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The Daily News May 31, 1907

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������ I'i
ftite, Shiles & Co
PAGE four. PHONE 85
\hingle mills will
White, Shiles & Co.
Military   Balloon   Found   Drlftln
.-. Open   Sea.
in j Ingenious British  Inventor is Swamp-
*******% ed With Orders.
K PeDCent  ^ rWaSfgt��n  Mi,'-n guested to
I   Close Down on June 8 and Remain Idle For at
Least Three Weeks-Shipping Troubles.
:' ���/
V       11
(p   jp
a as
I '
Pld    last
: i;   30.���Al a  meeting of local   or��   I    ���
Manufacturers'    associa- with   ���m, wi!1   c��mmunicate
night     an    organized with 1^7   ""   '    '      the   tat.
,emeDi was started  foi   a general understands  ' " n'":"L' "' ;' perfec '
'ingle mills,  not    y  ;II which * concerning the support j
��� ���  ������ the seIi;,";v, ';:;���;;"��� ��� -  I
nlmo e-   .   '���   for closing  period to  begi    j     '       '      '' ' ""''!    '
' in ������ I   upon   the   main   ���i .,   "'.'..'" ' '"��� tim<
'  "���'>'   30.���A   military   _al-
���'"'"l b>' Lieutenants Caulifiekl
"":"   '"'   "'"   Royal   Engineer*
";is senl   up  fron]    Aldersho1
Ala>   -s  during the  review   of
,��   rrince   PoBhlmi   of  Japan
��    r   )lcked   ""  a<   sea   by a   flshi���s
Sf    I romkp_f  rDinS   8��me    <^a
lr��m  Exmouth.    The fn . , ,��� ,1
t in,.,., ��� i "'  ,l"' two
">��� ��� l-singTesS     *   "^ ""
�� Mr,,,,. ,        '"' "f  ""'  ^lloon,
"(,UK w,;"l which was blowm-
*' ' ieir*     ,�����*"* .
'.--i-Mint   Sec-
'  the Si ittle Sh i
a to   Bald   Hi it   Ballard
1  ~  '���   ath.   and   may
upon to shut    down    iheir
':"'   s�� n    ol    the
' ���'*''   ���  ;   ato by a ma-
'at' 1   shingle   Indus-
ln everj   pari of the
���e will ���    sign the closing
oact.   II m is estimated last night
��� easi        ei    :ent. of the mills
clos* ' ��� mai e the plan for mar
-mm il tion    satisfactory,      The
London, May 3 .     i'i- ase send  me
sample of num* roue       ers being re- %a      ,     . _. ^, .... ��� .     ,      . r ��
.iv,,i i,v an ingenic    inventor, who Queen Maud of Norway Comes Within An Ace ot Losing
has created a demand anions female Her Life in r*��":-<���  a_  �����
beauty seekers for false eyelashes to
replace    nature's   eye    fringes    with
which the owners are dissatisfied.
The patentee claims that hundreds
of women are eagerly buying the eyelashes, especially those who spend
mm, b time in automobiling. They
visii hi,,: tei be fitted In the firsl In-
��� tani e, bul after th* pn limlnary fixture the lashes keep In good shape
for quite  a   month.    They  may  then
  .....uu /-_n /.ce or Los
Her Life in Carriage Accident ���Horses Plunge Into
Lake    General Michel's Brave Deed.
shine en..  ,  ���   " '
Paris,  May .'in.���An alarming acci-  deep and dragoons  pulled    eee;
eleni marred the visit of Kink Haakon horses.    One  of  the    animals
and Queen .Maud of Norway to Versailles   yesterday.
Thei r majesties were accompanied
by   Presldenl
Queen .Maud
' Mi,-.]       ,,;���        ���
Single mills In Skag SVhatcom  "
counties are now cln ��� :    nd  will  re- Record Breaking Charivari.
main so If the   est of the   state delays Chicago. May 30.���A dispatch to the
ne, longer In following     i*     example Tribune from Sioux City, Io'.a. say.-:
There are producers    ...     . , there '",''  '���'���"'"'"���  ,li;i   for    '���"'''    "���    "'"
who positively sa)   thai  thej   will not twelve   children   of a   newly  married
. lose down an I that the scheme is Im- Pflir' Ml- an'1 ���M|V- ll"nr>' Brown, was
ie 111 ejt^^^^^^^^^^^^^^mm
Foreign .Minister Plchon save a (lin-
at i at the. foreign office    tonighl    in
I honor    of    the   visiting    sovereigns.
nnl  Madame Failleries.   President  Failleries, the members of
Madame Failleries and!the carriage and the diplomatic rep-
POSSible tei earn out     c,
,���        "���   Somen>anufac-
,l":" '"   money in shin.1__ *  _
thou_h   ��� "  '    today '"���'""
gh  '""'���   ""tantl    have  to con-' the police at
supplied by 200 chariv_.t_t_
������n affirm  that j ter   keeping   a   secUon   oJ
Kwake   all   night,   were
l Heads   Hang   Tr,c<   on   Apple
::;""" thht,man  tadwven  children
" '  his  bride, a  widow,  five.    As
Death   of  William   Druin.
After   having   travelled    to   British
Columbia from Ireland In the hope oi
lenefitting his health, William Druin,
mm, ,  36,  a   blacksmith by trade,  fell
ei   victim    to  consumption    yesterdaj
morning, and  died  alter having heen
at-   in this city onl yabout six weeks. The
town  deceased was accompanied during his
dispersed   by Mong trip in search of health  by an-
^^ io was with
Genera] Michel were In a land; u
drawn by four horses. As tie ca riage
was crossing a bridge over Lake
.Maine one of the horses commenced
plunging furiousl;
no   stone  copings
��� Natives, including the American
ambassador and Mrs. white, were
P"��at   AI. Failleries has decided to
The M<*e  has|KUValiroanlthiMrmmer t0 retUra
n,l   tl,r,e   horses Ihiv      ,   ;        V's"-    H,s trlP !'">"-
horses I abu   wil]  1)e  extended    ^
t. ' ���    ���.     I   ���    ��� ���
' ':'       i   ���    ed   from   a '	
'���    th* in    cent al  splendid  program
asmmW^     '
Unues ui    iated.
Haty thousand soldiers have put!
given! him  at   the  time of his  death.    The
uneral  will take place Saturday af-
 '�����  ������"!���    as a   ternoon in  the Oddfellows' cemetery,
esull   of the twelve  hours' serenade.',he cortege leaving W.  B.  Fales' tin-1
the house of the bride's father is al"   dertaking parlors    at   three    o'clock.)
wrecked,   porch   torn   off.   win-   The deceased was a member   of the
ows  smashed, screens    torn    down,  christian Brethren, and was attended
In his last illness by Dr. Rothwell.
fell  iiiio Hie watei 	
went    with    ihem.    General    Michel sovereigns
burst open the door of the landauand   1 ranee,
half  carried  the  queen and   Madame)
Failleries from the carriage.    His ac-
tion was none (oo    prompt,    for   ihe
oscillating      carriage    followed      the
horses into the lake.
The  water under the  bridge is  ai !
.!     Micher k  ""' other  countries   whose
have    heen    guest.
hellion   In   I bauhufu  by
imf-    ���-'' ���'���'���-      I   persons
'  ��� The c    ���
lt buildings were  broken  up to furnish clubs and tom-tom beaters. Piles;
of  cans,  pails,  scrap  iron, discs  and
clubs were left in the yard, giving   h;
i. |. arance of a cyclone.
Siam's King Takes Waters.
Baden.   Germany,   .May   30���Chula-
longkorn I., king of Slam arrived here
\esterday to take th*' waters.    He is
accompanied by a numerous siiite.
Sailroad  Traffic  Suspended  Owing to
Wind and Rain.
Leviathan   Ashore.
i ���
)! ������'��� i
u.'m :e
Tl"' '" ��"l ��  se.  p,irJck.5 K , v.-inn,,,   ���.   ,.
to" *�����"'�� i.M,. ,���..���,,. iZZ'^'ZTZl
Mi_�� rs. m ,..     . .        main  -m ,   ,_   .. t(,~'  "' '!lt'
he trees around the courts  ^s'sted io  Miss Gen   ...   WearUast   main ;'!i":��>'M  in The'
��� "c   Lyncher,
*   :    .-.   ,
Me   i
���he      ,,,   in
���    I       rel'llg,.
'���     ���:������������   eel   til
��� I   '   ei,   thai
e thai
:     ���    lad kill.
thei o      .  poaei .
i   In  the at-
l  ���   Greaiei
In tin. city
1 'Ml  arnangements
here early in
1   ���  was experienc-
i     su;..
i        Moodv
':     tbert'i
sung n ���'
M -       Weart *s
e was
��� i gth  ol
;���       :
-    , .
n .i 	
���' ibo use 0f Tin
���   ��� ���
.'       f.M     .or.
I'fl   .'     ongs    i
i    itrol     wiiik'
____________ '
death  this
Injury   :  ,. [_tiUi* i
er's  .       uranc*
m .       Weill
Ml      i     i H
of lh*
'   nnd   a* qu i h d   hei si II   i.
Vl   lh*   com luslon i
_      ( Johnston pin,
v ho tool   |iart In tin
lie '   lo   (1   clol le     ���    '
eef tal    of tl
Prank   Roland   Austi o    �� ii
mence    his bl- wi ekl;    i lai es
Smith's store nexl  week, and will be
.how   i'1 N'ew   Westminstei  on  Wednesdays
nnl Saturdays in  future.
Malcontents   Beaten.
Canton.  China.   May   :ii>.���A   severe
engagement has occurred between tli.
provincial troops and a body of rebels
^^^^^^^mm-    -"��� itsulting in a victorv for ihe former
New  York, May   29.���The   steamer The r���be]8 )ost cver a hundred mm
"""" ,,':'1"'       der Grosse,    whichhni^ and the government forces cap-
west edge of the  tuml the rebel ]fUfierT together with
ower  bay  last  ., number of flass and a considerable
quantity of ammunition,
Two    thousand    additional    troop?
have   been   dispatched   to   Chaochow.
. here the malcontents are active. Th-
Chinese gunboat  Sumh  Kong, having!
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^m^m on   hoard   ''bines-   tr/K), s,   has  sailed.
Prencn Justice  Disgus:s American.    (!0ni her.   for Swatow  to .lefend that
Paris.   .May   .'io.���Sydney   Smith.   0_  fity against a possible attack on the
New Yo:-;.:, sailed for that port yesrer-   pari  o! the  rebels. I
lay, greatly disgusted with the man-
| ner in v, hich the ca.se acainst George I
""""'���'���'   Hungarlai1 Collins, alias Bevington,    his    valet.'j    Va
Co 8, by Usit and gained   whQ  lg  charged  with  robbing  Smith i Rinn.a]lIIe is stm _^_^_^^^^ ���
! charging quantities of ashes.      Lake{t��eping   the   rubber   in   thc   enemy's
^^_ ���  -    ����*    of    the  ���;������,,,,,   ,���  the vicinity of tlle volcano,   territory most of the tune.    It was a
missing jewels in the possession of akas be^n dramed-by the water How- One game for the east end residents,
bell boy of the hotel where Collins, jng through a cravasse forme,] at its;:,IU i! was a sad disappointment for
^^^^^^^^^ bottom. those who cam* ^^^^^
  'of the comjiass. **���
When these two teams met on May
16, the tally stood 9 to 1 in favor of
the west enders but since then, the
-ed-robed Reginas have done som*
tall hustling and strengthened their
team   considerably.     Yesterday    eva
  Houston.  Texas.  May 30.���A  series
I of    violent    storms,    electrical     and
SCORE   FOUR   GOALS   TO   ONE��� CyCionic in character, accompanied by
SWEATERS   HAVi_   SWIFT  successive   cloud   bursts,   swept   over
Houston and vicinity last night and
this morning. The country for miles
is    covered
'hi' "  ' '- in  '^  ' v'"i"- *��� " decid. ��� success.""The   '"^   Uas  n��ate(1    at   7:30    o'clockl
trwta,d ..-* ^i-������.*._XiSr.li.ssrao.Th-
 __ _ everyon.    went hom*     ... ,.     as., '    ustaJDed no dam-
,. _ with the ent*.   |_j
Chinese Famine.
anghai,   May    jo.-The    famine AUfitM* thorous    ' "������":
f��r ,nn.,v ..,.���,... !n'UB,c- ;ind {r��>-' what could be judg
^^^^Sbe I   aaos,
' '   '   - ai his bes
I' '< '������'���-   ''���"'.'���  wee*8, led,  would  without doubt
���    dettt3j8 aud great  SUCCessfi_l tutor
'tin- I \: d    The crops are  !;1  ;j1(,  ,,���.,)
���   bol  weather of the   Rfcapsodie, Ne. ., by Lis_t and gained
,,.,. have -mii,,,'ied ��� .    >��� ,..,."' money and jewelry here, ias been
" Sonata Op. 1.   Mendelsschns wedding ,,   ,     ���   ..,   ,      . l
i   . ,  . ,  ���, . m   the , , ���,    handled,    bmith   foiun:  one
'��� .    ���    at   i.i. marcij ��,, , ,   ; ower  uil,v     .   _ .
���'���'��� -"" """���  In   The Spring Song"    ad "Conso i-
1   " ��� Ished    ooca 1* tw lit out the sei
'   :' ':   *   '���       '���' Par-    lu    tin- names . igg*
' In*  ���  drea I      ,     . .       ,,
from th*
e turned * ivei   to   the
"   ��� ' '    'isoprauo  voice  iu  CJiadwck's Request,
���    ���" '" vvith ;':"   won   th* ival   ,     , ,    .one,   and
i3  well
Deri... .   ,v   , ..   ,  , |(,  ���,"',"""    with    water'    Railroad
Thfw   \ d '��� ' iS illmos'  c��mpletely suspend-
lhe West End intermediate lacrosse N-    Many houses have been w-e 1
team,    that  redoubtable    aggregation �� washed  away   by  Buff.io    Bavou
V'hlch was S1 os,-'(' t" be almost in-   which   has   passed   all  previous 'hi_h
vincible,  was   beaten     to   a     fraazle water records, and is still rlsing
finish in an average game at Queen's       The   rain  continue,!   ,   ,->
1-k   yesterday   evening.     The   hoys j day.     lnZe���.bZ   L2e   T^
-ho   did   the  trick   were   the  Regina   done in this   i   ��� iv ,^T. *
red-shirted outfit which is supposed to that reports wSr    ^S
reside east of Sixth street, and which
the green-clad lads had announced
would he easy marks for their prow-
ness.    They  were  not, four goals  to
 j one tells the story in four words. Th;?'
Volcano in  Eruption. ' play  was just about as  indicated  by
paraiso,  May   30.���The    volcano : the score, the Reginas having the best
in   eruption,    dis-)0' ,,le argument from the start, an'1
are rising rapidly, will show the
flood conditions in the histor
Texas. So far no deaths from
storm have been reported
.      of
I the audience  was _t* :   with  in
_        i [i ���  .-.'...,
liell   boy  of  ihe hotel   where   Collins
i -    ss*     to hav hidden the loot,
Death of F. Eastman.
Frederick Eastman, .2 years of agp,
and a resident of this city for many
years passed away at the St.  Mary's
hospital    yesterday    morning.      Mr.
  wi , Eastman   had   heen   under   treat;^j___
those who came from the" opposite side j ^t that institution for about six; -,,eeks
��� 'ling,   they   fairly   made
AT   around their opponents
things   hum
There is no
,/or   tuberculosis of the 'V"V, "*
:,,,., e   OOWBls,   and
" ���'".  w'__ hoi  Un* x>���,.::>,[, The fun-
el J 'vi,i l��--�� Place in tho Catholic
" ";":> i,: ten o'clock on ?atttrd*y
�����ernn^.and wil, he conducted     "������
���   :aalPlCeS ��f the  Sterna   Order*
;...���;  ':���'��� -hich order Mr. EaS
leaves "U member-    T"" *"�����-
& '' ^dow :lll(> three small chii-
\   .. in  named  Baldwin ia  al   pn s-
d ��� lined In the | ta   on un-
lous charge, ittei
m an  Indec* nl asi i i the io
m I     . ighter of ,    vi 11    kn ��� ������
.��� .i     ��� this city,
cordi]     to   he little     Irl's
Iwin,  who  wa -  .  oun I  s i-
���   ���   for a
nt 1 ere, cam*  te   thi  hot    ���
. m i finding ie,. one at home ������:.'������������������
two   little   girls,   attempted   I >   force
The annual self denial effort of thc
Snl vat ion army, just c included was :i
decided sue* i    .   'I lio lai gel of three
hundred and ten dollars set up to aim
new  an I  fin ���
���,,..    , ' Itit was smashed with a small surplus
1 b le iin. varletv
., ��� ; J I'he citizens of New Westminster
���"��� n to be used
stl""'l stated thai
last v_"        ' Brcatly enlarged
l.ik '���  "i"n.
���"'Wn. add
.ter Tl]|
���   bis ������.... i i and lay hands on the chii I.
,\s  .oon  as  the mother i im    b imi.
was  Informed of the-  oce urenc
md Chief Mcintosh ne tified. This led
thi   ai rest of Baldwin,
Several parti* s who are acquainted
with  the  man speak   very   highly   .>r
liis Inti gi Ity and are indignant     ,  r
iffi Ir, declaring that the charg*   Is
n  '      mm iginary on the' part of the
Reviews  Railway  Situation.
Washington, D. C, Mny 30.���Presi
Dam,age amounting  : i ab< ut  $ l,i 0i
��� i    done   j, sterday   afti i n , in   by   a
fir*   ivhich broke out  on a  O.  N,  R.
: ...   car   while- tli--   Incoming   Se ittl
train   was   betwi i n   i' u I   Kells    and
;. .,��� , ool,   The cai. .. I '      ^ ms i iadi I
���. Ith    linof* It,  caug I   ';        thrcugi
from ; be engii      ghl Ing iti tl I i
an ' In a  few minute     i'.    ��h ,h     ���.
-i as a roaring furn ice, box car
���.. ms . -,- j -ii- | cn :\ ,,; ' tra ���!
Brownsville, and, althi ugh a Btn n
i ms efforl v>as made -..>- savi part of
tl ��� fr* Ighl and the car, all attempl i
wer ��� hopeless, an I only a few bi nl
and twisted pieces of ironwork now
The linofelt, of which there was
over 400 bales, was consigned to T.
Clayton, of Vanvouver, nnd the loss
will likely fall a, on lhe conslgni ���
The fire was first noticed about one
mile from Liverpool, and the train
was rushed to the flrsl sp.ur track
available ami  the Cear detached
bf    *ere    outclassed,    the    speed   "an was conn-L ^ed East-
���emg far ahead of their rivals' work   casions   resiK_In_-7   ^ ��" [" ' oc"
:  ;; ���'���   Spring   was   the after   erZ^Zt L?* ^       '
���:-,"" "aK '"" bes< '- on ,h.,|-.i:a,tment,'a o tv:. f yM:''ii'1 '""
^e d' bar none. His passing, checking, and going nTthe jivIv TTS ag0>
'' ?h)ns and shooting was beyond re nartnenWp with w tT '^"^ In
���"���"���\^i t,ts work clearly showed A^an. OnlllerL J I ^ eX"
him to be a cut above the othe. play d. n ,-,,���     (   "*��TtWnhi'-1' yir-
*rs'����'everything,    Spring is shap.ng     -   I   i   dTal  Wm   *? *��depart"
1    :  :"" ^ senior matches later on       I : v      t  ''    '" ; ^ ""���*'
'   ���'     -'--  and   the  Intermediate *    h. ,     i���V ,m "''' :: '"""������"> ^ich
'���'    ' I    Practice    for   " i    of ��i Ln .��� "flgnatlon "!!  ac-
CharlesSm I who made his first a. ' rietlf}^ tW�� months
. , ' ln '�� -ediat company, ented a the r2S* ^"" ;"'"'"-
1 ''   -""-    He Is fas,  and  reliable. ~        " 8aturday'
' '   I player after a
' "Sually  worn  1
iy re:'-
:<-J'-ees on import-
^ceptionally    high
'���'"'"I", without which
II is n,^ 
.Hl?te   ["'c,ls* will be carried
���"is,,;,,,," ;,|":,N" all, fr,,,,, the
" srown uns.
surrounding suburbs In a
'7 '!:,>:'" Wmes.    Robertson  was
:,'ii;'   l�����>   b��l   was   incline,,   to|ant  occasions  only     Th
^u��h work, and was punished on one  '-  were:   R 2'J? SC��'-
^aslon for hard checking.   T5e oth! Smith;  nd _����./       n"iU'ter'    C'
:LrL7i?the^mwerein^r; "SnsTwfisr-
. "���'',' and  " "-is evident   that  they wick; last g.uarter     *        htul' ^ar.
jjrt   been  practicing  well   for  and  Archibald ******* C' Smith
iime jeast. I
Por    t iefeatet] I    S6.11!,6 "P W*s as Allows;
"!��� -nm goa.au   tohis T^    IWH!"i'i-    M��nn     '
eye is due the fnr* -., . quiet Mwarshall; cover point
-re 1^,- eVi        ' ^Zm'T  T   ^^    ***
asamst   his  team.    He   fence,   \\'.   Sangstei
���t|s S|
T8 that
e  V|adivostok.
"The    PeUI    Paris-
!""'!' correspondenl
Russian  govern-
'" dismantle   the
  ,     .  t ���.   Th
  and dent  Roosevelt's message' to"con_^!Jn?��    C'��W' assis;tM hJ' a number of >_u_v��ii'_. 7 ,*et"n*x "ls tcam'   Heifence, w   8anMt_.rV
manner have show,, again, as in the the railroad  situation.  ,���e chief ex-  preSeK.nT'        "''"""" ;",y ni"'v^ Wals were scol f,    !"'" ri'"'S ",ir" homo' B"''tletf"
and appivcin- ecutive coming out strongly i��� favo-l    ���  eS"": I from within -,  fei   .    .       baJ1 oa��e Warwick;  first home
career     ^^���        . ��'    th��    U*'t. : nido     home       Rm.<       '
C'^e..   Warwick, on the home, pl,ay- Swanson "'���
game, and scored  the     7>_, .
"��� team's credit Among US?""00*1'     Eickhoff;   ' wlnt
��ther players, the play was a, ,'     '^    ^ C0Vep ^' ^-��n     m
;   Par' an<5  no special men  r������,���  7>���ce' MoArthnr;
pasl.  tlii'ir respi'ct   for    	
tion eef the army, and Its work by giv- of federal control of all the rail way h 'had ',",mm' t0 ,he effect ,!li|t the fire
Ing generouslj   to its support.     The    ml declaring thai In his belief thi ���  ridin    i" S     ed by h��boeg who werejed
officers and local corps wish to con-  should   be   broughl   under    the Iron'out b    �� '"' ' "X C;" W:is no1  borne oni
iy their manj thanks to all whohave limd ol the government, the same ns eneina .., "!"'' ulnvestl��at,0n. and the  thi
he nations
B. Galbralth;
: second de-
third defence,
- Hal Johnston;
second home,
Sangster; out-
inside   home.
one goal
taken any little pari with   Ihem   in
achieving this victory,   The names of '' <
donors  are   withheld, as  some wen
not asked for permission to publish
and others n Ished nol to be,
banks.    He advises
appointment of a  railway exam-
Im r who would have the same powo-
with lhe railways as the bank    ....
amlner bas with financial Institutions ' ��� -.V. Ms"
Messrs. Hardman & Co. beg to announce the completion of their building on the corner of McKenzie and
Victoria streets, opposite the Carnegie Library, with an entire ancl complete stock of Hardware, Stoves
and Ranges, Tinware, Screen Doors, Screen Windows, and Best Plumbing.
Seasonable Goods
Lawn Mowers
Garden Tools
Screen Doors
Screen  Windows
^5 |^"*_f*'
_���I______i i Tif
-   ������-
It has been said that a malleable
and steel range could not be made us
attractive in appearance as th,' old-
fashioned cast-iron arid steel range, with
it.- meaningless and inartistic superfluity of cast-iron convolutions and ornamentation. Through the ad ption of
Wellsville polished t* '1 for tin- body,
we have added wonderfully to the finish
of our range. It makes the most dur-
abl -. practical and beautiful finish, and
does away with the asphaltum or japan
finish formerly employed, which after a
fe'.'.- months' actual use became sticky
and unsightly. The occasional application of a cloth to the polished steel body
causes it to appear clean and bright, in
all theiieautyof its original blue luster,
In finish, our range is a strictly
high - grade product, and that fact
should be borne in mind by all when
purchasing a new stove.
Full Line of
Kitchen Utensils.. ���
Best Lines of
Cutlery and
Silver - Plated
Goods, &c., &c.   ���
Special This Week:   Four second-hand Ranges, in excellent condition, to be sold at a sacrifice.
TO CONTRACTORS:   It will pay you to visit our store.    We have everything you require.   Get our prices on your Plumbing and Galvanized  Iron
Work.    Contracts just completed: Tiie Tourist Hotel,  Port Moody; Scott's
Hotel, Port Moody; etc., etc.
We make a specialty of Marine Tanks for boats and have every facility for repairing.
A. Hardman & Co.
Phone 302
Corner McKenzie and Victoria Sts., opp. Carnegie Library
P. O. Box 248
We will send to any THOUSANDS OF TREK
address,   post  [ire-
paid, a
Good Tooth Brush
and a 25-cent box
Tooth Powder
Kenzers,  Pa., May 30���There wan-
, dered   through  this vilage  lasl   week
Rushton & Speck
selle vineyards, and the mountainous
districts uf the north and middle
���.hint- also suffered severely.
lle ;ivv snow f* ll Sun la������ on Hi*1
(iieini Mountains, Southern Silesia,
and snow fell yesterday over the
Thuringian forest.
A tornado, accompanied by rain.
occurred yesterday at Dirschau, Wesl
Prussia. Many trees were leveled and   SECOND-HAND    STORE
one  church  tower  was   blown  down.
, , We  a!s_  do  all  kinds
Min*- Saturday the temperature here of  genera,   repairjng.
has repeatedly fallen   in-low    freezing
*************************************** *<,t,******m
* ���
Established K-T
X Established 1887 Iim	
I Gilley Bros.
I .spatches received from    Switzerland say thai  snow  lit.-- fallen heavily
Sign   Man  on  Wheel.
Columbia Sc. New Westminster.
Phone 275
Manufacturer of
Xot many years ago there was hard-   Lokal   Anzelger,   Kaiser   Wilheim  has      Minpro]  Water*.    P.r
V  a   farm   in   the easl   thai   did   not jusl   '��ncttoned  ���<  gigantic  streel  Im-      HUUCIOI   ?*/<UCIJ>,  __,__..
Hi-INT   Wftoflp   !lave   :"   least   ""''   walm"   tree'  ;'"11   provemenl   scheme  :'""  '^Diving  ai A_��rn__��_l   Wafcfc
jiub, jp_uai!t iiero was not a stream whlch dld !10t j outlay n ^cratea waters,
Family Trarje a Specialty.
an  old  tramp,  who  a  generation  oi
two hence, may come to be regarded
  ai  ei second "Appleseed Johnny."    He   over ,e];.  \).IS
Is planting nui  trees,    so    thai    the
New lot  Stamp Mat Pat-   youth ol   the land  in j iars to come
terns just to hand. l i!1 no1 :i
J walnuts
Wholesale and Retail
Kaiser's Geg^ntic Scheme.
Berlin,   May   29.    According   to   tli*
This   cell brat* d   ('e m* nt   is
used bj n   irly all large contract-
provemenl   scheme  here Involving  an
'.    ll   is  pr ipos
anfl Qoofl ttrtrO  have (trowing   along   Its   banks  hun-   "' widen ,!l" narrowesi pari ol  I   ��� :
(I.M  JCTIi Jimt   , ...    oj  Bhe,lback and  Wckorj   Lrees. | erick Strasse twenty feel  and replac*    r      _
The demand  for black  walnul   Um-   the   '"'' "'"   '"significant   hous,     und   "'"   '"
ind the need for hickory wood in   Bh��l'a   with   :'   '"asnificent   ana-   of
! alates,  gallei les  an I   ho  'li.  maki
��� ers in the Pro\ ince.
BRICK. ���
From the
Office,  Eighth  Street,
336 Hastings S;. w, Vancouver.
Bi kkeeplng, Gregg and Pitman
Shorthand, Telegraphy ami Engineering.
tain   carriage   tnanul icturing    has
���   made both thes,   mrl.tles of Irees ��� _���   ,h"    streel    one    of    ,h"    granrl
'   reeding!      i nd   ll   will   nol   be  thoro"Bhf,ares in the world.
Seven Teachers
forty-Five   Typewriters
Sti dents Always in Demand,
R. I. SPRDTI, B. A., Principal
C   .holic  Chinaman   Buried.
in thc
n    before  i he joj   ol   gi   hi   lng  the'
nuts will be losl ti   mosl chii ren,
!    D"Hng th�� '"     lh��'e ye����� tho.olcll     Montreal, May 2D    The    firsl     re-   fc^^,'        D���< .
trami. n*�� a planting thousand  u qulem hlgh ma   evei chante��� ,.,.. kenney5  Kesiauranl
He seeks thi -of-way spots   ,. .   ,-emains of a Chin in ln Canada Open All INI��hl
B,nce  he  w:""s "'"  t,,ees  '" have alwas  held  al   Si.    Patrick's   Catholic
X Telephones:  Office 16,    Manager's Residence 22
************************** ************************j
BULL :TIN<_�������*
Great Northurn Railway
lVl' chance "' -'���""'���   T>��' rockj sidi i Lhurch ibis morning.   Rev, Mark Cai-1
of  bills,   the abandoned   land   al tho mgban,   the  parish   pi
,.Z,";. 500 Cords of Tan Bark Wanted
edges ol   creeks are soughl  oul, and   The subject  of the mass  was Wong A.  Ihl
rhen thelr benefactor li bul .. mem-   yuen, a Ch .an, twenty-three years
oi age, who died ai the Hotel Dieu on Fraser River Tannery
ory,   brown-cheeki d   youngsters   will
reap  the  fruits  of his  kindness and   Sunday,    He is   second Chinaman I
''l(''ss ,llli' j in he Interred in the Catholic ceme- J
 ~~   " " I tery here,                                              I
Highest Cash Price Paid
Westminster Iron Works
Ornamental   Iron   WorK,   including
Severe, Wintry Weather Damages the   v     cp\]r\   TXT
Fruit and Field Crops.
*��� ��� ��� ��� ��� **;* *2*::*:i*:-*2*:.***:* * *******
j ���
Berlin, May 29.���Frost, rain, and I*
hail have done considerable damage *
in the fruit and field crops in Bouth- *>
western  Qermanj    during    the    lasl   *
���y6ur'n BOYS AND  GIRLS:
and have their eyes examined *
EE= g
Round-Trip  Rates
Tickets on sale June 6, 7, 8.   For full
Information call on or address
three days.
Fences, Gates, Fire Escapes, etc
Mail orders and correspondence In-      A hallatornr yesterday ev* ning    I*
vlted. .ni taled Ihe reg on   ar mud    Mulhau-
si '���'���. Al ��� ei e.   The ground waa < oven !
'���I     lll'll     ill I'M.
BEGBIE (.'.___]_._'.
;.;. .    ,P       :ti in.- ��� f. U. 474.
F. C. MEYERS, Agent
Bank of Commerce Bldg*
Telephone 19<_
Prosl has ruined many of the >.l :��� y...........   .   ���
=.���::��� ��� .'������ ��� * * * * *  >.;:������ -><>_.
* * ::���-��� * *
���> i
_K__ --���-''   '
. ��� MAY 31, 1
This Department of our Store is full of Spring
Suns line.
We're proud of the pretty things we have gathered together.
Our Store has long been famous for its Children's Clothing.
Bring in the Little Fellow
_e( hi m try on some of the Xew and handsome Styles.
\'oi folk   S iii      Saile S lits, Ble is*
S lits,  Russian    Suil Reefei Suits.
Bloomer or  Plain   Ti isers Dozen
nl N'ew and Ex    isiv* SI les
SUITS ai $1.25, $3, 13.50. $4 op to $6.50
e best dressed Children   you'll   meet   this
Spring, will be the Little People who are elo-hed here.
H. L.  DeBeck
TOTAL  ASSETS  OVER   45,000,000
We welcome small ace i ints an i pay interest four times
on Savings Bank deposil .
F. B. LYLE,   Manager.
��� *. 4 ***********************
wante_-   _n * id* rl> lady to d* light
housework.    A] plj   _."  Fi ml  St.
���- '.   i  2    . '-
1. NIELSON, express and baggage,
, Im ine 210 corn* i': mt an ' Mc-
Ki uv-.i   ���-': eets.
WANTED Por i'M- tionar} store,
boj abo ;; i"-. applj to R. c. Purdy,
Columbia  street, i ��� m   Ti am  office
��� ���    . .
���    .  ���                       e is
iggers, and
% of all   bi
C lumljiu
i     ���-     '    ���   I
��� n ling
-��� ���   . . 1* :..���   ���  MM .
It     * ,.    ... ll
���   ��� m  - .        ���   .:..
m-   loggii
��� ��� ���   ...
���   l_r_*-
. -  asso-
an ovi
L tb   preseni
curtail    b
���     ���     be  market ...
ogs in
��� ��� a seel -
.. ..��� i    -   ������   ���.. ���  ���; ���   reas m
tbe er ...
vers to g        illy foi ee down
till tb*   mar-
��� feel   ���
logs                          evei      .'��� ��� li   from
'  ���   ���    points,   an     H   ..    I* clan I
there were nev*    so many c ���-���:..
���   ���
��� -   '��� ���     iary,   Marc!    and April
������������������        ogglng - ngim -    nd
tel ��� 1 from  Vancouver
������ imen       ��� ini ��� .: ng i i*  < easl   . . .
i . :    :,���������-. camps < sti    ..-..- a The   a-
' . ��� ' -   many peoj li into the logging
. istrj   was a res ill - I th'e scarcity
WANTED���Young man, new arrival.
wants a permanenl job, any de-
scription; willing; has good refer-
ences. Apply Tyrone, Daily News
WANTED Bj an . . established Insurance company an agent in New
Westminsu .. Splendid ci ntract 'o
right man. A; ply Room -4 McKin-
non Block, Van< ouver. Hi m* Life
Association. _dl_6
TIMBER LANDS���We del i esc
ly in timb* r.    H   .      ...   and sm
tracts    rn   wai  r,    If  you   ������-��� i-'1   ti
ell, see n e.   S. K. Chan lier,
4"7 Hastings St., Vancouver, B.C
FOR SALE��� A .-:;. . I island Cl ni Inlng
aliout 15 ac:-*.-.-, cle se to New Westminster city. Can be used for a mill
site. For particulars apply to
Gun lei    n & Aune's gi ocery.
Drinter's Ink Tells���Try the Arrow
Press for a few hundred Dodgers i
Circulars���Silent canvassers tha:
reach where the merchant cannot
go. A transient customer today, i
permanent one tomorrow. All classes Job Printing. ARROW PRESS
Room 4. Daily N'ews Block.
) v 9 ***********************
English Watchmaker
7~_.    diors   from   Ceo. Adams,   Grocer
Ladies'Cold Watches from $12.?. up,
Gentlemen's   Silver   Watches,   open
I mber and tie.,  high  prices  which   face, $6.00.
pn vaile i during the  winti i   lime.
Important   to   the working  logger;
���-��� i'i ia- the question of ; osed ta
re -���   In 'ie.   stan lard c* sl of hoard j
��� --:' - camps.     -    resenl the rate |
Is  five  dollars  per  wi ��� -.   but it  has
bten suggested that owing to the in-j
<.- as* i   ��� osl  of  fo  Is  .: -   and    the
higher %'ages paid to cook? and wail
ers the boarding-house tariff willh
tc   be  pul up, and  sf ven dollars   pe ���
v '������ l; Is mentioned as the figure which
may  lee fixed upon.    In identally the
boss loggers declare that the camp-
." k*   -   are    now    receiving  higher
��������� ages, and are then fi r*   well able to
; ny m<:r�� for hoard.
Gentlemen's Silver Watches, double
case, $7.50 up.
Agent for the celebrated South Bend
Watches, supplied to the Wellman
Arctic Expedition.    All warranted.
Chains, Rings. Jewelry, etc., etc.
Watch repairing; charges reasonable.
We wil] inaugurate on a broader scale than ever
before, a Furniture Sale that will mark a new era in
the furniture trade of Xew Westminster, a sale in
which every sample on the show room floors will be
reduced to such prices as will speedily clear them out.
Some articles, of course, will be more reduced than
others, according to style, finish, condition of
article, etc.
A glance at some of the following specials will
soon convince you that what we advertise we mean
to do and live up to:
either in solid or leather seats, 1 arm chair and 5 ordinary chairs to each set.
$17.00 Sets fcr $15.75
18.50 Sets for  16.25
27.00 Sets for  23.75
40.00 Sets for  34.00
with solid or impervious seats,  all in hardwood.
Regular   75c for  59c
Regular   80c for  68c
Regular $1.25 for  98c
:8.000 ( EMPRKSS OF BRITAIN 114,500
Next bailing from Quebec, May 31st,
 .  for other dates and parUculars of re-
Change  Their   Location.               dutU'J^ '''  fareS* aii';'   to
Victoria, May 29.���News from Cape ED. GOULET,
���-'   ���"   reports   that   the Scandinavian C. P. K. Agent.
i   '     - established there ten yearsago  Agent for all Atlantic S.S. companies
ndoning  theii   location   ai   the- :	
:   rthwesl   corner  of   Van    uver   isi-   -Ull  McBride is the father of one of
and, and moving   u> Alberni    valley,  ltll. teachers.    This caused bad  blood
���    -h which the C. P. ii. Is expect-   between   the   two,   which   broke    out
shortly  ran  a   1 ranch   railway  ,vh,.��� .... ,   got  |nt0 a dispute   i
X in Imperial Oak, Elm, Golden Oak, and Quartered X
X Oak, all fitted with large British Bevel Plate Mirrors. ���
Regular $20.00 Sideboard for $17.90 !
Regular  30.00 Sideboard for  26.50 |
Regular 33.00 Sideboard for  28.50 %
Regular  55.00 Sideboard for  48.00 X
* There will also be included in this Great Sample Sale *
j the following articles at equally reduced prices:
n  Mm. ini connecting
(o la- Nanalmo line.
with the Vic-
Wellington   Conl   Strike.
���  -. ���      . .May 29���Mr. Gilfillan now
'e.i- -��� .. ral men a1  work on liis re-
ci ii        al    strike     al       .Wllin::! in.
. ... .��� -   of thi   ��� .   I,  m hich
���   enl     i'liiiy. bave I een senl to inti :. sted   parties in Van ouver.    li   is
Id* ntlj   expi cted   that   this    dis-
., .. ol -e seven foot seam will result  favorably to those who own* the  side,  deeply
1  rights aear Wellington, the   killing
building   Ste]ih*-j is a plasterer and
McBride   a   carpenter.    Stephen   was
not  taken to jail, bul  slmplj   I
appear in court  I emorrow.
Dressers and Stands, Metal Bedsteads, Extension Tables, Hall
Racks, China Cabinets, Cheffon-
iers, Rockers, Porch Chairs and
Rockers,  Centre  Tables,  &c.
Kuroki   Shuddered.
Chicago,  May  29.���General     Baron
of ex-   Kuroki visited the pork-packing ;��� in i
today. The man who led ilu3 Japam   ���
righl wing at  Mukden, the n: is!    ���   -
rible  human    slaughter    of    ra 11��  a
times, shuddered, anel stepped        m--
affected,  on   witn���ing
of    bogs    In    Chic is i
This Sale will prove an exceptional opportunity
to House Furnishers,    and  commenced Tuesday,
t Mav 28th, at
f lee's furniture Emporium |
I     P_AH_    T1 f. *   r��r ���        .. ..... ���
Phone 73
Dupont Bfock, New Westminster |
**************** ********** *****************
Bank of Montreal
;:. I'M... 5H1 li :yl7.
CAPITAL   .  $14,400,000.00
. RVg        .11.000,000.00
Scrap Rt Belli'irjhain.
..'���   . ham,  Ma*   29    Chairman   ll.
London, May 30.���A puny of Salva-
C. Si    hen of the school board  was  ii*>n  Army  emigrants  sailed    on th
- i   m h ��� arr -: ;��� ��1  i laj evening  Lake Erie, Salvation Army emlgnatl n
.'   rgin    I m with aa-  funds are exhausted,   it Is anticipated
ial er;    ipon the i erson ol  thai bi I ni    In     id yeai
m   ���-  ���.   HcBrlde.   Stephen it the man   will  be n  large  Woolwich i   lony   In
hnchf- ��� .       ,. ��� . .',��� i   -.ni  i-i   London,  England,   civen en Iii for oppo   ng the raise InjCanada If the discharges   from    the
h ni Canada an I .New ........  i-> -
, Ch o and Spokane, U.S.A., and Mi      .CM       A Gen ...    . ,,,���:y -nu,..-,! n,,- ���������a*-)"-'- Ars.-.mi contlnu .	
ng Business Transi - ted.
*,er'of Credit issued  avallabl*   ���  n^nts in ' ,rtfl "f ;!;"
f,vin3s c   ���   Department    Deposits   ���  i red In bi      of fl and upwa
��� allowed al 3 per cect. i*r annum (pre enl rate) adds
:��asa\_________rK__2__s_s^ ^
How nicely and easily a Cake can be iced with _?
'^r time* a year.
.er $108,000,000.00,
0i d. BRYMNER, Manager
owan s
Je Canadian Bank of Commerce
UP Capito.1, $10,000,000.     Reserve Fund, $5,000,000
Ai.K.Y   LAIRD, Gen*
il  Man
Ranches throughout canada and in the
A man���whose coat sags at the co
bags  at tbe elbow, and simply won't
stay  pressed into shape���ought to
mighty sorry lie did uot buy
"Progress Brand
Made right���looks right���IS right.
Look for the label   that    typifies
^���alie Iciii
Chocola.c, Pinh, While, Lemon, Orange,
Almond,   Maple  and  Coconut Cream.
be tranoaeted bymail  with   ^J^\\ \..,''" ^
Ju,D..r opened, and deposits made or wltlui a��n
to out-of-town accoun ts.
Shingle and Saw Mill
. ���..'���,r-,.--������,. -m"-,?!,,
H.   L.   de BECK
The Schaake Machine Works, Ltd.
Published by the Dailj- News Pub-
shins   Company   Limited,   at   their
Offices,   corner   of   Sixth   and   Front
streets. New Westminster, 13. C.
E.  A.  Paige Manager
���never a suspicion of enthness- -
you taste the piquant savour���the
crystal melts unconciously.
ADVERTISING RATES. authorities,   forced   the   reduction   in
Transient   display   advertising,   IU mail service.   In this case the public
cents per line (nonpareil), 12 lines .o get  the  facts,  but   in  four cases out
the   inch.      Five   cents   per  line   for of
Five   cents   per line   for 0f flve they do not, and our Conserva-
subsequent insertions. _ _ _  ^ w counting ������������ that, con-
Reading notices, bold face typo, 2D
cents  per  line, brevier  or  nonpareil, tinue to labor dllligently at their tasK
10 cents per line. of misrepresentation.
For   time   contracts,   special   posi- ; :..-
tions, apply to advertising manager. D._*_. .i_n  r_mii_u_
Notices    of    births,   marriages   or,      .     ..   Protecting  Families,
deaths,   50c.     Wants,   for sales,  lost Los  Angeles,    Cai.,  May    29.���The
or found, rooms to let, etc., one cent cjtv  council   yesterday  by  unanimous
l__r   word.     Xo  advertisement taken lnatructed   the   city  attorney   to
for less than 25 cents.
��� ^���^���^^-��� ~.~~~~~~- prepare  an ordinance   which   will   be
TELEPHONES. passed  at   the  next   meeting  making
Day Office   A22 ; it  a misdemeanor, pnnishalih- by fine
Night Office  B22 or imprisonment, or both, for a land-
,  ���     ���   lord  to refuse to renl  property to-a
^^SjrvMi.-,.. tenant because the latter is possessed
8Sd���' ' of children.   The council'also dlrect-
 ���      ed the  clerl;   to  send  a  ebpy of the
FRIDAY, MAY 31, 1907. I ordinance to  Preeldent   Roosevelt.
ABOUT  HOME   RULE. S;mU   S!(,   Martej   Mlch-)   May   29.���
"Writers who declar<!," says a con- Because they cannot get pig iron fast
temporary "that the relations or Ire- enough to supply the plant without
land ,emi Ureal Britain are Identical buying in the American markel at <-x-
with those of the colonies and the orbitanl prices, the Algoma Steel com-
raother country are absurdly wrong." pany will at once commenci' theerec-
fVe should lee Inclined to omit the tion of a $1,000,000 blast furnace. Su-
word "absurdly." There are some par- perlntendent Lewis says it will be the
allels even today, am. il' we- studj the- largesl furnace in Canada, and Its
history of Canada we may find some | erection will be followed at once
things which an Irish home rule a Ivo- with a big coke plain to supply the
cate of today could quote as  preced-   steel  works.
enls   in   sustain   his   position.     Anain   ~ - ��� - ���
ii  te wrong to speak of Canada as a
home rule country because Canada is
practically Independent.    To describe
a self-governing colony as, therefore,
a "home rule" country���while  it   may
Ix- allowable if the relations of colony
and mother land are the only thing in I
question���is misleading, amounts    to
misrepresentation,   when   one   is   discussing home rub' as an   Irish question.   The relation of Ireland to Greal
Britain,  if Ireland  had the home rule
which a majority of the Irish ask  for,
would  be,  politically, as the relation
of one- of the provinces to the Domin-1
Ion,    Canada is a home rule country.
jusi ms the United States is a home!
rule country, because the provinces of
Canada and  the States of the  Union ;
govern  themselves as  far    as    th
domestic  affairs are  concerned.    All
,the talk which was so common som*
years   ago,   aboul    "repealing"    and
"preserving" the union between Britain  and   Ireland  was   political    cl ip-
1 rap. Hon e rule would of course have
involve;  a  certain    change    in    ti: ���
Politi al relation as established at the
union,  p id   mighl   be s] o ;i n    of   ;.
vitiating  thai   bond  by    doing   away
with certain  of its oven hum;   ���,,,-  (
!,n ��� ''���- -i". Chamberlain and his party
i    ���������',.  rs   if   Ireli nd   wanted   to   set
up ai   . m  In lepi n lenl kJBjr'Jom, oi  -������;
=iu entii  m   self-governing  member of
the   ; ���      I      '.ir illy,  |i| ,   Cana la    ������.
���      olitic il    clap-ti i . -
-���'     Irel md   i is asked  for ai
a sl ing   f*     and   will   coi   l_   ��� to  asl
for i-       ne rule as    he pro; Inces of
the Do .. nlon, the states -b the Com-
i V It.   The real li
I he ath Is the I i< I thai unli ss Enc -
land and Scotland also had home i .1 i,
t'i" |iro] er adjustment of powers an '
privilege s   woul I   pr* s mt   almosl
e    dlffii ultle i.      The    simp!
:.   il Ion would be I i   nal e I he Uni
Kingd e.i: a  confederation    put  an
afti     tb ���   word   "kingdom:"   but   n i
m ord '   iii-- "    Sco lan i e.n :
Wa ���   practical^   r* a   y  foi   such
i , today.    V,'.   I -    home nil
:  ti      ivaii until Enfilai
mm    ���        ime     il      -    .    granted 1
Ireland, ��ill  hasti n  the daj  of  Ei _
land' -   . adlue the qm    lon w hich
oo        . .   ;, an��� >���.'��� .
a cheap "house! ACREAGE
Comfortable 5-room Dwelling on large corner lot, good position, close to Vancouver
car line.
price $ 1400 (terms)
Two 5-room Residences, good gardens,
two blocks from car.
Each $12   pcr month
Money to Loan
in large or small amounts, on terms and conditions
to suit borrower.
120 Acres
10 cleared, substantial house, orchard, 100 trees,
chicken houses and runs for 200 fowls, 5 miles
from town.
Only $25 per acre
If your  house,   furniture or other propertj  is uol Insured, give
us a call.   We represenl the following leading Insurance companies:
HARTFORD  CO..   (Incorporated     '310
CONNECTICUT CO.,   (Incorporated)     1350
INS. CO. OF  N. AMERICA   (Incorporated;     1794
PHE\:IX    OF   BROOKLYN (Incorporated!     1353
These oid reliable companies have paid dollar for  lollar   a every
great fire since their incorporation.
White, Shiles & Co.
260 Columbia Street,        New Westminster. B. C.
Phone 85.
A firsl class farm in Chiiliwack District,   i
Price $75  p :��� acre;   1-2 cash,
101 acr - "ii I'itt rivor, close tei the Fraser, u
kinds, all cleared, about 55 acr
20 acres on V. w. & V. Uy., in Burnaby, only
'!   cle
"  '������''.p. price $r,o.   ,.���
ed, small orchard, 6-room bouse, good barn, price $2100. 1.- '  '
S acres on main road on Lulu Island,clos e I ,
c.ish, balance easy terms. " $2o��0, (,- .
::e) acres mi Lulu Island, 300 yards  watei L
city, pric-' $1500.  tn a cash  buyer. "  '''"'-I
Hale &  Lane,
248 Columbia St., NEW WESTMINSTER. B. C.
Phone  335 p. 0   ,Jox
:        Phone 101
| Reichenbach Comn
Wholesale _ Retail Butchers
Columbia   Streel
��� l
��� |
A III ��� ���   In* Idenl �� lilch oi curred   ii
othi . ne ...   bi   noted as a in
guide in the. rea ling ol  * on ien
i ttae ks    upon ; hi   I lominion    go vei
ment.    The C.  .". R, has reduce i
Slo* an t rvice from  i wo un le i si in 11
dail;   to th 'ee I Inn    .1  w ek,   ind the
mall servbe   has also  been   reduc ��� I,
although   a   round-aboul   service   h
been,   a 3   far   as   prai tlcable,   subs ti -
latiMi  for the dispatches  which   wen
dropped,    Upon this the Xews-Adver-
i Iser ; roceeded to make' a  lin!������ po-
lltical   capital    againsi     Ottawa     bj
.-;sa1111 _r thai the reduction of mail ser-
\ Ice  preceded,  and   was,  indeed     .1 ���
1 ansi- of, the r* duction in transporta -
1 inn service.    Four times oul  uf i'h 1
I his sorl of 1 hing passes withoul . in-
tradictlon.   The people who woul
ready to contradicl do nol   know the
facts, and  1 he- people who know the
fa< ts, I   im ��� officials, do  nol  care to
"rush Into print."   The i ase In point,
howeve  .   Vi as   a   Clfth-l li ue,  an 1
1 he  supi rlnl endenl  of  railwaj     mai!
.   , Ic e   wrote    th ���   News-Advi rl I
:   tting forth  the facl thai  "the booi
.,11 thi   11,her leg"   the ri luctl ���;���.
ii  c. P, R. Bervlce, v.hich was 1 ei slsl���
1 ii in despite the protes I of 1 ie .   " I
Men's White Canvas Oxfords, Goodyear welt sewed���the
land that won't squeak $2.50 a pair
Men's White Canvas Blucher cut Bals, best grade  2.7-1 "
Men's Drown Canvas Boots, for ordinary wear   1.25 "
Ladies' White Canvas'Blucher cut American Oxfords .. 2.50 "
Ladies' White Canvas Pumps, with canvas-covered heels 2.50 "
Ladies' White Canvas Oxford-', with leather heel.:    L.75 "
Ladies' Blue and Pink Canvas   the newest American
shoes on the market ...,  3.00 "
Misses' White Canvas Shoes, size Ll to 2    1.2.5 "
Child's White Canvas Shoes, sizes 8 to L0 L-2    LOO "
Infants' White Canvas Shoes, sizes 5 to 7 1-2     ("Oc "
Misses' Barefoot Sandals, sixes 11 to 2   1.50 "
Child's Sandals, size 8 to 10 1-2  1.25 "
Infants' Sandals, size 3 to 7 1-2   1.00 "
If it's Summer Shoes you want, either in Canvas
or Tans, we have a complete stock.
VVyHEN the wife   tired of sew ;
W     by use of  the  Singer Sewing Machine t
I ought at .
i rtain i.i r husband
. II. TODD'S   wai I   to en-
she brings out tl
chi oses  the
;      'arcs   to
spend ���
3  he  (nji. ���
pleasant ev<
MUSIC !i!',!��
^���-���"���!>>>>_��x*;>;;c*K>>>>>;>;>;>x*>_*iM ���.��>��'�� .��� * '*���'������
,04 ���_��.*
���mm mataaaaa
V 1' \\,
!*i The Finesl and Largesl Stock of Furniture is to be
>; Our clearance sule Is stiU on.   Over $15,000 stock Btill togo-
;���! New goo 1. arriving daily.   Latest styles ancl be il bw
|      W. _=. FALES.
;.;  7115 and 713 Columbia St.     Four Floors.     r-fenr Extension
'aZ*. ���fWay:SaZa2a:a'X*2<abtXfXVfWfM*.* WXfW*"*'-*'*** *�����-*-*"*"
Fron' jl |DAY. MA7 31, 1907.
Cash Store
************************** **********t��***************
righl  here now. Whal  wiser thing
ild you il<- than invest In the
.,il I'm nue or more Summer i I
. I have them made al  a time s b
: can gel them made, and then i i
.   the  comforl   ot them   during     ie
��� senl   hoi   ��eather, as  well  as thai
��� e  folio Vl
i: unities     were     ne1 e
'  ' '-in they are n iv,   fo    sat-
mm yours ill In th* cholc*    f s .... -
prettj   iei wear.
W   R   Gillej   arrived
Victoria yesterday.
from ]    Cut flowers aul Pot Plants.     Rin:
up Tidy, the florist.   'Phone A1S4.
Flowered Muslins
��� ��� u   seventy-five  an I  in*
��� i   differeni   patterns   i
���    I rom   iu   Flov ered   i i
.  Batistes,  Lawn    Mull ,
in   large   and   small   .   I
s une   sm. ciallj   daln
15c  yai I;   others  In a
���!e    rang ���    of   qualities,
12J^c,   20c.   23c.     to     6Cc
Flowered Voiles
ch  Voile    I   .     ofl
If which     h a   r ime     s i
Into  fav ir   in    fei enl
Is   hei i-   re in sente I   I))
iwenl '���   i'i'-' e ���
w Ith  spriiv s
....   ��� i i'm   etc.,     m
with   I flowers
i iwn   wii ll   lighi   : I*
range at 40c yard.
Embroidered Novelties
.tiered V ' . Organ-
Linen       3  .
��� ir �� aisl - In pretty,
25c   to 50c  yard.
Thi     Favourite    arrived    yesterday
with  a  large consignment  of freight,
iderable  of  which  will   figure   in
today's market,
The rivei i- gr.aduall) rising and
���ii' currenl increasing in proportion.
li require! thn e local tug boats I >
taki ' . rteen bw Ifter boom up to
thi    Frase     River   mills   lasl   nitrht.
For ��� ling plants, especially
_sten    tei* phone   T.   Davies   &  Son,
Two sailors who had signed articles
I t'i sail on the German vessel Schwar
zenbek decided to return to shore yesterday, and maile a getaway from thei
boat in the small hours of the morning. A diligent search was made- tor
the 'ssing sailors during the day,
hia .uhout success. The men arc
supposed to have gone into hiding on
I.nin isiiuiii. wheu. several of th*- original crew had friends from the
A Few of the CRUMBS From
Our Feast of Bargains....
Extra super-union INGRAIN CARPET,  36 inches  wide,   reversible;
in popular shades of red, green ami  tan;   bright, clean, new
goods; regular price 75c per yard  48c
One-room lengths o�� INGRAIN CARPETS, combining   both all-
wools and union;  worth up to $1.25 per yard; clear 60c
JAPANESE   MATTING;   jointless; 156 inch;    in red. green, blues
and natural straw color;  regular value 30c and 35c; special..2 3c
John A. Lee's Furniture Emporium
Phone 73
in consequence of some  mlsunder-
-.,.    and   -,..,   M   ,,.,:,,  . ...    .... standing when the schedule was be-
oicinginth*    i  th -ei' a little daugh- in< made  ""���  the New   Westminster
lv, ,   early    yesterday crickel  team wln no1  *> '" vlctorla
morning.    -i ther   md  bab.   are both n:' June ';  as  Previously  announced,
jninE   ,,.i but will make the trip on .July 8 instead.   The Victoria team have a date
���  ���   '���..    ���   a sacred <���.:.-,.-��� held with a  Seattle team on June 6, and
thi   B   ���   Mountain schoolhouse i i- (ound   It  Impossible   to   cancel    this
nighl al eight o'clock, under the mmm!- match In order I i play New Westmin-
of  J.   McKee,      Refreshments ster.    All other scheduled nam*'.- will
���   served  and all  ...   Invited to bi   played off as arranged,
Next Tuesday, the combined choi s
Mrs   Spring, who underwenl      ealn-   oi   Olivet   Baptist   mmm   Wesi   Presb
'���il operation in ihe- Royal Co       eian   terian churches, assisted by the West-
me  time ago, returned  to  minster  orchestra   of ten   pieces  wil
erne vestei li   . and will be com-   r*nder  the  sacred  cantata   "Jesus
[iletely convalescent in the- cour     ol   Nazareth,"  the   whole   unde
Black Cottons I
Black   Frem h   Batistes    aud
Law ns :  some qui!    sheer, with
-:i   ���   fin li avy and
i i i-.M suitabl ��� for p i i ning ;
27 in 10-inch, 15c, 20c, 25c. 35c
Blacl   Dimities    and    Organdies; crisp    ������ :   fn sh,  mm.
shi er;   s lita lie di i   - is   or
ill el     -������-.   27 to 51-inch
25c   35c      5Cc   73c   yard,
Bin      Sei--     y, isllns   '., ii h
white dots  35c,   .0c  and  45c.
Black      Batl    ���       and    Lawns
with   narrow  si imm.-  and  cross-
20c and  25c yard.
Blacli     Mohaii    Gren
double  foi i. dre -  _���  ids wl Ith;
a   number  of  preti  .  new    ��� al -
terns, floral and     irred;   ' !mi...
im   il   if Lizzie- Williams, infant daughter of A. Williams, *>r West-
[sland,   took     place    yesterday
aft*   noon  t*   thi   I idfellows cemeter}
\\    E, Fales had charge of the burial
William ainl -'eiliii   Buchanan,   ;.. ���
ithers, ai rived ; esterday from <"ip��
Bretoi    X   S .  making the trip an
���i,,.   continent   ia   seven    days.    The
mm   men   will  make    thi Ir    futur ���
in N   -. Westminster
rc( tion    of   A.  G.   Macfai inn-.    T
concert  will   take  place  ii:  the Wei'
church commencing al 8:15 p, in.   .'.
collection will he taken up which wii1
le devoted to the choir funds eel' ien' !
churches. Tin- two choirs have pi ���-
inob li/.ir! for simm ��� m.m-. past and
h ipe to see a large audience.
streets   kindly return to
m t ii       liately.
Mr-.  T.   D.
\m ��� m irl  i- bi Ing ma le to   ir  tne
ai   $1   yard.
Black Vcilcs
blolinni ami       Marquisettes
in   plain   nn I   fane      ��eaves,   1-1   &
Over forty persons attended :>. reception given yesterdaj afternoon in
honor of the captain, officers anil
! '.dies of the steamer V\ oi Iford by i
Mr. and Mrs. .7. Reichenbach. The
recepti in took 'in- form of a gar len
Will (he person who picked up a party, an! refreshm nti were served
���"   corner  Fourth  and  St.  George's on the lawn in front of the residence,
Eighth street, a pleasant time was
i- ient :u mm-; '���-. etc., Interspeised
with   singing  Mini  musical    numbers.
 ��� 'I'm..   -Miplen   party   wmi.--   -m.mmi   I
a   cricket  match   with    a   Vancouver acknowledgment of the splendid iim*'
for Wi lnesda>   or  Thursda    of  enjoy* I    mi  board  'he-  Woodford  last
r.ext   week.    Tin- arrangem nts Tuesd lien I  -    effie    -   md ladies
present  in  thi   hands of private pa -  entertained :i number of their friends.
��� m-s. who an       ;ani_in_  I  e Van
A:i Inci ieT.' wm ch took    ' im,. in the
.- :   m .ipi.
' m-thirty  up-: iwn    tram    yesterday
Th.   intei --   Im- m y was thi      ���'��� '-'--    " - uuiti    i little atten-
ii8i   of many discussions; and opin-   '��� '     'I some  unfa*, n  ble  comment
,n the tern; erature varied all the ] front se.eral       fl        issengers. Tw ���
from eigh      tu one  htm Ired   In   -resl [     . ' ���  ��� -    old   'nough  I i
the shade.    The lt>  of the tin now botl al
Just What You  Want!
In Balbriggan 3-Thread Maco, 50c the garment
In Baibriggan, Salmon Colored, 75c the garment
In Natural Merino, : : : 75c the garment
In Watson's Elastic Ribbed, SI 8 $1.25 the garment
In Slanfield's " M $1.25 & $2 the garment
In Penman's "     " i i $1.25 the garment
lee   Ill-inch.     90c.    $'.00.    $1.25,
.1.50 to $2.50 yard.
metors showi tl an    . ��� of eigh-
tj --wo Iii the shade.
rhe prolonged spell of warm iveath-
er ha -   ai   ed the shingle roo
conn   as dry as tinder, and   i  f*
��� he   hous* holders   were   notice I
1       4 a ���        ���      ���
JlJL     JL     1   X   ij    fday sprinkling the roofs with thei    the tn'mmeutin-
___^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^
267-271   COLUMBIA   ST.
"wiiiiimni'iiniiiiBiiiii imiiii H___________a__a___,___i *____*_;_��_:__; ^vmmmsfixk*
jside ol ai   ii ifl nsh e Chinaman,
th* ir  time  In   making
.'���.;. the    unfoi tunat*
Chink, wl      to    scape their attention
I  ii      th    I   -      '��� mii '���'���''������ ��� ���
���M       '..       .    ������      !: Was      ���-
hack   'vv   th.   .c'n'acto..    Several   of
  [ole :'i" in-
ciiieiie.   : enuii ki I   thai   the  coi    .
would   lun be t*     to   n Btraln
��� he 1>M:'���    il    ie fn sh j outh3.
A  meeting of the exi c 'uti* e ":' the
Westminster     Lacrossi     association,
24 acres in thc Delia of first ciajs land.
Dwelling, 8 rooms, all complete, with good
barn and two chicken houses; orchard ol
30 trees and nice garden of small fruits.
-ash $1000; balance ever three years.
jarden   Ines,-  ns  :i  protection  against
irks  from  tip. stove.
Mrs.  Hardman,   who   lias   heen   for
���me time i nnfined lo the St. Mar* '.
Mil.   is   I Mor!.. !   In   in-   :      ...,'M-	
uli . :      ��� mi  the operation   which  she ���  is in Id in H. Rj ill's            p.
1   3 obliged to undergo, and her many to   discuss   the   coming   match   with
ends  will In         ! in hear tha;  sh,- Vancouver ne*    Saturday   an!  sundrv
,.    I  ir   road  to  complete re- ether  mailers.    Tip-   team   foi     ���
"��� "p.v- Saturday's match will be composed of
lactlcall*  ���'.. same men as played In
���- !''   ""��� ": :     ���<'���'"'��� ���"" eight Victoria, with the   exception of   .1 ���"
toi     .   In lhe board of trade Turn',nil. .,:, . -    . ha,
���������'��� '      '   ''          ot organizing  nCcounl  of his damaged leg'' !���  was
1   kennel  club  li   this city.    All  who   decided  also   ,1   the  meetin    1 ,
": ''���'U!'" Pets are   '      Indie   ol  tin   Woni n     _ux1   1
1     '"' ���  ' '   aa j*  la Prol���� '���   '  e  prlvileis nluctli
���'���   lion   be   formed,   l.orrj   festh  : n    1
'     ' '   '    ho*  al  the fall ex-   fifteenth of June  the dai    ���   1   ���
*'      " :'    ��� '"  ���     the Eastern
'' ;- ��� vill l mi    .usti   lh    an
Hie Westm nsi . ��� pla; era    The    pro-
1 Is ol     11      rav m r :   festh .:
devote l  ���    the Improvements g 1.
'" ;  ,,:1  ;|'   '       m ���;. .1  C  iM-,1 .1 m  hi ���-
8.. Acreage in the City..
16 acres for S4500; pari cash, easy terms.
8 acres for $5250; will   tke offer for this.
11 acres for $3500;  part    ash, easy terms.
3i acres for $3500; part cash, easy terms.
l.i acres in East End; a  particular snap
for $650 cash
P. Peebles ���
| 270 Columbia St.      NEW WESTMINSTER, B. C.     Phone 307 |
The  u- '.       ,-ernmeiil    Bnag    boat,
��hit h   hns   been   In  * ourse    of c in-
������; ii   Ro al Cltj  mills,   - i
en up to thi   Sch,9   i    n harf yes-
ifti rn on   for the  purpi se of
c tl hlnery Installed,   Tli    ��� ���
' ,.    -. : .      is one of the mo il  -.-.- idem ol    -   itnd, will be senl up to   h
i mi river,
Our Refrigerators have perfect air spaces
surrounding the entire refrigerator.
We have Zinc and Enameled Lined Inside
Screen  Doors and Windows.
Curtain Stretche \s of different kinds.
Call and see us.
The Farm Land Specialist.","
New  Westminster
All   Eagle ��� are  re [ueste i   lo  :>..���
will  bi   given  in   it their hall al  .:80 a. m, Saturday,!
Paul's  to attend  the fiine ..:    of    the    lal ���
EIXIUKiu     ���'���- _������
Look!   look 11   Look!!!
See Chamberlin's window display
of Necklets, in COLD, SILVER,
C. Chamberlir
The Jeweler
���__������___________���    ,SW��__JBBBB-TB��,JeMn��>*
������      ...   tali men
.|, "ii   of  lhe   a
Ri il    hurch at elghl   Bro,   Eias
'. I icl     h     ��� - '.4.    A    firsl    e'lass
'en prepared,   nd
I I ��� ������.  w   ...'.,.������ ,]..���. -,vi;i 	
hi.: .',     The    mm  eda wjll  be de- 	
roted to the 'und which Is being rais-   JUST  ON THE  MARKET,
ed  to as Is the Improvement! JUST ON  THE  MARKET I
''' ���' ,    Vancouver     tn nufa turer     nei :-������
goo I men to repres ..  the ve ry la ���-'
V  -' ite "       ipi e ired   n yesterda;. , ���������.,,,     ��� .   ,       , .
no\<-liy.   Agents i money.   0 ii
itnss   lolum dan tei the effect tha*  _,t..      ,.,,.. ...
wise',   start    working    tor   y
he   oca   ; 'lice   had  been   'equestel   ,.    ���,.,   ... . .
Everybody buys on sl        Pr il
out for certain parties want( il   ,. , ,,,   ,    ,
,       '       ,.,.,.     "uo hundre i per   cent,   Don
.   Seattle authorities,    Chief M ���    ,, , ,      ,   .. .
; time aakfn ���   tooltih    nu  itions,    nut
.M.-s that this la  ncorrect, he   ,   ,. , .,
. . ,      .    _        send on<> doll,.��� : ���   .. ,    .     m
....   been requested by the Seat-, .   ���.,
,    , ; America.
to the ' i^^^________________________________________________________^^^^^^^^
end if he did, he would certainly no*
have given the Information   to   the
in half-pound packages
25c per lb.
Tiie Pluunlx Company,
.. Vancou*.
Adams & Deans THE   DAILY  NEWS.
May i,
A by-law to fix the rate and provide
for the collection of taxes on V ��
assessable property In the c-ity of
New Westminster for the year
The municipal council of the cor-
l oration of the city of New Westminster enacts a.  follows:
1. There shall he raised, levied aad
collected, for the year 1907, upon the
assessed value of all the rateable real
property In the said city, as shown
on the last revised assessment roll
thereof, a rate of 24 mills in the dollar, for the following purposes:
(a) To provide for sinking fund
and interest on debentures issued by
the corporation, and outsanding, IT
mills and 96-100ths of a mill in the
dollar, less 10 and 33-100ths of a mill
received  in general revenue.
iii To provide for tha payment
oi charges for school purposes, IG
mills and 28-100ths of a mill in the
de ar, less I mills and 89-100ths ol
a mill received from education department.
(c) To provide a general revenue
for th* ise of th*' corporation for th.
year 1907, -l mills and 98-100ths of
a mill in the dollar:
2. Every person who is assesse l
on the revised assessment roll for the
current year shall cause to lie paid
to the collector o! the said city, at
his office, city hall, the full amount
of the taxes for which he or she is
rated under this by-law, together with
nil arrears (if any! within thirty
days after demand has been made for
the same, and any person who refuses or neglects to pay such tax'^s
within the time hereby limited shall
be subject to the provisions of the
"New Westminster Act," 1888, and
amending acts, with respect to The
collection  of taxes.
2. The collector is hereby authir-
ized to receive the taxes levied under this by-law in instalments of not
less than one-quarter of the taxes
levied on any lot, and to allow the
discounts provided for in clause .
4, A discount or reduction of one-
sixth of the amount paid will be allowed on all taxes levied under this
by-law if the same be paid to the collector on or before the first day of
August. 1907, 10 per cent, of the amount paid, if paid on or before thc
first day of September, 1907; 7 1-2
per cent, of the amount paid, if paid
on or before the first day of October,
11107. and 5 per cent .of the amount
paid, if paid on or before the first
day of November, 1007: but no disci nt or reduction shall be allowed
on arrears.
5. This by-law may he cited as the
"Heal Estate Tax By-law, 1907."
Done   and   passed  in   open   council
lhe 20th day of May, A. D.. 1907.
W. H. KEARY, Mayor.
W. A. DUNCAN, City Clerk.
I !.. S.)
In the m.tter of the estate of Charles
Blair,  late of  New Westminster.  E.
C, _e.ea.ed.
' ml i ��� the "Ri vised statute - of
Or'tii h '���' ilumbia" 1897, Chapti r 187,
tbal all cr* ditors and others having
claim*. Insl the estate of the- saiel
Ch ii v- Blair, who died on or aboul
'be 2i th daj of April 1907, are rent ested on i r before the 22nd. (22)
da; ��� ��� J in*. I.i;, to send by post,
i ������ Pi ������ I i de liver to the undersign t i
solicii Ro leric Sample and Dr.
'���   ���   '���  '��� rhwell,  executors  of the
' and testament of the said
1'   '       '    their christian    and   sur-
'     '     ..,-.- and descripti en . i e
th*     claims, the sti t*
'theii        mm.: and  th*    ia-
;   " (ties (if an; i   held
���  ���
: ��� h   la i   in- mm me l  date
'i" said i        ��� ���     win proceed to d s
���    e th    assets    of the    dec* i    I
on parties   entitled    th* i ito,
bavii       ��� onl    I . the claims of
i thej shall thi n have' notice,
i nd thai the said executors will nol
I ��� liable for the said assets or any
Pari thereof to any person or persons
of who:-.' claims notice shall nol have
bom received by ihem at the (im*' en'
such distribution.
Dated  this 22nd. day of .May, 1907.
Solicitors for said    executors,    Trapp
Block,   New-Westminster,   R   C.
SUBDIVISION of Lot 46, Block VL, comprising some of the finest residential sites in the city, is now offered for sale exclusively by us. lnis magnificent property is situated on the corners of 4th Ave., 1st bt. (lacing
Queen's Park) and Emorv St., comprising in all ten 33x120 toot lots facing on
1st St. at $700 (excepting the corner lot facing 4th Ave. and 1st bt., held at
$1000); 2 lots on 4th Ave., 42ixl20, at $600 per lot; 4 lots, 52_x85, $450;
5 lots, $400. Call at our office on Front St. and inspect plans.
PRO,   Ftr,r
_t_ ��N*u
��     ters and
Columbia    -,. /.'I
W.j.wiut,    ...',,'���;  v.,..   ;m
'     5. J
Can;,.1:.,,,    |,  .
mg.   Columl i .
Office,   New    W(
M  e.��.
! Amerce l
'       ,
"M     \l
$3,500. subject to 10 months
lease. .Fine residence for sale on
2nd Street, corner Fourth Avenue.
Splendid location, now rented for
$30.00 per month; lease can be extended if purchaser so desires. A
good paying investment. .Terms to
be arranged.
Four houses to rent. One on 12th
street; one on Fourth avenue: one
on Agnes street; on. on 13th street.
Apply at once.
Splendid Farm, 10 chains waterfront on the North Arm of the Fraser River, adjoining the well-known
Mead's estate, No. 156. Fifty
acres, all under cultivation. One
of the best bargains to be obtained
in the district. For exclusive sale.
Price $10,500; $3,500 cash, balance
in 6, 12 and 18 months at 6 per
One lot No. 12 on Royal Avenue,
I  third lot from Eighth street, $1,050.
for sale exclusively.
Lots 21 and 22. Sub. of Lots S and 11
i-e Block 13; corner uf Durham and 2nd
St. ;  full Blzed lots
2-storey lb,iis-.. 7 rooms, bath room up-
-' Mrs; Hush closet; good stable; on Agnes
jol.ii.ur Mb St. ; .ill modern Improvements.
Pi ice   {3,i 00,  half c.ish.   balance i asy ;   a
real .   ��� xcelle nt bargain.
Sub. 21 i'i Lot 16, Block XIII, 4-Koom
House; hoi eeml cold water; Hush close-t;
lot ol fruit trees; chicken house .-emi
bam. Price $S00; terms $400 cash, balance _' and it months ;n 7 per cent. Hamilton s; . flrst house ulT Cth St. between
; Tth and Sth Avenues.
2-storey House, 7 rooms, with all modern Improvements; size- of ground lOOx
142; si e-iinil lot from Gth .St. on 4th Ave.
on south side, 100 feet on avenue. 142.
Lime on both sides. Price $3,200; $1,000
cash, balance on time at 7 per cent.
S.-K. M, eif Sub. 19, Township 10; some
timber. Price $15 per acre-; terms $1,000
: cash, balance easy.
S.-W. Sub. Township 13; sorae- timber;
railway rims alongside; old 5-acre orchard. Price .15 per acre-; terms . 1.'""'
j cash, balance in three equal payments.
2 lo's Block 4. Richmond St., Sapperton.    $45 per lot.
1 acre clay, house on tram line near
'Joyce station; partly cleared; fenced
across front facing tram line. $1000,
$70u cash, balance arranged.
8 - roomed modern residence on 4th Av. between
6th and Tth St., with one
acre of land, containing
fruit trees, outbuildings,
stables, &c.; an exceptionally cheap bargain. Price
$4,500. $2,500 cash, balance
in 1 year at 7 per cent.
i-l acres Murphy Landing. 4 miles
above .Mission Junction. Just at the
landing of Murphy Landing, about the
centre of lot: 25 acres cleared, undei
cultivation; 4-room house, barn and
stable: about one acre orchard, bearing fruit trees. Price $1,350. on easy
terms (or $\250 cash). ..__ per acre,
lA cash, balance G and 12 months.
10 acres -sectien 32, N.-E. corner of
.WW.  Vt, uncleared.     Timber Br, ce-
lar, and alder; good sen'!; a mile fi in
Vale road; sandle road and new road.
5 lots corner of streel between 8th
and Oth Ave, on 2nd Sm. sii!.. of 2nd
St.. . qual to one acre; i artly cle; re I.
$500. half cash. A splendid opportunity for investment.
s rooms, 2-storey houi e, bath ro m.i.
md   Ight; full size I lot, 66x100
f*' :- situated Gth SI   I etw< en 4th and
oth A re. on wesl si ;,���.     price $2,300.
'-���   ash, bal ince in 0 months at 7 %.
2. acres in Sunbury; 6 cbains water
front; 12 acres cleared; S-roomed
house, lath and plastered; wood shed,
chiclu n barn and fruit trees of all
kinds. Price $3.0C0. Terms one-third
cash, balance G and l- months
r������ ���*	
?       ICO acn s,  2 miles  from city.
$40 pi r a< re
Two lots <eii ISth street, between Tth and Sth avenues,
'���'" mi . of Hamilton stre* t,
N'o I I and 12. Price $245, M.
cash,        nee G months,
160 .. ti Surrej ;  s m  oi
-'���' '/_ of - [I, tOV ee; hip 2. Log
. 10x2-1, and chlel u coops,
small bn n; 6. fruil trees; 12
acre li ared, 4 acres under
cultivation and S acres slashe I
Price $20 per acre, V_ cash, balance In 12 mon hs at 7';.
Lot facing 2nd St., between Queens
, nd 3rd Ave . secon i lol from Queen's
Ave.; 52x122 feet; all cleared; lane
along! le and bar!;. Price $1,000;
half rash, balance easy at 7 *;,
More exclusive properties just listed
with us for saie.
Lol "'. opposite    Knox chun h, Sap-
ierton, easl   side (lolumbia Sl i eel * n
car line.    $300 cash.
:; lots sonth side of Sixth Avenue;
verj light clearing; 60xll5l/_ feel on
Sub. Block  10.    $1050 cash.
4 lots on Fifth Stn et, 11. 12, 13, 14,
Sub. 15, S. Blk. 13. $350 each, hall
cash, balance' G months at 7 ';.
2 houses corner of Merrival an i
Agnes; full sized lot; city block 31,
lot 11; one house rents for $25, the
other $ln: flush closets and all connected with s in rs. Price $3,500.
Cash ?2,000, balance in 6, 12 and 18
months at 7 '',.
40 acres V_ section 1 I. \\ l, of E :_.
of Tn. 2. about :! miles from bridge off
Flaworth road. Surrey; house lv.-1'-.
l1; storey house, 3 rooms finished, another 3 can be added upstairs; sum..;
shack; 1.2 acres cleared and seede
with clover, red; fairly easily cleared.
One mile from shingle mill. Price
$1,200;. terms half cash, balance 12
months at 7  9..
1 ful] sized lot on St. Patrick's Pm,
norih side, be'ween John McKenzie's
and (Hover's house. Price $475, half
cash, balance in 0 months at 7 '.',.
Full sizeel lot No. 12 on Royal Ave.
and Sth St. Price $.1050. half cash,
balance at 7 '.; per annum.
Westerly I. 11 of 63, Sub. Block 5,
132x132 corner 100 feet square; two
Im'iises drawing $28 per month. Price
$5,000. half cash, balance in 0 and 12
2 lots on Princess St., N'o. 11 and
12, between 6th and 7th Ave., two lots
from 6th St. on south side. Price
No. 11, $210, half cash, balanc- 6 mos.
at 7 %; No. 12, cleare*!. $315, half
cash, balance 6 mos. at ' ��� y
Double tenement house-, tth Ave.,
1st and 2nd St.; 1 lot. Price $1,700;
cash half and half in >t months at 7' .
R* n's for $10 each tenant.
160 S.E.   Vt  of Section 26,  List.   12,
10 acres.partiy cleared: Kanaka crei .
running through; goo I road: one mile
north of Webster's corner; shingle
mill and P.O. at the wes; corner; tim-
11 r worth .7 per acre; cedar ami fir;
-; miles from Port Hanev. P Ice
.2.1CC; terms $1,100 cash, I alance i r-
i anged.
in acres land N'ew Westminster,!.. I
5,  S.  Div.  31. Surrej:    a miles ft u
Ige.   Pi I* '���  % 100;    $2i 0 cash,  bal'-
anc ��� tern a al  7 ���. ;    near the Turn-
���," ��� cannery.
1 room  b ' ise,    bath roo;;:.  pair ry
on  1 Iti: St., b*   ween '.m.m.n's an !   !   I
Ave nue.
I acre U] per sid* of 4th Ave. and 2
lots \\,--o of 6th Sm: large house ol i
rooms; electric light connections;
shade trees and fruit orchard. Price
$-1,500:. $2,500 cash, balance in one
yi ar at 7 %.
1 lot No. 24 on 13th. street south
side of 4th avenue.    Price $200 cash.
7 lots Nos. 81 to 86 ..nd 95, 95 faces
on Sth avenue-, n* xi   to Gunns ranch,
I lots cleared without a stump; small
se,   chicken     house,     17j    choice
chi  ..ens:  horse and  rig;  $1500 cash.
1 1-2 house, 6 ie". ms and flush
, losel on Ith avenu*, one lol from 2nd
stri ' ; on south sid* ; fruit trees. Price
$1900; 1-2 cash, terms for balance at
7 per cent.   Size of lol 55x165.
17 lots, full size, Gth St., Burnaby,
easl side, 10Q yai Is mm.:: Cliff Can
Factory; soil g* od. Prl . onlv $1020.
$350 cash. bal.um ��� on * asj terms.
_ lots on Sth SI betwi en 5th and
��� ��� _ve. on e.e - ��� ; .. full sized, 66x
: :2; Nos. 'i and 12. Prii e $1000 for
both, half eas Ii. i alance easy.
2 ,  lots on i o: nei ol 51 b   \\>-. and
��� ��� I Sl . S -W, corner; cleared Price
$1200; half casi . .. ace In 6 months
at 7 per cent.
:j acre, between Queen's and 3rd
Ave. e.n west sid* ol 10th; No. 5 and
6, Block 48; 132x165 f< et; all cleared
and fenced. Price $1050; $550 cash.
I alance in 6 months.
Full sized  lot on  Royal avenue, be-
v ��� en Fourth and Me ri Ival* ; all clear-
��� :. $1,200, $800 cash
2 lots, Nm. 24 and 32, ''lock 9, between Sixth avenue and Nanaimo St.,
an i between Hth and 16th Btreets.
Pri* e $425 for b< th, cash
Block 7, Lol *t. 2  subdivisions run-
n mm- from 5th : i Gth St., Ith and 5th
'.���-.:  one lot on tram line.   $800 for
��� ��� : price- $1,500 fi r the two.
Small house for sale, facing Agnes and Victoria,
wes' of 6th St. $1,700.
Water and gas connections.   Terms.
Small house, Victoria St.,
6 rooms. Water.
Martin, weart _~^7l
: ���'"��� 01       I l.,r    p
corner  Clar
Vancouver, ro*
vilie street   j   ,, . ,��?H��(3
Bourne    ..,,   ���..'.;"J^S
Westminster ofl '* *fcl
ternoon ��� Witoi
A Bunch of LOTS
Lois   11   and   15 of   I ol 6    < I     I
���    ���    i   Price $500; for the two, 1-2
cash, balance 6 months at 7 per c*
Lot  ll on Shi ...     ' . ��� '       M of
:  eli an d.    Price $275;  1-.' i a h, I a
in ��� . 6 monl hs al  i per i ent.
:.��� ts  '.et,  17 an I 20 of 11 of 3    Prii
$-00 fe     threi   oi $175 each; 1-2 casi
nei   ������ monl hs al 7 per ei nt.
Btreet,  oppi
Westm ;.. tei
U!'.:,l) & B0WE8 ��-rt
'  H'  etc., a
ila and Mi K*
minster, B, C,
���- Nn
B i    Sotarj Pn
::���!.��� \e
28   a* rea  on    Mai I    Bun
$160 an acre    FOR \   FEW    DAYS
(i.NLY.   One-quarter cash,   balanci    I
and 2 years al 7 %.
2 lots, full sized, 132x132, corner ol
the i 't ��� ci nt: 7-roomed bouse. Price
$10,50C. t/j cash, balance 6, 12 and 18
Block 12 on 12th St., easl --iel": 10
full Blzed bus. Price $2,500, one-third
cash, bal. 6. 12 and 18 months
Full-sized lot No. 8, between 6th & Tth Ave. on
4th St., west side. $300,
half cash, bal. in G mos.
One acre in
block 9,
tween  18th
and 16th
on  8th Ave.
Price $'
1-.'. cash, bal.
House on    Brantford    Btreet, south
bI .'   from  6th  street,  painted  white,
$15.CO  , ��� :   month  in  advance.
A  Cheap   Prcperty.
House 6 rooms, flush closet, I'm
. mm".. ���-. on Foui th '���'���' . one lot from
Second sr. _on south side. Price
$1000;. hair cash, m; lance al 7 pe r
cent.   Fruit trees; 1* I 55x165
House 30x42, Ith SI . between 4th
. 5th Ave : 2 sin_ e and 1 double
I ��� dro mis upstt I . and bath room
'.������������-��� n stairs: pai li r, dining room, kii-
chi n and pan':;.. Full sized lot running  back  lo Ash  St.      Price $3.5C0;
'-..' 00 cash, balanci   at V  per j ear
m; 7 per cent.
Six  and  one  hall   i -re .  one  acre
��� . ed ready f* r ; lanting: 1 1 _ ac-
:���.-  partly cleai ��� '.    I lo ise,  ,",  rooms,
1x24;   storey  and   half,  small barn;
���. bouse;  fruil trees and etraw-
���   plants;   -91.7.0,  half cash:   bal-
��� ���   in three m nt]    ,.; 7 per oent.
is 1 ���:,���:. ia   1   '     ling, and near
ie city, call and bring this adver-
'   ��� menl   with   you   for  f irther  parti
���   lars,
James Inlet, three Bquare miles, at
$6.00 per acre, half < ash, balance easy.
Large lol and two cottages on Columbia Btreet, Sapperton. Both renied
Bt $10 eai'h.
1 ine and one half stoi ej bo ise aii<l
: . : . , e lot, situate In th i-ieio of
. ..iiiii. and 1 ��� ��� McKlnnla
-   ��� oon . hoi and
cold ������������ at' r, ch et; wood ed; 3 oung
beai ill   ' ��� ��� ���       str*   1    on   three
fine   view.    Price $i,800   $900
e ..    b
('ne- full .iz* ,1 lot, 2nd lol from cor-
Uth   Btreel   md Sth  av* n te, lol
66 \! !i feet   $250 cash.
��� :���
1   ���
!: '    ;-
Bon   streel   . Court Hal
I'.u   Box 1 .
WF.   HANSFORD,   Bind
���    s',!;- Hoi  ���
: orner     Colun m     ;,' :-...
Btreets, New w esi       ���- - �� r
ster Board of Trade me ������ :
Board Room, c I   Hall, as folloi
Second  W idm        of '.-Mih __
Quarterly  n ���    li gs on the _J
Wednesday    1:     Fei 1 iarr, yj
August and Ne rember, al !;
Annual meetinf     1 ���.  the
Wednesday    of    February, N_
members   mai    be  proposed
tlected at anj 1     thl. or qu
meetlag.   A. K. v. :.'p, Sec.
K.    B.    K-    of    I,   meets !or|
Friday    of    each    month, it
p.   ro.,   In   Orange  ball, corner 1
Royal  avenue- . :. I  "th Streel
Journing Sir  Kt.. < ���:-���
vlted tee atten I,    '��������� '������'��� Dm
P.; J, ii."> I, Ri
���Meets  In 0
third Friday In et \
in.    Vlsiung t retl ' |
invited to atten I    W Pope,'
.lames Hum] I Se
nil size lot, block 0, 1
>! 14,
St.    1
atrick's    Square:
I lot, .',."��� '-Mii;*;, Tenth street,
off Queen's avi nue. Price $450.
Terms $200 cash, balance tei ms
to  suit.
House curlier Of 7th St. ami |ih
Ave.; !' reel,ms; _ ful] sized lots, 66x
132; orchard of apples, pears and
plums. Price $4,000, $2,000 cash, halance' on time at 7 ','.
A Good Special
Five acres on 10th Ave.,
right across from old reservoir, city limits. $1200.
Half cash, half in six
House 24x24; 4 rooms;
framed; inside ship lapped.
Bam 12x10. One acre
partly cleared. Land No.
1. Bal. easily cleared.
-'m storey i.e.. ... :n rooms, ah i
modern Improvements; lol 66x132;
ane al    .ni.; part of lol Bel out �� th
tree      and    nice    lawn.    !
$2,750. ..i.'iiei cash, balance 6 and  12
months al 7 per cent.
Snap in Lots.
Vacant lots for sale In all parts of
the city, from $25.00 to $3,t00
Full sized lot in Sapperton, fai Ing
Brunette street.    Price $160 cash.
Six lots, 50x150, out-ide city limits
$60 each lot. Fuller particulars on
sn acres, half mile waterfront, Q.N.
K. running through. $9,460, terms
easy.     Investigate.
i >ne f ill sized I* t, 66s 132; _ storey
house; 7 rooms; tin h i losel upstairs;
idem Improv* n ��� nl ; new house:
$3,000. y cash. '.. in it months at 7
' '���""'��� Good -:.'- J ��� ble and fruit
'������' . Second hous* fn ni Sth street
west, on upper side.
10 acres in bi _< r, tis-, ce-
���; ���:��� and alder.   Goi I -  .', goo i ma.is.
'   : m for full parti
''-"' - 17, IS, 19, 20, 21, face on  16th
'' * ;'"'l Sth a* mm: _' corner l"p
"-" ': I ii le lol ��� " i each. I' ��� .
$950,   cash.     Si���..  ���        :     al   cash.
" ir   '-���!'      mi '   If   , '  ���     betwe* n
'   "'   '"i I   I  ���   'ii   av< nue;   south
'    ! Pet,    Price $3,500.
'   ! i "'���������  PU h   -.   , m . ��� uh  ii, io
9   $300 cash. i_. cleared; size
'���'' feel  by  132 feel
I' i e   and three    li ts, corn ir 3r I
���'   ��� ��� and llth St.;   '. room house an i
ichen.   Price $t,r.co. one-third cash,
'���'��� ,; : ti ' 12 months al 7 per cent.
': ' '", "''    I   roomn    ; ���' l    u- Ished:
Htahlc;      l    i,M    14x132,   on   "nei   lo
rrom  nte  .\e...    on   1.1th  St.,    wesi  side
��� tlcnlly nt'w;  papered;  Blnh and pnn-
i <��������������� tl,     t* rmi   1200 cash, $16
'   ���"���'��� a' ' P'-r " nt, in   re nMe al $10 ner
' ,iith for um.. v, :i '
tJW Cumberland  St.,  Sapperton.
.crenge on Vancouver road, coiner
' ' Gilley road. $225 per acre, ,\,.,-,.
age Is selling fasl ai tin's price,
1 '��� ������ ated In a coi imn in . ng
tation    Third   avi , at   fool   of
strei t.   Two . n 1 one half-storey
Ten rooms i ree ently papi redj
'. .   ... li rn  conveniences;    he,'    an I
I   water,   bath,   (lush   closet,  lava-
���   electric   llghl:   ni       lawn;   lol
1' ���'-������-. with lane In n ��� of lot
si ' '��� il ������-. Ith fruil tree   .    p     > $2,750.
': ;."1'" cash, I alance arranged
- ���'''-��� 20 21: N'o. 20, $170: N'o 21
(corner)  $175.    Durli im  and  Si   i n I
20   .  -re   bloc lan I ,   n< :tr
Junction, $20 ; er a re
House,   full   Blzed   lot,   on   Kea
" ���  Sai perton;   reals for   .:m  per
month.   Only $1,050.
House, io rooms, i'o lots, neai
Fourth avenue and Seventh strei I
$2,ooo.   Terms can be arranged.
1  ' iH   Ized  Lots   between   Si vi nth
avenue    and Hamilton street, ea ���  i I
treet; all cleared and fence I;
-���; e I arn on one,,; ,i;,. |,,,v, ^ -	
��� ' ca li,   balance one year al 7 per
7 ,'";- on Twelfth street, between
Q iei n'. nnd 'i bird avenue; wesl si li
of ear shop; full size, price 11,500
10 acres North road, ���'���, of a miio
' ��� ���' i 'ty limits on Porl .Moody; ���
���: ri '""l"'- cultivation; 7-roomed
'" " ' ���' frame ham: chicken hou ���
l;,t'i 40x80; fenced and in good .���
nalr south Bide.     Price $-1,500,   half
''''��� bal, In 6 montha at 7 per cent.
2 lota corner of  10th and St. Andrew's
..,",'    ; '"_'flclenmJ;    Prlcefaoo, half
'���    balance  8  innnllis at   7   Der ce-nt ���
","'  ���n   through from Btreel   to .tro.t
a 8 l bargain.
, o. O. F.���AMITY LODGE, NO -"l
The regular n  ��� j
are held In 0 '
bla Btreet, every Mod
at 8 o'clock.     \
dially Invited to al   i     3  '-";
N. Q.; C. S. i;   I
Coatham.  Ft, S.; J. W, MacDffl
F. 8.; Alex. Ad tt -, Treas.
���Meetings the Bi tand tbir^Ttw
day In each month. ^','XH
brethren cordially invir.^.i ro i"��J
Lodge room, A. 0. D. W. hall. Wf
fellows' block, Clarkson tirtdy
S. Corrlgan, n " 'i'1'' '- I
master workn an.
Red Rose Degree meel S* J
Fourth  Wedn '' ' .
In K. or P. H Coluc - I
8 ,,. tn.. Wblte I :" '���',���" J
Wednesday   In   each n       :;.
lime and pi     WbIMW."^
cordlallv Inviti : I- : 1
combe. Pre . ll   '   '���"'- ���      ���
COURT BRUNETTE. No.4fl9''''��i
���Meets ih*' Foi rtb Fi
month in 8 - '. ' v
hall.   Oddfi
brethren are cordiallj um:
tend.    .1.   II.   R��
Maxw.dl, K. S
A. O.  F.-Tl. il" "Tal
this Lodge nre held on.'"hB(_|
and Fourth Tue d :>������-����� '��� ��� Halt
at 8 p. rn. In ihe Oddfol ,,
Visiting Brethren �����iJScJ_T
vdted to attend. ' ��� c-
F. P, Maxwell, Sec.
Transfer Co.
"'flee 'Phone 18R.       Harn 'Hnone 137
Columbia St.
Baggage delivered    pror-ij.iiy to uny
part of the City.
Light and Heavy Hauiim
Office���Tram  Depot
-Real Estate Brokers  ���
Telephone   333 FRONT    STREET Telephone   333
Agents for Employers' Liability, and Union Fire Assurance Co. of London.
PERANCE meel  ever)       ,������
at S o'clocH p- "'������ ��     visit!
Hall,   Columbia    ��&ud��i
Brethren are cordiauj '     Br0f��i
tend, Geo. Diirr. S. U-i ��� '
80CIATION, l-0RD��,���eKirH'��g
CAMP, 191.���Mei
Third Tuesday
K.   of   P. Hall.
if every
Chief: J. .'- Forrester,
i> r* n o.
-Venice is hereby given thai 30  lays
after  late we Intend to make  i   ,,���',.
ti 'a  to the Hon. the Chiel   ComThis-
sloner of Lands an I Works., f_, ��� Bpe
cla"  "cense   to  cul   and  can     awa
'i'"1"''- from   the following  described
lands, situated  in  the  Coasi   District
^n runnin? aa follows: 80 chains I uu   L"'-'  West  Bank   of  Kittimal    _rm
ns BOUth; SU chains west em<i   :ilir.iir   ir   ,..ee , -��'iu,
. ',,,,,-th   to point of commence-  *,        15 ra,les 'so'";l> of Kittimat In-
di.-m Village in a small bay
ommencing   at   ;i   poat    planted       v      .. -
miles north of the north-weal      "��-   -'>���  running    as     follows-���sn
.���,-l-'. A.* ireen's preemption claim,   chains w��af   sn _i,oi
"L���g aa followa: 160 chains west;   Llldlnb *eilt. ��0 chains north. SO chains
tns south;  160 chains east ami 40 ; east, more or less  to lh.. ��ii���,.,    -i
J       i, to   the  point    of  comm-nce-   ,.,nn��� .,       .        \S  l0  tlle  sll0'e.  then
'" : '"ong the sllor<-' to point of commence-
> [S HEREBY GIVEN th U gix-
',-. i  date we Intend to apply  to
i 'Met * lomralaaioner of Lands
for permlaalon '.. cul and oar-
��� ...  timber trom   the  following
mi.is.  Bituate nl  Kitsumgallum I
.   st dlatrict:
lenclng    e.t     a post   planted
miles north "f  the north-west
C. F. A. Green's    preemption   ,      ..     _.
follows: go chains on the West Banl
not registered under the provisions
of the "Land Registry Act," sh ill he
torevei id   an I   debarre 1  from :
setting up tiny cluiin to or in respect
of the said land so sold for taxes as
provided  by the "Land Registry Act.''
TAKE NOTICE that an applicatiou
has  been   made  to register Alice  B.
McDougall,  as   the   owner    in     Fee
Tenders for License to Cjt Timber on
Dominion Lands In the Province of
British Columbia.
Tenders for a License to Cut Timber
on Dorr inion La- ds in the Province
of 3ritis-i  Columbia.
$250 Reward
mmencing1   at    a   post  planted: ment
lies north of lie- neirth-we-st cor-
No. 21. Commencing at a post plant
ed on tin
' west hank of Kittimat A
^^^^_.  Sealed    Tenders    addressed to the
SEALED TENDERS addressed tothe   SmenfoTth^ fTT" ^'^ H
Q-     , -    -    ���, Commissioner   of   Dominion    Lands   ^ent of,the Interi��r. and marked.
Staple, under a Tax Sale Deed from Department of the interior, nd mark-', ��2NoT*S" 7?"" '" Tlmber
the Mayor and Treasurer of the City ed on ,he envelope "Tender for Tim- ! n.f T' ,7, * ^'^ Ut 'Ms
of New Westminster, to Alice B. Mc-   ber  Berth  No. .. S," will  be  ree, i ved '        , "^  " ��'Cl��Ck  U00n  0n
Dougall, bearing date the 15th day of at this Department un i, 12 o'cS ' ZTT7' . ^ '? ��f JU'y' 19��7'
J����ry. A  0., 1906, of all and singular   noon on Wednesday, the 24th dav of' v     J�� t0 ��Ut Umb���r on ljerth
Julv. i.,07   fnr o nMHM .I,..   Na 521' comprising  lands  situate  in
certain  parcel  or tract of land   July, 1907, for a license to" cut timber
, . A. Green's pre-emption claim.
ining a8 follows: SO chains east;
..'.,,Mill:     Hi) cliains  west anil  80
to point of ,���..,���,,,,-,,... M,,n,(|i  about 15 miles south of KUtimat In __	
' ���fi.'SStS ":*  cha_n_ lest u 1 T" bUy' thmC�� S��   Lthn   ^ " "*" Westmlnster* ����  silUi"f' >�� *e Province of British Coi-   and rom:)1, !ln,
cnains west, 80 chains south, 80 chains!the   i'���vnico    of   British    Columbia,   umbia to the west of Chehalis Creek   follow^ described as
and premises situate
the Province  of British  Columbia,  to
ying and being   on  Berth  No.  518,  comprising    lands e -s   0, rl , iaT ?  ��Z
AV-stminsi,.,-   i���   sin,-.,.,, o, ,_.. o ��� . ���_,...,   ,. .     lne tast of Chehalis Creek
ainl Lake
'ing as follows: 160 chains east; ��� �� ����"<.", ou uuams l     "   ' '-     "L   o����u��u     uoiunibia,   umuia to  the west  of Ch
���M.:"���;.*;��r~.���:���," ";":. "7""', "������'" """e' <""""���' "'""��� ���"" "a* k������� ����i *- �����������* .1.. __>_.
"      ""' """"' ST_S_��S__.so��L��"s ,Ti"'""B��" - ��* ��� h���
< -*-����- - ::;:';,:;;:r;^s:-li;������:;:;:
,.omini.ncing   at   a   post    planted   .      ,
les north of tha north-west cor-   ment
sl plant-
mi*"   ""���-������   -  �������n.y��-
PF.A. Greens pre-emption claim, v     ���>-,   ,.
inning as followa: HiO cliains east: "��- ������ Lommenclng at
a south;    160   chains   weat;    10 ed   In  a  b_v  ..;.,.,
,rtl! to point or commencement. .-.'*��� 1                        ^^^^^^                                     _           ^ _    ^   ^^
mmencing   at   a  poat    planted uent Ba>' situated about 2 miles south  chaser within forty-five davs from tha   ���>,-/     ,      -,  ���     ,
north of the north-west cor- east  of the nortii  end  ������  r> n   1            date nf   ,1,,   ���      '       .                        e       ' and  s;Ul1  Rorth  2S0'  '�� Township
"'A'^_?..^��"..^taMlanil ������  !LT,.e��! ��.fConsUe Is"   date 0l   the flrst  PuuHcation of  this   t, Range 30, West of the 6th Meridian;
^'U,";    16��-�� "S   W',St;    4��'e'] iM a ^ SlV6n  6 "f >^epen-!-test   ^   claim   of   the   tax   put-   of Section  32   outside Timher Berth
fc I' A. ween a   tiM-eiiipLiun  ciaim, ��� ,,     --   -"""'";   ia- ���    ^'"-   '"��-   ,iu;jncauon
L        is follows: 160 chains east:   iana on east bank of Kittimal   Arm   notice, otherwise I shall r_<H_._.  an        , ,  ��� 1    Bh
I      irth:    "'"   chains west;    40   thence   SO   ch ,i��� -    ,,,,1       ,      ,         ,,  >,                               register Alice also the north half and the south-east
m ,���;;;:::,:��� i;mi:;::;;_;m:m:::,; "���'- ��,. ��,., - I "��� ������,te,o��� S^^ti"^ ?"��� T,"",T' '"""""��� s���"""
follows: 40 chains west;   Point of commencement                         -,    ,      _��� ,   '.                      J   ews" ,i'' the ea3t halt Section 2',  thi north
m       I" chaina eaat;     160       ...   ., ,   ,.               .       '                                a')el   Published at   X'.-w   Westminster half  Section   'I"      Section*   ���"���     m    "-
1 point of* .!..'. tern          No- -"��� Commencing at post planted   will   be   good   and   _iif(..t__t   ��     ��� V                    Sections 33,   11,    .,
���   ft   a   pos.    planted   aboul  20 miles south-of Kittima,   _    thereof                                        'CC and tho8e Potions of Sectin-*, 25 and
Hl^.,:^r;4n^^r^,eZ;!^n   W������e on   Devastation  X���,      DaTed  a,  th.   , ,nd  Regi8trv  om "f8*? ""J��� BerthS 28��- ^�� -'
i.,na Registrj   Office 272, in  rownshlp I, Range l. Wesl of
the 7th Meridian; also Sections 3. 4.
A.ureuuo   i���. -. in,..1.ui      111 til. ���=���      "'  -., se auoii     cn.lhlle l.ali-1     al    ''!'���    I   ", I    !',. .���!��,,-,.    ,,,-,- o
follows: 80 chains west;   on east bank and nhrmt Kn ,      , , -��� Keglstrj    Dllice 2
chaina eaat: so    lain      . ..      �� ,���       about 50 >ard�� south New Westminster, Province of Brit t
1   the Hot Springs, thence SO chains Ish Columi      ���       ���-��� '
���'   a   post    Planted east, 80 chains south   80 .h_i, ��� , ��    ^lumbia     .    .. ., day of April, a
ol the north west cor-   ,     . , ��outn,  su (ham.-, west A.  1)..  1907. t
Ulock 1.���Comprising that portion
outside Timber Berth No. 4i. Block 1.
and Timber Berth 254 Block l, of Section 23, Township I. Range 30, Wes:
of the 6th Meridian, containing an
area of 3S7 acres, more or less.
Block 2.���Bounded on the west  by
   ,    I Timber
Berth 298 Block l.ainl the east boundary of same produced northerly to
Timber Berth 298 Block 2; on the
north by Timber Berth 264 Block 2,
and 2!is Block 2; and on the south by
Timber Berth U-"i Block I, containing
an area of 725 acres, more or less.
Deserted from the steamer
Woodford, at the Praser River
Sawmiiis, a Chinaman, aged about
58, five feet nine inches In heigh .
sallow complexion, face wrinkled,
stoop in Bhoutders, was wearing
overalls when last seen. The
above reward will be paid by the
captain of the S.S. Woodford t 1
anyone giving Information causing
the apprehension of the said
���c   .   ........ ,.      .,  mains    j-,11   ,
,   at   a    posl     planted   east,  Sn chain-;  smith    on    1,   ���
north of the north-wesl cor-   ..._.. S ^ouU,��� 'S0 (llal"S west   A.  1)..
I.re'-emption  claln^^^^^^^
the   shore   to   point    of
. .   ,. ��� -m  160 ch ilns easl ,
Milns u-.-st . and 40
.... ii"   point of commemce-
tnore or less to the shore then along
comm :. e
, the north hair ami south-east quar-      Blocl< 3~Commencing at the south
ter Section 6, Sections 7, S, the north   ea'st   corner    of    Timber    Berth   29$
half and  the south-west quarter Sec-   Blot'k 2, thence north-easterly al  right
���    .. ���   angles to the   easterlv boundary    of
tinn 9, the south-east quarter Section
10. the south half Section 16, tin
jsaid Berth 298 Block 2, 2 miles; thence
__________________________________��� __��� -l   ____________ '"   Ui!'ii:-'   Edmonds,   Esq. I	
[otthcanor0th-wePstacor-      oul  15 mi th of Hartterv r_v     ^U Persons served wlth this notice,   half and the north-west quarter Sec-   north-westerly at right angles' to last
:;���;.-'";;;';:;:;:;:' ;;:.IZ.    ID   "-���   ban y, timat   v::    ;;n  I'.'"1 thoso c,fmin3 through or under   tlon IT. the north half and south-east   course- 54 ehains; thence south west-
ilmlna'^oSth  '���'''        '     M,";;"sil":':   b-   -... >  thence   10 chains      .'',' .        ?   '     """   claiminS an-v   garter Section Is. the south half and   erl)'- ar rl��Sht a��?lcs to last course, 2
immencement.   " east-1G0 chains north, 40 chains west the said land by virtue of   north-west quarter Section    19,    and' miies to easterly   boundary   of   said
','���;���,'';,'���;.' ,,';;."';., !   '.'  .'   n '      " l(   ��. to shore then along shore  3'!y upregistered  'astrument, ami all j those portions of   Sections 1, 2,   the   Berth 298 Block 2; thence soutfi-east-
5__tlon��Np. ��26, Uien��Urunnlng!to  P��int   of commencement. persons  claiming  any interest in  the   east half Section 11, and  Section 12.   erIy alonS sai'' boundary to place of
No. 23. Commencln.   ,. ���������. .., , ��� M|'J   land   b-v descent,   whose title is   west of    Timber Berths 272 and 302,   '"^inning, excluding    therefrom    any
portion of   Timber Berth
of such plaint in the Columbian and
Daily News, two newspapers published in the city of New Westminster,
shall iie deemed to be good and sufficient service of the summons upon
Yon are required to enter a disputs
note within ten days from the .1st
day of -May. 1907, at the Registrar's
offlce at New Westminster, and if you
do not so enter such dispute notejudg-
ment will he signed against you, and
the plaintiff may proceed to foreclose
and  sell  y ��� equity of    redemption
in  the said mortgaged  premises.
Dated this 23rd day of May. 1907.
.1.   .1.  CAMBRIDGE,
��� '  chains  west;   t'i chains       V/>   0- r��~_ . ,��..,..   i.mu   uv   u.sr.nr    whn__
���e-i.     een.i   ���   I ���   "   ��� ' 'M'-MiM'lieing :;-   H ,,!,,,.,.,, ' '.    "r;   " "os��       ^	
t of commencement. a   ml   10 miles north   1    Hartley Bay I    L reglscered under the provisions of   'n Township 5, -Range 1, West of the   |,unl"n c!   Timber Berth   308   which
aenclng   at   a   rest    planted (oa   ea8, )ank   Qf   K,tUmat   Am   ^ j ^ JLand   Registry   Act,"   shall   be   Tth  Meridian;     also    Section   12,  the   misht fa" witl'"> the same, containing
._   at   a   rest
iins  nortii  of  the south-wesl
I1UI  LU      VM       III,'     Slllll ll-\% I'Sl ............            A.   HI        l,U
,f ������.eiti...i No.  26,  then  running Hawkesburj   Island   .:, a small creel;
1  chains west:   1  tins .,             ,                                        ' uc"'
ns east;   .0 chains north " ��� ���'     -'   chains   south,   10   chains
:" "'��� "��� '���   10 chains n irth,   10 .hon- east
ng    e.i    a   post    panted ,,,   ,,,. -                         '             "" Ldsl'
"  chains   north,  40  chains  west
^^^^^^^^^^  W't.'    shall   be  .          .^......  .-,   i,��
forever estopped and debarred from east half Section 24, and the south-
setting ti;) any claim to or in respect east quarter Section 25, Township 5,
of  the   said   lini so   sold   for   taxes Bange 2, West of   the 7th Meridian,
I, as follows:  160 chains v
[. ....     160  cliains  ���
1 ...  point  of .."'ie	
1 ���
th ol the north-w sl cor  , ...    .���   ..  ..     , ,
...Green's Pre-emptlo hains  north.   (0 chain,   w, ��, to point
of commencement.
as   provid   I
'   ���   "Land   Regtsiry
������    .  res, more or lei
N'o. 26. .' ....   ��� ������'   . al   ��� isi planted
���   ' il   one tile   in     1   quai    r   wesl
if Kiakiata Baj  Indian village, on the
north hank of bay. thence 160 chains
Take notice th il    thirty days after
date I Inten !  to n ike application to
north,  40  chains east;   more or less   the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
to   Indian   Reserve   line,   thence   160   Works for a license to cut and carry
In     south   along   Reserve   line   to   away timber :      .  the following   les-
shore,   'ben  al ;, re   to  point  of   cribed lands:
.- ommen ��� . ent,
Locatoi -
Lo ated  April Oth, 1907.
le i 1 n Inl in Lan Is v,
. ,.' Bell iti British Colum
��� homestea le l bj anj  ; it
.,- sole be 11 of a family,
ever i -��� j eu s ol    ' mm '
one-1 ..:'..     ... lion ul
,,   ie -
���   be  ma le in     mall}   al
iffli e : 01     ... ...    :  '   ..1
ind is situate.
.  te tder Is required to peril litions connecte I  the  1
- of the following plans:
six monl hs' ri   Iden e
.ation of   the iaii 1 In
��� iree 5 ears.
1 her (or motlu r, If the
ed), of the hom istead-
:. .1 farm In the vicinity
���'���red for,   the   ; equire-
��� lern ������ m 13  ie satisfied
������ son   residing   wibb   the
. ther,
��� t ��� ler ba - hi - perm in
���"ii farming lan ! own-
��� ��� vicinity of his home
ill emenl -
N'OTICE ;-    '    ������ given  I   tl   10
' -  ���'������ ���   I ite,   ... h :, ;,,; to apply to
No.l.���C immei lng   il   1 posl plant-
e 1 mi tic   wi -   - le of   Twent; -Five
Mile Cree_ and marl   I .lames Sh tr; e,
Xd.  1   post:    : 10 ch iins  wesl:
I em e soul ; th* m e easl ��� ���
chains; thi nee no h SO 1 hains; thence
wesl 40 ch ii:.-.    . int of 1 immencement.
Xo.   2.���Comm
containing an area of 13,025 acres,
more or less.
The berth must be surveyed within
one year after the date of ihe notice
awarding the berth.
The regulations under which a license will be issued, also printed
forms of tender and envelope, may be
obtained at this Department or at the
office of the Crown Timber Agent at
Xew Westminster, B. C
Each tender  must  be  accomp
an area of 864 acres, more or less.
Block 4.���Commencing at a point
on the easterly boundary of Timber
Berth 1102 Block 1, . chains southeasterly from the north-east corner!
thereof; thenrc south-easterly along
said easterlj- b( un lar} - ' chains,more
or less, to the angle :a said east
boundary of Timber Berth 302; thence
north-easterly, at right angles to last
course following the boundary of said
To Thomas Walbanke Grahame:
TAKE NOTICE that a plaint has
been entered and a summons Issued
against you in the above County Court
by the Yorkshire Guarantee & Securities Corporation, Limited, a body-
corporate, having its heael office at
the city of Huddersfleld, England, and
licensed to carry on business in the
Province of British Columbia, and
having its head office for the said
province at the city of Vancouver, for
the sum of $1369.89 for principal, interest and taxes due by you to the
said company, under and by virtue of
a certain Indenture of Mortgage date.l
the 25th day of May, 1893, whereby
in consideration of the sum of $Hil0
advanced to you by the said company
Hon'     Chief    '' 'nimissi em ���    of planted one  mile    south    of    James
���   and   Wm-Ks    for    a    special Sharpe's No. 1    ost;    thence wes    ;
' '  '������'   and  carry  awa    tim- chains; thence south SO chains; thence
the    following    described east   SO   chains;     thence   north    50
::::i ���   -���'    '��� I   In the  coast  district: chains;    thence    , - -���    10   chains, to
Beginning    I planted   Mea.1 point of commencement.
by an accepted cheque on a chartered t
bank In favour of the Deputy of the   course
Minister of the Interior,  for the amount of the bonus which the applicant
is prepare 1 to pay for a license
The highest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
Xo tender by ti! .mim'.i will be en-
'    '   tertained.
Department of the Interior,
Ottawa. April 25th, 1907.
Berth  302, 40 chains;    thence north- ;-vou mortgaged to them the south-east
westerly   paralled    to first course SO! 1nnr[er of    Section  9,  Township 11,
chains, more or less,  to    correspond |New  Westminster   District,   Province
loJ with length of   first course:    thence Iof Brltlsh Columbia,    to    secure the
anion a , |qni,i c���r.-�� ~p ��mn ----- ���  ���
south-westerly    parallel    to    second |^���8Um of |500 and Interest thereon
-"- m side . f Br 1:1 chton
isi it; I about * ne mil* 1 isi of Booker
Lagoon, thence north 10 chains, west
SO ch iins,  nortl!  SO 1 halns, easl    10
1 11 . south 10 chains, east 10
chains, south 0 chains, east IU
��� hain -.    s mth   10  ch iins,    wesl     10
iins to ] oinl . ' commencement.
Staked   Vpril
V ini ouver, 1!. c. Mi
hei n nude to register Fl ir ������!. ��� . I trj
Evei* Igh a '' ��� "i.. " In Fee Simple
under n Tax Sale Deed from The Cor-
;,s to re. ' ''���'on " '':' :'��� ~ "��� ' ��� : '';,:naby, tee
satisfied bj res lence James Cunningham, bearing dati the
hi i. 1 Oth da} ch, A. D.,  1902, of all
nol Ice in writ ing should   and     ie   il   ���  thai   1 ���; tain   mmm el   or
the   Commissioner of Do-   Lracl   of  lan        . Ises    .-mmm
it  Ottawa of Intention   \::\.:. md being In the Districl of X' iv
������ i atent, m, Inst Province of Bri
tish    Columbl .     n. ire     pn
��� own an I de 1 ..    mhdh   lom
2: and 24 0 livi sion "A" of lol 29,
group 1,
You an I each   f you are hei eb;  i'i
Block ;">.���Conimencing al a point on
the  easterly  shore of Chehalis  Lake,
: 50  chains  southerly    from   northerly
1 end of    said  lake;    thence southerly
' along said easterly shore of lake, 2Vi
I miles in direct distance, with a depth
of il" chains on said east shore, measured at   right  angles    to the general
bearing of said easterly shore of lake
within the block, containing an area
Of l.t!40 acres, more or less.
The.'  berth  must   be surveyed  within one year after the date of the notice  awarding the  berth.
The   regulations  under  which  a   lice nse will   be    Issued,    also    printed
forms of tender and envelope, may be
obtained at this Department or at the
office of the Crown Timber Agent at
Xew Westminster, B. C.
Each  tender must  be accompanied
bj  an accepted cheque on a chartered
bank In favour of the Deputy of the
Minister of the Interior, for the amount of    the bonus which the appll-1
^^^^^^^^^^^^^   _______________________________________V "" '"""j^^M
Berth Xo. ."-l :. ���    11  risins lands si a-      Timber Berth   Xo.  519,  comprising      x,, tender by telegraph will be en-
e in tiie Province of British Colum-   those  portions  of tie,'  following lands   tertained.    The' highest or any tender
which lie' to the west of Chehalis Lake   not  necessarily accepted,
40 chains, to    point of com- at 10 l,er cent per annum' and an or
mencement. containing an area of 320 'del' has lloen made that the 1H,bllpa-
acres, more or les. ition of a notice of the entr>' of BUch
plaint in the Columbian and Dailv
Xews, two newspapers published in
the city of Xew Westminster, shall ho
Tenders   fo.-    License   to   cut   Timbei
on  Dominion  Lands  in the Province of British Colutnbia.
Tenders for License tc Cut Timber on
Dominion Lands in the Province of
British  Columbia.
SEALED TENDERS addressed tothe
: Commissioner of Dominion Lands,
Department of the Interior, and mark-
1 on the envelope "Tender for Timber Berth No. 519," will be received
'��� this Department until 12 o'clock
:. mii on Wednesday, the 24th day of
July, 1007. for a license to cut timber
SEALED   TENDERS   addressed    t<
ihe' Commissloi Dominion Lan is
LTD.   Di 1 arl.... nt oi      ��� '.: terior, and mark
Jli'"7. "Tender for Tim    ^^^^^^^^^��---������ t^^M ""'"^'
   ber Berth No. '516," will be 1 b. on.Berth  No. 519, comprising    lands
LAND   REGISTRY ACT. this Depar  .   '    until 12 o'clock noon j situate in the Province of British Col-
  ":  Wednesdn  .  the 5th day of June,   umbia on the   west side of Chehalis
TAK : XOT] ',: I   il application has   [&07,  for a  ii.   use  to  cul   timber on   Lake and described as follows:
een made to register Florence Man   Berth No. 516. comnrising lands si  1	
deemed to be good and sufficient set
vice of the summons upon you.
You are required lo enter a dispute
note within ten days from the 31st
day of May, 1907, at Ihe Registrar's
office at Xew Westminster, and if you
do not so enter such dispute n ito
judgment will be signed against yen
and the plaintiff may proceed to foreclose and sell your equity of redemption in the said mortgaged premises.
Dated this 23rd day of May. 1907.
Tenders for License to Cut Timber t
Dominion Lands in the Provirtcs
British Columbia.
. i}  be ; urchased al $10
.' 1 ' 11..   an i .t-1'1        .  .
.'   more than   321 a -<-;
��� I bj  ono individual 01
1 all 1  al  lhe rate of 1 en
' of 2,000 pounds shall be
"   '-���������,:��� 1   eilltpllt.
v.. W, CORY,
"'��� the Minister of the In
. ir
in il horlze l   publlcatl a 1 :
' sement   will not ie.. 1 1:
' la, an l   [escribed a sfollows:
Timber   Berth   Xo.  516,  comprising jand 0Utsl(Je of Timber Berth 302Biock |
Sl   tlons ::' :v '  ��� ';' ;i':: ':-"    :asl   2, namely, Sections 26, 27, the north
' fee of Sections 29 and C2 in Town-   , ;(,   , , g   t, ,h��� .   ,
':���    S,   Range -���.   West   of the   6th    .   ..      .,,      , ..   ,   ,,       ,    ,      department of tne Inteiloi
Section  33,    the    south hall  and  the
meridian,  coi rea  of    5 , .       ��� _   .,      ���.   _
north-east quarter of Section "!. Sec-j���
square ml    ,11       or    ss, ,.   _        , .    -       , ��� ,   ,,,
���, m   :, 1,   1 ownshlp ... and  Sections   I,  IN
r::    ''"    :   ������     " s'';ws"' '���'���'"���-   2. the easl half of Section 3, tb,'north
one year after Lie date of the notice|eas| QUarter ���, fii<][:n ^  ^.^ n_
��� in' south half of Section 12. 1 be-;- mth
awi i' ling :;'"
Otl .wi. April 24th, 19 7.
The  re
"���. use   wi
on -     ;. :��� r Vi hi   :   .1   11-
.��� quarter ee:' ^o,-;,,n 14,    and the To Helen Johnston of N'ew Westmla-
i" niii.e'i   ,1 1    1 .1 . -   e  ���      ,e.
lulre!  to  contesi   tho  1 lalms of  the Dff|ce (), ,-.., ,-..  , /, T[
tax  purchaser   ���' '   ;  forty-five days   Xi.,v   W{   , ..;,,. r_ R  r
fe rms of ten ler and en\  lo   ���   nay
obtanied at this Department or a'  the
iber Agenl ,-u
1    "rluted 1 south-easl   quar
ter ot'
iction  15. in
Township 6,   all In Range 1. Wes   of
TAKE   NOTICE   that a p
aint has
the 7th Meridian, containing an area   been entered and  a summons issue
ilnsl you in the above County Couri ' mil('s' more (>I' k'ss-
from the date ol    ..    flrsl  publlcatl <:;
this nol. il he Ise I shall register i"   -". ���   Mary Eveleigh as ovi ner
r ���.���:' I 1 fe 1, And I hereby cllrei;
���   it publication of this notice for thir-
: j i In a el illy newspapi r pul llsh-
.���I al New Westminster will te good
and sufficienl   er\ le 1   thereof.
Date 1 al the Lai ' Regl itr; Office,
Xew Westminster, Province ol liritisli
Columbl 1. this 2 tit d ij of April, A 1)..
('.   S.   KEITH,
District Registrar.
To   L,   A,  liayne,  Esp,
���        i ���-   -���������'   umco   noimi   ui    eee- All    i'l'l';    tie   ;    M'Ve'l   Wilb    thi-    UOtlCO,
|K         ': r"stl Island, on the easl and those claiming through or under
;" ���'  Arm, and aboul  tw* them,  and  all  persons claiming  any
:,,t'i  Kildala Arm, 1 tei   il li   the said land by virtue of
',' A��'r�� 5th, 1907.
'""���'���'Wl   MOODY,   Locator. perse
:   VANDALL, Agei t. said  .:
I Woi
hereby given that, 6   fl 1: a
1  Intend  to apply to the
Commissioner  of  Lands
for a lease of the I'oreshoee
''ooralng  and  milling    pur-
1 'ng the whole' of a bay,
"���"Me of Independenl   Ba; .
1 -'M two mile's south of the
��� ') Instrument, and all
"m any Interest in the
de si ent, whose 1 (tie is
Eai b ten ie r m 1 ���: '������ 2 a< c 1111 1 nie I
by mi aci opte i 1 ��� pie n a charte ���
bank In fa\ our ���' the I leputy of he
Minister of tl 1 [nl irl >r, fo rthe amouni of tii ��� ' 1 i - which i!i" applicant is prepare 1 I 1 pay for a license.
The high il r tny tender n >t ne-
1 essarily  ai cepte i.
Xo tender bj telegraph will be entertained.
Department of th \ interior.
Ottawa,  April  ii.  1907.
IN. Draper
B. C. Land
Ellard Block.   N���e�� Westminster, a.C.
of 4,310 acre's, more or less. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_v....... ^ull
The berth must be surveyed within by the Yorkshire Guarantee & Secu-
one year after the date of the notice rltles Corporation, Limited, a body
iwarding the berth. corporate, having    Its head oflice at
The regulations under which a II- the city of Huddersfleld, England.and
cense will be' issued, also printed licensed to carry on business in the cense W'H
forms of tender and envelope, may be Province of British Columbia, ami
obtained al this Department or at the'having its head office for the said
j offlce of the Crown Timber Agent at province at the city of Vancouver, for
Xew Westminster, B, C     . [the sum of $1800.01 for principal, In-
Each tender must be accompanied teresl and taxes due by you to tho
by an accepted cheque on a chartered said company, under and by virtue ef
bank in favor of the Deputy of then certain Indenture of Mortgage dated
.Minister of tiie Interior, for the am- the 20th day of May, 1892, whereby
cunt of the bonus which the applicant in consideration of   the sum of $.00
SEALED TENDERS address* 1 tothe
Commissioner of Dominion Lai i,
Department of the Interior, and m ir 1
1 el on the envelope "Tendi r f if Timbi r Berth N'o. 522," will be rece 1 I
mi  this  Department    until  12 o'i I
.    in  on  Wednesday, the   17th el 1    of
July, 1907, for a license to
1 m Berth  Xo.  522, compi Ising   lands
situate In the Province of British Columbia, and described as [ ellows:
Timber Berth N'o. 522, comprising
the norih half, the south-easl trter
and the north half of tie - iu h-west
quarter of Section 13, Township 5,
Range 27, West of the 6th M "i'i: in,
e ontainlng    an    area of   0.87 square
The berth must be surveyed wltl   ���
1 one year after Ihe date of the notice
I awarding lhe berth.
The  regulations  under which  a  11-
be    issued,    also  printed
forms of tender and envelope, may be
Is prepared to pay for a license.
lvanced to you by the said company,
The highest or any tender not nee- you  mortgaged    to  ihem  the  south
isarlly accepted
Xo lender by telegraph will  be en
tertained,   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Department of the Interior,
mm.v.1. April 25th, 1907.
wesl quarter of Section 10, Township
14, Xew Westminster District. Prov-
Inc ��� of British Columbia, to secure
the Bald sum of $600 and Interest
thereon al 11 per cenl per annum.
and an order has been made that the
publication  of a  notice of the entry
obtained at this Department or al t! i
offlce of the Crown Timber ^gent at
Xew Westminster, B. C.
Each tender must be accompan' 1
by an accepted cheque on a chartered
bank In favour of the Deputy of the
Minister of tho Interior, for the amouni of the bonus which the appll at
Is prepared to pay for a license.
The highest or any lender not necessarily accepted.
Xo tender by telegraph will be entertained.
Department of the Interior,
Ottawa, May 17, 1907, h
r^n r^ . _�� i   <0 BEREAVED EAI
Cherries,   Peaches,   Pears.
Public Supply Stores
sues eioto snow I Floorglaze I j CRASH !
"    ��� V W"
Small house, large woodshed, with cellar, and
lot 66 x 148 1-2, good soil, thoroughly cultivated
and underdrained; the makings of a very nice
little home, and only three blocks from Sixth St.
car line.
Twin Falls.   Idaho,  May  30.���<3oni- $
plaints have- been sworn oul by B, E. ���*,
Rozell, whose daughter was killed by >!
a  tiger which escaped from Its cage ��������
in  the Sells-Floto circus lasl  Sam.- >J
day evening, againsi ll. ll. Tammen
J, P. Bonfils,    Frank   Tammen    am
Chris  O'Neill, charging    them    witl
It dries hard over night, with
a high gloss, and
manslaughter,    li. H. Ten..men and
'   :���:
F,  Bonfils, proprietors of the  Denver A
Post, are the owners of the    show, '*���
Franli Tammen is the traveling man- ��?
ager and O'Neill Is the head keeper >*<
of animals. ���*,
| Wears On the Floor |f
--Not Off
Ii is also said thai a civil suit for ;���:
$5,000 damages will be filed bj Rozell
I in addition to the criminal  procee I-
li is presumed the action againsi H.
Il   Tammen and Bonfils will betaken
j iu the United sums couri at Denver.
Soap and water does not
mar it.
It wears as well mi Outside as Inside Floors.
Use it mi your Inside
l-'lii.rs, Veranda and
Porch Floors, Outside
and Inside Stairs or
Steps, and wherever you
want a durable
HiVh Gloss Enamel Finish.
Malins, Coulthard & Co. Ltd
Per J. H. VIDAL, Mgr. Real Estate Department
Cloverdale   Man   Severely   Injured   at   ;���;
Ra.lway   Crossing.
New Wellington COAL
Blacksmiths' Coal in stock.
P. O. Box  345 'Phone   105.
SWEET     !
Vancouver, May 30.- By being run
into I'.,  a c P. li. locomotive al  the  >;
Water  streel   crossing   this  morning,  !5
Walter Craig, whose horu< is though! >J
to be in Cloverdale, had his lefi fool >l
so  badly crushed   that it  had  to  I e >>;;o>"0>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>;
amputated at St. Paul's hospital, and  	
all the lues of his right fool also
were amputated, as both feel wo;,-
ti rribly crushed.
Craig was in the City hotel and upon walking om thi  door attempted to
cross  the tracks,   bul  did  nol   notice   TO
the locomotive, which struck him. He   THE
fell lengthwise and the heavy wheels ���_....:.
of the  engine ran   over    both    feel ^ magnificent selection of
crushing them terribly. He was
quickly picked up and medical aid
summoned.   On the arrival of the am-
handsome boxes containing
bnlance he was removed to St. Paul':
hospital, where amputation was found CELEBRATED
necessary.    Craig is  about  26 years r>uf^r��g^aj   A XT^C
Old, and the sin.,,-;;  was se severe thai \srl\Jv*\JLi/\. 1 UtaJ
|his injuries maj  prove fatal.   He- had ���           ===
ieen  in  town only a   few days. JUST RECEIVED
Th* IStay Satisfactory"_ta_Rge
During the past month the demand for The Monarch
Malleable Range has exceeded all previous records.
This more than proves the satisfaction and wear this
valuable range has given to purchasers, as it is only
through recommendation that sales greatly increase.
Boy Travels 100,000 Miles.
Chicago, May 30.- A boj tramp, 1.1
years old, who has av* ��� I 100 00
miles in ���! ' lasl four years, was released from .e "mmm ��� of disordei I;
conduct by the municipal judge yesterday,   when   he  : romised to -~o  to
.���work if he could gel a job. The boy's
���miii" is  Francis  Ramsey.    His homo
: is anywhere on   Ihe  North  American
tinent.    He began tramping when
;" years ol i and has trav* led a dis-
' tance sufficient to i ncii cle th*   gli   ���
I four times, or once each year, He has
kept a diary all the time whili i _
the road.
Just the correct present for
a young man to give his
lady friends. THEY appreciate them.
Ellard Block,
New Westminster
Hardware, Monarch Ranges
x - Agents for
187 Columbia St.   Tel. 65
KLENO." "is*
Big  Fire  at   Salem.
Portland. -Ma;       .      ��� ���    mosl      i -
astrous fire S eriei
���       occurred .vi   ter lai   wl ���
**>���************************* ** ****** *****************
���    "b:-m
,-���'.    i-Ml
I   M U;
-m     .   ���: \     ��� -
._.,..-/- y. g|
pieces corning in every
few days.
Musical Instruments, Strings, &c.
*************tH-*t*********i**********0****4 **********
Bj Renl ing One * 'Oui L* ng
Safe Deposit Boxes.
1 Electric Railway Service |
Interurban   Line.
Cars for Vancouver and wav
Stations will run every half-
hour from 5:50 a. in. to n :H0
p.  ni.
City Limits Line���Service from
6:16 a. m. to li  p, m.
20 Minute Service���No transfer.
Ilctwecn 12 und 2 and 6 and 7,
30 r-.iinute Service���During remainder of day. Transfer al
Leopold Place.
Sunday   Service  half-hourly  bo- *
tween 8 a.m. and 11 ji.m.
Sapperton Line.
15 Minute Service from 0.25 a.
in. to   ll   p.m., except between *
12 and  2, and 5 and 7, during
which hours the service will be
Sunday Service   hair-Hourly between 8.30 a.m. and 11 p.m.
X British Columbia Electric Ry. Co.,Ltd X
~*+***********************ti********+*****+****b^**Z 4,
We  cordially
you to inspect
at anj time.
"Going Fishing?"
"Guess so."
Get your
A *___
217-21;; r.iunbia St
��� " '7<Z~   m  'i
'?rS�� Wf-,
���'   ''ffi'-f
;����� 1.
���'" M fi Son    tlryi     is
Flat!    .    . at* m   The d ini-
��� ��� '        '   the     '.ee !:   of   [ 00 Ig   Wl
���     1 hi   riami   .    ���      	
'-'���' fuined Hi" carpets, rural tun nn I
paraphernalia In the Masonic i.lj
"""!������ "H ih" third floor of the build
lng, causing a loss of $6,000, The
building was damaged to the an,.,in;
of Jiii.iHio. The loss la coven I ���,
1075 Yards of F,n
�� I 'b f
i *
16 inches wide '--.'fl
On Sale Friday and SaturJll
8 cents pcr yQrd |
The Reason:
This large amount of Crash was shipped to
ordering, by a well known Linen House, with whi
tensive dealing!.
Under  ordinary circumstances we   would   noi
goods,  bul upon examination we found thai
.1 wise thing for us,   We pa        ���     irgain 1
this regular i:'1- Crash for,   per yard
Triday and Saturday
��� ��� ��� iii
247 Columbia Street. New Westminster
* 1
���   ���
275 .nil)
*      *     *     *   4
Extra Good
Hon--  on Ash Btreet, conrenlenl  t<   car and Fi
Fourtl  avei  ���   modern bo . ���   Bin rooms   ������
ROad,   Ule.M    ;  I.  '.,   ;.       fj      ���
inli nn
TdOS. R. PEARSON, Manager
11    lock Is go   : PEED.    We keej 1
1 ;,:      M ike      11 ���      ken    la:   b*   glvlni
' ��� live   to h  by  building up  101
11 ' .RN! FAC,
'������'���' 11 3 '���  ������   you trli | thi   P
Milling y. mpany.   [f ooi Teleph* ne  1.13 ai
taine 1   ire excellent,
FRONT  STREET. Telephone 3.--
Ihe Westminster Trust
and Safe Deposit Co., ltd.
r. J. HART,
Over a month In porl owing to clr
jcumstances over  which neithei
'"in or any 1 11c else had an;  <    tml
the 8chwarzenbe_ al  lasl started r..-
Hi" southern trip yesterday afternoon
in tow of the powerful tug Sen U01
which .will asslsi   the    .ailing   .essoi
well  beyond the sandheads    Captal'
Kogera,  of  ihis city,  took  command
��f ,,,('   wind-jammer,  and   win  pii0
���;; aa far as the. sandheads, where he
1 :': b0 l:,K"" off by tne fiBheries pro
lection  cruiser Georgia,   which is  ,i-
1 resent at  Vancouver.
"Quality and Price
When you fret supplies for the pantry you wanl them
fresh,     Then when you want good
why don't you call on the man who makes fl sp*'''1" ���
of them, ami >ret value for your money?
' 6rh sr., nexf to ColumWan o��-
Phone 309
Edmonds Tea Co.


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