    tn ordi i   to
. ���   as much  dockage  facilities  as
p ss, iie, Mr. Fader has hit  upon the
s.- h* :.!������ of building his wharf In In  g-
.ilai   snap*. Bome of the parts jui! Ing
c   '   Into  the river,   while   the  others
. ��� e clo e in to the shore, and will allow the  scows  to  be unloaded  with
ease.   The sections of the wharf l'ur-
" er  o;:   iiii,i   the   river  will  be   in
������   de ii enough to accommodate the
��� ships thai   will ever come up
Fraser river.
\: the easl end of ihe' wharf, a seolid
ncrete block, ten feet in circum-
'��� ren :e, will be built.   This will serve
a means of protection for the wharf
against the Ice which floats down the
river in early spring, and will also
come in handy as a bulwark against
floating logs that drift down 'rom
broken booms.
At the west ''nd of the wharf, a
special landing place for jrasoline
launches will be built, and in connec-
tlon with this, the Schaake machine
works will make an arrangement for
ihe speedy repairing of any engines
which may be disabled. This will be
d me i Ither ley having a repairing plant
al th*' wharf, or by arranging for the
rapid transportation of the engine I i
tii*- shop,  on From strget,
tm. wharf will take a considiet tble
time to build, but ii is expected that,
;���; no delay occurs through a shortage
in material or labor, it will be in use
within the  nexi   few months.
Girs's ?f Darkness Invade E?ch Other's
S       mm",  May  1;:.���A  novel  contest	
between rival fraternal or:! " ���-
.'   ^���^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
of  Owls" :���:..   | ei ie .|  i
:i I   il.  W.  Michel! of  s mth   B n '
Tnd..   to  Spokane  and   oth* r    North-
wi   t*   n cities !;, establish "nests" of
thai   ���    lety.
This       ' m;i    Is    suppos* d    to
TO    KILL    CZAR    O*    RUSSIA-
London,   May  13.���The  Dailj   T
graph's St. Petersburg   correspond nl
11 ports the accidental discovei:
prompted  by  the formation   if a new   foiling of the  greatest   terrorist   plot
fiSh cul   . De min nniparati\   I til donations, reg .������:-
y\..   i ' from .i '��� asis of a .* rages.    H�� < on-
I  ..   " ���.   ���
i ...,,.,_ in..- .    .
illdlng Mi p*   tor, as 1      erial to their lots,   Thli was referred    he icrl      n thes*  tv     akes. and
will        i th*        ne of the work
..���.,...   prepared   to open   '' ' v' ''  l-   ;,il  v"ri,'l  *'. ntribute
socletj   in  this state   known    as th<
��� Brol herh od of Owls" which has ot
ganlzi d   ������ v* ral  "n* sts."
"'"",���  m* am   of pr*     to the board of work    to rep*   I
ibi  - from being	
oximil    to han lsonn
was  n, ed* d,    �� hb h
ived   hi      .        le con-
hi ��� aldermen.
e mi' or,  in  r   fe '������
.   . "'"-'it returns, sl
!    repoi
evei preesnte I, ev* rj
I i ovi   the rapid nd-
was making, the
��� li ular this >-ear I
ever  I eforc  in the
Westminster,   He also
In favor of manufactur-
��� an l advised    off* ei""
f advantage possible within
I lhe city to induce Ihem
'" ' head of new business Al-
L1"1 m ivt rl  nn l   Alderman
,ey "    '   ��� I thai "The city clerk
"""l ;"  purchase  from   th
regard of Orders  Results In Head-
on  Smashup.
<!'    _,",-.
Oklal   ma Ci   . Okln , May 13.���T    i
in I  fn Ighl    trains    colli I* d
n .' few mil* s ��"-i of Lima, ultla,
:    today.
Englm er Curry    n I a  negro    who
wat shoveling coal ror Fireman Lln* '
man were fatally hurl and three'hatcberles ��" "
tramps stealing a ride, and a brake-
man were seriously Injured. Engl-
ieei Wall' n. who i scaped Injury, assumed l,lame for the wreck. He had
orders to take the Biding at Lima, but
we'll I   ley.
e , on        Vs the S lake Is on the
the Fras*     an ;    hi
Bablm        I    northi rn  British C
la, ll lij le of
re     nyt't'i
'    ':���
will b pitllj
Wh : ort* - lasl
Ight nt i i hotel   Mr. i lu
the si iaii     i  ii I 55, no financial   llf
fi   ilties would    i   , ���   ��� rii ��� ��������� I    .    !
i'i ibal ly win        pi   '   ! mo t to th*
:���!,������      night \       th     lo    ��� ���
...     I by Mr    Huntley, Ial ���
of Cheefoo, Ch na     The lecturei
i ��� ��� lie : use .'.���   ���
led        it!    Chin
;  ': loiied
mil     In the lt N
��� pok*     f the dl t!       had
Sultan V/ins Victory.
Mi   Ilia,   Morocco,   Maj    ' I,    II     U
I hen   lhat t hi     ��� my of ih
titan   e . ���   ��on  a   vlctoi y  over
.    be preti ������ '-������ n       elarchlca,
1' les on both sid l
lorted       el nd thi ���
������I    i li i .
to a question as   encounter, not  In  the waj  of trau
Eigles Visit.
���  ^...^..��UD 1,^,.,    l,.- i     \ large number of the members of
.'/'"" Rubber Co., 600 feel of fin'!''," Fraternal  Order of  Eagles  wont
, ,.   (     """ Brand) al one dollar i over to Vancouver yesterday evening
fool   ^a^k^k^k^k^k^k^k^k^k^k^k^k^k^k^k^amk^k^k^k^k^k^k^k^k^k^k^k^���
to a question ns |;^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^__
to whether  bo would  Inspect  all  the   r-ortation  n tl    necessit; of pat
'ic low. r mainland re-1 ot native food, bu the Isolation and
piled: "Thai Is one of the objei t of to,al absence of thai sympathy which
my trip. 0 ��� ui ��� Ih mo I Import- " '"'l '"' an estimable help In their
���������ii motivi i r he lepartmenl sending work. Her reporl of the progress of
���mi Inspector oul here was to open lh* ''"' ureal work was encouraging. \
hatcheries at Babine and Stuart lakes,  KrQal   wave of revivalism  was    over
lnl ich of which some 10,000,000 fr*   Chlnn,   man    old   superstitions    and
will be pm and which  will undoubt-  customs were being swepl away, and
| odly i"' a greal success, bul I also In-jibe situation    was    becoming    more
tend making a thorough Inspection of hopeful every year,
1 Hie' other hatcheries all through   the ��� Afternoon Session,
province.   I expert to leave tomorrow |    The afternoon  session was princi-1
��� In* ! the great lie quensh irist | lol of
eighty-two years ago, The coi re;, on-
dent says he h       hi   story from the
M     ���
_c* oi ling   I i  the    vi rslon    * :..-ii j
iii.- irs    resolved   a   t ouj le   of
go,  io  assassinate  Bra -
n , j Niehi     .   nd | lan   v*. ���*   finally I Ix d
oul   the deed  al   E   it*
lotters in luded   'eservi    iftl
and civilians wl
hltheri     I n  un loul ted.
��� f plotti rs, the * or-
n ssl ited  bj
elaborate ��� itions    adopted
to pro!    I Imperial person-
a_, s.   The plan  w   . the corn Bpon-
eii'tit gays, io approach Tsarskoe-Selo
Per    tender."
""" Smith   recommended  the \ Order F.
ills;, |
���! rebate on the
^^^^^^^ water ;\e-
m "' "'" Eraser river sawmills.
,,. r',] '""" asked for by the man-
Pe * ''"'���'��� n Smith stated thai
., ' n',enl S'"U had examined tb-
. . ,' [ r"1""1 several leaks and had
��� i
manager to have them fix-
''���   lection showed thai
a,i of ;iii ha<3 nol  been
Motion e by  Bpeclnl  ear  in  order to  listen to
i Hie   Worthy Grand   Presldi nt  of  the
[.rause, who was al ending | j'ears
a banqnel given In bis honor by the
Vancouver  members of organization,
Delegates    from   Victoria,    Nanaimo,
Ladysmi'li ami Cumb* .'an i were present, i'i addition to the New Westminster e ontingent, and an enj i.vable time
.pent bj all, 1 he N'ew W< <tmln-
er pai ty r* turned home enrly    this
irnlng, :|i  : m thly satisfied with 'li.-
for iii*' new hatcheries."
on this  ground  Alder-   "   ,!i '" theIr '!';:i-
pally taken up with routine business
 [The  aelilie.-s  of wtdi'onii' roael   hy  H
tdjourned meeting of the lasl Rev, Mrs. Barraclough, was replied to
citizens' picnic committee will by Mrs, F. Adams, of Victoria. After
be held in Malins and Coulthard's the reports of the corresponding sec- :
office this evening, when plans tor this retary and treasurer were beard, t__j
year's outing will he discuss".!. Sev-1 meeting proceeded to the appointing
oral of ihe men who took an active I of a nominating committee as follows;
part in promoting the Nanalmo excur-  Mrs, c. Watson, Mrs. McTaggart, Mrs.
sion hay announced  thai  they    are;'" Cunningham and Mrs, T, Cunning.
again willing to devote their time to bam.
organizing a similar outing ihis year,]   This committee having adjourned for
and prospects for a repitition of last Ibusinesa reported as follows:
year's enjoyable picnic are excellent.  '    Courtesy committee;  Mrs. D. Rob-
,  Can !    .   Smith,   an I
! inan e: Mi    MeTo ���    t, Mrs. C. I.
Brown, Mrs. C. Wateson.  ^^
Memorial:  Mrs, Betts,  M s. J   Cun   [In dlsttncl groups and Hum execute a
: i'ii, Mrs. Dever, Mrs, l\ Adams,   sudden  and daring    attack    on    the
Mrs. Brace,    Mrs. Barraclough,   .Mrs.   palace.
Bolton, Mi-M McGee, .Mrs. Cliff, Mrs. The first group consisting of
VV  ' em, Mrs. Mann. Mm. Cue lis. thirty-four men. arrived on the Rus-
Modes of work committee: M*-s- Bian Good Friday, Suspicions againsi
.1,linos Burritt, Donald, Ethridge, Lei- them were arouse i. the whole thirty-
son,  Harris, YYellon,  N'elsim, Slainlon, , i""""'   Were   arn'sleel     ami     documents
McTaggart, Watson, McDonald, New- found In their possession led to the
combe, Tupper, Woodward, Miss L, Le- apprehension of the othi r members of
Ceref, MesdameB Pescott, Prith, Jones,  the band In St, Petersburg.
Slpprell,   Learn, Hall,  Aston,  Spencer,
Davis, Hicks, t. Cunningham. (.���,   ,,   ,.   W���M(,   W]lI,1(1|1 ()f  |ho
Greetings from the sister societies i penitentiary, is sini confined to bis
were received and from the Women, i room, and slight ohange has taken
Christian Temperance union. Presby- place in bis condition for some time
terian Reformed Episcopal and olivet j nasi. Col. Whyte was stricken with
t, to which Mrs. McCam suitably muscular rheumatism some twelve
responded. The session was closed weeks ago, and has been oonflned to
with the administration of the sacra-   his bed almost continually since thai
menl   bj   lh"   Hey.   Mr.  Barraclough, !
assisted by the Keys. Dr. White and
\. .'. Brace, of Victoria.
lime, iu- is now aide to rise for a
few minutes each day, bul Improvemenl  in his condition Is slow. THE   DAILY   XEWS.
* ** ******** ** * * **.*y*i;io*iy:-*yy*^y-*yiy*y^*^.i*-^.*i.
W 1
fE'D   EXPECT   TO   DO   A   VERY    RE-
stricted business if we confined ourselves
to any certain make of shoes, as only a
limited number of persons stick to a specified
We buy the choicest and best of many different makes, so that everybody, no matter what
their shoe preferences, can get complete satisfaction without difficulty.
We ask you to see the latest styles put in
stock this week. We can interest vou in new-
ideas of SHOES.
��� ������ ������..*����� ** ** *>���> ���._ ... *
������ ������ ** ** *<:���  ��.<
<> ���
Vancouver, May 13. The provincial
, governm mt Is In search of a fire warden, a man who has great knowledge
of the woo Is and who is willing . 1
take a four or five months' appointment at the rate of $125 per month.
Dr. Young, provincial secretarj', arrived from Victoria and ii is ;��� ; orted
he' is prepared to arrange for the appointment to lie' made as soon as a
suitable man can be found.
Just how long this position will go
begging is causing some speculation
among loggei s and tlmbermen. G tod
woodsmen, men who can till whether
the timber on a llmlf la worth paying
license' fees em. and If il is jusi how
' many thousand feel II will run I 1 the
an not I 1 iking for ���' ������"
paying $125 .1 m inth jusl now Timbi r
1 ruisei.- Vi ho know iheir business
now comman ling anyw here fi om iN
per day and found to $11 a daj 1 I
found, iei 1 ir ling  to individual   1  I
11 is the Intention of 1 he government
���'i pay mon     ttention to I he  ��� n ven -
tion  of forest   Hivs  this sunin tn 1
besides appointing a fire warden ii is
un lerstoo 1 th tl provision Is to be
made' for the emploj ment nf ie number of deputies.
fm 11   B U LLET I N<
�� Great Northern Rai
I V. W. & Y. R^
9:20   a 111        Blaine, Bellingham, Burlln ;i m,
!:__    ji m        Vernon,   Everett, Seattle,  Portland
4::;,.    p m        Spokane,Si.Paul,and all polnti   1:
9:20   a in Anacortes, Woolley, Rockport.
3:00   p :u     I Vancouver
9:55   p m
12:10 a m        "The Owl," between  Seattle, \.���.���
Westminster \- Intermediate poini
1   20
Leave   New Westminster for Guichon    3:50
Guichon 1; p.m.. Monday, Wednesday, Priday.
8:45 a. in. arrive from   luichon; 9:10 a.m. Lv. :
2 Daily   Overland  Trai ns 2
Spokane, St. Paul, Minneapolis, Winnipeg, Dulm , rj
I.,,uis   ami    all   points   East,
l-'or complete Information, rates, berth  reserval
on or address,
I''-  I'.  MEYERS    ',.',..,.
Bank eef Commerce Building, \v_  \\
II. M. ADAMS,   \ ,.',,,
King Street, Union Station
New Westminster,   -   B. C.
Spanish Prirce Has Cognomen Worthy . . - ,
0' His Rank. <- learmg-out bale ot Odd Lines at giving away pric i
See our Window and Door.
Madri i. M iy 13.    Al  O' o'cloi li yes
terday morning iii" 1 ��� rei ."��� of inscribing ' li" name e,- the new-b 11 n
prince e>r the Asturlas on 'be' city birth
register I il< ilace before the mini..''
"f justice, ; he first notary eef iii" kingdom. The Mriii"" received the names
Uf mi ���" I'i e Cristino Eduai lo
Tiie christening, originallj fixed for
M"x' 'I' ies lay, ha - been p isi in* ' I
ii date nol vei fix* I. I be '���:.. ��� wl nine
���e make I;." ceremony as imposing as
possible. According to Senor Mendez,
leader of the Monarchial party. King
Edward telegraphed, asking to be the
Sod-father of the infant, but a reply
wis senl regretting thai this was Impossible, inasmuch as Pope Pius al-
    ."ad',   had   been name i.
������  lhe
TOTAL  ASSETS  OVER   45,000,000
We welcome small accounts and pay interest four ti
a year on Savings Bank deposits.
F. B.  LYLE,   Manager.
Falls Into Fraser.
Whil" returning from South Westminster Sunday night, George Cigoi ,
had a narrow escape from drowning.
Mr. Cfgonia bul heen spending the
evening a.-Miss the riveT and on arriving ar rh" scow house where he
livi'-. was aboul to embark when liis
foot slipping, he was precipitated Into
tim icy waters of ihe Fraser. Impeded
by his clothes, the struggle to main
tain himself above water was a hard
one', the strong current sweeping hlm
further away from his proposed land- !
ing place every minute. J
Clgonla, win) is a capital swimmer, I
realizing the uselcssnes's nf endeavor- 1
ing to combat   the current, swam for
the markel   wharf, where In a    short   	
lime, he was washed, against one of
the piles of thai sl rue! tire and finally
mana. d to reach the top nf the w h ti f
in safel v.
B. C. Mills, Timber and|
Trading Company
Manufacturers and Dealers in All Kinds ot
Lumber,   Lath,   Shingle.,   Mouldings,   Sash.  Dooa|
Interior Finish,    lurned Work,    Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glass.
Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining.!
"The Best is Hie Cheapest" j
The old rule wor!
,   ��� .1 ..  II      1 ;  gel   ye un   dental   w oris
me by the "Boston Dentist j." Our operatoi   are all graduate spi      A
cialists of man;,  years   expe . We emploj no others,   Their    A1 Baggage delivered    promptly to tny
* ;���;
Westminster Iron Works
Ornamental   Iron   .\ortc,   including
Fences, Gates, Fire Escapes, etc.
Mall orders and correspondence incited.
IOHN   PFin Challenge i3 Accepted.
JunrN  KCIU, The   ,;.���,.   make��� a|.p   n   ,,,.,.,.,
BEGBIE STKJ__._. bunch loday.    Their challenge to the
 ^- u  <7*-   bartenders lo plaj  a friendlj   Mime of
baseball �� a 1 aci npt* d  bj   llqttoi   mi\-
WestminSter ers and tceordin_
'le" " '    nol hie:   ie. i:. i>   is all
Royal City Branch, Columbia St,
Telephone 12. New \Vestminstfr|
.'I.   V" ������ ' feiinst'T
Transfer Co.
'fire Tho...  18S,
h-.itu 'jfbone 137
Columbia St.
work, accomplished with tli" aid of the "Boston Dentists'" patent-
ed painless methods, ls the besl known to the profession Our
gold and porcelain crown an I bridge work cannot be equalled anywhere al any price.    Lei us give you an estimate,
We Guarantee all Our Work for 10 Years With a
Protective Guarantee
>!    part of the city.
ii ��� :. iftei I be mi n who dish up be
���al bi uff f ir se* pi ,ei days, and now
lhal they have enl r ipi ed them Into
playing. But the barmen will have a
word or two to say about the ground
with the weed roller:.. Both skies
will bold meetings soon to pick teams,
The Schaake i ichine Works;
a Light and Heavy Hauling    i        <
Office���Tram  Depot
io play tbe game. Nexl Saturday
may possibly be named as tho daj if
the boys ran gel ready In time.
The Canadian Bank of Cornmerc
Read Our Prices���They Never Change
Full sei of teeth $5 and up    Gold  Fillings..
Gold Crowns   $5.00     Silver Fillings.
Bridge Work, per tooth���$5.co    Extracting..  ..
.$1  and  up
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000.      Reserve
Fund, $5,O00.(
407 Hastings St., Vancouver, B. C.
Hours 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.  .DR. A. R. BA KER,  Consulting Dentist.
Crew  Quits  Work.
Vancouver, May 13.   Seamen on tho
C, P. It. oriental  liner    Empress    of HEAD  OFFICE, TORONTO. .
China, scheduled Lo sail tomorrow al     n   K-  WALKER, President. ALEX.   L.AIRD, ,,,:''
7  o'clock   for  Japanese    and    chim   ^ I
portB, have gone on strike as ,1km'   ;, RRANr.UFC TUDAIiauaiit r_uAn_ AND If1' '     I
>J     Next sailing rrom Quebec, Maj 31st,   not think $25 a month compared  fa-
>,   for other dre.- and particulars of re-   vorably with whal they could earn on
>.- ductons In fares, apply to vossols on tho coasl or by workin , 	
shore.   T ,,Mi y ,,��������� J,, t. " BANKING   BY   MAIL
In t'i" same light and as the en
;���'     1B.000 ( KMPItKSS OF BRITAIN 114,500
Business m ty be transacted bv mall   with   nnj
C.  P.  It. Agent. " ' "    '' n:;'" nnf as tne crews are
     a_ , 8lKne�� "u a!  this porl  len- lhe rotmd   Accounts may be opened, and deposits made' or wit!
Atlantic h.S). eoiii|eanies ;,.i,  ,,      	
  "I.k.k ...     .-..io,,..   The boatswain   attention Is paid to out-of-town accounts
'""l his mate e> i h a few boj i ���,������-.   th.
.   :,.OM YOUR BUSINESS EY adver only one ., i.    \,  ���.,.,.. NEW WESTMINSTER BRANCH-  ii   R   DAVIDSON. M"11**
���*  Agenl fo
rem tint I,   ,\ >-.
,. ,.,.,,,..
MAY 14,  1907.
tains & Steamers
���'* ,.;,,;.  MAIN   LINK-
v     -, iim arr N. W. 11.35.
��� ' v      io; ar Seattle 15.50.
1 * so; ar. N. W, 18.40.
"llv v>     30, 10.35, 15.40, 17.:::..
"'".. , 11.35, 16.40, 18.40.
' i W 9.20 a.m.; ar. Seattle 4 p.m
���_���   .\' "    j.;.. ur. Scuttle 10 p.m.
j   v.. &   ..���VANCOUVER
S Vi. 3 I1- '"��� aD(1 9:,r>5 P- m-
'Vancouvi    v :;"' a.m., and 4 p.m.
['   ',   v   |;..   PORT GUICHON.
I     Vv    9-35 am.;   ar.  Guichon
It V. N-   " -   - ���
L p.m.
��w ..    ,  :, 2:40 p. m.; ar. N. W.
and 0 p. m.
Jjfondays only.
j.   ,      ;.,;   HUC--VANCOU VER.
Sn   Westminster   5.50.  6.50,  1
l,    a. m- ';nl 9Very balf bour there'
her::. 11 p. "'���
J,v  v,;.,    ,���[  feir  Westminster at
fee hours.
Fraser River and Gulf
Mon. Wed. Frid. 8 a.m
.  Tu.,  Th.,   Sa'.,  7  a.in
\ ���;-.. Tit., Sat. S a.m.
|: Sun., Wed., Fri.. 7 a.m
... ex. Sunda} 2 p.m.
I ���        ���. Monday, 5 a.m.
J;- ie, 7 a.m. (Fri. 6 a m. i
Mail Service
Close.   Received.
. . s imas 7.45 a.m.   6 10 p.m.
....  7.45 a m.  !'.:" a.m
1.  7.45 a.m.   9.00 a m
I . .   s |.', a.m.        : ' I- :,..
\  fjCi       ���'... :   1" 30 a in.     -'."" p m.
 io 30a.m.   :  i m
I   i        1.1': p m.    1.15 ','.iu.  ���
-     ���   ton,
....  1.30 !��� ni. ll.'") a.m.
'.'. i      Sap ier-
���   ; i llil
| ,... 3 00 ; .ra. 11.35 a.m.
���   rnaby 3.30 p.m.    6 00 p.m
I.m .... -!.";, p.m   1! 00 p.m.
...    l_.'lee III 12.00 111.
anaciian Pacific Railway Co.
_-:ti_h  Columbia  Coaet   Line
B   C. Coast  Line Service.
'- '���rr''"- yvi������ ���'nr-ii.i'i_f~im '��� 'tjs____ r \;a___j______________i_____a
THL success that attended the sale of lots in Hill-
crest has encouraged the owners of a new sub-
.  division, known as Baynescroft Park, to place
this valuable property on the market at public auction.
BAYNESCROFT PARK comprises 112 lots, well
located m Burnaby, close to the city limits, and commanding a glorious view of the surrounding country.
BAYNESCROFT PARK lots are 33x141, fronting
on 66-foot streets and running to lanes.
Ward  V.,  $2;   A.  M.   Brown,  work   C
V road, Ward V., $S; Campbell River
I mi:..'en r Co.,  plank  Elgin  road,  >\ai d
V . $15.18; James  Vllco* k, gravell
r   : oa 1, Wand V., . 1: Frances '���
Surrey Council Notes. assistance. $10;  Ernesl    Hamel,    ac-
i    mcil     ��� ���   :n ill.- town  h ill, Sur-   '    ���'���'  '���'��� '���' �� :,!      *-���"'���
iy Center, Maj   11, ihe reeve and all      Council    then    adjourned   to
mbers ol th*   co mcil being pn sent.
again mi Saturday. June I, al 1
Minutes ol previous meeting were read   ''' '"        	
and confirmed.   Communications were
received and deall with as follows: CLASSIFIED  ADVERTISEMENTS
From provincial secretary, enclosing
in ordei for i he admission eet \v. Mclnnis tn the provincial home. Reci Ivi d.
FOR   SALE     A   I'e Minis   100   "
bator   and   brooder.    Applj
News Office.
; Sl a O l . / _ / o m\*/
��� Ler BS  _'/   nho
_ C_',    IOO  ���/      ������. *
C.I tv       c r
N  E w
The sale will be held in New Westminster, in the
offices of W. J. KERR, at 276 and
278 Columbia St.,
Tuesday, May 14,8 p.m. sharp
BAYNESCROFT   PARK   is   high  and  dry. BAYNESCROFT   PARK   is easy  to clear,
rich   garden   soil,  natural   drainage. BAYNESCROFT   PARK   is   close  to  the   car  line.
Prom  i!i"  Maple  Leaf Lumbei   Co., wanted   A girl to take car*  o
m.   thej   had cleared oul  the ditch dren or do genera] housework.    V
lh*   Town I..;.,   road opposite their ply  Mrs. Dr. Jones, Koyal and i
and, ...         i  Ing thai   i:   the council bi>j streets,
uld expend five or six hundred dol-    ��� ' ���	
arson the Vale road between Clnvi  ��� TIMBER LANDS���We deal exclu
mil that th<     would stand ly ln Umbor-   Have large and small
���,    .          |     ,  . ���      ,;,   elved  and  on "   ctS   ""   WBter'     "'  you   wlsh   '"
:.       . .    .,,..,.., ;��� ,,���, l��uj or sell, see me.   E. R. Chandler,
..                              IT  Hastings St.,  Vancouver,  i:.��'
.   d (.<   ��� . illors Murphy and In-   	
for sale   a small Island containing
Gallagher      B   i;, acre8| ci08e tl) _jew vv    I
*.. HiisB* ii.ii.' Ihe      minster city, can be used for a mill
i' .a. "  to com truci .    20 i hain       site.      For    particulars    apnl)    to
'���' : ���      ���   '       I*  ihem to get in their      Gunderson &   Vtine's grocery.
:;.   ... d ���       !   e.i  i in-	
...'      .    D   .... ngln* ���
I, consti a" ii ii woi... '.. proposed    change    of hlghwaj     through       ORGANS.    RANGES.   STOVES,
e Rock,     Received, BUREAUS.  BEDSTEADS,   ETC.
r        Hope, G    vi ley .. Co., and tli"
:. C   M. T. &  T. Co., requesting thai
n of l heir tax* s i e expen led
on opi ning  the  Coat:   M* ridiun road
m tl     Fraser rivei    louth     Reci lv-
nd referred to Councillor In-lis.
,,.   .     ,.    .,       Q    fl i    ���,,,���,���,. We  also do all  kinds
of   general    repairing.
. ii iag<  m    " ne thi   N'.E. 1--1 of s   i-
��� i 29 township S, by wai un tin
litch "ii the Halls  Prairie road.    Receive 1 and  lie"  "i eve and *' lunclll i
M irphj   and  Inglls appointed ti com ���
mitt* ������ to look into the matter
���'. im   '.!.n   Bamfor!.  (omplnining
ol dan ige done to liis land by the dam
al li- ir s mill, "ii tin   V P. road,   Re-
| cei'   i    and    referred    to    * lounclllor
Ham. 1
Fi om  \V.   .1.   Walker, -re    opening
ibout nn*. half mile of road  'rum the
Mcl.ellan   road,  north, em I he  H u  s-
j   ��� roi .'.  and  agreeing aj   $25
I, tow    ;   he Baiae if the work was done
Second-Hand PIANOS
Rushton & Speck
Sign   M..n on Wheel.
Columbia St. Now Westminster.
Phone 27.
$250 Reward
Deserted    from    tim    Btea i
Woodford, al  the    Fraser    Rive
Sawrafi s, a Chinaman, aged ab ml
58, five feel nine Inches In height,
sallow complexion, face wrinkled,
This   is  your   chance   to   secure  Cheap  Suburban   Property  at  your  own   price.
hange ��Ithout notice).
day, vam   iver,j���    TERMS:   One-quarte. cash, balance 6r 12 and IS months, 7 per cent interest
stooj   in  Bhoulders, was  wearing
this Received and  referred overalls    when    lasl    Been,    'i'i"
lo Ce incillor Sullivan. abovt   reward will be paid by the
Thi   following appropriations   were] captain of the S.S. Woodford  I
I anyone giving Information caus__s
Ward V.���$ioo    for   Im   Campbell
..,,  ,.     ,,     ..   ,,   ,,, ,.,. the   apprehension    ol    the    Bald
ivei         I.   s.."   for   the   North  Hint!
r.ea i. $35  for the  Lawrence  road and Chinaman.
, Notice to Housekeepers.
May,    leav*        Vam iuver,
leav* -     Vancouv* i.
. ER VlCTl IRI \  l.nl TK
. Victoi ia  I* aves  Van* o
irla dally  at  3  a.m.
V    ���        ^.-SEATTLE  ROUTE.
-    \    toi la dailv ��� x* ei I Mmi.lay
$15 foi the Halgreen road, west.
W    I   m  -575   for the   B n   \ci
ie,;' |.
The   Sui r* .    Revenue  bylaw   pas
��� econ I and third readings.
The following tenders were accepted   ^r��   AR��    pTjTXING   ON   THE
and   ��� '   ll   iie" S   Iel : ....
v.'..  i i    Grading Hjorth road, Wil- MARKET TODA_
'  Ham   i'e 'bw.ii al  $10 per chain;  rc-    A      I 1 *y
pairs  to corduroy C.  M.  road, Q. W.   Jri.    LudaTgG     1^-OlinCC
vi,,,    $2.50 graveling ffafa Qf Furniture
Polish for 25 cents^.
Grand Trunk Ry. Northern  Canadian Pacific
f>p^af-l fl*p RAILWAY COMPANY
Chicago, London,
'ctoria    new   Westminster    Excellent Train Serrice Between
S.S.  Ritliet
;. av*     ,.. ��� ria   on   Ti ��� sday   an l
ii, . and l* avi    S'i n West-
Wi Im sdaj   and   Saturdaj
Hamilton,  lorontO, Tratrss. Daily
ns       , 1     f\      1 Travel mi the' Famous
Montreal, Quebec, -north coast i imited-
in Electric-lighted train. ��� Low Rates.
Portland, Boston, ^i 'xcellent Servke-
Victoria Day Excursion.
S. S, Joan
������' "    ���   . ouver dally al l :30 p m
��� Mier Queen   City.
... ;   ,   ,,   . ni   on  uti TIME PROVINCES AND ALL POINTS EAST
. each month for Clayo-  _.\!���, t,, BUFFALO, NEW YORK and     Steamshir Tickets on sale to all Euro
' \ ctoria    on    20th    for  PHILADELPHIA,  via Niagara Falls,   pean points.
..,   f points. For Time Tables, etc., address        Special   Reduced   Rates   Round   Trlf
And all the principal business centers oi
will be sold to tell local points tit
for the round trip.
Tickets on sale May 22, 23 and 24;
New York,  Chicago, good to return up to May 27.
Toronto. St. Paul
Rates    to    Southern    California,
, Ti..   ,   For full ii formtion call on or writi
steamer Transfer Assistant Gen'l Passenger and   ticket (.   E  l,ang, General Agent,
N'ew  Westminster  on  Mon      Agent, 135 Adams St.. Chicago, ill.
.   Wednesday,  Thursday
I    i
p.m. and  Saturday
i additional trip on Mem-   A?]< THE T1CKET AGENT
i:;n Ha ttings St., Vancouver, B, C,
Portlan I, Or*
i   in
St* ...iiiii Monday. Tuesday,
���x Spokane falls S Northern Ry Co.
(.'. r. k. Agent
New Westminster,
The White Pass
and Yukon Route
made, and the price is
about half what other
,'1' ,ll'; Frl lay at 8 a. m, additional
""Saturday B p. m.
S. S. Beaver
eav' '  New  Westminster,  8  a. m.
"'"'���'m Wednesdays and Fridays.
Chiiliwack 7 a. m. Tuesday,
,'!; '     and   Saturdays,   calling at
,:'       '."tween   New   Westminster  THE
'"'      *vack
FAIRBANKS,     Daily   trains   (except
'. Thursday and Saturday at    "THE NORTHWESTERN LINE1 , , i./UKuAr.t_s,    uany trains t
P!_ht Trains Every Day in the Year NClSOR C< 11. iHG{)p-r(l li). 10. Sunday)   carrying   passengers,   mail, nnd checks      .   !
K ^.^...'.^^x- .....        .   ���     r��     r express    and    freight    connect    with
BETWEEN M Mou|)tajn Ry> C()<
��� ,-.,
per \ a   I
Waul  III.���Graveling    M.  B.    road,
from   bridge   i"   McBride's   road,   50c       There _S HO   better   Fll!'-
per yaifl; from McBrlde road to church        nitUie   Polish   than   this
60c 11 r yard;   from church  to bridge.
70c    ������;   yard;    graveling    Stevenson
road 75c per yard, all to   .. DInsmore,
Ward '!    Ditching Yale road, George
Trougbt, n, al 00c  rod; ' igging and      Wc   have t00  aM   tl,e  othcr  house
"     ng Roebuck road, W  Roebuck al   6|ean|nfl   necessities,   such   _s  Seiver
��� ' ;li" Polish. Gasoline, Ox Gall Soap. House-
Wni i III    Graveling McLellan foail, I hold Ammoni;li etc.
Wi   '   i     W ll .  t'i .   09   1 -2c   per   .'.ard;
dtlto    ivi   i  ni Boothroj el    i wul,    55c
e.i  j ard: grading ditto .. i l". per rod,
all to J. \  Wilson; repali r to Huntley
bridge, T. VV. Hnrdy, for J 55,
War I IV,   Graveling C. M. road, <;.
W,   Vtchlson at G6c per yaitl;  gravel
Ing 11, P i ea.i to MacKenzle an I Vrm
sl i .hi :  al   . I   per ynr I;  grading  an.l
ii p, road, vviiiiam j m* English Watchmaker
$1 .". '   pi r ' rod;       rilVI ling   C,   V,   roa I    Two   rfaori   from   Geo.  Adams,   Grocer
Bouth,    Vrlhur   Jonklnn   nl   $1.1fl
i.a.iM  '     Id ';..';it. ties from $12.75 up
Gentlemen's   Silver   Wat* be i,   o en
fa* e, $6.00.
*97' cribbing $30, -ii  vcllng $1.80 per    Gentiemen'B Silver Watches,  double
yard, all to J, A, Wil:   n: ditching and   case, $7.50 up,
grading   Milton  road,  wesl of  C.   M.    Agenl tor the celebrated South Bend
road, s. Erlckson al $2.10 per rod. Watches, supplied   to    the    Wellman
Curtis' Drug Store
tvoli. _ M  Li linn    ia I. 73c   *
. ie ni.  : .il and  culvi 11  on  C. V,
i'h" following accounts were pasi i d
.  , . ne .    ,, W.  W.  I.lttiui, liatielciiii's. $13.65;  II.   ,ii
tages at Carcrosa and White Horse,! able,
maintaining a through winter service. - M,""v   '*   ''"���  stationery, etc.,  $4.25;   ���
The only all  ran route  between  all,    '<"  inforn__tion apply to '"��� ���'��� Harl & Co., guarantee bond (ax   ^
points east, west and south to Ross ;     f,   H.   ROGERS, Traffic  Manage!,
land, Nelson and intermediate points Vancouver. B. C.
connecting at Spokane with the Great	
i-tS   I".*' 'V'i-,-',.v""tti-.   Northern, Northern Pac he anel '.. R.
Arctio Expedition, All warranted
Cliains. Rings, Jewelry, *'tc, etc.
Watch   repairing;    charges   reason-
Minneapolis, St. Paul
and Chicago
S, S. Tees
.,,!���,dies the newest   "d_^VeMr? Connects at Rossland with the Can-       I DC    MllW-UlkCC
for    COMFORT,    CONVI-NIK-NLb. a(,jan   padfic   Railw;iy   ft)f   Boundary;
and   LUXURY.     It  is  lighted   with Cre{.k points                                             'The   Pione-v Limited"  bt. Paul  to
both   electricity   and   gas;   the   most Connects  at    Meyers     Falls    with'     Chicago,   "Short   Line"   Omaha   to
Vancouver at   8    p.m.   2nd  brilliantly   illuminated   train   in   the ^^ ^.^ fof Repubiic                            Chicago,  "South    West    Limited"
1  '" '  of  each   month    calling at  world.     The   equipment   consl*". ��! Buffet   service   on   trains   between      Kansas City to Chicago.
'on flrst trip and' Bella Coola   private   '0,"{,artnK'l1tll "')'   ! ^nine Spokane  and   Nelson.                                   _J0   trains   in   the   service   on   any
16  section   sleepers,  wxuriou���;_��r������" Effective    Sunday,    November    io,   railroad   in   the   world   that   equal   in
uipm.nt  that  of the  Chicago,  Mil
JI trip. Time on arrival and,���-;^   chair cars (seats free),     -
"'   are   approximate. Sod��r���   day   coaches   and   buffet,   It-   ^
ervations   and   Information   brarv and smoking car
���' 'm ! Idress
Agent, y.e.-w Westminster,
l_i8t E. ,1.  COYLE,
-en. i':,ss  Agent Vancouver.
0���,     , J. W. TROUP,
"'' ll Supcr'ntendent, Victoria.
9.20 a.m.
Day Train
jkee   &   St.   Paul   Railway.     They
u,..-     - ,   , y.��� ��.   Spokane   7-'5 P-tn. own  and  operate their own  sleeping
For  Time  Tables,  holuer>,  or      ' 12.25 p.m Rossland  ... .4.10 p.m. ;md dining cars on alll their trains and
further information  cai. on  or 9.40 am Nelson   6.4S p.m. give   their   patrons   an   excellence   of
B   YV. PARKER, H. A. JACKSON. 'ervice not obtainable elsewhere.
GENERAL AGENT, ~        * H. S. ROWE. General Agent. | ,,,,���,,,, wori, Uwrence road, Ward V.,
Second Avenue. Seattle. Wash ADVERTISE IN THE DAILY NEWS.     u Third St.. cor Alder. Portland, Or.' ?_r>;  E. O. Johnson, work ('. It. road,   *���
collector, $6; tin* Columbian t'".. advertising and printing, $20.26; James
Chllds, work township line road. Ward
I..  $10;   William   Bothwell,  ditto, $7:
W. T. Qoldlng, ditto, .|ee: John Saachs,
contract   Hjorth   road.   Ward  I.,   $60;
John Mclsaac, ditto, $50;  John Cam- j
eron, cedar timher. Ward I., $fi; .liituos |
Jameson,  work   Yale  road  hill. War.I
II., $5:   K.  Coombs, work  Scotl  road,
ward 11., $11.50; P. Henderson, Sondel
road   $102.70,    Yale    road,   $.'!.   total
$106,70;  George SeuHr-r, work  H,  P.
I'oaei, ward iv.. $i.aO; j. Drinkwater,
balance Balary assessor, $.re(i, postage
$1", total $65; Oi^oriro H Nelson, sup-1
plies  W.   Mclnnis, $7.,'!.ri:   11.  (J.   Law-
:::;*'. Hastings St. w, Vancouver.
Bookkeeping, flri.'gg and Pitman
Shorthand, Telegraphy and Dn
Seven Teachers
torty-Five  Typewriters
Students Always in Demand.
R. J. SPROTT, B. A., Principal
Published by the Daily News Pub-
No   gritting  in  WINDSOR
;   Company TABLE SALT.     The  perfect
corner   of   Sixth   and crystals melt quickly,  imparting  a
delicately piquant savour.
ofl'.. .   ,
street?, New Westminster, B. C.
E.   A.  Paige Mana3e
ADVERTISING  RATES. ;an,l attractive yet  danger us   min tl;
radicals   are  irritate 1   bj   l.i- sm i th
Transient   display   advertising
cents per Hue (nonpareil.!. 12 lines .o
the inch. Five cents per Hue for
subsequent insertions.
Reading notices, bold face type, 20
cfius per line, brevier or nonpareil,
10 cents per line. .
For time contracts, special positions  apply to advertising manaser.
Notices ' of births, marriages or
deaths 50c. Wants, for .ales, lost
or found, rooms to let, etc.. one cent
per word. No advertisement taken
for less than 25 cents.
Day  Office   .
Night  Office
garrulity and by the powerlessness o!
he e ul* - ��� Seal with his ��� ase. \
group of Conservativi s are determined
���i ,nl iim the Banbury tactics w'.iich'
have obviously the support of their
leader. They know that the various '.
sections of the followers of the governmenl are pressing for various lulls,
and their objeel is, by talking on
every subject as long as permitted, to
limil 'ii ��� legislate i oul pul to such m
degrt e as will damp an 1 lisap; oint
^22   Liberalism.*' i
. B22 	
. v? ci_Ji:~i'!H~..
TUESDAY.  MAY  14,  1907.
!: i- told if a judge piesiding al a
rec i'ii1 sitting of "iii" supn me co irl In
the upi ��� i country, thai ;i" senl n I
in three 'him.: lis' im; rise nment a wil -
ness who, witnesses having been or-
den .I oul oi cou . toot! n the
��� '. p in such a       Ition ild,
- im tbly,   hear   whal   n a    said   In-
\    .rlt* : .u a   Lon I in   pain r gnes
. . , side.     : In   inci . -n    recalls  a  dis   is-
lelights on  British p       men-
��� m �� m.'li u i   heard some little   I .-i---
ifi   ������   .   ' bring oul a poini neces- 	
.     ,   . . a : '  : he   le   i '.   1 e mm   i  i      :   ge.'   to
.. ���     ��� ...  In    .. id :: one would
,   make su* h  an oi h r.    As we remeni-
i .     .,     . ,  ,   .            marc    . .
' er   It,    :   legal man    irescnl    leni   1
fulness ol I he pratcice i- q ie -': mai
ime   .' ' ler  learned  in the
.'. iii inform our read* is as I
n.uestion of legal right.
5 room Cottage;    good location ; i :. from ca \
5 room Cottage;    lol in garden;    modern conveniences.
t; room Cot  ig    (new)    on car line;    ai! conveniences,
6 room Col   ige;    2 lots in fruil  trees;    good Ioca Ion
9 rooms; lot 50x150   in   mi:1 len;   modern c nveniences.
7 room House;   all conveniences; close In;    lol 66x1   ..
i: room House (central); corner lot; lane In rear;  (66x132).
6 room   House;    i .   li   a  conv* niences;   on
C room   House;    i    -    to   eridge;    coi ner lot,
6 room      tta_ S2x.l_2;    lane In
ii room Hou   ���,    n   I   n;    lot CixlGO;    all in f
St.;    all      nveniences.
li room Cottage;      eauilfui laid   rut g
���  "iii ... '.  Ho  - .���;       ' liind -  1 32: I  _.
as these to build on:
2 Full size lots, on Belmonl street, facing south, clos   ���
$350 i i '. vi Ith terms.
l  fuii  size lo    ..>     mj Sixth streel on Seventh  i    ��� -0.,,
1 lots, clos ��� : ' Columbl i street, In Sa] a  I en,  r ie ���
for $125 each.
in lots i.i.   [ ' ! ���'��� ��� street, car lin ���, for $2��o_; $6 io , ,
2 loi - fac ��� ,        th, on Fo irth a ��� 'nue, Third  11 eel
2 lots     .  ';   ��� ii'-  avenue,  verj   close to Queen's fai    ���    $3C0 ,
HALE & LANE, forf&WpJrt
248 Columbia St.. NEW WESTMINSTER, B.C
Phone   335 p. q   h,
j     *****************************************im4i ���
I Established IS : i:. ��� {I
1 Gilley Bros, ml
.I .
12 i     mu  use, .'.      6th St. and Q ie< a
in room Hous
undi   ���   Mel the accounts one In a
���-, ., of m tttei - in 'ie-  In  lerii 1
thai any such righl i xiste I.    Hie us
,, .   a.i mm    elo ' ... opi   know th        i .. .
the !<���- slatur* al Vic: iria foi ��� sc.
and ��� - iiiialily il is much ihe
all ovi    the Dominion, the a I acti -. il
. ���      ion whii ii - .. mm . irt,  spirit is rei         . levice o " |
. Government measures, at leasl       A Vancouver  pane    which     thh
portanl   oi   5,  are    leali    '.ith | that mei     hn    '    e taxed in   erop ir- '
th 'e they come Inti    '.   Hous tion   to  the   unounl  ol    liel ���   -
and    he  votes  taken    ntl    ecorderl in sions,   ;icks  vigorously againsi a  pro-j
i ��� rely . egisti .    tbe  decisions ; isal I i maki    me cla -- of    ad  . - oi
reached in caucas     Befo      he session rti   lers    ia\   a  larger trading licenc
is verj  old, the men   ers     i   all more than  anj   ofher  class,    ilu:   the  verj
oi   less ��  11 Informed ay to what the 1* inripl*    tvhich it   lays   down   b mid
. ...   ..ii.ia'   will do and  whal   ii   '>vili seem  to require  thai  the  amoun
Lav.,   undone.    Bul   in  the    Imperial lhe licence should  be proportion   , to
th ngs an   conducted on a 'he amouni  of business    done      We
different     plan.    Th      mem ers,    of quite agree with our contempora      . .
course,  belong  to  Ihis   pai      ���     lhat,      e who    system of trades licence tax-
.��� prepare ;     ' hei ation is   wrong  in  principle;   bu    the
lead*   s; they know, also, as everyone principle   it   supports,    "from     ever
i���"���' i,   the   gen* ral    m Mm    o    ;    ty :i;:':i according to his abilftj ' to pul I1
details tin j I  wail :"  concrete form,  is fui h r    if an  -
until announcement le     We do thing   Yom   the  Ii:;" of  sound     irin-
1   of c iin a - : .     ingi        ...,,. h ciple.
couple of th  :
Victoria   a  yea Delay.  Ar.   Dn_i,er___.
com;:*          ,     ndonment of i pro    -��� :      "But tbhV f_*so sudden!  Vou bad bet-
meat-    ���    ind*          at   i..   ,       tin. t'"!' give me a week to think it over!"
:,   i: ii is   lersisted In    N'ow      "v,,,'.v   weI1'  ,!"al'-   A,)'1' perhaps,  it
, would beias well 1.1_ thought it over   Dofer Explains Use to Which Time
!  '    16x1" I,
If yo      ,  - 'urnltun iperty is nol I,  - ������
u - .' call,    v.'    . ���     ��� - 'nl i;'-   folio .vii ling insurai
HARTFORD  CO.,  (incorporated        1810
CONNECTICUT CO.,   (Incorporated)       1850
i;.'3. CO. OF  N. AMERICA   (Incorporated)       1734
PHENIX   OF   BROOKLYN (Incorporated)      18
These old rei  . ih   i   mpanies have j   Id dolla    'or dollar in ever
great fire since their incorporation.
White, Shifes & Co.
260 Columbia Street, New Westminster. S. C,
Phone 85.
~wxp. ____B_n: _��_;,___>_*!_. _j_____.___-.ji
* ..      celebrated   (   n enl   i.
* used ������. nearli all large contract-
* ors in tl ��� Provinc
Wholesale and jf_e_ail
MANITOBA   ..      -.  f;:.;     J
;   :.:. Bl ICK,
FIRE     CLAY     and    MANTEL |J
!'" n    he ' ,.     in        i    .
J Telephones:  Office 16,    Manager's Residence 22!
* L
**** 4> * ************************** *****************tM
The Corporation of the City on
New Westminster
myself at tbe same tim.
rs,   liave  tneii          seln    es,   p|t^
o i-oici   their d      ���    int- 	
,   ,i Brenlrlnx  In
piece May   Ee  Put.
Th* ir
Mother   Dear ;..e'. the baby has shal
lowed  a   piece  of   worsted     I'm ier
'   ~ '        ���'    ' '      "���      That's nothing to the- yarns she'll h'tv.
to swallow If she lives to grow up,
n cross the Atlan 	
A Cliurcli  Without. Service.*,
Tl ere  Is  In   London,   within  n   few : i!' ,,:''
th.  moil irliaments   yards "f tllc beautiful ui.irlil.   ire)   it u   i beats in   ... .   m :  in    ne
��� <j    ���   Mr;.';:.;.":":.:'1::!::;:"'.;;.' '".:.::..::.: ri;. i3-.6so.ouo . .. ne I,., , so ,""",,
��� -   . ��� 1   ei .       marl      " W<
  if   i   :��� ral   Sell ...
: m. ace   Dorer,   jeweler, next to ti    a   '-1' '���'��� u-> '���'��� oi
to a r�� TUESDAY, MAY 21st, 1907
of  ii"-  delii ite    im Icisni    of     .   ai the i ffi e of the
'���������'.      Id yesterday that 11       \        -   ��� ���
i rican   ��atcl eonstrucl        " ,; ications -  ��� ���
thai date
I. .'���'.'���-���   ii any i
Notice to Builders.      Will Offer For Sale by Public Auction, on
Saturday, May 1 Still
at 2 p. m., in the Council Chamber. Citv
\"i   Tr7T'
f\ PTp/
)i 200 LOI
O ne    of
Ices are ever held,   'i'i :- i Ihurch of tb"
Ascension, n^ it Is called, was built by
C.  M   CL '
' ���      a   ni ��� "He realizing   tb  -  a   .
1!.ril ���������
U I his little   Mrs. Russell Gurnoy n i n mei o ii 1 to
her husband, i
men wa Sii   Fred-   ��ia<  ,!i" n,1i!i'''
.      ...     fira ���. cr, resl nnd me III tion   oie!1 ,   A ,   ,
ttiitl m Sir   ',    , ,..,,     ...      .,  ... ,    sand 1 ears  In  tweh     mon
:'^"'.v "���* ���> -n,,". mi ro one year,    .m i Tptif��pr��; Want a A ��� INDUSTRIAL SITES, and a fe
and she erpresxly state,    making  o                              r:n.y-��Bve,i    'CIIUCIJ    VwaSllCi. .'   ,������__.
Ice   vvns  to  be  us.-d   for   )n]   ,  , .,  ���,       :      , .   t]   Lhe      Itle    IS    INl^.hA
hnndsome builtllns it i>. with its tei iel
" latcfl floors and Its m reus fine pi inl    :" '''. ;'   ,Ittle attenrio
w pieces of choii   :
i:;:AS?BLE and the taxi i
For Stumping and grubb- December 31, 1907.
ing a portion of land at New        A map showing the exact location i
Westminster. ^ offe    I t*    sale has been prepared       tl    CIT1   [ALL, an
tice bul    church: "V      msers through the Imsj    [nj   lhe   ill, or vice   .-era t1 Ol'mil   ".   .   .   .    apply to     tn:,-    ������        ..-   [ted   at a1'     I ing <   fice 1 ���     "
streets of Loiitlnn, enter this sa net unn ,.,,,,, i,  ���,    . ���,, _ /-.��-.><     n i       i .       ���       .
A. T. illOKROW, CATALOGUES maj also be obtained.
B. C. Distillery r��RMS 0F SALE-HaH cash, balance in 6.    u   I   P��r��fl
New v\ estminster.
glib;   i.i Is   (j
Over the door Is posted 1
\\"i>���',  ..   .
;      he House i nd i hal   ' i wlta man "
'  . ���     v,ni ieih   wa;.
They Wnnldn'l  l.n.e.
'    '              '"   ''   '���'��� A   i, iii'Ml   y,  in_    *   mm      :           .
''         ��� .   ��� ��.,��� mm.  ,ds   county   In   Virginia   v.enl
���i.      a cl      .    He  la;     tlowi Into a local      ire carrying lh ee i '
.    . ���          ���...   11 wtt;       .. .......     . ��� I i!    i    ��� ���    . .
li;  !:.- Is never
,   for n  I and     I i  and prayer     r.e*
ctive   and   never  anin   t*  I   and   ,,,. ,     . .   , ��� .
uevi    ..    ire;    ,,.. ��� ���,,.: evel. eontltiuiu_ ways of ��� lo i       y'    '   "' n who o
now all ahon    it; have the
���   '"-..I    in   thei     ..-.,.���      ii .,,, .
i'i.  ll  oui  from  fifty ..i::,
Ith lliflr eye     shul HIGHEST       CASH       PRICE
nni* M i;  of
���  ' his hand jj ,...,   , ,ei:l, ,
City TVeasiirer]
.   .       on        '' ;' '  ' ':" :':' thcul   "    '��� and  wil
south a    ."'      ti      a    :'   i 11 tell   hi
��� ee' day.
....      were Hel Stanley,        .explorer, did
\ii Ion She bit her hiindUeivhiel    u eu    i mtl! he had gri
i     ,,    re-  tnetil :e tuomi'iil nml suld:
"Xo, Bir; ilie",- ni .��� .ousters '
���   ,i   li' ii   [range
lie 1-
-EGBIE STRET Phone 214
L' ^r-\_.
F course, a man who won't try
" D ^ogress
is never going to know how economical good clothes really are.
Do  you  wear   "PROGRESS
t ,      r*~* Kmma ^*S R   ^
L.   de: BECK
he  I. Ml.  i ontin   il     n
I ���   on (hi   e oast. 	
I '    .      m ���'.  ��� ,,,,,. I        , |
Hie : '.       '.   nd   to    ....     in, tl      ....!'���        iat  1
mth Is ."���. nil    huii t\Vi en 11       dir.ll  lea ore not lai*
hour and  lhe  figure   12  on   the tli        ' trip on d ���-
-;       ���. ���, mm Ina ance, ll :   four o'clock   :'r-  r- ���
oinl   the hand Indicating  four to the       '���' '' ���'   '  I    D ORO
���-'in and the two on lhe watch Ih ox- ' D. Gilchrist,   [gr
." '      f. mth.    If   ii   Is   elghl   o'clock,        ;,: '���   -DAMS
dn   ihe hand In lie ttlng 8 to the siin       C. A, WKLS1
the flfi  r    Im em  the dial is due '     v- S,   .WANT-ALE,
' '       Xo  ii ��� ii  ni e I   '.'"t   losl If ho :      ''���'' ' ,is  ''���   DEAN'9
"" i loa a goo I watch, New  Wei tmin      .  B. ('.
"     "     " '    '���-"-��� --     --- : May I, 1907.
FOUND   A bay mare, with four white
Westminster =^__!1EAT_and_fastest
L/0"vVSl_L_1 S ?c  fection -v^OCOi*
(Maple L    if Label)
MilK Chocolate
Croquettes, Wafers,  Medallions, E.tc.
Cowan's Ca&e lcing$\
Transfer Co.
'I'lif.  .��� ;*,_ nirrn
Colurribl.i  St.
'8.000 (EMPRESS OP BRITAIN) 14,800
t'Done 137    "' P��"Er' EMPRE38 '"'  HtliLAND 1      TON.
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL $14,400,C
RESERVE    .','.      ..        $11,000.00-
mches throughout Canada and New foundliind, and  In  '-��� ������        \Cm
New York, Chicago an_  Spokane, U.S.A., an��i Mexico Cit;
luggage delivered    promptly to tny
-. of U,e city,
Light and Heavy Hauling
Office���Tr.im   Deuot
Ni m Bailin ;fri     Quebec, Ma;
r��r ��thei'  late   and particulars i [   ���
lu*    ... lu ... us, appl    to
eral Banking Bu ilness Transac ti
Letters cf Credit Issued, available wi tl   correspondents In
ill par" :,:
Savings Bank Department.     Deposits received In sum I
and Interesl allowed at 3 per cenl   pei  annum (pre*1
ED. aOl        . four tines ��� year.
'���  ''���  R. Agent.    | Total  Assets over $108,000,000.00,
'���     t for all Al     tl   s.S, -    ipanl    |   - ��� 	
G. !'.  BR ,Yi MAY 14.  1937.
���    ���    ���    *>
f4gt |i
_ '���. '1 , ���
���.    ;���'
horl    risil    to . -   i
slerda;     .  nin.
Ont.. wh*
��� : ...
W. B.        nsion,
��� .id  ���
��������.���������-������������������������������������������������. ���������������������������������4
m..     i ������    ���   well n      senl��� I In I      field s
nrlll gl       Van      rei     . ivi n  m* n
ie ...e, d -'. iggle ' ��� ::r :be majority
oi the prizes
Two denizens th i n orld,
:        Stirling   and    Clau le     li' a   in,
���   e  fined $2  and    costs    yesterday
lorning, having  been found guiltj  of
lieing Inraai - ol  . house ol ill fame.
-   .    I list i
..  ' .
.. But
Dan  ilu !>ni.  the i   lored  man  ������
tvas ...: reste i In a stri el  fight yester-
was   fini'd   ?".  ;iii!   costs   In the
coun  ;. i st* i da>   morning.    The  ^
...... iSSaUll    .'��� Itll   .1    �� e'.i[eol!   w ill
....    |    ���       a       y the n   gist rate to laj
Estimate for Window Sha lea, Floor Linoleums, Oilcloths, Carpets or
any requisite for complete house furnishing. We have the stevk.
experience and workmen I i do il and challenge the trade of British
Columbia as to  prices and    [uality,        ve us a cham it'll be
thi' gainer for three good reasons:
First���Because we  have  the selections at the lowest
possible prices for Al qualities;
Second   Because emr work is done  by   high-class mechanics and tn) slipshod work goes for us;
Third���Because we stand back of all emr contracts und
make good if you are not satisfied. .11ST TRY US.
John A. Lee's Furniture Emporium
Phone 7H
**********************   *   *   *   *
ft      '!
1     1,
7 7 UI_>llJ��i_��
:���'   m
���    les	
 53.71 , $4.1
w   ; -    of doti      S
i.     n. P            Lawn
:   ���    '
.  $2.50.
$1.00. 75c.
_ir Line  of  50r  S
ii miner Goo
.-   -  . ���   a 1  lines  i
lUSi'.US.   1
They ure genuiue
Fr. ���
N. .   . ��mm
.  .
t, wlth exl      1
II    S  ll
i   . ���
���   li
������   i. . -.
i             7'   .
r to 33 Ini hi
50 c
: i senl  high prices of        ;imls . *
lumber  and  Its  s* a 'citj    are    re-   ^
See       - - ..     ��� n: foi  .i ��� im  '��� te tieu i in tl      v
nd ' ������ r   tho
.,.   S< ha m.i' machine  ��      -     Pii* -  I ave
een driven for i      new stru nd
work   was   pi dj    *
extreme ibtaining   *
ml in ll  Ve iis   ^
���   " alSO   f 'MM 1   in       -M   ...
g     neces lin -   I       greal  am-
ling al Vancoin er an I
a ~
. -
' -    .:    ch,
, .-,
:���-������-.         mm   igh to send *
\   it     will   nol         tied' up i ���
tuch longer, however,    as    arrange- ���
if ter-   ments   will     e   mad                  l*       to *
���  '"> 'W   ' - ing   the   lumber  In   ai I      lo*      h .
West Is call-   work  of   building   the   wot     la   pro-
lar* Idence of   cei 1 vt itho tl   '
Mrs        .'   Wh' te, S      ertoi                                             *
Georgi.i  Reported. *
Steal -i   Georgia. Capl    Hen lers in, �����
if the Canadian-Mexican iin*'.  which ^
lefi   h* re on   April   2S for    M tzatlan, ��
i il    esigi s  t* :
u,  fl i       .   '���
. -  and   ' i-
rI es  &
een em-
ived ii
Acapulco and  Salina Cruz, arrived i I
Man tanilo, her firsl  porl of call, > es-
;'    -     Is in cha
terday, and  after  landing  her freighl
. _: ...;.   '      thai   :��'i"   proceeded  to  Acapulco, *
f tl     : ��� The steamer is due at Salina Cruz, het ���
i. stlnal lon,  about   Fi i la\   imam *
Just what you want for
vour low shoes.
Ail the new stripes,
cheeks, patterned and
ventilated effects.
25c,   35c,   50c,
and  60c
the pair.
..- ., i Is la
I    . \.
Scote li ��� m tierns ��� .   ���   ���
tton Taffetas, ii fh       itt.ri
i    h* ��� i. *, Plaid, �� ���' -
Flo m ...      Lawns,
..  35c.
The  .   ���'.   . - its d     .i
Dogs  Were  Poisoned.
lie bo ... : -������:-      Tin    handsome   pointers,   belonging
.he        us:'<        . - ��� ed up 11     .lack   Eagles,   of   ihis   city,  which ���
were enter* 1 iti the rec* nl  big kennel ���
how nt  Vancouver,    returned    hom* *
3"   yesterdaj   very 111, having  apnnrentlj ^
nS-Atl M,,e,i    . ac    | !..������;     ,,. *    *
st*    i.i       Mr,   design, while Vani  un   I   show.   	
'������:-.       eg o The     i-i:.   . ii li r ' he care of a
surgeon, and nre   _fc__l
few d ���      ��� will   recovei ing rapi lly, but for awhile mmm
'"i-i' Willi.:    . I in such  si aiti    lent their lives wen
lespair* i ,; .   I i .m:   -.   \\ hile  no
*   *   *   ****<.*���   *   *   *   Q   ***'**<���***   *
| T 4^ K f\
I     1      v   1   i ���  1
���   J_L      .r-_V.  *      pUlO?      __- -��-   ��*J��- -^
267-271   COLUMBIA   ST.
*  ii.ii  it r o tmius ��� ���    ���  i-
M '
>    ' tl   1
t'.-.o i '���- Vboul
ty guests v - '   ':    :
le tim    was s    tit li ng and
i ���
Cul   i' m e - and  Pol   Plants.     Rin
i. . Tl florist   'Phone  US4
wishing : * e .'.m. ���     ���   flee tions on the
the show, Is firmly of
. iit   ui  i!,      his   logs were glvei
-.���:    li -.ii  minded  person
���  had   iie,'   syn    om    no   b* en  no-
tit .���!. th* v woul        " vi   die I.
Rothwell,                    ���   '   i     tlso i'i
the ii mei   h                \   nc mver show
i                his canines,   and   tit             inli
were the sat ���     as  :    I ed    In    Mi
will del      ���    :. '  ne tl Is   Eagles' dogs.
lUCtio till j 1  nnh   j
... Ity." Mr. Lister  ' """ '
i - .   .,       e hono I lotith
Ington, nnd 1 tbject li
.  ' : ndi ' ii'   '..      ' '    t' ends.     ;"  '
���  sion Is -".>'.
Look!!   Look!!!
9-room House on Agnes St. with all modern
improvements, and connected with city
sewer. For sale exclusively by us on very
easy terms.   A splendid buy at $4,500.
Gall iiiul sun our list nl City Lois and Houses. We have som_ good Mies
270 Columbia Sl.     NEW WESTMINSTER, B. C.     Phone 3071
m e____s__f_r_3 *m%
cr* am
5-room Cottage, with hot and
cold water, bath, etc., and well
situated: large lot, with some
very nice fruit. $7^> cash and
the' balance at $15 per month.
''   RENT.   6-room House in first-
class condition.   $12.
Vancouver      ni tnufacl ni * r     n* i Is
��� l iiie-ii to n :       e very 1
novelty.    Agenl ��� i lining  mon iy.   ll-n
��ise,    stari    ������������ orking      >.    you
|_ very bod) i i Pro fl t s o v.: *
. ��� .      till��� ���  ��� . B
: Mi"   m  i mi .    ' .        .        '  ���      lis,      I'll
-     ,  ..:. 'dollar I
Anient a,
���.; ul   .
iaiin      va       piI l.y I
.... ...
.     M
Vic LEO D9
the Farm Land Specialist!
. ,\ .   . ��� " ���
on ���'��� :i    nin       rhe launch ls 28
eet  long,    nd  will tn
it il SV I'll  'M
The Pliffinix Company,
' ' ��� .     St., Vui
\. TUESDAY, MAY Mih, '
Sec Chamberlin's window display
of Necklets, in GOLD, SILVER,
W. C. Ciiamberlin I!1g-j8Weler
St. George's Hall
���,l_,i___��_f  Mm
IC ���
|M   1!..
Nat'  Westminster
'hone 13S for    sweet    cream,
am and buttermlll .
Ice "How Our City Gets  Its Electric Q
4?   "��-k
[llu.ti .'   ! by experiments and lantern
kn   ' ������    loc il ���      ..; ��� u I
All the leading brands of
!.(���,'!.in !��� te*  B. ('.  E,  V.. Co.
Proceeds  In  aid of Anti-Tuberculosis
cspital Fund,
-    -      25 Cents
__  r-t 'A   tfi iS^tki Va
$%$ a _J ^,-^
Vou can get your favorite
Adams & Deans
.1. i  Quo .
Chin* sen      hai in, has
....;..;, >i���..'..���   ��� Indue*
: .. in of his ccui n I    m this cltj
��� ,    , nt* r   he s    ..     on  the 24th al
Vane* tiver.   Jo ���   hlnl i tha   the Van-
couver Chinese will have a much bet-   ADMISSION
ev  chance  th in (!���"    1 >cal   men,  as
I |      ; Iii i chools nt... are rapldl ���   ������
iming  used to Occidental   manners] in the
Phe local man, however,   iromlses to i r|TY
��� , mm. best, and wi try and In- S ���   '   ' :     ''   '���  " '  J
��� nee j m imb* r of      i   Ino ' ���' i] _"
....   ������:-"������    to en        :   .   ���    ��� ������!'���' ���
-���'��� . ��� ��� ���     ... : | , .   ��� | ��� ������-, the ksl
��� " ��� s .v We -.  :'i"  ��� will, ���" !��� til, orcn a:i M .������.;
Our Refrigerators have perfect air space-',
surrounding- the entire refrigerator.
We have Zinc and Enameled Lined Inside
Screen Doors and Windows.
Curtain Stretchers of different kinds.
Call ancl see us.
Kenney's  Restaurant JT.   J.    TRAPP   &   CO.
Limited THE   DAILY   XEWS.
��� i
UBDIVISION of Lot 46, Block VI., comprising some of the finest residential sites in the city, is now offered for sale exclusively by us. 1his magnificent property is situated on the corners of 4th Ave., 1st bt. (lacing
Mexico City, -May 13.���A fire supposed to bave been started by a cigar
thrown I y a mini r i:.:<> an aban loned
drift caused tbe loss of 90 lives acc_rd_
ing to a special received from Torreon
Coahuila by the Associated Pn ss. Thy
fire started in the corner shafi of the
mines in Velarte* na, state of Durango,
on Friday night.   There were' 175 men
: king in that part of the mine' and
only IT of them are believed to have
* scaped. Thirty-five bodies have b< en
i. covered.
According to th..' latesl reports the
fire is still raging and ll is feared that
wry few others yel Imprisoned will
be taken out alive. Se ai ch parti -
have been working heroically but only
i re I tinrec _nized bodies have be n
i ��� ii c it. Th* shafi In whit h th* fi
Is raging Is one of a mini which Is
;��� group of tin lai - 31 i er i ro luc-
e - ii. north* i 'i Me xii o. The Gugf n-
!:��� ini Interests i said to own the
I roperty. Owing to the remoteness of
tl ���   .'..mi ii  i:  is   lifficult   to gel    ;.���-
2h,r1 tpHemCaM awiv
IQueenVParlO* and Emory St7^mpriSng fa all ten 33x120 foot lots facing .on
1st St. at $700 (excepting the corner lot facing 4th Ave. and 1st bt,.held at
$1000);  2 lots on 4th Ave., 421x120, at $600 per lot;  4 lots, 52_.x85, $450;
5 lots, $400. Call at our office on Front St. and inspect plans.
MR. .'. !'.  HAM I
lU    tor ol the ^ Boiu.1
Canadian   Bank  , :  ufcj
ing.  Columbia "      . I
[fee. New  we   , ,'  *��* ;,, [
loan. M /i.e.,., ���
$3,500. subject to 10 months
lease. .Fine residence for sale on
2nd Street, corner Fourth Avenue.
Splendid location, now rented fcr
$3C00 per month; lease can be extended if purchaser so desires. .A
gocd pay;ng investment. .Terms to
be arranged.
to rent.
One on
on Agr
; one on 13th iit
Splendid Farm. 10 chains waterfront on the North Arm of the Fraser River, adjoining the well-known
Mead's estate. No. 156. Fifty
acres, all under cultivation. One
of the best bargains to be obtained
in the district. For exclusive sale.
Price $10,500; $3,500 cash, balance
in 6. 12 and 18 months at 6 per
t   No.
Royal Avenue.
third I
hth street,
fcr  s.t
The present high prices of all kinds
ol lumbi i a id il ��� -; arcity are re-
- . msible for a i ompli te tieup in the
: illding of the new wharf for the
Schaake machine works, riles have
been driven for the new structure, and
the work was progri ssing favorably
when i' was broughl to an abrupt sin'.
by the- extreme difficulty of obtaining
sufficient lumber to continue, It wns
also found Impossible to import the
necessary lumber, as the great am-
e mih of building at Vancouver and oth-
e r coasl ports makes i: impossible for
��� cities to spare enough to send
out    The  work  will  nol   be  tied up
ich longer, however, ;is arrangements will be made immediately to
bring the lumber in and allow the
\ ork of building the work to pro-
c* "(1 without delay.
lian Hudson, the colored man who
was arrested in a streel fight yesterday, was fined $���" and posts in the
i olice court yesterday morning. The
charge of --mm.' with a weapon will
I.' '.. ard by the magisl rate today.
Two denizens   of the    underworld,
R i'h   Stirling   and    Claude    H* aton,
were  fined $2 and    costs    yesterday
i oming, having I ien found guilty of
���  ng Inmates of a house of ill fame.
Li -x JI mm l 22. Sub. of Lots S and 11
In Ble ; 13 i orner of 1 lurhatn and 2nd
.'".    '. ill  -; :���  1   . :-
2-storcv House, 7 rooms, bath room upstairs; flush set; good stable : on Agnes
.- .near Sth St.; all modern Improvements.
I : Ice     1,(100,   half cash,  balance ��� asy ;   a
ally . \ ��� iM :.  bargain.
Sub. 21 ol Lot 16, Block XIII, .-Room
Housi     hot  and cold water; flush closet;
lol   .:     fruit   ���: s i    chicken  lie.eis.-   and
bum.    I":...  $.00; terms  $400 cash, bal-
..������ . . nd 6 months .et 7 per cent. Hamilton  St .  first  in..is.- off 6th  St.  between
i and  Sth  Ave nui s.
2-storey House, 7 rooms, with all modern Improvements; size of ground lOOx
1-2; see m ' lot from 6th St. e.n 4th Ave.
.'.  soutli  side,   I""  feet on  avenue.    142.
I.  ��� ���   on l" Me side s.    Price $3,2  $1,1	
. ish, ... lance < n time en 7 per cent.
Is'.-E.  'i  of Sub. 19, Township 10: some
timber.    Price $15 per acre; terms $1,	
cash, balanc    ��� asy.
S.-W. Sub. Township 13; some timber;
railway   runs     longside;     old   5-acre   or-
���   ard     im        J15  per acre: terms $1,	
cash, 1    .        in three equal paymi nts.
2 lots Bli , -!. Richmond St., Sapper-
i' ii.    $45 I ��� e   lot.
1 acr* ��� lay, house on tram line near
Joyce station; partly cleared; fenced
across fronl facing tram line. $1000,
$700 cash, ���;.hence arranged. ���
8 - roomed modern residence on 4th Av. between
6th and Tth St., with one
acre of land, containing
fruit trees, outbuildings,
stables, &c.; an exceptionally cheap bargain. Price
$4,500. $2,500 cash, balance
in 1 year at 7 per cent.
Hotel Guests.
Guichon���C ���>'. Grain, 150-mile
be :-.���: W. H, B .:��� ii. '-.'. H. Cunning-
1 .. Otta .'.ie: J. E. Finlayson, Van-
( ouvei: Stuar Hi nderson, Ashcroft;
P. Be Iwith, A. ��� Shai I bi 'gi :. Mill-
side; I :.,. : ... - ".'��� er; C '..
Velsh, Squami    ; J. D. Wil' en. Van-
VI 1'.
Windsor���M. Duncros, G. Hardy,
Vancouver; C Alverson, Bangor,
Wash.; W. Ji mm- Mm. Matsqui; s. A!
Muir. Lacoml e, Alta.; A. Warn . ii.
���I Warne, VV. G. Warne, Glen Val-
I* . A. V. Ki igseth, Norway; Mrs. P.
W. Reid, Hammond.
Colonial I. ( ibb, Seattle; Ft. \\
Jones, Mr. and Mrs. J, ll. Barlow,
BJt Ine; J, Bed I w, VV. McGirr, V ���-
��� ��� tiv*": c. M ilton   Sumas.
61 acres Murphy Landing, 4 mile's
above .Mission Junction, Just a; the
landing oi Murphy Landing, about the
centre of lot; 25 acres cleared, under
cultivation; 4-room house, harn and
iie; ni oul one acre, orchard, hear-
in-, fruit trees. Price $1,350, on easy
terms (or $1,250 cash). $__ per acre,
V_ Cash, balance 0 and 12 months.
10 acr* b section ::.'. X.-E. corner of
WW, I,, uncleared. Timher Br, ce-
: .'. iiiiel aid* r; good soil: a mile from
Vale road; sandle road and n< w road.
���i lots ��� ner of street between 8th
im : :m!i A.* . on i'ii.I St., si I.- im i'ii 1
St., i qua! -i. one acre; partly cl* ared.
$500, half cash. A spJendld oppor-
'. nity fi i ... restment.
i ooms, _ -'<;i.-;.- house, bai ii ... .:���,-,.
I wati r and lighi; full sized lot, 06x100
''������ et, situate : Mth St. between 4th and
5th Ave-, on wesl side.     Price $2,300,
V_ cash, hal,nice in 6 months at 7 ','.
2. acres in Sunbury; 6 chains water
front; l_' acres cleared; 8-roomed
house, lath and plastered; wood shed,
chicken barn ami fruit trees of all
kinds. Price $3,000. Terms one-third
cash, i alance ���; an.l i_ months.
Lot facing 2nd S:.. between Queen's
an.l Mr I Ave'., second lot from Queen's
Ave.; 52x122 feet; ail cleared; lane
alongside and tack. Price $1,000;
half cash, balance easy at 7 *
More exclusive properties just listed
with us for sale.
Lot ���". opposite Knox church, Sapperton, east side Columbia Street on
car line'.    $300 cash.
3 lots south side of Sixth Avenue;
very lighi clearing; 60xll5l_ feet on
Suh. Block 10.   $1050 cash.
4 iois on Fifth Street, 11, 12, 13, 14,
Sub. 15, S. Blk. 13. $350 each, half
cash, balance 6 months a: 7 ';.
2 houses corner of Merrival an.l
Agnes; lull sized lot; city block 'll.
loi li: one house rents fur $25, the'
other $10; flush closets nml ail connected with sewers. Price $3,500.
Cash $2,000, balanc* in 6, 12 ami 18
months at 7 ';.
4n acres .�� section 1 I. N". _��� of E V_
of Tn. 2, about 3 miles from bridge nil
Haworth road, Surrey; house 18x26,
_V_ storey house. 3 rooms finished, another :: can be added upstairs; small
shack; l'._. acres cleared and seeded
with clover, reel: fairly easily cleared,
One mile from shingle mill. Price
$1.200:. terms half cash, balance 1-'
months at 7 '',.
1 full sized lo; .'ti St. Patrick's St.,
in.nli side, between John McKeuzle's
ami Glover's bouse. Price $475, half
cash, balance in 6 months at 7 '',.
Full sized lot N'o. 12 on Royal Ave
and Sth St. Price $.1050. half cash,
balance at 7 ', per annum.
Westerly I, 11 of 63, Sub. Block 5,
132x132 corner 100 feet square; two
houses drawing $28 per month. Price
$5,000, half cash, balance in ti anl 12
2 lois on Princess St. No. 11 and
12. between 6th an.l Tth Ave., two lots
from illh St. on south siele. Price'
No. 11. $210. half cash, balance 6 mos.
at 7 ', : No. 12. clean .1. $315, half
cash, balance >'. mos. a- ",'',.
Double tenement house, 4th Ave.,
l.-i and 2ml St.: l loi. Price $1,700;
cash half ami half in 6 months a; 7' . .
Rents for $10 each  tenant.
iU" S.K. ', of Section 26, Itist. 12.
M acre's.partly cleared; Kanaka creek
running through; good road; one mile
north of Webster's corner; shingle
mill and l' 0. at ihe' west corner; timber worth .7 per acre; cedar ami fir;
I miles from Port Haney. Price
$2,100; term.-. $1,100 cash, halance arranged.
10 ai ��� ��� land New West minster, l.i"
". s. Div. .!. Surrey; :: miles from
bridge, Price $400; $2m' cash, balance terms at 7 '; : near the Turn-
ver cannery.
4 room house, bath room, j antry;
on 1 i!'i Sm. betwi n Que* n's and 3r I
Av* nue,
I acre upper si.!" of 1th Ave. and 2
lots wesl of 6th Si : large house of S
rooms; electric light connections;
shade trees ami fruit orchard. Price
$4,500:. $2,500 cash, ''.alance in one
year at 7 'i.
1 lo; No. 24 on 13th. street south
siele of 4th avenue.    Price $200 cash.
7 lots Nos. 81 to 86 and 95, 95 faces
on Sth avenue, next to Gunns ranch,
1 lots cleared without a stump; small
house, chicken house, 175 choice
chickens;  horse  and  rig;   $1500 cash.
1 1-2 house, ti rooms and flush
e los* : on 4th avenue, one Iot from 2nd
streel on south side; fruit trees. Price
$1900: 1-2 cash, terms for halance at
7 per ci nl     Size of loi  55x165.
17 lots, full size, 6th St., Burnaby,
easl side, 100 yards from Cliff Can
Factory; soil good. Price onlj $1020.
$350 cash, ball n i easy terms,
2 lots on Sth St. betwei n oth and
. . we, .ui easl side; full sized, 66x
132; N'o.-'. 9 and 12. Price $1000 for
bcth. half .. sh, I alance easy.
2"'i   lots ��� n  coi ner ni 5th  A\ e, and
''.ih sm. s.-W. . ornei ;  cl< ared.    Price
$1200: half e ash, , alance in G i
at 7 i.i r c* nt.
<_ a . etween Qui en's and i.1
Ave. n iv* si side of 10th; N'o. 5 and
6, Bio* k 4S; 132x165 feet; all clear* I
and fenced. Price $1050; $550 cash,
balance in 6 months,
Full sized  lot . a  Royal av* nue, ' e-
iv.ei'ii Fourth and Merrivale; all <���
i J, $1,200, ..M.ee cash
2  lots,  No. 24 and  32,  block 9,
"..  en Sixl b a\ ��� nue and Nanalmo Sm.
and   I ��� ' wi ��� n   I ith   and   16th   strei Is,
Price    $425   foi   I Oth,  cash
Block 7, L* ��� i:. 2 sub ii visions run-
n im from Sth te C h St., 1th an i Sth
Ave.: one lot on tram line. $800 for
one: price $1,500 fen- the two.
ing Agnes  and
of Gth
i! rooms. Water.
Martin, weart . ���,,,(.,.,,   ,
"1    barristers, .. y *;.|
flees:    New \\,. ������ ��      ���',!
corner  Clarkson ...'.   a       \
Vancouver, roo .,'.     >\
ville streei.   J.sep] m   .,',   .';^l
wrv__ - ���;   i
Westminster oil. EB. ��111
tPrnmin ���   Nilaj.l
ters,   solicitors,   etc.,  4. ��
A Bunch of LOTS
Lots ' i and 15 of I ol 6 ol I
.. li ar* I.) Price $500; tor the two, I-L1
cash, balan     6 month   a   7 per c* n
Lol  i; on Sh* rbrook   treet *    II of
���:  cleare I.    Prici  $275;  1-2 cash
6 months at 7 per cent.
I...!- 16, 17 an : 20 ... li e.f 3. P    ���
S500 for '.in  ������ . '  $173 ��� a* b;   1-2 c;   h
lalance C nn       -    t 7 pei    ent,
'i     ^e-'-.,    Vi    1
street,   opposite   i      ���   House -��������
Wes; minster.    A    '
,ler. P.O. B||
GEORGE !���:. M y. rl.v Ban
Solicitor,  Qui ,   JJI
ria and McKei. ���      ���. ,f \ew"j.*|
minster, B. 0.
an i Notarj P
1S.1 al N'ew '.'. ��� i;i: ^1
Bees I
sou   .-' reet,
P.0   Box 169.
. |
2S   aci   ���      i    Mara   ro   I,  Bu n
$160 an    .        FOR    A   FEW    PAYS
i iNl.Y.   * ine .Mia: ter cash,   balance   l
an 12   ears at 7
2 lots, ' .      Ized    132x1 12, corner of
the Cres    nt;   7-roomed house.    Pi Ice
$10,500 ' j cash, balance 6. 12 and  18
Block 12 on  I2i'i St., east side;   Id
...  size Price $2,500, one-third
cash, bal. 6, 12 and 18 months
Full-sized lot No. S between 6th & 7th Ave. on
4th St., west side. .$300,
half cash, ba!. in 6 mos.
One acre in
block !��,
tween  18th
and 16th
on 8th Ave.
Price .$.
1-3 cash, bal.
A   Cheap   Frcperty.
House ii rooms, ilush closet, i!_
storej s, on Fo i. th Ave., one lol from
.-'". .a I St. on south sid* . i'i Ic*
$19C0;. half cash, :.,:.,:. e at 7 ei
. ent.    K. ill trees;  loi 55x165
Housi 30x42, Ith St., bi tween Ith
and .".ih Ave.; 2 single and l double
. Iroom; ti] stairs, and I tth ro un
down ��� ���' : iii .dining ioom kitchen and | .'���:.' i ;���. Full siz* .1 le it running hack  in  Ash  St.      Price $3,500;
>'   00 cash, I alane e al $5 ea
at 7 p* r cent.
Six an l one hall ai re , one ... re
i iear* . for  planting;   l   i 2 ac
res  pai ii..   e mmm ������ I.    House,  5   rooms,
! ' - ���    ���     and   half,  sa a :  barn:
chi. i.e.. h '.-������.   :: ;:i'  trees and : traw-
plants;   .1.7 10,  half < ash;     tl-
���   ia ���bree mi nths at 7 per i   ���
Is is a val .ee  le k' Iding, and m-ar
tii ��� he i Ity, call and I ring this a I ���
tii ement  with  you   for furl hi r I
l lous*  ( ii    Branl ford    Btreet, south
Bid* .   6th   street,  ; atnted   white,
S15.00 ,- .       nth  :n .; Ivan e,
.lames Inlet, :!.:'.,��� square miles, at.
$��.00 per acre, half cash, balance easy.
Large li I  and  two cottage i on C
luinhia street, Sapperton.   Both rented
:������ .in each.
i ine and ; ; i ball ston j ise ami
full i ze lot, sil lated n* i th side ol
Ri al avenui and c* aer ol McKinnls
streei - . - th room, hot and
cold svater, set; . Ished; j ..mum
lit trees; tn on three
sides;   fine   vli ,v.     Prl e  $1,800   ;i
. B - M
One full      ed lot, 2ml lol from corner,   Mth    treel   an l v'i  avenue, lot
14 feet,    $250 cash.
W:    \  N  S e ..
���    So'lcitor, < ���
streets, N'ew Wi   I        ���    R
GOARD OF TRADE.���\- w  V,>o>J
s;er Board of ': ��� ;i|
Board Room, i Jf
Second  Wedm . ich mon_f
Q : '���. ly mei . . on the see
Wednesday of F* rui ry, 1
August and  V ��� ; _|
Annual meetini the   seen
Wednesday    i I iry,   _j
members   may   be   ; ..
> iected at anj n i    h    i      rK
t: eetiig.   A. K. \'. i. ���-. Sec.
UNION   LODGE. NO. 9. A. F. 4 A.I
���The    regular ' ng    '
Is held on the Fit t \\
each month, al > i       fe |  dl
tbe   Masonic   i ti S      :A
brethren are i vlted ( ::|
tend.       Dr.   W. A. DeWolf Sou]
KING  SOlOMON   LODGE, >'0. ",i|
F.   &   A.   M.- Rl -' :���'       -I
tions of this lodge me held on (kf
Becond Tuesday  li   ��� ic_ moctl
MbsodIc Temple, at 8 p, m.
lng  brethren  are   ord    t
to attend.    D. W.   lilchrlst I
K.     1!.     K.     Ol '���'���   ::'
Friday    of    ���
p.   in.,   In   Oral ��� ��� '���'".
Royal avenue ai '':"'
journing Sir  Ki... I
vited to attend.    vV. :
P.; .1. Hood, R*
Hom- It Strti.'U- tho Pnrrot.
Here is the latest parrot story. A
certain retired general of the Indian
army posi essed a parrot and also a
very Irascible tempei lent. Tho parrot was a valual le bird, bul was rather
���a nulsan< \\ reason of iis extreme
talkativeness, One day while the genera] was writing his business letters
the parrot kept up a continual chatter,
revy disturbing to the writer. At last
the general could stand it no longer,
and, jumping up, he seized the cage of
lh*' unhappy bird, which he whirled
vigorously round and round, at the
same time, shouting furiously. Then
he set the cage down again, and silence for some time enstieT). At length,
however, a feeble voice came from tbe
interior of the cage,
"General," it Inquired In quavering
accents, "where were you when that
cyclone struck us?"���London Tit-Bits
160   acres,   2  miles   from city.
i    $40 per acre
Two lots on ISth street, be-
tv a 7th and 8th avenues.
Corner of Hamilton street,
No. II and 12. Price $245, *_
' ash, balam e >'. months.
160 acres In Surrey; s ifa ol
���v> !_ of ��� ��� 9, township 2. Log
house, 16x21, and chicle n coops,
Small   lean,;   60   fruil    irees;    12
acres i li are I, i aires under
cultivation and S acres slashed
Price $20 per acre, ':. cash, balan ie In 12 months at 7';.
1  full  size
lot, block ii, lol ll,
SI.   Patrick's
Square:      Price
I lot, ."..",'_vim;, Tenth street,
off Queen's avenue. Price $450.
Terms $200 cash, balance terms
to suit.
Royalty1! Game.
("arils have' always been n royal
game, Queen Elizabeth played cards
and lost her temper over tbem frequently. She was no Anne of Austria,
to play "like a queen, without passion
of greed or gain." In her reign was
com ma ml ei I lo be played "at Wyml-
.oro a Comedle or Morral devised on
a game of the eardes," which resulted
In the performance by the children of
her majesty's chapel of "Alexander aad
Campaspe," In which tbe pretty lines
Cupid nnd my CampospB played
At cards for kisses,   c'upld paid.
���Loudon   Chronicle
House corner of 7lh St. and Uh
Ave.; 9 rooms; 2 full sized lots, 66x
132; orchard of apples, pears and
plums. Price $4,000, $2,000 cash, balance on time at 7 %,
A Good Special
Five acres on 10th Ave.,
right across from old reservoir, city limits. $1200.
Half cash, half in six
House 24x24; 4 rooms;
framed; inside ship lapped.
Barn 12x16. One acre
partly cleared. Land No.
1. Bal. easily cleared.
21 j storey bouse, 10 rooms, also
modern improvements; lol 66x132;
. ne al back; part of lol Bet oul with
fruit trees ami nice lawn. Price
$2,750. $1,500 cash, balance 6 and 12
monl hs al 7 per cent.
Snap in Lots.
Vacant lois for Bale in all parts of
the city, from $25.00 to $3,t00
Full sized lol in Sapperton, facing
Brunette street.    Price $150 cash.
Six lots, 50x150, outside city limits
$60 each lot. Fuller particulars on
entp i iry.
Ml acres, half mile walerfront, G.N.
R, running through. $9,460, terms
easy.     Investigate.
One :' ill sized lot, 66x132; 2 storej
hi ise; ; rooms; flu sh closei upsti Irs;
ai' modern improvements; now liouse:
$2,000. i-j , ish, .. in 6 months al 7
pei cent, Good siz .1 stable and fruit
i:e os. Secon l I use from Sth street
west, on ti], er side.
i'1 acn s in see. 32 Tlml 1 r, fir, cedar and alder. Good soil; go id roa Is,
Apply for full particulars,
Lots 17, I 19, 2". 2!. face * 11 16th
streel and Sth a n ie; 2 c n ner lois
$��.".0; l Ini Ide lol $200 e u h. Pi Ice
.l:o. cash,    sin   .    . ���    al  cash,
" ir and one half acres betwei n
Seventh and El hth avenue; south
side of lsl Btreet.    Pric $2,500.
Lot 11 on Fifth avi nue, sub B, 10
of suh I'. $200 cash. '.. , leared; 1 Ize
55 feel  by 132 feet,
House   and three   lots, corner 3rd
Ave, and 1 uh si ;  5-room liouse an I
kitchen.   Price $1,500, one-third en h,
bal. *i an.l 12 months al 7 per cent.
Cottage of ���! rooms and woodshed;
; .'"ll stable : 1 lot 44x132, on 2nd lot
from 41 ti Ave. on 13th St., west Bide
i rm tic illy ni w : papered ; sink anil pantry. Price .1,1.11(1; terms $200 cash. ,ir,
1 icnthly ai 7 per e ent, or rents at $10 per
month for one year.
- lots oft Cumberland St., Sapperton
���: 50 per lot.
Acreage on Vancouver road, corner
of Gilley road. $225 per acre. Acreage is selling fast at this pric.'.
ted In a     a     nai ling
n;   Third    Lven ie,  al    foi :   of
Fifi    .treel    Two an-1 oi
hi ui.     Ti (recently papered)
All   modi  a    onvenii m e .    hoi    and
' ��� :' it.  lava-
���   electric   llghl;   nice    iwn;    ol
'   . ��� 12   h :    lane In rear; \    ��� of lol
ft out with f  iii tn es.    Pr! ������ $2,750.
H.500   e    ��� ..    ,    ,,: ���;;,;_,. ;
2  lots,   2".   . ' 1    N m   2'M   $170;   SO,   21,
(corni n   $175.    Durham   an !   S*    -.. i
20 .. <��� bl* cks, fruil lan Is, near
.lime ���ion, $20 per acre
House, full sized lot, een Kearj
stree:. Sappei ton; ri nts for $10 per
month.    Only $1,050.
House, 10 rooms, V,�� lots, near
Fourth aven ie and Seventh street,
$2,coo.   Terms can be arranged,
���l full sized Lota between Si venth
avenue and Hamilton street, easl of
Eighth Btrei I. all cleared and fenced;
���i large barn on on" of the lots, $1,500,
half cash, balance one year al 7 pei
7 Lots en Twelfth Btreet, betwi en
Queen's anel Third avenue; wesi side
(f oar shop; full si/,". Price $3,600
10 aci��'s North roa I, ���", of a mile
from city limits on Por; Moody; j
acres under cultivation; 7-roomed
house; frame harn; chicken house,
hi'iti 40x80; fenced ami in good ������
i.air south side. Price $4,500, half
e; sh, bal. in 0 months at 7 per cent.
2 mis corner of nuh and St. Andrew's
M ��� between 4th and Bth Ave, west siele
"I I Oth St.; all olenrPd. I'rln-$800. half
cash, haianc.. fl months at 7 per cent:
i oth run ilinniKii from street ice streel ���
��� i good bargain.
���Meets  In  Oranpe 1 _1 S'st.
third .Friday In *
m.    Visiting brethren   re
invited to attend,    v.   P
James Humphre y, Ri
I. O. O. P.���AMITY  LCD3E. N- ��� j
The regular meel
are held In Oddfi   ���
hia streei. everj ",:':l
at S o'clock.    VI L
diaily invited to Btti m S : I
N. G.; C. S. Kiclm.i i������' V.,;': ,v I
Coatham, R. S.; J. W Ma D ||
F. S.;  Alex. Adams,  . eas.
���Meetings the flrsl nd third nw
dav in each month. '
hrethren cordiallj Invl ' ' " I
Lodge room, A. O. V. W. ha:.. 0*1
fellows' block, Clai " '"",,,..1
P. Corrlgan, recorder; Lo"'8 ,
master workman.
Red Rose Degree mei     ^ I
Fourth Wednesdaj of each b��ti
In K. of P. II'"   '' :. ...J
8  p. 111.. White Ro      .    '" " '*- I
Wednesday In eacl n ��''���;��� ���
time and place. Visltin. w- .���
cordially invited. b. g .���
combo. Pies.. II. I '" fa0<      '
���Meets tho Fourth Fl"1;1' '.,na!!|
month at S o'clock, In mv,0*
hall. Oddfellows' blocR, ( ���
brethren are cordially mvue�� pi
tend. .1. II. Rushton, C. "������ ' "
Maxwell, ft. S. ___
A. O. F.���The regular D,e;'Sec0iiil.|
this Lodge are held on '.'',, ,m-*ntbf
and Fourth Tuesdays ..f |(llli,
at 8 p. m. In the OddftMfo, ti
Visiting Brethren are co��� ^
vlted to attend.   E. (��� tu
V, P. Maxwell, Sec. _^
THE:   ROYAL TEMPLARS 0      |a,
PERANCE meel   everj *     ������,<
.    ,,   . , ,...,.   ..    ...     in  tjmi'. ���|.��
at  8  o'clock  1*
Hall,   Columbia
j Telephone   333
Real  Estate Brokers
,   .'   invited t��S|
Brethren are cordlaiii j" R gr0fi|
tend, Geo. Burr, S. C! " I
Telephone   333
Agents for Employers' Liability, and Union Fire Assurance Co. of London.
CAMP, I91.-Meats on tns^tn
Third Tuesday of ever. siv
K. of P. Hall. ���I""" . S��6
Chief; .1. J. Forrester, i- NOTICE.
:Y i [IVEN  I     I si_-
.      ���      : .
I  tO        ' '      '
from   th*    ; ���������'"    g
I   km- imgallum
.:   !'"-'     1
V. Green's i reemi I on
��� ows SO ch Ins
v . , bains wesl   ,:..i j;
-   .-..���   .���:   . eram* nce-
it   a    posl    planted       v
of the  north-west       -N
lands, i
the ris   ns
'              Regis       ���.. 6hall 'ee
si In respeel
said lai tax* s _ =
gisl A. ��� "
yf>. r am ���*���?*
Tenders fo- Lecei-se to Cut Timber on
Dominion Lands n the Province of
British Colutih -..
_ - 2 A$&&. M
��� reen's pre* mptlon i I ill .
. ������'        ' I cl ains wi -���
ins ��� iat and 40   ���   st,
Ins wes
ains  east ana tu less 1
point   of commence- .  . .
post   planted   n
-emptlon claim,       N
- -
���������������'���   ..  -.: .........
gistei   Alii e   B.
��� :..      in     Fee
-.  -   ��� from
nd Treas  rer of the Citj
Ali e B. M. -
'    - ��� m -     iti   the 15th day of
.A  !'. 19 i6,  if all and singular
.. ��� m   land
ti    lying and .������ ag
:  N'i w   Westminster, in
of   British     Columbia,
160   chains wesl .    40   "���<-'    m less to s thei known     and     de-
tot of commencement.  _,;l. , ... o|  ( 3cribed   M    s>   lWi   n
renders for .-, L cense to C_: . ��� ���.���.������
on Don-��� .-������ l i ds in the Province
of British Cc um. a,
Sealed     renders ��� -   .  :
<   :  ssion* ...... ���  ;������
���  - pr*
j ,110V,       80 chains  . ,  '      .
> ilns w* -:  and  80
������ .   ;     .an i-
ol ii..- north-west i o
,on_   w<_��    _u
���   .: commen* ��� i i* nt       a    i
......    ^i,. -.
.. north ui ."���   i..���.,..-....-. ... -
t   ��� A. Greens pre-emptlon^clalm,   , . -,,.-..
at   a   post    planted :  ""    SUD<��vtsi :.   10    :  Lots 8
���    of the nortl -west   or-   :i '"-' - . I 9 S  ,. ���;.
ir.'e'ii'.-- pre-emption claim, v     ��� ���������   ,                                                         \-           >        ,
,��.��   i._���-. (:i���,a,-..,.-���.. ..     -      ant-       '   '    nd each of you are required to
i                        ...   cliains   wesl.    4"
. : commencement.
N"   ... i   ���   .   .  M  . ..
���''  ::i   ��� ntest   the   i la m   of   the   tax
iout 2 miles south        ser within f irty-five days from thi
P��lnl "' "������" ; '"'   ,    :-y  Ba
I    at    a   post     planted
": :':'' north-west c ir-. east of the n i e of  the  firsl   pu ilication  of   this
���   pre-emption claim
..-   160 chaii    ��� '     ��� "'��� A herwise I shall register Alice
:;. '���';:::���
���    .   post    planted   eas '   ,0 lh,   I I    hains  i asl    And
of tin  uorth-wi m coi -1 40 north      i  chaii
:    \  .; f ��� n's  pre  ei iption  clali ,
,.    .- 1"     .Ml   IM    -      IVI    -
-. -  . Iiains east i     16
I of commenci
.,    posl     1
il ���: ���   nortl   ���������
i ��� ���    mptlo
mi nee
Ll        e      pOSl
... thi   ���  ���������
-  pre-emptl m
��� -    i'i.. ch iin i easi
��� ���; . .Mains west . and A I
���. ���   point  of comme
N'o. 23. C
��� ���
��������� :������ . there if In fee
dire ���  thai  pu lication of this
r thi       |a\ - in a lailj news-
��� I al   \\ .\   w. stminster
���'���������'���     e  good  and   s  ffli lent   sei \ ii e
���    ��� I Land Itegist      Office
' .   ������   *   v.-    .  insti r.  Province     I   Brit-
lainsiish Colui this 25th d        [    .prii,
50 chains    o .     ins Wesl    .. D.   IS it
.omn   :   ���
��� planted
Kittim il    Vm     on 1 th*
WM     M V
[������RANK  VANI' _LL
.'   ���
_i_ 4_V ���'
.    i
. __dj____w
_������   ePSIS   OF   CANADIAN     HOME
��� :.  al  M.
-'    .   to
tn* mm
N i. 24. I
t 35 n      -
.   ���. -     ean
ti iwk* .��� .   m en e   10 < I
east, li ���    th, ; i .���! i
e or les    I    shore then ..' en . sho ���
��� ten!
N'o. 2 aci . .      lanted
'   ' Baj
.   Ki Arm   on
.1 ' I'M ......
ence    120   chains   soul
I i ���        '   ' . .... ist,
tin-     ��� 10  chain st, 40
th .'. ��� ������   to poin
N i. 26. Commenci .   inte i
on :. . wi sl
f K eli lan village,    a the
norih ban il iv, thence 160 chains
north, i" chaii sl mo e oi I���
t'i   1: .- - ....   thence   160
chains   south   .   ���..-   Reserve   iia.'   to
:.   ..   mg   shore   to      iinl   ol
immi n  Jment.
SE U.ED TEXDERS .   In ss*
n d s
'.:.���' md - . .   .-
ed on the * render foi
er Berth N
al  this    Departmenl until    12 i .   Partmen1 '���'��� '!-" Interior  an
:.  Wt       - ...     thi   24   .   .....   ol   00   ::;" ,:":   '���'      ���' ;'i"'  tor   nmber
July, 19 I", mm  .. ii* i nse to cu   limb*     5"'":"l v' 521," wil . -,      .���,- ;u\s
on  Berth  Xo.  518,  comprising     ands | Depa .    ..n ::   i_    ...   .  noon  oa
situate in the Province ol British Col-   Wedn - ...
umbia to the wesi  of Chehalis Creek   ������,..   ,  -.-    ..
. ii   a  .... nse        . .
and desi i. - . .. - follows:
Timbei   Berth  N'o   51S,    . imprising "-''  romp' s,ns   landa   iltua,e  ln
thai porUon of Section 28 lying norih :!'' r:"'-!;'><'   '���  ''' ������  ��� ��ia, to
of Timber Berth 2S0 and tha    >orl   m      '   '"-���>;;i of Chehalls Cre*
Section  32    outside Timber  Berth and comprising E  blocks,   es ribed ���s
264 and said  Berth  280, in Township follows'
I, Range 30, Wesi of the 6th Meridian;
also the north half and the south-east
quarter of Section 26, the north half 0HtsIde   ; :;i" :  v"   '��� s"   ,:     ;'      :
and   th<'  south-wesi   quarter    Section ���''���'������'���  ���      ' ���  ���'     ''��� 2M Bloc
i'i,   hi  easl hall Section .'    th. north tlon  23, Township ;. Rang V
half Section   32,    Sections  33,   M    ". of    the 6th  Merl II ������    [ning  an
and those   i ���:'    ns    f Se*   .     ��� .'. an , .
area        Si a ��� ��� -        '
36 outside Timber Berths 2S0, 261    "
272, i'i Township  I. Range 1. Wes! of B'��   ���  -     ;  '-  '
the Tth  Meridian;  also Sections 3,   t. '    '       ' ''"      ':      '                rimber
5, the north half and south-easl quar- Bei      29S Bio          nd thi
���.    s- . tlon ii. Sections 7. v the i irth ar;         same prod                        c   to
half and the s   tth-wesi quarter Se* Tlm , ;,  Bm]      ,s       .                ,   .
.   I     Com
' .
lng   e.i    :e    post     plai ti l
- h of the north-west coi -
\  , ,���  en's  pi e-emptton e
follows : 4.. chains nortl
10    cliains     i. . I
ilns Bouth ; 120 >
��� of i ommencemi nt.
ncing   at   a   post    planted   ' ,i''   i   I - ore then along shore
north  of  the  soutl   wesl .
oi    No   26,   then   I mi     -
i. . cliains west .   10 c
. iins easl .    and   10 e
commi ncement
��� g    a-    a    post     I
orth of the south-west
No.  26,  then  running
. ' ains  west;  40
.  east;   10 chains  north
���   .. j.   al    a    post    pi ���������'���
ol the north-wi  t co
n's i   ���  empl on
is follow -    160 cl     - - wi sl .
160  I 40
ll   ol
���  ....   ...   .. ss.
I     S    K' .
! Usti i.: Ri gist: u
'   \\ iii. im   Edmon s,  Ks |.
AH persons servi 1 with this notice,
an i those claiming  thro igh or under
persons   claiming  any
���    th*   said land bj  virtue of
any  un    mistered  Instrument,  aiul all
1   - ms  . laimlng  any interesl in  the
said  1 nd   b)   .!��� sc* nt,   vs h ise title is
��� ������   ��� red under the provisions of
Ih*    "Land   Registry   Act,"   shall   be
��� rer  estopped   and   debarred from
setting  up any claim to or in respect
the   sai 1   lan!   - i   so! \   for   taxes
rid   '   b;    the   "Lan I   Regtsiry
\ ��� "
.. the soutb-i as: quarter So. i   m
10, the south h tlf Section 16, the s
half and the north-wesl  quartei   Se*
tiein IT. the north half and son:'.-eas'
quarter Se* tl in lv the south hall
north-west  quarter Section    19,      n I
those portions of    Sections  1. 2,   the
east  half Section 11, nnd Section  12,
west of   Timber Berths -T_ and 302,
In Township 5, Range 1, Wesl of the
Tth   Meridian:     also    Section   12,   the
east  half Section-24, and the southeast   quarter Section 'Jr.. Township 5,
Range 2, Wesl  of    the Tth Meridian.
containing an area of   13,025    acre's.
more' or  less.
noi :!i   bj   Timber Be Hi   261   Bloc i   2,
an.i 298 Blo< k 2    .en 1 on - mth '���>
Timber Berth 254  Block 1, co
an area of 7..". a,mos. more or less
Bloi k Commencin { al : ie south
easl corner of Tim ��� Ber h 29S
Block 2, thenci north-ea i m . al righl
angles to th*' easterly boundary of
said Berth 29S Block 2, 2 miles; thence
north-westerly at righl angles to lasl
course, 54 chains: thence south wesl
erly, at righl angles to lasl course, 2
mile's to easterlj    boundarj    of   said
The berth musl  be surveyed within   1!,'r;,! 29S Block 2; thence south-easl
tie' year after the date of the notice   erl)   along sail  boundarj   to plac*   of
beginning, exclndlt: i   from   anj
portion of   Tin     v E ���. which
ele 11 uuinlon Lau .   witl
....   ���;   t. In  British C iluni-
m bome'stea led       any pei
he - i'.e li'-   i ol .. : ' ������
. ���   i ver IS yea rs of
. if   . me |unrter    sei  ��� u ol
more   11   less,
ist be made pe    mall j   ;t'
:..".. . I   In
..eli 1 is situate.
. esteii.I-e' is required to per-
in lil Ions connected  I h
.��� one' of the to lowin : plans:
asl six months' resident e
the land In
T ike notice thai thirtj da> s after
date 1 Intend to make ap ilication to
' " Chiel Commission* r of Lan Is and
��� for a lie ense to cut and cai.:
away timb i from the follow Ing describe 1  land.-:
Nil.    Comnu ncing at a pos   ; 1 int-
_T. Comm ..   i                  planted ed on the   west side of   Twenty-Five
it one mil    in    i  qu irter wesi ol Mr" Creel; and marked James Sh trpe,
:    iklata In li in village on north bank N >���  :              them ������   10 i hain    west;
of  bay,   thence   160   chains   north,   10 Ihence south SO chains; thence east SO
west,   160  chains    south,    to chains: thence north SO chains; thence
shore,   tlem   along  shore   to     iinl    ,r west 40 chains, to poinl of commence-
 lencement. ment.
N'o. 2S. Comm nclns  H     posl plant- N'o.   2.���Commencing    at     a     posl
��� ���I about one mile and three quarters planted  one  mile    south    of    James
wesl   of Kiakiata  Baj   Indian   village, Sharpe's N'o. l  post;    thence wesl   10
e   rth   bank  of  bay,                   160 cliains. thence south SO chains; thence
. tilth ation of
for i iree :��� ears.
' he father <or mother, if the
leceased I, of the homeste i l
tpon a farm In the vicinity
n 1 entered for,   the   require-
to res i len :e may be s ittsfle I
pers ui   resl ling    v\ ith   the
the ><���".'. ir has his permanence upon farming lan l own
i in the vicinity of bis home-
������   requlr mients   as  to res.
��� '  -a': iBe l    by resl I a
>i i l en I
in hs' notice i'i wi Ititig sho ild
��� i ��� li-.   ' lommlsslon ir of l).>
al i Ittawa ol Inti ntlon
���     |    e,'"lM
.. i j    .��� | urchased al $1"
so    coal  ind $20 for an
N'ol   more  than   320 ni  o
i. quire i  a)  one Indlvl lual oi
Ro; ..:���>  al the rate of ten
chains   i o !'i   40  * hains     west,    160
Ins  -.cm!',   io    hains eas!   to poinl
of co   m      ement
N' 29 Comn : ..��� m post | lanted iboul "in' h: tn li i mouth
.-:' Kil l.,!a river on - mth bank, thence
10 chains south, 40 chains west, s'i
chains south, iO chains west. 120
chains north ��� i the shore, then along
-���'' .- e to point of i ommem ement.
Loi al irs.
Loi ated   April Gth,  1907.
easl SO i hains; them c nortii v>'1
chains: thence wes: [0 chains, to
point of commencement,
S;aked April 29, 1907.
Tenders   for    License   to   cut   Timber
on Dominion Lands In the Province of British Columbia.
SEALED TEXDERS addressed to
the Commissioner of Dominion Lands,
I "imi'iii of the In' irlor, an I marked on the envelope "Tender for Timber Berth N'o. 516," will be received al
this Departmenl until 12 o'clock noon
  .-ie  Wednesday,  the Sth daj   of June,
TAKE N'OTICE that application 1. s ,:"7'  for  H  license  '.' ,lM:   timber on
Berth Xo. 516, comprising lan.Is siin-
n :  :" "'���   ���'  F1�� ence Mar: mm. in the Province of British Colum-
Eveleigh .:- the   uwi   r In Fee Slm.lc ^ m<] descrlbe(1 a BtollowB: ���
::': raTil3i S:iV l"""1 t���m The C T]mber  ^^   ^   .���.   comprliJng
"���- 'on of the Districl of Burnaby, to gecUoM _   ,S| ^ ..^ ^ .h(,  ,,;isl
���lames Cunningham, bearing date the ha]vea of Sectlon8 2g and 32 In Town-
���������'b daj of March, A. D.,  1902, ol all sh)p   ]y   Range 23   u-eB|   (1,. |h|, ,;ih
.    ���   sin ...i n   thai   ee rl 'in   ; arc* I   or M,,M|j;nL  containing an    area  of    B
tracl   of  land nnd   premises    situate, K{jliarc m|ie8, more or less.
and b Ing   n the Dl I I     of N* w T))e hrv{h mug|   ,)e Biu.veye;] u-iililii
U'es minster,  In  the Pi -- n           B ( |u, y0.u, ,!||,,!. ,,,,, (| ,.,. ,,,  the ,,,���,,,,
���;   ;    Col imbi .     more     ; artlcuiarlj awai.llug the berth,
>wn and desert ied b     h   llvislcns      The  regll|ntlons  ,,���,,,. whlc,	
t'J and 24 ol   uibdivlslon ' \" ol I": '. >��� r. |im,   vv11]   .���,    |gsu( ,   aIs ,    ,,;ill.,,:|
grouii I. fi rms of ten.ler and etivi lope, may be
Vou and each of you ar   herebj re- o^tanled nl this Departmenl or al the
ton of 2.000 pounds shall be  quired to contesi   the  claims of  th* ..m,,, (lf tbe Crown Timber Agenl ai
gross output,               lax  purchaser  within  forty-five days x, .,v   Westminster,   B.  C
: om iii" date ol thc firsl  publication K;li.h  ,,,,,,1,...  mUB,  ;���. accomiianled
if   his notice, otherwise l shall regis- by an accepted cheque on n chartered
.   Florence Mar;   Eveleigh as owner uanl( in fav0ur of the Deputy oi the
������...-,.of In fee,    And  l  herebj  direel Minister of the Interior, fo rtlie am-
��� ��� ^ publication of this notice for thir- onni of the  bonus  which  the appll-
,i,v. j., a el lily newspaper publish- canl Is prepared Lo pay ror a license.
ai  N'ew Westminster will be good fhe hlghesl or any tender nol ne-
mm i saffie ii'in service thereof. nessarlly  accepted.
Dated al the Land Registrj  Office,      \,, tender by telegraph will I n-
awarding ihe berth.
Tho regulations under which a license will be Issued, also printed
forms of 'i'ii ler and envelope, amy be
��� .tained at ihis Departmenl or al the
office of Ihe Crown Timber Agenl al
N'i w Westminster, B. C.
Each tender musl be nccompanli I
by an accepted cheque on a chartered
haul; In favour of the Deputy ot the
Minister of the Interior, for the amouni of the bonus which the applicanl
is prepared to pay for a license.
Tiie' highest or any tender n.<i nee- .
essarilj accepted.
N'o tender bj telegraph will be entertained.
; '��� |iartnienl of the interior,
Ottawa, April 2Mb. 1907.
Tenders for License tc Cut Timber on
Dominion Linds in the Province of
British Columbia.
SEALED TEXDERS addressed tothe
Commissioner of Dominion Lands.
Departmenl of the Interior, an.l marked on the envelope' "Tender for Timber Berth N'o. 519," will be received
at this Departmenl until 12 o'clock
noon on Wednesday, the 24th day of
Jul}', 1907, for a license to cul tin
on  Berth  N'o. 519, comprising    lands
ml m ��� fall within the s itr.e, < mtalnlng
an a:ea of S64 acres, more or less.
Block I. Commencing al a poin:
on 'he' easterlj boundarj of Timber
Berth 302 Block 1, 5 chain- so ith
easterlj from the north-easl corner
thereof; thence sou li easterlj along
said easterl) boundarj SO chains,more
or less, to the angle In said ��� b sl
boundary of Timher Berth 302; thence
north-easterly, al righl aiu't's to lasi
course following the boundarj of said
B* - th 302, 40 chains; Ihence north-
westerlj paralled to first course s''
chains, more or less, to correspond
with length of lirsl course; thence
south-westerly paralled to second
course 10 chains, to potnl of commencement, containing an area e>'' 320
acres, more' or lea.
Block .">. Commencing al a poim on
the easterlj shor,. oi Chehalis Lake,
50 chains southerly from northerly
end of said lake; thence southerly
along s ild easterlj shore of lake, 2H
miles in direel distance, with a depth
of 6" chains on said e isi sh.'ro, me i
ured al right angles to '.he general
bearing of said easterlj shore of lake
uiihin the block, coul ilnlu ; an area
of 1,3 10 acre's, more ier les l
The berth musl   i e surveyed within "ia' year after the dale of ihe no-
situate In the Province of British Col
umbia e.n the   wes: Bide of Chehalls  lill> awarding the- berth
1 ,ake an 1 described as follows:
Timber Berth No. 519, comprising
those portions of tho following lauds
which lie to the wesl of Chehalls Lake
and oiiiside of Timber Berth 302 Block
2, namely, Sections 26, "7. the nortii
half of Section 2S,   the Bouth half of
The regulations under which a li-
ci a se will be issued, also printed
forms of tender and envelope, may be
o .:<:.-'. al this Deparimenl or al the
offlc ��� of the Crown Timber Agenl al
N'ew We il minster, B. I'.
15 ie'..  ' ��� nder musl    ������   aci un lanlcd
Section 33,    lhe    south half aud the ' ���'   "   '^epted che r i  "  a ch irtered
north-easl quarter of Section 34, Sec- '"' ' lU';'' ' ���  :i1" De lUl    "r :l1"
tion  35   Township 5, nnd Sections  1, Wlnlstl ' '"' "'" lnte : '"��� : '   "!" am
������ the ensl half of Section 3, thenorth " n!  "''    lhe bom,a  tt'hlch  ""' ":'-';i
., i nttnrli      I Section 10, Section 11. '   '���' "   Prepared lo paj fora license
Vancouver, Maj '.      .1
��� senl  :imi' * fail sli
��� . -.ms in thi   cit
having iven reporti
partment.    The officials    state
fr.'::.    .\ hat    : h ll Mm:    trom   om
sou i os thej  are certain thai  thi
.m   index   to   the  real   numbe
cases of the' disease prevalent  wl
the limiis While as strict _ quaran
is noi  maintained tor this disea
prevails  for   the   more   \ie*limi   fo
of Infectious disease, the departm   "
Is anxious to keep track of all eas  -
in   en.I.m   thai   the   spread   maj       e
��� h* i ke I     .hts is done bj �� ai nin .
....   .: . eptlng pupils fi ��� -.
ed hoiisi's. and  gh lug ad\ Ice to
ms*        -   iffected    as  : i    the
treatmeni of the disease along pre^  i
live lln* -     Dr   Cnderhlll is there
nsistlng    thai     all  physicians    and
. ehol I*   . -h ill n itlfj him prom
I1   when the .lise-ase- breaks e*m     He
' eMM'\ mm  thai   had   this beei   done  al
the beginning the epidemic would nol
ha\c al:alned lls piesenl  piopo
Such  e-.ese's  ms  have   heen    traced
v, that the disease has been brought
from   tin' southern  side of llm    Hi
��here ii  is preseni  In nearlj   all the
coast   cities.    One   pocultarltj   .>f the
form now e\is!em! here is tli..t i:   >
tacks   iiie'e!   people,  aa  well   ns   eh
dren, which Is unusual.   The Infections
diseases hospital is full, and all tl-''
cases are of necossltj treated Bl their
Lumber  Company     Builds     Necessary
Wharf  for  Increased   Business.
A ne'w wharf will be buill  ai   Porl
iiaiie-j   for  the'  Porl   Hanej   Lumber
companj In the near fmnre,    A  pile
driver was taken up the river yesterdaj for thai purpose'    i: is understood
thai   ih<"  Porl   Hanej   wharf   will  he
bulli   In  a  manner thai    w 111 i 'flei I
en ill e.n thai  port, and thai  no es
'"���ns,' ��iii be spared to make' it one or
the   besl of anj  owned   bj   the  river
porl s,   The flrsl piles were di Iven \   ���
terdnj   bj   the  local  engine, and   tha
work will be pushed forward as rai ' ���'
as possible, as the wharf is badlj need
ed bj the Porl i lanej mills on accou* '
of their rapldlj   Ini roaslng    buslnes i
an.i   ihe'  number of river boats   and
tugs u hich will call there,
The' ��hart ��ill be large and will he
fitted   wllh  modern  conveniences  tor
the docking of  boats    of    anj
The'  water over which  the dock    ts
being bulli is very deep'al this point,
nnd w ill afford enn' of   he I esl sl -
ping places for river sm .one'  . on tlu<
I'Vasor    li  Is hardly Hkelj  thai any
shortage of lumber    ��ill effeel      ' i
building Of this wharf as a supply can
be obtained  direel  from the  mill  In
fron'  of which ii   is  being bulli       id
Will render any hindranci In the
p on 's plans practical!;   -   po    lb!?,
on  tl
��� Ni .ulster of the
Unauthorized   publication of
rtlsemenl    will not be pa! 1
��� '
.in i
hereby given that; 60 days
".  I  Intend to apply lo the
'"i   Commissioner   of   Lands
for a lease of the foreshore
booming and milling   yur-
niprlslng the whole of a bay,
1 name of tndep* nd ml   8a; .
oul two miles south of the
of Costl Island, en ih sl
KItlmal   Arm, and  about   two
'th trom  Kildala Arm.
' April 5th, 1007.
MAM   MOODY,   Locator.
11 WK VAXDALL, Agent.
Westminster, Province of British   tertalned,
".iii il iy of April. A   i>.,
Ihis 25tl
C.   S.   KEITH,
nisi riet Registrar.
To  L.  A. Bayne, Esp.
All persons served with this noiice.
Iin,i those claiming through or under
them, mil -i" persons claiming any
Interesl In the said land bj virtue of
,, ,   ,, , , Mi tered  Instrument, and all
. ,ns claiming any lnl iresl In the
. . ,     . ;   ,    p.   ��� nt, whoae title is
Secret ary.
Departmenl of the Interior,
Ottawa, April 8, 1907.
W. N. Draper
B. C. Land
Fiijid Block    New Woitmlnster. B.C
lhe Bouth half of Si ctlon 12, the south
...      i mrti " of Si������''lon  11,    an I the
mtli ..isi quarter of Section 15, lu
Tov nshl e i'.. li in Ran [e I, WeBl of
Iho Tl h Mei i'ii in. containing an arc i
of   1,310 acres, more' or less,
The berl h mu ���' be Run ej ed within
one j ear nfl r lhe dale of the notice
awarding the berl h,
T'.ie regulations under which a license will be Issue i
forms of tender and envelope, may be
obtained nl ihis Departmenl or al the
nfllce of the Crown Timber Ai'.<'ni al
Mew Westminster, B, C
iiaih tender must be accompanied
bj an accepted oheque on a chartered
lank In favor of the Deputy nf the
Minister of ih*< Interior, tor the nin-
ouni of Ibe' bonus which the npplicmii
is prepared to pay tor a license.
The hlghesl or any tender not nec-
i'siartly .accepted.
N'o tender by telegraph will be entertained.
" ; ml of lot,
. .' .. 1907.
\ i lead":- by telegraph will be en
���. ��� ��� due I,   The b ;he t or anj ten I
::..    a .-. ��� larllj   .\n 9| te '
riMiti.i:', c. ...a ES
Se rei iry,
Depa   ment. ot the li terl ir,
Ottawa, April    Iti        ;
Follow iie: is the locatl      and num
,lKi1   printed  ,���,,. ,,,. thl, lin, .,;.,,.,,, ;���,.. . . ..,,, ..p.,
5 Asylum,
6 Royal i'ii    Will
T   Carnarvon and Tenth,
8    Royal avenue and El
9���F>Ifth avenue and Twelfth,
12���Si.  Mary's Hospital,
13   Second and Park Row.
II���Columbia   and   Dufferln,
15- -Sapperton.
23���Queen's  avenue ami   Sixth.
24 ��� i-��l avenue and Second.
25���Fifth  avenue  and  Fourth.
'jr.���Fifili avenu.. ant Eighth.
2T���Third avenue and Tenth,
"2-   \ ".  - and  Sixth.
B���-Schaake Machine Works.
...    Columbia and McKenzie.
,.0���C.P.R.  Station.
42���Small  and   Buckland   Mtlla.
Dogs  Wer?  Poisoned.
The   handsome   polntei      belonging
to  .lack  Eagles,  .ef  ihis  city,  v hi h
were entered In the receni i.i". '   nn I
show m  Vancouver,    returned
. ������ terdaj   very  ill. b tvlng  appa
been   poisoned, ell ber bj   accldenl    ���.
design   whil I     \ inco.uvi
The . mmimiIs arc undi r the cu   i i
coin,', '''ui veterlnai 	
...       |n        ildlj. bul for afl hlle v
ei.ii    trail     hal 11*
paired of     M     Eagles,  ��hlle
o cast any refl*
��� IH   Of  111"
a   .  dn  m    h i
m ..." ,i  . iind   I
had  the sympti
tlced, thej  would ive dl* '.
I"   Rothwoll   whose dogs we're al
the Itmellghl  al  the Vancouver
h .   h id an anxlo 11 time with hi
ami   the   polsonln ���        mpto
were the same    ns noticed    in    M'.
r . ���'. .  dogs
Presbytery   Meeting.
The Presbyti        I Westmlnsti i   ���   I
bol ;  I i quarterly meeting this al
noon in St, John's church, Vanco
he    KM-.
Presbyt irian church, whei e the I
tlon of iii- Rev, Peter Wrlghl will
The moderator, Rev. J. S. I
derson, New  Westminster, will Inducl
the new Incumbent, while the Rev, \.
Peacock, of Central Park, will pi
a   sermon.    The Rev.   v  J,  Ma G
Livray,    of   St. John's    i1'-  b       in
church, will speak    to the
while the  Rev. J.  A.  Logan  wil
dress the congregation. TSfl
Cherries,   Peaches,   Pears.
Public Supply Stores
In tine location; 20 acres cleared; house worth
$2,000; barn 65x90; other good buildings, all
new; good bearing orchard: first-class water;
school and post office.
Price,   -
Malins, Coulthard & Co. Ltd
Per J. H. VIDAL, Mgr. Real Estate Department
Lumber  Company     B_i!cs     Necessary
Wharf for  Increased   Business.
A new wharf win : ������ built nt Porl
Haney   for  the   Pen.   Haney   I.m-.   ���
��� :.;   1:;  :!k   :iv...   ful an .    A
driver wns taken up the river yesterday t'lir thai ;eiir]i<is,M Tt is understood
that the Port Haney wharf will
lniilt in a manni r that will reflect
i :e iii e.n that port, an.l that no i ���.-
".���ns.' win ;,,. span d to make i; one *.:'
ih*' iecsi of any owned by the river
ports. Thi'first piles wen driven yes-
'��� rd i.'.' by ill" local < ngine, anel the
work will be pushed forward as rapidly
as possible, as the wh .:' is badly need-
. .1 My the Port Hanej n ills "ii account
of their rapidly increasing busini ss
ami the number of river boats and
tugs which will call  thi   e.
The wharf will be large an.l will
ii:'.-1   wiili   mode   a   i onveniences
tin   docking ni i..MeMs    of    any  siz
Tiie  water over which  the  dock    is
li<iiiM built is ���, ���        .���      it this     ''������'������
and will afford on*   .    lh*   lies   stopping    lac*     for mm        'i tli*-
I-': isei      It is 1
'.Me       f t h I ''.-.���-'
��� ' mmm. I  din e
of which ��� in-  'mii .    . I
rill   ��� a.I.m' ..a., hind    ni * In the com-
!y impossibl
Keep the Flies Away
dozen   of   th*'  nobbiest skirt;
ieen added to our already  large showing dur
The cloths in these skirts are guaranteed to 1
and sponged before making up, and we have' yel to fii
'hree dozen of  th*' nobbiest skirts we have i
have been added to our already  large showing durii 8sPring
days. ' last ^
K The cloths in these skirts are guaranteed te ,���l.
New Wellington COAL
Blacksmiths' Coal in stock.
P. O. Box   345
Improving Mail Service.
X. w VeiiM . May 10.- The Whi e Star
liner M.ijestie, nhich calls for Qu* i ns-
town and Liverpo \\ e Im sday, will
ml,i- the :i: >��� consij nnn .: if Vmeri-
i an mail undi i ... ni sv sj st* n* of
transporting it by way of E irope
South Brazil, Arg* ntina, L" irgua;,   an i
Screen Doors
I workmanship, after years of handling of this line,
iNote thc Range, of Cloths:
Black and White Checks. Black am! White St '
Fancy Black and White Patterns.
Grey Striped Tweeds. Grey Checked Tweeds
Fancy Grey Tweeds. Plain Grey Tweeds
Light and Dark Beiges. Black Taffeta Cloth
Black and Colored Amazons.
Fancy White and Plain White Serges.
Prices from $3.50 to $15 each.
247 Columbia Street. New Westminster
__ck:;��____u __*_g__u__-n
Paraguay.    The  mail   will   be  transferred to a swifl linei b und from Eng-   AuSOllltC AcCUTQCV
land   for  Soruth  American   ports and
will reach its destination several days   ��*�����   /}/.nPn^//)Or
sooner than it woul i sent directly from ��� 5
'Phone   105.
this porl by slow and irregular steamship. Tin Fn nch linei La Touraine,
iwhich -Mils for Havre Thursday, will
ta ��� a batch of South American
and the Ann rican lin* r St. Louis, i fl
Saturday for Si il . impton, will
likewise. Shippers expect to save fi -m
five in seven di .. - by si nding mail by
way of England and Frame.
is a special feature here.
) our docicr knows what
quantities and materials to
put in your prescription.
Here you get exactly what
your doctor orders. Every
drop is measured and every
grain is weighed  by scales
The Finest ami Largest Stock e.f Furniture is to he seen al FALK.-.
Our clearance sale is still en.   Over $15,000 stock   ti
New goods arriving daily.    Latest styles an.l best fii
SPECIAL OFFER.���A Cook Book with every Monarch   Rancje sold  before
the  15th of May.
Tho "Str_.y S_.tisfa.ctor." Range.
"An abundanceof hot water,"
says the   Monarch   man,   ' ig
quickly   obtained   and   easily    /
!;. pt because of the very large   J
1 ��� ating .surface of the Monarch
pin extension water front.    It  j...
is  located on   the left side of J
the fire box and docs notint.r-
(. re in the Last wiih the perfect working c' the oven."
Strawberries Are Fine.
Nelson,   B. C,   May   13.���There    is
i   ery   prospect   ol   a  bumper crop of
. errles :lii> yeai in this district.
Straw berrii s planti i lasi spring are
looking extremi ... and the asp-
berries also give ���-.���   I    .. raise.
There is nearly double th.- quanti ,
ol   acreage ia  ������������ ii i' -   this  year   .��� ,. ������
was the (mm-,   ia.-;. and al 1* as'  12,00
crates  of  straw  ���     ���     al me will   i e
sported outside  of local e   nsumption.   Tllard Block
When        ;.e-   methi ���.���  been em-   ���
iel I ���    $700 and u
M ird ���    ier acre is ci nfidi i.ily
. ated.    L'n cleared or pi    laily cl*       I
lai (1 in fa von        : ica I ms can h
I-e o     im     mdei $100 an i cre and th
1 ie i': li   e nch th m   there is little dii
ficulty in s. Ning i ��� setl ers
716 and 718 Columbia St. Four Floors. Rear Extension, Front St j
and measures proved ac- >o>:<oxo:o:o:co:>:<OX ���:>������]
curate by tests. - ���������  .
It is in your health's interest
to have your prescriptions
filled by us.
A'cii  Westminster
Hardware, Monarch Ranges       187 Columbia St.    Tel. 65
Agents for "KLENO." "���*
McBriarty LaCFOSSe Sticks
JTlave  Just Arrived
************************** **************************
I Electric Railway Service j
30  Minute   Service   (lining  r
Japanese Combine Broken.
Victoria,   M ij   l_.���As  a  n i uli
the recent  Inci ..      In dutj on mat
ting entering the Unit* cl SI ites a Jap
anese   guild   controlling   tli"   hulk  of
matting exported from Ja] an has bi en
broken  up     Tl  ��� !;; ,; m  Maru  brings
word  thai   ������ a      ���   ... nts  from ,7.i
to the United Stat* s will b*  largi r thi
year than ever before.
2WH__EBBe__S_2B5__ _____ OfittEUKB _2_f
Full sized lot, street on
| three sides, opposite the
Bank of Montreal.
Price $12,500
Terms, $5,000 cash, balance to arrange.
Sporting   Goods
Toys. Dolls
North Road Buys
'���-i a res, I miles from town;  suitable for fruil  and
pi r acre 	
il acres, 3 miles from town, frame bouse, barn and
fruil tree   ami small fruit.   Price, terms 	
S i '    road    _S acres, ." miles from town;  7 acn
. ���..���!  house;  good  wat* r;  ��� oni i nl* nt to scho
.   ��� ��� ��� ���
fancy goods : ..Qeam of Tartar..
217-219 Cohmhia St.
��� Intcr-uroan   Line,
X Cars   for Vancouver and    way
i stations   will   run   every   half-
T hour from 6:50 :i. to. to 11 p
��� in. excepting jit 7:30 and &������'���'���"
X a. in. Half hourly cars will
z run   from  Central    Park    to
��� Vancouver onlv.
City Limits Line��� Survi. o from
tl. I.", a.m. tulip m.
CO Minute Service���.\- tranffer.
Between 12 and 'i and . ''nil v.
Columbia and
Clarkson Streets
1 lot, double frontage,
00x182 ft.; 2 lots with
factory thereon.    Three
lots in all.
Price $12,500.
good terms.
This property is situated
between Bank of Montreal and Guichon Hotel
3 service will be \   | opposite city market.
*     1 .
malnder or day.   Transfer at ���
Leopold fiace. *
Sunday   Service   half-hourly   be*-
tween S a.m. and il p.m.
Sapperton Line.
15 Minute Service from 6.26 a.
m. to 11  p.m., except between J
12 and 2, and 5 ainl 7, during *
which hours the
half hourly,
Sunday Service   halt-Hourly be- ���
tween 8.30 ,- m. and 11 p.m,        f
Manufactun r or
[hieral Waters, Etc.
Aerated Waters,
Family Trade a Specialty.
T.I. 113. Office,  Eighth Street,
500 Cords of Tan Bark Wanted
At the
Fraser River Tannery
Highest Cash Price Paid
TR\   IT
.* ������
f JHart&co.
|   '   ���'���������Ml <"    LTD.
Thoroughly Reliable, Expeditiously
Finished,    Best of Workmanship'.
 ��� v I	
to raise good .stock Is good PEED.   We keep the besl and th
best only.   Make your chickens lay by giving them I ' "'"'
Strengthen your live stocli   by   building up  bone  and mufld
and use CAIiNEPAC.
LAMES have you tried the Pastry Flour made by the i",ll,::'
Milling Company. If not Telephone 333 and try It: the result*
obtained  are excellent.
phone 333.
| British Coluarnt._a Electric Ry. Co., Lt<31   3 ��� ���Jtlllil l< LTD#   Ij Am/rnTrcr nr     \IF\X/Sl
^.HWMMH.H<IMM<H*��jWMMO..O����t*M.4    llfflTTlh "I 'IMHIIMHI ���_! .IHUBF������ ���i��m��^ ��' M�� flNllluUf. t).   ���    Olll Sf, '/\l_/ V tllX 1 lot       ll\ I llil      1M--*


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