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The Daily News Feb 9, 1907

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FEB 111907
lical Health Officer and Health Inspector Give Advice
Regarding Sanitation���Superintendent Stott is Too
Busy���Power Company's Request.
BY NEW ENTERPRISE        FOR COLONIAL UNION       ../.Tunn,,!/*!   /-__-��r_���
Railway and Cement Work Will  Draw
Their   Sucply   From   Nanaimo
Considers   Such  Union   Would   Benefit
Eoth   Motherland and
,1 of the council boa.nl last ev-
or Keary returned from his McNeill, representing the Slav,. Lake
holiday journey yesterday after- Power development company, waited
and occupied bis usual place at   "���""" the members of the council with
reference to the extension of the time
If mil  under which they are operating
The amount of work transact-  anti  ,,,,,���.,.;������ ,,1,1,1, ,1
"iia  respecting winch they communi-
e council was somewhat great-   cated  with  the council lasl week
usually the   east-, and in-!:| shorl speech, Sir Hibberl explained
the position of the company, mid asked for an extension of the privilege!
i'01 a period of three years, The
company had recently been re-organ-
bed, John Hendry having been appointed president, while experl engineers h.ii been engaged to come
he re from Montreal to supervise the
construction work. Al preseni there
here  were   80  men   working on the
N'anaimo, Peb. 8.���Mr, John Howard,
president of the Western fuel com-
pany has just be-e.i elected vice-presi-
������>���-��� ol the Bellingham Bay and British  Columbia  railway and in connec-
ihe receiving of a deputation,
lng of reports from tli��. medi-
Ith officer   and the   health in-
,, long discusion of sanitation
u bing of    some sage a I-
garding   the   appointing of a
filing Inspector,
w   De Wolf   Smith, who    wain in ��nlighten the council re-
'I'a  with this another step has been
al ��� a  towards establishing the greal
' cemen   works thai will now, it is cer-
���   erected    on    that    railway.
\ oui   ._��� 000,000 will   be invested   in
he  '��� xtensive   works    planned,     The
election  of Mr.  Howard  to the vice-
ol   the   railway  serves to
London, Feb, .:.���in a speech at
Hull, Mr. Balfour, as leader of the
t'liiunisi party, made a striking appeal
to   the  British   people   regardless  of
j party divisions to rise to the great op-
Government's Forest Reserve Policy is Severely Criticized
���Considered Rank Injustice to City���Homeseekers
Return Disappointed From Seattle.
11 (Mil entry of thri'e townships of land
in Whatcom county was not abated
with the return of scores of disappointed    homeseekers   from    Seattle
piT.nni.y offered by the colonial conference in Api 11. He said: "I do nol
care In the least what a man's opinions may be upon any abstract doctrine of political economy.    1 appeal
to him asking whether he will be hap-   jas1 njgi,tj and  the government's for-
j.y  in view  ot the preseni  condition   ,.sl   reserve  policy   is  being  severe!
Our greai  self-governing   criticised hy all business men.
and  all  expresse        The department's action in the mat
ted  by the erection of the   a desire for closer relations with the   1,., |s characterized as vacillating and
'���''������      ���'' eh are an enterprise thai is   mother country.     Dn.'  an,1 .all   they   uncertain.    Nearly every order affecl
���    advanced  by   the   railway.     Il   hfjve  let   ii   be   understood   that   the   |ng the disposition of these townships
says  Mr, Howard, cause- an  in-   mode in which that closer connection   1 a;. been followed by a counter order,
creased  scale in  the  poorer grade of j ii In their view to be attained is by   and this In turn by another order, si
coal thai   is not   now  all  used to ad- 1 some close commercial union.     They
' tage,     The  amount of coal  that   b^ve shown
Bellingham, Peb, 8.���Public indigna-   Every commercial body in this coun
tion in this city over the withdrawal | '������  sent ���' memorial te. the department
and Tacoma and Everett joined their
protests with  that of this city.     All
em  hasize the fact that Nanaimo will   colonies  have one
no  desire   for  anything
Improvements, and over $100,000 had    !:'   ^��anaimo fields will be called on   in the nature of an organic constitu-   four years.
that no one has understood the actual
status of the district during the past
contagious diseases among
a te nding the public schools,
.;.   died   account of   the pre-
ts'   an 1   besl   tha.   can  be  procured,
1 vi.. :. d itj is paid.
been   spent   by   the   company   in the
last   few   years.      He   requested   the
council to pass a new bylaw, couched
Ir. the same language as the old one,
taken to   prevent epidemics   >,nt ch-,m.-i,,���- ,.,���  1 .   ���     ,
uui  cnanging the date m clause/ 7 so
as tn extend  the time    for   another
City Clerk Duncan read the old by-!
law, and had reached the third clause'
when a halt was called by the mayor, Light  Hcrse to   Disband.
v ho pointed  out  that  if the wording ���    Toront, . Feb. S.-The Toronto Light
was not changed, the company might ; H
it. future years, enter into competition
with   the  city  in  supplying light   to
the citizens.    He proposed a change
the  case.     The officer would   by which the company could only sup.
Isit the child, and if the disease   ply heat  and  power to firms having
ntagi.ous.precautionary   less than 30 horse power supplied to
res wou    be taken.   In certain   their premises, while in the ease- of
icl   1   eachers had   Bent    the  Arms having anything above this, the
,: 0 thi- medical officer's   Stave Lake Power company would lie
.... had been examined,   entitled to supply the firm with light.
ihe children.     Quoting    from
frevention of Contagious Diseases
11 1. Smith pointed out    that   all
ers   were     cm powered  to
Ihome any child whom they bus-
���   - Ing afflicted with measles,
eria, scarletina, whooping cough
|j othei contagious disease, and
the    medical  hi'iilth of-
I �� supply daily is not  yet  known, but tiunal union, such as would be provid- ;     The original .forest reserve in this
it   will  be  considerable  and   the   de- ed, lei assay, is possible by a council   county was created ten years ago. Al-
mand   will  grow .with  the growth  of ol   the  Empire.     On  the  contrary.  I   though this embraces"   1,500   of   the
'hi-   plant.     Of course.,  the  duty  now believe   some  of them  at   all  events,   a.000 square miles of the county, no
on   coal  will  handicap  somewhat   its rega   1   these  schemes with  consider-   very   loud   protest   was   made  at   the
exportation, still it will be the cheap- abl suspicion   because, they   think as   time  it   was   created   for the reason   ingham,  and   tl
these protests were hound in book
form and copies were sent to the department ami to the members of the
delegation ill congress. So emphatic
were the exprssions of disapproval
thai Gofford Pinchot came out to Investigate. His report was favorable,
recommending the withdrawal of all
bi live or six sections of the ninety-
two. Vi'i the recommendation was
ni 1 acted upon, and the land has been
held in reserve. This year another
Strong effort was made to have it
withdrawn, and it seemed that this
was successful until the last of the
many conflicting orders came on Tuesday declaring thai it was not yet
1 eady for settlement,
It   is everywhere considered to be
a  rank   injustice  to the  city of  Bell-
many     prosperous
a result of carrying them, their own that no railroad then penetrated the towns of the county, and not In con-
ppwers of self-government, their own district, and il was practically un le- s nance, with the plan to promote the
Independence   a>s   greal   communities   veloped   territory.     Four  years  ago,   public welfare.
however,  it   was  announced  that  the ,     An   effort   is   now   being   made   to
three townships in question -would be   stud in such a strong protest that the
Iii  the   Empire  would be  threatened
j and hampered by such a great con-ti-
orse is being disbanded. Lieut.-
Con. George A. Peters, commander,
has issued orders for all members and
f< liner members of the regiment to
deliver up their clothing, arms, equipment and accoutrements to Sergt.-
Major Harding, at the Armouries, and
their attention has been called to the
fact that there is a $25 fine for undue
detention of stores, The regiment
has consisted of four squadrons of 51
Officers and men each, and last  stim-
I'nder the old clause, the minimum
power was fixed al 20 horse power.
After long discussions of minor Mints I mer when tneregiment was at camp ;     ':'!'''!i<m   "f  ,i��)e  before   the   guilty
minor points
Aid. (.ray was instructed to give 110-
tiee of the proposed change in the by-
�� as 250 strong.
png scuslon took place bet-
I"   Smith and   Aid. Smith, the
��� .'ing very definite Informa-
egai ' ng whooping cough, which
��� xplained  was   contagious.
in many eases    communicated   if"' al the nexl meeting of the council.
lone    hild to another   by means      The question of appointing a plumb-
utum.   Aid. Smith expressed   ing Inspector was next debated.    Su-
��� .ii that whooping cough   perintendent of Waterworks Stott and
��� transmitted by clothing, Inspector Pearce were called into con-
- lh after lengthy medical sulfation, and gave- some- interesting
s.  proved  mis    theory to be   Information   with  regard  to  the Sixth   Manager   of  St.   Mungo  Canning   Co
tutii nal  change.
Hunting for Murderer.
Host lie.-n.  Sask..  Feb.  8.���The  pro- \
vincial  government  has offered a reward of $200 for information leading,
to the capture of the murderer of Mi- ;
chael Kaminsky, a Swede, at Rosthern !
on  January   3rd.    Detectives  in  connection with  the mounted  police are
new at   work on the case.    The ati- 1
tlorities  are   in   possession   of   start-I
ling evidence,  and  say  ii  is  only  a
added to the reserve, bringing its
boundary to within fifteen miles of the
city,   a  strong   protest   was  sent   in.
government will be obliged to investigate the case and throw the land
open to settlement..
Drowned Man Is Unknown in District    Schooner    Goes    Down   off    Hatteras
���Had  Been   Long  in With   Three   Men   Aboard���
Water. All Drowned.
irtles are brought to justice.
Bellingham, Feb. 8.���The dead body Norfolk, Va., Feb. 8.���An unknown
of an unknown man was found today three-masted schooner which was drill) Toad creek near the Jeppson milk I ^   .^^   Tuesday   nlght
loned by some or the al-   street  sewer.     Mr. stott stated that
in   smith admitted that the ,hfi bad  no time to devote to sewer
tin n did not consider whoop-   Inspection al   present,   but   suggested
be dangerous, and men-   that   all applications   for  connection
with  the sewers lie accompanied by
sketch  ami   plan  of specifications,
which would greatly simplify the work
of the Inspector,     Mr. Pearce, while
admitting   that   lie   was   nol  a   dui)
qualified  plumber, was oi the opinion
hat  he possessed sufficient  theoretical  knowledge  to enable him to satis-
. 1 lorily  inspect  plumbing.     He  had
had occasion to inspect several houses
alrea ly, and in some cases be had not
been  satisfied   with   the condition  of'
the plumbing, but be had no authorit)
to 1I0 anything  as  long as there  was
11 1 nuisance.
\i!. Johnston  reiparl e i that  there
I the milk supply and   was nol enough work to keep a plumb-
1   porio.Hi   1   tests.     During    thi    '���".-   Inspector  busy all  the  time, and
wi ithi     be ������ bad been no milk   ':':-   fad   should   be  borne  In  mind.
ai 1   unsequently he  had made   lhe  discussion   was postponed  until
nrt. ���      ..   council. next Monday evening, when the coun
ip n the mayor's suggestion   cl 1 will arrive at  some decision.
Tells of  Renfrew Train
t   'hat  during the past year only
f   e had been reported to him un-
��� Bdlng    of  contagious dis-
Ing his opinion as health
h remarked thai child-
epl al home when one
:'     of  thi    family   was   afflicted ,
- booplg  cough.
" ���    equest of   the   mayor, ii):'.
vi   .   res ime of his duties as
li   Inspector.     In    addl
ftl r the' cases of con-
��� ��� 1. he had to keep an
tary conditions of the
nuisances to Hei
I      ���   Pearce, and had also tolook
Steel    Is    laid    to    Oro���Construction
Will   Proceed  Rapidly  Nexl
Princeton, Feb. v.���Construction on
lhe V. V. & E, is going ahead in the
Si oi karaeen, The steel is now laid
to Oro, and Chief Engineer Kennedy
hop* ��� get it to Keromeos by tho
end '-: this month. After thai construction will proceed much more rap-
anch on the Northeast Diagonal road,
about four miles east of the city. The
discovery was made by M. T. Martinis, and the fact was at once reported to Sheriff Williams and Coroner
Thompson.. Tiie man has evidently
remained in the water for a longtime,
:in ! his identity is unknown.
$6,500 From C. P. R.
Re   Deer, Feb. 8.���The C.P.R.again .
me   reverse in a jury trial here today,
ti:<- second trial in ihe case of Hanson 1
againsi tiie corporation.   Hanson was.
a milkman    in  this    town, and  while
crossing    the tracks in   1905, slipped
and fell in front of a train, which tool
lames Andi rson, manager of the St. j
Mungo Canning company, has returned home after having visited his com-'
pany's head quarters in Scotland. Like.
a good many more travellers who :��� <
braving tin  perils of a trans-continental journey at this season of the year,
lie   iiad   his   share   of   surprises.      He
was a  passenger on the train which   illy as supplies cm  .inn 'ne landed j on bis leg,   The jury yesterday, after
was wrecked .1   Renfrew, Out., a few
��� lays  ago.
The train on which he was travelling was supposed to have Ib 1 right
of way on the main Hue. a freight
itniii was drawn up on the Renfrew
side track, By some mistake in ord-
rs, 'in switch was left open and the]
passenger train, which was going at a
upon the
southwest corner of the Diamond
shoals off the treacherous Hatteras
coast, for a century known as the
"Graveyard" of the Atlantic coast.
went to pieces in 11 raging sea lasl
r.lgh't and when the life savers .cose
at daybreak today to renew efforts
Which failed yester lay to rescue the
crew, no trace of the schooner was
There is no doubt Of the loss of all
1 the crew, who yesterday were seen
clinging  to  the  rigging.
The helpless ship ap] eared to ba ���
carried a crew of eight or ten men.
: ewer cost than has prevailed, Contractors found thai supplies were- cost-
.;,_��� so much when brought in by waggon that they were losing money on
their jobs, ami had to discontinue
their work lasi fall, wiih the road
into Keremeos, however, the. whole
valley as far as Princeton will be op-
!gh ..re ��� spei I, collided wlU. ':.- Gnod -,,, economical handling of ma-
eight   train.     The  passengers were; terlals.
Engineer Mlliken, who had sev<
11   the  Sin 1:... meen  Valley  at   much   ��ei��K out ''"��' two hours, brought in a ,
verdict for   Hanson   for  $6,500, which    before   they
Mosi of thi'in were doubtless frozen
were  washed   Into
is much mine than the first finding.
Uarn  I   cl ail man of   the health
8   Ittei   and  Dr, Smith    were   In-
;' '1  to   Intel view   the sedlool   trus-
d  to the-  sanitary con-
:   of  ihe-  schools, and   lo  report
1   in       ���    the earliest oppor-
Henli;    1 omplalned    that    a
'   iiuinbi r of  citizens   kepi   their
".Is i'i  a  disgraceful  condition,
���:��''d thai   the health  Inspector
: ticted   io  notify  the  citizens
��� :l up.     He bad taken a definiti
��� '-"'I was  at   preseni   preventing
1!'   from    depositing   ashes   and
!'ubbisb on the Btreet,
Smith  remarked   thai the city
I ���" one   or two scavengers to
:'" the garbage, this was the only
111 which the city could be kept
'���   If the cleaning of back yards
'" '"' left  iii  the hands of the
'''*��� the places thai    needed    it
r1 '"' !l"' ones that would nol be
'��� Pearce contended thai there
"""'lug objectionable in ashes,
|ie��P'e could not be compelled
"!"v" Lhem from their premises,
,,|;'" was allowed to remain in
"'' he would makn it hia
' a '������ bave it removed.
" "enley closed the discussion by
ne' "This is   a pretty    dirty
l::,::"'; Hibbert Tupper and Mr.
The necessity ol having a plan ol
the watei distribution throughout the
. Itj v..:������ inn igbl out In the nexl dls-
u- bin. when Mr. Stott stated that
ii. the evenl of his being taken Ul,
there was no one tn the city who was
capable of locating the gates and shut-
Offs in the water mains. lie was
winking on the new plan now, but
war   unable,  to make' much headway
owing to having so much other work
10 do. In order to enable Mr, Stotl
to make' out the necessary plan. Aid.
Smith asked thai he be given power
to advertise for an extra asisstanl al
a salary of $7o per month. Aid.
Smith's request was granted.
\ few short communications wers
read, including one from the Chinese
��� i from ' heir seats on top of each
,    and Into 'b��- aisle- of the cars.
\      11 ibi ���   were  ba 11;   '  irt   b    s\ik-
heii   hea l_  and vai lous   portions
heli es,     Thi     fireman   an 1
a,an  we 1   seriously Injured and
��� ,.    .. jga ���     ,    ���'���;is   ' lei 1 oped.   How
.    ,.,,���.,..., .   m< n escaped with their
lives   Is an  unsolved  mystery.    The
train acrosi the prairies was delaye 1
considerably   by    the    heavy    Bnow
I Htorms and blizzards and there was a
1 . ,:ain   amount   Of  suffering  entailed
I on the part of the pasesngers,
Propose To Build
Two Shingle Mills
A  proposition to build two shingle
��� ;'���    In   the   Hope   Mountains last j mu\e 0n  the government  reserve In
reports  thai   he has obtain. 1 a   the wesl end of the city, was made
.vo per cenl. and le--  .nan.'' .;:--.  ai   lhe council  meeting last  "V
Lulu   Island   Railway.
. il awa,    Feb.    8.- -The    Commons
Railway Committee yesierday passed
, bill to confirm agreements between
the   British  Columbia   Railway  com-
mi  and R.  It.
reside.ms, who applied for permission pany and Lord Strathoom
lo fire off bombs, crackers and other ; Angus, and between the anie eon.
noise producers during next week,
commencing on Monday and lasting
until the following .Monday. Permission granted on ihe understanding
Hint no noise, be made after ten
O'clock al night, and lhat the usual
conditions be enforced by the police.
Aid. Croy reported that the old pow-
im liouse was in bad shape, and was Instructed to have the same repaired,
Aid. Johnston called attention to the
state of tbe plaster at the library,
which threatens to fall at any moment, and was given power to acl In
ihe  matter,     This ended  the session.
any   ami   the'   Canadian   Pacific,   the
Vancouver fi  f>")ln    Island    Hallway
empany and the same, genii en, lhe
latter acting as trustees of the land
ia question. The Vancouver & Lulu
Island Railway was built by the Canadian Pacific and transferred to the
British Columbia Electric, which electrified the road. The road runs from
Vancouver to Steveston and Greer's
Beach, as an extension of the Electric
Company's Vancouver service.. Al
the suggestion of the Minister of
Railways, the agreements wen. made
aiibji ct to the Railway Act.
1;. in ��� he 0 1 line which was a 2.5
tide and went through many tunni
This grade, however, may not pi iv<
tisfactoi ���-. the Great North
eople who may yet take the Ooq ifl
ilia route, The development of the
Bear Creek mines and the coal mine
Coutlee with their vast posibllltl a
! 11 tonnage will also be a factor ln
msldering the -election of a route.
li has be.en stated in some quarters
.hat 1 lie V. V. & E, would build 1
branch Into the Coultee coal minis
during the coming summer whethi 1
the Couquahalla route is selected or
not; An easy grade up the Tulameen
and down the Coldwatsr can be obtained and the country traversed is
one of the richest sections of the rich
Similkameen and Nicola Valleys, Already the development of the Bear
Creek miines proves their permanence
and depth while the coal of Ihe Nicola
."ml Coldwater gives promise of becoming ii vast Industry In the very
near future.
n ng,  when   a 1 ommunicatlon    was
read from W, .1. Qoepel, secretary ol
he lauds mi: woi ks depar ment, asking  information with   regard  to  th��
1   -, Isabllitj of leas lag the property
Schaake for the purpose of build
Ing that an Industry be built upon the
It is understood thai the pr 1; : e l
shlngli mills will be built shortly,
and that they will be the mosl ui to.
i. te  along the coast.    The amount
0 n '.ti', which will be expended upon
the pro] erty, Incl 1 ling butldirigs and
plant, win be ln tbe neighborhood ot
$100,000; and a large pay roll will be
ing two mills.    The council approved   maintained all the year round.    The
.   the  scheme,  and   reported  favor-1 site of the mills will be on the north
ably, with the proviso thai the lands  arm of the Praser  between Sixteenth
should be leased with the understand- and Eighteenth streets,
City Cemeteries Are
Becoming Overcrowded
time, with the present cemetery all
filled up, and the addition not prepared for Interments, the undertakers ore
feeling troubled.    The work will have
Ding to wonder where they are going.
I to be done very SOOnJIas there are able,  find  room   for  future Interments, | golutely no more '
Lois in the Oddfellows' cemetery al
Sapperton   have   become  so  scarce Ol
late that   the  undertakers are hegin-
Labor Riots in Japan.
Tokyo,  Feb.  8,���Troops have  been
sent to the copper mines In the Ashlo
ots to spare
A large addition to the cemetery was;     The same conditions obtain in the
bought, about  twelve months ago, and   Chinese    cemetery,   all  the available
a piece of land secured about a block   lots  being occupied, with aboul  three
away, the city securing a portion of  exceptions.   It is proposed to make a
ii   to  be  reserved   for  future  Indigent ; considerable addition to this cemetery
funerals,     The contract tor the clear-! within a  few weeks.    The other cem-
district,   whore  yesterday   the.   miners, ing of  the laud  was  lei  early  In  the: eteries in the oity are said to be Aliunde   an   attack   upon   the   property : Summer,   but   Tor   some     reason    tbe   ing up rapidly,  and    considerable ex-
j using dynamite freely. I v,a;r:. WOS ini done, and at tbe present ' tensions will have to be made.
U  '
y :
:-.    1
ill I
Iff L
2 -"*��*��_��*-
And Edison Records the Market's Best
Manufacturer or
Mineral Waters, Etc.
Aerated Waters,
t ���
i ���
j t
All the best Operas, Leading- Tenor, Baritone and
Bass soloists, also Soprano and Contralto. Band
Selections, Dance Music, Comic Songs, in endless
Call and inspect our leading lines. New Scale
WilMams, Morris, Dominion and Nordheimer, the
finest makes in British Columbia, and can be purchased on easy terms.
Family Trade a Specialty.
Tel. 113. Office, Eighth Street,
I ��
City Electric Works
Opposite Tram Office
For electric signs, dynamos, motors,
fans, 'phone fixtures, shades, hells, batteries, wire and cables of all kinds
and sizes. House wiring. Motor in-
j stalling a specialty. All kinds of repairs promptly attended to.
J. DIGBY, Proprietor
PHONE 304.
Embodies the
for   COMFORT,   CONV^��'-^
Transfer Co.
Synopsis   of   Canadian    Home
stead Regulations
Any available Dominion Lands with
' in the Railway Belt In British Colum-
! bla, may be homes.caded hy any per-
' son who is the sole head of a family,
! or any male over IS years of age. to
the  extent  of  onc-ipiarter  section  of
IHO acres, more or less.
Entry must be made personally at
the local land office for the district in
which the land is situate.
The homesteader is required to perform the conditions connected therewith under one of the following plans.
(i) At least six months' residence
upon and cultivation of the land in
each year for three years.
(2) If the father (or mother, if the
father is deceased) of the homesteader
resides upon a farm in the vicinity i
of the land entered for the require- further information
ments as to residence may be satisfied
by such person residing with the father  or mother.
Eight Trains Every |>    '    Nt
Minneapolis, St. p^
and Chicago
and   LUXURY,
both   electricity
1 ls li��to.if_fl
and ga5- -   *���
m,n   '���'   tram"
The equipment
private compartment cars �� H
16 section sleeper.,, luxuri��� al
car, reclining chair cars (sea - 71
modern day coach,-, and biff
brarv and smoking cars,
For Time Tables, Folders, or
ca�� on 'or'��rJ
'20 Second Avenue, SeattltmJ
Office���Tram  Depot
office 'Phone 186.
Columbia St.
Baggage delivered
part of the city.
promptly to my
1 1
New Westminster's Music House
Light and Heavy Hauling
W. N. Draper
B. C. Land
Ellard Block.   New Westminster, B.C.
t t
J. tl. TODD
1 ��
O   O   t)   o   o
["here were many signs of marked
[mi 1 ovemenl   In   yesterday's   markel
:, ill   numbers  and     were    greedily   Westminster, on May 10, motl, was re-
bought  tip  by  Vancouver dealers, ceived.   The council's solicitors wrote
Apples   were   scarce,   and    the de-   ���''������" Judge Henderson, on January 7th
uand was good,    TUtere Is at the prs-   ;'1SI- Save ludgmen.1    for the plaintiff
sent time an excellent market for first   toi    three   years'   damages, $510 and
i-s stock. j costs,     Consideration of   the  matter
was referred    to a committee of iho
Plans   of  proposed sub-d'ivlslons en'
(j; If the settler has his permanent'
residence  upon  farming   land   owned 1 	
by him in the vicinity of his home-   ITJ I WTjr    CTCAMCUllJ
stead, the requirements as to residence ' �� ! LmiI I !1."   o 3 l.i.ll|gn|f|
may   be  satisfied   by   residence  upon   OF THE  CANADIAN  PACIFICf
Bbtd'Jr-none 137   the said land. '   --HIMEST   AMD   FASTESTs
Six months' notice in writing should       |~"f _;'*��� w a f\g%Fftt\m���BV
be given to the Commissioner of Do-       1 ~ rMMRt^XkO']
minion Lands at Ottawa of intention       | t�� Hfli  HLUULU  '
to apply for patent. -3i7o0  | EMMIES' ~T^Ae*
W.W. TORY.       h. Power lEMMll A    A
Deputy Minister of the  Interior. ���
N, B.���Unauthorized publication of l! you are ...
this advertisement will not be paid ;1'" Old Coun 1
f0r_ while tho  cheap
���  can  gel   bettei    1 .
SAWMILL SIlIS,      TIMBER  LIMITS,   Reaper rate by ap���l
e. w. johnson   Spokane falls & Northern |
Room 4. Guichon Block  Nelson & ft. Sheppard By.
Red Mountain fly. Co.
The  only  al!   rat]   route betweoi
points east, west and -  nth to I
land, Nelson and intermediate pci
connecting at Spokane with theq
Northern, Northern Pa   I c an;
& N. Co.
Connects at Rowland with.be.
adian Pacific Railway ; - BooDJJ
Creek points.
Connects  at    Meyers    Falls
stage f'lily for  R'ep iblic.
Buffet service on trains bttiH
Spokane   and   Nelson.
Effective    Sunday.    Nov.m__r_|
Leave Day Tr. a __M
0.20 a.m Spokane . ��� ";:' I
I_..i5 p.m Rosskuiii  .  . .'   I
0 40 a.m Nelson   -;.;-.|
H. A. JACKS sj
Second Hand Junk Store
<> o 0 o o o o o o o
Highest Prices Paid for STOVES, FURNITURE
and TOOLS of all descriptions. Also buy and
ROPE. We also buy and sell everything.
ApplyJybyailf       Between  Columbia  c
'Phone No. 214       Fraser River Hotel
Electric Railway Service f
'lie   a- ti'ti.laii'-r   w;t.-,   1 in-   largest  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
lor ;i number '>:' weeks,    li is expec*.-      Potatoes were offered in fair quan-
ec. thai li) nexl week the river will be   titles,     The   enquiries   for   that   line
ciear enough for the    oal      > he run .      merchandise was weak.     [|  :.- not.
ning and thai farmers will commence   expected thai there will be much de- J Dlstrlol  hots 85 ami 96    (portions (
to rush iu Uiviv iiroducc and r��*ake up   uiand  for potatoes til! the cold wear] :Ui|l '" were approved, subject In thi
-,������ the lost   time of    Ihe    past    few   thei   Is over.
���   . .-.    The farmers all had sunshine . Quotations.
their  faces and  expressed    them-      Beef, hind quarters, Sc to 9c lb.
selves as pretty sure of a fust  class       Beef, fore quarters, ..'.e to6c tb
season ahead.   They consider thai the
:i iw   has ti   greal   fertilizing    powei
...1 : ; hal  lots ot snow  means lots ol
: ;i: le 11 and orchard produce,
'i a  florist's ��ere once more on deck
1    .��� 111;_>. and from their corner came
mtinuous stream    of   carnal I m
1 sunthenium - an I  1 1 her floral  de.
butchers showed    .1    line    ol
.1 ������  cuts ni' a   character  which   i:
���   making the Fraser valley famous.
cm enl  \ Isltor i rom  England
n   ie had almo    I irgul en the tu
1 hole ���  Engll 'i    oa
'.-   ed n plateful ol the Fraser .a
pi oduct,
1   ter . 1-  ; 1 111    il, and th
'   1 who make   a    1 icl Ise of com-
e ��� ild   ��� ll
ii-   -lock   in   ' rn !>-.      '1 In-   p
;��� llti le le 11 I   ha
ic  pi      ioui 0 the  pre-
nexl   we-i-k.
i'. 1 - were mo 0 plenl iful than thej
���   I ei ii  und ti     1  re   ill    he  price   ; ''���''
1  I      i _n-    of weakening    which \    Couns. (
e very �� elcome to t hose who have
hase.    Wholesalers started the
ei  bj offering 50c pei dozen, but
the  supplj   began  to  roll  In, the
prii e   weakened   until  ii   dropped   to
���   ��� 1   per dozen,    It is  expected
'   ���   Die   price   will   take  a   decided
1    next week If the present mild
v 1 ithei continues,
There was an excellent supply of
111 . 1 arcaaes, which were all sold al
quotations. Pork waR also somewhat
more plentiful than it has been, and
,1 usual the demand was strong,
Veal was scare e'. There were a
many   enquiries   for  thai   pro-
d .1 I   the   price'   was   from   11   <�������� 111
1 a ce nl and a hall higher than thai
n ��� ; last week. Mutton was also
shorl wil h ,1 strong demand,
'���"��� wl   were  somewhat   more pletitl-
Veal, 11 &c to 12c tb.
Pork, 10c tb.
Po ,��� ie    $16 to .Is ton.
1-1 ;gs, 50c 'ei 55c d izen,
Butter, 30<  ��� 1 35c lb.
Fowl,  v  ' 1 $9 dozen.
Chickens, $7 to fS dozen,
Ducks, ���' i 1    1 $12 dozen,
Gcesc,  $1.25  -
Apph 3,  $1.25  box.
Onions,  $1.50 .stick.
, Hrsl   case to provision  Of road  to  Deer
��� l��� ke  am! roadway <oi wesl side.
The school board estimates for 1907
were submitted.   They called for the
sum of $2,884.60 for ordinary expenditure, and $3,000 for purchase of sites
1 and additional buildings, making a 10-
Inter-urban   Line.
Cars for Vancouver and way
stations will run every half-
hour from 5:50 a. m. to 11 p
m. excepting at 7:30 and 8:30
a. m. Half hourly e-ars will
run from Central Park to
Vancouver only.
City Limits Line���Service from
6.16 a.m. to 11 p.m.
20 Minute Service���.so transfer.
Between 12 and a and i> anil 7.
30 Minute Service durtug remainder or day. 'transfer at
Leopold Place.
Sunday   Service   half-hourly   between 8 a.m. and  11 p.m.
Sapperton  Line,
la   Minute  Service  hon.  6,25  a.  _
m   to  11  p.m., excepl   between ���
12 and .. and 5 and 7. during ��
I "The Milwaukej
"The Pion^-r Limited" St. Pas'
Chicago, "Short Line" Cbaiii
Chicago, "South West U".
Kansas City to Chicagc.
which hours the service will ba
Sunday  Service   half-hourly i,e-
twe ti 8.30 a.m. and 11 p.m.
British Columbia Electric Ry. Co,, Ltd I
1! estimated expenditure of $.-..ss 1...0 , ���-^^^������������������^���������^������^.^.������������.^������������������������4>#^^.4k^ *
I over and above tho $2,840 payable by   - .  *w^*e��o������<>������4^>
Burnaby  Council.
The   council   mel on   Mi md 1 . Feb.
, Ree\     Byrne led     !'       nt:
llors S tiniii     ;-'     h    l.ovi ,Cliff,
���     m and  Rumble.
The : rei surer'.- rujioi 1 for I ho muni h
arj, I9t*7, showed I hal    he     il
��� -.    it the      ml   was $10,906.11, plus
sinking  fun !  $2(17.37;    1 ital In  hand,
I'i gave noi Ice of inti
��� Ion   if   ij law   to amend  recent   It -1 I
Appropriation  Bylaw by omitting .lie
road 1 ei er\ 11 Ion on  �� esi side of 1 lis-
trie.  Lol 212,
Pete Ura; was re-appointed ��� on-
stable, The appolntmoni of a person
to ac, tis in,1 1 im em in, 1 oad tax < ol-
lector an I con il 1 de, was laid ovei lu
111 nexl meeting,
The govet nmeni
bia having aci e le 1
it    British Colum- 1
tin   provincial government.
Coun. Love was authorized to call
! for tenders Cor widening Third avenue ;
between First and Fourth streets,
I loun, Rumble to call for Lenders for
about ten chain., of Nelson road. 1
��� i1 tenders were ordered to he call-
i-: Mr a section of Power House i oa I,
the time limit for previous contracl
having expired.   Tenders for slashing
00 chain - on nort li side of Lol I'i an 1
for IS chains' cor luroj for Hasl in js
road were ordered to be called for.
1 loun. Skinner  was   1 Ite 1   to   bring 1
I in 1  1    (li ation foi    la hing 1 Imboi ai
end of Byrne road.
Mr. Mclnnes h i\ in - appUe I    lor   .
1 a I on the soulh side of Ilislrli I. il
! 1v-. 1 ; ommlttee w a appointed to ex
amine an I repoi t,
Fred. Capon'.- lei ter re Lakevk w
roa : ivas referred lo the councillor foi
\\ ard tV. A letter from VV, Brown
rela Ive to Cliff road wai received and
The following accounts were passed
toi payment: Salaries, $v-'i, rel urnlng
olhcer, $1.5; constable's extra services,
$2.25; .1. Raid, $7.50; King's I'i inter.
$2.50; Daily News. $8.10; B, C. Telephone Co., $3; A. li liley, $1; Brown
Bros.. $7.50;   A. Attoe, $12; Carl Hel-
B. C. Mills, Timber and j
Trading Company
No   trains   in   lhe   service   I ;|
��� railroad   in   the   world   t! it *<$J
equipment   that  of  the  (      igft!
i vvaukee   &   St.   Paul   I
.' own .-cul operate the 1    ��n ��� '"���'������
: and dining cars on all] tl      '   "
give   their   patrons
nrvice not obtainable elsewh��ri
11. S. ROWE. General AH
i.U Third St.. cor Abler. P rtlanij
The White Passl
and Yukon Routt
t   lor CONRAD, CARi F
i.S?, m
1 man. $30; relief to sufferers fr  fire.
the council's re-jjo5>25; |��� ,-. Hill, $21; Chas, Burchell,
quesl    for   the   clerk, as assessor, to U.ilM. Municipal Journal, $5,   Total,
have access,! 'ee ol charge, tit all rcas- j J275.G0
onable times, to the hooka of the New      council    adjourned    till    Saturday,
\. es min tor Lan I Reglstrj    For   the   -poh   16th,
purpose of perfecting the assessm nl 	
roll, the clerk was directed to convey ��     , . ,,.,.
Condemned  Milk.
I (hunks lei ihe Attorney-Genera. ..... , ,, , .,., ,   .
Pittsburg, Feb. 8.- I he grand jury
\ copy ol   the Canadian Municipal   ,,,- Allegheny County has returned six
I Journal was ordered to be supplied to   ,,m, bills against the Pullman Palace
each member of the council.
Car Company, alleging the sale,of ini
:        ha;:   they   have  beeui   eltirinj;   Hie
pi      few  weeks   and    demand    was      A rejiorl  upon the action ol    Wool pun' milk and   cream to Its    .1    ���-.,
Chinamen    being   specially  lend vs. Burnaby, heard    before    His Over fifty dealers lu this cltj werein
1   nn to buy,    Ducks were offered In I Honour    fud e   H :���'������: - a,   In   J dieted for selling adulte   1   ��� ���
Manutaaturars and Dtalera in All Kinds ot
Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sash.   Dooy
"Interior Finish,    turned Work,    Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glaaft.
Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining.
Royal City Branch, Columbia St.
Telephone 12. New Westminster
FAIRBANKS.    Daily  I ';
' Sundaj I   carrying   p
express    and    treigl I ']
stages at Carcross an '. '-        -:
n lintaining a thr iui ' '
F >i  information app ���   ���
J.   H.   ROGERS, Ti
V .nr.  '
Foot of 4th Ave.  Cor.
New Westminster. B. E.
kinds of
ip r*J|
Carruthers Manufacturing Corny, j
Manufacturers of
Show Cases, Store Fittings and Bar Fixtures
Ship nnd Scow
a specialty.        ^^
Estimates   pn naptly M
RESIDENCE���24 Eighth stre�� H
Westminster, B.C.
Thc Carruthers Manufacturing Co.
Having boughl oul tue ,,
Ing business oE it "��� BenT|,0jl
lie- pleased to   a        'u'-se^
er.s, us well an uew ones
ing a specialty.
I "* ^^^^���^***�� IRDAY. FEBRUARY 9. 1907.
Turned Out on
Get Out or
ell Out!
The time is near for us to get out,
but we don't intend taking any of those
5c Collars with us.
This mild weather has brought the contractors down upon us; and we are not sold out yet.
We have some of that Underwear left at 75c a suit.
They have, however, allowed us eight or ten days in which to clear out the balance:
particularly those Congress Boots at $1.15.
During those remaining days we purpose selling goods at prices that will keep the crowd coming
for Handkerchiefs, if nothing else, 3 for 10c
This Sale has been no fake, and the people know it.
They know that UMBRELLAS at 45c are good value.
We are actually selling goods at far less than manufacturers' prices;
Hip Gum Boots, for instance, at $3.75 a pair.
The interest in this Sale keeps increasing;
Tweed Suits at $6.15 would interest any one.
We'll continue keeping faith with the public;
and selling Mens Fedora Hats for 85c
O O O I) o <> o o <> o
O  O  O O <) 11 O O O  O O 0 O O    >  "  e.  o  0 e. o f  O  ' 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000    I       11    ���    I  0 O 0 O O i
0  0  Q 0 0 ()   -,   -,  0  -,  Q 0  0 ���  0 ��� 0 0 o o  i)  0  (I  ll 0 0  0  0  0 0 0 P  0 ii  0 ���   <i 0 �� ()  ii  0  0  0  0  0  0  0 0  0  0 0 0 0  00 ei  e, o  0  0  0  0 0  0 0  0  0  0 0 0 0  0 ()  0 0 0  0  0  0  o  0   0  0  0  0 0  0  0 0  0 0  0
���    i
j:   '
��� ������������
; ���
1 r ?
SATURDAY, Febr.,..
Published by the Daily New.. Publishing Company Limited, at thei:'
offices, corner of Sixth nn-i Front
streets. New Westminster, B.C.
Most people always use���and
will always use WINDSOR
SALT. Pure���fine���perfect in
subtle savour.
Managing Director. .
. . . J. C. Brown
Transieie. .lisplay advertising, 10
c-.>nt. per ine nonpariel) 12 lines to
Ujp Inch, Five i-euts per line toi
fui M-event 'nsertions.
Reading notices, bold face type, 20   Doane Dell. Charged With  Murder of
fonts per line, brevier or nonpariel, 10
etnts per line.
Foi time contracts, special posi-
tJtns. apply to advertising manager.
Notices of births, marriages or
deaths. f>0c. Wants, for sales, lost or
found, rooms to let, etc., one cent per
Addie   Roper,   Remains   Cool
at   Inquest.
islaine'. Feb.  v���Diniiu'    Dell,    the
n-ord.      Xo advertisement taken for   tlijrd   suspeel   In  the   Roper  murder
!��s_ than 25 cents. ���
__^_^^^__^ ���,_-___^-~,--   case, is in the county Jail, having ar-
TELEPHONES. rived   on   the   11:25 train  in   custody
Day Office   A22   '"' Sheriff  Williams.     As lie.' alighted
Night Office   B22 f from the train he appeared jaunty, al-
 ������ ** though a' worried expression was not-
e I on bis face,
. After a withering cross-fire of ques-
tions  of  all  sorts   bordering on   his
 ,���i possible  knowledge and  participancy
ONTARIO liberals. '��� i!l Ul'' foul crime, he is Bald in have
;      new leadei of 111 * - Ontario Lib-   emerged with the sang frold of a man
>':.iK G. P. Graham, making his flrsi   gtting ready to go off em a [ilea3ure
6  ���'- leader' save a llsl  of im-   .,j;i    ,.���,,������,, Th0mpS0D says ,���, WM
p. rt iiu   points of his  party s policy.     ,     ,       .
....      closely quizzed as to his whereabouts
|e |g curious to note how many ol the
������planks" might be transferred, almost on the evening of the 19th of Janu-
as ilu.'.' stand, to a platform bulll in ary, the date when Addie Roper was
British Columbia.    Take' these: so  cruelly murdered.     He  was inde-
"We stand tor a practical and pro- finite, and diii nol seem to satisfy the
gressive forestrj policy now and for coroner's jury In the least. He could
the future. I give a pretty good accounl of himself
"For fair play to legitimate invest-, while on his  beat as nightwatchman
meats, bui   nol one cent for watered : up  io ahum 9 or 9:30 o'clock  p.m., I
stock, and after iJim; time his mind was very
"Absolute and unassailable Miles by   hazy.
the Government. Brought face to face with the char-
"Free school  hooks as  pari of the   ted remains of Addie Roper, he evinc-
equipment of ihe' public and separate   ed nol a tremor of emotion and stood
schools. the test   like  a   bronze  statue.    Dr.
"Cheap   power   for  ihe'   municipal!-   Thompson says Dell  was the coolesl
ties .mil the people. one of the' entire crowd thai  viewed
"Economical   management    of   the   the remains during the inquest.   The
Provincial    business, notwithstanding   syes of the coroner, jury and examin-
the buoyancy of the revenue. 'ng physicians, as well as those of the
"Absolute control by municipalities | sheriff' and  detectives,  were  fastened
ol their wn streets and every encour   "" Dei" during the entire ordeal in the
agement to the ownership and opera-   h��Pe ��t' finding some trace in his face
tion  of their  own utilities. thai would show guilt, but Dr. Thomp-
"Managemenl of the   public  school   s"�� says he was calm, deliberate, and '
system by a head experienced in and   ever   ready   to answer   all  questions
ci nversanl   with   that system." asked   of him  concerning the object
 ,  of his detention.
Coroner Thompson says thai il was
reported that Detective Spain found
a coat and hal in Dell's room that ap-
peared to be saturated with kerosene
nnd blood. The articles have' been |
senl to Seattle for experl examination
to determine If the spots shown on the
coat and hat are really what is believed to be the case at this time.
The Inquest was commenced at i
"''lock yesterday afternoon, and was
completed al 1 o'clock this morning,
n total of fourteen witnesses having
been examined.
It seems to be the belief that robbery and murder were nol the only
crimes committed. Physicians are
i.ow working on lines thaal may lead
I .��� a  further clue in the matter
Hovr   to   Walk   I |mta ii-x.
Perhaps It has never occurred to the
boys anel girls that there is a good way
and a bad way to walk upstairs. Hear
what a well known physician says
about it. "There arc few persons tyho
kmiw how to walk upstairs properly.
Usually a person will tread on the ball
Of his toot in taking each step, springing himself up to the next ste>p. This
is not only tiresome, but is wearing on
the' muscles, as il throws the entire
suspended weight of the body em the
legs and the feet, In walking upstairs
the feet should be placed squarely
down on the step, heel and all, and
then the ascent should be made without hurry, in this way there will be no
strain on any particular muscle, but
each will do its work in a natural man
A Creole.
As tho true meaning e>f the term
Creole is often misunderstood, it might
be well to explaiu it, says the Chicago
News. Many persons think it means
one with negro blood In bis veins, but
that Is a great error. In general terms
a creole is a person born of European
parents In the American colonies of
France or Spain or in the states that
were formerly colonies of those countries. But we use tbe term specifically
to mean a person e>f French or Spanish
descent, who is a native inhabitant of
Louisiana or or one ..f the adjoining
states bordering em the gulf Of Mexico. These persons are as free' from
negro blood as are any native Americans,
Goldsmith    Silversmith
and Diamond Merchant
Columbia St., Next to Tram Office
FOR   SALE   Good sey,    Durham   ������������������������������������������������������������������������������*��������������������������������������������� ����^H
cow, near calving.     Appl>   Box  U
Dail.   News Office. 32-3i
WANTED���(lirls   who   can sew.  Tailors wanted also.     247 Fronl street.
WANTED ���Three furnished rooms.
Musi be reasonable and close in.
Apply Box 9,  Daily  N'ews Office.
WANTED-... once, third or fourth
class engineer for shingle mill. Ap-
ply io Lament Bros., P. (). box 32a,
or Dail;.   N'ews Office. def.
I Thursday, Friday
and Saturday
it iii.iii-...
When are stocks on the exchange like
poets? When quoted.
What bone In your body cause's merriment?  The funny bone.
Why is a little man like a good book?
Because be is often looked over.
When any one falls down, what Is
the tirst thing to do'.-  Get up.
wanted���Lots for sale.    We have
immediate purchasers   for    several
city lots if the location and  prices   ��
are right,    White .. Shiles, Colum-   ���
bla  streel dtf
A i-'iintii��i.iii_. Game*
Seat two people opposite each other
and give one of (hem three common
cooking crackers, the other a tumbler
of water and a teaspoon with which to
drink il while ihe' crackers are being
eaten. The object is to see who will
finish first.
LOST���On Friday, on Columbia street
between postofflce and Ryall's drug  ���
store,   bunch  of   keys   attached   to|X
chain.    Finder will be rewarded on   *
leaving at  Crown  Timber Office
THE ARROW PRESS���Job and Commercial Printing, Posters, Dodgers. ^
Typewriter circulars. Business head' ���
Ings, Programmes, etc. DAILY ���
Prop.  I
To Clear at HALF PRICE.
Serions  Landslide.
London, Feb. 8.���A terrific land-
p11 !������ occurred on the Grand Trunk
hi tween here and Hyde Park, Thou-
si ml- of ions of earth, covering an
'.. several blocks in extent and 60
fi ei high, crashed down on the north
track. The landslide had been foreseen to some extent, workmen having
dug away die earth from the embankment for many yards. Otherwise the
whole line would have been burled
under 60 feet of earth. The steam
shovels were considered too slow, and
<1\ namite is being used to open up the
Died  in  Seattle.
D.  Bell, eit   Royal avenue, received
the  sad   iniformation yesterday  after-
i   :>']   I hal  his   son   Roberl   had  died
In ���! hospital In Seattle, where he had
been compelled to enter for i reatment
while  coming  home   from   California.
Mrs.   He'll   h't't   for   Seattle   on   Wed-
i.i - l.i...  and   was  al  the   bedside of
her son when he passed away, after
having been In the hospital tor only a
' week.    Death was due to meningitis,
The  young  man  was    only    twenty
i -,:..- of age, and had a large circle of
friends both In New Westminster and
���'.v.:   'ilia. The body will be brouglu
here' for burial on this morning's (!.
\.   R   train,   bui   final   arrangements
Ihe  fiinernl   have    nol    yel   been
The Socialistic Vote.
The Socialists of Germany have
practically accomplished whal the Socialists of all countries must do. Thai
is to force all capitalist parties into
one camp, so thai the issm> can be
made plain���even, to a wage-slave.
With only a Ins- of seventeen sens
in the Reichstag, as a resull of tihe
combination of capitalist forces, the
Socialist vote in Germany will jump
from 3,200,000 to al least 3,600,000.
There are 397 sea: s in the Reichstag,
of which the Socialists will hold ovei
60, Over one-third of the total voti
of Germany is casl for the Socialist
Party,���Western Clarion,
Chronic  Lounyers Must Walk.
T<     nl ', Feb. S   The manangeme nt
0 1  1  King Edward hotel has declared
mar 11    a        eh onlc loungei - whoso
��� ��� ill   1    I    to en   one e  them
nugl;   in the big   lettes of the
ml     n 1    ,1 se languldlj   upon the
ow 1 for hours al a nine.   A
del ctlvi    In n engaged  to  han 1
around     1      esc   perpetual   sitters  a
ii    .   ,������ -a linn:
NOTICE   These seats are    re-
��� rvetl   for  1 he exclusive   use of
Please 1 acate.
In  1 he majoi it;, of case's 1 he loafer
the  hlni   an !  qull   1 he   hotel  al
II   the  e-11.1  failed  to  produce
hi     - sire 1  1 I feci   Imme [lately,    the
live   ivould   appioach   the   loa   -
1 1        I time and ] olii  Ij as k h m .
: I ��� !i 1 1 ��� ���      So t'.t.. the se   in
���  ��� .      tfji len .
Im-   not   -, ei   I e 'ii   rinin I 11 eee   ar;
i'     ha     - 	
Revised  List.
the   Opera   l louse
:.-.oliit   ���    In   Ru sla.
1 nele   T a '.    C bin.
2      The  I;   ,   Mail.
:        .      Eng    h Concer   Co,
Jel Ie,   he. News Gli I," �� hich was
1-     ive  .1 1 -a red hen   on  Mon    j
I 1     een ct       11   :
Other  Peotole's   Views.
H.   li.   liraeljiiii p.   ni 1 ompanie 1
M ister Vernal  Bradbnrn,  has return-
'��� 1  from the Paclfii   co 1-'  cltle   al ei
,1 ' Isll of a month,    I le considers real
I ite values on I lie 1 last, 1 spei ially
id ��� hi via 11 i., erty In the cities,
much lower than the city of Winnipeg, The need of building restrictions Is whal h es the Investor.
In Victoria, Vancouver an I New Wosi
11  uster, a   householder  may   ereel   n
costly   In    while  across  the  roa 1
'���'��� even on the nexl lots, a shat k
might be erecte I. Winnipeg Ft to
I A. J. BIRTCH,   -    275 Columbia Street
r   __
(Maple Leaf Label)
Is the best value, because it is pure, nutritious and very economical
t1"1. iiinimiiMiiiiii  imim.il      min
The mosl   Beautiful Selection  of   Rings ever
irted   into   the city are  now on  view  in
our stor    on Columbia street. :      :      :      :
in solitaire, twin, three and assorted settings
RINGS in bewildering profusibn
W. C. Cham ber! in
.V-- invite' ;, 0 ir ie.-.. eel Ion of our
new stock of Empress Shoes."
Bee ' hi   ben 1 Iful lino 1 I  Em
we sell al ���,'������-"". fine 1 lln 1
CUl   I.'-atla    I, nil     $ .00  and  $4.50
a pair.
Ladies9 $3.50
The Jeweler
Columbia St-
English Wj.tc._i__aker
Tilo  doors  from   Ceo. Adams, Grocer
I allies' Gold Watche   from $12.75 up
ie ntlemen's Silver   Watches,   i i .-,
. ci. $6.00
Gentli men's Silvi r  tt    ��� ���    i,   . ,,,., ,.
ca fe, $7.50 up
V. "tit for the ci lebrat d   3o ith Bend
Watch ts, supplied to the Wellman Ar ���-
E peditlon.   All warrant! d.
Chains, Rii <��� i, Ji welry, etc.
Watch repairing1; i liar ���   reasi i abl .
We Imi-    til ���:,. JI   Hie ,,,. ���,**����_��
.'.'eio lenii- ^j^'*' ASK TO SEE
"te'Kld. oti hn   &?    THE MANNISH
son   ie i-. '   A
'Phsne   105. >p|i;
ellkgton \,(m
Columbia Street,
Shoe House II New Westminster.
_..'*_ ._*. ,e .__ii........ v.,,  '���"-inTi 'iiiimKTiM.fii
P. O. Bo<v   345
'Phone   105.
���i<__i__^___l__u__i___��______��.____..-i:_ii_f_^ ��. LRAY.   FEBRUARY  9,   1907.
WKmvr   THE djjly XEWS
��� I
��� SS ������ .
��� tt' ''SS
��� I
��� 1
��� r
��� i
^ ��
_*>���������- ��&_.
! Ik Daily Details
For cut flowers, bridal bouquets and
funeral designs, 'phone Tidy, the Florist, AlSl.
A large consignment of cement whs
i received here yesierday for the Glass
I Works. More is expected in the
I course of a few days,
Meetings of a special character are
lo be conducted in the Salvation Army
hall this (.'veiling. After the opening service the officers for the current
year will be commissioned. A spe-
cial evangelistic meeting will follow.
\'o trains arrived here from the
east yesterday. Four delayed trains
are expected to reach the const today. The heavy snow fall jusi beyond
Revelstoke blocked up the railway
'nt" and caused all the trouble.
the death of one of Its members, Lun
Kee, who succumbed yesterday morii-
ing to a severe attack of the grippe.
The deceased bail been under treatment tor senile' weeks, ami his death
hail been expected for some days past.
The funeral has been fixed for today,
the body to be Interred in the Chinese
cemetery. The effects of the deceas- '
ed will be publicly burned In Chinatown on Chinese New Years Day, in
accordance   with  an   old   established
Lee's Furniture Emporium
For Furniture, Carpels, Linoleums,
Window Shades, Pictures and FramingT
Couches, Parlor Goods, Rattan Goods.
LEE S     Furniture     Emporium
Dupont Block
New Westminster
Tel. 73
custom   followed   out    at   this   festive ���
season among the> Chinese. >:rO>>:>"C<0>>.>.>:^
The wiiili i)f preparing for the erec-   fa,
tion  of  the>  new    Schaake    machine  V
works   building   is  now   being   pushed   B
merrily along.    The haul, in the rear ,���,
of  the old    cooperage    is  being cut|V
away to a height of about thirty feet {<
I to make room for the proposed black- a
The c.  \.   It.  train  due  to arrive   smlth 's|l"l''   A  number of the heavy !���{
re   from   Seattle'   yesterday  evening ' timl"'ls  :l,v  ""   h:""1  tor  ""-   'omnia- >;
'  ten o'clock, failed to put  in an ap-
The   Inundation   piers   for  I be   ��J
and  pattern shops at  the ex-
...   ..������
Quality   first,  then price-pi.ee  is  not the great moving  feature
;   e New Spring Goods.    Quat'.y comes first.
iur  customers know  thai  the lowest priced goods are the mosl
ensive to buy:  they know that a poor article is nol worth carry-
,un,-:  so each season finds  us  pushing a   better class of mer-
sot thai we're after a high priced busines . we don'l want that;
ist an every day trade in reliable goods ai ..rices which people
ifford to pay.
c        I   Honeycomb Pedspreads, '.-inged all around, four colors, 10-4,
$  :.:  11-4   $1.50
Sheetings,  bleached   anl  n  deachod,  in   four  widths   7-4,  8-4,
' !       25c to -i5n  yard
:    Sheets and  Pillow  i'a.-i      White Quilts, Pillow Shams, i'il-
: i ms. i'i!-.; all prices.
I Hamas'., for Table' Cov ������-.-. tie-., designs in red anl white,
��� ''ti and white, Scotch Thistle md pans;,: good quality
 75c   yard
Linens for fancy  work an :    douses  "Li:        Llasy"   .Linens    in
ths .mi manj  quailtic-s; pure linen _>0c to S1.00 yd.
'.������-..  Linen Turkish Bath Tov ds,  in  brown or  pure white.
N'ew  Cotton Turkish  Hath  Towels, In brown or white, with con-
���t ng colored stripes.
S'ew   Linen  Huckaback   Towels, pure linen, fringed or hemmed.
,Inen  Crash   Towels     ol a .   liaper  and   honeycomb   towels  all
Pair $1.50. $1.00. 75c.  60c. 50c, 40c. 35c. 25c. 20c, 15c. 10c.
ew   Turkish   Towellings, viilte   and   hrown.   Class   Towellings,
' iwellings.    Roller Towelli   ..-.    Hack Towellings.   Stair Linens.
10c, 12' _���_-.  15c. 20c. 25c.
-  nil ii-.   Washers an I  Bath   M  ts.
treme west end of the company's pro-  :���;
perty are almost  finished and a eon-  a
siderable     quantity    of    lumber and   �����<
heavy limber is on band for the found-   v
aiions.   The advent of settled weather I >J
v, ill   have   the   effect,   of   lushing  the   fa.
work merrily along.    Had not the cold ' ;���;
spell settled with such an Iron hand  V
upon the  land,  a   number of the pro-:t*<
posed buildings would have been near- ' fa.
I '���"
ing completion by this time. IV
 : *
Laid to   Rest. >J
'I'he   funeral  of  the   late  Walter  E.   ft
Emei-son, wbicb took place' yesterday | a
alteinoon,   was   altended   bv   a   large ' >J
number of the  friends of lhe deceas-   s'
pearance until aboul four o'clock this
morning,   having   been   delayed  by a
snowslide between    Bellingham    and
< Everett.
' Messrs. C. S. and S. A. Richmond,
who have been established In the
clothing and gems' furnishing business on Columbia street for several
years, have dissolved partnership. C.
S.   Rich nd  will  have  entire  charge
i in future.
A car load of Chinese merchandise
I embracing lots of sam suey and many
other choice drinks and  vianels dear
to the hearl  of the Celestial arrived
here yesterday in anticipation of the
demands which will be made' during
j the china N'ew Year celebration.
The funeral of Mrs. Quentin McGUl,
1 who died ai Sapperton on Thursday
. mlng, will take place en Sunda.
al ernoon. The deceased came to
this city from Alberta about two years
ago. and was sixty-six years of age.
I Death resulted from a complicatiOH ot
diseases. ,
On Monday there will be a British
history date contest between represen-
latievs of Mr. Crowder's room and Mr.
Canfield's room. The pupils have
been working hard on the subject and
have their heads so full of figures that
they can hardly sleep in anticipation
of the event,
The- various machine shops throughout the city are looking forward to a
particularly heavy season, on account
of  the   manner   in   which  the  recent
cold spell has delayed necessary wank.   .1.  Sprott   and   Miss .1.  Gammon, Mr.
A   large  portion of  lhe'  mill  and  mar    and   Mrs.  (1.   \V.   Li'var.  Mr.  and  Mrs.
ine     work    which    is    done    during j W. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. 10. B Nobles,
j*   the  winter in  readiness  for  the open-   Bert  und   Vera   Gilley,   Mr.   anil   Mis.   'fa]
lg  up of spring has  heen   kepi   hack   Chaniherlin.  Mr. and  Mrs.  Belyea and   V
eii   and   sympathisers   of   the  family.
The local Oddfellews, of which order
tin- deceased   was   a   valued   member.
Were out   in   force   in   the   regalia  of   |e��|
the Order and  ai   the  grave side the I fi
beautiful Oddfellows' service ivas con-  ft
ducted. !���;
Ihi'  service at   the  home  was con- i J��J
ducted  by the  Rev M. L. Rugg, D.D., , ^
assisted  by   Rev.   I'.   H.   McEwen, of  ft
Vancouver, a greal  personal friend ofI 'ft.
the Family and of the deceased.   Rev.   V
���  i
J. S.  Henderson also assisted. ft
The  pallbearers  we're  Messrs.  F.  1J.   ft
Maxwell,   ic.  1..  Webber, T.  A.  Muir,  !���!
H. Belyea. ... li. Nobles and S. Daw.
The coffiin was covered with elegant Moral tributes, among them were
noticed the' following: Anchor, em.
ployees of lhe dry dock:  sprays, Mr.   fa
and Mrs. A. Mann. P. Rogers, Mrs. and
Miss Rogers, Mrs.   IL  .1.  Barry,  .Mrs.
and   now   all   demands  attention    at   the Eddy children;  wreath, Mrs Dunn {��
once.                                                                 ' and family:  e ros.-. Mr. and Mrs. .1. W. fa]
Rogers;   wreath,   Mr.   and   Mrs.   L.  B. fa
Mayo;     Keary    returned    yesterday | |.usl)y.   gates   .,,,,   M,.    and   M|.s    w !���.
Horn  a shorl     visil    lo    Armstrong,   A   Gilley;  wreath. Mr. and  Mrs Ceo. >!
where  he had   been called on urgent   .\,knns. *;
business    on    Wednesday     morning,  ft
While on the train. His Worship wrote !���!
a  letter explaining the reason  for his Will   Raise   Stranger.
leaving the   city,   and   requested   Hn-       0n  Monday, the Samson will goto
, i nductor   to  mall   ii   for  him.    The
I The Wardrobe Clothier!
P-2JLS. , l' n.iuc.ui    to   uimi   ..    .";    u.__u.      . .e 1]u,   sp()n   off   Westham   ].|.nllK   ,,.,���,,..,
conductor tailed to do this, hence tin- ,���.,,.,        fa. *
, the otranger   sank  a  couple  ot days   _n,<v%v_''i'_t'��vt''4t'��T.'VV'��V'��'W^^^
���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������^������^���i     incertainty  concerning    the mayors fcA*fcA*A*AAA*A*AAAA*AA*AAAAMA^^A��	
ft   ��� 4>twwvwwwwwwv rwvwwwwrw   ww ^    ,,,.,, ,,,,_ ago ami  will endeavor in once more
a :    iieieauouts, .
���o j raise thai  vessel to ihe surface.    Tin'
Establishi i 1-
Incorporated 1906,
Gilley Bros, iu
Wholesale and Retail
%       ''���   '���"  "'ported that   the   local   mer-   Ulgk ...j,, llt, a d)fflcul, oue a, ,lu, wa.
X    cl)ant3  wl��   l"':iii',,,    :|"  "'"   ,,,"""'il toi   Is aboul   eighty feel   a   lhal spot
��� " !'':"' "' appropriation tor the tin .,Ih,   l!|r curren1   is verv  swlft      01d
* ������<'"������'-   ";  11;'' exhtbition,   Instead  ot timers ,,,, ,,���, ,.lver B"tate tha, ���,,,,,,,
fail   board   going   arm,ml   to  .
irchants for subscriptions.   The cit)
would  thus  he  required   to  lew  the
 nut   from   the  citizens    in  taxes.
'! he- merchants consider that thi
���   V.-LLINGTON     LUMP     COAL
+        ;      ��� an   undue   proportion of   the
This  celebrated   Cement   is
1 by nearly all large contract-
i - in lhe Pro. ince.
NEW  BRUNSWICK PLASTER.   ��� i  ,; -,    :;.,.  citizens  In  feen
piotnpt action is taken with regard
ii  raising  the  i o,\\. it  will ne.er be
raised, The sand al thai polnl i.-<
taxes- continually ecu ing and it will onlj
l'-v ,u'''   take  a  short   time  to  hank   the sub
merged  craft  so  solidly   thai   ll
I " Impossible to rais
'wo llin la.  :e ceptod tin- city's li i
lialiii   re   te  la.   e\ ming   and  slept
��� il should  hil ,e a  share  in  il
<> amy yesieraay  i vbiuiik   uu.  ;���"���,���-    :u    v    M>   y, .   QS|  (!l,,,. ,.���,,|
% m  - lan els kindly supplied by .lailei       A|l  ,���.,.������,,   c.^.j,,.   clalma
��� Vii lan.���>. ol the Clarkson streel hotel.
FIRE    CLAY    and     MANTEL   *    one guest registered as Baguan Singh,
From the Clayburn Clay t'
X j while the    signature
affixed   to  the
n. late Alfred Melville Malins are requested to hand same (duly verified)
t'> tbe undersigned on or before the
Invest in these Lots
m^s��_1oIy-mak[rs in A SHORT Til
2 Lots  cor.  6th   Ave.   and 18th St.,   near proposed
car line, $325;  $125 cash.
3 Lots cor. 7th Ave. and 2nd St., $550;  $200 cash.
1 Lot 7th Ave., near Moody Square, $200; half cash.
2 Lots on 6th St., $500;  half cash.
1 Lot on 5th St. and 7th Ave., $200;  half cash.
1 Lot on 5th and 6th Ave., $200;  half cash.
1 Lot 2nd and Durham, $200;  half cash.
���    charge sheel bj ihe other reads -am-    flr8, (|,IV  .,,. March)  l907,
,_.-    ������..��.,    T11 c    ���   thing like Musshlllrundha,    hut    the ARTHUR MALINS.
SEWER pip:,  drain    TILE,  <> nc,Btton  i; Bomewhal different -
t Telephones: Office AG.    Manager's Residence 22 J
v^ *
1 �� ��� + �� ��������.�� ������������������������ J-**^.  V    1 -���    !**<!�� ��������������������������������������������������������������������
from the spelling. Besides being afflicted with these patronymics, both
had absorbed a considerable quantity
(,; | ain killer. Only the latter eh irge
will hi'  pressed  this  morning.
'I'he public i.-1 hereby notified that
I Captain Watts, master of the ship
Chelmsford, will not in; responsible
lor any debts thai may be coi I n te I
"The Farm Land Specialists,"
New Westminster
= 1 Sugar
S and BaCOO
.   , ,     bj    the' crew   of  the   said   ship.
C,  mnencing  wil* to-morrow night CAPTAIN WATTS,
:���,,.    j, g,  Hendi r on will common e
a series ol   : ' l! sermons in St. An-
Irew's clu I'ch, i I a specially Interest
i | . characti r. The main theme "The
;, ,   ������ win be the' sullied  for to-mor-
.    night's   ser I.     Following   thai
i     ; -; md  i evening the following
, ,    w ���    discussed:    "Life's
I   ,     l8f�� ��� v. ing    Man  in   Soe lety,"
,     ,.  Man    In    Business," "Young
(i m in i' ilitic;. foung Man in Re-
,    <���    ', oking tor a Wife," "Home
,.    . 'Grow In ���. (eld   Happily.;1
-,-!, .    ,:��� M   Kee    '..; lily,  of    I h.ina
,,,',(,-    ;���.'���.'���   .:'."i;'v; /.
Temporary Premises: Trapp Block
"Lord   of   the   Isles'*   Camp,  No. 191,
Sons of Scotland.
The members of "Lord of the Isles"
Camp, Nn. 191, Sons of Scotland, are
requested to mee I al the K. of P
at 1:30 p.m. sharp, on MONDAY, llth , ,
February, 1907, for the purpos - of a1 | [
tending the funeral oi ou ��� late broth- ^
er, Thomas  H. Ooldli
Plumbing and Contracting
P. O. B.;x 243
Telephone 302
.,....,..    ADVERTISE  IN   THE NEWS
��' i~
f i'   ���' '
| J  said the nurse;
" When my patient got
ic I      . . worse-
I said
wait for no man, neither does prosperity Prosperity is with us all uie
time. Four years of progress unchecked are m front of us. New Westminster is rapidly forging ahead.
Before another Provincial election dawns property will be up 100 per ct,
Devote your time and money to securing some of the many snaps offered
below, and then, like Rip Van Winkle, sleep awhile, wake up, and reap
the fruits of your investments.
��������� A ,-A*sA
j    ..a a ,-**;'���&,.
..  V  ��� ' ...'       .���'
���' ���      *     -���
Designs    fcr    New   Departmental   and
Justice Buildings, Ottawa.
The lime for receiving competitive
ih signs for the proposed new Departmental and Justice Buildings at Ottawa, is hereby exiended from April
IE to July 1. I.i07.
By order,
Department of Puhlic Works,
Ottawa, January 24, 1907.
Newspapers will not be paid for this
advertisement if ihey insert it without authority from lhe Department.
Second Hand Store
Second Hand Goods of
all kinds bought and
sold for cash. All Mail
Orders promptly attended to. Kindly write^or
call at
Sign Man on Wheel.
Columbia St. New Westminster.
Phone 275
217-219 Columbia St.
Canadian Pacific
Holy Trinity cathedral���Rev. A.
Shildrick, rector. Holy Communion,
S a. m.; .Maiins, Sermon 11 a. m.;
Sunday school, 2:30 il m.; Catechism las; Sunday in the month
in tiie church. Evensong and
sermon by the rector, 7 p.m.; daily
service at 9:30 a.in. and J p.m. except
on Friday, when Evensong is said at
7:30. Holy Communion every Thursday and saint's day at S a.m.. Choii
practice on Friday after Evensong .
St. Barnabas���Rev. C. W. Houghton
rector. Holy Communion at s
.i. m.; .Morning Prayer, Litany, 11
a.m.;Evening Prayer, 7 p.m.; Bihle
Class, 2 ii.ni.; Sunday school, 3 p.m.;
Baptisms after Sunday school; choir
practise, Friday, ,S p.m.
St. Paul's Reformed Episcopal
church���Rev. A. de B. Owen, rector.
Divine worship Sunday, 11 a.m. and
7   p.m.;   Sunday   school,   2:30   p.m..;
Olivet Baptist church���Rev. M. L.
Rugg, D.D., pastor. Preaching on
Sunday at 11 a.m.. and at 7 p.m.; Sun-
day school and bible classes at 12:15.
at lhe close of the morning service.
Young Peoples' meeting on Monday
evening ai 8 p.m. .Midweek prayer
meeting cm Wednesday evening at 8
p.m. Boys League meets on Friday
evening at 7:30. Subject of Sunday
morning sermon, "The Unjust. Stew-
ard." Evening, "Heaven and its
Queen's Avenue Meihodist���Rev. W.
11. Barraclough, B.A., pastor. Services
at 11 a.m. and 7 p.m.: Sunday school
and Bible Class at 2:30 p.m. Rev.
Dr. White will preach at both services.
West End .Methodist���Rev. Mr. Magee, pastor. Services, 11 am. and 7
p.m.: Sunday school, 2:30 p.m.
Sapperton Methodist. ��� Rev. L.
Thomas, pastor. Sunday services, 11
a.m. and 7 p.m.; Sunday school, 2:30
p.m.: Epworth League, Monday, ,S p.m.
St. Andrew's Presbyterian���Rev. ,J.
S. Henderson, pastor. Sunday servicer 11 am. and 7p.m.; Sunday school
nn I iii- le Classes 2:30 p.m. Sun lay
morning subject, "Aggressiveness ol'
Christianity." Evening, "The Hoy."
fust of a (series of sermons.
West Presbyterian���Rev. T. Ward-
law Taylor, M.A., Ph.D., minister.
.Services 11 a.m. and 7 p.m.; Sunday
school   and   Bible  class,    2:30    p.m.
Knox church, Sapperton���Rev. D.
.McKenzie, B.A., pastor. Services, 11
��� m. ami 7 p.m.; Sunday school and
Bible class, 2:30 p.m.; meeting of
> 1'. S C E. Immediately after the
e wning   se, vice.      Sunday   morning
��� jesct, ' ,\ Progresisve Lite." Evening, "Tlii- Appeal on  Mourn  Carmel."
Gospel Hall, corner Sixth avenue
and Ninth Btreet- Breaking of bread
every Sunday ai 11 a.in.: Sunday
school and Bible class, J p.m.; gospel
address, 7 p m.; prayer meeting, Wednesday, _. p.m.
���s', l etei 't ca be !:..: i Roman Catho
lie) ��� Benediction, 7 p. ra.; Sun-
day .Mas.- ni 8 an I 10:30 a.m.: Catechism tn 2:35 p.m.; Friday devotions
7:30 p.m.
Norwegian Lutheran Rev, B. A.
S .:i 1. [>astor, Sun lay morning service at   11  a.m.
Salvation     .rm;   -Morning   service
10 a.m.; Sunday school, 11 a.m.. Holiness Mevtiug. 2:30 p.m. Open air
iue'oiin._;s. :i p.m.. and 7 p.m ; See vie,.
7 "'i p.m,   All are welcome,
160 acres S. E. quarter Sec.
23, Township 8, New West-
minster district, 4 miles
from Langley; 4 - room
house; 1 acre orchard;
trees bearing well; splendid
water; between 20 and 30
acres cleared; partly fenced; corner lot; good roads,
both ends. $2,000, one-
half cash. For sale exclusively by us.
One acre back of the
Orphanage. $800 cash.
For full particulars apply
at once.
House on Brantford St.,
rents $15 per month. Will
sell for $1,500. Terms
$750 cash, bal. easy.
-  lots' '   ''���" ''���: ana jn,
avenue;   size of lol . Cor*
lo'.    Can  be ... : e for ad
Inside lot $400.    Goe
Another   cf   Our   Snaps.
320 acres near Cloverdale; one mile
from school. 40 acres cropped this
-.in,-. 30 acres slashed, easily cleared.
Besl prairie land. Frame house, 6
rooms, plastered; large barn, chicken
In use, woodshed, etc., etc. Only
$6,400. terms easy.
.- ....
Sfi acres, half mile waterfront, G.N.
R. running through. $9,460, terms
easy.    Investigate.
Two storey house between Fourth
and Fifth avenue, seven rooms. Rents
for $15.     $1,700.
Six lots, 50x150, outside city limits
$60 each lot. Fuller particulars on
6-room cottage, 7th Ave.&
6th St., facing 7th Ave.; 2
full sized lots; name of cottage, Cecil; bath room,
wood sheds, peach, apple,
pear and plum trees. Price
$1800, half cash, bal. 6&
12 mos. at 7 per ct.
160 acres, Westminster district, 40
acres under cultivation, 10 acres orchard, ?i acre strawberries planted
this year; alder bottom land; running
spring; house IS x 22; frame barn 30
x 32; 14-post frame house and constables, three in all. stable S cows and
2 span horses; near Mission Station;
schools, churches near at hand;
steamer lands twice a day; about 100
acres timber, fir and cedar, never been
logged; $2,000 refused for standing
timber; carriage house 10 x 24; hen
house made of hewed timber Laid in
mortar, 12 .\ 3d. A chance of a lifetime, $8,000, $4,000 cash, balance at 6
per cent.
Snap in Lots.
Three lots, less  16  feet, corner of
Sixth street and Fifth avenue.     Just
$1,000, terms easy.
Vacant lots for sale in all parts of
the city, from $25.00 to $3,000
SO acres, one mile from Abbotsford,
10 acres cleared, good soil, 220 fruit
trees, price $1,400, half cash, balance
in three equal payments at reasonable
150 acres improved land, buildings
and sheds complete, near Cloverdale;
ali under cultivation, $15_p00. If you
can handle this, don't delay; it's a
bargain; terms can be arranged.
160 acres good farm land in Delta,
about ." .2 miles from river, near Scott
road, $12 per acre; a real good buy.
ICO acres, N.E. % section 19, township 10, Langley; small house, 30
acres cleared, timber valued $750.
Price $1,500, one-third cash, balance
.it 7 per cent.
House and 1% lots, 5 rooms, price
$1,375, half cash, balance to be arranged at 6 per cent.; Alice street.
James Inle:, three square miles, at
$6.00 per acre, half cash, balance easy.
This  is  in Victoria,  are you  moving.
I room cottage, water lavator:
kitchen;  ham 20x25:  size of lot, lOx
140; fenced and cleat ed; onlj $1,200.
I.nsy terms. Enquire at once for fuller parUculars.
' Full sized lot, No. 12 Third av< nue
and 13th street, north side.   $300 easy,
I 17 lots, full sized on 6th street, in
I Burnaby, East side 100 yards from
' Cliff  Can   factory.     Price  $1,020.
le'.s acres. Coquitli
ed, near Black's n i        52.000.
House and lot, 33  i
situated near Queen's avenue, t))H
It's up to you to stop paying rent.
One hundred and , :res ,\ v
14  Sec.    15, Townshi]   tl, two ml!f! (
from Fort. Langley,      .  res Blashe.
No. 1 land.    Price, $10 per acre. Q�� I
third cash, balance en time, 7 jut ..!���
1 1-2 acres, between 5th|
and 6th avenue and 16thI
and 14th Sts.    $500 cash,
House on
and E
iglith street.
two  storeys,
seven  rooms,  full
lot, $2,000.
20   acre   b
Junction, $20
50 Lots 45x120 in Sap-
ferton, overlooking the
'raser River; between the
Hospital. Distillery and
Brunette Saw Mills, with
school in center; 17 double
corner lots, balance front
and well located; all easily
cleared; perfect river view.
Corner lots $125, inside
lots $100. Only 1-4 cash,
bal. 6, 12 and 18 months;
or terms can be arranged
to suit purchaser. INDEFEASIBLE TITLE.
all over the city for sale
from $50 to $,3,000.
See us immediately. Tell
us where you want a lot
and we can supply.
WINTER CARNIVAL, ��� RiiSSliiiul. II. C.
Tickets on sale Feb. llth to Feb. 16th.
.Returning Feb. 18th.
Fare and One-third Return
C. P. it. Agent,        1
New Westminster.
Assistant  General   Passenger   Acjent,
Municipal   Hotel.
Calvary, Feb. 8���Al a meeting Of
the Traeli>s and Labor Council several '
lb legates Bpoke on the ai'iiem ol' the
hotels and boarding houses raising
their charges and ihe following resolution was unanimously adopted:
"Tlial in ihe opinion of this council
the raise in the holed rates is unwarrantable and will Infllcl hardship on
working men and women,
"Furthermore we believe the time
is opportune for iho grafting of a nm-[
n.clpal hotel, and thai   i co] y of this
resolution be     nl io the Al ind
Ity press.'
13-roomed House, with
bath room, pantry, scullery, root house ancl wood
shed attached ; electric
light; hot and cold water.
181 ft. front, 280 ft. deep
(more or less). All kinds of
fruit, 5 walnut trees, all
bearing small fruit. Price
for the whole, $5,500;
terms half cash,' bal. 7 per
cent, Price of house and
land going with it, $4,000.
Telephonic communication
with house.
2 lots can be bought separately; 50 ft. front, 280
ft. deep, $750 each; good
bearing fruit trees; lane on
back from 3rd Ave. to 4th
Lot Xo. 10, full size, on Agnes
I street, all cleared and fenced, ready
! for building: a real good speculation
I for $600.    Half lot No. 7, $250.
160 acres on the Scot! road, 15 acres
cleared; barn 50 x 30; stables, etc.;
splendid soil; only $30 per acre, $1,000
cash, balanc. easy,
Between Fifth and Sixth avenues,
I near Seventh street, eight rooms, ail
I modern, stable and chicken bouse, full
Sized   lot,   two    storeys,   $1,000   cash;
lei ' acres In Sunny, 6 acres cleared,
fenced on road side, $1,800, half casb.
balance on time al 0 per cent., su',-
Jecl to sale of timber,
One hundred ancl sixty acres, N.TO
'4 Sec. 25, Towns-hip 16, 2ft mi;(ij
fiom Abbotsford. creek r_nai_J
. through, 50 acres aider bottom, i
' to lie $600 worth of timber on tbt|
j property. Price $1C per acre, ]{ cushj
' balance on time.
Ten acres in Let 4i'' id mil. eapj
of Westminster Junction, \l soil, eas-l
lly cleared.   $30 pel acre,
Two storied house,  7  rooms, bath,!
sewer   connections,   all    modern imi
j provements, splendid  lo allty, $2,80C.|
Terms arranged.
House, corner of Fifth avenue anl I
Sixth street, one  lot, two storeys, i |
��� rooms, $2,500, half ca.-h.
Boarding bouse, 20 rooms, on_U
; street,  one   block  from   posl   ."���
rents at $_I0 per month, or for sail'
House,  eight rooms, e>n SI Geo*.
'street,   corner   Fourth,   $2,5C0; ea.
1 terms.
GO acres pood fruit land in Surrey;
can be bought now for $-5 per acre.     House,   full   sized   lot,  on  KtJijI
only one-quarter cash needed, balance  street,  Sapperton;   rents for $10
in one or two years at 7 per cent. month.    Only $1,050.
tv>' acres, Maple Ridge, Sections 28,
i'!e and 32, Township 9, one-half prairie, rest brush and some small trees
Prices: Section 32, $45 per acre; Sec-
J tion 29, $60 per acre; Section 28, $55 i
per acre. Telephone at Hammond;
telegraph station, put River Bridge.
Tern s, half cash, balam e one and two
years at 7 per cent.  Exclusive agency. '
en .  ,     , ���   _. 160 acres in Surrey, near Brown I
SO acres of land  near Suther amis   ,.    ,,.     ,, ,    ., ���,,i i
_ii,   ,��� c. , , Coulthard.. ranch. $7 per a n   r
mill, in Surrey;  good house, 6 acre.!, .__.___
A,   ,.  ,        ,    ��,.-.-, terms;   fruit  lands;   see    u   foi
cleared    only $1,000, easy terms. .    ,
' titulars.
House and lot,  50 x 133,  bach  of j    House,    10   rooms, 1 \i   lots, nw I
brewery,  facing Columbia   St.    Rents  Fourth   avenue   and   Seventh streel
for $24.00 iter month.    Price $1,200. $2,000.   Terms can he arranged,
80 acres in Matsqui Municipality. 4-room house,
chicken house; one ac
cleared; good well, purest
water. $1,000. Chance
of a lifetime.
half cash, balance in six months.
Vou ct:nnot possibly get a higher percentage for your money than ll per
_0 acres near Mud Bay, $7 per acre;
see us tor fuller particulars.
135 acres, one mile from HunuM'
don, B.C., 70 acres in grass, 15 acta
drained and fenced; house anil M���
coal $2,500; good road along i m ' :
price $50 per acre, half ca b, baland
to suit purchaser at 6 per <��� i' '��� '
son for selling, the owner'. ��������� fi
lead  health,  and  lias  to go
Double tenemenl bou e,        ''
Seven-roomed house, Seventh slreet.
near Fifth avenue, two storeys, full
sized lot, $1,600.
One and a half lots, Sapperton, just
off Columbia streel and Brunette, only
.$1,200.    Terms to  be arranged.
Exclusive Sale
5 acres on Gth St., just
off city limits. $1,100,
easy terms. Fine property for subdivision or
market gardening, chicken
ranch or small fruit farm.
8 roomed bouse, all modern Improvements, fine location, corner of Fourth  ' 'tnate
streei   and Agnes    $6,000,   one   half:    ���,������ ,���
:""lL   A comfortable home and   go  :  ,,,,, h t     ,..,,���. ,
famlly residence' between    Flrsl   and    Se
r.-vi.t .,, ��� , i    , ,. i Fourth avenue, on north
Mgnt-roomed    bouse . a      mniicn .. .
,,������,������,��� , .. nunc in $1 500      ]f      ,   balance In on<
< invenlonMs, cm Carnarvon Btreel and    , ,��� ,
sixth stjeet, two storeys, $3,750. '    '  ' "'' '��n '
Part of lot 369, joins bake Cominur,
about 70 acres, only $_!.. per acre.
Half cash.    .lump.
House and lot on Sth slreet. Lol thix
l-0, ti rooms, woodshed chicken house,
$1,050.   Terms easy.
160 acres, Langley, 2~> under cultivation; house, bam, sheds, etc, all in
good   repair;   a   snap   at   $3,000,   half
In best residential portion of New Westminster,
east end; close to car; 6
large rooms and large reception hall; modern in every respect; 2 full lots 132
x 132, all in lawn, laid out
with shrubs and flowers;
tennis court on one side.
Price $2,500. Terms $6' '
cash, bal. on mortgage.
House and lot on Agnes street, two
utoreys, seven rooms; a real snan al
160 acres, all fenced, re i ��� for'""'
tlvatlon, good water, half m !' :i
school, at  Chiiliwack, $75 pes aor��.
64 acres In Pitt Meade -. . onU
$35 per aero. i;n,, third cash, balBBC
at  0 pcr cent.
8 and 10 acre blocks in Surrey, tbrea
miles from the river, $10 per acre,
Large lot and two cottages on ^
lunibia slreet, Sapnerlnn. Both ten"'
at $10 each.
Five collages and two lots OD
street, opposite Queen's park.
sized lot on Reglnn Btrei
s Pr te $i50
132, Lot 10, Sub.  I I
McQuarrie & Co., Real Estate Brokers
Agents for Employers' Liability, at?d Union Fire Assurance Co. of London. I    |R0AY.  FEBRUARY  9. 1907
$N| ' **   2
Sale Still Goes On !
mm**** ��amiR
1 he great Bargains being offered are attracting crowds of buyers. Every time a purchase
is made the buyer saves money. In Clothing, Boots and Shoes, Hats, Shirts, Sox and
dents   Furnishings,  we have cut   the prices  to  rock bottom. Read  and  consider:
Men's Suits
.     $4.50
"    Trousers
.$2.50 Shoes for .
Men's Sox    .
5c a pair
Suspenders . . 15c a pair
White Handkerchiefs . 2 for 5c
Canvas Gloves . . 4 pair for 25c
Bovs' $2.50 Suits for .      .       1.10
Leather-lined Comfort Shoes,
regular $4.00, for      .       L.90
Special   reductions   on   EVERYTHING in the store.
t <
_ ���
���.. i
i j f
Westminster  Clothing  Company
D.   GROSSMAN,   Proprietor
,;..,,.,.,,--.:,., ,     IN CONSTRUCTION CAMP
Positively the best corner on Columbia
Street. It contains three large stores,
well lighted, and nun irous offices on the
second floor, giving a splendid income.
The building has a frontage on Columbia
Street of 66 feet, and the ' >t runs bad;
to Clarkson Street.
PRICE  $38,000.     Reasonable terms.
Columbia Street, next Bank of Commerce
The Royal Bank of Canada
��� ������ absolute security to deposit   rs.   START NOW to save your money
i will'new".' reg   11  ll     Pi di   aai ler things every day and have.'
I to she a   f >r it
..: DOLLAR opens in accnu i Put 11 In your pocket, It w >uld prob-
tie nothing, but ONE DOLLAR deposited every week with us will ln
years amouni to $604.50.   THINK    THIS OVER.
v esterlj   ll   feet  of Ix>t  4.  Block  B,:
N  ,\ v. esi minster City.
A Cerl [fli ate of Indefeasible Title
to the above property will be Issued
!,, William Campbell, Matilda Canip-
'��� ell and Elizal etb Campbell em the
lsl day nf February, 1907, unless in
ihe itimi   a val I ol jectton there-
ii in' made to me iu writing bj a person oi persons claiming an <>si ito or
Interesl therein, or In any part thereof.
i Oistrici Registrar of Titles.
| Land Registry Office,
N'ew Westminster, B. O, Decembei
21. 1906.
The   person   or persons  having  In I
their   custody   or possession   the foi-'
lowing Title Deeds relating to 1 h��> sniii
property are requested to deliver 111��� ���
same to the undersigned,
said land  i"   di ���> ent, whose title  I ���
nol   registered   under  the  provisions
of the "Land Regl itrj   \. t," shall   _ i
TAKE NOTICE thai application has   forever estopped  and debarred  from
,   ,      , t., .   ,-,       ,    ... ,    setting up  iu>  claim to or in res
lieen ma.ie' io register Edgar L  \\ob
ol tlm said land so sold for taxes a -
Vf I      ill'"      .' 11 i i t       I 11 1 I i 1      o\J      ��� i 'I I I      1 i i 1        | , 1 ,\ . ��� -      , 1
Negroes Express Dissatisfaction With   ber as the owner in Pee Simple, under . provided   for   bi   the "Land   Registry
Food Supply���Razors Beinc
Bellingham,    Feb.    7.���Trouble    is
, v. lng in the camp of negroes em
a Tax Sale Deed from the Reeve and
; Clerk of Surrey, to Edgar L. Webber,
bearing Urn date Bth daj of January,
ad. 1901, of all anil singular that certain parcel or tracl of land and ;en"ii
Ises situate,  lying   and   being in   the      TAKE NOTICE thai  an applb
,ved  by  iho Greal   Northern  Rail-1 Di8tricl '"' N"A  Westminster, in the  has been made to register James Lord
, , ., : Province  ol        ti��b    'olumbla, more       ., ,,     ,
road companv, ami  because tne- mon \ as tin- owner In Fee Simple, under a
, i     ,,     .��� naitu'uia'.h   known mid described as
are  acting  rather  ugly,  tho  toroman. | '
., ,      ,    , .1 Lois i iiii.i 2 of Wool. io. subdivision
i'i;   Dinni'i'ii, has hnikou quarantine.
...        .��� , , , .     of  Sniiili   Last     iiiiavtor     Soot Ion     lit,
I in' officers   are    now   seeking   liis
, , ,,.,.. ,        r 1 owusliiii   1.
whereabouts, l'ai Ion  yesterday for"
r.'Min, and was accompanied by the
timekeeper, who is a white man also,
bui who returned to camp yesterday
afternoon, when he began to realize
the extent  of his  misdemeanor.
All the troubles seem to have started over the rule- recently adopted thai
, "ho who iloi's nui   work cannot  eat,"
October   17.   LSS9,   Augustus   Lund-   ,.������,. MU,h lm.n ,,���, mGa] ,,,������,,. are bu,
Yem and each of you are required
to i ontesl the claim of the tax purchaser within thirty days from the
date of the Brst publication of this
notice, otherwise 1 shall register Ed-
Tax Saie> Doi'.i from the Mayor and
Treasurer of the City of New Wesl
minster, to Patrick T. Bowler, beat
iim date ihe' isth daj of August, V D.
1902, of nil and singular thai certain
parcel or tracl of land and promises
situate, lying and being In the Cltj
of N'ew Westminster! in the Provlm
11 m  to  Donald  McGllllvray, Convey-
am '��� In fee of pari of I.ots 3 and I
March 2, 18S3, Peter Monetta to An
fee,      _.nd I  herein  order thai   publication of ihis noiiie' for fifteen dayB
in  a   dally   newspaper   published   al
II minis nil' un      .. ,,.    ' ... , ,
N'ew   Westminster  will be good and
two  oai'li day,   ami  tho coarse   tooil :     ���, . .,        -
i siiiiioii'iit Bervlce thereor.
Prepared lev a new k is nol to Urn ���    nv|,K|) |( ^ ^^ Rpg,gtry Qfflce
liking of the colored men, who wish Westminster,   Province  of lull
gusttis  l.iinellioni. Conveyance ol  part   , , i���, |.,,,,i,N
,.,,., ' ' genu). |gl]  Coiuraij|a) lh|s  |;,h ,,,,,   0f janu.
": Lot ... |;   |8   s;,i,|   ||U|   razors   have  been   , ,     . .,   .,ur
BAXTER, McLELLAN & SAVAGE,   nourished  In  the air and  Bhlnlng In '   c   S  KEITH
Agents,   ih.. dull llghl of the lamps each evett' '  ni,,ljrl  o0K| ,,.,,
;:;?  Hastings St. W, Vancouver, B.C    \nSi and the outlook Is nol a pleasure   T(J Thomaa   refCriea   Esq
'" th08e concerned with ihe' encamp- \��� |)ergonB .,,,...���/, ,.'���,, lh|g ..,���,..���_
""���|"' s""" oC '!'" '""" Btl)l ^use I ud thofte clalmlng lhr0Mgh ,,, ,������,���,.
i.i work under the preseni regime, and ��� ������
the end cunnol  be foretold.
gar L. Webber, as owner thereof in | of British Columbia, more partlcularlj
F. B. LYLE, Manager.
Canadian Bank of Commerce
SEALED   TENDERS  addressed  to
the un lerslgned, and   endorsed "Ten-
The t.'icl Maid's Opinion.
them, an I all |>ei ions i lalmlng anj In
tiros: in the a ild land by virtue of anj
unregistered In iti ument, and all per
         .     ��� ons  claiming  any   Intere n   in     thi
der for Postofflce, Fernie, B.C.," will       Boston, Feb.  8.   The  following  ',,"���   Bal{]  hau]  ,,���     |eBcenl    whoBe    title
.,.   received   al  this office until Mem    HtWn from Ihe unmarried  women of
[lay, Februarj   IS, 1907, Inclusively, for   Ihi  town of   Wakefield  was received
the construction of a Post Office, fee,   l��>  'he legislature today: "We, theun
building al  Fernie. it. C married women of tho town of Wake
Paid-up Capita], $10,000,000.     Reserve Fund, $5,000,000
It   E,  WALKER,  General Manager ALEX. LAIRD, Ass!. Qen'l Manager.
Evcy   facility  afforded   Farmers  for   their  banking   business.    Sales   Notes
cashed   or taken   for collection.
BANKING!   BY   MAD.   Deposits   may be made or withdrawn obj mall.
n n ,; town accouni    receive every attention.
Bank of Montreal
  , ,, ' "1 |,  petition  ) our honorable   bodies
i>]mii   nn I specifications can bo seen ,    ,   ,
,,  ��� ,,,   ,,,   ,.;.. for ii law. levying a tax on bacheloi i,
ir i  forms  Ol   toiiih't' n'llaliii'il   ai    I Iii ���
��� ,     ���     ,   ,:,..,,!,,���    ,,, ��� li i  tax io be graduated n - follows;
Departmenl    and   on   nppiic.iiion   to
.   ..        ,.      ... .,     , ,v ,., . From 20 to 2j years, $_>; from25tod0,
l.n ni A. Kerr, Lsq., ( lerk of Works,
$10; from 30 to .'������ yearB, $i.>; from .15
,     I to  10 rears, $20; over  10 years, chloi
iv'^ tendering are notil ed   hal ^ ^ ,        |ln>_    ^ ,,������,���������.
^�����"��''s w"l '������������'���  be coiiBldered   tin less ^^ ^^ wreB8���|   thrtl   bache
��'Hde e���, tho printed    oriu    supi��     I, ,       , _,,���������,  growUl on the iMp
:   ���' -1    wlth  'heir actual sign       ,   ^ . i(>_ .^.^ jN |inr]���,    ,,,,
,,   uu eai Ihli  use excepl n i pall be u
Each  ten ler iniisl   be accompanied , ,,v .i:,. n ,, .���,.,���. ,,,���.. ,hi, ,,,v
.j an accepted cheque een a chartered ;,,.,.i:(. Wl. ,,,,,   ,���..,,,   ,h:,,  concern
i   .  . imide payable to th 'der   of    {     |lp ,. .,   ���    ,,., l|(, ,���,, belleve lti
e Honourable the Minister ol Public R      ,      ;i,   ,.,...    ,, ,.., . ||ilt , ��� ,, ,
' " ���     onual  ������! Iter ceni (10 p.c.) ,   ���., l() v nir|| commUtBe tho |10lm0n
ol the amoi m ol    the   tender, which     , m ,(. ,.,,,.,,,,,���,
.m.i !��� forfi Ite i i; tho party len lering
EST v I'J   iSHED 181V.
Incorporated   by   act  o<   parliament
CAPO AL   (ALL   paid   UP)
I,, | m lo onti r In' i n i onti k I when
,;.;; .,) upon to   lo i i, or ll    lie  fall to
, mii le ������   he  ���< I    ���"'    ���    '      "    .
tl,. tender be nol accepte i the clu ,������������
nill Po i' tuined.
The   Department   does  nol bin i It-
,,���;  to accept the lowes   o   anj li a
By Oi ler,
FRED, i 111 LIN AS.
Sei re u
1 i ,. , ,.���,,,,. n of Public Woi ;��� .
Ottawa, January 18, 1907,
v....   ,., ,.      Inserting   this  adver-
; emenl wltho il authority from tlil^-'
lepartmeni will not be paid for It,
lit.  Hon.  Lord Slrathcona an   I   Mount   Royal,    fl.   0   M-
G    Honorary President
Hon.' Sir' .;'.' A."' Drummond    President
E. S. Clouston Vice Pres Idem   and  c.onnrai Manager.
Westminster Iron Works
BHIP SMITHING, HiUliwr. anel
STRUCTURAL I HON    vvuitl..
General hanking business transact-1. ornamental   Iron   worn,   mctuaiaj
nT.    ,      ,     ,, ,.        i ���i���.t rhe ni in Canada  In Lomlon, Kng., New   fences, Oates, Fire Eeeapea, otc.
Branches In nil the principal clu ei in I ���   ' , ,,,���  I     Mall orders nnd correspondence In
York, Chicago, and St John's Nfld.. and correspondents In all parts of
BEGBltf W I���lit.wi'.
G. D. DRYMNER, AKcnt.   N- Westminster.
Mny Increase Freight Raton.
\ew    Voi'i;,    Feb, 8.    Railroad   of
,     .  w ho make  their  tieadqu irters
ee 'i general ���  dlsp i :,"l to echo
i. ni,- i ��� ii itered under the
provisions of the Land u���������-���.i ���' ry Act,"
shall be forever estopped and debarred from Betting up any claim to or
In respeel of the said land bo Bold for
taxes as provided by the "Land Ftegla
try Act."
!,i rem ui ni,oh' by Jamea .1 Illll. ol
the Orea'l N'orthorn, thai the railroads
thomselvoM would be obliged to ad
\ unco frolgh.l rate t, Instead of reduo-
in-, ��� hem. The i on ten iua of opinion
of these ofilclals Is thai the Incre i ed
rosl if labor and material Is so far
on stripping tho rale of Increase In
net earnings thai only r reversal of
business activity will bring the railroad i ompanles [ace to face' with n |
difficult problem an to rates.espeolally
'"���. viow of the popular sentiment tow-
ar ���    rallr in Is now  prevailing,
T \i.k NOTICE Hi il application lias
been made lo roglstei  .helm w. Bui i
a   ��� i �� nor In Fee Simple, under a
Tax Bale i" od fi om The Coi poral Ion
of the Cltj of Now Westminster, lo
John W. Burr, bearing the d ite 15th
day of June, \ D. 1005, of all and sin
gu] n thai cei Lain pare sl or tracl of
land and preml ie ��� lluate, Ij Ing an i
being In th" DI itrlcl of New Westmin
. ���. r. in Lhe I'i'o in '��� uf i'.iHi .li Colum
ii more pari Icularlj know n and ds i
i rlbed ss Lots B to 10 Inolu live of lol
12, Suburban Block 13, New Wesl
n no ter City
Von nnd oai'li nf ;  ai" required to
contest the claim ol the tax pun baser
within fort. Qve days from the date
ol the flrsl publication ot th s notice,
otherwise I shall register John W,
Burr, as owner thereof In fee, And
i further order thai publication of this
notice for one month in o dally newspaper published at New Westminster
i will be good and sufflolenl service
I hereof.
DATED at the Land Registry Office,
New Westminster, Province of British Columbia, this 88th i ts of Dwem-
ber, a.d. 1906.
District Registrar,
To Flora  V.  llaniniill.
All persons sei ved wMi this notice,
and those i laliping thro igh or under
tl em, and all  person i i (aiming any
Six Cows Hanged.
i' irnwi.ll,   Peb, 8.   The   death    ol
cows by hanging Is rather an unu-iial
occurrence, yel this   was the fate of
���I.   valu��able   bovlnes belonging to a
i er nan ed Henry Bullls, S . Law-
;. . ���.. County, across the river.   The
fl hi'.- of  ic ; ov.    ' ibl ���     ave waj th ���
l:er night, an!   ��������� ���   the     tanchlons  Interesi in tho sal i land by virtue oi
. - ,,.  :  t],.  in|    ���    e  ill ton   I   ������'���������   unregistere i Instruln mt, and all
Lvl0 j, i t'ersons claiming any Interest in the
Known and described as Lois 10 and
11. Block "D" St. Patrick's Square.
Vou and each of you are required
io e-onii'st  the claim of the tax pu
chaser within tortj live 'ia\s from the
date of  Die-  iiv a   publication of i - >
notice,   oilmi wise    I    .--hall    ra I ������
James tiord as owner thereof In   ���
Ami i herebj i ei tlfj  lhal  publli iti a
of i his  iim ii e  I'm   thirty   daj : In   <
dallj  new Jpapi i   publl ihed    at    N   \
\\'"slmiio!ti'r   will   be   good   and
clenl Bervlce thereof
DATKD ui Ho' Land Reglstrj OBI   i
New   WestnietuBter, Province of  Brl
ish  Columbia this i il   laj     E Febru
ary, A.D.   wm:.
C. B, KK1 I'll.
I Hal i*I . i  Reglstr n
To Henry   Elliott, Esq.
\ll in', -ums Berved w lib this nol:' e,
and Di  claiming through or under
them,  ami  all   person i  i lalmln -, a
Interesl In the said land by vli tue
any unregistered  Instrument, and i l
; ei ion    cl ilmiti i anj   Interesl  In Ll i
ild laud by eh' ii ent, whose title 11
nol registered under the provision i i f
the "Land Registry Act," Bhall be
forever estopped ana debarred from
setting up anj claim to or In re ���
of tin' mid land so Bold tor taxi
provided bj the ' I an i Re Istrj   \* I "
SUITS TO ORDER. . . . $1100
until Man h 1st, 1007.
I'li'iii v of < lood i ie> .ole  i from, of
Latest Pal tern
Sato faction guaranti i I o  me
fundi d.
247 Front Street    ���      Nell' Westmin.-!   r
830 Hastings si, W. Vaneouvef.   I
Bookkeeping, Or egg and i?lttnan
Shorthand, Telegraphy and i/i
glneerlng, '
Seven Teachers
Forty-rtve   Typewriters
Sttoknts Always in Demand.
R. I. SPROTT, B. A., Princir_i
i�� ��� ��������������
,i   $
!  .  ���
\  '-.."''
. f;
\ %������
���   e ���
t - *8
Special Blend at Special Price
Clearing  out  for   stocktaking
per lb.
Public Supply Stores
Mailer iiitcmlerl for this c ihimn Ihould be ad-
dressed. "Social Editor, Daily News. i'. O.
iinx Hi2. New Westminster."
8 acres on Murchie Road; good location.   $800.
4 acres on Murchie Road.   ��400.
Malins, Coulthard & Co.,
Real Estate, Financial ana Insurance Agents,
Columbia St., - - New Westminster B. C.
25c per doz. !
to $ 1 a cake
Wn-ys tit Mending n Doll.
It Is nut iIn' hardest thing in the
iv,ii id to lui'ii.i a broken el"ll when you
know how. Yen can yet along nicely
If there is nothing but the head and
lieuiy left. Gel a strong piece of intis-
liu iim! with a clothespin push it far
Into the liciiii. allowing a frill in extend dowii around where tiie' neck is
or should I"'. Then take some little
pieces ci cotton and push thein one by
out.' into Un' bead until you can get
uo more in. None of this batting will
touch the inside of the head directly,
only the lining of stron._.r muslin. Vou
are now ready to sew this frill, this
muslin edge, to the doll's body, Fasten it securely with strong thread and
.lie bead is on "tn stay."
An arm nr leg is easily made as good
and strong as new ley a stout bandage
stitched firmly above the elbow or
knee. Of course dolly cannot wear
ber low necked or short sleeved dress
now, so you will make a new high
necked one. Make it dainty and pretty, finishing it at lhe neck with a
ruche. Tbe wee sister will lie pleased
to have her own dolly placed in her
arms again, and you may become quite
skillful as a little nurse in dolly's hospital.
Tin'   M��ii lier  Bird. ,
It   has   been   said   by  observers  of
birds tliat some of them will feed their
t     *     n��     *
��*....+*       -|
young if they are caged ami if they
fail after a time to release them they
will bring them a poison weed to eat
so that death may end their captivity.
'I'i.is is hard to believe, hut an apparently we'll authenticated Incident is
* cited to prove it. Three young orioles
��   were captured and  were immediately
' NORWEGIAN SALTED HERRING   cnged-an*���"- ���     '       <
Imported Goods
The annual dance giv^n by the al
tendants at the asylum took place yesterday evening.when about 150 guests
assembled to enjoy dancing in the
large hall, which had been beautifully
decorated for the occasion with bunt- 't
ing, evergreens and flowers. Dancing
was enjoyed until a late hour, music
being supplied by the asylum orchestra, Mr. D'Arcey wielding the baton.
The committee in charge of the entertainment were Messrs.Jackson, Brown,
Bottles, Glenn and Stinchcomhe.
.lames Sharpe, president of the Fraser Rivet- Lumber company, has re-
turned home' again after having spent
n few months with friends in lhe vi-
c-inity of Burke's Falls, Ont.
Mrs, guilty, of .Mission Junction,
was   amoig yesterday's   markel   visi-
,\. Charleston, of Agasslz, was a vis
Itor in the city yesterday.
Mr. Bushby, inspector of customs.
with bis private secretary, was in the'
city yesterday on an official visit.
\Y. Nelson Clark has been appointed inspector of the Mainland Board
of Underwriters.
Mr. and Mrs. A. I-.. Rani leave today
lor. Los Angeles, where they will
spend a couple of months,
Tiie Bridge club met yesterday afternoon at the residence of -Mrs. F.
J. Coulthard. The members present
were Mrs. Brymner, .Mrs. Bell, .Mrs.
DeWolf Smith. Mrs. Gaynor. Mrs
Graeme, Mrs Holt, Mrs. Malins and
Mrs. Gordon.
The Quidquid Libet club gave a
other delightful dance last night in
St. George's hall which was beautifully decorated for the occasion. The
walls were draped with bunting in
l^ue anil white, the club colors, and
festoons of evergreen hung gracefully
from the rafters. With a thought to
the near approach of St. Valentine's
Day, Hie committee had placed a
large heart done in evergreens at one
end of the hall, while at the other end
were Q. L. C. in large, blue letters.
The patronesses were Mrs. J. C. Armstrong, Mrs. T. .1. Armstrong. Mrs. .1.
('. Brown, Mrs, DeWolf Smith. Mrs.
Leamy and Mrs. McColl. Among
those present were Miss Lillooet Armstrong, .Miss Nora Armstrong. .Miss
Sophie Bilodean, Miss Manuella
Briggs, .Misses Eleanor and Gertrude
Brown. Miss Doris Clute, Miss Gladys
Corrigan, Miss Sophie Dean (Vancouver), Miss Grace Eastman. .\.i.-.. T Ila
Lord, Messrs. A. McColl, S. McColl, R.
I'. Baker. R, Dorrel!, It. !.{. Brown, H.
DeBeck, II. Rollins, and many others.
High class music was supplied by Addison's orchestra.
A Cold Handle
See that Hood?
It is lined with Asbestos,
prevents radiation of heat.
The handle is attached to
the heme;, and  thus  kept
Every Department   is   fast filling up with new spring good
We have   made  preparation for an increased businest thi
by making our purchases larger than ever before. "3fl
This means more   complete  assortments,   thereby   makino
tion by our customers an easy   matter. ec
This week we have put in  stock���
New Ducks, Crumm's Prints, Flan.
nelette Blankets^ Dress Goods, Lace
Curtains, Curtain Muslins, Laces
Allover Laces, New Spring Coats'
New Dress Skirts, New Print Wrap!
pers, Umbrellas, etc.
We invite one and   all    to   visit our store and    inspect   th_
goods...We take    pleasure    in  showing them.
W. S. Collister & 5
247 Columbia Street. New Westminster
while EggS are High
Egg    FOOd    and
Poultry Cure
Ellard Block,
New Westminster
E endeavor to give satisfaction
to our customers; we think ��
have, as our business has grown i
; rapidly during the past year.
If you are not dealing with)
- us, we would be pleased to have
you give us a trial.
Extra   Fat
coniiniicii ior several uu.vs to mcu
rtnpn PUCFPr * t'11'1" wltboui paying much attention
bUUU  uHttu    *   ,u !!l" persons who were about,  bui
Just   tn
tree.    The mother soon eatue calling
* to the little ones, and in a little while
#l she brought  them some' worms.    She
continued   for   several   days   t.i   feed
one day she brought thenj n sprig of
green In the morning and disappeared,
In less than an hour the youug birds
* j we're' dead.    An examination  of the
  ,   sprig showee] thai  ii  was the deadly
larkspur,   which,   it   is  said,   will  kill
E._      full grown cattle.    There Is of course
>V *   a possibility thai the mother brought
0 ���   them the' sprig by mistake, lent to belt   iieve that would be to doubl the pro-
*******    tectivi' Instinct  that  naturalists attribute   to   birds   aid   animals.���Cbicr.go
Agnew   to   Become    Attorney-General
--Hugh Armstrong Provincial
- [N.Westminster
Address offers -from owners only   stating price, etc.,
Bex 7, Daily News Office,
Xew Westminster.
fa;fafay**fa.fa#xfa&fafaWfa.fafa v.
Wanted to Purchase
Lots in Port Moody
Address offers���from owners only
Stating price, etc.
Box 7, Daily News Office,
New Westminster
Daily News
$   and the gratified loser
'J   will quickly be com-
;���;   municating with you.
WE wish to emphasize
is this- Money can seldom be put to work in
such Good Real Estate
as that which we are
at present offering.
See us and get our
timely tips on some
good bargains.
Modern, 7-roomed House
on Third Street, below Third
Avenue. Grates, electric light
and sewerage. Price $2,500.
Good terms.
' i; aipeg, Feb. 8.���A report which
aiarently emanated front governmenl
cii Dies is in circulation here to the
effect that Atomey General Campbell
v.' 1 retire as soon a_t the date of the ������
elections is announced, his place be- i*<
ing taken by Provincial Treasurer !*<
Ag :��� .v " ho will be succeeded by
Hugh Armstrong, Conservative candi
rlate in Portage La Prairie, The
change is a most popular i ne in every ; ja
way, ,���!
Death of Thomas Goldie.
'*"��� ' being In the- hospital for ovei
��� ��� eks, during which time he ai
Every article or piece of furniture in our establishment at
actual COS! Without reserve.    First come, first served. We
need the cash and .vent want the troods.^ThisJis a chance
of a lifetime.
continual).  ���   ���.���   cause for anxi-    !���! 716 and 718 Colun
���  y, Th unas ll. Ooldl i passed pen i
:        ��������� ;  yes er la;   afternoon.    The
ol   death   was   a   hemorrhage,
which caused a clot of blood to form '
��� " ���   brain, and yesti rdi y morning
anotheg hemorrhage prove i fatal,   He ;
un.- a bachelor forty years of age and
his  parents,  a hrother and a  sister
survive   in old  Cummock,  Ayreshire,
Tin   tun< tnl has heen fixed for Monday, and will be conducted under the
auspices of the Sons of Scotland, and
th" Knights of Pythias.
il'ii St.    Four Floors.     Rear Extension. Froni Street, >:
Rapid, Easy Grinders
The Fraser River Tannery ;���:
PRICE   FOR    HIDES. 'io>>i^^>>l*XC*��>X<^X��*:^
Paying Guests.
Quichon���W. VV. Currie, J, v. Wil-
lams, Vancouver; s. 11. Richards, s. '
B,  Buctoanan,  city;   D,   M.  Stratton
Windsor- -Mr, and Mrs E, C, Kerr
Lacombe, Wis.; J, n Parkinson, Butte
Mont.; E. ii. Deering, ll. I.. Monson
Vancouver; K, T. Cartwright, Victor
M. M. Variere, Montreal; 11. Tit
",;i ��� J, Haldl, Langley.
Colonial Mr. and Mrs. n. Steward
se ii. Vancouver; w. Reid, Barnet; C,
W, Ingle, Eburne; __.. Parr, Nanaimo;
���i. 8, Gwroe t, Victoria,
wi '   .-���   _&T_? ��� '���''���'���"**-<���!<}
Mr   A \
Three sizes,���8,10 and
12-inch plates. Alsc
bagging attachments
for same.
A full line of Pulpers, SIM
Hay and Ensilage Cutters.
. .,.. .���__?���


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