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The Daily News Jun 10, 1907

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 hite, Shiles & Co
bia St. P*��one 85
i Colum
White, Shiles & Co.
ef   Cancelled    Mortgage    on    Chur
Mary  Immaculate.
I . '.
ng of Nets in Cowichan Bay Said to Be Respor
For Action of Provincial Government    If Domir  <
Declines to Cancel Licenses Clash Will Geo    s>
: .
The    provincial ���
. _ Lhe l'ii'-i   stei
mtrol of the fisl
lumbia.     in   la
ars  a   proclama,-
.    Fisheries   acl   ol
". .   J    6.     Th  :��� -
now  in opera-
situation   Satur-
i iei. :   : ommis-
m ;   works, explaine !
,     . ivinee    could  'ee!.
iration of  the  fish-
���   . use It would iM-
��� gulations,    ani-
���   the  aforemen-
M   lUld    nOl     lee      '11111'
, vould   be   brougni
��� L . thai  the lndustrj
|il(l Interfei ed   with  or  in-
,  ��� .. ���     i ������ renc*   of jurisd'.c-
riieit  was  aimed    at    particularly,
;  . -]- '.��� r  sen I,   'A as  the
.   m ��� liing In Cowichan bay.
oo    which    -.\ i
the  provincial  go\ ���
���: the Bii'is'e  Colum
'      M
Iat* el   Introduction    oi
1 ���     . ''ll!i<eae"l   js tr...
|   M Hon    Ol      Mi.'        fl '!e
I iting te. certain cor-
II* m-    the     lici nses       required,
Hill Boys Hopelessly Outclassed in Saturday's Game
- Strong Start, Sad Finish .
water   Co-nes   to
in   Dense   Fcg.
June    F ���Th.'     coasting
i;.: Igewati :. with  a numb, r
as     ee. ms  I'mm:,i   Halifax,  w; s  I ���-
'11.    ' i"-Me !   iff I'i rt  Breckerton, S l
'    il   Halifax,    'rh"  st.amer
'���    n   i  ri ef in the. dense fog an;',   brook.
It   nediatel    began t i f 11.   Th" boats      The bishop
��� ������ : umched and the crew an I
-  ng*-rs all  lande I, I ,���   lost  all their
effe i...
���   Bridg* watei   v, a> chartered  hy
thi      evners   nl'   ihe.  steam* r   Strath-
hich   caught    fii-"    and    was
irned   to  th"   wm;. r's  edge  after   a ri :"'  '���   '
111 : -   race  for  sin.i.m    near    tho '- "���������' ' ncy.
same   place,  last  December,  and  was      The happy event wil! be commemo-
landed  hy Capt,  Reid,  who was iated bj  '���'..���   h*   ling of a social gath-
in    ���   mm.   of th" Strathcona whenthe "'i'i"- but the l--tn an! date have not
��� uti     m*'   disast* r.                               ' >'et   been  dec! I* d
Rev, Bishop
Dontenwell, ot' New Westminster, Roman   Cat!  i  c   bishop   of   the   dioc se
which  inci ' l* b  Koote .mm .  wm.- iei the
v - :'      i  b's  way to Cran-,
���; e urn to Nels in for
an i ilie-:.:! visit :���. tin Church of Mar}
Immaculate on June 21. Tho .-tsit -will
lade ih. occasion if tin- presentation to hi loi Iship ''t' tho cancelled
mortgage eeti Hie church building 'iiel
pi ipei ty, which Iim- I een gra la illj
.  Ft ther Althoff's in-
Bridges,   Culverts   and  Trees   Swept  Away  by   Rushing
Waters at Garnet Valley, Near Summerland ��� Residents   Warned   in   Time  to  Escape.
Ve-nion. I!. ('., June 8.���Tho same
cause which resulted in the breakini
away of tho dam tit the head"of Grey
e.inal recently, viz., the unusual heavj
snowfall  of Mm-  past  winter, was  re-
ov Ine
tl ���
-'��� ���
���   ���
X' w     Y,'i   tmii
Leafs, ::.
The     ibovi
���   ��� ���  of the  lacrosse
n lay,  ��hen  the M i]
ii ing   the : in
this season, were
playe I, .���   ever;   s!        cl   Ihe     mi
with the possi  I      ..
minutes during  the I ���  ��� .
���' all}    la     I with        e vim an 1
��� nthusiasm.   Thi   lefeal        he Leal
. .   tough  nol   unexj   cted       '.his   city,
than  on the previous ter  than  thi       eceding,    thi     Leafs
putting up  a   - ���   ag* r  defen* e gam*1.
Second  Quarter. and   managing   to   keep   Westmii iter
Or.    ol  the. iie.-i   plays of   the day from   scoring more  than    one    goal.
vi   tessed  soon after the second Green, th.   Leaf's  center player, ������ I I-
I     rter starti ��� !.  wh* n   :���'��� i n* y,  secur- .1 one to his t*   n '- score during this
���  ���      ill    al   centre,  made a  fine quarter, tw    minutes after Feeneyhacl
down iiu- field, bored in through dom   the  -  i ���    hing  for the Invinei-
��� ��� ntire Leaf defence, and si i :,; I
������ ith a I iw shot, which Ravey ( iul!
: . ' ���'. The defence men mad*
a! solut* ly no effort to st .; Pee; and
hung on to their checks like wooden
ni . instead of coming <-.:'. U meet
aster's swif: c ent:- pn y* r
It was after this play that the Leaf*
lost all confidence, and played a Io3-
Last Quarter.
"Charlie   Galbralth,   come   bad;  on
;���   defence," shouted Tommy Gifford,
zagged hack and forth across the
roadway with terrible effect, tearing
earth to a depth of several
feet and strewing it with a regular
stream bed of pebbles and gravel.
Although some fears .'.ire entertained   that   the   larger   dam   may   give
���   ms a sore blow to the Vane* i-
'  intini enl   ���: al    ia I ai   oi   lanie i
thi   green   shii      :     ..   th    Te i minal
..  '.���   with but lit;!" spiril for thi
| r si ��� :' the match.
Alex. Turnbull, gam    leg    an
was  on    the fn Id, as    t mmm. ssh     ��� i
ev*   . an I  I he sl rong  fighl  he put ee .
pi d as he  ���'��� as   I y I he inj ir;
to  his   knee, arouse d  th    i ntlunit sm
Interesting, and onl}   .  mild     iriosity   of th*   spectators,  wl       cheered    the
Vancouver    Islan.I   on  the  pari  of the   spi   tal       (3 see   veteran     again    and    again.      '.:   .
anil *..:-, -   club are  striving  te.   wh. the)'   Westminster   would    ��� i shone I    i ivantage in I  e early    arl
don government cancel   dozen    goals,   kept     the   majorit;     if i when the   younger
������:���!.    T..I.'. rams have  spectators until the end ol  th    game   ers  -..���..  sii;.; sac; all  around  him
Ottawa   irging  thai   this   Before the end ol  thi   -      id qu rt* '   the   nei  grass, he managed to retail
t only by the organization   i: was evident to th*   staun best  Le il   his   I othold In a  mann*     littli   shor*
���   ' ���    bj   a number of  in-   supporter thai th would rvellous, and had a Eoluti   con
ceal m     In facl ever} avail-   '; ���   losers, but fi   i i Ib ���      ru    er ever   ���'��� ���   II     nd-
be'ing   brought   to   score  kepi   on   , lead     .      ���������   his  stick���which    was    pretty
often, the  way.     He   was  oni
li st  work.Mi  m< n ��� ti the fi* 1 I
until h
s smart which 1       bim out   for awhile. After
iii   .Ith*       iat,        stas comp* lie 1 ; > take things
i well   et si*   .  ��� tn! i1   must  have  been ���������-  as
In authorlt}   In  ilu-   mannrr until  the   1 *���   Is    b
���avoi to     even! the establishment   than trebled the Leaf's tall
reservoir is a larger one about 2 miles
long and  10 feet at the deepesi point.
Some anxiety has hen felt as to the
dam  on  account    of   the    unusually
severe   winter  jusi   passed,  and   men
sponsible   for   a   similar   catastrophe were watching it. but were powerless
in Summerland on Saturday afternoon  to do more than warn the  residents
when   Richie's  lower  dam   gave   way  in  the neighborhood of the creek  of
land rushed down to the lake, destroy-   the coming castrophe.
Ing a considerable part of J. Mitchell s      Hector Sutherland  is the  principal
three and  fi ir year old  orchard, and   sufferer,  liis   resilience   bavin,   been
almosl   obliterating  the   road   through  practically destroyed.
''ach Orchard, demolishing the resi-      The   washing   out   of    the     Peach
d nee  of  Hector  Sutherland  and   re- ; Orchard  road   bas  been    very    com-
11 iving  It   some yards  from  its  sit",   plete, five  raging waters having zig-
washing away a corner of J. M. Sutherland's    orchard,    uprooting    trees,
damaging   bridges   anil   culvert-,   and  away th
leaving general  havoc in its train.
The burst dam wa s situated in
Garnet valley, some five miles from
Summerland, and enclose', 1 a body oi
water about three-quarters of a mil* way, causing even more serious dam-
time after ti:;;". when the point man |0ng; thirty yards wide and fourteen age, the people of Summerland are
strayed away evith the evident inten- feel deep, fed by Aeneas creek, and disposed to take a very optimistic
tion of scoring one goal at least for serving to Irrigate Garnet valley, | view of the occurrence, confident that
his team. The hi av} man em eh" defence stn ngl} ��� _je< ted to this, aad
his preempto!. - r lers to Galbraith "-.
i to thi ; : ��������� ol dut v w raid have
done i 'I i" a I ball fan. 11 wi s
imniediati after one of Charlie's
... .lodiial excuisions that the Leafs
tedded one more and the last tally to
their credit. Bert ii'. nry, Bryson and
W. Turnbull added one apiece for the
redshirts befi re the son. sounded for
th*   last  time.
Taken as a wl ole, th < playing t '
the ! ical ������ mi v - far better than .!'
exhibition put up in Vancouver a
��� ��� ��� '��������� ago, ten:' if the b lys ke
fn tliis shaj ��� ��� six days more, an '.
do .. little practicing in the meantime.
the All-Canadians   will    meet     their
Mines' claim and parts of Siwash flat, future dambuilding will provide
In all in the neighborhood of flv* againsi the possibilities of a similar
hun Ired   acres.     Above
this    lower  disaster.
Missing Man Takes $75 and
Shipmate's Gold Watch as
Souvenirs of the Trip.
Dog Killer Commits Contemptible Crime���Kennel
Club Interested in Case.
al  Cowichan bay.
are familiar with lit"
respect to    trout    and
I  C iWich m  river ami
' tie o    is    well    uncorded    by    I.    Mus-
���   -  Interested, that  the
f nets   ;a the bay  would be
waters of Cowichan
res  rt, foi   ll  would not   wai med   up.
thi   ' Iver and the lak i   the  first
: I Ihe native and im-
;.   extermlna ed.
the    Cowichan     ba.
Mr.   M isgrave   bi lieves   thai
sed as vigorously as
inl ���   that   the fishing
In lhi : locality should
; i  improved, In  order
trai tion to local and
���     ol  Isaac Walton.
'   i '    1 the movement against
' '���    provincial   govern-
"    dei i'i" !  to  oppose  the i s-
Fisheries  in  Cowlcli in
'' tl Inion  di .'lines  to  can -
R'hlch hav.' been  I
���!'! ' e lng the provincial and
Into conflict ov
ini   lion.     Thi   outcome,
���   >'   vleve  ier the announce-
.   icial admlnistra-
maintain the
will  be     iwaited   with
First  Quarte".
From the   fa e- iff,   pi ;
and quick.no time   bi ;;im I sl
nd everythin
. niested gam. .    N< Il hei  ti am si   Meet ne h ire mu      , h ant .-���     \ ��� ' the
. thi ".   and   qu!       pt ssing   an I   swil
throwing   ga\ misi     il
ter play whei   ���    ���    :  ���   ���    .-.   nl I  g ���
f  the aftet
re ���       lassin       E. XI evened ur.
two  minutes  I Leafs
\\. stmliisi* r   soon   se* ire I   the   lead   f
a ..in.   Hem!   tl i ng the trick  with  a   i
II statu ���   ���     t.    '��� lenry, who was   fnv*
��� la} ins   .;   -'������"���   e. nn* .     ilssi I   vei v
chanros    tn  sl I    and    ma le ti      T
'y..--     . ivincial   i oiice,   assist. ,i   by
th    city   force,  have  ieen   scouring
tin  city and outskirts for the steward
Waterloo when the two teams clash,   ol   the  Hyderabad,  who   took French
received      blow een the 1      -  ���;���.,., |)asslng aml combination work   "have  from the  ship Thursday  night,
he ti .".:  was   ...'��� i;. sure and    clean.  ";'..! incidentally appropriated to him-
i"        of fe of tii    L*   '    self  aboul   $75 of  the  ship's  money,
*   -:     th*    cot ' I i   '  fathom the rapid   aud a gold watch belonging to one ot
ii iy,n'.'  of the   redshirts,    the    lea k the crew.
him to move around at all.
Tl   be's   . il   to  be   - ������  e; sy   for  th*
shirts  after a  whili   thai  th*    !e-
���  ��� ��� m   insist   e     ' :t  '  king
ittackin      ; be  oppositi     hon e,    and
on      of      hi ���      ouslau;   ts,
..���    Re nnie  , lace I   ';te t nbbi t   ;:i
net   after  a   pr< :l     : lay.    }'" iple
,. 1 forgotten the count were in-
; al the end of ; be secon ' q ia -
���' .    ��� eori   stood six to on    in
thi   home team.
Third Quarter.
���   ��� erl i!   was  a  littl
. 1  In   by   Rennie being
xtr me  i<> the    hill
I issing  Ine t
��� MMMKn::  i !   '
The   Wes mil   tet   cms   idl ".   Eich���
koff,   was   ' ���       rd  pre ised     it
times during thi  game, but when call-
The dog jiois...:.-r is at work igafn.
Yesterday afternoon, a Great Dane,
belonging to a Third avenue resident,
was found dead from the effects of
poison administered by some person
unknown. The dog was well and
healthy at noon, and was missed by
the owner for aboat half an hour
early in the afternoon. About four
o'clock, ibe dog returned home, aud
died a couple of hours later. The
police have been notified, and imme-
The theft was not noticed until Fri-
1 y. when the matter was immediately reported to the police, and a strict
s arch  began.    The cit}   was  hunted   diate steps will be taken to ferret out^
high and low, but ui ce of th    ab-   the  guilty  party.
Bcondinj stewai I could be found. The AiKmt Ibis time last year. Several
,..; upon to save, he was reliable, and police itt th*' outlying districts hav- valuable dogs were poisoned in a
made a b ., sensational stops, ll" 1 ;s lng also been on tii" watch, but u. . similar planner, but the culprit waa
improved since his lasl appearance to a late hour lasl night bis where-j never appr^'l'indcd- T,lis ������'i'-ir. the
on the field, but his high throws are abouts were still a mystery. [miscreant will not *'l-tvc such an eas
still   dreaded   by   the   boys.    With
(Continued on Page Two.)
n"e Cutter Tewing  Schooner the
Carlotta Cox  Breaks Down.
��� B. ''., lune S. - .\ message
' ���: i    says    that    the
nei   Cai    tta  Cox. seized
���!  Stal s  revi nue cutter
'   cln :   port   Simpson   yes
"���"sh '   wi .1  the ('ox In bul  Is
;'"'l   will  have to  be  towed
"' ;ll>  by  tie.   Domini in gov-
"'"   steamship   Quadra,  now   at
S'mpBon.    Th.-   Cox    will    be
;'lu   to   Victoria   for   trial   In   the
'ub court of officers for alleged
:|""1 of the.  International treaty.!
II  is the opinion of the police 1. re time,  tis the members  ol   'iv-'   n"Ai
thai  the man is not on this sid" of organized  Kennel  club will tak> '���
the  lin".  having decamped  with   bis five steps in  the effort  to  run
; hinder on  the Owl train, and  being contemptible dog killer to earth. One
now   safe   either  In   Seattle   or   San of the officers
Francisco, wher
hi' is knov.n I    hi ���������
Phoenix Miners Back Up Antagonism to Celestials by
Use of Horsewhips.
v- Is m,    lune    fl.    \    . eport
ii i hei        '        at a n rail er of
'hite men |    rrom Pho   ii:
or th* real out,  ha ������        de an   i
t a numb i    if Cl :       en   t it i   ���
��������������� iged In e utting tii iher on Fourth
'���ii-   creek, an I  h n n whi i]   d the
���   ilnese woi knien and drove them off
tl ���  ground, th    itei        o shoot ��thi n
If they   ever  return* d,     It
of the club, sp* aking
to a News man yesterday, remarked
thai it was likely that a reward would
be offered for information leading to
th*' capture and conviction of the
guilty party, anel announced his Intention of interesting the other members ..r the club in the matter.
Th" poisoning of domestic animals
is punishable by a long term ef imprisonment,
New Yukon Corr.misisoner Goes East
Alexander Henderson, who has ac-
" ted the offer of the commission-
ership eef thi Yukon Territory, lefi
Saturday for Ottawa to consult with
the beads of the. _< partmenl of the
interior. He will return In about a
fortnight and win al once leave for
Dawson, He will take the position
vacated by William Wallace Bruce
Mclnnes, when the latter decided te;
! break Into British Columbia politics.
tt a few months ago a syndicate ol p0rmer County Judge Henderson win
""" :' "" Rossland purchased a!receive a salary of $12,000 a vear. A
limil '������ ,:i:; ' ���' - "i Pourthof dfspateh from Ottawa lasl ni du says
July creek and put a number of China- Mr. Henderson will reach that city
men to work to cut tit" timber off, n��� Tuesday, when h
which action has now been followed
by Ibis last outrage of the white men. j
an explanation for this outrage Is
stat* I tha as th* Chinamen are nol !
: allowed iti I'he-. nix under any consideration,  they don't  propose to al
:ii i
ie win be appoint-
commissioner of Yukon.
of  lhe    Anglican '     Tb*
been attending th*   busy scei
wharf.   Whei
steatnc r Cei
��� "'-'' ntimbei
who havi
Ings  of   u���
New    Westminster,     Columbia
Wntt��n 'imi  Oregon, which  wen
In   Vancouver   lasl   week,     hav
'  ""  a visil   to  this  city during
I'RSl   three   days.     The   reverend   ed    wiili   from
"""'" leave  again today  to
'" their homes. fish
VI   -
The' Celestial   Empire, i-. the prop- minster her  headqup.rters.    Thi
1   the  Colum.bian   Cold   Storag sei  is general!    away   in an averaj
and was bulli In Hull, Eng- I   tv. i weeks at a  iim".    invaria Ij
nd,  Bpeciall}   for  tli"  halibut   trade, returning with a   full  cargo eef th
and brought out to thi        ratry and finny monster's of the deep.   The   ' h
ori   from the balibul   banks off the  placed on the ran by the Columbian steamer is seldom ln port moi. than
ibove    : Icture     ��� p "-1'.' -
al col raibin i    ol l SI irag ���   (,M'
i   th"   cor-
pany's   halibut
low them to work even on their own
property, which is several miles from
west coasl ol Vanct iver Island, load-   people aboul a year ago.   The vessel  two .'.ays at a Btretch, one day being
me   hundred   to  one! lias an  approximate  displacement   of occupied  In unloading, and the next
nl is the onl}  one of this iin cleaning up and taking on coal and
ting the port of New West-lbait.
E. J, Fader, who is suffering from
appendicitis, was reported yesterday
to be resting easier, and it is hope i
The charter of the newly organized nest or the Brotherhood of Owls,
recently organized in this city, will
ho formally closed at a special session of the lodge on Thursday .veiling, when a number of Vancouver birds of wisdom are expecteel to
arrive In order to assist in the ceremonies. A social time will be spent
after the business of the meeting Is
hundred and fift}  thousand pounus of 150 liens, ai
,.,..,, i lacs makln
thai he will nol have to undergo an over, and, as this Is the first chance
operation. Mr. Fader is under treat- the Owls have to make their presence
��� ��� i; tu lei-' residence, and will noi he ivit in the social whirl in this city,
removed to the hospital. b   b jinks will be in order. THE   DAILY  XEWS.
The B
g��        Phonograph
THE     **fi��f 4
b.   %>...�� ���'��
y^#.    OF ^REALISM
f_*___fe_ ���*?">.     /-dP
the little
child who  w
round, th
s boy
fascinated by the
to see
all comes
>;    loo
Over 6,000 different songs,   instrumental
pieces,  solos,  etc., etc., to choose from.
J. H. TODD,  -
Agent fnr the Dominion, Nordheimer and New Scale Williams Pianos
Singer and Wheeier _��� Wilson Sewing Machines
J Established 1887 Incorporated 1906 J
! Gilley Bros, im !
Wholesale and Retail
��� This   celebrated   Cement   is
��� used by nearly all large contract-
��� ors in tho Province.
From the Clayburn Clay Co.
| Telephones: Office 16,   Manager's Residence 22 $
������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ***************************
* ���
275 Columbia St.
Our Refrigerators have perfect air spaces
surrounding the entire refrigerator.
We have Zinc and Enameled Lined Inside
Screen Doors and Windows.
Curtain Stretchers of different kinds.
Call and see us.
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL $14,400,000.00
RESERVE       $11,000,000.00
Branches throughout Canada and New foundland, and   in   London,   England,
New  York, Chicago and Spokane, U.S.A., and Mexico City.     A Gen-
eral Banking BuBlness Transacted.
Letters of Credit issued, available will, correspondents in  all  Darts of the
Savings Bank Department.     Deposits  received In sums of $1 and upwards,
.   and Interest allowed at 3 per cent, per annum (present rate) added
four times a year.
Total  Assets over $103,000,000.00.
(Continued  from  Page One)
; little   more  practice,  Reach   will   de-
| velop  ini:) a  goal  ten ler    In    which
confidi nco can be placed, nnd the d ���-
fence men will feel more at Ilbertj  to
I attack iIh' opposing home.
With the exception of ;i strong desire to roam away from his place, nml
missing a few passes, Galbralth m i le
a good showing, although he has been
Been to better advantage. For the
defence, the Gifford brothers, Sandy
Grey and George Rennie played us
well as ever, Jimmie Gifford worked
harder ilian any other man on Hi*5
team, and eliel not spare the men who
j Insisted in getting In liis way.
Pal Feeney showed a clean pah- of
heels to every Leaf man on the field,
and    made   some     wonderful     dashes
, through     the    opposing    forces.    \V.
| Turnbull and Wintemute played well,
and were reliable throughout, without  making any special feature plays.
; Alex. Turnbull, th.^ strong old timer,
. had his check faded when it came to
stickhandling or anything else, and
played a brilliant game, in spite of
his damaged leg. During the latter
hair, Alex, limped on the field, when
the ball was away off, bul he forgot
all ahout his troubles when it landed
in his slick, and in spite of his injur)', he made things hoi and interesting for lhe' Leaf defence.
- Ben Henry played a fine' game, and
worked hard. He redeemed his laurels
| on   Saturday.    Bryson   was  always  at
; his posi,  and  never  missed   a  chance
' to  shoeei   al   the  net.    Ii   was not   hi<
: faull  that  the score was not doubled,
, as he look chances every time the
ball   came  liis   way.     lie   was   closely
j watched throughout the game, and
often had as many as three men almost on top of him when the rubber
. would get to close quarters.
' Few- the losiM-s. E. Ravev. the goal-
fender, was lhe big thing. Ravey had
a disheartening task", bul he never
flagged, and the splendid showing In'
made was the one redeeming feature
of liis team. But for his brilliant
saves, lhe tally would have heen .a
disgrace to the Leafs. Time after time
| he saved scores when chances seemed
all againsi him. His work was brilliant, to say lhe least, and he ough!
to be playing in  hotter company.
For thei remainder of the team, i:
wenl 1 he shame to analyze their playing. The Maple Leafs could have
made a good showing, but  they worn
e ill to pieces after they once found
that the Westminster men were Iead-
��� ing hy a couple of goals. The green
clad boys lost their heads completely,
and il is no consolation tei theni to
know that if they had kept on playing as they did in ihe opening twenty minutes, they could have kepi
down the score to something like n
reasonable figure. They could not
help losing, bul they had no license
iei lose, ley such a large margin, and
their supporters have every reason to
he sore at them.
First Quarter.
No.   Team Scorer Time.
1. Westminstei'���W,  Turnbull   ,9mlti
2. Maple  Leafs���E.   Murray   ...2 nun
3. Westminster���Henry    1 min
Second Quarter.
I. Westminsted���Feeney   ...5% min
5. Westminster- A. Turnbull 3V_min|
6. Westminstei     \. Turnbull  . .8 min
7. Westminster���Rennie    2 min
Third  Quarter.
S. Westminster���Feeney   ...12% min
Im Maple   Leafs- Green    2% min
Fourth   Quarter.
I". Westminster���Henry    2 min
11. Westininsti r   Bryson   ..    . .."> min
12. Maple  Leafs   Fisher    3 min
13. \\'e stminster���W. Turnbull
i '/���> min
T|-.s Teams.
The teams lhi" I   up as  follows:
New     Westminster���Eickhoff,      V.
Galbralth,   T.   Gifford,  Gray,   .1.   Gifford,  Rennie,  Feeney,    W.    Turnbull,
Wintemute, A. Turnbull,  Henry, liry- j
Maple   Leafs���E.   Ravey,  S.   Morrison, Rowland, fl. Morrison, McKeown,
Fisher,  Green,    Walter    Murray,    ii.
Murray, E. Murray, Arnold, R. Ravey.
The   Officials.
Referee���George Matheson, Vancou-
j ver.
.Indue of play���Lionel Yorke.
Umpires���Ed. Carter,  Maple  Leafs;
W. s. Sutherland, New  Westminster,
Timekeepers���.r. ('. Christie,  Maple
I Leafs;   .1.  McMurphy,  New  Westminster.
Penalty timekeepers���R. G. Hick-
Maple Leafs; C, I). Peele, New Westminster.
Auction Sale
Residential LOTS
Building lots in the City of New Westminster are in strong demand,
Prices are good and values are increasing. The city sale held recently demon-
strated the value of Westminster property and established prices at a sharp
advance over prevailing quotations.
Here is vour chance to secure choice lots at less than market value:
/*<_ '
r            .20 ���
/<__ /van//-.__. y-
Orr.trt: r
3      5
��� I i
- \J
The lots in Block 32 are in the heart of a rapidly growing residential section,
they front on graded streets 6ti feet wide, only three blocks from the Vancouver
tram line and the same distance from the city car line. Thev are 63x93 1-2 and
46.9x120. The upset prices are: Lots 5, 6, 7 and 12, $450 each; 8, 9, 10 and 11,
$500 each. This is less than the market value. Some lots in the same block are
held at $1000 each.
' ��*
/:-./=? .5-
Block 5 is also in a popular residential district, being only four blocks from
the city car line and only one block from Queen's Park and the Exhibition
grounds. These lots are in a locality where building lots are in good demand, and
where they will rapidly increase in value. There are 30 lots in this block ' The
end lots are 47x132, and the side ones 44x142. The upset prices are- Lots 1 to 6,
inclusive, $125 each; 7 to 15, $75 each; 16 to 30, $125 each.
Terms of sale: One-quarter cash, bal. 3, 6 and 9 mos., 7 per ct.
The  Sale  will  be   held
e 10
at  8  o'clock  sharp,   at  thc   offices   of
WI     V IT D D      Real Eslate B'��l��
. J. flL____l\f\, /UCTI0NEER
276-278 Columbia �� reet
��^<1___^��T<__?%__^^_?.�� -^_H_tf^_Je��______<___H______i
Tbe local council of women will
meel this afternoop al '���''������'���'���n o'clocl*
in the boar I of trade rooms, Details
concerning the entertalnmenl of the
dele gates to the national council of
women, who will clslt this city aeon
the middle of July, will be one
the subjects ui   for discussion.
Spokane Falls & Northern Ry Co.
Nelson & Ft. Sheppard Ry. Co.
Red Mountain Ry. Co.
The  only  all   rail   route  between  all
points east, west and south to Rossland, Nelson and intermediate points I
connecting at Spokane with the Great |
Northern, Northern Pac'tic and O. R.I
& N. Co.
Connects at Rossland with the Can-1
adian   Pacific   Railway   for   Boundary
Creek points.
Connects  at    Meyers    Falls    with
stage r*lily for Republic.
' Buffet   service   on   trains   between
Spokane  and  Nelson.
Effective    Sunday,'   November     io,
9.20 a.m.
I_.2S p.m.
9.40 a.m.
WHEN  vor  hank  WITH
Day Train Arrivt
..   Spokane    7.15 |i m
. ..Rosslanel   4.10 p.tn
.. .Nelson   6.4^ p.m
We welcome small accounts and pay interest four times
a year on Savings Hank depi sits.
F. B. LYLE,   Manager.
.. elDAV:
JUNE 10, 1907.
Cheap Excursion  Rates Second-HandPIANOS TOBACCO CULTURE      ��� THE FAIR OF 1907
ICircus Day,  New Westminster    ���___... ���.n=es stoves rm WFii cn FiR YOUR GROCER SELLS
���^    kW   WtW ��� ___ > BUREAUS. BEDSTEADS.   ETC. UULj     TT LLL    JU    ��� rt fl TIIN ��� _r/\lTm/\��f
DAY, June Mb^��� * w        ...... .mmmi.*EDMONTON
Two  Performances at 2 and 8  P. M.
Rushton & Speck ,.
We  also  do  all  kinds
of   general    repairing.
rowers Arc Confident of
Success With Island Plantations   Want  a Road.
00-Circus Champions and Celebrities-i_
For. 25 Cts.
address,   post  prepaid, a
13 Famous  Equestrians n   Arabian   Tumblers
eckless'Rough   Riders   23  Merry Mirthful Clowna
Cocsacka S   Sor.s_.tic.nal  Equilibrists   |
20 A_lonishinq Acrobni._
x A Complete Japanese Ciroua i
a%*>    _, ~\      -   *\      Superb   Carlanti   Eatrea
-  rl i    ~~~~,<, Scores cf Trained Wild Be     .s
Herds of Performing Elephanta\  ferns just to hand
..���tjp-   .,, ,      Camels, Llamas and Bos Indicui ',
^fflSri j   Educated  Szo.lz  ar.d  Cor.  X.��� -
y     Highest    Jumping    Ho;
^ Thundering  Romnn  Chariot   F .    ..,
Nana! no, .Tun* ieen men,
Sign   Man  on   Wheel. _   ,.... .    ,  ,and .���..,.   ,,���.
olumbla St. New Westminster ..    , .��� rIn,Pnl     ,-h     tobacco
Phone 275 on   Van*   uver    island,    are
m tm     w ll 'ar.    Ml their
its   a ��� ������     ground   and
*        ng   wi 11.    Th*      |ilace    on     which
an   located I       i ideal  one  for
theii    nirposi    . i. lng     I In m     plenty
We will send to any of    fresh    watei   with    which    thej
li: [gating     the     land,    tobaec i
iie :':m   a   lol   ��� if  water,    Thi s
��� . i   building   m   concrel ���   dam   ee"
the creek at theli i   . nd  form   i
resi   \
I     ide      _ arn  business,  I hi s
. .    also    going     In     extensh i ly   for
��� ill  and  ) esterda;    i lace I    a    large
, |i ��� h   John   Hii erl     for     fruil
trees.    Lati r tli   e   inl  '1   i ilng In for
  At   preseni  the;   are somewhat han-
|i ipped  bi   there being no goo I ap-
Xc'W  lot   Stamp  Mat   Pat-     roach   to  theii   ranch       \    suitabl
road could    be  ee nsti in ted    to    the
ranch  by the  gov* rnmenl  al a  _m 11
Good Tooth Brush
and a 25-cent box
Tooth Powder
���  v-^.
\-\ RO
Trained Imported Arabian Stallicns
Or.I_ Lady Ja; im  ������ A list:    .
ICO Shetland Po:^ Balbci
Cake   lA/alkir
Drug, Spectacle
and Seed Store
___ 'ffi��& Shetland Pony Ballet
���/ jfih rsfnm Cakc ul'aIklnE Hor    -
'-"'^Z^uijp'''    Marvelous Picards
��^\ Celebrated Stlrll (10) Fam:! V '
\w ������
\ .    Op..,.-..',
Norris e_ Rowe announce thai the
Avalons Troupe of bicyclists will positively appear with One; circus when
they exhibit here. The troupe is acknowledge hi be One greatesl in the
line Oku has ever come to this country.   The   demand   for  their services
^"-.{jrj  "**"-., ._ _ .    Two   doors   from   Geo.  Adams,  Grocer   has  been  great,   At   various times tlif-
_    _ u Au.i      mil Ie
.   .���,,,��� ferenl shows have advertised thai ilu-
English Watchmaker
$250 Reward
l leserte I from the steamer
Woodford, ni the Praser River
Sawmius, a Chinaman, aged about
58, five> feel nine inches in height,
sallow complexion, face wrlnkli 1,
sto* p in shoulders, wa - v, earing
ov. rails when las I se* n, rhe
al I"..- reward will be ; ..iel by tl e
captain of the S.S. Woo If* rd to
anyone giving Information causing
tho apprehension of the said
China man.
in the
Kenney's  Restaurant
Open All Night
July 1,2 3 and 4
$1 5,000
��� IN ���
Horse Racing,
and Prizes !
Formal opening by the ll*e\. G. II.
V. Bulyea, Lieutenant Governor of
Best Stock Show in the West
Reduced   Railroad   Rates from
all  Points.
Mme.   M.  Fiske   and   15   New
York Artists on the 2nd.
Driving Club Races every evening.
For  full information   apply tee the
iOO Cords of Tan Bark Wanted
At   tho
rraser River Tannery
Highest Cash Price Paid
_cv   r.
' ���' V' ������-, I
>     '    '   ''   .'  3"Y_I Pi �������_ "i\:   V-'i I"   3     Ti [ ' !.���������':���:���
..   ^<oi f :   ������ t t rit3it.v iiUnd iuu. ���.. fare> $6.oo.
|    tf*;    ���       J>   ''-V   I" ; '        .'.���' -\: r:..b '::.".��� . Gentlemen's  Silver  Watch
Ladles'Gold Watches  trom $12.75 ;i;e Avallons    would    appear  with   their
GenUemen's Watches,   open sllmvs_ h||t ���  remalned for Norria &
double R��we   to   offer   the   young   showmen
.-���use. $7.50 u;>. such liberal inducements thai they fi-
���.������.-,     '���', *~;C_ Para'.       ''3'     Agent for the celebrated South Bend n,'.iv   Induced   them   to  remain   with
iiam dUbBl S Sid*.    ��� .���      watches  supplied   to   the   Wellman lh ,    h        The ,     ���
^���_  _ ..    Arctic Expedition.    All warranted.
Chains, Rings, Jewelry, etc., etc. maes  tour graceful young  women
POSITIVELY   THE   ONLY    CIRCUS   COMING Watch' repairing;    charges'   reason- and three young men. They are Am-
Westminster Iron Works _!F;���|fflg^..y__J,
'V _'.)-' ^ >
ihingle and Saw Mill
[The Schaake Machine Works, Ltd.
I he Canadian Bank or Commerce s   m^ iNSTITUTE
Ornamental   Iron   s\orK,   including
Fences, Gates, Fire Escapes, etc.
at"e-  ericans    bul   their   firsl   big   success      Mal] on)er8 and correspondence In-
vms scored al the Paris Hippodrome,   vlted.
Look!   Look!!   Look!i! ������   wfh ,h w;n; to,thel:;)i ,i"     john reid,
fl:ipe-:e     Hnnso      SII      T't -I iM-shell-er     T? n .��eee
:8.ooo i i:iiphess of Britain i t4.5oo
Opera House. St. Petersburg, Russia,
and  then  score-el  numerous successes
tl  oughoul   Germany.   Charles   Sasse
N'ew Westminster.
H. O. 474.
Next sailing from Quebec, .May 3lst,
for othi r dates and particulars of re-
ductons in fares; apply to
C. P. R. Agent
Agent for all Atlantic S.S. companies
JUST  ON  THE  MARKET is   ,hl,   EUropean   representative   for
Vancouver      manufacturer      nee.ls x,,njs &. RoWe, and ii wns to his ef-
good men to represent the very latest -���,,.->      tha,     ,)u,    showmen      wen '
| novelty.    Agents coining money.   Gei .,.],,   ,���    secure the  services  of  the
I wise-,    start    working    for    yoursel! famous troupe,    li   was  thought   that
I Everybody buys on sight. Profits "���'���- everv ,-,,,,   possible had already  been
'one hundred per   cent.    Don't    waste accomplished upon a wheel, bul il retime asking   foolish    questions,    :> i* I;lae;u���i ,-,���. ,)���. Seven Gallon Troupe
semi one dollar for finest samples ::r()f (,x|l,,,-|   u.-]ck  and   fancy bicyclists
America. to   sinew   ihe-   unlimited    possibilities
_.        _..         .       , ni'<en   the safely.     Their   acl   is  cha:-
The FtaixLompany,        -i - *.auni ln the ex.
.pace 4. 435 Granville St., Vancouver treme-   They mount uiwn each others
  shoulders, and  while1  dashing  aroun I
the   stage,   rapidly   turn   single    an 1
( double   somersaults,   they     dismantle
t their win-els and continue their will
( dash in restricted circles.   While rld-
J Ui-j. at to]) S] I they leap over hurd-
1 les. mounl   si iiis  and go through  so
in half-pound  packages
c per Ib.
Adams *v Deans
Reserve Fund, $5,000,000
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000.
B   G   WALKER,  President ALEX.   LAIRD,  General  Manager.
LIMITED.                     I many    different evolutions as to win
| the admiration of all,   !( is an acl of
336 Hastings St. W , Vancouver.   , lbsorbing lnteresl  and will positively
Bookkeeping, Gregg ani Pitman   J In  sei n here when Norris fi Howe ex-
Business may be transacted by mail   with   any   branch   of   the   Hank.
���   in opened, and deposits made or withdrawn by mail.    Every
:-'' to out-of-town accoun tB.
':: Il   In   \''v,     Westminster   Frid iy,
.lune   1 I.
B U L/L E T l_N
Great Northern
Round-Trip Rates
Tickets on sale [June 6, 7, 8.   For full
information call on or address
F. C. MEYERS, Agent
Bank of Commerce Bldg.
Shorthan I, Telegraphy and Engineering.
Seven  Teachers
!  torty-Five   Typewriters
I  Students Always in Demand,   j   Gl,st  of  Wind-  Sends  Child   u"de--
I I Sprinkling Wanon.
R. I. S?,V)lf, B. A., Principal   j
1 ���.. . ��� l.................��_      Chicago, June 7.   Carried by a gust
of ��Ind lhal hurle i her to the curbing   ii   Wentworth avenue and Twenty-ninth   streel   li st   night,   Ma ialin
Johnson,   10  months old,  was  strurfc
RAILWAY COMPANY     bJ n ,"-':i',:' >"��� ���"'���"'"i"- wagon and il
' most Instantly killed.   The child was
__ . thrown   from   her  place  ln   the  tiny
go-carl and dragged nlong the pavement tor sunn- distance. Mrs. Min-
ule Johnson, the mother, was making
. purchase In a bakery al the time
and was jusi leaving the- place when
the little carl was carried from iis
position and swiftly carried into th*'
Tickets on sale May 22, 23 and 24; street,
good to return up to May 27. with   a   scream   Mrs,  Johnson   ran
after the moving vehicle, bul sin-was ���
ieen late, and  an  Instant    later    th
[conveyance was struck by the sprinkling waiton.
Canadian Pacific
Victoria Day Excursion.
Tickets will be sold to all local points at
for the round trip,
U. 1'. K. Agent.
New Westminster.
The wonderful progress of Canada is illustrated by the fact that the
finest Cocoa in the world is made there.
Is the purest and the best and is fast becoming thc beverage
fnr old and young.
Telephone 194
Roycrofters in Revolt.
Kasl   Aurora.  X.   Y , .lune-  7���Insn:'-
re< tlon Is threatened at the Roycrofl
! shop.    The edict   has  gone  forth  lhal
there is to be no Saturday half holiday ihis summer, and tomorrow will
! find the  Roycrofl   band  al  work    al
desks and  I enches.    There is mui b
grumbling and dissatisfaction    \ petition  wets  circulated  among  th n-
ployees, and Blgned by all, asking for
reconsideration of the order to work
new  Westminster. B. c.     'but "Prn Elbertus" gave a deaf ear.
Manufacturer of
ineral Waters, Etc.
Aerated Waters,
Family Trade a Specialty.
Tel. 113. Office, Eighth Street,
B. C. Mills, Timber and
Trading Company
Mar.ufacturera and Dealers in All Kinds or
Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sash,   Doors,
Interior Finish,    turned Work,    Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glass.
Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining.
Royal City Branch, Columbia St.
Telephone 12. New Westminster ^zrt^fx.vgpz
iE 13,
Published by the Daily News Pub-
shing   Company   Limited,   at   their
./floes,   corner   of   Sixth   and   From
Streets, New Westminster, B. C.
never cakes. The sparkling crystals
keep dry and full-savoured to the
last.    Of course ycu u;e it!
E.   A.  Paige Manager
Transient display advertising, lu
cents per line (nonpareil), 12 lines .o
the inch. Five cents per line for
subse |uent insertions.
Reading notices, bold face type, 20
cents per line, brevier or nonpareil,
10 cents per line.
For time contracts, special position.-, apply to advertising manager.
Notices of births, marriages or
dent'as, 50c. Wants, for sales, lost
or found, rooms to let, clef,' one cent
per word. Ne* advertisement taken
for less than 25 cents.
Day   Office    A22
Night   Office    B22
MONDAY. JUNE  10, 1907.
Some 'ime ago. when .Mr. Kennedy,
M I'., arranged for the erection of
the' building which now houses the
ageucies of ilu- Fisheries and Indian
departments, In- also arranged thai
lln- ; remises to be vacated ley the
foiaiie r on ilie ground floor of the
main Dominion building, should be
thrown into the post office in order
lo increase ilu- somewhal cramped accommodation of that establishment.
'I'll*' need if extra accommodation
was. a: thai lime, more- severely fell
ley ihe- staff of tin- office than by
lhe pul lie: hnl the" rapid growth of.
PCew Westminster in ihe Interval has
resulted in a crowding of ilu- public
Jicconiir.oihHion which Inflicts very
serious inconvenience. The increasing
crowd  a;   tin-  wicket  is iho cause- of
do noi   think  there is  a   man  in New
Westminster  who knows.
Tin- "harvest" of the salmon fishing
on  this river   begins  in about   three
weeks, and  will  las;   for    about  six.
Th.- Information so far furnished to
j the thousands  of  men   interested   in
I that Industry is that a new law has
I come into forpe which is supposed to
set up a conflict as to which govern-
jnent���Dominion   or  provincial���controls  the  fisheries.    That   is  all they
I have  been  told,    The governmenl   of
the province has  not  even  published
its regulai ions: has nol condescended
to inform the public of the nature of
the claim it  is setting up.
In Tiie absence of such informal ion.
il is useless to comment upon details
���Indeed, the details, except as they
can lie guessed al (rom the act, are
not available, n would be a disaster
wen- the province at present to tali''
'over lhe fisheries���thai is f|iii|_,- clear
���so much may be said for the policy:
and as lo the acl inn of the McBride
governmenl in bringing lhe ac! into
force at this time���just before the
Opening of the sockeye season���one
feels al a loss for words in which to
characterize ft.
To throw one of the most important
industries of the country into a state
of confusion and uncertainty .iusi ii
the- opening of the shorl annual harvest lime of thai industry, nnd to do
this from rio -inherent necessity of the
case, bul in cold blood, as a move in
a selfish political game, is a piece of
such Insensate folly, thai one fails to
conceive 1&V.' any governmenl could
have been guilty of It.
apt to be a sadder, if nol a wiser, a, in
should he- ith*' said "anyone") make
the attempt; ami thai the premier of
thi.-. province hail "esi iblished" a
righl which another premier of British Columbia used thir;..' .-.del years
ago. Koi' all of which valuable tor
should we say invalua i ���'.') information, as well as for the gracious con-I
descension displayed ::: communicating ii. lei us hope tii ��� people will be
duly grateful.
Bald   Headed   Men   Smile.
Winnipeg,   June    ;8.���The     hai'' ers
last'nighi   decided  Lo advance prices
aboul  forty per cent.    I:  now costs 35 |
cents for a hair cut.
FOUND���A stray pig owner can have
same on applying at 180 Bth avenue
ami paying for ihis advertisement.
WANTED���-Man for grocery wagon.
.Must be good will*, horses and know
city well, good wages ainl steel.
employment to good man. Apply
at once. C. A. Welsh.. tf
annoyance and delay to others besides those who have to wait their
(urn Per the delivery of mail matter.
There is no provision for a
sale wicket and people who wish to
buy stamps have to get into the
"queue" and wail, which may easily
mean that their letters shall miss the
mail. The inconvenience is intensified by the fact ihai th.- "general delivery" is too cramped, delaying the
work of the clerks, an.l lhat people
waiting at the western delivery
cannol help getting Into the way of
those who are posting letters,
At ih-' rai,- al which New West-
mlnster is growing, free delivery of
letters musl come v< ry soon, bm in
the meantime better accommodation
is urge ntly needed,
ll is the- Public Weeks department
.which is responsible- for the makin.
of tin necessary changes. Which
official of ihai departmenl ma.\ be
particularly charged with the duty of
toO^'ng after ihem we dn no; know,
bui whoe'er he' is. we- beg lo inform
him ih..' thei'e is urgent need of making has ��� in ilu- matter, ami thai an .
delay will p_obabl,\ resull in a public
protest which ma.}' make things elis-
��� wily uncomfnrl ible for him when
^!ie head of the di Men tmenl come    ' i
ir of il.
(loo. w. Fowler, ai. p.. whose' name]
figured somewhal prominenl ly at Ottawa last session, is paying a visit to
. . ",1_ lhe coast anel has been talking to the
papers We learn that he is graciously pleased to approve of ihe progress
made by this province: further that
the insurance commission was "a political farce," whatever that may
mean: that anyone was ami presumably still is quite welcome to enquire
into the personal affairs of him (the
said Geo, W. Fowler), hut would  be
WANTED���Waitress,     apply     Immediately, at  Kenney's  restaurant,    tf I
WANTED-Oirls   to   learn     tailoring.
Apply ^17 Front street.
FOR SALE���Bees, $5 a hive. SJ
Sw.aine. corner Ninth .street anil
Sixth  avenue.
 _ .	
J.   NIELSON,   express   and   baggag"
phone 215, corner Front  ami    Mi
Kenzie streets.
TIMBER LANDS���We deal exclusively in timber.   Have large and small j
tracts  on   water.     If  you   wish   to I
buy or sell, see me.   5. R. Chandler, j
407 Hastings S'.,  Vancouver,  B.C.
FOR SALE���A small island containing '
about 15 acres, close to New West-
minster city. Can be used for a mill 	
site.      For    particulars    apply    to'     During   the   nionths   of  June.   July
Ganders.n & Aune'3 grocery. land August the following stores  will
" ���" ~  i close on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednes-
Printer's Ink Tells���Try   the   Arrow  days,   Thursdays   ami   Fridays  at    '.
Press for a few hundred Dodgers or .'o'clock p. in.:
Circulars���Silent    canvassers    that                       x   H   SMITH
reach  where  the  merchant  cannot;    \               ^. j  BIRTCH
go.    A  transient customer today, e '                      a.   H.  GORDON
permanent one tomorrow. All class-                         w, g. COLLISTER & CO
es Job Printing.    ARROW PRES      ���	
I will sell during Ihe REMAINDER OF THIS
MONTH ONLY, several 15 -Jeweled Waltham
Watches, with 20-year case, written guaran-
tee, ior $10.50. _=_
Also a splendid line ol I7-Jeweled ELGIN    j
Watches, nickel movement, with 20-year
case, written guarantee, for $13.50.
1     Goldsmith, Silversmith and Diamond Merchant
*     Columbia Street, -       Next Tram Office
Poom  ., Daily Xews Block.
Tm lati sl il- i��� h iimenl of thi "i:..
Oltafl m ' polii���;. ;> th ��� McBride - i\ -
ernnn nl is i Pe- : i inging into rorci .
on Thursdaj last, ot the provincial
fisheries act, w hie!: was ;easse i ia
1901 aa I m:;m-;: le , iii 1902, an.l igai .
in   1907.
We' :. an:, li confess , hal we are In
the il^:.. ,i poi ll lon n hich se em - . ���
he slian rl by our i onti m; irarie
as iie nhal effei I Ihe action of : In
provincial governmenl will lee- li,,. |,
to hav*    er  is intend* I  to have.
The  B.   \. A. aci    the Con titution
gri vi s ie. i!;,- i loniininn, apparent!*
as a matter within its uh conl
"sea, i i" 1 Inland fisheries," and
Ihe lei us of union . - - I upon when
this pi -���. Ince (oini d the I lomii lo
mai - the Ol taw a governi en res; n ���
Bible for "tin- proti < iion an I om
agemenl of fisheries." To the la;
mind this would see ni to kn ick h -
bottom oul of any claim to the control of flsherli s ".hich might he set
up hy the province; bul the legal
mind has iis own poinl of view and
ll api ei rs thai there is a decision of
the privy council which affords some
standing ground for the claim sei u i
by our Iceal government. We hav_
noi aci ess al the momenl to a copy
of thai decision, and musl therefore
decline to give any opinion as to the
liu-riis of ilu- case In the abstract, bul
tin- fact that the province Is setting
up a claim which tbe Dominion does
not acknowledge���thai the bringing
Into force of the acl is, as we have
calle el It, a move in the "flghl Ottawa"
policy- seems  to be beyond question.
How far does the claim of the province ��� xtend'.' To whil! * Mint will
ii confllcl with the control now exercised by Ottawa? How, for example, will the fishing on the Fraser
I o   aff*   ted?     W*'  'in   not know:   we
Spring Shoe Styles fi Men
Wgg��_Bi ��� iwy ii i ii. _rag_gq_vj_.sa
In our lines of MEN'S
SHOES we show every style,
leather and last known to the
best makers of Men's Shoes.
Every pair has the fit.
Shoe salesmen of experience fit your feet perfectly.
Wear our shoes once and
you'll fully appreciate their
superiority over other makes.
We are showing some nice Lines.
For instance, our "Taylor made,"
Patent Colt or Gun Metal Shoe,
made on three new shape last.-, n
stylish shoe.
For $5.00, $5.50 and $6.00 a pair
We are also showing1 a strong- line of
Men's Boots at $4.00 a pair.
NOTE���All Our Shoes Are Union  Made
A firsl class farm in Chiiliwack District,   close   to   town, a ]
Price  $75  per  acre;   1-2  cash.
ImI acres on Pitt river, clos-.' to the Fraser, wiih good buildings   fl
kinds, a:: cleared, about bb acres in  crop, price $7500, with easj t* mi
20 acres on V. u\ & v. Ry., ia Burnaby, only 2 miles out, pai
ed, small orchard, 6-room house, good harn, price- $2100, 1-2 e , .
8 acres on main road on Lulu island.clos e to bridge, prl e $2000, >_|
ceish, balance easy terms.
:;���' acres on Lulu island, ::<"> yards  water-frontage,  onl,   2 mil        |
city, price $1500. lee a cash  buyer.
Hale &  Lane
248 Columbia St., NEW WESTMINSTER, B. C.
Phone   333 p. o. Bos  26��|
Lots iei Sapperton, near the park  .>:_ �����
Also some good hits m-ar the schoolhouse.. .cheap, en tern
i' 2x160 feet on Tenth St.. cleared arid in grass.   This
pii ce of land is below Third Ave $10
half cash, balance ii and 12 months.
One lot near Brunette saw mills, cleared  $150
half cash, balance 6 ami 1:: months.
Pe Peebles
270 Columbia St.     NEW WESTMINSTER, B. C.      Phono 3071
��� W
a Wi      Wk '   ' -jt
Iffl ��� *jLfi
__$^\   %��**
^���>>_cc<oxc*t_<> :��_��_��x*>>>>:>_<.��\ >>>xccc<*>x<*>>x��>x,<> .���:������*������ *���*���
,- ^,__. JTURJ11
���imiVMT.    im
The Finest and Largesl Stock of Furnituro is to be seen at FALES     j
Our clearance .Male is stiil on.   Over $16,000 stock still to go. 4
New goods arriving daily.    Latest styles und Lest finishes. _
716 and 718 Columbia St.      Four  Floors.      Rear Extension,  Front St. '���'
**b*b.*y*:*2*.:*y*b*y*y*'.i.*y*y*b*2*2*o*2*.* ���* * * * * %
*yeonudrin BOYS AND GIRLS I
and have their eyes examined ���
r1 *
<-���    O    i��    *    ���!>    *    *    *    *    ��� .*>    ���
��� JUNE 10, 1907.
���**^w-���*^ _S_BH
Cash Store
A  Seasonable   Offer
At  a   Saving
The Celestial Empire left Satuvela;. The work on the new boiler house
ifternoon, having taken on ahout for- at the- Royal Citj mills has been pro-
;-. tons of coal al Mayers anil Pres- gressing rapidlj of late. The boil-
l en*s wharf. ers are now bricked  up, and  a  gam;
of men were raisin,   the teill chlmnes
Tin- body of Johnnv Stewart, an In-
on Saturday afternoon.
lian  who died  ;ii  the' provincial asylum on  Saturday, will  he shipped  10      Cut flowers and Pot  Plants.     Ring
N'icoH today.   Stewart was about for-   up Tidy, the florist.   'Phone A1S4.
t.\   years  of aire-, and    hai    been    a .
Considerable   activity   is   going   on
patienl  foi   - ver three years, .,      ...,,..,,.
111 the viclnit)  of Blame just now. the.
For hei.lin- plants. especially ('; N. R. having Started bridging work
Asters, telephone T. Davies & Son. on ihe Nlcomeckle river, which inli 208. tersects  tin-  proposed  route    of    th'1
Bpur  they  .-ire  putting  in.
A - icial gathering *>f all the members  nf  ihe-  young   peoples' societies      The  committee  ap; ointed    al    the
i tie- city will take- place In the lecture   mass  meeting of  the citizen's   which
room of the Sl   Andrew's church this   was  held   some'  time  ago  to  eliscuss
rening. the-   betterment   of   the   Fraser  river
channel,  will meel   this  afternoon  In
The local   tennis    enthusiasts     ��*���*   the mayor's office.    The members of
ak��    "P    lateI>''    ni1,1  the committe.   are as follows:   Mavor
Just received a shipment of Brass and Iron
Beds direct from Birmingham, Eng.   They
are handsome, strong and durable.    Come
see the line.
White Bedspreads, Sheets and Pillow Cases
Come and inspect. A great variety,
John A. Lee's Furniture Emporium
Phone 73
white   shoe-.,   rackets   and   nets
��� ��� ..   reason Jn the boss'  own   words   "We  have  a   h
���   1 many."
,\.       .mm; heavily for the spring   and   summer   trade 'xpecting
.   m ire cool weather during  Maj   and June, but  as now
���  -;   this   far, has   been very very fine and   quite ��   rm���so
, so lhal   those  who would have boughl  sui'.-. have ight mus-
; othei  thin goods.
��� suits must he. sold.    In     the     west   window   ai ���    shown
��� m   of  thes.-   sell*-   3UitS.
��� mostlj   In white or cream   we rsted,    with ������    ���
; cluster checks, of strictb   all   wool   mati   al,   made   up
ived  styles;   pleated   skirts,     Eton     and     fane;        ilero
11 I     with    silk   and trimmed with moire ee:    taffeta silk;
mm'h   Bleeves,  and  the redact! ns ai    exacilj as I  " iws:
causing   considerable Interest,    Prac-   \ y   whit��
lices are- gi ing   m  regularly, and the
ui mbers of  ihe club  arc    confldenl
ll.ai   1 good showing will be ma le In
hi   tennis   tournaments.     Mo    dates
have been ��� el as vet.
Keary, W. (!. Gilley, D. S. Curtis and
$21.50 Suits for
$22.50 Suits for
$23.50 Suits for
$27.50 Suits for
$28.50 Suits for
$32.50 Suits for
Late    English    Cricket.
The latest English mafl to hand
contains the following results In re-J
cenl cricket matches played In the
A local building boom ls want.-el. "H country, Kent beal Somerset by-
People desirous of taking up their, e,Sht tickets, Lancashire beat Oxford
residence here say thai they canno! university by nine wickets, Cambridge
purchase or renl a modern residence !"';" nill'l>�� university bj an inning
of the size' required. There is a gen- ""' l94- Hampshire drew with Mid-
eral Inclination to come to this city dlesex; Surrey heat Derbyshire by
for residential purposes, openly ex- seven wickets; Worcestershire beat
pressed by certain dwellers In other Yorkshire by 5. runs: Middlesex
towns, if homes can be got this sea- bea) Somersel by 166 runs. Trou tak-
son. m-   seven   wickets   for 20   runs   and
twice performing the "hat trick;"The
Officer Geiser, accompanied hy Mrs. south Africans in the- first match of
Geiser, returned to the city on Sa'- their tour defeated Leicestershire by
unlay from their wedding tour, and 9S; Kem beal Sussex hy an Inning
took up their residence on Victoria and 243 runs: Essex beat Gloucester-
street. Officer Geiser received the shire by 40; Notts beat Surrey by 202;
congratulations of his friends yester- Lancashire drew with Yorkshire and
1' '��� "���> ' ������������ 1 hard I > look as if get- Warwickshire beat Worcestershire by
iiim   married   wis   an   everyday    ex- an Inning and eighl run.-.
perience    with  hlm.    He    succeeded	
fairly well  in  his  efforts, Postal   Clerk    Falls    From    Train.
The baseball  game thai  was to be
Ready-to-wear Hals
Jiih Oo Down
. ������ n      ready-to-w ���
worn* n    and   missi .,
nch    as    ��� .-.
...   brow as,    pinl* -.
. ick   and      white;
. Mans,      trimmed
i| im-  and   1 olonial   ef-
���   nl :"     prices      J : 75
Manj    -if  the-se-   v. - :���
1   last     week     al     $2 35.
���   ';-���     offered    um iin
ill  at      95c
New Black and While
Dimities, 15c
Nelson, June 8.���J. A. Macdonald,
postal clerk on the run between Nelson and Midway, when near the Bull-
log tunnel on the' Columbia & W'ev-
'in railwa*. yesterday accidentallv
fell from the train. He shouted to the
train  let stop, hut  no one heard him.
the sensation of the season, the trial
ee:'   skill   between   nines   representing   ,
,, , ,   .,     , , dog tunnel on the. Columbia & Wev-l
the  cigarmakers and  the  bartenders,
which   was to   have'  taken   place'     In
Blaine yesterdaj has been cancelled in
spite   t'-'   the   fact   that   both  team
had    been   practicing fo_  so'
Another freak game gone to the bad.
th  teams   ,���  ""
After a iime> he was missed, lun V"
ime  tune.       . ���      ��� I
; lei es  sheer   .���> li im-
liies, wiih tin} lai k lots an I
figures, i ..I laintj fa - for
summer dresses or se; arate
' louses,    Si ecial  per j ai 1, 15c.
ihis  time the train  hael  gone so  far
thai   nothing  could   be  seen  of  him.',
C plain Rogers, of this city, arrive-.1   Macdonald  was nol  seriously hurt by
porl   I.-'   nighl   In   charge of the  his fall, and  walked to the nextsta-]
Halvls, having  successful!}   navigated   tion  and   telegraphed   ahead, infornv
the big Alaskan freighter up the river,  'ng the conductor of his mishap. The:'
The   boat,   which   is  at   preseni   ti>"l   he waited till ihe- evening train came
it   for   Xelson.
K   up   il   the   G.   N,   R.   wharf,   will   be  along and  tool.
'���;   loaded here with a large consignment 	
Embroideries, 10c.
A showing on the fi ml table,   ��  (���- lht, hydraulic piping, billed  I i the
;    "lls     |,'l',"v [ '���'    B  Guggenheimer's   Dawson   mines.       A
Men's Straw, Felt and Silk
Christy's make
All the latest styles of Soft and Hard goods
The light 2 oz. Hats are just what you want
$2.50 and $3.00 the hat
Sole Agents for New Westminster
���_ eod values In lawn .nibroid-
. : In go -I pali* rns, with
firm e Igi a; mmm irl ��� '���   >vl Iths 10c
considerable   number   of   cattle   will   By Lieut.-Col. J.C. Whyte, Command-
be loaded al Vancouver for the n irtn. ing Sixth  Regiment, D.C.O.R.
������ closes promptlj  al  5 o'clock   each   evening,   excepl   Saturday.
Kindly shop as early as oosslble and allow the girls to gel away
on time.
267-271   COLUMBIA   ST.
Th.- members of the St, Barnabas
boys' briga Ie turned oul in full force
yesterday morning and, commanded
b) their officers, marched lo St.
Barnabas church, where the future
defend* rs of their country's flag il -
tende I .li\ Ine service' The lad-
marche I In firs! rat. style, keeping
their formation in a maun sr which
reflects greal credil on iheir in^' I
lors and I he boj s themselvt s. Since
His ih nor ,lu :���'��� Bole presente 1 ihe
gold cross io the brigade for competition, an Inci ��� as.'il Intere -i has
f elevelope I, i n I lhi ' >j - are folio >vln .
up 'bo drills iu m mann* r uhich ��� i-
mlses nn   I   flati rin    n -alts.
Hea 1 piarters,  Vancouver,   B.C.,
June S,   1907.       ���
1. The following extract from the'
"Canada Gazette" is published for
general information:
"Sixth Regiment, the Hake of Con-
naught's   Own   Rifles:      Lieut.   .1.   G.
Gamon is transferred to the corps re-
��� serve, April  I, 1907."
2, The following officers have'
been granted leave of absence: Capt.
.1. Duff Stuart, who has been appointed Adjutant of the Blsley team; Capt.
VV. Hart-McHarg and Color-Sergennl
���l. Moscrop, members of the Bislej
team,  from June  7 to September    R,
A Complete
160 acres, with 90 acres cleared ana in
cultivation. Some good timber on balance;
worth $1000. Soil black loam and clay
subsoil. Two acres of fruit trees. Fine
8-room Dwelling and Al barn. First-class
spring of water.
* * * *
*   *   *   *   *   *4>   *********   *   ���   *^
A delightful social has been platim I Surgeon Ueutenanl  1-'. C, McTavish
by  th.- young  people of the St,   \n- from June G until July 20, Ueutenanl
di   ,-'   cl irch, to be hold  In the lee- A-  Rowan   fi im JJIne   I   to June    15,
ture i'. oi i ��� in ii row evening,    During ;'"--
ihe pasl niontli     -    ingeri have be* n i!> order,
,. tending  the services  who are    un- ���'���   REYNOLDS   TITI-:.   Capt.,
Price only.
On terms
Phone 101
*    known to i he men   pi i of the church
v   i and the ent alnmenl  has been plan
\e-iin .  \eljiiian
"The Form Land Specialists,"
New Westminster
Wholesale and Retail Batchers
Columbia   Street
* ��� * *:*y*2.
���#���>:<���-��� :*:*������.*���**:*:..*.*..*
* ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ���
ned with the view  of becoming better Hotel Guests.
icqualnted with the' visitors, all of Guichon Mrs Guichon, run Oul-
whom are mosl cordially Invited to chon; V. It. fraser, Blaine; C. l.\
attend. A bright and Interesting Praser, Woodstock; A. Robertson,
musical program has been prepared, Pemberton; G. Burnslde, Miss m >.
following which in' cream and other l'(':in- "��� Macfarlano, R, I-:. Ross, Van
refreshments will be served, No ad- couver; E, s. Stover, l*\ Wolff, Seat-
mission tee' will he' charged, ami the ,ll>: Ff. Cook, Barclay Island; J, s
young members of the church hope Green, Hamilton; .). Guichon, Porl
to see a large attendance. Guichon;   H. <;.   Pooley, Torontro,
Windsor D, M, Macduff Vancou-
T''e tl'R Dauntless, which ran V(.r. ,, ,.,���,,.,������., VBhcreft; P Town-
ashore nl Cottonwood poinl late on ���,.���,,_ BelHnghami S. Norman V
Friday, was still aground lasl night. s|mn. BeIllngham. s ,;,-,,,-������, ,.,���.,
The Sampson, which wenl down to K���l|s. s A| s,.lim���v,���. Ta(,(),���;|
endeavor to tlc-al the lug, Ins re- 0otonJa] .,, ,, L,n.s���M Vftnoouvet.,
turned, having found i- Impossible to Mlgg Ander80tli K Simpson Victoria;
move 'he. tug, which is firmly heln w |{ MacGregor| Hammond; B. W.
on  the  mud,  al   low tide  practically  ()l,|hii.   w   Wallace, Vancouver.
resting her whole length on the bot- ��� t
torn,     The   tug   fearless,   which   Is   a   ________________________________________
sister boai   to the  Dauntless, though
c mslderably  more   powerful,   will,   II
Is  expected,   try   to  gradually  Bwlngi
lhe stranded  boai  off the rc f Home     On and after -lune' 1st all accounts
lime ihis week.    Messrs. Mayers anel  tntisl   positively  be p.iiel by  the  15'Ji
Preston   bave   every  i infldence   thai   of   following   month,  otherwise   new
;i can bo accomplished when thetldi   orders will nol be filled.
...  :.; .; . GILLEY BROS., LTD.
In the spring a young man's fancy turns to
thoughts of love, and in June he gets married.
We have now a splendid new assortment of
Cut Glass
including Bowls, Pitchers, Vases, Water
Bottles;   and a   magnificent  selection of
comprising beautiful Tea Sets, Candelabras,
Coffee Services, Serviette Rings, and Sugar
Basins.      To view our stock is to purchase.
Wcddins Rings Our Specialty
_.'fifel;:e..:...i..> THE   DAILY   XEWS.
JUNf m
The following is the official schedule governing the time ol arrival and
departure of mall matter, from N'ew
Dispatched by C.  I',  li. train ai  7:15
a.  in.:  close  1 1   p. :n-:
Sumas and Seattle, via Huntini I in
Millside Xo. 1. daily excepl Sunday; Sapperton No. 1, daily except
Sunday; Calgary anl Vancouver, No.
2 (first mail C.P.R. easl I daily. .Mail-.
from   tl !<*>ve  points    i> c-i-i\*'ei    at
A by-law to fix the rate and provide
for the collection of taxes on t'e-
assessable propertj" in the city of
New Westminster for the year
The municipal council of the corporation of the city of N'ew Westminster enacts as  follows:
I. There shall be raised, levied an.l
collected, for the year 11)07, upon the
assessed value of all the rateable real
property in the said city, as shown
on the last revised assessment roll
thereof, a rate of 24 mills in the dol-
SUBDIVISION of Lot 46, Block VL, comprising some of the finest reside!
tial sites in the city, is now offered for sale exclusively by us   Tl is mj
nificent property is situated on the corners ol 4tn Ave., ist bt. (tacS
Queen's Park) and Emory St., comprising in all ten oSxUD toot lots facing|
1st St. at $700 (excepting the corner lot facing 4th Ave. and 1st bt held aJ
$1000);  2 lots on 4th Ave., 421x120, at $600 per lot;  4 lots, 52_x85, $45!
5 lots, $400.
Call at'our office on Front St. and inspect plans.
8: 15  p.  in.
Dis atched  bj   B. C. Electric railway],^ f01. tne f0u0wing purposes:
('"' ':l' ���'��� n,': (a) To provide for sinking fund
Vancouver, No. ... dailyexcept Sun-1and Interest on debentures issued by
days.    Return mail received 9 a. m. lh(,   corporation,  and   outsanding,   17
Dispatched by G.N.R. train, S 15 a.m.: ,lliUs and g6-i00ths of a mill In the
Cloverdale,    Nicomeld,   Porl   Kells,  dollar, less 10 and 33-100ths of a mill
Hazelmere,  Hall's Prairie, Blaine and received in general revenue.
Seattle (all points in Washington and (1))    To   provide  for   the   payment
$3,500, subject to 10 months
lease. .Fine residence for sale on
2nd Street, corner Fourth Avenue.
Splendid location, now rented for
$30.00 per month; lease can be extended if purchaser so desires. .A
good paying investment. .Terms to
be arranged.
south, ; Iso all points in * astern
stai.s 1. daily 1 xcepl Sunday, Return
mails r* celved al  3:30 p. m.
Clayton,  Tuesdaj's  and  Thursdays;
Tynehead,    Wednesdays  and    Saturdays.    Return mail  received Mon.lays
nml Fridays.
Dispatched by B. (
10:30 a. m.:
Vancouver  No. 2;   Victoria,  No,   I;
Cenl ral   Park,   daily   1 xcepl   Sun lay.
Rei urn  mail receive 1 al  2 p. m.
I lispatched by carrier, 1:13 p. in.:
Easl  Burnaby, daily excepl Sunday.
lie turn mails received al 1:10 p. m.
Dispatched hy carrier 1_:00 noon:
Timberland, Tuesdays ami Fridays.
Return mails received Tuesdays and
Dispatched hy C. P.R. boat, 2:30 p m.
and   1 :.':u  p.  m. on  Saturdays:
Ladner, Westham Island. Port
Guichon,    Steveston,
of charges for school purposes, Ki
mills and 28-100ths of a mill in the
dollar, less I mills ami S.-lOOths et
a. mill received from education department.
lo   To provide a general revenue
for ll\o use of the corporation for the
Electric railway,   year   1907,   1   mills   and   les-limihs   of
a mill in the dollar:
2.    Every   person   who  is   assesse.1
on the revised assessment roll for the
current  year shall  cause  to  be  paid
lo   thi
his office,  city hall,  the  full  amount
Four houses to rent. One on 12th
street: one on Fourth avenue; one
on Agnes street; one on 13th street.
Apply at once.
Splendid Farm. 10 chains waterfront on the North Arm of the Fraser River, adjoining the well-known
Mead's estate, No. 156. Fifty
acres, all under cultivation. One
of the best bargains to be obtained
in the district. For exclusive sale.
Price $10,500; $3,500 cash, balance
in 6, 12 and 18 months at 6 per
1 lot  No. 24 on  13th. streel  south
side of -iih avenue,    Price $200 cash.
7 lots Nos. M  to S6 and 95, 95 faces
on Sth  avenue, r.e-x;  to Ctinns ranch,
4 lots cleared without a slump; small
bouse,   chicken    house,    175    choice
;.;.i, ;ens; horse and  rig;  $1500 cwsh.
;   1-:'  hous*'. 6   :"onis    and    flush
lose t on Ith avenu*', one lot from 2nd
stn el 0:1 south siele: fruit tr**s. Price
$1900;   1-2 cash, terms fur balance at
7 per cent.    Size of lot 55x165.
Small house for .aie, fJ
ing- Agnes ami Victoii
west of Gth St si
Water and ga
tions.    Terms.
- 'I
1. fai
Small house, \   toi   -\
6 rooms. Water.
One lot No. 12 on Royal Avenue,
third lot from Eighth street. $1,050,
for sale exclusively.
Lot facing 2nd St., between Queen's 17 lots, full size, '''ib St., Burnaby,
ami 3rd Ave., second hit from Queen's east  side,    100 yards  from Cliff ''an
Ave.;    52x122 feet; all cleared;  lain- factory; soil -'-oil.   Price onlj $1020,
alongside  am!   hack.      Price    $1,000; $350 cash, balance on easy terms,
half cash, halance easy at  7  '.. ���_.  |0ts on  Mh  S'.  between
A Bunch of LOTS
Lots   M   ami    I.'.  ���
iih ;.:. l.e    Price $500; 1
:,i!i an.l  m ish, balance 6 mom ;
Lots .'1 .nal ;:'. sui.. of Lots S ami 11
in Block 13; corner of Durham and 2nd
St.:  full si_.-.| lots
2-storey I lease. 7 rooms, bath room upstairs; Hush closet; _e,(,d stable; on Agnes
St.near Sth Si.; ail modern Improvements.
Price $3,000, half ee.e-h, balance easy; a
collector  of  the   said   city,   at   really excellent bargain.
Bub. .'1 of Lot lit, Block XIII. 4-Room
House; hot emi] cold water; Hush closet;
of  Ihe taxes   for  which  he or  she is   let  of    fruit   trees;    chic-ken   house-  ami
barn.    Price  $800; terms  $400 cash, bal-
More exclusive   properties   just   listed   cth  Ave. on  easl  side;   full  sized, CCx
with us for sale. 132;   Nos.  2  ami   1.'.      Price. $1000 for
Lol .".. opposite   Knox church. Sap- bothr ll:lll- casjli balance easy,
2%  lots en imm ner of 5th Ave. ami
I.e.:  I 1 on Sherbro
3 cleared.   Prici $27.:
ance, 1; months at 7 ;
Lots  1*'..  17 ami 20
rated under this by-law, together with
all arrears (if any) within thirty
days after demand has been made for
the same, and any person who refuses or ne.clects to pay such tax'is
within the time hereby limited shall
l.e subject to the provisions of the
"New Westminster Act," 1888, nni
daily I amending  acts,  with  respect  to the
perton, east siele Columbia Streel  "ii
car line.    $300 cash.
:: lots south side of Sixth Avenue; ';;il St., S.-W. corner; cleared.    Price $500 for three or $1
very  light clearing;   60x115^ feet  on $1200; half cash, balance in G months  balance C months a'
Sub, Block le.   $1050 cash. .,, - .���.,. ,.,.,;��� 	
4 lots on Fifth Street. 11, 12, 13, 14, ,   ��� J
Sub. lb, S. Blk. 1:;.     $350 each, half      '_  acre  between    Queens ami 3rd      *S  acres  on    Met
cash, halance ll months a;  7 '',. Ave. on west side of 1 nth; No. ." ami   $160 an aire    POR
2 houses comer of    Merrival    and ,,   b]0C](  is;  132x165 feet; ail cleared
Agnes;  full sized lot;    city block 31, f ., .      nm-n-  ��--n    -e u
llton St., first house off cth St. between lot 11;    one house rents for %2b, the '""'   [encet>'    "ice  *ivw,  ��� ���'���"'  '���'���"'
Tth and 8th Avenues. ,,1,,,,. |]().   fllIsn   ciosets   and   all con- halance in 6 months.
2-storey  House, 7 rooms   with all mod-   nt,cteti     with     sewers.       Price $3,500.
ern   improvements    size-   ei   ground   mux  .,    ,   _���,,,,,.     ,   , .     ..   ,,,       ,  ,.
N2: second  lot fn.,,, 6th St. on 4th Ave-.   Cash $2,000,    halance in  6,  12 ami Is ...rrlvali
...1  south  side,  100 feet on avenue.    142.   months at 7 '.. tweeD '"""'' '""' Merman
Ln,.   on both sides.    Price $3,200; $1,000       40 acres '-. section 1!   N   '-. of E   '��� ed. $1,200. $800 cash
cash   .alance on time at 7 per cent.             of Tn. 2, about 3 miles from bridge off      0  Iots,  Xo.  21  ami   32,  block 9,   be
and (I months at 7 per cent.  Ham-
on Royal avenu* . be-
all <���'.-   I
1 INLY.    One quarte r
.'11.1 2 years at  7 '',
2 lots, full sized, '. j
the 1 Irescenl;  7-r n*
$10,500, \2 cash, balance 6, 12.
N.-E.  ',  of Sub. 19, Township 10; some   11..,.������",.( 1,   rn.,,b  Snrrpv    hou^e-   lSx��6
,.1���.-        Pviee   SIT.   ru.r   _..,.-    .arm.   tllirell     H.IVMIIlll     I",1U.    ��UIIt\.        .10U>e       l..\_���,
IV2 storey house. 2 rooms finished, an
timber.    Price . le", per acr
cash, balance easy.
terms $1,000
2  lots,
tween Sixth avenue and Nanaimo St.,
Block 12 on 12th Sl east s. I
full sizeel lots. Price $2,500, one-W
cash, bal. 6, 12 and 18 rr .nths
l.-W. Sub. Township 12;  some t
imt)(.r:  other 3 can be added upstairs;  small   ''""I   between   14th   ami  IGth   stree:
except Sundaj'.   Return mails received  from  II  a. 111. 1o  11   a.  m.
. collection  of taxes.
3.   The collector is hereby author-
Wednesdaj',     Return  Ized  to receive the taxes levied  un-
mail on  Wednesdays an.l Saturdays.
Dispatched  hy   B.C,   Electric  railway,
3:30 p. 111.:
Vancouver, No. :::   Victoria,  No. 2;
daily   excepl   Sundaj'.     Re;urn   mails
received al  l', p. m.
Burnaby    lake.     Return    mail    at
2  p.  111.
Dispatched hy G.N. Fyler, I p. ro.:
To  soul hern     points,     daily  except
Sunday.    Return mail 11  p. m.
der this by-law in instalments of not
less   than   one-quarter   of   the  taxes
levied  on any lot.  and to allow the  $700 cash, balance arranged
discounts  provided   for    in  clause    4
���I. A discount or reduction of one-
sixth of the amount paid will be allowed on all taxes levied under this
by-law if the same he paid to the collector on or before the first day 0/
August, 1907, io per cent, of the am-
rallway   runs  alongside;    old   5-acre  or- shack;   l1-.   acres  cleared  and  seeded   Pric
chard    Price $15 per acre; t.-nus $1,000 with clover, red;  fairly easilv cleared
cash  balance in three equal payments. 0np   m���e   f,.om   ghl    ,e   milj       pHc(
ton.    $45 perk*.'  Rlchmond  St"  Sapper" $1,200:.   terms  half  cash,  balance   1:
1 acre clay, house on tram line near months at 7 %.
Joyce station;  partly  cleared;  fenced 1  full sizeel lol on  St. Patrick's St.
across front facing tram line.   $1000, north side, between John McKenzie'f
$.25 for hoth. cash
Block 7, l.o: il. 2 subdivisions running from -"th in 6th St., 4th and 5th
'.ve  ;   one lot   on tram  line.    $800  for
one; price $1,500 for the two.
ount   paid,   if paid   on   or  before the
Dispatched hy C.P i:   train  a:   5:05 p.   ffrst   flay   of  Septembe,.   1907;   -  u2
ier cent, of the amount paid, if paid
on or before the first day of October,
P. R, easi. second mail). Return mail   1:107,  ana 5 ,,or (.ont   nf tn(, nm(HU1t
111.:   mail  closes at  4:30 p.m.:
Calgary and Vancouver, No. 96 (0
8 - roomed modern residence on 4th Av. between
6th and Tth St., with one
acre of land, containing
fruit trees, outbuildings,
stables, &c.; an exceptionally cheap bargain. Price
$4,500. $2,500 cash, balance
in 1 year at 7 per cent.
received   at   Hi:::.",   a.   in.
Sapperton, No, 2: Millside, No. 2;
Coqultlam, daily excepl Sunday. Re-
lui'ii  mail received at  10:35 a. iu.
laid, if paid on or before the firs':
day of November, 1907; but no discount or reduction shall be allowed
en  arrears.
and Clover's liouse.   Price $475, nan
cash, balance in i', months at 7 ','r.
Full siz*'.I lot Nei. 12 on Royal Av.
and sth St. Price $.1050, half cash,
halance at 7 '.  per annum.
Westerly 4, 11 of 63, Sub. Block "'.
132x132 corner 100 feet square; two
houses drawing $28 per month. Price
$5,000, half cash, halance in G and 12
2 lots on Princess St . No. 11 and
from  6th   Si. on  south    side.       Price
No. li, $210, haircash. balance *'��� mos,
Full-sized lot No. 8, between Gth & Tth Ave. on
4th St., west side. $300,
half cash, bal. in 0 mos.
One acre in block!
tween  ISth and 16th J
tin Sth Ave.    Price ��71
1-3 cash, bal. easy.
iie as.- on    Brantford
sidi   from  6th  street, -.J
$15.CO ; < i   month in
A   Cheap  Property. James  Inlet, three  Bquare I  -|
House I', rooms.   Hush closet,    1% $6.00 per acre, half cash,          :i
toreys, on Fourth Ave., om- lot from Large lot and two
between-      .n.i . ;,  y,           , < Second    St.    on    south    shi*-.   Price lumbia street, Sapperl a           .|
$1900;.   half cash,    balance a'   7  per at $10 each.
$315, hall' "'nt.   Fruil tr* * s; im 55x165
House  30x 12. -lib    St.. between  1th
a i 7 ';;    No. 12. clearei
e'l.sh, halance 6 mos. at 7 ',' .
Double tenement bouse, ith Ave.,
1st ami 2nd St.: 1 lo'. Price $1,700;
r.l acres Murphy Landing, I miles cash half and ball in ii months at 7'..
above Mission Junction, -lust at the Hems for $lu each tenant,
landing of Murphy 1.aniline, aboul ihe 160 S.E. '.i of Section 26, Hist. 12.
centre m' lot; 25 acres cleared, under 10 acres.partly clean-el: Kanaka <���:���'���'���;-,
cultivation:   4-room   house,   luun  and  running through; good road; one wile  ning back
one and one-half Bton I
11 size lot, situated n I th I
and 5th Ave.; 2 single and l double Koyal avenue and corn* ' McKi_|
bedrooms    upstairs,    and   bath  room   street;  9 rooms;   bath j
. .-'. a sti Irs;  pai lor, dining room, kitchen an I pantry.    Full size-el lot  run-
Price $3,500;
This by-law may be cited as tho stable; ahout one acre orchard, hear- north   of   Webster's corner;    shingle  .,-  cash, balance al $500 per yeai
"Real Estate Tax By-law, inn;."
Done   and   passed   in   open   council
the 20th  day  of  May, A.  D.,  1907.
V.  II.  KEARY,  May.,,-.
\V. A, DUNCAN, City Clerk.
(L. S.)
Ing fruit  trees.    Price $1,350, on easy
mill ami P.O. al the wes: corner; tim-
terms (or $1,250 cash).   $22 per acre,  ber worth $7 per acre: cedar and fir;
i_ cash, balance 6 and 12 months        4 miles    from    Port    Haney.     Price
ai 7 per cent.
Six  and   one   half  acres,  om
TENDERS addressed tee the undersigned al Ottawa, and marked on the
iir. elope "Tendi rs for Scow, Steam
Engine, Boiler and Derrick for buoy
service, British Columbia, or tender
for scow   alone,"  ivill  be r* celved up
in the 	
;.',,:',   |;\y  OF JUNE    1907 'n th^ rn;,tts'' of the estate ofCharles
for supplying and delivering al Vic- Blaip' late of New Westminster. B
torln, a   wooden  scow and  the erec-      C., deceased.
tlon on board of a steel derrick with NOTICE is HEREBY GIVEN pur-
hoisting engine,  lei   and other ac-   suanl   '"  ""'  "Revlsed    Statutes    of
cessories according to specification: '!;'i,'-;|1 Columbia" 1897, Chapter 1S7,
also for supplying and delivering ai :hi" ;1" cret,,tol's anf' others having
Yin..Ha where directed, a double c\    nlaims :,:;lil]s'  ;!l" "<!-11" of the said
Under tanden Isting engine   winch  charles  Blttfr*  "!l" l!i' ! ";i <"' about
to hav,- four hoisting drums and two the 20th (,ay ":' V:'ril ,:'"7' '"'" ''"-
winch heads, an uprlghi steel tubular ;'"""' ''" ";' !"':''"'" ""' 22nt1' '"-1
steam b, Her of 2,0 horse power ca- '' ": ''"'"��� ,;'"7' !" s""d hy l",sl'
pneity, and a structural      el   lerrlcl      ',!;,i'1 ":' deliver to the undersigned
solicitors for Roderic Sample and Dr.
opei ideations m the mai nlnerv an i - -   ���     ,   ,,   ,
, ,      ,.,,., Edwin .1. Rothwell,  executors of the
plans ee   Ihe derrick  can  be obtained i    .     -.>
.,,,,,       , , , ���  -'   "'"  and testamenl  of the Bald
a' ih*' Depart nu n   h* re, a   the aeon . .   .
,.   , ,  ,, ' .   ,..      . ''" wised    their christian    and    sur-
1.-   eee   ibis   Departm* nt,  \ i oria     -.��������� , ,,
.,,    ,. , , ,, ,. "ami s, addresses and descriptions, the
1 "   ' iu: mis   Houi ���-.   ', aneouver,   and .    .-    , .   ,   .     , .
��� ,, ' I articnlars ol theii  i    Ini    the state-
the   (i     mi      Ho ise,  New   Westmin- ���   , ,      ,���  ,,   ���
Bt      n   c nients ol  their accounts and the na-
���'  of il"'  securltl* -  (if an. i   hel 1
T* nder   mu      I . nl h    p in ;  them.
!  ' ���'     offered,  an 1       wn  FURTHER    TAKE    N'OTICE
i,|!''  ;"  "ial  after such   lasl   mentioned date
ild executoi - b 1)1 proceed to d's-
10 acres section 32, N.-E. come,- of $2'100j terms ?,"i" cash- balance ar"    leared  ready  for  planting;   1  12  ac
N,\v.  J4, uncleared.     Timber fir   ce- '^'l;.,,., ,and x���w vvestmlnster.Lol   res |,al,ly cleared'    llo,ls"' 5  r DS
cold   water, close-:;   n )
bearlg   fruit  trees;    streei   on
.   fine  view.    Prl ���   $1,8001
One full mzciI lot, 2nd I
ner,  i Ith street  and v' .      ' -1
GG _144 feet   $250 cash.
berry  plants;   $1,700, half cash;
dar. and alder; good soil; a mile from  -,   g   ,,;.    34" Surrev     '  miles from   14x24;   storey   and   half, small harn
Vale road; sandle road and new road. b'ri(,ge    P,i(.,; $400.' ' $200 f.ash   bal. ,..,i(.,.,,n bouse.  , ,]j; ,,,,.. .������, Btra|>
-. lots cornev of street  between Sth ance terms al  7 ',;    near the Turn
and 9th Ave, on 2nd St., side of 2nd  ver cannery.
St.. equal to one acre; partly cleared.      1 room house,   bath room, pantry;   ance ln three months at 7 per oent.
$500, half cash,     a splendid   oppor- on llth St.. between Queen's and 3rd      This Is a valuable holding and mar
[unity for investment. Avenue. ,, to the city, call and bring this adver-
S rooms, 2-storey house', bath room,      1 acre upper side of 4th Ave. and 2   ,. .
water and light; full sized iot, 66x100 he's west of 6th St.; large hous,' of 8   ���'���"'���'-vni  v-'">   -'���'">   for further   parti-
feet, situated 6th St. between 4th and  rooms;    electric    light    connections;   culars.
Sth Ave, on  wesl  side.      Price $2,300,  shade trees and   fruit  orchard.    Price
'i cash, balance In  mths at 7 ���;.   $4,500:.   $2,500 cash, balance In one
21 acres In Sunbury; 6 chains water
front; 12 acre's cleared; S-roomed
house, lath and plastered; wood shed,
chicken barn and fruit trees of all
hinds. Price $3,OC0. Terms one third
cash, balance 6 and 12 months
year at
i   will
��� 1.
agree to  maki
"" the assets    of the    deceased
1 for tiie thre. ar-  among tho  parties entitled    th* reto,
boiler and derrick  having regnrd only to tho claims of
state ih
which th
Separate tendei
tides, viz., engine
will   be  received,  and   separate  ten- which   they shall   then  have   notice,
ders  ror the scow or tenders for all md thai  the snld executors will nol
together, be liable for ihe. said assets or any
An nccepted cheque em _ chartered i"1 thereof to any person or persons
Canadian  bank  equal to 2n',   of the "'' whose claims notice shall nol have
whole amouni of the tender musl ac l,een received by them at the lime of
company each tender.      The  cheque 8llc'i distribution.
lii'i acres. 2 miles Horn city.
$40 per acre
Two lots on 18th street, between   7lh and   Sth  avenues.
Corner of    Hamilton   Btreet,
No.   II   ami   12.    Price $245,  |_
cash, balance 6 months,
160 acres In Surrey: S ';: of
N.'j of sec B, township ::. Log
house-, 16x21, and chicken coops,
small lain: 60 fruil Ines; 12
acres cleared, 1 acres under
cultivation and 8 acres slashed
Price $20 per acre, % casb, balance In  12 months at 7','.
I   full   size 1
ot, block 0, im 11,
St.   Patrick's
Square;      Price
1 lot, 55.6x166, Tenth street,
off Queen's avenue, Price $450.
Terms $200 cash, balance terms
lo  suit.
A Good Special
Five acres on 10th Ave.,
right across from old reservoir, city limits. $1200.
Half cash, half in six-
House 24x24: 4 rooms;
framed; inside shi]) lapped.
Barn 12x16. One acre
partly cleared. Land No.
1. Ba!. easily cleared.
One full sized lot, 66x132; 2 ston
he ise; 7 r* oms; flush close.1 uj
all modern Improvements; new house
1 '��� ntrally located In a 1
bal-   situation;   Third   av* nu*. al     i
'���   "b sti eel     Two and 01 ��� |
I - ise    Ten ro.uns (reci ni
VII  modern  convenience
���   Id   water,   bath,  flush I
tory,   electric   llghl:   n
66x132, with lane In r* I
set oul with fruit treei     I      m
$1,500 (ash,  halance. an
$2,000.  1/3, cash, '_  In 0 months at 7   (corner)  $175.
2 lois, 20,  21;   No. 20, $170; V
Durham '
pei cent. Hood sized stable and fruit
trees. Second house from s: h streel
wen, on upper side,
in acres In sec, 32. Timber, fir, cedar and alder. Oood soil; good roa Is.
Apply for full particulars,
Lots 17, 18, If), 20, 21, face on 16th
���y,ioi-. ami 8th avenue; 2 corner lots
*-""��� 1 Inside lots $200 each, price
$950, cash,    single lots at cash.
Four and one half acres betwei n
s'"'''ii'b and Eighth avenui': south
Bide of Lsl she,:.    pr|ce $2,500.
2'm storey house, 10 rooms, also
modern Improvements; lot 66x132;
lane al back; pari of lol sei out with
fruit trees and ni ' lawn, Price
$2,750. $1,500 cash, balance 6 and 12
months al 7 per cent.
Snap in Lots.
20  acre  blocks,. fruil   lands,
Junction, $20 per acre
House,    rull    sized    lot,     0  '''I
Btreet, Sapperton;  rents
month.   Only $1,050.
House,     10    rooms,   1'_    >'
Fourth    avenue   and    Sen;   !i I
$2,000.    Terms can he al I
'I   b.b.l sized   Lots   I" tw*        ���     I
avenue'   and Hamilton   '
Eighth Btreel; all clear*
-1 large ham on one- of the
Vacant  lots  for sale In  all   parts of   '"i'- 8 anel  12 nionths al
lh" City, from $25.00 lo $3,i00
half 1 a- h,    halance one \
Lol  il on Fifth avenue, sub ij. iii  cent,
of sub li. $.00 cash. |_ cleared;  sizi
55   feci    by    122   reel.
House and three lots, corner 3r
Ave, and llth St.; 5-room house an
kitchen.   Price $1,500, one-third caBh
per cent.
... ' ���
1 "Heine ei    1   rooms    anel    woodshed:
Full sized  lot in Sapperton, facing 'Em MaV.,  'on^lSth'st.'  we_t"_i_.!
Brunette street.    Price $150 cash.        .,��"'?��.'���_ 'i'.V Papored; sink and pan-
HV-    Price $i,(inn :  terms $200 cash   $ i��
S x lots, 50x150, outs bin c tv "��������������� ���������������������
accompanying    the   tender   accepted
will be forfeited if the pany tender-
Dated  this 22nd. day of May. 1907,
lng declines lo enter Into a contracl Solicitors for said   executors
or fails io complete tin* work contracted for, ami each cheque will he
returned Immediately In case of non-
acceptance of a tender.
The Dej arl menl does nol hind it -
self to accepl the lowesl or any tender.
Newi a; era Inserting ihis advertisement withoul authority from the
Depai tment will nol lee paid.
Deputy   .Mliii:,ler of  Meirinc ami
Ottawa, Canada, 28th May, i!if>7.
House corner or 7th St. and 41 li
Ave.; |i rooms; 2 full sized lots, 6Cx
132; orchard of apples, pears anil
plums. Price' $-1,000, $2,000 cash, balance, on Hnie at 7 '',.
I|'I"- l-lllll.
I iy.     I'i-l
limits  monthly at 7 per cent
$60 each  lot.    Fuller  particulars on "���'::"!' '''"' ���'!"��� .���'������''.���  ,
2  le.is e.rr Cumb* rland  si
enquiry. a-a per lot.
86 acres, half mile waterfront, (i.N. Acreage on Vancouver road, corner
R, running through, $9,460, terms of Gilley road. $225 per acre, Acre-
easy,    Investigate. age is Belling last, at ibis price,
7   Ix.!.-.  on   Twelfth    .'.'!���
Queen's and Third aven i
of car shop;    full si,''.
in acres North road,
from city limits on    Poi
'Hies    under    cultivation;    ���v':
house;  frame harn;   chi*     ! lv
horn 40x80;    fenced and In -"':.
'' rents al ..m per   pair south  siele.     Price $4,500, J
ci sh, bal. in (i months al 7 per ce*
:' lots corner nf Willi and
SI., between  4lb and  Bth  Ave ,      ,   i
"I    llUh   SI.;  all  el,..-,reel      I'i ���   **��.',rffc
pnsh,    balance n mon�� Iim nl "��� }"'
i oth run  through from stn el !0
;| ''-'"i'i bargain.
Block, New  Westminster, n. C.
Transfer Co,
Office 'Phone 185.      Horn 'ffione 137
Columbia 8t.
Baggage delivered
part of the city.
promptly to ��ny
Light and Heavy Hauling
Off,'.:���Tram Depot
 Real Estate Brokers	
Telephone   333 FRONT     STREET   ' Telephone
f Agents for Employers' Liability, and Union Fire Assurance Co. of London.
%..?>rw> JUNE 10.
N .::
aftei .      t0 n
��� :.
tim -
north-wesl    land
preemption     ,    .,      ...
..-'-''.'. '      "
i      Mmi. .-   Wesl   ..111     S      IUt     I 5    I.
.f commence- .    ,
;        ;,        t���)St pill!.!.-,] VM
tl..-   north-west
|    GIVEN   tl     t Six
ti nd I ��� api
ssioni ' "i  Lands
..���.;> !,. . ii and Bar-
toH 'Wing
ni  [Citsumi
a posl   ;
chains east and 4 -   easl    more or .
.,,int   of commence-   a]nnL. .rj.
��� ���   the   provisions
Vet," shall  be
n . i   from
:       .. -    In respeel
I for taxes as
. Re gistrj   Act"
TA ���, iai  an application
.    na  ��� ri -ister  Alice   B.
iinl . ���   .
i imm* ... .
to  No,   I - ice   west   * Ighty
Tenders fora License tc Cut Timbei   chains, so    hi eigh-
on Dominion  La  as in the Province   ty  chains and  nori l eight*   ....
Tenders for License to Cut Timber on
Dominion Lands in the Province of
British Coin ^ibia.
of Britiso  Columbia.
Sealed     rend addressed to
e    nmissioner of Dominion Lan :-. I ie
a tment of the Interior, and marked
on  the envelope ' Tender for Tin
point   of  commencen
New   Wesi B. C     Oth   May,
pnst   planted   ment
- the north-west cor-
.... - pre-emption claim
o _v      __.* ., i *-, j-      ...1 _i .     ���
��� :,
- -
.    Con
��� ��� n  .MM ..- a ;   ,.
follows:   SO chains  east;    e-1  on  the   \,..  ���
chains west ami  SO   *
.    '
, commencement       aboul   15  tn p ,.- .. .  v   ]n
'   fthfno'Xw^tco^   *'���** village .  ence g0
'   Llchains west . .   cha}ns
, .- pre-emption claim,
- ,nows: Id*' chains easl :
���      60    chains   west;     40'
r  ............nt
in the  City  of New  Westminster, in
'  ���    province    of   British     Columbia.
east, more or less   to sl .-���      thence   more   particularly   known    and    de-
I along     hore 1 mmence-   s ::"':  as:   Subdivision 30 of Lois 8
nt of commencemi nl
d   a   P��sl    Planted
- the north-west cor-   "'
I . .:.. pre-emption claim.       ^o  ���
.   lows: l*'." chains easl
��� chains   wesi      4..   ��� .  in a    . ,,,,,   cjaim   ,,.   tne   tax   pur
r;,..:���'Vl-.-, ���
h of the north-west cor-   ea ei ,     ...���.  Is.    |ate  ,,.   ,,R.  fi:>.    publication of   this
ireen's pre-emption claim,   1 ,,, 1  ,,. .
v��   160 chains easi    --'-1' "������ ���   ��� it Arm, ] I etherwlse I shall register Alice
..,.-'    '    ;   .   ' 10   chains  B.M  Dougall as owner thereof In fee,
��� .,   posi    planted  ' north, 4    chains easl    \-     |  dir*   I     ial   publication of this
���  ' r thirty days in a dallv news-
and 9 Suburban Bl m b 3.
ist plant-       Vou and each of you are required to
I  Indepen
. miles south  chasei within forty-five days fromthe
���'. ��� Ished at  New Westminster
''"'   - '     ist planted   will   be   good   and   sufflcii nt   service
. pre-emption    lain
..   chains wesl      ' '
10 chain!) '-.est :     16 1
,.- commi ne ��� me nl
-   .,   post    planted   :   ' '   - mth 01   h ttimat  In-   th*   ���
..'    :;.:       . ���       "������ ���    channel
... .    80 1 hains ����� st      m ��� 1       ii ibout 50 vai is so ith
...,-,. ..chains   .,,  .,,..  ,: ,  g thence SO cl tins
- .        ��� nc* .. ��� '-'
ai   a   posl    pi 11 te 1 east,  - - cl ains  so ith, SO chains west
V. ���   ,. :   '.:;��� " "   �� ���    to th, ->.  .    .   ..
.-.-..    160 ch tins east; thi    shon    to   . ��� Inl     of    comm-' ne ���
1 hatns west : and id ...,,-(
point of commemce-
N'o. 24   Commen   :.. al lante .
a   pest     planted ...
he north-west   ior-       " '    : '  ;'-' "- north ol  H:
'    "WnorTh-westcor-       '   ���'        ml "- oo tl   ol   Hartt* :.   Baj
-  pre-emption claim,   0n   east   banl    of   Kittimal    .rm    on
ew a   40 chains north; . _., ' .. ...
Mams   north     in   Hawkesburj   Island   thence  40 chains  them,   and  all   persons   claiming any
- B0U| ���    ''- e  -'   160 .    iins north   4" 1 hail - west    :':' res'  '>' '-bo said land by virtue of
:.- ncement
igall    is   thi     iwner    in     Fee   Commissionei    of   Dominion    Lands
S ...   .    inder a Tax Sale Deed from I Departmenl of the Interior, and marl-.-   Berth No 521," will be received al this] ���	
Mayor and Treasurer of the City   ed on thi ei r* ope "Tender for Tim- Departmenl   until  12 o'clock  noon on      Notice  is  herebj   given  thai   thirtj
N* -��  Westminster, to Alice B. Mc-   ber Berth  No. els." will  b*   received Wednesday, the 24th day of July, 1907,  dajs ���':;'    date we Intend to applj  to
Douga      tearing date tbe 15th day of   at this   Departmenl  until    12 o'clock for a license to cut timber on  berth  1ho  I,nn-  the Chief Commissioner of
A  D., 1906, of all and singular   noon on Wednesday, the 24th daj   of No. 521, comprising lamls  situate   in  Lands  and   Works   for permission   to
���   tain  parcel  or  tract of  land   July, 1907, for a license   to cut timber the Province of British  Columbia,  to  n"  and  earrj   awaj   the timber from
remises sil late, lying and being   ��n  Berth  No.  51S, comprising    lands the East of Chehalis Creek and Lake-  1,1�� following described lands, situate
situate in the Province of British Col- and comprising 5 blocks, described ..s  in *""' Kitsumgallum valley:
umbia to 'he- wes- of Chehalis Creek follows:                                                    Claim No. 40���-Commencing al post
and described as follows: Block 1.���Comprising that    portion  planted  S,   E.  corner about   2b miles
Timber Berth  N'o.  518,    comprising ��"lsi(i<' Timher Berth No. 44. Block 1,  up from the mouth of Norlh  Pork  of
that portion of Section 29 lying north and Timber Berth 254 Block I, of Sec-   the Kitsumgallum river   above    Kit -
of Timher Berth 280 and thai portion tlon -:;- Township 4. Range 30, Wes:   sumgallum   lake,   thence'   running   as
of Seeiion 32   outside Tl nb* .   Berth of   the 6th  Meridian,   containing an   follows:   tee  chains   wes .   80    chains
264 and said  Berth 280, In Township area "f :>T acres, more or less.            north, (0 chains oast, 40 chains norih,
4, Range 30, WTest of the 6th Meridian; Blook 2- Bounded on the wesl bj '" 'hains east, sn chains south, to
also the north half and the south-east Chehalis Creek, on the east bj Timber chains west, 40 chains south to poini
quarter of Section 26, the north half I'01*"1 -:'s Block Land the easl bound- of commencem,.nt.
ami the south-wesl quarter Section -i]'> '"' sanie produced northerly to claim No. 11. Commencing a< post
Vi. the easl hall Section 1 ih north Timber Berth 29S Block 2: on the planted al the head of Kitsumgallum
half Section 32, Sections 33, M, "." north l,v Timber Berth 264 Block 2, lake on wesl hank aboul 20 chaina
and thes. | irtions of Secti - - 25 .mb :uu] 298 1,llH k 2; and on the south bj south of the mouth of Kitsumgallum
36 outside Timber Berths 2S 1, 261 and Timber Berth 254 Block 1, containing river where i: enters lake, thence 40
272. in Township 4, Range 1, Wesl of an area of 725 acres, more or less. chains west, 160 chains south, 40
the 7th Meridian; also Sections 3, 4. Hlork "---Commencing at the south  chains .'.est more or less to thi Bhore,
5, the north half and south-east quar- ,,:ist    corner   of   Timher   Berth   298
ter Section 6, Sections 7. S, the norih Bloc,i 2,thence north-easterlj al righi
half and the south-west quarter Sec- angles  to the   eas:.-rly boundary    of
tion I*. the south-easl quarter Section s:lil1 1!l':'1> 298 Block2, 2 miles; thence
10, the south half Section 16, the south ' north-westerly al right angles to ! isl
half and the north-wesl quarter Sec- course, :'' chains; thence south wesl
tion 17. the north half and south-east ,M'V
quarter Section 18, the south half and '
north-west quarter Section    19
those portions of   Sections 1,
I' ited at the Land Registry office
New Westminster, Province of Brit-
ish 1 .   this  25th daj  of April,
A.  D..  1907.
C.  S.   KEITH,
District Registrar.
To   V. illiam   E Imon is.  Esq.
All persons served with this notice,
and those claiming through or under
tlu'iico along shore te* poinl  of commencement,
Claim  No. 42.���Commencing at  post
planted about  20 chains south of ilie
norlh  wes:  of T.  L.  No. 7941, thence
111 ehains  west.  160 chains  south,   10
2   chains easl. Led chains norih to poinl
to easterly   boundary   of   said  of commencement
and  Berth 29S Block 2; thence south-east-     claim Ne*   13.   Commencing al post
1ne   erly along said  boundary to place of  planted  at  the nortii  west  corner of
:  Hartley Baj   ""'��� registered under the provisions of   7th  Meridian:    also   Section  12, the
on   the   "Land   Registry   Act,"   shall   be  eas)  h.,lf section 24, and  the south-
. . ast,    and  4 1       Una
mmencement '   ]t   '"  miles nori .
ng   al   a   posl    planted m   east   bank    if   Kittimal   Arm
$._ ��26. t_ien��Urun��� u_ Hawkesbu     I-:.:.!   m a small creek, forever  estopped   and   debarred from   east  quarter Section 22. Township 5,
~ west; 40      ... nce   120   chai,..   south,   10   chains setting up any claim to or in respect   Ranee 2   West  of    the 7th Meridian
. ist;   4" chains  nort iv_u_t   -.   >\,-se  01     *"*    e.n  ____jui__.,
lent east, 40 chains north, 4>> chains east, ol   the   said  land  so   sold   for   taxes   containing an'area of   13,025    acres
s   a)   a   posl    planl   :   mon        ess, 1    shore then along shore  any  unregistered  instrument, and all   eas)  nai{ section 11, and Section 12.   beginning, excluding    therefrom   anj location No. 42, thence 40 chains west,
_-,'���;;; ' . J ''   to  poinl   of commencement                   -isms claiming any  int.-rest, in the   wes, of   Timber Berths 272 and 302,   i"1"'"" of   Timber Berth   30S, which i,-,e, chains south,  10 chains eas
a west;  4..                               1                        ��� -,,.; planted   '',il   'and   by descent,   whose title is   in Townshi]   5, Range 1, West of tbe   might fall within the same, containing chains  north  to  point of
an area of Mil acres, more' or le-ss. ment.
Block  4.���Commencing at    a poinl Claim No. 14.���Commencing al post
on  lb,-   easterly   boundary  of   Timher planted  ai   tbe   norlh   west   corn,',-  ,if
Berth 302 Hlork 1.   5 chains   south- location No. 43, thence 40 chains west,
easterly   from  th,' north-easl   corner 160 chains south, 40 chains easi. 160
thereof;   ihence south-easterlj   along chains north te> poinl   of commence-
said easterl;  boundary SO cbains.more nient.
or less, to the   angle   in   said   easi claim  No.  t:,.   Commencing al the
boundarj of Timber Berth 302; ihence ���0rth wes1 corner of location  Nei.  it.
north-easterly, at right angles to last thence   4n   chains   west,   160   chains
.-   at   a   post   plant'-.!   |,  chains   north,   11  chains  west,   I '
il the north-wesl cor-
cliams north, i" e Mams west, to ;   inl
Green's pre-emption
iw-s : 160 chains wi si .
160 1 halns  1 isl      10
���   ..-   ce :..   .  n
�� ,,\        t-., more 01   le ss.
es   pr    . I
.ct "
', mdall.
1.    1 tors
[  -    :. ���     nCl ment.
No. 26. Commencing al p isl plante i
���. oul oi ������ mile in 1 a quartei wesl
if Kiakiata B ij In ii in village, on the
a rth m mk ol ty, th* ai ��� 160 chains
���. ���! . 40 chain - east; more or less
to in i;an Reserve line, thence 160
ii - south along Reserve line- to
. then along sh ire to point of
W   H   MOODT,
Local irs.
Located  April 6th, 1907.
NOTICE Is hereby given that 30
lays aft* r date, we intend to apply to
lhe   Hon.    Chief    c immlssioner    of
in Is   and   W rks    for    a     special
the   "Land   Regtsiry   m0re or less.
The berth must  be surveyed within
 ���   one year after the elate of the notice
awarding the berth.
The regulations  under  which  a 11-
Tak- notice that    thirty days after   cense
date 1  Intend  to make application to
the Chief Ce n mlssioner of Lands and
will   be    issued,    also primed  course following the boundary of said south, 40 chains east, 160 chains north
forms of tender and envelope, may be
obtained at this Department or a: the
Works tor a lie ease to cut and carry   nfri0�� oE the Crown Timber Agent at
New West minsler, B. C.
Each tendi".- mus: be accompanied
by an accepted cheque on a chartered
hank In favour of the Deputy of the
Minister of the Interior, for the amouni of the bonus which lhe applicant
��� ��� Dominion Lan ls w ith
Bell in Brltis 1 Co im
istea led by anj  a 11
sole he id of a family,
...;��� in years of   age, to   1 'ence  to  cu   and  carrj
me [uarter    ������������ " in ol
- or less,
������ made pe; b ina   -   ai
etlic*     .   the disti   t in
��� .  is situate.
ider Is required to pe
mm-ions connected I tore
.-��� of the following plans:
��� ���   six months' residence
m iltlvailon of    tie.' ...:i 1 in
��� hree yeai s
: ither (or mother, if the
ed), of the homestead
1 farm in the vlclnltj
.   ntered tor,   the   require
. lence may he satisfied
m   rei il ling   wlbh  the
' -'  tettler lias his perman-
' upon farming land own
iu the vicinity of his luun"
a'AM'.' tlra-
', r from th.' following ���!��� scribed
s;M:iie-d in the e- lasl district:
I'., ginning a: .1 po3l .1 inti d !i>':i-i
��� sn al1 baj south si - I Bi mghton
lsl ia 1 aboul < ne mile easl of Bo >ker
.en. thence north 10 chains, west
ve chains, north 80 chains, east 40
' , as. seeiih in chains, e-as: I"
1 hains. south 0 i'h.iins, . .,-: I1'
, halns, s ea::- 10 chains, wesi 40
chains to point of commencement.
away timber from the followin
; ibe I lands
No 1.���Commencing a; a pes: planted on ih-- wis' si.i.. .if Twenty-Five
Mi'.-> Cre* k ee'.'t marked James Sharpe,
N I,    I    pes' ;      Ihence   10   chains   west :
thence south Me chains: thence east SO   is Prepared to pay for i   license
chains; tin nce north M* cbains; thence
wesl  10 chains, t.> point of commencement.
No. 2.���Commencing at a posl
p] inted one mile south of James
Sharpe's No. 1 pees:: thence west I"
chains; thence south x" chain-; theni i
easl SO e halns; thence north so
imi.iins: thence wes; 10 chains, to
p.'in: of commencement.
Berth 302, 40 chains;    thence north- i��� point of commencement,
westerlj    paralled   to first course sa <-,.,,���, N-���   16_Pos1  planted al the
chains, more or less, to    correspond north west corner of location No. 42,
with  length  eif    lirsl course;    thence thence Su  chains  west,    129    chains
south-westerly    parallel    ie>    second north, 40 chains east, SO chains south,
course     10  chains, to    poin:   of com- pi   chains  east.   40   chains   south     lo
mencement, containing an area of 320 poim  of commencement,
acres, more or les. n.lim Nl,   l;     p08,  pianted ,,,  u,,.
Block -"..   Commencing at a poinl bn north west corner of location No. ll.
The' highest or any tender not nec-
essarily accepted.
\o tender bj  telegraph will be entertained.
Se* retary.
Departmenl of the Interior.
Tenders for License tc Cut Timber on
Dominion Lands in the Pi'Ovince of
British  Columbia.
Tenders   for    License   :o   cut   Timber
on  Dominion  Lands in the Province of British Columbia.
-   SEALED TENDERS addressed tothe
Commission,':'    of    Dominion     Lands.
Department of the Interior, and mark-
the easterly shore of Chehalis Lake,
50 chains southerly from northerly
end Of saiel lake; tlu-niv southerly
along saie] easterly shore of lake-. 2'i
mile's in direel elistiince'. with a depth
iif 67 ehains on said eas; shore, measured at light angles to tbe general
hearing of saiel easterly sheire eef lake
wilhin the block, containing an area
of l.:l Iii acres, more or less.
The berth mas; he surveyed wilhin one year after the date of the no-
lice awarding ibe berth,
The regulations under which a li-
11 nse will hi' Issued, also printed
forms of lender and em elope, may he
obtained al ihis Departmenl or at the
I.I p.
���r.  H.  C.  Ma
TAKE NOTICE tha' application has
- .���.;. ... | m :,. register Florence Marj
gve] : ;, a ��� the own -r in Pee Simple
under a Tux Sale !�����'< I from Tic Cor-
equlremeuts"',"'��� o*7e"si poratlon of the District of Burnaby, to
il Pel by re-id.-nce James Cunningham, bearing date the
I,,,;, ,i ,;. ol M iroh, A. D., 1902, o�� all
ami   singular  thai   certain   parcel
��� . I .nd.
��� ���' nol Ice in wrltinc
to th
e   Commlssioni r of Do-   tracl   of  land and  pre:
al Ottawa ot inieution   lying nni
I   eing In the Districl of New
e   eill
st min
iter, In the Province o
[ iPi
rn, iy In- purchased a:   .In   li-h    Coluuibli
mo e     particularlj
SEALED TENDERS a idressed to
C iramissl in* ; of Dominion Lands.
D* partmenl of the Interior, and marked on the envelope "Tender for Tim-
hi :��� Ber ii No. 516," will be received ai
this il partmenl until 12 o'clock noon
_n Wednesdaj. the 5th day of June,
1807, for a license to cul timber on
Berth No. 516, comprising lands situate in the Provim f British Columbia, and d.es, rlbe l a sfollows:���
Timber Berth No. 516, comprising
Se ctlons 27, 2S, 33, 34, and the Easl
halvi s of s.-e lions '::' and 32 In Township IS, Range 23, Wesl of the 6th
Meridian, contalnln! an area of fi
square miles, more or less,
The berth musl be a irveyed within
vear after the date uf the notice
ed on the envelope "Tender tor Tim-  office of lhe Crown Timber Agenl al
N'ew Westminster, lt. c.
Each tender musl be accompanied
bj an accepted che nte on a chartered
hank In favour of the Deputy ot the'
Minister of the Interior, for iim am
oini of Hi*' bonus which the applicanl Is ; repared to pay tor a license,
No tender hy telegraph will be enti rtained, The highest or any tender
not necessarily accepted,
Se, rotarj.
Di ; artmenl of the Interior,
oiiau e.  Vpril 24th, 1907.
ber Berth No. 519," will be received
at this De irtmenl until 12 o'clock
n.eon on We li.e-ia.'., the 24th day of
July, 1907, for a license to cul timber
on Berth N ��. ��� 19, comprising lands
situate In the Province of British Columbia on the wesl Bide of Chehalls
Lake an I  (lesi rlbed  as  follows:
Timber Berth No. 519, comprising
those portions of the followin- lamls
which ii.- to the wesi of Chehalls Lake
and oul side of Timber Berth 302 Blocli
2, namely, Sections 26, 27, the norih
half of Sectl in 28, the Bouth half of
Section 33, tho south half and the
ter of Section 34, Sec
tlon 3"
��� i  qi
'Vow 11 ship
h ,'i ol Section
thence 40 chains wesl. 160 chains
north, lh chains eas:, 160 chaini
south ie> point, of commencement
Claim No, Is.���Posl planteei a out
i ' chains north of the north wes'
corner of T. L. No. 794!, thence 160
chains west. (0 chains south, 160
(hains easi, more or leBS to river,
thence alone; river to poinl of commencement,
claim N.e. 19.���Posl planted al the
north wesl corner of T, L, 7943,
thence L60 chains w si, m chains
south, 160 chains e st. 10 chains.
norih to poini of commencement
Claim Ne,. bo.- Posl planted about
60 chains west of the north <s:isl corner of locatton No, 18, ihence 80
chains wesl, 80 chnins north, Sil chains
easi, so (hains south to poini of commencement,
claim No. 51, I'ost planted al the
south wesi corner of T. L, No, 7:* I"..
Ihence 160 chains wesl. tit chains
north,   160   chains     easl.      I'I     chain-
south to point of commencement
claim   Nee.  52,   Posl   planted aboul
'ei chains wesl of lhe seeiilb easl corner of T. L, No, 7943, thence 160
chains west, 10 chains Bouth, iii''
i hains east, Iii chains me: th to poin!
of commencement,
Located  Mae   3,  1907
the north
liollce   thn
ul ' "al and $20 for an-   know n an
more ihan
.'a   a.'I'es
I described as Bubdlvl I n
edivlsiou "A" of lol 29,
awarding the berth,
The  regulations un ler which  a  n
east quarter *
: Section iu. Section H
I   In
one indivleliial or
'.' alty at  the rale of ten
I un I
''"| of 2,000 pounds shall be
ee  grOBI output.
W, \v. CORY,
the Minister of the In-
13 and 2-1 of su
rroup I.
Vou and '-ach of you are hen
nilred to con
.ill     1><
ihe south half of Sei tion 12, thesoulh
., ��� m quarter of Section  11.    an l thc
date I Intend to make application t'i
the chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for a I cenBo ie
ul  ami carry
f. rms of tender and envelope, maj in
lotith easl  quai te
of     Section   1"
I   111*
''"  oi tanled al this Departmenl or a
iesi  the claims of the 0[fjce 0[ the Crown Timher Agent al
Township 6,
,11  in  Han.
1. Wesl of
irl ii
tax purchase:
from ih" date
of ihis mil hi'
ter Florence
forty-five days   \-(
���a   Westminster,
H.   C
Ii    first publication      gac]1  t(,��� |er  mus.  ;���. accompanied
the  7Ui   Meridian, containing  an area
of 1,310 acres, more' or Iosb,
The berth mus' be surveyed wlihln
itherwlse I shall regis-   ,,v .,��� accepted cheque on a chartered  one y*
ar after the date eef the nolle*'
Mary Eveleigh as owner  h
in favour of the Deputy of ihe  awa
rdlng tb" berth,
.way timber from iim following described lands, situated In New WeBl ���
minster district,
i. Commencing al a posi sei on
the south hank of Cjpress creek aboul
three and a half miles wesl from Silver creek, thence norih eighty chains.
sl     oighlv     chains
mih    eighty
Unauthorized   publlcatl in "f  thereof In fee,    An I
direel   Minister of the Interior, to rthe am-
The regulations under   which a H-  chai
and   west   eighty     chains     lo
I publication of this notice for thir-  ���������
elavs in a dailj   in'
i of the  bonus which the appll-
will   b
apaper publish-  Canl is prepared to pay for a license,  forms of tender and envelope, may be
poini of commencement
2.   Commencing al a posi gel close
I ai  New
will  be
1,1     The hlghesl or any tender nol ne-  obtained al ihis Departmenl or at the  p, \,,.  i  Btake, thence  norih  eighty
Auction  Sale of Condemned  Ordnance
Under direction of tho  Honour ible
ihe Minister of Mllltla and  Defence,
Messrs. Jones & Co., Auctioneers, will
.     '; -.
eby given that, 00 daya
d sufficienl b
Dated al the
rvice thereof,
larlly  accepted
I office of the crown Timber Agent ai   chain
sl    eighty    cbains
Registry Office,
No tender by telegraph will be en-  New Westminster, B, C
Ighty  chains, ami  easl  eighty  cbains
I   In:
���ml   to   apply   lei   Ihe
Province of British tertained.
Bach tender must  be accompanied  ti  i oinl of commencement.
���mmlsaloner  of   Lands
for a l*
or booming
comprising th
use. of the toreahor*
and   milling    pur-
Columbia, Ibis
A   D.,
I,    Commencing al  a  post  si'l clos
No. I  stake, thence
'i   i'ii
e whole of :i bay,
C.  3.
KEITH,      Departmenl of the .Interior,
1   Regist rar.
Ottawa, April 6, 1907.
by an accepted cheque on n chartered
hunk In favor of   tho Deputy ot   the
Minister of the Interior, for the am-  chains, Bouth  rorty chains, east  one
ounl of the bonus which the applicant  hundred and Blxty chains, north forty
s,ii bj Publli Auction, on Friday,
inh Instant, al 10:30 o'i lock a, ra.,
al Victeiri'i, certain condemned ordnance Stores, comprising Accoutrements, Tents, Blankets, Clothing and
various other articles,
The Ordnance Officer In charge wn
sl    eightyIfurnish anyfurther Information whloh
11 "i"' of tndependenl  Hay.
���' ,M 'I two mile's Bouth of ih
Is prepared le' p
IV for a license
chains and wesl eighty chains lo point
11,1 ni' Costl Islaml. on ll
a     All persona servi
1 with  Ihis untie*
"!  Kltlmat A
from Klldaln
''"! April 5th, 1907,
[AM   MOODY,   I.
' *     VANDA1
ie easl  and those cla
nn, and aboul  i wo  them,
any   I
said   .
Irolng through or under
as claiming any
nl   all  perso
In   lh,'  sah'
laud i.y virtue o
id instrument, and al
iL, Agent
ng anj
Interesl  In the
t, whose title  Is
W. IV Draper
B. C. Land
Tie' highe
sari'v ace
anv lender nol  nee- , ol   CO
l.   Commencing al a posl ael on tha
maj  be required,
Arl let
haseel  must  he  rciu.n
ed wlihln twenty-four hoars after the
Terms   c Bh.
tender by telegraph will be en-  railway   bell   lln*
tortalne I.
Secret n ���
d'sianl aboul bIx
mill's north Of the norlh shore of
Harrison   lake,  ihence    wea!    eighty
north    eighl v    chains,    east
!���:. FISKT, Colonel,
ir- uiy  Minister of Militia 'tn.l
tment ot Militia and Defence,
_!!_,(!   BIOCK
_   (
eighty  chair.
_ BOUth eighty chains
Ottawa, .lune, 1907.
t,. m MONDAY.
Cherries,   Peaches,   Pears.
^TRAVELLING TWELVE     ir.        .      ���
expect trouncing Irloorglaze |
Public Supply Stores
All - Canadian   Team Have \
Hunch   That    Saturday's ;���;
Victory Will Not Be Theirs I
18 Rooms facing
on Columbia St.;
only $50 a month
This is a cinch !   For further particulars
apply to
Malins, Coulthard & Co. m
Per J. H. VIDAL, Mgr. Real Estate Department
"Chances are N'ew Westminster will   ��1
trim them, but that alone should prevent   i lii'in   from   coming   buck   home
with  11 clean  record of victories."
So ends an article describing tie
merits of the All-Canadian team written by the sporting editor of the To-
ronto Telegram,    lie' expects thai tin   fi.
It dries hard over night, with
a high gloss, and
���   >;
8 Wears On the Floor if;
N'ew Westminster i*-;im  will beat  lh*
Tourists, and 11  is _ safe bel that eel
the members of iii*' traveling twelve !������
have a   hunch   thai   that   is   exactly >l
what will happen to them when they ;���;
strike   the   Royal  city.    It   won).I   be. >J
the  biggest   surprise of their lives  if >���<
they ever managed to get the big end ,���,
of ib*' argument   here nexl   Saturday, *
but there is no fear that such ;i si irt- >}
���Not Off
ling thing will happen.
Playing in Winnipeg on Saturday, $
tb" Tourists trounced ;ii*' Winnipegs
by a score of three to two. No in,ligation as tei their style eef play has
yel come in hand, but people who !��5
have lived in the prairie capital are ;���;
well aware that the lacrosse team ;��?
defeated on Saturday is an aggregation that is not hare] to beat. Souris
and   Brandon     imth    hav,-     stronger  as
Soap and water docs not
mar it.
It wears as well on Outside as Inside Floors.
Use it on your Inside
Floors, Veranda and
Porch Floors, Outside
and inside Stairs or
Steps, anel wherever you
want  a durable
High Gloss Enamel Finish.
New Wellington COAL
Blacksmiths' Coal in stock.
P. O. Box   345 'Phone   105.
and enjoy to the full extent the beautiful
summer under the shady trees. :
We have a Large .Stock to select from,
but don't delay ;   first come, first choice.
teams, and if tbe All-Canadians went   V
tiji against the.  former,   they    woul I  ��J
have a foretaste of whal  will happen   f\
to them on Saturday, only in a miller   ^
form.    The  Reginas, the next   twelve
that   the   travellers   are   to   stack   up
i against, have a fairly strong team,
and tbey should make a good showing, although it is too early for the
boys  of the   Saskatchewan  capital   to
jh.ive had much practice, owing to the
i severe   weather.
An  efforl  is  being  made to induce
] the All-Canadian team to make New
Westminster their temporary headquarters, and there is every probabil-
l Ity thai this will lee1 done. Reasonable   rates   have-   been   secured   'rom
[one of the hotels, and. as the Tourists
will take away a nice little wad of
money as their share of the gate receipts, i; is certainly up to tbem to
give titis city their patronage for the
j few days they will be on the coast,
We stock the celebrated
Peter's Swiss Milk Chocolates, the most delicious of all confectionery.
Sold in packets.
Lemon's Milk Chocolate
in tasty boxes, the most
suitable of all gifts to a
young lady.
See Window Display.
THE DRUGGIST    -   Columbia St.
Hardware, Monarch Ranges        187 Columbia St.    Tel. 65
SST Agents  for   "KLEENO" TO
Approximate Cost of Installation of System $160,000
-Decision  Postponed.
At the Burnabj I iwn h ill, S itur-
day afternoon, i n importanl me eting
f ok place al (vhii h the three distrii ts of Burnaby, So ith Vancouv* i
and Richmond wer* strongly represented by members of their councils.
The subject under discussion was the
New Stock Patterns
- OF -
mmm ���
j pieces coming in ev< ry
few days.
Musical Instruments, Strings, &c.
I Electric Railway Service \
Interurban   Line.
Cars for Vancouvi r .mil vi av
; tal i"iis wii] run eve i y hai' -
hour f i m 5:50 a. in. to 11 ������'���'���'i
;. m.
City Limits Line���Service from
6:1E   a.   m.   to   1 i   Ji. in.
22 Minute Service���No trail
Between 12 and 2 anil 5 .anil 7.
30 Minute Service���Durin. remainder Of day. Transfer at
l.e i.ie,ii piaca.
Sunday   Service   half-hourly   be-
t ween S a.m. and 11 p.m.
Sapperton  Line.
1b Minute Service from 6.26 a.
iii to 11 p.m., except between
I- and .', and -" ami 7, during
".leie-h hours the service will be
Sunday Service hair-hourly between 8.30 a.in. ami  11 p.m.
: end .
By Renting ��� >ne of Our Long
Safe Deposit Boxes.
We cordially invite
you ie, inspeel them
at any time.    :    :    :
| British Columbia Electric Ry. Co., Ltd |
The Westminster Trust
and Safe Deposit Co., iu.
r. J. HART,
:     Manager     :
217-219 Columbia St.
Also, a lol . f lovely things in CHINA,
. ' able for '.v,.-1 ling gifts.
advisiiblll     , Ing in ji wa-
er    .    !    for ihe th       districts. Th ���
approximate  cosl   of  Install tlon   h is
been plac* d Rl $ ICO,01 I ';���  Col. Tra
Aft* i'   ti   ��� e.iel    leal    if  disc is sion,   n
resolution  was passed  to formacom-
mittee to discuss the matter with an
cxiee-Mi  and   i*i       repoi t   lo  a  similar '
joinl   meeting   to   be   held   on    lune
29, al   2 p.  in.    The committ* i   consists of three reeves,  Reeve  Hart, ol
Richmond, R* eve Bj rne, of Bui nahy,
and Reeve Rae, of South Vancouver..
Ainu lier  res ilul Ion   was    passed  to
the  effeel   thai   each   council   would,
before   the   nexl   meeting, pul   a  by-
11'"   b( fore  the    public  to  enable  the
r spectlve municipalities to each borrow   $1110.0011.     .\t   the   meeting,   ll ;
was   pointed out,  In  man:,'    quarters
the greal necessity of a water supply
to all these districts and the good effect it would have on real estate, The ;
meeting on June 2H will be in  position to settle iho matter,
New Wash Suits and Skirts
There is a decided freshness aboul our nei
showing of these seasonable garments i\,v ,,,nien
Many of the lines have been a little hue in arry
ing, but they open out now and renew ��� g^d
thereby adding to our reputation for the showing ofl
new styles, not just once a season, but every fewdavsl
About the Wash Skirts
Made of    materials    which  w
can  recommend  for laundryin
Skirts of White Picque, extra
quality and fullness, end
$2.25 to   $3.50
Skirts of White Duck, each
$3.25  to  $4.50.
Skirts of White Lawn, eaM;i
$3.CO  to  $3.50.
Skirts of Striped Percale, also
shown in check patterns,
each $3.00 to $5.00.
Skirts of Motted Prints, in the
besl English qualities and
patterns, each  $2.50 to $2.60.
\ A   .        r
'���flmm i
_���:   >���"'i ���        '      i
Shirt Waist  Suits
Combining style and  durability to a marked degree.
Suits  of  Checked   Percale,   in     black  and white,  with   Peter Pan.
lars   and  cuffs;   each   only   $2.00 to $3.50.
Suets  cf   White   Spotted  Muslin, trimmed   with    lace     and      nsert:-.
short   sleeves,   frilled   skirt;  each $5,50
Suits   of   White   Batiste,   waist trimmed   with   fine   tucks     and  instf-l
tions. full width   skirts;   each $9.00.
Suits  of   Fine   White   Lawn;   each   $7.50  to $9.50.
Black  Silk   Suits,   with   the  new Jumper   Blouse,     a   charming  suit ill
extra   worth;   each  $15.00.
Shop early, as this store closes at  5  p.  m. daily  except  Saturday
247 Columbia Street. New Westminster
Extra Good
Bouse on Ash street, convenient  to car and Fourth  av
. six
.  $15_
':  .'���
Fourth avenue, modern house, six rooms, near car line.
20 acres on North Hoad, unimproved,   first   class   soil.
in raise good stock Is goi i l'i:i-:ie    \\\. keep the besl ai
i'     only    Make your ch i* ken    lay bj  giving them good
Strengthen your live stock   ley   building  up   bone  and  urn*
snd  use CARNEFAC.
ItADll . have you tried I: ,    [flour i tade by the E
Milling i ompany.   [f not T* lephone  13; and try It; the i
obi ei..-1  _re excellent.
FRONT  STREET. Telephone 3 13.
"Quality and  Price"
When you get supplies for the pantry you want them
fresh.     Then when you want f,'"od
why don't you call on the man who makes a specialty
of them, ami get value for your money?
Edmonds Tea Co. '"��'������-��"-'�� *'
Phone 309


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