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The Daily News Jun 12, 1907

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 ite, Shiles & Co
R��AL estate
,    ,.  ct Phone 85
White, Shiles & Co.
Uj-MK-', NUMBER 137
. ,Jch Discharges Bring Teutonic Agents to Hi / ..ream
ir v^0I-kmen for Krupp Factories and Other
Plants    Highest  Wages   Paid,    s.
Baseball   Boys   Travel    to Hand   Almost   Severed   by
Vancouver,Three Shy, and
Get Beaten bv One Run.
Contact Wiih Big Saw
Patient in Hospital.
Great Excitement Prevails in Johannesburg, Where Thousands of Mine Workers Have  Gone  on   Strike--
Rioting General    No Hope of Arbitration.
.  -
'     T i'
,-.      mugh
,.,' tl* i
Woolwich | in oEtain, th
they   are,' """'���' '     '
io. ii,     , ith s*   ret
Thes ���   .  : .'���",. .
are   sl bb  u| ,..,.������
papers, and  then   I    nc h tig on
.mi, mi the part   .-.���.,. ,,,   ,nem lri  8h| .,   ..      .,
. .  .    he cream  are wan ed for Hernial
��� n.   Du lng the past   Uon ' Drei len In    ne e    e) li   dfsclos-
i   _\   io  men,    mo itly  ed onl}  em applicatioi     In connect! m
��� am planted   ivith   the scheme  I -. i nl        enl
,i    . rBenals    and   :   en   posted   tl    . . ���-.   ���
inizi : hj  '!]������ ' 1 hief" In Lon
Wage       '  ���  - pct. On
11 ange I to      ��� , : ���. :���.
v. Bel   to   "mm' do     or]    en      lid      EC
tnd    ��S  [ie    -.- ���
paid,    (in'   man,   kill*     In en    neerim
. i' !  making pumi s, haa bee a    ��� ��� ���  . ��� 1
ni  i:  salary of   2b   10���      week.    The
ere  required  German works ha     we r*     ill
chines and  type-   Menu NTorway, Denm ;. reaching home, bnl   always in-
an adroll   scheme   key and even from this 1 mntry. sisted on making a  futile attempl  to
a man oul at first, Instea !   if the
n ho .v..-; trying to register. His
hods wi re altoge 'i-.,'-: I 10 cm le I 1
ei vi   the veriest  tyro.
Besides   having to  c nte n i   against
he so-* ailed playing of an unreliable
  her   the  visitors  were   ip against
real  thing in  having  only  six eef
: Courtenay River Lad Falls Down Grain Car- lhel! reguiarpiayersonthefleid.DOC
.    t-,.      t-m i   '���   ���-'���  '-"  regular catcher, was un-
ner at Big Elevator and    ,( ,, mal{e the trlp on accoun( of a
Loses   Hi.S   Life. ���'  Injury to his arm, Curly Lewis
" as  unable  to  m.m  off duty   al   Mill-
side, while Jimmy  Lewi
playei    .. ���  sal Is -
Ichcr  loaned
���-:���..' tO       118-
. ed in    hat cit}   againsi    lie
Is abou    the Ilmi ,    To hi bis   ham
��� ' thi   Te rminal 1 It;   mu lng saw.
0 credit I     the   lefeo Before tli    man  ha i   realized  whal
.',,���������. 1   jco!    of j hud  happen* I,   his   y-.b'    hand    wes
m     e.   eig] This     in llliani r-ractlcallj I 1 fl    1   1    '!i*' wrl I
\ oul   thr* -   i''e lo< k   . "   ei d .'���
���    m.   while   ti nding   the   cul
1 i he    hlngh    I*   artment of the
: y ml   s, .1 ; hinani in  nam* 'I
���       : the   palm  0
ist tl iii    revolv- i
Ji hann s   11 -
rs' s
A., June 11.���Thei    Both  sides, according to th
reached a   critical   news  this    evening,    are dote
an 'I m" al excite  nen       cau 1
and   the  men  are  growing
I ned
de   erate.
. in th*   lan-
n-chi f, to be
Woolwich,   of
��� -���  ���     the energl* s
n    ition, bul oper-
1   ns been confin-
cover of ad-
':-'.   ,\ hose  name n ���  on*   was
ted en nigh I 1 find out, was re-
i 1 ,1   ,.     .,:..   j    ,    .. ���������-...
Wesi minstei     afti ry,   and   1 on-
I,    Hi   gave the boys aboul  the
di al   - 'mi   on   1   diam nd   tor
past, and : .1   1    hi    ivi ll
' idi* d 1 ungling, the game woul i have
��� ��� n  an  1 asy   victory   for    the    N "���
".' stminster nine.    Time-   after  time
���   ha i  ;i  chance  to  stop    a   runn >r
I here   are   bIx   hundr* ,i   exi 1     police
.  the im".     0       riol  in \\ hich shol      ,        ,, , ,  _..
tlong ih*' reef, besides aumer ms spe-
���'������   ���    tired  ai   the     Robinson     Dee p   cjal   constables.    Manj   1 t  th*
mine,     .boul   one   thousand   ine;    ��� I   era carry revolvers,
troops   havi    arrived   for   dlsposltl n      In view of yesterday's riotingbythe
long   he  reef, rtrlkers al  the Robinson  Dei       mine
cour " of receni events h 1 the police today Issued a notli
Ifeen thi : The strike originated atibiddlng in assembly of six 01 more
the Knight' Deep mine, where the persons within three hundred yardsof
men refused to accept 11 reduction i'i   any mine,  The order, it Is added  musl
:\i in Bituminous Depos-
Land Crown Granted.
��� il.��� \  syndicate of
. onrmeni ed
inks of ;li*'
��� mpti* s   nr e
���  ��� 11.   are s 1
 iven    hone
Me ntreal,  June  11.���Si       1 e-     nd
was absent,
se n!   no excuse    Several of ih"
tore   help   could   arrive, I   players are nol satisfied with the way
H rberl   Simpson's  li. "'���'   teanl 's being mam -��� d.
���"��� rnoon  haul   I 0 il   of
h . ������   down   which
and criticism of Manager Cunningha
.   . mime rclally   distance   ��� ;' seven  feet into tl
inouE coal will   whi h   fe d   an   1 le. itoi   b< II kin
ho is s lid '11 have taken n*> pai I  in
I   fa     ''.        .-. ,
���  ���
��� operation is
of land direct-
I   m-    1    ' .   lings mi
I; nds    ���    ired   by    the
.     ..   granted   ^as< ^"��tre Dame stre*    near th
n  the  mid lie 0
The accld nt occurred in I       '��� ihn
Mi i ��� n's n ilting es ent on
,'i -
Ing  of the  team  for   : esler-
'' h,   md   who  wns  nowhere
''    ighl     hen the 1 oys !< ft. is hande i
1 11 |iu 1   of  n* ttles   by   ih?   pi
������ b ���   1 .-��� m   fhe   * "i 1.    Th ��     -< mplalri
hi      ���    not take his   lnl h s sei -
��� 11   - im.   ha . i'i ���    hoi n    thr ugh    lhe
flesh,  severing   the  arterii.-.
Realizing thai   1   n was ra e'dl'
lng  to death,      .���        ef the .....
employees  quid        laced    a    hastily  1 mtracl    ilecework, and the principle!   !"' strictly  enforced,
made tourniquet  on  the injure 1 arm,     f    'i: Irilllng   machines   per man I    Disregard of ii  led to an unl eward
Ich   being     tightened    up,  'partly   Instead   of   the   former   two,  on    the  incidenl al   the Croesus mine    today.
ed the flow of blood.   The hand   grounds that  the change was a men-  The strikers made a demonstration in
then roughl       indaged, and sn;.-   ace to health and would lead to a re-   order  to   persuade  or  intimidate  the
ported by a couple of friends, the in-   duction In while labor, since two men   "blacklegs" into joining them.   When
|u ed   man   started   for    Sing    Kee's   each   supervising   three   drills   woul 1 ordered lo disperse thej   refused, and
store.    Befor*    a riving, however,  he  entail   the   dismissal    of on*'    white  consequently  the  Queen's  l',.:.<   [1m-
������ as  in .1 d     ! fainl and the suppi  t-   worker    l- was argued that the prac-   perial cavalry, who arrived y* 3'terday)
ers were obliged to -mm''.- him into the itiee reduces  the average miner's life  charged tho crowd,    several    of   the
_hop. three  or four years . The  strike strikers   being  knocked    over.    Tine
Di   Drew was ha   :'        111 ion* I an     spr* ad In sympathy to other mines ln   ringleaders wore arrested.
was  promptly on  the sc n .    Having   the   Consolidated   Gold   fields   group,      Vi ither Incident   occurred   at   the
rem   i-ed    the  i     romptu    tourniquet   and   Dutch   substitutes   wer.' engaged  Geldenhuls deep mine, the lasl of the
and bandages, the *"< ���-:<���:  wenl scien-   for the strikers.    Within a  week Ten   mines on the  Easl   Rand    to    "come
tifically to work and managed to stop   mines   were  affected,   although   they  out."      Several     thonsand      strikers
the    leeding.    The  injun 1 man. who  had nol been asked to accept the con-   marched to the mine,  which  was al-
was   .-'ill   In   m      m -ees,-  state,    oc-   ditions   above   referred   to;   but    the  ready defended by th*' Queen's Bays,
ned   by U - blood,  was  then   men held that their turn would come   :: detachment of the Camerons and by
....... 1 ... thi   Royal Columbian hos-   next.      The    unrest    showed    Itself  police,    The    Camerons    fixed    their
al titcfies wen put among the Chinese, but it !:nc n w bayonets when the strikers appeared,
lied away ln that quarter. The nei:i-'nn'' this apparently quelled the posers indeed as a whole were contenti 1, sibllity of disturbance. A deputation
I many men are no doubl overpaid; of the strikers was permitted to !n-
while three machines has been thejtervlew the men at work, and there-
rule in some mines, and has caused suI; was that an almost solid vote
no disadvantage to the workers, but. for striking was given. Some eighty
only produced greater efficiency. raen at one.' left the property, .".-most
Dutch workers were recruited from  significant step.
Pretoria  and other towns, and a few      ^] the mines on the Easl and Cen-
,-   these   so-called   "blacklegs"    were  tral Kami are' now out.andthe situa-
The min-   ,l0(1 Dn  the Wes,   Rand I       1 loming
ace ! isi        n in the lecture room of  i""'1' of mines told a deputation of the' ' more serious, the rest of the men also
���'.   gt.   .1 1 ev.-'s Presbyterian church,  enginemen that the governmentwouJd  joining  (he  strikers.     No    violence,
The social was ited by the young   agrei   to accept   a   decision.      II     Is   however, is anticipated.
in Hi" pali : oi the h  nd.    So far the
man is rloins  nl ��� ': .    n '��� the doctor ;-
confid* nt  of eventually    saving
Successful   Social     at     St.     Andrew's
Draws  Conj-ertstlon  Closer.
One of the  mosl   successful  enter-
tainn ' hel     in the city took   assaulted  by the strikers.
thai     The   locals   peopli   of tl egation, with the  :,;so announced  that   the government      With a   view   to  avoiding    violent
nd   ��� i- ; ��� cause of   ne     of D* lorimer av* n i \  whi* h  is
hut the      ;        'i  ���   ini i'i li I
hoi lings.
��� iple    have incor-
ivei    ' ial  Pr is-
���;'    hi   e! piai tei i
('.     G.     Bernard;
any,    lias   Just
hei.   he spent
list! in ������ from Vi hi re   thi
'. Ictim's pareni -   Ive   m  N i       'SV
Facing on S'otre Dam* et I   a doci
openii middle oi
had it all    ver the   Vthletics r",."i th?
���   ii ning,  the  .Tew  Westminst*
llei -��� e isily  connects I    with    the
meritorie is I .��� of becoming bet- wi" n'" tolerate intimidation by
ter a- , h 1 ft I'he many Strang- strikers, and is prepared to utilizi
ers who have been attending the ser-   volunteers   to   stop   rioting.     B
��� sl   1 f   N'i lis n's     .' irves.
d    of  thi   Athletics w   3   llstinctl.*    iudging r ������������ ��� _1 ������ gathering, they cer-
which   11   ele   ..'   'bell . .m   off     el r ��� ''stfrday, and  1  Inly had  no    ause to complain.
basement to thi   top of the sixth   showin        The   boys   played The large le   tun    00m of the chu   ':
The   vices  during  the  pasl    months,    and   large majority the
'o rmiston   dlsti let
linsl   1  strike.
scenes, It is asserted that the government wi" close all tbe cante* ns In the
affected area.
enginemen in thei    The newspapers approve of th ��� ap-
have       decidi '   pearance or the railitar��\pn the
I The "Johannesburg Loader"    asserts
he    diamond   drill
opei ation,
e'  the  propel ty
m. ���".   are  very
lead '���' ihe'
��� ml drill  will lo-
ich Is now be-
Du ismuir N'o.  I
small am-
'"ii" by the
1 com] an}   in the
Cou '  .0, m    b il    th "
I   ip, and it is now
prim testing
���m   ���!   likely
talnly   If   it   had
��������� ��� Iderable depth
' ,1 bl;     have
11   . '��� ':���: tei s are In thi   ! back
ing up their wagons   to the side
id   ' in   iei.   he grain      ��� 1   tin  1 hute
nnd In tl     :' :'
���   1 ��� . diing fi r a han Iful eef grain.
The only witness was his      il In r who
' .rl   o ascend fl     flights to tli
. le\ ator.
In   'lie'   meantime  the     levato ��� bi It
.   ��� e, and 'le. li  di Feat,    wine    ro t   ���
'  hei'- unreliabili! y. was a soi    ��� ������' -
vith   I:" ���".     Both     '   the     la*
- 1 on thi   field, the 1 iys wen   li
II' ������.  an !  easil;   outclasse<l   th
��� ":    teams '".m-'1 :
\  iv   ','.' s    ilnster   i e    e.     il I
���.  1 a cher;   Sinclair,   first   bas  ;
fill   1 1 ' t_    ei iors,  and  a  con
lerabl         - !e    of   acquain
ic s will - : ward th     iff n :
youn? le  last   night,
The magnates will noi listen to the .that  80 per cent, of the miners  &ave
proposals   '     ai' itr tc,    as   the  m   ..   been   terrorized   into    striking.      Tin
they sa'.. have no case.     Thi   chain-   "Raad  .Mail" considers the strike in-
bei of        . - has also announced that  defensible.     The    "Star"    recognizesi
it   v.:;!   ���  lie no    arl   in   the  arbltra-   that tin re' is every prospeel ol   ���!���..���
The Rev.   '. S.  Henderson presided   ''���'������i-    Many  men
indignant   that  and bitter struggle.   II thinks thatthe
had bei n started   in I b}  the time    he Sell    -         '     ise: Sil*    , short si
ntic    rot her trl   I    r* aching    d iv n intherhnd, third    ase:  Ste In,  11 nt*
the chute tei catch hoi I of hi- Id;   Barbaree,    left  field;     Owe m��
ho  little   fellow   ha 1    I 'en    worked ' !'
���   ������ ,. chute '     th '   iction of the '���'' ' ':       Veils m,    pit hi r;
.;    until   he    was    beyond     reach. n,     itcher;   Valentine,    first
V     ���      n in rn s later th        I    of tl Pierrot,  s         :        e;     Miller,
-': ' '
:���.. fi  io.'   (* is four '.
M   '  ;l ive  Narrow    Escape    on
er River.
1 - boai  passed nn <���-.
��� -ni minutes
u,  an 1   were    only
'���'���''��� ���'  might  have been a
-   timely   arrival
i'1 iii" tug Edna.
'  crossing  from  the
:': :' '" l carrying a big
���   and   when     about
were capsized  by a
"'" of wind.     Th
! Id
Riplinger Stole Over $30,000.
���-��� iti le,   Jim     11.    Tlv    known   ���
lacatl ei of  lohn       lln er,   'orm
,    ....    ,m   ,     ,f  g       ..;..
��� ��� ������ -        10.   Thi
��� , .. ,   develoi ed   b;    the   li
���   ib    expc-rl     iho are n
i e  of  the  forn ei
final   reporl     1    tl
.,   litlng     the     nc ounts     ln 1 h
of    Riplinger
:-   '
'   V m     n,
M  ' I
Vane   r
vi ������  ���!���    . mt: !   with  a   .��� .
well chosi 1 11 Is ��� ' welcome, int r -
ice i   the gram    it  thi   clos
v\ 'iie h a del: I  hi ui   was spent  in
1   al   Inti 1    1  and   introducti m -
lurln     ��� ���'       ice ere a ...  call
I coffe ed.   While li 1
1 In    ���   f. Ur. Todd, wh - '    ;
', ���    worl In  church  circles
������ rtained the       '     Ing \ 'ith c"' cl' ��� ������
���;   one  of hii     lai gramapl
��� 'iie h he I ; I     with him fr"
.  .,;;.��� needless  to s:        ti.'
"mm! ' di '���   1.
Tl " foil     Ing     ���  '      members
.   general    tr ike hi -���    been     ordered    nagnates cannot help seeing the thing
only   the   Robinson   mines   being  ex-   through, but  asserts thai  b-.,-  -	
eluded. so far Inns up -ue fnfinitesln il,
Fourteen   Storey    Building j Hiding in Isolated Shelter,
Man Wanted For Capital
Crime is Captured.
E.sses Do the Riih^ Thing.
Indic.-.t '*
I . :.'-'-���
lelter  offlci id   th*      em-
tie  given  1 25e per d
a  tl        .    1  had agreed
��� ��� '.   The raise 1    eel    all who re-
1 $3 per . 7
,  iv th*   minim im svaj . The
an i    ii"!    un ler      1     or will havi   all tl       ippi    and 1
1 ontrol   of   ' 11     It}      ���    iun r,     mn     - irnaces going  by  the en I    of   n  ct
; .,.   that  ih" will    re
$50,000, bul Is hnrdl; expected to | 1
' "m mi that amouni unl* - s ime ad 11-
tlom l  evidence   is   foilnd,   which
-: -
Mr,  Cai
. :   part
E   51  at,   voi al   solo; ]
I e c 1101       M
1       'lo;    A.    E.
ytorrl        1]
MaSl _.   1 ll flier
'   ���
1 ""ugh    to  succeed    In
"n u>" bottom of the boat,
they were rescued by the
K coming down Btream
'"���"��� the accident occurred.
entirely unlikely,
Riplinger did n ���' confine himself t 1
special funds of which he appears I 1
have been the s il stodian, and a
i heck  ol' the accounts shows thai  i'i
some Instances he had been paid mon-
ej which could hardly he credited 1 1
any fund,    it   was  money  that     ' i
longed to the city of Seattle, wa ��� .  -
celpted I'm- hy tho former comptroller
11 is reported here' ami Its final disposition is one of the
0 Tlkahirn, ex-Japanese
," '' the "nited states, who  it
no��noed, is to 1
Demands Withdrawal cf Trcops.
New  Orleans,  June  11.���Dr.    .ng I
Ugarte, minister of the new governmenl  oi   Honduras, has  an Ive 1  here
Stevedore's Narrow  Escape.
St* ��� ������' ire Bos< r, while Bupei Inti ��� I-
:ne^' 'ii" lo el5:". Of th*    Hall's Bad  'le
misfortune to me* ; with a serious accident   Monday   evening.    The    man
ening to get   in the way of the
> 1 e able with which the lai .���
hydraulic pipes are unloaded from th*
en   route   to   Washint
His  pur-
Chaln  of Treaties.
���1 in.- 11.
-" appointed Jnp-
' '" ttaly, is charged
nn   asreemenl   between
,    ''��� c��nnectlng this coun-
'   chain of treat!
far east,
features of th* Investigation thai is
making the work of the experts decidedly tedious,
Por   five   weeks   111"   aa lltlllg   of  the
several  funds has   1 n  In   progr* as,
and    while   II ml   ele  3   11 ll    ���'
|G,    X.    R.    ear-.      was
thrown   down   anrd  entangled   In  the
line,    Before the donkey engine could
���os" is .,. obtain recognition for the   ,,.  s!();i.,,,_ ,,���  wa8  dragged s(.v,,:..|.
gov rnmenl and urge that Nicaraguan   feet> hls ,,���:,rl s,;;,,ns .,,��� pIanRlngof
el be withdrawn from H        ,h���  wharf  ,,  ���.,,,.,...,.  ���r t!m���,
To Be  Erected  on Main
Street at a Cost of $750,000 j
Winnipeg, June  11.���A  mi -
-,.  .    m ,.:, rn ire)
... to be I
,     lain       ���        ittweon   M
.  ' :.
M! as":-,   at    M    ;   .  '    Of,    ll   llu :'
,.   irly thr* ���    tuarters of a mllll  n : il
lars.    John D,   _ti hi ion  is the a. chl-
1 1     Work  will begin aboul   Vug,  I,
The plans foi  th*     ill ling    I ow it
b*   In   d* sign  an i   Inni r  appoint-
. one of tl ���   mod   n and
tlful in Cana la,   'i'i..' first  three
-   0    th*     I ; . Ing    will   be
immediately '       te       ' :''      "' brich   ' ld
c itt ..    i ���
.   lin nn :,'-.   I he     ... 1    ri; 1
i ,, is on lh*  ground that  their pres-
e are retards the return    of    normal
Lacy  Grosvenor In   Disc/uice.
London, June 11.���According to the
���   circulated  here,    Lady    Arthur
Oi i..vi nor, Blster-in-law of thi   Duke
;. . 1   this   -.. iii save  much   In   r< pairs
Thi   corridors    will   have    mai
wainscoting   to the height    of Heven
fi 11 and above that  will be  finished !
Trail,  .lane   11.-   Ihar]      L an
Indian, ch        | bavl Jered
Kli   ' ! ma 1    1        I    Marj
.:   . '..: captu
1     Itt,   *     this   cit}    yes-
t*   li       -  Ca tlegi loi      '    ila1
��� turned up here a f* w 11 1
ago, and the' lo I police jump* 1
the * icluslon that Louis wa ��� not
far aw y and 1 ganiz* I a search,
Louis, who antii Ipated trou iie, had
built !i;a;s"!f a she-it- I in an Isolated
- >>! on Kootenay 1;'.. r, When < ap-
I'lreei, Louis was visiting a fi I* n I
iei the Indian villas i an I wHen the
police loomed In si-Jit ho undertoBk
tn vamoose by the window, The constable was too quirk with the   hand
I cuffs,   nnd   Louis  Is   now  In   the  leeal
hick   up,  awaiting the  arrival  of Ihn
j Washington police.
When finally rescued frnm his dangerous predicament, he was totally
unconscious, and  remained    In    that
state for close on three hours, when '��� ' -          '''���'���'' floors will be arranged I               Will  Be  Extradited.
having I ien   broughl   to,  b-     imrae- '" accommodate the small and  large Welland,   Juno    ll.-v.udge    Wells
diately went oul to work again. tenant.   There will be four passengei gave bla derision this morning In the
Mr,  Boser, although  to all  Intents evators, th*  doors of which will be ca*e of Herman Bartels, Syracuse, N.
and purposes ;-       well   s ever, with ''  '   '   :'���'���'   cotnpressied    air.     The Y.,  a   brewer,  charged   with   perjury
..i   Westminster, the wealthiest  duke  the exception of s  bad bruises on "' ��� ' '     ipparatns wil   be under auto- in "..amnion with his trial   for the
in   England,  is  traveling aBout    the thi   head, has no recollection of whs ������''"   control   and  3,1,000   gallona of attempted  burning of his  breweries,
,.r      . eX|)ectcd thai      final I country in the disguise   of   a gypsy,     ossed, his memory is a total Man'. '' r will  I ��� li Id ::, ihe tanks pro-j i.m  which he has ieen held here for
to Treasurer Ru     She maj write a book on her experi-   and he< does not even seem, to realize rHed for the purpose to guard agalnal extradition.   Judge Wells granted the
'enres.                                                   I what   hurl  him. -'-"��� ordei    or extradition.
rej ori will be mad
���' I! : ��� fore the close of tho week
��� .,
YOUR GROCER SELLS        e]m jq DfATn
gestion of Rev. John Eames, a visiting delegate from England, i: was c 1��- -
��� riiieel not to throw down the gauntlet
to the other churches in thai way, and
no anion   was  taken.    The appoint-
  ing of committees was tbe only other
. business    transacted     ihis    morning.
Festivities  in Winnipeg End  Delegates   will   spend   the   afternoon
TT    .    TT       , -,T ...-ii    sighl  seeing, and    business    sessions
Up in Usual Manner, With   will  be  resumed  Monday.
Filnl  Result*;
Winnipeg, June l!.���Lutz Soroby,
aged twenty years, was killed In a
fight at 561 Burrows avenue last night
by being struck with stones thrown
b.v n fellow-countryman, who had been
attending a dance at the house.
Shots were fired, nnd that other fatalities diel not result ls surprising to
the police. The house, a small tnree-
roomed cottage, Is a total wreck, and
there' is not a whole pane of glass left
Galicians on Strike.
Brandon, June ll���Fifty Galicians
working on John Bradley's Greal
Northern construction camp al isih
street, at a wage' of $1.75 per day,
struck today for an extra 25 cents.
Bradley would not meet iheir demands. A number of ihem wanted to
go bark to worl; at the old rate, but
ihe ringleaders of the strike threatened ihem with violence If they did
so.   As they were raising quite a dis-
Rushton & Speck
We also do all kinds
of   general   repairing.
Sign   Man  on  Wheel.
Columbia St. New Westminster.
Phone 275
In it. Nineteen persons were arrest- turbance the city police were called in
eel. fine of ihem is Chnet Lazaruk, and Mv" of the most unruly were
who was connected with the King taken to the police court, where they
mur(jer | \vill appear tomorrow morning, before
It is said that while the dance was
pn about sixty foreigners made a rush
Tor the plaee, and in the mlxup which
ensued Sorohv was stoned to dentil.
Magi si rate Perclval.
Rioters   Quieting.
IVkin.  .lune 10.���Reassuring    mes-1
, sages concerning the disturbances on
the   Kwan   Tung  i order    have-    been
���  received  from the British consuls al
Remains  of Man     Who    Disappeared   Amoy   and   Swatow.     li    is   reported
Two Years Ago Discovered. that iho China inland  mission station
���  lal Kaihsien. in the province of Szchu-
Stoughton, Sask., .lune 11.���A mys- au, has been wrecked by rioters, but
tery at  last has been solved by the that tJie German missionary in charge
330 Hastings St. W., Vancouver.
Bookkeeping, Gregg and Pitman
Shorthand, Telegraphy and Engineering.
Seven Teachers
torty-Five   Typewriters
Students Always in Demand.
R. I. SPft. ir, B. A., Principal
finding of the remains of Duncan Mc-
Nabb, who disappeared from Stough-
ton aboui 22 months ago in Moose
mountains about 6 yards from the
main trail. The clothes, hat and shoes
with the watch and chain were easily
recognized by Man Moreyson and D.
Donnelly, overseer of Stoughton. The
remains were found by George Moreyson of Kisby, Mr, Moreyson's brother.
Corporal Lee of Areola, took charge
of the remains and removed them io
I). McNabb was well known in and
around ihe district of Stoughton and
owned a quarter section jusi outside
of the prencinl of Stoughton. George
Moreyson was out looking for a stray
cow when he came across the skele-
. ton.
and his family escaped.
Westminster Iron Works
Ornamental   Iron   worK,   including
Fences, Gates, Fire Escapes, etc.
Mai! orders and correspondence In
BEGhilK B'l'Kb'HiT.
New Westminster. _\ O. ��74
in the
Kenney's Restaurant
Open All Night
Creed in the Way.
Hamilton, -lune 11.���At the Congregational church union session this
morning the discussion on the question of church union was continued.
Some of the delegates thought the
union showed it was clear that the
Congregational church would not go
In for church union unless a written
cr 1   was  eliminated.
18,000 /EMPRESS OF BRITAIN 114,500
Next sailing from Quebec, May 31st,
for other dates and particulars of ro-
ductons in fares, apply to
C. P. 11. Agent.
On  the sug- ' Ageut for all Atlantic S.S. companies
'fi _*
HEN we quote prices on our Men's
Suits and say "Excellent Spring
Suit, handsomely made and beautifully trimmed, correctly cut,
etc., at $10, $12, -$15 and
$18," we are only singing the same song
that every other Clothing House sings.
It's a song that is being sung these days by
clothiers all over the country.
There's no copyright on it- any clothier can
sing n.
It's no trouble to quote prices and, unless you
see the garments at the price,
What you get  Cor your
the talc.
ince cuts no
money is what tells
_��___���____,' _^���"T
H T    ii\v rr________!
('; ithle
���'s S1111 g.
************************* *J
We have an excellent assortment of
light weight
:���: I
fi |
ft. i
.���!   .
Whiteside ,- EDMf
"     ters and   _   ��� / ��% u
* Dllllllblll     sir,mm       \        ' ":'..���
W. j. Wh.teside' h,  JSfl
 '.   ..'.     "  '"'ifiOlei
U.  J.   P.   HAM,..    .
.��'..""'.      ���������'.'!-
Just the thing for summer wear.
Also a splendid range of
Canadian   Bum*.  ...  ,"."       \
Ing,  Columbia   sl    .,     "i(    :
office, New  Wes
"i etc,'
barristers, solicitor.
Bees: New Westminster
corner Clarkson and Lorni*"
Vancouver, rooms "] to 24 j Sl
ville street. .1 mr,l Marti��� Sl
W. Weuit, W. U u< , 'M
Bourne. Mr. MattJ^l
Westminster offices .-ve'--?!
ternoon '
in Linen, Pique, Duck and Muslin.
275 Columbia St.
HOWAY,   REID   &   |;invF
ters.    Solicitors,    am
ters,   solicitors,  etc, ��
street,  opposite   i
Westminster.   A, v
'     HOilD.1
Her, p.o.l
Solicitor, Cub hon blocl j
bla and McKenzie      lets, N��t1
mlnst.ei, li. v..
and Notarj Pu i
1891 at New We       . .
(Ices removed to C irtia Bloddl
son   street, opp ,-��� J
P.O. Box 169.   T* ��� ���:'
��� HA NSFORD, Bi_|
Solicitor, i". Crescaij
corner Columbl and jitll
str* ets, New Westm       r, _n
ster Board of Tn. !�� meets J
Board Room, City Hall, as|d
Second Wrednesdaj  of eac'm
Quarte.ly meetings on ties
Wednesday    of     i    mar/,
August and  Novem   t, at SJ
Annual meetings   on   the
Wednesday    of     I    mar
members   may   be   propostil
elected at any monthly or qa|
meetiag.   A. E. Wb *e, Sec.
it.    B.    K.    of    I.   meeu
Friday    of    each
[i.   in..   In   Orange  hail, conl
Royal  avenue  an I  Tin Sl    I
journlng Sir Knli * i-l
vited io attend. W. E. UusiJ
P.; .1. Hood, Reg.
t cotsan i
taecoRos I
'������;:  j'osj
��� 4
{ -yl}i
tP.lSoev I
etco'a'j. I
��� Meets   In   Oral:. 'I
third Frldaj  In ea* \
in.   Vlsliinc  brethren        j
Invited to atten !.      '
.lames Humphrey, Ke   Sec,
Todds Music Store
lately and heard the latest
Edison, Graphophone and
Victor records? Over 6000
selections, from g r a n d
opera to music hall.
Large new consignment of
Dominion', Nordheimer
and New Scale Williams
:       :    PIANOS     :       :
J.   H.  TODD
New Westminster's Music House,   ���   Columbia Sf.
I ftSil
fOeSO'J |
.' _ L". "A
a-.'ccs__ V;
I ���    ���;    .   '
lBtCOB-5 W
/ ' "' -   "' '
\    Cl ��� IS [
ICUISOt   {,
[��� ���   ,;
I. ���      ��������� i
I. O. O. F.���AMITY LODGE, m
The regular meetings -I
are held In Oddfelle ��� I
bia  .street,   every   M  ' I
nt s o'clock.    Vi-: I
dlally invited to att* n:. S.(_j|
N, <;.; c. s. Richn    ��� I, V. G.:
Coatham, R, S.; J. W. M   I
P. S.;  Alex. Adams, Tre
���Meetings the flrst ai I tl j
day in each month. W
brethren cordially I 'I
Lodge room, A. 6. V       '   [
fellows'  block, Cl; I
3. Corrlgan, recordei;  I     i
master workman.
Red Rose Degree meel - s-'-'fV
Fourth Wednesday of each fj
In K. of P. Hall, C :.
8 p. ni., White Rosa D rreftM
Wednesday   In   earl   monj
'lino and  place.    V.
cordially    Invited,
combe, Pres., II. b       ��� ���"'
Established 1887
Incorporated 1906
���Meets the Pourtl ,   I
month  at   8  o'clo*   ,    ��� ,:,.
hall.  Oddfellows'
brethren are eordlall: ;i'v|!���l
tend.   .!. is. Rushti ... C &-m
Maxwell, It. S.
We believe our
Suits at the prices
quoted  are   better
than others at a like price, and we ask you to examine them.
If they are not better, don't buy them���
don't think of buying them.   Put us to the test.
We are very strong in Children's ancl Boys'
Suits at extremely low prices.
|! Gilley Bros, ltd |
Wholesale and Retail
New Westminster
i *
.���.I ���
This celebrated Cement i.-i
used by nearly all large contractors in the Province.
FIRE     CLAY     and      MANTEL
From the Clayburn Clay Co.
A. o. F.���The regulnr m<
Mn'.-; Lodge are held on the��
and Fourth Tuesdays - (' '!l..
at. 8 p. m. In 'be Oddfello<V��
Visiting   llreil.    :���  nre <"";"';l
rited to attend.   K  C Fl""*"
V. P. Maxwell, Sec
PERANCE meet   every weo
TILE,   .
at 8 o'clock  p,  in., m '-"
Hall,   Columbia    street,
brethren are cordli
tend, Goo. Burr, S. C
CAMP, 191,���Meets ou ": ,/tl
Third Tuesday or. v--
K.     Of    P.   Mull.
X Telephones: Office 16,   Manager's Residence 22 S
'\'.v*v'��''��'o>>::o::o::o:^ ****************************************************
Chief: .1. .T. Forreste
\,^rv^ ISO-
;UNE   12.   1907.
,cap  Excursion   Rates  rHE FAIR OF 1907!McKAY RECEIVES
cus Day,  New Westminster
: and   CATTLE   WASH \
Twenty Deputies Will Assist ���
Two Performances at 2 and 8 P.M. ju|y |? 2, 3 and 4     Him to Subdue Conflagra-
tions    Timber       | RYALL'S DRUG STORE :
���-  Jt*.
��� IN ���
BO-Circus Champions and Celebris-]7;'
azzc~c  Equestrians li   Arabian   Tumbler:
\ochk Is  Rough  Riders   ���_Merry MlrtMul Clowns
;����  Cossacks S  Sen��fc.tio__a_  Bquilibristc
Horse Racing,
and Prizes !
HHK_&.^V* '���?�����'   'M   '.!,.,I_        :..       LUC     ll'...'..     ...
_______t^M_\!;_.'.       V.   Bi   '. ��� \.   Lieutenant   Governor of
Vancouvi r, .lune  11.    G    D.  McKi :���   ���
EYES   Tested   free
\ iilH-.e'.n i r,   .nine   11,     _     ������-.   .u___i .     y .
cf   v.,i e, from     ****************************
Victoria his i omralssion Fii ���
20 Astonishing Acrobiits
A Complete Japanese Circus\    o   n ��� ��
^ ; ail Points
Superb   Garland  Entrea        I
York Artists on the 2nd.
Scores of Tr.untd Wild 12.
Herds of Performing Elephanta
Camels, Llamas unci Bco Indie ..
Educated   Seals   and   Ser.   Liens
Highest   Jumping    H<
| -   -  . Thundering  Roman  Chariot   :-... Sl :retary-Treasurei
V [uSm '  x   -   (   H^^     Tr?ir,cd  Imported Arabian Stallions
j   Only L:uly Japanese Artists in An   i
,/&$$   IOO Shetland Pony Ballet
i -a fr2bwF.    Cake   \A.'aIl<Ing   Hor_es
I '''b .'WiS^'igK   Marvelous Picards ��� "
*"';y-'-   ^  CelebratedStJrk(10)Famih]
Warden for the coast el
will enter upon his du
ly.    Mr.  McKay wj i f 1 len last
j < ai.  and   his   .   . ,   ���
satisfactory, both   to  tl
.unl in prive te o\�� nei s of tli
This   bi as* -i   Mr.   M cKo     .-. Ill   1
the din ction   if a force ol
F rmal  opening   by the Hon. G. H.   twentj   deputies.     These  win be
tioned   al  rai     is    oinl      .    ���,
���.    Th* ii   m.i'm s will    .  to ]
: I:.- ttnihi i  areas n iihin the
i Hon,   preven     fires   a
Best Stock Show in the West
: res] onslbll ty for th* tin      f fires
r     ���     ' can be traced, to secu Idenci   foi
Rj       j    d   -i      j   D  i       __���._   use >�� court ] :   SI .-
educed   Railroad   Kates trom i    .,.,,,
It   is   Ilk* Ij   thai   some *_ V.
elaps i    efon   the a e] i Intn ��� nl   il    I
Mme.   M.  Fiske  and   15  New dePutles
Albert i,
meantime   Mr.   McKay   v 111 male
plans for the Beason'se    work.      His
Driving Club Races every evening, headquarters will be in Van, euver.
For full  information   a; ply  to the , h	
English Watchmaker
Txo   doors   from    Ceo.   Ac'ams,   Croccr
In the spring a young man's fancy turns to
thoughts of love, and in .lune he gets married.
We have now a splendid now assortment of
Cut Glass
including Bowls, Pitchers, Vases, Water
Bottles ;   and  a   magnificent   selection  of
comprising beautiful Tea Sets, Candelabras,
Coffee Services. Serviette Rings, and Sugar
Basins.      To view our stock is to purchase.
Wedding Rings Our Specially
��� <J 1.1UIIVO      VJ_H
���"    \    H""'.��� . ? _��  f��"_r__*_r*jp�� Tntnrrr-i -,   :  Gentlemen'
f I'/"""      ffef"    'roup*]   face, $6.00.
O     v^r, i ".'�����'*'     '   '''      ������     l    '-    "   ���:  i        '��� , , ,
Ladies'Gold Watches from $12.75 up.
's   Silver   Watches,   open
u.c.l e....   .   ,.  .,..,,.
Gentlemen's Silver Watches,  double
f^     / WH Pretty Edna Mare,.a: TJnf'SZ
>/' h  h    &ST)    K  ������..   .:..������- * lp,     i��    Watches, sup]
*/A   " ' #"   <CVVU   "" "'    ��� ' '" '  !   Arctic Expedi...
.     \  V   f.__���J _.i_i_._.i BI_._,_��J��.!0i30     Chains, Rings, Jewelry, etc., etc.
i ) c Brm bfree; Parade^, | ���<* repairing-, charges .eas
ee celebrated South Bend
piled   to    the    Wellman
leedition.    All warranted.
iMEM BER    THE    DATE $250 Reward
tingle and Saw Mill
|e Schaake Machine Works, Ltd.
Deserted from the steamer
Woodford, at the Fraser River
Sawmij.s, a Chinaman, aged about
58, fiv< feet nine inches In height,
sallow :������ niplexion, face wrinkle:!.
stoop m shoulders, was wearing
overalls when lasi seen, rh_
above reward will he : .'iel by the
captain of the S.S. ^ oo iford t'i
anyone giving informati* n causing
the appn hension eef the said
Manufacturer of
[e Canadian Bank of Commerce Mineral Waters, Etc.
 nn ���*      Aerated Waters,
d-up Capital, $10,000,000.      Reserve Fund, $5,000,000
WALKER,  President. ALEX.   LAIRD,   General   Manager,     r,,.  m
D..ncjerous  Long    Leaping    and    High
Jumping  Contests  by Trained
An  acl  thai   has alw.,.. -   provi n   ol
absorbing interesl to ilie' patrons of a
circus is  the   long  li aping  an I   high
jumping contests thai   brings tbe entertainment   i'i a  clos*    in I  Non is ,._
Rowe  have  pai 1  s] e* lal  al tention
ihis  feature  ihis si as..a  and  promis
i.del  contests  of a  mosl  exciting  nature.    The sighl  of men  flj ing  fi mi
a   spring  board  o\ n   the    backs    ol
horses,   camels,   dromedaries,   llamas
and elephants,  is always spirited and
Interesting,   li shows the courage and
physical perfection of the trained ath- I
letes and thai is whal young America
glories  in.    The clowns    follow     the
leapers in a burlesque of their flight3
through the air and this supplies ab-
e umlaut fun for the children. The leap-
e '       .
lng tournament has been reviv* I this
season by the Greater Norris & Rowe
show   iiium   a  scale   in   keeping  w:   i
their  all  ne'w  circus.    Many  leapers,   il
vaulters and  high jumpers famous in   a
Europe as  \v< ll as  in    this    countrj    ���]
have been   engaged   t<i   lake  I'ari   ;n
the  tournament.    A   contesi    on   lh*
same ordi r has i een arranged for I ie
a< robats  and  gymnasts i'i  which
Banvard troupe, the Lefte) troupe, \ '���-������     !
Avallons troupe    ami    the    Mem:   .
troupe will lake  part.    There is c n-
siderable   rivalry   betw* en   the   ac
bats and the professional  leapers and
the  mosi   dashing  and   spirited   I
j ol  skill are  being  accomplish id.    T i
e Increase in., interest, a corps ol  i i I
I gymnasts and physical culture expi   I
have   been  added.      Nori Is   &   K i .
will give a  ; .ns    of gold an I a  diamond   medal   to  the  one'   wh >  b]
i he mosl  grace, skill  and  dai Ing    i i
in  half-pound  packages
c per lb.
Adams & Deans
xis______eB____TXBCZCT_�� __.\ _s: v __i-. _a_��BPai't^,
1 The }iaple L*af forrVer" f��
We have taken the Maple Leaf for our trade mark, because it is Canadian.
r ^ _��^>
(Maple Leaf
Bank of Montreal
be transacted ley mall   with   anv   branch   of   the   Ba iU.
ipened, and deposits  made' or withdrawn by mall.    Everj
to  ei 11 nf -town accoun ts.
Family Trade a SpechVty.
Office,   Eighth   Stree;.
CAPITAL $1 .,400,000.00
RESERVE        $11,000,000.00
successfully leaping  the    high    bar-   Branches throughout Canada and New foundland, and   in   London,   England,
ri* is and  clearing  ihe-  backs of   inl New  York, Chicago and  Spokane. U.S.A., and Mexico City.     A Gen
mnls and obstacles. eral Man! in.'.  Business Transacted.
Norris ,.   Rowe will exhibit In  New   Letters of Credit Issued, available will   correspondents in all  oartB of the
W 'stminster, Friday, June I:.
Barn  t/none 137
fftce Thmie ISP
Columbia St
��ih��b U I-L-ETIN
teat Northern Railway
Round-Trip Rates
Tickets on sale June G, 7, 8.   For full
information call on or address
F. C. MEYERS, A^ent
Bank of Commerce Bldg
Iron   Moulders  Would   Like  Lo  StriV
But ���
Winnipeg,   June   11.���The   se hi lnl
difference  bel wan   the C.  P. It.   in i
��� I
the Iron  moulders  In  the Bh ips b >
imi yi i been boI 11* d. Thi ol I i. -1 il
,3aggage delivered promptly to nay I expired on May 31, anel the men tin
part of the city. working now under prote t,
In all lil ellh* n i If ii   ev. .-,��� ne I  I
the  ii- v.   Industi i il    pursuits    ni I
strike would  have occ rred     i   fu
1,  bul   nei      itions  hai s be* a goli
along   on   the   understanding    h it   if
im   other   si-nle-iiM-M1   Is   poi   Ible   the
dispute  .hall  b*   r* fei r* I  to arbitration under the net.
The' (ihi schedule provided onl; r',r
a minimum rate of 32 I-L' cents per
Fiour and the union wants tl" !-_ cents
as the minimum, while the iom] any
offi rs  ", i cents.
Savings Bani< Department.    Deposits received in .urns of .fl and upwards,
and in', us; allowed at 3 per cent, per annum  (preseni rate) added
four times a year.
Total  Assets  <>ver  $168,000,000.00.
Light and Heavy Hauling
Office���Tram   Depot
Canadian Pacific
Telephone 194
1 ^��-<_r,__5
Victoria Day Excursion.
Tickets will be sold tn all local points at
for the round trip.
Tickets  nn  sale  May 22, 2;! and 24;
good to return up to May 27.
42. F. K. Agent.
New Westminster,
100 Cords of Tan Bark Wanted
At  the
rrascr River Tannery
Highest Cash Price Paid
Hotel Guests.
Quii hon    i.   W.  < lollis,  Vain"iii\ er; I
.1   ll.  Drummond, St, Andrews, Plo"-
Ida;   George  Buchanan,    Vancouver;.
w. Finch Page, Victoria; Roy C, Roi
ers,  Hay T.  LePein re, E. S. Proul -
Windsor C.  W.  Levy, B, M. Ber-
qiilst, Norris .. Rowe' advertising
agents; J. P. Thompson, Vancouver;
s. ii. Smith, Calgary; P. 0, Manzer
Silverdale; J. P. Flrlotte, Abbotsford;
o. I,. Marston, Port Haney,
Colonial���T. s. Drlxon, Vancouver;
li. Bedlington, Toronto;  .1. Simm* i
fT).    Lyons,   Vancouver;    T.   .Miles,   .1.
('.  Bocketh,  R.  Mackerrow, Toronto:
A. L.  Hisiiop and  wife, Taeeinia.
B. C. Mills, Timber and
Trading Company
Manutacturart and Deatom in All Kinds or
Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sash,   Doors,
Interior Finish,     lurned Work,    Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy Gl��r.s.
Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining.
Royal City Branch, Columbia St.
Telephone 12. New Westminster
��� ������*
Published by the Daily News Pub-
shing   Compani    Limited,   at   tl ���:
JBces,   corner   eef   Sixth   and    Fn
streets, New Westminster, 13. C.
Paige Manager
Dry Salt���each tiny grain keeping fresh and Diquant. Never
caking. It's WINDSOR TABLE
SALT.    Use lL
Transient   display   advertising,   10
cents per line (nonpareil), 12 lines .o
the inch. Five cents per line foi
subsequent insertions.
Reading notir S, hold face type, 20
cents per line, brevier or nonpareil,
10 cents per line.
For time contracts, special positions, apply to advertising manager.
Notices * of births, marriages or
deaths. 50c. Wants, for sales, lost
or found, rooms to let, etc., one cent
per word. No advertisement taken
Tor less than 25 cents.
Day  Office    A22
Night   Office    B22
ion and the St. Lawrence, hunting off
ihis coast, were sent with ehe floating
station, being coaled nnd outfitted from
the larger steamer as the worl; pro- |
eeeded. The three vessels lefi Norway in July of lasl year with all the
requirements of the Industry, nnd returned in March Inst with 5,200 barrels of whale oil. After landing this
cargo the three vessels were despatched to Spitzhergen.
WANTED���A girl I i help in care of
two babies and a ssFsi in housework; Third av* :ee;e, No. 437.
FOR  SALE���A good      ' in :  business,
the Anow Job Printing Plant, go
will  as ii   running i incern.    Room
I. Daily News Block. tf
FOUND���A stray pig, owner can have'
same nn applying al ISO Cth avenue
ami paying for this advertisement.  |
WANTED���Man  for grocery    wagon.
Must he good with horses andknow
city  well,  good   wages  and  steady!
employment  to  good   man.    Apply,
at once, C. A. Welsh. tf
���-:��� ii.f; ���''-������:
WEDNESDAY,  JUNE   12.   1907.
Sn far as Canada is cone* need the
International exhibition al Christ-
church, New Zealand, has been a
grand satisfactory success.   Our good
Mends the A rlcans will  persist  in
ignoring the facl that Canada lias nni
l���,-ii absolutely motionless durlngthe
lasl century ami in Imagining that
nothing can he or is made dn this
country worth paying attention to. It
is gratifying to know thai those Americans who saw iiii' N'ew Zealand
exhibition now know better. The New
York San says:
But there is another feature of this
report, anel 11 must he conceded that
in this particular incldenl Canada as
well as New Zealand was ahead of ns.
,\li. Burrill reports thai tin' few American exhibits looked "somewhat
lonesome ainl discouraged," although
such as they were they were creditable. While this country put up only
a meager ami straggliug display,
Canada spared no expense' in fitting
up and filling Ihe space allotted to
her. Her display was "artistic and
attractive and lias served anil is serving as an admirable and effective advertisement nf Canadian manufactures." li was in he expected that
England '.ind the continent would
"wipe i'ii' eye" on such an occasion.
I'll! ii is :i Iiii shocking t:> 1* arn thai
our northern neighbor also put ns in
the' shade.
Guatemalan Conditions.
Mexico, dune 11.���Conditions em
tiie Guatemalan frontier were accurately depicted today by one whi has
just arrived from thai section an ! who
is .Mexico's agenl fnr the various Central American republics. Ths agent,
iim for political reasons desires thai
his name he nni mentioned says that
people- nn both sides of iie- border ar*'
greatly excited ami thai only a word
from President Diaz would be necessary to cause an arm;, ni' 10,000 to attempt in march upon the Guatemalan
i .imp. He saiel ih n hundreds nf
Guatemalans were daily crossing the
line ami coming Into Mexican territory. These people, he avers, relate
pitiable ami horrible stories of oppression.
As in the Guatemalan forces now on
the border, he declared thai not more
ihan 2,000 were visible, hin ihat within a ilay's march of the frontier S.000
troops were distributed. Traffic on
(ilie herder is at a standstill and busi-
| noss conditions are chaotic. The
Mexican forces are daily augmented.
Work is being rushed nn ih" Panaman
railway, and the mail is now operating trains in Huixtle, seventy-five
miles from the border.
WANTED��� Girls  to   learn    tailoring.
Apply 217 Front street.
TIMBER LANDS���We deal exclusively in timber. Have large and small
tracts on war.-;'. I;' you wish to
buy or sell, see me S. R. Chan.Her,
4u7 Hastings St., Vancouver, B.C
FOR SALE���A small Island containing
about 15 acres, close to New Westminster city, fan he used fnr a mill
site. For particulars apply to
Gunderson & Aune's grocery,
with Russian eh leg .:--.- iu London, it
which a compromise was effected by
ilie settlemenl of :he' claims of tw i
other vessels, ih.. Carmolite and Vancouver Belle, fnr $44,701, nn condifi >n
Lhat other claims be withdrawn. Tliose
whose claims were withdrawn hold
thai riie Canadian government sTmul l
compensate them, if their rights are  * '....mi-. :	
sacrificed to effect a compromise. an.i  wen' being broughl oul  to wo
Horace Dorer
Columbia St.,     next Tram office
Owners Claim Compensation.
Victoria, B. C, June 11.���Victoria
sealers, owners of the schooners Rosie
Olsen ami Marians, are considering
action againsi the Canadian govern -
. ment under unique circumstances.
These schooners were two of si>:
seized fifteen years ago by the Russian cruiser Kotik off Copper island.
After the claims of the schooners
Addie McGowan and Ariel had heen;
settled, Canada arranged a conference I
���  on ib  T,   P.  construction.    Jusi   how
Two Indian Children Drown. the trouble started is mei clear, bul '
Trail, .lune 11.���Indian Joe's two j is said thai the conductor and brake-
children, a hoy and girl 1.etween S and man of the train had to draw re vol-
10 years of ase. were drowned in the vers in order to prevent a seri is
Columbia   river on  Saturday,  and  no! row.
hope nf recovering the bodies is en- ~ ���	
tertained.    The children  were fishing H.  M.  S.  Shearwater  Returns.
from a boat near the smelter hill. In- Victoria, is. ('.. dune ll. ��� il. M. S.
dian Joe is chief of the local tribe Shearwater returned todaj from a
of Indians, three-months'  cruise  in  South    Am-
���  | erican   waters   to   look   after   British
Trouble on the Train. interests  incldenl   to the    revolutions
Port  Arthur. Ont., .lun.'  il.���Anas-  and  wars of the  southern  countries.
senger on  an  Immigrant   train  which. ���	
passed   through   the   city   lasi   night,
states thai there was very nearly be-1
���   'Irsl class farm In  Chiiliwack District,   close   t     town, a
Prl :e  $2b  o ���������   acre;   1-2 cash.
101 acres on i'itt river, close te the Fraser, with - iod
kinds, all  cleared, ahout 55  acres  in  crop, price $7500,   ���
20 ai res een V. W. & V. Ry., In Burnaby, only :; mile
I   ed, small orchard, 6-room house', good harn, ;.rie
S acres on main road on Lulu Island,clos e to brid
casi;, balance easy terms.
$2100,  I   .
rice m
' 1
��� 30 acres on Lulu island. 300 yard?  water-fi u
Hughes Vetoes ?-cent Bill, '   city,  price  $1500.   to a   cash   buyer.
Albany, N, V., June 11.���Governor
in^ serious trouble on the train as C. I-:. Hughes today vetoed the
the result of dissatisfaction with ths instituting a flat passenger rate if
fond supplied to the pany by the em- two cents a mile on every railroad
ploymenl agenl in charge of the men. system In the stale mure' than 150
The immigrants were Scotch and Irish   miles long. ,  . ���
248 Columbia St., NEW WESTMINSTER. B. C.
Phone  335 p. O. Box 2l
Hale &  Lan<
According to a correspondent writing from Calcutta to a London .journal,
if is daily becoming more clear that
the boycotting movement In India is
nt iii*' root of the trouble in Eastern
Bengal where it is fostered by t he
"National Volunteers." This organization sends out bands over the pro- j
��� ince, which Interfere with trade, destroy foreign goods, and terrorize
traders. The Mohammedans refuse tn
particijpate, hence the bitterness be-
fwoFYi them ancl the Hindus, \ special correspondent of the "English-
i an' after studying the "Volunteer"
i rganiz ! lon, ''er lar* s thai i: calls for ,
i mi pronipl attention of lhe Imperial
",.'\. rnment. The leaders are agitators whose names are known to the
rities, 'I" e central directing
I id; in Calctitl a i; well furnish* d
. ii h E in Is and n er es arrang m* nl ;
for the arming of members. Though
Ihpir '   ���'   itions   are absu d  from I h*
��� II    ry  poinl   of  \ lew,  I bese ' Volunteers"   Irill   o enl . and,  ll   Is  stated,
��� .  a'    ii   armed   'iii   clubs.    spears
nnd ;      vhil    the:   al -���.  possess
'.- mum',' " of fir ."' ms,
Pleating Whaling Station.
V        la,    Imi"    ; ;.    ll    i -   re] nrti d
i hal  ������   '.     ���     S ��� -.   dan  ��������� hailn    firm '
end   n   fl i itatlon
i<- v. .���!������. iii Rrl i -'e Colunil In v iters
ni v I'.immer. Vs the companj in-
i. M.i la w orli oul side the three- mile
II Ixed b    Inte .nation il law u �� ;II
ui :  be ne lessar;   I i sccur ��� n  li en i
'. ion li li n ""\ ernnii nl, as the
other  whaling  c impanies   ��Ith    sta-
llons   em   the  Bril Ish   Colum ia   c iasl
re ol Hged  to do,    The Inti ntlon   11
to   sen I a   large  .-;e amer   fitted   with
spacious   tanks   for   storing   whaleoll,
lame-  capacity   f ir i ml    and    stores, '
< tc., |n facl wilh all the requirements
of a whaling station equipped i<i handle whales and re-luce the leviatiians
lo  u hale oil  withoul     attempting to '
��� i'Mki   f - llizer and the othei  by-pro- j
du.-is manufactured  al  the  land  stations,    Twn whaling steamers are to
come with the floating station.
Noi wi ciaiis have heen n haling In
this manner for some time past, A
Doatlng station such as it is proposed
to sen i lo ihis coast was used in the
B oith Ulantlc until .March lasl with :
good success, and Is now working off
i'i . . ��� of Spitzbergen. \ large
steamer equipped wil li tanks and coal,
cle. was senl from Norway lo the
South Atlantic, and two small whaling |
steamers of similar model tn (he Oi-
TOTAL   ASSETS   OVER    45,000,00:.
We welcome .mall accounts and pay inl iresl f* ur
o : ear i n Sa\ ings Bank depo ;its,
i you are figuring on buying a new pair of Shoes, let us figure with you
WE are showing all the new styles that are appropriate for either sloppy
weather or sunshine.
WE are in the best position to fit you out with whatever you want.
WE don't confine ourselves to any one make or manufacturer.
WE'VE made it a point always to have on hand
You May Desire.
WE are having gratifying success with the new lines we are showing
this summer.
Our "TAYLOR MADE" Men's Shoes, in PATENT ancl GUN METAL
Leathers, are a great favorite.   They are an American Shoe, and
sell for $5.00, $5.50 and $6.00 a pair.
Come in and we'll show you the BEST SHOES  the country's BEST
Lots in Sappert*.-. near i: ������ ; arl	
Al       m ��� good lots nea   the s* hooll ous*      cheap, *
132x10." Y<c<t on Te cleared and in graas.   1
l >  ��� of land     ...      i hird Ave ./:���' ���'
half cash, balance U . id 12 month
One :.>! near Brunette -      mills, cleared  SJ   :
half cash, I.alance. 6 , .<) 12 months.
LOOK INTO  th:   e~they are bargains
P. Peebles
270 Columbia St.     NEW WESTMINSTER, B. C.     Phone 30i|
;���: i
BIG SHOE HOUSE, Ltd. - New Westminster
f��__.       liE-.*���"-"    . I
���2��� II
*     The Finest ami Largest Stock of Furniture is to lee seen at FALE
>i      Our clearance sale is still on.    (Iyer $15,1 stock stiil I" go.
:���:     New goods arriving daily.   Latesl styles and best finishes.
W   71G and 719 Columbia St.     Four  Floors.      Rear Extension,  Front c LsDAY,  JUNE   12.  1907.
T TI E   D A I L Y   N E W
Cash Store
i��W��'i��t_a��S___" ��� ,��3_
A  Seasonable   Offer
At  a   Savins:
om      Stew arl  * 1'Bi li n,  oi    h ���    Bank     >f
M.m: i. al  staff, is sp* n Un ; his vacation  in  Nanairfi i,  the  guesi    of    liis,
���'������  Davidson,  agenl   toi   :b���- Cope-   fiIh(>i.   p,.  ,.   g  v  (VH;
and Chatters n company, was in the]
yesterdaj  on business, For    bedding     plants,      especiallj
Asters,   telephone   T.  Davies   &  Son,
B 208.
The  we' 1 ling   if Margarei   J.  Cunningham,   daughter   ol   G* irge   Cun-
Cul  flowers and Pot Plants.     Ring   ningham,    and  Robert    D,     Hendry,
up Tl.y, the florist   'Phone A1S4. nephew   of John  Hendry,    will    take
���i.,, -e      .   .      ,    ��� . place today in Vancouver.
l he  pup Is    il   Sl    Ann s   ac ide my
"ill  give their  annual  entertainment xue   Athletics,   of   Vani mver,   will
In  s    Patrick's  hall  '"in er:   _    eve- COme over for a ball  game on Tues-
ning, commencing    al  eighl    o'clock. ,\A>   evening   nexl.    Conclusions   will
The  program   Includes  a number    of .   trii i   In   Queen's
.-   Clul ��� return* : * esterdaj
edsil  to Rossland.
date nf the baseball mat* h,
ci'.ie- vs. Provincial employees, lias
' een set :' ir Satur laj. .lune 22,
. Al
.lust received a shipment of Brass and Iron
Bods direct from Birmingham, Eng.    They
are handsome, strong and durable.   Come
soo the line.
White Bedspreads, Sheets and Pillow Cases
Come and inspect. A great variety.
John A. Lee's Furniture Emporium
! selections.
i tin   r* ison in 'he   n Is���"We have
��� many."
lil  hea\ 11) for the  -, ring   and trade     ipectii
cool  weather during   Maj   and June,  Inn   as  you know
this   far, has   been ver>  very fi
hose who woul I hav*    o ighl  suii -
��� iin goods.
il - musi be Si M.    In    ihe    \.  s   window  a -     sh v n
m  "'  thesi   sale   ���
lostl;   in white ������    i r* irsteil, check
ti .  checks, of sti '   ol   n ....   d a le   up
[styles;   pleated          -. Eton     in mcj     bol* ro
in   ;     with    silk   and irimi     . iti i    feta silk;
:._������'    sleeves,  and  the rediicti e exact! - follows:
$21.50 Suits for
S22.50 Suits for
$23.50 Suits for
$27.50 Suits for
$28.50 Suits for
$32.50 Suits for
al  ' alf    asl  e-i\ o'* I
M - J. II. Anderson, who has been An announcement in yesterday's
'mm ii the residence of her daugh- N'ews, with ��� s eel to a rebate on
Mrs   Capl    Pric*    of this city, left   taxes, applies to provincial lan<J taxes,
-   -   . h*     home In Hampton,  and   not   lo  cltj   taxes suppose.)
iska, iccompanied by her son,!'') some people Rebates on cltj taxes
-.    .nderson, are  allowed   until   August   1,
M .   .-    ,.     |   al.rived   in   the  city       v   ladles  hand l,urae ' staining    a
terday,  and   i- al   iiresenl   visiting   numbl '���' "���  receipts, and   i  ticket   for
home   of   hei   father,    O.   M.   Vnn Anda, in favor  if Mrs. F. Wilson,
Werill.    Mrs   Crawford  will  spend   n   tt'hlcl1  u'"  found :1   fen   la>'s  a%�� on
,   .,.,,. ..  ,���,,,. n1.|oi   te   1   r leaving   ;'"   s':''""'  ';~  >:i::  i,;   lhe ' 0SSl 5sloD
,.,  San Francisco. "f Jai,or   Mclnnes.    Th -  owner    can
���   In r   pr i]   :"     ' j   c illlng at   the
One   bibulous   soul who   had    been   police station.
.   the   nighl   air   resoun 1   with
'..   nn\ sounds a; ; ear .1 b* foie Ma. -
te Coi      ild    . - tei la;   i   irning to
tell  how  II  happened.    After a  sh irl
session,   the  magistrate   a i j led   th il
$2.30 and   c isl 3   would   ab mt   fill  the
..,,., ,,    ,        ., afternoon,  reports of two dogs  being
111, winch was accordingly paid. .,,   ,
killed were n ived al this office, Sei
During the day of the big lacrosse far ;e can be learned, the symptoms
11 itch between the All-Canadians and wei i Ihe same in every case,
the Westminster team the ladles of
the local council of women will conduct a strawberry festival on the
grounds. In the women's building, the
nrocpe :s of whi* h  " :;l he   '���������  ���'.���'���  : 1
Further ��� \ I i nce ol the ve ork of the
,��� ���: scatl " are 1 oming to light.
\ valuable Maltese cai. I elonglng '���''
.: b T. Kirk, was foun I ; oisoned a
' i'',ple  of  days  ago,  while  yesterda)
Nothing has ;,.: been hear ! concerning iin' whereabouts of the wife
e.r widow of the missing blacksmith,
11. M. Knutson, who disappeared from
������   Royal   Col       lan h ispital   fun 1
IReady-to-Wear Hats
r4gain (io Down
-. i;      1.   .1  - to-wear
���-   ' ���     ���   ���'..��� n     and
colors,   such     as   re Is.
'    >'.' 11 .
"Lu 1,   and      wh le;
iirbans,      I rlmm* d
and  1 olouial   *r-
I rii es      $3.73
M my  ��� f these were
I  sl     week      al     >
��� :'i'   ��� I
New Black and White
Dimities, 15c
this cit) about a month ago, li was
expected thai Mrs. Knutson would
The' Rev. and Mrs. F.   .. McOee, of   have arrived  before this to claim the
th    Wes    End   Methodist   church, .'n-   insurance mone;   from the Greal West
tertained   a   number ,>-;   ''mmm   friends   In  which   companj   the   missing   man
yesterdi    e ening. In honor    of    Mr.   was insured for $1000,
McGi e's birth lay.    Am mg the guests
; r* si n!  were the Rev. Dr. W. .T. Slp-
��� ��� 11,  Rev.   and   Mrs. W.   il.     Barra-
dough, Rev. Dr. ,T. II. White  md Mrs.
\' I !' m  mm I   the   Rev.   and   Mrs.   .1.   P.
!': .   | ;������(���.-   she*     .\hite    dim-
i  .      with  tin;     lack dots and   r,
I       es, lalnt)   fabrics  for   _j  hall lasi  nighl
summi :'   dr* sses     or    separau
bio is        Suecia
yard, 15c.
Th.e police were yesterday request-
*��� l in look up an ol I in.in. Humphi ey
Jones, who for a number of years has
been living the life of a recluse in a
shack in the w< -'  en b as th i neigh -
iiiirs I'i'afi'ii ihe man was sici; and dy-'
Missionary   worl   In  China was the   iug. Detective Bradshaw, accompanied
subject  ' :'   in Interesting address de-   by   Dr. Rothwell,  paid   a   visil   to  the
I vered by ���'. W. Taylor in the Gospel   premises, bul though the man was far
Mr. Taylor who has   from   well,   he stoutl)   refused   lo  be
een for man;   years a missionary to   removed to a hospital, and as he has
Splendid Styles
ow In  ror
China, has jusi returned, and was well   quite  a  bii   of money   laid   by,   there
��� i     ���        _ _\ .,"  nualified   to speak on  the  subject  in  sea ms   o be no other wny than to let
Lmbroidei'ies, lUc. ;  hand.    A large number were present,   him live his life out In his own way.
on th* ible,   *j   ind   the   gentleman's    remarks    were   Jones   Is   a  native   of  Wales,   and   Is
stakabl;    _j  highly    ppreciated. seventy-five  years  of age,  forty-four
of which h  '���    been spenl In iliis city.
..���,:������   :
ve iis     man;
ummer Aw ear
rood * alii* - in law n ��� mbroid-
, ��� , in . " ' patt* ms, with
N.   I "dees: assorted v   IH s 10c
, ich   evening,   excepl   s il m da).
Aid* rman Smith, was unfortunate
enough to loose one of a valuable
team of horses the othi r day. The
animal, which was to all appearances
in  complete  health, snddenlv    devel-
��� -   ;.: ompl I)   al   .i
Kindly shop as early as possible and allow the girls to get awa;,   ;�� ,,,,,,,1 symptoms   if pneumonia, and in
on time.                                                                                       M :-pite of all  the  veterinary  could do,
��� = ���= ^=-   nj expired   after a   shorl     Illness,      Mr
Dl Smith   would     robably   have   a   hard
The' man ha i abs dutely m> relatives
here, the tu ighbors atten lin ; I > his
few wan! an I doing liis shopping for
him. During the last fifteen years ' ���
has never been down town.
267-271   COLUMBIA   ST.
b  in replace the horse  for $300 to
Elghl    delegates from the two 1, O.
0, I-". lodges of this city left yesterdaj
to attend the convention
a ii, !���. ion;. -
_]  for Nanaim
Officers Elected.
Al lie- ma - meeting of the you i
people ���' '��� le i of this e-i .. held
la ii'. ��� SI '������:: Irew's Pre ' j terian
church, ii was d* clde 1 to affill t* ill
ihe local in oue grand i   m-
inatlon to be kn iwn as the Union of
Voting    1' opi*   '     ���    :- ''���      of    N '.\
ii'ii   meets  in   Westmin ter.    'b::.-     socletl* s    w*
|! that  city today.     \l itters  of  import-   ,.,..,,., s ,ntl |       . ,,, 1( i; |m] , :   .-     ���
'   ince  to tl *.'i'    e discuss* tl,  WES  trinsacled,  * hi* t  i f   whi h   was
I    " i aboul      v. nl  -five delegates from   ,.,,.  .,       -   .   -.       f delegates to the
^��S^i_lJ?>i!��araaK lodpeB of the province will   christian     Endeavor    convention
  onl     Tin   local delegnies who   Seattle    i   mth.    The Rev. W, I1
"  Iff I   i'i        '��� n-  follows:   M.  J.   Barraclough  wa*     ppointod  tor
Phillips, I). E. McKenzie,   .lex.  Vdams,   ,,,,,,  ���<.,.,. .v,   ��� ���-.;- ter   I the ���
\.  li.  Webber,  H,  II,  Williams,   V   IV   tlon   w.nl|e   A    n    Maui,   will  attend
'���'��� :"   '���'��� '-'      Kny and C, S. I.i Ith.  ,,,  ,;,., ,,,.  .. , in!ing transportatl i
Officer    s*   re  el(��i ted    us   foil
IY, sid* nt,   \   I'.. Ethei Ington, Queun' i
��� -., -  .,    :������ Hi .li.- :     \b-.-    i re Ifl ii  ���
di  i   l'   M. McKenzI*.  Knox  chur h,
Sapperto .;   \. F. Doff* nb n h, 3 ipi
Fine Worsted-, Clieck Tweefils,  in single and
double breasted   tyles.
Our Window sKotvs tbe smartest line* ot nev.
arid dressy clol   - ���
Sole  Agents for New  Westminster.
*   t   <**><������   O   ���   0*
<t   *   *   O   ii*******
eciGi in
sale ana lieiaii mm
Columbia   Street
The fui.      I he rate  Mrs.  M iry
I.''im   Mm to,   who   die 1   al   her
ddflnci     S .   . e lon,    on     Monda; .
' ill   ; .'. ll    Ihl'ii'   O'clocll    thl :
ifti : noon   In   lh ���   Masonic    c m
imi Met ho ll
W, .T. Burr, St, Paul's
];, formed  Eplsi opal church;   Miss  V
Bent, Ollvel  Baptl il    church
: . '
larv,     W, E.    Banton, Ollvel  Baptl
church;  I ��� i Hirer, Miss E. C, Stotl
,1,  ! K m: , .i.  McMurphy and I ,v i c;en-
: li e, en   from   Vancouver,
The 'le ce is* I ladj wa 3 Beve n ;��� nm
.iMirs of ase, an I was a natl*. e of the
Ish of !<: ������. Sc dland. rhe officiating
clergymen will b ��� th i Revs J. S. Henderson, of St, Andrew's church and A,
.MacKe'n/.i", of Knox I'; i by i rlan
church,   Sapperton.    The   pallbearers   MUgSELWHITE    \;     sap]
'   '��� '    ' June 10, Mai. Linn, wife of.I. M is
Funeral will take place from K* ���
;::.... m Cell dial with a bland and   street, Sapperton ibis afternoon al 3
e-.-MMM    . lie,   '.ill    probably   think  o'clock, to t;i" ^asonic cem -*-ry.
iwii - bi foi e le.' disposes of any m ire
i al '- ;o Chiiliwack Indians, The
: ian, who is sl ward  on one of tli i
river boats, has heen in the habll   >f
Peddling liquor to the Blwaahes, and '���l'r"re the 1:nh t{'{- of Jime* t007' }
upon requesl of the Chiiliwack auth. Intend to make appH.catlon to the
* orlties, waa arrested here ., couple of 'License Commissions of the Cltj
days ago by Chief Mcintosh. Thojof X".v Westminster for a liquoi
Cell tlal, "-I" waa allowed oui on license f r the Hotel au tell now be-
������,.. ��� all   i.    . an I before tl e Chilli-   '���'������ ' ""'; "    :l thJa ';'-��� an : "i":'''
,,       luthoritles  and   was  fined   ?75 on  Can
and  coal a on  I vo counl 3, an
Motice i- hereby given that  mi or
A bunch of 9 Lots in the West End can
he eot at a sacrifice. Will be close to
the Westminstei- and Eburne car line, and
wil! double in value in a very short lime.
The price today h
for the lot, on easy terms. A prompt investigation will make you money.
& CO.
New  Westminster
"The Farm Land Specialists,"
tll to j   "':;   .175, which ��� ie Chink      Dal   I this 10th i   rune,       '
* **.*���*���*:*:;*������*���*.* *i> * * * ��� *������*
* .*:.*���..���**"������*
���    ��� 'i    i good grace is he     ul I.
E. .1. I/' ' ��� "'���
Kaiser   and   Czar  to   Discuss  Politics. I pQR _2_5 CENTS
Copenhagen, June 11.���II Is learned      We will wnd to any address, posi
j.,,;���  court   ciridi's  thai   the German  prepaid,
A   Good   Tooth    Brush
and B  25  cent  box
emperor during n Bum      '    trip    in
Scandinavia, it Is expei :��� d thfi political matters of gr* at I ��� port m ���
will be discussed.   The pi   e-e-f-raeet-       hand'.
in ��� is a yet seer* ! Cl'RTIS' Drug, Spectacle &��� Seed Store
New lot Stamp Mai Patterns   .List ���. > .    I*
Cuban Capital Strike Threat-:
ens Supply of Havanas���
Prices Going Up.
;,. ... fork, June 10.���A famine in
tlavan i Igars is thr* atened should
tli, strike el Igi mak* rs In the Cuban capital continue much longer.
i alei throughout the city have heen
informed by tie importing jobbers
thai mosl i I the popular brands of
Hi ina cigars, especially those in the
,! rk i ... are exhausted. TEe
strik* has now laste I three weeks.
Prices      ���   going up.
Ni m,   York   sm ikes    aboul    200,	
: :��� I   e Igars  a   day,    the    pric ;
i .     ents up ie 50 cents.
The m ulai size is the perfecl i,
and thh " is tii ' first  i-e li" exhaust-
i ���!.    . i| ol  nil  kinds, including
Ne .-   i  :.. consumes 1,000,000
.   day,  lhe     ��� ��� Igar  bill  of the
ine tropolii    nn    inting    to    $300,000,
a- ,.:       Sl'i.000,000 a ;. i ar.
Robber Who Stopped  N. P. Train Receives Quietus.
S)e .'Man. Wye., .luni' J". -While
irsuing Iwo Montana horse thieves
yesterday, Sheriff (lay ami a posse
from Johnson county, shol and killed
eno of the robbers that held up the
Northern Pacific's North Coasl Limited  train  at   Welch Spur  recently,
Tiie in, ii was cornered and shot on
whal is known as the "O. W." ranch,
fortj miles southeast of Sheridan.
Th" second man escaped with the''
posse slill in pursuit, bul it is belli vi 1 he' will he captured or shot today.
Thousands Attempt to  Defy  New Se
paration Law. But Fail.
Turcoing, France, June ll.���The
first organized attempl of the clergy
to hold a street procession since they
were debarred from s.> doing hy fhe
church ami state separation lav,-, took
place here yestei lay and was prompt-
I;   suppress,.!   ! \   lip.  police,
The miosis ef ih" Church of Si.
Christopher, ai ih" head ef three
thousand members of the congregation, wiili banners flying, formed in
the church, bul the procession had
hardly lefi ihe door when with considerable scuffling ami th*' arrest of
ibe manifestors, ibe procession was
dispersed by gendarmes.
TENDERS addressed to the undersigned e.i Ottawa, ami marked on the
, envelope "T* nders i'ur Scow, Steam
Engine, Boiler ami Derrick for buoy
service. British Columbia, or tender
fur scow alone," will he received up
to  the
20th DAY OF JUNE, 1907,
for supplying anl delivering al Victoria, a won,len scow am] the < rec-
tion on board of a steel derrick with
hoisting engine, boiler and other accessories according to specification:
also for supplying nnd delivering at
Victoria where directed, a double cylinder tandem hoisting engine, winch
in have four hoisting drums and two
winch heads, an uprlghl steel tubular
steam boiler of '.w horse power capacity, ami a structural steel derrick.
Specifications of the machinery and
plans of ihe derrick can he obtained
ai the Department here, al the imen
cy of this Department, Victoria, al
tin' Customs Housi', Vancouver, and
tin' Customs House, New Westminster, B. C.
Tenderers must furnish plans of
Mn' boilers ami engines offered, an i
stale' the earliest possible time' in
which they will agree to mak" th"
Separate ti nders for the three articles, viz., engine, boiler ami derrick
will !"��� received, and separate tenders for th.e scow or tenders for all
An accepted cheque on n chartered
Canadian hank equal to 209? of the
whole amount of the tender must accompany each tender. The cheque
accompanying the tender accepted
will be forfeited if the party tendering declines to enter into a contract
or fails lo complete the work contracted for, anel each cheque will be
returned immediately in case of non-
acceptance of a tender.
The Department does ,not bind itself to accept the lowest or any tender.
Newspapers inserting this advertisement without authority from the
Departmenl will not be paid.
Deputy Minister of Marine and
Ottawa, Canada, _Sth May. 1907.
Half The
is nearly past, and every clay sees Reai Estate m New Westminster advance in price. Call on us immediately and see
for yourself the values we are able to offer.
27% acres of Ilie besi soil, 10 acres
cleared, under cultivation; 200 young
fruit trees, jusi comencing to bear;
new house, 1% storey, 5 rooms; ben
houses, in good order; some acres
planted with wheat, oats and potatoes.
Water from nearby spring. Halance
of property easily cleared. Price
$4,700 ; $_,.iii) cash, halance 6
and 12 months.
This property is only '_ mile from
Irani line. Over two hundred chickens ami ducks could iie sole] with the
property al a snap.
A Good Special
Five acres on 10th Ave.,
right across from old reservoir, city limits. .>1200.
Half cash, half in six
House 24x24; 4 rooms;
framed; inside shipJapped.
Barn 12x16. One acre
partly cleared. Land No.
1. Bal. easily cleared.
100 acres,  - miles  from citj
$40 per acre 	
ii lois on Columbia St.
Xo. 23-2S, Div. ::. Block
13, I.m 26,
$450;       Lots 27 and 28
$400;   Lots
23, :'l  ami  25, $300.
Aii cleared.
Half cash, halance at  7
per cut.
acre's   on
:. uurnany.
$160 an acre FOR A FEW DAYS
ONLY. One-quarter cash, balance 1
and 2 years at 7 >',.
2 lots, full sized, 132x132, corner of
the Crescent; 7-roomed house. Price
$10,500, j 2 cash, balance 6, 12 and 18
Block 12 on 12th St., east side;  10
full sized lots.    Price $2,500, one-third
cash, bal. 6, 12 and 18 months
A  Cheap  Property.
House  t! rooms,    flush closet,    VA
1 lot Xo. 24 on 13th, Btreet south
siele of  Uli avenue.    Price $200 cash.
7 lots Xos. Sl to SO and 95, 95 faces
on Sth avenue, next to Gunns ranch,
���1 lots cleared without a stump; small
house, chicken house, 175 choice
chickens; horse and rig;  $1500 cash.
J 1-2 house, 0 rooms and flush
(lose t on -1th avenue, one lot from 2nd
street on south side; fruit trees. Price
Two lots on  ISth  Btreet,
i-een  7th ami  Sth  avenues.
Corner of Hamilton street,
\o. li and 12. Price $245, %
cash, balance ,; months.
res In Surrey; S <�� ol
X.ij nf sec '��������� township 2. Log
ho ise, 10x2., an l chi* ken coops,
barn; 60 fruil trees; 12
.,, res cleared, I acres un I* r
cultivation and S acres slash* d
Prii" $20 per acre. % cash, balance in 12 months at 7*;
8 - roomed   mi
dence on 4th Av. betwej
Gth and Tth St., with
acre of  lam'
fruit trees,
$1900;  1-2 cash, terms for balance at   132;
7 per cent.    Size Of lot 55x165.
17 lots, full size, 6th St.. Burnaby,
east side, 100 yards from Cliff Can
Factory: soil good. Price only $1020,
$350 cash, balance on easy terms.
2 lots on Sth St. between 5th and
iith Ave. on east side;  full sized, (ICx
i stables, &c.; an excepts
! ally cheap bargain.  K
H500. $2,500 cash, balanj
j in 1 year at 7 per cent,
i" acres ._ section 11 i
eel Tn. 2. aboul :: mile
ii. worth  road, Sum , ,
: ... storey house, : i
other :; can be a I 1
hack;   I; _���   acres cleti I
ivith clover, red; fai ,j
i ine  mile  from  shlni ��� _'l
��i,200;.   terms hall
months al 7
1   full sir.- I  lol ' a  St. Pal        ���
north  Mid",  between Ji        'I
and  Qlover'a house,   pi      :;-'
cash, balance in 6 ni*
Full sized lot No, 12 oi  i;   .   I
and   Sth   St.    Price. $.1050.   |
9 rooms; 2 full sized l<>ts. 66x  balance at 7 ',; per anmu
orchard   of   apples, pears and     westerly,   ll of 63   3
Plums.   Price $4,000, $2,  cash, bal-   ,,��^2 eo.ir 100 fee,
ance on time al . '.. houses drawing $28 ov: moi     fy
fii acres .Murphy Landing,   -I miles $5,000. half cash, balanc*    . 6 i_j|
1 full size lot, bio* k 0, 1
et   1-1,
St.   Patrii k's    S |uare;
5_V_xl66, Tenth street,
off Queen's avenue. Price $45C
Terms $200 cash, I alance terms
to suit.
cornei'  of    7th  St.    and   tth
above Mission Junction,   Just  at the months.
landing eef Murphy Landing, about the     2 lots en Princess St,
centre of lot; 2b acre's cleared, under  12, between fith and 7th
cultivation: 4-room liouse, hain and
stable; ahout one acre orchard, bearing frail trees.    Price $1,350. on easy
1112;  Xos. 9 and 12.      Price $1000 for terms for $1,250 cash).    $22 per acre,
from  6th  St. on  south
No. 11. $210, half cash, balance      1
ai 7 %;    No. 12. clean      $31
cash, halance C mos. at 7
7 per
Japanese Loot Dakota.
Victoria, B. C, June 10.���Steamship
Bell* rophon, which arrived yesterday
fi nn Yokohi ma, broughl news that
e ilvage * perati in being made, by
Japanese, who   endeavoring to recover as "it ii ,.-- possible from th ���
-.. n ck* i Hill line: Dakota, given u;i
as a total loss I j the underwriters
Wh* n thi :'- 11* iphon passed thc
wreck on bei ". ��� here the foremas
and mizzen w< ��� . Ible, bul the rake
of thli ��� . ��� an ! 'ii<- distance from
the 1 th* ��� In ii. t* I the hull was
tj 1 c-i-m*��� t 1 :m two, \ salvage tug and
manj junks and light* rs from which
dl ������ rs w* re al ������ ork wi re seen al tli"
Guardians Stole.
Calf        ,    '    ... - ���     ;,-.   ,,   n|   ���
unl   11111 .  Polle* ii m Quirk  and  !���';.   -
n   C in    1   ��� n,.    jn    ja|]
'   ��� ' roods While
:'-      th        1 tore    of    D,    1.
Voting 1   *' ,        ei       ec nl  fire. Both
men  1 radical!       I l<    ih*     ch 1   .
Quirk foi m   |j    ,       m the Winnipeg
1 ollce force,
In the matter of the estate of Charles
Elair,  late  of New Westminster,  B
Ci deceased.
.suant to the "Revised Statutes of
British Columbia" 1897, Chapter 187,
that all creditors and others bavin;.'
claims against the estate of the said
Charles Blair, who died on or about
the 20th day of April 1907, are requested on or before the 22ml. (22)
day of June, 1907, to semi by post,
prepaid or deliver to the undersigned
solicitors for Roderlc Sample and Dr.
Edwin J, Rothwell, executors of the
last will and testament of the said
deceased their christian and sur-
nami s, ad Iresses and descrlpti ns, the
particulars of their claims, the statements *"' their accounts and the nature' of the securities (if any) held
by them.
that afier such lasl mentioned date
the sail executors will proceed to distribute ih" assets of the deceased
among the parti, s entitled tin r d 1,
having regard only to the claims of
which they shall then have notice,
��� I thai the said executors will not
I '��� liable for the said assets or any
! ri thereof to any person or pi rsons
of whose claims notice shall nol have
b* ��� n receive I I y ihem -it the time of
such disl rib il li m.
Dated  thl     '": I   duy of May,  1907.
Solicitoi ���  for    ild   * xe m ore,
storeys, on Fourth
Second    St.    on    south    side.
$1900;.  half cash,    halance at
cent.    Fruit trees; lot a.xlfi..
liouse 30x42, 4th St., between 4th
and 5tb Ave.; 2 single and 1 double
bedrooms upstairs, and bath room
down stairs; parlor, dining room, kitchen and pantry. Full sized lot running back to Ash St. Price $3,500;
$1,500 cash, balance at $500 per year
at 7 per cent.
Six and one half acres, one acre
cleared ready for planting; 1 1-2 acres partly cleared. House, 5 rooms,
11x2-1; storey and half, small barn;
I chicken house; fruit trees and strawberry plants; $1,700, half cash; balance in three months at 7 per cent.
This is a valuable holding, am! near
to the city, call and bring this advertisement with you for further particulars.
Ave., one lot from   both, half cash, balance easy.
2..1 lots on corner of nth Ave. and
Cth St.. S.-W. corner; cleare;!. Price
$1200; half cash, balance in 0 nionths
at 7 per cent.
\n  acre between    Queen's and  3rd
avenue, be
all clear
Ave. on west side of 10th
fi. Block -IS; 132x165 feet;
and fence,-!. Price $105C
balance in C months.
Full  sized  lot on  Koyal
; ween Fourth and Merrivale
* l. $1,200, $800 cash
2 lots, Xo. 24 and 32, block 9, between Sixth avenue and Xanaimo St.,
and between 14th and 16th streets.
Price $425 for both, cash
Died; 7, J.ot fi, 2 subdivisions running from r.th to 6th St., 4th and Bth
Ave.: ene lot on tram line. $800 for
one: price $1,500 for the two.
'_ cash, balance fi and 12 months.
10 acres section 32, N.-E. corner e.f
WW. '.I, uncleared. Timber fir. cedar, and alder; good soil; a mih' from
Vale road; sandle road and new road.
.", lois corner of street between Sth
an i 9th Ave. on 2ml St., side of 2ml
St., equal to om' acre; partly cleared.
$500, half cash. A splendid oppor-
cleared tunity for Investment.
0 cash, ,s rooms, 2-storey house, hath room,
water am] light; full sizeel lot, 66x100
feet, situated fith Si. between 4th ami
5th Ave. on west side. Price $2,300,
'_ cash, balance in fi months at 7 ',.
21 acres in Sunbury; fi cliains water
front;      12  acres   cleared;     8-roomed
$3,500,    subject    to    10   mont*|
lease.    Fine  residence for sale 1
2nd   Street,  corner Fourth Avenutl
Splendid  location,   now   rented
$30.00 per month; lease can be n|
tended  if  purchaser so desires.
good paying investment. .TemstJ
be arranged.
Ileeuiel.. tenement houi 1 Itt ii
1st and 2nd SL; 1 lol Price .1.71
cash half and half in 6 mi othi u'
He nts for $10 each tenant,
160 S.E.  !4 of Section 26, Disl I
10 acres,partly cleared ;   Ke'
house, lath and plastered; wood Bhed, running through; good r*        nei
chicken  ham and    fruil   trees of all  north   of  Webster's cornei     6hiii_
kinds.    Price $3,000.    Terms one-th.rd   mill and P.O. at the wesi cornel  111!
cash, balance 6 aud 12 montbs. ber worth $7 per acre: cedai and
7 Lots on  Twelfth  street, between
Queen's and Third avenue;  wes: side
of car shop;    full  size.    Price  $ 1,50
2t_ storey house, 10 rooms, also
modern improvements; lot 66x132;
lane al back; part of lot set out with
fruit trees and nice lawn. Price
$2,750. $1,500 cash, balance G and 12
months at 7 per cent.
Snap in Lots.
Vacant lots for sale in all parts of
the city, from $25.00 to $3,#00
Full sized lot in Sapperton. facing
lirunette street.    Price $150 cash.
Six Jots, 50x150, outside city limits  ,i
$60  each   lot.    Fuller  particulars on
sfi acres, half mile waterfront, G.N.
R. running through. $9,460, terms
easy.    Investigate.
Full-sized lot No. 8, between Gth & Tth Ave. on
4th St., west side. $300,
half cash, bal. in 0 mos.
One full sized lot, 66x132; 2 storey
house; 7 rooms; flush closet upstairs;
all modern Improvements; new house':   of 10th St.; all cleared.   Prlcesaoo
$3,000. y cash, % in 6 months al 7  ���"'"'1 3 nt ' ""r
I miles from Port Han* ��� I I
$2,100; terms $1,100 cash, ba |
10 acres land New Wi  tmii
5,  S.   Div.   -'I!.  Surrey; I
bridge.    Price-  $400;    $200 I
ance te rms at 7 9c; nea tl f
ver cannery.
S.-W. S .!.. Township 1" .
railway   runs  alongside;
chnrd.    Price  .15  per acre     l*nns I
ci   h, balance in three ��� (iual | ���
1 acre clay, house on trai I
Joyce  sta! ion :   partly  cl* ar* 1
a< ross fronl facing tram line.
2 lots corner of 10th and St. Andrew's  $700 cash, balance arranged.
Ft.,  between   Iih ami  5th  Ave,  wst  side .
10 acres North road, % ol ., mile
from city limits on Port Moody; i
acres under cultivation; 7-roomed
house; frame barn; chicken house,
barn 40x80; fenced and in good
pair south siele. Price $4,500, half
cr-sh, bal. In fi months at 7 per cent.
Ne '.    'm. . . ta,inster,
f'eiitrally located in a commmandlng
situation; Third avenue, at foot of
Fifth street, Two and one half-storey
bouse. Ten rooms (recently papered)
All modern conveniences; hot an I
cold water, bath, flush closet, lavar
tory, electric light; nice lawn; lot
66x132, with lane In rea:-; part of lol
set*oul with fruit trees. Price $2,750.
���f 1.500 i'i. m. balance arranged.
2 lots, 20, 21; No. 20, $170; No, 21,
(corner) $175. D irhara and Secon I
20 acre blocks, fruit lamls, near
'.,'. tion, $20 per ai ra
House, full sized lot, on Keary
treet, Sapperti n;   rents for $10 per
mi e. a.    (July $1,050.
House,    io   rooms,  I'i   lots,  near
I ��� i cent. Good sized stable and fruit
' ri es. Second house from Sth street
" est, cn upper side.
i'i ai res in ^ec. 32. Timher, fir, ce-
. ml alder. Good soil; goo i roads.
Apply for full particulars.
Lots 17. IS, ID, 20, 21, face on 16th
��� tieel and Sth avenue; 2 comer lots
$250; I inside lots $200 each. Price
$850,  cash.    Single  lots  at   cash.
Four and one-half acres between
Sevi nth and Eighth avenue.; SOuth
side i f lsl street.    Price $2,SCO.
both  run   through trom street   to  Btreet;
:. b 1 bargain.
More exclusive   properties  just   listed
with us for sale.
Lot 5, opposite    Knox church, Sapperton, easl  side Columbia  Streel  on
car line.   $000 cash.
���" lets south side of Sixth Avenue;
very light clearing; 60xll5>_ feel on
Sub. Block 10.    $1050 cash.
���I lots on Fifth Stn et, 11, 12, 13, 1 I.
Sub. 15, S, Blk. 13. $350 each, hi i.
e ash, balance i', months al 7 '.!.
2 houses corner of Merrlval ami
Agnes; full sized loi: citj block 31,
lot 11; one house rents for $2."., the
Other $10; Hush closets and ail < .en-
m e-i*"!    wiih    sewers,      Price $3,500.
One acre in block 9, M
tween 18th and Kith Sti
on Sth Ave. Price $750,1
1-.'} cash, bal. easv.
.lames Inlet, three square miles.ft
$e.oo per acre, haif cash, balancee��HJ
Large lot and  two cottagi
l.imhia street, Sapperton.   Both i ������' f
ai 510 each.
One and one-half storej le ise u I
full size lot, situated north ��� Is I
lloyal avenue ami corner of M ":-: I
street;  9 rooms;  bath roon:. hot i
I-1'   il on  Fifth avenui'. sub li. io months al
of .-iie 9. $300 cash, u,  cha:-*' I;  size
55 feet  by 132 feet.
House   an..1 three   lots, corner 3rd
v- ve. ami 11ih si.: 5-room bouse an i
i hen.    Price $1,500.  on>- third  eash.
bal. fi and 12 months al 7 per * ��� nt.
1 "'���' i ,:-��� of   4   rooms    nnd    v isi..-.];
ibi   ;     l   ! a   11 v | a_,  on 2nd   lol
flfil       Ith     I' '"I    I3tll    HI .      ev "'   ��� Irle
; ��� ' lly ii n l i ippn d : sink and pantry,     i ��� m    terms $2 ash,   .1 5
��� '   ,    it 7 per ce nt, or rents nl ;:" pe r
.iith for on    year,
'.'   lol      m   .'   nbe   I ind   Sl .   Snppe rton.
0  ] . ���:��� lot.
*.cn ige .en Vancouver road, corner
Gilley road,   $225 per acre.   Acre-
Cash $2,000,   halance- in fi, 12 ami IS  cold  water, closet;   woodsbi
bearig   fruil  trees;   Btrei ts i1" '���'���   J
Ides;   line  view.    Price $'.800. *:��� I
i  nf Sub. 1 9, Township in; Home
Prleo $: 5 per acre . terms $1,000
I ll.'"   , .1 SV.
o: Gilley road.   $225 per acn
nge ls selling fasl at this prii
I room house,   bath room,
Small house for salt?, facing Agnes and Victoria,
west of 6th St. $1,700.
Water and gas connections. ��� Terms,
line'   view,
Lol ia ilng 2nd St., betwi i:  |.,'": I
md Ird   .ve. second lot from Q      |
2x122 feet; all clean
end   hack.
balance eas
Pric    V0'-
Small house, Victoria St.,
6 rooms. Water.
I      One lot No.  12 on Royal Avenue,
!  third lot from Eighth street  $1,050,
I  for sale exclusively.
I.���eis mi   md
Sub. of Lot
'ourth   ineuiie   and   Seventh   street, on 11th St., between Queen's and
Our Refrigerators have perfect air spaces
surrounding- the entire refrigerator.
We have Zinc and Enameled Lined Inside
Screen Doors and Windows.
Curtain Stretchers of different kinds.
Onll and see us.
$2,C00.   Terms can be arranged.
I full sized Lots hei ween Seventh
avenue and Hamilton street, east of
Eighth street; all cleared and fenced;
a large harn on one of the lots. $1,600,
half cash, hal.mn' one year at 7 per
-' lots Block t, Rii hn,.mil St., Sapperton.     fii Jerr lot.
A Bunch of LOTS
Lots  M  and  15 of l er fi    of     I
(cleared.)   Price $500; fen- the two, 1-2
lots wesl of" Gth St.; large house of S  caaai balance 6 months al T per cent
l acre upper side of 4th Avi
and 2
rooms; electric lighi connections;
shade trees and fruit orchard. Price
$4.5C0;. $2,500 cash,, balance In one
year at 7 7<.
One full sizeel lot, 2nd lol from corner, llth strew and 8th avenue, lot
66 xl'll feet.   $250 cash.
Lol 11 on Sherhrooh streei of 11 of
::. cleared. Price $275; 1-2 cash, balance, i'< monl lis at 7 per cent.
Lots 16, 17 and 20 of 11 of 3. Price
$i;oo for three or $175 each; 1-2 cash
balance \\ months at 7 per cent.
��� llocli   i   . corner of  I 'in li im  ���
" : : full size il lots
2-storey House, 7 rooms, bnlli i""1"'1,,
amirs; flush closei : good stable
Ht.iieur 8th St.; ail modern Impi
Price ..'i.ii.e...  half cash,  balance  .
re ally exce lie nl  bargain.
Sub. Sl  of Lot   lei. Block XIII, I
Mous*!; hut .-iinl cold water; flu* i
l"i   of    fruil   trees;    chicken  m"
learn.    Price   : sot); terms  f 400 c i
and (I months at 7 per
(iih  St.
... an'
li '
llelll'' .
nn ���!���
llton   SI ,   lir. I   Puns'-   oil
Tib mu,I gth A.vi nues.
2-storey I!..use', 7 rooms, wiili
- rn   Improvements;  siz."  of ground  i��
i 12 : s. ...ini i.,i  trom nth St. em  li" ���:,..
"ii  south  ski.-,   imi  feel  on nvenuii,   '..j
Lime mi hoiii sides.    Price $3,2	
eu h, balani 1 tlmo at 7 por cenl
T. J.  TRAPP & CO,
Telephone   333
Real  Estate Brokers
Telephone   jj^3
Agents for Employers' Liab.IJiy, nnd Union Fire Assurance Co. of London, THE   DAILY   NEWS.
  Notice Is b given i
, ��� HEREBY GIVEN that six-   afte
...   KRsumgaUum   -
,  post   planl   I
l   :: ���:
of the north-west lands,   situa:
-.' ,:r-    -    pi  emptlon .       .
I                           ...: ows    80 chaina ''!
I                   li: s   chains west and ibout 15 n
k                     ���   -;  "; commence- ^  y   .
���   at   a   post    planted v      .
I                -..      ,;   the  north-we* N      -"���   I -:.:.:...     _     |          .      ,
^.fSHSlS.6* ^ajns west,                ,   -
le                      _ains -'ast and 40 eas . more or less
f          .,        point   of commence- along the shor,  I                        .    .   .
��� - - -     the i    ��� Isions
md Registi    Act,'   shall    a
estopped   an .   dei ..... .   trom
���setting iim -., ,.���,.- in res
. so sold for tax* ? as
'. :
M       Of
Tm   Commencing ..      post a
to Xo. 4 sta n
Tenders for _ Lie.use to Cut Timber  chaini
on Dominion La ris in the Province   '���>   'hains and noi   i	
i encers for License to Cut Timber on
Donvmon Lsnds in the Province cf
British Columbia.
Tenders for License to Cat Timber on
Dominion Lands in the Province of
Brit.sh Columbia.
of 3-
isn Columbia.
s<   '.   I        nders         -���     : ���  ih*
��ion*    of D* minion Lan Is, Deal tmenl   il the tnt( i lor, an I mai ked
��� ie . nvi ope " render tor  rimber
SEALED TEXDERS a . Iress* I  I iIhi
.  Commissioner   ol   Dominion    Lands,
.  , IRS addressed to the  Department of the Interior, and mark-   Ho: tii No 521," will be received at this
.   m- r     '���    Dominion    Lands,   ed on the envelope "Tender for Tim-   Departmenl  until  12 o'clock neon on
point   of c*       ��� . ���   .
.'   V IPSON
Ne"A  wesi nin i May,
ts herebj   given
D,   artmenl e Interio    md mark-   ber Berth No. 51S." will be received  Wednesday, the 24th day of July, 1907, days after date we intend to apt)b to
No. 21. Comn
.   at     a    l��*st   planted ment
el He.- north-west cor-
. , pre-emption claim, -��� -. --���
Chains0 we^anTs. ed ��n ^                                      t Arn
' '     '.  '������:'t'X"^-i'-i ���'""''  ^  ::':'                             i ���'  In
-     at     a     POSI
"'orth of the north-west cor-
,   i een'a pr mptlon claim,   chains west, SO cl .
 ...    160 chains east;
16 e   chains  west .    4.)
eu nf commencement.
ing   e.t    a   pest    plante I
,ri . of '!"��� north-wesl cor-
.  ,...., ���'S pre-emption cl iim,
,1 oWs:  100 chains east .
10 i   chulna   wesl .    40
T i   poi
a vill .��� ..... s0
:- - ' ith  SO chains
 '-  "��� ! ��� - ��� -  ���    sh in
ilong   shore  I
.. ih*   envelope "Tender for Tim- ai this    Department until    12 o'clock
Berth N'o   523." will be received lu>��'' on Wednesday, the 24th daj   ol
this   Department    until 12  o'clock July. 1907, for a license to cut timber
noon   en Wednesday, the 31s!  .lav of ��n Berth Xo   518, comprising   lands
.-...;. to    1 li ense to cul timher situate in the Province of British Col
nt o! e emmence-
N '   ..
1 posi plant-
to point of commencemei
���* ��� t In lepen-
a   pes*,    planl
.   I ��� 0f the north-west cor-
d . dent Bay ��� ��� .   _ mnea B ,,.<,   q���ar
on   Berth   N 1    523,  comprising   lands
situate in the Province of British Col-
1, an :   li - ���. ied as follows:
'i'i::. .������    Berth   N'o,   ".2':.  comprising
the north-e  >t  quarter of Section  in.
.. ion  of    the'  north-wesl
S       m  11 nol covered by
tor a license to cut timber e<n berth
No. 521, comprising '..mis situate In
the Province of British Columbia, to
the Easl eef Chehalis Creek and Lake
an.i comprising .'��� blocks, described ..s
Block  1.   Comprising thai    portion
,  ,    '. n'o pre-emption claim
,,      160 chains ������������"" ial   Arm
rth;    160   chains west;    40; thence   SO ns south,    40   chain
to   commencemen . ...
���    ,   post    plant, e  "' '    ' ���    ' 40 chains easl
ns   1       >l
m   the   1...: th-W.S'  OOl
;   .  ;,:������-. motion  Cla
10 cnains we m
10 chains east;
m   ��� emmencemeni
.    ,���    a   post    plan! ��� I
,- the north-wesi c n
.  ........ pre emptlon cl iim,
ow a.  80 chains wesl
,    ilns east; 81    hati
of Coi   lie  term,
' ��� >0 chains   wesi   ��� 1
No. .    ��� ���       t post pi
t 20 S .    Kil ii .  '   !:.-
Han   vli ige on   , -    istation  ch
��������� easl ' .:. ; and     0 il 50 yai   ���
thi   Hot S    ii ���-   thence SO 1 h
. ncement.
m    .-    .   posi    pi' ' a east, 50 1 h iins s . ith, SO chains v . sl
'' "'  '""'..'"."-' '"'���   more or less to thi   shore then al mg
shore   I 1   ; oint    of    commence
\ ..... 1. -  pre-* mptlon
. low -:  160 chains easi
6    1 I .ins wesl . and 40 .
point  of comme mc 1-   -'".n..
No. 21   Com      ....    al posl ; ante I
Tin  ier  Berth 171   (being approximate   :. irth 36 chains)    in Town-
">, Range 27,  W* sl  of    th
m ning an   area   of  301
��� -. in re   ��� '., ss.
'he berth ���   surveyed ��ithln
ear a late of the n ittee
ling tin
nni      i\ i.i, ii  a  U-
vill Issued,    also    printed
-   .   tend     an I en\ elope, may be
ted ai  '    - D* pai menl or at the'
ffl e of the Cr iwn Timber Agenl at
New Wesi minster, B. C.
umbia to the west of Chebalis Cr
and described as follows;
Timher Berth   N'o.   ."-IS.    comprising
that portion of Section 29 lying north and Timber Berth 254 Block 1, of Sec-
e*f Timber Berth 2S0 and that portion tion 23,  .ownshlp 1. Range 30, Wesl
of Section 32   outside Timher Berth of    the Bth Meridian,   containing an
264 and said  Berth 2S0, in Township area eef 3S7 acres, m ��re or less
I, Range 30, West of the 6th Meridian; Block -'    Bounded een the' wesl  bj
also the norih half and the south-easl Chehalls Creek, on the easl '.>,.   _lmb* 1
the Hon. the Chief Commissi n* 1
Lands and  w orks  :' 11    tei ml ���   m  I 1
cut and i arrj  awaj   the Um ���    trom
the following described lands   sii late
in the Kitsumgallum \ ill<
Claim No.  10   Commencing al posl
planted S, E, corner aboul  21* miles
gtn quarti r of Section 26, the north halt
and the south-west quarter Section
'.'.. the easl hail Sei tion .'��� th north
half Se* tion  32,    Se< tions  31,   (I.  "b
and those portions of s.,',..- 2". .mi
outside Timber Berth No   14, Block 1.  UP from lh<> moulh ot N"': ' Fork ,,f
the Kitsumgallum  rl> er    above    KI
sumgallum lake, thence running aa
follows 10 chains w< sl. SO chaina
north, ie* chains e.'.s'. io chains north,
10 eh.iins east, SO chain ��� so 11 h, 10
chains w est, 10 . h iim sou li 1 1 p iinl
of commencement
Claim No. 11 Commencing < posl
planted al the head of KI ��� mi tallum
lake een ue'st bank .'��� >:' : e chain��
south ol the- mouth of KI 1111 in. 11 urn
river where ll enti - la ce, theni 0 40
chains west, 160 cl a ns 10 il h, 10
chains easl more 01 1   he ihore,
thence along shore  to  poinl  o' corn-
Berth 29S Block Land the easl boundarj   >if same produced    nori h 1
Timher Berth 298    Block 2.    em the
north by Timber Berth 264  Block 2
��� ���'���
at    ie
p ISt       i'i '   ' "'
md 29S Block 2; and on the south by
36 outside Timber Berths 2S0, 261 and    rimber Berth 254 Block '.. conl ill
272. in Township I, Range 1. Wesl of   an area of 725 aires, more or 1*
the T:'n  Meridian; also Sections '���'.  I.      Block 3.   Commencing .0. :bo south
."'. the north half and south-east quar-   east   corner   of   Timber    Berth   29S
ter Section 6, Sections T. S, the norih   Block 2, thence north-easterlj al righi   mencement.
half and the south-west quarter Sec-   angles to the   easterlj  boundarj    of     Claim No. 12    1 enclng al  po I
tlon 9, the south-east quarter Section   sai.', Berth 29S Block2, 2 miles; thence   planted aboul  20 chains south of tha
10, the south halt Section 16, the south j north-westerly at right angles to lasl   north wesl  of T.  L.  No   7941. thence
he accompanied   half and the north-wesl quarter Sec-   course. 54 rhains; thence south wesl     10 chains west, 160 chains south,  I.
|rlh of the north-wesi -'  '��� ���"��� miles north of ll.e:"-   ;   Ba     b> a" accepted cheque on a chartered   tlon 17. the norih half and south-east   ei'ly. al righl angles to las: course, 2  chains easi. 160 chains nortii I 1 poinl
"a   east   : ank   of Kittimal  Arm
\ im ���. n's pre-emption
... ...... a. 4" chains n n
10   , halns    nortii
.    ... iins south ;   L20
ol ' immencement.
ng   at   a   post    plani   1   moi    oi less, to shore then along shon
' '  . oinl   of  1 1 m   n. 1 ment.
ink In  favou
,1    M    Of    tie-'   SOUI
I ,n No.   26,  then  1 3
,    iins  wesl ;   I"   ilia    -
,    , ���.- ��� asl ;    and  40 1
[       point ol   ommencement,
.    ng   al    a    post     plai
irth  of  the soul
So    26,  then   1 inn ng
ains  '���'���'��� "i ;   t ���  >    iins
��� ��� ,-: ;   10 chains   11    th
���!.. ��� ment.
��� m   ..'    a    i"-'    :
,,!' tli.- north-w
,  1:,-.   ms pre-emption  1  all 1.
I   ,;   ,, ���(   .       IfiO   Cl      "   -    W*   -
on   uauR lu  unuur of the Deputy of the quarter Section lv the south half and   mile
sland  thence   10 ehains   Minister of th    Interior, for the am- north-west  quarter Section    19,   and   Berth 29S Block 2
east, 100 chains north, 4m chains west,   ,:''"' of the '   r.us which the applicant those portions of   Sections  I, 2.   thi
is prepared I 1   >aj  for a license east half Section 11, and Section  12
The highest or anj tender nol nee- west of   Timber Berths 272 and 302
N    --. Comnu m i ig at post planted   1 ssarily  acce; I   ;
'   10  mil*                 il  Hartley Hay      Xn ten
f commencement
l-;..  .mmm- ��� .1 -' .
10  point
more or less.
\     da 11
��-;:::v-';-"-- ;:f*
V'^V>\m-'V .>
ele Dominion Lands with
,-a;   Belt in British C il
'. imesteade I by an;   \ er-
��� sole head of a fa; . i
e over Is years of   ag
���   1 ai of   one-quarter
��� ...e or i'":-.
musl    e made ] ei son illj   ai
:   lifli ������ . el' the dist 1'
end is situate.
��� iteader ls required to per-
I m lltl ns * onnected there-
one  if the following plans;
-I ii ast six months' resl l< n e
f    n and   cultivation of   the lan l in
���   ��� for three years.
the father (or mother, If the
eased I, ot the home te  I
im'a a farm In the vIclni .
111 entered tor,   the   require-
3 tu re ildem e may 1 q satisfied
��� : -.ni   residing   with  the
'   '     mm.:'.um .
I   the settler has his perman
��� up m farming land 0 * n
1 in In tbe vicinity of his home
m   easl   bank ...   imat   Arm   e.n
���'��� kes   iry Island on ee small creek,
ence   120   cl ains   south,   10   chains
��� 3t, 40 1    .-"     h,   10  1 i. iins east.
1   : h lin     : ��� rth,   10  chains   west,   10
.ins north,  10 1 hains west, to ]
1!      11 m* 'm - :. ent
N ���   "'.  Com;   enclng al posl planted
. ���   ���  .        le   an 1  a   qu irter  wesl
[Ci  i'M ..  Baj  Indian \ illage, on the
aorth bank of bay, thence 160 ehains
:.  . ��� h,   i;'  ch  'm ;  e isl:   m ire or less
��� >   Indian   Reserve   line,   tin ne'e   160
Iiains  south   along   Reserve   line   to
- 1 re,  then  along sh ire  to  point  of
.   ��� . aencement,
Locate 1  April Oth, 1907.
legraph will be en-
1 iP
: . ���  I::'' : ior,
in Township 5, Range I, West of thi
7th Meridian;    also   Section 12, thi
ens' half Section 21. and the seiuth-
east quarter Sect hen 25, Township 5
Kan. e 2, West of the' 7th Meridian
containing an area of 13,025 acres
more or less
The berth ni'is: be surveyed within  said casi-   ..
���aste'i'ly   boundary   of   sai.l
thence south-east- claim \e*. 13.   Commencing ai post
along sai,1 boundary lo place of planted al  tho nortii wesl corner of
beginning, excluding    therefrom   my location No, 12, thence 10 chains west,
portion ef   Timber Berth   30S, which ,,-���, chains south, 10 chains eas .  160
containing chains norih to poinl  ot commence-
N iTICE Is    hereby    given that 2,11
e   ft* r date, we intend to apply to
Ihe   Hon      Chi ���''    C immis doner    of
i. in Is    and    V irks    tor    _    special
;   ence     1  enl   an I  ca tj   aw ay  tim-
��� ��� "   from     the    following    described
Ituated  in the'  11 as;  district;
B  ilnnin.    il    1   n -'     I nted   head
���   .    ill ha;   south    lie ol  Bronghton
island about  'me mile east of Hooker
eon,  thence north   10  chains, west   Tenders   for    License   to   cut   Timber
chains,  north  80 ciiains. easi     10
Take n .':. ������ th il thirty daj s after
date 1 iuten 1 to make applii ation to
the Chii :' 1' in missionei of Lan Is and
Works '.'��������� ., lie ense lo cul an 1 carry
away tim . ;' im the following described  land-:
Nol. -1 lommencing a! a ;��� isl planted on the ���' ��� side of Twenty-Five
Mile Cre* . mai ke I mmm.-- Sb irpc,
No. 1 ; isl; theni e 10 chains wesl;
ihence iout! iO chains; thence east s"
chain-: thence norih SO chains; thence
wesl i 1 i'ii iii:-. I ' point of 1 ommenci -
No. 2 - -Commencing al a past
plante 1 one mil ��� south of .lames
Sharpe's No. 1 : osl: th< nt e w est 40
chaius; I hem ��� mth 80 chains; thence
easi S' 1 halns; thi nce north sn
ch ilns; tie. n e west 10 1 hains, io
point of !������������ ,���.::.���. -.   . mi nl.
tuiiAlit fall wilhin the same
an area of S64 acres, more or less.
Block   1.   Commencing at    a point
on '.In' easterly  boundary of Timber
Berth 302 Block  I,   5 chains   southeasterly  from  the  north-east   corner   lC0 chalnB south,  10 chains east, 160
thereof;   ihence south-easterlj   nlong   ,h;lins  ,������.,,,  ,.,  .��� in    0f commence-
i iry  SO chains.more   n,,,n|
l-;''   '"   sa''l   east      claim No.  15.   Commencing al  the
Claim    Nee      II
planted al the
location No. 13,
Commencing al pobI
north 'aos! 1 orner ot
thence 10 chains wesi,
one year after the elate of the notice or h-ss, tu   hi
awarding the berth, boundarj      Timber Berth 302; thence north urM corner ot location  No.   ll,
The regulations under which a 11- north-easterly, al righl angles to lasi thence   40   chains   west,   160   ehains
cense will    be   issued,   also printed course following the boundary of saiel s,,,.;!,   to chains east, 160 chains north
���ms of tender and envelope, may be
obtained at this Departmenl or al the
offlce of the frown Timber Agenl al
New Westminster, B, C
Each tender  musl   he acconipanted
Berth 302,  in chains;    thence north-   !o poln| ,������ commencement.
westerly   paralled   to lirsl course SO     claim \o. 46,   Posl  planted al  the
chains, more or less,  to    correspond   nonh w,.s, ,.,���������,.,- ,,:- location  No,  12.
with lengtb of
flrsl i-o:\-
tile lie .'
secon !
hy an accepted cheque on a chartered   course    10 chains, to   poinl  of com
bank  In favour of the Deputy of the   mencement, containing an area of 320
Minister of the Interior, for the am-   acres, more or les.
ounl of the bonus which the applicant
is prepared to pay tor a license
The highest or anj tender nol nec-
ess aily accepted.
Block 5, Commencing al a poin: on
the easterly shore ot Chehalis Lake',
."ai chains southerly from northerly
end of   said lake;    thence southerly
No lender by telegraph will he en-   along said easterly shore' of lake, 2V4
' ains, south,    i'i
1 ! lins,  south     i'1    cliains
e hains.     s mth   10   eln.ins.
on  Dominion   Lands  in tiie Province of British Columbia.
Secretai y.
Department of the Interior,
Tenders for License te Cut Timber on
Dominion Lands in the Province of
British  Columbia.
SEALED TENDERS addressed tothe
( ommissioner of Dominion Lamls.
Departmenl of the Interior, and mark-
i d on the envelope' "Tender for Timber Berth No. 519," will be received
al   this Departmenl    until   12  o'clock
SEALED  TENDERS  a Idressi I    1
chains to poim 1 �� commencement, the Commissioner of Domini..a Lands
THE   M'LAUGHLIN   LUMBER   CO.,   Departmenl   >f the Interior, and marl
LTD.  od on the envelope "Tender for Tim-   noon on  Wednesday, the 24th day of
Vancouver, B. C, Maj  27.  1907.        her Berth No. 510," will be received al   July, 1907, ror a license to cut timber
this Depar  nenl until 12 o'clock noon   on  Berth  No. 519, comprising    lamls
the  5th   ..a;    of
TAKE NOTICE tl nl  a. ; iii iti m has
.   :.,., |e t0 regii ler Flori nce Mary
I .|gh as il." owm 1   in Fee Sim.le
m ; : ., Tax Sai.  Dee I from The ('<>:���-
������ii Wedne
1007, for . ii. ense to cut timber on
Berth No. 516, comprlsin 1 lands sl .1-
m:.. iii the Pr iviuce of British Coltitn-
the   requirements   as   to resl    >o      on of the Districl of Burnaby, to
.    . il Isfle l    by resl len* e
���-ill in I,
': tice Iu writing   ho
to iim   Coraml sion 11 ol Do-
ads al I e'aw a ol Intentl m
pal  . ���
11:   :..     . ��� pun base l al
. of   coal an.l $20 I n an
S      .. ..."   ihan   320  ai  ��� :
��� I   .,  one lndl> I luni   1
"ti,     lhe. all.- at the' rate ot ten
''    'mi of 2.000 pounds shall be
"��� ted em the moss output.
' .       of ���   i Minister of 1
ll ��� Una il een ire 1   im'.Hi 11
advertisement    will n h
jatU(.: Cunningham, I earing date th ���
��� 1 da;   of March, A. D., 1902, ot all
, . 1   . p. -ular   thai   certain   parcel   or
lan I  and   premli 1 a    ' Ituate,
��� .     ,   1       ; ��� iii the Districl    f New
. |n  the Province of Bri-
i ,     :���..- ,.     parilculai
;   erl ed a      ihdivlslons
I of sn   livi   on "A" ol lol 29,
I1 1.
v   1 1 n ;   a :. of you are bore j ri -
,.1.   1 : ,  ,..:.'. il , the  ' lalma  0    the
tax   purcb ��� ";";l   torty-flye  daj
. 0    ,-,, ;   he first publication
situate en the Province of British Col-
unil ia on the   wes! Bide of Chehall ���
',nke an I .1"-' rlbed as follows: ,(
Timb* ���  Berth   No.  519,  comprising   ni
bia, and described a stollows; i those portions of the following lands
Timbei   Bei h   No.  516,  comprising  which lie to the west of Chehalls Lake
Sections 27. 2S, 33, 34, and the  East   and outside of Timber Berth 302 Block   rj
halves of Sections 2:1 and 22 In Town-   2. namely, Sections 26, 27. the north
ship   is.   Range 23,   Wesl   of the  Cth   half of Section 28,   the Bouth half dI
���,!  rldtan,   > mtalnlng an    area   of    5   Section  33,    the    south  half and  the
. ..,���    mile . more or ',-��� 1 ,  ,   :. east quarter of Section 34, Sec-
The    erth m    I   be surveyed within   tlon  35, Township 5, nnd  Soctiona  I,
,.,,,     oa    ifti r the  late of tin   n tic*    2, the east 1 all of Section 3, the north
awarding  " ���     erth. asl   piartei of Section 10, Section 11,
The  regul il ous  under which a  it-  the south half of Sei tlon 12. thi
,., nse  wl]|    ,,.    issued, alBo    printed   wi bI quarti r eef Section  11,    an    the
term   .,'.' tender and envelope, maj be  south en 1  quarter of   Section   15, In
obtanled al this Departmenl or ai  the   Town hip 6,   all In Range I, Wesl <b
office of the frown Timher Agenl al   the 7'h Meridian, containing an area
miles In direct distance, w Ith a depth
of 67 chains on said eas' shore, measure l ai ri. hi angles to the general
bearing eef sahl easterly shon' of lake
wiihin the block, containing an area
of 1,3 10 acres, more or less.
Th.. berth musl be surveyed within on.' ye ar ai'ler the date ot ihe' notice awarding the berth.
The regulations under which a li
,1 a 1 - will h" Issued, also printed
forms of lender and envelope, may be
ol lalned at this De] arl menl or nl the
office of ilu1 Crown Timber Agenl at
New Westminster. B. C.
Eai h tender musl be accompanied
by an accepted 1 heque mi a chartered
haul, in favour of the Deputy of the
Minister of the Interior, tor the am
11 nl of ih*' bonus which the appll-
1 ant Is prepared lo pay for a license.
N'o tender by telegraph will be enti ; ��� line l. The hlghesl nr any tender
nol nei essarily accepted,
artmenl e,f i!h< Interior,
Ottawa, April 24th, 1907.
Take notli e tha 11     atfer
thence SO chains wesl     120    chaina
norih. 10 chains east, '��� ' in ��� south,
in   chains   easl.    10   I hall       - lUth      to
poinl of commencemi at,
Claim No. 17. Posl pi inl 1 1 al tha
north we'si corner of location No ll,
thence 10 chain i west, 160 1 lain 1
north, hi chains e ist, 160 1 hain 1
south to poinl of commencem* 1
Claim No. IS Post 1 ante I 1 ��� ul
|e< chains   north   of the   north   wesl
enrner of T, L. No. 791 I, 111 a ' ! ISO
e'halns wesl. in eh ilns BOUth, I 10
1 hains   easl.   more   or   lei ;     1 '     rivi'.
thence along river to poinl of 1 '"���:-
nn ncement. **
Claim N'o. ii' P* ' ' -. te I , the
north wi'si corner e. t 1. 7:11 .,
thence 160 chain 1 w ��� 10 1 lialn 1
south.   160   chai I ���    chain ;
north to poinl ot c mencement.
Claim No. 50, Poat planted about
60 chain e wesi of the noi th ea il corner ol location No. I . thenc 1 80
chains west, sn chain 1 north, itna
eaat, s" chains bou hi poinl ommencement,
claim Nee. 51     p       planted
siniili weal  corner ot T  L, No. 7943,
thence  180 chain    wesl     10    1
norlh,  160 chains    east,    10    chains
south to poinl of * on mem
claim   No,   52     " lan        iboul
10 cliains  wesl  ..'   ' * '  ir
of  T    L.  No    7943        160
chain     w*       I 1    ' ; '      160
bains east, 40
of commeni - 0:, nt.
liOc ite    Me      I, 1907
1.1.1 al
WILLI \M  Ml    iDY,
���\ iLL,
New   Westminster,  I).  c.
Each  tenth v  ni sl   ie accomi mi
notice is hereby given that, 6b daj
:   date,  1  intend  to
p Lhla |l0lil .therwisi I shall regis- by an accepted cheque on a chartered
. '. |.-;1(,,.m . M irj Eveleigh as owm r
I ;.. reof In fee. And I hereby direct
I! that publication of thi3 notice for thirty d lya In u 1 lib " ��'B1 aP' : li"bllsh'
,,; at sew We stminster wil be good
a 11 suffii lenl   ��� rvice thereof.
.and Registry Office,
'rovlnt :' British
of 1,310 acres, mon' or leas.
The berth nms' he' survej'e l within
one year nfter the date eef the no li e
awar ling tho berth.
The re mlaiPms tin ler which a II-
, m e will  be    issue 1,   also    prlnte 1
date 1 Intend 1 1 make   a, plication '��� 1
the chief Commiaslo 11     if Land    m I   __
w orks for n 1 cen 1    1   ���     and c
..way timber trom th ring di
e rlbed   lan Is, situated li   N- v   kV*   '
min iter district.
1. Commeni lng al   a   posl   eet   on
tin  Bouth bank of Cypi     1 creel   .1 boul   Auction Bale of Condemned Ordnanco
thn <��� and n hall mile   w*   I from SH- stores.
vi r 1 '������ ��� il , tl   aci   1. Ighty chain Und* r dlrei  '���        irnble
..a. i    eightj    chains,   s mth    elghl t  the   ''lini iter 0 ind
chains,   and   west   eight}     ehains     to  M I ones & Co,, A I
poinl of * ommencement. sell  by    Publ      iu      a,  1
2. Commencing al a post set closei uth Instan       1    '     () o'cl        1   ra.,
Dated    '
New West
1   ';:,"'.'   ,:"���':",   '"  ;'"',y t0  '"   Columbia  this 25th da; of April, A   D���
���   '���   ' hlel   Commissioner  of   Lands  l   ���
VV|"'    i ir a b-,,.^,0 ot the foreshore
;  for booming  and milling   1*111-
' 1 mprlslng the whole of a bay,
C.   S.   KEITH,
Districl Registrar.
;i '''��� i nam,, of Independent   Bay,
""'1   :' 1 Uli   two  mile S  BOUth  eef  the
h ' '-1 ot Cos i Island, on the e isl
, a; no,
To   l-
.1     '���     ��� ���      '"''' '���''"
,:. , ., , ,   daii        through or under
���"' Kltlmat  Arm. and aboul two  them,  and  all persons claiming  any
��'����th from  KillaP, Arm inte.- I U       '���    ' '��� lund by vlrtUf ��
Seated April 5th   1907 ������,, - ��d Instrument, and all
.     -my Interest in the
descent, whose title ia
bank In fa\ tmr of 1 he Dei t'i >' of the
Minister of th 1 Interior, fo rthe amount of iii b au 1 which the applicanl 'a prepared to pay tor a license.  form> Qf trni|r|. ,i|)(1 envelapej ,���.,, ,���,
The high   t or any tender nol ne-   obtalned ft) this Departmenl or at the ,,, .\,,,   1   stake, thence  north  eightj
1 office of the Crown Timber Agenl al chains,   wesi    eightj    eh ilns.    south  nance Son" . \
New Westminster, B. C eighty chains, and east elgh ���      .ents, Blank* , and
Each  tender musl  be accompanied ti   point of commencement. various othe
by an accepted cheque on a chartered     ::.   Con ncing al   1 po      el 1 The Ordi Hcer ln * '
.hunk in favor of   the Deputy or   the to No. 1  stake, thenc*     wi il    elghty( turnlsb an; Eurth* ;>
Minister of the Interior, for the am- chains, south  forty chai        asl   ine maj  be required,
ounl of ihe honus which the applicant hundred ami Blxtj chaina, north forty     Artli       pun
is prepared to pay for a license. chains ami we 1 1 Igi       -    lltl    to point   -  1  within tw* ntj    ' ur I. 1
jraph will be en-
essarlly  acce te I,
No tender by te'.i
tertnlne I,
Dei arl menl  of the interior.
Ottawa, April 6, 1907.
Vpril 5th, 1907,
WILLIAM   MOODY,   Locator
'''���' VNK vandall, Agent
VV. N. Draper
B. C. Land
6ll_rd  BIO'.     '<"*  W'.-��triie 1.1..-1    nt.
Tin- highesi or any tender not nee- of commence nt.
..     accepted. '���   Commencing at a posl
No tender by telegraph will b< en- railwa ���   bell   line,  d'stan    a 0
te: tained. :|';''':  '"': ;h "'   l!"'  n< '
PEf!LEY G. KKYi-'s, I Harrison   lake,  thence   wesl    el
Secretary, 1 hah       n n th   eighty   chain 1,   ��� 1:'
Department of the Interior, at;  chains and louth eight;   ���
'i  rm    cash.
li. PI8H1T, Ci lone!,
ty Mini it* . bf M':   .,   ml
Department of Mllltla and Defence
Ottawa, June, 1907. THE  DAILY  XEWS.
���z, n
*__�� r�� ���= <_- i a ���   clmm SEARCH FOR    ,_.        ,      .
3rLLIAL��      mr,m miii_F_ I Moorglaze I
Cherries,   Peaches,   Pears.
Public Supply Stores
Annual Roundup Will Bring *
Tog-ether 20,000 Horses-
Few Carcasses   Found.
owing  V
18 Rooms facing
on Columbia St.;
only $50 a month
This is a cinch !   For further particulars
apply to
Malins, Coulthard & Co. Ltd
Per J. H. VIDAL, Mgr. Real Estate Department
New Wellington COAL
Blacksmiths' Coal in stock.
Okanagan,  June     11.���The    sprintr
:e undup nf horses on tin- Indian re-
-���' : vMii-n   commi need   last   week,     Ir fl
is  later this  year than  nsnal
��� i the fact  thai  the animals were in
. i* :i   Imi.! condition  after    the    hard $
���.'., ei- r the owners    wished    to    .a
:'!<!!!  .:   chance  of  recoup  their lost J
fl sh mi.I regain sufficient strength I > J
stand the hard chasing Incldenl tothe !���<
roundup.   Aboul  inn riders nr*' in the .*!
."' 'le- this week after tin' wily cay- �����
e .
uses, which arc scattered fnr ninl near J
11111011-   tiie   hills   :uie]   valleys   nl' ili<' '��
greal Smith Half.   Ii is estimated Vy V.
��� ol  the rid rs thai there are in $
,: ���   neighl _rh 1 id of 20,000 horses on J
southern ; ortion of -li    re3erva- f\
tion, hut  a  much  smaller number t:i >;
i'i*' north.   The' bunch grass i.  in evi- *���
��� ���   ���   :!'-']' in the spring along tli.' ji
Iiii!-; le 3 sloping towards the C*>111 in - l*i
bii   ';    1 it is further north, nml it is J
1.' re  thai   the horsi s  fin I   their  way J
when the first Bigns oi spring appear. J
Tho  riders    participating    in    tin's .���!
roundup are principally  rndians,    al- >;
igh there are a f* w white men in
the   ranks.     Mosi   of the   whites  en-
n   dorses  on ft
i!e.>   reservation   years   mm e   and   who fii
no am- ���*;
There is a decided freshness abi
showing" of these seasonable garments for women
' nej
It dries hard over night, with
a high gloss, and
Many of the lines have been a little late in a^l
ing, but they open out now and renew our SJ
thereby adding to our reputation for the showing!
new styles, not just once a season, but every few��11
ive '$ Wears On the Floor
-Not Off
Snap anil water does not
mar ii.
It wears as well on Outside as Inside Floors.
Use it e.n year Inside
Floors, Veranda and
Porch Floors, Outside
and Inside Stairs or
Steps, and wherever you
want a durable
High Gloss Enamel Finish.
About (fie Wash Shirts
M ide . f     ��� at* rials    which  we
,. n  n ,    nm* nd  for laundryin?.
Skirts of White Picque, extra
quality and fullness, ea: i
$2.25 to
Skirts cf White Duck, each
$3.25 to $4.50.
Skirts   cf    White   Lawn,    ea   i
$3.CC to $3.50.
Skirts cf Strped Perc.-elc. ..I'o
shown in check patterns,
each $3.00 to $5.00.
Skirts cf Motted Prints, in the
best English qualities and
patterns, each $2.50 to $2.60.
t4A "-b^\
���h i v. '
mh v-
I'M '
m ���
P. O. Box  345
'Phone   105.
and enjoy to tbe full extent the beautiful
summer under the shady trees. :       :
We have a Large Stock to select from,
but don't delay ;   first come, first choice.
sag* d  are those  who  ran
the   reservation  years   a;
'never succeeded In gi tting all the ani- |
-mala with their brands    when    they ^X<4>>:<0>��>��>��>XO:****>:*
: quit the range.   It is these stray nni-   ���=r_	
mals they are after now.
A  surprising feature in connection
i v--ith the present roundup is the fart
: that Imt a small per cent, of the
horses are found to have perished during the severe winter jusi passed.
Tho large amount of snow, the shortage of feed and the long-drawn-out
cold weather all tended to found a
bi lief thai there would be thousands
of deal horses on the range this
spring. Jn fact, il was estimated at
one time that SO per rem. 0f the
horses would die. The present roundup Is proving this estimate far from
correct, as few carcasses have been
found by the riders.
Hardware, Monarch Ranges        187 Columbia St.    Tel. 65
I " Agents  for   'KLEENO" �������
Frias Owned Bonds.
Havana, June 11.���Tie.' friars of
Santo Domingo, who invested large
sums In Cuban lands an I bonds, nre
saiel to I e the chi< : swners of tli"
.270,000 in American money and Cuban si 'uriti* 3 fe. ind on th ��� two men
and * ne woman arres ed at Naples
Sunday on the arrival lh* ������ of the
sti Minshin   Lazi i   fr im   Ni w   York.
' 'n   May  m   merchant   by  the
name ��� ���' Rodrigui z announ ��� I thai  6
per . ent. gas    on Is to th    amouni of
'������ l,\.o i .     ,- . i    '      -.|g���    i     ....     |jjg    gafe
li.- suspected a young man,  Perfe
Sanchez, of knowing something abou
! ��� ii     isa] : ' arance.      S mchez    an I
Sist* ���   AI i-i,i.   il   v       h    tied,   -ai'. d
���Jew   York   aft* i   ,5,000  sv ������:���:-. of
the  bon :-   ��    ������  sold  in   the   marki I
en . Ro Irigtiez and a detective
named Rivas irrived in New York
late in May and learned thai a party
of three  who were registered  nt  the
f 1 ��
We stock the celebrated
Peter's Swiss Milk Chocolates, the most delicious of all confectionery.
Sold in packets.
Lemon's Milk Chocolate
in tasty boxes, the most
suitable of all gifts to a
young lady.
See Window Display.
THE DRUGGIST    -   Columbia Sf.
Shirt Waist  Suits
Combining style ..inl durabili1    I i a marked degree.
Suits of Checked   Percale,   In    b'r.ck  ,.nd white, with  Peter Pan cellars   and cuffs:   each   only   $2.C0 to $3.50.
Suits cf White  Spotted Muslin, trimmed   with   lace    and      nserti*
short   sleeves,   frilled   skirt; each $5.50
Suits   of   White   Batiste,   waist trimmed  with fine   tucks    and   nm
tions. full width  skirts:   ench $9.00.
j��   Suits  cf  Fine  White Lawn;   each  $7.50 to $9.50.
Black Silk  Suits,  with the new Jumper Elouse,    a  charming suit
extra   worth:   each $15.00.
k   Shop earlv. as this store closes at 5  p. m. daily except Saturday.
247 Columbia Street. New Westminster
phi ii tmmmmsmswsmswKsmBimmms��smm4w*s4MSM4msmKaMwwmswssa
Extra Good
New Stock Patterns
- OF -
lions - on Ash street, convenient  to car and Fourth  avei s
Fourth avenue, mod rn house, six    ioms, near ear iii."
2o acres on N'orth Road, unimproved,   firsl    class   soil
$'6:1 1
tt��*ui.-.5 ,-,.rr*'T.' .--v_"*.T_nA?pi.if.'.
3 ��� ,   '
r ���;���  '   ������
���    'A'
i    ^l\
for everyone, for all
occasions, and of the
very host quality, is
what you will always find.
_ .���_._. j��_��,��i���e��r��iI1��'''^'-tl'.'a. _������_.. ��� .i_*Bt��_iW>
Also L5*m>!is, ...;?jia/lncs. I\c'v,sp<ipcrs, &C.
******** * ***** fa>***** ****4 **************************
: Electric Railway Service |
. i .. i      i  :-.. C..-.I-...     c_-   ;^-    l..,lf l...,,.i,.     I.a    X
* Interurban   Line.
C: rs  for Vancouver and    wav
stations will i un every half-
hour fi mn D:50 a. in. to 11 '.'���'������i
p. in.
* City Limits Line���Service from
J      ti: J.'e a, iii.  i*i i i  ;>. in.
��  22 Minute Service���No transfer.
Hi tween 12 and 2 and 6 tuiei 7,
30 Min.te  Service���During n--
mainder of day. Transfer Rt
Leopold Place.
tween 8 a.m. and 11 p.m.
Sapperton Line.
15  Minute  Service from
Sunday   Service   half-horn Iv   be-   _
i a. |
in. io ll p.m., except between *
12 and 2, and 5 and 7, durin:; J
which hours the service will be *
half-hourly, ���
Sunday Service tialf-nourly _e- ���
tween S.30 a.m. and 11 p.m. _.
. . . ���  and =_ -
Dy Renting ' ine of (lur Long
Safe Deposit Box^s.
M S2..Q PEB �� UP
We o. rdially in\ it''
you to inspect them
at any time,    :    :    :
7HCS. R. PEARSON, Manager
217-219 Columbia St.
Also, a lol of I ively things in < 1IINA,
uital le for we dding c ifts.
Hotel  Ini leterra os     . . :: ������   I".
I- '. .ii,���! Adel," hnd "Gali
Adel" 'nl money thi rc 'm\ I hi; fl
was also learned thai Loi <���? an I
Mrs. Adel had sail" ' on thn Ln do for
it: ly, Rodriguez nrrang I Ihn gh
the Cuban sun., departmenl ror the
arrest of Ihe suspects In Italy and
' then li" and Rivas lefi for Itoly !n
pursuit. They planned ' i arrive al
Genoa aboul the same time, Rodriguez Is said to be the represenla-
llve in Havana of tho friars or Santo
Io Encourage [lie Growth-
Eas ter brook's
Imperial and Wfiole Wheat Flour
And i'i..' satisfaction to the Ladies by use of
Our Noted Pastry Flour
M pound, lil pound, and 19 pound sacks.
FRONT STREET. Telephone 333.
British CoJumbia Electric Uy. Co., Ltd
_ ���
+*>*it ********************* >���*****���* >������������������������������ &*******
Ilie Westminster Trust
and Safe Deposit Co., im.
Manager     :
Ten Chinarren Deported.
El Paso, Tex., .Tune IT.���Ten China-
men who had smuggled themselves
across the border were orcTered de-
I ported via San Francisco, for vrtifch
IK n they lefi lasi nighl tinder a heavy
Royalty   to   Visit   Brazil.
Rio Janeiro, June   11.��� \  tei* gram
1 from LisJ .ni am" inci a thai the Queen
of Portugal will ai compan    th    I lng
on his visit to Brazil.
Quality and Price"
When yon gel supplies for the pantry .you want them
fresh.     Then when yon want good
why don't you call on the man who makes a specially
of them, and get value for your money'.'
Edmonds Tea Co. ^���SL*mmm


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