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The Daily News Jan 5, 1907

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/ .���-.������
i V
, legislative ^
JAN 7-1907
*^tflJCgflt��; gk.
Immense   Profit   On   Explosives  Sold   to   United   State,
Enables Corporation to Amass Riches���Company
Attempts  to Control a Rifle
New York, .Ian. 4.���The World of
today says that the powder trust, protected by a prohibitive tariff and rolling up millions in profit in its supply
to the United States government
aicm- , will, on January 9, employ ev-.
erj possible means to gain control of |
the .National Rifle Association, so
thai. If successful, it can dictate the
character of the ammunition for every
slate military organization in the country. The occasion will lie the election
of a president of the association to be
held in the Seventy-first Regiment
From July I, 1905 to July 1, 1906, the
trusi sold to the government r,,<i)T.-
820 pounds of ordnance powder. The
cost of manufacture al the mills was
32 cents a pound. The price charged '
the government was Tu cents a pound,
so thai in that one item alone the approximate profit was 3S cents a pound,
Deducting freight charges this aggregated $2,215,562.92. Powder amount
ing to 300,000 pounds lor 32-callbre
weapons was produced at a net cost of
44cent.s a pound and sold at 84% cents
20,00o blank-fire cartridges, costing 41
cents, ai 111! 2119 cents, and 7,$60
pounds for ihe 38 calibres, costing .Mi
cents, ai 94% cents.
The luial profit approximatelj footed ni' $2,348,364, which is greater than
any profit ever derived by an) sellei
id' any staple product sold in one year
to ihe Governmenl in the history ol
he Republic. Tiie monopoly carrying
i,n this business was, al the same
time- contracting with foreign nations
in furnish ammunition with which
they could attack American merchantmen on the high seas,
The trusi has absorbed all ihe powder manufacturing interests, save the
Buckeye Powder company of Peoria,
Hi., of whith Robert S. Wadddell is
] resident. He has issued an address
to the President of ihe United S::it<-.-
and tu the senators and representatives in Congress, on what he- terms
'The powder conspiracy." in This he
charges the trust with disloyally, and
urges the government to appropriate
$3,000,000 tor the building and equipment of j owder factories, to be controlled by the war department.
Owners and Agents of Riverfront Industries Admit Their  Rental  Is
Ridiculously Low���Favor Rebate Abandonment.
The  Fight   in  the  Tory  Camp  is  Fiercely  Waged, and
The  Anti-Machine  Champions  Hurl  Defiance
At Their Opponents���Will Not Be
favored  the  id a  of selling
the wai".' front hits, he had since come
to the conclusion that ii would he bet-1
ter to retain  possession of them.      In
tin.   possible even!   of the lots being
sold,  Ihe  industries  established   there
be   given
Without exception, the waterfront one I [mi
lessees have all agreed to favorably
consider the abandonment of the rebate which they lit present enjoy on
ihe amount of the rental they pay for
tie- properties they occupy along the���,:   present   would
,vater front.    At   the meeting of the  option of buying. I estinj
council   and   water  front   lessees held,     w. R.  Gilley, remarked  that he did:     -Mr-
last evening, when the whole situation   no\ think they were paying enough for'0'   "'
-as discussed  at length the opinion  the property they occupied, and he did
was freely expressed by nearly all the   not think so at the time they had first
lessees thai  tin
their properties
ual vali
'I i.e   following   paragraphs  are   from , ed for him In voice.     Some very plain
ihe   Vancouver   Province,  a   McBrlde speaking   is    promised    ut    tonight's
organ: meeting.
The big dynamite gun is to-daj be- it is reported in political circles tiling loaded and primed for Mr, John, day thai the element of the Canadian
li. Williamson, president of the Cana- Conservative Club led by Mr. Wil-
di.in Conservative Club, and i; is pro- llamson considers Itself strong enough
mised bj a considerable number of to so control tonight's meeting that an
the younger element of the party that independent Conservative candidate
.Mr. Williamson will be shot from ihe will be endorsed. If the recalcitrant
cannon's mouth tonight. It i.- declar- Strength is not underestimated ii is
ed that  bis  projection   will  be aecom- possible  that  an  attempt  to ousi   Mr.
to   flrsl    Pl'sbed  by fireworks of a highly inter-   Williamson  may  not  be successful
F.   (1.   T.   LUCaS,   vice-president
Canadian  Conservative     Club.
which   was   formerly  known    as   the
The trouble in the local Conservative parly headed by Sir Charles Hib-
berl Tupper, Mr. George II. Cowan,
and    Mr. J.  II. Seymour, under the al-
Vcung Conservative Club, announce! leged leadership of Mr. Williamson,
amount they pay for, leased them, and he would be willing'"1'* morning that tonight he expected|is th" cause of great gratification
is  far below  ihe act-, to drop the rebate and even pay an in-
there would he
ie, and several of the speakers1 cieased rental, but he thought that the. meeting of the club
expressed  iheir perfect willingness to
drop the  rebate, and also t:i pay tbe
increase I rental when the time
representative   among the Liberals.
In    fact    ii   is       It is declared in that camp thai  thi'
5 per cent  basis was a 11 ttIs too high i known  thai  Mr. I.ueas is taking spec- split    in   the   Conservative   ranks   is
more especially as 11 was proposed to  ia] care ^at  the meeting will  be a widening and dependence Is placed up-
comes i make     the lessees  pay the taxes in'arSe one, as he and members of the on   Sir Charles Tupper   and   Messrs.
' addition. I executive declare they desire to hold Cowan   and   Seymour    to    keep    the
The   c li lir   was  taken     by
On the Stump.
Mr. 11. McBrlde is very busy these
days stumping his constituency. He
is io hold a meeting at Hammond this
afternoon at 2 o'clock, and another
at the Junction at 8 in the eveniig.
Mayor Turning to Mr. Broughton, repre-i converse with Mr. Williamson. Theirj breach open to a sufficient width to
Keary, 'hose present including all the' senting the C. P. R., the mayor stated avowed purpose is to have the meeting : permit the Liberal candidates to creep
members of the old council, with the thai an application had been made by consider once again his qualifications, through to victory. So great is the
exception of Aid. Howay and Aid. Da-1 Mr.  Cassidy   for  two   lots  at   present i for ,he presidency. jubilation over the situation that some
vi<��s, and the three new members elect, used as coal bunkers by the C.P.R., Mr- Lucas declares that Mr. wil- Liberals have laughingly proposed thai
The water front lessees were also j and inquired whether he knew if the | Hamson in his recent actions has honorary membership in the Liberal
well represented.    In a few Introduc-  company   was willing  to allow   Mr.
merely   presented   views   which   were
either his own or which were furnish-
Wilhelm Proposes
Building Big Boat
London. Jan. 4���The Berlin cones-   the  tonnage of cruiser already  auth-
bcndeni of the Daily Mail says: orized, so that the new ship will have
"The  Kaiser  has decided  to eclipse
tbi    world  so  far as armored  cruisers
B   displacement   of  20,000  tons.     The
vessel   Is   to  have     turbine     engines,
which, it is planned, will make her the
ai:    concerned.     After   the    elections   Rreedies1  ,.niii,(.,.  in the world.    It  is
tin   government  will ask for authority   also designed to make the ship more
beiii the Reichstag to greatly increase   powerful than any existing battleship.
tory   remarks,   the, mayor   explained Cassidy to lease Ihe properties.    Mr.
the rearm for the calling of the met Brougham   replied   that   he could   not
lng,  mention'.' g   that   the   waterfront give a satisfactory answer to the ques-
situation vva? one which had been agi tion,    The same question was brought
luting the public mind for some time, up several  times during the evening.
Tiie  i   ?senl   annual   rental  for   water but no satisfactory issue was reached.
front   lets   >'.as   $7.".   a   year,   and   lie M was finally agreed that Mr. Cassidy
though!   ,b"i   everyone   would   agree and Mayor Keary would interview Mr.
lh.it 'ii's was not really a rental at Marpole, of the C.P.R. toda>. and en-
all, considering the value of the  pro \ deavbr   to obtain   some   satisfaction
peitlf-s.     The  actual  valuation  of the from  him.    It  developed in the course
waterfront   lots  bad   been   estimat". of the discussion that there Is an nn-   ,,, ,)���. Evening Telegram report  that
ii   ,(-L"s,.;ir Keith at $600,000, and ill derstanding with the C.P.R. whereby,   streams anj rivers are running bank
1," present time the city had recei H \ the expiration of the present lease full in many piaces wlth every indication of higher water, especially In the
Association   be
leaders of the
conferred     upon
Rapidly Rising River
Threatens Oregon Town
V,  il    Not   Interfere   With   Publication   Attorney  Telephones   Murdere-'s   Far-
of   Papers   Seized   By   French don to Sheriff While Hangman
Rome, Jan. I. - The Observatore Roll. n> today published the following
c    imunici I ion  fi om  the  Val ican:
��� it is stated that the French govern-
: i v Intends to publish the text
- me of the do< uments which wi .������
seized al ike papal nunciature in Paris December II. Tiie Holy See declares that i: declines any responsibility for tin publication, leaving it to
thi , ersons who may themselves he inured by tne publication <>;' the docu-
hien' iu use the means which they
Lidge besl to protect their rights. I;
ma-1 be born in mind, however, thai
no inventory was made al the time
of '. ��� seizu e of tin li - uments bj th"
Fi'ii'rii govt rnment."
Performs  His  Duty.
Vic ksb.ru. Miss. Jan. 4.���Will Harvey, a negro, was banged at Mayors-
ville, Miss., thret minutes before notice thai his s< itenci had been commute I reached the sheriff.
Harvey's attorneys were yesterday
notified by Gov. Vardaman that the
ue m's sentence had been commuted
io life imprisonment, He hurried to
the telephone and culled the sheriff,
'fiie latter did net   each the tt lephone
i.iil three minuti s after di������:< fell.
Harvey was hange , :' n kill! ig ani
on the lot- wanted, the C.P.R. may r<
i:  w   tin'   lease  on   Ihe  property,   ihe
. ,i ,,i not t.i exceed that paid by ihe
properties on either side.    Personally,
��� would much prefer thai Mr. Cassi-
i ompanj would secure the lots,
as ii would mean an additional industry for tie city. Mr. Cassidy seemed
lo .'��� rather disappointed on learning
o| this ai i Mgement, and was heard to
make .i remark i i al there being verj
I ��� li c liain' ��� of his company securing
ihe lots in that case.
Addressing the lessees, Mayor Keary
state i that in several cases the conditions govc' ni..- ihe lease of the lots
... not been complied with. For h;-
stance, ihe lease called for a $500
building ci each lot. in Mr. Gilley's
c; s" this had. in-.'   been done.
Mr.   Gilley  replied   that   he   had   always understood ihe $500 to read im-
lot   biiildin
High   Commissioner,
sir v. Borden is named as th
. 'ii" suc< essor ol  i. : : St rat I i
Spokane, Jan. 4. -The Great Northern, Northern Pacific and Oregon Railway and Navigation
Company's offices have issued orders to conductors
advising them that no passengers should be taken in
Idaho, Montana or British Columbia, with Spokane
as their destination, unless they have obtained a certificate of vaccination or good health, as otherwise
they will not be permitted to leave the train at this
Dr. C. V. Genoway, in charge of the local health
office, says the order exceeds the demand imposed
by the Spokane health board. He notified the railroads to warn passengers from lumber and railroad
camps that they would not be allowed in Spokane unless they could show a clean bill of health, as the
prevalence of smallpox has rendered such precautions
an idler of ?c00,000 cash for the f ani-
:,-e, 1,, 'is opinion, if it were dc-
cidi i ' sell the lots, a larger sum
ill.in   Cat   could   easily   he   reap el.
Sill k    I   .-: Ie  would  be a  great   llel'i   in
reducing the amount of the city's in
' ��� Inc is, bin ..: Ihe present ''r e
he w.i- not  personally in favor of dis-
o ing id ':.i' pro] lilies. After mi n
tioning thnt the rental would no i��� >u: -
be raised when the present Pases expired, nt ne of which had very long to
nn. Mayor Keary resumed his seal
after calling upon the meml ers of the
. mci   '    .������ I'.'k
Several ol tht  ai It ri ten I hen spoke
bi ii liy on : he subject, they all agree
ing   with   the  remarks  ma Ie   b.\   th
. . ,i r to 'in' efft cl  'hat  it  would be
:, ore  to  the in:, rests  ������'������   the city   to
lease the water lots than to sell them.
Aid. Jardine, in the course of his remarks, suite,i that he thought that the! provem mts, and  1
present  price was very low, and sug-   improvements on his place wei
sested   that   in   future    the    lessees   tainly considerably over $500.
- ' mid pay a rental on a .". per cent.
! a. is of  the  valuation,  and  also pay
��� In   . :;;���    axes.    Tne i'alue of the pro-
,   fixed       arbit rat ion.
: ,i.  aid   not      . :      bai   this c onld be
,   lied an exorbiti ��� .
After    ii     tern n rs  of the  c mncil
had i     n --"1  their opinion, the  les-
.. ,���-   wi re   '��� lie I    i on   for   rei    i'l
''.'.  Mathers   stated   thai
think thai   his company would i    eel
li  me i;iii- the council in anything l i I
......  .:; , nj  way reasonable, atei   I   mi   l<   see     I i   open   offices
j. ,i. Johnston, aldern sleet, was   a,  oss the strei        This would mean
also of the same opinion as the mayor,     i  extra   si ���'   . br!.- wynld   have
ii. thinking that $500,000 was much too   to be employed
low a valuation to place on the water       Mr.    Schaaks,'
has.      He   thought   that   the   lessees   Keary,"  you  have
understood  perfectly that a rental of    rovem  nta on your lots.
$C a month could hardly be called a     Mr,   s3chaake  explained
rental al  all.    Water lots were being   would   be  erecting
sought after right and left at the pre-   us they  could
sent   time, and  thi   occasion  was  ripe' work for them
for a raising of ihe rentals. I cently   decided   upon     extensive
Mr. Cassidy, of the B. c. packer's! provements, and  In s it montl
company,  complained   that   ii   would   would   be giving
be an injustice to sell the lots to the  skilled mechanics
highest   bidder as the men  who havej     A considerable
industries   established   al    the   pre
seal time would then be in a very had
hole.    If the lots  were  worth
to   an   outside   capitalist,   th
Portland. Ore., Jan. i.���Special des- the next twelve hours a flood of serious
patches from Willamette Valley towns proportions will inundate the law lying ground in the valley. This already has occurred in some sections
Should the river go beyond the twenty-
foot mark al Albany, considerable
damage will result. At Cottage Grove
the main business sireet is under wilier today, and residents in some sections of the city were forced to vacate
larger streams and (the Wijlaimette
River, which has risen eight feet with-
i ��� twenty-four hours, is still rising rapidly.
Unless cohi weather sets in within   their homes.
Ball  to  Be  Given  in   Honor  of  Lieut.
Governor  Will   Be   Public
Q01  conveniently   handle   their
.,,,-, ria] ;���! a building. Seeing that
tills Was thi time tor fault finding,
Mr. Gille> n m irke I thai he did not
think it was rl| hi to ki v horses on
watt rfn   i      He referred to  Mr.
��� i .: ,. '  ' li c      M '.   Mathi rs
,    , |   ..  saying that In   lid not block
��� ���   foot   ol   Elf     si      ri       ivith    c   .' -���
Mr,  Cat sidy  objected    strongl>
, ���,,   effoi ���    eins   tna lo to t ompel
when final arrangements were made.
Tickets foi the ball are now on sale
al   Ryall's  drug store,  and  can   als ���
be  obtained from  the  following:   T.  .1.
Armstrong,   J.   J,   Cambridge,   T.   J.
Trapp,   an I    C.   A.    Welsh,   Or   at    the
city hall.     The tickets are being   ol !
al   $5  for  a   gentleman's  ticket, with
privilege Of inking a  lady, and  $J  .   .
a lady's ticket.    The members ol the
committee wish to correct  th i ei ron-
,\ special meeting of thi  committees   eous |mpression thai the ball is to be
having  in  charge  the  making of ar-   m, invitation affair: it is to be a pub-
rangements   in   connection   with   the   |i(. even)  |n  ,|](. widest  sense of the
forthcoming ball to be given in honor   WOrd.
cl the approaching visit of the Lieut- ,	
Governor and Mrs. Dunsmuir was held The Polmatter siBters, who are at
yesterday afternoon  al   the city  hall,   presen1 travelling westward, and who
������_���������,,..-_.���.-���-. vi])  appear |n  Sl   Patrick's  Hajl on
fell in with a suggestion made by J. Jan. 17. are reputed to be one of the
J Johnston, and unanimously agree] most efflcienl musical attractions that
in reporl favorably to their several have yet visited this city. Th "ir sue-
companies upon the advisability ol cess in the eastern towns where they
dropping the 50 per cent re ate in have been appearing certainly stamps
futnre. The meeting adjou at I shor tbem as being well above the average
l" after id o'clock, musical no elty strollers.
remarked    Mi
not  made any im-
that   th i
wharf   as   SO in
ci   the   pile  driver to
The company had re-
,i ���
employment   to   )-������
imounl of dacussion
was  carried  on   between   Mr,  Gillej
and   several   Others,   dealing   with   the
500,000   ; rat tice  of blocking  up the   tool   of
were' Eighth   Street   water     frontage
irely worth thai amount  to the cityI    ows,    Mr. Gillej co tended thatthey
\ew   Westminster.     The   value   of]  lid  not   maki
lol   was  determined greatly   by   the
,:.;..   of   the  plant   upon   it.
Answering     Mr.     Cassidy,      Mayer
Kim: . explained that., although he hud
I ointed o it that the pul lie was always
using their wh irf without their receiving any rental for it.
Aftc"  mure disCU     :' D     'ie    mi ��� I  '���
New York, Jan. 4.���That 1,198,434 persons arrived at New York from foreign ports in 190G is
shown by the records of the department of commerce
and labor.
There were 119.231 first cabin, 134,286 second
cabin, and 944,917 steerage passengers. Of these,
134,988 cabin and 920,643 steerage passengers were
aliens, making the total number of immigrants arriving at this port 1,055,631. Among the cabin passengers 118,529 were citizens of the United States,
while 24,074 of the steerage occupants were
The largest number came from Hamburg. The
Hamburg-American line brought over 158,589, while
the North German Lloyn was second with 138,740
from Bremen.
~-4 M
SATURDAV.  JAN.  5    1,937
Published by the Oaily .News Publishing Company Limited, at their
offices, coiner of Sixth and Front
streets, n,.\v Westminster, B.C.
Managing Director J. C. BroAn
Transient display advertising, :0
cents per ,ine nonpariel) 12 lines to
tbe Inch. Five cents per line tor
subsequent insertions.
Reading notices, bold face type, 20
.-enls per line, brevier or nonpariel, 10
cents per line.
Foi time contracts, special posl-
t>ns, apply to advertising manager.
Notices of births, marriages or
deaths, 50c. Wants, for sales, lost or
found, rooms to let, etc., one cent per
word. No advertisement taken for
iesj than 25 ce��ts.
When you want BLACK sfllc.
you don't say "a spool of siik.
When you want Windsor Table
Salt, ��ay  sa-" WINDSOR."
blasting powder and by sending an
exhibit of British Columbia fruil to
"We are willing to pay the city a
higher rental," was the unanimous
voice of the waterfront lessees last
night. It is satisfactory to find such
a spirit prevailing, and also that the
idea of selling the waterfrontages has
been  abandoned.      Their   ownership
 ans more than is represented by the
revenue derived from them.
Day  Office   	
Night  Office   	
''"f'v<erV<"';- ���
SATURDAY. JAN. 5, 1907.
We   . ude   a   passing   allusion   the
��� ..I or day   m  ike  fact   that   the  year
I'Mii' bad  v. i: i.e.--i'i nianj   remarkable
proofs uf ihe growing power of a newer    and    wider   public   opinion.      The
battle of 1 lie people againsl privilege
ha.-- been a long one, and while ihe
champions of justice and free bun
could Bpeak only to the few whom,
here and there, 1 heir voices could'
reach, ii  seemed a hopeless one.
"Truth loses bailies, but never loses
campaigns," said some Ine, and these
apparently   hopeless  bailies  were   pre-
paring the way. Education spread;
a free press scattered information
broadcast; steam and electricity, mocking at distance, drew people nearer
together, and privilege found its old
plan of "divide and conquer" less and
iess effective. Today, all over the civilized world, old systems are questioned
- -old privileges challenged. The
wires bring us, almost every day,
particulars of Investigation and suits
in -which ihe big corporations and
money lords of ihe United States are
ihe defendants. In Canada we ha e
ihe beginnings of the same order of
things: and even here in British Col-,
nmbia, the Government which represents privilege and the pampering of
��� lie favored few, has been compelled
lo submit itself to lire popular verdict, and is on trial for its life.
Even in the old Country, the de-
mocracj has arisen and ihe battle between the "(kisses" and the "masses"
k- iu full swing. There, as elsewhere,
ml ' lie's will be made. Russia it today an object  lesson of tile crueltj    Mil
wrong which goes hand in baud with
,-���> abolition of "old ttnj chartered
lies." Among An^io-Saxon peoples
v Ith their inli' r,.,,i love of constitu-
l^onul procedure, the errors and In-
lices .,;,. iess pronounced and less
Si ;������' iching in their effects; hut they
.\i' .,
lu Britain jusl now ihe interest of
, flghi centres around the conflict
1 ei ween lauds and Commons, A Liberal, returned at a bye-election the
other day, says of Ihe feeling as he
md ii. Tiie Education question was
I ominenl throughoul the contest,
there was an overwhelming sentimenl
ii-.  lb,- constituency in  favor of repu-
dintlni  ''.'" 1 1 ���' amen li .'"it 5.   1 used
lb,- action ol' 'he Lords In ibis matter
i    Illustrate the  in ic  it ive  necessity
���1  nil ::        th  Ii   ���  to.     This argil-
���   .'.,.    extreme! liar,     Thei e
no 1 ng the tempe    of the
��� 1 de The; would novei uppi" ��� of
lln 1; ������.������: nn eni 1 tin ��� lo the 1 ountry
he bltldins ol Ih ' Pi ers, 1 ill ; e
thai he; hoitlil eep in 1 ower,
an 1 give furl her 1 rool that the) are
|>i , arnc I In cat 1 j In ; out : 11 lal re-
fi ni!,-. The) must p ced to the
other ne Bsures on thei pi ngramme,
allowing ihe Lords. If thej like, to
mui Hate and reject the ..��� Important
schemes. There could be no greater
ml ake than Mr Balfour's assumption
that the pen;.!'' ������ ig In ' the Government in their struggle with Ihe
Lords. Nothing In mod 1111 politics
has gone deeper and stirred the people
���core Intensely than the action of tbe
Bishops and the Peers in mutilating
the   Education   Bill."
Others think thai the Government
will follow the precedent of Gladstone's action in 18GS, when he made
the repeal of the paper duty, which
the Lords oppose I. a part of his general budget. The Commons have asserted the right to the sole voice in
money bills, and they can now claim
exemption for the fi lucal Ion Bill, as
ii provides for the payment of some
million sterling from the treasury.
The Lords would th in be compelled
10 accept "!��� rejeel th" hill as a whole.
Handling   Live Wires.
As an  experienced  motorman  I
should like to loll of a simple way
in which the life of the niotonnan
who was killed by the third mil the
other (lav could probably have I :i
sa\ed. If the conductor or guards
had taken a newspaper (which is an
easy article to get) and used it as 3
glove or mitten they could have
dragged the man from under the
ear a- ;oon as they re iched li m
which would ha\ e sn\ c 1 some lit! Ic
time in waiting for a rope. I have
sometimes in running surface ear-
lorn down overhead wires ami by using a newspaper (or any paper) andi
folding three or four thicknesses
pake.I up the live wire ami fastened
it around a pole or a fence. I am
convinced that paper can ho used
safely in such emergen ics and may
in future be the means of saving|
life.���New  York Times
Might  Air.
lit the old  times people had an
idea that the night air was noxious.!
They shut their windows before go- i
ing- to  bed,  under the impression
that   it   was   better  to  breathe  the
same air over and over than to have
fresh air when  the sun  was down.
That notion still survives in some'
regions, hut it is disappearing, and
now comes an  Englishman���a lecturer at the Institute of Hygiene in i
London���who  declares  that  night
air is purer ami more beneficial than
the air breathed during' the day. He
urges people to take their walks at
night as much as possible, instead of j
going out  when the sun is blazing;
and the microbes holding' high revel1
ami even regrets that it isn't practicable to have children ta1<e their
outdoor recreation al midnight.
JO3QB0BOfJBfJB)0flBWfiff j
ters anil solicitors, BI ic'l Ie
Columbia street, New Westuiii
w. j. Whiteside, H. L. Edmondi
Clothing for Men
"*   tor of the supreme court, 00
Canadian   Bank   of   Commerce   I
ing,  Columbia   street,  opposite
office, New  Westminster.    Money
Just such as a careful man will appreciate selecting his new clothes   from.
SUPERB BUSINESS SUITS. Tweeds and Serges. Absolutely faultless in every
cletail'of style, lit and finish. Hundreds of the season's richest patterns to choose from.
MAGNIFICENT OVERCOATS, a grand display. Tweeds in all their richness and
elegance; Meltons, blue and black; and all other popular fabrics.
DRESS SUITS.   Finest material, perfect lit, models of excellent workmanship.
Smoking Jackets, Dressing Gowns, Fancy Vests, Mufflers, Neckties, Umbrellas
Everything a man needs.
Get the habit, and go to
% '"
;���: :o"co��>>:>:>��:!^
barristers, solicitors, etc.        ��� ,<
(ices:    New Westminster, Trapp Blk.
corner   Clarkson   and   Lome  atri ���
Vancouver, rooms 21 to 24, 44"> (,
ville street.    Jjseph Martin, K. ('
W. Weait,  W. <J.  McQuarrle,  H.'.v
Bourne.    Mr.  Martin  will   ba In taj
Westminster offices every Friday afternoon
ters, solicitors, etc., 42 Lome
street, opposite Court House, S ��
Westminster. A. Wbeiiller, P.O. i ���
Solicitor, Oulchon block, Columbia and M'Ken/.ie streets, New We
minster, c. C.
W. MYERS GRAY, Barrister, Solb
an 1 Notary Public, In practice ���
1591 .it New Westminster, B.C.   Offices remove 1 to Curtis Block, Cl ���
son    .si reel,  opposite    Court   11
p.1)   Box 169.   Telephone 64
BOARD OF TRADE.���New   West::
ster  Board  of Trade  meets in  I
Board Room, City Hall, as folio*
Second  Wednesday of each moi
Quartt.ly   meetings  on  the  second
Wednesday    of     February,    M
August  and  November, at 8  p.  m
Annual meetings   on   the   second
Wednesday    of     February.      New
members    may    be    proposed    and
elected at any monthly or quarterly
meeting.   A. K. Whi'e. Sec.
The Wardrobe Clothier
UNION LODGE, NO. 9, A. F. & A. M.
���The regubir meeting ;>f th -
ts held on the First Wednesday In
each month, at S o'clock p. m.. In
the Masonic Temple. Sojourning
brethren are cordially invite.l to attend. Dr. W. A. DeWolf Smith,
F. &. A. M.���Regular communica
tions of this lodge are held on the
second Tuesday in each month in
Masonic Temple, at 8 ].. in. Visit-
lng brethren are tordlally invited
to attend.    D. W. Gilchrist, Sec.
The   Way   of   Lightning. 	
A   correspondent   of   Nature   re-       Hereafter ihe sum of 50c extra per
marks  that,   the   now   known   fact?; ton   will   be  charged   on  all  coal de-!
seem  to  require a  modification of   livered beyond 4th avenue ami Peni-j
the  statement  found   in  some text   tcntiary, or any extra long packs, and!
ho.,ks that "it is impossible to say  either up or down stairs,
whether a flash of lightning moves
from a cloud to f ho earth or in the
opposite  direction."    Many photographs  of   lightning   taken   in   the
Transvaal  show  that,  in   all  cases,
tiie discharges were from cloud tol
cloud  or   from   the   clouds  to  tin
earth.   Quite frequently, the correspondent says, ho has observed lightning flashes leaving a cloud for the
earth, bui fading away before reach-
in" it.    The opposite phenomenon
lias not. been observed.
Tlis   King's   Welsh.
The king, who was Prince of
Wales for a longer period thai; any
if his pr 'd : -"i-. is .���:,"! i;> speak
a few words oi' Welsh. There is a
story told of a Chicago girl, the
daughter "I' a millionaire, who, in
tho days before his majesty had
ascended lie' throne, had determined io \ isil England. A friend found
her studying Welsh, ami in reply lo
a quest ��� m i lie girl said, "I'm going
to he pre :' id '���' the Prince ol
Wale- when I'm in London, and 1
should like I 1 be able to speak to
him in his 1 al mil ive lang ia je."���
St. Jai ics' (i
A   Prodigious   Egg.
There is I e: liibited in Liver
pool .1 prod egg, 1i1.ii of a tall,
flight I ��� bird ������ Aepyornis inaxi-
tniis���which formerly inhabited the
island of Madagascar. The eggs oi
llii.- imm 'ii-e en al tire are nearly a
yard in cir lumfcrence and a foot in
length, ami their cubical contents,
roughly speaking, arc equal to sis
ostrich eggs, or 150 lien-' eggs, or
I'.'i.noil humming birds' eggs, or two
gallons of water. The market price 1
ranges from ��3o to ��G0, only twenty
known specimoi    bcin ; in existence.
217-219 Columbia St.
Gilley Bros.
We wish to call the attention of the (Brick
using) public to our new and
varied stock'of
From the Vancouver Fire Clay Co.,  at
Claybura, B. C.
K.    11.    K.    of    1.    1 ts    fourth
Friday    of    each     month,    at     v
p.   m.,   in   Orange   hall,   corner
Royal   avenue   and   7th   street
journing Sir Knights   cordially
vlted to attend.    W. E. Dunlop,
P.; .1. Hood, li- -
���Meets In Orange hall ti.st and
third Friday In each month al 8 p.
in. Visiting brethren are cordially
Invited to attend. R. E, Matthias,
VV. M.; J. Humphries, Rec.-Sec
I. O. O. F.���AMITY LODGE. No. 27���
The regular meetings uf this lodge
are held in Oddfellows' hall, Columbia street, every Monday evening,
at S o'clock. Visiting brethren cordially Invited to attend. A. P. Halla-
day, \.<;.: W. C. Coatham, Rec. Sec.
I ���
all prices
Rapid, Easy Grinders
Three  sizes,���8,   10  and   12-inch
plates.   Also bagging attachments
for same.
A full line of Pulpers, Slicers, Hay and
Ensilage Cutters.
,. O. U. W��� FRASER LODGE Mo. 3
- V] lngs tite first and third Tuesday in each month. Visiting
brethren cordially Invited to att> n I.
Lodge room, A. O. U. W. hall, Od I-
fellows' block, Clarkson street, O.
S, Corrlgan, recorder; Louis Witt,
master workman.
���03E   OF   COLUMBIA    LODGE    No.
115,   SONS   OF   ENGLAND,   B.   8.���
RinI Rose Degree meets Soi ond and
Fourth Wednesday of each i
In K. of P. Hall, Columbia St., n
s p. m., White Ro ie Oi .'������". Fourth
Wednesday in each month, same
lime and place. Visit Inn Brethren
cordially Invited, li. B, Stinch-
combe, Pres., II. Dlf ney, R��������� rotary.
iOURT BRUNETTE, No. 40:)0, I.O.F,
���Meets the Fourth Friday In the
month at 8 o'clock, In the i mall
hall, Oddfellows' block. Visiting
brethren are cordi- ��� Invited to attend. J. B. Rushti u, C. H., K Y.
Maxwell, R. S.
Li nnitcd
T  ���   Mil    Let     ell u     ' al    hi
,.   the   Province        sperous,   and
isk them, How? they answer
I';   sii       lng i .. era  with cheap
English Watchmaker
Two   doors   from   Geo.  Adams,  Grocer
Ladies' Gold Watches from $12.75 up
Gentlemen's Silver Watches, open
face, $6.00
Gentlemen's Silver Watches, double
case, $7.60 UP
Agent for the celebrated South Bend
Watches, supplied to the Wellman Arctic Expedition,    All warranted.
Chains, Rings, Jewelry, etc.
Watch repairing; charges reasoni
liy Graduate Optician
Milk Chocolate,
Croquettes, Wafers,
Cakes, Medallions, Etc.
Cowan's Cream Bars
I iA
A. O. F.���The regular meetings of
this Lodge are held on the Second
and Fourth Tuesdays of each month
at * i'. in. in ilie Oddfellows' Hall.
Visiting Brethren are eordialy :"-
trltoil to attend. E. C, Firth, C. �����'���
h\ P. Maxwell, Sec.
at 8 o'clock p, m., in Oddfellows'
Hall, Columbia street, Visiting
Brethren are cordially Invited to attend, Geo. Burr, S. C; N, R. Bro-^n,
CAMP, 191.���Meets on the First ar l
Third  Tuesday ol evei \   month  '
K.    ol    P. Hall,     John    McN
WSSMmJrTXZZJ^I. . . .    ��;i^?.^i:s^ESa?SaHBmiaaBBKBS      Chief; j. ,i. porre     ;. SATURDAY. JAN. 5.  1907.
The  Cash   Store
January Sale
Starts Friday, Jan. 4th
Every year we aim to reduce the stock as much
as we possibly can during the first two weeks of January, so as to make stocktaking as small a job as
possible. Not only are old goods reduced, but many
lines of new ones, especially heavy and medium winter weights, which after the warm weather comes
will be in the way.
To you these winter weights will come in just
right, now that we have real winter���so come along
and share the profits with us.
Dress Goods
Twenty pieces,  including novelty tweeds, hopsacks, homespuns, etc., in
light and dark colors.   Regular 50c and 65c.   January sale price 39c
54-inch Novelty Tweeds,  with over checks,  etc.    Regular 75c and $1.
January sale 59c
Yard wide Black Taffeta,  French and Swiss makes, full 36 inches wide.
$2 for $1.65, and $1.65 for $1.35
42-inch Meltons and Tweeds and Plaids.    Most worth 35c and some 50c.
All one price 25c
Table Linens, Etc.
Unbleached Table Damask,  heavy weight, nice floral designs, 64 inches
wide.    Regular 65c.     January sale price, per yard 50c
White Cotton Huck Towels,   size 26x40 inches.   Regular 30c.   January
sale price  20c
English Art Muslins, 40 to 48 inches, in good floral designs; blues, pinks,
etc. Regular 15c, 18c and 20c.   January sale 10c
Skirts, Suits, Etc.
Children's Eiderdown Coats,  white and cardinal.    Worth 1.50 and 1.75.
January sale 75c
Crompton's Corsets, all must be sold; so to clear them we offer 1.50 to $2
ones at 75c
Ladies' Skirts, of tweed, cheviot, etc.    One lot to be cleared at $1.95
Ladies' Cravanette and Tweed Coats;  not this year's styles, but good,
warm, serviceable garments.    Worth 6.00 to 10.00.    January sale $3.95
Black Fur Ruff's, with four tails. Regular 2.00.   January sale price. .$1.25
Ladies' Hose Supporters, white only.    Regular 25c, for 15c
Ladies' Hose Supporters,  white only,  of  wide frilled elastic.     Regular 50, for ' 25c
Ladies' Hose Supporters,  of   wide frilled silk elastic; yellow, cardinal,
mauve and white.    Regular 75c and 1.00.    January sale 50c
White Turnover Collars. Regular 15c, To clear, January sale 3 for 25c
Frilled Curtain Screens
Frilled Curtain Screens,  ecru only; frilled on both sides.     Regular 30c.
January sale, per yard 20c
Tapestry Cushion Tops,  medium size, assorted patterns.    Regular 35c.
January sale 25c
287 Columbia St., New Westminster
I Ik Daily Details
Burnaby Lake is reported in be
Freezing over in fine style. Another
flay oi' so of cold weather and skating
will he nil the rage.
A number of local labor men intend
going over to Vancouver ibis evening
lor ihe purpose ot attending a convention which is being held there.
Parties, politics, and platforms will
1" the subjects im discussion.
The recurrence or the cold spell
last evening enabled the Blelghs ami
cutters to be out again, ami the merry
sleighbells could be heard tinkling
over 'hi' frozen and snow covered
toads   until  quite   late  las!   night.
The sisters nl' St. Mary's hospital
wish to convey to ihe manj donors of
Christmas gifts received at thai iusti-
tution during the past two weeks their
sincere thanks, ami to extend to their
i.i:: 1   friends  ihe  compliments of ihe .
Richard Montfort, .1 Blain traveller,!
v.ho generally makes the world pay
him a living by begging from working people, was presented lefore the
police magistrate yesterdaj morning,
< barged with begging. The case was
1 eman led until today.
The two Hindus who were arrested
oi. Thursday afternoon im' begging
an 1 loitering around house, on ihe
hill were presented before the police
magistrate yesterday morning, and after listening to the evidence, remanded
until this morning, when sentence will
1 e passed upon them.
W. Ii. Sloan, the premier vagabond
of this city, is again in the police
toils. Sloan was ordered to leave tbe
city a few days ago, hut neglected to
conform with the order, and as a result, he will he compelled to spend
the next six weeks iu jail. Hard labor will be his lol.
There is a mild epidemic of la grippe
at present prevalent in the city, and
a number of patients suffering from
that sickness were admitted to the
Royal Columbian hospital yesterday.
This institution is tilled to capacity
these days, and the need of larger
quarters is being felt more than ever.
The funeral of Jeremiah McCarty,
v.ho was killed by u U. N. Rj train on
New Year's day, took place yesterday
ii 1 ruing in the Roman Catholic cemetery. The cortege left Murchie's undertaking parlors shortly after nine
o'clock, and proceeded to St. Peter's
cathedral, where an impressive funeral sermon was preached by Father
O'Boyle. Another short service was
held ai the grave side. The pallbearers were members of the con-!
Ptruction camp to which the deceased
1 elonged.
thus onl> could be hope to regain
Mr. Johnstone's surviving relatives
are his wife am! stepson, a brother,
who is a member of the Columbian
siaff, in New Westminster, and his
father, two brothers and a married
sister in Toronto.
The funeral will take place this afternoon ai 2:30, ai ihe church of England cemeterv.
Another  Industry.
A rep ientati ��� of the Pacific
<'' .ist Fish company is expected to
arrive in the citj today for the purpose of making final arrangements in
connection with the leasing of two
water fronl lots Just above the Cleeve
cannery on Fronl Street. This firm
proposes to star! an Industry on this
site early this year, and when they
have got their plan) iu order, will employ a considerable number of men.
'Ihe information that the company was
prepared to make final arrangements
at the present time was conveyed to
Mayor Keary yesterday afternoon
through the medium of a telegram.
Week  of  Prayer.
W'eei, m' Prayer services will be
held in ihe Reformed Episcopal church
end ai Knox Presbyterian church. Sap-
Ai   ihe   former  the   programme for
the   week   is
Monday Rev. A deB. Owen, leader,
Rev. .1, s. Henderson, spe iker; subject, The   Church's   responsibility  foi
Tuesdaj - Adjt. Gosling, lea ler; R tv,
1 r Slpprell, Bpeiiker; subject, e luca-
Wednesday���Rev. w 11. Barra-
clough, B.A., leader; Rev. Dr. Rugg,
speaker;  subject, good government.
Thursday���Rev. M. Thomas, leader;
Rev. A. E Vert, speaker; subject.
temperanc ���
Friday Leader no' decided upon;
Rev, Mr. McKenzie, speaker; subject,
1 . angelism.
Ai Knox church, Sapperton, Mondaj
evening, Rev. McKenzie will lead, and
Rev. Mr. Lennie will be the speaker.
Tuesday evening, Key. A E. Vert,
leader; Rev. VV. H. Barraclough, speak-
Cr. Wednesday. Rev. .1. S. Henderson,
leader; Rev. A. K. deB. Owen, speaker.
Thursday, Rev. Mr. McOee, leader;
Adjt, Gosling, speaker. Friday, Rev.
U. Slpprell, leader: Rev. I). Taylor,;
The small boy who didn't-know-the-
Ice-was-thln- is busy sharpening up
1 is skates  today.
LOST���A bunch of keys, near the new-
gas house. Finder please return
to the Merchant   Hotel bar. II
WANTED���Smart Boy for Office
Apply Daily ffews.
WANTED���Hill    wanted    for    general
house  work, at   once,    Reasonable
Aii:es. Apply to Mis   |t. 1{,ISS Sharp.-
Sixth avenue  and  Tenth  street
BOY   WANTED���   All   day.   Apply   at
Morey's   Book  Store. d.t.f.-5
WANTED���First class Stenographer
wanted at once. Apply Martin.
Wear!   ,t   McQuarrle. :;���!-:!
LOST���Between cor. 2nd and College
street, $:: worth of Rubber Stamps,
Liberal reward. John Sipprell, c.o.
Daily News.
Conservative   Faction   Nominates.
The Conservative faction in Vancouver which is still loyal to the McBrlde
aggregation, nominated candidates fori
the legislature. Thursday evening.    As
anticipated, the choice fell on the four
who    are     still    "solid"���Mr.  Wilson i
hacking out���with Dr. McGuire added
to  fill  the    ticket.     The   candidates'
therefore  are, in  the  order  in which
they were elected  by  the convention,!
Hon. R. G. Tatlow, A. H. B. MacGowan,
.1   F. Garden, Dr. (!.  A.  McGuire, and ���
W .1.  Bowser.
After  ihe  selection  and    confirmation of the ticket, addresses were made
by  the  candidates.     These contained
nothing worth repetition���just a little!
"hot   air"  about the  good  workC'l   of 1
the government,  and   ihe  stereotyped
sneers anil insinuations as to Liberals
which all the government organs audi
government    candidates   keep   on   re-1
peating with the originality and force
o    "Polly   wants   a  cracker." |
MR. HARRY DAVIS, Baritone, will receive pupils. Lessons in the art of
singing and voice production. I!2l
Columbia  Street.
JOB PRINTING of every description
done at lowest rates, at the Arrow
Press. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Office: Daily News Block. .MRS.
DOMINY,  Prop	
Westminster Central School, one for
primary work.    Applications received  until  noon of January 4th, 1907.
R.   LENNIE,   Secretary.
Farm   Land!
20 Acres
$20 per acre
First-class   Soil
Good   Location
Good   Road
Only   6   miles   from   City
260 Columbia St., New Westminster
Phone 83.
Died in His Prime.
Yesterday, at his residence on Fourth
avenue, H. St. Vrain Johnstone a member of the staff of the Daily News.
passed away at the early age of ::s
Mr. Johnstone came out from Win-!
nipeg a lew months ago, on ihe invitation of ihe manager of this paper,
to take the position of linotype operator ia this office. From the flrsl net
was popular with every member of
the staff and as time passed, his Stirling qualities more and more impressed
themselves upon those who came Into
contact Willi him. A thorough master of his art. he was highly valued as
a member of the operative staff, an 1
his ; ersonal characteristics���unfailing
good temper, readiness to oblige, consideration for others���made him ihe
1 1 rsonal friend of all who knew him.
Mr. Johnstone was burn in England,
but came to Canada in his early boyhood. Tiie family settled in Toronto,
ivhere tiie deceased served his time
,1- an apprentice in the printing trade.
Willi the passing 01' ihe days of hand
((imposition and the Introduction of
type-setting machines, the hue Mr.
Johnstone Mined his attention to the
new work, and in a very shorl lime he
became an expert operator, till, at the
lime of his arrival in this city, a lew
months ago, he had gained ihe reputation of being one of the best men of
his line to be found in Canada. A
Strong labor union advocate, he held
Ihe important position, while in the
eastern metropolis, of secretary-treasurer of the Montreal English Typo-
1 raphical union. He was a consistent
member of the Church of England, a
��� romlnenl mem: er of the Sons of Eng
land an 1 ef the Masonic order, and at
, ne   lime   held   the   position   of   gran 1
lecturer iu tiie Orange order.
Suffei in:   from ;"i  organi ���  disease,
". |ii( h ran ie him for many ' ears an invalid, ho ho] "1 thai change of < lima'''
Ighl  I enefit him. but thai  hope was
PI oiate I. and   ���   tne   thn e   w teks
. [j . ���-.-      1 c; ,     led I        kc  to his
i,   his   physician   telling   hi n   thai
Lee's Furniture Emporium
For Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums,
Window Shades, Pictures and Framing,
Couches, Parlor Goods, Rattan Goods.
LEE S     Furniture      Emporium
Dupont Block New Westminster Tel. 73
Every article or piece of furniture in our establishment at
actual cost without reserve. First come, first served. We
need the cash and you want the goods.^Thisjis a chance
of a lifetime.
'���' V
V 711! and "IS Columbia St.    Four Floors.     Rear Extension, I" ront Street,   a
fa *
Temporary Premises: Trapp Block
Plumbing and Contracting
<F*5 Telephone 332 J
Aichitectural  Competition for Departmental   and  Justice   Buildings.
Competitive drawings are invited tor
Departmental and Justice Buildings to
be awarded a premium of $8,000, the
ment  at Ottawa.  Out.
The author of the best design will
b( awarded a premium on $8,000, the
second best $4.iiu<>. the third best
$2,000 and the fourth best $1,000.
Drawings will be received not later
than April 15th, 1907, and are to be
addressed to the Secretary <>r the Department of  Public  Works,  Ottawa.
This competition is open to Canadian Architects who have been resident in Canada for one year or more.
Conditions of   competition   stating
requirements  of   buildings  and   maps
Showing site, etc.  may   be had  on application  to the undersigned.
By order,
Tu pari men' of Public Works,
Ottawa, December 12, 1906,
Newspapers Inserting this advertise,
n i at without authority from the Department  will not  I ����� paid for it.
'.8,000   I EMPRESS  OF  HHITAIN 114,500
If you are sending for friends from
the   Old   Country,  buy   tickets now
while  the   cheap   rates   are  on. You
(an gel  better    accommodation and
< Ilea per  rate hy  applying to
C.P.R, Agent.
Spokane falls & Northern Ry Co.
Nelson & Ft. Sheppard Ry. Co.
Red Mountain Ry. Co.
The only all rail route between all
points east, west and south to Koss-
land, Nelson and intermediate points
connecting at Spokane with the Great
Northern, Northern Pacific and O. R.
& N. Co.
Connects at Rossland with the Canadian Pacific Railway for Boundary
Creek points.
Connects at Meyers Falls with
f-tage f'-iily for Republic.
r.uffet service on trains between
Spokane  and  Nelson.
Effective    Sunday,    November    io,
Leave Day Train Arrive
0..2O a.m Spokane   ....7.15 p.m.
12.25 Pm Rossland  ....4.10 p.m.
9.40 a.m Nelson  6.45 p.m.
The White Pass
and Yukon Route
FAIRBANKS. Daily trains (except
Sunday) carrying passengers, mail,
express and freight connect with
stages at Carcross and White Horse,
maintaining a through winter service.
For information apply to
J.  H.  ROGERS,  Traffic  Managet,
Vancouver.  B.  C.
Westminster Iron Works
Ornamental   iron   wont,   including
Fences, (Jates, Fire Escapes, etc.
Mall orders end correspondence Invited.
BEGB1E Si ui'.bi.
New Westminster. r. u. 474.
Manufacturer  of
Mineral Waters, Etc.
Aerated Waters,
Family Trade a Specialty.
Tel.  113. Office,  Eighth Street,
Th*   Meeting   of   an    Englishman   and
an   Irishman  In   New   York.
An Englishman arriving in New
York anil being a stranger met an
Irishman on the street anil, approaching him, inquired the way to
Wall street. The Irishman told him
nnd was about to pass on when the
Englishman said:
"Now. will vou tell me how to get
to Central park? 1 have heard so
much about it in London."'
The Irishman told him that also
and \va- about to go when the Englishman stopped him again and
"N'ow. me good man, being as I
am a stranger. I would like lo ask
one .more question. Will you toll
me how to get to the subway?''
The Irishman again informed
him. and. being impressed with his
manner and naturally curious, he
asked whom be had the ''honor'' of
The Englishman answered:
"Why, I am the Hon. Lord C'lian-
cey of London, England���Knight of
tbe Carter. Knight of the Crown,
Knight of the Fleece and Knight of
tbe Hat li���ami now, pray tell me
who vou are. Mr."
The Irishman dryly replied:
"(Hi. I mi. Pal Muldoon of Ho-
boken���last night, tomorrow night,
night before las! and every other
bloomin' night, sir."���Judge's Magazine of Fun.
What  Could   He   Expect?
"See here." growled the patron
in the cheap restaurant, "this coffee's cold!"
"Dat so?'* retorted the polite and
intelligent attendant. "Well, dis is
a quick lunch joint, so if de coffee
wuz hot yer couldn't drink it in a
hurry."���Boston Transcript.
For electric signs, dynamos, motors,
fans, 'phone fixtures, shades, bells, batteries, wire and cables of all kinds
and sizes, House wiring. Motor installing a specialty, All kinds of repairs promptly attended to.
J. DIGBY, Proprietor
PHONE 304.
Not Locomotive.
Mrs. Goodkind���So you are an
engineer and can't get a job in thi?
town! Well, why don't you go to
some other place ?
Tattereden Torne���1 can't, madam. You see I'm a stationary engineer!���Woman's Homo Companion.
Double Action.
'���WIIIMII ���,.���,,.
City Electric Works
Opposite Tram Office
[aaig~TC=rrr��...  ' *"l
Mr. Firstniter- I enjoy the opera
for two tiling.
Miss Gurgle���What are they?
Mr. First nit or���The music drowns
the conversation and the conversation  drowns  the  music.���Pick-Me-
"What are your impressions 0.'
America ?"
"You are a downtrodden people," answered the European revolutionist. "Vou not only have laws,
but you actually seem to enjoy obeying them!"���Washington Star.
Tess���So she's engaged to Mr.
Tolk. 1 wonder how he came to
Jess���1 don't believe he did eoine
to do it. but she was determined
nol io i"! him go until he did.���
Philadelphia Press.
Source  of  Supplies.
"I don't see why you women arc
always talking Manila!." growled
Biffkins.   "Wc men never talk it."
"Of course not," snapped Mrs.
Biffkins; "you simply furnish the
material."���Chicago News.
At the  House Party.
"Don't you think our hostess has
very winning way-?''
"Yes, indeed." he replied forcefully, as he thought of the $50 Ik
had lost to lur at bridge.���l.ippin-
cott's Magazine.
Between  Friends.
Mabel���1 am going to marry Mr.
ITyer next month, lie's a self made
Stella���Is that why he wants n
tailor made wife?���Detroit Tribune.
is watching with interest the rapid strides New Westminster is making
Investors of Vancouver are buying over here, and ARE MAKIK(;
MONEY.   Every day some new deal is made public.
Dollars! Dollars! Dollars! are what we all need, and what we intend to have.
New Westminster is on the ground floor when dealing with New
Westminster property.
Read, read every investment printed below. Some are such snaps
that you can double your money in quick order, and not necessary to put
up all the cash.
There are no two ways about it, at the present time property in the
Royal City is cheap, and every deal is a bargain at present prices.
Do a Bit of Thinking!
The tidal wave has come!    Get on the crest, and carry all before you.
A choice property has
just been placed in our
hands for rapid sale. Read
carefully, and invest; it's
a money maker.
50 Lots 45x120 in Sapperton, overlooking the
Fraser River; between the
Hospital, Distillery and
Brunette Saw Mills, with
school in center; 17 double
corner lots, balance front
and well located; all easily
cleared; perfect river view.
Corner lots $125, inside
lots $100. Only 1-4 cash,
bal. 6, 12 and 18 months;
or terms can be arranged
to suit purchaser. INDEFEASIBLE TITLE.
One acre back of the
Orphanage. $800 cash.
For full particulars apply
at once.
House on Brantford St.,
rents $15 per month. Will
sell for $1,500. Terms
$750 cash, bal. easy.
House and lot on Kth street. Lot OCx
120, tl rooms, woodshed chicken house,
$1,050.    Terms easy.
100 acres, Langley, 2a under cultivation; house, barn, sheas, etc. all in
good repair; a snap at $3,000, half
Another   of   Our   Snaps.
320 acres near Cloverdale; one mile :
fiom  school,    40 acres cropped  this T
1 ' : Easy terms
jear, 30 acres slashed, easily cleared.
Best   prairie  land.    Frame    house,   fi
rooms,  plastered;  large barn, chicken
In use.    woodshed,    etc.,    etc.      Only
$6,400. terms easy.
Snap in Lots.
Three lots, less 10 feet, corner of
Sixth street and Fifth avenue. .lust
$1,000,  terms easy.
Vacant lots for sale in all parts of
the city, from $25.00 to $3,000
SO acres, one mile from Abhotsford,
10 acres cleared, good soil, 220 fruit
trees, price $1,400, half cash, balance
in three equal payments at reasonable
Seven-roomed house, Seventh street,
near Fifth avenue, two storeys, full
sized lot, $1,600.
This  is  in Victoria,  are  you   moving?
I room cottage, water lavatory, back
kitchen;   harn  20x25:   size of lot,   lex
Mil;   fenced  and  cleared;   only $1,200.
Enquire at once for fuller particulars,
Full  sized  lot,  No. 1-  Third  avenue
and 13th street, north side.   $300 easy
| terms.
IT lots, full sized on 6th street, in
Burnaby, Fast side 100 yards from
Cliff   Can   factory.     Price   $1,020.
House on Royal  and Eighth  street,
two   storeys,  seven   rooms,   full   sized
lot, $2,000.
|     20   acre   blocks,    fruit   lands,   near
| .function, $20 per acre
���ISO acres, Maple Ridge, Sections 28,
j 29 and 32, Township ft, one-half prai-1
rie, rest brush and some small  trees.
Prices: Section '-',2, $45 per acre;  Sec-
I tion 29, $60 per acre; Section -S, $55
per  acre.    Telephone   at    Hammond;
For Quick Saie
Lots 2, 3, 4 & 5 in Block
22, corner of Royal Ave.
and 11th St., next to Pipe
works; $1,050 each, half
cash, bal. easy. A splendid speculation, about the
best on offer to-day. Can
be bought separately or
en bloc.
2 lots, corner r,th street aal Stfc
avenue; size of lot 100x100. Come:
lot. Can he bought at once for $45C
inside lot $-100.    Good snap.
168 acres, Coquitlam, 10 acres cleat'
ed. near Black's ranch, $2,000.
House and lot, 11:! x  100,  1% Sti  ���
situated  near Queen's avenue, $1,151.
It's up to you to stop paying rent.
One hundred and sixty acres N  V.
U   Sec.    1.".. Township  11, two milet
from   Fort   Langley,   j   a'res kIu-Ii"
No.  1 land.     Price, $10 per acre. Om
' third cash, balance on time, 7 percent
j interest.
One hundred  and  sixty acres. N \
telegraph   station,   I'itt  River   Bridge.
: ...    cres improved land,  buildings j Tem8) h.l]f (,.(s)]] ])al.im.(, (>m, an(J Uvi,
years at 7 per cent.  Exclusive agency.
Township   16,  2%  mi
and  sheds complete, near Cloverdale
all  under cultivation, $15,000.    If you
can   handle   this,  don't   delay;   it's  a
bargain;  terms can be arranged.
Exclusive Sale
5 acres on 6th St., just
off city limits. $l,i00,
easy terms. Fine property for subdivision or
market gardening, chicken
ranch or small fruit farm.
Fu:l sized lot ea Regina street, 66x
132, l.oi  lu, Sub. -1  Lot 8. Price $150.
House and 22 feet on
Columbia St. A snap at
Hie acres, Westminster district, 40
acres under cultivation, In acres or
chard, ������> acre strawberries pi inte I
this year; alder bottom land; running
spring: house is x 22; frame harn 30
x :',2; U-post frame house and coff
staldes, three in all, stable 8 cows and
2 span horses; near Mission Station;
schools, churches near a: hand;
steamer lands twi< e a da;. ; a icml lee
acre- timber, fir and cedar, ni v. i en
logged; $2,000 refused 1' r standing
timber; carriage house IG x 24; hen
bouse made of hewed timber laid in
mortar, l J x 30, A chance of a life
time, $S,000, $ 1,000 cash, balance at 6
per cent.
Furnished house to rent;
10 rooms; close in; $25 per
Or, will sell the house
and 22 ft. on Columbia St.
for $2,600; $1,000 cash,
bal. in two years.
160 acres good (arm land iu Delta,
about 3% miles from river, near Scott
road, $12 per acre; a real good buy.
10(i acres, N.E. V* section 19, township In, Langley; small house, 30
acres cleared, timber valued $7a0.
Price $1,500, one-third cash, balance
nt 7 per cent.
House and 1V6 :"ts' '���' rooms, price
$1,375, hall' cash, balance to be arranged at C per cent.; Alice street.
10 acres near Mud Bay, $7 per acre;
see us for fuller particulars.
.lames Inlet, three square miles, at
$6.00 per acre, half cash, balance easy.
Does It Pay?
160 acres, 10 ac. cleared,
without a stump in them;
nearly all planted with
fruit trees, apples, pears,
plums, cherries. Small
house; barn and stable30x
56; good well; half-mile
from school. Only $1 O
per ac. and terms easy at
from      Abhotsford,    creek       ninnii..
through.   BO   acres  alder  bottom, sal
to   be  $600  worth  of timber  on th
property.     Price $10 per acre,  >_. c  -
balance on time.
Business Opportunity
Bakery and Confectionery business for sale. A
splendid opportunity for
good man. Shop, house"
and stable rents for $25.
Lease, $700 cash for
_ In best residential portion of New Westminster,
east end; close to car; 6
large rooms and large reception hall; modern in every respect; 2 full lots 132
x 132, all in lawn, laid out
with shrubs and flowers;
tennis court on one side.
Price $2,500. Terms $i
cash, bal. on mortgage.
all over the city for sale
from $50 to $3,000.
See us immediately. Tell
us where you want a lot
and we can supply.
Not a  Flattering  Attention.
"Who is thai strange looking man
who stares at me so much?"
"Why, that's Von Humperdinck,
the eminent insanity expert." ���
Cleveland Plain Healer.
House and lot, GO x 133, back of
brewery, facing Columbia St. Rents
for $24.00 per month. Price $1,200,
half cash, balance in six months.
You cannot possibly get a higher percentage for your money than 1 i per
l.oi No. |u. lull size, on Amies
Btreet, all cleared ami fenced, ready
for building: a real good speculation
foi   $600.     Hail   lot   No.  7, $250.
160 acres on the Scott road, 1". acres
cleared; barn 60 x 30; Stables, etc,
splendid soil; only $30 per acre. $1,000
cash, balance easy.
Between Fifth and Sixth avenues,
near Seventh Btreet, eight rooms, all
modern, stable and chicken house, full
sized loi, two store>s, $1,000 cash,
Three full-sized lots, cleared and
fenced, close lo car; corner of Fourth
avenue and Third street; a good speculation; five minutes from posl office;
$1,800;  easy  terms.
160 acres in Surrey, 5 acres cleared,;
fenced on road  side, $1,800, half cash,
balance  on   lime at   0   per  cent., su',-
ject  to sale of timber.
ti" acres, Hornby Ranch, Nlckomekl,
house cost $2,500 when built, 20 acres
cleared. Price only $3,000, half cash,
balance easy,
80 acres of land n iar Sutherland's
mil,, in Surrey; good house, 0 acres
('bared;   only $1,000, easy terms.
8-roomed house, all modern Improvements, line location, corner of Fourth
streel and Agnes, $5,000, one half
cash. A comfortable home and good
family   residence.
Eight-roomed house , all modern
conveniences, on Carnarvon street and
Sixth street, two storeys, $3,750.
House and lot on Agnes street, two
storeys, seven rooms; a real snap a;
Large let and two collates on Columbia Btreet, Sapperton. Both rented
a' $10 each.
Five cottages and two lots on First
street, opposite Queen's park. Price
One ami a half lots, Sapperton, just
off Columbia Btreel and Brunette, only
$1,000.   Terms to be arranged.
100 acres, all fenced, ready for cul-
livatioii, good water, half mile from
school, at   Chiiliwack, $75 per acre.
S and 10 acre blocks in Surrey, three
miles from the river, $10 per acre.
Part of lot 369, joins Lake Conunur,
about 70 acres, only $25 per acre.
Hall' cash.    Jump.
(10 acres good fruit land in Surrey;
can be bough! now for $25 per acre,
only one-quarter cash needed, balance
in one or two years ai 7 per cent.
01 acres in I'itt Meadows, only
$35 per acre. One third cash, balance
at  0  per cent.
Double tenement house. ."> rooms in
each house, water, light, full size lol,
between First and Second street,
Fourth avenue, on north side. Price
$1,500, half cash, balance in one year
al 0 per cent.
Ten acres in Lot it;:;, one mile easl
of Westminster Junction, AI soil, eat
lly cleared.   $30 per acre.
Two storied house, 7 rooms, bath,
?.\ver connections, all modern improvements, splendid locality, $2,800.
Terms arranged.
1%-Storey house, six rooms, prlci
$100, easy terms; near car line: centrally located.
House, corner of Fifth avenue and
Sixth street, one lot, two storeys, t'
rooms, $2,500, half cash.
Boarding house, 20 rooms, on Sixth
street, one bloc!' from |l0;;t office,
rents at %'M per month, or for sale a'
House, eight room-', on S' Geo;;'
street, comer Fourth, $2,500; easy
House, full sized lot, en Kearj
street, Sapperton; reals lor $lo pi.
month,   only $1,050.
Just Look!
80 acres in Matsqui Municipality, 4-room house,
chicken house; one ac.
cleared; good well, purest
water. $ 1,000. Chance
of a lifetime.
160 acres in Surrey, near Brown &
Coulthard's ranch, $7 per acre; good
terms; fruit lands; see us for pai
House, 10 rooms, 1 (^ lots, neat
Fourth avenue and Seventh street.
$2,000.   Terms can be arranged.
135 acres, one mile from Hunting
don, B.C., 70 acres in grass, li, acn'"
drained and fenced; house and barn
cost $2,500; good road along one Bide;
price $50 per acre, half rush, balance
to suit purchaser at o per cent. Re*
son for selling, the owner's wife is in
bad health, and litis to go to a cold
Keeps Her From Talking.
She But, Jack, you must noi
kiss me ail the time!
He-It"? Ihe only way I can keej.
you quiet.���Yonkers Statesman.
McQuarrie & Co., Real Estate Brokers
Agents for Employers' Liability, and Union Fire Assurance Co. of London. SATURDAY, JAN. 5,  1907.
We have them in all sizes
from one acre up to one
thousand, and at prices
ranging from $5.00 up to
$500.00.   Here are a Few:
"Uh, yes; it may  seem  vry  romantic, but when  it comes right down to !
living In  two  poky  little  rooms  and j
subsisting  on   the  bare  necessities  of ]
life then you get a taste of reality, and I
it Is quite a different affair.   I'm tired i
and  weary of it all, and  I'm  going to j cJyUi*;'""''./V"1"'
pack   up  tomorrow  and  go home.   So
"Now, my dear sister, what's the Use
of taking things so seriously'; I know-
it's nothing very 'funic' hut I am uot
going to give in, and I'm sure It's just
as hard for one of nn us It Is for the
other, and if you am! AI waut to go
home so very badly -well, go! But I
am unite content to stay and Intend
I  realized us  well as either of them
determined, I ��ay to marry, and marry whom and when I please."
Here be turned and left u< In �� state
of deep bewilderment and astonishment
We looked 'ruin one to the other.
Never bad we seen such a display of
his temper. Poor Ai: Shall 1 over forget her face? She was on the verge of
was thunderstruck,
hut managed to gasp out, "What are
we to do?" Bach looked to me for a
"Do?" I said. "Get out. Come on.
Take what we need.   I'm going!"
They stared at me In horror.
"But, I'eggy, where are you going
"doing? Oh, never mind. We can
find a place."
We proceeded to pack up what we
needed most, and In a short tlmo we
were   alone - alone   lu   the   cold,   cold
Second Hand Store
world, with JiVt $14.78 scraped up���
our position was anything but one to j pj��� money -and a firm resolution never
laugh  at as I   gazed around the little I to    return    until    pa    sought   us    and
801���Business    and     property     for 1004    160 acres,   four or five   iocs
sale;  .six  acres  of  land;   bouse,   six| cleared and under cultivation; L0 acres
rooms;  barn, 45x25 feet;  shed-, chick-   ha\ en slashed but  have grown up
en house  with  covered run;   land all a;   in   with  small   brush;   balance   >f
cleared;   part  orchard   and  part  gar- . ad lightly timbered, prlncipallj  ced-
den.     Price,   for   land   and   building, ai   and alder;   small   log house,  burn
$2,500.     Fairly good stock of general and  outbuildings;   soil   rich and   leep
merchandise can  be purchased if de- (lay  loam.       Price $600.
1005���00 acres;   no    improvements.
mile   distant;   house  fairly   comfort- i   ice $700;  reasonable terms.
209���Surrey;   690  acres;   very   fair able;  other buildings, of nominal val- ,
soil-   divided  into 10 acres lots;  two   ue.     Price $4,000;  terms can   be  ar- 1006���80 acres; nine ace- bru lied,
of the  lots front on  Scott road;   will   ranger. .-lashed,   seeded   down;   neai   ;....���--.
make excellent fruit or poultry farm;      an.                        _,         ��� ., Prairie post    office.    Price    $16 per
near   market'    ::'..   miles   from   city.      806--320 acres;  near Clover Valley acre;  $200 down, balance to suit at 6
Price  $15  per acre;   easy    terms    {���   post office. percent.
parties improving.
202.���Ill   acres;   east   side  of Scott I
road about IV2 miles from New Westminster.    Price $2,200.
208���111 acres in South Westminster I
about I acres have been logged and
burned; frame of house worth about
$200; about 2 miles from New Westminster. Price $600; % cash, balance
on tei ins  to suit   purchaser.
brought us back to reign supreme as
we had heretofore done.
80 that's how we sat that night. It
was just tivo days. Our puree was
very slim, ami we were starting to
"wonder and yorry."    Al and (lert bad
bare room and compared it with our
own luxurious ones at home, but give
111- never! Tor if I weakened they
surely would.
Mother had died when I was quite
small and left US three girls, nearly all
the same age. and "pa," as we were
wont  to  call  him,  bad   watched   and
cared for us until we had reached wo- ! poor Cert, tir^d und discouraged,  In-
manhood,   and   all   went   well   until - ! formed me it was no romance.
yes   until Miss Tabitba Jenkins, spin- ;    "Now, you know, Gort, if we give in
ster of uncertain  age,  made her ap.   pa will marry'Lady Tabltha,'and that
Second Hand Goods of
all kinds bought and
sold for cash. All Mail
Orders promptly attended to. Kindly write or
call at
Sign Man on Wheel.
Columbia St. New Westminster.
Phone 275
>��'lllll��-|    ,1111,    V "��� ' J ��� -*'   Ull'l   , 11  1 L   11,111 ^      w .
been out all day seeking employment,   g        (~~\TY*\ Tm 1 mf-^lT^T ^s
and [ kept house.    They were relating   I **J* *��� l^lll I Iv-'l HO
their  fruitless adventures  when  Qert,    ^**S
of the Season
807���80 acres;  Nicomekl river runs      lulu���160  acres;   good land;    good
212���100 acres in Surrey this land  through this property; l'/a miles from   roads; near school, etc.; 17 acres clear-
 'ami  is five Surrey Centre post office; no improve- ed and under cultivation; comfortable
ments.    Offer wanted. dwelling house, 0 rooms;  barn jb.\32;
I poultry house;   pig house and Slaught-
808���160 acres;   this is a  most de- ,., nouse    Prlce $2,000; $500 cash, bal-
sirable  property;   Port  Kells  station, ,u;ce ,m u,,ms 6      . cenU
Great Northern Railway, is ou adjoin-!
ing lot; steamboat landing, school,t 1011���160 acres; three miles from
church, store, post office, convenient; Shortreed's post office; a good portion
O'/L. miles from city of New Westmin- o: this lot is first-class bottom land,
ster; several acres cleared; house, suitable for hop growing or general
sheds, etc.; as this property lies so farming; there are no buildings of any
conveniently to market, it is very
suitable for poultry farms; good soil.
Price $2,000.
fronts on the Scott road
miles from S. Westminster; there are
some 10 acres of fairly good land on
east end of lot; while the pile timber
is valuable on the balance, und is not
subject to royalty for stumpage, this
being 01.e of the old C G.'s, Reasonable terms.
215���40 acres; unimproved; Vi mile
back from Scott toad; good soil; will
make a good cheap home for the right
man.     Price$10 per acre.
216��� r>04 acres; Surrey; eight miles
from town; there is a commodious
dwelling house and barn on this property; some la or 20 acres have been
Improved; orchard, etc.; splendidly
located; several fine springs of water
flow across the land; the Serpentine
river is immediately adjoining: the
whole tract constitutes the making
of one of the finest slock and dairy
farms in the province; nearly all level bottom land   and  readily  brought
value; 2" acres have been partly improved; this is a desirable farm. Price
M^���160 acres;  1 mile from Clover-1     10I0���160 acres;  property    consists
dale,  log house; some 10 acres clear- of hoU!se aml ljarn; large ciearlng, good
���.-I  under cultivation;  some fenc-|M)i|. 20 acres of open swamp prairie;
line limber on high laud. Price $1,500;
half cash: balance on time to suit.
comer lot;  good roads; some ce-
dar   and   lir   timber.       Price   $1,250;
cash ?l,ooo,  balance terms to  suit.
1020���160   acres,   three   miles   from
Ml���150 acres;  this is a fine farm,! Shortreed's   post   office;   small  house
well improved, in good neighborhood;   and barn; two small clearings; a few
110 acres improved;  dwelling, barns,|fruit trees; goo,id soil; short distance
into cultivation; easily cleared, and; laid down to grass; Cloverdale sta'
when reclaimed would sell rcadil;. tion, (I. N. It., on property; 11 miles
for $10(1 [.or acre.    Price as it  stands   from  New   Westminster;   good  road
pens, root house;  land all. from school, store and post office; the
$40   per   acre;   immediate  possess! m.
300���100 acres; no improvements;
Situated aboul five miles from New
Westminster and 1>2 miles from Mud
Bay.     $10 per acre,
401. it',0 acres. $1,600, on reason
able terms; practically no Improvements; new railroad runs close to
this pioperty.
40-' -110 acres; Po miles from New
Wes"i:;   ster.     Offer  wanted.
40-1 Kin acres; all under cultivation: new bouse und barn; everything in first class condition. Price
$125  per acre.
400���160 acres; .", miles from New
Westminster and I1- miles from Mud
Bay. .        Offers Wanted.
501���4(i acres; this land Is Situated
Bear Point Roberts In Helta municipality; unimproved; good soil; timber
land; good mad; IVss miles from Ladder's Landing: will make nice place
When improved. Price $10 per acre
% cash, balance can be arranged to
Suit,  interest  0  per  cent.
TT' Kensington Prairie; 160 acres;
this place fronts on the Clover Valley  read;  good  soil, easy  brotlghl   in;
.very little improvement, but laud is
very open; good pasture; this is a
good investment for a practical man.
Price   $30   per   acre:    terms    to   suit
school, churches, mills. Price $14,000;
terms $5,000 cash, balance $1,000  per
, year,   interest  0   per  cent.
819���Surrey Centre; 80 acres; this
is a piece of hind, excellently silua-
led, a large portion of which is good
soil and easily cleared; the other portion is lighter soil, but has a large
portion of valuable timber worth
$1,500, which is now being hauled to
the sawmill; there is a line new 7-
roomed house; also sheds; good well;
small clearing. Price $2,C0D; terms on
820���SO acres; this is a splend! I location; cornei'; llrst-class soil;; practically 40 acres cleared and under
cultivation; good house, building :
good water; 111',., miles from town;
good roads; 1 mile from Cloverdale
village; churches, school, municipal
hall, stores, post office, all adjoining;
G.N.R. 1 mile, etc. Price $4,500; term-
S22���100 acres; light soil, when
cleared will make a good sheep farm;
s< hool, church, posl office and store
convenient; Port Kells and Clayton
each three mile- away. Price $10 per
si! I 60 acres; T", miles from city.
good soil; unimproved. Price $10
per acre.
We never really loved her from the
first. She was so er prim and plain,
as I said to Al. and our love increased
very little when we learned that she
bad the audacity to hint 1.) pa she
thought his girls needed some one
older, with a more advanced knowledge of the world, etc., to guard', advise and direct them.
Pa began to consider her a very sensible woman���in fact, too much sound to think that perhaps after all he
was doing bis daughters an injustice
by not placing just such a person at
tbe head of his family, to say nothing
of his own loneliness, but we girls '
seemed to take a different view of the
affair, and "thereby hangs a tale."
We were sitting chatting quietly one ]
day when he "dropped upon us" and
Informed us of hat, intention of bringing home to us a mother. We knew
without his telling "who" the object of
his affection was. I was first inclined
to laugh, but controlled myself in time
and said:
"Oh, you do, do you'.' Pray, who?
We have done without one all along,
and I think we hardly need one now.
We do not care to have you burden us
with any stepmother, and"��� But I
had gone too far. Father's eyes flashed. I saw that I had angered him, for
he has a quick temper.
"So you, you, a mere child, dare inc
line of the Coast-Kootenay railway is
said to he located near this property.
Price $1,800.
OU   Jt uil,   VUU|   ti   unit-   > 111 mi,
1021���160 acres;   loo  acres    choice tato to me   me, your father?  What do
land, balance lighter; suitable for fruit you mean'.'   If you don'fcliko my plans,
and   sheep   raising;   lo   acres  cleared, you  know  what  you can do���not only
lut grown up with alder brush; school you, hut the whole three of you.   The
would be no romance. Just imagine
her chaperoning us! Ha, ha! I'd do
all in my power to shock her, for you
know I like bar as much as a ben does
water. Oh, yes, of course we could
love ber, and If we don't pa will come
after us, so don't give in."
That night my thoughts were far
away. 1 was thinking of home-home
and father, for we loved him. He had
been such a good father to us, even
though he did have a temper, and we
had left him.
I could keep up no longer. I laid my
head on my pillow and cried. How
long I was there 1 do not know, but I
fell asleep, and I was awakened by
the voice of my landlady saying:
"Well, I'm sure I don't kuow whether
the young ladies are In or not. They
are always very quiet. I shall knock,
Then I heard a dear, dear familiar
voice saying, "Oh, my girls, my poor,
dear girls!" My heart jumped. I opened the door and was in his arms.
"Poor, dear, .1 vr old .lad!" I sobbed.
"To think we could leave you. and we
have been so entirely miserable. Take
us home, dad, right away." 1 led pa
to each of the others. He kissed both.
I started to exchange my house dress
tor a street gown and said: "Come on,
girls, pack up! We are going homV1���
Boston Post.
We take this opportunity of expressing our sincere thanks lo our
many customers for their liberal patronage during Xmas week and previously. Our business this year, 1906, has
been a record breaker, especially during Xmas week.
Trusting  that   you   will   favor   us
with your patronage in the future,
I remain,
Yours truly,
THE JEWELER      Columbia St.
Foot of^4th Ave.   Cor. 16th  Street
New Westminster, B. C.
Can Keep Them Going.
We can't turn hack th" wheals of tlma.
As you have doubtless read,
But we can always wind our wateh
Before we go to bed.
S25���16U  acres;   this is   very  fertile
_,���   ,. ���   ..    .���,, land, well situated and practically the
,'Ml -   - U eiwm " T , >n   lOViirie'    .'II   .   -lereS'   . '
nearest good agricultural land, on Hie
Surrey side, to the city; it is distanl
sit;   good   water;    10   acres   underlie"1 miles;  good road:   unimproved'
md   cultivation;   balance  very   fa.ir
720���Kensington Prairie; 79% acres
this is a most excellent proposition
first   class   laud;   deep   vegetable   di
I1;   miles,   post   office   :;   miles;   good
Imp growing district.    Price $1,600.
1026���160 acres; soil good: substantial improvements; post office and
otter public hall, one mile; good neighborhood.    Price $15 per acre.
! lno���10H acres; soil goo 1 light
loam; several acres cleared; balance
good timber; school and post office
three miles, one mile from Langley
Prairie: very desirable lot. Price
llul���60 acres; medium heavy timber; a portion of this has been slashed.
Price, $1,600, hall cash.
1102���8  acres;   three   miles  east     of
fort   I.:iugle>   and one   mile  south   of
the  river.     Offer wanted.
I lo:!���100 acres; eleven acres improved, but partly grown up with al ler
brush; large open beaver meadow;
balance, second growth of timber;
.Mod   soil;   convenient   to  school,   post1
office, church, store and steamer landing.     Price $15 per acre.
I 104���160 acres: all fiat, peaty lard:
splendid soil and very easily cleared;
i overed with hardback and a few
������ mil) pines; above IS91 high watei :
goi 1 roads: aboul ', mile from Kraser
river, near to -tore an 1 post office.
Pi ice $20 per acre.
way is clear.   I came to ask your opin-
'ou. but now���now i am determined���
Of Course.
"Are these good scales?"
"Depends upon whether you want t�� j
bnv or gnlj t." thorn '
All kinds of Ship repair
Ship and Scow   Building
a specialty.
Estimates   promptly furnished.
RESIDENCE���24 Eighth street, New
Westminster, B.C.
asterbrook Milling Com'y
pasture; well fenced; school on corner i 1 lol ; buildings consist of dwelling IMxIiO, I1:.' storey, 0 rooms, in
good 1 .pair: new barn 00x70. well
built and fitted; poultry houses, cab-
Ins, 1 beds; Immediate possession.
Price $65 per acre; cash preferred, but
tern.'   (an  be arranged  for part.
7-1 100 acres; soil on south light
well adapted lo sheep and fruit raising: north side soil stronger, will produce (lover in abundance; small
Clearing: house and harn; orchard.
etc.: school, cliuri ii. post office and
Store convenient : Greal Northern
railway, Cloverdale. 2% miles. Price
800���100 acres; about 60 ncms
bush; balance open bind that the
mower can run over;  school house '��� \
the  districl:   all   bottom  bind.
$40 per acre.
1105    lot) acres;
rice $12 per acre;
d good quality.
902���150 acres good land; 8 acre-
cleared and in good cultivation; goo i
orchard, selected fruits; t.j mile from
steamboat landing; ���"���, mile from Bta-
th.11. G.N.R.; large quantity of valuable
timber; dwelling house 24x24, :i
rooms; harn and stable, woodshed;
poultry house, root house. Price $15
per acre; terms 'L, cash, balance to
arrange 0 per cent, interest.
903���90 acres; Langley municipality; 'I mile from river: this is a piece
of bind well worth looking after, and
should be readily taken up; will be
- bl cheap and on easy terms
Z i-.50 per acre.
1107 To acres; about l" acres clear-
e: and w dl fenced; '" frull trees;
small house and barn of nominal value
the uncleared portion is lightly titn-
bcre 1. brush, etc.: good soil; a mile
Irian steamer landing, and very fail-
roads.   Price $1,200; reasonable terms.
I lull -160 acres; house, barn and
considerable Improvements, now grown
up with alder brush; soil good; four
miles from post office, stores and
(litirch.    Price $10 per acre..
A lady should never forget to say-
���when she wants to obtain the very best Flour
Perfection is nut easily obtainable, but you get it if
you order Imperial, made from the finest selected
wheat grown in the great Northwest.
Price   tivation;    :
18x24   feet,
1 good   barn.
acres; 30 acres under cul-.
;ood     new     frame    house,
with  lean-to   12x24   feet;
25x44 feet:   stable,   20x30
Unexcelled for Pastry.'
Try It
1   ".',    so acres;   about  one acre clear-   ���"('!; hen house. 16x24 feet; large root ]
R02���110 acres;   house and  barn onjed;   pari  light and  pari   heavy timber,   house;   175  fruit   trees;   well  situated.
high land.     Price $2,200. Price $15 oer acre. Price $3,500;  reasonable terras,
Bakers, we strongly recommend our Strong Bakers.
Ask for Terminal, and see that you get it.
A      iff
The Easterbrook Milling Co.
McQUARRIE &   CO.,   Local Agents.
122  Front St
j *��
Sfrrivai of CrocR6ry
and Dainty TOILET  SETS.
Also. Large  Assortment  of GLASSWARE  to
choose  from, at   the
Public Supply Stores
Matte/ iutcnilt-il for thi- column should be ad-
drcMed, "Soda! Editor, Daily News, P.O.
Bex 102, N>w Weatminttcr."
Phone   106.
'Phone    i05.
New Wellington Coal
Mayers & Preston
J. W. Creighton
Mr  and Mrs. W. Nelson Clarke have
returned to th.-ir home In Vancouver
after spending the New  Year visiting :
Mrs.  J.  MeNaiuara,   Columbia   Street.!
Mr.   Lance  Cheyne    has    returned'
from the North and is the f-'ii/'st of his
brother R, II. Cheyne, of the Land
Register Office.
The   Hon.   Richard.  Meliride   and   a i
party    of    political    friends     passed j
through   the   city   yesterday   on   their
way to Langley, where a political gathering   of   the  faithful   was   held   in
ihe evening.
I. Griffith, ol  Hazlemere, arrived in
In the city yesterday and  will remain
here a   few   days    before     returninp!
.Mr. ami  Mrs. ('   il. Cassell. of Cart-
v.'Hght, Man. 8/e at present spending!
;;  few days in the City, while on their:
hone; moon trip u> the coast.
P. O. Box   345
'Phone   105.
'Phone   IO1?.
ladies' Collarsand Belts
The Daintiest we'have ever shown
A. J. BIRTCH, 275 Columbia St.
World   Wide Articles.
A weekly reprint ol' articles and
e; Moons from leading .journals and
riviews reflecting the currenl thought
ol both hemispheres,
'World Wide1 Is a marvel of interest
and cheapness as a high class eclectic;   it   will   compare favorablj   with
anything  at  several   times   its   price.
For the small sum of one dollar and a (
half it   brings  every week  for a year j
the   besf   articles   that   appear   during
the week in the leading British, American   and   Foreign   publications.     Of
course it  appeals to the thinking ele-,
ment in each  community, those who
want to know what the world thinkers j
pre thinking;  but these will find it as
full of rare entertaininment as of wis- ,
dom.    It is absolutely world-wide in
Its interests and has no axe to grind.
The annual subscription includes  -j06
caricatured,   a   most   entertaining   review  of  the   past   year.
Sample copy free of charge to any
address,      The    annual    subscription
Don't borrow!
A Special
Saturday Snap
Between five and six dozen Child.
ren's Wool Toques, Wool Tarns, Tam
O'Shanters; Babies' Bearskin Bonnets
and Tarns, Wool Bonnets, Silk Bonnets
j       They are just what are in demand
during this wintry snap.
Regular values 60c to $2.00; while
they last, each
See our small show window
247 Columbia Street. New Westminster
11-2    ACRES
All the Leading Lines, put
up in suitable packages for
The   Holidays
In the West End.     Handy to proposed new tram
line. Don't delay buying this for a quick turnover
[nice is $1.50, and  the  publishers are   TRAVELING  SETS
John Dougal <t Son, of Montreal.
TOILET SETS,  Etc., etc.
A good supply at
Railway Accident.
Fernie,   I!.   ('..   Jan.   1.���A   runaway
engine  in  the  Michel  yards yesterday
collide]   bead-on   with   an   easthound
frcJiM, causing considerable  damage.! DRUG   STORE
The yard engine was going down  the   EUard Block,        -        New Westminster
yards   to   weigh   coke,  and   when   op-	
pi site the ovens it crashed Into the
I'reigii! The engineer and fireman,
after n versing the power, jumped, and
the H v ersed engine ran up the  tracl
Malins, Coulthard & Co.,
Real Estate, Financial and Insurance Agents,
Columbia St, - - New  Westminster B. C,
TA.Muir&Cos Growing Appreciation
W. N. Draper
Sugar Cured
local pat enger, which was du ��� abi M
that lime, 'ait fortunately the sti am
gave out before this occurred, the
tracli being a heavy up-grade ami co-
.1 fi i ;. few hours.   Nobody
B. C. Land
Ellard Block.   New Westminster, B.C.
E endeavor to give satisfaction lowa,..; ,��������-,��� x,s.. gaming �����,.,.��� an
to our customers; we think we TJ'TJ^rT^^^Z
have, as our business has grown
rapidly during the past year.
If vou are not dealing with veret: vd,h s,"nv- The Creigh<""" }^#####****#*##**###*###***#*##***#*#*##*#***#**###*#**#*####****##****#**#**#*
us, we would be pleased to have ��� '   ���
7 ���*- v.:.    injure
voir give us a trial.
Breakfast Hams and Bacon
Labor  in  San   Francisco.
a   Francisco,   Jan,   I.--The   labor
are I he prices on the following property :
Situate about 9 miles from this city,
on Barnston Island; connected daily by
steamers. We are offering blocks of five
acres and upwards of choice land suitable
for fruit raisin,;.'; and diversified farming.
Each block has frontage on the river.
Don't Wait.
?ituatii n it: San Francisco is rapidlj
��� ssuming noi mal conditions. Thi n i -
still ,i demand for ordinary laborers,
especially  for    railroad    construction.
are   badly  needed   here,   .
as  are  cement   workers,  laborers and   4
'������: 01 s.    Construct Ion work i   now   *
going on In fi]     i te '1 and frame builb-
angine from five lo sixtei n   tor   ���
1 .��� s  iii  helghi   vv hln  six     blo<       ol
I'nlon  Squa '���    v hich was the
of 1 he retail   listi Icl  and  1 I   I;     :.       ���
Tbe   dema li   leal   and   offl< 1   ���
la'',' i   cons'  nt, and Inci easln *
1 that foi  :. msehold help ���
Safe Deposit Boxes
Dredje  Remains Here.
Columbia Street, next Bank off Commerce
The mior that the dre Ige King ���
Kdward . I e remove I to Victoria 4
' ������ .'������ du ieen rev Ive I, and by many X
i e ipli  ��� ie fact appears lo he taken for  J
rere with     ie woi I I. SHRDLU suit   4
-'ranted, but the big dredge will not *
1 1 taken awaj from the Fraser 1 lv< r
unless the Ice continues to run so
heavily thai it would interfere with
tin work, If the floating Ice grows
less, it is understood thai the dredge
will   positively   remain   at    Annieville
The   Heir to  the   Hoorah.
Westminster ^r ��� iitc
Transfer Co.
Office���Tram  Depot
Columbia St.
Baggage  delivered    promptly to ^ny
part of the city.
The plaj  lasl nlghl  was a good one
TO   ORDER   the company   nol   at   all   had.     One
~ could enjoy  it   und no home satisfied
_.,_ were excellentas, as also were "Joe's"
~J>*vl    AND    UP      were   excellentas,    also    were    ".loo's"
friends.      "The   Heir  to   the   Hoorah"
Cut and Made on the Premises   deserved a far better house than was
accorded It,
LightandHeavyHaulingTHE UP-TO-DATE TAILOR
Office 'Phone 1X5.
Marrt'Vnoue 137 : 24'Front Street
Those who ever insist  upon charily
beginning   at   home,  are   seldom     al
New Westminster   '���''"���'��� V')!':| charity begins.
Westminster TRUST and
Is  the one place  in  the city where   absolute security  for  your valuables
is assured.
j Boxes  $2.50   a  Year   and   Upwards1
Silverware Stored 25c a  Month
Deeds, mortgages, insurance policies, wills, marriage certificates, certificates of stock, leases, pension papers, jewelry, money, etc., should be
kept in a safe deposit box, affording safety from fire and burglary.
Vaults open 9 a. m. to 5 p.m.     Saturdays 9 a. m. to 1 p. m.; 7:30 to 8:30 p. m.
We have MONEY TO  LOAN  on first mortgage security, at current
rate of interest.
Westminster Trust and Safe Deposit Co. iw.
�������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ���
F. J. MART, Manager


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