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The Daily News May 15, 1907

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 flute, Shiles & Co
V,,I.[ MK 2, M'MiiKl; 1 If
White, Shiles & Co.
Lteresting Papers Keacl at Sixteenth Annual Meeting of      policy  of  eastern  team-       wiEl   visit  new    westmin- Japan's Failure to Return Property Appropriated in Man-
g.C. Branch  of the Women's Methodist  Missi
aI-v Society    Progress All Along the Line.
DIViS      '.   " . ST   EE   FAIR.
-   ���
I ���   ���
: ���     een one ���     ��� <
. ss  men ol  S
_    Berkeh ornii
churia Three Years Ago Cause Much indignation
In Celestial Empire.
. -
���    '
P second-
ends tl
- , .        '..      nt tn
���;   ���. esid
���   ���
��� .   or'   '   - i h  dati -
."   T!
-. ���
m ��� ���
, done in th<
dm   ol th*   ���   m   ��� - s
ng ti   $4   1.89
��� ��� ��� . ���     '���
-. ..
���-::.:.������       ��� epos < n
'. ..' . er  to   arn
....   ..      ganfza
e sole pretext tl
.M.,.,.. ;.     . o observe n* itralll\  in e.1-
m  ���    i to occu]     thes. i ii ei-
na    th* ... ... an    land.    This <
���    x   ���' .   ��� -        .���      ii,.. in- . is   not   com bom ise
;.,,.,   ��� i   e \ ,     aware of Chin       ��� ��� p-
-    ���    i. enforce neul rality,    ��hile
���  . . . f..ith
... cove onsidered d
.... ... an
rivati .  mi       ��� *
a n hie:,  v
iated apan with .en-
to the    ah ���- ���    of
, qua . 1 y.
..   ������ ied
;,        11 n  lea i ���;    to
������' Ithout   com. 3   -a-
CI iua
.���    -      ��� :
ni  -     expens  -
'    ��� ���
���    ���'     .
���    en:   .
::��� '
���    ��� ' - .    ��� ���
���    .   M    -
th*    r i
4 -.,
and served
n the lecture ro.        l th,   chun b
��� --.
' " ���       nner and prlzi   ;. v.
i   ��� - .    . ������ .    sinnri       whicl
.    ���
.    ���     \  -
- game *
11   known   '..
held n hf'
hare *       e gi
.   M
e     ipon as a     - f an
ended 1       ��� ens ol
mention* d, a       ithi
nt i lalifornia 11 ntr* s, t*   visit th*
ections and ti   e: i i;l ;h< ir
��� ���''.. B     sh   Columl ii       \ tl
list I . leni loned will inc-lu.1 ��� ��� only
������-���-..���..      acc*           theory, es*    atives of San Francisco, Ber-
 *    ol  the   t*   which kli   . ..: 1  Oakland, it    Is    altogethei
ol   I robabli    thai   others   > :.      ... ���
m      ...     e out M mm,..   ���        la ��� . In thi
���  ���   this city h     bei    ad Ut] ough  the outing Is
'  thi   local  sp   tsmen  who ducted under the auspices ol   he
osti 1 ���:. the record ol thi   raei a   Stat*   Board ol  Tm. i     il    Is
���   ���      ��� ��� khandle on the tour. being managed by thi  i   Icials .    thi
R   '���'������   Chej-ne. speaking of th*  team Southern Pacific    Railwaj    company,
afternoon    esterd       emarked  lh:    th*   players tis foi  th*   purposi   ol attending to
���   .I. tails  that   Mr Magi'  was here.
H.   . ffairn s that the. party will !  ive
Si     '
bellingham saloon men must
pay $9c0 for privilege of
selling hard stuff.
: ���..:.-   .M    '.   we   Id class!f)
��� ���     ediates, <>i  per-
San  Francisco in a sj i cial train . n I
will   touch   at   differ* nt   ��� laces ��� loi i
ras as follows laps   second  class    si nlors.     In   his
..-       ned      efull   the :-      '    N<'"   Westminst*     men  th*  way north, spending ad  ��� i    two
Is of Miss es and   lands     ' '   '      ce much of a tasl   to de-   here  an.l   there  until  reaching  Van-
���    '   ���  ��� .        ��� .   :        id ��� . ������   . - ��� : . .
- certainlj   ������    ���      not   couver   From the latter city thi  tout
ists  will go Victoria, wher*   they will
spend  an  indefinite time,  as  it   v.'ill
la, and  v a    good   this ��� ed as to whethei :,   their  dispersing  point    Hearing
'.;.   ���.   I easanl   "'" - '       ng to *   ... ���        thi    resent arrangement.
and evan-   worl ti       i. we find that in ac-  ^ink "���'"  "'   local hoys would su
���   ���   e    |m -���   Ri   .���;��� ..      ... ..,,..���<:  defi at.
f lhe    pro-
On thi
out * hi       in   . '.;���
Mr.   N'agel  state s that  m* ni <  s  of
���������:���'��������� -been ��� '   '��� '    ~':-': arty will have   th*   option of re-
.    . ���    .-.--. Chi-   m, the  Silv*     Band Ladner.    We
........ -      . . .     that tl ���       off*    '!���"
n aver-     ann* r to ihi        ids
���.','"'     Several
.���ii   mi I*    '     Nanalmo   th*     offei    .   ��� ���   ���
me has
Miss       Tin     ���      ts   froi
pointed  I       ssisl
���'���... the
the  v         nd China-
......           ��� onlj
I ���     '   -
���  ���������.
'   mm inge
:    ���    '
���  tr; m* i     nd 1
... .;  uork.
. 01
.  and  that
books    on thc
'���-������",-    or-
.1      Mrs
'   I    is foi
.    trioms,
���   Duncans
'     -������������-   i   ���!.::;.:.   shores,   Mr turning   to   California overland or
n   ������'    ild not express    n opinion,    oat     ; ���     i       ed       the S    i     lasl
Imitted 1 dru . ,, ning.
���   ' ���    of leaving fi     '. i	
���   -  ni* y\i-.i. of a 1 '... Pi ���. m i, Ma;   14,    _s a result *    a
eye to the tei . vvork< rs on thi   sti ai    shov
"We   ������ ticiilarl;    nxi    s fe els,   . -'.   two  shove '- wei      worke ,
'he g; '  we will 11 y* ste rda\    bi tw* i n   Bas   01 ispo   and
ghl Mi       14.���Afti       . e..-
joritj   .. eports  ar.d    ie-
peated     n*    Im*    -    an<l am1 in* 'its
the mi;\  c .im.; last nighl pa ������ ei an
'   fixing   the   annual    r< tail
nse in Bellingham   after
June 30, 19i>7. at $900.
Th*   . mn* iin i n who voted fe      be
...   ,   v ,  ���     Se lis,  Ml '".    ' '������ *ns
an I Cltary,    1 bosi   opposin _ il   ������   r*
Cloak. Mullin and Van Zandt.
As thei roximateiy
saloons th*   cltj  will gel  abou
i  from the r* tail liquor mi i
.um  II a  . ..- cYowd of them J
get  weak      ���       and surrend. '
..-,,i. .-     '.        : an   . ���'   thi
���   ty
:,��� xl
: hi ir
Situation   in   New    York     Longshoremen's Strike  Still   Acute.
New York, May ll.���The longshore-
mi n's striki      ���       no chang*,    Bol h
May 14     Danzo  Nak  bl o,
<        m  will    hereafter    bo
Danzo Joni s.    He has be n
I* ;. |1;   . dopVed by John YC Jones and
->. Ifi.  who declare they  will  educ ite
; bi    ���    . nd make him ih* ir heir.
��� v lias  been in ihis country a
. ���  ��� wo.    He ran away from his
in.:.,   in Japan, because, he Bays, he
was   .   Kei-.   tret t*...  and  mail''    his
way ti   Tacoma.   Soon after his   ir-
rival  and  before ho  could  speak     a
word of the English language, he vi is
taken   in  15   Mr   and    Mrs.    j, ���
ranchers on the reservation, an.i thej
have become so attached to hlm that
thej '   w want him for their own s-'n.
Tin'   boj   testified thai   h.    loved his
adopt* d  parents and that  they were
good to him.
terms     ey Ilk* The   shovel   men      einand   sides   mi*    resolute   and  each   asserts
mai late \   b   y io a  month  ins;, a I
-   li :  Mm !"'���     ���
��� nt salarj of $210,
. ��� ,".        I ne w
heen   UvlTlLdilL   JV>!_MDDLL
'   lied,    Mrs V             enorl   I a
ixillai Mm  id    VI* w,   and
at Wesley,    Princes*!
v.        .- Chinese and
...... !               . ...      ..,,..,,..
|  the 1 wil        e woi       i Inal   .vn
...    were
ilth ol    ��� ���   gi
mil i
��� :
���    m .   mosl
��� i:   many
m re   In
��� ,m .     .     \\ hom
get   alonj    n     l.v,
im i      ..     In .��� ���
MM' I     Mi\ -
ti, and linn i  ":
mm:   the na-
���  only na  i '���  |,,p
to   ' I       '   tO!
om    casei     For
lie : iris faithful).! ad
Even,ng Session.
...... ....... ���.
,'. .a.. ���'      Met!    m-'    M    '  nary
ety, thi       '". tern       ��� '     "������<'
lion of tli
RUN  TO  $276 A  TON.
A little domestic  fracas   which  in-
.    i'i  .   two still ���:;.   poll* < -  ���  .. mu  f\-
ii .i ������  ��� null ��� I press : a doz* i   anj   '   Wo-
Ri .i Istoke, Maj   ::     5    iated
an e hy Miss
11     |        Vancou v<    ���:���;������:
to our Ml 3 i' can-
'.;.:. *1 - "    O
u-, ���       ��� . , few well cVisen
why,],     y th*       ���     lent, Mn
���i |.   . . i    tli      an n nn.
li   ���    ,e .,.:���
i   ,.      ,.        : ���   n thi    :.. ilng
,     |ull*l In '���      ; ' ��� ;
' nf the misi   mi
Miss Ethel Han        I* etun   '...is a
,; .,., ,,.,,. mlss|on-   regular treat.   The. lady, starting f-om
.;��� the mosl   rei re tal le "Toronto and using  several m i
. ; waa the marriage , lllttstrnle her remarks, true* d the mis-
hi   Mills, two of whom   sion worl;. and discoursed on Ih
��� ieen and quite unfll to  tions from thn
From Vi to I
mill s  south  of B
half n "    ��� from tin  wi -���   an
���   ���
nd wh
nea iro  v a   ��� r '    '��� -
...      ��� . ct from a       ilng
\ .��� n   : v...   . ; whi        N'ell
= (!'
t the b*    dini
 i ma >;. . olumbln river, I
ner o ......    n ad  of milling
yi    .   m      ..' - i    ?f was oi
lo; of 1
was ill m. ��� . ���    '.��� .. .a
:      ��� MM   M        Tm
:...    ��� ��� nt of iie.' Im i!    and
.      .        . m    ;      , 1-      el    I     . ' .  ��� ll   v ,,..   ... ;' ,
��� :       ��� i m j the wi      bank of t ���       ver,
��� ied by the i -��� nei     etween   Revel   i       i ii
;  .   bouse, All   Bole,      In   furnish      i rered this   Imm en      '     I o
eel  hou      i\.:.-   Intel   rent* I    o   Mi     frei   milling quarts! and located elghl
McDi nald,  an i   lhe  Incldi in      rgol      lalmi    n 11   Tin  lend I   full}   I    I
11  wa    re vl ved
,'e i mm. r tena'nt, In
ride foi   two mih b i'i length nnd  it
thai tin' othei Is losing ground.
Herman  K : Inson, the New    v
��� presentativ*   oi     u    .merle       Fed
eration ol   . ighl    thi    hea
horemen's Pro-
tectivi . , lire il th*   f* d*   i
lion i ould  be ol any assistance In a
lossibl     ��� ���       lenl    of    the    sl Ike
President Connors, of the union! told
him that the       _ers were not ie.. ' In
���" arbitration, and ���'.:. t if th*  steamship companii     wished to comn
. ate   -.* ith  the  strikers,   theii      . it
coul l   ' ome    I      he     mum" hon men's
headquai t*
Fat', ��� J   F      ml y, ol ''     Roman
:��� hi. ti    Pn sl li nl
Conn ' men at-
1 ind i      .1 him
If li*' e.i'i  nol  In ' :���.   : ie   inion  i
real   with   th*       lea    ihi
dm    i 'otinot ���   ���       Ined
that not oi    ���     ' ��� nni.mi w o ild \ a
Intnient of such
Persistent I     lone    li;     th
the nn
ed on thi
linei s  ��ii!i  co I, ill   v.   -;.     This
would    he  the  nib -    ti llln o ���
I In    .           the   itrlket
oonlil    make      Vs It  Is, the    striki
made a dlstlni I i nin j-esterdi \ Ifl gi I
Seattle   F nds  Job  too   Ei��   for  Local
Men to Handle.
Si. ��� May 1..���For tho fl ,.; rm.
in the' history of Seattle a plibli_ improvement of such magnitude thhl lo.
��� . . ictors are unable co ci ii
with it and men from all parts if ;*ie
United S a ���    will be invited ���    rn el
Inl n ���* tltlon, has developed h
��� ::    ed regrade vi Dennj  h y        *
At the mei ting of tli* board nt I
He works this morning City Eiici^'pf
'i  outlined  the   most   r>- <sibi��
method ��� ing the work wh'c i is.
'he Wl      :, .   i ���  , .;  0f ((;   | r!l(,
���  form* .1   :n   a    N"orth��o.'   rn
'. Ipallty,
11   "     ''   ���"  ��� ' ' Ivertlsiug rhfl
_hom the Easl nnd ln-
di y- parts of the coun-
il.��� advoj  i..'  ���!.,. drafting of a
��� with accompanying    maps
n  di (nil   ���'..   woi li   ��� ��� be
Mrs, Taylor, the outcrops from I"" to 200 fei above ibv ting the grain handlers Bl tin
i   rather  star'ling surface, which can be quarried with- more elevators on the    Nevi
city clear through to   i anner  yesterday.    fVI i    noon    a oul any difficulty  and al  ve  ���  lit le harbor fionl   to Btrll*
she carried   Inrt    express wai "i drovi   up to the expense,   During lasl season Mr. Mc- with them,   This meaiiB thai (he ship
ss the Pacific ,'��� theldooi    f the residence, and Uie dnvei   Ka hern did a large amouni of work I P'"* of '''';li"  n',"!1 this port  will be
and    from  pi'  I* '  i -11*�� the house and  coly  In sampling  the property and nearly I greatly retarded.    The ooal  handlern
from   the   Coqualeetzn
Mi'  was e.r consider-
1 and practically covered the
work,   One of the most
lures noticed   In  thn
'bi- pupil's growing loy-
Iveness, hopefulness for
0W11 : dure, anel    the    Interest
, in their several depart-
|l8ofS|    .
���   '.
time keeping
her listeners acroi
siinnv  shores of Japan
to the Chinese kingdom, all the be^an to remove the i'lirniini".   This 10 assays.were made of the rock, giv-
e brlghl and Ins'.'uc- was' promptly resented by the '"'��� ���-< n' :'i" returns of $2.50, $8, $V\ $15, $.o.
., (i   i   . .   ;   i  of Hn' places which occupant, who senl for the police, Be $72 nnd five assays running from $200
In  fancy Blie was travelling through. | fore the arrival of the representativei to the hlghesl of $276 to the ton. For
eedlngs closed with the : re- of the law, the expressman had londed Hos yon: Mr. MoBchern has completed
hanner    and ,.��*Ize most of the' furniture pointed oui  by his assessment and made all arrange-
'ev   Mount Mrs. Taylor, who was present.    The ments for the driving of a 50-foot ttm-
Inslst  that nothing
to Btrike.
��� \ ���
tlon .     iti ]    t.e    the
' '   :   how tha    1,719 000 i ul ie' yards
' ' "' ""l '' o be moved from
7,000   cubic    yards
100    from    private
'  ��� "      -i from (li- ter.
'   ' "' In   Seattle   BJlei
trie eompany trai I ��� ��� Kn,'h daj "'���
''"' wntrai I 15,0.0 i ubio feel muei be
ex* .rn,i.mi
it is asserted In  Thomson thai tl'.'
rersei   ,v",:< CP��W searcelj colt less tnan lu
In aympatln   " "U a  lo :""''   ringing the full
amouni or the contract, Including paving work, up i��. Bonn thing more than
$3,000,000, The ti_rfe suggested by
Thomsoh In which to compl* te the
��ork is thirty months,
will fn luce them
The i roc
s.illation   of   th.
library, which were won
Oni> nf thorn ole!  In-   I'I*m'smiiI   ami   Ladner,
lde   the   presentation       v, -        an.l ib- ::.�� ���.*"..���.-,
Mrs,   r*" :'.ce! policemen   requested   thai   it  bi
-. teacher's ci rtlflcate  Frith   mn
Bpring  nn  the  ground.    The  citizens
by the M*unt  The two women who claimed it. 'irgu- [of Revelstoke will watch with a good
Need Unskilled Labor.
Victoria, B. O., May 14.���The
iiiiind  for unskilled labor in th i
vince  is  such  that  efforts  an'  be.ttg
A  cabin has been erected this I pat forth to induce those, coming t   tn
h .!���".��� <>f  ' il   loud  and loin,', ably assisted by
. ,     'rom the hous.'.   Finally or-
I ���
eachlng since Novem-j books which were won
���  mi of work  pursued   Pleasant circle were taken c
s also given  ancl   b   Ml ��� Copland, and the bai r md
,..., of the Ladner Mission band t-as  dei   was  restored,  the furniture   re-
d t0 the keeping   of    Wss    lac* I in lhe house, and the express-1covery is demonstrated, it will be an-
ne  w
i I"     Of   111"
I Bible r. ���  on
ami tin
.1'ill of Interest the work upon this
property, realizing thai in the pear
future, when the full value of tin- dis-
'   ' ���'"""" ; ,   ,  ,,,...,,    -,-]���, mee'ng /man  paid.    The taunts of
��^re admitted to the  w., . ,-; close   in  h    . ��� n   ; , }
The month of Sep-   benediction beim   b J  ��'��� "BBI
The taunts or the   .M"-
the    i'-
other big asset to this city which will
Ahstralia, en route to San Framtaco,
to stop here.    Large iiumheis    lu ve
i coming on steamers since slcm-
M'i'iie1!!   running  from   A'ls: alia
to San Francisco.    To meet the de-
Mall Crushed.
le.      Trinidad,  May    11 ���Tho    'Jr*t>Je._d
KO-   mall has Been suffering of la'e from
the cruel wtwlt of the car whee'a    a
number of (lines retjently the .'arks
!'"v'' ' '' drawn beneath the ^he.-is
and th*' contents of the station ou a
curve it Seems impossible to lan; the
slides safely from n train movi.i'; from
forty to fifty miles an hour. In cr-
Ider properly  to protect  the  malt, it
cnand, Japanese are being broufht ir
from Honolulu. Tbe Monlmn, wli'ch j seems necessary' that a _!,.-��� ,-,;..,-
derive benefit from the expio-' i'on arri*'ed today, broflghi nearly 300 of be place,) upon No. 1 and No"" while
and mining of so big a proposition,     thes.-. # passing the station. THE  DAILY  NEWS.
(By   Miss  Copeland,   Vancouv-n.
The mission circle is one of the
most important branches of the missionary work, because it has under
its control the educating of the young
in missionary subjects���subjects that
seem to be very uninteresting to those
who have never'attended these meetings. It is Important, because if
conducted In the pfoper way. it may
be the means, used by Clod, of calling
some to devote their lives and talents
for ilis service, not only at home, but
unto the uttermosl parts of the world.
This ia alsee the work of the band;
but the members of the band are
usually very young and nof old
enough to Know what they are called
to do, whereas the members of the
circle are at the age when they should
lecide for whin work tbey are best
What is the work of the mission
circle? li Is to create a missionary
spirit among those who already take
some Interest in it: and also to help
spread the gospel among the heathen
��� thus carrying out Christ's last
Command, "Go ye Into all the world
and ireach the gospel to every creat-
'uro." How then is this work lo bo
done with the besl results?
In the first place 'Mich circle should
have for i:s superintendent one who is
fully qualified; i. e., one who is not
only interested in the work, but who
knows a great deal about it. and also,
one' who would be liked by all the
girls In her society. The officers, also
should be Christians who understand
tbe  value of the work.
Having good officers there will be
no difficulty in keeping the members
Interested, but the work of everyone
will be to gel others interested, and
'" do this, the meetings should be
conducted in such a way as to make
everyone feel that they are losing
something by not attending, jf the
members feel this, they will naturally
- .��� ik to all their friends and in that
.v.-ey  draw   many of the m>'.-' in - -.
There   are many  v ���        In     ��nich
n etings   may   be  made    Inl   res In i
Th      'ogram of each m* e ing should
be   a ranged   beforehand,   hymns that
��� .    : be .- ii:.- __��� to the meeting pick ���
ed out, also some one chosen to rea i
'the   scripture   lesson.     If  held in  the
[church, the room should be decorate'
and   maele  as inviting  as   possible.
Soui" special study should be taken
,up in :he meetings, because this very
often   leads  one'  to   think   during   the
week of whai  is to be taken up at
the next meeting.
The watch-tower is also very helpful and shmilei be taken up by every
circle', because in the missionary papers   there  are  some  -if   the   most   in-
1 !
teresting   letters,   and
work tha' is being done, which would
perhaps never be heard by sonic girls,
if mot in this way. At om- band at
the .lapain.se' mission, the witch-tower has proved to be very Interesting
and helpful. Of course our hand does
not consist only of little ones as it
Is an auxiliary circle' and hand combined, and we noi only have the little
oiies take pan. but also the older ones.
Everyone has been listened to the accounts telling of the work that is be-
Ing done.
Another verj good plan for keeping the Interesl of the members and
also for drawing the members nearer
to Christ is to study the missionaries
themselves, Learn their names, follow up the work they are doing, and
also write them helpful and encouraging letters.
Then again, we have every *>ppor-;
tunity of doing missionary work at
home. v,'e have fapanese, Chinese and
Indians all him nnl us, who know nothing o! Christ. We have missions
where' there' is always work that can
I e done. Even a song given by some
igirls of a circle in one of the mis-
sions would no! only be helpful to
the listeners but would lead the girls
to see the character of the work that
is being done far away in foreign
These are plans for Increasing Interesl and missionary zeal; how is a
circle to help sjiread the gospel in
heathen lands? The members of the!
circle can assisl in two ways���bj giv
Ing of their means and hy prayer.
When the girls know that what they
are doing is going to bring encourage'.
ment to some missionary and Christ
to someone who is living in heathen
darkness, then there is Interest and
willingness on all sides
There are many ways of raising
money, but the most important, I
think, is that given willingly by the
girls, either through the mite boxes
or through some work tbey have done.
The money that comes from these
sources show selfdenial and love for
those who know not Christ.
Anoilier very good plan for raising
money is making an autograph guilt,
Of all the plans we tried on Mi.
Pleasant, nothing proved to bring oul
the Interest and work eel th<> girls,
more than the making of the guilt
which we sent up north. Many times
[ I heard girls saying   "No one kn iws
I bow  much  good   that   quill   might do.
1 li will not only help to keep some' one
warm, but the verses on i:  might lead
; them to enquire about Christ. And
then the fifty-dollars we raised from
the names will also help a great deal."
Then again the girls can use their
talents and gives a social or enti. -
tainnient, by which they may raise
much money.
But after all, will just the carrying
out of these many and varied plans
lead to the results we are seeking
al'ier? The question is often raised:
"What new methods or means can we
employ to stir a deeper and more' universal interest in our missionary
work? We spend much time in arranging programs, obtain interesting
speakers and int ro,luce novel means.
These are all good in their way, and
perhaps necessary as adjuncts, but
tbey are of absolutely no permanent
or real benefit unless underneath and
through all shall pulse the continuous
anil earnest prayers of both officers
and members.
The    Twentieth    Century    mission
circle Is m   m < the  u e wl         efficer.-
an l members find themselves al   the
,.. . .    r the yea         ring    ad giving
mmm i thai    t the I   sinning    '' Is
, ., iety  which has -aim i  In spirit o
et ful set   Ice at i In       ' wln
ith* s to C ist's cause. Prayer def-
initel; for some in* mean-, an 1 inti   est  in that  cause. ',,,n  working for
; al '.:: ���. makes il seem v* orth while.
Thus we see hove God's spirit works
through us upon others It lias always been so. God uses those who
are intimate with Him. Then it Is for
us all to increase in faith and works
by the prayer method���the only Invaluable and divine method.
Great Northern Ra
V. VV. & Y.
Lewi Dally NEW    VVESTMLVSTE 1                        ^    .
a -.a   :i m .' Line, Bellingham, Burling   ��    Me.
';.'���-,   ���, :n rnon,  Everett, Seattle,  " .   :
1:;;-,   p ;,. s eokane,St.Paul,and aii polnj - :���:, ���
9:20 a m
3:00 p ni
9:55 p m
12:10 a m
Anacortes, Woolley, Rockpi
����    M'U
,    ;'--"   ;>;:,
m        "The Owl,"  between Seattle,  Ne��       ., ������,,  . -
Westminster & Interme Mate p i
...ive   New  Westminster  for  Quichon    3:50      m,
chon 6 p.m., MoBday, Wednesday, Friday,
:45 a.m. arrive from   liiichoii. 9:10a.m. Lv, I
2 Daily  Overland  Trai ns 2
Spokane, St. Paul, Minneapolis, Winnipeg, Duluth, _     lg0 g,
Louis    and    all    points   Mast.
For complete Information, rales, berth reserval
on or ad Iress,
_ of Com .; ���:''��� ��� Buildinj
P. C.  MEYERS,   \ .������
New We.-
II. M. ADAMS,  \
���y-.w. sti ee
I.   I'll!
jtnili   ...   i, (���
'flic Mm
Hon .-mm on,   -��� .
Clearing-out Sale of Odd Lines at givin .: ..  y priced
See our Window and Door.
'l>   0*   *********  *     *      *      >     *     *     *     *      *
3'D   EXPECT   TO   DO    A    VERY    RE-
stricted business if we confined ourselves
to any certain make of shoes, as only a
limited  number of persons stick to a specified
We buy the choicest and best of many different makes, so that everybody, no matter what
their shoe preferences, can get complete satisfaction without difficulty.
We ask you to see the latest styles put in
stock this week. We can interest you in new
ideas of SHOES.
illy  .Miss  Winter. New West minster. I
Mj theme today Is rather a difficult .
one, as It i overs so much ground   or
water, we woul.I say, after looking at
the maps.   I believe th il :��� ui ��Ish for.
hints to leaders as to the ways of
[taking up the studj of the missionary
| effort in the islands of the sea.   Firsl
of all a good map like this one Is required and then I woul 1 _* I  a...mm lals
for the making oi a map by the children themselves for ve "learn \   tl  -
ing" and what our brains i>la:    n '  ���
ban.Is do our memoi les i etaln. Th .
are \ irlous ways of making progres-
I give  ma] -    for  this  a  sand   table  Is
nev the bi si as II a i ... d li - and has
tee be r. modele I.   Relief maps In i   ���
are   good  bul   are  a   ;i r-al     deal    of
bother,   pulp  maps   made   b>   s   iking
torn  paper   until   It   Is   redui ed
thick  pliable  substance    are    i
made and can be palnti i bul the easl -
esl   though   slightly   mosl     expet    n
material is plasticine I will sh iw
; yoii how it Is used by my klnderga   ���
children.   .Vow -,\ It h      ioa  I as large
. or larger than this m ip, painl ��� ��� bin
i and a f iw pounds of tinte l    lasticine,
pictures, and pin flags, and ihis '....;
.one could  have a series of  very Interesting    and    Instructive      les   n
There   i e as many differ* nt  ways of
proi" lure as  Ihere are ieadei - so if
you will allow me I will confine m: -
self to what I thinle woul I be mj way
if I  were privileged to take up this
work  with a bright band.
Firs-    of    all, proceeding    by
psychological method "froi i the known
to  the   unknown,"  have  a   Ifttle   talk
on our own  Vancouver Islan i  kn iwn
more or less to all our children   How
did if .eet its name? Who -a.m.-, Capt.
i Vancouver?    How long ago  was   it?
Conditions   here  al   the   time
visil ?    in.lie ite on the fnap his prob-
. le course md lea l the childi en a
' tl oughts out  over  the   I road   Pa* Iflc
with Capt. Vancouver an I Capl   Cook
and   make  them  in  ImaglnaUon
coven rs  of these   11 -���- il   n    islan.is
To my mind much   if the Interesl and
success of the ye ir  I    ends u ion the
vividness   with   which   this   flrsl   '���
in Is com ��� :. " i and pres* n
l    m  the   clif late      ige   14   bol mica!
note       nd   pages  91,   : j and  93   will
I   '     ui   one's  In igin tion     in tal
i.'.M to children one need nol be aft il I
of being too plctur 'S |ui even a little ��� _l   i'. . mum.    in    on   -    language
\    ise their  Interesl
li aglnal I m al an:   ral
:'i. ��� ire    the    days,      . ee  -      even
.. inth -   if  ��� illing th    i   Im   le* p    '  ���
he      nnj   skle?   th      .arm   p* r-
:' en." 1 air, the entering of   he     ' i
lid   Pearl   Ha    ot     Tl ������    .tn ,'
, | ,.      ' ��� '     I    I    , M      '1 10 _
With tin   shuttle of the   I na -iti ition
weave   garmenl i of        It       tor all
cis ��'hlch   yon   -1 al  to  ; ��!%S_E__P!^!?aul_?_^
elr.ui.    Have    ne of the    land who had
irevlousl        ������ ',     | I    desi rib*
arani    of    he Island    and  ll
less, h      y, kindly n - ���'
|   -. rl     I        .-""ve ns m
beautifi Ictiin
���' ��� ,    m���������   life  In  ill- and oi
��� he   ii      the    Icturesqu     ���.     i
thei . '      I decora
Ir  1
le '    ,.!;..''    r      lliembl
Inrkness  ind ��� ;
B. C. Mills, Timber and
Trading Company
Manufacturers and Dcali-rt in Al! Kin i      '
Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,    Mouldings,   5 ish,   Door_
Interior Finish,     1 urned  Work.    Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Larr.e Stock Plain and Fancy Gla**.
Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining.
Royal City Branch, Columbia St.
Telephone 12.
New Westminster i
<t **> 94 ** *.-'-   ���������'   ���:��� :���   "���'   .>*������������������ ** **>  .,
The Schaake Machine Works,
New Westminster,
to. L..
To |��i loi    ���".- ��� ��� is *
i ' Ip of the ti
ture   theii   frightful   ��� ���    ���   illty,   inn
the tabu can bi  dw ill   i ion   ind tllus.
trated, their hideous cruelty in offei
In      human    sacrlfli e .   cannlh i I   i
���.vi:li i a horrors, |heir cea
and   Lhe  common   ...   II e  ol       I ���
their children, their  n   ���     Gods,  etc.
All   these   show   bul   too    ilalnl;   the
rlnrl     Ide of the picture    Stevenson's
"So��s  of  Rahoro"  might \    Paid-up Capita!, $10,000,000.      Reserve Fund, $5,
rend   o Ihem, a : full as ll Is of "local
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
color," an i   tilcl urlns
��� '   .rly    th
B,  E,  WALKER, President.
- I
ALEX.   LAIRD, Geaerai
Business ma,   be transacted by mall   with   any
branch  of !
1, 3��
chii I Ition - '. efore  th    Intro hit I: ���
Chrlstlanll  .
\   ' bird  le i   ei    .:. il,]   ���   ...   ,..   ������ ,
story of Hie flrsl  mis Loi irii i   o thl
Mi'ieiiii and here musl       i_ld In s?re iter detail the story of the effeel on the '
i. fives' m Ind i ol   Ll Ca|
Cook and Metcalf and the effor    made ������>nes_ ma,    e transacted by mai    with   any   nnm* ^
m   Capl   Vanci iver        ndo thesi   111     Accounts ma;   be opened, and deposits  made or withdrawn! b;
Davl    ai '   '' Bntlon Is paid to-out-oMown accoun ts,
"     M ":l"1 "p  P&*�� :;'�� OPEN'   SATURDAY   EVEN INGS, 8 TO 9 O'CLOCK . . -cnAY, MAY  15,
aiBBl��___MMB*ja^MBMa j
._-..'..i;.-... .-..v. :_.'-t;. - T.. ��� ai___i'i,i_i'"if,;-/.
nrHE success that attended the sale of lots in Hill-
I   crest has encouraged the owners of a new subdivision, known as Baynescroft Park, to place
this valuable property on the market at public reaction.
BAYNESCROFT PARK comprises 1112 lots, well
located in Burnaby, close to the city limits, and commanding a glorious view of the surrounding country.
BAYNESCROFT PARK lots are 33x141, frontin
on 66-foot streets and running to lanes.
*        ^__L * ' i- Of al O / �� I J      .-..._���
"V ���vjTJ^rV   *~. .v.      . /*  ���
(Continued from
Igi     mn.e
_ __/.  /OC ���/ ,nri '
���   ��*!-���*���    I
_ Vt nu
i    ��� ���". *./-...'
*i r    U-
i'i   .
I/(Mil ./...��� . ���:.'!
.-��.       .M      '   ���,,-
.-       ,       .-.'
. C -, .'. . -"
...      /     ,  v .'   <*>,,.- I   _ - .   -. .      -..,-../ ;
*    ' ���'" ,        "
it a ll ii ,f > j B  7 . | J 4 1 ll  i - '   .       o ��;��!7 ;��!_:/;. |. |e
N   _   W
��' _   _ T   M I   N   S.   T
Cj!,T   V
_  R
;     i
C ��� ,   i
��� ^H<-i       ���**����.-?"��-     Q* ��NU t     -a<"*-    ;     it I*
'^>*lWtf��'��*-i'''V#"'t'j'  **   *
The sale will be held in New Westminster, in the
offices of W. J. KERR, at 276 and
278 Columbia St.,
Tuesday, May 14,8 p.m. sharp
etlc Btory of Obooklah, a failure a_ the
world counts success, but what a glorious Inspiration liis failure' wns. when
bis death wns the means of sending
si ven in his stead.
Here a member ol the band could
relate Ihe caui e an I d imatic circumstances e.f :lic overthrow of Idolatory
and the breaking of the tabu,
Still   tln>   missionaries  found   it   no
easy task to secure an opening, why?
.8  we all  know, ii   was  the evi]  Influence of unprincipled white traders.
"He  thai   gathereth    npl     with    me
' li reth :e  road." Hots   ver, ��� he com-
; ig . .' in w faith found us alw a; s with
waiting  heart -   to   wi Icome    II    an I
thrilling tales of the new eon-
��� s can I'' '< in.I \ ������ 'mm these one
lha! will hold tii" ' Sill Ir* n ati '��� -
-' :'" storj ef Ki iolani's visit to
""!"��� Others also a i toi 1 or read b*
different nn mber ���������. I help make a
���*-'��� Inte reefing m* tin; Tales alio
��� .  ..   ��� :    so! Hers i ' cross, such
Til        Coan,    Hir _      Bingham,
'��������� '������  '������'��� llliani   Rii liar Is,  Ri   .  William
tr mm.   Rev.   Peter    Gulii k    an:
ai long    the    Hawaiian?    thi mselve
��� ho answered the Maced mian call ol
'li ir  ! ��� athen   I rethren,    Kauwealohi
'���������'���  EC* ;la, tales of these    men    ai '
.'   brave   wives  will   fi ������  the  enthusiasm  nf our childr* n
Next I would take up the estab-
. lishnienl of the * arlj Christian
m1. irch with its sm cesses and fail-
uri s, and th* n asons fo such, the
moral reforms ina lgurati I, the es-
tal llshmi al b; the "Bill of Rights," of
th* laws of civilized nations nnd the
. i ie ation il effort pul forth.
i'.e si nl needs and conditions and
our moral responsibility, thesi island-
���iM- being our next door neighbors,
will provide us with a fruitful topic
for a "talking-it-over meeting, which
should prove profitable and stimulating to the leader, Material 'io;- this
can ' ������ easily obtained by diligent
searching of papers and magazine.and
in anj one of a lon_ lis: of books
.iven  in   tin"'   back of our text  I ook.
should endeavor to live consecrated
lives, remembering daily our members al a Tbi on* of Grace. Withoul
<eiir Father's wise guidance we are
quite unprepaii d to do this worl
although we maj Interest thorn in different ways, Om- one aim and object
should bi to ��le, each girl for Christ.
There is mj literature we introduce
Into our work which is more appn -
elated than the bible. We have therefore Introduced a fifteen minutes talk
on the "Sabbath School" lesson for
ihe following sabbath, the teachers
taking the lesson In turn. We have
found i: necessarj to be fullj organized, Each teacher takes the responsibility of a certain number of girls
and keeps a list of their names and
addresses. Should any member ab-
senl  herself  for more than    two    01
'!.  meetings she endeavors to vl II
the Iiimiii s and Interesl herself In the
��� ''in.' as well . -lu children. Whi n
we have th* sj'mpathy of the parents
In our work, we h ive won the chlld-
: en : s a  rule,
In ordei ���.. , e . ���   ;;, the inteiesl an 1
��� ���' 'li .    even    .  small   amouni
work, v i' dei Id* l to meei week!). ���'���
fee ol ti-. cent ei month pa .
mi the first Thu day, is * ban ed ;n
order to defr: the i _p* ns.s of i wii ���:.
mati rial, 11 ���. This is net ��� rally
compulsar* ��� il we havi : iun I I
��� h Is willing to li' lp along with tl. ���
work in this wny. w* are i leas .1 to
... able :.' '��� ei you (.:' our f;. e will ol
��� ring :.i Easter, which amounted to
nine dollars. Each girl earned her
donation at home working for mother
in different ways. Ohm little girl w<
might specially make mention ol
Hei i nvelopi c i taine 1 fe rty c* I
i asked her how sh'- had earned so
much��� for w* bad found her of rath* ���
an indifferent disposition���she said
by "filling the wood box twice a day."
Besides instilling n spirit for mis-
sionary work we thought the children
would be niaele more useful at home.
Each girl had the privilege *'f telling
how hor donation had been earned,
We find six or <iuln pupils quite
enough for on*> teacher to take care
of if she expects to accomplish g iod
work. Xo idle moments should be
allowed, it' possible. W< try as fai
as possible to vary the exercises nnd
work for each meeting. When we
find all  kinds  of work  a  little tire
some,   we     spend  one   hour   chatting
over the work and drawing from each
j girl   her ideas,     li   is    profitable    to
spend th*' time as pleasantly as possible,  Introducing  a  social   gathering
or concert every second month. There
is   greal     scope    for good   Christian
work amongs! our sirls. ami in ��� rdei
to have this accomplished, each teai b
er should   endeavor  to   be  with   he
girls at every meeting, showing tha
she has their welfare at heart    Man
more might be added to our numbe
if ]>ersonal work  In  the homes    and
prayerful consideration  were the two
special  features of our work.
Rushton & Speck
We also do all  kinds
of   eeneral   repairing.
Sign   Man  on  Wheel.
imbla St. New Westminster,
Phone 275
$250 Reward
D* ��� ted from th*' stea
\... dfe I, al the Fraser Rh r
Sawmiies. a Chinaman, aged abou:
58, five feet nine inches in height,
sail iw complexion, fuce wrinkle:,
stoop in shoulders, was wearing
ov 'rails when last seen. The
above reward will be paid by the
ci. tain ol the S.S. Woodford I i
an; one giving information causing
the apprehension of the sal l
In Hie
Kenney's  Restaurant
Open All Night
rich  garden   soil,   natural   drainage. EAYNESCROFT   PARK   is
15 easy  to  clear
close  to  the  car
This   is  your   chance   to   secure Cheap  Suburban   Property   at  your  own  price.
TERMS :   One-quarter cash, balance 6,12 and 18 months. 7 per cent interest
Xmv I have taken Hawaii rather fully  '
as a model plan for the study of each
group ns the map progress* s.   1 would '
;siM!_-.-'  thai  pictures be used largelv I
i'i  ��� ��� Is connection an:  also thai  pin
flaes with names or dates be struck
t in the Islai Is to refresh the memory.
Vlso   1   wo ild   advocate  five    minute
Irills   iff* ;  this fashion: "Whal mis-
tI ���:: r    ���. m*   tn  Hawaii    In    i S22.'"
"Wh ��� w - K* I ��� :'- ?" 'Wl en   lid Kape-
oh "��� visit Pele?"   Wl   I do the H w-
ali  ;���. o; le look   like        If your   ;���:���> -
��� ie ii 1- q lick ami mi rry, tl^e child ���< n
will  thoroughly   enj      il      \ fti r the
itud     of  each group,  a      dssl marj
! I drill on thi   lini s of thi   n gular ol 1 I
|ITUV:.^'7__,_W_^--7.^2E^_:_^. ������-,!?inK 'ashione.   spelling   match,   with   per-
I haps  a  little   prize  foi   the one  \*'
I slays ;i|i  longest,  wo ,'. 1   be  of  vi :������
I both In fixing facts ln the :' min 1; an 1
in   rove iling  tei onesell   the   strength
! eir weakn* ss of this method.
Briefly tlien my plan for each jrroup
would be on ibis outlin*
i   Formation,   . ppi     ince,     .  geta- .
tion and climate of islan Is with description of native popnla ;.",i and their
means  of livelihood an I    produ l .
activities, if any.
2. Heathen conditions   ��� Im] Ij    told
:i I illustrated by Siorli s
::.  \( counts   i ���'   fii il        isslonaries
with all possible Inter* stli i Information,
i   Re - ptl in  of e .. ,    .  Illlu -
ted       Fully i I! Ie
���   Gr* wtl     f Chrl     - Ince its
li  ���..;.: tlon; n s ilts and   resenl   oi
I ���. mi    ... | pe* Is
:*���     Ll   ___���__���_���__���_���__���__������-___  ���_���_____���_��� ttlWlll     I  ���     I'I     ���    * �����������
The Finest and Large ' "toe!.; of Fun it re is to be seen at FALES.
Our clearance sale is still on.   Over $l..,.0fl stock still to go.
Now goods arriving daily.   Latest styles and best finishes.
W. E,
5;   710 and 71S Cclumtia. St.      Fcur  Floors.      Rear Extension, Front St.   >'
;���;        g
>:��;>���'���''��:������;'���:>.���<..>:���<>������<:���.>;.��;;���;;<>. ���;>''��..t':f>.;��:v>:>':*''*>"
Jrand Trunk
lExcellent Train Service Bet^'een
iie a go, London,
Hamilton, Toronto,
lontreal, Quebec,
Portland, Boston,
��'       lhe pr ".,-'; al businessc* nt* rsof
IO, Ql i- ill-:*' and  the MAIM
B   I I'Al.o, NEW   i'ORK     ���
[���'��� ' HIA, via  Niai ara  Fall
I ��� Tables, etc., address
GEO.  V,'.  VA'J>'.
' ��� n'i Passenger and Tickel
Adams St., Chica o til.
' iins Every Day in the Ve ir
Trains Daily
Travel on the Famous
Electric-light ���<! train.   Low Rates,
Quick Time. Excellent S* rvice.
New York, Chicago,
Toronto, St. Paul
Steamshir Tie   its on sale to all European p ants.
Special   Reduced   Rates   Round   Tri;
Rates  to   Southern   CalilOi-iiia.
For full informti* n call -'i or write
i.'. E, LANG, General Agent,
430 Hastings St., Vanci uver, B. C.
Portland, Or*
Canadian Pacific
Victorfa Day Excursion.
T      ts will 1       Id to all ' m al points at
for eli" r.iunel trip.
Tie]   .    on   sale  May 22, 23 and _-l;
id ip to ] 'n;. _7.
ED. t;ni i.i. r.
r. r. k. Agent,
Ne.*-.   Westminster,
Minneapolis, St. Paul
,   '���    NORTH-WESTERN.    LTD.
the newest    .md best ideas
;"lh electricity
^"''"''y   illuminated   train   in
���   ���     "ii-  equipment   consists  of
""mpartment   cars,   standard
is  lighted   with
gas;,  the   most
r'      n  Bleepers, luxurious dining
��� reclining chair cars (seat? free).
������n  day  coaches  and  buffet,  li-
|5V ��nd smoking cars.
lUrth    1.'""'   la,,1<-'s.  Folders,  nr  any
1  ' "T '"formation  call  on   or   write
?20 Second Avenue, Seattle, Wash
Spokane falls & Northern Hy Co.
Kelson & ft. Sheppard Ry. Co.
Red Mountain Ry. Co.
The   only  all   rail   route   between   all
points east, west and south to  Ross
land   Nelson and intermediate points
connecting al Spokane with the Greal
I Northern, Northern Pacfic mid O. K.
& N. Co. .,'___*
Connects at Rossland with the Canadian Pacific Railway for Boundary
' Creel; points,
Connects at Meyers Falls .with
stage *'iily f"r Republic.
Buffet service on trains between
Spokane and Nelson,
Effective   Sunday,
The White Pass
and Yukon Route
FAIRBANKS.    Daily  trains  (except
I Sunday)   carrying   passengers,   mail,
express   and   freight   connect   with
'. stages at Carcross and White HCrse,
naintaining a through winter service.
Koi  in formation apply  to
J.   II.   ROGERS, Traffic  Manage^
Vancouver.   B.  C
L(,ave Day Train
n 20 a.m Spokane
p.m Rossland
November    ic,
g.40 a.m.
, .Nelson
..".ts p.m.
...|io p.m.
.. 6.45 -P-m
"The Milwaukee"
The Pione��r Limited" St. Paul to
Chicago, "Short Line" Omaha to
Chicago, "South West Limited"
Kansas City to Chicago.
No trains in the service on any
railroad in the world that equal in
equipment that of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway. They
own anil operate their own sleeping
ami (lining cars on a 111 their trains and
jive their patrons an excellence of
1 service not obtainable elsewhere.
il. S. ROWE, Genera! Agent,
1 i.i Third St.. cor Alder, Portland, Or.
1 By Miss M   C. Jeffs, l;!t?nt Ml
. 'i Band   Van   1 1 rer. 1
Tin' papi r which  1  1 en r*
quested lo prep "'������ la 1 ne ��hich I
almosl hesitate In attempting m account of Hi*' great Importanci mm
nl in ii. Upon 1 his training depend 1
'lie. future eaccess of the w 11' of .mr
church, The training of the :��� oun -
minds we- consider one of the mos!
Importanl duties In connection with
Christian work of today. ;\iy expe.-
Ii nee in ihis l ranch of worl.. haw boon
ii' ilted, an.i I realize that one of wider
knowledge would be better fitted to
prepare a paper which ls expected I >
contain such useful Information and
help for other workers, However,
one can only do their best and tinder
the circumstances 1 think i: wise to
��� ive' my personal experience in onr
"Band" work in Princess Streel
rhurch, We were organized lasl July
with a membership <-,i sixteen. We
now number l" members an 1 have
five regular tea.che.8. Our w 1
amongst the girls has been verj
couraglng for the teachers, We, who
undertake    sueh    importanl    w irlt
i" acres, i miles from town; suitable for r..,it and poultry, Price,
Per --'"������    $60.00
U acres, 3 miles from town, frame hou-'*. barn and outbuildings; 13
frail      ��� s   nd small fruit,   Price, terms   $26::,0
:r. ��� ' road -2S acres, S miles from town: 7 acres cleared, barn and
I  od house; good water; convenient to school.    Price  ....$1700
THOS. T. PLAnSOfv, fV7an.-ger
to raise good tock Is good FEED, We keep the best and the
best only. Make your chickens lay by giving them good feed.
Strengthen your live .stock by building up bone ami muscle,
and use CAHNEFAC.
LADIES have you tried the Pastry Flour made by the Eburne
Milling Company, If not Telephone 333 and try It; the results
obtained   are excellent.
nr~"    THE   DAILY   NEWS.
A* ); ...
Pu    shed by the Daily News  Pub-
No lumpiness in  WINDSOR
tehing   Company   Limited, their       TABLE  SALT.      Each   pure,
offices,   corner   of  Sixth  and!   Knal        jh      ^    ���      k separate.
streets, New Westminster, B. C. '
E.   A.  Paige Manage
���        retaining all it�� natural strength.
Transient   display   advertising,   10
cents ;.er line (nonpareil), 1- lines __
the   inch.      Five   eents   pcv  line   for.
subsequent Insertions.
Heading notices, bold face type, 20 ,
cents  per  line, brevier  or  nonpareil, i ,	
10 cents per line.
For   time    contracts,   special    posi-  GREATER SEATTLE HAS POPULA
tions, apply to advertising manager.
TION   OF   232,300     SOULS���CITY
PROPER   NEARLY   200.000.
Notices of births, marriages or
deaths, 50c. Wants, for sales, lost
or found, rooms to let, etc., one cent
per word. Xo advertisement taken
for less than 25 cents.
Seattle, May    11. ���Greater   Seattle
TELEPHONES. has ., popuiation of 232,300.
Day Office   A22 j    This  estimate  is  made    by   R. L.
Night Office   ,. .B22  p0ik  &  Co.,   and   Is  based  upon   the
Polk Citj   directory to   be   published
WEDNESDAY, MAY 15,  1907.
Among the changes brought about
by Mr, Bryce's break Into the ranks
of the diplomats, is the promotion to
full i ablnei rank of the son of \ ernon
Harcourt. Hi* entrj into the minor
ilrcle of the ministry recalls the fact
bat in the days of Liberal dissension
Mr. Lulu Harcourt was described by
Lord Rosebery's adherents as an arch-
intriguer, He was not then in ihe
House, inn he was frequently in the
lobby, as his father's secretary, an.l
it was supposed that he pulled political wires,   it may be difficult to re-
about   the    middle    of   the    present
month, using a multiple of 2 1-1 in the
computation.    A  multiple of 2  1-2  is
usually taken tee estimate populations,
' and the only excuse offered  for the
!usp of the  lower multiple Is  that ;t
I would be better to underestimate the
population   of Seattle'   rather than   to
overestimate jt
This estimate includes Ballai 1. ��� Q
South Park, Columbia and Southeast
Seattle, now in course "r annexation,
and Wes' Seattle, Alki Point, youngs- ,
town. Rainier Heaeh and Georgetown,
which will undoubtedly be annexed to R
Greater Seattle within a short time.
Seattlo and the territory already in
course of annexation has a population
of 220,100, while Seattle proper, without any of the new  territory nddM
conclle  the  reputation which he for-
,,���,.....   ,,   ,   ��� ���.,   ., .   .     i within the  last  month, has a popula
me.l.    had   with the    characteristics  ,. ,. 1rii. ,  ,       ,  ,_  ,���,
now familiar to members���the soft
voice, the languid manner, the con-
ciliatoi v demeanour, the pei feet, old-
world, elaborate courtesy. Anyhow he
is now happy in his political life, and
���"��� '���'-s under a leader whom he loves. '
tion of 196,000, based on the number
of names in the new city directory.
This shows an increase In the city
proper of 20,000 within a year. Populations of other years compared:
1870        1,107
1880        3.533
1890      12,847
1900      8D,671
1906 170,000
1907    2:12.300
5 roo     Cottage;    good location;    block from car.
5 room Cottage;    lol In garden;    modern convi lien    -
6 room Cottage (new)    on ear line;    all conveniences.
6 room Cottage;    2 lots in fruit trees;    good location.
!��� rooms; lot 50x150, In garden;  modern conveniences
7 room House;   all conveniences; close In;    lot 66x132.
0 room House (central i; corner lot; lane In rear; (66x1   -
fi  room  House;    mo.lern conveniences;    on ^'u. St.
(i room   House;    close to bridge;    corner lot.
fi room Cottage;    corner lol 82x132;   lane In rear.
6  Me >m  House;    modern;    lot  64x160;    all In I
S roo     House, on Col imbla St.;    all i   n . uiien   s,
5 room Cotl ige;    beautiful lai 1 out  grounds an    hedges
1' room new   House;    grounds  I I2x 1 .- .
5 room House on car line;    lot   66x150. ;* .
12 room ii mse, neai 6th St, and Qu sen's   _\ ���.
10    >"iei House;    all conveniences;   close In.      \
i: room cottage, 1 groun Is, on P escoti   Si .   i
cash.    Price 	
:���_' room house, wl h fine orchard, _ lots on 3rd S :
S room h iuse on 6th SI . below 5th Ave., I 2 cash i
i; room house, semi modern, corner 6th Ave.,  llth St,
1-2   cash.      Price	
Hous.' and 2 lots on 10th Ave', for	
N'evi lioiis.- and two lots "n  12th St., 1-2 cash  	
7 room house on Agnes St., 1-2 cash.    Price 	
7 room modern liouse. with 2 lots, on   Ith   Ave
l_  room  modern bouse on Columbia St., $1700 casb     p
7 room house and large stable,   I'h   Ave-., ith  Sl    <	
���   ��� e. .ilanr.
1, 2 and 3 years al  6 per cent,    Price ...
.     ..
 ���   >":A
 ������ Sn
. ,
HALE & LANE, Real EdateJ^j
248 Columbia St., NEW WE_5TMINSTEr7_uT
Phone   335 ,��. o. Hox
Established 18S7
! Gilley Bros.
*    WELL
{    WELLIN  . ���   m-���   -,\ :���...:  ..,   -.;   i
Wholesale and Retail
John Burns is another of the Imperial ministers who is a good deal
"in ih*' lime light," as we say in this
country,   Xo one doubts his loyalty to
principle or  his  courage  in  standing _	
by his cdnvictions; bul some manni r-
isms  are disappearing,    Tbe  familiar Cricket.
blue jacket   is exchanged   sometimes      -'4!   ���'  committee  meeting    of     tii
for a coai���a shorl morning coat  and   cr'c'iel   f,'"'J   held   las;   night   in   :ho
the change in clothes may be symbol-   Su Barnabas Parish rooms, the play-
ical   Office and ..owe... musl bring re-   ers   !l'""1   w'""n   wi"  be   picked    ihe
strain! and some conventionally oven   fw,'lv*' !i'  meel   Victoria on  Saturday
to Air.  Burns.    Hen  bis energy, swift-   'v":'' <],/,<"v- *i"hose selected weie:   F.
ness and  vehemence are as  great  as   '''  PJerce- captain, .1. Chappell, L    \.
If youi   hous.'.   furniture   or other propertj   Is nol   Insu     I,  give
us a call.   We represent the following leading insurance companies:
HARTFORD  CO..  (Incorporated        1810
CONNECTICUT  CO.,   (Incorporated!       1350
INS. CO.  OF   N.  AMERICA   (Incorporated!       179-1
PHENIX    OF   BROOKLYN (Incorporated)      1353
These old reliable companies have paid  lollai  for ii   everj
great fire since their incorporation.
White, Shiles & Co.
260 Columbia Street, New Westminster. B. C.
Phone 85.
This   celebrated   C iment   is
J  used by nearly all large e ��� ntracl ���
MANIT03A  WOOD Fibre     {
PR_.:5E_   FACE   BRICK.
F. - ��  BR 2:<.
FIRE     CLAY     an.     MANTEL {
Fron j
��� ors in tl ��� Provin ��� ���.
��� ;
X Telephones:  Office 16,    Manager's Residence 22!
��� >���
************************** ***********************m
1 '���'������������    He is still one   of the    mosl
J.   Davis.   A.   Howard,   F
vivacious  figures  in   the lobby,  talk- S- Cameron. '������ Schroeder, ('.   Purvis,
ing   gaily   and   intensely   with   many T'   S' Annandale,  .1.  Barlow,  Rev.  C. j
..  and darting a Mian,... ovei    liis VV   Hoi'Shton,   '���  "��� Vidal, A. Malins,
Ider   to  see   if  he   is   observed. T'  Mal nn"y  and   E'   ri:if'f'l!H'      !'""i'''
Other greal politicians may enjoj no- '!'""" li!'""" '!"v'""''s ��f the English
loriet;    .,-   much   as   Mr.   Burns,  but ��ame " '" ' ''���'���'"''"l thai   i team cap-
"    have the arl to. conceal their en- able  '"   holdin8   !;"'i!' own   ui'l<   '"!/
oyment.    They   iffecl   to Ignore  the ""  '''"' coasl   wi"  '"'    seIected'      -\'!
'hoi   -��� ipher;   Mr.  Burns    poses   ob- thosi   *'hose names appear on the list,
Vei  :...  fa   ,,,,. ol   the  most and a11 the other players, are request-
    The   =
real and   ,-ital figures In a parliament
-  a  -i'e''     reg ird  than  its
e 1  to he  out   io practice  thl     iftei
noon  al   2 -o'clock.    Another meeting
e     -  iin
preci lessors had for earnestness"and wil1   '"'' held  Bome ,i!l"���  before Sat"
thoroughness.    He Inspires Increasing l,rda:   '" "ick the local team- :,n'1 In
onfldence.    The  House of Commons ' '" meantIme every possible occasion
: '��� ,    hal  much   as   he  enjoys  ap- '" get in """" Practice 'vili '"��� ':,:-':i
���   he  will  nol  throw    over   his ad���nta&e of-
���'  ;,,J "[ ^fe:'1 ':;-��� iu order to ~ *      "~
���    "   ���*"* Ne_ro   Cannibals.
  Berlin, May   l I.--A    corresponded
TOTAL   ASSETS  OVER    45,1100.000
The Corporation of the City of|
New Westminster
Will Offer For Sale by Public Auction, on
Saturday, May !8th,i
at '1 p. rn.., in the Council Chamber, City Hall,
We w ol ie om.' .small ace mnta and pay inten ������    four I
a year i n .'-'aviri^.- Hank deposit .
F.  B. LYLF,   Manager.
Th*    fortj   thousand   dollars   which  of the Cologne Gazette,  writing from   ,. until he had "roped hi   wai thi
including beautiful  RESIDENTIAL LOCATIONS. FACTORY;..-1
INDUSTRIAL SITES, and a few pieces of choice a<   age,
Tne title is INDEFEASIBLE and the ta esi    cM|
Decemb _ 31, L907.
A  map showing the exacl location of each lot l  -J
offered for sale has been , repared at the CITY HALL, a��
��� may bi   consi Ited ai any time during offii il  urs. whertl
p     id nl   Roosevell     received    when   iSouth   Cameroons,
ays    thai     thi
the  Dark  Continent,  an 1   mei  a  Bel-
SECOND-HAND  JIM  STORE '.CATALOGS ��� .    also be obtained.
the X'.'e'1 Peace Prize was awarded to Malta,  a   negi i  tribe  Inhabiting    thc
bim, he 1ms given as the nucleus of a t* rritory     between   the   second     and       Every watch la a compass.    If you
fundi    establish a Foundation for the sixth   degree      i   i '      latitude,     are   . ,,jtl,  ;],,. nour  |lanj  (ll   ,1,,. BUI)   tne
M'.   otion   "'   Industrial   Peace.    The cannibals, and   nol  only eai  captives,    . ,,.,. ;   exactlv half wa\   k'Iween the
Foundation has been duly authorized bul   criminals who have    been    con-    hou,   in(]    ,,,  '���;.,.,    ,2   ,.,   the   ,-.,    BEGBIE STREET
by congress, and has the chief justice demncd to death. ���           lnstance.il Is foui o'clui
th*   IT. s. supreme court ns presi- ',,;������  the hand indicating  four I     h
Sell, Ikiw as treasurer and John beats OF A WATCH. | sun and the two on lhe watch ti    ���
Mitchell    a 'Mirv. Hct|.      soulhi        ,(���     [,      j,     ,.;..;,.      ���;.,,���.;
Phone 214
FOUND    A bin mare, with fu        ;
feel and n fai
TERMS OF SALE���Half cash, balance in 6 months al 6 Perc��L|
City Treasurer*!
Few   People   Realize   Immense   Strain    ���"""'  the hand Indl* itlnfi   <  tp-tli     FOR   SALE     \  I I         Incu-
iii.l the figure 10 on tho cllal      du .,���,,.   anil    ���   ��� ��� ��� ���
oul h,    N .  man  n<������ ��� I  gel   losl if be
Horace    Dure      1   ���  ���    nexl te. tram    CEllTl0   :i  ' watch.
*?. AMI1U .W__BT__Wft*____________BC���i__!____l____ifl;:
of  Reliable   Timepieces.
office, '.   . m     ���' ililim   tee  11   reporte
���DVERTloE   IN  THE  DAILY   N._W'
Man      ��� " '������  in   N'i w   Wes I nilnst. r
ed to learn   ���'     ie   leiith ���
. ���    I'm   Carroll    n    Vi ncnuvpi      The
��� l     ��� 1 M'm 1 :i.     who     -,i as     .1
������  of   \.  i:   R ind, ol this
cil     ivn    one    ol   Vancouver's     iei      "   l!"' rtellcnte    im chai I i un   of    n
���   wn citizen   and was a man hlghl;       .m'.   said vesi    :.    thai  the    Am-
emed and popular,    He was  In the     rlcan watch ol loda;   was constructed
���   ol   life,   rn i  bul  :i  few   monl       ��� , m       :��� ,, ,.s In one minute, IS,-
ago  seemed   to  have   manj    veai     of   ..:���,,   ,, ,|    ,., DnP hour,  1.::'.  In one       Sealed tenders marked "Wesl  Wing |
usefulness before him, day, 1.7,6.0,000 bent_ in one year; so   of  Central  School"   will   be  received
  thai   1  pei "ii realizing thai  a watch   ap to noon of
One of our  Vancouver contempor-   ..!li:i...  , ,,.,v  daj   r,,.. ,,,,,,    , :i .    un,j
was the victim of a funny error  ma]{ina ,,,���.  hundred ann   nrtv-���even '      * ,il'kn;n ''   'Jint   /1,M��   !'!1"'
\f! ws  11:': j 1
WAN!  ED ',    Mill    M,   Ml
i|  ��� M  '     do  -. tli    . .���.
ply M       Dr. J
Nonce to Builders. - ���Nn ,,   ��� ���
I- OUND    On Ul*
TUESDAY, MAY 2bt, 1907,
erdaj     It' had an article making ��� mion Blx hundred and eighty I hou- I at ""' officG of ""' undersigned, Slkth
a timely comparison between the love- san(1  .���,,,���.   in  tweive months, should   8treet' ('"1''"'1' Olarkson, where  plans
l.v weather we have been enjoying in n,.,,| ��� \\uh, attention. :""' siieclflcations may bo seen until
this favored end of the Dominion and      when ,,,��� cona(tlor lhal tl���.   .
the rrosl and Bnow which have made ���.,    |)BMed |h],mt;h ., wi|llll.  ,|i|nl(,,.
Mt��   ���'  wlnter "",""1  lD ralddle :n"' lng the oil, or vice versa, this means
eastern   Canada   so  far.    Tbe  editor ,,,.,, ,,,��� ���..,,,.,, |n S,M11|, |i;||.,s wil| be
wrote      the    words     "Unseasonable
We :tln i" us a he,nihil; for the article,
lun  the- types made ii "Unreasonable
Weathor."    Like the vast  majority of
I. Q
park,   Ma     Day,   i   ��� \   .achat
* oal.   S nn'- can    ������ ha I ul  ihis of
flee on  proving  pi Qpei tj   nnd     ij
Ing J'nr iiilvci'ii-i* ui .nt
thai date,
I.mvcsi e,r any tender nol neccasarll
<'.  11. CLOW,  An hltecl,
almost dr;
Tenders Wanted
Mosl  in.mi  who own   i  watch think    ���*���������*���*���������     wwm��i**w%��
tin y know all aboul it; they ha\ c i he
I number   fixed   In   their   memory,  In       For Stumping and   ETUbb-
n .ers     ul      llial       laillciiliie      liiaii'l , ,  ,        ,, ... .    '       v>        i -vr
i ease ii is lo-t  or stolen, they could hno* n rm'-hnii nTianri m1 Now
(Tory),   the paper  In   question   Is   a     ......,,.. ..,..,.           ,:,,...,,...   .Jp> d Pr1 llun 0i ltinu dl' -L^cVV
litil*> afflicted with the vice of cock-
probably pick ii om from fifty ol her
watches with their eyes shut, but how
l!*' lnab,1'ly    "'   s"r    nny   many men know t heir watch is a
good In anything wbicb does nol line  cojnpaBi  .������,   win ,, n    ,������.,,,    from
up   with   its  own   peculiar  Ideas    of  (onth &g ;i(,������lt,.lv ,IS ��� wi], ,������.,,..
i ighl: but ii never Intended to go the
length  ol' attributing   "unreason"    to
Providence,   tta types betrayed it.
time of day.
Stanley, the explorer, dl I nol ' n
For information apply to
B. C, Distillery
New Westminster.
��� ���ii exciiiBi .���-'
ly in timber. Have large and small
tracts on water. If you wish to
buy oi- sell, see me. 51. K. Chandler,
407  Hastings St., Vancouver, BiC
I Co'iva.n'vS pc: fedion Cocoa
(Maple I.    it Libel)
Co^ an's
Milk Chocolate
Croquettes, Wafers, Medallions, Etc.
Cowan's CaRe Icings
,.,���:, |
Bank of Montreal
FOR SALE���A omall island containing
about 15 acres, close to New Wesl                                               ESTABLISHED !���'".
minster city, ('an be used fora mill capital $14,400,000.00
site.        For      particulars     :e;e;  m      to RESERVE ' ,'   .',   '.        $- l,OO0.000.03
''"'"'"'""" & A"m''s -'"���'-���      _ ' Branches throughoul Caoada and New f ���." , In I, and   In  >
to rent  or  LEASE    H iu      * St"x York' rhu-"~> :l�� ' Bpoka ne, r.s A., and Mexl  ''
parlor,    dlnin room,    kitchen,   iwo "ra' Bankln8  Business Transaci >d. p
pantries, second rial ..���,:"} nnl'slied;   Lctte"5 of Credit Issued, available wi tl   eorrespondenta In ^';
���'.nil   well,   small . rch i-.m   , hi ; . n ��� i "*
boeise; ruel obtnlnabl*  fi n ,.,.,,  .    Sa"!"D3 Bank Department.    Deposits received '���  Bum -1
bj   property;   on    Seventh avei i* :i!''' 'nl-eresl allowi I al 3 per cent, per '���.''���       I
y-   <   Ilmi,   I   t-2   bloi '      from   lhe four times a year.
Eburne cur line.   Appl    to VIrs, D ! Total ABoet* "'���' "' $1(18,000, '.oo.
''   B0urke' X"*' WertmlMter NEW WESTMINSTER BRANCH.     ,      '.;   !��   ' '���   " "    '  '
I rnNESDAY. MAY 15. 1907.
��� ���
Hot Weather
Will Come
<>*�����..������ n��eM����***��ft��*��**��H*����nM����f��*��.��*vf>
Miss : mm ii Vernon, is spending Spring salmon is reported scarce,
few days in the citj visiting friends, 'the local fish merchants being in receipt of very small consignment*.
Phone   13S   foi   swi
cream and   .mmm milk
There will be no mid-week praver
meeting al the West End Methodist
church tonight, owing to the meetings
The creamery delivers sweel cream,
Ice cream an l buttermilk.
H.  0.   Lamb   returned  last,    night
from ,i business trip to Nicamen is-1
being  land and .Mission.
en  ilu   ems of dallying ,.""i'l"   will   tingle   with    1   told      ���:
- the use oi grumbling   iboul   -:ie. cool  we ithei    lurn il    o
Ivaniage bj   getting ready while  it's still  cool.
. Mui tb*' corner!
lember those  da) h    I a.-1 ,    70  to 7.   lei    ���      in  June
ve look for it to   ie H   to 88 deg .- In   lhi   sun;   perhaps
In  May���we didn'l say jusi when, bul IT will be hot:
This is a Summer Hoods Store
l-'.i.ei "uieiii   Is bright with displays of those things wbicb
..- summer.    Summer Dresses, Blouses,  Underwear,    Hosie
N'eckwear, Towels, Millinery, Etc
I niaj we speak especiallj   ...   the Wash   Goods,    of    which    we
indant supplies and adv..-.   those  who  In    ad to be cool this
to buj the makings of dresses now    and    be    read}  for   the
when they come. ' ('��� r*   .
What 10c and 12 i-2c yd Will Buy
1   Muslins    with     fine strij.es   running   through   lem.th-
_ise, checked ginghams in  black,    navy     and    red;      whi ������
and  dainty    flowered lawns, In pretty  colors, 25 to 2S
��� ���- wide, 10c and      12'/_c
What I5c yard Will Buy
vs'  in  grays,   dues,  pinks,  check* I   ginghams  in   black,
red,    iin       -;...    blue, besl  English    ulnts;   a  large as-
��� enl  of flow ered bal lsl       In   lai :������ and   -n; ill   patti   us;
: ied and crossbar muslins  anil     otted   Anglo  Swiss
n -. per yard     15c
What 25c yard Will Buy
qualll les   in   Victoria    India     I.   vn,      fine     ini oi ed
ims an I chambrays, r       _ ������         dol ted   and   - eotted
ns. mercerized  checked   zephyrs,   flowered   and   strip
m   ���     and mulls.             few   i hole   epatterns   In    cotton
voile, per yard       25c
i.     lines  include  flowered silk   tissues,   flowered  Frcn
-  embroidered voiles, flowered   Parisian   organdies    an.l
ed Japanese silks in :. ia   1   and     white   and   I luei : n
le;   vard,  35c,   !"'��� and      5��c
of  the   Methodisi   c invent! in
held at that church
A   meeting of the executive of the
For cut  (lowers, cnn., ions and Cu-1 Local Council of Women will be held
neral designs teleph me '1'.  Davies &   In the usual place at three-thirty l-'ri-
Son, florists, Tel. B20S, day afternoon.
Estimate for Window Shaeles, Floor Linoleums, Oilcloths, Carpets or
any requisite for complete bouse furnishing, We have the stock,
experience and workmen ��o do it ami challenge the trade of British
Columbia as to price's and quality. Give us a chance and you'll be
the gainer for three good reasons:
First ���Because  we  have  the  selections at the lowest
possible prices for Al qualities;
Second���Because our work is done by high-class mechanics and no slipshod weirk goes for us;
Third ���Because we stand back of all our contracts anil
make good if yi    ire not satisfied. JUST TRY US.
John A. Lee's Furniture Emporium
Phone 73
The  trouble among  the'  longshore-      Sirs.   A, ('.   Fleishman,  of   /ancou-
.���:..'' the Fraser river mills has been   ver,   is spending  a   few  days ui   the
smoothed   over, and  all  tbe  men are   city, the guest of Mr. and Mrs, Dave
back to work again.    The strike only   Grossman, Seventh streel
la'sti i  for   I  few   '.,���. s, and    eliel    nol
''im-."   lie niiflmen any serious Incon-
vi nlei   ".
The meeting of the N'ew \\ ���
iter Needlework Guild, slated to taki
.1.   C
��� ��� ��� * *i*o*o*o** * ** * **���*:���* *:.*y*y+:i*iy*y*y*
The creamei y delivers swe*
i. e cre im and buttermilk.
!' ipila il Miss Sara Dallas ind Miss
��� iia Wall er will _i\e a musical em 1
i'oi il i. ; .: in St. Patrick's hall this
evening. \ length> ... igram has bi on
nd several veil kn iwn
Ioca will i ike pari an 1 as-
sisl the pupils
The Gi ' man - illlng uessel Schwar-
nbec, v h h is been loading al the
Frasei K: .���-. - iw mills for the past
few weeks, will have the last of tho
cargo pi iced aboar 1 this morning, and
will 1," ready to proceed to Its. destination this evening. The Schwar-
zenbec is bound for South America,
and has a cargo ol 1,650,000 feet of
place ai the residence of Mr
Whyte yesterday afternoon, v
andoned em account of the serious ill
cream,   -
. .i:i!i-
ness of Col, Whyte,    N'o .lute' for Hi
next   meeting  bus  yet been fixed.        *
Al  a  meeting   if  the    Street    Car
Workers' union hel i last evening, an
A prolonge 1 attack of hiccoughs U
r sponsible for a serious Indisposition on the pan of T. J. Tail, bookkeeper at T. .1. Trapp's. Mr, ,'ait .as
been confined to his residence for *
over a week, and, although tn ��� hie- ���
cough is now over, be. still remains ���
weak, and will noi be able to return *
to   bis   duties   t'eir some time.
Phone 13S for    sweet   cream,
cream ami buttermilk.
Mrs. Drew and Mrs. Dauphinee will
an :..
Informal   discussion     regarding    the be   "al   home"   to   the  ladies    of the;*
annual   picnic took   place.    The  Sick Missionary societies of Queen's  Ave-   ���
Benefit  committee  will  look after all Que,     Sapperton    and     Wesl       End   ���
mm ngements as usual, and iT is the churches,  and  the  delegates    to the ���
intention    il   th*   n embers    to  com- Methodist  convention em  Wednesday,  *
eiganizing work early next pay  15,  from  4  to  6.                                |j
The     municipalities    of    Burnaoy, ���
Owing to   eressure of other business, Richmond and South Vancouver   'ill, ���
R. ii- Cheyne has decided thai it will at   their  nexl  meeting,  appoint   1'le- *
'���"��� :;" ' 'ssibl   : .-  him to acl as man- gates to act us a committee  vith the *
iger of the N'ew Westminster lacrosse objeel  of securing a satisfactory wa- L
team ibis seas >n, and a new manager ter   supply   from   Seymour   cree':,   or :'
���vill probably be appointed al a met"- elsewhere, for their respective muni- %
in- of the executive  to    e held this clpallties. *
afternoon.    Mr. Cheyne has held ibis ���
Importanl   position   for   mam    years,
and  has always  given 'be' team an l
'be> public the best of satisfaction.
The -in club will bold a .-boo: at
Moodj Square 'his evening, and every
member is reqfieste 1 to be on band !
as early ms possible. A lame ni m-
Several of lhe Methodist mm.-, ers ber of shooters have signified tneir
lefi yesterdaj to attend the annual Intention of taking pari in the sh of,
conference which opens in Vernni: to- and a good evening's sport is looked
morrow morning. Delegates from .'lis forward to.
city weu-e:   Revs. Dr.  Sipprell, W. H.
*i*---*y*y*i^o*y*i*::*:.*'���*:���*..*:*y*:*y*y*i'.*-::*i:*y*y*'* *
Just what vou want for
your low shoes.
Ail the new stripes,
checks, patterned and
ventilated effects.
25c,   35c,  50c,
and  60c
the pair.
267-271   COLUMBIA   ST.
Agnes Street
Barraclough, Dr. White'. H*. A. Maijee,
T. i' Bowell, and Prof. Burws.h.
A n mg oth ir ��� linlsters from ��� i ast
i lints are: ll.-v. J, S, Thompson,
; resident of the i inference, Vic irla;
Rev. T. W. ii. .. R '. C. M. Tail.
of Cowichan.
\n Inti restin i - is of picture
: ostal cards, reiiresent in : scenes during the May Da\ I sti* :'i"- 1 i -' Frl-
daj. iiu- '.."���. 'i . M- \v, ���'".
i 'ooksley, an 1 will be on sale al
More; 's on Thurs lay. The pictures
include so* n* s .mmm.: i he route if the
��� m    the    ��� .he   queen,
bildi  ���.  I ��� mm .    mm! (he May poi m
���' '   Senl    making   i    peeeh, an 1 sev-
llier equ ���:��� ���       Ing    snap
Henry Eckert, .ef the il. C. Manufacturing Co., left for Seattle yesterday, where he will meet Mrs. Eckert,
who is returning home from California. .Trs. Eckerl wenl south on account of ill health, and is returning
much benefitted.
Cut flowers anl Pot Plants. Ring
up Ti iy. the florist.    'Phone AIM.
The   police has   been  aske l to
on  ' be'  look* il     ir a man wanted  in
'.     ".-bam foi- forgery,   li is alleged
I hi       ..':. wh.)  claims to be con
nected with ilie .Siemens Lumbercom-
im.   ���������   '.-..���' city, passed e-;i"e',,- supposed to 1 e authorized by the firm, lo
th    mm miiv .)���' $S6S and lefi for Van
i.��:ivi'" ee...  the owl   train early  Simla    -.. irnln :    If this is true, be will
!a splendid buy!
9-room House on Agnes St. with all modern
improvements, and connected with city
sewer. For sale exclusively by us on very
easy terms.   A splendid buy at $4,500.
Call iim! see nni* list of Idly Lots nnd Houses. We have some good ones
| 270 Columbia St.      NEW WESTMINSTER, B. C.      Phone 307 |
A    :;:e e ''.:.;���       !
House of 7 rooms, with electric
light, bath, etc., and nice- fruit trees
on full sized lot, together with cottage of 5 rooms and well situated.
The lot only $3150; about half cash
and balance arranged. This property will pay 10 percent.
''Th.. F /       .  c   .,..������;,'.-'.-  " New  Westminster
' nt: tarm Land opectctliSi-s, '"-w
-  '- 'Itizi n's      . - ���������    a hi   ��� in the neighborhood
I'icnic .-.in::.'   .-    .' is b"l i al Malins [his city, and the Vancouver and Vicuna1  i  > ilili    .'-    ' Ic    ..'M.  day eve- toria   police,  as   well    .is the    Imal
��� ���   tin   affairs   foi   the  pasl mv e, are l   iking for him.
. ,"  were wound   ���       Afl  I    ���>  Il 	
:���.!-'. ��� a   in
��� ... :,..: in of th   - . a surer    A me* I i
���m .      . ���       lied I      Tuesdaj   evi nin-
In the board ol        ���     ion    when ar    was hel      is   night In th 'flees ol
W. .1.  Kerr, when a new  subdivision,
: ���'. :.���   m    .    .   '.     . '-. m
of,     \" ml   ' i  lots   were sdld   al
Sale cf Burnaby  Lets.
\   successful sal    a    Burnab
van ��������������� lents fo   this year's   ilcnlc w'll
         '  . enl m   ���      . Ill I
iii  "...     .    wei
See Chamberlin's window display
of Necklets, in GOLD, SILVER,
GOLD - PLATED    and
C. Chamberlin The *���***L
0. li.   M'ae
.'.. iree  S,     '    ��� I*
1. !'.  VI
Look!   Look!!   Look!!!
All the leading brands of
as and Coffees
Vou  can get your favorite
- AT ���
Adams v Deans
Ca-italn    Rogers,   ivernge   I" i"' "' -t^"'   "'"    !"'    ' "
..   y    |.,mv ,,., i   i ���  .   ��� .eing   f     $123  an I  others   for
JS0 an i $H0 i acli    A prominenl lo* r]
real esl ate  liroki r   w ns  i ne ol
Norma:)   ilalcolm,   inspected of be-   heaylesl   buy*   ���   while a large  mini -
Ins cone rn* I in the    ���    lit and rob    her eef Vancouver Investors bought up
,     Join    '        ���:..;..,     Ion laj   ilu    .":    of tho pro] erty.
last, was arrested Van   mvoi	
I      ,.,..'     and   '   .mm   i . l; tn
this   'it;    :   :m tee riv*   Brad ihav     The
nrre I was   n ... i as      ie3iill
pi, ine  messag* ^    to, the    Vancouver
force, ui   Me.   thei M  the look-    J^3T   CN   THE   MARKET.
DUI   and  arresl   jasplcious  uharacters JUST ON  the MARKET
who landed  In  thai  city    yes'.ma.      Vancouver     manufacturer     needs
nornlng.   All possi I ��� Inform Mien as  ^ ; ... ,n , ( ,.(1.,.VS!int ,.u, , rv ;,,.,-
jto  Hn'  a. ance  Of fhe  man was  niHt,,,v     Agents coining money.   ���;���
pi ven, and  it  was not    'mva   before  wls^    start    W0jirt_g    for   yourself.
Malcolm was gathered In by the Van-   ;.;-.,..-yiu,dy buys on sight, Profits or*'
couver detei Ives and asl   l  to giv��> one nun{ired per   cent.   Don'l    waat>j
ni account  of himself    As this wasjtIme :,,.::^  foolish     .uestions,    but
nol satisfactory, the local police were  s ..,fi ,,���,, ,|,,|!:l.. f,,,. |in(... ..   .
communi* ated with, an I Male tim was   Vi;.
broughl t" ibis i'ity.   When searched,
>t bave much money J^g   P|]gjjj]\ tOfilDflliy,
Our Refrigerators have perfect air spaces
surrounding the entire refrigerator.
We have Zinc and Enameled Lined Inside
Screen Doors and Windows.
Curtain Stretchers of different kinds.
Call ancl see us.
on him, only about tourtsen  dollar's
In all.
g   ice t. i l. Qranvll a St., Van"
Limited THE   DAILY   XEWS.
V* MAY u .
Imperial   Conference     Falls     in   Line
With  Sir Wilfrid's Views.
London, May 14.���The Imperial
conference, at the closing session today, adopted the motion of Sir Wilfrid
Laurier, In favor of an ail-British subsidized steamship route from the
"United Kingdom to Australia by way
of Halifax. A Vancouver committee
is to be appointed to Inquire into the
cost of such a route and draw up a
definite  proposition  on  the  subject.
Tbe motion of Sir Wilfrid Laurier
is designed to bring about a redact inn
in freight charges, thus giving an indirect form of preference t<e the British colonies, reducing the time from
England to Australia to twenty instead of thirty elays. and in the end
diverting the traffic now going by
way of Xew York to the Canadian
WHITESIDE fi  vni-ns       ~"   i
Columbia   street,   \-,.lv '.V"e i{\
W- .1. Wl'.te.s,,.,   ,,   ' ,V'>m_��
SUBDIVISION of Lot 46, Block VL, comprising some of the finest residential sites in the city, is now offered for sale exclusively by us iws magnificent property is situated on the corners of 4th Ave., 1st bt. (lacing
Queen's Park) and Emorv St., comprising in all ten 33x120 foot lots facing on M,v, l;
1st St. at $700 (excepting the corner lot facing 4th Ave. and 1st bt,.held at
$1000); 2 lots on 4th Ave., 421x120, at $600 per lot; 4 lots, 52ax85, $450;
15 lots, $400. Call at our office on Front St. and inspect plans.
��� �����   . .  nrt.niMO.N P.r__
tor ol th. .....   , "
Canadian Hank ���r ,������ ,"""��� ^
ing. Columbia strm��Se b��!
office.  New  Westn ..'> N.
loan. 'r'   -*Mev
$3,500. subject to 'i0 n-.cnths
lease. .Fine residence for sale en
2nd Street, corner Fourth Avenue.
Splendid location, now rented for
$30.00 per month: lease car, be extended if purchaser so desires. .A
good paying investmsnt. .Terms to
be arranged.
The clerks at the land registry office are now working overtime during
tb.1 evenings in order to enable tbem
to cope, to a certain extent, with the
large amount of work which they have
lo do. The extra clerk, who was to
have been appointed some time ago,
hi s not yet put in an appearance.
A Big New Stock
right from the factories.
Webb's and Lowney's,
from 5c up.
If you have a lady
friend, we are sure she
will appreciate a box of
Fresh   Chocolates.
Four houses to rent, (fhe en 12th
street; one on Fourth avenue; cre
on Agne_ street; one on 13th street.
Apply at once.
Splendid F->rm. 10 chains waterfront on the North Arm of the Fraser River, adjoining the well-known
Mead's estate. No. 156. Fifty
acres, all under cultivation. One
of the best bargains to be obtained
in the district. For exclusive saie.
Price $10,500; $3,500 cash, balance
in 6, 12 and 18 months at 6 per
One lot No. 12 on Royal Avenue,
third lot frcm Eighth street. .1.050,
for  saie exclusively.
Lots 21 and -'-'. Sub. * ���: Lots S and : I
i-i Block l::: corn* r of ! *ui bam an ��� 2nd
_t.:  full sized lots
2-storey House, 7 rooms, bath room upstairs; flush closet; good stabli ; on Agnes
. i.weir vile St.: .ill modern improvements.
Price $3,000, half cash, balance easy; a
. really excellent bargain.
.uie. _i of Lot 1(1, Block XIII, 4-Room
House; hot and eold water; flush closet:
lot e.i" fruil trees: chicken house and
barn. Price $800; terms $400 cash, balance -' and 'i months eet 7 pi r cent. Hamilton St., tirst house off 6th .St. between
7th eiM.il sili Avenues.
2-storey House, 7 rooms, with nil mod-
��� ra improvements; size of ground lOOx
1-2; second lot from 6th St. nei 4th Ave.
een south siele, l(e(i feet on avenue. 14L'.
Lane on both skies. Pric.' $3,200; $1,000
cash, balance i'ii time ;it 7 per cent.
N.-E. Vt of Sub. 19, Township 10; some
timber. Price $15 per acre; terms $1,000
cash, balance > asy,
s.-W. Sub. Township 13; some timber;
I railway reins alongside; ..1.1 5-acre or-
chard. Price $15 per acre; terms $1,000
cash, balance in tierce equal payme nts.
2 lots Block 4. Richmond St.. Sapperton.    $46 per lot.
1 acre clay, house on tram line near
IJoyce station: partly cleared; fenced
across fron: lacing train line. $10CC.
i $700 cash, 'alance arranged.
Curtis' Drug Store
English Watchmaker
Two   doors   from   Geo. Adams,   Grocer
8 - roomed modem residence on 4th Av. between
6th and 7th St., with one
acre of land, containing
fruit trees, outbuildings,
stables, &c.; an exceptionally cheap bargain. Price
$4,500. $2,500 cash, balance
in 1 year at 7 per cent.
Ladies'Gold Watches from $12.75 up.
Gentlemen's   Silver   Watches,   open
face, $6.00.
Gentlemen's Silver Watches, double
case, $7.50 up.
Ag* nt for the celebrated South Beml
Wi tches, supplied to the* Wellman
Arctic Expedition,    All  warranted.
Chains, Rings, Jewelry, cu-., c-tc.
Watch   repairing;    charges   reason-
33. Hastings St. W., Vancouver.
Bookkeeping, Gregg and Pitman
Shorthand. Telegraphy and Engineering.
Seven   Teachers
torty-Five   Typewriters
.-'itmm" .   Always in Demand.
R. J. SPR..I, B. A., Principal
W i, the    'Mi       | ,'n
hereb;   a) n     thai   In   I a  ire
hall   le   .��� store nol   later 1 han
4:30 p.  i. . for iii. Ir  last   trip on  rle-
live ry:
D. Gilchrist,   m
Naw Wesl nil. ite . ". C.
.May 1, 1907.
6] acres .Murphy Landing,    4  ::.::��� -
'above Mission. Junction. Just at the
landing of Murphy Landing, about the
!centre of lot; 25 acres clear"!:, under
cultivation; -1-room house., barn and
stable; about one acr*.' orchard, bearing fruit trees. Price $1,350, en easy
terms (or $1,250 cash). $22 per acre,
���j,  cash, balance  . anel  12  months,
lu acres section 32, X.-E. con
X.-W.  1.-.. uncleared.     Timber
lar, and alder; good soil; a mil ��� from
Vale road: s: ndle road and n iw mmm.
5 lots coi ner of street bel w   n v h
an 1 9th Ave. on 2nd St.,       e ol ...
sm. equal it. one acre; pari ly clea
$500.   half  cash.      A   spli ndi :    opp
tunity for inv* i tm* :.
s 11 on-. . ston y house, ath ....
Rati r and light; full sized I i . 66x10 i
fi et, . Ituate | 6th St. 1   twee n .th and
I Sth Ave. on west side.     Price $2,300,
!- cash, balani e in 6    tontl 7 %.
2 j acres In Sunbury.; 6 chains water
front;     12 acres cleared;     8-roomed
house, lath anel plastered; wood sh* I,
'chicken barn and fruit ires of all
kinds. Price $3,000. Terms one-third
cish, balance ti and  12 months.
Lut facing 2nd St., between Queen's
and 3rd Ave., second lot from Queen's
Ave.: 52x122 feet; all cleared; lane
alongside and back. Price $1,000:
half cash, balance easy al 7 ','.
More  exclusive   properties  just   listed
��� with us for sale.
Lot 5, opposite Kn"x church. Sapperton, east si.], Columbia Streei on
car line.    $300 cash.
3 lots south slide of Sixth Avenue;
very light clearing; Oi'xl !.".'., feet e.n
Sub. Block  1".    $1050 cash.
i lots on Fifth Street. 11, 11'. 13, 14,
Sub. 15, S. Blk. 13. $350 each, half
cash, balance 6 months at 7 '',.
2 houses corner of Merrival and
Agnes; full sized lot; city block 31,
lot 11; one house rents for $25, the
other $10; flush closets ancl all connected ��� with sewers. Price $3,500.
Cash $2.ii(io, balance in 6, 12 aud 18
months at 7 ',.
40 acres l2 -section ll. \". u of E, %
of Tn. 2. about 3 miles from bridge off
Haworth road. Surrey: house ]\\20.
!'.. storey house, 3 rooms finishc-el, another 3 can be added upstairs; small
."hack: 1% acres cleared and seeded
with clover, red: fairly easily cleared.
One mile from shingle mill. Price
$-.200;. terms half cash, balance 12
months at 7 %.
I full sized lot on St. Patrick',. St.,
north siele. between John McKenzie's
ancl Glover's liouse. Price $475, hal:
cash, balance in 6 months at 7 '',.
Pull sized lot Xo. 12 on Royal Ave.
ami Mh St. Price $.1050. half cash,
balance at 7 % per annum.
Westerly 4. 11 of 63, Sub. Block 5,
132x132 corner 100 feet square; two
I...uses drawing $28 per month. Price
$5,000, half cash, balance in 6-and 12
1' lots on Princes? Si. N'o. 11 and
li'. between 6th and Tth Ave., two lots
from 6th St. on south side. Price
Xo. 11, $210, half cash, balance 6 mos.
a'  7 ���, :     So. 12, c'* ared,    $315. lea1:
��� ish, balance 6 mos. a; 7 ';.
Double tenement house, 4th Ave.,
1st and 2nd St.: 1 It". Price $1,700:
i ash half ind half in 6 months . : r ..
R* n's for $10 each tenant.
160 S.E. '-, *.:' Section 26, Dist. 12,
10 acres.partly cleared; Kanaka creel;
running through; good road; one mile
north of Webster's corner; shingle
ind P.O. at the west ce rner; tim-
worth $7 pei acii c* lai i id fir:
; miles from Port Haney. Price
.2.100: terms $1,100 cash, I alanc*   , r-
.. MM""1
10 .1. - - lan 1 Xi v. Wi - ti ins te :-. Lot
.".  S.   !���;..   14,  S irre; : n :'- -  from
bridg* .    Pi Ice   $400;     $200
nee M rms al  7 ' -;    near tl     Turn-
��� ��� annery.
4 room house, h i '-��� nn am r :
*Mii llth St., b* ' .' ��� :: Qu* n :
Avenu m
1 acre   " per sl     of  Ith Ave   and 2
lots wes;    ' 6th St.: large h      e of I
roo   s;     electric    light        nn* . ':..:e'.;
trees and  fi iit  orchard.   Price
.4.500:.   .2.500   ci sh,   b   ance   in  one
.'' 7  ' ���.
1 lot Xo. 24 on 13th. street south
side of 4th avenue.    Price $200 cash.
7 lots Xos. 81 to 86 and 95, 95 faces
on Sth avenue, next to Gunns ranch,
4 lots cleare! without a stump; small
house, chicken house, 175 choice
chickens; horse and  rig;  $1500 cash.
1 l-_ house. 6 rooms and flush
clos* t on 4th avenue, one lot from 2nd
street on south side; fruit trees. Price
$1900; 1-2 cash, terms for balance at
7 per cent.   Size of lot 55x165.
17 lets, full size, i'.th Sm. Burnaby,
east side. 100 yards from Cliff Can
Factory: soil good. Pri i :..;��� $1020.
$350 cash, balance on ��� i s* terms,
2 lots on v:h St, b< tw* i n 5th and
6th Ave. e m easl side; full sized, 66x
132; Xos. 9 and 12. Price $1000 for
both, half cash, balanc* easy.
2% lots on ee rn* r oi 5th Ave and
6th St., S -W. cornei; cl< are 1 Pric*
$1200; half cash, balan ��� In 6 months
at 7 per cent.
:_. aci'��� im twe* n Q i, ��� n's and 3rd
Ave. on wesl sid* of 10th; No. 5 and
6, Block 48; 132x165 fe*;; all cleared
and fenced. Price $1C50; $550 cash,
!.al.ir.ee in 6 m* n11 -
Full sized lot on Royal av* nue, between Fourth and M< rrivale; a i I* ar-
��� I. $1,250. $800 cash
2 lots, Xo. 24 and ��2, Mock 9, between Sixth avenue and Xanaimo St.,
and between 14th and i,:t:i streets.
P : ���   $425 for both   <   - b
Block 7. L( t 6, 2 su Ih Isions run-
:. ml fri m "'.... 61:: Sl Ith and 5th
Ave.; ova- lot on tram line. $800 for
on* : pi.. ���   $1,500 fi r ��� he "������
Small house for
ing Agnes  and
west of 6th St.
Water  and   gas
tions.   Terms.
sale, fac-
Small house, Victoria St.,
6 rooms. Water.
ARTIN, WEAR!' * ,,..(,.
barristers, solicitors et     ''
is:    New Westmii ter
corner  Clarkson  and  Ur_��    8*>
Vancouver, rooms 21 to 24 ..- '"'ti
ville street,   j ���,,,,, MartiA ��r S"*
W. Weart,'w. ,;. ,, ,. ���'::}��� y..
Westminster office."even r!,ia V
ternoon J Frldaf��
Bourne.    Mr. Marth      ��� . I
A Bunch of LOTS
Lots it and 15 of I of 6 of i
(cl* ared.) Price $500; for the two, 1-2
i- :��� ii. balance 6 months al 7 per cent.
Lot ll on Sh* i .i  - tre* I of : I of
::  cl* an ��� '.   Price $275;  1-2 cash,   ial
an    . 6 monl hi  al 7 per cent.
I., ts 16, 17 and 20 e.f 11 of 3. P I i
$500 for three ... $175 i ach: I -2 cush
balance C nionths al 7 [ier cent.
28 acre - on Mara road, Bui nal j.
$160 an acre FOR \ FEW DAYS
OXLY.   One-quarter cash,   balance   l
and  2 years al  7  ':
2 lots, full sized, 132x132, corner of
'1.' Cresi. in ; 7-roomed hous.' Pi ice.
$10,500, i/3 cash, balance 6, 12 and 18
Block 12 i'ii I2th St . east siele; 1"
: i.i sized lots. Price $2,500. one-third
cash, tal. 6, 12 and 18 months
sized lot Xo. 8,
Gth i_:
4th St.
, west
half cash, bal.
in 6
One acre in block i), between kSth and 16th St.
on Sth Ave. Price $750,
1-3 cash, bal. easy.
House on    Brantford    street, south
si Ii   from  t'.th  street,  painted  white,
$15.00 per month in advance.
160  acn
$40 per .
lots 'ii   i th  str* et, be-
71 li an i   !th avenui   .
���'���  of    Hamilton    im ri et,
Xo.  11
an l 12.    Price $2-15, %
cash, 1
.1 ance 6 months,
i6' ... re s In Surrey; s ���;. ot
X.1- "i si ��� .. ��� ., ni b :��� il. Log
h _24, and chick, u coops,
fmall barn; 60 ;' ill trees; i_
in res cleare I, ! acres under
' ultivatlon and 8 acn s slashed
Price $20 per acre, Vi cash, bal-
ain " in 12 months at 7','.
i full Blze lot,
0, lot  11.
St.   Patrick's     S
:       Price
I l*>;, 55'/_xl66, Tenth street,
off Queen's avenue. Price $450.
Terms $200 cash, balance terms
to  suit.
A Good Specia!
Five acres on 10th Ave.,
right across from old reservoir, city limits. $1200.
Half cash, half in six
House 24x24; 4 rooms;
framed: inside ship lapped.
Barn 12x16. One acre
partly cleared. Land No.
1. Bal. easily cleared.
A   Cheap   Property.
House  ,;  ; oi ms,    Bush  i loset,    i'-_
-   ��� ��� :��� -', on Fe .   h Ave., i ne   lol from
S*    ml    St.    i a    .-.i ith    e id*.    Price
$"900: .   in...   . ash,        ......  ���    :.'   7   ;.. :
cent   Fr lit '!��� es: li I ."." ���
:i' ise  30x ;: St.,     n 4th
5th Ave.;    2 s . :  1 double
���   room       ipstairs, th room
lown -m. lining  room, kit-
en and ���  .       zed lot i nn
ning bacl ti Ash St. Pi ii ��� $2,500;
>' ' 00 cash, balan J ���     e-eai
a'  7 rn ;��� cent.
Six   and   i ...   h   :   acn ?, acr*
eared    ea      foi   planting;   1  1-2  acres .    ed.    House, 5  rooms,
14x24;   stor*     ai small 1 arn;
ise; 1    It trees and straw-
planl   .   $1,700,   b  .:   i ash;
���   In' three   mont!     at 7 per oent.
Is a vain; ���      .    near
to the city, call an      . . dver
ent with       i   I           ther  p ir ti-
��� ,'  .-.
2; 2 storej
hi   ���'���:  '. roon s; fiu isel upstairs;
��� " 1" n improve    en    ;   .��� vv house:
$:.00C.   '..   ' .   a.  :_.     i  - - al   7
i ��� ��� cent. Good sized sta and I till
trees, S i nd i e from Sth street
-..     . en mi   ��� , ,  |e
in ut res i:i sec. '.. fii i tir.ee-
i ������ and aid* r.   Go     si I roa*
A] ply for  full  pi
Lots 1-7, . 19, 20, -:. m ��� on 16th
sireel and Bth avenue; l i orner lots
���-" ���:   I  in I . .      each,    Price
$950, cash.    Si: :��� . a!
. i."   an i   one j.-.:-'   . ���. ��� u-een
.Me ���.( nib   ... bth   avenue;   i    ith
side of Ist street.     '   ; ���   'i: 500.
James Inlet, three square miles, al
$6.CO per acre, half cash, balance easy.
Large lot and two cottages on Columbia Btreet, Sapperton. Both rentfid
at $10 each.
������ i. ������ and one-half Btor* bo ise and
full i .'������ '. .' late l north side * I
ll. ral .. ������ :. ." and i ������ - t McKlnnls
streel D ooms; bath i om, hoi and
cold       ter, i     et;    i ed; )oung
b* fruil    rees;   streel    on   three
. :��� : fine vli w, Pi Ice $1,800. $900
1 ine full . ."��� I lot, 2nd i"' from i~~".-
m   .   : '   i sti    and  ���''->.  a>��� nue, le I
66 _144 feet.   $250 c;>sh.
ters,   solicitors,  etc. V' l,"*|
street,   0] , e   i     rl   House, :,��|
Westminster.    A   \ bealler, p.o
jfjEORGE B. MARTIN, Ba,   '...,.,
VI    Solicitor, Guii -
bia anel  McK( ozii .  ., \tw y- 'I
minster, B. c. I
W. MYERS GRAY .    g    ...
and Notarj Pu I
IS91 at N'ew \. i ���- , . bj ^r
dees remove | to , ...|
son   street, oj L Uonat I
P.0   B' \ 169     .
WF.   HANSFORD    Barrista I
���    So Icltor, ���       Crescei       j
e orner     Colum ��� __]     .1
streets, New Westn li  ter. 1
ster Board of Trad* mei ts Id '_ I
Board Re.om, City Hall, r.s [ollo.iT
Second Wednei lay ol each mo_t_l
Quartcly meetlnf on the s��o_|
Wednesday of February, Mij.[
Aucust  and Nov* ,:t S p. i|
Annual meetings :.l
Wednesday     of      !'���   ruary,   X. I
members   maj ied ih
elected at anv me : thly cr quartetii|
meeti��g.   A. E. White, Sec.
UNION  LODGE. NO. 9. A. F, i A ll
���The regular n.������':',. ol llil
Is held on the Flrsl Wednesdi I
each month, al S o'i ock p, nil
the   Masonic    I ��� :. Si   ���.::..I
brethren are cord nrited I H
tend. Dr. W. A. DeWolf S_it_|
House corner of .tn St. and 4th
Ave.; li rooms; 2 full sixe-ei lots, G.x
132; orchard of apples, pears anel
plums. Price $4,000, $2,000 cash, balance <in time at 7 ",'.
ju   storej    bouse,   10  11 oms,   nl
. rn        . ��� ovements:   lol    66x132;
���  ii      .  pari of lot -��������� *   ' wiili
'rull    trees    and,    nic*    lawn,    Price
$^,750, $1,500 ensh, i ilance 6    nd 12
onths al 7 : er cent.
Snap in Lots.
Vacant lo s for sale in all parts of
the eity. from $25.00 to $3,t00
Full sized lot in Sapperton, facing
Q    nette street.    Price $150 cash.
Six lots. 50x150, outside city limits
WO each lot. Fuller particulars on
86 acres, half mile waterfront, Q.N.
R. running through. $9,460, terms
easy,    Investigate,
! "i   11 on  Fifth   ���
ib 9. $300 cash,  ^cleared
'��� .   .'   i   i,..    1 12   :'��� . '
��� e    and threi .   orner 3r I
'..'   mid l Ith St ; Si-room hi ise an I
ki i hen.    Price $U_o, tw third ��� . h,
' al. 6 and 12 months at 7 ; ���    ci nt,
Cottage e.i .! rooms nnd woodshed;
��� ill '.ei.; . i lol h 132, on 2nd lol
from Ith Ave. on 13th St., west side'
practically ne vv ; pnpe.ed : i_ and nnn-
" .- Price $1,000; tr-rrn | I cash $15
ie nlhly al 7 per ci nt, or r* l nt $10 pe r
i ..niii tor on., year,
2   lois  off   Cumberland   St.,   Racnerton
���M'  ],. r lot.
Acreage on Vancouver road, corner
of Gilley read.' $225 p< r .. re,   Acn
age Is Belling fasl al this  : rice,
.   ,i, ���.
18,000 (EMPRESS OF BRITAIN 114,600   j
Nexl sailing from Quebec, May 31st,
for other dates and particulars of re-
duett ns iii fares, apply to,
C. P. .it. Ag* nt.
Agent tor all Atlantic S.S.     mpanles
Telephone    333
Real  Estate Brokers
F. & A. M. Re ��� ir e.n.::..-.al
tbms of this 1" Im ��� , ��� :���: ' :|
second Tuesday in eac_ montil
Masonic Temple il y v- tn. Vis:!
Ing brethren  are    i ~\
to attend.   D. W. Oil hi ' S
}{.    B.    K.    of I
Friday    of    *
p.   m.,   in   Orange   I
Ri...:. aven ie an
Journing Sir Knigbi ;l
��, ted to attend,    W. E, Dunloi |
P :   r,  Hood   Re
'"��� ��� ' m  Ij m i in a commman   .
n;   '. hird   aven ie,  nt   foot   of
Fift!    ��� ��� et.   Two and i ne i. If-i tor* ���
Ten i   mm- ..... ently papered *
Ail   :,. lern convi    ences;    hoi    ...
er,  bath,   flush   cl Bet,  lava-
Ight;   nice     iwn;   lol
5x132, with lane I e.f lot
set out v   h frtilt trees.    Price $.7,750.
������ i-"'"1   cash,  hi     :.  ���.  .,   ., m: .��� I,
-' '���'!'��� ��� '���'��������� -'.  No. 20, $170: N'o, 21,
1  orner}   $;7_.    Durh im   and   Si   oi
20   ai   e   blocks,    f u I    lan I .   ni 3
���;'���:   lli .    J20 pei .   re
pouse,   full   slz* rl   lot,   on   Ki ir,
' ������ '���  Sai .- :���<���.,.    ents for   . i"  p u
month.   Only $ 1.050.
House, 10 : oon . l',_ lots, neai
F{ ������ ���' "vi nue and Seventh stn et,
$2,coo.   Terra   . an I e arranged.
4 ful ed Loi bi tween Sev* i h
ivei i nil H millton treet, es I ol
1        ���   treet; all cleared and fenc* I;
n on oneol the lots. . i.'	
f cash,     alai   i    ne   ear al 7 pe.
��� Meets  In Orange 1       ������' :-
third Friday In e      month at ll
m.    VisiUng brethn n an       -L
invited to attend I
James Humi hre; , P
The regular me* tii I
are held ln Oddl    ���      '- I
bia Btreet, evei ��� "'I
at S o'clock.    Visit!) |
dially invited to att* " '���'!
N G.; C. S. Richmond, V. <;; v j
Coatham, R. S.; J. W I
F. P.:   _lex   \tl a  . ��� ���
\. O. U. VV.���FRASER LOOM *|
-MeeUngs the fl "  : '."'J
dav   In    each    n nnth.     > - ���
brethren cordiallj li "      ���
Lodge room, \. n  . -  '    ' \
fellows'  block, Clai '��� '    .,-i
S. Corrlgan, recorde I    ; |S'
master workman
"' bi is on Twi :ili Btreet, betw* ��� i
'.' '' "'���" and 'l hir I avenue; west side
'l car shop; full Bize. Price $3,500
10 i"';'": North :.... i, ';., ol a mile
;l ���'.' limits on Porl Moody; i
acres under cultivation; 7-roomed
house; frame barn; chicken hous,..
bam 40x80; fenced and In good -
pair south side. Price $4,500, hair
1    h, bal. in tl months al 7 per cent.
: i""' corni i' of H ih and St. Andrew's
\: etween 4th nnd Rth Avo��� west side
/     '  ''.��� ,': !l" cleared.    Prl_e____, n..if
li, bal ince (I months nt 7 per oe.nt:
i e.iii nm through ire.in streel to streol :
e' (food bargain,
110,  SONS  OF  ENGLAND. B'^l
Red Hi.:..- Degree " . ���
Fourth Wedn     !        ' '  ' ' ',    I
In   K.  of   P    H ���J
i p, m.. White Ro     ��� .-'
vv, esday   In
linn   and place.    VI
cordially    Invited '.,.������
combe. Pres.. H. "    ' <j^M
099, l.0j
M..M   " - Fourth r'i!;'"'".J
month   al   8  o'cloi k.
the W ._
���' "������
hall, Oddfellows' i"'< ;',������! to)''|
brethren are cordially ',|U. . F.ff
tend. .1. It. Rushton, i- <*'
Maxwell, R. S. 	
A. O. F.-The rMfulari >,, ^J
this Lodge are held on w  ^m
and Fourth Tuesdays ww^jjji
at 8 p. m. in 'the OddW!!!_
Visiting Brethreni eri
vjieel to attend,   i- (���
V. P. Maxwell, See.
Flrlb. C. ��-f
PERANCE meel   even oddfellogf
at 8 o'clock p. !"������     ,
Hull,    Columbia
I  _
Telephone    333
Agents for Employers' Lsab;.:1yP and Union Fire Assurcncs Co. of London.
Brethren are cordially [J ^^A
tend, Geo. Burr, ����� '-"���   '
Sec. ^s
SOCIATION, LORD OF   ,,.���;,���'*'
CAMP, 191.-MeetBO    |    n;i
Third Tuesday ol even ^
K.   of   P. Hall*    JJ^ggcB*
Chief; J. J. Forrester. ^^AY^aV 15. 1907.
rains & Steamers
* __.,_'     t   r _.����-*
ur N. W.  11.3...
lieN- W 15.40; ar
'��' w. 8.30;  ar. Seattle 15.50.
I"e Seattle i-:"i :"'- -v vv- ls-4(>-
["e".\ W  8.30, 10.35, 15.40, 17.35.
T   v v   9 ::."., 11.35, 16.40, 18.40.
jive a- "���
n \V. 9-20 a.m.; ar. Seattle 4 p.m.
2' to' 4,35 p.m.; ar. Seattle 10 p.m.
��"w. 3 p. m- and 9:55 p. m.
Vancouver 8.35 a.m., and 4 p.m.
'    ;  .\. R.���PORT GUICHON.
iv  N. VV. 9:35 a.m.;   ar.  Qulchon
_t> J'.in-
guichon, 2:40 p. m.; ar. N. W.
|5 p ni. and 6 p. m.
lli.cdays only.
.v   New  Westminster  5.50,  6.50,  1
m i a. ni., and every half hour there-
ler till 11 P- m-
lv, Vancouver   for  Westminster  at
Eraser River and Gulf
,:', X. W. Mon. Wed. Frid. S a.m
i | . ie a ,,.   Tu., Th., Sat., 7 a.m.
';,', N, W. Tu., Th., Sa'. 8 a.m.
mi Chwk. Sun., Wed., Frl.. 7 a.m.
Pn ���,; \.V\'. daily, ex. Sunday 2 p.m.
i. trip, Monday, r> a.m.
From Steveston, 7 a.m. (Fri. 6 a.m.)
Mail Service
Close. Received.
,., Sumas 7.45 a.m.    6.40 ;j ni.
; pi ton in I Mill-
jidi   N'o. 1   7.45 a in. 11.35 a.m.
.ver,  No,   1.  7.45 a.m. 9.00 a.m.
. ;���;   e" iverdale,
B:air.e ,Se ittle..  8.15 a.m.    3.30 p.m.
_ Ceu   Park.10 30a.m. 2.00    :u
(  10.30 a.m. 9.00 a.m
....   1.13 pm.    1.15 ;..:ie
-: iveston,
  1.30 p.m. 11.00a.m.
.: ���      S ipper-
n, Ml    I '������ and
t  3 00 p.m. 11.35 a m
I i   M.i'.y 3.30 p.m. ii.00 p.m
:;: Fl er    4.00 p.m 11.00 p.m.
I'.mi.l.   Tues
I'll ev .   .. .12.00 m 12.00 m.
anadian Pacific Railway Co.
British Columbia Coast  Line
B. C. Coast  Line Service.
��� . change without notice).
���   -   Maj,    le'.iw.-    Van   i ivi   .
M ,. .    leaves    Van* iuver,
-   .-l.i. .    leaves   ' V.,:,.- mvei.
���   da       .....   ..,,���
He-   ll. .  ���
anil Works for
v.i- intei i to iipply to
.'ommli lion     ol  :. mdi
perml ision to cut in ���: ca i
ry   away   the  timber  [rom   the   following
.!���   cr i  Inn I ,  sil    te  nl   Kil    mm.ilium
Valley, I !oa i   districl
20.���Commencing    at     a poe l   planted
about  3V_   miles north
tl  M.
of    C.   IM   a.
of the  north-west
.  ... Green's    .reel        ill
then rum Mm   ih follows    SO chains
^^^^^^     ...   iouth;   10 chains west
su   eli.iins   north   to -.m.::.  of commenc
.   '    ' !M
. . I . i mj	
*'i'-t:  80 cleeiins
at   a   post    planted
then   i, _i,., '-ll V ',',"���" s Preemption claim,
i'i chain_ _?,��_������TC 1.60 chains west
chains north moL0 c,halns '"'  ���'������-, 4')
Inent ' to tl,e """"���   ��f eom: enci
. ^-OTICE. . not   registered   umier the  provisions
'   ��� ..   -���; that 30 days  of the "Land Registry Act," shall  be
make appllca-   forever  estopped red   fromj ���  ^^^^^^^__
si,,,,,.,.;,  r-1/^,%:|!:;.';.iVV',,,rir,,U-l8ettinj T""'"^-' '" or in respect   Tender, for License to Cut Timber on
cla] ; ������" ����� - for a spe-   of the said  land so  sold  for taxes as Dominion Lands in the Province of
"   ���>���      to   ...     and   carry   away   provlded  by the ..,,.,���, Re ,gt      A
''""���   from   the following  described    '
lands, situated in the Coasi   District
"a the West Bank   if Kittimal  Arm.
"'out  15 miles south of Kittimat Indian Village in a small bay.
British Columbia.
2?;    Commencing   at    a   post   planted
out * miles north of the north-west corner ol C. !���'. a. Green's pre-emption claim,
then running as follows: 80 chains east;
B0 chains north-; Su chains west and 80
chains south to point of commencement.
23. . :ommene!ng .it ;e post plante .1
ei ini .. miles north of the north-west corner of C. P. A. Greerf s pre-emption claim,
then running as follows: 160 chains east;
in chains north; 160 chains west; fi
chains south to point of commencement.
24.- Commencing at ;i posl planted
aboul '. miles north of the north-wesl corner of C.F.A.Green's pre-emption claim,
then running as follows: 100 chains east;
, I'i chains south; 160 cliains west; -l**
i halns north to point of commeni iment,
25.    I'.imi eing   mi    a   post    planted
aboul ���: mites north of the north-wesl corner of C. F. A. Green's  pre-emption claim,
i then running as follows: 160 chains east;
In  . bains noi til :     160    chains   vv si ;     (0
- Bouth to poinl ..:' commencement.
26 C emnii ncing at a posl planted
.:... ��� ., miles north o' tie" north-wi?sl coi
ner of C. F. A. Green's pre-emption claim,
'Imi running as follows: 10 chains west;
m " . i Ins south ; 1" eh ilns ea il I 60
mMii, poinl of . imm ���..     ient.
27.���Commencing   ee    a    post    planted
ori m ol the n ertli-wesi Corel  of C i-'. A. ' ireen's pn -emptl >n cl dm,
���Irn running as follows;  BO chains west;
so chains north ; 80 chains easl      i chains
ith lo i oinl ..f commenci
i lommenc ng   al     i    posl     planted
...  ; miles noi th of the '���'��� esl cor-
��� ��� i  of  C. F A. i Ireen's  pr i-emptlon cl dm,
running as follows:  160 chains east;
10 chains south ,  160 e halns west; een.l 40
i ilns   th to th    poii '  ..:  c immi mce-
... nt.
mm..    .' mm;. ���.. lng   al    a    post    planted
out 1             '  irth ..: the north-wesl corni i   of i' I'. A. Gr. - n s pr mptlon claim,
.   m lng .    .v. -     I ��� Ch ens north :
....  ....    ���     ... 10   chains    north;    40
west; s    .    tins Bouth ;  120 chains
-    ��� . ; ; ..:  com   ee nc ment.
���: .     . ���,,. lng    .'    .e   post    planted
���   i .       ilns  north  of  tl." south-west
i;,. r oi   ! ation  Ne    26,   then  running
folio' 160  ch iins  west:   10 chains
i , . ,:. .ms easi .     md   10 chains
...    t of comm'    ��� ment.
mimenclng   al    a    posl     planted
out  4      halns  north  of  the s euth-west
.   oi   :.... ati en  No.   -���:.  the n  running
160  . h lin -  ��  st:  4.e  cieains
160 chain    east;  40 ch tins  north
��� ..:  nent.
. 'ommi m li g     it    a    post    planted
nori n n th ��������������� -' ��� *r-
...   ,,     ���  i'   \  .;. pn    mptlon claim,
 ��� : illows    160 . .  ilns wesl ;
0. running a3 follows:���so
chains west, 80 chains north, 80 chains
east, more or less to the shore, then
along the shore to point of commencement.
TAKE NOTICE that an application Commissioner of Dominion Lands,
has been made to register Alice B. Department of the Interior, and mark-
McDougali, as the owner in Fee ed on the envelope "Tender for Tim-
Simple, under a Tax  Sale Deed from I ber  Berth  No.  .".Is,"  will  be  received
Tenders for a License to Cut Timbsr
on Dominion La-ds in the Province
of Britisii Columbia.
at this   Departmenl until   12 o'clock
noon on Wednesday, the 24th day of
Sealed Tenders addressed to tiie
Commissioner of Dominion Lands, Jt-
partment of the Interior, and marked
ou the envelope "Tender for Timber
July, 1907, for a license to cut timber j Berth No. 521," will be received at this
No. 21. Commencing ar a post planted on the west bank of Kittimat Arm
about 15 miles smith of Kittimat Indian village ia a small bay, thence SO
chains west, SO chains south, SO ehains
on  Berth  No.  51S, comprising   lands
the Mayor and Treasurer of the City '���
Of New  Westminster, to Alice B. McDougall, bearing date the 15th day of
January, A. 1)., l.UG, of all,and singular ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
that certain parcel or tract of land situate in the'Province of British Col-
aud premises situate, lying and being ' umbia to the west of Chehalis Creek j
in the City of New Westminster, in and described as follows:
the province of British Columbia, Timber Berth No. 518, comprisingI
east more or !._, .n ����������� ���, .. <*��re particularly known and de- that portion of Section 29 lying north-e Province of British Columbia, to
along shore to point ot commence- 8Crlbed as: Subdivision 30 of Lots 8 of Timber Berth 2S0 and that portion j the East of Chehalis Creek and Lal: ���
ment '"'"   '"    and 9 Suburban Block 3. o�� Section 32   outside Timber Berth  and comprising 5 blocks, described  is
No.' 22. Commencing at a post plant-      You and e;"'h of >'ou art' re"uired u'   ��� ""  ���'Ul  ih'Vth 28��'  '" ToWnBh,p   follows:
Department until 12 o'clock noon on
Wednesday, the 21th day of July. 1907,
for a license to cut timber on ber! i
No. 521, comprising lands situate  In
ed in ��� a
bay given name of Indepen- [ contest   the   claim   of   the   tax  pur-14> Range 30, West of the 6th Meridian;
Block 1.���Comprising that
porth a
dent Bay situated about 2 miles south I ebaser within forty-five days from the also the norih half and the south-east
oast of Hi" north end of Constle Is-1 date ot  the first  publication of  this quarter of Section 26, the north half   out8lde Timber Berth No. 44, Block I,
laud on  east bank of Kittimat Arm, notice, otherwise I shall register Alice and  ,!"' south-wesl  qmarter   Section and Timbgr Berth 254 Block 1, of Sec-
'il""""   >0   chains south,    io  chains IB- McDougall as owner thereof in fee. I *'''> lbe ea.l half Section 2-:   th. north I tion 2:;, Township 4, Range 30   Wesl
east|  :' chains north, 10 chains east.JAnd  I direct that publication of this ha,f Section  32,    Sections 33-, 31.  "���".' of   ,!](. t;;h jnerldl '
"���""  north,   -.(  ehains   west  to |notice for thirty days in a dally news- and those portions of Section 25 and
Pt.nt of commencement. I paper published at  New  Westminster :'G outside Timber Berths 280, 261 an I
area of
containing an
more or less.
No. 2::. Commencing at post planted | wlH   be   good  and   sufficient   service   -"-��� "' Township 1. Range 1, Wes: ofl
Block 2.���Bounded on the  west
';!""!  :' :���" ���'-   south of Kittimat In-   thereof. the Tth Meridian; also Sections 3, 4,1 Chehalis Creek, on the east by Timber
,|i:l11   village on   Devastation   channel      Dated at the  Lend Registry  Office   5, the north half and south-east quar-   Berth 298 Block l.and the east botiud-
on east bank and about 50 yards south   New  Westminster,  Provinces of Brit- !ter Section 6, Sections 7, 8, the north   ary   uf same produce(j
of the  Hoi  Springs, thence Sl> chains  ish Columbia  this  25th day of April,
'���as'. SO chains south, SO ehains west A. D., 1907.
more or less to the shore then along C. S.   KEITH,
tli"   shore   to      iinl     of    commence-! District Registrar.
I:":i!' I To  William   Edmonds,  Esq.
No. 21   C      mmm' post planted'    All persons served with this notice,
about 15 mill - .. 1 th of Harttery Hay I and  those claiming through or under
northerly  to
in the
'���'   ';      bank  of Kittimat   Ann     on I them,   and  all  persons   claiming anv
'���,"? ":.   ."  i:,;     ' :i   '   !l  chains  interest ir, the said land by virtue of ' e:>-st ha,f Section 11, and Section  12,
cast, ]_. chains north, 40 chains west,
half and  the south-west  quarter Sec- I Timb(ll.  Berft  ,,[)S    UU)rk ,,
tion i*. the south-east quarter Section ;
. .   ,. a    ,.      ,,.  ,,,     ���  ���  1 north   by  Timber Berth   264   Block  2,
Id. the smith half Section 1 ���>, the south
half and the north-west  quarter Sec- j ani1 2;,s Blof'k ���'-': a"d on the south by
tion 17. the north half anil south-east   Timber Berth 254 Block 1, containing
quarter Section IS, the south half and i an area of 725 acres, more or less,
north-west  quarter Section    19,   and |    Block 3.���Commencing at th
those portions of    Sections 1, 2.   the
more or ' s 1, to shoi e then along shore j
t'i point   of commencement.
any unregistered instrument, and all west of Tlmber Berths 2T2 and 302'
persons claiming anv interest in the in Township 5, Range 1. West of the
said   land   by descent,   whose title  is   7th   Meridian;     also   Section  12.  the
t Planted I not registered under the provisions of. easl half Sectio" 2I' an'1 ,he south'
-""    ~ " the   "Land   Registry   Act."   shall   be I east quarter Sectio^ 25, Township 5,
about  in miles nortii of Hartley Bay
mi   ens'   bank   of   Kittimat   Arm   on |
Hawkesbury island on a
thence   120   chains   southTo^'hTnJ ^"^ "P ^ ��lalm t0 0r ln resPeCt
forever  estopped  anel  debarred from   Ran-'' 2' West of   thp 7,h Merl<"an*
easi, 40 chains th, 40 chains east.
10 e hains noi n. '������ ��� iiains west. 40
of the said land so sold for taxes
as. provided by the "Land Regtsiry
.'.,') nt
. .  ......
-. 11
.��� emmencem nt.
.    13.
..'  ��� iDY
.  .   ....:���.
.S nt.  M  ink  Vai dail
���  itors.
; 9 .7.
ol . immencement.
No. 26. Commencing at posl planted
.riar'er   west! __________________________________________���________________���
, ,......,      .   ,.        .���                 , Take- notice that    thirtv  davs after   forms of lender and envelope, may be
oi Kiakial 1 Bav Indian village, on the ���      ���                 , . ,    .      ...   _                           .,
,                   ,   . ��� date'l intend to make application to   obtained at this Department or at the
north bank of bav, thence loo chains; ll
containing an  area  of    iri.02i
more or less.
The berth must be surveyed wilhin
one year after the date of the notice'
awarding the berth.
The regulations under which a license will    be    issued,    also printed
^B^|^______|i______________________.  'ess
j the Chief Commissioner of Lands and   office of the  Crown  Timber Agent  at
Indian   Reserve   line,  thence   160 j Works tor a license f0 f"t i'��'1 c:"'^   X('w Westn��Inster* B' C'
��� ��� '���. ���
- '^i'-/.t. Vr-'>V'.;'
-��� .. \ } t -. i.\"', ��� \T -j-k
,     yr'. l.,'-\*:'')*i:;^",\
Each tender must be accompanied
by an accepted cheque on a chartered
bank in  favour of the Deputy of the
'���- ��_f__!_?2u
. VI : 11 i.i leaves V 1     iu
>    toria   tail;   at   1   a.m.
��� Victoria dailj excei 1 M m laj
ss. Rlthet
Victoria   on   Tuesday   an.i
I a.m., and leaves Nen \\ est-
II ,We in.--day and  Saturday
S. S. .Joan
��� \ im un er dally at I   10 p m
Steamer Queen City.
Victoria at   11   p.m. on  I t,
��� Hth e ndi  month  for Claj 0
ive.3 Victoria    *eii    20th    for
ni ��;i;.  points.
Steamer Transfer
smm*   Westminster  on   Mon
'   lay,   Wednesday,   Thursdaj
at   .'   p :n. and  Saturday
tli additional trip on Mon
1. in
s''"..   ' e;, Monday, Tuesday,
��� Thursd iv and Saturday at
Prlday at 6 a. m. additional
'I.iy 5 ji. m.
S. S. Beaver
.. New   Westminster,  8   a.  in.
''���'    ��� Wednesdays and Frldavs,
," '     ��� Chiiliwack 7 a. m. Tuesday,
and   Saturdays,  calling  at
���"���tween   New   Westminster
Northern b. c route.
S.  S.  Tecs
Vancouver at  8   p.m.   2nd
.'.,''' of each month, culling at
'' "ti first trip and Bella Coola
"���, Wp, Time on arrival and
" are approximate.
terVatlons   and   Information
Id ress
I'll). QOULET.
Agent,  _:. w Westminster.
.,     . Bl. J. COYLE,
" a. Pass   Agent, Vancouver,
.1. W. TROCP.
eral Superintendent, Victoria.
Any available Dominion Lauds within the Railway  Re-:; in  British Colum-
la, may be homesi   . le '-       .-. iy per-
a ���:. u ho is the sole I tad ol ., 1 imlly,
any male over IS ��� ears of    ige, tei
' b*   extenl of   one .       m of
100   icres, moi e or less,
'..:.' v.-   in .-:   be  made        ���       ly a1
uJ offii e ���   .        ��� In
e\ bii b the I in 1 Is sil . 1.1
Ths b aiestea lei Is tequlre l to per-
: i u the conditions 1 mn i 'te 1 there-
'-.'.������:- .   ving plans:
11) At 1 mis: six nn nl hs resid n e
1. "i ind cultivation ei: the lan i in
each ye ir for I hree j ears
'..    If the : ith* .  1 er : 10th t, y the
hei i -  ! -. ease d 1, of the ti mi istead
 I les upon a farm in tl     1 Icinity
.>. the lan 1 ent* 1   I for,   the   require
menl 1 as to reside ace tu ..   ee s it I -:'
such   ���." s m   resl i n .    ������������ ith   the
I he r 1 ier,
1" 1     If die    ��� " .'���!;-
.mm  re sl leue .���       in :     ning Iaii I own
lii.ii in the ������.. initj of l; - l. nni
I,   the   retjui ��� mm'mi: i    as  to resl
leuee maj   be   ���.      ed      .   1   sid mum
q ���:. 1 ... said land
Sl . in mi lis' notice in v      1     I ui
..". ���    the     loiiin    -mm       ....
nin  mi Lands   m  .'   awa .    Inl rttl.:.
10 d  ...  : .     1  ���
1    .1 1 inds in 1     ..     u ' i ..:���'.   .
e   ;i Me' for soft *   al and  120 1     a .
thi 11 Ite,      Moi   more tha:      . ��� acres
can ' ��� ...��� iim.' 1   ...  one Individual
.��� .    iany,   Royaltj  al the rai i of t m
im nts per ton of 2.  pounds shall be
collected on the gross out put, ���
\". W. CORY,
Deputy of the M ulster of the In-
M. B.���Unauthorized   publication of
thl.    advertisement    will nol b i pai l
Nolle .��� is hereby given that, 60 clays
after date, I Intend to apply to the
Hem. Chief Commissioner of Lamls
and Works fora lease of the foreshore
righl for booming and milling purposes, comprising the whole of a bay,
given tb ��� name of Independenl Hay,
situated aboul tw > mill s s mth of the
norlh en I of Costl Is! in I, on the eas'
Sank of Kltim tl vrm, an 1 about two
mile's south from  Kildala Arm,
Located April 5th, i:117,
WILLIAM   MOODY,   Locator
Fi:\Ni. VANDALL, Agent.
chains  south    i-.ong   Reserve   line   to I awa>' tlmber fmm tho following da
shore,  th ������    e: mg shore  ; 1  point  of  C1'lbed lands:
commence! H 1-���Connnencing I a ]eos; jdant    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
No. 27. Comm n ing a: posl planted   ,''1 on ""'   weHl si,le of   Twenty-Five   Minister of-the Interior, for the am-
,���,; 1 ..... 0f  Mile Creek and marked James Sharpe,   ount of the bonus which the applicant
Kial 1 ' 1  [ndi  ���.  .:   igi   on north bank   Xo-  1   l,'":"-    thence  40 chains west:   is prepared to pay for a license,
of   hay,   thence  '      chains   north,   10  thence south SO chains; thence east SO      The highest or any tender not nec-
chains    west,  160 chains    south,    to chains; thence north SO chains; thence  essarily accepted,
shore,   then   along  sho e   to poinl   of  west 40 chains, to point of commence-      No tender by telegraph will be 011-
commencenien*. ! ment.
No. 2S, C mini in Ing at a posl ; lant- No: 2.���Commencing at a post
ed about one mile and three quarters planted one mile south of James
west of Kiakia 1 Bay Indian village, Sharpe's No. 1 post; thence wesl 10
on north hank o| bay, thence 160 | chains; thence south SO cliains; thence
chains north, 40 chains wes:. 100 easl SO cliains; thence north 80
cbains south,   [i   chains easl  to point   cliains:    thence   wes:    40   ehains, to
point of commencement.
of commencem nt
No. 29. C immenehig at a post plant-
e I about one halt ml    1       r >m mouth
of'Kildala river on south bank, thence        	
10   chain-   south,   10   (Mains west,   80   Tenders   for   i_iosnse  to
1 hains   s mth,   10   1 h iins    west,    12^
chains nortl   '1 the sh >re, thi n alon;
shore to point of commencement.
-Staked April 29, 1907.
^^^^^^^^^^^^       cut   Timber
on Dominion Lands in the Province of British Columbia.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ e south
east corner of Timber Berth 298
Block 2. thence north-easterly at right
angles to the easterly boundary of
said Berth 298 Block 2, 2 miles: thence
north-westerly at right angles to last
course, r.4 chains; thence south westerly, at right angles to last course. 2
miles to easterly boundary of said
Berth 29S Block 2; thence south-easterly along saiel boundary to place of
beginning, excluding therefrom any
portion of Timber Berth ','M, which
might fall within the same, containing
an area of sfi4 acres, more or less.
Block I.���Commencing at a point
on the easterly boundary of Timber
Berth 302 Block 1. ~> cliains southeasterly from the north-east corner
thereof: Ihence south-easterly along
sai.l easterly boundary 80 chains.more
or less, to the angle in said east
boundary of Timber Berth 1102; thence
north-easterly, at right angles to last
course following the boundary of sai 1
Berth :;n2. 40 chains; thence northwesterly paralled to first course SO
chains, more or less', to correspon 1
with length of first course: thence
south-westerly paralled to secon 1
course 40 chains, to point of commencement, containing nn area of 32 !
acres, more or les.
Block .".���Commencing at a point oft
the  easterly  shore  of Chehalis  Lake,
,  i ."in  chains  southerly    from   northerly
SEALED TENDERS addressed to the Und of   said lake;    thence southerly
Commissioner    of    Dominion    Lands,   along said easterly shore of lake, 2U2
Departmenl of the Interior, and mark- : miles In direct distance, with a depth
cd on the envelope "Tender for Tim- ' of I
ber Berth  No.  .19." will  be received
Department of the Interior.
Ottawa, April 25th, 1907.
Tenders for License te Cut Timber on
Dominion Lands in the Province of
British Columbia.
'":-.v:\   VANDALL,
I. >. ators.
Locate.)   V ril 6th.  1907,
SEALED   TEXDERS   addressed
at  tb.is Department     until   12  o'clock
of Dominion Lands, | noon on Wednesday, the 24th day of
Departmenl of the interior, and marl;- July, 1907, for a license, to cut timber
ed on the envelope "Tender for Tim- '>'i Berth No. 519, comprising lands
ber Berth No. 516," will be received al situate In i1;.- Province of British Colchis Department until 12 o'clock noon   umbia on the   west side of Chehalis
m  Wednesday,  the  Sth  day  of June,
TAKE N 1TI1 E : hal      plica ion has   '���""��� !li:' :i  license to cut  timber on
Berth No. 516, comprising lands sltu-
te in the Provim f British Columbia, an 1 des irl! e i a st' illows:���
Timber Berth No. 516, comprising
Se 1 tions 27. 2S, :;::. 34, an I the Eas;
halves of Sect! ins 29 and 32 In Township IS, Range 23, Wesl eef the 6th
Meridian,  containing an    area  of    o
1 lare mil ��� i, mor ��� or less,
The I erth musl be surveye l within
.���'.-.." . fter the lal ��� of the notice
awarding the berth.
Lake and described as follows:
Timber Berth No. r, 1 :>. comprising
those port inns of the following lands
which He to the wesi of Chehalis Lake
:e I mtside of Timber Berth 302 Block
2. namely, Sections 26, 27, the mirth
half of Section 28, the south half of
Sei tion 33, the south half and the
north-easl quarter of Section 34, Sec
tion :'.'.. Township ... and Si'ctions I ,^^^_^^^^^^_^^^^^^^^_^^^
2, the easl half of Section 3, thenorth (>,'n; of the bonus which the appll-
east quarter of Section 1.0, Sec::,,,, 11. cant is prepared to pay for a license,
the south hn1!'ei' Section 12, thesouth No tender by telegraph will be en-
west quarter of Section 11. and the | tertained. The highest or any tender
The  regulations under which a ^south-east quarter ol'    Section  15, In j not necessarily accepted.
Me en  rn   ..   :     :   -.-'  r !'.  ; em e Mary
. . .      .     the    ivner in Fe   Simple
': . ������  , Tax Sale De   I from The Cor-
[i rati no    he D   trict of B irn iby, to
Jam* j Cunning earing dai ������  I he
10th d .. ...     . A. D., 1902, of all
and  sli    ei .    .    tain   parcel  or
tracl   "       -     md  ] remis  ���    situate,
:,. lng and     ....       he let 0   Ne\
Wi stmliisl    . m       ��� .    if Bri
tish    Columbia', ���        . ar ie ularij
known an.l i   is subdh Isions
2: n_ I 24 ol bu edivisl a "A" of lol 2a,
Ml MM    1.
You and eacl  ol . m lere y re-
rpilre '        * mi       tho  11 ilnis  of  the
tax  : .mm li within  fortj -five days
.   im : he da     of 1 h * Eh'3l publli a I lon
of   hi - not!   , ��� ��� :  ih .11 re jis-
ter i'i';...   '. ..    Eveleigh as   iwner  ,���,.,��������       ��� .,     ...     .     ,   ,
.in.'iM   1:1   tavnur  ���   H   ilei.a'v ol   the
:"'"1 V:i  !  :''    ':    1::"'   Minister ol the Interior, fo .the am-   cense will  be    Issued,   also    printed
that piiblicatioi        his notice for thir-  ,,.,���, ,,.��� th6  bonua  vvhi(.h  (h,.  appif.  forms of tender and envelope, may be
. mt Is 1 repared I > May for a license:  obtained at this Department or at the
The hlghesl or any tender nol ne- [ office of the Crown Timber Agent at
cessarily  accepted.
No ten ler by _te!eg a '\ will bo en
Departmi nt  of the Interior,
Ottawa, Apr!; 6, 1907.
chains i'ii said east shore, measured at right angles to the general
bearing of said easterly shore of lake
within the block, containing an area
of 1,3 H> acres, more, or l^ss.
The berth must be surveyed with-'
in one year after the date of the notice  awarding the  berth.
The regulations under which a li-
11 nse will lie issued, also printed
forms of lender and envelope, may be
obtained at this Department or at the
office of the Crown Timher Agent at
N'ew Westminster, B. C.
Each under must be accompanied
by an accepted cheque on a chartered
bank In favour of the Deputy of'the
Minister of the Interior, for the am-
���. . will '..' Issui . als printed 1
fi rms ie ; mi ler an 1 envelope, amy be
0 tanie I al this 1 ("Mar:mi nl or al the
office of the Crown Timber Agent at
New  Westminster,  li.  C.
Each  tender must be accompanied
by an accepted cheque on a chartered
T.-v ii-lii'i 6,   all in Range 1, Wesl of
the 7th  Meridian, containing an area
f 1,310 lures, more nr less,
The berth musl be surveyed within
one year after the date of the notice
awarding the berth.
The regulations under    which a li
ly days in y newspaper publish
��� ���; al  New   W     nlnsl .- will     1  food
mm*     ifflci* ' ' : . ��� .' if.
I).,:,-, al the ... id Regl str;.' Office,
New Wesi nlnst* .Province ol British
Colum! la, this 25th d 13 of Vpril, A D.,
C.   S.   KEITH,
Distrl ���:  it igi -���" ir.
To  L.  A. Bayne,  E 1 1,
All persons s rye; with thi * n iti* e,
and those claiming thr 1 igh or un ler
the..,:, and all persons claiming any
Inter* sl In he said lan I by virtue of
any unregistered lnstruraen . and all
.. r ions claiming anj Interest In the
sal l  lan l   b;   descent, whose title    1   p.m,.^ 3;
VV. IN. Draper
B. C. Lane!
it "l-ie.-:',   B.O
New Westminster. B. <!
Each tender must be accompanied
bj an accepted cheque on a chartered
'auk In favor of the Deputy of the
Minister of the Interior, for the amount of the bonus which the applicant
is prepared to pay for a license.
The highest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
No tender by telegraph will lie en-
���,'! 'in*'.!.
D - artment or the Interior,
Otti  ���  .   '���   ril 25th, 10.7.
Department of the Interior,
Ottawa, April 24th, 1907,
Following is the location and number of the lire alarm boxes in the city:
0���Royal City  Mills.
7-���Carnarvon and Tenth.
8���Royal avenue and Eighth.
9���Fifth avenue and Twelfth.
12���St. Mary's Hospital.
13���Second and Park Row.
I I���- Columbia  and   Dufferin.
23���Queen's  avenue and   Sixth.
21���....eel avenue and Second.
25���Fifth  avenue  and  (Fourth,
26���Fifth avenue and Eighth.
27���Third avenue and Tenth.
"2���Agnes-and  Sixth.
'M���S-h.\ake Machine Works.
35���Columbia anil McKenzie.
.16���C.P.R.   Station.
42���Small and  Buckland   Mills. THE   DAILY   NEWS.
Cherries,   Peaches,   Pears.
Public Supply Stores
Keep the Flies Away
Before an audience not near1? as
large as the quality of the lectin'', d* -
served, .1. CL Lister, the eminent electrical scientist of Vancouver, delivered an interesting and instructive lecture on lhe methods employed b." lhe
R. C. E. R. company in transmitting
the greatest of all natural forca into
light and power. Mr. Lister handled
his rather difficult subj* ct in a nan-
ner that proved him to be one who
: has devoted a .erea; part of his .ime
to this study. By a clear and coicise
discussion of llm subject, which.
though devoid of superfluous technical terms, wn- yet absolutely accurate, and aided by excellent lantern
| views and experiments which ��� ������.::-
ted every om- in the audien , 'o see
for Jiimself every part ��� rently
m plicated electric seer* ts, the !ee-
turei made clear to all the manners
in  which  the  nower is brought  from
 ��� Lain' Buntzen to this city.
For over iwo thousan/1 years, n"om-
m m     j_ f\ 111 1     O      f^ inf'nt  niPn Ilnve hwin ,rvin!I '" fin(1
Malms, Loultnara & to. Ltd
In fine location; 20 acres cleared; house worth
$2,000; barn 65x90; other good buildings, all
new;  good bearing orchard;   first-class water;
school and post office.
Price,   -    -
"*"i..^��!__��^��**"*""^' |
_fc    I <      1
Per J. H. VIDAL, Mgr. Real Estate Department
New Wellington COAL
Blacksmiths' Coal in stock.
P. O. Box   345
'Phone   1C5.
SPECIAL OFFER.���A Cook Book with every  Monarch   Range se'd  before
the 15th of May.
Tho "Sta.y Satisfactory" Range.
"An abundanceof hot water,"
says the Monarch man, "is
quickly obtained and easily <
kt pt because of the very large 1
heating turface of the Monarch
; in extension water front. It
is located on the left side of
the. nre box and does not interfere in the least with the perfect workinc ci the o\en.''
only very recently that scientists
think they have discovered ihe . eeret.
One of the most important discoveries in connection with it is the fact
" j that it can be produced by chemistry.
A magnet and a coil of wire arj 'be
.' basis of all electrical workings, -hnjilo
as ihi* solution for some of the **on-
i derfnl things done by the great 'lower
may seem.    The  production    o'   the
I greatest and most powerful mnguets
which generate power for some of the
most   important  plants in  the  vcrld,
-was  shown by  the lantern  anl  fully
��� explafned by the lecturer. View of
the machines ami power producers at
i the big plant at Lake Buntzen fere
shown on the screen, and the auoience
liste ni 1 to a d* so: iption that wm? almost equal to being Taki n ever the
At the conclusion of the lecture, a
number of'prominent gentlemen i'i the
audience, representing the -.hoo!
board and other important Inst tutlons
of 'lv. city, complimented Mr. Listei
upon flie ability which h<   showd in
I handling  his   subj* it,   and   ex]    Bsed I
thi a selves as p.-ins much enligli i ned
ij   M the science.    The  position    of
! chairman for the evening was ably
���ill".' ; ,. Mr. McMillan, who . i fo Bled th_   |uti< - in   i ci ��� lital <   mannei
. und proposed a vote of tl i ' ��� ��� ��� 'ho
speaker, whi< h was unanl n
Screen Doors
Anderson & Lusby
Absolute Accuracy
in Dispensing
is   a  special feature  here.
Your   doctor   knows   what
quantities and materials to
put  in your   prescription.
Here you get exactly what
your doctor orders.    Every
drop is measured and every
grain is weighed  by scales
and measures   proved accurate by tests.
It is in your health's interest
to   have   your   prescriptions
filled by us.
Ellard Block.
New  Westminster
Hardware, Monarch Ranges        187 Columbia St.    Te!. 65
.......  " "T!_WWJ'      tar Agents for "KLBNO."   B*
* *
I McBriarty LacrOSSe Sticks I
Hotel Guests.
. luii hon���I.   J.  Smith,   Chi li
.   -l.   Davis*  ..  Toronl       '    '     R    .
Pon   Moody;   R. A.  Nich* Is*
od;  X. H. Mil* i s, '.'. nco iv< r; J. A.
Rogers,   11 in !ng lon;   R.   B   ey,
-Mjl*' House.
Windsor���H.   Gibbs,   A.   Rob*    -  n,
m     bei ton;  M. D tn iros,  I. E. H
Vancouver;  J. Lowerson, Mis :        W.
P.  Barnour,  St.   Paul;   ll.   M.  C i
��� Cim innatl;  G. H, Turner, M        a; J
A. Rogers, ll mtingd n.
*,:"       .?_____*?___ - ,-:?*ii3.'By?z,'-(..*>
Have Just Arrived
! J. J. MACKAY & CO.
| Electric Railway Service j
Inter-urban Line.
Cars for Vancouver and way
.siatlons will run every half-
hour from 5:50 a. m. to 11 p.
in. excepting at 7:30 and 8:30
a. in. Half hourly ears will
run from Central Park to
Vancouver only.
City  Limits Line���Service from
6.15 a.m. to il p ni.
20 Minute Service��� .so transfer.
.  l!etw_..'n 1_ and _ ar.'l ii and 7.
30 Minute Service during remainder or day. Transfer at
Leopold Place.
Sunday Service half-hourly be-
tween 8 a.m. and il p.m.
Sapperton Line.
15 Minute Service from C.25 a.
in in 11 p.m., except between
12 and 2, and 6 and (", during
which hours the service will be
Sunday Service   bait-Hourly he- \
tween t>.i!H a.m. and 11 p.m.
Full sized lot, street on
| three sides, opposite the
Bank of Montreal.
Price $12,500
Terms, $5,000 cash, balance to arrange.
Columbia ancl
Clarkson Streets
1 lot, double frontage,
66x132 ft.; 2 lots with
factory thereon.   Three
lots in all.
Price $12,500.
good terms.
This property is situated
between Bank of Montreal and Guichon Hotel
opposite city market.
217-219 Columbia St.
*S__|? EZ
Manufacturer  of
Mineral Waters, Etc,
Aerated Waters,
Family Trade a Specialty.
Tel.  113. Office,  Eighth  Street.
500 Cords of Tan Bark Wanted
A i  the
Fraser River Tannery
Highest Cash Price Paid
Wash   Goods
Every Description
Our Wash Goods section is making an e
special showing of  Handsome Sumrrt'- M
iins this week. ' mus
Now is the time to procure exclusive patterns i
the better Muslins.    We buy these special desiJ!
in short lengths, thereby having only one dress in
each piece.    Other special  ieatuiv.s ... \r,.
Goods we will  take pleasure in pointing out to out
and all this week.
Dimities and Mu
Sporting   Goods
Toys. Dolls
Voiiltis and Mm
.-   iwn ii     ��� autiful floral (lend   itrlpes,   T.. b* .   the
la to fall Me lovi   with  them al
���Iped Voeiies in shade, ol gi... .
mm pink, cream, h* llo-
���   '    per yard 35c to 45c.
Flowered     Voi lies     in      nafura
 ��� -. i te., thej ai'
; ��� mmm the hii of the season
in large fasl.imi centei s, p* r
. .1   I  35c, -10c and 45c.
Fancy Cotton Eolines almost
like the silk goods of thli
name, They ar.' shown In
Swiss, spots, floral desigm.
with unden he* :.. They wash
splendldl). ; ��� i yard 35c, 4Cc
and 45c.
In   Great   Vai    ',
Fancy   Dimities
ba lini
'       ���       :
well as florn
  .20c to 43c
Fancy  Muslins.
ere in a lar. *
Colored    Sm.
'     -:m    .'
��� lent    ehol ��� ���...  f ���
dr* n    dn
' '.    ��� I  12 '_:. 15c, 20:
25c and 30c.
Plain and Fancy
Dress Ginghams
''l.e cks and Btrip* s in se. man) c* lo ���
im.s and patterns th it ll Is almost
confusion I* shovi them. Our i1 ng*
ol prices are from 12 1-2c to 25c
per m ��� I,
Blouse and Shirting Ginghams
For ii'- ���       men, Oxford   ti    ���     ���   la
trip*        md  . ch*
. nd o h<       .;M.I.i: ! lin. -  in
���  .. ���   .' ���    mui  recommend.     ^ -
���   ���   besl  indogo   Bl rip* s,   t-.bse
fasl  coloi       Prices  11   1-2<:  to 3Sc
per yard.
ii] Snitin
Whit* Natural    sha
I! li.l;. ��� -' linen pi i yard 30c :o 30c.
Cream Linen Biiltln_   pei   *'nrd  10c to
Shrunk, natural linen suiting In
ami pattern . i�� r yard 25c to 50c.
Plain Cotton Via
Excelle im        ��� ���.
in*--..     Shai ���     of cre ...
navy, pal*
white: per yard
     25c I
the perfect
��� ���    ���
...        ed.   Colors   navj,   bi
and white.   Pei
Prints and Ginghams
"Hard i- : -
Prints are a
as it ia po
Ovi r 125 p i
froi      P*
are good ��
ors as we sell are f
yard lOeand^c
White Goods in Great Demand
Only l��y constantly procuring new linescanwe
keep up our stock of White Goods. Our:-!' snow
v.   te 1 awns, 	
��� ���   .'���  Dimities	
V.   ite Persian Law n       	
White Batl te 	
\\ h te Organdie, 36 to 70 inches wide
White Inilei Linons 	
White Pique   	
Indian Head	
White Barred Muslin	
White Swiss Spots	
per ya
20c 1   "
���    :
loc to 40c
247 Columbia Street. New Westminster
X British Columbia Electric Ry. Co., Ltd |
.' r_____e____3iSB__f______W
Thoroughly Reliable, Expeditiously
Finished,    Best of  Workmanship,
H. 1, KNIITSON'S, ��� 8th K%
**:.*:*.:*���.*.:*.*:.*::*:.*���*::*:.*:���,*������:*::.*:*���:.*:.* * * *
..Cream oi Tartar..
r~\    1 ���     ���     <���     ���
*':*::*:.*:*.*:*������*:*:*: f <:*   .���<>�����.���<>������*'
��� ���


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