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The Daily News Aug 8, 1907

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 ite, Shiles & Co
,   i ��� Cf Phone 85
(felon*"* w-
2. NUMBER 180
White, Shiles & Co.
.Murderer Will Now Be
Tracked to His Lair -Wil-
L Give? Correct Version.
FISH^URING.    *W*~8 ^
Two     Vancouver     Ladiet     Establish
Manicuring   Salon   in  City.
A  hii;h class an
i- oinj    iarl i    will  be
city  on   Mon
Monk   Prepares
Have Trubles of Their Own
ify     ����v  Resigns.
M,   Monk   has   Becured  a
'��� atei      '   64, situated east
tlone    issued
Constable Wilkle
cstable   Munro,   ofjof Granville
 ^Beel in this
......   uu   .uuiiniy next C
Wel wl Iii
New   v. ���        asti elve    thi
at<   I treatments i i mat -.   ���
by .    of the pario
Police  will
Attornej   i;.       these
Will ..,,.������
for   the   construction
lease   of j
of    the
! thereon
a wharl   and  a  building in which he]
will operate  a  fish-curing and    cold
storage busini ss.    Mr. Mi nk  r< c< Ive I
notice   . ��� stei I ij   from  the   city   hall
that he hail  been granted a lease of
.  call-   the [ot, in answer to his appllca! on
ut   a   two-j o;  some weeks before.    He informed
waghorn, of Vancouver, Will Cleev< oannery.and wm < e,
Erect Business Structure
Next to Fire Hall.
  It  is  understood   . at   trouble   has
arisen  In  the New   Westminster city
PklVS Conclude TOO  Late tO  band camp and thai C D. Peele, see-
Enable Audience to Ride
On Street Cars.
��� \ "'���
<" m_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^m     m^g^m^m^m^m Jaelies   ha^^^^B
mm Bi��w��     Constable Wilkle, ol
cstable   Munro,   ee; of Granville
t  .... ed bj  Beven or i   nn ,.      ..   -,. . .    p
^^^ <m
lsl     Columbia    to ������ Ivei
bum    for    Simon madi ...
Indian   murderer   ol will ,.     ...     ,.      nd a specia
Clah  mar Hazeiton
Dane. .-it^M
oi  search    an I ���	
L:, ara    have    alreadj petrel returns
gjj, .  the government in
���g : ,. irderer without re-
- ���   department   is de-
jjlm . ��� lun-a-noot  to earth,
;,,: do i ���   son than to prove
etribi     I th<   uorth thai crimes
isi -���   ���       ��� am t  he committi d
Constable Wilki.- and
iro wen    li [latched    north     last
dnei      :   after   the   murder    to
ian  out, and  so confi-
sras the police department  that
brick business block on the >.-:       Newt  reportei   thai as soon as the
:���   Mr.   Waghorn, of  Vancou-|,jush i   fishing season Is pasl he)
The attention of the management of
the Ray Brandon stock companj is
calk d to thi facl that owing to thi
late  houi     ;   wl ch the  performance
n tarj. has ri Igned e.i. In; to a dispute which he had with the leader,
J. P. Rushton. The trouble is said to
bave resulted from the organization's
negotiations with the citizen's commute which were carried on wilb a
view to supplying the citizen's excursion with music Mi Peele pul In a
tender to furnish a l and tor a certain
figure, and Mr. Rushton waited on the
committee later anel  put in   a  higher
which   is   situated   between the! \\   1  commence  the  erection    of  ihe; closes at the opera house every eve-
ol   Montreal   and   the  city  halli'wharf and building and will be using  nine, a  large number of people   are
��� ���������   -ee street. Nt before many month- have passed.     compelled to walk bome.as the M1"''i tender, stating at the, same time thai
of the proposed buildinghave      ���-.   i.   also reported  thai   Benson  &   car Bervice is ever tor the day before  M|.  rv,,](,-s fjP���lv WM ���,��� ,.;,,ht   goth
In  thi   possession of F. .!. Hart.iAyling   will    construct   ..   wharf  andlthe curtain is rung down on the lasl   off<rg ���,.,.,. turned down by the com-
fte]  some months but the commence-j jtiuilding   for  flsh-curing   purposes   onl acl    yesterdaj evening, a large num- ��� M -,,,,, y.ith ,,,,. regn]|   i|la;   ,].,. ^and
���'  of construction was delayed by   he' '"'  -. which they secure,1 a lease   ber of theatre  patrons  madi   a  rush   i( .,   .,...  engagement   and    there    is
'Officers  Enjoy Trip  to  Northern  Waters  During  Summer.
The Don goven tw fli  stei mi
Pi trel   is   again   lj Ing   in   port
',  -. Ing  compk ted  an   inspection toui
��� ' several points up thi   coasi     I lei
officers   Inspected   the   ni w   gi ������  n-
*1      :
'���    ���',
-��� alatlons which Mr. Waghorn had I last spring.    Mr.Benson stat'       ester-
��� el   for the sale of the property,   pay that nothing would tie done until
s, however, decided that he will  jtfter Mr,   Ay ling's  return
i'i   move     i:   ! i.     ave -s-nii nt     by   ii.nd.   whica   would     be
cting a block on thi  property, andifreeks' hence,
work will bi   co:   nenced  within ��� ,���
n   ni xi ft w   -lays.
The lot has a sixty six fooi  fronton Columbia street, and extends
back   the   full   length,     namely     i:.2 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
'���������      The   lower   floor   will   c ntain 	
three stores facing on the Street, and Teheran, Persia, Aug. 7.���The latest
menl wharf at Camp i Iver, which thi second floor will tee constructed advices from the frontier sav that the
was constructed by Contractoi   B for offices, etc. klsh troops which recently crossed
The boat then sailed for Comox and |    It is understood that the New West- | ^
for three cars standing near the tram
considerable dispute as to who is re-
office,  which   they   fondly    expected S]OI]Re,,le    The bandmem held a meet-
from  Kng- j were to take then, home, but only to
be informed that the last cars heal re-
search would  be  successful  that) inBPecteri   government   works     ihere
���    foi    only    a     two
Ill's ... -��� nei.      They     remained
od   retui ne i    withoul
ling k ' lue  as  to  the  In
law        The    offici I.-.
���  i   long   tramps   over
count::-    obtained    ,.    splendid
Iv-...        thi   districl   which   will
,; ���:.-      i good stead on the sec-
men   whom they  will
r. rtii ���    :   tht m will be divi led
;���-   parties, ee com   .
II the search will be kepi
a ril an is  finally  lan le I
ng iiii' nicii wine will
party   north   is  Con-
o ���!. , : the B. ('. Elec-
liJilway     '��� n itable Wilkle Is ac-
���Bed witl fa ts of the murder
I nan   ay either man. for he lias
���   '-ri   with   the   case   the
firmed lasl i vening that
I tounl i t the murder fa
I " In el
a formation,   he dictated
I follow . innt:
���    know a , - the "Two-mile
���. I .ea the Babine trail
��� ' ���      from  Hazeiton, was a
Indians.    It was  con-
ami at Courten B
The  Petrel offici      and  crew    are tain  new  quarters
combining business with    easuri    nd   when completed.
are spending their holidays along ��� ���	
c . si   and  up  the Fraser.    While .at I Diver Suffocated.
northwest frontier of Persia are
minster club has already completed marching on Uhumiah, binning and
arrangements with the owners to ob- | devastating  villages along   the  route.
The village of Mervan is reported
to have been shelled and ninety per-
s ns, including many women and children, are  said  to have been    killed.
in   the    building
Windsor,   Aug
7.���Marshall   T.iwn-
off.     Panic
Campbell   river they did a littli   fish-1     wmusor,   Aug.   i.���Marsnsui   rown- <j-en   gjr]s   we,.e   carrje(j
Ing which they found verj good. Som<   send, a diver, was suffocated by the prevails al Uhumiah.
Vancouver  men in  uamp  there were   parting of the air hose whil-   diving -e-;,,. minister of justice. Prince Fir-
successful   In   landing  spring   salmon   under twenty feet  of water neai  Al- ,,,;,   ,.,as  been  appointed  governor of
with rod and line, which weighed  44   gona.  today-.    Thei.- was tee. warning ;- ,, province of Azerbaijan, the scene
and   tv  pounds respectively.      Lund,  of the accident, which was discover-
another  popular resort, was    visited. | ed after Townsend failed to respond   to take  up hlg {h]tips ,mmei1,a(e,
Here Vancouver people are numerous j to signals and was hauled to the sur-
and excursions almosl daily from face. His features were horriblj dis-
coast cities. torted.
turned from the city limits and Sap- j
perton  about  fifteen    minutes    since.
There was nothing to do but get out
 Ind walk.
TTH Vnillir  UAMCITC      l!le R ^' ^ R' comPany can bardly
ItiV   lUtilll  ItIAIULiVu  be expected to keep cars waiting until
  | nearly   midnight   for the  theatre patrons to file out of the opera house, as'
Ihis  involves  considerable expense on
their  part,  and  the only  thing to do
! seems to be for tht- manager of the
company to bring the performance to
a close a few minutes earlier in the
'evening.   A suggestion is thrown out
| that the long announcement made
during the course of the play    might
: either be left out entirely or. curtailed
Last night's performance, "The
Texas Ranger" was well patn nized
and thoroughly appreciated by the
audience, with a continuance of
such plays, presented in a capable
and intelligent manner, there is no
doubt ihai there wlll be but few-
vacant seats at the local playhouse
during the season.
ing  last   evening   for   the   purpose
having a heart to h. art confab.
Carnegie Contributes  His  Mite.
London,  Aug.  T,���Andrew  Carni gie
sited iti the Hani, ol V.nr   -.
$660,000 as a contribution to I  ���   K nj
Edwar 1 hospital fund.
eluring the night and made a raid on
the bar,   They were repelled b)   Mc-
and being pressed   ,,,.,,.,,   v.h,, ,ald hal) ���  ,���    ,,,, , .' .,,  3]
out for ei time, ami as ��ie a wa ���
Simon Gun-a-noot \- the Indians
���a.--, leaving the saloon on the morning ol the aim teen . Sim in, at it
his   h .:, : to sh ..   .    with M   n-
osh saying as b<   did so "I i m g inj
A num iter of parties are negotiating with the Great X< rtl arn railway
with a view to securing control, either
by lease or purchase of the water
frontage situated on the south side
of the river between the tannery and
the Fraser river bridge. Up to the
present no deal has been effected
for the reason that the property is
required for mill purposes, and all
the would-be-lessees want it for a
period of 50 years or more, a term
whi'-h the railway company regards
as altogethi r too long. M. J. Costel-
lo, Industrial agenl of tim company,
with her Iquarters In St. Paul, will
shortly arrive In N'ew Westminster,
and while here will interview agents
of eet leas, two of the syndicates who
are seeking possession of the water
frontage,  anl   it   is  possible   that  one
of them may be  induced te> agi to a
much  shorte ��� term.
(ine  of  l',e    syndicates    is  a  well
i known we.-'M-n Canadian lumber firm
j which hi ��� lumber yards In 23 towns
      | In  th-   prairie pre   nces.    This concern li,~- been purchasing Its lumber
Many People Killed and In- Friends Remember Rev. Eb- Richard III. Mines Had Close from b .ish Columbia mills in the
of ihe trouble, and has been ordered !
The   government   ha-   been  confi r-
ring with  the  foreign  representatives
i regarding the Turkish invasion.
jured During the Passage
Of a Wind Storm.
enezer Robson on Occasion
Of a Chuch Celebration.
Call-Women and Children Rushed From Scene.
Albert  Lea,  Minn..  Aug.  7.���A  tor
sw�� pt  across  Winni bag      , in-
ty, Iowa, late yestei daj  an i ait b use i
the   reports   are     ci nflictlng, Is
man   named    Cameron,  -,,.,���. t0 get my rif!" ttnd yi u -
"' l a  Chinaman on  th-     .,     ��� ,,,. iVi.; :���  cold before nig!.'.'
���"t   the  approach   ol    -,  ..    . Parted awa...   Shortly aftar-
���   !'-'    carried   .,..,,)   Mdntosh   gol   ,-n  his  hors    to known that one person was killed in
tail, but also a whole-   rW(    lllWI1  ���,,  ,,���.   Hazeiton  hospital p0jce   Village,   which   was  destroyed,
;        with     tin-     In-   ,, have a W(iiind on his haul, which ,i:,,. BeVeral injur..'.
lem often as much as   ���,,-, -.���...u caused In the scuffle ol the Some reports say twentj   ���   n   Iti I
whisky a; a time'.               ���    .   evening, dressed.    His  dead ,e    The course of thi storms         I
body with ti bullet hole through    the a0rthwesl to southeast
back   was   found   by   the   road    sidej -n,,, destruction of pi    ert
ol   Irunk and wenl i>���' ---...    Simon Gun-a-noot   h,ad   laid   In
hi    employee  Mcintosh   wait .,;, ,-,,,, ;-,,a,] sieb- and shol  Mc-
Tbe    Indians    became   : ,. ... |n ;';,, back as he passed.
���  Iheir   drunken   frenzy        within a few hours of the finding
the body of Le-
Thi enti riainmenl held In the
Methodisi chui i h al Epworth .. a Tui i -
day evening ;<> marl; the opening oi
the edifice was a pronounced Biiccess.
\  large numbei  of peoule w< n   pre-
past, and when the manager waB on
1lie coast about three months ago. he
became Interested In New-  Westmln-
  Btei   and decided that  it   would be. &-,
| good place for his company to esrtab-
Mount    Sicker.   Aug.    T.The   fire   is   ljgh ��� s.,wmil!   rho     ,().  n,, ,,���,        ^
still raging here, but not as fiercely as side ol the river took his fancy and
lasl night. The wind has dropped to a, ni r iatlons were Immediately enter-
flat calm, and if no more wind comes \eil lnto witl) tl,e ^reat Northern rail-
oi June IS, 1906, the
|��W| was   llled  with  Indians,    and
' I   very  drunk, Cam-
Mcintosh's body,
Clair, ;i
w..-- found
F rosso
:,,  ���.   great,    Thi   Miuni - t    SI
Louis  railroad  is o it   of i   m nil -i .
and   Its  trains are i inning    v<     tin
Roi Is Island tracks.
Chicago, Aug. 7.���Because ol severe
. local   storms  In   \ n: u     bi   Ui as  of
for an  English   party,  the M ;. the lasl
the Kispyox trail, stone   ���.,   : ur8)    telegre llltl   i   have
P!lVITIflM  PI*'  TFA1U    ' :''!' wiUl ''  bul,e1  ,1"''' throl,g1'  '���'''    "" greatly Impaired,
lUulllUll  Ui(   IL/llTl | .,,,   as in the cas<  ol M \,  ;;,.,   ,,-,���' .- ;   yesterda;     ftern   m
  Both   murders    took     pla - Postal comp ay losl   ill    I   their
couple of mill    of each othi      ... ;,  ... , i, ,,- chicat    an i
After committing  the  two deeds,  Sl-   during   a   rema ���      eve I  rm
on Went to hi ranch, which ��� all which passed ovei this city the
iated .. Ithln foui miles ol Hi " tl m ,,��� -. , n Union an IP tal panli a
... I  Bho1 I      horses, except   om tin- greater  part of  ilnii   wire
which he ���- ilted with a plck-ax, afti
i e ich  he wenl Into his    housi    i a;
hot at        w ��� et Jusi  miss
ing  ),,...   ;,.  !     Simon   then   li :pi lhi
district.      Parties    wen     sum:,
searching  for him,  bul   he  was no-
Lhi    Saturday   gam
11 Vanf,'i  ���'���,  team was di tfte
ni'' ting ol  the lacrossi
whli !i local enth is'-
. a end t.e Van-
tor   ��� ii| remacy   In   the
The   long and  Bhorl
' 'b   Ciay  was asslgne :
" ��een  the staki s   and
''    '   Ith
f ran    ,
b- tat,
W I,
an absentee  from
��� oti) le of weeks, was,
1 will play point on Sat-
5,1 (|   ,      '""te  will  also be    en
������.'." :     ana wlll play Becond
1 |,,iu'1  of T. Rennie, wh
hi   wi:-'. Bouthwi si an i ni  th.
ll   i tOl tll   Was   I   :���   Of t1;.    	
. ��� ��� ��� in thirty yeai -. the wind In the
m  pari  of Chicago attaiin.il  a
,i-  times  i ��� ���- Ixty miles    an
Much   damage   waj;     dune     to
to    the
and   shrubbery   ami  small   out-
I   ,.   ,
��� .	
ti .;;.; ; wafl ^^^ ��<
��� '   "wiling to write   te,
.,,..���,'."''' .'     ���'   '"' VTaple Loafs and
I   , ,    '       ange    to  play    New
i sch. i ,'   M lple LeaI match which
i." "nii l i
N Se���
i'   October,  on   Satur-
l"l'",ll"''���   211     A.rraugemeuH
R,   A.   &   I
where   te    be   found   and   up      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
present  the   officers of the law have  ,.   ,,,., were wrecked.
uol laiel eyes on him, both telegraph companies an
"Tin- young man LeClair had noth-  tn  h.,,i s>ia]K. for wires to the wesl
Ing wheitevr tn ri" with the affair at  southweal and north.
the saloon on the nighl of the elgh-	
i,'enth.    He waa guiding  a party of
Englishmen through the district. Le-'
sent from the surrounding district as  for a. day or so it may be possible to
well as   from  New   Westminster  and   extinguish  tb-   flames.
Vancouver.   The evening was passed      T]u, buildings    of th���
iti speech-making and bearing muslc-
il selections after watch refreshments
see vi'!   by   the ladies.    Am ing
,,. '.-������  who  attende I   from    this    city
.vere Dr. and .Mis.  White, .Miss  Wl Us,
li. S. Curtis. David RobBon and  Mrs,
���'. O. Canfiel I and wife.
The church   was erected  by public
subscription as a memorial iti honoi
,  Rev, ii ��� bi '.* i  Ri .son. D, 1).. who
I . -   been  a   missionary   In this   ��� i i-
.   ii ���'    during    the    lasl    forty-i Ighl
��� ars,    Di   Robson  was  , rei enl   and
ented with a che< I. for $i,100
hi    many  fi ie ml-  a   a   tok, n  of
: tl -a   for   his   yi ars   oi
. ice,    Thi   aged    g< n'i' a a
tpletelj   ov i; .in"    wil ii    sue    I ���
I gratllud     a !   .      inahl    to say
anything in fi ly, He i-e now 7.', . ���
'   ," ��� :; I aid   tO   1        a     .   -���-'   I " !
bim   i ��� i ��� i       fin a
are conci i ue I, b, i ause of bis unselfish disposition anel liberalty to thu
oi ."':���'.
The chaii. '.vas oci tt] led by the Rev
.1 ji in-* s   Turner,  another   well     known
i missionary   with   long years  of  sei
��� vice to his credit.
way, the owners of 'he property.    >\
Thomas dray, a  w��ll  known  mill-
��� man of the city, has been conducting
Westholme the negoUationa for the concern ami
mine were nol   burned,  bul   tbey  hai 1   has   taken  a   trip  to  Regina   and  anil, close  call, as  did also  tne Richard   ""ier   to   Seattle     during     the     lasl
III. : month  in  connection  with  this.
An engine and car came up on the      'he other firms seeking control of
Lenora railroad  this afternoon    and  'ne S'I<J has headquarters In 'he mid-
number    of women    and | d'e states,
took out ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
children.    Mosl  oi these will sta    In
or   areum I   "mi ans   until   all   da:   ��� I
from th<   fire Is past.   The mini a s
still bli", and  !: '   " ��� " are oul   pi
tectlng  ii-.-   h ���.'--. -  and   mine  i nild-
Tb" Richard III. was saved
real   flghl   p il   up  '     I hi     min u :.
headed by C   rl. Dickie, wh   came up
on he     i|    ' tb-- dangi r.   Th
..;' Mounl ,:'i nton ' i   been swept, bu
Sixty Si.y Pilots Coming
Toronto, Aug. 7.���Although some
sixty men are coming oul from Great
Britain to engage In mission work
under the direction ��,f the Presbyter-
Ian church In Western Canada, there
is need for many more. Rev Dr.
C michael has written i<i Rev Dr,
ti McLean thai about ninety men
will i-e required tor fields In the Man-
the Copper canyon buildings are sife |t.,bn and Saskatchewan synods.   Dr,
so   far.
Th    :       ' i  -1 vill  ;,
Canada Attracts Maidens.
St.   Paul,   Minn.,  Aug    7.���Railway
officials of  the   twin  cities say    tbe
McLaren arranged with fifty to come
  enl.   wh- n I  \::-.y.  in   tb.-  nbl  cunt,Iry
 recently.    Some ol   these  expect   to
, Stan  the lath r pan of this month.
Eg   Undertakn-j.  '
Edmonton,   Aug.   7. -William   Dar- ,
, ,, Old  Documents  ,n  Henhouse,
ling   ol   the  departmi ni    of    public
works roi the Dominion, lefl tor Lea-     Toronto,  Aug.  7.-Roberl   l.airilaw,
ser Slave  lake with a numbei of men a88lt8an< Dominion archivist, was   at
on  Saturday to  commence  work  on the  i"1'"'"'"''"   buildings    yesterday.
the  Improvemenl  oi  the  bed of the He ,K,K baen ln "", virinit-v <,r wi"-
rlver, bo thai there mav be an train.   flsor   ,,,c:,,i"!;   "U]  |I!,|'"'K   ��""��eoted
terrupled   passage   tor   steamers   be-!w,th   ,h"  ��',"''"",��'  "' the    plonee
Iclpty | "'"" "'i'ii M
o.Se .'     " ' only  tournamenl  la-' city.
���'   _M   Wesl minster ^^^^^^^^^^
Week. and it therefore be-1 manner In which Simon
Clair was the son of Mr, LeClair, at
one time of this city, who was asso
dated with Louis Guichon In the proprietorship of tli" first Guichon hotel  are
1 .,,,���.   .he  corner of   far north,    An Indian woman and two
which ^^^^^^''������������������������������������aMttttttttttttttttWEm
McKenzie  and  Columbia   Jtreet, this
��"'�� Ho,
"Her ,]
'       I    .
i" hold    the
,'1:""" I fair-week game at .-in
' the
tea el j
was also  Inatntcted
"ng    promised    Bcore-
al  the    park,      The
v been ordered anei
lor Use on Saturday.
Woman   Eaten   by  Wolves
Winnipeg, Aug.  7.���Word  bas  been   number  of  unmarried  American  wo-
. | received  trom   Fort  Chipewan, under raen   80ln8   to   the   neighborhood of
late of July 1, indicating that wolves jKenora and other places east of Win-
ecomlng  a   positive  scouragi-  in   "':"�����  18  nii],rec"rienled.    They   range
' "n age all the way from fourteen to
children had been dragged out of} forty. This movement is due tothe
their tepee ami devoured, and deer 'announcement that there is a serious
and other animals are being greatly dearth or housewives in the portion
depleted by the packs. The Indian': !'! ''anuria mentioned. There is an
������ to kill them, even under in- i enormous amount of work going on
ilucement of a $100 bounty, owing to ,ln ,:'   northern country, but the men
Cam-  migration of souls. The same dispatch
eroil  left  the country
eh-rs, and his whereabouts are now
unknown, and the house was Immediately closed."
and    Lesser
,. i Ashen  family.
value   which
Commeni lng  on    Unplaced  sometimes on
tween  Athabasca
Slave   lake.     Al   present   there !]________!
portion Of the river from a poin' '"'''w'less papers, Mr. l.airilaw said
where It empties Into the Athabasca. "I,lt '" one '"'^i' n<' had secured sev-
nlneteen miles up stream that is very j vral ol<I documents from ii hen house,
shallow and blocked by boulders and \ HpnB  had  ,)Pf'n  "itting  00  the docu-
"ln- murder of LeClali
an.l    the
shown ��� i
gravel bars. The greater portion of
the machinery necessary for this
this  work  has been   sent  up.
ments over a hundred yearn old.
Brides off to Panama.
have acted proves 'hat he was crazy
through drink and both'""^"J  ,���, ���ipet.stition and beHef fn trans- �����������(  stay, even  .hough wages
be attributed to c*���e               p        migration of souls. The same dispatch i';L;1]-   Therefon  agents have been al
selling  liquor  to  the Tnd,... -^ ^   ^ ^  ^ ^^ ^ ^ ^       ri:   ^   ^  ^  ^.^   ^^  ^
trail Of Fischey, a halfbreed swindler, :'''-'  '"   maidens of all  ages,  the  ie-
wanted  on a charge of forgery and :  being to mak�� bOttjes for the dis-
embezzling $25,000. contented Canadians.
Street   Railway   up   Against   It.
Winnipeg,   Aug.   7.���Th"  board     of
control Is  recoinnienriing  to  the city
council nt Monday    night's    meeting
New   York,   Aug.   7.���According   to! thnt   Ihe   Winnipeg   Electric   Railway
passengers who  arrived  ye-sliiilay OH  CO. Ik-  asked  lo  pay $9,930, the lotal
eamshlp Colon from Colon, there! amount of penalties for not providing
[s  an Influx of brldea  to  the canal'nn  adequate  service.    The claim  Ib
zone, and all because the governnirni   based  on the  reports of the  various
there has offered a separate home for| Investigations which have  been held
[everj  married pair. by the cliy engineer.
Men always like to have a place to go for
whatever they want in Furnishings.
A place where they are sure of getting all
that's to be had for their money in Toggery
that's right up to the moment in style.
Many good dressers, for this very reason,
have anchored themselves to this store.
The Best, the Latest
The Correct Thing Is Always Here!
Hats, Collars, Ties, Gloves, Shirts,
Underwear, Hosiery, Belts, Pajamas, Night Robes, etc., etc.
We have many exclusive creations. Remember, please, that our prices are always as low as
quality will admit.
Clothes, Hats and Haberdashery
Construction of G. T. P.
About to Commence ���
Start at Copper River.
Vancouver, B. C, Aug. ".���The N'ew
England Fish company's steamships
operating out of Vancouver to
northern halibut hanks are reported to
Just received a shipment of Brass and Iron
Beds direct from Birmingham, Eng.    They
are handsome, strong and durable.   Come
see the line.
White Bedspreads, Sheets and Pillow Cases
Come ancl inspect. A great variety.
John A. Lee's Furniture Emporium
Phone 73      NEW Westminster, b. c.
the] g
have  heen  warned  hy Captain   New-  >J
combe,   of    the    Canadian     fisheries; Sj
cruiser  Kestrel,  that they must    ob-1 y<
serve the law which requires all Am-: >J
erican  bottms to keep out of Cana-  ,���,
dian harbors which are not  porta of V
entry,   unless   forceel  into    them     by B
i >T<
stress of weather.    G. Starrat, man- i a
! <e��
ager of  the   Xew  England Fish  company,   in   Vancouver,   elenies   that   his
company's   steamships   have   been in
the habit of using the harbors on the
Canadian   islands   near    the    fishing
hanks feir shelter at night while they
clean   the   fish.     He-   says  that   eill of
their vessels are equipped to anchor
outside and it would he folly for them
io steam into harbor every night besides  a   waste of  time.    He   further
says that their boat    N'ew    England
steamed into harbor one uighl owing
I to severe weather 'eiitsi,i<- ainl was ordered   out     by    Captain    Newcomb,
| which order   was  obeyed   rather   than
have any question  arise.      He-  hulls
i that   according  to  the laws the   boat
I would  have  had  perfect  right  to  re-
j main  in  the harbor as the    weather
j outside was bad.
Contrary to Starrat's statement, it
: is declared   that   the   fishing  steam-
j ships,   not.   only   those   belonging   to
lh,' New England Fish company, but
, all craft operated  from  Puget sound,
I have  heen in  the habit of using the
j harbors for shelter at night for clean-
e ing fish whether the weather is calm
: or not.    All  American craft are now
to   be   kept   out   of  the  harbors  and
In   weather   In    which   they   are   not
forced to seek shelter they will have
; to clean  their  fish outside the three-
i mile limit.
W.  E.   FALES'
j am ihe pioneer Furniture and .House  Furnishings   Dealer.
Director -and Embalmer, and  I  will sell .-oa anything in my line <h  ,,,
and will give you better value than you can get In any oth.
In the city.   Try me.
Wall  Papers in endless variety.    Oilcloth from 25c up.    China
���     Matting from  15c up.    Linoleums  from 45c  up. Curtain Stret..!-
ers, the best made, $2.25  per    set.       Carpets,   all    grades
prices.    Iron  Beds, whete and tint enamels. $3.50 and up.
ambulators and Go-Carts of all descriptions.
All kinds of job work and repairing done on shortest  notice. Reasonable prices and satisfaction guaranteed.    New goods arriving daily.
I have sold the block an I am still doing business tn the same place
and in the same old way.
The Pioneer Furniture Dealer and Undertaker
Columbia   St.,   New  Westminster.     Mail  orders promptly attended to.
Boll >tc   Io Barr>*
. .
N'e�� I
p0. Box
ters a
Columbia  stree
W.   J.   While-.: e,.
'��� Edmonds,
tor of the s. e court'nT'1
Canaelian   Ii,;. . .,'.'r-��fcei
lng, Columbia mr,�� '"'lid-1
New  V,
opposite post
mey m
Bees:    New  \\
corner  Clarkso
; '���i'i'an, i
., '-"r'e��  strwe. I
Vancouver, rooms 21 to 24 445 ",'
ville street. ,! it. ��� ;. , M,,niQ j'
W. Weait, w. tl. M :Quarrte n \ 1
Bourne. Mr. M irtln wij| be' In'th 11
Westminster otti,,'.. every Friday ��/r
ternoon l
25c. a bottle
$1.50 per Gallon
GEORGE E. MARTI , Barrister audi
Solicit,)--,   (Juli I        block, Cole;
bla and McKenzie -   -   .-, New \vjjt-l
1 minster, 8. C.
���:* * * * * ������::���:���-"���  ��� *  *
;******** *.*���** :*2*r
W. MYERS GRAY, ter, Solicitor!
and Notary Pu elic, ice s.acel
1891 at New V\ e iter, B.C. 0f-[
flees remove I to 1 I   k, Clark!
son   street, opposil Court House,!
P.O. Box 169.   T, 1 me 64.
'.   H A N S Hei";-'-..,!
Solicitor, el ent blocJ
Columbia    and    McKeczlel
N'ew Westmii iter, B. C.
==���   The =���
TOTAL   ASSETS   OVER    45,000,000
We welcome'
a year on Saving!
small accounts and pay interest four times
Bank deposits.
Convict  is Released    to
Baby Die.
Watch     His I
F.  B.  LYLE,   Manager.
(Maple Leaf Label)
Il the best value, because it is pure, nutritious and very economical.
Montgomery, Ala., Aug. 7.���Holding
a telegram containing the news that
his baby could not live two hours,
Oscar Earle, an intelligent whil ��� - ,n-
vici, touched the hear) of Govi rn n
Comer today.
Tears ran down tne chei ks of the
stricken father as he begged to be
allowed to - .- his child. Every man
in the governor's office di i< d ni ���' ��� I
eyes as the governor, father of a
large 'ami! hims ;!'. turned to his
desk an 1 \> rote a rele ise f ir
da; 3, thai the , onvid might go hon
.Men   who   knew   the  c tse   11;
Imprisonment   of   Earle   i-  a  miscarriage  ol  jus ii     and  that  h ���   sh el   a
man who was a msing him.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000.
Reserve Fund, $5,000,000
rl.   E.  WALKER,
D,   Gentr.,!   Manager.
OFFER TW'u PRIZES - First, $15; second, $10, for
the best loaf of bread exhibited at the- forthcoming Provincial Exhibition, madi- with their celebrated
Nee entrance fee needed- all that is nece
bread lee- made with IMPERIAL FLOUR
essary is that the
New  Westminster. Telephone 333.
Accident  on   P..   P.   Rithet.
Victoria,   A ...   7.���Tin-   sternwh, el
steamer  R, P.  Rithet, oldest    ol   the
Canadian Pacific local fleet, has
tow, el 'ee porl   v. ii le her st.ai', iar I en-
Ine destroye I.    While ..:  th,   P n I, i
islan I  wharf  the  starboard  cranl   .
broke,  and  i h i  long  conned Ing   rod,
crosshi ad, nisi m  and  ; yllnder    hea I
blew  out   through   the   woodworl    al
i he stern,    Sect n l   Enginei r  Beatt>.
il inding  n, ar' the sternwh iel,  had   i
narrow i scapi . the debris fl. In . clo
to him,    lie and Chief Engineer S i -
i inn rushe i to the engine room, thei
full of smoke, an I al the i'i-:   of   ,eh
scalded In a i loud of steam, sh il ofl
Un., power, and the Rithel waa towed
to  porl   b)   the steami r Otter.    Th -
steamer Is a quarter of a century old,
bul is outdated by her engine, which
was   taken   rrom    the    sternwhi ���'���������
Royal  City, which  was built   for
Prase r  in   1875,  to   run    befoi e
Canadian   Pai Iflc was  built,
Transfer Co.
office Plioue 185.      Hiiro  F&one 117
Columbia St.
Baggage delivered
part of the city.
promptly to ��ny
Light and Heavy Hauling
Otfijn���Tram Deooi
Rushton & Speck
Victor Gramophones and Records
Yesterday morning's police etiri
docket was light, only two drunks
and disorderlies facing the magistrate.
Result, $2.50 and costs In ea< h case.
One paid his fine and the other remains ai the station,
Every  facility  afforded   Farmers for   their  banking   business.    Sales   Notes
cashed   or taken   for collection.
BANKING   BY   MAIL���Deposits   may be made or withdrawn oby mail.
Out-of-town accounts receive every aitentlon.
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL $14,400,030.00
RESERVE        $11,000,000.00
Branches throughout Canada and New foundland, and   In   London,   England
New York, Chicago and Spokane, U.S.A., and Mexico City.    A Gen
era'. Banking Business Transac ted.
Letters of Credit Issued, available wi tl. correspondents in all Darts of the
Savings Bank  Department.     Deposits  received In sums of $1 and upwards.
and Interest allowed at IJ per cer.t. per annum  (presen)  ra e)  added
four times a year.
Total  Assets  over  $168,000,000.00.
B. C. Mills, Timber and
Trading Company
General  Repairing.
W. N. Draper
B. C. Land
Ell��rd Block    Mew W)ilmi',��'"   B
Ranges, Stoves and all kinds of
Columbia and  Front Sts.      Phone 275
Hotel Guests.
Guichon���Dr, T. C. Meyers, Los An--!
geles; \v. Max Johnston, Toronto; G.
ll.   li-.lso.   Vancouver;   \\r. A.   Davis,
I..  Gibson,   Princeton;   E.   L.  Stover,
John B, Gray, city;  C, T. Nolto and.
wile,   Bellingham;   Esme   Kulln,   Bel-1
Windsor���A. Cockrill, Hatfield, R.
J. Arnold, Chiiliwack; Mrs, McKIb-
bin, Halls Prairie; \V. B. Wllber m I
wife, re,e|,:- island; S. May, Stralton,
It. O; o. I. : er, Haney.
Colonial���Mrs. A. McDonald, Vancouver;  M,  Foster, Innisfall;  G	
Brown, Port Guichon; J, S. Hawkey,
���'. It. Ran9 m, Porl Haney,
Manufacturers and Dealers in All Kinds ot
Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sash,   Doors,
Interior Finish,    Turned Work,    Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glass.
Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining.
Royal City Branch, Columbia St.
Telephone 12. New Westminster
BOARD OF TRADE.���Xew Westminster Board of Trade     seta in thei
Boarel Room, City Hi II, aa !     n
Second  Wednesda '. r. -J
Quarte. ly meetings on the secoafl
Wednesday of February, M.yJ
August and Novem - r, at S p.
Annual meetings on the serial
Wednesday of Fe ruary b.A
members may be proposed ani
elected at any mom lib' or quarterly
meetiig.    A. K. Whi'e. Sec.
I. O. O. F.���AMITY LODGE. NO, 27
The regular meetings   ( this I ��� :
are held in Oddfellew j' ha    i
bla street, every  M m
at S o'clock.    Visiting   rethrencoi
dlally invited to attend.   S. Gre:
dlally    Invited    I
Rlchmon, N. G.;   A,  V. D    ' 0
V. G.;   W. ('.  Coal  an    It. S :
Daw.  I-'. S :   Alex.  Adai
i. O.  U.  W.���FRASER  LOCGF. Ml
���Meetings the flrsl and tl i
day In each o ath. v'isltll
brethren cordlillj Invited to ��� A
Lodge room, A. O. D. W, hall, Odj|
fellows' blo< k, Clarkson street,
S. Corrlgan, recorder; Liiuis Ti".n|
master workman,
115,   SON'S   OF   ENGLAND. B. S.-
Reei Rose Degree meets See ond
Fourih   {Vednesiiaj  of ea, h n oU.
In K. of P.  Hall, Colin .: la St., il
8 p, in., Wbite Rose Degree       1
Wednesday    In   each month -  '\
time and   plane.    Vli ll
cordially    invitee!.     i:   "  -- ' :'
combe, Pros.. II. Dlsnev, Secreta  |
;OURT BRUNETTE, No. -1099, ! 0,f J
���Meets ihe Fourth Frlda. w :J*I
month at 6 o'clock, In th, ��nau|
ball, Oddfellows' I lock. Vlatmil
brethren are cordially Invited towj
tend. .1. B. Rushton, C. U.Maxwell, H. S.
F, ?]
A. o. F.���The regular """':n ", I
this Lodge aie held on the - I
and Fourth Tuesdays of each inom��s
at i p. in. in the Oddfellows m
Visiting Brethren are cordial) ���
vileel to attend. E. C. Firth, C. �����-!
V. P. Maxwell, Sec.
PERANCE meet   everj   W-eOW  -j
at s o'clock  p. m.. in ��ddte��!E|
Hall,   Columbia    Btreet.    vi��
cordially '^r^r
S C; N- ^ mn\
Brethren are
tend, Geo. Burr,
CAMP, 191.���Meets on the
Third Tuesday of every n
K.   of   P. Hall.    John
Chief; J. J. Forrester
fire alar:.;
Following Is the location -
ber of the lire alarm box,
6���Royal City  M'lls-
7���Carnarvon and Tenth,
8���Royal avenue and EigM"'
9���Fifth avenue and TwclftD-
1*>��� Sl   Mary's Hospital.
13-Seoond and Park Row.
14-0olumbla and  Dufferin
IB���Sapperton, ^ sixth
���24��� ...inl avenue
BK���Fifth   avenue   ii"1
-Fl'fth avenu.' and I     !
-Third avenu,' and Tentn,
���Agnes an.l Sixth.
,|el   llllU'l
avenue and SW
and Second-
34_Schaake Machine
SB-Columbia and McKenzi
3fl_C. P. R,   Stal ion.
43-amall and  Buckland
Mills. Tr
AUGUST 8,   1907.
il ense  By-law  1889,  Amend-
W��'    lent By-law, 1907.
i j la��
larther    amcnii    the
I     law 1889."
Themuniell- :   :'"! ^ corpoi
: Ni v. Westminstei
"" .   llnWB!
���************************** ***********
j    of    the    "Liquor
,, i" ,.-  hereby   re-
following substituted
am! __^_^_^_^_^_^_m
v ��� USI    f<::   ilie sale of
'   Bjj,      .  gri ated unless, iu ad-
i guirements and
Engagement Extraordinary!
-  behali  required by
n [uisltion  for th,
1   . ������ -e ii. e igned by a
ii   fi, i electors resi-
���,..- ion in which an
iu  respect   ol
i.,, ' '
��� I ��� I	
WEEK SI \   ^^^^^
MONDAY, Aug. 5
New England FishCo'sBoats
Said to Use Canadian Harbors Too Freely.
1 Men's Odd Pants I
:   :
Z i ii ���
rtjcll tie-        ��� '   '    It   SOUght,     lee    lie-
.     erk 01 acting clerk of
.    , , ���  thi  time of deliv-
aj pi tition mentioned In
this bylaw, aud he shall
���lee'  same to  the
Down zFar
. ..   ,.. ; nd  the   board shall
...... . '-..nt Mich license-. |]
..    , iie,  majority of th,
��� :.   the public Interests
.    . Id, l thai the :>������-
tition 1 provided  foi   shall  not
.. ... . :  any application for
... ��� ��� ��� -     Poi  the pu   -   ���
���        shall be divide
;.. .. :..     . ��� ons:
1st. ���  portion oi the i Itj Ij
���_. ���. ��� bi   mid, le ol 12th stree-'
_: . t portion ol ilu citj Ij -
...   . ��� ���   ,:      ���  .'  12th street,
i e of Sth street.
..- portion of ihe citj lying ��� u thi middle of 8th s I reet,
_:  the e of 4th stre< t. and a line
;.        en, rthi asterly   boundary  of
(ti ���     i ed    to  the   Praser
- : that portion of the city ly-
.:.. - ��� thi third division, and t.be
: ���-. erlj boundary ol Queen's
pari an a Im I ��� tag th< aaid north-
ndarj of said park, pro-
��� northwesterly boundary
ol thi . and tee the Fraser river.
. - ertain pai  -ler Lend on the
��� ��� ' said rive; Included with-
li "���    :    - of the city.
������ I that portion of the city neet
Id :��� :. tht divisions hereinbefore
2)   This bylaw may bi  cited as the
License Bylaw   1889,  Aniend-
Hi ���    aw 1907."
Don,       :  passi ,1   In open    council
���:- -.:    day of July, 1907
M       W. A. DUNCAN, City Clerk,
W. !!. KEARY, Mayor.
English Watchmaker
'no   doors   from    Geo.   Adams,   Grocer
iold Watches from $12.75 up.
: B Silver Watches, open
���   ���   $6.00.
en's Silver Wate lies, double
ase, $7 50
./'���'���''   01  'iee celebrated South Bend
. ; iied   to    the    Weilman
ed tion    All warranted.
. Rings, Jewelry, etc., etc.
repairing;     charges   reason-
Summer Prices.    15c. 25c, 35c.
Matinee  on   Saturday:     15c, 25c.
DATES  OF  FAIRS.  1907.
List of   Exhibitions  Throughout the  Dominion.
Thi following is the official list oi
fairs i xhibltions slated to ti ke
placi . tl ��� Dominion ibis
fall. Vi il pose ��� ex ie non of
Central Pai: the dati -. . re certified
correct thi mai ag i i : thi Ni w
Westminster exhibition. Mayor W. H.
Keary. j cjfj|	
Washington stati   ' . . North Yaki-   the  he.art
ma, Se I   . I to 28, G.    A,   Graham.
Centra! Panada exhibition, Ottawa,
Sej'   i    to 21, E   Mi M ihon, Secy.
Dominion exhibition, Sherbrooke.
Qui. Sepl 2 to 4, William Tomlii son,
Canadian national    exhibition,    Toronto, i int., Aug. 26 to Se iit. 9, .1. o
Orr. Se
Pri li -: ton ��� xhil I'; -.,. Fredi i' ton,
IV B.. Sept, 14 to 21, W. S. Hooper,
Vaancouver,  Aug.  7.���Contracts  foi
oi  the main line ol
Pacifi   are now be-
���     M ntr< eel   b
one   or   more  will   be
led ���      telj   in  order    that
.   ma ���  be started in September,
it   is   tie   intention   of   tbe   Grand
i::    Pacil     to have a large fora
���  ii,- n li : eld this winter. The;
���   . -..       | on ro    >���    k at var-
ilong   the   route   border-
-. i hi   SI ���' na river,
���e   Sa      ,      uighl  t'nere will leave
��� on the steamei Camosun a
'��� out  a   bun.i.e 1   men   who
will be 1     ii   uorth I s .1. W. Stew i
��� - lenl   for   Folej   k   Larsi n
actors, who have secun I
ntn      I  : L"-:eiliniJ: tin line t'i be
��� uill     betwei ���     Kitamaal     nnd    the
hi adwi '��� thi   Copp< i   river. This
���.   will follow the v-:eveyed route oi
-   Pacifi    On Ineca fi Northern ra;l-
thi  ���        ei fe ��� which was bought
���   i   al yi ars ago I ������ th<  Grand Trunk
Pacific from   C.   W.  D.   Clifford   ami
The- sum  of $60,000 was
���  ���  ll - chart,
The f,   :,       b,  taken north by Mr
Stewart   will   proceed  from  Port Es-
- :-il ton       the Sl e< na to Hazeiton, a
distance  oi  one  hundred  nnd  eighty
miles.     Tbey   will   then   ge  overland
towai Is th,   head of the Copper river.
where work will be started.   A large
quantity    of    supplies will   be  taken
north with this force,   it is the intention ;,-; keep these men on rock worl
all winter, and the force wil] lie inci. asi  :  from  time  to time.
Win n   tbe line  from  Kitamaat  towai is  Hazeiton   1?  completed   it will
b,    ������   Ized for the forwarding of supplies   and   construction   material   for
iin  main line of the Grand Trunk Pa-
'i his Kitamaal  line   will   tie;'
of  British   Columbia,   and
from its interior terminus will be dis-
entering    int"
$3.00 THE PAIR.
���*********************************************** -
Wardrobe Clothier
.<..4**-*t **********************
it   was  several  hours
gained   consciousness
is   regarded as si
fering  fro;n   a   sevi ri
before   be    re-
His condition
as he is suf-
concussion   of
the brain.    The drivei  was  also badly
i . ��� up aboul the face.
tributed   the   material	
construction on the main line of the
Grand Trunk Pacific. Owing to the
limite ; -��� ".'te oi ti,.-,Igation on the
Ske, na thes, su] - could not be
sent up the rivei , -i steami rs, and
tbe building of the Kitamaat
'be  el    e a  necessity.
line is
TIDE TABLE    Fraser River
For  week
ending  Aug.   1.  1907,
High         Low
Water      Water
Time       Time
       8.50         4.00
22.00        16,40
     10.00         5.00
22.40        10.55
     11.20         6.00
23.15        17.10
Thursday   . .
     12.50         7.25
23.50        17.45
Friday ,. .,
     14.20         8.20
Saturday   ..
       0.25         9.20
15.55        19.45
       1.05       10.10
16.50        21.05
Hifrh Water Low Water
Time iH'ght Time    Ht.
Monday   ..
... 8.12 10.6    2.54    0.6
21.20 13.8 14.22    3.1
Tuesday ..
9.21 10.1    3.49    5.9
21.59 13.3 15.10    4.6
..  10.38    9.7    4.45    5.2
22.36 12.7 16.0U    6.1
Thursday   .
..12.08   9.6   6.40   4.6
23.11  12.2 16.5::    7.5
23.47 11.7 17.53    S.7
Saturday ..
. .  15.16 10.6    7.24    3.5
   19.15    9.4
Sunday   ..
..    0.26 11.3    8.11    3.1
16.10 11  3 20.33    9.7
Special Values in
Tinted Centres and
Cushion Tops
A. 1. B1RTCH,   ���   275 Columbia Street
Particularly   low   rales     from
Old   Country. Reservations   made
here for all sailings.
Empress of Britain    July  26th
For  particulars apply
C.  P.  H.  Agent.
Nelson exhibitii n, N< Ison, B. C
Sepl 18, 19 i ii.: 20, D.C McMorris,
Si . j
!���'.- v, aa ��� xhlbition, Ke v. aa B.C.,
S,   t. 19 an I 20. J   vv. Wilks, s.
K:,: iloops ��� xhibition, Kamloops. B.
C, Sept.   19,  20   an 1  21,  M.   Beatti< .
Buys   Juveniles   ior  $1
Wi   c ster, Mas? . Aug. 7.���The Am-
<   lean Steel and Wire 11 usi  is bu; Ing
��� e in Woi cestei for $1 a head.
Se ven i hundre    ' tv,   already :   en
: to slave in the three hugi   mills
Manufacturer  ol
Mineral Waters, Etc.
Aerated Waters,
family Trade a Specialty.
Tel. 113
Office.   Eighth  Street.
Secy. | of the trust in this city, and th<  sale
Armstrong exhibition, Armstrong, of hundn Is ol others will Boon be
H. r . Sej.-. 24 and 25, .1. B. Bird, consummated i' the state authoi ties
Si ������ do not  interfere
To v-' uire absolute control i the
children the trusi recently demanded
lhal thi i ":.'' nts sign "_a minor's
;��� lease"
' h ; rent who signs this ri li ase
receives one dollar, ,.:nl foi th il lolla] he oi she wavi s forever all control - iver tli'.1 c! ;' I
Many ol 'he' pan n's who have signed th, se documents and transf, i I
th,  ���    ;i;" I 'en to bondage are native
Of   fl 1- Ign   Coilf.ll les   \\ llil   (lee   nnl   linei I  i''    English  langtiaj ���      Fev.
of them realize what they have done.
New Stock Patterns
- of|-
��'<IUl<l Ucnecr instantly restores
';!'' filliant newness and finish of
. ��� i urnlture, Picture Frames
j!. '��� Woodwork, Hardwood
'loors, and all polished, varnished
9* enameled surfaces.
ws nnd redresses every-
l'-[' 2 it. touches. Revarnishing is
.' 'sary, because* scratches,
����ms and dirt instantly disap-
",;".. leaving a smooth,'brilliant
ClWId Uen��er la not a varnish, but
,y 'i;.'Bce food that is absorbed by
''' old finish, instantly restoring
ii,       ,7 io ita original bright-
Easy to use���onlv a piece
e?e cloth Is necessary. Dries
��ne delighted customer writes
"j.ititia worth $100 per bottle.
":" Price is only 50 cents.
A'^��Qri��l_bottle����t IQe. each
Sold by
T.J.TRAPP ft CO., Ltd.
V,   non , shi  11 on,  Vernon,    B.  ('..
Se   t, 26, 2" and 2S, C. Godwin, s- , .
���i Arm exhibition Salmi n \' m
I!. C. Sept. 10 Oi t, 1. J.D.McGuire,
\gi - ��� z   exhibltl ,n,   \-.,     ���.   '���:������.
Sei '    2nd,   \    \. assiz   Secj
Missi n  ��� xhi lition,   Mission,   B.C.,
Sej ���    17, A M.Ver, han . Secy,
Chii Iwa k    exhibition,    Chillis    : .
It. c    S, pt, y and  19   G   W. Chad-
F      .   Sl ��� i .
D    a exhlbil   a,  1    Iner, Se] I.   J"
ond 21,  '. deR, Taylor, S   |
Su   ey ex! b.]-\ ,n,    Surrey    Centi r,
Sei ;    -'   :e-  Bosi. Si
V   '.       exhibition,  VI toria,   B.C.,
Si pi   :'i '���' 2S, .1. Smai I, Si cy
i   ��� ��� xhlbition,   Langley,   B.C.,
Sei     -    '���'���' ���' McJntosh, Se
        m,    C    '    I
Pai.      -    '     19-20-21,   191"     W,   J.
Cunnini li m, S cy
Provim lal exhibition,    Ni -'���    '������'
mlnsti'    Ocl  i. 2, 3,   I, 4   ", W.H,
Keary, Secy.
x 16 In.
Sealed tenders will be received I
the mi,l' rsigned up to 6 p. tn. ol August 12, 1907, tor the purchas ��� oj  the
iiilliivi Ini  m ��� blnerj:
I  mi eed Dotj  enj Ine , ��� a
ter crank, li 0 h. p. driving wheel, 10
i'e, i   eii,-   20 inches face, with  i-' -
water hi atei   c im] I, te, In goo I running oieler.
I clut, h pull
-I 7-S bore.
1 clutch pulley of
���I 7-S bore
1 wroughl Iron rim, split,
12 in. [aw   i 7-- bore.
2 inn llghl D. C  .'i  in lescent dynamos, ll11 ���
Machln,     - in be seen at light station, 'i i . '. v,,-v v7estmin�� er.
City Clerk.
City Hall, N. -a  Westminster,   .1 lly
31, 1907.
Quitter  Becomes  Target.
I,, ���     'in: ��� I, ��� .    \'iu.   7.    M'-e'iiiise
v.,-ni i   nol   go   ;ili":,,l   and   "mn ,    a
nighl of It," Phillip Gonznl,     Vi tl'
nielli Bhol twice and mortally woun I-
ed li 1 ^ ii lend, Joe Puerposa,
The nu n   had  been  drlnklni     n I
Puer]     i  wanted Io go home,   Q m-
grew al uslve, nnd after d,  I
Ing hlf companion, drew a pistol,
ini;,   "You   would   make u   good   tar-
Ret."    li" then fire I   rive shots, one
piercing Puerposa's abdomen and the
other   his   hip.    Gonzales   tied   trom
e police nnd escnpi d,
217-219 Columbia St.
n lot of lovely things in CHINA,
suitable for wedding gifts.
The board ot works gang w 11 ������<'
: yesterday flushing the sewers ln
dlfferenl pans of the city, the pr^si ti 1
abundant Biipply of water In Ihe reservoir rendering this task an easy
What looks nicer than good
leetli, property kepi in
order?   Use MUIR'S
Tooth Powder
and keep tlieni rim.
"The Milwaukee"
'The Pioneer Limited" St. Paul to
Chicago, "Short Line" Omaha to
Chicago, "South West Limited"
Kansas City to Chicago.
No trains in the service on any
railroad in the world that equal in
equipment that of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway. They
own and operate their own sleeping
and dining cars on alii their trains and
give their patrorts an excellence oi
-ervke not  obtainable elsewhere.
H. S. ROWE. General Agent.
134 Third St.. cor Alder. Portland, Or.
Eight Trains Every Day in the Vei:
Minneapolis, St. Paul
and Chicago
Embodies the newest and best ideas
and LUXURY. It is lighted with
both electricity and gas; tbe most
brilliantly illuminated train in the
world. The equipment consists oi
private compartment car��, standard
t6 section sleepers, luxurious dining
:ar, reclining chair cars (seats free),
modern day coaches and bulle-t, li
brar�� and  smoking cars.
For Time Tab'i-s, Folder', ot an;
further information call  on  or    mt<
720 Second Avenue. Seattle, Wash
Canadian Pacific
Excellent Train Service Between
Chicago, London,
Hamilton, Toronto,
Montreal, Quebec,
Portland, Boston,
And all the principal business centers of
PHILADELPHIA, via Niagara Falls.
For Time Tables, etc., address
Assistant Gen'l Passenger and Ticket
Agent, 135 Adams St.. Chicago, 111.
in.  x  1 I In.
il in.  x
Alberni Stage Coach Overturns.
.\;in:iin,ei. .Aug. 7.���As the Al1" ini
stage was entering the city by the
way of the Newcastle townsite, and
while on the steep ���grade, the neck-
Ice dn :i to the ground, alloying
the vehicle to run on the horses' heela
and a bad spill resulted. All of the
passengers, with one exception, fell
clear of the stage as it turned over.
The unlucky man was Count E, S:<,lt-
i-rt'olit, of Mecklenburg, Qerrp
who was so seriously Injured thai he
had to be taken to the hospital, where
We Eat to Live
But at the same time it  is  neces-
siirv to know what we are eutinR.
You cnn rely upon Getting the
Best op Everythino.
2 TraRscontinenla! Trains I
Excursion rates to all points Eai ;
July 3rd, -1th and Mb; August Sth,
Bth and 10th. Tickets good for three
U. P. K. Agent.
New Westminster
Trains DjMK     ,
Travel on the Famous
Electric-lighted train.    Low Rates.
Quick Time. Excellent Service.
New York, Chicago,
Toronto, St. Paul
Steamshir Tickets on sale to all European points.
Special    Reduced    Rates    Round   7 inflates   to   Southern   California.
For full informtion call on or write
O. E. LANG, General Agent,
430 Hastings St., Vancouver, B. C.
Portland, Ore.
Spokane fails & Northern Ry Co.
Nelson & FL Sheppard Ry. Co.
Red Mountain Ry. Co.
The only nil r;,:l route between all
i nts enst, west and south to Ross-
land, Nelson and intermediate points
���onnecting it Spokane with the Great
rth rn, N Hhi rn Pacific and O. R.
h N   Co.
Connect? at Rossland with the Can-
adlan Pacific Railway for Boundary
Creek points.
Connects at Meyers Fall? with
-et.ige ,'iily for  Republic.
Buffet lervice on trains between
Spokane  and  Is'elson.
Effective    Sunday,    November    io,
q.20 a.m.
12.25 P-m.
11.40 a.m.
H. STEWARDSON! 509 Cords of Tan Bark Wanted
At the
rraser River Tannery
ELLARD BLOCK,    NEW WESTMINSTER    Highest Cash Price Paid
Civil Engineer and
Day Train Arrive
..  Spokane  .... 7.15 p.m.
. .Rossland   4.10 p.m.
.. .Nelson  6.45 p.m.
The White Pass
and Yukon Route
FAIRBANKS. Daily trains (except
Sunday) carrying passengers, mail,
express and freight connect with
stages at Carcross and White Horse,
maintaining a through winter service.
Fot information apply _o
I. H. ROGERS, Traffic Manager,
Vancouver. B. C. THE  DAILY  NEWS.
3U3T * -3:;
i. ���
Published by the Daily News Pub-
Jhing   Company   Limited,   at   their
J&ces,   corner   of   Sixth   and   Front
streets. New Westminster, B. C.
S��lt-fife in every grain���delicate,
piquant ��� perfect crystals ���
absolutely pure���
E.  A. Paige Manager!
Transient display advertising, ID
cents per line (nonpareil), 12 lines .0
the inch. Five cents per line for
subsequent insertions.
Reading notices, bold face type, 20
cents per line, brevier or nonpareil,
10 cents per line.
For time contracts, special positions, apply to advertising manager.
Notices of births, marriages or
deaths, 50c. Wants, for sales, lost
or found, rooms to let, etc., one cent
per word. No advertisement taken
for less than 25 cents.
Day  Office   A22
Night  Office    B22
and cultivate their critical faculty will
have no difficulty in pickin; out. in
the news columns of any p.aper, sen-
tonnes and paragraphs which are
open to grave suspicion of having!
been inserted for the purpose of serv-1
ing some private Interest Just the'
other day the telegraphic dispatches
contained a few lines which seemed
to say to anyone gifted with the
ability to read between the lines, "Before you condemn me as a plutocratic
robber, think of the good use T make
of my money," and everybody knows.
we presume, lhat much of the political "news." so-called, which reaches
this coast is "tainted."
Chicago, Aug. 7.���A special dispatch
to the Record-Herald from Junction
f'ity.-Ky., says:
Major James Morton, oelitor of the
Hardaman Free Pros.-, unwittingly
went to bed with a corpse in Junction
City last night. He hail missed his
train and going into the hotel asked
for a room. The clerk said the house
was crowded, but assigned the editor
to a room with another man. By
mistake the clerk sent him Into the
wrong room and the editor quietly
disorbed and  got into bed.
goon a young man and a w >man
came In and took seats near an open
window The major thought the pro-
oe: ire strange, but saiel nothing
Listening t" whet; they said, he heard
a rem irk about sitting up with tli"
dead Then he remembered that his
bedmate had not moved and. reaching
over, touched his hand
With a yell the major jumped up
with a sheet over him and rushed out
of the room. Believing that the corpse
had come to life, the two watchers
broke  for another door and  all   m it
! in  the office of  the  hotel   for    ex-
I [il.iti.itions.
20 Lots  in bappertoi
For $3000, l-3~c"
Ladies' Tonsorial Parlor
Few tilings in contemporary journalism are more refreshing than the
weekly columns In Collier's in which
the lash is laid with unsparing hand
on the makers of quack remedies
and the newspapers which, for the
sake of a few dollars, spread their
lures bi fore the eyes of a credulous
public. When one thinks of mothers
poisoning their children or planting
in iheir systems ilie seeds of elisease,
being misled thereto by the plausible
advertisements which laud the virtues
of some "harmless" concoction which
is really a preparation of morphine;
of the invalid's whose cases (originally curable) become chronic and
hopeless because they are deceived
by the stimulating effect of some
mixture of bad "booze" Into supposing that they are gaining strength; of
the incurable ones wasting the money
they sorely neeel on specious scoun-
drels who lead them on with false
promises���one feels thai no words of
praise are too warm for the good
work which Is done by the exposure
of these vile humbugs.
But those who prey upon the hopes
and fears of people who,suffer from
bodily elisease are nol by any means
the only humbugs against whom the
public must be on its guard. Collier's is doing good work in exposing
the manufacturers of "tainted new.-"
also. There exist in the United
Slate- several organizations which
maintain large staffs engaged In supplying ��� i papers all over the country
such ai tides as the patrons eef :2 ���
organiz .ions i ���, tvilling te. pay for.
Sometimes these articli - take the
shape of news !."��� ts, well written
ami furnished to tii.' papers al very
low cosl: sometimes thi are senl in
e]e< trot; P<���or "] late matter" as it
is call- I - all r. idy to be droppe I Into tli' column, sp that the- paper is
��� saved the cosl of setting the type;
in a f w pa ie_j the | ipei Is ; ail for
printer.-, tie,- articles, the stipulation
'".���his thai they ar-' I - be printed :r:
original matter - v, ithout any mark I ���
show thai thej ire n ally ad vei tise-
mentf How the; help thee-,- who
��� i them  will    i   i asily   tin ler-
stooe      ��� ine ���  cenl in tance ;   thai of
a   "bureau" ��� organize I,   to   quote   its
own confl lent lal  stab    i      to Its
rons,     'e     th    purp ise of eon  ���
municipal ownership u here\   'an agi
tat inn   in   that   direction   may     crop
out."    Thi.- matter of tli'-  municipal
ownership   eef   certain   services     u h
as  wati r   anil   lighting,   which    are
necessi rlly in mo   dl IIc  in  theii   nature,     : I   als i  of  ti sisting   ;i'e'
p opi     lia.ll   reci h ������   i   -''ii I   pro na-'
fnr municipal fr inchls ���-. particularly
those- which involve - erne use of city
treel     Is  much  dl sctisse I   In   thes
.1:. ys,    nd peoph    ���      I ��� e omin -
vine hal   urhan   life ( an  b i
c im   ertable   and   health-
li ich ov. nerships;    ind li
feelii    ��� iu" no    mbi
oppoi tunlty,   Therefore ll
fens Its   servlci    '���   tl   _e   fvho
vat* ���  ts    ire   thre -atene;.    and
here :.- the offer;
"Th      ireau   id n     I with the
Amerle: n Press asse elation to furnish
a  ; ig ��� of plai i mai - r    m inthly   to |
icl   -���       ape      is maj  ' ��� designat-
eI,    i'     -. inies    desiring    to    place
such    .  ter iii ill" local papers should
i' uu Icate with the bureau - under
no circumstances taking up the matter \v:''i either the American Press
asso dation or ih" local paper. All
arrangements are made through the
bureau in such a way that lie com-
P iny does not appear in 'he matter at
all. Tin- cost of this service Is $20
per year per paper, The gre il bene,
fit accruing from the constant preseni ition <ef facts and arguments In
favor ie1' private ownership can hardly
he ev .������ ��� iniati-d. As this matter reel ,i:i - t.e composition, papers use n
whi';'- lublication of other matter
could mn !)������ secured."
See "e- have' ipiacks who concoct
nostrums to poison the mind as well
us the body.
People  who  keep   their  eyes open
The   question   how   fo     deal     with
youthful offenders sei tliat we shall at
once  protect society and  put the un-
; fortunate criminals themselves in the
way of being reformed and of crowing    into respectable   .an I    valuable
��� members of society, is a elifficult one.
. and one which eb.es not appear to re-
' ceive that earnest and intelligent at-1
tentlon from the authorities which its
own   importance,   as   wel!   as   consiel- ;
orations of humanity, demand.    Com-1
I mentlng on  the matfer,    the    Globe!
"Our police inspectors are not fav- j
i orable   to   the  adoption   of  American
i methods  in   dealing    with    so-called
j juvenile  criminals,   but   it   would   be
j criminal to delay the Introduction of i
reforms   because  the  United    States,
, has preceded us, and, therefore, thev
m, ' i
I are   American     The   crimes     of the
j state  against  children can   never  be
; atoned  for. but they can  be brought
to an end by a mod��rn and civilized
attitude toward future citizens during
the formative period of their lives."
Facial Massage and
Facial Dressings
Ladies' Work a Specialty
Hair Cutting
Tonic Washes
Toilet Articles
Here's a chance to build some nice cottages    rl
make  money, as  there  is a  great demand f
workingmen's houses in the East End at present
Hale & Lanel
248 Columbia St., NEW WESTMINSTER, B.C.
Phone 335 p. o. &OK J
Over Welsh's store, Columbia
Street. Entrance on Sixth Street
>>****************************** a aaaaaaua
Opening Day, Monday, Aug. 12
on   Gth  St. car line       -        -        -       $300 each
Corner lots Oth St. bet. 3rd & 4th Ac. 500   "
Inside lots between 3rd & 4th Av. 400   "
Lot on Agnes street 66x132        ���       -       $1000
Several of these lots near the Vancouver car line
$175 each,  $25 cash,  balance $10 per month.
Better terms if you take more than one.
Aid. Wells Gray had the misfor-
tune to break a small bonei in his
ankle while walking ahout the Royal
City mill yard yesterday afternoon.
; The aecident was caused by his stepping in a crack and receiving a
wrench. Ald.Gray was taken to his
home- and Dr. Hail was called to attend him. He will not be able- to
leave his residence for some weeks.
Get Ready for ^Chiiliwack Tram
Buy these FIVE ACRES in Brownsville
OPPOSITE THE CITY, for $100 per
acre, or $90.00   PER   ACRE   CASH.
Corner McKenzie and Columbia Streets
X 270 Columbia St.
NEW WESTMINSTER, B. C.     Phone 30"
**********************'. <-'- **************">t****u^ta
A Good Om
House on Tth Avenue, near 4th stn i
Five rooms, hall and pantry, and elei -
trie light.   Xiee lot. stable and chii
run.     Price $1800,   favorable  terms.
Tho "Sta.y Ssxtlsfo-ctory" Range.
"An abundance of hot water,"
says the Monarch man, is
quickly obtained and easily
k pt because of the very large
he ating burface of the- Monarch
pin i xtension water front. It
is located on the left side of .
the lire box and does not inter-j
fere in the least with the per-
it-ct working of the oven."
Another large  shipment  of   WALK-OVER
goods received,  opened up and  now ready
for sale.   But to sell them is an easy matter
We have on show the nobbiest of nobby in
Oxfords and boots, with black or lan, button
or lace, in the following leathers: Patent Colt,
latent Calf, Gun Metal Calf, Platinum Calf,
Chrome Russia Calf, and Vici Kid. In fact,
styles and material to suit any taste whatsoever.
We invite inspection of our Ranges
Hardware, Pair.ts and Oi's 187 Columbia St.   Tel. 65
Agent,    'or   "KLEENO"
Sign of the Big Electric Boot
8 UL. -ET IN
Great Northern Ra
Tickets on Bale Aug, S,9, 10, Sept, tl, 12, I" acol
{>*)% <f/!'<j Exposition.   Return Limit, N'lnetj Days
Above rate is from New  Westminster;    JC0   h ���
Same rates apply to Duluth; proportionately low ra
Washington and Oregon points   Rate to   Chicago
from New Westminster,  $i;i.imi from  Spokane,  5-1 ���'
Seattle.    Low rates to Omaha, Kansas, City, 91   '���
many oilier eastern points
Standard and tourlsl sleepers, dining cars and Com
Observations car.    Mea4s i:i dining car  on   tim   ��
; ! in,   Tho "PAST .MAIL" i-e another got ! tr tin,
F. C. MEYERS, Agent _
H        VV  A. ROSS, Assistant Coac   I PaH    A ft.. Se B5DAV-
AUGUST 3,   1907.
i * *
rfhe Cash Stores I
fc^Te'""""""   "
By Express
lew Dress Skirts:
ie i
Boat  Chartered   by  Fish Oil  Company
Founders  in   River.
es.*,   apply
tting of Hie school board will
i i:i the board room in the city
Displayed in our store window are some
numbers from this recent shipment
of Fine Skirts for
Xew York's newest ideas are employed in the
feigning of every garment. The materials used
Call high class light weight fabrics. The work-
(anship .throughout is the finest that skilled work-
In can produce. We invite your inspection. Sat-
(faction iruaranteed.
New Dress Goods
casi 3 of Broadcloths,  Scotch Tartans, Panamas, etc., etc.
Midsummer Sale Continued
)yards 25c white and black check and stripe
Scotch Zephyr Ginghams, at 15c yd
I yards 25c Plain Chambry, in colors of blue,
grey, brown, pink, green, light blue and
ox blood red.  Sale price 15c yd
Fine Pique, in red or blue stripe patterns,
fast colors, correct for children's wear,
skirts or jumper iackets. Sale price ��� 20c yd
A   .McDonald,   ol'   Vancouver.
hi  th-- cit}     yesterday    visiting
Mrs.  .!.  E.  Insley.
Ihe Misses Sophie and Olive Chadsey, nf Chiiliwack, were in lhe city
. ���- erdaj  on a short  visit.
V,'. Iv Kalees has recently improved
his premises by the addition of an
office :n the- rear of his salesroom.
R. S.   Lennie.  of Nelson,  a  son   of
the Rev. Ft.  Lennie. is coming te) the
coast, on a visit, to his parents.
For all kinds of cut flowers and potted plants, see Tidy, the florist.
Miss   Emily   Nichols,  of Victoria
S|K.neling a few holidays with Mr,
Mrs. A. F. Cotton, First street.
Misses Rachael ami Maggie Camp- j
bell, of Peardonville, returned home!
yesterday after spending a week in ;
the city visiting their uncle.
The little steamer Lilly foundered
\esterday morning in the river just
west of the government wharf near
the Royal City hotel. She had been
tied to the wharf during high water;
so close to the shore that when the
tide went out she remained high and ;
dry and tipped over- on ner side sufficiently to fill when the tide came
in again
The boat is ->wed bv Robert John-
, I
antl ; ston, now in Northern British Colum-
i bia, and is under charter to the Fish
Oil Manufacturing company. A. considerable outlay will be required to
drain the steamer and put her boilers
and engines in  condition again.
Rolled oats :_���*,<��� a sacli
Sons, i'reent street.
Or. T. C. Myers,
Mrs, Myers and R.
Vngelos, .are-  in   the
Kyles  &
The   suit,   W.   Norman   Bole   vs.   P. (     Lieut.   H.  C.    Chamberlin,  of    -his
D.  Roe and Abernethy,  will  be heard : city  has   been  chosen   to shoot   with
Daniels,   of   Los
city   lot   a short
Ihis   morning   at    11
Honor Judge  Cane
':        guesti
Of II.  M. Streight, Third
Tin- steamer Haldis will leave port
aoon tomorrow afternoon laad-
���   !   we'll   l',2n   tons   of   steel   pipe   Con-
��� i '���! Dawson.   Th.- boat will sail
cl to Skag ,v,iy.
Kd.   Hughes,  ol   the   E.  .1.   Phillips
clothing  store,  who has heen  spend-
his holidays in the- east, is on his
wesl ag In, .ma  is expected  to
. ive. here aboul the '-:i! of the- week
A   party of  fl.  N.  R.  surveyors  re-
��� ��� I to ih-' [���;'>' yesterday morning
afti : being absenl tor some time on
survey work. Among those who re-
turned are .J. S. Green, 11. Cook and
R. Austin.
Mr. Justice Clements will hold
supreme court chambers in the New
i Westminster court house this morning. This will lee the first time for
Mr. Justice Clements to sit in New
Manager .1. A. Cunningham of the
N<".'. Westminster baseball elite announces that he has received a communication from the Bellingham
baseball team accepting the offer of
the local club to play a uatr..' ee- Bell-
Ingham on Aug. 14. Th,- baseball
team will go to Bellingham on :he
steamer Princess Beatrice with the
citizen's  excursion.
o'clock by His ' the British Columbia Rifle team that
in the county' will go east in about a week to take
| part in the Dominion Rifle Association meet a' Ottawa, commencing
Aug. 26. They will also shoot at tin-
Ontario Rifle Association meel at
Long  Branch  ranges.  Toronto.
For cut flowers, bouquets nr funeral designs telephone T. Davies &
Son, B 203.
Card of Thanks.      '
Mrs.   Domlny, proprietress    of  the
Arrow press, who is taking vacation. -
begs to  thank  her  friends   for  their j
patronage in the past, and should she
again open business, she will appreciate a continuance of their favor.
Entrance   Examinations.
To the- Editor of the Daily News. Iu  accordance  with  the  request of
Sir:    A  brief history of these high   a niimb-r of citizens. I hereby declare
school   entrance   examinations   might j Wednesday, the Hth inst.    a   public
interest   your   readers;   but   it   is  so | holiday, and respectfully request that
^ hard to be brief, anel to be fair. ! r be generally observed as such.
\  cricket   match will  be-  played  ati     Previous to January, 1902, the cus- \v.  H.  KEARY,
torn of the education department was l Mayor,
to prepare a set of questions for the   Mayor's office, N'ew Westminster,
WANTED���Position in real estate office by good hustler. Apply A. G.
P. O. Box 693.
WANTED���Girl for light housework.
Apply E. Bell, Royal avenue, 2nd
house from Eighth street. 7i
rooms to let in Vancouver, 39 Hastings St., W. next door to Palace
hotel, Mrs. E. J. Grieve, proprietress.
WANTED���A clerk in a law office,
must have had experience in business, preferably legal business. Address, stating salary expected and
giving* references. D. S. Daily-
News office, New Westminsi er
WANTED���By middle ageei business
Englishman, occupation in any position of trust with business ability,
moderate salary, highest reference:!
New Westminster or Vancouver. Reply Box A, Daily  News.
6-romeJ house on Eighth Btreet, between Thirel anil Fourth avenue", newly pointed, and papered, to be sold
immediately, a bargain at $1300, half
cash. Apply McQuarrie efc Co., Front
EMPLOYMENT AGENCY���We furnish help of all kinds, farm, bush,
saw mill, railroad labor, hotel help,
etc., etc. male or female. Write
Canadian Pacific Employment Agcy.
506 Cordova street west Vancouver.
TIMBER LANDS���We deal exclusively in timber. Have large and smai.
tracts on water. If you wisli tc
buy or sell, see me. S. R. Chamlier,
407  Hastings  St..  Vancouver,  B.C.
We can  sell   \ eu  ten  acres  within
half a  mile of new  carline  best  of i
ilack soil  for $400.    Abott  &  HvdeJ
eln-  Brockton   Poinl   grounds on  Sat-
��� i' lay   afl em -nr.   between    the   New
Westminstei  C   ('. and tie- Burrard C.
 icing  ..-  two ������'���iock.    The
''-,:', team has not yet been selected.
Bargains in the Cloak Section
IWiable White Waists up to $1.50, for....
lie tal de Boys' Blouses up to $1, for	
le table Girls' Dresses up tn $1.25, for 45c
le table Wash Skirts up to $3, for $1.50
���be table Ready-to-wear Hats up to $6, for 50c
|se table New Trimmed Hats up to $0.50. for $3.50
a . I Ihildren's Wash Coats up to $2.50, for $1.50
. & A. CORSETS���Stock Now Complete
STOKE   CLOSES   AT   5    P
67 iinrt 27! Ciiliiinbiii Street, New Westminster.
���  ���  ���  ���
��� ���
Wc Kave just opened up a crate ot
"Arcadia" and Yeddo stock patterns.
:    vou  require any to completeyour
is  the
new  one,  now
ctt. or want a
just received.
city   schools   at   Christmas,    and   til!
.lune use this set in the rural schools.,
: and  the city  schools were  examined
in June un a new set.   Occasionally
! these would   be   a   spread    in    some
newspaper   puffing  a   teacher   whose!
luipils  had  made a good  showing ,at j
the  rural examination;   but  no  great
injury was done.
This   custom   was   varied   at   times
by preparing a set for the city schools j
at Christmas, then a new set for use1
in the rural schools till June and then I
in June examining the city schools on
i. Henderson, Mates  thai   rural   set.    This  of course  was e
scandalous'.    Who  would  oppose  and
expose   this   danger    to    the    high
schools?   It was like an insult t'i the]
goi^prnor general of the Dominion of]
Canada too, to bestow his medals upon   the   results  obtained   from examinations   conducted  in   that   manner.
The   principals  of   the   city   schools
dare not risk offending the education
department. The school trustees either did nol know it. nr thought it pru-
On  accounl   .if  the  noise resulting   aent  also  not   to offend  the department.
At the meeting eif the T- ichers'
institute held In Vancouver i'i January 1902, -ome one stated to a f v
nf the prominent teachers pi ��� _
that this style nf examinig cltj - upils
must be stopped then and there, or
every newspaper in the province that
could be induced to expose the Injustice would he- used to do so. The
matter came before the Institute in
the form of a question to this effect:
is the scandalous practice of examining city pupils at the high school
entrance examinations in June on the
sei of questions that have been used
in rural schools during the previous
,   months, going to be stoppi i"
Ca   aln   Pittendrigh   ���
noses   without     seriously    obsei
August 6, 1907.
Charles M. Haighles of this city, has
posted  em  application in  the    water
, commissioner's office for a record of
: Ive inches   of  water  from    a   small
stream running through   section    19,
loi t ���". u irth range 2 wesi.   The waif granted  will be- used fnr agri-
j cultural  and  domestic purposes.
Writing   :' oui  Toronto  to Manager
W. li. Kearj of the pi   ��� incial exhibi
i ion, the Re\. 2
thai the Tee imsehs ��til send a bet-
��� r I ������!:.! i ' British Columbia than
thej playe I against the Shamrocks at
i'-.r.mtii on July 27. On thai date, he
states, two of the club's best defence
et,- ill and unable to go on the
; : i. They have since improved and
ivlll form part of the sticlthandling
;gregation which will be here during
the fair.
,  ,  ���      e|
��� affic in the- street, it has
��� en   leeme i  advisable to move  the
lone In the down town fire hall
to the  rear of  the   building,    where
there will  I e n i dlffli ultj   In  under-
ii :   .. whal Is said al the other end
thc line,    A special wire with bell
ittached   I as   ' een run  upstairs  into
:, ,   m n's dormitory, so thai nee matte r where they happen to be, the firemen will always be within hearing of
the te lephone bell.
For Sale or Charter
3TK.RX-WH!-;EI, STEAMER "HAMLIN." Length 116 feet, width 30
feet, depth 1 feet (> inches. Engines 15x60, built in Pittsburg. Pa.;
shaft 8 inches. Boiler locomotive
type, length 20 feet, diameter 72
inches: working pressure 12.". lbs.
j\1! pipe connections complete.
Particulars, price, etc., apply to
407  Cordova   St.,   Vancouver.
the popular price for Cabinet
Photographs, and decidedly,
without a doubt, New Westminster people are realizing
the fact that the
Royal Studio
(Under new management)
is giving the nearest to perfection for style, variety and
First! Always!    lis Headquarters
Good Cheer Store
- ~~''y-u
\ZT--i^ ,.,3"t���
i     ��� isee 'i'i in   in   this dis-
s year 'un ler the Bush  Fires
. ;  ��ip ',i   con lucted this morning In
district  ' our!  when Charles .luck.
of Langlej   Prairie, will appear before
on   a   charge   of
,   , Inspector \\il-"n read the cpjestlon
re :' ir Ian   clearing pur- ,     . .        , ,   . , , ��� ���
emphasizing the    wm-.i  "scandalous
and then rei bn-2:  Ves.   The teachers
showed  their  approval  bj  r eun Is of
We have two new Houses in Sapperton ot six
'" ms each. Both, are well situated and have
bath, electric light and all necessary improvements. Very desirable properties and can be
got for $2000 and $2300, respectively, on
te*'ms. Better call soon if you want a new
house in Sapperton.
��� verj reasonable care to preveni it
from spreading. The fire is alleged
to In-, i i'i ���: sei oul on July 25, an I
.eei beyond control. The trial has
> u called for 10:30 a. m.
��� Dr, Workman and an atten It nl
the asylum stat'i' lefl last evening E n
ne easl In charge of two lunatics
ho are be ing deporte I to th ��� ol I
mtry. The lunatics are A. !���:. Bar-
i ,\. , nnd ,i. D, Norton, both of whom
natives of Englan I, and have be n
I am informed  that slm     1908 the
i Continue l on Page Six, I
fashion Livery Stables
BELL, INGLES 8 CO,, Props.
Rigs of All  Descriptions For
Smart Driving Horses
Natty Turnouts
* fee ���*
Horses Groomed, Stabled and
Horses For Sale and Hire
Eighth siren!   ���   ���   Phone 250
gap���j  �����-.-, j'', ,".v>->   i
Phone 276.   255 Fronl St.
Orders delivered promptly
to all parts of the city.
Inmates of
of months,
"Tl" f��rm Land Special!.!,." few We.tmm.ler
the   ��� i s\ Imii!   for   a    couple
Dr. Workman    was   ac-
!>v   his   wife.    They   will
I return afl -v reaching Montreal, allow-
| lng the attendant   to continue    with
the charges.
Mayor Keary reci Ived a letter 5    -
1 terdaj   from Sir Henri Joly de  Lot-
. binlere,  late-  Ueutenanl governor    of
British  Columbia,  who  i*  at present
! living at  Polnl  Platon, Quebec,   The
i writer  states  that    he hears    New
Westminster is progressing at such a
rate as to justify his predictions of a
f0    years age, thai    New    Westminster's prosperity was In the ai ar fut -
���,.,,    ne wishes    Ni w    Westminster
people every  suepess  and   express  i
keen concern  tor the weiftae of the
! provincial tell fair and hopes that It
' will continue to grow.
Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire!
You know what that means and what worry and loss it would cause
you if it was your house and you had no insurance.
I can save you all this worry for 35c to 50c per $100 per year and
insure you in reliable Canadian companies.
Is it worth your while taking the risk when you can get good insurance so low?
Call, write or phone for rates. We will be glad to supply information whether you insure or not. j   .
A, W. McLEOD, General Insurance Broker
Armstrong Bloci, Now Westminster, B. C.       ���.-.���       Phone fi2       ���,.���       P. 0. Box 394
?�����������������������������*�����������������������������<*��***************���*+*+++**<> -�����������������+�������������������������������������
������""'.i'i..? THE DAILY NEWS.
Vancouver's Hall of Justice
Will Cost About Half a
Million to Complete.
MR. J. H.
Advices from Victoria state that the
I contract  for tbe erection of the new
j court house in Vancouver lias been le! '
to the firm of Macdonald, Snyder &
Wilson, of Vancouver,    the   cdntract
price being   In   the neighborhood of
; $400,000,   Extras, or  possible  altera- i
llkms as work progress, are rather expected  to   run   intei   another   $100,000
I so  that  when   the   fine  new   building
lis  completed   il   will  stand  the    pro-]
i vincial government in round figures, a
half million of dollars.
Thf successful tenderers are understood  not  to have-  been associated  as
'a regularly organized company in the
past, bul got together on this lender.
It   is  quite   likely   that   a  joint   stock
, company may be formed.
Th< contract calls for the completion <,f ihe building before the end
Of 1909 and it is therefore likely that
preliminary work will be commenced]
at one. The court house will be located cn the Muck adjoining the Hotel Vancouver and bounded by Georgia, Robson. Howe and Hornby
Valuable Propertj
All over the city for sale on easy terms. Acreage on the
proposed B. C. E. R. route to Chiiliwack. Lots on the
proposed new route to Vancouver. Houses in every
district.        Farms throughout the Fraser River valley.
205.   1, :
Sub. Block
tie!  20  (ef Sub.  Lot 7  ' '.
42, i::, 14, 15, 16, 17, is, 19, of Sub
Lot it of Suh Block 2.    $1100.
1���2 of Sub Loi  10 of Sub Block 2.
1���27���_.'S    of    Sub    Lot   12 of Sab
Block  2.    $450.
.1   Terms for above, cm-third  cash,
balance 6, 12 and IS months.
TODD  mm mmm^
(Continued from Page Five.)
has JUSt received a Shipment  Provincial Teachers' institute on two
j occasions  (at Revelstoke and at  Nel-
Of the  latest Edison   ReC-, son i   passed   a resolution  asking  for
, _..���___.       _c  n a reform in  respect to the rural ex-
ords, of which the follow- amlnations.
ing are a number of the!
most select: I
1C0 acres less right of way a be it *
acres for railway; 2D acres stumped,
15 acres roughly cleared and fenced;
1 1-2 story house lSx2&, lean too 14xi!S
and lean too 10x22; harn 30x32 and
lean too 32x14; granary 10x10; two
chicken houses, each 10x12; wagon
shed 20x30; small milk house, small
orchard, all kinds oi fruit, Co bearing
fruit trees; natural spring well. Price
$0000; $20011 cash, balance easily arranged eat 7 per cent.
Full sized lot on Third street, between Royal and Queens avenue east
side, Dew house; $1500.
1.60 ACRES abou) two miles from
Aldergrove station. 30 acres cleared
an I partly fenced, good house, bam
and stable. Price $16 per acre; $1760
cash, balance to be arranged.
1% ACRES, Block 9, Lot No. 2. Dist,
lA'l S; two cottages; south -ide of rivet, near bridge.   $300; half cash.
1 ACRE   tit corner of approach to
ldg< . on the north siele of same, with
store; (leared and fenced in front.
$'000; terms���$300 cash, balance ar-
:; nged.
2 LOTS, 132x132, N.-W. corner oi
Huh Streel and St. Andrews. Price
t iC50; half cash.
1 LOT, full size. Block 59, Lot S,
Sub. 9; partly cleared. $200, or $150
full I
2 HOUSES   en 1 lot. Keary Street, :: LOT
Sapperton; ', rooms and kitchen, wood cleared, up 1                   1
shed and 4 rooms, kitchen and wood tween 1st and
shed.    $1000 each, one-third cash, bal- each,
ance easy.
LOT (en   13th   Street,  south   Sidi
4th Avenui     Price $200 cash.
77.58  ACRES,  black  loam  land,
ploughed and cleared mid dyke |;
���1 LOTS
:   61 h Avenue
37 .t 38, full sl , rt
a]]  four, or $300 each;    ilf casi
21 acres In S ml iry; 6 chi
' '1
E. V4 Se e ���   5,   $75 per acre, one-third  fn"" :     1:
cash, one-third 3 months, one-thlrd 6 &J��*��<
months. kinds,   Prici  $3.0(0.  Term':
cash, balanci . m
Double   '��� 1
lsl  anel 2nd  St |    fk
cash half  md ��� v A
price $1500, $1000 cash. Rents for $1 enant
HOUSE 6  rooms, flush  closet, l'..      40 acres 114,N
storeys, on  4th  Avenue, one  lot  from
2nd Strut on south side.    Price $1800.
half cash.
7 LOTS, 120x52, facing Sth Avenue,
���l lots cleared, small house, chicken
house, 175 chi kens; fenced. Inclusive
Another   injustice  was   bfought   to      Two lots, block 34, lot 9, $1000 each,
the attention   of tiie   department   at
18, 24, 30 MONTHS, AT 6%.
Three ful sized iots on Fifth aven ui .
north side  between  First and Second
of Tn. 2, about . ,,|
Haworth  road, S irn j;   hoi
1 i-j. storey ho :.J
other 3 can    ���  added upstf
shack;  1%  a res i ieared 1
with clover, red; I Irly casi
one  mile  from  ��� hingie mil
streets.  No.  5,  6 and  7.    Price $400 $1,200;.  term
each or $1100 for the three.
Full sized lot, north side of Ham-
months at 7
Full slzeei 12 on
and  Sth  St.    Prii 1  $.1050.
llton street between Sixth and Eighth|ba]ance at 7 ,
streets; $225.
an institute meeting held at Vancouver  I  think  in  1904.    Inspector Wil-
I son was in the chair and Superinten-
Minuet  and   Gavotte from   "Paliacci,"  den1  Ale*.  Robinson  was present.
Edison Concert Band      "   v'ilK   ;>!l0l't  asking   unfair  questions.
He Never Even Said Good Bye, j was mnch arnuse(] at the gingerly
Ada Jones  manm,r jn  ^hich  it  was handled by
Reginald Werrenrath  ,lle varlous principals who took part;
handled  with gloves.    I went to that
Edison Venetian Trio meeting  prepared  to call  a  spade a
spade,   und   determined   to   do   so   no
mattei'  what  the consequences might
lie to  me or  to the  cause.    The  re-
Work, For the Night  is Coming, marks  of Mr.  Coatham.  of your city.
Edison Mixed Quartette decided me, 1 sat still:    1 wontlered if
the department could really resist be-
. lng coaxed into doing right after the
Joyce's 71st Regiment Band, question   had   been  so   nicely   treated
Edison Military Band   by 'l-i'��1-
The departmenl has at nearly every
My Dear
I'm Tying the  Leaves so They  Won't
Come   down,
Byron   (J.  Harlan
271,-2 acres of the best soil, 10 acres
cleared, under cultivation; 200 young1
fruit trees, just cementing to bear;
new house, IVi storey, 5 rooms; hen 1
houses, in good order; some acres
pianted with wheat, oats and potatoes.
Water from nearby spring. Balance
of property easily cleared. Price
$4,700; $2500 cash, balance (i
and 12 months.
This property is only \'2 mile from
tram  line.   Over two hundred  chickens and ducks could te sold with the
property at a snap.
Flanagan and  His Money,      S. Porter
Derrest,   Sweetest,   Best,
Ev' ry Little Bit Added to What Yo've
Got Makes Just a Little Bit More,
Collins & Harlan
He Goes to Church on Sunday,
Billy Murray
Heather Eells,
Albert Benzlei
i-vamiuaUon sine-, asked questions
which were not only unfair, but it)
my opinion illegal���questions thai
wi re outside the limits prescribed by
the council of public instruction.
Since 1902 the custom of i'n-i de-
partmi nt has been to pri pare thn e
sets <d questions each year. 1. A
set at Christmas for the cil ��� schools
tend ler ,any publls from the 1 1 al
�� hoi Is who may choose to try it. 2. A
set for rural schools to be used at
such times anel places as may suit
Edward Meeker the Inspectors during th.- t rm from
January to June. 3. A set to be used
for city schools on the same   .lays in
So Lorg, So Long,   -   Arthur Collins  June   '"   :i"   <'''>'   schools   throughout
tne province,
In the.Good Old Steamboat Days, ,��� Victoria  a  strange   custom    pre-
I   in   the   central     hi 5 -    st hool
Dennv   v,1,il:''' ���v'1'  (!'i'is (who ha.- been promoted   Inspector)   had   (barge.      ."is
The Me-ry Lark. ; .  .;     passed   up   on  a  different   .- I
Edison Symphony Orchestra  of studiet   from the other schools of
tl ������ province,   A substitution of brain
subjects   for  memory    subjects,      it
Burying  rhe  Hatchet, wa- a  good thin- for him and B  good
Ala  Junes and   Len S, e ae.-r   thing  foi   tin-  hich  school  too,    Since
hi    b rt    \ ,  :     :.   Is  still   :'   ,'ori d   ami
��� e     ���     pupils    ip Into 'he  high
'    m 'ei- 11 |(    died a sub high    h i ���'.
School Days Medley, These   pupils "do  nol
Edison Millta 3  Band  tne regular entrance ex a thai
the pupils   'i othi���:��� cltli b have 1      1
till!    ll'.
This  should   be  r,-r:- ml   red
She Was a Grand Old Lady.
Hai veyHindermyer
S;;ee�� Piano Medley,   AugustMolinarl
Miss Dixie,      -    Edison  Concert   Band
Marry K. Hill
My WotdJ What a Lot of It,
1 1-2 acres, more or
less, in block, corner of llth Street and
Royal avenue, invaluable for industrial site,
$4,500. One half cash,
balance to be arranged.
Subdivision of lot ���!<!, block 6, comprising some of the finest residential
sites in the city for sale exclusive!}
by us. This magnificent propertj ii
situated on the corners of Fourth avenue, first street (facing Queen's
park- and Emory street, comprising
in all ten 33x120 foot lots facing on
Firsl .- reel at $700 (excepting the corner iot facing Fourth .'ivenue anl
First street, held at $1000); two iots
on Fourth avenue, 42 1-2x120, :r $600
House and cottage cn Columbia st .
house rents for $25, cottag. for $12:
$5,000, easy terms.
120 acres, E 1-4, section 2~. town-
ship 9, Maple Ridge, 1 barn 7n.\7s ft..
1  harn  3S.x70  ft.,  t'.-room  bouse,    all
nearly new; 70 acres cleared. 50 acres;
under cultivation; balance as pasture,!
easily   cleared, 2 acres   of   orchard; '
good rich bottom land;  2 good wells
and creek; $100 per acre; $4.(i('0 cash,
balance easy.
House 30x42, 4th St., between 4th
and 5th Ave.; 2 single and 1 double
bedrooms upstairs, and hath room
down stairs; parlor, dining room, kitchen and pantry. Full sized lot running back to Ash St. Price $3,800:
, $1,500 cash, balance at $50b jeer year
\ at 7 jeer cent.
2Vi   storey   house,   10  rooms,   also ,
modern    improvements;  lot   60x132;
lane at back; part of lot set out with
fruit   trees    and   -nice    lawn.    Price :
$2,750. $1,500 cash, balance 6 and  12 ,
' months at 7 per cent.
1 lot No. 24 cn 13th. street south
side of 4th avenue.    Price $200 cash.
7 lots Xos. 81 to SO and 95, 95 faces
ion Sth  avenue, next to Gunns ranch,
>4 lots cleared without a stump; small
bouse,   chicken     house,    175    choice
chickens; horse and rig;  $1500 cash.
1  1-2  house, 6   rooms    and    flush:
: closet on 4th avenue, one lot from 2nd |
street on south side; fruit trees. Price!
$1900;   1-2 cash, terms for halance at )
j 7 tier cent.    Size cf lot 55x105.
-    . 150 (ash, balance on easy terms.
2S acres on Mara road. Hurnaby.
$160 an acre FOR A FEW DAYS
ONLY.   One-quarter cash,   balance   1
and 2 years at 7 '',.
2 lots on Sth St. between    5th and
Cth Ave. on east side;  full sized. 66x
132; Nos. 9 and 1
both, half cash, balance easy.
Block, corner of Auckland & llth St. and Royal Ave., almost an acre.
Westerly 4, ! of 63 Sol
132x132 cornei feet sqtj
houses drawing J. moi
$5,000, half cash,    ..iance llf
160 S.E. li of Section II
10 acres,partly cleared; KaJ
running through; goe I
north or Websti - cornerT
Price $1000 for mill and P.O. n' tbi west cl
ber worth $7 pei ��� il
4 miles from Pi rt Hanfl
$2,100; terms $l,10i I
S.-W. Sub. Towi
railway reins alongsld- : f'.il
(hard. Price St 5 pe n \
cash, balance in three 1   ial 1
1 acre clay, housi      " ������%
Joyce station;  part       eatj
across front facii
$70u cash, balani e .. ri
per  lot;   four lots,
1-2x85,   $450;
Red Winn.
F. II. Potter au i Chorus
The  Sailort'  Chorus,
Edison Mali   Qaartettel
five lots, $400.   Call at our offici   < n
Front -���:<������ and Inspect plans.
Xo. 306.���9-roi n e l  house,  w th   ' ath
room, corn* r 1 I 6th and Agm s St
Price $J,G00; ti 1 ms :.:    ������ b. I ilan -
3 and 6 months at 7     .
House, full sized lot, on Keary
street, Sapperton; rents tor $10 per
month.    Only $1,050.
p<   Cl nl.'i'.'i !
tssing  In  Victo '
Westminster s
compared with that In any othei i ll
The promise given  In  1902 by Inspi ctor   Wilson   was   violated   at   Ihe
n "''111    e v,Tiii!i eti'-ns.      The   cltle     of
j Ladysmith, Endi rby,  Kelowna, Cran-
' brook,  Greenwood,  Sandon  an 1   Sl ���
' can   were   treated   as   if they   hail   no
advantages superior to rural schools,
t 'mei  were < xamined on   the rural    1 '
They were thus disgraced by the education   department.     Perhaps   Sandon   or   Slocan   has  surrendered   Its
charier,  If so  it would    be a    rural '
I school.
I The injur; ius r< suits that may I'ol-
, low from this unjust and Impro] 1 r
1 manner In which the receni stamina-
1 tions have been held are' so many
' the! school trustees nhoul 1 be warn-
: "i to put very little faith In the results from lac rural examinations and
not to compare results In one school
i wiih those of another.
.1.   N,   MUIR.
I   Vancouver, B, C Aug, 7, i!��07.
Seven roomed house all
modern improvements, north
side of Hamilton St. $1500
1-2 cash balance easy at 7
per cent.
Lots 16, 17 and 20 of 11 of 3. Pric(
$500 :, ; thn :��� $175 each;  1-2 cash
balance 6 months a* 7 per cent.
Vi aci e between Quei n's and 3rd
Ave-, (en west side of 10th; Xo. 5 and
i; Bio ;. (-.; 132x165 feet; all cleared
and renced. Price $1050; $550 cash,
balance In tl months.
ill i .'������ i l"' "ii R i .,: avi nu<, be-
��� een Fourth an i Menivale; all cleared, $1 200, $800 ca h
Acreage on Van i uvi r road, corner
"r Gilley road. $225 ; < r acre, Acre-
agi  Is selling fasl t I this price,
No. 308.-���S-roomed House, with hath
room, etc.; Agnes St, $2,500; \m
'ash. balance 3 and (I mos. at 7 ',.
100 acres, 2 miles from city.
$J0 per acre
Two lots on ISth street, between  7th and  St^i avenues.
1 full size lot, block 0. lot 14,
St. Patrick's Square: Price
1 lot, 55%xl66, Tenth street,
off Queen's avenue. Price $450.
Terms $200 cash, balance terms
to suit.
2 houses corner or Mer rival and
Agnes; full Blzed lot; city block 31,
lot 11; one house rents for $25, the
other $10; Bush closets and all con-
in e:ted with sowers. Price $3,5C0.
Cash $2,000, balance- in 6, 12 and 18
months at 7 %.
Lots 14 and 15 of 1 of 6 of 4
(cleared.) Price $500; for the two, 1-2
cash, balance C months at 7 per rent.
Lot 14 on Sherbrook street of 11 ol
3, cleared. Price $275; 1-2 cash, balance, 0 most lis at 7 per cent.
Six lots, 50x150, outside city limits
$60 each lot. Fuller particulars on
Centrally located In a commmanding
Situation; Third avenue, at foot of
Firth .-treet. Two and one half-storey
house. Ten rooms (recently papered)
All modern conveniences; hot and
cob] water, bath, Hush closet, lavatory, electric light; nice lawn; lot
06x132, with lane in rear: part of lol
sei out with fruit trees. Price $2,750.
$1,500 cash, balance arranged.
160 acres on tiie Scott road, 15 acres i
cleared;   barn BO x 30;  stables, etc.;
splendid soil; only $30 per acre, $1,000'
cash, balance ehsy.
One acre in blocn
tween 18th and
on Sth Ave.   Pricel
1-3 cash, bal. easy.
Large lot and tv      "J-1
lumbia street, Sapperti n,
at $10 each.
One ancl one-ha
full size iot, situated nortl
Royal avenue anil corner oil
street; 9 rooms; bath room!
cold water, closet; woodsheT
bearlg fruit tree . treets I
sides; fine view. Prii ; \
Lot facing 2nd St., b<      1
and 3rd Ave,, see ond    ' 'roq
Ave.;    52x122 feet; all cleat
alongside  and   back.     Pnee|
half cash, balance easy at'
One lot No. 12 on Royal]
third lot from Eighth street|
for sale exclusively.
150  acres  im.     ������ I lan(1>
and sheds complete, near CM
all under cultivate n, $15,0001
can   handle   this, don't del"!
bargain; terms can be arrani
100 acres got II :
about ::'i mih    froi ]
road, $12 per acre; a rt
Part of lot 369
about  70  acres,    i
Half cash.   Jump-
I, $170,1
in ati'll
2 lots, 20, 21; v
(corner) $175. D
��TFor  the abi
special price will b
Telephone   333
Front Street
Telephone^ august a
& Steamers
MAIN Ll-N''':'
arr N   *f. H-35.
Kar-SeatUe 16.60.
N. W. 13.40.
,.;;,!;  :ir
"      {nl)   10.-J.J.
���*  �� 1135  Pi.40. 18.40.
fl'. S-3��'
15.40, 17.3i>.
16.40, 18.40.
,-. Seattle 4 p.m.
M1**. ,r Seattle 10 p.m.
' j.35 P-m
L*,* m. and 9:55 p. m.
T   f j-3 i.m., and * Pm-
f JLpor r 'JI-ichon.
V>|5 am.,  ar. Guichon
I;40 p. a^-
ar. N. W.
....      f -   -trvtt-
��jiii i 'i
ieing in the District I g��. <r y* ^ibSk cense    will  be    issueei, also    printed,
". in the Pnvince, ^**-'xS^^Sk forms eif tender and envelope, maybe
���  more particularly ,,��^5*^^j5h" obtained at this Department or at the j    Grant   w_0  time  ami  again stood
a lot 7, subdiv-; Tenders for   License  to'Cut Timber  office of the Crown Timber Agent at: untouched amid B bail of bullets, flual-
on  Dominion  Lands in the Province of British Columbia.
SEALED TENDERS addressed    to
New Westminster, B. C.
Each  lender  must  be  accompanied
by an accepted cheque on a chartered
' - quarter ot Section
ownship 2
i   ���    if you  are  required
tim of the  tax pur- - bank   [,,   tavor  of the   Deputj
torty-five  .lays    from   the  Comissioner  of  Dominion Lands, Minister uf lhe Interlor, for the am-
avallabh -   ,., ��� Eirst   i'^'^icatiejii   of, Department of the Interior, and mark- ount of the bonus which the applicant
,. the Railway " :'��U' ��therWiBe l Sha"   <* ��" the envelope "Tender for Tim
Margaret  Robson,  as owner'
Bi ��� In B
bia, may be hoc
u and 6 p- ��.
|tUt��uninster 5.50, 6.50. 1
l,,aaJevtr> hilt hour therein p.m.
htcouver for
me teaded   .
son who Is the sole head   i
or any male over :��� , -,--, .���
the extent or   one-quarter    sect! in ot
160 acres, more or I
Entry must be- mad i pe aa al
tbe local hind office tor the listi ..,
which the land is sit ia ���
The homestead,-: la requl  -| to per
form the conditions i mn       l the
with under one of the follow  ig plans
ber Berth No. 525," will be received at
;   in  tee.    And  1  hereby direct
Icatlon for thirty days in a this Department until 12 o'clock noon
dally  a iwspaper published    at.    New oa Wednesday, the 28th day of August
Westminster of  this  notice  will    be 1907,  for a  license to cut timber on
Sood  e, I sufficient service thereof.      j Berth No. 525, comprising lands situ-
Dated at  the Lund Registry Office, a,e 'n the Province of British Colum-
New Westminster, Province of British bla, and described as follows:
i, this ISth day of July, A.D., Timber Berth   No.   525,   comprising
1:"': the North half of section 29, West of
C. S.  KEITH, Mara  Lake, the North half Of section
District Registrar. 20, and all section 32 in Township 20,
To !'             Throssell and H. Burton.   Range  S, West of  tlje  6th  meridian,
is prepared to pay for a license.
The highest or any tender not nec-
cessarily .accepted.
ly died of cancer.
William the Silent survived numerous conflicts and campaigns, only to
be assassinated after he was victorious.
Napoleon, apparently bullet proof
and believed by his followers to boar
��� charmed life, died almost alone of
a cancer.
Cortes, the conqueror of Mexico, aft-
No tender by telegraph will be en- I er half a lifetime of desperate fighting,
tertained. died 'n Spain of typhoid fever, ueglect-
Department of the Interior,
Ottawa, July 5th, 1907.
Westminster at
Take notice that I, Henry Grose, of
All       wns served with this notice,   containing an area of 1S5 square miles  Vancouver, B.  C, timber cruiser, inti)   At least six months     isldence  and those claiming through or under! more oi> less. tend   to  apply   for  a
upon and   cultivation of   the land In   them,   md   all  persons  claiming anv      The berth must be surveyed within  ������_,  ..     f������"  .,���
each \ee- fur tint.., ��� ���__.,,..                                                                                                                                                                        ��� over  tn^   tollowin
oacu .ear ior ttiree yea                         Irtere    In the said '.and by virtue of          year after the date ot the notice
(2)    lf the father (oi >r, if the    :- itered  Instrument, and  all  awarding the  berth.
timber   license
described     lauds,
bituate  in  the Coast  District:
er River and Gulf
I., w mm. Wed. Frid. 8 a.m
|cb��k. T Bat., 7  a.m
\<t W Tu., 'I'e . Sat. 8 a.m.
|cti��l,. S in., Wed., Fri.. 7 a.m
father is d ceased                     ���  ead laimlng any interest in the The regulations under which a II-      1������Commencing at a poat   planted
er resides upon   . -vicinity '                  by  descent,  whose  title  is cense   will    be   issued,   also     printed   at   S.  E.   corner   thereof   aud   situate
"; :;"' :"> I enter , itered under the provisions of forms of tender and envelope, may be  about 20 chains distant in a N. E. dir-
ments as to n   Wence ma               led 1 Registry Act," shall be for- obtained at this Department or at the l ectjon trom ^ s   w.'corner of sur-
such    pei    a    esldlng s Dh   the '    '  topped and debarred from set- office of the Crown Timber Agent at
ed and despised by those whom he bad
Washington survived tbe peril* of
the wilderness, the clangers of Indiut,
warfare, all the bullets and balls of a.
���core of Revolutionary battles and th*
hardship* of a seven years' campaign
to be bled to death by his doctors.
Lord Cllve, tin- English conqueror
of India, a bold, active warrior, exposed to death in scores of desperate
battles and by several plots, fell a
victim after bis return to England to
the opium habit and committed sul-
Homemade      Cement      For
Broken Glastware.
The best  kind of glue for clear
�� or in respect of New Westminster. B. C. >c^'u "JL "a' ult'"ee uorui iou cualUB'   ���lass  \_  made  from  a solution of
d for taxes as pro-      Each  teQder  must be accompanied  the:'ce west 40 chalns' theuce south   two ounces of isinglass and half a
by an accepted check on a chartered   160 chains, theuce east 4.) chains. pjut  0f  g-;u   poured   into   an   open
2���Commencing at a post planted at \ mouthed bottle and set in the sun
y the "Lan 1 Registry Art."
[>'.��'��� :
Imp, II mi '
l.'r  Ston, T
{Mail Service
C   P,   R. train  at
se 11 p. in.:
hid Si
- in lay
5 a.m.
,m. (Fri. 0 a.m
.-' mth  West  quarter of S iction
["ownship 16,  New    Westm asl tr
bank   In  favor of the  Deputy  of the
Huntii -then.
Xo, 1,
I ���:
ICalgarj      I  \
e-xcept S it -
daily except
incouver, No.
I ist) daily, Mj
nts    received
(al ber or i
1 -i    b. the   iI . pei man
enl residence upon fa        ; land own
ed by him in the , if his home-
-���'   id,   the   req .      ��� ts to resi-
I nce maj    -     it     -:             .- ���,. .. _        -All'that   pari  of the South ount oE ,he bonua whlch thy aDp11
'    :i '"     '������'- 'and Ea<       - satd Section lying to   cant ls Prepared to pay fo- a license.
Six  :                        \      agsho th   ind West of Lot 47, Group      Tlie    highest  or any    tender    not
������������ given to the   i               mer of Do -   ind all -bv pari of the North East  necessarily accepted.
minion Lanl-   il  ot  iwa -    In  mtl n |uart<     2 <b:i  Section lying to the      No tender by telegraph will be en-
' ' a  ply toi  pate West of Lot  356, Gioup 2.                     tertained.
Coal lands :                          .   -:    ���  y LAND   REGISTRY   ACT.                                         PERLEY  G.  KEYES.
:���-.  acre for sofi co     md $20 for an- A   i     I Eicate   >��   Indefeasble  Title;                                            Secretary,
thra Ite.      Nol   more     lan     20 acn ,.,���,,.���.���....-    will be issued to   Depart mer,: of the Interior.
n be a quired bj   me ind vidual oi Margreta Jensen, on the 19th day of         Ottawa, June 29th, 1907.
mpan      Royaltj         ie rate of ten August, 1907, unless in the meantime  	
i - : er ton of 2.0           ���              be valid obje tion  thereto is ma le to
cted "te the gross        ut. In writing bj   i person or persons
i I timing an est        u  interest the eln,
a   :..
Electric railw i
X",   l,  d illyexcept S in
eh ��� I 9 a. m.
G.N.R   tt .:a. S l^e a.m.:
. ...   Porl   Kel
rie, Blaine   i i I
\, i ihington aa :
- -   In   eastern
Sunday,  Return
0  p   in.
'i hurs '; i  -
.-   ���   and    Sa  ;���-
��� i eived Mon 11>:
W. W   C iRY,
De; it;    if thi   Mmiste      'the In-
V,  B.���Una .
tbi     advertisement    v 111 not
p- r v
ess ^
Electi Ic rail ������
S Vi, t iria, No   l.
excepl   Sun i.e.
I ill .   it j p. in.
1:13 p. in.:
��� ci ept Sun lay
! at 1:10 p. m,
r 12:00 noon:
I and  Frid ij -
:  Tm a laj -   in
SE VLED   te: . .:.:-;     ll I
��� signed    sndors   I ' ':'������:.-
Elei trl     Ele\ Cai
Vita., Public Building," ���������   '   ee re eiv-
���  ���:.:- office   intll b Ida     \ .. .
2,  ID '7. Incluslvel;   for the
of an electrl   ele; Cal
gary, All i., P e lie .'
Plant    tender!) '    I   that
tendi   ��� v. el! nol lereJ unless
I   . .th their actu
.   i ti ndei   ... is ������ panie '.
���, any part the eof.
C.   S.   KEITH.
District  Registrar of ri':
. i   ;_. gistry iiffjce,
r,  B.   (.'.. Ju
V ie   person   o    persons  having in
.   cus od    or p issession  th    fol-
i th    undersigned.
Conveyance  dated  9th   May,    1894,
:,   :' ; emas Grave    Gregs in to Eliz-
���!_: I., me Stree  .
N   \   \, estmins    .  BJ!.,
for Licens-: !.:   "l'', t������.'-?���.-
��� on Lands in tree rtv,,,':;.
the Interior, for the am- j the   south-east   comer   thereof    and
about 100 chains distant in a north
direction from the south-west corner
of surveyed lot 495, ihence north SO
chains, thence south So chains, thence
west Sa chains, thence south SO chains
thence east SO cliains. containing 040
acres more or less.
3���Commencing at a post planted
at the southeast corner thereof and
situate about 120 chains distant in a
north-westerly direction from the
south-west corner o�� surveyed lot 495,
thence north SO chains, thence west
80 chains, thence south so chaius,
SEALK1'     ENDE-RS addressel tu the . thence east 80 chains, containing 040
Commissi!.-.:        oJ    Dominion    Lands,  acres  more   or   less.
Department o; the interior, and mark-       4���-Commencing   at   a   po3t   planted
, , ,        ������     ,     ,     ���,.,,   .at the south  nest coi-jer thereof and
ed  ou the envelope    lender for lim-
at the north west corner of surveyed
ber Berth No. 524,"   will be received  1()t m> Uu,m.e uurUl g() chaln3> the..ce
said   at  this  Department    until  12  o'clockieast 80 chains, thence south 80 chains,
'  lhe  noon on Wednesday, the 21st day of thence west SO chains, containing 640
,���,.   . .. . .,      -acres more or less.
Aligns:, 1907, for a license to cut timber on Berth No.524, comprising lands'    ^-Commencing at a  post    planted
-v.    r.,    .-    ���   , t,���i���-i ri^i    north-west   corner,   about   SO   chains
situate in the Province of British Col-
.,    , . ��� i distant in a northerly  direction from
umbia, and described as follows: I , .,.,-,
the north east corner ol lot 495,thence
Timber Berth No. 521,    comprising oast    40    t.,,,.in,,   thence    south    lt;il
Legal   Subdivision   14  of Section 12, chains, thence west 40 chains, thence
Township 6, Range '(, West of the 7th I1(ir;:1 L60 ciiains, containing 640 acres
Meridian,  containing an  area    of    40 more or less.
acres, more or less. HENRY GROSE.
The berth must be surveyed within      Located July   6,  1907.
3 "' one year after the date of the notice 	
until it dissolves. It should be
shaken well every day and before
being used should be strained
through a clean burn cloth. When
ready for the gluing the broken
glass pieces should be well washed
in hot suds, especially on the edges,
dried, and then with a small camel's hair brush the cement should bo
put on the edges of both pieces,
and when they are nicely fitted together rubber bands or clean strips
of cloth should be bandaged tightly
around them to hold the edges well
together until the glue dries. If
the cement has been nroperly made
the break should really not be visible when dry, for the reason many
cracks look jagged when mended ift
because the edges have not been
well joined and. bubbles of air getting in, reflect, the light, making the
ragged, broken lines glaringly ap-
��MLr��int���Boston Travel*'
Canadian Pacific Railway Co.
British Columbia Coast Lint
B. C. Coast Line Service.
-abject to change without notice).
epted chequi i tional  south  east  quarter of  awar(jing the berth.
made   payable  to I       irde     ul section    16,    t wnship    24.   Whereas
���',,. Mlnisb    ���    Pu el proof ol thi   I    5 of < ertificate of titl<
,. [ual to ten   ier cen        - p.c i num er 1116F, issued in the nam ��� of
,    imounl   ot ��� '   .   iv'hic i:.    :.  SI ide.:-' h - ' ei n filed ln I lis
foi feite i ten I r- office.
lug  di cline  to ��� nl ' mti Notice Is In n       .'-ven that [shall
i   the i xi Iration   ���:' one un n
",t    -.
��� i     -  I!
"trai ted   ,.,,, ,, .. of the first publication he e el
1       ':    eoat, 2:30 pm,   ���-.,-     ;   the tender be nol   ,     'pted the   ^   ,       _       ,     0f the said certifi-
on Saturdays: cheque will be retun cate, unless In tb    meantime valid i   -
1 slat iel.     Port      The Department does I     -���      lection be made to me in writ
i      c     ii  the lowest or anj      nder.
it;, ordei
!        tment of Publ     ��� 	
Ottawa, Julj   I,  ;:' '"���
Xew ���    jrill nol ild for I
a Iverl th e; :���  v\ '���
..     ,.  ���  orll    from the D      rtment.
The regulations  under which a  li-
��� will   be    issued,    also printed
.- of tender and envelope, may be
obtained at this Department or at the
��� of the Crown Timber Agent at
\   '  Westminster, B. C.
Each tender must  be accompanied
Princess Beatrice
Princess May....
Princess Beatrice
Princess May
Princess Beatrice
Princess May.. ..
Princess Beatrice
Princess May ...
Princess  Beatrice
Leaves Vancouver.
... July G, 11. p. iu.
..July 12, 11 p, m.
. .July 19, 11 p. in.
.. .July 26, 11 p. tu.
..Aug.  2,   11   p.  m.
 Vug. 8,   11  p.  m.
..Aug. Iii, 11 p.m.
.. .Aug. 23, 11 p.m.
..Aug.  20, 11  p.m.
S.S. Princess Victoria leaves Vancou-
NOTICE   is  hereby   given   that   the
artnership heretofore subsisting between  Joseph   Cameron    ami  Joseph ' ver, 1 p.m. daily.
Leaves Victoria daily at 1  a.m
Sunbury,   dail)
a mails n i el\ -
'    to ll a. in.
Inesday.    Return
��� aud Saturdays.
Electric  railway,
('. S. KEITH.
1.   trict Ri sistrar
-������'������    ce.
Westminster, B, C, Jul   6, 1907
in accepted-cheque on a chartered  Mark   McDonald    as  "The    Mission
.���: '.  In favour of the Deputy of the  Lum.,ei. company" of the District of
Minister of the Interior, for the am-   \ew Westminster has been dissolved
ount of the bonus which the applicanl ky mutUal consent as of the 29th day
Is    repared to pay for a license. j 0f june. 1907.   All debts owing to the
The highesi or any tender nol nce-   said partnership    are to be paid    to
Victoria',  N'o, 2;
Ri turn   malls
Tenders    for  License ta Cu*.    Tin-,
cr, Dominion Lands In the P-"o
vince of British Columbia.
F ler, ���! p  in.:
dally except
II   p.  m.
I 1
i 11
In  the   Matter   of   tne ' Trj-z'.ies   and
,mal!    'n        Executors Act." and In the Matter
cf ti-.e Estate of Augustus William
Lundbom. Deceased.
All persons having an     [alms 01 de-
1      is againsi the 1
train al 5:05 1.   \\ ...am Lund    m la     it Surrey (
al   1:30 p.m.:        I   ;  British  C   in 1 1.
nver   N.e   :u; (C   I        '���  '"" ::' !  '"  '
11). Return mall  der Igned thei
10   :���'   a.   111.
. 1  tie--  nature
a 1 hi I :
or before th
Notice Is hi     1     li   ��� !' ���' :,; " ' "'
gald ,|.,.,. th ors will proceed I ���
distribute thc    iid   state im agsl the
parties entitled thereto, having regard
onl) to the data      ���'    "Ich thej
then have had  notle     and  they will
be liable for tl ��� proce
Millside, No, 2:
il Sunday, Re-
10:36 a. in.
ster Iron Works
��'J. ����� 1,
:   1   ses
hem, d
S 1ALED   Ti SDERS   addres   id b
,      (   ;:,;.....: of 1- imtai ;. Lan Is
1 .. of   the    Interior,    and
marked ou '    ���        ' "T :''       '
.   th   N,.. :.-;.'���   will
,, 1   ' , :  this D pai m ml    until
1     u , m        Wednesday, tl' 1
da-  ,,   s ��� ��� ". ' :���. i"":. tor a ll ' ns ���
to cul tim 11 ' on ber h No  52 i, a m-
-  ���'   In the Province
��� ssaril;  acce] 1   I.
No tender by telegraph will be enti rtalne I.
rtm :.' ee:' ti;" Interior,
Ottawa, June 25th, 1907.
Joseph Cameron of Sapperton In the
District eef New Westminster and all
claims against the saiel partnership are
to be presented to the said
Joseph Cameron by whom the same
will be settled,
Dated al New Westminster this 13th
day of July,  1907,
j, ii. johnson.   j, m. Mcdonald
Ith   Tenders    for License to Cut    Timber
on Dominion Lands in the Pro.
vince   of   British   Columbia.
19,   L907
.��� cluisively, tor the construction   of
SEALED   TENDERS   addressed to  public building, Cumberland, 11. r.
Leaves Victoria daily except Monday
at 8:30.
S.S. Rithet
Leaves   Victoria   ou   Tuesda)   an 1
Friday at 7 a.m., aud leaves Nen West
minster on Wednesday and  Saturd ij
at 7 a.m.
S. S. Joan
Leaves Vancouver daily at 1:30 p.m
Steamer Queen  City.
SEALED TENDERS    addressed   to      Leaves Victoria at  11  p.m. on  1st,
the undersigned, and endorsed "Ten-   7^. and  llth each month for Clayo-
eler lor  Public  Building, Cumberland,   qU0t;   leaves Victoria   on    20th    for
B, ('.," will be r> 'eived at this office | Quatattto and way points,
until Monday, August    19,  L907,    In- '
A!N1J   HJNtilME
PRCCtttd1!1.*0' tIKlUUJil and
Worn,   inctuilitu
���  CT,'HU.  [R0N
!^tal   :    ,
;V,.; ���   ''-s,,M,es. ���fn
'"'i correspondence in    .     utlon thereol
,>S?�� -Hcltor for Joh,1^^^
,  ,������ any pari thereof,   so
,.1 t��� anv person of whose claim  re.
had not iiei'M'-'' the time of dis
,..-, , 0{ the Crown Timbe
%,. . Westminster, B. C
I.   exe   il
r,   ...     ... and desi 'Ibed as  the Commissioner of Dominion Lands.
D epartmeu! of the Interior, and
om .,���;.,,_ marked on the envelope "Tender for
Timber Berth No. 527," will be re-
c Ived al this Department until 12
o'clock noon on Wednesday, the 4th
day of September, 1907, for a license
to out timber on Berth No. r>27, comprising lands situate in the Province
of British Columbia, and described as
[ illows:���
Timber Berth No. 627, commencing
at the West end of the most Northerly boundary of Timber Berth 2p0;
thence East, aleiu? said North boundary   of Timber Berth  200,  20  chains,
.   ,  more or less, to the West boundary of
b tender must be accompanied  ...
., ;, Mpted cheque on a chartered
Tim ei   Berth   N
lh 1   North   half ot the   South   Easl
quarter of   Section 33,   Townshi 1 12,
Eug( . ;��� coast Meridian, containii.. an
!    , ,,-    1 :, ;, -  more en- less.
The berth must l e surveyed within
(.,,, ;.���.,;��� after the date ot the notice
1 .   'ling the I erth,
The regulations under which a ii-
W1U be   Iss i< '.   als 1   prlnte 1
,,i::. of tender and envelope, tr
obtained tit this Di partment or
i) he
11 the
agent at
of the Deputy of the
mber   Berth   :>7S;    thence   North,
atong said  West boundary of Timber
morning paper
bank In favour
,,,   ,   ,,. ,,;��� the Interior, tor the am
" ,'r  ,,- the bonus  which  the  appll
LAND  REGISTI   ACT ^ ^ ^ pfty  fm.   -  ���, ,.������
TAKE NOTICE t ,' Yi���,   hlghe8l   ,���-   any   tender
een made to reg *A       Rrily accepted
No ti nder by telegraph will be en
, Tax sab- r
Plans and specification can be seen
and forms of tender obtained al this
departmenl an I on application to the
postmaster al Cumberlan 1.
Persons tendering are notified that
tenders will uot be considered unless
made on Uu1 prlnte 1 form supplied,
and sighed with their actual signatures.
Each ten ler must oe accompanied
by an accepted check on a chartered
hank, made payable to the order of tiie
honorable the Minister of Pubtec
Works, equal to ten per cent (10 p.c.)
of the amount of the tender, which
will be forfeited if the party tendering decline to enter into a contract
when called upon to do ���so, or if he fail
to complete the work contracted for.
:   IS the owner in Fe
-;,'��� Deed fron    I '^ora
tion of  the Towns        '     '   **��
Surrey, to  Mm   1
date the 7th day of November,  kj>.,
1901  of all and sins    'r :
parci ' or tracl of
,.':���; lln
Berth 378, 120 chains, more or less, to i It the tender be not accepted the check
the shore of Pitt Lake;  thence West , wm |IP ^turned.
2-1    chains,    more    or    less, to equal      Th(, ,,(,|)al.tment (,nes nm ,,���,, ltsolf
length of    South    boundary:     thence   tn ;u>(,(,|i(  ft| ,ow���3t Qr .(uy u_,nder>
South  42',)  chains,  more  or  less,    to -    order
point of   commencement    containing] ' npnn <;i:i in~\s
,,,..,.,.. -nent of the Interior.
Ottawa Julj  5th; 1907.
:.n area of 210 acres, move or less.
The berth must be surveyed within Department of Public Works,
one year after the date of the notice Newspapers Inserting   this   adver-
awardlng the berth, tlsement without  authority from  the
The ; gulatlons  unJ r which a li- Jepartment will not be paid for It.
Steamer Transfer
Leaves   New   Westminster   ou   Monday,   Tuesday,   Wednesday,   Thursday
! and Friday at  '���' p. m. and Saturday
; at 2 p. ru. with additional trip on Mon
day at 5 a. m.
Leaves Steveston Monday. Tuesday,
Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday at
7 a.  in.;  Friday at ti a. m. additional
'rip Saturday 5 p. m.
8. S. Beaver
Leaves   New  Westminster,  8   a.   m.
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
Leaves Chiiliwack 7 a. m. Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturdayr. calling at
landings between New Westminster
and Chiiliwack.
8. S. Tees
Leaves Vancouver at 8 p.m. 2nl
and llth of each month, eilllns; at
Skldegate on first trip and Bella Coola
on second trip. Time on arrival and
departure  nre  approximate.
For   reservations   and   Information
������all or address
Aftent. Kew We*tH��it.Bt��r
B. J.  r-OYLF
���'.*st. Hen   Pass   Afretit. Vnncnuvar
leneral Super'ntendsnt, Victoria.   ' THE  DAILY  NEWS.
"-*���  -"iinewin  'fir- wi_"nr��i��>_.
-������ ������ ������ ������ **:-**b;**?**br*,**:** :**y**y**y**y**b**y*
I NEW HOUSE and 3 Cleared Lots:
��� in Wesl End, close to tram line; frontage
I on two streets; 5 rooms; cement founda-
I        tion; water in tke house; cellar.
��� Price  $ 1 600. Enquire for terms.
t                       For Sale exclusively by
* Fire   and   life   insurance agent,
S   276-278 Columbia St. Westminster.B.C. i-muhc   ..*   #
*:.**��� **y**b**y**::.**i:**y**b-*y**y**-r**y**:** ** **������:.** ������
Real Estate Broker
Phone 170
The Excitement in Surrey
incident to buying up land on the route
of the tramway to Chiiliwack, has only
fairly commenced. If you wish to be "in
the swim" and make some profitable turnovers, consult us at once. We have land,
in tracts from 40 to 600 acres, all worth
Malins, Coulthard & Co. Ltd
J. H. VIDAL, Mgr. Real Estate Department
Underwood        Empire
v Typewriters:.
New Wellington COAL
Blacksmiths' Coal in stock.
Seattle, Aug. 6���Mosquitos are responsible feu- the depletion of the-
ranks a; Foil Lawton. They cause
men to desert, they discourage men
who desire to enlist, anl they make
ihings uncomfortable lor everything
and everybody in conection with th.'
fort, including the mules. Dogs are
often cn the verge of madness
through ihe pernicious activity of
these little pests. The men say the)
would rather have Pharaoh's locusts
any time than the insects that made
Xew  .Jersey  famous.
"Mosquitos are the worsl enemies
thai we have to contend with," said
Col. T. C. Woodbury, who commands
everything in the fort except the tiny
pests, "and are largely responsible
for ihe fact that we have only 150
men, while our full complement is
300. With tin- little wretches repelling the- men from within and prosperity beckoning them from without
it is a sorry outlook tor ole! Fort Law-
ton. Men who would not desert In
the presence of an ove rwhelming
force of human fins take to iheir
heels when the Invading winged pests
make  their appearance.
"We are trying to overcome the
plague anil exterminate the little
brutes, but we find that to he a difficult matter, and it never will.be accomplished until the ground under
West Point lighthouse is filled in and
drained, and that would cosl about
$1,00(1 for every man in the foil.
something  I   fear  Congress   will   not
\ give."
A man who has served Uncle Sam
! for years as a private soldier sai.l
this morning that he was afraid of
nothing but mosquitos. and only his
; loyalty to the government caused him
to stay in a place that was a torture
j to him.
"Talk   about  your     charge    of   the
\ light brigade, why that is nothing
compared to charging a mob of mosquitos.     Those   men   who    went     up
! against   the    J.0,000    Cossacks    were
[heroes, but the men who face the invaders at Fort Lawton are martyrs.
I (ell you it require!, real stuff to face
the music made by those insects."
"The United States could not have
chos.-n a  place  for m  fort  that  would
i be   more   favorable  lo   the  mosquitos
[ than  this   place,"  saird   ('apt.  W.   R,
i Eastman, surgeon at the fort. "We
cannot get rid of them except by
going to enormous expense, which It
is unlikely Congress will sanction
In the meantime, both the officers'
and soldiers' quarters are being
screened   so  that   they   can   sleep  in
! comfort."
Ten Days More
Collister's Annual Summer Gear a n<:e Sal
CLOSES IN TEN DAYS MORE. Although many lines on sale during the opening days have been sold out completely, we have added
more special snaps. You will find it just as profitable to buy now as
before, and a good deal more so than later on.
New White Wool Blankets $3.75 per pair
25  pair of White  Wool   Blankets, size 60x80.    This special line  is a  shipmenl   which   bai   -   -
two weeks, therefore, you will find them perfectly clean.    We sell them  regularlj  at  M.2.
our sale we clear them out at  ibis special low price; per pair	
A  few pair only of odd lines of  dray Blankets, regular values $4.60; for   	
n in
Big   Clearance   of   Women's   Lustre
Only 21 of this line in stock. Wc have marked the
entire lot at the low price as below. Good serviceable early Fall Skirts, every one (ef them: regular prices $3.75 to $-1.7-r>.    Sale price each.. .$2.26
Two Special Lines of Misses' Skirts
One lot Misses' Homespun and Tweed Skirts; regular
prices $4.00 to $4.50.    Sale price each $2.95
One lot Cloth and Lustre Skirts, dark colors; regular
prices to $:_.00.    Sale price each $1.95
Now $5.25
With five days' selling- there has I e< i ;, big reducl
in the number of the skirts on our I,.r^-aiti tab
We have still a complete range of  izes, howe*
and any woman will find nowhere   else such
ues as we are offering in this line.    Mostly ]
and medium grey Tweeds, and not  an old .1
skirt   in   the   lot;   regular prices $6.75, $7.501
$y.00.    Sale price each         (I
Colored Lustre Shirtwaist Suits Half Price
Our prices are marked in plain figures ami when you se<  the- tei figures   showing   tin es ol
suits you can compare with the regular prices and you will find reductions as quoted here.
Eleven only in the lot; four colors, green, navy, Brown and black, sizes 32, 34, 36 and 38:
Regular price $18.50 sale price    ;|
Regular price $10.50 sale price	
Regular price $10.25 s.ale price        j]
Regular price  $6.75  sale price	
One navy Taffeta  Cloth  Shirtwaist Suit, regular price $21; stile price  $11
One only Gray Tweed Suit, regular  price  $20.75;   sab-  price    J'i
No goods on
approbation or
exchanged during the sale.
Everything as
W. S. Collister & Co.
247 Columbia Street
New Westminster, B.C.
77iis store cm
es at 5 p.\
every day
cept Satuta
Shop early!
the   mornina
���Solid Gold Jewelr
P. O. Box   345
'Phone   105.
:*:.*y*-:* * * * * *:*.*2*:**2*y*:.*bf*ir.*i2*y*y*2r*^*b-*y*:
��� .
Phone 101
COMPANY,   - -   LTD.
Wholesale and Retail Butchers
Columbia   Street
���   '
Dying  Boy Bites  Mother.
Chicago,  Aug.    7.���While    nursing
her .lying son, Georgi .  who was suffering from rabies, the result of a dog
bite, Mrs.  Charles T.  Davis of Danville,  in.,  was bitten  in the chin  by
the  child a   week   ago,    and    Vance
Davis,   a   brother,   was    bitten    and
scratched  about the  face an I  han ls.
They  are  new  undergoing  treatment
'������ in  Chicago.    The child  died in great
��� agony  a   f< w  hours  after  -Mrs. Davis
was bitten.   The att. a ling physicians
; became frightened at the | ossible result of th<- biies and yesterday afternoon brought both the moth< r and son
to Chicago for treatment
,���!  We have just opened up a nict
�����{        our stock of GOLD Jewelry Is  the largesl evei   shown In      '\
% minster.    Pearl  Set BROOCHES, SAFETY  PJNS and  STICK   'IXl
!���< NECKLETS,   CHAIN'S,  BRACELETS, CUFF LINKS.   Lt will pay yof
'���! before purchasing, to examine our .-tock of DIAMOND FUNGS,
in SOLITAIRE and  combinations of other precious  stones     E.MEM
J        We also carry  Diamond  Set   BRACELETS,    BROOi HES
;���; RieNGS, &c.
11 W. C. CHAMBERLIN, The Jeweler
���__��� :���: ' I
.*: Acjer.t  fir the  Hamilton   Watch.
Rowat pickles. 2 bottles for
Kyles, Front  stret.
Shingle and Saw Mill
I    Object
i        Lesson
' ������ manj In b II an
the i ittei". who livi. In the
- nj.i.e menl. and pleasures of the
��� sent, with m though! of the
moi row, and how few, comparatively, are like the anl whii h
continually labors, preparing for
thai rainy day or cold weather
- le h Is sure tu come-
No, the "Butterfly" man is not
a success. It takes a "Hustler"
to get on in the world. Start it
now. We can show you choice
investments in City and Farm
Properties. Now is the time to
start. Buying now will insure
good profits. We can show you
how. by buying right, 'tis easy
to  make
* line  of   ALUMINUM   GOODS,  %   ****************.*���������������.���������������***���**��***{
>.  including- A   t
I Si
Rice Boilers    |;
;���; ���
Etc., Etc. i I
g Preserving Kettles
I     Tea Kettles
ese   good.
giving  >:
Just Received:
Carload of
splendid    satisfaction,   anil   we
*>��� recommend  them.
for burning in heating stoves
and grates.
Gilley Bros.
?���::���"���>"���"���"���'>"���"���"���"���!>:>:>"���:.��;>:'���:'���'������'���'��.'��_���' ��� _.  _._.__..__ *���������������!
*" ������������������������**������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������**_]
TOILET   SOAPS} ���,,.��.,        e    ,;���
sawm* g Electric Railway Service
Money in Real Estate
The Schaake Machine Works, Ltd.
We make a specialty of
Toilet Soaps. We have the
biggest line in the city,
ranging in prices from 2c. to
$1.00 a cake.
PURE CASTILE at 25c  a  Bar
OLD    BROWN   25c   a Dozen
Full Line of Colgates.
See Our Window
EM,, t    PHONES   88-10JI
D.S. CURTIS ft CO., Drugs, Spefla(.!es,Sceds
New Westminster
Interurban   Line.
Cars  for Vancouver and   way
stations will run every half-
hour from 5:50 a. in. to ll :30
p, in.
('urs leave tne depot every
twenty miautes for both Sapperton nml city lliuliH over the
city line-.
office on lire hour, tweatj
utes after and forty >��in",,
I af
ter, commencing nl |j
us leave*
Sapperton    Line:
  the 11<",r'
nt ten nun tei  al
half past and fifty mtaute9a.30
the hour, commencing �����
ii. in.
8unday Service   ni.ir-noii
tween 8.30 a.m. and I' P-
rly ce
city Line:    Cars leave tram
British Columbia Electric Ry. Co',^Jt_


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