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P -~>y
"" Jattoe Asse/T^J
C.    P.    R.   Ticket    Stealing    Suspects
Awaiting   Trial.
Xavier Garneau,   who  was  arr, sted
In connection with the c. P. R, tick, i
I, a], was yesterdaj  morning committor   trial,
, c        T*\ ''"'"  <;'K'   w,'s '""'  wlli('h consider-
Railway Magnate bees uan- Lbiy pUZZ the c. p. r. officials until
ver Signal Ahead and De- Petectlve Bl'adshaw, of this city, ,,,
 iecti, .] with C   P. it. Detective R
Bullock, of Vancouver, took hold, an I
the  resull  of their clever deductions ���f /
*as the speedy a.  ,     of young Abnej   f   ed at Gravity of Situation.
There was still a considerable nur ^	
'' r ol tickets ml sing, and these V ^
-"��������������� ^ SOLDIERS ORDERED TO SHOOT
hereabouts.     Detective   !��� 5
Moneyed   Man   From   Nevada   Intends
to   Search   for  Metal.
Faith in the resources of iho Fraser
River  district   is   riot   by  any   means
confined  to  one  class  of people.    A
1��� experienced   mining   prospector,   who
���p,        ���,. hulls from  lhe Btate of  Nevada, and
rour thousand Peasants Join ,,1,.. has considerable 1
10 C��UTS I'^yCN EEK
Masters   and    Men   Desire   to    Settle
Seattle Dispute.
clares That It Looks Like a
Recession in Business.
Proposal to Run Trains at
Lessened Speed Causes a
Change in Official's Plans.
to  Shortage of  Ready   Money,
���   'Me.!  his  suspicions  of G; i  tr?
,: 1 '���. aa I," had notieee 3 a
on sev, ral occasion i In compan    .
��� - ,���.,   rns*'v   Trtfes   MjU   Be   Der.-     ,.
1 my >-os..y Abne; ���     \   Bearch   warranl   was
tensed  with,  as the  Financial  Cre- ,        .,,,,;    aa    Mr.    Bradshaw    km
- nt of vhe Un.ted states Has Been   ,vhere Garneau's   trunk  wa
Assailed. ���" li;io" w;l< made to the i
  I 'I'M resull thai tiie   balance of '; ���   tl
��� ts wer,  found, and the. acting , il,
���v.i,   York,   March    26,    lames    .1.   having a  knowledge as to Garnea
is   considerable   ' .   S,  dollars
"orces and March onBuch-   "!ii"'! ,iip''arrlved in "'" '''".' yester"
and |,   ,cee led to the office of Mr.
tl'est ��� Authorities Alarm-   Ross of the Royal City mills, who has
..ii For 50 years In iliis fount ry. and
took part in the Cariboo excitement.
Mr. Ross Is ;: man whose opinion on
��� old minim: in general and the- Fraser I
 anicuiar, is from his prac-1 PRESENT    SYSTEM    IS     SAFE
ileal experience in  these  matters, ol
considerable value both as regards
cer an I tjuai tz , respecting. The
N< vie.la man bad been recommended
to him us one who < oul I give consider
all,. Information on matters in which
I he .. lie- ite Ig Interested. The I wo
m ;��� ai, a spenl considerable time together, and maps and charts were
gon, through an I thoroughly over
hi uie I.     The   Nevada     man,     whose
Seattle, March 26.���Arbitration now
113 ilie keynote ,,i the dispute between
the Building Trades' assembly and the
j Master Builders' association.      Me, t-
Storm    Of    Protest    Against'1"^ '"'<' be,nB held today by both the
Marauders Overrun District and Cut
Telephone and Telegraph Wires-
Armed with Cudgels and Hatchets,
Revolutionaries Clash with Military. ..    ��,     -    ft
Reason Advanced for Lengthening
Time of Runs Is That Freight
Trains Are Delayed at Sidings Too
Long for Profit to the Tiansportv
tion Companies.
,   ; lent of the Greal  Noi them
company,  retui i e I    to    the
, yesterday from the West.    Wh, n
ed for his views on Indus , ial and
-,,,.  i ondltlons, he repli, d:
r -., ml er thai there is a decided
erenc,   between  hard    times    and
���.. ssiorf.    'Ihere. is nothing
i  ent , onditions to make- anybodj
���; ii-li.qiM.....    Several months    ago,
lits  showed  red   to me  and  it
ke  a   recession   in  business,
treel   maintained   the   opinion
���  llghl Bhowed gre, n and that
��� mi  thai    everything    ahead    was
The re.l lights an- still ahead
:  means that we oughl ,,, go
-,\     The recession that lias set  In
formidable,   bul   business  has
., affected.    About 95  per een'
ountry's business is done on ere-
This cre 111 Is Impaired and thai
i, chief trouble.
���-.   I  sal l  month?   ago, the depres-
... ill   afi'-c   thi    luxuries   of life,
aut, ���     ������'������    and   diamonds.
������     f th, m  vi ill  be Bold, bul the
��� ��� : ���     sa   ��� - of life   wheat, coal
������   ��� ���    .... i'i i ontVnu,   ���.. be
whereabouts, ni ir Cloverdale.    Chi
Constable Spain was notified, with the
'   ill   thai Garneau  soon joined  liis
accomplice In the provincial jail. The
total   value of  the  purloined  tic ���
Bucharest,   M 26     Foui    thou
sand   j....: nts   ' .    disi ricts   oi
n and and Vli sl I ia have joined
' ces . nd are n, sv i r, bing on i, ich-
arest.   A minor s    e of seige has be, r,
Chicago,   March   26.���.Passenger  of
name is not al   present  made public,   ,-���.,.,,, ���,- ,h(,  Western  railroads at  a' r.ol changed at a
will start operations in  the near fu-
Master Builders' association and by
I the executive committee of the Building Trades' assembly, and each meeting is considering the proposition of
the appointment of a committee of arbitration t��� settle all matters on which
there  is  a   difference of opinion.
This afternoon, members of the -Master Builders' association expressed
themselves as being emphatically In
favor o: arbitrating the entire matter.
Their Btand on this point, they declared, was made public a number of days
ago, al which time they voluntarily
came forward and offered to arbitrate with the representatives of the
iny time.     Tneir po-
tine along lines suggested by Mr,
Ross, but the locality and time is nol
as yet  definitely arranged.
labor unions al  any time.     Th,
s'.tion   on   arbitration,   they   say,   has
in the meantime,
lames Murphy, business representa-
eighteen  ,iu! "'  ''"' Building Trades' asembly,
personally favors strongly    the    arbitration method of settling the dispute.
���h an
amount,.d to something In the neigh- ,' : :;,i:-,;' '���- Should the peasants re-
borheed of $500. The credit of their fuse to retire lei have been issued
recovery is largely due to the clever
and capable way in which Detectives
Hull,id, and Bradshaw handled the
te, the troops  to use - qi    again -'.
S, Idiers an 1 lai ge    o lies oi  police
Aid.  Smith   Explains.
In  the  course  of  remarks  made  at
the city council  on  Monday  evening,
Aid. Smith was reported to have said
thai the fishermen had no kick coming
Oil   Barge  Adrift.
Portland,  Ore.,   March  26.���Officers
ol thi   oil  tank  steamship Argyll- r,
p, rt  thai   when   off   Cap,.   Blanco
her  way from San  Francisco to Portland las,  Friday, ihe steamship Atlas
I, -    her tow���oil  laden barge No. 91
-while,   bringing   her  here  Iron,   San
(l)   Francisco,    A terrific gale was blow-
een  stationed  in    the    .Jewish on account  of  the  conditions  at the
; .-. ers     ��� Bucharest for the protec- !''">t of Eighth street.    The alderman
Lion of   ie Inhabitants. Severe encoun- wishes to correct an erroneous Impres-
t, rs  accompani, I  bj  much bloodshed sion  which   might   be  gathered   from
ing   and  the  hawser   snapped.
Atlas was unable to pick up the
sei again,   .-'ix mi n are aboard.
vi s-
��� ported  fn :..   various places.
Istri,      :  V ;.sieica is overrun
ma  md, . ���   who have cul ihe tele-
���-      h  and  telephone wires.    A   band
ei  peasants yester i. y  made a furious
������-. with hatchets and cudgels on a
leti   hme n,  of    cavalry    in  tha'   dis
tills; his objection was not against
the fishermen, but against the matter
under discussion being referred (,, the
board of works to act, instead of to
report. He maintains that he is
strongly In favor of additional slips
being constructed for the us,, of the
to   re-intro-
',. ,   ,     fishermen,  and   proposes
rict,      I lie troops onlv dispersed the '    '
ence the mattter before the city coun
r.cjer cf Brunette   -aw  Mi
On  Stand   at  Ottawa.
Officials Charged.
Lees Angl l< 8, March 26.���Charged
ivitb manslaughter, Engineer Kelly
and rendu,.tor Humble, of the .- nta
Fe, wh . ���������. . ��� in < barge' of the overland which colli,le,i with the stadents'
' xcursion I rain on the bridge sj an-
ning I; ��� I.. - Angeles i iver, Saturday
nighl ca ,.-���; - ' rn leal h ol five ; er-
sj, bs . hav,   be, n  arrested.    There are
after killing or wounding many
em.    Fifteen   rioters   nave been
m ��� in :i.<- town - ' Alexandria, aboul
fifty   miles    from     Bucharest,    which
place has been declared under martifii
11] at  an early  date.
New G. N. R. Depot.
The new (I. X. R. combined ticket
and freight station is an assured fact.
The surveyors were at work yesterday on the proposed site, and work
v. ill   be  commenced   in    a   few  days,
Home   From   'Frisco.
A. r    Cook returned yesierday from
S<,:j  Fi tnclsco, where he has been for
hi   ���..-��� elghl months.    Mr. Cook in-  i I high, 150 feet long
en   ���    o  remain in  New Westminstei
meeting yesterday, failed to
agreement to lengthen by
hours the schedule of the fastest
trains between here and the Pacific
teas,, as was originally proposed. Th"
plan of running trains slower throughout lhe West has raised a storm of protest from all the important places between here and California terminals.
From preseni indications, the schedule west of Kansas City and Omaha
to San Krancisco and Ujs Angeles will
be lengthened by from seven to nine FRENCH
hours, but practically no reduction
will be made eas, of the Missouri
i iver.
Operating officials of all the roads
declare thai all the present schedules
of passenger trains are not too fast
for safety, but in order to run them on
schedule time they are obliged to de-j ol the government's decision to bring
lay freight trains which pay much the ��u!tan of Morocco to reason, and
larger profits. without exception the newspapers sup-
. port   the   Cabinet's   determination   lo
Running Record Broken. ! restore  French  prestige  in North Af-
Xew   York.   March   26.���Melvin   W.   rica by the occupation of Oudja, which
Shepard lowered  the American indoor.it is considered  will make the Moroc-
half-mile  reco/d at the games  of the'can      authorities     understand      that
Twenty-second    Regiment    yesterday.' France's national dignity cannot long-
Paris. March 20.���The French press
unanimously  appreciates  the  gravity
The  new    building will     cost   in   the   He finished In t:58, two seconds fast-   er permit the Moors to disregard with
neighborhood  of $18,000,  and   will  be  er than the best previous time. impunity their solemn agreements.
darcn   26.    L   a.     Lewis,
��� ���      ��� the Brum Ite Lumber com-
\'i  -   ,V< stminster, continu, I his
end     ��� '   'e '1��' Lumber Coi ibin,
tnmittp,      -i  which   h,      tated   'here
li ���    .    reen  th,   , ias1
i uu. m. ..  i.     ��� m for the pur
ee  ol   ra ilntaining   i i ces.   but  lhe
...   -  .   of   the coasl   assocta
lh,  . n  was  m, n ly  to secure a
���    n mufacturers, ate.
m    .-,..- to c imp, i the ; aj mi nl
��� ml  figure -.    Price's -ef lum
. ,i     I.   bul   so   had   the
ngs   and  ilu   cost of milling
Lewis    substantiated
- rei
,... i ises againsi each of ;'-,- lefend foi about three weeks, aner which
-,,m-. and th, ������ i I fixed I I al ���"-; .��� 0 he ..'ill once mon wend his way to
...    i eas,     .  "'.  . .    a " i stricken city.
leader    macdonald scheme meets with general.
approval among residents
���council's gra-;t.
i . mu feet wide. The plans have been
in readiness for some time, and i> was
lhe intention of the company to build
" the main pari of the city, but owing
o the impossibility of procuring sufficient land to accommodate an edifice of the class called for by the specifications, it lias been decide,1 to commence operations on the old site. .\
considerable   portion   of   the   hill   at
'"!��� bac : of the preseni station will
have to  be  removed, and   work  will
���c started as soon as men can be got
on the ground.
spector, ?75 to 5*a per month: waterworks supt., $100 to $110; pipeiir^;
$80 to IN-",; chief of police, ,<,-,- i(,
$125; Chief detective, *~(6 Uj $s0;
pe,liiidl.eei.er and l"'wCC., $5 per month:,
'market clerk, $75 to $100; librarian)
$0,) to $65; park ranger, $da to $70;
lire chief, $luu to $1 in; waterworks
!stipt���   $90   to    $10U:    Bupt.    of    light
SALARIES-EXPENDITURE     TO   ?1,r, ;o ?135;  foreman, $7T.r���j to $80;
\      iria    .i.M.-M  26    For  the    first
time  in   British   Columbia's  agitation
r01   fairej   terms   from  the Dominion,  above  the   fire   hall,   Sapperton
������> at  Inter, st wa
The members of the Crescent Club
will hold their annual meeting in the
ub  rooms  this  evening.      All  mem-
.. rs are expected to attend, as a pres-
:���:, , ��� a,....ting ol the Sapperton   ldent .uH ,|v(, d|rectorg wi!I ,,��� ba]lot.
enthusiasts was held   lasi nighl -ed for.
;   vigils,   the     city
passed  the  estim-
the   Legislature   has   divided, accord-   _.,, ,-  interesl was  taken  in the ;
,, to party affiliation, on a resolution   cced=ngs .,, aU  present
ffirniing .,,. i  pressing the provi    lal m ^ ca]]ed  ,;)   . ,
.     th,    s, If-glorifying    motion    ol
'    '                         '   .      , ,        i                 with th,   granl  o    500 received
Premier McBride (pref:     I by i     mi      ln   ,u   ^
[)reani ;,      - .-��� al  sections   of   which   :   mi   hi    at)  coun
were not  in  harmony with  the facts   ,:   clearing  up  the   oca    u   in
on recordi carrying in the house lai     ....    .��� ;.,        -. tl     sum-
.   D   '���     acted as
;,.i ii ri spe, ch expressi
tnan .     on  al   the  manne    in  winch
After   many   lon
council has. finally
aies for the current year, and the result of their deliberations was handed
oeit   yesierday    afternoon.       Increases   DisbursementS-
are  made  In   nearly  every  case, the Schools.
sum  total  over last  year being nearly   Fire ���������
500,000.      Noticeable   increases    are  Water  .
those made ln the schools, light, parks, ! Light  ..
health,   bridges   and   board  of worka
cases,  th,   latt, r getting $7,000 more
money  voted  than  was the case last
operators,  $5  leer    month    Increase;
supt. of works, $100 to $110;  brl I ���
keeper, $35 to $00; firemen .aHd i-
get an increase of $5 per month.    Ifl~
i leases start March 1.
Estimates for current year compared  with 1906.
11.170. .10
12,148.1 0
^s,7::j 50
1.7 15.00
. vi ning   u)   the   von s  of  the
hose uf ' he Liberal opposition bein
,.. f(  ...   orded negatively, and
��'EW $250,000 ADDI
GATES $1 000.000.
.. Ithdrawing   rather
y��ar.    The es Imates have been very
.. arefullj   !". fted, and were only pass-
e i aftei cm eful consideration and ma-
.  r,   delil    a lon   among   the   mem-
ol  the city council.
Coin, i |, u    wil h   the   larger  i Btini
, I    i ....  m ...... In . ilai les -'   i
I to ne i'i ��� ��� v r)one af the civic em
Official and office
Lulu Island and
Glenn   bridges
Grants and charities  	
Miscellaneous    ..
1,52 1.00
::. 100.00
6,735.00     1,(I15.no
have   a
.   ,in, and .1   P.  Smith of   rrom   p���   ..., ;.;,,u,   part)   color,  be-
pari  In   a   resolution   which, ,     council had acted     '.; ���'    "
v, on   behalf  oi   the  North
co upany, have imrchas
.-   sawmill with a capacity
came little less  than farcical as an
t xpresslon of provincial argument,
The ri solution  was moved  by the
and   i'.  McDougal  also    spoke,  alter
which  everybody   gol   down   lo
ness. A committee consisting of J. O.
|JI r  day,  and   will cut   timber    premler   al
,���, opening of the usual   Coulthard,  .1.   DIgby,  George  Co    m,
,    ,.,.... ���,,,,.,, ,,i,,' e   u    \i,.n n.1   was   aunolnted   to
li limits to be used in the er-  sitting, his speech covering much old  and  P.   McDoug
:'      one  large,  sawmill, or two   ground necessarily.    The first minis-   ;i,   j:|  concert  with  Aid. J. ���!��� ��������� ''������������
M1'w ones,     The Northwest   Lum-   ,,,,-������  address,   In  consequence of Its  ^^^ chairman  of Parks committee;
iany has purchased a site on Lull repetition of well known matter.    ^^   ^^   ^^    qow  a(   w(,i.1. gettlng
1 - er  river,    directly    opposite I dlsappolnted th<
estminster, where a mill may   followers,  while   the
11  has not  yet  been decided    Macdonald   ledlowin
ton for advia
and  'hey  are    now   at   worl
l�� bul
iiblri'ss  of
was   as   distinc-   which  will  be
' III chlm on,    K, S,,    March   26.��� The
loslon ol a ci al   ill lamp la ��� I   ilg b
irted i fire thai destroy, ' i M ���
ton Sab Plant, the largest in th.
world, Including a ni w $250,00, a I II
The plan; was operated by means oi
oil burning boilers and In some way
the oil  was  Ignited and  caused  the
ames to spread qui kly
pi, yeei , lon after petition had insurance,
been received recently, and the city Debenture
fathers . , ,.< ar to have understood
thai In ordei to ki ep the present efficient men in the employ of lhe cor-
oration, It would be necessary to
granl a general increase In salaries.
Everyone   who   applied   for   a   larger  Unpaid
salary has  hud  his  request   granted,     l^'ii	
while many others who did nol make Assessment ...  .
an application has also been gladden-   Mayor's   indem'y
ed   by   the  knowledge   lhat   the  pay Council's indem'y
The loss,  cheque will in future be of more gen-[Board    of    Pilot
: 150.00
acot.        54856-
Debenture com.
S. F, acci	
51,366.00    51,
ether Lhe company  will  build  one  tive for Its elimination of the obeelete
ortwo mills. and its concise, incisive treatment ��* j wnjCD tenders will
l! ' ml'] is built i! will have a cap-' the- essential features of the Is ���,<
"���   150,000   feet   of lumber   per      The' essence of    Mr
��� ;""l will be bulli on the site op-   address  was a   merciless  demonstra
:'":'   N'"w Westminster,  bul  If two  tlon of the superficiality, crudity and
(1,000,000.     The
:"'" ���  of 76,000 feel    a    day   and   dilution of t
U,;| '"' bulli near th,. timber on Van-   thai  arbitration  could nol  determine
'   'aland,      The   company   owns | any new I'     ��� bearing on  Imim ���,
"   '''"''s   of  timber   land  on   Van
'"'r   'sland, and il is probable thai
��ne  large mill  will   be  built  op
I'I     ite-   \,
N"w Westminster and the Roy-
1 :t'  '.'���'ill thus i. ap the benefit.
maiorit v. even of his
Mr.   ready their  plans and  specifications,
submitted to Aid. John-   .
Including a   vast   quantity o
. and suggestions, after   , .^
)e called for the Norton Block was the chief plant of
clearing and grading of the park site, the    Hutchinson,    Kansas    company,
The   residents   of     Sapperton    are owned Chiefly by .loy Morion ami his
hlehl)    enthusiastic   on   the subject, brother,   Paul   Morton,  former  secre-
and  as soon  as  the  plans  are ready, , tary of the navy.     Tho loss is partly
work will go on with a rush. Should covered by Insurance.
lhe work nol progress as speedily as  ���	
expected, II Is probable that the ser- George  Williams,  of  Sapperton,  is
. ces of the chain gang will be Secur- iffering from an Injured hand, which
lumhla   conditions,   thai   the  McBrld,      '    ^ ^ th(g  VBluabIe asK;stanc,. happened  to  gel  caught  in some ma-
argutnent   In   chief has  simply   been   .��� ^^^ p8 whlch now adorn the pros- chlnery on Monday afternoon.   It w11l|slstatol  treasurer, $70 to $80;  second
belittling the fbresighl of British (       eetIve beauty spot will not last long|be some time before the victim is abb.  assistant   treasurer, $70 to $80;  audi-
mblic men of confederation  ^ ^ ^ innnlltv. to return to work again.                      ' tor $240 to $300 per year; health in-
��'-e built  thev  will  each have a,   weakness of Premier McBride's pros
he   case, it   being shown
1 1011s   proportions.    Many   of  the  in-1    Com	
creases range from $5 to $10 a month, j Rental   	
but in a few cases, larger increases Lands (Sapper-
have been made. Chief of Police Mc-I ton Park) ....
Intosh has had his salary raised from \ Land Sales (un-
$96 to $125 a month, while all the der Q. T. Act).
(lln r members of the force have also I Bank Interest ..
been granted an increase. The list Street Sprinkling
oi officials who have been granted in- M. .1. Follis' acct.
creases in salaries is as follows: ; Manufacturers'
Cfty Clerk, $110 to $125 per month:
City   treasurer.  $110 to  $12.1;   first   as-
thai locality.
Contingencies . .
Hoard of Works
2,854 29
.    19,580.34
1 2
Their   Importance   In   the   Eyjs   of   th��
Indian  Native.
India is so vast that different eti
queues prevail in different districts.
We have uo standard etiquette, ni
standard dress. We mostly copy Eu
raiiean ethiuette jyjnle with Ejjrpneaus
Eveu a Uiugalese shakes hat,els with a
Bengileso, speaks ln Eu-Hsli for a few
ii,eiiii:...< and. Lbeii..Ui'i^iLi>.-iuriJi.iii
vernacular. We shake bands with
KnTep^'aii-oh f>:nt"iu^. -lulf1 rSy mNrii
again touch the humi-le, the brow in a
s-.tlieini..- si> .wO htfth bh��k.'. ils��U>.
salaam and. <k> ,tlw diki},, ami no sober
minded European over cared for the
anomaly. ,
The uiiibrelhi is the puihh'in of royal
ty. lhe sign of a rajah, so natives
geaerally fold their umbrellas before
a rajah and uot before anybody else,
however great.' It is not a part of tin?
dress, but a protection from the ruin
or sun. a necessary appendage, just
like the watch and chain. Vou might
as well ask a European to take oft
his waterproof coat. A coojy is noi
bound te) fohl his umbrella wheu a
brigadier general rides past. Hut a
menial geneva lly closes down tbr- nm
brella 1*11 seelug his master, wlieein b,
considers his king. lint no Indian,
however humble, ought to fold up th,
iimbro.la. even before a magistrate, be
cause be is neither Urn master ;of the'
bumble passerby nor his superior olli
,���,.;���. :i ,r is he bound to salaam him.
But if be ,le,es. no harm. In a word,
natives generally told the umbrella
before a master or a superior, officer
and ;,..( any -nthi'i' eilizon, however
great, and thjs Is no insult,
While going to see 11 native' chief iu
his palace the nntive visitor or official
takes off his sho&i if the rec^p'tibn
room has a MragII ami the rajah is sit
tine on his mnsnnd. But if be is re
oeired iu the drawing r.xui),' furnished
after tbe European style, the sbeie- 1
a;... allowed. In some states nee mi
fives 1 an 50 t> a rajah without a pu
gree. In others fhe pugYe'e is taken
off and tossed at the feet of a rajah
It is ridiculous in a European (from
thc n|nA,i�� bbimtQiB .'ijiavtj to under -n
ll..|te\.Mo,-tiW,.   6ttlbjsi��i.��.s. .   TlltS   Is
\\ hat we ask our priest to ,1 >. s, that
iwv. npflT -inveiA lire! flttsfl ,ot his feet
(JymWs^jnpn WUf^/riMkfd by his
lanfe tootc on bfs shoes', Ten! recounted
the whoh' scene to bis better half, saying, "Sala hamara gor ka gurds lenay
-magtoal'   ('fffbe tyrfiQiPMn-lsw "ffffrfts
the dust of my feet.")���Indian Military |J
No man ever laiule'd a partleulai'lj
easy position by trying to dodge work.
Almost every man imagines be would
do a lot  of philanthropic stunts  if t,,' I
had tbe money.
Why is it that the people with uotb
ing to 80 but sil around arid visit are
such eliviidfitl bores'.'
'.Some people, imagine.' that by beklg
impuilent.lhey are slieewing others Ihey
are "as good as anybody.".
When a father and sou are' in busi
ness the son can usually tell of a lot ol
mistake's his father makes.
Almost any marri'i'il man can Vna,te
his frteh'ds smile' by saying be it perfectly Free to elo as he pleases".
feCWbeii the carbolic aiiil beettle finds
"itself next lo th,. cdugb medicine on
the shelf, J'oath s'.',.;'s sharpening hi'
scythe to 1,'iin back; and be merry.-
Atcbison Globe.
',.''i,'ekmat ���:" represents  "shah mat'.'
'-"the shah  is deael."    'Shall," ill fact
entered oue language bum age via An
bic  aad  eild   French,  arriving   in   :b
form   of   "check."    VChcjss"   is   real'.;
"1 becks,"    kings,    and    the    1 rj    ol
"Check"' means your king is In dangi r
hence    the    verb    arid    smbstauTfv,
"check" in all their English mefiftiugs
"check,"    which    was!  originally    th
counterfoil   of  a   bill  thai   served   t<
'���check" fraud;   'checkered," from th'
aspe ���   of   the   chessboard,   and    6.\
cnequer," from the checkered pattern
of the table, i.,th on which  the klni'-
��� .  ��� - v, ere i ������; t with c .'inters.   All
...   .    ,.to  tbe   Persian  sever-
, gi  - 1 tie    Eon,    1 Chroi icle,
The  Bosr.an  Roasting Jack.
A curious  vai ,,���';,   of  Uie  old   fash
j   roasting   jack   1-   used   by . the
-  of  Bosn n   ;.- i   1 lerzego I   1
nisi rig Sheep who:,.. 1 - on the
...      ..':.-. ed ling c,     1 oriy.   ! it
often  sees   near a  running slreni 1
I ing    pole    leal lng    one    elld     fCVOl
freely   In   a   s >eket��l   peg,   ���.'. bile  tl.
other, ��� i erhangjng the water, Is eq ;'
ped  with miniature paddles.    Th -
t!,.> Bosnian roasting Jack.   The
to 1".  codked   is  Impaled  on  i ������  1 '���.:.
II tir.. Is lit underneath, and while
the current spins the paddles and the
pole' merrily round the big jolnl :~
cooked literally to a turn. ��� Wide YYor.d
Why She Was Pleased.
Toss Did Mr. Bore'm even' call on
you? .less���Yes; he called last even
ing. 1 was quite delighted when the
girl brought up his earel. Toss- Oh,
come-now. Veen weren'J;really delighted? Jess���Certainly, Yon sev. if she
hadn't brought, up his' earel I might
have goii,'. ehiwu to him, thinking it
was someone else.- Philadelphia  Vr" '
jt    3    �����    .1
ui 1 funt
i .'       ( ���'">-.
u -ML
1 u
rraifii ilAQC!
I       ��� e        ' '   I  H    "1
*   [ftJjV/l    :
\y j E desire to call attention to our choice
and exclusive line of Footwear for
      Easter.   Most good dressers look to
this shoe store for the newest and
best in Footwear, and we never disappoint
them. This season we are showing an exceptionally fine line of Easter Shoes specially
selected from the best makers in the country.
For Ladies we f'ff^p
newest styles in Oxfords and Bals, made of Patent Leather, Vici,
Velour, and are the popular leathers of the
market. We might just say���that the shoes
to be found in our store, are an entire, selection, made specially for ourselves. We think
we have the nicest lines ever displayed in this
part of the world.
For Mpn we ^ave ^ie g��ocls- From
the finest shoes made to the
heavy working and logging boots, we can
supply all needs.   This season there will be a
great nin on MEN'S OXFORDS.   We have
these galore, made on the newest and most
modern lines.  Our stock of Men's Fine Boots
at $3, $3.50 and $4 is unsurpassed by any
other store in B. Gj.l: ���
we know we have just what the-peeple want.
Our prices too, in every "instance, are notched
away down. We would be pleased tQ sejl
you your EASTER SHOES.
Colombia SL,   few Westminster, B.C.
TEND] .:.:
1   is   for   -���;:.
������*������������������<����������������������������������*��<>���� 85
The  woman   franj ie   Vancouver   :;. kl'ng,1Va!ircbuVer;  Mt\ and Sirs', .1.
i-el-licht   elis,,:,; |,ad    till    mis-   !..' Co'dfjl , n,  Honolulu;     M      febengs-
������ rtiirie  to  >���<���:.       p .. ���: .   In  ������ il
"The Milwaukee':
up to.nnoa ul ;..    ;
toi   the eons,,-:,,-,.       '.'"<>U;
M..r,.ip,a   ,:-;    ��� Be,    I
mm Si
Plans and spe, I I KM J
and terms ,,1'tf.wi,      .,
Dl pari ment;  Hi Inf..,      |  -     '' ' '
"'��� "iis  De|aWb[ell   \ ,       u ::
the   i-os, "offi
New WeatmlnBter, n. c
Papers Inserting tl ���    .,,
���vithun,  tmrti.eritv   wi]; :, ,  ,      '".
Im ,;(,: mm   Kv
Deputy, SiinTste*]   o
Departmenl of Marin
Ottawa, ( ana I ...
In-the! Supreme tourif,
Britlsli Coliiiniiia,
���i \^n:s .iiiiikimmm
flSVK��   NCUfCh     ���
day nt March, A.  11.
the last Will and Te
'���   ���
' i
Job  Kimble,  late" ,,
Westlniiis-'er,.  I!     ,'.
,. I aM.i to U.v by the s
Ijiltish  Colum:,I,i. and I, ;
tors and otl ers havit
ih.. Estate of tfi'e -     .
evil.",*'! on-   ,'   before I   ��� .     :
April. IS07- ,-e sen II
to  di'Jlv,.-:-   to   the    ,.: :   _   .
Christian    a.ni
and   elesi-nption.-.   ���.
"'   tleir  Clal .   .   ;.   .     {,
accounts and the i
ties, ll    ���.:. hei |   ,
���\N'I'   i'l'll'l Ml.it    ', ',
.-....-.     .   . - ���
......;'      ���    .
to ~   ent'jfled i .
eetily  to ,'I,e   claii
thi ,i haw noi   ��� : ai  |
:..��� ifabl'e for the sail
nan  there.,,:  ���
bl    whose    e
notice al   i ii�����  in
Dated .,��� .NVw  \'. ���      .,-���   ��������� '���
��� liis   pf   Mareh.   \.lb     ��� "
'      M |
,lali,<. s   Jq
��� ���
��� ���
��� ��
��� ���
��� ���
��� ���
��� ���
��� *
��� ���
��� ���
��� ���
��� ���
Suited  For Something.
"Your little boy may bBfolflt' president s.iimi (|,i,y.'' ��� .
"I hardly tlrinU sei. Aivhibuld is too
modest and i-otlring,"
"iih, well, he may, eel to bei vice
president1.1'���riilladelpMn Bulletin.
'lite larires-t Krnsslioppetrs lire fouml
In  Siuitli   Atlieii. a,  whe't'o s'.i'.e spe'd-
roena "reach fi  teuglh or |      inches,
With (I   -pt'e.i.l ui' v, in,','s ,,''        ineliea.
. iv VV. Tavlor, Vancouver.
yn'in-.n ������'   ear. .   havh            i   ;'  ti'gi 'Windsor���.1.    Grow,    Serpentine;   ,
���.'���   *.e-i.mum.  '..,;���               ���   ,            ev- i;r,.\v,  C'i'v;   A, J.a- ���-.���,   Be iiin -iniee
ee.-l -josle-i'da.'i   n- a mi.j li i .1- 1:1.,- her .1.    ,'i .>:,; loo. d,   S'M'i'i'.v   Centre;   'ft   .1
, .   "le.'v..ivlvieh   She   did ia   pre..���:���:.   e ;.;,,.,,.     ,e.,,,   ;,,���,,,.     v    ,.,.;.;,     ,,,.,.,.
u. pulling, in a month in ;:������ iirpvln-
eial jn" 1.                                     . "''
 . 1 il      T.   1-1.   Johnston
"The Pion"��r Limited" St. Paul ,0
Chicago, "Short Line" Omaha to
Chicago, "South West Limited"
Kansas City to Chicagc.
Not trains  in  the   service   "n   any
railroad   in  ti..-   world  that   eqn'nl   ;n
p.q'.iipm-.-nt that of the  CTiitago,  M I
,. IwatsUee  &  St.   Paul   Railway;     They
Hrtcl Cues'.:
'.     ��� '.  ' - ' '. s.. ���
Vancouver;   I S.   I
���v '-.-	
���v.vn nnd operate therjxmn steeping
.     .       , . a��d dining cms oaalll their traio*.and
"'���': ""'   ' ""  ���������   '""������'      " J��V��   their  patrpns   an   excellence  of
...F.-PM T'.:  t  n   ,     '"nmMe  rUewln'rc.
H. S, ROWE. General Ag-er.t.
"��� T"���"���'��� St. .- ���  ' ' ' - Portland, Or
.    .   VI   ii.;   K     i'i..      .     V:e
The White Pass
and Yukon Route
.'������: <~'o\'i;.\n, r,\Rt.'T(��)ss, ATLik
[VfUlit    rtQUW,  'DAWSON    and
PtflRBAWRS.     Daily'trains   ftxc'ifpt
1 ���'nt.'hvf ��� varryinj.    pMs'efl'gett|    hi'mI.
���^r-'e?--'   ,r,d   ifnedght   connect   with
���-��� ig��s -is GarcfCH and White Horne,
fining aJ;througli winter service.
,;.  ';"n  apply  to
"' '    ::i<S,   Tr.l'iu:   VUliagii,
Vancouver. 8. C.
"i'ene'ers for a L.cen��e to Cut TimbM
01 Dominion Lands ,n tne Pro,
,nce of British Columb 1
Se\i,i:;, texders .    .������ ;
1 el   'en   tl;.'      .-
.     V.i i ii,   No   "���':.'   ni
.,;      thi-     ie.-  .,
��� . m up ���  ;
���: Silver B
tl)       'e.
Coniii       ���
eti on ..
Snuth    'ori, '
r  m& 1 !   11     ' ' :
hence   1 ���
��� ^      - ,.
South  K>,. .  ,
'1 :. ,-, ....
'i'ii,-.; �����., 1 'm.,: - ' .
In one year ft nm
���.. .. .,". .1. 1 ...   I In   .���
Th"   pm..!.e''.'!!-   nt'!''
    will   b"    '���
ioi'ios-   of  tender   and
bo oblaltieel  ai  this  I"      ��       J
M ,-, bffl*e of lhe <"
al   Mew   \"es!niin- "
Eai h ten ret- n 1111
by  nn  ft��Cft(��ed   Crhe
8d bimlt in feVOl  ������    '
. M.inl:it,r    of    111-    I"" '
amount  0* t"" f.om>��
plic.iiii, rta ��� pt'iMi'.'!  ' '   '
The higheBl or an
cisaiiiy accepted, <
Nn lembr bj   I'
tertalned; uog.
���    EBBLEY   I
.-���   ';''1"'
1       , '
Ifippartrnenl of l*e ti ���
(Mla'.vi,.   I''-'   M *-
TFE HI W?8 j- fii
lH ���l^fifel&SOftY, M.ftRCH 27, 1907..
WarrFSIUE & IEDMONDS,, Harris-
"Ws and solicitors, Blackie Blk.,
. ,���9,,,   h;reef,.  New   Westminster.
1!.; , tVNteside/H. L. Ejlmunds.
Mu  J. P. HA.Mt'TON
BOLE, solid-
9e��yui't, Offices
,   , Hank of Commerce build*
Columbia  stiisjet, opposite post-
*���D   New  Weslmiuster.     Money  to
;3l'    ��� .    -     ... ��� ��� '  , ,
i i-ifcters, solicitors, etc. Of-
New Westnan.st.er, Trapp Dlk.,
Clarkson and Lome streets,
var, rooms ��1 to 24, 41!) Gran
feW-,'.wJj'tf,pn Miii-tin, K. C, J
t, W. ... McQuarrie, II. A
Mr. Martin wijfl he in tin
aster offices every Friday af
,m,\V, KEID  & BOWES,  Barris-
tera,'-s*,licUoi'jp,   etc,   \2   Lorne
Court JHottBe,   New
0. Box
P. S. Burtlett, 6 Size Movement,  Fitted
in 14 kt. Gold Filled Cases, for $15.00
W. C Chamberlin
The Jeweler
Columbia St.
Etreet, dwen*
Westminster.   A. Wlieallyr, I
1 Origin and Growth of the Clever
Amateur Sleuth.
. .���.,. e..-j.
���i->r-~   -,��
..   f
l .:,:k k. MARTIN. Barrister and
Solicitor. Qulcnon block, Colum-
.",",< McKenzie streets, Now West-
. ter, II. C.
Soil, Itoi
oa^Nptary }' tfllla&lu^pw, ifce since
:,f .' N,"..v \Tesr.l'.i'i'M-er. V, r. of-
, | n-hioted :'o I'ortis ftlook, Clark
i Btreet; opposite eonrl House.
ii  fioix i0- -T'el<i|)l.o:i<! ''.1-
[ ttih 'OFTRA'DES^-X-e Wesl rViln-
I   ��tet Board of Trad" meets In the
U~ fl ' P~   t-J'-   \  k   l. N     lb" I
f    ,        . /���'     f [        i     \     :.       :       \'    :' 9   '   Wil  .
ll    b !; : i      ���
Uuihi^. City ji,...,.uf
. .av follows-. |
AVc'elie'sday' or each month.
Quifli .lv  meetings on the Beqflnjj
fWednJsdtfJI ^1  febrsavy. ���  May.
-.'.- -  anfl'"jfo^'thtier.'nMi t>. hi. |(
Ann   l meetings   on   the   second ,,
Wednesday    of     February.     New |
members i may   be   pnopcsed   nnd I
eject, i at au>\wonji.U!y or quarterly
meetisg,   A. E. Wh'1", Sec.
--T,,,.  . sejrtiliir    mealing
Is pel
& A. M.
Of    this
,<! 'oil .the' First Wednesday in
month, at '-(/docT: p. nr., tn
tbe  Masonic   Temple,    gojournlng
i,rethren are cordially Invited to at-
Dr.  W. A- DeWolf Smith,
I  Clearing-out. Sale of Odd Lines at giving away pncJ|
fe our Window and Door. t
> |
i      ._    ���        _
S      '��� WaVii'l-el 18$*        *-*
'    J    \   !
,    o*H*TT
'  > l * ���    rncori,^.,H:rt;'
iiNO SOLOMON LODGE, rhl 17,"A.
r �� "v. -Jif.���Regular c'f-itiniuhlca-
iTtiiis ..'f this lodge afe" held on the
t*oi*fl ��a,b6eUaj; la eac'i month In
V. i-^ip Xett|eie> m 8 >��� m. -Visit-
.:.;.��� rrretbren are -ordit,ny Invited
.,'uiend.    D. W. C.iicbrlst.
Gilley Bros, u
lesalc and Retail
Sl   i
:   ,
Of     I .    n:
- ., I     month';   at
Orange   hall,   corner
v��nu,   and Tth    tr, et      So
��� ; Sir Knights   cordially   In-
atten i.    W, E. Dimlop, W
' le.e.f!.   '.���'
- 5)eets In Orange ueii licst un.O
ti,i i .-. ��� lay ir, each moiitb "at 8 p.
:u. Vlainng hrwlhren auj gnnlialh
invite ; ',, attend.    W   Pi :������, v>   -''.���    .
���James Ifum'pn'rey. H"c * ;.        .'   'f 5
. . _1      .. i
The   Great   French   Writer   Introduced
Him   to   the  World   of   Fiction���Th* |
Genius   of    Poe   and   Gaboriau    and
Conare  Doyle's Sherlock  Holmes.
Must: ipersous    Who   read  -dJ-tective i
tetoidvt,;. and ;i,ie,sl  literary  critics,. teKi. i
believe tliat lids very pupular fonp <ef
tittiun  was  invented  by   Bdigar Allan j
Foe,   'J'bey peeini to bis stars ot "'I'he !
rurbjiiu'd.ljettei'" as being the first; of '
its  kind   the  tirst   in  which  is  intro- I
due1i'i! the man of keen "mind, of Close
fe-aseiiiii;..' aiid  .if (.'instructive,  im'd'gl- :
nation, \v'l���e Is iihie tovpifece 'togfether
certain fuels1 that' are kimwu-und then
by  brilliant  ,le,l,i,-ii,,n   to %astf fronl ;
tlipm  to other facts   which  ave   not '.
luii'vyn. but. the truib-,,t' wbbli be is
U]���:���.   '..   e-t;:!,i-b bejejid a ,1,aibt. ,
I', e htuiseif bad a iuiii,l precisely < f
this ��� liitracter the liiind of u niatbe- :
i]iai|.'i.,ii. subtle, Fogical and capable
Of se e f,tiling analysis. He unci.' irtive a
renin,liable Illustration ' ofnwbHt be
could ,1" as an Investigator, of myste- ;
I'ieiii;., ii'iine, a yomig shopgirl, named
Mar; ltea,'t.'is, \vas !i,ui,,l uiurilei-ed
r   clrciinistauces   wbicb   ex.-ited j
public   Interest   in 'New   Y,-, :,.
.police   were   cuiiiiletel.v   bailed.
i;;b they advanced a theory wbii li
wu . plausible in part.   Pop, taklpg the ]
fac s that were admitted", wove tbem
Illt/lil steil'.v; the- scene of which be laid
fii Tiiris and which lie called "The |
Mystery of Mtuae^RUgefl" Then from,
what was known he passed by deduc- I
tiye reasoning to what was quite uu- I
known and worked out a solution to i
tliii i���izzle wliTcli m, professional tie- ,
tee-live had bi'i'it able to explain, j
Years afterward the confeSBltid Of n I
dt.'lng man afforded proof rtli^t I'oe
was right and tha;t bt! hud re..ot|MrtK-t-:!
m\ accurately the wholep .series, of |
events which led t', the death of Mury |
Vbls reiiiiirkafiH' acbievemeflt fixed in
tb'e puTdie nMhil Hie nolion that 1h:s uWe
of logic blend,.,1 with imagination "was
oHgina.Bvfllth1 Vbii '��� An aOnaftei of fact,
il is almost certain that Poe, who was
deeply versed in Kreiich literatar((.,isot
UJ4e ,sugjgestlou ot . the luetbod - f,ronM
reading certain passages In. the oriental tale called "Zadig, by Vbltalre,
In Ibis book a yeuntr man is ijliestioued
as to wriefhbr b'e"ln,,l-sf'en \\ strny dof;
and borsi that nliybt hare ]>as.sed bin:
,��;i bis jounneye, In reply he cleseribes
Vfi-y aiviiralely , tiie ficculi;,Pitj*��s..iof
both. ..though he,.had jpvt seen .theni,
1 lie ha.el ilPdneeil  bis  knowledge,  from
B. C. Mills, Timber and
T ���n * ���, * t "���
Manufacturers and Dealers in All Kinds ot
���".'���        ������'. ��� . :    ���      ��� ' '     .     :    I ,-
Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sasli,   Doors,
Interior Finish,   , lurned Work,    Etc.
���   <
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Iiii"    til   ������'
Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glass.
Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining.  \
,,....-      ^_ _ I
Royal City Branch, Columbia St.   j
Telephone 12. New Westminster  i
BIS k-M\
m mm
a9 well as sanitary results are
obtaired from the use of Alabailine.   Ir. -
;'-*-*- -1SSl>F*""SJ L-   stead of detereorating with age. it actually
" b��comes harder, until at last  it forms
part of tho wall itself.
with its plain-tihts, supplies. ��i;1ux.jrioils wall-covering for the
most handsome roomss leaving ycur walls free from the deli-
'rium of wall papers.. We will be glad to tell you more about
Alabastine, if you will ask us, Let us show you & tint card
and cutting of wood.wit!) 35 coats on. '
Curtain Stretchers, with adjustible ptns.
AH kinds of BRONZES, PAINTS, OILS, &c.
Ill    I    |.|      , ,.,  ,, ,     .-,, I    -.   .,'   ,.       He    ��� '    ���!.;.
,..,,,, ...���;;   Limited
unv  ��t��.ot     i    WELLIbWkTON     liUMP    QOAL tt     MANITOBA   WfOD   FIBRE.        ,A . imiu.   ,ue.���K���   l���'   umi  jiyi   wen .uh.mii.
rtst. S*c."      5             11    J          T            1 |               ll                                    /! II,- had defaced his Ipowledge frum
"    t  yjiiyWTON'yAvfeilidi ^'LT JLt KrV,NSV''Hit^^^'(t   ot^en-ing   certain   lncdcatiop's. along
ORY, No. 459   J   *^S*PEAflBH** ' 7   tWRTd��L SALT.'" V ^ ** T   ^ way-the na.nro WMe l'���e,���,rints
,'i"s    fdUrth   9         .                          ... ���    apcl nuiny otb,��r SlgiitSAvlilJh^the ordl-
n'th'i     at      8: ���   COMOX COAL AND COK-E. - I     COMMON  BRICK.                            a, \ u:;ry pi-rnou would cil'hcr not linve uo-
Tniis   celebrated   Cement   is
used by nc^irly.all large ',.!.;:;;.'.-
ors in thi Pr, v ince.        ..���>���-
���PIPE EP.'lCK... '���'.".    :.������ - }
?:-:i ' CLAY' -and -MANTEL   *
,  <    Fronp the,i
fc ��� s^.VeVi ��,t>^;
layburn Clay Co.
��� '.s*V^. c5}y-i>;EPiR0'cK.;
ticc'ii or would have beeni t,m .dull lu
undaijstaadi ������ Htese- te������iicallymHie gum
o:' the conpepfion wbicb Too so LrJL
li^ufl.i ^iLUeei-ntcil'lj, th(''stn.i'y"bf ''tbx'
Mui'olued Letter," where we find ��jx-
hlbited the striWrig contrast between
Hq WferKlJJ}; if "a "t\Mii\t le.i'iHl'fflii} Ihi } Letters gf Credit .is.su.cnl
a, liii'vi'ini'iiis of a mind of exceptional
pojiverArid traWno.     -. , .   ,_i
r-oe-'s V-chfrnl figure!?tfie^trmhtOTr tie-
tootlyOi  vv,,s ttltu'WHi'd r,H,��bt-tip-nnd
���,',:.    - '   '
"       !.["' I',;
. el  'm im    ��� miiii
��� :   i    -,,,".������ u  :
.   - CAPITAL, .
��� :   ! I
:. ,.l
' "  '���������������     ,v   in!
'" liSTlVRlJSHIOU, mil
i ��� i
.; in .
Ml   ;:���'.   u..
Branches thi.uiu��bi)iit.CfWad* and ,Ne\vfL'iin,dl;,n,l, and
Kow ,Yorli, Chicago anile SpaUpne,,tT.S.A��� nnd
,>'.".     er.al Bimliing Business TraiiBjcted.    ���
In   Loripbil,
Mexico 'City
a ,: mm'
.availablg.. \vi tl< ccrresponeliMits
: II  , ants oi i'-
'0. O. F,���AMItl
;'li..   : . '
LODGE, NO. 27���
I m.m- : ,:
hal'. C^',u:ii;,
Telephones; Office 16,   fyi,ar;iser's.,Resjaence 2�� % , l^'T^Y11'^ ^&UJ&^Ti
<    ' ���       ,      ....  -":    ' .    .,1;   ,.    ir '���:���������    '<-��� <   ��� ��� ���-������   v.* I l'rwu'b.--wr��<lrs. rf-wbonV^����VlSVf r,-h*
��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������*������������������������������������������������������ j Emlle Gaboriau.    Gaborlaugave  tile
te    ... ; woiiiJt tin* t'liuracti'i' of .Ml.'.f.'ocoti in t|le
l .'������
Savings Bank Department.     Deposi'ts received in Bums o�� j'la'rid "P^^r,!,
.'an,rinte'r.(;��; .allowed iit '2 per peel, per cmnuni  tprefceul i^,c)  .
four time
rolal Assets" oye
a year.
are I /iMu OliJeM'       hal'. C'.'m .
|b.;i   -trf. ��� , r ,-, |\-  ".  n   'y  ��� v.'n.M ,
;f.'   ���  ,irl     'it     \^l  . ,.      .'k'M.U'.i H'"'.i;
:.. ,.:.  ! to ;''M-n.l.    S   'I':,   for'y
S G.; C S, Richmond, V. G.; W. C
loatham, i;. S.; J. W. MacDonald
!���' s : aicx   Adi ms, Treas.    ..
��,. 0. U A?.���FRASEK LODGE No. 3
-'.'������ Ings the flrsl nnd third Tups-
������ n Pticii nn,niii. X'isitini;
!'"m ',,, eordfolly Invited to aiV'tnl.
'-'"���M. ,-,,.,���,. a, q. rj, \v, hall. Odd-
'���      g'  block, Qljirkson  ^tregt, G.
;S. Co i:,. ui. re, order;   Loula Witt,
��� i  ... oi ..-.I an.
Ilie Schaake Machine
;U5,  SONS   OF   ENGLAND,   S.  S.���
Im I i:��� |.. .;,, . -., ,i., g .....ii,i ark   ��� ,,_.,
Pourt     ,     ineBday ,,f each month,   ���������������������(���������������������������������
In K, of f.  tfall.'Coliinibto St.. nl   , j	
!        . V\ bite R ise Degr, ������. FHstirth
in   each moHlJi, snme
ivuihrUalel,1 novel of that UanitfV    LeCM I
is, a .pyi'oi'^jifliuuttl! dvi<'<;M'V,e,...'l'iit   i5>-
-XW WESTteX-STE-R BHAXt'il., (, p.  ,m;VM::,;:. g^i
Eijrljty-tive   branches, .with (;���rre:-:|jon:lent:-i
the world. - - ,  . ,
" ONE DOLI:AIt oo&tW an ticcirit.   rnlrre-! added fo
timesa ycir'.   Start to-dav.
1 ' '    lid   m!:i, ,..    Vlsitln
Invited.     k. i"'- S'uieii
;i :       Pfeu.. ij. rnUnev, BeotBtaEy.
CWURT BRUNETTE, N'o. 4099, I.O.F-.
���~ Me ',; ,i,i. |?ourth Friday In Uie
.'' ai 8 i.'e'l.e,'!,. In the small
will, 0'ddfelkrW3' -block; Visiting
-���"'^'"en are oordiaUy Invited to at-
,,;" .1. ll. RuthtofJ, C, It.; F. P.'
II. n. b:
CM-'RT hoyal COLOMBIA, No.'S8C)8.
Jo, F,���The regular meetings.of' ,
s Lodge are held on the Second j
"ini Fourth Tuesdays of each month |
",' ' IL in. in  the Oddfellows'  Hall, j
fiylsltlng Brethren  are cordlaly  Ip-    I
'i,11'"! to attend.   E. C. Firth, C. H.:
''��� P. Maxwell, Sec.
^sEaa��3 ULLSTI
Great Northern R
V. W. & Y. RY.
XKW     \ '.- M -MIX ST Kit
., Benfn'gham, BurJEgtmi,
i.Mive-. pally
!i-m a tu      ' Blaine,
���,-.::;, p m       Vernon
��� 4:-:',.", p iu ���
i.i:2ii a m
3:00 p in
!,:."ire p in
12:10 a in
Ar m. ���   Dal
Mt. ;'     ..:""    Il  CD
Kv, r,   ;. Se-:r'!'���-. Pdr'GHnd'J     9i-5a\:$$.
��liokane,S rSulwnd all l��Wta gssj
Anacort,   , Woolley, Roclcbm^
���Th,. owl," betwe   , S attlej Xew
Westminster ^r :. "M'me Hate gojajj
,;.  Guichon    ll.'D'J-i). m
.  ':j;ou   j M,
<<:20    a !'.!
���i'.iiv.     M   lie
2'!     It   !!,
,ptRANCEf>,vi .jvetMM \\^lnc*i.-iy
a > p'oloWi ��..,ji��^'ia,vOddl'��lHe��.s'
'''"���m CollWhbras stree*1" Vlstfrnirl
|Hh,|liren are cordiallv invited to at-
;"'1"1. Geo. Burr, S. C; N. R. Broire,
lee. *..'���
I ve   Xew  Westmin--'' '"/ '" iJiT.7T   '-''"     Y i
ep.����iionflB..i|d.-..;..-. l;;:S;v.f01.v.1,,i:,;;;,,,
^^i.lirarrjv,. :r,m,,'4!<'  ,.; I': I" a,;,. Lv. lor ^,
(    I     IpUTK  ofeTHEp*   -OmENtAL   LIMIT
''       '.     K. i. :_^_bneh' 0&>land Trains^ 2   -
Spokane, s
Louis   and
JAMP, 191.~M.-e>
Vii;i1 Tuesday of
1 '���  ; ���   ' Vi ������, -;,r. Sere
���anl. Minn,
11    points    ;'.e t.
,',,,.   pmplete Inform ti i i
ji   li address,
lanli ol Commerce Bulldlni
Winnipeg, I)u1h!!m Chi mx,
��� I.erLli .rosPi'vation, etc., fiSjJ
on tne Flrsl tinel
every month In
:ing s	
K. c. MEYUns,, Agent,    ,
N'OW  WfiiltlUlltAle:,  It. <'.
I   M  ADAMS, A9*L traffic Mur.
[rffiws imxotr, mwer'wsstrr
p.'iiM irt that y'of'i; Iy3 it.iSovice, i:.exi|&
{rit'tiped. biSfiMof fwefijgeucejnd a*
^tLidia^in jind mjblj^ei}, to,\yvi'/v cut fi!s
clews ngalnst the secret oppositions
his official chief, GfcTrot, who is je-h'ir'
ov.s of tS"e young detective. In tiie
j, [i?,''lfC"' ai-1 iSr -Uiu- liUtwnaBteew l i -. ucp
I of the Ma' amflte'tir delective, ".old iS-
I tl'.:'" Tite-au-Clitir ("Briuji-to-litUu'e.; .".
retired ti'.a,h*9iuan who studies;crime
; froiii sheer love.ol .the Intellectual j.tis-
zle which It alTor-fTs him and wUi'-'.i be
j solves byptirely'scienlilie dednii,:. :,.
|    Sir ('oiiaii Doyka in creating: BnerlQ^j
1 He,lints openly (icUnowled.^edlus: grgat
lAlebtedneig to 1'oc. Like Vuv'h boKO,
I Holmes works apart from the e'i,-"al
j police and Is..ceeui-ulted by the'ni -,-.lie!,
! they  are  wholly  at n  loss,    Many 'Of
the Incidents in the  Holmes I'yYle   :>f
stories were suggested l\v the Mi'.cu-
, tion.s of fee.   Vi I il Is only fab^to svjy '
' thai .lioyle lia- gone one; step- fitrtliO!' i
thti'.j his master.   V'on'.s..!i'ar;icl:��:--  a'"e
abstractions,  They a'i'O lip clia.,   lien
on Hie board and exeiteinleres;  ,-.nI4v
because of the complexity of t!ie i-r-.-.h-
demi which  lliev   are  rnailo  to   s ,:<.>. .
Iioyle's characters, on the'oil,er hnrid,
are   drawn   with   pympafliy    und    n
,-lirewd   insight   inlo   human    natnl'e.
Thej' entertain us by their whims :Mul
inelh'ldual traits no Hws'thttn  by  the
advfiatureS tbrou:;h  which* tb''.v. pu^f. j
Tim* Holmes' addiction to the o'n :iftt'e
lialeit. his trick of nmrtkine gceat en,,in
titles ,ff. shag tobaV'co wbeir thinking
out  ii  pVoblimi, bis -ttlisllke of  weinieti.
his skill hk il boxer   in fuel', a score'ef
traits  all  give him  iniliyidunlity   ami
make' us t^jllftk of hint as;it Hsclnatljng
.ebaraet"!' ^ufte apart ',/tom.Br- penvers
as a dediietfyie rensoiiAf.'.'Aljlil it Is ;sn
with   lhe  i^ln'or pei'sipa:{j<(JB:is   v.-.-'.l-
Watson, tlioi ^omewli.tt obtli^e  i'hrijn-
leler of lhe jiulvenluroji; .U'^lrafje an",
Oregson    of, 1Uo ' olliolnlv,'tallied    t1?!''
Morinrty.thoVpi*i-rlii_tal^'     J     !'- , '     '^',"i:" ��������� :	
But, howevbrbrillian^i'oi' yj^^ ln-Ve i A gWei'al BanUtng business transacted.   Accounts  may be opened  and con-
*i> ' ducted by rriail with all branches of this bank.
....     '������      ....    ,      ,.>;:..,������,;--i-.��f      -nun _..   ������      T-    ,      '��� l.'i-V'.il
m "SAVINGS BANK   DEPARTMENT.     ' .   I m'
���::."/ wesYH.'insTEf.1 feriA-
F. B. LYLE,. Mfirtsger.
, a:	
��� i'ii   ii-
Canadian Bank of Commerce
��� ���.nee ���I���il      , il ������
Paid-up Capital; $10,000,000.     Reserve Fund, $5,000,000
i:. ^.^WALi^R, P'i'e>.l,leii,t.
Al.KX.  I.A1UL),  G.eyeral  Manager.
beeu, or however lngtM^vsWJP��)01'^l"
may have st^Ofingled plotsj'-ijjj lunv-
Bfever ably roirfe'lioyle may Irtve. glvBtl
gfe and reality t" the eentral'flffliroe^ff   Deposits rfjian,I tipwaritls /.���eeefvecl^'' Interest allowed at' ciirreht fates and
n'ls  stories,  they  all  derive tlioir  Lj added  four  times  <% year.'   The iTepositer is subject to no delay
glilratlflBi Wll?ttlf!r consciously or iffi. whulever iii tlie.withdr.'iwal of the whole oi1 ariy portion of the:deposit'.   '
from   the  clever  tkle t0ld_ by   the J|- NEw" WESTMINSTER BRANCII-II. It. DAVlDSOrl, ��ari��g��r.      '
irione,  l'reiii'hmilJW;toB6rK_Ml'y>. .s:V��  tbfl
I'SmT. -Scrap liooKT
m i
Their  Importance   In  the   Eyas  of tht
Indian  Native.
India ls so vast that different eti
quettes prevail n different districts.
We have uo standard etiquette, nn
standard dress. We mostly copy Eu
rtiiiean ethpiette jyji.ile.vylth Europeans
Eveu a Bengalese shakes hands with a
BeugiilOse, speaks ln English for a few
.m.intiii'.s.iiud tbeiL-breaka.liejrLU..iutU_tli!
vernacular. We shake hands with a
Bflrope'ah-dh parting, "ttuV by SAfaki
again touch the hand-to the brow In a
snherat,- s)> ,w0 huth pliaUc. Iwttds,I
salaam and <le> ,U��<�� .likt,1,. and no sober
minded European ever cared for the
anomaly. ,   ,   .     -
The umbrella i.s the emblem of royal j
ty. the sign of a rajah, so datives
generally fold Iheir umbrellas before
a rajah and uot before anybody else,
however great.' It is uot a part of the
dress, but a protection from the rain j
or sun. a necessary .appendage, just;
like the watch and chain. Vou might
as well ask a European to take oft j
his waterproof coat. A cool.v is not
bound to fold his umbrella when a
brigadier general rides past Rut a j
menial generally closes down (he Urn
brella mi seeing his master, whom he
considers his king. Rut. no Italian,
however bumble, ought to fold up ihe
umbrella, teen before a magistrate, be JJ
cause he is neither llu- muster of the ������
bumble passerby nor his superior offi- III
ce]-. hor 18 he' bound to salaam him.,*}
But if he does, no harm. In a word, JJ
natives generally fold the umbrella ������
before a master or a superiori-officer if
and nol any <ether citizen^ however ������
great, and this is jio insnll, xf
While going be see a native chief i'i j ������
his palace lhe native visitor or'official Tx
takes eit'f his shoe* if the reception j ���*
room has a farash and Ihe rajah is sit *T
ting on llis musnud. Rut if he is re <���
ceived iu tbe drawing room/ funiisJicl *���
after (he European style, the shoe- f ���
are.1 allowed. In some stales no ua- #'T
fives e-an go to a rajall without a pu I *
gree. In others fhe p&gree is tflten
off ami tossed at the feet of a rajah
It is ridiculous in a European (from I]
the IlBnAi*, iiiii^tCjif'.vitfWi to Kinder a ���
native}$ftffl(e 6itIttsljroofes.. This ie-:|
what we ask our priest to do, s , that
/mvmijT "ti)\ifh "the, $ust.,rti; ihis  feet.
(jxjjriiM'jh/ ffkn h{il^-'rcf)>1l;j>,l by his
sahli) tooK off his shoes' fair recounted
the whole scene to his better half, say- !
Ing, "Sala hamarn gor ka gurds lenay||
��� magtoat" ��� r'Tho broaieMn-isw 'wants
the dust of my feet."}���Indian _MiI.lt ary
(���ira'fte. '   '    -'      - ' - -    -.-..-
No man ever land.ec] a purtle.Ul9.Hjj
easy position by trying to dodge work.
Almost every man Imagines he would '
do a lot of philanthropic stunts if hr ]
had the money.
Why is it that the UCQpJp with noth
ing lo de, lent sil around anil visit ar,
sue'h elreudl'iil bores?
Some .people, imagine  thai: by being |
impudent they are showing others they
ar-' "us good as anybody." .
When a father and son are in hl|3l-1.|
ness the son can usually tell of a lot ol
mistakes his father makes.
Almost any married' man ean 'rhiigi
liis  t'riends  smile'  by Haying be  i<t  per
Feetly Free t'.e 'lo ns lie pleases.
_*ryjWheil   the  carbeilie  ai'ld   In,tile tind-
\igtg\t next lo ilu, ceingii medicine on
tin. ���Shelf, J'c.'Uli s'.o'.is sharpening hi? ij
scythe te, lefin   bacl? ami  Le  merry.-   ������
Atchison Globe.        it.
"Checkmate." ��� ���
''Obeckniat,':" roprbs&rts "sb.-ih mat!'   �����
'-  "the- shah   is dead."     'Shall."  in  fat'l    ���#
entered our. language long ago via Ac.   �����
bjc  and   old   French,   arriving   in   Ui, - �����
feirtu  eet  "chock."   "riiiiss"   i-,   real!;   %%
"e hecks,"    kings,    and    the'    cry    "1   ���<���'
"i lieck!" me'iuis your king Is 111 diuigi r   J��
hence     the,     verb    nnd     siil,slant:' i
"check" in all their llngllsh nii'aniiigs
"check,"    which    was,;  originally    tin
counterfoil  of  a   bill  that   served   b
"chock"  frailer,   'ihei ki'i'i'd,"  from  Ue
aspe.ct   of   th,'   cbessbonrd,   ami   "ex
cnequer," from the checkered pailej'iii
of iii.' tablecloth on which  the king':
aci in tits were kepi with counters'.  All
il:,.-..  we  owe  t" Hie  I'orslnn  sovereign's title. - l.eeiiei >:i , Ihroulele,
The Bosnian Roasting Jack,
A. curie,ns   variety  of the old   fash
uu:..,I roasting jack is us,.el by Hi,'
pen'snnts of Bosnia ami rierzegovlpa
when roasting tehecp whole, us on the
occasion of a Wedding ceremoriy. 'it,.
often sees near a running Blronm ;.
i mg pole Ion iicr one end revoh in;
freely in a socketed] pi".'. \\bile th ���
,.:!, ���!-, overhungjng the water, is equip-
|)ed   With   niininlure   paddles.     'Ihis   is
the Bosnian roasting jack.   Tho bIiojh
te, i.e. codke'd is Impaled "'i (be l cm
ii lire Is I,i underneath, ami while
th,' current spins the pa'ddles ami the)
pole merrily round Ihe big joint is
cooked literally ton turn. -Wide World
Why She Was Pleased.
Teas Diel Mr. Bore'tn ever call ou
you? .less Yes; he called lasl even
lng. i was quite delighted when the
girl brought up his card. Tess-Oh,
eonee now. You weren't really delighted'.' Jess Certainly, You see, if she
hadn't brought, up his' card 1 might
have godd down be him, thinking it
was someone else.   Philadelphia Press.
-H V..k
dgned ,,i Ottawa, a
lers for   ii, I   :
or sun
ui, to-aoon oJ _, m: ;
bu   the  construct!      .   '.'""-��� U; |
Mcl'-elha  surf    ���
<Li '-'���! 'iff
1 If]' j ''
\y E desire to call attention to out choice
and exclusive line of Footwear for
Easter. Most good dressers look to
this shoe store for the newfest and
best in Footwear, and we never disappoint
them. This season we are showing an exceptionally fine line of Easter Shoes specially
selected from the best makers in the country.
lit !    ���
1 Ul ,LQUie^   newegt gtyles in  0x_
fords and Bals, made of Patent Leather, Vici,
Velour, and are the popular leathers of the
market. We might just say���that the shoes
to be found in our store, are an entire, .selection, made specially for ourselves. We think
we have the nicest lines ever displayed in this
part of the world.
For Mpn we ^ave ^ie S"00^-  ^rom
the finest shoes made to the
heavy working and logging boots, wre can
supply all needs.   This season there will be a
great ran on MEN'S OXFORDS.   We have
these galore, made on the newest and most
modern lines.  Our stock of Men's Fine Boots
at $3, $3.50 and $4 is unsurpassed bv any
other store in B. C^:- /Ol '���   '   : ;
"���"' ' ',..
Plans and specific     , '    ��� ��� '
ind forms t,r.t -u,li.|   ,
we know we have just what the-peopte want.
Our prices too, in every instance, are notched
away down. We would be pleased t"Q si.ll
you your EASTER SHOES.
Colombia SL,    New Westminster, B.C.
v-t->���*���*��������������<���������*���$*<>*'��*�����������> s��i
Suited  For Something.
"Your little boy may bBt*bndo president some due.v.''
,"l hardly lb-ink so. Arehilntlil Is too
njo^i'sl  :el/,l  le.'irilig." .    .
"Ob, well, he nifty, pul to bo vlfi'
preside nt! "--Philadelphia Bullptln.  t
The largest grnssllOppeTB are foutlel
In South .Vroeiiia. where soe-.e spevd-
tnena 'reatU a length of , Inches,
with a spread of! wings o*       inches.
. '  ���      :
"The Milwaukee,?
"The   Pion<-*r   Limited"   St.   Paul   lo
The  woman   fitunj    the   Vancouver k. Klngj VaWcbuVer;   Mr. and  Mrs. .1.
M",l-lic;'lit    ellslriii     vl;.,   ! i i, I -��� t! i n ���   mis- !,.' Coiltu i n.  Iloliolulu;      M.     (Coe'ngS
EflrWlie   to   sni'ic:       ,.   ..;.;,    m,   .;,,]',.- ).,,..,_   |.;    vv   T.ivlor,   Vancouver.
Melnnes'   care,   lllivlhg   i:,.,n   ,-m..i gi  I       \\'imlsi,r--.l.    (Irow,    Se: ..euitiue -,   .1  ,     ChicaCo,   "Short   Line"   Omaha   tc
V./1I1   va^rani.;,,  u.i,      1 ::,.,,:!     ,,,,. in ,.w,  Ci, > ;   A, J.a" i.-^.:,   R, iiiiiMiiam ; '     Chicago, , "South    _West     Limited'
VH',1 -)esl,er,|a.\   |IM,| nun; io ; eoiiuie  lier ,1.     Ji'jol.li'.oydi    SllJ'l'ey    Centre!   '8',   J.'I      **���"1������,'    ","/   '"     ��� l!' ai;i.
jo :ii(.>,,whjch-she did in prqferante r.;,,r, !u r.nl.,   ,|,,,
to ptiiiiii'-i. in a.month In ilu.  urovln-
ci;,I jail.
l>, partmenfj jt
Of this   Depart
the  PobI   Off
T1 ��� "���' HP
at thi,
'   ���
ices  al   Van
New Westminster, it. r
Papers Inserting thi
���Without   ami,.,rite   ui!l ,,.,.
,.    ., WJ. '
I-   ,;(i; ...      ..
Depulv   .Minister n .,
I'epartini.'lit   of  .Maim,
Ottawa, Cana 11   \\
Pi   -
In the ..Supreme toun
British Colunift',
i, i
���   ���.-��� .     .
miKS   .1(11!   KIM]   .
TAKI-r    v,m,'|,    ,.    n.*
day of March, A. n.      -   .,
5?     'he las, Will and Te
XX ���'"''KimM"'''"	
������     ��"5l|"ill;''':'.   B    G
}���     L-^eif.,1 i., ii,,.. h) IJie
���f     i:iMi-h  C.oiunibla, and I ,
tors and others havin
Hi,- fcstate of tin. sail   .
:nn1:-el| <u>-   ..    before :! ,h,..
April, 1307; to sand b ...,,..
',',   lleliv.-r .lee    the.      ,.: |    |    .
<.'l,ris!i;ui     an i      - .
d !  descrip.tlpns, tbe Eu      i , ���
OJ t Ik -i.i- plajms, .i .    ���.
accounts and the 0 i
ties.   If   an,,   hey    |\- :.
AXIi   i'l'i;T!ii.;;    TAKI
th ���   .'; last'nienl
wHl   ,,,	
..',...,,i',. ...
".       I :    [til   . .    ���     , .       ��� .
ll'lll.V    Im   C    m
then haw  ,..,' al   :
be Ifable for , .-
pari thereof |
61    whose    cl ���,'���--
notice t,'  the tu uh !,-���
��� i
Dated al X.-w w,      ���--.   -... -.
day of il.,1. le.   \.D    ��� -
. .1. ii  TOD
I'M..'    .,',,.      ���
,1,110-.  >     .1"    .;......  ,
��� ���
��� ���
��� ���
��� ���
��� ���
��� ���
Tenders for a Licepse to Cut Timber
on Dominion L.mds m 'm Pro*-
mce of British Columbia,
Sealed texdejis
! ::>��� I'eiuiu.i.   ,"' ��� ,  .,;  11 U   l':
D(;nartpjeni      the
ed on the ��� rn
��� >
��� ���
��� ���
��� ���     ber   Dei tie   \ .
%X      at     this     |)e;iai;:i
tt ������'���'
.        .1.. .
.. ..    ,,-.  .
.'. i   . mi      ri
M,        '      :  .     ! . - .'
,    m;i   :.i,.
e ',,,:,:,     .   .
ed or
i ild  South   Fork
i ,. ,-h'., ruu m mmn
oi TimJHfli <���! -   ��� ��� ^ '
.     0     :  '
'   I   hi)   ,   ,:   10]
. i.. : 10 c h u 11
The White Pass
and Yukon Route
c lonl .'    T.   I
t        . |0 ,:'l.     .:.     i..:
Hrtcl   QuektS. !:,:i!e..-,X.    Cp'.ll' ,>',
'I iifjhon     l'.   C,   Si. il ;.   I'    p  ,     'M-mm.   V::,i",mvvi';    W.    il.
V   ;ry::-:;   .1    ,'.    j      .,   ,'   .-:   -   ��� ri    .        :,    M.mm;    K.      Ph.l'p    l,      Vie
X, ','.,'...      ..: ..    ���  :   .     IprI] .
Vgiirquvej.  ft. C.
��� i   I, . iff    	
itll    l-ei.   .    >. :'I
", ':. an a  ������      ll
TlleS ice;    ...,:
In one ycai   (
tice aw .i.i,.
Th"   ro .,,1.1' '.'ti    11
.,:,,.   will   be    I-"
rorms  of tender  and  '
be obiaine.l Ml nils I'"     thi    ;
Mm i,Hie nf the <"mm.
irl New Wfestniinstei. '
,.:a,h i.m,: , amsl    �����       ^
ley an  Ile.."| 1   frh	
9d blinlt  in  ffiVOV 01 111
Minister    of   Uf   Inte
i,i,,|, i'1'
amouni  off tha homi    ���""
l.licini.   is ��� I'I'imim.-i   I '    ���'
C'.u.-te. I
The hlgheal or an;
0i isoirUj  accepted, , ���r.
No .lenib't' :>.'.   bal' '
U'l'lained. ,��� -i-i-'S.
-    fKKI.KV U  '���'";
...  .��� :'i   '
1 '    ���    ' '
Departononl of l*e Intel
tiii.ewu. Fei Minn
HllW* ^NESDA*. MABCH.27. iSQl...
riu l_ DAILY NEWS	
"Lj and solicitors, Blackie Blk.,
0,1,  Btreel',.  New   Westminster.
"'"'j Vh'teside/H. L. E>ionds.
Mr J   T. HA^TpN BOLE, solid-
./.r'of-'n^JW'lfehne -eyurt. Offices
ij.(I1  Hank of Commerce build-
' Columbia  street,  opposite   post-
Sew Westminster,    Money to
;: ���
::. '
K tii,
I", /tier
jarrflStei*, solicitors, etc.       Of-
Xew Westminster, Trapjj Blk.,
Clarkson   and  Lome  streets,
.niivari rooms Cl -to 24, 415 Gran
1       ,'���U.MJjSSSk Martin. K. C, j
.' tjfea.it,  W.  O.   McQuarrie,   II.  A
.}'.ra( ' Mr.  Martin   wild   be  ln th3
ve.\Y,  REID   &   HOWES,  Barris-
t^ri rqpUottora,   etc.,   i'2   Lorne
.,.;    ,'pi^*i��e.. Court '.Ho\ise,   Xew
5UUi_Bter.   A. Wheall.er, P.O. Box
kdjes'115 Watch
P. S. Bartlett,  6 Size Movement,  Fitted
in 14 kt. Gold Filled Cases, for $15.00
W. C. Chamberlin
The Jeweler
Columbia St.
Origin and Growth of the Clever
Amateur Sleuth.
B. C. Mills, Timber and
1DRGE B. MARTIN, Barrister aLd
Solicitor, guichon block, Colum-
and McKenzie streets, New West-
.Me:,   II.  C.
:. l^NbtaryfluJlIoft!
:.! '. l $evv WestW
V.YE.RS GRAY. I'- ���        ��� ������' '.ieltor
in. pi,' 1) e since
���:.i;.   'er. i: c.    Of-
, ., rem6t*d 'i' CdrtftB Block, Clark
. ...    c-rrrr, upiJUBlte   Court   House,
. o  V.ia H9i -,Telnpl.iiH! 6I..
v'tfE1:��� v.-e -\Ve*tmIn-
,-: Board of Trad" meets In the
Board Humij. Cuy. J^..U, ui, follows.
Secoi    weoriesftay'or each month.
q...rtv.lv meetings on the i am)
f  /^njsdl�� <-__/'������ rebratiry. '   M?V
'   ���' -    ���   anV-ICo^-ihtlev, lnM>  t>. m.
Annual meetings    on    the    second j
Wednesday    of     February.     New
members' may   be   proposed   an,!
elected at a-ii>\_ji>n/.hl.v or quarterly ;
���eeti��g.   A. K. \Vh''��. Sec.
JNION LODGE, NO. 9, A. F. & A. M.
--The .regular wealing of this
ts lt:i<l!o'ii itUe' First Weihi'"sdtty in
-..eli month, at t o'cltXtt rj. nn, tn
:;... Masonic iljemple. Sojourning
urethren are cordially invited to at-
Dr.  W.  A.  DeWolf  Smith,
i i l~J jU 1 i_--4���L I   f    i- ��r      ,    '
/   ! ,'"    ' ���     I >��� T     ���   Ul"J
U n y
The   Great   French   Writer   Introduced
Him   to   the   World   of   Fiction���The \
Genius    of    Poe    and    Gaboriau    and
Conan  Doyle's  Sherlock  Holmes.
Most   persons   who   read ^defective '
Htoi'iers. ami ;iiii.*t  literary critics, (too,
believe that .this, very popular, form of j
Action was invented by  Edgar Allan |
l-'oe.   il'he.v poinl to his story "f -The
l'urloineel. Letter" us being the first of ''
its kind   the  first   in which is  Intro- I
cluced  the' iieau of keen mind, Of ele.se
ivasoiiii;.,'  aiiel  e,f  eeiiistruetive  iniiigi- \
nation, who fe able to'iiieee together
-eertnm lirrrs-th-rrr-nreftnowTi arid- then
by   brilliant 'deduction   to ^mss-'  ftvnl ���
' them to other tacts which are ne,t ',
known. Inn, ih,. tnitleof which lie is1
jib|(i !���; establish iieyeiii.,1 a jdoubt,
I', e lifmsplf i.aei a miin.l precisely , f
this . Iniracter the ml'nd of a mathematician,  subtle, logical anil capable '���
: (.f S'eereliinj; analysis. -Ite onei v'ave a ;
renia.knhle lllus-tratioii ���t what he
could ,1" a,s an luvestlgutor, ofi mysterious el'iiiee. A voting shopgll'J, nained
.Mar. .Iti.;,'eis, \vas lnuieil niurdefcd
r   circumstances   Which   excited
:    publjc   interest   in  'New    Yo. k.
.police   v.ere  completely   bailed.
:.:li they advanced a theory whi, I,
wa , plausible in part. Pop, taking thi
la'- S that  were adtnirted. wove theui
Manufacturers and Dealers in All Kinds ot
���    '        ��� ������ "' ',:'.������
Lumber.   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sasli,   Doors,
��� .   , Interior Finish,   , lurned Work,    Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes. 1
v :. i i"   '.'���-������', [
-i ���.-,:    ,    Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glass.     : {
Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Drainirsg.  J
Royal City Branch, Colnmbia St.
Telephone 12. New Westminstei
k ",-��������� -i*m**).��ir;?**
W> Tl
\   T*'��iT, J   '       - ~tn ��� ������   t, . r-4.   -eZ-r.UA . W-^,--- ,:l'' ->  "'.'"   "'',l'  aontineii.  wove men,
) JIAKU ;   [E , $$\ PAI| Jv^||AjjfEDS int,^, st���,y; the s,.,.,,,.,..' kith m-ma
TTT . _,_,_._���   _,_, .-   ,-   ^nrA, ''"' in   Taris   and   which   he  eallc'l   "Tl,e
\VAihhi,i:0,.;i'.     bLL   inhM. m Mystery of MajtleJRtfgefi"  Then from
Clearing-out Sale of Ode
our Window and Door.
Lines at giving :a\vay pi
eotftl >
,0 'i-Ot-^MOrJ LODGE, rb. 17,'A.
A. ".V. '?J.���:Regular (r<'i.nrri,ihica-
,".s- .^f thlh IddgiB are held on the
���enrcd -Tuesd.'sy in eac'i month in
1 A,sa\ii��� T^n-t'le. at *. )������ n\. "Visit-
jr tr-etbTnn are -ordially Invited
."..tt.,-nd.    D. W. Tjilcbjtst. Sic
'��� MaMhed 18#"        *-* U h f ��� ���  !ncdf.,^/,,
Gilley Bros, u
esalc and Retail
,  DEALERS m   /';
U. ie. K-
I ',,. ,      Of
;,. i;., ln  Orange
of     1 .    ineers    fourth
each     month;    al     8
hall,   corner   of
1     *    WELLiryS.TCN     llUMP     QOAL
Z     ' AND" PEA 'COAL.
IT     _____
.'., .' avenue  and   7th  str, et. So
. Sir Knights   cordially In-
..-, : to attend. W. K. Iiv.n'o',', W,
[dot, Beg,
--Me.-'; in  Orange tia'H  t..��� s-1 un.O
thi  i .'-.lay in each mohtb n' 8 p. ,
tu.    Vlslnng  hrathren  ..." Ctirtlialb .
invited te, attend.    W   P   ������   x'-   -''-
(J, mes Humphrey, ll"e. * ��.         ."-'f
Wis celebrated Cement is
used by nuiriy. all large ^onlract-
ors ih thi Province.        ' ��� ' ' '
W��0D   FIBRE.        fki
M, ste-ry of Marie Jtoiier:
what was known be passed by deductive reasoning t" what was quite unknown and worked o.nt a solution to
tl'ee puzzle w'liieli nee professional detective' had been able to explain.
Years afterward the eotifessloii df 'tl
d) iiiK niitii ��� afforded proof, Ih&t IVee
was ritrht and tlntt be had reeonstriiei-
e,.i accurately the whole, sepias <ef
e-'flits wliieh led to the death of Jelary
l'hls remarkaEle acbleveme'flt fixed In
the' pnTelu- rnihel the notion that tins n^e
of logic 'blended' with imagination was
oiiginaBwitli PB& ' As ii'*nialter of fact,
il is almost eel-tain that Toe, who was
deeply versed in Krench literiitar,|.,jreet
the KUfr^estiou v.i. the method - ..rom,
reading <-ertain passages in, tbe oriental'tale bailed "Zadi'g, by Vmtaire.
In this book a youni; man is ijtiestioneil
as to whetfier he"lia,1-seen 'asdray dof:
and horse1 that n',ir-:l>t hai-e p'ttSseB bin:
on his .journey. In reply he describes
vti'.v a.-eiirately . the jieeuliapjtiesatOfl
both, .though ;he, had w4  seen .them.
nijim h'"si
M\ g&n~ ' ^
as well as sanitary results are
obtained from the.use of Alabailine.
stead of deteriorating with a_e.it actually
becornes harder, Untit at last it forms
part of tho wall itself.
with its plafntihts, supplies _:luxariods wall-coTerint. for the
most handsome roomsi leaving your walls free from the deli-
'Tium of wall papers^. VWwill Le glad to te|l you more about
. Alabasline, if you will ask us. Let us show you a tint card
and cutting of wood,wit!) 35 coats on. ''   '���
Curtain Stretchers, with adjustibie pins.
AH kind, of BRONZES, PAINTS, OILS, &c.
'���    ��� , ,HS"(_',"    .'       ��-n| ,  ���.,.'   . ,' , ' ' '-,      I, ,
I'I       ��� 111  ie       ..,)  i    .    ill   ,.
,���   ,'. ..; e !     I,
ii i   I
: I'llJ
lie had dedneed
j . -PRESSED, f-ACE  ER1CK, -;.
'.RIRE ERICK. .'. " ;. "'    : " '.
1 ��� ' PlR_ " CL.AV - -and  ��� MANTEL
:    3 ' -BRICK.
i  ,   5     From tlwsClayburn Clay Co. r
' iW-* Ci?eti,V.EC1iRO'CK.r :.. "���
Telephones: Office 16,   rAancger's Resilience 22. %
��    ���       ���' ��� ...'   ',H   ���*���'���     ���' ''    ~ i      *.  '   '.-. '     A   '��� '   '--   - ���    ^-**
�����������������������������**��������������������������<>���*��* o*��-*������<>***��*o��o***��******
his knowledge from
senung certain Indication's, alouu
the way���the nature t,f the footprints
and many other ilghi Avliielrtbe ordinary person would either not have noticed or would have been 1(d) .dull tu
understand, --Here- i��-really- Mn.--j.-eni!
o:' the concepjion which l'oo so bwL
li-infiy !iUa born to, flii the'stoi'yedl' ''flu"
Mirlolned Letter." where we find exhibited the strikrag contrast between
MJB WbrKllfc 4f "a"*ts<iiir lai'ibV-ffnil IbS
achievements of a mind of exceptional
p\weT juui tcalBjing.
Bank of Montreal
i' .1  ta mi
li .;    in
-.. ; i
i: ���'fe'STATiL.iSHEU. 181.7;
.. 'll'-e .'���
���   l> ��
u; le ,
Branches tlii1y|nslunU,1C>nadaanil .N��w feiin.dlanel,
��� im , , New ,Vi,rli, Ghieago and- Spokane, .t'.S.A.,
ie',     eral Banking Business Trausaeted.    '     ,
in   l.cn Ii ii,
Mexico City
..   . ,. ���
Engl ihd,
a h ::-���
Letters yi Credit .issued, .available..wi ll, correspondents
-   ,..World, ���   ..-,-,.    ,..-, in n:-.;     : .   .-  :
in- hlliipajts of :.   -
;0. 0. F.���AM IT
Ch,   :��� me
,,: in mid
f LODGE. NO, 27-
i| tj ':;:.-   I ' I
ei.,     ' haJV CeV,u:ii,
jWa   site,    .r,-, ,jy- M  ::   ;y  ��� ,-oriiti j
'a'  !���  ,!fl     |     \-\y . ,:,::.U:e <���":>
fn :'��� ' ���,', intend"   S Ore51     '
8 G.; C. B, Richmond, V. (',.; W. C.
. i:. S.;  J. w. MacDonald,
f   E : Alex. A:i: ms. Treas.     ..
K0. U   ���*/.���FRASEH  LODGE Mo. 3
-'''..- i:u:s tl,,. first and third Tues-
'i     each     month.       VisHing
!|r,: ten e,,r.;i',i]v Invited to attend
'���'m1:    , ,.���n.   \. Q, V. \v, hall. Odd-
'���'       -'   blqck,   (.".ar'..SOI]    ---eet.. (!.
''���  ��� in, re, order;   Louis Witt,
1      ei   ...O...M an.
[115,  SONS   OF   ENGLAND,   B.   fi.--
!    ' Ro ������ : ���. 'i ,..���;.,. ts S ������ .'ii.l and
in ��� da ������ of e.ieh month, ,
''       of .���'.  Hall, -Columbia St.. al i
"      ��� . \\ iei:,- i; ige Degr, e, FVsnrth
in    each nionthi Snme
H ���' ���    , I  ;!.,,..    Visiting  Bn thren
in. it., i.     i-:.  it.  Stinch-
!f,,l; '   .   I'res..   II.   Dlsnev,  SeeTeMM y,
Ihe Schaake tome
is .i.'t't
ln  the
Savings Bank Department,     Deposits
, and i;iter,es^ ,a,lloyed y,t :; per .<���
four times a year..      ..,, _
Totaf Assets" oyer ?!,:^," '.'���.���"lOO'.Otf.
receiveil in sums of $1 a'nd npw^fjjj
per nnnuni  (pretent t ^..0)  ., ;
e-'.-l ���-.  ,'.
'I. ii. lira-MX,.!;. ji'ancts
���''������' -i-1-
��� ul i
I i m ������
TOTAL  ASSETS  4S.400.000
Ei^ljty-iive branchesi wit!
the world. ���    ,    ,
Qprr^spon4����nts throughout
,-i??_ESs_��_�� B U L.-L
0;    ;  BRUNETTE, No. 4010, I.O.F,
ta the Fourth Friday In tiie
' ' i   at   8   o'eloe!,.- in   the   Mnall
iddfellows' block; Vtsitlnj;
,,;"'' en are eordiallj Invited to at-
fg1"!, .!. i;. ttirthlofj, ('. It.: I' P.'
|Mwell, li. s;
'!)'. ��. F.���Tl e regular meetings, of
"!!s Lodge are held or, Ihe Second
t*t>d i ourth Tuesdays of each month
���"l s P. m. in the Oddfellows' I-Iall
Great Northern
i.-ev.', Paily
iy "Siting
mte(| to
J. I'
li",.; bren
attend.   E.
Maxwell. See.
ire cordlaly
C. Firth, C.
���i: ::."e
a in
P in
p in
a in
p in
p in
a in
lilaine '!:,Miiii-'i: n ,. 6ur|_Btmi. Mt,
Yemgn, Kv ci LL Sei��tt_g; Pe,itl'.,n,l_
stiokmiV.SU^uiflvnil all [��_lOts _5_ts|
Aliaeo' t'-M   'eVO'.He.v,   RO, Miei't.
...,-,,��� (lw..-  betw,    :  S atlle,  New
Westminster & h     "ine Iim" jiobit^
Ar.ives I'..-'���..
:;:(,,) ]i in
9-i��a u rt
:;:i,-, .,e rn
:;;,���.l r. i'j
0:20 a S
���i::,(,. ji in
.iPERANCE''..'n!'.','t   '.verv'. ^e/lne^.-.y
." ; p'i'um w....rv:iu..od��iiwt,ws:e^
;'1'111 ' C,,li^nl'i> rlr-'W." ' 'Vlfd'titrn '
''''"'lireii me eordlnllv Invited to at- '
���tcii'l, (
New Westminster for Guichon    ..:a:i i>. ra
Mondffl, VE��ineapay, Ktiday
:',,,ni M-tki m: H:10a.ifl
MMmn 6 ,.. "W"0"^'^,    ,:" m i��� a,., Lv. for
WVS: 19 it. in. arfwe li'W/vjW;' ;
|     fcuTB_dfeTHB|f f   ^'OR>EN,TAL   U.M
.v. l:^___-bnil;' O^tlat-.d Trainsj 2   -
,������::'.,    a. ;n
\ ���       :
en. Ilnrr, S. C; N. R. Bro��_,
Spokane, SI
Louis   and    ai
*gTj! .'innplet,
oil   "'
Paul, Minneai ,1   . v Innlped Duimlt,
���   _ . ..       1 ���, i. -1 I
Chicagty St.'
CAMP; 191._m,:���, j ��������� ,lR, Ki,.st ntui
'llll'<l  Tetesdnv   of  every   month   in
f',��!   ft  HoJK .    Mun    ;MrMv"n
le,eints    Ea t.
|n,ormatioi., ... , t. UotUjt.iW��mtion,
K. ���('.. MFTKe^S,, Agent,    ,
n���nfli,ip        ���       No*' VVeutftJjnster, ll.���'<'.
fComnierce Bujldlng, u,u!s, A .���. j,,,     -
tlftiwi1' ftinruoB; Si��fttthr"Wi '���
r-oe-'s be-tttil ftghr^tne^ffmhtdnr de-
���tqatlypj wns-��l-tei'wai'd etttijibt-tip and
elaborated with jjiuiL e!'!\ct l.y.^L.vi.i;..l
Ythvih^mrtiikti.ttfwimriilfc'iti'iet r,:,K-
Etnllo Gaboriau.    Gaboriau gave tiie
w.'iid, the character of >S.'.t.eeo,i in t|le
remarkable novel of tliat'nanii/.'   Leeaj
is,  a   ,wvil',__��jio^al,  dvlee-tt^^lait   i'^X-
p.-atS; ilVTtjttt ijotik n,s aaoviee, inexijlj
HenHd, lnjt full-of foefflfeeucejnd >{ti-
JtL'^Sa."1" ^ 'n-li'i��^ td.wiJS' (in  Iii;
ei,.\vs against  the secret opposition io:
Ills official chief,  (ferret, who
ons of t*e young detective.
��,b_e._ttTi*aaJ   is.  the   iuuti-ovstiiig H li::,i|e
i of the rsiji nniatenr detective; old i'Ar:-
tl!-:':' Ti;,'-au-Chiir ("Briu;:-to-lit;Ut"i.i ir.
retired  tratlesiuan  who studies5crime
from sheer love of .the intellectual ptis-
��le which It affords him and wb,ieli 'be
solves by 'pnreiy'seieiililie dediidtioity.;
Sir ("oiian Hoy].1 in creating BaerlQ^k
. Ilolnits openly noknov^ledgetl bis grS&t
iiHli'l,te,ln,L��'s' to foe. Like I'oe'ej hoiep,
! Ileelnu'M -works apart from the (.:!i.;"al
j police aud is .eoin-'ulted by lb, in  will
tin ,v  are  wholly  at n  loss.    Many  of
11,e incidents in the Holmes ey,-:.   :,r
series were snirfrosted I'v the [in\ >.,:
, tion,-, of Poe    Vet it Is otily fair, t      ���:���
that. Jjoyle has gone ��m>>-. st^p Aii'tlier
j thtiu his master. Poe'-sve-tjiSrneiiJr u'y
j ::li'--lraeilons. They am: like .o!>,je aion
, Oil ll,e board luiel e-ieite in teres; i.iily
I bcause of the eoniplexity of tin; prjjli-
: le in which thev are rnado f,, m!_?.
| Poylo's characters, on the'oilier hniid,
! are drawn with gympafliy and ti
! ,-lire".vel insight into hitulan liatufe.
i They entertain us by their yihims a'twl
iudli'ldual traits no IcBs'thitj,  by  fhj'
adventures fbrou^h  which  toey  p:i-M-.
Thine Holmes' addiction to the e'o afn'e
habit, his trie'lc of s,inrtking great .jiiflfj-
,titles of shag tobaVeo wbeir thinkljni;
out ii pVoblwn, bis itllsllke of wonifctl.
his skill'iis n boxer 'In fact, n score'of
traits .all  gi.re hitn  indlyidnnlily a?id
make- us thlBk of bint as-,a t'asiinatiiiig
ebaraetcr wufte apart (from Ijrl's ilowei-s
as "t, dcduOTTye reiisonbi'.'. A^td it Is :vo
v.'illi  Ihe  r^lnor p'.r-'ona.'jres'/as   \veM��-
Wntseni.  thoj somewhat obtitse  i'hrejn-
leler of (he .adventttrif,; .Uvstrarte nti-1
Gregson   ofj tiie ' oii'u'lni'..'pidlci.   and ^^^	
Morlarty, tb^nrch eriidiTiiil!'' >'   .      '       ''*""'   ',"'""" ���.   :      ������
Hut however brilliiini'T'oe tuay htjve , " iri'net'al Banking bbsinesM transacted.   Accounts may,be opened ano! con-
, '���       . .'     __'.Ib5_J       ,'-. ������ ���!  '���'  :,'    '    .1....1 .., III'. _j_:i ..oil ill OS li_Av__ itf.'i l 1.
I'l'eii, or however
may have si)jny,t
:   I
OXli DOLLAR o;iens- an nc'coifnt!   rfiter^st igdd'ed four
tin-.es a yeaK'   St;:it to-day.
'���-:'.' WESTMINST.^  fen.-'  . .,
F. B. LYLE, mcrtagGr.
: .    ���'
-     '     :   ���
Ill        .   V
King SI eet,
Canadian Bank of Commerce
,  ���-��� ,u i    ���. .    **'
Paid-up Gapitali $10*000,000.     Reserve Fund, $5,000,000
I'i. ,1c.. \VAl.i-yKIl, rVe.M,len,t. '[      . ALKX.   I.AJltD,  G.gi.eral  -Manager.
ingleil plots;- iw liriw-
lily (���on'an'li.i.vle may lm\.'��� i -,'en
ml reality to tho central ngjirosJJf
his  stories,  Hi,-;.' all derive il.elr
grjlratlou, whether wn��rtnv)siv th n|
from   Ihe  clever   tale  told   by   the
irons l-'renehimin betacs i'w *vn xbii
nJfsT. -Hcrrip hook:
ducted by mail with all ^ranches of this bank
Deposits r'f'Jpraniljipv'ards'i-eceiveil.'. Interest alioiveil at current rates
received.   Interest alio ived at current rates  and
added, four  times  et year.   The-ifeposrtor is subject to no delay
whatever.in the withdrawal of the whole or any portion of the deposit.
J ri
 "���    THE DAILY NEWS   ~"^
H ��, i�����
THE DAILY NEWS          !          WHat a nAtak. to use coarse ^^l^^^l^^   SOMETHING         GOOD         IN'
Published bv the Daily News  pub-        Salt for cooking!    Fine,  pungent , FOR SALE���Flnesl   strain  White  Pe
lsl  ag   Company   Limited,   at   their       WINDSOR SALT    adds such ki��   ducl(   eggs, $1.00   per   dozen   t-.t> T Tjr-p            j
...           ,iii, Ceo:'-'      Morrow.      DistllleryviHe   rixUl I      atlCL
a daintiness to the lood! v              t                          t0d 70
offices,   cornet-   of   Sixth   and   Fronl j
streets. New Westminster, B. C.
E.   A.   Paige.
. Manager
Transient   display   advertlsinj
ei   it���so long must  we espeel to be
101 "Stood    over"   until    we   exllilii,    some
cents per line (nonpareil), 12 lines to  symptoms  of  returning  sanity.
the   inch.     Five   cents   per  line, for,	
subsequent insertions. |
Reading notices, bold face type, 20 I ,
cente pef line! brevier or nonpareil,:    Congratulations  te,   Mr.  Macdonald.
10 cents per line. M.P.P., on his "better  terms    speech.
For   time   contracts,   special    posi-   It ,,���, ,llt, lllatu,,- |n the right light���
tions, apply to advertising manager.
WANTED   Ladj    Housekeeper,   light]
work.    Applj   Windsor Hotel.     dtf
WANTED���-Waitress, al  mice.   Apply
Depot  Hotel, at  the dining room.
Notices of births, marriages or
deaths, 50c. Wants, for sales, lost
or found, rooms to let, etc.. one cent
per word. No advertisement taken
for less than 2i> cents.
Day   Office   .
Night   Office
. B22
FOUND���A sum of money which owner can have by proving property
and paying for ad. F. Buse, 1-ih
street and  10th avenue.
put the saddle on the right horse-
anil showed that the Liberal leader is WANTED���Female Help wanted al
capable of taking a broad and al the '��� once. Apply New Method Laundry,
same time a patriotic view of the re-       Burr block, Columbia street.       dtf
<>,'nKj|t'.>?"tL ���
WEDNESDAY.   MARCH   27.  1907.
lations between province and province. J
and   between   the   provinces   and   the
Dominion.     The    Opposition    should j
have the sp :h circulated throughout j
the province.    It would show the pen
pic   "where they are at."
r-OR SALE���G-room liouse with bath.
electric light, etc., e,n Tenth street,
close in. $2.COO. Also three hits
near city limits for $50 each. P. ().
box y.H. Xew Westminster. dtf
160 acr n McLennan road, Surrey, close  to station.    House   16x24;
l acres In chick"n runs; 8 large chicken houses: r, acres cleared. Price
$25   per acre,  one  third   cash,  balance easy  terms, |
10-acre Lois, close to city in Surrey, Coquitlam, Burnaby, Lulu Island,
from $200 up.
4:; acres with water frontage opp ,site Royal City mill, ror $225 per
acre.    Terms.
160 acres ai Halls Prairie, close to postofflce and station; 100 acres
cleared; 7-room house, with bath; barn 90x100, 3 fowl houses, pie pens and,
slaughter house.    Price $14,000, $5,000 'ash. balance  easy  terms.
160 aces in Chiiliwack district, all cleared and fenced, on main road.
Price $12,000, half cash, Ik,lane,. I and 2 years.
77 acres, Vfa miles from Westminster Junction, fronting on river, all
cleared.    Price $70 per acre, one third  cash, balance easy terms.
SO acres, 2 miles from Westminster Junction, all cleared, Price- $60
per   acre,   one   third   cash,   balance easv terms.
' FOR SALE���Fruit Ranch, 11 acres, -1
So the obedient majority has \ ited      acres cleared; house, stable 50 fruit
that Mr. McBride's "grand stand play" ���    trees; on main road.   Cheap, $2,650.
at Ottawa was the correci thing; and      White    &    Shiles,    260    Columbia
A NEW RAILWAY SCHEME. ,, hag  .l]sn yo|tM  .hat   th(, p)aln  ,mi,      ;i,n.(.,   v.,   Westminster. .1 f
The Colonis'l   wants   the  Dominion palpable misstatements In liis "better
Government to sei aside all monies derive.:! from the sale of the three and a !
hal    :. lllion acres    ol   Peace    Rlver|thlng     ;   . v .,,      v , ,,,A , . ,   ,i;i
lan Is   which   this   Province
jave   it   of a Tory majority is wonderful.
man.,   years ago,  as  a fund  to  secure j
the construction of a railway or railways which will bring the Peace River country in:,, direct touch with  th,
terms" resolution, are. truth, notwith-   TIMBER lands���w,. deal exclusive
standing the facl  that the resolution:    ly in timber.   Have large and small
f  you   v. ish   i ,
buy or sell, see me,   E, !;. Chan lh  .
I ,7  Hastings  St.,  Vancouver,  B.C
Itself shows  them  to  the  the other
Call  and see our list of houses and lots in the city. .^
HALE & LANE,  Real Estate Agents
248 Columbia St, New Westminster, B. C.
and at CALGARY, Alberta.      ���
What "sterling" mp:
, ���      i , 'v     "ie,'iis
to silver,  what  "cutting-���
means to glass, what "ial"
moans   to   gold   this  trade'
mark means to
It's the hallmark ol
Mapk- Leaf Rubbers a<
their name signifies, are '
I from pure Para Rubber,
All kinds,
seaboard cities of British Columbia.
This suggestion is. the Colonist declares, made in all sincerity, without
so much as a squint in the direction of
political effect, n quotes the announced policy of the Dominion Government in the matter of the construction ot the Hudson Bay railway, as
embodying a similar suggestion to
that which it makes. That policy
is to use the t'unils derived trom the
sale of preemptions in the three pralr-
i" provinces as u source from which
to ine,vide the necessary sui,sidy for
the Hudson  Hay  railway.
Now, while we are quite willing lo
discuss this matter aparl from poll-
tics, We cannot divest ourselves of
Hi., knowledge that it bears a very
strong family likeness to certain
s,���hemes which have enabled the Mc-
Bride government, "ancient and modern," to carry elections in Victoria.
We say this not with the intention
of Importing politics into the discus
IOB  PRINTING���We work    for   th,
: e ... . le of N'ew v. ��� minster.
Vour or ii r v\ ill be appi ecia e I
Ar.r.ov/ press. Room    i,   Dailj
Xews   Block,  MRS.   DOMIXY,  ?: in.
sion.   but simply  to defend ourselves   turing,   The idea of the Spanish card
against  a nossible accusation that  we   maker seems to be to get as much colo
r.���       I, ,,<,, .a....i,.,.. 'fl	
Peculiarities   of   Those    Used    by   the
Different  Nations.
"One of the mosl Interesting collections of foreign loot that I've seen
recently,'' said a man ordinarily toe)
busy to make tho trip over the seas
himself, "is an assort mi'iil of playing
cards from various parts of Iho world,
"In every country the owner of the
collection visited���and lie went to a
good many���picked up cards ,,f loc.il'
manufacture and so representative of a cheai> convenient homi
the nation.
"The Russian cards arc terhaps ibe
most elaborate.   The faces ,f the kings
and queens are different In each suit,   t60 Columbia  St..  N
indicating the racial elements that go
to compose the empire.
"On the Greek curds classical heroes
nnd heroines are represented. Nestor,
for example, is the king of hearts nnd
Orestes the knave. Agamemnon is the
king of clubs, Hercules the jack of
spades and Minos and flanae the king
and queen of diamonds. The Greek
pack is rather a cheap one und scarcely does honor tei the celebrities portrayed.
"Cadiz Is a center for card inanul'ac-
lea of the Spanish carder
have forgotten the history of the coun- I ��",  '""  "MnlsW  ,'OSsi','1"'     Th". r"-val
robes    are   ,,l    unusual   magnificence.
The clubs are big bludgeons in green
and red. and the knave eef clubs, gayly
caparisoned on a prancing horse, reminds vou Instantly of Jack the Giant.
Z^TtTu^ S2 5212S 500 Cords of Tan Bark Wanted
there  are  disks   and   dice   cups.     The | A.,   [nt
Looking al the matter then entirely
apart from any partizan view, we find
iei th" Brst place that, however good
the idea may be, it is n,,i one that
can be fairly supported by citing the
Hudson Hay railway policy ,,f the Dominion. In the first place, there is a
���sort of standing offer of a land bonus
of G.400 acres  per mile In Manitoba   bon.
and double thai outside thai province,   al In design than on the Spanish.   Th
for   the  construction of  Uie Hudson   ace  cards  are  adorned   with   typical
Elghl   room   house,   Carnarvon   St,
close to Post Office, $1,500, i, ilf cash.
$.800,   close   te,   Sixth   streei    cum    I
room house.
$1,100, near High School;  7 rooms
$1,300,   close   to (.'res,ent:   7   room!
'h, etc,
Bizes.     1 here are    - ,,!,,,.
"jusi ns good" I", r Wester |
j, Leckie Co., Ltd,
Selling Agents, Vancouver, fi i
Tenders will be received till April
m, i:in7, lei the undersigned for the estate of the late W. E. Emerson, for
the purchase or lease of the
situated al the foot of Fourth avenue,   rs
Ni w  Westminster,    The planl   has a '
band-saw and full equipment of tools.
Full  informal ion  from  P.  M.   Eddy al
the dock.    Highesl or anv ten I, i  nol
necessarily accepted.
New   Westminster. I',.  C.
P. 0. Box 167.
to raise go to Is g, I PEED. We keep lhe - tl ind the
best only    Make chick       I y I ..   giving them  jood feed.
Strengthen your live   I ic i    ij   building up  hone  and  m
an 1 use C ARN AC.
LADIES have you tried the P str; Flour made bj the Eburne
Ml ling C m.:..:,:.. . [f not ' eh ne 3:1 an I trj ii; the results
obtained   ar    excellent.
FRONT STREET. Telephone 333.
Snli! Agenl for \n Westi
Transfer Co.
fflce 'Phone IKS       hstd rnonelj]
Colurrbia St,
Baggage delivers I    promptly tc v;
.   rl nf the ,   ���
Light and Heavy Haulin
Officr-���Tram   D'pct
Second Hand Junk Store
O   0   <)   ()   O   fl   ���)     )   O    ()    (j
Highest Prices Paid for STOVES, FURNITURE
and TOOLS of all descriptions. Also buy and
ROPE. We also buy and sell everything.
cards In some of the Spanish packs are  Fn_cn�� ��:..,���_ t~
very thin and have a capital spring.      ! FraSCr  R'V^ Tannery    ��� -
"The' Madeira cards come from Lis- MJetWeen     KsOllUTlDlQ      QflU.
Highest Cash Prke Paid   Fraser River Hotel
tB.ooo i EMPRESS Ol       i iainj,4���'j:
H. Powor( EMPRESS Ol ' M  >     TOW
Nov,   i.,   ih,-   tlm     : .
1 :e,i- im the " I i'
I rates are low,     Tourist Sl*
| to St. John to conn,
icxt   sallln m    \
, da es and rate,   ,
1 ED  in,I",.   ,
R      'MM,'
The figures are more convention-
Apply by mail,
or by
'Phone No. 214
'. Portuguese scenes.
Bay road, aad the announced policy of --������-����� ;.".;"".', .   ,
,,      ,, ���   ,i       A peculiarity ol  the pack bought in
h,    -OYPmment   is   a   substitute   l',.r; ^feitSi Is thai   the ace cards,
lQls'.    There is no such pledge as to ,n ;l,1(jitiou to the single spade, ilia
!*-'\. construction of a railway from the mowl,   club <>i-  heart   in   th liter ol
i-.   ... River  country to  the   Pacific, each, have' diminutive aces at the up-
li ig true that these lands were given per  left   hand  and   lower  right  hand
his province to the Dominion as a ' comers.
"Tl,.,     !,.,li
The Italian face cards portray decidedly gloomy personages. Each one
of i lie face I-arils, by the way, entries
.   -. ,    io   ecuie t'i" construclion of
.���::,. ,m ;   bul  the  railway  has  been
\ f | IIU III'*"       '    ��� 1   I   '   I .""���,        l# J I1IV '*'*,'��        <���!���������>.i
I'uctetl. The. policy announce.el iu srann print the name and address nf
I': the Dominion Government with re- the maker. There are tiny packs, an
s. i ;'  to the construction of the Hud-    iue-h and  a  quarter by an  inch and
three-quarters it, size, which can be
bought on tho streets of Naples for a
soldo. These resemble the. Spanish
cards to senile extent, although the
royalties are more dignified.
"Cairo Is a great card emporium, and
Mousky street offers rich returns to
thc card hunter. Porl uno telling curds
must be in demand there, t" judge
from the samples l saw In the ei llec
llmi. The , 'nir.e play lng cards come
mostly from Ucniinny.   They are brll-
he Dominion,     ia Sen- scenes from lands l���,ih vest and ca-i. %i     h      ''���'��� \ \j ���'   } ���: ,
I (the only Conservative      "Th-  gem  of  all   the  pacts  ,- ��� a     h%J\-*' "-'/ ������������.. .   '       '��� %#U   -
o   British Columbia nl Ton.    Swi,,,.ria,i,l.    The   .:���-,-     ,,��� & M^ll* | W   'A '                                      |sff'
it.    the    unwise    course small   ,.,,,; and  ,:,���-c M,a:'M ,-   I,     ,,,. % \*&l , ���   M'^   j ,(��   -.                       %    ^
e better terms  matte, ""' W'f !l"',\ :'���.:'��� : -,   ! "i    '   ' V. feS^ i AW*  ' .' ���':                            *t>^
I        ��� ni�� ,  .  i    a  substitute for
'., ���  lit, nil  fulfilment  of an  outstand-
ition; 1 he Colonist's proposal
i    ..  .    igeslion thai a volunteer addition    -   ma      mi -i fulfilled obligation.
It   is, in fact, ;���  i, |ii, sl  [or an  in.-,al-
���  of "bel ti :  terms."
: ,.���:',.   u"  come   to   the  ��� lone  wall
Ich has been built  across the path
of  all   negotlnlIons of the.  kind   sug-
:   m\   the Colonlsl   lietween   this    Hunt In their coloring    The aces curry
Province   ind the Dominion.     \s Sen-   scenes from lands both west and easl
alor Macdonald
���" entatlvi
e - ��� iwn i   pul
1   ;"   ;h"   l,"""r   terms   mattei tio'S|gti"ls' the  odolwelss,     I    ���
has closed the door In the meantime,    ,]; uS and jacks nre delightful studies
Wi   all hope thai 11 maj be ]>ossible to in Swiss costume, and tin- purchasci
��� ipen  ii, and  thai the mural obliga- certainly gets his money's worth, for
tion of the Dominion    to    ,1,,    great i each  faco card  has two hair tlgurns
things for the development of its far   'i"1"' unllko.   On tho nees are Swl 8
,.  ,. Bcoues and objects ol Interest, also twn
v''���'"���" Province may be suitably ���<���-   (n fl enrd| t||��� ..1]1|.���,s lnclndl���g ,,���,,
knowledge-1 by deeds, as it has heen. enstlo ,,,- chlllon, the Mntterhorn, the
acknowledged by wind-; but we bridge at Lucerne and tho Lion of Lu-
should   '. c   plainly   unreasonable   did   cerne."���Indianapolis Star,
w,   ex ���',    anything  of  the  kind  so	
long as the Province continues to sane- ; Silvering  Mirrors.
���  , i Mirrors are usuaiiv silvered bv coat-
in,!! the maintenance ,>   the truculent , ...   ���     . ,,-    ...
, ing the glass wiih nmalgum.   tor this
altitude which iis Governmenl has as-   pui.pose ., |,u.g0| lH.,-|-,���.,|y ,iat stone Is
BUmed, ,  provided, and  upon  il   is evenly spread
Let the Colonist  exert  Itself to in-   a sliced  of tin  foil  without  crack oi
some slight knowledge of the rud-, Haw.   This is covered to the depth of
one-eighth Of an  inch  with clean  mer-
.     ? '���
���   '���   ,.'       vkV '     ,
Vv, i���'���   '.
H \
��� i i > '.,
'..,.:        .'   v."
W- ���    i ���    ':   &
in,ents of statesmanship Into the aggregation -...liich controls the destinies
cury.    The   plate   of   glass,   perfectly
cleaned from all grease and Impurity,
'������  ms Province, and ll  will be doing   |g ||o;||i.(1 ,m ,��� .,���. ,m,,,,.m.v by s|i,|m.
m 'thing of real   value  towards  se-j B0 ;|S ,,, exciUde Mli air bubbles.   It Is
curing   the accomplishment   of    such then pressed down by loading ll with
projects as thai which u suggests.  So weights In order to press oul all tie
long as ...... maintain the    policy    of mercury which remains fluid.   This is
bounce and  swagger -so long us  we r,""iv"11 ih il letter around tho stone.
.   , ,- . ���      i     ,- After   iilmiil   twenty-four   hours   il   Is
continue to shake our list In the face ���    ,.    ...     i   ,,       ���,       , I,
gi'iitlv raised upon its edge, and In a
of the Dominion and talk about "thej jew rt.ceks ��� [S ready to frame,
fool  ,,f tie. throne," .en I all  the resl ^
--.-.    ;     "������������.$>
vi    ���       -   -:' .-;     vs' ii     ,
; :     ...V>7   M
'   ��� : ' ' -i.s
.���  : m
mm sfc
- "*��� -���i.-���^
\ our Clothes will have to be about
right when you escort the mother,
wife or sweetheart in her Easter
Our new sprin stock oi Progress Brand an< Fashion-Craft
Suits and Overcoats have just
If you want first choice of the most
comfortable assortment of choice
patterns that has ever been shown
in this city, call early.
%&n��x����zm .M3&___��
fjww* tatteaii'
*���* iwSii.i��_i*S3aj
he Clothier
Cor. Sixth & Columbia Sts, -  Nev/ Westminster, B.C.
m ffi g%m �� mssmmm mmmmsm _ss? I50AV
BCH 27, 1907.
u^;;r   THE DAILY ^^      ^^^
5 '
Fruil   tree  Spraying a:    reasonable
: : ' Via, e    Phon,   39, Colonial
fotel. ��� 6d-72
''���'���"��� ':':;"    ""  '��� ''"'  seemed   highly   satisfied   to  be   hack
i    in amongst congenial surroundings.
Mr. Myers or Mr. Goulel gets The lmProven��en< '"' tne channel near
���;,.. china set. l!"' Annleville bar will be continued,
and two large wing dams will be plae-
The French dolls al the Easter Baz- ed on each side of the channel in thai
nar will create a sensation. [vicinity.     A   large  quantity of  plies
are now lying in the stream near the
...There's lust One Chance in a Thousand...
Of course it's very improbable, but still there's just the chance,
that when you contemplate house fm si.shing you might not know
just where to go for the Best FURNITURE at thu Bkst BARGAIN
PRICES. Take no chances, but enquire of any prominent citizen of
New Westminster or surrounding country am\ the unanimous verdict
of Merchants, Traders, Farmers and Mechanics (all of whoso happy
homes bear evidence of our Magic Touch) will be, go to JOHN A.
LEE for Carpets, Linoleums, Oil Cloth, Lace Curtains, Coverings
for Furniture, or any article required for complete house furnishing.
, et,    i , i tha    ilti                -      e  made
:  Thu red ���    an Sa      ' iy.
da; s Thu laj      nd    Saturdaj,    so    advise
irll   ��� in the w ei     I i do their
tl   if Beau S u Ing    Mercli  tull
pleasure,   tl ���        ire sold h,
railing placi
[rtistic Headwear in
)istinctive Styles
we heat  nice things said     iouI  the    ?ooels        -   .   In
.. ; -.1  im,   ���-  -tore;  not  'lattery, bul nice things with a genuine
hem; and more than thai  wi   ire getting u  lers for hats
... I,,, never bought  such  goods In town   eel . i      - sides a
,-. Ith our regular CUB! in ������: -.
wins this week comprises   Paris  and  N'ew   Yo, k   Pal i ���-.
Grey, Green, Violet, Pale Blue-. Navy, Pink, Hrown and
[nation   colors.     Also   . Ready-to-Wears.     Sailors.     Un-
'ed Shapes, Flowers, Plumes, Foliage, Etc.
soon us the dredge is ready to follow up the pile driver and deposll mud.,
be  a  scientific i behlnd ,ho win&s-
:'     '-1   reader   <���'  !i'"   Ea��ter Baz-      A ,.,,������ ol- abom   ,,������.   '6arg |
'.. '-,;  age  had  a  rather narrow  escape
1  en   will    ,,   an   .\i   concerl   on fl0m ^e'nS trampled on hy a herd of I
Thursdaj  of the hazaai and an auc-   t;"!l''  ""  Columbia  street   yesterday
Lion sale ou the lasl afternoon.      The    chihi's    name    is
Smith,   and    his    parents reside on
The  regulav il"-:il'- 0| ,:"   ����� C.  Tenth street, near Royal avenu,.. from
.  will be held on Thursday after-  which place he had strayed, with the
the home ol Mrs. David Rob   above result.   Constable Maxwell had
th,    isual hour. id hi   eye on the youngster for some
.'he charge  ol   assault  againsi   Ol '   W;l* 1,ul   sure   that  " waa
.    m ��� ithilrawn y,    ei
iflice    \\ i~   com
he mai ter,
John A. Lee's Furniture Emporium
The death of VY. B. Walker, an oc-
618.50 to $21.50 Suits.
.    howing of novelty tweed      nd worsted    suits,  mostly
,,-.-   in light colors, with faint stripes and overchi
,-,. ol  ���  >.. i S, ,t, h and Don veeds; coal     re line.el
or twilled  Italian, and ar,   b        i an I trimme I;
��� popular styles, $18.50 to $21.50.
\l . :   rescuing it  from the cat
'��� decided  to take  the child   to
ation, where its Identity was dis-
m and then conveye I  ii  ,,, the
::.'.     [or  'mnie of the parents.
-   ter,  ring     up    Ti ly,   the    ttorist,
e   \. IS4.
'��� genarian,   took   place    al   his  resl-
e home o      .    !;��� .   M . and Mrs. tlence,   Sixth   street,   about  6   o'clock
K   Vert                        ed yeste   laj ��� '���''   laj   evening.      The    deceased
-'M                        ...    if a hal ������'     een in poor health for some time
Th,      '���         .       m  brings the family ;iUl1 ;llt' end was not unexpected. Two
[i to '        uembers   tv\ i girl . daughters, Mis.-,  Walker and  Mrs. Al-
inel        ��� ;  and mother. '' "��� were tt| ,lis bedside when the old
gentleman   passed   awaj'.   Mr.   Allan,
"    waS   >"~ "! i;i- a son-in-law,   was  also  present.   For
' '      ' arbitrator in ma_y years the late Mr. Walk..,- car-
. tardlng the compensation ried on a floral and horticultural busier    right-of-way iness in the city, and was the owner
"   '>��� acquired bj the of the sixth street  greenhouses. The
Vmm,,-:,,     Terminal    Railway     Com-1 funeral   arrangements    have  not   yet
'���""">' been fixed, bul 1). Murchie will be the
For  cul   hyacinths,  carnations  and    ' " ' r'
i   -    li sign .  Iel >pli ui"  T.   Davles
,.--..    |           -r,.     ,;_ .. Dates Ahead.
March 29���Rifle Practice. Richmond
Owing ��� .  ,i dela;    lown  south,  the   range.
.' Fl ice Gale, who was      March 30���Gun Club Meeting.
��� . the Opera House I liis even-1 	
���; r;":! T1 T,:'n        famous archers.
I.    I ntil   thai   I ite,  ther i 	
��� ���
New Soft Front
"'   :      thea rical   attractions        . stories  of  Wonderful  Skill With  Bow
local t leatre.
)25.0O to $40.00 Suits.
I' elaborate Btj les Worsted, H un
���overt  Suits, ecllpsin ���     ' ngs.   Alte
the premises, and Hi
On,  ol tl ������ H. C   E. R. cars I i - eok
lhe i a. ���      coi nei of Pine si reet
and Foui I h a\ enue j estei I i ��� evening,
and son ���    I,       , nsue I    efore the er-
..,: ���  ., bide ��� ,ul I   c on,.  more placed
���...   n : ron   . nth   if n ctitude.   Xo
... ��iis   lone,
What About a
Bilk Waist for Easter
large.    Nev, Waist Sill   , Bla
in  Checks; T irta     Plaids;    Plai (fetus;
Chiffon Tafl ���' Taff,  a
i'   ���   ���     -nah;   Black and A or P
uiiis:]>   65c, ,'5c to $1.25.
Yalstlngs   in ,-'.'���    Lustre and  Orien    W
���"���:��� 50c. and 75c a yard.
and Arrow.
The expression "drawing a longbow''
does uot of necessity mean ihe' telling
of a falsehood. It sometimes refers to,
a wonderful story, which may he true
enough, but which is so marvelous as
to require u firm trust in the veracity
of the narrator to enable the bearer to
believe it. Some of the longest bows
of this sort have" been drawn about
il. R. King of Vancouver, who wns   hows and arrows.
in town ;   -'.Mi:.', while speaking in      "������'" '   '"      : ;" '��� :1 l"    v'r~n
e ��� nneciion with the sa i   lea! h of his
brother who was drowned while'cross-
int   the Slav.,  river a few days ago,   ti���, mas| 0f a ship.   The- first man hit
. ai up to a late hour last night    the mast, the second cut the cord, and
trace o :    had been found,     the third shot the- pigeon as it  Hew-
away.   The fourth archer, having notU-
ihe first o     nexl  month, nol lng left to shout, drew his bow and
sold   ..    sent bis arrow flying toward tin' sky
-   having   been  decided  to   with such speed that thc friction of the
bitsine he    ��ir S|,[  ,h" toother, on  Are, nnd it
... ,     ,   swept on, like a meteor, to disappear
\      tock on han l   ,     ,      ,     ,
in tli" clouds,
his ,1,'"'';:' w;l1 be    ' v       The'   stories   told   of   Robin   Hood's
r use in 1  e civi Ings o    nth     Brcherj', illustrated by  his wonderful
.-' performance   ;is   Locksley   in   Scott's
"Ivanhoe."  are alse, a decided strain
upon a sensible person's credulity. The
in the ".lai,'id" tells of four archers
who weue shooting for a prize, the
mark being a pigeon iie,l by a conl to
All nice new patterns
While they last
50c - and - 75c
the shirt
Columbia Street
267-271   COLUMBIA  ST.
^msaer* gBmaVs>Os*tsmkamiaM*s>v^ ***
upon a sensible person's credulity. The Fronting 500 feet on Hastings Road,  fronting  1500 feet on Royal Oak
'"    famous story of William Tell, doubted Road, eleven acres in all, only $17.", per acre.    Price will not remain long
\1 ',   : I   M s. ( od-   hy many persons, is believed hy others ;ll  i^g jow Qfure.
.,  l.v,   .n:   to have- a foundation of fact.    There ,l( acres |n i,lt ss Burnaby for sale cheap, at $80 per acre; easy terms.
to          mosi   el   h,   places ol   was a Dane named Fok ' whom tho 160 acres," splendid soil, ln lot 11, Burnaby,   .$170 per acre.
same   storv   is   t��>M.   and   William   ol
more  r,                      ',.,-,������,, ��r-
Cloudesley, an Englishman, is said to *              Slirr^V
hav,' sheet an apple from his son's head ^ h&ye ^ b&]q ju ,Mi. beauUfu]  farmlng municipality 00 acres on t.
merely to show his expertness              'Hyjorth road,   This is listed fora fewdays onlv at $20 an acre.    A chance
MOSt   stone's  eel   leOWS   llllll   QtTOWS   ll'- "
late to the accurate aim of the archers, of a lifetime.
���  i ��� will
-ci ,
but a I'renehiiiiin, Blaise de Vlgenere, A splendid selection of farms always  listed   with    us  throughout    the
,   nt s a.m. on Thursday, Frlda>    tolls one that  shows thc tremendous charming Fraser River  Valley.   Call on us, ��c will be pleased to go Into
.   evening services   force with  which an (irrow  may  be [un details.
v                           .,,..   ,;,   propelled If the how be strong and loug Lots throughout the city of New Westminster from $50 to $2,000; hous-
.    ,       tt W|ll be d      ''"'"'-!''    .Vwonl'ng  to   his  own   a,- ^ ,n Rll   arti for Bale.
,   ,,            ..         counl of the u utter, he saw Burbaros
sa. a Turk, admiral of n ship called the H< J Thrift, Mgr.
ovPiiiii ''I i;'"'' Fridaj   (,rM|l| goiviiian, send nn arrow from
J. B. Wilson
W. H. Clarke
ii m on I lie "Passion "
his bow right through n cannon ball.
Where Snow Falls.
��� -, ;ul i    room on al V (|. v Pll .,,.,, ,, ,| n |0ver .it' snow, go t ,
i   Van   un       Malt'n, m hi 'h Is lhe nearest spot where
,,,.  ,,.       ,.        sizing up  the   you nre certain of complete Immunity,
f md eef it. the BUburbs of St,
Satunhi       '���'    '��� '    If you nre
eas      few     wee
,11 eon    new
Petersburg will furnish all you need to
; 'USE of 5 rooms, in first-
class state of repair and well
situated; one and a half lots
all cleared, and new barn.
"    " ,     ,,k   for there yon may bo sure of It
' ��� ii el'ec" '��� ",v" l,otel8| ,-���. 170 dny,  m the year.   The happy
liullt,   while   plan.-   for  a: modluiii   Is  supplied   by   Copenhagen,
;;,;,-,l ;,,,. well under way.    The rail-_ WjU1 thirty days, while Palermo, Rome
,   ,,    -; ,., .   on   lhe .. ipostte side of
,:,,, in|,,| |��� connection with the Stave
ice...,..$ 1,000
"r*e Fur
New Westminster
Uke Power C impany Is the can e o
thc movement,
���nother hop fiend, hailing from Vancouver, was picked up by the city po-
-;,,,  yeBterday   evening.     This  parti-
,.,,!;,,-' victim  of the'  poppy  s s was
, chlnnman, who K'as found roaming
,;, Columbia street, searching for an
��� |Um pipe which li" ha'l ��"���' earller
l��� the dav.    His bi di and nctl ins
proclaimed him to be unmistal iblj in
,v and he was accommodated with
cell   reserved for  mfferers
..       ,-,,-,  In  the'  IJO'ice  station.
Kl g   Edwa i   arrived
718 Columbia  St.  (Fales  Blockl, Tel.   S3-',.      Branch   Office,  Hazlemere.  B.C.
Red Gate Tea- ������
- Coffee
ami Venice, with one, two and five days 3UC   per   pounu
resiectlvcly, may be recommended to
guest-London /\| ^/\|\/| jjj^ ajjy^, UlZ/\M^
His Suggestion.
"Thai  young wotuph Is nol  Intelligent, amiable or even decently courteous."
"Oh, bul her father is v.orlh a million
���Then l think she should l���- required
to display a notice' lo lhal effect."���
Louisville Courier-Journal,
A  Question.
������My wife thini. ��� she will never find
;1 belter co ik than tin e we now
������Humph! I'h or say, what would
y,,u call your wife, n pessimist or an
..!,.,,I  ,|  .." ',  ,.    ,1     11,1     ,'  ���  ��� ��� ���
Moved to New Premises
302 McKenzie St.
Plumbing and Contracting
Telephone 302
P. O. Box 248
"i Land Specialists," 8
WIT/. Id ; ���     .���-
 ,'i nr    ���      ' i   'i irn���n���    i    ���
acres, nei,,- ^.fl.st of small bay al the head Sfijfotfe-   paibMAe
an,   SSnnnH-       thence    novlh    Ml "etiBliiit-"' ',,
1 tl .     ' """"       ... /-,     ,      i       �� 11 i    I !] NOTICE I commencement, containing 640 acres, mjrel&st of small bay at  the head wHtfoti-   puMi-
�����..��...--���-���-...��v.w.W,  "���    l^Thefecuriul.thepiHuce^theSp,,.-  ^V^,,^',,:,. ,���,������.,- from  the  following fee 40 �� ,.,,,��� ,>'������-��� ,'.��������� ..V.  ,A'T,.!nW ".*���.   RrtCT    cVf �������'' foal    /Tl;   ;1!.i-
B<r a"1 8ufncient^'a!I��tl
i'KI,.,::,;, '   -'.:
^W'llHl.   I, .      '   -''   m|
33*.Hastings, St. We, Vancouver.-.
BOokli'^pihg'. Gregg ami Pitman    	
Shru-tDand.'.felt.ghp'h'v and En-' J 'ish St. Peter'!?'' was 'laid' by Philip p!
gineeri'ng.   '  ' 1    B?1lS����,rb_fcft Was 302 ySa't%T[lfeO��
Seven Teachers    .    \  "*>
Sfru-Bflfti Ar:wAT*:-JV- d��fji/��nd.
1lent.    ^^^^^^^^^^^^
:M.���OiHione-neiiift   '<et
IiOSl C ptaiHi'd : lng i'-4" acn
north-west I     Clnim    No.
more or le
-   1'"    *.^"-'."   , "   '��� "       '"     "%,'"'    1 - I-���* ,H)tmcne:ijifi     *,,    -.,      |,um        1  	
1 1563-, but- it was 303 year's \1K,mi be 1 nj cut a v. .miles nor tli of, the north-west Claim No. IT.���Commencing at pees
w> the monsii-uiis hnlldlne w-,s ,��������. ��� orner ,,f ivi-'.A.iireen's iirce'ininlift claim. ��� -cUii'n>td.���'���>!. the Zymiigeeiiu River, abmi
vn>  in    monstrous  DU1IU ng wns pro  1 ^ rllnn) ,���.i,iw,���. lefcchahw west,;   one mile up from ihe ���...eiih. ,���, fhe wes
puuctiLlimshii). It was built l>v linl- 1 ig chains south; 160 'chains eastdiia -fee \ bank of riv* J ilie-iii:,,- 4.n chain* w, s) : [161
HE fiulIiiiiMt'iil of ifvoWM'X'tr't fhe   chuMS  ,���,r,h te,'ihe iieein!-. oi'-. i.vriiuicnev-; ' t.eeius   north;   40   chains   easl   to   river
I . <_    jT   L   k A<    111111 ,,   ju. nt  l-lhene;,.   tgQ  chains  southerly   along   rlvei
trf'st Vp���wb*1����y h��*t*e MiMiV Wiotlld ^Commenting   eet   ':,   >>sl   planed  to fjSili1"of conmisnWmerif, oOhtalriih'g'B4i
his forces be successful .^1} .tljeir gl'pul
battle   with   the French. ' That "battle
J  .1. mmi R A    Prinripal        was fought at St. Quentin on Aug.jlO,
��� ^^��� '    155",  St.  Lawrence day, and  in order
to h
that" saint us "well'
To fulfill
i'.^Vj ��HX:v iMMWUf
[���*���;��;&&:���.   :2 ���
m E(lgl��S*lv WatClimaner     ��-^ tliosVwnow-ave* ner,.,- vfcitettjbe
o  ctoors  From "Ceo! A'dams,  Urocel Ulscllflal th'5 IIIKl! lit luU'gU'UIllic f$jjjji<-
lure  is beyonfl comprehension.
adies'Gold Watches  from $12.75^.1 7I" fee1 from 1""'11' t0 B?uUl :""'
ntlemen's    Silver    Watches,    opeh-| feet from ensl to-west, the squan
H?e, $6.00. ers at each corner rising to a hel{
entlemen's Silver  Watches,   double   over 200 feet,    Wilhin this mote
,-:-',' -.;- ! his; vow i-'the;_J��8 '^ad" tliSN. roiindirti',11
p. Aft. -,'--:f-'*fiiiJ "ev;.r:r?Swil1hr'fa'^,rnteri''e!? "til' fhe
���w JS* '���    \ ' 01   ins   gre.'ir   meinona,   laid   mi   iu
IS     I���< shape of a gridiron, the iiiipleniet
|^L   I torture  upmi  wblcli the gootjly J
���\ f rtFucd is TejTttteffJortBifeyuffeiedJ
n^ker   m^lDaHC    I, J
To those who have never vfeltei
���se, $7.50 u,,,��       '       .,*3|        r *l       buiWiiig are the kiujj's palace, a (^Bie
-Ae'i^aor ih��.|,ff;yt,'a ^nh��;fO^'' "VWW^- '"i.'s.' lw#"1
SBatches, supiiTied    to    the    WefTnn'in    legc's,   three cli:i|lter  house?,   thr��'.' 1!
brary   bulldiugs,  five  large hnll,d*
_^^^^^^^^^_^^^^^^^^^    dormitories,   three  hospitals  and  Over
^e'l'^^':,:'^M|r;:'>^?-   ���m .'WM- rdoms.    urrordyr.o nsh
���Y,':'" , ���>,:'���)���-4$ (^ ^   !&': i.a4w:,.,.js grieliiV,  c��)|l.le.t.|-"'
ijiUtlint 1��;bullt,in eipndrai^iilar I
rctic Expedition.    Ml warranted.
Ihains, Rings, Jewelry, etc., etc.
",'atc1u^,r*_iei:i:i��i,.. -j��;_*��f:es, ltsoUjon-
v: ���-,' .^
,l 'I n,lle.��'n,.i-ti, of-the north-west- cor-   -,c     - iT���CbrnmenCrnK
i,,i-,,,i'   F   \   Green s pre-emption claim,-    -,11;1'      ���      , '     ,
i,c   'uniiLWees  fi'l.ows:  mi , 'lia'ins ens, :; yaiil.-l   -��.   . ,���;   ��.u. I.   bank    o
SO chains north;    sn eJuiins, wusi ,aji>l \" : ''n ' ' ���  : ' '"   "'"    '" '''"   "
cheei,is south lee point e>'t"ciminienci'meni.
Commencing, at    H    post    planted   ^   S!wM iRivi;I.. ,,h,.lll.,,  ai,���lt.   ,-hM: a,
containing    ,;|'
,'.  2; Itlence IV
<'s'   lu; chain!;   Iti
hainsftfconce eiisjjl	
f commencement.
.March 21st,  1907.
ln�� thr,
ii  South "so   "'If'1'   He jo,   jjjLtj.
<ji\i/s to point   iup  any   i:, ,.l-^ ',���'"',���.'<:'K"n
virtyfe of any unT
and all perse
Mi-.i-f   ,er   l,��sj	
post   .
Skc.-na  v
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^       mm,,I,  i
Vl   JCiisiiiiisilluui  Itivcr,  th,mv  see  chains   9,
soiiftr;   SO'rlianis   easi;   S"0  <-loe ins, ��� hor,'   N
a'lio'.u ?, milei ndnthlof 111��- ucrjli-wcs, ,ce���
ite Hititi'jJi 1,
i���i-',.,t','. |.-.A..,trce-,J's],r mP'ionclatm,  point   of   cornmencement,   ,������,���:,
'''V"" ^M'^lT^hll'^'li       ClHln    No.  19 -Commencing
.-ti, cinous north,;    in"   cininis- w,-s,,    +"       t...,,,i,    i,,,,l-
chains south'td"pomVdt commencement.     Lfi]1"1.1*^  l"L   th,
.   L^.���^roiuriicncitif,-.  ,it   a    p"st     pUinti',1 '1:,v ';'.'��� a1".iu llrtlf
aboul it.miles north of the emrth-wcsi ceer- ''"',   "' """	
nor Of ,'. !���'. A. ("irc-n's pi-,-, mptkfn claim
then rui,a:ii�� ,es jelli.ws : Hin cjiains,cast
40  chulns seeuili;    jiae   chains   west
_^__^^^__^_���__^^^     pply
the Honourable Chief Commission-
of Lands and Works for permission
,,    ,  ���,. ,,- owJino %i purchase the following   described
Sulllil      bank,   eel    Sl>.rl!-I   fi       ', ,     , , ,,     ,    ,.,;���'/*���,,
mil,, up from lh" lrinuili gaiiels.     Sltuatfid    fill.    jvlliil     Is     called   " >  -M ���.
of. KiisiiiiiKniium., Riven-i  em   ihe-    sopth ijjiiddle   and fSaivi 1 Dundas    Islam!.
tnge -". Coall ffftlcl: \' '.'���
CommenclJ wfcfiiosi    ahem  imt*-'''^   \
m clain rf,
in \the   sail.   : mi
 ^^ "lUer/tl
fieViii-����f.iii,1K   .,,.
'itleisgH,; roistered
ite>A-s.e:s p.'^Tlejj      :���,,;,, /;
f  Skeena   River:   thence   (l'h   ehnnls
120 chains easi to si<"e���,i  1:i\,-,-:
40 1 ll.ence along  river ,<> point  of oommence-
hiilns' north m-pe.ini of e,,n\melioem.Mit.'      "","1.  <-��ltt.iiuina' f>4���  ;u-r-s.  more o:   loss,
-  .-:,.-i;.i,ni,lc,icl,,��     eel     0,    p.OSt       planted' .   J���.-.. 1. .1   f. i.ru.irv   'J.'.    I	
boul ,;' miles north 6T the norlh-w.'s! col'- VVII.I.TAM   MOOTDT,
K! .\. < Ireen's   pl'e-,e]ni>ti���ii   ehi.im,   .. ,    . K,|(.\.\K    V A N I ' A I J ..
160 chains . ast : locators.
4"   P, i- Frank V.mdall. Alar.-h '."'.  l'��07.
in ,  (,r-:^	
then r.unnjng ns follows.: ioo cnani
," eTia'ihs rtorth ;    I't"   clintm,  wes, .
.elmhis south i��� i��iiiu ,,1 cpm^nc^nqemant
"'        :>;.    I'cniin.iicin.u'    lit    n    posl      planted
US   iit'bul ee miles nee-ill of the horthrWest;OOr-
| ner pf C. P. A. Green's pi-e-i'iii|,ii,,n .ciahu.
:, i-tmnTng ns follows:  t" dinlris west:
i.'n.  chains south;;   40cliains ,os, ;     pie,
1 ii.iins north to poinl of comnioncemont,
6ommV>h6thg   iit   ie    posi    plahtW
aboul 6 miles north of thtj north-west pot
Si:,;-  mile ,'��� 'sj..|l)h'e |!i���',,.| of Du.-h   Im  /   -y^fflE^y, T>^ Nfc
,!c em the.   lieii'th    side    m   tin-    i 1,1 <��� ���.<; i   , .  Wrm'ty'''/; {\$SfR
jji.arked  S.   II.   !���'.;     liienc   loo  ,-i,.iii      ;:  ,/;;.���-. ^/,-.';'-*.''.' ' ���.; -!^5.
itjorth:   thence  so  chains east:   thence     l *L rf.',;i,tyfcPi ' ^ f.l
igonih   to  said    inlet:     thence    s<,uth-        ,''''"   '   -' ' "V'i'!
ii,'!"*''.  eflj msHpif -UlUJmTB,   sheer.. ."���:.���' %.j
k     of^n; frt.-i....- /-I.   -�� .. . m_ - .-J
�� IM-HP ni i
too M^"^
rows (or-rin 1 i;e
'oronto Parks Lawn Grass
l^ Bluegrass
White Clover"
;|Jb sete|ptc ^	
^ sjfj^us fetdne. jSt*Uet,|l|^-,w-����Kin-j
other at rinht linjrles, mVsVfnriniij
gridiron's ribs, the handle bei|
wing -17,, feet In length. The c
which is-it1 jiiurtroti this vast pile ,
)f*mry.'.ls'.:t!;i fiorJong, 230 feet
with a dome 330 feet in height.
estimated that the building cost
wo., 100  '
8fi]   V.9riJ
30 days after date I intend to ap]
the tion.Chiei' CommifigiojlfilLof
Flower Seeds
V  VtgGifable Seauds ;rri   essm     t^t
River,    Coast   Dii|
Spraying Materials   ..   ��� t,
Range 5:    ^^^^^^^^^^
Claim Nn. 1.���Commencing at
f-hMf-'id 25 miles up from the inot{tb of
Kitsumgallum River, on the west ESnli
,,;" Kitsumgallum Lake, running afijol-
:lows:.     SU. chains west: .  4u    c jr
south:     4')   chains   west;      so  c iftins
north;  120 chains east; and 40 ciain-
isr.it'iitc patel o&jcomjpawemenj
[1 ��n)!i.ii'''iii<'it.
I     /I     ts   n/V,M). t
/ J ���>' jju<;ij.r^,,.t
1.01 "a
h 23,  1907,
A I.;,   .,-...,: ... ,   I,
Jn Ce Raihyy
N'u'l.'li 1:  is   HEREBY GIVEN  thai
Ipxty days after date I Intend to a    '���
hia, maj   he li
' ��� ��� .  ,
���votfee is'hefeby given that 315 days
after da',. I Intend to make apllcittlon
to the Hon. ili<- Chief Commissioner
ii,-,- of C. F. A. Green's pre-emption claim, o" I.anils and Wtorkg, for a special li-
then running ns follows: SO chains west; cenae to cu' and can", awav timber
Vn cliains north; *,, .-i,:,i���s .��si :  Mi cluons   , ,        fo]]owine    described     lands
senile   to poinl   ol   0011111)1   ICe   ll,;Ht,      . eei..o��.ll- ,.,ll���el     1,111,1s.
2$    Coinnie ncing   .:���   11   posl    plant, .1 situated
iduDui 7 1,libs iiort'i 01 ii,.- 11.inn-ww! ce,:-      Coasl   Districl Range 5 district, No.
1.1...f C F. A..Green>  pre-emption  claim, ,���,    commencing   tit   ;i   stake   planted   P  '���"'   H"i>oiir;,h1e  Chief  CbfriMfesdon
ilee-v,  nmniii- ,r�� I..Mow-:  !,,��� chains ens,: ��� "       - - ^^^^^
le. ,-h.,'ms s���uih;  li;.. , .hajns West; and  -l�� :! ���    ���'    POSt    oil   the   EnCheshese    Rlve'r.
ei.nins norih  1,1 ill,   ooini  ,,f , inienii'o- aloiif.  I   mik-. ami I   half up I'roni  iiK|^	
rfient. mouth, tli"tic" easi   40 chains, fchence pnds, situated on what Is called Mid-
B^fe^YKS^S^-dnii^H^^^f^i^o'tt 40    CH��UV.    ^pBce    wom    SOfnd-South  Dundas Tshnd, Rnng^      ^^"''...'       	
ner of ���'. 1-'. .\. ,;,-e���-,r.s pre-on,i,ii.,u claim, chains, thence south v 1 chains, thence poast District: tne local lai I
then running as follows: 40 chains north; eas{ .p, 'ch'alirs  iti poinl  of coniine'
'SO  cliains  w. s; m   40   bnalhs  .'norih:'   SO .,,,,.,���
Tt is ,, hfiins  wesi.;   SO eli.eins  soiuh:   IJn.clenins
rn any male oyei
,.  . .    ,
Vi _ er of laurels an.l Works for periuiHskm . I'"' ''-Mei.t   ol    01 vr      j
iii-out a mile ami a  half up from Its' f��  purchase the    following described   160. apres^mpr,    .
,-,,,-     jr    ,
jincj. j Commencing at  a  post    planted al   w-... ;: thalM
tin. head of Swan   Inlf tf (t h^gef. suont .1 > K r   t. , .        . '.,
LOO   chains;     thence nefeSI   SO Vi,rtfnsv'  '-< ��<* I^J,. *���   ...-; ,i '..J.J 'lV
'- ds
^^l^it'point of coinniencoineut     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
���   ::,..'���ComhiefiMng   at   h   pes,    plantMci ���   COinftieh'oing' at   ;>.   point   near  ilie
.m,,,   iq chains .north  oj the  south-wesl mmtiti of I'llion t're-'k al  ilie east line fji ^'"!-  '-""'tl1
,.,,,:���,��� of I.,-, ,e.��� N���   _������. then hmhtag ,   . .     p ,,    , ,    f   ,, p0inl of commencement
ns- ,i,,llo\v�� : -   l.tin   eli;;u,is   wes, :   40  cliains l,.,'"i  -uienaii .in      -o ,  ,1.   , lie  ni an   Ol   .     1
icrili;    I'M' chains ..is,:    .md  -I" cliains I neon  Bay. near the mouth of Works *    1. i^H    1'"-   II
south-to pe'eiht o'fico'mtrteneemiht. Channel   Rrfiige     "     ('���:-���'
:;i.���.e'oiunwui-hii;    .a    a.   posl     planted ,f-.,.,,...     id    ,,i,'.,inv    cnu",     -h,<nei>
n'-.ou,  40  chains  north oT! the south-wesl 1^,"(l    1H   ( n-i-.s - ?ou,.i.   ,tnnie
,0111.,' of  Location .\'.,.   .',i.  ih.-n  luiimiis chains   east,  thence   SO   chains   mirth. |       LAND   PURCHASE   NOTICE
as   follows:     160  cliains  west:   40  chains ihence     SO   chains      wes*      thence   -I"
M���t,St^SlI2n^iL"i,rt,',������'1Wh1, *������   >'">���'h   "   ^   '":"      '       '-
:'.'     Commencing    al    a    posl     planted h!,.j.cc;::e-n\  .    ,
about   1  miles :j),ytlf ,j--cli,.;,iortli-west cor- 103.
a. i  ,.:.' ,'. I-'. A. 1 Ire ��� n's pre-enjptlon  claim,
then runnim." ns follows: 11��� chains' wes; ;
t '
ence north to shore;  thenc,. wester-   form the con��iit|,
westerly   along lll<��>rtHih\h!l/iV u,iGa,-\li.iA,f,
trtstrtet, ��  March 23, ip'oi
,,:,,,.     so   -
U)   At least
Commencing at a post on the north
5or"ol,ains"b=omh; io" chains" eas^T 40  ^"!"   Pj  W'��   P.hannel  Rane,    :.. jiv":���mis.-b r'of   CJafifls  nn,!'- ^,rk,   ',:""u ;
'"^-."-'1',-; mt of common, 1  C6a*t  Dffetrtft,  abotitd   mile  aid1 at     ���rmlssioD  .,,  purchtii fhe f���,    '-'/"<
oiiMiiuun.' ,:ie, .nr. s.  n-ieire or less. !i;,,l    feelOW   Vt'OtSfoltl    BaV,   tWetfoe   120   p                                                                                        father,
WM.    Vl-eeei'V. ellMlll-S    lleU'lll.   thef,,-     Ml'   cluiillS    PflSt, !g W'"g   trftRt., fttJe-OJ       .'   : M ,-il    1 n   I   ' .,1S t 	
... i'1/-}^ V'-^1,'^1'.1-, ,���.,.,���., thenqe south t,o .shore,, thence westerly plstrict,  fora Mill Site.     Commenc-        "'    '; "'"   ,:
;':'ar Van.iif'ur -   ' ' " '��� '���-   shore  :,m   point   ol   commence- jfeig at a posl planted mi ttortf of Da ���  "l '(*, '���'?'' '���' '"''', UW ���-    W
. M'',n".:';,1!'":- -|pn''             1n,                    I E- A'-��i iiiiicsij:J.LI,C .W,u..s.jL"r:':-:'��,J,V,"4rf��'' ���������'������
kiAi-'i'/J'e ',','    ce'-,,,.,-   T     I       ^'ee       ,-,',|".      ihence    ���"''            :1"'    t'-'IM:' a ��� :'
NOTICE. Commencing at a post on the shore ||; '   . '    '    .' '  ' "���    "   "          ...   .
'n cf' tbell
each year for triri ���    ���
NOTICE  IS HEREBY  CIVKN  thai   f,,4i,w' ,ia ^ ' ' ' ��� e bo J
flxtv   da.-s  after  eiaie   we   Itifehd   W   l" ������������'^'^ ;- ��� ���'���     ���        in thei
" pplv   tie   the   lfon���rv1,!e    T|���. rh:et   R��i*e.^fid enter, : * .   ,.
iiients, a.s to. resid, i ��� ::,, ei
h person   ...-.ijii^
or mother.
[Tr if tin- Bgnra
it |-n<.-'
deaee maj  he satlsfte
coi, ^.IviItw     wm -���'     -   ,,,-;,, u'lie,   maj   ue sail '.���
, r.- ..    , , ,  onnosite  the   'no'ith  of   B, ir    Creelt   ���    ��� ���' cnains,     wesi    j en.tm  .
W'-SpecWl^ anVi  SeedVWe USJ ^tol^Kl U-on &\   ta��e notwb .M ilil^ ^^ and abontta halfmrnile north on th,   s   ,th 10 chains. ���:,ve or less ���,'N. .-:. '"-' *���    >"' ' ���
Mtiug   jpecraci^ any  oeeu  gmre  v^ . ,x  .,, ,��   s-a, i _> "V, '      ^'    ,,, ;i vv, ......., ,.   :;l. ,,,,,. ,-,,;,,���,��� ;norto ;,r���i of Work's channel. Range    ]   :.   Df fnrnnhTl iv.vo: Hienc   AVest      Six months no   ,
south,    40 chabns west.    vi   . wns.,., _; , ^ t. shore, totporat.of.iconwneneetoent.'       jfhaji.s. mor,, cr    b^s,  ,���    sh,,:..    ������ t.. .,;,|,l, f,,,- ,,.
Q ' \ \ \ 1' V C\  \r\    T1Q /iS'iH1/4ll'0<ff QC "ffPf10 thpi-fwei ';|S?eni   ���'������ ������,',,i,i,, ���������m-iiia-  ..,
Claim No. 3.���Commencing
anted! atrthe  south-west  conifer', ol
-   DKVJ tfUlVCKeJieme 40 chains eas�� w
chains   south;    40 chains    easts   - i
Mchalnssputh;   i'i chains west   mi&tf, or
1 ileess; tn   the    Kitsuiugallum-    Riv.
k' ;'' > tM'i'' lY'iTTTiT'i-Ty    ifloiii- Ifie  riv, :���  to
I tin   potnt or commencement,
11'   v   Httl lastManT MMSmarffJalt;
I ) JLlii., J .';/'.  ;.i4��tir ��� V..I f^*.. Lb I
I   I'istViet'    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
��� foierM .-ncilia'    a,   ,f|    .!��sl       |,lanted
IMJint lahiiy'l   40   chains   w-s,   of   the   soutli-WesI
* ' h -I'll, f   of  ',,:.     o'l    Kitsumualhllll    fudlei'i
I io.sfli-ve.. ti-'-n   180 chains W"sl:   Jii'ch.ljns
north;   lfiei   chains  east;  f.1. , hairs south
lo |���ein, of commencemeht.
M  -
;      pi   chains   west,
lie     river;     thence
i��j��,��������*4tt��lii*'tly along the river to the poinl
^^     ^^^^ omniencepient,
,f-AA i/      l"   ^^ "������' ;f^:'    :'>ti:o^:^,-,,��t,-n,���.s'
,.   ���     ,-n.,* '      '\   '  '    '���.:,i:.M'aWi,   l(T^||l>s  uS?!Wl  the
^ _^ _. r- ' ':; of Th<' above river, on the wesl
WaW   tm m\\ ��� - *
Canadian Pacific
Reduced Hales
Easter Holidays
l-    VI
51^WJ3 thence SO chains west; SO
chain,-: south; SQ chains east, more or
"ess, to the river'; thehce northerly
along the river to ihe jtolu- of isom-
Claim N,,. ii.���tCommenaiag at a posi
pii,ni> d   IE nnies up  from  (.he mouth
of    the    river,    on    the  wesl   haul;;
|-||jtjf,@ce   ���!������   chains   west;      40     chains
south j      40  chains   east;     80     chains
���  south',  GO  chains east,  more or less,
r'to  fill'   1'iver;   thence  northerly along
ihe river to the poini of commence-
Claim No, T.���Commencing a| a post
planted  ab, at  40 chains wesl   of the
outh-wesl   corner of the old  Kitsum-
gfillum    i'i'm���!���<-,���:    thence   160 chains
west;      I'i  chains  sou;!,;     100  chains
[easi;  io cl tins noi th, I i point of , om
: - ement.     ��� _ Y   ���'   ���
i   aini No. -,.,- i-'-e..:ui' iie; :.: a: u posl
���al an ted an   tin   aoxUi-wfisj cuxiiiii  ol
T. _lt. "'���'��� 13:   thence   1 GO chains  wes,;
shot'e to poini ": con*men��ejtoentit
Comm, ncing   at   a: stake
b, ach   about   f,0   chain
pha.ins. iUor... .���:���    1-s, ,,,    si,,,:,,    of  to apply for p  rat
I    , kin    Lake;    thence    East    with      Coal lands n
:j.'ifcKicner (
:' lstd
.��� ,.     ,,,    -,���. ihore line 20 chaji^.v n-Qr.- fttifto peiaAe fori        ,   ao*W
the i]. Int   , ���       Mm <���&, dmiJiJ:. -, enXiHaiftg   thptHJ*'-   Ov1  '; '''   -��� ','-���
^^^^^^^^^^   or   le.-s.
DATED tin'.-   lath day  of February,
U'.MI'.KU    CU.,
mouth   oi   Bear   Creek   cm  the   north ���(,   B reSi  mo
���34.���Co,n,jieneinK'j���f - a   r-'st  plan-..i ;..,,,. ,,;-   Work's    Channel,   flange    5
f^-'^'.'rvy-! ���'���'.������:. V:-.':::"',:|' -^iv,: !��� i��i\rH. thenc, ,,.-��� 90 chains,
��� a ricen'i: 'i.t-. c i i'i is *ast'; i'o eHa'ini thence  north SO chains, -:,i-^^>-  west
-���cih ti> poinl ,.���'eeiiici-Me-,,i. ni. tee   t';p   I'lCiich.' 1 he ncc  fe, .������'-.���'.���   anil   -r,,,
:'������"    '".'-iuK   at   a   j.os:    pi'intwi westerly along the-beach to poinl o      ',__,	
���ta chain- west ni the nrirth-enst cornw   ; i.lD.
l.,,,-,i*,,n N,-,. :jj. ���i.-'i   n:.. e-haias w,-,:   in '''MiHiiMMicMi,. li . ,���,,,,,,���    ���_._     ..    ,,
.m  ,,. ,,:   ,;  ;.,  chains oast-;.$ cljalns 106. h   '��� l!   McLaughlin, Pres., M   D
:  '" '-   ���" ��� ,"'M 'cbfhmeiicmg  ai  a  stalie    . Iris "
:;,;:-:' ""-'v..: C r^i;^- - -������       w*' ������ ��� . notice.        .
comer of Loc tion No. 3s. then lOd cfiiilns 'he head ol Works Channel, Range 5, ;'  ..    -   -
r"-'ili:  ���'" eh .'���,-��� -as, :   |fi0>halns sdilth; Coast  Districl. ,!if-nr-e  west  SO chains.,     v.   .,., .,.   ,,      3 J  ,..     .
'.' '���;.,���:," -."-' !��� ��� in" t i, .a ..on.n ..������.- ,;,,.,���.,.   ,���,,.,(,  80  chains, thence   east ��    NOTICE   IS  HEREBY   GIVEN  I
"': -'  ���������-���     :������   a   tins>t'  ,,ia���r.,i S<   chains, ti,eiu-e gQu^h SO chains, - in    flays afterdate, I  tatend to ��;
a-bwe. K(, rhahi". ivost_ :,,f _ n.,  e.or'i,-, -,-.. npini  i uei   ei -.- Bu   (he   Hon.  Chief  Cotnmisakme
tan be acquire I        ' ���        !t||
eoni'fany.    RoJ'i   ' '���   -
cPnts per ton of 2,000 J
m,;>.,�����'() on 'he   -
w. w. coax, l
Deputy fief Jiu- ', ���    ���:-.;,
W.       .//:/
N\ B.���Unautfiorizec .
thlt-,a<lveKUc;i.. i f        , t)',/|
jj.aud ���   and   Works,   |',i:-   s;.eci,i|   ij,-,.- .:,
i.ae-l:- [Jo (..it und carry awa;   tin    i c from the
1 I. -  -i-
���   ol   Locatl  n   So.  ::.",,  ..thpiice. ,1001
chains nor:,:   10  chains e'a'ST:  100  chains e 	
���!l"' - Commrnclns  at |  poinl ��� 	
Coi      ncing   '���   a   posl    1,1...,m.i  t: :m !   i'i'.'-    ::, ir ii:.- corner of.lol 195 ifollowlng descrih   ! lands,       ,.,.���:  as   Tenders fora L
���irth- n-r:h-u,-.-. ,-.,i;<-r of i.,,,���,',,���, \,,   a| the head of Work's Channel, Range l��,iinWR, _ ,,..,
;:;;',,i|"""" v' tin* wtr   sn ������ ih    -, cpasl   District,    thenc,    10  chain  | M'^" 0f1 Do^'"'��n L'1''
':..-.'..-        -i ��� .- a  ,,os,  oinnted'ni  80 chainseast; thence "SO chains north, ton -He4--naiHi��    I--mmc!. gay-wartl'   Pin���
���'''���   '��� -.."'-"..-���  ...mi.:' nf  Uocatlpn Nq.  v   thence l��� c:i,:;:i^ vvs.t -oMoint ofcom-fcr:c,    ..   ���:,,.  ..  .......    - ,,,',.,.,,,. ,,,-
the -   SO chains wesl ; SO chnlhs srftfth: SO L,.,  }'���'.''     .        .���' .'"'-". i   ' .       ^,. ���,
nhhins ettst': So mmim.i��ih��>.. .- .-.-���-# > mencement. -   ^ f]   .  ^^ -|j ,-(i tfain'$,, JT l*^
'' n rtien'clng at   a   post   10
"east of tl|,.' rii',',' I   y.ic north 1
4'"   '  .. ^'' uwmtOTR,  ���;,,   !,.;;:,:,  Reserve,  al   the moi
-,; ,,.1,-.,   ,,,,,-      lhe    Enches-hese  River   on  th,.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 'side
icense tc Cut Tit^
����� Pr:,|
s fust'; So t<haJhsiiriarth',''t(i''ndint'of 'tpencement
"M,     :.���',:.       ...
'"m.\.\-;.; \-.\N|,.,'r.r.
'   },:"-'   i '    :"      ��� l�� i '  corner of                                                        ,.,
chain    i     5rm|,     thL ���������,,,,   Jfl -,-       '^       '
line   ol   ���  ���   K,  ��    * sn   .Im L      '     v psWffienl nfhhe ID , r] '  ad
mm.-  aTT -���    ���',���"���>"';���, oQenSop,   ���"���   -     I     j
itM'fh ,., ..,, v,,   -j I." will        receive*
MM,Tic  ���
''':  '.'���:',-  e;i\'KN'.-   Ih'ef' :
ioVS lift, ��� '��� ���   I   lie  anfely to 'tl
...i,,.      : -.. '    , ���    .'.,. m���lion :    of
no       : " cial license to     , ommen
'���  . .      I lai Com i  ',' ������    '.                      '    "
"...     |._Co .,-,-:.
.u/i-^Uiii,!- for  round i'i  i ���"��� 'm',:/m':."    "���" chains  wesi;
?��; - -JS W J SK^Hg i i : i";.=Li��!r
March  27th  to April   li t, good te,  re- m, nl
nirOti..,  .     -!.'     ^^H^^H���
,. ,n /���       .    , .   I'ni" > ' V ::'':  ' n '   it ii ;io-i i,   X,
.    [��Vl,l3^ "JularB, ajgk ^      -'','       ?    ���      ���,,., .......  ,,1,.^.,! ���,   ���   r-r. ,.: -,������. aI,om ,,nn ,nlle from'la-nd
*e.^.tord:��� &   ED^M'Ar&k w ~:>P- ,!""'* Mi., .'IK::,, v.eS.::?!,^^i,'DMH,e,i.L'N>Ti::Sh^ct!,1i;:i?:;;l
^^^^^M,. B'Tth No.  all,"
Coast District, thence SO cha^ortS   ni   -      S^^/^t!fa"TT*^  i        *
chains hence    go ft],     ,       ..   L    .   .:.   ,'        '!    "'   onWe)ne9day,.i     - ��� - ^ �� ���*
chains   soUtli,  then e    -.  chdii       a    | ' chtflnfi;   th fttB   ,.llT 'f,���. ., ,jr, ,  .
to .point ��� ftmencement *     <,!ili:'s"  "'""
C0D,mWinS^ ^^^^^^ ^rtl
Wrfr^r*'%'i2*r^m^i^^^^ of    SVrth-. i   "' " :''|
oJUJofi C ���'*-"
:   0
���     '  T'j
, ���    t ��� a    h    ��� ������:'', j.
-I   .mi Rl'      about' n
if lip fri tn       i    irth, thenct
I-,,    .   . ,            �� ,'"1'   1807, for a  licens,    io - >< 	
'  'ain��    *T*  west  ^u    chataw  .!;,-,,,  ��0. git, , m  i   ",'l!"Xl
"   '    '-' ! i     ". ����� '������.���"'.'"  ion.-     .'..;, ,e���,  Sl���. .   ., I qua
\'l ne'pv^.       r*\
"'^���;:l'rf">  J
B' aj��U  ��� .      -y-     - ��� o��the    tttwi-wjwu, ceWuer .,i
v-'"    ' ���'   u   ""   w, sl   1 f t   1..   7;e|;,;      i,,.;,,,.
        1,,,0-ir.    m	
i I   ���    ���, tho  s  i;   ,.
Tt, 7"el'2.' about
l&%3!Sfsri&| alonir;.Jitift:i in
in, .nt
" tp real at tot xmrnnw
'     .:-..;      .. ,,,) ..4fl,.'cl'l^n's t.'-M)��t'iml>''.TOO
pr/    .-....,
of coi inonl
"v;"-   <l        '������'���:!���   e'a.   R.^W   ',   er
���lMV^.T.,;,, 7t��'ii   ���
��� ��� ������Claim��� Ni".   11.���e
Omnia ant al  tion., ivonu .iiuiujiag , i,-,i, .p:��jM*,A,<H-
Fences. Gate^, Fire Escapes, etc. [q* J.   L,
 [om the c<9^H
���'    m     ling   ;,l    a    ;���,,���'���    On   'he   - h I ���
: .-���,:.,, nd ' i:-" north s i i
.'��� , \v- ;���' ch'iiiijcll. i: inge -". Coasl
n :��� let, aboul 20 i hains south 'if the
niotifh; bi" 'Snow ' Creek,   thence
ii .'.;
lie     -Ti      , '   |       '
^^^^^ ;(lse)fl,r;
will |    .    I ^^^^
C, an"
e   ���     of louder and
e II iTncil in this : - :
e,Mi,,,  of  till    I'M' ''        1
New Wet tmdnst, r, B ''
Eath  tender n,n    W.'weomP
,.],. |,n on
a chartei
"mmfncing   -at  -ii
i Uie souUi-wutil bonier
thence    ruunimr  lpO
Jjj,^   ^c^^ponden^ ^UL ^J    ���   "W| J
Ihence   |e
���i i.,    �� ��-    r^. v   ���     h;""s s<'uth  along
";       ������.,��''3'fi<-. l^iAfiii commencement,
BEQBIfi'B'rkJUMT." f   <ftl'"1   W.^f^Commendng   at   a
vpW "'"stminster.        * ' ' p." O' tf^lite?8^ PlflBtftfl al the south-easl  corner
_���_���       ' '  of T.  L,  7945;    thence   running    Ijin
Wlkr'Tei,     L_/'   arj rl3h'*f fe*:     I" *ains south;    i(;���
���   ^^   Or^DCr f11*1? c,lst:  th*n�� "' chalns north
^���   �� '^-���j^^^b    i��� |,,,in, ,,, commencement,
-     - ���     . -   ��� \    ���       .   I.'jcai.  1   Ffil ru:,,-. j |,   195*     j
.Surveyor , :;,,,t,rsJ
���    ���������    - '-MM' ]     iflj,    > -:j I m1.
Ellard ElocK.   New Wiftmlnctsr, S.C. 1 March 22, 1907,
thirty dees after ,.l'i.1' w Intend ne npplv
'io ,!' ��� Hon', tho Chief ''f.tiiniisslniier of
i.i-nls nnd Works for permission 1,1. out
in carry,,n,wny tin- .tjmhor from the fei-
'Me. lng de -.-.���i-ltieei ia.,.,-., Minnie bn the
"  in-. :a,i:z  RIveT,   C'eeiiK,   district.   Range
'"Me, vn. 13.���Commencing nl a jiosl
nlantcfl  ,���r the  Zymagtrtttz  River, aboul
11 mite "', fi'iun the mouth, 1,,, the e-nsi
'��� ",'< of rivi-llli'ei'V 100 ..hains easl : 40
���     I'flft  sienile;   I00 chains west:    In   chains
- .a ei.  nlopK  Uie   rty, r  lo  polnJ   of com-
rii'iic ment, confrilnfnB 040 acres, more or
1 ��� ...   '.:,..  . 1... , jomi 11 n ln�� n4  n  po 1
' 1    :   el    pn    the    "   .mm:   ':"-    RIVI ���.   aheilll
 In up from  the ti ot'ifli   nn  the ��� Asl
��� '- pf ric-r ��� 'he,,'' ��� IOO chains ensl :
��� .',.- north ' ft ' chnlns west; in
IS   BOUtll,    a'.i'iM    ,!-.-��� r     to   ] olnt   of
m  clinins,  ��henWftort��:"4fJ.fch��S ' J ^E ^CE ",a* ^'l>^��" has   ,
the-ace wesl   100 chain* thenoe south ",:"1" ''' :""''''"'   K'"''  "rmivik   by a�� accepte,
���10 cbiiiii,; to 1 oil,t ,.,i: commencement as the "W1"''' '" Fee Wmpta  under a   !,iink '" ''"'"'"' "'     '    ��� .the
r, 110- I   ��� ���'   le li-ei'rn,:,, r ���>   harncross    Mlnlster.'oi lire tnterior, tor
Coblmettclng ;,i   ri   post   planted  at Iteeve ��� ��� d  E   \1   ,��������� ".   0Cnl  of    the  hon,   which the a
lll��' '""""' id' Ford free!,:,m ,1,^. nor h ,,       ,.'.'"  M'   '-'" '"Tl^'  l]"*   <" , .  ,- r a !i-��!
shore  of  Work's Channell,   Range  B DtatrleuAl  :;.���,-,���,,  i���'ifri���K date  cant IB ��i  a.-,:,  ,...���    'rfl ,f
Coasi District, fliencr? so ffiinins norlh ':'''  Uth day of December   \ I)   I'hii
'���I1'V'���"  M' .V'"'1""    ':isl'     ll|,,,u;(!     's" ": :il1 i"" ��Juiaili.r that eertai,, nareel
plains sputh,  more or less to shore.;,,- tracl of land 	
thence1 westerly along siroVe i��� ,���,i,ei Kir 'fDd '""' Premises situate,
,i,? c(,iiini"uceineiit. tying and being in the Districl of New
i.  li   Vimn   '  ��� Westminster, In the Province of Itt ii
V. TI. m\r,n ' ' """"'^.-.'t/or,,. pni-iicuiFiy.kn���wn
and   iii,ur,,4i.n.l I... M_.   ���--    1.    ^S
N,, lender by tciegrapn
I, rlalne.l.    The high,  I "' an!
nol necessarily or ei
i'i ������!
,',.];i.i'V G.
IV, 1
and d,scte.j.;i, )^��� j..,f rb^8lon
__    "   Sec,,,,,,   n.,t ),,,���,,,   .^^  t^   ���
Departm'ent. of {he I'.'"'""1
��� ":lf.l, I'"1"
NOTIf'K 'IS   IIKKKIiY  (IIVKN   lhal    ,       "  :""' "''" '' '"' y"��
thirty    .lays    after "dah. 7'inien'|"lo   '"  ,'",l"'sl   ""'  claim  of  the  lax   pui
make   api,hea.io���    ,,,    ,,,���    M���M   th���   , imser wilhin frirly-Hvi' days from I In
,,, ihe. Blac
Commissioner of   Lands"" and  rIatfV^V,
-     ffaving bought out
Works for permission to m.Tand ci7 �����,Kt  '"'^ 1"",,i' '^H t ^istl^pleaSflt?7n J C^��
ry wav timber f,   :1 the   foK-wins               ^hal1 *^ter K��l��ii*WkW<��� as f��U*��:***MS'v
described   lands, . ,     ,   -jotham ''"''' ""'""'' ""''""f in  fee      \i',| I  ,iir-   lng a specialty
Sound    Nev  We...   , ,   ...(,. .'-I.-,ha,,    -puhlieati,,,,    ,������    ,|lis   notJca
Commencing at a sti      io chain    roi   thirty days In n   1.11
���    ��� .v    m ,1 dally newspaper
Eighth ��t" fts��
���  M*RCH 27, 1907.
^ S3     V  ���  ?T ]? ^ncing iiVprice Very
Ruling the market today axa.ofMtimes iin^exiSeni on the
1        .      1      I 1 ��� . ' 1   ."-1
hands so quickly that
i t I AWdeftMedaQMA
I >V7
ist Arrived one. oi tke largest .ancl imost
<K|  '  u'-liaVl   .vV^NifirS: .
SS     ,, , ni     ��� ,<l'[.K'N'l>IH
rrKl- '\ i>,-ii-:  .. SjSJffiiSV
N.^,.'-':,!    BALANCE   AT
BAR]     >' '    M    : ��� '    J v  . '    ���
comfxleta stoek^in^BtDitiwn^CjfjJvimtia
..'.no It tboog ).-),IJ tot liable m��< so ,1'i
331    !!U.l?S(^AJJS;)TO ORDIJR FROM $17.00 UP
-,' of  Lots' 8- in'I  1 I
:  i lurham an.l  Jn.t
-,��, I '    '     l'"'   l' '.'7      ���
y"'       . . -   -ii.-Ah i-.������in -iip--
'     ......  (table    on Am,, s-
iiiif,,',,\, in'lie-.'
..,!���,;���>���<��� eosy'  ��rf
W^i J,
��� - ,: ifJ-* "���
I'" ,11 : Itifle .-.   iffl
.   terms   tl 	
��� |1: a  uli
XIII,   I i:
llee-li   L'lo     '
���11     house    .Oel
House 2 fujl' istorevv. 1 hetlifjornsJ
^rgehaff, Mothef cjogets, plaster?
ed and rinwlipel iij����o'dar: Taige lawnl
beautiful flowers, over 50 rose trees]
hedges, high board and ,wire fences]
seashell walkfff 'orchard 10 a)��ple, a
pear, 5 prune, 5 plum, large cnerrfi
and other fruit trees; i - acre id!
strawberries': -cr,il black rtranv, witB
clay subsoil,'well underdrained; lasj
y..;ar produced'":** skfika of 'point.,,.,;
on I acre's'2 not fully seed&t/S tons
of hay. e k-,, .ci,'.. S4200.oi)j
���i^OOO t.jsh. Ftillur- fei'jcjcu'
iars on enq ....
* ��� -��� ���  ...
��   Full-sized lot Xo. 8��� be-:
.���tween 6th & Tth Ave. oni
4th St.,. west side.    $300,
[half cash, bal. in 6 mos. '
One acre in Mock 9, between 18th and 16th St.
on 8th Ave. Price $750,
1-3 cash, bal. easv.
I Si (  -a !  ,ea :  ;,.,:���   acres,
ejerrred  r ra :    i   -      irrHtt^
al^dtiactKin eJuarantee^ or  money  refunp!eci.     Suite kept  in  repair
one a'i*
*ms pwvi (teaoed; i-Uoyste \ ,., *
Px2f |oi| AlU': |i|\J|ii ;'
$ii  l<XJ^#yfJ,.-4eJaP^
���   $1,700,  half . ash;       .
7 per t������":��� J
'  me - Inlet, three sq lare ml
le  .   a
,;/���,'���;�����- :;.';,' $e.oo per acre,baij ,-���:,, ,,,���,. .,
per c
mii s
III     Ila
Iel U-.- "I.
-'���J ���   ���".*'':     iiO'lr.e,    lo   room's,
modern    Improvement: .   '. il    GGxl
��� '   *'.! '  '"; ':""1     'mm- ..-    ,.,cU;  |ea.:  .,: 1 ,;  .,-��� oul  vi
<,    ���, vie  ^^.*   '' il]    trees    and    nice    lawn,   I':
";',',���:,':%i1,':.  s-'750- *':'M" "' '    6   ml
.;    - "7'r'!"
J- .;       |���     .:     .:   .   ���-...   ind    u
I- ���    -        SI .       Wi   ll    si,I.   .
;.   hi   M    BJIjU    aeal    pi   i
- ��h,  >i-
Ol   ,-,-���t��  a,  Slee |.er
Sl ���
lion  r
a, -I
pei ton.
in   Sin i- '
t.  \,e', �����'��
I i.���
I     .ei"'. -   ;il   7   ,.   ' en!,-    .
"ti". full ���    "a iot, t'.'lx'i 12; -2 ,v,,f
I- ,USej   7-,:-")::    .   ;! .   . ]
o '��� "" .     ��� it'emenfs; ne-... -i-, n
$C.OOO.  '_  pa a.  'J itt C months i
I'1'1 cenl    '; .1 ,.��� able an i ffli
- ���       Second boi   ...  ���;^,]��� y.h str*el
���   : ., - ,
-v   ��� '-'-' ���.:.-  --  -" - i-      ���  ���.,- j
-  ,��� ,-   ,  re    I,.,-,,,.  $1,  �� ���'������ aa    10   ���  lOl   .-ale-  in  alf ;
the from $2^.00   0 $3,000
'   "  ���  ;���   ������^'","-    SO Ilev,   erl   ml      X.   ,
'. , 1. ��� 1       ��� - .1'   . ���<
.    -.-w- -hukwii.. ��AM.   .Milinti     nr       .wu . M - .i��.    .l -MivUC :f ��� ,-��� b ��   *A-   aaaaam
-i I '    M"      it   7  iwr  r.n���- :
���  '   .      ho] ling  and n ,a$
I   ���'���������>a ert|{ad
j        :-   ��� ��� ���  ���   wiy  ������ ��� : irth b
in] ,���.. *
..    at.
:   Iftbilee : -i .': I*
*f    i .    ; l-il mi  ��� fro 1 .1 1 i"ile|  1
J    i-i',n or.   :!���.  twna   iius.  aeas a��\
' ���   "      ,f
Large lot and two cottages ou Co-
lumhia oil.,.,, Sapperton. Both rented
ie' $10 each.
'01 ������ and one-half storey house and
m. 1 slae lot, sltuate,d u'n-ih ��ide of
'���>���'. al ayeque and corner o| ;d,-Kiuni.s
(���eel; 9 rooms; bath room, hot and
col,I water, closet: wooeUhi'd; ytjung
heav'ig fruil tree-; streets on Uireti
sides; fine view. Price $1,800. $'.)oo
One full sized Lot, 2a 1 lot fi-om cor-
1 Ith   Street   and   Sth   avenue,  Lot
$230 cash.
) gHfi&aa baasa
581x88 if
lift, :,'i',j)v):ii;:c.li'i:'H'?v-i'itil,rt'a|ei,it.s  nn I
pats 011I  of .the sue,,' earth.. The fox
'     ���     "'-;   i "~    ' \        ���"' mfi$& itill4l.l'Jl'le��-i '4:tlll",��!llW'ferret   .1
The   Philosopher   Often   Taken   For  ��    ulp across the back, fronitl ffects o(
Quaker, Though He. Was Not.Ont.  J ,vhich it dietl anhimr later.   Nexl came
Benjamin Franklin was often taken   the stout and  then  the cat,  both of
Small   : .: -
"   cenl
���'.    Price $1,020.
Can   I'j
Piffll Street.    Two and one, half-storey
set by 'Uie,
All modern convenience's^;' hot and
c'ohl watei1; bath, flush closet, luva-
rory.'electi-'ic light; nice laftm; lot
���mmtmmMtemMAto. mHit, wittiW invear; partofMot
two-ste*e**, .vi.-ii i���.,i.,.��� tail ^ized set-��,;,f with rrult-tfees, Price $2,750.
'     ' Jl.aou chsIi. balance arranged.
2 lot's. 50, 21;   Xo. 20, $170; -N'o. 21,
(corner)  $175.    Durham   und  Second
onlj one-quarter cash neededrtalanee streets
r iAe^f^^jUit.n!
hor.se:   Ten rrtoms Irocentlv papered) I S��2��-2HlL_.     , .    ,.  .   . .
costume while lu; wns In FfTtliVS. rjvtX
'1      ������ ' " ifht a ,,-. Tor J2*5 pSr acre,
" I        ������""-'���   ������ "��"���      ��� . for ;i ,.,uuk,r,"^ut U(r4phiI|sopher didtwh|-h I shift:\Tlicn f,-lIo��,��l  theynU'
aoy1 HOUSE and LOT i to* lieloijAte, Hie *rfWl.v K^T'^'fJ Tl efUf'H1" l'"'"'^'!^^'! Vl>fllM '
t:,*   Centrally idcdte'd in a c.mmmanillni; , VMk.��Uwrf  .JsUiMMM J MMWkJ" ^.W'.lk��M
V��'J+ ������., .   , .-..���' Phllnrlolnliln   wove edollie's of a fashioi'l (11'.V   walereolirs.'  a\liel  eetten  held  a  feix
 ' ��m*M��Kh_
He conilnued to wear this]    "      '
Second Hand Store
if W
in one or
when his court suit was not ready he
appeared in Ids "republican" garb before I.ouis XVI. lUjJiL'iuiueJlu! fash.
Ion lu France nnd \Si4wJl InroefMjCliII
Europe, ami It was at one time the
proper thing XtMLvming republicans and
lit terfat, 'urs tefdrns n hi FrankJJn. The
i;el'l|l:lJHIUsleiriiinJ Sl'lll
drawing ro,,nW?5peiiks of "the sl3)Hc
Lv-.  tl - |Jar'-��eWft.t*rfW,.WiWi;...17: ^flHu'liW'-' thrf*lflv;'...v-83.4l}0. t>ii'
-���L_*U^i.._iXl*- ... '���
Onlj   B	
���  1 lol
I --.   ....-^v'.^-.^i'^'
I   tunc
. ie
rl/lUU ', Sic*. .s.j��h.
I ��� I ;i res, Ma; le .:  Ige   Sectl ins 2S,
".:. ': -vMa-. 1-5   in    ..:; ,,,.,i-
:m ������ -r lirfrslr aa')->ot>H. s-i.e-ie ��� rees.
Rillfes') 3.5ciian-'.a.M$45 ;.iV.-ar.;ei Sec-
 .     .Uoii.'2V', SoOj tet^:- a.,;}p.:,. rits'yi,'rii-iSS, S>55
facing .t,rt  acj^   Tt-Ijeilni^va;, JUuvmiond;
6  Lots facing Columbia
street, Sapperton. $1,000,'
half cash,   bal.; on  easy
ity  ^,.Jiij,...cx.Uiriial .ap_ptar,4ftce.t.tjie.tt,..,^      ^ ��L��MJ-'/l��i��*r-W
friendly ineeiuiesi:^'ttc'-'oll-Mlan:..anaTr':..pe����>��a''iTOrn<r4i��0��B��.4Br
all  kinds   bought ..{tod
the apparent humility of the Quaker."
lu truth, the UiimllHy nnd thj^neetoese
were-moaHyJ jalters  . f Hrl earance,
iinil.-ltll OiMkw'ujlifia'tvdsJya y an as
'a',   Landing,
full   su e
.���������a   ������ .  chard, i
p     i   "1, , . on easy
-.; V _">0 cash),.   $22 ;ii.-j   .., .
��� ��� ', an i  12 in ,u''i
^l  .'||  av/.^   "ab<l_ cl'.'oe&Lnci   j
'v��     ** '{yy: c1:^ '-'   '
evj,'Seier th,
tei,   -   li   -��� iJion,   Pitt  River Bridge.
- -. - > - ���
'ern s.li iff i ish, balan, e.one up 1 two
nis.naii j i -a. oaiance one an
���-���>,-: M'-'Ve.-,V   MiVfusiVe':,'
\    \-    '
en -.).
,    .   . ..     -   . jf -n
,. ��� ��� Wesl minster district, i'i
acre's ufider ctiluvati'in. 10 acres ih
char I.   -,   aore   rtnawberrles   plantifo
a   12, N K   c eriiM' of
.      .,,,���    ���:|-       ,   this rear; alder bottom laud; r,nnnlfig
,   .:     i > .1.        I Ini;,,','  t,      i ���'
. ,Ll BoU. a ,,,li( -: rii m I, ,, .. 18 v 22;  frame   a a >
el and new ro        i    2;   14-post  fi line  house    a I   ctfij
������   .i >
-   v
rifl��, -s    ��.M -/,; 2i.   ���[   , �� ���o) B . ������>.���" M   sion i'Mi:;.,rf
e '. .. :
,-| lyU,..wUh ijoiiljle cui'n^'.
.aiisectiyii 1��� 'Z k>'ts.section
'1. hear Kichm^d^Stu Sapperton, for sale. $600", half
cnsL .bal.>to faeRarmng��ri
One.hiiiiilred and sixty acres X. W.
ii Sec. 15, TeiWnshlp 11, two mile's
from 'Fort Langley, 5 acres slastied,
N'o. 1 land. Price. ?T0 per acre. One
third cash, balance on time, 7 per cent,
fi��k��-' -Arf'V^'^k^ii' iin as
[ii|lit| ,^is4-..br"iii ;ht fe i by hl^
lirtii An Mie''. 'ong
I Wtrrotefraed   >.>   un.-ur ,
for the ministry.   When   he  went to       Cfl fo
Philadelphia, he says in hl^ant^lfla-      ^.     .
rapliy, he paid his "aim,ml sWikcrfpttAH'-fM'K��*M-'wr
;/ sold fcfW&l tfVfflff/
i.v  theitfP''     ,   .      '    ��.-' .J  !*" Vj  '  ;
Kindly write or
to the only Presbyterian minister oi
meeting we li;ul*in)iliU��i��Hil)W.j iWtU
he distinctly !ivft\<,si-h,^Jefls!1iff*rl,-i*rif
with  Presbyterian doe-trine and latei
'i . Sec.
f: nm      Alili'otsford.
��� l CjT ?
:u res, nahgley
' ,,.,,.,.     ..,.,     ,.,:,,��� lfcv:.V      near    at    h,n%    ,lt0'���T^Z     T^.^^.'. ^^^^Jfta^t IWMmWml^^tm^
���  ��� ���    ������= .',.,. .    ,.,',   Sood   repair;   a   snap   .    ^000,  hail   il;  cieare I.   $30 per acre.. i|-lil4>iy.,��\l..J^[.^ti.Jlr>-{;i
,,,.,.,... ,.���M.. ulUU-j-juiu- w.w.-n .e,,. ...r.,...-��� .-,... ^. .,��li,w    C1,Sh' t '*���' SoU"   "TTTCugU li.y se-henie- 'w'as hot
One huhdreu and six',v acres, X.W.    ^^^^^f^^fi^^jSy^SS
TiwisKip    G   jl? miles   slst  5Vhltertik:,1,,ei,Mi'tho!lMt.j #
ls.np lu, -2 .mues   wh0ffl be a,g0 openly ,iiS.,Kroe,i. Liter
creek .   running ' stlU| h(, t0()k ,, pew in .,��� ^lacogai
ll-.roiu'.:.  .ye  acres  aider .bottom, said; ehlireh,   hut. he  was  never  a cmimu
to' he  Si'iiiu worth  of ..timber, on the' nieant   Episcopalian,    lie   says   inuel:
' alan'ce on time
Te'p, acres in Lot 40",,-one mine e.
soil, eas
Price $10 per acre, ^ enaijj about relltfiou in his autoblograohv. ex
pliiins liow he became a deist  in hi
vouih. but abajiiliined the doctrine lie-
-��� ���- -
. itw c ItaikfiN**.* Kitw.y- SJjWff* vct'i^.-i* i.i:-.>b'.��ifliiii;
~'' ''��� '���''���     >*    ��� ,    . .        :-    \   .:;   hen
e, ch tlntsai
. . ������ .. >.
.n-nm. 12 *
I timber laid in
irHwe of a lit
nlnnee ;J
Five cotl Iges and two 1,      ���a-.',FiW
'."'.'    '/'^iV'-i-^jQ'^^   Oft*-     PW1
M       *     11     I   -   IW..'��I   **��� I                                                                                                                                                                                            I
,:,,!,    <r- M   . d"" cent.                          <    -A
t\    ,'i.  14""-SV   ' ' si\ :j-t*. iOlyJJ^./' ;'*'H'i tl��i
l|    t'H'.fSS ��epf*f,��.lK.     "'.
US lb   il eOe     *, 5'.<^-'-
t its
2x1 '2.  COJ 111      '
Four   ana   one-half   acres  Uetw
>-'-\ ���-!,' '���!   and   Klshlh   avenue:
:      - ���
1   li:,:i-,-      i' '
| "                  iance 6. 12 nnd 18 side of lsl Btreet.    Rrlce $2,500
i-storej house, 7 room's;' bath; flj sh
.   .   .   .   ^.    f    ..      , .    , , do '���'. riiriilshed. hoi and cold watj
-   ^.bO'i. enc'-third m-  I'""   Wcing   Itll  pvenue    and
18 mchti.s .-;.���������;.  H    .     Prl  " ?2.400. >_���
I mh* St,   ,,a,   : . '���'**   -'i'" l''';i ���^'ll'��'' """ "���
' - ���    -, r |ofS, ii''\ :' mi'., !>. $300 bJfsh. :-  >������?>]���<
.   at   a, .<    . ;..;,;   an i -   t, \       Ui fei          ���  ���   ���
W.OC0,  l.,M,i��� ��.   "... , '- ; .	
��� i :-M. '.   \CRES. MURCHIE   e^OA
  I   EUPMAB'Y.    $K'0  PER  ACRE,
(]/ ^,'hi}\
Hi's Mirk.    Pra-e
) X  ���!
t Ic f ji'imU. iim |
.   ,, e  i s��,il:ig,rf��,l rnrtiU.
full particulars,
L%S iffa{\��, " ^cr^leare 1.
i, halflpash,
ject to sale if timber
��� 1
Too Good to Miss
House;   Dining ��� Room,   Parlor,   2-
Bed   Rooms.   Kitchen.  Bath  Room,
PaiUry;  Chicken  house and Wood
Shed; Electric Light'. .$1,150, Cash.
wholly   without   religion,"   he   writes^
"there was no mark of any Of the dis
on      16U^acrej .u,> :a^. ������ iLcre^.^a,
,1,   je, ��� '      ,'e >f timber.
,-;-���'   .,     rin
.   . ,���:,      ��� b IMMI.
t - fi-si,, ���*',': in-
".   ;|....m''m
:���. miim
<-.'��� nslnp
iioi1 '
" !
,,   ';,,,-, 'trees;   12       it large barn on
11 a...;
rrt����--'irn'^T     ���
irea. alaahad-
." . "' '
.,-,..   m I :',.'.���' ��� ��� I'mm cnnuM
IM-dien.    Prii-i- $1.5Q0. on
mm   .,  ,.. 1 12 111, n'i-   1   .    1    cen
i , acres-Norih rffii I,    ;'e   '
(n     cJtj  luat'9 "'i    !'
. -,-.    -a, (������       11 '���'"
Iimmc;  framoj har��;    1 hh .   I
iH.y.n.  ,.*H ci   au l.i-i.  -'     I
i  tull-slzotl  Lots   between   Sev|itli
lanillton stre, t, ca t "
.-,, 1   mod anil ft "'"l!
lots, si
liouse, full Mzed : lot, on Keat;y
sjteet, Sapperton; mats -for $10 per
r.iouth,   Only $1,050.,     ���
liouse, iu . iMjotits, > 1 V; lots, ne^r
!-',.eiir;li- av..a:." and Seventh alrael,
$2,000,  ,'1'ei-ni.-, .-nn 1,0 atrauged.;
and  barn
siableand chicken house, full cpgi $2,500; good i" ��� !       tg- one.eiile:;
two   - flfi*
is. 1..  ':,'s 21. j ice   m 16 h
;    ': avenue;  2 c , ner lots
le 1 ,- - $200 each,    Price
*> HE, GAINED/-Hia-FQlNifcY
->  .
���^o  Do  It the  Actor ��fi<Hled | th,e , flif.
r and Lost His Position.
��� An Aniei^rpj^ nj^russ-eivhyjluiil te��rtyef!
ifci. related andncldent thai amy
$r.C We'Jai.l:-^ wamuIoD XSl
'���It 11 ''a'-' ii\ f,? ^iM       1:"' wreK one mile from llu
.4-:  i   ��� il :.'V1 ^i/ I al'kf.'K don, U.y. ID acres In grass; 15
,,,.:> ,.,\ '-..:. o\\.\Jv fsrjmt ffli iVj'ained and fenced;: house and
"In ,1 pbif )|0'0,bi��'0,b��i:Ui��.ji��.*v>i��i*
there' Is a scene in which tlit" hen
strikes tiie' villain, 'who slink's a\va\
without seeking to defend himself
rtnV Mgtft ^^^^si^'Atirinf^-iriiiilii!!'
ftwn the young fellow who played tin
stixX? ^PECK'S
ICO! ,iafr?9"^lilT,l^0Rl
Columbia St. New Westminster.
a .0 A
Phone 275
., 51VV
anguishing   ten,Ms   of   tun;   pnrUpuliu    .~��.     j,    .,    , ll    .        rt
Set."   Youth's <'���mpa���Cij)   [A   JP.^C^S H*��KUY UlVli I that tM
* _ A-ss^ssTn^uf'ltmi   for   tke ,; e.tr   190
has been returned to me. and remalm
%1 m��M. (QSU -A.'ViUJ li:o'.ri,V;"4
K'il.b.v anv person having an Interejl
'l^ierei'nl'rintiTtYi'e sitting of the CouBt
Court   ^f
BevisioBt 00 the said Assessinenl.r
v.l'ii! W^oii ���������������<������������������������< >
1 :���!,���.��� $50 per acre, hn'.t cash, iKihiuve.
��� . .-:;: purchaser at 6 per cent.   Reason for selling, the owner's wife is in
���a. .,:,.; li.as. t, yo.t-o a cold
Don:',. nl  hDUs'e'; V rooms in
I,   |,o '.���  .    .'.  light,  full   si/e  lot,
, ��� , ,., ���; pi m ri 1 Si'a.ind streei.
Fourth avetiti'e, oh norih side. Price
$1^Q9i half ,�����-'!. "hN'.ic* in eae-year
;., Wii<w,c>n,tiii flctf* ran* li m& & i;.|v"'��vi'U'-�� -
,��.., ��� :     urn
r,l.le���'ie:ii:     clllt'l     |       '-1     - tfeitl'Cll     liai'tl   i      X     ���'��� ,'   ���"  '���   "         .
:::- nvr ' ��� - ;i >   :     pi"'"
yiiJlPajn^j-i id^Htt^w
��� ',  ,   ���-   .,�����,...,!   SeMiiitii ���, ,i-���;   rimhiilptp. nonr Clnvoora.u;
H^feWSW:   haWnw��������ii"'W�� your at 1 i-��
fmvnrete; m��nr Cl ijjjsfates
j] under cultivation, S15.CC0. If you
,v��� leanli-' mm-, Hon*! [.delay] H's a
iftinialu; .a'iiti, P8P :''  ";:';l' !|d;   ���
IliO a: :. -.
per acre, '., cash, bat-
2 mpflths, ;,i v;
leJttiSBO, lot Hi
��� -1 ',',, Tenth sin.
���   I
Lots on  Twelfth   sireet. in
.,,:,';e aifd 'I'liirl. flvejiu,".  we'
slw'iv    full ^ij.   Pr,ce
i side
'.* Ij, . hl^ll, lol iii      ' -'V^"'
l8^     *      CX,^,���i.V,.^d,akoCon,���iur.
about  to  acres,   only   $25   P��">'   ai,v
Tl;ilf cash.   .Tutu]'-
Seveivniomeel hotrs?,'.^futh street
Ifeiar ,1'Jflii. avenue.. Wofttnreys,
Biu{i h>i;$l.6{)0. ���
.enue,   Price %Abn.
-.. i
wii, KiJinVi'! fine's -j
J House and I"' "�� AKiies stre,
rtoreys, seven rooms; n real snap at
:.,,;��� i,(,-,.j  .���,!   firmbndit) l��I&.
, mtiea fi >m river, near i-
BCre; a r'ial good
jjj      |'.;;i   '   MeM.lOWS.
... .,,;.,, Cash, balance?    liant Lol No.
aWa'k'cf 3t Iwltfrt y"i oiJ. stile .
^eB! s5i> to .<8,ooo. : ���
See us immediately. Tell \5
'lis:whei'v> veil want ��t lot;
_juid we din supply,    j
MONDAY, April 3, next,
ta^$��*$rtMKMri -fftiJ MMete**< I WW*'
person Intending to appeal n: Inj
*eep dyed sconn&et-��pmnA^it^| tbcW,^,��y,,sBTfe|Uaijgl do so ln wrltlw
|ailing man l.et'orMrr.' cuAarBr*r*e: f,!, y, 'tiled with the City Clerk ��
J-'Isay, old , blip I've ^olmvjianceK^ ^j th fl,.M i.
Jul iii  front tonlghl  wltfl huaotSailn   '-O.IJ* 1       ,��� 5
ofnd mother.  Now, of course they don'l  tlng 0|       '  Ll)lli:'
Ijiiow anything about Mir business, anp^? \V: A. Di'M'AN. Cit.^-y,'
fin   Ufi'.-M^ 14-vy^W *U*��\'iV H,I^fear411!
",-iih^'iir>�� M'.^t O'V-I1 >>���'.
way it, 'the tjAiiiii cowai'dly  fash
o, dear old chap, can't  you omit thf
glow tonight?' ;"/\     ( I   !>'
��� '"But, my boy, the management wil
fine me 2 shillings!1
���'A sl,,,}.
on,   but   what do   1   get  out  of  If.
Irs that
1,1'   ^aijd.^pgistry Act. |
Re Subdivision 8
["'aQi, /t'iiy!i.v\tlie.iLii��t'    '/   A
\ '"OW yki/BUiR's aWjfery iolLffq]
I   what   ilu   I   get   out   of   if
but it bail jmnie alJJl.thfi now
,���,. i% f/iOn Al 2
, we'll. I'll give yoa Ur sjliiiiunij,
or, bettor yet, yo,r1iU' mo 'nl
ill !<nr m|. reads  for cm
\ r
tiva'a-i.  gobd  wirier, half  mile  from
achool; at C'nill.iwack, $73 ,per. aori,
I'lijht.i'oomyd    'In/use t all   MU.nl���rn
I buy.      conveniences, on Carnarvon street ajid
.Si.,,���i.y' Si\fa OreBS, two-storeys, I2.io0.    *
'li;,' r^i'j'.i'i'oii Uli A\J.,
��,/*U   ioij ��',��r.  ���  , ���        y  1 ii        ,        ��
" ,". J .  -1'   .  ' 'tit
i-'j.:i-!. si2 ' er
"- ,;i     ii'-pc.
".���      "   a"8"t   ' '.',:..: ...   '   '   :"-      .'V   -'""'
^  '  :"'!' i"'     I ���'       llSi'l ,,���i,    tfea? J'l'of.f.rarc. :$^5;.-32/5  oash.'-Halan}"
20 iv"" I':--, f'1" 1'"1' ���      r,lsJ ,.,.,:. ;;ll,,,, mam. vM*t.
jinctlon. $20 per acre - - _ .���
fstrn, or
Visual, and I'll hit back! They'll tin,
me.- tint jrfrfl -iwfl - rn <<l^> \rttt ��llt*-l
Bhllllngs besides, Y,m see how I'm sit
uafe.,1. I Shouldn't UtTe'tho tilrl to Arts
me up with the character I play. Out-
sldl^rS -lire %fl ���Tniitry ftVBf 'Kr.iV? H I '-
^ "Se> the compact wo/unade, and thai
��iiilife tvlioii'ithMie^iierfe.d.'.'.Sii' Jnunijl'
Jlee'^lef' Vr %ottfe[riln�� of, ffltfI *<*l
i-'hasn.offspring of jd, noble r,!ic',.tak(
(liatrRir Daniel uo't'only' 'took' that.'
Jut gave il back with such force thai
ho Jilt In cheers; rose athiin,' Injdud-
!ir Ids relnt.lves: fe 1,'e 1,y' marriage.
nd he walked off tbirstage [ft triumph,
��� "I am sorry ^o'itdil'lie'lost his situa-
on, but he civintfil ���lifeipoliit:'"'   !
10H o'i-i,wjg^S3Saa-a^f J-'n
Agentsfbr Employers' Lability,        .         ^        y ,,.,...,. -, ,,v
An Odd'Animal Community,
t Naluriil oneiuii.is of the auluinl world
are sometimes found living jpgpther In
Jxtraoi'ilitiiiry. oi)jiuiuiniiji>s. _ ,1, ,(L Mil
tails in a volume on'aiiiui.i'l.-t. i,u.��les. Ihis
|xperleuce of an observer: "On one oc-
Onsiii'i when fprretlnsr I lia'.ti'd -i fox  a
ind l' "f Lot ��,
sOi|ifii:)ji  f^,,ci\ 7|'.\ewTWesanin����r
��3i.V -A'rteiViil pn,,,;'. e{;,'4 tbe (loss <:'
Certificate   ot   Title   Numl
ImOdjiB thivn;tuif.',0i',*'e !
has 'been filed in tnls office,
Number   513R1-,
Prl (.
���''-\,i/ici./is hereby given thai 1 shell,
a!  the expiration of one  mouth  l'i'<* 1
fhe* 'ifoftv- ��f. >WBMMM :pnl*!.l,aitiei> tai*t=-
ot, issue a duplicate of the said Certl-
licate,   unless  in  itie   meanlini-.   vTJHd
ul>j^HIU>'.lllii,]e'   lo   llM'.ijl. vfiMi-.
C. S. KEITH.      ���
i -r** '--���-'fcisfcrV'j: ��,����w*����ii; vfi Titles;1;
! ifflfl "it'fi;is'trA-.��Ofllt^>>s>w' Witnftl-
ster, AfP'>��Mftr9hsJ3( '",;
Gity Electric Worlls
Qpposite Tram Office*
���'   -'   '   '. '   "���  ' V:      '-    ;-      ���
I'ur .ele<?ti-K' alyus, c&nwnos, motcas,
fans, 'phone fixtures, shales, Mis, ,j'--
teries,   who  and   cables  of all  k:��U
anel  sizvs.   fion*�� V-Mtis; -' Motor Zn-
stalllng a speoiivlt:-.    All 'kinds of'
pairs promptly-:��.tU��ni.Ved: to. M :���;
J. DIGBV,- f��ropr,^cto(
PHONE 304. ';
Bldmulo > rieflitS ;
- 4 ��������-*'*'e-��-*���-!�����������������������������������'���*'�������� * 1 >* t H *���*�����< 1 )-l >���-�� ��� J *'M *:-**-?*{.* et:
, r.-��*-.iiti^3
We have special inducements to offer in
in order to make room for our spring  stock,   which  is  expected  soon.
The market quotations are sure to advance on the following staple
lines, viz.:
Place your orders for these goods at once.
Public Supply Stores
Two   Fine  Residential   LOTS
on Royal Avenue east, with street in rear,
each 66x132. $350 cash and the balance
almost any old way to suit purchaser.
Two 8-Room Dwellings in center of city
good streets; each house in good repair and
in good renting locality.   $2000 each; terms.
Malins, Coulthard & Co. Ltd
Per J. H. VIDAL, Mgr. Real Estate Department
'Phone   105. 'Phone   I05.
New Wellington Coal
Mayers & Preston
J. W. Creighton
P. O. Box   345
'Phone   105.
'Phone   105.
- WITH  -
��� The  IDEAL  POLISHER   for  Woodwork,  Furniture,  &c. ���
���   ���
Sec Our Window Display
���  Hardware, Monarch Ranges       187 Columbia St.   Tel. 65 ���
: :
��� ANOTHER    LOT   OF ���
��� V
I Paper 2 Envelopes j
Many    Attend    Funeral    cf   the   Late
J. E. Phillips.
A large number of friends attended the funeral of the late J. E. Phil-
I lips yesterday afternoon, the Holy
Trinity Cathedral being well filled
while the Rev. A. Shildrick was con-
ducting ih- service. From the church
the cortege proceeded to the Church
oi England cemetery where a shorl
service w���s held al the graveside by,
tbe Oddfeilows, the Rev. J. S. Henderson acting as chaplain, with Koyal
City Lodge, N'o. 3, I.O.O.P., and a
large number of members of sister
lodges were preseni. The pallbearers were Dr. Holmes, ll. Ryall, K. ���'���
Hart, S. \. Strople, J. VV. Harvey an.l
C. S. Keith,
Among the immediate relatives, in
addition to the bereaved widow, who
atten led the funeral were M. Phillips,
brother; Miss S. J. Phillips, sister,,
city; \V. ll. Ladner, and Thomas Lad-
r., r, uncles; Edwar I Ladner, Ladner,
(cousin; Mrs. P. E. Phillips, aunt; .Miss
Vnnie   Phillips,  cousin,    and    J.    VV.
Hutchison,   Mineral   Point,   Wisconsin;
','.'. J. and Mrs. A rmsti ong an i Mrs.
I'. \Y. Howay, city, cousins; William
Wilson, Victoria, fath, , ; Mrs Phil-
lil s. and Mrs. S ii' I '. Victoria, her
siste r.
Among the man b, itiful i! era!
tributes sent by sympathising friends
was an emblem from the grand lodg, .
I.O.O.F., consisting of a magnificent
three link design. Those who senl
flowers were: Mrs. Malcolmson, spray;
W E. Vanstone, and family, spray:
Mr. and Mrs. M. Sinclair, wreath: Mr.
ami Mrs. (1. Hyde, spray; Mr. and .Mrs.
' Reichenbach, spray; Mr. and -Mrs.
H A. Eastman, spray; Mr. and .Mrs. T.
Furness, wreath; Capt and Mrs.
Knight, wreath: Mr. and Mrs. Stre,ple.
sj ray; Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Keith,
s] ray; Mr. and Mrs. W. Ladner, Lad-
cer, spray; T. S. Annandale, wreath;
Mr. and Mrs. Hainsworth, spray; Alfred, Fred and Dick Eickhoff. cress;
Mr. and Mrs. F. W, Howay, wreath;
Mr. and Mrs. D. E. McKenzie, wreath;
Mrs. Green and family, spray; Mr. and
A. IC. Rand, cross; Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Smith, spray; H. Morey, spray;
Kenned; Bros., lyre; Mr. and -Mis. A.
E. Graeme, spray; Mr. and Mrs. W.
C. Chamberlin, spray; Mrs. C. S. Cor-
rigan, spray: Mrs. Beany and Mis.
Taylor, spray, Mr. anil Mrs. .lames
IM 5 mm r. spray; Mr. an ! Mrs. .1. ('.
Armstrong, ci ss; E. Hashes. Ii. Gre-
gorj and F. 1' irvis, m< mbers of the
staff of the store, cross; Di and Mrs.
Holmes, wreath; Mrs W. W. Gordon,
spray; .1. K. Bastedo, Vanconver,
, sj ray; w. E. Sinclair, spray; Mr, . n :
'|.M:s. J. a. Lee, anchor; Mr. and Mrs,
S, X. ii, id and family, Victoria, spray; ;
I Mr. an.l Mrs. II. Ryall, spray; Mr. an I
M: s. W. .1. White, Vancouver, . r, s-
cent; Mr. .end Mrs. A. E, McNaughton,
Vancouver, wreath; Mr. .ml Mrs. s.
F DeG .. s] n ; Mi M s. an I Miss
denes, wreath; Mrs. Di, kens m an.l
. illy, spray; Mr. and Mrs. T. A.
Muir. wreath; Mr. and Mrs. w. j.
Whiteside and family, spra; ; Mr. .
Mrs. F, .1. Hart, w ��� ath; W. X. Cart; .
spraj: Mrs, Fishe . id family
Mr. an.l Mrs. E. L. Webber,
Capt, and Mis- >.���;������. ndrigh, ,. ,\i
and Mrs. R, k Chapman, V'ancouv, r,
spray; Mr and Mrs. .1. Allan, Kamloops. spray; Mrs. <;. o. M. Dockril]
ami family, spraj : Mr. and Mrs. Anils'   ���'  ;'M   ;  M e    \    ��� ......   ���    Mr    ..���,,   M,.s^
W. .1. Armstrong, spray; M.   and Mrs.
Goulet, si  aj ;  A       .- spray; Al.
Bourne,  spra} :   Mr.   and     Mrs
VI, a I,   i] Mr-
An adhesive, porous
wall-finish for interior
work in every
description of building-
Put up in twenty-three
tints and white
* Ready for use when
��� Any person can apply it
mixed with water
* I	
Absolute Accuracy
in Dispensing
is a special feature here.
Your doctor knows what
quantities and materials to
put in your prescription.
Here you get exactly what
your doctor orders. Every
drop is measured and every
grain is weighed by scales
and measures proved accurate by tests.
It is in your health's interest
to have your prescriptions
filled by us.
! Correct   Millme]
Nowhere ��
you find gather
together a m
showing of iH
hats.   Not just
few pretty m
but every hat individual in ft '
gance of trimming and fascinatS
I shape.
A word of advice is here given to everv^J
who desires her hat for Easter.
We remember how so many left their orders'
year until the last few days before Easter, and 1
many were disappointed at not receiving their m
hat.    It will be the same this year if orders aren
given at once.   If given now,  will see that vo
orders are turned out when required.
We extend an  invitation to all to inspect)
New Easter Showing.
247 Columbia Street. New Westminster
Ellard Block.
A'eu.' Westminster
The Finest and Largest Stock >>f Furniture is to be seei  il FALES.
Our clearance sale is still on.   Over $16,000 stock sti   I
New jroo-ls arriving daily.    Latest styles and besl fii
'!'   716 and 71S Columbia St.      Four  Ficers.      Rear Extension, F-:-'. Sti
$ .... . ...J
M*~fa'X&~*-*.-*.'-*^ ��� * * ���������������'I
Loi I  an i  family,
��������<>������������������*�����������������������**������������< ������������������������������^�������������<>4��<.4<.^<r
Opera  House  Bookings.
Vpril 4���I     em    Gale
'. ol Tramps.
A;,ri: i"    Vai I's   Minstrels,
'���i        10���()!���!  Ai Kan-;'-
217-219 Columbia St.
I ..Desirable Residences.. I
| Electric Railway Service I
Inter-urban Line.
Cars for Vancouver ami way
stations will run every half-
hour from 5:50 a. m. to 11 p,
in. excepting at 7:30 and 8:30
a. in. Half hourly cars will
run from Central Park to
Vancouver only.
City Limits Line���Service from
6.15 a.m. to 11 p m.
20 Minute Service���.no transfer.
Detween 111 nnd 2 and li and 7.
30   Minute   Service   during  re.  1
main,ler of day.    Transfer at
Leopold Place.
Sunday   Service   half-hourly   between s a.m. and  ll p.m.
Sapperton Line.
15  Minute  Service  from  C.25 a.
m.  to   11
'���m., , xcepi  between ���
,1 u rim
which hours the service will be t
half-hourly, *
Sunday Service   liair-mmrlv ue- X
tween 8.30 a.m, ami n p.m. *
British Columbia ElJecSxic Ry. Co., Ltd l
Modem Cottage on (ith St. below Ith Ave., with
lot and one-half. In first-class state of repair.
$2500.   Terms.
Modern 7-room House on 4th St. close to Queen's
Ave.; nearly new; tine lawn; a very desirable
home. .$2800.   Terms.
Modern 7-room House on Royal Ave. in central
location. ^$LS00.   Terms.
Modern jT-room House on 3rd St.
near car line.�� $2750.   Terms.
in good repair;
$2000 for
Two 7-roomed Houses on 9th St.
both.   Term.-. B
G-roomlCottage in East End; modern.   $2500
Terms.  .
Farms! Farms!
LANGLEY, 312. Eighty acres: 20 cleared and bal
ance light timber; small house and barn
fenced; 300 bearing fruit trees; good water!
cows, hogs, machinery and implements. Thi
whole as a going concern.   $3100.   Termf
LANGLEY, 306. 100 acres, partly cleared; 6-rood
house, small barn and outbuildings; orchm
00 trees; on good road; convenient tostorf
post office and school.   Price $2100. Term*
SURREY, 221. -150 acres 1 1-2 miles froi Clovej
dale, 25 acres cleared, balance all bottof
land, easily cleared; 6-room house, Wl
etc.; 1-2 mile from school, church, \- t -1
and  store.     Trice $50 per acre.    I    i
Dominion Trust Compi!
With that, one thinks of dam
Collars and Belts, Chic Blouses M
Stylish Dress Skirts.
We have them at
-275 Columbia


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