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The Daily News Apr 9, 1907

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 Read the News' big
offer on page 2
KS!) \Y MORNING, APRIL 9, 1!M��:
10 CENTS pki: WEEK
i ivincial and Dominion Governments Likely to Disagree Over Amendment to
The B. C.   Fisheries Act
and   eighteen   monl!m-   11 -���
with   hard   labor,   were  lhe
entences   meted   oni   lij   His   Honor
i i mm     Hole, ye sterday    morning    io
li    neaii and .A Han A .-.i- :   I hi
mi mi n , ...ie mm.,i 0|  |)U| j iinina  rail-
h ij   tickets  from   Iho C   P.   R..    Kit
'!  ho:   In givli nlence, consid
crtd   thai Ahney   wa    in  the, i  .
ol  the C.  I',  ii., he was actually
lhe mo ... the I wo, htivii      ;
' ��� m   :   oils   which  ' hi    con  mnj   |iai i
e     ��� after.     Abne.\    i   telved
'<'-���   si  m  ni"    wii .i    indifferi nee,   bul
t several timet   durin    ll
St.  Barnabas Parish Closes Successful
Year���Officials   Elected.
SUPERIORITY establishe:
Affirmative   Won   in   Racial   Debate at
Queen's   Avenue   Church.
A. E. White Submits Proposition to Captain Troup,
Who is Impressed With
the Advantages Entailed
if Act Making  It Unlawful to
", ��e S.tlmon in Traps to Be Struck
,: t.k   en    Canned    Fish   to    Be
���,.ited���Several Other Changes
. omplete].  broke down,
e coi    tint use   el ;.: ��� handkerch
r mi
.    rM
i      ���  ��� me of his meeting Ahney
H   '    ha i   jusi   been   dischai gi I
hi  I "���   Ital and was wil hi il n
: iend -. and the chance to
��� ,ii' ' . Monl ri al wh
j I'vetl   was,    ij "ti   ' he  Inst igation   of
\ ne ���.   in n lUj   accepti \   which   elf-
.  .prii 8.���As ii res ill ol I n    t    nstances, togetlu r with the strong
I govt rn nn u l  Intro Im Ing an   ' :' "   I' ���'' ,'     hi      couns ���!. J. P.
...   the   British   Columbia   '":''''"'" Bole, were the means of oh-
  ,       i ttiining him a shorter term of ini u
act, (here  ;    lit ���  to  1"' a , .
.mm nl   than   his   partner   in   (rime.
'��� " " the provincial and Do-I Tl)dge ,������,,.. ,��� s immlng ������ ,,,,. ca .
overnments which will In all said that it gave him greal ple n ���
have fi be  taken   to  the  in complimenting the offic<?rs who had
Boat Running Direct to Victoria From
New Westminster Would Mean
Much tc Beth Cities���Actual Ccr.-
'Jitions Altogether too SID* for Satisfaction���Merchants   Shou'd   Help.
.1: ���.
,:. .:   for declsio
��� : .  eu
,  handled   the
Chief    Con I 1  '
dj,,   iinii'iiiM   un'     cast
Si tin, Detective  Bradshaw, Constable
r0vinClal gOV-   I".,n and C.  P.   R.   Detective Bn
:"   :'   ri��hi   over the    ���, ,���, high]y |iralse(,  thi   clever and
is, which many claim they are  skillful manner in which lhe ct
I  ���  . an I will also be the flrsl   handled.
tken  low arils  folli �� i:,..   oul 11
,,1 lowed  in    I he    spee h
he : irone,
, :. . ncial  governmenl   Intends
: re- the in ��� ni' 1901 by proclam-
and in  taking  this action  thej
ai-siit  their  rights to issue fish-
.'lng  lie en        and   practically  to   take
'full con:.' ' - t' thu fisheries o! the prov
ince.     A   -���   tion   in   the  acl   of   1901,
oakin.   it 111  .  vful  to '   ke salmon or
Dther   lisle   iti   traps,   will   in   all   prob-
|bilit'     ' ���    ��� " M���:.   nin.   .is   l.'-iir:   del 1 i-
_t. . to 1 he Ashing interest s of the
it.    The tax in canned salmon
bo Iii ��� limii ati i.   'lie ���- al pr< s-
.nii -   under the assessment  act,
.-  . usol i'.'!;.  nece    arj  I hal   II
nek oul   if I he inti 1 ests
In I ist m. of tit ��� province
��� - feguarded.
The 'oi ini I inti mm! an I offii ���
: ling which has been In the com ���
"' construction for 1!'" Schaake Machine companj is now completed and
tin office staff mo vi I into their new
quarters yesterday. The office and
pattern room is quite an improvemenl
on the old building, being larg ��� and
n omy, the office in particular being
well lighted, and the liitin.s up-to-
tlate, and modern, The clerks express great satisfaction" with the
change. Work on the other buildings
will be continued as soe n ;-.> the wea-
thi     - li ars off.
Vii fori , A] rii - T: e merchani s ol
\'i .    Wes   ninsi   ��� ai     anxious   :
 I  of   tra le Victoria,   and
..'1 mi ding 10 A. E. W  it    ���   en mum of
th    board of trade of th
1   regult     and  din ct sti    nei    er\ iei
whi    , lie mi) -. i     ill that is requii ���
to bril     ���       ,  iouI      11   .' ���   secured, if
lln   , ��� ople principally  interesti i   will
tifi ie ien   . ���"���. -.   in the  right di-
n ci lon.
1 esent  in egul irit;   ol   dire< I
.   ��� : ���. ice is -iii" to I be facl thai 1 nougl
, iness ha - no! I ��� en offere I to wa '���
���; nl the 1'. I'. N. eompany in doing
anj thing in the wai    if im] rovi menl
il .. hile In I lie 1 It n Saturday Mi.
White submitted to Cant. Troup. ,1
-  h ime whereby he believes the  vol-
��� ��� of fi pjghl to bi handfi el direct]}
'" ��� ween the two citii s could i e greatly Increased with mutual advantage
to shipper, consignee and  carrier.
"������'��� n     Westminster    imports    large
quantities of goods from the o! I co m
n I ' lalifornia an I some   rom the
The' Houi ishing cond 1 i m ol St. Bar-
. .-  parish was < v 1 ip  Ral las   1 ���.
��� 1.  v. hi ti  the annual   vi - trj   mei I
��� is  he! ! ,
<   enti        Thi   repo      I   mi all
���   - ���'.   .    m.'.-' encour:
��� ,. . ���:... :.    of I Iii   ch .     .
I 11
The   recel
1,305.17      hile
lance  In  li in I,  1
inliiuri       ..��� mm:
'i;... _ ... ������ 11
fixed al   ���:"... i,       Hi   '
i'     ��� .':;.  . mall su     of
1.11 ..���      Ill a   lev.
ii " !
:        in, the   amount   if tli
.    ������-���'.   iot      ���'.   ���   large      mi, e
i. ���   which   '    ��� ���
��� ��� :    .   telved  by    hi -   means    I 1
i.e.  nasi  . ear
.    : ; eports foi   the Sunda
.��� 1 .��� -    presi nted, sl  ifl in -
��� .       1 ?17 1.92, which a bal tn
Royal Cil y,    u h: 1 I    :  ���. m- 1 ;���.-..���   all ��� s ��� nditun .-
The' uph ilders of the affirm il 1\
tli" debate dealing with the su;
"/>/ Ntj of the European immigration ovi r
'Js  Ajsiatlc  secured  the  victory    in    th"
^\'>\\   ���    ��� t��� ." dheen's avenue Methodist church last
W. C. Bowman, opeaKing  in   Wening, bv the narrow margin of one
f'/,i-\\\i.    The  questions   were   cleve   -
indli I,   bolh  si.les  having e\ I :���
si enl    considerable    time    prept   in
���  en   .���:���-nnii nl i,     The superioi it;   of
iro] mhis was clearly  prove :    ij
.��� suasive  eloquence  of  Mi ssrs,
C   K. t isboi 11, V   Ha  i".eti an I r   Phil-
Ill s,  '.\ h       Messrs    1;.   Davids   1,   Tl
Fishi r 51 ;
 .���_                       iiiii  in  vain, tee  poinl oul  the a   .   n
of  \ static Immigrati in.
Steep  Mountains and Meadov.s in th:-       j,,,^,,   ,hp   (,mi;..|,   q(   (he   even,!ns
Line of Alternate Rcite���Sumas ���.., Interesting programme was render-
Man Plans Ccst at $30,000 a Mil. ed, several members of the choir tak-
and Expresses Grc.t Dsutts es tc   i,; '  '-:''    Mi^s Lund rendered a solo
with much sweetness, while a quartette by Miss Wells, C. Osborn, I).
M irsl all and  B.  McDonald was much
Depending on the Dykes
id    een accounted for,
Th    W imen     Auxilii ich tj   re-
ted ri ci ipts amountin ; to ? 170.75,
���'.ith a     il: nee in h: nd 1       e pn sew
... ���   ������   :' -.' .23,   m  (vill   .,   ni  iced tl at
1 evei     ' ase .   In ianci
v ii h   v hich   to   begin   lhe j'ear.
Thi   statistics of tl     pai
ed bj   ' he rector, sbowe 1 that    he
thi   church  were in a   v<
���   tifj ing condition.    D irinj   the    n
��� ' :���  ���   had bei n twi Ive       tisms,
iwi   .���   ��� mfirmations, three ma riagi -.
nd    . ��� hi' burials.
Xew   officers  were   elected    is   follows:   Churchwardei s,  s.   \   "". tchi 1
n I K. B. Stinehce emmittei    B.
R   Hill,   \.   !i. Gor ion,  S. Ti ly,  W
in. <\. r. Ci .   a il I, J. H. S
Ap] :  ���    ;.  S: no .
.   M.  .1
Sj     kin     in   Victor; ���   lly, < on
1, .;���::,.. ��� ��� - . .. n Dyking scheme, W.
c. Bowman, 1 I S imas sai i thil as re-
:���;,. is thi electric line from Chiiliwack ne N'i w \\ ei tn Inste r, the building ,, his li " nds largi !j on the success et Lhe scheme foi the lyking ol
Suma i' airie, for which project at.
atten p I ni v\ ' 1 ing ma le to secun
g< vernm< ni aid. Shoul I this plan i<
pul into effi ct all will be plain sailing
... tl ��� illwaj '��� impany. If,on the
, |je 'hand, the undertaking '. nol
carrle I oui ii ; probable thai the line
if 11      evei  built, will stop al Abbots-
i'i iel,  ,:.s.   . xcept    by   way   ol   Sumas
ai predated.    The chair was oci u  ied
Princip i   Slpprell,  of   Calun  ten
Ci liege.
\    ;���   .utation   from  the   New  West-
Prairie, a way ouly feasible if drained,.
., minster Cricket  club, consisting of  I.
and '!'. I e '. the course ol the railway
L Sin .. . n an I  Mr.
leli uati -, .'. S   Cluti
A.  il irn
' ���   ��� tn.   This is all m ' ��� n    ast V'ictoi ii " ::'   an I B   II   HUH.
ami discharged at Vancouvei when   il '''        ���   election  i     officers, ;f<
Is * m 11 iferre I   0 'V   i.i'   ;; i   il tmbia were passed to tl     retiring
1      - ic  ftailwaj   com  .'     I          cai "'���       to   the   rector,   organi i   and
��� !  to   ;'-    destination     Mr. Wl tliers who have assisti 1 in the pr<
.  -   (his   freighl   would   reach   New jierity of the church, after  ,vhi
Westminster   quicki       i.i     in   better neetlng   adjourned     0     the    rectory,
'would be rough in the extmero. If
the low lying water meadows were
crossed ll woul.! mean t! e ci ns . w
tion ni' an enbankmi nt, wl lie If a
, 1 11-. further from tbe river were I 1
I followed, the track would have to
, [mb . long the side of steep mo in-
., ns. Save by going behind the p o-
kes on Sum; Prairie, it is
calculated thai this portion of the
;,,.-. ,' at ' '"St oi
, $30,1   lai    ���
ion   if it v :h 11 ei I   from   "' 'e'-r' et its   -.. ��� 1       ��� ���, ��� 1
- shij s ,1    Vm toria, and carried    '   oci tl     ii    ilged :n.
ere on a direct steamer,   Espe	
we' In
in a <
���y Office W:|l Be Increas-
��������� Very Soon.
:' ���        M ���   liiiinT.
V   mm la  for the ���    ���
���   matt* ',   arrived   hon
ne of ' he   leiml it I in.
��� ��� . -  '   in i'ii the subji cl
en a vi tec ssl ul
'��� |i 'ration  having   hi   n  well
lie registi    office   1
.';,..       t    1     at had the
|]     '.     |'|  ','.      ,' ,     kst     -.,1   ...
��� lit ion, imi difficult}  v>   tl .
1 experienced in th    obtain
' lie .���< ,     tine tit   for
.   const iietln t artditl m
Int I   bei
1  ranli
n this 1 ea r
:' 11     - tin        ���   v, ith goods I    ' '
California w hich are 1 arrietl pasl Vic-
1 ri Seattle an I :':i'l; t'i Vane 1 ,���< 1
1  ���   transfer to    ie  ".  ���  ' Citj-.
��� ���   cltj   is Jie.M .v.   1   pi   ;."  sai I
Mr. White, "an lit      hooves the j ���
1 wanl to i      el
11 thi      efforts to
'.   Troup   wt      mu _   imi    " ���'
1 ' ���"' il   in su ed    y M ���.
and   referred   1 it     to Gem
-/.   ���.���.:,���.   \.,,..,,;. .   -,,    ,       nferei
n    le 1
Dying Alone on Prairie. Man is pprtly
ev.ured   by   Beasts.
1 .        st si  ol  the con
' i ' i    '1      ' : .   ��� ��� ���     '
yeai    ! 907,  was   hi Id   In   thi    council
1 haniber, city hall, a! ten   i'cloc.1   yes
���   ...     mon   1      ivln n  1..        til
ten to eel.;, ctioni.
I ��� eople ha 1 announc
ed        iei       intention     1 I'    proti -   1
ainst ..  ,,-    - mi nt 1    [irojiei
tie    along Colun   ...   sl reet, only oni
ti 11 le 1  in  |m : son,  this  bi lng  T. .'.
' oni       A   mm. si   wa -   entere 1
iat   iie   taxailon   on   their  property.   ,     ���..,..      ���     . .   ,. ...
nsse ���-. .1 ���, ��� Held oui     ���        olid tin I
ibably to li      ���'     lie still,
n  as   occasioi 1
Cutting  the  !���:..
Po       irthur,  On        April
.. nab ..   ��� 11    cleared
liei    vinti      . 1  ��� ;���   ���    ind     '   ��� ���
clerl              1   however  would
���   '11    .    Ill    : ,��� i.i..- -i
���    ii Iii the ma li
1                              a snfflcienl
��� 1 ���             laff will        soon
the        ��� i          . flli e to  hel
) tin   ���  . ���     ive             ire of busi-
lij h,  con pared  wi   1   C eliimbla sti e
The    ... .;.'���:'j   in   quesUon
? 1,700,  an I Mi     V mi
1 thit   :    .    . cl 1 li
:. ��� erth ���:     Columbi
\      a i'i stance, he qu 1 ���
hi    ease    ol '   -        me V iuni
1   can
-.   ���
.��� -    I.
,       tl     tigh   by
1,   -.   :   .   -.
e'    j, Sask.,   '. '   ..
me storj      (old 0    he findI ""
' ��� ly   m  jai "-   ,:    .  ���   ' .,    '.     rairii        Umosi       oked to .   stei .
al..oui    - ��� . -   wes I 1      own     On ! ciT.ur which  ha 1   I ��� en |   iced 11    un
tmas   laj   I losh -   '   -  al thi   LTn- iti  ne      when a' small pup, an i which
lerwood  fan    :i^:-:i-.     He  slarted  foi hud    een   uitgrown long ago, a small
i'i' homestead,  but nev<         iched it.       iti      i���  terrier was dis    rered  pit-
parching     irty   el om     1 find th         loaning near the   narkel  Sta-
n, 1 ul  il  was ��� ix .  -. ��� '��� ,     ...    |,,,   1 vening.      Tw 1   mi n
'   - ' ���    the       ulj     vm        _un_ ....       . long   ivh   1  thi     hi ai I
i teen mill       mth 0      el      ��� th        ..     . dining,   an '   thinking   that
a 1 left.    Tl e ujiper of tli ad  been I     t,   th >y   ������ ��� i-
������ ha I        n       en  a tva .        w ilvi s, ,���.,.;     1 nd  onl   tl ol    H
The  bodj   of  the   imi irtxina e      in ind the dog's neck amis a
;     ed bj rriends.   Hosli r livi 1 in Hue      tee!      ��� . ' m .  - -.. : ntlj      elaci I
;-    ������ '    '.    ..      sunn ier   and  worked      ��� v weel     ago      r the < ollar
I  '   J< hn   I'ance.    In  thi   fi     :'    wenl was stranglin t    log    I
; Is hom sti ad.   1 11 man 0 d   ith     '       stei I wa eatli
��� II     1      lnl ���  thi   m ck of    the    poor
S.   Annan lale,  T.  .Malins. .1.   li.  Vid il,
ind  P. Lashmar, Interviewed the city
council   last  evening  with  a   view  I 1
. btaining the use of Queen's Park for
the '...ni'   " of practising, and holding
matchi -.   The club last year had ' ���   ���
n Ission to use Moody Square, bill tiiis-
place was found to be far from b itis-
factory, tli" ground was nol  in ; r   ier
I condition for cricket, and other ���-  tn ���-
s ich as    football,   had    spo'.le i    the
ground   which  the clnb had ���-��� 1
,-e nsiderable expense  to  .'it    up    tor
T.  P.  Anandale,  In  addressing   the
uncil, considered thai the Lacr sse
club wi re practically monopolizing the
cv.il  ra  tiie   park,  and   while  crh   el
might perhaps not be such an adver-
tisemenl to the city as lacrosse, yel
*  tin  name' had many supporters, and be
SIV1ALL DCG  SUFFERS TORTURES   thought that the club oughi to recelvi
-. ...   .    isideration in the way 1 :' ac
���   ��� mm   lation   from  tli"   council,     \\
LING ~"? DEATH. . w - .1 game thai would In ne w,v> <!��� -
,.  ��� I'roy the ground, nntl the cluh v. ml I
.   put up nets at  the lower end of the
oval white they would practise, s 1 as
1.     A    .
nib b m
:     by     .1.   r. APMAIID   CfADFC
whici $10      niiiillflfil Jv.nllLj!
Million   Dollar   Mark.
1  mm ' citj    llllil'i-
_____h.'- tim- ��� i" la.,   rem he 1 the $1,000,-
pii ' ���       :,,..      een a  large
.^Hhe !'   eel    , "   .ni' ;   issued   ill   til,.   |,;t.-'t
���<-��ii:i'. ���.    Thej   have   nil   been   ror
Wjfy '' ���  ���'���'���"���' :' "���' ;l marked
^Mneii   " i :.;, ;,,-
H '���	
... .,��� |ff,    ;.
*l-.   !'.,:��� it   ..   ��� 'i  .
The couri iiron    ed 1       ashler the
���   ectlon     -. ���<���: Mr.   Vrmsl oni
mi 1  the  sitting was  adjourned until
Fri,,ny evening, when thc matter will   COMMISSION  MEN QUICKLY  KOW-
be   anally   settled,    It   Is   nol   likely,
howevi m  (hal   any  change    will    be
��� , uie mi   !..' assi ssnii'iit this year, ac-
cording lo Ihe opinion  expressed yes-
' on eithi      ide of
��� sii ha : swolle i
the do?   ,a i  n
been abb   lo eai  for som<   d
r it to
lei . ...
il   b    llu    In
���' cured I dn
nol   to have the bails going all over
i!i" place, and Interfering with' ' ':
The ether members of the ei'
tion thoroughly endorsed Mr, Annan-
dali'- sentiments in the matter, .1. H.
v: lal pointing oul thai the c mncil
liad ���,' one time allowed the club to
���!-��� the ground, subject to certaii arrangements with the lacrosse clnb,
���u"1 ho doubl a similar arrangemenl
could It made tin's year,
Mr. Lashmar said that they  wi _] 1
the ground for two afternoons a
week, and probably In the evening, as
man      la;   ms could n it     1 off li   1
���   a    1      The   lad     could   :
ed so ns nol to lnl u-fere wil
i.    ���  sse club.
Vs the counc ., oe
': it thi sftl in, ii ���:���     .
Udi "man   rohnston -'. ul I
"��� "���     ' ���       ��� ������ ihe mm
flubs, an '   1 meetin       ml | be 1 illed
3CUSSS the mai ���       Ith the ���
TOW   TO    BIG    EEE"    "
���.  Its than!    .1 an .  mosl bu-
. re'a.  ' y a gentleman who has kepi
Close   touch   wiih   the   assessmenl
ilcul        N'exl j ear, n gem ral raise'
In the assessmenl  of Columbia streel
K anticipated
<> ��� ��� <���,���������* ������'���������:���::;���::���::���::������'���:��� ���.���"���:
kEAD thc list of premium bool<s on pa^e two of
this issue.    They comprise some of the finest
literary gems ever written.   The books are all
mdsomely bound in cloth, beautifully printed, and
ell worth $1.50 per volume.   The Daily News
Jfer is a fine one, and already many are taking ad-
��anta,_:e of the great enterprise shown.   Call at the
fii ice and select from the hundred various titles.
Toronto,   April ir iwn Ati
; i    yton  will enti ��� suil s  again -
ailwaj s for violation of I he m
Ui d's Hay act, under direction ol the     ;���   offlci   of  the Xews
i.e.   I _    I   ,. ,
��� ���
<* ��� ��� ���"��� ���'���  ���*��������������� ���::���"���"���":���'���:
i City, Mo . .prii S.���C. VV.
Armour, presldenl ol th .rniour
pac). lng (Ion ; anj, \ Isiti i the ��� ��� ich
yard yesi rdaj morning an ''.iit be
commi��� -i in nn n thai If thej ��� coniin-
ned M, ci 'n; _ to soil stock to the Ar
," 11 com any because the company
I urchas id stock r. un Indep m I ml
i oncerns, ho v, oultl send "his buyers
Into the country  for cattle.
,', i llln   ea Leavitt, In ad cattle buy-
: ir Swin  ,(;��� Co., In Chicag i, came
��� i Kansas City i his morning an I said
tin   same thing.     This so frlghtene I
��� he commission men thai they hasl lly
declared off the boycott,    While the Ralph Smith Declines.
Ijoycotl   was   lifted   on   Armour  and      Ottawa, April S.   Mr,  Ralph  Smith
Swift, the commission men refused I i  has declln   I the offer        he c-
lell cattle  to Nelson  Morris & r.i.'s
buyer because he boughl cattle from
"''     lub,    ��� d   ti"  doubl   the m tl  r
o     I   be arranged   satisfactorily      v
��� ���:  "   -   '��� ������   dn     'i   the  ������������:      , ,,.���   ,   ,, ,���,,     ,
������ i   havln.-  been   passed   to  this
' fleet, tbe matter will be dec!!.
nan manner.    ! he owner ol  tit" .lei:   ,-,,,,, ,,.,.
���' ���   known,  the initials  ser tched ~"_	
��l'ar ;      l Illegible through i ������.,���_��� t��   , ^   ..    '. ,
Lookir't Tow.-trds Manitoba.
Toronto, April S.���Members of th
the  Under   until   the  i Ightl tl   owner   |egislatu -
..ii l   Identtfi* s  It,    Inquiry al
Vill    '"Hel   in   .
eeing  Illegible through
The di '-  I    bi ing held by
Uliance, which complains the recovery of the don.
lhal the railways violate the law In 	
ev< ry concelval Ie way.
The suit 3 to be entered a; a tu   ������ i *
road win be on dlfferenl points of   he
act.    it   is also likely   thi I  sepai i  i
ulti will be i'iiti'1'i' i againsi tie,. gen.
Gas  Plant for  Portane.
Porl ige la Prairie, Man.. April S.���
The city clerk lias received from the
in < rnational Lighting   and    HeaUng
company of Cleveland. Ohio, their for-
'' i;,!   ' anaSer of "���'"'���>'   railroad  and   mal acceptance of the contracl to In
tainsl   lhe i ffli i r  dir ictlj   rei
��� ' ir the oj iMMi'i'ui of the rea'.
a gas plan! al Portage la Prairie.
Il Is probable that the work will be
ai aced   ,: oul  June t.
the in lependi ni i ompany yestei lay,
sionershtp  of  the   Ifukon,  preferring
to  rem In        rej of Nt n
Norfolk, Vim. April 8.���Il is reported
1   l   ' ., Ire less message has been
��� I al   the Xavy Yard announe-
��� il     -a on the collier Caesar
1 ���   '   loss of life.
Interviewe i on  the set
sion  movement   in  New Ontario this
morning said there was greal dissatisfaction, bul  not enough to make secession likely.
W. A. Preston, Tor: Arthur, said if
lhe ' was any change it would be in
'!)" way of Joining Manitoba, _i >
graphically the districl was out of
touch with the resl of Ontario an I
separated from it by a large stretch
ni barren land.
R. Tt. o.imoy auggested a government commission to go Into tli" question of the development of New Ontario, W. I!. Smyth nnd A. Atibin declare there is no movement towards
secession In their constituencies, c,
V Smith affirms there is a large feeling for secession.
__.!_* ; ' Til E   DA TI. V   X KWS.
Enirland'ji Historic Miser.
John Camden  Neild, whose magnifl-
cent   boejuest  ti  Queen   Victoria  sup-l
plied the funds out of which the prince i
consort   built    the   present    Balmoral
castle,   deserves   a   jeiae'e'   among   the,
great misers and was as remarkable a
man as any of them.   IU' was educat-j
'    ".,.,. . , ,    ed at Eton and Trinity college, cam-1 needs no bush; neither does the grand offer of The Daily News need any eloquent statements to put before tha
NOTICE 13 HEREBY GIVEN that the   brIdge|  ,ln,,   wa8  .,  barrlster at  Lin- , "e
.,    ssment Roii for the yea,- 1907 coin's inn. .u ti... a_e ,.r thirty-four; public the excellence of its offer.   Just think!   For $3.00 you obtain a $1.50 book (Over one hundred oi the choicest
and most carefully selected literary gems to select from) and The Daily NEWS delivered at your home for twelve
months free.
The Daily News has now been established one year, and is already a warm favorite in the majority 0{
homes in the city.   Winner of the popular contest at thc Bazaar, on its own merits, shows that the efforts of thei
publishers to establish a local paper replete with local news is appreciated by the citizens of New Westminster,
A clean paper-mot filled with nauseous advertisements it appeals to the many; and the offer now made is worthy
of the soundest consideration.   Moreover, by taking the News on this basis, it is a clear saving of $2.20 per annum
surely a consideration in this strenuous age.   Still, as we stated above, good wine needs no bush, and  the present!
scheme is purely for purposes of advertising.   Advertising is the soul ancl life of trade.   We request our merchants!
to advertise, knowing how well it pays; and we are also advertising, with splendid results.
We have several copies of each work, but already live titles have been sold out, so don't delay, bu   -
in your selection and have prompt delivery of the book you have wanted to read so long, and also the paper,
The following is the list of books now in stock:
has been returned to me, and remains his father's death placed liiiu in pos-
in my office, where it may be inspec- session of a fortune of ��250,000, nnd
ted lev anv person having an interesl *'���'��" ,ljat moment he became a con-
therein, until the sitting of the Court , Armed miser. Neild lived at 5 Cheyne
, _    . , I walk, Chelsea.   Ills big house was so
of  Revision. ,    ���      . ,    , ,,   .  ..   ,, ,
I meanly furnished that it did not even
The first Sitting of the Court "f j boast of a bed. Two old women, who
Revision on the saiel Assessment roll | did ins chores, and a black eat we're
will be held at the City Hall, in the i his sole companions, When he visited
said City on 'his    large   estates   in    the    Midlands,
which he did frequently, he generally
MONDAY,  April  8,  next,      walked unless he could get a lift for
nothing, nml lie was not even above
at 10 o'clock in the forenoon. Any takmg a gratuitous seat on a dung
person intending to appeal against cart. Sometimes he was compelled by
the. assessment must do so in writing ' the weather to take a seat on the
to be filed with the City Clerk at ! stagecoach, and there he would sit
leasl seven flays before the first sit- outside, shivering and dripping, for be
iiu. of  the   Court, never wore a greatcoat, an object of
commiseration to his fellow tssen-
W. A. DUNCAN, City Clerk.
City flail, March 6, 1907.
Alex. Speck's
Second'Hand Store
Second Hand Goods of
all kinds bought and
sold for cash. All Mail
Orders promptly attend'
ed to. Kindly write jor
call at
Lincoln'* ll��'i>i!l<e.
The saying Hint there are few honest lawyers did not bold true in the
easi- of Lincoln A intiii once called
to retain hlm on ti suit.
"State your ease," said honest Abe,
The man did, and then Lincoln said:
"I cannot represent you, for you are
wrong, and the other party is right."
"That is none of your business if 1
employ you," said the client.
"Pardon me," said the man who afterward became president; "my business is never to defend wrong. I never take a case that is manifestly
"Well, but you can make trouble for
the other fellow."
"Yes," said Lincoln, "I can sot a
whole community at loggerheads, I can
make trouble for this widow and her
fatherless children nnd by so doing get
you $000 that rightfully belongs to her,
but I won't do it."
"Not if I pay you well?"
ou   nre
"Not   for   all   the   money   v,
I**        ��.'. l Ml!.-       _*     ^    q,
worth." was the reply.
Sign   Man  on  Wheel
Columbia  St.
A   Warrior Too.
The wooden boards that had marked
the graves in a certain rural cemetery
rotted  off nml  were  raked   up  in  tho
New Westminster, j spring    cleaning.     Consequently    on
Memorial   day   wheu   tbe   delegation
Phone 275 \ from the O. A. It. arrived with flags
   nnd appropriate floral decorations for
their departed comrades the decorating committee found itself'somewhat
In doubt as to which grave belonged
to Captain Blodgett and which to
Hannah Ericson. Tho mistaken delegates heaped their offerings upon Hannah's Inst resting place and departed.
That afternoon Erlcson, the widower,
drifted, with the rest of bis world, to
the cemetery. When he saw the flag
anil   the   flowers   above   Hannah   the
MIXED^uWjjSEPARATE       a~l ,nishe,l    Kn'.-.l"    MI    tu    .'iiui'kl.n:
Toronto Parks Lawn Grass
White Clover
Flower Seeds
Vegetable Seeds
fresh and Reliable
"Veil," he exclaimed delightedly,
"dose fuller bane pooty smart too! Ay
tank dat vor all right and som guile
yoke on Hannah���he vor pooty gmle
fighter herselluf."- -Youth's Companion.
Devonshire Terrace.
Dickens was twenty-seven yenrs old
when, itt IS!!!!, he moved from Doughty
street to Devonshire terrace. George
du Maurler lived for some years In 1
Devonshire terrace.   Iii this celebrated
Spraying Materials
Grafting  Wax,  Etc.   house   Dickens   wrote   no   fewer   than
��� ten of bis books���"The Old Curiosity
Shop," "Barnaby Rudge," "The Christ-
! mns Carol," "Americnn Notes," "Mar
tin Cbuz-lewit, fhe Haunted Man,"
"The Battle of l.iiv."  "Dorabey  ami
Drug,  Spectacle,   and   Seed  Store  Son," "The Cricket on the Hearth" and
, "David Copperfleld."    Devonshire ter
race was situated at the corner of the
>����*�����-"�������"���"�����������"��� """"i   Marylebone road and used to be called
Abbe Constantin    Halevy.
Adam  Bede���George  Eliot
Aesop's Fables���
Alhambra���-lr\ lng.
Alice  in   Wonderland���Carroll
Andersen's Fairy Tales -Andersen
Arabian   Nights   Entertainments���
Cast up by Tbe Sea���Baker
Children  of Abbey-   Ite.,   ie
Child's  History of England���Dickens.
Data of Ethics���Spencer.
David Copperfield���Dickens.
Descent of Man���Darwin.
Dombey & Son���Dickens.
East Lynne���Wood.
Emerson's   Essays���Emerson.
Fifteen Decisive Battles���Creasy
First Violin���Fotherglll.
Green Mountain Boys���Thompson.
Grimm's   Fairy Tales   -
Grimm's    Household   Tales���
Gulliver's Travels���Swift.
Guy Mannering    Scott.
Handy Andy���Lover.
Heir of Redclyffe���Yonge.
Henry  Esmond -Thackery,
Heroes and Hero Worship -Car-
Hiawatha and Evangeline Longfellow
House of the Seven Gables���Hawthorne.
It's Never too Late to Mend���
John Halifax. Gentleman���Mulock.
Last Days of Pompeii��� Lytton,
Last of the  Mohicans-r-Cooper
Loma Doone���Blackmore.
Middlemarch     ii i it.
Mill  on the  Floss -1.mm.
Mosses    From    an    Old    Manse���
I lawthorne.
Natural     Law     in    the     Spiritual
World   (Drummond.
Nicholas Nickel by���Dickens
Old Curiosity Shop���Dickens,
Oliver  Twist���Dickens.
On the Heights���Auerbach.
Origin  of  Species    Darwin
Our  Mutual   Friend���Dickens
Pilgrim's   Progress���iJntiyan.
Pnnce   of   the   House   of   David-
Robinson   Crusoe���Defoe.
Rob   Roy   -Scott,
Roevance of Two Worlds    Corelli
Romola - Ell il
Scottish Chiefs���I'i te
Sign of the Four���Doyle
Silas  Maimer     Eliot,
Silence of Deane   Mait ,   .
Sketch  Book���Irving
Story     of     an     Afr:;ai-,     f     _
Si-til elner.
Study  in Scarlet     Do;  ���
Swiss  Family  Robinson
Tale of Two Cities.    . I
Talisman    Si ol'.
Tanglewood  Tales���li
Thaddeus of Warsaw    !'���
Three   Men in  a  Boat���.'"
Three  Musketeers���Dumas
Tom   Brown  at  Oxford
Tom      Brown's      School     Da,, s-
Treasure   Islnnd     Sti >���".
Uncle Tom's Cabin    S
Under Two Flags ���u il ' ,
Vanity   Fair    Thai    ���
Vicar of Wakefield���',
Westward Ho    Kings.
Wh.te   Company    Doyle,
Window in Thrums. A
Wonder  Sock.   A ��� Hawthon
Fill in the following coupon, or, better still, call at the News office, have a look at the books   they
themselves���andfselect your title.
The Daily News Publishing Co.
Enclosed   please   find   Three   Dollars, amount for one year's subscription   ��
^   in  advance  for the Daily  News.    Kindly send me
:    ���	
��� 2	
:    3	
Name . .
��� Please name three books in order ,; sired   ite  case   the   first  or  second  ���
��� *
��.   choices should be sold out. +
�����������������������������������������������������*��������������������� *��'*������������������*<>*������������*������ ���������������������������������$
J   the smallest terrac > in London.
j li   Vnrlctl.
'      The late  Judge  Snunders of  Nortii
j   Carolina was noted as an nugler, but
���   in- had a pee er memory as to th" weight
of the fish in' bail taken.   On oue oc
caslou a friend, trying to entrap him.
* I
% Established 1887 Incorporated 1906 +
i Gilley Bros. Ltd i
.   COAL.
celebrated   Cement   i
nearly ail large e ontract
I    :, !G Hastings St. W., Vancouver,   j said, "Say, judge, what wns the weight
��� ; of that big catfish you caught tho other I J
J    Bookkeeping. Gregg and I'm matt   J .,.,                                                      �����
i    ������' ��� trthand, Telegi iphy tm I  En    ��� Tu'0 judgC turnoj ,��� u|s Wuil r and
j    glneerlng                                      ! B_id, "Bob, vh.it mi I sny thai catfish
!                            , weighed?"                                                  *
t            Seven   Teachers "Whal   tit.." yesterday,  boss   in  ���'..'    _
��� c    .     r.        T             -.         i niawnlu', at dinner or after suppah?"       ���   CUMBERLAND FO
! rortv-Fwe   IvDewriters i ���
JtudeKts Always in   Demand.   | '""  ,:"",,���                 ,,       *
j                                                         I Astronomers I nip i Ince came   ti the    ��
!            It. !   SPi.JTf   Di  A    PfiildOll    ' conclusion that  Ihe moon's surface Is    *
J                                              j very hot during the height of the lunar    I
*������������������-- --���-���< dav.   which,  as   will   be   remembered,    _;
,                                  ���   rn   in I he' rrovmci
  |asts two weeks, and very cold durtn_    $
the lunar night, which is equally Ion?,    ���   ROSEBANK LIME
f �����<-___-     Tvnrsir      D.t These extremes of temperature reach   *
Oidlll.      _J. t_-l_-     lYy. their  helghl  nl   the  lunar  noon  and    ��� xe��eph
.^. ���,.���... ...,. ..                  ... midnight  and  are  greater  than  any) ,>
natural temperatures on thc earth,
Excellent Train Service Between
Chicago, London,
. !L.v-iU.'i,i     T/.��>a��I-s. farther! Diplomatic Caddie   Butsome-I
I-CU-.lllO.-,   lOlOniG, times they fill a stone, sir, and bounce
back a terrible distance.
Montreal, Quebec, Wmi���B ���, n,-.
n       ,        in M,";-  Enpeek   The philosophers   tell
Portland, Boston, ustU;U m����hw ��ften co,nclou-,n
7                   ' disguise,   Mr. Enpcck (with a sudden
And all the principal business centers of Rhow of spirit)   Maria, when are ynv
ONTARIO, QUEBEC and  the MARL going to unmaskV
TIME PROVINCES.  "     ��� ,	
'I lie   l*lllc.
Also to BUFFALO, NEW YORK and      Utile Margie fr Hug)   what is th/>
PHILADELPHIA, via Niagara Kails, "pale of civilization,'" Tommy?   Sinai*
For Time Table's, etc., address Tommy- Oh, some new brand of turn
powder, I Buppo c.
GEO.  W. VAjX, 	
Assistant Gen'l Passenger and Ticket The root of all discontent Is self lore.
Agent, I.:. _dam   St.. ( hica���o, li!. -Clarke.
Wholesale and Retai!
Bank of Montreal!
I.S .ABLISHE - yy.
CAPITAL    $14,400,000.00
RESERVE       $11,000,000.00
Bianclics tl    i I   .  i .   I una la ai . N'e ���-     .:       nd, an     In   !    n
Ne\i   '. .: is, Ch    e.      in..-!   -:.'.   am , U.S.A.,  in I  Mexl -   I li
era! Banking  Business  Trans;   <.������ |,
Letters cf Cret!it  Issiieil, nvailttlile witl   corre     mile   I
Worl I,
Savings Bank   Department.      D     i.dls received    rr of Sl aa
���  -ni I Interesl  allow ��� i al   :  pe ��� i     i .
four times a year,
i vet   S1
Thc Golfer.
Bertie (to caddie, searching for bsl
ball)���What are you looking there ror'i
Why, I must have driven it fifty yards
l_',.',' ______
::mts^x:- S5__MB_S!e-S_n--u____-____-- TUESDAY, APRIL 9, 1907.    f:
T II E   D A ! L V   _. E W S.
Great Northern Railway
V. W. & Y. RY.
Leaves Daiiy NKW    WESTMINSTER            Arrives "~Da,7ij
9:20   a m Blaine, Bellingham, Burlington, Mr. 3:00 p m
4:35   ]> m Vernon,   Everett, S.attjp, Portland 9:55 p m
4:35   p in Spqkane.St.Paul.and all (mints East 3:00 p m
9:20   a m Anacortes, Woojley, Rockport. 3:00 p m
3:00   i1 ��! Vancouver                    |     9:20 ;i m
9:55   p m     j 4:35 p in
12:10 a tn "The Owl,"  between  Seattle,  New C:20 a m
Westminster & Intermediate points
Leave   Xew Westminster  for Guichon    3:50  p. m.      Arrive
Guichon G p.m., Monday, Wednesday,  Friday.
���:  ', a. m, arrive from Guichon; 9:10 a.m. Lv. for Vancouver.
2 Daily Overland Trains 2
Spokane, St. Paul, Minneapolis, Winnipeg, Duluth, Chicago, Rt.
i.   iis   and    all   points   !". I
'��� .     complete Information, ral        erth  reservation, etc., call
���  a I Iress,
F. C, MEYERS, Agent,
_        ol Commerce Buildintj, Xew Westminster, li. C.
II. M. ADAMS,  \ st. T affl ��� Mgr.
SI    et, Unioi   Statii n, Si atl le, Wash.
TOTAL  ASSETS   45,400,000
Eighty-five  branches, with Correspondents throughout
the world.	
0.\;: DOLLAR opens an account.   Interest added four
times a year.   Start to-day.
I   I   I   I   I
|   j   j
���    I    t
i i
F. B. LYLE, Manager.
11 li aring-out Sale of Odd Lines at giving away prices.
Seefi'.;;- Window and Door.
Surrey Council Notes.
Council met in the town hall, Surrey
Centre, .  ���. :: ��� te  and   al!
.......      ���    .:     ,: esi ti       ''iimiiiiiii'ica-
lions wen   received    ad ileal!  with as
m. . .-:
Fi om   V ini ."M. i r   Pow< r   Co.,   Ltd.,
- nclosin .   agreements   duly   exe< uti i
also chi im' for $102.15, costs of voting
on   .'; - iws.   Received.
From    si fie-,. ' tit: T ibercuiosis
- lety, saying    i   i ei  in.    would   be
he :   in   Victorit   ��� a   '. prii  :'.  and   re-
piesl i'i-'  tl      c-eve oi   hi    re] r- senta-
resent.     !;e celved.
F    ��� i   ',. E. White, si cretary board
o   ' ra ie   if X' w Wesl minslet. re the
llity ol .   ening a road fron
idei    ���    Bon   Vccor I  to give access
mi  the lands, -   llibli   for    eti   ment,
ivith   eadj meai s of communi-
���i   she i!.|  bj -ii!,-   bi ' ime  o< tn
pie I by  resideni     Reeeh   I an
��� ���    i C " nl Inelis.
V "in   C   M.   C.   ��� ���'   Chiiliwack,   : ���
lata a    to    ie silting
Fri river, the forn ation of Band
ars by i li   ter] sna.ss,
dii"M ing     eratio    . ��� id if deem
visi     '   the   circulai i en   of
lition- ������. eithi r the Pro\ ini la! or Dominion governmi nts.    Received, i !1
: i re  ilj   ���' . ������  the co mcil will   Io an
thing they can in the matter,
From J. Rice, J. C. Harty el til. re-
'. i'   ting  an appropriation of $100 t i
m ,. ,i  much needed repairs on the Ron
y^ Accord  road.    Received  and referred
M to Councillor Buck.
jmr*. JKLu From  Charles  B.  Hope, calling the
gB B . ��� ' ntion   of  the  council       the
B   II ��� ..ii'i.'tieeii of tTi<- Station
Vn I ai  Porl   Kells and suggesting
imj rovi ments.   Red ived and refe ri   I
to  Coun.  Inglis.
From J. E. Murphy ad W. J. Brennan, asking  the council to open  the
ditch   on   the   west  side of the Yale
in      and agreeing to nay one half the
An   oT.olxr(_i_<   r_"F   "fViO  cos(  opposite their respective places.
aii anaiysib oi me Referre(] to Coun Buck
relations   between , ,F,'on;, J��thl Rean,on' s*ying ,hr
when the $100 was expended on the
the  _Tian    tiie  WOIY1"  Sonde11 road thai he would contribute
' $50 '<i further improve (he mad.
ail ailCl the blltcher     The Te���P<>rary Loan bylaw was   ,
: considered and finally passed.
On motion it was decided to hold
the court of revision on the assessment roil at tin' town ball, Surrey Centre, on May llth, al 10 o'clock a.m.,
court to consist of the full board excepl Councillor Murphy.
The fieri: was instructed to notifv
the Maple Leaf Lumber company an :
I   the Woods Mill eompany to cleat- the
: ditches on the Town line road which
have  been  filled  by their employees,
ie!1-"- ' '  request   the  Telephone com-
���   ���.-   thi ir poles in fronl  of
S.W.  14   sec. 33  township 7. as they
Charge of the
Light Brigade
was not in it with the  charge   of  the  HOUSE
Lee?s Furniture Emporium
on Saturday.   All day they stormed us with their
ready cash.
Bargains to the left of 'em,
Bargains to the right of 'em,
All all B. C. wondered..
And no wonder they wondered when you consider the prices the goods are being slaughtered for,
and all new goods at that; and the only reason for
this sacrifice is, we must make room for goods now
on the car track,--.
Inwardly digest a few of the following quotations and avail you sei: of this opportunity, as this
Sale will positively close this week.
in Imperial Oak, with bevelled British plate
mirrors, backs beautifully carved; regular $27
value, going at ,
Bedroom Suites
in Imperial Oak;   regular $19,  sacrifice price
% __3:<7w
They are snaps at this price, and if you want to
furnish that spare room do it now.
Strong and Serviceable
Dining Room Chairs
Tbe wonderful progress of Canada is illustrated by the fact that tbe
finest Cocoa iu the world is made there.
the purest and the be t nnd is fast becoming the Leverage
fi r eld and young.
prep in the way of the road ditch,
The li ns of the V. V. & }���:. r ilw tj
road crossings were aj prove 1,
On motion i: iv - de< i led to arbitrate the Armstrong matter re Town
Line road t nd the Reeve of Burnaby
was appoinle '   a    i rbitral tr the
��� icipality.
The  ���' Mowing  ;���; Men; riations   were
ail hard wood, with handsome carved backs;
worth $1.50,  going at
95 c
; Every article in the store is reduced proportion
a dnmpstio nroblem   ,v' ' 3 T!'"M!: road' ���:'": uttl
cl UU111COUL  [Jioui.in   ,,, |  ,,..,;   ..���;,..,. Coas( Meridian roa-j
r_v_i_vh*r��_.llv  snlvpri   ,iH"": T"'v" !-i::'' ''"���"���'��� ������'""���
pictlLllcMiJ/    OUIVCU ward 2���Boebuek road, f40.
�� ately. Cheffonieres, Extension Tables, Centre
1 Tables, Rockers, Morris Chairs, Parlor Sets, "Rattan
I Chairs, Baby Carriages, and Go-Carts, in endless
I variety.       Remember, just one week ^
iiadianPacific *TLftNTIC STEAMSHIPS        f0  m
i "riinnrfifirc.'* i Wholesale and Retail Dealers
rpui. Ul   TRAXSCOX-
mi    First-class  Pull- i^ H. Power I EMPRESS OF IRELAND J     IONS
. I I lining ('nr. daily.
' ���   -  leu vt    tn   15:40.
a i    ,  mm- - tuth, S:30,
J ^1 ''   '   ���   "     l'ar   |C  ' 'MM,'    tO
;*fe J. ;0O'. ' ��� ;;|i. QOULE
���**���% i' Agenl C.P.
Re luctlon in fares from the < ll I
Country. Now i- the time lo st tn i
tie kets.
Tow lsl Sl    'tin to St. John
. onm ���'   with   Em] vi ss,   nt xl   sailing
A] rii   19th.    '
For further particulars apply tt>
.m'"'.   Westminster,  C.P.R. agenl for all Atlantic companies
Wa   : McLellan    &    Klrlcland
' ��������� ad . ?25i ; J ihnsl m roa I, $350; Mud
I, ':'."' : Clow road, $25; New-
on roa I,  ^7:,:  Brown ro i I,  j 10;   Mc
' ������ ���   '   ������ '.   >���-':   Blacldi   S] ll   t i id,
Wi ���:   i    Hall'i    ' lirie     a :. ."'_' :
���"��� ,.    '." ' ��� ���   - ia:. $ 100;    ( h m
��� ;   Mi Lellan   r , I    $73';       ill ���
roa I, $50        se road, fid    T     n   ..
Meriilinn roa-1, $200;
; . ' -    '.-���'..��� c��� ���,���. ���
:���). $200.
1     ��� .. ';..'     ������    ,    ; ,    ���    .
John   ll Ke "/                 of I ominlon
Inn s       " i    :   .   .��� ���:��� ������      ���
��� "���'  ���      ���       res of tin   X. B. (  rn   '
m   the S.  ,'-;.  ',  <>���  s< ition 19-    . :
fOl     I-
A number of i ������ mti we e passi tl
for ��� e- ment, after which c i mcil ad-
:   !'��' I  ' i   nn ��� ��� ���   again April   9, al
m mm in th      oris"   office   a   Clo
.. lie.
| Dupont Biocli, tolumhia Sf��� feu ftslininsier, B. C.
Bftninster Iron Works   TL w)., D
and Yukon Route
? i
������f >'-yy niiNO, _ri_��u_i tired
itlit   ;���; k.\i. n,(i.\    \\ (iKK. ,    ,    .
Prnwi),,..      ,,.,���   .,.���      ,.,,.���,���,,,,  for CONRAD, CARCROSS, ATLIN,   (    t    t
mm-. ���. .. i-'i :,'���,',;',,..;.,,    ^   WHITE    HORSE,   DAWSON   and ��� *
_***___G��l��5rg ADd correspondence ln>   FAIRBANKS,    Uaily trains  (except
Sunday)   carrying   passengers,   mail,   J   j    '
express    anc|   freight   connect   with: J   j   j
stages at Carcross and White Horse,
maintaining a through winter service
/ !
. (ii;!''; BTKUiJST. maintaining a through winter service    i    j j
^���w Wtir-::iir.-',.��� y. o, 474,      Foi  information apply to |   J J
^/,dvc^. ������'    J-  H.  ROGERS, Traffic Managet, {
,*> 'DVEftTliE  in- TH_ DAILY NEWS. Vancouver.  B. C. (    ! }
I    ���    I
I    I
I    |    |
I I    ��
t t
I '
i I
��    ���
Hotel  Guests.
Guichon���H. It. King, Vancouve . ;
'J. K. VV e'.-M t La Iner; .\. E, Hawkins,
Seuttle; L. V'ineberg Montn al; U. A,
: ��� nnedy, Vancouver; A, J, Faber, .\.
McEai lu rn, Blaine.
Windsor���N. T. Fayette, li Wing-
' i u; S. Mt '<v -'���.. Vanco iver; IT. ,i.
Creswell, Ladner; F. Hamilton, Cl li
liwack; J, B, Sheelan, Calgary; F, P,
King, Re ilingham.
Colonial ��� A. Brignall, P, Freni h, D.
!' Evans, V'anoovcr; T, VV, Sharpe,
Toronl i;   I   F. Hai    l.v, Chiiliwack.
A meeting of thi C rural P i ( Pixj-
\ Inclal  LTniversily association  will   - i
hi : I itt thi   -til . .:'  in Thursday evening, ��� ii sn t1'" '! lestlon of highi r edii
c t! :n v 'll I e g mm",'";, discu i ie I,
ills, Timber and
Iradmg Company
Manutaclurara and Dealers in All Kinds ot
Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sash,   Doors,
Interior Finish,    lurned Work,    Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glass.
Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining.
Royal City Branch, Columbia St.
Telephone 12. New Westminster
Iii I
��������� THE  DAILY  NEW?.
THE DAILY NEwS .   wlvn<5riB
P,, >,!���, bv the Daily News Pub- No   gritfnea, . WINDSOR
lishing   Companv   Limited,   at   their       TABLE SALT.      lhe perfect
cry.t��ls melt quickly,   imparting a
���       delicately piquant savour.
.   fool  of hill.    Referred to board ol     CLASSIFIED  ADVERTISEMENTS
.   rk > to i eport.
A communication trom thi   V.     .1    Lf-'ST   WhiK
Btreets, New Westminster, B. C.
E.   A.  Paige Manager
\.. r Rubbei company, for . tge ol
tendering for I he 1 onl. acl an I supp'o ���
ing the city with 500 feel of hose. Me'-   pqUND
ilnter,    with    iemou
... 1: ,.m._^.    Finder rei urn lo T. <.H-
ford, N'ew  Westminster Bridge.   .1'
_����_.___   _?_��___   S JL*-*'       ___>    \aW5L
ADVERTISING  RATES. They can do what the dail;   newspaper
Transient   display   advertising,   10  cannot __; their circulation i3 wider���j
cents per line /nonpareil)  12 lines   0 |h(, ,,
the   inch.      Five   cents   por  line   loi ,
subsequent  Insertions. calitj   In   which they  are  published;
Reading notices, bold face type, 20  an_ they are nol  identified with this
cents  per line, brevier or nonpareil, ()1, ,,,.,. politlca-l party, whereas most
"sCttff Sracts,   special   posl-  of the daily  papers are so Id.nUned,
tions, apply te> advertising manager, and their utterances are there'tore dis-
Notlces    of    births,   marriages   or counted to tt greater or less extent.
deaths,   50c.     Wants,   tor  sales,   lost] 	
or found, rooms to let, etc., one> cent1:
ver  word.     -N<>  advertisement  taken
for U ss than 2. cents.
���_, c^~���        OCCUPY COUNCIL
Night   Office
ferred in finance committee with pow
er '.ei act.
Transfer Co.
���".'.ce 'Phone 18fi.       Ham 'pnon. 137
Columbia St.
Baggage delivered    promptly to iny
part of the city. ., _. l _.
Light and Heavy Hauling
Office���Tram   Depot
500 Cords of Ian Bark Wanted
lite     fox     lender,     ,\ 1 ti
brown spot  over eye.    Apply  News|
office. 82-dtfl
��.,,.+���*��������������������� >���������������*>*��� *
..,.���,-^,-r>   C5         .   ,������". .    e     , 50 acres lust two miles west of the City on new  car line to V\,
WANTED   Servant    Girl. Apply   to
, ,, ,.       ���     - , .partly cleared. Price $210 per acre em terms.
.Mrs.   L. McQuarrie,   iih streel  and  '       ���                                   M
Ith avenue. 3d-S3 50 acres, eleven miles from City al Station and Posl Office;
��� barn, chicken house, orchard partly clean 1. Only $2,000.
lost���\ purse containing a sum of|
11.2 acres close to Westminster Junction, fronting on River, a
Price $55 per acre, 1 :: cash, balance easy terms.   This property 1   1
ia smaller Pits at this price.
money, on a city car.   Finder please I
return  tn ihis office
WANTED���Saw mill engineer having
"second papers. Apply Fraser River Saw Mills, Limited, Millside, B.C.
wanted   Teamster
drive a  one-
tin acres al  Cloverdale. Price $21 |.er acre, with terms,
.",0 acres near  Westminster Junction, on    .^exul    road, easl
Price $20 per acre.
10 acres lots in Surrey, Coquitlam, Burnaby and  Lulu I lac
��� w ?*:*,>> ��>������
TUESDAY.    APRIL   9.   1907.
At the
Praser River Tannery
Iim es ��� delivery rig.    Flour and feed.
Applj  McQuarrie iV Co., Fronl St.  ,
GOOD OPENING Her young man to
stud j law al .Martin it McQuarrie's
law office. dtE
THE SALARY QUESTION. A  ven   sedate meeting or the city
The  letter  of  "Vindex"   which   we ccuncll   took   place   lasl   nighl   when
priti    1 yesterday, reached its too late  nothing  irred to disturb thc equi-
foi  comment  in the same' issue, and, namltj  of the august gathering,
ofi    irse, after our article ou the sub- Communications   received     and   re-
jv, ;  ftas |q type. fcrredto the various committeees, and
We  think   "Vindex"   Is   quite   right ;1"' reiiorts which oughl  tee have been
iti  saying that   one  can   live  in   New heard were (with the exception of one
Westminster   more   cheaply   than   in, presented   by  Aid,  Johnston, who  re-
probably any either city in British Co- Ported thai one of the park deer had,
lumbia;   and  where lhe extra  cost of '''  he  ;|;,l|v  l""   ''��� "passed    in ��� his
living    is    marked    some   allowance checks.")   perceptible    by   their    ab-
shn  Id be made  for it in fixing rate-.- uhsence.
oi salary.   For instance, no one would Alderman  Henlej   came in for half
contend  that similar positions should ���' <Um'n questions at the han.Is of Al-
i.,,M,   salaries   exactly   the   same   in Mermen   Smith   and  Garrett     Alder-
amounl   in   Victoria  and   in   Dawson, man Garretl wanted some information
This   argument, however,   liar.lly   ap-1 regarding the road from the Columbia
plies to the case under discussion. Dif- h��splta1 to  the  Distillery, which  was
ferences In the rate of living between, satisfactorily      answered,     Alderman
say.   Victoria   and  New   Westminster, Henley explaining that   the  board of
or  Vancouver and  N'ew  Westminster, ttorks was considered behind wiih th.'
are met so taken Into account; nor is work on account of bad weather, the
the actual  preseni  rate of any given men   naturally   refusing   to   work   in
salt ry the whole of ihe matter In dis- llle V:lin-
])Ute,                                         ' "'   would   like   to   know when   the
Again, to bring this question down board ot works is S��ln8 '" do some-
tn one of so many hours for so much " Uvj: in the West End," que.tie.1 Aid-
pay, is to put ii on tin entirely false el'man Smith. .\ pained look appeared
basis. There is no more important "" Alderman Henley's face, tis he
work than that of the teacher; and it' atmggled to his feet, and started ex-
we adopt tt policy which will put into PlalninS again.    Things   having  been
Highest Cash Price Paid    for  SALE   '     "'  house' ?v,,,;   7
re 10m house, close In, $1,100;  ������ room
W. IN. Draper
B. C. Land
..Hard Bhck.   N^w Westminster, B.C.
in the
Kenney's  Restaurant ~
house, cl ise I 1 Bri Ige, $1,700, White
& Shiles, Columbia street.
FOR SALE Finesl strain White Pe-
kin dm!. eggs, $1.00 pei dozen.
N'ew Westi tlnstei
Morrow,       Distilli ryvili.   ^
12 I T'i   ���
HALE & LANE,  Real Estate Agents
248 Columbia St.,  New Westminster, B. C.
and at CALGARY. Alberta.
I The Fishing Season!
FOR SALE Convenient 0-room mod- ���
e'.'ii resi lence with large garden, \
stal le   for   I wo   horses,   etc.    Prii e  J
has now commenced. i have y-on..:
splendid new lines in FISHSNG
TACKLE, Rods.  Lines and Reels.
:   cash).   Am;!.,    box   ;"'.'!.   ���   SHOOTING���Call and inspect my fine stock of guns, new and
Xew  Westminster.
��� BICYCLES���of the latest patterns fcr sale and to hire, both fee ladies il
OR SALE  -Several lots in Burnaby,   1 , I
_             ... -,.    , ,                          ,                      ,                          .     ,              A               and  gentlemen.
Open All Night                    close to Can Factory and City limits,   ��
 =|     se.ee   each.     Apply   White   .V-   Shiles,   ���           New   Keys'made;   locks  fitted;   knives,  axes, saws  scisso ;   etc J^
JOB PRINTING���Saw   Mill  and   Fac- city. 4
tory Stationery a specialty.    We' do - ���
all other kinds of printing, and in- for SALE���A small island containing ���
sun-  a   u.nnl  job   at   right    prices. a|,om  15 acres, close to New Wesl ���
ARROW  PRESS. Daily  News Block. minster city. Can lee use',1  tor a mill X
Mrs. Dominy. proprietor.
ground   and   sharpened.
site.      For    particulars    apply    tt
 ���    Gunderson & Aune's grocerv.
FOR  SALE���4 lots in  Burnaby, close;	
to the Vancouver car line, $185. WANTED AT ONCE���Young man, nol
Several large lots on Eighth street afraid of work, to care for ;i horse,
and near can factory, Burnaby, $60 drive delivery rig, and make' li".into $80 each. WHITE & SHILES, self generally useful. Apply to \V.
Columbia street. E. Fales.                                          3d
JOB   PRINTING���We   work     for     the   TIMBER  LANDS���\\
our  schools  only those teachers-who
<��� more    satisfactorily    elucidated,
tnnot And employment elsewhere, we Alderman   shil"s-   who   occupied   the
shall be doing a greal and lasting in- *air owlng '"  the absence    of the
iitrv  to the community.    Our corres- Mftyor'  save  out thai   the  report   of
pondent seems to think that we hold !!,1"-;i,i""  vvhlcb wenl  to Ottawa  in
a   brief for the teachers,    lie  is en-  ""' interests of the salj 1 industry
tlrely mistaken; it is the Interests of ":l ""' Praser r,ver- was now i]l the
X-mv Westminster-her good name '"y hal1- where �� could !l" seen by
and the training of her future citizens ",y '" "'" members of the council
of which we are thinking. vvho wished '" ac1��ainl themselves
  with the work done by the deputation.
leest people of N'ew Westminster.
Your order will he appreciated.
ARROW PRESS. Room 1, Daily
News   Block. MRS.  DOMINY, Prop.
ly in timber.    Have large and small
tracts  on   water.    If  you   n Ish   to
hay or sell, see me.   E. K. Chand 1
in"  Hastings St., Vancouver,  i!.<'
>; ;;;
Re careful nol to exclaim "Hail Gen-
tie Spring!" Gentle Spring might take
you tit your word, and that woul I be
bad   for  the  fruit   blossoms.
Communications were received from
the following;
e     Chief   Watson,   reporting   that   Mr.
Crondall, the hist  man appointed, had
nol taken over his duties in the Fire
Makers of motor. Cycles are looking hall, and   requested  thai   Mr. Carpeu-
���''"���'.' steady ;;i>���', permanenl expansion t��.r be pul on In his place,   Reporting
������'   their  b'asiness.   Their idea  is that resignation   of  Captain  Eastman,   No.
lhe   motor  cycle will   appeal   to  thai _   hall,   he   recommended   that   A.   F.
I-1'  e   class   of   people   who   want   a Davidson   be   promoted   to  captaincy,
">;,,,;,   means   of   transport   al   their :. 11 i that F. Jemison be appointed   Iri-
nwn i immand, and who cannol afford ver.    He  also  advocated  the  putting
er    1     -.. Br ; cosl an.l expen-!ve up- nn  two  extra   men  on   the  lire force.
keep of an automobile. .Received  and  recommendations    and
 _ report adopted.
'!       editorial column's of the Xew'    ���;. J,   Rickman,  manager of lhe  B.
Westminster Dally Xews." says a con- .". Mills Timber and Trading company,
norary, "are fearfullj  and wonder- registered  an   objection   againsi     the
fully made."   N'o doubt, no doubt; also, amount charged up to liis firm for wa-
v.   have 1 '1 Informed, there are tele- ler for the lasl thrc onths, claiming
phone   poles   which   duplicate   them- 11 it    I       teak had occurred lasl win-
selves and hitching posts which dance tei  on accounl ol frost, and aski I  Foi
h.-e  in thi' small  hoar-  of the morn- rebate.    Referred to water comniitt-.
n il hii ' of ke) holes which    " re| ori.
lodge   the  seeking   latch      R   Miles, assl    ml    uperintendenl ol
-  which crawl  where . tier   .��� ������       asking   for an  Increa   ���
1.-        uld be.    r         I  tig de- 1    $0.0 1   .  n mth  In  sal ir;. Refi rn I
11    mental  ci n i leral Inn to [in 11  commit! ���   lo 1 .port.
n the    mentti    conditioi    if      A  r minder   Ihai   ; he   city'    pollc;
erver, n lln Hearing 1
  ���.  m   .   mi   F   ,1.   Ha t,  ,1 iking   1 re
a 1 n ���  11 .       evei 1   \'Ic- '���  ���        ':' '��� nc   ci .. ml '���
the    11    that tin     ,    >rl ant elections   tin   over  for  the  time  being Is      W,   Kennedy,   .��� 10 i- contoni
having I      ' [feci      In   Victoria,   II   is ' ��� enln    n    tre ei thrpugh lol .;::, block
i  tr ith   to llghl:   but   in '    between  Ei; hth an I   Ninth street -.
\'        ngton lis effi cl  Is rather in the '���' ��� '      1 l<ing tin   rltj   to remove si ���������
o|   ���   :.       lirectkm.    The    "lobbies," " ilk   and   electric   II i.    wires   from
������������ ���   ������   untible   tn  do   mnch  last ' heir preseni  position to propi r sir el
as Congress, looking to the elec-     |; i   replace the crossings     Received
Mon .   '..,  ���, ���  shy of  bad   legislation,   '!' I pari   referred  to llghl  committee,
n       mei   ��� "mu getting their work ln :,;i���' I   |,;  I" board of works to n  .    t,
mm     .��� m lal mu iii ihe Inter-       ^  petition   slgne >   b;   W,    Peat     k
of   the'   big   railroad      and    the :i:' !   Ive  others,  nsklng  for the  con-
II   Is altogether likely, there- at ruction   eef  sidewalks on   wesl
ne'  lhe reform movement  which '''  Aukland streel   from  Tenth  streel
���   ,i;  "" pronounced  last  year will nol
be n     h in e vidence again until ano-
ihi r In Mun  elei tlon  is  pending,   .
Talking   aboul   "lobbies"  and  legls-
latois  and  so forth, il    Is a   force
entirely outsie f official politics, and       English   WatChiTSaker
nlSO outside of parties,  which'  '_ doing Two   doors   from   Geo.   Adams,   Grocer
',   good deal lo bring about  the dawn
of the day of better things In   .merl-    i^'lles1 Ciold Watches  from  $12.7. n;,
���������������������������������������������������������������*<r>*t �����������������������->������������������������������������������������<.���
���   ���'���        '   'mi"    "" ���-������������     '    '������ '���i���-   "������       .1    _..   1��� ��� 11 ���.1- .   ��� ,._
The Settlers' Association of B.!
Fronting 500 feel on Hastings Road,  fronting   loOO     ���'    13  Rn
I Road, eleven acres in  all, only $175 per   icre.    Price will 1
I at  this  : i'a   flfure.
In acres In lol ^ Burnabj toi   >ale    hea 1, al  $30 ;,. . aci ���; ea
160 ai     -      1] mi ll 1 soil, tn lot 11,   l.urnnby.   ,$;70
?.     1-1   |orth I'm I.   This is listed for a few daj      enl;   al $20 An
;���;    I of   a   lifi time.
I*    1
$    !
y A
We havi   : 1    tale   In this beautiful  farming muxdclpallij  DO ai
If you want a Shoe to keep your
feet dry and comfortable, ask for
Geo. A. Slater's "Invictus Shoe..-."
We have them for Men and Women.
These Shoes are made with light,
pliable uppers, with specially constructed WATERPROOF SOLI'S.
A splendid selection of farms always   listed   with     1-   th
rming Frasei   River Valley.   Call on  ns. we will  b<   pie   ied I    ���
full  details
Lol    throu ;houl 1 he 1 itj of Xew   W<   tmlnsti        im $50 1    5
;*e     es in all parts for sal".
jjj i H. T. Thrift, Mgr. J.B.Wilson W. H. CH
718 Columbia St.  (Fales Blocki.T_!. 334,      Branch  Office. Hazlemere
| Men s, $5.00 a
I Women's $4.00
and $4.50 Pr. fwater, root
Ask for the
Invictus Shoe
>:   Just Arrived one or tne  larcfest and rr.|
;���;    ���' r
complete .stocks in British Golumbiaj
suns madi; to order from $17.00 11
PANTS TO OR3    R. $5.00 ; i>
Satisfaction guaranteed or mone;    reiuna.a.    Suits kfpt
free n! charge for one year.     Open evening
C;>r.  McKenzie   unci   Front
can   ml He life. Thai foi  el     lie cl ea i
'.��� nl '"tt.. n's   Silver   V,    thi   .
K ���-.  $6.GO.
n igazlne.    Nol   all of lhe  "ten-cent-    Ot-ntlemen's Silver  Watches,  double
e    ," of course, are    in    Hi"    reform case, $7... up.
ra:,;. . and some of them are "cheap"    Asenl for the celebrated South Bend
h   more senses than one; but some of j Watches, supplied   to    tho    Wellman
,   ,    ,.,   f .. ,,, v 'i tic  bxi " lition,    A1: warranted,
them   are  doing  grand   worh  rP     he    ,      ^ 1;j^.    ,,   ,,;     i,,,.^.t(.
people in  their exposure of crooked-    \y tcn   ;,.       ,,        , ,, ... ,.
ness in  commercial an.   public life, able,
llOHNSTON'SiRed Gate lea_
i J\Ji inJi wi i kj i ^n���.^^   _��__-��SH__m�� r*rt��
nir   cunt:   um tcc S 50c per round v
NEW WESTMINSTER|   /^LJA^iVhS       ife       OH
:��� ���'���>;���.'���..���.:������.'���.���.>:���.>..���.���.'���:>.���.���>..���..���..���. ���>��.������:'���:'���>'���"���' ���:���"���:���:���:���. ���!���"���. ���.���:>.'���;���.��.���;���?
T TT E   D A ILI    X G W .-.
Millinery Display..
Ve sh iv       mi.,    llsplay eef the mosl tifii    lesign   of le    lin
a nt  I' ri    and   New   Fork, cleverlj reproduced bj our own sl   II
.���   shapes are the   newest,   taking   in  almost   everv
��� m.   M"    m. :.    The materials are rich anl fashionable;  wherever
-ei. wl      ii     .a  this city or i   hers, ; ui'll not find more  ittractive
nerj    tt   such   popular  je: i. e -
Ipnris Pattern  Hats,   $10, $12, $18.50 and $25.
.1. W. Creighton expects the Restless]
o lay, with I wo hundred and fifty
tons nt' coal.
Cut   flowers anel Pot   Plants.     Ring  othei  valuable fixtures are well in ac-
it]. Ti:.", ;:,e' fiorlBt.   'Phone A1n4.        j cord with the rich line of spring suits
an.l gent's furnishings which have jusi
been received   from    ih,.  east.    This
year specialities  in  the seiii   iin.- are
the Fashion Craft an.l Progress, which
This evening F. W. Howaj   will de-   for style  ami   all  around  quality are
liver his address on  tin' laws regard-   the besl on the market, al prices ranging   women  ia   British  Columbia. luS from  fifteen dollars a,..     .large
assortment   of  spring   hats   an I   caps
Sidney   Bell   is   leaving   toda.\    foi   have also been received from reliable
Victoria.   .Mr. Bell has been for some   fjrms,
��� me   pasi   in   the   emploj   of   W.   E.
].���,,.. The'  water front   of  the'   Royal City
��� mills  will  preseni   a   busy   scene   be-
Dr. McKee, ol  Ladner, was in tow,,   ,���,,,,. ,ong| :ls actlvity in tne s���ns .,.,,,
' Bt< ''day, an ! < umpleted the   mrchase   boa,  :,;|iM|inL, :i]���, wlll deVelop as soon
"'   ���'   :        : ''"'���''   lin"  ll"'1   ";   cattle  a   the wel weather lets up.   to pres-
: ��m Mr  Satt I ��� . ,.,,,   tne   ,,,,.,]   arrangements   for   the
i;   .!, ,, .���   i |     ,,,     , ;  to call at | governmenl   snag  boat   now   building
��� lee-  offii .��� of  Malins. Coulthai tl  _   I lo
���   ence   there  is
,   ci nnei   I in   w th  a   t, a
[on   ti which In' Is inter-
v   the   ineetin     ol      he     \\" ea,' n'
Ready-to-Wear Hats
Our  display   Is one  of  excptlonal   Interest, embracing  the   most
date sh tpes  and  effei I -
These are the smart  styles to   wear   with   tailored   suits;   and
. .- designed  and   trimmed in  oar own workroom ��� veness
; le is assured you
',',��� have a full assortment o    colors,   drapes   and   effei   ���.   with
m.'s  of  plumes,  wind's,  flowers,  ribbons   etc.,    Our  prices  are
���  moderate.    Ready to wear,     $2.00, $3.00 $5.03. $6.50 to S3.50.
Our Stock of Trimmings
hnbraces almosl  every   w i    ed a      ���.-..    '���������   nted     irice.
: h,  u reaths,  foliage, buds, ��� ti
in'   being com    eted, ennl a pile drive  ���
\ eral   scows  In  coursi        i
ie   lon,     Tho timber  for tw n  li
scows   lo   be   built   bj     Mr.    Wilson
..i ;  Mr. eSddj. is also in tin   gi i in ;
I'   Symcocl; will probablj use and own
The I ��� ckl   ;box    |    himself as  he  propose i to
wa     ���..'..   : Royal   Cits   ihe   halibut   business   up   tt n th   nexl
: cou      of days ago, I tmi th i   season.
t M'.m i Cauuin ; compan  .  tnd i he men
,, ,      .,-:,.     .   ,vo      now  consl rue ins
.   ,.     . ...     .       ������.,,,   Council   yesterdaj   afternoon,  a   large
number attended, notwithstanding the
disa.gt ei able   weather.    Much   r mttne
The fane    loi ilu   late II.mm.   Halla    m   m, ,..     vvaE   ._, ,,,,, through,  and   the
da>  wil lace al two o'clock this   question  of   the   establishment   nr  an
afternoon from the residence of his 0i<] woman's home brought up, Tho
biother, A. P. Hallada . Eleventh matter having been discussed in full,
street. The bodj will be brought over and manj suggestions offered, it was
from Vancouver and interred in the decided thai a committee consisting
Oddfellows' cemetery. of Mrs. Webber, president of the  I,<>
im ;;    Speck   has   removed   I
It :... r and more commodious premises
Look at These Styles
eil June Roses, sky, pink, etc	
-   Roses,  in   bunches ol   hall    own I i Iwo dozen.
."  Yellow   K'i-i i,   half  dozen in bunch	
.ml  Foliage   	
es, white in wr< aths	
Pop|)le i, fini   grade	
.  white and   pink   Forget-lIc-Nol i
ol    li    V  lie;   	
40C   tee   $2.50
..25c to 75c
.15c to 50c
ite   the Trapp block, Columbia  Btreel
Read the' advertise menl on page four.
olutlon, urging united action to secur
the establishment of a Provincial Old
o'  Mrs. wenuer, president ot  the l_o-
0 cai conndi of won,,,,. M,s Hiii and j)0 they not appeal to vou as particu-
���Mrs. Satiel be appointed to draft a res-!. v x *��� * L
*; larly graceful and comfortable ? Is
there not character and snap about
them that distinguishes them from all
others? Don't buy from the first shop
window. If you do you stand but
little chance of getting good clothes.
Woman's  Home, either in N'ew West-
South    Westminster   Japanese   are  minster or Vancouver.   The resolution
ligain   al.cuse.l   of   illegally    trapping   will be forwarded to all local women's
pheasants, bj  placing gi    n and s Is   councils  in   the   province,  with  a   re-
,,i,,,   the   birds  v  11     ' ���   traded  b)    _uesl   for co-operation, and  combined
���In in.   The .laps then trap the unwary   and immediate endeavor in the matter.
pheasants,   and   dispose   of  them   to,  ��� ������
n :iive restaurants.
The    B.   ('.    General     Contractor's  1             i                  ��
scows   anel   outfit   are   now   lying   al Vestry   Meeting  cf   Holy   Trinity  De    QQ  ^herC   tiie   R'OOCl  ClotllCS  COme    frOUl.
Oilley's   wharf,  having   completed   the cedes to  Raise  Pastor's Stipend.
work  for llu' Pitt  River  bridge.    The ���	
sieel gang will now take up the work, That   the   services   of  the.   Rev,   A.,
and  the contractors,'with  the Shildrick, rector of the Holy Trln:      meiltS   lOr    Meil    Can    DC   Obtained    ITOVCI
eti.. will  .'!���" '������ I to Vancouver.
20th Century Brand Fine Tailored Gar
cathedral,  have-   been   appreciated  by '
Fur cul   flowers, cam I'ieuis and f
neral   designs   telephone  T.   Davis   &   lng   ���.,���,,,   a   motlon   ,,,  ,
Si ii, florists, Tel. B20S.
 ,������,.... ���-     ... ,i   .i|i|n ��� 11,...-.,   n. , . -   , ,
; the members of his congregation, was US   OnlV     Ul     tlllS     tOWll. bpHllg SWleS
evldenl al  last evening's vestry meet-                       "ir*                                 a                 n       i n i"
.ureas, the now ready for you.   A perfect nt or
i i'i tor's   salary   to   %l 1 5  a   month
George   - et      Intends   to have   his   !��<ssed   unanimously.    Th
".-���     �����!>,'    hwmhm >���.��       -'_�����       if Mil
fl   II     *���I   i
I     I I ��       fl     1      Cat      have  bet
new bicycle quarters completely up- i"'"ss,,;l "is appreciation of the' kin 1-
:. late bj he end of nexl week, and n"ss "f "," meeting in suitai.li> terms,
will hav,' a full iit'.' ol the besl make N bonus "r *1:' uas :lls" V!""!> ," M>ss
LI ol wheels always em hand for rent Peele' ""' organist, this being over
or sale, also a Mill  issortmeni of guns,  ::iH i,|,,,v" h"r 1|s,,i|l salary.
The   vestry   meting   was     presided
over by the rector, Rev   A. Shtldi cl
while J. Harvej was'elected secretary.
tackle an 1 otln r  spoi tin.   ��� ���
iituitli   was I -j
rector  ox ! 110   Sale.
G       M      H      card    nav    neen  placed   in several   .v  theme that   furnished  considerable
**   ***   ���  oM     ""   :   ��d hotels calling attention discussion  was ,ho proposal  to Intro-1 SOLE  AGENTS  FOR  NEW  WESTMINSTER   DISTRICT
5   to the' facl that the' price of meal tic- ,!,,,,,, ���,,���.,, muslc .,,  tne raorn|ng ...	
��� ���   ins been raised to $5.   The hotel- vir-.-. it being proposed thai the Psalm s
'hal  tin'  increased   price nnd Responses should be chanted. No NEW     WESTM INS TER -_-__-_____=__=
; "������' m inference In the number decision was arrived at. but a meeting   __, _       _ _ _ _ _ _^
new Westminster   ;:, y:y---y: '*^_^_t__i\i-iqSeconcl Hand Junk Store
267-271   COLUMBIA   ST.
ire insurance
Can you afford to pay thu heavy
rates charged by some companies?
When your Premium falls due or
if you are wanting a little more
placed on your Stock, Dwelling or
Effects call and see us. We ran
save you from 5 to 15 per cent.
_���_ __B '-S'  _--/ tt
The Farm Lund Specialist}," New  Westminster
'I    II    I)    ()   I)
i   it   y  o   11  <>   u
Highest Prices Paid for  STOVES. FURNITURE
and TOOLS of all descriptions. Also buy and
ROPE. We also buy and sell everything.
>i ���; inize I for the purpose of sui      In
lal ���   h mr   last   nigh .  Officer    ,,..,,
Hii' choir wiih more sheel  music, se\
���'.  . I' in ild        "      I   : a;'".    '.'��� lyfarers ...
'    el  nl   those present   contrlbt
��� ���   ;,.' city I.lea. u ���.    Iwo ol m. mu wenl   ,,,.,. ,.     .
un'   tuiiil   inline' liateh      II
nuletlv,    ut the third   proved a   ,    , , .     ,
,      had Iiimmi arrived at.
���li   customer, and   was  noi   landetl	
�� lihout a   tierce struggle,   Meel ^m, m |
��� oblige,! lo handcuff the man he BIG DOCK  YARD.
��� ettitia  h  I.   ��� ���  Ihe   station. i>	
Marine    Men Propose   Building    Im-
Receni   trxivals from Bellingham n mense Dock   on  Fraser.
���  ib     lhat I   i     ''    ������ ich  a fit ate i .
���   '��� :'  "'    ���''  ::  D!i   ' '���"        New Westmin   ���     ,vlll llkel     iefo      __   -._______.._______
��� ���       curred   in   tha    nei ?h    ��� ���,... ;,,,.,,   ,   ...     . ,, . an , wnvg ,,,.,
SevcrnI fresh                i,                mmodnting ^^". mn _4l __ n     Rnnlr     aT\f      T>'r_rv_��V1i__.y��_^___
blp that wlll come Into thi V^ClIidUlCXll     U'tLlllV    Ul       ^UHlIIitXCC
a  ihe pa t few days, and   |,lin   ,.,,,,,,     lt this cil     an   ,vorkln. 	
I"  riew.'and no��   |>aid-up_Capitalt $10,000,000.      Reserve Fund, $5,000,000
Between   Columbia   and
Fraser River Hotel
Apply by mail,
or by
'Phone No. 214
\;i . .. :.le ., a' I' I e will ue
III ii h. home of Mrs. McKam, 190
\f ii ��� ��� "a I', t laj. rrom '' in lo
it It) p.m , In al    of tli    Wont m' ��� M i
��� ',,, ������   a ix liarj   lia ste   Th ink  off* i
h   .   tnd   In    h ' evening  i omnn ncing
ii V. 110, lhe M :-    ''M    cln le will hold
.   e ,: m    :;      he sai       dace* and
I M   th.. same pnrpos >
'.i n I"' lng for tin' Enn -. ��� >n Irj lo
anil sii". If arr mgements ( inn rt b ���
m ide nr i t nmmo latl in on this -; le
ef the rh       :   Is likely lhal the
' i'ii will be on Lulu Island, i ;
'.. the bi! Ige. Tho nee I of t ; ��������� ���
i nl v\ ays of this descrl il lon has "ong
been a much fell wanl In shipping clr
��� ' i, as If a ship e i ii I be cl me I and
repaired   In   this port,  II  would   be a
B   i:   WALKER,   President. ALEX,   LAIRD,  General   Manag
?____    BH| ________________________-___-__-_���
;     WEDDING   GIFTS    :
ho you find it difficult to decide on a suitable article im- that
present?   If io, allow us to offer a few suggestions:
In Cut Glass Water Bottle, Salt Set, Vase, Bowl, Nappy,
i tcher.
s.erllnj? Silver and SHvei-'Ploted Goods Cabinei
Spoons and Forks, &c.;  Tea Set,   Salad Bowl,   Soup Tureen,   Pudding
'.. Carvers'.'
Oak Tra , Biscuit Jar, Butter Dish, Bronze Figures, &c.
W_ C. Chamberlin,
The Jeweler
Oontn   Is  taken   for  tree      |   aylng '���"���"-!' advantage and  convenience.    If
I nnl   for whitt   washing   buildings  of ;!>     pro|   sition Is carried through, II
a!' descriptions,    Mace,.McClelland & ��H1  add another nie.se desirable mer-
Co., Colonial hoi  i. 'Pii me' 3D,   Spei i il < handle in lustry I > the city,
ie i ma for large orchar Is. 	
The din" loi ��� e' the New Westminster la-aite h e,r needlo worl< guild are
.< quesfed lo take notice lhal the reg
ular semi-annual meeting will he held;
on i'ii lay afternoon, April 26, at 2:30
p.m., in iat' boar l of trade room, city
hall, It Is to he hope I thai all who
are Interested will respond to i he call
tuiei a large Intake of garments be the
i!.   I..   DeBeck  has  now  completed
renovating of his clothing establishment, and the handsome new Weir
Dates Ahead.
April li    i'. W.  Howaj   I-' tare s,
April li ���County e ourl sitting,
April 10���Board of Trade.
April  13���Lacrosse meeting.
A general Banking business transacted.   Accounts may [be opened and (conducted by mail with all branches of this bank.
Deposits cf -:1 anil upwards receive!.    Inte rest allowed at current rates   and
added  four  times  a year.   The depositor is subject to no delay
whatever in the withdrawal of the whole or any portion of the deposit,
Opera Ho'.ise Bookings.
April 15 -Ward's  Minstrel
April .1   ' Hell    8111,'
Mae :;���A Stranger in T< \
May s    . Ti        Ranger,
May 10- -Old  Vrkati  i
wardrobe,  quarter oak   hal   case  and      Ma;   lv    Pe '':       I Eo;
for   ....
Telephone 302
P. O. Box 248
won't try
tee: lit
il'ii chains east to Skeena  River;
along river to po nl  of commen	
eontalnlng t: 4 >��� acres, more or less,
, ,1  February :'-.  1907.
Frank Vandall. March ..'. lt'"T.
is never pfoing to know how economical good clothes really are.
Do  you  wear   "PROGRESS
L.   de BECK
ty days after elate, we int.-ncl te. apply to
tfri Hon.thc Chief Commissioner fit Lands
and Works inr permission tn cut .nnl carry ..way tli,. timber from the following
described hauls, situate ni Kitsumgallum
Valley, < toast  district:
.ei.���Commencing at a peesi planted
al .mt 3^ miles north of the north-west
corner of C. !���'. A. Green's preemption
claim, then running as follows: SO chains
...si ; SO e-leeeiiis seiuih; SO chains west anil
80 chains north to point of commenci
-1.���Comme ncing   at   a   i.ee^t
about   .'!'..   miles north of the.  north-west
corner of C.F.A.Green's preemption claim,
then running as follows: 160 chains west;   from    the'    following   described    lands
40  chains south;   160 chains east and 40  situate'.!
cliains  nortii to  the point   of commence- .
,.._ Coasl  Distric; Range
__.���Commencing at a i��'st plant.,I ini. commencing at a
about 4 miles north of the north-west corner of C. F. A. Green's pre-emption claim,
then running as follows: SO chains east;
mi chains north; SO chains west and sn mon h, ihence east In chains, tnence
c! Ins south to point of commencement. north SO chains. thence west SO
Commencing   at   a    post     planted
Notice' is hereby given thai 30 days
]"_ alter date I intend to make aplicatlon
to  the  Hon. the  Chief Commissioner
'ted of Lands and Works, for a special license to cut  an.l  carry away timber
5 dist tact.  No.
stake planted
at a post on the Encheshese River,
al out  a  mile and a  half up front iis
The  Faithful   Little  Guide.
Ofttimes l have seen a tall ship _.ld�� i
by  against   the tie!.' as  If drawn  by
some Invisible towllne with a hundred
strong ai ms pullini   it.   Hei sails hu_-_
unfllled; her streamers were drooping;
she had neither side wh cl nor step.'
wheel.    Still she mos ed o.i st;it"!y  In
serene triumph,  a ���   If  with   h er  owj
life.   Bul 1 knew thai on the other si !.���
of the ship, hidden ie. neath the great
bulk thai swam so majestically, there j
was a little toiling steam tug with a
heart of Are .and arms of Irou that was j
hugging ii close and dragging ii bravely  mi.  and   I   knew  thai   If  th ���   little
steam tug untwined her arms and lef*
the tall ship it would wallow and roll
about and drift hither anil thither and
go off with refluent tide, no man knows
whither.    And so I have known more
,..*,.   ...    ���.   ....���^���;.,
��� -���   ��� -- ���    y ~ \
' f ������.        9k
..'��� ui ;, mites ii.'i'tle of the north-west corner of C.F.A.Green's pre-emption claim.
then running as follows: 160 cliains east;
l" chains north; 160 chains west; 40
ihe.ins south to point of commencement.
.4.���Commencing at a post planted
al ce : . miles north of the north-wesl cornei ,: C.F.A.Green's pre-emption claim,
then ; inning as follows: 160 chains cast;
i" chains south; let" cliains w.-st ; 40
. hains nortii to poinl of commencement
."..��� i lommencing eet ei post
about et miles north o�� the north-wesl cor
ner of C.F.A.Green's pre-emption claim,
tie. n running as follows: 11;.. cliains e-ust :
In chains nortii; 160 cliains west ; 40
th to point of commenci nn nt.
.a;.    ' Ion ��� . in Ing    al posl     plante .1
li mill s north of the north-we sl cor-
���   of i'. !���'. A. i treen's pre-empt lon  cl tim,
ning as  follow -    40 .Mains \ve st ;
.....   is  south ;     -I"  chn In    e ai i ;      100
e I; it:--, thence south SO chains, thence
east   10 chains to point of comnu ne
Hie t.M
Commencing tit a point near the
ni uth of Union Creek at the east line
of the Indian Reserve, at the' head of
Union Bay, near the mouth of Works
channel. Kan,..' 5, Co: sl District,
planted thence 40 chains south, thence SO
chains east, thence SO chains neirih.
thence SO chains west, thence 10
cliains south to the | oinl of i om
mi ncement,
Commencing al n p isi i n the n irth
shoi e of Work' Chanm I, R mge 5,
e 'oast   Disl i ic.   a hou    a   mile   an I   a
ulus,   high   decked,   full |
thau   one
freighted, wide sailed, gay peunoued.
Hiat bul for the hare toiling arms and
brave, warm-beating heart u,' the faithful little wife that nestled close to him
so that n.i wind Of wave could pari
them- would soon have goue do,wn
stream and been heard of uo more-
Oliver Wendell Holmes.
t    ..Illll   Sleep.
Hugh Miller, the Scottish geologist
and writer, was one of the most illustrious of sleepwalkers, Miller, who
bad been addicted to somnambulism In
liis youth, found his restlessness return
while he was engaged upon bis "Testimony nf the Hocks." lie used tee
wake in the morning feeling, as he
said, as if he had been abroad In the
night wiml, dragged by some Invlsll le
power tit.d ridden by witches, On th.'
night of liis death he slept alone. In
the morning they found hlm stretched
dead on tbe floor with a bullet through
his breast. He had written a nete to
his wife: "My I,rain burns. I must .
have walked, and n fenrful dream rises
upon me. I cannot bear the horrible
thought My brain burns as the recollection .rows." So intense bail been
thi' poor fellow's nngulsh that to make
certain his end he had torn back shirt
and vest ami placed tbe muzzle of the !
pistol to his naked flesh.���St. James'
Any available Dominion Lands within the Railway Bell in British Columbia, may 1 e? homesteaded by any person who is ihe sole head of a family,
or any male over 18 years of age, to
the extent cf one-quarter section of
160 acres, more or less.
Entry must he made personally at
the local land office for ihe district in
which the hind is situate.
The homesteader is required to perform the conditions connected therewith under one of the following plans:
(1) At least six months' residence
upon and cultivation of the land in
each year for three years,
(2) If tiie father (or mother, if the
father is di ceasi d), of the homesteader resides upon a farm in the vicinity
o;' the land entered for, the requirements as to residence may be satisfli ei
b. such person residing with the
father or mother.
t :i If the settler has his permanenl residence upon farming land owned by him in the vicinity of his homestead,   the   requirements   as to resl-
��� - north to point of comm
-Commencing    nl    a    pest     planted hall   below   V\ orsfold   Bay,  thenc.    120
������-..��� ������    lies nortii of tin north-wesi cor- chains  north, thence   SO  chains  eas'.
C.F.A.Green's  pre-emption  claim tnence s,mlh ,,, shore   ;h,,���(,, w  ...   m.
running as follows:  50 chains west; ,             ,
so chains north; SO chains east; SO chains along   shore   to    point   oi    commence-
nil to point of comnu nceme nt, I tent.
_s.    Commencing   at   a    post     planted 10-'.
itioul  '.' miles nortii of the north-west cor- ,.                .                        ,         ,,       ,,
ntr of C.F.A.Green's pre-emption claim, Commencing al a post on the shore
then running as follows: 160 chains east; opposite   the   mouth   of   Bear     Creek
10 chains south; 160 chains west; and 40 al|li  about a half a  mile north  on the
J*��tM  !!"""  l" ,!l" polnt '"' commem  ,_���,,,,  ;|:.,n ,������  W(1|.,..s  ,.,,.,���������,. Range
"."���-.'   Commencing   at    a    post     plant..! 5.   Coasl     District,   thence     wesl     Ta
about 7 miles  tie of the north-west cor- chains, thence north SO chains, thence
east to shore, thence southerly ahum
shi re  to  poinl   of commencement.
Commencing   at   a   stake    on     the
beach   about   50   chains south   of the
mouth   of  Bear   Creek   on   the   north
of   Work's    Channel,   Range     a,
Coasl  District, thence east 90 chains,
thence  north  SO chains, thence  wesl
to   the  beach,   thi nee fi uitherly   and
tin'  bi���;. 'h  to  noinl  of
ii.!- of C  F.A.Green's pre-emption claim,
n running as follows: 40 chain.-' north:
SO  chains  wes';    4"   chains    north;    40
-  west;   SO chains south;   120 chains
cast  ��� ��� peiia of comme ncement.
3e .���i Commencing   at    a   post    planted
boul   40  chains  north of the south-west
.   n. r of  Location  No,   26,  then   running
as  follows:     160  chains west:   40 chains
noi iie :     160  chains east :    and   I"  chains
��� h to point of comnu ncement
3'   ���i tommencing   at    a    posl     planti .1
. ' .    ���   .in  chains  north  of  tie,' south-wi st
corner of  Location  No,   20,  then   running
.:���  follows:    160 chains west; 40 chains  westerly along
south;  160 chains east;  in chains north commencemen
���'��� point of commencement.
n _!.���Commencing at a post planted
aliout t miles north of the north-wesl cornel of C.F.A.Green's pre-emption claim,
tlee'ii running .is follows: 160 chains west;
! I   chains   south :     160  ��� hains i eest ;     \n
chains  north   to  point  of commei ment,
com : inlng 640 acres, more ,:��� li ss.
,.:��� nt.  Frank Vandall.
I .- >' ��� Iters.
Commencing  at  a   stake    20   chains
i. st ei' the mo it h i if Mink Cre< . al
Ibe he i! eef Work's Channel, Range .
('east   District,  thence  wesi   '-'i  eh..litis.
thence north.80 ''hairs, thence eas'
SC chains, thence' south SO chains, to
point of commenci ment.
March 21. It
Commencing at a poinl on Lach-
mach Rdver neat- the corner of lot 195
at the head of Work's Channel, Range
".. Coa.a District, thence 10 chains
ve-'. thence SO* chains south, thence
SO chains east, thenci' 80 chains norlh,
thence 40 chains west to point of com-
Reeve and B, M. Carncross, Clerk of
tin District of Surrey, bearing date
the 11th elay of December, A.D. 1901,
of all and singular that certain parcel
ei.- tract of land and premises situate,
lying and being in the Dii tricl of Xew
Westminster, in the Province of British Columbia, more particula ly known
and described at Lol 32, subdivision
of Section 25, Block 5 North Range 2
Vou and each of j ou are requesti d
In contesi the claim of the tax purchaser within forty-five days from the
d ite of the first publication i f this
notice. I shall ri glster Karl Brudvik
as owner there of In foe'. And I dir-
e t thai publication of ibis notice
for thirty elays in a daily newspaper
published ai Xew Westminster will
he  good and sufficient service thereof,
DATED :,: the Land Registi Office,
Xi w Westminster, Pnn Ince of British Colnmbia, 'this llth la; ol January, A.D,  1907.
i'. S. KEITH.
I'���    riel   Regit
To Thorn       \. chili  Id Mcln
All    j ers.ii,s    mm vt 1    v% it ii    ' ,       no
tice,   ami   the- e   c alining   thn  i   i   oi
unde r   the  u,   and  a
it. : any in    rerft In
virtue of any unri n     ered
and all persons claiming    n..   in
iti   tli"  sai t   land   by   d< scent, i
ii:le i-   li":   :��� gisti   ed th
visions  of   the  "Land   Re Vet,"
shall be foreve   estopped and ��� '
!': 0 '.   se"   Ing     mi   ..tr.      lail il
respeel   of the said     md Id I
taxes as pro ;ide 1 by the ' Lan I Ri .:-���
try Art."
sixty days after date I inten
to the Honourable Chief Commissioner of Lan Is and Works for permission
io purchase the following desi ribed
lamls. situated on what Is ci ed
Middle and South Dundas Islan I,
Range 5, ('east  Districl:
Commencing at a  post    abe it  om
half mile east of the head of Dui k la
let on the   north   side   of   the   inlet,
marked S,  II.  K.:    thence  li"1 chains
north :   thenc,.  mi chains east :   11.. ni i
south tn said    inlet;    thence    southwesterly and westerly along the shore
to point of commencement.
S.   H.  FORD,
Locatoi -.
March  23, 1907.
30 days after date I ind
the  Hon.Chief Connie. -
nnl Works for specia
and carry away  tim,.     r,.
lowing described lan I
Kitsumgallum   River,
Range a:
Claim No. 1.���Commi .
planted 25 miles up fa
Kitsumgallum River, i n    ���   ,,
of Kitsumgallum Lake .
lows:       SO  chains   wesl
south;     in   chains   vv<
norih;   120 chains ea
souili to point ol' com   ���
Claim  Xo. 2.    COmn ���
TAKE \. >T1CE tl at 'aie" ������ days afte r
late we Intend to ��� ���: ply to the i 'Mi. f I lorn-
��� Issie ner of Lands and Works for special
" ,:..'!' licenses to cul and carry away
tl her '"'iii the following described lands mi nei ment
In the Kits tmg illt n .'. Hey, In the
dence ma;   be satisfied    by residence <     -��� District:
upon the said land. S3.���Commencing   al    a    post     planted
nhcei '    I"   chains   west   of   the    si.ni!   v.. -t
bl^ months   notice in writing Should   corn -   of   the   old   Kits  mgnllum   [ndian
be given to the   Commissioner of Do-
' :'"'     annus   '.ml.    tu   .".,.:,.-   -.;;���.    _���, .���    ,,-���,...        , ���;,.,,,.,,,1      no,,-,..,,
minion  Lands at Ottawa of intention   t<-> point of commencement, "���    :\�����s,        '���'���'���   K,,n-'
to amdv for natent '    34.-Commencing   at    .,    post   planted! p��ast District  thence   SO chaii     north
10 appiy lor patent. , 40 chains west of the north-east corner of t thence SO    cliains     west,  thence    SO
Coal lands may be purchased at Sio' Lo(,atlon Xo. 33, then 160 chains west; 40   chains   seeuth.   thence,   vei   ,���!].   ���      easl
: '""'.���:  ''''".' ehn'ns '���:": :    halns  iei poinl of commencement,
' .'��� comme  ic-menl.
11   ncing   at    .1    fln.l     planti d 103.
���,- w .-��� oi   ... north-e -1 cot ier of      Commencing ai  a  posl on the south
��� -;" side   of Fordcrago Rivi r, n     il  a mile
are! a half up fi om Its mouth, thence
Ofi 1   ains, thence east   n ch tins,
The   Frnetnred   l.e:..
A visitor was going1 through the ch^l-
dreu's surgical ward of one of the city
hospitals when he' spied a little fellow ���
with his legs in the air and his weighi
resting on bis head and sh mlders.   (!e>
lng closer, he saw that the boy's feet
were fastened with ropes which pas_ed
through a pulhy above.    Al tim other
ends of the ropes were weights, just |
heavy enough t 1 h nei lhe boy's legs In
the air without lifting him entirely off 1
the bed.
"What's all thai about?" asked  the.
visitor.   "Doesn't II hurl him?''
"Noi al all," answered lhe physician ,
wh 1 was accompanying, "lie doesn't I
leek unhapvjy, docs he? Thai's the !
way we always handle fractures of
the leg with a child. Otherwise the j
youngsters squirm around so that they
work the splints loose. Only one of j
ibis boy's le s Is iti lured, bul they nre |
both swung in the air for his greater
con fort."   Xew York l'n-i.
I per acre for soft coal and $20 for an
thracite. Nol more than 320 acres
I can be , . quired by one individual or
J company. Royalty at the rate of ten
��� nts per ton ol 2,000 pounds shall be
: collected on the gross output,   ,
Commencing  at   a   ; ist   l"   chains
e: - ���  of the ri ��� r ..;  the north line ol
the Italian  Reserve,  al   the  month of
Reserve, then  iCO chains west;  in chains  the   Enches-hese  River   on  the   north
.   '��� hams east;   10  chains   e mth
'", ity of Uie Minister ��� f   he Interior.
. B.���Unauthoi Ize :    eiiblication of
advertisement    will not be paid
',' - s
Sorrow -. .if a iiu mu, i.i.
"This iI.m ���- of I. ting a huinorls * '. -
al ut the sa Must king 1 ki iv. - li
eel s:tm'"ii [.'ord, "Ari ordii i_ person
can have hi moods and humors ffs be.
p ta ���-. bul 1 musl always be on the
job. I am constantly being Im Ited out,
not because I'm like .1 (.<��� n-, ',��� a| ,,..
or because of my manly beauty, but
because I am expected to entertain lh
a- seinbliige. Tin' resl of the coinpanj
may bo as elttll as dishwater, but il' I
dee tie.i shake' iije the' gathering wiih :.
few jokes the hostess .lares ai nn. and
really rods resentful. I may hi' sunk
in lln' slough of despond, bul just as
s(,..!i a e 1 take my s.'at all lean forward
and eye' me expectantly. .My sun, never get a reputntlon fnr being funny. It
ls the' most mournful thing on earth."
���Xew York Tress.
erth ;   ; hains .-.s, :   10 cliains
Mil    "'    .    'iM'    'M    ''I,..'        '  111' Mt.
.'"' "!,������,"��� ..    post      planted
ns west       the   north-ensl   thence north  SO chains,  thence   ������ ���   I
ol   Location No. 3T>, then  IGOchalns   SO   chains,   thence   South   40  chains   to
;  mi in!   1 ������ commencement.    The above
empties into   the north   arm  of
Wo   .'-��� Channell, Range 5, Const   Dls
: rii t,  about  a   mile and a half south-
���>< ��� -    0     he  hi ad   of the north  arm,
In : rom the east.
Beginning al   a   posl   on   the   ���
al   the  up ier  end   i f  the  north arm
Work's   diannell,   Ran-"   5,   Coasl
1 dsl riet, al out  20 chains south of the
���   an ilh   of   Snow   <'r ek,   thence   ���
160   chains,   thence   north   l" chains,
, of thence wes'  160 chains, thence _ 1 ith
���10 chains to poinl 1 E commi n ement.
'' ��� nmeneing  al   a   , -i>'.   pi inte I  tit
thi ,:  mth of I'o' I Cri ok  on the   noi 1'
shore  01   Work's  ' h nnell,   R tnge   5,
Coa ��� District, then te SO chain    norlh,
thi 11 ���������  "i chains    < ast,    thi ne ���    SO
t hains south, more or les . ���
th. nee wester],)   ai u       >.
sixty days after date I inti nd to apply
mi -he Honourable Chli C isseion
er rn' Lands and We: ki  fe 1 uisslon
. nrchase the folk wii lescribed
lands. situated "ti whal is c: lied Midland South Dm:. !.-,s Island, tange r,.
Coast District;
Commeni ing  tit   a   ; anted  at
���1,"  1." 1 I eel' Swan   In-" ;  I ��� th
lee   chanis;     thenci   easi   -"   chains:
thenc.' north t.. sl 1 ri    tbem ������ wi
ly and noi th westi rly along
to poinl ol commeni 1 ment,
!���".   y.   CR Vie 1.
March 23, 1907.
:   �� west to the   point    if e      imenc
.. : :.
:"      1' .���    ... ���    ,,;    ;,    post.   ; !     ted
Ml  cha 11     '    st  of     ���  ���    . ��� ��� ���    en sl
���   nl    Locution   Nn,  .:",.    the nee     Ifio
1; 40 chains 1     I    IR0  cl  .   is
H   cbains   -���  ith  to  point   of cornei  ������ ��� .
Com    r-i i|    ,.    post     plantfd
..���-...... .       f Location No,
'..     th    -"   ch ns   west :     ^.   chains
tl        ��� ' ���. 1 - el        ud  S n  chains ��'
���' .
'    ���
1   ���
.."   1
- .  cl
1   No.
.nth :
st :  sai
Ml    tO
WTL1 1 ',
���'   Mi
11 my,
Teeth  of Chambermaid!.
Have you ever noticed that every
chambermaid who has been taking
care of the hay and feathers for a
number of years Is usually devoid of a
few teeth of the tipper "e-ascV" Veteran chambermaids can seldom show
a full set of upper teeth, The absence
of the Ivories is explained as follows
by n d iwutown dentist: "The teeth of
tl... 1... 11 which l replace with artificial ones nrp pill '.���.._.. . to tth. Tbey
nre constantly 1:-'.! iu putting on p_|.
lowcases and nre 1 : strong euough to
stand the .train. Their w irk Is a constant wear and tear mi the teeth."���
rittslnirg Dispatch.
S.   H    " IRD
I'   H      RAGO.
Manufacturer of
'    ��� ������   ".    '       "  IRBBY . I  M     th   '
��� ��� iv 1 apply
tn   1 : ''   ��� ,.,���,������
I, id   '���" .
���   .        the  fill
Pied ���: nn    tl
���     ���    I; ���-..'. ' '
.-. :
at       po
ei      1 Zyt     ���   '��� -   it   . ���    ni 1
 Ill,  on  the  easl '	
' ' ��� ,' '���'       VOI ICE  IS   '      i]     v  .;; ;   ���.   ������
II ,e  ��� 1      ���
it  10  point  of  pc ' !    I       '��� '   '
lent, conl        .... ere or III      ��� tlon     to     111       Hon*, the
j Chi      Commissioner  nt   Land      and
���    "' 1    ���'     Ms  Rl 1 '     '       - "' ���
....        he mouth, on tl     east jl tl     n ' lie    foil i\
r;  thi nc ���   imi .    -     ..���     ,       .     1  |amis   situate       I   Ho       n
'���"   ���      '       "rth       ion   chains   we st;    l"  o,  ,,, t ���,-,,,.
11 ���   ri-.-. r     to  poinl   .a   '    ' "'' A  "
nt, 1   nl ��� Inln . '' I" aci  s. mor.       I
���       le
'"   Im   S 1.    I       Commencing     at   pi ?l
planted on the   z      sailt.  tli vor, ni 1 am Sound;    thence north i 1   :
���   -  nlles up from the mouth, on tho oast thence wesl SO chain :  Ihence    outh
- ��� - ��� ���  ������   !';" chah -    rn .,, chains;    ,.���. .,.,   ,    t SO cl to
lh;   : ���'     Indus  west  to  river;
10 clnil  m    . ,���_ riv. !��� to :"'"1;: "'  commencement,
poini   -���:   ��� immeni ement, containing  0401    2.���-Commencing nl   a stake al   the
'ciaim' \..'"'i!: ""i'i,:, ncing   at   posl '" fth-east    corner    of   t laim    No. I:
planted  on  ihe Zymagatitz  River,  about thence  north  SO chains;   ihence wesl
two   miles   up   fron th,   on   thc SO   chains;     thence  south   SO   chains;
''-���'lk  "''   river i   thenco   Iflll     chnlns it,,.,,,.,,,..,,    on chnlns io iioint  nf pnm
,. .  ��� ;  oi cliains north;  100 chanis wesl to "   ''        ''' '        ( "'''"    ' ' ' "1" '" ( """
m ���.-.-   i"  chains southi rly  nlong mi ncement,
Iver   0 point  ol  commencement, contain-      .1.    Commencing ai  a  posl   10 chains
'il',..';l" ���",���"'���  . "',','' '""���   .           ,          , west  of the mirih east  ie rner o|' Claim
' laim    No.   I 1     Commencing    al    pest ,
a  on   the  Z.vmagntlt_   River,  about No, J:  thence north 80 chains; thence
one mile up from tho mouth, nn lhe wesl west     SO    chains;     thence    south    80
er; thence ��o chains west; ioo chains; thi nee east sn chains to poinl
nortii;   40   chains  easl   tn   river; .                                                          '
Westmlnste    Dl
1  mil icing al n ��� take 10 chains
i'ii.-: of small bay al the head of Hoth-
thence   100  chain 1  soullicrly   alone;   rlvei
to point of commencement, containing 0 10
cre 1,   more   or   less.
Claim  No,   1 v    ' lommi ncing    al     posl
planted   "'.   the   south   li mil    of   Skeena
��� ',  :. hoi t   hnll   mile  below  the   mouth
1        ��� tgnllum River: thence so chains
SO   chains  1 list :   SO   chnlns   north
1   River;   ii.. 1   along river to
'"���;'.';'��� ni' ni.   containing   640
.���.       _,  , Im   No.   10.    ' '"'ie  1 r.clng    al   posl
Office,  Eighth  Street.     -    tod  on  the        euth    bank   of  Skeena
In  il  ���   If 1 iit   up fi em tha mouth
NEW   WESTMINSTER,   Et.   C. gallum   River,   on   thn     south
w. of KI        - River;  thence  120  chanis
Mineral Waters, Etc.
Aerated Waters,
Family Trade :, Specialty,
frl.  113.
of 1 ommem ��� ment.
March 21st,  II 07,
TAKE NOTICE thai application hai
h< 1 ti ;,i. le '11 n glster Karl ih udvlk
as the owner In Fi ��� Sl nple, under a
Tax  l-.0.i-  Deed  I't'oin   C.    ., I 'umcr   IS, ,
sixty rl 1; . after date we Inti ml to
applj to the ii' noi able I ���
'' missloner of Land and Woi i. -
. . ; emission to pun hat ��� the foi
lev Ing tracl of land sitt 1 ; In 1 loasi
I Ms: riet, for a Mill Site 'ommenc
ing at a 10.-1  planti    on sl ha
S. E. Arm Huaskin Lake, . -it s.
VV. corner T. L. N 1. 0913; thence
South 10 chains; We I 5 ��� lis;
South 10 i hains, mure or less to N. E.
shore of Turnbull Cot. : then e Wesl
with shore line 20 chains; North l11
chains; Easl 5 chains; Nor '1 10
chain 3, more or le ;, to 1 he 1 e of
Huaskin    Lake;    thence    Easl    with
I hore line 20 (hain-. more or le s, to
poinl of commencemei I; < nta nlnit
tO acre's,  more or less,
DATED  this   I9th day  of I ���
'1 In     Mi LA' Cl HUN    LUMBER    CO.,
!'.'��� C. II, McLaughlin, Pre     M   D,
'l ��� dn; - after date, I Inte nd to a .-.
in the Hon. Chief Commi 11: m ���: 1
Lands ami Work 1, for Bpecial llci ,1
i" cut and carry away timber from the
iv Ing described lamls, situated as
1.���Commencing al n Btake planted
on   lb rnando    Island, Sayward    liis
II ict, at lhe southwet 1 1 inter of section I'm ihenco north 80 chains; thence
1 tsl V|i 1 hains; thence south su chains
thence wesl SO chains to poini of commencement.
2.���Commencing al a stake planted
" the northwesl corner section 5;
ii" nee easi 80 chains; them c south
80 chains: theme' wesl SO chains;
thence north 80 chains to poin) of
3.��� Commi u< Ing al a stake planted
at the northwesl corner of section 5;
ihence north 80 chains; thenco easi
SO chains; thence smith 80 chains;
iin nee wi'.st 80 chains in poinl of commencement.
.1.  R, AGAR.
John Carlson, Locate..   '
March 22, 1907,
planted   aboul   23 ml
mouth of the above .
hank   of   Ihe     Ki
tin nee    so  chains e
mth;     lu  chain- ���
smith, more or less, ���
northerly along lhe ri .������ 1
oi   commencement.
' ilaim No. ���'!.- Comi
planted   at   the   shim   -. .
T. I/. 7912;  thence  10
: ..... .,:' h :       M.   . ���
chains south;   10 ch
.   to   the     KI
li e rl j
hi        nl  of conn n
i  . Im  N'o. '    l '01
ante 1  about   10  t. . 1
', of the Kitsu
���:,...   ��� then
160 chains    south;     I
, to the
northi       i    ng thi
"   commenci ... tn ,
Cl: Im No. ���"..    Con
ted a 1011I   1(5 ml
m    tth ot th" abovi    ...
..   .:     thence    SO  chi
chain   so ith; 80 1 h
less, to  I he  1 i vi 1.
1 long  the river to
; laim No. C,   Commi n
������ l  12 mile
<���:    the    river,    on    tin     ��� 51
tl   nee   -!u  chains   wi   t;     10   cl
10  chain-   east
.   60  1 halm   east,
to  the  river;   thence n<
lhe  rlvei   lo  the  poinl
Cl   Im   No. 7.    Co;   .,.. :,   ,.
Innti I   about   10  1
si  ii h-wesl  coi ner ol thi
gallum    reserve;    thi m e    1
v. ��� -':     I"  e halns  south;
1.:- :  10 chains north,      ,
mi :.��� ���!,.' 111.
'���   . Im  No. f     ��� .  ,
planted  on    t he ni . t h-wi -1  ���
T    L.   7945;   them"   160
Hi 1 ..ains north;   160 cl     1
chains   south,   to  :.<���'.���;���  1 I
mi nt.
Claim  .\  , 9,     Ce   111  ��� :. 'ing   tl
ed on the    1      ���   .est  ,
T,  L.  7945;   thence   160
40  chains  south;   li       hains.
the   West    line   of  T    1 .   The'.;
telon^ the line to poin   of coi
'   iim     No.   10.   Ci mm ��� a ii
���   ��� planti I on the wi   1  line
:. 15,  .. eoul   10 chains 11
m rth wesl     cornei     ol     T.   I.
Ihi a. ���    160  chains  ������-��� est;     10
:   160 chains .    .t,    0  thi
T    !..   Ta 15;   tin a .  ���
poll     . ���   ' ommeni emei
1      111   No.   11     Coi     encli
nted  ���       11
"i   T,   L.  7a 15;     1 ten -    runnii
wesl;     10 chains  nori
���     t, to tli" wesl  . ni
7945;      In nee 40 1     south
tl.   Mm    0    olnt m ��� ���
m   No.   1.     ���       mi ncini!
ate ! ...   th       ��.|   eat 1
of T.  !.   7945;    then ���       inn
1   ins   v esl:     10    li  li     boui
easl;   tin me     1  . hall
olnt of commeni ement
1."" ted   February   14. 19 17,
Pi ��� Frank Vanda I.
Mai  a 22.
Land Registry Act <___
  p. 1
Re   SubelK ision   s   , ,;     ,,   , '
Slli.li:M.,Ill     llleee-l.     7.     \.   ,. Jj|
City.    Whereas  proi ' of  the tt$
Certiiie a'"   nt   T : ,    '.   ,,',. bl_)
issued  in  the  nan..- .     i;-. j^?
has been Bled In this offli e, g, J
Notice is berebj given thai ���*������
at the expiration of one month '"'   -
the date of the. liis- ���������
of, Issue a duplicati       th ��� Bal 1 1 dJJ
tie .ne, unless In the  nip 11 Fow
objection he. made to n ������ In ������ 1
c. s. KEITH ^Jj
Districl  Rt.    trar of    ' ftAw
Land  Regis;: -.   1 m .������.-������.��� 1 oort
.tor, ll. C, March 13, 1907, ^con
"The Milwaukee
'The   Pionc.r  Lin.ited"   St.  Pa"1]
Chicago,   "Short   Line"   Oinaliaj
Chicago,   "South     West     Li"'-]
Kansas City to Chicago.
Mo   trains   in   thc   service     "   1
railroad   in   the   world   that   1
equipment   that   of  the  Chic
waukee  & St.   Paul  Railway     :
own  and  operate  their  own     "i
and dining cars on all] their trains^
give   their   patrons   an   excellence I
service not obtainable elsewhere, 1
H. S. ROWE. General \-|
1.14 Third St., cor Alder. Portland.'
Having bought oul   the I!' ''
Ing business of R, ll. Benson, I '
bn pleased lo see til! bis old '"1,;:"
ers, as well as new ones, Hor6rsf>
ing a specialty.
Eighth   Str��;
H____ ISDAY, APRIL 9. 1907.
II E   DA II. V   X E W s.
.  .   .;. ��� s illcltors, Blacl.!.- I
i,, ���;'.,   street.   Xew   Westminster,
Whiteside, H. L. Edmonds.
.-   ;i \ n SFOR D.    Barrister,
Soli etc., Crescent bl    k,
and      McKei tie
.. ister, li. C,
.1. p. HAMPTON ROLE, solid-
li r of 'lie supreme court. Offices
an   Bank  of  Commerce  build-
Columbia  street,  opposite   post-
New Westminster.    Money to
REAI    FSTATF m the City of New Westminster aml throughout the
^^i""   *^ l rl 1 ��i Xew Westminster District is advancing' in price very
~~ ====== rapidly.    Property is changing hands so quickly that
prices ruling the market today are oftentimes non-existent on the morrow.
Lots throughout the city are doubling in value, owing to the many large
and new industries starting up, bringing in their train a greater population of
Tel. 333
Tel. 333
barristers, solicitors, etc.       Of
New Westminster, Trapp Dik.,
���   Clarkson   and   Lorne   streets.
.iver, roonis L'i  tei .4, 445 Craa
��� treet.    ,l..sepli Martin, K. (.'., .
l-.i't.   W.   U.   McQuarrie,   H.   A
Mr.  Martiu  wijl   be  in th:
.i .aster offices every Friday  af
REID  &  HOWES,  Barris
t,    /solicitors,   etc..    4J    l.irne
oslte   Court    House,   New
ster.    A. Whealler, P.O. Box
jtRGE E. MARTIN, Barrister and
icltor, Guichon  block, Colum
McKenzie streets, New West-
li. C	
fERS GRAY, Barrister, Solicitor
tar.   Pu  Iii. :t, pr icl.' c since
��� \ew Westminster. B C.   Of
.   | to Curtis Bio :.. Clark-
treet, op i islte   Court  li i ise.
ro��� 16y.   Telephone 64
$3,500.    su
iO     mon
. Fine
for sale
rd    avenue.
did   location.
, per m
can be
d   if pi
rchaser  so
. A
.Terms to
be arranged.
James Inlet, three square miles, nt
$��.00 per acre, h ilf cash, balam e ea :
2V_   st u.      bouse,   10   ro mis,   als i
modern    Impiovi m< nl-.   lol    66x132;
ine       irt ol 1"' sei out with
fruit    trees    au I    nice    law n.    P li e
$2,750. $'...",'i e , ish, ba ai   ,- 6 an I 12   (
hs ai  7  per cenl
Full-sized lot No. 8, between Gth & Tth Ave. on
4th St., west side. $300.
half cash, bal. in 6 mos.
One acre in block 9, between 18th and 16th St.
on 8th Ave. Price $750,
1-3 cash, bal. easy.
Six  an 1   one  hall   ace es,  on    ai re
eare 1   i ead.   for   planting:   1   1-2  ac-
Four houses to rent. One en
street:   one on  Fourth avenue:
on Agnes street: one cr 13th st
Apply at ence.
One     ill  size I lot, 66x1  2;  . store;
: 7 rooms     	
' h-; I; Impi ovements; new hous ���
Large lol  and two cottages on Co-
lambia street, Sap, ton,   Both rented
14x24      tore,     nd   half,  small  ha n    '"   '' ' '':   '
n house; fruit trees and ��    i ���
."ri-;i< '..   IM- -noniy.
France ii her system of finance ami
���    Wil     R  Si ,)!,)(,
.        peo.
ple.    : be go\ ut c ndue ts a  ' is(
banking   Institution    whereby    every
posl   : ��� ��� has its sai i .- b tik depart
menl   Its   "ca sse   d'cpai sue."    Here
any one may mi k< Ot as 1 ��w as
1 franc (20 cents!, which deposil Is re
corded In one's "llvret de l.i laiisse
d'epargne'' (savings bank book). A
convenient feature ol this system tend
ing to make saving easy is that one
may make his deposits In any posl
office anywhere in France anel may
withdraw any part nr all his savings
at any postofflce, without regard to
where the deposits bave been made.
I have never had a servant iei Franci
who had nut her "llvret de la calsse
d'epargne," and yet the girl or woman,
If she had no family of ber own to
support, almost Invariably contributed
to the support of her father's family.
I have bad one middle aged "iVnitue
de chambre" on whose face each day I
could read pretty well haw the bourse
wis going. Flora McDonald Thompson In Harper's Bazar.
One lot No. 12 cr. Royal Avenue,
third lot from Eighth street. $1,050.
for  sale exclusively.
OF TRADE.���Xew Westmin
[;. .,,-,] of Trade meets in the
_i Room, City Hall, as follows.
Wednesday of each month
��� ly meetings on the second
sday    of     February,    -May,
and  November, tit  8  p.  m
meetings on the second
sday of February. Nee
rs   may   he   proposed   and
at anc monthly or quarterl.
..   __. E. Whi'o, Sec.
Shopping is  a   form  of cruelty  in
im    and one-halt store;   house and dulged by married ladles townrd'their
- .,':,,'   _en              8lze  ;'"'  sltuated north 8lde '" L"^""K    "   j>   Incipient   In   young
i, ' al avenue and corner of McKinnla girls,  reaches  an  active condition   In
-.000. !                                        at 7              Is a vaiuabli     ildlng, and near  street;  9 toon:-:  bath room, hoi and brides And arrives at Its most virulenl
; ". cent.   Good sized sta   e and            to thi           call and bring this adver-  cold  water, closet;   woodshed;  young Btage between the tenth and the twen
trees.    Se   ond        -                          ���     tisemenl   with   you   for  further  parti-   bearig   trull   trees;   streets  on  three ty-fifth year of married life,   A small.
��� I,.-'    ,,,,           . ���                                                        c   ' i--s                                                                                           ,-                          ,,           t. nnr.    .,     , delicate,   slight.   lief\ oils,   sensitive   WO
������'���'���                                                             cuiars.                                                                         .     I,,,,.   V[ew,     Price   $1,800.  J'.hlel *
, tuaii   whei   would   faint   away   al   an
17 lots, Ttii  sized   m Bth street, In  ' "   ' empty mouse trap will irn through the
Snap in Lots,                      Rurnaby,   Easi   side   100   yards from     0_e full sized lol   2nd lot from cor- j ?hoPP|nK district In from two to seven
Lots s and n       ,.          .       .         .    .                      ,  cliff  Can   factorv     Price  $1 n?n                                '                         trom coi ,_our8 an(i come out refreshed and sua
mock 13; corner of D             ml ..a       \ acant   ots   oi  sa e In .. I     i.-ts of      '"      'ln   taciory.
l sized lots tin   city, from $25.00 to $3,tO0 60 acres       id
.-stoi ��� y   I louse,  7  i . ���        im tl   room up-
gentleman at the end ol forty five rain-
HOUSE and LOT utes   has   to   be   carried   home   em   a
11 seres, hall  mile waterfi ent, (. N.   ���., ���,,,, ,,r ...... , papo .,, - �����,. ronf . ,        .,                          ,         ,
ia om or two \tais a, i pei cent,         ,.,,,,.                         ,. stretcher.   Some women are born shop
��. running    through.      $9,460, terms                      ���,��,.,��.,        ,     ?ntra"y l0?       n a C��mmmS Pe���. others achieve It. but not one of
investigate                                       ISO acres Maple Ridge, Sections 2S,  situation;   Third   avenue,  at   foot  of .he__ has It thrust upon her.   Shopping
La and 32, Township 9, one-hall prai-  Fifth street.   Two and one half-storey ,��� extensively practiced on week .lays.
rie, resl brush and some small trees, house.   Tea rooms (recentlj papered) beginning on Monday with �� rush and
-   Prices; Section 32, $45 per acre; Sec-  All  modern  conveniences;    hot   and ending em Baturday  In  time for the
tlon 29, $60 per acre; Section 2S, $55  cold   water,  bath,  Hush  closet,  lava- opera.   It promotes Industry,   Without
per acre.    Telephone  al   Hammond;   lory,   electric   light;   nice   lawn;   lol "  married  men  would have time to
telegraph   station,   I'itt  River Bridge.  G6xl32, with lane In rear; pari, of lot rest���Delineator.
Terms, half cash, balance one and two  sei oul with fruil trees,    Price $2,750.
years at 7 per cent.  Exclusive agency,  $1,500 cash, balance arranged.
ClOSt't ;   Rrtrtll   Sl  llil.
���i.ieoar Sth St.; ii provetnciil
-          half e balance eas;
��� xcellcnt  hurgi
Sub.   21   ol   Lol   Me.   Block   XIII,   i-Ro
���  : .  .1.1 water ;  Hush close :      e  ,.-.,
Int  o(     m        i chick, n   house   and
M,  . II.      I'i  ���        ��� te'] Ills    ! I ���.,-!..   Iieel-
-   m   .  p. :��� cent    I lam-
between       KUi) si/,- i   lol  in  Sap   ' '   :..  fa   ng   p,
Brunette street.    Pi Ice $150  .ash.
V r I   I Pi*       __1____. w _��_. V    uuu    ���������(>���-       _* ii i.     i   _. ii  ���     'in   ii     nun    _> U '
fn.ii h.H     tlv. ""''' Uth StI'eel  and St" avenue' '"'   ,:,i"'"l by an unfaltering trust if her
time ia.i,i in surrej, ,,. xUI f���,,    $250 cash. husband's  credit   Is  good,  while  thai
can  ue bought  n >w for ?2a per acre,
only one-quarter cash needed, halance
et," or two j cars at 7 per < ent
UNION  LODGE,  NO. J, A. F. & A. M
���The te.-:..,:- n.e.-Mtii; ef this
|H heh! on llu' First \Veelni'si!:i\ II.
each ni.mth, at "> o'chv-e, p. iii. ii,
the Masonic Tei:,|,|e _-i;-iei:-n:i:_
brethren are' ��� .fitaiiy in\ite.i to attend. Ih. vv- A. DeWolf Smith
"-storey  House,  7 rooms, with all mod-
npi ��� ��� ,in i  s;   - -.-    ot   sround   lOOx
i -.    secoml  lol   froi     Sl     s     .,n  4th  Ave.
:.   side,   100   feel    m   avenue,     14?.
 th sides      I"        $:t.200 . $1,	
���.    .    ��� . , ! ������'.'.      II '      .      . .     'IM
MM:.   ��� ,   ������    s        19. T mi ��� -i...    ' . , gurnet
- i-.     I'     ������ .'���' '.  ;.. . ���   rms $1,000
.   balanc.   ease  .
���' -V. _ ib, ",'.'\v: ship   :.: .   soni    timber :
n :              .       Ide;     old   n-acre   nr-
.-inr. .'     ���            ;��� ���        re;  te rms  Jl.e
casi in      In tin I pa) menl
el *  1 Mock   4
54.".  ;    'I   !
���I    .-!..   _ ippe :
0itlNG SOLOMON   LODGE,  C'O. 17,  A
?.' F.   &   A.   M. -  lieu aiar   ii'ev.mienica-
tlons of the- lo iite aie hel.I on the
���   aeCOEil   Ti:e--!,.y    it.   ���' :   'l    IU '".'I:
, Mason:.'   'I'ltie;'..'.   :,:   ,���-   ,     ll..     V: -M-
tu   brethren   a:.'     n:.!:..:!'���'   Itai'et
'���',. tOt _tt- ml.     'I    W. lilh bri.-a.  S"c
K.    of    l.   meets    fourth
of    each     month,    at     s
._v-'"-|t|| ia   Orange  hall,  corner   of
BJ^it   ��� nue and  7th stree'.     S .
JO-raJl       Sir   Kt.t-lets    eof.liall'.     i'
TlbBJRi      ,;e..|i.|      W.   li    Haiih.ji.  \\
o - roomed modern residence tm 4th Av. between
6th and Tli'; St., with one
acre of land, containing
fruit trees, outbuildings,
stables, &c.; an exceptionally cheap bargain. Price
i $4,500. $2,500 cash, balance
; in 1 year at 7 per cent.
A Good Special
Five acres on 10th Ave..
right across from old reservoir, city limits. ��1200.
Half cash, half in six
House 24x24; 4 rooms;
framed; inside ship lapped.
Barn 12x16. One acre
partly cleared. Land No.
1. Bal. easily cleared.
4 lots, with double corner,
on section 1, 2 lots section
2, near Richmond St., Sapperton. for sale. $000. half
cash, bal. to be arranged
at 7 per cent.
160 acres, Langley, 25 an Iit cultlva-
on:   house,   harn.   she.Is.   etc.  all   in
SIl.mtlliK  ll   llnbllll.
Iii  Sullivan county  there is a  win
who spout a whole day bunting, and at
- lots, .11. .1;  No. 20, $170: No. 21,   nlghtfal| |���, wlls returning homeward
(corner)  $175.    Durham and  Second   empty handed when he found a rah
streets. hit In a snare nnd still kicking    lie-
released It and was about to dispatch
It with the back of his band whim it
occurred to blm that he could not say
be shot It. us no shell marks would be
found to corroborate bis story. So tu>
tied a string tei one of the bind less of
tbi> rabbit, tied the other end te> the
fence, backed away twenty yards and
Bred.    The shot  cut  the string  and
G Lots facing Columbia
street. Sapperton. $1,000,
half cash, bal. on easy
_      ,       , buiitiv  ran  away.    Such u  cood  Joke
One hundred and sixty acres X. W. on hlniS4,lr waa t00 ���,������, t��� , ���      antj
dr;  a   snap   it $0,000.  hall   >4  Sec.    15, Township 11. two miles ,���. told it al the village grocery, little
1 ���        from  Fori  Langley,  S  acres -lashed, ihluklng that It would bo hnndedabout,
160 acres,  Westminster district, 40      Five cottages and two lots on First   N'"- ' ,:i:ill     Price, $10 per acre. One   until now If you want tei anger him
seres under cultivation, 10 acres or street, opposite Qt
chat,1.   %   acre   strawberries   planted   $7.00..
this year; alder bottom land; running
n's park.    Price  third cash, balance on time, 7 per cent,
the mere menl inn of the yarn opens
(he-nhl sore. -Fores! and Stream. .
Pr_.Gtl.l__: by  I'.iir
LOYAi.   "ePANGE   LODGE.   NO.   !1_.
���'Mer      ������������   rn en-''   Im.;.   :i.���-'   aid
-third i     ia>  in "..ert inoiei li at  ���> !���
ID,       V      M '-,   MIM-ll    ,l|e    "el'-.li.MM.
lnvitui!    '    ���"   1     v.. i'o- ���. v.    .: .
61 acres Murphj   Landing,    I miles - riil-: house ts x --': frame barn 30      io acres In sec, 32,  Timber, fir, ce-      One hundred and sixty acres, N'.W,     When Grovor Cleveland was practlc
above  Mission Junction.   Jusi   at  the x  :'-:   l^l'ost   frame  house   and  cow  dar and alder.   Good soli; good roads,   'i    Sec, 25,  Township  16,  ...   miles   Inu law at Buffalo among his assocl
I ndlng of Murphy Landing;, about the stables, three In all, stable S cows and   Apply for full  particulars from      Abbotsford,    creek      running  tttes was n young lawyer who. though
;: :     "' '"'; 25 acres cleared, under _ span horses;  near Mission Station; through, 60 acres alder bottom   said   " bright fellow, was rather Inclined d>
;tU_We"-������,,t^maereTih_Tbe^^ chUrcheS    n":,r    :'!    hand;      L60 acres In Surrey. 6 acres cleared,  ^    e $600 worth of timber  .
!   ������      rees.   Price $1,350, en easy Lanier lands twice a day; al t 100   fenced ou mad side, $1,800,-half cash,  Property.    Price $10 per acre, V_ cash,  S!Ie,,ft.1_ "^ v��u\*? "f���ln"'.??"':'
terms (or $1,250 cash).   $22 [ier acre, acl'es Umber, Brand cedar, never been   balance on  lime al  fi  nar cent. mi.,  halance on time.
'.  cash, balnni e G an I  12 monl lis.
10 acn ��� -���. 1 ���    ..   '.' '.'   1 . ner ol timber; carriage house 16 x _t: hen
���N'���'*'���    ''���  uncleared.     Tl.iiher lir, ce- house  made of hewed timber laid in
'... and aider; good    1!!; 11 mil    from
lowed!  $2,000   refused   for   standing  jec, ,0 s,,,e lf ,,,!,���:.
el. O. O. F���AMITY  LODGE.  NO. _7���
The re: ,1..;  mm-, mm .> of 1 iih- !��� i.e
are heM m 11.1 it.-': m\s' hail, ('ohm;
bia   Str' '���',   - Molt lay    I'VlMtlLt.
JBt 8 0'i .". \'..j' j;-,-.'  :,;���(���:!i 1  mi i   ir
.   flially i-     '.  : . -,:���..ml.    S. Ci-e.-ory
,    N. O.; 1    .'   : ' m.c.i I. V. <;.: w. c
Cl.   Coathr-. .  1; - :   .-   e,\-   ,\!.,, 1 vm t;,|,
f.    S.;      ' 'MS,    Tt'e.'f
A. 0�� U. W.--FRASEI!  LOCGE  No. '!
���^��'iie'M the lirsl tiiul third Tues
|^B Visit in'.'
br_t^    ���    e.,1   :��� .   ',,,!   11,  ., ' -v, mi !
B room, A, 11 f. W. Ii ill, illl
follow .   < ��� ���;,..-.,,1   : 'i,.-t.   1'
,8. Co i-. 1 nt lei ;    I .oats   \'. if
VWiBi   '-'��� ii'l.ii an.
11^' N'S OF ENGLAND, r>. S.���
RjKt^eJ .-���������'������ i andi
Bi  w'.'.ii. ��� .pi,  of uncli month
In If e.f p,  ii in. Columbia St., nl
���  l%%<      U'i.l'.      ,'-.     ���   I I'i
ttat M !  i.m : "ihren
cortflii i    p.   .-������ ���
Who*. '
,0W*l r.l'UJNETTF.. No. -1090, I.O.F.
,c ��� ���-Bis t)_. Fourth Friday In tha
illpWM-    ��� a   ii"
Jti.hire'liov. .-���    . ;,,. k.     Visltliij
llhri'M    e- .���   1 .      ': ,i,    "������ I   to   ','
' .1. B.  Rushton, C. B.;   F.  P
���11, R. S.
60UHT ROYAL CCLur, rj: a. No.
��� *���' 0*  F.     Tl  el',1    -.,,..
t-JiB��iili;o are held on the Se.. ���
MHfciirih Tuesdays of each mm  I
Ml. p.   1."    i!;   11.,,   ,1,1,1,,. ||,, .
tttlr '     It: ,..,,     ;,:,,    , ,,|,li:il'      tie
Be attend.   E. C. Fltth, C. R,
w. JP..M., v,,   .,, s...-.
fWIAN'CE    Ilie'"!      e\,.|M     Weiln.'Se!.,'
��t Bi'eioi'ii  p, in., in Oddfellows
����11.    I'.ihtml.i.i      e.'ri'i't.       Vi.Milii:
"���Ulr.   ,  in-..  |.,,|-,|; .,||i-  invite,I   In  :i'
*�����>-, C   1. ll :  :���. S. ('..: N. It. rirow-
.. , mortar, 12 x 30.    A  chance of a life-
laic roa.!: saudle road ant   in ,'���  road,    .       -,.... ., ,    ,   ,
.  , , mi!". $9,000 $4,000 cash, balance al 6
.. lots corner ol si reel   eel ,\ 1 tn Mb
and  Oth  Ave', on 2nd Sm. sl le of 2nd   per cen
Sl . equal to one acre;  po 1  I    . leal ed.
$500,  half cash.      .',   iplontliil    oppo
on the 'a7:'M,'ss' "'' w'as forever bothering
Cleveland about points of law rathe;'
than look Ihem 111 > himself. At lasl
Cleveland beoatno tired of It. und the
next time the young man sauntered In
Ten acres In Lot 163, one mile easi Cleveland knew what be wanted and,
Lots 17. IS, 19, 20, 21, face on 16th  ��' VVestminster Junction, Al s ill, eas-   getting up, pointed to his bookcase and
ice  ou   limp at   C,   |ipf  cent, su'
  and avenue'  2 corner lots  i:-v cleared.   $30 per acre, <"��ld: "There are my books.   You are
:.-,0;   I  Inside lots $200 each,    Price welcorae '" """",    J1'?" cnn  """' "p
Double tenement house, 6 rooms in  yure.wnei.se.    rhe fellow was caught,
'.���.:. '\  for Investment
S rooms, 2-storey house, bath ro u
��ater nil I llghl; full slzi ,1 lol, 66>: - 1
feet, situati I 6th SI   I 1 tw een   Ith an.l
.".tit Ave. on west si ;, .      Price $2,300,
'_    ish, bal ai '.��� mi M monl hs .,; 7 ���  .
24 acre, in Siinbii : ll ch 1 water
front; 12 acn $ cl red; 1 oomed
house, .'li and lu ��� od; wood shed,
chick -te barn nnd fruil :rees of all
kin        Price $3,0C0,   Terms one-third
C.-i-IM ,'  ���       .'   ���       '      |12l M '.  .
Six  I its
10x150, oul >l !'��� city  ! inlts
?0=0. cash.    Single  lots al  cash.
Between  Fifth  and  Sixth  avenues,
' ��� '1 house, water, light, full si/.e |0t,
el ��� een    Flrsl   an.l   Second    street,
bul ho rose to the occnslou. "See here',
Grover Cleveland," he said, "I wnul
you tei understand I don't rend law,   I
550 each   lot.    Fuller   particulars on   tlP;i|   geve'th   ...,.,     ,,.... ,iiini;:   R���   Fourth avenue, on north side.    Price  prnctlc ltlro��� ,,,   ,,nU yoll llll(,
1 ;''|l':;'.'- :   . |e :.. itable an I chicken housi . fu '
slue I   lot,   two   store', 9.  $1,000   1 1 el-..
Four   and    me-half       res   between   $2,500.
s '\ eni!:   and   Eighth   avenue;    - uitli
if lsl     reel      Price $:,500. |.. -  ,  res ou 11 ��� S ol   1   a I. 15 acre
' '��� ared:   harn  50  \ 30;   stabli 1,1
.   7 . ���,...,.    .,.     ,-.. -,    ipleudid soil; onl.t $30 per acre, $1 0   i
y., furnishi I,     I und cold 1 .  >r;   ca   '���   ll '!!     ' '
1 ri 111 city.
$40   [11
1 \e ,1   lee: s  .ai   I  ' a   .-;. reel,  be-
two ..  Tth i ml  '' a a ..-Miie...
Cornei   0     I lamill in    streel
11  and   12.    Price $245,  m.
1 . !.. Iialuiicc '. months
! 60  acres  In Surroy; S '    01
N,'_ of s,.c i), low nshlp :.'.    Log
16x21, and chlel   11 1 iop .
i ill      eti:;   CO  fruil   : );   12
acn .hi ed, I acres under
c llthntion and s acre's slashed
Prici $20 per acre, m. ensh, balance  in   IJ  , .   :.  ii .  el   7'!
I full size lot, hi "i, 0, Im  11,
St.   Patrick's    Square:      Price
'.' ,xl06,  Ti
, Q teen's avenue. Price $450.
I 'i. rms $210 cash, balance terms
j    t 1 suit.
1   ' ' ;'      ";'    '   !1"��   '��� '���    ':'"      1  0   a""- Improved  land,   mildlnss
''       $2,400, I. . - h .- ,      , . -1 .;.  ,., ;,,.;,,- ci iverdale;
all   un le     ul l\ ition, $15,000.    If you
i      1 a von ���-',      a  )i   in   1- n   ban lie   this,  don't   delaj :   It's  a
���   $300    ,   1, '.: clea .'i   size   bargain; terms can he arrai ���������'
feci     .    1 ���
$1,500, half cash, balance in one year  your books can go to thunder!",
al ii ��� '������ cent, 	
Women   llnl.-   n��   ll.eltii'n   ��>i>.
The ordinary man would still much
rather glorify women and set ihem on
a tnoi'k throne, whence he can depose
them at will, than have to acknowledge iu tli<-111 a real title to regard.
it is iiiiih'tiit for a man t" overcome
his essential self Importance Most of
us perhaps prefer to ban' inferiors
runnel us on abject trail of character,
imi mii;ir il, \ne| only very slowly
have wv men been getting to prefer
, all lenced, readv for cul ""'' womankind ns friends and equals
���..  1  water, hall   mile  fmm   rather thi 1 queens nnd pets, ruling
all over the city for sale
from $50. to $3,000.
See us immediately. Tell
us where yen want a lot
_ "'""I wc can supply.
160 a ���,���!.'  farm land In  Delta,   ,,.;,,���,���, .,.  chiiliwack   $75 per aoi-       w M B bnby '"' " s|"'i|r!' tlog does'
' 1 :i 1  m. miles      a. li'.e;'. near Scotl London Snturdaj Rorlew.
roa I, :?i- per at re; a real g 10 1 buy.
1 ���'        " ;m" '    hou ie tn 1 lern \ < 1,��������-������ utm
I full-sized Lots   belween   Seventh   '   nvenlence . on Carnan in >tr and     "You   are   10   popular,"   sighs   tho
���..���aa������   .mi  Hamilton street, ea I of  s -'":   treet, two   tore; 1, $1,750. iwaln,  "You hme so many suitors!"
!   . ,,|,   ,���.,... .,;; cleared ami I    ci "T1"'  lll"l,:" s"lil'"4  "'" fnlr ���v"""-;
iimi ������
Ave. ami llth St.: iVroom in.use' an I   ,"lr ('aU-   I'alnnce one   -
kitchen.   Price $1,500, one third cash,  eent'
bal. 6 and 12  nths al 7 per 1   nt, 7 Lots un   Twelfth    itreet, uetv   m
Queen' -��� and Thli 1 avenue; ��esl side
thing,  "Why. I can counl ihem nil on
'.corner 3rd   ��'�����* '     '   |; 138x132. corner of  ^ fingers ot my left hand.  Bee.  The
ur   '''   ( lescent;   , roome'l  house     Price   ,   ,     ���        ,   ..    ..       ,   .,   .1
'. 0,500  ! - oash, balance o. 12 and 18  il"l"v fln8er |M Mr Bmugforth, the sec
1 ��� r.ths,
'.' 'II    ll'lll Si  .   e   1 u|   gill
I. (illIIU                i    I'D.HUH      [).114.1      v, I   -I.   I : i.l'   1   1 .���    sh. 1    ���       fall    y-..       IM-lc.   t" ".eel r     ���              ,   1 .           1.1 *,. ^�����
II   -i.,i,|.        1   lol    I.X1.TJ,   on   .'..'                  "                    '    '      l   ?"  '         ''   '' ''"    I1'"'" $2,500. one-third
\  ���      on   llil 1  Kt.,    \,���-;   si.I. . 1 ash. cash, bal. 6. 12 and !8 months
I  I   .' '   ���   MM     1     \    ,    pa pel    ll lnl       III.I    J >: 111 -
i'i   ���        : tcrniH etjiiii f. 1 siii. si:,      purl of lol 361), joins Lake Commur,
7 per ci'nt, or rcn             1 pcr ������    , ,..   ,,,.                          20   acre blocks, fruil   lands,   near
ond finger is Mr, Balder, nnd tbe third
Anger -the third finger of my lefi hia)
the third finger is you."
Nexl day he> gol the ring for It���
Chicago Post,
' I     Ms    ������-  .
:'   I"      ..11   1 '..:,,:.��� , In nil   _
a . ml   70  acres,   only
Half ca ih,   Jump.
16   per   acre.
.'iM lon, $20 per acre
i" ���������
>��*..<<   to   Mini.
"The beanty of this .real and glorious   republic,"   said    the   American
proudly,  "ll  that any   hoy   horn   hern
10 acres North road,   % of a mile     House,   full'sized   lot,  on   K9ary I may become president"
li'i'ai city limits on   Porl Moody;    8  street, Sapperton;   reals for Jio per
__________   acres    under    cultivation;    7-roomeil   month,   Only $1,050.
House corner of    7th St,   and  1th     ,    .    , ���.,     ,,   ,,,,,, ,niil S|   Al, |,.,.���..K   house;  frame  harn;    chicken  house;
'ir^l'i4iuitmt%X��fl..t hliif B1,ra 40x8��i    fenced and in good    ������     House,   to   rooms, IH   lota, near
rice $1500.    half  Fourth   avenue   ami   Seventh   street,
1   'i
.   Buppe it.
17 In Sum
i::_;    orchard   ol    a- lies, pen and ��   ��� 'th f     'ti ci,'n..i.   price9400,   .
..limes     Prhi. Sin'O  cash hal- ' '"���    hnliibcc  0   montlin ni   7  per i" nt: ;::i;'  south   aide
piiitns.    iim   5e,,__u,  ..,_,,   i ens n, aa.         h          ti,,-,,,, .;,  from  Btreel   to  street; L.,    ,   ,   ,    ,. , -                        ��-, ���,,.,    m
mice   a : -a" at 7 '/'���                                 ������   '��� i niu '���;  "��� ,:|'' '" '' montha al . per cent,     ��2,000.   Terms can be arranged
S*___.TI0N'L0RD 0F THE ,sle?
:   StB 191.���Me ets on the First and
JMnie 'I ii" ..' te,'" 'ii    "i
���jr. *   i'. ':..:       .i im    M.'Xiven
m��t} ,i. j. r,,, . ,,,  ,,,,,. H,���
"Pawncy!"   excalmed    the    British
tourist,  "i wiim uniier ti_" Impression
that the president bad to be nt lenst
forty years of age."���Catholic Standard and Times.
Real! Estate Br
'Agents for Employers7 Liability, and Union Fjr_ Assurance Co. of London.
A   riilloi.n_.hcr.
A' philosopher Is a man who when
he bus hard luct., ilue to bis own care*
lessnesH nnd idiocy nml other shortcomings:, cnn blame It all on fate.���
Romervllle Journal,
V.il.oily   I.lie   tit   Look   I.Ike.
/She���Mr, Dndlelgh la looking more
\\\:t> himself, don't you think? Chappie
���Ya-ns. His twin brother ls dead^���
iwOSai'^" J <
THE   _}__ il.V   _. EWS.
TUESDAY, April 9 ,   |
t f
We have just received another consignment of the celebrated Empire Ceylon
Tea, in one-pound packages, at 25c.
Public Supply Stores
Rooming House
...POR SALE...
Best location in town.
For full particulars apply to
Malins, Coulthard & Co. Ltd
Per J. H. VIDAL, Mgr. Real Estate Department
Loraine, O., April S.���The cries oi
hungry wives and babies are likely
tn end the strike of the shipbuilders
al the yards of the American Shipbuilding companj here. The strikers,
hundreds In number, have very link'
money in their treasury and cannol
h ild oul much longer. Manager La
Marche, of the shipyards, said tonighl
thai his company Intel contracted with
ilu American building Industries association, i'i New York, for 1,00 I
breakers and that thej would begin
te. arrive soon.
The ste i'i plant of lhe t'nited States
Steel corporation closed down tonighl
for Iwo weeks to permit of repairs
and S.000 men are idle. .Vs these Idle
st. el workers ai'e till union men, it is
fe ared they will espouse the cause ul
the striking shipbuilders, and thai serious trouble ami bloodshed will result.
The authorities share this fear, as
M:;.',<.,- King has ordered Capt. Gove,
of the Fifth Regiment, to keep his men
In the armory ready for a call at a
moment's notice.
j Necessity
An adhesive, porous
wall-finish for interior
work in every
description of building
Put up in twenty-three
tints and white
���   ,        ���-���" ��� _______ ���
*     Ready for use when
mixed with water
Any person can apply it
Blacksmiths' Coal
Cumberland,    Maryland ��� Guaranteed
Earth,   Stones,   Trees   and   Shrubbery
Travels   Downward.
Whal is reported t'i be the largi sl
laud slide that lias ever occurred up
coast, happened sometime last week,
live miles above Klendo Cove on the
south .ide of Knight's inlet. Passengers em the Cassiar yesterday morning, who saw the effects of the monster avalanche, saiel that it was the
largest they had ever seen anywhere
ui. coast. The shore for Duo yards
out into the water was one mass of
earth, trees, stones and shrubbery.
The !i:t,li- and trunks of trees wen
s;t. wti for (ever a mile and a half
along the shore and piled up about
seven or eight feet above the high
water marl;. So far as known the
slide was unattended by loss of life.
in all weights
J. W. Creighton
P. O. Box   345
'Phone   105.
'Phone   103
When  the Bright Weather Comes
then the bare spots will show. Take advantage of the weather and
brighten up the home by doing your painting now. Use the celebrated Camilla Paint Co's well knv.vn
John   Stulirl  Mill.
The genius of this great Englishman
was such that before he was twenty
he was recognized as the champion
anil future leader of ti powerful school
of philosophy and politics. John Stuart Mill is said to have studied Greek
at the age of three and at fourteen
bad begun logic and political economy.
The writings and doctrines of thi.
master mind were and are still read
and preached ne.t only In this country,
but tlirou._lie.iiit the world. John Stuart
Mill stands out prominently among
nineteenth century thinkers - -London
Iand lusby
Absolute Accuracy
in Dispensing
is  a special feature here.
Your   doctor   knows   what
quantities and materials to
put   in  your   prescription.
Here you get exactly what
your doctor orders.    Every
drop is measured and every
grain is weighed  by scales
and measures   proved accurate by tests.
It is in your health's interest
to   have   your   prescriptions
filled by us.
Serviceable, stylish coats, every one, and most!
desirable during this rainy  went lier.    Equally
sirable throughout the dry seasonj being ii.
weight than cloth cuts.
A large range just to hand.
A   SPECIAL  COAT  AT  A   LOW   PRICE���$9.75   each.
Made of heavy cravenette, In   dark   shadt
and  cuffs   with contrasting -hades  of broadcloth,     , '.
trimming,     The besl   long coal  we have ever shown
CRAVENETTE  COATS   ���$6.75 to  $20.00   each.
Our stock of thesi   coats  is larger  now  than on  any
sion.    We offer great choice in si 'ipes, checks, ovi
colors. ,
Mostly shades of grey, all ��� .--: each $7.00 to $12.00,
' V-*a
247 Columbia Street. New Westminster
*>;>:>::*;>;>:>;>;>;>:>:>;>;>;>:>;>;>;>;>:>:>.>:>_ii :���>::���.:���:;���::���::���>>"���>: :���;:�����.���> ���:��� ���.��� **<-',     take
If t
_____   H
Ellard Block.
New  Westminster
The most popular of all Wall Finishes.   Ready
for use when mixed with cold water.   Always
'han!  Always Tidy!   Always  Bright.     Ask
for color oi
Hardware, Monarch Ranges        187 Columbia St.    Tel. 65
8     Agents for ' Kl.KNO."     >.
"Listen to this. Maria," said Mr.
Stubb as he unfolded his scientific paper. "This article states that In some
of the old Roman prisons that have
been unenrthed they found the petrified remains of the prisoners." "Gracious, John!" replied Mrs. Stubb, with
a smile. "I suppose yon would call
them hardened criminals." ��� Chicago
Sporting   Goods
Toys, Dolls
The Finest and Largi   I Stock of Furnitar" is to be seen at FAI
Our clearance sale is .1 I] ��� n.   Over $15,000 stock still t i go.
New goods arriving t . iy.    Latei I styles and best lini.-hi --.
J   716 ancl 718 Columbia St.      Fcur   Fleers.       Rear Extension,   Front!
��� ���*������������.���.��>���**�����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������*���'><������
����+������������������������������������������������������������< ������������#������������������������������ ���������������*<>4. :,���
Paper ii Envelopes
Hut   He  Was  Cored.
"I think I'll have to take treatment
for the forgetting habit. From whom
did you take your treatment thai was
so satisfactory and' successful In Improving your memory?"
"From- ah, from ah oh, 1 fore; :
his name, i ut wait a mlnul ���. and I'll
get on.' of his cards out of my desk."���
)'.\i bange.
Snp.emely !___flper_tl__r.
"Don't y��.u think Mrs. Spurrell has
an awful tern] t r?"
"She lias, but can you blame the poor
woman? She lias a husband who just
absolutely ��� t n'i et I mad al all."
A Good Home, Cfiieap^
Six rooms, pantry, all nicely papered and twi
painted; house 2-storey; well situated un a s
corner lot on Tenth St.; lot'66 x 132 ft.; 1_ .     v
fruit   trees;    nice   lawn;    splendid   view.
Price $1,750.   Terms can be arranged. vu
7-219 Columbia St.
'_o"^ '���"���;>; :���; >; !���; r_,:r^>'"*; >; :���; :���::���; :���; ;���;:_���".���.:'���; :���:>; :���; :���.�������� ;ccc<>>>>>>>;>>_��>>:_>;>;
��� ' ��� fl ..Desirable Residences.. I
��� ��������*������. .��������*������������*��� >���>������**�������*������������������������������������������*������������������#*<> v      ;v
! Electric Railway Service i
Inter-urban Line.
Cars for Vancouver and way
stations v, ill run every half-
hour from 5:50 a, m. to H p,
m. excepting at 7:l!0 and 8:30
a. m. Half hourly ears Will
run from Central Park to
Vancouver only.
City Limits Line���Service from
c.i,"e a.m. to 11 p in.
20 Minute Service���No transfer.
Retweeu 12 and 2 and 5 anil 7.
30 Minute Service during re- ��
mainder of day. Transfer at ���
Leopold Place. T
Sunday   Service   half-hourly   be- J
tween 8 a.m. and 11 p.m.        *
Sapperton  Line. +
15 Minute Service from d.2T, a. ?
in. to 11 p.m., except between ���
12 and 2, and 5 tiled 7, during ���
which hours the service will be J
half-hourly. ���
Sund .y Service hair-hourly be- ���
tween 8.30 a.m. and 11 p.m.        _
_____ &
Modern Cottage on 6th St. below 4th Ave., with
lot and one-half. In first-class state of repair.
$2500.   Terms.
Modern 7-room House on 4th St.close to Queen's
Ave.; nearly new; tine lawn; a verv desirable
home.   $2800.   Terms.
Modern 7-room House on Royal Ave. in central
location. $1800.   Terms.
Modern 7-room House on 3rd St. in good repair;
near car line.   $2750.   Terms.
Two 7-roomed Houses on 9th St. $2000 for
both.   Terms.
6-room Cottage in East End; modern. $2500.
with its plain tints, supplies a luxuriou* wall-covering for the
most handsotn. rooms, leaving your walls fr��e from tht delirium of wall papers. Ws will be glad to tell you more about
Alabastine, if you will ask us. Let u. show you a tint card
and cutting of wood with 55 coats on.
Curtain Stretchers, with adjustible pins.
Ail.kinris of BRONZES, PAINTS, OILS, &c
T. J.  TRAPP <& O
to fcr
*t the
not w
1 British Columbia Electric Ry. Co., Ltd 1
I ���
���*��.���<>���-.***���*���������������������*���������** 1 ����-��� *������*���? -*���-���������������-���������������������<��
��nd th.
ent, _,
sets ar
��<1 to.


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