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The Daily News Apr 15, 1907

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 Books Going Fast
Page 2
acrosse schedule is wop's TALLEST
any Important Matters Discussed at Annual Meeting of
B. CA. L. A. No Field Captains Players Must W ^r
Numbers    Maple   Leafs   Get   Dominion   Day   _��'     _h.
innual meeting of the executive K-i.ro.sfnted in i      13 S?.. A. the
Bi ���     m  iia   Vmateni   La i;: ��� ' : ��� of enco       I fi   ..      mng |
,   .    latioii   v       hi Id   ul   the ' v"   : "���   ^ ""   with ui  ���
. ..   ...M..M.. ," ,,,  , m    sninr '"" " '    #.'���'��� ;   ' ���'   On
oj Inie .: ��� |
' ��� .....  iii a
.cr -.thlotie Club 1 n     a _j
���   I am     ����.,��� uj inion
iflPnioon,   Alien   iini.ortani    ui ,101|1(| . , \ ,,   ,.,     . ,*
''       '        ���'���'   '���' asons   wbj     each     club
(���toil.     In     Idi    m to the fixing     :  ml I have a field i aj I   in
,:.. ...       ganu       ' be playe I       ' ' '    '  ' tmplonshfp    of   British   Co-
receiving ol the, : was *<��' by the \. ,, \\
���:������.'...��� :���
rii      compli te    lisi     ol
nds nn ul    ipon    sevi ral     poinl -   '
.   ���-    uo   fie   .  cap,    ,i      . '    '
.    .   :    ,uve,   Club madean    b ;    ,  ' " '      >
,   ,      ��� ��ne    Euh    \   ir. ivi .-     i i.     Mn ,:,���
lo   '.���������i-..    I In .".   reinstate i.   bin I,
,    ,          . "' l'a   '���
motl  .:   ������..:     voti i   down   by  tin- ,  ,    ..   ,    ,.
,,    . ���' m>   .,; i    v am ouvi r   ".   New   \\
ilea     rei reseni mu     ihe     Ma ne
' ill MM ��� I'M   D.
and   he S'ev, \v".���.-:;11 i n-1 <-:��� clubs. ,       ,
, .Till} 9th    Ma   le Le   fs .'.  v ���   ,V<- .
un ea ��� bat will be great ly ap-
kite I in this city will be the erec-
nl li rgi   -' ire ' iard -. v\ hich will
ace i   in  a  conspicuous  position,
ers wei, also be compelled to wear
minsti :   :<.
July l Ith���Vancouver 1, X- ..  We
minster 9.
y 21si    Vancouver C, Maple
The  ,:. C.  ..'.  .':.. true I . their pro-   .   : .   im      hi ���   .  ie   was  found
misi   . ia   190a  to the citizens ol      lai        lifting     f  I nd  hi
I.    ;   ��� the   town   wi h   elec    the evei     resent  pi       .ility of s imi
; .iia j    within     vo   y<   rs,   built,   last   of tin . ��� ��� .
[j '   . nslde   able   cms; .     , , :     i        ol  t-he  ��� :  le. ' The
��� ���  ���       ... pm pose i of gen     i i ie me, eei
I    .-. ���        ntil :   cai le could b ed was to 1 ige �� i i I
extended   fro       !      fhain   lin      lire
In   i'i'' tow i '    whal Is known
The  origin I   in!  ntI. m ��� if the con n I, to Ladni r.
\'i han  :i_ ���  ���'��� h
nn to wei    ii.
t 11	
i rive
eel Daniel .  ���
opposite!       ...
... Fac t o
and,  about   1," ni  the
thii |  tower,
ide  of  the  i
the tabli   to the 1   ��� ��� .    t Lad-
: three  towi al
��� ��� .       complete 1        lie our;]
��� ing n
I in recent v.
a mile    abovi Id  stean  loat
i landinj        Ladni   , is m   rlj   8nl
I   ',':. 'iii-  point the ci   li   '������ 11    e ear
i ried   down   by   de gn es   to thi ia
pole     ine level ol   15 feel      iovi   thi
. ���   ���
Four Indians, Charged With Capital Offence, Are Brought
To This City by Chief Constable Spain���Murdered
Man's   Body  Missing ��� Crime   Committed   in   March
���rs  mi   their   backs   while   play-
a  n ���.' ilar   m itchi s.    Failure   to
;.    with   this   r< gulal ion   will   be
table by the referee.
; .'..a.. | layers were "request, d"
���ar   idi ntifying   numbers.    They
Iim  iiv. Ing  to  i he players occa-
ly    trading     sweaters,   wearing
ers   upside  down, and  occasion-
orgetting to attach the numbers
���ftroj'.i 1\. identification  mark   was
^eVbrse   I ban   useless.      This   year,   ilie
Mlr.ariii.    ol   numbers   will   be   strictly
The flrsl  gam.   Ihis  season  will  be
Bfcfor  the   Kilmarnock   cup,   the   Maple
- ��� ���   nd   v. here   ii
August     5th - Vancouvi .      I,    New
Westminster 6
August   I'.th-  Mai le   Leafs   I,   N'i ��
Westminster 5.
.'"gust    25th    Vancouver   9,   Ma: le
Leafs 7.
Sept* nil i r    3rd���-Maple    I. afs    10,
Ne w Westminsti i   i.
September  15th- Vani o ivi r   m  Maple Leafs 6.
October    4th���Vancouver    5,    New
Westminster 15.
M.  J.  BARR.
Seen ���! ary.
The Treasurer's report, which showed a balam ��� i f $31.75, was adobte I.
The credentials of tbe delegates ap-
i" e met.ho i .. ei
���   steel ca des of greal   ���   ength,
' retchi i acros -  fi om I e e
is ,'"i led from tl em, the ��� ������
fceafs anil  tin   Vancouver teams play
ng for this  in  Vancouver on  May  IS,,
hrl  :b.   w.nii" - m  ihi- -.nue to play   pointed by the various clubs wei'i   re-
lw Westmin I  Victoria on May  ceived as follows:
N'ew    Westminstei     M< ssrs.    C.     ..
..���    Dominion    Hay    match    was  Welsh. F. l/yhch, A   W. Qray.
rded   to   thi    Mapli    Leafs.    This'     Vancouver-   Messrs. M. J. Barr, Lio-
be   ih"   first   time   for   the  past  uel  Vorke, A. P. Garvey.
nteen   years   that   ibis   match   Is      Maple Leafs -C. W. Murray, J. Mar-
the Vancouver team.  tin-J-J-Reynolds.
lelegate        om   the   latter  team      <,n motion it was resolved to allow
rously   opposed    the    Innovation,  the Victoria   Lacrosse  Club   I  morary
The    hi cjhest    wooden    tower    in    th'.
wo'id.  32C feet from  base  to  too.
well nij -      . owing to the con-
fas arrj   the  cum nl  I
the   Rlchi    ��� :   sidi   to  the   Delta  by
cpbli    mderneath  thi   Praser, but, on
v ii" cai.; ing the fluid. th<   idea being  =
that no strain is  p il   ip< n the ci ppi
ii' ' ������ ��� ��� .. spans ''.' '. 1 and No. 2. ��� ���
he main channel of ii:-' Fraser, the
' i- hi is -ee gri at, that, allowing fi r
the tallesi masted -i.i;, in '; we I I
to pass under, thi n ivill be still fifteen feet to spai e.
��� bl which might 'and did exist as to iie sl ri ngth of the towei s
were set at rest n ing he ��� enl
gales, when, on ihe most i arefui
matching, none of the turrets wer<
found to have mbv< i oi even to hav<
sway 1 during the heavy win Is
''' igh   no   cables,   which   would   ni
turalJy   strengthen    them,  had     I	
I laci i across.
���   ���     ' .-���     a   .i I by
, Constable    I learn
���    S .   ���   ...    in chai   i   ol
maj  have to an
mui ler in the firsi
e In    men.  .1.   Charle;     1 lan
IJ lei        ailh     .in I Father Bllley,
are o ,    le in the
inil     i      Harri    a
On    Hi     h  IG      ������       ;    ;,      .while
��� a ' heii   '.' tend a danci    came
thi      me of Ah \. Mui  h; . a youn
man :,'viiiu  '..ni;   his  parents   and  in-
him    n i. ng  wil h     them.
\ ' x, Murj hy _ father objected to this,
. ai ning hi -' seen nol to go, as the
was rather I he woi se for liquor;
and did nol wish his seen to be mixed,
up in any trouble which hi thi tight
might   alien,]   the celebration.
The young man. notwithstanding
bis father's advice and entreaties, le-
termined to go, and bavin, made the
uecessary preparations, left in company with the men under arrest,
lay passed and Alex. Murphy failed
to put in an appearance al bis fath-
5   home,   anil   several   other   suspi-
circums lam i -   i oming  i
uung man s relations notil ed the
...    chiel  ' !< ii table Sim.!-       .
. . -y.   --a. m. i on  iii- case,    s    ���  al
were made ai ound I lan I
n which I ioni table        ni.
i e.: ,     familial Itj  with the
: i  .        ol   those  pa ts, I
In.   luabli   ass   tance, and  i.i' ll
in, ortant "villein i   was uncoi
i he   eu i li for the bo ly wa     I   thi
m eantime bi ing cai ried on wilh , .-   .
��� "  missing   man's   friends   and   rela
��� i secon ling the effo.rts f the
I dii e, bu up i i dale im i race of the
body has been t'.iiinil. though infer-
-. ation was broughl to light that jus-
[fied iii" conclusion that foul ila..
had ieen committed before or
the dance. Considerable difficulty
has been experienced by the police in
gathering evidence for the ease, -.wins;
��� i ii," nncommunicative nature of tii''
Indian in anything of this kind, but
tbe resull of weeks of quiet and sys-
��� in tic work seems to convinc ��� the
provincial police that they have an I-
cd  up 'li'1 right  parties.
tt illl,   ll  Sill Cl    -
nn :i   ' ��� shi    iii Mn' Ass
lie date of the annual meeting was Officers Elected,
iged  I secimd Saturday in      ,,:;; ,   .   .,. ...  , ,,,.,. ���.
.in   j ". r as foil iw -:
Honor Presi di  il      te
.  m,  ���' -   Saturdaj   In March
next   meeting  will  talte place in
��� irla.     The associai ion decided to
..,!���. a   trophj   for competition  be-
��� asu-
'.   \V.
Bolton, Victoria.
President ��� M. .!. Bai:. Vi ni
I' i  'he  in" rmediatej     ;, ....  yice-Pr. i   I. nl    C. W. Murray,
11 Vlaple Leafs.
Se   md Vici Pn sidenl  -C. A   W Vm
_\e ,v Westminster.
S' ,   etary-Treasui er -J,  Mai in, Ma
��� cieiary  M. J.  Barr presenti
i.e.el  r.'iKii"   as   foil v* -
Vancouver, II. C, April  13th,  190:
' ntlemen,    1 hi rewith beg to pre- .,;(   i_,eafs
11 '"> ''��'r":; fOT the s< is m of 190C. (.(li;n,. , . N,,v.   \Vestminsl      ��� V.   W.
Il"' nasi        ���   n   wi     successful  In Gra,    ,..   ,   Lynch.  Vancouver- Lionel
wn.vs,   '  ���         i'ossi    played  bj Vorke   A   ,,   Garvej ;   Ma, Ii   Li afs
: :" '' n    :' i ':      >vas   not  in   myjj    ���   Reynoids, .1.  Martin;  Victoria���
Inion    m         ���.. the mark, the rea- j   ^   Virtue  J. G   Brown.
p                   I       nl               ng to the Referees.
";  '���'' n             bein      ��� .  ���     nted official re fi rees foi the season were
"    ' '"  :   '      im '!.' rei ,  causing . . ,���,;���,,,, as  . ,uows;
leavers        Vani    ivi r  being X(1,,   Westminster    A.  W.  Gray.   -'.
!";     " "' n   th     Vancouver   La ,   Lynch| ,.   H_ cheyne, W. Glfl ������ I.
1    '   ;    i    and    lie   Mai le  !.< aT La- Vancouver    M.    .1.    Barr,      Li mei
Club,    ind    .vhili    N'i w   Wes- y, .-,., K>:. Cnmpb 11, G. Matheson.
'     '             apable  or   i  Maple   Le ifi     i"   Mnr   i; .   :.  J   Rey-
.. never forced to .1" no .       St( (.a]      .     .             v
e il  Irtss to thc cel;iS.
I      ,vii               thdrawal ol  the Vic ���;���!,,                        ,   ,
Lan      ���      . ' -     rh      .      cause i , ,   ,, ,         .    |1(      .,,,....    .- ,   . ���
erstaii                             "��� old su,- ( . ()J, ,,,,,  ,  .., | 1() in.
:"  - '   v'r! ir! Cup   Series.
it of lhe game, M ,.    lstn    Kilmarnock
Lhi    nun ������ " eleme n   was Vancouver   vs.   Mai '"  Lea ���
'���'''i  and npon  the retiremenl of      Mnj    2lth- Winner   of   V: over-
...     ,        iere were no young- -,;,,,,,  Lenf match  vs. New Westmln-
in a lo lal ������ theii  places. ;, ,   ,,  Vi : irla.
���   ' "'���   member of the  B. Championship Schedule.
V. L.  A.  does  nol  speak  anything june  i__New   Westminster al   Van-
word    ol praise for the splendid   Vl,n
���- pul   forth :,.   the Rev.  W.  W. jime .,   Maui,. Leafs al New West-
��� 'en   in   his   end, ,i\'ir   in   enthuse mjn_ter,
' life Into Ihe younger players, also Tune 22���Maple Lent's al Vancouver,
bis painstaking work  on  the re-j     hl|v ,.   New Westminster al Maple
  of the constitution and  bylaws j Leafs.
J'lie Association. .inly  12  or 13���Vancouver  ni   New
Fl bis   season   also   marked   the  en- t\restralnster.
]'���'" of ���'  second senior team from ,l|ly 27���Vancouver al .Maple Leafs.
I' v'''���   namely   the   Maple   Leaf August 3���New Westminster at Ma-
r'l'osse  Club.      This   club   made   a p](,Leafa.
creditable  showing  and    gives August 10���Vancouver at New West-
{"nlse rn   greater showing. minster.
r1'   '''"l   a   visil   limil   the  Strath- Augnsi 24���Maple Leafs al Vancou-
pie  Lacrosse club during exhibition V|M.
;��� They mnde a very poor showing September 2���New Westminster at
J" ''' '   only a reminder thai in order Vancouver.
make   an   Interesting game, it  is September. 14���Vancouver al Maple
I    m'im- !,, Import none but the very |,,.;ifs
I     '''"ii-  obtainable.     I  would sir;-- October 1   to  5    Exhibition   match,
f' ' 'J':!l  ''���'" us an   Association, offer Maple Leafs nt  New Westminster,
'   ln'l" e( n nt  In the way of a per- 	
I       trophy  r,,v annual competition
lh"     lnl"me."Male     League       We|      BOOKS    ARE   GOING   FAST,    SEE
���' al
"Who  is   i.m    anonymous  donor  of
$11   ��� ,  the  Provincial  universit; .
provided t is t stablished betwi en
Vane    :. :    New Westminster?"
This is thi : 11 sti in that bas bei c
agitating the mm::.is of many people
for tb>   p.,- ��� . nol only on the
m   n an I. bul Victoria, w n   ���
the   anno mc       "      ��� 1-   ' ausi 1   con-
'    ,m   ���.'      D     :'   ���   :. ��� .,   v. i   ���   ..���
advocating   the  ��� .- ablislimen    ol
unl. ��� ������ "..     ���,!   I       I  Meal.     The   N'i ���
toria   Time Victoria  Colon
ist   have   both   con mi Qted leugl
ca th and ha\ 1   made ��� \
; ,       . philanthropist -
. ���    , . m  -ia cess,
A tin lelieved to be I hi
..,::���     ,M     s       westmin-
.      ��� ......      13,   ,-    ;      i;
ipany 1 '     art;    .vbii
; .    . , " ' fUlldS,    all !
e m0111 11!,.' pal I  In
one ''i:ie     ��� im    I  S100.000, but  In I in
annual   ���<:���  ilmi nts   of  $10,	
���| ie- fact that 'in' ii. C. E. R con inn
l_  the only  corporation  which would
he materially beni flti ���! by the estab
lisb nl  nl  the university al  Central
Park   lends  cri len :e  to this belief.
.Major Kear, knows the name of
parly offering the $100,000, but he remains sllenl i'ii that subject.
Two B. C. E. R. cars, the Gladstone j
and the Coquitlam, are laid up at the
car barns ror repairs that will take
;everal lays to complete. The Co-
j quitlam has the front platform wreck-
, d, while the Gladstone Is badly in
need of the glazier's attentions. The
lamage 1 c irs  resulted   from  a
lis . n   1 a   ��� he Interurban  line  Sat-
,.    :."  .".,,., -   about   four   o'clock,
when  the 1 lladston* .   bound   for   Van-
e 011 .e .   ."  - stall" 1  a.  a switch  wait-
E   J. FADER SECURES PATENT ON   ::i. Coq lillam  to  pass on  the
INGENIOUS DEVICE THAT WILL   way  '    Xl   '   Westminster.    For some
reas in,   the  < ������ ,.;���, lam   failed   to  r< s-
FACILITATE   WORK. ,  ,   -(   -;i|,   ,,,,,,,, ,,, 1I):  .,    \   ran  Into
  i'i"  .- xh re the  other  ear  was
         , ,, , ,      .       -' mding.    The ear w: s slowing up at
E. J. Fa ��� .. ' In   ... ,1 known logging    ,      . ,
the time, and consequently the crash
"!:i ��f ;:j;-   ���������������  ':^ recently  invent-   v..;s ,. , tended with serious damage,
an i:..'."'.i i log haul, which  will  and none of the i>assengers on eithe
of tin.
.  eatly facilitate the han llinj
���   .
1 hi   invention is directed to
. i  means for opi rating the. v. In
...     .  v. b ��� ii logs are hauled from the
Is  1.1   the   transport   station   from
Intermediate    League,     We.
Il;! in  upon tb.' different clubs  P^GE two.
Prisoner     BounH     for     Pen.     Leaped
Through   Car   Window.
Revelstoke, April 11.���While being
laken to the New Westminster penitentiary by Police Officer I". Terry, .1.
Bennett, recently convicted of burglary here, -broke' custody by leaping
through the ear window while the
train was travelling at :i speed of
ihirly miles an* hour, near Shuswap.
("1 arrival al Ducks, Terry wired back
for some Indians to hunt the prisoner
" ���. Bennetl was eventually captured
be ha vine gol rid of his handcuffs
meanwhile, an l was taken to K im
loops where he will be charge I with
bre king 1 ustody,
ear were injured.
Motorman  Macdonald,  who  was  in
j      charge of the (.oquitlam, was hampered  In  iii-  duties by  bavin,   a number
ee:   sacks containing    ibe    Vancouver
ii wspaj ers stacked In the fronl vestibule,   and   this   may   have   prevented
which they are conveyed to ibe mills,   him from      ntrollini   th    car, but the
j Instead, as is the existing practice, of   reason   for   the   accident  will   nol   be
curing  one  end  ol   a   wire  rope  to   known until the different reports have
othi r ��� nd of which the log is c in-   ie.   a band, d  In to th ��� offlc
��� ���  ed, 'a a reel or drum and winuiug ���    The free'.: platform of 'iei' Coqultlam
. ipi   ,11 thai drum to haul the log   is  slightly   higher   than  that   of   the
.    1   the  engine,   ibis  inventor  Gladstone,  md when the cars crashed
two ad  " ��� 11 groove i di urns   togi thi el Ighi ���  plal [ 11 m smash
, ugln ���   round    and     betwei .1   e 1 the fi        ,, 1 id   n Drk ol  the   oth r
an endless w   1     ipe Is passe<l   1  Into  splinter's.     Bul   for  this m:'
ih n    nun ber 1      lines to afl ird    erenee ...   height   of    -.he    plat-
'���'���     ...   frlctlonal grip to stand    orms,   the  crash   would   undoubtedly
ill required to bring in ,; - '   ���-    h    ���   been      ended with more serious
e al   .'ii".I 1 1 a,,   point   resull ��� ipacl would have' been
-   the incoming    ope.    By this means  much stronger.   As it was, the pa   en-
ihe range of the log haul Is nol llm-  gers escapi i with a shaking
, as in the presen   practice by ���������
' a: acity of the reel to hold a certain
length of rope, but Is capable of extension to any distance within the
I auling power of the engine. Nol only Ibis, bill the earlier coils of ill"
rope are nol subjected to the Injurious
crushing of the sub equenl windings
ever them  of the Inter coils.
There are  several other  Incidental  head of dead cattle on th
advantages of    Mr.   Fader's    system   Thompson   rlvei
which   will   in' apparent   to   practical   what
loggers.    Tbe Canadian  patenl
jusi been received through the agency
of  Rowland   Brlttain,  of    Vancouver
Chicago, April 13.���The SftandafdJ
Oil Company was found guilty at 10
o'clock to: igbt of rebating by a jury
ill Keileral ..'uel. e  _���-dl_' court.
The jury declared ihe trust was nol
guilty on 141 counts of the indie".."in.
but thai ii was liable on 1,462 counts.
The' maximum tine is $20,000 on
each count, and the minimum $1,000.
Therefore the maximum gross fines
1.iay  aggn gate $29,240,000.
The jury retired to consider the evidence in 6:12 p.m., nnd devote : two
hours nt' the time intervi ning between
the retirement from court and ine return to render a verdict, to eating ;i
course dinner. The minds of the jurors were made up. They had been
, listening to the evidence for six wee! -
and evi [< nt y arrived at ��� ���U1" ' '"'' "
before   the  final   arguments.
United    States    Districl     Ati
Sims declares the full penalty In
case will not be disproportionate
says   that   if a   common   crimin
sentenced to prison #or a year for the
th< fl rn' an article worth a few dollars
then the imposition of $29,240,000 in
bins against    a    corporation    -. ,   th
'-""��� .000,   1 large portion of b
wealth was am issed by collecting re-
I ri -���. will !,.��� re ison ible and according to the practl ���  1    courts In    ises
" tty  crimin tis.
'i'ii.- l.i_��� '���. , rice I lawyi : the oil
companj wi re fcr< stfallen ovi
defe at, Thej 1 .press a detern li iti n
ti can ������ the ca I I ; en 1 1 1
: ''���'��� I States, if _ Bingl Bne
'"' a few thou and dollars is Im 1 |
'hey will ; aj It, 1 ul If the fine .��������� I
^;i ,""""- they will ni ki a desp. e
n' ;"  '"'m"   a Ivi Ing  payment.
m' a
River Water  Contaminated  With   Carcasses���Citizens   Indignant.
Kamloops, April  1 ).���-Kamloops  people  are  vi ��� y  greatly   exercised  over
alleged   dumping   of   a   hundred
ice of the'
above the  town,    if
s claimed is true, il* action Is
has   nothing short  of  criminal,  for those'
carcasses are sure to contaminate the
waters of the river which  is used  for
and other applications are pending,      drinking purposes.
Laslies for Beast.
chief T. VV, Main, of the Revelstoke
: ollce force, landed in the city yesterday afternoon In charge of a prisoner
for the Penitentiary, The man's name
i Samuel Ralph, and bis crime Ia an
act   of  lewdness    for   which  he  will
No Engagement Exists.
London, April 11.���Major E. B, Martin, comptroller of the household of
Prince Christian, father of P.lncess
Victoria of Schleswig-Holsteln, today
authorized a denial of the truth of the
report circulated by the Dally Mirror
serve a term of four years, in addition of this cil   of tli" engagement .ef the
11)  two   dozen   lashes   to  lie'  applied   al i'rificess  to   Ibe  Grand   Duke  Michael.
certain Intervals during Ins imprison- ol   Russia   which the major declared
ment. io be "absolutely wlthoui foundation."
-hutfle Expected  in  Manitoba Cabinet
���Or. Mclnnes Offered Portfolio.
Winnipeg, April 14.���Dr. Molnnes
has been offered n 1 ortfolio In :': 1
provincial cabinet, an l bus been ��� m
sldering II for some time, Whal the
portfolio will be has nol transpired,
but it is probable that it will be a
new one. comprising ������ lucatibn, in I
probably the provincial secretary's of-
lice. ( It is not unlikely, too, that the
Hon.'Colin f_; Campbell may resign.
In ihai case, there will be a general
shuffle of the government pack, and
Hugh Armstrong will have a place in
the government, The succession of
the Hon. J, 11. Agnew to the attorney
generalship may then-be oxpcct.,1 nnd
Mr, Armstrong would become ��� ���
t : ! !
! !
���  i  !
i   i   i
i  i
i  i
i i
> ���
1 !
! 1 1
Montreal, Que.. April 11.���The Canadian Paclflc managemeni bus completed arrangements with the Merse>
Dock ami Harbor Board, the pure authority at Liverpool, for the acquisition of the Sandon Dock for the ac-
commodatlon of their Atlantic Fleet.
This doek. which Is mi.' of the large sl ol i he prop.ti.e.- of iis kind in
Liverpool, will lie a valuable acquisl-
. ui to I in- companj. as it will enable
��� i '-ii to concentrate the whole of iis
fleet tii* re, and to i reel whatever
prominenl structures may be required
to mi i the expansion ol Ita bu - qi ss.
L'p   in   this   rei enl   ai   inj ement,   the
��� ,'.e, ,i..'_ in i ��� ha I to ii dlsti Ibuted
ovei re ral pai s ol Livei poo] docks,
a   distance  of   more  than   two   miles
aral lng Ihe express - eamers.whii ..
had be .. all iwe ,   teni eoi irj    iei 'bin..
ommodation  at   Sandon   Dock, and
Alexandei  I lock, al which some of the
ol her   vessels   had   ei taldhihe 1     their
 bin.    quarters,    With  the acquis!
j tion   nf   ; he   new 'I ick   the   compan)
,will  have unrivalled facilities for the
i -': ibuiion of its freight,
The Daily News' offer of a book and the paper delivered at the house
for one year, for $3.00, is proving a great success. This offer of a
$1.50 book and the paper for $3.00 will not remain much longer, so
send in at once ancl secure your premium.
Prominent Insurance; Man Meets With
Fatal    Accident.
The death of Arthur Baker, widely
I known   throughout   New   Westminster
and district, where he bad reside I for
the pasi  twenty yeare, occurrred Sat-
, lurda.y  morning.    While coming   I own
An analysis of the ^���.���^**Z
relations between ��� ^TLTl ^T
the man, the worn- mone('- "u! to a��v^��^ f-Baf,r
^��i^ w.    , passed away at eight  oclock the foi-
an ancl the butcher!,owing morning'
Arthur Baker was recognized as the
besl insurance man in Xew Westminster and bad few equals on the coast. ,
He  had   lately   been   associated   with
'White & Shiles, nml previous t.. that
_^^       ^_   _    ^_ ^_ wiili Alex Bell, Woods & Gamble, and
^i^^^      ^m       J      ^K  g I-:. Woods.    A' the
\   U       fl      I v^v death   lie on  the ol'  making
B_^L        fl      I ^m iii   Portland,   bavin,   receni l.i
H    B M fl      BH   bi come heir to     considerable sum eef
The body is now lying al Murchie's
undertaking parlors;   a   cable   to   fhe
_ relatives of the deceased  in  Blrmlng-
W liam, England, nol having been replied
M ��^^    _e#^t 1"   ,:'SI    even'nS.       I'    IS   possible   ilia'
B  fl^B  IT body   may  be'  sbi'mol   in   Kn.iand
111 ____:
������ General   of   Hoho   Army   Prepares   vor
Xew   York,   April   14.-   The   Herald
a domestic problem    ; ;;::;;/;::;;; ,''���?;,;,;,: Z
j.���J/-.r��ll\r    cnlvPfl :  national crusa le on new and sen-
piaCLlLcUl.y    &U1VCU      satlonal lines and  he  ran;   commence
,-.-j- , rations  during  the  preseni     year.
C-'J ii  nil depends on the nut.ome of his
invitations.     Sine"  he  wenl   th
bankruptcy  two years ago,  following
' the    failure    of    the    steel    mill    which
Abbe C.nstantin���Halevy.
Adam   Eede���George   Eliot
Aesop's Fables���
Alhambra- Irving.
Alice   in   Wonderland���Carroll
Andersen's Fairy Tales  -Andersen
Arabian   Nights   Entertainments���
Cast up by The Sea-   Baker
Children of Abbey���Roche
Child's   History of  England     Dickens.
Data of Ethics���Speni	
David Copperfield���Dickens.
Descent cf Man���Darwin.
Dombey & Son���Dickens.
East Lynne���Wood.
Emerson's   Essays���Emerson.
Fifteen Decisive Battles -Creasy
First Violin���Fothergill.
Green Mountain Boys���Thompson.
Grimm's   Fairy Tales
Grimm's    Household   Tales���
Gulliver's Travels���Swift,
Guy Mannering    Se ott.
Handy Andy - Lover,
Heir of Redclyffe���Von:
Henry Esmond- Thackery.
Heroes  and    Hero   Worship        l
Hiawatha   and   Evangeline    l.oii-
House of the Seven Gables���Haw
It's  Never too    Late    to    Mend���'
John Halifax, Gentleman���Mulocl
Last Days of Pompeii     Lytton.
Last  of toe  Mohicans���Cooper
Lorna   Doone ���Blackmoi e,
Manse ���
Mill  on the  Floss
Mosses    From    an    Old
ll ev.   iorne
Natural     Law     In    the
World    ' ���   mini
Newcomcs    Tl	
Nicholas  Nickelby���' ���
Cid Curiosity Shop-
Oliver   Twist���l.i,   ., : 1,
On the Heights     V ,     eac .
Origin  of Species    1 lai wi .
Our  Mutual   Friend���Dii
Pilgrim's   Progress���:
Prince   of   the   House   of  David ���
I ngraham.
Robinson   Crusoe     Defoe,
Rob   Roy   -Scott.
Romance of Two Worlds--'-
Ron'ola     Eliot.
Scottish  Chiefs���Pol I
Sign of the  Four���!.
Silas   Marner -Eliot.
Silence of Deane   Mail
Sketch   Book ���[rvll
Story     of     a I.     Af. p
Si hi "ii,"
Study In Scarlet    11
Swiss Family  Rob",
Tale of Two Cit es.
Talisman    Scotl
Tnnglewcod  Tales���.
Thaddeus cf  W_rss.\
Three  Men in a Boat
Three   Musketeers���
Tom   Brown  at  Oxford
Tom      Brown's      School     I
Treasure   Island     S
Uncle Tom's Cabin
Under Two Flags���O
Vanity   Fair    Thai    ���
Vicar of  Wakefield���(',
Westward Ho    Kin.
White   Company     !���
Window in Thrums. A
Wonder   Book.   A��� I
Fill in the following coupon, or, better still, call at the News office, have a luck at the books -the}
themselves���and select your title.
. . >�����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������
The Daily News Publishing Co.        I
Enclosed   please   find  Three   Dollars, amount for one year's subscription   ���
Kindly send me
in advance for the Daily  Ne
I      ��tc
I   CP.R
S _.n.r
Name . .
���. ���
second   ���
Please name three books in order desired   in   < ise  the
+  choices should be sold hum ��
��� ���������������������f
B. C. Mills, Timber and
Trading Company
bud   built  in   his  homo  in   Mount
R\": tion, Ohio, he has ' een engaged In
���     | I 1      retrieving his fortune,
.    ' .,   i foi tied to leave   ll several
!    hall ��� ui lip    lhl    campaign
on   new   un !  oi Igln il   llm i   und
___ lh.
mi    i        i i it   ���   ���! i.     i it Ion  o    'ie   nation.     I   will  travel
Wholesale and Retail Dealers i  ����. ^��
li ni do  ol    ' i' in ���   mam   t hou-
ay Th    counl.        becoming ripe
j Manitiacturers and Dealers in All Kinds ot |
j Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sash, Doors,  J
��� Interior Finish,     turned Work,    Etc. ��
i Fish and Fruit Boxes. I
J Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glass. j
j   Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining,  j
| Royal City Branch, Columbia St.
New Westminster   1 i *
i    ���
to ral -.���       i     lock        ���    ' !';;i_D.    We .. ���������,' the I   tl
��� ��� only     Make ick.ns lay ��� ... I i>
���n your live sto .     j   bull lins  up     ui      md   mu
nu I   use CAR.VEFAC.
LADIES     . ���" > ui tried i ." I',, str.   riou       ide 1 i:
Mill ii . C ihipan:.    If nol Tele .' one n I try It; the re
obtained   are excellent.
FRONT  STREET. Telephone
t Telephone 12.
_�����������>.���������������������������������.>��������>������-����� . .v*****.-** .*����������������������������������
Established 18S7 rncorporatod 19 G
Opera  House   Bookings.
May II   A Stranger in Town,
May v    A Texas Runger.
May 10   Old Arkansas,
.May 1.    Peck's Bad  Bo .
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL $14,400.000.0.
RESERVE        $11,000,000.00
I Gilley Bros u_
e ���
I    I
t    ��
1 I
i M-  I
�� i
4      t     t
ilchon Mrs. i luntcr, Nanulmo;
(! I luntor, Vancoin ev; \V, B "." ick
v iy��� und wii". Vancouver; \v. Fim li
I'..". Victoria; Thomas Robinson, .1.
11.   Henderson,  Vancouver,
Win isoi    ii.  Xieisiui,  Balsam,  I la :
I'   \Y. Bnln. Revel stoi e:  .larnc   Si il
,l' line;   li.   Aii li .son,   V.honnock;   I'.
. 'Mouni   V' ;:,":.:   \V,   W   Snob y,
.'I hi nl , ,���
iilul    11.(1.      vlcKi n��le,     Katn
.'���I    ;���"' Point    Roberts:
\   I.i :  do     '������ erl   Moo I; :   ,',  vl,  W
...   R,   .     .-     T      ..' i.
Bi .inches
throughout Canada aud New fcundland, and   In   London,   England,
Wholesale and Rota;,
New York, Chicago aud Spoka ne, U.S.A., and Mexico City,    A Qen- i 7,
eral Banking Business Transac tod.
LetterB of Credit Issued, available' wl tl   correspondents In aH parts of the
Savings Bank  Department.    Deposits  received In sum- of .1 aad upwards,
and interest allowed al '���'. per cent, per annum  (present rate) added i ���
four t! -ne3 a year.
Total   A.rrt.    ivor  Jl08,000,000.00.
This   celebrated   Om ;i
<i. li. BRYMNER, Manager.
| * u. .'il by nearly all larg ��� <��� intract
* ��� i   ;u the Provii ce.
j      FIRE BRICK. J
Fine    CLAY     and     MAN   - - J
From ii:" Clayburn ' la. ''' J
^ii_ ��
j      SEWER   PIPE,   DRAIN     i I-6' t
j      .AND, CRU9HED ROCK. J
ADVERTISE     IN      THE     NEWSl' J Tdcphones: 01fice 16��   Manager's Residence 22
.UAA_._  AAA_ -_.__iA__i_k_____L_______k_k_t__k._v__.__. ______ __ __  aa. __ ____  _.  a ___b.__._a __  __ __. ik. *_ a\ I. #*}'^
m MONDAY,   APRIL   IE,   1907.
TU E   D A I!. Y    N E V.
Vains & Steamers
���   ���     15 10; arr N. W. n ;:,-,.
\. \V. ..30; ai   Seattle 15.50.
Seatth     .   0; . r. N. v.". 1S.40.
>-'. W   -   '    10   ���   15 !-. 17.35.
N W. 9   ".  : I.  ',. 1G.40, IS.4,i.
'���'���'. 9.20 a.m.; ar. Seattle 4 p.m.
������   '   '���     m.; ar. Seattle 10 p.m.
. W. fi  Y.���VANCOUVER
W. 3 p. m. and 9:55 p. m.
������' f "��� ���" a.m., and 4 p.m.
.'���   W.  9:35  am.;   ar.  Guichon
H        lie bon, 2:.0 p. m.; ar. N, W.
H       ui. and 6 p. ni
New Westminster 5.50, 6.50,  l
.. ::... and every half hour there-
:.'. 11 ;e. m.
.ancourer  for Westminster a;
aser River and Gulf
UP i.;vli:.
'������ '������ ��� Me ���,. Wed. Frid. 8 a.m
' -'        - -���  Th.,  Sat., 7 a.m.
:'. N. W. Tu., Th.. Sat. 8 a.m.
wk. San., Wed., Frl., 7 a.m.
BJ lly, ex, Sun p.m.
fl ���   trip, Monday, 5 a.m.
���r :. Stevi ston, 7 a.m. (Frl. 0 a.m.i
Mail Service
Close.    Receive.!.
8f-t' 7. i. I'   ;>.__.
MJIP1        '!....
^l ���' .1 111
mB_'      '       - 'MMii
��*>  ,::���..:��� eu .. in
Kurt !    ���:..���...   . ;.;;, ;,.,,,. .
Ladn :   .-������,.
etc  -.,.. l'.,,ei a.ii,
CP.R ��-.   '. S.,;
ton, M:::-i ;..��� uu i
Co(j;m"..hi :; .in. u.35a.m.
Van.   art   I',:::..;.. :;.::.i (..in.    6.00'p.m
G.N.R. )-:..  i ���,.: m  n.oop.m.
\ Timber:. ���   .
���And Friday .   .. .l_.00i_.     12.00 m.
Great Northern Railway]
V. W. & Y. RY.
NEW     \\ ES . m:\.   . :  R
1         -     ; ���                      :        Mt.
��� ��� ��� .         :    ���     '      Seattle
ine.S   P       ....      :
Van*    ivei
Thi       ���'.       between  Seattle,  New
..'.....,         ��
9:20   .. m'
;.' .:.
9 _     a m
Leavi    Ne ei   ft'estminsti     :      G i        . ni        \
Mond: ��� -
a   ......   e from i    Ichon; 9:1   a.m   . ���      .  \       onvi
2 Daily   Overland  Tral ns 2
S      ane, SI   Paul, Mlnne . .'��� Inni e .. Dulutli, Chi ago  Sl
-.   . .     . .    ..���        !'..-'
��� ���   . i   Build
t c.
A     .
\   ���'���   \v ��� i  -.-. In    -   . B. C.
:    .DAMS. .A
.   - . .     Wash
____________ %c
CAPITAL   AND   RESERVE $8,290,000
TOTAL   ASSETS    45,400,000
Eighty-five  branch'   .  .vith Correspondents  throughout
the world,	
ONE Dui.;,Alt ope-ns an account.   Interest added .
times'u year.   Start to-dav,
F. B. LYLE, Manager.
ladian Pacific Railway Co.
jPriti.h  Columbia  Coast  Line
3. C. Cosst  Lin.1 Service.
to i hange without notice).
Leaves Van,
da;    Api���:!  S
;   ���    -prll   is
m ���    .pri] 2S
|l       ���   - VI leavi s  Vani o
P daily.
\ '    irla dailj   at 1  a.in.
:.' ��� !��SS BEATRICE.
(vi    Victoria dai!     xcepl Monday
SS C'TY i >i- NAXAJ '.i'i.
fv'     ''���""���   "������    tl    :.-'"!��� m  T a. ru
S. S. Joan
'���   '   ouvei     lily.at 1:30 p.m
Steamer Queen City.
u   11   p.m. on   1st,
nth .foi   i   i   '
Clearing-out Sale of Odd Lines at giving away prices.
See our Window and Door.
^ _e_____a________MB______________^ t
h.     _- .   ��� . -    .
w, KXametmng Unique ts
u)wan &
Coconut Cream
W 0
J-_   ".'._:.'f _.'_ _3k   JL.
<���_______���____ --v Jjgj-_;r-g__g..i-a.-__p.__���'______. _��&_�����_______________������
Steamer Transfer V.
��������� "���'  We ���;��� ,in  Mon     V
Wednesi rhu    lay    >J
������ in  J   p ra? and  Sal irdnj     ij!
m'i    id      nal trip on Mon-    X
<M  in .���<
ton    ' :. ' '. Tuesday, $
Thin   !ay ai i Saturd iy at *i
-    I ty Hi G a. m. addition el fi
"���day 5 p. m.
S. S, Beaver
N w Westminster, * a. m.
���'   Inoj m .    and Fridays.
' ���'��� llwack 7 a. m, Tue�� I iy,
'       and   Saturday.,   calling  at
'"���'��..rn    New    \v"-':n:i,     ���
|" ulwai if,
S.  G. Tees
���      "iivor at   8   p.m.   2nd
1 ��' M" '���  im mth, oalUng at    J;
" ;';i Qrsl trip and Bella C ��ola    'j
1 Wp, Time on arrival and
::'" approxlm tte
'  ���'    is   '.::-!   in' m .-. ���
"   It,    '  iii     r.'e.lti1'rM-"nr
K.   I. COYLE,
',r)   >'��������� i   Agent   Vancouver.
���'   W. TROUP,
":. ������ -   .. 'I' ��� ',   Vic! /rii      '
"The Best is the Chea
1   ,      : rule works both  ��������      II   you  gel   youi   dental   work
done by thi  "Boston Dentists." Our ope are all graduate
Tire    Greetings   an.-.'    the    P-c<f-:��    Ir
C ""ia and J a.'.an.
Tho : .t wonderful eerenionlea con
noei.-o w.ile tue i;e�� ><���:���: occur In <*Vei
r,.i and Japan. A Chinese .Itj presents
n   busy   and   attraol n    spectacle   em
^(���^^      Ve.il'S     daj '!.,.'     .lr.-et<     ..TP
thr.'.iii.i .1 with people dressed In pain
attire The mandarins nre known bj
the red, blue, white iei,el gilt balls on
tin ;��� . i ps Gentlemen ..f rank and
�� . th arecnrrlod In palunquius. When
friends mei: th. j greet . ach othei
w Ith "Km g-hl :\ ... :.. I" whieli
means, "I res ��� ��� :y.:': ������- .--le j on Joj
Bui   Instead  ol   shak        hands  in  tin
\ fashion enel   e. Ills own
hn - lifts them ns li -li ;.s his chin
ami with :i swooping otion throws
thi id ��� as Lo* as poss lilo, bi .1
In.   the body at (he si    ���   I   nc     Tlii^
is ilie  i le ni  salutation unions  I
Chlnosi .1 il, eiinx n i \i.\ \ ear's
dny the visits of . .       ,
ami  \e��   ^ oni's glfls ,   t to pa
' r friends, always >
r tli Uel el   red |'..; ���      . :.  iv ll , ll
|iro>   its si I'lioso con
slst    e  -        -'.\ e, I
s,   oi ..: ., I
;���'.��� s   I   souvoi    -  of   \ in-.,,'.:-  kl ids
i     ' the cnsii       i to soi ���'. letlor.
to thosi mil places,
ivoyli    the foi ��� ��� ion of tho
Nev      \ .   .;   .     '.Me:    ,.. i'ii"..'Ills    ol
coo .,1 rii " i iiii :, il ; . as, oranges and
fljrs ��� : offuroil to e\ ery one Lo die's
Wei .  >
Wo   Rely  Toe   Much   oo   the   Protection
of Ou.'  Houses.
Houses  were made  for shelter,  nol
for confinement; for freedom, nol  re
straint.  Thej were Intended to enlai _o
our sphere of uetu itles, nol to dlmln
-li thi in.
I    They   foster  the  fnmilj   and   in	
progress   possible,   bul   wu  should   inn ���
abuse i!i<mi- protection,   Wo have critwl
eel ew :,\  into the i  .till and c eniforta
bio recesses, slept  In  their dry, clean
chambers, toasted ours Ives over their
sheltered (Ires, reel bj their uufllckor |
lng lights niiei eaten from their ii.unii
I ful boards sn long tlnn  we nre grown
I pale,   timid,   peevish   and   thankless
We Imve io'i>t ourselves away from
1 tli" u iiiii and the sun and the lashing
3 rain, from lhe feel nf the earth under
fool mui the sense ol    be leaves and
stars overhead until n\ a i longer kuow
the   keen   and   slnipli    i iys  of   being
alive.   We have sei up barriers against
the Inclemency or unti^ru and cowered
before her severe austerity until uow
we  have forgotten  how  Indispensable
is all ber klndlj uurtui.. how tonic hei
rugged   wnj's,   how  tv     ol   solace her
nssuu.im; calm,
Houses were ouij Qiade lo live l.n
when ii is too .''.hi or too hoi or too
ne-; to live Out of doors Any other tline
oul e.f doors is best To Bleep ..ut of
doors r..r a month Is better thnn o trip
to Europe. Bliss Carman In Crnfls
Fire  Alarm   B'.��"'..
1   ilji ,u in-   i    the    '    ' Ion  an'i   mi  i
hei nf ihe (Ire ularni I ��� ixi - In ! h" < iiy:
\  yieiin.
.:    Royal City Mills.
7���Carnarvon and Tenih,
Royal avenue nnd  I     I
''    r:,'ii avenue and Twelfth.
12    SI     Wary's  llospll il.
1.1    Second and Park  R i i
I I    Columbia  and   Duffei ;,i
I r,    s ipperton,
':'���    Q n's  avenue nnd   91 Ih
. d avenue und Second,
Piftti   nveniio and   Fourth
' C    'mi,  avei    ni I  Eighth.
1 ie" | avenue :m% Tenth.
\gn< -��� nnd SI .th.
.-  h nko  Machine Woi I
��� olumh .'i .en I McKenlie,
���';    "   i*   it   Station.
' !      Small   &    llnei ! mil    Mel'
Westminster Iron Works
SHIP SMITHINU, iiici.i.i, and
ITRl ��� TUn M. IRON     WORK
On   '.   ntnl   Iron   m oi i     including
r, ..-        elite     i'll"  i ��� ��� i:
V,.l     ''     01    I'i:'     i'i     I
Result of the
Thaw Case
Has not caused more comment or
excitement than has the GREAT
Lee's Furniture Emporium
since Saturday last.  Bul like the
Thaw case* ii  will soon become
Friday, 12th     Saturday, 13th
and the Greatest Furniture Sale over known
in !!.('. will close; and furthermore, to
make this closing memorable, w<> will make
the following special bargain prices:
Well-made, full size COUCHES, covered in host
velour;  worth $16.    Hurry up price    d��Q AA
Hardwood Frame COUCHES, with triple spring
stool casing, covered in sassoon d*ii aa
velour; worth $22.    History price...  ���pH.vU
Oak Frame COUCHES, beautifully carved, inside
stool frame, covered in besl Russo leather, and
upholstered by VV. S.. in Al style; ,<tC7 CA
regular values$75.   Going at...    .. ^Ol,D\J
And  hero's something you  af. all waiting for;
they've come al last:
BEI) LOUNGES, upholstered in tapestry, velours
and fancy reps; all bargains at $23 (J��io CA
each.   To be sacrificed for   ��plO.JU
And goods previously advertised will remain the
same prices until Saturday evening, also Furniture
now being unloaded from the car tracks will be reduced proportionately. Those wind* will include
amongst other items: Chiffoniers, Baby Carriages,
Sideboards, Bedroom Suites, tron Beds, etc., etc.
LEE'S Furniture
fRFO I. AVIS, M.tnrigcr
| Duponl Block, Columbia ,'ii��� New ttiisiminsiiir, B. ���
��oi_ar'^^'*''.'*..!..>.'","... ��� .*_**��������-.?._���: , -- :������  -..-,���
ill 'Illll'. Si lie.;-, i .
,���. ,,, end. ��� "��� In     I T: '��� "���',' '
V    New  W     i .'iiriMtiT
v   it   <'t
'���'>.'.    -i      j .
���    ���
: ... ,,
-������-���       ��� -��Pioy---ib-     ������ I ATLANTIC STEAMSHIPS mMWmm ^l^^r^
iccomplished with the    Id      thc "Bo-ton DentlsU1" j              ;���:   OF THE CAHA'MAN  PACIFiO RY \\i             ''-(iffSi L,At>T1I*G'
eel painless methods, ls the    ���       known   to  the  profession      Our    !j   ssFINEST   AND   FASTf.r��T��� \   . V'""'        '   rl    _i a<! w.e"as sanitary results ��r
gold   .'.      '���     aln crown and     Idge work cannot be equalled any-    I?       I  f _ f a a r. fi". ;>7_ TUT" t~'i "; fc'fe'l r-"""'''J_____^V-'-"^ fc obtained from the use of Abb
.                 fr.^9   '!���'     -  .,'������'   "  ' 'I   \      ^';;_5Cr-   3\ ���tMdofdet.rioratingwitha.i
: .iin crown ami     Idge v n . . eiunin be equalled any-
. _i   e al    .',    prl e.    Let us give   >-ou an e 11 >,.
We Guarantee all Our Work for 10 Years Willi a
Protective Guarantee
ib.ooo i -' r i     ,1 '        Y W
J   H. fiie.ci i ejii ;. .. m  if in v.i : , y1' J\!;
Read Our Prices���They Never Change
Pull set of teeth J5 and up    Gold  Fillings %l and up
Oold Crowns  ?5.00    Sliver Fillings  50c
Ige Work, per tooth....$5.00    Extracting 5Cc
.J      R ���: ictl .11   in   fares from   the   (ild
mfti i , untry.    Now Is the time to Becure
!���!  ' '   ''
J      Toui i il Sleepers run   ���.> St. John to
.���i   connect   with   Empress,   nexl   sailing
B'     v. ��� . ���
April  iinii.
For further particulars apply to
i;i). OOULErT,
C P.R. agenl for all Atlantic companies
in the
obtained from the use of Alabastine.   Instead of deteriorating with ajfe, it actually
becomes harder, until  at last   it forms
'**    part of the wall itself.
with its plain tints, supplies a luxurious wall-coTsring for the
met handsome rooms, leaving your walls free from the delirium of wall papers. We will be glad to tell Tou more about
Alabastine, if you will ask us. Let us show you a tint card
and cutting of wood with 55 coats on.
Curtain Stretchers, with, adjustibfe pfns.
AfCkinds of BRONZES, PAINTS, OILS, &c.
T. J.  TRAPP & CO.
407 Hastings St., Vancouver, B. C.
J      H._rs 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. .DR. A. R. BA KER,  Consulting Dentist. >! j KeOfiey S      ReStaiirailt     A  n\/PPTI^F INI TUP \.E\Y/*V
ifts_l_l_e_S_K3Q0__3l^^ Open All Night /l_L_/ V LlX 1 _��_/___       111 II  IL,        ] \|LWj ^5
Pu lished by the Daily Xews Publishing Company Limited, at their
di!;, ��� . corner oi Sixth an I t roal
si.'.mm N'ew Westminster, B. C.
E.   A.  Paige Manager
Transient   display    advertising,
ought to cost more���k's purrr. nncr,
more carefully prepared. But it's
no dearer than other brands of
standard quality. 154
���i. (l'i\ernment, each and a
ing in these veracious and highly mor-
cents per line (nonpareil), 13 lines .o ,    h ,
the   inch.      Five   cent.-,   per   Ime   loi ', ,
subsequenl Insertions. tra11 "��� ""' s"r:"'"! �� IS nv<' them s11'
Reading notices, bold face type, 20 | N'ow take the sequel of the story-
cents per line, brevier or nonpareil, a seq_el upon which these sum.' vir-
10 ceri's per line. _ _ | mous journals   do  nol   seem anxious
an an 1
v. i
S:    i \
: i >���
tn ', oi
\ i  In
//ANTED���.',' ,e reliable, stea . . married man, a permanent position in
��� he citj. Have been accusl inn I to
::.,;��� j w irk.   Applj 'his office,   3d ST
e\     ten ler,     with
20 acres close   to school, station, P. O. and boai   mum. .
10 acre- em Eburne Car line, with  .-room   house,   ill
Honolulu,   April   11 ���.!.   I..   Wallach
declares he has descovered a remedj
FOUND���White     fox     terrier,     with   large uam; 0nl> 2 miles from city.      Price   .4.500.  with  ter
rown spot ovei' eve.    Apply  N'ews
^ 50 acres, eleven miles from < Ity al Station and Posl Offlci
barn, chicken he.use and orchard;  parti, cleared, onlj $2,000.
Fur time contracts, special positions, apply tn advertising manager.
Notices of births, marriages or
deaths, 50c. Wants, for sale's, lost
or found, rooms to let, etc., one cent
per word. N'o advertisement taken
for h ss than 25 cents.
to dwell. As se.eiu as the Liberal who
owe I his election to these bogus votes
heard the truth of the matter, he resigned his seat. Then the legislature,
'.'.hich is overwhelmingly Liberal, referred the whole matte. f.�� the proper
committee, and thai committee, on the
Day Office  A221 advice of the Liberal Attorney-Gen-
Night  Office   	
that  cures  leprosy.    Wallach has just   GOOD   OPENING  for  young  man   to
succeeded In getting the native me'iM
77  acre's  close' to  Westminster Junction, fronting on Rive     .]
study law at Martin i; McQuarrie's   price $55 per acre, 1-3 cash, balance easj  terms,
law ofllr'-' ,m I       go acres a| cloverdale. Price $21 per acre, with terms.
cure some   TIMBER LANDS���We deal exclusive-.       50 acre's near  Westminster  Junction, on    good    road, eti    .-   0
of the patients. There was an attempl       |y |n timber.    Have large and small   Price $20 per acre.
tracts   on   water.     If   you   wish   to
lach   to  visit   Molokal,   bui   the senti-      buy or sell, sei'me.   '.:. R. Chandler,
ment of the natives is strongly in hi-      41,7  Hastings St.,  Vancouver,  B.C
favor, and il is probable thai the Sen-
bers of the House of the Legislature
to vote to allow him to visit the leper   ...
settlement  and attemp
of the patienis. There
made t-o prevent the allowing of Wal-
MONDAY.    APRIL    15.   1907.
ihe  bogus   ballots,  Ihe    Conservative
,,   ,         ,           ,                 , ate will concur in the scheme.               'OR  SALE    (onvenieni  6-room  mod
would   have   been   elected,   and   that,
,1      .���        .      1     1 , .          . What   the   real   ln_redients   of   ibe      em  resid ince with    large    garden
therefore, he should have' the seat at ""ni   m<    ���< u   m ,i< <ei> ms   m   mi
once, just  as  if he had  been elected romed>'   are   Wallach   refuses to  say.
in  the flrsl  place.     In  the Investiga- His   w,,d   cIaims  ('alls"li   ""'  natives
tlon, ll  cam.' out   thai  the  |udge had fairly to stampede, and to such a pitch
See our list of City Property In the "Columbian."
HALE & LANE, Real Estate AgJ
stable for two horses, el '. Price
.- 1,400 (half cash), .pplj iox 594,
N'ew  Westminster.
248 Columbia St., NEW WESTMINSTER, B. C.
and at CALGARY. Alberta.
an instructive SAMPLE.         don 1 the law allowed  him  to do,  of faith In him have 1 ,��� been aroused .
1   e Dal'lv News cannol be expected .nd when some question was raised as ;!:'"    '   would  :"'  political suicide  for F0H SALE_   ^veral lots in burnauj,          ^
,,   ,. tice   ,11 detail   all   the   slanders to the righl or wrong-of the law, Mr, an��  membei  ":' ''"' legislature to op- ^.ose to Can .a ctor yand                      ���
which, almosl   dailj   deface   the  edi- Haultain.Conservatlve Jeader, declared P��se granting Wallach the permission \^  ' M ���'������    API>'>   v\nir<   ..   -           ��,     1
,,.,;.,!   ...,i,,,,,,,u  nf  ei,..  .,��� m   MrKriiic   ii,ii ii,,.  i,_   i_nc .,  ,-i,ri,e   .,,,1   ,., ���,. !'' visil   the settlement. "-v-                                                       1      I
toria    columns  of  the  local   McBrlde   ileal ibe  law  was a  righl  anl  proper
one, ami i: would be altogether wrong      Wallach says that he learned of his
i" allow a judge lo unseal a member
mi   a   recount, al   which   evidence   is
wonderful formula    while    living
organ.    The   muck-rake   man   is   pro-
i     , : ��� i a certain extenl Ijj  r 11 * - very
i, ,   , ���    of   his occupation.    There   is
ai,  old  saying about   ihe consequence I not taken.
of   touching   piich   which   applies   in1     This   is  an   illustration   of the   Lib- Tobacco  Culture.
cases  of  this  kin,I.     Now  ami  again,   eral style.'   Entranched in power they      Vernon,  April   11.���Mt-.   Rottenburg
��C>. ..'^���^���������������������������������.^������������* >���****���������������������������������. ���������������������,
IThe Fishing Season!
;CB   PRINTING    S. .'.    .Mil!   aa I   Fae-
..  Sl a' i mi i    .; spec! tlty.    We' do  J
tl    ither kia.Is of printing, mm . in- ���
however, it is necessary to expose the
��ays and  methods of the slanderers,
in order to protect ihe public from imposition.
In   Saturday's   issue   of  the  organ
could   do   as   they   pleased,   and   they.fln   American   tobacco expert,   repreS'
pleased  to do right, cnting   an     American     symlicaie   bas
sure a .mui job al right prices
ARROW PRESS. Daily News Blcck
Mrs. Dominy, proprietor.
i  have sonn
TACKLE, Rods,  Lines and  Reels.
lias now commenced.
splendid   new   lines
In  which   ia.'  changes   were   run.  on
Contrast   with   the   history   of   ihe'   purchased  ?80,000 worth of land  near   POR   SALE���4-room   house,   .'--m'"
Fernie election of '03. Kelowna, for  tobacco  raising   purpos-      room house, close in, $1,100; 5-room  5
es, being convinced of the suitabilitv j     house, close to Bridge, $1,700, White  ���
J   SHOOTING���Call and  inspect my  fine stock  of guns,  new ai  : second- j
��� hand. |
��� BICYCLES���of the latest pattern? for sale and to hire, both for   ,:;,!
and gentlemen,
there were no less than three articles      People  will   he   glad   to   know  thai   of tha1  (listrict   for successful culture      & Shiles. Columbia street.
New   Keys  made;   locks  fitted;   knive.,  axes, saws sc,s-:s. t'.: Jl
ground   and   sharpened.
iim  Railwa;.   Commission   is   sending   ":   tobacco.
the- oil "Laurier and Loot"���"bribery" I an engineer to Chapleau, to reporl on
"graft."    accusations.    In mi", an in-  fne receni wreck of a passenger train
.-���:,!,"  of ilu' law's delay-- an instance   'here,     li  may have been an unavoid-
which has nothing new or unusual
ai oul ii; ami in another tbe facl thai
a   Minister had or lere I an  expert ex-
.. i. it am of ibe hooks of his department���is ihe text. Xo attempl is
made in prove thai ihe Governmenl
i blameworthy in either case., 'i'he
articles, In fact, are merely pans of
ihe regular dailj' output of the scandal
factory���the running of which is al
present the beginning, middle and end
of the "policy" of the '"grand old Conservative  parly."
The    third    article,    however, does
FOR SALE���A small Island containing ���
notice about  I", acres, close to N'ew Wesl ^
.  minster city. Can be used for a mill J
������   meeting  of ibe    Retail    Clerks,      site.      For    particulars    apply    to ��� TRApp BL0CK
Gunderson <fc Anne's grocery. +
  ������������������������������������������������������������������.���.' �������������������������������������������������������� ,<>��M��J
nbie accident;   bin   th..   fact   re ins
il.ai   railway  accidents  have been  a'- Bookkeepers and  Drivers will be held
together too frequent of late. ':; ;!"' board of trade room on Monday '
,. . .   .  ' evening   ai   eight   o'clock   sharp,   for      We would like, if possible, to make
In   this   legislature,  the  other   | ;v. 'he purpose of forming an association,   arrange ms
trapp a.::-
a resolution regretting thai the tolls
had nol been removed from N'ew Westminster bridge, was moved and Mr.
Gifford, member for this city, voted
againsi it. Thai is to say, he voted
thai he was glad to know thai the
people around here would have to
continue to nay these tolls.
interested   are'  requested   to  at-   a   team   !"   ;''''
the delivery   of   ice
for us this summer, eithi r by hire of
te in or so much per ton f ir delivery.
Columbia  Cold Storage, 6d-S7
FOR SALE -I lots iu Burnaby, close'
to the Vancouver car line, .185.
Several large lots on Eighth streel
and ti-'ar can factory. Burnabj. ���:' I
to $80 each. WHITE & SHILES,
PIlllM! 214 '     Columbia street.
belong,  or   the   jurisprudence   of   the  *
Articles   about   the   Thaw   trial   are
make s��n iiempi at proof���and thai .���    , , .,., R.nRIF  STR. FT
;. ���.!,,,., , ,. "> order jusi   now.     There   s an o d  DLUDIE  olni.r.l
is where II   makes a  big error      The 	
charee here  is  tb-n  n     nti ,- Pronouncement     aboul     sowing     and   "
, ""   . . ."" uuawa '"IV- reaping  which seems to fii  the case   &*>>>>����*>>>>��>>^
ernment lias been gulltv of a most re      ... '   '   ���*��� =���
i"'eli,.7isil,l,.  , i. ,.       r    i',i- ��� "'nether one considers lhe  Thaw   fain-   * ft
p. eiieilslleli.   piece  id   shabbiness  in   re- .-, ., . . ���;
,1.;,,.,   i      ,   ,   i ,. , "J.  or   ihe   social  se'   to  which   Hum   V
tiring Lord Aylmer from the office of
Inspector-General of the Canadian mil- ,,,.,..
Ilia        Sc   ,,,.,���,r  , r   I. .. '      '   States.      "'I'   feeling ol   decent    _;
ilia,    as   eioor i.r  iis   case    he oruan ,,,,,,���, . .���.
savs. -"'people for all of them  is something  �����;
very like contempt. ��
the   loronto  Globe,  chief  govern-  :  J
menl organ, in announcing the retire
��� ������-������:���.  praised   Lord    Aylmer     in     th
Walk-Over li
allllitj   and   hi, brigade  Does  Quick  Work-Horse  Re- ft'
Jlevoti n   to   the   service, and   added, covers From D/stemper. it:
���  date of the   lib  inst,;   :nis re-]    The fire brigade   turned out al about >'
in    enl is nol  vi.luu'.a.", and be bad ....   p.m.   yesterday   In  answer   to _i $
in' knowledge of the en tion of the de- call   from   the   corner    of   Carnarvon '���*'.
'"  i' 'H' ituii: this evening.'" and   Elliotl  streets.    Tbe   fire, an   In- >.
���So',v the Toronto Globe    i  I nothing ciplenl   blaze in   the  chimuej   m   Mi >*<
���  kind.    Wba'   the organ quotes Corrigun's   house,   was    speertii;    ex- >{
Is a      ���-  elegram from Ottawa, jirint-1 tii'guished by the use of the chemical ;
n the fronl  page of the Globe of :' paratus,
ll   ;,.    iiy quoting  Ihis  news   tele-      The men of hoth I'lre halls are now ,*]
���   mi as if il wen  an ��� ; '     al ��� ���.., ���',lina ;'";  in  '-'' ponse to al n ms, a ���$
���   , iinl en oi assertion of racl bj ' ne or lhe horses in N'o. I  h ill is suf- $
Gli  ie, the organ Is guilty of sheer !'   -!���'-' from a severe ittack ol distem. '$
,   . nl il on.   . As   a   mailer  of    ' '. and   Ihe  chief is  a   li' le   afral I '.<
thl    ;. nl lhe ��� llsmissal" ,;   : lhe anim il mighl plaj oul on the ;���;
,    |      | Ayln non ien e. lie v '���-'��� ���    'l'1'"  '���'���    '   '������ ���    ' eon  all   i;   f er %
was not ei   'i       erm for which ;""!i���"   "<^'l^���   '���'���ili;"   l>�� , !���!
1       ...    appolnti i  end. I    with    la,' ����� 'ler Chiel   Wai killful   I ��� [a.
���.   .      On tl     31 si  of December last, '"-���    ' '' '     '     be    i    lhi    mend.     li. J
mt and  he ha i eartie I sl '  !lis share of the run  la     nl; _
.      ���;.,
,11 ,'...,.      Hi   kin vi -'���;':" "   showin
bin  be  wenl   on   fi em                  - -     v
lay,    i .   ' ligi   lhe d 'pai I        Lorain, April 14. Hundred n    ship-   ,���,
'���en lins   to  the  '.ri/ s nl   lhe I"'            employed         the    ' m   ;�����'
Misses9 and
Children's Dresses
in Dark Prints, Light Prints, Shambrays,
Muslin, Lawn; in all sizes from 1-2 year
to 17 years. Jack Tar Blouses in sizes u]
to 11 years.
spring 0ui��mim
>; I
We have lately secured the agen( y for the qele-
, '                        ;��� ,���>.  ti      liimld ie.- _n. Shi       lilli     .                will   return  to >J
, .Te
nted     HI    rei renien    i    slm ,1.  in ' "���       ,   ���,   ,    mornli            \ -.       .,��� ,���,
:   ,          in    with   Ihe  estabjl hod  c is '���  '          n     mil      It;     Ion!  In.     The J��J
enioi offlcei     [Ive wn          ���   ���   ��� ise I'reslden   v\ ������','��������� >;  I'l'att'H  American
oili        undi     .1' .-���    em  of pro I   nut   uran     ll          n   a
i on  f nn .   neci    arj   in the  Intel i   l ���'��� ;"!l ! i"''   !l     ed to    irpii      a   horter
'    ���'     ���   ���   .���     What incei live would workday,
n  hnvo  for enrerlng lhe servlci  	
were Ihere nol : .ration nomo s.vs- '������  A.   Lewi           ,    ,      ,���    ��� ,.   ftrn- |��|
which afforded hlm lhe certalnlj notte Saw Mills com .any, limited, and >; ^Ju-v ;.!'(��� tl.C nicest goods C'VC!'  brought  to the city.
romollon? l.ot'l   a.'.i r'R   retire- Mrs. I, wis returned bourn fi un Otta J
menl was simply n resull of this plan "a lasl  week     Mr.  i.e.vi    w; -   In Ol ���*,
In the course of Its usual operation.       lawa glvln,. evidence  I ro the  gov- _>
��  ernment   commlsalon which  has  bei n $
;���:   Just Arrived one of the  largest  and
J complete stocks in Britisl Colunltis
;���; |SUITS MADE 'Rj ORDE?. FROM $17.00 UP
PANTS TO ORE   R, $5.00 UP
OVERCOA'   3 TO ORDER, $17,001
When   tin   lirsi   legislature  of   ihe
enquiring Into  lhe    lum hi r    cpmblm    ft
which  was supposed lo exisl   In   Bril    '������;
Men's Gun-Metal Blucher Oxfords "Ske-
toe" Walk-Overs, a pair    -   -   $5.00
Men's   Patent Colt Walk-Over Oxfords
���made on the new "Lauren's Last,"���
Satisfaction (luarantc.d or  money   refunded.     Suits   kept   i
Irec oi charge lor one year.     Open evenings.
 ��� THE     '
a pair
Men's Gun Metal Blucher Cut Walkovers,
on the "Pwialto" last, a pair    -   -   5.00
��. ah  "'    in, ��� :���; YOUNG FELLOW���When you wear a pair of Walk
at  rei :n.'.   lecture  >J   1U'UJ,1U ���' , J .
Overs, you get a top-notcher tor style and lit
6 Ish Columbia      Mr   I., win rep irts e     ��
im .,!,,.,   ,,.   Saskatche-wan  was elect- ,,,.,;|,j,u    Batisfactorv,    and   evidence  $
"''   ,:'"   Mt'eVul  candidate   In   Prince ,���nv(,,  ,,,.,,  ������ ,,,���,,, ,.,������,,JI1(, ,.sj... .   ��
Albert, Dr. Tyerman, was returned by between   the  lumber    firms    on    the  >Jj
���   small  majority.    A  recounl  was de- coast.                                                         !���!
,.   ...'" I, nnd  liebl. and  11   was  foun 1 ��
lhal   one of the deputy  returning of- 'l;"' members u    I
fleers,, ni a  remote  polling place,  had ' lfl :   enjoyed   an   i
senl  in more ballots Ihan there were >'eslerda.\   nftcrnoon,  deli\ 'red   bj   (1   '���*
Voters     The judge before  whom  the A    Smith,   physical   directm      i     ;hi
n counl was held did not, however, un- Vancouver V. M, C. V,   Tin  su i.je i   ���
:.,.,,,  t)r. Tyerman, ' ""'  add-resH   was Help,"  an I   tbe. b rt
i',   tain   journals, upon   these   facts lurer's remarks were full of valiui'ia;
becoming known, raised a greal  howl ������-""Mon.   and  listened   to  with   the
corruption.     There    was    evi- ' ��� ";!   :   :I fentlnn   on  the   pan   of  his  !*j
donee that a returning officer hnd heen li��ui-ers.     Man.   favorable  commeni    >!
either corrui ���criminally careless; ivere heard ul Ihe close of Ihe addrea     ;���;
t ...   the  virtuous   journals   were   not and the wish was expressed thai the ��
h ! with ihai.    Tb- Liberal can- Hiss   '"nbi   again   be ravored  wiih ;���;                      , ,   STREET     -     NEW WESTMINSTER !���!
;i,   the jIingG, the  who!,. Liberal another talk from the same gentleman J COLU-ill-l.-v ,,ll.-_--l             "Ln    vv l_o lMUN_)iHv g
$   '257  FRONT STREET
Cor. McKenzie  and   I i.mi M.    LANG1 8|
S TOWN STOMAS i*^ec* G^tte ^ea>
I      BIG SHOE HOUSE      I Arfc " ���"      Sf'j
S  ,���:,.,..  ,na,r,a,T    .    v.w _,���,v<_.., I   ADAMS        5. DEAil
party of the province, and the Domln- along the same lines.
,^*  i.'-*��� I
THE    CITY   GROCERY 15.   1907.
<������<.����� �� ���.��� ���:���.:������:::���:������-:;���'::���:::���,;:���::.���.::���'��� ��� ���*���#
S .,..',,,     mi a,"i was  i i eco   i season
.    . ���
.  ,   nter ol     I 107  mm, "    pro ml
fai su ii      i    '   ,      n
I'l'o; le are alread;   buying thi   makings of white  evash    ilts;' lhe
n    commenced    In    the    rain.,   weather lasl   month tl   will
.'   do the   ��� (in    daj i.    W'e'i e : eady.
White Embroider)   Linens    li    li manufacture, good   weUht,  with
n, evei ula   3(3  to Dl    35c. 5Dc. to $1.00
White    Drawing     Linens     Imported from  Belfast, Ireland;     ������   ���
U    n   Easy" on the selvege;  3G to 51 lnehes,50c, 65c, $1
1.iglu   h   ighl,   unooth   finish   splendid goods f r sepai ite blouses
!   blouse         35c.  50c. 75c. $1
ii. I,,   wei  V. ol  coarse  I ire ,   -.  strong,  durable    and    easy   ro
��� b;  :b; inches    25c. 35c, 50c
Ring   iug   disorderly  bouses
ur, Tidy, the florist.   'Phone A184. trate  lined  the women  fifteen dollars  i
�����������������*���<���*��������������������������������������������������.��������������������������������������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������
 - -- ���   -- ���- - ���
Cut flowers and Pot Plants,     Ring   iug   disorderly  bouses.     The   magis-  ���
and costs, warning them thai in future
P,   I..   Oka-mura,  the   photographer,   |h(. Qne wim,(, be ftfty dollarS) -which  ���
who has   nee,,   confined  to   his   resl-   wi���  probably have the effeel of thin
dence for sOme time through  illness.   nlng ou) this class of undesirable rest-1 a
Is abb' to  be out again. (|, Ilts #
One drunk  and   disorderly    person      ()n accoun| of ,,���, unfavorable wea.  j.
and another who has no visible means  ,,,,... Saturday afternoon, the baseball  t
oi  support        residence,  will   ., ,    match between the Columbian College ���  ^   _  SOITie   Of    the   A_JvaIIta __.��__.
,,.' postponed.    The game will come ��
Mr,   and   Mrs.   Sydney  A.   pietcherJoff  ,his   afternoon,   n<  will   also   the |
inuounce  the engagement    of    ilu-ir  ,!;K'k   meet-   ���"   wllk'h   la��er  event,*
Marion   Ethel       Hurr        '    jumping, poie-vauitftig and 11 Buttons sewed on by hand-can't come Off.
I"'l'"'v ,l"' magistrate ihis 1 'ning to. , ..,-.. .,���;,..-,..    ,.,..
make explanations.
Possessed by This Workingman's Shirt
other sporting events will be Indulged
��� Seams double stitched��� can't rip.
;.  E. Fab', tor the pasl   >:   'uspected   of  being an  accomplice  J
hs,   Will   leave this   week   ��f  ""'   three  l;"ls   uh"  wl'1'"  Sentenced   ���
Every Shirt Guaranteed by the Brand
I'erclval  Latham, assistanl city trea
un 1  of ,bis ell
K   Chrl topher,   who  lias   been  em-i     Arthur  Campbell,  a   youngster who|X  ButtOTl-holeS extra finished-   can't Wear OUt
ploye I ��iih \\
��� ���iv! ������- ���. monl I
���    t.bican.   where   he   Intends   to  '" three >'''"'* '�� ""' reformatory las- ���
F'riday,  was gathered In  bj   Detective \
Bradshaw on Saturday.   The boy will ���
B   eear before the magistrate this mor- ���
Joe Quo;         iiilldln.. a 22 fool  gas-   ning   ;,U|   K\\\   probablj    be   sent   to ?
mine laun h,   which   he  will   use for  some   mission  school   to   give him  a ���
pleasure 1   ��� irslons this summer. The  chance to mend his ways. ���
11111 li  will      ���   bulli   with   a   view to ?
mulclng II    en.     I  the a ileal   gaso       BOOKS   ARE   G0ING  FAST-   SEE J
ei ' for mineral In comp inj   will
��� ii i-in law,
hi   the-   river.
���ui  flowers, carnations an 1 fu-
Crawl.-v,   the man   held   on  charge ���
o ���
some salutary advice from the 111 ������������������>��� .��������������������������������>. . . . .������:���   ���������������.���������������������������������������������������<>���.
Thc   blacksmiths of  this  city   have  trate.   J. P, Hampton Hole represent-   , ���
some  time   been considering  the  ed the man. and adduced evidence to.
"���m!  de   gns   telephon    T    Davis   &   "'   vagrancy, was allowed   to  go  Sat-  I SQLE AGENTS  FOR  NEW  WESTMINSTER
S[#n   ..,,,._.     Te!   B2Qs. urday   morning,  after   the  receipt   of J
and', show that what the police termed va-1 TL * f^��11 _�� _*. 1311 R�� rilr nf P'r.mmot'/'ja
the   near   future  will   likely   see  ihe  grancy was only the time Mr. Crowley   * "^ V/C-I1C-V11CII1 MJtXaMsW. Ul  V#��l/UUlld CC
"   price  of shoeing   a   horse  all   round   was engaged  In spending the monej 	
raised from two dollars to two fifty,    earned by longshoringi
Material   foi   waisl  of  Irish Embroidered   Linen  with   embroider-
pieee :   -   fi .:r. cuffs and collar.    Skirl   ready   to  be    in'1  I.    hav-
iiie^  embroidery   work  in   handsomi   lesigns ei >wn    front  and  arotin I
These are  from  the  foremosl   Importei       '  Irish  linen   wore,
i'i the country and of splendid quality;     costume    patterns;     $12.50   ��
I a;"J $14.00.
While. Pique, coarse or fin ��� cords, white Duel':. Drill, Mersilda,
!������ -ian. India and Victoria Lawns, Crossbar Muslins Dotted Swiss.
JMusllns, Madapolaras, Nainsooks striiied Anglo-Swiss Muslins and
(Striped Lawns, plain and fancy Vestings. Whatever price you can1
to   111}   we  have a white fabric  fei   you. Lawns al   10c.   12',,c.   15c
to  50c,    Piques  25c.  35c.  40c.    Crossbar and  check   ::..m:i-m  10c  and
15c.      Vestings and     Brilliants, 20c, 25c. 35c and 40c.
Corsel Covei   En broideries;      very spe lal lot of line Swiss, N'ain
. and Cambric;  blind and   i     ���    work    patterns,     good     widths,
���r. 50c. 40c and 35c per yard.
Medium and narrow Embroideries, scores of pretty patterns,
Iel work, beading, butterflj designs, etc., on .Muslin. Nainsook
'  Lawn, 30c. 25c. 20c, 15c. 10c  and 8c per yard.
Embroldei   .   Insertions  and    leadings, In  various  widths;   a   nice
��� iittnent   of    latterns;    Lawn. Cambric  and   Nainsook.    3c.  5c.  10c.
ic, 20c to 30c.
The Rev. Dr. J. Annand, of the Heb- The  annual   meeting of the  Ladies
rides Mission,  will address a  meeting Auxiliary society of the Royal Colum-
In St. Andrew's lecture room em Wed- bian     hospital    will    be    held    this
ni    !:.;.   evening.     As   this  will   be'  a afternoon In the board of trade room,
s ecial  event,   a   good   attendance   is The  business meeting commences al
expected of all v.ho are Interested  in 3   p.m.,   and  as all   subscriptions   are
missionary   wort;. now due, a   requesl   is made  thai   the
i'mount   owing   by   each   member   be
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000.     Reserve Fund, $5,000,000
B.  E.  WALKER.  President. ALEX.   LAIRD,  General  Manager.
The  gasoline   launch  Cam
paid   in  to  the  treasurer.     A   full  at-
v as completely renovated al the Crane
...   , , ,, , tendance  will  be  greatly  appreciatea
yards, will   be  taken  up io Harrison!      ,,      _ ���     ������
  .    by ihe officers.
lake   ibis   afternoon.      I he  ' anco is
the   property   of   Dr.   Elliot,  and   will      Contracts  taken   for  tree    spraying
bi   used and operated on the lake asjand   for  while   washing  buildings  of
an excursion  and  pleasure boa'. all  descriptions.    .Mace. McClelland  &
Co., Cobmial hotel. 'Phone 39.    Special
A large number of Lutherans living
in ihis city went over to Vancouver
i.i a special car Saturday evening for
tin pm pose of i iking pari in a Lutheran entertainment.    After    spending
te rms for large orchards.
Business be '���   insacted by mail   with   any   branch   of   the   Bank.
Accounts maj be opened, an ! deposits made or withdrawn by mail.     Every
attention is paid to out-of-town accounts.
Signor   F.   D'Auria's   recital   al   SI
an   enjo;     '.    Mine   in   the   Terminal   Patrick's hall, Thursday, April  18:
cit).  the  pariy   returned horn i about
'iii.ht   Her Smiles  I From  Trovatore)
K. T. C. Lever, who recen 1;  lefi the      Verdi
staff of ibe' News to accept  the posl- }'!r  ,;   '������ Tashereau
tlon of city editor on the Columbian,   :-'' ":-'   Flowers I  Pray  (From  Faust)
In.mii' i in bis resignation on Saturday:    Gounod ;
Mr. Lever abandons iournalistic work M'ss ���'��� Heaton.
ir order to enter the ministery, having   :;':' ;    ;'' 8 Hii in lelles (From Mignon)
ai ci pted a call to a Baptist church al  ^  Thomas !
Ros land Miss A Laverj and J. A. Kenning
la i   Love is a Bir I   De!  Riego
A:""n' i"l!'" (I i   Chanson  Provencale  ..Del Acqua
Miss  Benlah Dawson
j   Vancouver men, made Its first trip   ,.;,  ,���.,.. Raineaux
267-271   COLUMBIA   ST.      I!;;*"       *��� vr��T: yTr'
""* *- *���      *" ��..-*- ,|    m,      ,...,  , ...      1 he launch  has    ieen
-v - T--.-T t    TT T1-" n rr�� "V It T TV T OT��T7 T"_ i      '    ,;:';     overhaul
NEW WESTMINSTER     | -���   - :���,.
i   to any een the river.
tr. ilfa-_7Tr'TT���HTT. yaitt^^^^
:; ���. ��� state of th<   late Tb uu  s G ildie
i ;'i  A Shim, of Waiting ...  E. Wrighl
Mr.  S.  Ash hewn.
���haul   i   and   ri paired,   ,;l,  tf Thon Didsl Love Me ....Deuz'
' . ial   m |  Dreams     Strelezki l
Miss M. Higgins
Duel    G  nthi i's Orb  eer  Snow   (Fr mi
Mephlstole)       Boito
Par Away  (Tuscan  Polk Songl   I
      Cara :c    i
'.'    . T. G. Mo,.,!;, and Miss .1. Heaton.
Why you should pay the excessive
r ites for Five Insurance you have
been in the habit of paying. When
your premium is due just give us
a call and compare our rates. We
can save you from 15 to 25 cents
on the dollar.
V'The Fann Land Special::,!','
New Westminster
lb, you  find  it difficult to decide on a suitable article for that
i !��� ent?   If so, allow us to offer a few suggestions:
In Cut Glass -Water Bottle,  Salt Set.   Vase,   Bowl,   Nappy,
Sterling Silver and Silver-Plated  Goods   f '   '
Spoons and Forks, &c.;  Tea Set.   Salad Bowl,  Soup Tr-
Uish, Carvers.
<)ak Tray. Biscuit lar. Butter Di<sh, Bronze Figures,
W��� C_ Chamfoeiim.
Tl    runeral    i   two of 1 he  . al lenl ���
al  the   Prov.ini lal   a ylum   f ir  th
- mi   ivlll  ' la " today.    Th . t1   ���
���   ��� '��� nl -. M   isi s. Lee and Stolpe, had
���   mm' i   s foi     ime tim >, an 1 '
-,..  fl.( .,, n  . ..... cnllses n1) <,..,,.,,.,   N  w a   Toasl   (Torrendor  Song  from
io ���:      \Y.   E    Fall -     will    In   " C irmen)       l]'-'- '���
Mr. .'. R. Owens.
Cello Sole     '.. Dwal Bern nth : he Stars
COCKS   ARE   GOING  FAST.   3_E (Reverie)       F.  d'Auria
P ,GE TWO. Composed an I Dedicated to F.W.Dj lie
i' im' ill   Fl    Willi  Me i From   Ernanl i
Mrs, \v.  VV. Dies'
I 'le etlng    Visiou    i Prom    Hi  ��� II
Mr, O. .:  - ������
Length   a   Brilliant   Ray    (From  ll
Semiramis i     Rossini
Miss  E.  McCrossan,
ii   Star  of  Eve   (From  Tannhauser)
A   Flnlrtiider   who   ror   i une     lime     Wagner
pus    has  heen   an  Inmate of the  Asm Mr. J. A. Kenning.
O    Fatal   Gift   (From    Hon   Carlos)
Miss  A.   Lavery.
M;.  lliMiri Is Weary (From Madeschda)
Mrs.  T.  Q.  Moody.
Duet���Say, to  Vour  Daughter   (From!
Traviata)      Verdi
Miss  E.  McCrossan anel  Mr   (I. Jones.
Two of ibe. demimonde were up be- God  Save' the  King,
fere   Police   Magistrate Corbould   on      Seats for sale al  the City  bakery.!
Saturday morning charged with keep-IBOc, gallery 25c.
��� funeral an   .. ���
It-S    il      M        .   ! ,i .   ' mu        !| ,    ... ., .
���  , ., ,      y a  train   :..       \. ei   ...
j a n 11 imi   t hl'.i i,   , ���
effects       li     111    ides S
la.   , .,   ... ���      The     nte men      v, ill
.   ...    fro     m.   Mm   ih
indi irlo 's.   i   has nol   in   n
b   . ;   I yel   wh 'the;'  an   In | ;  -:   will
;, lum evaded Ihe guards earlj S itur-:
d . morning and wv-i a k>ii on tln>
read seeking ot hi r I lime ���. Xotlce if
the escape was senl oul mil the man
was located In Vnucouver, from which
city he was relume 1 to ihe author!
ties late, Saturday evening.
iup Tureen,   1 u Iding
The Jeweler
for   ....
P. O. Box 243  n Telephone 302
Spring Suit Thoughts 1
Sunshine again!
Wiih it comes thoughts of lhal new Spring Suit vou have promised yourself. With that thought we trust thai you will couple the
name of this store, where your conception of all thai Is desirable in
a Suit will be realize' i.
The continued patronage of well-dressed Men shows thai our
Clothing can be depended upon to satisfy.
Suits of the Xew broken check and plaid patterns in the handsome Grays- nines and the Smarl Brown and olive mixtures.
$10, $12, $15, SI., $20, $22, up I, $25
Everything   now   blossoms with Spring  freshness, anel choosin
at ibis writing will be an easy task.
H. L. DcBcck
�� ft
t i TIIE   UAH. Y   _v EWS.
Toronto Parks Lawn Grass
White Clover
Flower Seeds
Vegetable Seeds
fresh ond Reliable
The Wa,
���flee '1
l!ilfit<-rn  < fipfiirt-   thi- (Irani
On<-..)_   Alive, ���
Trapping the smaller member, of tne
monkey family is a comparatively easy
matter, but the hunter who wishes to
.eeure live specimeus of the oran.7
outan? cannot have recourse to the
usual methods and has io employ ;.
lal er.i as process. Tbe process is i.used
upon the facl that the orangs have a
liking fur certain trees and frequent
these io the exclusion of other nearby
growths. They seem to regard them
as a sanctuary and flee to them in time
of danger. Ascertaining a tree particularly favored, the hunter first drives
nis quarry to its branches; then while
bis beaters keep up a din for lhe purpose of preventing an nttempt at escape lhe natives are set lo work to
. chop nt Ihe trees within a radius of
fifty feet all aboul the simian fortress.
No irunk is cm completely through
but Is lefi  wiih just enough fiber to
bold tin.' ti  in position.   This work is
quickly  accomplished   with   the   large
corps of servants, and at a signal one
Spectacle,   and   Seed   Store   of the trees is toppled over.   The chop
ping has been ho done thai tho fai
tree carries with ii its neighbor, and in
ilie' twinkling of an eye the trees with
in a radius of fifty feel from tbe marked ' re ��� lie upon ibe ground, le i -
ibe nang outangs with uo ��� ��� _��� _��irtunlty
ter getting away through their leafy
avenues of escaj ������. Ti'.' remainder ol
iii" \iv ..-ess simply consists of chopping
down tbe tree of refuge ami throwing
nets over the escaping orangs, in which
tbey soon become entangled in their
efforts to throw off the Incumbrance.
ing Materials
afting Wax, Etc.
Ccfumbla  _c.
pro pi
'Done IS'
ny  to   >n>
part of li.e city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
fice���Tram   Depot
Second-Han. PIANOS
Rushton & Speck
We  also  do all  kinds
cf   general    repairing.
Sign   Mar,  on  Wheel.
Columbia St. New Westminster.
Phone 275
Canadian Pacific
I] i'i..' P.
R inning   Thro igh
First-i lass  Pull
ie an, Ti iris: i.m 1 Dining Cars daily.
Allan! ic express li aves at 15:40.
Seattle i  . ���    oints south, S:30.
Sul.tract   4.".  From 45 and   l.nve 45 nn
ti   llceii.'iinili-i-.
If you were nsked to subtract 45
from d.". and have 45 as a remainder.
yon would be likely to say that the
proposition Is cither a "catch" or an
impossibility. But here' it is, set down
ln plain figures, and you will find that
it is neither one nor the other:
1   2   3   4   o   C   7   &   .
8   0   4   1   9   7   5   3   ��
Here, you see-, are the nine digits
from P to 1 written down In that order, nnd below tbem are the same
dibits from left to right, and you will
see that each line makes dr., and you
will find that tbe remainder���the third
line���adds up 45.
Another little exercise Is to set down
the following fifteen figures and then
see if you can use six of them in such
a way as tu make a total of"21:
l l l
3 :: 3
r,     5     5
One way of doing it is to take the
two 7's, one 5 ami one 1. which make
four figures, footing up 20, anel then to
use two other figures as a fraction to
represent one. For example, 7 plus 7
plus 5 plus 1 plus .".-.'I equals 21.-���Balti-
.more Sun.
.   I :
A.  G.  P. A.
Van ouve
ilars apply to   <
Agent C.P.H.
ew Westminster.
La__c! Registry Act.
Mi.     ...      ,
1   m     r   ..
: .M.
V   D.   1:  ���
i'i    ���
-i  3
tin   Cit;
!     '
an appucati m
: ��� 'v-  .   '" ancis ('.
owner in fee simpli .
bi"! from the M lyor
the   City ol  N ���".
I', ancis   c.   lie'
���    . 1 I    ia.,    of  He Me ���! r.
:   all ; a.i singular thai
��� 1
m   .-.
Bi tlsh   Columbia,   more
,   .' :���   and  descrlbi tl
of lol S, i   b
. n ' of lan i and
Ij ing and b< ing in
Wei  ininsti r. in the
The   Dooka  of   Ancient   Koine.
in the time of Augustus Caesar
books In the form of papyrus rolls,
copied by overworked and underpaid
slaves from the authors' original
manuscript, were abundant and astonishingly cheap. Horace bints In one of
his epistles that bis works we're being
pirated and sold see cheap that they
were getting into the hands of the rabble and becoming schoolbooks. Martial, in .me of his epigrams, says that
a copy of bis Thirteenth book may be
bought for -I imtmiii (ah ut l_ ,, nts),
and thai if Tryphon, tbe book-.'Her.
should sell it nt 2 minimi he would
still gel a profit. Both Horace an 1
Martial convey the idea that their publishers occasionally put oul larger editions Ihan could be sold. In the matter eef editions de luxe. Martial writes
that a volume nf his epigrams "polished
with pumice stone and incased In purple may be bought at Atrectus' for 5
denarii" (about 80 cents).���New York
7.   '   .   i.e.
yon are' requin I   .,
if lhi   ta:
ays I   un   lhe  date
le .;   of ibis  i;
liis Tribute lo Temperance.
The temperance ref inner was justly
proud of having converted the' blggesl
drunkard in tiie little Scotch town ami
Induced him   he was ibe local grave-
di- -'      to gel up ou tb ��� platform ami
te ,.:;..    '1 bis  is bow  be .lid  it:  "My
KYanel    C    friends," be said,  "I  never thochl  t.
.,';    . P| ,1!|(| |   stand u; on. fids platform with ila- pm
osl ,-u .,���   - de "i   ine mui tbe loon
��� I In ^' '.   "!'i:-."' ' :     :���""'>"'< "over
ul i" tell ye tli fora wbSle month
I bavena' to hod a r.,;. . < an; bin.-.
I'm' saved en ngh ie> buy mo .a br.%������
oak coffin n r brass ban,bee and brass
nails���nnd if I'm a teetotaler for an-
Ithi r month I shall be wantln' iiy
NOTICE is HEREBY GIVEN that sixty days after date we intend :������ applj i i
Uie He.n.tin- c'liii : Commissioner ol Lands
ami Works for permission :.. cut and carry away ibe timber from the following
described bonis, situate nl Kitsumgallum
Valley, e :oast  district:
_ei.���Commencing at a post planted
about 3V_ mil.'s in,rib ef ill,, north-west
comer of <_'. K. A. Green's preemption
cl ,,. then running as follows: sn chains
east; 80 chains south; SO chains west and
SO chains north to point of commencement.
_1._���Commencing   at   a    post    planted
:M. ���  :; ���_,   mih a   th e :  thi   north-w e ^-i
corner ol  C.F.A.Green's preempt lal   i,
t i.. m running as follows : i .a, chains wi st ;
40 chains south;  160 chain
'chains north to ibe point   of c
a.i nt.
south;  120 chains east  to Skeena  River;
thi nei   along rlvi r te point  ,,f commence-
i    in. containing 040 acres,  more er less.
Located  Fi bruary --'.  1907.
1., ...iters.
I'. r Frank Vnndall. March 22, 1907,
���     NOTICE.
Coast   District,
Kitsumgallum  River
Range a:
claim No. 1.���Commencing al a post
plained LT, miles up from the mouth of
Kitsumgallum River.on the west bank
of Kitsumgallum Lake, running as foi
lows: SO chains wesl; 40 chains
south: in chains west; SO chains
north; 120 chains east; and rn chains
south to poini of commencement.
claim No. 2.���Commencing al a post
up   from
Notice is hereby .iven that 30 days
after date 1 intend to make' aplication   planted   about   I'll miles  up   from   the
in -lie  Hon. ibe chief Commissioner mouth of ihe above river, on the easl
of Lands ami Works, for a special Ii- |,an](   0f   ihe    Kitsumgallum    Lake;
consi    to  cm   and   carry   away  timber  thence     so   chains   east;     -Ul     cliains
from   the   following   described   lands. B0Uth;     -to   chains  west;     SO    cliains
east ami 40 situated south, mon' or less, lo ibe river; then
c.,.,.-'  District Kan." 5 district, Xo.  northerly e;h,n._ ibe river to the poinl
22.���Commencing  at    a   posi  planted  101, commencing ai  a  stake planted o:  commencement
���n.'-roV4.'".'.'-^'��., :;=<1!:;; !:;:::;:a:;;;;,; 'I ������  ^ <��� th? Encheshese River,     claim No.3.   Commencing al a,	
tlun running as follows: so chains . ist;  ���" ' '���' :l :|,]"' ��nu a ,1:|!|  UP "'"m lLs planted  al   the  south-wesl  corner  ol
.���be,ins north;    SO chains^west and SO   mouth,  thence easl   10 cbains, ihence  -|-   |    7942;   thence   10 chains easi;   SO
ci",:ius   south;     in chains    east;    80
cliains south to poinl ol commencement. ,;,   ��� ',   sn     chains      thence     wesl     80
23.���Commencing   at    a    posl     planted     . ���',,,,,,,' eli  so eh .ins   thence
about 5 miles north of I  ���   north-west cor-   ' "   '".. tne itn M�� cnains. tnenci
i. r of C.F.A.Green's pre-emption claim, easi   |n chains  to point  uf commence-
then running as follows: 160 cbains east; ,,,. ..���.
l" chains north;    100   cbains  west;     40
chains south to point , ;' commencement.
24.���i lommencing at a post planted
about 'i mill ��� north oi the north-w. sl coi -
ih-i ol C.F.A.Green's pre-emption claim,
thei running as follows: I GO chains easi ;
|i    chains  south .     I BO   cliains    n'i -:i :     40
��� bail s north to ] oin' e : ��� mimi nei mi i t.
' ���;.. ne n< >.. i .' post plant, l
aboul 'I mil, $ noi i i tin ion h we sl c erne :  of i'. I', A. , ire en's  pn -��� mptlon cl
ig as follow!     1 GO ch    is east;
M      . ens north;     100   chains  wi sl ;     in
e south t    poll    of i  .-.I"., i   ement,
20.- I lonime ncing   ..;    n    post     pin ited
ee   t 0 miles nori    ol tl i th-wi -t corner of .'. I". \. , ir. ��� n's  pr ; on
lh, n  i unning  as  follows:  40 chi     s we. I
f...  cha    * south ;    40 , hsi ins east;
'..  |    lnl   Of :   ��� '
Coii  m ncing   ai    a    post    plane >1
t C miles nori ho nortl   wist i nr-
\ i  , ���   C. F. A. Gree n's pn ��� mpl lon cl
m ng ees follows: SO i hai      vest
ns north : SO i lia ns east; l    chain
.-��� uih to poini  ������!' common,
'. -. . 'ommeni iei- . ��� a ]��� est plant'
boul 7 - ill, a nori i ol the noi th-we st e erne r of i'. !���". .\. e ir, en's pr -emptlon clu m
then !...:,,:. as :',.M,.\\ s: 160 chains ei t;
4" chains south; i'i" chains west; and 40
cbains north to the point of commi mei -
mi nt.
29. - I '.,:;.":��� ���. in. a1 .' p ,st plante ���:
about 7 in les north of the north-west cor-
n. r of .'. !���'. A. .reen - pn -��� mi tion cl
then : .Main, as follow s : 40 chains noi th .
SO chains wesl : 40 chains nortii : 40
chains west; SO chains south; 1201
ensl ' ��� point.,,;' comm, ..��������� mi nt.
��� 30.���(lommenclng   at    a   pes:    plant, d
'.,, u   40  chi Ins  north  of  the south-wesl
coiner of Location No. 2i!, then rui ���
. - follows: 160 chains west : 10 c ns
north : 1 'ee, chains ea'sl ; and 40 cl ill -
south to i oinl  ol commi nei i ie nt.
31.-    ' ���  nn. ncing    .,:    a    posl     pi int, ,1
.  m   40  ch lins  north  of the south-w st
...in i' '.f Location No.  26,  then  running
follows:    160  chaini west; 40 chains
south :   ; 60   chains  easl :   40 e ..   ins   ne rth
'.. poii ��� ei commi nee ment.
32.���i 'ommenctng ee- ee post pii nted
. bo it -: n iie s noi th of the north-w. .1 cor-
: ��� of C. I���'. A. i Jreen's pre-i n ption eli
then running as follows: 160 chains west;
40 clu li - so ith; 160 chains i ast ; 40
chains ne rth to pe lnl ol ce n me nee mi nl
, ontaining 640 ai ri s, more or li --.
Commencing at a poinl near the
ith of I'uii'ii Creek at I he east line
of the Indian Ri serve, at the head of
1'nion Bb . in ar the mouth of \\ orks
channel. Range ���",. Coasl District,
m ence 40 chain.- south, thence SO
chains easi. ihence so chains north,
t; ��� nee v'i cbains wesi. thence -in
chains sonlh I i the oinl of com
nu imi mint.
chains south; 40 chains wesi. more oi
less, to the Kitsumgallum Rlvi r;
thence northerlj along the river to
t he   . oinl  of commencement.
claim No, I Commencing al n i osl
planted aboul 1(1 miles up from the
mouth of the Kitsumgallum Rivi . on
tin ea : bank; thence i11 chain east;
le a chains south; 10 chains
more or less, to the river; thi uce
noi thei Ij a ong I he rl rer to +
o.' eonimencemenl,
claim \n. 5.   Commencing .
I''ante I  aboul   IU miles  up
Comnu ni fn_ al a posl on the north  mouth of the above river, on th    ivi   I
bank:     tl ence    x"  chains   n i
chains south : SO (li tins east, n
le -. io the  river;    i hence  nor   ��� . I
a ong  the  rh er t i  the  poinl   ol ���
n ' ncement,
Claim No, G. i '��� nimeni Ing al a ] isi
planted 12 miles up from the m ml li
of the river, on ibe' w, I bank;
them e |() i iiains wesl: 40 c i t
opposite the month of Bear Creek south; 10 chains east: SO chains
and aboul a half a mile north on the south; GO chains east, more or less,
north a m of Work's Channel, Range to the river; thence northerlj along
". Coasl District, thence west 70 the river to the poinl of commei
chains, thence norih SO chains, thence ment.
o Work's Channi I, Range 5,
��� Disi riet, aboul a mile and a
half below Won fold Hav. thence 120
i s north, thence SO chain-; ease
thence south to shore, thence westerlj
al ii shore to poinl i d c< mimenci
Commencing at a posl on the shore'
easl to shore, thence  southerly along
shore to point of commencement,
Commencing at a stake on the
beach about 50 chains south of the
n o ith of Bear Creek on the north
. m of Work's Channel, Range
Coasl 1 .strict, thence east no chains.
thence north SO chains, thence wesl
ft. the beach, iia nco southerly and
\< ��� sterly along the I eai h I ��� ; oinl ol
Commencing  at a  stak��    20  chains
e isi  of  the moat'':  of  Mini'   Creek  ;i;
thi   ! ��� .nt "i Work's Channel, Range ������
Ci .-'  District, thence' wesl  SO chains.  40  chains   south;   160 chains
thence north   80 chains, thence east  the west  line of T   ].. Ti.-i:,;
��������� ra ik  Vand ill.
21.   Hel'7
TAKE  NOTIi '1. that   tl Irty    lays     ftei
di ������   w-e   intend to apply to the Chii f (lorn-
��� .... - of M inds and Works foi sj ��� cial
i - -    II ens, s    lo cut   and  can.'
ti  iber from the following flc. ci ������������ I lands
situate In  tin   Kil -mm. ........
Coast Disti    i :
ng    :,'    a    : osl     plante d
ib,    ���    I     chains  wi sl   of   the  r  uth-wi sl
' ' me r     f   the  ol I   Kits  mgallun    tm   i
Reserve,  then  160 chains west; 41   cha - -
north ;   160  chains i ast:  40        Ins  -   ith
Si   chains, ihence south so chains, to
: oinl of commencement.
Commencing at a point on I.ach-
mach River near the corner of lot 195
al the head of Work's Channel, Range
.".. Coasl District, thence 40 chains
wi->:. thence Vlt chains south, thence
Se ch tins east, thence SO chains north,
th>nce io chains wes; to point of commi ncement.
Commencing al a post 10 chains
eas- oi tin' rivi r i I the n erth Mm of
tl " Indian Reserve, al the mouth of
���he Enches-hese River on the north
Work's    Channel,   Range  5.
to point of commencement.
.'..������ dng   at   a   post   planted Coast District, thence SO chains north,
thi nee SO    chains    west,   thence    80
10 cl   Ins west of tin   no ';   pasl coi ni r ol
I.������������  ' lon Sfo.   13, then 160 cl west:  40
norl       ! ���'��������� ���     .a- ��� asl ; 40
south to p.    it of comme     ement.
ime ne lng   at   a    posl    pi nted
1 west of   he north-east corner of
1. .. mii ���:. y       ���   then  160    Iiains '
160 i halns e ast .   ;
south to point of cut
.  . . .,
chains .
i h iin    south,   'hence  SO   ��� ie Ins
to  ' olnt of commencemi nt.
Coi imencing i I a posl on the south
side ���    I" a li rago River, a ,out a mile
an'1 a hi ':' up from its mouth, thence
��� '  - ' ith 60 chains, tin nei ��� ast S i chains
1   '  ���     i    lorth  SO chains   thenci   west
. ilns, thence south  40 chains  to
poin    of i ommencement,     The above
' Ivi ��� emi ties  Into  the north   arm  of
Work's Ch tnni 11, Range ii, Coast District, aboul  a  mile and a half south-
of the  head  of the  north t rm,
cominj   In  fri m thi   i as'.
Bi ginning al   a   mos-   on   the  shore
;������   the    :���:������ -  end   of  the    no tli arm
ol   Work's  Channell.   Range   5,  Coasl
District, about 20 i hains south of the
ith   of  Snow   Creek, ��� thence enst
I GO   "'Mains,   ���hence   north    10  ( iiains.
t thence wesl   lea. chains, them e south
0    "��� :���..- to point of commencement.
C .mm em lng  al   a   posl   pi "ite',I  nl
the mouth < f For I Creek, on   he north
������ <:' Work's Channell,   R nge  !
District, thi nee SO chi        lh
��� 0 i hains    east,    thenci
rn ' ,���   L,    itioc No. 3f.   then 16e
10 cl       -  east :   160 . hain ��� i
4    cl ains w. -���  io the point of c ��� c
37.    ' '��� m   . n '  ������'   nl    a    posl     pi inted
boul   f     '      im   west    ,i     th. th-easl
 ���   Local lon   N' i,  35,     them e      ! 00
eli ilns north :  40 i halns east;  H i chains
wi -��� :    40 cl  .ins south  to  point  ol  co n
��� IH ���   ':
3S.    ���' m ii .    al    ���    posl     t lant. d
al  thi    "���" h-Vi ��� sl ci rm r of Li     I   en   S
"m     then      SO   chains  west;     ��� ���    chain
s nth;     "     'halns  ensl :     and   v"  i iiains
noi th  to poinl of c n m. nc i
������'''.       . ���:���  ng  .,'   .,   i . st   pi  nted nl
 .esi   ��� ome :     :'  I. ecatio . N
'a:I.|.[.\\j  MOODY.
'���    Fi..::,.; Vandall.
v ��� sl :  SO chains   e   th: so
WILLI ..1 ���
!��� RANK   VANIi
Mix1', di ��� al ��� :��� dati I lnl to applj
io the Honourable Chii    I Issioii-
er ol l.ein.i- and Works for ; ���    ilssion
i"  p ir ihase the  following    d ��� I
lands,   sltua ��� I   on   whal
Middle   and    South    Dundas    Is ai
Man-" ", Coasl  Districl:
Commencing al
e ls
; .     Ill
; ln-
Ilk  Van,
t ..od ai        ���     ���   ���       ....
'��� a :   R        rj  Offl ���".
'       ���" f British
iy i    March,   \.
-     ,    ..    ���       -.,;;.���:;���"- |     ���_        ���,.. ���
.'   . ler date Wi    Intend to
loi     ihe  Chief  CV
,'.'. rks for in ���      ���, ,   ���
|��. 1 r fron
i      ��� ill .  ���
1:     r,   Coasl   dH     f,   i:  ..������
������������    ���
I '   '    ��� ���:'.'.
��� .;    . ���������'/...     i. ���   ������/.    I tl V,
till     ' 111,   O    ���
. I , halns w st; 40 chi
the   river   to -poll
I'll      ,,..'.', - ���     .    : ...
chains Bouth,  more o
���hence westerly along
(if con i, ��� "'im nc
po '
half miV easl of the In ad of Dn
let on the nortii side of tin Inh -
. . ed S, ll. !���'.: thence 100 iiains
noi th; thence 80 chains easl; thence
south ni saiel inlet; tin nee south-
ive terlj and westerly along he hi ���
.,, '       dn       ��� unmenceu. nt,
less  to    h re,
���' -   t  to ' oinl
F (RD.
Ma; i '.:
'.; ii
la     .
1. 1907.
". S.   KEITH,
Disti., ���   Regfstrai
To Ci    ", lamieson, I
' ':   :''      ik      '   ved  v. iiii  'bis notice.
1 liming through or under
���������   an I   all  person    clalmini   anj
��� !''   '  I"  lhi     ai I i md by virtue of
������my "nn gistere I   Instrument, and  all
pen ems claiming any Interesl  In the
id   bind   by   ib seem,   whose'   lit],    Is    the   <
nol registered under lhe provisions of
"i" "Land Registry Act," shall !���. for-
evef estoppe 1 and debarred from setup anv claim to i-v In respect of
thi said land so sold for taxes a i pro
vlded  by the "Land Registry Act."
Pnrrot   Pie,
Parrot pie is one of the delh icies
m- :��� which visitors to Australia rave.
As the fruil season ..pens the parrots
and parrnkeets i ie by thousands, like
locusts, and, settling on the trees, feed
upon the fruil until nothing but the
������ es Is left behind, They are slmt
while gorging themselves. The flesh,
though very dark, Is said to be delicious In flavor and almosl to taste of
peaches and plums ou
which the birds have fed, Tbey are
said to be more succulent than pigeons
and altogether superior to tho palate.
' ' ��� " !    ���  '
il  i      ���  ���    '.:  ���   . m
up I the mouth, on tin
���  - .,>���
'  Is'-   HEREBY  GIVEN  tl I
days      ������      late   I     iti ti I to
:     ation    to    the    I!  i . the
Chi     ' Ion* r of    Land     and
'     i ���    M:   Ion to cut and car-
1.'    tim ���    from   the    I  Mowing
nl   Hot!   in
W. IN. Draper
B. C. Land
Caroline nf Author..
'���Very few literary men ge| rich."
"Perhaps it's just as well they don't,"
answered Miss Cayenne. "If a literary
man got rich enough to found libraries
bo wouldn't permit people to read any
but his own bunks." ��� Washing! ,i.
. ,.' .
1 .     oo  ' in id     rlhed 1 mils.  situate d
-.   ti    :,;..,     rlvi '     i"  pa '     ��� ;   .-��� nind, New  '.'. esl    li    ���
milt'.       '..'���', 11, i.,     : I " .,   ���
1.���( ommencing al a stall bains
m ,   ���-,    c, mn ' nch i     n   i ast of small bay al the hi ad of Hoth-
'-' i   ��� me11...   River,  aboul  am Somi.i1;    thence north  SO chains;
! '      .    :'.:.'.::'.  ' '  ...  '    -      "������' -   i   thence south
��� . chain* w,si  _�� rl   i : " chains;    thence i--.y    0 r   ilns to
thence  .0                  irtherly along river to poinl  of   i  r, n    icei lent.
'   ���               ei nt,   , ontalnlns   C l" ,,                                   .   ,             ,
. .    .: Z.���i ommi ncing at a stake al  the |
���i   m      io   -Commencing    al   posl north-easl    corner   of   Claim    N'o, 1;
i   '"   '! on  dn   Zymagatitz River, nhoul  them orth su chains;   thence west
'��� ��� ������ nii   from   tb, m   oiiiii.   on   n,,   on   ,-..,���,,,..     ,i,,     .,,     .   ���
, ,  ���   180    .in,ms '   Chains;     Ihence south   SO  chains;
north;  160 chanis Wen! lie  thence easl  80 cbains to poinl  eef colli-
������'.r ���.  .    m,  chains southerly along mencement.
'! '":.'"?:' ;;;.; '.;  '"'" '"��� contaln-     3.   Commencing ai _ posl  10 chains
.   No.' it.   Commonclrus   at   nasi wesl of the north-easl corner al Claim
r-lnni tl on  thc Zymagatitz   River,  aboul No, 2; ihence norih SO chain.; thence
-,;���'   SSC^im v-r:    80fl dains;   thence   south   SO
10  i ialns  ".���esi  iei  river; cnains, thenci sl    I chains to puim
ti ,���   ioo chains southerly  along  river of commencement.
to poinl of commence ment, containing
tin     after date I Inten I to a
��� - Honoura! le Chiel Coi i
.���   of Lan      ind Woi ks foi on
to pm din b the following di scribed
: ind . ��� in I ,i on whal i- i ailed Midland South Dundas Island, Range 5,
coasi District:
Commencing al u posi planted al
' lie bead of Swan Inlel: thi nee' soul h
100  chain.-;    thence east  SO  chains;
.hi a.������    ili io shore; thence wester-
I '. I noi th-westerly along the shore
ie. poini of commencement,
K. li. CRAGO,
March 23, 1907.
shore line  20 chains. D
point   of   commenci
40 acres,  more or l. ss
DATED  Ihis   19th   |.
The   Mclaughlin  i ;
By C. R   McLaughlin, i
Claim No. 7. Commencing al a
planted about 40 chains wesi i : I In
south-west corner of the old Kits am
.',..! nm ri si rve. thence I GO ��� iali
v. i sl: In chains south; 1G0 chains
ea t; 40 ��� ins norih. to poinl ol comme ncemi nt,
claim No 8.��� Commencing al a
planted on the north-wesl . oi ni r ��� I
T L. Tie!.-,: thence 160 chains west;
40 chains north; 160 ch mus east; 40
cliains south, to poini ol commi ncement.
Clal ii No. 9.    Commencing at a po I
planted on the    north-wesl  coi ner ol
L,  7945;   ihence'   160  chains   w< sl
.ist.   to
along the line to point of commence
Claim No. 10.���Commeni Ing at a
post planti d on the west line < : T. L.
7945, about In chains south i f thi
north-wesl corner of T. L. 7945;
' hence 160 chains wesl; 10 chains
south; IG0 chains east, to the line ol
T. I.. 7945; thence along thi line to
poini  of commencement.
claim No. 11.���'Comnu ncii at a
posl plante I on the s mth vye .; co m
ol T. I.. 7945; Ihenci i inning 1G0
chains west; 10 chains in th: 160
chllns east, to tbe w. - : ..<; yt \.
7945; thi nee I', chain - th along
iie" line to  i oinl of comme nei n i nt.
Cl  im   No.   12    -Commi ncing    at    a
posl  planted at the south-easi
of T.  L. 7945;    thence    running
< hains  wes ;     io chains  south;     160
chains   i asl;   ihence   io  < : ains   noi th
to i oinl of e ommencement.
Located  February  14,  1907.
30 days after date, i    ,
to  ih.'   Hon.  Chief Co,
Lands  ami   Work.,   .
to cut and carry awa ,' ti
following described lai ���.__
em   Hernando    Island,
': ct, ul  the  .otithwi   ���
tion 6; Ihence nortii so
ensl v" chains; them ���
thenci  we I 80 ch iin
im       rm nt.
2.    Commi ncing
In   noi iliwe-1 con
'i , '   30  ch
ii  , ..' a  ;   thence  i
noi' ii   80  . h
��� .      ���  .   ������
"   u enti i
���   ; est corn,
thenci   north   80  chai
ains;   then ���
���   ence -.-������ d so ch iin
nn :   ��� ,. nt.
J, ;;.   ���   ���
hn Ca ' - n, Locater,
Mi       -::v
_ 1     w_ "*"'
Land Registry Act I��:
Ri    Subdivisli n   I
...   an   Block  7. Ni ����^B��i
i 'Ity.     Whereas   prool | '**ij
Ce rtifli ate   of   Title    N .
ied In the name of Gr;
has 11, n Bled in this ofli
Ni tice is hereby gh en i    I
..��� the * xpiration of om    noi
the date of the first pu
- ie a duplicate , ���
!';, ati.   unless in the   mi   i
objection be- made to n i
C. S. iv
District  Ri gistra
Land   Registry Office,  Ni ���
ster, B. C, March  :
_ni____*-'' __^ir^**jrra!
SHP?t_lM__*h�� 9
>,,;���>'���' Kl<y'  >S:.    '
An.. ,:-,ail ible Dominii n I i
In ;..(��� Railway Belt in !���   I
la, n ay I e homestea l< .
bi 11 \^ bo Is ; he sole bi
n  any male over IS ye;
thi   ex enl of   one piarti
160 ... res. more or Ii ss,
Entry  musl   be  made
thi   ���     . land office :��� r thi   I
whii h the land is situate,
The homesteader Is requ
f irm  the condition i      i r   '���
With tinier one of the fi
i'. i Al li asl s Is months' i
���;, on and cultivatie n of tin
1 ���   r for three   ���   rs.
e-e i: the father 0 moth
father is deceased), ol 'thi b-
er resides upon a farm In the
e. the land entered (or, the
iu. nts as to residence mi j I ���
'.' sue ii person residing i
:' ' hi .- or mother.
(3) If ihi' settle r has his
em n sideni e upon fai ming lai I
��� ��� ��� ���  aim in the vie Inity of b    '������
d, the ; I-.mm: , menl n
'���< i. " may be satisfied by
il en the i aid land.
Six months' nol li e In wi iim  -
be given to the   Commisslonei ���'
��� ���   ei'ii Lands al <ittawa of In t
to apply for pati ut,
Coal li i. Is m:i) be , ,'' base 1
.   .  a. ;" for soft <".'. and $_o
tin.n Ite,      Nol   i ,���  ��� han   32 I
can be- acquired I j  one Indlvl
com] an,.    Royalty at the rati
ci nts per ton of 2,000 pounds
collect! d en the gross output,
Deputy of Lhe Minister ol   ������
>���'. B. ���Unauthorized   publication'
thi.--   advertisement   will nol be p
Widely Rend.
"Did any  one ever  read
lugs?" asked tho artist.
your writ-
r. a '. led  i_o buughty  poet.   "1   ������::
tllard Block.   N.w Westminster, B.C.   ,,!'    ' -' ;'    WMRtitj has ,',.;1,| them."
    .   m. "���   or  bss.
' lln Im  N'o,   : I,    ' ',,!���,'!.��� ni'bin    ai     post
ted   on   ii,..   nouth   bank    or   Skeenn
i'. nhoul   i ill   mile  below  the  mouth
<     l< ; nmi?iillum  Rl .,r, the ie''" 80 chains
,,   chain    ���     ' .   ' n   cl ains  north
lo   -i.,.      t:    ��� ������:   th. ii""  al mg   rll er to
of  cm       no, iii"mm  , mtalnlng   CI
��� ���   . ���,. .   ,.���
Im   Mo.   , ee    ' '���, ill ��������� ��� clng     nl   posl
i   on   the        "!"'    bank   of
i.. bo mi   If mil    ip fi"'., the mouth
March L'lsl,   1007.
���,!   . i.   ���      [liver;   thei   ���
" ��� 'ia\s aft, r date I Intend to apply to
the Hon.Chief Commi slonei of Lands
'��� ena and  Works for R| eclal license to cul
ami carry away tim h ��� from the foi
_r. chanis .Wing   lescribed land, situated at tho ) Huaskin   Lake;    theuco   Easl    with
sixty days after elate we Intend to
apply to the Honorable Che Chlel
ilommissioner of I.amis and Work -
for permission to purchase 'he following i rail of land sil united in I 'oast
District, for a Mill Site, Commencing at a posl planted on shore of bay
S. E, Arm Huaskin Lake, aboul S.
W.  corner T.   L.   No.    6943;    thence
South 10 chains; Wesl _ chains;
South Id chains, more or loss In \. K.
shore' of Turnbull Cove; thence Wes;
with .shore line 20 chains; North 10
chains; Easl .". chains; North in
chains,  more  or     less,  to    shore     _f
"The Milwaukee
"The   Pione_r  Limited"   St.  Paul ';*
Chicago,   "Short   Line"   Omaha ��|
Chicago,   "South     West     Lirri
Kansas City to Chicago.
No   trains   in   the   service  in
railroad   in   the   world   that  '''i11'1',''
equipment that of the Chicago, WJ
waukee  & St.   Paul  Railway.   ~H
own  and operate their own c'''f,,_j|
and dining cars an all! their tra:     I
give  their  patrons  an   excellent
service not obtainable eJsewhti*
II. S. ROWE. Genera! Ag*,|
134 Third St.. cor Alder. Portland, vYl   APRIL   15.
t in-   n a i;
X E W S.
Real Estate Financial Insurance Investment
Agents Agents Agents Brokers
.1"    Ilie-    (Ir:
.1      .Ce.-Ilt     Ilie
500.    subject    to     10    months
Fine   residence  for sale on
Street,  corner  Fourth Avenue.
.id  location,   now   rented   for
per month;  lease can be ex-
d   if  purchaser  so desires.   .A
paying  investment.  .Terms to
houses to rent. One on 12th
one on  Fourth avenue:   one
Ijmes street: one on 13th street.
i one-.
Splendid Farm. 10 chains waterfront on the North Arm of the Fraser River, adjoining the well-known
Mead's est.te. No. 156. Fifty
acre., all under cultivation. One
of the best bargains to be obtain.d
in the district. For exclusive sale.
Price $10,500; $3,500 cash, balance
In 6. 12 and 18 months at 6 per
Full-sized lot No. 8, between Gth & Tth Ave. on
4th St., west side. $300,
half cash, bal. in 6 mos.
One acre in block 9, between 18th and 16th St.
on 8th Ave. Price S750,
1-3 cash, bal. easy.
ot No. 12 on Royal Avenue,
t from  Eighth Btreet, $1,050,
und  ... Sub. of I. its  S and  l I
InJH_<        ''  comer ,,|   Durham and  2nd
BB,      House,  ,  rooms, bath room up-
i    ish closet; u..,,,l stable ; "ii Agri< >
I "!l St.; ���''" iii"'l''iii  Improvements.
Prio. I
r__H_ .
:  of I...i   10,  Block XIII, 4-Room
nl  and  cold water;  Hush closei :
iot Ofl   fnill    trees;     chicken   liouse   and
��� .    $S   terms   $400 rush, balance 2     nl G'niontlis eet  7 per cent,  llam-
iltoa ��'
^B   \th Avenues.
_- Hulls.-. T rooms, wiih all mod-
,, enients; si... of ground 10UX
nl lol from Bth St. on Uli Ave.
side,   100   feet   em  avenue.     Ml'
|i  botli sides.     Price  $:t,200 .  $1.	
. nee ,,ii i Ime ;,i 7 per < ��� nl
i   of Sui,.   19, Township  I"; s .me
Price   $15  [��� .   ... !������,   terms  $1   100
(.     .������, n. y,
Sub. Tow nsl Ip 1:; : some timber ;
runs alongside ; ,,lil .", acre ,,e -
Price .1 ���" p. e aci i : terms $1,000
; : ��� in tin ��������� equal payments.
. . Rlock l. Richmond St., Sapper-
tori.   .4       i
1 *Cr>   , 1 ,...   , i ;-" 'Mi  ' e am line- ii��-._ --
JoyC6   !-'    ' i ,n ;      ��� ii" 1'     i M'.i'e.! ;    ', I,   ,   !
across : ,,im  i.i, in. :   ;;���:������.   sioco.
fTW Cfl.-ii,   ".I .lie " Mr.;.
.8-roomed modern residence on 4 th A v. between
fiih and Tth St., with one
acre nf land, containing
,f||it lives, outli'iililinirs,
les, &c; an exception-
leap bargain. Price
II. $2,500 cash, balance
ear at 7 per cent.
-,  Murphy  Landing,    I  miles
-si.en  .lime linn.    Just  ai  the
:' .Mui'*,'::.'.   Landing, al out th ���
lol :  25 aci es cleai   I, und ���
n;   l-i Mum   1 se.   i arn  an I
eoul  one a -ie' oirhard, beai
ees.    Price $1,350, on easv
r $1,250 cash).    ._: per acre,
,. ince 6 and   12 i mni us
-ee1 lon "2. X.-K. corner ...
n    , an  I,      Tli ,  ��� I' li;'.  e '
- ���   .    11i; a in i 1e froin
e   .    ��� mdle road and ni iv road.
ii ner of sti eel   bel �� . en Sth
\ ���'. mi  _u 1  St., side o1 2nd
i! to one acre;  parti;   cle ired.
In If cash.      A  splendid    o ip
|i     Investment.
mis, 2 storej   house, hal h room,
��� i  lighi:  full sized lot, GGxlUU
iiue i 6th sm between  1th and
.'..'.-; side.     Price $2,330,
,. eiiec in 6 months al  ,'
in Sunbury: G chains water
2  acres   cleared;     S-roome I
ii and plastered; wood shed,
i :i  and    fruit   trees  uf  all
.  "  J3.0CO.    Terms one-third
I :K                    mih
1 ��� .fjw
>   from cit; .
j-M)i5l                hi   l.i
1   fi
ii   sli. ������:, he-
���  facing 2nd St., bel v. ei n Queen se
I  ;. il   .ve., second lol from Que'en's
'   ��� ..     52x122 feet.  nil  cleare 1;   lane
. ui.,. i"   .ni I   back.      P Ice    $1,000;
half cash,    ilance easy al 7 '..
More  exclusive   properties   just   listed
with us for sale.
Lol  5, opposite    Kmix elm:', !i, Sapperton, enst   side Cnl'iiiiiii.i  Si:' e"   on
car line,    $300 cash.
���; lots south side of Sixth Avenue;
very llghl clearing; GOxll.1.* feel on
Sub. Block 10.   $1050 cash.
1 h.ts on Fifth Street, 11, 12, 13. 1 I,
Sub. 15, S. Blk. lo. $350 each, half
cash, balance 0 months in  7 '  .
2 houses corner of Merrlval and
Agnes; full size I lot; city block 31,
Im 11; one house rents for $25, the
other $10; Hush closets and all connected with sewers. Price $3,500.
c ish $2,000. balance in 6, 12 and IS
months al  . ',.
:,ei acres al Porl Kells al G.N.R. station: 1V_ storey house, 16 x 2* feet;
_ m.I spring; Si) young fruil trees; new
earn being built; chicken house ami
stable; about 12 .'icres cleared and
��� "ii". i. Price S2.300. nn easj ; irms;
$2,000 cash.
I i acres >_ section 1 I. X. ;j of E '-
of Tn. 2. about '���', miles fr .in bridge off
flawortti road, Surrey; house 18x26,
I' , storey house, :'. rooms finished, another :: . an be add ��� I upstairs; small
shack; I'-. acres cleared and seeded
.' it! cl mi' ���. red; f ilrly easily i leared.
(in" mile from shingle mill. Price
$1.200;. terms half cash, b ilance 12
months al 7 '',.
1 full sizeel Im i :i St. Patrick's St.,
north side, between John McKenzie's
and Glover's house. Price $475, half
ca -ii. I alance in 6 months at 7 ';.
Full sized lot Ni>. 12 on Roj-al Ave.
and Sih St. Price $.1050. half cash,
alance al 7 ',  per annum.
Westell;. |, 11 ,,!' i;.;. Sub. Block 5,
102x132 en! ner 100 feel s piare; two
houses'drawing $2S per month. Price
$5,000. half cash, balance in 6 and 12
n  mths.
2 lots nn Princess S' . N'o, 11 and
1:.', between 6th and 7ih Ave., two lots
r mi 6th sm on south side. Pi Ice
Xo. 11, $210. half cash, balani G ni is.
'it 7 * : Xo. 12. cleared, $315. half
rash,    ilance 6 mos. al 7 ,..
11   ; tenemeni   hou ��� .   Iti   Ave.,
Isi  an : 2n I St.;   1  lot.    Pric    $1,700;
II   ind half In G months :.i 7'. .
i:-mm.   for $10 each    ��� Hint.
160 S.E. Vi of Se, | ..i 26, Dist. 12,
10 aci"... cleared    ;; .i   ih;   . ��� eek
:, ...��� ; nigh; go road; u. mile
noi ih of Webstei 's corm r; .- hlugl
n ; I,'.i). at the wesl i irner; i ini
worth $7 pe ��� acre; cedar an I li; ;
i miles from Porl Haney. Price
$2 ' )0; terms $1,100 cash, balance i r-
range 1.
lee acre - land Xew Wi   I minster, Lol
5,  S   Div.  34, Surrey;     1!  iiiIIps from
".    Price  $400:    $200. ca h.  balance :   mi - al   7  ���, ;    near ll ���   r  rn
ver cannery.
I room house, hal li r nun. panl rj :
mi lit!] Sl ��� bel ��"i ii Q iei ie' ,:i I :'.r!
\\ enue,
I im" ��� .i ipi r si le of lih Ave. am! 2
lots \M si of Gth St: large house of <
.;  -       eli i'i rie    llghl    ' ''im",���:;,ms;
tde , . ui fi iit oi ch ird. Price
. 1,500-     " ' '   'i  cash,   I . lance  In   un
u  . ' 7 '   .
12     Price $245, V_
ie '��� 6 months.
���     in  S i.i"". :   S ._  ol
��� ��� !!, i,i'.\ nshlp 2,    Log
and i hicken c iop i,
GO   frill      trees;    12
leared, I ai res under
ition and S acres slashed
320 per acre. M. cash, bal-
mi  12 months at 7'',
il     i_e i it, block ii. lol 1 I,
ick's     Square:       Price
55V_xl66,  Tenth street,
'. ii en's avenue.    Price $4.J.    j
$200 cash, balance tonus
A Good Special
Five acres on 10th Ave.,
right across from old reservoir, city limits. $1200.
Half cash, half in six
House 24x24; 1 rooms:
framed; inside ship lapped.
Barn 12x16. One acre
partly cleared. Land No.
1. Bal. easily cleared.
Six an i one half acres, one ai re
cleared ready for planting; l 1-2 acres parti; clear id. House, 5 ro ims,
14x24; storey and half, sma 1 harn:
chicken house; fruit trees and sl a��
berrj i lants; $1,700, half cash; balani ��� ��� in three months at 7 per oent.
Tins is a valuable ho! ling, an 1 n ir
i i the city, call and bring this advi r-
i Isemenl n Ith yo i for furthi . pari I-
17 lei's, full size i on Gth sl reet, In
Burnaby, Easl si :������ 100 yar Is :'; m
Cliff  Can   factory.     Price  $1,023.
60 acres good fruit land in Surrey;
can in1 bought now for $25 per acre.
only mi".qua. ���-���v cash nee led, balance
in one or two years al 7 per cenl
180 acre-, Maple Uldge, Sections 2S,
29 and 32, Township 9, one-half prairie, rest brush and some small trees.
Prices: Section 32, $45 per acre; Section 21', $60 per acre; Section 2S, $55
per acre. Telephone at Hammond;
telegraph station, Pitt River Bridge.
Terms, half cash, balance one and two
years at 7 per cent.  Exclusive agency.
One full size,i lot, 66x132; 2 storey
house: 7 rooms; flush closet upstairs;
all modern improvements; new house:
$3,000. V_ cash, >_ in G months al 7
; ei cent. Goo I si_ ��� i sta de an I Eruil
��� . . on 1 hous ��� : : . > h .-��� reel
vi est, i n upper side.
160 acres. Langley, 25 under cultivation; house, harn. .shed.-, etc. all In
good repair; a snap at $3,000, half
Five cottages and two lots un First
sire.', opposite Queen's park. Price
10 acres in sec. 32. Timber, fir, cedar and al ler. Goo I soil. good roads.
Apply  for  full   particulars.
Lots 17. 18, 19, 20, 21, face on 16th
streel and Sth avenue; 2 corner lots
$250; I Insi le I ms $20 I each. Price
$950,  cash.    Single   '"'^  at  cash.
160 acres. Westminster district, 40
aires under cultivation, l1) acres orchard, .4 acre strawberries planted
this year; alder bottom land; running
spring; house IS x 22; frame barn 30
x 32; 14-post frame house and co*
stables, three In all, stable S cows and
2 span horses; near Mission Stat m;
-''hn ds, i (lurches nea ' al band;
steamer 1 in Is twice a day. ibout 100
tin iei. :,i an i cedar, :;m er ' een
logged; .2 00 ��� refused : r stan ling
timber; i irriage h ui -.- lei x 24; hen
ho ise made ol h sa ��� I Imb lal I ii
mortar, 12 x 30 A < h mce of a life-
tin $9,000; . '. i c; sh, I ilan e i: G
. er ' ent.
Six I its, 50x150, outs! Ie citj limits
$30 each lot. Fuller particulars in
en ; dry.
'���' mr and one i. ilf acres bet s-e in
Seventh an i Eighth a\ ie; s ml h
si.!" of lsl   itreet.    Price $2,500.
SG acre s. h ilf mile v. iterfr int, <;.X
'... running    throng i.      $9,460, ; 'rms
isy.     Invesi Igati
"-!.,.      hou   ���. 7 ;   mis; bath, l
loser, fun    I    I, hot aud cold w;  er;
:    t  I'acln     Ith     .    uie    nnd    3r :
������    ��� '. HO   iet.    Pric   $2,400, .a cash
Lol   i 1 nn' FII th  a\  nue,  su ���   B,  10
nf  .lib   M   J300 cash.   :_���   i  ,':���,   ��� I;   size
���    '.   132 feel
Large lot and two cottages on Columbia street, Sapperton. Both rented
ai $10 each.
One and one-half .-Mere house and
size lot, sil i.Me I north side of
Ro, .el avenue an 1 c u ner ol McKinnis
��� reet; 9 i 10ms; bath room, hot and
cold v\ atei. i losel; woo Ishe 1; j gung
bearig   fruit, tree.-;   streets on   tl   ei
,    .   fine   view.     Price  $1,800.   . 	
i ash.
One full size 1 lot, 2n I lol fr im cur-
:eer. i Ith stre d en i Sth avenue, lot
61   xl 11 feet.   $250 cash.
' lent: II; lo ated in a commmanding
situation; Third avenue, at foot of
.: street. Two and one half-storey
h , ise. Ten rooms (recently papered)
All modern conveniences; hot and
' I ' water, bath, flush closet, lavatory, electrii light; nice lawn; lot
66x132, with lane in rear; part of lot
sei ne;- with fruit trees. Price $2,750.
$1,500 cash, halance arranged.
2 lots, 20, 21; N'o. 20, $170: No. 21,
(corner) $175. Durham and Second
stree; s.
Ireiil   ol   Destiny. ���
Concerning the ri _ fruit of the Iotas,
which grew luxuriantly in the Nile.
many i li ming tends hai ��� b v.i told,
it was bell 'ved lhat II was so delightful that those who ate of it would never leave ihe spot where ii grew, but
for it would abandon borne and friends
to spend their lives in a dream of serene delight. Homer, in the Odyssey,
mentions the lotus enters who lived
ou the northern const of Africa and
records their attempts to detain the
followers of Ulysses by giving them
the fruits of the lotus to eat, so that
they should never wish to leave the
spot where it grew.
Tho same poetical Idea is known to
the Arabs, who call it the "fruit of
destiny," which is I.) be eaten iu I'ara-
dlse, .-md it is mi ihis foundation that
Tennyson bul lt his charming poem of
the "Lotus Eaters." This mythical
lutus has been Identified by several
iiniiiiiNis with that Indigenous t,> Tunis, which is a thorny shrub, with ber
rles Uie' size' of an olive.
Mungo Park found a species of loins
lu Central Africa bearing berries of a
delicious taste, which on belug dried
mni pounded made wholesome anil
pleasant bread. The lotus fruil found
in Tunis has a stimulating, almost Intoxicating, effeel. ami it i> therefore
probable that this plant furnished the
foundation of the nuclcnt legends.
6 Lots facing- Columbia
street. Sapperton. $1,000,
half cash, bal. on easy
One hundred ami sixty acres N. W.
V. Sec. 15, Township 11, two miles
from Fori Langley, 5 acres slashed,
No. i land. Price, $10 per acre. One
third cash, balance on time, 7 per cent.
One hundred and sixty acres, N.W.
'i Sec. '_'.., Township 16, 2>_ miles
from Abbotsford, creek runnin,
through, 50 acres alder bottom, saiel
to lie $600 worth of timber on the
property. Price $10 per acre, V_ cash,
I ilance on time.
Ten acres In Lot 403, one mile east
of Westminster Junction, Al soil, easily cleare i.    $30 per acre.
Double tenement house, 5 rooms ln
each hous -. water, light, full size lot,
itween First and Second street,
Fourth avenue, on north si ie. Price
$1,500, half ca.-b. balance In one year
at i; i er cent.
%inl   a   Turkey   Dinner   Por   six   (.hi
Only   17   i nit-..
"Columbus," said an antiquary of
Chicago, "_..t a salary of $320 a year-
less than a dollar a day. His captains
got $180 a year apiece. His crew _ot
���_2._.. a month. To equip the expedition that discovered America cost ..2,-
S00, The total enst of discovering
America was $7,200.
"Lawyers nowadays, especially cor-
poratlou lawyers, think nothing of
earning a million a yenr. in the reign
of Edward IV. a baronet entered iu bis
diurnal, or diary:
"'Paid to Roger Fylpott, learned in
the law, for his counsel, 3 shillings,
with fourpence for bis dinner.'
"Ministers often make today $20,000
or $30,000 a year, yet John Knox only
got $220 a year, or !?4 a week, and that
was a dollar more a week than Scottish
judges got.
"Small salaries, th isp." concluded the
antiquary, "in i we i mst remember
that In that epoch there were uo trusts
to Inflate prices, and a dollar went a
Ion;,' way. In fact, a Christmas dinner
for a family of six would have cost In
John Knox's time: For the turkey, 10
cents; cranberry sauce, 2 cents; potatoes, 1 cent; turnips. 1 cent; celery, 1
cent; plum pudding, 2 cents; total, 17
cents, or less than ',', cents a bend."
" Sutton's "
15c per packet,   2 packets for 25c
New Seed now in stock
at the Agents
Milling Co., Limited
Front St., New Westminster, B.C.
all over the city for sale
from $50 to $3,000.
See us immediately. Tell
us where you want a lot
and we can supply.
EUF.NAiiY.    $150  PER  ACRE.
' orner of    7th St,   und   Ith
""His;   2 full  si/.ed  I,us, 66x
���' hard    of   apples, pears and
Price $4,000, $2,000 cash, bal-
lime ni 7 ���  .
_i��� storey house, lo rooms, also
modern improvements; lol 66x132;
lane al back; pari of lot s_t out with
dl net's and nice lawn. Price
;:,7"0. $1,500 cash, balance 6 and 12
monl hs al 7 per cent.
Snap in Lots.
Vacanl lots for sale In all pans i
lhe city, from $25.00 to $3,*00
Full Hi;i'.Mi he: In Sapperton, facing
Brunette street,    Price $150 cash.
i louse    and three    lots, . oi t. r Sr I
Ai ���. and llth St.;   3-ro uu house an !
kitchen.   Price $1,500, one-thlr l i ash,
hal. 6 an i i J months al 7 per i ent.
Coll  ���:������  nl    l   rooms    nnd     woodshed;
sl llil.';      1    lol    I Ix 132,   em   '..'e:,l   lot
in    Ittl   Ave,     me   I.Ml;   Sm.     v.   -���;   side:
pi   ' '     ll>   ii mm  ��� ip 'ivil :  sink nnd  pan-
n. . '.    ���  mis .-..' m-Ii.   $15
: muUil.  rn  7 i  i cut, oi  rents al  . ! i ppr
i ' ':   I'll'     v .'ier.
���-   lots   off   ' 'unihe rlan 1   St.,   S.e- perton.
."ii por lot.
I nnvs w   st  ]  Mi  Se cl lon  17  in Sum V.
i,  .
-   lot;! .  ii ne ������  of   : Oth   m a  Sm   \i; Ire  e
Sl     I   "������ '   ii   Ith  an I   rale   Ave.,  wi st   sui"
"���'  !' mi St. . nil cleared,    PrlcejfS.O, '  i
Imi ii :  months nl   7  per cenl;
'..'.   i ��� in   tl i'".mh from street   to  sti  et;
a ���_"'! l Imrs iin.
James Inlet, three square miles, ,,<
$��.00 per a.re. hall' rash, balance easv.
i'1'1 a- res, all teni i I, ready for cui
tl ��� ition, _���> 11 water, half mile from
scho il. at   Chiiliwack,  $75 per  acr..
Ellglit-roome I house . all modern
c mvenlences, on Carnarvon streei an 1
Sixth street, im i storeys, $3,750.
- ' ��� s. : size I, !::__!:;_. corner of
M':.' i'. -���;': 7-1 oomed house. Pi Ice
$10,500. |/_ cash, balance 6, 12 and 13
months. ,
Block \2 on 12th SI . cast side; I"
:' i its.    :': Ice $2,500. one-third
cash, bal. 6, 12 and 18 months
- iei ��� bloi . i, fruit lands, i. " r
Junction, $20 per acra
House,   full   sized   lot,   on   Kear
��� treet,  9 i ���; in  n;   ren" a for   . M  per
ml i.    Only $1,050.
House, L0 room3, 1 '.> lots, near
Foil li av - e and Seventh street,
$2.C00,   Terms can be arranged
Cfnll-sized Lot3 between Seventh
a."nue and Hamilton stree', easl of
Eighth street: all cleared and fenced;
ei large 'earn on one of the lots. $1,500,
half cash, balance one year at 7 per
7 !.'" s on Twelf h street, he'ween
Queen's an ' Thir l avenue; wesl sl le
of , ar sh -, ; tull size. Price $3,500
e ash.
in aci es North ro i '. '���'���. of b mile
fr m i it; limits on Port. Moody; S
Acres under cultivation; 7-roomed
: mm frame barn; chicken house;
'���'.a 10xS0; feared and in good
; ��� !r  south  side.      Prii e $4,500,    half
sh, bal. in c monl'. - al 7 ner cent.
I rliii.l��l.l|.   With   Willi   Life.
If ii fairy bad ever offered to grant
ine three wishes, "tho full confidence
of wilel animals" would surely have
been one of them and probably the
first. If we seek opportunities to befriend wild creatures nnd take advantage of them, we shall often find, as 1
have done, lhat there is no lack of response on the part of the animals. I
once walked up to a pine siskin, as he
was feeding on the ground and picked
him up in my hand. He did not seem
a bit alarmed, and when a few iniu-
ute's later 1 set him down be continual
his search for food wilhin a few inches
of my feet. On another occasion a yellow throated vireo allowed uie to lift
her from her nest when I wished to
count lier i>k_s and nestled down comfortably mi her treasures the moment 1
put her back. With a forefinger I ouce
stroked the bach of a red breasted niil-
hateh as he was busy feeding on a
tree. Ernest Harold Baynes in St.
An  Aiixw'Trl!  Prayer.
"1 sent my little girl," writes a correspondent,   "to  tbe   butcher's   with   50
cents l i buy some steak. She came
home 10 cents short In change and was
sent back for the mlssiug coin. Presently the butcher's boy called Willi the
dime and explained iii.it his employer
had found out his mistake, although
they ha.i seen nothing of my little
daughter. The time went on, and i
felt anxious until I heard her singing
merrily In the garden.    'Did you go
back ti the butcher's?' 1 asked,
mother, it Is such ii long way.
asked God to seud for the dime.
it not come yel ?' "
S.I     1
An Irish lad on tbe east siele was
obliged recently to seek treatment at
a dispensary. On his return home from
the first treatment he was mot by thi*
Inquiry from his mother:
"Ati" what did the docthor mau say
was the matter wid your eye?"
"lie said (here was some furriu substance iu It."
"Mlmre!" exclaimed the old woman,
With an I-told-you-so air, "now, maybe,
ye'U kape away from thlm Myetallan
boys!"- Success Magazine.
Her   I .!i|ire-N..inii.
"Now I have an Impression iu my
bead," said the teacher. "Can any of
you tell me what on Impression Is?"
"Yes'm, I can." replied a little fellow at the foot of the class. "An Impression is a deut In a soft spot."���Birmingham (Ala.) Advance.
a >
r I
��� m 11 ______��        m^&        ^_____^\___^(
Reel  Estate Brokers
Agents for Emp-Qyers' Liability, and Union Fire Assurance Co. of London.
tVllturiil   K.iuutlli.
"Tbey say that Bradley goes on like
mad since be inherited his vast
"What does he do?"
"Oh. he acts like one possessed."���
Generally the purchase of a.book !��
; tr.lsiuken for the acquisition of its cou-
' t.nts.- Schopenhauer.
business mmi
336 II isi ings Si. \V , Vancouver.
Bookkeeping, Gregg and Pitman
Shorthan I, Tel 'grapby and Engineering.
Seven  Teachers
FortyaFive   Typewriters
Students Always in Demand.
R. J. SPMIf, B. A., Principal
Manufacturer of
Mineral Waters, Etc.
Aerated Waters,
Family Trade a Specialty.
Tel. 113. Office, Eighth Street,
500 Cords of Ian B.rk Wanted
At] the
Fraser River Tannery
Highest Cash Price Paid THE   DAILY   N EWS.
'4 '
t f
We have just received another consignment of the celebrated Empire Ceylon
Tea, in one-pound packages, at 25c.
Public Supply Stores
Rooming House
Best location in town.
For full particulars apply to
Malins, Coulthard & Co. Ltd
Per J. H. VIDAL, Mgr. Real Estate Department
Blacksmiths' Coal
Cumberland,    Maryland ��� Guaranteed
J. W. Creighton
C. P. R.
Winnipeg, Man., April 14.���The Canadian Pacific railway have found som<
o? the provisions of tbe new Lord's
Day act unworkable. When 'lie' act
came into effect, orders were giv* n
thai no weirk should be done em Sunday, wiili the exception of the work
v.iiicli was Incidental to the handling
of the through passenger trains, and
the reception of freighl trains which
arrived in the city on Sunday. No
trains were to leave the local yards
'���<���:. ."ii Saturday nighl at midnight
:\ I Sundaj night al the same hour.
This method was tried for a few
>i ��� el s, bul eet the' expiration of thai
lime the local emploj ei s of tin' com-
nanj are said to have declared thai
is was Impossible to 'I" the' work
which had to be done under these con-
id ��� ':��� orders given In refet
> nee to  the Sunday  ��oi k  were'  with-
Sargent's Gem
Food  Chopper  is
an   economical
addition   to  any
kitchen.    It savsa
time  and   lessens
labor, and thus
economizes    the
and   strength.
With it many
^>^~\    attractive and
-1 ~0    appetizing
dishes can l>e
made from what might lee wasted
if it were not for the Gem.
It chops food of all kinds-
meats, vegetables, fruits, bread,
crackers, etc. It does not mash,
squeeze, tear or grind, but ��� ho]
the food as you want it���fine, ears i
or medium. Easy to operate, sell-
sharpening. No kitchen comp] te
without it.
Chopped Foods
Food Choppers
in window
To-day, Saturday,  ONLY
P. O. Box   345
'Phone   105.
'Phone   103.
When  the Bright Weather Comes
then the bare spots will show. Take advantage of the weather and
brighten up the home by doing your painting now. Use the celebrated Canada Paint Co's well known
The most popular >ef all Wall Finishes. Ready
' >r use when mixed with cold water. Always
Clean! Always Tidy!  Ah ays Bright.     As'.
..YSON   &   SONS
Hardware, Monarch Ranges
x     Agi nts for
187 Columbia St.   Te!. 65
KLENO."    ���>;
����������������������������*������. ���������������^������������������������������������������������-m������������<.���������������������������������>������
At the res: nc< of A, Grossman,
11"S Georgia street. Vancouver, brother of the bridegroom, the marriage
tooli place yester lay ee;' Davi 1 Grossman, one' of the most popular young
men of 'his city, to .Mess Amelia
Davis, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Davis, of Cleveland, Ohio.
The marriage, which was eef a private character, was performed by the
Ra ibi Zackheim, em.! in the unavoid
able absence of the father, the bride
^m!-; given away hy her brother, Ezra
After the ceremony, aboul flftj
guests sal down to a sumptuous wed *__ Dicr\or%aiinrr
ding breakfast, during which toasts *" UlSpenSlllg
were given and honored to the happy
Man hands me ; resi nl - wei e - i\
en, chief among them being ee silver
fish si 1, by Mr. and Mrs. Albert: fish
carve;-.-, Mr. and Mrs. Fleishman;
flower bowl, Mr. and Mi -. Goldberg:
salad bowl, Mr. and Mrs Weaver;
sllvei preserve dish, Mr and Mrs. Z.
Frank-; carvers, Mr, tin ! Mrs. Peti m
sky; hand painted deserl plates, Mr.
Robinson, of Cleveland; china tea set.
.!��� hn Peck & Co.; breakfast set, Mr.
pu ! Mrs. Max Freed; han Isami rocking chair, Mr. an 1 Mrs Goldblo em;
bronze 'rases. Mr, \v. Levin; jewel
case, Mr. an l   Mrs.   Berger, eef cieve
nd;  e andelabra, Mr. an 1 Mrs Fleish-
n an;  silver fern pot, A. VI. Johnste n;
biscuitj jar,   Mr.   an!   Mrs   Paag,   of
Cleveland.   Thi  : rides     u      gifi took
form   of ei  handsome dining  and
��� I suite . while there uti re many
I i autiful   in si nts eet' cut glass, etc.
Vmi n . the invite! guests were Mr.
and Mrs. s. Grossman an < f imily, Se-
������: Mr. and Mrs. s. Weaver; Mr.
and Mrs. S. Petersky; Mr. and Mrs.
William Goldbloom; Mr. an 1 Mrs. A.
Fleishman; Mrs. Fleishman; Mr.
'-��� > ne, of VIontreal; Mrs. an i Miss
Hughes, i f N'ew Westminster; Mr. and
Mrs F. P. Mavwell of New Westminster; Mr. and Mrs. Lashgold; Mr. and
Mrs. Simon; Mr. and Mis. Hillman;
Mr. and Mrs. Max Freed; Mr. and Mrs,
Blat   burn;     Miss    Goldbloom,    Miss
Franks,   Miss   Rosie   Franks,  Miss E,    AND
sm ' n,  an 1  Messrs.  H. Grossman,  1'.
Tobln, ,T.  Haffner  fWinnipeg)   I. Ri]
��� In i Winnipeg), M. Gri ssman, J. (
' 'halmers, 1. Myers, and others
Anderson &
Absolute Accuracy
is   a  special feature  here.
Your   doctor   knows   what
quantities and materials to
put   in  your   prescription.
Here you get exactly what
your doctor orders.    Every
drop is measured and every
grain is weighed  by scales
and  measures   proved accurate by tests.
It is in your health's interest
to   have   your   prescriptions
filled by us.
Ellard Block, ��� New  Westminster
Sporting   Goods
Toys, Dolls
At Saving Pricel
Hn re Is no i i111��- of the year when   new   honsi I
such de mand as at  present.
Ev'ei 5   honsi keeper  is  talking aboul  thi   ho ise c
spring season work  is sari' to disclose   many   wants
furnishing departmenl   wees never in  better shape
wants of the- home in serviceable artistic draping.
We  submit   a few  prices  ol curtains and mu
Lcce Curtaini
65c to $9.50
per pair
.   | EA_i\_T CURTAINS.
i    ,   of heav    cui tain  nei   .vith frith
bottom,  Insertion  near e Ige, three yai I       ag    per
These   are Curtains ol exce ��� ling ���  ' ne   lai ���
shown  with   heavy  applique   paiu-rns.    We she .���.  the
gri in   . arie  j   and   al   low i     prices t han    efore
X e bettei   Muslin Curtains shown   than   Madr;
an   on cream grounds with two tone   effects of gree
yellow;  and some are frilled wit!   material    of    sat
:   per   pail   $5.00.  $6.75  an I  $7.50.
t        Over   100  patterns to Belecl from.
Two and a half yards long, ��� -   ���
Three    yards   long,   in   ��idi h      :     ��� .   U,   30   . ti
pair 75c. 90c, $1X0.    1.25.   $1.50.    $1 r
Aristan  Nei  Curtains tire the             wa ning
h   iv>   threa Is throughout  and ol spi
wear, fine patterns, '���'���y yards long,   '���'���    ti     GO    ine   ���
cream and two torn  effect;   per pair $3.75, $-'���.
Great  Variety in Madras
Mad res   Muslin,   In   widths from 27 tee 39 inches,
ventinnal designs,  suit:    ���   foi  Bhorl curtains; .      20c :::
Curtain. Madi 11   w hite, cu am an I sofl  1 hadi -
In strip   and ib      ns, Ti Idths    fn m     I"    to    .". I
..-. '       30c.  35c. 50c 6Cc  7! i
F   nges  In sto lati h all  1   mm
Just a Mention of Other
Curtain Materials
White Spot Muslins, all widths;   pei   yard    ICc
Fi lib ; Bab net, with lace Insertii n   and   ftei:   ���
2Cc '
Swiss  Sash  Net;   pei  yard 30c,  35c,  50c and!
Nottingham   Lace  Net;   per yard       12'2c.   15c.
Reversl   ���   Crei                 1 oloi b; pi       ard ., 20c, 25(
Frilled   White   Muslin,     lain  and   I ine;    iei mm.
30c  to  	
247 Columbia Street. New Westminster
��� iTTir T T, "11 lil i-~lil���Tfl-lWiTi"   li HIDIIMM n>�����e-_
il.  r.
Papers Envelopes j
Dates Ahea..
Women's   _uxili
Ho annual m. ting.
V]    11."    Imm orth   !.��� ague,  Q te n
-V<      .      '    . ;     _,   eelIM ml ���    li   ���
V ��� 'I   '-'     Vnnt 1  ��� 1 ���.;
an Ci   It
1  16    Son    01   Sco 11 I   I ec t u re
K   im  ;���   Hall, '
*>:>:>::���:>;>:>:>;>;>;>��::* :a::.a:za:'.*:.a:.��:.a:.;:*:.*:.aJ >.:���:>:>::���::���:.>::* as*^.:*.**:.'.**:' ��;>*i
orey s
217-219 Columbia St.
J. j. MACKAY y COS \
The Finest and Largesl Stock of Furniture is to be seen il FAI.l
(ear clearance sale is still een.   Over $15,000 stock still to gi .
Xew g Is arriving daily.   Latesl styles and host finish? .
Hnnifx. Fnr S__l_*    I I      W" E* FALES
���������J. ZVJlllKsO    JL   l_fl     Udlv��������� M    * rURNITURE emporium
��������������������*��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������    .
I Eiectric Railway Service l
Fourth Avenue, close lo car, modern House, T rooms;
i papen I throughout; -l bedrooms upstairs, Price
Fifth Street, below Fourth Avenue, new modern dwelling,
S   rooms;    l    bedrooms and bath upstairs.    Price $3003
Second Street, good house, 7 large rooms; orchard and
stable; lol 110 x 290 feet; till cleared; brick basemen!
under kitchen.    Price   $3,550
Inter-urban Line.
�� Cars fur Vancouver and way
��� stations will nm every half-
hour from 5:50 a, m. to 11 p
m. excepting at Ttlin and x:.'.u
a. in. Half hourly cars will
run from Central Park tn
Vancouver only.
City Limits Lino���Service from
6.15 tt tn, tee ll p m.
20 Minute Service���.v> trnnsfer.
n.tween 12 and 2 and h and 7.
30 Minute Service during re- 1
malnder of day. Transfer at ���
Leopold Place. f
Sunday   Service   half-hourly   be- ���
1 ween 8 a.m. and 11 p.m.        ���
Sapperton Line. +
15  Minute   Service  from  *i.-.~i  11. 1
1_   tin.!
and 5 and 7, during _
which hours the service will be
hall hourly.
Sunday  Service   hnlHinurly  be-
tween 8.30   1 tn. fed 11
Nanaimo Street, two cottages on full size. 1
cleared,   Fur cash sale	
ol    all
.  $500
I British Columbia LJcctnc Ry. Co
St. George Street, two houses, 8 roon
nice gardens,       Price	
lighi; e ity water;.
 $2,000 each
Sixth Street, below Fourth Avenue, two modern bungalows, r> rooms, hath, pantry, etc.; nice' lots, with lane al
back,   Price   $2,000 each
Good terms can  be arranged on the above properties.
. LtJ !,��. J. HART & CO.,Ltd,I
;���;  <
716 and 718 Columbia  St.      Four  Floors.       Rear Extension,   Frond
DO    YOU    WAN
A Good Home, Cheap)
Six rooms, pantry, all nicely papered ani
painted; house 2-storey; well situated on a
corner lot ori Tenth St.; lot (>G x 132 ft; W
fruit trees; nice lawn; splendid view-
Price $1,750.   Terms can be arranged.


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