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The Daily News Jan 31, 1907

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the Biggest Meeting Ever Held In New Westminster,
the Libera] Speakers, Oliver, Howay, Mclnnes,
Are Accorded Magnificent Reception.
Announcement   Made   That   He  Looks
Upon   Victoria   as  His Con-
etituenc -.
aced By a Liberal   Audience, the   Great   T Spellbinder   Loses   His   Nerve,   Gets
Rattled, Makes Bad Breaks, and Fall*      , Easy Prey to His Antagonist-'
His Band of "Rooters" Try Hi J avorite Trick of   Breaking
Up the Meeting, F J Fail Miserably.
wat .'
.  ii ral meet ing in the Op-
ment Into grantini them concessions,
i as gone over to Liberal party." People hi n made the assertion that the
McB : ���- :., ; 'nment are owned bj
the C, P. Ft., said Mr. Bowser, "In an-
swer, 1 would joint out thai th<  taxes
toi  was to vote I ��   he  Lab       andi- hi   Uben     n t\ toda\    The G   T
night, and one of thi    date whom he repTesented     He pro- ailing    o bluff the McBride govern-
g,     ft���d  mow  enthusiastic ol   Its   ceeded to call attention  to the alle 	
,;     .  .      ��� ,i  in  this   constituency,   gation thai  85 per cent   of the popu-
���   commenced to assemble   lation  of British  Columbia  was  coin
..  ..       lock, and by seven thirtj        ised   oi   workers, and   Lhal   thi   twi
:,   Wen   vei)  few  vacant chairs i_   : -.; ���  parties of the hour wen   purely
ie building     Before eight, at  which j and simplj  the representatives of the
the curtain was raised,   corporations.     The  condemnation   of ol the C,  P,  R. have been raised 500
.    ,-,mii. galleries,   aisles  and   the McBride government, action with ,<���   cei     since the   McBride  govern-
b   ,,   ���   were filled to their utmost   regard to the fisheries department, the menl   came  into   power.     1   will  not
b and scores who were hue in   distribution of public lands:  bringing make   much  mention   of school   mat-
ol   oheap   labor;   and   assesameni ters," said  hi    "but  will  say that  at
1-Iiej  occupied ihe remainder oi the the time w��  came into power,  Delta
tim< allotted to Mr. Turnbull.    It was Chiiliwack and Dewdne;   laidnoechool
:<   noticeable   fact,  judging   from   the tax   yet   the   laborer in     New     Wesl
reception   of   the   speaker,  thai ihe mlnstei  hart to meel his share of ihe
Lah-T  pany sympathisers formed  but school   expenses,   since   McBride   tro\
small portion of the audience, ernmenl  came in we have made the
N'exi   came  Mi    Bowser.     He com- farmer  stand  his    share,    with    the
riving   on   the   scene   were   turned
ray.   Unlike former  mettngs, there
re ..   ..' ge number of  ladies   , res
���   first   four  rows of B_atE
:���   aboul filled by ihem, while all
\. owe; portion of the build'
��_i     sprinkling of the members
sex, who.  bj   their inti i
Thi New s-Adve 'tlsei ii he persona!
organ of the Hon. f L, Carter-Cotton,
who I* President ol I In Council in the
McBrlde Vlinlstrj. and ;]" i o league
i onfldential Friend ano adviser ol the
Hon   i;   McBride.
In Its issue oi Wednesda; he
*.'��� v. i- ��� dve ' Ise has u I ont pagi a
Incial elections
i'i which i; i ills o In ��� 'eai recep
lo a�� all in. >. Vli l iride that nighl,
;.' a meel In; In Vani n vet. declaring
tha   In
w:      un lot hi nil      bi     reefed   with
ucl   a welccini   ;������   hai been sur
passed even throughoul the Upper
Country, where his success has been
upendous, nor will it be pul in the
shadi bj i he reception thai av i
OF VTCTOBJA, where he will head the
I poll, with three good Conservatives:
following  him.'
Electors of
Dewdnej ! Por years you have backed up Richard McBrlde, in spiti o
broken promises, and disappointed
dopes, and now he coldly throws you
down 1
True, he w-ill graciously accord you
the privilege of voting for him once
more; he will condescend to use you
as a sort of second string to his bow;
but his heart is set en "HIS OWN
He used you as a Stepping Stone
to place and power; now he tells yon.
by the words of his confidential adviser, that he is done with you; you
can go!
��� ..��� .      ��� they were^as much Intel
be   maiters   discussed     as
.  gentlemen  friends.
\ feature of tie meeting was the
i ..ilure of an orga_i_ed attempt
arl   of the Conservative root-
���ai. it up just after Mr. Mc-
l_es !... a ii need his speech   A.
given     ...    they rose in a body
o make their way towards
. v ���       Ov. ing   to  the    immense
iwd  in   the   building,   considerable
,i,,s   caused,   but   within
���    ,.: e:   the w bi] ped Tories
sneak   out,  the   audience
ti i;   all     about    them, and
��� .  -��� was once more centeie 1
, the greatest orator of (he
hndest province in the Dominion of
: air   w.i>   occupied   by   Alder-
ui Jardine,  who,   without  anj   pre-
a i ,   remarks,  called    upon    the
eaker,  John    Oliver.    Liberal
r tl     foi    Delta,   to   address   the
��� eting.
One-half hour was allotted Mr. Oil-
r, and  he used   it  well.     He  first
uke ot the tolls on the Fraser River
l<lge, and   stated, on   the  authority
the Liberal leader, that, should the
; arty   be  returned   to   power,
������ toll in the  Praser  River  bridge
ild be Immediately removed.   The
cj   adopted   bj   the   McBrlde   ad
busu-tion In  the matter, was fool-
and  picayune,     McBride's policy
to tax  the    farmers'   pigs    and
kens and   give millions ol   dollars
��� i orpoi a'ions for nothing.   Mr.
Uride's   handling   of   the   fisheries
irtment,   and   the   keeping   of   an
���'.. who would not  become natural
ill   the  head  of  thai   departmenl.
seoieh  condemned.   Mr. Oliver
uoi  satlsfle I  with  the action of
i! mluion governmenl  had taken
be   fisheries   matter,   and   he   pro
ll .-landing firm  againsi   such  leg
ben  no  matter  whether   it    came
"in the local house or I'roin Ottawa.
'   Conservatives   were    trying    to
- ���"  oul   thai   the   Liberals   of   this
"Mine were dominated by the Fed'
'ivei nment, and they had not  an
M  of  proof    for    the    contention.
'"' ;|s   there   was abundant   roof   lo
"���   that   the   McBride  governmenl
s practically run bj   the C.  P.  R.
"  Kaien   island   matter   was then
'���" I)  deall   with  and   illustrated  by
lnal>  which   hung upon  the  chair-
U's table.    Mr. Oliver occupied the
naiiuier of the time allotted to blm
:i "'��� ia   the "Better Terms" quea-
'"���' took  his se;n amid prolonged
! I mse,
" ""^   ��� iea���er was T. Turnbull,
1,11 :   the  audience  an .1.  S.
Intere I      He Btated thai In
: the eve���ing. the Lib-
'ted tr, prove that the Con
" ;" all  wrong.    The Con-
j,, 00k to show that  llie
1   oor crowd.   The only
the intelligent elec-
run being allowed to follow Mr. Hew
aj in the programme of the eveni&g.
Se afraid were the organizers of lhe
��� ��� ting of the facts ho would bring
before the audience, be said, that it
n quiivd two Liberals to follow him,
and explain away his arguments.   He
* aiui    f^Q'11'111    applause,   raenced  his harangue with a kick on   mechanic."     Touching   on   the   alien
bibor question, he remarked that it
was owing to Imperial policy that th'
foreign element w< re nol excluded.!
Mr. Bowser, eulogising Mr. McBride,;
drew a touching picture of the young
Premier, alone and friendless, on his
first trip to Ottawa, which provoked
Miss Marion Sutherland of ihis city,
has proved herself to be a heroine and
well worthy Of a medal at the hands
o'   the   Royal   Humane   Society.     On
When the white fishermen were fighting for a
living wage, the Columbian, edited by one J. D.
Taylor, said :
"With fish plentiful in the river, the fishermen
remain idle, sticking TO THE POLL", of demanding a
price which will not be paid."
And again :
"Examples must be made of some of the ringleaders on the Praser."
That was the Columbian's opinion then -when
it was not hunting votes.
Now, take the official reports published by the
McBride government.
In the Sessional Papers of 1905, pages F 4 and
F 5, are these sentences :
"In a previous report I advocated that the State
of Washington should establish in her waters a closed
season for 36 hours each week If that shall
be done in the years of the big run,  and that
all fishing in the Fraser above the railway bridge at
New Westminster be prohibited, and our other present regulations enforced, an abundance of sockeye
to seed the spawning grounds will be insured in 'the
big years.'"
Observe, all fishing above the bridge, for all time.
And again :
"1 have no hesitancy in recommending that fishing on the Fraser River, and its salt water approaches
on both sides of the line, be prohibited from July
10th to September 15th, for the years 1906, 1907 and
This, remember, is the demand made by the
McBride government in 1905.
well knew  that the governmenl was great mirth.    Mr Bowser hotly resent
on  trial, and  would   b<   subjected to ed the levity, as he called it. as aft<
severe   criticism.    In  fad   thi   whole all Mr   McBride was the Premier, and
campaign  of the opposition  w.,s om he  for  one,  was  proud  te  be  a  fob
��� carping criticism and thej had no lower aad supporter of Mr. McBride's
offei   In    exchangi      tCries and fell  confident  that the  public on
time beio;e  the  tumuli   of applause
In his opening remarks, Mr. Mclnnes said that he was proud of the
great recepUau be was receiving in
New Westminster, as to him this city
'. ome off." i   The next ;> mai k ol Mi
r.ew sei   was  a   star! u -      He   waved
Ms ai ms and said: "When thi  govi    i
.. en; ai ;i. into powei in 1903, things j from the Conservative
... re in bud shape, an : the govei n
ment d< I idi a to deal with '.hem a.s
honest Ij as anj government could do
in ��� . the ch cuaistani es " Thi n th.
audience roared for seve al n nul a
Mir, Dowser then apologisi 1 for the re
mark he had made and alluded to ll
as a slip of the tongue, The govern
ment had wiped out the country's
debt by cutting down and retrenching
in every   possible way,  and  instead id
anual deficits had rolled up surplusses
iVoice��� "How  did thej  tax us to do
it'.'"I Mr. _0Wfler thereupon raised
i! kick QD the frequent interruptions
and stated lhal If il took all night lie
was going  lo  hold   down  the  platform
in iii he was through, He asked the
chairman  to keen track of the time
absorbed bj inlei rupl ion-., and tO add
|| on to the balance of his hour. The
Conservatives In this campaign had
nothing to offer bui the pollcj of the
past,   which   was   one   thej    proposed
I nrsuing  In the future.    The countrj
was In better condition 'ban ll had
ever been In 1903, mailers were in
had shape Mi. Midlines was a niem
',,.,��� of Ihe house, bill   because he COUld
not   gei   11   cablnel   position, I ion
accepted r fat job In the Yukon. Mi
Henderson was also one of the desert
people   were  skating   on   the    North
arm of ihe rfVer.     Two of the party.
Miss Sutherland and Charlie Manner
ing  were  a  little later than  the rest
in leaving.     Miss Sutherland had just
left   the   ice.     Charlie   turned   round
and stai ted to skate back to the i   n ���
where   he   had   left   his  shoes,   when
the Ice suddenlj   gave   waj   beneath
him   and   precipitated   him   into   the
icy river     His plight  was desperate.
The  Ice  kept   breaking  as  lie tried  to
pull  himself  to  the   surface  and   he
Mi   Howay, next, in a short   speech    ,,,,   the   tcv   wat���]   graduallj   deprlv-
tonched  on  tbe  main   points, and  re    ing  hlm  ,,f  fee]ing,    Th_  girl called
1 '    ed  the   support   of  the  electo      .,���,,  asked  nmv Bhe (������p, help     He
nl   the  pol s, and  when  the applause   ,,,,,, ,���,,. ,��� lie ,,������.��� on ,,���, ,,..   and
<,;l"'!illil U''''1-   Mr    lake   his  hands   firmlv  so as  to   give
Alderman Explains How
Mayor Took the Count
Pel i uai j 2, would show tin . at i on
: dem - ihej reposed in thi i ow i n
ment      He  sal   down    audi    cheet
Mclnnes was introduced.    Chei n   ,   . .... .        :,
cheei resounded as he stepped to the
front of the platform, _nd it was some
did as he asked and held on like a
heroine as he gently tried to lift himself   to   the  surface.     "<���  sUci led
wtlh     Miss    Sutherland's    help,    and
reached the bank in safety.   He then
ran about  two miles to  Mead's ranch,
v here lhe\   supplied   him   with  some
j warm, dry clothing.    Wlthoul doubt,
had always been v��rj dear, he having  nad j: ���,��� i���,en for the brave mannej
spenl   his  childhood   here.     He  was   In   wnich   Miss   Sutherland  assisted
glad  to noie thai  the mam   slanders   there  would   have  been   anothei   tra
which   had   been   heaped   on   bis   head I gedy   tO   record
Consi i vatlves during the
A - rong effort is being made to
further discredit the count of the ballots cast at the council meteing on
Mondaj evening, when the two license
ot imissh nei a were decided upon,
and wbicb was returned by Aid Jar-
dlni as being. Hrown. 7 voles. Broad,
4 votes, and Smith, 3 votes. The lal
. j| contention advanced is that one
of the aldermen plumped his vote in
favor ol one candidate, nnd thai, as
a result of this, there could not possibly be fourteen votes casl at the
��� '���������Mo'i ol the commissioners. This
theory is advanced In the columns of
the mayor's temporal', mouthpiece,
apparently  as  an  effort     to    explain
��� awaj    reason   whj    His   Worship   desired to violate the si crecy of the bal-
I lot.
Questioned yesterdaj afternoon,
cltj clerk Duncan, who acted as returning officer, stated that he had no
recollection of having noticed an bulbil marked With only one name, Aid
Jardine, who tallied the count; Informed a reporter that one of the
aldermen had voted for two men, but
had written the names on se] iiran
slips of paper, and that this mif' :
account for the mayor's tnlstak If
idea. The count was taken dovi n ' :
one of the newspaper men at the
meeting, and tallied exactly with the
result announced by Aid. Jardine. The
possibility of a mistake having been
made seems io be more remote than
bj   the   t'onsi I va1h.es  ilurititi   Ille   pre
sent  campaign  had  had no effecl  on
the   people   of   New    West minster,   the
reception    he    bud      received      elo.nh
proving   that   thev   bad   no     faith   In
those slanders.
Commenting on  _ i    3m si  's frun
lie   efforts    10   make    -ome   kind   of   a
showing on lhe platform, Vli   Mi lines
: .till' i.e.l    |h ll    from    wdull      he      had
heard    previously,  he   thought    thai
,,., hen   VI1    How ���' ���   met him on the plal
form,   he   would demolish   him, < hew
him  up and  make an  end of him.  poll
ers  of the  apparently   sinking ship |i(.;i)|Vt r,,,. a]] time,    Fortunately, his
N'OW   when   things are  rosy they waul Bjr0rl    bad    not    been    successful.    Ml
,.,l   to come  back   and -hare  in  the |nnea   .Ail    atn]  oUve.    Bowser's  ad
pro perily. dress   thai    evening   bad    been   some
Mr. Bowser, in speaking of the Im thing which had not onl) disappointed
piled'scandals, said, the Liberals wish- ine local Conservatives, but also thej that makes me oul to be such a bad
ed io Insinuate that tbe McBrlde gov
(rnmenl had been guilty of crooked companled
uesa   go ;,s to draw  attention  from \rier much quibbling, the very worst    , ikon to take    part    ������
eaU     Mr.   Bowser  then
Bowsei thai he absolutely ri fused to
appear on the same platform wilb
him. Mr Bowsei bad been kind
, nouj li to read Mr. Smith Curtis' opln
Ion of ibe speakei. and now be would
liavi  the pie i litre ol i:- teulng to <��� hal
Mr   Macgowan   bad   Bald   com i
Mclnnes when he lefl for the Yukon.
Reading rrom a record of Ihe I ��� !i
Mr. McOowan's opinion id Mi Innes
was thai Mclnnes had been an honor
to the country dining the time he ha I
.< ii in the house, even If he ha teen
-iiiing on the opposition hem hes an I
ihai the Ottawa government could nol
i ���" made a bettei choice of a man to
-i nl as governor to the Yukon.
"The only   thing  that   I  have done
Vancouver friends who hud kindly ai    man in the eyes       h<  Conservatives
Mr,   Bowsei     over     befe.   Id  that   I   have  come   back   from   the
their own
wenl on to mention the ballot box
trick, amidst great laughter, and cries
of "Whal about Hob Green." Mr.
Bowser resented these Interruptions,
a; "organized attempts to prevent
public discussion." Touching on the
Kaien island del. Mr. Bowser
that the governmenl had sold the land
to  the O.   T.   P,  at   regular prices,  but
had reserved to the people all the gold
BD(]   ,ihe:  ores,   ml  water rights, also
the  privilege of  keeping   the
along   the   water   front,   thus    doing
n    with the possibllltj of the i
way company gobbling up the ���    e
I  ,. m       . tell you," said be.
ea on the 0. T.  P are behind
that Mr. Bowser bad been able to do
to him  had  been to read a  three . ' _1
against them In this election.   When
I   left, there was not one Conserva-
old article, printed in ;i Rossland pa*  tive In the liouse that  had anything
per, In which Mr Smith Curtis ex-
pressed bis Opinion Of Mr. Mclnnes.
II wa?. very clear proof of the lengths
to which the Conservatives were compelled to go in order to find something
against him. but in spite of it
ill Mr. Bowser would find that he
., ,|  been  doing enough  work  in  Van-
except  praise  for  me and for wha-   I
had   done."   (CheersI.
Continuing, Mr. Mclnnes said that,
his   returning  back   from   the   Yukon
was supposed   to  be   responsible for
all  tbe  evils   that might   possibly  befall   the   province.     About   the   only
thing Ih'.* was not being laid at his
,vei   to elect, not only himself, but j door was the fact, that the hens had
his friends as well, (cheers) Mr. Bow-   left off laying during the winter eea-
waa  not  the !;ind of a  man   who | son,   (Laughter).
KTOld  be expected to prate about re-       The only thing thai could guarantee
putations.   he  was   well   aware
even in Vancouver, Mr. Macgowan had
such a contemptuous  opinion  of  Mr.
the continued prosperity of the province was the election of the Liberal
government,  and this  was  w'jat was
going to take place on Saturdaj'. He.
fi i ��� Ing to the term "carpel baggei
which had been applied lo hlm bj
Mr, Bowser and also by lhal choice
publication, the Columbian, Vli M
Inni -��� pointed oul lhal he had corns
to thli pio\luce jeara ago, bun; bel ni
eithei   VI r,   Bowser or  editor  Ta loi
had ��� i "i  i houghl of emlgi atln	
��� eis. if the ( onservatlves had an.
Hghl to appeal to the elei toi b ol New
VVestmlnsti r on the score thai the
Premiei was a New Westminster hoy.
he certainly had the same light, foi
he had been brought up and educat
fed in this city, the good old RO ei
City. The arguments advanced by
1 he '.''' oleon ol I he Consei cative par'
ly, Mr. Bowser, (Loud and prolonged
laughter) were cei talnly of i he weak-
esi kind. If this i en leman was the
Napoleon of the Conservative party,
ii i ould say thai the Liberal party
had many Bluchers and vVelllngti n
(More laughter.)
Dealing with the taxation of the
province, Mr. Mclnnes proceeded to
analyse the several parts played by
the government. First, there was the
million dollar loan, horowed at 5 per
cent, and nearly half of which was
being left I n the coffers of the Bank
of Commerce at Victoria, bearing interest at 3 lier cent. The government
had been coerced by the bankers into
paying this exorbitant interest, because the government had heen too
weak to resist. And now, they posed
before the people ns financial gen-
luses.    As  an evidence of their Ina-
btlll i io conduct the affairs of the
gi ��� ernment, this financial bungling
��� ��� ��� tainlj showed thai 'hey we.e amateurs In a big way and thai thej had
bad!, fallen down. After the govern
mem had recovered to a certain es
tent from the Light into which thej
had thrown themselves, they tllscov
i red thai thej only needed hall the
money thej !��� I borrowed, but thfej
kepi righi on posing as geniuses all
the  same.
Dealing   with    the   assessment    act,
Mr. Mcinnes said thai if the govern
ment had beep strong 6_OUgh mil
able enough to C'.aiip'o with the slttl.'l
Hon, there would have heen no reason for the increase) taxation nl' the
people who already paid enough taxes.
Willi reference to the B. C. Southern
I arid deal, Mr. Bowser had said that
he "thought" that by the terms Of a
previous Act, the lands were to he
exempt from taxation for a term of
ten years. Mr. Mclnnes then pro'ce'ed-
ed to give Mr. Bowser some information. The terms under which the
government tried to shelter themselves made no exemption for a term
of years, long or short. The only ex
emption which could be claimed was
under the provisions which called for
the selling of the land at a reasonable
rate to settlers. As this was not being done, the land was certainly taxable at the present time, and by the
government inaction in this matter,
the treasury was suffering to the ex- I
< 19Q7  I        ""������?
Sees the opening of one of the greatest sales ever held
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Some of our Bargains:
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elading manufacturers of Canada.
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Space will not permit of a more detailed list.      Sale commence 5 ai
9 o'clock.    Look for the Red Sign.
1% y-^ &��� ''!;%���%
__"   '__.   __:_...��_   _tt -<.. ���    ^Sr>   \,
1 1 11 f      -J
& ;- riSt-* >*^-|
'     ^     /'
J���__i J _ JL
_: _ r_
���HUM,   li ip��
*?Q0lt LuRSDAV. JAN. 31,
B. C. Mills, Timber and
Trading Company
Manufacturers and Dealers in All Kinds ot
Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sash,   Doors,
Interior Finish,    lurned Work,   Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glass.
Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining.
Royal City Branch, Columbia St.
Telephone 12.
Second Hand Store
Second Hand Goods of
all kinds bought and
sold for cash. All Mail
Orders promptly attended to. Kindly write or
call at
Sign  Man on Wheel.
Columbia St. New Westminster.
Phone 275
New Westminster   i    ,       ^^i^Mm^M
A Good Thing is Sure to be Appreciated
Canadian Pacific
(Maple Leaf
Is paining in favor every day.    Our output last year was double the
preceding one.    The most healthful and nutritious of beverages.
The house on the left of this picture is the residence purchased by Hon. R. McBride
in "His Own Constituency" of Victoria.
WINTER CARNIVAL, ��� Rossland, B. C.
Canadian Pacific Railway Co.
British Columbia Coast Line
Farm   Land!
Rapid, Easy Grinders
iv<iA:' ii
Stt_ifl_Slpl    .t'l' ���
Three sizes,���8,10 and
12-inch plates. Alsc
bagging attachments
for same.
A full line of Pulpers, Slicers,
Hay and Ensilage Cutters.
B. C. Coast Line Service.
!   (Subject to change without notice).
I     S.S. Leaves Van.
I Amur ...   .'	
Princess Beatrice Feb. 14ht
Amur   Feb. 21st
Princess Beatrice  Feb. 2Sth
S.S,  Princess Victoria  leaves Vancouver, l p.m. daily,
Leaves Victoria daily at 1 a.m.
Leaves Victoria daily except Monday
at S:30.
20 Acres
$20 per acre
First-class   Soil
Feb. Tth   Good   Location
Good   Road
Only   6   miles   from   City
2b0 Culumbia St., New Westminster
Phone 85.
Leaves New Westminster at 7 a. m.
on Sundays.
S. S. Joan
Leaves Vancouver daily ax 1:10 p.i_.
r SUIIS TO ORDER, . . . $17.00
until March 1st, 1907.
Plenty of Goods tu select from, of the
Latest Patterns.
Satisfaction guaranteed or money refunded.
����� .->������������������������������������������������������������������ ��������*������������������������������������������������������������������
\ Electric Railway Service:
Steamer Queen  City.
Leaves Victoria   at   11   p.m.   on   I.M,   247 Front Street   -      New VSvstminster
7th, uud 14th each month jot Cla.ro-1 opEK evenings,
quot;   leaves Victoria    ou    20th    for
Quatsino and way points.
Why   He resigned.
At a meeting held in far Similka-
ineen, Mr. N'aden. Loberal candidate
in Greenwood, asked the Premier whj
Mr. Green had resigned. Here is Mr.
.McBride's answer:
"Mr, Chairman, I will now answer
Mr Vaden's question as 10 why Hon.
Kobe P. Green resigned from the
chief cc missionership of lands and
works. Ladies and gentlemen, I have
just returned front a tour of the Koot-
enays and from Mr. Green's former
constituency. 1 find that all the old
prospectors in the country think that
Bob Green is the best friend they
have ever had. 1 find that all the
merchants and business people generally find in him a friend and respect him accordingly. 1 declare lo
you that Bob Green was the best
chief commissioner of lands and works
thai British Colmbia has ever seen,
and the best answer to the question
as to whj he resigned is that if he
should run again in his old constituency he would Im? returned by an
overwhelming majorty!"
Tickets on sale Feb. llth to Feb. 16th.
Returning Feb. ISth.
Fare and One-third Return
C. P. R. Agent,
New Westminster.
E.  J.  COYLE,
Assistant   General    Passenger   Agent,
InterurDan Line.
Cars for Vancouver and way
stations' will run every halt-
hour from ii'.iJO a. _i. to 11 ji
in. excepting at 7:30 ami 8:30
a. m. Half hourly ears will
run from Central l'ark 10
Vancouver only.
City Limits Line���Service from
6.15 a.m, to 11 p in.
CO Minute Service���no transfer.
Between 1- and 2 and 6 and 7.
SO Minute Service during re- ��
matnder or day. Transfer at ���
Leopold Place. ^
Sunday Service half-hourly between S a.m. and 11 p.m.
Sapperton Line.
15 Minute Service from 6.25 a. ^
in to 11 p.m., except between ���
12 and -. aud -"i and 7, during ��
which hours the service will be X
Sunday  Service   halt-hourly  between 8.30 inn. and  11  p.m.
British Columbia Electric Ry. Co., Ltd J
******.��4 ���� '..*+���**��.*��. V>��-�� �� i ���*���������������������������*������������������***������**
Steamer Transfer
Leaves  New   Westminster  on  Mon
t day,   Tuesday,   Wednesday,   Thursday ,
I and   Friday  at 2   p.m. a_d  Saturday j
it i ,p. m. with additional trip on Mon-
1 lay al 5 a. in.
Leaves Steveston Monday, Tuesday, |
Wednesday, Thursday aad Saturday at I
T a.  m,;  Friday  a: 0 a. in. additional
trip Saturday 6 p, in.
S. S. Beaver
Leaves .New Westminster, 8 a. m.
Mondays, Wednesdays ami Fridays,
Leaves Chiiliwack 7 a. m. Tuesday,
Thursday  ami   Saturdays,  calling  at
Foot cf iih Ave.  Cor. 10th Street
New Westminster, fi. C.
���*' ,���,
 . ,     :���;
IWMH '  ..-_.��
landings   between   N ��   v
and Chiiliwack.
Selling Out $20,000 ��
iv.ni���ft    ,���,
S.  S. Tecs
Leaves   Vancouver al    8    p.m.    2n.1
Every article or piece of furniture in our establishment at
actual cost without reserve. First come, first serve'!. We
need the cash i.���! you want tbe goods.��Thi_Eis a chance
Of a lifetime.
W. E.
>; Ttt and 713 Golumbia St.    Four Floors.     Rear Extension, Front Street
and   16th of each  month, calling at
3kid*gate on flrsl trip and Bella Coola
..ii second trip. Time on arrival and] part of the city,
departure are approximate.
For   reservations   and   information
call or address
Agent, Xew West minster.
fiBBt Uen. Pass. Agent, Vancouver,
General Suner'ntendent, Victoria
All kinds of Ship repair
Ship and Scow   Building
a specialty.
Estimates   promptly furnished.
RESIDENCE���24 Eighth ctreet, New
Westminster, B.C.
Transfer CJo*
Office���Tram  Depot
Columbia -t.
Human   Hearts.
"Human Hearts," the melodramatic
success, due at the Opera House tomorrow, appeals to every class of
1 laygoers. lt deals with a story that
teems with heart Interest from beginning to end. Tom Logan, an honest,
young blacksmith in the Arkansas
Hills, falls in love with, and marries
a reformed confidence woman. The
dull COUVKry life soon palls on her.
Six.' accidentally me-eis her former
lover and "pal." Without any just
cause, they conspire together to ruin
Tom, and accuse him of murdering
her father, His friends, however, ultimately establish his innocence and
he is released, retribution overtaking
his  accusers.
No play if its hin,I possesses a
stronger plol or more sensational Incidents, while ihe serious element is
mingled with comedy forming a combination thai never fails to touch a
responsive chord in the beans of
I day goers.
Synopsis  of   Canadian    Home
stead Regulations
Any available Dominion Lands with
In the Railway Belt in British Columbia, may be homesteaded by any person who is the sole head of a family,
or any male over 18 years of age, to
the extent of one-quarter section of
ICO acres, more or less.
Entry must be made personally at
the local land office for tbe district in
which the land is situate.
The homesteader is required to perform the conditions connected therewith under one of the following plans.
(i) At least six months' residence
upon and cultivation of the land in
each year for three years.
(2) If the father (or mother, if the
father is deceased) of the homesteader
resides upon a farm in the vicinity
of the land entered for the requirements as to residence may be satisfied
by such person residing with the father or mother.
(3) If the settler has his permanent
residence upon farming land owned
by him in the vicinity of his homestead, the requirements as to residence
may he satisfied by residence upon
the said land.
Six months' notice in writing should
be given to the Commissioner of Dominion Lands at Ottawa of inter' \
to apply for patent.
W. W. CORY- 1
Deputy Minister of the  Interior,
N.   ii.���Unauthorized  publication  of
t_iB   advertisement   will   not   be  paid
j     SEALED   TENDERS   addressed  to
I the undersigned, and   endorsed "Ten-
I der for Post Office, Fernie, B.C.," will
be    received   at this office until Mon-
laggage delivered    promptly to  usy
Light and Heavy Hauling
'���flee 'Phone 18f>.
Hxtv   Knonn 1H7
Japan Waits.
Tokyo, Jan. 30,���Viscount   Hayashl
foreign  minister, In reply  to a ques- , . ,     ,
day, February l\ l'.m 1. melusivelv, lor
lion in tbe Ibmse, expressed deep ap-
the construction ol a  Post  Office, &C,
; building at Fei nle, B. C.
Plans and specifications can be se< a
an l forma of lender obtained ai this
Department and on application to
Robert A. Kerr, Esq., Cleric of Works,
Fernie, B. C.
Persons tendering are notified that
tenders will not be considered unless
made on the printed form supplied,
and signed with their actual signatures.
, 11 ciatlon of the sympathetic attitud
of the  United States governmenl  In
the iv: ent 1 rouble in San Francisi 0.
"ilaving lhe sympathy of the Amor-
ii an   governrn mt," he    Bald, ".Taj an
ist remain a looker-on until a decision shall have been reached ln the
lesl ca ���' Instituted in the California
"In the even' of an unfavorable decision the anti-Japanese movement in
California will be considered to represent the opinion of the whole Unit-
Each  lender must   be accompanied
C. ni .       ��� ���* -        t       1 piei-em. un.-opinion 01  1 no wnoie 11111-    , ,    , . ,
!i,r 171A��� ��.���.!,���   \\T AJF. I    .  ai , ,. , ,, ,. ,      by an accepted cheque on a chartered
Ity HileCtllC  WOrKSA    s,a,<'*' wlm'h would require diplo-
Opposlte Tram Office
Westminster Iron Works J. HENLEY
rtlrntic steamships
8HIP SMITHING, Uttiuiiw and
'���'1*1   p Ornamental   Iron   wont,  including
'''''���������'. c.aies, rtre Scapes, etc.
vlted    oril(M's "nd correspondence in-
'��� vV   icing..,
S'l'Kl. li-.
V. U.  474.
Manufacturer of y
Mineral Waters, Etc.
Aerated Waters,
Family Trade a Specialty.
r>|. 113. Office, Eighth Street.
'.8 000 (EMPRESS OF BRITAIN 114,500
for friends from
For electric signs, dynamos, motors,
fans, 'phone fixtures, shades, bells, bat-
i teries, wire and cables of all kinds
and  sizes.    House   wiring.    .Motor  in-
1 stalling a specialty.    All kinds of re-
I pairs promptly attended to,
J. DIGBY, Proprietor
PHONE 304.
matlc adjustment,
Viscounl Hayashl said he did not
believe there would te such a development,
The Transient Throng.
Guichon���H. 11. Richardson, Horace
<;   Keyes and friends, Q, Jardine, U.   the wnder be not accepted the cheque
bank, made payable to the order of
the Honourable the Minister of Public
Works, equal to ten per cenc (10 p.c.)
ol the amount of the tender, which
will be forfeited if the party tendering
decline to enter into a contract when
called upon to do so, or if he fail to
complete the work contracted for.    If
Higgins, Vancou
li' yea am Bending
il,,. old Country, buy tickets
while the cheap rates are on,
,,;,��� gei better accommodation
cheaper rate by applying to
C.P.R. Agent.
1 ^ Fraser River Tannery
w.  Doherty, I), w
Windsor���Fred Cox, Seattle; D. N.
Cheasnox, Bruce, Wis.; c. L. De
Bruyn, Vacouver; John Oliver, Delta;
��� I Haldi. H. Tltmus, Alex Holding,
Langley; \V. McAdam, Hammond; P.
Mai*, Coqultlam; 10. Cosgrove, Kamloops.
Colonial���II.   ('.   Oopport,   Calgary;
Miss   Elolse    Allen,   Portland
Murry, Blain.
will be returned.
The Department does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any tender.
By Order,
Department of Public Works,
Ottawa, January 18, 1907.
Newspapers   inserting    this   adver-
Mlss I tlsemenl  without  authority   from this
Department will not be paid for lt.
n 1
N. 31.
Published by the Daily News Publishing Company Limited, at their
offices, corner of Sixth and Front
streets, New Westminster, B.C.
It never get* damp or lumpy.
Each crystal dry. full of wit-life.
That's whv particular people use
Managing Director.
 J. C. Brown
Transien. display advertising, 10
conts per ine nonpariel) 12 lines to
the i_ch. F";ve ^ents per Hue tor
FurRcwent 'usertions.
Reading notices, bold face type, 20
.-ents per line, brevier or nonpariel, 10
cents per line.
(Loud interruptions, coupled with hisses, hoots and cat calls from leather-
lunged minority in the building.), I
am not surprised that they are sick,
and those ; ng ihem who are still
able to be about will  be very sick indeed  by  Saturday evening,"   (Cheers I
and   much  laughter).    "Look at   the
rousing  meeting that   is being   held
here tonight.    A greal  Conservative
 thing like  this audience present���you
know there will not be anything like
the number present. I will now reply to ihe taunt of Mr. Bowser to the
CLASSIFIED   ADVERTISEMENTS    j ������������ ���#���������������<
���~~~,        s        - ; ��� Established 1887
WANTED���Store Shelves,  etc.  Apply | w
to Box 11), Daily News 2d-22
WANTED���General   servant.
Daily  News  office.
(Continued From Page One)
>������,,,'    tirrin   cnntrnctK    siirrtal   nosi- 'Pn'  ��f a Quarter million a year.   The
."or    tune    comr_ci6>,    bihli_i    jju-i oifpnt tlvit  wp never te     vou what   we
f.ime, applv to advertising manager. Conservatives   were   conducting    the   effect tnat we never ten you wnai w��
Notices "of   births,    marriages   or government   hand  in  hand   with   the   are  K"inB t0  '1('   when   We   g6t  lnt��
deaths. 50c.   Wants, for sales lost or (, (cheers.)       When  the .Mc- , DOwer-"
5SS.   rTo%^erUseemenTlakenn Z Bride   party   got   into    power      ��        As   to   the  Better  Terms  question,
:��s. than 25 cents.
found  an  Act  in the statutes provffl-   Ml- McBride's visit to Ottawa and his
Ing for the taxation of railways to the   miserable  fiasco having been referred
extent  of $12,0110,  they   set   to  work
to  in   fitting   language.   Mr.   Mclnnes
Day Office   .
Night   Office
A22   nnd  taxed the ('.  I\  R. only $111,(100 a1 s;,il1   thal   better   ,,,n,ls  cnnM     never
B22    mile.     There was   no  doubt   thai   the { come except  by and  with the consent
   government had a very tender feeling  of all the provinces in the confedera-
[-,,,. ,|M, c   |<   |{ lion, and  the government  at Ottawa,
With reference io the Columbia and ' whether     Liberal     or     Conservative,
    Western   land   deal.   Mr.   Bowser   bad    would have nolbing to di with il. Mr.
THURSDAY,   JAN.   31,   1907. slated  thai   Mclnnes had  been  a mem-    McBride   would   never   be   able   to   ob-
���'���LVar   ���
ber of the  Dunsmuir governmenl al
lain   belter   terms   from   his   brother
the time the legislation dealing with premiers  after  the manner  in which
this   was   passed.     Mr.   Bowser   knew ''<    h;111  insulted   tbem  at   the  confer-
different   from that.    He bad been a * '"���''���    He had forever placed himself
11.ember of the  Prior governmenl. and "",   ol'   ( ��'    wi,h   llis   brother   pre-
so far from being willing to give the nners.
C.P.R, sun,nun acres of land, thai  gov-       The orator remarked thai  he was in
eminent  bad  taken the stand  that  the Lhe light, not because the Liberal gov-
corporation was nol entitled to a sin- ernment al Ottawa had asked him to
gle acre of land or to 11 cent of money, come, but because Lhe Liberals of the
The reception accorded the Liberal
speaker- last nighl was much more
eloquent than anj words of the feeling
of the i eople. Tbe magnificent reception accorded to Mr. Mclnnes when
he rose to speak, and the volleys of
cheers,  the   whole  audience  standing,
which answered  his closing appeal  to ...
, _���*,.���,, ,.    ,,    But   when   the    present    government   province ol British Columbia had ask-
vote tor  Howay on  Saturday,  were at , . ,      ,. . ,     ,       ,
once an answer to the slanders heap- '""k ""' ''"^ ot ""��"'' lh"> discov" "" "l,n' ' ' '"" T Z T '"
ed upon Mr. Mclnnes himself and a "l'"'1 ",al ther<> aPPeared "' ,l" :l flaw aa?sf exdl'*10" act; M'\ Mclnnea
triumphant showing of the estimation   "' lh" Provisions of the act, a circum-   pointed out that the Imperial author!-
stance of which they look advantage ties bad given instructions thai no
In order to give away the lands Io the legislation should remain on the sta-
C.P.R. They constituted themselves tute books thai would in any way
judge and jury of the case, and made give umbrage to their new allies in
no effort to retain those lands for the the far east, and for this reason the
province. Natal act had been repealed.   Bui be-
Discussing the  Midway  and  Vernon   cause this acl  bad been repealed, the
deal, Mr. Mclnnes said that the clinch-    McBride   government   had     done    lining  proof.  If any   was  needed,  of the ~"~"���
('. P. R. domination of the governmenl              (Continued  on  Page Five.)
was  found  in thai   deal.    As soon'as;'
that road  was started. Minister of Finance Tallow, sped hot  foot east, and
tattled so well that the financial men
who were backing the scheme became
alarmed,   and   refused  to  go  on  with
the   work,      The   whole   scheme  was
dropped,  and  hundreds of  men were
turned  adrift   without ever   receiving
The trouble  was  that
in which the popular candidate is held.
Altogether, it was a great meeting,
most encouraging to the Liberal workers, and a significant fore Showing of
what the popular verdict will be on
Sa'in day.
One of the curious ibings about the
preseni campaign is thai the McBride
pany   defend  so  both,  the iniquitous
School  Act.    The fact stands oul  on
the  face of  the measure itself,  that
the Government   thought  of    nothing
and  cared   for  nothing  but to grab a
lew   dollars   towards     that   "surplus."
What   barm   I bey  might  do  the cause
of education,  what     hardships    they
might  Inflict  upon struggling seniors,
what   doors of hope thev  might  slam   ''"'"'   wa-''s
in the faces of boys and girls whose   "lis   VVIIS  ;l"   opposition   road   to  the
C. P. It. Iii one case the premier
of the province had acted for the
C.   P.   R.   in   fostering   .1   land   grant,
 ��� ���;,   1;.... ������.:,,.-,,-. :""'  in lh" otaer- ne s,il1  acted   for
That   this   is   no   overdraw,,   state-   "'" railway' hy opposing the Midway
men.    is  evidem   when  one   consider,    and Vernon'    An.l >'e( ��  was said that
WANTED���Ten Salesmen and a lady
cashier. Apply, Westminster Clothing company.
= Gilley Bros.
��� Wholesale and Retail
Wholesale and Retail
WANTED���Experienced    lady    book-    J   WELLINGTON  WASHED  NUT
keeper.    Apply   New  Method  Laun-   J AND PEA COAL.
dry.    llurr block, Columbia St.    7-F
WANTED���Three furnished rooms.
Must be reasonable and close in.
Apply Box 9,  Daily  News Office.
WANTED���At once, third or fourth
class engineer for shingle mill. Applv 10 Lamont Bros.. I'. 0. box ::'J."j,
or   Daily   News  Office. del'.
This   celebrated   Cement   is
used by nearly all large contract-
ors in the Province.
FIRE     CLAY     and     MANTEL *
From the Claybum Clay Co   ���
ii,, cenl and Realty Agency can  ��� Te|ephones: office 16,   Manager's Residence 22 ���
supply  you with Male or Female help J * 4
on short notice.    Call, write or tele- ������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ������������������������������������������������������������������Mi*
phone    148   Water   street,   Vancouver.	
'Phone 2566, 6d-23 =
LOST���On Friday, on Columbia street
between postofflce and Ryall's drug
store, bunch of keys attached to
chain. Kinder will be rewarded on
leaving al   Crown  Timber Office
THE ARROW PRESS���.lob and Commercial Printing, Posters, Dodgers.
Typewriter circulars. Business head"
ings, Programmes, etc. DAILY
Brick Block
Positively the best
Room 4, Guichon Block
Street. It contains three large stores,
well lighted, and numerous offices on the
second floor, giving a splendid income.
The building has a frontage on Columbia
Street of 66 feet, and the lot runs back
to Clarkson Street.
PRICE   $38,000.      Reasonable terms.
education   depended  on   the  maintenance of the public schools in full ef-
the blundering of the first bill intro-
the i'. I', ll. was not Interested in th
duced, and  the  stupidity of some of   1"'0sr'"' election'    Th(' <"��� P- "��� P���ss\
the   provisions   which   still  remain   in
could not   be bitter enough or scand-
the   Act.     One   would   have   imagined    ill,,l,s  eU0USh   il-'illst   lh"   1"i"1",'K   fl!'
that  it  was enough to saddle increas-   lhe Libera1 |,;"',v'    T"*' chief of these
ed   expense   on   the   already   heavily-   was   "'"   v����'"��'vr  Province,  which
l I'.dened n cipalitles, and that  ev-   W:IS how,ing for ;l" "  waa worth' its
-. c, would have been taken to mn8tera having glven U lh" f"A
sake t executive provisions of the rhe biS cry thai was being raised
V, such as would involve the least i,b0111 "!" '-'berals being tied to the
In onvi I'once- the minimum of trie- G' T- P' rallwa.v could nol stand in-
���������- ut, as we have said no though! ^"ligation. Mr. Mclnnes exposed the
������ ^re appears to have been given transaction which had take,, place between Mr. Morse, represenlin ;
G. T. P., and Premier McBride. He
i learlj iho'w ed i hal the premier had
been quite willing lo gran; the railway company i .'.  acres of land foi
everj   mile of railway  built, but
i In   other cnblnel ministers would nol
������e   io   It,   and   in   a   letter   to   Mr,
Aloi se,   Mr.   McBt iuc   said,   "1   regn
: hal   my   cabin I   niinistei -   will    nol
fee to my gl eso land
was   i,   ic  ���   if regre    visibh
' brou Ihe   letter.     The   da     ol
I lies  for  the  11.  T.  P   had
'     ������in''.-,   and   the   Act   stands
^   monument   to  the   McBride
��� ''   . ui's utter Indifference to the
ie ,������ the people.
Dragged From   River.
���     Watt,  engineer  on   the   Pake,   narrow Ij   escai)e I    deal h    by
ov ning  it  couple  of  evenings  ai o.
��� ���.     The   ��� ing  plank  runs  to the
Mi.   Wat i   w .is   going
i   n T.i in i he evening.   I i    ans | lank
!,In    lie knew he
���   i���   the  vvtaer  nnionc. " ntln,,e''  :!l"  speaker;   the   t ill-
.    ol   Ice      He   :n"...'   :
ting hiinim
.. .
ckwanls,      :(        led
���   i
lhe iii
In tin
: i havi
nscti I line finl
::   -
nd       i cent ol
Columbia Street, next Bank of Commerce
Grade No. 940   'J!   Jewels,  in 25-year  Gold   Filled  Cases $37.50
"     32.50
'  23.51)
.   C.  CHAMBERLIN,  The Jeweler
Boys' Scotch grain
Boots, made with
heavy soles,  riveted,
sizes 1 to 5 	
. .$1.75 and $2 a pair
Bo,:' :��� avyBlucher
cut, wat< rproof Boots
!5 a pair
'Phone   i(K
i  i
izen or n an
In some way he does n II     ' '  '
event i    wen     Ira
'.'. ���  hman,    Gen -������    S
n and noticed th
i    h        lipped,    lie
e ! oven  the side ai d ao
-ivi G.   T.   P. i
thei] ���     electa
; say It
..... Ihey luitl     ild in opposition, 1
Ice which was lying ovi r agaii '"' ' '  :'"'  "���''���' ' a tent of i    ne
more solid  1 He  <; , '   ��� land to the G. T.  P.
. ; : him an I tin ..       hi '       md continued ci eerlng.),
i    ���  I.      The  surprise   of tli     |i    ��� '' ���  ;'  '!!'; '     ;' :     :''       ;- "   lehB :-
.    i gi   ......      ....      , m : .,.!..   \,'.,;!    with     ie Kaien li land  de il, ex] i   i
v ..     the   fei Tl i      gol     ������"   ",: Dr ' '      candal   I     the   grea
aboard and fe ire I  I e  v      de ul, iction  of  tin     ele
���    . ��� |   | Im   in 1 lie fut "i:; ' 'vi;|i ,!|U sti i.leci, " . Melt
i and   re nove I   his  Ic;    i I ithing       ' erred   to John   Olivet', sa ,'lu
Tl ' '  over him   : ilthfullj   fi r      c're u :       ,: '; :   ln ln :'!    '���   ���
nvi r an      i      ...   '.   ho      , iter    and      '  ll(l  even d    e to will
.    and      ndry oilier  things,  and   ' :"!':  '    fr "" '��� ' '���''���'��� ������ ,,l!<! ,: ' '���''���'
ibotit ro give up In despair, when '   s  underhand oi   di     in
'   .   SVa      i mved  a  sigh  and opened   :':   Lhn( '"   :'"l]!l1  ' e  j-: '"cod     ���   .;
,,'     ...      He     ion   '. covered   and   "nythin ���  away  tinfalrl;.    Thi
;���      lite   of   the   severe   shock,   now   Dnc��  '"   Hone,,   John,  Eairl.\   broi    .
:.     ; i as well as ever, house,
Opera House���February. m Inued   the
,   i    Human  Hearts, n un throughout ivin
I'; cle Tom's C ibin. 'i':..-   ���      ��� . '
Tl     Past   Mall, mlgn .
l Concert C nn
\    ���  - I Mr. Gi
$1 and $1.25
Misses' Boots, in box
calf and kid, made with
heavy soles, and watei
proof.. .$1.75 & $2 pair
iiew ff eiiingtoix
a-/ ^_��
y   !�� \A,.y...A-- ^
J_ We Cr ..ightosn
P. O. Box   345
'Phone   105.
S w__mrx^_ra:;i__!RB___i
.iSQEE____B8__r f S.-_-. _i iMafflS Iff-ZUBES', 5'
*    Min iWhi iif"��� -*
m f?  ^   m
ES?    '*JP    i_
11 a J a. i.
! :������'.
Shoe '!
Columbia Slreet,
New Westminster.
i 1 The Schaake IVIacSiloe Works.ud.
 "*-    - ..-.'���������..;:.__..; ,      .(.'���.,   _.���;___.
NEW  WKSTKW,.:,;y]zf r. C.
._raCT__S3BW.ffi_3^^ gr^.;;,;
_." ��<W,-��|M_--
_. ._���,�� ..,_.. JDAY, JAN. 31, 1907.
*S3. IJ
January Sale
���esh bargains renew the interest when it begins to
flag.   Stock taking is now over, and we can
put fresh energy into the bargain giving.  Come along then and share
the profits with us.
.The Daily Details
Lee's Furniture Emporium
For enl  Mowers, bridal bouquets and ,     The funeral Of Father .loyal, O.M.I.,
j funeral designs, 'phone Tidy, the Flor-   took   place yesterday    afternoon    at
1st, A1S4.
The Samson was freed yesterday
from iis burlier of ice and is now
moored to tbe Government wharf.
The   regular   meeting  of  the  city
; teachers' Institute  will be held this
evening, in the chemistry room of the
i high school building.
The Schaake Machine works has received the contract for outfitting a
new saw mill for the Watson Lumber
company of Kamloops.
Mission. The funeral service was
conducted in St. Peter's cathedral,
Bishop Dontenwlll officiating. A number of friends of the deceased accompanied the body to its last resting
place in the Roman Catholic cemet-
! cry   at   Mission.
The Lectures on the Tabernacle of
Israel, illustrated by chart, are being
continued this week, each night, (except Saturday), at eight. Subject.
Wednesday.   Thursday   and    Friday,
For Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums,
Window Shades, Pictures and Framing,
Couches, Parlor Goods, Rattan Goods.
LEE S     Furniture     Emporium
Dupont Block New Westminster        Tel. 73
���' V
Ti ft
"The contests of ihe Golden Ark, in-   V
eluding the Golden   1'ot    of    Manna, >"<
The   Flyer  released    the    Chinook H��'-"    Everyone invited.    At the Gos-
1  the Icy  toils   near  Crane's  ship I1*'1  Hall, Bth Ave. and 9th St.        ..".-::
;ard yesterdaj  afternoon.   Today the
breaking  of  the  channel through   the 0fllcer Johnston  yesierday  received ;���;
North   Arm   will   be  undertaken. ""' s;"' aews o�� ""' 8udden deatn "f ft'
his   brut ber,   who   has  been   ranching >J
William Landers, an individual with lni' several years in the Okanagan val- i j��j
:t  troubling thirst,  was fined  $5 and '''>'���     The deceased  had  been  suffer- �����,;
costs,  by  ilu'  police   magistrate  yes- 'n_ for some time from some Internal ij
terday morning, with the option of a malady, nnd   was  preparing to  come ft
Oionth  in jail.    Landers paid the line, to   the   coasl  in  order  to  undergo  nn |��j
Operation.      Death    was   very   sudden
We bud a sale of Tapestry Portieres
last wee!, and sold all. we had but
four pairs. Now we want to Bell
them too-���hence these reductions���
$20.00 for $8.50; $12.50 for $6.50;
$4.75 for $2.95;  $4.00 for $2.50.
We bad a sale of Woollen Dress
Goods recently, and cleare;! out several pieces, but not all. So now we've
.i ided eight more pieces; such as
green, grey and fawn vicuna, old rose.
cieam and Alice blue panaina. besides
shadow check tweed sailings; worth
Trie and  $1.00.    All  one price, 59c yd.
A Anal clearance of fine Woollen
Waistings, Including pale blue and old
ie, French twilled opera flannel,
embroidered color.-, on cream lustre
striped ami flowered woo) lelalnees
in I woolalones, 27 lo :;i inches wide;
regular 50c.    To clear at 39c.
Children's Flannelette lu-esses, to
!:, girls of 1 to 7 years, made of nied-
; mi an I dark colored flannelette in
��� ts ...i I figures- jusi the thing for
verj daj wear: regular 75c to $l.oi��.
lo go at 50c.
The C P. ,\. warehouse lias all the   and was a great shock to his relatives) \fi
appearanse of a hay  storage, and  is {<
almosl filled with between one and The auction sale of city lots, an- A
two thousand bales of hay, a large nounced some time ago hy W. J. Kerr, | !��J
quantity of which is to he sent on to wil1 take place on Thursday. Feb. 7, �����
Victoria. in   the  store  at   present used   by  the   A
Conservatives as their election head-   [���;
Leverne   Adams,   son    of   George
Adams,  who was  Injured  while coasting inwards the  end  of last   week,  is
| now   progressing   favorably,   and   the
i doctors believe that he is out of danger. The only thing to be feared aa
the preseni time is a recurrence of a
hemmorage on the brain.
quarters.     A   large   number   of   lots   >J
situated in the west end of tlie city,
will be disposed of, and Mr. Kerr expects that this sale will be even more | ��<
isuccessful than was the one held IA
some time back; Sixty-seven lots, V
will fall under the hammer during the ! j��<
evening. A
limes repeated bis previous asesrtion A
i thai   the   Liberals   would  never   ally '���;
themselves with these revolutionaries. **<
_    Mr.   Dowser  would  nol   dare say  that. j��!
hing more, yet the tight should have j Ih�� McBride government had not been $
, ,,      ,  i        ��� i < controlled   and   maintained   in   power   &
been  kepi  up.     Great Imperial issues ' A
I by   the  Socialists.      W.   Davidson,   a   A.
| railways   in  the   province   of   British
| Columbia.
Dealing with the Socialists, Mr. Mc-
(Continued from Page Four.)
suggest   keeping   ibis   a   while man's
Soeialisi  cflididate in Slocan, had re-   V
peatedly   made  the   assertion   on his
platform, thai  the Socialists had held   $
legislation ' the balance of power during tbe past
three years.
[ country, and the fight against Japan-
I ese* Hindus and Chinese should be
; continued   and   barrier   of
should be erected so high around the
,,, . "We have got them on the run.    It
piovmce thai no Japanese, Chinese or
is up to the electors of Xew Westmin-
Hindu could ever get over it. | ster  t(1  s;ly   wbethev   |lK,y   wi���   j(lj���
The first thing to be done after the the procession of winners, and return   5
Liberals  would get  into power would the   Liberal   candidate,   or     be     left , ^5
be the lowering of taxes to what  they asleep on  the banks of the  Fraser ri-   'fi
ui re three wars ago. and the compel- ur.      1   appeal   to  you   to   give   your   y
ling  of everyone   in  the  province to votes  and   support   to my  old  friend   {��
and 3
ay   their   jusi   taxes,   which     would   and   school   male.   F.   W,   Howay,
lean thai   the C.   P.   Et. would  contri-   boy who used to cap,are all the prizes
i:te its quarter million for the Koot-jal  school in the old days, and whose
ay lands
victory   was  always the   most  sweep-
i<sTTTT<H     tweed
lOUl 1 >_>���   WORS
Secondly, the Liberals would repeal   '��'-' ���""l the most popular, Rally round   |��,j
the educational act, and bring the ed- !'mi 011 Saturday, and give him a ma-
ucational conditions of the country to J01'11*'   thai   will   be   a  landmark   for
uha; thej  were three years ago.   Mr. >ears  to  com,' in   the political  elec-
Bowser had  -een  lit   to sneer al  the ;'"��s ��"' British Columbia."
Idea of giving children free education, As Mr, .Mclnnes finished whal  was
I a sneer was a very poor argument, without  doubt, one of the  most   bril-
Clean   administration  in all   depart- Hani   orations   ever   delivered  in   the
ments  would   be another  thing dealt citj  of New Westminster, cheer after
with by the Liberals.     He would nol I cheer   rang  out   from   the  assembled
attempl to deal al length with the re- throng.    There was no call for cheers,
slgnation of Charles Wilson from the
i overnment, Wilson could no longer
attempt   to justifj   the    crookedness
po leader, no organized action; it was
hi   spontaneous outburst of a people
fired   wiili enthusiasm  at  the   words
E endeavor to give satisfaction
to our customers; we think we
have, as our business has grown
rapidly during the past year.
If you are not dealing with
_-^ us, we would be pleased to have
^   vou give us a trial.
r t-��� -ir.��rrv" I������
��� ���,..���.���������__����� i-iinr-i
Big Reductions
that was going on in the cabinet, and l of the great  Liberal speaker who had
������ i  he had   resigned.     Thai   was  the so  well  expounded   the   principles of
nl    ...    : le explanation.   Not a Con- the  party  which stands  for   what   is
i   -.    h     had dared to attempt  to ex- right,  fair, open  and  above  board.
ii   .'';���    iVilson   had   resigned, After the enthusiastic  Libera] sire
i    ....      resignation   was   the   nexl porters   had   grown   husky   with   re-
���   with.    The  mosl  Impudent  aus- peated   cheering,  someone   far  hack
i,   ��� ���   rn   hn    be n   ma I i In the gallery raised a plaintive w
when   Mr.   Bowser had       ' Three cl rs   for    Gifford."    The
an enl;     usweied "We have nothing flrsl efforl made bj the red liol Tories
.. Green."   The Conser- present  was so fecblj  given that, dls-
..,,,.;    |m oul before I e ci urag. I and hopelesslj   beaten, ihej
, : ii;ll| the elec ors did nol attempl a second yell, and re
,.,... ut a ,uore ..;;,��� atom    ran Hied  from the building, while score
action evi    alleged, proved or admit- of enthusiastic Xew Westminstei elei
te(]      |    | .  ..,;,; ,���������,, there was tors  swarmed  over  the  stage, eaj
,.���, ,.,. iht thai the Conservatives wish to shake hands with and congratulate
,,,   had  neve:   had anything   to   Ic Lhe brilliant   advocate of the  Liberal
with Boh Green.    Green's action was policy^	
., ,., n lemnation ol  the whole govern- :'
n.i nt,
"I was in a position in the Yukon,
where all .b ' gold lands directly under
English Watchmaker
IThe Wardrobe Clothier ��
Prices  WILL RISE as  the
Spring-time Comes Along!
In BURNABY we control exclusively
260 Lots, at $40, $50 and $60 per lot.
How does that strike you ? In any quantity
and  terms   to   suit yourself.      On car line.
one ever attempted o come to me
with $:J7,i 00 worth al stock. I inaj
lie a dangerous man, who Is going to
frtghten capital oul of the country,
and scare railways away, and everything thai the Con sorvatives may say,
bui when I am In office, I am a different nam." The career of the Mc-
overnmenl bad heen an orgh'
sal     of   potlatch.
F. CRAKE evscieod, ^ark & co.
New Westminster
Bride go
of   plunder, a   carous
, h, ��� rs,    and    still      more
Two   diors   from   Geo. Adams,   Grocer
Ladies' Gold Watches from Sl..?,") up
Gentlemen's   Silver   Watches,    open:
face, $6.00
Gentlsmen's Silver  Watches, double]
case. $7.50 UP |
Agent for the celebrated South Bend i
Watches, supplied to the Wellman Arc-1
tic Expedition.   All warranted.
Chains, Rings, Jewelry, etc.
Watch repairing; charges reasonable. I
'The Farm Land Specialists,"
\i , i;.-   A.   M.   M ilius.  dei ea   i
Columbia St.
I I 'lieerr
( beers. I
Wilb  regard   to  railways,
erals   rould deal with them fairly, and
,,���,   no i Ion '" thelr way'
' ,���,   time, the  rival   corpora- _     All pi  son i   having  claims
|{uns       , were Boeklng to enter the , Uu   bee Alfred Melville Mall i
would be op-   quested to hand same (dulj   verified)
..   .,; entirely favor   tn the undersigned on  or before the
..    |    tl ' I Iberal i I       '        lay ol   M in h,   I    r.
Temporary Premises: Trapp Block
Plumbing and Contracting
P. O. Box 248 n Telephone 302
'-  e,%^^^.r.-��Tu^.��tw����-Ii��'��in._5WT.ir5'��r.^^^'����r��<i��"����i'~J
.,,.. Iror policy foi  thei
t ut. _._ii__Bia_*j��j��*iM5*
B��l 1
<%&��� ,
1 '
as '
E" *
ii r_
w����r    THE DAILY NEWS
"" %'��_,.!
TAKK NOTICE that application has
heen made to register Edgar L. Webber as the owner iu Fee Simple, under
a  Tax Sale  Deed  from  the Reeve  and
Clerk of Surrey, io Edgar I.. Webber,   tute of Saigon, Cochin China, first
commenced his experiments on the
Th* V��nom of the Cobra It Deadly Al*
most Beyond Belief.
It was in the autumn of 1891
that Calmette, while acting as director of the Bacteriological insti-
bearlng the date 5th day of January,
A.D. 1901, of all and singular that
tain parcel or tract of land and premises situate, lying and being in the
District of .New West minster, in the
Province of British Columbia, more
particularly known and described as
l.< ;s 1 and 2 of Block 10, subdivision
o! South East quarter Section l".
Township 1.
You and each of you arc required
t contest the claim of the tax pur-
i . aser within thirty days from the
. te of ihe tirst publication of this
: .i ice, otherwise I shall register Ed-
. .. i.. Webber, as owner thereof in
:. e. And I herebj order thai pub-
Hi ittion of this notii e for fifteen days
in a daily newspaper published at
New   Westminster   will  he  good  and
Sufficient   service   thereof.
DATED at the Land Registry Office,
New Westminster, Province of British Columbia, this 17th day of January, A.I).   1907.
District Registrar.
To Thomas Jeffries,  Esq.
All persons served with this notici .
and those claiming through or under
them, and ail persons claiming any interest in the said land by virtue of any
unregistered instrument, and all persons claiming any interest in the
said land by descent whose title
is not registered under the
provisions of ihe 'Land Registry Act."
shall be forever estopped and debarred from setting up any claim to or
in respect of the said land so sold for
taxes as provided by the "Land Registry Act."
TAKE NOTICE that application has
been made to register John W, Burr
as the owner in Fee Simple, under a
Tax Sale Deed from The Corporation
of the City of New Westminster, to
John W. Burr, hearing the date lath
day of June, A.I). 1905, of all and singular that certain parcel or tract of
land and premises situate, lying and
being in the District of New Westmin-'
ster, in the Province uf British Columbia, more particularly known and described as Lots !i to 16 inclusive of lot
12, Suburban Block 13, New Westminster City,
You and each of you are required to
contest the claim of tbe tax purchaser
within forty-five days from tile date
o! tiie tirst publication of this notice,
otherwise 1 shall register John \Y.
Burr, as owner thereof in fee. And
I further order that publication of this
notice for one month in a daily newspaper published a-. New Westminster
will he uno.i and sufficient service
DATED at the Land Registry Office,
New Westminster, Province of Brit-
id, Columbia, this 2Sth day of Decern-
ler, A.D. 1906,
District Ri gistrar.
To Flo,-1 \\ Hammlll,
All persons served with this notice,
. ad those i laini ng through or und";
tbem, and all persons claiming any
interest in the said land by v'rtue oi
any unregistered Instrument, and all
ersons claiming any Interest in the
sail lan 1 I y descent, whose title i-
uot registered under the provisions
of the "Land Registry Ac;." shall be
forever estopped and debarred from
setting up any claim to er in respect
of the -aii! lan '. re si 11 for I ixes as
! rovided   for   1 y  the   "Lan I   i: e
Li   i;.��� tei L    . I  ;��el   of l. ������   "  and
ly   ll   he;   ol   \.i t  -1,  Block   .".
New We.-- mlnsu i Ctt  .
A   Certificate  ol   In lef< a Ible   Title
te   the   .i   eve   pro] I ; 1..'   will   he   Issued
to William Camp lell, Matilda Camp-
1 ell and Eliza i li Cam il ell on th"
isi day of February, 1907, unless in
the meantime a valid ol jectlon thereto be made to me in writing hy a per
ren or persons claiming an estate or
i; '<���'���>���I Iherein, or in any par- thereof.
i'. S. KEITH,
Districl  Registrar of Titles.
Land  Registry Office,
New Westminster, B. C, December
2'. 1906.
The person oi persons having in
their custody or possession the following Title Heeds relating to the said
property are requested to deliver the
game to the undersigned.
October   17,   1889,   Angus;us   Lund-,
bom  to  Donald McGillivray,  Conveyance in fee of part of I/hk :i and I.
.March 2, 1883, Peter Monetta to Augustus Lundbom, Conveyance of part
of Lot .'!.
Agents   i
337 Hastings si. \v, Vancouver, B C
neutralization of serpent venom in
the animal system. He had exceptional opportunities in the matter
of Ferpent venom wherewith to carry out his investigations, inasmuch
as a band of cobras had recently attacked a village iu the vicinity of
Baclieu, and by order of the governor of the district no fewer than
ninety specimens of the terrible Na-
ja tripudians, or cobra de capello,
were forwarded in a barrel to the
Forty of the reptiles arrived
alive, and several were at once sacrificed to secure their venom glands.
Each gland, resembling both in size
and shape ;i shelled almond, contains about thirty drop:, of venom,
und in this transparent, limpid liquor
is embodied a toxin of extraordinary strength. As is well known,
this cobra is the most dreaded of
all serpents, and it is widely distributed over India. Burma, Sumatra, dava. Malacca and Cochin China. Until Calmette, however, set
to work to systematically study the
nature of this reptile's venom hut
little precise or reliable information had heen obtained as to its
character. It was, of course, necessary in the first instance to ascertain, within as narrow a limit as
possible, the exact degree of toxic
power inherent in the venom and to
determine if possible the precise
dose lethal in respect of each variety of animal experimented upon.
A correct calculation of the quantity of venom required in every case
was, however, found to be quite impossible, for so virulent is the
pnisnn that a single drop of an
emulsion produced by pounding up
eight glands in 300 grams of distilled water is sufficient, when introduced into the vein of a rabbit's
ear, to kill it in five minutes. All
the mammals to which Calmette administered this cobra venom, such
as monkeys, dogs, rabbits, guinea
pigs and rats, succumbed more or
less quickly, according to the size
of the dose.���Westminster (iazette.
A Salmon Story.
Here's a fish story: A sportsman
fishing for salmon in one of the
streams that run into the gulf of
St. Lawrence discovered a spot
where lie was convinced that a
salmon ought to he lying. As he
made his way through the bushes a
cast which he had wound around
his hat became loosened. As the
sportsman peered over the bank a
fly on the loose cast gently touched
the water. I in mediately a salmon
ppized it and rushed away upstream,
carrying both hook and hat.
Hot Water
all prices
By Graduate Optician
in New Westminster
vicinity, consult us
We Mean Business
13-roomed House, with
bath room, pantry, scullery, root house and wood
shed attached ; electric
light; hot and cold water.
181 ft. front, 280 ft. deep
(more or less). All kinds of"
fruit, 5 walnut trees, all
bearing small fruit. Price
for the whole $5,500;
terms half cash, bal. 7 per
cent. Price of house and
land going with it, $4,000.
Telephonic communication
with house.
2 lots can be bought separately; 50 ft. front, 280
ft. deep, $750 each; good
bearing fruit trees; lane on
back from 3rd Ave. to 4th
One acre back of the
Orphanage. $800 cash.
For full particulars apply
at once.
House on Brantford St.,
rents $1;! por month. Will
sell for $1,500. Terms
$750 cash, bal. easy.
2   lots,   i .i  Qi
I avenue;   size   of   '
i lot.   Can i e bo .
Ir.sl le lol $400.    G
ICS acres, Coq lit!
I cil.  near  Black'
Three lots
I Sixth  street
S6 acres, half mile waterfront, G.N.
K. running through. $9,460, terms
easy.     Investigate.
Two storey house between Fourth
and Fifth avenue, seven rooms. Rents
for $15.     $1,700.
Six lots, 50x150, outside city limits
$60 each lot. Fuller particulars on
Another   of   Our   Snaps.
::_;i�� acres near Cloverdale; one mile
from school. 40 acres cropped On*
>ear. 30 acres slashed, easily cleared.
Best prairie land. Frame house, t;
rooms, plastered; large barn, chicken
!k use, woodshed, etc., etc, Only
$6,400. terms easy.
Snap in Lots.
less lit  feet, corner of  Burnaby
ml  Fifth  avenue.     Just
$1,000, terms easy.
Vacant lots for sale in all parts of
the city, from $25.00 to $3,000
SO acres, one mile from Abbotsford,
10 acres cleared, good soil, .20 fruit
trees, price $1,400, half cash, balance
in three equal payments at reasonable
150 acres improved land, buildings
and sheds complete, near Cloverdale;
all under cultivation, $15,000. If you
can handle this, don't delay; it's a
bargain; terms can be arranged.
This is in Victoria, are you moving?
I room cottage, water lavatory, back
I iiclicn; barn 20x25: size of lot, lOx
l io; fenced and cleared; onlj $1,200.
Easy terms. Enquire at once tor ful-1
ler particulars.
Full size I lot, No. 12 Third avenue
and 13th street, north side. $300 easy
full sized on 6th street, in
East side 100 yards from
factory,     Price   $1,020.
House and  lot,
bII uated  near Quei ��� ,.
It's up to you to stop | . rig .... 1
One hundred an I i
14  Sec.    15, Town .1
from   Fort   Langley, ... . i:.l
No. 1 land.     Price, 510 per acre.rj
third cash, balance on ���..-  |
6-room cottage, 7th Ave.&
6th St., facing 7th Ave.; 2
full sized lots; name of cottage, Cecil; bath room,
wood sheds, peach, apple,
pear and plum trees. Price
$1800, half cash, bal. 6&
12 mos. at 7 per ct.
Furnished house to rent;
10 rooms; close in; $25 per
Or, will sell the house
and 22 ft. on Columbia St.
for $2,600; $1,000 cash,
bal. in two years.
Cliff   Can
House on Royal and Eighth Btrefet,
two storeys, seven rooms, full Sized
lot, $2,000.
20 acre blocks, fruit lands, near
Junction, $20 per acre
480 acres, Maple Ridge, Sections 28,
2!l and 32, Township 'J, one-half prairie, rest brush and some small trees.
Prices; Section 32, $45 per acre; Section 2!��, $60 per acre; Section 2S, $55
per acre. Telephone at Hammond;
telegraph station, Pitt River Bridge.
Terms, half cash, balance one and two
years at 7 per cent.   Exclusive agency.
11-2 acres, between 5tJ
and 6th avenue and 16tj
and 14th Sts.    $500 cas1
One hundred and ;,-,
>,4     Sec. 25,  Township   IG, 2%
from      Abbotsford,    creek    ram
through,  50  acres  alder bottom, j
to   be  $600 worth  of timber til
property.    Price $10 per acre,
balance on time.
160 acres, Westminster district, 40
acres under cultivation, 10 acres orchard, % acre strawberries planted
this year; alder bottom land; running
spring; liouse 18 x 22; frame barn 30
x :J2; 14-post frame house and coiv
stables, three in all, stable S cows and
2 span horses; near Mission Station;
schools, churches near at band;
steamer lands twice a day; about 100
acres timber, fir and cedar, never been
logged; $2,000 refused for standing
timber; carriage house 16 x 24; hen
bouse made of hewed timber laid in
mortar, 12 x 30. A chance of a lifetime, $S,000, $4,000 cash, balance at (i
per cent.
160 acres good farm land in Delta,
about :;t_ miles from river, near Scott
road, $12 per acre; a real good buy.
160 acres, N.E. V* section 19, township 10, Langley; small house, 30
acres cleared, timber valued $750.
Price $1,500, one-third cash, balance
at 7 per cent.
House an.l 1% lots, 5 rooms, price
$1,375, hall' cash, balance to be arranged at G per cent.; Alice street.
.lames Inlet, three square miles, at
$6.00 per acre, half cash, balance easy.
Does It Pay?
160 acres, 10 ac. cleared,
without a stump in them;
nearly all planted with
fruit trees, apples, pears,
plums, cherries. Small
house; barn and stable30x
56; good well; half-mile
from school. Only $1 O
per ac. and terms easy at
Business Opportunity
Bakery and Confectionery business for sale, il
splendid opportunity fo
good man. Shop, hous
and stable rents for $2i
Lease, $700 cash fa
Ten acres in Lot 463, one milee
of Westminster .Junction, Al soil,
lly cleared.    $30 per acre.
Two  storied   house.  7
sewer   connections,   all    i oden
provements, splendid locality  il
Terms arranged.
Hornby Ranch, Xickomckl. I    House- corner ot Fifh avenni
Sixth   sl reel,   one   lot,   twn    '   '
rooms. $2,500, half cash.
Oi acres
house cost $2,500 when built, 20 acres
cleared.    Price only $3,000, half cash,
balance easv.
A choice property has
just been placed in our
hands for rapid sale. Read
carefully, and invest; it's
a money maker.
50 Lots 45x120 in Sapperton, overlooking the
Fraser River; between the
Hospital, Distillery and
Brunette Saw Mills, with
school in center; 17 double
corner lots, balance front
and well located; all easily
cleared; perfect river view.
Corner lots $125, inside
lots $100. Onlv 1-4 cash,
bal. 6, 12 and 18 months;
or terms can be arranged
to suit purchaser. INDEFEASIBLE TITLE.
all over the city for sale
from $50 to $3,000.
See us immediately. Tell
us where you want a lot
and we can supply.
Lot No. 10, full si/.e, on Amies
street, nil cleared nnd fenced, ready
for building; a real good speculation
I'm   $600.     Halt' lot  No.  7.  $250.
ill" acres on the Scotl road, 15 acres
cleared;   barn  50 x 30;   stables, etc.;
splendid soil; onlj $30 per acre, $1,(	
(;i b, in.' ne" easj.
Between Fifth and SixMi avenues,
near Seventh street, eight rooms, all
mo lern, stable anil chicken house, full
Slzi I lei. two storeys, $1,000 cash,
1G0 acres in Surrey, 5 acres cleare I.
fence,! on roa 1 Side, $1,800, ball' casb.
balance on Mine nl (i per cent , sti ,-
Jecl  to sale  if limber.
SO acres of land near Sutherland's
mill, in Surrey; good liouse, 0 acres
cleared; only $1,000, easy terms.
House and lot, 50 x 133, back of
brewery, facing Columbia St. Rents
for $24.00 per month. Price $1,200,
half cash, balance in six months.'
You cannot possibly gel a higher percentage for your money than 11 per
���I'i acres near Mud Hay. $7 per acre;
see us for fuller particulars.
S-roomed house, all modern Improve
ments, line location, cornei   of Fourth'
streei   and   Agnes,    $5,000,    one    half'
cash.    A comfortable home and    good'
family   residence.
Eight-roomed house , all modern
conveniences, on Carnarvon Btreet and
Sixth street, two Btoreya, $3,750.
Boarding house, 20 roi 1     01 S |
street,   one   block   from '   '
rents at $.0 per month, or foi Mil
House,  eight   room..,
1 ' ; ,   .-    1
corner   Fourth
House,   full   sized
ot,  on
Sapperton:   rea
Only $1,050.
House and lot on sth si reel. |,,,t i,r,x
120, 1; rooms, woodshed chicken liouse.
$1,050.    Terms easy.
160 acres, Langley, 25 under cultivation; bouse, barn, sheds, etc. all in
good repair; a snap at $3,000, half
Seven-roomed hnnse, Seventh street,
near Fifth avenue, two storeys, full
sized lot, $1,600.
00 acres good fruit land in Surrey;
can lie bought now for .$25 per acre,
only one-quarter cash needed, balance
In one or two years at  7 per cent.
Exclusive Sale
5 acres on 6th St., just
off city limits. $1,100,
easy terms. Fine property for subdivision or
market gardening, chicken
ranch or small fruit farm.
In best residential portion of New Westminster,
east end; close to car; 6
large rooms and large reception hall; modern in every respect; 2 full lots 182
x 132, all in lawn, laid out
with shrubs and flowers;
tennis court on one side.
Price $2,500. Terms $600
cash, bal. on mortgage.
Just Look!
80 acres in Matsqui Mii-i
nicipality, 4-room house,
chic Ken house; one aft
cleared; good well, purest
water. $1,000. Chance
of a lifetime.
I louse
and lot on Agnea sl reel, two
seven  rooms;   a   real  snap al
Large lol ami two cottages on Columbia street, Sapperton. Both rented
ul $10 each.
Five cottages ami two lots on Flrsl
street, opposite Queen's park.    Price
Part of lot 369, joins hake Commur,
about 7u acres, only $25 per acre.
Malt' cash.   Jump.
Three   full-sized    lots,   cleared   ami       One and a hall' lots, Sapperton, jusi
fenced, close to ear; corner ol' Fourth ��" Columbia Btreel and Brunette only
avenue and Third street; a goodspecu- $1,200.   Terms to be arranged.'
latlon; live minutes from post office;      Full sized lol on
$1,800;   easy  terms. 132, Lot 10, s
Regina street, 66x
1 Lot s. Price $150.
16 res  iii Surrey, im '���  ���
Coulthard. ranch, $7 per ���   '   ���
terms;    fruit   lands;    si .
H0U86,     M    looms,   11.
Fourth   avenue   and   Sevi I
$2,000.   Terms can 1 e ai
135 acres, one mill
don. B.U, 711 acres in ������  1
drained and fenced; hou     ����<l Mfll
cost $2,500; good road   I
price $50 per acre,  ball  1      ������ 1,alallCJ
to suit purchaser at 1; pi 1    nl      "
son for Belling, the n�� nei
bad health, and has to ���-������
to �� tc'1!
Double tenement hou
each  bouse, water, light, full ������m'
bel ween    First    and    Si
Fourth avenue, on north
$1,500, half cash, balance   n one
nt tl per cent.
160 acres, all fenced, n
tivation,  good   water,  hall
school, al   Chiiliwack. $75 P = r
ad j l'"'1"'
from j
icres in I'itt Mi
$.'15 per acre. One third i
at 6 per cent.
8 and 10 acre blocks In Sui
,��� liala��tJ
miles from the river, $'0
M?_?,'rTs McQuarrie & Co., Real Estate Broker*
Agents for Employers' Liability, and Union Fire Assurance Co. of London.
217-219 Columbia St.
____!.   ..        ���-��-_��...
__.__ ���
*���"������ ���-���'"'���
JAN.  31,   1907.
'���" ' "*
nue ecsSIONAL
Itors, Blacltie Blk.,
. || .
...  .. ' .        Edm< ���
.    .11 yipTON BOLE, solid-
,    ,: .       ���   ��� .< 3ourt. Offiefs
i ... C in   ���     bull
,. i, ,���.!.���     stree    oppos	
������������ itei     Mon*    I
v.-: )     i   MoQtJARBIE,
. tei        "!' (to  Of
. .     Westi iter, Trapp Blk ,
io    an i   Lorne streel
,     r00I-   '    to 24. 445 Gra
i ,aep    Martin, K. C, .
U   MoQuarrie, H.  A
M     Martin will   b    '    th
..    0fr_Ce   ev�� r    Friday af
I    .'     ,     BOWES,   Rsirrlu
, | . r|    ���;,.     4     i orn ���
,,o   ���      Ooi i      Honsi     N ���
.   wheallei    P.t     i;"
.   | ���(',':     B irristi    in
i ,., k b i    bloci   Colin
. |  ,,- ,. |   ..' i��- its   Ne<   Wes
i   ���'
UCtkffil NaJie rtf Lib I -o>ts
^^^^���^^���M^*^*,^^^*MM^M^",'"I7I j ,���    -,-||  -]--i���L" :��� :-���=_==____. .	
W. J. Kerr  has  received instructions  to   Sell by  Public  Auction,   on
mURSDAY, FEBRUARY 7th, 1907, at 8 P. M.
in the Cunningham Block, next door to his  office  on Columbia St., New Westminster,
SIM > - rot K    I
��� ,..   qra\   B irristi i   So I
rac 11
; .    westminsl  i   '':      0
l    Curti   Block Clar
opposlti    Con     Honsi
Peli  horn   64
isionj   1  to 32 inclusive of Block 1, and Sub- div
inclusiv* o  Block 2 of Lot IH, Suburban Block
12, City of New Westminster.
'hi  | "���>.���   ,   h'
���  ri* TRADE.���Net    Westmli
o   Tradi   rneeti   h   th
. ,,   oil    Hall  ai   follow
>.   iinesda    ol  eacl   month
,. '    meetings   on  the bi com
,..  ;,       o      Pebruarj      Ma ���
aiii    Movembei   n   g p   n,
n tlngi    on    the   second
o      Pebruarj      Net)
,.,.���;    in.      b<    proposei    and
ai    monthl;  oi Quarterly
,.     ...   i.  v.'iifi; Sec
e:-ir  societies
|cs .::i:.E no. s, a. f. _ a. m
���j.   --.,   : ���    meeting    o     ��� t;-
h(   TVs;  'W'edTiosii:.'   ll
-   -  ���    at 8 < cloi I   i.   in.   ii
Ten pie     Solournlnj
������ -. i        ������ irdlall'   -i ' Itei   '���  ������
Dl    "vV.  A. DeVu.l!   Smitl
|G SOLOMON  LODGE. r'O. "    <<
_   A   V..���Repular   cm
bus   ft]        . l-   an   I
.:.  I   .'.  moi  l
���   ��t 8 i   n     V s .
.   ���    .     e
D. W. Gilchrist. Se.
K      '.    l.   me< ts
each     n onth,    al      S
:...,   in   Orange   hall,   corner   ol
and   "th  sl ree       S
g Sir  Knights   cordially   In
to attend.    W. E. Dunlop, M\
Hood, Reg
r'L  ORANGE   LODGE,   NO.   1151
ets  in  Orange  hall   B.'bI   nnd
: i!-.  in each mouth al 8 p
��� siting brethren are cordlall)
��� ��� attend.    W. Pope, W   M .
I imphre; . Rec Sei
st. be       il di '    stakei   ispe :'"'   _c   thi   -ale; it is now being  :
am before  thus affording 5  splendid opportunity to acquir     valuabl   I
tioi firs  hand
Thesi ;,'r - -: itei fronting on Tenth Ave., one block from the Interurban car line, and two
blocki Pron tb Cit   ������   Km   an up   ont 0  th< fines  residential site  inthecity
Ever    lo   ;   higl   am   dr   am   afford  an unparallei   ,: <  of the distant mountains ahd Fr
Ri .    delta
Sia of lots   [nsid 130 feet by 4! t-2feet; corne  lot  '" '���   '".feet.
ms   One-quarte  cash   I    in 6, ]    in 12, and 1-4 in 18 months, with 7 per cent interest.
The advisabilit; 0 '>> ��������� inj ii Ne Westminster property is an undisputed fact; NewWestmin-
stei as ai industrial centei li commandinj notice from the whole Pacific coast; Real Estate buys are sure
money-makers. This is your chance. Come and make your own prices, no reserve. A chance for everybody, Remember
thi ��-.\y  ti>cniv
C'.j--.����-k      fni   "face  and datz    Cunningham  Block,   Columbia   Street,
Thursday,  February   7th,   1907.
Monaco's Expedition.
���   ���  ��� >rt  on   1
���   -
1 on	
... a pa       if Heven S
;,..;.     n covei
vi terio   glai -
...   1
uplete 1 a, 01
..     . ,.    li
1    The      ;
,    lal 1
.   pa .          tin
..... losph
111 i'i 11    th (    tydrogra
u'cheei In Ore
1   p   mal   Jim ���   ���  ���
I'beir eircu a was
and       .        Ight uinetj
1 .   and   lib liai I
.1 UH
.,  1   .     , .. ;.. 1
in the i  te
P. o. tw :%; ;
^New Westminster, B. C.
The  Royal   Honk  ot   (������.,/_ T^fcSteUkn OFEU^IHIP
i- .    .      ���     ei       ���   '
111 will ne vi	
1., Hiijij   io ghov   I "   II
ONI   DOLI Ml  npi ������-
!   ,        QUI l.ilij ljUl      '   '
S T A Rl     0 V   '
: hi '
;       ,.      I    I     M,        j ......
ten  y{ ars I  to {GOi   "     I HI !K     rHIS 0   ' "
iii'F'i  SATURDAY   EVENINGS   5 TO   0   O'CLOCK.
F.���AMITV   LODGE.   Mo.  77
ir meel Ings of : hi i lodge
. Oddfellow
VIonda    svei
��� (     VI -
I.   A. P.
W.���FRA86R   .OCS6
���   . ���        ....
ir    "      .mils
IM8IA       ���   "������ Jo
:>-���    INGI AN "���     '������     I
 h   ni'Pl i  ?ee mil   mil
i     . , . i . ������ ' i
v n i,. :, i..   .   ,   -
. ,,.'.      nol 111 ���    P
1         ,'     kroi
. ��� ., |     stii
inv in tl
'  ���    '
,.    ,. , 'jMtll
\- inviti
'.:..-��������� |      '    '
.i    ��� ��� ,i.
D    II
i  Eiirtl
U~  H    V/F^ TMINSrEf?    BH"""
r   o   i /i c   rn _-
Canadian  H��nl?   of   {'.omtiwf *
-'���- F - - ^ '���'��'��� '���'���'���
"   W.  II 35.
C.P.R 'r'Il
N. W. 8.30; .    15.50.
              N.        18.40.
.   ;. 5,
-  .
:     N   .-   9.20 a.m.; ar. Seattle 4 p.m.
Lv. N. f    ' " p.m.; ar. S p.m.
V., \V. Sr  t.���VANCOUVER
" t. m.
G. N. R.-   PORT G
N     " ar.  Guichon
m.;  nr. N. W.
' G p. i_.
FRIDAY, 1st Feb.
th ��� Never Failing Delight
from li  ���  I resi
Dramatic Form
in! in
The New Land Act.
iiiniuii   land
on of Ca
....        van an i >
it ii dumbia   ind u
the ai    un       If i     ion
��� .  . u    lu   ..    I     ce River
Bi il i  .i       a       . .    i .
oi i  lias    ;'i I
i   ... .��� ol AlUerta,
Smiie of its provisions make I ipoi
. ,   changes iu thi     i  gul tions,   in
a  ���..      ire in the di
ol    ..   waging the actual n
alia up land, and making bin
more secure in  his title when he has
taken ll i i.
The bill was Ini rod c d ������ mie I inu
ago .    it il has not   ���
>eeu    :.    issed      i   bj plained In the
l-iousi     .       i... a I hal   io  anda -ban
��� ,.- . I entry   or fo
il    until survej e4.     Home   .��� id   en
U iu    uia ���  bi   ; anl   i  foi   ill    u   ici u
 i .. cultural lands   Thi -
Inclu       uoi       i u    even numi
, Hen	
u madi     i'"    the
e 11   nu . be i i   .   ctions.     linl
laud, valuable for men      ti
...      ...    .i     iu   or    landing
niaj     :n       .   . .    . min
wiiiiin sis i. ��� nl .i   ol   in    ��� ntrj.
No   home       I     ntry   oo
..ii. natural
... .. gold, silvei     o per, ii on or othei
or id th��  ivatei      Igl       o
pri  i eges v. iii..      . ii .   Ing  or     ���
lng through : h
An..  . i       e head of a fa
lly, or niali a yea ige, may
... ;i   ap mestoa      i
i     ' Ion.     If ���'��� wonu
uqt ,,  . . ii ad of a family,
ie case, she	
roui      i'   Speutatoi
HEAD   OFFICE     "' ' '
' nager (
���-TV. .'Off. :���  - .vo^.-.a   ".��'-.  i-o
���r   '    ���     ' ING
I, lis
i., and
g ii Human I  , Bubl
with Joyou   C omedy.
i    ���    ' .. ad i male o
  and   Ri ahstic    Situations
ii du coudi
bled li" lives on a home   i
Prices, $1.00, 75c  and 50c; galle i ban;    ihs
,i.    iffi rded       ��� ��� '
,    akei
IA .*KlNO    '���'     I ���''>     n
...^ .. -,   [tl gi   ' ���    IRA! Oil
Fraser RSver and Gulf
i.v  nso:
M'     .  ..������������
N. SV, Tu.,     .' . ���>       i.
DOWN  . ������
Moj a.m.
i.m. i Frl. I
St. w . \
Baimk   of   Mio-n+.rcv.;i
���i    '      SHED    ���
ii' rpor i nl     ���	
���   i   i   i      \L1     aid     "'
RSERV1     1     D
��� r pi . rs   )p 11 m
....     . ,     , ��� .   i
i.iri ��� i, ���
.   | . ���   .  ���
��� ..���������..-
���  ��� -     ,���   . ii-     ii .- ���-
Inlil i
,11       ,j���l,ii
.,���    i -nthbona and   Monnl   Royal
Honorary I'rr-aldent
t'o."* mmond,'.'.'.'.'.".  ���  President
,,..,,    uienl   n" i   General  Manager.
Rt.  Hon
i louston.
oner I    inking   UBiness tr_nsaci >d.
nehes    i   I!     "   i filial eftlel In Canada, in Londjm, Eng,
 I   I    0hn'��Nn-,,a_a'c6rre9ponde_t8in_Mparta.o.t_e
G. ����� BRYMNER, Agent
Mall Service
6. I'i p.m.
le, No. 1  7.15 ii in. 11.35 a.m.
.....   ��� ooo,      '   ncou\ i r,  No.   1.  7.15 a.m.   9.00 a in.
10,000,000    i: N i;   Cloverdal
[Jl'aine .' attle., 8.45 a.m.   3.30 p.m.
Van. _  Con. Pa li I - 10 a.m,   2.0 I p.m.
Victoria   I0.30a.ra.   9.00a.m.
i ���   ' Burn ih;   1.13 p m.    LIB p.m.
'    '    r   Steve il u .
��� p   1.30 p.m. 11.00 a.m.
c p.R ea ', Sap
ti n. Mill - i i" una
Coqultlam     3.00 p.m. 11.36 a.m.
Vnii. and  Burnaby 3.30 p.m,   6.00 p.m
G \'.U. Flyer     LOO p.m   11.00 p.m,
' erbnd,  Tues
mill Friday .  .. ,12.00 m.    12.00 in.
Seven  Teachers
{ Forty-rwe   Typewriters
I   Sti \
i R. 1. SPROTT, B. A., Principal
W. N. Draper
B. C. Land
nioiii  Rinck.   Nfw WastmiriRter. B.C.
[laving bought oul the Blacksmith-
lug business at R. ll. Benson, i v.-lll
bi plea i i In see all his old cu i nn-
"!������, is well as new ones, Horseshoe-
'nrj ,i scpe-.ialty.
Blghth  Street.
(  nOtiCI     ::     I
1     I
. ion a fan
...      i eigh
. -    j'
iwned an
.   . or lias his   pi   i   in
- - i - - I -. i ...
.   death of i
er, -I igh I '���>'  or
on_s ich farm, such    i
|cnc(    , rei kbned  as ro i
u] on Hi" hoi        ad; provub I tha .?-
;, [a ahown to the a itisfaot,lpn oi tiie
- overnor-in-couni II thai a i erson wh ���
h. .    ohtalne I    entry   has   becoo   .
���   phi slcal liis.ibiliiv, pnable    i
ij   ,viiii  tho   residence    n
menl hereuniier, or   under Boction 13
��� ;. acti     rn h   real 1_ u b\.i
;, i     ..   || ipense I with b; or ei
rn the Bov^rnor-in-councH,
I f fe T
Special Blend at Special Price
Clearing  out  for   stocktaking
per lb.
Public Supply Stores *   pr_P
at this "advt." UNLESS you want to buy the
Two lots, lovely garden, magnificent situation.
Price $2,050
Terms 1-3 cash, balance any old time.
This will be worth $3,000 in April.
Matter intended fur this column should In- addressed, Social Kditor, Daily News, I'. O.
Box 402, New Westminster."
Mr.. Mrs. an<l Miss Taylor, ot Alberta, who have been visiting -Mr.
Taylor's sister, Mrs Beattie. and Mrs.
Sillitoe, are on a visit to Victoria and
Mr. ninl Mrs. Joseph Parks, of Clayton, were visitors in tbe city yesterday.
ll. ('. Wood was a passenger to
Rossland   yesterday.
Miss Oliver left yesierday for Hammond.
Rev. R. Lennie is still confined to
his home through ill health.
Malins, Coulthard & Co.,
Real Estate, Financial and Insurance Agents,
Columbia St., - - New Westminster B. C.
Wedding Bells.
Lasl    night,    West.     Presbyterian
church   was  the   scene ol'  one  ol'  ill''
prettiest    weddings or    the    season.
! when Miss Jessie D. Symington, Bee-
I ciind  daughter Of  Mr.  James Syming-
; ioii of ('on Dover, Ontario, was united
| in  marriage    to    Mr. J. vV. Clifford
| l I. of this city.
i 'I'he bride was handsomely gowned
in silk nei, over Loisienne silk ami
veil of embroidered tulle, and carried
a bouquet of white carnations. Miss
tier;rude Brown was Maid of Honoi
and wore a white silk voile dress and
white picture hat, and carried a bouquet of pink carnations. The bride
was given away by Mr. Alex Lamb
and the ceremony was performed by
Rev. D. T. W. Taylor, pastor of the
The church was beautifully decora-
A Cold Handle
See that Hood?
It is lined with Asbestos,
prevents radiation of heat.
The handle is attached to
the hood, and thus kept
THE earth was flat for a great many hundreds of years.
And of course nobody could sail around the underside of it.
New Westminster Real Estate
was flat for fourteen years, but now even the most pessimistic are saying "they always knew it" that the Royal City
would be a great manufacturing and industrial centre, and a
City of Homes.        :::::::::
Homes for Sale
Sixth  6 1 Bungalow
Seventh  7 1 2-storey
Eighth  8 1 Furnace
Tenth  6 1 Modern
Royal Avenue  7 1 Modern
Royal Avenue  3 1 4 houses
Royal Avenue  5 1 Cottage
Columbia  9 1 Modern
Columbia  5 1 East End
Second  9 3 Lot 110x297
Second  8 1 Corner
Second  7 1 New
Third  11 7 Fruit
Third  7 1 Modern
Third  9 2 Modern
Fifth  8 1 New Mod'n
Fifth  7 2 Bungalow
Queen's Avenue  7 1 Modern
Queen's Avenue  7 2 Furnace
Fourth Avenue  7 1 Furnace
Fifth Avenue  7 2 Bungalow
Dufferin   b' 1 Modern
Ash  7 1 Fruit
Agnes  G 1 Modern
Completely furnished modern dwelling to rent, by good people.
F. J. HART & CO.
Real Estate   Mortgage   Loans    Insurance
WhiU Eggs are High
Egg Food ^
Poultry Cure
Ellard Block,        ���        New Westminster
1 ted with ivy festoons, evergreens and
white carnations and narcissus, while '
the front of the pulpit platform was
hidden behind a bank or hothouse
plants. A large, white bell was bus- !
pended over the place where the bridal party stood. Mr. Harry Bourne
was the besl man and Mr. II. I'. Latham and -Mi'. A. H Johnstone were
After the ceremony, the bridal pan;.'
returned to tbe house of Mr. Lamb,
where about a score of their Intimate
friends gathered to wish them long
life and happiness, The house was
artistically decorated with smilax and
white ami pink carnations, the coloi
scheme being white ami pink. Light
refreshments were served and the various toasis brought forth many happy
ami witty sayings., After the reading of ihe telegrams from the bride's
parents and from friends in Vancou-
ver, Lailysiiiiiii, Nelson, Revelstok.,
Montreal and Toronto, the party broke1
'ip in a very met ry mood. Over a
hundred presents, both beautiful and
useful, attested to the esteem in which
the   I,ride   is   held.
j Valentine   Fete,
'I'he ladies of the Hospital Alixil.
liary are preparing a pleasing variety
of attractions I'm' their Valentine Pete
in aid of the hospital funds, Many
and deep have been ihe deliberations
!on the weighty matter ami many of
the ideas have now taken definite |
shape and it is doubtful whether an:
lovers of amusement will he able to
May away after reading a brief outline
ol the programme, In ihe flrsl place
, a professional fortune teller has been
engaged A iudy who i.-. said in pos-
si ss ihe power of divination in a
marked degree ami who has accrately
forcasted some truly wonderful things
which have come to pass. She is no
amateur at the business and comes
from a long distance to unfold tbe
loors of ihe future for those who
< boose to consult her.
Then there win be e Valentine vote
;':''' '  " man In the city who
one is "it" will have
ice to ;      |o; alty  and
In a    ibstanUal
'. ' ��� ���     .    .  ���
This Week
��� as��
Our Annual Stocktaking $aJ
The general sweeping reductions which bj
made our January Sale such a success will contirj
all this week. 1
Prices will given a further tumble on th J
winter goods which still remain in the various fe
partments. Watch for every announcement. Even
one will be worth reading and acting upon thi
These Ladies' Suits Must Be Sold
Ladies' Lustre Shirtwaist Suits Half Price
Two only.  LuBtre Suits:  re.' liar  priC(
$8.50. SALE PRICE   $-*-25
Two only, Lustre Suits; reg i a       lei
$6.75.     SALE PRICE  $3.90
One only, Lustre Suit  :  reg ilat   price
$11.00.    SALE PRICE  55.50
Ladies' Cloth Suits, Less than   half.
Vou will find the skirt alone w< rth
more money than the whole price we
are asking.
One   only,   Mixed  Fancy   Navy  Cloth
Suit;  regular price $25.00.
SALE PRICE  $10.00
Two only, Suits, one Grey ont Black;
; regular  prices $12.all
SALE   PRICE    $4.75
one  only, Cloth  Suit;   regular   price
$10.00.    SALE  PRICE   $3.95
One  only.   Cloth   Suit;   regular   price
20.00.    SALE PRICE   $8.95
Ladies Dress
Skirts $2.50 ea.
We have been selling a line
of Skirts at this price for the
last two weeks. The lot had
dwindled down to 3 or I skirts.
To keep the ball rolling, we
have milled 12 more skirts, they
are newer than the previous lot
ami therefore more of a sacrifice They go just the .same
Lustre, Hopsacking, Freeze
Cloth, in shinies of Cream. Navy,
Grey and Black, and values
from $6.00 to $9.00, Our Sale
Price, each  $2.50
We have only 26 CHILDREN'S
COATS left, and they must sot
be here Saturday night.
16 are  really   Misses Coats.   They
go at $2.75 each.
Regular    values    $4.50    to    (I '
and every coat  in  the lo sea
son's stj le. Be sure you -��� ��� "���
You'll want one. The lot to i lew
Each    $2.75
10  Children's  Coats $1.00 each.
Some   are   last   season's,  _
this   season's goods    thou
materials are fancy twi ed    ���   thi
and eiderdowns.
In  this lot  are   ,-alues  woi
to $5.00.    This lot clears al  ��� --
Ladies' Sill-
Blouse $1.95 ea.
15 only, Ladies' Silk Blousi -
Of line quality Japanese Taffeta; three colors, Pink, White
and Cardinal, only; regular values run from $3.25 'to $5.50. To
clear   the   entire   lot    out      this
w< ek, each
Ladies' Coats
$1.50 ea.
rhe last two wee;,., has i""n
busy times among the Ladies
Coats. 'I'he line as this price ha*
proven one of the greatest drawing
cards of our Sale, and there are
still 34 coats to be cleare I
this week. When customers see
the v.iliu s which run from $7. ���'
to $20.00 regular price, the; ������
quick to a; predate the bargal
still i n Sale, to be clean I out
at, each     $i-=(
All other Ladies' Coats  half price
\ll this season's Coals at ! !<,'.
Shoil Coats, Rain Coats and C lol
in^ till now you are fortunate in
coat   al   this  price,
$20.00  Coats,   now   	
$16.50 Coats, now 	
$ l_..",n Coals, now 	
sweeping re luction,    Long < oa i
li  Coats.      If  you  have phi  of!     ���
t hal j ou .Me able to obtain o i' '
������    00
. .$8.25
W. S. Collister & Co.
247 Columbia Street. New Westminster
small price of 25c,   Anv citizen who I lightful to the eye as the cand
cares to buy up a dozen of them will    the palate
Have  an   investment   as   profitable  as       --  ,���,. ^ eyening ,������ th,   1
thai of rea   estate.   Then there will   ,���,,,, w|1, ,���, ���   .    roar|ng, slde-spH'
i inn-    win   ne   ii    ii Jl   I (mi in*.  ��� ��� ���
"" r:,f",'s '" l"""'    Rafflea   for *�� ting, dyspepsia-chasing mln.tr   .**
kinds of goods, fro,,, expuislte parlor in   which   a  number  of profe  ","
furniture down to kitchen ware. Home performers will aid local tali at. There
made candy of the most delicious and will  be  stalls tilled  with the da"*
toothsome type, guarantee nol to pro- jest   of articles,  suitable for   "'s''";
flUCe  toothache   will   he   dispensed   ad    tatioii In  f, ie���d I I f all a^'-.    ;'      ��*
libitum which by interpretation means sexes al   reasonable cost.    Tbi  ""
ial large qua,,.Hies will be given ai jeel is a worthy one and the ?    "
small cos..   The,, there will be a real will go to Bwell the fund foi ' ' '
' :!',:'  ,il1"'1  wKn gems as de-    .... | nev, hospital
*>*._   .���*.        -*..    ^IC.'.


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