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The Daily News Feb 21, 1907

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7k Legislative^
FEB 12 907
\ "7o
^Joria, Bv
,STHER MITCHELL GOESc'p'R m ^ bridge   deny that deputation    ORANGE
INSANE mmm mm     m] m SECRETLr
jwhtion is
W..O SHot Her Brother, in Seattle Railway Station,
l^st Year, Is Removed  to Asylum���Closing Chapt
Of  the   Notorious   Holy  Roller  Murder  Trial.
Prtsder.ts of Three  Railways Answer    Se.retary   of   B.   C.   Peckers'  Associa-
-ttters  Concerning  Scherre-
Shaughnessy Sn.ys -No."
tion   Issues  Stater ent on   Behalf of Cannerymen.
11  .
-Esther  Mitcheil,
i isl   .Inly   has   heen   eiiiiliii-
, mt)   jail, charged   wi  i
oi   her   brother,  Georg'
��� iir state it ij lum fi
:   steilacoom, ihis no i
. ;.-   was   signed        S
.   !���'','' ".
II   received   I he
.    -   'i   go   tO  lhe  US'. lum  a^
ii   has  iiere],o ,|  ,.\..:.
11    WOUi.l
em r opportunity
he Cri ���: ���   j woman.
he fil      di . n e,  | leu :��� I        ���:.   and
'    ' hel.    ::  .
Ived,  s iperioi       . -     i--.;,-
��� ������ ��� .   . mac) c m whi'
ill   ��� won 'ii insaui
much critii
���' ���   '   familiar will; thi  details
lh    proceeding,  an I   Prosei uting
'' ��� a* ,   Macl Intosh   conte
alil i' ol    ' , Ige   Fran    -   acl   in   il
Vicl    ia,  Feb.  20     Th il   the     ' > -'���        Phe Pro\ Ince ol   yesterdi 1ms the
of threi    . llway companies have fi   owing:
ed   down the    iropi   . :   to   bridge        Speaking for his ov       nn ny, and
.    narrows . i     no end foi the         other salmon cannei    on the Fra-
Banquet Last Evening Fittingly Terminates Three Day
Session���Twelfth of July Celebration Will Take Place
In New Westminster���Secretary's Report.
in en done   regardin .   s 'Jireni in
...,   she shot   her brother.
��� I.-   ward  she  bade
In  the  . a   ni n i   Maud  Hun  Cref
';    l "'��������� in 1 In thi   count) jail under
1 Ire mi lances  which  lead to the   m
������'-' have   ","'"   nei' """���������''    Mef thai  she committed suic le.    K .
.   ....   ,-e  mid   was  in   turn   tin    ther   Mitchell  mourned  the death   r,l
��� '    many    congratulation!   he;  companion in crime and has con
lened inmates ol the we   tinued to mourn io the present time,
tvard. The girl has twice I een seriously  .11,
back   from  May  lasi.  when   ancl is even now only partially recov
��� 11 .-hot and killed Fran:   . re ; fro n a sevi n attacli of la grippe
ind  Creffield,  notorious   ns   ha-      Whether an)  attempt will be made
.   er ol 'he religious seel  known as   to  hav.    hei   leclared sane  afteT  shJ
to the dn am w hich did m i< i'
.-a   ���  ���    Vi*   ii ia   eli   tione.    Sir
S: . . y, of the C. P. R.,
(j iii     ��� aiikly,   thai   thi   C P.R
at pn     nt considi
. ��� ..- Nai row   .
��� ��� ���   tt i ��� I i   : ' ���-   ; I     0
ml atli      ������'.i:!i   '.' .
 Ived l
ard of trade. hey -��� ������
S ... i-     .���    BV,   ;.;������    I-
the <     n Pacific rallw i ���
C M. Ha\ s, pri li nl ol the Grand
Ti ink Pacific; and ���.'-. I liam Mai ken-
ssie, ; ��� sidi nl I the ���". ni Iii n North-
i   .. railwa .
��� River, M r. U. ,i   K* r, seen
Brltii    ; ol imbla i1
The Pn . Im lal * i and * Irange lodg-
ought   Its   biislnes    sessions    to  a
- i   i   yesterda    i   lei noon an I  woun I
i��� ^> i he p ���" i "���     hi   Indulging In an
.  no   excellent   banipud  In  Kenny'i
on for i ed  be li :  oi
V. estmii Inti thai   the
. . I ion        <:.',.        now en  routi
; eerecy to gain
. " a I..- .   ige  ivhi      ,vould be d* t-
the  Royal
thai    several   canners
i'am ouver on Saturda) Ot-
,'.'  - ild   Mr. Ker today, "bui   iheir
Is onl)  lo endeavor to Induce
'.'..'������ '������ i   if Fishei les to Is.-iue reg-
li a -   for   socl.c. e   Hshlng   in   ac-
. nee   with   the   recommendations
11 u ained   in   the   interim   report   of
tl ������  Canadian   Fisheries   Commission,
��� .     Ri  lei -. the mi mhers of ' i     has  been In thi   as\ I
5   have : een objects nl   eensi li red   dou  tfu
I ���      t and  also ol  mm ..
I . - lure.     The  departure  cl
I  foi   (he as) lum tod
,     <   the (losing chapter ol
hich  has heen written  rs
ol  the mad  delusions of a
��� the  residents of the little
n of Corvallls and the ban
������ -.- ������ of a Bend
��� tcnell killed the Holy H !-
��� ecause of the latter's in-
. over Esther Mitchell and nv
I. ���'���      n ; ose   ��ith   regard   to  h---.
f'   the   time   lhe   lunacy
wai   called   said   the   girl's   relatives
were anxious ro have her sent to the
asylum    Her relatives have no money
lum for a time is
Her   attorney:
Si :: ���   -.:.... . go   ...     oard of trade, ' ���'��� sal on thi3 i oasi last year.
h has    een exerting all th    Innu ': ' '   deputation   was  nol   charged
��� :, -          .;.,,.   upon    th*     Dominion :'   petition for the establishmenl of a
goveri    em to have a surve) made of close   season  in   1908 as alleged,   for
i ���         oaches to Seymour narrow.-.' "' ���   fea on  thai  the Government has
v          thi    presidents   ol    the    three '' ared 'hat it will take no action i'i
ed   railways.     The   board's ]       direction  until  ii  sees what the
i   lettei  ask*     i]   thi   railways contem- State ol   Washington   intends  to   do.
pii ed an.*  action with regard   o rail- ' " ���'" j'   now  before the State Legis-
..,   communication   win,   the  island, ;"  l:i'-a kill dealing with that matter,
If so,      ���      heir plans would be com- '''    ",;:i eanners hardl)  expeci   that
i only her brothers and a married   I ''''''!-     '���'������' >   brought  to the  atten- ;':'   clausi   declaring for a close sea-
Ister,   Mr.-.  George   Starr, herself  :    tion of the heads of thesi corporations *<���"'' '"  1908 win i,ilSS-
upe of the Holy Holler leader, are in   'i:" t'rol>os* I Bute Inlet and Seymour
The grand treasurer's re nor I  showed a balance on hand on Feb.  IS, of
$1,495.45.    The    total    receipts
$2,488.37, and  the total disbursem*      i
I ,      ��� 192 92.
anl lasl   night. G    id  Secretar)   E.   Bush   rejn       i
liver two hundred al down to thi thai three new lodges had been oi
feast and the * I kind ol good fellow ganlzed during the pasl year, aad rliu
ship  prevailed.     The   room  ��      ��� manl   lodge in Victoria, had   be in
il moil-. Ian; ���'.- and h mi oils stn i rsi ated. One of the new 1 Igns
les and jokes well told at te as sau. i ������. organized by Bro, Packenh im end
ni to '. nd sei before tli ihi grand secretar) al Aga38iz in \v.
-.��� As soon as the feast of rea n f-'ust and two had recently been org in-
had heen broughl to a conclusion, the " I In Vancouver, Applications we e
master of ceremonies, W. B. Ca i. en lhe way for three new lodges ���.".
McSpadden, in a few well elms u thi upper country, al Penticton, Kasli,
words Introduced the toast list by cd ;i I Trail, New Westminster Loyal
ling upon the banquetters to till up Orange Lodges N'os. 1150 flml l:"';,
:��� I glasses and respond to the Th- ;|lsn Port Moody, and Hammond lodges
King." The iniisi was drunk and th had formed themselves Into a now
large gathering spontaneously bu-.sl county and withdrawn from No. 1 $H
forth into song and tunefully sang Mir    trict.
lirsl verse ol the National anthem. Tiie amouni of property in the hands
The m.'xi toast was the "Provinci '   ot various lodges had greatly increas-
Grand Lodge'  'esponded to by W. iJ-   (J''-    ''':',,'  value of real estate   iwne.l
���   Northwest,  living in  Oregon. narrows schemes
Prosecuting   Attorney   Mackintosh,      Replys were nol long in coming.
'Vhile   believing  tha.1  the  girl   should      Mr.  Hay.-, stated  thai  thi   G  T. V
have been tried on the murder charge -   rtainl)    contemplated    establishing
slat i   'his afternoon  thai   he would ��� nn   connection with the Island, but
take no furthei action and that so far that in the present state oi affairs no
lasting nearly two weeks,! a- he is concerned, the case is a clos- schemes had as  ���>���  been consi len I.
acquitted of the chars-;  ed incident. II   won I   ������   given  attention    n   du
'. the grounds of insanin       There I-  somi   question as to whai course      He could    - yel sa;. nothing
later he was shot dei]   will  be the stains ol Esther Mitchell ��:'--     gai I I i the Bnte Inlel plan
[��st as he was prepari   -   a? a patient al the insane asylum. I'm      Mr.   Ma ���: ���,.-. ���    wrote stating  that
tne regulations sin- Is designated ihe Canadian Northern's  plans    i
as  a  foreign  patient, and 11 is stated lng i��j British Oolumbi ���   nol sui
thai there is v-ry nttJe money in the        ������' ���������������'; I i   a    whai cou
land   sei   aside  for defraying  the  ex- 'hej would | n  u   with reg     ��� t<  Vi  ���
prnse of caring foi snch inmates. This i    . ���'   island        lowev*   .  h      asl
phase ol     ���������-.'. I ow* ver, have ' ' to all i
.   . ���    ���     hi    ottti
It was recommended in the report
i ���    ie Fisheries Commission that fishing on   the  Fraser  River above  .New
\Testminster Midge   should   be    reset!   to   bona  fide  residents along
nks of ihe river as  far up as
V.  -h,n  bridge,   and   ii   is   sought   to
: ���    in mendation given force
;,: effect.    In the pasl ther�� bas been   i{    ^   -a,.,,,
no restriction as to fishing above New
Cap!. McSpadden and Bro, Clarke. A
sou; was then rendered by W. L.
Sell-, field.
"Our Cit) ' ,      'Id Wells Gray. Al.i.
\V. Smith, and W. B. Garrett,    W. H.
Marsh  was then called  upon to sing ,
and pleased the audience so well that
an encore was insisted upon.
The  loasi   "Our   Sister   Societies,"
was eloquently responded to by ('. C. i
Fisher and   W. li..  Rev.   W.  H.   Brett.
The loasi.   "Our Mothers," by  W.  Ii.
King and  W.  I!.. Kev. A. deB. Owen.
Songs   were   then    sung   by    W.   ii
JagO and  W.   II.,  Rev.  A.  deli.  Owen.
Tbe   lasl    toast,    "The   Fress,"    was
amounted to $69,280; value of personal property, $10,062; amount of insurance. $8,832.
Killed at Nelson.
Nelson, It. C, Feb. 20.���Louis Man-
I'.oii. aged :I0. an Italian, was killel
ibis morning al the Molly Gibson mine.
A hole was missed by the night, shift.
Four men wenl to work at 7 o'clock
this, morning, and Manfrou's dri'l
struck the dynamite, wbicb exploded,
blowing out the candles. The remains
of Manfrim were picked up some distance away. Others were injure''.
This is the first accident in the Molly
anl a train for Portland, Ore.
in    this   shooting    r
��� tiie],!. wife of the Hi���'���
ci ler,   and   after the   arrest,
Cicfl   Id and  Esther Mltchi .
���  lhe ;..:::r.i: of George Mr-
��� ��� a   ��� all.ni   over belwei i
adj isted    1 some lal . and
���  the*   had  decided  flial   thi   final n of il   ma)   ���<-,.:    ���'���   Bute  tali       nd thi   Narrows thi
thai the sis tei should   li   I he   ���    I going froi
ti ig,     ec i ise  she   won'. 1   ". Ini
ish  Authorities   Much   Concerned
vei   Dei Jaime's Surreptitious
Tr o   '.o   Enrcelcna.
"jy Owners  Will   Held  Meeting   This
Msrnlng  ancl   Prepare  Higher
I in thei     io   ���       n, -which hi
: i
i   ���        ���       ���"   ; .   :;       ild
���   . ���    '    ��� -|-        - ..   ;    . ,
had man
' - .   :tn 'Its :   an ;
��� -. , I ;
Westminster bridge, and upon the ex-
I'lrration ol lhe weekly close season
al   6 o'clock  on  Sunday nights  many
its from the lower river have been
fishing in the narrow channels above
.. Westminster bridge The resull
��� i b in the pas;  thai  the fish as-
.i .'   j.    thi    :'���:���!     : ���  :��� ���      hi    th    '
i igh   ..      e thi   bridge on Sun-
nrghi - and the I ������ Ing -;
...        ii   ch in
re wider, a
lesponded  to  by  I'.  T.  C.   Lever and | Gibson since Christmas. 1902, when -i
1 ig glide killed seven men The Molly
Gibson is at the edge of Kokanee Gla
tier, ".."inn feel above the sea level.
Deceased was unmarried.
I'he national anthem
was then sung and the Grand Lodge
convention   was  over.
Ai the afternoon session it was le-
cided io bold the next annual gath "������
iim al Armstrong. The brethren a!
thai poim were on hand with a cordial Invitation, which was accepted
and incorporated In the minutes.
Th"  celebration on the Twelfth  ol
Earthquake at Ch'lan.
Spokane. Peb. 20.���An    earthquaka
shock was fell at Chelan yesterday af
ternoon al  12:20 o'clock. accompanieJ
by a report like the sound of a blast.
Jul)   will h" held in  this city and  ii The jar and rumble seemed to proceed
i- expected that the gathering will be from    the    southeasl    to    northwest
the          at ever held in Western Cam I     w  was shaken, stoves, :   hea
ada. and d     - ral tie I an 1 houses roi   ��� '
lai   ���
p thi     ridge, wiUi
Don Jaime,   son
,    il eon
:. .   .
... -       \ee I
in li
Cottage Collaprses.
fom -.  .   - ���" - ongl ���
I   ������    ��� ernoon, when a
small s -   ���'.. ���-   . -:
r ���-.       a ...      ml    :   the   re-
feii1  1 - j ,     rains   bavin :   caused  the
Millowneri nd others w -'���
:      ,.     ivi   ��� -     owed, ia futun   ma-
themselvi i   pa     lighn
.........    , as an   u :i eas* I
i .i ���   . s cen iln to be adojit- nd tin   poh    supjiortlng the
owi to  slip    ���-       and      ei oirn
eld in Vane   i
Tl e prices i esent \
odreds of 1 it,       I with  net -,
v hich   sweep tie widl
��� ���   ��� the
th*     >h ': v . ���  n   -     ������   ;hatevi    to
I  ���   s  awnin; . Some ���
nm in    bi in  Order  To  Develop Timber  Limits.   Appreciate Audience Encores Nearly
'enefitted through  Sunda, Bsl Five Mile Railway Line Is Every Number-Many Attend
ahovi   tin  bridge, an   most strenu- Dr������^Co,i -   ���      t,    r-
,.  . . Proposed. enjoyable  Event.
.;- .    In   fa rar oi    esti cting   fishing J
��� iua fide    esidents so * <	
the salmon ma3  be conserved. 'n,,,   R0ya]  cHy   miiis'   ing  Fire:; .
���":l"  <<   '   :i":'i'1 lon��   :l   yesterda)  took a mow heavilv load.-!
the Con n  ��� i Ion wi -    ha     I i
the weel ���    ���
gon   ae  extended   froi ���   '"!     ;;- lffs- Immediately   opposite the
sixty hours    that It s        at * mi ith  of  the   Pitt   river,     The  con-
The concerl  In the lee are n ���   . of
Sl   Pi il's Reformi I  E Is ioj al i h
ns    ic ion outfil   to   last evening was a greal success, and
\\ as one of tbe mosl enjoyable events
���   '
i ���
Vt  tin
.... 11 '���    -
uwne in      irtl* ula
��� ii Hn  riv*
, ,,,    (i,      .,,    the   Inc ��� : ���    In    rices will I
opposed 'J ; ih'" M u'    '
���    dree n   '
1     .
null)', of Port Moo
e cl     yei terday.    Mr.
��� I the i taff. of the Roy-
nils,   ami   will   shorily   pur-
'   ���   '    :��� -.i e u .��� his family.
\ i   ,.;:���  ., , idenl  to   he m icliiner;
���   ;:;,   small  &   Bucklln mills ne* ���
late i the closing of a portion of the
works  yesterday  afti   Q*   n   ������ ��� le   re-
Mi, . w>-"' made.
tructure  to     I    . ������.       an I    bei oirn      ':   '
loosened      rhe hou ��� -   - ' ' i Monday nigl
.   v: lr! i Galliorad, athei
been m   lee    <     i     ime ti
ave d      r.lthough tin iking
���   :    ���     "��� nts I    11 i : '.        Thc
���es v ���..-������ mewo
[lie   :  ��� nto ���
ig the l ��� , "
ance ol
lot ba
able am-
and  othi ���
- wi  ��� nents.
i, ,.N; ���   | | Sevei irniture were
ivhll ':���        window-
���    -       lied      Mi      . ���   llorad   an I
���,.   ���.   ol   three      i ing   chlldn n
-  -   in the ho iso al -;:" lime of I hi
aped With-
ill   Injui ..
:  n gang will follow,
o? Its kin i  of the season,    Thi   h ill
" as fille 1 to the doors,     the au II in ������
... e    that    ii
would bi ' '
, that oi
; ��� SOI I   be
. ���
e yea
������ Tl     canni en
.    nts ol ���      i      crei     nd
.       ..   ecur        Ottav
��� he i   ue ol   eg ilatt n   In a* ���
i the i omuiission's a h lei     Th
who are on their way eas    ire M
A. E. Todd, B, C. Mess, and J, E,
rae,    Mr, \V, il. Bai ker, gener I man-
Tl     i'. C, Timber &  Trading ��� un-   i':-- '""^ ap-preclatlve and aim  si    v-
iuiny   . m   .    ���     e Umber limits   er*v :i imber ��'as accorded an em    e.
,, ,                 ,              ,. . The orchestra of the Queen's i >  ;  ie
-.. hii i  ; .a   i acl   - ime disl ince  from ,                               '
��� -lethodisl   church,   under  the  '��� i I  r-
Ihe   rl. ���      id"  an i   ������ ..u-h   thev   	
clearini logs    will    I e
: ini       ���     mill ai  "
���   conv* ��� ������ I    Into    boards    and
��� lis,    The  compan; es    ti
ship of J.  \. Smii h,  ipened thi
it b;    '< nd* ring   "Heai -���
n   . able  manner.
Among t tin   gems of the *
"    Roche's   - do, "l Wal        ir
���    '*���'    u'l��s long Tin "and   Mr. Ca       m's vl
'������     " I   ;''   ��� ii '��� rte    music
er to th*    ���           edge. ... .    ,,     ,.        ,
'   '     ���   ���                     en have Mrs. St* wai Is* a   an I   Miss Sch i
��� I
constrti lorous sei a r n    were contrll ited
���  ��� ��� ��� .     ml   bui   a sho,
Ime will i ore the timber Is
-  towe I in ���        e mill.
Senator Smoot Still
Sits in The Senate
Sports  Rsise  Objections.
, ]       20���A  petition i Igne
hy sev* ral hundred spoi i - men in this
���    .',:; | ���   forwarded lo the Snohomish County delegation In Olympia    f-
ferlng    strenuous   objections   to  the
House mill Senate hills which have lo
' , uiiii ihe alteration of the preseni
method ol licensing fishing and also   ansaa
the hill  which  is pending to license   Heved  100 lives were losl  In the i
.,     |(,,���.-,-. The petitioners say iiiey-   plosion In  the  mine of the  Mexican
,',.��� unqualifiedly opposed to the pass-   Coal  &  C:i'���i>  company,    Forty-three
,.      these bills because the mens     " :'"- have been  removed and moi
nrove detrimental to th-3    ���l'"1 "'xl-v miners are still in ihe com
Bishop Forbic's Mixeci Marriayes.
Denver, Col., Feh. 20.���In a pastoral
Bishop  v.  C   Mats! has forbid-
nger of the British Co imbla Packers'     en ages  ;     ,i   n Catholic m< n
. .-��� ic'aii'i"  Is en route from San Fran    and  non-Catholic   women  In  the dio-
cIsco   to   Ottawa   to   Join   the ot n       cese of Colorado,      The marriage of
there.'" ... ;    women to no i-Cathollc men
  Hscouraged, bui   Is still permlttel
Hundred Lives Lost. ;..v thi   bishop under the restrictions
Eagle   Pass,   Tex.,  Feb.  20-  A   d      heretofore enforced.
alcb  received today from  Las  Es,pi �� .	
Alex.,  says  thai   il   is  now     e-
by  Mr, Stewardson and .Miss Sp
Songs  were   sum;   by   Miss    Martha
i: in r,  .Miss   Eileen    Gilley,    M	
Mumford, Johnston and Dnvies, .Mr.
Greenhalgh render I a 'cello sol In
a very pleasing manner and Miss Lola
Hnrkili recited. The choir nm | ."|
two glees In a manner which did credit both io the Individuals and to tho
choir leader.
Aid.   .1.   J.   Johnston   acted   In   the
capacity of chairman,
arcs  won
osion in  ilu
20���The  resolu-      Al   the conclusion ol  the voting  a
11 ,   Smoot. of  Utah,! Hon w..  given Senator Smoot in
the   Republican ��� oak   room.    Praeti
"'  S,'IM'^ Senate, wa i  (.|;|.   ,; . ,,,,, ,.���.,.,.,. .,,., ,,.,  H   .   ,
I'teruoon  by a  vol.   ,..   ,.,  ',���.,,,   ,.,,,       ���   ;i, Ipated. Those
Senator Smooi   who   hook hi   hand Included a imb        "     ;
��� , >he se,,,;,-  i���.i    ol   sen,    ���-   who  had   yoted ,ga a I        "'"   ���' '
i ��� the
Mr. Jones  Makes  Money.
Vancouver.   Feb.   I'd.���One     of   i.ho
.nrgesi sales of timber limits recentlj
Chamberlain Breaks  Down. ma,|(,   ,���   ���lis ^j,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,   haa
London,  Feb.    20.���An    Interesting been pul through by McEwen fi Ca,
Ihoritatlve    Btatemenl    concerning brokers.    The timber Is situated  on
health of Joseph Chamberlain Is th,   Sechell peninsula, and was owned
today.      Although  it by   Mr. Jones,  of  N'ew  Westminster.
.   ii - il- -t   here
s of game protection and   I>artmen1   where the explosion occui       ���    '���>������'��� confirm the worsi rumors II The money involved reached a   ;- ire
.,,,.,.   would  are-;.-,   hostillt.- Whether they are dead is nol   'Ul'-'   thai Chamberlain Is completely close    n   $100,000.     The  purcha      ..
Many of the men killed were      ",-''! down  physically, although he for    n   i, are nol  from south    i the
nta,] ' alert' ''" e, but fi    i    a ti ������; Canada THE DAILY NEWS
F��B. J,
p       ���ONLY
Men's and Boys' CLOTHIN
The contractors want our building on Monday next, and we must acquiesce.
1 Wm.
patent was granted In the name of Ihe
officer the Invention was nclnullv made
- :',
J"nll A in,.u in  tins   \.,t iii- Paid Even ' ''.v  an employer the patent   would lie
When Loan is Complete. ��� declared   Invalid,   ami   usually   .1   suit
In a lire insurance policy the sum In- would not bave reached such a stage
sured merely marks the maximum lia- Ull,il " was '"" latc ''' -" ,,;"'u !,,lli
tdtttv accepted by the Insurance com- j i'Katcn1  \U" lllveutlo��  !" ,!l" "'"!!" ��t
,,,-., .      the   real   inventor.    Edwin   J.   I'rimlle   SYNOPSIS   OP   CANADIAN     HOME
pany  and determines the premium to   [n Englueel.luj, Mngazilie.
be paid.   It is not in any way admitted 	
by the insurance office as a measure The iiusueiiotn,
if the value 'of the property Insured. Hero are two essays on the Hugue-j     Any available Dominion Lands with-   Huaskin    Lake;    thence    Easl
the Railway Bell iu  British Colum-   shore- line 20 chains, more or les     t .
N     H
District,   for a  Mill  Site.     Commenc
ing al a post  planted   <u shore of ba)
S.   1-1.   A: 111    Huaskin   I. ike, 11    S.
VY. corner T. L. Xo, 6011J; thence
South I11 chain.-: W'esi 5 chains;
South 10 chains, more or less to N. E.
shore of Turnbull Cove; thence West
Willi shore line 20 chains; North 10
chain;-: East ���"��� chains; N'orth 1"
chains,   more  or    less,   to    shore      if
�� -,'; I
U   I   have  a   life  policy   for  ��5,000,1 nots by Chicago public school pupils; 'n tne Hallway Bell In  British Colin
'says a wla'L'i-'iiVThe Nineteenth Cell 1    "The Hugonots are people In France ula> l!l:l-v be homesteaded by an)  per-    xiint   of   commencement;   conta-lnins
turv   my  heirs can   011  proof of my   that   l"v   ''"llowors   of   Victor   Hugo, son who is Lhe sole head of a family,   in  acres,   mor ���  less,
death and their title, receive at  |���as,   Tier leader is a man naiimd .1,,,,, Val- 0, an)  male over is year, of   age, to       DATED  this   Huh da,*   of Feb, .a.
.      ,'        ... ... vi, ,., -���',.    ln Mean  tbnt  W(ls  '''   ,,l!,'r'  '""   -"'  con- the extent  of   one-quarter    section of   1907
��o,000, possibly more il  there are bo- . m.tQlJ ,������, (nm,(1 ���nt ���.������   .,.,,��� ���   U "7-
nuses.   If I have a ship nnd I insure Lots are verv g 1  people.    A. lady Th"    MCLAUGHLIN    U'.MHKH   C'u.
her with marine insurance companies   named Evangeline wrote a long ] m      bntry  ""M    ''  niadl     ' -',llil'->   at j    LTD
for ��3,000, I can recover the full ��3,1    aboul them, but it don't rhyme." Illc locnl i"1'1 offlce '"���  il;" districl in   p\ c, 1;   McLaughlin, Pvi -.. ST. I).
at once should my ship be totally lost.      "The Iluguennts is the name of a big1 ��'hlch the land is situate.
But  if   I   insure   my  house  agalusl    thing like a steam roller that the mo-      The homesteader Is required 10 per-
gul used In India to run over people.
It  squoshed  them  to death  nnd   was
very terrible.   It h id eyi - painted 011
Second Hand Junk Stoid
lire for ��5,000 I c mnot recover ��5,000
unless I can prove the liouse to be
worth fully that sum.    All that I am
entitled to demand Is the actual value 1
���if iu) house Immediately before ii was
burned, and  1  inusi give every assist
I It like  a  dragon  aud  ��� norted   steam
when  it  was  running.    They  are no
huguenots eiiny mere."
form ihe conditions < onnected ihere-
�� ith under 01 ;  the ! dlowin       an-:
iD Al leas; six mon' b -' re ence
��� on and ctiltl ration ol the lan 1 in
1   ch , em- for ih:-     rears,
(2)    If lhe I'ai her (or mother, if the
auee to the insurance company iu or- Do - iinetliing for somebody, aad d 1
der thai the actual value limy be Justly it now.
determined. Thinking  well   doesn't   counl   unless
By   statute   the   Insurance  company you acl well,
has the power to reinstate that bouse, Don't follow In the fojtsteps ol your
11s far as th,. sum In ured will go, In competitors.  Set the pace.
Btead of paying me anything.    In prnc ijfe is uol   worth  living unless yuu
tice   compensation   Is   iistuill)   agreed   live for the good you can do f the settler ha    ;.'    , 11
nnd paid In cash without  recourse on      There are times when an ounce of In    ei      1     lei n land own
fal her j., leceased 1, of 1 he I101111 Hes I
e ��� resides upon a farm In the vicinity
0, I he land entered for, tin require
menl u 0 resident e ma) n Isfled
h. such person residing with the
father 0   mother.
��ltber side  to  the  righl  of  reinstate . ,.    ,,,, iiiscounts 11 ton of energy.
meat, but in no ease am 1 entitled to T|���, ,,,,,,,, sunshine there I    In -'������if
mere   than   the   nctunl   value   of   111) men's lives the less ha) the) iiinke.
house .1- it existed Just before the lire. v, ,���.,��� ,,,,., ��� ,, .,  ,,.,,,, ,,, hi. p,,,.;
 ' from carrying h - neigl I ir's burden.
PATENTS ON   INVENTIONS. Mini)   of   ���  nutli pnted   pleasures
ar.' n  ytlilng  bill   pi a ures  after   \* ��� :i'"'" '" ll'('   C0111111I    lonei of Do
1 the vicinity ol his home.
Ill       Oqil       .'.���;.'        ,1      '1   I'CSl-
:        nay he lied residence
n   ui .  I ni I.
.    .     :     .      1, 1   . ���    :,.   .'.   ,    1,      111. i. 1
Prices      j
25c per doz,
to $1 a cake
Highest Prices Paid  for   STOVES,  FURNITURE
and TOOLS of all descriptions. Also buy and
ROPE. We also buy and sell everything.
Applyorbyb���il'        Between  Columbia ani\
'Phone No. 214        Fraser River Hotel
B. C. Mills, Timber a
Trading Company
Manufacturers and Dealers in All Kinds ot
j  Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,    Mouldings,   Sash    Doors.
j Interior Finish,       timed Work,    Etc.
Mum  11,-  In ilu-  Name* ol die   lvtual -.1 them
'""'""""'��� Some  men  are able  |,,  bear   minfi r
The law provides for the granting of ,.,,���...   ���,���,   solll(,    ,,;���.,..   Im,   .,,,,.
patents only to the actual Inventor of Cuou"h lo avoid tlmin
the patented  Invention, ami ��� imtenl 0u"y   ���   ,���������, '.. nin  tlistillKnisU   p���
SXatltecl  in  the  nan f any one else (���.,.���,, ,,���. m|SL,lli(,vl)    ,���,.s ,������ ,���.,. >  ,.
Is invalid.    For this reason it is ossen-   .,,���, Ih��� ,,,,,.���..., ,������   ,10, ���,.u ,,,,,,
(lal thai the application for patent be . rjblcugo News
made In the name of the one whom 	
the law  regards as the  Inventor,    lu Ki-iiii'n i,��w Ui-mmi,
some  I.a lories it   is the custom to pat- There   was   little   lhal   was   follllllltic
em   every   Invention  In   Ihe  name  of |u the flrsl me,    ng of Kean, the great
Hi'   presldenl   ot   ibe , ipnny.    This tl'ilgedlail, and the wiimiui who was to
frequently  happens because 11 in bear his uanie,   It was on the stage of
pany lias 1 11 imili up on luventloiiH the Cheltenham I hen ter thai   Chnrles
made by the president or other omeer, Kenn  ami   Miss  Chambers,  a   protry
and as a uiaiiei' of pride the presldenl young  actress,   Urn I   <ow   each  other,
wishes to see all patents Issued in bis "Who is that shabby little man  with
name. ihe   brilliant   eyes?'1   Miss  chuml
This is 11 dangerous thing lo do in asked In thc hearing of the king of the
the case of Inventions which were con Rinse.   "And who," Kean retorted hy
ceiveil by the employee Independent1* asking aloud, "Is  thai  odd  little  wo
of the officer, such as Inventions wholly   man'.-"     from   this  singularly   i <
worked out by employee without Bug- plelous   opening   Kenn's   love   drama
gestlon or assistance from ihe otHeer,    proc led   so  swiftl)   thai   before  a
for  if  in  a   suii   brought  under such mon Ui bad gone the curtain was rung
ll'i'.e.l    il    W    sViW.i    Iho    U'lnle   lh,. dOWtl nl   the  all,If.
million  Lands nl  Ottawa of Inti ntlon
in ,1 iply lor patent.
1 'oal lands ma) lie purrhased a; $10
per in re I'oi sofl coal ana >j 1 for anthracite, Nol more than HUii acres
can 1 e acquired by one indlvl lual or
CO i,.an;,. lln; ally at I he rale of ten
ci . Is per ion ol 2,000 pound 5 shall he i
collected on ihe .moss output.
Deputy of I.he Mini ster of 1 he in-
tei lor,
N.  13.- tJnauthoiize 1   publication or
ihi-   adveriisenieui    will  nol   ie paid 1 GENERAL MACHlNtl AMU WNUINE
loi. WORK.
Westminster Iron Works
Ornamental   iron   work,  including
PICE   IS   HEREBY   GIVEN   thai . Fences, Gates, Fire  Escapes, etc,
.,,.,  ;,',.,���   imte   ���,.,,. ;,|   to       Mall orders and correspondence In
.   i 1   Hi i   H  a 11    de     the  Chlel
nniisslonei   ol   Lands  and    Works JOHN   REID,
for   iiermlsslon   lo   purcl             ���   foi BEGBIE HT'KtJET.
'   :' r":    ! New Westminster. ' v. o. 47!
Fish and Fna     Boxes.
Large Stock Pla   . and Fancy Glass.
}  Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing ancl Draining-
i Royal City Branch, Columbia St.
j Telephone 12. New Westmin^'
CoWan'S Perfection COCO^
(Maple Leaf Label)
MilR Chocolate
Croquettes, Wafers, Medallions, tLic.
Cowan's Cake Icings
iniim Mastmmafmiaanaimi .*.���    ���������-- ^T
FEB. 21, 1907.
is Clothing House
[n addition to our Tweed and Worsted lines of
Clothing mentioned in our 15 days' Clearance
Sale, we have added 50 suits of Black Cheviot
and Diagonal, which are going at 50c on the
Remember, these will not last long.
Where can you get a $20.00 Suit,
with trimming to correspond, for
Colli rnfoi
Wardrobe Clothier
Street, New Westminster
rains & Steamers
.,,  \   \. ,: I 10; an X. W. n 35.
. ar   ^".;;'V  L5.50.
...... e 12 :.'i; ar. X. \V. 18.40.
eave N\ W   8.30, 1" :l-". 15.40, 17.::.",.
.. ..  '.  v. . 9 35, 11.35, 16.40, 18.40,
L,-. x. W, :��� .20 a.m.; ar. Seattle 4 p.m.
N. v.. I 35 p.m.; ar. Seattle 10 p.m,
V.. W. & y.���VANCOUVER
(,-,-. N. W. 3 p. m. and 9:55 p. m.
, Vai      ��� er S.35 a.m., and 4 p.m.
Lv. X   vV, 9:35 a.m.;   ar. Guichon
:.i ���-.. bon, 2:40 p. m.; ar. N. W,
i' j :.    .ud C p. m.
V. :     - only.
Lv, New Westminster 5.50. 6.60, 1
(cl S a. in., and every half hour there-
:l:er til 11  p. in.
Lv. Vancouver for Westminster at
ame hours.
Fraser River and Guff
Fn     .   W. Mon. Wed. Frid. 8 a.m.
��� liwk.   Tu.,  Th.,  Sat.,  7  a.m.
V.  W. Tu��� Th.. Sat. 8 a.m.
From -   - ;.. Sun., V\ ��� ��� !., Frl., 7 a.m.
-.'-.'. : .���. ��� \. Sunday -' p.m.
. Monday, 5 a.m.
'in Steveston, 7 a.m. (Frl. �� a.m.)
Tth, an I   1 Ith each  month  I
q i"':   leaves Victoria   on    _-  .,    for
Quai ii    and n aj points,
Steamer Transfer
Leaves .New Westminster on Mon
day, Tie-,lay, Wednesday, Thursday
���:- I Frida; al 2 p.m. and Saturdaj
at 2 p. m. with additional trip on Monday at 5 a. in.
Leaves Steveston Monday. Tuesday,
W, .Inesday. Thursday and Saturday at
7 a. m.; Friday at tl a. m. additional
'       Saturday 5 p. m.
S. S. Beaver
Leaves New Westminster, 8 a. m.
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
Leaves Chiiliwack 7 a. m. Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturdays, calling at
lan lings between New Westminster
and Chiiliwack.
S. S. Tees
Leaves Vancouver at S p.m. I'm!
and 16th of each month, culling at
Skldegate on first trip and Bella Coola
on second trip. Time on arrival and
departure  are  approximate.
For reservations and Information
call or address
Acent, New Westminster,
4*st. 'Jen.  Pass   Agent, Vancouver.
General Suner'ntendent, Victoria.
Eight Trains Every Day in the  Yeir
Minneapolis, St. Paul
and Chicago
Embodies the newest    and best ideas:
and   LUXURY.     It   is  lighted   with'
both   electricity   and   gas;   the   most I c
brilliantly   illuminated   train   in    the
world.      The   equipment   consists   of
private   '���ompartment   cars,   standard
io  section  sleepers,  luxurious  dining
car, reclining chair cars  (seats  freel,
modern   day   coaches   and   buffet,   library and smoking cars.
Fe-r  Time  Tables,  Folders,  or  any
further  information  call  on  or   write
Spokane falls & Northern Ry Co.
Nelson & Ft. Sheppard Ry. Co.
Red Mountain Ry. Co.
The only all  rail  route  between   ail
points east, west and south to Ross
Suggestions Thst Will l-le'p In Making
It Habitable.
In addition to those familiar uses
of attics which are so vivid when it
rains  or when   one  is  cynical   or
land, Nelson and intermediate points j moody or inclined to be witty at the
connecting at Spokane with the Great  expense  of   bedposts   and   war::: '
Northern, Northern Pacific and O. R.  pans, there are improved nses an ct-
BV fl. N. B, PLANS
Victcrians   Expect  to   Be  the  Gainers
by   Louis   Hill's  Western
& X. Co
Connects at Rossland with the Canadian Pacific Railway for Boundary
Creek points.
Connects at Meyers Falls with
stage f''iily for Republic.
Buffet service on trains between
pokane and  Nelson.
Effective    Sunday,    November    io,
Day Train
9.20 a.m.
...  Spokane
12.25 P-tn.
... Rossland
0.4c a.m. .
.... Nelson .
'20 Second Avenue. Seattle. Wash
Grand Trunk Ry.
Canadian Pacific
Thro igli    ������ -      iled to   tl' ?
Fin       .. - - lei   ers and 1    rist '
allj  :     i. . ; ��� o'cloci;
Infoi inatii n     1eerfu.H1   givi n.
I-'   J   COYLE
a   ���:   !���   \
��� -
'genl  *'.!'.'i
\'ew   Westminste:
Mail Service
Clo ������.    k    ���   .,  ..
S imae  7.4;   i in.   1
'    ��� ��� ���    nd Mill
1   7.43a in. ll   '- a.m
,'i  .  No.  1.  7. r- a.m.   9 00 a.m.
\ R  ' lovei dale,
-���   ' le..  S.45 a.m.    3
j'  '���  '-  (.'* :,. Park.10 3*
I  in 30 1.in.   9.00a.n
' !;   naby .... 1.13 p m.    1.15 p.m.
'  a,
  1.30 p.in. 11.00 a ni
������I  ���
l�� an 1
  3.00 p.m. 11 ""' a iu.
Jva|i " 3.30 p.m,    ,; 10 1  '
    1.00 : ,m   I'. 00 p.m.
T 11 a
.   ... 12.00 ni.     12.00 111.
|Canadiaa Pacific Railway Co. for CONRAD, CARCROSS, ati.in,
FAIRBANKS. Daily trains (except
Sundi v> carrying passengers, mail,
express and freight connect with
stages -it Carcross and White Horse,
maintaining a through wintei si rvi
- I \SKA ROUTE. I   1  inf* rmation apply to
changi   without notice),        i    ii.   ROGERS, Traffic  Managei,
Leaves V Vancouver.  R.  C
 fell.  7th
..   Feb.  ll'"
 Feh, 2181
Excellent Train Service Between
Chicago, London,
Hamilton, Toronto,
Montreal, Quebec,
Portland, Boston,
And all the principal business centers of   Westminster, B.C.
tic can be put to and still remain an
attic.    The feeling of attics���thai
sense they give of a friendly aliena-
tion from the world below stairs���
must not, of course, be lost.    If one
desires no more  than  ,1  place  in
which to tell fairy talcs at twilight
the   lighting   of   a   candle   might
be change enough in the usual cii-
Arrive j plastered and left over spree.   But
...7.15 p.m. that  is too  simple.    Besides,  the
...4.10 p.m. tast(, tor fairy tales is not universal,
**  ' 43 pm.  fUKj jt j^ ruoreover, a  taste  mere
H. A. JACKSON.        natural in rhe nursery than in the
attic.    Rut a habitable attic must
\  DRY  HftfK be an.vthin�� but (lin'--v' A *-rlass
u     l/lll      I/Uvll trapdoOi, such as one too often sees,
is not enough.    There ��lioul*l he a
Foot of 4th Ave. Cor. 16th Street     prpnt   ,,���,.,,���,,.   window>   ,iuilt   low
\ew Westminster, B. C. ('n<';-1' h\���*��� seat3>and ��|mpie
seats   at   that,   large   enough   to
  lounge in.    There should bo wide
��11  1 ���    i       j  ol ���  ; sills, ton, for flowers, for an attic
All  kinds   Of   ..hip   repair rfthout flowers would be unimagina-
ble. As for the body of the room
Ihe chief thing to do where there
;;re gables would be to insert 11
wainscot all around of, say. live or
six feet in height.   Along this could
Ship and Scow   Building
\ a specialty.
Estimates   promptly furnished.
Victoria, Feb, 20.���II is extremely
llkelj thai during the next two weeks,
Victoria will receive a visil from Louis
Hill, vice-president and general manager of the Greal Northern railway,
and son of .lames .1. Hill, the railway
magnate. The proposed estflblieh-
ment of the G. N. K.'s shops on hula
Island, n* ar Xew Westminster, has necessitated his visiting thai city and
i: is rumored that the proposed car
ferry between Sidney and Blaine will
also  receive his  attention.
The attention which other railway
promoters are giving Vancouver Island at the present time has heen too
marked to escape the notice of ill 1
shrewd ex-Canadian who fathers the
Great Northern amongst oilier urea:
transportation corporations and the
present visit of hin son. who, Incidentally, is also his chief lieutenant, is
regarded by the knowing ones as a
trip to spy oul the land and merely
preliminary to further active measur is
i which ; :������ bound to i eneflt Victoria.
New  Motor  Tire.
Chehalis, Feb. 20.���Albert Simpson,
cf this city, lias jusi  obtained letters
;   ''lit on an invention that i.s Ini in '
The White Pass
and Yukon Route
PHILADELPHIA,  via .Niagara Falls.
For Time Tables, etc., address
GEO.  W.  VA'jX.
Assistant Gen'! Pass* nger aad Ticket
Agent, 135 Adams St. Chicago, 111.
[Northern Pacific!
be put shelves   for hooks  or odds
and einls of whatever kind,    A car- |
pet would be improper, for it is tra- I
ditional that an attic is hare.    Inexpensive   rugs   and  skins   suggest ;
4 Eighth street, New  themselves mechanically,  like easy | e 1  to make unnecessary  the 11
tlu.irs. a work tabic and a lounge,   pneumatic tires on automobiles,
The  fancy includes a  piano,  pic-      The device consists essentially of ,
tures.   glorious   andirons,   sconces,   ba���.bearlng   spring   slo|
while the nniiLrir.nuon  leaps  to
Manufacturer of
���. .4
British  Columbia   Cr,i3t  Line
B. C. Coast Line Service,
11 \ ICTOR1 \  linl'Ti:
VI torln  loare 1 Van* 01
I'M,   I
V|CTOR|A      N
"The Milwaukee"
'The  Pion"��r Limited"  St.  Paul  to
Chicago,   "Short   Line"   Omaha   to
Chicago,  "South    West     Limited"
Kansas City to Chicago.
No   trains   in   the   service   on   any
railroad   in  the   world  that  equal  in
equipment that of the Chicago, Milwaukee  &  St.   Paul  Railway.     They
own and operate their own sleeping
and dining cars on all] their trains and
give  their  patrons  an excellence  of
EW     WE8TMIN8TER  service  not  obtainable elsewhere.
ROUTE. II. S. ROWE. General Agent.
oria dally at 1 a.m
'���'���'l'     ',     torln il.llv
ai i   .
la dally excepl Monday
Trains Daily
Travel on the Famous
Electric lighted train.    Low Rates.
Quick Time. Excellenl Service.
New York, Chicago,
Toronto, St. Paul
Steamshir Tickets on sale to ail European points.
Jptcial    Reduced    Rater,    Round   Tn,
Rates   to   Southern   California
For full informtion call on or write
C. E. LANG, General Agent,
430 Hastings St.,  Vancouver, I!. ('.
Portland, Ore
Mineral Waters, Etc.
Aerated Waters,
Family Trade a Specialty.
Tel. 113. Office, Eighth  Street,
Transfer Co.
ie tne imagination leaps to armor anil cabinets, Yet in a proper
attic the furniture should be a little
commonplace with a discarded look,
if you will, to be in keeping. Things
half broken down a?e lit for a
quaint utility there, and as clothe
ossce decent on Sunday come to be
so onlv on Saturday and  then on
in   the   axl
an automobile.    An, one ra:.
with   the sl ructure of  an   anion; '   ���
konws thai  the front  axle has !;.':��� -
loints near the ends, the steerinj .    .
'    ' Ing only  the short   pieces of the
axle beyond the hinges instea I of tin.
txle as in a wagon.   Slmpson'a
ition has to do with the Btructur-j
t"   nun    011   ouiuium    unu    men   on       ..  ,-,,,. ...
,. ��� ,    ���      , ���     , ,        ,      ,    ,l! the shorl  pi ice ol the ax e beyond
1 nday, and so on, so odds and ends   .-,,, ; ..,
tow familiar and worn in
lece ol axle
I as they grow familiar and
oilier parts of the house li ive 1  lasl
use-  as old con panii ns in un attic.
, ���Wallace Stevens in  indo rs uiu!
[Out. ___
iffice 'Phone ll
-Tram   Depot
;>.        Harn   KMoe 137
Columbia St.
Baggage delivered
pari of the city.
promptly to iny
Entt'lNIi  \ ic*'   of 1 ,'i:iit-1 -,.
Iliitiifiii   Sni 1, i'.-.
Decidedly   ��        1   nrc   an   Imitntlvc
��� : -       I'i     1 lier .       tin-
girl up, 1 t: 1 of lie ��� elder   and
i:; I she her u\\ 1', would lie a
fitr.re eplto 11     Such euler
1 ��� - .     die Is 1   riuitted t 1 \\ ii
uess in he- 111 itlu r's d 'iiwh : room s
Imitates, with ,1       nnd mm   1 for 1 u ,
Light and Heavy Hauling Z: Z :    ' "
ss cT'i
H4 Third St.. cor Alder. Portland, Or.
oB2Z    '    Westnilnster at 7 a, m. BLACKSMITHING.
vAMcouver NANAIMO ROUTE. Having bought oul  the Blacksmith'
S. s.Joan : lug business of li. ll. Benson, l will
"        -       .uver dally at 1:80 p.m   '"   P]ea8Bd t0 see a11 "is "^ ''""'"'"
era, as well as new ones.    Horseshoe
,tsr coast route. ', \ng 8 specialty,
'"amer Queen City.
'    V   ��� ,-;
1 at  11  p.m. on 1st,
Eighth  Street.
Xow  is the  time to send for yon:
j rii'r]]1|S I,, the Old Country while tbe
' rates are low.    Tear-.   Sleepers ran
, , st,   ohn to co cl   with Empress
n..v        -   .  M irch 22nd.    For other
..,'. apply to
���m  QOULET,
C.P R. Ai
City Electric Works
Opposite Train Office
For electric Blgns, dynamos, motors,
fans, 'phone fixtures, shades, hells, batteries, wire and cables of all kinds
and sizes. House wiring. Motor in
stalling a .specially. All kinds of repairs promptly attended to.
J. DIGBY, Proprietor
PHONE 304.
-Tkc Fraser River Tannery
on some s| lal friend whom she elects
a model of I'emlnin ��� perfection. And
In his ii'1. Ii e   ':������ -���' n
th '    goes  through   the   wheel  te  se.
' ���      bolted  to  a   ste ���:   plate  aboul
I 1  hes  long,  two  inches  wide and
��� 11   n 'h  thi ;..     The plate works  up
and   ' iwn  i'i a bal    eai Ing  slot   In  a
eel   '       ���     rti   dating   with
'���:   an of the axle with a hin;  ���
-   ���   ': 1   ���        10 lie,   The 11: ive
- Plate :������; and down in tae
. two .- ilral ���
���   1 The play of th i
1 '  an Id   . 1   :-   :, guiai -1   05
I* ngth   ol  I-.-  slot.
" '���" " the wheel ��� f a machine fit
I with this  levi ���   strik* -. an object
In  Ihe road  i   g, I -   >ver ii  by lifting
' Ine and j 1]  ng ii or crushing
���   pneu: latic tire, bill  by mere y
at a certain stnj ������   if Iheir li
..,,.   ...;:-|,       : i;:- the plate to which its axle is
are as  much   ill   .
As they mature and
perhaps show some s
Ity, I,ul  in all  1I1 '  1.:
peas In 11 pod.
evehip they may
us of Individual-
in  Issues nf life
they continue to be mure Imitative than
fashions,   housekeeping   and   enter
taining are all more
i-ss conducted
Oil the same lines, and the only true
sign of friendship that is shown to the
young married woman is to in'^ her to
order her life and her home on her
friend's principles. Any departure from
those principles or any s\ niploin of Individual taste or strength of mind will
sound the lirsl challenge of unpopularity for the budding matron, Her mother and her mother's friends will alike
desire linltnti* f iheir methods as
tl siucerest  form of flattery," and
every dei line from the original system
will he pronounced wrong or Injudicious.- Uiia iii London Mail.
��� ned to rise against the resistan* e
' ���  th'e two spiral 1 prings in the 1 li  .
The   rear   7.  : iels    ...:y  only   in  that
:' spindle of thi wh* el works in tne
sliding plate and ends in 11 sprocket
���' ' '��� to le driven by a chain from
the motor. Of cours each rear wheel
Is driven by a separate chain from the
Spinning along over a smooth road
th, springs destroy all vibration and
make the machine ride as easy as
"ne wiih pneumatic tires, Save for
thi noise, gteel tires on a machine
ivlth this device would answer i^xity
purpose, hui with solid rubber tires
the machine Is perfect,
Simpson has already recel .-<��� 1 verv
flattering offers for his patent and
others of ihe necessary capital '0
place his invention on the market.
.  m
, 4
li* m
1   r -3.  51
Published by the Daily News  Pu'i-
lushing  Company    Limited,   at    theii
ofiiees,  corner    of   Sixth    and   Front
streets, New Westminster, B.C.
Managing Director J. C. Brown
Every grocer kreps WINDSOR
SALT. No other is so pure, so
delicate.    Best for the table.
��� , a  better   Stat*
: :���; :.- , :
of mind.
Vet  some  British  wrii irs and  talk
Put >,,ur Prayer H<>��>k oo Top of ih��
Thinga   Iii   1 ,Mir   1 rank.
"li yon ever go to Bermuda t can tell
you how to make time at the custom
house." said a returning Washingtoni-
an. "I reached Bermuda early in the
nioruint;. I made up my luggage rather hastily before leaving the ship.
"Just a- I was ready to close my
suit ease  I  a itil ed  that   1   had  left   my '
they   know   better;   or  they  may   he   you do xyl.eu coming into the port of
jisplaj    advertising.   i&
com- pei   me   nonpariel) 12 lines to   ers   prod   us a;, occasionally   on  tin.-    prayer book on the lounge.   I  pitched
tbe   incn.       Five    -y_ts   per   due   toi j ,  ry  point.    They   may   merely   lun.'    |f ,,, rather unceremoniously, strapped
ei   ���    -ir  'nsertious, ! ,,,-   tne habil  of   "militarism"   which   down the ease and hurried ashore.
Reading notices, bold face type  20 off even  when      "You don't have to wait to declare as
fonts per line, brevier or nonpariel, 10   '
cents per line.
So: time contracts. S|iccial post
C<"is, apply to advertising manager.
Notices of births, marriages or
deaths, 50c. Wants, for sales, lost or
found, rooms to let, etc.. one rent per
word. Xo advertisement taken fcr
!����    th   n 2a rents.
���      r... A���   will  extend    our    sympathy  to  New-
Day Office   A22 i "'Want to look at anything else?   I
.,.  ,_, ���...                                          D���0   found and;   bu    we  will not  listen to .
Night Office    B22 ' asked.
���      nj  nonsensical talk of an impossible >"xa   you're all  right,   my  friend,   h  noon,  Sergeant   Wilson, ol   the   1'
I war over   n  kettle of fish.' _\ny ,,,,.,,, n.no w;n |im hjs prayer hoik   x  VV. M   P.  wen; to Cochrane in ana
nying to  discourag ir demand  for
a amre intelligent share In the nego-
tion  of treaties In which  we have
New York.  As I stopped int > the offlci
of the Johnny Bull official I unstrapped I
my case and opened it  up.   The official
talked at uie as If I had been a tele-
Goldsmith    Silversmith
and Diamond Merchant
Columbia St., Next to Tram Office
an especial  interest.    In either rase.   [lli(,u,,
thej  are not worth listening to.    The       "'Hello!'   he   said   the   Brst   thing.
proper attltud*    -   hal  or Sir Wilfrid    'What's thisV he asked, picking up my
,,      ,,.;    .  md   h,   0UI. rights;   we    prayer  hook.    'Prayer  book,  eh?    All
right.  Shut up ymr case.'
Calgary  Assault.
��� ila ir . ]������������'    20.    Las   s ttur lay
! -'���- Sri
THURSDAY.   FEB.   21,   1907.
on   on o   lis   raps   sn l  likely to beat , , . ,    ..   ......      , ,,
' .   ',.,      ,.    ,.   ,. wer to a telegram from D, Whi e, J I
the government.  I ll take that for your
declaration.' When   he   reached  there   he   found
"I   threw  him  half a   dozen  cigars. ,   Lt James Taylor and J. Robinson, ol
,.,   irini In anothei column, a state.
ii. ir Mr.   Ker,   secretar)   ol   the
I . . sii" iatlon,  a - iui   the depu
tation now mi its naj to Ol tawa. Mr.
Ker puts I be "off j eai" matter quite
coi i' lly, As It now -'and.-, it de-
|." n . upon the action of the Washington S ate legislature We regrel
thai the matter should be in thai position, . ul the fad is as state ,. Our
regret, however, is rather because we
think the position an Improper and
un lignifled one. than because we entertain any apprehension as to the
outcome, Thei,. :.-, as Mr. Kei hints,
verj little chance of any such legislation ' t ing passed at Olympia.
But in our view, the discrimination
againsi our while fish-; mi n proposed
bj the sixiy-hour close time on ine
river, is almost if not quite, as serious as the "off year." and must be
cc -��� strongly opposed.
Mr. Ker la hor- under the usual misapprehensions aboul ihe effect of fishing above the railway bridge.   About
,!l dy thing In his statement as to
that which will stand examination is
the Indirect admission thai everything
That  appears to be an appropriate
heading under which  to chronicle the    That's where I made my mistake
,..      , .,   . thai nlace  ha   been    i Inking an i had
faci   thai   the  Victoria   Colonist   paid      "'Got  any  more  like these In  that '       '       '"
the Daily   News  the  compliment, the   case?' asked the official. empted to iss  u    Mrs Jules Maro
other day. of devoting ..  long article      "' s:li'' ' h'"i"'1' !"" ''�� you know he       ,,���,,_.   Belgiau   n .man.    The  men
I said I hadn't, bill do you know he
wouldn't believe in ', and I had to open
up the case again, nn I he �� ent through
to a criticism of iis methods. It may
be, of course, that the Colonist was
simply hard up fur a subject;  bui  we    vVashlngton Post,
are not.  naurally,   inclined to lake   a 	
view  which  would  lessen the compli- ^  PRODUCT OF  MILK,
n ent  paid us.     Perhaps some read -r 	
nay   think   il   strange  that   we  .should    Galallth I* So Strong Yon Could Hulld
: el Mattered by having an article dented to us in  the Colonist;   but the
e so ...       in ���   lu lu i   ���
it ns if be ticught i was a smuggler."���   li uior thai thi     ning woman man i ;*
;    finall    fight aw ������    from them, The .
neigh i ir,   C.  M* Hff 'Is,   also a   Bel-
;   n,    tnie and thr* �� the two dr in .
ol     .'��� yard.     The men  I hen  wenl
FROM   75    CENTS   UP.
explanation is, that the Colonist fei Is
a   nou��e  With   It. I       (     Rn , j,   v.;>.  ,���,.   unti,  y.:i,yA,
You could build a house of   ..   .   .i   .      ( ,,       .,,  w;l, |aM  hv Mueffels
Then the ii. N. W   M. P. were ecu
vou liked, and it would  be as strong
and lasting as thoiish made of Aber-
the necessity  of saying something to   doeu granite,  says  M.   Gleu  Fling in
icati I ��ith and S* rgeant  Wins m
counteract   the  sound doctrine  which   Technical World Magazine.   Moreover,   wenl
the News preaches.    Our ancienl con-   all  the tittings could be made of the      He found that the two men had gone
temporary  begins   by  saying: same substance, and they would out    ,     ol town ro work.   One wa-   iboul
"The  New   Westminster , News   ap-   "ve ''"' lin,'st ordinary material that J;   miles north of the town, in a camp
pears to be under the Impression thai
the election is still pending, and it is
writing furiously againsi the government.     According  to    our    esteemed
was ever constructed.
Billiard  tables, combs,   fancy   boxes
and many other things are made from
galallth, which is made from milk.
There Is really no limit to the nrtl- ;
on the Dog pond, and tlffl othet wa-.
.- imen here out tn the north country.
\ ��� siting sou:,- rancher or other. Afl ?r
driving all daj Sunday both men urero
objectionable   .her,,   was  the    act   of   ,,,���,��� th��� plagues ,���-
contemporary  Mr. .McBride    has    all I cles which can be made from galallth. ���    irehended and brought Us CocliTau i
manner of terrible things in store fori It   lakes   dyes   readily,   and   inferior rhere they were arrainged before   h'
the   province." grades arc colored.   The best  remain justice of  the   peace,    who    allowed
.Vow.   however   ianoraiii   the   Colon-    white,    however,    for    white    galallth them  to  give hail. $1,000 each, of two
ist may be, it ought to know that "fu-   b,rinf ""' 1,i-h,M prlfe baeeause '"' jti sureties, $500 fro,,, each of the prls m
���      , .. ���                                ,.    , ,           similarity to Ivory.   The Brst grade of
riously    is a word   not   app icalde to       , ,.,, : ,        -,,-,-   ,      ,, ���   - and $o00 irom outside parties.
galallth is made up into kuile handles.
the articles which appear in the Daily   ,,���,, ,( Drpjgs aimos1 as aigrj a ggure      T!'p preliminary hearing of the case
N'ews;   neither   has   the   News   repres-    as would so iniieli ivory. ,l)0"-  place yesterdaj'at  Cochrane aa ���
I'ted   Mr.   McBrlde   as about   to   let      Galallth   Is  the   best  substitute   for the offenders v,(:ro sen: up foi trial.
���i   Egypt, or some ivory ever discovered, for it is smooth
i,e.' ���   very  canners   themselves,  who J SIIch caIamities, on British Columbia t0 the t'""'1'- stains its soft, creamy
now   seek  to punish other people for      ()ll]. contemporary then  goes on to tinting for years, is not marred by soap
1 own  misconduct. I ,,���,���o  .,. .'  .,,_.,   .-, . and   water   and.   unlike   celluloid,   is
Eighty-five  branches, with Carreagumdents  thn ..
the world. ___	
UN;-: DOLLAR opens an account.   Interest add, I ;'   u
time. a '.vur.   Start to-day.
There are two other points of the
first   importance   which   must
lost sight of.     (in
detail  some of the  "terrible"  things,
and from that detail we learn thai the
igainst tire.   It does not chip or   WANTED  TO  RENT    A   five  or   six
crack like hone and can I"' cut into the
.    ,     ��       ,    ;,!"   "   W       '   'laS   S!i''""1   'tS   'li,('   N    most delicate shapes, being tough and
*., mat uie rugei   a coldly logical one in which, a week    not easily broken.
S  nnd  p,J(,plt. do  nol   propose   to  sub- Ll   so  since,   we  pointed  OUt   some of
Jr';   themselves  to    any    restriction   lhe "things  which  the  verdict   al   the
loomed    house   by    family    of   four
Address "House," P. 11, box S8, city.
GIRL WANTED-loi   general     hotisi
work   and  care  of children     Applj
to  Mrs.  .1.   Ross Sharpe.  Six:h  ave-
or less, as shelters  hv  primitive peo , ...    .,
nue and   I enlh street.
(nvr  Dwellers.
Grottoes and caverns aiv used, more
other than the weekly    close    time .,,.������
���   ions  nuglit   lie ludd  io endorse      Thi
while   we  arc asked.   ���o.   only   to en-   colonist   is  never   tired   of  telling   us
force  all   sons  of restrictive  regula-   that  the  pollcv of the   McBrlde Gov- "'"*' :""' thus lnbi,blted L'aved are "f   -
Dons, hut to carrv a verv lareo pxiwn ,       ', course most frequent in At rica.  Aeon-   TUC  .BDnul noccc    , ,        , ,.
diture for  fish   ,,'���   ������   ,   , ,    ,     ' '    "^    """   approved   by   the siderable number of natives make their  THE ARR?W PRESS   Job an* Com
,'.,:,        ',     '   ""'""-:�� ""���  ;""'   tf   people.     Thai   being   the  case,  i,   is homes   in   caves   along   the   southern       :llwclaI  Pnn"^'   Posters'  ���&���
'     "    "'"   ''   caleruJ   an��  mtelli-j surely  well   to show  the  people   just shore of the strait of Gibraltar, and In      Typewriter circulars, Business head
'-   study ol  iim records and of the i vhat that  policy has been: and onlv some of those caves are found the pol
ence  taken     by   the    oomuil^ioil, r,om  what  it   has been  can  ���e draw i^1"'1'  sl"��"s  -'i'"1   arrowheads  of  the
"'" "scare" n>ou| ,,,��� ,,x.   ,,.,pilllill(.   ,|(MhK.,ions   ,,,   ,,,   wna|   ,t stone age.  Troglodyte vtlkiges are fre-
<jik ni in the Tebessa terrll >ry of Alge
ria. one of which at   Ujeurf,  -.",*i feet
Biu  "" l|" '""  ,;"'('  "' :l1-""  *'it" above the gorge of the Wadl nallail, is
lh*   Colonist   (al  least  on such a seri- reached by steps cut in the rock.   The 	
ous   subject   as   the   welfare   of   ihe inhabitants of the Tunisian  island ,,f   :;'   ���'���-   "'���   Malins,  o    ea ���
-   ,'ie   i,,,-  �� -\-    :emi unaie    uoii
':,:' ��' :l!" soek^ye- the bugaboo   i   likely to be.
ing.s, Programm
di �� 13
etc.      DAILY
Mrs.     DOMINY.
F. B. LYLE, Manager-
Bank of Montreal
'.')    which   all
agitalion     for
iCtlon  is   based ��� has   no
province);  and  thai  for two reasons.   Gallte are cave dweller-, their liabita-
1 First,  the  Colonist   refuses  i
o  argue.
tions being  grottoes   which  tl
��� .1    Star    says;      Sir! 'esorts  to special   pleading, or  men
Al    arsons  having  cl ilms    i yaJn -
hi   la   ��� Alfre I Melvilh   Malin   are i
It will nol state and face the facts   It   du? "'"   "'' tne "'"eston ��� ancient n lesterl to hand sam i (dulv i
burial caverns that they have enlarged. ��� ,  ��� ...  , ,. . igned on  or hr,Ul,.���  ....
The subterranean villages of Matniata ��,.���,     , ,-  ,,, ��� ,,    ,,,,,-
reference    to the   pettifogging    misrepresentation.     Se-    ,   ��� ,, ........ ,	
��� ��� - :.  Newfoundland    and   contl, the Colonist and the Daily News
and of Mcdenine, hewn out of the rock,
are In southern Tunisn.
the "weaker regard to fact, anything which seems
rights which likely to help, aad ,, suppre - or dis-
���lain,iim   are   tori   anj I hing  which   icems   likelj    to
the   other   day   *iulte evidently   look   al   the  duty  of
terance,    Oui   '   newspaper from points of view which Rnclne m m^ Work.
.Newfoundland,   are essentially different.     The Colon-      Racine, the French writer, composed
���..   ������ uidiand    i-' to   say,   wlthoui    hisworkwhilewalkingraphllyali.n;.
One day while he was thus composing
part of his play of "Mlthridates" in tiie
Tullerles gardens In  Paris lie was sur-
"���''   quarrel   hurt, the cause i: is paid to advocate;    ,.oululed ,,y ��� group ,,,- workmen who
���  il maj  become   : ie   Daily   News,  on   the oilier  hand,   took him to be a maniac,    (in his re-
��� at. S III in any case,     " leavors to tcsl     very-thing b;   prin-   turn home from these walks ho would
ettleil    ij   negotiation  and   clple  and   to   uphold   or  condemn   n     writedown scene after scene In prose,
never by war. hal   I   M   ma;   h  licate. and when they were finished lie would
.. th,    itmo ���  pue llitj to talk of ' exclaim.   "My   tragedy  Is  done:"  cuu
wa      .',....,.      , ,   Empire and      There is an ablebodied rumour run-   sidering the transposition of the lines
i .'    . ..     any ques-   n'ng around town that Goo. Cunning-   '"to verse only a trivial thing,
letween    'hem    bam,    ; . is to be the new warden of ,   * ,   ~   ~       ,
V  RemarkaliK' * liurcli.
': '    Hons   are       " We  are   incline.!   to   hope      A   Kma,|   w.nterliiK   | lace   in   Austria
it tie  ie   ' ; ���'   "���"   rumor  may   turn  out   to bo   named Eiehwnld can boasi of pas c i-
The blow 'n udvanc-   ""        ;' ' I.    Mr. Cunningham would   Ins n remarkable church.   Ii  was lirst
;.    ���  .   lamagp to Anglo-   ;;:,;.''. w*    iclievo, a  vei    - I officer,   built by au Italian nrchlteci at Vci	
 ncouragement to      ���   ���     ���  'I ointment would be as popu-   at the ox|iense of 1     i 'arlos (
'1 ..-���   p i die  is  her,- iv   no ified  I   il
'tthe  s In a loud voic      i   Cap! iln   Watt, m    ter ol   the  ship
Chelmsford,   will   nol   b in    di
foi anj  de its that maj    ���   , m    tctetl
bj     he crew of the   -ai I
Ma   ���
Branches throughoul Clu ida ai I \* ������        . land,   m     in   I.
New   v, i   .  Chioago   ind   Spokam*. l'.S;A....uui   Mexico Cl
era!  Bai ling   ������;������..    Transa       I
Letters cf Credit Issued, available wi
Savings  Ban;-   Department.      Depo its  received    a   -���
and Ii    rest al    red ��� ��� ���.     nnu      (pn
four times a yeai.
Total  Assets   iver s' i, n    I i,
N'iiw   \ :-��� miss  nrt i it vxcu a', d  nu.\ \isv:n
Canadian Bank of  Commerce
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000.      Reserve Fund, $5,000,000
B.  E.  WALKER, General Manager.        ALUX. LAJRD,  'ssl. G       ,;       '
English Watchmaker
7ao doors from Ceo. Adams, Grocer \ general Banking business transact*
Lai i ii ' Gold Watchi    I ���      Sl !. 75 up
Gi ntlemen's  Silver   Watel es,   oi en
the fo   es which would rejoice al th1    '"'��� n     inj   the ro\ irnmeni A'U11"K1-,1>'  ���'���"" !> �� -'''"���'��� u'mniei  ni   facej  .���,���,���,
,   ,,    ,,        .  ...    .. ,   ..,-,,1,1 ,,, ,.,. Italian architecture.   When ii  was (in       ,,    .. ...        ,,      , ,    ,,
oi   loih   the   civilization   and   t'-nid make. , Gentlemen s Silver   SVatchi   .double
,, shed  ll liurcli  was taken  to p oi.-es   ,.,,.,,   ,--,.,,.
'���      "restlse    w    1��calc�� "       .,. and packed In thousands of numbered   C !'    ft    I , c     ,  ���
lf Br'tain and the Uniled States were       > - ��� 1 Mr.  Kills, ol  ihis city, cases for transport. ,  to  I-lichwnld.   J)!]T '"r,    y 7i   n"'i-^r''' ':' nd
t> so to  war.    The  pro, fl ��� nned S2n In the Vancou ve At that place It was eventually rebuilt  Kx^iUon! ''
I      an race H'oul I be s,      ack a cen-   I ' '"'"  ' " oiling   a   ticket   to and then made over to Its Inhabitants
i. Wini,; another    ques as a gift from the prim
In the face o       ch     indit ions, f i\\    ''""   J      " ���     management.     It
i    n ���        v ir  who do  nol  desire to   ;    not conte      |    hal   lhe  ticket  did
���   hei ring   across   some    more   ' The law un-
i iomi Inc  i cent.    When  Canada  si
thai   she    mighl     well   have  a '��� I.  .���imply    d ���- something   lhat   would    mprove   her.
.-'dealer -haie in  the guidance of the than   an   of- Ben   Well?      Bess   (irnclous!     Don't
of the Empire on  this Contin- ������  railwa      unpnnv, you see?   The idea of ii man Intimat-
< nt, .-  peojile.  who apparently do   ! ng a th       rn Itllng the hold Ini? to bis flam thai she could be Im-
du ited by mail pith all
������ ���������,, .; -      li,:.;    b*
mi hi   of lh    i anl
41moMl  nn   Instill,
Bess   Yes, i! ngngeinent's
told   her   she   OUghl   lo   give   11]
���'lli|!'   was   i Ic   .,,���, ���.i|(, BomothinK more st.l
All warn-'   ed.
Chains, Ring9, Jew i Ir . etc.
Watch repairing; charges reasonable.
Deposil   . :' $1 and upwards ri i five I, and nteresl allowed al    irrenl ra
������ ;���'��� it' r is subjei I '. i no d* la., whivtever in thc v thdrawal
of the whole or any pontion af the depo i .
f;J��   Surrey Municipality,   i Electric Railway SerVJC
tanlial ���_ . : { *
. ���
Tenders Wanted !
i.m  desire her to gel  thai  share, asl to travel oi     hi   i mipany's  lines   proved In any way!   Exchange,
her If she is ready to right the Amer- '   ���'  I"   ���    ''��� ' ie besl thine; tn
irans  In  support     of  the   policy   sic    ''' '���' '-1    >'    ;i la�� I      > repeal It. Th'
v.iadd advise,   The answer to this is railwa     companj   sells transportation
llnl   Mi-   Rpullr.cn   ll   Vow.
Mrs,  Bonham   Many n true word Is
spoken  iii   jest.    Mr.   Benhnm   That's
thai, ir she were as ready as six mil- '    '" M     agar or tea    ...,,  nittlo dreamed when I said, "With
lion   people  could   be,   fireal    Britain        :           "       i who buys it,   iwn    ll     ,.,n  M,v worldly goods I   thee endow,"
would   never allow   her    o   figbl    he   ���''��� '  '"���'    ��  ������ wi   ar     .     n    thai vou would take every cenl I had.
T n lers will he rei elved unl ii nexl
' tin     a   the council, (March  2nd)
, ilrs to Huntley  Bridge, across
N'lcomeckle  River.
Piai      ni i   Spei iii, atlons   can   b ���
' en id ; he horn ��� of i louni lllors s il
��� Inter-urban   Line.
Cars   for Vancouver and    waj
^ stations will ran every ha."-
boar from 5:50 a. m. to 11 y
in. excepting at ?:!10 and S.-3fl
a. in. Hall hourl.', cars will
run from Central Park to
Vancouver only,
City  Lin-its L
me    Sorvil
i .   '13
\   lerican   on anj   terms  and   remain ' lu".v  now. nol   law    io do  whal   hi
will a   lhe   British     Qmpire.     ll   we lilies with lt.    In the case of n roliiri
\<      fooll ii enough  to  think  of war |ipket,   ii   is  quite    reasonable    thai
(,,,;   here,   the   British   people   would Ihere should be  i time limit   bu   ....
c.;r-ri   |]   I,   ,..;r ��� .     Influence   to 1    ��� slioul I be no otho     li
livan, .! ihnston, R.00 I.
Ixiwi   I or any tender nol
When   a   man   Is   drifting   with   (he accepl
stream he Is likely to think thai  the j.-   XT   CARNCROSS   CMC
stream  has ceased  to flow.���New  Haven Leader.
G.15 a in. to II  p in.
20 Minute Service���i\o transfer.
'tween u and '.: a ad >,, and 7.
30  Mlnutt   Service    '!i'
mai uirti ��l dav.     t '���"' '
'������' Nl  i'1-",'.
tunday   Service   half bom
in ecu S a.m. and  l i ;    '
Sapperton Line.
IB Minulo Service from '��� - '
in   to  11   p.m., excepl   betwt
U and  2, an I 5 and  7,   ���
which hours the sen ! ie '���,"
!: ilf-hourly.
-1..-1.i.iy  Service   hull " '
;.,.,,'���.'���    .   11 ; ���''
Clo\     : '   . 11. (.'., Feb. 1!, 1007,
��� British Columbia Electric &y. Co.��W
**��'����'***'��'*������.#,*+ti&#��*^#4<, H��*M.,��f,;��'ft��i'>��"""' ��"
'JU. ^../ '-��� ���. TH^
DAY. FEB. 21.  1307.
.    V -jj
! Its Daily Details
One-quarter   to
one-half less
than actual
Our buyer secured a manufacturer's entire range of sample Blouses recently at such a
substantial discount that we
feel like hollering ��� Blouses
half price.
The let includes Blouses and
Shirt Waists of Scotch tar.
tan plaid, French fancy Batiste,
fancy flannel, fancy lustre,
delainette���and the many fancy
wa,stings, with a legion of fancy names, and includes in the
color range, black, white, and
almost  ^ll   i.ie  colors between.
At  85c
You    can   find almost any   :clor    yea    want    cr    any nsttern. in
iv good materials:     easily      vorth $1.25 and more.
At $1.15,  $1.35  and  $1.85
Dozers of bright, attractive     shirt  ,\3 3ts.      No use trying    to des-
c-;e tl    n:  just come and see  for yourself.      These    prices    include
= -.y  French   waists,  artistically  nuae, cf fine wollen materials.
For cul dowers, bridal bouquets and i The captain round considerable dlf-
funeral designs,'phone Tidy, the Plor-1 ficulty in making a landing there,
ist, A184. Drifting  sandbars  have  heen  getting
. in iheir work beneath lhe ice and have
The  Si.   Minion   canning    company  .
clocked up the landing in t-nich a man-
will  ship another car  load  of frozen ,        .
i ner  that   lhe   vessel   could  mil   unload
lisb   lo  the  easl   today. ,,      , ,        ,
ai   ihe landing stage,  hut  had  io un-
Burnabj   Municipality.     During --s    'mad some fifty or sixty yards  below
tfcssmeni   Period   the   office   will   be   the proper landing place.    The steam
open  on   Monday   and   Friday  only   in    boal   truckers had  to  hear the burden
each week, from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.    of the difficulty and some of ihem are
until  March  16th, next.  ii. (I.  WALK     understood  to have  said  things.    The
ER,  C.M.C. ' mailer is nobody's fault, however, and
, for a time ii will be necessary to bow
The public will be given an oppor-' tn ,(,,. inevitable,
tunity to secure a bunch of cheap lots
ul W. .1. Kerr's auction sale on Sal- The lour Hindus who were arrested
unlay night. All of loi 24, suburban for begging on Scoresby street, Vlc-
b'ock 11, will be sold to the highest toria, some days ago, are to be de-
ler. Sale begins at S p.m., in the ported. They have heen taken to Van-
Cunnlngham Block. couver and   will  be  shipped  to  Hong
Kong,  whence they   were  brought  by
I be    ise of Chong Ching was final-
���  ! oul of conn yesierday morn-
i'   . and the charge againsi the accus-
Withdrawn.     Lee  Coy   was  the coin
in,  and   iii -   i riends  of  the ai
|    So if you want lo save your money, don't waste jf
| time, but secure the best bargains while there's time;:
Ladies9 clothing
enomenal    success    of Smith Cash    Store can mainly
ite I to the faci thai we have always I iken the Initiative.
���  lo no; show practically  the  same styles -eas a. after season.
ther Introduce those things which   ire considered inovations in
lng.    .lu-'  now ii  is tin    smart  new    coats, either short or
li |s worth you:  while to  i.i ������ a look In our windows once in a
,a- io a -ime aie  aIi es a:" to men���indexes of char-
We trj to show the new, sl goods In the windows just as s i
arrive.    These da;..- we       ��� showing some    splendid style.- iii
��� ii-, iii blue shepherd ch ���    .  Herringbone stripes, covens and
������������ I checks.   Thej ha\ e ������ ite I    backs,   carve i    pleats   on
.i  pockets, patch cuffs ad natty   trimmings of   cloth but-
The    prevailing   prices $12.50 to $16.50; although we have
��� $3.75 an I up to $20.00.
lid to  bave offei ed  fin m
ii nl   to   him   in   order    o
i sure   iis w Ith I raw ing the chai -  .
Sale cf Furniture  at   Markel Square
a Fi i:y. v  T. .I. Trapp.   Sldebo u I,
.  c        tc
The     : , . oi .  In ��� he rear of Cum-
lore, I icing on Begbie street,
has now  been pulled down and mechanics  ar,- busy   putting  in  partitions
.and re-arranging the interior so as to
i convert il  Into i wo stores.     Mr. Cum-
a ina expects that he will be compelled  to vacate his  premises by about
lhe end ol the week.
Cliok Bun and Hong Guey, two Chl-
tiamen   under   aire-'   for   running   a
! Chinese gambling house, were yesterda     committe I   for   trial   before   the
ie xl   conn  of competent  jurisdiction,
..  W. A. Duncan, J.P., who sal on the
lice coun bench in the absence of
M igistrate Corbould.    Ball has  I i
fixed in the sum of $500 each.
For a nice hunch of Violets or Carnations, telephone T. Davies & Son.
Florists.    Tel.   B20S.
The  members    of    the    delegation
which Is 'o a.' sen: in I 111 iwa in the
ii erests ol the Fraser river fishing
had nm heen flnallv selected up to
| lasl evening. A strong effort ir- being   made  lo  induce   .Mayor  Keary   lo
accompany the delegation, but he considers that he cann il spare the time.
He will give his final answer on his
return  from Chiiliwack this morning.
the C. P. K., at the expense of the
steamship company, ruder the immigration laws, the Hindus may he
orde ��� I deported al any I ime within
two ears of their arrival here If
causi Is shown, li is said the four
who were apprehended when begging I
did   so   because   they  found   ll   more
I rol   ible  than  working, and s,  of
then;  had   as   much   as  $11 n   them
when taken in charge. There are a
number of Hindus in Xew Westminster who adopt the same eas) means
of getting rich, but so far they have
escaped arrest, and. Incidentally, deportation,
The offices and pattern shops which
are In course of erection for the
Schaake .Machine Works company,
are now about ready for roofing in.
At the extreme east end of the company's lot, the hank is slowly yielding to the efforts of a large army of
laborers. The debris which remains
from the old cooperage will be cleared
awaj within the next two days, and
the laying of the foundations will be
commenced. The manager of the company suites that he is so tied up with
work thai he hardly knows how to
cope with It. Orders continue to come
in and In spile of the fact that ll*' has
all the men employed that his machinery will permit, lie is unable to keep
the work up to demand. He is rushing the work of construction of the
buildings as rapidly as possible and
looks forward to the time when the
whole serb's will he complete and in
readiness  for   rushing   mailers,
3 Linoleums and Oilcloth...
| worth 80c, 75c, 70c, 60c, 55c, and 50c, *
| going at 60c, 55c, 50c, 45c, 40c and 35c. 'i
>J !���:
;���; Some good Chairs, worth 75c, at       48c $
>J :���:
!���; Rockers, worth $7, at    $3.75 *
��5 >:
!���: Matting, worth 30c, to-day only 14c yd. p.
New Westminster
$ Dupont Block
Tel. 73 jj
IDEAL CREAM SODAS  - at 25c per tin
! ���
Established 18.-!
Incorporated lilOii
The  Fast   Mail.
A   very  good    audience    witnessed
I'he funeral  of   the    late    Edward   ,  moln j   Carter-3 production of ihis   ���
! Gilley Bros. Ltd I
���      . _... ���
sensational melodrama lasi  night,    li
i- a very full and varied plot and the
mechanical and   scenic    effects    are
more elaborate than any others seen   J   WELLINGTON WASHED NUT
Chapman took alar,' yesterday after
noon in the Church of England ceme-
o ry, Sappei ton. The servh e was
conducted bj the Rev. A. Shildrick.
and a large number of friend.- of the
deceased followed the mortal remains   here ihis season.     The many adven
��� i the grave    Man;   costly floral ton-   i ires  through  which  the lovers pass
y   ens of sympathy were senl b\ sympa-   until 'heir final reunion in Act 5, tes
ihising friends, the coffin being cover-   I ty to the truth of the old adage eon-    ~   CUMBERLAND FORGL   COAL.
with  beau Iful   flowers renting true    love,  and    incidentally    ���
Wholesale and Retail
keep the audience  employed  in  won-
ChHl'wack ; pie want the .own,-     ^^   ^   |g   ^.^   ^       .,.,_���
ist  is of uniform effectiveness, Geo,
The -an 1 has Irifte I In around tn ���
landing stage until it is impossible
foi steamboats to make a lan ling.
The  resul!   Is  thai   twice the  regular
. i uni  of la   ir Is entailed in order
��� .  land  Ihe goo !.- which are broughl
In   by   the  river  ste imers.     Uth nigh
i ffh titles   n" -   ��� ���'   howe ���   :.   ������ ���
Chill     '. ��� le   tl   ughl   Hi       had
��� ,,������ :,',:���' ui hfcig ii . like
music a ste mil oal whis , aftei
so  long      silence.
I.  Hart   as   "Sam  Slenth,"  rendering   .
This   celebrated    Cement   is
used by nearly all large contract-
comedy work very acceptable, on   } ors in the Province,
the   whole  the   play   is   a   good   in.do-
Irama and obtained a good reception.
FIRE     CLAY     and     MANTEL   .
From the Clayburn Clay Co.   #
SEWER   PIPE,   DRAIN     TILE,   ���
X Telephones: Office 16,    Manager's Residence 22 J
The Annual Meeting of the Libera! Association of New Westminster will be held on
Sixth Avenue���7-roomed House
with a very nice garden, and
well   situated;   close  to  cars.
Price $2SOO.   Half cash
at 8 o'clock, in the Liberal Club
Election r>f  officers and other
The Farm Land Specialists,"
New Westminster
The   !���"     I,    has   la   n   ral   ��� :
, depths ai     . ' iti    la;   was * Imb
.;:   iver the rh   'jusi as tin     li
cubing ipened     Earl}  In  the
.  .   ,vhicl   Is a stern-
,, i��� pi, ... .. ���   ��� i of re ting it] on   rooms.
lhe liosol    nt' the  Fra    i   md n ''���
t?lnv       Thi
ision of the important  business will be trans-
��� solid, ic-. cellln i over  acjej
,���   . iibm ' Ine,   v I I* i
the snow    Ird    had vanished.   On F. W. H0WAYv President.
,j ,��� ;,,-.   the ve isel �� is raise 1 nn i Im
,  pdl ||      ���     . were taken to ,  ll       '���'���
, i,    ... ii  . with Ihe resull tli il  ll
I    0Ui ��� more In active * omnilsslon.
rowing ApPrec'atson
===== Sugar Cured '
breakfast Hams and Bacon
J. W. MacDONALD, Secy.
A letter lias been received by Mayor
Ke.���.j froni K. I'. Woodward, secretary j
',, ,;,,, British Columbia Rugby union. vvill be received by the undersigned
��� esihm lhe advisability of playing U|1 m noon on Thursday, 2S February,
r,.,   matrh  al Queen's park dur- i807,  for the  purchase of  Lot 30 In
1007 exhibition.    The propos- (-jly Block !'. upon which Is situated
, , matcli would be between a Van< ��� L  |arge two storey residence,
er team and a Queensland organlza .^^^   one.thlrd cash and the bal-
= nn. which will  be touring the Pad- ^ ^  ^ ^ |w(iK(> ]mmlhs   wj|ll
!!i   cast aliout lhe end of September. .  , ,,|is| Q|  seven         cent
���:,,..., in . been nothing definitely de-
.'.   , ..., ,, ,,..,,,i io this proposal on Tenders musi   be  accompanied   bj
''",, ,,,,, pregeni   bill  the exhibition n certified  checque equivalent  to five
mnnttBenwnl will carefully consider it, per cenl  of the bid made.
.',,, | [f the   ,"ii :'"" |,"BbJ n BUfflcienl Tlll, highesl or any tender nol  ne-
'.'���,.���.       ,   '      . .   '    ":-"; -!s win I cesaarily accepted,
,,,,,   MALINS, COULTHARD & CO. Ltd.
.   vSents.
���    ,  .M.iiii.v,..'.  in  s ,',������ . I \e��   ��������� eitmlnster, ... -
. ..
The most Beautiful Selection of Rings ever
imported into the city are now on view in
our store  on  Columbia  street. :      :       :       :
in solitaire, twin, three and assorted settings
RINGS in bewildering profusion
W. C. Chamberlin
The Jeweler
Columbia St.
Temporary Premises: Trapp Block
The   Ramona     returned
. Initi il trl ���'' ������ '''; "
Chiiliwack in safe! , I X'"'1   rV*e3tminstei
Plumbing and Contracting
P. O. Box 24S
Telephone 302
��� $   ���
'���'���    -
? if
'    1
Can This
��� e  miles from
: cleared, ovei
ind is well fenced
;    1 cross ���     Into six fie
ting and -    lairy, rool house
.  benei   .   260  a ssot ted  Iran  trees
���-.   - i       fruits in abundance.
fai aii-     ' .    located  .oil  in   a
.. cultivation ;  g i school
tion  (good  watei I.    The
������. ��� a:, nt -  al ,ne have cosl  $7,000
��� h  li   is  here    offered    for
$1,000 cash, balance "ii  vei
���  6 per i -'tit.   This farm
e  sold al once.
���   .'        ���     leased to show  any in-
he a ��ve ,':'"''' -is j
i'i stand Investigating,
Little  Miracle
By Anna Sleese Richardson
pyrinht.   lt
by   Maj   Mi K
White, Shiles & Co.
260 Columbia Sf.,
rVe�� Westminster
Phone 85.
ran ���
217-219 Columbia St.
Alex. Speck's
Second Hand Store
Second Hand Goods of
all kinds bought and
sold for cash. All Mail
Orders promptly attended to. Kindly write or
call at
Columbia St.
Man on  Wheel.
New Westminster
Phone 275
i'i  llas'in
St. \V , Vancouver.
Bookkeeping, Gregg an I Pitman
;-' i : than i. Telegr iphy and Engineering.
Seven  Teachers
Forty-rw2   Typewriters
Sti      ..    Always in  Demand.
I!. I. Mini, p. A.. Principal
It was pretty generally understood
Unit the Billy Daltons were drifting
apart. There was no particular reason
for this state of affairs, save the lack
��f something better to ,1".
V"ii bee, they had just enough money
so that Billy did not bave to work nor
Janet to worry aboul making both ends
meet. They had danced their way
H - ���;.:', several seasons Into a lazy.
good humored and comrade-like encage
ment, thence into matrimony. After
thai Billy had continued to lead co-
i ... - and Janet t" dance them, but
generally with oilier partners.
Matters  between  them  had  reached
the poinl where the rumor laden soci
ty papers had suggested covertly that
when Billy went I , England and Scut
land,  where lie had  nothing In  part"
ular to do, Janet would probably take
lip her home In  Nevada  or So ith   I in
Uota.   there   to   ron ain       I I   N irman
Stanley  returned   frn .    Vf    n,   where
h" was lighting ennui by Imi I
game.     It   was   <���-, en   v liisper, I   that
Billy I, air ui had Insinuated to Sti i le:
Ihi r it was rather better taste I i stalk
big game than another man's wife, es
p,   '  lly when the oil er n   u �� as per
fe   I;   ���. ..ia.  to mai c   t clear si illng
f ..  las wife if it would make her any
: happier.
I if , ourse, this sounds a 1,11 str ms i
paper, particularly to the old fashioned
folk who still believe that marriage is
' a contract for life and not a mere episode.   In the set to which the Billy Dal-
the   situation   was   ac-
ter of course, and when
Janet  asked  a   lot  of  people  down   to
their Long Island place for tbe automobile races and the weeh end no one
thought  of  refusing just  because  the
Daltons might separate within a fortnight after the gathering.
Such   was   the   situation   when   tbe
Dalton car broke down on the Jericho
turnpike,    and    its   occupants���Janet,
Mrs.    Greenwalt,   Joe   Jeffreys    and
| "Marsh"    Huntoon���decided    to    ent
' through the woods to the Dalton place
I and leave the car for a farmer to guard
I until  the mechanic who handled  the
Dalton garage could be dispatched to
the scene of the accident
Terhiips it was not entirely impatience which led them to take the
short cut through the woods, but tbe
call of n hundred autumn voices in
rustling leaves, rich, warm colorings
and the chatter of squirrels laying up
winter stores. And thus it was that
they suddenly stopped in their tracks
nnd listened to a sound that was not
of the woods, but of the nursery���the
plaintive wall of a child. Janet it was
who found it a bit of white faced,
staring eyed humanity rolled up snugly in a great shawl of Iceland wool.
While she held the baby in her arms
and tried to silence its wails with uncertain and awkward little pettings the
quartel held a conference. The child
was too young to have walked there.
Mr-. Greenwalt said it was not a day
"���. er in-" months old. It was too far
from the road to be heard by passing
travelers. Ah���there was the answer,
a wisp of paper tied to the end of the
"I'lease take care ��� f little Elsie. It
was nol her fault thai she came Into
thi ���'. orld, and I can do ti ��� more "
"I've always said thai the Roveril-
��� ment ought to regulate tl e que I on of
ma,:.ue among tbe poor," remarked
Mrs. Greenwalt severely. "Here is a
case in point."
"V,,u are jumping at conclusions,"
said Huntoon dryly. "Let's take it to
the town marshal"
"And what then?" asked Janet with-
' out lifting her gaze from the child's
face. The baby had clutched her finger with Its tiny fist and settled dawn
as if it had found anchorage.
"Oh, there are asylums and homos
for youngsters like this, i'ou'd better
[ hurry along heme with it before li begins to howl. ��ine of \ our men can
take it I" town before dark. Shall I
carry the little beggar for you'.-"
"| Hi, no.   Sh i's not a lit hon i ���. ami
she is quiet now.   Sin- mlghl cry if we
god ler position "
���    trudge:   n ���   th-     '	
s and  s'.i't   Indian  si t  tner h    ���
'.'   ���      :' ih" parti     inttlng gayly; two.
'Ic- .rnin g n .;',. and the liah     I   iking
Into ei   |j other's pj ei   us If - [���arching
for a  new  key  i"  lhe prnbl I' life.
es Jn hed lh i|  :'.,��� child
would   lo " Its eye .   She did nol i ke
to n        ���   it tru    '      clear e;, ���! ���_��� ize,
' mice -just once���I saw a line of ebil
dren walking, rows aud rows, by twos.
from an orphan asylum, I can't Bend
her there."
Mentally she saw again those clear,
trusting blue eyes.
"And I know you will all be kind
enough to keep this very quiet until"--
there was just a slight, tense hesitation- "until we decide what shall be
Naturally it was talked about, however. In boudoirs and at clubs the
question was raised as to what name
little Elsie would acquire. Was it not
i ad enough to be facing a divorce resi
dence in the far west withoul acquir
Ing an unnecessary incumbrance at
the crucial men.eai':
Wilhin the Dalton bungalow "ii Long
Island stranger things were happen
ing. Xo clew to the baby's paren i
had  been  found.    When  Billy  Dalton
dropped down  asionally, as he bad
been doing for a year past to keep
appearances,   Lis   tirst   question   was,
"Anything   new?"   and   this   always
meant "anything new aboul the baby
history."    And little Elsie would  look
up at him with reproachful blue ej i -
as If asking, "Why do you care?"   At
the worst of it was that  Billy Dail   i
began to realize thai he did care.    Jan*:
had  , banged,  and,  with an  odd  s
of ji      usy, he realized lhal it was I
tie Elsie and not he n li i had brouj   I
about lb*  man elo is and nltogethi r
sin ��� ."  chnngi      SI '���    vas   ���. ���   loi
bored,    How could she be with  Elsie
cutting a   new tooth every  few days
and such wonderful 1, un] ers of cloth' -
to    e bought, fine 1 ��� ���   liief Iim u,
narrow  val  and convent   embroidei
A n ore fastklio ��� er had ue\ ���
entered the shops  u Iii, li  -: ecinlize -
layette<. and with her own hands Jam '
made  covers   for   down   pillows,   silk
tufted afghans and oilier f lolish thing-.
while   the   tongue   of   gossip   wag-, i
gayly over the whole absurd episode.
Due frosty December afternoon Dal
ton   ran   down   to   the   bungalow   and
found Janet  standing at  the  window.
Th,- low spreading evergreens on tl e
west side of the house were powdered
lightly with snow, and Janet turned to
him with kindling eyes.
"Billy, I shall have a Christmas tree
for Elsie. She is so bright for her age
I do I elleve she will notice it."
"Quite likely." responded Billy, with
assumed carelessness, as she laid aside
his storm coat, "but In making your
plans you seem lo have overlooked one
important fact. As yet Elsie is not
really yours. The law"���
.Taint turned on him sharply.
"She Is mine by right of���everything.
I found her. and I love her."
"Yes, but you must formally adopt
ber. I thought perhaps you'd hotter
see to that before I leave. I've changed
my plans a bit. I'm u-oing to meet
mother nnd Grace in Home for Chrlst-
mas. The mater has not heen feeling
very fit. I am not fuel "f England in
winter, and"���
Janet crossed te his sal,-, and her
hand rested lightly on his arm.
"I'ent you think you'd enjoy much
more seeing Iii-',- have her first tree?
And���nnd 1 think���I need you���more
than your mother does."
Something rose in Dalton's throat
and threatened t,, choke him. It was a
sensation he had never felt before, not
even (luring the good nature,]. lazy run
of his weeing. Janet wanted hlml He
thought he had let eared. .Vow he
knew lhat he had car,-,! all along. Hut
it was charaeti ristic he ii,,| uol express
his fierce joy in words, lie held Janet
vry , lose and whispered:
"Well, i rati,,!- did hope you'd give
the little beggnr the name of Dalton.
It's a pretty g I name after all, eb?"
TAKE NOTICE thai a  plication has
been made to register Edgar 1.. Web-
is tin- owner in Fee Simple, an ler
a Tax Sale Deed .em the Reeve and
Clerk or' Surrey, to Edgar 1.. Webber,
a, aring tie d ite 5th day of Jan i
A.D, i:"d. of ail and singular that certain parcel or tract of land and premises si'aate. lying and being in the
District of .New Westminster, in the
Province of British Columbia, more
partic tlai ly known and desci ibed as
1., ���- ; and :' of Block 1". subdivision
of Si ith East quarter Section 10,
Tow uship 1.
V   :   . nd   each   of  ; oil  are   required
ontesl  the  clain he tax  pur-
��� r within thirty .:��� s from the
date of the first publication of this
notice, otherwise I shall register Edgar l.. Webber, as ownei thereof iu
fee, Aa i 1 la reby or lei that pub-
tion i notia      r fil een tlr. -
in   a   daily -nei      ipi        i  lished   a'
Xew   W* ii;'     ������   goo I   and
s :;:;. lent    ervici   I hen of.
DATED ai   he Land Registry l ifflce,
\. ..   v. esti .   i': i\ inc    of  Brit
, 5 17th  .ia..   of Jan i-
.  A.D.   1907.
C.  S.  KEITH.
Di    . i '   Regisl ar,
Te Thorn       fi  fri*   .   E   |.
Ul p*       .     erved with thi    i   I
ind  thosi   claiming through or under
them, and all persons claiming any inti :- sl in the said land by virtue of any
:   ��� gisti red instrument, ami  ail   per-
-' ns   claiming   an;,   interesi   in     the
said   land   hy     descent     whose     title
is      not       registered      under       the
Isions of the "Land Registry A,-'.."
shall  he forever estopped and  debarred  from  setting up any claim  to or
ia respect of ihe said land so so!,]  for
taxes as provided by the "Land lb"uis-
$500 has been expended or paid, the
locator may, ur��n having a survey
made and upon : 'tnplying with other
requirements, purchase the land at
Si.oo an  acre.
Permission may be granted by the
Minister of the Interior to locate
claims containing iron and mica, also
copper, in tiie Yukon Territory, of an
area not exceeding 160 acres.
The patent for a mining location
shall provide for the payment of a
Royalty of -''j per cent, of the sales
of  the  products  of   the   location.
PLACER MIXING -Manitoba and
the X. W. T.. excepting the Yukon
Territory: Placer mining claims generally are ioo feet square, entry fei
Ss. renewable yearly
Whiteside &
"    ters and
Columbia   si .
W. J. Wh,,,.
. ''OXDg
- ti-;1"
"*   tor ol thi
Canadian   B
ing,   Colun
office,  New   v .
Martin, ���,-,
"���    barristi
^^^^^^iflces:    New \\...
On the North   corner  Clarl
Saskatchewan River claims are either   ^'n('"',v"'' ���
V  . i    I *     ���   '   ��� . r
T 8
ville street.
bar  or bench,  the  former  being   ioo   ^Ue "reet-   JJs   hMar'tlnTS
TAKE NOTICE thai an appli-cal :.
��� een made to register James Lord
as the owner in Fee Simple, under a
Tax Sale Deed from the Mayor and
Treasurer of the C'i'v of Xew Westminster, to Patrick T. Bowler, bearing date the ISth day of August. A.D.
feet long and extending between high
and low water mark. The latter includes bar diggings, but extends back
��� - the base of the hill or bank, not
exceeding tooo feet. Where steam
I -.'. cr is used claims 200 feet wide
n  t)   be obtained.
Dredging in the Rivers of Manitoba
and the N. W. T.. excepting
kon Territory -A free miner may ob-
r ��� . mly t\\ ��� le ises of five mil* - each
for a term of twenty year-, renewable in the discretion of the M i    '  i
Of   the   Interior.
The lessei 's righl :- nfine It th*
��� 5ubmi ged bi Is or bars of the t
below any low water mirk, and sub-
for first year and $10 per mile for each
subsequent year. Royalty same as
placer mining,
Placer mining in the Yukon Territory���Creek, gulch, river and hill
claims shall not exceed 2So feet in
length, measured on the base line C
genera! direction of the creek oi
gulch, the width being from iooo to
2000 feet, All other placer claims
"hall be -'50 feet square.
Claims are marked by two legal
posts, one at each end, bearing notices. Entry must be obtained within
ten days jf the claim is within ten
miles oi the mining recorder's office.
One extra day allowed for each additional ten miles or fraction.
The person or company staking a
claim must hold a free miner's certificate.
The discoverer of a new mine is
entitled to a claim of 1000 feet in
length, aand if the party con-ists nf
two, 1500 feet altogether, on the output on which no royalty shall bf
charged the rest of the party ordinary claims only,
Entry fee $IO,     Royalty nt the rate
of two and one-half   per cent, on the
alue   of  the  gold   shipped   from   the
vv.  wean,  v.
Bourne.    Mr-   \i. .
Westminster^   , '    '..,
ternoon < . . J
UOWAV,   hi
ters,   soli
1 street,   o] po
the  Yu-   West minster.
-   241.
' la   n.'l Mi Ki
lllil'.ste!,   ft.   ('.
and Xotai    I
1 ��� -I    t Ni
,  ...
1   0   street, 1
P.O   Box  169.
BOARD OF TRADE--;. ,.  We,._.
ster  Hoard of T.    -   meets ������"
Hoard Room. Cil
Second  Wed. ���  . , ...
Quarterly  meetii .    .
Wednesday     ot        ��� .    jT
August  and   Novi . ���   ���
Annual meetings the   - -
Wednesday    of v;l
members   maj    be        posed'm"
elected at any :
meetiig.   A. ii. '.. !,���-.., Sec.
���The    regular    meel ng    ���
Is held on the Flrsl  Wednesday]
each  month, at S o'cl       :   :..
the   Masonic    i ��� mpb      Si       :;1
brethren are cord I
tend.       Dr.  W.  A.  DeWi I Smith!
1902, of all and singular that  certain   ject to the rights of all  persons  who
have, or who may receive entries for
bar diggings or bench claims, except
on the Saskatchewan River, where
the lessee can dredge to high-water
mark on  each alternative leasehold.
The   lessee  shall   have   a   dredge  in
operation within one si ison from the
date  of the  lease  for each   five  mile-
but where a  person  or c mpany has
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ obtained   mere   than   one   lease   one
the   flrsl   publication   Of   this   dredge for each  fifteen miles or frac-
""-" ----^^^^^^" tjnn thereof is sufficient.     Rental, $10
per annum for each mile of river
leased. Royalty at the rate oi two
and a half per cent, collected on the
output after it  exceeds Jin.ooo.
parcel or tract of land and premises
situate,  lying and   being  In  the  City
of Xew Westminster, in  the Province
ol British Columbia, more particularly
known and described as Lots 10 and
11,  Block "D" St.  Patrick's Square.
Yen ami each of you are required
contesi  the claim of the tax pur-
1 i...-er within forty-five days from the
��� a.-,-  Of     ^^^^^^^^
notice,    otherwise    I    shall    register
'  ��� ��� -  Lord as owner thereof in fee.
And  I herebj certify that  publication
1 :   " his   nod, e   for   thirty   days  in   a
newspaper published    at    New
\V 'stminster will   I e   good   an i   Buffi-
ci< nl sei vice thereof.
DATED at the Lan I Registry Office
Xew   Westminster,  Province   oi   Brit
F. k A. M.���Regular mnninic.
tions of this lodge are held 0 tie
second Tuesday in 1 '1 month li
Masonic Temple,    I  - Visit
Ing   brethren   are    ord        Im -:
to attend.    I).  W. Gilcl
Norman Stanley heard the news when
be landed in Loudon. He sent a Hi a's
skin captured by his own hand for little   Elsie   to   roll   Upon.      Tll'll   he   Wellt
to tbe Nile country for the winter.
��� '.
until March 1st, 1907.
Plenty of Goods to select from, of the
Latest Patterns.
Satisfaction guaranteed or money refunded.
247 Front Street   -      New Westminster
Room 4. Guichon Mock
disposed  nf  tl:" young-
Marsh" Huntoon as they
���-at down to dinner lhal  night.
Janet started and I "iked ncross the
table at her husband. II ��� lifted his
eyebrows Inquiringly,
Hunt ion's go ' 1 hen ed laugh broke
Iho awkward silence.
"What?    Don'l   yea  knew   that  our
I uty was Increased by one daring our
ride  this afternoon?   ttnther a  small
',.iie.' l,nt, my.  what hums ii has!"
Janet iiww in her breath sharply.
"I wish you would icl talk any more
; about   il   at   present,   gOOd   | pie,"   she
said, trying to -peak lightly. "I've
started Inquiries in a qulel way. I
Sou't want the thin" to pet Into lhe
papers because if no one claims little
Elsie I think 1 I shall keep I
"Keep her!" gasped Mrs. *
��� "Why, my dear girl, the nl
child \�� itIt..nt
Janet  spoke  \rry softly, yet  every
woi'il  was heard, so complete wa-  the
l silence.
"i shall give ber
\,,t   Too  Abrupt.
Radical changes in clothing an- seldom sufe, al least so the old time
grandmothers held. The putting off of
winter underwear was likely to I e a
gradual and prolonged process. That
ihis belief iu deliberate adjustment
was widespread and inclusive is shown
In W. r. i'riih's story of his life. He
was engaged In painting n portrait of
Mrs. I'.irt. 'lie wife ol a prominent
business iiinn, u Im 11 ed to bring her
I 1 tie dog to diarc liei sittings.
Mr. I'art was 11 great lover of dogs,
but he entei 1 im d 11 trong avoi ,11 to
dog collars, - , ! v. ns surprised 0111 i. 1 \
�� I."ii Mrs, Vi.yi brougl : - er 1
dec. I lUCkj. t ��� -," a hand
little animal's  neck.
"I tlioughl .1 ui ,, '. ted t ' dog 'ol
Lars. Mi- It rt." I said "I see Dm !.;���
sports eee today,"
"lib. no. that's 1 a a deg eellar." re
turned the ladj "It'- only a piece of
annuel. The poor dear ha- had a
dreadful cold and a -er,- throat, She
has worn flannel night ami day."
"Surely thai Is too narrow to do any
good. The strip is no wider than a
"Oh, it was wider, ,,f course We
Have gradually lessened It, Sh" is
leaving it off by degrees.'
'Und th.
ish  Columbia  this 1st  day oi   F*   r 1
ary,  A.D,   1907.
District   R* gistrar.
To Henry Elliott, Es 1.
All pei sons served with this nol' e
and those ' laiming through or under
them,  and   all   persons   claiming any
Interest in tie- said land hy virtue "f
any unregistered Instrum* nt, and ail
; ��� rsons claiming any interesi in the
said land by descent, who--' title is
no: register! I under the provisions of
tiie "Land Registry Act," shall ho
forever estopped and del arri I fi "in
setting aa aa 1 claim lo or in - ��������� :
of the said land so sold for taxes as
provided by the "Lan i Registry Act."
Synopsis of Regulations fot Disposal
of Minerals on Dominion Lands in
Manitoba, the Northwest Territories
and the Yukon Territory.
COAL���Coal lands may be pur-
I      I ,1   at   $10   per   acre   for   Soft     1 ial
m i ���' io for anthracite, Not more
th n .��� 0 a res can be acquired by one
��� idual or company. Royall v al
the rate of ten cuts per ton of JOOO
po inds shall be -11II1 ti d on the gr,,--
oui put.
QUARTZ���Persons     of     eighteen
years and over and joint  stock com
panics holding free miner-' certificates
may obtain entry for a mining location.
Dredging in the Yukon Territory���1
Six leases of five miles each may be
granted to a free miner for a term of
jo years; also renewable.
The lessee shall have one dredge
in operation within two years from
the date of the lease, and. one dredge
for each five miles within six years;
from such date. Rental $100 per mile
Yukon Territory to be paid to the
The lessee's right i- confined to thei
submerged   bar  or  bar-   in  the  river
below    low    water    mark, that boundary to be fixed by its position on the'
i-t day of August in  the year oi  the
date of the  lea-e.
No free miner shall receive a grant
of more than one mining claim on
each separate river, creek or gulch,
but the same miner may hold any
number of claim- by purchase, and
free miners may work their claims
in partnership by filing notice and
paying   in:   of  $2.      A   claim   may   be
ab ndiined and another obtained on
the same treek, gulch or river, by
giving notice and paying  a  fee,
Work   must   1"'   doi n   a   claim
each year t" the value of al li    I $ too
A certif c ite that work has been
abandoned, ana,I open to occupation
and entry by a free miner,
R.    H.    K.    . i    I .    meets I
Friday    of    ,   . -    ai.,
p.   m.,   In   Orafige   I     , cornei
Ri   al aven ie and   i
Journing Sir Ki. . hi
vited  to attend,    w.  1
P .  .1. Hood, R* c.
���Meets  In  Orange   !
third Friday In e     . 1    tith al
m.    Visiting brethren are
invited to atti ml.    tt   I
James Humphr*... Ri    .-������
I. O. O. F.���AMITY LODGE. NO. 27-
The  regular  mi 1
cr,- held in Oddfi Hi
bla  street, every   M< n       - ���'  -
al 8 o'clock.    V*isi   nj
dlally invited to att* nd    S.Gr*
���N'. GJ.; C, S. Richmond, V G   ��
Coatham, R, s .  j. v.   Ma
F. S.;   Alex   Adam-, 1 ��� as.
A. O. U. W.���FRASER  LOCGE Nc 1
��� Meetings the first and third Tt ���
flay    In    each     month,      Visiting
brethren cordially invite I to   v
Lodge room, ,\. o.  rj, \\. hn
fellows' block, Clarl   m
S, Corrigan, rei order;   Louis Witt,
master workn 1 a.
115,   SONS  OF  ENGLAND. B. 8.-
Red Rose Degree moi Is S
Fourth We.iie  da    i '
'ti  K. of P,  Hall, '
8   P.   HI.,   While   Ro    -I ll
V- edne day   In   .   -
time .md plni 0,    \ I
cordially    Invited       IC
combe, Pres., n, D  ���
nan e ;
! recti wnlt.
nee for a
11 name because -   ~<"M wld th' bnndl
IVothlng  1,in  tlic   iruili
Bunoura   My physician tells me 1 ���,,
Working too hard.
Murks   The m.  1,. evidently
his business. Bl^^^^^
Buncum   Why ,i��� you tnlnk S(p.
, j"arks   ' I|;IV" I " comparing notes
with a few of ,��������� mutual friends and
1 lindyou have worked ���s pretty bard
- Detroli Tribune.
rii<- niiii-i-,-,,,-.-.
Mike-Kin   yez   tell   we   phwat's   tb'
difference hot wane humor an' wit Pat?
Pal   Well, it's lolko th' difference be-
twane whin yure woife tickles vo
dher th1 chin  wid a shtraw from
broom   an'   whin  she  hits   ve over
A  free ���������<rS certincate is granted
tor one or more years, not exceeding
boundaries of a claim may be
defined absolutely by having a survey
made and publishing notices in the
Yukon   * Ifficial   Gazette.
Petroleum ul unappropiated Dominion Laud- in Manitoba, the North-
west Territories and within the Yukon
Territory, are open t,, prospecting for
petroleum, and the minister may reserve   for   an   individu:
-   Meets  ih"   Fourth   i
month  at   S  o'clock,  In  the
hall,  Oddfellows'   bloi
brethren are cordially Invited to attend.    .1.  is.  Unshorn, r. It.; F, P.
Maxwell, r. s,
five, upon payment in advance of te.so  having"machinerv nn ft,    1     ���   '   ."
>-' *"""". for an individual, and from  PfospfeSI, ��.area of
ut.   Judge,
$50 So $100 per annum for a company,
according to capital.
A free miner, Having discovered
mineral in place, may locate �� claim
1500x1500 feet by marking out the
same with two legal posts, bearing
location notices, one at each end of
the line of the l"de, or vein.
The claim shall  be  recorded within
fifteen days if ocateil within ten miles
of a mining recorder's office
ditional   day   allowed    for   every   at
ditional  ten miles fir fraction,    Th
11 e for n cording a claim is Js-
At least Jioo must be expende
the   claim   each   year   or   paid   to
or company
,.,, ,-        . '   >�����  '"   I'J-'O acres for
��'!>   period   ,.,s   he   may   decide,   the
ShtniWKh,dilhallnot��ceed  "re
;" ! breadth.    Should the pros-
-'"'"vcr '"'  in   Paying qPUan.
disco've" atlSfactorilv establish such
acre    ��� Vr ''''"''' not "weeding ^��'
1��, '" the Prospector at the rate of
{ an acre, and the remainder o the
tract   reserved,   namely,   , >80   acres
A. 0. F.���The regular m* etlngs 01
this Lodge are held on tho Secon*i
and Fourth Tuesdnvs of each mon"
nt �� p. in. In the Oddfellov ' H
Visiting Brethren are cordlaly'"'
viled to intend. E, C, Firth, C 0 ���
V. V. Maxwell, Sec.
PERANCE  meel    every  Weill'"1',
in oddfellows
mming recorder in lieu thereof. When  terior
subject to royaltv -n *,",,. 1" "'.'  ,,lc'i    "'
n W, W. CORY.
^^^^^        meet    I
at 8 o'clock  p.  in.
Hall,   Columbia    Btreei.
Brothren are eordiallv Invited to��>'
tend, Geo. Burr, S. C; N. ft- m^
CAMP. 191._\i,.,.i�� on lhe Flrsl '''""
ih in
CAMP, 191.���Meets on 111
Third Tuesday of every mon
K.    of   p. 1 hin.     John   McNiven
Chlof; J. j. Forrester, Rec Sec
.*.--.   .. -.,,      IJ I I ������ BA| I   ,,	 ltR3
FEB. 21,  1907.
Remember, in two months' time that property
yoii are thinking about now will in all probability be out of your reach as an investment.
What's the use of delaying?   Buy to-day and sell to-morrow.   Spring is
most here, and with it is coming new industries, new sawmills, Capital
|r��d Labor-
Note the New Address-FRONT ST.       Tel. 333.
)ne Lot 56x132 ft. on
ueen's Av., north side,
I cor. block 6,  S. block
price $1,000, half cash.
oal.(' Per centl   Lane on
Jack of lot.
LOTS     OF     LOTS
Near  the  [,   .Jvje
Full-sized lot No. 8, between 6th & Tth Ave. on
4th St., west side. $300,
half cash, bal. in 6 mos.
10, 2t . 21,  luce mi  IGth
,    ,���;   2  corner  lots
I it -  $21 aeh     P Ice
- ��� sle   lots   a'   ca  !,
S a p p
l'   -      $150   ^ash.
One full sized lot, 66x1:12 j , lorej
11  ;-''. i i' is;  Hush closi i i istairs;
iprovemeni liousi
��� It,  y2  in ,; ,,���   ;
''���ir.    (iood  sized    ' !
:       ll OU       f run
block on 6th streel and Victoria   .nd Carnarvon; 2 liouse., on 26
an     _'7.     Houses     cosl     when     built,
liouse   rents   $.",.",  per   month.
��� .  7   r "Hi..- :       Uh, I
liol   und cold   tt ,i '���:
l'h  avenue   an
��� i.    Price $2,400. i/2 cash
.    ial��   acre      ���   ,veen
111   Eighth   avenue;      ���. b
eet.    Price $2,500.
Twelfth   street, bel ,veen
; Thlr I avenue;  west .-id
(in;    ful!  si/.e.    Price   .
, Lots   between   Seventh
;  Hamilton street, easl ol
���   ��� :  all cleared and fenced;
11 on on,- e ii),. lots. $1,500,
��� 1 nee one yeai   il 7
5, half mile watei front, G.X.
I, thi   igh.      $9,460, terms
��� ,-estlg ite.
50x1 50, '' tl side city limits
I5 ��� iot. Fuller particulars on
r, Hal      P
-  in S'    erl  ::.  cornei    if Col
1 anl B    nette Is;  I
in 1 lolumhl 1   -' ��� ���   I   und
13   .;���'-'������   st reet,
$1,500, i , cnsc
One acre in block 9, between 18th and 16th St.
on Sth Ave. Price $750,
1-3 cash, bal. easy.
T)rt��4?:iia s
By   Constance   D'Arcy   Ma.ckay    J
Copyright, 1008, bj M. M. Cunnlugbara   5
* lord,ni Keith and Tod Rogers were i
eating supper iu what they called the
"living room" of the shack when the
stage, dust covered and lumbering,
drew up In front of the door. There
was a girl on the seat by the driver.
She leaned forward Impetuously,
"This Is El Pus,-!, ^Ir. IveitiiVs'r.iiich,
isn't It?" she demanded hy way of Introduction, "I'm Drusllla Cameron,
and I've come to surprise my brother
And before the astonished Keith
could reply she had scrambled down
over the wheel, while the stage driver
grinned widely In delight lit the situation and iu admiration of the girl.
She was all In brown, from her pongee dust coal to her low -hoes. IP-r
hair was chestnut color, ad  so  were
:��� '���.'    to    lei ,1, Xeel.v    S'M ' ll'- $1,600.
sl:''''      II *use 3 i ooms, reu .- at $1",
l'er month;   m  for :;  more house        Om  and   i half lots, Sapperton, just
���*: the same i  nl     Three house    can   off Columbia street and .Brunette, only
���   ���' ��� '.   Room foi fou   more   $1,200.    Terms to  be arranged.
"'��� Carna  . m strei I side.   Price $3,000
Pull-sized lol Carnarvi :. sti ie!  aext
to Bridge;  No, 20 block  B   $400 cash
c 22, block B, 1th str  from 6th   tl yes that looked out frankly from
si eet.    Price $1,250. ':  cash,  balance   under the rim of her smart traveling
ei hat.
"Besides,"  she  continued,     I   knew
'   houses  corner ���     I      and   Amies   ,,,.,, [�� , telegraphed beforehni 1 you'd
.   lol  29  B,  1  ���- I       oi    \Li,es,   have everything all fixed up  for me,
,'      ��� on 6th street.     \    ti idem Im-   and 1  wanted to see you jusi a- vou
pi   remenl -    In each    hou e     Ve irly   really are."
.' $900.    P ice $10,000, ' , eas "You've  certainly   done   that,   Miss
Cameron," laughed Keith, with a rue-
2  lots,  corner  5th sti iel   and  5th   ful clan,,��� at the belter skelter supper
;z,.   0f   i0) ,,,,,    Corner   table   and   the   walls,    where   leather
saddles  and   skins  and   gayly  colored
magazine   covers   jostled   for   prominence.     Rogers,   who  had  sat  spooeh-
liouse and lot, 33 x 100, l1 ,-storey,   less, coffee cup In hand, at her first en
trance, now went to help the driver
with her luggage, while Keith, rising
to his duties as host, bade her welcome
and hung up her hat and coat ou a peg
on the wall. He apologized profusely
sized lot, No, 12 Third avenue i % Sec. 15, Township 11. two miles for the appearance of the supper table,
n i 1 ;'!, stre it, north side.   $300 easy   fr��m Fort Langley,  Z  acres slashed,   the heavy china and the plated knives
���"' ��� . ise, Seventh st   iel
II, R  u. .. ivenue,  two  storevs,  full   '       '':,:i be bought   it once for $450,
ii -i le iot $400.    Good snap.
It's up to you to stop paying rent.
One hundred aud sixty acres N. W.
One acre back of the
Orphanage. 3800 cash.
For full particulars apply
at once.
Sri-,  in  Lets.
, tei ma
IT lol - ze I on 6th street, In
| Burnaby,   Easl   si le   100   yards  from
Cliff   Can   :     I Price   $1,020.
House on Royal  and Eighth stre&t,
two  storeys, seven  rooms,  full  sized
: lot, $2,000.
6-ro 'in cottage, 7th Ave.&
6tl St., facing Tth Ave.; 2
. ;ed lets; name of cottage, Cecil; bath room,
wood sheds, peach, apple,
- and plum trees. Price
S1S00, half cash, bal. 6&
;.    is. at 7 per ct.
Vacani lots fo; ale in all ; arts of
-In   cit*. from $25.00 to $3,000
s'' ���" : is, one mile from Abbotsf ird,
10 acres cleare I, good soil, 220 fruil
ce $1,400, half cash, balan e
in three e [ual pa.\ men:.- at reasonable
intere -.
150 icres in,, ived land, buildings
ind she I- complete, near Cl ivi -.dale:
all  un ler cultivation, $15,000.    it' you
can   hat] II"   ild.-.    I in't    d  ia: :    it's   a
;. -1 a: term ��� i an be arranged.
20   acre   blocks,   fruil   lan Is,  near
i met! in, $20 per acre
160 acre fai m land in  1 lelta,
"_���:.. i ���- Ci   in ri\ e ', near Scoit
.   ���    icre; a real      nl 1 ly.
es,   Wesl uln   ���     district,  I 'I
. ..1 Ivai :"n.   10 acre   or-      Jame    Inlet,    iree      i   en ..es. at
i   acre     ���     ,   ,   ������      plunteJ   $6.00 per acre, half en   .     il       i easy.
; let lining
-   \   _:.':.,' .   '.      '
el    .      and *
hree in all, sta  le S cow
���   ;  near M       in S  ition;
in i he-    near    al    hand;
ia t - >.'. li e a da; .   i ��
���   . tir anl cedar, never been
���j.    refused   f* r   stan ling
���-'  hou   -  16  x 21;  hen
tade of hewe i timber Laid In
12 \ 30.   A  i ii in, e of a life
11,  c i h,    ran,,' al 6
all over the city for sale
from $50 to $3,000.
See us immediately. Tell
us where you want a lot
and we can supply.
50 Lots 45x120 in Sapperton, overlooking the
Fraser River; between the
Hospital, Distillery and
Brunette Saw Mills, with
school in center; 17 double
corner lots, balance front
and well located; all easily
cleared; perfect river view.
Corner lots $125, inside
lots SIOO. Only 1-4 cash,
bal. 6, 12 and 18 months;
or terms can be arranged
to suit purchaser. INDEFEASIBLE TITLE.
No. 1 land.     Price. $10 per acre. One   and forks, from which every vestige of
third cash, balance on time, 7 percent.   silvt'r W11N fust disappearing, but Dru-
icterest 8"'11 'an8hed and said it was just as
she hoped it would be. and, please
since she was ravenously hungry,
One hundred and sixty acres, N.W.   couidn't she begin right away?
'i     Sec. 25,  Township  16,  2%   miles      ,\nd  where  was  Ned all  this  time.
from      Abbotsford,    creek      running  she questioned, and when would he be
through,  50 acres  alder bottom, said
to   be  $600  worth of  timber  on the
property.    Price $10 per acre, K cash,
balance on time.
Ten acres in Lot 46", one mile east
of Westminster Junction, Al soil, easily cleared.   $30 per acre.
House, corner of Fifth avenue and
Sixth street, one lot, two storeys, S
rooms, $2,500, half cash,
Boarding house, 20 rooms, on Sixth
- reet, one block from post office,
ten's at $30 per month, or for sale at
liouse, eight rooms, on St. George
street, corner Fourth, $2,500; easy
House, full size! : t, on Keary
street. Sapperton; rent- for $10 per
month.   Only $1.c:o.
60 ai res good fruil lan I In Surrey;
can be boughl   new for $25  per acre.
.,-.-   piarter i ash neede I. bal in
In on ��� or two year.- al 7 per cent.
< 80 acres in Matsqui Municipality, 4-room house,
chicken house; one ac.
cleared; good well, purest
water. $ 1,000. Chance
of a lifetime.
"1   WANTED   To    SEE   VOU   JUST   AS   YOU
In?   She was dying to see him!    lie
bad  told  her how  well and  tanned  he
4S0 acres, Maple Ridge, Sections 2S,t* " '    was and  hou  g I  Keith  and  Rogers
29 mil 32, Township 9, one-half pral       House.    10   rooms,   1'..   lots,   near   had   been   to   hlm   duriug   his   four
rie. rest brush and some small trees,.   Fourth   avenue   and   Seventh   street,   months' stay,   she could never thank
I hem enough for what they  bad done
for  the  boy,   and   oh,  there  be   was
12-roomed  House, with
I bath  room, pantry, scul-
. root house and wood
"I   attached ;     electric
; hot and cold water.
N it. front. 280 ft. deep
��� or less). All kinds of
. 5 walnut  lives, all
��� 'ing small fruit.   Price
the   whole   $5,500;
half cash, bal. . per
��� '���.    Price of house and
going with it. $4,000.
1     ihonic communication
i house.
-' lots can be bought sep-
;     'ly; 50 ft. front, 280
''��� leep, $750 each; good
ring fruit trees; lane on
';    ��� from 3rd Ave. to 4th
tail I se, all modern Improve'
line location, < orner of Fourth
:"l Amies, $5,000, one half
\ comfortable home and good
re i ice,
Prices: Section 32, $-15 per acre; S*  ���  $2,000.   Terms can be ai ���. ig ���
160 acres on the s otl road, 15 acres J Uon ..,   $60 ,;i���. .,,.,.. section 2S, $33
clen ed;   barn  50 \ 30;   stabl*   . etc.; acl,e     Telephone   at    Hammond;      135 acres, one mile from  Hunting-
reet. searching gaze of those accustom, d 1 , looking nt great distances. In
the days that followed it was Qord ,n
Keith who monopolized the greater
share of her time and thoughts, and ;t
was with hlm she talked aud tramped
and rode. Oh, those rides with ihe
horse's feel thudding under ber, her
face glowing with the exhilaration and
her hair loosening and streaming out
like u bright pennant!
"It's wonderful, isn't It?" she said
breathlessly, reining In, Unit she might
fasten tier rebellious hairpins. "Nothing between you and the sky, or," with
a wave of the whip, "nothing between
you and the edge of the world."
Ucilh turned   to her.
"Then you are beginning to feel the
call of it," he said quietly, "as 1 hoped
voir \vottld. Ami now 1 can say what
,, <i   r7T' rjf '''������* rn "*���'-��   vi-"
I ve I,een wauling lo sny ever since  I
first met you: Will vou inarrv me, Dru-
She shook her bead.
"I'm sorry," she said softly, "oh, ho
sorry! It would be venal to tell you
how much your friendship has meant
to me���you must bave guessed that already. But what you ask is Impossible."
"Then you do nol    care?"
"Carel" Her voice wavered on the
word. "Ah, you don't know how near
I've come to loving you and how I've
fought it down, for I knew I couldn't
give iij) what's calling to me from tha
city I've left all the cotillons and dinners and leas of the life I love. Ami
you once belouged to It too. You've,
confessed as much. Why." she made
a little beseeching gesture, "why did
you ever give il up?"
"Because I was Hick of being a puppet in evening clothes, because I was
tired to death of tho shams and the
tinsel and the falseness, and I wanted
to get out where i could breathe deetf
and look up to the stars nnd feel that
I  was a man.    I Irusllla"
"No. no," she begged. "Don't asH
me, for I couldn't, I couldn't:"
In silence they rode toward thf
shack. The long light of the siinsel
glow was across the plains. Itrigbl
clouds were |,ile,l iu the wesl. Atrninal
the molten sky of red and gold a eovf.
boy rider loped In picturesque sllho*
"It's big and free and beautiful."*
Drnsiiia murmured to herself, "but Ira
not for me!"
A week later she went east, and h
going left a great gap In the lives
the tiree men at KI Paso. Ned pe9>
haps missed her least of all, for he will
to go home In November. Rogers ope��
ly mourned her departure.
"Don't seem natural," be complain,
"not to hear her step about the hoU!
or her songs In the evening."
But Keith, who felt ber going moi
kept silent, carrying with him a ion,
Ing that would not be satisfied,
Drusllla hud given her promise
write, yet she was slow in fulfilling ll
Even Ned grumbled as day after da
went by and no word came from h
save a telegram saying she bad a
rived safely and a few picture post
curds covered wilb hasty scribbling,
Rogers madi' excuses for going to thf
mail ufiener than was really necessarA
and his persistency was at length rfc
warded, for one day he returned wit!f
three letters In Drusllla's hand writing.
Ills was full of amusing Incidental
Ned's of irossip and sisterly affection,
but to Keith she wrote:
"Vou are right after all. I am smotB"
ered with conventionality nud weart
of riding my prescribed length In thi
park. It's all such a social circus. Anj
It isn't the call ,,f the plains thatl
drnwlng me. It's the call of the heart
I��o you bate the metropolis too mucB
to come here to marry tne?"
������Weil." observed Rogers, standing
In lhe doorway a few minutes latet
ami watching Keith galloping Int, the
distance. "For sheer hustling thai
beats all I've ever seen. He sure deserves to catch lhal train."
,,il- only $30 per acre, $1,000
tele cr iph   sl Ul in,   Pitt   River  Bri Ig <.
don, B.C., 70 a* i ���- In gra --. 15 acres
And she rushed out lhe doorway US
u fair headed young fellow of eighteen
Terms, half cash, bal   ici  one and two   drained and  fenced;   house and  barn   calne galloping up on his broncho.
ears al 7 per cent.   Exclusive agen tv.  ''"^    :-"' '; good road al ing one side;      "We'll clear out and let  them have
Between Fifth and Sixth avemr ,
��� .,, ir Seventh street, eight rooms, all
mo lern, stable and chicken house, full
���   ���
price $30 per ace. half cash, balance supper together," said Keith to Rogers,
and  lot,  50  \   133,   back   ii   I i sail  purchaser al 6 per t ml     Rea- "and while that's going on I'll lix up
facing Columbia   St,    Rents     in for selling, the owner'    ivlfe Is in my  room  for  her, and you can ride
1.00  per month.     Price $1,200,  bad health, and has to go to a cold over u> Jwnij^ "jJj^tJ1^^1^1^
halt    cash, balance In   si*   months, j climate. CorTcoupfe of w^ks^SheTsu't equal
You cnnnol  poss     ,��� get a higher per-      ,-,,���,,.,,, ,���������.������,������ ,  . , ,;���- in to  tho  Waldorf-Astoria,  bui   she  can
Id) acre- In S irre    5 a res cleared,   contuse  for your money than  11
,;,.���,,. I   ,n road   I le, $1,800, half ca h,  cent,
inlaur-e , n   In e al  G  p* i   i enl . su
led lo sale il' timber,
I louble teni menl hous .
each house, water, light, full size lot,   Bel a good plain meal
etween    Flrsl   and   Sec in I    street,
Par' of lol  360, Join ��� I uU'   C imm ll
ah ml   7"   acres,   only   $25   per   acre.
li ilf cash.   Jump.
160 acres, Langley, 2a under cilltl a
lion; liouse, harn. sheds, etc, all In
goo I repair; a sa ip il $3,000, h ill
I rooine 1    In, ise , all    modern
nvenlences, on Carnarvon street and
.-', \ h .-treet. two Btore; a, $3,730.
In host residential portion of Now Westminster,
east end; close to car; 6
large rooms and large reception hall; modem in every respect; 2 full lots L32
x 132, all in lawn, laid out
with shrubs and flowers;
tennis court on one side.
Price $2,750. Terms $600
cash. bal. on mortgage.
Fourth a\enue, on no "'.
tlvatlon, good v   I   , hall   mile  from
scho il, al   I ".        ai :-, $75  per aor-j.
'This   sure   is   the   niosl    e\eiteineut
vvo've had since Big I'ete shot  up has
iiorro." ,|ra\. led Rogers,   "I'm off!"
$1'-'-��' : 'I   ' ������" ' ������ ':'"' :" ":"' ���'   "'      Later  In  the evening  Drusllla,  dls-
al 6 per cent, claiming all fatigue, sal outside with
Keith's   banjo   "li   her   knee   and   sang
!,;., a,  ,,.   nil let     l   '-'"i h  for cui    thum all tho latest songs till, as Ned,
declared, "you could jusi see the lights
of  I,roadway  and  bear lhe clai'k-elaek
of   the   hansoms   rolling   by.    Beems
strange  to   think   of  il   out   here,"   he
*',!   acres   In    Pttl    Meadows,  only   added half beneath his breath,
$35 per acre,   One third cash, balance      from where they were Bitting they
at  C  per cen:. could    see    the   Texas   plains    rolling
i:way to the sky line, shadowy, iniiiiil-
Large lot and two cottages on Co-   ll'1'1''- fu" "r n"' mystery of the night.
lumbla street, Sap erl in,   Both rented   'i-1'" """' "lew pasl them sweel with
the breath ol great spaces.   The slurs
at sin each. Bhono verj, ,nrge ,im| brlght aU(] c,ear
Drusllla's lips purled.
House and lol  on Amies street, two       Vive cottages and two lots on  Mrs!       ���N      tb|g  ^ mmb   [|ko  ,t ���
II,-arils nml  sloi\ iim.
Peter tho Great once  forbade beards
throughout his domiuions, but, finding
how dearly the Russian loved his
beard, Peter allowed him to keep it It
be was ii noble on payment of a tax of
100 rubles (about $51), and If he was a
peasant or O priest, ly paylug a kopeck
(half a cent' every time he passed the
gate of a city. A Inrge revenue was
produced by the tnx, In return fof
which the collectors give a small copper coin called the "bot'odovaia," or
"the bearded;" and every man who
chose to wear a  beard WHS obliged to
produce Ihis when I itei'od a  lowu.
In default  be   was  Ibr.iw ll  Into prison.
Dr. John Bulwor lu hi- "AnthroponM*
tamorphosis, or Man Transformed,^
(10501, writes angrily: "Shaving Ih#
chin Is justly to bo accounted a note ot
effeminacy. What greater evidence
can be given of effeminacy than to h4
transformed Into tho appoaran f A
woman? A shameful motnmorphoslsP'
lie declares it to !"��� done "against tha
edicts of God, lhe oracles of the prophets, the pia, Its of tl ounclls and the
Judgment of learned men." But, In
iplte of these Culminations, the custom
loon became universal, among soldiers
ts well us civilians,
Pull sized l"i on Roglnn street, G6x   storeys, -even rooms, i
I !2|  i., .   |o, Sub    1  l-"t s. Trice $150.     $2,500.
i real snap at   street, opposite Queen's park.    Price  Bne echoed,
Real  Estate Brokers ���	
.     r     i .,���a' l iabiJitv and Union Fire Assurance Co. of London.
for Employers uaoimy, j��" ���*
"Are you glad'.'" Keith challenged.
"I don'l know- yet," she answered
slowly. "It's the tirst time I've ever
been ou the plain. In fact, it's the
brst time thai I've ever been away
from ibe metropolis, for summer re
sorts full of cltj peopie don't count, do
"They do not!" said Keith decidedly,
For an iiistiuil their eyes in,'I. and
Drusllla waa conscious of the strength
of a iiuiii who se ',1 as Immutable ns
the plalus  themselves.   H.,  was above
I the  average height,  bronzed  and  deep
chested, and his gray eyes hud the '11-
"How- do you like married life, Hat*
' Well, I wish I hail remained a bart^
elor, There is so much expense and
so many breakdowns,"
"Expense und breakdowns'.' Grth
Clous, old chap, perhaps you bought :uj
automobile license Instead of u mafc
riage license'.'"   Brooklyn Eagle.
Point Blank.
A traveler was starlled by hearing
Oil a lonely road one night this piteoUi
appeal: "Will the kind gentleman
please help u poor, unfortunate man?
I bave nothing lu Ibe world but thli
loaded revolver."���Harper's Weekly.
i   ,
'     I
���  i
:,.: $
��� f I IS
DO YOU want to save  both time and money in
making your purchases ?
DO YOU want to look upon the largest selection
of European goods in the province ?
ARE YOU a wideawake buyer ?    Yes.    Then you
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YOUR INTERESTS to place your order with us.
Public Supply Stores
Social and
Matter intended fi r thi* column sb< uld
i��e addre*srd, Social Editor, Dail)
News, P <>. Bi x 402, New Westminster "
..A Cheap Home..
A good House and three Lots
on  Third Street for  $1900.
Nice 2-storey House, corner lot,
on Queen's Ave.   Only $1600.
If      !��� /^ 111 1       0        f^ -Metrt'a!
Malms, toulthard & to. ia
.1. H. Bowes, barrister, was In th*
riiy yesterday.
A. W. McLeod an i bride return* I
i n Tuesday evening from a month's
honeymoon trip in  California.
A special meeting of the Duodecem
club was held at thi residence of ��� -ss
Nora Armstrong, last ( venlng.
Mr.  Justic*   Moi rlsi n   was  in ti
G. 0,  Madigan, inspector ol   st*   m
i,oil,-:.-', Vancouver, was in town yes-
ti ; lay.
H.   L.   Edmon Is,   ��ho   left   :lie   S\
.Mary's hospital a few daj s ago al
bi in-  undi .   trealmen  for  ihi   grlj   e
f' . somi   v. -, ..-. ;,..- - iff* red a rela; ������
and   wa -  comj ��� lied   to  return  to
yesterda     afternoon.
������������'���     Minn   lefi     veste
A Cold Handle
Real Estate, Financial and Insurance Agents,
Columbia St., - - New Westminster B. C.
'Phcne   105.
'Phone   i05.
ew Wellington Coal
Mayers & Preston
J. W. Creighton
.   :, ,-   an i   i ' :...    '   ��� ..-   Wt .
���   station   o hid her I
Mr.  and   Mrs.   A.   W.   Taylor   w<
A.   Kilbj   left   ;���<    '..:;.   on  a   vi- i
to Harrison.
Jose) ii Courtnej lefi on yesterdaj ���
��� asi bo ::. i express for Prince Albei I
C. F. Pretty was a passenger fo
Harrison River yesterday  afternoon.
\. Charman, of Xanaimo, who h -
been living up river for a number oi
years, Is leaving for Xanaimo, where
h*   will  reside in  future.
W. A. Gilley is i onflne i to his home
ten  igh ill health.
Fre . Ray has purchased a house .
Sapperton, an 1  will take up his residence in that  thriving suburb within
the n< xt few davs.
Mrs.   E.  Coonej   returned  home  to
��� Kamloops yesterdaj  alter visiting he-
.    ther al Sapperton for the past twa
months.     She   was accompained    by
I ��� .   ��� wo young children.
See that Hood?
it is lined u ith Asbestos,
prevents radiation of heat.
The handle is attached to
the  hood, and  thus  kept
New Embroider^
Our New Spring Stock of SWISS andQiT
a Now   On    Display ^
We were fortunate enough to
have these poods come by express
this week,   otherwise they might ^jj
not have been here for months.
ALL-OVER EMBROIDERIES are to be largely used this
season. In these we are showing new patterns on tine Svi -
Muslin ami Nainsook.
the Embroidery Departmenl this
season is the shi wil g ol
Embroidered   Waist   Lengths   and   Costumes
Mercerized Mull. '���'��� ���"���
Waist Lengths $1.50 to $3 each
Costume Lengths $11 to $20
247 Columbia Street. New Westminster
Eggs are High PROOF_I^GGERB00T\
'Phone   105.
P. O. Box   345
Phone   105.
-Mrs. J. E. Insley entertained a num-
ei of her friends at a whist party
<:; Th irsday evening, a large number
of gu* sts being present. After tne
card games, the guests were enter-
Ii .'.-- i with music and singing. The
first izes were won i. Mrs McLaughlin and W. .I l.e- . n hile S.
man and Mrs, Cooney succe* le I
it.  capturing the award given for the   Ellard Block
'i'i'e   __       . ���
g ������ sts   wh,   ��� ��� ���    pari   ':\   the  touina- , , ,,.
lin, Co* a-   . Sti wai dson, and Miss * .    ;
Laughlln,  A.   W.   Dill,   VV. .1   "���    ~    s"nmr
S   ring,   .1.   Halter,   B.   Henry.   B.   \\
Egg Food and       _
00 Clearing-out Sale of Odd Lines at giving away prices,
D/tii|+t*%/   ���**WYfk ^ee our Window and Door.
New Westminster
,.    Spring.
H. Murgatory, ol   Porl   Mo idj.  has
Maple Leaf Rubbers
rre tiie most satisfactory fcrar.J for
both dealer and wearer ;" this prov-
They possess ali the tjood qualities
of material, style, fit, finish and durability charactern.de of the best Rub-
bers, and are more serviceable under
Western  climatic  conditions.
Ask your dealer for
tewardson,   S. '.lackman!   :,i,"": Into the cit; , ind �� 11 ni
and   Mesdames   McDonald,   McLauj      :'    '     '  '
Rapid, Easy Grinders
,   ,.���-*���������'.���<&>
&A'fel& ttrw $
I. Leckie Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B, C.
Sole Agent in New Westminster, W. E. SINCLAIR
Schaake Machine Worksm
NEW    WESTMINftTPB    R   r*
M iHI���IMI tJOSamsmSKOKEnr^
WE wish to emphasize
is this Money can seldom be put to work in
such Good 1, . ��� . Estate
as that which we are
at present offering.
See  us and gel  our
I timely  tips   on    some
I good bargains.
Modern, 7-roomecl House
on Third Street, below Third
Avenue. Grates, electric light
and sewerage. Price $2,500.
Good terms.
i-icrse   Falls   Into   River.
A    '_ hor.se    elon ;ing to th*
of \ had        a      >\   i scape  from
.-  an I    dron ning      ���    ���
���i  ,.-..:.-���   as a re ill    Ing , iff   i
scov     al    Gilley'i      ' n'.     II     w im
res ed with lifficulty. The boar: .
ni a were lo i ling gravel off
:',. scow, ��� : v bile -i' scendlng, the
., ' I and fi ' parti} into the :
'vat' . He i was I un liately secured
I . the Royal Ci Mills, und thi
'      e rescued t harnes    ha
i     i   away.    The animal ivas  .
: move 1  to   the   bu n,   and a    ol li   ol
pin  ha ��� :   ;    : -      hich was
.'  - .        he horse I ���        counte
. nj chill It , -.-iii" I.
: ���   ��� . Ident had heen
���   . lernoon ��� e
att*    pted suicide
ihi f II        ���
: Iilei man   Hel ind   Sit
���, n h -.' F    ii       |i in Inuatlon
iu'ie   tei"
Opera House Bookings.
!'���     2     'i he Engll   i Concet   Co
ilar.   9���A Cow Girl.
'���!        id     Mj    Wife's   1'an,ily.
Mar, 22    Creston  Clarl;.
^m Try,.
'*>i��T vf"* ��>
SB* ������ vV   '    ' *'!: ���
ai    Wr ...
wfr* .    ���������-���   '
% ��� '' ,   ��� ������-
Nw. I
Three sizes,���8,10 and
12-inch plates. Alsc
bagging attachments
for same.
A full line of Pulpers, Slicers,
Hay and Ensilage Cutters.
T. J.  TRAPP & CO.
Hotel   Guests. l^L
LGulc!ion    '"'   !!-   H.   Wilson    Miss
:h""   Wn�����- Port   Esslngton;   1     v
|    ,::>";���""���  Vanc ^r;   P. W. Ayl ,
! "''.""l: '; A. Keefer, victoria; k r
"av'8' !!' C. Banwell, Chiiliwack- p'
u Rothschild, San Francisco
. Wln(!80r- M- Stevens, Q. ,\ Car]e
;?n- Chiiliwack; J, Burton Chicago-
Thorn!! "\'!:'"i""' mB-- Miss Edith
���J ""V !'as '��� Sawyer, Kansas
' "��� Voung, ii. w, Vanderwauke
i1.:"1   U'r"'   Vancouver;   u   McK',      .
:;!:i,:,te'* -uvium;
Stn'i m v"'"""! '*ot toe
��� '   '   M lil    company.
I        C,��]0"!al    T  A. Qreensmlth, T  Brad
'    '    '   '  '"     W    I    n,,-   x
ve--   f   a   ,. ' '  ��"'  Vanco i
--=J        "      ���  s-   I urne       vilsslon-   n    i
Dtiavers, Victoria ' ' '
Lulu Islan
(,,/V,        ��� {i-,V     m   -"      ':   "     tClM.1, ,       ,
1   ,o"-   Eighty acres ready for the plow,  an,
,,,''. s"";"""" Rood mad   ���,  ,���,,.��� ml]es
���    ���,:    """";;   '';w''"   Ranoh'    Waterfrontage of , ���: om
-ni river,   ,,,,,, $80 per. acre.    Rea8onable  ���
f f t��his8M.f flVS aCre8 and ""��� offlnest sandy loam soil; elghl miles
c]eare\n,�� e'lj   connected daily i,v river steamers; dyk* I    id   artlj
hy iisiii,,,. ",   '       , waterfrontage and good mom ,    in   ���
cordlna   .,    �� ""' Bl ""   ''""'     Prloe *30'0n per acre and up, a
ung '" am��i'nl  of cleared land.
Dominion Trust Company


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