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The Daily News Aug 19, 1909

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WHITE, SHILES &   ,, >.
260 Columbia St.    Phone     r.
. 4_ NUMBER 191-
EHa for
janners Want Ban Lifted
On Fishing Between Aug.
25 and September 15.
B(Bpracticallj certain the Frawr
[.Can-'" '"i";1"'1'    a<     _*
*        In Vancouver    today,    wlll
l a,, Dominion government  to re-
tm* rcing tbe close season,
enl regulations,
from August 25 to idown  the sides and
Large  Trains   WUl   Be   Run  to  Tra.k
Every   Day   During   Minoru
Club  Miet.
Swoop Down in Motor Boats
And Carry Off $10,000
Worth of Fish.
ICIghte.-n flat cars, obtained fron
the C. I'. R. for the purpo ������ are be
lng fitted hy Uie B, C. Electric Rail
way Company for the carrying 0
passengers to th_  big inc.   v
ih-   ni-w   Minora   rae,.   ii.,v    on   l.ilu . ,���._       ,   _, ,      ���._.___ .
island,  commencing   the   end  ol   this  trap8' a'   Polnl  Roberts,   of
week, and continuing for a n
Official Statement Declares
She Cannot Be Content
With Less.
FOR LABOR CELEBRAT10H        m ��� B|fi m
Senior  Amateur  Lacrosse  Match  Will
Be   feature���Notables   Will
Deliver  Addresses.
Q :        am   \ug   18.���At the points
ol guns and bj  main force, forty men)
Mllllgan    and
robbed    the
 worth |>f fish ni   I'i oclock last  MOB-!Canadian
The cars are living fitted with seats jday night     The fleet of    fast-sailing|
London, Aug,  IS.���A long statement
ha.s just  ben  puolished    giving    the
.       general  lines of  a  scheme  for  Caiia-
K,i"s,u.iii:pii  naval  defence.     According   to
$ln,000  this   information,   the   nucleus     of    a
At a mating of ilie committee of the
Trades and Labor Council, held in
the small 1. O. O. F. hall last night,
th0 tiuai details of the arrangements
for the Labor Day celebration In this
city   wer* Settled
Attempts Will Be Made to
Draw Big Crowds in the
 ^re   covered     with
Red" some tim"���*;���� IfiSi TTSnTto
I ,  .. i. oi  the canm ritoi..
���P. .   aslon   ini.il   Sep-
'.     and thej   have I n given
Bt"t��� ,.  r   n   \ nnlng, deputy
, :. 'hai this would
granted   Immediately    on     being
ttL  The canners hop- that  there
H,no difficult) in getting the >H
tg jxtensli ;���  which    thsy   mow
lives,  on,. Of  these
capable of    hauling
heavily   loaded   cars,
rived  from  the oasi.
will thus dp enabled
_________^^^^^^^^^^^^__    _________  wrote accepting  tho  terms.
[Canadian navy  will  be begu��  lmme-    ,   h   commlttea for a ln.d��h wUn ������..
idlately on  lines    suggested    by    Sirj.,, ������,.,._ ������i���,.. ������ ,i,,��� ���i,���   ,i,���_ __
wooped down from the,Jo1111 Fisher Ln 1907.
Must  Have  Own  Navy.
Canadian    ambitions,"    the    state
There not being a quorum present
the meeting of the board of control
and  city  directors of  the  R.A.   _  I.
The   Maple   Leaf\Lacrosse   club  ot   Soci-oty   called   for   last   evening   was
great  crowds expected  to attend  tl
races   with   ths  utmost  posslbl ���  des
the  mid.lie. and |power
canvas   i ���-     to  north, overpowered   the  trap  guards,
Tin".    ������ rifled  the traps and  returned to the
electric  1" north.   L'nited States revenue cutters Inland says, "would noi    ,   satisfied by
i 600-ton engin. have ... eni iv bj American can-,a '"'-re contribution ol money; Can-
nerymen and no cost will be spared ada wants her own navy. On this
to bring the raiders to Justice. Dead- IM)i"t the supreme consideration is
shot Pinkertcns w 11 be hired to that of the constitutlcual fivdom of
Btand   watch  at  the  traps   uud a  re-  the  state,  and  ^  thls-  questions ot
ward   ol   $1,   is offered hv local  can-  Strategy,   no   matter   how     important,
nerymen  for  the  detention    of    any rml!', be .subordinated.''
pirate attempting to rob a trap. I    Respecting details of   the   disposi-
Came  From  North !tion ���� shl')s' etc- *��� statyt��ent says ,
with   ease  nine
having  ji, :
The compai
to  ban He  the
amateur seniors of this city, thus as
suiing this attraction. Final arrangements were also made wiih the city
band to play at Queen's Park from
'J to 12 a.m. aud 1 io 0 p.m. on Lanor
Day, and with Rushton's band to play
at iii.- ball iii tin evening at the Bkat-
lng rink in the Pyth-an block.
it was decided io request Mayor
Keary, J. D. Taylor, M. p., T. Gifford,
postponed indefinitely. The meeting
was called for the purpose of discussing anil making arrangements for attractions ,-n the exhibition this fall.
This being impossible, the members
present nevertheless discussed thv>
matter informally and the result ot
their deliberations will be placed before th,- np-xi regular meeting.
Attractions for Evenings.
There was a consensus oi opinion
that  th,.  association  should  seriously
Expsct Late  Run.
|l_e cann"s bave  decided  to    ask
tbetfoll      ol the three weeksol
fce s_sun fp'r th    reanon that it is
���Uc'pated thai this year's may see a
Yimou of the Btate of affairs    ol
,.   .. j ar,  ilie.",, waen, after a
K. season. ���> belated school of sock-
Jj,        .   >    the   river   at   annul
beginning ol September and con-
Lied io rui ' he middle of the
J..:.. This wai   before the present
���pilatlons wer,   In fore.-,    and    the
���.nets were able   to  put   up   many
lousanJ cases of the    belated    fish.
|oiil.i such ii late  run occur under
! new  regulations,   the   canners
mid be debarred  lrom   lakiug    any
ntntage ol It
|T_e tun continued poor iu tlie river
luetday.   On  Tu s lay     pig���I     'lv
P. P., and K. pettipiece, organizer consider the proposition of evening
of the Trades and LouOr Council ot attrailions. it was pointed out that
Canada, aud Mr. Young,( organizer of  as   nllK,h   ���M)n. v   t0l,|d  be    obtained
The '"-.iis came from th.- north and
w.tit back in that direction. There
are nn American canneries north of
the two pillaged traps. Evidence
pointing to the guilt ol any particular
group of persons has nol yet been ob-
        taim-d. but  American  canneiymen all
^^^^^^^^^H lover  ih    Sound  are up  In arms.
are readj  to Spend fortunes, if neces
r -i ,        -n     ��� i .. Bary.  to defend  their  lish from  a re.
Liberals    Decide   to   Carry petition or last Monday night, raid.
.       . The    governmenl    revenue   cutters
War    Into   Birmingham���  arivedon the salmon banks last night
jThv  detectives  Will  be here us   BOOH
Mr. Lloyd-George Firm.     ias   possible.    The   cannerylhen    are
'taking the law into their own hands,
  ." V        jto a certain extent, and the trans will
bristle  with   Winchesters   loaded   for
Aug. 18.���The struggle ovvr j fi8h pirates.
Hint  at  Canadians.
further  that   these  are  not    yet
eluded, but it is obvious that  Canada
would not   b ���   fulfilling   h'-r  own   un
dertaking   if  she  placi,1  all  her  eggs
In one basket.    Sin- has  two oceans
to consider and  her  work will  begin j
practically on  both  coasts.
Dock   at   Esquimau.
Th,.-  scheme  also  include,I  an    ln-1
crease  i_i   dock   facilities,     li   is   unlikely that Canada's naval forces will '
ba limited to Halifax and  Bsqulmalt, |
inasmuch as Prince Rupert, and possibly  Quebec  and  Montreal,  have    to
be considered.
Tlie very best feeling has 'been displaced hi Oth sides at the conference between Hi. imperial and Dominion authorities,
Australia's   Programme.
Melbourne,   Aug   IS.���Premier  Dea-
m ithc Amoriowa Fedeiation of Labor, to from evening admissions as from day
deliver   addresses,     iir.   Young   Is   at   admissions,   if   the   attractions   Were
present in Vancouver, assisting in the  satisfactory.   Toronto and Winnipeg ex.
organization of that city
The programme has now been
drafted and Is in the bands oi the
the   budget   is  being   fou. hi   oa   both
lldeB,   Inside   and   outside <ol   Parlia-j    Th.. raid came upon th-.  heels of a kin, when interviewed yesterday said
ment,   with   unabated  zeal.     The   in   complaint made by Canadian canners  lie   was   extremely   gratified   at   Mr.
ll in the upper river averaged 150   lonlsts  recently  have been  compelled j that  they  are not  receiving as many  Fox ton's success in securiug the full-
lilt toe at  the   mouth  got    con-  to make reluctant admissions that the  fish as they should, and that a patrol  pBt   aceptance  of   the  scheme   befor.
^^^^^^ arc-  Ooal  had been sent across th,. line to  ^g    imperial      defence      conference
less   unpopular  in   the    country   than  ascertain  if the closed season  law is' which he  (Deakin)   had  advocated In
they had  supposed, and  this admlB- violated by the Americans.   The   de- 1907.
sion has encouraged Mr. David Lloyd |tsctives   alleged   to    have    been     in j    ^je a]so drew attention to the fact
Derably lees, the catches reported at lGovernment's financial propo
various canneries arotaad  Steves-
la imaging onlj from 50 to 100.
[From reports    r.i-etvvl _tstj      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Bl ll looked __ If the catch re- iQeorge, Chancellor of the Exchequer, I charge of the Canadian patrol boat'thht tlie Commonwealth woui.i have
irtt-d t__ morning would be even ,t0 stand fast by lhe main lines of his reported back to their employers that complete ocntrol of the proposed Aus-
idler than thai of yesterday jbudget. although be has made numer-  the traps were left open, and thai the  trallan unit in  tlie    reorganized    im-
ttBt government Inspectors on th/s side of perlai   navy  in  time of    peace,    and
_... the j the line have not been watched closely  wo���id   ais0   reta'n    power  U>  decide
B'linchairi-CiM  about   eight    scow |abandonment of the tax on  minerals,enough. whether  the  circumstances    of    any
Revolutionary Movement at
Barcelona Has Received
Great Setback.
hlbltions wer,. mentioned as examples
more  especially the  former.    Ii   was
sttggestd by Rev. .). S. Henderson
that the secretary, Mayor Keary, ha
sent to Toronto and Winnipeg to
study their methods in this direclio-t
and he believed that it would be
money well spent. The meeting appeared to be in favor and the proposition will probably be carried U, the
formal   meeting.
The difficulty of arranging attractions for the evening owing to the
uncertain  weather  at  that  particular
(Continued on  Page Two).
Rhe report oi the Canners' associa-  ous minor concessions in It.    Tl
|m (or yesterday is a follows: of these, announced yesterday.
fcds, or 112,000 fish about half
���ppbackt Borne of the seiners
JMe puled out. others have gone to
folnt ltobens
TAnacortee-Had plenty of fish  yea-
Uday, hot hall humpbacks; many of
fce seiners have pulled out.
|y.inrouifr-w.-.-ui,, 160.
' Brunswick- Average 77.
I Brit.. America���Average so.
! Bt. Mingo   VverAge  155.
Phoenix-Average 100.
(Scottish Canadian���Average 60.
Imperial-Average OS.
Swene���Average 49.
B nrltiih    \nierlca   cannery   re|
Wis ,i net, 6 1" In nip-sh two corks I A parade of the local companies of
M end om. marked 10. B.M.C.P. on ithe Sixth Duke of Connaught'a Own
Wer cork?,  wns   stolen   on   Mondaj IRIflea Will be held this evening at t.te
i armouries, aud all those members
wbo Intend tip visit Seattle are expected to parade. The lr 11 Is called
for 8.30, In order that it may mil In-
terfcr,. with the mllitiaiii'-u attending
the Intermediate lacrosse match al
Queen a Park.
mu   yet   mined   In   favor    of
scheme for mineral royalties.
The Liberals ar,. resolved to carry
the Struglge into the stronghold of
the protectionist party, and It is nn-
iiinmcfd that Premier Asqulth wlll
address a monster meeting in Joseph
Chamberlain's constituency, Birmingham, September 17. The Unionists
have promptly taken up the challenge
and have prevailed upon former Premier Balfour to address similar
Unionist demonstration in the same
ball a few days later,
At  the Columbian College yest.-rday,
_______^^__^^^^^^^^^^^,Rev. R. E. F. Taylor naul    Miss    Eva
1  [Woodward, daughter of Mr. and  Mrs.
1).    Win 1 I wind,   of   Sapperton,      were
lSarcpiloraa,   Aug.   IS.���-Investigation   united In  matrimony     The    wedding
and interviews with men of all shades  was solemnized    by    Rev.    Principal
of opinion,  nm  only  in   Barcelona, |sippetell,   asisted   by   Rev.   c.   \v.
but  in the cities and villages of Uer-
Brown    in!  Rev. J. Calvert.
M^_\ given   emergency    in    time    of    war
Walked off  Quebec  Wharf. would   warant   the   transfer  of   units |
Quebec. Aug. 1S.���An unknown man, to the admiralty.    The annual cost to
���suppose,   tn  lie  a  Swede,  who  spoke Australia would be   ��850,000.
neither  French  nor  English,  and  was      Sir  .lohn   Fisher's   proposals  on   b
of   heavy   build,   deliberate]
_^_^_^_^_^__ The groom was supported by  Har-
ona province, indicate that the revolu- oM Crosby, of this city, while" Miss
tionary movement in Catalonia has Woodward, sister of the bride acted
received a setback from which it will as bridesmaid. The bride was given
take many years tu recover, That away by Rev. J. Calvert. Mrs. Y'oung,
the Cataloinians are iishanivi ol them- of Calgary, acted as matron of honor,
selves and deeply humiliated by the j On the concluslqn of the ceremony,
excesses of mobs ami the spirit of Mr. and Mrs. Taylor left for the
law._ssne__ they revealed i- evident country where they will spend their
from   editorial   comments  in  journals j honeymoon.    On   their    return,     Mr.
] Taylor  will   he  ordnineij;  and   01  tha
walked half  of  the  admiralty  some  months |��*^�� ��****��� bU((jr ln  fi__t o{ 0_toher Mr  and Mrs   Taylor
Into   the   river   over     the     Richelieu  ago gave Australia a lesse,- "W^Of  Ub   ^g^,   against   tihe 'better  vie-   will sail for the province of Sz-Cauen.
ments  of   Barcelona,   wiio.   they
II Was fV__e  Ready    Last    Evening
and Today  Locomotive Will   Be
Hoist:-d on to Land Again.
* Great Northern wrecking    train
ulKU :":" thi   city  last  night about
" 'h| i'1',,, ,|,.,| i,j ni0 s,1)0l where
lorthern  locomotive,    tor
il   which   salving   opera-
a  |,iiiip-pu.iig  lor some
"""  lie..
Mian.    1,,.
;    in  about  lup-uty  leel
..pp..iv ,1    cold    suui age
Papers  of  Capital  Accuse  Department
of  Allowing   Itslf  to  Be   Bull
dozed   by   Criminals.
Ottawa,   Aug    l.S.-Otiawa   Is   som.
whai   worked  up over lis police de
.partment and murmurlnga from time
���-   , powerful wn-ching crane        , ,   , .   ,, ,.n,,,.,..
����� Irauiediatei    pui  to   worn    and to ***** hftT8 ��8ftoh9d * ���"* ot oU"aJI
I-   attached 10 the ��" iin   lhr   t;''"'ral   diMusslon   that   has
Pj! opi i   position  to  work.    A
^ ��'����   ii.k.ii   on     tn.,     locomotive,
wharf,  about   1  oclock  this  morning, control over the local  navy
Hv had the appearance of being very given   in   Deakln's    now    triumphant
much depressed, and had been drink- scheme. Deakln's success was warmly
Ing     The  body has  not yet  been  re- eulogized,  and   Hon.   McKmna's  con-
COvered. dilatory   policy   amply  recognized.
May Need to Import
Beef Into Alberta
Calgary, Alb., Aug. IS���.atrick Sheep have been Imported from
Burns, u pioneer packer Of Alberta I Australia and United States for a
states that the farmers, attracted bv number of years, and two-thirds ol
the dollar wheat, are selling off their the bacon used iu the province is pur-
cattle with a view of Increasing their (chased  in  the l'nited  States.
wh-at   in.'as.
As a result the province will, if the
presnt method of grain farming be
continued, be forced tip Import ip��H'f
within  three years.
Live stock values will increase rapidly, but isiless the farmers have I've
stock to dispose of they cannot reap
the heneliit from tlu^ increased
HEKOI. MlilllEI. SAVES      I
clare, could have prevnted th
structlon of churches and religious
establishments. They say that If all
the Barcelona suburbs had male a determined stand against the vandals.
such as the people in the vicinity Of
Santa Marie del Mar did, widespread
burning and pillaging could not have
been possible.
Undoubtedly the strongest elements
of the republican party have been
alienated. If the universal opinion Of
the press and leading men in Barcelona is anj guage of popular feeling
it will he a very long tim b fore
llarcelon will allow Its peace to he
again disturbed for any cause whatsoever.
d'YChina, where Mr. Taylor has been ap-
de- pointed to a missionary post. The.
post to which Mr. Taylor has been appointed Is supported by Victoria district, an-1, before leaving for China,
Mr. Tcvlor will pay a vHit to the dis
Japanese    Shows    Conspicuous
regard of Pain of Dreadful
Drags   Three   Little   Ones   Through   a   Western    Ontario    Sections      Almost
Blazing   Inferno to  Street,  Falling   Unconscious.
md heroic
i.u"-..   Aug. is. -Prompl
ction on the pan of Mrs.
���  working of tne taoKit
,,       "" anj   real moving.
, was   put   Into   readiness
���:'; ��� '..1 unl work lm* been
Abandoned until
nun ning.
Cub.n Factions Combine.
Itiim""'1'   A"K'   lf*--The  amalgama-
.'" ""   Miguellsta and    ZayUta
���;! ",1"1, "'  tllu    tkib*n\ party,  which
Uon     r"  '"  P"i*reM  8inc*  the elec-
�� o   last  year,  was accomplished
II,Z  Y h0,lr lttal nl8ht. at a confer-
upe or the executive  cominiltees of
,,wo faction*.
followed   the recent diamond  robbery
I.M   L.  Ranger alone saved   her  two
CaB9, , ,.,    small children  from  terrible death  i"
The local papers have Likiu up in ��� j (.|.nM(.s   which   almost   destroyed   the
matter aggressively and even the family home. L3th avenue, l/ichiiu'.
magNtracv has conic in for some ori- last night. With her little ones out
tldiB wMh particular reference t��i 1.af0 in the street, Mrs. Ranger ���''��
the light lenience imposed on Wood I unconscious to the ground and was
and Conrad. The pleaded guilty" to J only ro-U-clated after some difficult,
stealing $.,000 worth of gems and got
Ruined Through  Lack
of   Rain.
London, Ont., Aug. is.���Unless ll
rains within a tew days, thousands of
dollars damage will he done to the
late crops throughout Middlesex
County. Some of the crops have already been damaged to such an extent
ihat they wlll be almost a complete
loss.    The  corn  ls  beg'miing   to vM
a year.
In tlie talk that Is being Indulged In
, j After reading a letter from   Presi
Iflanri. . lrt!Z B,ron8'y  urging    fusion, I
I    u"r /.aya. was    unanimously  eioc. '
tvlii.'i   "',',"lln   of   Ul<*   Ullite<i     Party.
��W��-U  wiii   be   called   ih��     National
PWty,    Committee* w.-re then
lv",/'"''1  'o confer and arrange the
''�� ol the final trms of the fusion.
In Jail for Selling Bibles.
^^_        N.,1.  Aug,  IS.���"It  seems
���-J"e an lnJv��Uos to compel me to
in. ,1," u"��'(' niKlU hl ����� ce�� f<'r Bp"-
word of Cod on the Btreets,"
ll',.,,,., K"n'l"i">.   of   New   York,  told
;���"l"r�� urrollI when arraigned on a
Koft    f ,,,Ml<lllnK     "
_______Z ^^^^^^^^^^_
��� its   when   arrested.
The   family   home,   which   represents out, but unless lt nilns the ears will
the savings of a life time was almost t>e   short   and   not   well   filled.     The
a  total   loss.   Flre   which   so    nearly  tomato  crop has   already   been   dam-
the ODlnion   U  somewhat   widely  ex-j ended  hn a triple tragedy, started  In  aged to a great  extent.    The fruit Is
DtWMdtSat the smooth rascals *M the  early  evening  whll,   Mr.   Ranger  rlpenJng   whlle   it  ls   btll|   small   and
ered the van ti��tTihe chief and bis was   away   from     home.     Accidental  te &]so dropping off the  vines.
detectives   and   succeeded   hi   turning I Ignition of kerosene which was .being.    The  pastures throughout  the coun-
thX heads     The   -censed   were   al- Used   to start  a   fire  la   the   kitchen >try  u  suffering  perhaps  more    than
m_r neaus.     ine   a.cu_ .   . lgtov_ waB u,e direct cause.    In 8om�� anything  else.     The   oats  have   been
way which Mrs. Ranger is unable to damaged by the hot, dry weather to
explain, the can containing the oil such an extent that there will be
was flr.-d and in an Instant the en-; practically no oats on the market
tire room was huge furnace of flames, j during the winter. The straw when
Through    this    Inferno    Mrs.  Ranger jcut wag in niany cases no more th_u
ig without a license.
iniii  was  disposing of a   batch
u'u  festanv,
lowed to be interviewed and lauded
the work of the local police, whom
they declared to be the cleverest ng
gregatlon they had ever mt. After
this came the somewhat nominal sentence of a year In Central Prison, and
the local pai_rs aro asking if the
attitude of the police hid anything
to do with the Ught sentence imposed,
which ls said to have been against
the wish of the Crown Prosecutor.
An Influence toward mitigation ol
sentence, lt ls urged on the otrcM-
hand, is that the two mm wen- pronounced to be suffering from tuber-
Ottloela, If this is so they mav O
released entirely upon representat,on8
to the  Department of Justice.
The present chief of police is M8J01
S. B. de la Rond.-, and h. Is the OJ-
IJect of considerable criticism.
succeeded ln dragging her children
to the street, only to fall unconscious
when  they were in safety.
Want Jews Excluded.
Odessa, Aug. 18.���The municipality
of Odessa has addressed a petition to
Emperor Nicholas ln favor of a revision of the lists of voters in the elections to determine ft successor to O.
Y. ivragament. Constitutional-Democrat member of the douma from
Kherson province, who died last May
The petltlcners asked that Jews he
excluded  from voting.
a foot  high and  the  heads  of
grain badly filled.
In the district court yesterday
morning the proprietors of a salmon
cannery on th_ river were charged
ibefore Captain Plttendrlgh, sttpen-
dary magistrate, with permitting offal to be discharged into the ttTV.
The case was proven and a hue ot
twenty dollars imposed. Prosec.tlon
was taken under the heulth and
fisheries acts.
With his skull gashed by a rock
saw in such a way as to ox-
pose    the    brain,    IslJ.il     Yamagato,
  la   Japanese  employee  Of   the   Fraser
River   mills   yesterday   walked   from
Quiet   Investigation    Made    at    Mare ,tlie pln_e ^^ ^ BCident OCCUrr_d
to his home wear the mills.
Island  Yard  as to   Material
Placed in West Virginia.
Just how  the accident Happened is
not certain, but  Yamagato must have
slipped  In   some  way    und    stumbled
against the revolvolng saw, which in-
, .._   lllcted a horrible gash across his foiv-
'"   head.
t,ne 1    Immediately on the news of the ae-
Island navy yard last  week over   oldenl   becoming   known  to   Ella     mill
In   which   the   boilers  of authorities, the Injured man, who, in
Washington,  Aug.  is.���There
1 n-t-11   a  unlet   Investigation   at
Mar     ^^
the   manner
his home, had attempted, with the as-
slstaiic,. of  his  compatriots,  to teud
"('M   his wound, was sent to the Royal Col-
^^^^ now  iin-
^^^^^^^^^^^   He ls doing well
and  expected  to  recover,
r,    ia    .,   ,.   �����       __i  ,   1.  ,      ,.  !     yamagato Is an old soldier, having
Puclhc feet, fron which it Is assum- , .,      t i.i.,
' served  on   the  Japanese  side   In  th_
ed at the navy department that the _.,u. ^tween his country and China,
trouble was not as serious as at first He hol(lg a nu>dal for C0ngpiCU0U1.
supposed, but it is known that there bravery before Port Arthur,
was  a  court  of Inquiry   ordered    at |
the   armored   cruiser   Wi-si   Virginia
wer,.   recently    r.t,nb*'d.     The
Virginia is now on lis way to   Seattle  umbiaii hospital, where  he
ready  to  proceed  to  the    Philippines,  d.rgolng treatmtsit.
with   the   oilier   armored   cruisers   Of
Mare Island yard by~ the commandant.
At  the  navy  department there  are
Chicago, Aug.  18.���Near  the    clost?
of his lecture on "The Ris. and Fall
two versions of the affair. One is of the Polish'Republic' at the opening
that there were no regulation tubes.of the uncoln Temperance chatau-
handy at the Mare Island yard, and I qua assembly at Evanston, Colonel
that mechanics substituted water pip-1 John Sobieski, created a sensation
lng tubes instead, believing evidently 1 among his auditors by declaring:
that these tubes would do as well as ] -Ten years wlh See the end of th_
regulation ones. j crowned heads of Europe, and In their
Then one of the experts of the bur- p|ace8 W||i be nwn of principle Hke
eau of steam engineering discovered I the Washington's, Lincoln's and Jef-
the  mlstak.  and  promptly   informed fig-gen's.   Then will come the blessed
the officers In charge of the yard
that there would be grave consequences lf Improvised tubes were allowed to remain and that it was imperative to have the work done properly.
Rear Admiral Potter, chl.l of the
bureau ot navigation Said today the
court of Inquiry had discontinued Its
Investigation and no one had been
found to blame for the mistake, ine
official version is that the tubes first
installed were believed to be nfer-
lor in quality to the latest standard
insfd, which accounted for the delayed substitution.
day of liberty, peace and fraternity."
Yesterday's Baseball.
Vancouver 2
Seattle 5
Aberdeen     U
Portland     6
Spokane ���   3
Tacoma    ...6
,    1   Vi    'tl. ���
*   *      .   '   'I '
, 1
vl,      >f
I    , v
'    f
; ��^U-'
ip '������".**,<���*���
'    ."li, ���{"h'" ���;���'
���   i��   \   ej|4l   ^^M
'   "Y'-W   ' i
;,'   'Ytll"'
'i.'\     i* .
\ ,/.<.��,;,/.
4    ;,-
���1       . 1
',' ?ii-_ii;
"'   1 1
���i\ '
'   . ���..p.   ,-���
. . v      , 1 ��� 1    ,  1
' t,'% . '   .���''_' ,.   ' ���V" -
���    :'/�����; 1 yy-y
i      rii;  ���,*!<   If'iV
.... ,',^1. ,m ���
; ���' ���y-fyyiy-
��� % -     '      '       Il'll.. il��  , -   ' '  '���
. ��� ��� ������ 1    <  - .,-'
'     .' t    ��� :,������'���'���'
- .______--------l
7-*. ii.
*"\  Y   ���     I   .
"���':  'Y-f-Y,Y'
1 "���-.��.        t_,    1
���   .',���������: ������ -.
..'    vv y:
���      :^'i^'-
. - ��� ���  ������:. ,- .> .'"
��  p "-., 1 ������
*". ��� V,    "    (���   ���
,���      -   'V,.;:,:  ���
-v" ���'���.���- *���!,��� '
^^^____m "'"���'.-
y -,",;:, \
"��,�� "*< ���- '���"���"���
,   1. _   ', i.   ���,'.' !'���
���:^:f\Y ,
v   'p   I-! ''4u\l ���
I t^I'   {
,-���!  ���        .   it*?..  -'.
________f.: ���.iv'MV-'"'
"' ���     ',1'liw'    ' ^> J
��� 'YY'i: #Jtq
' ��� "yY-ii:;^^
���"���-: '   ii.i; ���'*���>*]
���   ".){,'�� -,-v;- '0il
,    'j Mi'�����.���/,-���,.���.
t   v.   'Y'fy  .
...   '    ���������!>   '  '���' ���  ip
��� if ������)'   '��� ,"""-_fti
Iff.   ' : >.,*'_W/v
���'��� '     ���,   ' 'i.i'iitSf
��� ��� 'pf    '���-..     ���:?W_-
���       '"it'-'Wi
,,     .. , 1,.. m
1 t'\
^W'W'.Wi PAG_ TWO.
... tv' ��,l   jl
p.    s.i-1   "
. ,' .  . -        '*
V*      V    ���. .
��� 11 fa:;
. ������������,* Yf     ..
' I*   Vi;_-       . ]-,
.!       -,-/.-' ,..*
*,.*"���*�� -: <''YM
'��� ���'.    :       - %    ���    ,~i
If '<,
Iff  ���
rs  .  ��.
L-*   ���-. -I'-   -i ,'.��� ��� <
"��� fi��. r,p *-W '��� r4f
��''" ������"'������ _��� ��
���*��� ."^*'.. -���,r
V-* ,   ��
�������� '��� ' _.
I *
V-   '
,    *'     v    ���
.  .*���' 7 .*>*_  -
,;V'.   '   .( v        .'*
���   -    A**
:5J> ?,'/;
....*'-   P��-J*  -1
* .  _ ��.* *
_��_ i-
,: W>wM3_
mm >m
���   ,!   .Vl...*'    ������'���    *
���V��. ..  ti*.
: ���-,.- _. a*'
>. *. $i ���'���'
___.^_i. yV'''
M'vif ir-* ' _d
.. v;"   >'���-    "J
''*���'.._.   i-i   ���   . 1- '
���   ���>x,��
��� 1*1
���"���     >^ >.' _i
-V" .On,;! . ���     .   *
->>_/'**���-���   <
��� <.-f ..*��'��� a- !7��     ',   '
: ii' t'?*1*-^!'
' *^It    i
Florcat New Westminster
Time was when Cities were young,
Time is when Cities fulfil their destiny.
is the appointed time for New Westminster to come into its own.
is the appointed time for New Westminster to be proclaimed the fairest city of the West.
is the appointed time to vote for and second the By-Laws to advance OUR CITY
Now is the time for ONE AND ALL to vote for a greater New Westminster and
carry its By-Laws.
as one item' for evening amusement chase the following described lands:
as well as more than usually interest-1 Commencing at a post planted on
ing  band and other concerts. the north shore of Klaol'sls island, a
'email  island  south of  Turner  lsiand.
Bands Will Come.
Dated  June  6th,   190..    Applying  for
In connection with the obtaining or' the whole lsiand,    40 acres more or
Girl   Who Eloped  to    United     States
With  First  Sweetheart  Will   Be
Deported to Europe.
bands it was stated that the services
of the Vernon and Armstrong bands,
wo of the best in the province could
be secured. The secretary said that
he had received information that the
Armstrong hand would com. for their
transportation and $250 and would
play for three days. Both bands
would have their own Pullman cars
and would stay In the city.
Per S.  H.  KORD,  Agent.
Dated June 6th, 1909.
District of Ooast  Range One.
Take  notice   that John    Olsen,  of
Vancouver, B. C., occupation, farmer,
Intends   to   apply   for   permission   to
Rev. A.B. Ven stated that he had purchase    the    following     described
New York,  Aug. 18.���The immigration officials have shattered  the ro-      ...... ... ...  ..... ������.  ........  ���_
nuince of 19-year-old Beatrice Mayer, [received word from a famous Scottis.i lands:
who left her husband of a few months ;lady costum. singer and entertainer,
and eloped to tills countrv with her ] making an offer for her services on
fir.st sweetheart, Adolph Groham a Scottish day. She would, however,
.youth of 23 years. The young couple require that other engagements (be
who have a plentiful supply of money /guaranteed. Mr. Vert suggested that
and who��_ refinement apparently ver-,she be engaged to sing at the band
Jfles their claim of kinship with encerts, her terms for a several
prominent families at Prague, arrived jdayn engagement being reasonable.
here  Sunday  on  a steamship.    Mrs. j Big  Marathon  Race
Mayer was accompanied by her maid |    oth,fr   maUer���   were   dl60J8Mdi   ,���.
eluding a sugestlon that a Marathon
arranged  between  Shrubb and  St
���and all of th��m had first cabin pass
age. They would not have been disturbed ln their desire to land had not
_ cablegram preceded their arrival.
It was from Mrs. Mayer's husband,
_nd asked that they be detained. A
special board of Inquiry has decld-d
that the? man and Mrs. Mayer and her
maid must be deported. Before tho
board Mrs. Mayer made an impassioned plea to b�� allowed to land.
"Adolph was my School companion
and wo have loved each other for
years," she said "We wanted to mar-
ry, but my folks objected. They
���wanted me to marry a banker. I
resisted as long as I could, but ln the
��� nd they forced me into this objectionably marriage. I never loved my
husband, but I do love Adolph. After
<lour .uoilths ot marital trouble, I
decided that tbe only way to avoid
& life of trouble atid unhapplnoSH was
to run away with Adolph."
Commencing at a post planted ln
bay at northwest comer of Davies
island. Dated June 6th, 1909. Applying for the whole lsiand, containing 200 acres more or less.
Per 8.  H. FORD, AgenL
Dated June 6th, 1909.
Amoy, Aug. IH.���Native reports received here indicate that the disaffection In the Chang-F\��o district is Increasing. The revolutionists have 600
armed troops, hav* established a pow-
���der manufactory and ar,. continually
Importing arms. According to reports
Ihey have planned the Helimr,. of the
city and all business has bean suspended. No official Inforatlon Is obtainable concerning the trouble.
District of Coast Range One.
Take notice that Ralph Jacobson,
of Vancouver, B. C., occupation, far-
Yves, the' famous, runners. The for- mer, intends to apply for permission
mer, the secretary reported, had ex-jto purchase the following described
pressed   his   willingness   to   run,   but lands:
there was difficulty in re-aching St Commencing at a post planted on
Yves. Doubt was expressed hy some [the southeast shore In a small bay on
of those present as to whwther a race Compton   lsiand.     Dated   June   4th,
Commencing at a post planted on
the north shore of John island, an island between Kees island and Davies
island. Dated, June 6th, 1909. Applying for the whole island, containing 60 acres more or less.
Peir S.  H.  FORD, Agent.
Dated June Cth. 1909.
south 20 chains, thence east 40 chains,  the nam. of William 01_on,
thence north  to coast,  thence follow-  filed  In this ofl.ee..
Ing the coast line    to point of oom
Per G. M. Dougali, Agent.
Dated July 21st, 1909.
District of Ooast  Range One.
Take notice that James Watson, ot
Vancouver, B. C., occupation, farmer,
intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described  lands:
Commencing at a post planted on
the northeast shore of Owl island.
Dated June 6th, 1909. Applying for
the whole Island, containing 160 acres
more or less.
Per S. H. FORD, Agent.
Dated June 6th, 1909.
Re part (I acre) of southeast quarter of section 12, township 2, N.w
Westminster district.
Whereas proof of the loss of certi-
ficate of title number 1757a, Issued In  minster, B.��C, August 2, 1909
Notice Is hereby given that 1 s_Jl|
at the expiration of one month f
the date of the first publication I
of in a daily newspaper published &
the City of New Westminster. Israel
duplicate of the said e.rti_cat_ iiikr
In   the  meantime   valid objecuon
made to me in writing
District Registrar of Title.
Land   Registry   Ofllce.    N-w W'|
of this kind would ibe a sufficient attraction to cover the expenses which
would be heavy. There was also a
proposal for a boxing boat betwen
.lack Johnson, the colored champion,
and another famous pugilist, as tort
of preliminary for the Jefrrlcs-.o,_ri-
son bout. Not much sympathy was
expressed   regarding   this  ofTer.
Tho question of how best to lm
prove the seating and other acorn-
modalion at (.uen's Park was talked
over, but no definite conclusion could
be reached. The secretary announced
thai ho had received an offer from
the president of the cement factory at
Todd Inlet to supply sufficient cement
tu construct a concrete dressing-
room at the roar of the grandstand
to replace the present absolutely inadequate structure.
1909.     Applying for the whole lsiand,
containing 80 acres more or less.
Per S. H. FORD, Agent.
Dated June 4th, 1909.
District of Coast  Range One.
Take notice that Jacob Jaoobaon,
of Vancouver, B. C, occupation, carpenter, Intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted on
the southwest shore of Mound island.
Dated, June 4th, 1909. Applying for
the whole Island, containing 80 acres
more or less,
Per S.  H. FORD, Agent
Dated June 4th. 1909.
Discuss Attractions
For Big Fair
(Continued from Page One.)
District of  Ooast  Range One.
Take notice ihat O. B. Anderson, of
Vanoouver, B. C., occupation, jeweler,
Intends to apply for permission to
purchase the following described
Commencing at a post planted in a
mall bay on north shore of Uerry island,  dated  June 4th,  1909.      Apply-
ng  for 'he  whole  Island,  containing
100 acres more or less.
Per S.  H.  FORD, Agent.
Dated June 4th, 1909.
District of Coast Range One.
Take notice that Bergeta Anderson,
Intends to apply for permission to pur-
of Vancouver, B. C, occupation, lady,
chase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted m
the bay at northwest corner of Maud
island, the largest island ln tbe Indian group. Dated June 6th, 1909.
Applying for ton whole Island, containing 60 acres more or less.
Per S. H. FORD, Agent.
Dated June 6th, 1909.
District of Coast Range One.
Take notice that Frank Jacobson,
of Vancouver, B. C, occupation, farmer, Intends to apply for permission
to purchase the following described
Commencing at a post planted m
a small bay on north shore of Bend
island. Dated June 6th, 1909. Applying for the whole Island, containing 80 acres more or less.
Per S. H. FORD, Agent.
Dated June 6th, 1909.
Seven-roomed house, modern improvements, and six lots in orchard, between Pine and Third
streets, facing Fourth avenue.
Price $8000, half cash, balance
terms. Apply McQuarrie & Co.,
Front Street.
District of Ooast Range One.
Take notice that Adolph O. Johnson, of Vancouver, B. C, occupation,
farmer, Intends  to apply  for permls-
Dl.trlct of Coast Range One.
Take notice thnt Albert Hunt, ot
Vanoouver, B. C, occupation farmer,
intends to aipply for permission to so__ed lands:
purchase tbe following described sion to purchase *Jie following de-
lands: ! Commencing at a poM planted on
Commencing at a post planted In ���e n0r��� shore of crib island. Dated
bay on north shore of Kees Island. Jl!ne. 6|h; i909- Applying for the
one of the Anderson group. Dated whoIe 'aland, containing 90 acres
June  6th,   1909.      Applying  for  the ,m0T* ��r ��������.
Per S.  H. FORD, Agent.
Dated June Oth, 1909.
whole Island,    containing   160 acres
more or less.
Pea- S. H. FORD, Agent
Dated June 6th. 1909.
B. C. Mills, Timber and
Trading Company
time of year  was  pointed  out,  but lt
was thought that satisfactory ar- District of Coast Range Ono.
rangements could be mado if suffi- Take notice that Dora Anderson, of
clently attractive program could be | Vancouver,, B. C, occupation, lady,
secured.     Vaudeville,   was   suggested  Intends to apply tor permission to pur-
District of Coast  Range One.
Take notice that John Johnson, ot
Vancouver, B. C, occupation, sales
man, Intends to apply for pcrmisstot
to purchase the following describee
New Westminster  Land  District, District of New Westminster.
Take notice that Wilfrid Dougali of
Vancouver, occupation tv.rmcr, Intends to appply for perm sslon to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted  at J
'Northeast corner of lot 1469, thence J
Mantumetarere mnei Dnmtere m Att Kmm" ot
Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sash, Doofl.
Interior Finish.    Turned Work.* Etc
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glass.
Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing andgDrainii.*
Royal City Branch, Columbia St
Telephone 12. New Westmin**^ TH
UBSDAV, AUGUST 19, 1909.
To the Residents of New Westminster
City and District:
We Would respectfully call to your attention the
fact that we are opening a Shoe Store in the new Hall-
Lavery Block, (next to Bank of Montreal), where we will
be pleased to welcome you whether you wish to buy or
not. We should be glad to sell you, if we have the goods
you want. We do not pretend to have every line manufactured; no shoe store has; but we have a fairly well assorted stock and we'll add such lines as are called for.
We aim to please and trust we shall do so.
Very respectfully,
Chamberlin & Co.
J. C. CH*MB_RLIN, Manager.
p lr
, i
,    1.1
I    1'""      .j
-'I     ���'' ',   1
i ''",;;���������.
- '1^1.
:[y 'Uiy i
f .-(_ YL      f
: ":���'  '���**_. if-. I
Y    id  rf";
I*f  <
' ,** v   -
'   ,'Uf>��YY
' V*rYV
��� ��� i_
���    >'Y'I^h  l\
'<���      ''  -i it"'1
.'���''���     V ���'.!,'
I     V
���    ,   "y r, i
��� M      ' p��      '
'.������Vl     I     il      !
,  '    ��� ��
'"���    llfYYY.,
������      k   .-i.;"
���  ''Yi '���.-��� '-' , ".>#..-..
" " '���: : , y
"  ! Y ,     M''VY.     i '-
I, , .    , .....
' ..|..'p    <i  ..,-
'   'il'     i  ,. ���.-*���' .     !. :
.   ,       **'il j >.
: ��� j . >_�����������. ,;:>>.,';'
<���-        . ,\ '   .    ;
,   -;' r-. ��� i'
i       ,   i. i   ,  ,   .
��� _   ���      ' ��� p . i.
��� ��� .��� -i'.>': :.; '
.    ?���'--.���;. : YY
; '.     .(''' i ' i"f. '���
:   . Y-'Yi'^Y"
' . ������ '������::>;v-";i,'i.'r.:;-
i     ��� .  t   '    '     ��� ���' _
i ** ''������p'1v; ���
������     ft  .--     .'���  ..-.-  i,     '
ii   li, *��� _������ ',_.     r
���. ., -i :'��'i;,.
, ;,-'. ,*;��������� '.*;.
i'    *������;���  ! '<���
'      . .   '.1 !"      :���   -   ,
���    ' ���    ,. ���' ��� -,-  ������ 'I���_.'<_ji. ���'.   "
���   ���-,..';1t'-J-2fiW    'i
.    i   ' V'    , ,*.   :������:���-'y ...
,'�� -������   ."�� .it.1?.  I
������ li    ',"."' fi.-Wli'V. J
i        ~ , r    ���
Y .;V'> ,"-.���'''
,,   ii..     't. ������!�� 1   ' .
I     '"       r   -.    *���    ���'��� ���   .    ,.      ,-,}���       I;
''<    ' -    ���    ''-.I    '���   '���'    ���-
"���'IIlR is
���fY Y^-^ymti)
-,  ������������* '\ri'i:-ivi..r
*���.;.���   ���-��������.-nv*".. ifl;
������������;���  ' ���*K&lOT
V. >' I   \-"U   - <
��� Y   ���'���  i'-r/i   "-'.iv'
..  > i  "i ,'���.'��� <.���..' '*., if 11
���' 1:*.',',-,:^..fct__t'l.
iiifi .���,*}xmii
""-l'--','r,v.^ :-j}B
_�� v,   '    . ���'.���
:������������: 'f^.Y-i'.;
��� u,)\YY.{:.'- ������
"��� i/^'f^iii
;������'���������.. *ii|
i e*   ms |��_li"
-r     '!/,.YtO!|_
i.; '���.. 'i.-M   '
.<    .ill ___H
' ���'-.Viilf
��� ; '������������ -m
-. ���", AIT _��AGK FOUR
i��   '
m .
.  ��
lit,"A  i
1  -.��� .>."
'SI.*'*"" ]'-.
���v*   l: ������        ���{���
_>J  !*'�����
Y-    '���'./> .      .j
f*/-W ... ���:
, im** - -'-. 4 ���
<':'I    !'
kMiew-r'^"   '
���*W mr.1 ',J> ���*    __      I
, .��_.    .-(���.        -  .Ji,
���" ttSt ���;.   :$_
���Wai   '"   _'
��>:Wi _.>��!
- ��''���;    ���������'.-   .   ��>,
.If '___..'.,.��:,   ... Y
,i�� ���'���.. ?���'!*�����;   *''**
-  .K:U >
������':.-'      ' .-�� ' "V
���   Vr* -   -    _ ������*
i'' ���> i,.*
.?;.$&" ,
iisf*,.     ..V.     vi ^,f___V_ _
. <_4������ ��� * '. _#> 1 ���
_.    ���' 'Jr i - fl
_-�� .'     '��� "Vl   *'t    F.
fl ih .-^ *' .
"Airiv ...;    '��� I
-.. ' v', j,.4rj_ ��. u     -J '
��� *i_*���*i��S +'V|��
'���' ;f:
" *.'' r.      M'
��� 'vy^;' .''<#
I-."'"ii-. ��� ��� *.
%|&: r'fSi
*3~'M; �����'.'���
���* *f '������.*..��.'.' ��� "��� *
V^Y   ,-_�����     #��.;4
��� if,   ftf��k J it--.��,
�� . li HI     T*f
*" i'V! V* i^1"
*    ... 4 _ i' .*���    .' ��   II'    ���    "i
Published by The Dally News Fu.llS_. |
lng Company, Limited, at their offices
The Dally News Block, corner of Mc- ;
Kenzie and Trew streets.
Perfjct   Defence  Agaisnt   Dread
New York, Aug, 17.���A despatch to
the   Tribun-   from   Boston     says:���A
: notable triumph resulted from the use
lof anti-tetanus serum in  the case of
'john   Butlc-r,  twenty-nine  y*ars    old-
Tli-r-re are no brighter pages in  the - w(jo  was  discharged  a  few days ago
history    of   nations    than that given  from the  Massachusetts General Hos-
,   ' .���     .�����..��������_  iif_    r.t    Florence   pital,   and   la   now   at   his   home     m
���s by tne devoted  1'-    ...    I - ���- {^ A,jinpt0_ fa perf0c( heahh
While at work, in the latter part f>r
Miami, Fla.. Aug. 18.���A most unus- !
ual form of verdict was that by wbicb '
-Bill"  Moore,  tried  for  killing  Dav_5
Scott, was informed that he must be
hanged. ���
The jury, after offering prayer for
divine guidance and arriving at a
verdic-t of guilty, began to sing a
hymn. As Moore waited _o his cell
the strains of "Nearer, My God to
Thee" and "We Shall M_-t o.-i That
Beautiful Shore" floated to him from
the throats of the jurymen.
Whe court was ready to hear th -
verdict Moore knew before it was announced that the jury had decided
be must die.
of    Florence
Nightingale    in    the    Crimean   war,
-wh.-n, in the face of the greatest jurw Butler steppe, on a rusty nail
odds, she tended the sick and | which penetrated his foot, and he
wounded     throughout     that
.    ..._   .      ._ , _    11*-    U...ri'   .   .
Th- hospital physicians lost no tirm
in   administering   the   serum,     which
was  injected  ln  both  legs, from  the
knees   to   the   hips,  several   times    a
The treatment was continued for
throe weeks, with the patient much of
the time unconscious,    At the <md of
Have   Be;n   Unable  to    Fathom     the
Death  of Hon. Thomas Powy's
Thirten-YearOld   Heir.
terrible  was sent to the Massachusetts    Gen-
i-.p   oo-T-ifire eral   Hospital  suffering  from  tetanus,
���war; and later, tne long life sacnnce      __    ,___,__, _..._,���,___ ,__. __ .,���
of Father Damien to lift up and teach
the poor leprous souls of Molokai
Island, that even in their great affliction, hope Of the 'uture beyond
the v.il of tear- was not denied them.
Time was when th. sick were left
upon the hlghwavs and byways to that period Butler was restored to
' ��� ,,.,.���_ ,. i-,,i, aftpr :conscipiiianess anil felt no Ul effects.
die;   no care  was taken  to look aittrp 	
th-em  and    nourish    them    liack
health.    In England,   tbat  country
progress, it is only during the    past
few years  that  the needs of the llos-
pltals have ben   fully discussed.
Our beloved Queen Alexandra, when
Princess of Wales, inaugurated a
fund, with the aid Of the I-pord Mayor
of Ixmdon. to perpetualy endow the
hospitals throughout the great city
of London, so thai all indigent poor
and helpless sufferers could have a
home where they would be looked . London, Aug. IS.���The death of
aftp-r. Men of all nationalities aad be- j t|le Hon. Thomas Powys, the thlrteen-
llefs from Lord Rothschild to Lord year-old heir of Lord Iilford, while
Northcliffe contributed in their thou-j under anaesthetics at the Nursing
sands to carry on and kep up the home has reopened a question of pub-
great work of caring for the sick. nc interest. After his death It was
Funds were started to enable the poor  discovered  that the  boy  had  suffered
_,,_��� i .u   _-,,      ..j ���n���^n  ,���   from   status   lymphaticus,   a   disease.
children of the East end of London to  or  ^^ &  c(im\m^   whjch  cannol
spend a few days at the seaside, and bg deh,cted during life. . Rough sta-
all the earnest endeavor* of phllan- (tistics show that the number of
thi-opist. were spent in the great and deatbs directly due to anaesthetics,
glorious work of aiding the sick. although apparently large, is very
* ...       small in proportion to the very large-
In New Westminster we have    two   ^   Ij>oreaged   -umber   of  operation*
hospitals, the Royal Columbian and which now take place. As for the
St Marv's, iboth of which have for status lymphatlcus, it ls as rare as It
years devotedly attended the sick in  js  mysterious.    A  famous  ana-.sthet-
ist states  that  person in  this condi-
0Ur clt>- tlon   might  die  from    the    slightest
With  the  rapid   expansion  of  the causo.   The conditions are found usu-
"West,  the  time  has  come  when  our ally in children, he said.   Their heart
Royaj Columbian Hospital Is no long-r !'s very small a nd there ar_ other pe-
Old Orchard, Me., Aug. 17.���Rev.
Dr. A. B. Simpson, who has been conducting a convention of the Christian and Missionary Alliance here ,or
a week, collected the annual missionary offering at Sunday's services.
Three separate services were held at
which offrings were taken, but the
tiig collction was made in the morning, when nearly $50,000 was pledged
In 50 minutes. At subsequent meetings the amount was increased about
$10,000, making the t otal collection
approximately $60,000. This is not
a record collection, but exceeds that
of 1908 about $18,000.
of clean, sweet-smelling
linen I. obtained with half
the toil and half the time
if Sunlight Soap is used.
Sunlight shortens the
day's work, but lengthens
the life of your clothes.
Fellow direction*.
Commarcial Court in Vienna Solves a
Knotty Problem���A  Fine
,  .      ,, , ��� culiarities, but no outward symptoms
large enough to   contain   the   man.   whateyer  thatlh _ chlld  ,_  -ufferIng
emergency cases It is called upon to . ,n tllis way_   u mlght dlp from . sud.
assist, and as a result the city coun-  d��n   plunge  Into cold  water or  from
cll has determined upon the building \ shook   occasioned  by   slipping   down
of a larger hospital, and on- that will   stalrs-       	
meet  the demands of a fast growing ;
San Francisco Aug, 18.���Rev. H. W.
pooulatlo^v-- Brayton, superintendent of th��� Child-
Plans hive already been drawn up r,.-,s Home pinding society of Berk-
of the new building; only money lsjeley, today made the admission that
lacking   and  when on    the    25th    of ! he   has   practically   sold   five   white
August'we are called upon to vote on ����������� t0 Chlnese for from *5 to *30
! apiece,
the bylaws, to refuse to cast our bai- j    -At tt)e tlmo { gavp theK. children
lot In favor of this loan will forever | Into Chinese  homes,"  said  Mr. Bray-
put a weight upon us, that In our last j ton, "I did not think anything of lt. I
moments no amount of repentance �����> ?ot 8ur<j as *? th" number possl-
... I bly it was five.    I gave these children
wl" "e1"6"- jinto the care of Chinese at the inter-
Sweet Charity lt is, and  when  tho [cession of a  Salvation Army  worker,
Vienna,  Aug.   18.���The   Commercial
court  in   Vienna  has  just    delivered
judgment on so knotty a problem as
whether the law recognizes a distinction between kissing aud being kissed.
The  question arose  out  of    a  sun
brought   by     a     bookkeeper     named
Meyer against bis late employers who
had discharged him without notice on
the ground that he wag in the habit
of  kissing   the  typewriter   girls   employed in the office.    The firm urged
i in  defence  that    this    was    conduct
which  seriously disturbed  the course
:of  business.
Herr Meyers counsel did not attempt to justify kissiug in offlce hours
as a habit, but he brought imgallant
witnesses who swore that they had
seen some of the scenes complained
of, and noticed that it was the girls
who began by kissing Hen- Meyer,
though they could not say whether he
did or  did  not  respond.
The  court accepted this    evidence,
I and   condemned the firm to the pay-
! ment of a montnh's salary    on    the
1 ground that a person must be said to
have kissed the other who began the
: kissing, and that a return of kisses on
the part of Herr Meyer, even if such
were given,  which was    not    proved,
would   not   under  the    circumstances
count as kissing in the eye of the law.
Washington, Aug. IS.���The action
of Customs Collector Daniels at Og-
denaburg, N.V., in ruling that the
new tariff law does not make provision for the re-entry, free of duty, of
American race horses sent to Canada
to take part in events on Canadian
tracks, present a ludicrous side to
treasury department officials. There
! is nothing in the old law or the new
. which prevents the free admission of
any article of American origin,
whether it is horse flesh or raiment,
which had be n shipped out of tiv
country for exhibition abroad. Mr.
Daniels' quandary, likp- many others
coming to the attention of tho treasury department, was due to zeal in
carrying out provisions of a law winch
is yet strange.
Boys' Bib
in sizes 26 to 32, fitting boys from 8 to 14 Vea���
Our price, the pair, * drs'
Buster Shaw
75c Each
Notice is hereby given that the
partnership lately subsisting between
us in the city of New Westminster,
: B. C, In the business of grocers under the firm nam,, of Adams & Deans.
I has tieen this day dissolved by mutual
The said  business  will hereafter lje
carried  on  by  Charles B.  Deans, under his own nam.-, to  whom all ac-
' counts  against   the  said   firm are  to
! be rendered, and to whom all accounts
j due the partnership are to be paid.
Dated this 14th day of August, I.U..
I     Witness, J.  C-  Blair.
Tenders are requested for plumbing
| at the Central  School lavatory'. Plans
and  specifications   at   my  offlci-.  Ten-
| ders close August 31, 1909.
W. D. GOODFELLOW. Architect
franchise is given us to exercise, let
us remember that the time may come,
-when helpless, poor and sick, our last
days may be made tbe happier by
skilful  attention.
We do not believe that there is one
per��on ln New Westminster who
co.id be so 'blind to his or her own
interests as to cast an adverse ballot,
who  suggested it."
He admitted receiving money from
the Chinese at the time he gave them
children, but said it was in the nature
of a spontaneous contribution to the
.society. The most he ever received
from any Chinese when giving away
a child, he said, was $30.
Miss Mannerlng Withdraws
and throw down  what for years p__t| Jg ^nlgh^a.^ mIT.
has '.een almost the aole aim of our ! ing>   th.   actress,  who   brought    suit
Mayor and  Council.    In as  much  as here last summer for divorce from her
ye  have dene lt  unto one ��f  these .husband, James K. Hackett,    the ac-
ye have _one it unto Me. |'or' *�� ,lro',P^ the proce.-dings. She
K  has instructed her attorneys to with-
' " draw   information   obtained   in   New
g*��gj^^^B3_^_j*����__ffiffl��! uonk' akh0Ugh the r6a80n for her ac"
was not disclosed.
i\ Miss Mannering and Mr. Hackett
{ were married ln 1897. They have one
'child, a girl, about five years of age.
Petawawa, Ont., Aug. 18.���One of
the most interesting pieces of artillery In camp is a 12-pounder breechloader gun, which some Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto men saved from
capture during the Boer war. There
is a special brass tablet on lt which
has this inscription:
J "For saving this gun in the rear
| guard action at Lolllefcntein, Transvaal, on seventh Novermebr, 1900, following honors were conferred. Victoria Cross:���Lieutenant Cockburn,
'Sergeant Holland, Royal Canadian
Dragoons (Toronto); Distinguished
I Service Order, Lt. Morrison (now
| Lieut.-Col. Morrison of Ottawa). The
I non-commissioned officers and men of
i No. 5 sub-dlvlsion D. battery, RCA.,
jon that day were Sergt. Curzon, Bom-
. badler Graham, Gunner Lambkfcn,
[Gunner Thome, Gunner Kitcbeman
Gunner Gamble, Gunner Lane, Driver
jHmry, Driver Sullivan, Driver Laf-
���leur,  Trooper  Haycock."
In accordance with a resolution of
the council passed on the 16th inst.,
t a pu.lie meeting of th,> ratepayers
; will be held In the council chamber
at the City Hall, at 8 p.m., Monday,
I the 23rd Inst., to discuss the loan by-
I laws on which a vote will be taken
'on the 25th Inst.
Acting Citv Clerk.
City  Hall,  August  18,  1909.
g, S5SEE5SteB__i___t__a5; ������ M She is wlth the motbr.   It Is believed
_ _flnf flff����#��MfMHm\ IIII'IItl#UWOT the child  was the cause of the suit
______ I being  withdrawn.
In answer to A.���YeB.      You    wm      Thd  l,aPers  WPre    served  en    Mr.
your bet.    It was Joe Armstrong.
Do You Want a Glass Jug?
15c and 45c
The Fair
646 Columbia Street.
We buy for cash and sell for the same
Toronto, Aug. 17.���David S. Kidd,
wbo was ldentifb-d with a bequest or
thousands of dollars from W G
Bum, a Teputed Australian millionaire, for tho purpose of building a
riome for unfortunate women in Toronto. Is no longer David S. Kidd. At
Ave mJnufss to twelve yesterday he
signed a deed at Osgood* Hall, which
changed his name to David 8 Bum,
after his Australian benefactor. The
cnang,. of his nam-,, by the deed poll
route cost Mr. Kidd just 70 cents outside his lawyer's fees, but It entitles
nim, he says to Halm $420,000 under
the will of Wellington George Burn,
who dl*d In Melbourne, Australia on
September 14, 1908.
Hackett on June  1,  1908,
Decrease In Canal Traffic.
Ottawa, Aug. 17.���Retun,s of canal
traffic for month., of present spring
season ending June 30 shows decreased tonnage through Boo, Wci-
land, Ottawa river system and St.
Lawrence ��a)ia!s, or respectively
1,182,102, 62,95,1, 30,750 and 77*869
tons, while Increases are shown In
tonnage through Rideau and Trent
canals respectively of 7500 and 10,500
tons. The decreases probably are
due to thi> strik. on great lake3 and
break In Soo canal. Th�� remaining
months of navigation are expected to
��how Increased traffic.
The  regular eetlng   of    the    New
I Westminster  Board  of Trade  will  be
j held  ln  the city hall  this  evenlnp; .t
8 o'clock.    After the general  business
has  b-iia  disposed of, the  members
���will    be    addressed  by Captain  Worsnop,  head  of  the  Canadian-Mexican
Steamship company, on matters    af-
i fectlng the Fraser river and the niak-
ing of th's city a  terminal  point fo.
gra'n shipment.
The time limit during which a re-
j bate  was  granted  on  civic  taxes  expired  last night and  the office  stafT
In  the city hall  was kept  busy until
the closing hour.   Both last night and
j Tu-.sday night the .office    was    kept
open in the evening until 10 o'clock,
faccommodattog  many  who   were  unable to pay during the daytime.
| President J. A. Le_ and Secretary
| Wade, of the Board of Trade, last
night went to Port Haney, where they
attended the institution of the new
board of trade formed by the residents of the district between the Pitt
unl  Stave rlv_rs.
A Steam roller for the Municipality
of Burnaby arlved from the Wati-rous
engine works yesterday via the Great
Northern. The roller weighs twelve
tons and wlll be used ln connection
with the hig street building arid improvement scheme which the municipality have on hand.
you how It is cheaper to buy our
high-class building materials
than it Is to purchase the poorer kind. We can point to
buildings bunt with our materials that never need repairs.
We can point to some others
that need repairs all the time.
But they were not built of our
materials. See where real
cheapness lies?
������<>������������������������������������������������������ ������������*�� I
^ The latest in Spectacles and Eye-;
I Glasses, Frames, Eye Protectors,
etc., ar
I Eyes Tested Free.    Phone 57.
���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ...... m...*.*********t I
Fine Writing Paper
If you want th# correct  thing  In   stationery you can
alwsy, rely on getting it at our store, we are always
ready to show you ou r latest styles and finish.
W�� buy direct from the manufacturers, and can ther*
fore save you money and assure you of getting up -to-
date stationery,    it will pay you to deal with us.
Booksellers. Stationers, Newsdealers  j
Successors to J. J. MACKAY A CO. ]
Electric Railway Service
Interurban Line.
Cars for Vancouver and way.
stations will run every half
hour from 5:50 a. ni. Last
car leaves at 11 p, m.
Last car leaves Vancouver at
11:30 p.m.
Cars leave the depot every
twenty minutes for both Sapperton and city limits over the
city  line.
City   Line:   Cars   leavs tram
office on the hour, twenty minutes   after,   and   forty   oinUW .
after, commencing at 6:20 a. n
Sapperton   Line:   Cars  leave ,
at  ten  minutes after  ihe hour,
half past and fifty minutes after >
the hour, commencing at 6:3" <
a. m.
Sunday service balMi-uny1*
tween 8:30 a. m. and 11, P- '"
British Columbia Electric Ry. Co.M
The Oxford Chancellor Range
Everyone buying a range shohld g.t one that will give perfect satisfaction ln cooking and baking, is economical In the use of fuel, that in ^
to work over In the hote weather, and also easy to operate and keep clean-
If you wish to be satisfied ln theserespecta you will buy an 0*for.
range atfer you have Inspected It. The prices also of these ranges �����*
much lower than those of other makes. Call In and inspect oU
T. J. TRAPP & CO., Limited THU
RSDAy, AUGUST 19, 1909.
v ��� i
Move-On Sale.    [SPORTING NEWS
See our advertisement
on Page Eight.
W.S. Collister & Co.
Mapl.   Leaf   Gam.   Has     Been     Postponed and East and West Ends
Wi'i   Meet  Instead.
The Old Country
Boot Store
The variety of tempting bargains  displayed  Is  too  varied  to give  a1'
I.   details in an ordinary advertisement.       Therefore  see our  door  and
window and bargain  tables.       Every   lot   Is   priced   in   plain  figures, and
"ur usual KEEN CUT CASH PRICES  are  away  down   tc  ths   BOTTOM.
N B��� Our Children's   Fall   School   Boots     are     here;     prices  away
|dowi at ��ale-     Now is y0Ur ��PP��rt"nity.
The Old Country Boot Store
661 Columbia Street.
J. STEWART,  Proprietor.
Having; taken over Mr. David Adam's interest
in the firm of Adams & Deans, grocers, of this city,
I shall endeavor to merit the confidence of all old
customer.- and any others who may favor me with
j their patronage by giving the best possible values,
prompt delivery and courteous treatment. I also
wish to thank all who have so liberally favored us
with their patronage during the past four years.
Yours respectfully,
C.   B.   DEANS
Th   i-vv   between the local senior
"iiin   and  the   Mapl,..   Leafs
ol Vancouver which had been booked
'to tak.   place  In Vancouver this eve-
been  postponed,  and in  its
place   will   take  place   a   match     be-
1 twen the Kast arid West Ends teams
ol th.  ' It) league.
presenl the Reginas have
1 ������   ��� , winners In the
city  lagui    and  thej   need only    one
to assur_ them the cham-
�� a last week's Kam,- be
tween the two teams was postponed,
It wa thai  the Wi ui Enders
i hamplonshlp no, but
-im, that time they have organized a
good team and are bent on giving
ui.   iv     ig a run for their money,
g ime will be called a; 6 sharp
'iln- evi ��� tiling ii. the Queen - Park
'I'h. Bast End t,-nm will line up as
follows Goal ' outts; point, fear-
Yin; cover, Patchell; defence '"-'id.
Gifford, Fletcher, Fitzgerald; centre,
H Mack nzie; home field, R. Mac-
kenzli a Smith, C. Smith; outside.
Purdj .   inM<|p    Hume
West  End -Goal, Munu;  point, Dig-
by;   cover, Gregory;    defence    field,
|Galbralth, Cormack, Eastman; oe
Sangster;   home   Held,   Bartlett,
v,    Mills;   outside,   McPhayden;
side, Swanson.
W. (Jlfforp' and T. J. Mahoney
Forty-Two  Machines  Will Compete  at
Big  Meet of Aeronauts at
Rheims, France.
New Fork, Aug is.���Forty.two
aeroplanes, the largest number ever
brought together tor _ series of contests bave ben entered in the, ��-v(��|k
at. Ilheims, Franc, during the w"^
of August 2., according to special
caile despatches  to  the  Herald
The pilots entered for the races Include every iirominun aviator '"
France, together with a few new
comers amd a small number of foreign representatives. Among the different tyix��s of machines represented
ar,. ih.- Wright. Voistn, Blerlot, An-
tonnlte, the Herring-Curtis, and the
H. E. P., all of whieli already have
given   ample   proof   of   their   ability
Get Your Home Furnishings From the
Old Reliable House.    We have quality
and prices in proportion.    See
W.   E.   FALES
612-618 Agnes Street.
Undertaking in all its Branches.
PHONE   176.
The Royal Bank of Canada
(Incorporated 1869)
Capital Paid up
Res.rve Fund  ..
Total Assets
$ 4,700,000
In  and  out of  town  accounts  soli
to lh
Foreign and Domestic Exchange and
Travellers' Cheques bought and sold.
Telegraphic  transfers effected.
Westminster,  B.
C.   Branch,
i it-
ftnh Pork   Sajtages  dally.
B��t of Farmer's   Pork,
Meat Market  ^^^
Lacrosse   Teams     Representing
Eno   and   Fourth   Street   Clash.
Now that the Series of games be-
twen the El st and Wesi En 1 junior
lacrosse tennis has ben completed, another fieri _ ''as been started. There
are only ,mi teams in the new league,
one hailing from the Kast Knd, whl'e
the other is made up fr<>m boys resident on Foirth stret. The first game
in the new series was played 'est
evening on the Queen's Park oval
and resulted in a win for the _a-t
Hnd team by a score of six to nothing.
The _ame was fast, but 'oo onesided to he really Interesting, the
Kast Knd t_ys demonstrating tha:
they hai tbelr opponents beaten by
several l.'orks. T. J. Mahoney re-
The teams lined up avi follows:
East J_nd���Morrison. Sinclair, Day,
Watson. Pottinger, Henderson, Knu-1-
sen. Herod, Daw Pent land Savers,
Fourth Street���Stoddard, Elder, S
Lane, R. I ane, Jones, Swenceski, Mu*-
ray. D (linn K. Gunn, Armstrong.
Trave i,
The   Calgary-Seattle  cricket   match,
resulted In a win tor Calgary,
was  lhe  feature  of  yesterdays     play
at the big cricket tournament ,n Vancouver.
Seattle won the toss, going In first
and malting 151. Calgary then took
Its first innings for 144. ln their Bec-
uid inning th-e Seattl,.- players became careless, evidently thinking that
tin-y had the gam,- cinched, and were
all put out for only 59. Then Calgarv
went in with only 25 minutes to play I
and succeeded _n making 70 for 'wo!
wickets, winning the game by tour
i runs and eight wickets.
Vancouver won the Vancouver-Vic-
'toria match, the Vancouver team
making a long stay in the first icings and piling up 380 runs, a lead
whieh the Victorias eould not overcome. Victoria In the first innings
played made 89. For the Vancouvers,
the high scorers were Hodges with
124 not out, aud Lambert, who made
i 96,
The Question
Where to buy furniture cheap as well
as good
Is Answered
by directing you to the store where
you can see the largest stock of new
and second-hand goods of all kinds In j
665 Columbia street.
the city.        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
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for sale, nearly new.
Com. and  see how much more you
can  get   for  your    money   here  than I
Repairing of guns, umbrellas,  type-
writers, and light automatic machlu- j
ery and 1. -ycles a specialty.
Newark, N.J., Aug 18.���J. J. Mccat-
fei-y, presidium of the Toronto club,
who has been travelling with 'he
team, left for Toronto on the first
train out of Newark last night to ascertain personally the extent of the
damage wrought by the f'-re at Hanlan's Point,
Before leaving Mr. McCafferv outlined  his plans as far as possible.
"If the rep��rts are not exaggerated,"
he said. "It looks as though the entire baseball plant on the Island has
been destroyed. 1 will Immediately arrange, if possible, to have the Toronto team's home games played in another ground. It Is probable that we
can arrange to play at Rosedale or
Scarboro beach.
Alex. Speck
Columbia St.     "Man on the Wheel."
ivm    ^^^^^
You wi;l find it to your advantage
to arrange your booking at this office,
whether you Intend to travel or sending for your friends.
Sailing From Quebec.
Empress of Ireland   August 27
STORE.   EmPress of Britain ..   ..September 10
Transfer Co,
For other
ply to
Jatcr and particulars ap-
C. P. R. Agent.
Columbia St.
|��vil Experts Believe  It Practicable
and May Propose Big
Washington, Aug. 18.���Qua as a
rove power of men-of-war is a
I^H'l I nv of the future in the opln-
r ��* naval experts here, it would
F^n u material reduction ln coal
FMUmpUon and a greater steam ng
pains for ihe alilpt* and would avoid
i necessity of stopping ao often to
"P'eiiisli    '
C.  N.   R.  President   Says   8ix  of Ten
Millions WII Bs Spent This
Sid, of Wlnipeg.
Phone 115.     Ram 'Phone 137
Columbl. Street
Baggage   dellverea   promptly   to
any psrt of the city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
G. P. DILLON, D. V. S.
(McGill  University.)
Veterinary Surgeon to the
City of New Westminster.
FIRE   MALL   No.   1
Gasoline Tanks and
Fishermen's Supplies |
Infantry Fire and Even Ma- Pope Pius X. Seeks to Have
chine   Guns   Useless   in    Sacred Relic Transferred
From Jerusalem.
Winnipeg, Aug. IS.���Six millions of
the ten millions secured In England
will be spent In th. west, said Wm
Mackenzie, president of the Canadian
Northern railway, yesterday. Mr.
Mackenzie   dxx-.lared   that   during   his
Hie coal .bunk-rs stay ln Ur,,aln- no nMl0a that C,in"
Wi.1,.,1 Cone, who commanded the ' ada was now occupying an unprr_c*l-
pr.-do flotilla on  Its way from the ented position In the thoughts of the
OWl.   ,'";Sin  Fr��>clBC".  tt'"l  wt>" i public. Not only wer��� the newspapers
I'll l!i(. -^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^���
f lu.jeci and recently sent Oom-
"M't William White to visit sev-
*i larga   manufacturing  plants
attention to Canadian nfTalrs, but the
financier and the Investing public
were evidently especially Interested
ln any enterprise with the cachet
Canada attached.
Turning to what was to hn rtonP
on th-. Canadian Northern during the
year, Mr. Mackenzie said that flf'y
miles of the gap betwenn Selwood
and Port Arthur would be completed
this year. Asked regarding developer..,    "-'   ""*������   10-���in  experimental i .,.__ .    ���Wv^��w.HlnZ
portsles. Sunday is about to be tried !ment�� ��' th�� ��"* that l9 Pr<**���ln;<
h.��� ,,ion- ftnd for eight hours all in Ae Yellowhead Pass, Mr. Mac-
Iron.   ���Wn ���hteles will be excluded'
Aug. 1_���An experimental
area   ln   the   Westminster
Hutu ��.��� lhv'r placet Mn8 taken by
*"m��   ���*nd,b"wt-    The cost of dl-
au or,,?^01"8*   tTafllc   and   BWtWIB-
j��3��Mles  to  give  free   transit   for
are, ," "_ otlle>-wl.se wouid cross th-e
,.,." ';' hors-e-drawn vehicles I.. es-
Whlch . about on�� thousand pounds
arv ,���rim, H lwi,1R r*ls��d by volnnt-
jt "Meriptlon.
��ent lifin2clwt,d that t��>e expert.
si-iirY lVft the effect ��f demon-
of ����J! iK? cle��rly the advantages
,:'.,., ' 'nn;��hil.s over horse traffic, es-
Hup . I,,?' th" Hflu1<ipoints of clean.
ablUty'  BUeno��i   ��P��>d    and    control
kenile said that tne surveying was
going on satisfactorily, but he am
not anticipate that there would ne
any construction work during "���
next few months. The extensions
that are being effected will be pw"��J
ed ahead as rapidly as possible, DW
Mr. Mackenzie had no new announcement to make at present regarding
future plans.
Mr. Mackenzie's movements are uncertain. It is possible ho will leave
for the west, today. Yesterday ne
plunged Into the afTalrs of the BW
and received during the morning
what seemed like an interminable
string of callers, including many oi
the principal m.n of the city-
Berlin, Aug. 18.���An interesting
tost designed to determine to what extent dirigible balloons and other aerial vehicles are liable to damage from
the flre of land forees has just been
made hy the (l.niioi.i artillery aiv
thoritlew. A large balloon, with stuffed effigies representing "soldiers"
In the baskv>t, was sent up above the
practice grounds near Darmstadt.
When It reached the height of between 400 and 500 metres (1.300 to
1,700 feet) detachments of Infantry
Usui artillery wer.. brougti up, and
the hypothetical "enemy" was fired
upon at carefully calculated distance*.
Small arms, machine guns and shrapnel   were  tried   successively.
An Infantry company fired volley-
after volley "at 1,800 metres (i.oon
feet), exhausting a supply of 5,nun
cartridges, but without visible effect
upon the balloon, Machine guns were
than brought into action, and fired
4,000 cartridges, but with no better
result. Finally a battery of guns fir
Ing shrapnel was allowed to partake
In the practice.
A tthv- second shot the balloon was
seen to collapse and sink. -Subsequent Investigation disclosed that,
though the balloon had been pierced
by twenty rifle balls and bullets, all
of the new "S" pattern, the holes were
too small to admit the ready escape
of the gas. Of the two dummies In
the basket, on was slightly
Los Angeles, Aug. 18���Tom Mc-
Carey, local prize fight Impressarlo,
today Issued a denial to Sam Berger s
i anouncemtnt that he had received an
ofTer of $f.2,000 from the Los Angeles
man for the privilege of stapiug l'e
i jelfrles-Johnson championship battle.
Rome,  Aug.   18.���Pope   Pius   X.,  In
'the  course  of   a   conversation     with
Ghallb Pasha, who    went   to    Rome
! with  the  Ottoman   mission  announcing the accession of the new  Sultan,
! regarding   the     establishment   of    a
i Nunclatur^ at Constantinople,    asked
ithe messenger If it were not possible
'to buy the Holy Sepulehr. in Jerusalem  and  transport it  to  Italy,    it is
-said  that  his  Holiness could  get    no
pHtmlse  from   his  visitor,  the  latter
stating  that he  had no authority  lu
tlie  matter.
Th,- same quesion  was    raised  by
'sixtus  V.,  who  wished to have    the
! Sepulchre   brought   to   Montalto,    his
'��� birthplace.    The Holy  Sepulchre,  for
the sanctity of  which  the    Crttsadea
were fought, lies In the great Church
of the Sepulchre, which has for centuries  been   the centre ot    Christ lan
religious  thought In  Jerusalem.    The
tomb Itself Is a cavity In the rock covered  by a marble shelf 5 fp_et    long,
2 'feet wide, and  3 feet high.      The
tomb lis  ln  the  small  ohapel  of  the
Sepulchre, a room 6 1-2 feet long, 6
feet wide and very low.
the Pope ig determined not to be
bal&ed of his desire, and will seek to
procure the _ood offices of the ��'-'r-
man Emperor toward gaining hig end.
Trust Block, Front St., New Westminster i
San Antonio, Tex., Aug. 18���Jose
M. Randel, leader of the Revolutionists who fought a battle with three
copanles of the Mexican troops at
I^s Vacas ln '.907, was arrested yesterday and with him were taken consignment, of military rifles and Pistols of the latest make, seals of the
Mexican revolutionary organtzatiai |
and all the book-, accunts, photo-
' graphs and correspondence of the
: Junta. The most Important ftad among, the papers.is a book which gives
11 hi- names and addresses of all those
who are affiliated with the movement. |
The book shows that the revolution-1
lst,S, are scattered from New York to
I/)s Angeles.
Live Stock  Insurance
Live stock Insurance has f<ist become recognized as one of the
best kinds of Insurance In existence, and an ever-Increasing number
of stock own.rg are protecting themselves against the serious losses
which they have had to suffer In the past. I represent the only
strong, reliable Canadian company carrying this class of Insurance,
and as thsy do not handle any nsurance but live stock they are able
to fulfil their obligations to th greatest satisfaction, and every
legitimate loss which has occu red en any of the company's policies
since they started business, ha been promptly paid, cheques usually
being forwarded within a day o two, and the following letter is an
New Westminster, June 23, 190>- i
A. W. McLeod, Agent British American Live Stock Ass'.n
Ltd., New Westminster, B. C.
Dear Sir,���I beg to thank you and your company for
the prompt settlement made for the loss of my mare
"Nell," for although my claim form was oply completed
yesterday ! have already received cheque for $200.00 In
lull payment. Yours sincerely,
(Sgd).     J. A. GIBSON.
You may be tht next to lose tome valuable  stock,  enquire  for particulars.
, *
?:*;*.*�������� I
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i'i'    '    ' '"'j- -
i       .    V-   ;,.
'       f      ,;i.
��� ;��'�� ._H_i!��
Y- W '��� ���  i
,�� ;;���! .IY. *��*'     J
���  '       !'P ����_ .
��� ���; -i* _      i
f ���!;*%,
', ���  fV-S.
. i
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'I*   '.     '!      i.       Hi
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.������ill     :
l"       _"!.���
Y> fpY ���''"���'
���-   . Y-Y  ��� 'Vi '
���   -.Wife
b\' ����M0vm-
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���   tm    ��� '������'���   1 r- Ji.;
Y   Y-    \** '  . |l*f
.'   ���','������' I'1
i   '.' Yd	
: f-llr^il
4   �� ."       -it ;.. <:������!,���:   .
Y'f^YY''Y ���
(    f'lriUlY    UHl
' , it.   .   -r.l    ���   1
I 4,       -     ���< ',���,���'������-
���v;: ������., i ;'��h|:;
H'        >.,,v''<-
...     '   In
, -   .! I"   ';.'   |- -
u ;.: .'! h". :..*;
'���  f'k'II'
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.. --.��,���.....v ,���
v   '     v -'rvJ"; ��� ..
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. ',..����� - .  ,,
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'   ,    ���       ;; I-'1 Xi-1
.*'��� ���       ,,        fV'.L     1 -,'.
I.1 f ''      . ",       -4
��� k YYiv.M,
,        '   *:.��   .Nl| _
%    .  !        '_   '���   ������������  '���'���-'��� i
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.' y ' -   v: i
? ��� ��� Y*���'���>'���-.,"���..!> J
Y-'-ti^.YYY !'ia
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Y    -i.i   'Y^YlYY
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i ,:l, .. ������:��� ���������     ��� i
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ti, '���     ���    '     . j. ��� S' W\
Sy r'jS'Si
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,   p..;,   \*>��     .
'*'    J��f' -_l    -'   . 1'   '
" -v*v������*}_���;������ ... ;.
" W - >x. '_|
���a_i ('t_.it"'*?':. ', *i
^;.>iv      .'   *
'. -,-%'t(_Mh':'"** -p
v* ##����..{���
.       - J.. _Mt--   *���
, Mirf-J}'.'-4'
Advertising Debenture By-
Law, 1909.
1 . 1909
honra of nine o'clock a.m. and five p-
DL, at the following places, namely:
Tiv Council Chamber, civic building;
the Ki:. Hall, Sapperton; and the
Waterworks Storehouse, Eleventh
City clerk.
City   Hall.  July  22nd.   1909.
City liaol Debenture By-
Law, 1909.
A By-law to enabie the Council ot
��he City of New Westminster :o raise
by loan the sum of Four Thousand
(.40'ki.OOi Dollars for the purpos. of
advertising  the  City.
Whereas, it is expedient to expend
the sum of Four Thou^ano t$4000.u0l
Dollars in advertising the City and
that Uie said sum sliou.d be raised ou
tlie credit of tb. Corporation. A Bylaw to enable the Council ot
And Whereas, It appears that if Ui. the City of New U .stminster to raise
sum of Four Thousand (._.U_.uUl by loan the sum of Six Thousand
Dollars be appropriated from the ($6000.00) Dollars for the purjiose of
general revenue of the City for the building a City Caol and Police Court
current year the rate of taxation will Room.
he excessive, and it is expedient that Whereas, it is expedient to erect a
6ucli excessive taxation should be building to be used as a City Gaol
avoided, and the said sain should be and Police Court Koom, and to use
raised on the credit of the Corpora.- that portion of the Civic Building,
tion, and that debentures should be now used for those purposes, forottuv
Issued for that amount. purposes  and  to  expend 'u  the erec-
And, Whereas, for the payment of tion of the said building the sum of
interest on the debentures proposed six Thousand ($6000.00) Dollars, and
to be issued under this By-Law, and that the said sum should be raised on
for creating a sinking fund forthepay- tlie crt-'lit of the Corporation,
ment of the said debentures whendue, And Whereas, It appears thnt if th -
it will be necessary to raise by special sum of Six Thousand ($600.00)
rates, in addit-on to' all other rates. Dollars be appropriated from the
each year during the currency of the general revenue of the City for the
6aid debentures, the sum of Two Hun- current year the rate of taxation will
dred aud Thirty-Five and ..-luu be excessive, and it is expedient that
($235.46)   Dollars- such    excessive    taxation    sliould    be
And, Whereas, in order to raise avoided, and the said sum should be
the said yearly sum of Two Hun- raised on the cr.dit of the Corpora-
dred and Thirty-Five and 4. 100 tion, and that debentures shoulj be
($235.46) Dollars an equal special rate Issued for that amount,
on the dollar will be required to be And. Whereas, for the payment of
levied on the whole rateable pioperty Interest on the debentures proposed
of the City of New Westminster; to be i.-sued under this By-Law, atd
And, Whereas, the whole rateable for creating a sinking fund for the pay-
property cf the said City, according ment of the said debentures whendue,
to the last revised assessment roll it will be necessary to raise by special
thereof, is Five Millions, Three Hun- rates, in addition to all other rates,
dred and Ninety-One Thousand. Four each year during the currency of the
Hundred and Forty-Five ($5,-.1,145.- said debentures, the sum of Three
00) Dollars. Hundred   and  Fifty-three   and 19-100
And, Whereas, the total amount ot ($353.19) Dollars.
the existing debenture debt of the And, Whereas, in order to raise the
Baid City is On,- Million, Two Hun- said yearly sum of Three Hundred and
dred and Nineteen Thousand, One Fifty-three and 19-100 ($353.19) Dol-
Hundred ($l,219,100.00j Dollars irre- lars an equal special rate on the dol-
spective of the sum of Three Hundred );,,- wjij be required to be levied on
and Ninety-four Thousand ($394-000.- the whole rateable property of the
00;  Dollars proposed to be raised un- City of New  Westminster
Taka notice that the above js a
true copy of the proposed By-law
which will be taken into considerat.on
oy the Municipal Council of the City
of Ne* Westminster one month from
the date of the first publication thereof in the 'Daily News" and "Daily
Columblan" newspapers, which first
publication took place on the 22nd.
day of July 1909, and that a vote of
the electors of the City will be taken
,on the said proposed . bylaw on the
25th day of August, lflfifi, between the
hours of nine o'clock a.m. and five p.
111., at the following places, namely:
The Council Chamber, civic building;
the Fire Hall, Sapperton; and the
W.-uerw.l-ks Storehouse, Eleven.ii
; street.
any Aci
6    The proceeds of tie sa,e of the  sufficient to pay the  _***** Tlnkme
'said   J-Wntnres   shal,   be   applied   as  debentures,   and    O <**te * .taking
follow-:   and not otherwise:   Towards  fund for the payment 01 tne
paving'the cost  of  the    passing    or  thereof when <lu'". suDject M
this  Bv-law and  the issue and sale or enactment respecting jam aanw
of the "debentures therein referred ta      5.    Subject as Ud, "" '
7.    This Bylaw shall take
the 2ath. day of August 1909,
be citt-d  as t_e "Waterworks
ture.  By-law,  1.09."
g.   7_ds  Hy-law   before
passing thereof,  shall  receiu   	
sent  of the electors of the  said  City Five an.l   96-100   ($266.96)   D')lliU"Y
ln   the  manner requlre.1  by   l<-w. provide  for the payment of the  I>nn-
Received the assent of the electors clpaL
The   steam.-r
Brackman-Ker  wharf
6.    The proc. eds of the sale o'  tne
Reconsidered' and  finally  pas ed  In  snid   debentures   'hall  be  applied  a<
on  the
, .dav of 1H09.
and ;
City   Hall.
CHy Clerk.
July   22nd,   1909.
open  Council the.
Citv Clerk.
.dav of.
Waterworks Debenture By-
Law, 1909.
der the "Hospital Debenture By-law
1909," the "Waterworks Dele nture Bylaw 1909." the "Street Improvement
By-law 1909. * the "Incinerator Ue-
benture By-law 1909," and the "City
Gaol Dehenture Bylaw 1909," ot
which none of the principal or interest  is In  arrears.
Now therefore the Municipal Council of the Corporation of the City of said  Cltj
New Westminster enacts as follows:    dred   and
And. Whereas, the whole rateable
property of tlie said City, according
to the last revise! assesSmi nt roi
thereof, is Five Millions, Three Hundred and Ninety-One Thousand. Four
Hundred and Forty-Five ($5,391,446.
00)  Dollars.
And,  Whereas, the total amount ot
the  existing    debenture  debt of  the
s One Million,    Two Hun-
Ninrteen   Thousand,     One
1.    It shall be lawful for the -Mayor Hundred   ($1,219,100.00)   Dollars   irre
of the said City to raise by way of
loan from any person or persons, iod
or bodies corporate, who may be willing to advance ihe same on the cn 111
of the debentures, hereinafter mentioned, any   sum  or  suns   o:   money
spective of the sum of Three Hundred
and Ninety-Two Thousand ($392,000.-
00) Dollars proposed to be raise,1 under the "Hospital Debenture By law
1909," the "Waterworks Deb,-nture By.
law   1909,"   the  "Street   Improvement
not exceeding in .the whole the sum By-'aw 1909,'' the "Incinerator De-
of Four Thousand ($4000.00) Dollars benture By-law 1909." and the "City
and to cause tlie same to be paid into r;:1ril Debenture By-law 1909," ot
the Treasury of the said City for the which none of the principal or Inter-
purposes mentioned lu-reln. esl  is In  arrears.
2. Ii shall be lawful for the -Mayor jfow therefore the Municipal Coun-
to cause any number of debentur .- cl] of the Corporation of the City of
to be made, n jt exceeding In the New Westminster enacts as follows:
whole the sum of Four Thousand 1. n shall be lawful for the -Mayor
($40no.00) Dollars, for such sums of 0f the said City to raise by way of
money as may be required, not less Joan from any person or persons, body
than $100.00 each, or an equivalent or bodies corporate, who may be will-
expressed in pounds sterlin. of the lng to advance the same on the credit
l'nited Kingdom of Great Britain _nd 0f the debentures, hereinafter men
Ireland, at a value of 4.S66 to the tioned, arv sum or sums of money,
pound sterling; and al] such debent- not exceeding in the whole the sum
uri-s shal] ibe sealed with the Seal of- Six Thousand ($0OOii.Oui Dolbxrs
of the Corporation signet by the and to cause the same to he paid Into
Mayor and countersigned by the the Treasury of the said City for the
Treasurer thereof, or by such oth r purposes mentioned herein,
person or persons as may be there- . 2. It shall be lawful for the Mayor
unto lawfully authorized. jto  cause   any   number  of   debentur-s
3. The said debentures shall beto be made, not exceeding in the
payable -on the first day of July 1953. whole the sum of Six Thousand
at such place or places as the Coun- ($6000.00) Dollars, for such sums of
c'l of the said Corporation may from money as may be required, not less
time to tlmo appoint, with the ap- than $100.00 each, or an equivalent
proval of the holders thereof, and expressed in pounds sterling of the
shall have attached to them cr-u,xjiis United Kingdom of Great Britain and
for the payment _ Interest at tne Ireland, at a value of 4.__6 to the
rate of five per centum per annum 0:1 j pound sterling; and all such debent-
the amount thereof, which interest ures shall be sealed with the Seal
shall be payaU(. half yearly on 'he of the Corporation Signed by the
first of January and the first day Of Mayor and countersigned by th.
July, in each and every year, and th, Treasurer thereof, or by such other
said ooujxms shall be sisrned by ihe person or persons as may be ther,..
said  Mayor. unto lawfully authorized.
4. A special rate on the dollar 3. The said debentures shall be
shall be levied and raised in eacn payable on the first day of July 1959
year, in addition to all other rates at such place or places as th,." Coun
on nil rateable property of the Cuy. cil of the said Corporation may from
Sufficient to pay th. interest on the time to time appoint, with the ap-
debeni.nres. and to create a sinking proval of the hold-ers 'hereof, and
fund for the payment of the principal shall have attached to them coupons
thereof when due, suhject to any Act for the payment of interest at tbe
Or enactment respecting the same.        rate of five per centum per annum on
5. Subject as aforesaid, there Kha!! the amount thereof, w'nif.h Interest
be raised annually bv s:,octal rates; liali be payable half y> arly on the
as aforesaid, during the cr^-ency of | im of January am! the first day of
the said debentures, the sum of Two
Hundr.-d ($200001 Hollars for the
payment of Interest thereon, and the
���um of Thirty-Five and 41 100
($:S5..tf,l Dollars to provide for the
repayment  of the principal
fi.    The proe.-eds of the Fale of v
tald   dul.entiires   shall   be  applied   a��
uiy, In each and every year, an I 'h
aid coupons shall  b- signed  by  ihe
aid M yor.
4.   a    Bpeclal    rate on  the doilai
hall   be   levied  and   raised    n  each
ear,  in  addition  to all  other  rates
on -ill rateable property of the City,
sufficient to pay the interest on  the
follows, and not otherwise-. Towards Idebentbrep and to create a sinking
paying th<- cost of the passing of|fUnpl for the payment of the principal
this By-law and the issue and sal. j thereof when due, subject to any Act
of tbe debentures therein referred to.  or enactment, respecting the tame,
7. This By-law shall take effect on _. Subject as aforesaid, iIv-in. gball
the 25th. day of August 1909, and may'be raised annually by special'rates
b_ cited as tie "Advertising By-law;as aforesaid, during th0 currency of
1909." the said debentures, th.  sum of Three
8. This By-law before the final Hundred ($800.00) Dollars for the
passing thereof, shal! receive the as- payment of interest the-rr-on and the
sent of the electors of th,> said City
ln   the   manner required   by  law.
Received the assent of the electors
on the day of 1909.
Reconsidered and finally passed  in
op*n Council the day of	
City Clerk.
ifo yi
Tak. notice that the above is a
true copy of the proposed By-law
which will be taken into consideration
by the Municipal Council of the City
of New Westminster one month from
the date of the. first publication there
Of In the "Daily News" and "Dally
Columbian" newspapers, which first
publication took, place on the 22nd
dav of July 1909, and that a vote ��r
the electors of tb-.. City wiii be taken
on tiie said proposed bylaw on the
i5th day of August, 1909, betwOen the
sum of Flfty-Threp-. and 19.100 ($53.19
Dollars to  provide for the repayment
of the principal.
6. The proceeds of the sale of tne
said debentures shall be applied as
follows, and not otherwise: Towards
paying the cost of ihe passing of
this By-law and the Issue and saiv
of the debenture., therein referred to,
7. This By-law shall take effect on
the 25th. day of Augusi 1909, and may
be cited as the "City Jail Debenture
By-law,  1909."
S. This By-law before the final
pass'ng thereof, shall receive the as
sent of the electoi. of the saM City
ln   the  manner required  bv  law.
Received the assent of the elector*
on the day of 1909.
Reconsidered and finally passed ln
open Council the day of	
City Clerk.
A By-law to enable the Council ot
Uie City of New Westminster to raise
by loan the sum of Two Hundred and
Thirty-Four Thousand ($234,000.00)
j Dollars for the purpose of increasing
the capacity of the City Waterworks
1 System.
Whereas, It is expedient to construct an additional Main Pipe Line
'for the City Waterworks System from
'Coquitlam Lake to the Queen's Park
Reservoir, and also from the Reservoir to the City limits on Lulu Island,
'and for that purpose 10 expend the
'sum of Two Hundred and Thirty-Four
Thousand  ($234,000-00) Dollars.
And Whereas, It appears 'hat if the
sum of Two Hundred and Thirty-
Four Thousand ($234.00) Dollars
jbe appropriated from the general
I revenue of the City for the current year the rate of taxation will
jbe excessive, and it is expedient that
such excessive taxation should be
avoided, and the said sum should be
raised on the credit of the Corporation, and that debentures should be
Issued for that amount.
And. Whereas, for the payment of
interest on the debentures proposed
;to be issued under this By-Law, and
;for creating a sinking fund for the payment of tlie said debentures whendue,
it will be necessary to raise by spec a:
rates, in addition to all other rates,
each year during the currency of the
! said debentures, the sum of Thirteen
Thousand, Seven Hundred and Seventy-Four and 52-100 ($13,774.52) Dollars.
And, Whereas, in order to raise the
said yearly sum of Thirteen Thousand
Seven Hundred and Seventy-Fou.r and
:52-100 ($13,774.52) Dollars an equal
special rate on tlie dollar will be re-
qulred lo be levied on the whole rut-
able property- of the City of New
i Westminster;
And, Whereas, the whole rateable
! property of the said City, according
ito the last revised assessment roll
Ithereof, is Five Millions. Three Hundred and Ninety-One Thousand, Four
iHundred and Forty-Five ($6,391,446.-
00)  Dollars.
And, Whereas, the total amount ot
ithe existing debenture debt of the
said City is One Million. Two Hun-
j dred and Nineteen Thousand, One
'Hundred ($1,219,100,001 Dollars Irrespective of the sum of One Hundred
and Sixty-Four Thousand ($lt;4,0i..-
|00) Dollars proposed to be raised un-
ider the "Hospital Debenture By-law
11909," the "Water-orks Debenture B---
,law 1909," the "Street Improvement
! By-law 1909," the "Incinerator Debenture By-law 1909.'' and the "City
I Gaol Debenture By-law 1909," or
which none of the principal or interest  is  in  arrears.
Now therefore the Municipal Coun-
icil of the Corporation of the City of
(New Westminster enacts as follows:
1. It shall be lawful for the Mayor
I of the said City to raise by way of
loan from any person or persons, tod.'
p>r bodies corporate, who may be willing to advance ihe same on tlie credit
of the debentures, hereinafter mentioned, any sum or sums of money,
not exceeding in the whole the sum
of Two Hundred and Thirty-Four
Thousand ($234,000) Dollars, and to
cause the same to be paid into
the Treasury of the said City for the
purposes  mentioned herein.
2. It shall be lawful for the Mayor
I to  cause  any   number of  debentures
10 be made, not exceeding in the
I whole the sum of Two Hundred and
IThirty-Four Thousand ($234,000;
Dollars, ior such sums of money
as may be required, not less
than $100.00 each, or an equivalent
expressed in pounds sterling of the
I'niiv-d Kingdom of Great Britain and
Ireland, at a value of 4.81.6 to the
pound sterling; and aij such debentures shall .e sealed with the Seal
of the Corporation slgne.i by the
Mayor and countersigned by ihe
Treasurer thereof, or by such other
person or persons as may be thereunto  lawfully authorized.
'���',. The said debentures shall be
payable on the first day of July 1959,
at such place or places as the Council of the said Corporation may from
time to time appoint, with the approval of the holders thereof, and
shall have attached to them coupons
for the payment of Interest at the
rate of five per centum per annum on
the amount thereof, which interest
shall be payable half yearly on tihe
first of January and the first day of
July, In each and every year, and the
said coupons shall be signed by the
said Mayor.
4. A special rate on the dollar
shall be levied and raised 'n each
year, ln addition to all other rates,
nn all rateable property of ihe City,
sufficient to pay the Interest on the
debentures, and to creat,. a sinking
fund for the payment of the principal
thereof when due, subject to any Act
or enactment respecting the Fame.
5. Subject as aforesaid, there shall
be raised annually by special rates
as aforesaid, during the currency of
the said debentures, the sum of
Eleven Thousand Seven Hundred
($11,700) Dollars for the payment of
interest thereon, and the sum of Two
Thousand and Seventy-Four and 52-
100 ($2074.52) Dollar, to provide for
the repayment of the principal.
Take nutiie that the above is a
trut copy of the proposed By-law
which will b, taken into considerat on
by the -sluniclpal Councl' of the C ty
of New Westminster one month rrom
tl e dire of the first publication th re
of In the "Daily News" and "Dally
Columbian"    newspapers,   which   f rst
: lication took plac,. on the 22nd.
day of July 1909, and that a vote of
the electors of thia City will be takp'n
on the said proposed bylaw on the
2.".th day of August, 1909, between the
hours of nine o'clock a.m. and five P-
m.. at the following places, namely:
The Council Chamber, civic building;
the Fire Hall, Sapperton; and the
Waterworks Storehouse, Eleventh
Citv Clerk.
Citv   Hall,  Julv   2_nd.   1909.
Hospital Debenture By-Law,
follows, and not otherwise: Towards
paying the cost of the pas- ng o.
this By-law and the Issue ami sale
ef the debentures therein referred to.
7. Tills By-law shall take effect on
the 26th. dav of Angus: 1909, and may
be cited as' the "Hospital Debenture
By-law,  1909."
8. This By-law before the final
passing thereof, shall receive the assent of the electors of th. said City
In   the   manner  required   by   law.
Received the assent <>f 'he electors
on the dav of 1909.
This  schedule
without notice.
For freight
ply to
Treasurer   thereof,  ,
person  or  personi   g        ..      '>'
unto lawfully autl |   '    *     r^'
3.    Th-e     said   v .
payable on the fir Jf'H
uch  place or  1      M as ,.        ���
ill  of  the  said  Coi
time   to  tlmo  api '3 i
proval  of tbe ho , r"e aM
Reconsidet-d and finally passed in J^the^ymS '!
open  Council the..     ..day of    __,_ _f fjvp m ,., ;;
the  amount   thereof,
City Clerk.
Mav nr.
Tak..  notice   that   Ibe
true   copy
at -te
Shall   be   paya,,. ";
first of January  .��� ,   -;
July, ln each and every
said coupons  shall   be
said Mayor.
4.    A     special    rati ,,..
shall    ho   levied   and , !
year.   In   addition   to a . . j���
on  all  rateable  pn.],.  Ij ,.; v -,j*
sufficient to  pay thi    titerest n,*,
debentures,  and   to  -    -. , ,te
fund for the payms nl ��� 1   .
A By-law to enable the Council of
the Ciiy of New Westminster .0 raise-
by loan the sum of Thirty Thousand
($30,000.00) Dollars for the purpose
of grant-ng the same to the Royal
Columbian Hospital.
Whereas, it is expedient to grant
the sum of Thirty Thousand ($30.-
000.00) Dollars for the purpose of assisting in tlie erection of a n-w building for the Roya] Columbian Hospital  in  this City.
And Whereas, It appears 'hat if th-
sum of Thirty Thousand ($30,000.00)
Dollars be appropriated from the
general revenue of the City for thi-
current year the rate of taxation will
be excessive, and it is expedient that
sucli excessive taxation should be
avoided, and  the said  sum
above Is a
of the proposed By-law
which will b, taken Into consideration
by the Municipal Council of th CUy
of New Westminster on,., month Bom
the da.e of the first publication thereof in the "Daily l.ews" and "Dally
Columbian"    newspapers,  winch frst thereof when due, subj
pu lication tork place on the -2nd
day of July 1909, and that a v,,te or
the electors of the City will be taken
on the said proposed bylaw on the
25th day of August, 1909, between the
hours of nine o'clock a.m. and five p.
m., at tbe following places, namely:
Th-e Council Chamber, civic building;
ths I
ci.al I
. ._ I
e   Flre
and   the
A.  Dl
y Clerk.
City   H
Street Improvement Debenture By-Law, 1909.
A  By-law to enable the Council of
��� he CUy of New Westminster to raise-
by loan the sum of One Hundred   nd
Four  Thousand   ($104,000.00)    Dol
should bo for Street  Improvements,
raised  on  tlie cr.-dlt  of the  Corpora-     Whereas, certain sums of money hav4 open Council  thi
tion,  and  that  debentures should   be this  year  been  expended  out  of  the ]-,,,;,.
issued for that amount. general  revenue of  t'v  Ctly   for  the
And,  Whereas, for the payment of construction, Improvemeni  and repali
Interest  on   the   debentures  proposed of certain streets and sidewalks, and city Clerk
to be issued under this By-Law, and it is expedient thai certain additional
for creating a sinking fund forthepay- sums be spent In like manner, amouni
or enactment respectini t_jtune,
5.   Subject as afore .,, i
lie   raised   annually   I -.   6 edt ratal
as  aforesaid,   during  ��� .1
th.- said debentures, tl .1
Thousand   Two     llm :��� ,1
Dollars for the pay.-. ��� literati
thereon, and  the sum   v -.[
divd  and  Twenty-two  -���
lars  to  provide for the ri     :.:.. _|
tbe principal.
'',.    The  proceeds of tl ;-��!
said debentures shall be applied til
follows, and not otherwl warm
paying the cost of Lhe a-ng oil
this By-law and the Issue and .il
of the ilebentures therein ���.!-���". til
7. This By law shall I ' ��� '��� ; ,_l
the 25th, day of Augusi i i ���: _r|
be cited as the "Street Imj n , :���-nt|
De ent,ura  By-law.  L90
S. This By-law before the Ml
passing thereof, shall ren ,_ th si-l
sent  of the doctor,  of tl Y_
ln   the   manner required v
Ri celved the assent of W|
on  the day of 1909.
Reconsidi red and fins :   ��� a tH lt|
ment of the sabi debentures whendue,
it will be necessary to rais.- by Bpeclal
rates, in addition to all other rais
each year during the currency of the
said debentures, the sum of Seventeen
Hundred and Sixty-Five and 96-100
($1765.96)  Dollars.
And. Whereas, in order to raise the
said   yearly   sum   of    Seventeen   Hun- of      the
di-.i]   and     Sixty-Five     and      96-100 year     till
ing In all (with sums alread) so
Bpent) to the sum ,,r yn,. Hundri i
and Four Thousand ($104,000.00) Dollars.
And Whereas, It appears thai if th.
sum of One Hundred and Four Thousand  ($104,000.00)   Dollars   be  appropriate,    from    the   general    revenue
City      for     the    current
ralp-     of     tax ition     will
($1765.96) Dollars an equal specia] rate be excessive, and it is expedient that
on the dollar will be required 'o be such excessive taxation should be
levied on the whole rateable property avoided, and the said sum should be
of the City of New Westminster; raised on  the credit of the Corpora-
And, Wher.as, the whole rateable tion, and that debentures should be
property of the said City, according issued for that amount.
to the last revised assessment roll ; And, Whereas, for tin- payment of
thereof, js Five Millions. Three Hun- Interest on the debentures proposed
dred and Ninety-One Thousand, Four to be Issued under this By-Law, and
Hundred and Forty-Five ($5,391,446.- for creating a sinking fund for the pay.
00) Dollars. j merit of the said debentures whendue,
And Whereas, the total amount or Jit will be necessary to raisi- by special
the existing debenture debt of the ;rateB, In addition to all other rates,
said City is One Million, Two Hun each year during the currency of the
dred and Nineteen Thousand, One and debentures, the sum of Six Tliou-
Hundred ($1,219,100.00) Dollars irre- sand One Hundred and Twenty-two
spective of the sum of Three Hundred I ($6,122.00) Dollars,
and Sixty-Eight Thousand ($368,000.. And, Whereas, in order to raise the
00) Dollars propos. d to be raised un- said yearly sum of Six Thousand One
der the "Hospital Debenture By law Hundred and Twenty-two ($6,122.00)
1909," the "Waterworks Debenture By-iDollars an equal special rate on
law 1909." the "Street Improvement the dollar will be required to be
By-law7 1909," the 'Incinerator De- levied on the whole rateable property
benture By-law 1909," and the "Citv of the City of New Westminster;
Gaol Debenture By-law 1909," of ! And, When as, the whole rateable
which none of t he principal or inter- property of ���he said City, according
est  ls In arrears. Ito   the  last  revised   assessment   roll
Now therefore the Municipal Coun- thereof, is Fiv,- Millions, Thre,- Hun-
cil of (he Corporation of the Cty of dred and Ninety-One Thousand, Four
New Westminster enacts as follows:     Hundred   and   Forty-Fi7e   ($5,391,446.-
1. It shal] be lawful for the Mayor 00) Dollars,
of the said City to raise by way of ; And, Whereas, the total amount of
loan from any person or persons, ' od. the existing debenture debt of the
or bodies corporate, who may be will- Said C'ty Is On,- Million, Two Hun-
In1: to advance the same on the credit dred and Nineteen Thousand, One
of  the  debentures,    hereinafter men- Hundred   ($1,219,100.00)   Dollars   Irre.
T.,k..   notloi       It tl v    ,
true  copy  of  I : B
which ��ill be I derail
by the Munici) al ( o '��� tlieCWI
of New Westminstei    o n[
the date of the Srst ��� :.n*re|
of in the "Daily News" and "ltt.1
Columbian" newspapers, v.ihlrstl
pu lication took i lm.. - n th -2 .-[
nay of July 1909, i nd that a v. te ofl
the electors of th_ City will lie :aW|
On  the   said    pro|x>.-, d IW Ol l*M
25th d,.y of Angus'. 1909 ���'-������������ -:e|
hours of nine o'clock a.m. and five ?�����
fa., at the foliow.ng plac, s, mu*
The Council Chamber, civic :-uiiding;|
the Fire Hall, Sap en :., and '-"I
Waterworks Storehouse, Elevestlf
City Cleft
City   Hall,   July   22nd,  11*09.
The following is a list of the sH<*.j
and amount to be expended on ^1
under the provisions ol the "^Sr
Improvement Debenture Bylaw, lW-'
Columbia street, Hassam V        ���
ment  f^-  ���
Columbia street, QJJlander'e
Hill       ...
tioned, any stun or sums of money,
not exceeding in tlie whole the s'im
of Thirty Thousand ($30,000.00) Dol.
lars and to cause "i ��� same to be paid
Spective of lhe sum of Two Hundred
and Ninety-Four Thousand ($294,000..
00) Dollars proposed to he raise _ under   ihe   "Hdspltal   Debenture   Bylaw
Into the Treasury of the Said City for ,1909," (he "Waterworks Debenture By-
Ihe purposes mentioned herein. law   1909,"   the  "Street   Improvement
2. It shall be lawful for the Mayor By-law 1909,'' the "Incinerator De-
to cause any number of debentures j benture By-law 1909," and the "City
to   be   made,    not  exceeding  in   the,Gaol    Debenture    By-law    1909,"    of
Front street. .   ..
Agnes street   .. .
Dufferin  Btreet   ..
McKenzie street  .
Lome street  ...
First Rtri-ot   ...   .
Second street   ...
Third Btreet  . .
Fourth street  ...
Fifth   street   . . .
Seventh sireet . ��� ���
Eighth street ...
Nanaimo street .
Twelfth street   ..,
Thirteenth stn ci
Fourteenth  street
Hamilton street  .
Dublin  street   . . .
Edinburgh street
London street  ..
Tenth street ....
Albpprta street  . ..
Coburg street  .   .,
whole   the  sum  of   Thirty   Thousand | which none of the principal or Inter- J^Itli street
($30,000.00) Dollars, for suoh sums of
money as may be required, not less
than $100.00 each, or an equivalent
expressed In pounds sterling of the
Unlf-Hi Kingdom of Great Britain and
Ireland, at a value of 4.866 to the
pound sterling; and ail such debent
est Is in  arrears ;J.��>'al avenue .
Now therefore the Municipal Ooun-lS_S?n' aVenUe
cll of the Corporation of the City of {��,��� av<,nu��
New Westminster enacts as follows:      """" '
i Fourth avenue
".   I
i.m* I
i0 I
1. It shall be lawful for the Mayor
of the said City to raise by way of
loan <rom any person or persons, Ibodi
Sixth avenue  id|
Seventh avenue   	
Eighth avenue 	
Thlr��l avenue	
Tenth avenue	
Hospital street, Blair and Buchanan avenue  ���������   ���������
Streets generally
Incinerator Debenture If
,     ,.,, .  ���   ���-������ , ��� -   �����������   ������-������ ���  ���������������      A By-law to enable 'be ����"" ,^0
rate of five per centum per annum on Foot Thousand   ($104,000.00)    Dollars the City of New Westminster l��j
the  amount  thereof     which  interest for   such   sums   of   money   as may'by loan the sum of Twenty T''"^
shal!   M payable half yearly on  the be    required,    not    less than $100.00 '($20 000.00)   Dollars  for  lh0 p
first of January and the first day of each,    or   an    equivalent    expressed'of  building an Incinerator 1It.
July, In each and every year, and the In pounds, sterling of the Unit-1 Whvras it Is expedient ��r ��w ,���
said coupons shall be signed by the ed Kingdom of Great. Britain and provement of sanitary c<>nrtl .���,-
"''''  "*""'"��� Ireland,    at a value of 4.866  to thej tim   City   that   a  putilin     n,';'on of
"r6!..811^ ibe sealed with the S-eal or bodies corporate, who may be willing to advance the same on the credit
of the debentures, hereinafter mentioned, any sum or sums of money,
not exceeding In the whole the sum
of One Hundred and Four Thousand
($104,000,000) Dollars and to cause
the same to he paid Into the Treasury
of the said City for the purposes mentioned  herein.
2. It shall be lawful for the Mayor
ta cause any number of debenture*
to be made, not exceeding in the
whole the sum of One Hundred and
of the Corporation Signed by the
Mayor and countersigned by tne
Treasurer thereof, or by such other
person or persons as may be thereunto lawfully authorised.
3. The said debentures shall he
payable on the first day of July 1959,
at such place or places as the Council of the said Corporation may from
time to time appoint, with the approval of the hold.��� thereof, and
shall have attached to them coupons
for  the  payment of Interest    at the
said Mayor.
J���   _   1p_.l!_    rate on ,h" do,lar P��und sterling; and all such debent-1 should fie built for" tie desnv- -   ,.,
shall   bo   levied   and   raised   In  each ure8  shall be sealed  with  the    Seal refuse at the  cost of Twenty
other  rates, of the    Corporation    signet,   hy    the sand   (_20.00fl.00)   Dollars.       , |f tl��
City, Mayor    and    countersigned    by    the     And Whereas, It appears  nft
year.   In  addition  to  all
on nil rateable property of th_ THUR
SDSY. august 1 .
PAGE   -KVt-.N.
feu in
,���.i i_20,0O0.0O)   Division of New Westmin.-1.. j,
] I'm    the      (a). The  name,   add,, -      I to be returned to
u |;.   to, Un-  pa'ion of    the applici.m  |    -
���'i'i     '    ,      city
'. ...adon wiii couver    Power    Company,    I.m
'' rft*u��exDedlent that having Its head office i
���     BOOUld
""V 11 v.i    ��h0Uld    be Vancouver
.,,. should op- capital    o:
Kusd '        ',  the  Corpora- 2	
.Did   be fully paid up.
**___*_   the  Pay
nel, and the dirter-
tween point of <U-i
point   of     return.     The \
British  colui n-turned to river near
$2.r,���p,p,.,p,    I.,,,, '       ddiffere__eofe.e-|
shan-s   of     $1.0u     ���
���fl ��
;;;���i..r      b  ��� aud
tund [orthepay-
,    _ture�� when due,
ra ���     . M-"-""
"ib;,;:,;<:n>to..i _^r^
i�� ���""'       tt���. currp-ncy of tlw
. .e*1 "U"  ,h. sum ol one Thou. cr,.,.k wlUl Bal|, riyw
;.'ilnt of diversion and ,
n  Is about  800 feet,  (j)
lan 1  int. nde I to  be
proposed works will
acres,    (k)  Thi- no-'
:  on   the   7th   day  ol
���  application    will   be
Commissioner   on   ihe
ol   August   1909.     (1)   Give
ind  addresses of any  ri
nd 0B��
(b) The name of the lake
or  source   (if  unnamed,   it,.   ,|,
tion  is  an    unnamed    crei
from  the    northeasi    emptyh
Mlslllloet  river,   North     Arn,   i
Inlet (iudlan  Elver)  at or a...
miles from its mouth
(c. The   ixiint  of  division   i or licenses who or
five   Milles   fom  the junction  oi said whose lands arc likely to be affected
bj  tn,. proposed  works   either abovw
(d)- The quantity 0f water applied or  below tb.   outlet,    B.  F.  DicklnB,
Use Only the Best
Prospectors       Looking     for      Arsenic
Stumble on Vein of the Precious
,, Doimrs. ror  (in cubic    feet per second j   150 Vanoouver, B. C.
-      ."hereon In order to raise tue cubic toot por second. The i��ri of th.    Memorandum or
^'-rlvsumof One Thousand une       (e). The     character   of     the     pro-  Association   of   the   Companv     which
. ...     seven and -'>-*���"  posed works i8 the diversion ol said  authorized   the  proposed   application
���"'   . >Ln_r��� sn equal   special rate  rret.k  by meana of (jatI1| ^Itch, tl ume,'and works, reads as follows:
; "
Dollar mi '
lai   fill  ^
whole r��
to be
required   H> 00 natural waterways, tunnels and pipes, j    (3)    The    objects  for    which     tne
!T    tlie whole rateable property  and   tll(J  establishment ln  oonnectlpn ! Companv is e��tabllsb��l and 10 which
''ritv of Ne* Westminster; therewith of a water power plant for
<WC ',,",-,_ .   tbe   whole   rateable   ,,,,.   geu(,ratj0-   of   electricity  for  in-
AD v <��t the said  <���"?. according  (.hanical,    industrial
'"',:      .  ��-vliei1   assessment jrojl|parposes  and particularly  in  __e op-iter or br  the purchase of  water re-
objects the Company are restricted
lare in, acquisition of wator and water
; power   by  records  of unrecorded   wa-
"&l��t ren
Ml,lions, Three  Hun-
and commercial
.   Min""".   *""7  ""'"    eration of motors,  machinery, electric cords or water privileges for la) Con-
)*?1 .'siMi-'--'>��e Thousand   Four  iij-hing.   tramways    and Other   works |��trucUng,  operating  and   maintaining | =
r._. _��J   Forty-Its   ($u,391,44u.-,f0r which 8uch 1|(;hl_ hfal an] power
. F*_mM the "o^1 ���oun<- of
_*���___. debenture debt of the
���* ^   1. One Million,    Two  Hm.
I�� the Standard Article
For making .oap, .oftening wa-
ter, removing old paint, _i.i_.ect-
fa�� sinks, closets, drains and for
many other purpo.e. A can
equal. 20 lb..S?L SODA.
Said EVrrsit/ti.r.
Toronto. Ont
Halifax, N. S., Aug. IT.���Reports of
another rich strike of gold In 'he
eastern part of Halifax county hav.-
reaohed the city. This time the
strike was mud., at Meaghers Grant,
and it Is understood thy Hud Is a very
good one.
Winnipeg   Police   Unearth     P'ait   for
Manufacture  of   "Fresh"   Butter
From Odds and  Ends.
1 Nineteen Thousand One Hun-
J*_!?..;.,m  dollars Irrespective
���^Ymn'o!  Three   Hundred    and
������Sit   Thousand     ($878,000,
"S, proposed to De raised un-
Hospi       i_benture
���p-^-aterworks Debentur,. By-
the    Street   improvement
the    "Incinerator  Do-
. . ��� "   and  the  "C'ty
By-law    1909,"   or
principal or later-
the "'
Ic tti*
V '���"
ij-liv 1909,
fate ''������-������'���'*'
$����� W>",wre.
Wt,.'-''r ���
t U ta arrears.
1 xew iherefore
kl; Ol '���->
Li Ves'.:.'D8'''
, - dull ' ��� lawful for the Mayor
'the ��d City to ralw by way ot
an from any person or persons, bod,,
r |__ies ��'-;<,ra,e-
Lf ic advance the
C [de debentures.
Ecned. any Bum
iot eiceeding In
ar,. MiitaM,. and availabl
(f). The premises on which the
I water is to be used is to generate
electric power, light and heat for
traction, lighting, heating, manufacturing and all and .very industrial or
other   purposes   to   which   It  may   be
li)  If the water ls  to be used for
power or  mining    purposes  describe
the place where the waier is to be re-1 _
turned  to some natural  channel, and
electric works, power houses, generating plan and such other appllance.
and c<,t,venience_ as are necessary
and proper for the generating of electricity, or electric power, or any other
form of develojied power and for
transmitting the same to be u*5d by
:he Company or by persons or companies; contracting with the company
therefor, ��f a mot Ire power for the
operating of motors, machinery or
lectrlc lighting or other works or to
e  applied   by  the  Company   to  oon-
,_,e Municipal Coun-
oration of Uie City of
er enact? as follows;
w-rui foi
siimn-s  for  hea'ing  or  as a    motive
, |.ower for [propelling tramways, or for
drlvihg,    hauling,    lifting,    pumping,
HphtinK,  crushing,    smelting,  drilling
and   milling  or  for  any  other operations to which It may be adapted or
io be used or supplied for or In con
inection   with  any  other  purposes for
.which electricity    or   electric    power
Itnay be applied or required,    (g)  r'or
,   , "' .rendring   water   ami    water     power
:'���:.ib-i! to be_ occupied bythe proi>osed'availabl.. for use, application and distribution by erecting dams, increasing
works  will  not  ej iee_  SO acres
tk). This notice was posted on the
l.tli. 14th 16th 19th day of July,
ISKiii, and application will be mad- to
the difference in aHltude between
Iioint of diversion and point of iv
turn.      The water Is to be returned
to   the   Nortii   Arm   of   Burruril   Inlet
at  or near the place where the present  power housi. of the applicant  is
situated.      The    differenc -    oi  eleva
tlon   between  ppilnt of  diversion    and
l>olnt of return is about 2200 feet,
'jt. The   arn   of   Crown   land
who may be will-
same on tbe cri.lt
hereinafter  men-
or sums of  money,
the whole the sum
' XKDty Thousand ($20,000.00) Dod-
i aad io cause the ��*me to be paid
p^^^^'K^tytor|a����cUalon  of  the    company     which
1, Kha.' -.   awtulifor t_�� Mayor authorises tbe   proposed   application
.,������ number  of   debentures "d works, reads as follow,:
Dade, not exceeding ln the! (3). The objects for which the
_ole th* sum of Twenty Thousand company is established and to Which
II20N0.0OI 1 Dollars for siich sums of :objects the company are restricted
io'd-v' ::._>' '.ie required, not less lare the acij,uisltion of wa'er and
Cl 1100,00 each or an equivalent : water power iby records of unrecord
Imnswl in pounds sterling of th* ^ wa'er or by the purchas-.
fC_l'*d kingdom of Great Britain and water records
[relud   at a value  of   4.^*6  to  the Tor.
Kinnd tierlin.- and all  such debe.1t-1     la).    Constructing,    operating
���ures sti 1 - - .'.iled   with  the    Seal ( maintaining   electric     works,     power
lithe Corporation    signed by    the houses,  generating   plant    and
the head of water in any existing
body of water, or extending the arva
thereof,  diverting the waters of  any
payor and
ITYeas'ire: thereof, or by nuch other j
Ipe.or. or arsons as may be there- j
|unto lawfully authorized.
Tte   said  debentures  shall   be 1
|\A\"_,',ii on u. first day ot July 1859, I
st ;,ch plate or places as the Coun
I ol the <aJd Corporation may from
(time to lira, appoint,    with  the  ap-1
proval of Uir h ilders thereof, and j
Mil ban attached to them coupons I
(for :!:<��� payment of  Interest    at  the
ate of live i��r centum per annum on
Ibe amount thereof,    which  Interest 1
shall t. paya l,. half yearly  on  Bhe
the Commissioner on the 20th day OfiBtrea__, Pond or  lake Into any  other
August, mo.. 'channel or channels, laying or erect-
"Ihe  part of    the   memorandum or 1 ln_  Knv )lllfi or f]nm?.   pipe 0r wire
constructing aay raceways, reservoir,
aqueduct welr, wheel, building, or
other v-rectlon or work which may be
required in connection with
provement and une of the said water
and water power or by altering, renewing, extending, Improving, repairing or maintaining any such works,
or anv part thereof.
(Signature) F. H. W. Hope, A. E.
Beck, Directors.
J. V. Arroitrone. Secretary.
P. O. Address. Vancouver. BC.
[Seal of the Vancouver Power Co'y.,
Journal of Commerce Sees
Winnipeg, Aug. 17.���In Winnipeg
yesterday Inspectors Tustln and Gib-
Ban Of the health department, discovered a butter renovating factory ln
full operation. Acting upon Information regarding thP distribution of in-
For some time it has been known jferlor butter, the inspectors yester-
that a rich luxly of arsenic was sit- day landed in fnet of a little shack
uated near Meaghers Grant Three in Elmwood and decided that they had
weeks ago prospectos took up a num-I found the place where the unhealthy
her of claims and started working for j product was recolm. into a saleable
arsisilc. A good deal of quartz was product. Upon enierlng their suspic-
struck and an assay showed a ton of lion was vrlflvd for they found mach-
arsenic. Mining men who hav,. seen ittery oiled tmd In motion turning out
samples of the ore pronounce it the I pound prints which, on close inspoc-
best they have ever seen. Tho men j tlon. were nothing more than har-
were engaged to work the claim and |monloiis moulds of scrap cow grease
it was not until yesterday that thv in various stages of veneration. The
startling discovery was made. Then proprietors of the establishment were
a vein of quartz wns discovered which Interviewed and gave their names as
proved to be not only rich in arsenic Lewis and Samuel Fountain Sum-
but had a far larger percentage of monSes were Issued and 'hey wre
gold. i brought  to court.    Th.. case was not
  1 fully   prepare.!  and  remand   of  three
EDMONTON   ABANDONS jday's  was  granted     Th.   Offence  with
which   the  men   ar��.   charpe 1     is    a
orim-..  under the statute  and  is pun-
ti,    w_.m��_ liehahle with a fine ranging from .250
'"'to  $400.    The  case   is  the  first   that
Edmonton, Aug.  l.
day   half  holiday   started   some   time
Danger of a  Big  Traded ^lYTlYTl��� ^lirYI^.,TZ *��""'''      ��     : ;
(observed by almost all the large stores
of the c'ty, has gradually been aband-
ed.     I^ast   Wednesday   almost   every
New York, Aug. Is.���"Peril In wood
pulp." This is the significant heading of an editorial article in today's
Journal of Commerce. The retaliatory duty on wood pulp, the article
declares, Is aimed directly and obviously at certain Provinces of Canada. Ontario prohibits exportation
of pulpwood and Quebec Imposes a
tax upon that cut on Crown lands,
with a rebate when it ls ground mto
pulp in Canada. A.s pulpwood and
wood pulp and printing paper are
imported into this country only from
Canada, this is likely to apply to no
other country, and as the restriction
upin  their export ls undoubtedly in-
store in tbe city was open and in another week it is probable that the
weekly half holiday will be entirely-
abandoned for this year. The failure
of o��._ or two stores to live up to the
terms of the agreement signed by
them is given as the cause of the collapse.
Apartment House Falls.
Smith's Falls, Auk. 17���A gang ot
Italians h.��� 1 d up Mr. Jann_ Myers, a
CP.R. foreman at Chestervllle, a few
nighte ago and mad,- dire threats
against his person and property because they thought he had something
to do with their wages being cut from
$1.40 to $1.25 per day.    The men are
Winnipeg, Aug.    16.���The    Breadal-  employed on   the  CP.R.  construction
bane, a large apartment  block  being  work,   and   when  the    announcement
built for J. D. McArthur, a well known
railway contractor, and which had
been constructed up to the flrst floor,
collapsed on Sunday afternoon, burying four of the workmen who were
underneath. The Weight of the wet
cement flooring    tore    out the metal
rai.rsigned    by    tie |oth_r appliances and conveniences as
are   nbcesasry   and     proper   for     the
generating of electricity    or    electric
power,  or    any    othe   form    of    developed   power,   and   for  transinittiug
the same to be used by the company
or by i>orsons or companies contracting   with   the    company   theTefor,   as
a  motive power for the operating ot
motors,  machinery,  or  electric  li.ht-
i ing or other works, or to be supplied
by  the  company  to   consumers    for
heating or as a motive power for propelling   tramways,    or    for    driving,
! hauling,     lifting,     pumping,   lighting,
flrst <_Ja   .   .nild'thV first day of j crushing,  smelting,  drilling  and mill-
July. In each mid every year   iuid the  ing or for any    oth-r operations    to
ild coupons shall  be signed  by  the I which It may he adapted   or    to    be
said Mayor. lused or supplied for or in connection
I. A special rate on the dollar'with any other purposes for which
���shall be U-viod and raised in each ; electricity or electric power may be
par, In addition   10 all  oiher  rates. I applied  or  require.
all rateable property of the City, |    (B)-
|sii_lfLnt to pay  the  inter, st  On  the   Water
Take notice that an application has
bean made to register Annie Ryder
as  the owner in  fee simple,  under a
tax sale deed from Sidney A. Fletcher |ad valorem duty  would have
to Annie Ryder, bearing date the 13th | ini]>opea  upon  all Imports  from Can
day of October, A. D., 1906 ��f all and,a_.a or the provinces having the dis-
singular  that certain  parcel  or tract | criminating     charges.     Then     there
of   land   aud   premises   situnte,   lying j would be serious peril to our trade re-
tbat the retaliatory duty on wood
pulp may lead to the prohibition of its
ex]K)rt altogether from the country
in order to build up the paper industry there; and if there Is undue discrimination in the pulpwood, wood
pulp, or paper charges, it would bring
the country or the Province concerned distinctly under the so-called maximum and minimum section of tlie new
tariff. Unless the President preclalm-
ed that there was no such undue dis-
criination the additional 25 per cent
to    be
pebenuires, and to create a sink.nK
nd [i)r t_io payment of the p inclpal
Ither.f.f ��hen due, subject to any Act
ft enactm._t respecting tho same.
* Subject as aforesaid, ther,. shall
raised annually by special rates
l*e aforesaid, during the currency of
Ithe said debentures, toe, sum of One
IThouBand 1.1,00000) Dollars for the
IP .mem or interest thereon and the
laum of One Hundred and Seventy-
|8��*_ and 30-100 ($177.30) Dollars to
1 provide for the repayment ot the Prln'
8- The proc-eds ��f tk* sale of the
said debentures shall b* applied as
Tallows, an(1 not otherwise: Towards
j*y'ng th. com of the passing or
jtM By-law and the issue and eni*
of the debentures therein referred to.
'���  This nylaw shall take affect on
the 2,r,il,. __y 0{ August 1$0��, and saay
I ge cited _s the "Incinerator Debenture
Bylaw. 1909,"
* Thi. nv law before the final
pafsln. thereof, .hall receive the a9"
*��nt ..{ th. electors of th* said City
in the manner required hy law.
R< Iv-d the assent of the el-ctors
^_�� day of 1909.
Reconsidered and finally passed in
?r*n Council the day of	
For rendering water and
power available for use, application and distribution by erecting
dams, Increasing the head of water tn
any existing body of water, or extending the area thereof, diverting
the waters of any stream, pound or
lake into any other channel or channels, laying or erecting any line or
flume, pipe or wir�� constructing any
raceway, reBervoir, aqueduct, welr,
wheel, building or ether erection or
work which may be required in connection with tie lmvrovrment and
use of the said water and water-
power or by altering, renewing, extending, Improving, repairing or
maintaining any such works or any
part thwreof.
Signatuivs: P. H. W. Hope, A. _.
Beck, directors; J. V- Armstrong, secretary.
P.  O. Address,  Vancouver,  B.  C
[Seal of Vancouved Pow*r Co.. Ltd.J
noiloe that tne above ls a
2...����Py of tl.. proposed By-law
wn""-h will b*, taken Into consideration
��J th- Municipal Counell of the CWy
ot ,\ew Westminster one month from
���e date of the first publication there
��� in tho "Dally News" and "Ualy
n_M,mMlm" ^wepaper*. which first
WJ""ation  took  plac, on  the  22_d
?*y Of  July   1909
and being in the dstrict Of New!
Westminster, in the province of liritish Columbia, more particularly
known and described as Lot 23, Block
1; Lots 8, 9, 16 and 17, Block 4: Lots
1 8, 9, 16 and 17, Block 6; Lots 4.
B, 12, 13 and 20, Block 9; Lots 1, . H.
16 and 17. Block 10: Lots 1. 8, 9, 16
and 17, Block 12; Lots 4, 5, 12. 13 and
20, Block 13; Lots 1. 8. 9, 16 and 17,
Block 14; Lots 1, 8. 9, 16 and 17,
Block 16; Lois 4. 6, and 20. Block 17;
Lots 1, 8, 9, 10 and 17. Block IS; Lot
6, Block 21. all subdivisions of lxn
203, Group 1. ljots 10, 11, 12. 13, 14
and 16. Block "K" subdivision of Lot
268, Group 1. Lots 24, 25, 26, 27, 31
and $2, Block 1; Lots 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,
10, 11, 12, 13, 14, la.lS. 19 and 20
Block 4; Lot 16, Block 5; Lots 1, 8, 9
16 and 17, Block 15; Lots 4, a, 12, 13
and 20, Block 9, subdivision of Lot
203, Group 1. Lot 7. Block 4 ot
Lot 227, Group 1, Map 174.
You and those claiming through or
under you and all persons claiming
any Interest In the said land by virtue
of any -unregistered Instrument, and
all persons claiming any interest In
the said land by descent, whose title
ls not registered under the provisions
of the "l��nd Registry Act," are repaired to contest the claim of the tax
purchaser within twenty days from
the date of first publication of this
notice upon vou. and In default of a
caveat or certificate of lis pendens
being filed within such period, or in
default of redemption before registration, you and each of you will be
forever estopped and debarred from
setting up anv claim to or ln respect
of the said land, and I shall register
the im-1 tended to affect only that coming into this country, this may be regarded | _wo so seriously    as    to    necessitate
as   "undue discrimination." Otherwise 1 their removal to the general hospital,
there would seem to be no meaning The other two received slight injuries
or effect ln those provisos, iand  were takn to their homes.
It   is   already  Intimated   In   Canada
Telephone For Pekin.
New York, Aug. 16.���The tinkle of
2,500 American telephones installed by
a New York company will be heard ln
the heart of Pekin. China, within a
year. Word has just been received
here by cable that the Chinese gov-ern-
mnt has slgnd a contract with a New-
York company for the installation of
a complete telephone system in the
capital city at a coat of $160,000. The
plant will have an ultimate capacity
of 20.000 lines, hut only 2,600
set up at first.
The  contract,   awarded    after  two
years of sharp competition, is regard-
d ns significant of China's changing
attitude  towards  Western civilization
ln general.
was made that they were to receive
the smaller wage the Italians followed Myers to the station and kept him
a prisoner until he was rescued by a
squad of the villagers, who at onc.
went to his assistance when they
heard of the Incident.    The foreigners
supports and fell on the men, injuring [ were  in  a  decidedly  ugly  mood, and
had   threatened   to   kill   the   foreman
and burn his property.
lations with Canada, which would be
the greatest foolishness ki the world.
In fact, there is serious peril to trade
in any policy of retaliation in tariffs.
Is this what the reciprocity advocated by McKinlev is coming to under
I.ever Brothers, Toronto, will send ynu
free _ cuke ol their famous Plan toi
toilet   soap,  if   you mention   this  pajxir.
Operation at Sea.
tx>ndon.   Aug.   17.���A
upon  whom an
boy paHenT
operation for appendicitis was performed aboard the
Mauretania, was eenvey-ed to a hotel
on thg arrival of the steamer at Liverpool, and is progressing favorably
The operation was performed by Dr.
I_iuls L. McArthur, of Chicago, who is
on his way to att'end the Budapest
Medical congress, assisted by Dr. Bin-
ney of Kansas pity, and Dr. Sydney
.Tones, the ship's doctor. At the time
of the operatinn the sea was so
will be I smooth and the vibration so sligh.
that it was not necessary t0 stop the
English Watchmaker
Gold Watc'aes for Ladi.s from $12 75
Notice Is hereby given that an application will bo made under Part V.
of the "Water Act, 1909," to obtain a
license  ln  the  New   Westminster   Di- vi    ^	
vision of New Westminster District, Annie'Ryder as owner thereof in fee.
(a) The name, address and OOOUpa- Anj j n'ereby order that publication
tlon of th. applicant ls the Vancou- i_f thl_ not[ce f0r twenty days ln a
ver Power Company, Limited, having |diUly   newspaper    published   In   New
its head office at .he City of Vancou
ver, British Columbia, and having a
capital of $2,500,000 divided Into 2,-
500,000 shares of $1.00 each, all fully
paid up. (b) The name of the lake,
stream or source, Mlsllloet Rl^r.
North Arm, Burrard Inlet, (Indian
River), (c) The p*lnt of diversion
ls sltuat��d about 12 miles from the
mouth Ot the river, (d) The quantity
of water applied for in cubic feet P*r
;jsecond, 800. (e) The character of
,the  proposed  works,  a  water  _*>wer
the ��_(_(_- nf"*_ "2_       ...*. V��_*       ime   proposed   wornw,   a   ��"��t   e~	
��n ��?,__3   ���* C1)T kWU te *&" PJWt for the genwation of electricity
����h dav J. AS.P?^l��.b,_*r ��n  _!e'for m_.ohani.al. Industrial  and com-
*������   f 1 T   ' .W9' b".*.   th   l^W  P��rP��8����  an<> Particularly  In
'   b. Vn__.k \m- Mitre P,|t��e  operation  of   motors,   machlney
following places, hamety: |rf-etl,r __������_���_      the  operation    ��
Westminster   will  be  good  and  sufficient service thereof.
Dated at the Land Registry Office,
New Westminster, Province of British
Columbia, this 4th day of August, A.
D, 1909.
District Registrar.
To Charlotte Cooper, James Anderson     Laldlaw,    J.    Laldlaw    Estate,
George F.  Wells,    William  Marchant
Smith. Edward James Thaln.	
m., at
ithe operation of motors,
Thv Couneii'Ti,_l._Lp,T:f8'_Bo^fi,: leloctic Ugh-fllng, the op
toe S��tb��r&2��2? b^''tramways%ndBother work, for which
���fd "��� such light, heat and pow_r are su.t-
(f)     The   pre-
_   Hall
Eleventh '  We  and 'avallable.
w   a   nminiu mlses on  which  the water Is to ���
W. A. DUNCAN ^       o. __���_ hlgh tde
Julv _"nn    .0��� mark at the mouth of the river, (g)
_g____g__k_____. Tho Panoses tor which the water is
vj.~-��� " to be used Is to generate electric pW-
WATER NOTICE. er, light and heat for traction.  Ugh -
ing  h_aiting,  manufacturing and    an
P'lcation wii.ry S ven thftt an *> and every industrial or other purposes
of the '"TO L beAnra"�� indpar Part V. to which  it may  be applied.    (1)  ��
a license    in   ii,     '  lfl0!)"  to obtaln  tne water Is to be used for power or
in the   New Westminster mining   purposes  describe  the  pH"*
Successor to
Mayers _ Preston
Office, Front St., Foot of Sixth.
P. 0. Box 345. Phone 106.
Notic eis hereby given that au application Wil be uiaue under Paa V.
of the "Water Act, 19U!*,' to outa.u a
license in the Municipality of Bur-
uaby, Divisiu- of Lot 144 District.
(a.) 'ine name, address and ocupa-
tlou of the applicant is Horace V\ 11-
Liamson, 442 \wstuiiust_r avnue,
Vancouver,  B- C.
(p.) The name of the lake, stream
(lf unnamed, the description) is u_-
_uown, rising in Lot 210, run: ing in
a southerly and westerly direction
through District Lot 144, Buruauy.
(c.) The point of diversion is about
400 fet south of a stake mar_ed
Block one (1) ln tne northwest cor-
uer of District Lot 144.
(d.) The quantity of water applied
for tin cubic feet per second) is two
(e.) The character of the proposed
worhs Is to run power machinery
uud electric dynamo, domestic or
It. Tne premises ou which the
water Is to be used is known as Block
one (1), two (2) and sixteen (16) in
District Lot 144, Burnaby.
(g) The purposes for which the
water is to be used are domestic,
power, light and irrigation.
(h.) lf for irrigation describe the
land to be irrigated���about twelve
(12) acres.
(I.) lf the water is to be used ror
power or mining purposes describe
the place where the water is to be returned to some natural channel, and
the differonce ln altitude between
points of diversion and point of return. The water is to be returned
about two hundred (200) feet below
in same channel and about sixty (60)
feet lower.
(J.) The are of Crown land Intended to be occupied by the proposed
works is Sione.
(k) This notice was posted on the
14th day of August, 1909, and application will be made to the Commissioner on the l&th day of September, 1909, at 2.30 o'clock.
(1.) The names and addresses of
any riparian prlprletort or licenses
who or whose lands are likely to be
aftected by the proposed works,
either above or below the outlet are
the Crown, H. B. Scott, Vancouver,
and E. PuMiman, Vancouver.
442 Westminster avenue, Vancouver, B. C. ���
Silver Watches,
Silver  Watches,
$7.50 up.
Agent    for    Waltham
Watch repairing a specialty
gents'    open face
gents' open    case,
Two  doors  front   Geo. Adams, Grocer
Mineral Waters
Aerated Waters
Manufactured by
Telephone 13. Office. Eighth St.
Central Meat Market
Corner Eighth Bt anf    Fifth AvenS��
HOWELL �� OOOr. Proon��tor��
Russell Hotel.
C. Graham, Toronto.
C. J. iRowbotham, Cancouver.
T. Plomer, S.S. Katanga.
Capt. Amesbury, Vancouver.
G.   H.   Campbell,  Vancouver.
J. E. Cowan, Vancouver.
H. Howard, Vancouver.
W, S. Cameron, Vancouver.
H. Morrison, Vancouver.
D. Bunas, Vancouver.
Blake Wilson, Vancouver.
J. F. McKinnon, Vancouver.
H. A. Cowper, Ireland.
C. W. Adair, Vancouver.
C  Ross, Ireland.
A. Bull, Vancouver.
W. Blrdson, Vancouver
J. W. Gobs, Toronto.
E. F. Fairchlld. New York.
J. Llebly.  Seattle.
F. L. Keely, Seattle.
F. E. Glbberd, Vanoouver.
Olympic. Aug. 16.���Although the
records before the Spokane grand
jury will not figure In the Schlvely
impeachment trial, which opens here
on Wednesday, the state will summon
10 or 12 of the witnesses who appeared before that jury. Practically
the same testimony which was glvm
there and upon which the indictments
against Schively were based, will be
given at the trial here.
George A. Lee, assistant attorney-
general, who has been in Spokane for
some time collecting evidence, arrived
In Olympia yesterday. He believes
the state will be able to complete the
presentation of evidence within a
week or ten days.
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL $14,400,000.00
RESERVE 11,000,000.00
Branches throughout Canada and
Newfoundland, and in London, England, New York, Chicago and Spokane,
C. 8. A., and Mexico City. A general
banking business transacted. Letters ot Credit Issued, available with
correspondents In all parts of the
Savings Bank Department���Deposits
received In sums of $1 and upward,
and interest allowed at 3 per cent, per
annum (present rate).
Tntr.   Assets over $168,000,000.00.
G. D. BRYMNER, Manager.
Regina Carpenters Rettlve.
Regina, Aug. 17.���Organiser Smith
of the Amalgamated Carpenters and
Joiners union Is here making ao arrangement with the men to meet the
employers and demand larger wages
and shorter hours. At present they
get 35 cents for a ten-hour day, and
they want 40 cents and a nine-hour
Norfolk, W. Va., Aug. 17-���The-
Traders and Truckers Bank closed its
doors today announcing that owing
to ItSMnabllity to realize upon Its
paper the Institution had been forced
into liquidation.
President T. B. Gordon attributed
the failure to unwise loans made during the Jamestown Exposition period.
Asslngment was made to James N.
Wlnstqn, trustee. The oank officials
say that the deposits amount to less
than $80,000, and tbat depositors wlll
be paid In full.
. 1
iv ,; y- -.,
iii    i,
f        VII I: ,fi( '  1
'     .1' '     p ie' 1     1
1    ,  *  V ��� \ -
,J-m'4\<   V
.'; .   _'' ?*>_
' 'ts, ���'
.     ���v.liY''1
,Y>lm ���
���'     .Y^
, p.-    .V<ii.,p  ���
I    1'   .
���     ���    '    ...'I
.   Tl
; :.i _i.>-:H,
1   '' ���    ���������, .1
��_  .   "    *    - ��� ������*    *��� ���     ,
,   ��    ���    Y ;. "   /.". 1 ���-.
r   ���������'��� ,,. > ���
1-1. t *, p 11
���'   .p���>   '>���-"'���
,"- - -..-.j ..,.;
'    an'    .*.    !.;-;,'i
��� i^m
���    I  f'I'k'Y'
���   Y   ���   iff' Mlo-J-I     '
��� 1.   ;   !.!., .   ���
.-���-.'��� In.";
il  -
"������Y   "Y-fffy,
1   .    '        ���'���*-'.  Uii,    ���''
���   ' '-Inl
!-."'*, v ���\;y v. ������ .��� 1
'���    I
'  Y ���'-'��� f-  W'-M
i ���<���'���' *��SL-i3
'���      iui'i^.^'i'Vp
-,y y w-a
���i       1   ' > ,f_ (rl,
��� :   ��� Y '���-'I'TM.a
,    , ��� ,   -1 -ll    ",T|.  M
���������'     '    3k-1'WE
" '      ' ., ',..    . Ri'
' SH i'li*!
' ��v'.��,j^fe
.      '     ��� ',   ���      I       ,t*      :���  -r,
I,  ���       ''I      ������'    '     I  fi
|p .1* .    ,"���'v;,��,p.'i.
��, ,l,|!'   '       V,."; ������'-,��
\ 1'.-   '.'. ���  .' T
'���   ll I  ', ��.   ,pp.',' ���
h,;>  .-,;���. ��� ',���: ef
K'.y ���'.���f.'M
i ���     ' 1:* ��ilt;
��� :v   '��� -', ���"��� ''ii.;
.'      'I I       ,,4.��JH
J .If"    ��� ��__1
������ ' i- f:1 '-4��*. 1.1"
.-t i .'.._,.��;J.'
'f  ���> 4 .*���������
x     V   1 'i- ���
,   ::"      .-'��� '
i.i'' ��� I. ;>
'    . i
��� *.-.*
-    .
_ -
��. n
<���;'������ : '
i  -!�� 4   '   '��* '
.'     ��������-, . '  -
> : *   ' '      I    1
*���."".*'''' *4
V** -. :
- _a>.    *    ���������'.. -J
.' '        '���'
+-..'*������ " '*      i
'4^vf-' ,vy
^v'-^'i"''*' '- '
���'^"ilv',5: *_i
'*���' #s*   <r' -"Ul _.   n
���'}��� ��� +  t '<.     .W'   * I'J
��'.���____,'#���*..'   "*f'
v,^{:iyf �� ���*'
*-'.���* w_w*>#wT" ������ ���������*/'
:������ d
���*/'&?!S___s ��� _ ' "
^>. V* *'.'��
���"���>���'*** v ,~   ...f;
��� .tt - ���. ;,"f.i*aii    . w
* v> - ��� ��� .._ ���     . *
J_  .W'-i'"�� '
. 'va��rt'
' -3.W.. _ .4
.'I'-'V'n '.'ij ���' '
���i- '||P''
���".# l* �� '��    ik i-f >#*.'*' ���     3 '
-. ifr4-:i
���if EH ���������
���-# ,
.1 _ i
���   ��� -^ v��Y 'J
_   ����"��l i ���-.-. ���>
]    M
-.' nv
..'/'��� V  I   �����
' ... i��"   VkU ,   -
l.\������ 'eli-  ,"������     :'  *-
VY?��*    +
��� ;**i   ������* 4 ..- ���'"
_ _J _  ' "��
v'lfM      .
t,.-$Mi i* i   > t
-mm I
* O- Y .!_ "*     i
i       _iU___tP>  "   .. I
I i
I'.Wf &'I -   *.��
^i'-.f.itwl.'' **
' ' " IrWt * i'*l
IvVT- l^'
_   ,,,
7%is _4J.
that you will have
to hurry if you
wish to take advantage of a good
thing, and also if
you wish to benefit
by our special offer in
We have a few
odds and ends left
that we are clearing off. Call and
see our special cuts
in Dinnerware. If
you want anything
in this line or in
the grocery line
you will never do
any better than at
GEO. ADAMS,  Prop*
City News
Make the house look like
new bv a liberal use of
t Anderson & Lusby
61 O Columbia Street
Word has alr.ady been sent to us
I inquiring if We know of a young man
ior woman  who is qualified to take a
certain position.    It is  in this way we
shall  place our graduates.
(The  instructors of
i Tiie Westminster
! Modern Business School
have a reputation for turning out
graduates wh0 can do things and do
them right and employe's want that
kind. Why don't you take a course
and have the job sek you?
A.   L.   BOUCK
Principal and Manager
414     FOURTH       AVENUE.
Furnishi1'!     house    to    let,   Eighth
Btreet,   b_i\v(*,_i     Third    and   Fourth '
avenues;   $20 a month.      Apply J.  H.
Toild's music house. Columbia st.    **
M.ssrs. Whltesldes & Edmonds
have removed their law offk-e from
their old quartos to new and modcn
oftices In the Westminster Trust
Everything for the garden at Tidy's
ph .ne 1S4. ������
Kor first-class cut flowers and anj _\
kin ! of Floral work, telephone Davie-' '��� W
Greenhouse, R208. ������
Two inebriated    Individuals    atom
faced  the  magistrate in    the    i>olice 11
;court  yesterday morning.    .Neither ot
th.-   two   felt  disposed   to  argue     the
'point   raised   by   their   captors     ami
were slid to buy their freedom at th.
usual easy rates named by the maitls-
Buy orchard   lands   while  they   art
!cheap am] become Independent,     We
are tiv Official agents of The Western
Home and Improvement Co., i.td. Letl
; Us tell } mi about their choice holdings '|
|at  Appleland.      A   new   townsite  and
fruit   district    along  the  line of    th
B. C. Eh-ctric Chilliwack line and V.
V. &. E, Cloverdale to Sumas Railway
This section excelhs In the production
of all fruits.    Come at once whii-. the
best lands are selling cheap and let u-
jshow you this section at our expense.
We   can   sell    five,   ten,    fifteen   ani
twenty acre tracts on easy terms.     _',
i.i.  Hurt   &  Co.,  Ltd. **
The meeting of the board of man
|agvrs of the Royal Columbian hospital called for yesterday afternoon
(was   postponed   until     Monday,     Sep-
tember 15, in order that  the plans Ofl
jthe proposed new building now being 11
(drawn might bt- ready to submit    to'
the  annual meeting  and  decided    ac-
i'tlon taken.
& CO.
Ellard Block, New Westminster
We have a large and up-to-date assortment of girls' and misses'   ilr.sses  in   sizes  up  to 16 years.      Prices from Tue Up.
Ladies  blouses  ranging up to $3.66 to clear at, each    95c
617   Columbia   Street.
��___���" ri u -inul., ii wmmismm
Don't miss seeing the "eighth won-
id -r of the world," the salmon fishing
ion the Fraser river, during the present season; the greatest in four years,
j Thousands upon thousands of fish to
be seen. Visit the canneries at Steves-
Iton. The S.S. Transfer leaves Brack.
jman-Ker's wharf daily at 3 p.m. except Saturday, when the steamer
leaves at 2 p.m., returning snnii day.
One dollar return. On Sundays u
special excursion to Steveston and
I return is made, remaining at Steveston about an hour and a halt.
Steamer leaves B- C. Electric wharf
at 3 p.m., arriving back at New Westminster at 8 p.m. Fare, one dollar
return, ** I
A very enjoyable time was spent
yesterday by a party of Royal Ui.y
folk on Howe Sound. The party ��sis
composed of J. ML, Kenny and family,
who were accompanied by J, ii.
Stuart-Neil and daughter, of Ottawa,
and .Miss Alice McCauley, of Salem,
Oregon, who ai'e the guests ot air.
and Mrs. Kenny. Mr. B. F. CaBsel-
man and other gentlemen made up
the party.
Starting Saturday, August 21, the
B. C. Electric city and Sapperton cars
will make one extra trip for the accommodation of the New Westmin-
ster people attending the horse races
at Minoru park. Lulu island. Th ���
last Sapperton car will leave the office at 11:10 p.m. and the city car at
11:20 _.m. **
Lard���At   P.   Burns   Co.,  kt   15c   per
pound. **
It will be of interest to eyeglass
wearers to know that Dr. J. D.
Gamble, of On;! Hastings Street west,
Vancouver, has opened an offic_ at
625 Columbia street, over Smiths
store. The doctor will be at his office every Friday from 9 a.m. till 5.
He will be equipped to render the
same careful attention to all suffer- j
ing from eye trouble as he has in
his Vancouver store. Remember the j
date���every Friday. '      **
The financial meeting of the Methodist  church of New  Westminster dis-j
trict will open at half past two this
|afternoon   in    the    Queen's    Avenue
j Methodist church. 11
The steame Dunsmuir brought a
I boom of logs from up the coast in to
the Brunnette sawmills yesterday.
Mr. an-1 Mrs. C, R. Lane, Of ibis
city, have left on a two weeks'
pleasure trip to Vancouver, Victoria
land the Sound cities.
The  steamer    Trader    arrived    in
'pori  yesteday  aftenoon,    navlng    on
oad  1,000 Backs of cem nt from Todd
Inlei   for Gilley  Bros.    Sh,-  left again
j for Victoria  In the afteroca,
'Iln. tug Flyer arrived in port yesterday with a scow of coal from
Fraser Badge, No. 3, A. O. U. W.,
wus visited Tuesday night by Grand
Overser T, Cashman, of Victoria, who
addressed the lodge on the progress
of the order In the province.
Model Sign Works
Old News Block, Sixth Street
New Westminster.
Theo. P. Young. Prop.
Edison Theatre
Animated    Pictures    and    Illustrated
I Snaps in Lots
��� LINE;  $225;  TERMS.
Program changed Monday, Wea-
nesday and Friday. Specia] matinee
for ladles aftd'"children Saturdays at
t:30 p. m.
4> 2 LOTS,  NEAR MOODY PARK;  $600;   TERMS.
4* ���
I These snaps are money-makers.   For further
* particulars apply to
IF. J. HART & CO., Ltd.
Everything and everybody ison the move at ths store.   The prices are tnovi g
down, the people are moving in and the goods are moving out
We allow no accumulation.    We carry no goods over a season.   With nw>
reducing events of the character of this one we periodically reduce stocks''"
clean as hounds' teeth." . as
COME!-Not necessarily with buying intentions.   COME!-Watch the m i
move out and your neighbors save.   Buying here is a contagion.    You'll
it, and you'll save astonishing amounts on every purchase.   COME' "
Move On!
ie Nottingham and eni,
tain,  in   while and vcru
������-' inc;���,B wide.     Regular   Ho.
$4.60 for
Don't  neglect   your ";;
you have  curtains  to  buy     (2.2;
$3.25  valu.s.    Move on  prlci
A   number of   .erv   pretty
ar,.  shown   in   fine  Nottiin.hu
curtains, full  langth, extra  wld
gular $1.65  to $1.75.    Move on pri
Muslin Wash Bonnets and
Tan�� 15c Each
R;gular 50c to $1.00.
Move on figures mean a big loss oo
this lot of Children's Wash Bonnets
and Tains. A few are slightly soiled
and mussed, causing a downfall of
prices on the oth.-r lines to make the
offering worth while. Iti the millinery
svction. each
Move On!
Fine Nottingham la ��� curtains, Is
handsomg new floral bordi r designs;
three yards long, 47 inch, wide lv
gular $1,35 lo $1.50 for, pair
Move On!
It, is a small lot, affording a wonderful opportunity to save on a dress
skirt. We clear out this odd range,
regular $5.50  to  I'.i.50,  at
Move On!
There is a Idg crowd of these f'"''
IIsle undervests, so they have to
move.    There are plain    lisle -
others with laov trimmed Bleeves ��nd
yokes.    Regular 35c    Mov\    i a
price, each
Move On!
Move On!
A great move on these up-to-date
wash suits. Six only left from the
season's showing nnd they must move
on. That is the order, so they go
on sale today.    Regular $7.50 to $8.60.
Tan, white and black, cotton and
openwork lace hose, sizes 5 1-2 t0
���S 1-. inches; splendid value in the
regular way, but the order given to
tins.- odd lines is to move on. so"on
they go. Regular 25c to 35p i''"
6 only pink, sky and white wash
suits. Coats are in 20 to 2,s inch
lengths; skirts trimmed ncordingly.
with folds ud lull tons. Move cm sale-
price,  regular $8.50  to  $10.00,
Move On!
10 only of thes tailored duck and
linen wash costumes In white, 'blue
and mauve. Coats are cut In new
styles, neatly trimmed, with contrasting collars and cuffs. Skirts are
trimmed with folds. Regular values
$550 to $10.75. Move on sale price,
Heavy     ribbed     cotton     hose    odd
lines In various styles, som.   fine i'i:i'
bed, others heavy ribbed with   lou
knees;  sizes 0 1-2  to  10 Inches,   TH"
lm  to clear during the big mo\ '
sale.    Regular 25  and 80c, per pair
Move On!
in handsome floral designs, wlu
fringed edge, two yards square, colors
gren and red. Regular value $li->
Move on price


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