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The Daily News Jan 19, 1907

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 min Ntm
e*o     ^- ���'
V.    VlLTO^
Full Text of Mr. Howay's Report on Water Frontage       e
Shows That He Made His Statement as
Favorable to the City as
i The next Liberal meeting takes place Tuesday
night at St. Barnabas parish room.
Nominations to-day.    No dark horses in sight.
ie ownership of  lhe water
full text of Mr. Howay's ! '" ,1"' '    '  '' ''
Reports   having   1 11   circulated   oil
the Streets in tie- effect thai F. W.
Howay, Liberal caudidale lor the
constituene,. bad tried tin lhe elegant binu i ige of the Premier) lo
���"knock"   New   Westminster,   in     the
matter o
frontages, tin
report on the matter i.- printed below,
and also extracts I rum Mayor Keary's
report to the Council on the same subject.
lt will be seen thai lhe rejioris agree
as to the facts; and II will also In-
seen that Mr. Howay, In his report,
did not confine himself to a dry recital of the fact that the city al that
time had no legal title, but went
out of his way to show thai, while a
legal Instrument convoyiiig the title
was not in existence, the city had a
good claim in equity
as enabled it to do so,   5? ,��� arrange-
menl above set out.     &
Mr. Kohson inform.. ~? tin m ih re
was a letter in existence, from which
could  be  gathered  In a  fragmenl u
way  thai   such   were  Ihe  terms  of   lhe
arrangement, bui Mr. Glover Informs
me thai so far as his Bearch has ������ me
irs, hi' has nol ' een
able to And II. and he com ludei hat
this letter was destroyed in the fire
of Sept. is.is. ii,��� Informs me lhat
owing to the defective condition ol
the vault In the City Hall, the fire
managed to obtain an entrance, end
a considerable number of the old documents in the vault were burned and
otherwise injured.
I am Informed by Mr. Holt in the
Land Registry Office that that office
has persistently refused to register
any of the leases made by the City of
these water lots, upon the ground
that  the  City   has not  produced    to
"Gifford,  McBride and   Prosperity," says the
C. P. R.���McBride-Hawthornthwaite organ.    More
truth than poetry in that.   No doubt they have each ;
contributed something to the other's prosperity. i
Kingston Quake  Changes Topography of  the  Country-
Universal Penny Postage Advocate Cables Vivid
Account of Personal Experiences to the
"Mclnnes hissed," is a headline in the McBride
papers. He was hissed���by a few red-Hag Socialists,
who cheered McBride.
Mr. McBride's organ says that Mr. McBride
said that Mr. McBride has had a flattering reception
up country.    What further evidence do you need '.'
Plucky   Grlpman   Sticks  to  His   Post   Birds and Big Game Tamed by Cruel   cabled  by John  lienniker  lleatmi.  M
and  Saves Passengers.  While
Conductor Jumps Off.
Cold,  Visit  Farmyards
For Food.
N'ew York, Jan. 18.- Dlreci advices "The scene ihai followed baffles de-
from Kingston under dale of January Bcrlptlon. Women were embracing
16 rec..ive,i early today, staled thai children, others were on their knees
the disaster was ns greal as the cai- praying loudly to Cod to have mercy
amities of San Francisco and Valpa and Bave ihem. others were tainting
slso. and  many  were wildly seeking their
The dispatch also staled thai the loved ones. We climbed over the de-
topography of the connii, has been bria and returned to ihe club, li was
changed as a result of the earth dls- i.i ruins. A young fellow, hatless,
'alliance and thai the channel in. i i ia less, with a handkerchief tied
Kingston harbor has been materially c nd hh heal, addressed me In the
altered, The body of Sir .lames Ke,- street outside tor several minutes, A
gusson, who was killed, was found and I ngth something peculiar Btruck ne
burled on the day the dispatch was and I asked If he was Gerald Lodoi
sent, for many years my friend and forme
London, Jan.   18.���The  Times  this   member of the House of Commons,
morning published  the  following ac-      "He said 'yes.'   He was writing in
count   of the    Kingston    earthquake   the club when  the roof tell, and  he
was pinned io the floor by it. By
freeing himself from his coat he fnal-
lj escaped to the street.
"The   most   awful   sight     was    Mr.
Bradley, a member of the club, lying
"After the opening ceremony of Lhe
conference, sir Alexander Swetten-
liiin  Invited   three  of  us to lunch  al
A   resident   of  the   Port   Kells
Mr. Howay's re i. is dated in Feb-   ",lu   lne   ' ">'   ��'ls""1   p���ihic-u    io,    guttle,    Jan.    18���Madison
��;ary, 19"-'. and is addressed  to the''11'"  office   any    document,   proving j caDle car No   :.,,   snortiy before mid- trict   who ws In   the city   yesierday
Resident. Kiigineer. that It has the right to make teases of   ptgn(   ]as,    evening, ran  away   from stated that in spite of the fact  thai
I toi* to acknowledge receipt of your p"'8  1:ln''- Fourth  Avenue,  plunged down Third the   provincial   police   went   out   and
instruction-   recently   given  to me  to       This  is  the  besl Information  which   Avenue, where the tracks are elevated investigated  matters,  and  denied that
examine   into  the   question,  whether
tbe Jamaica Club, including Sir James dead under the greal  fallen pillars of
Fergusson. who  bad arrived the  pre- the building.    That night we slept on
\ioiis day. and gave Us an  Interesting Ihelawn   of the hotel, and   during the
account of the work on the Panama hours  between sunrise    and    sunset
Canal.     One    hour    afterward,    Sir felt at least three earthquake shocks.
lhe City of New Westminster has any-
right whatever to the water lots lying
"on the South side of Front Street.
In l*pl\ I beg to inform you ihai
I have made careful inquiry into
the Batter, and have interviewed
the arc.-' at City Clerk. W. A.
DuMtin, Kx-City Clerk, Mr. F. lt.
Glover,       Mr.       'Ii.ivil       Kohson,       a
former Ci'y Clerk, and present Provincial C.ovcruineiil Agent, and Mr. C.
E. Holt, first clerk in the Land Regis
'try Qffic-.   and   they      also     made     fl
1  can give you. after most  careful in- on a  steel   skeleton   frame   work,  and the  Japanese  workers  in   the  logging
quiry.      1   accordingly   report   to   you with the   rear  truck hanging  over  In- camps were shooting and eating phea-
thai   there  is on  document   In  exist- i() the air, pursued its course to the sants, they are doing so all the same
ence, formally conveynlg to the City turntable   ai   Western   Avenue, badly und   many  are  the   unwary,   hungry
any    title   whatever    to   these    water damaging   the  cable   when     the    grip pheasants which are being turned into
lots. reached   the  "let-go"   pulley     at     the slews  and   pies.      The   pheasants   are
isgiii       F. w. howay. western end of the line.   No passen- starving  and are so tame that  they
Reporting   on   live  same   matte:-   to ger  was  on   the  car, and  nothing got will conic right up to the farm houses
the   City   Countvil.   last    year,     Mayor p, ps WMV [n jts charge, down the hill, and   camps   and   feed   on  the   crumbs
Ke&rj   said:
The City has acknowledged ownership of these lots since 1860. The
original arrangements with the old
Colonial   Government,   was,  thai   the
No one was hurl, and Ihe only effects    which   have   been   thrown   out.
is on tile In the Pro   City should have  these  lots and  the
���search ot 1 lu- ma;
vinclal  CovornmeiU   Office  here.
As a 11���.-��� 111 of my search and inquiries, I Lav. ihe honour to inform
you tha
revenue thev produced for the making
and  upkeep of  Fronl   Slreet.
li is a little too long to go into   nil
it   is admitted by  the three     articulars here, but briefly the situa-
nci ipied  the position of   Colonj  Government  Instead of speni
so far as their knowl-
in ihe Streets and in clearing   he
success i
City Ck
edge   go<        ' .���:������   i     not    in   e\i-i.ice    townsite    of   New    Westminster.      the
any Con-.      ::��� ��� . oicp-- in Council ie   monies obtanieJ from the sale of town
cther.-doe i:i:i n   i.uivcying u> the city    ints  here,  expended the greater   por-
any title in :, -��� waier he.-: although ibm of these monies on public works walked down the hill and was prompt-
In other parts of the Province. New ly discharged bj the inspector wait-
Westminster was so badly   neglected   Lng tor him al   Second avenue.     The
were the injury io thfi cable and the
consequent shutting down of the line
for the balance of the evening.
Almost at the same monieni ihar
ihe .Madison street cable car was take
ing a plunge down the side of the flrsl
hill, a Yesler Waj cable car. was the
prime factor in a similar accident.
The car was cj iwded with passengei >
While coming down the hill the grip
shank i roke at Seventh avenue, allowing tin i ar to plunge forward al
gre itly in< reased speed.
The conductor showe 1 the while
��� ai tier  and  jumped    at    otu e.     I le
���V can to alleviate their dls-
that   Fronl Street, although shown on grlpman set  all the brakes hard, and   treat   the  animals  as  friends and  d
the map, was no street  at  all, being bis signal to the conductor to set the   what   th
i ivered bj  water, and the approaches rear brake-  was answered by a pass-   tress.
lo   the   wharves   were   verv   imperfect, enger,   who   was a   former  employe  of
li   was   distinctly  understood   tn   the tie   road       The   two   men   reassure.1
first place that the receipts from sale trie terrified  passengers and  persuad-
oi town lots would be devoted entirely ed  them   to  stay  with  the car which
was  stopped   at   a  point   near  Second
avenue.     No on    was injured.
City to   City   Sprint.
An effort   Is  being  mode   to  induce
the Vancouver V
il is a fuel ;ha' Cii;, has been ill undisturbed enjoyment of ihe rental of
these loi.- lor over ihirt\ years, il is
admitted   ' .-��� is no formal docu
ment In exisi nee, gram ing to th ��� City
either the lee in ihe has, or an. usu
fructua; .   right   then   ���
As a ma! '���    of report, I am Informed by   Mr.   David   Kob.-on   and   Mr.   F.
R. Gh'vcr. both former City Clerk-, p. Improvements and the building of
that there was an understanding ar- avenues approaching thereto, The
rived al leiweeii the City and the Municipal Council of that day endeav-
Colonie! Oovcriimi'in some time during ,;,-e i to obtain justice from the Gov-
the |.iii.id between 18G2 and IS65, ernment, If only to the extent of imild-
whei'e.i      iie ci". ia consideration of   inc.  Fronl  Street, but  the only asslst-
the const, m-ti m and maintenance or ance II could get, was the grant of I;l;,(, ;l nlll over to New Westminster
const- , lion or in.iin e.nance of Fronl these water lots, the revenues from finishing up al Columbian college.
Streci. Ceeiau ������ :'ii" is some differ- which were to be devoted to the build- K\wvr refreshments would be served
ence !���:-.,. a iee-e two persons as to |ng and keep-up of Front Street. Un- u, them. The run was mooted som
exaciL whai v.-.,- to be done by the fortunatelj the Crown Grant was i t|me ag0i .,,,- the heavy snow has pre-
City .is iis ,���onion of the bargain), never issued by the Colonial Govern- vented it from materializing up to
the Cit' va- : i receive the rental of ment, and. until after Confederation
the   w ah r   lo; -   in   recoup   il   in   some    th
way I'm   ,      mil.i       I    i- suited, and   have neglected to obtain the title,
my   o',\ i   i ���e'liina- i ,,j   ou,i   lie-  earl}        Since     Confederal ion.   many  effort
' histoi    o    I'e en,m; i,. leads me to be-   have  been   made  to secure
neve,   a ��� ,: ,ei     stated,   that   when   \\\\,<,   i,ui   while  both   Provincial ami
���this ( iu   w : . laid inn. i;   was under    Dominion Governments   admitted   the
iPlood   i'1-iwoeii   ilu-  Colonial   Clovern    City's ownership, II appeared to be im
���Ilient   and   lhe   public,   who   pa'chase 1     possible,   until   wilhin   the  lasl   year  to
'���lots iii it, ihat the mom \ arising from   ���.',���: either Governmenl to put ibis ad-
ttUe stile oi iin- lots, would be usi d by   mission in the I'm iii of a Cri v.-n Grant,
lhe <jo\e, niiien; ia building lhe-streets        I  regret   to say, thai  in  t'ideavorlng
io obtain legal recognition id'our just
claim, we were opposed by ihe Influences, both wilhin and without lhe
City, which made the task all the
more difficult, and ai limes, almosl
After going Into the matter thoroughly, and explaining the City's position with regard to the ownership of
these lots, Sir Wilfrid at once admitted
farmer, who has the welfare of the
birds ai heart, has his boys throw out
^n extra supply of grain every day for
lhe pheasants -which come around ihe
door of the house and feed beside the
barnyard poultry, The birds are very
cold and stupid and when the weath-
e was the eoldesl il was quite easy
ti  knock  them  over   with  slicks.
The winter has been a very hard
one on al! kinds of game. Deer and
bear frequently visit the farm yards
daring the nighl and look for something io eat, The deer especially are
very tame and visit the yards and
clean up every speck of hay and straw
which has been dropped during the
day.     The  majority   of  the   farmers
James was buried amid Ions of brick
and stone.
"Alter lunch I left the club and went
with a member of the council to visit
the postofflce. 1 was returning when
the earthquake occurred. Tbe si reel
was a moderate sized one. and the
moment the ground began to quake,
thousands of people rushed and jumped  Into the strong bouse.
"A  huge building across the street
"The blaze from the city was plainly visible. Ai dawn I got coffee and
then drove into Kingston, a distance
of six miles. All along the road were
encampments of families outside of
their homes. In Kingston 1 drove
miles through the streets. At least
96 oul of every hundred houses were
In ruins or damaged beyond repair:
This I say from personal observation
vet nine-tenths of them were old and
fell In the yard before us. another ; many ought to bave been destroyed
building blocked the street behind US   long ago.
and on our left a third building fell. | "On arriving on board our ships it
Then followed absolute darkness, j Was a great joy to find Sir Alfred
Great clouds of dust and mortar from ! Jones, notwithstanding his miraculous
the debris filled the air tor five min- escape, giving orders clearly and fore-
utes. When light was restored my Ibly to his secretary to meet the trou-
companion and l found ourselves hies by the erection of llghl shelters
black with dust and dirt, li was a ami arrangements for cooking tor the
miraculous escape. people."
Granite   Falls    Editor    Gets   out    His   Fearsome   Edibles   Served  in  Saloons
Regular   Issue   in   Somewhat Attracts  Undesirable Class of
Irregular   Style. Transient Travellers.
Brutal Murder at Penticton.
Vernon, Jan. IT. (Delayed in transmission.)���Zimmerman, a jeweller al
Penticton, was brutally murdered i
there some time last night; being
butchered with an axe. chief Constable Simmons received the Information   by  telephone,   late  this   after-
Granite falls,    Jan.    18.���"The car      Spokane, Jan.  18.-  No    more
shortage and the consequent Inability hunches In Spokane.    At a meet!
of  the   Nortehrn   Pacific  Railway   to   the board of health Wednesday,
haul 300 pounds of paper from Seattle
thirty-three miles, in ten days is the
i ause of ihis."
This  Is the  way  ihe  Granite  Falls
itft   the   Oily.
'Il is -aid lhat in breach Of this un
dflMtCniiding. the Colonial Governmenl
need the moneys so obtained for tha
generic purposes of the Colony. This
caused i certain amount of friction,
and When the Municipal Council of the
City applied io the Colonial Government to build From Street, the latter
not being in such a financial condition
late.     L  Is the Intention of the pro-
succeeding Council appeared    to   aiders to have the boyi  niake an early
stai i from he i Iquartei s, an I bring
the i cr -- country to the college. The
absolute , ea nas ..,,,,n wen received by the
Terminal city runners, and several
have announced their Intention of taking par: In the run, If suitable arrangements can be made, the young
athletes will also give an exhibition
Ol physical training in the Aruumrie..
before returning to their headquarters.
M. C. A. harriers to |10on, from the Provincial cons,aide post justifies Its appearance on silver-
at Penticton. Zimmerman, who was traced wall paper, with sprays of
a man aged aboul 55 years, had been flowers clambering all over the Iron;
in business al Penticton for two years, page. Wonderful red roses, and del-
He slepi back of his shop. Citizen.- Icate blue soinelhiiiglor-olliers. pos-1
noticed this morning thai the stoi'e sibly forget-me-nots, are mixed up
was nol opened upas usual and won!- with advertisements and headlines,
ered, and as no one could furnish anv Editor Frank Miles makes no further
Information, after waiting until this comment or explanation than the lino
afternoon, the provincial constable le- printed al the top of the first page
cided to force an entrance. In the above the title. The ink doesn'l
back room Zimmerman was found prlnl very well In spins on the silver
with libs lead crushed in and a blood; tracings, The two inside pages are
axt lying close by. Some twenty printed on paper oI a dark green hue.
watches thai were In for repairs are Bud altogether li Is a prettj thing and
known to be missing, also some rim -. plainly show.-, thai Editor NIlea la i
There is no clue at  present to the sourceful.
murderer.     Chief Simmons leaves for'  .	
the scene of the crime In the morning,
poration Counsel Geraghty was ,- ���-
ques ,-d to draw up an ordinance providing for ih" abolition of free lunches
in all saloons of the city, and declaring an emergency In order thai the
ordinance might have immediate effect,
Some time ago the question was
considered by the police and there was
agitation al thai time for the Ion
of free bin-be, iii saloons on the
iiroiiti I that they ha I a tendenc; to
a un ��� ,, le class ol transients ia the til mt the ma! e
all,e-,-e I to dro ind II was lefl for
i he board o health to taki
quasi Ion.
lhe legality and justice of the Cor-
I oration's claim to this propery, and
before we parte 1, he placed lhe whole
matter   In   the Honourable   Mr.  Tern-
pieman's hands, with full power to
act for him, and to prepare the necessary  Order-in-Cotineil.
Big Tank Gradually Filling.
Greatly moderated weather last
right precluded the fear of water pipes
freezing up and in-evented consumers
from keeping faucets In their homes
running, which will enable the water
department to breathe more freely to-
Skating To-Day.
Ther,. will be skating at the North
Arm today. Messrs, Carty and Barns
went out yesterday, and cleared out
;i good sized rink, so that devotees of
il-' ley sports might not be deprived
of their enjoyment. As the clearing
of the snow entailed a considerable
amount of work, a small charge of ten | -
cents will be made for admission to
the rink.
Traced  in   Snow.
Portland.  Ore.    jan      18.���A     light
snowfall last nighl  Is llkelj  to p
the  undoing  of  three  burglar-,   who
attem I   !>>   lool     he  postofflce     at
Sellwood, a  suburb of  Portland,  and
Feed   ihe   Birds.
People  should   clear  a   place   In   ill,
-now. or pm oul a board or upturned who shot and painfully Injured Police
box, and there scatter crumbs for the man   \.  0.  Sorenson   ihortlj   after ::
hungry little birds.     Due good hearted o'clock   ihis  morning,
citizen who has been doing so. tells       \ distinct trail In the snow leading
us  that  he has dozens of feathered towards  Portland trom the postofflce
pensioners     who     gather     gratefully was discovered, and the police are t'ol-
about  his house these cold  mornings lowing  this,   while   a  posse  has   been
to pick up a breakfast, ' sent to intercept the men.
The Resources   of the   Province g
Belong to
|     the People of the Province.
New Freight Line.
London, Jan. 0.���Rumor has it that
day in  the belief that the threatened I the C. P. R. intend running a service   >J
water shortage has passed. j of cargo steamers  between Blanches-
The   reservoir  was reported  to  be   ter and Canada.     It is also rumored
gradually lining up again yesterday uf-   thai a couple of other steamship com-
Conservative Policy
�������;>"<���: >"���"���::���:;���::�����';<���':*;>;:�����;>;:��; ?:co"co!;cox,��r:co>>>��>>xco>I
lernoon, the stringent measures adopted by Superintendent Stot) having had
n salutary BUecl on wastfu] coasmn-
- rs.
panies contemplate emigrating from
l.iveipirie-, but the Canadian companies sa;  'he rumor does not apply tc
The Resources   of the  Province
��� Belong to
Corporations and Grafters.      3 3 FIE DAILY NEWS
Notice to
SEALED TENDERS addressed to
the undersigned, marked on lhe envelope "Tender for Construction," will
be received at the office of the Com
missioners of the Transcontinental
Railway, at Ottawa, until twelve
o'clock noon of the 14th day of February. 1007. for Ihe work required for
ihe construction, in accordance with
the plans, profiles and specifications
of the Comniisssioners, for the following sections of the Transcontinental
Railway, viz.: ���
(1) District  "A."���From a point d
Yesterday's market   was nut  a groat
TAKE NOTICE that application has
.-uiii'ss   considering    what   has   been.
hi.I   taking into consideration the dif-
liculiies  with   which   the   farmers  are
con front ed.   the   offering   was   better \
! than the everage market buyer expect-   ��f  'he
been  made to register John  W. Run-1
las the owner in Fee Simple, under a I
lax  Sale Deed  from The Corporation
City of   New  Westminster,  to
Eggs  still  continue to  be
signaled on the plans of the Commis , W(.n,
sioners at or near the City of Monc-     .
ton,  in   the  Province  of  New  Bruns-   "' .
wick and Quebec, a distance of about j a  scarce article and   the  puce stayed
50 miles. ! il!   the  same figure    as  lhat     of  last
(2) District "A."���From a point de-|week.   Potatoes were scarce, the wea-
signated on the plans of tbe Commis-'
sioners, at or near tbe town of Grand
Falls, in the  Province of N'ew Brtins-
ed. Poultry was a very scarce ankle John W. Burr, hearing the date 15th
and ihe majority of the buyers who day of June, All. 1905, of all and sin-
usually frequent the market, were i gular 'bat certain parcel or tract of
shrewd enough to guess how matters land and premises situate, lying and
would  he and slaved at  home. ' being in the District of New Westmin-
Beef was plentiful and  was all sold   Ster, in the Province of British Coluin-
ai    quotations.      Mutton    and    veal   hia, more particularly known and des-
carce,   while   pork   was   more I cribed as Dots 9 to lt> inclusive of lot
wick, westerly to tbe boundary between the Provinces of New Brunswick an Quebec, a distance of about
62 miles.
CO Districl "R."���From a point designated on the plans of the Commissioners, at or near the Quebec Bridge
easterly for a distance of about 150
in nisi rid "B."���From a point designated on the plans of the Commissioners about K,0 miles west of the
Quebec Bridge westerly to a point
known as Weymontachene, a distance
of about 4") niilct
(5) Districts ���("' and "D."���From a
point designated on the plans of the
Commissioners aboul eight miles west
of the Ahitihi River crossing easterly
for a distance of about 150 miles.
Plans, profiles and specifications
may he seen in the office of the
Chief Engineer of the Commissioners at Ottawa; also in the
offices of tbe District Engineers
concerned, viz.:���Guy C. Dunn, St.
John, N. B.,; A. E. Doucet, Quebec
P. Q.; and S. R. Potilin, North Bay,
Persons tendering are notified that
tenders will not. be considered unless
ther having been so frosty that the
growers did not bring any into the
Beef, bind quarters, 8c to lie.
Beef, forequarters, 5c to 6c.
Pork, lie to 10c lb.
Butter, 30c to 35c lb.
Eggs, 50c doz.
Chickens. $."1.(111  lo $7.on doz.
Fowl,  $T.iio  to $11.1111  doz.
Sergeant   Kitty.
Instead of the one or two comedians
I usually found in the ordinary musical
show,    "The   Little  Duchess"     which
I comes 10 the Opera house next Tuesday,   has   six   decided   comedy   roles.
[ The star, Countess Olga von Hatz-
feldt, the charming comedienne, is the
; chief of the laugh producers, and she
is ably assisted in the fun making by
Robert Loll, Irving Brooks, Harry Car
12,   Suburban   Block   13,   New   Westminster City.
You and each of you are required to
contest the claim of the tax purchaser
wilhin forty-five days from the date
ot the first publication of this notice,
otherwise l shall 'register John W.
Burr, as owner thereof in fee. And
I further order that publication of ibis
notice for one month in a daily newspaper published at New Westminster
will be good and sufficient service
HATED at the Land Registry Office.
New   Westminster.   Province   of   Brit-
I ish Columbia, this 2Mb day of Decem-
, ler. A.D. 1900.
District Registrar.
To Flora  V.  Ilainmill.
All persons served  with  this notice,
I and   those  claiming  through or under
ihem,   and   all   persons   claiming   any
j interest in the said  land by virtue 01
any   unregistered Instrument, and all
persons  claiming any  interest in the
A two story house on west side of
Seventh street, below Queen's Ave.
This house is rented for $17 per
month;  modern.    Price $2200.
Twelve    lots at Sapperton,    lying      $3,500 for the S. W.       .   ,,,,
north   wesl   of  Columbia   .street,  only   and   6th   Streets.     A | j,,,^"
$50 each. - this property,    This  1
Unto it.
Four lots on Richmond  street, Sap-
Royal  Ave. near  10th  street;   small   prion;  cleared and  fenced;   will make       A gol)(| sj/(1|1 noUBe , ,
house in good repair;  only $750. I a  good  chicken   ranch.    $250. L|vd  another facing lam
Modern  house  on 7th  streel,  below       one  and  a half Storey   dwelling on   '"''" K u''        * ' Q(J
Queen's  Ave.     Price  $2200.
Two lots  and  three  room house  in
Sapperton, $500.
Queen's   avenue   between    Ith   avenue
land   6th   street;    7   looms;      modern.
A comfortable little
street,   in  good   repair.    Some
Only $1,000.
Two   collages   on   7th   street,   near
Dwelling  mi   Columbia street.  Sap- Queen'a   avenue;   larg   lot;   6 rooms.!    I'room   residence on
perton;  easy   terms. $700. $2000.
Two storey  H room  house lull slier! ;     Building     site  on   Queen's     avenue
;noar Third Ave., $1400. west; splendid view; some fruit. $600.
Several lots on Third Ave. between L*rg8 ln-room dwelling on 3rd av
Tenth and Eleventh streets. Reason- il|1Mi, between :;,,i and Ith streets;
able price. modern;   practically   new:   easiest   of
Comfortable  house on  Queen's  A.ve.   terms.   .$2200.
near Ninth    sirect.    7-room.    pantry,     cottage on 3rd street, near 3rd av-
bath, etc.;  full sized lot; magnificent|enue    31100.
near Post Office; mode
ing cost $:i,iiilo, and ia ;
$3,700.    \ modern hi
line,  on  Royal  avenue
nearly   new;   2  itorej    i
every    way.       The  lot   i
and is I'm ed wi'h stone
view of the city  and river     $2000.
Two store)-, s rooms, on nice lot
Eleventh street, above Queen's Ave.,
modern;  only $2300.
Modern home ou lie:-   |
ly new; close in. $f,800.
South   easi   corner  of   3rd   avenue
ami 3rd streei; a good  building site.      ! �������-* north-east   corn-     ���,.-:���..
jgQQ 41 II    Sl reels     Six   full    iiz<
small  house on  oornei \
I.ot 7."ixll" on 10th street; 3-roomed buj al $4,000.
Two  houses on  one  lot  corner 9th   nouge  pn   ,,,-,,,,,.,-tv;     good'    locality
I slreet   and   I'.nl   avenue.     $1000   each.      ��.-����
ter, George F. Moore and Madeline 8aid land b-v descent, whose title is
Coook. The other important parts1"01 registered under the provisions
are played by Eugene O'Brien, Kitty of ,hc "Land Registry Act," shall be
Duebel, Violet von Nichols and Ernest j r��rever estopped and debarred from
Fisher, reinforced by a big chorus, a s^ttlnS "P any claim to or in respect
made in duplicate, and on the printed; lotal of fifty clever and attractive peo-   ��- tlle saicl ,and so sold for taxes as!
forms supplied by the Commissioners.
A separate tender must, lie submitted for each section.
Tenderers shall nol be In any way
entitled to rely upon tbe classification or any other information given
by any person on behalf of the Commissioners, and before submitting any
tender, bidders should make a careful examination of the plans, profiles,
drawings and specifications, and read
the forms to be executed, and fully
inform themselves as to tbe quantity
and quality of materials, and character of workmanship required; and
are understood to accept and agree
lo be bound by the terms and conditions contained in the form of contract, specifications, etc., annexed to
t he form of tender.
Each lender must he signed and
sealed by all the parties to the tender, and witnessed, and he accompanied by an accepted checque on a chartered hank of the Dominion Hank of
Canada payable 10 Hie order of the
Commissioners of the Transcontlnen-1 !�����
ta) Railway, as follows:
For Section  ���N^'- li District  "A," $75,
For  Section No. 2,  Dictrict "A." $m
For Section No. 3, District "is." $22a,
II   HI.
Por. Section ,N",  l; Districl "B," STr,
For Section  No. .",.  Districts "C
"D," $225,000.
An, person whose tender i.
1 1 shall, within ten days after the acceptance thereof, furnish such additional approved security as may be
:, iired by the Commissioner -;
sign the contract, specifications I jj,j
and othi r documents required to | 'fa
be signed by the said Com- hj
missioners; and, In any case of refus il fa
or failure on the pari of the party
whose lender is accepted to complete
an ! ��� ,-,- : 1 oni ra<' with the said
Comniisssioners, and to furnish the
al a] prove i seem Ity within
ten -! ' after I lie aci e 1! ince of the
ten ler, the aid checque shall be for-
fel oil lo the 1 lommissionera as liquidated mages for su< h refusal or
II ��� ea I all conl racl rights ache c< anci of the ti n-
der shall   I e forfeited.     1 he cheques
fire regulations adopted by Ihe Commissioners; and also to the laws and
regulations respecting fires in the different Provinces wherein the work is
being performed.
The right is reserved to reject any
or all  lenders.
Bv order,
The Commissioners of the
Transcontinental Railway,
Ottawa.  Jan.  5th, 1907.
Newspapers inserting   this    adver-l
tisemenl  without   authority  from  the
King's Printer will not be paid for it.   I
provided   for  by  the  "Land   Registry
City Electric Works
Opposite Tram Office
For electric signs, dynamos, motor-",
fans, 'phone fixtures, shades, bells, batteries, wire and cables of all kinds
and sizes. House wiring. Motor installing a specialty. All kinds of repairs promptly attended to.
J. DIGBY, Proprietor
PHONE 304.
OUR ���
' 'fa,
1 >;
and i 'fa
i fa.
I 'fa.
accept-1 fa.
'' ' Two Store) dwelling "11 west side
of 3rd street, above Queen's avenue
100x100 ft. lol  on 5th       0 ���
Ith streei.    $;oo.
Double c- rner A -h and >   ori
nue     $1,000.
6 Fine houses on 6th St.
below 3rd avenue, that
will rent from $15 to $20 i nth street; uu iszxm feet. $850. (i/:;;;;;;x;:;;;;!';,;;i,li;,,;','1:
per month.     EaCh house j      Three lots on 8th avenue near 12th   two lots.     Only $3,200.
��/-.ntoi��o   W   vnomc   ivifVi '[street  and  the Vancouver  ear    line
contains �� iooms wren $700                                           Wel] gltuated l0l on
electric light,  etc.    At i                                              good view: size sbxisit*
this price tiie investment I; ne����X �� S. ^JwS. "'""""��� $2oa
Will pay 10 per Cent, net j    A  Buburbm> h(me m  Mh    b         I    sixth avenue and Fowl,
interest.     A   bargain   at near 2nd   street;    small     house;   lot';1' I one acre of good lai
$9000, | cleare*    Only $400.                               '      $l/,l,a
Two   Iota  on   3rd   avenue   between .      ...
13th and 14th streets, only $300 each   ^ZZntVLl^W
North-west  corner 5th  avenue and
:    ...     , , .    '    Full size I lol on ."'ii ,,. nue a
fc- "���*��� '* i    Five lots on Mb Btreet, between ,th Tl.ntn Btree,     A good ,,,       $25
Two siorev modern house on    2nd   and Ml> avenue*   *�� ����eft _
"Tin"���    ffiJ8"     Thl8    "  H     Threelo.si.ornerMlislree^uidfi.hinn'rslx'havamui'-'ilW:. i'
splendid cot ner.   $2000.                          avenue,  on corner.    $1,000. for all.
South-east    cornei-   lib   avenue   and
8th street;  cleared.  .$650.                        S],lea,nd  lol   on  north ride  of Sth Nice  lo   on   Regina  sti
avenue at  the upper end Of I'.rd street, this up.     $300.
Double corner and  well  built house   Onlj   $200.    See about this. ,
of 7 rooms on 6th avenue west.    The Boarding nous i  Blxtl
house is modern  and  there  Is  -nine!    six lots ,,n 2nd'stfeet; paartlj ch-ar rooms mederni convenient
fruit- also stable   .$2200                      ed. -$650, ness  Bectlon.    Building   ni
a   money   maker   to   the   ri
Large residence and two lots on 3rd      Eleven acres lying north      Queen's Price $4,650.
street  and   Bth  avenue;   eight   rooms;   Park on bth avenue.  .$2500.
modern     $3500                                                  I V    paving   Inve  tmi nl   on
*                                                 j     New 7-roomed Bungalow on 8th St. street; lot 66x66 with rented
om- hundred bus in the west end.  modern;  full sized lot  .$1800. price $3,000.
all   well   situated   with  a   good   view.
These   range     in     price  $75  to  $125.
Snap these up.
Splendid   lot   on   Carnarvon   Btreet, House and half lol  on Agnes  ���
near  Sixth  sireet;   si/.e  66x132, facing ii  room-.      $1,300.
south.    $1,250.
,..,,,,        t10e ���,,.,, ,���   .,      , Agnes streel east on full sl
Eight lots a. $125 .-acl, fronting on      ,���, ������ Columbia ,.,,������. ���������,, HJli���. ner h���   :| B0VP1) ,������������.,, ll(���,,,
"' Btreet'                                                 size 66x66; a Bplendld site for a block, em;  some fruit,    $2,800.
Double corner 6th avenue and lilh
Street. $800. $500 cash, balance six
and  twelve months  at  7  per cent.
ai res. .$2000.
Six has lacing .Moo!;  Square. Price
C  ���
Ihe ei til ract.
i artn
Will   I e
- >;
who   -     lendei
.- af
Ited to the
of I 'an
'::.;���'!( c   o|
fern   .
V. Il   I
e   ���  urn
-  . i ?nine     :
���    i'
tin in Hie  fori on! r.u i:
,;    , -    ,  ���    oi   ol II
tbe coi
:, '   -    '      .
aid ' i in .' ''I;,   -
repted ��� ���       tenl  work
.. ,    ��� .;...', ,,   .,,   ,, ;.    :fa
f t e      s n o I ij
ii- ate in   sin h  disl rict, then n   ;��,'
de  rate;  and, in lhe   ,���,
., arising as to whal
oi   i iir and  ren sons  le
determine 1    by ihe
i' w hose   ��� icish ns  shall
I cl   In ths
:��� i   force,   or   which
��� in force
Out $9 Overcoats, dark liceeJ, with velvet collar, Italian
cloth linings, for       .       .       .       . $7.00
Our $10 Overcoats, dark tweed, celf collar, tome with
velvet collars, goo.I trimmings throughout   7 jjQ
Our $13 Overcoats, dark blue beaver cloth, also dark
tweeds with velvet collars, several different lines
to choose from O   YS
Our $15 Overcoats, in several different styles  and patterns, all new and up-todaic lines, best trimmings fa
throughout 11 SO
Our $19 Overcoats, in light dark tweeds, conform
ing  and plain ..lylc.,   velvet   collars,    best   trim-
�����ss IS. 00
''Hart, Schaffner &
St.   Andrew j  Street,  lol  1','A I
A   good  propert)   on  Carnarvon St., Ninth street.   $250.
near tenth Btreet; suitable for warehouse property;  66x 132 reet;  Income ""  ,!"'  v,]<: '" "   carllne,
Sixth avenue and First street, four $1500 per month    unH  $3,000 ''���'"""   modern,   residence;   i,
and fruit.    Price $3,000. <i.	
Full   Blzed   lot  on   Columbia   sire
west of Burr  block and   two  lots on Several   lots  on   Fifth   avei
$200 each.                                                    Clarkson   il e I    with   building.   Price tween   '2th   and   13th   -������
,                           ,  ,                    ,   ��,;ir,nn south;    sire   71x113;    cleared.
I-our lots on corner Sth streel and *ti,ouu, ^
Tin avenue;  a goood buj at $1200. ,.���.,.���,.._.   .,.,.  m   n.es(   >j(|., (if [he
Eleven acres, cleared, on Sth avenue Crescen', witl   magniliccn   view of the   . .,' '"���������" ;"��� I  "'       |
$5000. ''''��� :|1 H ralr l'rlce' avenue an I
,   . ,, .i ���     - i    '       \    i '   , I   nee     '-i'bi'i    fi   ..    min
Five lots  mi   10th   avenue,   suitable       ��� c.-u.ience  wi inn   n\i    min
or chicken raising.  .$500. wall   -        ���   Po     Office  On Ca ' ' l��&
on   ' e it ie- ir Mei rl vain;  , ro im
$2700 will buy two houses on si  ith        h, ole trie  bah .  up-ti  date  plume
i le    of Columbia    sl. eet,     I el" een -     $3,500.
' urn tte     and     Kear; .      Sappei ton; I ��� ���
:    ������'������  acre nl ' md. :''      "; ���'"   ' ': l:" : -    an I   i   r.	
betv een  BuHhby and   ! cn| old;  Hon
ouse on Ke el   v    I m i irncr lot   an 1 another hou
uo I   bouse.   .$1100.
.'���,;'..     \ good  buy at $3,000.   avo
,- ...:l,
5^00 cash, and the balance In monthly   paymei   s   of
-.nd interest, will buy a first diss residence on   Third     /enue   '
?ncl   4th   streets.     The   house   contains 3 rooms, bath   i '
cok!   water;   up-to-date   plum! in j   andla en nect   :   '.'it!
The price of this is          $2
A fe
rx"   OVERCOATS,   in
black  and dark   grey  A'clton cloths, tvith Velvet
.  terms can  he ai ranged  , m all I he al  ive |iro] er. j        ���        ���  -
llmlte I fun Is fo lend on  flrsl   morlgn   < securitle , at a    ea
Interest, and I     ou ��Ish to buj and have nol tho i ie; . we
it [or you,
collars; very stylish coats; reg. $24
Ihm, :
1   ���  i
tloi      :
'     ���
tion o     he woi, -' J
id     ler.      a le  un I  i V
i-   i:   lartmeni   of fa
ire o     '! -ii ba ap- '��?
a      "     i The schi d !'>'
���.,   .-(       lei ermlned fa
I.  en    will   form ;-,'
ntract.) A
shall,   ni   ronnec    *;
I be   aid work,   >.
le, use only ma-   -#-
and   '���
red      "   . ro-   ��
Ided  the s ime |'��!
i   ipon   fa
-������.':���   e     J
ility     nd  price." I fa
��mi��ra.iA.r4 ,
I* '"-'ti
���'���' r-.'-c'^y      fa
-> rj     ia
���     ft ?. E5   ��� '���   A
1     ��� iT<ccccc,o>>>>>>"'it>>>>>>"��   ��� ^>'��:>;>:Hi>K:��;>;>:/>;A:t;>;A:t;>:��:.+.>..-;
TliOS.   W.   PEARSON.
[Next Batik of Commerce
ssger SATURDAY, JAN. id, 1907.
Easterbrook Milling Com'y
A lady should never forget to say
-when she wants to obtain the very best Flour
Perfection is not easily obtainable, but you get it if
you order Imperial, made from the finest selected
wheat grown in the great Northwest.
EniclUh   Church   With   a   Hell   Town
Half a Mil.- l����).
It is generally supposed that tbe ell-
lage church of East Bergholt, Suffolk.
Is the only one in England which possesses an entirely distinct building for
its belfry. The bolls of this church are
bung in a shed ninny yards away from
the church and are worked from above
Instead of from beneath.
The church of Warmsworth, bow-
ever, a Tillage situated about two miles
from Doncaster, can boast of a belfry
which is about half a mile away from
the church. As the crow Hies the distance between church and belfry, which
is known as Bell Tower, is 2,;i."i0 feet,
the distance by mad being about half
a mile.
The belfry is by no means a makeshift building. The lower, in fact, is
said to dale back to Ihe twelfth century, and the reason of its isolation
forms a rnther curious story. Tbe
church was originally built on its present site lo accommodate the villagers
of both Warmsworth and Balby, the
latter village being half a mile from
Ihe former.
The t ivrcr was I lien placed ill Warms-
worth in order that the parishioners
might hear the bell, which slops ringing a nunrtcr of an hour before the
service in order to enable the bell ringer to gej in the church in time.���London Btrand.
to buy a'little flour, coffee anil occasionally meat and lumber. ��� Kansas
City Star.
Hereafter the sum of SOc extra per
ton will be charged on all coal delivered  beyond  4th avenue and  Peni-
either up or down stairs.
How II siruek the Parrel.
Here is tbe latest parrot story. A
certain retired general of tbe Indian | tentlary, or any extra long packs
army possessed a parrot and also a
very irascible temperament. Tbe parrot was a valuable bird, but was rather
a nuisance by reason of its extreme
talkativeness. One day while tbe general was writing bis business letters
the parrot kept up a continual chatter,
very disturbing to the writer. At last
tbe general coubl stand it no longer,
and, jumping up, he seized the cage of
the unhappy bird, which he whirled
vigorously round and round, at the
same time shouting furiously. Then
he set the cage down again, and silence for some time ensudu. At length,
however, a feeble voice came from tbe
Interior of tbe cage.
"General," it Inquired in quavering
accents, "where were you when that
cyclone struck us?"���London Tit-Bits.
Royalty'* Game.
Cards have always been a royal
game. Queen Elizabeth played cards
and lost her temper over them frequently. She was no Anne of Austria.
to play "like a queen, without passion
of greed or gain." In her reign was
commanded to be played "at Wynd-
sore a Comedie or Morral devised on
a game of the cardes," which resulted
In tbe performance by the children of
ber majesty's chapel of "Alexander and
Campaspe," in which the pretty lines
Cupid and my Campaspe played
At cards for kisses.    Cupid paid.
���London  Chronicle.
Owing to the heavy snow up North,
quite a number of Lumber Camps and
other places of business have closed
down. This has caused from 50 io
100 men to call upon us daily, looking
lor work. If you should need he!',) in
the woods, railroad, etc.. call on the
Central Employment agency, lis Water   street,   Vancouver.     'Phone   25C6.
Unexcelled for Pastry.
Try lt
Bakers, we strongly recommend our Strong Bakers.
Ask for  Terminal, and see that you get it.
I     The Easterbrook Milling Co.
I McQUARRIE &   CO.,   Local Agents.
122 Pront St.
In Early Daya tne IMutn \\u�� strewn
Willi  IlllOnlo Skeletons.
The  pioneers  of   Kansas  will  never
forget the "buffalo bone age."    When	
central and southwestern lvatisas were I
settled the prairies were strewn with ' Chlneie simile*.
buffalo bones. Those were bard times [ Some of the ordinary expressions of
in Kansas, and the gathering of these I tbe Chinese are pointedly sarcastic
bones enabled the early settlers to live \ enough. A blustering, harmless fellow-
while they were getting their claims j they call "a paper tiger." When n
"broken out" fur tbe producing of j man values himself overmuch they I
crops. Nine-tenths of the pioneers of j compare him to "a rat falling into a
that section of Kansas ���nnd there, scale and weighing Itself," Overdoing!
weren't many at that���bad literally j a thing they call "a hunchback making
nothing but a team and a few liouse- j a bow." A spendthrift they compare
hold goods that they had hauled from , to "a rocket" which goes off at once,
tbe east in a single wagon. Of course j Those who expend their charity on re-
there were no buffalo, for this was in ; mote objects, but neglect their fnm-
the late seventies, but their boues j Uies. are said to "bang a lantern on a
strewed tbe plains, and these bones j poiei wbicb is seen afar, but gives no
were tbe only thing that had a com-   ijgut below."
mercial value, aud they were utilized. 	
They   were   hauled   lu   great   wagon i A Good Wife.
loads to the nearest railway, often | "Thank you, doctor, for prescribing
from sixty to a hundred miles away, j atrip to tbe Spa forme. Now. will you
nnd sold. The horns were tbe more please ask my husband to give up
valuable, aud they went first, but the   smoking and drinking beer, and then
Land Registry Act
Re l.oi im, Group l (except two par's
conveyed), N'ew Westminster District.
A Certificate ol Indefeasible Title
to tbe above property will be issue,!
to Rhoda McKamey on the 29th day
of December. 1906, unless in tbe meantime a valid objection thereto be made
lo me in writing by a person or persons claiming an estate or interest
therein, ur in any part thereof.
District Registrar of Titles.
Land Registry Office, New Westminster, B.C., 21st November, 1900.
E endeavor to give satisfaction
to our customers; we think weL^p* <* ca����nan Home
have, as our business has grown        ,telMi Re*ul*tions
��� m -i ��� . i " Any available Dominion Lands with
rapidly during the past year.
If you are not dealing with
us, we would be pleased to have S
you give us a trial.
rest of tbe skeleton soon followed.
There were no fortunes made by these
early bone hunters, for a large load of
buffalo bones brought only from $5 to
$S at the railroad towns, but tbe proceeds fram :; tvid enabled .the settler
my trip will be easily paid for?"-
gensdorfer Blatter.
It's the unexpected that happens, but
we generally  bring it on ourselves.���
Tlannhlic Kfonttor
The person or persons having In their
custody or possession the following
Title Deeds relating to the said property are requested to deliver the same
to the undersigne I:
12th  December, 1895���Robert Granville McKamey to Thomas Robert McKamey, conveyance in fee.
Barristers, Solicitors, etc., New Westminster, Ll.C. .
Shingle and Saw
Mill  Machinery
New Westminster, B. C.
In the Railway Belt in British Columbia, may be homesteaded by any person who is the sole bead of a family,
or any male over IS years of age, to
extent of one-quarter section of
160 acres, more or less.
Entry must be made personally at
the local land ofh:e for the district in
wbicb the land is situate.
The homesteader is required to perform the conditions connected therewith under one of the following plans.
ti) At  least six months'  residence | J
upon  and  cultivation  of the  land  in' fa,
each year for three years. j J
(2) If the father (or mother, if the | 'fa,
! father is deceased) of tbe homesteader  !��;
j resides  upon  a  farm in   the  vicinity I it!
I of  tbe land entered for  the  require- W
i ments as to residence may be satisfied  >*<
by such person residing with the fa-  fa
ther  or  mother. fa.
(j) If the settler lias his permanent $
' residence  upon   farming   land  owned  fa,
j by  him  in  the vicinity of his home-  j��;
stead, tbe requirements as to residence ��� fa,
may   be   satisfied   by   residence   upon   J H
the said land. ;���;
Six months' notice in writing should  fa.
be given to the Commissioner of Do-  ;���;
minion Lands at Ottawa of intention  >���<
to apply for patent. ;���;
w. w. cory.   ;���;
Deputy Minister of the  Interior. ;���;
N. B.���Unauthorized publication of a
this   advertisement   will   not   bo   paid fa
for. :���;
Carruthers Manufacturing Com'y.
Manufacturers of
Show Cases, Store Fittings and Bar Fixtures
The Carruthers Manufacturing Co.
In the Supreme Court of British Columbia.
Growing Appreciation
= Sugar Cured =
Breakfast Hams and Bacon
IN THE MATTER of the ;��;
Settled Estates Act and ;*!
amending Acts. fa
���AMI- fa
IN THE MATTER of tho  jjj
title   to   part  of   Hot   I, &
Block 3, suburban lands, fa.
New   Westminster   City, [V
whereof     John    Oswald' >J<
Coulthard  Is   tenant   tor A
life   in   possession   and
Earnest Han- Coulthard Is
tenant in tail.
uant to tbe Order of the Honorable Mr. Justice Morrison, sealed tend-
i era addressed to J. J. Cambridge, District Registrar of the Supreme Court,
New Westminster, B, C, will be received by hliii up to Saturday Hie 19th
day of January, 1907, for the purchase
of  part of Lot  one (1), Block Three
j CD, Suburban  lands,  New Westminster City.   Tenders must i>c accompa-
nled  by a certified cheque for Five
I (."), per cenl. of the amount tendered.
��� Solicitor for Petitioner herein.
Jfl. 6,
Complete List of
Edison Records
Different  Selections, from  Music Hall
to Grand Opera
J.   11.   TODD,
New Westminster's Music House
A c<c<C���0>>xcc<coxco:>:>::o:>:>: ********>;>:>:��:>:��:**>:!���:*>;>;>:>:>;>:>:��:!���!���������>:*>��� ico^ioxoxc^ox***!? r 4
Published by the Daily News Publishing Company Limited, at their
offices, corner of Sixth and Front
streets. New Wesl minster, B.C.
Daily Arrivals.
Guichon���It.   N.    Pearson.     Ahhots-
I ford; S. I). Abeii. Toronto; It. J. PottB,
Vancouver:   K.  D. Hill, St.  Paul. i
Windsor���J. Al. Meagher. Winnipeg;
Dr. II. D. Hrown. Blaine;  .1. P. Camp,
London. Ont.;   T.  Robinson,    Surrey;
,       ���__. _            _             ���            fence of Its  masters, and  feeling its   h. C. Porter and wife, Hessevllle, Ore.
frVERTlSING RATES.            [cause to be  In desperate straits, re-      colonial-M. Carlin, Clayton; J. B.
Translen.   display   advertising.   10   sorts  to  the desperate  ex lienl   of  stei,henB   Vancouver;   W.    W.    Cox.
For   the  table���for  cooking���
b without an equal. Always the
tame perfect quality.
Managing Director..
. .J. C. Brown
ceiits prr   jne   nonpariel) 12 lines to I deliberate falsehood.
tbe   inch.      Five   L-eLts   per  line   tor =	
Furseijuent insertions.
M^"f*!��^"��& n PLUMBEKS' COMBINE
rents per line, brevier or nonpariel, l"
cents per line.
San   Francisco;   .1.   II.   Loiuerlin,   Los
For   time   contracts,   special   positions, apply to advertising manager. ,	
Notices   of   births,    marriages   or
deaths, 50c.    Wants, for sales, lost or   Lead  Eating   Wiggler   Makes   Its   Ap-
f-mnd, rooms to let, etc., one cent per
word.       No advertisement taken  for pearance in Chicago and Short
iesj than 25 cents. Circuits Electric Plant.
1 WANTED���Smart   boy   to  drive  cart.
Apply Pacific Meat  Market.
WANTED���BOYS  to deliver   dodgers
Saturday.    Apply  247   Front   Street.
Day Office   A22
Night  Office    B22
LOST���Hrown cocker spaniel.    Finder
please return to F. Reichenbach.   tf
ROOM TO    LET���With    or    without
board.     Apply, Eleventh  slreet  and
Queen's avenue. 10-6
Chicago, dan. is,��� Electrical engineers ami fire underwriters Interested
in the i'nion stock yards have become alarmed over the advent of un J0B PRINTING���Let us figure on
identified larvae swarming certain
sections of the packing plains which
feed   on   the  lead   pipe insulation of
 ��� dielectric   wires.     These  brown   hairy | QAWMILL SITES,       TIMBER  LIMITS,
MORE  HARD  NUTS. little wigglers. each five-eighths of an
lion.  Mr. McBrlde says on every plat-   inch  long, are moving    through    the
form that, in the Kaien island matter,   "hoof" houses al  the yards, gnawing  AND SUPPLIES.
the Government  deall   directly    with   Irregular patches of  lead, often  cu
All china in my window and store
20   Pcr cent discount
Goldsmith,   Silversmith,   Diamond Merchant
Columbia Street, Next Tram Office
��� 0jJS��|&; liKi-
SATURDAY,   JAN.   19.   1907.
your   print ing   for    the   N'ew   Year, ��� ���=
Arrow Press,   Daily    News.      MRS.
DOMINY,  Prop.
F. CRAKEf ^1 D h    r     1
English Watchmaker     *       D1Q     KeClUCtlOnS   "
.���...,. English Watchmaker
AWMILL and LOGGING MACHINERY Two Zn from Geo. Adams, Grocer
Room 4, Guichon Block
liie Grand Trunk Pacific Railway. He ting through the cloth and rubber In-
repudiates with Indignation the asser- nulation and short-circuiting the election that any person, syndicate, hand trie current. Holes an inch long and
of adventurers, or other individuals naH an Inch wide have keen cul
had anything to do with the matter, through one-tenth inch thickness of
save and except in so Car as Mr. Bod- lead  pipe. I  have  I ecu   informed   that   Mr    \ ���
well   was   concerned,  and   he   was.  as        -The   lead   |    cinch   hug"   is   the   W.   Eichoff   has   been   canvassing  and
li mailer of fact, Mr. McBride assures designation given  the creature  by   Hi-   tr>'ing to sell Singer Sewing Machines, j
us, the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway, ,-,..,.������. Fred  .,   v   Skirr   o�� ,he   ,,u,kl       i  wish ���(, warn  the public that   Mr '
being the agent of that corporation. Columbian   Museum,   in   whose ento-   Eichoff is not in any way connected
That is what  Mr. McBride now tells mologlcal   laboratory   ihis   little    lead1 witn  ,lu' Singer  Sewing Machine Co
ihe electors from  the platform;   but eater In under observation. and cannot furnish anyone with a new I
lore  the  committee, when  he  was      le is in the hoof houses at the yards   Sln&er Sewing Machine.
I.aibcs' Gold Watches from i?12.7"> up
Gentlemen's Silver Watches, open
face, $6.00
Gentlemen's Silver Watches, double
1 case, $7.50 up
Agent for the celebrated South Bend
Watches, supplied to the Wellman Arctic Expedition.   All warranted.
Chains, Kings, Jewelry, etc.
Watch repairing; charges reasonable.
examined mi oath, he did nol put  it thai  the little creature has appeared
quite lhat   way.     Here are a tew sen- in millions.     These houses are for the
tences from the official report. storage ���r hoofs  thai   are under  way
"Q���Had     you   any   communication j,,   the   processes  toward  glue   maiiu-
With ihe Grand Trunk Pacific eompum factum     In lhe houses the Hours are
!"i01 "' "'��' :!'<> '"' Ma���h (1904)? 0f  wood,  three of four inches  thick
'���Premier McBride-l may have had Ve, this hairy little worm has honey-
some communication with them, I can- combed   ihem in  its search I'm-  lead
nol say. pJpe
"0r   at   Hie  time   you   passed   the So   ���,,.���   h.m,   been   |1ri   ravageg
1 ;/"'   >��   c0l,ncil  on    Uu-    3rd     May ���.,������ ,,���, |ead  |nsu,atlon ���,.��� alre.ulv j
":'""-' new installations of electric wires are II
Premier McBride-No letters, if they   conducted in gas pipe protections.
were   not   produced.	
"Q���Neither from the governmenl
tn the railway company, nor from the
Grand Trunk Pacific in the governmenl .'
"Premier McBride,���None, if they
aie not   produced."
li  uiusi  have he.ui a curious kind of
direct  transaction,   which ha-   left   no   New York Women's Municipal League
letters behind it. Discusses the  Cause of
Now   lake    Mr.   Green's   sworn   evi- |nfant M0,tality.
ih lire:
"Q���Therefore .vou had no talk with
any official of the Grand Trunk Pacific New  York,  Jan.   18.-  in discussing
in   connection   with   the   transaction, ,],,. hUre Inj|k  problem  yesterday  be-
no dealing nor bargaining with them ..,.,. ,|u,  Woman.8 Municipa,  u.
New  Westminster,   II.  ('
The Frasfer River Tannery
Gilley Bros.
We wish to call the attention of the (Brick
using) public to our now and
varied stock of
From the Vancouver Fire Clay Co., at
Clayliuni, I!. C.
��� ������^������^������������������������<,**��*<>4>*0*�� ��������������������������������������������������������������������������
ai ,.n?
Mr, Green���Xo, absolutelj  none."
Mr. McBrlde will saj  thai   Mr. Bod-
well   was   ihe   in.in 'hey   knew  in   the
���   itter. ..nd that  he was the agenl of
the   Grand  Trunk   Pacific.     But   Mr,
i; idwell, on oath before the commit-
lee, did nm i>ut it that way.
Relating  io  the  committee  a  con-
���  he had  had with Mr. Hayes.
I,      ;    T,   p. Co.,   Mr.   Bodwell  put
li  this way;
������Mr.   Hayes  said:     'Well,    I  would
m to ad>isc  us in  the  i
Id 1 ci nnoi   i     I        ��� ���   '���   '
La licil ir
William Mills spoke of the great  mor
tality among children.    He said:
"While  you are   sitting  here man.
mothers In this city are watching anx-
ii  islj  ove   ba liles u bo will die before
. ow'.- dawn,   for  th e   infantile
���atl   . ate in I his i i; y Is si vent;    i o
day, o    In excess of 2G,  a  y< ar.
 ne  hird     of  the    76,706
il   iths   in   this  city  in   1906 were   ol
Iren  under  u   years  old.
"To every 1,000 chil Iren born in   I I
city it      ���     asi    eai    I.   e  wei ��� ::""���
|, ,-      ,,���   infants."
S"\ eral speakei     li ed the
.  I   il  was unanimous!'    i
Our Waterproof Arctics are great protectors on
a cold winter's day.
Don't Have Cold Feet
Nothing cr.n equal a \ air of Arctics for keeping
the feet warm and dry.
$$|ufe; Hamilton
The kind
9^ V-"|J
and 1 ������ ir as I ha>
., ���        I ��� ���    the   Paste i izing    metb
- .   iiin    n   advis ��� ��� i        ��� ���    ensed bj  Nathi
:   ; ���       ��� ���   : ithropl
I       :
. I   Trui
m you iva       '       ,'1
in     ��� ' ���!'."
ley  Re
���(.���tion        ';
��� ! i Morli      . .i
-.'a :.
��� i  v   f\i nn m
��� i   im.
Tl Sail  In   N'ew   V.
ems to think that the sins
lhe (ittawa Gov-
returning  nm-���  ��� .,   rinnrn ��n        i
inienl     lo  ;    r,   >,\}<\}   j'j   UHUtn,     .    .    .    5l'.00
< ��� ���' - ftl-io III UnUtfi    D.Uu I
ie single charge aga MARV ELOUS     REDUC1   DN
i. iH��� i      i;   . '��� nnieni   -    i -   offi i :'.<\U Mai c'i I      II
I ai :          pa               n                  Is ol pj, n         ,:    .           ���,, .   v      ,    .
���.              ;       . nni nl.  and    �� li h Latest I atti rn .
1 ���   memb >v - of Sal     acti                         or money
- ��� . ' : n    li
T^F S'P T^ r-*Tr 'i':-.i\i'i - '������'���)
shown that the few ices of mal-   f |��|_   \}f " IU"UA 11    I   JLOlf WB
2 17 rror.t Street    -
OPEN   '
Wests..h ster
n of Doniinin      fail -
",   -'    ' .   ' .'
i n ���
lion i u the knowled
the head tit-emed
Yes! '
im -       ��� tioi
 o O
lawi        . 1   :
prints les live
false .-i  temei
-.���������'���    -ij !    ���    , ist- ������:'.!
ed on i      iriian       Ir-li i rt of lie
irt of tl
��� ; ;r f    ���    fl ' '
tl sue! u^ui ai��u I
1 to a.lvs
tew Westmin iter
BAS, made with heavy wool lining, the 3-buckle kind. $3 a pair
Men's medium height FINE
JERSEY \Ri riCS, black fleece
lining-.        L50 a pair.
pair absolutely waterproof.
$2=25 a pair.
Ask for OVERSHOES end you'll get genuine
%i (^lWi!! Watch
��� IU I ;'...::i i-M.'.t  I MORI  ICtURATI TIMEPIECE THAN
ai   G< 1,1   Killed  i     i
II    21   .li wi . .   in
1    17
Jffic s���Tr .i m i
Columbia as
������<���>������ ������:���--��� ft,     :^trit"\c--
avyiiauling   i
Columbia Street,
esl ii ster.
i ;,fflT?N
d. t. Mills, 1 imber an(
i raame
Manufacturers and Dealers in All t m:!s ot
Lumber,   Lath,   Shi ivies,    Mouldings,   Sash,   Dooij.
Interior Finish,     lurred Work,    Etc.
Fish and Fruit  Boxes.
Large Stock Plain :  . i Fi ney Gl i
Lumber Always in S'oclc f.>r Fencmg and Dn
.- '���-���zi uty Branch, Columbi
'1 el ipi one i'2. New We iti
 ...tthj ... .   -��� :   --^^aaaateiLasa���
ii.fcu.* miij*^.
W,iM SATURDAY, JAN. 19. 1907.
Its Daily Details
Grand Rally
Mr. Justice Morrison will conduct Sound. The point of diversion la
(onri chambers today. Only a verj 3,100 feet from the mouth of the
^lU;hi lisi of applications awaits his creek, and the water is io be returned
consideration. to  Eagle  Harbor.    The difference In
altitude is abom 40 feet, ami the water
A number of the citizens of Ladne
ir granted, will be used for Industrial
lie agitating for a  public meeting for   k^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^h
and  domestic   purposes
un  purpose ol expressing indignation
al   the  i i   and   uncertain   brand  of      Tickets for the performance of "Cu
electric  lights  which   are   being   pro- j pin   in   Posterland,"   to  be   given   on
viiied bj the electric lighting company.
Try   some of   Reichenbach's    tasty
fresh sauerkraut     li will give you an
appetite, lie   per   pound.
\'-w   Westminster broke   a   record
oi   twenty-five  years  during the  cold!
24th and 25th, may be obtained at
Ryall's Urug Store, Dyke Evans and
Callaghan's, or from an>  of the per-
foi mors
Contrarj  to expectation the Pol mat
ier Sisters will nol be able to appear
St. Barnabas Parish Room:
In a very short time the new goods will be here.
Then away go the winter ones. To-day bargains
brighten every corner of the store. To-morrow bargains will still abound,    but don't leave it till next
The goods mentioned below are but a few of the
many whose prices are cut in half--- which we positively don't intend to carry over till spring.
Tweed Skirts for women, grey with red and blue
bverchecks, cheviot habit cloth skirts with silk strappings and navy blue hopsacking skirts. Worth 3.50,
4.50 and 6.25.   January sale $1.95
Ready-to-wear Hats for women and girls, in popular shapes and popular colors, trimmed in popular
Styles. These were 2.50. 3.50 and 4.00. January
sale  95c
Colored Flannelette Embroideries, pink, blue
and red, with white stitching; also with self color
stitching of silk, 200 yards. Worth 7c, 10c and
12 l-2c.    January sale, per yard   5c
here next week, as they have a series
of  engagements   to  lill   al   Nanalmo,
 Victoria   ami   l.ad> smith,   after   which
li   would  have  broken a  good  mimy j they will tour the western States. Per-
I  spell, and several hundred waterplnei
ir ii  had kepi  up thai lick verj  Ion
TUESDAYJan.22d,at 8 p.m.
I sons having purchased tickets for the   T\/rT~>      yi      \\J      TTf\\\T \ \r
Hie  fancy grill   work  tor  ihe  new I performance,   will   have  their  monej    lVllV.    T.     W.    livJ VV A 1 ,
ii    n Bank' which Is soon to be open-   refunded   lij   applying   to  the   ticket |
���     in Vancouver is being prepared bj j Rellers
ihe  Westminster  Iron    works.      Thi
i oppei   work  Is  also  being  made f
The Liberal Candidate,
yesterday's warm spell had the ef-1 men.  up the river     The lad has not | J^JR     f      g     {^XTER,     VailCOUVtT,
tct of clearing   the  river of Lee  lor:1"'" s"''" s""'" last Sundaj  evening    "���*������*���"��� ~
will address the meeting.
The  |,oii( ,���  h,i\ e  bei ii  Infoi med ol
_^^^^^^^^^^^^^^K llir   disappearance  of lad.
the   ne��    Merchants   Bank   al   Chilli-: ���. ,,        .'      ,   ,,      .
\\ altei   ( ampiieii.   who   iesides   wnh
"'" c' I icle Sieve Williams at  a settle-
seme dlstanc ..ive the bridge. The   and  II   is   feared   thai   he   has   fallen
water was clear for about a mile.   II    "'rough ,l"' ''''' "�� the river, as there
i    generall;   believed that a  few days   ":IS  ""  reason  why   the   bo.\   Bhould
^^^^^^^^^         tSSMMMMMMMMMMWMMMMMMMMMMSffffffffm
tion  once   more   feasible. .     ....      ,
I be  bardy  youngsters  who take  a
The wo, ���> Auxiliary of the Roy :��""'^ cnsH.uiiona, while deiive.-1 jyjr fhos. Gifford, the Conservative canal  coi,,, an   Hospital  will  mee, on   '""  the   |,;nlv  N6wB    ," subscribers i ���L'XJ-��� A "v���� ^ >
Monday at 3 o'clock, In the Hoard of   Imv"  lssued   ;|   challenge  to  all   the
Trade  rooms.     As  this is the lasl  reg- : otner   c,ty   newsboys   for   a    game   of
u'.ir    meeting    before   the    fete,  we   hockey, and  the guage of  battle has
would   particular^   request   a   full  at-   ' "   accepted.     A   match   had  been
tendance on Monday, especially those  arranged for this afternoon, but owing
on committees IG-2I . "' there belnB an early delivery of the
Vancouver   Province,   the   game   has
There will he municipal contests In   been postponed until next  week
La Iner   for   Reeve,  and in   one   ward
,.,'������      -.'.,. i adner will be opposed       "''��� Chown, Bccretarj of the Temper-
bj   II.   M.  Vasey.     In  ward   I.  P.  T.   ance and Moral Reform association of
Glbbie was elected by acclamation, .1.   "'���" Methodist   church, will  address a
\    Paterson   was  also elected   by  ac-   masa seetlng In St. Andrew's Presby-
clamation  In  ward   I.     In ward  2  D.   t��rlan church on Wednesday evening
Dove will run agalnsl J. Gilchrist. In   next,  when   he   will  deal   with   ques-
ward  r. G   O   Dennis was elected  by   ,i""s "'' v,tal Importance to this city.
acclamation.     The election   will  take'1"'- Chown is al present  visiting Brit-
ptace on Mondaj   next | lsn Columbia, his headquarters being
in Toronto.   In order thai all churches
.lames   .1,   Mulhal   of  this   city   has! may  be  well  represented,  il  has  been
hied an application In the water nun-   decided   to  call  off  the   regular mid
__ ���      . . , . j   m   nilssloner's office for 10 inches of wa-   week  prayer meeting  in  all  the city
Colored Wrapperette? tor blouses, kimonas ana ��� ,,., Frora XelBon.s ,,,.���,., whlch ��.���,,,., churches.  |
w runners* the prettiest we have ever had; 400 yards. 1 ��� ���.. j.,,.). into Eagle Harbor, Howe]
,,,    I       ,.,'.,  .���,    1 - l .)m       .n�����n��,Tonlfl nav -,-A 1 fl*~   B ���~���^���      ��� _~~���.  ���~~~~~       Tiie   usual   Friday   evening   commit-
Worth 12 l-2c,15c and 20c Januai j sale,pei yd 1 Oc g ~~| ^ ^^ ��� ^ ^ ^
Colored Taffeta Silks, in Nile green, sky blue, I pariTI       Land ! t0 have taken p,ace ,Mt eveninBl was
nk and yellow; Tender Wrap Taffetas.    Cheap at I 	
l>oc per ya.    January sale, 74 yds., per yd . . . .25c |'
didate, and Mr. J. S. Rainey, the Labor candidate, are invited to attend
and take part.
i��- *&�� tM* ff mi
20  Acres
$20 per acre
Tirst-rlass Soil
Good Location
Good   Roncl
Only   <>    miles    from   City
postponed   on   account   of   several  of
the aldermen having announced their
Intention   of taking pan   In the  Oddfellows  Installation   of   officers,     On
account of i he committee meeting not
I i ring be <a held, II  was decided th it
i he coiiui il  meeting on  Mon laj  even-
n     should   commence  h ilf   an   hour
,r. Her   th hi   usual,   so that   lhe  city
il iei -  ma}   ' e  able   to  gel   thi ough
lie  husln   ;    in   good   lime,
Wo have taken the Maple Leaf for our trade mar!;, becau.;e it Is Canadian.
(Maplo Leaf 'i\
^.:=*jv. c*^.. rat��;j*K5is*iaBjMK{vS��aBis
260 Columbia St., New Westminster
Phone 85.
>��@ ^HBBaKjsa gse; ����-��
IB""' '
r* ���
'%   &r   -
4    :w* <
i Hie  of i he  city's  goo i   Samni il ins
has a remedy  for la gi Ippe will  h
sa> s   is   Infallible,   and   ��lib Ii   be
unxioiis   fo    the    nffoi In      >u die   i >
: ei oine     c pi Milled   with,      He      i
lell the poor ." ���   ���   ���      hnl   II  he wants
brealt   up  la grippe  to  seem e  25<
' hi th of i     tfo   :'i:-  ca]      ���     and
liavi    hi   '       .!'    ma le up ! ��� conl tin
W . for  a   man  and  two
e   Foi   i >-��� 'in in    T
meal and  ii  will  knock out  the
vo ai     of la
Col   i   ii    an  .   -  : ii e.    Bnl the
\'ew a does nol gum unti p thi
vici   i      o to bed antl  ������ ���.-. ;
Lee's Furniture Emporium
For Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums,
Window Shades, Pictures and Framing,
Couches, Parlor Goods, Rattan Goods.
and two strain   t    t���i t-i '��� ��"��� TP1 * T7 ���
' LdIj o     Furniture     Dmporium
Dupont 8iock
New Westminsier
Tel. 7J
For i
f T.
We've c0'- i-00 many Overcoat an-.l we clo.i'l believe that you have got enough.
We want io sell ou;:. and here's the way we feel aboul it:
We would rather sacrifice ovx profit and pr;rt of the cost than can;   the Coats over to
another season.    There's nothing wrong about our proposition.
It's rood business lor us to do so
'1 he Coa  i an   ol
The '.    i Ighl  i,i cut, ���
Mo "make beliet b " i
-. e are .i few of our pi I
the    ���        e've bad.
 :    :        I        '        .." .
a plain, Fal 'and    i
n  si: in ercoal
i.  Overcoal    we ol  ���; i ������
���  . .-; - ' i. ���.   . il    we offei  I ���
gel n prize.
1 2.50
1 3.50
��� - i
C    U CsothSsr
1 ���'���*
^^D���^SEESSBSLa    Sri     -^- ���'-���    -     '   V)' "^~&Z*'W'- >
��� i        ik tin
id It '   .��� '
:    .' '    coal   foi
',     ���
I   lip   wl
all ' ���        i  ���
niattei pan i
I   tl
I ii mtle ig wa       I off with
i koo      hape break!        ie
ith'j '   - "     much dillii ultj  an I thus
plai e for Ih I wl
was i       In        '     I,     \\ he
uindred :
hai f, the chain    which held tin
' late   wfili II   pi nlecli' I   lb"   Iron    ot
si ow,  I roke  an I a  return  h
���, a 1     o the    hn lng . fixe i
Vno      will bi
aori i    mornln   and tiie C   italti
expect a lo  make It oul    o
11  right,
Revised   I iit
Of bookings al
��� .. I,   L.U1   '    hi  '"
��� .        '
25th,  Cupid  In P
[i ,,��� ., '    n   ,���
"oll.ir t^^l^l
Our Prices and the Temperature Are Both Away Down
I i leared Lots in Sapperton	
��� '. i ots in Sapperton	
i   I   on l'i ini ess St	
B   naby, 10 Lots	
"      partly cleared	
li 3-1 acres on car line	
22 Lots, two cleared, new House...
Cnll  and  Inspect our complete  list
ijt   attractive prices*
< i
for $500
" 550
" 550
" ,01
" L400
"The Farm Lund Specialists,
&   CO-
New Westminster
Temporary Premises: Trapp Block
Plumbing and Contracting j
P. O. Box 248
Telephone 302
�����t^-,    ��; ��� 6
fy/& T
said the nurse;
" When my patient got
a | worse���
I said
The Art of Getting Rich
THE TIME HAS COME for New Westminster to forge ahead. As
the Province develops so will the City grow. It is essentially a city of
manufacturing sites, and the investment now of a few dollars will repay
a hundredfold.
Size up the situation, and buy now before the snow flies.
TUESDAY, Jan. 22
Holy Trinity cathedral���Rev. A.
Shildrlck, rector. Holy Communion,
s a, in.; .Matins, Sermon il a. in.:
Sunday school, 2:30 p, m.; Catechism lasl Sunday In the month
in the church. Evensong and
sermon by the rector, 1 p.m.; dallj
service at 9:30 a.m, and j p.m. except
mi Friday, when Evensong is Bald al
COUNTESS OLGA I/ON HATZFELOTj; - f^o������. .,��� .,,,,���
VVWlllkUW      VWWM        .w j   ()..;>.    .U)(1    s.iml   B    (|.|V    ,n    g    .im ('lll)ll
and a Big Feminine Array, in        | practjce ,���, priday after Evensong .
"   Anna Held'S New York
Casino Success,
The Little Duchess
The Most Lavish, Musical, Girlical
Comedy Production seen in years,
with a cast of Clever Comedians,
and a   Dashing   Beauty   Chorus.
50--People  in  the   Ensemble���50
Feats on sale at Ryall's Drug Store
Prices���$1.50,91.00, 75c, 50c and 25c.
Hot Water
all prices
Si. Barnabas���Rev. C, VV, Houghton
rector. Holy Communion 8 a.m.;
Morning Prayer and Litany, il
a.m.;Evening Prayer, 7 p.m.; Bible
Class, 2 p.m.; Sunday school, :i p.m.;
Baptisms after Sunday school; choir
practise, Friday, S p.m.
St. Paul's Reformed Episcopal
church���Rev. A. de B. Owen, rector.
Divine worship Sunday, 11 a.m. and
7   p.m.;    Sunday   school,   2;ot)   p.m..;
Olive;   Baptist  church���Rev.   M.  L,
13-roomed House, with
bath room, pantry, scullery, root house and wood
shed attached; electric
light; hot and cold water.
181 ft. front, 280 ft. deep
(more or less). All kinds of
fruit, 5 walnut trees, all
bearing small fruit. Price
for the whole $5,500;
terms half cash, bal. 7 per
cent. Price of house and
land going with it, $4,000.
Teleplionic communication
with house.
2 lots can be bought separately; 50 ft. front, 280
ft. deep, $750 each; good
bearing fruit trees; lane on
back from 3rd Ave. to 4th
One acre back of the
Orphanage. $800 cash.
For full particulars apply
at once.
House on Brantford St.,
rents $15 per month. Will
sell for $1,500. Terms
$750 cash, bal. easy.
:'  lots,  coi ner  5th stn        n j -
avenue;  size  of  lot   100x1
lot.   ('an i e bought al om ���       \.--
Inside lot $400.    Good gnai
168 acres, Coqultlam, 10
ed, near Black's ranch, $2,ooc.
This is  In Victoria,  are you  moving? j     House and lot, 33 x  10(1,  I
I room cottage, water lavatory, back situated near Queen's aveu
i lichen;  barn 20x25:  size of lot,  lux   it's up to you to 6top paym-j rent.
one hundred and Blxi
���j   Sec.    15, Township 11,
Another   of   Our   Snaps.
320 acres near Cloverdale; .mo mile   , ,���.  r,.Mt.,., .,���,, cleared; onlj $1,200.
fj-om schi.nl.    40 acres cropped  ibis   Eflgy tt.ni|S    enquire al once for ful
M.ir. 30 acres slashed, easily cleared   (er paruCulars.
Besl   prairie land.    Frame    house,  6
rooms, plastered; large ham. chicken
In use.    woodshed    etc.,   etc     Only
$6,400. terms easy.
17 lots, full sized on 6th Btreet, In
Hast   shie   100   yards from
V 153
Pull Blzed lot, No. 12 Third avenue
and 13th street, north side. $300 easj
tei ms
from  Fori   Langley,   ">  &��
No. 1 land. Price, $10 per
third cash, balance mi I Ime,
ISO acres, half mile waterfront, G.N.
R, running through, $9,460, terms
easy.     Investigate.
Snap in Lots.
Three   1ms,  less   16   feet, corner   of   Burnabj
Sixth  slreet  and Fifth  avenue.     Just   Cliff   Can   factory,     Price   $1,020.
$1,000,  terms easy. House on Royal  and  Eighth  str. ,-t.
Vacant lots for sale in all parts of  two  storeys, seven   rooms,   full  Blzed
the City, from $25.00 lo $3,000 lot,  $2,000.
SO acres, one mile from Abhotsford,       20   acre   blocks,    fruit   lands,   near
in acres cleared, good soil, 220 fruit  Junction, $20 per acre
trees, price $1,400, half cash, balance
in three equal payments at reasonable
lf>0 acres improved land,  buildings
1 1-2 acres, between 5th
and Gth avenue and L6th
and 14th Sts.    $500 :ash,
480 acres, Maple Ridge, Sections 28,
29 and 32, Township 9, one-half prairie, rest brush and some small trees.
Prices: Section 32, $45 per acre;  Sec-
and sheds complete, near Cloverdale;   tkm .,,,   $6Q pcr acr(1.  s,.cti(m
all  under cultivation, $15,000.    If yon
One  hundred  and  sixty .<.       . XV
'i     Sec 25,  Township   16,
from     Abhotsford,    creek
through,   50   acres   alder  bol
to  be  $600 worth  of tlmbi thi
property.    Price $10 per acre,     i -
balance on time.
Rugg, D.D., pastor, Preaching on Two storey house between Fourth
Sunday at 11 a.m.. and at 7 p.m.; Sun- and Fifth avenue, seven rooms. Rents
day school and bible classes at  12:15.   for $15.    $1,700.
Queen's Avenue Methodist���Rev. W.      six latS) 50xl5Q> outside city limits I
H. Barraclough, B.A., pastor. Services   $60 each   |ot     Ful]er   parUclllars on
al   11  a.m. and 7 p.m.;   Sunday school   enqU;1T
and Bible Class at 2:110 p.m.
Wesi  End Methodist���Rev. Mr. Ma-      1G0 acreS|  Westminster district, 40
gee, pastor.    Services, 11 am. and 7   acres under cultivation,  10 acres or-]
p.m.; Sunday school, 2:30 p.m. chard,  %  acre   strawberries   plantel
Sapperton Methodist. ��� Rev. L. this year; alder bottom land; running
Thomas, pastor. Sunday services, 11 sprjng; liouse 18 x 22; frame barn 30
a.m. and 7 p.m.; Sunday school. 2:110 x :i2; 14-post frame house and co.v
p.m.; Epworth League, Monday, 8 p.m.  stables, three in all, stable 8 cows and
St. Andrew's Presbyterian���Rev. J. 2 span horses; near Mission Station;
S. Henderson, pastor. Sunday ser- schools, churches near at hand:
vices 11 am. and 7p.m.: Sunday school   steamer lands twice a dav; about 100
can   handle   this,  don't   delay;   it's  :i
bargain; terms can be arranged.
8, $55
Hammond ;
1G0 acres good farm land in Delta,
about Z\,2 miles from river, near Scott
road, $12 per acre; a real good buy.
160 acres, N.E.  14  section  19, town-
Bible classes 2:30 p.m. Morning  acres~timber7nr'and cedar,'never been] ship 10'   LangIe-v;    sma11   housc-  j50
Furnished house to rent;
10 rooms; close in; $25 per
Or, will sell the house
and 22 ft. on Columbia St.
for $2,600; $1,000 cash,
bal. in two years.
per acre. Telephone at
telegraph station. Pitt River Bridge.
Terms, half cash, balance one and two
years at 7 per cent.  Exclusive agency.
By Graduate Optician
Architectural  Competition for Departmental   and Justice   Buildings.
Ciiiiil etitive drawings are invited for
Departmental and Justice Buildings to
be awarded a premium of $8,000, the
menl  at Ottawa, Ont.
The author of the besl design will
be awarded a premium og $8,000, tin
second besl $4,000, the .third best
$2,  and the  fourth  best  $.1,000.
i). awings will be received nol later
than April 15th, 1907, aud are to be
addressed to Ihe Secretary of the De-
i a   menl of Public Won:.-, Ottawa,
This i ompetition Is open to Canadian Architects who have been rei i
dent in Canada for one year or more.
Condll Ions of   i ompetition   stal Ing
requirements  of   buildings  and   maps1
showing Bite, etc. may be had on ap-
pll< alien lo the undersigned.
By order,
Depai tmenl of Public Works,
Ottawa, December 12, 190C.
Newspapers InserUng this advertise-1
ment without  authority  from  the De-1
partment will not he paid for it.
subject: True service, spirit, model logged; $2,000 refused for standing
and glory. Evening subject: At the timber; carriage house 16 x 24; ben
Cross Roads. , house made of hewed timber laid In
West   Presbyterian���Rev.   T.  Ward-   mortar.  12 x  110.    A  chance of a life-
law    Taylor,    M.A.,    Ph.D.,    minister.  Lime, $8,000, $4,000 cash, balance at 0
Services 11 a.m. and 7 p.m.;  Sunday  per cent.
school   and   Bible  class,    2:30     p.m.     	
Knox church, Sapperton���Rev. D.
McKenzie, B.A., pastor. Services, 11
a in. and 7 p.m.; Sunday school and
Bible class, 2:30 p.m.; meeting of
Y P. S C E. immediately after the
evening service.
Gospel Hall, corner Sixth avenue
and Ninth street���Breaking of bread
every Sunday at 11 a.m.; Sunday
school and Bible class, .'! p.m.; gospel
address. 7 p.m.; prayer meeting, Wednesday, 8 p.m.
St. Peter's cathedral (Roman Catholic)��� Benediction, 7 p. m.; Sunday Mass at s and 10:30 a.m.; Catechism at 2:35 p.m.; Friday devotions
7::!0  p.m.
Lutheran Church, Rev. B. A. Sand,
pastor. Sunday morning service at 11.
336 Hastings St. W., Vancouver.
Bookkeeping, Gregg and Pitman
Shorthand, Telegraphy and Engineering.
Seven Teachers
Forty-Five   Typewriters
Students Always in Demand.
fl. I. SPROn, B.��., Principal
A choice property has
just been placed in our
hands for rapid sale. Read
carefully, and invest; it's
a money maker.
50 Lots 45x120 in Sapperton, overlooking the
Fraser River; between the
Hospital, Distillery and
Brunette Saw Mills, with
school in center; 17 double
corner lots, balance front
and well located; all easily
cleared; perfect river view.
Corner lots $125, inside
lots $100. Only 1-4 cash,
bal. 6, 12 and 18 months;
or terms can be arranged
to suit purchaser. INDEFEASIBLE TITLE.
acres cleared, timber valued $750.
Price $1,500, one-third cash, balance
at 7 per cent.
Does It Pay?
160 acres, 10 ac. cleared,
without a stump in them;
nearly all planted with
fruit trees, apples, pears,
plums, cherries. Small
house; barn and stable 30x
56; good well; half-mile
from school. Only $ 10
per ac. and terms easy at
Business Opportunity
Bakery and Confectionery business for sale. A
splendid opportunity for
good man. Shop, I ise
and stable rents for $25,
Lease, $700 cash for
67 acres. Hornby Ranch, N'lckomekl,
house cost $^,."inij when built, HO acres
cleared.    Price only $3,000, half cash.
House and \>k lots, 6 rooms, price I balance easy.
$1,375, half cash, balance to be arranged at C per cent.;  Alice street.
S'i acres of land near Sutherland's
mill,  in  Surrey;   good   house, 6  acres
.lames  Inlet, three  square  miles,  at   cleared;   only $1,000, easy  terms.
$6.00 per acre, half cash, balance easy.      House and lotj 50  x  133|  i,,u.k  ,)f
I brewery, lacing Columbia St. Rents
for $24.00 per month. Price $1,200,
half cash, balance in six months.
'. You cannot possibly get a higher percentage for your money than II per
all over the city for sale
from $50 to $3,000.
See us immediately. Tell
us where you want a lot
and we can supply.
Ten acres in Lot 4011, one n,      i
of Westminster Junction. Al b
lly cleared.    $30 per acre.
Two storied  house, 7 roomi
sewer   connections,   all    modei
provements, splendid locality,  $2
Terms arranged.
House, corner of Fifth avenui  ..:.���
Sixth   Btreet,   one   lot,   tWO   store
rooms, $2,500, hall' cash.
Boarding liouse, 20 rooms, on Si-''
street,  one   block  from   post   offb
rents at $30 per month, or for sale
House,  eight   rooms,  on St. Qe
street,   corner   Fourth,   $2,500;    i   -
liouse, full sized lot, on K- a
street, Sapperton; rents for $Hi ��� i
month.    Only $1,050.
Manufacturer of
Mineral Waters, Etc.
Aerated Waters,
Family Trade a Specialty.
Tel. 113. Office, Eighth Street,
Foot of 4th Ave.   Cor. Kith  Street
New Westminster, B. C.
I louse and lol on 8th street, Lol 66x
120, 6 rooms, woodshed chicken house,
$1,050.    Terms easy.
160 aires. Langley, 25 under cultivation; house, harn, sheds, etc. till in
good repair; a snap al $3,000, half
Three    full-sized    lots,   cleared   and
fenced, close to car; corner of Fourth!
avenue and Third street; a good specu-
latlon;  five minutes from post office;
$1,800;  easy terms.
Seven-roomed house, Seventh street,!
: near  Fifth avenue,   two  storeys,  full
I sized lot, $1,600.
Lot No. 10, full size, on Agnes
street, all cleared and fenced, ready
foi- building; a real good speculation
I'm  $600.    Half lot  No. 7, $250.
160 arr'-s on the Scot! road, ir, acres
cleared; barn 50 x 30; stables, etc.;
splendid soil; only $30 per acre, $1,000
���cash, balance easy.
Between Fifth aud Sixth avenues,
near Seventh street, eighl rooms, all
modern, Btable and chicken house, full
sized lot, two Btoreys, $1,000 cash,
160 aires In Surrey, 5 Sl res cleare I,
fenced on road side, $1,800, half cash,
balance on time at il per cent, su ,-
jeel to sale if timber.
|o acres near Mud Bay, $7 per acre;
see us for fuller partli ulars.
S-roomod house, all modern Improve
ments, line location, cornei' of Fourth'
street   and   Agnes,    $5,000,    one    half
casb:   A comfortable home and   good
family  residence.
Eight-roomed house , all modern
conveniences, on Carnarvon streei and
Sixth street, two storeys, $3,750.
Just Look!
80 acres in Matsqui Municipality. 4-room house,
chicken house; one ac.
cleared; good well, purest
water. $1,000. Chance
of a lifetime.
In best residential portion of New Westminster,
east end; close to car; 6
large rooms and large reception hall; modern in every respect; 2 full lots 132
x 132, all in lawn, laid out
with shrubs and (lowers;
tennis court on one side.
Price $2,500. Terms $600
cash, bal. on mortgage.
res  in
Sill 1 ei
. ne
ir Brow i
���d's  ranch.  $7
acre;   ,
fruit   1
us for
.     in
lots,    D
���   and
Seventh   BI
Tel m.-.
can be
All kinds of Ship repair!   60 acres B00d fru,t land 1n Surrey!
work can 1,e ',u"s'lf n"w f��r $25 per acre,
only one-quarter cash needed, balance
Ship   and   SCOW    Building  in one or two years at 7 per cent.
a specialty.
Estimates   promptly fur
Exclusive Sale
5 acres on 6th St., just
off city limits. $l,i00,
easy terms. Fine property for subdivision or
market gardening, chicken
ranch or small fruit farm.
Part of lot 369, joins Lake Commur,
aboul.   711   acres,   only   $:,."i   per   acre.
Half cash.    .lump.
House and lot on Agnes street, two
storeys, seven rooms; a real simp al
Large lol and two collages on Co
lumhia street, Sapperton. Both rented
at $10 each.
Five collages and two lots on First
streel, opposite Queen's park, Price
One and a half lots, Sapperton, just
off Columbia street and Brunette, only
$1,200.    Terms to  be arranged.
Full sized lot on llegina street, fifix
132, Lot  10, Sub.  I  |,o( S. Price $150.
135 acres, one mile from  Hui
! don,  II.('.,  Tu acres   in   era- J, 15
' drained and  fence I;  house and
cos- $2,500; guild road along oni
price $50 per acre, half cash, bal n
I io suit purchaser al <i per cent    lb
son for Belling, the owner's wIte
had   health,   and   has   tn   go   In   a   I  '���
Double tenement house, 5 room    :i
each house, water, light, full size lot,
between     Flrsl    and    Second    Sti  et,
Fourth avenue, on  north side.    Price
$1,500, half cash, balance in  one veal
al li per cent.
160 acres, till fenced, ready Tor cultivation, good water, hair mile I nl
school, al   Chiiliwack, $75 per acre.
Ill acres in Pit I Meadows, onlj
$���''������"1 per acre. One third casb, balancu
al i; per cent.
8 and 10 acre blocks In Surrey, three
miles from the river, $10 pcr acre
RESIDENCE���24 Eighth street, New
Westminster, B.C.
McQuarrie & Co., Real Estate Brokers
Agents for Employers' Liability, and Union Fire Assurance Co. of London.
LiiA��Jj*��teW.'-Jti...JMwY*i SATURDAY, JAN. 19, 1907.
^������'���e* i
��� ��� ��� �����'*^
Rapid, Easy Grinders
V   Mpjio-F^rL
Three sizes,���8,10 and
12-inch plates. Alsc
bagging attachments
for same.
A full line of Pulpers, Slicers,
Hay and Ensilage Cutters.
t. J. TRAPP & CO.
Bank of Montreal
Incorporated   by   act   oi   parliament
CAHTAL  (ALL  paid  up)    $14,000,000
RESERVE FUND  $10,009,000
Rt. Hon. Lord Strathcona and   Mount   Royal,    G.    C.   M.
G.  Honorary President
Hon.   Sir   G.   A.   Drummond    President
E. S. Clouston, Vice President   and   General  Manager.
General banking business transacted.
Branches in all the principal cities in Canada, In London, Eng., New
York, Chicago, and St. John's Nfld., and correspondents In all parti of the
world. *$*3tiHMT
The Royal Bank of Canada
Insures absolute security to depositor9..   START NOW to save your money
Mark the Distinction
All Rolled Oats are Not
WITHIN   RECENT YEARS many brands of Rolled Oats  bave  been  introduced
to the public notice, all attempting to emulate the popularity of B. & K. ROLLED OATS.    All have Blgnally failed in their object owing to   three   distinct   points
Of difference  between 13.  & K.  ROLLED OATS and all other Rolled Oats.
The finest white oats in the world are grown right here in Western Canada. Bj
their widespread distribution of Elevators and Mills throughout Western Canada from
Edmonton to the Pacific- Coast, THE BRACKMAN-KER MILLING COMPANY annually secure the VERY PICK uf these fines! white oats.
THE I!   &  K. MILLING PROCESS is ENTIRELY distinct  and  SUPERIOR to any
tl'."r iiroce
And ii i> a greal one. Owing to their unique Bystem of mills, elevators and
depots all over Western Canada, coupled with their system of DAILY DELIVERIES in the grocery stores, H. & K. ROLLED OATS are FRESH and SWEET
every day, whereas all other oats are often MANY months old before they reach
the consumer.
Every Grocer Sells B. & K. Rolled Oats
Great   Britain   and  the   United  States
Make   Efforts  to   Remov   All
Causes of  Friction.
you will never regret it.    People do harder things every day and have ;    jie Easterly  33  feet  of Ixit  II  and
Westerly   11  feet of  Lot  4.  Block  u,
New Westminster City.
nothing to show for it.
ONE DOLLAR opens an account.    Put it in your pocket, it would prob-
A   Certificate  of  Indefeasible   Title
to the above property will be issued
��Dly be nothing, but ONE DOLLAR deposited every week with us will in ,,, William Campbell, Matilda Campbell and Elizabeth Campbell on the
1st day of February, 1907, unless in
the meantime a valid objection thereto be made to me in writing by a person or persons claiming an estate or
NEW  WESTMlNsitK   hkaimch p. fj. LYLE, Manager. I ir,teresl therein, or In any part there-
ten years amount to $604.50.   THINK   THIS OVER.
Notice is hereby given that thirty-
days after date I intend to apply to
the Honorable, the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works, for a
special license to cut and carry away
timber from the following described
No. 1, Commencing at a post planted   on   the Dominion   Boundary   Line,
Owing to the lack of patronage, the ,
British Columbia ElecLic Railway Co.,!
Ltd.,  has  decided  to discontinue the
service  on     the  Old   Line   (between
Westminster City Limits and Burnaby
Junction) after January 12th, 1907.
The ear will then bave been on the,
on Sharpe's Creek, about half a mile'line for a complete month. It is ev-
northeast of Pitt Lake, thence North, dent, however, from the amount of
8( chains, thence West SO chains, j UUBlness done thal tnere la no ju8tl.
thence South   80  chains,   thence  East
St.' chains to point of commencement.
fication   for   a   permanent   service on
that line.
Canadian Bank of Commerce
  No. 2. Commencing at a   post plant-
C.  S.  KLI1II. |, .     _ _,        , ,.        ,     ���
_    . ��� ���,. ,        ! ed on the Dominion Boundary Line at   ..
^ jbsiru't^egis,,,,-of nties. |the comffiencement 0�� Claim N0.,, No!ice ,0 tfater consumer
New Westminster, B. C. December
24, 1906.
thence   East   Su chains,   thence North
The   person   or  persons   having  in
se   chains,   thence West    su   chains,      owing to excessive use and waste of
thence South  80  chains  to point   of  water since the frost set in, the Reser-
'aid-up Capital, $10,000,000.      Reserve Fund, $5,000,000 their custody or possession  the foi-1 cumn"��ncenM��11- voir is getting lower and the supply
lowing Title Deeds relating io the said      Xo- 3- Commencing al a post plant- for fire purposes is endangered.   Con-
property are requested to deliver the   ted 80 chains North of post first des- sumers rue requested to be careful in
same to the undersigned.                    ! cribed In Claims No. l and 2, thence the use of water and nol to allow their
October   17    1889     Augustus   Lund-  North 80    chains,    thence    East    80 laps  to run.  bui  v.m' stop  and  waste
B. I.'    WALK Ell,  Ceneral  Manager. ALEX. LAIRD, Asst. Gen'l Manager
bom  to  Donald McGillivray,  Conveyance in fee of part of Lots :'. and I.
March 2. 1883, Peter Monetta to Au-
chains thence South SO chains, thence  cocks where they are on the service.
West SO chains to point of commence-       Any service found running water to
ment. waste after this notice will have the
Eveiy   facility   afforded   Farmers  for    their  banking   business.     Sales   Notes
cashed   or  taken   for collection.
BANKING   i'.\"   MAIL���Deposits   may be made or withdrawn oby mail.
O';-   M iwn accounts  receive every a teutlon.
gustus   Lundbom,  Conveyance  of  part  THE  FRASER   RIVER  LUMBER CO.   Water cul off.    lly order.
of Lot  3. ' J- ROSS SHAlll'H.
BAXTER,  McLELLAN  &  SAVAGE, j Secretary.
Agents    Staked, Nov   29, 1906, r;lv [{.
7   Hastings St.  v.". Vancouver, B.C. John P. Thompson, i
City Clerk,
an, 7. 1907,
*���'>''��''*�����:>"'���'>'���''���:'���"���"���'>;��'��>;:���'>::���>;>;;<;��>.>.>"���:>"*'* ���>>>>>>>>>>>>>>"���>>>>>
ISO   ���
ling m mm M j\
>*c    Ir^r,
Ever;  . rticle or piece of fumil ire in our establishm nl
i i reserve,    First come, first     rved. W<
I the cash and you wanl the g Is.  ,Thi 'i   b  chance
i ' ;   lifel ime.
- & w
a ���      ry.^f' %r\\ '        - ���      ���
,'^y\:. y��'} V.        .-.      1
M   '    ��  ���'-'-      V ���:    ' ���    i
_..;..   .:    ..!-     ...  .      I
tker fiitweii kL'^h i v
life     \   '��� -ii    -13*
of tvery Style W '^- '
i       !
��� ('i lumbin St.
Rear Ext nsion, Fronl Street,  fa.
��>. ���
. . ..*>.��:;��:��.>��:>.��!>;>;'*!>:��.>!>'>"���:>..���..*.* < ���>�� �����o����;i<
If you wc ir "Maple Leal" Rubber pro In ' i you can depend
on having the h -i made, in appearance, sty;-, lit and wearing
Made on new-fashioned and popular lasts only, they are
excellent fitters; are str igthened and re-lnforced at every point
of extra strain or wear; and have .i natty appearance that is
exclusively their own,
The "Maple   Leaf" Rubber  Co.,have gone  to
enormous expense to i   . - an article a little better
London, Jan. 17.���Tin' Associated
1'n'ss learns that the exchange of certain definite proposals between the
United States and Greal Britain i u
the purpose of clearing up the outstanding differences between the United States and Canada have reached
a rather advanced stage, so that well
Informed circles not only hope but
believe that the approaching meeting
between Secretary Hoot ami Earl Grey
governor-general of Canada, at Ottawa, will result in arranging some, if
not all, of ibe long pending contro\ ���������
Although the visit is officially described as private, no secret is uia le
In governmental quarters thai a real
po!itie;il outcome Is expected, as the
\isit  follows exchanges  which  have
been going on between Washington.
London ac|l Ottawa, in which Secre
tary Root first formulated a detailed
plan  of adjustment,  which upon  its
receipt  here  was forwarded to Ottawa
the letter's reply only having recently been received. A high colonial official said to the Associated Press today: "We know now that both sides
desire to clear up tho slat/', to
use Mr, Root's own phrase In
one of his communications, and we
bave reasons to believe that this will
;it least be partially accomplished before the assembling of the colonial
conference in April.
Mr, Root's plan for settling the questions between the United States and
Oreal Britain was brought to England
by Sir Mortimer Durand last May,
since when no time has been losl in
working towards a final adjustment.
After Mr. Root's plan had been referred by the foreign office to the colonial office, lhe whole question was submitted to Canada as it. was felt that
the latter must indicate the lines of
acceptance or dissent. The imperial
government made certain suggestions
but did not seek to lay down the law
to the Laurier government, which wa3
considered to be best able to judge.
In due course Canada's reply was received disclosing a real desire to
reach an agreement as wished for by
Secretary Root, but Canada wauls
not so much monetary compensation
for waiving any interests as a national
quid pro quod for anything she may
have to give up. The questions to be
settled include pelagic sealing. ;!��� ���
lakes fisheries, the Canada sea fish-
eries, the diversion of water po\ .
from the St. Lawrence aud he dlvi
slon from the boundary rivers.
These and other quest! ms are not
of first rlass Importance, but thej m ij
become so at any moment and rea i in-
able prudence requires their adjustment. The matters to be dl icusse 1
also include n number of individual
claims which the executive branch approves but whicli congress left unpaid.
Regarding the mosi Importanl ques
tion the one relative to pelagic seal
lng, the proposal of the United SI iti i
unds to an arrangement bj which
Canada shall have a share In
catch in the Prlbylof islnn Is, in w.l
al present she has no share provl ling
I elaglc  se illng   i - ,disconl inue I
Aberdeen, Scotland, Jan. 17    Jam i
Bryce  bade   farewell   to hi    con
i iiis this afterno in al me
\'   rde       which
trict   lie  represented  in the h m
��� ions, i i irlng hi - -��� eech Mr. B
s lid  he  wa    leavln    hi Ire
land bei      e it hn
hi    prevl '    ���
the peopl the  Unit   I
In      , ial a Ivan-
n ge for li
i ' thi ho two
that '     e lend
Fresh ant I e al  Reii li
11 un i.
rap   .
;/l^,?t*.'/. ., 1
���     fi _    FT- ���, r >���
^ Si
J ��****������������.**���*** &<r44 4V .'���*'
li in  vou li ive  b sen :-
r, without adding to the
>n selling price.
���f /our Sltsemin tlafin't sell." M��l    ill " llulrtors let m Know,
ectnc Kaieway service i
^^\-:'^..':.-i  . t-*|
Se ond Hand Store
Inter urban   Line.
Cn       tor Vancouver and    way
��� ���������I i   -. ill   run  every   halt-
hour froi i "' !i0 a. m. to 11 p
,:��� 7:30 an I 8:30
Half  hourly  ears  will
om   Central    Park    lo
' nly.
Clt)   Li   its Line   3en h e
6 15 a.m. I    Up m.
'-' "    ' ' e..'--.Mi II ali   '���
und - and & and 1.
'.10 Minute Srrvicn during re ,
malnder ol day. rran ��� al j
Leopold Place.
Gunday   Service   half-hourly   I ���   ?
���   ��� tr
/   V.
- v, een S a.m. and  11 p.m.
Sapperton  Line.
15  Minute  Service
in. to  n  p.m., oxi  pi  between *
12 and  2, aud a  and  7.  during ��
which hours the i e -.    ��� will be S,
half-hourly. ��
Sunday Service   bait-hourly be- ������>
tween 8.30 a.m. and 11 p.m. f,
. &&&;������'':'-* ''  i   ���     ...I,   :'. -ni ,- J*S
.  ���   ���        THE Wi ST
.- ���
.  2. .
Sole Agents fox New Westminster
\ I  ..     fo Co!i.:tmfoiis Electric Ry. Co., I
i4J��     . ;r->U>ii>*��H��t��H04��C'tt-r'<:'-    - �����**
jj  l/'-FLSINO./jr.^The Leading Shoe Store
nd Hand Goods of
all   kinds   bought   and
sold for rash.    All Mail
promptly attend-
Kindly write or
call at
:; peck's
Man on Wheel.
New Westminster.
Phone 275 1DD    ��� !/% I 1 J 1     I^JIHIO
'AN- 13. -v
Special BUnd at Special Price
V .Coring  out  for   stocktaking
per lb.
j* Public Supply Stores
Blatter friended f*ir this column should be addressed, "Social Bditor, Daily News. P. 0,
Box 402, New Westminster.*'
'Phone   105.
fPhone   105,
New Wellington Coal
Mayers .& Preston
J. W. Creighton
X*. O. Box   345
Mrs charleson entertained at afternoon lea yesterday.
Br. Dougherty is spending a f^W
days in Spokane, having taken an
American patient from the Hospital
for ihe Insane to that city.
Walter Cotton, who has been spending the holidays at his home in this
city, will return to Calgary in a few
.1. Arnold, a wharfinger at the C. P.
\..  li'i'i   yesterday  on :i  visit  to his
brother at Victoria.
Griffin Fletcher, v,"no Vecfintly arrived in the city from Lacombe, Alta,
has been taken to St. Mary's hospital
to lie treated for a severe attack of
la grippe.
.lolii vcr was a passenger to Salmon ai..i yesterday afternoon,
Rev. B, Sand. Lutheran minister,
was a passenger to Mission City yes*
terday afternoon.
.1. Reid, manager of the Westminster
Iron Works, is laid up al his home.
Miss oiivi-r. oi Columbian College,
lefi yesterday afternoon to spend the
'\i<i; end will her parents al Hani
\\ iiiiam Rmiii iniv ��� i in the < itj
yesterda; from Moosejaw, and went
oh in Ladner where he will visit his
uncle Jamei  Rudd of that place,
'Phone   105>.
'Phone  105.
The  Rev,  J.  H. P�� uli, O.M.I., of
Revelstoke, arrived in the city yesterday on a short visit to the other members ol the O.M.I, order at the Si
Louis college, and is at present a
guest at  that  Institution.
Clearance   Sale
The low prices prevailing on Women's and  Children's Clothin
in our Ready-to-Wear Department have ma/ 6 tnat department the
center of attraction during the opening '\ay 0f our Clearance
Here is another attractive list ��� A ,)rjc,.s ()n K,)((ds p,aced
bargain table for this week end.       You will find every articli  .���...,���������
buying now, even if not needed at once.
Misses' Cloth  Skirts  for  $1.50
In only, Girls' Skir's made of servicable Cloths of Dark
regular prices IS.TJO to $3.25 SALE PRICE each         $i-r
S15   Capes  for  $3.95
To any Woman who desires a warm wrap tor anj   wi    ,.
lng, we recommend these Capes.    Thej are nol exactlj
thej  are of the best cloths for wear thai can be produced
are   Golf Capes, others are Velvet   Capes   and   Sealel v  Canes
regular prices $10.00 toJ15.no SALE PRICE each        $3,9;
Ladies' Golf   Blouses   for   $1.*��5   each
^ fine garment for this cold snap, in tact    for    an;   kind   1
weather.    Thej come in all colors; some are open In fronl 1
are closed;  regular values $2.50 to $3.00.   SALE PRICE each $1.95
I'n only, Ladles' Fancy Go!1 Blouses; regular price $4.00.
SALE PRICE, each       $2.75
2 dozen Ladies' and Misses Sweaters, Red,  Navy  and
Laced  front;   regular  $2.00 SALE PRICE, each    $i:0
:i dozen Boys' and (Jirls' Sweaters; regular prices 65c to 75c
SALE PRICE, each   'cc
Three lines of Ladles' Blouses al 50c, $1.00 and $1.95.
All the Leading Lines, put
up in suitable packages for
The   Holidays
several blocks in the city and adjacent to it that
are worth your attention.
Eleven acres, cleared, facing on Sth  Ave.
Price $5000,1-2 cash, bal. in one year.
Another 11-acre block, lying north of Queen's
Park, on 6th Ave  $2500
Four acres on 8th Ave only $2000
31-2 acres on First St., adjoining the city.
$1100. About $600 cash, bal. easy.
Columbia Street, next Bank of Commerce
officer Stevens, who was travelling
on the Owl  train  which  was wrecked
ai Bellfngham two days ago. returned
to  New   Westminster yesterday morn- |
Ing, and was again on duty last night.
John  Perry returned yesierday from
a   two  weeks' holiday  al   Vernon.
R.  W.  Crier arrived  from    Whon-
nock yesterday on  a  visit to  friends
the ^L^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
An  enjoyable  sleighing   party   was   TRAVELING SETS
held last evening by the members of'
the Baptisl Young Peoples' Union and   TOILET SETS,   Etc., etc.
a number   of   their    friends.    They
drove away out Into the country and A good supply at
reached   home  aboul   midnight.
doz. only, Ladies' Flannelette Blouses ;  regular price 65c
SALE  PRICE, each    5Cc
doz. only, Ladies' Flannelette BIoue
<s; regular price $1.50 i<> J.."*1.
SALE PRICE each  $1.00
doz. only, Ladies' Lustre Cashmere,
Flannelette   Blouses;   regular   prlci
$L'.."iii to $5.00,
SALE PRICE, each    $1.95
at this "advt." UNLESS you want to buy the
Two lots, lorely garden, magnificent situation.
Price $2,050
Terms 1-3 cash, balance any ��Id time.
This will be worth $3,000 in April.
Ladies' Black   Underskirts   95c each
Ladles'   Double   Drilled Black   Sateen    Underskirts;    regn
price $1.50,     SALE PRICE    95c
Ladies- alack and Colore.1. Moreen Underskirts;  Double fill
regular price $3.00 to $3.50 SALE  PRICE, each    $2.2-:
Ladles' Black Moreen Skirts,  with  patent    Hand;    something
new and convenient;  regulai- price $3.75. SALE PRICE, each $2.~:
W.SXollisler & Co.
Matsuda Is Heavy.
The Japanese mat    artlsi    who Is nDlir   empr I
training at the fire hall for his coming UKUl*   o/L/nc,
Struggle   with   Swanson,   of   Nanalmo,   Ellard Block, -        New Westminster
i received a severe shock hist evening.   ..	
when   he   discovered  thai   he   tipped
the beam at  lis pounds.    The condi-  \\f     f^J      DfrtiriPr
tions of the match, which ls to lake   ��� ��� ���   ' ^����   ���-'��� Clj^lCi
place  on   the  24th  inst.,  call  for ihe r    f*    I rt
men  to   weigh in  al   140 pounds,  and; "* *-���  *-ancl
consequently Matsuda will have to do Surveyor
some  hard   work   In  order  to  reduce .
the   .-uporiluoiis   weight    which   he   is    Ellard Block.   New Westminster, B.C.     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_
carrying  around     with     him.     Apart    __ '
from being overweight, Matsuda is in _      ^^^^^j.*.*.*.*.^**.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.**.*.**********.****
.,   ,*�����***���������*���������*���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������**************
fine  condition, and  is confident thai   4-444444444+44*4+w**wvwwvww"*'*-'"*
'-," will down the "Nanalmo lad" with-
I 0111 any trouble. He has been training steadily, his principle opponent
hei ��� being Arthur Wise, who is several pounds heavier than he is. and
gives the Japanese a tough struggle
before he is finally pinned to the mat.
Malins, Coulthard & Co.,
Increased Powers.
Washington, Jan  18.   Congress will I
be asked to give the interstate commerce commimssion increased pow ts
lo enable I hat  body to deal  with such
^^^^ >^^^^^^^^^_^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_^^^^^^_Blliergencies
Real Estate, Financial and Insurance Agents, regard to h    car shortage question.?
Columbia St., - - New Westminster B. C. T1'" co",m'ssloini has n'���^y submit-
ted to i he President a preliminary re-
 port  of  lln.'   Investigations   made   bj
some  of  its  members   in  the   X>n-tn-
a>>:����o>x<i>>>:��:o:^^^ wesl lnt0 "''  mntter-and" B00n wil1 j
fa, V.  submll recommendations.  When theai   ���
>: //T| f^        t      *        ti m I M ���*'   'il('  M':"l>   ""' Presmenl   wi"  Prepare   J
|   Tiie Besl is the Cheapest   l ^��=r��� ��� \
F. J. HART 8t CO. Ltd
Rrferenct:  BANK   OF MONTREAL
New Westminster, Vancouver, and Chiiliwack, B. C.
The obi rule works both  ways  if  you  gel   your  dental   work
clalistB of many years' experience,    We employ no others,   Their    'fa
work, accomplished with the aid of the "Boston Dentists'" patented painless methods, Is the besl   known  to the profession.    Our
gold and porcelain crown and bridge work cannot be equalled any-
'.'.In re al any price.    Lei us give you an estimate,
fa,  sab' ai  Reichenbach's,, 6c per pound.
We Guarantee all Our Work for 10 Years With a
Protective Guarantee
Real   oltl-faahione I   sauerkratii   f ir  ���
Read Our Prices���They Never Change
'fa i
Full  set of teeth $5 and up
Cold Crowns    $5.00
Bridge Work, per tooth... .$5.00
Gold Killings..
Silver Fillings.
Extracting,.  ..
$1   and  up
407 Hastings St., Vancouver, B. C.
Hours 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.  .DR. A. R. BA KER, Consulting Dentist.
We Invite a careful perusal of the following and  respectfully
Call for particulars.
illclt   your huslness.
Wi   write  Fire,   Life,  Accident,   Plate
 id   Marine   Insurant e  In  rell
a  le companies,
About   ' ' R  AGENCY   DEPARTMENT.    We
i ollecl   rents  and   Interest,   and   man
pi operl les  and  estati s   for  nonresidents.
We i ransacl a general real < state
business covering the whole of the
Lower Mainland of British Columbia,
loan money on Improved property al
from six to eight per cent., according to size and term of loan. We
handle nothing hut conservative securities.
About "' l! CONVEYANCING DEPARTMENT. Heeds, Mortgages, Agreements of Sale, Lenses, Partnership
Agreements, General Conveyancing,
nnd all mailers requiring the services
ii ,i Notary Public promptly attended
t\ i  ...��� :       ance Co., i    II
Uli      Vi    irance Co., Ltd., Lond m
w.   ti  n   '.    irani e Co., Toronto,
London   Vssurance Corporation
Manitol a  Fire Insurance Co.
r I. iflc < 'ousl Fire Insurance Co.
Sun Life  Assurance Co., of Canada.
I'nite | States Fidelity & Guarantj d
Ontario Accldenl Insurance Co,
Lloyd's  Plate Glass  Insurance Co.
Travelers'  Insurance Co.
B.C. Permanenl Loan & Savings Co.
Dominion   Permanenl   Loan  Co.
Colonial  Investment and   Loan Co.
Pacific Coast steamship Co.
fl e tmlnster Trusi & Safe Dei osll Co.
Secretarial office of;
Westminster Masonic Temple Co, LI
Western Sit ami oat Co.,   Ltd
S. P, (I. In  Foreign  Palls.
217-219 Columbia St.
F. J. MART  &  CO., Limited
���ww^m^,,,,,,.,,, ������������������������������������������w����tiW4��WWWW4WW4Wtt<;
^u *-*.-.. ,,^,av.^.J.JL*w


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