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The Daily News Jun 7, 1907

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 aite, Shiles & Co
joiumbia St. Phone 85
White, Shiles & Co.
_, NUMBER 13!
V   0
Roys Meet Ath-
y-y, To-Night-Play in
5  ��� e on ihe Fourth.
.. .     in   th ���     base ba :
.   ;:.,,; the Vancouver
Q     n's   pari?   this  eve -
ideil ii] -��n ai  a si   cial
.   , xecutive of the Xew
[,'., . ball club   last   eve-
: llowing    meml
, E.    Hughes,    Fire
jf w     011|  Manager  A,   Cunning-
S ivce, Dr.   Briggs   im :
��� 'he   i atterj   fo    to
be C.  Lewi    and Dr.
inge    was    render* il
��� ; iiii iii cid* nl He
I. use nd, who Injured his
.r ;      ������          ago,
le em   is:   C.   L* wis,
ti-ij gs,  catcher;   W.   E.
Sells,    sei   nd
| c I base; T, J. Lewis,
. e, lefi field; St* In,
Sm;. i'M   right   flel I.     ll
,'ailable   in   rase his
��� |uired.
1 return      ie against the Athletics
!.. ��� .... ,1 fen- nexl  Thursday
o'i lock, when    the
In   Recreation  park,
:     - has   r* ������ Ived    the
from    Harry    Litton,
Blaine baseball team;
We in. s lay evening
iaii i lub, if was un -
I I  thai   an  Invil iti ti
lil ed to th? Xew West-
\'- ' nine i , piny a gam ���
.   I il;    ���!.   Indepen-
1   ��� let us I now at the
i  ���������:;'    ���   able to
I ������        'eiltv   LITTON,   Mgr
tminster men  are  a
��� dre   to   go   o\ er   to
".   and  an    ac-
���   offer ��:]'. !,.. mailed
"������  ��� .  b*   a  hoi
te    ���      ' ��� ���,  the boys
���   ' ��� I ��� ���   se :i-
...    adds
" of the Xew West-
swatters   to play  the
nue on America.  Boll on
Palefaces Put It All N'" ver
Red Braves in Patchwork
Game Last Evening:.
twelfth of July Gathering | George Small Thinks Better
En This City Will Be A
Memorable Event.
i  |i^H^H^HBo\vus-
.:       ..... elta
-i xhil Iti hi
li - . ������-,.���     . ���   ���
....      ij Wi    ���      ��� ���     Iel      ':���
oval     t  Quee
ning   ���     ��� ! ���
'....-'- ;   -.
Ici       .   : le.   Gre* ii   shirts,   and   ( ni i
ted     e     ...   ���
the   ���   eface   over his brothers ot the
Employers of Labor in Metal Trades      Tweif,h ��f Ju* *��>be�����*>��*
I remembered day by Xew Westminster
Lines, Foundries and the Like, Organize to Deal With Union Labor-
Affects Interests of 25,000 Workers
Seattle, ,lune        Empl    ers in  the  gathering to aid  in  th       rmatlon
Pin    ;, ig and metal        les  lini ���   the  organization.     Ud   was   promised
. n.     Preparations   are   even
ind* .  �� ay I r a monster < eleh  i
tion,   is Iiii h   w ill   take   ; lace   in   thl
:   - - .1   date,   .'���'   11    epresento
ol   .ell   the  Orange  lodges  from
��� e   Kamloops   will   assemble
- citj  to elo honor to King Wil-
if everlasting Boj ne wati ��� fa ne.
The ' el* bration will be Inaugm at-
. rvice in the loi   it Iran ������ hall,
Plan Would Be to Bring
Officials Here.
*________________________^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H|..i:ion;il  Fe^e^e^^^^^e^e^pih v.::,_
lodges,   attired   in   full   re.
:     . m  ��� heir  team
tick, the
t he 1        ' he i
be  v. hole -   : half of
: ��� -    iver boys,   Cl :i ��� nl
��� ...1   n   lit;. . ���'
upport  of any kind, ii
ormed within in the worl.: of the new  organiza
ast two ���   . Impi   ' - Th*   ol jects of the latti r were sm ��� el
and   .. ,-       lay by .1. V. Paterson, who sail;
b .    owi . ected in
the j^e____________________________________________
. ilia,
The United  Metal Trades associa-   livered   ley  many   prominent
tion of th*- Pacific coast was organ- j   'en.    (;'''l!l11     Master    McLaren,
Ionization   w* ompleted   Tuesdaj   iz* 1  to  promote and  protect  the in-
night at a meeting at Portland. These  terests  of the  members  representing
his race, J.  V.   Pate rson,   manag* r  of  the
���-..  Western!  b esired    Moran   company,   e chairman
the score might have been anythingiof the dele, ation  from  this  state al
and , nry   for  lhi        Ide,  but
they wer*   generoi       Tl   e
shots into tin    ;o I    ���-.-.
. ., thi
be   iel I.
Pa - Ins. oor  on
pla  :nr;   was   visibli   to
he ed   eye,  alth mgh   Sj ring  and
ith  managed  to dn  a   Html  sl ind    pl_y    during    the
ei. i -���   ��� '   th*   game.    Warwick  tried
a sen   -' mai method of cai i  Ing the
Becond  mum: ter  wl h hi;
. ���   Dsed,  and  was rewar led  by
Jbni SH ;     .  ��� lone   of   I he   > ��� dmen's
... ick   re] ose |   ���   sil     * n
':���   .���������:; - war 1 for a i iu I*   i f min-
���   analysing his  f*   :':ims.
A fe .' ire of tl:.   ���-MM"   n  ���    hi  consi am   ch nging   of   pos II on   the
v.'�� aten I team,  the  boys r earning all
rn ��� ���    the   field   al   their  own   sweet
('. D. Pi ��� le had n soft sn     as ref-
n '       ked as if Iip * I tin
the Portland me* I Ing.
The     oncerni esen ed    al    the
meel Ing  at   Po emploj  an  ag-
'     of  25,000   skilled   media-
ti ms in  the iron  working   lines  and
' ���   metal trades of the Pacific coast.
particularly In dealing with the lal
unions, the scale of wagi s, hours of
No definite policy has yet
ganlzatlon  will  unite all  empl i i
;������. .-. ���   ,..���,-��� ���;,.   25 000 Is m   le up   '������    '���'"    machin      .1 ips,    foun Irh   .
:....-���   in the    metal   : ' orks   and    h     like    ��� n      h
Rnd   In   th*      li m     working  d ast."
.... .  m   or. W.   II.   Corbett,   ; r* sidenl     of   the
The   new nization  :-  known as   '   ': ni���l e  fron   and   Steel   works,   is
th*   United   Me -   association    ' '  temporary  presiden    of the  new
ii the Pacific coast. Re esentatlves j * oration, and C. Gunn. of Portland,
the .rational ;' nders associa- is seer tary. Delegates were present
tion, of the Atlantic coast, which is fi a San Francisco, Seattle, Portland,
the largesl organization I employers Ta oma, Bellingham, Everett, Van-
In the iron  working lines In the east, j couver and Victoria.    B. C, Oakland,
HIHH ! America will he hold in Vancouver on
towards the end of June, when delegates   from  the following  places  wil1
������ nd:  Halifax, V S., St, John, X. B.,
i ���  undland,     Mon::. al,     Toronto,
��� ittawi .   Saull   Ste.   Marie,  Kingston,
i :on,  I lamllton and Wlnnl] :g.
Prior  in  the  meeting of the    Sti-
.������; i  1 xlge, the Koyal Black Knights
���  In land will hold the annual meel -
of  the   (Irani   Black   Chaptei   *
Jrilisli North America,
cii   on,
_______________Bu f n c n
atti n
A1 a m e (1 aH^H^I^I
Al ihi' mass meeting held      couple
i |     ago for the pm ;-��� le-
i i ling on sonji   I* finite a* tion   ���   ard-
���  ��� nt ol    ie i''m       rl..t
:, I, ii  was suggi ated  !.��� .1
of the speakers th it n depui i! lon b i
a| , olnti d to .-ne ompany .1. B. Ken-
n* :.���. Al. P., to Ottawa, and as lsl h tn
hi :.. itter 1 efore thi h mse.
* ii mentlng on ihis propo ��� I iction, George Small, who has always
had the Interests of New Westminster
at heart, an l  who took a  prominent
 la;'   I   th"  :;.oim;m_ in qiii'-ii."..  siat-
wlll   parade  to   Queen's   park,  ed   yesterday   thai   while  the deputa-
sultable  si ches  will  be  lie-   tion mighl  possibly do somethli ; to-
Orange-   wards the desired end, yel if some of
I   !)"' On awn   officials  cenild   I."   inelimert
Kamloops, who is at present Beriously   to   view   for   themselves   the   Praser
111,   may   noi   attend,   but    should    a   river, and realize the greal  posslbili-
'    ige for Hi" better take place be-   ties which a bettermenl of the chan-
; .-��� ��� a  now  and  the  twelfth  of next   nei would open up, il would _o more
nth,   the   local  members   sincerely   towards   Influencing the   government,
h    ���   to have  hlm   take   part   in   'b-  than any deputation could do In this
���   ration. matter.
The annual  convention of the Su-      "Let   the different   hoards  of  trade
In ihis matter," Bald Mr.
Sn ill, "and by joint resolul i ui -��� Im-
: : a upon the governmenl th i a Ivls-
abllity of sending oul men . ih as
Mr. Ames (whose able renin. - were
read by Mr. Kennedy al the meeting), and I believe it would be surer
v. iy of obtaining financial aid from
the government than by Bending any
deputati* ns.
"The special committee, which
meets Monday nfternoon to discuss
the subject* of the propose I leputa-
tlon, might do well to consider this
phase of the situation," conclude' Mr.
heen   adopted  as   to    '      recognition      '    '   Grand   lodge of British  North   cooper
Clash Expected Between Do- Ship Laden With Contraband
minion    and     Provincial
Governments Over It.
Watters  Demands  That ihe
���  be   Investigated.
Th Vie torln
c* unci!  met    lasl
P'im ��� ni   Wntters called the
d* r, an I st; ted that be-
������ ,:-   I  ���    ordinary
hed    ���,.     , --.;;,    the
such  time    ns    th -
ited      tin
I in i       temi nl
., Bechti '
'l i him ri
I offered to set.
u*l.ei  '  strike  if he
ide   rer-u    I ���..���  Mi
I n v*    .
I"    n 1    th*   Boil-
the      ;: illi : makon'
���  ���  on the mo-
In   ���      fflrma-
���'������ ,.
u .ii ��� i -������    resumed    the
to Sm-e-,;-! Crusher.
���    (lasl 11 !!���    -II-
wa-   male  lo
��� ll*    I    and
:"'i   ���     ' Unska
���    The   watchman
^^^B i
iei  In operation with
''   ���' 'i early   hour In
-.-*��� >n Sold to L~~~'. Man
for Coast  Service.
Ammunition    Blows
Killing Entire Crew,
.. ii
roclama ie a      New York.
.Illll"       |
I appears In the British Columbia Oa-1 Turkish Bailing
I zette today that the provincial  fish-j contraband  ammunit
���  -. B '���' ������
racti    I        !i   thn   fisheries
',' . -������ ��� -i  *'      ;       It i itlin* s -.. ��� m-
rj   -. . -1  ���    : ���   In    i    11   ind, in  a
w or rl ���______e^e_________i^i_Hi_____B'n' i I
N ' . ��� G. Thursl m,  \ hich has
'    \ ill iim >   ;:  ���
t wind       ���   ' ���     est co
eries,   has   been
her ov, ner,  to  E,  J. Fad* -
of Ni w Westmin! ti   . :���
ecel up the noi    ern coasl
.   . was  bulli   22  ye irs   t go,
���is  s mn 1   .     thi
Bh if Ohio
.  the  li:'" of    m. hi h   is  nl-
Ing.     The vessel   came;
id  ���        Horn during the    Klou-   province-Is conct
i  iptain Bradfoi .1 purchas-
���  a year and   i half ago
'I'he -��� iu :   niisse I    'nin;    fa-,
moiia   i ago,  wh n   (  ipi    Mlk-     ;'!     ''   ;':'    '     ;      conte, t  probabl
,, ���A   m , flnsh ' will arise ns a result between the pro
came to   S'ai   Imo    to
the   .rctl   trip    She
immediate- { Tri|i*^^^^^t^^ blown
.���lily   e
tminl -      ��� v..   as
c " mgsl!"
r Port  Zaraiss.
well     ; ������   ������ gil
at the time, wei
The vessel had a number <
,  , ���     I im
le a    with
o ind    ��� ir
:;       in
Hei   >
fishei    i  i
'��� drowned,
rifles .  id
em  thi
There is lit;!,
will -.:  ih wltl
hority   i'i
that win a i1
llu   li minion
.   | been tered,  h*
tw* to his  , I      v.
501 barrels of powder.
The   local   authorlt 1* -   leai ne
- he v.as al' ul   t ��� take advantage   if
tl       bsi n ���   of gu ird ships to tr,\   ������
.,    ���, oy her cargo on the beach. 'I In
."   ii|   ������   i . I d   i   body  of   i-i ������ '
,   .   bel mging to    : onge fishei ���
��� nl ih" landing,
Twenty-four   of   ihi .e bonl
nded tli    vei    I and tin   mi n we
lo -mnr ; nbi ird   nhen   i  I
explosion   nccurri .'.      The    ��� .
...       heard six      mill
il     Is in Tun       ��� ���   .i mtli
��' Tripoli.
Splendid   Window   D'splny   of   Fruits.
Cereals and Grains.
"A '������ w samples of the pi o In* ts
. ",vn iii New Westminster District,"
i 5 the notice    whh h    Burmounts    a
��� eli ndid exhibition of fruit, grain,
, .nl ;' : eals In the win li w of Messi -.
White and  ShileB' Rei I Esta     Offlc*
��� -i   i . In nl In   Btreet.
���; a -. I Ibil is prol a 1; one of ;| ���
most ..""('live I'eirnis of advertlsin ���
I nm ng hind in Ni w W* sl min ��� '
II ��� Ic! that has yel appeare i In th ���
citj The fruit, n !:ie-;i i on lists of
.���Mil is. plums   ;" pi*   .  grape
���el othei vm letles, are I i herm* I -
loall bi ah 1 bottles fill d with a li i-
uid which, while pi ��� ���. ing I he con-,
tents, loes nol In an wa di trai I
fro a the luscious app* arai of the
The  samples  of  gr; In,   which,   like
,! ������ fruit, hive withoul exception be i n
.ei   in  this  district,   -.vei il_   sl tti
. ���.   nrlson   with  an thing  ��� i iwn   in
any   part  of  the   Di mini in      \l-
White and  Shiles   * in    congratulal
ii ii elves    on   their    exhibil   which
i   lo more to pn m Inti
-. r tii" New Westmin t* disti Icl I linn
any amount  of talking.
���   a
Real  Estate Men Protest.
Conaid* rable disi ussion    ha i
. y      a of lal    hi    ig  real
uu -i   r    irdlng i   res .:-;' lon ���     ���   I in
coucil  ahout   two  months  ago     The
lutl -i   ..mm t . the effect,   ' a    in
future   i'i rsons   wishing   to su   livide
cl ��� acr  tgi  musl undi rtake -    rough
grade  all  lnt< rsi cl ing  Btrei   -      fore
thi Ir pi ins foi      . _ mid
: ,   ved o   I     the i '<- ���   council, caused
a general feeling   igalnsl the    i   istivo
it the time,    Since then  re il esta*e
li    ��� have, been going Into the rnal   i
and  have' held  a  couple of  i tags
-. hii li the obnoj Ion      i was
fully  discussed.    The  upshot   of  th i
. ppo Ition is  thai  n  deputati in  i   n
sisting   if Messrs. .Ulii..  Vttlal,  Dauphinee and   Bacchus  has    bei 1     ��� '"
poinl   :    ,  wall . i  the civi    : I '���'-
���it   the committee    n lng
c* ��������� ii  :!i     ...  ning   to end* ivo    i ���
3ie uade  the council   from
the resolution.
Teach I.eijro Escapes From Jail With
Gun Play.
Discover New Seam,
.i ine 6.���General acth
'.     i: !    ".-'.-.    B.    i
���      on,    I
I i "...   iaii   lie:
it .nre
Successful  Garden Party.
Thi rtj   given    by    the
Intlii -  ��� lon   circle  *
Queen's A vei h on
the   Colin ill '.' inds   I isl
.   nin . A pro-
��� a: of   .iolln
and   i/o endered
b        .      i id-  i   do, roi
low   I by Miss 1 ;,;t a ri
which  were well  ren leretl
kout Drops.      ���	
Ieen,    .Inn Mr-
lis city's <1        eh         lasl Turkish   Cricjandc  Carry  Off  _  Dutch
iffered n                         0 In gold Baron.
..   , sltlve ]    of th      . '���      oul '         ��� -' n    '       lune           \
or an    ii        Irug had been dl ��� from Smj rna re]        tl      Baron
������          Vbi    een 1           Ited 1 ��� ������       Irn, a nn             f tl
the men wh           '      I     en cently ' nown   Dutch   fan Ilj         thi I   nn i
ind fl   :':���::���    I i    the   wat* i captured 1    brigand   I   ��� Thui
Prof,  ahoul this cit;        I i   furth*    reward dn   evening at his fai   i near Smyrna.
of  -i    10  for  the   irrei    and convlc-      The  Dutch  li tion, In calling    ���
citation,   linn of the  person oi    ...   ms  u In Porte's  attention  to  t'1-.   affair,    r*
s property,  The   *
mlng I, and t
Is being put ii       I*
... . ���
ed   I -
"i    ���   li   mo     i   ti   ai   m     -
m    ntlrel;   n        i   n   of coal
In . be* n dlscovi This    n* '
��� -
.   '   Id
��� h il
e        v.ho
��� :
n ���  had   been   pi ic   I
Cn    "   with malicious Intent,
"   "I '" th   gate, flood-
'   v'i" i" heavy  pressure
lshe'' belting had torn and
'���> Place, therebj Bavlng the
:i"  ation bin thai some
���    ���'  deliberate attempl  t���
' :"--    Pr sidenl  Suth-
;|   reward of  $600  for
"' lea'"ng to the conviction
,l,v Party or parties,   <;..,,.
J   '"���"'���' Is expressed In ihis
nii"" officials MadI nothing
'Wlcatlon bul ii is known
oave taken stepa to ferrel
-,i       ���,[, j the same.
Clarh and Mrss K. McBrlde followed      Thl     iffer  Is   mt oi     Instance
with   vocal     ilos, both   voung  holies  ���, iny thai  show the extenl to whh i
i oing In ��� ���  ��� llenl voice. I i city has bi i n Btlrn I i y tho r ���
After n    horl interval In which all ���   igedies revealed by the float-
present   i ire"- I  themselves  with  lce|lng bodis round along the waterfront.
lues i id   thai   no  troops    should
��� si e.i to the si ot, In ordei   h     the lil -
of the capl Ive  mighl   n     b*   ���
ll  Is believed thai the members
team was found on th ��� hill above t   > ,n l,,irs,|i wl)     " ��� :i
tunn* I, and   Is   some    l< ve a   feel   In  -:|;1 ""   ' and stood   tha
depth,    Another sei tn has also been '
' mnd  in  the  vicinity,  an '  then     e     ���      "
every   Indication,  thai   the   property  supposed to b
,vill prove i'  much    more    profital
��� iditcer than even  Its mo I  enthus-
la    - admirers   havi     dr* imed    of. Wine ^^'^ Serious.
'There is nol the slightest doubt that
��� ou' i
cream, strawberries and othi r re-
i , h nents, Miss Maxwell gave a
violin sola an I the L  Hi    Olee club
family have succeeded in ' one of the finest coalfields In the pro'-1 commission, the members   of   which
The desire   to  thoroughly  slfl   the
!< rhs  of  the  dead   i odies   is   not
confined to the managers of the ten-
of the college then  render* I sev   nl  derloin resorts alone, bui Is expressed
selections,   The lawn was Illuminated  by all .-lasses.
I by Chinese lanterns, which presented
obtaining h's release on payment of
a ransom, for which, in all probability,
the Turkish government will be held
ls localedJH^^H^B do
���   ��� nol     im . ��������� the   iltual lon
in  th*   - in   di Jtrlcts    :  Fr ince and
Algeria, was turned In yesterday,    ti
very pretty effect
Young   Singer's   Triumph, ' ahows the situation everywhere to be
_ Mireel, dune i;.--Miss ii. (iaipm,  mosl .rave, and   l*  ,.  i i thai  unless
dxteen years old, pupil of Miss Mar- rennBdlal     st.ps   are   taker.     mosl
ler, this city, scored a triumph al a  promptly a condition similar to that
concert  in  Knrn hull lasl  night    She  which  prevails in fhe south  will arise
Rome, June fi.���Tho  people of the  ging a trench at 1015 Key street yes-j sang the Bohemian Bong from    Car-  In the other wlne-produclng districts,
village of Qlardlnl,  Sicily,  attempted   terday  wei     amazed  by    discovering j men, and was   brought   back   seven | The    commission    recommends    the
Attempt to  Lynch  Abbe.
Gold  In   Bellingham.
Bellingham, Juno B.���Workmen dl_r-
.,    Brand  yesterday to lynch an abbe, because placer gold in shovelfnlls   of   earth. I timeB by the audience    One man i��� I nrnh,Mn~~r~7"~���   '.  ~"
I,,.    ,;-yei���-old|,n   Ihecourse  of  a  sermon    he ���e-   Th^fl^ created  general Interest in j the  audience presenting Z Z   .{ZT^ ^T^fcTSS
;,"lis|' the guilty ones
C2ir's D.i.u(]|lter III.
St,     Petersburg,    June1
)ilclli"-'S     Aliisli-.il.     th^	
daughter of Emperor Nicholas, is illi Inounced Garibaldi as a spurious hero,  the neighborhood and it is said placer! check fo. -$1,000 in order   that   sho'iiae^r -       	
and  ii  is reared she has diphtheria, i The abbe had to appeal to the pro- operations will be started there inthe  mighl  _ti_dy abroad     Grilles nredict ttel  ' ii ,"'1n!cals  s absolutely essen-
Th ���..,,      Ib caring for the child tectlon  of the  oarbineera to escape Immediate future,   The find ls near a brilliant   future   for   this   wnniZJ   '''^ ��  recommenihition  to
personally,                                          j from the mob. the home of City Engin       Qerhard.|singer.                                   ���              '^eoum^^                  '*"**   - THE   DAILY   NEWS.
'.    ._*
This is the label that guarantees
richest fabrics, finest tailoring1,
newest styles and unmatch-
a_l  a able values.
It is a good thing- to look
for ��� and a geed thing to
It goes in all
"Progress Brand"
Suits and Overcoats    M
Is it in your clothes?  It should be.
H.   L.  de BECK
Building- lots in the City of New Westminster are in strong demand.
Prices are good and values are increasing. The city sale held recently demonstrated the value of Westminster property and established prices at a sharp
advance over prevailing quotations.
Here is your chance to secure choice lots at less than market value:
We will send t. any
address, pos( pre.
paid, a
Good Tooth B
and a 25-cent box
Tooth Powder
New lot Stamp Mat pj
terns just to hand.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^     Chickasaw Female Students
Jllly la 2, 3 and 4     Make Pact to Marry None
,  But Palefaces.
$ 1 5,000 I
Horse Racing,
and Prizes!
Formal opening by the Hon. G. H.
V. Bulyea, Lieutenant Governor of
Besi Stock Show in the West
Charlotte, X. C., June fi.���Twelve
Indian girls of the Chickasaw nation,
in Indian territory, have written lo
President Winstone of the State Agricultural college requesting his aid in
setting white husbands.
The  girls  state  they  have' entered
into a iiaet to marry none but  whit
men.    They have much land and the
think  students at    the    Agricultura
college   will   make   the  right   sort   of
President Winstone read the letter
to  the  students  today  and  it  created
enthusiasm. Fifty students have writ
ten replies to the girls.
The lots in Block 32 are in the heart of a rapidly growing residential section,
they front on graded streets 66 feet wide, only three blocks from the Vancouver
tram line and the same distance from the city car line. They are 63x93 1-2 and
46.9x120. The upset prices are: Lots 5, 6, 7 and 12, $450 each; 8, 9, 10 and 11,
$500 each. This is less than the market value. Some lots in the same block are
held at $1000 each.
Richmond  Council.
Reduced  Railroad  Rates from
all Points.
Mme.   M.  Fiske  and   15  New
York Artists on the 2nd.
Driving Club Races every evening.
For   full  information   apply  to  the
Look!   Look!!   Look!!!
'���'" JUST   ON   THE   MARKET
Vancouver manufacturer needs
good men to represent the very latest
aowdiy. Agents coining money. Get
��� i'i.-... start working for yourself.
Everybody buys on sight. Profits ov^r
one hundred per cent. Don't waste
time asking Coolish questions, but
send one dollav for finest samples in
America. ,
The Phoenix Company,
Space I. 135 Granville St., Vancouver
336 Hastings St. W., Vancouver.
Bookkeeping, Gregg and Pitman
Shorthand, Telegraphy and Engineering.
Seven  Teachers
torty-Five   Typewriters
Sti dents Always in  Demand.
R. I. SPiW., B. A., Principal
in the
Kenney's  Restaurant
Open All Night
At the regular meeting of the Rich-
iiioinl council held on Saturday, .Inn
I, the reeve and all Uio councillors
were present. The minutes of thc
previous meet ins were read and adopted.
Nel3 .Nelson requested to know how
, much the council required for a road
and the clerk was Instructed to furnish   description  for  a  66   foot   road.
The honorary secretary of tf. ���
Steveston Citizen's league notified
the council of the resolution asking
the reeve., ninl councillors to use every
means in their power to have a water
supply brought to Lulu island as soon
as possible and stating thai the unanimous opinion of the league thai no
other public work is so important or
beneficial to the municipality at the
present   time.
Councillor Tilton was empowered
to let a contract for a ditch on lhe
north siele of the Robinson road.
Reports were received from the following: Health officer, mad overseer 'imi clerk re clade for grad.r,
chief of police, Councillor Tilton and
i Councillor Atkinson. Councillor Til-
inn's reporl stated that he ha I Iel a
:" .ontraei for cutting one mile and a
few rods of brush on Xo. 3 roa I at
* $35 per mile nnd Councillor Atkin-
I son's reporl stated that he ha 1 let
j 'i contracl to dig a ditch on No. _
J   road al  $L'._."e per rod.
The resignation of Chief of Police
Morrison was accepted and on a vote
by ballot being taken, G J, Miller was
M;   olnted chief.
On a vote E. \v. Sexsmith was appoint! el road tax c illei tor al a c im-
mlssion of 12 i -2 i ei < ent, i m collection .
The clei l; was Insl rucl ��� i to wrl ������
the pound keeper thai he inus' nol
allow neo] 1" In Steveston lo tether
their e ovi s 'en the si reel -.
,\ large deputation of residents and
taxpayers attended with a view t >
ascertaining what *teps were being
taken in the meeting of the reconstruction of the. bridge over the Xorth
Arm and n committee consisting of
the reeve, Councillors Tilton nnd
Trites and Mr, Cowan, solicitor for the
municipality, was appointed to Interview the governmenl anel gel some
definite statemenl as to what assistance they were prepared to give In the
construction  of the  bridge,
Orders wer*. given thai notices calling attention  to  the  Noxious  Weed
Block 5 is also in a popular residential district, being only four blocks from
the city car line and only one block from Queen's Park and the Exhibition
grounds. These lots are in a locality where building lots are in good demand, and
where they will rapidly increase in value. There are 30 lots in this block. The
end lots are 47x132, and the side ones 44x142. The upset prices are: Lots 1 to 6,
inclusive, $125 each; 7 to 15, $75 each; 16 to 30, $125 each.
Terms of sale: One-quarter cash, bal. 3, 6 and 9 mos., 7 per ct.
The  Sale  will  be  held
Monday, Ju
at   8   o'clock   sharp,   at  thc   offices   of
WI     llf 17 D D      Real Estate B��>l��r and
276-278  Columbia Street
and W|
$250 Reward
Deserted    trom    I i* ���
Woodford, at the    l'.        gin
Sawmiiis. a Chilian, in,    ���  i ,
DS, five feet nine Inch*    In beigb
sallow complexion, fa
stoop  in   siioui lers,  t*
overalls    when    la~-      ��� .1
above reward will be | ild byt_|
captain of  the  S.S.  Wo Iford
anyone giving Inforn |
lhe    apprehension    ol
Westminster Iron M
Ornamental   Iron   wor_,  lncr.
Fences, Gates, Fire Escapes, etc.
Mail oielers nnd correspondent
I /Ited.
N'ew Westminster. f. U f|
Manufacturer of
Mineral Waters, Etc]
Aerated Waters,
Family Trade a Specialty.
Tel. 113. Office, Eighth 8:w
Sccond-Hand PI ANOJ
Rushton & Spec
We  also  do all  kinds
of   general   repairing
Sign   Man  on  Wheel.
Columbia St.
Xew We itmlM
Phone 2 73
sinking fund and Interesl in the gen-1
eral loan bylaws 18S8 and 1891, there
now being a sufficienl amouni in
sinking fund tei provide for the pay-
meni of debentures Issued under the
provisions of the said bylaw al their
On  the  reporl  of t he. finance t om- e
mittee,   accounts   to   the   amouni   of
$11,271.51 were, ordered to be paid.
��� ������������  bylaw be posted ns soon as possible
'/\a r    j      r t      n    i   in    i   j      The  Liquor License    bylaw   Intro
>00 Cords of Tan Bark Wanted a>.<���,.., by r���������
fluMil  Tax  bylaw  ,
cillor Dixon passed the third reading
At the
rraser River Tannery
cillor Tilton   and  the
Road Tax bylaw Intro luced by Coun-
Highest Cash Price Paid
Councillor Dixon gave notice of motion to introduce a bylaw under the
provisions of subsection 2 of section
::: of the Municipal Clauses acl to
provide for tli*1 reduction of the am-
ADVERTI3E IN THE DAILY NEWS.'onut   heretofore   raised   annual!
School Without a Staff.
London. June ti-���Owing to the rejection of the new sea!*, of salaries by
the teachers, the West Ham National
school, London, is practically withoul
i .tell'. '; he managers brought pressure upon one teacher, and as -he.
still refuse I to accepl the terms she
was dismissed, Five other tea< hers
In tiie school have senl In their resignations in protest againsi the manager's action.
Tie  ���
TOTAL  ASSETS  OVER   45,000,000
We welcome small accounts an'! pay interest four times
a year i n Savings Hunk deposits.
F.  B.  LYLE,   Manager.
English Watchmakerl
Two   doors   frmn   Geo. Adams, Gro*<]
Ladles'Gol I Watches 1\ ' " *'275^
Gentlemen's   Silver   Wa
face, ,6.co.
Gentlemen's Silver  Wat ;   |
case, $7._o up.
Agent for the celehrate I
Watches, supplied   to   the
Arctic Expedition.    All war
Chains, Rings, Jewelry, etc., el
Watch   repairing:    charges   rew
able. '
Following is the location an I '
ber of the Are alarm boxes In Ihed
8���Royal City .Mills.
7���Carnarvon and Tenth.
8���Koyal avenue and El '
D���Fifth avenue and Twelfth.
12���St,   Mary's   Hospital.
13���Second and Park Row,
14���Columbia and  Dufferln
23���Queen's avenue and  Sixth.
21���....nl avenue and Second,
26���Fifth  avenue ami   Fourth.
26���Fifth avenu,. and  Eighth,
27���Third avenue and Tenth.
S2���Agnes and Sixth,
84���Schaake  Machine. Worl ������
35���Columbia and McKenz'o.
38���C.P.R,   Station.
42���Small am  Btickland   Ml"
iy+\S LAV. JUNE 7, 1907.
'anadian Pacific
[Victoria Day Excursion,
esoldto all local points at
the round trip.
,n    ale   May 22, 23 anel 24;
��� ,���! up to May '2b.
ED. CUl l.l-T,
C. F. K. Agent.
.\,.w Westminster.
"Quality and  Price"
When >"'' get     ipplies  :'. ;��� the pantry  you wart them
1' en ;    m ant good
..   i cail   m th*  man who makes a specialty
of them, anel get value for your money?
Edmonds Tea Co. .LtT c"���Wa"""ce
rand Trunk Ky.
cellent Train Service Between   uflll    0^t\J___4l___i^i     JLJv_/\__JlYl5
icago, London, 	
Hamilton, Toronto,
lontreal, Quebec,
Portland, Boston,
prii :ipal business centers of
il EBEC and  the MARL
IlLADELPHIA, via Niagara Falls.
TaMes, etc., address
,      ii Gen'l Passenger and Ticket
Ij _dams St., Chicago, III.
i Transcontinental
Trains Daily
. .el een the Famous
I ��� I ted train.    Low Rates.
li     . me. Excellent Service'.
*W York, Chicago,
Our  Refrigerators have perfect air spaces
surrounding the entire refrigerator.
We have Zinc and Enameled Lined Inside
Screen  Doors and Windows.
Curtain Stretchers of different kinds.
Call and see us.
Doctor Opens A Choking
Youth's Throat With Pocket Knife In Nick of Time
St. Catharines, Ju ��� 6 S- I] Mc-
cmn. a Merritton ��� i i in, had a
nai row escape fn v ch iking
today.    While ��� ���������'.;���'. .   tauranl
a  large piece of  . , in    pis
throat, and the effo -   ise near
ly   t-i relie e hii i seless.
Just as the 'm stan lers nl given up
hei; im nnd after McCaim h ' becom*
���.I ick in the face, Dr. iie rod of Thor-
eelel drove pasi and was spe< rtllj summoned. The doctor had no ins
ren ms wiiii him, an I, seeing tha
a case i        e *     death, cut    n
11    ell    hole    ill    Illi'   MM1        ���,.       ,,,;,.,- .
al  w i h his   io ���        find th-'ii
���       ���..   meat   through   th     man
m h  v, ii i, pis finge In 'liis lii.in-
���2--  life wns save I. Mc* 'ann  was
taken to the G. un | M, . where
he Is resting eusii h still In
rathe     a serl        co ion.
- mmmm. ...-___________w.
T. J.  TRAPP & CO.
Dec|ener..!ice   of   Peasants   Attributed
to  Want of  Meat.
B. C. Mills, Timber and
Trading Company
,Manulact..ri rs and Dealers in All Kinds  ot
Berlin, June ���-.- Some curious sta-
__  tisiies   come   from   southern     Baden.
During   the   rec* nt   em oil enl   of re-
I   emits in the Lindau and   Allgau dis
tricts, out of iinl young men HMdi- for
j   service', only twentj  were found who
(   were tip to the physical standard re-
, quired le.'.' the military authoi Itie s, 217
J were place.el on the doubtful list, anel
j the unusual number of :>;7 were put
I aside as  wholly  unfit   : -' acr;..,. sei
{ vice.
I ll se* ms that the pei      il ry In those
j districts were, at one time among the
j mosl robust in the empire, but owina
j In the first  plae*   to the dearness of
j  Lumber,    Lath,   Shingles,    Mouldings,   Sash,    Doors,   } meat, and to the fact that milk, which
Toronto, St. Paul    }                lnterior Finish,    Turned Work,    Etc.                j "**   '" ':'       thelr       '    '
J of food, is now carefullj  collected for
Fish and Fruit Boxes.                                          i cheese  factories,  their    h> tque lias
t              c��     i    Dl   ���_   c-J   V ,���.... r*l..__                      t il,nli '" :l danget      .    low level. Their
,                 Large block rlam and fancy Uiass.
I                                                                                                                         t rlncipal food for years has been po-
1                                                   ���"���""'"���"                                                  ( '.'���-   iie.l    kimmed milk.
Not only Phonographs. Graphophones
ana Victor Talking Machines can dc
purchased at TODD S Music House,
but also tne finest Pianos manufactured
in the Dominion or Canada.
New Westminster s  Music   House
Iteamsl ets on sale t<> all Luro
I     M    Mis.
fecial   Reduced    Ratfs    Round    Trif
I Rotes to  Southern   CaliToe-nia.
tion call on or write
i'. E, LANG, General Agent,
I St., Vancouver, B. C.
'.   l.i. CHARLTON,
Portland, Ore
!  Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining.   {
The White Pass
lam .1 Yukon Route ;
Lumber Drive  Under Way.
Roblln, June 5.- The    eai ly lumber
Irive  here is  well  under  way.    The
j   backward spring Ins kepi the drivers
HORSE,   DAWSON   and *
KKS,     Daily   trains   (except ��
ying   pas sengers,   mail, *
i  r* i     rt*.     rj i      n   1        1 ���     Ci "    ':"   she" rlver flllly *iN  WI"'K;
I Koval uty Branch, LoSumbia ot.
4 J J 7 I of the water will easily make up fo  I
{ Telephone  12. New Westminster   t ,��� two ,,,,.. ,,,;,- time.   Th* '
 ,  driving.    II.  I.  Stevenson,  wii<>  is  in
**************************f>***********+*+**+******+% '' Hanbur stated:
* ? ' '.'���  . I;   100 M-. n ai    en   loved.  Four
��� Established 1887 Incorporated 1906 ��,
*    *    *...*:.  * ������ ���*  ' *    *    �������    ���    ���    ���    ���:���::���    ���
��� .. AT ALL PRICES .. *
.     ���>   .*-y:*by*;y:.*-y.*    *    **    *    *    *'   *  :*"..*'������*
I    freight    connect    with *
and White Horse, *
e thn iugh v, inter service o��
ii  information apply to t
GERS, Traffic  Managei, ���
Vancouver.   B.  C ���    WELLINGTON     LUMP     CCAL
LEY 5R05. Ltd!
WhoSesale and Retail
he Milwaukee
!      Pioneer  Limited"   St.   Paul  to
m   "Short   Line"   Omaha   to    *    CUMBERLAND   FORGE  COAL
-   in   tin-   service   on   any   *
i  in  tl ������  world  that  equal  in
I! ;.    ���. lebrated   Cemi nt   is
t that of the Chicago, Mil-    *  used b) nearly all large coi  r cl
'    Paul   Railway.      Hiey    J  (i|    n   ��� .  Province,
te their own sleeping   * .,,_
illl their trains and   %   R0SE:/'NK LIME'
lllon and n hall feel      .    been cut,
��� Thei"  is      : imoi   to tl      i	
the firm   v 111    emo\ ���       -������������   Bi nnd in
in Winnipeg: next year,    \nothi r n
���..   rkin. h the    Shel 1
v     I:      illion i    t in the i Iv* i.
Pope  Receive?.
me. June G.   The pi n   I i lay re-
d in ,��� Ivat*    u II* nc*   Sir Wilfrl I
NEW   BRUNSWICK   PLASTER.   *     ,.,,,,,       ,. ,:]   ;;,,;m,,   :,,   p.   p.
FIRE     CLAY     and      MANTEL   *
���'��������� <'an.i linn    minister    ol
*    marine and  fishei les, an !  their  fnm
t   interest the ] lade by the ) lo- 1
ilicB.    The pontiff lnl  n ed his vlslt-
rs thai he foil iwe I ������������ Ith n      tionai
,'.',,      ,,    ,.    ���   i:rK;��wrir+ziA?:'m.'msnwn^
Fi  mi -. he l layburn < lay t o.   *
ORA.N     TILE,   |    y0UR    GR0CER   SELLS
to ral e go   I stock Is good FEED.   We keep the besl and tiV.1
be ��� only    Make your chickens In    by giving them good feed.
Strengthen your live slock  by  building up  bone  anil  n.''^.''"-
and  m - CAItNETAC.
LADIES bave you tried the Pasti) Flour made by the Eburne
Milling Company. If not Telephone 33.'. ind try It; the results
obtained  are excellent.
FRONT STREET. Telephone 333.
���         ;;::;1' "  | Telephones: Office IG,   Manager's Residence 22 | 1
3  ROWE, General tfgent.   *************************< �������������������������������������������������������������������������������
rd St.. cot Alder, Portland. Or. ��� ��� ������ -
'���'ins Everv Day in the Veir
Minneapolis, St. Paul
and Chicago
, 'j-    NORTH-WESTERN.    LTD.
"'""     's the newest    and best ideas
.        . XURY.     It is  lighted  with I
| Incity   and   gas;   the   most
"���y   illuminated   train   in   the
"ie   equipment   consists   of
'"ompartrnent   cars,   standard
^     "on sleepers, luxurious dining
��� '"lining chair cars  (seats  free),
L,"   (la>'  coaches   and   buffet,   li
l,r?''.v ��nd smoking cars.
rime Tables,  Folders,  or  any
' information  call  on   or  write
Second Avenue, Seattle, Wash1
B U LLE T I N����^
Northern Railway
Round-Trip  Rates
Tickets on sale [June 6, 7, 8.   For full
information call on or address
fhe Canadian Bank of Commerce
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000.      Reserve Fund, $5,000,000
:n, i'
! ni. ALEX.   LAIRD,  General   Mine _er.
Business may L*e transacted by mail   with   nny   branch   nf  tha   Bank.
Accoun opened, and deposits made or withdrawn by mall,    Every
ittentii tn oul e.f-town accoun K
Bank of Montreal
F. C. MEYERS, A^ent
Bank of Commerce Bldg.
CAPITAL $14,400,000.00
RESERVE       $11,000,000.00
Branches throughout Canada and Newfoundland, and  In  London,  England,
New York, Chicago and Spokane, U.S.A., and Mexico City.    A (Jen-
h. iwu.Mi'U.-- <.K iKM.v.ie,     tot,-, eral Banking Business Transacted.
Telephone 194
Nexi sailing from Queb. i, May slat, \ LeUersv��fi.,<;r<:dit is""L"'' aVi'"al''0 WltL ('or,-ef!"oni,ents lu :l11 D&rt8 "r ,he
for other dates nnd partleulara <ef ro- '        ,       _ '',   _ ,_.       ,, ,    , , - _,
Savings Bank Department,     Deposits roceiveil In sums of $1 and upwards,
ductons in fares, apply to ,,,.,,,. o , . -.    j,  .
ninl Interest allowed ut 2 per cent,  per annum  (present rate)  added
C. P. R, Agent.
Agent for ail Atlantic S.S. companies
four times a year.
Total  Assets over $108,000,000.00.
i    .
G. D. BRYMNER, Manager. frid;
Published by the Daily News Pub-
shing   Company   Limited,   at   their
.dices,   corner   of   Sixth   and   front
streets, New Westminster, 13. C.
E.  A. Paige Manager
On chemical analysis WINDSOR TABLE SALT has been
proved to contain 30 % !e.s impurity than the seven othei principal
salts on the market.
Transient display advertising, 10
cents per line (nonpareil), 12 lines .o
the inch. Five cents per line fo;
Subsequent insertions
questions enough, on*' mighl  fear
keep the typical Hoar'! of Arbitr ition
i r-y for ei  mont'.i.    As to the  wor' -
ing of !'.'.*��� law, the published corres-
Reading notices, bold face type, 20 pon(jence between Prof. Adam Shortt
cent* per line brevier or nonpareil, |    fl tho Mlnlster ,,,- ,_.,,������. shfnvs that
ForDUmer contracts,   special   posl- the men's application for the appotnt-
tlons, apply to advertising mana. er.      men) 0f a board wns received by the
Notices " of    births,   marriages   or Minlster of L,ab0r onlv on  April 20,
T^llooJt^kX^ ^ while the interesting letter in which
I#r word. No advertisement taken j Prof. Shortt, who had been chairman
for less than 2b cents.
Day  Office    A22
Night   Office    B22
FRIDAY,   JUNE  7,   1907.
\    lispatch   from   Nanaimo     which
of the board, summed up the work
done and tmtlined the way In which
it had been done, was dated from his
home at Kingston on May 20, a bare
month havina: thus sufficed tn furnish
a complete; Illustration of the successful application of the Act. The
actual proceedings before the board,
ns a matter of fact, lasted bul three
days,  during   which     time   an   agl -
ment was prepared covering all .he'
knotty points Indicated above, and
we may be very sure that many of FOR SALE
the conclusions arrived al will Influence eonditions outside of the oar.
ticular class of employees whosi
grievances wer*' ventilated.
patters are figuring only on  how far [
revision   when   it    begins    will    go."!
The   Philadelphia   Record   says    "tlu
manufacturers     know   thai   they  can
keep  their hemic   trade  and   compete
successfully  for    the trade  of other,
nations," adding thai the tariff which
was  a help  to  Infant  industries, lias.
become a hindrance to adull and i s
tablisbed  undertakings  thai   only  ask
for a  free foot   and  fair play  in  the
world's  markets.       The'   Washington
Post, always well-informed, gives another reason in favor of tariff reform
which,  ir declares, is hound to come, '
for "the Republican party is too full
of discontent  and  disgruntlemenl   to
tolerate  the   dictation  of  the   stand- j
palters   much   longer."       The   Boston
Herald   believes   revision  must   take!
place In order "to remedy a situation :
that   may   become    menacing to   the>
foreign trade of the nation."
WANTED���Waitress,     apply     immediately,  at   Kenney's  restaurant.    If
WANTED���Girls   to   learn
Apply 217 Front  street.
Swaini'. corner
Sixth  avenue.
J.   NIELSON,   express  and   baggag"
phone  215, corner  Fnint  and    Mi
Kenzie streets.
WANTED���Young man, new arrival,
wants :i permanent job, any description; willing; has good references. Apply Tyrone, Daily Xews
we. printed yesterday conveys the in-
telligenee thai a big excursion comes
from thai city to New Westminster
July 12, and adds:
i  ���   Royal City people  will    now	
hav*   a   chance'  to demonstrate    how ���
thej    expected  Nanalmoites    to    re-: TARIFF REFORM.
celv*   them  on  the occasion  of iheir      The people  of   the   United   States
visit here lasl year." seem'  to  be  learning  how great   has
An I the Nanaimo Free Press, writ- heen the- folly Of their protectionist
ing ii the spirit of the above-quoted policy. For many years the voice of
sentence, requests the" Daily News to ; common sense ami sound politics was
I"" in its pipe and smoke certain a voice crying in the wilderness, bill
paragraphs  from  Vancouver papers,    a greal change has come in these lat-
Now we beg to say, first, that we ter days and a greater is coming in
prefer to leave, pipe dreams tei the the nea|&_iture. The "stand patters"
Free Press, and. in the second place, will make a greal fight, of course;
that 'he paragraphs referred to have the beneficiaries of Protection will
nothing in the world to do with the'not surrender their profitable gra''t
question before the house, which Is, wlthoui a desperate struggle; but
the reception accorded by Nanalmo eo.the Democrats, should they attain
the. "citizen's picnic" from New power, could hardly avoid the enact-
Westmlnster, last  summer. ment of large measures  of tariff  re-
As to the subjeel proper, the Free form (using that word in its proper
Press  ought   to   know  that   the  Daily  sense),   ami   many  of  their   foremost
News   saiel     nothing    aboul    it.     It men would not avoid it if they could.  Printer's Ink Tells���Try
simply gave a report of the proceed-  while    influential     Republicans     are
ings at a certain meeting.    That re-  more and   more    loudly    demanding
port was printed as an Item of news,  such    reform,    as    quotations    from
nd i     ll did nol seem to require com-I some of    their  leading papers  show.
$."e    a     hi vi
Ninth   Btreet
I will sell (luring the REMAINDER OF THIS
MONTH ONLY, several 15-Jeweled Walfliam
Watches, with 20-year case, written guarantee, for $10.50. ^^^^
Also a splendid line of 17-Jeweled ELGIN
Watches, nickel movement, with 20-year
case, written guarantee, for $13.50.
Goldsmith, Silversmith and Diamond Merchant
Columbia Street,      -      -       Next Tram Office
TIMBER LANDS���We deal exclusively in timber. Have large and small
tracts on water. If you wish to
buy or sell, see me. IC. R. Chandler,
407  Hastings  St.,  Vancouver. B.C.
FOR SALE���A small island containing
about 15 acres, close to New Westminster city. Can be used for a mill
site. For particulars apply to
Gunderson & Aune's grocery.
ment. none was made.
require com- j some of
| The   Washington    Star
Since, however, the Free. Press aa.-   handwriting on  the  wall has already
rung us up, we> must  point  oul  that   been read so plainly thai "the. stand-
the   reception   accorded     th*.    picnic   = '  ----	
''"' i this city, in Nanaimo, lasi summer, must be judged in the light of
the b ������ thai Nanaimo had expressed
a wish thai the picnieers should go)
then and had volunteered certain
things by way or cooperating with
lit- visitors in creating a good time
1 ' '��� eoncered. If s<m���. people living in New Westminster charter a
o ��� nd go over to Nanaimo for a
holiday, they have no right to make
W complaint about their reception
'""��� : lirecl and overt incivility
wer* shown them (which could not���
hapr" ' ;:i   Nanalmo);   but    when    J
!c ".     ��� of well  , ���
cl   know  in* rchants   In
New :'.,..;,,������
.ms'..:  sei about to gel up
���el   '.io'   '.
nic with the intention of making
nnual  affair an 1 an  "institu-
tio," ��� May Day is, an 1 when there
i ���."- sion as t > the obj* ctive point
and .1 certain city i chos* n, and cor-
ie- ' nee with public bodies in
thai cil.' foil in s, an 1 lhal city display - n anxiety to li ive the fair
hel I hen . and n mis* - n a m welcome md cooji 'ratio! I ha i- an-
1 ' ��� air of sh - enti ply. Nov
thi m hai  h ipi ened  lasl   year.    In
the li _hi of idi i 'ments hel
and  : '���     .   . nl       made ln tl      . ime
*e!' Nan li ". tin    iii. Ice      ' Ighl
to  ex ��� cl   n   cerl    ���    imounl
i  . ii Ion    if welcnni pari
of N inaimo.    Did  I he    reci :'. > If?
the - Arrow
Press for a few hundred Dodgers or
Circulars���Silent canvassers that
reach where the merchant cannot
go. A transient customer today, _
permanent one tomorrow. All classes Job Printing. ARROW PRES
Room 4. Daily News Block.
During the months of .Tun*.'. July
and August the following stores will
close on Mondays, Tuesdays. Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at ���">
o'clock p. in.:
T.   H.  SMITH.
A.   H.   GORDON.
Ladies' Summer Shoe
Tl      letnlls   ...   wh:i     lln     T it mil i
��� ���: ills i he  ti.  ���    ��� ��� !  tesl   of the
"1 ��� Law."    as   lhe    fndu       I
Dl Invi   ligation    .cl en
all' c: ''" I. are non efore I lie. public
The ��������� .-!ee'i wa_ a dlspuli elwe >n
the .irund Trunk Ralhvaj and the
machinists In Iti empl >y. \ big eov-
por ei like t iie Grand Trunk an 1 a
i Hi sl -i i.e.- i mei hanics certain
ly irnlshed as good material for ;i
t ���   ' one  could   wish.      Then    ll i
< i :';..;is and requirements anel object ��� ' the law wer" fully understood.
It   Is  doubtful   If  thai   Was  111*' ease   in
th- .-'lie.!, instances of proceedings
under the .ct, li is to these circum-
st-in. es Ihe Globe refers win n it calls
t his ca -" "the firsl real test" of Ci"
law. The particulars which it gives
..������'.. i ��� i show that ibe. law promises
verj greal usefulness In its practical
working. The dispute include i many
i ;. .' features of the labor problem,
such as rate of wages, hours of mii-
plo.i m '. nighl and 'e; work, < las il-
Bcation of men, thc n imber and status e t pprentices, the rein stal emei I
e.f men on strike or lockout, s ime of
them for ov* r two i ears, and t'i"
rec igniti >n   of    tho   union���
is by all odds the coolest, the
best looking- and the most satisfying all 'round Shoe that a
Woman can wear during the
summer season.
A firsl class farm in Chiiliwack District,  close   to   town.   ,
Price 575  per acre;   1-2  c ish.
inl acres on I'itt river, close to the Fraser. with good b    I nga
kiiiels, all  cleared, about ...   acres in  crop, price $7500, with ea
20 acres on V. W. & V. Ry., in Burnaby, only :; miles out,    irtl
eA, small orchard, 6-room bouse, good barn, price' $2100, 1-2 i ish.
S acres on main road on Lulu Island,clos e to brl :-- . $200C
cash, balance easy terms,
::<i acres on Lulu island, 300 yards  water-frontage,  onlj   2 miles
< Ity,  price $1500,  to o  casi      :; er.
Hale &  Land
248 Columbia St., NEW WESTMINSTER, B. C
Phone  335 P. O. Ho\
Without a pair of White Low Shoes
vour wardrobe is not complete.
Lots in Sap] erton, n ar the park	
Also some good lot - near the schoolhouse.. .cheap, on term:
132x169 feet on Tenth St., cleared and in grass.   This
piece e.t' leei..I is below Third Ave $105
half cash, balance 6 and 12 months.
(Ine lot ii' ar Brunei te saw mills, cleared  i5''
half cash, balance 6 and 12 me.nths.
NEW WESTMINSTER, B. C.     Phone 30?|
270 Columbia St.
>>>;>>>>>>>>>.'.'*"�����'���� '��� >."��� ���������
\y    D_n_K_M_JJ__!___l_________M___ -v
.>..���..���.*..���;'���>..��.'>.>>>.���....<* .���.,��� *
1 rices
BLUE, WHITE, PINK AND BROWN.       Wood or Leather Heel*.
$1.75,   $2.50,   $3.00   and   $3.50
The Finest and Largesl Stoi'.. of Furniture is to be seen at F,
Our clearance sale is still i:..   Over 515.000 stock still to go.
N'ew goods arriving daily.    Latest styles and best finishes.
We keep Canvas Shoe Dressing in all the different colors.
We'll be pleased to show you the new styles.
'15 and 713 Columbia St.      Four Floors.      Rear Extension.  Fe-
BIG SHOE HOUSE, Ltd. - New Westminster
>nt St. JI
::*:*.���i*:i*b.*y*y*:.*. * * *:���*:���*. o *.*.** .*������* * ������>���>* \
and have their eyes examined
* *:*. *:.* * * * ���
.   < ��� ��� *
* * * .*���* *
**> ��� !|DAY, JUNE 7. 1907.
jwwa'fK �����
Cash Store
�����*��>.���'>.. >* *******************************************
Baseball   tonight,   New   WestmlBter      Cut flowers and Pot Plants.     Ring
Summer Dress Needs
Lower Priced Here
Here's an epitome  of the Store's Special Ann icement for to-
Soi all the departments are   represented, bul     those    crowded
��� are none the less attractive' for  thai   reason.
\iiel kin Hy  remember that reliable quality, and all round satis-
Hammond for the summer months.     In farm lamls.    Mr. White and party
Seniors vs, Vancouver Athletics.
Rev. J. P. Bowell and family will
spend the summer al  Blackie spit.
Mrs. I). Grossman Is temporarily
eonii i in her home owing to a severe  sore throat.
Rev. W. li. Barraclough and Dr.
Sipprell will camp al Sunnyslde, during the holidays.
The   Rev,   lb
charge   of   the
up Tidy, the florist.   'Phone A184.
ReY. .1. II. White returned yesterday  from  a   visit   to Victoria.
Mrs. c. p. Moss left yesterday for
Arrowhead   on  a   short   visit.
The Dominion governmenl cruiser
Georgia lefi early this morning forthe
head of Pin   lak*'.
A.  E.   White  left   yesterday  after-
\V. Hardy    will    take'noon  for Matsqui,  where he  will in-
Methodlst   church   at  terest  three  North Dakota capitalists
The Ladles Aid of the Lutheran
church will meel al two o'clock this
afteroon at the residence of Mrs.
Hansen, Lulu island.
will  return today.
re assured���always.
Smart Tweed Suits for Women
An Indian woman, who had heen a
patienl al the asylum for some time
past, died at thai institution yesterr
day afternoon. The body will be
I shipped to Port Haney today by I'n-
le. rtnker   Kali's.
': he   board   o-;  control   of  the  provincial exhibition will meet tomorrow
afternoon in the mayor's office.   One.
of  the  chief   in nteis   which   will   be      The following havi   been appointed
discussed wil! :-    the issuance of the;!!<l the staff of Columbian college to
irlze list,
Owing   to   continued   fii     weather,
the  a lies of tweed   suits  h tve fallen
off,   m ne:    buj lng   M uslins  Instead���
howeve r,   the   suits   must     he    sol I.
Tl   5 'i e all goo 1  popular col ers, such
. -   . ��� ��� - and  fawns  with overchecks
and  fancj  mixtun s eet green and are
���' i ictlvelj     trimmed    with    Taffeta
and   Moin   Sill .
Even if you don'l   need a sail  initial .':   you'll make a good Invest-
uj ing one of I hese now. and
lng il  for early  fill     Suits  that
ii mei Ij  $14.30. $16.00 an I even
$21.50,  or  WEDNESDAY
--it J    i,
F'"'    '" '��� ling    plants,      especially
Asters,   telephone   T.  Davies   &  Son,
B 20S.
fill  vacancies occasioned by the
I tremenl   of   teachers:   'Miss   M.   ri.
Hacking, M. A. B, A., of Amherst, X.
S.;   Miss IC. McArthur, of Mount Alli-
I son:   V   W.   Hardy,  B.   A., and  John
Mrs.  Lewis,  the  Misses  A.  and  M. j Grant
Lewis, accompanied  by Miss  Lillooet
Armstrong,   lefi   yesterday     for Tor-'
The carcass of a  black bear, which
onto, where the., will make a short was "" exhibition in J. Reichenbach's
stay, before continuing a tour of the meal markel yesterday morning,
eastern provinces.   The partj  will be'
away ahout four months.
caused quite a large crowd to gather
for the purpose of viewing the brute.
The hear, which was shot with a rifle
by ri. A. Peters, of Elgin, is a fine
specimen, and weighed in the neigh-
borhood of 350 pounds, the' fur being
in   exceptionally   good   condition     for
A Sale of Untrimrned Shapes
At   25c
lozen Bell  Crown  Flop  Sha    -.   In     plain     natural    color
natural color, with red,  blue and brown straw interw even.
eason's   goods.     Regular 50c and  75c.    WEDNESDAY, 25c
Again Selling Ready-to-Wears
At   $2.95
ilance ol on i ������ of I; -to-wear Hats, in medium
colors, Including turbans, Peter Pan-. Colonial effects and
ailors.    Regular $3.50 $-1.50   &   $5.50,   WEDNESDAY   52.95.
Surprising Values in Blouses
At   95 c
zen   Women's   Blouses,  of   white   Victoria  lawn,  In   Ih:	
ie   of  which  has three rows if   Insertion   in   front,      _o   on   |
and cuffs;   another style lyas   six  clusters   of   tucks   in  I   mt,    j
: ��� val. insertion;  ano h*     - li is   ins*             an i       ick     |
ai ..    all  sizes.    Yo*n   ch  I e   V\ EDNESDAY  S5c.
���.. le -   in   waists   of   Ir.ei lal     a       "���     I  ���      Lawn
... Shirl   V\ aisl   Linen,  ,    ��� 311  ,  etc.,   with   Dal       \    ;es,
.  collars   and  oth* r  .   .   lai -" :  -.   al     $1.25,  ?1.7c,  $2.50,
.   $5.00 an i  $6.75.
R, .1. Lindsay, a prominent Shriner
of Ontario, has been a guesl at the
home of Mr. an I Mrs. A. K. Hale, of
ibis city during the past   few weeks.
While. In town Mr. Lindsay was so i this time of the year. The pelt has
favorably Impressed that he Invested been purchased by a local business
in several desirable pieces of pro- man who will make a robe of it, while
l"'r,v- several  Chinamen were around  early
during the  day,  making  a  deal  with
Mr. Reichenbach for the meat, which
Ward Tayl ;r, -:b .. with his wKe,
speni a number of    ears among
Chinese, will  de-liver  an address!i;    -���������:������������������ I  n".'���   * ���'-������^��-'<-      ���   '������������
'Missionary   Work   in   China,"  in
Gospel  hall,  Sixth    avenue    and
Ninth street,  al
evening.   All ai
eighl    o'clock    this
cordially invited to
Sweepstake Winners.
Among the many tickets on the Salmon   sweep   disposed    of    by    .1.  (',.
Gamon, the following have been lucky
In orier   , give their hard working  enough to draw horses, thus entitling
mployees a  chance  to take    In  the  the holders to a small prize, approx-
biS   ,l!i"'h  ":i   the  fifteenth   between   imately    about    $3.75.     The    money
the crack  eastern  lacrosse team and  wlll 110,  be ,,;lill ���VI,.. tor some tlme
the local Stick  handlers, iho grocery  yet,   as   mail  advices   from    England
men of the city have' decided to close
musl tee. received before the complete
11 their stores  from  two p.m. to six  awarda can ,���, made. The lucky num-
ni.    The clerks are anxious  to  get | ])erg w-ere;
off tomorrow afternoon to see the \-,,
Mapb' Leafs cross sticks with the 1241
seniors here, bul as yel nothing def- [263
inite has been d< cide 1. J 205s
Railroad    01 erati ms
liavi"  been    temporarily
owing to the high wat
at Sun . 11:
interru 1 I
.... the B'ra-
coli by Berrill
... Glacis 	
.   Link Hoy  . ..
... Lycacus .
)rby   11st   prize
.. .J.R. Sharpe
.D.D. Burnett
 P. Bowler
���   closi
- 0'
. ih
' _
' 11
. as
as ���
s   1
O   Ml
1  av
.   Spindlon  .
The tickets drawln
third  horses  In   the
. 1. II. Davies
. .N.W. Syndicate
. .. Frank Broad
v the second ami
race were num
bered 9S0 and 1718 respectively. The
prizes for these two will amount to
$594 and $297. The holders of these
tick* ts are  nol   yet  known.
267-271   COLUMBIA   ST.
L*   * '   *��   O   ******   O   *>   Ov   ***********   *.
Phone 101
chenbach Company
ano I
Columbia   Street
ser river, the gra>i! tsi d In the' hal- |
1*.si in;, being washed away almosl as
soon as placed In position. Considerable difficulty has been experienced In securing men to work al
this poini. and when the' last gai ',
was paid off, Only twenty-five names
were on the list. The conl rai tors de
nm Intend to resume operation until
the. high water is ov* r,
11. E, Be isley, e nasi superlnten lenl
of  the.  C,   P.   I!,  and   Divisional   En :i-
neer Cartwrlght, are expected In the
city today, ��:tii reference to the moving of the C. P.   R,  track   nearer to
the waterfronl  ; I  the point  whi i*e it
pat se s Thi '      in's  lh erj     barn    on
Fronl  sl ro* t.    Thi   railroa I  m ���:: will
.;   cuss tl      ;'    ';.:; thoroughly with      On and after June lsl all account
Mayor  Keary  and   Alderman   Henley,   musl   positively  be paid  by  the   loth
chairman   i     the  1   ard     ���'     �� Tks.   of   following   month,  otherwise   new
Othi r mallei -   ��  I lining I i Imi roved  or li   -  will nol be filled,
facilities In general will '������   gone Into. I GILLEY BROS.,  LTD.
Plant for 525.CCO.000.
Montreal, June 5.���The Montreal
Light, Heal and Power company has
o 'fei ed :.' -eli their plant to the city
of Montreal for $25,000,000. The city
council  is discussing the question.
We are stalled at the outstart in the description
of oar Straw Hat Stoch. We've Straw Hats for
everybody--Old Men, Young Men, Boys and
Children. Full Shapes, Medium Shapes, Small
Shapes.    Soft Straws and Stiff Straws.
Just received a shipment of Brass and Iron
Beds direct from Birmingham, Eng.    They
are handsome, strong and durable.    Come
see the line.
White Bedspreads, Sheets and Pillow Cases
Come and inspect.
A jrreat variety.
John A. Lee's Furniture Emporium
Phone 73
Men's Straw, Felt and Silk
Christy's make
All the latest styles of Soft and Hard goods
The light 2 cz. Hats are just what you want
$2.50 and $3.00 the hat
Sole Agents for New Westminster
"A Complete
Farm "
160 acres, with 90 acres cleared and in
cultivation. Some good timber on balance;
worth $1000. Soil black loam and clay
subsoil. Two acres of fruit trees. Fine
8-room Dwelling and Al barn. First-class
spring of water.
Price only. .
On terms
"The Farm Land Specialists,"
New Westminster
% Panama, Sennit, Milan & Canton Braids
Men's Hats 50c, $1,$1.25, $3 to $7.50
Boys1 Mats  23c,  SOc,  ��Oc  to  75c
Children's Hats 50c, 60c,  75c to $1
We many exclusive styles in our lines, and the
Man who wants a moderate priced, stylish Hat
can get here the best his money can buy-���while
the Man who wants Straw Hat Elegance car,
also, find here a Met to meet his fancy.
i ��� ���������������      ,i   ���  ������iiumhhiiwii    mm   in i_      M
mmm- jmm .S_���_______������
In the spring a young man's fancy turns to
thoughts of love, and in June he gets married.
We have now a splendid new assortment of
Cut Glass
including Bowls, Pitchers, Vases, Water
Bottles;   and a   magnificent  selection of
comprising beautiful Tea Sets, Candelabras,
Coffee Services, Serviette Rings, and Sugar
Basins.      To view our stock is to purchase.
Wedding Rings Our Specialty  I
��� ���:.��� *:���*:*.:*y*2.*:.*2*2.*o * .�� * ��� *:���������'��� ���*���*���***
< <: ���$���<. . $********< ****+*** <K> H**i ����������������������������������������� '. ���
���   ���:'
K. train  at  T: 13
'. in.:
via Hunting lon,
The following is the official schedule   goveruing the tinie1 of arrival an i
departure of mail  matter,  from
W* stminster:
Dis   itched by C.  P.
a, in.: close ll
Sumas anel Seattl*
Millside No. 1, daily excepl Sunda;.; Sapperton No. 1, daily except
Sunday; Calgary and Vancouver, No.
_ , firs) mail C.P.R. easl i daily. Mails
from iii" above points receive ! at
8:13 p. in.
Disi au In 1  by  B. C. Electric railway
Co., 7:13 a. m.:
Vnneouv* r, No.   1,  dallyexcept Sunda ���      Return mall received 9 a. m.
Di    at* ied by t (.N.R. train, S 15 a.m.:
Cloverdale,    Nicomekl,   I'ur;   Kells,
i:    ��� Imere, Hall's Prairie, Blain*
S*   ttle (all points In Washington and
south,   also    all    points   in   eastern  0r  charges   for school
state   I, daily  i xci pt  Sunday,   lb turn
I     received al  3:30 p. in.
Clayton,   Tu* sdaj s   and  Thai -da., s;
Tynehead,     Wedn* sda.\ s   and    Sat ur-
*!.... s.    Retui a mall  received Mi n   i
and Fridays.
Electric railway,
Dl      tched  by  !:. C.
10:30 n. in.:
Vi. toria,  N i,   I
exi '���; ���   Sun
ut  2  p.   n.
Vancouver No. 2;
r> nl nil Pai i . dail;
Rei .: n mail 11 ei re
I ii   an hi"! by carrii r, 1:13 p. m.:
East Burnaby, daily excepl Sun lay,
Retui a mails   r* i < ived al 1:!'; p. m.
Dispatpbc 1 I y carrier 12:00 noon:
Timl < rland,  Tuesdays and  Fridays.
Return mails  received  Tuesdays and
Dispatched by c. p.R. boat, 2:30 p.m.
and   1:30  p. m. on  Saturdays:
Ladner, Westham Island, Port
Guichon, Steveston, Sunbury, dally
except Sunday. Return mails received  'rom 9 a. in. to  11  a. in.
A by-law to fix the rate and pro.il*.
for the collection of taxes on t'e
assessable property In the city of
New Westminster for the year
The municipal council of the corporation of the city of New Westminster enacts as follows:
1, There shall be raised, levied aad :
collected, for the year 1907, upon the j
assessed value of all the rateable real
property in the said city, as shown
on the last revised assessment roll
thereof, a rate of 2. mills in the dollar, for the following purposes:
(a) To provide for sinking fund
and interest on debentures issued by
the corporation, nnd outsanding, 17
mills and 96-100ths of a mill in the
dollar, less 10 and 33-100ths of a mill
and   received  in general revenue.
(b) To   provide for   the   paym nt
purposes,     !���'���
mills and 28-100thS of a mill in the
dollar, less 4 mills and 89-100ths * I
a mill received from education el ���-
(c) To provide a general reven ie
for the use of the corporation for th'
y< ar 1907, I mills and OS-100ths * :'
a mill in the dollar:
2. Every person who is assessed
on lhe revised ass* ssment roll for the
current year shall cause to be paid
to the collector of the saiel city, at
his office, city hall, the full  amount
UBDIVISION of Lot 46, Block VL, comprising some of the finest resid*
Queen's Park) ancl Emory St., comprising ,
1st St. at $700 (excepting the corner lot facing 4th Ave. and 1st bt., held at
$1000); 2 lots on 4th Ave., 421x120, at $600 per lot; 4 lots, 52ax85, $450
5 lots, $400. Call at our office on Front St. ancl inspect plans.
$3,500. subject to 10 months
lease. .Fine residence for sale on
2nd Street, corner Fourth Avenue.
Splendid location, now rented for
$30.00 per month; lease can be extended if purchaser so desires. .A
good paying investment. .Terms to
be arranged.
Four houses to rent. One on 12th
street: one on Fourth avenue; one
on Agnes street; one on 13th street.
Apply at once.
Splendid Farm, 10 chains waterfront on the North Arm of the Fraser River, adjoining the well-known
Meaci's estate. No. 156. Fifty
acres, all under cultivation. One.
of the beet bargains to be obtained
in the district. For exclusive sale.
Price $10,500; $3,500 cash, balance
In 6, 12 and 18 months at 6 per
Small house for sale f< I
ing Agnes and Victorl
west of Gth St.   $17Q(
Water  and   g
tions.   Terms.
lot No.
12 on
t, $1,050.
��� sa
l_ot facing 2nd St., between Queen's
and 3rd Ave., second lol from Queen's
A\e.; 52x122 feet; all cleared; lane
alongside and hack. Price $t,ooo;
half cash, balance easy at 7 ','.
More exclusive properties just listed
with us fcr sale.
Lot 5, opposite   Knox church, Sap-
m Columbia Streel on
car line.    $300 cash.
Lots 21  and 22. Sue. ot Lots 8 and  ll    . . .. -,     .
In  Block  13; corner of Durham and 2nd   '   '   ���_'    ' ���.
Bt.; full .in.''1 lots
2-storey lions.-, 7 rooms, bath room upstairs : flush clos* t ; good stable: on Agn* -
_i..near '���tli si.; eill modern Improvements.
Price $3,000, Imlf cash, balance easy; ei
1 ally excellent bargain.
Sub. 21  of Lot  16,  Block XII r. 4-Room
House; hot and cold water; flush closet;
of the tuxes   for which  he or  she is   lot  of    fruit  trees;    chicken  house  and
barn.    Price-  $800; terms  $400 cash,  balance 2 and 0 months .et 7 percent. Ham-  Agnes;   full  sized lot;     city block  :il
;}-.Mi  St., first house tiff 6th  St.  between  lol   11;    one  house rents  for $25, thi
oilier $10;   flush  closets  and all con
2-storey  House,  7 rooms, with nil mod-   nected     with
the  same,   and   any  person   who re
1 lot N'o. -I on 13th. street, south
siele of ith avenue.    Price $200 cash.
7 lots \os. si to v,i and 95, 95 faces
on Sth avenue, next to Dunns ranch,
1 lois cleared without a stump; small
house, chicken house, 175 choice
chickens;  horse  .mil  rig;   $1500  cash.
1 1-2 house, 0 rooms anil flush
closet on Ith avenue, one lot from _n !
stree : on south side; fruit trees. Price
$1900; 1-2 cash, terms for halance at
7 per cent.    Size of lot 55x165.
17 lots, full size, 6th St., Burn
east side,    100 yards from Cliff Can
Factory; soil good.   Price only $1020,     Lots  M  and   15 ol
$350 cash, halance on easj terms. (cleared.)   Price $500;
_ lots een Sth SI   between   5tb and  casb, balance 6 m
Gth Ave. on easl side;  full sized, ������''���      Lot   U on Sherbre
132; Xos. 9 and 12,     Price $1000 fcr 3 cleared,   i'ii..'$275
both, half cash, hal,nice easy. n e, C months al '."
!'���"���.,  lots on corner of Sth Ave. and      1.. ���    LG, 17 and 20
Gth St., S.-W. comer; cleared     Price  $500 for three or $175
Small house, Victoria Sti
6 rooms. Water.
A Bunch of LOTS
rated under this by-law, together with
nil   arrears   (if  any)     within     thirty
days after demand has been made for
3 lots south side of Sixth Avenu
very  light clearing;   60xll5^_ feet  on  $1200; half cash, balance in 6 months alan e G months al ',
at 7 per cent. 	
1/, acre between    Queen's and 3rd 28  acre - on    Mai
Ave. on west side e.f inth; No. ."1 and $i60 un acre   FOR
6, Block 18;   132x165 feet; all cleared ONLY,   One-quarter -
Sub. Block  1".    $1050 cash
1 lots on Fifth Street, 11, 12, 13, 1 f.
Sub. 15, S. Blk. 13. $350 each, half
cash, balance 6 months at 7 ',;.
2 houses  corner of    Merrival    and
1   ���
5550 ca li,
sewers.      Price $3,500.
balance In 6, 12 and 18
within the time hereby limited shall
he subject to the provisions of the
"New 'Westminster Act," 1S88, and
amending acts, with respect to the
collection of taxes.
2.   The collector is hereby auth. r- I
and   fenced,    Price  $1050;
balance In G nionths.
Full size I lot on Royal avenue, I ���
I ween Fourth and Mei. ivale; all *
ed. $1,200. $S00 cash
2  lots,  No. JI and  32, block 9,  b*
tween Sixth avenue and Xanaimo St.
Woodward's,     Wednesday.     Return  ized to receive the taxes levied un
mail on Wednesdays and Saturdays.
Dispatched  by   UXb   Electric   railway,
3:30 p. in.:
Vancouver, No. 3; Victoria, Xo, 2:
daily excepl Sunday. Return malls
i' ceived al 6 p, in.
irnaby    lake.     Return    mail    . :
2 p. in.
Dlspatche i by G.N. Fyler, -I p   m.:
To southern    points,    dail.   excepl
Sunday.    II. turn mail  11  p. ni.
Pis. atched by C.P.R. train ai  5:05 p.
ui.:  mail closes at   1:30  p.m.:
ih and .sth Avenui s.
��� rn   improvements;  size  of  ground 100X  ,-,
1-.': second lot from 6th St. on 4th Ave.  l asn ��-> ���
fuses  or neglects  to  pay such  taxes [on south side,  100 feet on avenue. 14_.  months at 7 ',.
Lane on both sides.    Price $3,200; $1,000       |0 acres U, section 14. X. '���'. of E   !-'.
C'1-',:',;"lr".��n !i'"" 'i: : >"r '���""<��� of Tn. J, aboul 3 miles from bridge off
N.-E.   ',   nfMile.ll'.   rownship 10; some   fe   .,-,.,., 1,   ,-o-iel    CSn.rpv      liouse   1 sv�����1;
timber.  ��� Price $15 per acre; terms $1,1   *,
. sh, balance easy.
S.-W. Sub. Township  1
railway  noes  alongside;    old   5-acre   or-  shack;   !'���   acres  cleared and  seeded   Price $-125  for both, cash
chard.   Price $15 per acre; terms Si.   with clover, red; fairlv easily cleared
cash, balance m three equal payments.
- lots Block 4, Richmond St., Sapperton.    $45 per Iot.
1 acre clay, house on tram line near
Joyce station: partly cleared; fenced
across from facing tram line. $1000,
$700 cash, balance arranged.
1'., storev house, 2 rooms finished, an-
ni���.,.:  other :: can be added upstairs; small  and   between   Uth  ami   16th   streel
Bloi ,
L el   6,
nue  mile   from  shingle   mil!.      Price
$1,200:.   terms  half imm.-!:.  balance  12  " ��- from ���"'"> '" 6th St.. 4th and
der this by-law in instalments of not
less than one-quarter of the taxes
levied on any lot, nnd to allow the
discounts provided for in clause 4
4. A discount or reduction of ono-
Slxth of the amount paid will be allowed on all taxes levied under th i=
tiy-law if the same be paid to the collector on or before the first day nf
August. 1907, 10 per cent, of ihe am-
' nnl paid, if paid on or before the
first  day  of  September,  1907;   7 1-2
P. ���'   ��� ���'������'������ second mail), Return n ail
i- c* Ivi d   al   10:35  a.   in.
S ipperton, No. 2; Millsidi . Ko. 2;
C luitlam, daily excepl Sund; - Re-
1 irn mail received at   10:35 1    m.
per cent, of the amount paid, if paid
!. mi or before the first day. of October,
I 107, and 5 per rent .of the amount
paid, if paid on or before the firs'
day nf November, 1907; but no discount, or reduction shall be allowed
on   .'"rears.
This by-law may '.-:��� cited as the
"Real Estate Tax By-law, 1907."
Done  and   passed   in   open   coun il  "
the 20th  day  of May, A.  D���  1917.
W,  II.  KEARY, Mayor.
W. A. DUNCAN, City ( 1"
(L, S 1
8 - roomed modern residence on 4th Av. between
Gth and 7th St., with one
acre of land, containing
fruit trees, outbuildings,
stables, &c.; an exceptionally cheap bargain. Price
$4,500. $2,500 cash, balance
in 1 year at 7 per cent.
months at
1 full >'.::��� i lol imi St. Patrick's S\.
in rih rid', between John McKenzie's
and Glover'3 house. Price $475. half
i ash,   lalance in 6 months at 7 ';.
Full sized lot No. 12 on Royal Ave.
nnd  Sth  St.    Price $,1050,    half cash,
< ince al 7 ',  per annum.
Westerly I, il of 63, Sub. Block -5,
122x132 corner 100 feel square; two
houses drawing $28 per month. Price'
$5,000, half cash, balance in 6 and 12
;.. enths.
2 lots on Princess St.,    No. 11 and  storeys
12, between Oth and 7;h Ave., two lo's Second
from 6th  St. on south    side.      Price
No. 11, $210, half cash, balance 6 mos,
ai   7  ���,:     Xo.  1:1, cleared.    $315, half
sii. balance 6 mos. at 7
''' uble    tenement   house,   lib Ave.,
��� an i 2nd  St.;   1  lot.    Price $1,700:
one lot  on tram line,
price' $1,500 for the twi
Full-sized lot Xo. 8, between Gth & Tth Ave. on
4th St., west side. $300,
half cash, bal. in G mos.
and 2 years at 7 ���;
2 lots, full sized, 132x1 y.
���i ,��� e'rescent:  7-room* tl hou
$10,500, ',_ cash, balance 6. 12 a.ie.
Block  12 on  12th SI . ���   -I
siz id bus.    Price $2,500, one-tii
cash, bal. 6, 12 and 18 months
One acre in block 9, i_|
; tween ISth and 16tl
i on Sth Ave.    Price \   \
,��� 1-3 cash, bal. easy.
i I. :.-.  on    Branlfoi .
side    I rom   6th  Btre* t,   painti
_ ;re CO ] er month in advance
1 tousi
61 acres Murphy Landing,     I  miles cash half and bail'in _ months ai 7
above  Mission Junction,   .i;is'   a-  the Rent    for $10 each tenant.
landing of Murphy Landing, aboul the      100 S.E.   :;  nf Section 26, Di-;.  12,
centre of int; 25 acres cleared, unde:' 1 ' acres.partly cleared;  Kanaka creek
cultivation;   4-room   house,   barn   and running through; good road; one mile
stable;  about on.- acre orchard, bear- north   of   We ster's  corner;    shingle
TEXDEI s   mj Ire   ���  d  to th    un '��� ;���-
signed nt Ottawa, and marl i I    n the
��� nvi lope    1 enderi    foi   S ow,   S
Ine,  ': iiii     an I   Derrick  fe ,      i .
��� ���   British   Colum! ia,  .     t.   d
f��>' ���  ow      ui ,"  nil]  be  received up
-I la   DAY  OP JUNE,   1907,
:  : ' ' ���      ml  delivering  at   V'.c-
'    ' -     I' n   se o v   and  the  ei
mi     iard .     i si    I dei   .     with
hoisting  engin ',  'idle r and oth* r ac-
essori* i .iiu i   i,,   specifl* e-i i.
for     ip     ins   am!    leliv* rin
Vb toria ������ hi      dii   'ted, a don  :
!; '��� idem      " ting engine,  n im '
1"  be'-" four ho i ling drain- mu I
;:'     ���'��� an      righi    te e) t ibular
:      Her of 30  1mm- ,   powi     ca-
' nd   i     nictural sti el   lerricl
ol  the n ichini ry an i
; .   ��� mm  be o    iii    '
I De     rtmoiit here, a   tin
irtmenf,   Vie I i ; ���
\\ ���
���'���'-   fi till  I ees.    Price $1,350. on easy
terms (or $1,250 cash).    .22 per acr
i cash, balance 6 and 12 month .
10 acres section 32, N.-E. corn* r of
x.-w.  !i, uncleared.     Timber fir, .���������-
lar, and alder; good soil; a mile fron
In the matter of the estate cf Charles
Blair, late of New Westminster, B
C. deceased.
-   mt   to   ;'. i   "Revised    Statut* -     of
British  Col imbia"   IS97, Chapter  1S7,
:   all   ' re liters  and others  having
' laims against  the i state of the said
��� les   Blair,  who die d on or about
'  20th d iy  o:  Api i:   i ei 7,  are    i  -
1 ies'o i  on   oi   'ii ore   th i 22nd.   (22)
la?   of Ji in .   1907,  to  .   nd  by   post,
prepaid or deli   ir to tli dersigi
solid ors   for  Ro leric Sample and Dr.
Edwin J,  Rothwell,   ���     i   to     of  th*
I ��� i   ��'H1   and  t*       .    Baid
'���   '       I    thi Ir chrl nd   sur-
* ������ ���   -. addr*      - n   Id Ions, the
of tue
ments  '     their ac ...
ture   of tho (If anv)     .   :
;  ii        '   ��� by (
offered     ��� AND  b'bry HER      'AK '
le  -:   i lh        ft* ch  lasi     entloned  dat
e to make tl I execnti ed lo .1 .-
���   te the  assel      of thi ised
i     the     irtie     ei titi d    th*     : i,
having  regi   I  only to the claims of
* ',: h   they  shall   ibe n  have   notice,
for all    M'1  |,|;!;  <u" sal I e    :ul    - will not
ue liable for the sal I assets or any
I art iin reof io an) person or persons
of whose claims notice shall nol have
been i Ived by ihem at the iim*' of
such distribution.
Dati d  this 22n I. day of .May, 1007.
("ale road; san lie road an i new .-
5 lots cm ner of street  betwi < u Sth
and Oth Ave. ��� n 2nd Sl. s; Ii   of 2nd
St., equal to one a*  ������: parti.' cleare '.
$500,  half cash.      A   splendi i    o
tunit;.- for investment,
n rooms, 2-ston mse ' ath room,
'��� i er and light; full . Iz* . lot, 66x100
������' t, imai" i 6th St. .. tween 1th and
5th Ave. nu west si le. Price $2,300,
'm ' ash, balani e In 6 months at 7 * .
24 acn s in Sunbu:; ; 6 chains wate ���
fronl; 12 a -n cl* ire I; ��� iomi I
b mse, lath and | lai '��� red; wood sh I,
chicken barn an ! fruit trees of all
Minis. Price $3,000. Terms one-third
c.ish, ! alam e 6 ud 12 months,
A Cheap Property. James Inlet, three square
6  rooms,    flush   closet,     I1,-   $6.00 per acre, half < .
on Fourth Ave., one lot from      Large lol and tw0    , ������ ....
St-    on    south    side.   Price  [umbia street, Sapperton.   Both i
$1900;.   half cash,    balance a!   7 pei   at jio each.
cent.   Fruil trees; lol 55x165 , :,   aiul one-half store)
Hous,- 30x12, 4th    St., between  ;"i rize   lot,   situated  nortl
and 5th Ave.;    2 sin   i   and  I  d le   Koyal avenue and corn*
bedrooms    upstairs,    and  bath r* eet; 9 rooms;  bath     om, hot
down stair :  parlor, dinin;   n   in, kit-   ''"ll!   water, closet;   ���_���*.
chen an i pi nt   ,-,    Fu I sized lol  running ba. k te. Ash St.     Price $3,500;
$l,i   i ci 3h, 1 m   nee al  $500 per :	
al 7 per cent.
Sis  and   i i.e'   m  II      res,  one  a  . i
1 1-2 a -
res parti) cleared. H mse, 5 roo;:-1,
14x24;     Lorey   an 1   half,  sma I  barn;
;'-' o  cash,  bal-  chicken house;  fruil trees and Bl a ,���-
near the Turn
11 and P '!. at the wesl corner; tim
- ���- ��� m ..7 per acre'; ce lar an I lir;
1  miles    from    Port    Haney.      Prici
$2,100: ten is $1,100 cash, balance ar-  c;ea_ed  r* . I)   .  r  plantln
10 ac ��� - land New Westmin ster, Lol
S.  1 iiv.  ' :. Sur ey;    ���:  mile :  f   i
p | ..   $400;
������ ���     -   ::i   7
��� r caunei   .
���I ro* n     ���   ���'.   hath room, pantry;
on llth St., bel ivi en Qu* i n's and 3rd
em   .
!    cr* er side of 1th Ave and 2
lots west of Oth St.; large house of 8
��� '���   ��� rie    light    connections:
 and  fruit orchard.   Price
$4,500:.   .j."."'' cash, balanc in one
year, at 7 %.
fruil   trees;     tr*   i    on
.   les;   fine   view,    Pric*   >'.8O0 l*
i H I ill '/������ I lot, 2i '
uer, Ith streel and Sth
"   *144 f* et   $250 cash.
��� ei :���   plants;   $1,700,  half cash;
ance In  three mi nth    . I  7 ; er cent,
This is a valuable lie I ling, and n   ir
to the city, call and ' i Ing this advei
tls* :, enl   with you  I
cul; ' M.
160 ai .   :,
$40 per
ei city.
li. c
Te  i |i   ���
which  thi
togetln i.
An ,i id p.) ch* ii- on n < bartered
C "i idlan I ank e pi il to 20,! of the
whole : n mil of the tender musl accompany each tender. The * heque
accompanying the tendei accepted
will be forfeited If Hi*' party tender-
��� '    s for tli      hree ai
-mm . hollei   an I den ck
Ived,     -i i   separate   tense iw or tender
Two  in ..  on   ; -'ii  .-��� ree .
tween  7th and  v'i; avenues.
Corner of    Hamilton   stn
No.   II   and   12.     Price $245,
cash, h    i    ���       mi nths.
li i acr* 3  in .-' irrey;  S ._  ol
X.; j n:' sec  '. I    . n ship ..    Log
, 16x2-1, and chi :k* n coops,
iiia.Il   : arn;  6U fruit   ti ees:   1 -
ai : es i leared,   I    acres    under
ati ui an I  i  aci es slashed
Price $20 per acre, y .-ash. balan c in 12 months at 7r;.
A Good Special
Five acres on 10th Ave.,
right across from old reservoir, city limits. $1200.
Half cash, half in six
House 24x24; 4 rooms;
framed; inside ship lapped.
Barn 12x16. One acre
partly cleared. Land No.
1. Ral. easily cleared.
One full sized lot, 0 1x132;  2 sl
b' use; 7 rooms; flush . li sei up ;l
al! modern Improvement s; new hou ���
$:.coo.  '���. cash, >����� In 6 months al   7
pei cenl.    Coo \ six.. _ stal le and fruit
tr* es.    Sei ond  house       in 8th streel
m est, on upper side.
10 acres in sec, 32. Timber, fir, cedar an i alder. Goi I soil; good ro i Is.
Apply ���' >r full  ��� irtle ulars.
Lots 17. '-. in, 20, 21, face on li b
treel  and  Sth avenue;  2 corner bus
$250;   I  Ini' le lol i ,: io each.    Price
I"'.!', cash.    Slnj le b  -  al  cash.
Four   a       oni ' il'   acres   _et��    i
��� '   *  ith     nd   i.   I   h   avei ue;
si:I" "   I Price $2,000.
Cent: all)   locate i  In  a
in;   Third    e\  nue,  at fool
'       '   ' "I.     Two ..:���'���.-
ho ��� e.   Ten rooms (receni      i   ������
odern convi niei  ��� ���
ci   I     m.m',   bath,   flush   closet,    i
��� lectric   llghl;   ni e
60x I  2, with lane In ri
���> i:li fruil trees,   I       :-
S1.50' cash, balance an in i
-' lots, 20, 21;
I  ��� mer)   $175.
No. :''. $170; No
1 1
all size lot, !.
101   1 !,
St.   1
atrick's    Sqi
l lot, 55._xl66, Tenth street,
off Queen's avenue. Price $450.
Terms $200 cash, balance' terms
to  suit.
.j   store;     louse,   10 ri eom i,   also
i .'mu. ai-: lol    66x 132;
.--.:���              | .o:   of lol : et oul  ". Ith
tree      i iid    ,.'   ' la i\ n.   Price
?2.7~e,        ���        .. ,,;, ;���   |Ce   i;   an )   ; ������
mni        at 7    er c* nt.
Snap in Lots.
V ii ant ' Us for sale In all parts of
the city, from $25.00 to $3,��oo
Full sized  lot in  Sapperton, facing
Brunette street,    Price $150 cash.
Six 1
Lol    11  "11   Fii  ll      , - j,a.'.   Bllll   I!.   10
of sub 9. $300 cash. i:. cleared; size
55 feel   by 132 . et,
Hon .'   an ! [hree   lots, corner .:,��� I
'���'���"��� aud llth St.;  5-room hous.' an l   i ash.
kitchen.   Price $1,500, one-third cash
bal, 6 and 12 months at 7 per cent,
20   icre   blocks,   fruit   lai
Junction, $20 per acre
1 ' use,   full   siz* ,1   lot,   ��� n   K '>'���'���
street, Sapperton;   rents fe    f" ?*
mouth,    Only   $1,050.
Ho ise,    10    rooms,   1 '.. " 1
b: ��� th   avenue   und   Sevi '
$2,000.   Terms can be arrai
���I full Blzed Lots   i etwei n I
ie   and  Hamilton str*
Eighth street; all clear.'I ai ���
a large burn on one of the loi
balf e a h,   bal ib ne . ���
7 Lots on   Twelfth   street,
Qu* en's and   Third  er, cum. .
Of car  simp;    fui]  .j,.,.    p
10 in res North road,     i '   I
from city limits on   Porl M*
^TZi,::'. V.::;nW!!!:. 07fnfti acrea  ""'if'''  cmuvationi   :     }
P^ttea1!],  ^^VS^ni   J'"""''   ,;':"""   barD!    ChlC(UeD  h��P
$1,000; terms $2 ash. si.-,   Ilt"'n 40x80;    fenced and In
i air smith sieie.     price $4,500.  1   II
lng declines to enter into a contracl Solicitor,  for said   executors,   Trapp
or  falls to complete    the worl; con-       Block,  Xew  Westminster,  B,  C.
traded for, and each cheque will be " ��� ������	
n I imed Immediately In case .if _on-
ac :eptance of a tender.
Tha Department does nol  bind  it-  TraiTlSfCr   CO.
sell to accepl the lowest oi any ten- ��w--v^��
<!''^ O.'flco'Phnn. J..        Harn'jfHone 187
���'-'"v. ��� ���  ii. -  ting  this  advert- Columbia st.
Ie tn* nt   without   authority   from   the    , , ,,
,, ,,, ',, ,Jn_p_Ke delivered    promptly to ��ny
,)i;    tmen1 "m  ",; be P��W- part of the city.
Deputy Minister of Marine and
Ottawa, Canada. 2Mb May. 1907.
Mouse corner of 7th Sf. and I'll
Ave.; U rooms; 2 full sized lots, 66x
132; orchard of apples, pears and
plums. Price $4,000, $2,000 cash, balance on time at 7 ';.
50x150, outside  city limits  r.ionthlj nl 7 per cent, or rents at .10 per
$60 each   lot.    Fuller   particulars on "''Tt?��r TJ���,'  ,
-   lots  "ii   Cumberland  St
$50 per bu.
S6 acres, half mile waterfront. (J.X. Acreage on Vancouver road, corner
R. running through. $9,460, terms of Oilley road, $225 per acre, Acre-
easy.    Investigate. age Is selling fast at. this price,
1-1 ele.
'��� ������"'b, bal, in 6 months at 7 per cenl
2 lota corner of I'uh and si
>l- i" tween lib and Bth Ave., w
m "Hlj St.; all oleared. Vric-snco
���--o n, '.balance n montha at " P1;'
oth run through from street to s
ee mind bargain.
y I
'��� "
Telephone   333
Light and Heavy Hauling
Office���Tram Opot J
Real Estate Brokers
Telephone   333
Agents for Employers' Liability, an?! Union Fire Assurance Co. of London.
i.rKf W. JU
NE 7, 1907.
-������ Notice is herebj given thai 30 davs
HEREBY given thatjdx-  after date we Intend to make
Intend m applj   to
' cwercoH
Mill. IMI    * it    .i|>i'' _      tu      r  fin     tn    41 ! i
nlssioner ot Lands    '    '   ���"     ������ ��� l Confffli
jSS^tff'fifi^   ^ of Lands and M
' 'm.,,,. nl Kitsumgallum   clal  license   lo   cul     ad  e awaj
.a  post   planted
1forth of the north-we.
",   ,.   \   oreen's    preemption
,      |, , aa follows; 80 chains
Sfthi 80 chains we I   ind
,,...    to point ol  commence-
;M.M ll"1
ii g
it   ii
, north of the
post    planted
timber  trom ���. . scribed
lands, si.,,;,!,.i  |n  .,     , , ;     ,,        ,
":l  !h"  W'   '   Ban    of  Kittimal   A m
r!:'0,lt_    '  ���'���    ���      'uth of Kittimat  tain a   -m all b ty.
nol :. glsl. re I un ler the ; rovlslons
of the "Land Registry _ct," shall be
forever es ipped an I el ��� i 'red from
1 Ing up any claim to or in respect'
"f the said land so sold for taxes as
provided ley the "Lan 1 Registrv Ac"
dian X\
No.   20
TAKE N'OTICE that an application
lias  been   made   to register Alice  B.
McDougall,   as   the   owner    iu     Fee
Tenders for Licerse to Cut Tiirber on
Dominion Lands in the Province of
British Columbia.
:     . oint of commencement.
5.   Commencing al ., posl set i
I to No.  i stake, thence   west   el b y
"erjers for a Licence to Cut Timber chains, south eighty chains, easl   ilgh-
oti Dominion La-.cs in the Province   ty  chains and  north  eighty cha        to
of Britisii  Columbia.
?oa,ffl62SLC^  cha;ns west' 80 ' halns north, 80 chains
��� "���"i"r   '���'el,,/
north ..: the
",,-   \  Green's pre
r        ',, no fnllows: so chains east;
I       ��X   go chains west and  B0
, point of commen cement.      aboul   15  miles south of Kittimat In
alonS l!"' shore to point of commence-
post  planted  ment.
Se tie I    Ten lers    a [dressed to the
  Commissioner ot Dominion Lands, Be-
SEALED TENDERS addressed tothe partment of the Interior, and marked
Commissioner   of   Dominion    Lands ou  the envelope "Tender for Timber
Simple, under a Tax Sale Deed from ' Department of the Interior, and mark- Berth Xo. 521," will be received at this
tin- Mayor and Treasurer of the City   ed on the envelope "Tender tor Tim- Department until  12 o'clock noon on
of New Westminster, to Alice B. Mc-   ber Berth  N'e>. 513," will be received Wednesday, the 24th day of July, 1907
north-west cor-
;re:emptipn claim, |    -no. 21. Commencing at a pos; planted on the wesl bank of Kittimat Arrr
pust     planted
north-west cor-1 "'arl Ullage m a small bay, thence SO
south, 80 chains
to shore,    thence
poin!   o?   commence-
'       ^SlSoftonSSSf-wSt^N  Man village ln a smal
*     -;;::,l^.rirKs^;;chfsw-,'M''''^-
$���   160   chains west;    40! east,  more or less to
\      thl ilnt of commencement.      along   shore  to   point
,,���.!���_   nt   a   post    planted
es north of the north-west cor-
\ Green's pre-emption claim,
,'.' ,0 follows: mo chains east;
'������;-,;,'l, '",,;���   chains   west;     4m   ".I   in
,   run
No. 21
Commencing at a posl plant-
point of commencement.
New Westminster, B. C, 30th .May,
Notice is hereby given that   thirty
days after date we Intend to apply to
Dougall, bearing date the lath day of   at this    Department until    12 o'clock   for a license to cut timber on  berth jtlle  Hon-  the Chief Commission,':- of
Lands and Works for permission I >
cut and carry away the timber from
the following described lands, situate
in the Kitsumgallum valley:
Claim No. .0���Commencing al !>ost
planted S. E. corner about 20 miles
up from the mouth of North Fork of
the Kitsumgallum river above Kitsumgallum   lake,   thence   runnin,'  as
b*y  given name of Indepen-1 contest   the   claim   *        i.���   ��� >     ; .
'"" " . ;  .   date of  the first   publication of  this
_nc?n����� at   a  post    planted  denl l;a'   situated aboul 2 miles south chaser within forty-five days from the
'n0rttl '���' f '',',.��� -".,'ip..m'1ie?inM   "^  "'   ''"'  '"';':!'   ":i '  '"'  ('"nsU''  Is" date  ,,r   Uw   first   publication  of   this
,Aa_}fo!inowsP:ri'60 chains east;   Iand on  easl      "     of  Kittimal   Arm, notic*'. otherwise I shall register Alice
^Un?��of^nn^^����t.*1lhar!n80, f"'118 l��Uth'     "'  ,,h:'inH B-M^gall as owner thereof ta fee.
pnclnu   in   ei   Post    Planted   ,''"''," cnalns I""l!'.  I" ''Iiains east. An.l  I  direct that publication of this
January, A. D., 1906, of all and singular   noon on Wednesday, the 24th day of No. 521, comprising lands  situate in
that  certain   parcel   or  tract   of  land   July, 1907, fora license lo cut. timber the Province of British  Columbia,  to
and premises situate, lying and being   on  Berth  No.  518, comprising   lamls the East of Chehalis Creek and Lake
in the   City  of New  Westminster, in   situate in the Province of British Col- and comprising 5 blocks, described as
the   province    of   British     Columbia,   umbia to the west of Chehalis Creek follows:
and described as follows: Block  1.���Comprising that    portion
Timber Berth  No.  518,    comprising ��lltsitle Timber Berth No. 41, Block 1,
that portion of Section 29 lying north aml Timber Berth 254 Block I, of Sec
of Timber Berth 2S0 and that portion
of Section  32   outside Timber Berth
more   particularly   known     and     described as:   Subdivision 20 of Lots S
and 9 Suburban Block 2.
You and each of you are required to
tlon 2::, Township 4. Range 30, West
of   the 6th .Meridian,   containin
an  follows:   to chains west, 80    chains
264 and  said   Berth 280,  In Township   area oi :;s" acres, more or less. j north,  .0 chains east, 40 chains north,
1, Range 30, West of the 6th Meridian;       Blook 2.���-Bounded on the west by 140  chains east,  so  chains  Bouth,   10
also the norlh half and the south-east   Chehalis Creek, on I he easi, by Timber  chains West, 40 chains south to point
��� north ..i tho north-west co -
.      i   ^^.M^..!^  Point of com ncement
';    No.
;g as follows: 40 chains wes
i;     10 chains easl ;     l
to point of commenci ment,
dug   at   a   pe.st    planted   i iout  20 miles south of Kittimat In-
.\ :.::\\\;:":;!^1y'-:.   Iia"   vlllaSe oa   Devastation  channel
follows: 80 chains west : , on east bank and about 50 yards south
 ihains east ; 80 chains1
���i  north,  so chains  west   to notice for thirty days in a daily newspaper published at New Westminster
jood   and   sufficient   service
��� of commencement.
ncing   at   a   post    planted
.    north of the north-west cpr-
, V r  \ Green's pre-emption claim,
.- follows: 1C0 chains east:
160 chains west; and 4')
to the point of coinnvmci-
!;ornt_ ofthcanoPr0thUePs\anco^|a>>out 15 miles norih of Harttery Bay
'. R A. Green's pre-emption claim,   01,   east   ,junk   o��   Ki'riru.it   Arm     on
follows ; 4*i chains noi tn,
. '���      40   chains   north;    40   Hawkesbury Island  thence  40 chains
j0 chains south;  120 chains
m of commencement
Commencing at posl planted   will   be
Dated at the Land Registry Office
New Westminster, Province of British Columbia this 25th day of April,
A. I>., 1907.
C. S.   KEITH,
District Registrar.
To   William   Edmonds,  Esq.
All persons served with this notice,
and those claiming through or under
them,   and  all  persons   claiming any
of the Hot Springs, thence 80 chains
east, 80 chains South, si) .hains west
more or less to the shore then along
the shore to point of commencement.
No. 24. Commencing at post planted
ami the south-west quarter Section
i'i, the east half Section .'. th. north
half Section 32, Sections 33, 31, '������">
and those portions of Secthr* - 2.1 and
36 outside Timber Berths 280, 2fii an 1
272, in Township 4, Range 1, West of
the 7th Meridian; also Sections 2, 4,
the north half and south-east quar-
of  commencement.
Claim No. ll.���Commencing ba iiost
planted at the head of Kitsumgallum
quarter of Section 20, the north half Berth 298 Dlock Land the east boundary of same produced northerly to
Timber  Berth  208    Block 2;    on the
north by Timber Berth 264 Block 2, lake on west, bank about 20 chain;
and 298 Block 2; and on the south by south of the mouth of Kitsumgallum
Timber Berth 234 Block 1, containing river where it enters lake, thence 40
an area of 72.1 acres, more or less. obtains west, 160 chains south, 10
Block ::.��� Commencing at the' south chains east more or less to the shore,
east   corner   of   Timber   Berth  298  thence along shore to point of com-
ter Section 6, Sections 7, 8, the north   B1��ck 2, thence north-easterly at right mencement.
half and the south-west quarter Sec-   angles to the   easterly boundary    of      claim No. 42.���Commencing at post
tion 9, the south-east quarter Section   sahl Berth 208 Block 2, 2 miles; thence  planted about 20 chains south of the
north west of T. L. No. 7941, thence
10, the south half Section 16, the south ' north-westerly at right angles to last
half and the north-west quarter Sec- course, .11 chains; thence south west-
tion 17, the north half ami south-east ei'ly, ai right angles to last course, 2
quarter Section IS, the south half and mnes to easterly boundary of said
north-west quarter Section 19, and ' Berth 298 Block 2; thence south-east-
those portions of    Sections 1, 2,   the   er'y alonS said boundary to place of
east, 160 chains north, 40 chains west, interest in the said land by virtue of
-.   a  post    planted j more or less, to shore then along shore any  unregistered  instrument,  anl all east half Section 11, and Section  12, 'winning, excluding    therefrom   any
.ion��No. 02f6,ththen��Uronnien_   '"  '>'"'''"'   '"'  commencement. persons  claiming  any  interest in  the west of    Timber Berths 272  and  302.' 1'ortion of   Timber Berth    308, which
Nee. 25. Commencing ai post planted sail1   lalul   lj-v descent,  whose title is jn Township 3, Range 1, West of the might faU within the same, containing
[60   chains   west;   4"   ch lin
^-"commencement. '   l''out  10  miles nortii  of  Hartley Bay   not registered under the provisions of   7th  Meridian;     also   Section  12,  the   an area oi 864 acres, more or less
at   a   post    planted   >_   east   bank   of   Kittimat
���   ol  CO
Ann   onl the   "Land   Registry   Act '   shall   be   east half Section 21, and the south- B,ock  4.���Commencing at    a point
Township 5, otl the easterly  boundary of Timber
'"''nS 7oS__a_ns��nortl ' ,!l"'"'"   120   chains   south,  40   chains  setting up any claim to or in respect   Range 2, West of    the 7th Meridian. Berth 302 Block 1,    3 chains    south-j location No. 4
, .mmencement.                          east,   10 chains north, 40 chains east,   of   the   said   land  so   sold   for   taxes | containins an area of   1?.,023    acres, easterly  from  the  north-east  corner 1160 chains so
* _on��No. ��2Vh**en��!runnfn8   Hawkesbury Island on a small creek,   forever  estopped   and   debarred from ; east quarter Section
.Commencing   at   a   post   planted   [q  chains   north,  40  chains  west, 40   as   provided
k'V'i .������;'^ pre-emption claim,   chains north, 40 chains west, to point   Act."
follows:  IfiO chains Wl 31 .
the   "Land   Regtsiry
..    160  chains cm
��� i  point  eu' commenc
icres, more ov l* ss.
M     '
WM.   M      'I  '���'
i���!.: VXK  VANDALL
March 21, 19 17,
nf i ommencement.
No. 26. Commencing al post planted
a iout one mile and a quarter wes!
if Kiakiata Bay Indian village, on the
north bank of bay, thence 160 chains
north, 40 chains east; more or less
to Indian Reserve line, thence 160
I chains south along Reserve line to
shore, then along shore to point of
i commencement.
Locate.]  April 6th,  1007.
Take notice that thirty days after
date I imen'. to make application to
the C'hie.f Commissioner of Lands and
Works for a license to e;;- .nl carry
away timber from the following described lands:
Nol.���Commencing a' a posl planted on Hi"   west side of   Twenty-Five
40 chains west, 160 chains south, 40
chains east, 100 chains north to point
of commencement.
Claim No. 4;!.���Commencing at post
planted at the north west corner of
location No. 42, thence 40 chains west,
160 chains south, 40 chains east, 1C0
chains nortii to point of commencement.
Claim No. 4 4.���Commencing at post
planted at the north west corner of
thence 40 chains west,
south, 40 chains east, 160
chains north to point of commencement.
Claim No. 43.���Commencing at the
nortii west corner of location No.   14,
Dominion Lamls with
,  Belt in British Colum
homesteaded by any ;
the sole head of a lam:'.. .   Unds
.. male over is years of   age, i
one- iuarter   sect I in of
���-. more or less,
musl  be made personall;   al
y. o tor the district iu
land Is situate.
���   teader Is required to per-
' ���  conditions connected there-
one eef tiie following plans;
' li asl /���;_ months' residence
us'.   cultivation of   the lan l ta
.:  ihree years.
. father (or mother, if the
dei eased), of the homeste 11-
��� a upon a farm In the viclnitj
an i entered for,  the   req lire
is to resl lence may be sa1:-:!''.!
person   residing   with   the
II the settler has his permanent .. upon fanning land ow n
I im In the vicinity of his home-
���    re itilrements   as  te* resl-
m'm _ed    by resl lence
al I l tnd,
N'OTICE is hereby given that 30
laj - after date, we Intend to applyto
lhi    Hon.     Chief     Commissioner     of
and   Works    for
licence  to  cut  ami  carry  away  tim-
i cr  from    the    following    described
laa ;>.  situated   i:i the  coast  district:
Beginning at a post planted head
if small i ay .i.,-.-' b si le of Rroughton
island about one mile easl of Hooker
Lagoon, thence north 40 chains', west
SO chains, north 80 cliains. east 40
chains, south 40 chains, east 40
chains, south 10 chains, east 40
ihains, south 10 cliains, west 10
ciiains to poinl of commencement.
V in ouver, it. ('.. May 27, 1907.
more or less. thereof;   thence south-easterly  along
The berth must be surveyed within   said easterly boundary SO chains.more
one year after the date of the notice   or less, to the    angle   In   said   east
awarding the berth. boundary of Timber Berth 302; thence
The regulations tinier which ali- north-easterly, at right angles to last I thence 40 chains west, 100 chains
cense will be issued, also printed course following the boundary of said south, 40 chains east, 160 chains north
forms of tender and envelope, may be Bei'th "��-. 4n chains; thence north- to point of commencement,
obtained at this Department or at the westerly paralled to first course SO j oLaim No. 46.���Post planted at the
office of the Crown Timber Agent at chains, more or less, to correspond j north west corner of location No. 42,
New Westminster, B. C. with length of    first course:    thence  thence SO  cliains west.    120    chaina
Each tender must be accompanied south-westerly paralled to second north, io chains east, so cbains south,
by an accepted cheque on a chartered course 40 chains, to point of com- ; 40 chains east, 40 chains south to
bank in favour of the Deputy of the   mencement, containing an area of 320 . lloint of commencement.
acres, more or les. CIaim No> 47,���poat  planted at  the
Block 5���Commencing at a point on north west corner of location No. 44,
the easterly shore of Chehalis Lake,  thence 40 chains   west,    160   chains
50  chains  southerly    from   northerly L0rth,   40   chains    east,    160    chain.
end of    said lake;    thence southerly , south to point of commencement.
No tender by telegraph will be en-   along said easterly shore of lake, 2>_ :     claim  No.  48.���Post  planteei about
Mile Creek and marked James Sharpe, I Minister of the Interior, for the am-
No.   1   posl ;    thence  40  chains west: : 0!,r-; of the bonus whlch the "DpHcant
thence south SO chains; thence east SO : is Prepared to pay for a license,
chains: ihence north 30 chains; thence ,     The hlShest or any tender not nee-
west 40 chains, to point of c immence- ' ess:i:'ll>' acc(
No,   2.���Commencing    at     a     pos
planted one  mile    south    of    James
a    special   gape's Xo. 1  post;    thence west   10
chains; thence south SO chains; thence 1
east   80   chains;     thence   north   SO!
cliains;    thence    west    I     chains, to
point of commencement.
Tenders   for   License   to   cut   Timber
on  Dominion  L_r.ds  in the Province of Britis'i ''olunibia.
SEALED  TENDERS   a i iressed    to1
the Commissioner of Dominion Lands,
Department eef the Interior.
Tenders for License tc Cut Timber on
Dominion Lands in the Province of
British Columbia.
miles in direct distance, with a depth Un chaluS  north   of the  north   west
of 67 chains on said east shore, meas-, corner 0f T.  L. No. 7943   thence 160
ured at right angles to the general
bearing of said easterly shore of lake
within the block, containing an area
of 1,340 acres, more or less.
chains west, 40 chains south, 160
chains east, more or less to river,
thence along river to point of commencement.
The  berth must be surveyed with-1     claim No   49_post planted at  the
in one year after the date of the no-,
tk-e awarding the  berth.
SEALED TENDERS addressed tothe
Commissioner    of    Dominion    Lands.
Department oc the Interior, and mark-
1 on the envelope "Tender for Timber Berth  No, 519
;   this  Department    until  12 o'clock
Departmenl 1 ,. ���  ., ,.,��� on Wednesday, the 24th day of
ed on the envelope "Tender for Tim- j<!;y, 1907, for a license to cul timber
ber Berth No. ulG," will be received al ,,,, Berth Nm 519, comprising lands
tiiis Department until 12 o'clock noon sltuate i:. ������ . Province of British Col-
.n Wednesday, the 5th d u   of June,
TAKE NOTICE that application has   1507,  for a
license to     "  timber on
ila on the   west side of Chehall
1 ���
be, n ma le to register Florence Mary
Bv, |e h as the owner In Fee Simple
under a Tax Sale Deed from The Corporation of the District of Burnaby, to
.lames Cunningham, bearing date the
roth day of March, A. D., 1902, of all
i' no  ta writing should  and   Bingular  thai   certain   parcel  or
1 to the   Commissioner ot Do   tracl   of  land and  premises   situate,
1   nds ai Ottawa of intention   lying and being In the Districl of New
for patent, Westminster, In the Province of Bri-
nds may be purchased at $10  tlsh    Columbia,     more     particularly
_nd $20 Cor an- j known and described as subdivisions
23 and 24 of subdivision "A" of lol 29,
group 1.
You an I each 0
quired to contesi
tax purchai
Berth No. 51t>, comprising lands situ-
Lake an 1  descrll 0 1 as follows:
Timber Berth No. 519, comprising
those portions of the following lands
which lie to the west of Chehalis Lake
and outside of Timber Berth 302 Block
namely, Sections 26, 27. the north
bia, and describe 1 a sfollows: ���
Timber   Berth   No.  516,  corni rislnj
Si ctlons 27, 2S, 33, 34, an I the Eas
halves of Sections 2:* and 32 in Town- ...
ship  is.  Range 23,  Wesl   ol  tie.. 6th   >��" "��� SeJ ^ 2S*   "��e sou h half ol
5 Section 33, the south hall and the
north-east quarter of Section 34, Section 35, Township 5, and Sections 1,
2. tl,.. cast  half    :' S.'clion :',. th*' nortii
The regulations under which a li-
c* nse will be Issued, also printed
forms of tender and envelope, may be
obtained at this Department or at the
offlce of the Crown Timber Agent at
will be received   New  Westminster. B. C.
Each tender must be accompanied
by an accepted cheque on a chartered
bank In favour of iho Deputy of the
Minister of the Interior, for the am-
ounl of the bonus which tiie applicant is prepared to pay for a license.
No 'ender by telegraph will be en-
t.rtalned. The hlghesl or any tender
not necessarily ai cepled,
artm* nt of the Interior,
Ottawa, April 21th, 1007.
" ior soft con
Nol  more ihan   320 acres
��� ilred by one Individual or
Royalty at the rate of ten
,'] ton or 2.000 pounds shall be
'"'' on the gross output.
I for.
iiy of the Minister of the In
Unauthorized   publication of
Ivertlsement    will nol be p
r you are hereby re-
the claims of  the
-. uhln  forty-five days
from the dat    of the first publication
,r ihis notice, otherwise t shall regis-
Meridian, containing an    area of
square miles, more or less,
The berth m ;-; 1 surveye 1 within
..ne year after the d il - of the notle e
awarding the berth.
The- regulations under which .1 11-
c* use will be Issu id, also prtate !
fi rms of tender aud envelope, may !><���
oi tanied al this Departmenl 0
easl quarter of Section 10, Section 11,
the south half of 3ection 12, the south
wes: quarter of Section 11, and the
south-* asl qu irter of Section 15, In
t' the  Township 6,   all in Range l. Wesl of
office of the Crown Timber Agent at ,
New   Westminstei
Each  tender mu
by an accepted
the 7th Meridian, contatning an area
,.   , 1 of 4,310 acres, more or less.
��� . accompanied'    The berth musl be surveyed wilhin
Take notice that, thirty days atfer
date 1 Inten I to make application to
the Chief Commissioner of Lnnls and
Woi ks for d license to cul ami carry
ivay timber from the following des-
. ribed lands, situated ln New Wes:-
mlnster district.
l. Commencing at a post eet on
the south bank of Cypress creek about
three and a half miles west from Sil
tor Florence
thereof In 1
Mary Eveleigh as owner  bank In favour <
v.    And  l hereby direct   Minister of the Interior, fo rthe am-
cheque on .1 chartered!one year after the date of the notice  w,,. (,,.r(,k> ,,���,,���.,, m)I.lh eighty chains,
;��� the Deputy of thejawardlng the berth.
nortii west corner of T. L. 7943,
thence 160 chains w 'St. 40 chains
south, 160 cliains e:st, 40 chains
north to point of commencement.
Claim No. 50.���Post planted nbout
60 chains west of the north cast corner of location No. 4S, thence SO
chains west, SO chains north, SO chains
east, SO chains south to point of commencement.
Claim No. 51.���Post pianted at the
south west corner of T. I.. No. 7943,
thence 160 chains west, 40 chains
north, 160 chains east, 40 chains
south to point of commencement.
Claim No. 32.���Post plante 1 about
to ciiains wesl of the south east corner of T. I.. No. 7943, th*.nee 160
chains wesi. 40 chains south, 160
ehains cast, 40 chains north to point
of commencement,
I., cated  May 3, 1907,
Agent, F. VANDALL.
El ft 1
is nereby given that, 60 days
r''. I  in:..mi to apply i.i the
Chief  Commissioner  of   Lands
v>' fks torn lease of the foreshore
ror booming and milling    __.-
1 comprising the whole of a bay.
:h" name of Independenl  Ba;,
1 ! ���' oul two n.Hi's Bouth of the
'"' of Cost I Island, on the easl
111 Kitlmal Arm, and aboul two
'     'th from Kildala Arm.
'" ' ���'' '. April 5th, 1:1117.
thai publication of this noiice for thirty days in a daily newspaper published at New Westminster will be good
and sufficient service thereof.
Dated al the Land Registry Office,
New Westminster, Province of British  tertained.
Columbia, this 25th day of April, A, D���
C.  S.   KEITH,
District Registrar.
ount of the bonus which the applicant is prepared to pay for a license.
The highest or any tender not necessarily  accepted.
No tender by telegraph will be en-
The regulations under which a license will b" Issued, also printed
forms of tender and envelope, may be
easl     eighty    chains,    south    eighty
chains,   and   west   eighty    chains    to
point of commencement.
2.   Commencing at a post set close
Department  of the  Interior.
Ottawa. April 6,  1907.
A. Ilayne
v;l per8o���a     -/ed with this notle*.. *^^   ^   Draper
Obtained at, this Department or at the to  No.   1   slake,   thence   north   eighty
offlce of the Crown Timber Agent at chains,   wesi    eighty   chains,   south
New Westminster, B. C eighty  chains, and east eighty chains
Each  lender must  be accompanied t<  poinl of commencement.
by an accepted cheque on a chartered 3.   Commencing at a post set close
bank In favor of   the Deputy of   the to No. I  stake, thence   west    eighty
Minister  of the  Interior.  Tor the  am- ciiains.   south   forty   chains,   easl   one
ount of the bonus which the applicanl hundred and sixty chains, north forty
is prepared to pay for a license. chains and wesi eighty chains to point
The highesi or any tender nol nee- of commencement,
'"���I.IAM   moody,   Locator.
y'i'\\K VANDALL, Agent.
and those claiming through or under
,inl .,��� per9ons claiming any
I lD the saiel land by virtue of
cl instrument, and all
'.    1       ng any Interesl ta the
flescent, whose title Is
inter 11
any   1
said   .......
B. C. Land
fll.il-Cl   BlOi-k      Nr*     ...StPlIm
S C.
essarily accepted.
No tender by telegraph will be entertained.
Dei arl nenl ��� E th ��� Interior,
1. Commencing al a pe^t set on the
railway belt line, distant aboul six
miles north of the north shore of
' 'Is .u lake', thence west eighty
chains, nortii eighty chains, east
eight)  chains and south eighty chains
Auction Sale of Condemned Ordnance
Under direction of the Honourable
the Minister of Militia and Defence,
Messrs, Jones & Co., Auctioneers, will
sell by Public Auction, on Friday,
1 till Instant, at 10:30 o'clock a, ra.,
at Victoria, certain condemned Ordnance stores, comprising Accoutrements, Tents, Blankets, Clothing and
various other articles.
The Ordnance Officer in charge will
furnish any further Information which
may be required.
Artie' s purchase.! must be removed wilhin twenty-four hours after the
E.  PISET, Colon"),
Deputy  Minister of Mllltla   m.i
Department of Militia and Defence.
Ottawa, .lune, 1007.
_____ THE   DAILY   XEWS.
Cherries,   Peaches,   Pears.
n    11'      C 1     Oil GEO.   ADAMS
rubhc bupply btores     p_oP.
imMiii-.���n ��� Miami i�� miinwn ���i���m����liJ������ii �����������>���iWi^wr"ni���T^
Small house, large woodshed, with 'cellar, and
lot 66 x 148 1-2, good soil, thoroughly cultivated
and underdrained; the makings of a very nice
little home, and only three blocks from Sixth St.
car line.
Dominion     Superintendent     cf
Culture  Visits  Alberni.
| Floorgfaze j
8MK__g___B_B_HM 9MM4)\WmWmmK4\Wamm\mViWaW^
Malins, Coulthard & Co. Ltd
Per J. H. VIDAL, Mgr. Real Estate Department
New Wellington COAL
Blacksmiths* Coal in stock.
P. O. Box   345
'Phone   105.
The "Stay Sat_sfc.ctoiy"Kange
During the past month the demand for The Monarch
Malleable Range has exceeded all previous records.
This more than proves the satisfaction and wear this
valuable range has given to purchasers, as it is only
through recommendation that sales greatly increase.
Hardware, Monarch Ranges       187 Columbia St.   Te!. 65
.;     Agents for "KLENO."   ������,.
., team
... nr-
m   US
��� I
����� .t><. . ********************************.***** **********
��� v
l $
*��� ���
���    ��...
������*> ��������*�����������������*. *<?**<******* ************<?$********** ****
; pieces coming in ev< "v   *
few days.
Jni     *
.- '    'i Musical Instruments, Strings, &c,   ���
���'-*���!���'   "I '  ���' *
Electric Railway Service!
Interurban    Line.
Cars for Vancouver and way
stations will run every half-
hour from 6:50 a. m. to 11'.30
p. in.
City Limits Line���Service from
6:15 a. in. to  li   p. in.
22 Minute Service���No transfer.
Between 12 nnd 2 nnd 6 and 7.
30 Minute Service���During re-
malnd* r of day. Transfer nt
Leopold Place,
Sunday   Service   half-hourly  be-
tween 8 a.m. and ll p.m.
Sapperton Line.
13 Minute Service from 6.25 a.
ni. tn 11 p.m., except between
12 and 2, and 5 and 7, during
whlgh hours the service will be
Sunday Service halt-Hourly between 8.30 a.m. and 11 p.m.
I British Columbia Electric Ry. Co., Lid *
************************* H 4>***4**********************
Alberni. June 5.���On the 1st of
June i!i*' Dominion fishery protector
cruiser Kestrel arrived at Alberni,
having on board !���*. II. Cunningham,
Dominion superintendent of fish culture, who is new in British Columbia in connection with Ihe erection
and managemeni of the various
hatcheries erected, ier aboul to be
ere cted, in differenl jeans of the province. The governmenl have in contemplation al the preseni time the
establlshmenl of two hatcheries on
the Wesl coasi. one on Barkley
sound and one in Clayoquot sound.
Mr, Cunningham's preseni visit Is to
look over the proposed sites and
select the two most suitable for tli ���
purpose. While here' he Inspected the
Sproal lake, and the Sproat river and
falls, leaving later In the day fi r .n-
derson lake an 1 river, al the head of
Uchuckllsel harbor, and also NTahm-
Int river at the head of the baj if
lhal  name In  the Alberni canal.
i: is ] robalile thai the hatchery for
Barkley sound, will be locat* ! in on ���
of these place's. From there the Ki s-
trel proceeded to Clayoquot sound lo
locate' the site for ibe- other hatchery.
The spot chosen may I ��� K* nne I,
l.ke or river, which is the largesl
lake and river emptying into Clayoquot sound. Fishery Inspector Taylor   accompanied   Mr,   Cunningham.
Aboard the Kestrel was also W.
Sloan, Dominion M. I'. for this districl, paying a flying visit to this part
of his extensive constituency. Mr.
Sloan stated tliat preparations arc
now under way for starting the construction of a pack horse trail along
the coasl between Bamfleld creek and
Carmanah lighthouse. When finished
this will .'liable a rocket throwing apparatus lo be hurried by land to the
scene of :,ny wreck, which might
mean the saving of an entire ship's
crew and passengers. In conjunction
with ibo life boat to be stationed at
Claoose and ihe motor boat at Bamfleld, and telephone connection along
the shore, communicating with the
light houses of Carmanah and Cape
Beale, and the look out huts between,
ibis should complete as good a life
protecting system as can well
made on such a coast.-
: clri* s hard over night, with
high gloss, and
Wears On the Floor
���Not Off
For   Week-End
Snap anil water .'.nes not
mar ii.
It wears as well on Outside as Inside Floors.
Use it ..n your Inside
Floors, Veranda and
Porch Floors, Outside
ami Inside Stairs or
Steps, and wherever you
want a durable
High Gloss Enamel Finish.
Schooi Without a Staff.
London. June 6.���Owing to the rejection of the new scale' of salaries by
the teachers, the West Ham National
school, Lond m, is practically without
r staff. Thi managers brought pr* s-
sure upon one teacher, and as she
still im fuse i tc accept the terms she
was dismissed. Five other i ach - i
in ih��' schoo] have sent In thei ��� r< s-
ignations in . rot* ;t again it the man ���
ager's action.
We stock the celebrated
Peter's Swiss Milk Chocolates, the most delicious of all confectionery.
Sold in packets.
Lemon's Milk Chocolate
in tasty boxes, the most
suitable of all gifts to a
young- lady.
See Window Display.
t. a, muir
(.('iii!::bid Sf.
There are two rapidly growing departments mr
our store which  through careful attentii j
past, have grown faster than other departments,!
We refer to
V'hosiery and gloves]
! i
We have come to  be known  as the Reliable
Hosiery and Glove Store, and our values in the   .-j
are responsible for our reputation.
We handle no seconds or inferior qualitiesi |
these departments���nor will we do so.
We keep our stock complete at all time
Many New Lines of Hosiery, among
these, iiave arrived Iliis weekl
Wc -pen's   Lace   or     Embr.id-
eried    Lisle   or   lace   and   ���
1 roid*  .    i- imbined,    in    Ti
I'o'i.  ��� .    Ci   dinal,   Black     in 1
B   Whil     per      ir 35c  to $1,25.
Women's   Plain   Lisle   Hcse.   , ,
all  sha les, ���. ���   pail  35c to 75c.
Women's Plain Cotton  Hose.  In
Tan, die y   Champaign* .  N'atu
al, Cardinal    and    White    , nd
Bla* pair 20c to 35c.
Natural Scle Hose, pi r pair 35e
Women's   Out   Size    Hose     pi i
pair 35c to 60c.
Boy     or     Girl's     Heavy   Cotton
Hose in fine or wiel<��� ribbs, :. _
'���;��� black, per pair, 20c to 35c.
f   Children's Seeks in one
.   ������    lengths
plain  or la       pi     pair  15c to
' ���y<^-'-
Another Alleged Atteii.pt.
St. Pete e -.---j. June 6���There h .
been so many alleged attemi, ts 1 itel.\
upon the lives of members of the imperial liouse' of Russia thai scan el ���
a day passes withoul adding to thi
The l.ati st, :��� ling to  the Novoe
$ a Big Cellar's Worth In Women's Cashmere
1        Women's  Plain Cashm*   -  Hose,   regular   vafu*
B Satin laj.   t   pair  U r $1.00.
IE Women's   Plain   Cashmere Hose,  regular   vain     i   ���.   '���'
to Si ' n la; . 3 p Ir for $1.00.
h Women's   Plain   Cashm i       !  se,  regul ir valui   G
i. Sat ir laj   2 pair for $1.00.
New Stock Patterns
-���- ana =__=__:
By Renting (me of Our I oi g
Safe Deposit Boxes.
We cordially in. ite
you to inspect them
at o:i\- time.    :    :   :
 A T >	
. ��� fefcr-. !���    r.  ���   ���
k_*/A\.JL___ 1   kJ
217-219 Cciumbi;, St.
Ali i,     lnl of lo. ���;, thin     in CHINA,
uital le  for wi d ling gifl .
Vremya, . - h di liberate ei' sign i u
the :; of Grand Duke Ml ilia* I .1 .
androvi '.. . ounge r irolIn r of Em-
; ��� ��� \Tlcl ' is. l.i an; i venl a serious accldenl was narrowly averted.
Tl ' ��� i ne was the Gatchlna road
leading to Tsarkoe-Selo, and the time
:��� .-im day aftei noon. Piles of .stones
-" npletely blocking the highway
were discovered just before the passage of an automobile bearing the
grand duke, They were hurriedly
carried away, and lhe' emperor's brother passed in safety.
Special Clearance of
Plenty of Long Oloves Her
Short Oloves
Women's Long  White  cr Crea'-i L s
gloves, per pair 50c. 75c. 85c, a     r
./omen's Long Black White or Crear
Silk Gloves per  pi li   75c to $1.33.
Women's  Lace   Gloves   or   Mltl
Ten dozen Women's ' Moves,
only, per pair 50c to $1.25.
ly   "ihi   lin* m,   and   oilier
Lcng   Castor   Washing   Glove..
sp* mial values for  this  clear
onlj. | er pair $1.25.
ance';  colors  tan, pn y, black
Women's    Long     White     Glace    K
and white.
Gloves, per pair, $2.25 to $3.00.
Regular values 30c to 40c.
Lonj   Swede   Gloe/es   In   white,
and  e olors, p* r ,    r, $2.25 to  :
FRIDAY  and  SAT-   QFj,,
URDAY, per pair          ������'
Colored  Glace Gloves   !.' an I
tlgth                ;    $3 and $3.50.
247 Columbia Street. Nev/ Westminster
��jaaaflMEfiB-iM <________BB___________MM^ I
Ilie Westminster Trust
and Safe Deposit Co., im.
:     Manager     :
Hotel Guests.
Guichon���11. A. Munson, San Francisco, Cai.; B. I-i. Ferris, Chicago, 111;
W. F. Page, (lien Valley: II, G,
Pooler, .1. R, Brown, Judge Harrison,
Windsor���J. II. Wilson, C. Bushlj.
Vancouver; Miss Payne. Porl Haney;
F. Dunstone, Millside;   J.  ('.   Shiflut,
Colonial���J, B. Stephens, Vancouver; J, A. McNeil, Porl Hammond;
P. G. Gregor, .Mrs. Gregor, Spokane.
Extra Good
House tm Ash street, convenient  to car and Fourth  avenue, si-.
rooms     $1500.00
Fourth avenue, modern house, six rooms, near car line.    Trice $1G50
20 acres on North rt<md, unimproved,   first   class   soil,     Price,
per   acre     .  S_5.00


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