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The Daily News Mar 6, 1907

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MORNING, MARCH (i, 1907.
. nd Secretary   Presents   Interesting  Resume  of Work
Done in Past Year���Dr. Emory Arrives Rather Late
Evening Meeting in Vancouver.
Lambert  Eros.   Secure   Valuable Timber    Limits    at    Lillooet    and
- opose Erecting Plant.
Stave  Lake  Power Ccmcany Asks for
75.0CC  inches cf  Water���
Cost $4 000.
., ling of the exec-1 i olnte I
took  place ! same
'���     '    ���
���  .'
'   T. ol  T.
n   in   the    Oddfel-
., imber of the offi-
l   had been hop-
i',   liniory,   Dominion
��� incillor, would
the  meeting,  bui
rival of the Bea-
ri..  he   wns   unable
.  a   few words
session.    Among
.���.I al the meet-
:: ing  ol   Dr, Drew
efer* e,   -. l< e  Dr.
Vancouver, who re-
.   ago.
amouni of time was
the   report   of   the
. Aid, J.  .1   Johnston,
mentioned  in the
, si d .ii  length. The
,: chancellor, Officers and
���   Gi and Council of
i  ai
i oI    h<
C- ii-  Ex* - itive.
.4" '���'  ''   ��� " ' ' ' ��� ���' ���
i^f.ip in thi
ear ago,   I   ���   ���
���:'  i    ~",,;^ in good    ���   . linf   al    h*
1 if    .*" linn , while li
' I      ���''   In  thi ..       of advanci
I'..   ^    Coun   ; has     een    . ���     mosl
'mini nt,     Vli li   i i   No.  2   h
e well in ; ���.���'..    me
..   i   " a      '-���
has ::.; :��� ���      . Vlctoi ia N'o.
2 11:  Nanaimo, N'o. ::. 2;   Pac He X i.
I, C;   in I  Mi ;.��� al *'- im il  N
T,  which   i        .,    n   a        -...  le   in
I wish to i emin I tl
a few yi the Sick Bi n* fit fund
was in .'    Ini  ney, and  from not hi nn
has   grown   Ini    one  of  consldi  a  I*
la   lity.     i   wnii! I   respectfully   suggest thai   i sl it* m< nl sin.'Ainu the re
"��� ��� aboul   :o be
g the Frasei   river, close lo
>"'������.   .Vi stmln   er, net     atioi
���   i urchase  ol   a
One   of  the  largesl   water  records
posted in  Ideal  mining recorder's of
fice adorned  the wall   yesterday,  tin
1   a  ������     te, a definite announcemeni   aPP"catlon   being   for  75,000   Inches
���:-:i-   which   maj    be   exnected   and   the   applicants   the   Stave   Lak<
" ���     ���'    ���     '   '   genle'mi n   Powi        mpany.     Only
���     ��� cl in | |
���   ������   ' ������ ���   brothers  from   Minnea] ci Is
'��� ���! I-   Uml ert, both of whon   a .
im ���     circles   ba* ;���
on  one   previous   :,.    sion 1       such a   large  re-
���" ! In ��� n grante I, this I eing on Jam
iarj   i"..   i i.   whi n   tin- same  corn-
two gentlemen      riv* eived a n    ird  equal  to the
V  on   Salur lay,   an    afn       : ���   ,;-".   are now  si -   lng,    The nexl
Unless Relief Reaches Yang - Tse River Immediately,
Celestials Will Die by Thousands Famine is the
Most Terrible Ever Experienced in the World.
Unless the Chinese famine sufferers The Yuman students in Japan have
In  the  district   north of the Yangtse jointly wired to the VVaiwupu and the
river receive    immediate    relief, the board   of   communications   protesting
ii.i's of 'in  million nf them will  be againsi   the  proposed   British conces-
:' w   .  ��� limin range-
to Vancou    r to ai
' - ���   further    di tails.        Veste  I
Ll lo .���'.   , ccompanie i
:" n :   .'. . en acting
rulser   for  them   for  the
month .  and   who  secured
������ r.v   valuable   bi ll ���   of timber
in the Lillooet district.
hre ���   men   will  be   away   foi
���   ������ ek, an I uj on their return,
somethl ,-���   definite   concerning   their
:     eg     to    submit
your  consideration   my
���   ori   of    the Grand
.���:-!i Columhia.
.   t   year   no   special
��� .. ' ���   Executive have been
.!  business arose to
the i ailing nf the mem er
.-������ ���       .   ���   number <if counclla In
��� n ini reused by one, viz.
...    -    ini II, No. 1'' al Ilairison
S ' li w as organized on
Uh i    May, 1906, and has a mem-
The   membership  ol
B,  *'.. has  been  con-
ised during  the year.
������ ��� orted 367 membei e in
.--. hile 'his yen:   1 have
in this  number th ���
Chiiliwack Council, No
ed as 1 have not re-
��� a tax <n qui ��� ���
��� ; iiilers,
of  the    s'"- era]
low ���    New Westmin-
No, 1. 17.: Victoria. No,
. \ i,  :. ii:  Pacific, No.
94;   riiilliwnek.   No 1 1,
;   Mi | le   Leaf,  No.   15,
.   een,  No. 16,  Hard-
tHoi 10;  Toi il, 3S3    With
I u reported we should
��� hip of ovei   I"".
om      lei  �� hich haE a 1
the y* n i- the Juven
T< Miss  Stevenson, nt""
ceipts  and   expenditure  for the   pasl s win !'�� given out.    It is gener
two or thr< ���    ���        ; ������ : rlnte ! for the ���'��� lerstood   al     resent   lhat  the
it.', rmatioi thi    mi mbers   gener-   '    ! intend to build will I    om
. of this fund   ''���   '':" largest   in  tho city, and  thai
th Ipm* nl   will   b(   strictly   first
class.    Th* \ are said  to have unlim-
inal b< hind them, an 1 as th* y
proved their faith in the future
ol   N* w   Westminster   to   the  ext* nt
��� ���-   'uring o' tions on valuabh   sites
esides   buj Ing   up   immense   timber
Hi  its  al l.i loi et, there Is every r* a
���   ���:   ��� .    ������..   that   all   ex; ectations
concerning   them   will   be  fully   realize I,
In particular.
Befoi e I do     let me say how pii .
ed we are to havi   Bn ther Dr. C. V.
I    ���        Dominion   Si ���: etary,  with  ns
ai this meeting. I am glad the Dominion   Council  has    e* n   its  way  eli ai
Russia Must Pay.
Li!    :. Russia,  Match 5.���The
���   has  decided  that   'he   I:
:���   ..   nm* nl   mu >1   pax   the   s im    i I
Sl   l.t   I to the own* rs  ol  a  German
v*    ���     " il   ���.'.'���   -ink  !>" a   Ru sian s now  wanted, returned  to th*
1 irini     he 3    tus     -      ... an 1  will  be us* i again imme
\> ar. ���       his r* cor 1 is grante 1.
'���"���'-'��� si   record   gi   nt* :     falls    many
' "'     ��� !   : ..   I        volume.
m   i-   signed   I v   John
fnlry,   presi leni   i ;   the company,
tidied in the usual verbiage, ihe
li* iti n   stat* .   th l   ti,..   water  is
taken   from  a divisional  point
���:!  S avi   River, at  or near ihe gov-
��� mmenl   brl Ige,   at    the     northwest
quarter   of   section   11,   township   15,
New  Westminster   listrict,     The wa-
'���   is to be returne 1 to a poinl lower
down   the   river,   namely,  the   south
' ���   quarter  oi   section  10, township
15, near the mouth of the canon.  The
allitu li   ;.   ,w en   the poinl   of diver-
sli a ti:; 1 the returning point Is abqul
100   inches.     The   water   is   wanted
for Industrial, : ower and  mechanical
u i oses.
'I   ���   cosl   of  the  record   will be  o
ttl*   over ������? 1.  �� hile the yearly li-
��� . - v 111 amount to about ��1,500. A
I "- . feature of the case is that
i ��� wai :��� for which the record is n ������'���
��� 'ml soui ��� ��� ��� i.;. the same as at
��� Ing   use I  by  the company.
:-   li\ erted from the river
poin   above that at which a re-
endangered within a few weeks' time,
acocrdlng to reports received per the
Empress of India,
The famine In North china is the
most terrible known to t'i" woi I I.
Nol even ilio ureal famin* of India
can compare with it. The strick n
area extends for over forty thousan 1
square miles, and ihe number of p* o
pie affected  is said  to  be  10, ,000.
Supreme efforts have been made to
relieve the distress, bin not a fraction
of the demand has been mi t.
The situation has been complicated
bj the activity of the revolutionaries,
They have taken advantage of the dis
organization which has attended the
famine  to  forward  iheir  propagand .
sion for the Tengyueh railwa;.. and
have appointed Kn -Shi and Kao Shn-
chang as their representatives to further their action. This is regarded
an merely another ramification of the
"China for the Chinese" movement,"
a branch of the larger effort, "the
Orient  for the Orientals."
Censor Li's memorial regarding the
suppression of Chinese dominos and
cigarette smoking has been duly sanctioned by the throne, and the British
and the United Stales minister.-, hav*
jointly protested to the Waiw.upi
against the suppression of cigarette
smoking, as cigarettes are one of ih<
most Important items of the import
trade to China.    It  is extremely un
it  is largely  the students,  those who   likely thai any attention will be paid
have I n studying In Japan, who  trc   I" the protest.    As a Chinese official
responsible, and there is an element remarked. "Tho day is past when the
in China which asserts that these re- ; foreigner can ruin the Chines,, phy-
volniionary activities are being fos- sically, morally and mentally, merely
lered by Japan in order that she may to increase his trade as was the case
have an excuse for interfering. i ir. the last opium war."
Provincial   Constable   Travels  to   Clo-   Indian   Missionary   Speaks   at   Annual
verdale in Search of Fugitives i        Presbyterlal   Meeting���Rev.  Mr.
���Camps   Busy. Rcches'.jr's Appeal.
The construction work in the many
camps between Cloverdale and Blaine
is  progressing  al   a   rapid  rate,  and;
. ., .,   a lvan< ement   has   been   malt
A large and interest ng gathering
...i.i..el the closing s.-.-.jn en liie
Westminster Presbyterlal of the vY.
F. M. S. last evening. This was opened by devotional exercises cbndu I
within the past few weeks. There by the Rev. .1. S. Henderson, anj u
are over one hundred  men employed   charming   solo   rendered  with exqul-
Car-.l   City   Complains That   Delay
O^tair.ing  Deeds  Affect
Set'.rel the R. T.   ���
elr test executivi
I      N
lis     ���   Nicomeul  did
mong the Juniors up
I er retirement from of-
���"ii'iersliiji   is now  al oul
1  standing.     There is
��� .] in Ii. C. an I 'it il 1v
Instei       This    Is    a
��� i' which should <���  : I
��� .  i very  c uincil   in  the
���i ���  i:  i-   sin* erely  hope I
���  goes by several
niar ' councils will
to   i our atten-
-   ���' nstltutlons ln ��� m
md thi ' is our
Bi nefil Fun 1.    Dur-
.  an 1   more  panic-
he pasl   three  months.
��� ivHy   taxed   by
���  ii ni        In     mo-'
���I     Io be thi   pre
���    a hiieh    hase    vlsiti I
ers of the fun 1,   In
IV)   dl ain  I   am  gl 111   to
ti Ini rease In our bal-
i 25,    vi  our last  annual
.1 reported a bal-
runt]   of   $510.79, while
mri a balance of $615.04.
new   by-laws   have
it; I   distributed  among
Sl ',,
"Ut ill I., ,,
ers  ��� ���  i.i. .   n . ttei ���  ovei   with    bis
���   ��� : Executive.      1   feel
' ��� :' .i.i '''tit the visil of our good
^Tffer, i'i. Bmoi -. will be lhe n     n   i
a- lng the aims i nd objects of o,ur
I* .  mon   ; rominentlj before ns.
in conclusion, Brothers, let  me sa)
thai  I ap] reclate the honor the Grand
Council  has done  me  for    so    many
of filling this Important "nice.
and l -in. ��� ������     hope that my services
:.    il   an  acceptable character,    My
aim   has been   to  glvi   Ihe  offli e  mj
most  .   refu]    11 mi   m, and  If I ]
in        ti fled   oul   your fullest   .1"
I  am  sure   you    will    1 e   cliat Hal
enough ��� ���      Inform mi      I '     ���    mi
meeting   ma)   I e   ..tt  Interesl In
and thai 't  v, II]  prove one of tl	
beneficial of the man) wi   havi   1  ���
erto   In   i   : ii   the  upbuilding    if
principles of oui   Belovc 1  * Irder,
Yo irs In H    e, ' ove and Ti nth,
'.  1    IOHNSTOX,
Grand Secretary.
!:.     :: angement, ev -   member of
the executive went over to Vancouver
on a visit to Pacific Council, No, I,
after tli" afternoon s< -.-ion was over,
where an Interesting meeting was
hold, a  large number being present.
i land    - -   '     office fi
asks   the   Nanaimo   Free
t Van
..... ster and othi " P ���-���''"- -:'
. ���
��� .     ���.��� \    '    la
iy j        ���   Nana!
The   ��� the '���   ;
hen      pear for tl
?ccsevelt  S gns   Prcc'a-viticn   Giving
Timber  Barons  Ccn'.rcl   of
4,291,000 acres.
iffii ��� .
-'i  " Iim*
Vt   pn     '     -  ��� ���
aused ��� i :i ������ "
n ! owing to the that in
lo search a title there I       d*
on o      :::: ' ���' ' ���   ���
accui        ion ol  btislm   - he Vie
i-1    registi       ffli e,      Even   afl
hi  I   : ���   e is a delay e      a
ii,   ,.- l   , . ���       bel ��� ���   b  deed  can
;. t] :       on a-
li gal men ��
eneral and urged
���  lan :    ���
Victoria   mea In   ol
In   securing   deeds,   where   all  t
have to do Is to walk to the land re-
:     .   office, how mu* h more reas in
hav ���  Nanalmo   men   to complain   ���
delay   where   they   hav*
We have paid
a". $206.00, and there
'..'' ""a" ''latin or two which Boon
,    '      i mlghl add thai in the
' ti ai- it has been my
"'tn tu 1,
lo    11 an-.o
r. Emorv gave a h-ngt y talk mi the ��� ' .      .      _,���.,
found ' their business by mall with the office^
The business on the Island now Is
growing  away beyond   the  ability  of
land registry office to handle.
order of  lhe  li.  T. of T,
ii   in   British   Columbia
closely followed  by all
. attended to with all
��� it.    The general ex-
���  n somewhat  heavier
:,.'.   ". '   ti  former years.     The
,....": ��� one-half of lhe Becre-
'" this fund met with the
.   "'���' '        ' i.
as   hi
which   was
ireseill.     He
dealt   more particularly  with  the in-1 '"'���'
Burance problem, and offered several
valuable suggestions concerning this
Importanl  phase of ihe order.
Ajnong those preseni al  th<
Ing held   yesterday were:   Dr.
Emory, Toronto, Dominion
\ .  ���!.���:. b 5.--In ef thai
eate       re        st r*      .      in ihe
-    -   of Wa-'���:-'   i  ���'      i   ie   o pre
: the tlmi - r on tl    pu lie  I imain
.,    ...    (he hand the timbei
and   luml er  barons   of   the   < ountry,
len   Ri      ��� .'ell  yest* r lay sign* d
his  name  to   a  pi       n atlon   adding
0 acres ol tirnl er lands to the
n   erves already i r* ate 1 in the
SI  ���,      :   VVashingti n,    By   doing  so
��� ... presi li nl  gave to the Wey* rhae-
T     company  and   to   other
ich coi        li - -I it.'ly uVrfll
e.! sovereign        ���    so   e of the rich-
ai\   ]        ���'..'���       ���'    ':'   I    .    '.'tl Is
it:   the   state.
Thai  ���      ;i ������ "tinlnform
ed" when .���   . ��� i   un lo ibted-
Ij  one of ���  ��� ��� uie of hi^
ecutlve      ' t s lat* mi nl   ol
iten who the timln       nd situ
i In thi It i      ���      ntentioi
ml 1       ���   a   nil 'ti Is
Icnlly evi        na'l 1
l' : an I lu     ������       erator In
he P       ent 1 I ln the
.   ,n   the   limb*     trusi    t  i iw >v
i h as  its    ��� ffli ers    a* ve
���    Ing, an!  thai   th
only   | eople   who   will   1 abl*  I   I I
profit by the executive operation      f
the ai: of Ihe   hlef executiv ' thi
land will be the wealthy timber land
owners and logging concerns which
have alrea ly se* in i i control of th i
nttijoi part of the virgin forests of
i Western Washington.
in   tin    i. : -e-t   camp,   which   is   j'lst
��� si le Ab   i -for!. and they are kept
from  .lawn   till  dusk   pre; a: lng
the   coming  of   the   railway.    In
i f   lhe  large   i onl ra* ts   which
���   '' -ai ompleted  by the contrac-
. there Is still enough work ahead
. e v all  the men employed  for a
��� i usiderable  time to come.
Provincial Constable Deans, whore-
��� I yesterday from a two day trip
tu Vbl otsford, reports that everything
li ing on satisfactorily at the camps
nil says thai tho men are as fine a
sei   of workers   as he   has over  semi.
Constable   Deans   made   ihe   trip   to
VI botsford in search of two supposed
mur lerers,   Antonio  Zeiglo  and   Au-
by   Miss  .McMillan  of ibis
Grant,  the
site taste
Mrs. G. W. lit:nt, the corresponj
in;; secretary, "'eported that there are
nin�� auxiliaries. The total meml er-
ship i< 225, five auxiliaries showing
��� Ighl Inci ��� is; s and thr e a d* ci ease.
There are mx mission bands, Bburno
being organized and Ladner disbanded oving to many members leaving
1 town and the absence of ihe presi-
I dent for several months. The amount
contributed for the .-ear by auxiliaries was $1,027.50; and by mission
lands, $172.60, a slight decrease In
both from that of last year.
Mrs W, A. Maclennan, secretat ol
supplies, reported thai articles va! ��� l
at $199.75 had been sent to fn II in
��� Palnblanc, who are supposed schools. As the government has with-
i i have been Implicated In the blow- drawn its grain, there will be n i re-
���'ng up of the hotel at Grand Forks fund on freight,
about three months ago. These men t Following the secretary's report,
generally follow up a railway con- was an anthem by the St. Andrew's
Structlon work, and a rumor that the choir, and a solo by Mrs, Hicks. Van-
men were In the vicinity of Abbots- couver. both of which were highly
Ford Living reached the police, an in   appreciated.
vestlgatlon was made, hut no trace The chief Item of interest was
ol thi ii could be found, and the po reached when Dr. Alex Nugent, of
lice are convinced thai neither of thi    Ujain, Central  India, rose to address
two suspects are i ngage i
tl ���     ��� imps,
in  anv ol
'     hi
"min   :
C,  V.
.1   c. Rol oris. Chiiliwack, grand councillor;   W.  ll.  Gibson,    P.G.C.,    Vic-
toi la;  Aid. J. J. Johnston, grand sec-
ia tary;J. C, Smith, grand  treasurer;
Newton   it   Brown,  Dominion repres
entatlve;   J, A,   Johnston
efore referring lo the   Johnston, auditors;   E. S.
fund that during   almo,   D   G.   McDonald,
"    lone .lack. Medical   and   Benjamin   Burr,  New   Westmin
1 '������!   office, ami in his   ster. trustees;   W.  F Beggs, J.   M D
���   Frew    Waa ap-   Campbell   - nbera ot tbe evecutlve.j
1 Irnnd Councillor, and
In '
and J. S.
Cool . Nan-
Fisheries Deputations
Meet Minister To-Day
I.  :   L ner   W  !    Most   Probably   Ce
Total   L^s:.
y . :.i:,..;. Mat ' 5, The passi tt-
in i cre\* I ��re tked Bteam
.-hip Dakota have I een landed from
the Ja| an* e ste . er Hakual. They
are i'i go 11 health an i spirits and
extol the conduct of the officers of
the Great Northern Steamship com-
��� an; . w lia have done everything pos-
. Ible for their c imfort. They < on-
firm previous reports that the Dakota
probably will be a total loss.
Seafaring men who have sailed in
'..,aiie.-e waters s.y ihe Dakota is in
-n exposed condition. During the
��� th of March the weather Is uiins-
t.tilly severe and typhoons are not iin-
common, If the big liner is finally
floated ii will probably be more Hum
Ottawa, Ont,
r.   Brown,
March 5.   (Special).���
||.   Doyle   and   (leorge
���.. I, repre tenting the flshiermen
and the city of New Westminster, ar-
,eve(3 here yesterda) morning, and
,;;!  interview   the  Minister of  Pish-
 m  Wednesday,    A Joint.meet-
,.,-..  cannerymen and the New
Westminster deputation lias been ar-jn year before siie is seen in a Fuel-1
lie Coast porl again,   The Minnesota '
een on lh" dry dock al Nagasaki.
an l if ihe Dakota is raised the vessel
will likely be taken ihere for repairs.
There is a drydock al Hongkong
aboul  completed which will ba large
enough   to   receive   vessels   having   a
li ������ "h ol more than 600 fee'.
ringed   for  the   forenoon,   when  arga
ments fo.' the closing of the b'rasei
t Iver will lie advanced and answered,
i; Is nol likely that anything definite
will lie known for a few days ai loasi.
Tho Minister of Fisheries only returned to Ottawa yesterday after an ab
s ence of several days
the meeting, and the gathering was
nol disappointed in their expectatl ins,
in a few well chosen words. Dr.
x igenl drew attention to the existing sta'" if matters in far away India, and thi i hanges experience 1 by
the Hin I is on i i ' ming to a foreign land. After .'.'.lining on the
treatmenl to which the Hindu- were
subjected on coming to this country,
and (Tie probable effect it would have
on their ideas of Christianity, the
principals of which had in a great
many cases been instilled in them
prior to their departure from their
native shores, Dr. Nugent proceeded
tc the missionary work in India, and
his earnest and ardent words carried
his audience in fancy to that far away
country, where the fust glimmerings
of Christianity are beginning to pierce
the gloom of heathenism,
The native of India, said the il^c-
tor. does not want Christianity. Surrounded andhefdged In by superstitious
beliefs, and Ihe difficulty of gaining
their confidence, added tO which, the
fact that tbe Missionary society has
hail to discharge ninny of Iheir native
workers, through lack of funds, tiie
work Sometimes seems to ho going
very slowly. II is imperative that
native workers who have received
Chrlstninity should be to some exti at
(Continued   on  Page   Four.) THE DAILY NEWS
Beware  the  Man   Who   Dlovra   >>iiinke
Throncli   !ii'<  >'o*trll��.
A p ipular pr ictl ' ������: n til y sm k irs
consists In d sch - - I - ike iu-
I...; d, esp 'dallj from fig irettes,
through   the   nostriK     This   >   even
considered by s ime lo I ssential to
the full enjoyment of ii e flavor of the
tobacc e
The London Lanei t. 11 I lie ackn vi-
e Iging that p trhaps ui ler or ary
circumstances uo barm is done to the
smoker save to bis - nse f sm dl, has
Bounded a note of wan Ing against the
habit tis a [i issible disseminator of disease. Hay fever and other annoying
complaints bave been spread tin..ugh
unsuspecting households by the unthinking visitor who habitually blew
smoke through his ni se.
'The surface traversed by tbe tobacco
sm ike before issuing from the n ise, it
Is remarked by the Lancet, is mois
tened with the natural secretion of the
mucous membra',������ lining it. and this
secretion is mingled with the fluid discharged from tbe coujnnetival sac protecting the eyes, it therefore contains
numerous micro organisms, which.
floating in the air, have bee..tne attached to the moist and stick surface of
the conjunctiva, as well as those which
pass over the surface of tbe nasal
membrane. As Tyndall long ago showed, germs are completely Altered of!
from the air Inhaled bj the extenshe
and Irregular surfaces presented by
the turbinal bones. Those germs are
carried Into the air by the man who
blows smoke through his nostrils.
The General Heli^f m FabnloM Mon-
Htrrn in Olden l)n>��.
Now that the cold light of science
has thrown Its ray upon tbe most remote parts of our globe there Is no
longer room for legendary creatures-
save the sea serpent���and we are told
that the mermaid is nothing more than
i lug ng, a unicorn either a rhinoceros
or a Tibetan antelope, while the cockatrice, the phoenix and the roc appear
to be pure imagiuatious.
But In the Elizabethan age nn age
when the dodo bad but recently been
discovered these and many other
mythical creatures were, if not living,
at all events actual realities to the ordinary public, and as such were referred to iii tbe works of the great dramatist ami other c mtemporary writers
We meet, for Instance, iu tbe "Winter's Tale" the line, "Make me not
sighted like the basilisk," and it: "Tiie
Tempest," "Now I will believe that
there are unicorns." But not ouly was
more or less of credujity given to the
existence of these and such like fabulous monsters, but a web of mystic
lore en.'ire! td the most coram m and
best known of 1 easts, birds nnd ftsbes.
Who, for Instance, is forgetful of the
popular superstitions conuected with
tiie salamander, the newt and the
blinihvorm, and wb i fails to remember
White's account of the "shrewasll" .'it
Selborne? And if such superstitions
still survive among uneducated peas-
ants of the present day we may Le assured that two centuries ago they were
fully believed by the higher classes.���
Choice Creamery BUTTER
lib. Bricks 35c per Ib.
MARcH ; ,
Trains & st^Ti
C 1
Le tve x. y,
Leave X. \y. "'"��� -  |
Leave .-', ai
OR    IN
SdIk Aqent for New Westminster
The   Prime   Requinlte   For   Makiug  n
True  Woodsman.
A sense of direction I should name
as the prime requisite foi- bim who
would  become a  true woodsman, de
.\ pression
All lhe Parts Are  !>"*  the
of  One Idea.
To one who has never studied the
mechanism of a watch its mainspring
or tiie balance wheel is a mere piece of
pending on himself rather than on metal, He may have looked at the face
guides.    The faculty Is largely devel-  of the watch, and while he admires the
oped of course by much practice, but t motions of its bands and lhe time It
It must be inborn. Some men possess i keeps he may have wondered in Idle
it; others do not ��� just as some men amazement as to the character of the
have a mathematical bent, while to machinery which Is concealed within.
Others figures are always a despair.    It   Take It to pieces and show  bint  each
Is a sort of extra, having nothing to
do with criterions of Intelligence or
menial development, like the repeate1'
movement in a watch.   A highly edu-
part separately, ami he will recognize
neither design nor adaptation nor relation between them, but put them together, set them to work, point out the
cated, cultured man may lack it; the ; ��""','-s of each sl'ri"-' wheel :""1 co&
roughest possess it.   Some who have  exPlaln   t,,olr   movements   and    then
never be,.,, iii the woods or mountains   s'",w 1,im tlle rosult  Now lj" Perceives
acquire In the space of a vacation a  *"*" ls "" oue ',"'si"": tbat- ""tuith
fair facility at picking a way, and I   sti"""'.�� t,IL' ""/"'"^ of P"*. their dl
"   . .1   i   ' verse forms and various offices aud the
have met a few who have spent their
lives on the prospect trail ami who
were still and always would be as
helpless as the newest city dweller.
It Is a gift, a talent. If you have its
tiniest germ you can become a traveler   of   the   wide   and   lonely   places.
agents concerned, the whole piece is of
one idea. He now rightly concludes
that when the mainspring was fashioned and tempered its relation to all tbe
other parts must have been considered;
that tbe cogs on this wheel are cut and
regulated   adapted- to the ratchet* on
If you have it not you  may  as  well   that, etc., and his final conclusion will
resign yourself to guides.   Stewart Ed-   be   that  such  a   piece  of   mechanism
ward White in outing Magazine. , could   not   have   been   produced   by
������  ' chance, for the adaptation of the parts
Science nml  Morality.                    js such as to show it to be according to
The true student of tbe professional   design and obedient to the will of one
or technical school becomes  heir to a    intelligence.
comprehensive and clear understand- '	
ing of Ids duties and responsibilities In
his relations to Ills fellow men and to
the community. Those duties and responsibilities present themselves to his
trained mind in their real proportion.
He is neither nondevelopcd nor malde-
veloped In his judgment A affairs. His
university training, especially in the
technical school, lias taught bim accu-
Klftj-  Mftea  to Market.
It Is not an uncommon thing In
France to see a farmer forty or fifty
miles from home In wet weather with
s load. If he sees a prospect of a
three days' rain, lie puts bis tarpaulin
over his load, n cover over ids horses
and  a  waterproof coat on  and  starts
Off to market.    He may go fifty  miles
raQ* ,""1 Pe"ftl"n '."' ,h" 'in'll'VMS nf before be finds a market that suits bin,
any  proposition confronting blm and or he may know In advance just where
thai     ruth   and   knowledge   must   be ,,��� , ,      . ,.       , ....
,.     ,,,  ,,     ,. ..      i     , lie is going.   You do uot often see any-
sougbt with the d redness of a plumb ,   ,    , . ,     ,.r	
,.        c, ��� ��� ,, , body driving fifty miles through a ratn-
lllie,      Science  yields   nothing   but   eon-       , .      .,       ,.   .      ,     ,
��� ,     .,       . .,., ,    ,. Storm   in   the   luted   Slates   to   find   a
fusion to the shifty, devious and dishonest Inquirer. The fundamentals of
morality are tbe very stepping stones
SUITS 10 ORDER, . . . 517.00
PANTS 10 ORDER  5.00
until March 1st, 1907.
Plenty of Goods to select from, of the
Late    Pal li rns,
Satisfaction guaranteed or money refunded.
2 17 Front Street   -      New Westminster
Manufacturer Ot
Mineral Waters, Etc.
Aerated Waters,
Family Trade a Specialty.
Tel. 113. Office, Eighth Street,
City Electric Works
Opposite (ram Office
For electric signs, dynamos, motors,
fans, 'phone fixtures, shades, bells, batteries, wire and cables of all kinds
and sizes. House wiring. Motor Installing a .specialty. All kinds of repairs promptly attended to.
J. DIGBY, Proprietor
PHONE 304.
in technical -an ss or professional at
taiiiinetit. -Scientific American.
Tin-  Hellbender.
"There's no reason why tbe hellbender shouldn't be good to eat," said ,
a scientist, "lis principal food is the
crayfish, tbe same us the principal
food for bass. The hellbluder belongs
lo Ibe same family of amphibians a!
tho frog and is very closely related.
Both are hatched from the egg, and
bub puss through the tadpole stage |
before reaching maturity. The hellbender Is a might] line fish, as any one
can prove i" himself If ho will c inquer
bis natural aversion." L'be hellbender
is found principally in streams about
the foothills of the Alleghany moun
nnirki t for a load of bay, but it is not
uncommon to see farmers' wagons for
ly or fifty miles from bome in France.
They choose the wet wentber for that
purpose.    Their roads are just as good
then as at any time.
i in
Early Greeks and Itomiius rode
horses barebnek, They regarded It as
effeminate to ride in a saddle. The
modern saddle, with pummel, crupper
and stirrups, wn < unkn iwn to tho au
clouts. Nero gavo onl fancy coverings
to bis cavalry, and the bareback riders
of the Uorrann forests used to laugh at
them, Saddles with Ires came into
use in ibe fourth century, stirrups
three centuries later.
Shitiilinu   nml   Sitting.
David Slowpay I shall bring you
back those dark trousers to be reseated, Mr. Snip. You know I sit a good
ideal. Mr. Snip (tailor)���All right, aud
, If you'll bring the bill I sent you six
months ago I will be pleased to receipt that also. You knew I've stood a
good deal.���Loudon Tlt-Blts,
W. N. Draper
B. C. Land
Ellard Block.   New Westminster, B.C.
Proper 1}  Situated.
"They may say what they like
against him," said the convicted one's
defender, "but his heart Is In the right
"Yes," assented the other, "and so Is
the rest of him for a few years."
"What did she Bay when she heard
h" was dead In love with hor?"
'She wanted to knew if he can-led
any life Insurance."   New York Times.
The Chinese.
Conservative historians among the
Chinese claim for their race an antiquity of at least lui|,0*ill years, while
those    whose    est ini.'lles    are    a    little
"wild" assert that tho Chinese were
the original Inhabitants of the earth
and that Chinese history goes back at
least :,oi i.i ii ii i.i ii ii i years. The government records of China place the foun
dati ui of tin. empire nt 2500 B. *'. and
claim that it was established by Tohl,
who, they assert, is the N'onh mentioned in tiie book of Genesis, It. C.
Ilmv It Struck Her.
"You seemed greatly Impressed," said
the minister, "with my description of
bow they brought Ibe head of John the
I'.aptisi before the kins on a salver."
"Yes," sighed Mrs, Do Style; "I was
thinking how much belter they train
���d servants In those days. Now, mine,
when they bring me things, are forever
forgetting tin: salver."- Louisville Courier.hnii'iinl.
14-lb. boxes at 321 per Ib.
rc:p:R -WES
S. 15.40
Leave X. \
Arrive \. \\
I-. x. vv. :i. , ' '<:MU'At,
P.m. .'t!el '1|
V.,   W.   &   j
Lv. n. w. 3 p.n ,:;,;.5vkr
Lv-v- - '���:;^
I-v.Wa;-.;   ^
2.20 p.m. " ar G'��
The wonderful progress of Canada is illustrated by the fact that the
finest Cocoa in the world is made there.
Is tbe purest and the best and is fast becoming the beverage
for old and young.
Lv. Guichon, _��� t   p, ,
8:45 p m. and 6 p ���     ' M'N'Wf
Mondays  01
Lv.  New  We ""J
and 8 a. m., and .     6'B0>I
after till j 1 p, I
Lv.  Vancouvcr
same hours.
Growing Appreciation
- Sugar Cured =
Breakfast Hams and Bacon
CAPITAL  AND   RESERVE  $8,290,000
TOTAL  ASSE7S   45,400,000
Eighty-five  brandies with Correspondents  throughout
the world.
ONE DOLLAR opens an account.   Interest added four
times n year.lStarl to-day.
F. B. LYLE, Manager.
A Sure Wny.
First Author oh. tho uuutterable
monotony of existence! I nm thoroughly disgusted with It nil, Would
that I might completely disappear for
[while. Second Author Then why
don't you marry a famous woman?���
llrr  >l.iiii'iilim.
Maud���Why Is that lady over the
wny always In black? Is she mourning for any one'.' Itess Yes, :i husband, Maud I didn't know she'd been
married, Bess No, but she's monrn-
fnK for n itnshimii nil the same,
Canadian Bank of Commerce
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000.     Reserve Fund, $5,000,000
B. IC.  WALK Kit, General Manager.       ALEX. LAIRD, A sat. Gen'l Manager.
of Course,
Professor (n little distracted) ��� I'm
Kind to see you.   How's your wife?
"I regret it, professor, but I'm nut
"Ah, yes. Then of course your wife'*
still single."���Fllegende Blatter.
A general Banking business transacted.   Accounts  may be opened nml'conducted by mail with all branches of this liank.
Deposits of $1 nm! upwards receive I, an I interest allowed at currenl rate.-.   The
depositor is subject to no delay whatever in tho withdrawal
of the whole or any i ortion of the deposit.
tminster j|
Fraser River and Gulf
Sat": ul
i p i
From >'. vY. v
From  Chwk,   i
From N. W. T
From ciiu k. j '���    . ���
��������� ' ���'������. a.Q.|
DOM   ..      :        . I
From N.W.  lull
- i'3.1
Add. trip, Mon I
From Stevei I    . (pr| j     (
Mail Service
Seattle, via  Sumas 7.1' ,,:     I
Sapperton and M
si'lp. No. 1   7 : ll.}; J
Vancouver,   Xo.   I. ,    j���, a J
('. N.R.  Cloverdale
Blaine Seattle.. - ;
Van. & Cen. Park 10 2.0 i|
Victoria    in I'i 9.0 j
blast Burnaby .... l.i:
Ladner, Steveston,
etc   l
C.P.R. east, Sapper
ton, Millside an 1
Coqultlam     11.33 ail
Van.   and   Iim ma ��� :l
G.N'.R.  Flyer     ]
Timberland,  Tues
and Friday .  ...V2.H 12.00i
Canadian Pacific Railway Co|
British  Columh  i  Csast Line
B. C.  Coast  Line Service.
(Subiject to chat....
Amur  1
Princess Beatrice r       ���
Princess Beal rice   -'''
S.S,  Princess VIcto - v '   :l
ver,  1  inn. daily.
Leavc-s Victoria dal
Leaves Victoria dail; M
at 8::;a
Leaves N'ew Westm I     n   '; ��� ���' al
on Sundaj s
S. S. Joan
Leaves Vancouver In |
Steamer Queen City.
Leaves Victoria al   II "'[
7th, and  I Ith e icli tt. m I
qUOl;    leaves   Vi. lotia '
Quatslno and svaj polii
Steamer Transfer
Leaves   N'ew    We 1
day,  Tuesday,   w edue l.i I
and    Frid.,:.   at   2    B.I
at 2 p. m. wiih addWoun      ! nc JI��7
day al ."i a. m
Loaves Steveston M ��� Tiiesdtt
Wednesday, Thursday aud S iurda ��
1 a. in.; Friday at 6 a addltlo����
trip Saturday B [>. m.
S^ S. Beaver
hW    West hi
Mondays, Wednesdays
Leaves   New   Westminster, s *
ml Friday*.
rilling at'
Leaves Chiiliwack 7 a, tn
Thursday   and   Saturdays,
landlnps   between   New   V��stmifl
and ChiHJwack.
s. s. Tees
,? at I
leaves Vancouvei al
and   l��th  of  each   month, *'"
i   it 1 'I LW"1
Bkldegate on Urs'. trip v.i Win    ^
on second trip. Time on an-l��
departure are  /inpt'"N:':!'''        ...n
i      I ���.'" i   I
For   resemtluns   nnd
call or addfW
ki* n    :-
*V��ent,  rev   West��
ivn 1.6
E    I
.a* fen. fas.   -'
General 8ui y, MA"1-
,���_ 6 EDMONDS, Barris-
ryiTESlDE *       rB< Blackie Blk.,
ter< ���"���'     " N, w   Westminster.
������fSuSS* ft ^Edmonds-
��� HAMPTON BOLE, solid- l
'B'J'PMe-,,:tcn.e court. Offices
lor   n  d-"of Commerce build-
H'^Jhia street,  opposite  post-
W ^Westminster.   Money to
tTIN.J        if.,���,.Sp etc<        of-
1   barris  ^ nster. Trapp Blk,
I'."    ;'  ....���   and   Lorne  streets.
Irner <��� ������; .., t0 U, 445 Gran
fcneoawf. rocn��     M;u.|in| K  ^ j
�� ,re;  \v   U   McQuarrie, II. A
V"''..��� 'Martin will  be ln the
.rue.   -
every Friday af
���..v   REID  ��t   BOWES,   Barris-
etc     42    Lorne
;:t     House,   New
Whealler, P.O. Box
nl.rr r  MARTIN, Barrister and
.hen block, Colum-
* i  streets, New West-
ia and ���
Spring Goods
arriving daily
MYERS GRAY, Barrister, Solicitor
In practice since
.  tminster, B.C.   Of-
C tr'.is Block, Clark-
Ite   Court House.
'..   Telephone 64.
I'."' ���'
:,���- rei
IE :.   ������'���'
Lard of trade.���New Westmin-
' ,. |;,.,,. | i | Trade meets in the
BoarJ j;., : City Hall, as follows:
tsecond Wednesday of each month.
.-,/. D eetings on the second
Wednesda> of February, May,
August v.! November, at 8 p. m.
'Allll! ; ,;. - tings on the second
flednesda; of February. New
members may be proposed and
ejected at anj monthly or quarterly
meel ig.   A. E. Wh��e. Sec.
LODGE. NO. 9, A. F. & A. M.
.The   r* - dar    meeting   of   this
. ]    | oi   the First Wednesday ln
each mon b, tit  S o'clock p. m.. in
tbe M������������ Temple.     Sojourning
..,:.,: -. cordially Invited to attend I W. A. DeWolf Smith,
F. &  -v  M.���Regular communlca
[thli   lodge are held on the
 ���'���".���  day  In each month in
M.isi       - ��� mple, at b p, in.   Visit-
iiiE !���:��� ".:������!:   are   .-ord tally   Invited
i attend     D. W. Gilchrist. Sec.
Big Clearance Sale
closes on
Saturday, March 9th.
B    K     of    l ,    meets    fourth
Frl ��� ach     month,    at     fc
p, m.,   in   orange   hail,   corner   of
���    and   Tib  street.     So
 Knights   cordially   Inti nd.    W. E. Dunlop, W.
t ���
t <
t i
Prices cut to pieces during
these remaining days.
������������������<����������������������������� ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ���������������������������*�����������������������
i t I
I ��� I
t (
t :
�� t
-Meets n Orange hall fi.-st and
tbi;.! i : . y in each month at 8 p.
tn. Vlsi ��� brethren are cordially
:-   - tend.    W. Pope, W. M..
' ;:��� brey, Rec Sec.
(. 0. 0. F.-AMITY LODGE, NO. 27���
meetings of this lodj i
re held       iddfellews' hall, Oolum-
��� .��� ry   Monday evening,
Visiting brethren i   i
. attend.   S. Gregory-
'  Richmond, V. G.; W. C
R. S.;  J. W.  MacDonald,
\ . ms, Treas.
|A. 0. U. W.���FRASER LOCGE No. 3
-M.-   :  . the tirst and third Tues-
,"''���' each    month.       Visiting
n cordially invited to attend.
I''':"' - A- O. IT. W. hall, Odd
lock,   Clarkson   street,  0.
recorder;   Louis Witt,
|fOSE  of   COLUMBIA    LODGE    No.
115,  SONS   CF   ENGLAND.   B.   S.���
'   '  meets Second and
day of each month,
,  lv ''       !(��� Ml. Columbia St., at
Ite Rose Degree, Fourth
in   each month, same
"    Visiting Brethren
ivited.      E,  It.  Siincli-
ll   Disnev, Secretary.
B. C. Mills, Timber and
Trading Company
Manutacturera and Dealers in All Kinds ot
Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sash,   Doors,
Interior Finish,    lurned Work/^Etc.
Fith and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glass.
j  Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining.
*  .....
| Royal City Branch, Columbia St.
Telephone 12.
New Westminster
[COURT BRUNETTE, No. 4099, l.O.F.
Fourth Friday in the
���   o'clock,   In   the   small
'.'. ows'   block.     Visiting
I,.' .  dially invited to at-
ffi     :   ''   Rushton, C. R.;  r. P.
11,'j ;   ���   ''"' lobular meetings of
an,i ,,.;''     :. " hchi on the Second
Vigil i
1 "roUiren  are cordialy  in-
�� ,, :.: ':"'"''    E, C. Firth, C. II.;
' '' well, Sec.
ati ,       Tuesdays of each month
Visit;',  '    in.u"' Oddfellows' Hall.
fit |
at s ,,, i "1""1 ('VI''T Wednesday
Hull ('���"'��� ''' '"���- 'n Odd follows'
Bret'hr,! '    Ml'<*<-     Visiting
!,,��������� ';.'��� l:" cordially Invited to at-
Sec ' ''���'''. B. C; N.R. Brows,
Third t'  7 <ni "10 Fi,'st i,n(1
K.   ���,    ;      :���   of every month  In
('M,.f.  ,   , 'iaI��-     .John    McNiven,
'"'; J. J,
'���'rrcster, Hec. Sec.
18,000 (EMPRESS OF  BRITAIN 1)4,600   t
H. Power I EMPRESS OP IRELAND!      I0.'.!>
Now  Is the tone to sen I for youi
, I, n,|s in the Old Country while the
raies are low. Tourist Sleepers run
to St. John to connect with Empress
next Bailing, March 22nd. For other
di  .���- and rate, apply to
CPU. Agent.
Westminster Iron Works
SHIP SMITH1NU, iiKiniiK and
Ornamental   iron   worn,  including
Fences, Gates, Fire Escapes, etc.
Mall orders und correspondence In
New \\'c��iiiilupv r. **< O. 474.
I Eight Trains Every Hay in tbe Yen
Minneapolis, St. Paul
and Chicago
Embodies the newest nnd best idea?
and LUXURY. It is lighted with
both electricity and gas} the most
brilliantly illuminated train in the
world. The equipment consists of i
private compartment cars, standard!
it. section sleepers, luxurious dining
:ar. reclining chair cars (seats free),
modern day coaches and buffet, library and smoking cars.
For Time  Tables,   Folders,  or  any
further  information  call  on  or  write
7jo Second Avenue, Seattle, Wash
Grand Trunk Ry.
Excellent Train Service Between
Chicago, London,
Hamilton, Toronto,
Montreal, Quebec,
Portland, Boston,
Am! all the principal business centers of
PHILADELPHIA, via Niagara Falls.
l-'or Time Tables, etc., address
Assistant  Gen'l  Passenger and Ticket
Agent, 135 Adams St., Chicago, 111.
Spokane falls & Northern Ry Co.
Nelson & Ft. Sheppard Ry. Co.
Red Mountain Ry. Co.
The only all rail route between ail
points cast, west and south to Ross-
hmil, Nelson and intermediate points
connecting at Spokane with the Great
Northern, Northern Pae.'lic and O. R,
& N. Co.
Connects at Rossland with the Canadian Pacific Railway for Boundary
!reek points.
Connects at Meyers Fulls with
itage r'lily for Republic,
Buffet service on trains between
spokane   and   Nelson.
Effective    Sunday,    November    io,
Leave Day Train
9.20 a.m Spokane
. Rossland
.. Nelson .
2.2S p.m.
y.40 a.m.
. .71S pm,
, .4.10 p.m.
. 6.45 pm
Transfer Co.
Office���Tram  Depot
���floe 'Phone 18R.       nwr fnonn 137
Columbia St.
Daggage delivered    promptly to  my
itart of the city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
Many of ��hr Invention* of (tip Day
Are Inf rii,K<-ui��-iils tin the Clever
and liin��.,iloii<. Device! K��-a;iHterpd
Iu  tVature'n   Patent   Offlee.
So fearfully ami  wonderfully is tbe
human  body  made  that  scientists  are
beginning to realize that many of the |
inventions   of   tbe   day   are   Infringements   nn   nature's   patent   office.     A
good deal of trouble and worry in the
past could have been avoided had iii
ventora made a careful study of the
devices employed in making these bu
man  bodies of  ours the useful  things
they are.    The principles of tbe block
and  pulley  or the tackle  could have !
been discovered  arcs before  had  the
tiles of nature's patent office been ran- j
nuked, for there are several complete I
pulleys in the body, notably the one
which   moves   the  eyeball   inward   to  |
ward the nose.
Engineers made exhaustive tests and
experiments before they discovered
that a hollow shaft or rod of Iron or
steel is about twice as strong as n
soliil one. Yet nature had patented
this device in our bones since ilu- birth
of Adam ainl Eve, and everj Impor
taut bone is practically constructed ou
this principle The ball and socket of
the hip bones were the forerunners of
the modern ball bearings, and It was
the tirst automatic oiling machine used
in the world. The value of air pressure and a vacuum wns unkuowu to
man until the last century, but everj
one of us carried the secret in the air
tight hip joint which nature bad assigned to lessen the muscular effort to
bold our legs upright in position.
Engineers have made wonderful
progress in developing compound suction und circular pumps, but all of tin
principles contained in tbem are found
In the heart, and this little pumping
machine is still without a rival in the
mechanical world.
The principles of the safely valve
for steam engines are not so new as
they seem. Our human bodies carry
with tbem the tirst automatic safety
valves ever designed. There are upward of 2,500,000 of them. We call
tbem by the common name of sweat
glands. Each such little gland has a
safely valve which lets off beat from
the body when it gets beyond a safe
temperature. We cannot stand a rise
Of more than 8 to 1*1 degrees of temperature and live. If therefore the
2,500,000 safety valves were closed for
twenty-four hours, death would supervene.
Adam's apple was the lirst store :e
cistern ever built, nnd it works with
automatic regularity through health
ami sickness. It is a most Important
organ of the body, although for centuries It was considered a superfluous
attachment. It regulates the flow of
blood between the heart and the brain.
When it ceases to operate, somebody
dies of apoplexy or a rush of blood tu
the brain. When the heart sends up
too much blood to the head, the Adam's
apple slops In to check the How and
store it up for future emergencies. If
the heart is temporarily weakened or
put out of good running order, the
blood stored In this cistern is given up
and sent to the brain. The perfect
working of this little device is apparent when we consider bow comparatively few die of rush of blood to tbe
brain or from a deficiency of supply.
The eye lias a score of small inventions worthy of recording, the ear
nearly as many more and the vital
organs an equal number, 'there is the
liver Willi iis quarantine Station. Let
any poisons enter our systems with
fooii and they are immediately Held up
at this quarantine station and destroyed by 11 secret process. It is only
when poisons enter In large quantities
that the station cannot handle them.
But the stomach cooperates with the
liver nnd Intercepts some of the poisons. There are small mncbines there
which manufacture minute quantities
of hydrochloric acid from the salts
eaten. This acid is made in exact proportion to the amount of food consumed and suffices to destroy the microbes
which we swallow. But there is even
a third quarantine station located In
the mouth. Millions of microbes are
destroyed In tho mouth daily by the
juices elaborated there for this very
purpose. If it was not for these three
quarantine stations working continuously nlgbt aud day, we should be killed off by microbes wilhin an hour ait
er eating n un ol.
In the oar there is a little device
which might have been tho original of
our modern compre se I air Inventions,
Tbe delicate drum of 1 lie ear must have
nn equal pressure from the outsido and
Inside to receive ami transmit the
sound vibrations. To make this possible the eustachian tube was devised.
Its function is to regulate the air pressure inside the ear. I.i ; it fail to work,
and one becomes stone deaf.
In  the bone 1 of  the head  there are
many   little   channels   hollowed   out-
which ure called the semicircular canals.   These canals are filled with fluid
lymph.   Por centuries no one could understand   their  meaning.    Some  physicians   considered   tbem   of   no   use.
This tendency to belittle organs In the
human body whose functions could not >
be explained  has  characterized  more
than oue generation of savuuts.   Now
those peculiar semicircular canals are
known to be wonderful little devices to |
assist us In keeping our balance.  They
act 11 good deal as the ballast does ou
11 ship, or, more properly speaking, like
the fluid In a spirit level.    The brain
keeps an eye on this spirit level and Is
made conscious of the body's relative,
position.    The   fluid   flows   back   audi
forth in the canals, and when we get
.t   nt   n   dangerous   angle   tbe   brain
knows it.---New York Tribune,
Indian  Is Found With  Bullet Throu-jh
Brain���May  be   Murder  but
no Proof
Fori Chippewyan, Lake Athabasca,
March 5.���The mail which came in
from ihe north on February 28th,
broughl news of the death of an Indian who was shot and killeil near
Fort Rae. The report was that he had
been murdered, bui although the Indians around thai quarter are none of
the best in temper or honesty, there
seems to be no proof of murder. It
is probably an accident.it being known
he was oul with two other Indians
moose hunting (this sport being lan-
genius owing io the tactics nee Iful t >
he successful;.
The fatal bullet hit the Indian In
the head. Sergt. Field, R.N.W.M.P.,
who is up that way on patrol, will sift
out the truth if anybody can.
Christian    Endeavor    Society   Propose
Eig  Expenditure at Convention.
Scat iie. March 5.���One million dollars will be spent In Seattle at the
time of the twenty-third International
convention of the Christian Endeavor
Society in July, This is the ; redic-
tion of A. J, Jackson, manager of the
advertising department of the 1). K.
& X., who lias handled the business
of his company at the Christian Endeavor conventions for several years.
Jackson attended a joint meeting
ol the 1907 committee and the chamber of commerce appointed to work
wii!h ^lie Christian Kmleavnfrers,
which was held lasi nighl. When
asked how many persons he estimated would come to the convention,
Jackson said 2(1,000.
Dolly     Deuzzler's     Peculiar    Pastime
Brings Sorrow in Its Train.
Xew York, March 5.���Mrs. Dolly
Deuzzler, 22 years old, who swallowed a packet of needles several
months ago. is now tinder treatment
in Belevue Hospital, where, ilu- surgeon says, she has several needles in
her body. At the Fordham hospital
several operations were performed
and 57 needles taken out. It is feared that two of the needles which have
travelled to the vicinity of the bean
may puncture that organ. A charge
of attempted suicide may be made
against the woman. It is nol known
hew she came to swallow the needles.
Saturday's Scotch Scenes.
The  very  popular siage adaptation
of Ian MacLaren's tales. ''The p, innie
Brier Bush," with a notable company
comes  to lhe  Opera House next  Stil-
uday.     The "Bonnie  Brier   Bush"  is
an exposition in four ads of the mosl
interesting features of the book, an 1
the   plot  mainly   centres   around   th9
Scotch   marriage   entered     Into     hy
] Flora  Campbell and  Lord   Hay.     Th 1
I father, Lachlan Campbell, nol  believ
, ing the girl's story of the marriage,
; drives her from his home only to find
mu   liis mistake  after  much   mental
suffering.     The   charm  of  tbe   play
lies in its simplicity and naturalness.
It  faithfully represents Scotch life as
it really is. and for ihis reason ii  is
particularly   pleasing  to  all   who are
familiar with Dr. Watson's st.. les.
Something New.
"There's nothing new 1111.!. ���:��� the
sun" does not apply to "A Cov boy's
Ciirl," the magniflcanl scenic production thai will Boon be seen here, This
play is -i distinct departure from the
": 1 b .'i nout plaj - and contain- ,,, ire
pure fun and startling situations, tells
a n* w love story and is presented In
an . Bol.utely novi I manner with sj e-
cial s: 1 nery and a great cast, at the
up- ra House tomorrow,
Captain Young will Bhortly take
charge of the steamer Favoril \ re
lli'ving captain Harvey, who Is going
on a trip to San Francisco.
Hotel Guests.
Guichon���,l. .J. Thompson, A. II. Mai-
lenger, Vancouver; I.. Abraham, Montreal; ll. A. Kennedy, J. M. Hill, ll.
Tallow, Vancouver: .1. Swift and wife,
Winnipeg: 1,. o. Maddgan Vancouver;
.1. Black Robert Lee Edmonton; B.
Baxter, Victoria.
Windsor���Thomas Oswald, Langley; J.jE. Schelt, Vancouver: A. K.
Rt.wson, Seattle; A, It. Stewart. Halls
Prairie; W. Randall. Hazlemere; .1.
Miller, Clayburn; H. B. Northett, Buskin: A, Paterson, Port Haney.
colonial���P. P. Sharps and brother,
Soulli Vancouver; .lames Elwood, Vancouver; C. McDiarmid nnd wife, A,
Johns! in, Mission.
Published by the Daily News Publishing Company Limited, at their
offices, corner of Sixth and '������'. ni
Btreets, Xew Westminster, B. C.
Managing Director J. C. Brown
It never gets damp or lumpy.
Each crystal dry, full ot salt-life.
That's why particular people use
and  tit"...  r tcelve  instruction   In   the
Christian faith.
"I am  rejoiced."   said   the   Doctor,
"to   note the   great   movements   that
ire gradually  taking place, of which   {
I  might   mention,   the   greater  confl-   ���
����������������������������������������������������������������������������� ���������������������������������������������<
��� ..
Transient   display   advertising.    1"
g d 1 might ��� i- assigne 1 according i
the fads or fancies of each particular
witness.    After all, however, the root
cence  that   seems  to  be  established  ���  ���"���
tetween  the  Indian and  the mission- '
ary, in  fact  native princes have  furnished a site for an asylum and guar-
subsequent  Insertions. wer, given    by a railway manager to Dr' x,1-,'��'' havinS brought his ad-
Reading notices, bold face type, 20 ,i,e Scientific   American    -nue  vears flless "' :l close' Mr'  Rochester. sec"
cents  per  line, brevier or nonpareil, ��� retary of the Lord's Day Association..
In cents per line. ���   ���       "l  au ;'    nation    w no    take
For   time   contracts,   special   posl- chances."      The'  disasters   represent ,cse  1,om   the   '""'len��'   :'��<> having,
tions, apply to advertising manager. the adverse chances.   That the nation obtalned   leave  '"  address the  meet-j
Notices    of    births,    marriages    or has lo pay is just,    for the whole na- \ius' asked thoSe present' ,:ls the pr0'
dot! ns,   50c.      Wants,   for   sales,   lost :         ,                         resnonsihilitv vinr'e had semeetI t0 '-"'"''' ,hp Lord's
or found, rooms to   et. etc., one cent snares m tne responsiniiit).
per  worn,     xo  advertisement taken' Day Act) to d0 a11 ln their power to :
for less than 2Z cents.
We have opened a Real Estate office at
No. 248 Columbia St., E. J. Fader's
office, and having large Eastern connections desirous of coming West, we
feel that we can handle your property
to excellent advantage.
awaken  an   interest   in  every  citizen
Snowballed   the  Police. | and Christian, to a recognition of the | $
TELEPHONES. St. Petersburg, March 5.���The Don-   one day in  the  week  devoted to ,h
Day Office   A22   ma, or lower house of parliament, was   Creator of the universe.
formally opened In the Taurlde Palace. In the presence of all the ministers and many high functionaries.   Xo
[AT I,. od SH
' ���','.'
Perce R.
Submits thi I
���  .-���
A Cowboy's Girl'1
,ayi"a     '     ''.. Itself
| HALE & LANE,  Real Estate Agents ���
Five S
i Specialties!   v..    .
Night   Office
. B22
-    -N     jV$.'*L*&t..
member of the  Imperial  family  was   j^0
At the morning and afternoon meetings, a considerable amount of routine business was transacted, and a
large   number   of     reports    received.
248 Columbia St., New Westminster, B. C.
and at CALGARY, Alberta.
fflcers for the ensuing year were (
  elected as   follows:   Honorary   presi-1
M.   Goluboff,   vice-president   of  ihe   dent,   Mrs.   Thomas   Scouler,   Hamil-
fraululent marking council  of  the  empire   invited    the  ton; honorary  vice-president, Mrs. J
Fruil  growers in   British Columbia   members  to  sign the oath  of allegi-   Johnston. Vancouver;  presldenl   Mrs
aredirecth interested in the following   ""'" '." EmPero��" Nicholas.   The Con-   j. A. Lo���;1M, Eburne.   ars|  vicelpresi.
demand made by   the Toronto Globe.   nZl��� !h! ? T T u?T '"' '"���"   '''"'' ""' J' *  HenderS '"' N'ew WeSt"
,,     ,.,.      '   of the Em ���er, but the opposi-; minster;   recording    secretary,    Mrs
1   '' '1 take many successful exhibits   ti,,,,  members remained  silent.     The   \v. white, Vancouver;   corresponding
in Britain to    overcome the   damage i Social   Democrats  did   nol   enter  the   secretary,   Mrs    Ledington      Vancou-
i     .   iy one such shipper as that re-   ll;'"   ","il   M-   Goluboff   had   flnished   ver:   treasurer.   Mrs.   S    ll.   Hrown
speaking,   wl,,.,,   they  came   in  in   a   Vancouver;   supply    secretary,    Mrs!
���������������������������������������������������������������������������� <������������������������������������������������������������������������*���
till   i|
Prices   7sc
Seats on sale .v
nt Scenetyi
I 1. ^^^^^^
reach of    the law    as it
That     li*'    is  lievond the^	
Btands oniy   !""ly monstratlvely. w.  A,  Maclennan, Vancouver
^^^^^^^^^^^^^1 After signing the oath, balloting for ature secretar v. Mrs. I) G. McDonald
l.takes it imperative that some device   ,���.riu>,, ���,     ,-,,,, ,. """
piesiaent   ol   the  lower house  began. Vancouver;  mission band secretaries
��� found to lengthen   the arm of the, There  was  no serious disorder,   but Mrs.  p.  w.  Cowperthwaite,  Vancou
aw" ,llp crowd outside the palace were un- ver.  and   Miss   x.   McHaffie, Vancou
"Recent disclosures In an  American   ruly and seven,! times had to be dri- ver.
ocean port show that much of the lee-   ven   hack   bj   Infantrv   and  i mted "  	
luring bestowed  on    Canadian    fruit   gendarmes. CLASSIFIED  ADVERTISEMENTS
shippers lias noi    heen deserved, but       ��,���������,.     ,; ���     , ��� -~���-~ _,~���_���,,^	
Artei   adjournment   oi    the     ower
has been directed toward wrong quar-   i,nil__ ����� D   ���
' nouse of Parliament today a great de-
11 has been shown that fruit of
inferior bui  saleable quality honestly   ,,,- .,,��� s���f.ia|jsl iI(i|im|ps
monstration   was  organized  in  honor
WANTED���Smart office hoy. Apply
-\. S. Johnston, A, Whealler's office,
12  l.onie sireet, Xew Westminster.
postofflce:   one suitable    for    lady.
Apply this office.
branded  in Canada    was  branded  as arv   s,)eeches   wei.
first-class and Canadian by an Aineri- ',;���,',���,   ,     t1    '"' '���   rf,   flags   T0 RENT���Two furnished rooms n
, .     , . uispiajed   in   the   crowds   which   bv
can dealer, and in that condition sold fh���, ,ini,   ,,., ,   .     ..   , ,      ,
., .,. ,   . .,., .  . '"'" Ulll<' had .swelled to about    0,1	
to a  British importer.     1 li" reeijnent ,���.,.��,,���.   ���.���, ,
of such fruit, finding himself defraud- ,', ,'^2       r a",streets  tor   WAMT
ed, will naturally protest against frau- o    the demo   Z       I    ^   ^ T��   RENT-A   BT6  ";   S*
dulen.  branding by Canadian fruit ex- the *'  *���,       I  , """   '"   """       TT'"   """"'   ^   fam"y   ��f   f��U'
Porters, and the result will he scions        ,       "   "     ,7 ""' ^ "��" "'^   H��USe'" *' ��' '"'X SN dty'
lice cnarged and broke up ihe de
to raise good stock Is good PEED. We keep he '���- md thi
besl only Make your ch ekens laj bj giving them good feed.
Strengthen your live stock  by  building up  hone  ami  muscle,
and use CAHXAC.
LADIES have you tried the Pastry Flour made bj  the Eburne
���Milling C pany.   If not Telephone 333 and trj it; the results
obtained   are excellent.
SATURDAY, 9th Mard1
COLV1N  pn  - ���
Kirke  La  .���
��� I
The Bonnie Bri
'��������� ii
FRONT STREET. Telephone 333.
tan MacLaren'        itiful
Heart Story of Auld
Notablecast of tw, .-, Mj.
Quartette.   Pipers,    ,
"Greatest   drsmatii   ;
before  the  American
..���tun, no��
���"  -VY.
Scat sale open-   on W'edi
ine; at Ryall's Dru .��� 3i
Prices.  $1.00.  75c  and        .   .,  . ,
injury to what  should be a most prof- ,,���,,.���   ���,������.,   ,       ,.        .  .       ^_
.                                      ,      ,.      ' stration, mounted  police riding down
itable line of export trad".    Under ex- ,i,���   ���,.,���.,.       ,      .        ,   .
ine   crowds   and   using iheir
isting  conditions    the   Canadian  fruit riehl   ..��� ,   ,,,,      ,,
tignt   and   left,     Many   persons   were
shippers have no remedy, as the frau- t,,..,,,,,,   , ���,                             .
, ueaten,  but no one was serious v In-
iliilent work is done beyond the bounds ;urei]
Canadian authority. The man who
i defrauded would have a remedy In
the American courts, bui thai would
bi   quite    unsatisfactory  from a  busi
FOUND���Bunch of keys. Ownei '.it.
have saiiie by applying at this office and paying expenses. def
GIRL WANTED���for general    house-     S
work and care of children. Apply
to Mrs. J. Ross Sharpe, Sixth ave
nue and Tenth street. def-t"!
The explosion    jq
B PRINTING���We work for the
Lost people of Xew Westminster.
Vour  order   will     he    appreciated.
MRS,  Imimixv. Pro
Dynamite Does Damage.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Po'tsville. I'.,..  March .-,.-!!>   t I
ness standpoint, ^'hile failing entirely   I'losion  of   1.   pounds of  dynamite   ��' "MTCU���a-year-oia     jersey     eov
t i restore the dam.,fed reputation that il! tne storehouse of the Richards col- ! rope atta��h,ed to horns. The finder
destroys the sale of Canadian fruit in Iier.v of the Susquehanna Coal com- wi" ue rewarded bj giving informa-
the British market. Pan>'. near Mount Carmel, today, forty      tion   !0   Dai,y   -V('w'i'   or   returning
-Thai  iii-ii.ii'.liuit from Canada is   l;ers��ns   were   injured., one   of  them, |_ W,nie  t0 4^:   Q"ee��'s   avenue.
���     Klulently   labelled   Canadian   and   Uwis �����iei ''""'11
'ila-s  in  AnK'tictin   :-.!'-        slr.p-^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
n enl is a serious evil and demands an
immediate remedy.    Ii   is a matter in      The  dynamite house  was  ;:,��  p.,,       A
.    , fetation of the British   """'  '"" offices of the company. Xo      Newg m    K"b'   Room     �����    Da
Parliament   could  readily be secured,   """  ls   kllown   >'��  have   been   in   the   ���	
fo,  the '���'��� itish lawmakers are always    :""s"  ;"   'he  time and  the cans,, of
willing t.i assist iii preventing framlu-   the explosion  is a mystery.    The of-1
��� in ling. Our law cleat 1.. defines first-class fruit, and il maj be wf're :" wor^ ">e supply house and
Ce sar\ to supplem* nt this with the
,,. , of recognize 1 brands, labels, seals, an 1 packages. The British trade marks acl could be so modified h lo require nol only a label stat-
I  -  -.   ��� , ..'in']'    of origin I t't'uit. but
-  - |ie original label or brand ' meter and  fifteen  fee,   de    .
hail  t  ,1    ti changed,   and thai   the "   ' ~���
bad 110|  been Interfered with In tran-   NlluLlll   UiouULISutu
sit, This Is a matter of di tall tha
in uh' i eceive attention during the tip-
' : oaching conference. II is safe an I
reasonal ��� to as sume thai eve;-) eff n I
of the Canadian Government toward
llii suppression of this class of fraud
I | receive hearty co-operative sup-
pi   i fi om the anl horii ies in Britain."
5*    o o o o  O  O  0  0 O  O 0  O  O  O  (I 0  O 0  o  o
flee building, in which the clerks
��� at work, the supply house and
thi carpenter .-.imps, all filled with
men, were wrecked. Most of the
workingmen were injured by flying
splinters and several sustained fractured arm -  and  legs.   The explosion
The  public is hereby notified thai
I  Captain  Watt, master of the sh:
Chelmsford, will not be i���������-: insi le
foi any debts that may I e conti ic ������ i
1,\   the crew of the  sal !  ship.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^     ij    Two   dyxar*   fro
OOOO  O  O O   <7 O   O    'J
English  Wave:hmaker
m    Geo   Adams, Crew
New and Dainty Designs in Ladies' Gowns,
Petticoats,  Corset  Covers,   Drawers,   and
The   prices  are by no means their least
OOOOOOOOO 000' 000 O O O  O  0  o o (i  o  o  ii  o  ii  .1  ii ii  ii ii  o
The White Housel
IA.   J.   BIRTCH,   -   275 COLUMBIA ST. I
g��s?��c?*i5^ ?��^ j^t r-^r r-^i r-^r j��i i-^r ?������ r^*; r-^; ;^i j^; j^ ?^; ;-^: j^i "-^. :-^i :������" .-^; ;���������; .^ ?���; _';^r r-��d^��; r-^: ^^ j*>7 r-^CT'*-"-^: r^: r^i r-^r r^^t :-^: r-*c t^; :-^~ r^! :^; *���; ;-^z t-^; :-^. -*-. .-���--
$ face,  $6.00
>J      Gentlemen's Sil\ er   Watches,     ible
>; case. .sT."iO up
n      Agenl for tli"" cell bral
)��; Watches, suppliwi to t; ��� W
9 tic Expedition.    All warrai
I,allies' <^d'i Wai. ii
Gentlemen's Silver   Wat
m      Chains, Rings, Jewelry, 11 .
>|      Watch repairing; chari ���
r/�� Fraser River Tannery
pap��r   PR!C3:    FOR    l1!nESl
11!onlInued From Page <jhui
supported    by    the   missionaries,   as
.' hen a native openl> accepted * lh It
I;  is i!n,111s~;'��� l���   fur iiitn 'u iiiii.iin e;n.
ii. menl  with  anj   other native. The
RAILWAY ACCIDENTS. I iss of lhe native  workers is  keenly
The appalling list of receni railway   felt,   as   al   preseni   the   while   staff
i- ";- has caused a fresh outbreal mints to only   IC men and worn n,
 rennial discussion of causes   with   a   population   of  over 6,000,1	
: i    remedies,     The Review of   Re-   who  have   nol   yet   been  offered  lhe
lays all the blame to "slovenly Gospel
n ii ������ nent." \ medical writer in The hospitals and dispensaries are
lie Outlook ascribes it to tobacco: oiu- of the greates! helps, said Dr.
"The triumph of mechanical skill in NTugent, as when n patienl Is trented
th engine, the reliability of tli" road- there he listens to lhe gospel rrom
bed, are nol to blame; perfection here ten to fifteen minutes everj la .
has attained Its acute Ll is believed. Their Ideas ol sickness and cures are;
Rul man. Iheir creator, benumbs him very strange, all sickness Is supposed
self, and ns sue!, is no longer master in he the direct work of some evil
o' time, space or substance; stupefied sod, and until Ihe god is appease!
villi tobacco, he can conceive no in- no cure can he affected, A verj pop-
Itlntive, ins no resources In the pies-   ular cure for j'oung children In eas
ei if Impending danger, Is too slow   of illness is to place a hoi poker oi
t" ncl in emergency, he cannot arouse   piece of Iron on  their heads, which
his iiieoiini"pnralj'zed    nerves    quick   as often results In death ns any other
of taking a trip, you can't get on without
our Trunks, Suit Cases or Travelling Bags
one ot
$4 to $17
$2.25 to $20
$1.50 to $7
i ;   High   'o   act   iu   response   tO  electric
click or the rushing speed of a mile-
a minute 'flyer,' and pain and death
and ruin follow, and the Associated
Press a gains palls."
w.iv. Their indie:' in onions i-t strong.
A sick woman was being conveyed it
a cart lo one of the missionary hospl
tals. when a spider wns obscrv* '
crawling   over    tho    vehicle,     Th
and CLUB BAGS-all prices ancl sizes.
e   Montreal Witness  would  bold   friends   of the   patienl    Immediate!
the rapid promotion of engineers,
caused by the greal expansion of hti3l-
ne   . responsible.
" rhey can pas- iheir examin il lon -
with flying colors,   they   have   more
hook    le.:r'iin'4    as    I  rule lli.in  ilu-lr	
predecessors, but they lack steadiness I afraid  to openly  confi      Chrl latnl
: ii ; io- ��� ��� iii danger." '   me  to   the   dlspensai       outward
.*   hi' : '"" I ��� ' ;   '" :   " pi 11; : for the pu   i      of obi alnl
took her hack homo where she expii
od.    Notwithstanding  a  greal   man
I utile    to    I lie    ll' Is I. i'  I I-;    for    li'calme: '
and   a   great   deal   of   goo I   is   ai'cu'i:
pllshed,    The same mlghl be said of
the  dospensaries.     Manj   who     an
iEHTaBrri rfBPNW*1'
Worthy of any
Progressive  Store
I'm cul :' iwers, bridal bouquets and   St.   Andrew's church on Thursdaj   of
funeral designs, 'phone Tidy, the Flor-   this   week,  promises  to  be  most   en-
ist, A184. tertaining,    After the supper, a  free
and eas,  concert will follow.    Among
Acting Chiel Ltradshaw, while walk-1   , .,,   ,      ,,,       .,  ...
the    singers    will    he    Mis*    .McNiveii
o.: down Queen's avenue, about aeven        , .,    _ ,     , ,,
! ttiiil Mr. Itoss. and several oilier well
..clock  yesterday evening,  picked up,, ,      ,     ...       .���, . ,
known local artists. | lie commntee
a brand new teamster's whip.   Owner . . ., ,
in charge of the supper is prepared
can have    ime bj applving to the sta- ,   . ,, ,.       _   ,,,,,,
to take oath io the effect that the
tion. and proving his property. .--,,, , ,  ,.      ,   ,
loud will be pure ami unadulterated,
A number ol applications are await- in spite of the puzzling nature of the
Ing a supreme couri iudge bete, and different courses. The menu will con-
Justice  Morrison  Is    expected    fr    sist   of the  following:   Hidden Tears,
Vancouver today.   Ball will be offered   Women's Weapon. Sweet Sixteen. YVo-
, for the Raskin man. Stanley  Farring-   men of Grit, What  Some People Don't
ton, who  was committed  for trial on   Know.   Chips     of     the    Old     Block,
charge of wounding his wife. Spring's Offering, Something to Adore,
Bachelor's Comfort, a Good  Standby,
i in thanking our numerous ft lends and customers for the manner
J In which thej hive patronized our ��tores during the Mammoth Fur-
i niture Sale now in progress we would like to remind them, and also
i their friends (who have nol ye! availed themselves of the great
bargains offered) that we have still a large quantity of goods to cleai
ai greatlj reduced prices, which musl be positively cleared out to
make room for several consignments now iim-.- from the east We
J have carpel remnants still going at the exceptionally low prices
previously advertised.    So burn up if you want them in good lengths
...Lee's Furniture Emporium...
The posiliim of poundkeeper will be
gain  Riled  bj   R.  II.  Batt,  who will
Adam's Pie, litist of a Greal Commentator,   Ladies'    Favorites,    Can't     lie
    lator,   Ladies"     Favorites,    Can'i      Be
;"' "" his duties Al��ril '���   Mr. Bati _,,,,,,   slirl, ,lf N,,.,,,���, Ki,p Xm  wlth.
: ���"'    ""   ""'   lookoul   for   aft*     '   ... a sh,.]K Schoo] (;i|.rs Delight, and
isi   ag  with which to hunt  the mi-1 n������i������... in...	
 \ lues,    who     are     in li    re ���'
e tli bj laws.
- Mia   unarj        ie:j   if
We     Knd Methodist ch
U Hon the real-
liost on's History.
el -  of Europe an I   Ai lei lea   in   o        lo   uu   buj ers;
.- 3   and   wholesalers everywhere are read;   to lill our or-
ive the money  lo pa;   ��� cash for everything we buy.
.   , ,i-l, discounts and  gi    al In.luceiune.'s by paying
> .:     '   The Cash  Store.
the advantage   it'
Tailored Garments
'..  be a   light colored season.    Greys never were so pop-
. ������ as thej  are now. !'..   ,���       we me n those indefinite and
;hl   --hides   which  shade  from cream  to bl    I;   'til   white,
on lei   ' he    are so cool, preti      ind  servita t ...1   these
" nicely made. (
and  short coals, tailored   .-'tit-   and   skit  -.   Bolero   coal
lit on   styles, showing   the Gibson    effect;    Some    of    Mannish
.  others  shepherd  cheeks, ad infinitum.
J. Reichenbach  Returns.
���I.   Reicbenbaoh,  who  returned yes-
terd ij   from a  t wo weeks' journey to
..   Mr. and Mrs George Adams   Asl,c���fl   :""1   ""'   surrounding   conn
evening      An    interesting    pro-   "���' 'li'1 llnl  havo ^together too plea-
-   imn ���     , nd I,  iftei   sanl   ,inl"  wni,e   away   lending   to
:-.-:���-   were   sen   i.        business.    Owing to the damage cans-
j i'd   to  the  roads  by the  recent   rains.
'   Wesi   i.ni  Lacrosse club  held   and   the   resultant   disorganization  of
meetii     in No. 2 fire hall yesterday   traffic,   Mr.   Reichenbach   found   thai
evening.    After going through the dif-   travelling was rather a dilliculi task,
ferenl   repo business for last   and he  was compelled  to    have    ri
Grey Novelties
'm: was satisfactorily concluded
sundrj other matters having lieen
discussed, the meeting was adjourned,
C, A. Jackson yesterday posted an
application for 100 inches of water
which he wishes to use for agricul-
' n al and household purposes. The
water Is to be taken from a stream
mnning  through  his  ranch  al  Harri-
9   -en   River.      The application   will   be
M    ... 1 on April 2.
The funeral of the infant child of
Mr and Mrs, Chris, .lack-on took place
yesterdaj afternoon, W, E. Fales having charge of the funeral arrangements. The child was onlj a few
hours old. The Interment look place
In the Oddfellows' cemetery from the
familj  residence, Columbia street.
II For ,i nice bunch of Violets or Carnations, telephone T. Davles & Son,
Florists.    Tel.   B20S.
and      New
ihej are seen everywhere,    eople   being attracted  no  doubt   by   S quiet aspect yesierday morning.   One
......   ,,,���,,-   and  s      iceabilitj       Lots   ol   designs,   bui   | forlorn stranger occupied the box, and
���   fl i   he had no visible means ol suppoit
'���ngths which aa  "��� "   '    ��"    "'<"    cuMomm    Q   ^ ^ ^ ^ g , ^^ wny
ng .i number ol gar              ike  theirs        '.own.      V       ie   | ^   sh(11]li, ,.,,���,;,,,���.  his  residence  in
as, checks,  plaids and           is, 50c, 60c, 75c. $1X0 and 31.25.   | prosperous   locality,   the   magis-
 . >�� ne  requested him to make himself
$ s, arce,  which  he  accordingly  did in
course of an hour.
and    New   3      -rh(,  p0i(ce  C0Uri   presented   i  very
no   doubt   bj    |j   nuiet  aspect  yesterday morning.    One
course to almosl every known means
of locomotion in order to gel from
one place to another. He travelled
on foot, on horse hack, waded through
Sloughs and sl teams and mushed
across the heavy snows. Allhoue.li
only recently recovered from an accident to llis ankle, he was able to
endure the fatigue without anj' serious result, and is much heller physically than when he left this city
two weeks ago lie broughl back
three  carloads  of fine  cattle.
Shunting    Engine    Strikes   John    Cal-
bick.   Causing   Death.
Death came suddenly to John A.
Calblck, ti young engineer well known
in New Westminster, where he had
lived for many years, and where llis
parents still reside, in the C, P, It.
yards, Vancouver. i*)t an early hour
Tuesday morning, the unfortunate
n ui being struck by a shunting engine. He,ith resulted immedfatelj-.
The body was found a few minutes
Mr. Calblck was the driver of yard
engine No. 203S, and was engaged in
'shunting freight etM's between the
-he.Is and the main line.    When  the
Just  Arrived   in
The best selections we have had yet in
Men's, Youths' and Boys' Suits.
Also a lot of Boys' Tan Cape Silk Lined
! engine was near lhe  Hastings street
Th,. president of the I'nion of B, C. | cro?sinK he  told  his  fireman,  J.  Mc-
Mayor Keary. has lefi
to attend  a  meeting of
i ,times
i9ta\st\^4mSUa40tasSl^ ^SgW
���il   il - executive,  to  be  held to discuss
If  i    lain      lendmei he Municipal
R   Art.    Tbe ex' i dive    i ip ��� ������ ;,> wait
��� "''"    nvernment  and sugges   that l ,psg ,)0fly   A|  (,H, mQms Q( fVii|n, &
union   be  allowed   to   prepare  n | Hanna.   Dr.     McTavish     pronounced
Path   due  to a   broken  neck      A eor-
l ean, thai he would be back in a moment.     McLean wondered al  his long
absence, but was unable to (ind him.
At   midnight,   ,T.   .Tenkins,   passing
ilong the tracks, discovered the life-
Six-roomed House, two storey; bath,
wash basin; several fruit trees; on the
sunny sido of  the streel;   lot 66x132
ict, and  submit ;i to the legis
its nexl session.
il a Hindu ��ho succumb-
to an  attack of bronchitis at the
M      ' -   hospital    estei da.,   moi n
will  be cremated on  l.uln  I       I
��� .it   nine  o'i lo -\   'hi-   morning.     The
.11 man was not *. r\  v i 11
ith   this   woi Id's       ids   and   conse-
..���;''     Hi     i ��� ��� :���    ion   w ill   nol   he
conducted  on  a   very  ela
Marble Cased . . $16.00 to $35.00
Iron Cased . . . 8.00 " 13.00
Polished Wood Cased 6.50 " 10.50
Fancy Gilt . . 2.50 " 9.00
China .        .        .    2.50  "     10.00
Nickel Alarms.        . 90c   "      2.00
Tor's Inquesl  was held yesterday af
li t'lioon.
iii k \\ as only twenty-four year:
oi   age,  and   was   married   jusi   threi
months ago,    He leaves a father and   ��v
mother, four brothers and four sisters   ���
I  a  widow to mourn his loss.
W. G Chamberlin
The Jeweler Columbia St.
*4*A*��4<X ��������������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������
Established 1S87 [ncorporated 1906
feet;   plastered
Sl.400.00.   Soldi.tm cash.
in   good   repair.
.erms for balance.
^  Ill^^BH	
1    P   trci     sanil irj    il        dor   has   Oil  Is Struck at Baker City In Paying *
he necessary arrangements auantlties. 1
nin : up of t he hod    in a s ml . ���
1   ' ' Bal ei   Ci y,   Ore.,   Match   ."..    Much ���
."   iten enl   an i   a   small-sized   sensa- <,
~"       '���      ���>���  attended   n Ins of      m , [n  Raker (..|s   ,; >( *
Xi'��   W '    ' he i when Ihi   news arrived thai oil \   WELLINGTON WASHED NUT
ick in paving quantities * AND PEA COAL.
I Gilley Bros. Ltd
Wholesale and Retail
The Farm Land Specialists,"
hew Westminster
ftsh for this season was fixed   ,.   Vl . ��� ,      ,   ���nty, twelve miles wesl
p   ,-.-   March Is to A              x ,                       <���   >   miles  south-
i Bak*    City, b>  a  man   who
, Con\ i yi '      was           ":' i    '"    "n1'    The  "'''"
��� ,,.-;,. '              .,,-,,- to ,i   B, Bowden aud re-
,     I   ,, j, to June Ist. fi cei ���                 .    , ,   htm  lo hurr.\  tu the  s, ot  I >
'.;���.. . ;rl i ���: i em i for wli . ,..    ;,,.  interests.
",,,��� s '  heads   after April         ' Tiivct. or four years ago several
      .ill   not   be   decih'! WmmmmmmmmmmmmmmWK      m   ,,
"    ' - ol  .ul  lands in  Malheur County
t I Iii   Ihe  season. n0H, ������,,,,.,,, ;nll,  , ,Kl,n  ,M,  ,,v  p,,..,,
Baker Cit>   people.   Combinations of
This celebrated Cement is
used by nearly ail large contractors in the Province.
The  resideni
Mr,  Cameron on
from  fire yesterday mornin.
di -   from   the   roof-
Mr.    Ne''!
Bank of Montreal
CAPiTAL  $14,400,000.00
RESERVE '.V.   '.'.'.       $11,000,000.00
Bran'hes thrcmnhoul Canada an I Newf undland, and   In   London,   England,
'-;-. Chicago and Bpoka.ne, U.S.A., and Mexico City.    A '���        ,,  s ���,��� wen
 ;<ng Business Transacted '      ���a.lorn ^ami ^, |h�� ^
L'-     ^ Credit Issued, available will   correspondents In all  parts ol tho        ;   ^ ^ ^ ^^ s���hlp,H.
^^��� , ruinated from a spark which
FIRE     CLAY     and     MANTE
I'Yom the Clayburn (lay C i,
^^^^^^^^_ ���. outside  capital,  presumably    the  oil
I^I^I^HQt   had ���,��� oxploi-
^^ Short-  ^^^^^^^^^^^^
Telephones: Office 16,   Manager's Residence 22
I a'ion  of  Ihe   held.     Now  il   is   believ-
j iy after noon -"",Ul\wa^obBe"^ iS." i ed "that" under  preseni  conditions,  ii
strike reported is found to be a01'-
neighbor, realizing the   danger,       ;| ^,"nothing will prevent the Baker
..��� |!Bielj hurried down the 8treet_and
iirned In the alarm.
i'he boys from
. semi tit lhe scene of
l> Bank Department.     Dei
:'  ���    il allow id al 3 per cent, per a
times a year.
Totai a a ���.
ts over $!. -  i.OO,
I     BUYMNI3I1    M  ' '
Th ��� ��� innndrum Btipper which will
In ' i   under the  auspices  of the
-   V.   P.  S.  ('.   !���:.. i :
City people from re-locating iheir
holdings and putting the property on
the   market.
Ooera  House  Bookings.
Mar. T   A Cowboy's Girl.
Mar. 9   Bonnie Brier Hush.
Mar. 12 -My Wife's Family.
Mar. H   Creston Clark.
Mar. 27���Florence tei'1'-
,;':     . I
Temporary Premises: Trapp Block
a;, hardman
Plumbing ancl Contracting
P. O. Box 248
Telephone 302
MM w^pv^r-v-wM�� lh rb UBSUW  i>ri��
.:';" -
One hundred and sixty acres in
Surrey Municipality; partly cleared;
good soil; alder bottom; house, barns,
etc., etc.   Price $9,000; easy terms.
Apply "A. A.,"   Daily News office.
0 days after date, we intend to apply \
I to the  Honorable the  Chief Commis-
sionei  of Lands and  Works for a Kpe-
clal license to carry away timber from
scribed   lands  in the   SYNOPSIS   OF
the following *l<
Coast District:
Xo. l. Commencing at a stake planted on shore of Tsi   Has  Lagoon, near
v   VY. Cor. T.   II.  6829, thence mirth      ^available Doi .,    ��� u
50 chains, east  128  chains, south  50 \ln the Railway Beli   ��� ,,,,
chains    wesl   12*  chains   lo   point   of   hia, may be hot,,.
cRadian uftll
or any male over
"; " taniii,
commencement, ''"" ��!""   ������������
No. 2. Commencing al a stake planted about 300 feet from east shore of
A,,run  Sound, near S.   VY.  cor.  T.  L.   i''" ���"'���'      ������ "
the extent of
IGH acres
He   Ik   n   "Poor   Sinner"   Ilernuxe   He
Wantoil  ��n ��;<���!  t���  Sleep.
."Yes, clear.''
"Did you lock the basement door?"
"Are you sure the pas is turned off
1n the kitchen range*?"
"Uh bub."
"I don't believe you looked at the
dining room windows."
"Y'es, 1 did. Now keep quiet. I
want to go to sleep."
"It scoms to me I smell gas. I'm
afraid you didn't open the damper in
the furnace pipe."
"The furnace is all right. I lived it
the Inst thing."
"Well, I have n queer feeling that
something is the matter. Are you sure
the front door is bolted'.'"
"Yes.   yes.   yes!    Confound   it,   chine a chance to go to sleep:    I need
"John, are you asleep?"
"< lomph."
"John, wake up and answer me, You
forgot lo lock the library window1, The
girl was dusting today and bad It
"John, stop that pretending and pet
up. I eaii'l go to sleep tonight unless
you go and lock that window."
"*ili. Lord, why can't you let a fellow
alone'.' 1 fixed all the windows. All
of them���every window In the bouse���
kitchen, dining room, library all of
'em! All of 'em, can you understand
that? The doors nre nil bolted, The
furnace is as it should be, The pas is
turn* d off in the kitchen, Now let me
alone, wil) you?"
"* lomph."
"John, wake up and listen to what
I say."
"Grenl benvens, nre you talking yet
or ngnln?"
"John Worthing) in, did you water
the rubber plant ?"
M   * ...    * * . t j* u*> ��� * a ii
"Oh, our heavenly leather, have raer
e.v on this | r sin ner aud give me pa
tlence to"���
"Shul up!"   Chlcng i Record-Herald.
lu.il    inii:-l    to    mc*    WIMilTMl   is   ei,itin.i.cii
off ami there are several cracks in the
Instrument it does not follow that it Is
an "old one."
If a violin is pood to start wiih it
will Improve with ape and pood care,
but, on the other hand, a poor fiddle
Is uot benefited to any extent if it sur
vives a century or two.
Don't judge a violin by the label
inside of it. Anybody can copy r.a old
name and date and paste it in. if nil
the violins bearing a Stradlvarlus label were llis, poor old Autouius would
he working yet. More- than half of the
cheap, worthless violins bear copies of
his or some other master's label, and
even some real old and pood instruments bave heen passed off as the
work of Amati, Guarneri, Mapini nnd
other famous makers.
Any one having a violin with the la- I
bel of a comparatively uuknown maker j
Is likely to be the owner of a more val- j
uable Instrument thau tbe person
whose fiddle is marked "Antonius j
There is onlj' i ne way to lind out
whether or not a vloliu is living up to
its mime, and that is to get tbe itt lament of tt good dicier. If be tells you
that your violin is uo pond, but sti!!
offers to buy it. y ui may I e quite certain that you have a good fiddle. But
don't sell it. Take it to some oilier j
authority and see what be says, but
don't make a bargain. You will heai
from him if your violin is genuine, for
tlic supply of valuable ones is small
and great rivalry exists among dealers
to secure masterpieces.
A great many people have the idea
that all the very good Instruments are
the output nf a half dozen old geniuses
when ihe truth is that there nre scores
of old as well as quite modern makers
Whose works bring very high prices-
New York Herald.
0   0
now in.   Package
and bulk.     List
Drug, Spectacle, and Seed Store
i u
novi   vvnu  wmi i ,
Bill inane a call upon Ids Jane;
Paw sat In thi   w xi room.
A v. ry -::'. nrrangi ment this���
They hid no i hancc to spoon.
Pap?. ' ami  lu to 1  ki   i look;
Ho thought thi ���-   won   I        till,
But .Ian,- was i - tin ; ovi i  thi re,
While i-'.' r he: ���    �� a.t  Bill.
330 Hastings St. W , Vancouver.
Bookkeeping, Gregg and Pitman
Shorthand, Telegraphy and Engineering.
Seven Teachers
Forty-rwe   Typewriters
Students Always in Demand.
R. J. SPROTT, B. A., Principal
Sealed tenders addressed "Inspectors of Penitentiaries, Ottawa," anl
endorsed "Tenders for Supplies," will
��� rec* ived until Monday, 18th March,
inclusive, from parties desirous of
contracting for suplies, lor the fiscal
year 1907--1908, for the following institutions, namely:
Kingston   Penitentiary.
St.  Vincent de Paul Penitentiary.
Dorchester I'i nitentiary,
Manitoba  Penitentiary.
British Columbia Penitentiary.
Alberta   Penitentiary, Edmonton.Al-
S* : arate tenders will be receive l
foi each of   ihe following classes of
1. Coal.
2. Coal  oil.
3. Cordwood.
I. Drugs,
5, iiry goods,
it. Forage,
7. Fresh fish.
8. Fresh menl.
9. Groceries.
10. Hardware,
11. Leather.
12. Milk.
13. nils and   Paints.
11. I'oik ami Bacon
1.". Sole Leather.
IC. Tinware.
Details of Information as to form of
ci ntract, together ������ Ith fi n - of tender, will be furnishe i en ;. . uc ,.; ,.,
to thi   Wardens,
' ������
'    '      lu il her for a Ids*.
Sh" lurm i t  ���   light down very lew.
An.i it., j  : ,,i . losi    likethls!
I" ���' ;:.'" i Bohi mlan.
Canadian Pacific
Ti igh   vi sti nil* i   i' tin    I .
East da!:,'.
'���'its' claf     lei   ers and tourl ���
Trains leave   lallj al  15: in o'cloc
Information cheerfully given,
Ad s't; piles tu,. subji   ���  t , ���'
irovsl ' f th.- Wi   li
GEO, W  '  WVS'i.v
Inspei tors of Penitentiaries
|:-   i   ti tenl uf .hi lb ,
Otti    a, Fi .. iai .   ll. 1907,
Alex. Speck's
Second Hand Store
OlD violins.
Th<-   Seal    Method   of   Finding   Onl
Tbelr True Value.
Very often somebody thinks that be
or she has a small fortune locked up
in a liddle case. The somebody does
not know much about violins, but lias
heard or read that an old violin Is a
very valuable thing, aud because
grandfather happened to leave a violin, to assume duties upon the harp,
somebody Immediately believes that
grandfather's violin is a treasure. As
a mailer of fact, ninety-nine limes
out of a hundred grandpa Invested in
fl ten dollar tlddle and played "Suwa-
lice itivor" and "Annie Laurie." When
lie boiiglV* it lhe violin WAS Worth $10,
Lu; since then li has been depreciating In value at llu; rale of about 10
cent*  n   vear.    From  the  mere  fact
Editor- i'onr novel is stolen every
word, except tin title,
Author How do ymi like lite title?-
Erilfurendp Mnttstr
K. ���!. COVI.li.
A.  ti.   I'.  A.
Agenl   i'.|'.i{.
Xew Westminster,
The White Pass
and Yukon Route
Second Hand Goods of
all kinds bought and
sold for cash. All Mail
Orders promptly attended to. Kindly write or
call at
FAIRBANKS. Daily trains (except
Sunday) carrying passengers, mail
express and freight connect with
stages at Carcross and White Horse
maintaining a through winter service'
Foi  information apply to
J, JH.  ROGERS,  Traffic  Manarrr   Columbia St
' .Vancouver. B. C.
i Phone 275
Sign  Man on Wheel.
New Westminster.
6039, thence south 80 chains, east  80
chains to li if T, L. 6941, north 80
chains to shore ,,!' Huaskin Lake, wesl
80 chains, more or less, to place of
No. 3, Commencing al the S. B. corner T. L. Tell', about one mile from
head of Forward Harbor, X. !���:.. thence
north 80 chains, east 10 chains, south
160 chains, west 40 chains, north 80
chains to place of commencement.
Xo. I. Commencing at tli*' S. AW
corner of T. L. 7904, about one mile
north of the head of Frederick Ann.
thence west 80 chains, snath 40 chains,
cast so chains and south 40 chains
with line of T, I.. 7439, thence east
40 chains to shore at S, W, corner lot
L'TI. thence north V|i chains, west 40
chains, more or less, to poinl of com
DATED this 2Gth day of February,
The Mclaughlin lumber co. Ltd.
By ('. R, McLaughlin, Pres. and M. n.
TAKE NOTICE thai application has
been made to register Edgar L. Webber as the owner in Fee Simple, under
a Tax Stile Deed from the Reeve and
clerk of Surrey, to Edgar L. Webber,
bearing the dale Sth day of January,
A.D, 1901, of all and singular that certain panel or tract of land aud premises situate, lying and being in the
District of Xew Westminster, in the
Province of British Columbia, more
particularly known and described as
Lots 1 and 2 of Block 10, subdivision
ol South Easl quarter Section 10,
Township i.
You and each of you are required
to contesi the claim of the tax purchaser within thirty days from the
date of the first publication of ibis
notice, otherwise l shall register Edgar L. Webber, as owner thereof in
fee. And 1 hereby ord* >' that publication of iliis notice for fifteen days
In a daily newspaper published at
Xew   Westminster   will  be  good and
Sufficient   service  thereof.
DATED al the Land Regi try Office,
Xew Westminster, Province of British  Columbia, this  17th  day of Janti-
' ary, A.D,   1907,
C.  S.  KEITH.
DlBtrict  Registrar,
To Thomas Jeffries, Esq.
All persons served with this notice,
and those claiming through or under
them, and ail persons claiming any in-
j teres; in the said land by virtue of any
unregistered instrument, and all persons   claiming  any  Interesi   in    the
' said land by descent whose title
is not registered un ler the
; rovislons of the "Land Registry Act,"
shall be forever estopped an I debarred from setting uti any i laim to or
in respect of the said land si. sold  for
[ taxes as provided by the "Land Regis
try Act."
TAKE NOTICE thai an application
' has been made to register James Lord
as  the  owner  in   Fee   Simple, undei'  a
Tax  Sale Deed  from  tho  Mayor and
Tr. asurer of the cil ���  of New Westminster, to  Patrick T.  Bowler,  bear
lng date tit" 18th day of August. A.D,
1902, -of all ami singular that certain
-     el  or tracl  of land   and   premises
til 'ti'.   lying  and   being   in   ihe   Cltj
ol X' v.' Westminster, in the Provim n
oi British Columl ia, more particularly
. known and described ns Lots 10 and
ll. Block "D" St. Pntrlck's Square,
Vou and each of you are required
to contesi ihe claim of the ta\ purchaser within imi \ ii v.- days from ihe
'bite   of   the    flrsl    publication   of   this
j notice, otherwl e I shall reglstei
1 'i���" ��� Lord aa owner thi roof In fee,
And I li* rebj certlfj thai publication
��i this notice tor thirty days in a
dally new-paper published at New
Westminster will be good and sufficient service thereof,
DATED tn the Land Registry Office
Xew Westminster, Province of Brit-
ish Columbia litis 1st day of February, A.D.   1907.
Districl  Registrar,
To Henry Elliott, Esq.
All persons served with lids notice,
and those claiming through or under j
them, and all persons claiming anv
Interest in Iho said land hy virtue of
.���my unregistered Instrument, and all
persons claiming any Interesl in the
aaid land by descent, whose title Is
"l,! registered under the provisions of
the "Land Registry Act," shall be
forever estopped and debarred from
settJng up any claim to or In respeel
if the said land so sold for taxes as
provided by iho "Land Registry Act."
Entry  must   h,
the local land office "*> ��
which the land is '    8trlctl��
The homestead,:
form the condition     ejected ,t,"""
with under one ol ^
II, A. leas, ...
upon and cultivaii
each year for thn
(2) If the fathei er ,(
father is deceas* I
er resides upon ., :. the vicinity
o: the land enter* I ���
ments as to resid* n ���
li.f   such    person
father or mother.
(3) If the setl
enl ri sidence up m
ed by him in the i
stead,   ihe   requin
dt me may be satl Hi
upon the said  lan I,
���  nan
'.! own.
1 n si-
leu ���
six months' noth ���
bi   given to the   Conn ,; n .
minion   Lands  at  Otti intention
to apply for patent.
Coal lands may bi ed at 110
per acre for sofl coa ���,; ,:,.
thraclte,     Not  mo ��� 20 acres
can be acquired bj i m
company.   Royalty at
cents per ton of 2.  ..      .   : ��� ,    .
collected on the gross * il
W. W. t ORY,
Deputy of the Ministi     ��� ihe Interior.
N, B.���Unauthorizi I
thl.s   advertisement I lie paid
sixty   days  after  date I
apply   to   the   Honon I ���
Commissioner of  L n ��� ������   -
for  permission  to  purch
lowing tract of land situ
District,  for a Mill Sit*
ing tit a post planted on   '
S.   E.   Ann   Huaskin   I.
W.   coiner  T.   L.   No.    ��� ������
Si .'li  10   chains;    Wi   '
South in chains, mon  or        u X, '���'���
shot" of Turnbull Cove;       nei  v.
with  shore  line  20 chains;   v
chains;   Easl   5    chains;
chains, more or    less, to
Huaskin    Lake;    thei
shore line 20 chains,
point  of  commence nent;  coi    n
40 acres,  more or let
DATED "thle   19th   '.:,
The   Mclaughlin  lumh
By ('. I!   McLaughlin. Pn    , M   i1
TAKE NOTICE that appl
been  made to  register  Kai
as the owner in Pee Simple,
'Dux  Sale Deed   from  C,  A. Ct
Reeve and E. M. Cameras , t'lei
the  Districl  of Surrey,  ben
iii*' Mib day of December,  \ I)  '
of all and singular thai cei
or tract of land ami premlsi
lying ami being In the Distil
Westminster, In the Provln
Ish Columbia, more ���
and  described as  L* I   12, t i
of Section 26, Hie
You   and   each   it,    I  il
to contesi  the claim ol  lln
eh,is. r within fort} five dn
date  of the  Ursi   publl* il on
notice,  I shall register Karl  li ''!-;'
aa owner thereof In fee,     Vi    '
eel   that   piiblicaiii.n   of   ihi
for thirty days in a dally  m
published  al   New   Westmin t*    "���
he good nml sufficient service
DATED al tho Land Reg! - Ofll ���
Xew Westminster, Provim e ol n '
Ish Columbia, this i ith day oi l;llli
ary, a.d. i :*o7.
Districl It*
To Thomas Archibald Mclnni     E I
AH   persons  served   with  I
tice,  ami  those claiming Hi
under   ihem,  and   nil   person
lng any Interesl In the sail Innd b;
virtue of   any    unregistered    ;| "'
ment,  ami all pewons clnln :    "
Interesl  in the said lan I bj ��� ���   ';
whose   title  Is  not   registered '���llli,r
the provisions of the "Land   '���
Act,"  shall  he forever e itopi   ' J
debarred   from   selling   up an
to or   111   respeel   of the     ': '
sold   for  laxes  as   provided  bj
"Land Registry Act."
.^t..,..j.,'jT--|"!.,JH.V."T-r- dnesday
MARCH   6.   1907.
than carefully study the following
list  of  properties for sale by us.
E\ ERY  DAY   new  bargains  are
listed.   EVERY DAY bargains are
sold.   EVERY DAY prices are ris-
, i   ���     , inS" and TO-DAY is your opportun
ity.   We have choice farms, fine residential properties, lots throughout Se
city for buildmg ptoses    Horn* for the people    If you \ZTZX I
called on us, do so now.   It will repay you.
Tel- 333
Tel. 333
BURNABY.    $150  PER   ACRE.
��� -.���    lots, corner 3rd
gi :     room bouse an l
$1,500, on t thir I cash,
at 7 ] ei cenl
id,    ' i   if a mil"
. ,,    Porl   Moo i - :
LOTS     Or     LOTS
INeur thc  Bridge
Full-sized lot No. 8, be
tween 6th & Tth Ave. oi
Ith St., west side.    $300,
hi :' cash, bal. in 6 mos.
One acre in block 9, between 18th and 16th St.
"ii 8th Ave. Price $750,
1-3 cash, bal. easy.
Who Said
i acn     lust   on
'....tion;    7-roomed
. ���.:    chicken  house,   P
: need  tin 1 in  good
Price $4,500.
tl months al 7 per cenl :'^   *' "       ������"''���'������   '"' i  =
...   ivemeni
'rice    $1.100,.  ha
nl     al "i per cen
One Lot 56x132 ft. on
Queen's Av.. north side,
S,E. cur. block 6, S. block
;,.' Price $1,000, half cash,
| 6 per cent. Lane on
b:     of lot.
^���x    ,; acre      i i  .        ,   .
Large lot and two cottages on Co-
' limit.i i Btreet, Sapperton,   Both rented
ai $10 each,
ill ban ,. , ,.. ,
11.un.. liouse, kmlitlt  i\ i eel: 2 stores and straw . , ,    ,
,   ,,-   ,   ,   .               ,   ,   e>s; b large rooms;  water, telephone,
- ,700, hull  ca        -. ,,,,,,  ,
tall shed.    Between 3rd and  Uh av-
,   ,   ,,. inn";  good  view,    Price $1,300. $iiimi
oldlng, and nea ,     I
��� ish;   .* I00   In   six   mouths,   $|uo   bj
and bring this adver
lane ai    ;  part of lo   sei
J- iHIS    I IllS   ihlVIM'- ,,   , ���    , ,
>"'���'    ':    and    nice    lawn.    Price , , ......     ,,.,.   monthl>   Payments ol $1
$2,750. $l.E  cash, balanri 12   i ilai -
m      at 7    er i ent,
. Fifth avenue, Bub B, 10
$300 cash. u cleared;
132 feet.
' v. 19, 20, 21, face on  L6  .
li avenue;  2 corner loto
;_��� ie I its $200 each.    Price
;��� Single lots at cash,
I  lot in  Sapperton, fac ng
Price $150 cash.
. i ie, 7 rooms ;   '  r tl, P.usll
lie I. hot mi I cold Vi atei .
.   [i ���    facing   Ith  avenue   an I    3r I
feet.    Price $2,400. '_��� cash
: :. i   one-half   acres   bel .���-1   u
One and one-half Btorey house and
v ,  couver   Road,   "'"   B'ze   ,"1,  sil";,"M  1,ol,h  M'u'  of
... on Jubilee road fac-   ttoyal avenue and corner of AlcKlnnis
e; 7 roon   ,   lush closet upstairs;   ing three roads; 1-3 mile from Jubilee   Btreet: 9 rooms; bath room, hot and
all in .:   .. .. .ments; new house:   : al "'��� ' ;   the tram line, near Koyal   P"M  water' clos"t;  w,m,lsll"'1; -v"����k
$:.C00.  Vi cash, '-.  In .; months al  7   0lll�� hotel.    Small   house;     3    acres  bear,g   '''""   trees;   s"'(M'ls ""   """,'
CllrlAO. I'..,.,       ..I.,... Il.i...        ��.    Ortrt        a.,,.,.
Good siz   I stable and fruil   f"J *; 11 - -1 an :   i   Itlvated.    Price $'.500.
Bides;   fine  view,    Price  $1,800. J'.hih
Second hot     ith streel   S1- -'������  balance    6,    12, and   Is cas '
n up|��er side.                               months al  7 per cenl One tull sized lot, 2nd lol from cor-
Seven-roomed house, Seventh street. '"'''' '"'' 8trcel  and M'>  avenue, lot
near Fifth avenue,  two Btoreys, full ';,; xMI feet.   $250 cash.
size l lot, $1,600.
lots, with double corner,
on section 1, '2. lots section
2, near Richmond St.,Sapperton, for sale. $600, half
cash, bal. to be arranged
at 7 per cent.
Oti" an '. -i half I it - Sa ipe ton, just
of i*    in eel an I Bi m el te, only
$1,200.    Terms to  b i arranged.
Full sized lot, N i. 12 Third avenue
an 1 13th street, n irtb side. $300 easy
We have a few valuable lots: ���
Between 9th street and Sth street.
Between   3rd  and  4th   avenue.
Centrally located In a commmandlng
17 lots, full   sized on Sth street, In  situation;   Third   avenue, al   foot   of
_i acres; south half of lol 28, sec.   F.urnaby,   Easl   side   1""   yards from  Fifth street.   Two and one half-storey
id   Eighth   avenue;   south   7, Hall's Praliie n il   New house and   Cliff Can  fa tor       Price $1,020. house.   Ten rooms (recently papered)
street.    Price $2,500. good barn. House on Ro; ,: and Eighth stre&t.  Ail niodern conveniences;    hoi    and
wo store s,  seven  tutus, full sized   ''"',|   water,  hath,  flush  closet, lava-
"'. $2,000. tol-v'   electric   light;   nice   lawn;   lot
06x132, with lane in roar; part of lot
sei oul with fruit trees. Price $2,750.
$1,500 cash, balance arranged,
2 lots, 20, 21;  No. 20, $170; No. 21,
(corner)   $175.    Durham   and  Second
Jts 23, 33, 39. 40: full 6 zy.
eas y cleared: Eighth and Seventh
avi and     Cumberland    Btreet.
i        ish.
One acre back of the
Orphanage. $800 cash.
For full particulars apply
at once.
Snap  in  Lots.
���tt  Twelfth   street, be w ��� Vacant lots tor sale In all parts of
nd Third avenue;  wesl side   the city, from $25.00 to $3,000
lop;    full  size.    Price  $3,30 t ,,    , .,.,-.,
so acres,  me mile Irora A i io -' u 1,
:i b res i leare I, good   -   I, 220 fruit
":  Lota   betw* "tt   Sevei       ,rees   .  :,. $UOo, half ca h, balance
tn i Hamilton street, easl t .   [n .-,   e emia, . ,  m ..... a,   ,     ,uauie
eel; all < leared and fence i;
n on one of the l d - $1,511
il it,. !��� one ; eai  al  7 ;��������
150   t  rea  Improve i   ' in I,  ' ill lings
nn ! shi Is com; lete
���.. ,:��� ci     '' lalt
h .tt  mile waterfront, G.N.
ng    through.       $9,460,  terms
t vesl Igate,
. 50x150, out3ide city limits
ilth ii  m, $15 co:.   If you
c m  handle  this, don't   delaj;   It's a
bargain; terms can be arranged,
16 , acre - goo l farm Ian I I i Delta,
40 Lots 45x120 in Sapperton, overlooking the
Fraser River; between the
Hospital, Distillery and
Brunette Saw Mills, with
school in center; IT double
corner lots, balance front
and well located; all easily
cleared; perfect river view.
Corner lots $150, inside
1.its $125. Only 1-1 cash.
bal. 6, 12 and 18 months;
or terms can be arranged
to suit purchaser. INDEFEASIBLE TITLE.
One hundred and sixty acres, N'.W.
',    Sec. 25, Township  16, 2*,i miles
from     Abbotsford,    crook     running
through, 50 acres alder bottom, said
ib0U|    i.. miles from river, near Scott      60 acres good fruil land In Surrey;   to  be  $600 worth of  timber on the
i   lot.    Fuller   particulars on  ^^ ^- ^ ^^ g ^ goo(] ,i;|y       ^ .^ bQugW  n ^    _,. |2g ,,e;. ,|i,,,(i   ,,,,,..���.-..     Prlce $10 per acrei ^ r.|S,K
James Inlet, three square miles, ,n   only one-quarter ca I, needed, balance  balance on lime
House and lot, 33 x 100, lU-slnrey,
situated near Queen's avenue, $1,350.
It's up to you to stop paying rent.
One lum Ired and sixty acres N. VY
'j Sec. 15, Township 11. two miles
from Fort Langley, 5 acres slashed,
N'o. 1 land Price, $10 per acre. One
third cash, balance on time. 7 percent.
II Hakes ���*" Cnronr uh  Vwfnl iim it lu
.VnI.iiiIkIi Iim,
By the way. did you over bear a real
Chinese gong? 1 don'l mean a hotel
coin:, but mi" of those greal moon
disks of yellow metal which have si
terrible a i��o\er of utterauce.
A gentleman in Bangor, uorth Wales,
who bad a private museum of smith
Pacific ami Chinese curiosities, exhibited one to me, li was hanging amid
FIJI spears beautifully barbed with I
sharks' teeth, which, together with
grotesque New Zealand clubs of green
stone and Sandwich Island paddles |
wrought wiili the baroque visages of
the shark god, were depending from
the walls; also there wore Indian ele
Illinois in ivory, carrying balls In their
carven bellies, each ball containing
many other halls inside It.
Tbe gong glimmered pale and huge
and yellow, like the moon rising over a
southern swamp. My friend tapped
Its ancient face with n muffled drumstick, and it c init. diced to soli like
wines upon a I ' v Iwacli. lie tapped it
again, and it ui nined like the wind in
a mighty forosl of plnej, Again, and It
commenced to roar, nnd with each tap
the roar grew deeper and deeper till It
seemed like thunder rolling over nn
abyss In the CordilleruB or the crashing of Tiler's chariot wheels.
It was awful and astonishing ns awful. 1 assure you I did nol lamtli at it
at all. II Impressed me as something
terrible aud mysterious. I vainly
sought to understand how tbtil thin
disk of trembling metal could pro
duce so frightful a \ Ibratlou, He informed me thai it was very expensive,
being chiefly made of the most precious
metals, silver and gold. From "Life
und Letters of Lafcaillo llearn."
peu in nccepl lug il D'ers of set m il
conipnn ea of Siberian unlit i u bo \ il
uuteered for sen ice al the front. I'll ���
petition read, ' We liiunhl) I tj al y mr
majesty's   feel   oui   desire    o  be per
in.Ile.l   to  fight   and  .iie  for  M.e  fall .'
land." The emperor lu a crop I In . wroi ���
on the margin of the   iel I  m  lu  Ii t
o�� n band, ' I thank j ou si rely au I
hope j mr wishe.i iu iy ! e fully real
lh..  Wauled  WltUplmii,
"I always thought." said the hostess,
"that Scotchmen were humorous Lit
ni;_'!it I showed a departing Scot, li
guest ii great pile of overcoats in the
dressing ro im.
"'Here,' I said, with a wave of mj
hand, '.* ou are the first to leavo. Take
jmir ch.in a.'
"'Thank you.' said be as he fumbled scarchlngly among tbem, -I'll 'ave
me own.'"    New  i'ork   Press.
A    I i-j:iil    KciikmI.i-.
Hostess ��� Were yon seasick coming
across, dear? Miss Pen Oh, no! Von
see. papa was with US, Hostess But
what has tliat to do with your not be
lng seasick? Miss Pert - Well, yon
know, papa is n judge, and be ove*
ruled the motion.   Boston Transcript
A sharp tongue is tbe only edged tool
thai mows keener with constant use -
1 '-���   'in cottage, Tth Ave.&
1     St., facing-Tth Ave.; 2
sized lots; name of cot-
.   Cecil;   bath   room,
'���'   -Isheds, peach, apple,
pear and plum trees. Price
$1800, half cash, bal. 6&
is. at T per ct.
$6 00 per acre, half cash, lialtmee easy.   In one Ten  acre, in Lot   163, one mile cast
lS0 ,,.,.    m :       . sections 28,  "f Westminster Junction, Al soil, .'as-
2-j and 32, T   ,' 1), -tie half pral-  n>  clenred,   $30 per ace.
all over the city for sale
from $50 to $3,000.
See us immediately. Tell
us where you want a lot
and we can supply.	
res, Westminster dlstrli t,  10
cultiv al lon,  10 acres 01
ii,., resl brti ib an i tou e un ill trees
Prb e3t Sectl 'ti 12, $13 pei a* re; Sec-
t -tt 2D, $60 per act e; Sectla I, $55
. er ai re. Te eplun il llammou i;
lei ��� " rib -' iti 'tt. Pill Rlvi Di Idg ���-
i ��� ::. .. ball c i Ii, '��� >i m*' one an l >���- i
years nl T per ( enl    Exi lusive agen
Ho i .-    i, i   lot,   ���"��� i   x   133,  back  ot
100 acres on the Scotl road, 15 a {   ^        f   M . (. llumbla  8t    Rent8
d  to
lor,   2
Bed   Rooms,
Slird;  Electric L
House, i orner of Fifl Ii avenue and
''''"''  .                              i   ���  iinn i   Dl,     iicin - ,.    ,                             ,                                     0
: iltlvatlon,  10 acres o, ,,., , ,      , ��� ,., , 30;    tt, le    etc.; '          ,                 ,,,,,,,, $1_20a sixth  3lreel. one lot   two storeys, K
'     lra*  ernes   "laneJ    plend I    'i    onl   $30 pi             H.  ,,,,,-    ,                         ���    ,���   monlhl. rooms, $2,500, half cash.
'    bottomland; runnlna ,        in   , ,., n       ,                ;) hl her pei House,   full   sized   lot,   on   Keary
lfS X-J'  trame ',':"   ''      Between   Fifth  and   Sixtl          ,     .,      ,               money than 14  t  '"      Sapperton;   rents tor  |10  pel
:"s'   fraine  houae  and   co*    lr seventh street, elgfa  ,,.,��� "'"""'���   0nl5 *''050'
���'" !''  ill, stable 8 cows nnd   '   '.' ,.,,.,.  ,   , .���,   '  ' ��� ,,������.���    ,n   ,,���������,   tu   int.   ,���.,���
ne tr Ml   lon ;;
:i. da de an I * litci.cn li ��� ���- ������- '  "
IZOd    lot,   tWO    sto:-'    I,   |1,0    I    I,
churches    near    al    hand;
n i - twice a   la; ; abo it 100 5?.500.
ei   Bi and cedar, never b       '';" " rea lu Surrey. 5 an : enre I,
���     refused   for   standing  fenced on road side. $1,800, hal   cash,
irriage hon a  IG x 24;  hen   halance on  time nl  G   cent, iu
lade   if hewed timber laid iti  Joel lo ��''!l' lf Umber
12 x 30,    A chance of a life      pari or lol sen, joins L,nke Commur,
 , ��4,000 cash, balance al 6 aboul   Te  acres,   cn'.j   *2ri  per  acre
I! iir cash,   Jump.
igea and two lots on Fl   I      I GO acres, Langley, 2.". undei cullivn
"   "��� opposite Queen's  park.    P     ���   house, barn,  sheds, etc   Ml m
*7,ooo. :   repair;  a   sm..   tl  $i.ooo,  hail
"   blocks,    fruit   lands   i,".'i   CM                  ,    ,       ,     ...    ,��� ,,.,,���
"       ',, $20 per a��� KUI" '"""":1     '      '
In besl residential portion of Now Westminster,
casi cinl; close tn car; *;
large rooms and large reception hall; modern in every respect; 2 full lots L32
x 132, all in lawn, laid out
with shrubs and flowers;
tennis couri on one side.
Price $2,750. Terms $600
cash, bal. on mortgage.
���      House,    lt>   room .   IV4   ' 'K   neai
li   avi n ie   and   Seventh  .street.
$2X0,").   rerms i an be arranged,
l :, to res, one mile from i [tinting
don, it.i'. Ti) acres In grass, 15 acres
dralne i an I feni ed. bouse and barn
cosl $2,500; good road along one sido;
: tire $30 per acre, hair cnsii. balance
to still purchaser at G per cent Rea
pon for selling, the owner's wife is In
ba I health, and has to go to a cold
Double tenemenl bouse. 6 rooms In
each hou ie, water, light, full size lot,
between     First    nnd    Second    streel,
20 per ftcre                                    Eight i "iniel     hotlBB .  a.I    in""' [joi)Be Rnd !  ,  ,,n  A;,n���a ���,,,,,���   Uv0   ,..������,.,.,  aveniie, on  north  side.    Prii
conveniences, on Carnan in sireet anl ^ ^ ^ ro,)mg. ;l rea| =���.,,, ���, $1500p half cash, balance In one ye?
ic. 32.  Timber, fir, ce   gixth 8tr , two storeys, $3,750. ^'                                                at G per cent.
."'.;   ,;"" B0il; -;"" : "K      One Lot  No. 12, facing on Ith Ave, *                                                                                        tence               fw. c;,
full particulars
Olie    1.0
between    Is;    and   2d 81
I   ,,.,���  c,eared.   .,  m)leg   ,',,������  park,   $475, $275 cash, balnn
���t $10.00 per acre. ', cash,  2lsl August and 2UI Febrttarj
R, i'���      Meadows,  only      160 acres, till teneed, ready for CU1
',.,,.,,,   one third cash, balance tlvatlon, good water, hair mile from
school, at Chiiliwack, $75 per acrs.
I , -,     ai i. per cen
&  CO
A   �� DHlOUl    limn    of   Hie   Sii|<i>ri4ll�� Iim
Ol   (lie    All Hi-lit*.
The burning of pe iple in effigy has
(���ome from a foolish superstition of tbu
iiiieieiils, who believed tluit by burn
lug a likeness of a person ihey were
Inflicting pain upon tbe Individual blm
sell'. Theocritus tells us thai theQreek
sorcerers killed Iheir enemies by magic
riles performed over the effigy of the
person wh" bad offended them, and
Virgil also makes mention of lids.
Iu the days uf witchcraft and perse !
cutlon oi r tbe most common chnrgns j
against witches was thai  they  made
waxen Images of their enemies which I
they  melted  before  a   Are nnd  thus
caused the dissolution of the origiunls,
Tho Japanese still regard Uie otflgy
as a means of punishment of faithless ���
lovers, and iii France to tho time of
the first revolution execution by effigy
was a legal rite. In the Netherlands
the same Illogical custom prevailed,
and the different religious burned the
effigies of each other's leaders with
seal, in England the burulug of ef-
lilies wuH hIsii practiced, ns it wns I
later in America.
No iiniiiit from the nncloul custom of ���
burning Un- efflgy nrose  tbe idea of j
placing the wax figures of emlueul men
iu Westminster abbey,   In ol leu times
upon the death of a celebrity a waxen '
Bgure representing blm  fully dressed
n* in life was made and ca:<rlcil in lhe
rear of lhe funeral pi esslou,    Alter
the service the etllgy was sei up in thu
Church as n leinpniaiy in iiinnteiit. ami
during the time it wns ou exhibition it j
was  cllsl'jinary   to  pnste  Ol'  pill   pleCM
of   paper   containing   couiplluioutury
epitaphs upon it.   The royal figures In
Westminster abbey dale back to the i
fourteenth  century.- New   York Brlb
A   I'riii'i'MN   That   Require!!   II.Hit   v.i
lliMirr   nml   Skill,
With certain tribes wampum is still
highly prized and necklaces are wort,
by men. women and children whei/
they are *he fortuunte possessors ol
them. To make wampum various kind!
of shells are used, white and thosfl
having ii l.i'.eniler line being 1110=11
The thin shells are broken Ini 1 llttl"
pieces ami by ail of nippers are made
ns nearly rouud as poaslble. when
each piece is drilled In tt e center, the
old time (Ire kindling style of drill being used, the shells are then Btmug and
rolled with the hand on a Hal stone,
which   grinds   them   mill   they   are
Smooth and even.
Comparatively few Indians among
those who prize wampum bends most
highly have the skill or patience h>
make them, even though they had tha
materials. The fact ll there nre but
few wampum bead makers In the coun
try. anil n often happens lhat long pll
grlmages inusi be made 1 1 secure ilia
requisites for really Ann beads, and. oa
with the while man's trinkets, that
which Is "far fetched nnd dear b lUght"
Is mosl sought nf er f ir ornamentation.
Around some of lhe nnclenl ruins In
Ibe soulhWest tl 0 little disks of wampum are of  I' i-iii'l in the sand, nil I II
is probable lb il ihey wove deposltc 1
In the graves In verj arty times ai I
washed oui or exp 1 te I by Iho wind's
action. The ie nil 1 ire In Ihe be il
���dale of preservntloi eT any In tha
country, Umolulely nothing Is known
of Iheir builders, and lhe origin or
these ruins was as much n mystery
when ''or itcnl'i lirsl saw Ihem In 1510,
when he mad" hi-'- fani ms Invasion, as
It |a t'i tbe people of the present day.-
Iinllairi Friend
Stanley flu* lOxplnroi*.
Although the fever of African exploration did not seize upon Henry M,
Stanley until after be found Living-
BtOUO, when the example set by the
latter fired the Welshman's ambitions,
there can bo little doubt that Stanley
was 11 boru explorer. Otherwise bo
would scarcely have been aide to nc
COmpllsh those arduous journeys which
cnablrd him to till up an euoriOOUS
blank iu the map of Africa. Stanley's
discoveries were of the greatest po
lltlcal Importance nnd led to tbe founding, among other tliiiiK.s. of what Is
now the Kongo Free si ite. llis ultimate discovery of Emin Pnsbn furnished n magnificent Illustration of Stan
ley's Indomitable courajfe and perse
verance.���London Mall,
A I'nmi- ol Conii'lciMje.
"So you are engaged  In depressing
"Only temporarily," answered Mr.
Mustlti Sta\. "I want to come as in-.ir
as possible to reconciling my conscience to what I nm going to tell the
Msessor."- Washington 8tar.
11 u   Moral.
American Author Mow Is your new
novel progressing?
French Ditto���I hav*' tbe story nil
written, and now I must co over It nnd
polish It Up.
"Oh, put thnl time on the next one!"
-New York Life,
I'll.- 11 luht  Ft ml.
One day Percy, aged three, wns playing with the tail of a big dog.
"Look 0��t," said the careful aunt;
"he'll bite you, dear."
"Ob, no, auntie," be said. "I'i tint nt
tbe bithV end."   Mnrper's Weekly.
Real  Estate Brokers
A^U lor Employer,' Li.ibi.ity, and Union Fire Assurance Co. oi London.
A   I.nyul   slip.
Consideralile   aiuil.sein.nt   was   ouee
caused bv a sltti of F.uitioroc NtrUnJns'
Knew   Hi-   Wasn't   Snfe.
"I assure yon you have no renson
to be jealous of your chum nnd me,
nnd you know she snys she wouldn't
marry the best man alive."
"That's why I'm Jealous."-Ilounton
Vost. f  8
We have special inducements to offer in
ir, order to make room for our spring stock,   which  is  expected  soon.
The market  quotations  are sure to advance on the following staple
lines, viz.:
Place your orders for these goods at once.        	
_ ^^   ADAMS
Public Supply Stores
..A Cheap Home..
A good House and three Lots
on Third Street for $1900.
Nice 2-storey House, corner lot,
on Queen's Ave.  Only $1600.
Malins, Coulthard & Co.
Real Estate, Financial and Insurance Agents,
Columbia St., - - New Westminster B. C.
'Phone   105. 'Phcne  105.
New Wellington Coal
Mayers & Preston
J. W. Creighton
| Social and \
iPersonal I
i ���
I     Matter intended for this column should     J
t     be   addre,-<rd.    -Social   Editoi     Dail)
J     News, P.O. Box 402. New Westminster        j
\V. A. Dashwood Jones lefi yeste'r-
.!.];.-  for Cloverdale and   Blaine.
j, peck, chiel inspector of machinery, is in Seattle.
Miss  Taylor, Gordon's  head  millln-
bas returned from Portland where
-':..��� has been attending the openings,
Mr. and Mrs Ralph i.i iby and fam-
i :   London,   Englan!.   arrived   in
��� .,   , ity   yi sterday   to    make    their
liome   in  N'ew   Westminster,
Mrs \V. Allison left yester lay for
Ri .. Istoke, where she will remain for
some time.
H. L.  Tucker,  of Sapperton, has
-.������:.��� -ii Castl* gar  lun* tion, ni ar Xel-
son, where   he   will   r* main   foi i he
in xi :��� sv months.
T. F. Jackson returned to !!��� iv* I-
stoki     estei laj   afternoon.
.1. A. Walmsley has r* sume I his
d ities   at   the  ('.   P.   R.   i P f, after
eing Invalide 1 for over a week on
account of blood ��� i '-������:.'.���.^ < aused
thro igh a slight  woun ! on the foot.
J. Reichenbach r* turne 1 yest* rday
i from Ashcroft, where he had be* n
i for ihe past  two weeks on business.
i     A     '
A     I
i Household \
��� *
An adhesive, porous
work in every
description of building
I   wall-finish for interior
% Put up in twenty-three
��� tints and white
��� .	
+== ���
Ready for use when
mixed with water
Now   is  the
to   look   for
Large numbers of this season's favorite styles I , tohami
during the last few days.   The trade for these good   I.
with extra  vigor,   and  women  will  find it a pleasure a
this new showing while it \< at its best.
��� Anv person can apply it ���
P. O. Box   345
'Phone   105.
'Phone   107.
:���: _ >;
Elder  Statesmen   Confer  With   Japanese Cabinet and Reach Decsicn.
Victoria. B. C. March 5.���Advi* * -
v. ��� re re< eiv< I by steamship Empr< ss
of  tn lia   from   T l;\ i thai inf* r-
em e of the elder stat* sm* n and I he
cabinet was held at the premier's
residence on Febr lary IG to dlsi . ������
the amen le I immigri tion 111 projeci
��� ; '������> the Cnite i States, The Main!-
chi Shimpo says a protest i gains! the
bill was withdrawn in ap] r< ciati in
of President Roosevent's en leavors
n bring the controversy between Japan and America to a ha] py issue. An
understanding was reached at the
meeting that no labor passports
would be issueil to immigrants for lhe
fnited Slates.
Regarding the San Frai ���'������. ��� - ���
(juestion some elder stat* smen objected 'ii the American rest!Ictii ns that
ra im -������ older than 1 i years may
' : i California schools, bui on Viscount Hayashi saying that he con-
si ler* ' ii .< iser to accept thi Ameri
ran proj is il, seeing that to 1 ett* i
'i m roi could  be    effect* I,     :  -
n n lorsed.
i anderson |
Iand lusby!
: :
New Coats
Among  tin' fabrics shown made up in long and   ;
Light Grey Tweeds, Shadow Plaids,   Black and  White i
Cloths, Cravenette, etc,   There  is a  large range in prici
find excell* nl values from $6.00 to $20.* i each.
New Skirts
In both 1.ailies' and Misses' Skirts you can find thi
to suit, from the varied range we are showing:  Panama *
Cravenette, Black and White, White Serge,   Fancy Grey Twe* I,   i ..,���
and Colored   Venetian,   are a   few (if the materials shown in the new
skirts.   From $3 to $15 each.    You will find the best of valui
247 Columbia Street, New Westminster
Eggs are High
Second Hand Junk Store
Egg Food �����
Poultry Cure
n fi n n (i <t
o a ii (���
Highest Prices Paid for STOVES, FURNITURE
and TOOLS of all descriptions. Also buy and
ROPE. We also buy and sell everything.
Between  Columbia  and
Fraser River Hotel
Apply by mail,
or by
'Phone No. 214
Ellard Block.
Every article or piece of F trniture in our establishment
at actual cost without reserve. Firsl come, first served.
Wi'need the cash, and you ivant the goods. This is a
chance of a lifetime.
716 and 713 Columbia St.      Four  Floors.
Rear  Extension.   Front St.
Clearing-out Sale of Odd Lines at giving away juices.
See our Window and Door.
| Electric Railway Service j
Premier    McBride    Will    Resign    His
Seat   in   De vdney,
Vict ria. B .. M h 5. Meml ��� i s
are aln ad riving foi e o>.i nln
'i: the : lattin nd everythin
hurry an ! I i stle. Pr, mii r M Bi: '
'<��������������� announced that the replj to the
": ���" ih from the throne will be moved
Mr. Thompson, Victoria, seconde I
b\ Dr. McG tire, Vancouver, and lt Is
��� ected thai it will be taken up Friday. The us mi precedent of adjourning till Monday will be dispensed
with, and sittings will be continued
without Intermission, 11 is antlcipa-
' I thai " i session will last about
Ave weeks, ind every efforl will be
mad ��� to nish b i vr ���- thro igh    Pre-
I*    M Bi I le will tomorrow deflnlti ���
announce thai he will ���  Vi -
��� :,i. thu   ���   ���   Ine Dew
&c., fer'c.
217-219 Columbia St.
(Jives new life ancl lustre to
Old Tables, Chairs,
and Picture Frames.
It is the Ideal Finish for
floors, interior woodwork,
bath rooms,  sash and sills.
Curtain Stretchers, with adjustible pins.
All kinds of BRONZES, PAINTS, OILS, &c.
T. J.  TRAPP & CO.
11 ml ted
Inter-urDan Line.
Cars for Vancouver aud way
Btatlons will run every Mall-
hour from 5:DO a. m. to 11 p.
m. excepting at 7:li0 nnd 8:30
a. m. Half hourly ears will'
run from Central Park to
Vancouver only.
0   City Limits Line���Service from
x       (;.!." a.m. to 11 p in.
T   20 Minute Service���ino transfer,
Between 12 and - and f> and 7.
30 Minute   Service   during re- -
mainder ol day.   Transfer at
Leopold Place.
Sunday   Service   half-hourly  between s a.m. and  ll p.m.
Sapperton Line,
15  Minute  Service  from  fl -Ti a
in. tn  ll   p.m., excepl  between ���
12 ami 2, ami 5 ami 7, during X
which hours the service will be t
half-hourly, ���
Sunday Service halt-Hourly he- t
tween 8,30 a.m. ami 11 p.m. 4
m m
Seven-roomed modern Dwelling on Carnarvon St.; stone wall in front, street at back;
fine grounds and view; newly papered
throughout. Price $3,000. Good terms.
Modern seven-roomed Dwelling on Third
Street, near Queen's Ave.; good garden,
fruit, etc.    Price $2,800.   Good terms.
British Columbia (Electric Ry. Co., I'd I
��<*>*����������*������������������������������������������������� >!��������������������+��������������������������������������������++
Beautiful corner on Queen's Ave. near
Park; size 100x132 feet; frontage on three
streets; beautiful garden, and lots of fruit
of every kind; cosy cottage, and exceptionally line view.   Price $2,750.00.
on easy terms, too. Sloping towards the
south, with magnificent view. High and
dry, and partly cleared. No better investment offered. Price-Corner lots, $17;"':
inside lots, $125 and $150. Half cash. M
in 6 months and 1-4 in 12 months, at 7 per
cent interest.
Dominion Trust Company


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