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The Daily News Jul 31, 1907

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Full Text

 Lie. Shiles & Co
ftii-ittt   j..:
White. Shiles & Ca
M!.\* VkT5TMl\5TY.R ft C
���-   MINSTER, ll.Cv, WEIlNEsD.O   MORN1N
��� .  ( KXrS ": ���. V KI K
m weeks ma
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H��   ON  ~��-i   ���-' : i-i   I
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PUffl) Ofc *HRM1
���'���'   ' ���"'     --���    '������������������   ���'���-
' tn
Por ~;'
:    BeUinghaj
....    August   14
���     ���     ���
-������������'           ���-   . -      ���
". .V erSusped m a ,,..���,,.,   .   ���.���. oft   . .    .-,,.,..
: i :'.'. ���   '. :���...': : Ik*    N ftV   ; - ������        ;  i ���������
light V :���.:-. v,v. .-������ Ca* >";'"; ""   J ''    "
.   .    ��� -...:'..'. . ���:     ���/ :.������
: ������  . ������ ;.. ,k-;        .     ���:���.���:
f ���     '    . . . .       ������.
t��      >.   .    ; .
��� 1         '.   ���       1 -J
.     i';,.'...
)M    .'������
1     v !,>     t
> . tee
.���,���... CM
.: :
. ..'<
..    bi   e . . ������ ���
'..           \   ;      ....
"t ....    e     : ..
ev..-:.��   ;..��� .-.-.,   dei]    b     ������ '
:.v k       .r.-.v.   ���;.���   " '������'���' '������ ���'���'       y    "���"    ���  " ���' "���
... ..     ..     .
.;���������  .. .-    ������   ���    ���       -..���������.        ...... .- . .
:.-   .' o: ij: \ .... .-....;      ........
"    ������ 'i    .'.>.     ,. V     -
\**Htt iffa-i . ��� ..      ���
: >-.-     .... ;.   ...    ���.      .:���.
hi,   m   ���'���.���    ������ ��� ��� ��� ��� ������ ���������- ������������      ��� ��� ���   .
N   b,
:���. stxsn
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��� -���
: ���  '- a
In tbii ..-���-- d
..-   t �����...'. e*t-
���-'������. -      ��� ���   ��� ���   ���
��� ��� ,       ���         ..:���
��� ' s
. -
jn��. M-  y..--... ;.   ���
:-���������   -   ..-   :,    .
.    .      .. . . : '. K  . .
:   ���      o  r. :.   ..!���.
I ���������  .-'
:-..     ::. >.
. ..>���      '  ������..      ... ' (   .
:.    .    .   ..      .:   >   .  r
.. .. ���.    .   ���. .      ..���..���...���..    ..
v$..   i .1 .       ��� 'I
\.-. Wi       ��� ��� ������ i.
$4^ <    0 -.i    "       (.    .,...-...    .
.       ��� ���.- ��� : .::..���... ��� "'���   '       ' " ���    '���
*;���..-... k   ��� > .������;���.'.���   .
.;.,-.: ���    ���; .  :   .    . .' ���. . . "'��� J   ���"'.:,<. v
.... ,  .              : ..-.        . .      m . ������            .:���:    - ��� . :    ' '....������         .-            '���.���������-
���e    . >    .:���: ������.-:.;,..            ���        :���������.��� ::������ .' fifti      t ���������-:���:-���   I ���: . ''"'' '    "���    ' '
.     ...i-          . ..     ���                 "i                              '< tJw     . '...v.'.e   -.    \V  ,v V,i.'- 11          !    ������,       ..  -.'       ..      .'.^..
���     .  ���:     ^e ,     ������    S         ��    . , .   f     W*4 ��. M             ,'������.���
,���.   .."e.'.    ,-..   ���     ������:.-:    ' '':      ���<>���!������   ���������e....f.    :���'.   ... ���..<..   ".,.^v;  s^m:
Mt      >.���....-        ������..,.    ,.���     : '"    '���������������  ���* -: i   ������   ������������'
. . .-.   <��� as   >:,:,.. .i ���t-..
���-....     . . : S    r-..   ���       t,   fe'    '���.'
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P .-. e,     ,   , ...
""'''  ���      ��� -��� s :.-.: ,
�� '   .'���        ri.-.- ,.���:.:���.     ��� ���  '   ���   -'    ���'  :   "     ;""     ���" '"������   ���
>   . .���    .:.    . v ���  e      ���    .      ���'.. cm    ' ��� ���   v';"'   '���   '"' ���'"" ;"''''''    :,''''v      "    '. '���.,   ���
. "i   Ne ���>.   .:-,:   ,. ������ .    j .���    ,  :������<
. :    f if
������. >   .-. .    .    :��� ..-. rs   . :    .-.���;,     ���.. i i s       ������ : i
e :     . : . . :��� j
.    ���" m
���os-;.      .;
-1   .
R S'( -
li   .
-    n board the boa     the i Tided :
_... ���  :.- ���;���::���:..    ���-���..-.-
��� t   :.  .-    that meals    ..--.,   ������ -���     '���:���  '/.. .
. .   ��� ��� ���        ��� . ��� ���   ��� .���     - ���   ��   ���
:������-:��� ������        a the ..: ends oi
������:..:-��� " ..:. .       -   LnSWi
at night
'��� ���       ��� :.-   -    B|
'.'���      ��� BO
-  :.-��� . ������   tnaki
-���::���:.���-   to]   I
ioard thi   boat     An
ide to si   . ���
- ..   . i-1     ���       ............
- -.   . .        : ...      '.:.. r... ..'..     . :,
������   ..     |Jm    .''..>i       hH
��� .      v.   .-,.. r:   ..".<     disl :>
morniss . .-..-...��� >^ .   In Ml
- .. .
Y- -: r ��� r     :   \    nd   b:-.:  i
Ne.. '  ���       - ....'. S     sc
swens '       n -. - su i r.-r.:::, i .    O t
>:...;   Lane's    .    n .:....  Um   la
B)      .. . ���      . - .    ��� BCtS Hi
��� ��� i -���     ...    to  accom) su ���
e   \- a   .���,.-:���.���,...:     ��2.: n     :b,
tnd ..'   ������.���..������   in     .. gn  ol Chii
Coastal i  S aii
ast.,: ���  1 ...ve   has gath�� i ,2    con
s    ���   .. .: ���      I ��� V,    : \:   . \. :      w I
e mate        -���.::.:.. Foi ''���
.    '   ��� -  ��� '    .     thl   m \e   :.>f:;i S
���������> s-.-e   ..   ,������-,,:. :,.> ..      ��� . ,   ...    Wfi    ���    < ���'��� '-������ '������ -���'<<-���   ���
:���;-':''i''i_   '.or   inUror. ......
- . .��� ������.:���:���,.: : een si-.-., i.'
s   s
������ tm ��n       -e   .. "<-v
M    Ne epct   Is    ev,-: .<...      y -...;���.��.        ....     tM     :-'-.e..-       lt   !
:. copj .>: ti dispatch ��� ���.. ��� ,i., . ���  ���  ..   . -      -   . -   ,v,    ���.,..   ,.-.   .... .������,-,
. -   -rt .���   ������  .   .      ������. --���<���  .'.-   .' .-  ':;. . ���-
������::.���     . :���.:..       i     .-.-.-.
���    ���' ������   N. :'_..    ' .
..> .-���. ���������-. ���. mm
���      V,,,ev.,:     ,,,.     V.,--     '    .,.,     -,                           ^;-       .                      , ,r^     .                  ^
"<      -'       "   "      "'       ^    "     '^           '      CW             .        .         ....    .:        ..           , r;���      ..     ,,���,
'  v-������������'  ��������� ���"      ���    -"   " '':            -.   ,      .... y,v,-yr -,,.,
bm #*��* '" '"     ���   Mtim) ^ ���������   ��� ��� \m ���-���
. - .    rchesl       ...   this
-.   -���  peoph   '.   .
���   i rsion   < f this
Bter city band will
the    oraket   .
n ��� ml t : ���
���:.- iport "   I be;
��� ���   ���;..   Ni ��   ���. ��� stand   lhe  Beliinsham
J. K   SVataon and J   H.   ���
"'���::. -.
:. ���    tpCWfi    th.       '    ���       ���      ���    ���
' liis ..<  ..- Lamni    r. . m :���.    :������..������
������''ins SEjUmon abo> s Nexi  W etstmin
stei  . ��� -..:. i. c- Sundaj a gl I
V.'..". i tiding        e gUU_lk '  - e .; |l     ::>.
I  K) on,. s:e:,:    ee:-';   .,     ��� .      we.';
n*tt tess than wi i n   ��� 11���< ���    bm e-';1
ti i; ;i in Snturdn)   tt $ t ������������ W< .���
:.: kjv.  brlds^ ftow  . . ;.. i
Vs no one ie- allows*) ���    -     '
.     ������   ���     r, ...      ;<       .-.., ,    . .-
Mil e -rrr, .'   .   ." ..���       '..^.'e.
���  : ������ ; ..:. rorox
Dei  ���
lilt.:' .
Lindsay Seems to Be Favorite Haunt of Crooks
Of Divers  Kinds.
\   mat   '   ���������'  Yoemwns   - prepared  atww or betoii   th��   lirldgt  i    i tbslde
e: ���      own    Is
th   anothi     sens   ion   thai
to rival  -.;������   thrl   ag Int l��
stirred   '
. deUI -  aenU "' ' '   "'������"''  :'     '   "
a few daj a havi  passed sini i  L
sports and w*s heraldi I as   thi    . ��� ati
���   . . idenci    �� '   ���   �� ' rations i I a gan^       ���     9 money-
mcil of BelltnghAm  makers and     issers  ..        ���     .nown
thi   coming - if the
.���  Is likelj  th ;  ,
���   will  : ���   made to tl
���.. ��� as.
thai     Ma >
..   _.ugu<'    11 ''I
:��� |   to  allow i .���:.-���
���   part in thi  ex-
the picnic will   ���
i ���   iers nf tin   com-
��� -v   days, tin   pri<i
tnd trip.    Thi ri
n  In the prl ���   foi
������-  adopting ihis
;���   | Itself,   -    .'
��� i the boat will b<
.Is   ,.nil ' ii
��� ..::��� k id te   maki
Itee in chad ge oi
tn --       of   Gi   ��� ���'
W. Cook, W. A
1   2   ii   Vidal, .i.
: on, R   M   Ben-
.iii.l D.  E   M
-Ip  Bcj  Tract.
s   li��� July    30.���The
has   oomj I   '���   I
1 acres ol   land
Hi tnswlck    Ra I	
'���   i Is ready fi i  Lhe
e   title    will    be
.  uitys, the    price
.��� at  is paj in-   foi
���i acre, and it will
" vm acre lots a!
ii   ��� <est nl' survey eitnl
lan I    is  in    Victoria
novn as the Blue Bell
it  tered by branches
'     river,    and
,iv surveys
:-;���,'"   '   ' v-in pass through  the
i it.
r un
��� ���
citizens  wen   arreste I ai
hinri  Iron   I    a      Rigl       i  the  b>e<  -
,:   thi    sleuths   who      i       esi   ���
: i . .i 'b tiavi      ;..'   ���    ���   ���   Thej  are
ag  on    anotl i b-qui( k
schi me, : lis   time  from  I irs,   wbii h
has    : !���> ������    developing    for
:iie..nth> Inl    ��� -���'��� -.������..'        lion
Linds  .   Is   lo iked i u  a.  n  centrt
which gain,   wardi a   ol  thi   pi
bave been working ti
:..,-..-.:      . mfll     of   the
park  ia''   cold  easel.
Certain Grand Tm . i :.>.;.. officials mi also bi - - ; ���; < itplan-
The sc a' Is being fi 11 wed bollj
;,:,,! (ji tectivi a are al work trying to
trace a ci am ction bi tween lhe government resi ces in thi north, Lindsay as 'Ini lace    for lhe
i       ,;, ;  Tie:,.a;,i a-   ' ii   end  wbcv
,     , egally ol      ed were sold
ires that me inl i  I'rofli io
tj,,   ,,   _��� H    . ame iu   i,    bi   me Idle
mi ii. .mi I thi   '  - di ah
���|-|M   ���,,      '      become     o  hoi
a  resldi nt of the   d I      - -
I     ii.       a inted verj
badly, an I  whi    hi   shi wi tip will In
asked   to  ��� ������   tin  hi    I      n nl  trl
uorth i"   ���   in    wool."
|y   freq n nl   trips
pose ol tin
bssi      > ..   -    Coastal h    Lan*.
tha   bi  - w   nd     -  Irtving along thl
i.        .���::   ,"    thl    nlj   I
: ���  mm .;���   wit)  i ithi ���   . drunken oi
es    n m In th<  wagon     rin   It
man ton nol tooie ��:.b he h
an  i ���.��� ��� watching It,
All I    '-, II ��� dlS&ppi t;:e.!   -r.   -r   lhl
ho;be  ol a frii nd ��here a dance was
��� .. ;..     ri  Hai ��� Ison i .evil    in the
- '������      ;..     last   He �� as in vi i
m en again     \".'    weeks of investlj ������
���   -. sl Ci nstabli   Spain .en.I
his . "   ���     ���    aim I conclusive
-   :  ���   :- diau    nd  bi en  murdi ti d
.-  ,vas even li arm cl lhal lhe i" v      d
,. -   i    ,-:;:'.    Hai rison lum
er mil ' an ;  bin ried in the saw
isl in-. In wati . and lhal I. v\ n ���
.i , ��� :. ��� ��� id 11 nti rred In nm hi
. ,. Dnn Billy and his father wen
arrested ind < barged with the crime
Pern was ,!, ,i-i 2 o\ murder, and his
fat! ��� ��� wit 11 having been an Rccessorj
afti hi ���. !. ite'tii men were In
, . iquin dieted by tbe grand jttrj al Ihe spring
.. ii/.!-*. and Ihej were commltti ' lo
stand thi It trial this fall at the
th<   rtwt  lot  that  math i    wllh n��>
:i IS, ol  :in\   nn th,   ee 081   i"   a IU    S..e
,in\  till I   p.m   Sunday. Il  ��.    .   ap
| i ..;   that   the  ttboVI?  Mi '      M   '���-,
come somewhal twlstud In trai. ������
Sion    anei   thai   the   nae.ei :o:.   ol
thai tii<   im..    IS houi    e'U'i.e
.  -.     ..(.  '..... .   .-..���'.--.���  .-.-.��� -...'..- .'..
'.    . ������. .:    ...        .       ������   f*X    'i    "���     i.l.l.e,n
.'.     .     .��� ..... -.    ws-��
�� ���. ������_'.- > ���..���: .;. :��� :��� . .������..��� ::c
v..      .- ������������.,���, ������ ���. -.u.r. ..���  ;���.' ,'.-.- . .-.)
:'���. _. Ti-r..r.. -no.:- ."���.. .-.��� ... t����.! 9ti
���r.ifiY.      -.lis',;      bp      o,ii..y.?o c-co      WiilUMll
v.    '.y-.o. 1,3-. ,,, *\   fa���;
..y--<_    o  -.������..   i   ,-..,..,.-    at    iihv
N.- .-.V.." ������-.. fs.-.tl, .-������; iWXi. wh.i �����������
���ro;- Xi itrt-V attd :".', <=0',i��lWsi e.'V, e\ Air
���  :o.r:   \$l    .'������:���;���
'.'.i   i-i;n.vi's;   Wool,    tolr.n,.    ��l.op��
v|o]h-,p     S"\:.--.    W :   nwncv
;.:,.- k h   ���-: wnee ��Wa   <^.ta,
>;., IV.* ttfiba m<=n ss\ -.low tbe
Kasy  Mark  V.-vrts   Witli   a
Thousand Snnoloons tO'Ssf ';'''';- i<'-n,i iraih* sir m\ o^-.y.-.:..i
ink Pilled Baff Buret
||   ;h<:\    oboill.t    1"      :;e.i   ilie,     ��i!t   .afl
iliP  ,'aop I,' (br-  aitciv.i.'u  oi i'm:  inin
  ������:.:<      . ,-ir.r.., ���.,-,���     . . :i\lo\i.-io.:i g       \
.,    ;,.     ,;.    .,   ,.,,,.    prtw    Mm    the   _������   .lichfll'fip.l.     ��;.=     n
show   the b-nito id p.m   Sundaj  to  :;,:"      ' '��'nt a  .ons    rt����
���o.-i-iil    l,ai'<<<''    *1    K!����     "''"'   W%��      ~-ib\      lo
ita iii   Monday) applies lo sor-keyes, oi
ha\p lx'in.'ir.i his we'iftlna clotllea hp.
,    .      ft!.--    SHOP    �� tlt-.l'.r.    lilptt
i outavl le ;.- Council   Blura    Henrj
small mesh, nets only, and does uol Haaelbautn   a Keatuekj  thorough ma
afleel spring salmon Hshlng    Phi  In ������������"���   "        :- '  :!l" 'UUm "' '"' '
"ormaUoa on whit*   Au- ,:,  artment ,!"  ��*��' elabomw eenfldenet  gatae*           Levt�� lusp i, lh��etm��,
a.;ni ��..s -ut. t: is ana. ... .   by a i'11'"'1 '������ ���'"   OWftha polio*                     Coalgaw   I    i     lhl}   ID    BellevWg
"apotiet     In the employment  of Ih, R     ' rfctoliWHi    bwthei    ol    ������>..   ;l   .  ..u  ���.::_    ,    ���.u Hllo��� wppfc.;
��� government Ctewtaai                and f   y   i\ t��n   ^..^   ^.  ^^  .���,
Hewitt   Minf Sold.
\. is. ti, Julj ll    la undei stood
thai Ihe sale nl Hn   Hewltl nun.   '
$180.0 ������' a    consttmati i
ll,     $��� 1,000 hi    a   eadj   been l<
,y the buyei     ��� ho are New Yui l(
Toronto FiqMs ifiaoKsnata,
���    . IHO,   Julj       30        \ l      elite   '        ng
filth     . now   en  bel��i en  w m   Vlai
Kentfe nnd Ihe cil > ol Toi onto     rin
railroad  innguate haa i.m yeara  ix:<>n
ir.\iiii: :.i I'lnsp iCiiitiienieai street, na
hp owns aii tho propertj on the south
Niele. au,i neai h all on lhe noi th
ii.' nnw wants in rm ii'. i.ai"- nl
i aeii <ii I iif the road and keep on
pu  genera] public
Tn ie.   he has attempted It
:.,:,'    m i   bad   boles   d ig   ��hen   the
i ii \  i iitmii'i i. nii'ii  ...nn.. along   mil
fillet! them again     Mi    Maeki n   ���
now   building  gates  on   Iho  i ��I    in
, dge ''i ltd on n propi        ml Hi   ell
RUri     ill)    walrlilll [   Illl   III     ��� . ���      .   i
��� i the road nllowance    The ell) in
l   ,|   '   iy|    ler   u III   ll l . < ���   Ilie l   lllt'll    III     I
ll   I-     I   Mill   I
are undet  arreai here chat no i    wiiti
In illH   tlle     i'i illi' Ipal'.   in   ill.    Bffall    e.lll
with i rofttlng $' 000   b)    lhe   .i> al
u.,.. ;.:ienn was appmai hetl lu I ��� ;
hi   slam iiMii.-, ii". fduftg man    red
vill, ��� an ��"ii  nforn tHi i Ih, I
a I    ...   '  .: Ir.    Bt! i. lie   ���., i.      ,.;   , ...I- ���
�� . i.. ���.- ,. e.. i on in .',.���i>, ei mun
Phli iman   i> i'i'"���> im���,!  blmaell   a    g
i-ei..   flghtei   named Cast \     His i
[luneui h as i ailed Hoi man
to  separate
.,���. ... iiiijj  i ,;t;i, i.,e. i��� i),ie5 afterti ^ ,
...  and   killed hei'.   Turaiag     ie.-
MPeil'.m  ui'na   Ali. o   ll'iee' ie����,   .,'^i���,   ,.|
'.in le'ieio, ihtj pdaag *aa rtred
I ve,    ie."" al ]" i    She die.i from thi
i. .. en.la   it,  a   low   jioitrs.
\oung K'\I, -i.mii ptove the bodies
i|   th?  wiili!.   women     r,r  ;'   i'""nenl
tnd 'inn iii��'.i .e chpi mto h -���    '" ���
He. | l.'llnill �� een |ir',|i|i(|p,|
111. i. Ill,in J1S I'Ull .'II i'i ,IJ
1)1 1  ���    le. I'     Bli    ' .'Ulleli'ti .1    l\illl    . .'ill. (I
1 I illi, killing i'i o matanl Ij
"'', i eei'.i   . i il ��� gang aud were made with
bogiu $t noil ' -ii-    1'iei.iiii ii..  i
mom '   ������ en  oul   -iua  ilie'  ii.'iiiii  w:e.
his   "��a
I    en,,|    II      .
li mond - :"i i
in   valued  al
. n ���
Late Vlcsroy cf India Crltlclres Colo-
lal Office.
Lord i . '''"''
i: |    11|,    "wi u ll, lining       .    '       :    U
,, ,1. i o mii i,ii ��� i a.   VII C en.nii ni I   ii
.ie     Ul   11 a lin    WOn     lllfll        ���       .i
: ..in.- iii tin- Atiilpodei. iiii   iine' dc
. iting lhe New South Wul, a ii un
.    n ' been     afl I, d to the dire, |.,,    :,, |,   iim,,ii,lr.  i ,   n. v.  Bouth
ipo Ition on fi
end the 1    i Wet Imln li      i n
,. ;n;i i ci '   this fall  lo ' om
tb,   Minto cup, su, h  ���   ;    n
��� ,, ...,,    Membi     of the i w <
���..   -; .      ta ��� i   la'.1    ���'
ibjecl      I nol been  lit i i
In rohable that a      i
-    ��� ���
���    ���       .. IV, ��� tmlnsl	
i    .      ..     ,.   againsi
\\ ai.    were uol  i"   anj   m |i i"
iiii  lei.niiiaiii nr the tjuei tn laud i lub,
i clng lar ic"t�� iii'ie to ��� "I1.   " Ith the
in i  i"  iei  $i,ooo
in.'me, ot od     ������'���   Mi
.'  nil     eel p.n       e   i     le.
tii In e   valuables,  v. in. b
. ma in i i houi and
'i In  iie Iti ev ti in iiinih pulled
liel.'i  lha,till  '       bl H'fll        eel        el
111 HI'    In I. '      In   Me,    llili,|
HI ICl     e 'iinre    llllull   mi   III,    inn,|l!|
ind   i  i| leu   I   a     iieeill   '��� rn It   lllli   I   will.
I'l 'I    Illll \l     lien    High)    "f    III"    'I'll!'   I
ul   HeBii Ibaum ralnlwl    Wht >e bi
���       HI,       (fl    In       VV;l ,\ .11 II.  it     lllill     111.'     |M
���     ��� |H| ie  ���    ft)|      .1     I,,  -li,.
���i iii, ,,i   .    tool ;i" Hi ' I
!!<���!,    li .      fl '  ���   I '   lilt HI.    |S   ie'   I
tnd  will i ilts 'i iei- Imau ninl  a
��� i" Keniu ,.. in- I'ieii i  ���    ���
v in |'|    Mi,   ,!    'I   .'. .,     Inn, lied       | In  .
, ii.ni   i  ��� nii , hub] i  .. | n, di fraud,
In    bel
||)t    (j.( I li,     inenit    , , ;,. ;.,   xvorr-   pi' i ill i neu I
hi'.  mill I'niii art- members of
1 -.min.' ���', ".   img thi .  wei ks
nfiii was om ��� I the ���, ��� ui i of thi ceai
ana ' vei | om pro] healed a brighl
inn... tm the- pGung people it was
little more than until the bi Id
It  H     l|i I     Inmi ���,,,  I      ,,,  I     ri  I,,..-,    I ,    ,|,
usi b re,   i
i'" le belli     i that the faun    ol I he
,. fri    ' -"mt; bi Idi   had I  iponsibl,   ft i
,',���M1���ii thi astranj   i .. ������ ���
Hill.I    It.    , ' ''  :    '       '
I'.'lilii.    Iiiii     in-   'l'li<.  Cliliii'-i
experience  and  superloi  odmhlnatlon ei   ba    forfflall)   ttODOUnced  lis
a     [",ell.
���������,. ���
mdon, .ini.'  :"   ]-' '
cellor of Oxford  onlv. *���
at a banquel      -      -       ';   ' | Jjj
expressing the opini. �� ..,.,., ., ,���,������],���.���.
ble in India is onlj      n-d�� ��� have tberefon  no
ly critdzed whal ektndol showing they would
Great Britain' ". , . . ..-.   After their match
mugger method  ol .... xeenmsehs or some   other
30.���The empire." ... item team in New WeetmlMtei
land    .-!���      H<' safd  thai   no    i _   .,..:,;-:on week,  they will be
,,,'.,.���'   world had Buch a resi . ^ .:on.je ,dea of whuf th(,;,
utlooh for the ban-   ence mil authorltj ( nmA
bright,   The drought  governm- nl and roa
���   loss to the Island
Me of Januarj  las'.
In ��ome parts of the
'"      ���  i-e  the
!K;,���.!(Fa^e in Jamaica
L      ���'' Jamaica
from   a
,,  i
authority in '     '
The I -   wn interviewed, who was a
of it. . -     at the Ixaf. team which  wa*
The  colonial .   ... stated that in order to win
made up of pern .caage grmmU. with the crowd
���f whom  had       ' -vree palling for the borne team.
11,;,   |
^ Hi,.
fUibeti, ln l-'
hi,,, _ A       actual cases of star-   colonies thej admin _ c<)aat aggregar.ion would need to he
K��� ,|!;;'' ������'���'.    reported.    There      He asked why I ,our. a3 per ��k letter   tten   the
Wa-,������ ''   h'   ���  ol aarthuuake last i an toperlal council ��� easterners.
ist i��� their Bdminl
,,! lln  i .nin,llnii lniiilsis.    II was fall |j
interesting, bul the  Ustrallttai were
lliel     III III IV    IIH    |llllfl,'|l'l|t   .'It     III.'    eillli..
a... Mi   tourists expedted aflfti playl&n
ilie giMi'iiuliiinl leitm. i'h(i i' .tiiitili'i , ���
'Imply .llil iib they pli>asei| ^-f111 their
i, us ixperteoosd npponente.
The Imirlsla are gradually working
their way to the southern part of
Australia, having started at Brisbane, jiTjrj arc now probably far down
>n the lOUth, They will meet some
>f the teams from the big' cltli ��� In thm
.outh there Thoj sei'in to be drs
eng lh" . ri ,.,i���-. and this Is what, wil]
appc, in  more than anythl
The tppti l    !".,.. Ling up it ;��� '������ I
gain, in  .���      ejt| a ���'��� '
sn i   I" ik
, e       I      Itll   j'lli'H ���
...       v- ....-.������,������
I   ��� ��� c   :   ,,i���a  in ComfOrl
I  il, 1,1,,,,;: Iul
��� i, i i, ������    i i  ���, bei     i an al
tempi i:     .'    00 ma
omfort.    They
i , li thousand-
1 ltd dub gymna
glum Rnd h - ���    -; '��� inners of luxuMi ���
a ii    i it, b," -    led   ovei    b)  a
i'"in h chel     PI re I        ee nm
id at nl in the bllliai I
���   ' : ,,...,.��� .    by
II lng machinists wan!
���        lUlUl'S. 'I'll!'
tn isti ���   m   hlnl il    have     ���     min
1     ��� sist the demands.
Canadian Capitalist in Brazil.
Jtki .Innlcin. .ia!'.   'M   Utessrs. liar-
1   ' ni to thi   pronosal made b)   thi
United Btaii -  tor a Jolni  Inveatlgn
lion ley the pnwers, Including China,
Into Ihe whole question of the opium
trade ami di tbe production of opium.
Details of the procedure will he arranged later. China's delay in ac- j vey Graham and Leslie Jtttnlson, who
ceptfiiice wan ine to a misunderstand- j are at the head of a conipnny of Caning on her pe it ttiat six Independent   adlan capitalists, have proposed to the
ce mmlssions   contemplated   such    nn
Inquiry, as well as a series of inspections in the jpterlor of China.   Aboul
mth     .o Mr. Rockhill, tbe   Am-
��� inist.er, formally eotBtnunicnt-
ed to the chin- se    governm, nl    (be
of tbe United Stales for an
inquiry ol  theopiUm trade by a com-
vhloh should include In addl-
iuua and t^te United States,
������ Britain, Fra��d_k__Betnianj, ij,
Brazlllnn government, that In return
for certain concessions they will undertake to work the Iron mines, assuring the exportation of at least a
million tons.
The Lulu island bridge, after being
closed to traffic for a few days, was
reopened again yesterday mor
The damage which bad been susfc 1
OFFER TWO PRIZES - First, $15; secon i, $10, for
the best loaf of bread exhibited at the forthcoming Provincial Exhibition, made with their celebrated
No entrance fee needed���all that is necessary is that the
bread be made with IMPERIAL FLOUR.
New  Westminster.
Telephone 333.
ru'"""      MANUFACTURED  BY
Canada paimtc
Hardware, Monarch Ranges       187 Columbia St.   Te!. 65
ta- Agents  for   "KLEENO" -SJ
New Wellington COAL
Blacksmiths' Coal in stock.
P. O. Box  345
'Phone   105.
TOTAL  ASSETS  OVER    45,000,000
We welcome small accounts and pay interest four times
a year on Savings Bank deposits. *
F. B. LYLE,  Manager.
Nipponese Government Is
Sending Representative to
Look Into Situation.
Vancouver, July 30.���The Imperial
Japanese government is sending a
special commissioner to Hawaii, the
United States and the Dominion to
study the Japanese labor question at
close range. This important mission
has heen entrusted to K. Ishii, director
of the Commercial Bureau of the Japanese foreign office. Mr, lshii reached Honolulu yesterday on the Nippon
Muni, according to a private cable received in Vancouver today.
The decision of the Japanese authorities to send him abroad was
primarily due to a desire to have a
detailed report of the labor troubles
in California as regards existing conditions, and the allege,1 ill-treatment
and discrimination shown the Japanese Immigrants. His countrymen are
now virtually excluded by virtue of
President Roosevelt's executive order
of last April requiring new arrivals���
who must come direct from Japan���
tei be provided with passports. However, there is a large Japanese population in California.
Mr. l.-hii will visit Vancouver and
Victoria on the homeward trip to study
labor conditions, .as it affects the Japanese. I'pon the nature of his report
win depend whet lier the Japanese
governmenl will adopt measures to
prevent further emigration to Canada
and the 1'nited States.
After completing  his   investigations
in California, the commissioner    will I
go east to Washington and Ottawa. He '
will probably further discuss the matter with the authorities ar both capitals.
j Will Continue Till The End of The Month
j Necklaces, Crosses
and Lockets
Full Line of Brooches
At   Hair   Price  .   .  .
Silverware suitable for Gifts
for Weddings, Birthdays, or
any other festive occasion, at
prices that will enable the giver
to secure something nice and
not cost much money.
Bookies Barred at Regina.
Regina, July 30.���Thei" will  be no
book-making at  the  Regina  fair this
year,  although   one  of  the  best   race
cards ever put on in the west is to he j
run, and every race will till.    The re- i
partment   of   agriculture   of  tiie   pro- |
vince ami the department ot the attorney general have shut down on the
book-making and those who desire to '
make  the   races  more interesting  by
wagers   will either   have   to  buy   the
pools down town or make private bets I
mi the grounds.
The  result   will  doubtless  be better e
racing   from   the  standpoint  both   of
the public ami horse owners, for it  is
thought that hist year there weresome
drivers   who   might   easily   have   wot. !
had they noi   wauled to let the book- \
ies down  easy.
Last >ear the provincial government withheld the grant from the fair |
because book-making was allowed on
i be grounds. A protest was ma !������
against it during the far, but the practice was not stopped, an I when it c tme
time tii band over ;lie government j
money, there was no check forthe lining for th" Regina lair management.
Rings and Bracelets
In almost T;,ndless Variety.
I Half Price Takes Your Cncice
Gifford's Big Sale
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000.      Reserve Fund, $5,000,000
B.   10   WALKER,  President. ALEX.   LAIRD,  General
Every  facility  afforded   Farmers  for   their banking   business.    Sales   Notes
cashed   or taken   for collection.
BANKING  BY   MAIL���Deposits   may be made or withdrawn oby mail.
Out-of-town accounts  receive every attention.
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL $14,400,000.00
RESERVE       $11,000,000.00
Branches throughout Cauaela and New foundland, and in London, England,
New York, Chicago and Spokane, U.S.A., and Mexico City. A General Banking Business Transacted.
Letters of Credit issued, available wl tl. correspondents In all parts of the
Savings Bank Department. Deposits received in sums of $1 and upwards,
and interest allowed at 3 per cent, per annum (present rate) added
four times a year.
Total  Assets over $lfiS,000,000.00.
Volcanic Eruption in Ocean.
Sidney. N. S.  \\\, .Inly 30.���Reports
from the Tonga islands say thai seven
columns of volcanic   eruptions   wen
vi.-Oiie ai sea for two weeks recontlj
fromth e island of Tongatabu, within }
em  area  of two   miles.    The' eruption
lias been accompanied by a continuou :
roaring noise and frequent explosions,
iti n-b pumice stones in large quantities were thrown as far as Nukualofa,
the   capital   of   Tongaiabii.   a  distant
i of 30 miles.   The Tongan government
j Gazette slates   thai    laml is forming
around the scene of the eruption and
i ii is believed thai a new island i - In
the process of formation.   The Tonga
'or  Friendly islands are  in the .south
Pacific ocean, lying southeast of Fiji.'
in October, 1885, a violent submarine
volcanic eruption took place about 18
miles northwesl of Nukualofa, resulting in the submergency of an island,
nearly three miles in  length by one
in width.
Call and seej.ur new lines of  FURN1TLRE.       Thi
woods,   the latest of patterns,   the best of workmanshi]
the most reasonable of prices.
best of
W. E.
716 and 718 Columbia St.      Four Floors.      Rear Extension,   Front St.   y
Shingle and Saw Mill
The Schaake Machine Works, Ltd.
To Investigate Opium Trade.
Pekin, duly 30.���The Chinese governmenl lias formally announced its
assent to the proposal made by the
United States for a joint investigation by the powers, including China,
t   iiiin the whole question of the opium
[ trade and Of the production of opium.
Details  of  the   procedure   will   be ar-
I range,I   later.     China's   delay     in   acceptance was due to a tnisunder.Uand-
' ing on  ber part  that   six  independent
| commissions  contemplated   such    an
Inquiry, as well as a series of inspec-
' tions in the Interior of China.   .About
! a  month ago Mr. Rockhlll, the    Am-
| erlcan minister, formally communicated   io   ibe  Chinese    government    the
proposal  of  the   t'nited   States  foi' an
Inquiry of thoopium trade  by a commission which slioul I  include in addition to China and tli.   United Stal is,
Greal Britain, France, Germany, Hoi-
land ami .lap.in.
B. C. Mills, Timber and
Trading Company
Manutacturera and Dealers in All Kinds of
Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sash,   Doors,
Interior Finish,    lurned Work,    Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glass.
Trains Daily
Travel on the Fan
Electric-lighted train.   I   ��������� Rata
Quick Time. Excellent:
New York, Chicago.
Toronto, St Pa)
Steamsliir Tickets en sale to ali Laj
pean points.
Special    Reduced    Rates    Round
Rates  to   Southern   California.
For full informtion call on er write
0. E. LANG, General Agent,
430 Hastings St., Vancouver, BA_
"The Milwaukee
"The   Pione-r  Limited"  St. Paul
Chicago,   "Short   Line"  O.naha
Chicago,   "South    West    Limit^
Kansas City to Chicago
No   trains   in   thr   servi :t  on
railroad  in  the  world that ed"8!!
equipment  that  of the  t i'^S0''|
!      waukee  &  St.   Paul   Railway.    ']
own and operate their own fleepi
and dining cars on .ill! their trains ���
give   their   patrons   an   excellence
service not obtainable elsewhere.
H. S. ROWE. Genial Ag
TM Third St.. mr Alder  Portland^
Spokane falls & Northern Ry1
! Nelson & Ft. Sheppard Ry. Co|
j     Red Mountain % Co.
iThe only all rail route between]
[points east, west and soutli to *
i land, Nelson and intermediate fi
j connecting at Spokane with 1
Northern, Northern Pacific ano   i
Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining.
j Royal City Branch, Columbia St.
Telephone 12. New Westminster
& N. Co. .
meets at Rossland witn
Conr ^^
I      sdian  Pacific  Railway
the Ci
for  Bonn-1
FalU   ���
Creek points.
1     Connects   at    Meyers
; stagcf'iily for RePub^":lnJ bet*ej
Buffet   service   on
Spokane  and  Nelson.
Effective    aunaay,    ��>
1901. A.rl
Leave Day Tram I
9.20 a.m Spokane ������"' oV\
12.25 P-m Roland ������������^|
0.40 a.m Nelson
H. A. J fSC*
I  BOWES.  Barria
ifoWAT. H .    etc..   42    Uime
jrs.  "' ���    House,   New
Ireet, i ���
. iitor, P.O. Boi
��� - "-'
SfEN .N DKTRf^ j Electric Railway Service! r. CrvAKt
"  ..nF v EDMONDS. Barria
jgiTBSlDE ��    ^ Blackie b:..
ters a-;-;.    x_.w   Westminster
|r��:un)t1:i ; i,. Edmonds.
.....v TON BOLE, wild
JfR. ���'��� f'X. prcme court. Officei
lu '<r' |  Commerce  build
Ip:   ai :  ���       .  -    o; ..osite   post-
t_ Co<* aster.    Money  tc
New Stock Patterns
ber Freighteer in Dancer ���
Drifting on Rooks Off :
Inttrurban   L. M
s'. -:i ��� is   ������      ran   i
English  Watchmaker
*      .....-   hm   Awm   Gm   4<A_mk
*     wvwf
^> ancouver Island.
i I' . ���   '. r   .'.'������    j -. . a ���
���. -      " ���       . '    . .    ..    !
.  *        LdNtfeS  2o' r. W :,.rr,- <   2-rrr.   f ���_.':������.-.-,-.
s'"-"f '������"'   - "f    ' ������ "    '    ; J      v-c���.-.!;<��� ���.-.-.rv. s   s.'.:���-   ��i:.:-..'<    &pen
es *     .:..-.���  IIM
-   . . ti      .��� - .    .
|l�� ..- er, frapp Bit
������; ���,"....,' and  Lome  streets
loner Cla o4   445 CraQ
fcw��5 '���:���.;.: Martta, K. C, .
pef" McQuarrie,  H. A
#'. "c" .. tin  wi*   be In Uu
B0'jr'e; .tp- - ��� B  every Friday  bf
pfejUL.-Sie-  ���
���  AT	
nl) -....--...:t s   for I .::.   Se.
���A        -      -���������'��� -   ���   I ��� rton .it., cj'.j lin is ot<
���   nown    mas   clow   J
tfi ���      City Line:    Cars  l<...<
.... .t * ���
J British Columbia Electric R>. Co.. Ltd ���
... ?    V�� na    ��� I
���   . .     ******t**��****************i+********************��*a)mt*
.\ ::r    :       .    .::   I
Surtax   Service    r.s.: MBHJ   **
. ��� <ve"Q   _> . ,   :'. Bl    I D.I   '. I   V '."."
217-219 Columbia St.
.T.N, Barr.ster and
Hon block. Colum
ndMcKe       street*, New West
fcis'.et. B. L.
-  ���'
MYERS GRAY, Barrister, Solicitor
'   wsf In practice since
.    '   -        .   miaster. B.C.   Of
; ;... ..-.is Block, Clark
\     r.,.- site   Court House
roi 109    Telej bone C4.
r h A N'SFORD, Barrister,
., .-.': tor, etc., Crescent block,
it: Columbia and McKenzie
..... ���,.        ��� ���*:__insttr, B. C.
J0��RD OF TRADE.���New Westmin-
liter Boa'd of Trade meets in the
IBoanl Room, City Hall, as follows:
I Eecoui? W( Inesday of each month.
IQraifc.:.' neee'ings on tbe second
iWedaesday of February, May,
lisp... and November, at 8 p. m.
lit...- meetings on tbe second
IWdtesdiij of February. New
JmLl'ers may be proposed and
meted y I���:��� monthly or quarterly
ItsKiig.   A. 15. Wti'e. Sec.
I CO. F.-AM1TY LODGE, NO. 27���
pit reg ir mrt-tings of this )o<lge
mV ��� Oddfellews'hall, Colum-
puree! every Monday evening.
Hi Visiting brethren cor-
���I Id vited to attend. S. Gregory-
jii: C S, Richmond. V. G.; W. C
ffcharn. R. S.: J. W. MacDonald,
Alex. Adams, Treas.
-Meeting! the firnt and third Tues-
lfcr r- ��� ��� h month. Visiting
Imthret. cordially invited to attend.
|Wge :���::.. ,.\. 0. U. W. hall. Odd-
If-"' ..   Clarkson   street,   C.
pOorrlj  ;    recorder;   Lonis Witt,
I tarer workman.
|WRom Degree meets Swond and
1 ourth Wednesday of each month,
[f'b of p, Hall, Columbia St., at
I'P-a-. Wbhe Rose Decree, Fourth
\    ���������' in    each month, same
H"' ' place. Visiting; Brethren
IZ2'i;'',: iQVfted. B. B. Stinch-
iwtiiK, pres., n. Disnev, Secretary.
ltJRT BRUNETTE, No. 4099, I O.F.
""���v";v ' Fourth Friday in the
." : o'clock,   in  the  small
'2    "   fellows'    block.     Visiting
' '���'' oi lially invited to at-
fjj;   ;     ��� Rushton, c/r
I ��as��..    j.  g
F.  P.
UPCT l0Y.'2L COLUMBIA, No. 8808.
thliii       ':'' reBUlar meetings of
'SI..,;-..   a,.e    hejd    0JJ    (he   gecomJ
lift esdayg of each month
���...  ]b   '���> 'he Oddfellows' Hall.
t."' : ���'   ���      I '-ii   are   cordial?   in-
t p [��. ��� "'"���!���    1'. C. Firth, C K.;
I   r. Ma .-,..
A& templars ��f tem-
,t" CE Dieel every Wednesday
;., " : P. ni.. In Odd fellows'
! Btreet Visiting
��� rdially invited to at-
Sec-"-'' Burr, S. C; N. B. Brovrs,
Th;.,, .,' ��� -Meets on
itj!r(! _-    -Meets on the First and
if every month in
Chief' i ', Hal1'     Jonn    McNiven.
'i^Fnrraster. Rec Sea
of   [
i location ami nuiu-
" l ���   :
in boxes In the city:
'1   Is,
lkn��� n : Tenth
}i^p """     ^ Cli i 11.
kn. '  '  ��� '������' Elg
ll!-,-. '  'l!"l Twelfth,
ll   .      ';   '    Hospital,
llkr!011"   '���'���'' ''!,k How,
lL, '/l!v      :>"l   IHifTorln
' ie and  Sixth.
md Second.
KI    I- ..     eillll   SCO'
i'   and Elg
_��     ""'1 avenno  ���j  ._,_._
'  and Tenth,
;'-i   Sixth.
M tchlne Works.
:..   Cumb.
and fort -
postmaste:    ��� ���    : .
P<    ons tendering
tenders *     not    ���      ���   . - ���     m]ess
made  ��� :. ;.-.       . .
and  signi tual signa
'ib--  h  tendi      :.  .-���   v-    g      :
by an accepted chi tered
e to thi       erof the
honors   - - . -   ���*
il to ten p<     enl
of the  an     ; ���  ��� :  tht   tendei
will be I        ed if thi
'���-   lecline 1    ��� ntt i    :.-- onti    I
when c.   ���     ipon I    los f he fall
to com; ��� ������   tin   v. ted for.
If the ten .-   tie not i    epted thi    hi ck
will be re1 trned
The de] .. ������ k :.' I k - :. bin tsi li
to accept tl ��� lowt st ��� ������
By Order.
s-   retary
Di      tmenl ol  Pul lie Works.
New^-e.. ���   ���    dsi rtlng    this   adver-
Isemi al   �� Ith ��� il     ithorlty  from  the
���- . a   ment wil   d i  I ���   ; tid foi it.
Liquor   License   By-law   1889.   Amendment By-law. 1907.
A    bylaw    to    further    amend    the
"JJquoi   !.;, ��� :;.-.   B; - law   !>x'' "
The municipal 11 tne 1 of the o< por-
atlon of thi city of New Westminster
i nacts .is folli �� ���:
il)   Set tli n    ij    (f    tin      Liquor
License By-law  1SS9" i.-   hereby    repealed  and    I ���   following  substitute d
"12. No ni ������ I ��� nse foi tie- ���. ��� ol
liquors Bhall ��� granted unless, in addition to the other requirements and
proe. Islons in hal ��� i ball r< qui i d I ���
law, a petil on i requis lon fo the
granting of - i i liceni Igm il I .��� a
majority ol the qualified el< ctoi i I-
denl within tl dii sion In whl I are
situate! Ihe premises In respi I ol
which the '. :< nsi I; sought, bt delivered to thi c ��� ��� or acting < lerk of
the co oral in al thi Lime ol di liv-
ering to him the petition mentloni I i.i
Bection G ol this I j law, and be shall
thereupon transmit the same ti the
licensing board, and the board shall
nol be boun . I ��� grant Buch lict dsi . II
iu tin- opinl i ol the majorit; ol bi
board thi n presi al thi public li ��� rests
justify e; ��� ..al, ;���;.'.idi ' th ' Lhi petition hi n In provided for shall no!
:,. neci tpon any a]      ation fi
a wliuii   ali     ���������'  ���      ''     ���-'���''  purpose
.if this sectlt n the cit;    '������ ' ���  ��� ������
Into '' - ii- ..:.i-
Lst,    \ ' portii a of thi
ing wesl i        Idle of 12th street.
2nd,    \ lon of I
lug i. twi ��� mlddli  of 121
. n.i the i        e of 8th sl    ���
:;ri).      \        ���        ;.���: tion  Ol   ll"1 - II
Ing betwei middle of 8th 3t reel
and the Ith street, and i llm
being tin' d    hea te '    boundary (ef
Ith  streei   i n luce I    to the
4th. All that ] ortion of the city lying betwei a : livision, and the
aorthaasterly boundary of Queen's
park and a line n ��� ��� tid aorth-
easterly bi in larj of sal I
duced to the ni iweste ndarj
of the city, and to ti
also thai ������-1 ain parce ' ; a the
south side i I aid : with"
in the limits nf ilu'
Bth,    \o thi
Included In tbe divisiot    : ��� i ���':��� ���' ���'
(2)   This bA.o-. imay be cil
"Liquor License Byl ��        '   ^n^
ment Bylaw 1907."
Done and pa sed I        ��� ������
this 22nd d     of 3
L S.       W. A. DUNCAN, (
W   H   KEARY, M
��� ��� -"���       ������:.'...     ..     imi i
-  - -    ���     from '\<   ligl
tnah  jx nt   yesti   ..
ng to a m<  >.ut   :< -
���   ��� ' ���������-������..    rrom    th��
es  south  ol   Cfti -
��� -  sh<    ....  t los4   In
' -���    of dl .:::"c on '   i
I She was hi almi d .ir. 1
less, a seemed t! ai  shf   ��..>
���   "���     ���   - " ts, when
���   ������ sti   laj  ..::��� r-
on shi tf sbon
'������' v ���    ���      - -'���' ia ���   ��� .-   schot n<
-   -   ���   ������ --���     I - M tons, :: laj s
i: from S -       n   alias) |
slow te mother I imi ei  car-
-'   fi :   thi   G  I li:. ii..:��� .  ��,,.  -t ported
'���   th<  en     :. ���   u   the straits ;:i a
i - i   \\; ��� d thi  news vras
-   ��� Ived tugs  were  . rdered    to    hi i
tssitanw :   -.:  \- ah I ay.   The Win-
slow v...^ com   ��� ������ .;��� u..-i.ilogged.
At   12:20  ���    :.   .. message w..s reived froD    . atoosh  that   thi   \ esii'
een    eked    p by a tug and was
ssins bi   straits in tow.    TH<
��� server at thi 'ato ish weather station report! I thai water was over th
deck of thi schoonei She passed
Porl Crescenl at 6 m., bound for
Port Townsend oi ei waj to Win-
slow mills
Franklin Camp.
Grand Forks, Julj 30.���Franklin
camp is again making g od I .��� showing up tu w finds -; b ndi i coppi i
on. On thi B tffali and adjoining
dailies . ..::��� I y Ca] tain Rogers, B( ri
Avi ril, and the Mi Donal I Bros., of
Phoenix, , - tuati i west of thi well
known Glostei mineral claim, a I6ad
ol ore has been exposed which U of
an unus'.ii ,��� fine typi Tl i copper is
in tlu' :, i di < I ( balcopj i ti an i bor-
ntte and will certainly glv< somi remarkable assays.
Captain Rogi i s is one oi the veti i an
mining men of the district. He was j
"forty-niner" and lues had lots of <v
perience in Montana and C< oi i
camps, ii, bas long been Inten I
in southern British Columbia and in
sjeiti' of ins advanced years is oni
the most active men In the hills. He
vows that Franklin will yel put all
\bo otln: camps In the shade and be
is one of Hn men who knows �� at
he is talking about.
Hotel Guests.
Guichon���F.W, Adams, Revelstoke;
W, II. Bottom, Minneapolis; George W
Bolton, Seville : A. .���". Hall, \ anc uiver;
P. M. Smith, Victoria.
Windsor���James   McTavish,   Vli
ia;   c.   Bastk man,   Pom a,  111.;   H
Hrown.   Vancouver;     C.   H.   Robl Ins,
Portland, Ore.;   Captain    C.  B,    Tip
ping, Blaine; A. Walker, Indian Hi
II. Kipp, Chiiliwack.
Colonial,*.- A. French, A Prasloski,
Vam ouvei; Gi orge Howitt, Englan ':
.Mrs. Jones, Miss Jones, Victoria,
TIDE TABLE    Fiaser River
For   wi o,i  ending   Aug.  4.  18 ',
"��� m
: I McKenzie.
���C. P   I!     ,
,   ,R   Station,
'' : Buckland  Mills.
.1 m laj   ��� .
r lesda
v, ������ Ini ���
Thurs ..
.. .
lay  .
-'.-..   .
��4aj   .
s.i.:.arday . .
Sunday   ..
H ,50
l  DO
16. I"
10 00
22. 10
o .
22. 15
17   1(1
7  .' e
23 50
17. K.
11  20
- .���
1 ,06
16 50
is ;; i
D 20
in i:,
in. i i
21  06
High Water LowWater
Time trghtjfime Hi.
8.12 10.6    2.64 0,6
21.2 it-iii: ill
. B.21 10.1    8.48 6.8
21.59 13.3 16.lO I.ll
,   10..is   9.7    4.4:. 6.'S
M.M U '��� Hi.on 6.1
.,.  11.08   I.I   5.40 4.6
H.ll 12.2 16.63 7 :,
HAS    .< :.'    G.33 4.1
���:: 4: 11 : n.53 x 7
15.Ifi  1J.6    7.24 ::
   19.16 ''
.    0.26 11.1    8.11
16.10 U.i 20.::::
Great Northern Railway
Ticki -   11 sole   \;e;  si-   10  9epl   11   '.   13 acci   lamaatowt
,*.?����� Exposition    Return Limit, v.v.<-.> Days
\ ������ - rati is trom Now Wesimlnslei $(...��� from Seal i
S.ui\e ites appl) to D-iluth; proportionately lovi rates from
Washington and Orecon points il^.o to Chlcap $T1.50
Iron] Ne�� Westminster, J6LO0 rrom Spokane |71,50 rrom
Seattli Low rates to Omaha, Kansas City, Sl Louts, nnd
u,.;:.> ui hi r < astern points
Stan lard and tourist sleepers, dining cars an.l Combination
Observations car. Minis In dlninfi our oo the .e iei carte
plan.   The "FAST MAIL" is another good train,
F. C. MEYERS, Agenl
w  A. ROSS, Assistant General Pass,  A.-.: . Seattle, Wash,
Tbe wonderful pro|rrn of Canada Is illottratrd by thr fart that thr
finest Cocoa in the world is made there.
Il the purest  and  tbe  brst  nnd is fast becoming  thr brverar.e
for old and younj..
.,en, ("-.-.'ev. .   >'.
ow  $��� M at
Ajcrrt  fo?  lh* rry:-f,-.cr. Soatfc Vav.i
Watrlt��*  s .;vt\.  ���:.-   -y.o   WMtaau
Arv:e.-   >'\;.<v ::0.::      W   t, UTMt��l
CkaiM   (Uns*   >��i' -.   <���:.-.. t-.v
N\':i:.-:-      ;-,...   v..:       .-:.;, a j-c^s    rras.-.n
Transfer Co.
tftCt   rh,v.-.<: ISI H��ni    ['none UT
C.'���lu���-^la  St..
ilA.gc.-ijtn'   ai'ivr-,-<M     prottptlj   t,-   ����it
;i.art of the .".:��
Light and Heavy Hauling
Offer,-���Tr��.i   Deoot
Eight  Traiim Everj Daj ta tlir Vnt
Minneapolis, St. Paul
and Chicago
Etnbodie! thr newest and bait Meat
ami i rxi'KV lt is lighted wiih
both electricity nn-i __���>*: tha noat
brilliantly Ulumiaatad train la the
world, rhe equipment coaalitt oi
private compartment cart, itandard
id section sleepers, loxurioui dining
.��r. rtdinini   chail  e.irs   (.seals  (rert,
moiitrn day  coachfti  and buffet, li
tir��r��  tAd   Smoking  ears.
l-"or   lune   Tablet,   l-'oMers,   or  ��nv
(urtlier Information call on or write
���sjo Second Avrnnr. Srallle. Wash
��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� *  * * * * * ** * * * *:*:*.*.*���.*:.*������**���
Phone 101
I COMPANY,   - -    LTD.
I Wholesale and Retail Butchers
Columbia   Street
18.000  4 t.MI'KKSH UK BRITAIN 114,100
h. Po����i-i EMPRESS Ot IRELAND i     ioi*��
Partlcularlj low ratea from tha
; dm country, Reiervatioai made
i bora for all ���nlllnga,
tSmpraia of Britain ruly 88th,
For pnrtlculan apply
('.     IV     U        \Hl'lll
Grand Trunk Ry.
Excellent Train Service Between
Chicago, London,
Hamilton, Toronto,
Montreal, Quebec,
Portland, Boston,
Ami nil the principal bui Ine   centers of
AIh.i in BUFFALO, NEW vm.K and
PHILADELPHIA, ria Niagara Kills.
For Time Tables, etc., address
GEO.   W.  VAjX.
A sals tan I Oen'l Passenger and Ticket
Agent, i IS iVdams St.. Chicago, in
Canadian Pacific
��� :������:��� ��� ���.������,:���::������.:���.;:���;:���;:������.���������:���.:������;.���;:���::���::���,������:;���;:������ ���;������������*     ')
Westminster Iron Works
Hlllt* SMITHING, HiciiHiHi nnd
(iiiiiiiiii'titnl iron WorK, inciiiillng
li'iii'i'H. (liilos, Flr�� Kuriltiim, ��tc.
Mull enters unit correspondence In
���<��� I tort.
Num Wonimlnnter. f. O. 41a
*.���������������������":.'.       IH    '
We Eat to Live
But at tha same time it  is  necessary to know what we are eating.
j At KENNY'S Cafe
You can rely upon (lettinj.;: the
:   .,!   EVER5.THING.,
i      'i. es to all  points  ECasI
July   Ird,   Ith and   Sth;     toigual  8th,
ind :,"ii Ticki; ��� Lie.ee,i foi three
0. e. k. Agent.
New  Westminster.
The White Pass
and Yukon Route
FAIRBANKS. Daily trains (except
Sunday) carrying passengers, mail,
express and freight connect with
stages at Carcross and White Horse,
maintaining a through winter service.
Foi  information apply to
J. H. ROGERS. Traffic Manager,
Vancouver. B. C THE  DAILY   NE
Published by the Daily News Pub-
thing   Company   Limited,   at   their
dices,   corner   of   Sixth   and   Front:
Streets, New Westminster, B. C.
E.   A.  Paige Manager |
There's no reason why you
should buy "cheap" imported Salt.
more ��� is absolutely pure ��� and
goes farther.    Get WINDSOR.
193 VV
Transient display advertising, 10
cents per line (nonpareil), 12 lines -o
the inch. Five cents per line for
subsequent insertions.
Reading notices, bold face type, 20
cents per line, brevier or nonpareil,
10 cents per line.
For time contracts, special positions, apply to advertising manager.
Notices of births, marriages or
deaths, 50c. Wants, for sales, kwt
or found, rooms to let, etc., one cent
per word. No advertisement taken
for less than 25 cents.
Niaht   Office    	
figure, manufacturing establishments:
took last year enough water for fifty
days "ordinary" supply of ten thous-
a.'i 1 people. No one grumbles at that |
���quite the contrary; but such a con-1
(lition was not taken into account]
when the works were built, and the
necessity of making provision for it ���
and for extensions of it���must be
reckoned with now. Again, more new
services were put in during the first
six months of this year, than during
the whole of last year, and it would
be a fatal mistake to drift into a condition which woubl make it impossible
to meet this growing demand. The
council should meet all reasonable demands for new services in the most
liberal spirit, and should make extensions of the distribution system with
an eye to future as well as to Itnnie-
WATER ONCE MORE. ! (liate requirements.
At an.v other time we should feel it1     The Daily News has no intention ofl
necessary to apologise    for    printing dogmatizing  about  what     should    or
three consecutive articles about even  should   not  be done;   neither does Itj
such an important matter as our wa- '\ propose to indulge in foolish talk about,
ter supply;  but just at present it ap-j "tanks   '��  whicn  water  lu:l-v   become
pears  well, for several reasons, to go  Stale"  and   ignorant   rubbish   Of   thai
fully into tbe matter. j kind.   Tbe only point as to wbicb we
As stated In a previous article, the  care t0 be positive is that there must
civic .authorities of the day fell  that   oe no amateur tinkering with the sys-
l'.anily give a storage capacity sufficient to carry us through next summer, unless our growth in the mean-
lime should be less than we may reasonably expect.
Before leaving the matter for the
present, we beg to say again that there
must be no amateur tinkering with
the system. The city has in its possession the detailed advice of engineers of repute. If any new facts
have come to light, or if the conditions governing the question are held
to have so changed that further expert advice is desirable, a few hundred dollars will procure it.
In an article    wbicb   appeared    in
these   columns yesterday,    the    word
"reserve" w.as printed in place of the
word   "revenue."     This   amounted   to
an  accusation against   some    former
council   that  it  treated the "reserve"
I of water (in the reservoir presumably)
I as a very .secondary matter, whereas \
j the reserve was a point of prime im-
j portance but the revenue was counted
j as secondary.
; WANTED���Waitress,   apply    Kenny's
restaurant, tf
30 acres of level land with 1320 foot waterfrontage n,
1 mile from the bridge, on the Great Northern Railway
J Price, $8 per foot
Royal Studio
Hale &  Lane
248 Columbia St., NEW WESTMINSTER, B. C.
Phone  335 P. O. Bo* j6|
(Under entirely new management)
WANTED���Position in real estate of
fice hy good hustler.
P. O. Box 693.
Apply A. G\
tbey ha i done us much .is could be or
should be undertaken' at the time,
when they had put in a system which
was capable of supplying water enough
for tne ordinary use of eleven or
twelve  thousand   people,    and     when
tern. We had enough .and to spare of
that in '98. The original plan of the
works, before it was adopted, was
submitted to one of the foremost con-
WANTED���Position by an engineer
with marine and B. C. stationery
papers,   Apply this office. 'il
* ��� ** �� �������������������������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������������^J
22 lots one block from the
Vancouver car line.
CUNNINGHAM BLOCK i street front and rear
W. IN. Draper
suiting engineers   on the
and, as we have said, the city has in
thej   bail done it in such a way that 1lts Possession the report of the expert
a supply by gravitation was available  wll�� examined tbe system In IS99.
"up   on   the  hill"  even   for   fire  liro-
tection, and  that only a small num-
LOST���Ladles   Brooch,   between Lyt-
ntinent, I    ton hotel and  tram office.    Finder
please   return  to   Lytton   hotel  and
receive reward.
The  steps  recommended   when  extension     should     become     necessary
ber of outlying residences were beyond reach of connection with the
mains. The amount of water coming
through the main pipe (except twice
for a few hours each time, when
breaks occurred) has been constant���
varying a little only as the rise and
'f.ali of tin' lake made the "head" a
little more' or less. Some defect or
inefficiency of Ibe main pipe was
blamed for the low reservoir which
was ilu main cause of tbe disaster
"f '9S, bul the subsequent investigation showed that leakage in tbe dis-
tribution system, not defect in tbe
main,  was tlle  real cause.
The complete system contemplated
a  second  reservoir in, or at the leve
of.   Queen's   park.    This   wis   to   be
Ci nnecti 1   with   the-'   main   by   a   pipe
which   would   be laid,  practically, on
ib,- i,',,;, :mii would receive iis supply umii:r a head of somewhere about
i"n fei;.   That would mean, of course,
Hie'  (!��� livery  of  a   very   much   larger
amouni   of water than    the    preseni
reservoir receives, ami as tbe manufacturing  establishments,   the'    hotels
..���;'   offices,  aii,I  a  very  consid< rable
numi <���-. eef resulen. ss woul I i.e;-  wa- |
ter  from  iliis  seci ml  reservoir, :..<.
drafl   on   the   up p. r  mio    Wou) i    be I
ureal...  diminished, and enough water
'" keep  i;  mil  would I e available. In '
'���:1-   ��  .   it v,..- i'ii. tilated thai ;i pop-
������'^'.lici:   el somethiug Hi-.;- twenty thou- j
lid he sup,.iie,I before it would
lie  nei ��� -��� ar.e   to go  ia  for  an.,   construction expenditure othi r  than  the
cos the  second  reservoir    \. hii ti
was to complete the system.
In yn:i, an engineer whose reputation ,.-' an expert in such mai
stand.- verj high, was mployed to j ���
��� . '������ the �� hole sj stem, and be fully
i [i . i eel the plan of a second reservoir, and : ,, nished the i ouncil with
detail ! particulars :,- to its c insti uc- .
i ion .. ..: operation. These, we ure-
s inn   an  Mill in the i ie., ball.
1    ���       lildlng of a dam a;  tll    OU '., ;
i ���     . lam  lake  was nr ntioned hy j
ill      e ���    o-,,.-,���-.���-   e\ h ' have  repoi
mi  !!.������   waterworks, au !   while  all u
them agn ed thai ll n i ild be useful, as
ll would r lise the "head" and lncr< ase
the flow through the main, thi..  also
agreed  In  saj lng I ii il  li   woul i    co -���
more than ii woul I c ime to"; thai Is,
i iie i sl ea supplj  o il ma ble would not
be ��orth the monej.   New  w. stminster w.i.-. able, howeti i\ to  secure the
advantage withoul the cost, as the B,
('. E. u . bulli the dam In conned I in
with their  power sch tne      The  Increasi 1 flow thus secured gives us a
supply of water    Bufflcleni    for   the
pri senl   population   for    aboul    nine'
months out of the twelve;    and the'
added expedleul  of pumping    makes'
the   supply   large   enough   to   see   us
through  this  summer    with    nothing
wi rse   than some Inconvenience; but
population Is growing: manufacturing
establishments are coming In, and we
musl . . ovide for the Immediate future
i   .��� ���   a: i   tO keep Up IO date.
Although we are not in possession
of exact informal ion on the point, we
believe thai the use of water In New
Westminster is larger per bead of the |
population ihan in tiie average city,'
This Is nol because we have a greater
proportion of wasteful users they are
in all communities���bul because our
n..e ol water In manufacturing establishments is large. This must be
i.i:,. ii Into account, Putting the alloxan     : ir "ordlnarj u ���<���" al a II
A second reservoir at Queen's park
level, taking its supply under greatly
Increased pressure, .as compared with
lIn- original reservoir, and so "gated"
that there would be no overflow���the
full supply of the main going on to
the upper reservoir when the lower
was full.
Selling all water by meter.
A    second main to the lake.
Raising the banks of the original
reservoir was also contemplated: but
this, while it would be very welcome
I to residents on the upper levels, as it
would increase the pressure both for
Irrigation   and   fire   protection,   would
6-romed house on Eighth street, between Third and Fourth avenue, new-
\ ly  painted,   and   papered,   to  be sold \
immediately, a tfargain at  $1500, half
cash.    Apply McQuarrie & Co., Front
I street.
EMPLOYMENT AGENCY���We furnish help of all kinds, farm, bush,
saw mill, railroad labor, hotel help, |
etc., etc. male or female. Write
Canaeiian Pacific Employment Agcy.
506 Cordova street west Vancouver.
TIMBER  LANDS���We deal exclusive
ly In timber.   Have large and stnai.
tracts   on   water.     If   you   wish   tc
buy or sell, see me.   ^l. P_. Chandler,
'     407  Hastings  St., Vancouver, B.C
B. C. Land
Ellard Block.   New Westminster, B.C.
iOO Cords of Tan Bark Wanted
At the
$175 Each
$30 Cash, Balance $10 Per .Month
270 Columbia St     NEW WESTMINSTER, B. C.     Phone 307
rraser River Tannery ������������������������������������������������������������������������*' ��������������������������������������������������������������������������
Highest Cash Price Paid
We Eat to Live
But at the same time it  is  necessary to know what we are eating.
Veeu can rely upon Getting the
Best of Everything.
For the Balance
of the Week Our
A Good Om
House on 7th Avenue, near 4th street.
Five rooms, hall and pantry, and electric light.   Nice lot. stable and chiel
run.     Price $1800,   favorable terms.
Sale of
v.��A^lvV'/',__   b bj
, WILL CONTINUE. We have placed on tables all the lines we
are offering, and on every pair we have cut the price almost in
two. It will pay you to investigate. HERE'S A SAMPLE
Men's Black Vici, Goodyear Welt Oxfords, $4.50 lines for $3.00
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lso Studi baker, Standard and Steel .--: ein M luntain Wagoi
Agents I'm-the J. .1. Chase Thre hing Mad
Ll    eili-rt
stablished 1887
Incorporate I b"
Gilley Bros.
Wholesale and Retail
Thia   celebrated   Cement,   is
n -i'ii by nearly all large contract-
:-    i. -i'ii uy neai ey ;
or- in the Prov)
Sign of the Big Electric Boot
ev-v   BRUNSWICK  PLAST����-|
NEW   BRUlNowi��n
FIRE     CLAY     and     I"1
From the Claj   ��� '
X Telephones: Office 16, Manager's Reside:1
***********************<>**** ***4  <**���* *  ****** f    *":2r-*ZX**y;**yy*2y*-
\fhe Cash Stores
, :i..^,-���-,.--.-'M--.-���-���-���-..-..",.-;jl'3,,:;.. .
ments ana
|Vash Skirts  and  Suits  will  be*
bought at SMITH'S this week    \
at less than cost of material
op io 30c and 50c for
15c yard
Black and white, as well as a splendid
range of fancy printed materials, in
light grounds; a few lace stripes and
small printed check.- in this special offering, at per yard  15c
iWs of DRESS GOODS Go at
One-third Off and llali Price
Wool Delaines, Lustres, Tweed; and
other suitable materials for small children's dresses, blouse and skirt lengths;
black as well as a good range of colors; all marked  for speedy clearance.
��� over from the best selling pieces,
be had now at half what you would
expect to pay for like materials; useful
ths.   This is the final and last call.
Come along with the crowd.   You will
ind the goods you require, and at less
\b ��� ey, when you shop at
267 and 271 Columbia Street, New Westminster.
���    0
��� ��
in Elegair
We have for sale a 2-storey
8-room House, entirely new,
with all modern conveniences;
clothes closets in all bedrooms,
and Al bathroom; cement
foundation and retaining wall.
This property is situated in the
best part of the town. Call
and see us for price and terms
McLEOD, mark & CO,
e Farm Land Specialists,'
Mcintosh, a ilrummer with a
'     ' ������-���.-   goods,  was in the city
'���   'Hi business,
funeral of an aged man named
���'���   'ams   took  plan-  from   St.  Mary's
'   Ital yesterday afternoon,
cut  flowers,  bouquets  or  fun-
1 i il   designs  telephone   T.   Davies   &
I! 208.
For all kinds of cut flowers and pot- j
ted plants, see Tidy, the florist.
Dr.   j.   N.   Hutchison  of  Winnipeg, j
visiteel the city yesterday.    During his
stay, he was the guest of Mr. and Mrs.!
H. 0. Umb.
George Bartley, book-keeper at thei
| Brunette sawmills, will leave early in
the month of September for  England
ti,     ,,     .   . J on a  visit to his old home.
i ii"  Dominion snagboat Samson  is !
1 Up at the government wharf, and J    The tug Robert Dunsmuir arrived in'
receiving a coat of paint and un-  Port last evening with a boom of logs,,
'ing  considerable   repairs.      She t for the Brunette sawmills.    The logs i
wi"   "   '������-:���'���������  for action  again  in a j were towed from an np-coast point.
ew days, i
M.  A. Gray,  chargeel  with attempt-|
���i   Bourke    yesterday   evening
ie l to the case of one McCorm-
. evho was suffering from an exces-   incident.
ig.    This    morning,  Magistrate!011  him   this  morning
'"hi  win adminster    the    usual magistrate,
ning or fine, as the case may be
ing   to   pass hogus   checks,  yesterday
denied   remembering   anything  of  the;
Sentence will be passed up-
by   the   police
G. Deiffenbach, of the office ���.naff
e Praser river sawmills, who was
The Chinaman, Cheo Young, accused of having broken Into a number of
houses in and .around the local Cltina-
.   married  In   Iowa,   writes   to I town, was given a preliminary hearing i
ids  here thai   he  ts  spending Ms  before the police magistrate yesterday
eynioon  verj   pleasantly, and  will   morning.   The case will be continued)
n a with his   erl le tow trds the end   'lljv morning.
i   'i -
Thn committee of the board of:
' Is reporti 1 | ont Abbotes ird that! ���soll,)"> trustees which was appointed!
ispectors are boring for oil in that '" choose teachers for t ln-> vacancies j
tnd thai .-ery good Indications on tne teaching staff, have decided
��� heen discovered. The develop- upon a male teacher for division three
til work is being carried on at Fish'0'' tlle boys' Central schol. His name
;, a short distance this side of will be announced at the next meeting
."'.-ford. i of the board.
ie   Owls  will make   i   special  trip      Nineteen samples of milk were sub-
' v ancouver on Monday evening next mitted to analysis yester.lay morning
i  special  car having been  chartered by tne city medical health officer. All!
thai  purpose.   A number of grand Itne samples were foun ! to be well up.
ttive officers  will   be  present  at't0  llle standard,  the   recent   consoli-'
reunion to be held in the Terminal Nation of the milkmen's interests hav-
. the occasion being the closing of   mS apparently  had  no effect on thej
���;i"  chapter,   which    was  opened    in  Quality  of  the  lacteal   fluid   supplied
ia   citj   tbout three months ago. to families and hotels.
An a   ��� ...  '  to     irglarize the Burn-      Mayor  Keary state.!  yesterday that'
a ... municipal hall was made on Mon-   ae "'"���' visited the reservoir early yes-j
day   night,  when   the  side   door  was
terday   morning,   and   had  found   the
roken, apparently with a log. ami  a la:'-":'  reservoir overflowing into the
li   out  [nto it, the Yale lock  being smaller one.   He believed the increas-
neatly removed by the thief.    \ --arch ed Quantity of water was due to the
was made through the building by the 'ai'S'  electric pump which was install-
;lar, but nothing of anj  value ap- e'' a  few  elays ago.   in the place of
eai - to hav,- : I. taken.
���'   ..   ,,,;;(.,.  thi   ild one of smaller dimensions.
T u   charge of selling liquor during
An application will shortlj  be made prohibited   hours,  preferred     against
��� , the citj   council  for  a   I-inch wa- four cit:'' hotels, will be continued on
Lei   main   t<          laid   'i   Lulu   Island, Thursday morning,  the parties inter-
in ordi          ensure the  indusi   es an ested   having  asked   for  an  adjourn-
I   ,��� .      .      tioi    tgain                \- ��� ���������������������    One  hotel entered   i   ih a    of
resen   time, the water    ;���- .   :.- guilty,  anothei   pleaded    nol    guilty,
veyed  to the islan.1 through a _.-inch
Ipe,   md  I his  Is not  consi !���   ��� i  sui -
flcienl  for the aeeds   if th w
in lusl: ii s which wi : sh r Ij    -  loi it-
- -. there.
A pati ni   : .   iicii ���     salesi an,
nii el     ���    two   entertainei -.   u   -
ired on   B< gbie   street,    neai
Windsor hotel lasl  evening
while the other two reserved their
plea yesterday morning, when the
case was called before Magistrate
Corboul :
Thi  ���   ipi    ees of the Standard Fur-
. e   i omp tny, of   Vancouver, bn: e
��� centji   be . me imbued with the idea
tha   the    cai    ���.:���/ ball.   So i ock
are thej        their anility    ihn    thej
penst I I ..-.   worm killers al 50 cents   have- offered : > play any amal ur team
box and more or less sta     jokes' in the    .   i'ince for a side bel       ?50.
to a large assemblage.   Mr. Cummings,   The local  bal   artists  heard    of    the
���   li cl    ''i  and salesman, is   t go   I   prcposi Ion, and thi   gam i is I    take
er and liis arguments wi fe -     I       on Sa      I     afternon at Queen's
The   -��� ck , ��� ���- ha. ���  arrived   il   lasl
In ���   large q lanl' les, and there Is
every prohs  Hit)   if a good rm   dui lug
i   ���     , or ten da; 3,    All I he
���   ts on I'     rivei   Mi ndaj   night av-
��� . .   Ina sn     i as thi
of $mi int.' the   lei tur       coffei
il. el. Moran's -ie.;::. i w -      :   I iii'1:
i ord
i uu " more was a fairly large bun
of baseball uns. were jollli I into g
In -' Queen's park lasl rening to eraged good catches, and, according
- '��� a baseball match that ti I ma- ,0 ,,���,���;. ��ron_ down the elver List
lize. Tin' report was s at out evening, good latches were being
an ��� gregation knowi as th. ma(je The St. Mungo cannery re-
Stand-bys would play the regular New ceivea aboul 2,000 sockeyes Monday
Westminstei    aseballers.     The    n iv   ui,A\n am] yesterday, and about twice
th tl man)  Sundt:   nighl and Mon,lay.
up ; 11 6 p.m.
Just received a shipment ot* Brass and Iron
Beds direct from Birmingham, Eng.    They
are handsome, strong and durable.    Come
see the line.
White Bedspreads, Sheets and Pillow Cases
Come and inspect. A great variety.
John A. Lee's Furniture Emporium
Phone 73      NEW Westminster, b. c.
By Miss Williams.
Receipe Book given away FREE, at
The Public Supply Stores
You'll Have
To Be Quick
Boys' Shirt waists with petached
collars; Regular 75c lines.
Now 50c the Waists.
Boys' Shirt Waists, attached collars; formerly 50c Lines.
Now 35c the Waist while
they last.
Boys' Russian Suits, one-half price to clear.
Boys'Sailor Blouses, one-half price.
The Wardrobe Clothier
New Westminster
* * ��� .���:,���������;:������:..���..*:.���::���������:;������ .,���:;=���;:������
25c. a bottle
$1.50 per Gallon 4
  at   ���
��� ���
* ��� ��� '���::���:::���::���: ��� �����������������
* * * *
ml eng    was   ic< epted on    ehall   al
his i |u , b.     M inager J, A. Cunning-
i Uam,  of  the  n nior club.    Not   m u ���
than  n    : > '���'.    '��������� '���     ���.���: ���' ���        ���-'-���
field to play in both teams, and the
ii. .ei h ha I ;  canct
L'p  ni yesti   ' .;���     ... em     .     ���    ul
e      oo h id been received bj the clt>
usurer trom people who wer i anx-
lo is in secure the ten pi r cent, lis-
, o ml "ie taxes paid on or bi
I ��� of August, lu ord ir to ai t ora-
modate the public, the city treasurer's
office will be kept open this and tomorrow evening trom seven until ten
r, im k, when rati payers may liquidate
their Indebtedness t i the city. N. H.
McQuarrie, city treasurer, exp cts to
see ei large number of taxpayers call-
in- in on him during the course ot the
nexl two days.
Four lum.lirl men are engaged on
the' construction of tho big power
planl eu Stave lake, and the work wlll
rushed with all reasonable speed
trom now till its completion. R. Hin-
ton, a member of the company, was
i��� uf,. city yesterday, an l Btat id thai
* ii,. plant would be In working order
J   within a year trom the pre�� at.    Ri ���
ll lg th ���  use  i i  which   I      grea
* mt i .  powi :��� would  be  put,  Mi
* | ',,n stated tha   a greal quantity rf
I   !������ ,.,.    i ���-.. 3 dd, an ; that the
II,    |  ������    ..   ;! |  ha\ ���  ii i  troul Ie    of
rid of all the i lei :!;;"e' i ��� ���   gy.
A ch irge of supplying liquor to a
chi! I, ii the m ire 3erlous charge of
manslaughter, will be laid againsi
Thorn .- in Jim, of Nlcomen Island, arid
the preliminary hearing will b ��� taken
al Mission on Saturday. Jim Is suspected ol li i\ Ing supplied -iin to the
little l ve year old girl ��������� ho dh d ai
Mission <eu Sunday afteraw n froi
what. Dr Stewarl stated was alcoholic
poisoning. The l" lian was followed
in this city 'ii Monday by Provincial
Constable Lane, who proposed to
place him under arrest, but Jim got
bark tn Nlcomen island before he
i "'ihi be capture 1.
W. C. Chamberlin
;���; The Jeweler
Columbia St. ;���;
We will sell tke balance
oi our stock ox
- OF -
Corner of Eighth Street
and Agnes.
Bring your children and give them a
CASH PRIZES given rn Saturday
for the best, la ly riders.
At 20 Per Cent. Discount
Off Regular Prices.
SS ' b
the daily news.
Gold-   |
American Officers Learn
Composition o f Deadly
Powder and Go One Better
��'ULY .,
Valuable Prop
MR. J. H.
Washington. July 30.���What can the
: Japanese powerful explosive, shiniose,
do to the armor of the new United '
States battleships? This, according to
ilts of news received here, is the question the government agents recently
at Sandy Hook were trying to answer
by actual experiments. The targets
were the equivalents to the armor on
the warships. The projectiles were
the counterpart of those used by tbe
Japanese against the Russian fleet,
and also in the field artillery servic ���.
Shiniose has been the secret of tbe
Japanese foi four or five years, its
base was known to be picric acid, After the Japanese-Russian war the
Russians picked up one unexplojed
shell wbicb was loaded with shimose.
This was analyzed, but whether the
rnited States government .has accepted the Russian analysis or obtained
Sbimose <'ti its own account and analyzed it is not known. Jt is believed
that tbe United States' tests were with
original material.
Shimose is so-called from the name
of its inventor, Prof. Sbimose of
Japan.    Japanese shells were discov-
All over the city for sale on easy terms. Acreage on the
proposed B. C. E. R. route to Chiiliwack. Lots on the
proposed new route to Vancouver. Houses in every
district.        Farms throughout the Fraser River valley.
Two acres in block, cor
ner of llth Street and
Royal avenue, invaluable for industrial site,
$4,500. One half cash,
balance to be arranged.
Subdivision of lot 46, block 6, comprising some of the finest residential
sites in the city for sale exclusively
by us. This magnificent property is
situated on the comers of Fourth avenue, First street (facing Queen's
park-   and   Ernory  street,  comprisin;
ered during tbe recent war as everm    '       .  J   "t'v"'-   wl"i��"""B
ing    fearful    havoc    wherever    thev  �� 33*12�� ^ k"S  fa��iDS ��n
has just received a shipment
of the latest lEdison Records, of which the following are a number of the
most select::
Minuet  and  Gavflrtte from   "Paliacci,"
Edison  Concert  Band
He Never Even Said Good Bye,
Ada Jones
My Dear - Reginald Werrenratb
Sonoma,        -      Edison  Venetian Trio
I'm Tying the Leaves so They  Won't
Come  down,     -   Byron  G. Harlan
Work, For the  Night is  Coming,
Edison Mixed Quartette I
clanagan and His Money,      S. Porter
struck, putting lydite.xnaximite, jovite,
melanite a_n.l several others in the
Officials here do not give
First street at $700 (excepting the cor
ner lot facing Fourth avenue an 1
First street, held at $1000); two lots
on Fourth avenue, 42 1-2x120, at $600
��ve information about th~e SanSy Hook T w    l��l ***���  '2  1-2x85' $450:
tests.    One officer, however   said tha *             ' ^    Ca" * ��W ��fflCe ��D
if .he Japanese explosive was an un ^ ""** ^ ^^ pianS'
, known quantity for some years, there Three ful sized lots on Fifth avenue
as no reason why it  should  remain north side between First and Second
so indefinitely,   and   that   i,   was  the Streets,  No.  5,  C and  7.    Price $400
Dusiirese <,f  'he navy experts to find   frac'n or $1100 fcr the three
cut ail aliout it.
���' is rejwrted, too. that. Gen. Wil- FuI1 siz���d lot- DOr'h side of Ham-
ham Crazier, chief of tbe army bureau iiton ��treet between Sixth and Eighth
of ordnance, who was present at the   stretts; *2-5-
erably rivalry between the ar   Hv" 7**        nU1W*y!  ~D 3Cres 8tUmped'
perts and naw experts over ,.          iT        a��reS roUghly cleared and fenc^
effective  expios v    a    aZ f b^ * ? ^ ^ ^ ��* t0�� ^
ships, and  reversely    of   Jattlesh "*  ** ,0�� ^   ba,�� 30x32 "n
against the coast defense.
Tbe air about the war and navy offices today indicate tliat shimose is
no longer a secret and that the war
department has it outdone in a material for destructiveness.
Joyce's 71st Regiment Band,
Edison Military Band
'Dearest.   Sweetet.t.   Best, Anthony
Ev' ry Little Bit Added to What Yo've
Get Makes Just .a .Little Bit More,
Collins & Harlan
Hi Goes to Church on Sunday,
Billy Murray
dps lean too 32x14; granary 10x16; two
chicken houses, each 10x12; wagon
shed 20x30: small milk house, small
orchard, all kinds of fruit, 60 bearing
fruit trees; natural spring well. Price
$0000; $2000 cash, balance easily arranged at 7 per cent.
House and cottage on Columbia st .
bi ase rents for $25, cottage for $12;
$5,000, easy terms.
120 acres, E 1-4, section 2.ri, township 9, Maple Ridge, 1 barn 70x78 It..
barn 38x70 ft., 6-room  house,    all
nearly new; 70 acres cleared, 50 acres
under cultivation;  balance as ]>asture,
easily   cleared, 2 acres   of   orchard;
good rich bottom land;  2 good wells
ami creek; $100 per acre; $4,000 cash, j
' balance easy,
' House 00x42. 4th St., between 4th
and ath Ave ; 2 single and 1 double
leedrooms upstairs, and bath room
down stairs; parlor, dining room, kitchen and pantry. Full sized lot running back to Ash St. Price $3)800;
$1,500 cash, balance at $500 i>er year
at 7 per cent.
2U storey house, 10 rooms, also
modern improvements; lot 60x102;
lane at baeck; part of lot set out with
fruit trees and nice lawn. Price
$2,750. $1,500 cash, balance C and 12
months at 7 tier cent.
1 lot No. 24 cn 13th. street south
side of 4th avenue.    Price $200 cash.
7 lots Nos. Sl to S6 and 95, bB faces
on Sth avenue, next  to Gunns ranch,
'4 lots cleared without a stump; smaii
house,   chicken     house,     175    choice
chickens; horse and  rig;  $1500 casD.
1 1-2 house, 6 rooms and flush
closet on 4th avenue, one lot from 2nd
street on south side; fruit tre��s. Price
$1900; 1-2 cash, terms for balance at
7 per cent. Size of lot 55x105.
$350 cash, balance on easy terms.
One acre, corner of
Miami and llth Street
and Royal Avenue
160 acres, 2 miles from city.
$40 per acre
Two lots on ISth street, between  7th and Sth avenues.
1 full size lot, block 0, lot 14,
St. Patrick's Square: Price
1 lot, 55%xl66, Tenth street,
off Queen's avenue. Price $450.
Terms $200 cash, balance terms
to suit.
No. 310���9-roomed House and bath
room, Agnes St. $3,000; U cash,
balance 3 and 6 months at 7 <\.
No. 312.���S-roomed House and hath
room, Agnes St. Price $2,500; hi
cash, balance 3 and C mos. at 7 '2.
Block 12 on 12th St., east side; 10
full sized lots. Price $2,500. one-third
cash, bal. 6, 12 and 18 months
House corner of 7th St. and 4th
Ave.; 9 rooms; 2 full sized lots, 66x
132; orchard of apples, pears and
plums. Price $4,000, $2,000 cash, balance on time at 7 %.
5 lots corner of street between Sth
and 9th Ave. on 2nd St., side of 2nd
St., equal to one acre; partly cleared.
$500, half cash. A splendid opportunity for investment.
fronian7':r >:C chain,
house, lath J*  Ini
chicken  barn 'f'"^i
Un_*.   Price $3,000.  Ter��" 1
cash, balan .- i erms ��4
$3,500,    subject    to    10
Hot Time in Texas.
McGregor, Texas, July 30���A terrific
beat visitation yesterday lasted .an
hour and twenty minutes. The thermometer registered 179 degrees in the
sun  and  117 in   the  shade.    An area
| Full sized lot on Third street, l.e-
, tween Royal and Queens avenui i -'
.side, new bouse; $1500.
Two lots, bloc
k 34, lot 9, $1000 each.
Htather Bells,
Albert Benzie;
Sh? Was a Grand Old J_ady.
Street Piano Mtrfley. AugustMolinari
Ha'ncean, - - Edward Meeker
Miss .Dixie, - Edison Concert Band
So Lu'ig. So Long. - Arthur Collins
In the Good Oid Steamboat Days.
tturry K. Hill
My Word! What a Lot of.lt, Denny
The   Me*ry   Lark.
Edison Sytnpliiiiev Orchestra
Titi'. Wim;, lb H. Potti . i ; Chorus
Burying  Ve  Hatchet.
i I. Jones and lex Spi nei r
The  Salfcotf   Chorus,
E lison Male Quarti tte
School Days  Medley.
Edison MMtarj   Band
three miles long and  two  miles  wide   Y��U   WANT  BETTER THAN  THIS'
compSbv 71"   H81^1011 WUS !,C-      27* acr���a ��f tb��� ^ "il. 10 acres
��k Mn' hTs 7^e,h!,nging ^ared, under cultivation;   200 young
ove,  the ��:,���,::,'���     hiCh   m��Ved  ���"���M��� -mencing    to   bean
Scores of persons were   overcome   T��� ^^ ^ Bt0rey' 5 r����ms;    hen
,_,c��me'  houses,   in   good   order;     some  acres
planted with wheat, oats and potatoes, j
"om nearby spring.     Balance'
of    property   easily    cleared.     Price
$4,700;      $2500 cash, balance 6!
and 12 months.
Horses, cattle, bogs and poultry droj     lllalJlt;a ,
ped  dead, one man losing thirty-five  water fr
head of stock.    The phenomenon has
not been explained.
This property is only hi mile from
tram line. Over two hundred chickens and ducks could be 60ld with the
property at a snap.
2S acies on Mara toad, Burnaby.
$160 an acre FOB A FEW DAYS
ONLY. One-quarter cash, balance 1
and 2 years at 7 %.
Lots 16, 17 and 20 of 11 of 3. Price
$500 for three or $175 each; 1-2 ca^
balance 6 months at 7 per cent.
i/i  acre between    Queen's and 3rd
Ave. on west side of 10th; No. 5 and
6. Block 48;  132x165 feet; all cleared
and   fenced.   Price   $1050;  $550 cash,
j balance in 0 months.
Full sized lot on Royal avenue, be-
tween Fourth and Merrivale; all clear-'
ed. $1,200, $800 cash
10 acres in sec. 32. Timber, fir, cedar and alder. Good soil; good roads.
Apply for full particulars.
Lots 17, IS, 19, 20, 21, face on 16th
street and Sth avenue; 2 corner lots
$250; 4 inside lots $200 each. Price
$950,  cash.    Single  lota  at  cash.
Lot 14 on Fifth avenue, sub B, 10
of sub 9, $300 cash. i��, cleared; size
55 feet by 132 feet.
More exclusive  properties  just   listed
with us for tale.
Lot 5, opposite    Knox church, Sapperton, east side Columbia Street on
car line.   $350 cash.
3 lots south side of Sixth Avenue;
verv light clearing; 60x115% feet on
Sub. Block L0.   $1050 casb.
4 lots on Fifth Street, 11, 12. 13. 14.
Sub. 15, S. Blk. 13. $350 each, half
rrisb, balance 6 months at 7 ';..
2 houses corner or Merrival and
Agnes; full sized lot; city block 31,
lot 11; one house rents for $25, the
other $10; flush closets and all connected with sewers. Price $3,500.
jCash $2,000, balance in 6, 12 and IS
months at 7 ';'(.
N.-B. it of SuJL 19, Township 10; some
timber, Price $15 per acre; terms $1,000
cash, balance easy.
Lots 14 and 15 of 1 of 6 of 4
(cleared.) Price $500; for the two, 1-2
cash, balance 6 months at 7 per cent j
lease. .Fine residence for saie
2nd Street, . rnei fourth Averi
Splendid  local rc* rented]
$30.00 per month; lease can bel
tended if purchaser so desires,!
good paying investment, .TernJ
be arranged.
Double    tenemi nl  house, .th
1st and 2nd St..   ' |��:;.... i]
cash half anil ba     i ��� nionths al
Rents for $10 eacl    i t.-.nt.
40 acres '.-_, seel        14, N. if, 0(
of Tn. 2, about 3 mi e. :rom bridi
Haworth  road. Surrey;   house
l's storey house.  ; :wen_s flnishel
other 3 can be added  tpstalrs;
shack;  lVa  acres     eared an^'jl
with clover, red; tatty easily ell
One   mile   from   s: :,.: e mill,   1
$1,200;.   terms half cash, balanj
nionths at 7 %.
Full sized lot N     ij on R.iva
and   Sth  St.    Pric   $.1050,   tulfl
balance at 7 ',;  pel iituium.
Westerly 4, 11  ol 63, Sub. Biol
132x132 corner 100 feel square
houses drawing $28   ���: month. .
$5,000, half cash, balance ln 6 ai
months.     ^^^^^^^^^^^^
160 S.E.  hi of Section 26, DiJ
10 acres,partly cleared; Kanaka
running through; good road; one
north   of   Webster-   ee.rn"-.   .1
mill and P.O. at the west come.,
ber worth $7 per acn , cedar am
4  miles    from    Porl    Hane
$2,100; terms $1,100 cash, balaeij
ranged. ^^^^^
S.-W. Sub. Township 13; some tll
railway  runs alongside A
chard.    Price $16  i�� I   ae re . term. |
cash, balance in three ���'-. ..0 paymei
1 acre clay, bouse on tram lini
Joyce station;  parti;   cleared; l|
across front facing train line.
$700 cash, balance arrange'
One acre in block 9,|
tween 18th and 16th
on 8th Ave.    Price $1-
1-3 cash, bal. easy.
Large lot and two cottages oi
: lumbia street, Sapperton. Both re]
I at $10 each.
One and one-half storey lynstf
full size lot, situated north
Koyal avenue and corner ol McKI
street; 9 rooms; bath room, hot
cold water, closet; woodshed; f
bearig fruit trees; streets on t
sides; fine view. Price $1,800.
Lot 14 on Sberbrook street of 11 of
3, cleared. Price $275; 1-2 cash, balance, 6 months at 7 per cent.
W. N. Draper
B. C. Land
Ellard Block    New Westminster. B.C.
No. 300.���9-roomed bouse, with bath
room, corner of Gth anil Agnes St.
Price $4,000; terms V4 cash, bi lance
3 and il months al 7 %,
House, full sized lot, on Keary
street, Sapperton; rents ior $10 per
month.    Only $1,050.
Acreage on Vancouver road, corner
of Gilley road. $225 per acre. Acreage is selling fast at this price.
100 acres, Westminster district, 40
acres under cultivation, lu acres or
chard, ;:.j acre strawberries planted
this year; alder bottom land; running
spring;  bouse 18 x 22;  frame barn 30
j 2 lots on Sth St. between 5th and
IGth Ave. on east side; full Blzed] 60x
! 132; Nos. H and 12. Price $1000 for
! both, half cash, balance easy.
Lot facing 2nd St., between Q'Jij
and 3rd Ave., second lot from Que]
Ave.;    52x122 feet; all cleared
alongside  and   back.     Price   $<i|
half cash, balance easy at 7 ';
x 32;   14-posI   frame house and
cow I
iOO Cords of Ian Bark Wanted
Seven roomed house all
modern improvements, north
side of Hamilton St. $1500
1-2 cash balance easy at 7
per cent.
stal les, three in all, Btable 8 cowi . e .
2 Bpan horses; near Mission Station;
schools, churches near at band;
steamer lands twice a day; aboul 100
acn timber, fir and cedar, nevei been
logged; $2,000 refused for standing
timber; cai i lage bouse 16 x 24; In n
bouse made oi hewed timber Laid in
mortar, 12 .\ 30. A chance of a lifetime, $9,000; $4,000 -ash, balance al 6
per cent.
No. 308.���8-roomed House, with bath
room, etc.; Agnes St. $2,500; '<,
cash, balance 3 and (i mos. at 7 '���:.
i     Six lots, 50x150, outside city limits
$60  each   lot.     Fuller   particulars   on
1 enquiry.
Centrally located in a commmanding
situation;  Third   avenue, at   foot  of
Fifth street. Twn and one half-stun y
bouse..    Ten rooms (recently  papered)
All modern conveniences; hot and
cobi water, bath, flush closei, lavatory, electric light; nice lawn; lol
06x132, with lane In rear; part of lol
set out with fruil Irees. prfca $2,750.
$1,500 cash, balance arranged.
I,;" acres on the Scot' road, IB acres
cleared; ham BO x 30; stables, etc.;
splendid Boil; only $30 per acre, $1,000
cash, balance easy.
At  the
One lot No. 12 on Royal AveniJ
third lot from Eighth street, $!,(
for  sale exclusively.
130 acres Improved land, imi''1]
.���mil sheds complete, near CloverdJ
all   under cultivation, $15,000.
can   handle  tbis, don't  delay; H'l
bargain; terms can be arranged
100 acres gooel farm land In Pj
about 3'/_, miles from river, ni ar SJ
road, $12 per acre; a real good M
Part of lot 309, Joins Lake Coon
about 70 acres, onl ���" per '*
Half casb.    Jump.
2 lots, 20, 21 j No. 20. $170; No,
(corner)  $175.    Durham and Seco
trPor the above four properties]
special price wlll be ma le to one
rraser River Tannery
Highest Cash Price Paid
Westminsters  J.HENLEY
Manufacturer of
M T T SI T C Mineral Watws> Et��-
I1UD1L      Aerated Water,,
Family Trade a Specialty.
Tel. 113. office, Eighth Street,
NEW   *VESTMIN3TER,   B.  c.
Telephone   333
FrOnt   StrCCt Telephone   333 JULY 31,  1907.
I "**"" we nanmtftiTr'M Bi" <T7],
Notice  ia I
ays after <ate ,     .
he   Hon.   the  Chi,
.Lands  and  Works  to.
ADIAN    HOME-  cut ami  carry awaj
the following de
Tenders   for   License   to   Cut   Timber
on Dominion  Lands in the Province of British Columbia.
bi TENDERS  addressed    to
East Quarter of said Sectie)n lying to
the North and West of Lot 47, Group
2, anil all that part of the North East
Quarter of said Section lying to the
West  of Lot 356,  Gump 2.
laD : '  imlssioner of Dominion Lands,
m the kitsumgallum v -    . tmenl of the Interior, and mark-
Tenders for License to Cut Timber on
Dominion Lands in the Province of
British Columbia.
Certificate  of   Indefeasble
sumgallum   lake,   then   ���
40 chains  west
D  niaion Lands with-
ava1' ' British Colum-
Bail��'��' h
, M hom ���  '  1"> ��y any per-
a'..tlje ,o    head of a family,
i0l\ ������_>r IS years of   age, to  follows
'      .      , ,   trter   section of north, 40 chains
'Mt0f      V 40   chains east
ireS'"!'t      le'personally at ^alns west, 4D c
jj :"'��� I ,  the district in   ��f ��><��������
��land is il >M-
esteader la required to per
to the above property will be issued to
Margreta Jepsen, on the 19th day of
ciaim No. 40   Comn >.,,��� lie envelope "Tender for Tim-    SEALED TENDERS addressed to the August, 1907, unless in the meantime
.lanted S. E. corner   i >o rth No. 525," will be received at  commissioner    of   Dominion    Lauds   a valid objection  thereto is made to
ip from the mouth of N'o Department until 12 o'clock noon , ^ rnfo,w ��h _,���t    ��le '�� writing by a person or persons
he  K'ifaeimn-. ii ]���   K'orin__<__.<_���  ,i,   ���    ���   ,        _���  .        ,.   uepai .ment of the Interior, and mark-
���umgallum riv .  ...    KIt. tesday, the 28th day of August | _j    _ ^ __     /    __     __        claiming an estate or interest therein
ig   as
M    chains
' i,  for a  license to cut  timber  on ; &i on the envelope "Tender for Tim-   or [n any part thereof
;'   :: No. 525, comprising lanls situ-   ber Berth  No.  523," will be  received
Vdins   wesl -''��� comprising lanls situ-   Der rsertn  .no.  _>:*,,    will  De  received,
,., .   |                '; '     |te in the Province of British Colum-  at this Department    until 12  o'clock
t,  SO   . .. ,uth    in       '  l!' Bcrlbed us tollows: 'noon on Wednesday,  the 31st day of  Lan
south,  10
i point
Claim No, li    commei    ag at post
��� houi
| tb'
rimber  Berth   No.   525,   comprising, July, 1907, for a license to cut timber
North half of  section 29, West, of on   Berth   No.   523,   comprising   lands
", the .North half of section ; situate in the Province of British CA-
planted at the head of K     migaUun.   ^f1-""011.32 lQ TownsnIP 20'  umbia. aud described as follows
- conditio   s <"">��<*
. following plans:
.nths' residence
���i of   the laud in
ted  there-  lak(' "���''  west bank
land '"'���
|Tear for t:;: tr*
If tie fa "wihe
West  of  the  6th   meridian,
-' cnalus     m    uing an area of 185 square miles
BOUth  "���   ���"��� ���'���""'���I of Kitsumgallum   n  less.
r'V"r *'here i: enters lake' 'h*''"" 10      "      berth musl  be surveyed within
��^ns  west,  160 chains    south,     to :ar after the date of the notice
' ''' '""���" ��r le      ���'   he shore    ���"     ling the   berth.
r, If the' tnence ',1"n-  Bhon     ��� poinl  of
.,. t the homestead-  �����*�������*
, Iq the vicinity      <  ���' '" No. 12.   Co
foi - '
Idei upon
the   require- Planted a eoul                      ith of l
... may he satisfied north  west of T. I.. \,. 7941, thi 1
.ling    wiuh   the 10  chains   west,   160 'halns  south,   !���
ch tins east, 160 cl tins n irth to ;,
 is liis perman- of commencemenl
ilienceu   a farming land own- Claim No. (3.   Commencing    t post
I,, 1 . ���     .    nitj of his home- planted at the north we         ���. ���
���Le requ         nts   as   to resi- location N'o. 12, thence 10    ...   -   .
Bay be           ''    b-v residence 160 chains south,  l" chains eas
jti said 1 chains  north  to  poinl  of commence-
UdDths'o         la writing should ment.
fen to the   Commissioner of Do- claim Xo   :., Commen ing  <
bUnds      0 tawa of Intention pIanted a) lht, n.j:..h  ....... (i,;.i���,
'location .\ee. 1::, thence I" chains v,
irchased at ;n> 160 chalns BOUth| fi| (.             .   m
com-     The regulations   inder which a  II-
���''-"  will    be  Issued,  also    printed
��� .. .      , .,.  ., of tendeT and envelope, may be
ied at this Department or at the
��� of the Crown Timber Agent at
1 Westminster. B. C.
Timber Berth No. 523, comprising
the north-east quarter of Section 15,
and that portion of the north-west
quarter of Section 14 not covered by
Timber Berth 471 (being approximately the north, 36 chains) in Township 5, Range 27, West of the 6th
Merielian, containing an area of 304
acres, more or less.
The berth must be surveyed wi'liin
C.   S.   KEITH.
District Registrar of Titles
d  Registrj   Office,
New   Westminster,   B.   C,  July   IS,
The person or persons having in
their custoelv or possession the fol-
lowing Title Deeds relating to the sai.l
property are requested to deliver the
same to the undersigned.
Conveyance   dated   9th   May.     1894,
' from Thomas Graves Gregson tei Elizabeth  McGregor.
42 Lome Street,
New   Westminster.   B.C.,
Solicitor for Applicant.
Title NOTICE is hereby given that the
partnership heretofore subsisting between Joseph Cameron and Joseph
.Mark McDonald as "The Mission
Lumber Company" of the District of
New Westminster has been dissolved
by mutual consent as of the 29th day
of June, 1907. All debts owing to the
said partnership are to be paid to
Joseph Cameron of Sapperton in the
District of New Westminster an.l all
claims against the said partnership are
to be presented to the said
Joseph Cameron by whom the same
will  be settled. ��
Dated at New Westminster this 1 Ith
day  of July,   1907.
Witness: .JOS. CAMERON
J. H. johnson    j. m. Mcdonald
I one year after the date of the notice   Tenders    for  License to Cut    Timber
ich   tender       is!   iie  accompanied ! awarding the berth. on  Dominion Lands in the Pro-
���   iiii accepted  check on a  chartered       The regulations   under  which  a  li- vince   of   British   Columbia.
in   favor of the  Deputy  of  the   cense will  be    issued,    also    printed      SEALED   TENDERS   addressed to
er of the Interior, for the am-, forms of tender and envelope, may beL Commissioner of Dominion Lands,
Uie bona, which th    appll-  obtained at this Department or at the Department    o��    the    hlteriol.    antJ
is prepared to pay for a license.       office of the Crown Timber Agent at
highest   or any    tender    not  New Westminster, B. C. marked on the envelope "Tender for
issarlly accepted. ,-,. ,   , .  ,. __,_.__ I Timber    Berth   No,
Trains & Steamers
Leave N. W. 15.40; arr N. W. 11.35.
Leave N. W. 8.30;  ar. Seattle 15.50.
Leave Seattle 12.30;  ar. N. W. 18.40.
Leave N. W, S.30, 10.35, 15.40, 17.35.
Arrive N. W. 9.35, 11.35, 16.40, 18.40.
  Lv. N. W. 9.20 a.m.; ar. Seattle 4 p.m.
Each tender   must  be  accompanied    *      " "" '  "' lv"   Lv. N. W. 4.35 p.m.; ar. Seattle 10 p.m.
N > tender by telegraph will be en-   by an :lecepted clleque on a chartered  ceIved at ,his Department    until    12   P-m.
U [or S"        1   and $20 for an-
lie.   Not more '.ban   320 acres
one individual or
R at the rate of ten
Iperton "; pounds shall be
tie. cd the . oss output.
W. \V. CORY,
M ulster of the lu
������-: ir
R_���������..,        . ��� !   publication <���,:
Ild������ .���;-��� ��� will not be paid
.. .   thirty days atfei
I . ��� application to
chai   -   aorth  to p ilnt  of comm ni ��� -
Claim No, 15. Commencing at the
north wesl corner of > i ition No. 14,
th< ��� ������ 40 chains ������ est, 160 chains
sunt!), lo chains east, 160 chains noi ,
to i'e;::.: of commencen ent.
Claim  N 1,   ;���'    Posl   plante ! at the
:tment of th ��� ',-;��� irior,
Ottawa, June 29th, 1907.
Ten fcr Licunc--:  ...  Cl-', ~r';-:'Mr.- ir
���'���on Lands in tr.e ^ruviRCs ���.:
1.-.:  .        Colurr.aia.
SEALED "ENDSRS .0.. ssed to the
1 lommlss:.: 0! D iiuluion Lands,
N ����� '-��� Department o. the in: .ri ir, an I mark-
then ��� JO chains west, 12" chaina . 1 ,m the env.elope ' Tea ; - for Titn-
':'" !l chains 1 1st, SO chains soul .. ,���., Berth No. 524,' will be received
10 chains east, 40 chains south I ,, .his Department until 12 o'clock
���' ' ;i'   ��      '''��� ' "' ""   Ql noon on Wednesday, the ::;:  day of
Cl    m  N 1.   17,    Posl       inted  al   the  August, 1907, for a license to cut tim-
bank in favour of the Deputy of the ��� o'clock noon on Wednesday, the tth
Minister of the Interior, for the am-! day of September, 1907, for a license
ount of the bonus which the applicant! to cut timber on Berth No. 527, com-
is prepared to pay for a license. . prising lands situate in the Province
The highest or any tender not nee- ; of BritIsn Columbia, and .lescribed as
essarily accepted. follows:���
No tender by  telegraph  will be en-       Ti,:' " :'  l;":i'  X     :'-'   '������^'""������>"'>'-
j tertained.
Department of the Interior,
Ottawa, May 30th, 1907.
at the West end of the most  Nortii- |
n the Matter of the "Trustees and
Executors Act." and in the Matter
of the Estate of Augustus William
Lundbom, Deceased.
All persons having any claims or de-
���'���   '  ���������������i-'-i- of location No.  11.    .,.. ,,,, Berth No.524, comprising lands  m, ., ;. ngainst the estate of Augustus
thence 40 chains    west.    160    chains       iate In the Province of British Col-   Wiuiam Lundbom-late of Surrey Cen-
���1 n tl     10  chains    ���   -      160
chains  umbia, and described as follows: ,   British  Columbia, deceased,   are
Timber Berth No. 524,    comprising hereby requied   to   tlle   with  the un
mer of Lands and
I       ���-.:- to cut and carry ">���'��� '' Pol"< ":' commencement,
I               the  following des- ��    Im   No.   18. -Posl   planti i   about  Legal    Subdivision   14   of Section 12.  dersigned their names and addresses
I         mated in New West. 10 cl           north   of the  nortl    westITowaship 6> Range - West            7thland full particulars   of their   claims,
..������ . ���
corn."   of T.  I..  N 1. ':- i . thence 160
al   a   posl   fo-i   on  '':: dns   wi it,   10   ch ilns    bouI
river to  point  of com
I lies  w sl   from Sil-
b eighty chains,
I .    .south    eighty
eighty    chains    to
[ nent.
I :i   pOSi   Bel   ClOSi
nce   nortii   elghl 1
chains,    soul 1
Retains easl  eighty chains
I' ment,
I ' ,e pos; sei ' los
wi.-;    eighty
ihains,  easl  one
. . ns, north forty
I   :     est 1       ,. cliains to point
��� '
" : lian, 1 ontainlng in 11 ea of 40
u   is, more or less.
The berth must be surveyed within
eai afte ��� the 2 ite o_ the notii e
aw ir ling the berth.
The regul itions tn lei ��� bb h a H-
1 ense "ill    be    Iss ied,    also print d
I erly  boundary of Timber Berth  2'JO;
j thence East, along sail Nortii boundary of Timber Berth 290, 20 chains,
more or less, to the West boundary of
Timber    Berth    37s;    theuce    North,
j along said West boundary of Timber
Berth>378, 120 chains, more or less, to
the shore of Pitt Lake; thence 'West
20 ciiains, m ire or less, to equal
length of South boundary: thence
South   120   cliains,  more  or   less,     to
I point of commencement containing
an area of 240 -icres, more or less.
The berth must  be surveyed within
one year after  the date of tlle notice
awarding the  '.ierth.
The regulations  under which a  11-
thence along
:e eni 1 nent.
Claim  No, 49.-   Pi        lante    al   th
north   west   corner    of    T.   L.  7:' I I,
���' 1 :i- e 160 chains    west,    10   ch iins
south,   160   chnins   eis-.    in    chains
��� 1 ���    to poinl of c imn en lement,
Cla m   No.  56   -Posl     lanted   abo I   .
,  -  a, ;i of the north east corni r 1     lo ation  No.    4S,    thenc -    S '
Imi,     ...   t, 89 rha      north   SOchalns
east, SO 1    iin   sou   1 ti      il;    of commeni ��� ment.
and the nature of tli" .ecurltles (if
in ' held by them, duly verified, on ce,lse wi" u' idSllti(1- also l'rlnted
, .etore the Slat daj of August, forms o�� te?d.?f,.a,��d envelope, may l?e
.   r obtained at tnis Department or at the
office of the Crown Timber Agent  at
Lv. N. W. 3 p. m. and 9:55 p. m,
Lv. Vancouver S.35 a.m., and 4 p.m.
Lv. N. W. 9:35 a.m.; ar. Guichon
2.20 p.m.
Lv. Guichon, 2:40 p. m.; ar. N. W.,
8:45 p m. and 6 p. m.
Mondays only.
Lv. New Westminster 5.50. 6.50, 1
and 8 a. m., and every half hour thereafter till 11 p. m.
Lv. Vancouver for Westminster at
same hours.
Fraser River and Gulf
From N. W. Mon. Wed. Frid. 8 a.m.
From  Chwk.  Tu., Th., Sat., 7  a.m.
Ramon u���
From .N. W. Tu., Th., Sat. 8 a.m.
From Chwk. Sun., Wed., Fri.. 7 a.m.
From N.W. daily, ex. Sunday 2 p.m.
Add. trip, Monday, 5 a.m.
From Steveston, 7 a.m. (Frl. 6 a.m.)
Mail Service
Dispatched by C. P. R. train at 7:15
a. 111.; close 11 p. in.:
Sumas and Seattle, via Huntingdon,
Millside   No.   1,   daily   except   Sun-
N'otlce is hereb; given thai after the
, , New Westminster, B, C.
.aid date the executors will proceed to
listribute the said 1 state amongsi the Each tender must '* accompanied
parties entitled thereto, having regard b? an iccepted cheque 0:1 a chartered
,  ,:' tender and envelop .   -.,      - only to the claims of which they shall h;lllU  il1  ��a���r of the Deputy  of the
.btained at this Department or at the then have had notice, and they will I MlniBter of the Interior, for the am-
- ,      ,,u   iouii�� of the bonus which the annlieant   day;    Sapperton   No.   1,   daily   exceot
a      of the Crown Timb ir A 1 ml  al   n it be liable for the proceeds of the ��unt or uu uomis wmcn ine ^PDncanc
estate, or ar.-   part thereof,   so    .lis- h prepared to pay for a license.
tributed to any person of whose claim The highest or any tender not nec-
they hii ii"' notice at the time of dis- cessarily accepted.
ition thereof. No tender by telegraph will be en-
 ui the
Each  tender musl   be accompai
by an accepted cheque on  1   harte
bank In favour of the Do: uty of the
Minister of the Interior, for the am-
��� of the bonus which the applicanl
Claim No. i .   ,. ,,,.,���, ��� , pa.   for a ��Cense.
'i'i:.. hlghesl   ir an;   ten ier n tl  ne :-
ess :-iiv acci ;     :.
No ten ie r '.-:���   tei 'graph will    ���     n-
. No. 7'.'1 ..
t'i cha is
4ei    chains
.  distant   about   six  _.,,.;, ., polnl of commencement,
11   north    shore'   of
:   ���.  tli mce    west    eighty
south  wi st corner of T.
then ������   160 chain-  we t,
north.   160   cliains    ee-'.
Dated this 24th day of July, 1907.    | tertained,
Solicitor for John McKenzie and John Secretary
Churchland,    executors    of    above   Department  of the Interior,
Ottawa, .July Sth, 1907.
r chains,    east
I iuth eighty chains
in .' ement,
al n post set close
I   ; "' ice   west   eighty
I        1 eighty 1 iiains, east eigh-
[   : ��� Ighty chaius to
* iment,
. li.  C,  30th  May.
1 ven that, 60 days
'���I   apply   lei   the
loner  of   Lands
i : dm   No,  52,  -Posl   plante i  n
10 chains nest of the south easl 1 irner   of   T,   L.   N'o,  7943,   thence   160
chains    west,   10 ob.b.m=    south,    160
chaii     east,  10 chain- north to 1 oinl
of 1 0   mencement,
1,0, ite l  Ma.   3,  19 i7
Local irs
Agent, K. VANDALL,
:   ned,
S   retary,
D i    rtmenl of the Interi >r,
Ottawa, June 25th, 1907.
Tenaers    for  License to Cut    Timfcer
011 Dominion Lands in the P.'o
vince of British Columbia.
of the foreshore
ind milling   pur-
, whole of a bay,
I"1 in
lr"ieai.! ,,. 1 gary
; island, on the east
..   ��,K""" '���   br-n. and  about   tWO       1M;li,S
tuthf''0'�� Kildala Arm. ' Mr* Wl ' "
���""'i1' 1 1 __ siiiiioil  with in
Independent  Hay.
miles south of the
"'""i  Kildala Arm.
APrll 5th, 1907,
'���'���'AM   MOODY,   Ijocator.
^NK  VAX,,
DALL, Agent.
SEALED   TENDERS   addressed   to
the underslg I. and endorsed "Tender   tor   Electric   Elevator,   1 1    1
VRa   Public Building," will be 1
,.; a(  this offlce until Frlda     Aug 1
2, 1907, Inclusive!)   tor tbe c 1
ibi.i of an electric elevator al ib-.- Cal-
Al:,i.. Public Building,
tendering   are   notified
c msld ired unless
actual signatures,
be accompanied
,1 chartere I
g ; \ LED   TEND IRS   :. Idressed to
the '��� imniiss  n     of D imtal in Lan Is,
   Depa tmenl    of   the    ini srlor,    and
1  ,,  ed ou the envel   11 ' ren ler tor
���r Berth    No, 526."   will be received at this Dep   ���-��� until    12
noon on W< Ines lay, the   Ith
i     .    September, L907, tor a license
to cul timber on   iei n N 1  526, 1 un-
rising lan 1- situ ite In the Province
of British Colui ibi      nd descrl    I a
���   11 IV '
TAKE NOTICE that application has
been made' to register Margarel Rob-
son as the ov ner In Fee Simple', under
a Tax Sa'. i De id from The Corporation of the Township or District of
Surrey, to Margarel Robson. bearing
late the Tth daj if November, A D.,
1 ii of all and singular thai certain
parrel or tract of land and premises
situate, lying and being In the District
of New Westminster, in the Province
if British Columbia, more particularly
known and described as lot 7. subdivision of Northwesl quarter of Section
19, Township 2.
Vein a-.1,1 each of you are required
t 1 conl isl the claim of the tax pur-
ch iser  within   forty-five days    from
Sunday; Calgary and Vancouver, No.
2 (first mail C.P.R. east) daily. Mails
from the above points received at
8:15 p. m.
Dispatched   hy  11.  C.  Electric  railway
Co., 7:15 a.  111.:
Vancouver,  No.   1,   dailj except Sundays.   Return mail received '.) a. m.
Dispatched by G.N.R. train, 8.45 a.m.:
 j     Cloverdale,     Nicoinekl,   Port   Kel! t,
NE1V W��Sr.��J\3T��R UM DISTRICT.    Hazelmere,  Hall's  Prairie, Blaine aad
  ; Seattle (all points in Washington ami
Take notice that I, Henry Grose, of south'   also    a"    '"lintB   in   easterfl
Vancouver, li. c, timber cruiser, In- states), daily except Sunday. Return
lend   to  apply   for  a  timber  license malla received at 2:2i) p. m.
over  the   following  described     lands, Clayton,   Tuesdays   and  Thursdays;
Bltuate in the Coast District: Tynehead,    Wednesdays  and   Satur-
1���Commencing at  a  post    planted days.    Return mail  received Mondays
at   S.   E.   corner   thereof   and   situate nnil Fridays.
about 20 chains distant in a N. E. direction from the S. w. corner of surveyed lot 495, thence north 160 ehains,
thence west 40 ciiains. thence south
IOO chains, thence   ���"  '. 10 'hains.
Dispatched by B. C.  Electric railway,
10:30 a. m.:
Vancouver No.  L';   Victoria,  No.  1;
Central   Park,   daily   except   Sun lay.
Return  mail received  at  2 p. 111.
2���Commencing at a post planted at j Dispatched by carrier, 1:13 p. in.:
the   south-east   corner   thereof    and      l,.(Si  Burnabyi ,Uliiy except Sunday,
about 100 chains  distant in a north]
direction from the south-west corner
date  of  tlie>  tlrsl   publication   of of Burveyed lot 495, thence north 801'
notice upon you, otherwise I shall  chains, thence south so chains, thence
M 11 jarel
n  ���' "���
Return mails received at 1:10 p. 111.
I Dispatched by carrier I2:oo noon:
Tlmberland, Tuesdays and Fridays.
Return mails  received  Tuesdays and
signed w'!'1
Each  tender musl
ov an accepted cheque on
ade  payable to tii" order ol
Minister of Public
cent. 110 p.c.)
,. tender,  which
ank,  ma
he H inourable the
\\,'.'., -. equal to ten per
as  owner west 80 chains, thence south MJ cliains
iby direct thence east so chains, containing 640 F��dayB.
��� ,,,  Berth  No   526, comprising  that ,,.,,,;,  ,���;,���, tor thirty days in a acreB more or less. Dispatched by C. P.R. boat, 2:30 p.m.
North    half of the   South   Easl   1;lily  newgpaper published    at    New     B���Commencing  at  a  post   planted and 1:30 p. m. on Saturdays:
quarter of   Se tlon  33,   Township   L2,   Westminster  of   this   notice   will     be at   the  southeast   comer   thereof  and        Ladner,     Westham     Island,     Purt
'   East of Coast Meridian, containing an  BOod and sufficient service thereof. situate about  120 chains distant in a Guiohon,    Steveston,   Sunbury,   daily
I area of 80 acres, more or less. Datea at the .Land Registry Office, north-westerly    direction    from    the except Sunday.   Return malls recelv-
Xhe berth musl be surveyed within   N,,w Westminster, Province of British south-west comer of surveyed lot 195, ed from 9 a. in. to 11 a. m.
...., year after the  late eef the notice j Columbia, this 18th day of duly, A.D.. thence north 80 chains, thence,  west      Woodward's,    Wednesday.    Return
���  ,   ling th" berth. 1fii>7. 80  chains, thence  south    80   chains,  mall on Wednesdays and Saturdays.
The regulations  under  which  a 11- c. S. KEITH, thence east SO chains, containing 640 Dispatched by  B.C.  Electric  railway,
1 ense
will be   Issued,   also   printed
District Registrar.
: ';i ������"     1   (62 4-10) acres of <*  the amount: 0
'       ith  eas.   quarter ot  ����' be 1"1'""""1 '      Lo" contract
lng  decline to entei   lnl 1 a
when called upon to  ������ or it h
tail to complete the work contracti .
aires  more   or   less. 3:30 p. in.:
forma of tender and envelope, may be To Fredrick Throssell anel H. Burton.      4���Commencing at a  post  planted:    Vancouver, No. 3;  Victoria, No. 1;
0 tained B1 this Department or at^the      A11 persons served with this notice,  ut the soulh wegt comei. thereof and j dany  except Sunday.     Return  malls
at the north west corner of surveyed ��� received at 6 p. tn.
1 nshlp    24.   Whereas
L,,, of certificate of title
,:;i.. of the Crown Timber agent ntlan(j those claiming through or under
New Westminster, B, C. , them,   and   all  persons   claiming   any  lot 495, thence north SO chains, the-.ic
Each  tender must be accompanied   interest, in the said land by virtue of
v   m accepted cheque on a chartered 1 Any unregistered Instrument, and all
 n filed In this tor.   n
cheque will be returuea
given thai  I shall.
. the |(M1,,.,. be nol ae'<"'i'> id the     ii;.   lp tavour ���f the Deputy of the: vrysms claiming any Interest In the
Minister of the Interior, for the am-  s,l() ian,i  i,y descent, whose title ls
bind Itself  ,,...    0f  the bonus  which  the appll-   not registered under the provisions of
",!l   it one  month  from
W��Ht 1! V L1" '   I"    Heali.,,,  |,,.|i   ���'
I-     , 'Of   tb"   said   ci'l'tifi-
pcuon /     '        meantime valid ob-
to me hi writing.
r   '   KEITH.
:���: ,,': '    ' Registrar of Titles.
N,,,'"   :     Off Ie,
<r. B. a. July 0,1907
The Departmenl does no
to accept tin' lowesl or any
By order,
Department of Public Works,
Ottawa, July  ������ '������'"������
Newspapers will aoi be ��d *** | jD8pttrtment of the interior,
advertlseraenl It they Insert It wnn
Jt authority from the Department.
is prepared to pay fnr a license, h^e "Land Registry Act," shall be for-
The   highest   or   any   tender   not ever estopped and debarred from set-
necessarily accepted.
No tender by telegraph will be en-
Ottawa, July 5th, 1907.
east 80 chains, thence south SO chaius,
thence west SO chains, containing G40
ucres more or  less.
ii���Commencing at a post planted
north-west comer, about 80 chains
distant in a northerly direction from
the north east corner of lot 495, tbence
east 41) chains, thence south 160
chains, thence west [0 chains, thence
norlh 160 chuins, containing OH) acres
th   Wesl   quarter of  Section   more or less.
ting up any claim to or in respect of
tho said land so sold tor taxes as provided  by the "Land Registry Act."
Re  Sou
28, Township   16,   New    Westminster
District���All   that   part  of  tho  South
Located duly  0,  1907,
Burnaby"    lake.     Return    mall    it
2  p. m.
Dispatched by G.N. Fyler, 4 p. m.:
To southern    points,    daily  exceot
Sunday.    Return mall  11  p. m.
Dispatched by C.P.R. train at 5:05 ...
m.;   mail closes at 4:80 p.m.:
Calgary and Vancouver, No. 96 (C.
P. R. east, second mall). Return mail
received   nt  10:35   a.   111.
Sa-pperton, No. 2; Millside, No. 2;
Coqultlam, dally except Sunday. Ra.
turn mail recelveel at 10:35 a. m. ,.* _..'*��- ���
Y, JULy'
������ ������ ������ a��������������������� b**..+*y**o**x**-2**y**y*
* Oood   fruit   land,  four  miies from  Westminster on good road, 2  ^
* acres cleared; ;in ideal fruit and chicken lanch.
I PRICE $400
Terms $100 cash, balance $15 per month.   For sale exclusively by
i I
Fire   and   life   insurance agent,    Real Estate Broker J
*, 276-278 Columbia St, Westminster.B.C. Phone  170   |
��   ������������������   ���������������������������������������������  ������  ������������������   ������   ������
Tbe Excitement in Surrey
incident to buying up land on the route
of the tramway to Chiiliwack, has only
fairly commenced. If you wish to be "in
the swim" and make some profitable turnovers, consult us at once. We have land,
in tracts from 40 to 600 acres, all worth
Malins, Coulthard & Co. Ltd
J. H. VIDAL, Mgr. Real Estate Department
Educational Oddities.
To tbe Editor ef the Dally News.
Sir: It is very odd that the Colonist, the government paper at Victoria.
Bhonld bave started the report that a
pupil of the Golden school obtained
th< highest rank in i.ne province at
lhe recent high school entrance examinations, and a pupil of its own city I
held second rank.
It is very odd that it did not know
thai the Golden pupil had passed on
an easier examination, and therefore
was not in the same class as the
Victoria  one.
It  is very odd that it did not know ,
thai   the  education  department   prepares  an  easier set of questions  for
the rural examination for entrance to
a  high school   than   for     the    urban I
These three  oddities are enough  to
make one sit up. Now for the facts, i
(I.i Tile Colonist on Sunday 24 first
published the results with that beading. (2) The Golden pupil obtained
hei marks on the rural set of Questions, eli Inspector Gordon in the
public schools report states that thl
examination questions set for rural,
schools are easier than the urban set
Jt  is therefore  plain  that   to Miss!
Norma VY. Spencer of Victoria, belongs
the  honor  of having passed   first  In
the province,  because she  passed  tIn-
urban examination.
It it also quite plain that this custom of passing up pupils into the high
school from the rural schools on an
easier examination than from the city
schools should   be  male public.
Please  publish  this  and   help    the.
Teachers' institute to induce the education  department to make a change
in the conduct of these entrance examinations.
.1. N, MUIR,
Vancouver,    B. <'.. duly 30, 1907.
Great Annual Summer Clearance
Commences THURSDAY, August   1,  1907
During this month we will take in the store occupied by Mr. Thoma
Gifford. We expected to be occupying that store a year ago, but owing
to circumstances we made no move to obtain possession until the first of
this year. The time in which to make our alterations is short now, as we
ought to have had the carpenters in the store on the 1st of July. To
make a quick clearance we will reduce everything in the store (except
threads and Butterick patterns) FOR FIFTEEN DAYS ONLY.
Watch for every advertisement.   You will see something to your advantage, as we are determined to make a clean sweep of all summer goods.
Extremely Low Prices on Women's
and Misses' Wash Suits
ji Underwood        Empire
v Typewriters;. j
ilj. J. MACKAY y COS
Mer your long hot and
dusty walk, ease your
feet and make them
comfortable by using
T. I Mil's
Foot Powder
Cooling and Retailing
THE DRUGGIST   -  Columbia St.
New  Westminstei",  B, C.
Bookies Barred at Regina.
Regina, July 30.���There will be n<>
book-making at the Regina fair this
.vear, although one of the best race
cards ever put on in the west is to be
run, and every race will fill. The repayment ol agriculture of the province and the department of the attorney general have shut down on tin-
book-making and those who desire to
make the races more interesting by
wagers will either have to buy the
pools down town or make private bets
on the grounds.
The result will doubtless be better
racing from the standpoint both of
the public and horse owners, for it Is
thought that last year there were some
drivers who might easily have won
had they not wanted to let tbe bookies down easy,
Last year the provincial government withheld the grant from the fair
because book-making was allowed on
the grounds. A protest was made
against it during the far, but the practice was in ; stopped, and when it rami'
time to hand over the governmenl
money, there was no check forthcoming for ibe Regina fait managem nt.
We have just opened up a nice
Preserving Kettles
Tea Hetties
Rice Boilers
Etc., Etc.
l These goods are giving
splendid satisfaction, and we
recommend  them.
Construction will shortly be commenced on the new building which
will be en ������ 2 by thi tl. C Ti I ephone
company on the he; adjoining the
Murchie un lertaking establishment,
George H. Halse, secretarj of the
Telephone company, was in the city
yesterday for the purpose of arranging for the commencemenl oi work
In the near future.
Wc make a specialty of
Toilet Soaps. We have the
biggest ine in the city,
ranging in prices from 2c. to
$1.00 a cake.
PURE CASTILE at 25c a Bar
OLD BROWN 25c a Dozen
Full Line of Colgate?.
See Our Window
Safe Deposit
Women's white muslin, fancy, dull and white  linen   wash  suits, regular r
/nice $4.Till to $6.00;   sale price, each     $3.95
Women's white embroidered linen and cream lustre, wash suits, regular
pi See $7.75 and $8.50; sale juice, each       $4.95
Women's cream lustre shirl waist suits, regular prices   $lf>   and   $11:
sale price, e.aeh      $5.95 and $6.95
Misses white and navy lustre suits, regular price $-}.".<i and $5; sale price
each     $3.50
Misses navy  lustre suits, regular price $5.50;  sale price, each   $3.95
$22.50 Silk Skirt waist Suits
Now $12.95
Two only, silk  suits.   1   black and  white check silk anl 1 shot silk, regular price $22.50 and $21 ;  sal" price, each       $12.95
Wash Suits and Dresses for Children.
Read and profit by buying at these prices.
dills'  Russian  sailor suils nf cream serge,   regular    price    $;..iJ0;     sale
price    $2.25
One lot Of children's Buster Brown suits, sailor suits, white and colored
muslin dresses, regular prices $1.25 and $1.60; sale price, each 95c
One lot Misses colored crash wash suits, regular price $2.76; sale price. .$1.95
There Are Many Bargains in the
Underwear Department
Women'-  white knitted cotton  Combinations all sizes, regular prices $1.10 and $1.25; sai'  prici   ���
Women's cotton Combinations, w,hite only, regular price 76c; sale price, each  	
One lot of women's cotton  Undervests, including brown and cream balbriggan, while lisle, and black and
cream mercerized cotton, regular prices 7."c and v'>"; sale price, each  	
$2.75 Corsets now 35c pair
One lot of P. U.. L'. T.. and C. P. Corsets which have sold for from $1.2^ to $2.76; now. pei pali
35c Gloves now 15c per pair
LO   lozen or women's and ruissi s (.lows in cotton or lisle, all colors, regulai prices 25c to 35      ale
$1.00 and $1.25 Silks for 50c yard
600 yards of plain taffeta, fancy checks and stripes, satin peau de chenes, lengths vary from oni   rard to
len yen.Is to the piece and there Is greal variety for blouse lengths.   These are opportunities to save 1
buying from this lot  Cor your oomln g fancy work, regular prices 75c to $1.26; sale pric, pei j
Women's Summer Coats
Less Than Half
inly, Coats in the lot, made from mat< rials such tn fan ty tv
mh serge, regular values $8.50 to $12.00; sale pric. each
Fire - Proof Vaults
>*��� V
A m
���:���: :���! >: :���: r*: :���: :���::���: :���::���; :���;;���: :���: :���: :���: :���: :���: :���: :���: :���; :���; ;-��>;:-��;:*;.^;V;
D. S. CURTIS & CO., Drugs, Speclacles,Se(ds
New Westminster
Rushton & Speck
We also do all kinds
of general repairing.
Sign  Man on  Wheel.
Columbia St. New Westminster.
Phone 275
Paid up Capital. $100,000
Executors, Trustees,
Assignees, Receivers,
Liquidators, Guardians
'    Real estate agreements of
sale purchased on short notice   I
The Westminster Trust
and Safe Deposit Co., ad.
KM. HART, Manager
Women s Fancy Kimonas, 95c
6 i nl.v. fancy colored Muslin Klmonas.regular pries $1.25; ������,.-
25 only, women's colored Prim Wrappers, all Bizes, regulai pri ���   I������'
sale  price',  each   	
18 only, Wrappers, regular price $2.00; sale price, each 	
We Are Making a Big Clearance of
Women's Skirts of every description
Women's while or colored picque and duck wash skirts, all sizes and allthis season's goo Is, reguli J)9��
$2.50 and $2.60;  sale price  " $2.21
One lol  wash skirts of white duck and linen crash, regular prices $:'...r.();sale price each   ������ "' .fl
80 only, women's may tweed and cloth skirls, all sizes ami lengths, regular prices $7.50 and   $8- ^l
price each   $1.9'
Misses cloth or lustre skirts, regular price $8.00; sale price 	
Every departmenl offers big Inducements to buy durin;. this sale.   A great Usi of bargains
we have iiiii room bo mention here await our customer! Thursday morning.    Watch   for
announcements  regarding Dress Goods,  Muslins, Crash Towelling, Lace  Curtains.   Blanke.s. ^
iery, Belts, Collars. Whitewear. Blouses, Millinery. Laces, Parasols, Blouse
No goods on
approbation or
exchanged dur ���
ing the sale.
Everything as
W. S. Collister & Co.
247 Columbia Street
New Westminster, B.C.
Thit*torl     ,
M   at   ��  y ,1
every d��> �� P
���, Sat"'''1'']
Shop  eo'ly '1
the mortii"1'


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