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The Daily News Jan 9, 1907

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 .\i��-l uo��-
MNJO i907    * J
^��jORlA, B. C"
Famous  Peace Advocate Starts On Globe  Circling Trip
With a Crusade Against War���England To Be
The Leader.
' Pnris, Jan. 2b���William T. Stead,!
editor an'1 owner of The Review of
IJeviews. of '.o-.i.iou, who arived here
yesterday, ��n i he is on his .- iv
arouni! the world in the interest J
peace, lie ���'��".ipres 1"' Is aiilh >:-./. -I
by the premier, Sir Henry Camoj1 II-
Batineimun. io say that Great B/'tJin,
if no other country does so, will, ,;'.
the approaching second Peace Conference al The Hague, raise the question of taking steps to provide for the
mainienaui-e of international peace.
This, Stead says, will he done in the
form of two propositions, as follows:
First: That each country participating in  the conference  appropriate a
sum of money to be used In the propagation of ihe idea of maintaining in-j
lernatJonal jieace
Second: That each country participating in the conference render obligatory the observance of Article Bight
of the act of ihe Peace Conference of
18991, .permitMr.?; a third power to tender mediation, without giving offense,
between two disputing powers and also that   the  participating  powers ex-1
tend the scope of Article Kight so as
to bind the signatories in case of a
declaration of war, not to begin hostilities for a fortnight, in which interim friendly powers would have the
right to intervene, in an al tempt lo
adjust tbe quarrel.
The local Conservative "push" announces that
it will endeavor to warm up the main body tomorrow, if the main body will come and be warmed.
Seasonable     it not?
Wha is meant by the appeal to the Con-
servativ ^to "joint the procession"? Must be a bit
stiff if  ^ieeds joints.
T ^.'e you noticed how entirely personal the Tory
{ can- $gn is? They discuss the men opposed to
} the "* and carefully avoid the measures.
Mclnnes'   Position.
There was an enthusiastic meeting
ii. Victoria, Monday night, to hear
Macdonahl and Mclnnes on ihe political issues. The latter defined his position in this way:
"I did not come from the Yukon to
he a member of the opposition in the
British Columbia house. I have been
a member of the opposition before; 1
came to be a member of the new government of British Columbia, and I intend to be in that government under
Premier -Vlaedonald."
��� Now look out for telegrams from the upper
} country telling of the enthusiasm of the electors
} and the able speeches of Messrs. McBride and
| Bowser. Wonder why their able speeches are never
delivered in this neighborhood!
Member For Delta Receives Vote of Confidence���"Whispering Willie" and J. D. Taylor Attempt to Disturb
Meeting by Constant Jabbering.
Victoria  Wins the  Water Case.
Victoria. B. C. Jan. 8,���The appeal
in the famous Goldstream water case
was decided this morning in favor of
the city of Victoria, Chief Justice Hunter disjoining.
All over the province Liberals grow more confident and enthusiastic day by day. The flowing tide
is-with them, and victory is sure.
"Yes," said Mclnnes, "in order to take a portfolio in the new government of British Columbia, I
gave up a job at $12,000 a year; but you would not
catch a Tory giving up a job like that."
At the close of a three hour political
meeting held in South Westminster
last evening, where John Oliver, W.
McBride,   and   J.   D,  Taylor spoke,  a.
] vote of confidence in ihe member for
Delta  was  unanimously passed  by the
i audience, showing conclusively ihai
the leaning of ihe public towards Mr.
, Oliver, in spite of what his Conservative opponents may say to the contrary,  is as  strong as  it   has  been  El
; any previous time. The meeting was
tint    harmonious   by   any   means,   bill
I considering   thai   the   disturbing  element   was  compose,I   of  "Whisp iring
Willie"   and   tbe   local   expounder   -it',
Tory  theories,  .1.   I).  Taylor,  the dust
raised  will   have   no  effect   whatever
; on   the  political   chances  of   ihe  can-'
didates.      The  Conservative   nominee |
| for  Delta,   Frank   McKenzie,  was  not
present, having a stumping engagement to keep somewhere near Ladner.
.1. D. Taylor held tbe floor for 45
minutes, which was all ihe time allowed the Tory speakers, but when he
ran down Mr. McBride. by the assistance of his extraordinary vocal powers, managed to make himself heard
for thirty minutes, during which time
of an Irrelevant nature, and made as
much confusion as possible. The
conduct of these two advocates of the
McBrlde rule was loudly resented by
ihe electors, who frequently requested
ilieiu to sit down and shut up.
Among     Other     things     concerning
which  Mr.  Taylor  was  anxious  to  be
Informed was the Pallet-son land deal,
which   has  caused   so   much   concern
io some of the Conservative speakers
of late.    Mr. Oliver informed him that
the  Mr. Patterson  bought  the land at
ar  auction  sale  which had been publicly   advertised,   and   thai   the   price
which was paid, $lu an acre, was not
such a very low price considering lln
fact  that i' was unimproved land.  Mi
Patterson   had   bought   the   adjoinin;
land,   which     was   improved,   fenced
and bad  barns and  buildings upon it,
lor   $27   an   acre   ai   the   same   time.
This  showed conclusively   that     the
prlt ���  obtained   by     the    government
compared  favorably   with  land   values
in the  neighborhood.
.1. Reichenbach, who was present al
the meeting, expressed his disapproval of some of Whispering Willie's remarks   in  a  forcible  and unequivocal
Delivers  Magnificent Address and Se-1 Vancouver Workmen Try to Thaw Ex-   Rev.    Dr.    Slpprell   Delivers   Stirring   Closing   Sessions  Well  Attended���Pa-
verely   Scores   McBride   Government's  Policy.
plosive  With   Usual   Result-
Damage *7O0.
Address  in   Reformed Episcopal   Crurch.
pers   Ably   Discussed���Dele-
���    gales Journey Home.
ILasl night.'s Liberal meeting in Van '      Some workmen employed  en an ex-
iCQUver was crowded to the doors, and   cavation being made by Campbell Bros.
the greatest enthusiasm prevailed.!) on the north side of Pender street,
.Speeches were delivered by foot' of j.lust east of Richards street, V'ancou-
the rive candidates, the fifth, Mr, Nee-1 ver,, yesierday, undertook to thaw out
.lands, being unavoidably absent. The! some dynamite with dry heat, with the
.speech dlivered by Mr. Mclnnes. is ; usual result, a deafening explosion.
.eaid io have been a magnificent one, Happily no humans were near when
in which he scathingly exposed thfi j the accident happened so that the
blundering policy of the Government, loss is purely financial,
.and.at the same lime sbowed that he, As ii is the damage done amounts
has Kept  in dose  touch  with political 1 .to ahout   $700.     Johnston  A;  Stewart's
leal   estate   office   was   wrecked.     AH
the rear windows were blown out. but
The various churches of the city uni-1 The Teachers' convention which has
ted, hist evening, in the Reformed aeea'in progress for the past two days
Episcopal Church building tor the se-, in St. George's hall, closed yesterday
cond  lime this  week for the purpose I and  already  the  hundreds of  visiting
pedagogues have been reduced to tens.
lit attacked the Liberals in the usual
Tory manner. John Oliver replied
to the remarks made by these two
gentlemen, and his speech made an
impression on the audience which
was far from pleasing to the two orators who had preceded him. In order have to try another tack, and get more
to distract the attention of the bouse, able men on the stump than J. D. Tay-
as much as possible, Mr. Taylor, ably lor or his associate, in order to hand
assisted by his friend with the small out a line of talk that will meet with
voice, continually interjected remarks| the approval of tbe Delta electors.
manner, and his blunt way of characterizing that individual's blatant
assertions as political inaccuracies,
was heartily endorsed by the audience
which, from start to finish, showed
unmistakably   that    the    Tories  will
affairs in British Columbia, during bis
absence  in  tbe   Yukon.      Me   took   up
one ph  of legislation  after another
and showed  bow  the interests: of, the
province had been  neglected or sacrificed.     His  reception   was  most   flat
.ter nig
Says Russia Counterfeits Bonds.
Chicago, Jan s.���Gregory Gersuny.
ta'ittii as ihe si. n of the Russian revolution, who escaped from the mines of
Siberia in a bar'el of cabbage last October, arrive i iji Chicago yesterday.
He will deliver here his first message
jtrom tbe Socialise Revolution party of
He niak.es the startling statement
thai within a short lime his associates
W.-1U publish throughout the world re
'Wlutions tbi't ihe Russian Government
is counterfeiting bond issues to tin-
��Xl' :n of bun Ireds of millions of do!
"Th'-ti i- ,i secrel department ol the
treasury." he said, ' where exacj re-
productions uf bond issues are being
DBtdt   |ji;;hl   an:,   day."
strange to say the glass in the parti-
lions In the middle of the office were
not affected. The Ureal Western Life
Office.had all Lie rear windows blown
< in. as were also the windows in the
rooming compartment above. All
lln- rear windows of Ihe Railway
block and the G. ..\. W. telegraph
office am) the C. P B telegraph office were blown in. In the Oallaghei
block on Pender street not a window
��as left whole and ew n down on Hastings street .Morris' cigar store suffered. Many buildings in the vicinitj
l-.i .1 several windows broken.
Chopping Down Poles.
Chicago, Jan.    8.��� Interstate    Cor.)
Commissioners  Lane and  liar-
i' en Informed i f the serious
,lO�� Cl
in him
of engaging in a special prayer service. The attendance was fairly large
and representative showing an active
interest in the object of the meetings.
Rev. J. S. Henderson was the leader,
while Rev. .Dr. Sippre.ll delivered an
eloquent and stirring address upon
"The responsibility of ihe Church of
Jesus Chris:  regarding Education."
Mr. Sipprell in his opening remarks
slated his intention to deal with the
subject in its wide and general aspect.
Tie church was undoubtedly responsible regarding education, Education,
the sneaker said, was that process
ihai would bring out of a man all the
good and noble. Education was the
proper development of man, so that
he could have a broad and Intelligent
knowledge of God, for to know God
was the sum ami end of all true knowledge. The power to know was the
greatest power with which man was
endowed, and the point of view of the
would-be learner was most Important.
Tin Savior, while upon the earth, put
forth great efforts to change Ihe view
I oint of the human race regarding
Giii!   the Father.
Continuing, Dr. Slpprell stated that
narrowness in any line of thought
was  weakness, and that the world was
The sessions were faithfully attended |
ami   .be  discussions all followed  with ' Annual   Meeting   Shows   Healthy   Fi-   Enjoyable   Entertainment   Is   Held   at
Intelligent  Interest.     The programme
as  arranged   was  carried  out almost j
without a break, and ihe time allotted '  '	
for the papers was fairly"well adhered       Tin animal meeting of the members'     The annual  S.  S. entertainment  in
to. oJ the localSodety tor the Prevention   connection with  ihe West  End Meth-
nancial Condition of Society-
Has Righted Wrongs.
West End Methodist Church-
Children Recite.
Yesierdax forenoon. Miss Berry, of '��� Cruelty to Animals, was held yes-
Vancouver, held her audience for a terday afternoon In D. S. Curtis' store. I
considerable length of time as she A good representation of the member-
dealt with the subjeel of "Domestic ship oi the organization, was present
Science." she considered that the I Alderman Henley, the president, occu-
worl; of the home was one of the mCst , pied the chair, and the secretary-treas-
neees.iary branches for the girls to "!er- Mrs Polngdestre, presented the
become acquainted with. Many young1 reports of the work of the society and
girls bad their heads filled with art, tljt' condition of the treasury for the
science and literature, and were very; l��lsl year. Tbe work of the society
ignorant on the Urst principles of what although not obtrusive, had still been
is expected in connection with the able to rectify a number of wrongs.
little duties which make girls the light The finance of ihe society were in a
of   -ne   home. healthy condition,  with a  respectable
Mr. Harvey, of Queen's School. Van-   balance in the  treasury   to  the  credit
c.iuvor,   spoke   on    .Nature   Study,   as/'!   ihe  organization,
.aight   in   the   public   schools.      The ]      Election   of  officers   led   to   the   re-
first   paper in the afternoon  was that ; election   of   all   the   present  efficient
Of E. A. McMillan, on -'The Teacher
mi I 1 isciidine." The paper was well
discusse t   and  wpis   considered   to  be
staff of officers for the ensuing year.
The conditions  of  poultry   brought
t i the market for sale in crates was de
Ruhr   in  At;,in.
conffitions caused  by  tike coal famine   Cull  of  mistaken   Ideas about   culture.
Cue cuhure was thai of the character
not a mi re vi n. ��� r of manner or habit,
The Church  ha I a  . real   work  to do
with   thi    '    '���"-���   |1< 0] Ie   who  needed  lo
��� e taught tu dignify toil and recognize
livinll.       all labor.    The needed
- In ation   :��� sjk cting   the  temperance
and  Sabbal b   iu< stlons could only be \
i: certain points in ��h< Northwest,
and telegraphed as follows to President Hill, of Hi- Gieat Northern:
"Om Infornwitlon is thai the situation at Calvin is still serlpus. Farmers are chopj) ng down telephone
|K>les fo fuel and many farmers have
been driven into towns.    Kurther aid ���
or.u of vital interest to the whole ' a:��J at length, and it was decided to
teaching fraternity. In ihe order for' as'? the Chief of police to have one of
management   of pupils,   kindness  was i his.men take a look around I lie inarkel
to   a
a.id firmness in the second   and wharvei
on  market days  to kei
He rompared tne schoolroom ������' '���"' ">' birds In check.
monarchy   with  the   reachei
: s
monarch, and the pupils subjects,   i In
odisl church, took place last evening,
and was one of the most enjoyable
and successful of the season. The
managers were the superintendent, A .
Hardman, and a ybuCg ladies' committee composed of Misses Bessie Breen,
Ethel Nathias, and Lydla Davis. One
very pleasant feature was the introduction of the newly arrived pask?*,-
Rev. Mr. Magee, by Rev. Dr, White,
who spoke from personal acquaintance
with Mr. Mtigee. and congratulated the
congregation on obtaining his services.
In his reply, Mr. Magee expressed
his pleasure at arriving in time to be
present on the occasion, particularly
as it. afforded him such a good opportunity to become acquainted with the
voting people of the church.
The regular programme consisted of
a cantata nicely rendered by I lie children,  "Santa Clans'   Dream":  a   letter
drill, and Ihe distribution of presents
by old Santa himself,
Many of the older members of the
congregation were present and lesiid-
ed their appn elation of the entertainment by contributing a handsome collection in aid ii:  ihe S. S. work.
usi dime ai oaee." ...     rtaken bj  the church.   Then men
shoul I be taught their needs, physical.
I menial  and  spiritual;   while  self reliance in its "ut   sense should be an-
Victoria,  Jan. \ -Capiain   John
vlng has co-nsenud  to run as the nominee of the  l.ib>-ral  party  in  Atlin.
This morning he necelved a  telegram
|on, John Ivirkland, preslfl   of .he      Etoont.on, Jan. 8  -A d,na, ,,,:���   .   ., ......     :���  ,. -|, educators.
Lib��:,,i Assoc;,,,.,ion. tendering him the  was reported u. the police from Jiasper      stepe should be taken by the church
avenue extension at .'<) o'clock Sunday, the speaker said, to impart to the
whenMary Wilner, t-Jt-rk In the grocery world the fundamental truths of scrip-
store of Milner & O'eonnor, telephoned   ture, a!) training and teaching should
o bring the scholar
near io God  the Father through  the
unanimous nomination of (he Liberal
party, and askwig hie, io be Jhere for
the convention on ,tbe 16th. Irving
has   wired  bi��
acceptance   awl    will  that Charlie O'connoi .had been sand-  have the tendency t
leave tonight logo into the fight    Dr.j bagged and  relieved ol  *200 while e��
Young will be his opponent.
I terlng the back door of his store.
Raffia   worl
Manila, Jan. 8. ���A cold wave is sweeping over
Luzon and the adjacent islands. The temperature
at Manila is 55.6, the coldest weather on record
here. The natives are suffering- great discomfort,
as they are unprovided with the proper clothing for
the changed weather conditions.
crucified Savior, because the future of
all civic and national life demanded It. I played  IU)    m!im|K11.t.n,.    ���.���,
The  truth  regarding the  brotherhood)
of man  was gaining ground  in  these
modern times.
1      The  speaker  closed  an able  speech
i by quoting some lines from Coleridge.
This evening the leader of the meet-
'ing In  St.  Paul's church, will be Rev.
\V. H. Barraclough, and Rev Dr. Rugg
will    be  the   speaker.      At   Sapperton.
the leader will  be Rev. J. S. Henderson,   and   Oh-   speaker   Rev.   A.   del!.
Flies to Victoria.
ihe   mailer of   punishment   i;   s;i:>: !      The   Victoria   Conservatives    have
first be made plain to the student -a.     lomlnated    Premier    McBride, whose
he or she deserved punishment.    The   canvi ss ol Dewdney has doubtless Im-
average youthful  mind    had   a keen   pressed upon him the necessity of hav-
sense of justice, and \\'\\ would balk '"- :1 second String lo his bow. The
at receiving well deserved punish- Tories of the Capital will make liiosl
ment, At ihe close of tne address, strenuousl efforts to elect, the Pre-
Inspector  Stewart   sounded   a   note <���!'   mler. who would very much like lo be
warning and commented on ihe grow- the representative in ihe legislature meter ran up to 62 degrees, the high-
ing tendency on the part of many a o�� Victoria. Other candidates select- ! est of any January 7 on record. On the
teacher to leave out discipline from "'; were Mr. H. B. Thompson, manager same day a year ago, it was 33 degrees
'he management of the school. ; o! Turner, Beeton & Co.; Henry Behn- and the streets were tilled with snow.
The balance of the afternoon was. sen, provincial president of the Licenc- So far this year there has been no
taken up with the discussion Of a vari-; ed Victuallers Association; and Aid. I snowfall of any consequences. There
ety of subjects In which a paper on |���'I,,|| Davey, who is prominent In lodge have been a few light Hurries, bin the
Miss  M.  B. Winter,  circles.  I snow quickly disappeared.
Stole It From Us.
New    York, Jan.    8.���Summer-like
weather and humidity yesterday made
New Yorkers, dressed in heavy winter
clothing, uncomfortable.    The thermo-
convention then closed with the sing
ing of the National Anthem, and the
teachers dispersed for another year.
Liberal Meeting.
On Saturday night, the first gun in
connection with the forthcoming election will be fired in this city, A pub-
lu meeting will be held al a place to
le  announced later,  which  will  be ad-
*<T-�� *�����+ �����������.��^*j- *���+��� +
dressel   by  the   leader  of  ihe   provin-
Owen.     The    subject    will   be  "The   da!   Liberal  party,  J.   A.   Macdonald.
Church's Responsibility/or Good.Gov   the   local   Liberal   nomli	
' """'' n! | Howay, and John Olive-, M
P. P
London, Jan. 8.-Sir Henry Mortimer.Durand,
until recently British ambassador at Washington,
sent a letter today to Sir Edward Grey, the foreign
secretary, advising him of his return. It is understood Sir Henry is to receive a colonial appointment.
The governorship of New South Wales is mentioned. r 2
sa^wsK^BgEsa^^ LAND REGISTRY ACT  ��� Purchase Notice
Correspondent    of    the    Globe   Shows
That the McBride Government
Cannot Drag It in.
A Globe correspondent has the following paragraph on "Better Terms"
as an issue in the present election. It
is commended to the study of those
McBride organs which are working so
frantically these days to drag the question to the fronl, as a son of a shield
behind which the Government may
The Government will endeavor to
make better terms for the Province a
slogan, but any action of that kind has
been effectually frustrated by ihe leader of the Opposition, who last session
flamed a resolution in regard to that
matter, which accurately expressed
popular feeling on both sides, and yet
was so admirably couched that it
could -ive no offence to the powers
that be at Ottawa, Sir Wilfrid Laurie, himself having also expressed the
View thai Ihe conditions hi British Columbia are so execptional thai they re-
pulre extraordinary treatment, the
Conservatives can scarcely go beyond
ii unless 1 hey obtain from Mr. Borden
something more specific than the. present nebulas declaration, thai the matter wil  have his best  allention.
The   Happy   Family.
The News-Advertiser   of yesterday
The Canadian Conservative Club
held a me.-ling last evening and passed  tin- following resolutions  :
"That the action of our President,
Mr. John B. Williamson, in calling the
meeting of the Club in the Hoard of
Trade rooms on the 2nd Inst , be ratified and canflrmed."
"That the Canadian Conservative
Club will in all future elections work
ii, harmony with the older Association
only if ihe candidates be selected al a
lair and open convention and a declaration to thai effect le signed by the
officers of the older convention Association forthwith."
The Province of yesterday evening,
says that the second resolution was not
passed, and denounces i, as a "fake."
Ancient  Glaas.
Iu the Slade collection at the Briti-ii
museum  In London  the  most ancien! I
specimen  of  pure  glass   the  date   .,1 '
which can be approximately fixed is :���
small lion's head, bearing the name 0
an Egyptian king of the eleventh i!\
nasty. That Is to say, at a period whicl ,
may   be   moderately   placed   at   mot',
than 2,000 years II. (-. ginss was ma j,
with a skill which shows that the art ;
was far from new.���London Telegraph.
Too Literal.
Judge Kenesaw M. Landis of the
United   States   district   court   of j
northern  Illinois has his share of'
humor   for   which   the   family   is
noted.    Since  his  appointment ':'>
the bench he lias not >!luulged 111
this-trait as In; di'J when an attorney.   Oae of \'lls stories was told to,
a select eoteric of friends tho day
�����t in" appointment.   This is it:
if      1 1 .   ..,.
there was a state senator in Illinois vhoin every one in the lower
end of the state familiarly address-]
ed as Tom Merritt. lie was noted
for his wil and stammering. He
was invited over into Indiana to
make a speech for a Democratic
candidate I'm- governor. Warming
up to his suhjci '. the -enator ;ai 1:
'I've been t-t-told that the Re-republican candidate i- a ?cho-scho-
scholar, that he lias tr-tn translate I
Homer's "Iliad." Wha n ha .1 hal
good is that lo us? Every 1 lemo-
crat reads Homer in the or-or-orig-
"The best part of the joke is, as
Merritt afterward said in telling tho
incident, that nobody in the audience even smiled al the lalcmcnt.
Merriit went back to Illinois tho
next day."���American Spectator.
"A  Message  From  God.'1
Governor Guild of Massachusetts
had a visit the other day from a
crank with a "message Iron, God."
His experience reminded a Boston
lawyer of an incideni in Fall River
years ago, when a clergyman named
Alley was on trial for the murder of
a parishioner, "lie was defended
successfully," said the lawyer, "'by
the late Jeremiah Mason, considered
by all of ng io have been tin- u'real-
f,-t American pleader who ever
faced a jury, Mr. Mason had finished his examinati ,n and was to make
his plea in the morning. He was
ubonf io retire, when a crank was
ushered in. 'I have a message from
the Angel Gabriel declaring that
Brother Alley is nol guilty of thi.
awful crime, and'- hot he got v.<
further. Mason beamed upon hin
and said : 'My dear -ir, thi ; mo '
timely, (lo at once to Gabriel and
have a subpoena sen cd upon him directing his appearance in court in
the morning.' Th" crunk departed
in a trance, and the door dosed before he recovered."
Home is Not Home
We have in stock, ready to fill that empty
niche in your drawing room, The Finest
and Best Pianos manufactured in the
Dominion of Canada, and at prices you cannot beat.
New Scale Williams, Morris
Nordneimer,   Dominion
Each in their particular line the very best.
DROP IN when clown town and listen to the
Newcombe Piano Player; it's a beauty and
cheap; or enjoy selections from the opera,
or topical songs rendered by the magnificent
Edison Phonographs and Gramophones in
our store. Every one is welcome, so all
come and spend a pleasant half hour at
 ��� Notice is here'..,  -:���..������, thai Go da
R<- Easterly  33  feel   of Lot :: and after date   I  Intend   app
Cblef   Commissioner
:���; Westerly   11   feet  of  Lol   t.  Block  b.iumei    commissioner
$ New Westminster City. I Works for permls ion ��� ,
>l      A   Certificate of Indefeasible   Title following  described   land, si
i��! to the above property will be Issued  th" mouth of ihe Kllda 1
;J; to  William Can,],bell, Matilda Camp- district: Commencing at a ,.
;J< bell  ami  Elizabeth  Campbell on  theied W.  M.'a  N. E ('on,-:
��������� '=<   day of  February,   1907,  unless In  the  south   bank  of the   Klld
;���;   the meantime a valid objection there-jat the mouth, running as to .
g   to be made to me in writing by a per- j chains    south,    40    chains   we I
��"} son or persons claiming an estate or chains north to the shore li,;
$ interest therein, or In any part there-  following shore line to place 0   ,
iX of mencement, containing 16 aci
J C. S, KEITH, lor IeS8'
S n...,.,..   .wi.,,-:,,- ,.r Titles Aug.  27,  1006.
'���   Land Registry Office
Locator, \V   MOODY
Per FRANK  VANDAL. A ���,.
Oet. 21,   1006.
New Westminster, it. c.. December
J*  24, 1906.
v       The   person   or   persons   having   In
>5   their  custody  or possession  the foi-,
!���!   lowing Title Deeds relating to tbe Bald ���,
V   property are requested to deliver the'e ,       .   -.        ,.
I! same to the undersigned. Synop..,   of   Canadian    Home
I      October  17,   1889,  Augustus  Lund- stead Regulations
$j   bom  to Donald McOHHvray,  Convey-     AnJr available Dominion Lands with.
fa.  ance In tee of part of Lots 3 and I. In th6 Railway Belt In British Colum.
;���;       March 2, 1883, Peter Monetta to An-   ''la. may be homesteaded by any ;,..;.
J   gustua Lundbom, Conveyance of part son who is the sole head of a taml
fa   of Lot 3. or any male over 18 years of a
BAXTER, Mel. 1:1.LAN &  BAVAGE. the  extent  ot oae-qnarter  section  >(
J. H. TODD, Proprietor
Next Guichon Hotel - - Burr Block
j,;   ment.
Agent "'�� ;u'res- mor8 f>r less.
17   Hastings  Street,  W.,  Vancouver, Entry must be made persona
B. C. tDe ,oca) 'and offi:e for the dlsti
  which the land Is situate.
The homesteader is required to    -
form the conditions connected '
Notice Is hereby given that thirty  with under one of the following plai
;���;   days after date  I  Intend to apply  to      (1) At  least six  months'  residence
the  Honorabb
>'    lands:
t Ii-
;���-   me  nonoraiiie,    tne    Chief    t'ommis-   upon   and   cultivation   of  the   l.md in
>J   sinner   of  Lands   and    Works,   for   a   eacn >'ear for three years.
* special  license to cul  and carry iiw.iy       (2)   If the father  (or mother, il the
!��!   limber  from  the  following described | father is deceased) of the homesteader
resides   upon   a   farm   in   the   v
of the  land  entered  for  the  requ re-
g      No. 1. Commencing at a post plant- raents a3 to resi(1(.nce may be 5a|
,���,  ed  on  the Dominion  Boundary  Line, by such person residing with the la-
fa   -.11 Sharpe's Creek, about half a mile ther or mother.
;���;   northeast of Pitt   Lake, thence North (j)  If the settler has his permanent
���J|8I   chains, thence    West    so    chains, residence   upon   farming   land   owi
fa:   thence  South   Ml  chains,   thence  Hast by  him  in   the  vicinity  of  his   1
fat     ~ ~'' "���  '''���'...' 1     1     . - ���      .        . ,    ,
��� , .   . the said land
p   ed on the Dominion Boundary Line ai
50 chains to point of commencement,
No. 2. Commencing al a   post plant-
stead, the requirements as to re-
may  be   satisfied  by  residence
Six months' notice in writing
A . ,  ,., ,pi.\   insulin     ii     .. .   :     ,,.,:.,..
rs the   coniiiicncemen-   0    (hum   No    1    1 .L    r- .- ���
,���. ., '     ���   be given to the CommisMoner of I
,���.1 thence   Mas.   si, chains,  thence North  minion Land8 at Ottawa of intent. D
V 80   chains,   thence  West    so  chains, to apply for patent.
>J thence South   80  chains   to poiut   of VV. \V   CORY.
j;! commencement. Deputy Minister of tht. Interi, ,
fa      No. ::. Commencing at a post plant       -N'-  B.���Unauthorized  publication ������!
ted  80 chains  North of post   first des 'this   advertisement   will   not   be   | il
J cribed in Claims No. 1 and 2, thence
>^ North 80    chains,    thence    Hast    80
[J (bains thence South SO chains, thence
;���' West so chains to point of commence
*rO'V:V*>>>>>>>>>>'*>'-*^ '*���   ���E   FRASER   RIVER   LUMBER  CO.
* ' "   _H11I__��� ��� ������-.-.-  ������ ���r- rr ��� : :  . J.   ROSS   SHARPE,
Canadian Bank of Commerce SUIN n-��
John  P.   I hompson
Th��    Meeting   of   an    Englishman   and1 ^���
an irishman in New York. Paid.up Capital, $10,000,000.      Reserve Fund, $5,000,000
An hnglishnian arriving in New: r       1-      �� ���     ��        > - ft-  ��        >
York and being a stranger mot  an HEAD Of^'CE, TORONTO.
Irishman   on   the   street   and    ap-   B- E-  WALKER, General Manager.       ALEX. LAIRD, AMt. Gen'l Manager.
proaching him, inquired the wav to I 	
Wall str.t.   The Irishman toll him        BRANCHES THROUGHOUT CANADA AND IN THE
and was about to pass on when tho,                     UNITED STATES AND  ENGLAND.
Englishman said: 	
"Now, will vou tell me how to s^et
ho Central park? I have heard so
much about it in London."
The Irishman told him that also
and was about to go when the Englishman stopped him again and
"Now, nv good man, being as I
am a stranger, I would like to ask
one more question. Will vou toll
me how to get to the subway'.'"
The Irishman .-i.r,iin informed
him, and, being impressed with his
manner and naturally curious, he
asked whom he had the "honor" of
The Englishman answered:
"Why, I om the Hon. Lord Chan-
��� ���" of London, En?land���Knight of
Land Registry Act
Every  facility   afforded   Farmers  for   their  banking   business.    Sa^ea   Notes
cashed   or  taken   for collection.
BANKING   BY   .MAIL���Deposits   may be made or withdrawn oby mail.
Out-of-town accounts  receive every attention.
Re Lot 184, Group 1 (except two par's
conveyed), N'e��  Westminster Dt-s-
TAKE NOTICE that application has      A   CertlUcate  of  Indefeasible   Title
been  made to  register John  W.  Burr  1�� ''''' above property  will  be issui
as the owner in  Fee Simple, under a : '"  Rboda  McKame>  on  the 29th -be
.,. ,..,,-     , ,        ���., of December, 1906, uole s in themean-
lax Sale Deed from The Corporation ... ,
time a valid objection thereto be made
the  fir Westminster,  to   t��� ������, ,n  wrltlng by ��� ,)(.,-s������ or pel
Bank of Montreal
John VV. Burr, bearing the date 15th
day of June, A.D L905, of all and singular ';.,' cei tain, parcel or tract of
land  und e    all uate, !\ ing and
: eing In the Dtstrti 1 of New VVeartmln
-'lor. In the , i' >\ in e 1 f British Columbia, more    irticularlj  known and (lea-      The person or person��havins in tl
1 1 as Lots :, to 16 inclusive ot lot
12, Suburban Block I::. New West-
��� iini ter Cil y
sons   claJming  an  estate or  tnte��e��t
therein, or in any part thei-eof.
DiBtrlcl Registrar of 'i1''
Land    Registry   Office,   New  Westminster,  B.C., 21st   November, 1906.
Incorporated   by   act   or   parliament
he Garter,  l\t:.     of ti," Crown,  capital (all paid up)   $i4.ooo.ow)
i\ih' I ' of the I'h e an ! Knight of  reserve FUND  $1'V)')��.ood
the  Bath    ai i  now, pray  tell  me
ivho you are  -ir." Rt. Hon. Lord Strathcona and   .Mount,   Royal,    G.   C.   M.
The Irishman dryly replied: U.,   Honorary President
"Oh, I  am  Pal  Muldoon of Ho- Hon.   Sir  G.   A.   Drummond    President
boken���last night, tomorrow night, E. S. Clouston Vice President   and   General  Manager
night  before last  and every other
bloomin' night, sir/'-Judge's Mag-        GeneraI ,,anliinf; bU8lne88 traM��ted.
azine of Fun.  Branches in all the principal cities In Canada, in  London,  Eng., N'ew
What Could  He Expect? Vork- Chicago, and St. John's Nfld., and correspondents in all parts of tbe
"See  here," growled   Hie  patron  world.
in the cheap restaurant, '"this eof-i
foe's cold!" j
"Dat so?" retorted the polite and 1
intellige.nl attcn lant. "Well, dis is
n quick lunch joint, so if de coffee
wuz hot yer couldn't drii k it in a
liurry."���Boston Transi ript.
custody   or   possession   the   Follow In ;
Title Deeds relating to the said pi 01
erty are requej ed to deliver the Ban
tO  I he  1111 b-i ii.tied:
Vou and each of you are required, to      y,[h   ,���,,.,,,,,    l89B    Roberl   Gra
contest the claim ot: the tax purchaser   %nu, M(.K;,���r.,  ,,, Thomas Robert M
within  forty-five days from the date KamaVi conve, in ,. ln ,������..
ol  the flrsl publication of ibis notice,  ,,,.
,     ,   ,.         . ,        ,  ,       .., MARTIN, VVEART fi   McQl   kRRIE
otherwise  I   shall   register   John   w
..        . .    ,          , Barristers, Solicit ,1     etc., New we:
lilirr,   as   owner   tbereol   in.   lee       An 1 \
, .��� ,      , . ,��� ..  , ��� minster, Bit'.
I  furl Im-i- order that  publication ol    his
.v 1 '    -
uol Ice oi one niomb in. a dal!\  new
paper published  al  New   We��i w -. 1
v. ill   be   goo 1   and   sufficient   Berv U ,
DATED al the Land Registry Office
N'ew Westminster, Province of Itiii
I b Columbia, I bis 28tbj day ot I loeem
I er, A.11. 11)06;
District Registrar.
To Flora V.  [Iainmi1.?.
All persons served with this notice,
In the Supreme Cotrl tf Irtish Columte.
Not Locomotive.
Mrs. Goodkind - -S , you are an
engineer and can't pel n job in this
town! Well, why don't you go to
some other place ?
1 Tattereden Tone- I can't, mad-| nothing to show for it
am, Vou see I'm 0 -tut ionary engi
neer!���Woman's Home Companion,
ami those claiming ibrouRh or under
G. D. BRYMNER, Agent,   them,  and   all   persons  claiming   any
Interest in the said bind by virtue 01
"""     "���   "~ any  unregistered instrument, and all
persons claiming any tnterest In tin-
said land by descent, whose title is
not registered under the provisions
of the 'Land Registry Act," shall be
Insures  absolute  security   to depositors.    START NOW to save your money     forever estopped   and   debarred   from
The Royal Bank of Canada
;.\ THE MATTER of 1 ������
Bftttled Estates Act 1 I
amending Acts,
title   to    pari   of    I v.   '���
Block  3, suburban  Lan I
New    Westminster   Cii
whereof     John     Oswald
Coulthard! is   tonamJ   1
life    in    possession    unil
Karnest  Hair Coulth-ard
tenant I a tail.
Pursuant to the Order of the Ho
able Mr, Justice .Morrison, s ab-.I tenders addressed to .1. J, Cambridge, n
setting up any claim to or In respect  trict Registrar of the Supreme Con
md you will never regret It.    People do harder things every day and have    (>, )h(i ga(d ^^ gQ goH foji t^g ;^
provided  for by the "Land   Registry
Putting your shoulder to the wheel
is recommended as a cure for wheels
In the bead.
A mau who can build a pan- oi
shoes la of more account than ,bf uiai,
who simply can write n sonnet 11 tin
feet Unit wear them
ONE DOLLAR opens an account. Put if In your pocket, it would probably be nothing, but ONE DOLLAR deposited every week with ua will In
ten years amount to $604.50.   THINK   THIS OVER.
New  Westminster,  B. Ci., will be re
ceived by him up to Saturday the I'Jtn
day or January, 1907, for the pun i'
of part of Loi  one (I), Block Three
CD,   Suburban   lands,   New   Westiilin-
Bter City.    Tenders must i e aw omi
r�� TS* T n'ed   by a  certified   cheque for  l,-;'-'
Me rraser Kiver iannery i <������'. per cent, m the amoum ..-:,..
J. P. HAMPTON n' 1 ���"
Solicitor for Petitioner herein
F. B. LYLE, Manager. PRICE   FOR    HIDES.
Ja. 6. WEDNESDAY, JAN. 9, 1907.
Synopsis of Regulation foi Z/isposal
of Minerals on Dominion Lands in
Manitoba, the Northwest Territories
and the Yukon Territory.
COAL���Coal lands may be purchased at $io per acre for soft coil
and $20 for anthracite. Not more
than 320 acres can be acquired by one
individual or company. Royalty at
the rate of ten cents per ton of 2000
pounds, shall be collected on the gross
QUARTZ���Persons of eighteen
years and over and joint stock com-
patwc holding free miners' certificates
may obtain entry for a mining location.
A free inmer s certincate is granted
for one or more years, not exceeding
five, upon payment in advance of $7.50
per annum for an individual, and from
$50 to $100 per annum for a company,
according to capital.
A free miner, naving discovered
mineral in place, may locate a claim
1500x1500 feet by marking out the
same with two legal posts, bearing
location notices, one at each end of
the line of the lode, or vein.
The claim shall be recorded within
fifteen days if ocated within ten miles
of a mining recorder's office, one additional day allowed for every additional ten miles or fraction. The
fee for recording a claim is $5.
At least $100 must be expended on
the claim each year or paid to the
mining recorder in lieu ihereof. When
$500 has been expended or paid, the
locator 11.ay, open having a survey-
made and upon complying with other
require ment s purchase the land at
$1.00 an acre.
Permission may be granted by the
Minister of the Interior to locate
claims containing iron and mica, also
coppeT, in the Yukon Territory, of an
area not exceeding 160 acres.
The patent for a mining location
shall provide for tbe payment of a
Royalty of 2^ per cent, of the sales
of the products of  tbe  location.
PLACER MINING���Manitoba and
the N. W. T., excepting the Yukon
Territory: Placer mining claims generally are 100 feet square, entry fe��
:$5, renewable yearly. On the North
Swkalchewan River claims are either
har or bench, the former being loo
feet long and extending between high
and low water mark. The lntter includes bar diggings, but e:\-tends back
to the base of the hili or bank, not
exceeding 1000 feet. Where steam
power is used claims 200 feet wide
may be obtained.
Dredging in the Rivers of Manitoba
andithe N. VV. T., excepting the Yukon Territory���A free miner may obtain only two leases of five miles each
for a term of twenty years, renewable in the discretion of the Minister
of the   Interior.
The lessee's right is conbned to the
submerged beds or bars of the river
below any low water mark, and sub-
���for first year and $tc per mile for each
subsequent year. Royalty same as
placer mining.
Placer mining in the Yukon Territory���Creek, gulch, piver and hill
claims shall not eioeed 250 feet in
length, measured on the base line or
general direction of the creek ot
gulch, the width being from 1000 to
2000 feet. All other placer claims
**hall be 250 feet square.
Claims are marked by two legal
posts, imp at each end, bearing notices. Entry must be obtained within
ten days if tbe claim is within ten
miles of the mining recorder's office.
One extra day allowed for each additional ten miles or fraction.
The person or company staking e
claim must hold a free miner's certificate.
The discoverer of a new mine is
entitled to a claim of 1000 feet in
length, aand if the party consists of
fcvo, 1500 feet altogether, on the cut-
put on which no royalty shall bf
���ch;.~Ri'd the rest of the p^rty ordin-
-���ry claims onlv.
Entry fee $10. Royalty at the rati
of two nnd one-half per cent, on the
Value of the gold shipped from the
Beet to the rights of all persons who
pave, or who may receive entries for
'bar diggings or bench claims, except
bn the Saskatchewan River, where
the lessee can dredge to high-water
���nark on each alternative leasehold.
The lessee shall have a dredge in
���Operation within one season from the
date of the lease for each five miles
hut where a person or company has
obtained more than one lease one
dred,-e for each fifteen miles or fraction thereof is sufficient. Rental, $10
per annum fur each mile of river
leaded. Royalty at the rate of two
and a half per cent, collected on the
Output  after it  exceeds $10,000.
Dredging in the Yukon Territory���
Six leasee of five miles each may be
granted to .1 free miner for "i term of
20 years; also renewable.
The lessee shall have one dredge
in operation within two years from
the date of the lease, and one dredge
for each five miles within six years
from such date. Rental $100 per mile
Yukon Territory to be paid to the!
The lessee's right is confined to the
submerged bar or bars in the river
below low water mark, that boundary to be fixed by its position on the
lit day of August in the year of the
date of the  lease.
No free miner shall receive a grant
of more than one mining claim on
each separate river, creek or gulch,
but the same miner may hold any
number of claims by purchase, and
free niiiH-rp may work their claims I
in, partnership by filing notice and
Paying fee of $_���' A claim may be
abandoned   and  .another  obtained   on'
the  same  creek,   gulch  or  river,  by
giving notice and  paying  a  fee.
Work must be done on a claim
each year to the value of at least $^00.
A certificate that work has been
abandoned, anad open to occupation
and entry by a free miner.
The boundaries of a claim may be
defined absolutely by having a survey
made and publishing notices in the
Yukon   Official   Gazette.
Petroleum���nil unappropiated Dominion Lands in Manitoba, the Northwest Territories and within the Yukon
Territory, are open to prospecting for
petroleum, and the minister may reserve for an individual or company-
having machinery on the land to be
prospected, an area of 1920 acres for
such period as he may decide, the
length of which shall not exceed three
times the breadth. Should the prospector discover oil in paying quantities, and satisfactorily establish such
discovery, an area not exceeding 640
acres, including the oil well, will be
sold to the prospector at the rate of
$i an acre, and the remainder of the
tract reserved, namely, 1280 acres,
will be sold at the rate of $3 an acre,
subject to royalty at such rate as may
be specified by Order in Council.
Deputy  of the  Minister  of the  In
Dent. Interior,
day, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
and Friday at 2 p.m. and Saturday
at 2 p. m. with additional trip on Monday at 5 a. m.
Leaves Steveston Monday, Tuesday,
Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday at
7 a. m.; Friday at 6 a. m. additional
trip Saturday 5 p. m.
8. S. Beaver
Leaves New Westminster, 8 a. m.
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
Leaves Chiiliwack 7 a. m. Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturdays, calling at
landings between New Westminster
and Chiiliwack.
S.  S. Tees
Leaves Vancouver at *> p.m. 2nd
ind 16th of each month, calling at
Skidegate on first trip and Bella Coola
on Feconrt trip. Time on arrival and
departure  are  approximate.
For reservations and Information
"all or address
Agent, New Westminster.
��.SRt. Gen. Pass. Agent, Vancouver.
General Superintendent, Victoria.
To Seftan the Handi.
To make a mixture for the hands
take equal parts of rosewater and
glycerin, mix while warm ;��nd keep
firmly corked. The bottle should
be shaken before using. ' If the
hands are rough it is best to put
two-thirds of glycerin to one of
rosewater. Hub well over the hands
after washing and before retiring
for the ni<:ht.
Pickled Nasturtium Seed.
After the flower has dried from
the nasturtium plant lay the seed
in salt and water for two days; then
drain and lay in fresh cold water.
Drain and pack in jars. Bring vinegar to the boiling point and season it with mace and peppercorns
and a little white su^ar. Fill jars
to overflowing and seal.
Flowers  In  Rooms.
Growing plants and nut flowers
in profusion should never be permitted in bedrooms, for these exhaust the air which is required by
the Eleepi r. Many a headache or
attack <." nausea in the morning
may be aci ounted for by plants nnd
flower- being allowed to remain iD
the room all night.
Trains & Steamers  "the northwestern line"
Leave N. W. 15.40; air N. VV. 11 35.
Leave  N. W.  8.30;   ar. Seattle 15.50.
Leave Seattle 12.30;  ar. N. VV. 18.40.
Leave N. W. 8.30, 10.35, 15.40, 17.::.",.
Arrive N. W. D.:',.r>, 11.35, 16.40, 18.40.
Lv. N. W. 9.20 a.m.; ar. Seattle 4 p.m.
Lv. N. W. 4.35 p.m.; ar. Seattle 10 p.m
Lv. N. W. 3 p. m. and S.S5 p. m.
Lv. Vancouver 8.3a a.m., and 4 p.m.
Lv.  N.  W. 9.35 am.;   ar.  Guichon
2.20 p.m.
Lv. Guichon, 2:46 p. m.; ar. N. W.
8:4a p in. and * p. m.
Mondays only.
Lv. New Westminster 5.50. 6.50, 1
and 8 a. m��� and every half hour thereafter till 11 p. m.
Lv. Vanoouver 1or Westminster at
same hours.
Fraser River and Gulf
From N. W. Mon. Wed. Frid.
From Chwk.  Tu., Th., Sat.,
From N. W. Tu., Th., Sat. 8
From Cbwk. Sun., Wed., Frl.,
From .VW. daily, ex. Sunday
Add. trip, Monday, 5 a.m.
From Steveston, 7 a.m. (Frl.
Eight Trains Every Day in the Year
Minneapolis, St. Paul
and Chicago
Embodies the newest   and best ideas
ind   LUXURY.     It  is  lighted  with
both   electricity   and   gas;,   the   most
brilliantly   illuminated   train   in   the
world.     The   equipment   consists   of
I private   compartment   cars,   standard
! 16   section   sleepers,  luxurious  dining
I car. reclining chair cars  (seats free),
I modern   day   coach-es   and   buffet,   li-
i brarv and  smoking cars.
For Time Tables,  Folders, or any
further information call  on  or write
'20 Second Avenue. Seattle, Wash
Canadian Pacific
8 a.m.
7 a.m.
7 a.m.
Mail Service
2 p.m.
6 a.m.)
.40 p.m.
.35 a.m.
.00 a.m.
.:',u p.m.
.mi p.m.
.00 a.m.
,15 p.m.
35 a.m.
00 p.m
Oil p.m.
Seattle, via Sumas 7.15 a.m.
Sapperton nnd .Mill-
side. No. 1    7.4." a m.
\ ancouver.   No.   1.   7.1". a.m.
G N.R Cloverdale,
Blaine .Seattle..  8.45 a.m.
Van.  &  Ceo. Park.Id,30 a.m.
Victoria    lu 30 a.m.
East  Burnaby  ....   lJ.3p.rn.
Ladner, Steveston, M^^^^^^
etc  1.30 p.m. ll.uOa.m.
C.P.R. east. Sapperton, Millside and
Coqultlam     3.00 p.m. 11
Van. and  Burnaby 3.80 p.m.   6.
G X It. Flyer    4.00 p.m. 11.
Timberiand, Tues
and  Friday  .   . . ,13.00 m.     12.00 m.
Canadian Pacific Railway Co.
British  Columbia Coast Line
B. C. Coast Line Service.
(Subject to change without notice).
SS Amur leaves Vancouver Jan, 9,
Jan. 22.
Leaves Vancouver daily ai 1 p.m.
Leasts  Victoria daily at   1  a.m.
Leavaj Victoria daily except Monday
At S:30.
Leaves New Westminster at 7 a. m.
on Sundays.
S. S. Joan
Leaves Vancouver daily at 1:30 p.m.
Steamer Queen  City.
Leaves Victoria at  11  p.m. on 1st,
7th, and  14th each month for Clayo-
quot:   leaves Victoria   on    20th    for'
Quatsino and way points.
Steamer Transfer
Leaves  Nfw  Westminster  on Mon
The only road which runs Through
Sleepers and Tourists from coast to
Eastern Express leaves daily at 3*: 40
Train for Seattle leaves a' S.:i0 a.m.
Through connections for Kooteracy
imd L'nited States points.
For  rates,   reservations   and othi -
particulars apply to
C.  P.  R.  Agent.
New Westminster
or to
E.   J.   COYLE.
Assistant   General    Passenger   Agent,
Ginger   Beer.
Pour a gallon of boiling water on
one pound of loaf sugar, half an
ounce of ginger and one ounce of
cream i f tartar. When nearly cold
add a tablespoonful of yeast. Strain,
bottle, siul in six hours it will be
ready for use. If root ginger is
used, boil it in the water for twenty minutes.
Financial   Distinction.
"There goes a man who was once a
great bull operator In this town," said
a broker as an elderly, listless gentleman passed through the lobby of a betel.
'���How long ago?" asked his com
"Oh, a good many years. lie failed
three times nnd his financial career illustrates a curious trait in human nature. After his first suspension tiie
creditors got together for a conference
with him. When it was found that his
liabilities ran near the million mark
they eagerly helped him resume, for
the sake of preserving general business confidence, they said.
"Some years later he vcent under
egain. There was another conference
of creditors. The liabilities were smaller this time, but ran Into the hundred!
of thousands. 'We mustn't Impede a^
able financier,' they decided, and hi
was helped to become solvent onet
"But after his third failure the lia
billtie<i ran up to almost nothing at a)
-ifor Wall street-hardly $25,000, Hi
creditors met and decided that the np
showed too strong 11 tendency townr<
reckless speculation. So they tltw'
;!n: into bankruptcy." -��� New Yi.:''
Rapid, Easy Grinders
Three sizes,���8,10 and
12-inch plates. Also
bagging attachments
for same.
A full line of Pulpers, Slicers,
Hay and Ensilage Cutters.
Shingle and Saw
Mill  Machinery
New Westminster, B. C.
Catherine  Bailt  the Palace.
The Tetrovsky palace is a charming
monument to the more picturesque side
of Catherine the Great's character.   It
was her villa without the walls of Moscow, where she could live at her ease,
surrounded    by    her    intimates,    the
Apraxins, the Volkonskys, the Golitsins,
! the  Razumovs.     She  would have  n��
soldiers to guard her.   She preferred to
rest under the protection of ter owi
i people, and the people came crowding
j about the palace, saying:    "Make no
, noise!   Do not disturb our little moth-
'. er!"   She loved the fields aud woods of
Petrovsky. as well she might.   It was
��� In this neighborhood that she herself
awaited the approach of her coronation,
staying in Count Uazumov's wonderful
villa, which so astonished Lord Herbert
and William  Cox  in  1778,    She had
the palace built to commemorate the
Russian victories over the Turks auJ
intrusted the task to a native architect
who knew how to adapt Gothic lines to
Russian taste and to combine splendor
, with  comfort.     The  red   walls,   with
I their white stone  facings  and round
j towers,  seen  among the trees,  give a
delightful Imoression of elegant seclu
sion, since cutnerine-s day all the em.
perors of Russia have awaited the day
of the triumphal entry in tbe Petrovsky
palace.���Loudon  Standard.
One of the strongest and most eloquent of the woman suffragists iu England is a Ivuueashire factory girl,
Annie Kenney. They call her the Joan
of Arc of the woman cause. She was
put to work in the mills at ten years
���Id aud has worked all her life there,
as her mother did before her. Ou her
deathbed, however, that mother bide
her daughters fight for the rights of
woman. From the time Bhe was old
enough to think Annie Kenney noticed
the uujust discrimination agaiust \\n-
uien ami girls in the factories aud in
favor of even the boys of her owu
family as ugainst her and her sisters.
ft ft
It is announced that the beautlfm
and wealthy Mrs. Potter Palmer hi ��
become au active advocate of woumn
suffrage. If rich society ladies too*
enough Interest in their own sex to uu
nounee themselves In favor of legat,
civil and industrial rights for women.
those rights would sueedily Im won.
Grand Trunk Ry.
Excellent Train Service Between
Chicago. London.
Hamilton. Toronto.
Montreal. Quebec.
Portland. Boston,
And all the principal business centers of
Also to BUFFALO, NEW YORK and'
PHILADELPHIA, via Niagara Falls.
For Time Tables, etc., address
GEO.  W. VAjX.
Assistant Gen'l  Passenger and Ticket
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Easterbrook Milling Com'y
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Steamshir Tickets on sale to all European points.
Special    Reduced    Rates    Round   Trip
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Ask for  Terminal, and see that you get it.
The Easterbrook Milling Co.
McQUARRIE &   CO.,   Local Agents.
122  Front St. THE DAILY NEWS
Of course your procer has
He will send it to you always, if
you ipeafy WINDSOR.
Puhlished hy the Daily News Pub
lishing Company Limited, at their
offices, corner of Sixth and Front
streets, New Westminster, B.C.
Managing Director J. C. Brown _
~~~"���'  i in;; aproxlmately r, 1 s firms and 18,513
JTVERTISING RATES. . work   people.   The   loss  of lime   was.
Transieu. display advertising 10 approximately. 343.800 working days.
centb per .ine nonpariel) 12 lines to More than one working year tor 1000
the inch. Five cents per line tor ' men! There is evidently ample room
futsecjuent insertions. | f()). ,|lt. (;<)V,,nunent's compulsory con-
Reading notices, bold face type. 20   (.j|jation law.
rents per line, brevier or nonpariel, 10	
rents per line.
For time contracts, special posl- According to his wife, John D. Rock-
tons, apply to advertising manager. efeller Is too poor to buy oysters. At
^e^V^apr^^st or 'east she was reported as saying so.
found, rooms to let, etc., one cent per by a speaker at the meeting ot tne
word.       No  advertisemeut  taken  for ; American Association for the Advance-
I ment  of Science.    "You  must   under-
;<��sj than 25 cents.
��  -%
**# .J
��� one disappears | MAGNIFICENT   EXPOSITION
Topaz   Takes   Out   Captain   Card   and   jj>
Marks Channel  For
li  was reported  yesterday to mem- a
hers of tlu' Pilotage  Hoard, that Muck   B
Buoys, No. 2 and No. 3, had been inov-   >7<
ed out of their proper locations at the   q
mouth   of   the   river,  during  the past K
two days by drift ice.    The board act- VJ
el very vigorously in the matter and ��
at once secured the use of the Topaz, .���<
which is steel built, and despatched il !���,
With Capt. Card of the Samson, aboard V
tj look into the matter, and, if found S
to  be  correct,  to stay  and   mark   the A
Day Office  ..
Night Office
stand that a man may be worth $luo,-.      v
| 000.4 ��� $1,000,000,000, but he has to | c*mae}   ml,il   the  Tottenhan>  'ia**ud   ��
. A22   keep his factories and refineries ^oinu;,
and may not have ready cash."   It may
B,2   .....lln.    n.   ,...,.��� :.-.,.,.> ........     .   .......       On  reaching ihe  spot,   it   was  dis- |��j
be so.   We ourselves have occasionally   covered that No. 2 buoy had entirely  a
had  difficulty  in securing our proper   disappeared, and  No   :; was consider- ,���<
share of   blue-points,     but   we     never   ably   out   of  position.      They   marked 'fa
understood ihe reason, or realized to  the channel as Instructed, for the Tot- y
wli.it class we belong. I tenham, and returned to this port.  To ;���;
_���-������������������ 'day  they  will return  to the scene o��.��
Murder  and  Suicide. action and replace the misplaced buoy, g
Seattle,  Jan.   8.-Oen.   Charles   W. ��� ai!" '"".a new one ln "'" S1"" from *
terday, on the moUon of w.  McDon-1 Turner, a well known Seattle lawyer,
OUgh,   seconded  by   lv  A.   Murphy,   it ' was  shot   and  almost   instantly  killed'
WEDNESDAY, JAN. 9, 1907.
Ai   the   Teachers'   convention   yes-.
which  the  old one was   removed.
id io the triple shooting
In others.
was resolved that our secretary be in-hasl   night   in  the  Russell  saloon, on
structed   io  have   locals   Inserted   in ; pirst  ,iv<,n||(,  m,.n. g M  Btreet> by
both  the  Columbian    and    the   News   .,.    w   ,,mnU)ns    proprletor 0f the cl-   I-   l-"i
asserting that Inspector Stewart cameLar st0re in from of the saloon.    The
to this convention ������ the Invitation of   ���������,,,,,., then ,-���,.,, a ,���   tnt0 ,ho
the officers of this Institute extended chest of An,lv Russell, owner of the
io him three months ago, to explain ,.������������ .,���,, (.li(,M, ,������ <.,,���_ TlinK���. A
the New School ac and to answer few seconds later_ Emmons piaced the
questions concerning it.    His address  muzzle of the smoking revolver to his
therefore could have no political signi-   ��� ���        , ,   ., . ���, ���
i D.bH. : own ic.m))]0 ,in,[ sonl a bullet crashing
fication. i .,        ,   ,.   ,    ,
, through his brain.     He died at noon,
Ihe resolution above quoted  puts a   ,,,i���,.     ,   ,,-,,   ., ,     ,,
' '        '   today at   Wayside   Emergency  Hospi
tal, never having regained consciousness,    Trouble over business relations
accused   ot   "butting in"   without   con-j]e
suiting the members of the Institute; !
bui   that  is aboul all,     Whether the
Invitation to the Inspector to come and
explain   the   School   Act   arose   spon-!
laneously  from a feeling lit  would be
a  very natural  feeling)   thai  the  Act
needed explanation, or whether the invitation was suggested by the Government  wiih a feeling that a defence of!
Hh' Acl was needed, is not a point of
much importance,    in either ease, the
racl ri-.nains unaltered, thai a Govern-j
menl official,  during  the currency of
an election in which the School Acl is
an issue, uses a meeting of the Institute  to  make  political   capital   lor  ihe
Government   bj   defending ihe  Scho .1
Act.    Whether he was invited to do so
Ihree   months   ago,   does   not   mailer
���'i pin. except, indeed, as proving that
ihe  Teachers'   Institute   was   tun   so
tactless and dull as to ask him while
ilie election   was  pending.     'Ph..   tact
thai the local  C.  i\  Ii     McBride���So-
cialisl  organ  wa.-  prompt  to use the
incident,    advertising    the    "endorsement" of Mi.- Acl in poster type, shows
quite  clearly  in   what  light   it   was   re-;
:.aided by   politicians.
The Hindus who arrived in the city *ji
yesterday, after having gone on strike >J
against the (i N. It. contractor, who fa.
grading work near Mud Bay, !���!
have left their quarters al the police ;���;
station, and taken up a temporary res- fa.
Idence on Front street. The men do fa
nol seem to be at all inclined to take'S
any steps to recover the money that ;W
is coming to them from the contractor, 'fa
arguing that It would be folly lo spend fa
more   money   in the  hope  of gelling  V
their due, and then be cheated by the J<
white men in the end. Croat is the !���<
white man's way of treating his darker  !���!
<f  NEW   YEAR'S
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,   , i Creel   $3  worth of  Ruhber Starui
lakes   out   Large    Cargo   of    Lumber    Lord  Gray   Comments   on   Injustice   of        ...        , ,   ,       ... ,,
' Liberal  reward!.   John  Slpprell,  i
And   Will   Return   .'or ( Confining     Youths     Among \).\i}\   Kews
More Hardened Criminals.
  WR. harry Davis. Baritone, will i
ceive pupils.    Lessons In the an
The Tottenham steamed oul of the      Ottawa,   Jan     T.    Judge    Benjamin      singing  and   voice  production.
river  yesterday   forenoon   al   a   fairly   Lind8ey   ot   Denver,   Colo.,  addressed       Columbia  Sti  ������
Children's Courts have been such a
success in the United States, that Euro-
l"'au counlries have taki n up thai
idea. Our American cousins, however,
are nol to be allowed to monopolize
Ihi credit. Ontario enters a claim.
Vcocrdlng to the Toronto News, there
has been a Children's Couri law in
Ontario since 1893, and thai province
has the honor of being lhe first In the
i eld, i he Chit ago I 'hlldren's Court,
usually ere lited as I In . loni or .having
I en or ;anize I nn! sei en 5 ears ago.
.Iu I -e I.in.Isey began his special work
for He- negiecte ! children of Denver
in 1900, and has now become world-
ramou ai an atl i cai ��� of better methods in dealing with youthful ilelin-
nl i. Tho I lominl m Go; ei nmenl
i i ;>:.-1 li ring the li ro luctlon of a
Children's Protei loi Law, applicable
i ' all Cana la, In which the besl methods of the present tl ty will be in-
' ii norali I. The i ro| ositlon has met
v. iih much fa\ni. not onlj from leading phllanlhropl I -. bui rrom members ni the I Inns., an I Senate, so thai
Ha-  pro ������; i 11   for  ti| to late Ca Han
li gislallon is bright.
The Edmonton Journal (Con.) says
thai ii Is "not without certain color of
ii asnn" that Liberal paprs ascribe the
retirement of Hon. Mr. Green "to the
prosBiirc of public opinion on bis colli agues." The color musl be vivid
Indeed when it Is visible in such a
hvemng Slippers
The   Coming   Great   Event   Is
the   Canadian   Club   tonight, on   "The
Juvenile   Couri
Among   those   pr<
JCB  printing ol   everj   descrip
done al lowest   rates, al  the  An
Press.       s.i :    ictlon      guarantee
Office:   Doll}    V- > -   Block.     , MRS
DOMINY.   Prop	
We wish to announce that we are
today showing the greatest assortment of Evening Shoos that has
ever been displayed   in  the city.
high rate of speed, and crushed
through the drlfl Ice as though il was
paper.     The   vessel rode  high oul  of
the water and the propellei was plain- ���''���" were l'"1''1 ,;n'-v- some "'' ""'
I.. .~.'i-n as li revolved. On board, the Ministers of the Crown, and the Lead-
vessel carried a cargo ol  I 700,  feet   er of the Opposition.
or lunger.    The balance of the cargo       u,rd Grey,  In proposing a vol  ������,      '.      '
will be taken on board al   Vancouver. TEACHERS wanted���I wo for New
.,., , , , , ,,., thanks to Judge Lludsey, said thai  he       ,.. ,     ,.,,,!,.1i ��,.ilni)i ,,n.. i'...-
I be vessel would have sta ed al Mill- Westminstei Centtai acnooi, one loi
side had ii  not  been for I ie faci  thai '"i"1" be skat li j on thin Ice If he gave      prlmarj   work.    Applications receh
Lhe  si.iw.- which  are being towed  In his support to a proposition thai might      od until noon ot January   lib.  1907.
from   Anacortes  with   ties,   had  boon soon   be   di nited   In   Parliament,   hut
" u"eliel '" :,':l" lhelr tr.ips on ac- ,���, truste(1 , , ���.,. ,,,.,, S()I1M, ���,- the
i on.!   of            i      ne; ice, v lilcli  cut .    .  , ,.,,,, ,
lilinciiiles   which   Ibe   .Indue   advanced     -^. w���i ] .      ���        \\ 7 1
clear  through  tb     htil 'iml \ I   lfvr  h I etc fir if*   \A/ rtl*I^C
will   ,i.,��   lourm     to   Vancouver and   There   was,    His    Excellehcj   said, n        Opposite Tram Off Ice
it.   l.l-;.\\li:.   Secretary,
The Inconsistencies of Toronto have
often caused unholy merrimeni
throughout the Dominion Now ii
has i le.' ted a mayor al the dictation
ol the Albany Club (the local Conservative machine), ami then proceeded '
io turn down by overwhelming major- ^
Itics every scheme upon which he
based  bis  claim  In Dfflce.
LADIES' Fancy  Beaded  Vamp   Slipper, with new
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havi    their   cargoe     ilaced   on   board great   reform   to   be  accomplished  in
the Tottenham there, I ich time some of the Canadian gaols, where I por electric Igns, dynamos, motors,
he cargo I complul i. River Pilot, there was now to be seen thai which fans,'phone fixtures, shades, bells, hat-
Rogers, who Jin . and till should make every self-respecting ierie8| wiro nn,| ,.���,>.', -. of all kinds
considerably in I the weather, was Canadian hang bis bead In shame. .,1|(| BjZQg| House wiring. Motor In-
in charge o i Ihe vessi issl ted bj i'oung men. awaiting their trial, am tailing a ie laltj '��� I kind! of re-
Murdoch   i'oui, ���      Tl ��� -cl   iiassed who, until the}  were convicted, oi   !i      airs prompll.v   utteudt'd to.
Stevi   ton in   infety and n ide Its way to  be treated  as  Innocent,  were  con
oul to deep watei  In rem  rkablj good fined  among criminal..     Such  ihlngi
,|;, ought  mil to be allowed in a land o
.  liberty,
J. OIGBV . Prt>j>rif��or
PHONE. 304.
The annual repoi;  of    I he    Depart-   , -
menl of Labor stale- thai during the   ���
year ending June 30 lasl  there were
130 trade disputes in Canada, lnvolv-
;fooe Hoiase
Coluiii!:!?. Street,
New Westminster,
Schools Re-Open. ���.,.���..     . .      ,     ,,   .
WANTED    v waitress.     Apply ( olon-
The public  schools  will   reopen this      |a| f.jotej ,;:;
morning at 9:30 o'clock.   ^ the girta*, English Watchir.aker
Bchool, the opening even)   will be the   WANTED_Smart    Boy     for     Office\T      dwt (rnm   ^   Ad Gnw
I ;, ..minion ol entrance certificates to      App,y DaHy News_
the  successful  one.,.     The   principal,1- Ladies' Gold Watchei    rom $12.75 up
Miss Rogers,  has invited  the parents   WANTED���Girl   wanted   for   general|    Ge"^"10""'8  " ;'' r   Watches,   open
or the girls to te present. hoUB0   work)  a1   ,������.,,.    Rea   mahle   ^ntlamea's Silver   Watches, double
 ������ wages. Apply to Mrs. It. Robs Sharpe ease, $7 50 up
Cominc. and Going. Sixth avenue and Tenth street. Aeenl for the celebrated South.Bend
uoming ana uu    j Wiilcbes, BUpplied to the Wellmnn Arc-
Guichon    W.   McDonagh,    Mlsa    I-.. tic Expedition.    All warranted.
Berry, Miss L. Cummings, Vancouver;   BOY  WANTED���  All  day.  Apply  at |    chains, Rings, Jewelry, etc.
i;   W.Clarke and son, Ladner; F. M.      Moray'8 Book Store. d.i.i'.-".     Watcl  r. pninv..-; .-'..aiye.- i-cttnonahle.
Douglas,  IS,  Cook,  Vancouver;     \V. J.
Dell,  Chiiliwack;   Miss   N.   F.   Wade,      *���-���������"     """     """"     ** ",
Miss  M.  Wade, Surrey.
Windsor Moses Ball, Ruskln; \V
W, Griffith and family, Vancouver; W
M. Mcl.aii hen ami wife, Toronto; VV
12, Alexander, Malsqut; W. W, Tins
ley, T. Tlngloy: Suinas,
Colonial W. J. Hughes, L, Parslow
J. II. Morgan, Vancouver: II Mai shall.
Victoria; W, A, McKIm, Victoria; Mr
and Mrs, D. M. Moore, Coqultlam; s
Graham, l: -Mughai i; J Bradlcj. So it
Carruthers Manufacturing Com y. |
Manufucl urers o( i
Show Cases, Store Fillings and Bar Fixtu es |
The Carruthers Maratifactisrlog Co.
The  Cash   Store
January Sale
One of the best proofs of the prosperity of our city and of its people is the
way in which they have patronized us during the clearance sale. Of course the
low prices for good goods have something to do with it too. So we look on the
future with increased enthusiasm, and throw out more bargains.
We can't put our hands in your purses and walk off with your money, compelling you to take advantage of the cut prices, but we do ask you to come and
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Our Whitewear Sale is still in progress, and we have still an excellent assortment of made-up garments for your selection at the following prices:
'$?7~]   -���    4h~\       Ladies' Night Robes 50c, 95c to 3.75
rif I  l sii        to-/1   L-a
Ladies' White Skirts 95c, 1.10 to 4.50
Ladies' Drawers 25c, 35c to 2.95
Iff �������������� .'.:   -;i,Vt:..-Tf\
f'MiifiL'^M Ladies'Corset Covers 25c'35c t0 L75
Ladies' Blouses 75c to 1.95
Children's Pinafores 25c to 75c
Tapestry   Portieres
Just a few pairs left. They must
$4.00 for $2.50
12.00 for   fi-25
8.00 for  4.25
20.QO for  9e00
For House Wrappers
and Dressing Sacques
2o pieces of figured ones in colors
as reds, pinks, blues, greens, browns
and fawns. Jtegular 12c, 15c and 20c;
January Sale      .   10c
Pure Down
Full size for double beds; covered
witli beautiful flowered sateen; regular
7.00 for 5.00; regular 9.50 for 7.75.
White Quilts and
Size 11-1 Marseilles, anil smaller
size Honeycomb blue, white, and pure
while in assorted patterns; regular 1.25
January S;.
. 95
An Extraordinary Offer of
Blouse and
Dress Silks
About 800 yards of fine Chiffon, Taffeta and French Bengalee in Reds, Blues, Pink, Yellow, Tuscan, Brown, Russet, Reseda
and Grey; also Surah Silk in Black, 20 inches wide, and suitable
for evening dresses, blouses, and separate skirts.
Regular (i!3c and 75c Silks. ACkt%
January sale ^I/C
A Terrible Slaughter of
Winter Coats
Last Winter's
About 20 winter coats, including Meltons and Cravenettes.
Short Beaver and Frieze Coats, Misses' Tweed Coats and Girls'
Bearcloth Coats; some lined with Farmer's satin, salesia, etc., and
well made in every detail.
These were 2.50, 3.50, 5.00, 7.50, 10.00, and as high as 20.00
each. <j��1   QE
.January sale price *P * .&\J
T.   H.   SMITH
Columbia St.. New Westminster
Maple Leaf Rubber
.-re tbe most satisfactory brand for
both dealer and wearer ;'i this province.
They possess all tbe good qualities
Of material, style, fit, finish and durability characteristic of the best Rubber", and are more serviceable under
Western  climatic  conditions.
Ask your dealer for
I    336 Hastings St. \V, Vancouver, i
i I
J    Bookkeeping, Gregg and Pi -nan J
l    Shorthand, Telegraphy and En- I
J    ginoerlng. j
*          Seven  Teachers j
|  Forty-FiVi   Typewriters j
J   Students Always in Demand.
J R. ). SPROTT, B. A., Principal
Foot of lib Ave.   Cor. 16th   Street
New Westminster, li. C.
Jhe [)aiiy Details
. Letkie Co., Ltd.
} &J&.<Sfer       Vancouver, B. f
All kinds of Ship repair
, work.
Ship and Scow   Building
a specialty.
Estimates   promptly furnished.
RESIDENCE���"-) Eighth street. New
Westminster, B.C.
Westminster Iron Works
Skating is said to he good on the
south side of the river from the
bridge to the tannery.
Luncheon Parties, etc.,���Ladies desiring assistance in the serving of
Luncheons, Dinners, etc., should communicate with Mrs \V. J. Norfolk,
Post Office, N'ew  Westminster.      7d-T
A. W. Spiers, who is charged with
procuring, was sent up for trial by the
police magistrate yesterday morning,
Spiers will remain in jail until the day
of his trial, which has not yet been
Rev. A. Shildrick will conduct the
funeral service over the body of the
late W. C. Burge this morning. The
funeral will start from Murchie's undertaking parlors, and proceed to Sapperton. where the interment will take
| place.
A s,ieci,il series of addresses Illustrated by charts, is being delivered in
the Gospel hall, on "The Tabernacle"
by Mr. Harklss, of Everett, Washington. The addresses are said to be
very instructive and are open to the
general public.
The- Ice in the river started to run
very rapidly early yesterday afternoon
and before evening the river was clearer of ice than it had been for the previous two days. A report reached the
city yesterday, however, that the residents of the Maple Ridge district were
walking across  the  river on the  ice.
The big wrestling mat at the No. 1
Fire Hall has been replaced in the upper room, after having been up for
nearly two months. The old sawdust padding has been replaced hy
excelslon \*ool stuffing, and is now in
fine condition. Wrestling will again
bo in full  swing at the hall  in a few
Sole Agent in New Westminster, W. E. SINCLAIR wSsss* % Sesmrln8
Mill orders nnd correspondence In
'e.w West minster. V. O. 474.
A GjN.R, construction gang arrived
in the city yesterday, and proceeded
to tear up the track near the recently
erected freight shed. The track when
originally laid was placed to close in
to the building for safety and comfort,
and the object of the gang is to relay the track a foot or two nearer
l-'.ont street.
The Nanalmo Free Press doles out
comfort to its afflicted readers in the
following: "Those who have not caught
la grippe yet will be pleased to hear
from a local physician that the cold
snap has frozen up most of the la
grippe genus. As scon as the thaw
sets in, however, he says la grippe
will be more prevalent, but not so
virulent as formerly."
R. F, McGowan, Inspector of marine :
i ngines for the Canadian Pacific Xavi- ,
gation company, was a visitor in the
city yesterday and paid a visit : i the
I one yard for the purpose of taking
b look at the engines and other machinery of the Transfer. The machinery of the vessel is to be thoroughly
o\ erhauled and put in shape :' ir th ���
reopening of navigation.
The application of F. J. Hart Eor sl>
inches of water from a sum'.; stream
running into  Deer lake, came up be-
.< Water Commissi iner (". C. Fisher
ye terday afternoon, and was granted
ill full. The water is to be used for I
domestic, agricultural and power purposes. It Is understood that Mr. Man
proposes putting in a small electrical
planl which will be used for Indus rial
A husky ho! ������ has been making his j
'Mine for the pasi  few days in a bole
in the groun I near the junction of the !
old  tram   line,   \\ Ith   the   inter-urban j
road.    Some ii:ne ago. a lire was buill
under ;i large fallen tree, for the purpose  of burning the log.  and in   the :
hole eaten away by the lire, the hobo
has l eon i leeping soundly during I he
most   severe weather,     lie  is a  big
strapping man, bis clothes being fa.-.;
i-tied to his i er.-on by means of wire.
bandages and natural adhesion.
A  meeting of  the    school    boa:!,
which bad I ecu called for last even
lug, bad to be postponed, on account;
of the absence of the secretary, the
Rev, Robert  Lennie, who is confined
to   his  house  with    an  attack    of la
grippe.    All the members of the board
were  present,  and   they  remained  in
the meeting room for a considerable
time,   but   as  no  one  would   volunteer
to perform the arduous duties of sec-!
retary, the meeting was eventually ad
journed without  any business having
icon  transacted,
A, boy's coal wai foiind on the Ice
al   the  penitentiary  cam on  Monday
i i vening, which started a rumour that
j a   lad   bad  been   drowned  by  fa
through the Ice, bui Invei tif atlons car-
j ried  out   by Detective  Bradshaw, all
tend to show that no tr   o ly h i    akon
. place,     A small  hole was dlscot ired
In the ice, but the water underneath
was only about fifteen inches deep. As
no one has been reported as missing
to the police, the general impression
i- that some lad went away from the
ice after skating, and forgot his coat.
Messrs. Mayers and Preston, of the
Western Fuel Co., have turned their
handsome tug, the Dauntless, into a
coal barge. They found it impossible
to bring scows up the river at the pre-1
sent juncture on account of the ice.
They want coal for the supplying of
their patrons and as the Dauntless is
heavy and strong they have fixed it up
with ice guards and are carrying about
a hundred tons at a time from Nanai-'
mo. The Dauntless arrived in port
on Monday night, with the first load
and if the ice does not get too thick
will make another trip today. The,
hull of the vessel bears a few marks
where the ice struck it. behind the Ice
guards. The members of the firm
'.-ni- that  the action they have I iken
adds in tt xpense of the  coal,   but
they have no intention al the present
time, of raising the price of the commodity.
They ha ve a. joker down at Ladner.
Last evening a young man of ingenuous appearance entered the editorial
sanctum of the Daily News, and stated
that, the foreman of the Delta Times
h;ol asked him to call and secure a
supply of "Alkali Proof Ink." The
victim was handed over to the foreman
who informed the applicant that he
was just out of the commodity, and
sent him over to Dingle & Galbraith's
office, a telephonic message preceded the victim, and as a result he carried away with him a mixture of dope
which, bad as it was, might, if properly used, make a decided improvement
in the usual v iry unhealthy appearance of that, pro; r -ssh mrnal called
the Delta Times,
Notice to Water Consumers.
Owing to excessive use and waste of
water since the frost set in. the Reservoir is getting lower and the supply
for fire purposes is endangered. Consumers are requested to be careful in
the use of water and not to allow th.-ir
t?ps to run. but use stop and waste
cocks where they are on the service.
Any service found running water to
waste after this notice will have the
I water cut off.   By order.
City Clerk.
City Hall. .Jan. 7, 10u7.
Hereafter the sum of 50c extra per
ton will be charged on all coal delivered beyond 4th avenue and Penitentiary, or any extra long packs, and
either up or down stairs.
Room 4, tiuichon Block
Farm   Land!
20 Acres
$20 per acre
First-class   Soil
Good   Location
Good   Road
Only   6   miles   from   City
260 Columbia St., New Westminster
Phone 85.
Lee's Furniture Emporium
For Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums,
Window Shades, Pictures and Framing,
Couches, Parlor Goods, Rattan Goods.
LEE S     Furniture     Emporium
Dupont Block New Westminster Tel. 73
Hamilton Watch Movement
Grade No. 740-21 Jewels,  in  25-year Gold   Filled  Cases S37.50
Grade    No.   1-17       " " " " "        32.50
Grade    No. 2-17      " "   25.50
Grade    No.  3-17      "    23.50
.   C.  CHAMBERIIN, The Jeweler
3 1-2 acres $900; terms
1 1-2 acres $475; $200 cash
1 acre $350; half cash
These are in the city limits and are near
the proposed car line.
Plumbing and Contracting
P. O. Bo:: ?48
Telephone 30S 6
JAN. 9
Annual Public Meeting.
The Annual Public meeting of Electors will be held a: the Municipal Hall
on Saturday. Jan. 12, 1907, at 2 p.m.,
for tfce purpose of hearing reports
from the outgoing council and of discussing Municipal and School Board
Intending candidates foi- the office
of Heeve, Councillors or School Trustees are invited le attend and address
the meeting.
Nomination day is Monday the 14th
inst., between 12 and 2 p.m.
Burnaby, Jan. D.
217-219 Columbia St.
Gfcme   of   Fisherman    Furnishei    Fun
and  Exercise.
To play the game of fisherman j
mark off two lines across a elear
pieee  of ground about twenty-five j
feet apart. Then let ail the children
count out to see who is to he the
The fisherman must stand between the two lines of players and
repeat the following rhyme:
Swim,  little fishes,  from the river  to  the
Swim,  little fishes���one,  two.  three!
At the word "three" all the chil- !
dren, or fishes, must run across his
territory to the land beyond their
Opponent's line while they run he
(the fisherman) must catch as many
as he can.
Those who are caught now be- |
come fishermen and help him catch
more fish. The game goes on as before, the fishermen all repeating the
rhyme in concert until all the fishes
have been caught.
Fierce Sea  Monster.
Have you ever heard of a hammer
headed shark? This fish is distinguished by the singular shape of
its bead, having the appearance of
the head of a hammer. The eves
an- gray and projecting, and when
the fish is irritated the colors of the
iris are like a flame. The raosl common Bpeciee arc long and slender in
body, which is gray, and the head is
black. It is usually about i leven or
twelve feet long an.! weighs up to
oOO pounds. It is bold and greedy
for blood and is often found around
ships even near the con-:.
It has not the strength of an ordinary shark, but is more ferocious
and can strike with as much force.
The sailors frequently have hairbreadth c-scay.es from this dangerous
creature of the seas.
Having bought out the Blacksmith-
iug business of R. H. Benson, I will
be pleased to see all his old customers, ns well as new ones. Horseshoeing a specialty.
Eighth  Street.
Sunday,    N
ovember    10,
Day Train
9.20 a.m.  .
...  Spokane
 7.15 p.m.
12.25 p.m. .
.. .Rossland
0.40 n.m. .
... Nelson .
. -. 6.45 p.m
T8.000  I EMPRESS  OF BRITAIN j 14,500
If you are sending for friends from
the Old Country, buy tickets now
while the cheap rates are on. You
can get better accommodation an 1
cheaper rate by applying to
C.P.R. Agent.
Spokane Falls & Northern Ry Co.
Nelson & Ft. Sheppard Ry. Co.
Red Mountain Ry. Co.
The only all rail route between all
points east, west and south to Rossland, Nelson and intermediate points
connecting at Spokane with the Great
Northern, Northern Pacific and O. R.
& N. Co.
Connects at Rossland with the Canadian Pacific Railway for Boundary
Creek points.
Connects at Meyers Falls with
stage r'aily for Republic.
lluffct service on trains between
Spokane   and   Nelson.
Perpetual   Motion.
Some   experimenter   every   n^w
and then tries to persuade himself
and the public that he has discovered
perpetual motion. Now. perpetual
motion means the motion of a machine or a device that would continue forever or until it wore out
without the aid of any force external to itself. A machine of this
kind is an impossibility. Friction
and the resistance of the air are con-
stantlv opposing the action of machinery, and as matter, on account
of what is called inertia, cannot gen-
erate power that will make up for
this loss every machine must in time
come to rest, unless some external
force, such as ���wind, water or steam,
keeps acting on it. Perpetual motion is, therefore, impossible,���Chicago News.
To Make a White Flower Red.
Changing aj|hite flower into a
red one is a pi rformance suitable
for the garden or the drawing room.
The dry petals of a white rose or
any other flower must be first delicately and as far as possible uniformly sprinkled with aniline crystals. The rose should be shaken so
as to leave as little as possible visible. What there is will be only
trilling specks. By bringing to play
on it a spray of eau de cologne or
other spirit from a vaporizer���those
connected with a finger ring enable
the performance to be most mysteriously accomplished���the delicate
white petals can be promptly suffused with a rich crimson blush.
"The Milwaukee"
"The Pion"��>- Limited" St. Paul to
Chicago, "Short Line" Omaha to
Ci.::.:��0, "South West Limited"
Kansas City to Chicago.
No trains in the service on any
railroad in the world that equal in
equipment that of the'Chicago, Milwaukee Si St. Paul Railway. They
own and operate their own sleeping
and dining cars on all] their trains and
give their patrons an excellence of
service  not obtainable  elsewhere.
II. S. ROW!-.. General Agent.'
1,14 Third St.. cor Alder. Portland, Or.
The White Pass
and Yukon Route
FAIRBANKS, Daily trains (except
Sunday) carrying passengers, mail,
express and freight connect with
stages at Carcross and White Horse,
maintaining a thn Ugh winter service.
For information apply to
J. H.  ROGERS, Traffic  Manager,;
Vancouver.  B. C.
Sacred Fires of India.
The sacred Gres of India have not
all been extinguished. The most
ancient which still exists was consecrated twelve centuries ago in
commemoration of the voyage made
by Ihe Parsees when they emigrated
from Persia to India, The lire is
fed live times every twenty-four
hours with sandalwood and other
fragrant materials combined with
very dry fuel, This (ire. in the village of Oodwnda, near Bulsar, is
visited by 1 lie I'arsees in large numbers during I he months allotted tc
the pr.- iding genius of (ire.
The Art of Getting Rich
THE TIME HAS COME for New Westminster to forge ahead. As
the Province develops so will the City grow. It is essentially a city of
manufacturing sites, and the investment now of a few dollars will repay
a hundredfold.
Size up the situation, and buy now before the snow flies.
13-roomed House, with
bath room, pantry, scullery, root house and wood
shed attached; electric
light; hot and cold water.
181 ft. front, 280 ft. deep
(more or less). All kinds of
fruit, 5 walnut trees, all
bearing small fruit. Price
for the whole $5,500;
terms half cash, bal. 7 per
cent. Price of house and
land going with it, $4,000.
Telephonic communication
with house.
2 lots can be bought separately; 50 ft. front, 280
ft. deep, $750 each; good
bearing fruit trees; lane on
back from 3rd Ave. to 4th
One acre back of the
Orphanage. $800 cash.
For full particulars apply
at once.
House on Brantford St.,
rents $15 per month. Will
sell for $1,500. Terms
$750 cash, bal. easy.
S6 acres, half mile waterfront, G.N.
R. running through. $9,460, terms
easy.     Investigate.
Two storey house between Fourth
and Pifth avenue, seven rooms. Rents
for $15.     $1,700.
91x lots, 50x150, outside city limits
$60 each lot. Fuller particulars on
160 acres, Westminster district. 40
acn s under cultivation, 10 acres orchard. :'-i acre strawberries planted
this year; alder txittom land; running
spring; house. IS x 22; frame barn 30
x 32; 14-post frame house and constables, three in all, stable S cows and
2 span horses; near Mission Station;
: schools, churches near at hand;
steamer lands twice a day; about 100
acres timber, fir and cedar, never been
logged; $2,000 refused for standing
timber; carriage house li'. x 24; hen
house made of hewed timber laid in
mortar, 12 x 30, A chance of a lifetime, $8,000, $4.ouo cash, balance at 6
pier cent.
Another of Our Snaps.
320 acres near Cloverdale; one mile
from school. 40 acres cropped this
>ear. 30 acres slashed, easily cleared
I'es; prairie land. Frame bouse, 6
rooms, plastered; large barn, chicken
in use, woodshed, etc., etc, < ml)
$6,400. terms easy.
Snap in Lots.
Three   lots,  less   16   feet,  cornei    ol
Sixth   street   and  Fifth   avenue.     .lust
$1,000,  terms easy.
Vacant lots for sale in  all  parts oi
the City, from $25.00 to $3,000
SO acres, one mile from Abhotsford,
; 10 acres cleared, good soil, 220 fruit
trees, price $1,400, half cash, balance
in three equal payments at reasonable
' interest.
150 acres improved  land,  buildings
and sheds complete, near Cloverdale;
all  under cultivation, $15,000.    Jf yoil
i can   handle   this,  don't   delay;   it's  a
[bargain;  terms can be arranged.
Furnished house to rent;
10 rooms; close in; $25 per
Or, will sell the house
and 22 ft. on Columbia St.
for $2,600; $1,000 cash,
bal. in two years.
This is in Victoria, are you moving?
I room cottage, water lavatory, back j
! lichen; barn 20x25: Bize of lo-. lOx
Mo; fenced and cleare l, only $1,200.
Easy terms. Enquire at once for ful
lei  particulars
Full sized lot. No, 12 Third avenue
and 13th street, north side,   $300 easj
:������: ins
17   lots,   full   sized   <'n   '''lb   street,  ill I
Burnaby,   Fast   side   l""   yards from
cliff  Can   factory.    Price  $1,020.
House on Royal .md Eighth str.,-t.
two   storeys,  seven   rooms,   full   Sized
lo-.  $2,000.
L'o   acn-   blocks,    fruit    lands,   near
,1 unci ion, $20 per aero.
480 lines. Maple Ridge, Sections 28,
2'.* and '-'.2. Township 0, one-half prairie, rest brush and some small trees. I
Prices: Section :\2. $45 per acre; Sec-;
tion 29, $60 per acre; Section 28, $55
per acre. Telephone at Hammond;
telegraph station. I'itt River Bridge.
Terms, half cash, balance one anil two
years at 7 per cent.  Exclusive agency.
For Quick Sale
Lots 2, 3, 4 & 5 in Block
22, corner of Royal Ave,
and 11th St., next in pjjJt
works; $1,050 each, half
cash, bal. easy. A splendid speculation, about the
best on offer to-day. Cai
be bought separatelj oi
en bloc.
A choice property has
just been placed in our
hands for rapid sale. Read
carefully, and invest; it's
a money maker.
50 Lots 45x120 in Sapperton, overlooking the
Fraser River; between the
Hospital, Distillery and
Brunette Saw Mills, with
school in center; 17 double
corner lots, balance front
and well located; all easily
cleared; perfect river view.
Corner lots $125, inside
lots $100. Only 1-4 cash,
bal. 6, 12 and 18 months;
oi- terms can be arranged
to suit purchaser. INDEFEASIBLE TITLE.
1C0 acres good farm bind in Delta,
! about :\K miles from river, near Scott
I road, $12 per acre; a real good buy.
160 acres, N.E. U section 1'.', township 10, Langley; small liouse, 30
acres cleared, timber valued $7,riii.
Price $1,500, one-third cash, balance
,it T per cent.
House and l'i- lots. ." rooms, prlci
$1,375, half cash, balance to be arranged at 0 per cent.; Alice street.
.James Inlet, three square miles, i:
$6.00 per acre, half cash, balance easy,
Does It Pay?
160 acres, 10 ac. cleared,
without a stump in them;
nearly all planted with
fruit trees, apples, pears,
plums, cherries. Small
house; barn and stable 30x
56; good well; half-mile
from school. Only $ 1 O
per ac. and terms easy at
2   lots,   i o; riei    5th   Btrei
avenue;   size   ol   lol   li Ox I
lot.     Call   I e   ! .   .: V    al   OUI I ;.
Inside lot .* |o".    Good snaj
ins aires. Coqultlam, 10 a   ���
ed, near  lilack's  ranch, $2,000.
House and lo'. 33 x 100, P-. ston
situated near Queen's avenue, $1.-;;
It's up to you to stop paying rent.
one hundred and six'y acres \ ',
'.4 Sec. l.".. Township il. '-.* mill
from Fori Langley, d ac:.-
No. 1 land. Price, $10 per acre. 0|
third cash, balance on time, 7 per eet
One hundred ami sixty acn
'<    Sec. 25,  Township  16, 2% u. ���
from      Abbotsford,    creek
through,   50   acn1.-   alder   bo' I
to   be   $ilou   worth   of  Umber
property.    Price $10 per acre, '. .
balance on time
Business Opportunity
Bakery and Confectionery business for sale. A
splendid opportunity fo:
good man. Shop, housi
and stable rents for $2��
Lease, $700 cash for
all over the city for sale
from $50 to $3,000.
See us immediately. Tell
us where you want a lot
and we can supply.
Mary had a little owl.
When brother came iio used tu scowl
Until, to cure this naughty way,
Sho made him stop In tied all flay,
���Philadelphia North American,
A   Wonderful   Spinner.
The silk spider 'if Madaj ascai
spins threads of a gold color and j
stroiii' enough, according to Main-
dron, to hang a cork helmet by.
Small textures woven of these
threads an- used by the natives for
fastening on sunshades :::,.! fur
other purpoi cs.
i . ad lol on Mil street. Lol Gl k
i20, 6 ��� ootns woodshed chicken house,
?1.050.   Terms i nsj
160 .    ������ . Langlej. -���"> nn ler culth a
Hon: ���'.   I am.   sheds,   etc.  all   in
good   repair;   a   -nip   tl   $3,000,   bail'
ee : .1! . Ized lots, cli ared and
fenced, close to car; corni r of Fourl h
avenue and Third street ; a good specu-
lation; live minutes from post office;
$1,800;  easy terms.
Seven-roomed house, Seventh street,
near Fifth avenue, two storeys, full
sized b.', $1,600.
lib a< res Rood iruii land in Surrey;
can be boilghl now for $25 per acre,
only one-quarter cash needed, balance
in one or two years at 7 per cent.
8 and 10 acre blocks in Surrey, 'hi -.���
miles from the river, $10 per acre,
Lol No. in, full size, on Agnes
street, all cleared and fenced, ready
for building; a real good speculation
foi   $600.     Half lot  No.   7.  $250.
iCO acres on tin- Si on road, 15 acres
I cleared;   barn  50 x 30;   stables, etc.;
; .- ndid soil;  only $30 per acre, $1,000
, cash, balance easy.
Between   Fifth  aud   sixth  avenues,
neai   Seventh  street, eight  rooms, nil
mo h rn,   lable and chicken bouse, full
Izi   I    lot,   two    storeys ,   $l.ouil   cash,
��� i acres in Surrey, :, acres cleare I.
f, i; , i ,,ii road side. $1,800. half cash.
:., ance mi time al 6 per cenl , bu ������
|ecl io sale of timber.
67 acres, ftornby Ranch, N'lclcomekl,
hi ;-������ cost $2,500 when built, 20 acres
i li ared Price onlj $3,000, half cash.
balance easy.
V|i acres of land  near Sutherland's
I mill, in Surrey;  good house, 6 acres
ared; only $1,000, easy terms,
House ami lol, 50 \ 133, lack of
brewery, facing Columbia St. Rents
for $24.00  per month.     Price $1,200,
i half      cash,   balance   in    six    months.
I You cannot possibl) gel a higher percentage  for your money  than  11   per
40 acres near Mud Ba.\   $7 per acre;
��� ������   ;s for fuller partii ulai s.
S-roomed house, all modi rn Improvements, fine location, corner of Fourth
Street    and   Amies,    $5,000.    one    half
jcash.    A comfortable homi   and    good
family   residence.
Eight-roomed bouse , all modern
conveniences, on Carnarvon street and
Sixth street, two Btoreys, $3,750.
Ten acres in Lot 4*!:!, one mlb tu
of Wesl minster Junction, Al soil, a:
lly cleared.    $30 per acre.
Two storied house, 7 rooms,
sewer   connections,   ail    modern   in
provements, Bplendid  locality.  $2,80
Terms arranged,
'���; j   torey   bouse,   six   rooms.  ; i
$^00, easy term      near car line   cei
trail) located.
House, null, r ol  Fif h  avenue an
Sixth street,  one   lot,  two  ston ���
rooms, $2,500, half cash.
Boarding house, 20 rooms, on Si\"
street,  one   block  from   posl   offin
rents at $;bi per month, , r lor s.< ���
House, eight rooms, on St Geo:--
street, corner Fourth, $2,500; ea-
te rms.
House,    full    sized    In',   nn    ]\i a��� ���
street, Sapperton;   rents for $10 pi
month.   Only $1,050.
Exclusive Sale
5 acres on Bth St., just
off city limits. $1,100,
easy terms. Fine property for subdivision or
market gardening, chicken
ranch or small fruit farm.
In best residential portion of New Westminster,
east end; close to car; (5
large rooms and large reception hall; modern in every respect; 2 full lots 132
x Y-\2, all in lawn, laid out
with shrubs and flowers;
tennis court on one side.
Price $2,500. Terms $600
cash, bal. on mortgage.
Just Look!
80 acres in Matsqui Municipality, 4-room house,
chicken house; one ac.
cleared; good well, purest
water. $1,000. Chance
of a lifetime.
liiu acn s  in Surre;,,  neai   I'm* n
Coulthard's ranch, $7  per acre;  no
\ terms;   li:.::   laud  ;   see   us  for   ]
House. IO rooms, l'o lots, DC
Fourth avenue and Seventh Btrei
$2,000.   Terms can be arranged.
135  acres,  one   mile   from   Huntln
I don, B.C., TU acres in grass, 15 acn
House and loi mi Agnes street, two  drained and  fenced;  bouse and bai
itoreys, seven  rooms;   a  real sn:i|i at   cosl $2,500; good road along one sidi
$2,500. price $50 per. acre, half cash, baltim
Part of lot 369, joins Lake Commur,
about.   7H   acres,   only   $25   per   acre.
Half cash,    .lump.
C4 acres in Pitt Meadows, only
$36 per acre. One third cash, balance
at (i per cent.
Large lol and two i o1 Lages on Columbia Btreet, Bapperton, Both rente)
al $10 each.
Five cottages and two lots on First
Btreet, opposite Queen's pari-;. Price
One and a lialf lots, Sapperton, just
oil Columbia street and Brunette, only
$1,000.   Terms to be arranged.
160 acres, all fenced, ready for cultivation, good water, half mile from
school, at Chiiliwack, $75 per acre.
McQuarrie & Co., Real Estate Brokers
Agents for Employers' Liability, and Union Fire Assurance Co. of London.
to suit purchaser at r> i er cent    R<
son for selling, the owner's wife is 111
bad   health,  and   has   to  go  to  a  cold
Full sized lot nn Reglna street, 66s
132, Lol iu, sub. I Lol 8. Price $150.
Double tenement bouse, :, rooms in
each house, water, linht, full size let-
between First and Second Btreel
Fourth avenue, on north side, Pric
$1,500, half, cash, balance in one yeal
at ti per cenl. WEDNESDAY, JAN. 9, 1907.
HITESIDE & EDMONDS. Barristers and solicitors, Blackie Blk.,
Columbia   street,   N'ew-   Westminster.
W. J. Whiteside, H. L. Edmonds.
MR. J. P. HAMPTON BOLE, solid- ;
tor of the supreme oourt. Offices i
Canadian  Bank  of  Commerce  building,  Columbia  street,  opposite  post-
office, New  Westmiuster.    Money to
Architectural   Competition  for  Departmental   and  Justice   Buildings.
Competitive drawings are invited fop I
Departmental and Justice Buildings to I
be awarded  a premium of $S,000, the
uient at Ottawa,  Ont.
The author of the tiest design will
barristers, solicitors, etc. Offices: New Westminster, Trapp Blk.,
corner  Clarkson  and   Lome  streets. . .     ,.
Vancouver, rooms 21 to 24,445 Gran- reasonable figure :
ville Btreet.   Joseph Martin, K. C, j. ;
W. Weait, W. G.  McQuarrle, H. A.
Bourne.    Mr. Martin wijl  be in tb.3 n���.i����������� Prnnertv
Westminster offices every Friday at- Business rrupeny
           Ixit  on  Columbia street, size 6Gx��>fi
^^   $8,000.
BUY NOW before prices go any higher.   Property is be awarded a premium og $8,ooo, the
sure to increase 25 to 50 per cent in value before spring.    !sew)a,i 1)est *4'000' the   tnlrd   best
1        �� $2,000 and the fourth best $1,000.
TT c ,- , ���   I re     ��� Drawings will be received not later
Here are a few properties which we are offering at a than Aprll 15thi 1907> and are t0 be
llOWAY,  REID  &   BOWES,  Barrifi-
ters,   solicitors,   etc.,   42   Lome ]x)f ()n Q0]umbia Btreet, north side.
Btreet,   opposite   Court    House,   New (^^^
Westminster.    A. Whealler, P.O. Box
241. Warehouse property on    Carnarvon
-                                              - Btreet, near 10th; small house on lot;
Vacant lot on Carnarvon street, near
Merrivale street, $300.
fEORGE E. MARTIN', Barrister and    $3,000.
Solicitor, Guichon block, Colum
bla and McKenzie streets, New West
minster, ii. c.
Boarding bouse,  17  rooms, modern,
rood locality. $4,650
W. MYERS GRAY, Barrister, Solicitor ],,���  on  Columbia  and  two  lots  on
and Notary Public, In practice since clarkson, with building, $14,500.
1891 at New Westminster, B.C.   Offices removed to Curtis Block, Clark- Vacant lot, close In, $2,500.
son   street, opposite   Court House.
P.O. Box 169.   Telephone 64. _                 ,
Residential Property
BOARD OF TRADE.���N'ew Westmin- 9-room bouse on 6th street; modern;
Ster Board of Trade meets in the, i,.t 32x132; $3,950.
Board Room, City Hall, as follows:
Second Wednesday of each month.
Quart6.1y meetings on the second
Wednesday of February, May,
August and November, at 8 p. m.
Annual meetings on the second
Wednesday of February. New
members may tie proposed and
elected at any monthly or quarterly
meeting.   A. R. Whi'e. Sec.
addressed to the Secretary of the De-1
partment of Public Works, Ottawa.
This competition Is  open  to Cana-
dian  Architects  who have  been resident in Canada for one year or more.
Two bus on Royal Ave. ami Second      Conditions of   competition   stating
stieet, with stable, $700. requirements of  buildings  ami   maps
' showing site, etc.  may  be had on ap-
Large  lol  on corner  Columbia and   P'icatlon to the undersigned.
Brunette   -Meets,  Sapperton, $1,250. BJ' order,
T" i     lo's    opposite    Presbyterian Secretary.  I
'; ireb, Columbia street,    Sapperton,  Department of Public Works,
^c'SO. Ottawa, December 12, 1906.
Newspapers Inserting this advertise-1
Lol  facing Sapperton Park $100.       ment without authority from the De-:
partment will not be paid for it
Fifteen lol    al Sapperton $50 each. .,	
' :^1
he said BOVf
. 11 said the student;
u It's best to be prudent-^
"I said
i. ii  mi  Queen's  Ave,
oui In trees; $600.
Dwelling on l.orne street, $1,500.
Dwelling on Begbie street, $1,500.
Corner lot an.I house, close in, % 1,800
Residence and two lots on Columbia
street, $7,500.
Six  uots on Agnes  street and 4th;
bouse $.-,200.
Two  lots mi  Third  Ave, near   1 ith
street, $400.
Fourth   avenue  and   Eighth  street,
cleared, $650.
St. Andrews street,  near Utli street
Fourth Ave, and 8th street, two fine;
lots, $650.
Corner  4;.h  avenue  and  Ash street, I
two  lots,  $1,000.
Second Hand Store
Corner  lol
4th  avenue,  in West
Nice  residence on   Agnes  St   east,
UNION LODGE. NO. 9, A. F. & A. M.
���The    regular    meeting    of    this
is held on the First Wednesday in   large lots and house up-to-date; a good :
each month, at 8 o'clock  p. m., in    Duv; $2,800.
the   Masonic   Temple.     Sojourning
brethren are cordially invited to attend. Dr. W. A. DeWolf Smith.
Largi  house and bu on Amu-.- street
ist; mo lern; $3,500.
Two fine  lots on  south  side  of 5th
venue, between  tth ami .".th streets;
Nice   bouse  nn   Fife   street, in good
KINO 80LOMON  LODGE, ''O. 17, A.    repair;   small  lot;  $1,000.
P.  ft   A.   M.-Regular   ���unica. Ab(mt Qne w^ .^^.^        ;|nd 6th
Snd^',!^l!"11n"irmomh,in '""- �����"'"����� �� ^ ^reet;  mod- avenues   and   uth  and   16th streets:
Masonic Temple, nt 8 [.. ra.   Visit- f:n: s rooms; two bus; $3,500. smal) n0U8;  $ii500.
ing  brethren   are    -ordially   Invited
to attend.    D. W. Gilchrist. Sec. Double  corner  and house on  Sixth j  acres    ,m  Cumberland    road.    A
                                              ��� Ave. u\;  modern; 7 rooms; $2,000. snap.
R    B    K.    ,������    i,    ���,eets    fourth      New hpuse, up-to-date, nice locality,      3V4 acres, on 20th street and    8th
Friday    of    each      month,    at      8   $2'700' avenue, $900.
p.   m.,   in   Orange   hall,   corner of
Royal  avenue  an I   Tth   street. S>
Joumiiu-  Sir  Knights   cordially in
vlted to at tend.    W.  !���:. Dunlop, W
P.;   J.  Hood.  Reg.
Second Hand Goods of
all kinds bought and
sold for cash. All Mail
Orders promptly attended to. Kindly write or
call at
Sign Man on Wheel.
Columbia St. New Westminster.
Phone 275
(^ompli merits
of the Season
Vacant Property
!   acres at   northern  end of Queen's
Park, $1800.
on Carnarvon, near 6th street, large      About one acre on 6th street, near
:. $1,230. ! Limits;  good new bouse. $1,900.
���Meets in Orange hull fl.-st and
third Friday In each mouth at 8 p.
m. Visiting brethren are cordially .
invited to attend. W. Pope, W. M..
James Humphrey, Rec.-Sec.
man-.- more,
I. O. O. F.���AMITY LODGE, No. 27���
The regular meetings of this lodge
are held in Oddfellows' ball, Columbia street, every Monday evening,
at 8 o'clock. Visiting brethren cordially invited to attend. A. P. llalla-
day. N'.C; W. C. Coatham, Rec. Sec.
We take this opportunity of expressing our sincere thanks to our
many customers for their liberal patronage during Xmas week and previously. Our business this year, 1900, has
been a record breaker, especially dur-
you cannol   see  anything to suit   you  in  this list   ing Xmas week.
our Office. Trusting that   you   will  favor us
with your patronage in the future,
I remain,
Yours truly,
A. O. U. W.���FRASER LOEGE No. 3
��� Meetings the flrsl and third Tuesday in each month, Visiting
brethren cordially invited to atNend
Lodge room. -V O. I'. W. hall, Odd
fellows' block, (Marl.son street. C
S. Corrlgan, recorder; Louis Will.
(Blister  workman.
116, SONS OF ENGLAND, B. S.���
Red Rose Degree meets Second and
Fourth Wednesday of each month.
in K. of P. Hall. Columbia St.. at
8 p. m., While Hose Degree, Fourt)
Wednesday 111 each month, sanu
Unie and place. Visiting Brethren
cordially invited. E. B. Stimh
COliilu.  Pies.,  II.  Disney, Secretary.
���Meets the Foil rib Friday in thi
month at H o'clock, in the smal
hall, Oddfellows' block. Visilinc
brethren are cordially invited to al
tend. .J. n. Rushton, C. R.; F. P
Maxwell, it. s.
THOS.  R.  PEARSON,  Manager
Next Bank of Commerce
Selling Out $20,000 Stock
Every article or piece of furniture in our establishment at
actual cost without reserve. First come, first served. We
need the cash and you want the goods.~ThisJis a chance
of a lifetime.
w. e. pales,   (Ryall's
THE JEWELER      Columbia St.
Hot Water
all prices
Ihe  "���<-k'�� Great Itelltclou*  Bodle* ot
the  World.
The population of the earth at the
death of the Emperor Augustus was
estimated at 60,000,000. Today it is
calculated that this globe has a popu-,
latlon of 1,603,150,000. Out of this vast!
number of more than n billion and a
half of human beings it is asserted that
all but mi Infinitesimal fraction of 1
per cent believe In nnd worship lu
some degree a supreme ruler of the
There are seven great religions In tbe I
world. The Christian religion has the
greatest number of adherents, ."ijH.ooo,-
000. of this number 350,000,000 are
Catholics and 213,000,000 Protestants.
These two great divisions are sutidlvid-
ed into innumerable sects differing
from one another ou some point of
dogma or church government. Next in
importance comes the worship of ancestors aixl Confucianism, whose followers are 283,000,000 In numtier. Thin
belief Is confined almost exclusively to
tbe Chinese and Japanese. In India
there are 223,000,000 Brahmans. This
form of religion has decreased somewhat during r:>cent vers, owing perhaps to the continual ravages of plague
and famine in that country. But It still
holds the third place among the seven
great religions. Brahmanism Is hard
pressed, however, by the faith of Islam. There are 222.000,000 of these followers of the doctrines of Mohammed.
The fifth on the list are the Polythelsts,
the believers in many gods, who number 130.000.0on. The devotees of Buddha come next, 107,000,000 strong.
These, too, have their stronghold iu
India. The smallest of the seven grent
religions of the world is Taoism, with
44,000,000 adherents in the Chinese empire ind In Tibet.
The next greatest religion, in point
of numbers, to Taoism is the belief of
Japan, Shintoism. This has but 18,-
000,000 believers. The Jewish faith
now counts luit half that number of
adherents. But, unlike the other great
religions, the followers of the teachings
of Moses are not centered in any particular country, but are scattered all
about the world. Compared with the
foregoing, the religions of the Parsees,
while one of the most beautiful theoretically, has about the smallest following of any distinct belief in tbe
world, 150,000. This sect lias its home
in India and is best known to tho outside world by its curious burial cyis-
toms. the famed "towers of silence."
V 71ti and Tis Columbia St.    Four Floors.     Rear Extension, Front Street.  >t<
fa   v
A. O. F.���The regular meetings o
this Lodge are held on the Secotii
and Fourth Tuesdays of each niontr
at K p. m. in Ihe Oddfellows' Hall
Visiting Uielliren are cordialy in
tlted to attend.    E. C. Firth, C. R.,
SP. Maxwell, Sec.
THt  ROYAL  TEMPLARS  OF  TEMPERANCE fleet    every  Wednesday
8  o'clock   p.   in.,   in   Odd fellows
H(dl,    Columbia,     street.      Visit lng
Bthren are cordially invited to at
Goo. Burr, S. C; N. R. Brown.
I Electric Railway Service \
You haven't as long to live as you
used to have.
Rome people are so agreeable that
they are disagreeable.
Heroism is generally a foolish act
with a successful termination.
Some people not only insist upon g;v
Ing advice, but asking questions at the
same time.
When n married woman hears about
women who are working on salaries
she is liable to say, "Well, I earn nil 1
The sure.i way to tame i man Is to
take his money away from him. Wheu
a man Ins uo money even a woman
can run over him.
POO] le tails . :' curing their wrath us
If they are bloodthirsty for revenge,
but leave an angry man alone and in
luii days he will have forgotten what
be got angry about.   Atchison Globe,
CAMP, 191.���Meets on the FirBt and
Third Tuesday of everv month '.n
K. or p. Hail. .i���hn McNiven
Chief;  .1. .!.  [-Wrester,  Rec. Sac.
Inter-urban   Line.
Cars    for Vancouver and    way
stations will run every half-
hour from 5:50 a. m. to 11 p
iu. excepting at 7:111) and 8:110
a. m. Half hourly cars will
run from Central Park to
Vancouver only.
City  Limits Line���Service from
6,15 a.in. to 11 p.m.
'.0 Minute service���no transfer.
Ptetwoen 12 and 2 and t> and 7,
30 Minute Service during re- i
inainder or day. Transfer at ���
Leopold Place. I
Sunday   Service   half-hourly   be- f
tween 8 a.m. and 11 p.m. ���
Sapperton  Line.
15  Minute  Service from  6.25 a. f
m,  to   ll   p.m.,  except   between 4
12  and  2, and  5  and   7, during ���
which hoars the service will be *
half-hourly. *
Sunday service   hall-hourly be- ���
tween 8.30 a in. and 11  p.m. 1
Bri! i��h Columbia Electric Ry. Co., Ltd t
By Graduate Optician
!   ,	
Manufacturer  or
I  Mineral Waters, Etc.
Aerated Waters,
Family Trade a Specialty.
rd.  113. Office,   Eighth  Street
\.i   Cure   Fop   I use hi.l ill.
A stl toror from insomnia may work
hard al pliysical and mcutal labor, yet
the night eometh when no man can
work. The Insomniac, utterly fatigued,
falls Into a slumber���not a sound, refreshing, dreamless slumber, but n
coma, lethargy, tt torpor, born of fatigue, lu a few hours the demon says
"Awake!" and the insomniac starts Instantly Into waking, with bright, staring, wlnkless, sleepless eyes. Is there
no cure? None. Insomnia comes with
age. You cannot cure your years. You
used to sleep yesterday when you were
young. "Not poppy nor niandragora
nor till the drowry sirups of the world
can medicine thee to that sweet sleep
which yesterday thou liadst." ���San
Francisco Argonaut.
Rust :in<l West.
The chief distinctlou between the
genius of tho eastern civilization aud
that of the west, according to an orl-
eutul. lias In tills: With you the lndi-
vii'ual is the bub of the universe���even
charily   1 >��� >��. ns   at   home   with   you���
while   w-ilh   it-   of   the  east   it   is  the
' -'     !'..   ,b.'c.  ;i .1   the  Individual,
'iat we emphasize An individual L"
nothing; the stat.-, the whole, is everything. We sacrifice thousands of Individuals, we sacrifice om- children
and our wives upon the altar of national honor, without hesitation, without regret.���Forum.
nu  d��m-ii  Grief.
Visitor-I do hope that poor Jack,
your brother, does not grieve too much
at my having broken our engagement.
I feel sun- he must be very unhappy.
What did he say, dear? The Sister���
Oh, he said what a lucky thing it was
you broke It off this week instead of
next, as it saved him from having to
buy you a birthday present!
By the Pound.
Little Elsie Mamma, bow much dc
people pay a pound for babies'.' Mam
ma���Babies are nol sold by the pound
my dear. Little Elsie-Then why dc
they always weigh them as soou ai
they are born'.'-St. Louis Post-Dts
Effle��� Papa, a man who has a wtf��
too much is a bigamist, is be notl
Papa (thoughtfully)���Not always, dear.
���Illustrated Bit3.
He's not an awkward schoolboy,
He's not a bashful lad.
No; he's a man of forty
And several times a dad.
But he Is dazed and tongue tied,
His words all out of reach
And for the first time trylns
To make a public speech.
It seemed a simple matter
For him to do the part
When he was In hla study
And learning It by heart.
Now, meeting friends and neighbors
In public face to face,
He wishes that an earthquake
Would swallow up the place.
He stammers,  and ho stutters;
He fumbles at his coat;
A lump much like a football
Arises In his throat;
His knees begin to wabble;
His voice begins to fail.
He'd rather take a licklns
Or forty days in Jail.
Though large nnd fat and husky
And feeling tit to right.
He cannot face the music
And In it take delight.
I!" knows if he survives It
To brave those harmless n- -\
That money wouldn't hire hi.n
To try the thing again.
College Hazing.
A man who is fifty-eight years olrt.
has rheumatism In his left leg nnd uo
hair on the top of bis head, can hardly
see what pleasure there is to be ex
traded from such rough house play as
Willi a boy it is different, Having
a few surplus quarts of animal spirits
to worli off, it seems to him like the
rarest spurt on earth to paint green
stripes on a fellow mortal and stan i
liini on bis ear lo dry,
The professors may sit in imposing
conclave around a table, with their
spectacles nicely adjusted an 1 solemnly abolish hazing, but the chances fot
it to stay abolished more than a day
and a half are not good.
In plain t'nited States the buy is a
savage, and the harder you make it
for him lb" more pure joy lie will find
In working at that trade.
'    ' '$ ���!���
ri'Wvf Fitting Tune,
eV^ Vi -.   tf M:'-v   :,ni1   December
��'>K��1 fir ^L were  married   on��
t\ R:m \ if: bjmiwis*!
\v*, U   Ti       \ V;* Yes; they were mar
ifviM'lL       ) ��>�� ried, were  married
Slug dough:
Quite a Diilerence.
"Ijon't you see Hint sign tliere';" ask
ed the irate owner of the fence.
"It says 'Post No Bills,' doesn't if."
"This isn't a bill, man. It s a liberal
education," explained the cheerful man
who was busy decorating the landscape with patent medicine testimonials.
"The  doctOi   advised   him   to   qull
"Did be paj any attention?"
"Well, be bud  to  go  light  on   cigar-
for a few weeks in order to get money
to pay for the advice."
Just a Friend.
"He Is Borrowing over the loss of a
"Was It ii bio '���! relation?" r 8
JAN. |
Arrival off Crock6ry
New d��igns in DINNER SETS. TEA SETS
and Dainty TOILET SETS.
Also. Large  Assortment  ot   GLASSWARE  to
choose  from, at  the
Public Supply Stores
social and personal a��� * jgm Children's Coats    '
for .  .  . $1.50 eac/i
Matter Intended fur this column shoul.l l>t- ad-
dretted. Social Kditor. Daily New-.. p, o.
Bon 41'-'. New Westminster."
���Phone   105.
'Phone   i05.
New Wellington Coal
Mayers & Preston
J. W. Creighton
P. O. Box   345
"Phone   105.
���Phone   105.
Roble  h.  Reld.  of  Cowan   &  Reid.l
Vancouver. WU In ��>wn yesterday.
A sleighing party consltlng of Mr.J
and Mr?, Coulthard, Mr aud Mrs,
Graeme, Mrs Yeungllng and Mr. Mar-1
I in went to Vancouver on Sunday.
a large party oi ���k&ttn wont out to
Burnaby  Lake, yesterday    afternoon. I
Tho Ice is fairly good, but  rough In
places and would be greatly improved
If the lake were flooded. A sleigh is
running between the train and the
Mr. and Mrs Castle P. Moss moved
their household effects over from Vancouver on Monday, and have taken
up their abode In the house lately occupied by Mr. P. Bowler on Agnes
The "Cupid In Posterland" amateur
company are practising faithfully In
1 spite of counter attractions in ttii- waj
of skating, sleighing, etc., and there
l.s no iimiiii it will be a very enjoyable
I erformance.
E. l-Vy returned to Ellsworth yesterday, after having Bpenl a few days
In this city.
li. Wilson, of the Victoria teaching
staff, returned home yesterday after-
A, Halgh, manager of the Westminister fruit cannery, will leave this
morning on a visit to lii.s bome al
Oakland. Cai.
Think of it!   The very time they are needa
the most.
Three dozen Children's Bearskin, Eiderdown
Winter Tweed  Coats, in sizes to Jit from 2 to 7���
We believe this is our opportunity to reduce our|a
stock.   It is your opportunity to save tnoni , r,n ev
coat you buy.     Regular values 2.50  to  7,
they last, each	
Ladies' Coah
$2.95 each
Just   as   big  snaps in Ladies' Coats,   v..
been reducing tile price on this line several   times I
Beason, but we have  made  them  all  one  low w
moving price for this week.   Regular valui
.to 15.00.   Special, each 	
anderson & W. S. COLLISTER & CO,
ladies'Coltand Bells
The Daintiest we^have ever shown
A. J. BIRTCH, 275 Columbia St.
All the Leading Lines, put
up in suitable packages for
The   Holidays
Mr. and Mrs. W. M. McLatchen, arrived In the city yesteray morning
from Toronto, where Mr. McLatchton
had   gone   in   order   lo   bring   out   his
Rev.  Mr.   Magee  with  Mrs.  Magee
and their little son arrived in the city
on Monday's delayed train and are the'
guests  of   Mr.   and   Mrs   Tupper   of
Tenth   street.     The  little  one,  which
was  sick,  is getting along  nicely  and
will   doubtless Improve  rapidly  under.
the invigorating Influence of fourteen BRUSH and COMB CASES
degrees of frost.
M. Monk, who recently underwent
an   operation   in   St.   Mary's   hospital,   TOILET SETS,    Etc.,  etc.
i.-- reported to be progressing very favorably.
.1. I!. Watson was a passenger to
Harrison  mills yesierday  afternoon.
Misses May (Irani, Fannie Dick, E,
Brown, Flora Lawrence, Olive Randall, and R. George, who have been at-
; tending     the    Teachers'     convention
j which  closed yesterday, returned  yes-
. terday afternoon to Nanalmo.
247 Columbia Street, New Westminster
11-2    ACRES
$525.����  Cash
In the West End.     Handy to proposed new tram
line. Don't delay buying this for a quick turnover
A good supply at
Ellard Block, - New Westminster
W. N. Draper
WE endeavor to give satisfaction ���
to our customers; we think we
have, as our business has grown '
7 cd erei
^^2 rapidly during the past year.
������      If you are not dealing with
ZssZZl us, we would be pleased to have
ii you give us a trial.
.Miss Grace Robinson was a passen-
ei to Agassiz yesterday afternoon.
B. C. Land
Mrs. Alex Ferguson, who was severe-
y ill some time ago. has suffered a re-
'���   after having   apparently   recov-
i-i. and is again under the doctor's   Ellard Block.   New Westmlntter, B.C.
are. ^^___^___^^^__^_^____
Malins, Coulthard & Co.,
Real Estate, Financial and Insurance Agents,
Columbia St., - - New Westminster B. C
Growing Appreciation   j
===== Sugar Cured =
Breakfast Mams and Bacon
Miss   Violet   Latham    is
:i ;::  a  severe  attaclt of la grippe.      +
Mrs.   Latham   is    confined     to  her  ���
room with a slighti ndisposition,
Uttering  �����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������
are the prices on the following property :
Situate about 9 miles from this city,
on Barnston Island; connected daily by
steamers. We are offering blocks of five
acres and upwards of choice land suitable
for fruit raising and diversified farming.
Each block has frontage on the river.
Don't Wait.
The installation of officers in con-
rectlon with the Beulah Rebecca
Lodge, No. 5, I.O.O.F.. took place lasi
��� ening, a large number of the m in
iers of the order being present during tl '��� proceedings. The officers
elected were as follows: Past Grand,
Sister ('. S. Keith; X. G., Sister \v.
C Coatham; V. G., Sister \V. E. Di-
mond; treasurer, Dav,' Miller; secretary, Mr. Spring; recording secretary, Sister Ethel Crake; R.S.V.G.,
Sister Minnie F, Insley; L.S.V.G.,
Sister Lizzie Ferguson; R S.V.G.,
Sister Eliza Cunningham; L.S.V.G.,
Sister Bessie Rogers; chaplain, Brother VV, B. Shiles; warden, Si li
Maul Claris;   conductor, s Susan  ���
Gilley; Inside guard, Sl.sti ,��� Hendrj . %
outside guard, Brothi r C. Osbouin; ���
organist, Sister Gertie Spring;  i; M.D.  ���
Safe Deposit Boxes
D.P.G.,   Sister   I'.   Fall
.i    Isted +
Sisters   Eliza   Cunningham,   and   Bro   X
thers W. Coatham and C. s   Keith,       ���
The seven   Polmatier  sisters,   who ���
Columbia Street, next Bank of Commerce
Transfer Co.
Office���Tram  Depot
Columbia St.
Baggage delivered    promptly to any
part of the city,
are to appear in SI Patrick's hall under local patronage on Jan. 17, have
been playing to crowded houses in i
Hie upper country, and have met with
an excellent reception in every case.
The advance agent's press notices I
clearly prove thai ihis musical organization is not only well balanced
and superior to anything that has been
seen in New Westminster for a long
time, but  that   the  character  of the
___���, ���-������������     i niei-iaimiH'iii  is in  keeping with the
reputation established  by the  Polma-
SUI   I   S     I-?_.C>I<I:>ER    '���'���    Sisters,   who   have   been    royally
��� otertained   In almost every   city  of
iote In which they have appeared.
$20 AND UP
Cut and Made on the Premises
Light and Heavy Hauling M UPTODATE TAILOR
OMice 'Phone
>J.-)rrj "r'Done 137 ,24'Front Street
The meeting of the Y. w. o. T. l'..
which   was   called   for   last   night,   BUf-
fi red on accounl of the coasting and
sleighing parties which were In progress. Another meeting will be held
���'- soon as a suitable date can he ar-
Ncw Westmint:er        '" '"
Westminster TRUST and
Is the one place in the city where  absolute security for  your valuables
is assured.
j Boxes  $2.50   a Year  and   Upwards j
! Silverware Stored  25c a  Month j
Deeds, mortgages, insurance policies, wills, marriage certificates, certificates of stock, leases, pension papers, jewelry, money, etc., should be
kept in a safe deposit box, affording safety from fire and burglary.
Vaults open 9 a. m. to 5 p. m.     Saturdays 9 a. m. to 1 p. m.; 7:30 to 8:30 p. m.
We have MONEY TO LOAN on first mortgage security, at current
rate of interest.
Westminster Trust and Safe Deposit Co. im.
F. J. MART, Manager
���$���������*����������4�����������������������������>����� f * t*< ���**������������������������*���������������������������*���*<>���������*������������������������������������������������������������*������


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