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The Daily News Jun 22, 1907

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 ite, Shiles & Co
.Jumbia St. P^ne 85
White* Sides &-Co.
m Meeting To-Day May
[cide On a Strike-Mr.
lonK's Opinion.
. .   an   taking thej
rice    ol    spring!
j. sterday     ;i
. ��� ;-.     ���    take out
'��� ss  the    ol I
ound was guai ���
thi   di alei 3 re-
,    result,
the    -mailer
Monk   receh i ��� ! ee: oul
::. :-.    this     ' ���   :.-���
���   isual    avi rage.
i had i -ni' ' hlng ovei
in  -    whlli      Mi ssrs
eld   &   i',,..   gol   the
er ol the thn e di ali rs
Inglng    in    a  very
: ���
:     the     Fishermen's
this    afternoon,
I drastic  action   Will   most   likely
hen.   The majority e.f the fish-
....    Btrongly   in   favor     of   a
|ioo (f  work,   ami   there    ls  a
thai  the boats will
kt ii       , next week.
(lhi   outlook, Mr   M  nk
ked       ie rday   thai   'he   dealers
ne      ���   sibly    contlnui     doing
1'^ .ei.:   ��� ay   ihe  old   price    of
lents ad.   Ee eiid not think
em en    seriously     con-
ated i   ng oul on strike, and in
' ��� I theory,    remai I ��� I
mbi    of the fishi rmen
i>l thi Ir catch tn him
nfonrn ��� men thai they were
������ the   price   being   paid
time.      Mr.    Monk
ol his fish up thi   river,
F''  '���     ��� '  the fishermi n  then
>��� -     us  Intentions of hang-
��� '��� fore th< i no ot
" ' '     1 he  trouble    Is   mostly
I river fishermen, A is-
'��� ������   ���     nd   Not weglans   ' i Ing
��� .������ ���    . tators.
��� n's   union     ..���������������
fiegate.- to  discuss the matter
fishermen.    These
nn until aho ii noon
���    reporl   they   bring
to  a   gri ai   ��� xti n1
: - hi rmi n   go   back    to
strike.    The  down
are   reported   to  be
'���-   down In an effort
-   a   pound    for   the
hile   the   up    river
���    anxious  to   con-
'-''��� remalndi f of the
'���������I  only  last  anothi r
���   -
' i   what   he   should
i   striki   happen-
Formed   'In-   Xew.
in  all  tlio    spring
ed    from    Vlctorl .
re   catching them
in   thirty   to   fort.;
'" ii'l se nd  his col-
torla    and   gel   a
four    cents    ei
conclu led    Mr,
"���ink    ii    will     be
i  thing of the. kin"-
nol     going    to
���   ��� nd on  thai  ' I
we ranni I affoi I
Foil!   cen;.-;   ii   potin 1
'   '���    'be V    will    Heel    be
the remain ler
"���;. ror the sake
:"w mure dollars.
: " i money as it
_^J me eef them go out
I,., , ' RB numbers will be
,rl   ;' '   ake   their    places.
,.       '    "Iculty  in  ge'-
.':,,; ' i bav,. Been sev-
,,, , "' i:i the past, bin fish-
.,   ' ,1" ; been  found  will-
Th" '"   ;""l fish for the deal-
.:.���. .���'  '   '   "shermen   there  are
L��h    '   h,Rser the catch for
������ ,"i,',"":""' :""1 "ee��� who will
pork a ' '" Ca8e "r a cessation
l,t    aown Iver, will hav,. no dif-
;���.,; .".'"���'*����� '���� numbers of
1    "Ul i   II"-       1,1,.
i  (vli, , ' '"     money.    Bill
" '"   no strike."
Servant  Forb ccje-  to   Read   Ow n     ".;
I'.:::-   ; im .      Stud               literature an       e le                    -         e induced 1       - ���                   ...
pologist ...
��� ' '      - M     .������ ���.    li
ite'.-!. I .     . ....
ns on
. savant'e
Ious  wi ring 1 npelled
his nearest relatii
;    mi He goes
- .:    ���   ��� :.     .���.:. twtlvi
d one o'cle g,
it hoi e goes i
ll.  retu
ed  fi     son ���      Hi   - ifl
|i ��� : -
methods  I      ���   ��� .���   .       \   ������
vant mus ������     e hi
. ode ..     ng to slei t  n ust
��� -    .������ ,   The
cam en to n ad ow Ing to th<
noisi    mi li ihi    turning      :   i  ���
: ages,
In oi ;���    to      tain  ; ��� rfect  qu et,   .
Rosny lives  in  a flat    in    a
which hi   '       eought,  md  �� ienci
has ejected  all of thi   ti n nts     Hi
sen   calls  every   day   bul   Is  foi
to  ��� : '��� :   be}ond   thi       rter's     odgi
where a small sum is dei osited evi  :���
morning,   by  the   fathei 's orders,
I ocket money.    N'ol a sound m ist    ���
heard In all the housi. and all i : il
housebells   are   stuffed    with    cotl  a
to Take Mikado's Sub ject? to Shout
of thi   local   Ja] ���
anese   res^jts    rill   :���    going   ove:
er   ^^^^^^^^H order
Mutineers   Return.
Bi ziers,    Prance,    June    21.     li i
Bailloud  arrivi I   here  this  afti 11
and   after    an   Interview     with
mutineers of  the  Seventeenth   ite'. r'
try. the   latter  decided   ;e>  n tin a   :
���'.- ���    regiment.
Clash Between Racing Men
and Officials Result in a
Queer Situation.
t':;:   .    P  sl Imi,   who     will
i i n the i ��� rain  sh n tl)     i
fon ^ j in.    Thi    I   i    E   R   compan;
s'       ��� :   ��� ���    il  cars  ai  thi
-ai  of thi ��� -..  an 1   these
leave thi nffici     at    nlni
.   this ...       Aboul    oni
��� I an I  fill     laps  have applii
:     ��� :.   these    cars
������'. ���   there   is .. Hit)     that     n
.   may   : ���    i   piin     io   take    tin
evd over.
S ���( ial   : ati ���   will   be   in   force  team!   tii ki ts   �� 111   be   Issui 1    to
Vancouver and  return  for fifty cents
��� si   tlcki ���   v. Ill  '.���   available until
Sunda)   evening.      An    exceptionally
I ���.:...  rush c: ti Is expected, es-
ill)  ft'ieni eight o'clock tbi> morn- .
Ing until aboul  tl  ��� ���   ��� .  four o'cloi k
n   he afti rm i n.
Both the Vani i ivei Japani sr and
lhe civic aiil:; rities have aim isl
-. leted tbeli work on the arrangements for th. n ception to 11. I. H.
Prince Fushlmi. V- cnanges have
��� ��� n made' in the program as previously published. The decorations
are proceeding apace. The Japanese
havi twee large scows prepared for
the fire works display now lying at
the   Albion   ite a   weeks   wharf.
The public will 'ee rigidly exclud-
e i from th. C. P. R. wharves and
the1 station yards tomorrow at noon
and   in   the  i vi ning, during  the  dis-
, la.\   of Japai Irewoiks    on    the'
Inlel When the public were allowed
to us.' the wharves, greal damag
v- as flom l the roofs of the s hi
���! : i eiiif pri pelt). The liability lo
accident when greal crowds are on
��� wharf at night Is also said t i
bav< something to do with the order
which  will  be enforced to the letti r.
Ga\e   Lp   Estate   tc     Peasants,     But
They Become  Lax;
K.>.-.,<. June 2\ ������1 ., eo :..'.:..
the las      ember ol an     -        .....
..- I family, settled     ��� ���       -      :��� < ������' -
ago  in    hi   ..:.. len ......
eestors   ;   M       I a i tag hen ;ra\
. 111 .  ..  . ia I ai ; ''
u si   with th<  chiel   ��� . i  -    f Ger.
... .:. Se i la Ism,   .-  �� he m ::,- w as
verted to Soi lalism    On his :< tui.. lo
his   e ...-.:, ,   tin   duki I :��� I    to  put
iiis ni a   : . as  Inti io      He ai
i ii lln!  ���   ��itli.ii'e-w  all     ���   lai gi   i s-
tati  from its foi m< i ti u ints and i
��� i  .   .....   li . .  Ivotion to
137  families    ol    his      i aaai ta,  who
colony.     [Tie
rem     '   | yea   e       .     . i i .   -
foi  such  ..  n ast  estati
\;  first the ex| i i Imi nt gavi   i \ < '���
b ni   results em i  thi   eo        lo    con
litloi   of thi   labor* rs imi   oved gn   I
Latti rl). how evi   . tl   e  grev  '....���
ni lg< ctlng   agi Icul ���    rk,  began
cutting down the woi Is which, ac-
i oi ling to the agn. ment, were to
li " unto ii bed. The i xpi i Inn nt has
now come to complete failure through
the pernicious work ol ihi Socialist
lei di ; -. who have lnduo d the' eas ���
ants tee claim ownership and refuse
work. The duke will appl) to the tribunals to resume possi ssion of his
Mewfoum and     Premier     Sers     His
Pish ������.:  Proposal  Re ected,
New Service July 1.
Announcement is mn le that the proposed c P. R, fast passenger service
from St. Paul to Portland, via th< Soo
line, the' Crow'l Nest pass line to
Kingsgate, the Spokane and International to Spokane, and the 0. K. & x.
to Portland will nol be Inaugurated
unti luly i. although it was announced some time ago that the service would commence about Juni   17.
Sydney,   N.S.W., Jun,   21.���One
the   model a   developmi nts   of a  raci
coins,   is   thi    ie ial ers'  -':;; ���.  to
��� afi erce thi ir i onditlons on racing institutions, i.ast week at N'arrandera
and Goulbnrn the ringmen wen m I
satlsfli .1 .. Ith ; he fees Imi ose I foi the
privileges of betting in the gn n'
sl md :��� si ��� ;e at both places, and as
'be' rai Ine authi rities ill I nol comply
b ith  the'  demands  of  the   pi ni
I he lattei ����� nt out on si rike.
At Narrandera the ringmen, however, "pooled" 'he' business and pal 1   he
ror i ne    bookmaker, who did  eill
the'   Ne ttinj .   with     profitable   re-- ilts.
The  conditions  under  which   pertnls-
��� ' s*ranted to bookmakei a
Inti udlnc    i e    plj    their  vocation at
Gonlburn   I ad   been   duly   advei tlsed
an I u| �� ei       if half ee scon   ringmen
thi      - Iropolls    ngreed to the
terms and paid  the'    fee and deposit
di n indi I I    Ihe club, but on the ai -
��� ival      lhi Rl' ei Ina com Ingi nl an el
Fort wi     ���     le to gel  the fee red ic 'd
to one-half,   Th   clu , di cllm I l i
i   i   in tl     request, and a sl   ki
Thi '      '   rem i i i : I i ii      I
��� ������ ipi a betting In th   gi   nd
land ei I iring the afti i n i en,
though I '      "slrikers" ��� -!
a   fi w wape i    ' the   quiet."   The
Leger   hooki .   however    i ;��� '
ted b) iie- ��� ������; the , b Idoe k, and
did a loi.- ������ I uslness over the divi lln ���
feni e, That evi nins a conferi nce il
ringmen and the honorary treasurer
ni the clule. c. M Shaw, was held,with
the result lhal an amicable arrangemenl was arrived at, and the Btrlke
was declan i "off."
The "strike," however, served tn
Impress on the members of the club
and racing nu n generally the neces-
jsity for the legalization of the totall-
zator.and the question of its Introduction is likei, to become a live 'em- al
the coming elections, especially In
the rural districts.
"' T-"����ie is at  present
^^^Pj'1  Victoria.
n r*'��'  days
i-ices ai   .h      ;''"';!' W'" l;il;"ni"
"nine. ' :' :''u'1'    tomorrow
Paris. June 21, The- self-styled
"Archbishop" Vllatte, who attemi ted
ie. form an Independent Catholic
church here, with hlm i If as Ita hea I,
yesterday bade farewell to some' sixty
Of bis followers, He announced that
he would shortly return to the United
St   Earnabas   Brigade   Makes   Creditable   Showing.
\   lai -~o   numbi r    of  parents    and
���   nds   of tin   youthful   members
e  St.   Barnal as   Boys'  brigade    ai
��� d   lhe  inspo IH ll   of  lhe' compan;.
. sl night in ��� ������ armouries, when thi
n i I;:.- pn si nted t i he brigade
ci ei petit lon were presented. The
ma le a i leu Id showing, ;ui .
.i el many com] menuiry com-
ents to be p if ied I tii" neatm - -
ii ii I precision with which the m n i
dl : icull man m uvere were perfoi ui-
Tiie  pi ;/.���  iin- i.il  [iresi nted  bj   11
ii mor Judge  Bol    v as  n on  by   Pi I-
vai ��� .1.   House.   Tin   medal  Is in  the
i   ,n   of a   beautiful    gold     Mal'e   ���
i'i ngrai ed   vv ll h   the   name    ol
I i lonoi. Si nnd ad third ]
mi It I w ei i pn uti I ., T. Gif.'
AI.  P,   P., and E,   I   Fader,    nnd
���   e '.i   first pi   ' . " ;' em ,i i n al
ale,   both  Im Ing   of  s <ii i.i
i',      ���, "mi   pi I.-. . ..a   h,   p .
. ,iti    \,   Rogers,   . Idle  I he  i hii d  i
adjudged   to   Private     F,     Tun    .
i- ',.    im).-.   Turnbull,   Soway,   Da wi
and  Alulr,  were hard  to choose from
'. ���   third,   and   the   judges   requi
"  opinion   et   the  audli nce,   v, hi   i
unanimous In acclaiming Private
i m a   ill the wlnnei.
V. II. C, Abbott, who is an I I
country mllltla man, held the inspection, anel bla judgments were heartily se���, onded by tbe audience. llis
Honor Judge Hole made tha presentation, and complimented the boya
iinl iheir officers on the excellency
of tn.' drill, and graciously Informed
them thai he proposed donating u
similar *-rift for competition next year.
Rev. ('. \V. Houghton made a nult-
a le reply, and In a few neat words
thanked the donors of the medals for
the interest they took In the boys,
i.l during his remarks outlined the
work of the brigade, Capt. "Wllkle
also made a neat speech, In which he
impressed the thanks of the boys to
Mr. Abbott for his kindness In acting as  judgf.
Transvaal Said to Have
Agreed to Repatriate Chinese For Loan Guarantee.
' London, June 21. Undi r the title,
A Gigantic Scandal, the .Nation.el Review this month contains an amazing
explanation of the evident ;< '������ ndship
��� : ween i leni ral Bol'hn an i the n em
. i rs of the home government.
The National Review declan s that
a bargain was made between General
Botha and the govi rnment, by which
he agrei I tu ropal rlate the Chinese
coolies now In South Africa In return
,'���   a  promisi   that    the    govi rumi nl
lid r '������     il   Tl' i'i-',;. ei   '".111   of
���j s.ooo, '���     rl I e  rolh '.v i-e ���
���. ip ihe arlicle:
On bla ai rival In Englan I, ��� I ne '
Bol iia was approached by ' he c ikmial
offii.' an.i aske I whet her hi �� ild
n i. In ri i in n roi Swaailan I i nd ; i -:
li voi . ph Igi  hiniBi If to tin   i'i   Irla
,i   i"'   ihe  Cliiin   ���    ' ""'ii their
���e Pi'; uri       ��� '������ dred.      Hi    replied   ""
,.';-��� an)   underli   ,:.������
i'i" kin :.
"When I i'i   an-w. f fllterc
1 : iv n    i i Hi"   Liberal   i   nk
and  file   i   In   i   n imln r i     i ��� min i
I,   ;   ., ipporlpri    il min
Ir) - Igni ! i' enioi lal,
i hey woul I vote again I the go ��� ��� 'n
ment i: the license s of tho Chlnei ���
coolies were renewed. The ministers,
finding ihem elves In a ti..ht place,
not being Willing lo face their own
deluded and angry supporters, and being unable to i oerce Gen< ral Botha,
I;. I a happy thought,
"The Transvaal was talking of mis
lng a loan of five millions; they would
pledge ihe- credit of Great Britain,
guarantee the loan, offer General Botha to save' him i per ceni, equal to
; 660,000 a year, on condition thai the
8,000 Chinese whoso licenses expire
, Mils summer should be sent back to
China.     This   is   the    shady     bar��ain
i which  under pressure of a  party re-
I voll   has jusi   heen concluded, and  in
i which the good name of Great Britain
Is disastrously involved.
"iCvery one who read the announcement of ibe guaranteed loan rubbed
his eyes at the' statemenl of imperial
help to our wealthiest and leasl Indebted South African colony, and un-
,tll the true story became known, the
��� whole transaction was a mystery."
Salmon Canning Not Likely
to Be Inspected This Season   Licenses Safe.
Despiti    hi   fai    that  tin
goven -    offii lall)     di ��� '.-���'���< I
Iis< 11        ���        ol ot  all  th<   fishi   >
i :   British   Columbia,   lhe   battli
tween the | i a\ im i  and the V.-n i
foi  th.   ruasti ��� ���   of the field �� II  n ;
ceuiie' this   Btinum        rhe   flgl
: in . :i  i hi   I w .e goi ernments ' n   con
; will in all ; robal lity bi
on during ' he coming w Intel
ii is not the intention of the pi   \      ���
...,.   an)   steps  which  would  '.ier.
.;".'     ii on   the  fishing   Ind rest!
hi   coming  salmon  Beasi n
Offlci e'   Intimation   has   been      e
celved   b)   local    caunei*s    that     the
bringing lu n force of the British C
lumbia ac' of 1002 will not affect the
canners  or  fishermen  In   respect    to
licenses .luring the preseni Benson.
There is Borne speculation among
Fraser river camii'i's concerning possible action on the- part of th.- Fed
eral government placing Inspectors at
the various canning plants nn thi
river ami .sulf this summer, Al the
last s. ssieeu ot the Dominion parlia
ment it was enacted thai all food
canned lu Canada musl be Inspected
and passed by governmenl officials
before it could be distributed. The
salmon canners welcomed the Idea,
declaring thai the) would be onl)
too .thiei iei hav.- ihe government
guarantee their output with the seal
eif its  approval.
Nothing has. however, been heard
of the appointment of Inspectors Cor
the- salmon packing Industry, and ii
is the general opinion thai Ihe enm I
ment has been forgotten, Packing at
the Fr.iscv river plants will be Btart-
eel hi .inly 10, when the fishing Benson opens, and unless the Inepectoi
are on the ground then they �� ���������
never see the first of the paid;.
June ^^^B Rob-
i      Bond ���' " ���.< ���   of   v ��   ��� ind
has ,-.....'-.
-    .     :.     | .   ' -.���.-.'...". . -    SU
question    a   ���������������������
: ,     ���       of ists to a    ' ���ation
p< wers
He firs       id��   thi   tr.igges lon ��hen
\. wfoun a ..��� I"--   .   .      the
lasl   bi sslon   if  thi   Im] ei  i
ence      Ki time    he   pr\itested
strongl)   against  the modus    vivendi
Thi    Bi ll Ish     govi rnment     mi  irall)
I rofus< d te> .iei,   ���  SIi  Robei
on  I ecausi   It  ��as negotia   i     ��Ith
the  United Sti  ��� i
Sir   Robe * since    enewed   his
������   ���" .:   '.     lng to submit  I is mai
[ag ii   arbltt ul n    trl-
m . '
Bon I li is lei Ided to leave En :' md
H< has ' u rted ��� n i presa campaign
In behall ol Newfoundland wlflle in
England, making it appear thatNem
foundland was fighting the Vmerlcan
fishing trust
Saved a Million Lives.
N'i b York, .lune _'i A cablegram
from Chlnktang, dated June 13. re-
ei:.. i h> ilie- i hrlstianHernld from
Its repreBentallye who accompanied
the rellel steamship United States
army transport Buford to Chtn i and
superintended the distribution of the
cargo says: "All tho Buford cargo
now dispatched by vans Inland, and
ley junks up the canal Fleet of ftftj -
four junks fully loaded. Fevers terribly prevalent. Missionaries almost
exhausted. Canal trip shows the- re-
loris of famine were nol exaggerated.
Relief afforded from all sources has
saved   one million   lives,"
Robber Got  His Stock  in Tr.ide From
si. i/ouis. June 21 The police
claimed to have discovered a cowless
dail) today, when they arrested the
proprietor, Frank Robben, and hic tw '
sou'-. Benjamin and Harry, an- I 10
and fi years, on the charge of stealing milk,
According to the police, the younger
hoy said llis father senl him ami his
brother oul early every morning to
steal every bottle or can of milk they
could find on the steps of residences,
stores or restaurants,
Tins, were taken bach to Uie dairy,
.���ad there rebottled, after which the
mill, was distributed to thi Ir cm I im
Life  Saved by a  Rnt.
All in).  June  21.   During the
week an   Vlbany  woman  ha I a  narrow  ��� si ape from death and   a
saved from serloui   Injur)  I. ii
whli h  held   the'  i'i "ni   dei oral    i
kali     :i lace.    The  lad)   In  qui
in the north end and i -
... loWH     ' I  li'   ���     �� le    nil
aad   fell   hi ad   foii'.i: ' :'   I"   th
(il ,: ���   fllghl    She Innde   on   h
pad our and  the  felt m
lore.. . r ib" iaii an ��� ' r th
' ring   ������    :he    udd ' icl    if flooi
and iai she v.as unlnjuri !.   Sh'   i
' credit i" Hi" rat,  and  says    hi   will
nevei   again  thlnh  the  things
are born of woman' i vani
1 terly useless,
Key   Pounders   Prepare   to  Strike
San    i'iancisco,    June    21.���Ti i
gri phi '       for  the    Westi rn     I ������
Telegraph   company  on   th     P >
coasi   will  strike tonighl   unless  the
concern agrees to their demands,
This is the' ultimatum thai has
gone forth from the w,< Btern divi Ion
of Ihe  union.
A dispatch  from  Xew York says:
As the result of the visit or Mr.
Neill, commissioner of labor, anel
following suggestions made by him.
an 'aljustinent of the Western Union
Telegraph company and Its operators has been-reached and there will
be no- strike.
This story from the east is denied
by union  leaders here,  who say the
J western   men   will   strike   tonight.
"Black Kid" Perpetrates
Double Stage Outrage In
Yosemite Valley,
Wnwiina. Cai. Juni   21     Upon  the
Identli .2 ��� poi   where he had aire i I;
committed    three robberies   on    the
. Yosemite vallej   Btages, "Black  i-1 '
ih,. f.ininii:   I. 'i" i andli    "i    Medera
and   Marlp    i   counties,    Wednesday,
perpetrated   a   do ible  11 ige    h il LfV
which   in   point  ol   dm Ing  and   ��� < ��� I
ii' ��� i    eill    pro. imi ���
IHek Tir': In i Rlmly !"" mil ted oi      il
hia  victims I ���  i men'".."'1 ll,i"   '''":
he'   had   nonchalantl)     collectt""*
lool  gathi red from a    	
of pasi i ���>: ei
The  lab   I  expi      ol
able  ' ���    e ;.e hold n
��� i i ng   Inl     the   vnlli ���      il     i
poini   In ��� hi     .��� a ;   In  M idi ra i
ei".-. n   .1      '. '"" ���     he
compe lied    Ixti rrlfleil       itirlsl
i        ��� . 'i    i.i      .i        -i
thi . - an  hour    with
' "      ' ' ' :       '
i I
'"  "" i n  ii    i.ent
11 n ^s\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
New   Cfurth  for  Burnaby.
\ meetln I   yesterda      it
Burna to select a
"i       ���   -i
to tiled St.
-    ��� i
id a large
numbei   wi
\\'.    .1.    \\ al       ""e '   il       )    -.ivi'       I
le on ith "isi eo t ��������� of
junction "i <! ��� Hi (In road and
EMmond  street, on  the old  oar llrnj
and   nevl   In  thl    B( hoo!   ho II e,  �� lilch
offer was gratefully aci epti I, and a
committee comprising Messrs, H. (!.
Walker, K. B. Stride. K"a<!" rslmi'
liauKb. Wedge, P. B. Hrown, Cllfl'onl,
and the rector. Ihe Rev. R. Dunlop^
were selected to raise the necessarj
$1200 for buildfng purposes and to
carry out all the negotiations. In the
meantime, services are being held at
the municipal hall (.very Sunday al
11 o'clock except the first Sunday in
the month, when the service will be
at three o'clock in the afternoon.
��� I    ������-"
A Record Breaker
Saturday,    June    22nd
75 only Axminster Mats, suitable
for dining and bedroom doors;
fringed all round; sizes 36 x 18;
regular $1.00 value for
Do you know that I carry in stock the
best Pianos made in the Do minion?
500 yards Japanese Matting, various colors, linen warp; regular
50c, 40c, 30c, for
We have two very special lines of
Lace Curtains, viz:
No. 1���A pretty lacey effect, 3 yds.
long, 50 inches wide;    regular
$1.25 for
No. 2���Is a very heavy net, with a
fine border, 3 yards long, 50 in.
wide; regular $1.50 for
..Furniture Emporium..
Phone 73       Dupont Block      Columbia Slreet
I have just received a shipment of New
STYLE Dominion-they are beauties.
Call and inspect my stock, it is now complete.    I can suit all pocket books.
nordheimer, nkw scale williams and
Just received: Large shipment of Organs,
and also Victor and BERLINER GRAMOPHONES and RECORDS. Thin will add to
Columbia and Edison Phonographs.
I now have the best Talking Machines on
the market. Over six thousand Records
to select from.   Call anil see them.
326 Hastings t.;. vv  v
Bookkeeplng.cn   j and p,
Shorthanl, Telegraphy m**
gineering. "
Seven  Teachers
forty-Five   TyPeWriteTi
Students Always is Dema)(|
����� '��� awn, b. \, Pri^i
Imperial Cattle WaJ
COW wi
. I
Agent for Singer and Wheeler & Wilson's Sewing Machines
New Westminster's  Music   House,
Burr Blk, Coi bia St.   Phone A278
\ *:.*..*.:.*..*b-*2:*-b-*b-*y*b-*i.::���.:���:.
I*     - -   .      ���
cows changed  hands al   good prices,
ns  well as several  horses, s ime    ol
*. which   won-  good    general    purpose
* and     heavy    draughts,      A    wagon,
* buggy,  harness  and  other  pieces    of
*y*y*y*y*Q*^*v*y*2*y*b-*i;*  farm outfit   were also sold
Lytton Square was again the scene Traders  and   Visitors,
of a busy day's marketing yesterday,      ft-   Cummings  and  K.  Charnleyhad
and  a large representative gathering some fine lamb that they retailed at
attended   the   weekly  sale    of     farm   their  stand,
produce. J. Cooper had some very nice veal
The market was probably one of this week' wnich w&s snapped up at
the best of the season and with the prevailing prices.
exception of a few articles which Mr- Hawthorn, of the Chiiliwack
are becoming scarce, offerings were Co-operative society, was in yester-
.vell up to the mark, anel commanded day- Iu' wi" be shipping new po-
good prices all around. | tatoes   to   nexi   week's   market.     He
'will  also  make  a   large  shipment  of
chickens  to Dawson In the course of
Trains Dai!y
Travel on the Famous
Electric-lighted train.   Low Rates.
Quick Time. Excelh nt Service.
New York, Chicago,
Toronto, St. Paul
Steamshir Tickets on sale to all European points.
Special    Reducped    Rates   Round   Trip
Raxes   to   Southern   CaiiTornla.
For full informtion call on or write
C. E. LANG, General Agent,
430 Hastings St., Vancouver, B. C,
Portland, Ore. I
The hum! stalls were well supplied ;
with as nice a line of beef and other
meat stuffs as could be desired, anel
though gooel juices were the order of
the day. value for the money was obtained, Tic supply of beef, though
good, was all disposed of before
closing time, the price paid being invariably nine to ten cents for hindquarters, and seven to eight cents
for  fronts,
The demand  for young   lamb    has
been   steadily   increasing of  late,  and
though quite a  few come    in    every
week,  the  supply  is  still" very short
of what  could be disposed of.   What
' was   offered    yesterday     was     soon
J boughl   up early  in  the day at  prices
I from  four-fifty  to   five dollars.
The   supply   of  pork   offered     sur-'
i prised     quite     a     few.       Farmers
j having   pigs   hav,-   been   quietly   fat-
1 tening them  up lately, owing to tin
good   prices   prevailing,   ami   though
ih"   pork   offered   was    exceptionally
line',  ihi' demand  dropped    considerably.    This is  explained   by  the  facl
I ihai   tin' weather    is   becoming    ton
] warm  to  indulge   too   heavily in   fai
1 pork.
Eggs were in good demand, and tha
' supply was well up to the requirements. No shortage in tfiis line ol
goods is looked for now, and the ���'.-���-
mand was firm al 26 coins per dpzi n
wholesale'. Retail purchasers paid the
usual   price  of  fhirtj   cents.     Butter
TO SEND YOU OVER  was  :l's" '"  ev'dence  In   good   quan- :
Itlties,     and     considerable     amounts
THE NORTHWESTERN LINE"   | changed  hands  at   35  cents, bu
the next  few days.
Mrs. Israel was a visitor with her
[usual offerings of chickens and eggs
I    Mrs.  Black  of  Langley had    some
'nice butler ami cu'^.i l.e:- sale yesterday.
Mr. Spence wis :i .i-i' ir with butter and eggs.
Capt. French, accomp inied ley- his
son ami their respective families,
visited the market in two splendid
Westminster Iron Works
Ornamental Iron vvnrK, including
Fences, Gates, Fire Escapes, etc.
Mall orders and correspondence In
New Wesrmlnster. f. U   ��?��
Transfer Co.
Office 'Phone 18fi.       Harn vnoue 137
Columbia St.
Il pays to use it.    The
better results if she does not ���
fight Mies.   Guaranteed todo the work I
D.S, CURTIS & CO,, Drugs, Spectades,smJ
New Westminster
English Watchmaker
Two   doora   from   Ceo   AJamt, C,KA
Ladies' Oold \Y;itr!i"    ' :   $12..;r I
Gentlemen's   Silver   V. .....    _.,|
' face. $6.00. I
gentlemen's Silver Wai I
case, $7.50 up. 1
Agenl for the celebrated SouthBeojil
Watches, supplieel   ;e, -,,... .jil
Arctic Expedition.   All warranted '
Chains,  Rings, Jewelry, etc., el
Watch   repairing;    charges  i .1
Canadian Pacific!
Oaggage delivered
part of the city.
promptly  to xay
The Beaver left yesterday with a
good number of passengers, for the
two-day trip to Harrison and Fort
Light and Heavy Hauling
Office���Tram  Depot
W. IN. Draper
B. C. Land
Ellard Block.   New Wsctmlntter, B.C.
2 Transcontinental Trains
Pacific  Express daily   I"    ���
Imperial Limited dailj 20 lu (|
Going East
Imperial   Limited ea.-:   7: IV
Atlantic Express east 17:05
V. \\ K. Agect.
New westmiDStttl
can be made
Lot on Fifth Sl $200
Lots on Eighth, opposite Moody Square  300
Lots on Sixth Ave. near the ['ark  :;i��'i
Lots on Columbia St., Sapperton  300
Lot- ell' Richmond St., Sapperton  12.1
These Lots are offered f<<r a few elays only
anel can lee bought for half cash, easy terms I'm- tiie' balance
P. Peebles
270 Columbia St.      NEW WESTMINSTER, B. C.      Phone 307
fc.ikj.it Trains Every Day in the Year  prevailing price  was thirty.
BETWEEN a   conslderablj    larger   supply    of
veal was in slghl yesterdaj than
has been offered for some' weeks,
and the demand was goo I enough I ���
in i re a read)  .- lie of all on han1! at
inneapolis, St. Paul
and Chicago
prices   ranging   from   ten   t'i    eleven
THE    NORTH-WESTERN,    LTD. cents per po	
Embodies the newest   and best ideas
for   COMFORT,   CONVENIENCE       "'" '!";""'!  ���"���" :"'vi of ;l11  klnd9
and   LUXURY.     It  is  lighted  with wa8 exceptional!)  good, and many of
both  electricity   and   gas;   the   mosl ,li''   farmers came    to  markel    well
brilliantly   illuminated   train   in   the supplied  with these feathered bipeds,
world,     The  equipment  consists   of For  good  Inns and  chickens.    $7.50
private   compartment   cars,   standard ])er  (]ozen   U..IS  ,,,,,    smal]eS|    1)rice
16   section   sleepers,  luxurious   dining       ..... .,
,.  . ',   . ' ,      .    .      ,    paid,   while  in   tnanv   cases  the  own-
car, reclining  chair cars  (seats  tree),
day   coac
brarv and  smoking cars. I birds
modern  day  coaches  and, buffet,  li-  ers wived |9   per  dozen  for their
For Time Tables,  Folders, or  any
further information  call  on  or  write
7^0 Second Avenue. Seattle. Wash
OF THE CANADIAN PACIFIC RY    _ _   ___   ,_   _- ,
=FINEST AND   FASTEST=   j   I ||lI^LE   ���
EMPRESSES*! Manufacturer or
ft i
10,000 ( EMPRE8S Ol.' BRITAIN j 14,500   j     _ _, .   -_- _
h.Powertempress op IRELAND!  ions. Mineral Waters, fctc.
Vi ��� ' - tiling from Quebec, May 31st, j
i"      . ���    dates and particulars of rc- i
due tons In fares, appl;. to
p. P. U. Agent.
Agent Ior all Atlantic S.S. companies
Aerated Waters,
Family Trade a Specialty.
Tr|.  113. Office. Eighth  Street,
Tb. supply of clucks was good, and
mostly nice young birds. All were
disposed of early in the day al fr un
$G to $7 per dozen.
Quite a quantltj    of    strawberrle -
and   gooseberries   were  offered    and
sobi   readily.    Gooseberries   went   f u
elghl cents per pound and strawber-
| nes sold In most cases for $2.25 p "
! crate,
Potatoes were scarce, and it Is
' probable that the markel has si ��� n
' the lasl of the I90fi crop, which s il i
i yesterday for $40 and $45 per ton.
A good crowd attended the auction
j sale held by T, J, Trapp at the cl ��������� i
'of the market, and some brisk buying  tool   place,    A   number of nico
[bright  DAYS i
L��� SHOW    UP    THE    BARE    SPOTS ���J
Call and see our new lines of ru RIN ITU RE.      The best of
woods,   the latest e.f patterns,   the best of workmanship,   and
the most, reasonable of prices.
>J   716 and 713 Columbia St.      Four Floors,      Rear Extension,  Front St
;���;, ���  , ' _)
Grand Trunk Ry.
Excellent Train Service Between |
Chicago, London,
Hamilton, Toronto,|
Montreal, Quebec,
Portland, Boston,!
Anel all the principal business centers^
ONTARIO, QUEBEC and the X    |
PHILADELPHIA,  via Niagara FaD^|
Keer Time Tallies, etc., address
GEO.  W.  VA'jX.
Assistant (len'l Passenger and .   :|
Agent, 135 Adams St., Chicago,
Spokane Falls & Northern Ry ft I
Nelson & Ft Sheppard Ry. Co.
;     Red Mountain Ry. Co.
The  only  all   rail  route   between ��
points  cast,  west  einel  south  to R '���
land, Nelson and interim '
connecting al Spokane with t    "'."|
Northern, Northern Pac.'tic and 0
& N. Co.
Connects at Rossland w ith the '���
adian  Pacific   Railway  for U
Creek points.
Connects at    Meyers '    '
stage f'-nly for Republic,
Buffet   lervice   on   tram-   betwe��31
Spokane  and  Nelson. .
Effective    Sunday,    November  W |
Day Train
. Spo., me
.. Rossland
9.20 a.m.
12.25 P-m-
O.40 a.m.
Arrive |
7''S P'D
4.10 ?����� j
h.45 P'��
CARR'S   BISCUITS      The White Pass
in  half-pound  packages
25c per Ib.
Adams y Deans
and Yukon Route
FAIRBANKS.    Daily tra"'- (��X"J
.Sunday)   carrying   passenger'i  '' j
express    and    freight    c0r"!eCttrorii
stages at Carcross and White Ho
maintaining a through wintei  "f
Foi   information apply to
J.   H.   ROGERS,  Traffic MM*"
Vancouver, 0. u xrvfi
22.   1907.
���TESIDE  .v  EDMONDS. Barrl*
'jTs^d solicitors, BlacUe Bit,
oibia   street,
j. Whiti -   "
New   Westminster.
H.  L. Edmonds.
,  P  HAMPTON BOLE, solid
1 "  J ���. ^e supreme court. OfTkes
Vi.e.-.k of  Commerce build
t  ���  '    ...   .,  street, opposite  post'
v,.,,v Westminster.    Money to
���   V   WEART   &  McQUARRIE,
ter8, solicitors, etc.       Of
"N-(.rt Westminster, Trapp Blk..
',' irkson   and   Lorne  streets.
rooms 21 to :4, 145 Crau
street.   Joseph Martin, K. C., ,
.. ,, .-    w,   ib.   McQuarrie,  H.  A.
hmirne    Mr. Martin will   be In the
^minster offices every Friday af
Shingle and Saw Mill
The Schaake Machine Works, Ltd.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
. Min sters and otli< rs Inu rest< d In  ���
:.   services   will   please   forward  ���
.      to this   :'i. e nol lati r than  *
i -.. Fi:        to Insure ins< rtion 1   J
Hi Init) cathedral. RewA. Shll-
rector. Holy Communion, Sa.m;
Mai ins,      s. rmon '        a.       m.
evensong and sermon, al 7
;>. in.; S3. S., 2: 10 p m Catheclsm last
Sundaj in month in church. Evensong
an I  -i nnon b\   r< i tor, 7 p. in : dail}
<������*�� ��� ***********************************************
Ir.WAY   REID   &   BOWES,   Barris
���' ;;���. ' solicitors,   etc.,   42   Lorne
; ;   ,,.-��.   Court    House
���   aster.    A Whealler, P.O. Boi
ome   _   ..
New  Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000.      Reserve Fund, $5,000,000
B.  E   '" '.'���:;   p
lent ALEX   LA1HD,  General  Manage:
service at 9: 10 a.m. and a p.m. except ���
:. i' Iday, when Evensong is e-aul at +
7 30.    Holy  Communion ever;.  Thurs J
......  and saint's day at S a.m     Choli ���
ictice on Fridaj  after Evensong.        ���
$7.50 to $10 X
FORGE !7 MARTIN. Barrister and
Solicitor Guichon block, Colum
' ,' McKenzie streets. New West
fcia ���������'��� ���
olnster, lb L-
MYERS GRAY, Barrister, Solicitor
- -   public, In practice since
I sew Westminster. B.C.   Of-
,ed to Curtis Block, Clark-
p site   Court House
p |  :. s 169.   Telephone 64.
Every   facility   afforded   Farmers   fcr   their  banking   business.     Sales   Notes
cashed   or  taken   for collect.on.
BANKING   BV   MAIL���Dep sits   may be made or v. thdrawn oby mail.
Out  if-t  ������::. ,: counts  receive evi      a  '��� ution.
I\  HANSFORD,    Barrister,
So'icltor, etc., Crescent block,.
C    imbla     and      McKenzie
N'ew Westminster, B. C.
JBOARD OF TRADE.���New Westmin-
Bter Board of Trade meets ta the
Board Room, City Hall, as follows:
-. ad Wednesday of each month.
Qiiarifc.ly meetings on the second
Wednesday of February, May,
August and November, at 8 p. m.
Annual meetings on ibe second
Wednesday of February. New
members may be proposed and
elected at any monthlv or quarterly
meetiig.   A. E. Whi'e, Sec.
R. Ii. K. of 1 , meets fourth
Friday of each month, at S
p. m.. in Orange hall, corner of
Royal avenue anil 7th street. So
jcirniiig Sir Knights cordially in
foted to attend. W. E. Dunlop, W.
P; .1. Hood, Reg.
St. Barnabas   Rev   C   W. Houghton
recti :    Hoi)   communion    S    a.    m .
-. ��� .. itanj   11 a   ni '
evening  pi aje er, 7 ]    m.; Bl iie class
n. :  Sunda) scl      ,3 p   m       ip
���. ��� -   after    Sua I        school.     i hoii
St.     Paul's     Reformed     Episcopal  *
..���.!'. Rev. A. de li Owen, rector J
Divine worship Sunday, 11 a.m. and ���
7 p.m.; Sunday school, 2:30 p.m.
Prayer meeting on Thursday at 7: no
p. m.   All are \n eh ome.
(.Hive; Baptist church���Rev, M. !.
Rugg, D.D., pastor. Preaching on
Sunday at n a.m., and at 7 p.m.; Sun-
:..;.  school and  bli Ii   classes at
The Hatter
Columbia Street
0   ���
��� ���.���   ���   *  *\*2*\* .*���.*.*   *********   ������.���.������.���*
;��� in.: Young Peoples meeting
Monday evening at s p.m.; Midweek
prayer meeting em Wednesday evening at  S p. m.
Queen's Avenue Methodisi���Rev, w
11. Barraclough, B.A., pastor. Services
at 11 a.m. and 7 p.m.; Sunday school
:.:. I    BII le    Class    at    2:30    p.    m.
Adams' Celebrated Truss  Rod
Also Studcbaker, Standard and Steel Skein Mountain Wagons, Farm Trucks.&c.
Agents for the J. J. Chase Threshing Machinery.
��� ��� ��� **b*b*'* ****** *���*..-*::���* ���-*b*y*:b*y*b;*x*ib*
���Meets in Orange hall first and
third Friday In each mouth at 8 p.
m. Visiling brethren are cordially
invited to attend. W. Pope, W. M.,
James Humphrey, Rec. Sec.
I. 0. 0. F.���AMITY  LODGE, NO. 27���
"���'������  regular meetings of this lodge
'��� held In Oddfellews' hall, Colum-
i street, every   Monday  evening.
���:' ' o'clock,    Visiting brethren cor-
Invited to attend.   S. Gregory.
N G    c. s;. Richmond, V. G.; W. C.
mi, R, p.:  j. w, MacDonald,
r- S    Alex. Adams, Treas.
A 0. U. W.���FRASER LOCGE No. 3 e
-Meetings the first and third Tues-
flay in (.:i('h month. Visiting
' ethren cordially invited tn attend.
Lodge room, A. O. U. W. hall, Odd-
jellows' block, Clarkson street, C.
s' Corrlgan, recorder; Louis Witt,
master workman.
115.  SONS  OF   ENGLAND,   B.  S.���
Ket| Rose Degree meets Second and
'"' Wednesday of each month,
���" K. of p. Hall, Columbia St., al
*i>- ui.. White Rose Degree, Fourth
" day   in   each month, same'
���'������'   md place.    Visiling Brethren
Invited,      B.  B.  Stlnch-
������ Pres., ii. Dlsnev, Secretary,
���"  ' ; the Fourth  Friday in the
"'l'"' nt  8  o'clock,  in  the small
Oddfellows'   block.     Visiting
" !l are cordially invited to at-
'',"'"   -b is. Rushton, C, R.;  1-'. I'
Maxwell, u. 8.
Phone 101
Reichenbach Company
Wholesale and Retail Butchers
Columbia   Street
****** *���* .*:*2*-:,*::���*':������'
��� o. F.���The regular meetings of
���'f Lodge are held on the Second
|P��,Fourth Tuesdays of each month
"��� m. In  the Oddfellows'  Hal..
"on-  Brethren  are cordlaly in-
���ted to attent
K P- Maxwell,
C. Firth, C. R.
C��ANCE meet every Wednesday
',,. , OCloik p. ni., In Oddfellows'
.,'" ��� Columbia street. Visiting
to,," r,"'1 !"'�� cordially Invited to at-
'-"". Geo. Burr, S. C; N. R. Brows,
60 N
Tin, i,91 ���Meets on the First and
K""l   Inesday  of  every  month   'n
Chief, i1'' "a11, ���'(,hn McNiven
 ��� ���'��� ���'��� Forrester. Roe. Sec.
Great Northern Railway
Reduced Round-Trip Rates
Tickets on sale July 3, 4 and 5; August
8, 9 and 10.        	
Tickets on sale July 3 and 4; final return limit good until July 6.
(For full information call on or address)
R C. MEYERS, Agent
Bank of Commerce Bldg.
Morning   subject,   "A   life   committed ���
in t.-mi.''  evening,     How    will    we :
spend  our vacation."
West End Methodist���Rev. Mr. Magee, pastor. Services, ll a.m. and 7
; ni.: Sunday school, 2:30 p.m.
Sapperton Methodist. ��� Rev. l.
Thomas, pastor. Sunday services, ll
a.m. and 7 p.m.; Sunday school, 2:30
p.m.; Epworth League, Monday, S p.m,
evening service'.
S:. Andrew's Presbyterian���Rev. J.
S. Henderson, pastor, Sunday services 11a.m. and 7 p.m.; Sunday school
and Bible ('lasses. 2:30 p in.
Morning subject, "Heart Fever, cause
and cure;" evening "Good building
Wes!   I'resbyterian���-nev.  T.  Ward-
law    Taylor,    M.A.,    Ph.D.,    minister.
S rvlces  lin:m. and 7:30 p.m.;  Sunday school and Bible class. 2:30 p.m.
I The  Rev. Mr. KIdd  will preach.
Kimx church, Sapperton���Rev. D.
McKenzie, B.A., pastor. Services, li
a m. and 7 p.m.; Sunday school nnd ,
Bible .'lass. 2:30 p.m.; meeting ol
'i P, S C E, Immediately after the
evening service,
Gospel Hall, corner Sixth avenui'
ond Ninth Btreet���Breaking of bread
every Sunday al 11 a.m.; Sunday'
school ami Bible class. 3 p.m.; gospel
j address, 7 p.m.; prayer meeting, Wed
nesday, * p.m.
Gospel Hall, Tenth street, Services
1!  a.m.  and  7  p.m.;   Sunday school al ;
2:30 p.m.
Lutheran Church, Rev, B. A, Sand,
pastor.    Service  Sunday  i \a ning    al i
the Oddfellows' hall.
Blue Mountain School House'. North
road   Service at 3 p, m,
Salvation Army -Services as usual
in  the  Uiny hall.
Si. Peter's Cathedral  i Roman Cath-
nin '   Sundaj Mass al S and I'1 a.m ;
, Catechism  at   L' 35  p.m.;   Evening P
vol ons, 7 p.m.
Anglican church Sei i le e nl 81
Mary's Sapperton: evening prayer and
si rmon evei > Sunday al 7 o'clock;
fii ' Sun 11.'. in the month morning
; : ayei \i Ith n < elebratlon of the Hoi;
Comm ml n   nl   11     o'cl m le;     Sund i;
liool nl   :.' 30  p.  m,
St.       Mi.an's      Burnaby   Mornln
prayer with Bermon every Sunday at.
11 o'cloi ���  ' cei pi the flrsl Sunday !ti
the month, when  the set \ li d v. ill tie
at   3 o'clock  in the afternoon.    Rev
D  Dunlop, li. A., priest In charge,
EYES   Tested    Free 5
*y*y*o*b*y*y*b*y*-*������*���.*��� ****** * ****** ���.���:;���
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL f14.40O.0O0.0O
RESERVE       $11,000,000.00
Branches throughout Canada aud New Coundland, and in London, England,
New York, Chicago and Spokane, U.S.A., and Mexico City. A General Banking  Business Ttansac ted.
Letters of Credit issued, available wi ll correspondents In all narta of the
Savings Bank Department. Deixislts received In tennis of $1 and upwards.
and interesi allow eel at 2 per cent, per annum (present rate) added
four times a year.
Total  Assets over $168,000,000.00.
 The  ���	
We welcome .small accounts ami pay interesl   four tinn'M
a year on Savings Bank deposits.
F. B. LYLE,  Manager.
Ninety-five Deaths in a Minute.
Vienna,   lune 31.   An Austrian sta-
| tlcian  has  calculated that   there are
^ 1,500,000,000 people In the world and
that the average spun of life is thlrtj
.veins.       (���i.nseiiiienlly.       1,600,000,000
people die every thirty years, or 60,-
: OOtl.iiiiii a year, or 137,000 a day, 6,700
every hour, 86 every minute and :i lu
'every tWO seconds.
Hotel Guests.
Oulohon���S. Walker,  George  Adair,
J.  A.   Clark.   J,   .1.   Hughe,,   and   wife. l ��� '          '      '������'������ ������ ��� ��� ���������
Vancouver;   Mr. and Mrs.  Kelrooney, - - ���
Oaii.land.  Cai.;  J. G. Flnlayson, Van- Mutsinii;   J.   McTavlsh,   Mount   L��h-
oouver;   W. Page Powle. Millside;  A mun;  ���'��� Haldis, H. Tltmii", R. ('uin-
J,  Noxton,  Calais,    France;     P.    w. mlngs and sou, Langley;  K. S. Hicks,
KellOUgh,    Wlniii|ie:;;      ,1.     R,     Gray. Vancouver.
Vancouver;   K. Gray. J,  B, Mattnews, Obtoalal���to,    Umion,   Ahbotsiford;
Vancou .;    \.  (irant,  C.  Thurston,    R. Cun-
Wlndsor   Wl   Plnkler,   Engltod; S. njngluun,  Vancouver;    J.    Lawrence,
| K.  Rathwell  ami   wife. jMoosejaw;   J, ChllHwiuck;   Thomas   Hamilton, Vlc-
Aiii'eies; B, W   Holland, toria.
B. C. Mills, Timber and
Trading Company
Manufacturers aiJ Dtoiers in  All Kindt ot
Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sash,   Doors,
Interior Finish,    turned Work,    Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glass.
Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining.
t\*+*M 9s>9a\aasttass^SM
Royal City Branch, Columbia St.
Telephone 12. New Westminster
iOO Cords of Tan Bark Wanted
At the
fraser River Tannery
Highest Cath Price Paid THE   DAILY   XEWS
SATURDAY    linn
Published by the Daily Xews  Pub-
ghing   Company   Limited,   at
Jfices,   corner   of   Sixth   and
streeis. Xew Westminster, li. C.
!��� roat
No bitterness in WINDSOR
TABLE SALT. It is piquant
in saltness��� but delicate, giving just
the right savour.    Use no other.
A.  Paige Manager
Chicago, June 20.���A dynamite explosion yesterday partially wrecked
Cosimo Bruscato, a flat building at
64 .Milton avenue and Spread terror
through the section of "Little Italy."
ir. L-ii   = , Forty-five persons were asleep in the
President. Zelaya of Nicaragua, Ga- apartments at that time, but all es-
T ansient display advertising. 10 mez claims to have received informa- caped injury. The outrage is laid
cents per line (nonpareil), 12 lines .o tion from an unquestionable source to to the "Black Hand" In furtherance of
the   inch.     Five  cents   per line   toi   .,.,,  effeC|   that   President  Cabrera is a plot to extort money from Bruscato.
subsequent insertions suffering from blood  poisoning which      The explosion made a fearful noise
Reading notices, bold  race type. <su => .,���      e
cents  per line, brevier  or  nonpareil, followed  the extraction oi a  tootn.      and  people came  running    from    all
10 cents per line. According to Gamez, President Ca-   directions,  while the frightened  resi-
For time contracts, special ^Posi" j brera has not ie���t the executive man- dents of the buildings jumped out of
tt0Xo'.i<!-'!yof�� "births*ma^riagesT'or sion for eight days. This was further j windows in their frantic scramble tor
deaths. 50c. Wants,' for sales, lostIcorroborated by a Spanish planter, safety. A large bore for powder was
or found, rooms to let. etc., one cent, wh0 reCentlv arrived from Guatemala, found in the rear of the building, and
per word. No advertisement taken
tar less than 25 cents.
Day  Office   	
Night  Office   	
. B22
SATURDAY.   JUNE   22,   1907.
He declared that Cabrera's illness In a man was seen running from there
a measure counts for some of tne re- Immediately after the alarm. He
cent atrocities, said to have been com- was pursued and fired at by several
mitted by him. policemen, but escaped.
This    man    says   thai   those    who,     Since May 30, when the last    of   a
know,   believe   that   Cabrera,   realiz- series   of   letters  were received    hy J
ing his condition, is recklessy wreak- Bruscato, three policemen have guarding vengeance    upon     bis    enemies, ed the house each night.    Except for
Nothing is   known   in   official   circles I an hour when the details were chang-
of Cabrera's reported illness. led,  vigilance  was  unrelaxed,  and    it.
 ��� was during this lime llr.it the outrage
was committed.
Native Workers Will Replace Them in
Transvaal   Mines.
Pretoria. Transvaal, June 21.���Pre-1
The Vernon Okanagan, which is a
Liberal paper and has both the courage' and the common sense which
should go with Liberal convictions,
says, speaking of Mr. McBride's mission and its results: mier  Botha  announced   in  parliament
"The Under Secretary, in making yesterday thai the government intend-
his announcement, was good enough ed to send home all the Chinese minto refer very kindly to our Mr. Me- ers when their contracts expired. Six-
Bride. He was compelled, of course, teen thousand will go this year. In
as everyone knew he would be. to de- their places tbe governmenl purposes
cilne on behalf of the colonial office, to secure native workers,
an.v substantial interference' between London, .lune 21.���The mining mag-
the province and the Dominion���'the I nates here belfeve that the withdrawal
colonial office lakes the view.' ns "f Chinese labor from the Transvaal
stated in the cables, 'thai the ques- j WM prove disastrous to business. They
tion  Ts  one  which    Rrilisli   Columbia
A Beautiful and Bewildering
of the
Will  Close   Steel   Mill.
York, June 21.���The receivers
Mllliken   Brothers  corporaliou.
say it is impossible to find enough
Kaffirs witting to work lo replace the
coolies. -   __
musl  herself settle with the Dominion'��� but     he    sugar-coated   this unpleasant inevitable pill by a little personal  praise of    our plenipotentiary,
which  will go a long way to reconcile
him  and   his   friends.   *   *   *   *   In
this diplomatic way.
���throne'  has  lel'i     th
where  |(   was  before, and  Iris settled
for all time the futile hope of
terfer. nce     by   the
ment  In the matter
��� lone   as   pleasantly and    courteously  habited  II  all alone'.    Last niglit  the
and diplomatically as possible', bul it  chateau was seen In flames by tli.' fn-
has been done just  the same.     Our habitants of th
'Dick' has been    patted on  the back and before
and called a  good  boy and  a clever
v" "���     fi 11 iw, anel told to go home and   ed.    Al'ier   :'
settle  Ihe question  where he should  when   only   the crumbling ruins
have s���tt,ed  "   before���In a  friendly m,-lined, some n  entered in search
conference    with   the  Dominion   and of the owner, who had nol bi
th(  '",|': Provinces,   h Is to be' Imped  sine the accident.
Illal Mi   McBride and his friends will   were wher
ft'H.v realize the    real  lesson  of the  used to
mission - that  there need  be no  fur
ther'banging of the doors'at Ottawa   found  among  the  dc-jrls,   completely
;!,l!    theatric   appeals to the 'Tool of burned, but, strange
."'" thr< '"'���' " ���     was missing. Tl
Murder���Head   is   Missing.
Paris. June. 21.���Angouleme   is    at
present mystified by the lire at a clia-
llie  'foot  of the  lean in Its vicinity, and the Still strati-
question    just  ger death of its owner, whose burned
body, minus the bead, bas been found
any in-  among the ruins. The seat was known
Imperial Govern- as the Chateau de la Buzinie, and the
It lias all been owner was M. de Saint Paul who In-
neighboring villages,
any attempt could be made
to save ii the whole building was burn-
fire bad  sTibsided, and
n seen
Jusi  as iin- men
if was known    thai    he
leep the celling fell in. The
body of .\r. de Saint  Paul was al last
which failed on Monday, have decided
to close the steel  mill of the $7,500,- I
000 plant on Staten island, and have1,
in accordance with this determination,
discharged 1,600 steel workers.
About 7,000 persons are dependent
upon the earnings of the discharged
men and as the re-opening of the mill
is problematical, most of the workers
and their families will go to other
steel centers to secure employment.
The reason behind the receivers' action in closing the mill was said to be
their discovery that tbey could buy
steel in open market cheaper Hiati
tbey could manufacture it.
One Ci -in- B. C. E. It. cars on the
interurban .ine ran off the track at
Centra! Park yesterday morning, and
remained off the metals for three
hours before the wrecking crew,
brought over from Vancouver, finally succeeded in coaxing the refractory ear back to the rails. A spreading of fhe rails al the switch was responsible for the trouble. No delay
was occasioned to passengers, as-
special  cars   were    rushed    to    the
scene, and the passengers transferred until the line was again cleared.
K. .Morrison, the man arrested on
suspicion of having purloined certain articles of jewelry from the
house of a Ramage street resident,
will have to stand his trial at a
higher court. Two of the women
denizens of the tenderloin swore that
the man had been in the house bul
could not swear that he took the
goods. Xo other evidence was produced which went to show that the
man stole the articles, but the magistrate considered the clrcumsances
enough to commit him (ortrial, Morrison was allowed bail and Is now
out on $2."i0 on his iwn cognizant e
and two sureties if $125 each. E.
Falch and Capt. Young, of tin's city.
acted as bondsmen.
Can You Beat Thi
A six-room modern House, in good repair, on
a lot 55 x 165 feet, all in fruit trees, one
block from city car,   on   Fourth   Avenue.
Price   $1,SOO
Half cash,      -      -      balance easy terms.
Hale &  Lan
248 Columbia St., NEW WESTMINSTER, B. C.
Phone 335 P. O. Box 26|
O say,  bis  bead
theorj ni' the neigb-
������ i.ors is that he musl bav been read-
���THE  FLAG THAT  BRAVED." ing In bed, and thai the curtain.- were'
A  writer in a    London  paper    bas  be( fi''e to.   Bul ibis does not explain
Lhis to say aboul  the L'nion Jack:        how ""' nead of the unfortunate own-
-Cynical   persons  tell    us  that   our er  of ""'  chateau   came  to   be  sep-
, ttional dag is no more than a bit of  "l"1"''1  frora  the res< "r ,lis body.
colour* '  bunting which stands  for a '   '       '
ii    ment,    Well si ui: nts, after all, Soused the Highwayman.
e thi n il treasures of mankind; Sarnia June 21.���with the aid of a
and oui profoundest emotions can fj^e hose the police' effected the cap-
.'ii!\ express themselves bj symbols, ture of a man set down In the records
Tii. Rag is an outward and visible as a bold highwayman. John Graham
symbol of our blrthrighl in our native of Strathroj stepped off the ferry I it
1 md. It reminds us of how much we. after a trip to Porl Huron. He was
Inherit, in history and literature, in set upon by two men, who ran him
tradition and character and achieve- down into the railroa.Vyard! and ex-
menl our peculiar possessions which traded $10 from bis clothes, then
helon ' i i1 ��� other countrymen, And tbey left bim yelling and ran for the
ei lhi flag mbodies thai dumb iu-; boai. one of them go] aboard and
stlncl i :' loyalty which If men's locked himself in a room, He refused
-nl speech -mighl cry aloud to come'oui. so thej turned the boat's
und say: 'Here we were born; here bos,, through an aperture. They soon
..- ol those who wenl be- bail him floundering, and lie surren-
fore In I lod's  appointmenl:    they  dered.
heritage   for us;  God  forbid ���	
hould Iel  ii  be corrupted or COPPER FOR GOLD.
dPBtroj   I.' t	
Ihe  national  Piisisn   Is  the  Bank   Clerk Us��d   Deception to   Rob
national   defence,      Every Employers
nal loi dl    be an  armed    nal lon, 	
ol    ������       ���   It regards an.v other with      Manchester, June 21.    Henry   Doug
. not because ii Imagines lhat   |as Anderson, a bank clerk, was again
:.-.i I ���    nn Interesi In assault-   remanded  on  ee  charge    of    sl  aliiij
'"'-   '<     bul   because Its own soil, its   el0S] ,.,,, July lV,,m ,,���, ,,,...,, ,,,....,.;,
..wn language, Its own  laws, iis own ot the Banl. of England absconded I
government, are given  to It, and  nre  Canada, from v.!,enci' he v.is broughl
beyond    all    measure'  precious  to it. L few weeks ago.
Any contem ' foreigners, any no-      The robbery  was effected In an In-
lion that we are better Ihan they, Is ���, uimis way Fourteen bags, said to
so much deduction from our strength, ,���. |niUa])ed ,,y prisoner, and suppos-
so much  was.e In braggafloclo of the Ld  ,��� r,���ll;ihl    half-sovereigns,    were
valour which is n led for the clay of found   on   examinat|on   ,���  |lol(]    on]}
battle.    Reverence ror Ihe rights and  halfpennies
freedom of everj  nation is whal   we	
should earnestly cherish, If we would
be i rui   defenders of our own "
A ttention !
We wish to announce that our stock of FISHING
BOOTS has just come in.
We are sole agents for the Best Leather Fish Root
made in the world, and that is
July 1,2,3
���IN ���
Horse Racing,
and Pnzesil
i    ���
Formal opening by the Hon- u
V.   BULYRA,   Lieutenant  Governor^|
tai Slock Show in Hie
Peddlers Are Filtby,
Ottawa, June 21 - An alderman al   i
in> etlng of merchants    -ill. ged    that
pedlers  used  the same carts  for  the
i ���   -  ���  ��ly   Wreaks   Vengeance   Upon   Bal      foodstuffs    as thai   in   which
Enemies   in   Last   Hours. they collected garbage, In some cases
  from the Isolation hospital.   The cil;
i   city,   June   21.    'Presldi nl  englnei r admits thc truth of this as-
,������  rem of Guatemala is dy- sertlon.    He say.  courts i I led
,     .. ibai  the city could uol stOji the gar-
���  rtHng statemenl  was made  bage  collecting   bj   anyone; and   the
b    Jose I). Gamez, who is Jolty  is  therefore    powerless    lD  the
Ity as the confidential agent  matter.
These boots are made of LABRADOR VICOLIZED CALF
SKIN, all hand sewed and hand made throughout. They
are hip boots, and every pair is ABSOLUTELY WATERPROOF.       :       :       :       Money can't buy better boots.
THE PRICE       *q s\f_
Our Knee Leather Fish Boots sell for $4.50 to $6.00
BIG SHOE HOUSE, Ltd. - New Westminster
Reduced   Railroad  Rates fr��fl
all Points.
Mme.  M. Fiske and 15 N"|
York ArlisJs on (he 2nd.
Driving Club Races every evert I
For  full  inlormatii ri   apply !'    I
Rushton & Speckl
We  also do all k'nds
of   general   rep.iicing-
Sign   Man   on   Wheel-
'..,���,���,,���   gt New   We'St,.^'
Phone 2 73
We Eat te Liv;e|
But al the same time ;:   ;' Jj'tjng,
sary tu know  v hat w i are ��
Vou can rely it] on <      ::
Best i p Evi r nnw.
at�� JRDAV.
JUNE  22.   1907.
The Cash Store
Dress Goods at 35c & 50c yd
The above prices are a shade less than a large eastern wholesale house sold this stock at three months ago. June being the
month when all spring stocks are cleared out. we took advantage
of a special offer to clear 60 pieces of very handsome Summer
Tweeds. They have just arrived and go on sale at just one-third
eitf regular prices for these lines.
On sale Friday morning at 35c and 50c
Our Linen Sale Has Proved A Grand Success
The people of New Westminster have had an opportunity of
selecting from the largest range of pure high-grade Linens ever
placed on sale in this city.
The special reduction oi 2a per cent ior the
balance oi the week
At 15c. 60 pieces or about
2000 yards plain, check,
and stripe Scotch Zephyr
Ginghams, regular 20 and
25c values.. .choice 15c
35c Curtain Muslins,double
width, lace edges, 25c yd
35c S-4 Bleached Sheeting.
200 yards only .. .25c yd
Crii :.-    this  afternoon, New   West- A   meeting        '..-   ......     ranch   oi
minster   is    Vancouver,   ..'     Queen's the Canadian labor party was held in
park.    Game commences .1: half past the labor hall yesterdaj  evening   The-
���.-.vei o'clock. proceedings were mostly of a routine
n.1: urc
In connection with horse racing ..'
Udner, Wednesdaj  June 2-;. the S.S Cut flowers aud Pot PUnts.     Ring
Transfer wil! leave New Westminster UP Ti,,>- th* flortit    'Phone AiSt
i.t   be  .1.  ui..  returning,  leare  Ladner
���i  ;>   m.
homes.    Tiie  following   is   the    pro-
Owing  t.e the lecture    which    will gram  as  rendered:   Orchestral  selec-
be given by Commissioner Coombs In  tions,   Miss   Fitzgerald,   solo:   Misses
POR   SALE���Timber  limit  on   Pltt|^e Queen's Avenue Methodist church Cummings   and   Vass. duet;   quartet,
nn Monday evening, tho weeklj  meet- orchestra   Mis<    Hturhes    solo:     or
lake,   containing  aboul   eighl   million   . ,,,,', orcnesun,   mo-     mmm-     -m-
eel  of fi- and   > quantity   >���"    :edar   m* Epworth   league   of   thai   chestral   interlude,   and   closing  solo
Por  further  particulars   "apply to J.   chUrch  iS cance,,ed' ��r M�� Laird     The Rev   J. S   Hon-
,    .   , ,_.    ,     ,       ,    , dereon   presided   al   the   gathering
A   forlorn   nielivi \,\.\\   who     had     .1
ROSS  SHARP!-..  Ho\  '���":'. cltj
The   Dominion   governmenl   cruiser
rgia is -u  preseni  lying .it the C.   lhe  Rova,   clt,   vesterda>
strong Inclination lo take a sleep on      a   committee  meeting  of  the  min-
ne of the main arteries of traffic of hgters and  laymen appointed to take
P,   K.  wharf,  where    some'    defective
afternoon,  charge eif the evangelistic servli
��ns gathered In
Cosey Cushions for Summer Cottages
You'll be thinking of something inexpensive, and yet pretty,
to add a touch of beauty to your little nook. Here it is : Four
dozen Tapestry, lithographed, and a variety of Fancy Tops. All
prices from $1.25 to $2,00 each.
Choice  now only  50c.
Store closes at   5 p. m.
Columbia St.
the far reaching this  city  in the fall  will  be held in
oil.-,  flues are being sei  righl     Mr   ..,.,..   ���f  ,,..,  ,.,.v     ,,,, .,.���,   nuW  h(s ;hi,      Q,llVU-s      Avenue      Methodlsl
l'at.M's...v    of    the    Vulcan    |boll<^  bow  t0 thl. m:l;.is,.,(lt, thla mornlng church   on   Ttuirsda*   of  nexl   week,
works,  Is  repairing  the  damage ,,.,,   ���0,   ������  -n���,Sl,:lv     M   prev|0U9ij
.,    .       ,.      ,     ,   -,���        J    si"vi"'   rates   u"u>   to   Vancouver decided upon    The meeting is called
Several lenders for tho lmili iim of   ,,.,,,. ,,,,, ,,  ,-   ,-   ,,   n������   fif,,   , ���. .
..     .. .....      ,     ,    ...    .       .       ,,v" tne B. C. E, 1.   lines, fiftj cents, ,-���.. elgh(  0-cIock   .������,  |,   is expected
"!;'     ��-'.^on to ,he Windsor ho-   ^ ,., ...������.,, unt���  Sundaj evenlng, ( ^ ^  ^  {
;'   h;1."   ;';M>   bfn recelved'  and      Por  cut   flowers,  bouquets  or  fun- of ���,��� revival  gervlcea wlll  ,���. detH
'   '"  .". " .' l  ""I*"-  eral   designs telephone   T.   Davies   & ���,;,��� bj  the committee on this occa-
Hon   between   rival    firms     :or    the   c.���,   u one
quii,   n   iua, sion
contract,  twi ich  will  lie awarded    on ���
Tuesdn     u  Wednesdaj of nexl  week       A   garden   parh    will   be   held   .it
The   It
Dr,  T   Wardlaw  Taylor,
Commissioner   T.   I!   Coombs    will
rrive  at   New   Westminster  Monday,
the residence of Mrs.  English,  Royal   m    \    pi,   p.,  of the  Wesl  Presby-
venue, on Wednesday afternoon and Uerla   clu.rch,   is   expected   to   return
evening,    The social will be given bj to this cit-,   nboul   the latter end  of
June  it.  and  will  lecture  in  Queens   ti,_   .,,���,,���   inHloa     ,.f     tsi      Potor'o ,^      e-    e         .          .
ino   j oung   lames     ot     st.     retei s U(,xt   vvo-t'.     Dr    Pavlor    1ms    been
Avenue Methodisi  church at  -  pi m.   churchi   and   vvi���   ,,,,   in   :lill    of  the ftwaj  ,. m. n m)n,h   ^tending ihe gen-
rhe Rev. \\.  H.  Barraclough will oc-   flmds  0,  the  Provldenc���    orphanage eral   M��..nbh     of  Ihe    Presbvterian
i         the chair    A collection will    be   Mr8,   Engli8h  ttnd   M���    .,    c    Anc. ehureh q{ ^^   |n  M(.,.,,v:ll       (>n
strong   will  supervise   the  efforts  of his  retun  Journey,   Dr   Taylor    will
visil   eie;  old  homo  In  Winnipeg  for
ei   few  days,  hut   he  will most   prob-
A   merry  party  gathered     together  tne >'oun�� la,H',s-
lasl   ni^li:   al   the  residence    of
,,        ,,    ..... ine   excellent    program      of   liiusn-     , ,    ,     , ,. ,   ,     ,,
Bowell,   rhird   avenue   the-    orca<ion ably be here on nine to take the ser
.   .        ,       , . mill   refreshments   prepared    b\     the    i .   ��� ���      ,      , ,
being   the  christening  of the  young- . .   . I vices  .11   tils ehureh  next   :--ro-.o
esl son by the Rev. \v 11. Barraclough. The evening u.is spent with
music anel games.
members eif the' St,  Andrew's church
ior last  night's entertalnmenl  result- card of thanks.
ed  in the lecture room  being  packed      Mrs  William McColl takes ihis op-
to    th>'    doors.      The    refreshments portunlty of expressing    her   sincere
The members of N'o   1    fire    hal'   K'"'    ,'''l':,ms "f dellclousness,    and thanks for the man1}   tokens of sym-
liave   been   housecleantng   during  ths program  was  brightness ami  in ; path,   in he-r sail  bereavement, espe-
..'   couple  of  daj'-s,    Things    have   i,'"'sl   personified     The   music    and clallj  the members of the Roj-nl City
been overhauled, an i a  new  coat  of  ROod   rh"'" ";ls   ken(   Ui'  ",1,T1   c'0" Lodge No   3, 1. 0. 0. F   for Uielr un-
paint given to the upstairs floor, The on  e'even  o'clock   when    the    large|ttrlng efforts to honor thememoryof
men   are   now  starting   in   on    their  ^'^'''i'1- departed  to  their separate their late brother,
holidays   which   they   take   bj   turns.   - 	
"Jimmy"   Besl   Is the latesl     to  gel     f
away,  and  left   for  tli"  countrj   yesterday.
Just received a shipment of Brass and Iron
Beds direct from Birmingham, Vavj;.   They
are handsome, str&ig and durable.   Come
see the line.
White Bedspreads, Sheets and Pillow Cases
Come and inspect. A great variety.
John A. Lee's Furniture Emporium
Ptllllll! 7',
S i< I '"'.'.  Joe  has  st tried   in to do
, two   months   in   lie-   1 nuuion   jail   i.e
paj   foi   the   bright   lurid   drunk    he
contracted   a  couple of days   ago.    .1
Allan,   alias   McN'eif,     alio    assisted
Joe  ia  acquiring  the  "jug."  is  doing
thn 1    months,   w iii!.'   Iris':,    n ho    is
suspi etc I   ol   ha\ Ing   n   haul   in   the
ffalr, is remanded for one week, and
��� ml  em ..iei bail.     The'    1 asrs    weri
le. tr i   before     Magist rate     Corbould
��� ester laj   morning.
Tin-   baseball   boys   will     hold     a
meeting in   the down town   fire   hall
een   Mmidaj   evening,   wheu   considerable  b : iness  will  be up  for discussion.    Tin   collecting  committee  will
; reporl   on  its success, and   turn   11
the  coin   secured  from   lovers  of   tl
i game  to  the  treasurer,    The    club's
i      ..~. ~....-.,-r.   a^_-m^.j    v.-      ,..,    finances  wlll   be  materially   strength-
1     EMPLOYMENT    AGENCY--We     flir-
I       etc    e.n-   male    or    female.    Wrl |-pi���.   independent   Order   of   Odd
,,,,.,      ,. , , ,   ��� 1'in'd   lo   1 hi' eu elm.ui  0   1 tie    money
nlsli In Ip ol all kinds,    farm, bush,
.,       , ,  ,        1   .   1  1,  1.     <''ll"e."i!   N\    ihi'   canvassers,
saw mill, railroad labor, hotel help,
etc., etc. male    ier    female.    Write
Canadian Pacific Employment   \-<.    fellows will li Id their decoration and |
memorial    services    tomorrow,    The
i.re'thren are requested lo meel  ai 1 he
,06 Cordova streel  wesi   Vancou ve
e YOU Seen
the subdivision adjoining the Royal Columbian
Hospital on Columbia street .'
We   are  selling  these  Lots  at
HOUSE    AND    TWO    LOTS   I      rent,
splendid   location;   corner site on
cnr line, elghl minuti 9    trom
office.     V|   I..    P.   A.   Daily    N'ews
"ie "
FOR SsLE   A "nod paying buBlness,
the Arrow Job Printing Plant, gi 1 I
1    w;l!  as  11   r inning concern.    Room
I     1, Daily   N'i n ��� Block. tf
MISS L. HOE from Englan i. train I
tinder Roj.-el acadi mj masters. An
expi rl '1 acher of the plnaforte, also
drawing and painting. Address for
the 1 res 'nl P. O. New Westmin-
j   ster, M. C.
wanted--M.in  for grocery    wagon.
Musi he good with horsi - and know
city   well,  goo I   wages  and  stea 1
employment   to  good   man,    Apply
at once, C. A. Welsh. tf
$225 Each =
and upwards, on  terms Lo suit any purchaser.
Call at any Real Estate office in the city
and see thc maps and price  list  and purchase
one or two before the price advances.
.1" ,i
lusl ve
ly in 1
on   wa
If .mu
buy or
sell, si
e me.
5.. n.
107  II
,  \
J ��e Farm Land Specialists,"
New Westminster
Manufacturer of
Mineral Waters, Etc.
Aerated Waters,
Family Trade a Specialty.
. Tel. 113. Office,  Eighth  Street,
Oddfellows' hall al two-thirtj ,. m.,
.i'i r n liich lhe members of Ihe older will march to the cemeter;.
where the closing ceremonies will
take place, Ml members nnd \ I dl
lng brethren are cordiallj in\Ited t ���
alien I,
The   I ���.' iei an   church  of  Ihis  city
now   In   such  good   financial   i I
. un   '.ee. ��� -  Hint   a  commodious  resl
deuce  l��  nhoul   lo  be   built     ror    tin
pas'.;!,   '' "    liOV.    B,    A.    Seiml
plication ''' r pormls8lon lo laj I Ir
bulldii 11 ..Heel will in. made n-
the ;��� ��� noting of the cltj council and ih' work will he commence l
inimedlsle'y, The parsonage, will be
built on i mirth nronue, nnd ��iii be
ti])-to Inti and modern in every ro-1
r : in ihe ;eie sent, onl) five ai1-
pllcal Ions for houreliolders huve bei n
reeelvod by the city clerk No names
will   in-  'ici'c; Led   for  registration   in
the Clvlo  list   ai'ler  AtlgUSl   I. anl  ]'...)-
ple-  who  wish   tii  hi'  In   a   position   lo
have soui" Influence ni the next civic;
election  are   requested   to   make    asl
early  application   as   possible.    The
following   aie  the  qualifications    for
regHtratton:    "Applit&nts    must    be |
British   subjects   and   have'   attain."] '
their majority, musl  have resided in
��� he  1 ll    fc a period  of six mi
ist their firsl vote (nol
.'.   reglsl .-    I ���-
it  tie  paying
thu   H00  -   month.
to 1    eh     ��� '   "
$1.50 the Pair
White   Canvas
$1 & $1.25 the Shirt
White      Ventilated
$1.25 the Shirt
Fish    Net    Underwear
Just what you want for the hot weat hor.
In the spring a young man's fancy turns to
thoughts of love, and in June he gets married.
We have now a splendid new assortment of
Cut Glass
including Bowls, Pitchers, Vases, Water
Bottles;   and a  magnificent   selection of
comprising beautiful Tea Sets, Candelabras,
Coffee Services, Serviette Rings, and Sugar
Basins.      To view our stock is to purchase.
U\E -
w  Westminster   I__
is advancing in price. Owing to the many new settlers arriving from the eastern prairies, lots are in
big demand, and prices can be realized that were not
dreamt of a year ago, and still they are below their
real value Manufactories bring in their train more
iamilies; these have to be housed, and paying rent is
Wedding Rings Our Specialty
9 Lots corner of Brunette
St. and Distillery St., subdivision 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10,
11 and 12 in lot 13, Sub.B.
1, Sapperton. Price $1500,
half cash, balance 6 and 12
months at 7 per cent.
TENDERS addressed to the
signed ;et Ottawa,
First Steps in Connection
With Extensive C.P.R. Improvements in Vancouver.
^^^^^^       under-
and marked on tho
j envelope   "Tenders   for  Scow.   Steam
Engine, Boiler and Derrick for buoy
I service,   British   Columbia,  or  tender
for scow alone."  will be received  up
1 to the
20th  DAY  OF JUNE,  WOT,
  for supplying and delivering at Vic-
Vancouver, June 21���Announcement   toria, a wooden  scow and the ereo-
was   made   from   the   local    (.'.   P.   K.   tlon on board of a steel  derrick  with
offices   this  morning   that   the     first I hoisting engine, boiler ami other accessories   according   to   specification;
also  for  supplying and  delivering at
Victoria where directed, a double cylinder tandem hoisting engine, winch
to have four hoisting drums and two
winch heads, an upright steel tubular
steam   boiler of  30 horse  power  capacity, and a structural steel derrick.
Specifications of the macninery and
plans of the derrick can he obtained
at the Department here, at the agen
cy  of  this  Department, Victoria,    at
the  Customs  House,  Vancouver,   and
the   Customs   House, Xew   Westmin-
ster, B. C.
j    Tenderers  must   furnish    plans   of
I the boilers  and  engines  offered,  and
i state    the earliest    possible  time  in
which  they  will    agree to  make the '
Separate tenders fei" the three articles, viz.. engine, boiler and derrick
will be received, and separate tenders for the scow or tenders for all
An accepted cheque on a chartered
Canadian bank equal to 20'i of the
whole amount of the tender must accompany each tender. The cheque
accompanying the tender accepted
which is ��� wi" ''" forfeited if the party tender-
, ing declines to enter into a contract
acres of the best
soil, 10 acres
A Good Special
Five acres on 10th Ave.,
right across from old reservoir, city limits. $1200.
Half cash, half in six
House 24x24; 1 rooms;
framed; inside ship lapped.
Barn 12x16. One acre
partly cleared. Land No.
1. Bal. easily cleared.
n;o at res,
$40 per acre
miles  from city.
cleared,  tinder cultivation;   200 young
fruit trees, just comencing   to   bear;
rooms;    hen
1  iot  N'o. 24  on  13th.  street south
side of 4tb avenue.    Price $200 cash.
7 iots Nos. Sl to S6 and 96, 95 faces
new bouse, ��� storey,  . -. -�� "���*.�����
houses,  in  good  order;     some  acres ��n Sth  avenue, next to Gunns ranch,
planted with wheat, oats and potatoes.  i !ots cleared without a stump; small
twei n
1 ��� : oer of
N'o.  ll  and
cash, balance
lois  on   18th  street,  berth and Sth avenues,
Hamilton    Street,
12.    Price $245,   '���������
'   e',   months.
160 acres In Surrej; S Vi ol
.Y'j of sec 9, township 2. Li g
house, IGx24, and chicken coops,
small barn; 60 fruil trees; 12
ai res ch ared, 4 acres under
cultivation ami s acres, slashed
I':i i $20 per acre, i2 cash, balance in 12 months at ",'2.
subJect   t0   ,���
���Fi"e  residence ,or
Splendid   location    -      % A,��
$30.00 per month
tended   if
n0w rer.tet
Phaser so des;,:
aood paying investmenl *
be arranged.
definite step toward groat extensions
of present wharfage facilities will be
taken at once in the building of the
immense jetty wharf which has been
���planned by the company for some
time past.
Definite  instructions have  In**n  received   from  Montreal   and   tomorrow
advertisements will appear in the local
press calling for lenders for dredging
nnd the building of stone walls to enclose the  wharf.   This  work  will be
commenced   immediately  tenders  are
Jet. although it will  be some months
before an.v of the  work   will  appear
above water.   The dredging will take I
some considerable time and the rock
walls will consist of rock dumped to j
a  level  just  below low water.    Inside
these  walls   the   wharf   will   be   huilt
t'eTee   feet   long   by   102   fe-et    wide,     anil
Australian  piles will  be used,    ll  will
take some four or five months to get
the   necessary     piling  from  Australia,
but  it  is expected  that  the walls will
lie in place by that time.
The new  wharf will extend into ihe
Inlet at righl angles from the present
wharves,   ami   will   be   located   iniine-
diately  to  the  west  of ihe  detention i
shi'il  adjoining No.  1  shed
the berth of the' Kmpresses  ���-_-^^^^^m-
It is expected thai tbe next work to|or fails ,n complete the work con-
be undertaken on the waterfront will tracted f'��'' ;l��(i each cheque will be
lee .he new transfer slip for .1,- Van-   returDed ^mediately in case of no,,-
I acceptance of a tender.
!    Tiie  Department does not  bind  Itself to accept tie" lowest or any ten-
.'!'  is   eler.
X iv.; a; on inserting this advertisement without authority from the
Department win not. be paid.
TAKE  N'OTICE that an application Deputy  Minister  of  .Marine  and
has  been  made to register Francis C.I Fisheries.
Water from nearby spring. Balance
of property easily cleared. Price
$4,700; $2300 cash, balance 0
and 12 months.
This property is only % mile from
tram line. Over two hundred chickens and ducks could be sold with the
property at a snap.
28   acres  on    Mara   road, Burnaby.
$160 .in  acre    FOR    A   FEW    DAYS
ONLV.    One-quarter cash
ami 2 years at 7 %.
2 lots, full sized, lH2xlf;2, corner of
the Crescent; 7-roomed house. Price
$10,500, !2 cash, balance 6, 12 and 18
Block 12 on 12th St., east side: 10
full sized lots. Price $2,500, one-third
cash, bal. 6, 12 and 18 months
1  ful)  size lot, blOCk  0,
St.   Patrick's    Square:
lot  14,
l>"uble'    tenen
1st and 2nd St
To  be sold
Arties   St.  (6   rooms);     water
stas;  rents for $14 jeer month.
nl once for $1,700.
house,   chicken     house,     17."i    choice
chickens; horse and  rig;   $1500 cash.
1  1-2   liouse, 6   rooms    and    flush
closet on 4th avenue, one lot from ind
street on south side; fruit trees. Price
$1900;  1-2 cash, terms for balance at   132
7 per cent.    Size of lot 55x165.
17 iots, full size, Cth St., Burnaby,
east side, 100 yards from Cliff Can
Factory;  soil good.   Price only $1020,
..     *""*"  $350 cash, balance on easv terms,
balance   1
2 lots on Sth St. between Bth and
tith Ave. on east side; full sized. 66x
1.02; Nos. !! and 12. Price $1000 for
both, half cash, balance easy.
1,2 acre between Queen's and .'lid
Ave. on west side of 10th; No. 5 aud
6, Block 48; 132x105 feet; all (leared
and fenced. Price $1050; $550 cash,
balance in 0 months.
Full sized lot on Royal avenue, be-
1   lot, 55V_sxl66,   Tenth
off Queen's avenue.   Pric'
Terms $200 cash, balance
to suit.
��� $450.
"t  1, ease, (j
cash half and~half     ���    '    tl
Rents for $10 eacl   ����*'
4" acres >, seel ������ . ,_
of T���. 2, aboul .  ,n''ll
Flaworth road, .- nb*
l i>i storey I on 1
other :; can i���.
shack;   1i._.   acres clearwi _J'
with clover, red     ,���������      aal'
One  mile  from
$1,200;.   ter,���.s half cash buJ
months at " M Wltt"
house i|_
shlngl,   :
House corne
Ave.:  9 rooms
I    full   size,]   lol      -,   ...    p���,,,.|
n.erth  si,,,.,  betwee .J
and   Glove.'s house      P    . S|
cash, balan,',. i��� ,. , .   ..    "1
of   7��h St   and^ aJV St   ftMoff \ I
2 full  sized  lots.  ,;,;*   balance a, 7 J  per aim��� *'
Plums.    PriceVooorSoS K   IsBS^^&H
ance on time at 7 %. houses"       ���    .    . f''m'-
61 acres Murphy  Landing,    4  miles $5,000, half'!"5h,b    '-  . ft_m
above Mission  .(unction,   .hist  at the months. "'"���
���!n?re\,yrv!l''-ly ^'l* :i'""" lh"      2  lotB ""  ���*���* St    V
centre of lot; 25 acres cleared, under  12. between 6th ind 7ti '������   .
cultivation;   -broom   house,   barn   and   from   tith   St   on *   ������
^ f ui-^'s^;^ 1
.-,  mo.  trees,    ince 51,350. on easy   at   ,   <   ;     So    1"   < . ired    ml
terms _(0r $1,250 cash).   $22 ,,er acre, cash, balance 6 mos ��?�� W'
100 S.E. '4 of Section 26, �����
10 acres,partly cleared; Kanakas
running through; good      i; m
A  Cheap  Property.
House  6  rooms,    flush  closet,    l\2
'��� storeys, on Fourth Ave., one lot from
Second     St.    on    south    side.    Price
$1900;.   half cash,    balance at  7  per
cent.    Fruit trees;  lot 55x105
House .10x42, tth St., between 4th
and 5th Ave.; 2 single and 1 double
bedrooms upstairs, and bath room
down stairs: parlor, dining room, kit-
chi n and pantry. Full sized lot running back to Ash St. Price $3,500;
$1,500 cash, balance at $500 per year
at 7 per cent.
"2  cash, balance 0 and 12 months.
10 acres section  32,  N.-E. corner of
N.-W.   I4,  uncleared.      Timber fir,  ce-   ��� .....���-"..  unurnsu; go
dar, and alder; f_ood soil; a mile from   ��""<"   of   Webster's  cornel
V.lln   -rnnA.     -"-    -^^^^^��� tllill   .'ind    P.O.   Ht   till     W(
ber worth $7 jeer eee n     ��� dat
4  miles    from    Poi'
$2,100; terms $1,100 cash, hal;
Vale road;  s.mdle road and new road.
5  lots corner of street between Sth
and  9th Ave.  on  2nd  St., side of 2nd
St., equal to one acre;  partly cleared.
^^^^^^^^ ��� ,  ..^    $500,   half cash.      A  sj��iendid    oppor-
tween Fourth and Merrivale; all clear- tunity for investment.
ed. $1,200, $S00 cash S rooms, 2-storey house, bath room,
2  lots,  No. 24 and  .12,  block 0   lie- water and light; full sized lot, 66x100
tween Sixth avenue and Nanaimo St., feet  situated 0th St. between 4th ami
,   ,   , ,...        ,  ,. , ath Ave. on west Bide.     Price $2,300,
and   between   Hth   and   16th   streets.  % cash, balance in 6 months at 7 %.
Price $425 for hoth, cash .,, ....,.��� jn Sunbury. 6 (.,lains water
One ful! sized lot, 66x132;  2 storey   front;     12  acres   cleared;     S-roomed
house; 7 rooms; flush closet upstairs;   house, lath and plastered;  wood shed,
alt modern improvements; new house:   ?���f enDbfrn  ��n��l    fr_lH   """s  "/"''
.  , kinds.     Price $3,000.    Terms one-third
$3,000.  v.  cash,  1/2  in 0 months at 7  ...u   ......
couver island  car ferry service,
Work  on
tin' Sixth  stn el
rooms,   also
lot    66x132;
set out with
lawn.    Price
ml   12
Honour as the  owner  in   fee  simple
under ;i tax sal" deed from tie.' Mayor
ainl  Treasurer of   the City of   New
Westminster, t<>  Francis   c.   Honour,
i 1 aring date the 2ml day of October,
A.   H.   1903,    of all  and   siiiL^ei.ir lhal
!������ rtain   parcel or tract  of    land  and
: 1 ��� mlses situate, lj Ing ancl   hi ing in
the City of New Westminster, in the
i'  evince of  lii'e:M!   Columbia,   more
in tlcularly know n  and  d< scribed ees
S ibdi. Islons 17. IS, I'', eif l.oi S, stib-
11    ii,  block i'.
Veen and each of you are required to
1, ntes!   the   claim   of   the   te'.x  purchaser wiihin forty-five days from the
date of  Du' flrsl   1 til llcation <��� f  this
in 'ie<���.    otherwise    1    shall    regl ter
I     nels t'.  Honoui   as ownet   thereof
i'i  :. i'.   Am!  I i|ir ci  ''een  p ibllcatlon
ol  ihis notice in a   dally newspaper
published   in    New   Westminster  for
thirty elays shall  be good  and  sutllci-
(n:  service hereof,
Haled at the Land Registry Offlce,
New Westminster, Province of British Columbia, ibis 19th day of March,
A. li. 1907,
C. S.   KEITH,
Disl rid Registrar.
George W. Jamieson, Esq.
All persons served with this notice,
and  those claiming through or under
them,   anel   all   persona   claiming any
interest in the said land by virtue of
any unregistered instrument, and all
persons claiming any interest in the
said   land   by descent,  whose title Is
not registered under the provisions of
Ilie    "Land   Registry   Acl,"   shall    be
forever  estopped   and   debarred  from
Betting up any claim to or in respect
of   the   said   land   so   sold   for   taxes
as   provided   by   the   "Land   Registry
awa, C
nnada. 2Mb May, 1907
In the matter of the estate of Charles
Blair, late of New Westminster, B
C, deceased.
notice LS  HEREBY GIVEN pursuant  to  tb"  "Revised    statute's    of
[British  Columbia"  IS97, Chapter 1^7,
that  all  e :��� tlitoi 9 and oth< rs   Having
claims .'il.::ii-'  ��� he 1 ei.ii" of the said
Charles  Blali.  n -..o ,.'. ,1 on or about
ihi'   20th   '1;>   e      \;,;i|   1907,   .ere'   re-
rjueste 1 on  oi   I ��� fore  the 22nd. (22)
day  01   .inn".   1907,  to Bend by  posi.
prepaid or di liver t" the undersigned
solicitors  for Ro.lerlc Sample and Dr.
Edwin ���!.  Rolhw���:!.  executors of th,'
lasl   will  ami testament of the Bald
deceased    their christian    and   surnames, addresses and descriptions, the
particulars of their claims, the statements of their accounts and  ihe na-
securltles  (If  any)   held
u   storey   house,   10
modern     improvements;
lane al  back;  part of lot
fruit    trees    and    nice
$2,750. $1,500 cash, balance 0
months at 7 leer cent.
Snap in Lots.
Vacant lots for sale in all parts o!
the city, from $25.00 to $3,t00
Full sized lot in Sapperton. facing
Brunette  street.    Price $150 cash.
Six lots, 50x150, outside city limits
$60 each lot. Fuller particulars on
86 acres, half mile waterfront, G.N.
R, running through. $9,460, terms
easy.     Investigate.
Centrally   located  in  a  tomiuinamiing
Bltuatlon;   Third   avenue, at.   fool   of
Fifth street,   Two and one half storey
house.   Ten rooms (recently j>;i],<���;>��� 11
Ail  modern conveniences;    hoi    ami
cold   water,   bath,   flush  closet,  lavatory,  electric   light;   nice   lawn;   lo'
66x132, wiih lane in rear;  pari of iot
sei out with fruil tie,-'.   Price $2,750.
$i,5(Mi cash, balance arranged,
2 lois, 20, i'i;   No, 211. $170; No. 21,
(corner,  $175,    Durham  ami  Second
House,   full   sized   lot.   on   Kpary
street,  Sapperton.;   rents for
month.    Only $1,050.
"��� lots Block   1,  Richmond St., Sapj
Ur.  MT let.
est half S, "liini   IT  in  Sun
pei cent. Good sized stable and fruit
trees. Second liouse from 8th hi reet
west, on npi>er side.
I" acres in sec. 32. Timber, fir, cedar anil alder. Good soil; good roads.
Apply for full particulars.
Lois 17, IS, 19, 20, 21. face on 16th
stteet and 8th avenue; 2 corner lots
$250; -1 inside lots $200 each. Price
$950,  cash.    Single  lots  at   cash.
Four and one-half acres between
Seventh and Eighth avenue; south
siele of 1st slreet.     Price $2,500.
Lot ll on Fifth avenue, sub I!, 10
of sub 9. $300 cash. Vs. cleared; size
55 feet   hy  132 feet.
Acreage "ii Vancouver road, corner
of Gilley road. $225 per acre. Acre-
age i- selling fast at this price,
James  Inlet, three square miles, at
$6.00 per acre, half cash, balance easy.
160 acees, Westminster district, -10
acres   under  cultivation,   10  acres  or
chard,  :>j   acre   strawberries   planted
this year; alder bottom land:  running
spring;  bouse IS x 22;  frame barn 30
x   22;    14-posl   frame  house   ami
stables, three in all. stable S
2 span horses; neai
schools,    churches    neai
steamei lands twice a daj
acn ��� timber, lir ami cedai
logged;  .'2.00 1   refused   foi
timber; cat rlage house 16   . ...  ,,.,
house made of hewed timber Laid in
mortar,  12 \ 30.   A chance of ;
time, $9.oco; $4,000 cash, balance
per cent.
0 and 12 montbs,
Twelfth   street, between
third  avenue;  west side
full  size.    Price  $3,500
a mile
cash, balanci
7 lyots on
Queen's and
of car shop;
U' acres North road ^^^^^^
from city limits on Por: Moody;
acres under cultivation; 7-roomed
house; frame barn; chicken house,
barn -IOxSO; fenced and in good
pair south side. Price $4,500, half
ci sh, bal. in C nionths at 7 per cent.
2 l",v corner ef 10th and si. Andrew's
si., between 4th and Bth Ave., west siel"
<o 10th St.; all cleared PrlceMOO, heelf
cash, balance 1: months al 7 i"-r cent;
leiili run through from stoe; to street:
a (mod bargain
10 acres land New WestmiMt
5,  S.   Div.  :.4, Surre. ;    :: niiie> 1
bridge.    Price  $400;     $200 casi.)
unci' terms at 7 ',;    near thei
ver cannery.
s-w. Bub. Township 13; some'_J
railway runs alongside; ��ld 5-acl
chard. Price $le", per ew- tenai
cash, balance in three equal payiWL
1 acre clay, house on tram llifl
Joyce station;  partly cleared;
ncross from  facing tram line.
$70o cast,, balance arranged,
One acre in block 9, j
tween  18th and 16th|
on Sth Ave.   Price *":
1-3 cash, bal. easy.
More exclusive  properties  just
with us for sale.
Lo! 5. opposite Knox church. Sapperton, east sieie Columbia strei'' on
car lin".   $300 cash.
.'! lots south side of Sixth Avenue;
very light clearing:  60x115^6 feet on
Sub. BlOCk   I".    $1050 cash.
1 lots on Fifth Street, ll, 12, 12. 14,
Sub. 15, S. Illk. 1:1. $350 e.ich, hall
e ash, balance 6 months at 7 <;.
2 houses corner of M': rival and
Agnes; full sized lot; city block 31,
loi 11; one house renl - for $25, tli"
other -fl": flush closets and all connected     with    sewers.      Price $3,500.
Mission Station; Cash $2,000.   1,alance- in 6, 12 and 18
months al 7 '',.
N'-i:.  ',  of Slip, ID, Township 10; some
timher.    Price fir. pi 1  acre . terms fl.inue
lane* earn
cows and
Large lot and two   1 'tagw
lumbia street, Sapperte n.   Botbi|
al flu each.
One and one-half store;
full   size   lot,   situated  nortl s
Koyal avenue and cornei ol Mcflj
street;   9 rooms;   bath :'
cold   water, closei;   wo.
bearlg   fruit trees;   streets on
sides;   fine  view.    Pri e $1,8��
Leol facing 2nd St., between Q
-nil 3rd Ave., second li ��� from Qmj
Ave.;    52x122 feet; ai   cleared
alongside  and   back,     1    ���   i'
l"'llf cash, balance easy al 7
' One lot No. 12 on Royal Ave��i*l
third lot from Eighth street. $l.05t|
,or  sale exclusively.
; aboul 100
never 1 n
x 21:  hen
��� ���     ���
i'      un
Bh,   h;
'���""-' -l  ''iiiii 22, Sul.
b'  I 'lock   13; corner ol
I "i sized lots
l'"''.''' House', 7 rooms  bath roo��
stairs; flush . losel , good ��i
*r Sth si. ; n|| 1 |,
-��� n
eil   8
$10   per
l,lv  '"' the  securities  (if any)"held   rfx'Z "
by them. 10�� acres on the Scott road, 15 acres
J ^id executors will proceed to dis- i    Between   Fifth and  Sixth
"���!l""" ">" assets   of the   deceased | near Seventh stree?
among  the  parties entitled    thereto,
having  regard  only to the claims of
which   they   shall   Ihen   have'   notice,
land that  the said executors will not
be  liable for  the  said   assets or any
pari thereof to any person or persons
of whose claims notice shall not have
been received by them  at tbe time of
such distribution.
Dated  this 22nd. day or May, 1007.
for said    executors,    Trap]
13.   C.
. eight rooms, all
1 "odern, stable and chicken house full
^edJot,   two   storeys,   $1,000  eash,
-2   Irils   r,|r
$50 per lot.
Cumberland  Bt,  Sapperton,
Nee. !0C " 1 Domed bouse, w!lh balli
room, coi ner of Gth and Agnes St.
I'i Ice $.J.000;  terms  '^ cash, balance
3 and 6 months al 7 %,
No. 30S.   S roomed Mouse,  with   bath
room,   etc.;   Agnes   St.      $2,500;    \{.
cash, halance :! and 6 mos. at  7 r'.
No.   310,���9-roomed   Mouse  and   bath
room.  Agnes  St.   $3,000;   '<.   cash,
balance. 3 and ll months al 7 '. .
No.   312.���8-roomed   Mouse  and   bath
room, Agnes St.     Price $2,500;  %
cash, halance :i and ii mos, al 7 %.
if For  the  above   four   properties a
special price will be made to one
Small house for sale, facing Agnes and Victoria,
west of 6th St. .$1,700.
Water and gas connections.   Terms.
' ;   half cash
' v'' Hi nl   he,ik..il.
'���  21  of I...1   16,  Bloi
'. ���  hoi  .emi cold wai
1       fl'Ult    trees;      C|,
I'I ICe    f Mill ;   'l,,,' , '
I ���'
Small house, Victoria St.,
6 rooms. Water.
A Bunch of LOTS
Lois 14 and 15 of 1 of 6 of ,1
(cleared.) Price $500; for lhe two, 1-2
cash, balance fi nionths at, 7 per cent.
l/il M on Sherbrook streel of II of
2, cleared. Price $275; 1-2 cash, balance, 1; months at 7 per cent.
���Lots 1fi, 17 and 20 of 11 of .'!
$500 for three or $175 each; 1-
balance fi months at 7 per cent
���, --lml i'< nn.mils ni
'"' .'nil s;h Avenues,
, ,,    '"" V n..em,., 7 roon, , 	
. .!   unprovemnnts;  sise  ol
������- : second lol  from 6th Sl   on ��&*
'"  south  side,   100  feel  n 1    venue.,"
'ine "ii hoth sides,    p.. I
''',.' bain,,..,. ,,���  ||  .,,   ;  ,���.,. (.,.���t
'-n acres Improved land,
St, b(��l
! ��� ash
and sheds complete, mar Clo
11,1 ut>der cultivation, $15,000,   I'll
can  handle  this, don'l  delay; ��'''
bargain; terms can be arranged
160 acres good  farm land In l>:'lL
aboul :;w, miieB from river, nearSc��l
",;i|l. $12 per acre; a real g I 1,li;'
100 acres in Surrey, 5 acres elearel
fenced on road side, $1,800, balf��*|
halance on time at fi pi r cent, "j
Jpct. to mile of timber.
Part of lot. 369, .loins Lake CcW"8"
about   70   acres,   only   $25   per "f,tl
"'''If cash.    Jump.
Solicitors ^^^^^^^^^
Block,  New  Westminster.
^. ^^ ".nance ti mont
T ,   Z Real Estate Brokers
l��!��ohonc   333 ��=__r^^^__.  wnera
ar������ FRONT   STREET Te,ePh�����
A��.nt, for Employer,' LlabilMy, and Union Fire A��ur,���ce Co. of u>^^~~
33} I
5.   Commencing at a post set close
to N.-   ; staki    thence   west    eightj
Tenders for a  L cense to Cut Timber   chains, south eightj   chains, east eigh-
L1 a post   planted
, 0f the nortli-wfst   lands.   .-
inllrt T rtreen's    preemption ,
C   :     *       follows:  SO chains un  ule   " (���-     '���                ,.'     :.
.   chains west Md about 15 miles  -   ith of Kltl
,   int  of  commence- ..            ,
north to i  -^ dian \ l.lage in a  -
e.'. '    -   t,1 ot th?SnorS^west No-   20. running    ...     follows
^wes^s- cha,ns weat-80 chaiD     ���
���;';:.-"-i 40, east, more or less       ���                    . ..   '
south       potat   ot eommsnce- along the shore to  _   ..
B    post   planted ment
,;;;.^:S No. 21. Commencing at  , ��� . ���
Te-ae-s for License to Cut T.-rber on
Dom nion Lands in the Province of
B" tish  Columbia.
Tenders for License tc Cut Timber on
Doner.on Lands in the Pros.'ice of
British Columbia.
on  Domin cn   La 'ds
of Britisii  Coluirb.a.
the  Province
Sealed Tenders addressed to th<
Commissioner of Dominion Lan is. Department of the Interior, and marked
ty chains and nortii eight; chair..- to
point  of commencement
New v, .stminster, B   C    30th May,
Notice is herebj given that thirtj
dajra after date we intend to applj t,>
the Hon. the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works 'or permission to
cut  and  carry  away  the Umber from
""  poin   ol immencement
about 15 miles ,   ith    [ Kit   :.,- in-
SKAI.r/J TENDERS .iddve.-.-e :  ;,:.���������
Commissioner    of   Dominion    Lands, ou the envelope "Tender for Timber
SEALED TEXDERS   tddress   i tothe  Department of the Interior, and mark- Berth No 521," will be received at this
mer   of   Dominion    Lands,   ed on the envelope "Tender :5>r Tim- Departmenl  until  12 o'clock  noon on
Di   i   ment of the Interior, md mark-   !>er Berth No. 518," will be received Wednesday, the 24th daj of July, 1907,
ed   .a the envelope 'Ten,;,..' for Tim-   at this    Department until    lil o'clock for a license to cut timber on berth
er  Berth  No. 523," will        received   noon  ou Wednesday, the 24th day of N'o. 621, comprising lands  situate  in
,        il   this  Department    until 12  o'clock   July, 1907, for a license to cut '.imber the Province of British Columbia, to
- - :-    '.   Wednesday,  the 31st   day  of   oo   Berth   No.   518, comprising    lands the East of Chehalis Creek and Lake   t,1(1  ^Wowing described binds, situate
���07, for a license to cut timber   situate in the Province of British Col- and comprising 5 blocks, described as   lu ,ho Kitsumgallum  vallee
^3 pre-emption claim,  chains west, 50 chains south SO chains  "u   Bertb   N'   B23-  comprising  lands   umbia to the west of Chehalis Creek follows:
ok m ''   ,'T chains west;    40 . east. more or less            ire,    thence  situate'n the Province ot British Col-   and described as follows: mock  I.   Comprising that    portion
Timber Berth  No,  51S,    comprising outside Timber Berth N'o   44, Block 1,
that portion Of Section 29 lying north and Timber Berth -54 Block 1. of Sec-
of Timber Berth Umi and that portion tlon 23, Township 4, Range 30, Wesl
of Section 32   outside Timber Berth of   the' 6th Meridian,   containing an
264  and  aald  Berth  280,  in Township area of 387 acres, more or less
4, Range 30, West of the 6th Meridian; Block 2.���Bounded on the west bj
also the north half and the South-east Chehalis Creek, on the easl bj  Timber
1��chaln!eiwement481tllence   vl   ':- '������'������'                10  chains  ship      Range 27, Wesl of   the   Bth  Quarter of Section 26, the north half Berth 298 Block l.and the east bound-
.'.._,.    ���i..���,..,i r ���                                    chains ense    \i             ,.,,���..,i���ir..r .... ,r  on.   and  the south-west quarter   Section ary  of same produced    northerlj  tei
'i'i. the east hail Section J-   thi north Timber Berth 298    Block 'J;    on thu
half Section  32,    Sections  33,   ti,  15 north by  Timb.",' Berth  264   Block  2,
anel those portions eef Sectin
. e\0^-w&tc��-  <"<"> village in a small bay, thence 80  Jul}
[lea   nO  ��!_-.��     xlulm        HU.I.. _.      n
F. ���'
n     '���--'
of commencement
nt ot coniiieeiiwi-....-....       along   I
,        ;,  f^no^-wK^Uent
ot  comnience-
an i described as foil iws:
Timber   Bertli   No,   523,  comprising
e a3 f 0
. i*ost plant-   !!;" north-east quarter of Section  IE
cluUnS ^cement40  6d 'D   '   *''   B'ven :',::" ":  'naePen-   '':!'   '-'"���'   portion  of    the  north-west
'"^"planted  ''""' i{;':   s(tuated  ibout 2 miles south  quarter    I  Section  u not covered by
el the nortn-westcor.
pre-emption claim
',',."��� -    1"" cbains east;
north-west cor- j east of the north ol  Constie Is
'and on  east .   Kiti mat   Arm.  tely
10   chains   ship
post    planted  east'  <" ' i'";:'- :- '        10    b Ins easl
��� '""'lewes^cier-   f.e  , halns   north    io    hains   wesl   I i
1 imber  Berth  171   e being approxima-
north 36 chains)    in Town-
Range 27,  Wesl  of    t'.K'
nre-emptlon claim, ,
. !   ,��� chains wesl :"':l   "   '  'mm< n i i
'  ��� ^mmelTnien'.''"'      N"   - '       '   it pos,  plan    .
g   post    planted about  . I uh of Klttlmat  In
^m%Tcla?m.   dlan   '';"'-"   ��D   ""    tation   chann.
... chains west ,   on easl ran;, and a     i   50 j ir Is sou"
!eS80ChalM   ";    "  ;i  ���   -   ��� '   e  SO chain
; t   a   post    planted  "
,. th,  north-west cor-
..  pre-emption claim,
....   no chains east;
...    chains west; and 40
.     point of oommemce-
'     i    POS*     Pbin""1
north-west cor-
,       ,   ,        j pre-emption claim,
40 chains ne.rth ;
,   ,!,.iins    north;    40
eas'. 80 . hain- E i ith ������' < li.eins west
m ire ii less to the sh re 'hen along
the shore to point of commencement
N'o. 21 < mmi d Ing al ,. i ������ pi inted
about li miles n irth of Hartti rj Bay
on ea-' ban of Klttlmat Arm on
���bury  Island   them..   10  chaius
m containing an   area   of  304
��� es, more or less.
��� rth musl be surveye'. within
.ear after the 1 ite if the n nice
��� ng the berth.
gulatlon -  un ler   . ii   i a 11-
wlll be    issue' i.   also    printed
> oi ten ler and envelope, m&\ be
Claim No. 40���Commencing al poal
planted S. E. corner about Co miles
up from the mouth of North Fork of
the- Kitsumgallum river above Kitsumgallum lake, thence running as
follows: 10 chains w<s:. 80 chains
north, in chains east, 40 chains north,
40 chains east. SO chains south, 10
chains west, 40 chains south to poinl
of commencement
Claim No. u    Commencing .a -^'M
planted al the' head of Kitsumgallum
bike  on   wesl   bank   about     'JO  chains
i and and 298 Block 2;  aud on the south bj south  of llm  mouth  of  Kitsumgallum
36 outside Timber Berth- 280, 261 and Timber Berth 254 Block I, containing r'ver where it enters lake', thence te)
272, In Township t. Range 1, West of an area of 725 acres, more or less. chains  west,   160 chains    south,    10
the  7th   Meridian:   also  Sections  3,  4. Block  3.���Commencing at  the south ehains easl  more or less to the shore,
5, the north half and south-east quar- east   corner   of   Timber   Berth  298 thence along Bhore to polnl ot com-
ter Section 6, Sections 7. s, 'he' north Block 2,thence north-easterly al righi mencement.
, ncement l20 ohalns east, !��� i      . ns north. 40 chains west, ' :' '���'���" '"'"���- which the .replicant   thoso .,     . ���.     ,     s
,���   a  post    planted moi :  u less, I i shore then along shore is prepared to pay for a license
To *U%^M '" poin{   "f commencement! The highest or any
,1ns west;  to chams      \,,  ���_-,   Commencing at post planted essarily  accepted
...I    ' .,nel       111      ie|.'lltl��
:< ' i il     '  miles n irth   i!   Hartley Baj      \0 ten ler by tei
of   Kittimat   Arm   on   tertained,
, Lsl .    and  4U  chains
I , ommencement
ng   al    a   post    planted   ,,;:   east    'ank
��� irth  of He.- south-west
��� ,'   no   26, then  running   Hawkesburj   Island on a small creek,
hains west; 40 chaina   ��� ;,,..,..,    120   chalns   soutb    ,,   (.haills
.   , LSI .   4"  chains   nortii
I. .'���'��� nient
|,        ncing   at   a   post    planted   , ,  chains   north,   t'i  chains   wesl
,; the north-wesl cor-
��� .',-. pre-emption claim,  chains north,  10 chains wes;, to poin!
: il    as :   160 chains west
:   .' this Department   ,r ... the   half and the south.west quarter Sec. :lI1L:,t,s to .���,.   easterlj   boundary    0,
���      ..'.'        -Crown   rimbir A.genl al   Uon ,,   .,,, south.easl qUarter Section said Berth 298 Block 2, 2 miles; thence
10, the smth half Section 16, the south north-westerly at right angles to last
naer   raust   :"    '     impanled   half and the north-wesl  quarter Sec- course'. 54 chains: thence south wes:
��� an accepted cheque on a chartered   ,io��� ;:, the north half and south-east erly. at right angles to last course, 2
bank in   favour  of  th,. Deputj   of the   quart,'!' Section is. the south half and miles to easterly    boundary    of    said   of commencement
e Interior, for    e am- j north-wesl  quarter Section    19,   and Berth 298 Block 2; thence south-east-
1. ".    the erly  along  Bald   boundary  to  place of
east  half Section 11, and  Section  1-. beginning, excluding    therefrom   any
west of    Timber  Berths 'JT.'  and 302, portion Cf    Timber Berth    308, which
in Township 5, Range 1, West of the might fall within the same, containing
7th   Meridian;     also    Section   12,  the an area of MU acres, more or less.
east half Section 24, and the south
east  quarter Section  2b. Township .
claim No. 12. Commencing at peist.
planted about 20 chains south of the
norih west of T, L, No. 7941, thence
10 chains west, 160 ehains south, 10
chain.- east.  160 chains north lei polnl
ten ler n >l nec-
iph  will be en-
.-'.  t ; e hains n irth, 10 chains east.
Se retary.
I ii ��� irl menl of the Interlo
Ot'.iA ... May 30th,  1>
Range 2. West of tile
containing an area of
more' or less.
Block  4.���Commencing at    a point
on the> easterly   boundary of  Timber
7th Meridian,   Berth  302  Block  1,    5 chains    south-
13,025    acres,   easterly   from   the   north-easl   corner
i thereof;   thence   south-easterly   along
The berth must  be Burveyed within   said easterly   'oiin I a ry So chains,more'
io.  chains east .     4n
��� .  ], ,inl   ol   comme ncement
-   m er   .��� ss.
I ill.
March 21. 1907.
of i immencement
No. i . Comn i n ing al posl plante 1
aboul on ' mile ind a quarter west
of Kiakiata Baj Indian village, on the
north iank of iy, thence IO" chains
north, lu chain- east; more or less
to  Indian   Reserve   iiue.  thence   160
chains south along Reserve line'
-'��� .- then along shore' to polnl
. min ��� n tement.
l.o ated  April 6th. 1907.
Dominion Lands u Ith
it,:  . e;   Belt in  British Colum
tea led by any per
de he id of a lamllj,
.....  is years of   age, to
one- iuarter   seel ion of
��� oi   less,
e  made  ; ersonally at
'   e for '">��� disti I I lu
.   - situate.
���   ��� ��� ler is re [Ulred to per-
��� ms i onnected there-
���ii . following plans:
\ months' resi lem e
'. ���        Ivatlon of   the lan l In
ree j ears.
i her (or motBer, If the
eased), of the homestea I
ui a farm in the vicinity
i for,   the   require-
n >��� maj be satisfied
ti   :esl i.n4   with  the
NOTICE Is    hereby    given that 30
e' -  .���'������ r date, we intend to applyto
ll e   Hon.     Chief    Commissioner    of
;. m Is   ai d   YV irks    for    a    special
lirence   : i   cul   an I   carry  away  tlm-
i n     the    following    ���!��� scribed
lan : -.    situated  In th,    co isl   district:
>:     ��� ��� |ng    ���   ..   posl    el inti d  bea l
- ������"!' si :.��� of Br lughton
isl ,n : aboul one mile e isl of Hooker
l.ag ��� m, thence north  10 chains, west
oe   ell lins,   north   s'i   ehains.   east
ehains,   -orb 10    cliains,    easl
chains,  south iO    chains,    easl
Ins,    bo ith 10  chains,    wesl
ilnt :' ' immencement.
V in ouvi r. B, C . May 27, 1907.
Take notice that thirty days after
date 1 intend to make application to
the Chief Cdmmissioner of Lands and
Works for a license t'i cul an 1 carry
awa.-' timber from the following des-
'   .  "1  lands:
N'ol.���Commencing at ,i posl planted on the wes' siib' of Twenty-Five
Mil ��� Creek and marked James Sharpe,
So. I posl ; thence 10 chains west:
thence south s'' chains; thence east SO
chains; thence nortii s" chains; thence
wesl i i ch ilns, to point of i ommencement
No. 2 Commencing al a post
plante 1 one mile south of James
Sharpe's N i. 1 posl: thence west I11
chaius; ihence south SO chain-; thence
easi SO chaius; thence north SO
chain-: thence west 1" chains, to
point of commencement,
one year after the date, of the' notice
awarding the berth.
The' regulations   under   which   a  11-
i cense  will     he    issue',!,    also  printed
forms of tender and envelope, may be
obtained at this Depart inent or at the
or less, to lhe nn--' ��� In said east
boundary of Timber Berth 302; thenc
north-easterly, at right angles to last
course following the boundary of saiel
Berth !
Claim No. 13.���Commencing at post
planted  at  the  north  west   corner of
location  Nei.   ILh thence  10 chain-,; west,
ithi chains south, 10 cluains eaat, 160
chains nortii tei polnl of commencement
Claim No it. Commencing al post
planted eii the north west corner eif
location Ne,, 13, thence 4b chains west,
160 chains south. 40 chains easl. 160
chains north to point of commencement.
Claim No. I.". Commencing al the
north west corner of location No. il,
theuce III chains w,'st. li.O cliains
south, 40 chains easi. i,',0 ehains north
office of the Crown Timber Agent at   chains, more or less, tei    correspond
New Westminster, B.  C. with   length  of    lirsl  course;     thence
Each tender musl be accompanied south-westerly parallel! to second
by an accepted cheque on a chartered course' In ihains, to poini of com-
ban'; In favour of the Deputy of the mencement, containing an area of 320
Minister of the interior, for the am- : acres, more or les,
ount of the bonus which the applicanl Block 5. Commencing al a point on
Is prepared to pav ror a license i the easterly Bhore of chehalis Lake,
The hlghesl or any tender not nee-   50 chains southerly    from   northerly I
essarily accepted. end of   said lake;    thence southerly;
N'o tender by telegraph will be en-  along Bald easterly shore of lake, il'-
in chains;    thence north-|to poln, of commencement
westerly   paralled   to ti  it curse so     (.,.lllll No   46    po8) planted a, ,lu.
north  west  corner of location  No,   (2,
Department eif the interior.
Tenders for License tc Cut Timber on
Dominion Lands in the Province of
British  Columbia.
Tenders   for   License   to   cut   Timber
on   Dominion  Lands in the Province of British Columbia.
miles in direct distance, with a depth
of 67 chains on said easi shore, measured at righl angles to the general
bearing of said easterly shove of lake
wilhin ih" block, containing an area
of 1." I11 acres, more or less.
The berth must be surveyed with
In one year after the date of the' notice awarding the berth,
The regulations undei- which a Iiii nse will  be    Issued,   also    printed
eti ler has his perman
��� upon farming land own
ie \ Iclnlty of his home
���| ��� ���- ���; NOTICE tb 't application has
��� ,..,  ,j.;|      io rea Florence Mary
,, ,i.  the owuci   In Fe ��� Simple
, Tux Sale Deed from The Cor-
���; the Districl of Burnaby, to
SEALED TENDERS addressed to thi
Commissioner   of   Dominion    Lands
Deparlmen' of tin
SEALED  TENDERS  addressed    te'  ed on the envelope    .e,,.,,-,  ,,,,   ,.,..-   ,,,.;.
lhe Commissioner of Domin:'';: Lands,   her  Berth  No. 519," will  be received   New  Westminster, It,
I.,    irtmenl of the Interior, and mark-   al   this Departmenl    until   12  o'clock
...   .      ,      ,,     ���,,.    ,���,. ,.r i l>\ an acceptod cheque on a char','reel
��� a the envelope 'Tender tor Thn   noon on  Wednesday, Hn- .'llu < I a \ or    ��� '
' bank  m favour ol  Hi" Deputy of the
her Berth No. 516," will be received al   luly, 1907, tor a license to cul  timber! ^.^ q[ i)h, Interlori ,-���.. Ih(, .,���,
this Department until 12 o'clock noon   on   Berth  N'o. 519, comprising    lands   ^^   q��    ^  hl,nu.  w|,.(.h  ,,���, appii_
cant Is prepared to pay for a license,
No tender by telegraph \\ ill be. en
forms of tender and envelope, may be
Interior, and mark- ,,,.,. , ,,
obtained at Uns Department or tit the
"Tender for 'i >       ,,.:���,,,. ���,- ,ll(, crown Timber Ait,mi al
Each  ti nder musl   be accompanied
bank  in favour of lhe  Deputy
���;'. ! '
ilremeuts   as  to resl   p iratii n ���
il. [led    by residence   i,   ���    Cunnli [ham,   iearlng date the
ild land .     ,| ,;   ol   March, A, D., 1902, of all
n dice In wrltingshould   ,��� , that  d  tain   parcel   or
������ Commissioner ot Do tract of 1 in I and premises situate.
'��� Ottawa of Intention ;, .:,.��� ��� ,i ��� i i In I ie Dl trlcl ol New
��� ���ni U',,.. , ... ��� i'    iine<   "t Brl-
iu i    he. purchased al *'"  tl in    C ,1 tin - -     ,l1"''''     p���"':i|",,',
coal and $20 tor an   ;.:, uvu   unl a   erl ied a   subdlvl Ion
23 nn i :i of ��" ��� llvislon " V ol lol 29,
���    . ��� l.
Vou an I eacl  ot you are lu reb) re
(|.,e,   i  to i   '!���' -    ''"' clalma "r  ""'
.,.   p���rch.,   ;   ' Itliln  forty-five days
from the dai   <    '   ' tlrsl publication
i.e' Minister of the In   of thi   no Ice    ith   -'���>���'���'��� ' sl,:iM n''A]*-
. .. Plorence Mar;   Eveleigh as owner
thereof In tee,    And  l  hereby direct
.,��� publication of this notice tor thlr-
,; ys in .: iliU   newa iaper i'"lllisl1'
,.; :,.' New Westminster will ho good
and suffii ��� al   '  'u" ll|:''" '
Land Regl iti:-   Offii e,
,  provlnc ' ot British
mi Wednesday, tho 5th daj oi June, situate In the Province of British Col
H.07, tor a license to cul timber on umbia on the wesl side of Chehnll
Berth N'o. 516, comprising lands Bit u     ;-,;,. au i described as follows:
in the Province of British Colum-      Tlmber  Berth   S'o,  519,  comprising I no)
those  portions ot the follow Ing lands
which lie to the we ,l eef Chehalls Lake
n  ire than   320 acres
I    , oue Individual oi
: ���  ill;  al the rate of ten
' ;i ol 2,000 pounds shall be
i   'be   gl'oss   output.
W, \V. CORY,
ia.nl   ii .... i   publli ation i
en enl    will nol I <��� pal
i ti
Dated al tne
New Westn  '
Columbia, thl       ��� <����   0|  v-"x A D"
,:"'T c.   S.   KEITH,
Districl Registrar.
his nnllce.
i hereby given that, GO aaya
''��� '  Intend  to apply to the
1' immlssloner  of   Lands
'"' n lease of the foreshore
'   doming   and   milling    pnr-
I 'ing  the  whole' Of  a   ba},
��� :"" of independent  Bay,
1 :' ��"l two miles south of th
Ce   tl isi in.i, on the east  an i tl '
Arm. and  aboul   two   them,   and   all   .'- '  :'    '   llm,*   *"*.
,..,,,, .....ei   inn l bv virtue  of
11  "mn  Klld ila  Arm. Inter
'    11 5th, 1907,
���'   MOODY,   Loi ���'"'
bla, and describe i a Bfollows:
Timber   Berth   No.  516,  comprising
Si ctlons 27, 28, 33, 31, an 1  the  lilas
halves of Section i 29  end 32 In Town-
h     18,  Range 23,  Wesl   of the Btli
Mer lian, containing nn    area  of    5
t| iai.   miles  more or less,
The berth musl be s u vi ye l within
one ye ir after the date uf the notl i
awarding the I erth,
Ti,,. regulations un u . whh h a n
ci n ie wlll be Issued, also prlnte I
i'i rms of tender and enveloi e, maj hi
obtanled Rl ibis Departmenl or al lhe
offh e of the ('rown Timber Agenl al
New  Westminster,  B,  C
Each ten ler musl be aci ompanled
>-.. an accepted cheque on n charterc 1
 lit in favour of the Deput> of the
Minister of the Inter! ir, to rthe amouni of tii" bonus which the applicant is prepared to nay for a license.
The highest or any ten ler nol necessarily   accepted.
Xo tender by telegraph .'. Ill be entertained.
Departmenl nf the Interior,
Ottawa, April fi,  1907.
I, imine i.   The hi..lies! or any tender
lOSsarlly   accepted.
Sei retary.
m.i outside of Timber Berth 302 Blocl.   Department of the Interior,
:.  namely, Sections 26, 27, lhe north
half of Section 28, the south half of
Section " I, the Bouth halt nnd i he
nori h en il quarter of Section 31, Sec
Hon :;'.. Township 5, and Sections I,
2, the- en hall ol Section '���'���. the north
past quarti ot Section 10, Sei Lion 11 ���
the Bouth half of Section 12, the Bouth
w ii 1, lartei nf Seel lon I I, and tho
soulh-eas: quarter of Section 15, In
Township fi. all in Range 1, Wesl of
the Ti h Meridian, containing an area
of 1,310 acres, more, or less,
Ottawa, April 24th, lh07.
Take' notice that, thli tj days atfer
date i Intend to make' application to
I ho chief Commissioner ol Lends and
V. oi ks  for a license  to CUl   and  cur;
away timber from the following de
cribed  lands, situated  In  New  Wi
minster district,
thence so chains west. 123 chains
north, io cliains east. 80 , hains south,
lit chains east. 10 chains south to
poim of commencement,
Clalin Nei. 17, Peist planted al the
north west corner of location No, II.
thence 10 chains west, nm chains
north, hi chains easi, Ifiil chains
si hi i li to point of commencement,
Claim No. is. Posl planted about
in chains north of the norlh west
corner ot T, L, No, 7943, thence 160
chains west. 10 chains BOUth, 160
ehains easl. more' or less to river,
thence along rtver to point of commencement.
claim No. 19. Posl planted al the
north wesi corner of T. I,. 7943,
Ihence 160 chains west, 10 chains
south, 160 ehains e ist, l'> ch e n I
north to point of commencement,
claim No. 50, Posl planted al i I
fin chains wesi of the norih <\nst corner of location  No,    48,    then I
ehains west, sn ehains north, 80cha ns
east, 80 chains sontli iei point of commencement,
claim Nei. 51 PobI planted al the
se iiii ii w eai corni r of T, L, No, 7911,
thence  180 chain i  w< it,    10   i halns
mirth,   Ifin   chain-     e ISt,     I"     Cil
iiuili to polnl of commencement,
claim   N'o.  52.   Posl   planted aboul
|u chains  wi'sl   of llu> soul ll  easi   i   ll
ner of T. L. No. 7943, thence 160
chaina    we il.   10 chaina    south,    iSO
ehains  easl,   In  chains  norlh  ti ll
of commencemenl
i.o. ite I Ma;     .  1907
Looatoi .
\    nt, !���'   VANDALL,
i.   Commencing al   a   posl   ial   on
lhe sou Hi bank Of Cypress creel, about' Auction  Sale of Condemned  Ordnanco
The berth musl be surveyed within  ,|m.. Qnd a hil| |nili,; ,v,.;| ,,.,,���, Sil Siorf)S
 c. ....     il,..    .1.. I ..     ,,_'    I 1, . .    ���_    .1 ten
one year after the date ed' the notice.       cpeak) |1|rnM, |i(,..,h ���,,.,���. ,.hljll
iwardlng tho berth, j (,.1S,    elg)ltj     chains,    a mth    eighty
The regulations under which a 11- chains, and wesl eighty chains to
cense wlll bo Issued, also printed j poinl of commeneemont,
forms of tender and envelope', may bo -, Commencing al o posl sei close
obtained al this Departmenl oral the to no. i stake, thence north eight;
offlce ot the crown Timber Agent nt chains, west eighty chains, south
New Westminster, B. C eighty chains, and east eightj chains
Each  tender must  be accompanied; w  polnl of commencement,
by an accepted cheque on a chartered     :;.   Commencing al a posi set dose'
I banli   'n  favor of    the  Deputy of    the , lo   No.   1   slake,  Iben,"     we'Sl     eighty
Minister of the Interior, for the am-1 chains,  south  forty chains, easl  one
��� ounl of the bonus which the applicant hundred and sixty chains, north forty
rv(   |   With   thl!
Kh or under
and   all  i" ���    :i
,1 i��� the said laml by vir
ed instrument, and an
ng Bny interest ln the
any   i
said   .8Ju   ".
leacent, whose title is
in prepared to pay for a license.
The hlghesl or any tender nol necessarily accepted.
No tender by H'legraph wlll be en-
! erl allied.
S      ���'    ."
' Deparl ��� ' the Ipteri -.
Chains and wesl. eighty chain _ lo point
of comment ement,
I. Commencing ai a posi Bel on the
railwa. belt line, d statit aboul six
miles north of the  north    shore   of
KarriSOn    lake,    thence     west     eighty
, ., ,lu:s,     north    eighty     cliains,    ens'
eighty chains and fouth eighty chains
Under direel lon of I he Hono rnble
: he Minister of  Mllltla and  Di ti n   i,
��� i loni & i '������. Am tloneers, ��'li
soil bj Publli Vm tlon, on Friday,
l uh Instant, at 10:30 o'clock a, m.,
al   \ Ictorla,  cei' iin  i ondemned  ���
i on,   gtoi ei .    comprlsln i   Ace lutre-
��� -       rents,  Blankets, Clothl     and
various Other articles
The Ordnance Officer In char.', i .. ll
furnish anv furthei Informal lon w bli h
may be n tutred,
Articles purchased must be remo/-
"i! wilhin I �� enty-fOUr hours after the
E. P1SET, Col ei    .
li..piety Minister of Mllltla   in I
Department of Mllltla and Defence,
Ottawa, .lune, 1907. ���v'-V 7J1
Cherries,   Peaches,   Pears.
Public Supply Stores
Prince Pescara Among the
Dead ���American Woman
In Fatalitv.
j Floorglaze j
80 acres in Coquitlam Municipality, in a good location, at the very
low price of $30 per acre, on
terms. Adjoining land is held at
$50 per acre. This is a splendid
chance for a quick  turn  over.
Malins, Coulthard & Co. Ltd
J. H. VIDAL, Mgr. Real Estate Department
New Wellington COAL
Blacksmiths' Coal in stock.
Naplies, June 21.���A mosl appalling automobile accident   occurred at
Calanelle about too miles distant from
Naples yesterday, five men being killed.    The motor car. which was going
at high speed,  ran into a rock and
(was  demolished.    Anions the    killed
.' was  Prince   Pescara,  member of  the
: Italian  nobility  and  related    to    the
i Spanish   Royal   house,  on   account   of
j whose  death   the  aristocracy     of   the
I whole of Ivower Italy wl.i tie in minirn-
I ing.
Home, June 21.��� Wor! lias been received here that an automobile containing Marquis Ferrara, the Duke de
la Regina, two guests, one of whom
is believed to have been an American
woman and the clial'feur plunged into
a ravine on the Naples real. All of
the 0 cupants of the car were killed
It dries hard over night, with
a high gloss, and
Wears On the Floor
���Not Off
Four   Stories   to   Be   Added     fo
Singer   Building.
P. O. Box  345
'Phone   105.
Keep out those Bluebottles
Fool those Mosquitos
by fixing up our
Screen Doors ana
Screen   \Vmaows
New York, June 21,���Amputation is
to be applied to the Singer building,
al Liberty street and Broadway.
Its top is to be sliced off and three
additional stories sandwiched in betwei n the seventh and eleventh floors.
Work on the scaffolding began yesterday, and a small army of men will
be occupied night and day until it is
completed, the undertaking being con'
fined to the original corner building,
which is to be a part of the monster
tl story structure now going up���the
tallest office building in the world.
According to Ernest Flagg, the architect the slicing is necessary in order that the eleven story building
shall conform in height and outline to
the new fourteen-story addition.
Instead of actually raising the four
top floors enclosed tinder the mansard
roof the roof and structural material
will be removed in sections to the
ground. The eighth, ninth and tenth
floe.es will then be built on. after
which the old mansard roof, enclosing the four additional floors, will be
replaced section  by section.
��>>>>>>>>>>xc<e��>>>>>>x,��X'��; 1
Soap and water does not
mar it.
It wears as well on Outside as Inside Floors.
Use it on your Inside
Floors, Veranda and
Porch Floors, Outside
and Inside Stairs or
Steps, and wherever you
want a durable
High Gloss Enamel Finish.
Hardware, Monarch Ranges       187 Columbia St.   Tel. 65
VT Agents for   "KLEENO"' "��
'1 , ���
������   iii
' .1 ��fc.T 1
���ybi ,-i\',J '
tationery p
for everyone, f<ff all
occasions, and of the
very best quality, is
what you will always find.
Kingston   Officials  and   the   Jury.
Editor Daily N'ews.
Sir: Your Kingston dispatch as given
in this morning's Daily News may
create the Impression that jurors have
a legal right to inspect penitentiaries
as well as Tails. The penitentiary act
has a clause bearing on this question.!
Th.' "privileged visitors" according to
thi act are, the governoi general,
."��� itenant governors, members of the
privy council, members ol the executive' council of any province, membi rs
of the Dominion parliament and
judges. The prison authorities can
therefore refuse permission to jurors
and even to members of the local leg-
Clean your Teeth and
Purify your Breath by
using Muir's specially
prepared Tooth Powder.
"An excellent recipe."
Tooth Brushes
made from finest selected materials-bone, vegetable and ivory backs.
Columbia Sf.
New Stock Patterns
- OF
i ����_m   ,
*il��.��T fWKHHtjiiiAfcii
H.ioUs, IVI :iu,
Safe Deposit
Also B joUs, IVI ig,i rines, Newspaper*., &r
50c RETUtfN
fire - Proof Vaults
Paid up Capital, $100,000
Executors, Trustees,
Assignees, Receivers,
Liquidators, Guardians
a    Real estate agreements or
sale purchased on short notice
ancouver on
���8  A.M.    TO   IIP. M.
-As Usual
Ihe Westminster Trust
and Safe Deposit Co., w.
. I HART,    -    Manager
217-219 Columbia St.
Also, a lol of lovely things in CHINA,
suitable for wedding gifts.
l-elal Ilie'   lee   Visit,   hllll ll   leSS   lo   i II-JI'.". .
the pei son   inli ss directed by Ihe ��� ������ -
partmenl ol justice,
New  Westminster, June 21,  1907.
"Thrash  the   Star  Border."
N'ew  Villi;, .lune 21.���HecilllSe of the
advice given yesterday by Magistrate
Connorton   to  a  man  to   "go   home,
lake the stai  boarder out ln the lol
and thrash him," Long Island city isl
holding Its ear to the ground.     Thej
man was hailed to couri by his wife,
icharged wfth abandonment and Ill-
treatment. 11 * ��� told a story aboul a
star boarder and when Magistrate
Connorton suggested a thrashing, he
said:    "I   can't.     lie's   bigger   Ihan   I
: am. rake a club, then, and come
I hack and lei me Know how yon made
out."    The  man  left   the couri  with
I fire in bis eyes.
Is made a study 0f in
Corset Department.     ��"r
We are showing man
lines which we have f0JJ
necessary   to   add  to
r , <0   Our
range of popular Corsets_
Slim figures or extra ,/������,
figures  will find
list th
proper  style  in these
lines.     We mention Q }]
special styles here.
By carrying these two well known lines we are -.,,,,
every style desired.    What  we cannol  obtain  In one   ���...   ,,.��� .
we' recommend styles 213, 483, or La Vesta,
we recommend styles A La Grace 347, 349,  111 and  M
we recommend styles Victoria, Military N'o, 209, Phonac, i"'1. La sprit.'.
Ivy and La  Bonita,
we recommend such styles as 239, Ex-
eelda, Peggy from Paris, Bats Wing
and Tape Girdles.
Ask in see these styles when \M:-
inj. our Corsel  I)ep,'irim<-i_t.
247 Columbia Street, New Westminster
Extra Good
House on Ash street, convenient to car and Fourth  avenue, six
rooms      S1500.CC
Fourth avenue, modern house, six rooms, near car line     Price $1650
2(i acres on N'orth Head, unimproved,   first    class   soil.      Price,
jeer   acre      $55.00
To Encourage the Growth-
Imperial and Whole Wheat Flour
And give'satisfaction to the Ladies by use of
Our Noted  Pastry Flour
1" pound, 24 pound, and 49 pound sacks.
FRONT STREET. Telephone 333.
The Reaver left yesierday with a
good number of passengers, for the
two-day trip lo Harrison ami Fori
Douglas. i
"Quality and Price"
When you fret supplies for tha pantry you want them
fresh.     Then when you want good
why don't you call on the man who makes a specialty
of them, and get value for your money?
Edmonds Tea Co. ����'���. �������"��"""���� *!
Phone 309


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