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The Daily News Feb 14, 1907

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demerits Made at Annual Meeting. Last Evening, Show
That  New Westminster  Has  Entered Upon
of Prosperity-New Officers Appointed.
Citizens   of   Border   Town  Are   Deter
mined  to  Have a  Gsnerel
an Era
residi at, VV.  Gilley.
ice-president,  .1.  A,  Cunningham,
ecretary, A.  E.  While.
President, the status of Xew Westmin
;    a ^es'h water port, had been
^^ established by the large shins whtnh
foe three above named gentlemen   bad  been loaded  with  lum
fcr,. chosen  as the chief officers  of   f .,..,.,. R[ver
i     I of I ra !���  al the annual meet-   h
held      -    evening,  when ,,   |arge   ,.i]ie   ba],
:   .   of   the   members  turned   oul
. .: a i   the  meeting.    In  addition
he  ��� lection of    officers,    reports
red   from   the chairman of
..  lo is committees, and  In evi .
������   the  reports  were of a mos*  en-
... nature.   Beycnd the rei    .
irta and  the electing of ol
-.   ml)   a  .small  amouni   of busi-
' ansae e I,
i rei ., White was the vli Mm of
iny a .:.' y jest on the part of his
|low   members, who    congratulated
jt>(.'r ai  ���
mills,    ii was necessarj.
however,   thai   lhe   channel  al   Ann:.
should  be   made  deeper in
lei io ;,i (ommodate the higge I ve
eli   . (lo it,     The gi od ju Igmenl  an I
: Pii ;���  [ti gers I..ol had a ��������� a
deal   io  do  with   ihe   bringing   In
I hi se  large  vessi Is    -a:'. .;.     through
��� he i i.i r, and a greal  ileal of < n 11
dui   to him, a - w< 11 as to the pilot
oard,  n bo ha i   woi ked hard  In  the
hi sl inten 3ts of the city,
The great utility of the market, thi
i one in the province, was m-xt re-
fi rrod to, and the    importance   of ii
clean;.' shown ��� ihe presidem. W'ii'.i
ion the outcome of his recent trip j reference to the gradual development
Ontario. Considerable amusement of the country, the B. c. E. It. line to
i caused bj the secretary reading Chiiliwack was touched upon, and thi
wrong minutes, and when he dis- great advantages which would natur
tred    and    explained his     - '
Blaine. Feb, 13.���Despite the chaotic
condition of the Roper murder case,
the officers are constantly adding new
llghl to the complicated situation. Ai
im; rate, the affair will result in the
purging of Blaine of the worthless
iters  thai   have   been    ha ". Ing
ar id  thai city for some i i ne
T.'.i  underground railway between the
li ted districl and certain saloons
ii] town   will  be  declare I  a  nuisance,
a ' the man or w iman who has b
- ��� atlj  located In the tenderloin
������ v.ill In ve to seek newer fields,
�� len     ie free and easv lif I    toll
a    I
. en are ni w in the county
jail as suspects in ihe Roper murder
ci se, Dell, Watts and Lange, and be-
i'i thi ('lose of the week the number is likely to be increased. Jusi
where the lightning will strike is not
known al this time, but it is learned
from a reliable source that at least
one more arrest will be made in connection with the case. Sufficient
1 vldenc    is said to be at hand to con
cernments on the B. C. Election Move
Calgary Albert?.n to Give
iti Views.
.1. J. V'oung, ol the <'i;!^;'i\ lb raid,
ga.o a Winnipeg reporter some of the
n-i.al brand of Tory hot air about the
election In ihis province, and is called
dpwn for so doing by the Albertan in
;;; article from which we quote a few
On Monday night, in the ordinary   will   Bhortly   commence
way,  the Albertan    received    a  des-   ol a big plant for the purpose of manu
i   nl. from Winnipeg containing a re-
Capitalized at $200,000, New Industry Will Shortly Com-
mence Manufacturing Article That Bids Fair to
Displace Present Leather Heel���Local Men Interested.
The Fraser River Laminated Wood block to heavy pressure. This iro-
company, limited, capitalized al $200,- duces a block of cross ply material
000,   recently organized   ln   ihis  city,! whlch   "rH1   "0|   Bnooh   nor  s>,li!' nor
the  ( rection
tactuiing woodf n heels
ters of the company, Walter Kills and
John Davidson, have approached a
number of local men with a view to
selling some , ;��� die Bto<... and ha-.e
met with considerable success. The
wooden In el is built In la re:.-- or lifts,
exactly in tbe same manner as a lea-
lowever,'ho   ther  heel, and is;  very  much lighter.
Calgary  Herald  has  nol  only   publish-   qwj
i     the opinion but featured It, which
seems to indicate thai  the gentleman
will ii shrink or swidl under the se*
wrest conditions of pressure, hea; or
moisture,    li is extremely strong and
rnarkable Interview with J. J. young,
o! the Calgary Herald, upon the result of the British Columbia elections,
Thi opinion expressed was so unusual
: I ������; this paper deride i i hat an Injus-
tici bad bi en done to an Al rta cit I-
zen and accordingly declined to re-
pioduce the statement
The promo- very light. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_
This method of construction practically does away with the "grain" of
the wood so that the blocks or heels
can be pared and trimmed by revolv-
iii; cutters in anj form or direction
without tearing.
Heels can be manufactured li     his
i lethod   w hen   made  al   the  rate  of
ring   io  the   lessened   COSt, there   Is   ��� >,000 pairs per day, al n cos!  of less
no doubl in tbe minds of those active-   than one cenl per pair.    This is bas-
  !;.   connected with the enter;,rise, that   cd on logs at $7 per .M., which is con
interviewed was nol only properly re-   t]]e article will have a ready sale, and . siderably  higher   than    the    preseni
ported but  that he is   proud    of the   ���-- - ^^^^^^^���
v.i ; la he used. i
error, a j ally   result   from   the   opening   up
rrieil motion was made that the sec-   thii   section of the country were de
ry be forgiven on account of what . tailed
recently happened to him.     The   line to Porl Moody had  been aband- j
etarj was forgiven, oned for the present, but the speaker.
wo new members, D.Grossman and   still   had   hopes that   the  line  would
tain M. N- Garland, wwt duly el-   bi   buill later.
I, .\ : '��� communications were on      A ci0Sing reference to the good feel-
I tiding a couple from .1. li.   ing wn|cn llil(1  illwi|VS existed anion?
ner.;.. M. P., the first read having   the members of ihe board, and an ap-
rence to tbe slaughtering of hor-1 pveciation of tin ��� different chairmen ot
committees closed
Buffering from glanders.   Mr.Ken-
had :;i '.viewed the heads of the
artnients with regard  to  granting
lueusation for horses destroyed bj
|i i reterlnary surgeons, and
oi ��� :   ba   the departmenl did not
at the matter in the same llghl as
ne era horsemen whose animals
been  slaughtered.     The authori-
ii ,i that a  horse slaughtered
I  isi   li   had   glanders   was  worth
^ ii'.--     nothing at  all. and conse-
;'     they could  not   see their way
���;���: lng a large sum of money    ,];,,,,  will,  money and  made ide
[compensation.    After reading, tie   tiers.     In  concluding hi
vict one of the hunch of a crime suf-
��'    ficient for a jury to be  warranted in
sendin? him to the slate penitentiary
It  was a pity that the train | for a term of years.
The bloody coat and hat alleged to
have been found at Blaine form an
important link In the case and may
lead to the placing of the accusation
where it belongs. The citizens' committee is not ye satisfied with the
results thus far obtained in lhat line,
and the besl expert that money can
hire will examine tbe coat and hat to
determine the faci as to the presence
of human blood and kerosene.
b able address
which was listened to with atten ion
and loudly applauded at the close.
The  various   committee    chairmen
were then  called upon in turn to re- i
port, imi several of ihem being absent,
their   reports   will   be   received   at  a i
in his interview Mr, Young maintained that the victory of McBride
In British Columbia was the mosl
hopeful sign In Canadian politics
since the defeat of the Conservatives
iu IS74, after the Pacific scandal. 'The
le&son thai the Conservatives learned
at that time they remembered and
profited by for is years, when thej
wi  ���  turned 'town not on account of
e article will have a ready sale, and , siderably   higher    than    tin
| as a matter of fact, a large firm has   value.
already promised    to   buy    immense!    Mr. Davidson
quantities of these heels as soon as
lie;,   are placed  on  ihe market.
The new heel is made from ve: ei r
cut by the ordinary veneer cutting
process from around the log. There
Is by this method, the least possible
waste of material, and that the product is cheap, is evident from tb.'
fact   that  fruit  baskets, the cheapen
  nown manufacture of wood, are maib
corruption,  but   because of the incap-1 t,.om ma��� ri:,l cut in this manner.
ar iiy  of their  leaders.
"This  is
attended the meeting
Ol the board of trade yesterday evening, and showed samples of the new
heel to the members present. A special meeting of the council of the
beard had been held last week, when
the enterprise was fully discussed
and approved of. Among other details
supplied by Mr. Davidson, was the
tact that the daily pay roll of the company would amount to $396.50, and
that a force of 1G!> men would he em-
The most   suitable   wood   is cotton-   ployed wheu the company's plant was
It would take
subsequent meeting.
. W. J. Mathers, chairman of agri-
cull ire, had ;; pleasing resume of the
year's work to present, and alluded to
the great influx of settlers from the
NoriInvest,  who came here  well  sup-
1 set-
don yesierday morning for Liverpool,
en route to tbe United States. A big
crowd of   distinguished    people   saw
them off.
��� ' Ighl rates from Seattle to New
Westminster had also been reduced,
partly through the effort of the board
i statement which In the j wood and alder, both of which are un-, in full working order.
light of recognized political morality suitable for ordinary sawn lumber. j about six months for the necessary
and Canadian history has a most un- These woods abound by Uie Fraser buildings to be erected, and the mach-
usual sound. It must be remembered j river and can be obtained in sufficient ! inery to be placed in position, and
in the beginning that the government ; quantities for a very large factory for ! some little time to get everything in
which has received the sanction of the I an Indefinite number of years.    The   good  working order, but    everything
cost   is  low, approximately    one-half   should be in operation within a year
that of fir or cedar logs. j at least.     Patents  upon the wooden
The process of making this heel is j heel had been obtained in nineteen
by building op sheets of veneer, whose j countries, and the leading manufac-
surface has heen coated with a water-i ture^s of England hud endorsed the
proof cement, crossing the grain of ! idea, and announced their inte:.'ion
each sheet at right angles to the one j of using it as soon as it was placed
subjecting    the Ion the market.
On the Way. I people and indirectly  is the cause of
Mr. and Mrs James Bryce left Lon-1 this   fine   outburst   was  the   McBride
government, the hero of the Kaien
Island episode, the most corrupt political transaction that has been brought
',.,.. ��� the public since the overthrow
of the Tapper administration in 1906.
The success of such a base and abso-   below   it, and   then
lutely   dishonest   government   Is  the j ~~*~ ���--
ray  of light to tbi.s righteous editor
Mathers  predicted
aimer year  as
'-. S   ordered   file I.
���  from   Mr.  Kennedy,   regards  agriculture For the   province
|< ace ' ' the board's endorsa-   of British Columbia,
i request that a gram  be ask-I     j, q. Taylor reported for the a lver- |
from  the  government  for  the
I committee, and the rates /were now the) who  has  seen   no corruption   In
*    ' I same as io Vancouver.     Dealing with   i   inservative   party   foi
post  1     facilities,    Mr,    Cunningham
pointed out  thai   they  had been bu
cess! il in -ecuring the transportation
of mail matter on the evening trains
Using committee.    The members had   from Seattle.     \��� regards free deliv-
that   he
with  the
ii lon which is;,, be held   i,een very active and their efforts had j ery, there were still many difficulties
Seattle in 1909, was also tiled. Mr.   |)r0Ughl results.     Advertisements    in j ;,, be overcome, but he level I    naki
the Monetary Times had brought good :
results,  Mr. Tailor cited the case oi
i realist  who had recently  written
asking  for Information concerning rt
\ er frontage.
James   Anderson, fisheries
pniiciy  merely   intimatin
��� a   the   matter  up
P     - ; ��� Ottawa.
J. '.'��� ;ham, hon. se retary of
'������ ��� League of Canada, Toronto,
i-a-   o shipping Interests on the
e party for the last 35
year Lei Mr. Young, or any other
i, mention one member of the
-. . * Ottawa administration who
has been associated with one dishonest Iran sua ion. who has been proved
to be in any way corrupt or dishonest, ide cannot give a single Instance.
Vet the McBride government lias been
Operators    Will     Receive    Extra    Pay
Fro-n March 1 ��� Were Preparing to Strike.
Refuse   :o   Pay   Insurance   Until  Convinced  That  Mr.  Montgomery     4 <
Is   Really  Dead. �����^
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^       coma,>i
and on the high seas, was   tee,   reported   having   bad   an   inter-
f' ������'���   nnd   the  secretary   in-   view with the minister of marine and
���    act in the matter.
���   ��� : from the RoyaJ commission
I       usporl ttion, suggesting the es-
of na lonal ports for ships
P   dflc coasl ports, was re-
"  ; ri ns] ii tation   i immit-
'������      power to act,
eading o   the < ommuniea-
fisheries at Ottawa. The result of
this interview could not he made pub-
| lie jus; at present. Strong influences
were al work in ihe east with a view
to inducing the government to adopl
the recommendations of the majority
report of the fisheries commission, but
Mr,   Anderson  was   hopeful   that   this
more headway    during    the   currenl   __      	
.,'.:.    At this point, Mr. Cunningham   tainted and  polluted   and   disgraced,
i I . :i |   a   bulky  typewritten manuscript   which   he  threatened to  read.
Fortunate:', for the members, this wi -
unnecessai    and  Mr. Cunningham -
: ti ied his seat amid applause.
The se in tary's    reports    will    be
made  later in   the   year,   Mr,   White
having      good excise to offer for no  j what   remarkable,
having his repoi t rei      '  ��� the i nnual
The  nomination   of office
sident, i). S. ('urn-, cai-   would not be done.
-       tsell   to present   his re-1    j,   \. Lee, whose sphere of actlvl-
'���   pasl   year.    The  report j ties had been devoted to the enrolling
ral   nagei   ol  typewritten   ol  new members to the hoard, regret-
Ip    k bich Mr. Curtis read o f
tai   he  had   been   a
of I      bo n i  since ll s Inci  i
���a  ;    .   , nd that, of the original
nbers,        .   five   were  ai   pros, n1
:.      The   board
de 1    |    ,    i a    real help In the
ling    ii   the  city,   and   all  the
' lianl      . i ���.       .|  bard  to In Ing
the   pn .-,������ '   pro iperous  condi-
irren     eai promised to
 ���   i, ments   thnn   ha 1
��� .oa"!  possible  by  the  mosl
���   i   j ears ago,  and
> i thai he could not bring forward any
statistics, on account of what hn ! happened to Mr. White, but he would try
to have them rt adj for the next meet
.1.  W.  Creighton, on legislation, W.
A. Vanstone, on municipal affair.-, and
'I .1. Trapp on roads and bridges, all
gave condensed reports of what ha 1
been done during t'M-ir term of office.
W. Gilley, navigation committee,
stated thai only a lew things had been
n 'iied  to   that    committee.      one
     tiling which he wo ild like io see don I
'    'ii,,; great  things to come toi was the closing of the middle of the
within the next  twelve months,   arm of Lulu Island, in order to divert
0|a!  la., i factories  would  be es-j the stream water Into the Anuieville
Ished in the city, and the pay roll   bar.    If this channel were closed up,
New Westminster would be greatly | two thirds of the water would flow
r��ased  iu   consequence, ' through  Anuieville    bar.  and    would
'r.  Curtis  touched   at   some  length ] greatly   help   to  deepen   the   channel,
while" lhe other third would be diverted into tho north arm.
Secretary White inquired whether
the closing of the channel would have
any effect on Annasis Island. Mr.
Gilley replied that he did not think so,
and the governmenl intended to construct wing dams there in any case.
.1.  A.  Cunniiighem, of the transpor-
on the question of labor, which, he
11,1 ''ad  been discussed in  tbe  board
"in   op  several   occasions.      ".Make
ls a white man's province," was thi'
''""'''   Of    his     remarks.      Dealing
ltn the nominations for officers, Mr.
"'tis suggested the placing of a man
;'"h Ptenty ���r time at his disposal at
head  of the  hoard   of trad",  and
mentioned   lhat   it   would   be  ad- , Latlon  ami   postage  committees,  gave
1 "'  to  allow  their  future  presl-1 a short account of the difficulties his
i       �� have sufflclen! funds to enable ! committees had contended with dur-
' further the  Interests of the [ing the past year.
"'' had  decided to retire,  as   between Winnipeg
: " -  he could not spare th"
'';"��� I to his numerous duties,
ast ye; r, continue;] th;.
The frelghl   rales
and the coasl  had
caused them a lot of work, but be was
��� that the Diitisli Columbia iner-
chants would  win  their point.    The
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ followed tbe reading of the reports, W. Qfi-
I '.'��� being nominated by M. W. Min-
thorne, and D. S. Curtis by .Tames Adders ������.!. for th - pn sidential chair. Both
gentlemen declined ihe nomination,
and considerable persuasion had to
he -I'd , fore Mr. Gilley was final-
1 - induci d to stand fo." ��� lection. Mr.
Curtis i ��� itel declined to se; ve
again, Finally, Mr, ', llej was de-
i 'ed elected, .1. A. I lunnlngham
r ipo 'I ;������.;'���    e ;,;. m-.
by .1. A. Lee, .oil Hie appointment wflfl
��� bui.       Sec   '
White was   ���'  ute I to tha   posi-
tlon.   The il ��� :', iial   ��� ���
as Ihe   etirin       '  idea'.
-', ��� ca, -.  ;;,. along  the  members for
the  honor   ihai   had   been   conferred
Upon them.
A lengthy discussion followed ihe
Introducing ,! a resolution hy II. Ry-
al1. asking the provincial government
to remove the lolls from the Fraser
rive;- bridge, several of the members
expressing themselves strongly either
for oi- againsi the resolution, lly request of ihe president, the speeches
vet? not reported, The resolution
was finally laid over until the next
meeting of the board.
Before adjourning, voles   of thanks
were   passed   to   the   retiring   officers,
"For lie's a .lolly Good Fellow," being
sung, followed by lliree times three.
Those present at the meeting were
Ii. S. Curtis, president, in the chair,
|[. Ryall, M. X. Minthorne, Nels Nel-
si n, W. A. Vanstone, A. Munn, W. .1.
Kerr, .1. A, Lee, .1. A. Cunningham, ll.
Purer. .1. D. Taylor, .1. W. Creighton,
nnd lias disgraced  Canadian   politics.
��� I   according to  the  rlj iteous  politician   from   Calgary,   the   victory   c:
such a crew is a  situ ,,;' rem Wi
; tical   Integrity  among 'in-   ; i o de  ���
, the west.
"As an historian Mr. Young It soni
His   summary   <.,
the   political   history   of   the   counti'j
amps him as somewhat original.
'Before the Conservative par y i u t
,;��� teat in  ism', i;  was sunk in inlq lit
cus   eorruplion.     Thai  may   he  news i	
his  historian, bui   it Is on record   San Francisco, and .1. Levin. Atlanta.
\, w Yv k, : ." in t ..-���   ���
i .  per i enl  in  tho     laiiei   of tele
g n ph  ' perators  al    I he    company's
principal offices throughout the coun-
try has I n conceded by the West
em   I'nion   Telegraph    company, the
same to take effi 11  on March I.
The announcement  was made ln a
-  ter from Robert  C. Clowery, president of the company, to the general
.. ���   lnt< odents, B, Bi  oks, \cw York:
T.   P.   Cook,   Chicago;   Frank Jaynes.
thai the crooked work of the administration of that time has only bi en sur-
.--��� i   In   modern   times  by  the  in-
i imoue   Pennsylvania  regime of the
a, -en;   day	
dn   British  Columbia    there    were
parties, one of which had prove i
���   f   base,   dishonest     and     corrupt.
The oilier was U d  :,..
whose personal or pu   Ic life no  ���
ol  advers enl   could bi     i
.���,   : me ���'.   .. ho > a   su q
bj  hone.-.;   men,     Combined with the
i oi r ipi  ad minis tratoi       a      ie Cai
i  Pacific railway,    a    gree'.   and
ing  ��� orporal lon,   u all  rt IH ij
Portland, Ore., Feb.  13.���The news
ihat  the operators    employed by the
\\r. tern    I nion  'i i ���      yi  Company
may strike iu Chicago, according   I ,
local operators, is more serious than I
is Indii ated al Brsl glance.   The Com
un rclal Telegraphers' Union of Amei
b pai I ' w i or th
een   -   '   oiai.'ing In i ll pai  -
i   i ��� Ite I States an 11   supp   ed
n    d i   newhi re In I b   nelgl
of 60 per ���     ital op< r
of the < oun     .     'I bi    in ���
ii led   to   be ex    imelj strong en
. ;���, ��� So "i i and San Francisco,
The union Btrength Is imi nown evi n
i vowedly tint in i    mh< rs,     '; hi
The  hearing  of a  very   Interesting
case was commenced yesterday before
Mr,   Justice  Morrison.     The  plain iff
in the case was Mrs. Montgomery ot".
Sapperton, the defendants, r.'ia Conl 'i-
erate Life Association,    The p..'."i -"
issue is the securing of the ins .        "���<
inon< y ! ; .lames Montgomery, di     is-
ed, who  was supposed   to  have        n
drowned  in tbe Brunette River  while
in  the employ of the  Brunette  Saw
Mill company.    The body was never
recovered   and   when   the   application
was made for the full amouni      the
policy of the missing man, the widow
was met with a refusal on the part of
the insurance company, which did not
consider   that   death   had  keen   sufficiently   proved,     They  paid   the  cash
sir,render  of the  policy,   declining  to
pay  the full  amount   until thi     had
secured   full   proof  of   death.     The
- ��� lent i cl    i ;s for the purposo-'of re-
H  , i -   he fa1! amouni of the pol   y.
��Vhen      i    case  came  up   for  hearing
:���  I I   tg,   bi   b    lawj ������ -   re-
lvilege    of    amending
: ie! lings,   ind the case was re-
man led until  the i exl  silting of the
assize court,
re,  which has used  McBrlde and bis      """ "���" ��-��"*�������������� uunuown even | Police He'd Trumps
corrupt bunch of dishonest politicians, ' ivowedly union i nfbers. There Apparently the letter written by
and which Intends to use ihem in . " '"'' few "��P( '" members. This! ,.,,, Cav to the city council has not
I ire, and foi   the purpose of tui    ��� " ' ": "'" Pec����ar method this un-  been without influence   tor yesterday
lug Its own ends. ion has resorted    to   In   proselyting,   evening, Chief of   Police    Mcintosh
"British    colum:.ia.    for    reasons   Ue 1,nl<jn "composed of two classes
which  need  not  be referred to now,  "'  members,   "ope,,"   members   and
"seen t" members,
In case of a strike the si i tU ��� here
would be paralyzed ln two ways.
First, no union operator would work a
wire on which the "sending" operators
i ho i the tlishonesl party, and though
many people have rejoiced at the Selection made, only one man outside of
British Columbia has been dlscovi re I
v.ho glories in it. and il is no credit
to Calgary that lhal person ��� .
within our boundaries."
Explosion   Kills Two.
paid a surprise visit to Chinatown, anl
took  a  band  In  a  fan  Ian game that
was going on.    The chief took more
than a hand, be took all the Chinese
sports present, and escorted them to
the police station, where a charge of
_^^^_^^^^^_^^���, gambling was laid a.":ii;ist thorn. They
ul of Chicago or intermediate points   wj]j ],<., presented in the jiolice court
wi re not union members.    In turn the ; this morning.   Detective Bradshaw accompanied the e|ief on his unexpected call, and also took a hand in   be
; anion    member   at    any inii rmediate
point    would    refuse    to    handle any
scab" mailer    hied    with him which
Los Angeles, Feb. 13.���Two or more   had been  received    from    Chicago or
persons were kiled and upward of a   fr m a non-union operator at any in-
score more or less seriously injured | termsdlate    point
Portland, Feb.  Fl.���The  second at-
       The second way ! tempt within three weeks to blow up
n a terrific explosion of gas in a res- . would  be in order to break the hack-   a   street car ln  this city was dlscov-
aurant shortly before noon   oday,        bene cd'the strike the Western I'nion c ered  yesterday,  when    a    three-Inch
'I'.  .1.  Trapp,  \V. Coiley,  .J.  Anderson,;     The  explosion    totally    demolished j would probably call    '
W.  .1.   Mathers,   F.   B.   the two-storey brick building, destroy- J side���this city as ������.��,B,J..v���uc, w�� uiscuvereu lying aiong-
^^^^    ^^^ hful | side the  rails  at  Thirtieth  and Glad-
to tne company.
L.   I).   Lusby.   W,  .1.   Mathers,   f.   R. I the two-storey brick building, destroy- iside-this city' as welJV"'h\'r'o,w^   SS """T" '�� C��nta'n "'^
Lyle, Rev. ... S. Henderson, Mr. East-  ing three small business  so, andl- ai, wS^JLl^^'^^^ "" ''    * ^
man and A. F. While. .littering tbe streets with debris. 'to the comnanv. sloue streets_
!������ Clothing
of the
Now, there is only one way to get over this���make
the price so that they will go.
Our loss is your gain.   Read the following and wonder how
wTe can offer such bargains.
26 Men's Suits, fine worsteds and
tweeds, best trimmings, regular
price $20, sale price, the Suit
19 Men's Suits, regular $18, and
good value at that. Sale price
$9.00 the Suit. Some of the
above lines 20th Century Brand.
23 Men's Suits, regular $15���$7.50
to clear the Suit.
15 Men's Suits, regular $12 values,
to clear $6.00 the Suit.
$10 Suits clearing for $5.00.   All
above sizes, 34 to 42 chests.
No Goods on Approval. No Goods Exchanged
Columbia Street,
New Westminster, B.C.
1IUIUL 0N clEmi [iflH
quite as large as that of 1906.
Railways   on   the   Island.
,  Nanaimo,  Feb.   13.���The   C.   P.   R. ,
survey party, working from Nanaimo j
Roosevelt   Regrets   Mistake That Oc-   .,, Alberni( ls now six miles  from  Al-
cu.-red Concerning Withdrawal of     j berni.     The survey  party   working at
Lands Near Bellingham. ! Comox  will  arrive  here  tomorrow  to
I   | make a final survey on th,' Nanaimo-
| Alberni  route near Cameron  Lake to
A  Seattle paper has the  following   determine the best route through that
lasl   word  on the forest   reserve <lis-   district.
[itite   which   has   been   agitating our i    .\ dispatch from Nanaimo indicates
I'he Barnum of Them All. | neighbors across the line. j that the engineering party has passed
FRIDAY, 15th Feb.
'Original Hip; Double Spectacular
Production of '
Uncle Tom's Cabin
Second Hand Store
Olympia,    W'n.,    Feh.    12.���"White
ouse, Washington,  D, (..'.,  Feh.   12.���
the summit between the east and tho
west coasts of the Island, and are now I
making the descent towards Alberni. |
The route from'Comox Is expected to
meet ihe Nanaimo-Alberni route som i
v, here beyond the summit in the Mean
PRICES���  75c, 50c  and 25c.
ats on sale at Ryall's Drug Store
Under the  Management of  Leon VV
More  Grand   Novelties   than   Ever.
Gorgeous Scenery, with Beautiful Elec-  Ho��-   AlbeiM   E-  Mead-  governor    of
trical Effects.    Two brass bunds, two   Washington,   Olympia,     Washington.
funny Marks, two mischievous Topsies. | telegram ol    llth    received.     With-
Genuine Southern cake walkers.    Buck    . .    . , ,    , . .
and  wing   dancer...    Mule  und   female    ,iaAl! '"   lands   '"  townships  38 and
quartette.   Ponies, donkeys and blood-  M. Whatcom county, was a clerical I fort Range.
hound.-.   Wagons drawn by handsome etror,  made  In  absence    of  Pinchot      There is a subsidy for the line from
Shetland ponies.       Grand vision and   ,ram   Washington.     When    attention   Wellington to Comox.
transformation scenes,   Eve  and   her ,,   ,      . ,
golden chariot j (vas ('!lll('11 "' " by yourself and Sena-   ��������� ���������-
Watch  for the  big street parade at  l01  PiIes- n was corrected by wire.   I APPLICATIONS WANTED.
regret iii.it the mistake occurred, and ,	
.nil glad that ll  was i romptly rem   I-
li d.     Ii  is not  in be charged to our
i    :   policy.
Th ��� a'.,ne ;,,,'.. age was re otvi I
lovernor  Mi nd   this   aftern ion      He
the outcome  pleases    him    Intense   .  atul   ��hlle   the    withdraws
��� -'    have    ' en an error, ii  d les nol
'Her   his oplnl m   oi  Gifford   Pinchot,
ml        '   i fori sl re lerve policy
 ovei nm m .    ,,   ,. ... , , ,
Applications will   e   ���    Ived   ,    the
linden Igned  up to 5 p.m., of  Ft I laj
Island Traps. the I5th Inst., to fill a . icanc   on thfi
Victoria, Feb.  13.   Alreadj there la   ('ilv   Police Force,
considerable actlvltj  apparenl among W.A.DUNCAN,
ho e Interested in the fish trap busi- City i"    .
ness  on   the coasl   of  Vancouver   Is-   f'''������' !!;l"- February 1::. 1907.
land.    Those who an- expected to en-
; ige in this Industry, dining the forth-
omlng season, are J. il. Todd & Sons,
Malcolm   Macrae,  Bell-Irving, the Capital City Canning company, and thei    A" PersonB  having claim
ii. C. Packers' association,    i.asi year i ''" late Alf|,'"i Melville Malln
is much as $120,  v is    Biient    b>   <Jue8ted '" ''timi sam" l,|ll!'   '���'
those  concerns  upon   preliminary  op-   l" the undersigned  on  ot   befo
erations, the driving of piles and other   flrst 'l:iy of Marcn'  1907'
ivork connected with tl nstruction ARTHUR MALfNS
ol! traps.     As  the extern   of  the sal
Second Hand Goods of
all kinds bought and
sold for cash. All Mail
Orders promptly attended to. Kindly write or
call at
Applications will be received by the
iinderslgned  up  to   Frlda;.   the   loth;
In    , a   5 p.m., for the position ol a
:si -:nr    to    I be    S ipi i nti i. lenl
\V ter Works.    Salary $70 per month.
Cit:   Clei  .
��� ,-    ii,-;:. Fe . 9, 1917
Phone 275
B. C. Mills, Timber and
Trading Company
Manufacturers and Dealers in All Kinds ot
Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sash,   Doors,
Interior Finish,    lurned Work,    Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glass.
Sign Man on wheel. Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining.
Columbia S'.. New Westminster.!
Royal City Branch, Columbia St.
Telephone  12. New Westminster
He  A.   M.   Malins,  d icea
25c per doz.
to $ 1 a cake
non run did nol warrani the expend!-
217-219 Columbia St. :" -' VQral "' ""' Ai'ms finding thai
ii i 'imts did nol balance favorably af-
W^i      pw Ler ihe crime ol thc lasl fish, they
��� P*l. L-^l^c3g3Sf j !o nol Intend entering Ini i thc llnder-
ES. i_. Lane? ,,,,,. Those who have made a studj
StirVCVOr                    |ol  tha peculiarities of Ihe salmon as-
hi    :������   r'a  run  will  n I
Elian) S'.c^.^    Nrw
;��tmln*ter, B.^..
The  public  Is herebj   notll
I   Captain  Watt, masl ���:   of  I
Chelmsford,  will   nol  l.
toi any debtB thai m ij   ie <
I j   the crew of the i    I
(Sgd.) CAPTAIN V '
umjc,  STORE
The wonderful progress of Canada    I illustrated bv the fact that the
finest Cocoa in the v jrld is made there.
Is the purest and the best and is fast becoming the beverar.e
for o'.J and young.
j Carruthers Manufacturing Com'y.
Manufacturers of
Show Cases, Store Fittings and Bar Fixtures j
; The Carruthers Manufacturing Co�� \
.���-���"* THL'R
SDAY, FEB. 14. 1907.
McQuarrie & Co. beg to notify their many
clients that their office has been removed from
the Fales block, Columbia street, to the Hoi-
brook block, Front St.
0 ��������%%%��%����%�� %V��V��%V��%\��+%��%����%V0
Her Last j
A lias    f
Copyright,   1908,   by   K.   C.   ParceUa   j
Note the Mew Address	
she   Rntri   demurely.     "Toil   certainly
made nn exhaustive study."
"I did not mean to be impertinent,"
he said. "I did nol know tliiit I was
"You were nut," she conceded. "It
was more that I was well, let's say
Clayton flushed. Somehow the girl
had made an Impression on him when
she first came Into the oar. It was
pleasant to think that she, too, hud
Clayton looked up from his book. He j J,1**0 Interested. The thought gave
had not realized that anything unusual r1���00""*?; u"'1 """i*"1 be����re tl;(\y
was going on until a scream from the ^liMd lf tlm ?orter b^an t0 !,rnsh
girl roused him. Two men were argu- tte********* down-
lng with her. She, white faced, hut t')U?ry' ^'e cried. "I did not know
determined, held her ground. that time was pass.ng so.    Me are al-
"There must be son* mistake." she   m��* in ,New Wk'   ,      ,   ,    , .
insisted.   "I am Una Ormonde of De-       ' wlBb we were headed "1" ��'fl"r
trolt.   I am on my way to meet a party
,n,j   one-halt'   acres   betw<
.:.i,. ol  Isl sireet.    Price $2,500.
Kighth   avenue;    south
E   IN   THE
torey   frame;    i;
corner of Eighth and
between    Third    and
lo I "
:      ivater;
, .'���:,',��� 8,       Price   $1,1 ;  $600
. . ������ al 7 per ceni.   Balance
One acre back of the
Orphanage. $800 cash.
For full particulars apply
at once.
��� ' i
:,   Twelfth   sir, et, betwei h
and Third avenue; wesl sidi
full  size.    Price $3,500
sized Lots   between   Seventh
and Hamilton street, easi ol
Eighth street; all cleared and fenced;
large   am on one of the lots. $1,500,
,..: (ash,   balance one year at 7 per
��� ol
2-stori ��� House; 5 rooms finished
downstairs; room for 0 rooms upstairs when finished; 2 full-sized lots;
situati 1 on corner of Fourth avenue
and Twelfth street. Price $1,800;
: ash, balance 6 and  IJ mos.
3 Liots, lacking 16 feet, cornei- of
Sixth s*'' - ' and Fifth avenue. Price
{1 100; ' II cash, balance In 6 and 12
-. nths, at 7 :ier cent.
2 Lots
, :i  Twelfth
street, between
Third   ai
. 1     Fourth
avenues.    Price
:-,.��� f0,   ���
he two.
I !/���! N'o. (', on Fourth avenue, sec-
end lol     "iu Twelfth   sireet.     Price
:':  hall cash, one-half In 6 mouths
at 7 pi     ��� nt.
6 acres, half mile waterfront, G.N,
R   running    through.      $3,460, terms
easj     Investigate.
Two storey house between Fourth
and Fifth avenue, seven rooms Rents
for $15     $1,700.
Another   of   Our   Snaps.
!20 i    ���    near Cloverdale; one ni i
fi om   school.    40  acres croj ped   this
���   -. 30   teres slashed, easily ch are I
Bi sl   praii le  land.    Frame    hou e,   6
 ms, ��� .  tered; large barn, ���:    :.��� ������
'.- . e,    woodsl ed,   etc.,   etc.     Only
$6,4C0, terms easy.
Seven-roomed house, Seventh s'reet.
near Fifth avenue, two storeys, full
sized lot, $1,6C0.
One and a halt lots, Sa, pi rton, just
off Columbia street and Brunette, only
$1,200.    Terms to be arranged.
F ill size !  li ', Ne. 12 Third  av< I  ie
13th strei t, nt rth side.   $300 easy
'.7 lots, full sized on Oth street, in
Burnaby, East side 100 yards from
Cliff  Can   factory.    Price  $1,020.
Telephone   333
2 lots, corner Sth street, and 5th
avenue; size of lot 100x100. Corner
lot, Can be bought at once for $450,
Inside lot $400,    Good snap.
168 acres, Coquitlam, 10 acres clear
ed, near Black's ranch, $2,000.
House and lot, 33 x 100, 1%-storey,
lated   near  Queen's avenue,  $1,150.
It's up to you to stop paying rent.
One hundred and sixty acres X. \Y.
Vi Sec. 15, Township 11, two miles
from Fori Langley, 5 acres slashed,!
No, 1 land. Price, $10 per acre. One
��� third cash, balance on time, 7 per cent,
of friends, with whom I am going
abroad, if I miss the bout, I shall not
only lose the trip, but I shall find myself in New York alone and friendless.
Can't you believe me?"
"We believe the going to Europe part
all right." grinned one of the detectives. "That's the only part that
sounds good to us. Come ahead! We
' can't keep the train waiting for yen."
He laid his hand upon her sin,older.
nnd the girl gave a little cry.   Clayton
"May I c; 1
Snap in Lots. liouse on Royal  and Eighth  street, j
two  storeys, seven  rooms,  full  sized ���,
Three lots, less IC feet, comer ol   lot' $2'0C��.
Sixth  street  and Fifth  avenue.     Just
$1,000,  terms easy. 2Q   acre   ^^    fn]U   ,���n;,g_   ^ j
v..���. . .    ,        ,    .      ,, Junction, $20 pei acre
\ acant lots for sale in all parts of
the city, from $25.00 to $3,000	
1 1-2 acres, between Sth
and 6th avenue and 16th
and 14th Sts.    $500 cash.
Six . ���
SCO each
.  50x150, out.-
let.    Fuller
ide city limits
particulars on'
6-room cottage, Tth Ave.&
6th St., facing Tth Ave.; 2
full sized lots; name of cottage, Cecil; bath room,
wood sheds, peach, apple,
pear and plum trees. Price J
I $1800, half cash, bal. 6&
112 mos. at T per ct.
'60 ai res, Westmlnstt r district, 40
���"res  under   cultivation.   10  acres or-
"���   .   re   strawberries   planted
ear; aider bottom land; running
; nous ��� ;s x 22; frame barn 30
32;   14-post   frame  house   and   CO*
'' '��� '���   ��� three in all, stal le S cows . n
- 8l>un hor ������ ,  di ar .Mission Station;
schools,    ch irehes    near    at    hand;
twia   a   lay: about 100
���'   ''      nber, flr and ci lar, never been
:    - ref; ed   fi r   standing
-  I ige ho��   ���  16  x 24;  hen
Rde i :  hewed timber Lai i In
12 x    0    A chance of a life-
"���    :' i 0, .'.'���in i ash, balance ai 6
Per cent
;,  13-roomed House, with
| j1111'1   L*oom, pantry, scul-
' '^ry, root house ancl wood
d   attached;    electric
fpt; hot and cold water.
f8] ft. front, 280 ft. deep
faore or less). All kinds of
!'":|''- 5 walnut trees, all
fearing small fruit.   Price
Jor   the   whole   $5,500;
terms half cash, bal. 7 per
fent.    priCe of house and
land going with it, $4,000.
1 elephonic communication
with house.
2 lots can be bought sep-
^ately; 50 ft. front, 280
M.eep, $750 each: good
peanng fruit trees; lane on
���fck from 3rd Ave. to 4th
iO acres, one mile from Abbotsford,
10 acres tie*.red, good soil, 220 fruit
trees, price $1,400, half cash, balance
in three equal payments at reasonable
100 acres Improved land, buildings
and sheds complete, near Cloverdale;
al! under cultivation, $15,000. If you
can handle this, don't delay; it's a
bargain; terms can he arranged.
ion acres good farm land in Delta,
about 3% miles from river, near Scott
road, $12 per acre; a real good buy.
1C0 acres. N.E. Vi section 19, town-'
Ship   in.   Langley;    small   house,    30
acres   cleared,    timber   valued   $750.
Price $1,500,  one-third  cash,  balance
at 7 per cent.
House and, 1% lots, 5 rooms, price
$1,375, half cash, balance to be arranged at ii pei cent.: Alice street.
.lames Inlet, three square miles, at j
$6.CC per a-re. half cash, balance easy.
50 Lots 45x120 in Sapperton, overlooking the
Fraser River; between the
Hospital, Distillery and
Brunette Saw Mills, with
school in center; IT double
corner lots, balance front
and well located; all easily
cleared; perfect river view.
Corner lots $125, inside
lots $100. Only 1-4 cash,
bal. 6, 12 and 18 months;
or terms can be arranged
to suit purchaser. INDEFEASIBLE TITLE.
all over the city for sale
from $50 to $3,000.
See us immediately. Tell
us where you want a lot
and we can supply.
CO acres good fruit land in Surrey;
can be bought now for $25 per acre,
only one-quarter cash needed, balance
in one or two years at 7 per cent.,
4S0 acres, Maple Ridge, Sections 2S.
2'J an;l 32, Township 9, one-half prairie, rest brush and some snia!! trees.
Prices; Section 32, $45 per act*". .Section 29, $60 per acre; Section "8, $55
per aire. Telephone at Hammond;
telegraph station, Pitt River Bridge.
Terms, hall cash, balance on* and two
years at 7 per cent.  Exclusive agency,
S i ai :������ ������ of land neai Suthei . ai't
mill, in Surrey; good house, ,; acn -
cleared;  only $1,000, easy terms.
One hundred and sixty acres, N.W.
lA Sec. 25, Township IC, 2% miles
fiom Abbotsford, creek running
through, 50 acres alder bottom, said
to be $C0O worth of timber on the
property. Price $10 per acre, \'2 cash,
balance on time.
Ten acres in Lot 1C3, one mile east
of Westminsier Junction, Al soil, eas- ;
lly cleared.   $30 per acre. ,
Two storied house, 7 rooms, bath,
sewer connections, all modern improvements, splendid locality, $2,800.
Terms arranged.
House, corner of Fifth avenue and
Sixth street, one lot, two storeys, S
rooms, $2,500, half casb.
Boarding house, 20 rooms, on Sixth
street, cne block from post office,
rents at $30 per month, or for sale at
House, eight rooms, on St. George
street, corner Fourth, $2,500; easy
House, full sized lot, on Keary
street, Sapperton; reals for $10 per
mouth.   Only $1,050.
80 acres in Matsqui Municipality, 4-room house,
chicken house; one ac.
cleared; good well, purest
water. $ 1,000. Chance
of a lifetime.
Lot   No.   10,   full   size,   on  Agnes
street,  all  cleared  and fenced,  ready
for building:   a real good speculation   for ��.-,
foi   $600.    Half lot No. 7, $250.
ICO acres in Surrey, near Brown &.
and lot, 50 x 133, back of Coultbard's ranch, $7 per ace; good
facing Columbia  St.    Rents
IG0 acres en the Scot! road, 16 acres
cleared; barn 50 x 30; stables, etc.;
splendid soil; only $30 per acre, $1,000
cash, balance easy.
Between Fifth and Sixth avenues,
near Seventh street, eight rooms, all
modern, -'aide and chicken house, full
sized   lot,   two   storeys,  $1,000  cash,
160 ::..' - In Surrey, 5 acres cleare I,
f( need on ro d si,!". $1,300. half c ish
balance on time at 6 p< ' i ent . su .-
|ect to sale  if timber.
Exclusive Sale
5 acres on (5th St., just
off city  limits.    $1,100,
easy terms.       Fine property   for   subdivision   or i
market gardening, chicken i
ranch or small fruit farm. {
Pari of lot 369, joins Lake Commur,
about Tu acres, only $2", per acre.
Half cash.    .lump.
House and lot on iStli street. Lot 66x
120, ii rooms, woodshedjchlcken hon.-".
$1,050.   Terms easy.
1CH acres, Langley, 25 under cultivation; house, barn, sheds, etc, all Jn
good repair; a snap at $3,000, half
ca-sh. I
1.00 per month. Price $1,200,
half cash, balance tu six months.
You cannot possibly get a higher per-
Rentage for your money than 1', pei
40 acres near .Mud Bay, $7 per acre;
see ns for fuller particulars.
S-roomed bouse, all modern Improvements, fine location, corner of Fourth
streel and Agnes. $5,000, one half
ca h. A comfort:' le home and good
family r�� Bldence.
i |. !r roomed house , all modern
conveniences, on Carnarvon Btreeti ",;
Sixth street, two storeys, $3,750.
fruit  lands;   see  us for  par-
Ill best residential portion of New Westminster,
east end; close to car; 6
large 'rooms and large reception hall; modern in every respect; 2 full lots 132
x 132, all in lawn, laid out
with shrubs and flowers;
tennis court on one side.
Price $2,500. Terms .$600
cash, bal. on mortgage.
House, 10 rooms, I'i lots, near
Fourth avenue and Seventh street,
$2,O0C.   Terms can be arranged.    ���
135 acres, one miie from Huntingdon, B.C., 70 acres :n grass, 15 acres
drained and fenced; house and barn
cost $2,500; good road along one side;
price $50 per acre, half cash, balance
to suit purchaser at C per cent. Rea-
Bon for Belling, the owner's wife is in
bad health, an I ha - to go to a cold
Double tenement hi use, 5 rooms in
each house, water, light, full size lot,
betwi wi Fin' and Si coi I street,
Fourth avenue, on north Bide, Pi;ce
$1,500, half cash, ba) mce In i ae yi t:
at G por cen'.
160 acres, all fenced, ready for f't.
tlvation, good water, half mile from
school, at  Chiiliwack, $75 per acre.
04 acres in Pitt Meadows, only
$35 per acre. One third cash, balance
at C per cent.
5 and 10 acre blocks in Surrey, thr?o
miles from tho river, $10 per acre.
Large lot and two cottages on Columbia street, Sapperton. Both rented
at $10 each. ���
smiled.     "How   do   yen   know   that   1
Five cottages and two lots on First    nm not this confidence queenV"
WHY 1)11) YOU S.EA11C1H  FOB  Mii?"
threw down the book and crossed the
"What is the mutter';'' he asked,
"Why do you annoy this lady?"
"This ain't no lady. She is a confidence queen," said the detective roughly, "llon't you come butting In or
we'll have to run you in too."
"There's some mistake here," Clayton said quietly. "I presume you are
making the arrest on information?"
The detective drew a printed slip
from his pocket and passed it to Clayton. It recited that l.oa Cogswell,
alias Pfeffer, alias Hay. alias Goodrich,
was wanted In Chicago for swindling.
She was supposed to be making her
escape to London or Paris. The description iu n general way fitted the
girl, but Clayton saw that s.ouie mistake had been made, He had been
looking at the girl all the afternoon,
nnd he would have sworn that she was
no criminal. That her distress was real
was apparent.
"This is ali wrong," be said decidedly. ''That description would lit hundreds of women who have passed
through this station today. If.you nr
rest Miss Ormonde, you will be sue,!
for false Imprisonment. I know her
to be the person she says she is."
"One of her pals, eh?" sneered the
detective. "I guess we'd better take
you too."
Clayton banded the man a card.
"If you want to mess things up still
further," he said quietly, "go ahead."
The officer looked at the card. "Got
any letters to back this up?" he de
man,led. Clayton produced sever.'.!
from his coat. The detective touched
his bat.
"I guess we made n mistake," be
said uncertainly. "Sorry we troubled
the la ly. I hope this will go no further, sir."
"It's all right
cureless   answer.
will  cvusi. yo'j,     ^^^^^^^^^^^^
to say."
The girl bowed ber willingness, and
tho two men fill d Bin epl ihly oul of the
car. Arresting n confidem e queen w:is
one thing, Mistaking a friend of the
son of tho i rei nor of tb ��� state wa ���
quite another, .hey wore glad tb ���;
were lei off bo c
ruu turned t i t Inyl in.
"I am \wy mui: llged to you." ?:.c
said softly, "I don't know what I
should bave dono bad they taken me
off the train. | am to sail iii the morning with I'm le ,11m and a party of
friends. Father Bent blm a draft for
my expenses, and i should have landed
In New York without funds or friends
had I been detained."
"I am glad to have been of service.'
Clayton said. "May I sit down hen.
for a few minutes? Vou see. the othet
passengers are looking, and since I go
boldly claimed acquaintance it would
look odd if I returned to my own seat."
"It was a daring thing to do," she
way," be said regretfully.
before you go?" ^H
"I sail in the morning." she said. "I
nm sorry that I cannot say yes. Voi
see, I don't know what plans have
been made for (his evening, and it
might not look well to have you calling
when I cannot explain."
"May I write?" he asked eagerly. "I
do not want to have you slip right out
of my life."
"1 think It would be better," she said
slowly. "I wish you would even forget
my  name.    1    I  cannot explain."
"I'll think of yon as Mile, Alias," be
said promptly, "YVuir double hail so
many names that I shall pretend that
you are she."
Thej bid risen and were standing
on the platform of the Pullman, she
put her baud in his. v
"Perhaps I am," she said softly.
"Thank you so much for your kindness, and goodby."
She had slipped down the steps and
wa- lost In the crowd before Clayton
had recovered from the audacity of
that last speech. He knew that it
could nol be true, yet for a moment the
suggestion shocked him, lie hurried
down the platform after her. but the
boats were just leaving their Blips as
he passed through the gate, and she
was lost.
For weeks Clayton puzzled over that
speech. He knew very well that she
was not the swindler, yet why did she
choose to create that doubt? The more
he reasoned the more puzzled he became. Only one fact stood unchanged.
He loved her.   That was certain.
Business culled him to London, and
there, away from his friends, he came
to his decision. When his business affairs were straightened out he would
go straight to Detroit and see If he
could locate the Ormondes.
But he did not have to wait that long.
He took the bout at Southampton, and
at Cherbourg the passengers from Far-
Is came on board. Clayton, leaning
over the rail on the upper deck, saw a
figure r.scendlnx the gangway that
caused his heart to beat faster.
It could be none other than Mile.
Alias. He hurried down to the lower
deck, but could not find her. and.
though the passenger list gave her
name, for two days he looked for her
In vain.
Then, lute In the evening, n wan little
figure was helped out on deck and established in a steamer chair. Clayton
hurried toward her.
"I have been looking for you for two
days." he said when greetings had been
exchanged. "Where have you concealed yourself?"
"Iu my berth," she explained, "f
have been most miserably seasick.
Why-did you search for me?"   .
"I wanted t" ask you tn become my
wife." he said directly.
"Not  knowing  whether I  11111  a eo:i-
fidence worker or not?" she demanded.
"Knowing in my heart that you ar".
not," lie corrected, "why did you s '���!;
to raise such a doubt?"
"As a test," she said.    "Had you n ���'
believed   in   uie you  would have
Interest, and I wanted io see"��� '
"Are you content?" he asked as ;'������
band closed over hers. "I have never
lost faith."
She spoke no word, yet Clayton knew
that he had won. and he bent ami kissed her. "We shall add Clayton to your
aliases," he smiled. "That \ ,11 be thu
I  suppose,"  was  lbe
"If Miss Ormonde
1   have  ;, .tiling  more
House and 1
it on Agnes street, two I
street, opposite Queen's park.
storeys, seven rooms;
a real snap at j     Full sized lot on Regina street, 06x
I 1.'I2, Lot 10, Sub.  I Lot S. Price $150.
cQuarrie & Co.9 Real Estate Brokers
/gouts for Employ.!* Liability, and Union Fire ftss.itanoe Co. of London.
"That's easy." be declared. "You do
not look the part. I think I am a better judge of human nature than tbe
-haps with the badges."
She bowed her acknowledgment of
the compliment.
"I should hate to feel that I looked
like a swindler," sihe laughed.
"You look more like an angel," he
said daringly and looking Into the clear
eyes. "It was that 'hat first attracted
my attention."
"T  saw  you  looking several  times,"
What Dookd Do.
Books are friends whose society is
extremely agreeable to me. They are
oi' all ages and of every country. They
have distinguished themselves both in
tbe cabinet and in the Held and obtained high honors for their Knowledge
ol' the sciences,    It  is easy  to gain ao-
cess to them, for they aie always at
my service, an i I adii.il them to my
company and dismiss them from it
svb never I please, They arc never
troublesome, bui  immediately answer
,'���.,!���;,��� question 1 auk tbem, Some relate to me lie 'i ids of past ages,
while others reveal ',, me the. secrets
of nature. Some te:.ch me how to live
and others leiw to die. Some, by their
vivacity, drive away my cares and ex-,
bilarate my spiriis, while others give
fortitude to my mind and teach me the
Important lesson how to restrain my
desires and depend wholly ou myself.
l'hey open to me. in short, the various
avenues of all the arts and sciences,
and upon their Information I safely
rely In all emergencies, In return for
uli these services they only ask me
to accommodate them with a convenient chamber in some corner of my
humble habitation, where they may
repose In peace, for these friends nre
more delighted by the tranquillity of
retirement than with the tumults of
society���Francesco Petrarca.
Com piinn- nted,
"What do you thiuk of my latest
poem?" inquired the young man with
Inky fingers.
"It proved that you possess certain
highly admirable traits," answered
Miss Cayenne. "Its composition showed great Industry and Its publication
great mora! courage." - Washington
��� 1
I '
��� '3 F A
Published by the Daily News Publishing Company Llmlti 1. at their
o:t. es, corner of Sixth and Front
stree ts. New Westminster, BC
Managing Director J. C. Brown
What a mistake to use coarse
Salt for cooking ! Fine, pungent
WINDSOR SALT adds such
a daintiness to the food !
inent in the United States, but showing itself elsewhere also, is the harvest from the seed sown in the latter
of la.-t centur; by the wrii Ing -
rei rffiers; Jusi as their writings
grew from those of men who ha l preceded them. I' ts noteworthy, as making  this conclusion  ihe more certain,
Transfeii. display advertising, 10
c-u.f- per iiie nonpariel) 12 lines to
th* Incn. Five ..eLts oer line tor
Fi   wceni  'iisertious.
Reading notices, bold face type, 20
rents per line, brevier or nonpariel, 10
cents per line.
For   time   contracts,   special   posl-   that men are beginning to apply scien-
t',3oVc.P.P,J'of�� ffiSTXKFor   title met is ufpolltioa    Generations
deaths, 50c.   Wants, for sales, lost or have come and gone since thai appli-
found, rooms to let, etc., one cent per ation was first demanded.    Here and
���vord.       N'o advertisement taken for there   on a smal] scale an,, more ()I.
!��   fh',n 25 rents. , .  , , ,.
-~���~^.-~~���. ���,.������~.~^~-~-~~~   less crudely, attempts at such appli-
TEUEPHONES. cation have been made, and now there
Dav Office                                           A22 are s'&ns that the final battles of the
Night  Office B22 if;I!-   campaign   are   coming.
 ��� Acknowledged   detects  in   law   and
,rffflg> , administration  raise  the question,  of
.'..i Sn"#.".I8��; .   ,
" ~.-- ' , cuius,-, ot the constitution of law-mak-
- :n-'  and   administrative     bodies;   and
THURSDAY.   FEB.   14.   1907. .,,,,,,  Ihaf  |)0Jnt  .,  ig bu) g sh()n gtep
tn the consideration of mr systems of
e!e< Ion.
Turning to the consideration of
those systems, we find the opposing
political parlies loudly accusing "arh
other   ol   corruption,   and  demanding
in eh ���: ms. A -i to define a
put r election, the avei age man would
probably say, if he answered accord-
to the conventions in which he
had been reared, "the unbiased and
" oughl ��� \ iression of the will of the
majority," or words to that effect.
That looks all right on the surface,
lull a number of questions very speed-
11}   ruffle  the  surface.,     Majority of
under  the test of universal suf-
ige    alsi :    so called.
The majority must rule Thai Is
ixiomatic���a proposition nol to be
disputed. But wha- majority? The
majorit} of whom? Our present system answers that question in a waj
which is little better than a survival
o the old doctrine of brute force.
What Dr. Wallace anl others are
groping after is a twentieth century
The Globe sfiys, "The Toronto Junction ghosl Is still a mystery. If the
town had not adhered to local option
the mystery might easily be solved."
Premier McBride has our sincere
sympathy. An attack of grippe is
bad enough: but to have the days of
convalescence darkened by the worry
o reconciling the conflicting claims
of a lot of hungry office seekers is a
heaping of misfortune ujKin misfortune  which  almost  calls for tears.
S one has said  that Truth loses
battles never loses a c impa gn;
and aid that
 Freedom's I attle, onc<    n gun
Bi     e, hed   from     lee I ng   aire   to
- i;i.
Thi   -':    i ffle ! oft, is evr won.
���I enl i thi   '   te optimism
accepts, although  it  craves  leave  to
note thai the "campaign" Is generally |
long one, and. quite frequently,,
dies down to such a mere skirmish ol
outposts  thai   many people forget all
o il  it.
We seem to be living in an age of.
.    --.: al of several of these cam-  whom? ,s "n"' and- How ,!o >'���� '"'0'
I .:_���:,,.     Ii is a long time now since   "0Se   t0  obtain   '"'   unbiased   "n''   un'
e ��� .iis accruing to the bodv politic   '   U��W "i,ini"n? iS ano,h' '��� :l11'' a ���*
The Winnipeg Telegram prints a
picture which it labels "Hon. Richard
McBride, leader of the British Columbia Conservatives." It is a picture oi
a nice young man with a smooth face
and luxuriant hair, but otherwise it
:" irs not the faintest resemblance to
Mr. McBrlde.   Such Is fame.
Goldsmith    Silversmith
and Diamond Merchant
Columbia St., Next to Tram Office
FOR    SALE���Good    Jersey,    Durham
cow,  near calving.    Apply Box  I...
Daily News Office.
ery   Depa
���tment, als
0    1
for Store.
One with
experience pre-
ferred.   A
pply VV. S.
& Co.
Dismasted   Vessel   is   Sighted   on   Immense  Ice Floe���No  Sign
Of  Life.
f-om the operations of corporate and
I it cratic greed were first pointed
out; but it is only within a year or
si thai the assaults upon the evils
have heen so pronounced and so prom-
practical one in these days.
The first question. Majority of
whom'.' is wrestled with by a scientist of some note. Dr. A. R. Wallace,
in the Fortnightly Review.     His con-
inent as to attract the attention of the   elusion appears to be that the voters
world.    So pronounced, Indeeed, have ' should include women as well as men, (
these assaults    become    among    our   which Is quite sound, but that no one i
ueighbors   thai   we  are beginning  to   ""'der til years of age lhe prefers 38
hear threats of the withdrawal of cap- j but   concedes   7   years   to   a   possible
ital from  the  United  States: threats   prejudice)  should be allowed to vote.:
with which, on a small scale, a hireling press has made us familiar in
this province; threats which some
twenty years ago, little Xew Zealand,
i'i her greal and lasting advantage,
fo md courage to laugh to Bcorn.
Th- present movement, mos'  prom-
That, of course, is ridiculous; but
ii makes this quite evident���that the
scientific mind of the writer of the
the article, was groping after a solution of the question, Majority of
whom? He recognizes the fact that j
our  system   has  broken   down   miser-'
Portland, Ore.. Feb. 13.���When near
the Falkland Islands on her way from
London, the French barque Fmilie
Oalline. Capt. Amandtizon. ran into a
field of icebergs of immense extent
an I, In groping her way into open
water, the vessel was brought up
againsi one of the deepest mysteries
produced by the sea.
Well up on the side of a monster
berg, Captain Amandtizon saw wedged
in the ice, a large iron barque, about
the size of ihe Emilie Gal line, dismasted, but otherwise apparently intact. How she had been lifted upon
lhe crest of the gigantic crystalline
formation is a puzzle only eclipsed by
tho mystery surrounding the fate of
the crew. There was not a living soul
"ii board.
THE ARROW PRESS -dob and Commercial Printing, Posters, Dodgers,
Typewriter circulars, Business head"
ings,    Prograi -.    etc.    daily
NEWS     BLOCK.      Mrs.     DOMINY.
Rnom 4, (iiiiclinn Block
The most Beautiful Selection of Rings ever
imported into the city are now on view in
cur store  on  Columbia  street. :       :       :      ;
in solitaire, twin, three and assorted settings
RINGS in bewildering profusion
W. G Chamberlin
The Jeweler
Columbia St.
F. CRAKE; The Royal Bank of Canada
English Watchmaker
Two   doors   from   Ceo. Adams,  Grocer
Ladies' Gold Watches from $12.75 up;
Gentlemen's  Silver   Watches,    open
I face, $6.00
Gentlemen's Silver  Watches, double
; case, $7.50 up
Agent for the celebrated South Bend
J Watches, supplied to the Wellman Arc-1
I tic Expedition.   All warranted.
Chains, Rings, Jewelry, etc.
'    Watch repairing; charges reasonable.
Insures absolute security  to depositor-:.   START NOW to save your m
and you will never regret it.    People do harder things every da;  and h   ���
nothing to show for it.
O.VIC DOLLAR opens an account.    Put it in your pocket, it would pro!
ably he nothing, but ONE DOLLAR  deposited every week with ua wil  In
ten years amount to $1504.50.   THINK   THIS OVER.
F. B. LYLE, Manager.
���St.*- .'���*-
Tiiis  is
Men's $6.00 SHOES for
Ladies7 4.50
Child's Boots,
���                                           0
. 3.00
Further   Announcements   Later
I        SHOES
sfsaassHHoa'-r'tr xsm.'sm
;��51HBmJEtft��rc��!f^^^^ E30 HB SSW
mlKm,*tiammuiiiti i
���HHWk', II
,SDAV. FEB. H. 1907.
m, 9
������������������������������������+��������������������������������������� *�������������������������������������������������������������������������
that invite a closer acquaintance are features of
our display of spring garments.    Every woman
[who sees them, instinctively feels that she would
|lo k well in one of them.
It's our business to see that she has every opportunity to choose the most becoming of all, and
���not to mar her enjoyment by any misgivings as to
Ithe price.
New Coals, $0.75, $12.50 to 520.09
New Suits, 33.50, $4.50 to 517.50
[there are dainty displays
f things dear to feminine hearts at several  counters  this  week���
particularly the Ribbon counter.
itiful color combination .  25   lifT rent  patterns, in assorted
...ti.>.    Lioe, 4iic, ode, due, 7.V per yard, .   .,
���   ine Scotch Tartans of a soft grade of  Florentine silk; the kind
an !',- depended on to �� ear well.
Mack nzie, Red MacLean, Malcolm and Royal Steuart; 20 inches
;   suitable  for  blouses  or  shirt   waist  suits;   all one price
i" ��� ��� er \ ard.
For cut flowers, bridal bouquets and
funeral designs, 'phone Tidy, the Florist, A.184.
Tho passenger and freight steamer
Favorite, yesterday recommenced its
nI. river run.
VV, A. Gilley has completed the construction of now leads for his pile
���Iliver Rustler.
P. S. Falkner, .1. P., has boon appointed stipendiary magistrate by the
Richmond municipal council, In lieu
of G. lv Corbould.
The Georgia, the governmenl fisheries patrol boat, came In yesterday
after having been tied up al Vancouver during the cold spell.       '
Peterson,   the   young man   arretted
' '   Ti   -1.,.\   for stealing  mink  pelts
,1   Monk, was sentenced to three
. h    -I jail  by the police magls-
lay   morning.     The  prised guilty.
nno ii al   thej   will pay Interesl
;   Savings    Accounts    quarterl;. on
March Hist, Jupe 30th, September 30,
;       .   December 31st, Instead of semiannually as heretofore,
The resi lenls of Central Park have
Issued  an  announcement   thai   a   bas-
i el social and dance is to be held in
the municipal hall al thai place.   New
Westminster   people   are   invited   and
, the  bills   siate   that   ladies  and   old
I bachelors are expected to come with
i baskets.
The   Beaver   returned  to   port  late
' on Tuesday night, after having forced
; a  passage  through  the  up  river ice,
as far as Slave River.     The trip was
a   strenuous   one.   and   progress  was
: necessarily   sotnewhai   slow.     Yester-
'.,,.  was spent in port and  today the
B mver  will   make a  fresh   start  and
trj   to gel   through to Chiiliwack.
The funeral of Alice Dlna Jensen,
, ,i seven-year-old girl from Fori Moody,
will take place ihis afternoon in the
Church of England cemetery, after
lhe body has been brought in on the
local Main. The child succumbed after an ai tack of grippe, which had developed Into pneumonia. VY .K. Vales
bas charge of the funeral arrangements.
Lee Toy, the Chinaman who died a1
the Royal Columbian hospital on lion-
lay,   �� 111   ' e  bin ie i   tomorrow   after-
iH on.     The  friends  of  the deceasi
have dela: ed    making   arranges e   -
the uinei :'l  until their Now Yeai
ations had a  n       en led.     The
.   ...     i  had   been  In  th ���  employ ol
the  hospital   aulhoritl      for i he   past
five years.
City   Health   Ins i i toi    Peari e   res
'���.,  Btated  lhat   for the  Ri -
lor a i onsiderable  number of  ��
ii,ii a single infei tlous  Use i3e �� us re
corded   on  the   book    "!   hi -    I
There is a reri dn amouni "
,   an i ' thei i ible troubles
��� hi mor ��� ngerous disease
the cit;. io far a lis nowledgi ��� e
i    absolutely  free.
leave, his boss had decline,I to paj
him the amount of wages coining to
him. A sympathiser who heard the
complainant lell his tale Of woe. hazarded the remark thai if he had worked for the money he was entitled to
get it. "You bet I worked for it."
said the wronged one, "If I said I'd
worked for i: when 1 hadn't, I'd be
committing forgery, and I know bettei
than to do the like o' that." The case
will be beard before Capt. Pittendrigh,
S.M., iii the course of a  few days.
The application Of R. A. Dickey ami
A. 11. Thatcher for 100 inches of water
fioni Salmon Creek, n small stream
which empties Itself Into the Fraser
River in the Langley districl. came up
on Tuesday before Water Commissioner C. C. Fisher. Tbe water applied
foi is for the purpose of supplying
the needs of a shingle mill. Other
residents from the districl In which
the water Is to be found appeared and
oppose i the graining of the application, on the ground thai they proposed building mills of their own al
some time or oilier, and they wanted
to have some of the water reserved.
Messrs. Dlckej ,V Thatcher were even
tually grant,',1 25 inches, thai amount,
in the water commissioner's opinion,
be-'ng ample to meel the repulrements,
I Big Reductions in
I Fancy Tea, Tray & j
! Sideboard   Covers s
j All Stamped Linens ���
275 Columbia Street
��� ���
Royal  Templar   Sees Things.
To th<' Editor of the Daily N'ews:
Dear Sir,���In going down Columbia
street tonight I saw a number of
Chinamen being' taken up to the lockup, having been (aught gambling.
Now would the police treal a white
man so at our Christmas time? A
saloon keeper can sell the liquor on
Sunday night, and the police cannot
see it, although men arc getting
drunk under  their noses.
Feb. 13, 1907.
Temporary Premises: Trapp Block
Plumbing and Contractinj
P. O. Box 248
Telephone 302
Uncle Tom's Cabin.
Stetson's mammoth double production of "Cncle Tom's Cabin." will appear tomorrow ai the Opera House.
The rendition of Uncle Tom by this
well-known ami well-liked company,
will   never  grow   old.     This manage
ment evidently believes in the maxim: Coal Oil Shortage.
'What's worth doing is worth doing Nanalmo, B. ('., Feb. 1,'!.���Nanaimo
well," There runs through this grand is suffering from a coal oil famine,
Story a pathos peculiarly touching and ; there being only one place in the city
sweet. It reflects like a mirror the ] where oil can be obtained al preseni.
Innermosl phases of the human emo- it is said lhe same conditions exist on
tions. It is more than a play, it is a I the main,.ull| The standard Oil com-
moral   classic.    Notwithstanding   the
frequent production of the play, it is
never produced In the complete manner  by oilier coinpanii
pany has Iwenty-five carloads of coal
oil en route from the Hast, but .owing
that  it  is in i to the  freight  blockade  all trace  ,,f
the shipment has been lost,
i "w^*"-zssmmmnma*i
On Queen's Aye
A nice House, almost new; modern
conveniences;   8  rooms;   well
finished; double corner lot
$ 3 , 5 O O.      Half   Cash
This is one of the best, locations in the city
There   are   at   preseni   live  sealing
schooners   cruising   along    the   west
coasl   of  the   island   endeavoring   to
I, |<   :.  .reus of in lian hunters. Greal
Hi ulty is being experienced in get-
���,...   the   Indians to    ' ��� i  on  as   hej
resenl   hoi ii: ���   an   i stensh
otlatch.     H     Is    thought,    howi ie .
It   lng this week the vessel     .;':
'I'!,,. '.Members  of the   local  Carpen-
, , .���  i nlon  will  nu el   In  the Oddfel
��� |,.,n ���i cdghl "'.'��� ' k on Satin laj
,.,,,,     i ,���   the  pui ���"���'���  ol   conducting ��� uslni Dm n ���  ' '������ ��� <
I    nl  ol   Hi"  :.':''   ' '��' ral ' :'''      "'
the union   nissed i       ' !;"-'
;.,, |  -i.i.- tine h is i een calle I hi
oi   II        sin    t '���" ' I  i ����������� ''
tnai have cropjie i up lati ' .
A good start has been made in our sale. Our
reputation   for  genuine  sales  is  established.
Don't   Delay   Purchasing
We will not continue the sale for a very long time
at the prices. When we reach a certain point in
our stock reduction, all present quotations will
positively be withdrawn.
any   Desirable   Bargains
too numerous to specify. The store is full of
them.   Everything down to any old price.
The Farm Land Specialists, "
New Westminster
Sugar Cured
Chong Ching is still compelled I i
,, main behind the prison bars and
listen to the crackling of the lire
crackers in gay old Chinatown, ii''
_ fully expected to have been sei al
libertj yesterday. A number of his
..fllends" called on the police authorities on the previous day. and stated
tnal they would make restitution ol
the moneys which the light-fingered
Chong had annexed. They ai ed o
appear, ancl the unhappy Ce est lal is
mournfully meditating upon the tolly
���- building hopes upon the promises
,������ his countrymen. Soon the Mew
year festivities will be over and
he woul 1 just ns
and tile as not.
Bedroom  Suites,  from   $14
Parlor  Suites,  sale   price  $35
(Three-Piece, tegular $50.)
Sideboard,  sale  price   $28
(Solid Oak, Polished; regular $37.50)
Buffet,  sale  price   $26
(Quartered Oak, Polished; regular $40.)
Carpets,    Oilcloths    and    Linoleums    all    included.
leave  stay  In jail
reakfast Hams and Bacon   ;^^-sr��
,   la    Visited the  police office    and
���ee's Furniture Emporium
,  ,,.���,(   he  wanted   to  "get   the
,n his late boss,    He hid work-
I ,; . ;;...,,   ad on leslrins ��� <
Dupont   Block
Mew   Westminster. Tel.   73
Sp: i 6
TAKE NOTICE that application has
been made to register Edgar L. Webber as the owner in Fee Simple, under
a Tax Sale Deed from the Reeve and
Clerk of Surrey, to L'dgar L. Webber,
bearing the date 5th day of January,
A.I). 1901, of all and singular that certain parcel or tract of land and premises situate, lying and being in the
District of Xew Westminster, in the
Province of British Columbia, more
I articularly known and described as
Lots 1 and 2 of Hlock 10, subdivision i
,��� Smith East quarter Section in,
Township 1.
Vou and each of you are required
'��� contest the claim of the tax purchaser wilhin thirty days from the
date of the first publication of this
notice, otherwise I shall register Edgar I,. Webber, as owner thereof in
fee. And I hereby order that publication of this notice for fifteen days
in a daily newspaper published at
New West minster will be good and
sufficient service thereof.
DATED at the Land Registry Office,
Xew Westminster, Province nf liiii-
ish Columbia, ibis 17th day of January, A.D.   1907.
C.  S.  KEITH.
District  Registrar.
'I'm Thomas Jeffries,  Esq.
All persons Berved with this notice,
.���mil thus*, claiming through or under
them, and ail persons claiming any inti rest in ihe said land by virtue of any
unregistered Instrument, and all persons claiming an;.' Interest in the
said land by descent whose title
Is no: registered under the
provisions of the "Land Registry Act."
shall he forever estopped and debarred from setting up any claim to or
in respeel of the said land .so sold for
taxes as provided by the "Land Registry Act."
| be given to the Commissioner of Dominion Lands at Ottawa of intention
to apply for patent.
Coal lands may be purchased at $1"
per acre for soft coal and $20 for anthracite. Not more than 320 acres
can be acquired by one individual or
company. Royalty at the rate of ten
cents per ton of 2.000 pounds shall be
collected on the gross output.
Deputy of t.he Minister of the Interior.
\. B.���Unauthorized  publication of
this   advertisement   will not be paid
336 Hastings St. W., Vancouver.
Bookkeeping, Gregg and Pitman
Shorthand.  Telegraphy and Engineering.
Seven  Teachers
Forty-rive   Typewriters
Students Always in Demand.
R. I. mm, t A., Principal
Westminster Iron Works
Ornamental Iron won;, including
Fences, Gates, Fire Escapes, etc.
Mail orders and correspondence In
TAKE NOTICE that  an  application
has been made lo register James Lord
as the owner in Fee Simple, under a
Tax Sale Deed from tlie Mayor anil
Treasurer of the City of Xew Westminster, to Patrick T. Bowler, hearing date the 18th day of Angus), A.I.).
1P02, of all and singular that certain
parcel or tract of land and premises
situate, lying and being in the City
of Xew Westminster, in the Province
of British Columbia, more particularly
known and described as Lots 1" and
11,  Block  "D"  St. Patrick's Square.
Vou and each of you are required
io contest the claim of tbe tax purchaser within forty-flve days from the
date of the firs! publication of ihis
notice, otherwise I .-hall register
.I.lines Lord as owner thereof in fee.
And I hereby certify that publication
of this in,tice for thirty days in a
dally newspaper published at New
Westminster will he good and sufficient service thereof.
DATED at ihe Land Registry Office
N'ew Westminster, Province of British Columbia this 1st day of February,  A.D.   !!i"7.
District   Registrar.
To Henry Elliott, Esq.
All ; i. mi|i- served with this notice,
and those claiming through or undei
t!:iin. anl a'.l persons claiming an;.
Interest in thi said land hy virtue of
any unregistered Instrument, and all
persons claiming any interest in the
said land by descent, whose title is
noi registered under the provisions of
lhe "I.:.n.l Registry Act," shall he
fen."., . i stoi ;,, 1 and debarred from
setting up anv claim to or in respect
SO .-old for taxes as
���. tnd Registry Act."
Westminster. f. O.
A Novel Industry Pursued In a Rem&U
Part of China.
At the far fide of China, where
it almost penetratc-5 the secret of
Tibet and is itself very much of a
secret to the rest of the world, the
natives conduct an industry which is
novel in many respects and involves
a pilgrimage of great length every
year.    It is the raising of insects
that makes wax.  The wax is used in
many  parts   of  China  for  making
temple images and candles covered
with odd raised characters.
The female insects are about the
size and shape of shoe buttons.   The
males are like miniature beets in
shape and a quarter of an inch long.
The insects have a peculiar characteristic.    They will not secrete the
wax in their birthplaces.   So-about
May 1 of each year the wily Chinese
take them from the branches of the
trees   where  they   were   born  and
porters carry them many miles away
across   the   mountains   and   rivers.
For hundreds of miles they are carried t" a part of the country where
grows the flowering ash upon which
they delight t" feed and to deposit
the wax.    There ar" thousands of
t: ese porters in the province of Sze-
It is a strange procession which
strings out from the Chienchang
valley in May. Each porti r is dressed in a rain emit of straw, which
makes him look very much like a
sheaf of grain, lie carries two bamboo baskets fastened together with
curved sticks. The sticks fit ever
his shoulders, one basket being before and the other behind. His burden consists of gourds containing
the insects. The females are almost
ready to deposit their eggs.    There
Our Big Sale Op
I Yesterday at 9 A. M.
We have been busy all clay. What else
could we be, when you consider the bargains we have been giving. Everybody left
our storre satisfied with the great value
they received.
Just imagine buying Carpet Slippers at 25c a
pair, or Women'c First Quality Rubbers at
the same price.
Remember, this is only for two weeks,
as our sale closes on Feb. 28.
of   insects
ipped in leaves picked
in   the
SUIIS TO ORDER, . . . $17.00
PANTS TO ORDER,. ._. . 5.00
until March 1st, 1907.
Plentv of Goods to select from, of the
Latest Patterns.
Satisfaction guaranteed or money refunded.
247 Front Street   -      New Westminster
Canadian Pacific
WINTER CARNIVAL, - Rossland, B. C.
Tickets on sale Feb. llth to Feb. 16th
Returning- Feb. 18th.
Fare and One-third Return
of the said land
. ��� ���������    ed
C. P. R. Agent,
Xew West minster.
E.  J.   COYLE,
General    Passenger   Agent,
An; Inion Lan la with
in Ihi   '.' In British Colum
la, in ��� ' esteaded bj anj , i
Bon ' ' ���   bo ���   head ol a family,
i ' any male ove   IS yi urs of   age, to
' .   . ��� e-q       ei     eel lon ol
IGO aeri   , nn   ���   ���     le*s,
Enl i en onally at
lln   loci .' land offi ������ U i I he dial rlcl in
v iiii li the land la Bituate.
The bomestea li r Is required to perform the conditions connected therewith under one of the following plans:
iii Al leasl six months' residence
upon and cultivation of the land In
each year for three years.
(2) 11' the father (or mother, If the
father is deceased), of the homesteader resides upon a farm In the vicinity
<i, the land entered for, the re iuii
mends as to residence may be sa Isfled
by such person residing with the
father or mother.
(3) If the settler has his permanenl residence upon farming land owned by
.-lead.        ^^^^^^^
ci nee may be satisfied    bj   ri   : lenoe
upon the said land.
Six mODths' notice In writing
The White Pass
and Yukon Route
FAIRBANKS,    Daily trains  (except
Sunday)   carrying   passengers,   mail,
expre -     nd    fri ;:'it   connect    with
stages at i arcross  and White Horse,
maintaining ;. through winter service.
Foi information apply to
I.   H,   ROGERS,  Traffic   Man
Vancouver.  H
"The Milwaukee"
^^^ re   thousand!
gourds nnd wrapped in
474.   from the wood oil tree.
L^H   It is nightfall when  the porter
sets out on his journey of -100 miles.
He carries in one hand a lantern,
for he must do all of his traveling
by night.   The heat of the noonday
sun might cause the females to lay
their eggs prematurely.    Along the
rude roads he swings through the
night, his lantern flickering as  it
gwavs to and fro.    Now he passes
through a silent village or city without stopping.   The gates have been
left open for his passage in order
that there may be no  delay.    At
hast over his right shoulder the horizon begins to grow light.   Thc birds
are tumbling out of their nests with
i a few sleepy notes.   As be drags his
weary feet along, the hilltop gradually brightens into a  flaming red
and the birds are singing.   Now he
seeks   out   a   cool,   shady   retreat,
where the basket may be protected
from the heat and he himself may
curl up his tired limbs until evening.   So the porter travels his lonely way night, after night until he
reaches his destination.
His journey ended he immediately goes to his master and delivers
his burden of gourds.   Al once the
leafy bags are tied on the branches
of the ash tree-, whi h i re < nly five
or sis feet high.   A bluni needle is
pushed through the leaves in each
bag in order that the in ei ts may
find their way out,   Once they have
left their case they creep rapidly
, up to the leaves of the trees and begin to feed.    In a couple of weeks
they scatter along the branches, and
after  a   short   lime   the   eggs   are
hatched and the war. is being deposited on the twigs.    By Sept,  1
thc trees look as if covered with
snow.    It is a snow, however, not
amenable to the temperatures which
wipe    oul    ordinary    snow.    The
branches tire then cut off ai d their
quarter of an inch of pure white
coating is scraped off.   The i ax is
healed, etraini I and I irned into the
Besides beii a used for I i n'nat-
ic. p rposes I his was si r i as a
p dish lor fun..i ure ai d u d for
imparting a gloss to -:.'', The in-
d i try is said to have been originated 200 years before i hristop] i r < 'o-
lumbus se) bis fool on this continent.���New Vc"k Tri
Goods Sold for Cash Only
NO  Goods   on  Approbation   During Sale.
Bank of Montreal
Incorporated   by   act   ot   parliament
���...  $10,000,000
Hon. Lord Strathcona and   Meant   Royal,    G.    C.   M.
G  Honorary President
Hon.   Sir   G.   A.   Drummond    President
E. S. Clouston Vice President   and   General   Manager.
General banking business transacted.
Branches in all the principal cities In  Canada, in London,
'a Nfld., and correspondents In all p
York, Chicago, and St. John",
Eng., New
irta of the
���. -
G. D. BRYMMER, Agent.
Canadian Bank of Commerce
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000.     Reserve Fund, $5,000,000
B. B.  WALKER, General Manager.        ALEX, LAIRD, A sat. Gen'l Manager.
A gene  .1 Banking bu iness transacted,   Accounti   may
du ������ il by mail with all branches of this
ipened an I con-
"The Picr.w Limited" St. Paul to
Chicago, "Short Line" Omaha to
Chicago, "South West Limited"
Kansas City to Chicago.
No   trains   in   the   service   on   any
railroad   in   the   world   that   equal   in
equipment  tliat  of  the   Chicago,  Milwaukee  &  St.   Paul  Railway.     They
1 own and operate their own sleeping
j and dining cars on all] their trains and
i give   their   patrons   an   excellence   of
service not obtainable elsewhere.
H. S. ROWE. General Agent. |
[34 Third St.. cor Alder. Portland, Or.
B.icon's  Riv
tli'1 items
Having bought out the Blacksmith-
lng business of R. ii. Benson, I will
jini In the vicinity of his home-  be pleased to see all his old custom-
the   requirements   as  to resi-jers, as well as new one-;    Horseshoe
ing a specialty.
H. M.
Eighth  8trect
e��Ppings   appear
?a Paper dated January, 1.889, and
*? first one, translated, says:
We strongly advise our readers
1�� s<;,; ,l,u amusing comedy, 'The
^reliant of Venice/now being performed at the Star theater    The
author, we believe, is Grillparzer"
lhe second clipping says ���
'Mr'.Editor: Sir-Will jJoujdnd-
| ly state in an early issue of youi
: v^aM" P^er that 'The Merchant
ot Venice was not written by Grill
parzer, but by me���William Shake-
To this is appended an editorial
"Wo were wrong, it appears in
attributing ���The Merchant of Venice' to Grillparzer, and we trust Mr
Shakespeare will accept otrr anolbffv
ard correction."
Deposits cf $1 aril upwards received, and interest allowed at current rati  .
di i ositor is subject to no delay whatever in the withdrawal
of the whole or any portion of the deposit.
EMERSON'S   DRY   DOCK CitV Electric Works
*-*w ���    --  ��� -
Foot of 4lh Ave.   Cor. 16th  Street
New Westminster, B. C.
Opposite Tram Office
Eight Trains Every Day in the
Minneapolis, St. Paul
and Chicago
Embodies the newest   and best idea
and   LUXURY.     It  is  lighted wii
both   electricity   and   gas;  the m��
brilliantly   illuminated   train  in al
'.vorld.      The   equipment   consists oil
private   compartment   cars,   standa:l|
16   section   sleepers,  luxurious dini'l
car. reclining chair cars  (seat- ireej
modern   day   coaches   and  buffet, li|
h.-arv and smoking cars.
For Time  Tables, Folders, cr ac;|
further  information  call on or wril
720 Second Avenue. Seattle, Wis'
Spokane falls J Northern By ft,
Nelson X ft. Sheppard Ry. Cq.
Red Mountain Ry. Co.
The  only all   rail   r  ute   bi 1 >
1 '.nt- east, west and "   th l
land, Nelson and intermediate po'nti |
connecting at Spokane w th thi
Northern, Northern  Pa     1 "
& N. Co.
Conn, 'ts at Rossland �� th
adian  Pacific  Railway for  Boundarf
Creek points.
Connects   at    Meyers    Falls   m
stage ('aily for Republic,
Iiuffet   service   on   trains   betvrt"
Spokane  and   Nelson.
Effective    Sunday,    November   '�����
kinds of Ship
work,   ^^^^^
Ship and; Scow
a specialty.        I	
Estimates'* promptly furnished.
RESIDENCE-24 Eighth street, New
Westminster, B.C.
For electric signs, dynamos, motors,
fans, 'phone fixtures, shades, bells, batteries, wire and cables of all kinds
and Bizes. House wiring. Motor jn-
repair stalling a specialty, All kinds or repairs promptly attended to.
J. DIGBV, Proprietor
PHONE 30-1.
9-20 a.m.
12.25 p.m.
0.40 a.m.
Day Train Arfl��
.. Spokane .. - -7 IS P"1'
..Rossland ... -0�� P'"1'
... Nelson  US P'13'
Manufacturer of
^Fraser River Tannery!
Mineral Waters, Etc
Aerated Waters,
Family Trade a Specialty.
Office, Eighth Street-
WESTMINSTER,   �����  C'
Tel. 113.
..  :-.*.,  ��� ,AY, ^3' 14' 190A
Turned Out on the Street!
Get O
or Sell Out!
:a I
���   I
re I
irrite I
The contractors are at work; so are we. We are selling goods
as we never sold them before, both in quantity and price.
We have made a further drop to 70c in our
$1.50 Men's Pants.
Our 50c Mens Caps can now be bought for 25c.
Our Men's $1 Rubbers for 50c, and the children's
for 35c.
Our 75c Umbrellas for 45c
And Children's Underwear for 25c a garment.
We are reducing all over the shop, for the stock must be
cleared out, and we have only a few more days in which to
do it.
Just Read This:
i mewanMmi3mrmBwm$$i3XB
Men's Suits .
on 1       i
���   1      !
1      1
Boys Suits    .
1"' 1
;          Mens Pants   .
���itJ  1
Men's Coats   .
:    1
ve 1
C O 0 0 <)  0 u v   0                  ' o 0
���:..  1
0O0OO000O1                      ,;
in. 1
IT-   1
9 7^
Furnishings   j Hats and Caps
Handkerch'fs, 3 for 10c
Men's Suspenders, lEc
Men's Collars, . . 5c
Men's Ties, .   2 for 25c
Men's Caps    .   .
"   Felt Hats   .
"   Fedoras .   .
Boots and Shoes
Congress or Lace, $1.15
Box Calf . . . 2.35
Men's Rubbers . 50c
Hip Gum Boots .   3.75
O  O  O    )   11   l)  I)  0  II  0  0 0  i> 0 OOOO   0   0   0   0   0  0   0   I)  0  0   () 0  0  II   O 0 O  O O  0   O   0   0   O   0  O   O   O   O  O  O O  O O  O O O  O   O   O   O  O  O O   O   O   O  O  O O  O 0   0
" "  �� ��   '' '    "  �� '    ' .',.   ,,  ,.   ,,  .,   .,  ,,  ..   ,   i  ,i o   ()   ()   li  (l  O  0 O   I)   I) 0 0  0 D  O O  OO l>  O t)  O  O  O  O O  O O  O  0  O 0  O O  O O  OO O  O O  O  O  O  O O  O O  O  0  O O  O O O O  0
i) 0 o ii  i.i  o i) 0  :*  o 0 O  O o  ,'  u u o 11 v ii
I ���
! i
'   ,
j   I
v i
; i
; !
���' 1
i i
: ���
fi '.
WTBIKrrr��BWJHafflBi��BHBI!J r%
*1 ryif* r*'**
' .'*,*�����..
Z)0 YOU want to save both time and money  in
making your purchases ?
DO YOU want to look upon the largest selection
of European goods in the province ?
ARE YOU a wideawake buyer ?    Yes.    Then you
must deal with a wideawake firm.
IF YQU will take the trouble to come and see us,
WE WILL, in 3 minutes, convince you that it is in
YOUR INTERESTS to place your order with us.
Matter Intended for this c >lumn should be ad*
dressed, "Social Bditor, Daily News, P. 0,
Box 402, New Westminster."
.Mr. and Mrs, T, J, Armstrong leave
today for Los Angeles. They expect
to be away about three weeks.
.Mrs Irwin uf Stonewall, .Man., is
the guest of her cousin Mrs. .Joseph
Cameron of Sapperton.
Yesterday being Ash Wednesday,
services were held in the Roman Catholic and English churches.
_      John Crean returned yesterday even-
'""     from   a   short   business    trip    to |
8 acres on Murchie Road; good location.   $800.
4 acres on Murchie Road.   $400.
Malins, Coulthard & Co.,
Real Estate, Financial and Insurance Agents,
Columbia St., - - New Westminster B. C.
Nanaimo's   New  Arrivals  Prove  Valuable Addition to Sporting Circle
���Miners Work Overtime.
A Cold Handle
Second Hand Junk Store
O  O  0  0  0  0 0  li 0 0 O 0 O 0 ii  0
o o <��� 0 0 0 0 OOOO
Highest Prices Paid for STOVES, FURNITURE
and TOOLS of alt descriptions. Also buy and
ROPE. We also buy and sell everything.
Apply by mail,       Between  Columbia  and
Fraser River Hotel
X.inaiino,  B.   C,   Feb.   13.���A
contingent of coal miners from
berland,  England, arrived  here
terday to facilitate the output of th<
Nanaimo,  Brechin, Comox  and Lady-
smith collieries, which are at  present
taxed to the limil  to supply the demand for Vancouver island conl.    Every  mine   on  the  island   is   working
twenty-four hours a day  and  producing an unprecedented output, yet this
is not  sufficient  to meet  the ever-increasing demand.
Among the new arrivals are no less
than seven expert football players, tb<
?i ajority of whom have joined the local team, making ii one of ihe strongest  on  the Pacific Coast.
See that Hood?
It is lined with Asbestos,
prevents radiation of heat.
The handle is attached to
the hood, and thus kept
Of   Extra   Quality
Our new spring stock of TABLE DAMAcife .
CLOTHS, Etc., is now on display. ' TABU
No advance in our prices over last year
ering of quality of our new Linens,  but the"
high standard of our goods prevails in tl!' UbQal
showing. lls new
This is the time of the year when you finri ,i
our new goods on display. a1'
We invite you to see them now;   you*,*,,
what you will need later on. aj See
Thc   Ready-to-wear   Depart ment
is fast assuming a dressy appearance.   New Suit,
Skirts and Cravennette Coats  are the latest arrivals
247 Columbia Street. New Westminster
or by
'Phone No. 214
'Phone   105.
'Phone   105.
Phone   105.
i. W. Creighton
Technical  Points Made Clear.
To the Kid tor of the Daily News:
Sir.���Referring to the article in th<
Daily News under even date with ref
erence  to  local    shippers   having   8
, grievance.
This ai'licle as yon have it  is  very
mis lea ding. In the firs; place we have
not   declined   to   handle   C.P.R.  equip
menl   to   be delivered  to  ns  at   New
I Westminster to he loaded on our Port
Guichon branch, destined to points on
ihe C. P. R., hin Instead we have repeatedly   told   shippers  or    receivers
of hay. desiring to ship to points on
the C. P. R., that   we would  handle
C. P. R. cars providing they were able
to secure ihem from that company.
Wiih reference to allowing our ears
ie run through to Ashcroft on the C.
P. R . I think i! is a very unreasonable I
i demand,  and   if allowed,   would   work I
1 a hardship on shippers located on our
Pori Guichon branch, we have a certain number of box cars assigned to
handling business from tbe Port Gui-
cl on   branch   for   New   Westminster
an .' Vancouver, and in some instances
these cars make three trips per week,
bill  never less than two, the distance
Xew   Westminster to Ashcroft,   1   be-
miU Eggs are High
Egg Food ^d
Poultry Cure
The Schaake Machine Works,
Ellard Block,
AW Westminster
O. Box   345
'Phone  105.
Difficult Job.
rentier McBride has doiie nothing
.. ��� i respecting the Ailing of his cabinet vacancies, an I a watchful eye is
; eing kepi i a the situation by his
Thos.  Taylor, of Revelstoke, is in
Ihe city, and it is generally supposed
that he is here to urge his claims for
recognition for cabinet rank. Mr. Tay-
I n belongs to the group of Conservative politicians  who    supported    the
���lender  when  the latter was  in  op-
l (sition.     il.m. Mr,  McBride has always   shown   a   disposition   to   show
re consideration for these old time
��� li ads   ; han  those   who  have  after-
ivai.!-  conn    Into  Um       Mr,   Taj lor
showM .! in   i :������ ice v,hen he was
ie  Consi : vative   whip over othei
.- taunch Consen  tlvei   ��ho had boon
supporti      ol   ' In     in esenl    premier,
ivhik   I;;     atti     .'I a  i omposite op
11   Itlon,
Hon, R. G. Tall w an I also !i. F.
.... .ai beli v> I to i he .-.aim1 little
�� roup.
.\. E, McPhillips, the present mem-
bl r for the Islands, also was with the
premier In opposition days, and aided
Ir the formation Of the first Conservative government. For that reason,
among others, it is expected in many
quarters that Mr, McPhillips will find
favor in the premier's eyes when the
question of filling up vacancies is
.Line Into.
w. .1. Bowser, who toured the country   wiili   lion.   .Mi-.   McBride  during
the  lasi campaign, will have a claim
also   lor   recognition   if  he   cares   to
I ress ii.    .Mr. Bowser has repeatedly
stated that he would not accept office
if il were offered, but  there are many
who incline to the opinion that it would
nol be sale i . offer ihe billet to him
ir ii  was noi desired that  he should'
;. ke ii.
!>. M. Bberts, an experienced oocu
pant of the office of attorney-general,
is lik< '.!-��� i . be reckoned withso that
Premier McBride has anything but an
envii lib' : -!. -ii decide upon the rival
VV.   Manson, the  present   holder of
the provincial secretaryship, would, it
is   believed,   readily  embrace  an  opportunity io regain a seat and continue in office.     The only way in which
this could be accomplished  would be
hy the premier resigning the Victoria
seat   ami   the  Conservatives  of  this
city   adopting  .Mr.   .Manson.     Thi     Is
,' contingency no: likely to occur. I
over.���-Victoria   Times.
Summer Carnivr.'.
i )l tawa Is to have a Summer Cai nival in July next, and i; is to have an
Old  Boys' Reunion ...   ,. of i Ide
Issue,     ii.   ;..   the  Goveinori,. no al
..  pal on, niil -iren- working conimil
i ei   hat e   ei n f irmed,    K. Patching   j
i     i   retary, an 1 from bis any desired i 1
Informal lon c n I e obtained.
Searching   for   Stranger.
The attempts which have been in,
progress  during yesterday  and  todaj
to   locate   the   S;ranger   which   sank
near Woodward's slough some   days
ago. has so far been unsuccessful. The j
work  Of dragging is  very much  ham
pered   by   the  number of mattresses
which  were al  one time used for the
purpose of shoring up the river banks
al   a   nearby   point and   which   have
drifted   from   the   sides   of   the   river
and   located  in    ihe    middle of the
sue,im. The grappling hooks calch on
these   mattresses  and   hinder   Hie   locating  of   ihe   boat.     The    diver    is
.���-iik.  anil   il   will   be  several  days before he will  le well enough lo hnn
for the missing boat.    He ia confident
ot being alee io locate the I tg without
very much  trouble.
WE wish to emphasize
is this -Money can seldom be put to work in
such Good Real Estate
as that which we are
at present offering.
Sec us and get our
timely tips on some
good bargains.
Modern, 7-roomed House
on Third Street, below Third
Avenue. Grates, electric light
and sewerage. Price $2,500.
Good terms.
lieve, is 195 miles or the round trip |
3P0   miles;   I   think   it   quite   safe   to I
presume the  time  consumed   by  the
C, P. K. in returning such cars to us
would   be   at. least    one    week,   this
would mean that shippers on the Port
Guichon branch, now having a chance
to load twice or three limes in a week,
would   be   able   to   load   cars   turned
over 10 the C.  P. R.  only once in a
week or ten days.    The proper way to
mile  shipments  from our Port   flui-
chon branch destined to points on ihe
C.  I'. R. is in C.  1'. R, cars, ihe delay j
to C. P. R. cars with us is slight, foi- |
Instance  a   C   P.   R,   ear  delivered   to
us to be loaded on the Por; Guichon j
branch on .Monday would return under j
bad  on  Wednesday,    providing   the]
Ship] er    loads   on    Tuesday,
F. MYERS, Agent.
(I. N. Railway Office.
N'i w Wes 1 minster, Feb.  t3, 1907,
E endeavor to give satisfaction
to our customers; we think we
have, as our business has grown
rapidly during the past year
If you are not dealing wit|
us, we would be pleased to have
you give us a trial. T
Mng Out $20,000 M
Imperial   Parliament,
The   Imperial   Pa II nl   n assi m
.   and   was   opened   bj
Kin a   Queen Alexandra
:   c    i n       bit i.      Tin1     King's
. ei' h  hat      ivoi d of thanks io thi
t'nited States for assistance rendered
. Inj  ti n   Jai laica,  fay  her  naval
i    i   s,   n hii b   we: I   closes   Lhe  awkward    Swettenham    incident.      The
.-. ���    'h al   i   foreshadows    action    of
some kind in the malter of the clash |
between   I.or )s  and  Commons; and  a I
governmenl of trelan I bill which will |
be   an   advance   in   the   direction   of
heme rule. If i; does not go the whole |
fS Sitil^Ce ��f f UraitUre in our establishment al
a��ual cost without reserve. First come, first served We
need the casi, and you want the {roods    Thi. ��� '
of a lifetime. hls ls a  chance
"���"���""UCota, .St.    FourF ,
Elopes With Stepmother,
Portland. Ore., Feb. 13.���Henry
Clark, 23-year-old son of .1. S, Clark.
.Salem florist, lias broken up his fath-
(,'s happy home by eloping with his
stepmother, 35 years old, who has deserted her husband without a word oi
���Mrs. Clark left her home in Salem
last Wednesday, alter having lived |
ten years happily with her husband.
lie was a widower with three children
when he met and married her In California ten years ago, Five years la
ler the eldest boy, Henry, quarreled
with the stepmother and left h ime,
Rapid, Easy Grinders
Three sizes,���8,10 and
12-inch plates. AIsc
bagging attachments
for same.
A full line of Pulpers, Slicers,
Hay and Ensilage Cutters.
T* J-  TRAPP & CO.
i .���*<**.   MMH    -/i.��.*'.-


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