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The Daily News Sep 2, 1908

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 White, Shiles & Co.
is'UMBER 216,
White, Shiles & Co
���*'. flEi'TVrMn**prn 2,.w.
Ulanv .Mines Opened Up in
Dj Tourists  Start
- Big Game.
CHRISTIAN fcNBEAVOREKS      Wreck of British Schooner Sends       !.W1I]TINU SEASON HAS
MEETING IN liflNVtNTIONl Twenty-eight to Watery Grave     COMMENCED J
�� J^ff^J9G8''fY-  !
now     ���
,     .;. i ��� Sept
v,.i.   never  brighter
The Boston  I'n-
their dredge
pju-lng basis, although
., . |   to use    the   old
., ^e gro ind  with. (July
ag0 |||,-,   Look  over  Ilie
property and
pier <;-.._____���
���;n_ <'"
,, s having In    turn
the Iowa, LHlooe'l
,n '! ���'���'"���  ""'" _____-.--_
"i -,. hi b ml manag< ml
la(.k of funds    (the    funds
pproprlated by the treas-
.,,!   aredse had    been    a
,t now that it is in experienc-
k bands -'   promtoM  to   be  a    very
paying concern, and it will not be
. before  Lbia   company  puts   the
08t up-to-date dredge  in  the  world
,;.,,-     Mr.  Williams  goes to
w      with     the     first
.an -
-in,,i n
Activity Everywhere.
[Messrs. Burkholder,  Taylor &
���,-���  an    making   good   money
claim  bn Bridge
>ar North  Fork.
I Vork i-   progressing   favorably  on
e A:, li - on Lake mine.
i has aln -     I n madf
IF. Kin
One t-lean-
,,,  the    Pioneer    group,
|artz claim    on    Cadwallader.    has
at) his Anastia   igatn and his first
bnlh'6 clean-up  was  In   the  nelgh-
|J       I (went: ounces of amalguni.
:,, aouble 'bis in the tu-
an,i       ,- can do all his   own
j.-k thls .  .,. good a thing as
.   n Hydraulic Co., on Al-
.. ttre now  working un-
,,,,,1 expects    to   make
d up tliis fall.
,;-;, Wayside (quartz property) have
t���. -..,        h ore,  their    showing
of  the  ''*���'**-'  i"    '������''
Huntng Parties Active.
lAbout !  number  of tourist
trted oui  In queal  oil
. mtain    sheep)    deer,
lat.s ami Seven parties out-
! ,,- | lasl  week, and there
.   . :, ore during the com-
wei ,
Good Prospects at Hatchery.
��� Si       Lake hatchery ha- good
goo i taki  of eggs, tar
| , xpected for  an
, .,-i.ii thousand
,u in Si - in  Creek  alreadj   and
li,-l 1   until   ready   I"
will be taken at
if Si ton Lake and on
inch    has    just    been
\ e a ed on Seton Lake ln
bin, tl, n   with  the   work    of    "re
Fine  Fruit  Crop.
bp  la   better  and
t1 ci op of peaches,
i good,   A load
-   iliipped for Not"
-.,������-   plentiful ill's
been  Been    the
I.i i five years
Annual  Gathering  of  British Columbia
Union   Begins in   Vancouver  To-
Day���City Pastor Pres.dent.
The in,-sid, ni in the British Columbia Chritian lindeavor Union this
year is Rev. \v. n. Barraclough, and
is the seereian-treasurer is A. i'J.
LStherington, considerable local interesl Is iuki.il in the convention which
opens today in Vancouver, lasting till
Monday, the last day being devoted to
excursions. A Bpecial ear, leaving at
6:55 p.m., will carry the Westminster
delegates to the Wesley church, and
the first meeting, this evening will
include addresses from Kev. w. BL,
Barraclough, Mayor Bethune, Vancouver, Rev. R. Milliken, on behalf oI' the
union. When thu welcome addresses
have been delivered, Hev. J, li. Ol.ver,
of Toi onto, will speak on "The Nation's (Ireatest Foe, and how to meet
It." At tomorrow's meetings the nominating committee will be appointed,
and at the -evening meeting Rev. Dr.
Whitman, of the. First Baptist church,
Seattle,  speaks.
si hikiii
and   ���
The      British
rei ke I   oft
-, i   to-day(
- eigi.1  of  the   thirty-three
.   .-.,   ���   irown id.
'I be  \' een caught In the
New York, Sept. 1.���Although lUb-
bi Wollnsky, of Brooklyn, took unto
niuiself a third wife three months
ag!., it has only become known to
Ids friends and neighbors, aa*l il
even came as news to his grani-
chlldren and great grand chiUm___i
and   great-great-  grand   children.
Rabbi Wollnsky is a yhlte-headed
patriarch, who has passed 106 .summers and hopes to pass several more
in connubial bliss.
The rabbi's latest wife was a .Mrs.
Shinney R. Shinski, widow of a former friend of the old gentleman.
sin- was onlj a trifle over To. a meraj
giri in the rabbi's eyes, ami he grqw
to  love  her.    So  he  wooed  and   won.;
ti rrltic . bich has bei n  sweeping tern    and    we -toru I'jgvame.""���"*"
'���' ai I ;land .for 2 I  hours. She,
tried  to  pui into port, but  cmi.4 m
wiihstaii i seas    wiiich    literal
heal   I .-.,
The .oi     reached   i hore in   a
small boat aftei a miraculous trip
through high  waves,    Noarly �������-
ery vi el that has reached port to-.
,ii- i bow.- Bei lous , Sects of the
st<nin. Those which are overdue-aie
in greal danger and the greatest anxiety is fell for them.
Four per ons were drowned in the
scramble for the lifeboats, when two
hundred passengpty?, inof-t ot 'them
women and children, were rescued
from the e\. uisioii Bteamer Q*ueen,
When she became disabled to-day off
Selby Hill in a terrific storm xnal is
swVping the  English channel.
Tne crew of
le ��� ,   tvTien tli
duri*-  IU.    ��� .        I ol   -he   WO
child]  t,  to' ���.���"���.   ii,-,. tm sun:
���nt     was
pien an I
m i      .
The.      v. r -,.     ��� ,,'f     |n -*.;,,.     \* i I | ]     fright
and   foughi   w ith i   - h other   In tiieir
wild attempts to rea h the boai i. The
,.[';.-,'i-s of the .-hi,,  had  to use  force
to  ronjiii.l  (hep*  to   Obey   orders.
The four wen- losl overboard
dm in-.- tli,- mad rush and there was
no possible chance of saving them
from the water which was running
in mountainous waves.
prektes. credit is given the crew
for successfully getting all but font
ashore as it was thought for a time
that others  would'perish.
Two other steamships and  several
i ailing vessels are    known    to    have
been   stranded   on  the  coast Iby   the
the    ship    refused    to | storm   and    th"    fate   of   their    crews
lifeboats  returned for lis  questioned.    An   unknown    vessel.
the...      t'.iiii.   .-.,����! ..Um,.    willed   mile -r j which wn�� in  ��� j i��. re - x .��� set off rockets
^o  down   than desert   the  sh.p,    andjoff thi    Nab  lightship  last   night, Big-
���   ',i'oi..h&4!:i   '���uV.VsSv.. It
;   heroic efforts
maintained and
taken - a th
.n -...   -     n-gj in fury, and
the Queen' i ���        ,*<      iSrigief ot
being a    the     rocks     oj
s"f.ampe i and sunk   a    she is unmaii-
Tli,   woi  to .    ���   i xciteme
there is grave danger of ail being lost.
The Queenf-wXs  loarfedVdth e.xjeitr-
iViikr oui  fWr tr day's"plea-
iUku   ihe     g;ue     suddenly j l.o. r,|
siouistaS, i
sure   tiip
Sjvapt down upuu lia-.i and her en^.n.--,
,-ciime  disabled.    The  ship's officers
had great   :.ij��.i,i, :.ln    preventing    ,t
l^iniQ on   hoard  wltc-ii   the  diyjg
nailing  for aid.
seen of the wSsel sinc��an
ed that   she'was   iMt    wi
Nothing has been
d ifi_3ear-
th Kail
��� A nuiiiliei- of small ve��stds have
heen driven ashore at various points
ij)<.n!4   the   cup st," and   it   isfdoubiful
elliL-manv-oI thenrcan'be floated
oomiiWitanIi poto'' iSlisBo. of Wr ids
London, Sept. 1.���Harry Ben.on,
otherwi., known as Bebro, aftd Geo.
Petty,   directors  of the  International
s, "nv.   r,,;:.oration,    limited,  'and
���  -
No Concerts Down Town.
A hand concert was given ye.teida..
evening at Albert Crescent, quite a
fair crowd a ttendlng, considering that
the event was not idvferUsedi The
last free concert of the year will be
given early next week."* in response.
to the request of a number of citizens
tor a concert to be given on Sat.ii-
daj evening on Columbia street, one
of the i.., 'iihers of the ,,and points
out thai the merchants early in the
year made known their strong objection to this practice, some of them
even going so far as to offer a sub
staqtial donation to the band if nc
concerts were given down town on thej oddfellows'   cemetery,  there- 'i-feing a
week. Ijlaige-  atl'-ivl Hire.    '   fhe    ;,.dl-bcare:'S
we're*4I.  Bourki*  I> ��� Mcrvmald,  r.  S.
ncnle\.   T     S'-t; ��� --,    R.   llamiitioii'
A S^im  attendance und a poor lighf ii:il-   i;    p.,    ���,        -f ���;.. .    ,-���:;���   in
eom.ined  to niiliUit.e agalMt 'he sue-"' ..���!,,,j,,.l  (���:   W. atul  Sirs!  Mclnnes. . I. I..
CBSS   of   the   weekly   shm.i   at   .Moody    ..,.   \\,-,_ *\i,-j0l���^  j\\*-. At.  1'.. Mclnnc-
Winnipeg, Sept. I.���Dominion   land)
otlites in every.-district ol the middle
west   where   odd   numbered   sections
are  tin own   open   for     homestead.ng
.',r,,mi.-H-   to   be   very   busy     for     the,     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_
next few days.    In many of the towns . T'irltham'f. hank, -whicli  were  raceritly
especially  tn   Saskatchewan  and   [Al-] placed  In the hands of   a    receiver,
erta, numerous    valuable    sections, j.were arriisti-d i.oda.  charged wit A at-
some of 'hem near towns, are to be [tempting to obtain money on fr%udu-
had.    Dauphin  last   evening  reported
,   w,en  one   and   two hundred   peo-
lent pretences.   Wlitn   ihe   prl-Soiv- a
were   arr^gned   the   pros'ecuUng    at-
L(i.ney.<Ha:.d \n.v t*-,0ij0 ij.,.,r people had
been  destituted  liy tli,
1  roort.V|i.iii
hundred,   are  In  towft   awaiting jwdiiphi (ronce*rps-r jwer^jdoclared by thejja^ branch
pie waiting tm the street. Scores ar^
waiting  -it   Yorkton    nnd    the    great
Doukhp'aor  jush  is  likely to  be dup-1 Securit-.-. corporation, ^ml ra?i(*eiV|
Heated at   l.ethbridge.    Reports    say   5,000 others bj   Che    haul,,    both   of
the openingioj the offices   Hnmboidt
and Mtoosejaw' add their quota oi ati-
night   watcher,   in   the    reports    re-
, ceived.
Funeral- of D.' R. Mclnnes.
Dai Of m
Disciples  of   Nmrod   Begin   Slaughter 	
Among Ducks���Plentiful Supply of       Llbehlls A^l'ee to Hol<
,       5e;ki P^ornifiji Go.od Sport.
'   -,      - ���  ',:.,     '   ,-V,ll    ,11    \llll
esl   ,. > sterday,  when  the  embargo otff'
'iTT:"f-1_ ;inii"l7neTv'Tl,, r   nooung was re-
mo ��� i.   Many disciples of nlmialh^vi
gone  outlto Lhe likeh   spots,  fa-.tim-
���.id l.v rill|lfi,'vitjl''.iVi^'lUl,/tij|;l Jf v;,I
Mfi.iriti* Jn.ul -xA- Liu/island.
Ladnd^ j'|tj. tilj. Ind jPlU^qjrs,
ind reports from the district;, espeel
ally five marshy country beloved by
Lhe dnch, ���-���trir.r,- tha' hirfts are pb nr
ful, ami large flights have come down
froui the breeding points in the nop
Some fine bucks have beep s,-< n
in the neighborhood, anil they are common. A fine animal was put up by
a rail motor on the C. 1'- R near Port
Moody last week, b��ing so tame that
ll ran several yeard^ in front of the
ii Otor before vanishing 'into the bush.
The prospects of fresh venison are
an raiding considerable attention In
the district.
The grouse season do^s not begin
pn September 1 this year as usual.,
so that the birds, wh'ch have suffered
���:��� , ��� ion from b.ush fires have a few"
da;      b nger grace.
_natin��    Convfehtioii
Wednesday, bept. 30.!
At     ;,     l.ii gel.', ^attended     tne
ei al.s ol Jjtew  W eslmin.stel
dislri, .'Jjfev '"*' 'u"g     ln
man's  H.*il.>^tririfV,n  that  a not
in^'   r"ii^Pntfoii   l,e\beid   in   tni_|
on    \\ tWnesrtn*..   SeptS.'ICI,    wa.,
mo r i    kn**d  to     I'jntjiaries 'o
delegatesy-in'ti   -iltenJt,-i  to  this
vention   Wil^iie   tujll    tL   th,    co1
ip Sep
districts  rEbfji Sep'
'lb,   date of tlii/'hrfldlng nr tboicou-
venth u >Eas  been  afcttat a  mn.-t {con
venieni'time,  it being on_-the second
day ot.the proyiacjhl i?,ir. ^-hr-n
Alr-sandn. Our., Sept. 1-.������Olengarry
Li.erals have nominated J. A. McMillan, ex-M.  I'.  I'., for ihe CoiAhons.
,   .Mntiyal, !_ept. l.-^riu.. Liberals of
1   SJ l_|w/enc| (liiionShive leiloiniiiat-
\k-*\ *K.   fflc'kTdfl.e for* tlV CoiiWions.
St. John. N.B., Sept. 1.���Dr. A. W.
MacRae, barrister, of this city, was
last nighl nominated by the Conservative- of St. .lohn city and county
to oppose Hon. Mr. Pugsley.
St. Stephen, N. B��� Sept. 1.���W. ff..
Tndd wn. notminated hy the Liberals
of Charlotte county last night to op-
],n=e c. w. Qanong, M, P.
v' Federal taw Office Chajiget.'
Ottawa. Sept. 1.���The Internal
Economy commission of the Commons
met yesterdaj and made the following
appoini ments. conseiiiietvt OpOn the
death o. 1-*. A. Mct'ord. law clerk: A.
II." O'Hrien, to be law clerk; Dr. .). M.
Koran, as^istHtif law: clerk; A. S.Troop
of   Halifax;   to   be   secretary   of   the
of the' elected, delegates!
be lp the city frir^rhe'imtpo. o ofl
ini  in  the  oWibition.    '" !
After : onw discussion it. was c ecid-
ed thatyiro proxies would be pn mit-
teil at-'the convention.
1*h'e secretary was notifiet to
send out instructions to the diff irent
district .associations- suggesting -the
calUng. of meetings to elect dele ;ates
at a date early enough to p, rmit
these to come Vo New Westminst ir iu
good time.       J
A scurrilous teditorial which af )tai
ed in th^ Vancouver Province on
Aygust 2<4, in the course of i hicb
Wading business men of this city
*pre referred to as 'thugs," " him
lije-riggers" aud "politidal shun sirs J'
vfas made the text of several h ated
rfenuncintions jtif the inspired onslaught of tbe notorious C. (.R.
pftnsfervative organ of Vancouver The
dirty* suggestiveness' of the car' _ons
lisplayed on the front page of the
fame shept also, came in for- si vere
condemnation, uncalled for atyj.ej___s
on Sir Wilfrid Laurier being panic
ul.arly  objected   to.
Included amoug those who addressed tlie. meeting were .1. B. Kennedy.
M. I*.. .lohn Oliver. M.L.A.. Robert
-lard.ifte, ".I. W. \teart H. A. Eastman.
A. te*aman, toi (iodieV .audi w7. T.
Coolishy. J. W. MacDonald. president of the Liberal association, discharged the duties of chairman in an
efficient manner.
!   }T)i4   fmie-  t of-thi    late     paniel
,,,,,���.,    \r,\nJr "���J    ,   a,-      at     the
busiest  day of tin
.        - - | wer
Trap Shooting. Hi, i
slim attendance and a poor 'islu  ami
impbell   and     Mrs.
1-".   and   Mrs,   Mi-
Square   yesterday  evening. , opfyfju-! i isini   11   T.   I
difforem  .scores  being  made.    Tbe ''"'''* 	
BUlta  in  the'Ca.N,,   cup    �����inp..tiiion   n.,,,,,1,   ,M,      Jamas   Wils,���,    Kobcrt^ femures..Returned ft-oni-nrotoainm
wk,iv. as follows George Cunningham, ������   . �� va     ���> 0   D. -Bourke,iam
lb    Hen   lialhrait'h,  i::;   Frank Trapp.   \    Matheson.     Rfl      i     3      Hendei
gh   court  of   justice .a?r  fraudulent
Asylum Returns. ���
A total of ~,:i!i patients are now under treatment at the ',,rovinciV. asylum for the insane, according to returns for the month of August furnished by the medical superinundent,
('. E. Doherty, this number beini; divided into 3D. males and 113 (BBtSlei!
Following is ,the comfleU Bummary
ol jiiiU*jpt^ iu.Llit Uos,i|-,yi during the"
nioutl^^l^ f\)f .lo^,i;,| atj beginning
of month, ",'it males; 130 females
Admitted during the month. 11 males;
Louis. K. C, of Montreal, was
aiipointed to ibe translation -staff, in
-uccession to Mr. Tessler. promoted
to be secietar\ of the imblic works
Insecure Title.
Subsequently lo the pres. ntat ion Ol
the deeds of Scott _oa__ property to
I'lioinas (lifford and' Alex. Turnbull
by Mayor Keary on Monday night at
the presentation concert, some doubt
.nose as to the -ifls professionalizlm;
these two lacrosse players, and It
was decided tr, return tho deeds pending an luve tigation as To the position of ih,;. in, u receiving BUCh tokens
Secretary      W.
���   American scc-
-   national    waterways
need yesterday that
would   meet   ou
ll   the     feiicral
-"   Will   take   up   the
on ui the boundary    line    be-
""l States and Canada
1 a the   st.   Law-
mouth of  l'igcon river
Superior.     At
12'   W   Burr,  11.   W.  Turnbull, 8.  In   :���...    Hiciated   iti th
the   Duponl   troph)   competition,   the   ,, erson at I '"��� 'n;"
.,    ,,,,,,  read  as   follows:     Pranl  i    residence ol the de-
Tr8pPi 20; Qeorge Cunningham, 17; B.    , , .        S'ai
tialbraitli.    1-;    W.   Burr.    1".     1! IH
mosi likely thai i'"1   tew    remaining   u
.-boots will be held on Saturdaj after-1 Kales wa_
��� ^.precialion   from  Robert   Kennedy.
,maje. JDjsch.arge^l witjiout pTbbatlon,I There is little doubt thai the mthoTl
11 males; 1 female. Discharged on lloa w,n decide favorably to the
probation, 3 males; 1 female. Ms- players,
charged at expiration of probation, 5
Asia's Silk Cargo.
San Francisco, Sept. l.~Th,, richest
cargo of raw silk imported, to 'Frisco
from the Orient, for several years has
re-ached this port on the steamer
Asia. It consisted of 2t_tio bales.val-
ned at !|2,0��0.000, and was ��� sent to
Xew 'York on a special train, which
wrts In waitltiK when the Asl%^ arrived. <',"���
Premier  Coming West.
Ottawa. - Sept. 1.���There Is a possibility that Sir Wilfrid Laurier will
go to the Pacific coast before the
Rations, but this will depend largely
on the date of voting, if polling is
at the beginning of November, he will
not be able to go. If at the end of
November, he will probably make the
western trip.
and     ���     teentl
��� The;,- was
ite W.     E
males;   1   female.   Died,  2   males     in
ill al at close of month, 369 males;
135 females,   On probation, 23 males;
in   females.   Total   under     treatment.
394 mules;  i ir, females.
noons, commencing this week,
.    ' 'lllllll
''''" Un   i m
l*.c���n si    |i
ami the
f"h "own Into Laki
fOTthconwig  meeting   patrUcdlar
'm"" *��"   - devoted to the Lake
��� bo��nd,      ; .,,
B"_le Band
^^^^^^Pract icing.
"��le band of A. and  B. con.-
Anient. 2, strong, is
military  tattoo In
"*" -"ih ih     band   of   the
,. D ;"   Vl��couver  on   Monday,
'   Leslie has charm.
'  ���      Half a  dozen
leaded,    bul    the
"   drummers   and
��� ���
"Biscuits"  Resigns from   Management.
c. i). Peele, manager of the Ne-*
Weatminater lacrosse toum, has re
sigued from thai position. H'__ successor will b e appointed al a meeting of the club to Ui held in the near
future, At the present time, the pre
sident and tirst vloe-preeldent of the
club are away from the. city and will
not return for some time. J. U
Payne, second vice-president, will
take the chair al the meeting al which
Mr. I'eele's grievances will be
Danger Eliminated From
Work on Big Tunnel at Field
Locke Going to Nanaimo.
I    ii    ���. :u , quite pn le ihat  Frank
Locke   will  accept  lhe   offer of   Nitnai- ____._____^	
|mo  football  club  to join It,     hould copper king of Cananea, Mex., to serve
the club be aide to guarantee  wtrk|papers In
for him, as h,   goes down thla  week
To Sue Millionaire.
San   Francisco,   Sept.   I,���Dr.   E,  B.
Perrin   is   awaiting   the   return  from
of Colonel W. C.Qreene'the
Atlantas Need  More  Players.
The   Ladies'   Hockey  team    of
High   school,   the    "Atlanta
elected  their officers  for the coming
season,    They   are:    Hon.    president,
Principal Stramberg;  president. Miss
Anna     Laldlaw;
men work with much more confidence,
It appears fjoni what can be learned
thai thc old system of blasting, which
...in used during the first  part of the
work aud up until the new- stylo began,
was a rather oareless system.    Bight
or led  charges  would  be plaei-d  with
fuses, and the fuses would  be ignited,
was a   very   dangerous   piece   i f  Four or flve of the blasts would go off
and men too their lives In their aud  the  explosion   would   blow    the
handg evOTy time they went to work In burning  ruses  from such  charges as
h     tunnel     Just how   many     were i bad not. exploded.   Then tho workmen
The work on the new grade at Field,
Where the  road  is  being cut   throiigli
,   ,, bas during the pasl called
,., m ,, j; , ,-iticism.    From the i-'P" I
,,.  ,,������  who bad  beeu   working there
.,,���! who 'inn In '��"��� "r ������"'"��� liv''"'-il
averred, it appeared that the reel.
to   Naualmo  to  take   pari   in   an cx-
h Ibi tlon   game,   and   a.   one     of     the
I best   forwards   iu   the   province   he   is
sure of his place,   He toW his friends
her,, lhat he would not play again
this season, and had already passed
into 11 class of Ihe referees association, bul  this was not  thought  to be
ion   Kliey;   business   m
Corbett.     Practice    commence-*
week,   ami  a   numbi r  of  new   I
will be welcomed.
have! killed  by  blasts that failed  to go OT
'and wen   Later explo I by the work-
,,,,,,,-s pidts or crowbars ls not known.
,,��� ,  ,unni.er have died  Ihis way.
,���...,        iin    i change Has taken place in the
secretary-treasurer, | , Bin a ���-��   ^    w    ^   U]e
lately after ihe
___________________________________ *..     \_t��.  Mar-1 work   aim   the  men   affirm
Miss   Kate  Mulr;   captain. >���'- ,���,������.,,, imme.l
anaLr,,r-1hw;,e,.s,e,n of work took effect.   Since
avers  ��� i n, about  two or three weeks ftgo.
| there has been no one hurl Mi  '^
would re-enter the tunnel to clear
nwey the debi-ls nnd thi., picks would
strike one of tho charges lhal hal not
cv] loded ,and a tragedy would result,
Under the new regime, according to
the story of the men. all blasts are
now Ignited by means of electricity and
,,vi lode at onco. reducing the drtnger
, f w-erk In the tnnne* t, ,.,aiilenn.v
Tom Keeps on Winning.
in connection with    the    Dominion
Hide associalicii meeting at Ottawa,
local shots continue to stand well up
In the lists, In spite of bad weather
conditions. Lieut. Tom Cunningham,
of the Sixth regiment, D.C.O.R., yesterday made a score of R0, taking a
$t prize. Vancouver successes in the
I). C. O. U. were Capt, Foi rest, (65)
$6, and  f'apt.  Mills  (81) $1.
To Work Up "All-Red" Interest.
Ottawa, Sept. 1.���Dr, Coulter, Deputy Postmaster-General has been ap-
; ointc i Commissioner to Australia, to
work   up   interest   In   the   "All-died"
stenm-hlp -project.
a sail againsi him 4>r the
recovery ef $112,000 for 32,000 acres
Of laud In Arizona, tor whicli the defendant  is alleged to have contracted.
Baby Szechenyi Dead.
Buda Pest, Sept. 1.���Countess StsP-
clienyi, formerly Miss (iladys Vanderbilt, of New York, today gave birth
to a child. The babe lived only a
short time. The countess was not in
danger at any time during her Illness.
We Mean To.
Westminster  may  keep
ip for lhe present.    Yes
k you.
��� A'erdeen  .
s   ���
6    ���
Ten inning
��� i
.' -i  ,
; I ��� ���',
���-.  .'-������   ���   ���
'   .    '
������:���*. v. .-v1' ' ���
' 4M
- \z'h'
yy ?.i
i;    : ���-,  '
. ''- \.
��� "-A
��� \m&
��� *��� \&&%
���t !i
��� W
-,- -iy
i i��
,* '.i
ii' �����'���'}''T^
";  ' pis
������><*��� ^W'.i
$ 'py<yw
t.'-��ri''" '-**1
���   ^y?>
���.... i_. *.#.i-...
��� ������:
'���       'VA**      " *',
:_."      Jt'��'Jlh ���' '���*?
    ji .���,*���' J ^���*,/n-;<i
���   ���     '.,';^.
- l&M
*' ���;:_;_<
���''**''" ,'_"v'
',;' ' .''.'������",'i.r"',.*',,
������   -i .4'.^
: M'mY** *������*���'..
_*      ��� ****->* v
��� *�����- ���', - ir,:*, i^" ^2!ir
>��� ������/���.��� ���'��� / !���'���.,-?.
��� i- *-*>. >��� _    . i   I,*
i    ��� I #'    *     ***���**. ?i*.������
���':>..'���:���;'>/ ''v*. V'^.ri
tt,*      k .���.    .*, *, nm.
��� _   ..   ��� .."ml
' .���    I* A*.
,* fV<X* ..   .* >.;>.*'">. <
t    Vf&^R ,'''--      a
i.  4<rt
ryr   !  < .      ,1,1.   ,.
'   ',,'*'���.  ' �����-���"   ':i -ir
'    ���    ���"'.!_��___ *''���'''*-*''.
sHv^kTW's i "fi
���������   4t*'j'^**:;
'������ 'rvijKy^Ji'M .
'���*'\. y,k.glv':* J'f'-i
.- ���;. ����� ''  . L
:   ���    ; '    ���*��� ���'
���  ,      ���  ������   1
tt*. Z*\
\*A-fM     -'
' -, If* ������>
_    ,-��   J" L��.
���������� ijl-T'**
:���'",,<. Jin      ' - -
��_i ',- i
ff ft
, 4   ���, -t-r vr- i-.-l *
ill tow?
dm 1M- sf
_v ���'i lift*'!   ' ill
]!l  i ^
* iS*-,�� ��� !*' ''.:
6�� 2 .>o*s
Newark   Slurers-Regi:lar     $5.00
to $6.00.  Special for this week
... .$3.50
'!.': The prudent buyer has been here, bought all the shoes he could
possibly use, and gone on his way rejoicing. ...
j in f
I ���    B
,n :���,, ���   j
8    .,        X-fil9
gt��auiaa 1651-.
���Sale pric   ...
j���;���- fn a.
���    ���
,    S
Wlim*>iry   Whrte
[fir ..:...������'.
3 a   : ���      ���
B '
.'I V'l-
V,'omeiisgFa"iiii '.>xf(*i*d,". A    Bt��w| _
ma.ke,>fo^. ���������'������        ���     -*3*50
\*,omeu's   jiM    Oxforu^-
lU.ll.,vK.l   ��� lid ��� ������������ -9--
the i,es.  -ever!;
*M '
for .
s   "With
...j.-'li'-aUl   ''
...   -,.- *2.00.
v._     IfiV-ls,
Now, Reader, It's Up to You!
U you. let this: great shoe opportunity escape you, the fault is yours-not ours.
If you --come m for -a- look/'you'll buy and
wonder why you did not come before. n
. We've -still many good tilings in store for you
that -you certainly can not att'oM to ignore.
Mim's. (���: OB <1\!m-<i
���    ���       	
,f   - -.   .,;,,-, I'V-ll's. 'A
.      I      ' :   .!
in Tan
?,vii-e bd�� siz,- 1n ^Vnnv-;:'- ��d atvl
'-���Jt'Oxfords. T-vlij* -J".   ;-'$1.0O-
kA.ST^CAbL; SIR!   This ?ale will positively
end'n with the' closing of our doors on'Saturday
,nii_:ht. -1  d   ; '  ': ;
N  O W
. ���'���'.u>r>1|	
, WfiitlS"^'1
$1 75
��9To ��������� -"'!"     '
! and >:���""-,
Ftegul n
i   I
'l.adlf-i     I''.     ,--
Cross ma-'
li IIQJjl ! (
Thei Si^h of the Bi^ 'Electric '< Shoe
i' ���
���J  ��_-!-
iU.     _������!..__!.     _C    I"
^f��^^^^^ Grand d Trunk' Ry.
" This Is My 55th Birthday ���
W.   W.  F.ney.
���VV-fS  t; .���������..:��� ;. ..i-ill-uc -.:  the  -wuiviu  Rai     i
, ,���      diirfstW MISS    Sei^u,^.' 8,1/18.93
__________________________________________________���_____..--> .4L i_ti(*i<m-t'n_,h<___i- to. one ol  tu
siflent-2 i* tfie*'**.ee of the Nek OrU-i.....' -I^k-.u. afld 9reU  N--
-  c    emlteilroafc-aa. "���-   o;*the,PPst{led    W   p^gtet^ni    gengval -    ,
.    , .,    ,  ,,,,.    ,.     ���',.���:������  assistant   -���   ra     rei^      -���-     H
.,   ,;1,;i,,.,,.     ���.v...   .,..-:... Qflttl* Wjm.*    ��� '���    ;
,.   .   ;r..ttl -,,,���ai.  IsteO   tauMSI-JM  v,.,  'ii.
Dfth4    aot-XlaSDW      '    !  I   ��������� as^acia.ioi,.,,.. Kiu.-u- .......
Hi  was t*airn}��n of tha V��B ta JPaeaemgW  A-m.aiiou  a;  ^- *.���- -    .
d 6  -    mi isao.te W--i:S:-i-..   ^       aanager ofthe    Great    Ne'-.-.n,
.   ���   -    -lo  WIS;  -i/oml  ,-----   '-Men-   of the-0*eat   Northern;     com-
.,,..,,   souther,   <.::-'  -  Passenger aflsoci*^ Rfld  in I
��� .... :;1,; ��� ���: , .pre ,nl  sm.sequently second  v..e p    -
Excellent Train Service Between]
Chicago, London,
Hamilton, Toronto,
Montreal, Quebec,
'   Portland, Boston,
* /
.  ,   Southern r    :    tn ii���main-.  U|0��,   folk��win,; M.o  J'-a i    |
; ���_,-.���      -    SO    li -  ;,.   .���pt.oinWMl -o:..,.e   Ii.'*^u-:icy  ot    |
And all the principal business center*, of
...Also to UrUKKAIaW.NEW VORK an|0
iJFHlLADtLFHIA.  vialNiagara Fall*.
For. Tim�� T-��bl'ts, ett., ailDresf*. ._
r    "^-SMithrrn.*'
"t   '
'. _���      tm  i .j'....  --.. ���
Assistant Gen'l R?
ARent, 1S5 Arlams St
. Lsipartmeni of Agriciik
It It fare, w hnk-sumc end !it��n,n��lc��l
-���-. ,   arid Ticket  I �����*������< '" ���*��-��- ���"<���"���
.^hi^,o, ni.  ||E.Vy.GILLETTJ?^rTA?
Synopsis of  _.an��ini<in  Homestead
:.i:t)iil.itmns. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
*,:.   ,. "i ,-,;,. j,..:, ..........  ,,. ^    - Sale of Government Qua��
[in     - -I-,!,, ...  <.,-.:. ;:. .;.���,   ., ' ,    - tine Stea:;..r " Earl."*
I bla, mai' be homesteader! o; aiy pers -i '     ;
who Is the sole head o'{   i j    .  .     I ���'  *i-
'       ��� '- ,-. l-= n't  , .    to't.
t'���  ^���;,: uuel',o>,!ft��r ,!,��� .���..-.Vi.-.. m : Un. .uu..u a;   ,      -
,,���,:,   tin-   l-iml   ,   s:���iit,.     KlUO���-^      ,
:,,   fli;iy.   !lo.v,.���,-.l,e,,a,!-,a,e.--' ;
lain ,,,nli:;,,n.   b>  Ifie father, i,,,.ii-:. ��� "
n" dau^i^r," bV'other^or sister of 'and'"*���:_ i8*?n!'
' , .-      ,       ..... ;.,....���     8   '     " ���   -'��� 1 .Sealed '��� H     '
I so
the horn
Pettipiece Soundly Rates
Edmonton Labor Council
Telephone comniiiijifatlon, has been
established.. with WEHT.UINriTICIl
.H'NrTloN, PITT MI-:.\r)')\VS, IIAM-
vt-'-:'  ,!"*'    _^^s^__________i
_________________���   ,,
.- require .
ciimec;', ,1  :hei*o
i ���it
. ,ton. ^i^^^^^^^^m
a   Ea.monfon   htWe
a ii;,....  ....i.-.i.'a'a,!. a:  iV Trades ��
,    ,.    a   i.tiMi'.'.m  .   ��iH'il  mee'r   iU   Halt
e ,, ..1 ...  y.    . :i, ���,-   -j ha  wQl&ej* hero
8  ..., ,������:..  ���������' -.leap, hive bean ehtoro.j
���     ���'
-...._   i  dfev,
nu  your   rights
of lb i.ens arc you tellqi. - doing c-ai
���   .,-      ,v���,     IMS.    fl��\     t0ll',A,l!4."l;      'I"'
, .;,,    anj le  al   i'n-  ""'"-��� -" ':l     v""
��� ,-,,; ... UU-  aieI   din*   ���"'>   nni'Oi-.ui'
,   E|   ;,l   H-Uifa.\   to   ,'���<--   without
���_,-t-i ���; i,-pre.-,.|iti;ii   ^^^^^^^^^^^
After  .Lin-ilii.   Iiis   \i*j:i:-i     UJ.   '."   "
Dm. nl   ;beir o.mi  :,lioi:,','ininu,s.  Mr.
poiicv and .t.h-ri'.-i'ii-i"-*' m ^' mn^uat
nhei-s. and'th^h-^"-? m 'm,v^ "'H1"' tl"l,U*   AU'?1
MOM.. 11ANKV. Ul'SKIN, ..ll.SriluN
'���nv Other "ffic- on ti,A im,. to
Mi..-i,,n  City will  '���   offened
.-.ill ibe
i liMonal
ulTic,is ire o,,eu,.-l
British fiiiimiiblii teiephoneJCb., Ltd
.\ie:iii..nts and others aj ���    notified
thai, the only persons :i,:"'.'-"'J   "'
.purc.hn.-e anything tor the liritish Columbia   Klec'ric     ltailwav     Cm.   Ltd
either ior  the  \V,-stm:u-i'-r  or ChKl.
���aoK iitiincbes. aie the Iqcal m_��_a��e
New vv, itmlnater or tb��   prgjohaslpp
agent, Vanaoaver.
Rettaisltieas on the compm..'s pegu
 icst cadei
fn-.ii the   ('oii'l'iUo'njj
with    under ' one    of the
P m"   At'le,-   ,'xSnonths'  residcnccj.o'cl^k  W
upon  and' i-ultIva.tIm_ of  the  laud    in \ . . >;. 1S  j.-,
eacil  year  for thi*'-'-  y ar-. '"'.''   ITriculture
il,    If liTe father (or Slbthef, if thi 'I    TU-fartttn.-u-   ot Agric
rather UdOccased),    of   the" home
steader reside.1, upon a' farrii In'   tin
to'p^dW'""*'--' W
'for   run i, ' '         U"w
...:  ,-ceu-; o   '.-               -      '.':.
,!;,-,    tin,   ' ��� ' *^M
���"th^iP'i-''- i,"-
N/[t.--Ne*-.-ipai" *
t  SU| .���, ,-   , -..a   wi.l   hay,   lb'-   ,' ll     P
�� tSmie  a.k)iii. -'���vh".n   We ���'<���'-"'���   '*   ''��� '''
-. untl Vij AVe. ,ii,l ll-' .;
il      i.   iair   Iran,,  cri; ,visiAi ,oi  j:'..."''
0     '���   l''U  ^ ' ',        :   '        '   ,      ���..!-.,.- au.l nc,, M .,'.,-.,��.��;. del.;....
,i,,,,l  tll.-,-iis;-io|i a  tue:ion Im 'Jie.e
...     n���.   T-ia.l,,   iv-   l.al.oi-.Coinci!   nf
l-..!nioHtOII    lie   ,4-1 -<1    I" ^''''l    1'     ,",'*S*'
���     iiiij.   oi    v. , .,.- e.unejs   :o. ili^ciist*
.lei     -iJ    \   _   ���
���If-cl'       .
D.'tnin .1. .K.f.-fcitipi^e,   vi    \>ni
HV. ���-. ii vou prgftnVeef fprj.the Tia.ie-
& Ul-or Cong ' ���   o�� Canada, coftQlUaf
,,, ,. i addraes la the Mechanic' Hall
las    ' .'enlng  on   Lhe  "Function    ami
���,, lon oi-��,.i,n'rrf|:l*'^,v-   Ubor Cod-
0 _.,,"--."     Afr-M-    ���.itu|,���i<1iii-     "ii     hf
���"i.CMr< ,s;',!le   illl^OVllUKC   l��l"t '���"  cmiiiiu'
meeting of the congress In Halifax ofa
Septemb-er 24 to 26, and Bhowlhg tSetfi
*\t*,ym f>--sh��tW,��ia_M,��eatei%e��c��a��ti��il,
HH  eonbl   heller   their < B<< '""��� *"'    	
���proa^*l*��*����*��-JJbJ rv,;. Bastedo in Harness.
jhaving decided,,,.., to send ., delegjt      ^^ ^ ^ T.*Mi*m 4
���   fl^uu JL a-ilwdJd  cimven.ioiKln  newly   ..ppoint.,*   St.perintend-.Mit     ot
;,���!,,    ,as,   fa.i   and  a.l.p-e,,   gO,S  thenOW   ttfe   Ann,,,,,-  hrancb ot   ,bj
I^und nrinclples such as Independ*   c.��*rnn..nt servico. has ,miy*    14
JSJJl acSon, and what In the naVo!o,H,wa to take dp his dut>,.      I   _
> a, ************ * "'
:,, this congress al Halifax was
carried. -
Mew   York   Prat.ibit,or,ists.":
I ���  ��� ���,
:, (j.viai)iisc. N. \',, Se.,1, i X.he l'r|V
.M.,,i,on. Sen... ,v..n\, [ition isemh'.'-l |
Ip re .itiilay lip- the .purpo e oi niiipinK
,������jii.lida.es I. ir. n'-v.ic;- .ml. (Other
state eiii<,-e.i_ to i���- vpted ffjr at the
\ ivenUier vh-cUon.
lar forms, signed by eU:e-i of above*- u.���m ti,e ���ajfl |aBj
vlcinitv of the land entered  for. the jvprtisemeiit.   without ';. .j
requirements aS to residence iniii/ be   n.o D#Dartmew will not)
..atisfied by such person resldiu*. wtti
���i." father or mother.
(Jj    If the settler has his pevmmi
- nl  :������ Bl.1,-nce npon fnrmiti-,- land own
il '.lyhirii In the vicinity of lv.* H6h
stead,   'he   leipiircineutS      IS     1o   n
'leiico may'be satisfied l.v    rosbl"n-
mentioned parties,   must   accompany
all orders, othsj^lse the    j .'."/'fl"1"
,       -1-if. R. GLOVER,
no v. \ ioFtg a
New Westminster,
General Man.if.er.
B.C.. A'ig. 6. 19OT.
i o
rmi Jin trot!*.
it's non ear jik
A Hardman.    A.James,   j. McClughan
,;  i  _-     .
Front Street   Tryst Blocl*
1! .   ���   TAK^
The White Pass
and Yukon Route
FAIRBANKS. Daily train* (except
Sifndsy) carrying passengers, mail,
express and freight connect with
Atages at.Carcrosa and White Horse,j
maintaining a through winter service. |
For information apply to
J. H. ROGERS, Traffic Manager, j
tr       ADVERTISE      *��
\&' ��� ��� ��N -
THE      DAILY      NEWS
Six months'* notice In writing ehon.
be given lti the Coninilssioner of Doi
Inion  fififtftl. fit  f)iftiws.b? iutentloh ty
| apply for pai,at.
1 COAL.���Coal mining rlRhts may be
teasei. for a_'p(.Tfod of tweVi'ty-or/e y-��ars*f
i at an' ann.tal rental "of J?l V-r ncre..
'���Not. "indb-1 thafl '2R601 ftcre*, ahit'l'- ,-ie
1-iens-M' t-rt one' Indivldttti'l or eiiY.i|ia*ny
*k rViyrflty at t*er,*a1eJ<l!%*Ail*ftetetI'l!*T
llfahhffllM. be 'wiinAeted'-oti'-   th**  -ttfer *]
'chai-talrli1''coalrrtined. :'''   "      "    J":
:il ' - W.J W. CORY.-i'1
'DertutV ofthe Minister bf ^lie'liii>rlor
'������������-      ��� - /   ��� ���{   .*���]. i
skau:u  I--- ',;'
luio  V"" "   ������- " linrdi
\-,u...mo .** m
the Second October, ���
i.i'w.>^'from thertpv%��*
^^^^ ip the Cty "t J,
, .. ������ -.,-. J- , [���ostmaSSfa
'        ';,,       ll v ��� .      -   -  |,     '
Manufacturer of
Mineral Waters, Etc.
r\i   .in
Abated Water?,
Family trade a specialty.
Tel. 113. 0��lcs   Eight atreet
Letter Boxes ir
or-il's  plcaoiire
Printed nol
iul'ormiv'i'iii :"^ ���'" "      _r
,,oseil  (.Hit. ''C'peT'J
PgsJ  Mli'ic  -ei  -
liiapperloa,,,!   ���=    "       '"
Post OITlc'.v'ii*ii"'l".,rU
]" h" poa   nffi^
I . ���   t
pom  Office i:".-'"'"
nc    2Lat AUSUSI.
u* *^M
������'i,i,ms ,-J
Im      _hlB    I"16
All business  in ��n'8
'      Phone A 243.
' Auction sals every F^"
en the Market *W*re-    4
guar*"1''" \Y. SEPTEMBER 2, 1908.
'���:i'i\\ y
- :: .Jti/-- 4'ii***^'-.��;-. .'.ai:;; .:*���!
-.-������ y ...   . ..,....��.. ^.fr.::*:.*.'*-^   ^:-.k.k^.-.;:<,��,,;-^,. ���
1*1 MIJ   O/
5 ,ft I
J i    i   .'
��f MrsA J. Birtch
; 08:T I ij. 08:S I    , '..'1 gi.rti.     I Iii*// I
. .<    , -,-���,     ,-.- ..,,. .CONSISTING OF
-A  Hit   .   ���
i     . ��� ri    a
i      -.
: : I B lo
' .   a ;
WomenV a__
���  . j i; m ���(   .4 7 4
/ i \     V  j
i .      i   . i    ,  >'  ���i,
��� "    ��� riOa.-t.--q i
!-   -: : a  ,.-.:.'��� ���>
li I     s     i
! -i '    a
i    . /.
'     0
��� - >��/<^li ! i i -\-1 f   ^ t   i ��� -I     '"��  n\���^-H���H���1        I    ���
��� ��� < *}*H> ,/.u. J /1 * ^Hi j A/iv M A    | ���   ; .; | J
has been placed in tha hands of LEWIS BROS. & CCL of Toronto, Ont, |nd will be converted into cash at 30
t<Hi(>ce^ofi^hy;dbllar, in a gigantic >38W#8^. </>IA! "He   A .1 I
Everything from floor to ceiling and from wall to wall will be put ori^ale at prices never before heard of.
This promises to be the :. 1
tinii   toil i
n    [Oil Hi i
iealest Price-Wreck
ever know'A in British!Columbia. Women's and Children's Waists, Suits, Skirts and Furnishings, Children s
Wear of ail kinds, will be aqld at less, than the actual wholesale cost. Nothing reserved The summer and
fall shipments of new goods, just received, must go with the rest and at the same ridiculously low prices.
Store closed all <teyto-day, and to-morrow, in order that Mr. A. W. Lewis who is in charge, of the sale,
may have time to cut prices, re-arrange stock and make ready in every way for the opening.      *
i   '  ���; ��� ���        '
��c*FRIDAY, SEPT. 4,    at 9 a.m.
i"5 * *** '   '       ' ��� ' a '        ���        ������     a - .-     ,,j      -:     ,i      '    ���
.....   . .._.-,..       ..,.   -..     ^ -     ,   '    b .'���- '       a        ';    '' '      '
-      a.
Thisls uositivelv the- most' extraordinary opportunity you were ever afforded.   Before the lMh day ot
\ ievSi^ "f this &*$** st0Ck W1" be SOld'    ���� y��U reahZe What 5 ���
���     u   . t * t  , ���� , .   ���   i    -
Be -it the doors when they bpen FrM^Jnorning at 9 o'clock.   The early bird batches the worm.   Our
)nce tags will convince you that $e mean business.
u^'^;'i   :,(
, .   i it i ) ' /j ti
��� ���,.,,   ��� ,
:   . A 1 I    .'      '
' I    "       ��� ' I l|     .    'I.     IH
, ���.-      ; Lb I
:      ...-,. I,      [88
I.i       '       .- ,1    . i:    i    mui ������, r
- ll ������ ���-. ���',���)���
.. ���>' 0 i.   - oS .' .' 6
i    ��� . i is8
-   li
��� ,{      i. i      ��� ;
:     | '        .....      i
���   ,,     i    :      ;
....    9     l'i      ''. ��� ' "
' -'HII      ���!       '.     91  .     '.       ���:(]    . *]     IO       -1
,10   ,'���'.���..8    ,,.    m ���'��� ')    flti  I    3 .'
'; q  015 I   ;e   S     k '-.   ��� ,.l  hoI 8,',
I.      : .     ,,")>.l   .nallo  ii" ,(,. 1 W..t   !,,���'
ti..ior 17%.i.,-.-,i.., .<') I
;.o ,/.l3l: a a  >'-\Hi\.\-y
a   n .-:.: oj "i.von
C3flofatIMI*fl0 BOKAJ
U  ��� 'A aSSS*! e-tlosiO
sdl"  ��� '       9       t     -        i
i.a    St.      '���'  ������  ��� 'I
I'.MII       , -
|/   ��� 9   . ��� -ii   ���'��
n ,;o        ii      -.' ������, ,!,,.-.'I    "irt   vd    I,*
I'B   v 1 Id   9(0  .re.'-'/i'iq   -i,' ...
"it    ie ,;u   id   '.urn   ,;-f. if im.-. ,,b
fe    iieb_otJ   .J  .a   .iM lo stoMd
��� I .o  oob oi'_ is od isif/n it *?�� ��I��
& .  Ail
.�� -i
ff '. >'"**.'��
'* V^r';>.
,.: 'Ji- <��� ,.
, * i
���, -.'.i
���-*. -
,'     IJI��.
��� vVt''
/% ;JSi *%',t
1       ���'- ���"���it---
1    . ������'
�� '.
1     ��� -   ���<:'
' ".���.��� ���
;  ^" k*v"<
'       '   ^,
��� ���J.   '-."H.������',"''
��� SsK .    . W,
It;- ��� :.*a
'    * Pi.1! ^'ii*.
���'  ,'Ut.
-    ,   >.Wr\fi
' "-._. '       ^'ft    .��   I'/,
at ',    ���������'���*' i_i
,      '������     ''"*'*
*'\*   '-ll.    ,
*��       '..'.
*   .���'
.. ^*U r'v ,     v/ i
."a   l.a-#, .Ij,'.,    '*        I
���- ���  "'������ .'.'"-,.->.'
I   ..,(.-; -*.*���'
���-*.%���   ���.*-:���'
. -^^.^'.|'
.*' ,���; .�����.; vtS,
-    v --.l;W
''    I-*****.'
t- ��K,T'J|  4Llv5i
���     -   -i'
"      :'    -;  .  --  V
'r ��� 'isiiV-i*
1 ^'Zl^Vj'J
.,.** .*.*hib�� i j.;.
I .  .It A-"��','I '"
-V   '���*jl*'^i
''.' J-J*-,'      ' >    .-Irt
-   -��� '.������T-'*'1 ' fi*'
- i��' ?' -.'.   i.t��v "X"
���|>.;   'if .v\t .���;>'���'
.."       -/v-^a. *,j
v  ������**.���. ��� ', '    *   >���**
..,';   ^*';'>,J.,J''!
I, '.'��� '������'--'���*'��� i"
' '-    v.  "'���*
''��� V     _   '
iy. y:fte.^ , .>���<�� '''^���*i'^tt\
\l\M4uj*   :������*.
*���'_>_ f/V* ���
Iff. - ,,   ,.�� i|l*^..*Hf~
-a   /l,v.   ���    T  T'ji     #���
'.-���t'|:|',   5   "l'v
, ��� - m__h J ii  *'-*
���' '' ���__/_ -   ia 'i.*6, _.
��� ___,���* ' , .m.*' ri'*i*.,i'';'i
A.*: Jr .*< '? *���'
����������� *.. ��� '
.' '.'��� ���' .;
���__.    * ���
' ','fT
'���Jill ���   1 ��� I % .'
���''   ���;. I* I ***  \  '   .1
���..,..     I, -I -
:..     *-.-���
i   ,' ���  ������   1
.; V- LHi
-���1 .      .  ��� -i  I  ' ^
��� ' 'j 1 :    * 1 *
Ta.'f    Ik'       I'll'   %'      ...    '"    '.111
' tV14    '/
'*-���    .���'ll,* ��.H   . I
te$M'3ifil9> __A
���Mil..' I?'UUBSl ��� '
!'''*vtfel:f "'
WEDNESDAY   S *** p t e m _,
"Get the Habit
II W'-vy
l|l{j^ 1 '1. A*' ,.�����. #.,
i1f: s,:'
./'f**!*   ':���
i.i. .:*. "i-V. ���
l'i jlishcd by the Dally  News Pu -
l.shl _g  Company,   Limited,   at   their
offic !--*.  corner ot   Sixth  aud. Front
strati,  New"AVei.t|iiinst|r.   It.IC.
E.  A*  Paige.
lanagmg  Director
AifcitiiiT of tin' nopes of tin.- Tories
has l"vn brokeu in pieces. Knowing
tiin-u is not Un- faintest chance of el-
ectl* their man In .Lis constituency
If tirl- Bghl was squarelj between
two limn   .slmuliiiK   rojspeoUvt'ly, -tha
ni   tb
of   l.Bi
pedjlncy of the Gonserviatlve party,
tlicyj have been ready to hiittonhnlc
any [person whom they thought bad
11 fllevance, in the endeavor to to-
in, ui the aggrieved and cause a de-
imiL 1 split, bo thai ;. third candi-
(liitMiniltlii improve tin* chanceB of
fli'owii..  il"* nominee of -i section ol
broad progressive policy
ie Liberal uaj-iy-j tke-<"HlU'i- uli-j
j.-ni of the Jlwtfl f>iitTo/n ol���xi
I 1
Auction Extraor
at   t
nservatlve party,
he Mi,rial meeting- last nighl
mlnee i>r the convention held
i,,li bande^bacl. to the Liberal
the Lou" bajtOaWed W'oi. him
il tifte d ,1 movel thi.t a new
���nn.nl be 1 "'Id. iIii.j. 1'ii.in.-. any
ile rl.fi,-ii'nV(;"Th<1-,' might have
between the Bitting member and
hiuiA'lf, iini1 'he first keynote of sue
cess in the cominp; t:imp;iiu.ii in this
,1,118 ii Heney was struck. The en
iima I ni -l.��wn augurs well tor thi
i.iiil'i ins up of a lan.er majorltj than
���A illf
liiiil|rtill 110 doilbt .i-all out il lenates
from the remotesl parts of the con-
stiijffl'ncy, so that there may be the
lullAt voire of all Liberals In the
, lioll,. which once made Bhould re-
c'i'i.J, as it will receive, the unani-
II.-,ii support of the  party.
MJ .l-irdine is to he eoniiuendetl
for 111,, manly way in which lie threw
1 he ���li'iiiin'dtinn open, and Hie pledge
In- iiolunteered    of    supporting    and
it-lore for the Liberal candidate,
,!��� tyLif&t .Muiitlinnan raaj jje. The
���1 .lestfre I e\prf.-M'.l for the
1   n%>ri#.-ii|jiti<^  11I   Hi'-   cniiven-
Speclal for to-day, and to-daj only
���11-piece Chamber Sets for $2.50 It's
worth while looking and you are
To-Morrow's  Special���It's
portant   one.   You'll   want   BOll
for the "nd".   NV
sell  for the same
i 111 -
buy  tor        '-  ami
Must Raise $10,000 Mmmediately
Entire Stock of HORACE DORER, Jeweler,
Dominion Trust Block
Consisting of High Grade Diamonds, Watches,
Jewelry, Silverware, Cut Glass, Clocks, etc.,
purist candidate und presenl  memb if,
Mr. Stansfleld.
.���ifl'ii;.  for the election of the man
...ij. .ei.,--  the  nomination a'   t.io|tha<   agricultural   ami   Industrla
i. ml    of'the   new   convention,   this.   '' ���' *'���"*   ���" '"   ,h"   up-grade
Falling in everj other airection to
build u campaign cry, utterly routed,
and their every scan,Ial gun exploded,
the   Oppolstlon   press   and     speakers
are falling lack upon their o!,l  martial  cry of "blue  ruin."  lu  this  last1
ditch on which so much depends they
are doomed to defeat for there is evidence thai the garden of the Empire,
our beloved Canada, is about '" eater,
upon the greatest period of prosperity
In its history.   Glowing reports, by In-]
dependent  experts trom other    lands,:
are coming In, the railway companies
ami  the Bpecial experts sent out   by
the   leading   journals   of     this     and
other countries endorse the statemenj
i ll-
At 2:30 p.m. and will Continue Daily at 2:30 and 7:30 p.m. for a
Limited Time Only
Don't fail to attend these sales.      :      :      Chairs provided for Ladies.
Four Elegant Presents Given Away Free at Every Sale
J. A. SINCLAIR, Auctioneer Dominion Trust Block
���i' il    :   ...  1,,'in'.. all   lhe nn 11
���\hai -iii-n- was everj hope of his sue
������Tal the polls.     The    unswerving
ence of the party In Its lead tr,
.,- ? ''    I   i I    Laurier    was     ,\ blenced
u Ililicv.T  his  nam,' was spoken  of as
i'ioJi"i,',i���iinieni of honestj and liteg-
m nd showed that the onslaught
on the foremost Canadian of ou
tlnii   had nol  been taken seriously,
"Thirty  feet tu the  gulf."
In   ��� m    daj    ' he   euquii 5    Into
��� leetiou   bro 1    t   out  t he
��� i*id* tu      thai   ten   of tli     iviti
��� stlfli .1   reci ived   one   hundred
11  , ash  an I niuetj     \    -
"i   .... ;     The  countj   gave    to     Mr.
Stansfli I i  2586 votes. Taking all the
pints, ii  ti,,,:.  321  .-
Ions   1 .   ,- mal    distribution    to    his
.    .   thai   Is on  the suppi sltton
that  those   with  larger capacity   get
ting more than a pint, evened up s*   b
���   who  did nol    mrta       of    the
elner OS   bowl.     Ill  ca -h  II   took  nearlv
to do the trick In tiu
first Instance, bul the five dollars each handed to tUein by
������������: 1. his agents, as hush money
rings tbi    ���  a according to iUs
calculation to $43,100, There
���Aa* also a piepara 01.-. audience al
which whiskey wa. dispensed treely
,n l mom j handed oui i��� tore the
'Min. -, . were ushere 1 Into the pre
-'���a,.,., ei the ,b tendaut'a counsel, Mr.
W. U. A. Ritchie, K. C, In spit,, ot
this ipectal preparation, consultation and advice, the evidence curtailed, as no doubt it was, revealed snob
a rotten system of briber) thai there
has been o Budden and exti nslve
exodus from Colcbedter, Mr, EUtcblo,
k. i'.. who is defending, Is the law
partner of the leader of the Conservative opposition, Mr. Ft, I.. Borden,
��� nd , ,, si,lent of the Conservative
club at Halifax, now admits thai
Agent Bayne dispensed liquor ami
posslbl) distributed the green goods
at the .-.nue time tui armies that Mr.
Stansfleld personal!) knew nothing of
this   lavish    briber.,    In   their     purity
ampalgu.    The "Laurier an 1    Loot"
journal of this Olt)', otherwise "Ihe
Columbian," who b) the was ',a�� not
bud a word to Ba) about the greatesl
exposure of modern times, lays all the
blame upon sir Wilfrid ior any of
the fictitious soandali brought forward by the Bordenltes, and upon
this same principle ths blame for all
thin debauchery must be upon the
shoulders of Mr,  H.  L,   BofiUra    ���>��
surely ns it must he nt the door of the
,p . r-Ued **la- ;'"' business ofthe countr) now
be ng 1 ond icted on .1 more substantial
., -i- than heretofore, \? finding an
. 1 Ier nione)   market     Prh 1 0    con
cerns   an,l   publi,-   rations
alike benctil  Irom tiie ' risis jusl   ��� 1
and   ii   will  be   more    reason
caution in expend!) ui e -  *,.., ch cannol
help bin    ,- , 1  untold . trengl h to lbe '
busini , 1 -I    of the 1 ountry  In
.he long run, The Domiuiou U now
! nre of .1 w ;���, heavy crop in tho graiil
si ctions and the Bovi rum 1 I ��� now
��� u 1 anging >. .11. shippei s, so 1 in
im" lng th 1 rops Hi r. ma ��� 10
delay so that the h hole pi , . ��� uui)
dei i�� ,��� a .--hare In the ini 1 e ise I volume ol trade. The feeling 1 > con- j
tentmeni that has taken hold of our;
people K.I.--I and Wesl speaks volumes
.- their belief that tb ��� ne 1 future
lias the brightest outlook a ,er
known. Very soon there wlll be a
strong demand for the lumber of
British Columbia ... the great when
belt and the tow us and cities spring-
Centenary   of   Cricket.
London,  Sept   Ij��� Nearly all of  the
Ingul she 1   , ; ii ki ten   of  the    day
have gathero 1 this week In the little
-.   ol  l Iambi Idon,  Hants, to take
part In a < ele iralIon of the cent, nary
of England's national sport.    It    wain   l lambledon   that   the   first   11 cord
cricket match   was  played.    The feature of the weeks' t> stival la to   .  a
I. production  of the  first    game,    In
which the players, as in the old days,
will wear  top  bats an I   blacl*   fn ck-
coats.    The bal is to be of thi  origin ,1 pattern   -half broomstick and half
club   and the wicket will be like
; diminutive goal posl s, one fool  high,
Cou picuous   anion-;   the   participants
in tho celebralIon    are   the    famous
Kan.ii"'  and   the veteran   Dr.  W, <;.
Important Notice
'! he p' in ��� profile an I -' "������ ite ol
1,,,- ., ;.. propose I pen inent Improvement of C '���:��� - (Including a main, tru.-l" sewer, . emenl
sidewalks an 1 stree) paving) have
been prepared an l place,' >n view In
the room lati ly occupied by the school
board, cil ball, fvhei they may be
Inspi cted li lng iffic hours by
parlies interests 1 In this vei 5 i.- ce
sary  local  Improvement
Acting City Clerk-
Clt)  Hall, Mew  Westminsl ��� . B, ('..
Augusl 25   19 IS
All Iron Wringer
Notice to Contractors
lng up in  the newly   developed    sec
tions; alread) our trull Is being Bhip Sealed tenders will be received by
. 1 to the Xnrihwoai markets amh'1"' undersigned up to noon of Tues-
there are other avenues of BUpply day, Sept, mIi, for the erection ami
which ihis province cm meel and completion of proposed Oddfellows'
will meet, and there Bhould be no Hal' "" Eighth and Carnarvon
possible reason why the last ditch of streets,
the "blue ruin" warriors should nol
e taken an'd their pei cry burled for
1 decade at lea .1
"Thirty feet to tne gulf."
ai'KKU.m \.\   Ai the Royal Columbian
hospital, this city, Monday, August
31st, 1908, Theron Ackerman, a native of New  York, aged 58 years.
The funeral will leave the K, of P,
Hall,   Columbia    Btreet,    Wednesday,
Sept. 2nd, al  2:30 o'clock, for cemetery,  Sapperton.    Prlenda  please uc-
cepi this Intimation,
The officers and members of Royal
Lodge No. 8, and Granite Lodge No.
16,    K.   Of   P.,   are   roqiiesle I   to   meet,
ill    Castle    Hall,   Columbia    street,   on
Wednesday, September L'. at  1:30 p.
111.   to  attend   the funeral   of  our  late
Bro. Pasl Grand   Chancellor   Theron
Ackerman.   All visiting brethren will
please  accept  this  Invitation.
Royal Inline. N'o. ii
Granite Lodge,  No. 16
Plana and specifications may be
seen at the office of C. ll. Clow, Architect.
Lowes, or an) tender nol necessarily accepted,
Chairman of Committee.
What They All Say
"I didn't know we could
get Buoh good work in Westminster."
These are the words of one
of our customers (a professional man) when we delivered a uew lot or
Jackson & Morrison
Phone 388
Vancouver-Mission [ity
The commodious    freight     stea r
'McCulloch.. i.i -.-..,.. on Un run between Johnson's wharf, Vancouver, and .Mission city. Fraser river,
calling iit Steveston, Ladner ami all
Intermediate points,
Leave  Vancouver 7  a.m.  Mondays,
Wedneadaya and Fridays.
Leave   Mission   7   ;,.in    Tuesdays,
Thursdays and Saturdays.
For further Information address
n. li. MACGOWAN,
Hon.  :..T, New Westminster.
With guarantee rolltJftf fSid-c of the blgttesl  grade Pa
We have the wood frames vdtll encicsed oogs    la wa I
we have the Knall, Paragon, 20th   Century,    Re-acting,
Call and see our lines.
T. J.  Trapp  &   Co.,  Limited
**************** ***+***��****���************+***+******.
* ���.':���
[Schools Have Opened
.Notice i.s hereby given that the Vancouver Power company, Limited, haBi,,
this day deposited in the Land Regis- J|9
try Office at the City of New Westminster, British Columbl.i, the plan
and book of reference of the West-
iniiistor-Chiiliwack Railway Extension
(rom a polni at or near lots one and
two, city block four in the City of
New Westminster, to Ab .otsford pass- ���
Ing through the Municipalities of
Surrey, Delta, Langley, Matsg_ul and
the townsite of Ahbotsford In the
District of New Westminster, being
section one, two and three of said
railway, as shown on the said plan and
approved and sanctioned by the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for
the. Province of British Columbia.
Dated this 7th day of August. A. D.
Solicitor  for the Vancouver   Power
Company Limited.
Hoys and girls are hard at
material for their work.    MacKl
place to get it.
.-ork,  and   should  have    th
'�� book .store is always !!
I J. J. MacKay & Co.
Booksellers Stationers News Dealers ||
OtJlwl____IWV4fe4fc<H.JMMtJt.JbOtMH._u._u.____ ..   ��� ,,
.*:..: tm*mm ���*:������;_:._._.___
*t ��<"
Watch Repairs I
if your watch is stopping or noi running satisfactorily,
uu and we will repair and nialte It run properly, probably ��� '' '-*'v'
an expensive movement, which |B n���t nctlng as It should, If *�� fffl ��a
regulate it down to the seconds Rft8r putting It. in proper order,
****************************** WSDN
fAtii, mv__.
The Cash Stores
T.  M.  Smith
: Cash Stores
2,3c .Misses' Gloves for
10c pair
40c Boys';::     iris'Cashmere
Hose, 25c pair
Grand Exhibition of
New Fall Suit Models
Practically Unlimited Assortment of Fashionable
City News
I **********j-******>*********************************+*i
It's Up To
it strong on quality.
# *
Ai iiiuc.
.,,. eclipsed all our former efforts in order to present to our patron- the :,. i representative line
tl] .-nits in the city. Every suit has the Individuality, snap and dr wine which none but the
\*, ,. York designers are able to incorporate, hi their work.    We a i
convince yourselves of our vast
inspect these models
Superiority in Tailored Suit Elegance
...   Fall   Sull   models are exceptionally clever, Including materials  In ted    variety   of
lustrous  chiffon   broadcloths,  plain and fancy cheviots, herringbone  woi teds, the  new   Chevron
ni,I worsteds; also an extensive showing of imported novelty suitings li       nteel color effects. The
tight, M-mi and form atting, with long sweplng lines, plain tailored or   rimmed  with  satin and
-.  with a choice of pleated  or  flare-gored   skirts.   Ad.mice sale    rice,    $25, $35, $45.
September Sale of Fancy and Household Linens
ranks among the most successful of the year.    A sale timed to do   the    most    good    for
...,-., hotelkeepera, and all who wish to secure a supply before exhl iltlon time.
ii. . Ti ay Cloths and Linen Scarfs at half price.    Think what this means to you, a cloth    at
.        .   :,    .   had this weeK ior J1.50,  and  so on.    Every    piece    of fancy linen U simply cut in half.
i tien   bleached Table  Sets;    cloth size  8x4;
| ched    all around, with one dozen large napkins
a  very fine linen Bet  and    Bells    at
:- Sale  Price $5-50
$1.95   TABLE   NAPKINS   $1.25.
\, i  .       trong, heavy, all  linen   Napkin,    size    ilOx
variety of   pretty    patterns,      Regu-
$1.95 d /,n.   Sale   Price       $1-2S
$9.50 PATTERN SET. $6.95.
| . ; Linen Pattern Set In an extra heavy
I Damask cloth, .size -x-'-j yards, witb border
|. tour sides, wiih one dozen 24x2. Inch
I: ite . Tin.- comes In very handsome designs
[ |9.50  Bet,   Sale   price $6.95
$3.50 PATTERN CLOTH $2.35
fine Satin   Damask   Pattern  Cloth,  border
.. g;     an     elegant      *���*������ arlng       linen
..;;.: ael.. Sale price $2.35
20c. HUCK TOWELS 15c.
| ���     i.in. n Unci. Towels, Blze 21x42, hem-
I * . neat   red   line bordei .   an    excellenl
'   R gular price 90.   each   Sale price 15c
$1.85 TABLE LINEN $1.19
Extra tin,; Imported  German Silver Bleached  Damask,
an extremely heavy  quality,  ver)   choice designs;    60
inch.-., wide; wears for years   Regular value $1.85 yard.
Sale   price $1-19
24-tnch  Napkins to match $3.25 doz.
$1.35  TABLE  LINEN  98c
Full two yards w  le,  extt ,  aeavy   bleached  Satin   Damask, 1" new designs.    Thi.-   :-   a   good,   sturdy linen,
that   will  stand the   wear.    Regular  price,  $1.35 yard.
Sale   Price    98c.
$1.10 TABLE LINEN 79c.
All   pure  Irish Damask,   7:;   inches    wide,    beautiful
new designs; th,. besl $1.1" Linen In the city; stands
lots   of   hard  wear.     Sale  price 79c
$3.00 TABLE NAPKINS $1.95
A very heav)   all pure Unen  -a'in damask  Table Napkin, 22x22 inches;   very neai designs    Regular    price
$3 loz,  Sale  Price $1-95
40c  LINEN  TOWELS 25c
One big  lol  of fine   all-linen   Towels  In   Damask   and
Huck,  with plain hemmed              md also hemstitched
enls;   these are all large sizes.   The 35c and I^c q\u\\-
ity, all   go al  one price.     Sale   price    25c
New Arrivals of Warm Blankets
,     een just;!;,  te    ��� , Blankel   House of B. C.   Our superb jtoi    and high grade qualitie8
���a    .  Ices prevailing have  entitled   us  to  thai   phrase. Ovei 500 pai - of Blankets In stock.
ltd   ,,.,i tlon   to Hot. I Boardlnghouae keepers, enabling them  to   buy    at-   Wholesale
ALL  WOOL  BLANKETS  IN   WHITE   FROM  $3.75   TO   $12.0C.
ALL   WOOL   BLANKETS   IN   GREY   FROM   $4.00  TO   $8.75.
UNION  BLANKETS  IN  GREY  FROM  $2.75  TO  $5.50.
. district registrar,
to-day  after a
''""* ���'      '        :   of McKinley's ten
0,3111 ic, at    Todd's    Music
. Hou.,. M
The junioi , mucil ofthe Royal Tern-
Pl&rs "' Tl '���      in-.. will meet tonight
; at the Oddfellows' hall.
Preserving peaches, $1.15 a crate, at!
I Howard & Muirhead. ** ,
Pola Singh  waa  released   ou    bail
yesterday, pending  his  trial.    He    Is I
committed  on  a  charge of  stealing1
, $100 from a fellow  countryman,
For    sale���Seven    roomed    house,'
I bath   room,   pantries,   closets,   woodshed;     horse   stall,  carriage   house;
'fruit  trees;  on   full  lot.    For further
particulars apply to owner, 192 Eighth i
'street. *���
The Land   regis) i .     fees    tor    the
1 month of August amounted to $2246
58.    Tin.-   -hows an  Increase on  th*
con, spondlng month of las!  year.
For first class cut flowers pot plants
or bouquets, telephone Davis & Son.
florists.   Tel. B 208. **
Among the visitors at the Russell
li,,-. I Is Edmund Baynes-Reed, of
Victoria, superintendent of the meteorological department at the Capital
The  funeral  of the  late  Mrs.  Ced-
|ai rg   look   place   yesterday   to   the
Furnishing ���
ouse ���
Taken Off
8  wire tapestry in Floral and
Block  patterns.    Reg.  90c  and
$l.o.) per yard, tor, 60c per yard
Make and Lay Free.
Mammoth Furniture Emporium
Opposite  Lome Street.      Phone 73.
ager;   J.     McAllister,    vice-manager;   treal, having been injured during the
j Keith  MacGowan. secretary;  F. Batt-' progress ofthe game,
son,  treasurer;   .1. Disney,  captain;   E.
King,   vice-captain;   K.   McKenzie and      Convicted on a    charge    of    having
VV. innes, committee. ' S(ll��' liquor to Indians on the   Met.Ia-
, katla  reserve,   Prince  Rupert,  a Fin-
Guichon   Hotel rates $1.00  pe      >������    lander waa yesterday brought to the
Special rates by the week.   Meal I   -  jail to commence a flve months- Ben
kets f4.50. "  tence.    Provincial Constable    Beetou
came down trom .lohn Houston's
stronghold tn charge of the whisky
Kev. J, s Henderson lefl yesterday
for the East, having to attend a conference on si,cial and moral reform at.
i oronto.   He will be awa) I hr e we ���
and returns for the anniversai    ser-
v , ��� ���-   of  St.   Andrew's  churi i    m the
'  Sunday  in  the  month.
Au interesting visitor to tie
������' >!  cut flowers for any floral '.vork,,
ring up Tidy, the tiorist.   Phone 184. *
Oddfellows'  cemetery,  Rev.   A
drick   conducting   the   service.     Only I far  from   well   since playing in  Cal-
Immediate relatives   were  preseut.        gary on the Teturn trip    from    Mon
yesterday was (1. A. [Praser, of Far-
go, N. D . a sun of Simon Fraser,
j a grand-son of the discoverer of Brit-
' Ish Columbia's greatest river, who Is
a captain In tbe First Infantry regiment, North Dakota National Guards.
Pat. Feeney, the star centre fielder He came here to see the city, and the
of the Westminster lacrosse team. Es places named in the narratives of his
laid up with a severe attack of muscu- illustrious ancestor, and was fortunate
lar rheumatism, and will in couse- to obtain tiie services of Judge How-
quence be under Dr. Rothwell's care ay as guide, admittedly the best au-
for some time to come.   Pat has been  thority   on   all   that   pertains  to   the
history of the first navigators of these
iee That Dinner Set This Week
>ur window for
e have others at
$15.00 down to $8.00.
ron can get Oine to please you here
$16 50 Bargains
Not made to please the eye, but to i
please the palate. The "B. C." and j
"Old Sport" Cigars. ** .
The staff of the Transfer have now!
been paid off. Only a night watchman
remains to look after the boat off Lulu
Island. Capt. Gilchrist has gone to
Victoria, and the mate will probably
join   the  Beaver.
With the fining ol two Indians for
drunkenness at the police court yes-
terday. an end has apparently been
r, ache; of the numbet ol cases un-
lei the Indian Aci lue to the influx
of Indian.-- tor the Ashing .-������ son.
The ft        ite Capt.  -Vck-
< ��� man plai ���   afternoon  to
the l.   ii    nl-'..       ter)     The ob-
sequli -    . ..i��� I��� ��� r .n��
auspices of the Ki,  .        i   ;' thias, of
.\hich   ordei   : he   cap        wa
gl ind  chain >.'."!.
Progi ������- i -��� a Ins1 if, ill be the
tuie at a social gathering to ������ held
this evening in En.. Patrick's'
hall under the auspices of the Altar
Society of s:. Peter's Roman Cath -lie
cathedral, the game., -tar.ing at eight
o'clock. Refreshments will add to khe
gaiety of the evening. Mr. FUgiano
will render several solos, and wit.k
refreshments will add to the enjoyment of the evening. Au admission tee
of _"i cents to defray expenses will be
charged. ** |
Bishop Dontenwlll proposes to attend the convention of the O, late
Fathers at Rome at the end of the
present month. This convention 1*
held every four years. During the
bishop's absence Rev. Father Welch,
O.M.I., will act as vicar-general.
Tlie   new   dredge  was    taken     over
trom   the  contractors yesterday  bj   G.
\    Keefer,   Dominion   resilient   engln-
.    .        jfer.   on   behalf  of   the   department   of
We are giving J imijitc works.    Mr. Keefer expressed
himself   as   very   well   satisfied   with
P .alts of lbe  trials.
Liberal Convention
A Convention will be held at New-
WEDNESDAY, Sept 30, 1908,
(the second clay of the Provincial Fair),
in the Hardman Hall, at 2 p. ra_,, for the purpose
of nominating a candidate in the interests of the
Liberal party.
Primary meetings are to be held between the
22nd and 30th of September.
Each district association is entitled to send
one delegate for every fifty voters.
Credentials tcv be signed by the president and
secretary of the different district associations, or
the chairman and secretary of primary meetings.
J. W. M.\cDonald, President,
W. J. Cunningham, Secretary,
ew Westminster Liberal Association.
The     executive     of     the      Woni'll'.-
Counoll mei  last   evening to prepare
a report for the nexl general meeting
un OUr entire StOCk 01 wieh reference to the provision of tea
rooms ui  the forthcoming provincial
exhibition,   an   endeavor    which     has
ii.en much appreciated In    >revlous
> ears.
This   Represents    J
the Money I
Can Save You
On Insurance
one 97.
GRQCk ^RS Prompt Delivery
uarto-tv        'y   ��f   Mch    m��ntb,
lh.,   s   ���       "**   ��Q   the   third
iradav     , the    mri
nil',.,.,   ��   "r    Fehnmry.    Now
m.,- a) :n''' proposed   and
atiy monthi
V K   White, See.
>' or quarterly
UR dA.LY .NfcaWd
Tenders Wanted
.1.   Oostello,    assistant     traffic
from 50 Cents lip  "...nuger of the a.  N. U. is    (juoted
jas the authority for a denial of the
i statement   that   Otto Hlngllng,   niau-
" ar.er of the l.arnum & Bailey circus,
will sue the G.   N.   R.   for damages
for the. wreck at  l*ort Kells On Aug.
<      Will
he received by th
to Friday, the tth inst.,
t.ie clearing and grading
f   land at the corner of
Fourth aventft. Th*
Ier not aeeessarlly
lowest or any ti   ***
nk 'NCAN,
W.   A.     Ub. City Clerk.
City Hall,
AuS.  81, 19(��. J^C\
at noon, for
of one acre 0
Kirst   street,  an
Drug Store
p S ���Can give you better value on
9���ectacles than others. We make a
specialty of this Un*.
The annual meetitng of the juvenile
football club of the Third division of
the High school was held yesterday
evening, when the mei_.'_-*rs were addressed in a complimentary "vein on
their good showing last season by
Roy McMillan, president of the club.
After the transaction of routine business, the following officers, were el-
ectad: H. M. Stramberg, hon. pres.;
R. McMillan, president; K. McKentte,
It takes a lot of talking to convince some people of the positive fact that I can save you real dollars on your fire or ,any other
kind of Insurance, but once you aro convinced you will appreciate
the great saving I can make you.
The reason I can save you money Is because I write for strong
Independent Canadian companies that are not controlled by the
trust and I can give you low rates on good risks.
Just call and get my rates and you will be convinced as others
are doing every day.
vicb-presldent;   J  F.  Davidson, man- <t>>mmmtttttttftttttttttttt-^t" i����its*stt��
S- *���*
' %2$i
J- *.
��� .,������*" ���
��� ���*''- ���   H-t *
+��� * ���**���.! ��'^'fc
_ r"'
���    i  ' ���      . "
'  ���      .
t        ' :.
���      ���.    ���<:
!    a .*  ���
r     '���' '
!,.   ���'   . * k
>-. ,   -.-.
. "'-."Vi
'���������'*   _   ���
-     '��*."
' i ,i ***;'
���,' ���?>.>*'���
.'J   ���  tt"*!*
���>*"  ,,.'.:_j&)
':. " ���*ii;-V -. '
���     'K*m
;t'  >J- ���������.'tiC
' *���**&&
.     ���.:%.���
'     :'"'t*i
���,{'..- .v  dr **'i.
1 I, * .'ii?
i    :-V'V"
���' ,1
���   ���     ���    i }���*:,*..   ..
-.^..A'i* l-M ���.-V*
'������< 'H ;ii.*-   ����� v
j,   i���),*'.,' *
i .��� i',- ��� - - ���*'*** .ii' *t
��� '    ' ii ��� X-v k. '���'*,*'**   r
',,   -, ,,..<.fr\;,,;n;,"
��� t''' ���*�� V
4,1 '��f''; ���*. '.-#'M
*        * -laH
'-. .'.<���>T-*
,.���_���':.**. . ���_.  '..-t'*.li.r_t
M.    it..*��% V* ,.fe if
'lr_3.i "���'     * ��� ���   .,'.*' ' ,��� m
'    ���'' '��.".-  V. * i1*
���>    ���- > . ��� .1 ,11   'Jk
vi  <f**. '�����"���
*���>IJnfc'.f . '*���
AV. ^EP-rr
*��*?* ft{
iVISITEDfAR Nfffiffl
-.].�� j:{*^4 ;*__'
-,  'JO
Hon.t W.. ^ [Cashing   In-
Br>*ted Conditions in the
*VW^'>>>�� -r-1 lil|;i,Mlil
LS. S    RAMONA 'Caftadian padficRaitvvay
,'  .HJI.il
k  ->.lil.;1rV. .vi
" __k��. ���������* ��� <*���" I''      �����_
.*".-.' !��*'**;'I*'-'-!--
��� .   m*w*l..r,<   *W ',
.'*'"'��� I!'���"������)''*-���*.-' **_���.�����' '*"���
*?!&*��� Si/ *
*S_ .*���*'���*. -j :i.iF_> .��
.*;"...,...-.. il-i:*^1
** ���'*' r-   ���    1    ��,�����"'
���*���   .fflL't.li'-. ''
���' ,*5iJHy'r_al ���!,-
,��������.-.**.��'V-U If,''.-^
r,,; .'..::���*(": I"':
* l_r 'S   H*,
���     ..  -f ���       '     '_k   ." .,
��� -   ;   ���
. > i ��� v i
1 '���'. ���
* /."^'"Hi l*f-'.*i;...��    a'
_.   la-i? '.*, �� !; *, .    J,
I:'HI-. ���' ��� ,
mton   llfS *    *
, ..vrA.'^w"-; '
to  t'je p _-r .!l>   j ���'
K   w_th(|un_|0it ����p atid i 10\v h,;\v p^-^"**;t?-v a'^ire soaP
\catr��l^n sHp* ���^CJusef; J.c- ..ta       "--a. nothing
' '        mA? tht? finest fabric
1 f Use \i
Sunlight Way
.  ' d< ���
'    tt IJhe   -��
a T ' j diia---   '
CAPTAIN   BOMSER. ,      .
XV. *_; ,1.4111*!'.     C-*l I:,���mJ|     -,| .    '��� J     'J
'."   rjy!   l';, ,;" |-...J���3   J
t%-s oi  '.he TranscoaUneuta: iUii��-ay,.L;
ats  follows
jV,- <��� .. "     ���   ni.-fii,-t ~"T���.--J
F.,r Si
P..:- .-���'    N "-*���'    :' |50!i0P    -u     R'egu'|ar*5i.lings between
���*���':��'���     N      ':^f.8^��L"��L     :;'"'nh    NEW   wIsTMINSTEK   anU  CHItLI-
,.     ..       .,.   ,  _>|Bf ���IIJfi.II'"..  BDD,0tu =__==      WACK,   '
iF,'T      X    6jffiS    :'        '"' crtJingiat H   ���        I   Haney, Langley,
A      .-..von wnose-.c,,.!.-,.    ^ptf4��ffW ports, with pas-
:^e,-i thin en day, au,.,* ,;. .,,.;      MiB8i��       ^
;"'  tmaiA  ���'    a    :        Tca^    : ,an &  Ker    wharf,
ovi d  security
'!      1    8erv!Cf ;*-ln��
Leaves    1.
TIME T-\bu
Prlnceja   jii,--    ���
July 21, 27, A-.. .
Princess Vii 1
rj,��� , even  secure as  may   be �����'*���,�����.-��������   Tu��4.ays,.-rturs. jWi_jiA- t^ ^<u
:,.    ,       ^ct. speclflcatiAsMd otJrf^fJf * Wednesday,  Fri-      Prlnceas R03
tot lit
;;a     .- re,;uire<1 l�� be  signed by
;  1 w.m||.Sa:!-onfl*:   i'lid. inv.._��iy
'���**?'i\*'i-ie-jfI*? *-:: '-'��� ��� n\;i
said _V��-'&-rHS5!-t^. *\. v..
. '*-i*rri!rrrrT-H*Tr'r*^-'*?****t:
within te
BEALED    TKXDEKS    adi...M;'j to"
niinitf-i  laiids '-"
I   '  i  ������"-    ^   '""'    ^V ;';,;';;;   ewa-i and AlVrta^exeepting 8 anu
','��� T, . Jt id three   ioiths   'm    the   uo; reserved, maj   I e 1. imi --aded - -Ten.l.-r for Confclruciion," wiii' -j i,,. ,.,..,    ,!..,.���,-;���. a
any person who l| the eol�� b^ad of
the ..:.,:��� : -: :.u\l, r.tarked ,,',','
��e   en-
ir-.., t
a no
L.found the s Atlers v.-.-y 5 Qj
����m'l' vi-siicd  lvae,   S   V." law::,", or aay male os*r; lb years oi
rr*^ nieK   nion,,'-:   la    thai   -     &..*> the extent of oue-.uarter ,.-
��� ���,.. ., .nten'dU (   ni.   Bev.  tlon of 160 acres, more or lesB.
of *e ln"'one al -   ,  DMntailoh Lands Agency    or   sub-
igency  tor ihe- district in which the
Entry by prosy may,
iowever, -be  made  at  an agency  on
certain conditions by-the father, mot-h
and Sunday at 7tjl��.C1-
nr ;p.W|.-  **'��� :     ' '''cujlr''
lESTONf _frBApoAr
NEWAvF?f -ynN'STCT,   B.
ii, ��� ,1ji"3duiij_..a��cr6J*Ky.
ea day
d< r
R-\ i
New I., ��
u  days   altei   ih-, .u?-, v-j. jtox 471       ,!"-'���   B3.i    |H'*i' ���<-'���-(   II      if.    '?S. Js^j
e  l^idggoi^j^ 10 *fc^Wii^>i|!!,ll*1Miiv1,"-'l., .
and 20th
r> C*i.ii ;
in\ i" T 4
_    j/Ht l.��-    '"'"'"       MusqiiUo Harbor
.We?tmi��&ter-�� ^--^ ni(],A
.    Mali)
righ��sl ;to.(|iiired   Ivy the  uccwot-
of tho tender Khali le Jorfeitod
a���,i at the Landing, where a banquel
wastteftderdfl n*. taere 1 was i..v-e..:-
wi.h arf nadres, in ,he Oive lungnage   La^id .mate
,.nd on-* iti French." ���       ���    1
er, swd, daughter, brother or siste
an intending homesteader.
SASKAlLntn AN   Lt IO Tne Homesteader is rejuired to per-
(1) At least six months' residenc.
apou a'ni cultivation of the land In
each year for  three years.
(��j    a homesteader' may, if he so
dssircs,  ;,erIoviii the    required    resf-
dence  dut{e_   by  living'on " 'farming
Regina, Sept. I.���The provincial ^'. ^ml oWned  soIely  hv  him. "not 'less
iiartfflpent of telephones has announced _ih&B eiglrty  {b(J) ^crea-ia extent-, ia
cfbntracts   for  tli*'
Long Distance Lines to Be Constructed at Once���Connectioris  With
Manitoba System.
by    liariir-!
be 1,-.. .-.> '. aj the oftic- pf the dom*! whosi- t. nders are accepted will be de-:
mis.-toner.-  of    tin-    Transcontinental; .)0aijt .j to the credit of the Receiver
Railway,     at    Ottawa,     until    tvehe   (;,ll���
'clock noon  of  Thursday.   tUB    JOtlj .,.���,. I
lay ot August; l'.io>. for the work r��-Jftjj-4 mce bf the contract according to
quired: for the construction,    in    ac-   its  t. nns.   -   CUeqoea    deposited    by
oftnlance with lhe jdans, prpfiJjsa t^ndirpartj _s   whose tenders    are    rejected
specifications  of the^  Commissioners.   wjh  ue returned  withtn  ten days af-1
of the following sections o'. the Trahs- , ter t ie signing of tl* contract,
coutiner.tal Railway, viz: At'-'..'ion i.   ml led to the follow, io_ ���
(1)    District "C."���From a point de-f claJ es in the form of contract j
signated. tin the plans of, the Com-i **__ 1 mechani^|^|Jfjrj ij*. | iQftf V "HToTl
missiono.s near ".Veymontachene,. inipersins who perform labor for thel
the vrovia 6 of quebec, 196.B8 miles u.nrj ises of the construction of thej
-/est ef the noi-th iibutment of the \ worts hereby contracted for, Bhall bo 1
Quebec bridge, (such point being on i paid, such' wages as are generally ac-J
the boundary  between   Districts ."C" [cep-gd as current for coini,vt��-n*, ji*orl.-1
JOHN   REID,  Proprietor.
Manufacturers ot
iron. Gates,  f*',enc��ik   Crest
'ports: ati that ea, h a *, ,u.,i
���Quatnin,), Cape S1
VANCOUVEK-NA"..'-!'.-:   p,0UTE
S. S. Joah
peaYtjs  Vanci
al of Canada as partvH tt e^ nJ     |   r}ig��, B> loony, f^'i'1?*1?' \*nd\\l   7 iWW PV^i 11 t
for   lhe   due   and   fSthlul  IW Fire   Escapes. 'leaves    at 1  ;' :a, ;0.
General Machine Work and
Office and Works:
Tenth Streel,   ���   Vew Westminster
p, C;
I .'��� 1 1
aiid 'V")  westerly for a distance   of
���   ��� ��� j . - ���
a^iOtit'lOT mileS, .Date of comple'iion,
3^st December, 1510.   .
(2)   Dlsjrlct' C."���From a point designated    nth       .lis of ths Commis
of I =011
ibe distrlcj In^w^cj, ^ y,u:k-.
111a, pert'orme.l, and il" there is
.jjent rate in su-h district, then
r .uni r-aiaiionaLi,.. rate, aud, in
vent> of a dispute arising as to
is ilie current or a fair aud rea-
le rate, it shall bi :���:;>.:iu n,;.l :.v t
whose    decision
of   fli(_!l!,e poBHnissioper
=hal ::���' linal,"
1 njOj
s piesi;_a tftrminiu. _a Rlnrlali. |Pnj ownel sol��lr hr him, *not less
holder in order to connect di-   than eighty  (80)   acres in extent, In j jti
ith   tne   Saskatchewan   bj*;s-   the vicinity of the homestead, or up- j��|
on a homestead entered for by him
in the vicinity, such homesteader may
perform his own residence duties by
e two
'precedihg- ;. a ru graphs  is * defined    as
SEPTEMBER   2. meaning not more tUftn nine miles in
Cover   a  direct line, exclusivi. of the width
of  road  allowances crossed    in     .he
;m.e;\ 1','lU.
.'..     Districts "jyi
"ftai��  ,i_.:teui'-nt  is  subject
���-. Ja.i.iiis now    iu force,   or which
���E.''���rrom IJ
-)int designated on the plans of the
.ayjat any time bercvifu r \f. ���>��� !u;,-,, .
urlig the construction of Uie works
:ki4,.- CQntraqted for, mad^ under tb,-
This Dfltfiin History
I   living with the tether tor mo,.ht;
1   tl^ 3^4)   Tnr -jprrh :'vicihiu**'iia tb.
I     �� ,,a*. ...lih.r     ��� 1 a. I*a .���r-i ntHc      .,.   ' rlf-1'ir.t-r
StflCIVIDtn     4.
.',���Jieaiih.i! uois   fig  "io:   d
'  nor of Canada
)M>I -
.",--*���-pir   Ciia.-i'-    lla..!.,    ,\i;ived  at   measurement.
New  York tO s'-icc---,!  Deljiin-   '  (o)    A   hotuesteadei   intending     to
ie. .  as ui.. >���. ii. ,.- ,r   .he. p-.ov-   perforui   his   residence   duties   in   ac-
iu,e. cordaoce with the above white living
rench   republican,  slaughtered  with parents or on farming land own-
,,.,   _.     ,. i     ,   ',������     n-iiiU'.y ed  by himself mirst  notify the  agent
,     |    v   . .,     ,;. i;   ;,.,!���:>., f'T t|ie. <li-"ri-i of such intention.
,,,,,,,    missions      S1^ months* notice In writicg mist
,i-.f-    ...   Qalifor-   '>* g'ven t0 ,he Comir.'.ssionfv of Do-
ancuco  (���-'������'���lion Lands at Ottawa, of intention
*,c apply for patent.
\Y. W,  CO'RY,
��eputy of .be Mlni^-r # -t.ie Interior.
N. B.���U-Sinnrnorlzea yuhllcation of
this adverol-sement will -not be paid
:, ,.__.,n-_y of the Department of Lal,"i".
.ancOwhich are, or shall be. applicable
��Ri : ot  l-auquiev Bros.     Abitibi    con-I        I LJ..I   ;    .    { , ���   ?^.
�� ���     ,     ���      .v      , r,  ,    ��� I to Mich  works."     (The    fechfedule    ot
���act. tn the Province of Ontario, in a        7 *   , .      -. v ,
_.      .       .     I   .itj     '       . 1 minimum wages determined npon by
festerly dir>;etion  tor a distance    of;      "7 1 , -,
,,,,.,-     ^ . , .,���     ea (fl Department will form part of the
���tout 104,24 miles. Date of completion, ]
llsi December, 1910.   ,
.   .-       .'   go.
.', pi
���    -    .���   I    1   .,-','.  .yy
the battle pf l_.�����.'���<���.
Ve   -   ..n-'.-icn.    Ten:. .    1     ���* .: ���  '
S    (leni :al_Huniside.
1  ���P'   ���:-���::   Roijsi ve't   r,n!"re.l  t
formed sijel^nt} '<��� |A ^*:.'i.. .b
thorough ' ��� bi the pui 1
:bipt_o��8 comiw th        1 *** Wt0T*letc-   �� Lorne Krwt'
optiosite Court Housi.. New Wes^min-
ster.    _"uoae 3tJ,
4 i ��� ���   tttti I i I s * < -t ������ t * >-������'<'���-��� j	
j����� been
received hi     dullai   \Y
-    %      ��� .��� .1    ������:   thi   Simon
.....   ���...���;. ���   ....i-M w
' u   \'.\':<J''.-   	
HlTESIDE   at   EDMONDS, Karri?-
ters anil .ffti,ill irs, Blackie Blk.,
olumljiu   stij'-'ctAN--w    Westminster.
I. NYUiLtsid-'-.iJI   L. Kdmonds.
' v- ,.il���'    .-        M-\KjilN &. MAiCARnifiwllAKltlS-
j { ������*;-    - -  ��� --* ".'*��<'; ''    IVI   /,<ie, SB'W-toCH, otc.   Of_\-   .New
''���   '���  w.��mw*a-V
c ...         th
. 'M ���       ..-���.!
.;     ��� lik        ..T
.Mi_j Frasi r I Hamilton .
R.   I le,.-..,.|j   ..: ,,  /.......   j
A   Q.   McKay   	
K. $. Pi ters . Prasi,- Lake) .
\\". m     Ke i: \    	
Sii.J.u  Kjasei
JudSe llow;i>
Mi*  I Iowa.v   .
A. V. McLeod
--   a
|,j"auii.. .,���   li
_G  n :   '
 .'������ ������'"
.. .   1. 09
..  LOO
...  1.00
Tri.pp    Block,   '"(xrn.'i
I'llrk.-iNk. ul,,,!.. 1 .Orni-  '\i.fr ets.
GKORQE *��. MA.RTIN, Barrlstok anU
Sotieltor, Cnichuji block., *9'lum*
-rn nnd VfcKeuzlo street*. Ket. .'liws
minster, fl. C. ''   * '. i
P.  H A N S F O It D.    Bitrifster.
Solicitor, etc., Crescent block,
: corner     Columbia     a_nd      McKenzie
L00  greets, New WeBtniLnster. B. ('������
I ����� i	
I.OOPVV. MYERS GRAY, BarrtsSet, Solicitor,
1""  '"urtis block.  Ctarlrnon  .tnei*.    P.: O.
J Bo-.   161.    T��.ephone K4.
��� Germany Wise at Diplomacy. :      1
Lfndon, Sept.   1.���A i)ispat,rh fivm j'
r"*"' ",l' -r ;;:;:';;,::,t..<<The Milwaukee"
evidently,    tin; 'The  Pione��r  Limited"  St.  Paul  to
I li rln,-in.\   is  si'-a
powers by secretly sending her
i|   back   lo   Fez
respondent  thinks,  with  Um.J__u_aJ ..Chicago,  "Short   Line"   Omaha  to
,      ,   ,        ,,   ���-:*    Chicago,  "South    West    t--.u_._h.
i.oiif id   being   considered   by     Mulai      ���    ^ '_. ���..
? I    Kansas City to Chicago.
Ilaljtl as the first power to recognize
h!n��and ". lum'. a conti.l|7irfl\rjti4. V i'jfii   trWW in   Ae   service   on   any
3W Sultan's side. *'   "     Trailroad,  ft  the'wrtrl
i l) 1>, strict "B."���From a point designated wi the plans of the Ctraunis-
SlooeiaS, aliout sixty miles west of the
���', -rly bouudary of District. *'B," in
th.- .Province of Ontr.rio, easteily to
tic- end Ot _'.iu,'uier Bros.' 'contract.
no: Mi of Lake Nepigon, distance Of
above lui miles. Date of boMplel
.;: t in cember, 1910.
(51 Districts "E" and T.'- From
a point designated on the p.ans of the
Gommisstbnev?, at the western end of
Fauquier l',:os.' coptract north of 1.
Kepigon, in the "Province of Ontario,
���westerly to a point at or near Dog
Lake, a dis!a.uce of about 12. miles.
Late of completion.    1st    SepU<mber,
Lift '
i (0), District "F."���From a foint de-
iignated on the plans of the Commlsr
sioners at or near Dog l_a_ie., in the
Province of Ontario, to a p**>int al or
���.bout mile li.ti \ve,.t of what. H known
��s Beniiisu'a Crossing, by aUteraatlve
Routes as shown on the plans, a dis-
iaiic, of about 'j::.7fl .'milcti by th-e
northerly route, and _.4,l. mMee by the
southerly route, I and Ihe selection of
Hie. route to bo at the apfidn of the
pommlssioner8.    pate of i;ompletionH
Jat   Sept, in1,,'!-,   l'.ill'.i'.
J I'lans,    profiles    and     sj.iu'ilic.,
fctay  be S'-'-n  in  the olfi. .   of Ib... Chief
��'|. .in-, r ot    ilie    I'oinun.-i.ioti "s    at
(.t.awa;   .i    .,  ;,,   i]���,  ,,Ji;, ,        .,   ;, ,.   ,-,,p
fcwlrig  D    ��� ,-   I i,.-i'i,,:     ,,/,,  John
Lyil ll, Ai '::>.   DlStl lei   I.',..   ;r ,    , .V, ,rl h
��� l'ei-sons leii.lennn are. uoi.itii-d iiji.it
lenders will nol be consldonld uailess
liudo'in iujflkcate, and on the printed
tyrms siipiilled by the (.om__:if..si<mi-rs.
t A separate tender must be submit-
fcd for eaeh section
��� Tenderers shall  uot be in 41111   ��,ay
.titled to rely upon the du. -iticatlou
any other inforj'natiou ^Ivcn Iy- any
���son on be.ba|l" of the CijiiiiiiisBioii-
**s; .uid Befo|je submitting any ten-
4<-i-, Wdtlers .sl.oulil make a careful
i_.xan)ii_._.tj'on of the plans, profile's,
ijr_iwii!_> nml specifications, ,md paid
(tie lorpis -to be executed, ami fully in.
{imi, tlieu-nii'Ues ��,���.  to tb,. (yj^nttyy,
"���he contractor >ball in chttoii El -"ii |
with the whole of the said work, as!
tar i.s practicable, use only material,!
:;:.ichinery, plant, Bttpprlfes and rolling |
stoi^t manufactured or ptOdilcefl in I
."aaadn, provided the ?ame mn '��� oh '
-.line,', as cheaply, and upon ji- j f" 3
ti rjs, in Canada aa elsewher^ KtfflBg '
:e_;anl to quality and  price."
contractor shall conform to tht?
regulation^ adopted by '.he Coro.-
loners, and also to,-the laws and'
latlons respecting fires in the dlf-J
t provinces wherein the work Is
pei formed.
e right is reserved to n Ject any
7  a.  111.
S.S. City of Nanaimo,
Leaves Miotorta 'i l(   lay \  ,.;;;.; Wi
rive^> Nanaimo 4  p in
Leaves Nanaimo Sai .
��� S. S. Queen C ky
l'roru Victoria S p.m. ���".>-; ..'Ol-s.
day, from Vancou-,er 0 ��.m. evsij
liursdaj*. Rtturt_Jng_ arrivsi at Vm
curiver Sunda;.  afterni l ', loria
Monday morning, via I-
S.S.  Amur.
l,, a res Van, ouvei
Yffatjrf mor.tk. '
1 Beaver��� " * ^> _l'T I
��__0fi$   New   Westmin ti    Mondaj.
. NVednes^lay and Friday.
From Chilliwack Tue.        :  .- ..;
and Saturday.
S. S. Transfer.
'   Steamer Trans.���������:���   ��� , W
ml��ster Monday, T n
 j- ���r��� ~ '.Thursdiu-, FTiday an 1 Si* al I
I. O. O. F.���AMITY LODtsE, NO. 27.��� ��� p.m.    Kxcept Saturday r        1, Mb-
The reff,ilar meetings of this lodge  tional trip Monday 5 a in
ire held in Oddfellews'hall   Colum        Leave    Westham    [I    ..   MonW,
Tuesday, Wednesda;. *-'���
urday at 7 a.m.    Fri laj ���  a.n    A--'
 . 'tlonal trip Saturday. *,.,.
W.���FRASER LODGE No. 3    f,   p.m. s
^ -;        jm
al I   *:.'..':..um
. ���    -,,,B   *. ml   to
a   poss !:;.��� eeiitiueni^-
i   .r.t..   ' .   rr    >-*' ellic
\u:,;i<*. 1
Through   Dini|i^ Tf irist fimd   Fi.St
, ins;   Sleeping C��r#i
r.:  --< ::���   Express  leaves  at   7   15.
Atlantic L"*-e.'.-s Iqaves'tit 17:2'..
For fiisther particulars, apd reserva-,,
to the I tiqntj apply
Kf&ft?'    ED. QOt'LHT.
Agent, New Weatminater.
or to E. J. COYLE,
Assu Genl. Pass. Agt.   V-mnouivr.
bia  street, every   Monday   evening
at S o'clock.
*. O. U
��� Meetings tbe first and third Tues-
TBty In etch month. Vlllllug
. hijetliren cordi Jl*' iiiiVited to,aftend
Udgf niiim, A. /)��� IT. W. hill. Odd
"ffc.bws'- block,  Clarkson  street
JOURT BRUNETTE, No. 407,, t.O.F.
��� Meets the Fourt'i Friday In the
month nt _ o'clock. In the ..mull
ball,  Oddfellows'  block.
For   Tesernillons
\*$* or acirtre*-.
1 F.O   '.' lULET,
AKi'tit,   y.t-v.   Wi  *i.ilr.fl��'-
K.   I   C0YL1
,   .at Oen. Pass   Agent, V       *
i. w  TROUP,
npn��ral 8uperlnt��i.dent vifiorts
Mail Service
or all ikiii.lers.
;; j    p,rE5.��V|N
..,, ; . |-cut.���y. ;    pi^ANOtJiiee;. ^^
ThejCornmlselontr- of tU��J |       atH o'clock  p. bl, ir':
frransqontln^ital Ra|Way. '     (Mil. 0o/uiDiia st^Jt     A
Ottawa, ISlh .Itil-y, t'.tus. - '     ���* ' , ���J L���* ^  '-*''
Ottawa, 1<Wh .Itil-y
Awspapers inserting thif Wiverjlpe
ment    without
rid  that   equal  in
if the  Chicago,  Mil-
be one of the Commission''.
Athabasca,  and
uiptnent that
^m hf%\m M1**! 'Ple
��dnt ��l.i 'oi^-tuto; t|4s,*HHi�� tfetfllng
and I'itii-vr -:Ts on alll their trains and
sj an excellence of
able elsewhere.
UL  ~
VaacouTer. B. H,
Un...    1    S.: Arms' roii-...   \e;,i..;oii,
lllld   S.   It.   i'o.llill.  liV    lS,,|.!.ac<',
V rfe No. 20���JlJpetS yvevy T.ues-lay ,
eve'ning at 8 p.  in., in lb^ Eagles'
htti,   ColumWa  .street,    a.   C^X^t^^^ bJ. g  r   jj --a"   .. 1 ll
\V.  Pros.;  H. Schollel j, Secretary. ^ . cloSe 6;30i
HI ilO^TEMxVa OF TEM- \ , ***' ^ *^'    " ^
������-���"������-l ' '��\*ednesday 1 ual-y- ' 1 -,,.
^Oddfellows'!    M4Uf.d-�� No.   L   '-'���lil>   ,;*'H
Vjj-day; -feapMiton   N".   1.  ,'��� ��� ���' fr>
 ''''Sundae.   Mills receiv, 1 V 1":�� l*
���ON3 Qf SCOTLAND BENEFIT A3    D.8ua'che(j   by  B   c. Electric riilVW
SOCIATION, LORD OF THE ISLES   L-l8ijatcnei>   ��>   ��'  "- ^
,    ,,'6AMP, 191.���Meets on the First and Ca, ��;30 a.m.
authortO    tro�� ; ^ <'third joewlay </ every, -w^ntb M      Vanfcouter, No.  1,  daily���xwt >����*
will not be paidTor !C1 ' K. of p.TfaS   chief W. "Stfthrrlaint.  ,p..^   Retum maii ,,...! lOft-O.
-���,      '���'" '"     :���������>������:���"   '   ������  "       . : t"-^������ .'.".V".  .-���".; I,.""'',",��� A U"--.Vancou ver,   No.   X   and   .w^
I U ��;,0' F-R��y��' c;��y l-ooge   No. 3 . ck>^ a) H:.;��� .. ���,   ,!:t:!r �����-
Choice l^��its at      . J_, "^f18-^ DddMowi   Hail,  c<,i- ^
I Tf J I   I    ���"* ''' ���^^V'', ('vt'r.v Friday eventujr' f. ���,,  , d
toddm�� mm TsA^mviM-m* a^
v  ,���    ,���   ������  ,, . .... I P-m-i mail olosi      I    ,,; )., \'V-
���N. Q.; C. E. Osborne, I*. C. , record- ' , ,, u iS
Corner l^lghth St. and    Fifth Avenue
PHONE  n7n
BOWELL 4  ODDY! Proprl��Ttirt.    fli
Eight Tra>���� E*v_:y D��v in the Yen
Minneapolis, St. Paul
and Chicago
tm ^i*a-^'i^ifi
inn secretary.
115, SONS OP ENGLAND, B. S.���
Ri'd'U'se Degree meets Second and
Fourth -\E0nesday or each month,
In K. of P. Hall, f'nliitiibiii St.. al
8 p. m., White Rose Degree, Fourth
Wednesday in e.irh montJi. Bame
time and place, *
Calgary and Vain,''   ;eT| $0.
P, R. llr^t main. U>-  ,,
j at   IU:;:u a.m.
C. P. R. No
ot Lyttpu, e,r
'",   1
mjte*** r\.y
-   qprlni ��� NN
port H
Rot   Springs,        ^
. '   ���/ tplifj di) iii'"n'-
���^P-perto-j,  No.  ?',  v
in, lr.de ih*. Fhlon t_odKe,'No.-">; a'
F. and A. M.; King Solomon Lodge,
No. 17, A. F. and A. M.; L. O. I..'
No. U60i L, .0. l��� No. jr.iii'
I Coquitlam    dally excepi
But ���
5 'v iv"-
Ifs fl
jgf*W# ',,-,11)nMo
Di8"11"'  hed by carr*
Tln   ,herlaml, 6.r*��  l,;-'
&yr     nnd Frid-iys.   K''u"'"        i
Sapn^op/o. fr,, L K'jTo.n'   ved fo*hsfafirfXk
��� :. ^u^/Wmfh.s,(,r[^o.[ 880;    / k* doVn $$��$
nrotncThood of Owls, lTe��a&. 29 f    !*2m  feurflAr/.  '
for   C
*n<l   L
nc!l**st J*1*! l*stBdeas
t  11 Tighter wit
Jul   quality,  of   inaterial_,   ,,Ufi  ^T.   t^oth   electricity   and   Kas;   the   m
k-ter ;of woriunmiship  rcuuireg;  and   brilliantly   illurnfaifiUd   train   in/t
re iinder_>tood 10 accept ,,n,] aflr^ ^   wbrldi^*Wrf\*^m��ri|ldl)*^|
'   bound !,,. the terms ai,,| oosdltlona 1 private-^ofcp-afttfiVi*   Af��t.
tuVjnrUMrf contra,,. ,;���,���.��� u),    W  "<"?."   'a?IT'   ]"**f}ow   di"i"B
. ���   ,    ��� '"'���   -^ar. ���recluuB*'chair-eaf* Vsca-i free)
��c. aniu-xiol .1".^i���..:.:.h,.   kiT10<J���n  day  coachfs   ^bS^l
a/        A|l
JXfepl i3u
Suuburry.     M""l!:l>
^OW   !'''v'"
Dtapatchcd by car'" ,    ,,   ,.
'���''   ���  .... ri^l
. m
r.rj, BJ
r 4 tt
u.,1 Tl,"r  ��1
if al'
l-'.ach   i.'V'lvr   im;.-t     1,    ��� ^n,. ���   ,,,,j _ ^atf and smoking cars'.
d.b*. all ihu.puri.. . j, t^et^ldery, tVM Tin?-} Tables, JEo^i. or any,!
rgi,1 .**i}U-w.-Hj;l  *t"d bc,iicc*>in;.aniiM> l7   ^rtjher, in/ort^atiori cr��l) pn or write
FM-Ww^^^ _SE: 1 i I a?s��1 ' '��� w* PAWSER-
able to the order of the Con.mll
J20 Second Avenue. Seattle, W��ib
Anron. iscndlnB- ���. ketfth ��r
qnlrklr lUirortWB l��r Ofilnli 1
ln��i.|ii.f,n 1�� probm.lf putei
��� ��-',!   tr.'H,  I ll'].',! ha-.-IH-T f
l'nlnnlJ tnk.ii tliriiuv'
tprrtat nntir*. wit limit c'
mm Wlcam
.nil*,! wui'ialy.   laiiriicntxlr-
.Venii.i" loajaiju.1   ',, ru \fiit
At, p,,.tJ_��II! |T. |,*,t. '  .-..id or
it Marks .
fi a����rrli>llon m��7
ft frie ��Ih.||i. r ��n
inbln,   1 ..,.....,ii,ira-
or HOUing imUMitJiaa
Munn A <',,. reoelft
Mondays, p3 >'."���'��� .  S��"-
and Kridays.
A htrnlM'H.mr Ult
mltiloc ,1 tir.r*
Xlar,,��,la, <l.7."> ��� yi
lall liOWiMlciel-ei.
Braucb OS
A WlBro%dM_y,
a,, fci, r ru WathtagtcK li.7
Dispatched by PN-
1 To southern   m��*        ,
Sunday. ,Hitt...n pa"    , 'Tlmf!^|
C.aytpn./fiieHj-V";    ^,
,,rl    S��"
^toMd.��y�� a rtM,,cl!Sf|
itviup n��S ,'"��V       ]
bached by.W-H-:���'^';*
Cloverdale.    .Nlcon.oM.        ^
Italia   J',   ,.,|. i'��*l
,���    WashUiKt""   *""-   "1'!,'' ��|
!u"i���VTn.Ms:e,'.'       " vfl
!1U'tB<n..iBy."'4^t-" ">'',  ,���,a*l
i&t   8.80   p.m.   P'J,,;1'
1 and Saturdays.
to'rd,  r.'.iiiuo. and. _.<_nAY   SEPTEMBER 2,  1
WEDNESDAY,   a       ,  ^ .  ; . y. , j .
fV*     ���   1 1       JL.,1 1 THE NO
r&ati atbks.
���i   *
! i
m I
COMPANY, Limited
iti? fe^^i'i)
NOR ^ERis Cl
( \_bank
,.    hittW N.i/thern Bank and 1. ink of Canada
��� !   itiejajar aiithoritfc- of A<������
Authorized Capital .{  .    , $6,000,000
PaidUp Capital $2,200,000
Rest and Undivided Profits      $ ,225,000
l.iiughout Al^ita, British Coiumhlai Manitoba, On-
'   -.,'     a*/d ^aBkat "
 L��� .
t'.aad in Bankers' ABKociltion Mon*-,  {>-.
Bi      hea.
tor   sale   at   all
J E. ALLAN, Local Manager, New Westminster, B. C.
r ������- *****tt********t
Wanted -:- Lost .-> foiioi
_ S\3 n      _l -_r _aa   t a      t    L      *
"��� "WlWGE IN CHBttll Wf ll_SlW i
Constitution   Promised    illWA*NyED.-oir] tor general   1.4..
Flowery   Ki
Year Hence.
,1 , ��'OrkI Ju   lamJQ  . 'in"' .two-.     ajniy
Howery   Kingdom   Uni    --;������ coS ..,./ ��Liako L-
WANTED���Girl to** iu_.-i.u__.; in a ,ii.
work  and   in   attenfaini . to   t wo('infants. i:*7 Third (a ye, hear 2nd at.
Peking, Sept 1. -one edict. waj3 t*
isued yesterday settling forth in detail
itbe ahangea that will be reached each
year In the conversloh of the form ol      kitten   (whine*-).    Valuable. i-ev^rd
BOVBrnnienl   in   China   to  the   foreigl
I system, and assuring the people In th��
limine of the Emperor that a bOnehta
! lion will be granted tu year he__c��, Am
ledict Issued last year promised ,_ t""v       '   ""'   ''""'���'''�� & CV
LOST  OR STOLEN���A black mar.it
for return t<o. Lug; Siacoail .street**
..- i   '--���.   ���  \
WANTED���Rlott ati  Bonr.l>for two
young ladles. Central location. Art-d--
l ed   : ���
X   PUne 101
,��������������������������������������������������������� ���������������������������������������
J^JBLltu.ion   witliin   a   decade.     Ki-,,-n.lMVAXTTO5i_|��lili .  ^iv   A
__!il.er,,   has   b,en  a   formidable    move* I     (Ur/j(lei| *Ul Aven.lel   '
 1 m*nl   la  the  provinces  looking to *U(�� v '   ' <' - ���        ���   '     ".
v   .  - -ftm w*m
a^A^m************************************************ 4
It ���E
1 Public Supply Stoi^<*BgfeAWS j
You Don't See
Any Middleman
getting a rake-off on thg price
UUX paj ua foi coal. Vim i.aunni..
ifford to pay it and we^emu I
', ur*fr*coanilMBfl_i yht-^i
in the low nricevoii
y for our hlgh-gradeTcoak\
^^^Shiurip.'i ut  a   (i.in.iivi,il|.w1. tuia   _ro^WANTED���Furnished rooms for lB;hl
vinviai  delegate,    who   'hav,.    con(iCl    Qousekeente.   Inquire "The^lm^r��
Taili|i-  sflluC
The Last of the Season
3.'Mf.M...J  .t
* V*       * V*
Cclumbia   Street.        New   Westminster,   B.   C.
Phone   92.
t*************************** **>************************
J At
r-i'--'   *�����
nq io ��
j   Lowney s Suijrinjie Chocolates
��� _.    i J '  'v...
vinviai   delegates     who    hav    com*1    iio'..--'-Ue^iiap.    Inquire -Tiied-hnji'.t
ito   I'f kliu'fortbe i,iia*pri.e' At -in ."kit)|i     T"ll>1. ^\"        . i i
inquiry ,iu Ukmattei-hav  ���   ������ * UANT, U tiupio'/'MhedV��.e
lefl  ui'l, -,..,.  ,���,-;���,.,  \,y-tlL.., ta...:.M.r4       k..^Vib,,,- V:' RtSWS We
jo;' u.e 'iraud i.'om.eil.    Tii���    ..ij     AddreBa   m,v   T,   v    Newhall, 2h(
j,tioi^ rPeeLve.l, noi., :Yuau S��i Kai. ,|      Wluat;i���.  aN���w westvtiinstc*.
li.rnuii l."oiiii.(.ino., wbinisnal-.o ptmetW J , ; |	
i h.*r oV "tha" Bonvtl of F��reiL"ii".Aff-,H'.'-�� W.VNTi**l>~-Stlrodl cuildnfi    to lnli',l
for next term In reflndtl C^rh ite
family. Apply. Mrs. E. S., lii.ily
News office, ]
rt :i--uV:nie. _  ftfSI   ;i-r,il. -'Vd!.-Vri  w'lt
^ .:a���',,i   .,-.   pron.U'1.    1', ,"'..-'  aria:t
' ...    , i >.      r '    "   ,*'���"'���
.in  [Vrr...   ,ti,( Jlif-ke^  f_|y,j4,e...>_:..
^ .tl)..   lamyhei-.-,  of   Mi., ygp^fi*
i .���. iM-, aletf-hue. ilj*i.   fe'hiuj  i'-, v.i .*.�� .ki   **  ^
i.nu'lil^d'thesb coliniriee,-,   _    v> -
4    ifl v,   ,,  _��.--, ��� 1���1  tal ,.   ���
���   t      - '    tad       !-    .J'  s--'0
Vaccinatiori   I
...       ,   ���     *.!���-��� .beiirtedan ^Ilin
Jf\|.'��).,        -l'i   C      ��l)|.vIl'Ul   J.J,/
Jbiectea - to
Mt le ua t �� ioBm      I r
School wants work with good Iain'  J ;
-���.'WHV.i1"* ::*    jyages. A;' 1I5
WANTED   Japanese boy or   girl , 'or
hi}T*-WlH Adai.yj.iI-Oi-flv._ck. ] 31
A'.1i.-n.#ls*!J'V'v.1,, ,,,>. ��,,
WANTED���Ladylike voting tierso:
light: TiouBekeeping.   Student at
-l.tlilllilv' voupg jierson*0
> t ��� ���*  ,
at co.-
lege Tn ret'urn" for hoard  woulil  be
acceptable. "���_TTT.-TJo"x-15B7. City.
���'    ";'f   9 f-    ��A I pOR
_a��n limfi. BHptl rthefflfco 9t_Btan_kiUa|-      f^Q
e.irlte'"!'   1 ."411I.1.i��-ins'.:"r��^��lriiH_|; l*\\t \
������'������'\- M '"i Jfi9m9onuonnf. [153 [Biliai hid ^klEiil!
���    ri , .f/Te . ���v*��������:��������*e��-������*t*   �����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������   "ju .-in-thi-..-   nor->.
ROYAL ��jf CANADA       |[;       MFraLVkllev Nurseries        ;r
""���  " ,''     i-fr/l'"     "ill     V-  "1 i>     V/^'l    r   "'     "Qflli   $09^r |Mrdp|n^#^.i   a  jjery complete line of "���-:-      . JPHN   HOUSTON. AfiAtf.....
Gaprtof Jrid rhftWv*        '   IncArHrattti -     '        iiiol ASteti       '       '.-'**' > i    t t      .   v      "17T' t . f  .      ,      ,    ���     ;     ,     ..: t   ,     ..    .'   , ,, 0 '
$8,290,00(0   ..     'asrs .   $4^,400,000, I NU,F S^RY   STOCK ,       |ioM^>n/wl'tenWR��wWidi'>8f��b4WW
1 f _R ���  YOllti'(iWlt^iR'FrC'-N   ^r>l-irA'irJrtN I ''If'   %f'    >i'V   :*U'��V-Jaij.*^i��.[ .-.art Lour orchard right, by buying from A   ���'* '   Politics: :'
J' Msy    Now    Enfe��: Pield" of"btj^on
VOR YOUft'C!HlL6RE!V'S EDOJCAtfdN''-if' &W ^ ^WafenJ2_&l^r|ourorchard^ :*,.,������ a ���, 'Clitics / :    ;;;
*. a    . , , ,     .,     , I     Hi r\\: M'KSl-lHV. where mu;  Ere ntV  1io*"_"ri*d   wi":  * :���:::��� tlft .    i*S ���' .
4 ���  , special Saving! Accounl al once witn the Eloyal T. f       * , I ���" -    \ irt'Wi-flWPf-blu PlWPe*fnii>
,,. ,,,,.,,.  v_��� &> ftai/ P*yeftlnfl����a__lpWT t re<  ;   We have over 200,   10 ���-...���-���mi t
keep adding mounts to it regularly, you tr i   ��� v | _ 7 n   1' 11 r t.' i -..., Jj
,,, ���    can handle your order, no mtlter what tne size.   V. we   have    qo J,
mi s the money. , , . ,*   . _ -.,, ���,     TJ      ..   .   ,   ,.   ���    , ���'
-     agenr in vour local it\\wrTTe t,_|?n.s at'Burn:, v Lake for prices. ���
Mo' riii'ii- cliiiurttii  iie.ua Va,��;ia(U-rtlj .-jj    Bi^x ^"U^_... r
ted -'-.frett
'    t ' , l r/ _. '���
note n, ii.i,' ,.ffe, P. I.   uB'ti.. l' Rffrt^ClH  fj.\ \r*\\ 11 J   i I*	
��k ....p,,.   ,,     :,;,,.],... FOI����*I_l}**_WMiy***lture
K'_                                  rd,|      ;,,  au ���, 362 Royal avenue, corner of FouJtli
���    Ui  LP -   \-,|i ''mo iinlMre   ?Cn 10 S     if ' u! Ikui   t        _uU to
.        ,,     "   ��� ,          1    ����� street^ mu��t  he .-nld this week.fts
nun��,�����!���  pt ei,,.!'^, wliw.lUVM ...e.",a.-i.v
"V.,, . ..'.ti s  ;ue U-'uvin^. town.
vhen the child I       I et     gh your de] . with
Compound  Interest whli idd quarterl; . wlll pro-
���   i fund large enough to -.     a thorough .   ucatlon.
LLa ai BUUiLulaUi... .liiiiua-ii-o.
.-, wr;.e '11. is _
1..     e;   . vaccinated.   Is   very    mal!
nde ,:   �����TOl,tftirfa��1 *40, ��f-     .},      1 bi
���j$u  -   ' '   fnlffi.   n,,.e,'-   ��fti     ���
IT iig'v.Mi*!jnY"Ml.AT
uiler neiv manageme t
.\iil-..\l  1-^alUlier  nuy  inaiumeme
266 ColunM IreeAhone 366, P
box su7* TaVl  stii^ry you  with
kinds (jfvbflp . pr>M__i4ly.    tree
charge.   JJranch oilice, 107 Cordo
street weet, Piione I 2750, Vanco
ver. B. Cj 1   *        -        ��
-    ,(i ���,:..-. Japanese Emplovment Agency
0,,^,, v^JJrj ..       ���;'itfJ_f.ni.ic    ^ ^p ������     *
''������^lff;j&-^'tf-W'.r'-:>''/-  1;x'-
V. > A1     :
Bank of Montreal
V- _ii_;->'.' i'l'.-iibliii'.) .--.uUiri,--;iiiiB.
. '-'<���      .<1
; Picture: ,���:,
B. C. Milbj Timber and
T1     ! |W>:'!'    UAk   91JJSB: Bj
trading Company
M. MCVf.EM'6! pTAJnplil^DV'/s
A/anufacfurera  unci   Oraier* in .4// Kind* ot
nilbyiVajjllp. #_ (   ^^,--[1 <p}]^m..*.>E' _^!):'lU^UJuVXi_<*Ardii_irJ4.dfiewro',ndlani.  and   in   L,ml,.:.,   England,! a?, i'   U uiuleMoiM- at, -. Vk-U*Ti._   ,tUa*   /J"
TJ] I .    i        .    ��� M W    JfaJE      ��� i _,'"w   York, .Chicago and   sJok:. in., 'U.SA., and  Mexico City.     A .len-    Uol.en,  t*. lire-ai, ,9iiO��.>.--lih|��u;il<mit|Efh_l.d
l-Duttjksmithfi. :%fctJ \,|/ JT^m _____________!'" )   !r.;. h.4 s^^j '-..Wi.i ..nn- *... ,��� *,��� byvdennu., Wo��i�� i^n
. j      ,,._..      ., r      -���� ^^^ ^^ credjt ^Bue1,. i.v,lll_1)le��yv.i tL correapondeuts In all uart. of ttcjatftat U hmi^U.     llOTOVOJ      !' ^   If*^"'
!'^SsT:Qti)AlrIT^ '��� win;;['-!   ��� ��� ������,.;��� JJ'bU"-*-ttQ(_d_3JE/''iimJu ���^ ,n fl,iD186f -^ii* Icuosedo^'of-- all ".-���'       |p,
"BANFF"   ANTHRACITE;)COAL      riS^��^Vie"t^~<pi,^���,-i,,iii-,
rotal Assets .over _U��_U_Q_U1Q_LDO. I 	
���%'_�����"".-�� -^-_r-,-^   ^a," ' _.   '   "^"^ -_-^'_^.'��-._a--av^.  -r ^".w  WESTMINSTER T.RX^i H Q. D. BRYMNER HantM?��>r
c. ii. box 345 .Phon. io..        f*OOKSLEY'S Westminster
E�� MD STBEET. FOQT Of SIXTH. - .-,�� WESipiEB **>
"A      8-.,
..  .' '.��i4,<fk)0,ocq.oo
'..       $11,000,000.0.0
...    .   .,;,,    .-r? ... ROUNDS. UWRNABY LAKE, B.C. ���] oo..,  .',e'o^ ^VilUuni'sioa^ .1^':'''-. 4
�� e4._l.li11 ���  .Ur. ll-iUSHgii)  vv.nl, i-u)i �����   in,.afl
I    The.FraseE.y4leFhbrter_es,iLtdj'l gS��S^,3BSSSSS3Sfl ��*-���
������������������������������������������������������������ ������^���������������������������������������������������������������������������������y *rj l^ailoii   ei -an;.   iHni.     V-  ' ���    ' fii-| COLUM-jl^ faSiJlf  NlcN^i-EY   Si $..
-"���a, Coii..,,; ���, .    .. , hpii ;l,,i  pkiee i      wii.2       NEW *WC^l*U^ijrrEt.,   B.   C.  |
' di.liile. iu   ilie, iitjW   juiil   Mf. ,likU_.,i 't>j|Pfl,Ofl�� rlP1,
Is U.uler tile |mptt_Mioi
Wlll    be   b.-ittcen    Sloan   an I    'Vini.^l-Jt- -   .     ^. TdWj��������K. i^L_.
!.SlH:.tISl)KI)  1S17. in   Wbicb  evejitdy.iui';!..   count   u;.on��YY#   P^J L_fI  SyPGJT
^uuuy   Ctni~v:',-;iiii.    ro.i....  , Il(jwru.r�� ^R      O       LarwP
>�� thai. V-t.,-.:::?;   li**.    * li J 1 ^.i ' I. I 'It1     i-
, a.,ii;*.'v U;^v.s may M.',b,-iU.^- [tl)wi-ii,u^tl^i!
y      ','r.v  O-s'sMll^
Sums of $1 and upwards,  (CLOSEDOWN  OF  ALU
ni.ue.' ^-oi.t.. se;.t. '.1,^111  tit,!*'-"   English Watchmaker
quence Of the failure of ".he. coai mUie   Two  doorttfrir* iGwo. Adam*.  Grocer
operator,  and in.meworke.rs to    teach'   Ladles'Gold Watcnes  from 112.75 up.
an  agreemeni  at a oonf.*��_nc,-.which.   Gentlemen's   Silver   Watcb����    open
wtb held in Uiis citv L*a. Frid.cN  and ' face, $6.00, .   .
-Niumk.y, al Aof the    mint's - iu   the    Ge(nt'e���en']9 sl*ve.r  WatcQe9.  double
XraflSf^r   dO   !Sl1"" '"'  ^yomlng unfler  tlu'CGIltr"1  T^ntfo? '$* celebrated South Bend
w~m    m<*     ���*__-���      -^-���--__�����       f tJie  juU(, yj,eratoca'  aaociatiou. ot, Watches, supplied   to   the   Welhnan
, Wyoming were <;loao.4Uuwjil����Vnlfihi,lA.rctlc ExpediUon.    Ul warranted.
,.���1   will  ,,'mvimi clo-ed  for an  it.Je.i-    ^}&}n*- Rlnss   Jewe.ry. etc.. etc.
:  Watch   repairing;     cnarges   reas,
!"''���"'������ - --    -^Jtble.        . ,       .
Office  'I'hone ,19a..      Htiru 'Phone 137
Columbia Street
Baggage   delivered   p^omp^ly   to
any part ot the city.
#��� Light and Heavy Haulinj
J OFFjCE-ipAM^ffpT.
jL.uiMljt-r,   Lath,   Shu^|.I   Mouldings,   Sash,   Door��, l | --  .
Intetipr Fin^    I urned Wgrk,  *.$. |        ���  ! IJ        !
IMit '
I Electric Railway Service'
T  _ ! 1"
1:0, if:
m      car leaves at 11  n. m.
FARMERS l<��raOMrTl8W! 3tt Q��8t ������� ������:"'
lu   1        .   _. j- [-1;----eai'g ieaii-8-tnr-depot- -rrery ���
Always In Stoilc for Fencing and Draining. ]    ; twenty mtaute9 for ,)0th sap- H
$-p^Ttou anil eity limit' uverithe ;
hour   trom   ..:.*.<)  a. ni.     if
City I_ine: LCars leave tram
office on Mi hoiir.^ twenty pain;
utea aftlFaJdWty jnih'ute. at-
teV, cbmtd^neiftg at' 6:20 a. va.
*������    ��� i    .     '{ tS\ W. vi    ���' ���
Sa^^rtori Llni: Cars ' leave
at ten minntH* s.fter -the hour',
half past WnJ fifty fcffdutei-after
the hftifr, obm'.aa^elng at 6:30
a..m.        ' l'i   !-.���'���!   v ".
Sunday  SefWloe   nafl-hounr be-
twoen R.30 WW. and'VI1 p.m:
....    __,/_ ,ri_i_     ��� _____
-^���zss&mpzm^rzz *������<*** *****
- ��� y
���, i
���   Si ':
.,V:'.       .'
��� f\'t***} %.'< '
;   V.   ^  .
_L* '
, '     ,'  rt  la
;    / * '\' * '���
,   ��'       Tl
' .     '
r     \ Ci
'..'    H'T
���: f   fel.-ij*;.^]
��� .'-. 'H-'t'L
**���"*,*���%.��� c-**'. I
it  �����' '��� **������
., ...���"'._.
. ��� " .*. ��������� .'j ;
. '������     ..'* i
, ��� ���> ������. ���.
���.   *..
.... * -. V i
-        ^.',1
'' ��� JVJ
- - ���.
.���fit.. ���,
y^ . '.".'���
"������J'    ��� ������**���'r
������ it' fcViG
. ill ;��r* / -. '
, ���* ���*-�� \v<t
' ��� ��.��� *-1'
:   : "\?>
.""v    ���*' - '
:��� .*'.-..>
't. ,
���    i'>: . .;'
' 5' . v.'
���   -v* *T fM
���    | ,,. .      .��    ..
��v,: 'C-*-
''V       ���������."*.
.  ^iS*tf��;-.-a,s'Vft_��
'      *    - ���;"���
:.. ,1   ... ;. i
:.-'' ��.i��b I-*.1 ���"'|4'iv��,"
��� '*?mi
>_i    J  ' . f-,
It 7 .���>!
I ' ���     * '      4,       "
������ ���' .-,*.r'<i*f*ir
^        * _._.'���     a
��� ; '-,��,��v-'''-*.' -. ii
u:  ."',f.:v>-..*V-^
W**iV**ii*; v
������ ���-,���_:: *..��*#v�� r :.i
*, f
if %*
Mr' It* o'ai'l- "
|^'._'.P *J$_*   -������
i. V:V . �� !':--*
'it''        -  ���-������*_���"*      V& '
i*^ftfl'M ;.
"tn .I.   *ii'_~M. *i��j�� *��.
'_KT.___-.i_   .' I'"''     I?
���T**>***�� **i*   -f .*��� ���
.W3t*_2*��__ _'--4-_*.._2
.,.. ���..if-..**   ��� .���   *���
'1'-,^ ���.;';.*>
* ��� - .''���-.���..^'���ij*
, 1   *r ,.*:' *i/g *.j
.il~a... i  i:J.,.,,i��l-
~ *r
�� i
-, **!--'!f'
jji<1 .it J
'     "      C__'   ���.*-.*���   fa
Y.  SE
R i.
��� Afeu; Orleans Fire Swept
i ufloan fiiP II   '    IWil7e /riremen ��/v��3'Picmc
ThatYOur Brand
��� i \, . Orleans, Sept. 1.���Flre which
Xlbrok. out in the center of the coni-
X|mercial district   this  afternoon  swept
I Chisels
I Axes, Etc.
��� Ions ol threi
., arge number
es,    manufacturing
blocks, destroy-
of    whole, ale
houses    aud
Any   of
"Clean Cut'
by us.
our   tools   bearing
are fully guaranteed
bousi   .
stores     .' Iginating  al   Bienville  an i
streets,   the   flames   worked
.north as far aa i lonti . 11 eet
:   to ltoyal with a loss of between '...,   and two million dollars be-
fon the flames were finally sphdued,
_ i the time the alarm was turn,' I In
shortly before :i o'clock the New Orleans firemen were in the mid.-, of
thi . annual picnic al a suburban park
mid the engines and patrols responded
with a in re handful of men.  It   waa
fully an bour before the department
was in a position to make anything
like a succ< ful fight against tho flre,
and even then the handicap agalnsl
it was added to by an Inadequate supply of water.
Two -a - bouses tilled with wines
and liquors were among the buildings
destroyed Barrels of whiskey and
brand} exploded with thundering roars
which could be heard for blocks and
whicb shook the vails of adjoining
buildings and endangered tiu. lives of
Bremen engaged in fighting the flames,
It was not until several hours bad
elapsed tlr.it the fire was gotten under
control, and even then it continue.!
to  burn  well   into  the  night.
New Westminster, B. C.
We Have
of the best quality.
& CO.
Ellard Block, Nevt Westminster.
f*-_*r_   Klotred   a   Torrent   ot   Oniior;
ami Cuphony.
What can be the matter? Doors open,
Members rush out; members are tear
lng past you from all points In one dl
rectlon���toward the house. Then wigs
and gowns appear. Tbey tell you *wit__
happy faces their committees have adjourned, and then come a third class,
the pentlemen of the press, hilarious.
Why, what's the matter? Matter!
Macaulay Is up. Tou join the ruuuera
kl a monent. It was an announcement
���ne hadn't heard for years, and the
passing of the word "Macaulay's up"
emptied committee rooms now as before lt emptied clubs; the old vole*
tte old manners and the old style���
florious speaking; well prepared, care
fully elaborated, confessedly essayl*,
bnt spoken with perfect art and consummate management, the grand co��-
���ersatlOB of n man of the world cob
tiding hla learning and bis recollectloua
and bis logic to a party of gentlemen
and just raising his voice enough to be
beard through the room.
As the house tilled he got prouder
and more oratorical, and then he poured out his speech with rapidity. Increasing after every sentence, till lt
became a torreut of the richest words,
sarrying his hearer*, with him Into enthusiasm nnd -vet pot leaving the��
time to cheer. The great orator waa
teembltng when he sat down. The excitement of a triumph overcame hla,
and he had scarcely the self possessloi
to acknowledge the eager praises which
were offered by the ministers and otb
en ln his neighborhood.���Fro**n VThlt
tjr-a "Parliameutnry Retrospect"
Don't be persuaded lo use
imported salt on the grounds of
at present prices, is the cheapest
in the end.
186 w
Open to
The fast and commodious
J. C. Bruce
carrying forty passengers,
is open to charter by
picnic or private parties.
For terms and dates apply
to White, Shiles & Co.,
Columbia street.
School Books
Everything You Need
Blotters,   Rules   and  Book-
Covers  Free!
l will not be  responsible tor    any
���   ���    contracted <.m behalf   of   the
... er Favourite,
.1. C. BRUCE.
He 0����-.y*<-  Order*.
8tr Henry   Itoscoe tells  this  of  tlv
���dentist   Faraday   and   his   assistant.
Sergeant   Anderson.     "Anderson   wa��
the so_e assistant to Faraday and of ]
course was utterly uneducated In Bden-;
tlfic matters, but he could obey orders,
which Is not always a characteristic oi 1
an educated man.   one day Anderson!
was told  by Faraday to keep stirring j
a pot containing s,.me chemicals over i
a tire until be returned, I-'araday being j
In the habit of going upstairs to tea In
his rooms and coming down directly j
afterward  to work in  the laboratory !
during the evening.    For some reason
he was prevented from coming down
again nnd forgut that he had told Anderson to watch the pot.    On coming
down the next morning he found Anderson   .till   stirring  the   pot,  having
been at it the whole aifrlit and thus carrying out rhe order rrhlch  was giver,
I Wm." 	
His Logic.
Up In northern New Hampshire
I there lived a good woman who was
an ardent Second Advcntist.    One
I nitrht in the winter she was awaken-
i ed by a loud noise, caused by the
| tumbling over of the woodpile in the
sited connected with the house. Sitting up in bed. she sbonk her husband, who was sound asleep, nnd
.aid: '"John, wake up. Old Gabriel
ip coming, I hear his chariot wheel?
i rumbling."
Join*., half awake, said : "Mar,*, lie
: down and go to sleep. Old Gabriel
isn't such a fool as to come on
wheels  in  such  good sleighing as
I tliis."
Next sailings of the Empresses
Sept. 4 and IS.
For other  dates
apply to
and   particulars,
C. P. R. Agent
Trains & Steamers
Leave New Westminster 7:1.'
17:25 and 19:35.
.Arrive at New Westminster 9:20,
10:30, 18:35 and 20:40.
Overland express arrives 12:4ft
leaves 15:15.
Lv. N. VV. 9.20 a.m.; ar. Seattle 4 u.ul.
Lv. N. W. 4.35 p.m.; ar. Seattle 10 p.m
Leave New Westminster 5:,.0, 6:20,
6:50, 7:20 and 8 a.m., and every baif
hour thereafter till 11 p.m.
Farm Lands
City Property
General Insurance
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Sept.   7.-Sin  Francisco  Opera  Co,
Sept. 8.���San  Francisco Opera Co,
Sept,   10.���Josh   Perkins.
Sept, i:   Ki, hard and Pringle.
Sept. .1    Jose,
Sept   23,    \  Good  Kdiow.
Sepl   25.   Isle of Spice.
Oct 8.    Knight  for a Day,
Oct. 11   -Flaming Arrow.
15.���Honej moonors,
10.���The Jefferson  Boys.
27.���Holy   City.
29.���Jusl om of College.
Nov.   I.Ton Proud to Ileg.
Nov.   13.���Montana  Limited.
Nov.   18.���Hip   Hip  Hooray.
Nov.   2U.���Willard   Mack.
Oec.  I.���Fun on Br (way.
Dec.  2.���The  Lion and  the Mouse.
Dec.  3.���.Little Johnny  Jones.
9.���Girl  Over  There.
Hi.-Why ciiis Leave Home.
21.���60 Miles From  Boston.
24.���Babes  In Toyland,
25.���Sandy  Bottom,
29.���The   Cleat   Divide,
80.���Florence  Roberts,
5.���Her  Flrsl   False  Step,
Jan. 8.���Shore Acn
.lau. 16.���Theodore Lorch,
Jan,   28.-  Devllg    Auction.
Jan.   29.���San   Antonio.
March   :!.���A   Stubborn   Cinderella,
March  1'...���l*nol.. Tom's Cab n
April   2.���Marrylnr,   Mary
Our First
In this, our initial fall announcement for this year,
we but mention the arrival of new lines. This store
has been receiving its new stock of goods for the
last two weeks, and now begins the display of our
recent arrivals.
We Are Showing
New Dress Goods and Trimmings, Ladies' Coats,
Suits, Skirts, Children's Coats, Woolen Underwear,
Flannelette Underwear, Heatherbloom Underskirts,
Reynier Kid Gloves (Full Stock), Umbrellas, Neck
Ruching, Blouse Flannelettes, Plain and Striped
Flannelettes, Boys' and Girls' Hosiery.
We promise you interesting store news, respecting
our large stock of new goods. Watch every advertisement. We invite you to visit any department
where we will take pleasure in showing these
varied lines.
W. S. Collister & Co.
We Close at 5:30
1 We Close at 5:30


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