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The Daily News Jan 23, 1907

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 3Mljj Jta
JAN 24 1907
v feoftfae 8 jr
About the  Insult Offered to American
Commander   Who    Went   to
Help at  Kingston.
Grand Rally in St. Barnabas Room Roused
to Enthusiasm by Liberal Speakers
Howay  and  Farris   Make  Telling ^Speeches  and  Are
Warmly  Applauded  by  Appreciative
London, Jan 22.���The failure of
Governor Swettenham to keep the authorities here informed as to the ex-
act situation In Kingston, and deterring explanations us regards his conduct towards Lhe American relief party, has caused much Irritation in of-
Hi Ial cii i !���'.-. Sir Alexander Swettenham," the Evening Standard says,
committed an unpardonable blunder
in writing a letter to the American
Commander, which bore all the ap-
pe irance of a studied Insult. Even If
lie received vexatious provocation, no
jusi Iflcal Ion can I <��� urged for the letter. The only course it leaves ui hi.ii
and his countrymen, is to apologize
to the naiion to whose officers it was
Every chftlr was uiken In St. Barnabas parish room last nighl, when
the meeting, held in ihe interests of I
Mr. Howay, the Liberal candidate, i
was called to order by A llardmaii,
the chairman. The- fair sex of the
'..eighborlioe.,! was largely represented
and altogether ii was a meeting that
showed by its close attention and en-
thusiastlc applause, that it had seriously and soberly weighed Mr. Howay,
his character, reputation and record,
and found him nol warning in any
particular necessary lo the make up
of a clean, progressive and worthy
representative of the Royal City.
The first speaker to address the audience was Mr. T. Gifford, government nominee, who repeated practically verbatim his sp -h of Monday
night which may he read in yester
day's News. Mr. Gifford s|>oke first
at nig own request as be was not feel
ing well,, and wanted to gel away. He
teft ��s (Soon as his sjieech (which occupied abou    LI minutes) was finished.
J. W. de It. Karris, one of Vancouver's coming memlieis in ihe Ijegis-
Mature, spok- next Although he Is
���a young nun ;>u l without much experience in e;nn;iiiigii speaking. Mr.
Farris' spee. :, ������ a.-- a .-lining ami i lo
(|uent dean' of the  methods  ui
the McBriil ::nvei diluent Iii a few
shore miaul - ':>��� made ilil't'onl's argil-
llients, SO~Ca::i d. look like a week-old
meal-ticket. Mr. liii't'nrd. he said, had
utterly failed tn show any connection
between the prosperity of the country
and the Conservative ailmlnistration.
The governm> ni candidates were raising a greni i ��� > ahout outside domination, In faci were making ii one of thi
chief issues of the campaign; but this
was only a red herring across [he
trail to direct lhe people's iUten'ioii
from the record of the past three
and one half vears. Because Midline
had conic from Ottawa to run in Van
couver, ihe Turie: were asserting that
the Dominion no-.ei naieiii was trying
tc get control of lhe province. Such
nrgumen' was childish, continued Mr.
Farris, n ii 'ouhl, with equal logic
be said that Mi. McBride had entered
Into some   unholy   alliance    to  tun
British l'oliinil'iii over to t'nele Sam
or to Intro-luce Tnnimainny Hall political meih 1 i. o the local campaign
tweauso In ' 1,. I'reniiei i had come
from New York shonlv before Ihe
election.-  weie  aviom-ed.
Touclliii'    -ill   llle   hi i Ige  q-lesl ion   li"
said if 11  '������ nnieiii   had  i oik     ���  I
1ht> |76d.iiivi in |i:n . tuxes owing by
the C   I'    I! .   ihere   could   In    no   dlffl
culty alioui lining auiii wiiii the mils.
He ���ooi-e.i ihe government heavily on
it* rotten policy in connection with
the dispo al of limher limits to Bpecu
latora. lie denounced Tailow foi Ills
action In so knocking Ihe Midway to
Vernon railway pro.ie; i ihai the capital ibflhii. il withdrew lis support
and the .scheme fell through. Tic-
Pulp Act and iii" government's action
in the Columbia-Western deal were
scathingly condemned. The speaker
after referring to Tallow's statement
in the News-Advertiser, where that i
gentleman is quoted as practically admitting thai he would consent to another alliance, if necessary after the
election with Lhe Socialists, Mr,
Farris sat down amid a general outburst of applause and cries for more.
J. S.   Rainey,  the  Labor candidate,
��� a arising was greted with applause.
lie describe 1 the campaign, looked at
from the parly politics standpoint, as
a fight lie;ween the Conservatives and
Liberals Lo see whether the railway
i oss of one or the other party should
be allowed io have power. He described bis own position as that ol
a representative of the workers, assuring the audience that was In the
flghl to win and thai he ad no use
for either party. He severely criticized the government for retaining in
Its employ the fishery expert Bali-
cock, who cost the country far more
than he was  worth and who  persist-
��� ntly advised against the best Interests of the bona fide Fraser fishermen,
lie made reference to some statements   be   bad     heard     at   Mon lay's
j meeting, which struck blm as rather
remarkable to say the least. Mr Gif-
������������;.: b id said thai McBride h d been
ihe cause of ;he general prosj i ritj
line country bad keen enjoying foi
the last year or two, but Mr. Bond
qualilie I i his remark by saying I bal
McBride   had   allowed,     ii     u>    come
I .ailgli'e,   |,
Mr. Howay's rising was the sigaaJ
��� ii ,, general outburst of npplai. c.
He was please 1 to see so many of
Ills   -.! and-   oul   aud   though!    I hat   be
j needed no introduction as they had
ill known him for years. Before taking iii provincial matters, he would
turn for a minute to notice the attempts of his Torj foes, to make political capita] out of his stan I on the
i 'q |iiii lam Liml er question which had
��� i (ui so much discussed In la.si year's
council of which he was a member
and also his report on the city's title
to the water front lots, which had
I ��� en made al the request of the Dominion government. As far as the Co-
I quitlam  matter    was  concerned,    he
hough!  the position he had laken was
Ihe right one; that he was nol asham-
i I   of   it   and   would   do  exactly   the
,   "���   if   the   i.i caslon   arose     again.
With regai d to his repoi I re i he watei
Is,  he  w,i i convinced   that   he   had
��� I  i hal    strongest    case  possible
loi  the city    i Vpplause)    Turning to
ma 1 lei -   pollJleal,   he   drew   the   au I-
1 -. u'i  aieipion  to the peculiar  p i
ii n   in   which   M i\  i Ufford  now  i        I
as Conservative, supporting u  Social
Ist-Conservative governmenl  and contrasted   this  position   with   that    In
������ hli h  be pU��C 1 as a  Liberal an I support" I  .\L liride.     The speaker show
ed i.\  ih ��� records of the House that
Mr. Gifford bad vote I 03 limes during
j his lasi term and thai on ii- oul  of
i ihe ik", occasions he had obeyed Mc-
lb i le; but that once he baulke I. This
was on Hawthornthwait's famous
"re,I   wig  amendment"  when  Gifford
bad   refused   lo   follow   his  leader  and
vole.|   "red"     in   1903, ilie Conserva
tives, in order to hang on to office
formed   an   alliance   with   the   Socialists and through the hitter's domination the country at large suffered. The
E.   A;   N.   belt   were   exempted   under
tin   new   School Act  and Its share of,
taxation   distributed   over  the   whole
province    because    Hawthornthwaite
and  Parker Williams wished it  to be j
so.      .Numerous   instances   were  cited
in which injury was done the country
at   the   whim   of the  Socialists.  "The.
an ernment speakers," said Mr. How-
, , "are irying to bring in outside
matters to obscure the real issue
which is whether the McBride governmenl, in the last three years, has
acted in such a way as lo justify the
country reposing trust in it a second
time. 1 say ii has nut." (applause).
The government niu-si be Judged by-
its record. He showed thai the Assessment Aci was oppressive ami Inequitable. McBride states thai he
has uoi raised ihe taxes on tbe working class, but rather on the corporations. He showed by the estimates
that McBride's statement was' untrue.
For instance.  Mr.   Howay  said   Lhe  S.
&   i >.  Ry.  cost   $25,1   a   mile  and  w ���
are .-till paying Interest on the bonds
bill    the   railway    Is   only   taxed   on   a
:isis "��� $10,000 a mile. He referred
to the reeeni article on British Colum
lia   politics   which   appeared   in   the
. ..!���;   a   Financial      News,     and     said
I..,;, although he passed no opinion
on it. the I'm-i remained that Mr. Gos-
ui 11, bite McBride dispatcher from
i It . . ., and sometime of Colonist
fame, was in London at the time of
the appearance of the article. Mr.
Go-snell was also Interviewed, but
that is of no weighl some people in
New Westminster have been interviewed. Mr, Howay was sorry that
Mr. Gifford had not had time yet to
answer the questions he put to him
on Monday, but he (Howay) was going to continue asking tuilil li" received sonic information. He then
took up ihe matter of the bridge, He
had Mr. Macilonald's promise that the
Liberal party was pledged to a free
bridge upon -heir coming into power (applause), Mr. Howay then showed that the freeing of the bridge from
loll, wbicb Mr. Gifford had proteste 1
was impossible to accomplish, represented only a sum of $3,000 a year,
after the revenue was deducted fi on
the estimated com of maintenance.
Yet the governmenl which boasts a
surplus could not accomplish this,
.Mr. Howay closed with a Stirring ap-
I eai to those present to vote for him
Oti Feb. 2nd, nol because he was a
lawyer or was not n working man, but
because he was a Liberal who would
work ai all times for the right, a
he saw it. and for New Westminster.
Three rousing cheers for Howay
brought a most successful meeting i i
an end.
The Feast of St. Valentine.
A Valentine Fete will be held ln
'he St. Patrick's hall on Feb. 13 and
14, The Woman's Auxiliary of the
Royal Columbian hospital have the
matter In hand, and a large meeting
was held the day before yesterday
til which Mrs. C. A. Welsh, president
of the Woman's Auxiliary, preside I.
There will be various sale tables; the
liargain table In particular promise-
to he well patronised.
The main feature of the fete will
be the Valentine booth, which will be
arranged as a post office In charge ot
Mrs Rothwell, Mrs. Lyle, Miss Briggs,
Miss MacGowan and Miss Hanning-
Afternoon and high tea will be
served each day, and in the evening
ihere will be the entertainment.
The flrsl night will be a minstrel
show and the second nighl devoted
tn amateur theatricals, and as the object of the fete is a most worthy one,
it is hoped thai the public will liberally patronize It.
The Women's Auxiliary decided yesterday to give all order for two dozen
Shirts lo be sent to the hospital for
Ihe use of the men patients.
The returns from the small savings
banks, and the fees collected yester
lay   amounte 1 to $17.un
I The Tory papers have settled the
matter in advance, and pour out
columns of vainglorious boasting
about the big sweep they are going
to make Feb. 2d. We simply say:
The Liberals are satisfied with the
situation, and, day by day, their
satisfaction grows.
"Gifford and McBride's prosperity" is not the
prosperity of British Columbia.
Free traffic bridge this spring. No more holding
up the men coming to market.   Feb. 2d will fix it.
Can people lie and run at the same time? The
fact that the Tories have begun to lie recklessly
shows that they are on the run.    Keep them going.
The latest Tory ston' is that the Ottawa government is backing up the McBride government and approving of its actions.   What next?
If the World has the right end of that Pine
River coal land story, balloting on Feb. 2d will be
even more of a form than we anticipated.
Agriculturists  in   Illinois Form   Union j Will Make an Effort to Render Illegal
In Order to Escape Exactions any  Rate of Interest  Higher
of Middlemen. Than Six Per Cent.
Very   Polite.
Referring to the Hon. Geo. \Y. Ross'
appolntmem to the Semite. Premier
Whitney said: " 1 do not care to comment upon hi3 public career. I do
nol think that would be in good taste
ai the present time. 1 nope Mr. Ross
will live a long Lime to enjoy the comforts of ;i seat in the Senate."
The date for the election of a writ
for tiie necessary bye-election lo fill
the vacancy in Wesl Middlesex caused by lkm. Mr. Ross' appointment will
be discussed by the Cabinet ln a few
There was a report that Mr. Wm.
Stewart,  who was  Mr.   Ross- opponent
In the last election, will contest Lhe
riding in the Conservative Interests
In the bye-election.
Chicago, Jan. 22.���Years of dreams
Ic which formers have seen themselves thoroughly unionized, dealing
with the consumer in Chicago through
the agency of local unions without assistance from the arbitrary middleman are to be realized within thirty
The plans for beginning the expert-
menl here were practically complete I
by representatives of American Sj
ciely of Equity, the Farmers' union at
yesterday's meeting of the Chicago
l-'e leration of Labor. Undi r the ���
! lans the promoters of the scheme expect to he in a position within a
month to ship to Chicago, hay, butter,
eggs and such other farm produce as
are lo be found in the country at this
season of the year.
The Federation Of Labor is acting
as the clearing-house for the fanners'
The executive committee of b
federation and the Farmers' union representatives met Saturday and decided that the Chicago clearing house
should be In charge of a man appointed by each body.
Several grocery stores in every part
of the city will he selected as the representatives of the clearing house,
and they will be permitted to sell the
products at a profit of lu per cent.
Eranch.es Are to Be Constructed From
Government   Rail-.vay   in
Northern  Ontario.
Public office  is   a   public   trust, |
and the trust must be faithfully fulfilled.
Coast    Patrol   Boat.
The United Suites government will
award a contract early next month ���
' ide are lo be opened Oil Feb. 6���for
the construction of a life-saving tug
io be stationed at N'eah bay, where
a life saving station will be established by the United States government.
The tug, which will be equipped with
wireless telegraphic apparatus, will
he 152 feet overall, urn feet between
perpendiculars; moulded beam, 29
feet; depth at sl le 17 feel: displacement to ;: ean loa 1 line. 811 2] tons.
She   win   be  equipped   with   engines
i  ii,able  of producing  1,200 horse  paw
er,   with   a   single   screw.     She   will
] t\" all the ������ nilpmem for Bavlng life.
The  Temiskamlng  fi   Northern On
:  . io  Railway Commission is < ontem-
plating  the  construction    of    branch
les io tho  I.aide:' Lake district an I
ii   the   districl   variously   Known   as
[ I'm tage   Hay   and   Mil I   Lake,     Ins] e ���
I us   preliminary   to the commence
j ment   of  surveys  for   both   branch is
I are now Icing made.   The line to th -
l.aider Lake district, where some remarkable   finds of'gold    have    been
made, and   where much development
work  will  be done this season, would
run from Englehan and be twelve to
sixteen miles In length.    The Portage
Hay   line  would  be  about   live  or  six
miles in  length   and   run either   from
Gillies   Depot   or  Cobalt.     The   present and prospective outlook along the
1 iiites which these lines would  follow
fully   warrants their construction  as
i irly as possible
Two applications for water record
was filed yesierday in Water Commissioner' C. C. Fisher's office by Indian agent R. C. McDonald, One was
li the Inti rests of the Indian resl I
i nl - on the Seymour Creek re i .
.... 20 inches of water from Seymour
Crei - . nd the i ther was foi tha Indians on the Sechelt Indian reserve.
So many water applications have recently been filed for water on streams
adjacenl to the various reserves that
the Indian agent has come iii thfi conclusion lhal unless something is lone
to reserve some for the Indian population, they will soon be compelled to
use whiskey or other manufactured
liquids, as the plan of the white residents seems to be to monopolize every available drop of water through-
mii the country,
There is under way a greau movement among bankers who can look
further ahead than one day to make
usury a crime. They also propose
to make an agreement among the
principle bankers of the world to regulate the money rate, lt Is understood thai in connection with the
movement to have congress pass a
bill for elastic currency, the New
York legislature will be asked to repeal the |aw which legalizes any rate
charged on call loans which are based
on stock exchange collateral. Bankers
are beginning to realize that it is not
! the banks thai get the advantage of
usury, but the big depositors in the
banks, who, whenever money gets.
tight, draw out their balances and
lend them through slock broke""-
This   upsets   the   orderly   market    [or
j money, deprives the banks of funis
legitimately (heirs and gives the public the impression that banks are ex-
torting usury. Many western banks
are responsible for some of the queer
money rales seen on Wall street.
Through outside agents they lend
their balances on the stock exchange
and send the borrowers to the New
York banks to get the money. As
agents do not always disclose their
principals the borrower is frequently
led Into the belief that lie Is being
forced to pay, say 25 per cent, to a
New York bank at a time when the
bank is publicly, and. in fact, lending
money at no higher rate than 6 per
cent. Had feeling is ihus stirred up.
and. as the New York law legalizing
Usury is to blame, the repeal of this
law will be the first step towards
i learlng the situation. "Six per cent.
Ol jail" is the slogan Of ihe call money   reformers.
Japan for Peace.
Tokyo, Jan. 22.���In accordance with
the  indications  shown   In  the  budget
im- thfi next fiscal year of the Government's desire fo.- economic and peace-
' ful   development   It   Is  now  declared
jtiiat Japan favors the submission of
j the question  of disarmament  to The
Hague   Peace   Conference.
1   Conservative'Policy !
Another   Eruption.
Tokyo, Jan. 22,��� News has reached
here  thai  the   volcano  Asama-Yama
in   the  Island   of   Hondo,  has  been   In
a- -iv" eruption slni e l isi i'i Idav.
| Public office is a private snap, and |
| the friends of the government 1
* should have a share. 1
fafa'.fafa*'fa~*'.*:<y'fafa^^^^ '.I IliJ 1JA1L.Y   JNJLWO
Who Said
^mb                 EftfiT t~    v'^f-.-^'.itf^jM                          Lii��
^fl         Bfe9 IL' ^�� ��?>vsC
���ft sk^Rl.- ����MB
due  and   faithful   i.erformanre  of the
contracl     according    to    its    terms.
Cheques  deposited  by   parties  whose
tenders are  rejected  will  be returned   ;
within  ten  days  after  the  signing of,;
the com ract.
Attention is called to the following!
clauses In  the form of contract:
��� All mechanics, labourers or Other
persons who perform labor for the
purposes of the construction of the
works hereby contracted for shall be
pai 1 such wages as are generally accepted as current for competent workmen in the districl In which the work
is being performed, and If there is no
current rate in such district, then a
fair and reasonable rate: and, in the
j event of a dispute arising as to what
is the current or fair and reasonable!
rate,  ii  shall  be determined    by ihe
Commissioners, whose decisions shall , ���	
be final. \ mo story house on wesl side of
"This  agreement  is   subject   to  the   Seventh   street,   below   Queen's   Ave.
regulations   now   in   force,   or   which   This  liouse  is  rented    for    $17    per
ma? at any time hereafter be in force   month:  modern.    Price $2200.
during the construction of the works I    Four lois on Richmond street, Sup
hereb>   contract   :. made  under      Royal Ave. near  10th street;  small | prion; cleared and fenced;  will maki
Twelve lots tit Sapperton, lying
north west oi Columbia slreet. only
$50 each. v *-
Modern house on Tth street, below
Queens  Ave     Price  $2200.
Two  lots  and  three   room house  in
Sapperton, $500.
Dwelling   on   Columbia   street
perton; easy terms, $700.
Along  the   Line  of the G.  T.  P.,  and
Will   Hold   up   the   Settlers
When They Come in.
"A great menace lo British Columbia Is the wholesale acquisition of
lib" land In the interior by foreign
and home speculators, which is now
going on. Rich valleys have fallen
into the hands of syndicates that will
hold   litem   till   the influx    of    i.umi
Notice to
SEALED   TENDERS   addressed   to
the undersigned,  marked on the envelope "Tender for Construction," will
be received at the office of the Commissioners of    the    Transcontinental
Railway,    at    Ottawa,    until    twelve
o'clock  noon of the ll'h day of February, lltuT. for ihe work required for
the  construct ion. in   accordance  witli
I the  plans,  profiles  and specifications
"   of the Comniisssioners, for the follow-
grants   through   the   mountains,  over  log sections  of the Transcontinental
tho Grand Trunk Pacific.    Then they ,lniihv;'y; vlf\:~
' (li  District "A. ���From a point de-
v.ni   reed  on  ,he settlers  by  asking signated on the plans of the Commis-
their own prices." sioners at or near the City of Monc-
.... ton,  in   the   Province  of  New   Bruns-
inus spoke H.  Helgeson, Dominion wick and Quebec, a distance of about
fishery Inspector, whose headquarters 150 miles.
are on  the Skeena,    He  went  on: (2) District "A."���From a point de-
"Scores   of   people in  the   Skeena signated on the plans of the Commls-
and Bulkeley districts have complain- l0,^' '',', or "oa''. ,he Tv ��f ,C,5ran'1
... .    ,      Falls, in the Province ot New Bruns-
eb to me of the manipulation by these  wick)   westerly to  the boundary  be-
Speculators of  the  land   available  for1 tween   the   Provinces  of  New   Brims-1 247 Front Street
settlement, and   the   general   opinion  wick an  Quebec, a distance of about
Ih that the manipulation  will have a'62 "liles-
detrimental effect upon immigration . ,:;' Dlstrlct "B."���From a point de-
���i.i i  -. iti,���. ��� i        . . signaled on  ihe plans of the Commis-
and settlement when the Grand Trunk 8ioDers, at or Mar the Quebec Bridge
i aclfic comes through. Although the easterly for a distance of about 150
provincial government will only allow miles.
so much land to be taken up by one !,) District "B."���From a point de-
person, the speculators are getting signate<3 on tne plans of the Conimis-
,,-,.,. ,i,.,,   , ,.   ,, '    _ 7, .     "sioners  about 150 miles west  of thei
over that bj   the use    0I    ficticious J Quebec Brldge westerly to    a    point'
names and  are obtaining what they  known as Weymontachene, a distance
want   with   the  greatest  of  ease,    [t  of about 45 miles,
appears very much as If immigrants      (5) Districts "C" and "D."���From a I
will   not   find   land   wailing  for  the I r'olnt designated on the plans of the
worker   i,,,,   o,,,���,,i i .     Commissioners about eight miles west
,    '- ''''"I'   speculators   waiting   for  of the AbttIbl River crossing easterly
'" ""' '"''��� ���"he  Vlbertan. I for a distance of about 150 miles.
-'  the  Department   of  nouse in K00li repair; only $750
i������������' in I  -- lie    are or shall be ap-
-     ���  ������������   rl - '    i The schedule M  a iges   determined
-- irtment  will form
i :   ���
sl ill   In  connec-
a with tl      ������ -aid work.
as ���' ir as as ] ".se only ma
terial .plant, supplies and
rolling   - - ufai I ui t d   or pro
duce i  in Canada, provided the same
can be obtained as cheaply and upon
as good terms in Canada as elsewl ���   e,
having  regard to quality  and  price."
The contractor shall conform to the
fire regulations adopted  by the Com-      Comfortable bouse on Queen's Ave.
^i*-^    mis sinners:   and  alsoio  the  laws and. near  Ninth     Btreet,     T-rooin.     pantry.
regulations respecting fires in the dif-   hath, etc; full sized lot; magnificent
I'erent Provinces wherein the wmk is  \iew of the city and river    $2000.
being  performed.
The right is reserved to reject any      Tw" store>.  s   rooms, on  nice  lot
or all tenders. Eleventh  street, above Queen's Ave.;
By order. modern;  only $2300.
P. E. It VAN.
Secreta y.
The Commissioners of the
Transcontinental Railway
a   good   chicken   ranch.    $250.
One and a half storey dwelling on
Queen's avenue between Ith avenue
and   Gth   street;    7   rooms;      modern.
Two cottages mi 7th street, near
Queen's avenue; larg lot; 5 rooms
$3,500, for the s. w
IDd    '''th    streets.       \
this properly     Thi
i into It.
A   good   si/.e.|   house   '
and another facing I i ���
near Gth  street      $2,700
A comfortable  little
-i:eei.   in  good   rep
i ml.'.  $1,000.
Two storey 6-room house 9th street
near Third Ave.. $1400.
Several lots on
Tenth  and  Eleventh  si reels
'' e 'price.
9 i oom   rewl lenc	
:.i .a- Post i Ifflce; mo li
j ing cost ( 1,000, and Is
Building    siie on  Queen's    avenue   $3,950.
west, splendid view, some fruit. $600.
bird Ave. between'     , ,     ... .., ,    ���       53.700.    A mo le n
Reason-      Large 1"'n,("" dwelling on 3rd a\    |ine   ,,���  Royal   avenu,
enue between    3rd   and   4th   streets;   nearly new;   2 store)
: modern;   practically    new:   easiest   ol   ,,,.      nay '    The     ���
- im el with s|    .
terms. .$2200.
Collage on 3rd
���i. near 3r I av-
���line.     $1100.
Si 11 il h    east    coriier    of
M   lei ii I ��� mi i ii
new. close In. $i,800.
and  3r
rd   avenue
a good  hull ling site.
Two   houses mi   one   bit   corner  9th
Street   and   3rd  avenue.    $1000  each.
Ottawa, Jan. Bth, 1907.
Newspapers inserting   ibis   advertisement  without   authority   from   the
King's Printer will not be paid for it.
SUITS TO ORDER, .    . $17.00
until March 1st, 1907.
Plenty of Goods to select from, of tho '<
Latest Patterns.
Satisfaction guaranteed or money re-;
6 Fine houses on Gth St.
below 3rd avenue, that
will rent from $15 to $20
per month. Each house
contains 8 rooms with
electric light, etc. At
this price the investment
will pay 10 per cent, net
interest. A bargain at
The north easi   conn
Ith   Btreets.   Six rul
mall  house on  cornei
I.i" 75x115 on 10th street; 3-roomed al $4,000.
house  on   propertj;     good    localltj
$500. 100x100 ft. lot on Sth
li . Btreet.    $'00.
Two   store)    dwelling  on   wesl   Bide
of 3rd Btreet,
abOVe   Queen's   avepue
Ilou'uie ci rner Ash an
nue     $1,000.
Two   lots on   3rd  avenue   between
13th and l Uh streets, only $300 each.
Cornei   loi   ith aven ���
Convenient to town.   $100
North-west corner  Sth  avenue an l
11th street;  si/.e  132x132 feet.    $850.      Large modern house .
ol 51 h a' enue and 8th sl .
Three  lots  on  Mb  avenue  near  ll'lh    two   lots,      Onij    $3,200.
Street   and    the   Vancouver   car     line  ;
$700. well   Bituated   lol  on
good   view :   si/.e  .',,'i\ 137'
House and two lots on sth avenue,   $200
I m-ar the car line.    Only  $600.
A  suburban  home on  8th    avenue      Sixth avenue and Fourte
near 2nd   Btreet;    small    house;   lot  about one acre of good land
cleared     imu   sunn | house.    $1,500.
New Westminster
Two storey modern house
street   and   4th
splendid corner.
i.i    il
South-east   corner   lib  avenue
Mb  street;   cleared.   .$650.
Only $400.
���'ive lots on Mh street, between Tib
Full size,] lot  on  5th  a
, , , | Tenth   street.      \   .: I   bli .
and   8th  avenue.-.   .$125 each
Four  lot s <m  corner  Se e
Three lots corner 5th street and 6th   and Sixth avenue; $175 .
avenue,   on   corner.     $1,000. for  all.
Double corner and  well built lions
Manufacturer of
Mineral Waters, Etc.
Aerated Waters,
Surrey Council  Notes.
Couni il met In the Town Hall, Surrey   1 "Hire, dan.  LI st,  the   Reev ��� and
Family Trade a Specialty.
Tel. 113. Office, Eighth Street,
j Plans,    profiles    and    specifications!       mew   WESTMINSTER.  B.  C.
! may be seen  in    the   office    of   the	
I Chief    Engineer    of    the    Commissioners    at    Ottawa;    also    in    the!
offices    of    the    Districl     Engineers
of 7 rooms on lith avenue west'. Tin
house is modern and there is souk
fruit;  also stable.   .$2200.
Splendid   lot   on  north side  of 6th I     Nice  lot  on   Reglnn   -'
j avenue al the upper end ol   lid street. ['Ms "p.    $300.
Only  $200.    Sep about  this.
Large residence and two lota on 3rd
si reel and 5th avenue; eight rooms;
modern.   $3500.
.concerned,    viz.:���Guy   C.   Dunn, St.
���    llors elect Inglis, Sullivan, Mur-1 Joutl|   N   ,,.   A    E   Doucet|  Quebec
and   llaini'l  being  present,   who, IP, ij..   and  S. II.  I'oiiliu.  North  Bay,
nl er  making   Ihe  necessary  declara-  Ont,
���   ���    ��� 10k their places al  the Council'    Persons tendering are notified that
ndcrs will not  be considered unless
uade in duplicate, and on the printed
Minute -   of previous m leting
read an i 1 undrmed.   Communi-
'      loilS   Were   ro. ei'.e I   as   I'olows: ���
I'- nn   ih.    returning  officer  report-
I'esull  of the election as  foi-
lov -.    Reeve, 1 fenrj  Bos . b\ acclam-
Councillors, Ward   1,  R. S. M,
Inglis, b)  acclamalion;   Ward 2, Aage
���    ��� I    I     20  11    ie. It) :   h ard '���'. Th -
1    Sti    ran,          iccla   at! m;   ward   I.
���     '        a . i m;   ward
I                  1:   ���        ���    Isnn and
���.'..'   '      tion,
City Electric Works
Opposite Tram Office
Boarding house on Six-
Six lots dn 2nd street; partly clear   rooms madern; convenient
ed.  .$650. 1 ess  section     Building   n
ii   money   maker  to the  rlpl
Eleven acres lying north of Queen's   Price $4,650.
Park on  6th avenue.   .$2500.
\   paying  Investment  on
New   r-roomed Bungalow on ������ h St.   itreet; lol iw,\t;e, with rented
One hundred lots in the west  end,   modern;  full sized lot.    $1800 IPrice $3,000.
all   well   situated   with a   good   view.
These   range    in    price  $75 to  $125       Splendid   lol   on   Carnarvon   street,       House and hair lot on  \gne
Snap these up I'"'"  Slvh street; size 66x132, facing  6 rooms.    $1,300.
south.    $1,250.
Eight  bus a; $125 each fronting on Agnes street oast on full .-1/
."th street. '-"' "" Columbia street; south aide;   ner  lot, a  seven  roomed housi
dze 66x66; a splendid  site for a block,   em;   some fruft,     $2,800.
Double comer >'���'])   avenue an I  6th
street.     $800.  $5Q0  rash,   balance   six
and twelve months at 7 per cent.
Sixth avenu
acres.  .$2000.
For electric signs, dynamos, motors,
fans, 'phone fixtures, shades, bells, batteries,   wire   and   cables   of  all   kinds
forms supplied by the Commissioners. I and  sizes.    House  wiring.    Motor  in-11
A separate  lender must  be submit-   Mailing a specialty.    All kinds of re-
ted for each section,
pairs promptly attended to.
'.      urn I ���
Tenderers shall nol be in any way
entitled to rel) upon the classiflca-l
tion or any other information given
by any ; erson oil ' ehalf of the C im-. ���
missioners, and la m 111 11 i-1 ,
tender, bidders should make a careful exatninal ion 1"' I he plans, profiles.
di 11 w ings and speclficatioi . ai . r ad
lhe forms to l;c executed, and full) 'The Pion^-r Limited" St. Paul to
emselves as lo Hie miantity Chicago, "Short Line" Omaha to
fiualit)   ol   materials,  and Chicago,   "South    West    Limited"
Kansas City to Chicago.
St.  Andrew    SI rc-pt, lot 66n '
\    ood   property   on  Carnarvon St., N'inth street     $250.
m-ar tenth  streei;  suitable fi r ware
in.)  First, sireet   four IhmlRG property;  66x 132 feet;  Income ":i !,"��� Vancouvei   carilne,
$15.00 per month.    1 ml ���  $3,000. n-nxini   modern,   residence;   I
and fi nil      1'rji ��� $3,000. (1,00
Six lots facing Mondv Square   Price      '''""   ~i/"'1   '"'  ""   Columbia   streel ,
$'00 each                                                     wesl  ":   i;:::'    '  "      i:l1   "A"  '"'-  "" Several   bus  ,,���   |- ifth   aVe
Clarkson  sue-',   with   buildlns    Prli ��� '���'���''"'   '2th   and   13th   Btreet.s
Four lots on corner Sth sir  aad   $��� 1.500. south;   size   71x113;   cleared
Building   siti   on   ������������ - I     Ide  (if thi
1' n', w t
river,   r   i fall   price.
Eleven aci es, clea
1 goood    'i'.   i-  $1200.
on vli aven ie
no and on
,��� ���
J. DIGBV, Proprietor
PHONE 304.
"The Milwaukee"
Five lots on   loth
���   chicken   raising    .$500.
���   ll
i ,1   '        s   nlci   re    lencc   within   five   min-      On Nn
���   '    of the  Posl  1 en e   On Ca '      cleared   ���    .  $250.
m rvon strc     ��� Ie     rale; 7 ri -
2<00 will buy two hou       01 th 11
of Columh ' r, etc   $3,500.
met "    an I     Kearj.
H Foui full      . ���       .    1 avei
between nd I
���   ;" '' _        ' '    vesl    . le;   ���      cornei   lol   an I   an  Hi
ml hnu ���'���.  .$1100. . ime property,    \     ' . : y $3,000,
���   inch r.-- 101I     '   iceepl    ind   igroi
rntnil I ,   the term    and ; '   tra,lns   ln   ,',r   s'ervii i    on   anj
itained  in   the  fo r.on-1 raili '-id  in   the   world   that   equal   in
!->nl ''���   '    l;������������   tract,      "      en    u mexed   tn  equipment   that   of  the   Chi   igo, M
��������� ' ender, .vaukce   &   St.   Paul   R lilw 'I In y
Each tendei ;  ned   and   own   md operate tlic:r  own  sleej    '���
,11.1 dining cars on all! thi ir train
e 111
' ���     ���       I
lie 1
.   ��� I ' "      .1
'   ;
��� their   patroi 1     n        ellen
. : nol  obtainable ��� I    ..:
or 1       , ��� 11   :-.;. !<' )VVE, Gi     ral Agci
M:s   w,   1                                                                     13.1 H'ird St.. coi   Hdei   Port   nd
I If a m i
$500 cash, and the balance in monthly pay. nl f $23.00. principal
jnd  interest, will buy a first class residence on   Tho ���: ���     ���   3rd
and -Uh streets. The house contains 8 rooms, I ith el c light, I '.and
cold   water:   up-to-date   pi 3  and ���   t   ;      ��� ewer.
The price of this is  	
���'or Section '    I il
i    I 'or I
Flnanci Ri
Inglis. Board I Fo    Si
1   ��� f   \'. Dili      the I
r. pa      For S    Hon   ':
��� 1.   ���������...     Cii
Westminster Iron Work
��� i "ii all the above
ml fun        ���  lend on  fli sl   nue
crest, and 1 bu    and
It 1
he a.'
1     ���: ;< ���     ' C"  and
Ornamental Iron 'Aon:, including
Fences, Qates, Fire Kscapes, etc,
Mail orders and correspondence In
"IJ,"   $22
An)   person v.!  tender I 1 acce] I
ha I,  wl '.'i ���������     ; ��� ii    '���    i"
' ���- : ���.'.   It   was di . ���      nc-c   tin   en
emli r the p ' ' ��� ��� a     ; e
I      aire 1      b)       tin        Co
i;       ' "      ���   :- eclficalion BEGBHD K1 Ki.r.
other    ih 1 11 :���    lired    to   New W> dminstor
1 ouncil   Hie.    .     ,  :��� ; ,    m, . ���   ��� ,.       -.,,., i said     C mi
��� u Feb   fl. ,;i   i  o'cl 11 li  p.m.        ':- -   "';,'!   : .   <a e of refus tl
llure  on  the '.      pari
li -,'      _
13 ron^ ��� '^s^1 ^~"
ilary of $100 11 1,   ��� a '
nexl   meeting.
er of tiie Windsor hotel
��� : 'red  dis| 1'iisii'.'   the  di ink
ml also in
an I  the genial
a  \ i.i:  to M .; I irate Pit-
r. 11   471
. '01111  Isssloners,   ami I
lonal        iruvi within
'  ,: ���       ifter the      re i|  the
1I1] c ���
' 1  '
��� ,���
e ...n    pari of the 1 Ity.
; ollce   n iw   1 ... ..,.,,,.
rerno I lhat In future, the letter o len !'��'>, I BI 11      !���
a in ie enforced to the ��ed to the Light and Heavy Hauling
I(ledit 1      .'   ��� .    ,   ., 1      ��s J ��
ii ni. winch means $ 100.0    u
hi     -     nin eparated
lie 1 I .of $2U.i ts.   Th
Office���Tram   Depot
Columbia St.
Baggage delivered    promptly to -my
d     ..;
THOS.   R.
""""s Mzsit Saiik of Cori';-iT?r-rcs
;;n-.'H��j(����JJ.'. WEDNESDAY JAN. 23, 1907.
BY   -   THE
Easterbrook Milling Com'y I
A lady should never forget to say���
��� when she wants to obtain the very best Flour
Perfection is not easily obtainable, but you get it if
you order Imperial, made from the finest selected
wheat grown in the great Northwest.
Michael  AliL'eln bud hazel eyes
Mohammed had coal black eyes.
Milieu  hud gray  blue eyes, clear and
Beethoven had small brown eyes,
very mobile.
Dante hud. according to Boccaccio,
large black e.v����.
Isiuie Newton hud  blue eves, small, ���
bright and piercing.
lowper, physically timid, hud weak
blue eyes devoid of animation.
Harvey, tbe discoverer of the clrcu- .    ,\. Piker Krai.  :.:.   newspaper
latiou "t the blood, bad small eyes, full
of spirit.
I'nrlyle's eyes were described us "the
very handsomest ever seen In a man's
bead   dark blue."
Bismarck bud eye. of steely gray,
deep   sunken,   almost    hidden   under
busily ey pbroWK,
1 ��r. .1 ihnso'.rs p ior health so affected
his eyes  thill   they   were dull  und   life   '
less, of a will,-: y blue.
THURSDAY  and  FRIDAY,   January 24th and 2Sth.
A two-aei  musical fantasy compiled and produced under 'be direi   on
of .lames W. Evans.
Benefit of the Anti-Tuberculosis Society.
Characters��� Players.   .
Old King Cole, famous ruler of a famous  kingdom    Harry Davis
E. N. Sutherland
Tin- Hume Advice.
"I��o y.iu give your sen good advice?"
said the solicitous friend.
"Yes," answered tbe somewhat sardonic- person. "1 give him the same
good advice that my father gave me
nud that my grandfather doubtless
gave him. if we keep passing that
advice along from generation to generation perhaps wt shall eventually
find Bomebody who will take it."���
Washington Star.
Happy Hooligan, with troubles of his. own  Welland Gordon
Foxy Grandpa, oul for a good time       Robt, Whitm	
Laughing Jim, "I seen yo' ad in de paper"   CD. Peele
Buster Hrown, a wise little boy   Campbell Wats >n
Policeman, one of the finest   j   g   jj   O'Brien
Jack, ihe lost���found gar] y,-a, n,,s
Pretending Percy, a good little boy   George Trapp
Lady Bountiful, specialist In charity  Echel Brymner
Hoy  Hlue. of King Cole's couri   Gowan   Macgow an
Miss Muffett, of King Cole's court Alvtna Munn
Bo Peep, of King Cole's court      Margaret   Lewis
.lili. of King cole's conn   Alma Corbould
Mrs Katzenjammer, a woman of character    Grace Corbould
.Mary Jane, Buster's confederate   Eileen Gilley
Vera Hell
Unexcelled for Pastrv.
Try lt
Bakers, we strongly recommend our Strong Bakers.
Ask for  Terminal, and see that you get it.
I  The Easterbrook Milling Co.
McQUARRIE &   CO.,   Local Agents.
Ih Thi>. Man'* Waj '���
Man wauts in lie comfortable as a
eat on ;i warm bearth rug, to feel no
prick "f conscience, to see nothing unpleasant, such us tears or a wan face.
It exasperates him to madness when
he is obliged to see his wife sad, but
It never occurs to him to try to prevent
her sadness.���Spinster in London M.
A. P.
The first mention of the Huns in history :s in China B. C. 210. They conquered that country nnd were after-
ward driven out by the Celestials and
inarched clear across Asia, penetrating
the country n iw known as Hungary ln
370 .\. 11. Por a time they threatened
to overrun the whole of the continent,
bin were defeated in tbe heart of
Prance and driven back to the banks
of the Danube.
122  Front
Trains & Steamers Canadian Pacific Railway g>. fanafl;an par;f;r
CPU   MAIN LINE trltWi Columbia Coast Una V/aiiaU.iail 1  ClVllH,
Leave N. VV. lhM; air N. W. 11.35.
Le��V�� N. W.  S.lbl;  ar. Seattle 15.50.
Leave Seattle 12.30; ar. N. W. 1S.40.
Leave N. VV  t-.lin, 10.35, 15.40, 17.35.
Arrive N. VV. <���.::.���, 11.35, 10.40, 18.40.
Lv. N. W. '.1.20 a.m.; ar. Seattle 4 p.m.
Lv. N. W. 4.35 p.m.; ar. Seattle 10 p.m.
B. C. Coast Line Service.
(���Subject to change without notice).
SS Amur  leaves Vancouver Jan. 9,
Jam. 2.'.
heaves Vancouver daily at l p.m.
Leaves Victoria dally at  1 a.m.
Leaves Victoria dkaily except Monday
at 8; 30.
iLw. K. %'. 3 p. m. and 9:55 p. nv
Lv. Vancouver 8.35 a.m., and 4 p.m
Lv. N. W. 9:35 a.m.;  ar. G-utehon j VICTORIA
2.20 p.m. 1
Lv. Guichon, 2:40 p. m.; ar. K. W. | SS CITY  OU NANAIMO.
11:46 .p in. and 6 p. m. Leaves New Westminster at 7 a. m
Mondays only. on Sundays.
Lv.  N'ew  Westminster 5.50, ���.50, 1',
and -8 a. m., and every halt hour there-
After till 11 p. m.
���Lv. Vancouver  for Westminster at
��ame hours.
llld   Some   Kurd   ThlukliiK.
"Yes, be was naillii' a board on his
frout steps, and he hit his thumb an
awful swipe. And what do you thinkl
He didn't Bay R word."
"lie didn't."
"Nope. He's deaf and dumb."���
Cleveland Plain Dealer.
l�� Hie Typewriter Shop.
Polite Salesman���We have here our
new model, No. 23. You will notice it
is equipped with the most approved
billing device and��� Pair Stenographer
��� Have you any model that also has a
cooing device': -New York World.
W1NTEB CARNIVAL, ��� Rus&tnd, B. C.
Tickets on sale Feb. 11th to Feb. 16th.
Returnkifr Feb. lsth.
Fare and One-third Return
Her Sml  Fate.
ilil -You are the only j;irl I have
loved.    Qeraldlne���Must 1 suffer
'!   New York Press,
e   |ieople   are   so   cautious   that
even   look   before  they  creep.���
on Kodak.
! '"i'i'i    Noel Arms-i ing
Bearers of the Royal Train   Dorothy T
 lane> Gillej
Guesta, Minstrels, Travelers and Friends.
ACT [.- Lady Bountiful'   Garden.
ACT II.���Old Kinn Cole's Court.
Vet i.
"Boya  and Girls"- Misses  Juanita Heaton, Francis Herring, Ethel H mer,
Margaret   Doherty,  Mate! Wells, Grace  Eastman, Messrs E.  Mills, W.
Morris, e. Warnes, .1. p. Bllodeau, Stanley Gilchrist, A. Johnston.
"Indians on   Broadway"���-Mr.  Sutherland   and  Misses   Lisa  Burnett,  Vesta
Bent, Ina Slocum,  Kate Dauphinee,  Jeannette  Peele and  Messrs.  W.
Russell, A. .1. Small. W. E. Bantrm, O. S. rule. u. ]���;. English,
"King Cole"���Mr. Davis an 1 Choi [S.
"Down al the farmyard gate"���Mr. Whitmore, Campbell Watson and Eileen
"Bullfrog and the  Coon"���Mr. Macgowan and  Miss Lewis.
"Alamo"���Miss  Brymner and   Messrs.  English,  Baker,   Bllodeau,   Peel,  Mc-
Coll, Harrison.
"Quarrel Sons;" and Cupid's arrival.��� Entire company; Mrs Watson, soloist.
"*" Act II.
"Golden sunset  fades beyond the Hills"���Mr.   Bllodeau, assisted   by Male
"Don't   know  where I'm  going but   I'm on my way"���Mr. Peele.
"Hammock built for two"���Miss Munn and  Misses  Homer,   Heaton.  Messrs.
Mills.  Morris, Gilchrist, Small.
Alice,   where art  thou  going"���Mr. Gordon.
"If I should"���Miss Brymner and Mr. Sutherland.
"Has your Mother any more like you ?"���.Miss Corbould.
".lack and Jill"���Mr. Warnes.
"Attention"���Miss Wells and Mr. Johnston,   assisted   by   Misses   Burnet'.
Bent. Slocum, Corbould, Leamy, Peele, Messrs Small. Bllodeau, Banton.
English, Fletcher, McColl.
"Take n little ride with me," lAuto Parody)���Franklin and Lady Bountiful,
Jack and Jill, Boy Blue und Bo Peep,  Foxy Grandpa and   Miss  Mlffett,
King Cole and Mrs. Katzenjammer, Happy Hooligan and Countess Also.
Ilrainl Finale for the entire Company.
The audience is Invited  to rise and     join    in
Miss Maud  Charleson.  Pianist.
The Westminster Orchestra.
singing    the    National
C. P.  R.  Agent,
New Westminster
Assistant   General    Passenger   Agent,
S. �� Joan
Leaves Vancouver dally at 1:30 p.m.
Fraser River and Gulf
Prom N. \V. Mon. Wed. Krld. 8 a.m.
Prom Chwk.  'l'ui, 'i'ii., Sat., 7 a.m.
From  N.  W. Tu., Th.. Sat. 8 a.m.
feProin Chwk. Sun., Wed., Frl., 7 a.m.
Wrwisfei -
Prom  N.W. daily, ex. Slindaj
Add. I rip, .Monday, 6 a.m.
From Slevonton, 7 a.m. (Frl. *i a.m.I
Steamer Queen City.
Leaves Victoria   at   11   p.m.  on   lat,
7th. and  i lib e.uii month for Clayo-
quol:   leaves  Victoria    ou     20th     for
Steamer Transfer
Grand Trunk Ry.
Excellent Train Service Between
Chicago, London,
Hamilton, Toronto,
Montreal, Quebec,
Portland, Boston,
Tenders for a License to Cut Timber
on Dominion Lands in the Province
of British Columbia.
SEALED TENDERS   addressed   to j work
the Commissioner of Dominion Lands,
Departmenl of the Interior, and marked on the envelope "Tenders for Timber Berth No. 507," will be received at
this Department   until  noon on   Wednesday, tho   13th    day   of   February, ���
i'."i7. for a license   io cut   timber   on
Berth No. 50,7, situate In the Province \
of British Columbia, in Townships   a
and 6, Range G, Wesl of the 7th Meridian,  described    as    follows:    Commencing al a point   on   Gold   Creek. I
where the same is intersected by  the
Eastern boundary   of   the   Coqultlam
Water   Reserve, being the North and
South centre line of said Township 5,
Range 6, Wesl of ihe   7ih   Meridian; j
Foot of 4th Ave.  Cur. 16th  Street
New Westminster, D. C.
All kinds of Ship  repair
Ship and Scow   Building
a specialty.
Estimates   promptly furnished.
Eight Trains Every Day in the Year
Minneapolis, St. Paul
and Chicago
Westminster, B.C
Embodies the newest   and best ideas
R"'DE^CEL~24 Ei9hth Etreet'New  for   COMFORT,   CONVENIENCE.
and   LUXURY.     It   is   lighted   with
" ����th   electricity   and   gas;,   the   most
TAKE brilliantly   illuminated   train   in   the
j world.     The   equipment   consists   of
TlIP   V^hlfP   I   21$$ private   compartment   cars,   standard
| thence Xorth-Easterlj along said Gold
Leaves New   Westminster on  Mon   And all the principal business centers of rree]
day,  Tuesday,   Wednesday,  Thursdaj  ONTARIO, QUEBEC and the MARI-
and   Friday at  I   pjn. and Saturdaj TIME PROVINCES.
and Yukon Route
Mail Service
Close.   Received.
Utile, via h'unias 7. la a.m. <!.!'! p.m.
8ai>.|.e: Inn and Mill-
���kle, No. 1   7.45 a m. U.3B a.m.
Vattouiver. \o. i. 7. la a.m. D.00 a.m.
QN.II.   Clover,Ink?.,
Blaii.'c .Seattle.. .Via a.m. 3.30 p.m.
Van. ti. Ten. I'ark.k* .",0 a.m.   2.00 p.m.
Victoria   lo.;ii> a.m.   9.00 a.m.
Vast liunmhy    l.H'inn.    1.15 p.m.
l4Ujncr, St.iveslon,
���tc  l.HOpjn. il.noa.m.
C.F.U. cast, Knpper-
tou. Mlllsldv and
Comiltlain     11.00 p.m. 11.35 a.m,
Van. and  Hurui'iy ;i.:!0 p.m. tl.0(1 p.m.
Q.N.R. Flyer   ,  -LOO p.m. 11.00 p.m.
Tlmlierlanil,   Tue-s
and Friday  .   . ..12.U0 m. 12.00 in.
Quatsino and way points.
16  section  sleepers,  luxurious  dining
car, reclining chair cars  (seats  free),
modern   day   coaches   and   buffet,   li-
mlles, more ���   le a, lu dlr- " ' hrarv and smoking cars.
eel distance to the North-Easi cornei   f0I CONRAD, CARCROSS, ATI.IN,      For Time Tables, Folders   or any
of Timber Berth 38; thence duo North   WHITP    HORSF     DAWSON    and   further information  nil  n��� '...-  ,.,;,*��
pun. | at J! p.m. with additional trip on Mon-! Also, to .BUJjTALO, NEW YORK and 14V4 miles; thence South-Westerly. nm       '   	
allel 10 the general bearing of said
Creek within the berth, 2.75 miles,
more or less, 10 said l-aisi boundary of
PHILADELPHIA, via Niagara Falls.
Km- fime Tables, etc., address
lay at G a. m.
Leaves Steveston Monday. Tuesday,
Wednesday. Thursday and Saturday at GEO.  W. VA'jX.
7 a. ui.; Friday at 6 a. m. additional  Assistant Gen'l Passenger and Ticket Water      reserve      above-mentioned;
trip Saturday 6 p. m. Agent, 135 Adams St.. Chicago, 111.      thence due   South   along   said    Easl
boundary of Reserve named above IV4
miles, more or less, io    lhe    polnl   of
commencement, containing an area of
Leaves .\,w Westminster, 8 a, m.     NClSOIl & f t. MlMpnl Ity. 10.    I T.200 acres, more or less.
Mondays, Wednesdays aud Fridays. n J II       1 ���    fl     C ''"' uertn ""'*' '"' surveyed within
Leaves Chiiliwack 7 a, m. Tuesday, RCQ lflOUIIl3li1 Ry. 10. one year after   the notice of   the ac
Thursday   and   Saturdays,   calling   at
landings   between   New   Westminster
and Chiiliwack.
S. S. Beaver
Spokane Falls & Northern Ry Co.
Nelson & Ft. Sheppard Ry. Co.
8. S. Tees
The only all rail route between all
points east, west and south to Rossland, Nelson and intermediate points
connecting at Spokane with the Great
Northern, Northern Pac'ific and O. R.
& N. Co.
Leaves   Vancouver at   S   p.m.   2nd I    Connects at Rossland with the Can-
and  16th  of  each  month,  onllinB at'a(,ian  Pacific  Railway  for  Boundary
Skldegate on first trip and Bella Coola   Creek P��'nts-
on second  tilp. Time on arrival and      Connects at    Meyers    Falls    with
,,.���,���,���. ,     , -stage ('lily for  Republic.
departure   are  approximate. 1,  ��,.;���'     . ..
1 ' Buffet   service   on   trains   between
For   reservations   and   Information Spokane and Nelson.
call or address Effective    Sunday,    November    10,
F.n. GOULET, 1 1^''               n      t   ���
Agent. Mew Westminster. ' Lcave             Dacy T.ra,n              Arr'vc
E   T   COYIF Q.20 a.m Spokane ....7.15 p.m.
���'.sst. ��en. Pass  Agent,'Vancouver      I3,2S pin Rossland ....4.10 p.m.
���T. \V. TROUP, Q.40 a.m Nelson  6.45 pm
Ueiienii Super.'ntendant, Victoria. II. A. JACKSON
> eptance of tender.
The regulai ions under which a lie-
���use will lie issued, also printed forms
of tender ami envelope, may be obtained at this Departmenl or al the office of the Crown Timber Agent al
New Westminster, B. C.
Bach tender must be accompanied
by an accepted cheque on a chartered
bank In favor of the Deputy of the
Minister of the Interior, for the
amount of the bonus which the appll-
. ant is prepared to pay for a license.
No lender by telegraph will I e en-
,1 rtained.
Departmenl of 1 he interior.
Ottawa, January Ith, 1907.
1 URBANKS, Daily trains (except
Sunday) carrying passengers, mail,
express and freight connect with
stages at Carcross and White Horse,
maintaining a through winter service.
1 .a information apply to
J,  11   ROGERS,  Traffic  Mansgei,
Vincouver.  B. C
'jo Second Avenue, Seattlt, Wash
18,000 I EMPRESS OF  BRITAIN 114,800
If you are sending for friends from
the   Old   Country,   buy   tickets now
while the  cheap   rales  are on. Yen
can get better   accommodation and
cheaper rate by applying to
C.P.R. Agent.
I Northern Pacific j
*.*- -�����������.___ .4
Trains Daily
Travel on the Famous
Electric-lighted train.    Low Rates.
Quick Timc."��^r-���||K.vcellent Service.
New York, Chicago,
Toronto, St. Paul
Steamshir Tickets on sale to all European points.
Special   Reduced   Rates   Round   Trip
Rates  to   Southern   California.
For full informtion call on or write
G. E. LANG, General Agent,
480 Hastings St., Vancouver, B. C.
Portland, Ore '   4
today  from    Murchie'fl    undertaking!   thc "Maa" Who ii��<i�� �����>����� ����"�����
In the Basque country the children
Published by  the Daily News Pub- Oenn,  dry crystals ��� that  are p'" '"*
iishing  Company    Limited,   at   their        absolutely pure���that will not cake
offices, corner  'of   Sixth   and   Fronl        -that  i�� WINDSOR TABLE T!l"   toueral   "''   -,:"iios   Spiers of   which are uwd entirely for asWur
Port   Kells. who died  in the hospital   al and draft work, and as II Dj instinct
row| obtain complete control over   ���
���' ��� ������'������j'l
begin to work ai .-in early age.   They
learn   to   tend   anil   guflfle   Hn'  ^>'-*-
streets, N'ew Westminster, B.C.
SALT.    The besl for table use.
Managing Director J. C. Brown
yesierday.   will   take   place   ^-1-7^,7,^  ;lla���  ���, ,, ���������  thei
"    Murchiea   undertaking   parlors    JJ^  T|l��� st���,,lv ,���,.,���,,������ ,,.:i-y-,.,-.
The remains  will  be Interred  In the 1 ^ (jjj ^ ,,.���.,���.,. lU, :lll,i 1,,,,.:,..-.,��� I ami
Masonic   cemetery. bareheaded he goes with the cows to
the pnstures. li' oue should stray ou to
a neighboring patch he is after it with
his long stick and Basque adjurations
/-VERTISING RATES. .,.      , ,    ,     _..     ..
11    the  Editor ol   the  Daily   News:	
Tranaieu.   display   advertising.   10      g,      , ,..���,���,,. BU1.prlsed t0 S(V r,,u|..h 1 i��t
cent* per   me    nonpariel)  12 lines to Revised  List
the  inch.      Five ceutt  per  line  tor thai   no  mention  was  made  In  your      Of bookings at the Opera House in I and brings It scampering back, general
FurseQfent inaertlons. report of the Conservative Rallj held  January: ' ly holding on i" its tail meanwhile
Reading notices, hold face type, 20 .,,   ,,1(, ()||(.|..1   HlM1S(. ,.tst   Monday on      24th   Cupid  In   Posterland Strand Magazine
������entsperline brevier or nonpariel. 10 ^ Wj    patro8lz,ng   ������,���,���,.   ,n       2gth   CupJ(j [n   Po8ter,and
, , which Mr. See  Em Woodworth refer-      28th,   Pollard  Opera Company
&S a^dy to��KHBbR2^ - to our city.    pening, he spread j    29th, Pollard Opera Company,'
Notices   of    hirths,    marriages   or out   his arms as il  to bless his and-,   ____
deaths, 60c.   Wants, for sales, lost or lence, Informing them how  delighted i
found, rooms to let, etc., one cent per ||r w&g U) |c,.m, I|u, 1|HSl!l, .,,���, husll,, ChllU ��n,i 11... n��th..
word.       No advertisement  taken  for
;?ej than 25 cents.
I |j:ivo  'een  Informed thai   Mr.  A.
\Y.   Eichoff   has   been   canvassing  and
Hot  water  bathing  is  beneficial   In   ,,   ���   . , ,    ,, ui���,���,��� ��.,,..!,,,, MaehinoH
of  stirring  Vancouver   ami   come   to   counteractlng   ,������   (,n,���,   o(   ���   chill,   tr^ng to sell Singer Sew ng Machines.
; our Qule, little town. He was prompt- ; ,,irst> u ,|llll(���N .���,���������.,. M,iS(.hi(.f ���.ork.      1 wish �����. *an. the pul  that  Mr
1 1,. thanked by one of the audience.      i Pll ,,,. f,���, ,.,������.   Tll(. latter has spnt tno Eichoff is not In anj  way  connected
Hui    whal    surprised   me   most   was < much  blood  internally, so risking eon- w,tn   the Singer  Sewing   Machine  Co
Day Office  A22   his pedegogic utterances on the geog- ; gestlon.    Heat brings the blood to the . :l1"1 cannol furnish anyone with a new
Night  Office    B22   raphj   of  North   America,   he  told  us   surface.     Heat   is  not   life,  but   It  Is Singer  Sewing  Machine.
t ���   where   the   Panama  Canal   was.  and   one of the factors of life.   Indeed, dls- H.T.TODD.
'   then   laboriously   took   us   along   the   solution  always   urs  when  the  In-
,       ,  ,       ,,:.     ,,     ,. 1,     ,. ,     ternal   bodily  temperature  Is  greatly
coast,  nol   lorgeltllig   Ihe   (.olden dale ��� ' _.-_,..,     __^____
lowered.     Heat   will   not  keep  a  body   	
New Westminster,  li. C
. UNION^lj .1 ARI 1
ii    the   Viikon:   luil   mj 1   we  did   miss
WEDNESDAY.   JAN.   23,   1907.
Ihe   slereopi icon   views
alive  ami   greal  heat   will   illl   It.     In    WANTED-Hoy    to   sweep   out   olli.
Ihen, as ii mnny morbiil states of the system, aa In mornings.   Apply A. S Johnston,
    ,N* was ll1"  sufficient  for a long Biif- rheumatism,   hot   Laths   are  of  great >.,,..  whealler's office,   in Lorne Si
ferlng  audience,  he   dilated   on   the service,   Warm baths are useless. The <ij:v )vl
FALSE  AND  FOOLISH. plains  of  the   Northwesl   Territories, heat   should   he   as   m-enl   as  can  be
i .     Columbian   last   nighl   printed   bui   of politics   in   British     Columbia   borne without pain.
an   art! le   headed   "As   to   Mr.   Hah-   hard))  a word.     If Mr. See 'Em Is a
cock" In ��liicli II makes a number of
very   reckless   and   some   very
misstatements.   Take ihis samph
i| eciinen of 1 lie bm wigs of ihe Con-
WANTED���Experienced lady booh
keeper. Apply New Method Laun
dry.    Burr block, Columbia St     7 F
��� ni. 11-N.
'        -..'  ���,.      -.. :        1'"aUi'"   |S   ","  ,inl,1��  -iv""  t<> ���   ''"I"
ur,   reckless  and   some   very   silly, h       the better.     What   we warn   ^atod class of fanatics fotmd In many   WANTED_B0YS to deliver dodgers
parts nf the east. )mit mere particularly
are lacs about  our own  province, nol    ,���   ,,���,,.,     s f  ,,���,,���   w���,   ,���.���.��� ',,        Saturday.    Apply  247   Front   Street.
-Who appointed  Mr.  Babcock? Th��    Icfanl  class   lectures  on   geography.     vo,,v ,,, C0ntlnue all their lives in one1 1,;l'
Dunsmuir govern nt, in   1901. Perhaps I am wrong In  writing this,   posture nnd adhere to It strictly.   Oth
ar nothing can help the Liberal part)    ers never lie down,  but  remain  In n LOST���Brown cocker spaniel.   Flndei
more than  to  have  1 pie compelled   standing  position   all   their  lives,   up- please return to F. Reichenbach.   tl
io sit and listen to such 1 waddle from | ll0,,l only by stick* or ropes under the
armpits     They  pretend  to have sith- ROOM TO    LET���With    or    without
dued every passion of mortality. board.    Apply, Eleventh streel and
Wlin joined the Dunsmuir governmenl after this appointment, saying
that ii was the best governmenl we
had had in the province? Mr. Hrown."
I: is true thai the Dunsmuir govern-
meut appointed Mr, Babcock, but the
rest of the statement is absolutely
false. Mr. Hrown had ceased to be a
member   of   the   Government   before
Yours   Faithfully,
Queen's avenue.
your printing for the New Yea;-,
Arrow Press, Daily News, MRS.
DOMINY,  Prop.
An exchange asks, What becomes 1 '   JQ_   pR|NT|NG   .Le|   ���s    flgure    0���
Obituary. , ���n  t)10  pmsi   why,  they  fall  to  tin
\   large   number of  citizens   were   earth nud become terrapins.���AUanto
Mr. Babcock was heard of In British present al  the funeral of the late A.    Journal.
Columbia. ���*���'��� Malins, which took place yesterday ���	
Suppose it were true, however, whal afternoon, The Impressive Anglican
would it amount to? The point is the service was conducted in Holy Trim
official recommendation of the Mc- '���> Cathedral by Rev. A Shildrlek,
Bride Governmenl in 1904. ind as the funeral college lefl the
Then we have the childishly silly edifice, the audience arose as the
statement thai Babcock had no pow- strains of the "Dead March in Saul"
ei io injure the fisheries of the Fra-1 pealed forth from the organ. The
ser until li was given by the l.aurier greatest sympathy is fell for the be-
governmenl in appolnlfng him a mem- reavert widow and the family of the
ber of the fisheries commission, The deceased. A. Malins was prohibited
fact, of course, is thai his position as from attending on accounl of a severe
fisher) experl of the McBride govern- attack of the prevailing epidemic. A
menl made ii Impossible for the Ot- large number of vehicles followed in
tawa governmenl to pass over blm the funeral cortege, as the remains
hi appointing the commlmssion. The were carried oul to and interred in
flrsl intention was to make him mere- the Anglican cemetery.
1) a son of adviser in ihe commission The chief mourners were the father-
but ih" influence of certain good Con- inlaw of the deceased, II. O. Brown,
servattves iu British Columbia was and the brother-in-law, J. P. Hamilton
exerted to have him made a full fled- Bole.
-''���I commissioner, The   pall  hearers   were  Messrs.   M.
There   are   the   facts,   and   rurther M    English,   .1.   G.  Brymner,    .1.     R.
racts  are   lhat   the   McBrlde   govern- Giant, F. ,1. Coulthard, T.  A.Graeme
ment   issued,   under   official   sanction,   and G. B. Corl Id.    Wreaths, sprays,
fl   the  govern nl   printing  office, ��nd   other   floral   emblems   were senl
efore lhe commission was appointed, il! sreal profusion. Among them were
,,,;,,'  reports calling for the .losing contributions by II. 0. Brown, Mr. and
,"   salmon   fishing    entirely    In   the Mrs. Hampton Hole. Hon   W. Norman
,.,      ,.,"-.-,   and further .-ailing for ;'1-'1   Mrs-  Bole,   Mr.  and   Mrs   W.   li:
i,     absolute    prohibit!. 'salmon Keary, Mr. and Mrs Beveridge, Miss
ahove      N.-w     Westminster ; Pittendiigb, Mr. T. S. Annandab, Mrs
���    all  time   and thai   neither '���'���  ���'��� Coulthard,   Mr.  and   Mrs   L.  A.
.-. , unhiar,  nor  Mr. Gifford dared '^wla,  Mr   Edward  Johnston, F. Col
io   utter   so   much
QT TTTQ     tweed anil
The Wardrobe Clothier;
Our Waterproof Arctics are great protectorsjon
a cold winter's day.
Don't Have Cold Pect
Nothing can equal a pair of Arctics for keeping
the feet warm and drv.
a   whimper  In
Ion,   and   family,   Westminster  Club,
Mr, and   Mrs-Arthur  Malin -.   Mr    M
M,   English,   Mr.     ami     Mrs     .lame:
.!   w   deB.  Farris can c mnl on    ' ":i!"v'  Miss   B    un   1   an I  Mr.  Hr 1;
..,. ptl 111    whei r   he   ad '���   !   ���  : l;      ''���        ''    ,; ': '  -   !";' '
,;  \cw Westminster audience.   Mr   T- u'-  Shadham. M      ind   M      K
E endeavor to give satisfaction
to our customers; we think wi
have, as our business has grow.
rapidly during the past yeai
[f you are not dealing wit!
us, we won id be pleased tohai
yon give us a trial.
The kind we keep
and forcible    |iei   h   il
������-,'.',        ;. night   ha
'.    !        ��� '     ' '':
hlen lis a.-o
There I
1 1
.    .     ��� ��� a    la
l;i The  nn ihod   Is
1  ���
." ' im
liin    ���     .       ���        :
ii,.  1 installed
em,     ::   in'.'
Craeme, M     ami    1      ,1. II
in .. Mrs Hour:   l.')oyl'    Mrs. J. C.  '������
itrong,   Mi   i   Kreese. O.   1
i si led   H       Ma
nil 1 :'''..'
BAS, made with heavy wool lining, the 3-buckle kind. $3 a pair
���^>  '..
���a - ,���i
<���.     I.
;'. |
������ -I
t I
Mr.  an I  Mrs Job Davi
lng thi    .��� ���      little d
Vlma Cecllin, afieil ears     T
1   ;'  "'���   r��'   the pin I      |Ule  0Jle  ha(]   |
-    I (,n ;  ' ""   "'    time.    iTh     .
n '.,   . lln       irb-wi '     ele
me which, he ela
.      ,  ���        ��� ��� in disl
Men's medium heighl FINE
JERSEY ARCTICS, black fleece
lining.       ! ! 0 a pair.
pair    absolutely     waterproof.
' *S a pair.
Ask for OVERSHOES and you'!! get genuine
* j ������^������
3i^ Re iuctior
iiLAuIE ' >LO
A. ���). BIRTCH,
275 C '
B      '-
\ t
turowiii..;  ,   :,;
.���i��. m t
Exp '   b An     ���  '     Setli    ent,
To I   o,, Jan. --     In i
lhe   House of Pei     , Mai
loin lie-l the Sn i Lai        (i        '       lie 12.75 up
rjuesl Up sai (icntiom r  Watches,   open
Ins . - '      �� ,:l"' ',;'""
���     ��� '    ���   . , double
llemein  of the schoi - .    ��� ...
American     "���     i " or ll      elel     I uth Bend
lo reach   a  satisfael ��� ���        ��� ������  Arc-
ii. ������.
II'        ���    '    ' el " ; ,
: I ������ " .
EngEish  Watciifnskcr     ^
V'   ,   doors   It im   Ceo.  A Jams,   Grocer
' ��� 5,
ie '   m       N   Westminster.
. -.. ..-
. i
of . rs si'iE'.uoi   .,. . .y ; \ a
ONLY   C/.Uj  .        Cl      \   RA    C
CREASING  DE D   ���    R   01
-    -  I     ' U
>a!   ���'���  St Hs      I    and '
Prices down to zero on many lines during our
January Clearance Sale.
This Clearance Sale has spread out bigger, larger
and better than ever it was in the past. Of course,
that's reasonable. You would be disappointed in
SMITH'S if it were not so.
at clearance
i ilearance time In I lo.- st  bas ai
��� '.������ |,    and    at      a  time when  many
. tores    are    reaping    their      lai gest
Buying Furs at Smith's now   is   as
' i as double savings.
Whin- Thibet, Foxaline an I  Rabbit
N'tck Scarfs,    al   the following reductions    $2 "" for $1.50;  $4 00 for $2.90;
$,".75 for $3.50;   $7.00 for $4.50;   $7.50
'.)       foi  $4.50; $9.00 for $6.50.
The Daily Details
$7.50 Sable Ruffs now $4.75.
at the
Most Favorable Prices
Plain Cashmere, Ribbed Wool and Ribbed Worsted HOSE, in full
ladies' -i/." anil boys' size;  reg      ir 35c;   lanuary Sale 25c
Ribbed Cashmere HOSE, fine import. I quality, ill rib: sizes s1-.
9, 91;, .mi Hi; splendid value at ihe regular price, 50c; January
Sale J   for 75c
Elastic Hose Supporters (side) : a clearance of oddments;  three   loz-
en pairs a' the following prices:   $] for 50c;   50c for 25c; 25c for 15c.
*WAfter-       \
For cut Bowers, Bridal Boquets and
Funeral designs, a specialty.    'Phone
Tidy the Florist. AIM.
The Spiers case is still postponed
It is not known definitely when it
will be brought up, but it is expected
to eome on  in  the near future.
Owing io a severe attack of ihe
grip, Magistrate Corbould was unable
to attend the court, Magistrate Pit-
tendrigh taking his place, yesterday. .
Mr. Alex. Speck, has received permission from the city council to lay
building material on the si reel and
will commence immediately to convert the old Vulcan Iron works into
an up-to-date automobile garage-
Shall we have Ix>cal Option? Hear
In. Chown on the question.
lya at Fire Hall No. 1, are
. in-; turns at getting the Jap Mat-
mda rea ly for his coming match
with Swanson. They report the Jap
Iii excellent con litlon, and are very
sanguine, as  to the issue.
This i ���" n ion at I o'clock, Dr.
Chown will hold a conference In the
lecture room of Queen's avenue Meth-
" list i-h'ii' b ��i'h the members of the
Mini iterial soelation, the W.CT.I'..
the It. T. ol T., an i any Interested
emperani e ��orkers who may care to
A goo I sl iry Is told around
town, iu which the joke is on the coal
dealer. II appears that two men
were In partnership in the coal business and they had been boos,ing prices aie! otherwise try ing to get rich
quick. One Sunday one of them
strayed into a church and became con-
verted. He went down to business
the following daj prepared to talk to
his partn ir an I ; ersua le him If possible to be of a like mind. The partner thought for a few minutes and
then said, "Well, Jim, 1 have no objection ��� ) befouling converted, bin.
if I do, who will weiuh out the coal."
w. A. Dashwo id .lines, ig another
o! the sufferers from the recent heavy
snow fall. The weight of snow was
so great that it broke in the roof of
his greenhouse which is seventy-five
feet long. The result is that all his
choice plants are destroyed and it will
be necessary for him to start all over
again  or else  go out of business.    It
Farm   Land!
20  Acres
$20 per acre
First-class   Soil
Good   Location
Good   Road
Only   6    miles    from   City
��� .- ��� ���   ��������� .
aca*:     ' -. .<a&* .;��tf^aa^��-. .-^rvr ~^xs?i&$jg&B#mm osse
mm   \   WHITE & SMILES
260 Columbia Sl., New Westminster
Phone 85.
-        .   '.':'';
We'v(     ' too many Overcoats and we don't believe th:   ���   i Ijave   ��� I      ugh.
i 'icl! ours and here's the way we feel about it:
We \ ould rather sacrifice our profit and  ?art of the cost than carry the Coats over to    i&i
another   eason.    There's nothing wrong about our proposition.
It's ?;ood business for us io do so
The r its are : till
Ti. ' '. ilgli In cut,
N. i ���11, . ives" i
Overroal    \     offe
esl   .'"���'������ ������ ha I.
ring,    . | .. ��� produc i    De      I    ers.
In, fa     md s iuar       foi      if;  m get i   .
plain!;   put:
o on
1 3.50
oo   I
r'.Vefri.      ���
.j*!**��� -
C?.i ./' 
&A\    T e Casu C-othier
�����T; ' ;������,'������:'. . ,:?:..&: <^,. '\:-..:'^tm��
i-  not   long   since   Mr   Jones  slipped
through the roof of his greenhouse
and cut his hand so badly that he
nearly died from loss of blood. Mr.
Jones says he wishes that the snow
had broken in the greenhouse roof
before he fell through it, he would be
money In pocket.
Lectures on the Tabernacle of Israel, illustrated by chart, will be delivered each night this week in the
Gospel hall on the corner of Sixth
avenue and Ninth street, with the exception of Saturday evening. The
subject for tonight will be -The Golden Bars, Altar and Lamp." Christ-
ians of all denominations cordially invited.
Good music. Seats free. Free admission to the lecture by Dr. Chown of
An attempt is to be made today to
release the Beaver and the Transfer
from durance vile In the bone yard,
where they have been tied up during
the ml.i snap, it is understood that
the C P. X. Co. is nyitig tn sec ire
the services of the Dauntless to clear
the Hack an 1 make way for the re-
h a.-" of the captives. It Is also rumored that the Beaver will be pul on
the down rivet- run as sunn as there
Is any possibility of getting through.
The Transfer will take a still further
rest until the river is clear enough
for the Beaver io resume Its regular
up river run.
The toot of ?lie Dauntless' whistle
was heard yesierday once again and
many of the old steamboat men
pricked up their ears and smiled as
though il was the sweetest of music.
The vessel found some difficulty in
getting In from the bend on account
of the passage which was cleared a
lew days ago, blocking up with drift
Ice. The vessel look hold of the proposition quietly and carefully, and in
a short time managed to work through
The ice was heavy and in spots, very
thick. The scow which the vessel
brought in contained a cargo of 240
tons of Nahaimo coal. More is expected in during the week.
Remember the old pledge you signed and come up and hear Dr. Chown
on the Liquor Habit tonight in
Queen's  avenue  Methodist   church.
This evening at 8 o'clock-. Dr.
Chown. secretary of the Temperance
and Moral Reform association will
address a meeting in Queen's avenue
Methodisl church. He will deal with
matters of vital importance to the
parents of the city and citizens in
general. The regular mid-week prayer meetings in the various churches
have been cancelled iii order that all
the members may have the opportunity of hearing Dr. Chown's lecture. The
lecturer's head quarters are In Toronto and he has been sent to the
west :n tour the province, speaking
wherever  opportunity   presents   il ���
e interests of the sociely h ��� ���"-
:  ���   ents,   an I the country  at   large.
i      1 loin rty, supei intendent  of the
P      im    '    .    lum, has jusi   returne I
me, having  I een in
,vi   : ���' ���   Depti      Utoi ney-
���' ������   LTnite 1 Sta    i as rents  the  new  law  regar ling in sane
...     avi   I-:'1.'-"       .   the  i'ni-
������ I    re      present coi
O n e l   l
roved   an   American
been all
.      . Ities, anl Mr   M
Pntuld, attorney-general
that tl
,, i ..   ���        : eill -    who    we: '���    I .    S.
I   1
���  ���     ���
lenta  In   the   i
: ir   S. D. I      ivr   ol   Fi i oni >,  is a
ind will i ������ ' . ���
unci    ���        ! meeting l mil hi  In
..    . ���,-    avenue   >Ii   ;i   II >1 church   X )
a Imi sl ui i h irge I.
\   ' an   wl  '   came   In   fr >m
���    i    '    lay, lo Igi I a     implalnl
that he 1    . '      a ������ ���' I ������ ati h   i i
.in   i ar   while   i imin \   In
S attic     He  stated that  he  put   th ���
v atch   un ler   bis   pillow   an   wen'   - i
t He  woke  ��\) in Lhe' morning
In time I > i bange on to the C. P, R.
train   al   ���'��� imas,   an I   In  bis   hurrry
rame  away   without  his  watch,     '   '
wired   ba ���!<  Immedlatelj  on   lisi   vei
:.- I   is and asked t ir   ' e c
:. i the n :   dn ; prop
held for him.   The negro porter was
commumnicated   with, who    wa-3    In
charge of the car al night,   li" a
-    in Ing      i the berth  li -
absolutely  no i ign of a wal ch o
else 1 elonglng to his lal
The   los
Lee's Furniture Emporium
For Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums,
Window Shades, Pictures and Framing,
Couches, Parlor Goods, Rattan Goods.
LEE S     Furniture     Emporium
Dupont Block New Westminster        Tel. 73
Our Prices and the Temperature Are Both Away Down
4 cleared Lots in Sapperton for $500
3 Lots in Sapperton  " 250
3 Lots on Princess St  " 850
Burnaby, 10 Lots  " 550
"       partly cleared  " 550
2 3-4 acres on car line  " 700
"       22 Lots, two cleared, new House... " 1400
Call   and   inspect  our  complete  list
at  attractive  prices.
"The Farm Land Spec alists," New Westminster
We have taken the Maple Leaf for our trade mark, because it is Canadian
(Maple Leaf
$ fa
"The Best is the Cheapest"
The old rule works both ways if you get your dental work
done by the "Boston Dentists." Our operators are all graduate specialists of many years' experience. We employ no others. Their
work, accomplished with the aid of the "Boston Dentists'" patented painless methods, Is the best known to the profession. Our
gold and porcelain crown an 1 bridge work cannot be equalled anywhere at any price.    Let us give you an estimate.
We Guarantee al! Our Work for 10 Years With a
Protective Guarantee
Read Our Prices���They Never Change
Full set of teeth $5 and up
Gold Crowns   $5.00
Bri lge W irk, per I "-;;... .$3.00
Gold Fillings,
Silver Fillings
Extracting..  .
.$1   and   up
407 Hastings St., Vancouver, B. C.
Hours 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.  .DR. A. R. BA KER,  Consulting Dentist.
emporary Premises: Trapp Block
Plumbing and Contracting
P. O. Cox 24S
Telephone 302
I |C III)     I tl    D! vili'ri's.
������"I c i ndi ��� :.\;: r ren on why- -���> much
time n ��� inll.i elap <- between lhe fllliiR
nf p tltii ti nntl the he irlng or trial In
divorce  proeeiHliiiRs   is   not   generally
understood," remarked n  lawyer  who
makes n specialty of this chariieter of
prai lice.   'Tcrhaps it Is within tho clr-
. ' ��� of truth tn sny thai In n majority
of  cases,  If  either  husband   or   wife,
1   -,  :���    Ide   ' ���   plaintiff,   'h ml I
���slop, look an 1 listen,' as ii were, tin
troul lo would be adjusted oul of i nn
entirely.   As n rule, jn Ig ���    '��� ��� ;
ed t-i afford ample lime for il ime iti
partners to ponib r well li ���;' ire pur i
in:  furtl er toward   '    nl   i   Ire  i   I  r
trlmou] il 'IHvorce  in
b:i    ���      1 repeni    t lei sure' hn. 1
��� :��� n .-.    (if   ' '  " e,  if  afl
rell 'ctlou ii
i   t ensue, tho average;
>.   ������ "������ . '      lug the V.i-'.
itl -..ii   Re   Woru'e.
When tbe poet Wordsworth died an
eld lady rt Ambleside lost no time In
telling the mournful news to an old
nnd confidential manservant. "Ey, ey!"
nuolh Thouias, "It's a gre't loss nae
.lo.ii. bui efter a' it may not be sic n
parlish loss ns ye're coontln' on. Mrs.
Wordsworth, they sny, Is n gey, clever
body, an I she ll be carryin1 on the
business, wo may be sewer."
Fatl        bi       dr ml  to the band ol
Ills dm -1  sliniilil  fall
iii.' m,i  Irtsl cent, would yen
��� III ; ir ' :y ���' "i   hl.'i-V    Lever    N   '���
i   ���. Hy.     I  know ; "il to I .' II  man C I]  I-
���   ���   ������    'tting to work ng iln and mnlc^
in     ier foi tune.-  Il Mondo Umof��
��� -. ���,
So mal    ' h ������������      '":   th ' sar
i Is, he i ���      i to have a lot -f
; -lend      ' liter   ile.l THE DAILY NEWS
Hlrlmrd   Hokiiit'i   I'rmllur   Kip��rt>
t-ncr   In   Alt-til.n.
When Wagner was at the height of
his popularity he visited Vienna. Bar
c;. von Beast, then chancellor of the
empire, was Informed that the Prussian party intended to give him an Im-
mense serenade���a serenade which
would have the air of German protest
against the tendency of the ministry to
make ihe union of Hungary and Austria more intimate. The demonstration
promised to arouse Rtrong feeling.
"Your excellency is warned." said
The chancellor's advisers. "It Is Impossible to stop this manifestation unless
Wagner goes away, and be loves ovations to i well. Nothing will Induce him
to depart."
"You think so." said. Beust, with a
An hour later Wagner was invited to '
Ulue with the chancellor.   He was flattered by the invitation and accepted it. -
After dinner, at  which Ileust  was de- I
lightfully affable and entertaining, tha
chancellor  remarked:   "Herr   Wagner,
are you  Interested  In  autographs?   I
have some very curious ones to show
you."  And he opened a portfolio where
wore letters of Palmerston, Bismarck,
Napoleon 111.. Heine and others.
Suddenly turning to a paper, dated
IMS, he said: "Ah. look at this. It Is
very curious. What would your friend
his highness the king of Bavaria say if
this paper, which would be significant
in connection with the political sere-
nade which the Germaus are going to
give you, should le published tomorrow in the Vienna papers?"
The composer examined ihe paper
nud recognized, with surprise, an old
proclamation of one ttiehard Wagner,
-who. an ardent revolutionist in 1S4S.
bad proposed to ihe youth of Unit time
to set lire to the palace of tbe king of
Saxony. He saw his nutogrupb and
that It might be the means of getting
him into serious trouble.
"Very curloua, is it not, lle-r Wagner?" said the minister.
"Very curious, your excelle>icy," replied bis guest.
The next morning Richard Waguer
left Vienna, recalled to Baireuth by
urgent business.���Strand Magazine.
A I'riirni Tliat ll��-i| iilr.-n Bath Patience mill Skip.
With certain tribes wampum is still
highly prized and necklaces are worn
by men. women and children when
they are the fortunate possessors of
them. To make wampum various kinds
of shells are used, white and those
having a hrVendor hue being most
The thin shells are broken Into little
pieces and by aid of nippers are made
us nearly round as possible. When
each piece is drilled in the center, the
old time lire kindling style of drill being used, the shells are then strung and
rolled with the hand on a flat stone.
which grinds them until they are
smooth and even.
Comparatively few Indians among
those who prize wampum beads most
highly have the skill or patience to
make tbem. even though they had tbe
materials. The fact Is there are but
few wampum bead makers In the country, and it often happens that long pilgrimages must be made to secure the
requisites for really fine beads, and, as
With the white man's trinkets, that
Which is "far fetched and dear bought"
is most sought after for ornamentation.
Around some of the anclenl ruins in
the southwest the little disks of wampum are often found iu the sand, and It
is probable thai they were deposited
iu tbe graves in very early times and
washed out or expose.I by the wind's
fiction. These ruins are in the best
state of preservation of any In the
country. Absolut, ly nothing is known
of their builders, and the origin of
these   ruins   was   as   much   a   mystery
when Coronado first saw ll i in 1510.
when he made Ids famous invasion, as
it is to the people of the present day.���
Indian's Friend.
Oxygen itnil NKushrooniM.
A singular way of removing oxygen
from the air by tho aid of a plant is
as follows: Inside a glass bell jar. suspended over water, is placed a mushroom, nnd sunlight N allowed to fall
upon the plant. Tho mushroom absorbs the oxygen from the air In the
jar. and the carbonl ��� acid formed during the process is absorbed by the water, -.-. I loh gradualb, rises In the jar
��� i one fifth ��� f its height. Tbe mush-
ro ���::. now dries up, but its animation
i- onlj suspended, - may be proved
1 y Intro hieing beside it a gre -:i plant,
when it will recoini lenee to vegelnte,
being nourished by 'la- oxygen exhaled
from the fresh plant
"Mr. Merchant," said the new clerk,
preparing to ask for m ire money, "I
think I understand the business pretty
well now, and"
"Yes,?" Interrupted his employer.
"Well, keep at it four or live years.
Perhaps you'll understand it then as
well as you think you do now."���Philadelphia Press.
any Real Estate yet, or are you like many more, keeping your money
tied up in the banks at 3 per cent, allowing some other man to borrow money from them at 7 per cent and make 100 per cent out ot the
money borrowed? This is done every day in the year. It you have
not tried it yet, do so now.   Don't hesitate longer.
Delay  May  Mean
simply the difference between living from hand to mouth and independence. READ   OUR   LIST.
WllITKSIDE &  EDS     C^
"     ters and lollcitoi    i.   ',h"
Columbia   street,    \.
W. J. Whiteside, li   i
���   '���    i   I::
tor of the aupre
Canadian   Hank  of   <
ing,  Columbia  streel
office.  New  Westuih.   ,   '"���" to
loan. "'-"m;
MARTIN. WKART  fi   .,,,,,-.,/
barristers, solicit,
flees:    New Weatmli
corner   Clarkson  ami    ,,,���
Vancouver, rooms 21 t,,   t  ,   '
villo street.    Joseph M   tin  k
Bourne. Mr. Martin v,,j| b ' ' -
Westminster offices ... oLr'l
Tnl. inu   I'llii.i   Down.
Flrsl Daughter���Oh, papa, dear,
two young men we've met down here
have asked us to marry them. Tutlier
-They'd better see me first, Second
Daughter���Oh, they've seen you, papa,
aud they love us notwithstanding.
A   lush Ion   Vole.
Doctor (to female patient)���You've
got a slight touch of fever. Your
tongue has a thick coat Patient (excitedly)���Oh, docl ir, do tell me how It
Beading is thinking with some one
<dso's bead instead of m\i\\ own���
13-roomed House, with
bath room, pantry, scullery, root house and wood
shed attached; electric
light; hot and cold water.
181 ft. front, 280 ft. deep
(more or less). All kinds of
fruit, 5 walnut trees, all
bearing small fruit. Price
for the whole $5,500;
terms half cash, bal. 7 per
cent. Price of house and
land going with it, $4,000.
Telephonic communication
with house.
2 lots can be bought separately; 50 ft. front, 280
ft. deep, $750 each; good
bearing fruit trees; lane on
back from 3rd Ave. to 4th
One acre back of the
Orphanage. $800 cash.
For full particulars apply
at once.
House on Brant ford St.,
rents $15 per month. Will
sell for $1,500. Terms
$750 cash, bal. easy.
86 acres, half mile waterfront, G.N.
R. running    through.       $9,460, terms1
easy.     Investigate.
Two storey house between Fourth
and Fifth avenue, seven rooms. Rents
for $15.    $1,700.
Six lots. 50x150, outside city limits
$60 each lot. Fuller particulars on
160 acres, Westminster district, 40 j
acres under cultivation, 10 acres orchard, % acre strawberries planted
this year; alder bottom land; running
spring; house 18 x L'2; frame barn 30
x 32; 14-post frame house and covv
stables, three in all, stable S cows and
2 span horses; near Mission Station;
schools, churches near at hand;
steamer lands twice a day; about 100
acres timber, fir and cedar, never been
logged; $2,000 refused for standing
timber; carriage house IG x 2t; hen
house made of hewed timber laid in
mortar, 12 x :;u. A chance of a lifetime, $S,000, S-i.bOO cash, balance at 6
per cent.
Another   of   Our   Snaps.
320 acres near Cloverdale; one mile
from school. 4'i acres cropped this
year. 30 acres slashed, easily cleared.
Best prairie land. Frame house, (1
rooms, plastered; large barn, chicken
In.use, woodshed, etc., etc. Only
$6,400. terms easy.
Snap in Lots.
Three lots, less 10 feet, corner (if
Sixth street and Fifth avenue. Just
$1,000, terms easy.
Vacant lots for sale in all parts of
the city, from $25.00 to $3,000
SO acres, one mile from Abhotsford,
10 acres cleared, good soil, 220 fruit
trees, price $1,400, half cash, balance
in three equal payments at reasonable
150 acres improved land,  buildings
and sheds complete, near Cloverdale; :
all under cultivation, $15,000.    If yon
can  handle   this,  don't  delay;   it's a-
bargain; terms can be arranged.
This is in Victoria, are you moving?
I room collage, water lavatory, back
liichen: harn 20x25: size of lot, 40x
I 10; fence I and cleared; only $1,200.
Easy terms. Enquire at unci- lor fuller particulars.
2 lots, coiner .'.tb street and Bth
avenue; size of lot 100x100. Corner
lot. Can be bought at once for $450,
inside lot $400.    Good snap.
His acres, Coqultlam, 10 acre.- clear
ed. near Black's ranch, $2,000.
House and lot. 33 x loo, l'., storey,
situ,iled near Queen's avenue, $1,150.
It's up to you to stop paying rent.
One hundred and sixty acres N. W.
U Sec. 15, Township 11, two miles
from Fon   Langley,  j  acres Blashed,
OWAY,   RBID  &   BOWES, '
ters,   solicitors,   eti      4
eet,   opposite   Cot!
Full sized lot, Xo. 12 Third avenue No. 1 land. Price, $10 per acre. One
an I 13th.street, north side. $300 easy j third cash, balance on time. 7 per 11 nt.
17 lots, full Blzed on Gth street, in
Burnaby, East side 100 yards from
Cliff   Can   factory.     Price   $1,020.
House ou Royal and Eighth street.
two  storeys,  seven   rooms,   full   sized
lot,  $2,000.
20   acre   blocks,    fruit   lands,   near
.function, $20 per acre
480 acres, Maple Ridge, Sections 28,
1 1-2 acres, between 5th
and Gth avenue and KJth
and 14th Sts.    $500 cash.
One hundred and sixty acres, N.W,
U Sec 2."., Township 16, 2% miles
from Abhotsford, creek running
through.   50   acres   alder  bottom, said
A choice property has
just been placed in our
hands for rapid sale. Read
carefully, and invest; it's
a money maker.
50 Lots 45x120 in Sapperton, overlooking the
Fraser River; between the
Hospital, Distillery and
Brunette Saw Mills, with
school in center; 17 double
corner lots, balance front
and well located; all easily
cleared; perfect river view.
Comer lots $125, inside
lots $100. Only 1-4 cash,
bal. 6, 12 and 18 months;
or terms can be arranged
to suit purchaser. INDEFEASIBLE TITLE.
Furnished house to rent;
10 rooms; close in; $25 per
Or, will sell the house
and 22 ft. on Columbia St.
for $2,600; $1,000 cash,
bal. in two years.
2H and l!2, Township 9, one-half prai-   to   be   $1.00  worth  of  timber  ou the
rie, rest brush and some small trees,   property.    Price $10 per acre, 4 cash,
Prices:  Section l!2, $45 per acre;  Sec-j balance on time
lion 29, $60 per acre; Section 2S, $55
per acre.    Telephone  at   Hammond;
telegraph   station,   Pitt  River  Bridge'
Terms, half cash, balance one and two
years at 7 per cent.  Exclusive ageucv.
160 acres good farm land in Delta,
about Z\'2 miles from river, near Scott
road, $12 per acre; a real good buy.
100 acres, N.E. \i section 19, township in, Langley; small house, 30
acres cleared, timber valued $7.'0.
Price $1,500, one-third cash, balance
at 7 per cent.
House and 1 V> lots, 5 rooms, price
$1,375, half cash, balance to be arranged at li per cent.; Alice street.
.lames Inlet, three square miles, at
$6.00 per acre, half cash, balance easy.
Does It Pay?
160 acres, 10 ac. cleared,
without a stump in them;
nearly all planted with
fruit trees, apples, pears,
plums, cherries. Small
house; barn and stable 30x
56; good well; half-mile
from school. Only $ 1 O
per ac. and terms easy at
Business Opportunity
Bakery and Confectionery business for sale. A
splendid opportunity for
good man. Shop, house
and stable rents for $25.
Lease, $700 cash for
all over the city for sale
from $50 to $3,000.
See us immediately. Tell
us where you want a lot
and we can supply.
House and lot. on 8th street. Lol mix
120, 6 looms, woodshed chicken house,
$1,050.   Terms easy.
160 acres, Langley, 25 under cultivation: house, harn, sheds, etc. all in
good repair; a snip at $3,000, half
Three full-size,i bus, cleared and
fenced, close to car: corner of Fourth
avenue and Third street; a good speculation; five minutes from post office;
$1,800;  easy terms.
Seven-roomed house, Seventh street,
near Fifth avenue, two storeys, full
sized lot, $1,600.
60 acres good fruit land in Surrey;
can be bought now foi- $25 per acre,
only one-quarter cash nee-le.i, balance
in one or two years at 7 per cent.
Lot No. lu, full si/.e, on Agnes
street, all cleared and fenced, ready
for building: a real good speculation
foi   $600.    Half lot   Xo.  7. $250.
Hlu acres on lhe Scott road, 15 acres
cleared; barn 50 X 30; Stables, etc.;
splendid soil- only $30 per acre. $1,000
cash, i alance easy.
Between  Fifth  and  Sixth  avenues,
near Seventh  street, elghl  rooms, al!
mo ben. stable and chicken house, full
sized   lo-,   two    storeys,   $1,000   cash,
' $2,500.
160 acres ill Surrey. ���". acres cleared,
fenced on road side, $1,800, hall' cash,
.balance  on  lime at  ll  per  cent, su ,-
; ject to sale of limber.
67 acres, Hornby Ranch, Nlckomekl.
house cost $2,500 when built, 20 acres
cleared. Price only $3,000, half cash,
balance easy.
80 acres of land near Sutherland's
mill, in Surrey; good house, tl acres
cleared;   only $1,000, easy terms.
House and lot, 50 x 133, back of
brewery, facing Columbia St. Rents
for $24.00 per month. Price $1,200,
half cash, balance in six months.
You cannot possibly get a higher percentage for your money than 11 pea-
���10 acres near Mud Bay, $7 per acre;
see us for fuller particulars.
8-roomed house, all modern Improve-
nients, line location, corner of Fourth
street and Agnes, $5,000, one half
cash. A comfortable home and good
family  residence.
Eight-roomed house , ail modern
conveniences, on Carnarvon slreet and
Sixth  street, two storeys, $3,750.
Ten acres in Lot 463, one mile east
of Westminster JuncUon, Al soil, easily cleared,    $30 per acre.
Two  storied   house,   7   rooms,  bath,
sewer   connections,   all    modern   Improvements,  splendid   locality,   $2,800.
: Terms a: ranged.
House,  comer  of Fifth   avenue and
Sixth  street,   one   lot,   two   storeys,   S>
i rooms, $2,500, half cash.
Boarding house, 20 moms, on Sixth
street, one block from post office,
rents at $30 per month, or for sale at
House,   eight   rooms,   ou  S'    George
street,   corner   Fourth,   $2,500;    easy
I terms.
House, full sized lot, on Keary
street, Sapperton; rents for $10 per
month.   Only $1,050.
Westminster.    A. Wbi
Solicitor, Guichon
lla and McKenzie Btreel . New ft.
minstei, B. C.
ami Notary Public,  i
1891 at New Westmin
lices removed to C i
son     Street,   0PP08lte     I
P.O. Box 169.   Tele] hoi    ���
BOARD OF TRADE���N'. x  v,v-
ster  Board of Trade  ���     ���
Board Room, City Hall,
Second   Wednesday  of ���.   h not
Quarterly  meetings on
Wednesday    of     Febi .        y
August  and   November, at 8 ;
Annual meetings    on u
Wednesday    of     Fel i
members   may   be   proposed u
elected at any monthly i . Quarts
.��   meetiig.   A. K. Wbi'e, Bi c,
UNION LODGE. NO. 9, A. F.iai
���The    regular    meeting   <���'.   :
Is held on the First Wednesd
each month, at 8 o'clock p, e. i
the   Masonic   Temple.     I       -
brethren are cordially Invited
tend.       Or.  W.  A.  DeV ill Sad
F.  &  A.  M.���Regular     mm
tions of this lodge are hi 11 '.:
second   Tuesday   ln   each   D
Masonic Temple, at 8 p   l
lng  brethren  are    ordia   i
to attend.    D. W. (Jllchri.' ���
R.    B.    K.    of    I .    meet
Friday    of    each     montl
p.   ro.,   in   Orange   hall,   Ci   '
Royal   avenue   and   7ili   st n ���
Joiirning   Sir  Knights   cor*ia
vlted  to attend.    W.  K.  Dun'
P.; .1. Hood, Reg
���Meets In Orange hall ' I
third Friday In each month al
m. Visiting brethren are coi
Invited to attend. W. Poj ��� V
James Humphrey, Ri c Si
Just Look!
80 acres in Matsqui Municipality, 4-room house,
chicken house; one ac.
cleared; good well, purest
water. $1,000. Chance
of a lifetime.
Exclusive Sale
5 acres on Gth St., just
off city limits. $1,100,
easy terms. Fine property for subdivision or
market gardening, chicken
ranch or small fruit farm.
In best residential portion of New Westminster,
east end; close to car; 6
large rooms and large reception hall; modern in every respect; 2 full lots 132
x 132, all in lawn, laid out
with shrubs and (lowers;
tennis court on one side.
Price $2,500. Terms $600
cash, bal. on mortgage.
Part of lot 369, joins Lake Commur,
about 70 acres, only $25 per acre.
Half cash.    .lump.
House and lot on Agnes slreet, two
Storeys, seven rooms; a real snap at
Large lot and two cottages on Columbia Btreet, Sapperton. Both rented
at $10 each.
Five collages and two lots on First
street, opposite Queen's park. Price
One and a half lots, Sapperton, just
off Columbia slreet and Brunette, only
$1,200.    Terms to   be arranged.
Full sized lot mi Regina Btreet, 66x
132, Lot 10, Suli.   I  Lot 8, Price $150.
160 acres in Surrey, near Brown it
Coultbai'd's ranch, $7 per acre; goo 1
terms; fruit lands; see us for particulars.
House, 10 rooms, i'_. lol -. near
Fourth   avenue   and   Seventh   street,
$2,000.   Term:; can be arranged.
135 aen ., one mile from Hunting
don, B.C., To acres In grass, i;, acres
dralne I ami fenced; house and bain
cos: $2,500; good road along one side;
price $50 per acre, half cash, balance
lo still purchaser at 6 per cent Reason for selling, the owner's wife is in
ba I health, and lias to go to a cold
Double tenement bouse. 5 rooms in
each bouse, water, light, full size lot,
between First and Second street,
Fourth avenue, on north side. Price
$1,500, half cash, balance In one year
at (i per cent.
160 acres, all fenced, ready for cnl-
livalion, goo.l water, ball' mile from
school, at Chiiliwack, $75 per acre.
(It acres in Pill Meadows, only
$35 per acre. One third cash, balance
al 0 per cent.
X and 10 acre blocks in Surrey, three
miles from the river, $10 per aero.
/. O. O. F.���AMITY  LODGE, No. 2--
The regular meetings of tl.
are held in Oddfellows' hall, 0
bia  street,  every   Monday   i   en
at 8 o'clock.   Visiting bretl
dially Invited to attend.   A. I1  ii- |
day, X.O.;  W. C. Coatham. ;       ��
���Meetings the first and th   d T
day    In     each     month.        V
brethren cordially invited ti    IW
Lodge room. A. 6. IT. W. 1   11. 0
fellows'   block,  Clarkson   Btreel
S,  Conic,in,  recorder;    Lo      '���'
master workman.
115,   SONS   OF  ENGLAND.  B. 8.-
Red Rose Degree meets s     i I '
Fourth Wednesday of i
in  K. of P. Hall, Colunil
���I p. in.. While Ro e Di     ���
Wednei day   In   each nn
time   md  plnce.    Visiting
cordially    Invited.      13,   M
comb,, Pies., ii. Disney, S   rel
��� Meets the Fourth Fridi ���" ::
month at 8 o'clock, in I
hall, Oddfellows' block,
brethren are cordially Im ' .
tend. .1. n. Rushton, C. R >''��� '
Maxwell, H. S.
A. O. F.���The regular in-
this Lodge are held on tin Secoi
and Fourth Tuesdays of eiu
at S p. m. in lhe Oddfellows' P
Visiting Brethren are cordialy''
vlted to attend. B. C. Firth, C. ��������
F. P. Maxwell, Sec.
PERANCE meet every VVednesw
at 8 o'clock p. in., in OdilfelW"
Hall, Columbia street. VlsK���
Brethren are cordially Invited to*
tend, Geo. Burr, S. C; N. R. Br0
McQuarrie & Co,, Real Estate Brokers
Agents for Employers' Liability, and Union Fire Assurance Co. of London.
CAMP, 191.���Meels on the FlrStfUL
Third Tuesday ol every niontt ;
K. of P. Hall. John M'NlU"
Chief;  J. J, Forrester,  li'-    9e6
- WEDNESOAY  JAN. 23,   1907.
Rapid, Easy Grinders
<. rO��S:,    . ��**, <a
Three sizes,���8,10 and
12-inch plates. Alsc
bagging attachments
for same.
A full line of Pulpers, Slicers,
Hay and Ensilage Cutters.
B. C. Mills, Timber and
Trading Company
Manufacturers and Dealers in All Kinds ot
Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sash,   Doors,
Interior Finish,    turned Work,    Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glass.
Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining.
The Royal Bank of Canada
In9ures absolute security to depositor-:. START NOW to save your money
and you will never regret it. People do harder things everj day and have
nothing to show for it
ONE DOM,All opens an account. Put It In your pocket, it would probably be nothing, but ONE DOLLAR deposited every week with ns will in
ten years amount to $604.50.   THINK   Tins OVER.
Royal City Branch, Columbia St.
Telephone 12.
New Westminster
F. B. LYLE, Manager.
Canadian Bank of Commerce
H/.'.t  tome uf  It  Wn��  Luckily  Have*
Prom Destruction.
Considering that the whole of ancient
literature v. is confined to manuscript,
it In wonderful that so much ot it has
come down to ns. The preservation of
s in ������ old writings lias been almost
miraculous. To u single copy preserved In a monastery of Westphalia, for
Instance, do we owe all that we have
of Tacitus. 'J'his Is the more remarkable since tbe emperor of that name
hinl copies of the works uf his distinguished ancestor placed In all the Imperial libraries and caused ten copies
of them to be transcribed yearly, still,
only tbe one copy has been found in
modern times.
a paL'e of the second decade of i.ivy,
we are told, was discovered by a man
of letters on a buttleiloor while he was
amusing himself in the country. He
rushed up to town, but he was too late,
for the battledoor maker "had used up
all bis parchment the week before."
Two manuscripts of Cicero on "Glory"
were presented to Petrarch, who lent
them to an old pr ptor.   This latter
gentleman, being pressed by want.
pawned them and died without revealing the name of the pawnbroker. Two
centuries afterward they were mentioned In a catalogue of books bequeathed to a convent, but could not
be found. It is supposed that Petrus
Aleyonius, the phj ��lcinn to the Instl
tutlon, appropriated them and, bavins
transposed some ,,f the thoughts to
bis own writings, destroyed the orlgl
The original Magna Chnrta of Eng
land has certain mutilations, presuma
My from a pair of shears. Ii is sai.l
that Sir Richard Cotton, calling one
day at Ids tailor's, discovered that that
man was holding In bis band ready to
cut up for a pattern a copy of the
jrreat Magna Charta, with all Us ap
pendages nnd seals.
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000.     Reserve Fund, $5,000,000
B. E. WALKER, Geueral Manager.        ALEX. LAIRD, Asst. Gen'l Manager.
Every facility  afforded   F.inners  for   their  banking   business.    Sales   Notes
cashed   or taken   for collection.
BANKING   BY   MAIL���Deposits   may be made or withdrawn oby mail.
Out-of-town accounts receive every attention.
j Carruthers Manufacturing Com'y.
Manufacturers of
Show Cases, Store Fittings and Bar Fixtures
The, Carruthers Manufacturing Co.
Bank of Montreal
Incorporated   by   act   ol   parliament
CAPITAL   i.\1.1.   paid   up)    $H,000,000
RK8BRYI. l-TND  ?1 n.OOO.OOO tho meantime a valid objection thereto ' e made to me in writing by a per-
i sen or persons claiming an estate or
;. leresl therein, or In ani pari thereof.
ish Columbia, this 28th day of Decern
ber, A.D. 1906.
Re Easterly  33  feet  of Lot  3  and Di*t,i('1 Registrar.
Westerly   n   feet of  Lol   4,  Block 5,  To Flora V. Hammill.
New Westminster City. A" 1"',sons served with this notice'
A   certificate of  Indefeasible   Title  ���'���"��� !h,,h" claiming through or under
to the above property will be issued   tnem-  :""1  ;lU   l,0ls"^  claiming  any
William Campbell,  Matilda  Camp-  i,ile,,'s< ln the saic1 land ��* virtue '"
tell and  Elisabeth  Campbell  on I      any  ^registered instrument, and all
ersons  claiming  any  Interest in ihe
lsl   day of February,   1907, unless in   '
Rt,  Hon. Lord Strathcoua aud   Mount   Royal,    G.    C.   M.
G   Honorary President
Hon.   Kir   G.   A.   Drummond    President
E. S. Clouston Vice President   and   General  Manager.
General banking business transacted.
said land by descent, whose title is
: ; registered under the provisions
of the -Land Registry Act." shall be
forever estop; ed and debarred from
-��� ittlng up any claim to or iu respect
of the said land so sold  for taxes as ���
Districl   Registrar of Titles,    I Provided   ff"'   �����' the  -Land  Regisl
Lan 1  Registry Offli e, _
Branches In all the principal cities In Canada, lu  London,  Eng., New       \-,.>N   Westminster, B. O,  December   �����������
York, Chicago, and St. .lohn's Nfld., and correspondents in all parts of tbe   24, 190G.
Alter   Winning   a   Fight   Ilia   Colon
Tnkc   on    llrj^liler   Much.
Most courtly and gallant of lisb is
the three splned stickleback, the beloved ���tiddler" of British youth. These
little lisb derive their name from the
sharp spines with which they are
armed and which they can raise or depress 111 will.
The femal - s Icl-.lcaack Is the model
wife of n ..i" -I Mislead. She does
not leave her c r,-'s to chance, but establishes a nest or nursery for their
reception, over which ber irritated little husband keeps a Jealous guard.
Woe betide the rival ���'tiddler" who
rashly approaches too closely the domicile of his neighbor during the breed-
lug season. With all his spines lixed
for action the warlike parent steams
out to offer him battle.
The contest that ensues is desperate,
the combatants darting at each other
with lightning rapidity, biting and
Striking nl each other with their spines,
n wi 11 directed cut from which weapon of offense will often rip up the~
body of the adversary, sending blm to
tbe bottom.
But most remarkable, of all Is the
decoration which nature bestows upon
the victor. Tho brilliant greeu of bis
mall becomes tinged with gold, while
his red throat blushes to n deeper line
than ever.
On the other hand, his vanquished
assailant, should be be fortunate
enough to escape with his life from the
battle, loses hi; brilliant and martial
uniform of red. green and gold and retires io some obscure corner of his native pond, attired In a bumble civilian
uniform of s iber and sorrowful gray.
Dundee Advertiser.
217-219 Columbia St.
^>>>>>>>>>>>>;>>>>>>>>>>>; fa.'.*:.*':.* ���:> ����:���� >������"<�����..*
Tb -   ; ers in |     ions   having  In
c isto ly   or  ; o ;session   the  foi-
�� In ��� Til le Dei ig to the sai I (
Ij   are requi o d liver tho j
'   '    ': " li:- ���''���  -       '��� "��
October   17.   ISSO     Vut Lund- {
Donald   McGllllvray,   Convoy-   i    B.1C Hat  ings St. W-, Vancouver.
SalWnn  Ami-   <T/>rt AAA C<-��~,
Rsaoa&^Bj5B�� : ^tfsweek -ss�� t&se &asz: .?rr* rRsc&rJ
���J   auce In fee of pari of Lots ! and i.
Man h 2,  1SS :. pel   :��� Mom   la to An-
...las   |,iu
I   il   "
ER.,   \\   I.   !.!   VX &  S V.   iG
Ag    ts
|    Bookkei ping, Gregg and Pi
S . irthan I, Ti legi md En
Seven  Teacher,
5��   Lrrom.
111 I'. I '       I
{  Forty-Ftve   Typewriters
Everj articli or piece of furniture in our establishi
actual cost A'itl oul reserve,   First c ime, :: ���-���    t\   I. We
;.    : -: e c.     md you v ai    lhe goi    .", i his*is :l chance
of a     etime.
fa      TAKE \01
fa       en  made lu v lohn
fa as  the "v. ner under,
fa fax S lie Deed I        The Co .
m and 718 Columbia St.    Four Floors.    Rear Extension, Front Street,  ft ,.  ,,h   , ,   N B   ,,.  .    ,
gj��;>:^��.;>;>;>;>;>;>;>;;*;;o;>;>;>;>:>;:'��:;*;:*;>:>:>::���:������::���:>���>:>:>::���::���:>"���.>>    .���:.*.>::*:>.'>.>.:*.^*::*:;*; John w. Burr, bearing Uu
 ol .lane. A.D of all
I   Students Always
Demand,   j
R. I. SPROTT, B. A., Principal j
Hot Water
Ir rI
>���������������������������������������*��������������������� -   ^*4>��'*��<l>��>*******">**��'****+ lying ii
Electric Railway Service^
IntT-urnan Line.
^Ca- s for Vancouver and v. av
I stations will run everj halt-
I in- from ��:50 a. in. to 11 p
I in. excepting at 7:30 and 8:30
I n. ni. Half hourly cars will
I run from Central Park to
I   \' incomer only.
City   Limits  Lino    .'uvlce  from
I   i. 15 a.m. lo 11  p in.
20 '."mute :;. rvicc���no transfer.
I Bel ween 12 and - and ii and 7.
30   Minute    Service   during   re- J
main ler of day.    J ransfer al ���
Leopold Plai e. j
Sunday   Service   half hourly   bo- J
Iw . -ii S a.m, an 1  11 p.m. ���
���   Sapperton  Line. ��.
15 Minute  Service from  6 26  u. A
m. to  ll   p.m., except   between
I:: an 1 2, and 5 and 7. during
which hours the servii o will h
8 I
Sunday S-rvice   hair-noiiriy be-  $
tv.. i n 8,30 a.m. aud 11 p.m,        ?
British Columbia Electric Ry. Co., Ltd *
. \ In tin- Di i -'��� i Xew Westn
ler, in lb ��� Pr ivin t British Colli
la, n ore i artli i     I;   know n and
od as Lets ii to IC Inclusive of i il
12,   Stibur lan   :-. ick   i I,   Xew   \
::       :   Cl tJ
i    i and each of yi i are re piin I I i
i mite i the i I lim ol lhe tux purcha m i
bin   foi ty-five daj s  fro n the  da
if the first public:
Ihenvi   i I   shall :  hn   W.
,-, ri. n ���   iu v   thereol   In  I ���<���.     Ku i
i fin   . -    a' ler thai publli   Hon of tl la
g [or one monlh in n dally new
.. i ��� e      IX       Westmin   ei
v   |]   be   ��� no I   ��� ' ���   -   '���'.' ' -��� '   s      i
DATED at tho I.:t ������ "
N'ew   V lister,  P ui Im o ol
rnri-hins' Bread.
There is no citj In the world where
so min li bread is c msuuied as in Paris, it ;- estimate i that every inhabitant eai '-ii" pound a day on the average. Even iu past centuries the French
e spi In lly Pari i in bad n I. irror ol
stale broad. And, as in those days
peo] le manufactured their own bread,
they had a curious way of making 11
pal ible. Strait: us It ma; 'oin, tl o
brc; I they prepnr 'd buge round ot
was used us n dish on
w hi h the me it was cai oil and bori
tho na - of "trauchoir " r "t illl ilrs."
i;. ��� ��� . :' i: ���  : ���   -   bavin
trato 1 Into tbe i n nd li ��� I'tod n pleas
ani i isto and provi nted II from becoming dry.
Ili-4ii  Priced Copy.
I iui In;   II e    lege of K      mrlej   the
il  :   of  ilu ly  ii illy   paper  tl ire
ofte i   bar I   pin   t ���   llnd   eu
i     ��� iluj lu n clubr i mi be found
Uh i li . i   idin   .��� fairly new pa-
i ..  ������ 'f iwn,   i ie li irrow ed II
: i    bed i > his own  ifflce, wb ���     ll
��� ��� I        a  ��� pecli 1 e lltlon,
��� li t cakes. Thai sin   ��� i
���   in      K'.i" le      ������ b '   in luiretl.
e's mj i III] c T ' > o p i| er?" "Oh,
i t up for the printers," was the
r 'Tb     ��� il >n'.  do that  again,"
said 'V. ides mildly. "That paper came
Ibr      li my u itli u runners an I cost
:   e$l,      '."
Synopsis   of   Canadian    Horn^
stead Regulations
Any available Dominion Lands within the Railway Bell iu Brittsh Columbia, may be bomesteaded by any person who is the sole head of a family,
' or any male over IS years of age, to
the extent of one-quarter section of
lt'iO acres,  more or less.
Entry must be made personally ar.
the local land oili.-e for the districl In
which the land is situate.
The homeftcadtr is required to per-
: :ni the conditions connected therewith under one of the following plan-.
(i) At least six months' residence
upon and cultivation of the land in
each year for three years.
(2)  1: the father (or mother, if the
father is deceased) ol the 1  unestea b t
les  upon  a   farm  in   the   vicinity
of   the   land   entered   for   the   rcq I
ments as to residence tray be satis    d
by  such person residing with thi
ther or mother.
(j) If the settler has his permanent
nei    ap.e.i   farming  land   owned
bj  li m in tiie vicinity i ' his home-
. the r( quirements as to res
be   satisfied   by   residence   u
lhe    tid 'and.
Six ni iiiths' noti :e in v. i il ng   ;-
be given to the C im  lis  oner oi D -
;   don 1 is- '- at    ittawa    I inti nt
���     ppl) |   itetlt.
De| uty  Minister of  the   Intel
N.   H.���Unauthorized  publication
this   eive- I        M   '-ill   not  be  paid
all prices
4 W\ % -^
& 1  ��
Tie.   I on�� Lived  Orchid   Flower.
Even wh n orchid Hom rs are fully
dove!' pod they may remain un -ut upon the plants for two or three weeks
without apparent deterioration. This
gives thorn n manifest advantage over
mo il flower i thai have t i bo cul Im-
medi i i ly upon or even in a h ince of
reaching full maturity. Country Life
In Ait uica.
Mrs tyles ' ' ' md ���''- the utmost . lufldencc In nu . Mrs. Myles���
l iid .- ou ever nsk him to Lol y m cut
his hah*?   Yonkers ���������:
lly Graduate Optician
He     - ���   resi rtiii     -   ���   '.;; i   tongne
".hull live iu trou'ilo    tlrahm   i Maxim.
Having bought oul  ili!-  Blai
lng business of K   H. Benson, 1       i
be pleased  to  see all  his old custoi  ���
ers, as well as new ones.    Horses
ing a specialty.
Eicjhth  Street.
t\WKI L nil LOG 1 V
i    . LIE?.
Koom 4, Guichon Elnck xiixj  xjjy-i.u x   j.-^j^����^-j
-' ��� J��N. 22
Special Blend at Special Price
Clearing  out for   stocktaking
per lb.
I Public Supply Stores GE0'p��J:
Matter intended for thi* column should be addressed. -Social Editor, Daily News, P. O.
Hex 102, New Westminster."
'Phone   105.
'Phone   I05.
New Wellington Coal
Mayers & Preston
J. W. Creighton
Jack Fitzgerald has returned from
Revelstoke. on a visit io his parents
Jack was previously connected with ���
i he C. P. H. staff here and went to
Revelstoke last spring as an engine
wiper. He has now been promoted
io the position of fireman and expects ;
to get a steady run on his return to
.Miss A. Purdy has returned home'
from a visit ol friends at Revelstoke.
Miss Symington, who has been in
Revelstoke for some time, returned
to town the other day.
Mrs. G. E. Corbould returned home
yesterday from a visil to the east.
E. Tanguay, of Revelstoke. is spending a few days with friends in this
A. Glen, of Enderby, arrived in the
city yesterday.
J. Laidley, of Nanalmo, is a visitor
in the city.
I". I'. .Maxwell, secretary treasurer
for the Gilley Bros, company, is
among ihe number who are al home
trying to sleep away la grippe.
Soot Destroyer
Chimney Cleaner
P. O. Bo*   345
'Phone   105.
'Phone   10i.
Positively the best corner on Columbia
Street. It contains three large stores,
well lighted, and numerous offices on the
second floor, giving a splendid income.
The building has a frontage on Columbia
Street of 66 feet, and the lot runs back
to Clarkson Street.
PRICE  $38,000.     Reasonable terms.
The Gray-McLeod Lumber company
mill on :he south side of the river lias
been purchased by Messrs. w. and
C. S. B. Burley, who were across the
river a few Jays ago looki.,.', owi i
their new possessions. The-' prop >sc
putting in an entirely new pi nil nnd
��� ill outfit the mill so as o produce
the best results. They are confident that their venture i-. .-. sr>od
one and thai it will be a payini? , :o- '
position. C. S. B. Burley is one ol .
.he leading merchants and real estate ;
men of Portage la Prairie, Man..
where he makes his home and to
which place he will start on the return journey from Vancouver today.
W. Burley was for many years in the
lumber business in Neepawa, .Man.
and will assume the general managership of the mill. .Mi-, and Mrs. \V.
Burley are negotiating for the purchase of property in this city where
they propose making iheim home.
This Destroyer so acts
upon the Soot that it
is detatched from the
Chimney and is dispersed
Try a package ami
stop your stove from
Columbia Street, next Bank of Commerce
at this "advt." UNLESS vou want to buv the
Two lots, lovely garden, magnificent situation.
Price $2,050
Terms 1-3 cash, balance any old time.
This will be worth $3,000 in April.
The   Little   Duchess.
���Tin- Little Duchess" as played last
night by Olga  von Hatzfehli  and  her
company Is a  very seeable play, pos-1
sessing as it   does  its own scenery
ami   very   pretty and     fresh     looking i
dresses,    Ii  has no plot, luit  plenty of I
fun i< supplied  by ihe star ami  her
supporting comedians, among    whom
Irving     Brooks    as     "Wurtzbugger,"
George   Moore    as  "Zaramba,"     and
Roberl   Leu   as  "Guscav," were especially  good.    Ii   was  perhaps   better I
put on than any other of its kind this
season and was thorough!.,   well worth
going io see.    There was a very good
All the Leading Lines, put
up in suitable packages at
Lowest Prices
TOILET SETS,  Etc., etc.
A good supply at
Ellard Block,        ���        New Westminster
W. IN. Draper
B. C. Land
Ellard  Block.   New Westminster, B.C.
Stocktaking Sale
The Store For Genuine Reductions.
Everything reduced (excepl Hutu-rick Patterns and Bpool Cot
ton). Throughout the past busy  days of our  Clearanci
have  noticed  a  strong demand for house furnishings.
These  prices are  certainly a  great  Inducement   to , ....
omer, as they are sure to need them, probably at once n i ,.,���
till spring, bui now is the time to buy. Look here fcr your
House Furnishings.
Big Savings on Lace Curtains
We  have   placed every  pair of our Lace and Mi]
on ihe bargain table.
liny now if yon wish to saw- money  on your new
Lace Curtains 40c pair.
Jo pair only, -'- yards long, regular prices 50 and ���
SALE  PRICE, pel pair  ��
A  Big Clearance at 95c per. pair.
.Man., different styles an 1  imtterns in ihis lo-.     i.. ���
3 yards and   '.'i   I'ards.    Some are   ullgbtlj   Boiled,    otln
fresh,  new  siock.  bui   al  Hn-  prici   we  will clear oul   tin
loi   before  ihe end  of January,      Regular   values  *]_'.
per   pair.      They  sell   now   fo:    ] er pair      .      9:
Splendid   Range  at $2.35 per  pair.
This   price  represents the Bale price on man.-, slngh
slightly  Boiled  Curtains;   Borne ���><������ hue lace centres, otlu
double border,  wild heavy floral   designs;   widths   from   ""        I
inches;   cream  and   while;   regular  values   $3.00   io   $4 .".ii
SALE PRICE, per pair	
$6.75   Curtains  for  $4.50.
While  ami   Cream   Curtains In Brussels and Nottini
hiie Moral  patterns;   111  pair only  left;   large sizes;   rej i
$4.50 to $6.75;  SALE PRICE, pei   ; .ir  	
Handsome   Muslin   Curtains, fcr $4.95  per pair.
I' pair of Handsome Madras   M ;slln  Curtains,   with   frl
round;   shades of green  and  ecru  and   pale  yellow  and <���
popular curtain   lor dining room or bed room; regular price
SALE  PRICE,  per pair	
Single   Frill    Muslin   Curtains  $3.45  per  pair.
3Vfc   yards   Muslin   Curtains,   with  single edge   fit!!,   wil
blue and  white with  yellow, regular values $5.00;
SALE PRICE,  per pair	
You will save by buying BLANKETS now.
Don't wail a week before buying' what you need in Blanket-.  We
have sold over half our White Blankets during the last live daj
will continue the low prices till every pair is sold.
White Wo,,] Blankets. $5.76 for $3,95.    Only 8 pair left, size- ��� ������:
80 x 66x74; regular values $5 to .",.7.".    Sale price, per pair
We  did   not   include our Grey Blankets in the lot at this prii
begin our sale, but we have added 8 pair all-wool Grey   Blankets ���
what   are   left   of   our   White Blankets, and the regular value- :
il.,"o to 7. ".ii. are now Sal.- price, per pair  $;'
in pair only, all-wool ami Union Blankets; different sizes; rep    ���
price per pair 4.50.   Sale price   ?. ���'
One lot regular juice 1.00; Sale price, per pair      3.2
N'ew Comforters for 1.95 each. They have not been in stock :
three weeks any one of them, but at this [irice we have placed on sa
a lot regular values 2 25 to 2.50;   Sale price, each I.;.
W. S. Collister & Co.
i    be
THE rush of water which
invaded   our    office
premises on Sunday will
Established ISi
Incorporated li11"!
Gilley Bros, ltd
Malins, Coulthard & Co.,  not be m it with the
Wholesale and Retail
Real Estate, Financial and Insurance Agents,
Columbia St., - - New Westminster B. C.
Alex. Speck's
Second Hand Store
Second Hand Goods of
all kinds bought and
sold for cash. All Mail
Orders promptly attended "to. Kindly write or
call at
Sign  Man on Wheel.
Columbia St. New Westminster.
Phone 275
The Fraser River Tannery
Marble at Chiiliwack.
A   strike  of  unusual character but
of great importance to the welfare ol
the district Is reporte 1 from the vicinity  rn' Chiiliwack,     This   consists  of
tin   II-n:.erj of a 1 rge qua. i.. of mar-
Ic  of excellent   quality   aboul   eight
ii Hi -  from ' he town  In   the \ Iclnltj
Ml   Cheaill.     Mr, Davidson, of Chll
liw ;n k, v.      the prospector who made
: n I and the rep irls he brim-i as
to il xtenl  and quality of tbe deposits   ale  .-'ah   as     lo     assure     the
prompi   development   of    the  quarry.
I he   marble   is  said   to   be   of  varied
colors, some of it being of thai mottled   variety  which is  capable of receiving n  high polish  and  thereafter
being especially valuable for building
The character of the stone Is such
that large blocks even up to fifteen
feet may be taken oul In this line, the
(ind being different from many discoveries of marble when, the deposits
aie found to be commercially useless
because of their fracturing too easily.
Rush of ��)uyers!
which will invade them when
the   Spring  opens  up  right.
Queensborough Gardens property
Chiiliwack town acreage
New Westminster business property
Burnaby Lake fruit lands
New   Westminster    residential
Get our quotations at once, as we can deliver the best buys, being exclusive agents
��� MENT.
Ti.is celebrated Cement is
used by nearly all large contractors in the Province.
FIRE     CLAY     and      MANTEL
From the <llayburn ('lav i -
Well   Done,   Chiiliwack!
Among the Toronto University results In music appear the foKowIng:
Chiiliwack,    H.   C���Junior    theory
Class   [.���]   Miss  I..  Jackson;   2,  .Miss
E. Dixon. Class II.���1, Miss C. Knight;
2.   VV.   Atkinson.     Pass���].   Miss   M.
F. J.HART& Co���
New Westminster Chiiliwack Vancouver
Grade No. 940- 21  .levels,  in 26-year Cold   Filled Cases $37.50
Grade   No.   1-17 ������  ��       32.50
Grade    No. 2-17      " "   .   25.50
Grade    N'o. 3   17
W.  C.  CHAMBERLIN, The Jewele.
.11  ������


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