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The Daily News Nov 19, 1906

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���o  Q *V;^0^
l_l4'i>J_i)^S.,n    J__l
4��-e��KfS PER WEEK
Damage Done by Wind and Rain in Southern State
...Railway and Telegraphic Communication Interrupted���Buildings Wrecked.
v the < fflce ot      a:  Mathies n,  Mis-    a     h a..: . . ���
; the mine's fen-   is reported t     havi rn     an
.   desj ..'���::   -��� man ��a. ki! ed      a       ��� _ - ��� ���
Nf*   Orlean's   :.. .  N   .    __.���Much
....   . .- ���   win-   ' : '-���  ��� ���-.-.-.       vV  .
..���   ..   mt 9;' ���' "" '������  '��������� ��   ������'��������� m   ���     -   * It]   *.��� ���
. ���.   ���.. .......   ''" ' ������'-      -   nig) ��� most of to-di
Reports    recein -  ���     w. .-. rn
: :- i    i  the  storm was ol
Jill II   l|\ ItlJlYl Hot  Shots   Kired  at  Civic   Administration  by   Rov. W. H.
Barraclough   Last   Evening---Anniver*ary
 ������  Service at St. Paul's.
Great   Congregation   In  St.   Peter's
Cathedral Startled By Explosion
���Xo Lives Are Lost.
...     ���,   morals nl this citj  are Ic   description,    and   wen    attended   bj
.    ...            the iiquoi t   .:    arge congregations       both services,
.   , a lowed   to   continue  un
.. i burch, took
i mpress ac !
the post office,
ed a n imbei ol
\        ....   '.���. e.'e   lost.
���  Catholic, the
negro   Methi
HastJ    brickyards
:,..  : uildings le-
\-:.  .. those  lamaged wen
���   ������ .   the ' pera house, tbe
compress   oil mill,  the   ware-
f the .'a kson Mercantile Co.
-.. :. m inication is pros-
Ri :..< .   Ni
 ���' -.- -. the region ' St. Peter's t
_ ..-
id G an a, an      tat severa
I ������    ;-- -  ���    I      -   -        ���   had   been
imaged ���  ii   ��� :   ai   V. In na
M< mi bis     . ��� ��� :,      \c.     :��� ���Tele-
6ral bl     ..:.;   :��� .   boni     i < mmunica-
';��ns  reci  red  to-daj   fn :.:   points  !n
Mississippi, foi   ..  radius   of   Bevei il
hundred miles, report -ie territory to
bave suffered last Light and eej-ly today from a destructive rain ar.d wind
storm    i':.:.   mi re details as yel obtainable, bnt greal damage has been
.   nol   totallj    de-  ,!������,   ;,,   propertj.,    Ha:*:..a_   traffic
ress  was   the mo.:   rrom Memphis is aeraorallied by numerous    washouts    and   many trM-vs
wind was preceded and follow-   have  beeen   annulled     From reports
... ..    rains   causing washouts   sn fai   received, tin   greatesl   lamage
��� tbe Illinois Central  occurred in thi  central ami delta ce-
and greal damage ti   ��� rope.      gions of Mississippi.
..ded, i ���
.   .���    seem    i'.    .   :y isloi
���  ���   .-. ���  .   :.    fata il a s
A.s,   n as thi   echoes of thi   tn
nn :. :   .-   roai   ...   ceased,  ..  i anon
soughi   ��� .���   'i issui Ing  words to qui.:
the peo] a . In  vain      V: ��� .   :.i \ in
all directions an I a uuni i ��� .
I women
���   fam
,*.ltar are the ei - buttress piers
.  whi< b the d< m<   ol  St. Petei 's
��� - -   and In thi   niches ol whli b a e
ttatin      '  ���.       s saints
Tbi      greal    Bai lai i li ln<     i anoi j.
; b  is  92 feel high,  was di signed
16J1     .-.   ia nninf, and �� as , ssl fron
....   taki -.i fi om the  Pantheon  t j
L'i. an  vii;     | in   wi ighl  of the can-
e;.;.   is  _ stiniati i  ..: 93 tons, and  Its
���   st  at $110,0 "
Si mi   distant e   ba. k   ot   the  high
In bis sermon las; evening, when b<
preached a Btlrring sermon on thi
words, "Am I m> brother's keeper?'
on ibe occasion of the annual H T
i ��� T  sen Ice,
The church \\a.   filled  to overflow
altai i!* ''"*     ���'������'  ';-'iv   ' s'   peter,   lngi 8eftla having tu be placed In Un
which  was executed in 1667 from de
signs bj Bernini, st a cosl of $120,000.
Iry cf  Minto   Cup    Committee
|it.. tn_i Mug Will Remain
m '.re East.
Mistaken Identity.
Coming ovei hen on personal business irom Vancouver, and being threatened with arrest f< i passing a bogus
cheque, nas lbe unpleasant experience
ol   VV.  H.   Sieves,  ol    Eighth   avenue   To-day
falnte I.   Women and chlldn :.
��� I, ..n l men txli I ������
lib - in the cms:.
The church   Is  so  large,       ..ever,      It   was   discovered   that   the bomb  thronged
that  there  was a.m; a   room   foi    the  l'-A   ''"'n  placed   undei   a scaffolding   member.
crowd to scatter, and no enc was Injured.   \e traci  ol thi   pen* trator of
"lie deed bas bei n found.
Since Sl Annoletus, who was or
daiiied by Peter himself, erected an
i ratory In 90 A. D, on the site id the
present   basilica,   to   mark   the   spot
���-, Its ol the fai         '   mini
prohibited hours; the pi of the adherents ol thi church are
ea Ina ol the Sabbath daj allowed, ��� > sot the R I" ol r. which or
II nol sanction, bj the police; vice dei paraded to dlvlni se vice else
i valen and me-.-e open than ii where in ihe evening^ rhe music ren
has iin :>: years, and that rhe gup dered bj the choli ��as of a most ered
l ress ... ol those evils Is retarded liable character, and the reotoi
.\ ., tacli understanding between the preached two excellent sermons The
clvb   . es snd   In   pi rph   whi  church ��a- adorned bj  a numbei  ol
l      llrectlj   rv indirectly,  i>>   ibe  vases of choice flowers in honor of the
a,   ol   lhis  state  ol affairs, ,, caslon      The    specie 1  collections
wen   ..  few  ol the strong statements   which were taken during the daj will
the Re.   \\   tl   Barraclough go towards swelling the general fund
ol the church's exchequer,
in the evening the rector, Rev, A.
ea    11    Owen,   took   lor llis   le\t   IVn'iu
\c . 12, So teach ns to number oui
daya thai we maj applj our hearts
unto wisdom '   He said tn part thai
accommodate the
worshippers   who
where the remains of St.  Peter were
buried, no such dastardly  occurrence scaffolding was found
is noti 1 iu the anugls of the church, in...   but   this   fire   was   easily   extin
was   the   anniversary   of  the gulshed.   The tomb was  found to b<
In   order   lo
number   ol
the Bacred edifice The
of the two temperance
which had been erecti I to facilitate lodges, over 100 Btrong, occupied the
repairs to the roof of the building, ex- middle seats, and the pastor's re
'���'������:��� ��ver the celebrated tomb of marks were more particularly directed
Clement XIII., bj Canova, which eon io ihem. Mr. Barraclough took the
slsts ol a figure of the pope and two Christian point of view thai every
lions,  nnd  which  is the  most   remark-   man   was  his brother's  keeper, and  tl
able i iece i : sculpture in the basilica,   was while enlargtng upon the duties ol  question   which   should   agitate  ��n
lh:.   tomb ranks among the  finest  ef-   man to his  fellow  mnn.  thai  he made
forts ����� modern sculptors,   when the a   series   of striking   Indictments ol
first gendarmes reached the spot, the the civic authorities for the laxness
be smoulder   of anj attempt made to Improve the
one ol ibe greal differences between
ibis world and the world to come was
thai here everything was marked by
time, In the world to come there wan
no Buch thins as time, The lexi point*
t.i oul thai change was man's portion
upon earth,   The friend of today was
gone   lo morrow,   and    lhe   sorrow   of
yesterday was a thing ot the pasl to
day.     One   more  anniversary   of   lhe
church bad   been  reached,   and the
���" **<   ���  foi  the Minto cap to ,
": -" :i:  to lie  about  as re-
"���'     I be cup is a  coveted |
-'������-   "��� a the theme of con-j
��� ' ��� ��� mong local lacrosse
'  :''i   was  written  to
-  the trustees of the
to pul it up for com-
west, V'anoouver, i n Saturday afternoon. Air. Steves and a friend went
ilito tlx? Premier hotel to have a cigar,
and remained talking there for some
time.     Here  thej   were joined   by    i
dedication al tbe basilica to Si Peter, absolutely uninjured, and the pave
and ii was beautifully decorated for ment shows scarcely anj Blgna of the
the occasion. Holy relies were ev explosion. An examination of the re
posed, and a large number of the faith- mains ol the bomb leads to the bui
fui attended the servici. Cardinal position, unless it was crudely pri
Ram] ilia, formerly papal secretary of   parei] on  purpos*, thai   it  was mam,
local merchant, win  was accompanied  e!ate' was a:'ll,u* those i1"*"'1     He  factured. in th* country uud brought
by the chief of police and Deteotlve
Bradshaw, The merchant accused Mr.
I Steves of passing a hogus cheque ofl
on him, ami this thi atter Indignantly denied. A heati . i - iment followed, iu the course i which Mr. Steves
icrosse claims be was treati i in an unbecom-
took pari in the service in the choir  |mo u,,,,,., antj |( (a believed thai the   '"" Plea<1 ifmoranoe of these evils.
<h_;,e..    The last   mass  had jus;   been ,,������.���   Hirowors   used   a   long  fuse   to
concluded    when    the    explosion   oc- enable the  criminal   to   reach  a  sale
curred, and only one canon, who had ,;,,,,.   before   Ihe   explosion,    It   is
not quiti    finished,   remained   at the ,,;;,., ,,, trMe |)jm. but  no one has
altar of SI   Peteronllla,   This altar is ,:i;. recollectiou ol seeing a man who
nl  the md of the right aisle, and  ii i,\ bis movements mlghl have arouaed
thai spot ibe bomb had been | suspicion.    The pope was engaged in
hearts was wbciher Ibe cause whs
j;iow ins and  leading  men  (o  a  know
ledge ol the Chrlsl Had ibe members
so applied their hearts to wisdom an
ii. lie more closch   lu touch  wllh tbe
needs of their fellow men, leading
them to turn to _ higher and nobler
life? Had the church been a very
Bethel to waiting souls,- The iia>
should bo one ol rejoicing, if for no
Othei reason lhan lhal timl's com
mauds were lo lejolce. What Is wis
doin'.' aoked the speaker, nml In an
swer  to  Ills  own  ipiesllon   Stated  that
ti was applying the principles of Jesus
I Christ io the life, and becoming arte
ated by the spirit ot Chrisi Himself.
I Many   failed   to   act   wisely,   and   gave
8 final appeal lo Uie mcuiiers | ""'"IM'lv''s ovei lo the gratification of
temperance lodges I,, bis con ['"ir' ll"��:l,""":- th�� '"" "��' ,h*' ��'"*'K
moral conditions ol the cltj.
In dealing with lbe licensing question, Mr. Barraclough described ii as
"n farce of the mosi glaring kind."
and said that although Infractions of
the liquor laws were of dally  occur
iiine. ii was verj seldom lhal any
attempt was made to prosecute the
offenders,   The powers thai ba could
It was a mailer of common knowledge thai the moral condition of the
cltj was getting worse every day. unn
yel nothing was being done to remedy
'"-   In   their reply ing  manner bj   Chiel Mcintosh, who placed.    Vii the canon tumid to bless  bis
iiini- noon bom di vollons when  pregatlon,  Mr,  Bnrraclougb dwelt up
':"' thej have the
-' "'I to it   and  dis-
has known  him  foi   many years, and   the  i mimunicants, there
a   li
the bomb went off    He heard a mul   "*' l:'   necessity of concentrating all
who i.s aware thai be an produce mendous roar, which echoed through [Jed sound which surprised .but did
bank references at a moment's notice, the loftj arches ol the Immense dome qoi alarm bim. Monsignor Mlscatelll,
After   considerable   talking,  theme*-  like a thunder clap.   At the same time  sub-prefecl   of  the   apostolic    palace.
and   neglecting   tO   lake   the   place   In
tin    world   whli h  God   Intended   ihai
thei.   energies   upon   the    u.ppres.iou    '  '���   f����OWerS   should   lake.     Time   for
of  vice  in  every   form, and  plei I restrospectlon was n< ssary, and the
with  (hem  to do nil  in  their power to
world   was   In  such   a   ru.li   thai   few
��wing Is a copy   of a I chant recognised thai he had made a   ���> dense smoke spread throughout that   and   Monsignor   Bisletla,  of the   vatl   b'��n"l* out  the evils of which be had  "wmed  to  be aide  to do more than
��� the cup
mistake, and  withdrew   with the offl-   portion of th basilica, and   n   Btrong can, entered   the   iiontlff's   chnnil
oecretarj Minti
\ Ottawa:
Mi- Steves s that, he is en-  'l(J'"' of gunpowder filled the air, Con
fusion  and   panic at  once  seize i the
Tin   i anon ul the altar tried
which   no  reasonable   :"  stem  the  tide ol   fear.    He said:
' I resentatlve  of
'���������ter  Lacrosse  club,
a; Ii n ol  I!. ('. for
'i iest  thi   trustees
��� It    :;. the cup
��� ' ������ ��� ii  amateur
mpii ns on in 'iiii In the rules.
ol the West
.n'i :i. which
: to hold ii.
Wl    ��     i to
.'I   di "at. d  all
���   N I. \   from
ear,   _ ���,, u   the
'   pi ofesi ional
- of v. bli h ��� an
i require ihem
titled to an apob . the indignity
to which he was subji ded in a public   i"'1 P
place,   and   for   which   uo
excuse can be .ounI
Wins First  Prize.
'Iin noi .a afraid; it i
ly  the  1.ootid.!)   g 111
ever, had little effei i.
s nothing, mere-
l lis words, bow
They were ro
tor   a   n tt    UIl IUI llts  ll    -i ' 'lied   as   If
noti,ing   roa  l  olivlat.    .'   (.real   dl H
ter.    Tne '.a  I    : ������ of ihe church, how-
��� rer, i ive      mi ro    I ��� .il to i cat
and at iia  end i e\   mo 11 nt
' hi pic    wen       ll ���   Ug   I.  ward
the   a oi -
As -.oon a
und   ���     ���   '
futed bj    ' ���    moke and  the pungent
The fruit sent  rrom  Brl    h C dum    . , r ,, (1. ,���,U;il       , , ., ,    ,,,,.,],. ,.,,���
bla ie.  the provincial government  is   llmied  ;���     ,,   ,,.,,....   ...,������     ChaIrB
la- charge of R. M. Palmer, of the depart    Vl,,, UVenhrown, making  Ihe confu
ment  of agriculture, nlread) has won   B,ou  ,,..,,,. ..,.,���,,.    m, n  and  women
recognition.    Although li onlj arrived   ���,..,       ,,     |ng nl al] directions, and
in  the old coun':'.   .     til  a  fortnight   ...,        ,v,     of children and cries of
ago the dlsplaj   Ihat   Mi    Palmer en-  unguigh v.,',   hue i on all sides, nnd
ti re I at  the Scott Hm Ucultural i xhl
tlon   al   Edinburgh,   captured    the
firsl prize   the gold ii.--i.ii ol thut organization.
This gratify lng new wm cal led lo
lhe minister t .;. I li lllture Fl Idaj
ifli lira ii. Tbe Infoi mul Ion, �� bile
meagre us to detail, deflniti Ij states
��� hat i be premier place al this fair, one
. Inl.     ~{ ol the largest held In Ihe ol I land, hu
..   .,',,������  been awarded the frull grown In Brit    |������|V |,ad ,,.,.��� |,url |n !],,��� ci ish, and
ii in the matter, isl' Columbia and shipped over thou-  furthermore that   no   one   had  been
-; nd   of miles by rail and steamer.      wounded bj the explosion    Calm was
, ���   | iajlj  . ���   ton ,1 ami the people re
Trot nut the Gee-Gees. ! turned to view the extent of the dam
New  York. Nov. 18.   The 22nd an- age.
eta     x, ������   west- nual exhibition of the National Horse I     Under the greal  lonie In 8t. Peter's,
*e C ib; show association will be held in the  beneath Ihe Imposing bronze Baldac
In receipt ol  your  Madison  Square   garden,   ihis week, chino canopy, -'amis the high sltar,
���    ��� , state that   Premhims aggregating $22,000 ar '-1 H   Is directly  over the  tomb 6.  Hi
",i   admitted   of fared, this being tbe la gesl sum everl Peter,   The altar was consecrated In
  .��� ,:,:.... ...  the assocla-   '594, and  from  it  onlj   the pope or
and   the    pope    Immediately    asked,
"Whal  has happened ?"
"He   not   be  alarmed,   holy   father,
was the answer.    "A   bomb has  e\-
pb b I in the basilica, bul fortunately
thi re are  uo  deal bs  to deplore, an I
no one ha - been wi tinded."
The pontiff naked anxiously If the
church had heen Injui������ i iIn being
assured thai it had uot, be fell on his
km ' -���. anj ing I iubI Implore mercy
for the misguided pei pel rator of lhe
dei i Soon aftei this announcement
wa made lo bim, Ihe pope wenl lo
ihe throne room, where h,. admitted
prlvnto audlem e Monsignor Ken
a        rector ol the   .uiorleati college,
'.    presented to li     I     ness Mr and
i n a   .1   Mi ri.  ; ,   . oi Phlladel
I, and   I ".inl  S    Kill! N   tt   Voi'K,
spollOU,  and   which   were such  a   men     '"   :""1,   ahead   and   keep   up   with   th'
nee to  the  continued   prosperity   of l'mei    '''"' follower of Chrlsl should
New Westminster. '"  ,iv'' thai   when the great  change
' ame ii might be for bim a simple de
The   anniversary   service;    in    st    """are ror the great Joj  that Christ
l',nils    Reformed    Episcopal   ohuroh M"^ provided for his children for ever
yesterday   were of a mosi   enjoyable  iod ever
i awa;
ii  hast;,  i snnilnatlon showed thai  no
�� lm  not ii i d   i hul  11"'    ��i e u a-   pale
a. d Iiii 'il un Ic mui Ion    \ I
;. : ihis rei opi ion, i l.e po procei led
i 10 ihe hall i ' msistorles, where ho
it i ne i annul 20(1 ot in ini sons, In
eluding live sl ii lenl : ol fl Boiithei u
\ mi Iran college, lo whom he dell\.
Pciice Fesr .-���ii Attemot to Kill Roysl
Ccuclc   While  Vlsltln i
Rome,   \'ov.   IS,    King Qeorge  an i
qui   ii oigi   of I iieeie  tt ill arrive In
. . i  a ' mi  laj   vl   '  I
, vid     I Imn inui I    l 'on tl li ra
rehenslon I    felt b    the Romi   fl i
���...   . iti i.  ol   lhe  royal
i   .   ,     the jn ii' e official i an
ii , i   io  have  reci Ived Information
:   RYALL.
has   been   re
i a short address,   Not t the pei    ihai the anarchists Intend making an
1 in i    aa    ���
play   with  pul up for competition by
������: the Minto
'   not   Bl   present
"insider  mak-  earring'
- location
some cardinal having special author!-
Ol the
'oldlng the cup
'"'"'"^i'liai, the trus-
iss the matter
The entries will be divided into
s  classes   and  as in   pas:   .ears, the   -'"i"" ma.   celebrate  mass.    The con
and harness buses wil! head   fesslonal Is Burrounded    y a circular|on   Nov,   u
the list.   There are also a ��� in r of  balustrade ol marine,
special classes,
, li     knew  any! liing  of  11 \ plot li n
\ throe ilnj b' aei vi ������ ol prayer will
��� e ceie'iraie I iii all 'he churche ��� n
(xplailon of this offi in e io religion
Th In bomb e. ploi li a make i the
third  anarchist   outrage   in   ttalj   in
four days, Ihe other being the murder of Prof, Rossi, Iii Naples, yo. ier-
daj. an i :h" explosion of a bomb In
fronl  Of lhe Cafe Araguo  ill this city
The  attempt   of to-day j
attempt  on  tho  life of King Qeorge
during his sia\  in Italy,   li has been
rep ii ihni King Qeorge will receive
an audience wllh Poj e Plus aftei hi
.' :>   't lha o 'i <:
lu ,
1 i Committee.
Minister  Resigns. _.(.,_;   ,(. (|].    ,.,  ,,R,   shriiio.   kneeling
Buenos Ayres,  No..   18,-   Dr, '..un' before  which is  Kanvon's  statue of
Ino Costa, minister of the Interior, has pjua Vi.   UM the right, in the nave In
from   whieh are | has caused deep waled  nnd  universal
lapended nea      one hundred lamps, J horror and Indignation on accouni of
which burn day and night. the   locality   selected    by   the   mis-
From  the altar a double flight  of oraants, and the anger of the people
Is very great, St. Peter's Is the greatest basilica In Christendom. It took
350 vears In the building, and stands
The Daily Disaster.
Ripley, Tenn., Nov. IS.���Wlll Scott.
a (ruin inui), and John I'.iiiiiiwelghl, a
passenger, were killed, and three perrons were injured, in a rear end collision between freight trains, on the
Illinois  Central   railroad,  yesterday.
To  Revise Constitution.
New York, Nov.  18.���On Monday
Go V
i..,. ���
���  ,,:  the altar, in a marble chair,   today a  result of the efforts of forty- meeting   of  the   corporation  of   Yale
,;   ,',,. tironze statue of St. Peter, the! three popi a and the genius of Michael university will discuss the revision of
Attractions _t the  Onera  House     extended foot, of the saint being much Antflo,   Bramante and  Rafael.    The the corporation rules.   It is expected
Btant Kisses Implanted commission of such an outrage In such that   (be  proposed revision  will   be
bi re i"- Hater)
. ,, ,., ,      ,-,,,, ....    ai : a by the COD
'    '    : ..   ,      devotees   entering   tbe; a place has called for unlimited con-  ndopied.   It involves practically a new
.8���Jerry from Kerry.
'.a :i     it
���j   [jje four corners of the  detonation.
the university.
Ccath of Mr. C. P. J. Bennett.
Vfter being In the hospital for several weeks Buffering from typhoid
Charles P. J Bennett, son of C. Q.
Bennett, of I he Pi aser River tanm i. .
led |' erday, The j oung man bad
I i en   dnklug  rapldlj   for  sever il  day s
liis  li .��� h, and hud the sal I ���
li   on o   the e of his tnothi r
U     I Wl i  fl om   r; 1"   I
a   iti ��� ..in   i  wei    ,i o
n on        a   an i ��as a ,
I       i'i',    ' , a I    .    i.    I    ||      -
Hi       ... ll'      'I    In    Sill     l'l all-
all I   '���' a lucation nhi re     In
oi lei  to tin    etti    i    bim lelf foi the
In    his   father's
tt   '���       he wenl  ta Saxony and en-
: the !��� i i" erg Technical Bcbool of
��� "'"lt> . ivhi  ���    aduated.   on returning to San Francisco, he assumed
tbe  ni.ui igi mi nl ol   bJa  lather's tan-
business,  while the father came
on to this .it. ,m i floated a similar
intei prise here,   II was finally dei 11
��� i  thai the young man .should come
to this citj an i assist In the business
r n bli ic i inti iding to pui him
In n position ol i bnslder ible responsibility and trust On arriving in Portland, lie was at I acked iiy typhoid, but
apparently ���-hook off tbe attack and
came on to this city, After being here
about a week a ielapse took place
which terminated fatally. Mr. Ben-
neit was only 24 years of age, nnd life
was just opening before bim, full of
promise, when death claimed htm.
The funeral will take place to-morrow
morning from the residence of M. h.
Jackson. Carnarvon street, between
Merrlvale and Plackwood streets, to
St. Peter's, and thence to the Catholic
-    ! '���', I THE DAILY NEW
"*  M��NOAY,Nov    ���
Full  Text of Judgment  Handed  Down
in  Case  Brought  Under lhe
Fishery  Act.
In this case, which is of Importance
as affecting the enforcement of fishery
regulations, and the liability of dealers who buy from fishermen. His
Honor Judge Bole handed down the
following judgment:
Butterfleld. appellant; Brown, respondent���Appeal from a conviction
under the fishery act, section 12, Mr.
Howay, on behalf of the respondent,
raised preliminary objections to this
appeal, contending that under the pro
visions of sections is, 19 and 20 of the
fisheries act, chap. 95, R.S.C., no appeal lay to this court. This contention was based on two grounds: Firstly, that by section is, subsection 6, an
appeal was _peclflcall. given to the
minister of marine and fisheries. Secondly, thai the provisi ins of section
20 do nol incorporate the appeal provisions of the "summary convictions
act," inasmuch as by thai section the
.said act was only to apply to proceedings under the fishery act, and that
the word "proceeding" taken In connection with the reference to tbesum-
mary convictions act was not sufficient to import into the fisheries act
any of the appeal provisions. Thirdly,
that inasmuch as no appeal lies unless
specifically given by statute, such ap-
; eai In this case must iie given by the
act referred to in section 20, namely.
"An act respecting summary proceedings el rej istices of the peace." an 1
thai there is not nor ever wa.s in exits . ��� such .-- itute. Fourthly,
that ihe :ognizance filed by the ap-,
��� inl was not formally proved, and
the ���-: :������ was not duly
.   Ige :
'.'-.'.   '.   V,':::-.--: ;>-.   :   .   ''.,'��� appellant,
relii :. sect! in 20 of the fisheries
- .. ing a -- neral right of appeal
.:. this as in any othi r summary con-
..   . m, and contended that subsection
-   sj ttion   ly   provi les  only for  a
- ��� peal   to  the  minister as  a
mattei ol clemency. It presupposes a
rightful conviction, and does not apply -ii a case where a man complains
of a wrongful conviction. Moreover,
tbe remission of a penalty under subsection fi does not affect the conviction, as it stands notwithstanding thei
remission. He also referred to the,
King vs. Townsend, (i Canadian Criminal Cases.  143.
Section 20 of t.he fisheries act must
be read In connection section 19, subsection  l. which  provides for the recovery   of  penalties   in  a   summary]
m.inner, and the  facl  that section 20
does not give the correct title of thel
act   refer,..) to  -herein  can   make   no
difference, as the meaning is evident.
As to ;lje first eg.leg'; m. [ think the
act  contemplates   two   modes of   ap-j
peal, one to the minister, the other to
ibe county court, but that brings one
to the second objection, lines section j
20 of chapter 95, R.S.C., give effect toj
the latter mode of procedure, as the |
section runs thus;  "The form.- in the
schedule to this act may be used when ;
applicable;   and   the   'act   respecting
summary  proc lings before justices
of ihe peace' shall apply  to procee I-
ings under this act.'"   And there is no
statute of the identical title set out in ;
section 20.   Turning, however, to the
original act, we find section 23 enacts
as follows: "Forms of proceedings, orders and notii es ;..- ��� 1 under this a"*
and regulations may. for respective
processes, he in the forms presei Ibed
in the schedule here into annexe i. or
in any mher form; md In other re-
sped -i th'. 1 iw relating to summ irj
convictions an I or lei Bhall apply to
cases under this ai t." And Its language is too plain to admit of air
doubt. I therefore am of the opinion
that an appeal lies to the county court.
As to the fourth objection, ii has keen
the practice of this couri for the lasi
thirty years, when a recognizance !n
the statutory form was duly filed, n it
to require formal proof of the execution there'if in ihe absence of objection being raised as for its sufficiency
or otherwise, and no such objection
has been raised in the present instance. The couri of quarter sessions
may reg,dale its own practice wiib re
g'anl to the hearing of appeals, and if
such practice be clearly shown to have
been adopted, the court of King's
bench will not interfere with their dis-
cretlon in ihis respect unless it be
manifestly unjust, niere the learned
judge quoted numerous authorities). I
therefore think I must overrule this
last objection. After hearing all lbe
evidence adduced on both sides, especially appellant's explanation of the
circumstances under which he bought
the  lish  alleged  to have  been  Illegally
caught, I do nol think the conviction
can be successfully sustained. I must
therefore allow the apj eai and quash
the conviction herein with costs,
New Westminster, Nov, 16, 1906.
Bnllt  on  a   Yalnino,   the   [lean...     .re
Some what   Mur.Iln.;.
San Salvador i.s built on a volcano
It has l-oen three times destroyed by
an earthquake, but the people are becoming accustomed to such excitement
now. Earthquakes are pretty frequent,
and, while one i.s naturally nervous,
there is really little danger to life.
The shocks bave been known to come
as frequently as eighty times In an
Tlie effects nre quite peculiar. In tbe
city ls a brick column, nine feet high
and three feet square, which was re
moved a hundred feet without losing
Its perpendicular or cracking the mor
The ground under the city is full of
caverns of unknown depth. A mun
was digging a well there. Tbe last
stroke he save witb bis pick the b il
torn fell out, mil he and bis pick an.
all fell through,  nobody knows where
There ls a volcano not fnr from San
Salvador that some years ano dis
charged lava over a forest. The wood
all caught fire, of course, hut the lava,
being lisbt and easily cooled, formed
ami hardened Into long arcades through
which it was possible t i walk. Even
now the Imprint of the trunks and
branches of tiie trees can be seen.
Will '. e received by the undersigned
ii]i to the 13th day of November Inst-
! ant, for the purchase of the fifty H.P.
i Standard     Gasoline    Engine     in   the
j schooner  "North,"  now lying  at  the
j Government docks. New Westminster.
The highest or any ten ler not ne-
j cessarily accepted.
Inspector Of Fisheries.
Nanaimo, Nov. 8, 1906.
Every one who breakfasts,
lunches or dines at
Coffee Palace
becomes a regular customer, beoause
Everything; is Clean
Everything is Well Cooked
Everything is Promptly Served
Merchants' Lunch
Full Course, including Coffee with
Cream,        -       -        35c
12 to 2 p.m.; 6 to S p.m.
YOU   Gel   Whnl   lull   Give.
Man is the artificer of his own happiness, Let him beware how he complains of the disposition of circumstances, for if is liis own disposition
he blames. If this is sour or that
rough or tbe other steep, let bim think
lf it be not bis work. If his looks curdle all hearts. let him not eomplaiu of
a sour reception. If be bobble in bis
gtiit, let bim not grumble at the rough
ness of the way. If he is weak in the
knees, let him not call the hill steep.
This was the pith of the Inscription on
the wall of the Swedish inn: "Vim will
find at Trochnto excellent bread, meat
and wine, provided you bring tbem
witli vou."- Thoreau.
Unexpected  Answers.
An eminent lawyer bad been Inter
rogatlng a reporter in bis hotel and
the reply be got was unexpected, says
the Buffalo Inquirer.
"That was an unlooked for answer.
truly," be said. "It was like the au
swer tbe policeman gave to lbe good
citizen. A good citizen, breathless and
excited, ran up to a large, calm policeman one day and cried:
"'Officer, there's a terrible fight going on around the corner to tbe right.'
" 'Thank you. sir. I'll do as much
for you some day. sir.' said the policeman gratefully, as he took the turning to the left and quickly disappeared."
Thp   ilird   nf   Death.
In New Guinea there is said to be a
venomous bird called tbe bird of death
It ls about tbe sljje of a pigeon, witb n
tall of extraordinary length ending' ln
a tip of brilliant scarlet. It has n sharp,
hooked beak and frequents marshes
and stagnant pools. Tlie venom wit!)
which It inoculates is distilled in a se!
of organs wblch lie in the upper mandible, just below the openings of tbe nos
trlls. Under them, in tbe roof of th.
mouth, is a small tlesl.y knob. Whop
the bird sels its beak in tlie flesh of a
victim Ihis knob receives a pressure
wblch liberates the venom and Inoculates the wound.
Purchase Notice
Notice is hereby given that 60 days
after date   I Intend  applying  to  the.
Chief   Commissioner   of   Lands    and
Works for permission to purchase the
following   described   land,   situated  at
the mouth of the Kildala river, Coast
district: Commencing at a post marked  W.   M.'s   N.   E   Coiner   planted   on
il.e south  bank  of the  Kildala  river
;r  the mouth, running as follows;   I'i
chains    south,    40    chains   west,    tu
chains north to the shore line, thence
'��� following shore line to place of com-;
mencement, containing 16 acres more ���,
' or  less.
Aug. 27. 1906.
Loca'or. W   MOODY,
Per FRANK  VANDAL.  Agent.
Oct. 21,  1906.
"The Mawaukee7'
"The  Pioneer  Limited"  St.  Paul   to
Chicago,   "Short  Line"   Omaha   to
Chicago,  "South    West    Limited"
Kansas City to Chicago.
No   trains   in   the   service   on   any
railroad   in   the   world   that   equal   in
equipment  that  of the  Chicago,   Milwaukee   &   St.   Paul   Railway.     They
own  and operate their own  sleeping
and dining cars on alll their trains and
give   their   patrons   an   excellence   of
service not obtainable elsewhere.
H. S. ROWE. General Agent.
134 Third St.. cor Alder. Portland, Or.
Manufacturer of
Mineral Waters, Etc.
Aerated Waters,
Family Trade a Specialty.
Tel. 113. Office, Eighth Street,
Good Tea, Coffee, Steaks our Specialties
Short Orders Quickly Served.
Trapp Block, Proprietress.
Columbia St.
25 cents
Having bought out the Blacksmith-
ing business of K. H. Benson, I will
be pleased tn see all his old customers, as well as new ones Horseshoeing a specialty.
Eighth   Street.
Th*-   E_as1   anil   tin-   Wi-hIm.
The niituer oils kinds of west ot
which the effete east solemnly ills
courses are enough lo bewilder ;
Philadelphia lawyer. !t will assu.
you that besides "the middle west,'
a phrase Unit it employs c intlnually
and with evident pleasure, there an
nn eastern west, a western west, u
northern west and a southern west
Vet there is only one east, and hardly
enough of that, lo swear by.���Californium
Tin-  Social  Round,
"I suppose," said the old time friend ,,..���.,-,   r- ,,.,-,., ,   -    .-,., IV
���that your folks no longer   fe,.|   tbi ^r CONRAD  CARCROSS  ATLIN,
anxiety about social mutters that they WHITE   HORSE,   DAVi SON    and
ome experienced." FAIRBANKS.    Daily  trains  (except
"Ves,  thev do." answered  Mr. Cum Sunday)    carrying   passengers,    mail.
rox; "mother an' the girls nre now ns egress    and    freight    connect    with
busy keepln' other  women out of so staR�� a* Carcross ami White Horse,
eletv as they once were gettln' In tbem I maintaining a through winter service.
Ornamental   Iron    Worn,   including
I Fences, Gates, Flre Escapes, etc.
Mall orders and correspondence ln
BEGBIE S'tKt.E'1-.
New Westminster. f. u. 474.
The White Pass       	
and Yukon Route i North^Tadfk
selves."   Washington Star.
For information apply to
J.  H.  ROGERS, Traffic  Managet,
Vancouver.   B.  C
Post Card AlDum
Before the Xmas Rush.     A Large Assortment at
i J, J. MACKAY  y Co.!
S Booksellers   ana   Stationers
Trains Daily
Travel on the Famous
Electric-lighted train.    Low Hates.
Quick Time. Excellent Service.
New York, Chicago,
Toronto, St. Pau)
Steamshir Tickets on sale to all European points.
Special    Reduced    Rates   Round   Trip
Rates   to   Southern   California.
For full inforrntion call on or write
O. E. LANG, General Agent,
430 Hastings St., Vancouver, B. C.
Portland, Ore. A. G.    A
1B. C. Mills, Timber aaj
Trading Company
Manufacturers and Dealers in All Kind, of
Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sash  D
Interior Finish,     turned Work,   Etc
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glass.
Foot of 4th Ave.   Cor. Kith  Street
New Westminster, B. C.
Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Drainin
Royal City Branch, Columbia St,
Telephone 12. New WestmimtJ
The Royal Bank of Canai
ii.- nea   i ,- ''a'''  se   iritj   to depositor      START NOW ���. .
i.n l :��� 11 w 111 n iver reg  ���   It.    People   lo ba   ie       ���....,
:   thing to sh iw for It
ONE DOLLAR opens an accouni.    Pul ll in      .:��� .. ;.
a   .   be nothing, but ONE DOLLAR  de   -       i ever; . rj
a . iars amount to $804.50.   THINK   THIS  OVER.
F. B. LYLE, Ma J
All kinds of Ship  repair
' work.
Ship and Scow   Building
; a specialty.
Estimates   promptly furnished.
RESIDENCE���2+ Eighth street, New
I Westminster, B.C.
Westminster Iron Works
Shingle and Sawl
Mill  Machinery]
New Wwtminster, B. C.
Bank of Montreal
Incorporated   by   act   or   parliament
CAPITA!. (ALL paid up)   Mi
Rt. Hon. Lord Strathcona and   Mounl   Royal,   G.   r. M.
G   Honorary President
Hon,   Sir   G.   A.   Dnimmond   I'reslien'
K. S. Clouston Vice rtesldenl   and   General Manager
General banking business transacted.
Branches In all the principal citle* In Canada, In London, Wi
York, Chicago, and St. John's Nfld., ami correspondents i'i all Dar*'
Carruthers Manufacturing Com
Manufacturers of
Show Cases, Store Flings and Bar Fixtun
The Carruthers IN ianuf acturing c\
Canadian Bank of Comnfl
-���4     ��
R, Ci PUrdy, The Confectioner
Is now manufacturing on his premises,
Columbia Street, a full line of
Toffee and Caramels
1 carry a full line of G. B. and Lowney's Chocolates.
336 Hastings St. W, Vancouver.
Bookkeeping, Gregg ami Pit man
Shorthand, Telegraphy and Engineering.
Seven Teachers
J  Forty-Five   Typewriters
{   Students Always in  Demand.
j R. I. SPROTT, B. I, Principal
Paid-up Capital, $ 10,000,000.     Reserve Fund, $V
tl. E.  WALKER, General Manager.       ALEX. LAIRD, Asst. Gen
Every  facility   afforded   Farmers for   their banking  business-
cashed   or taken   for collection.
BANKIN0I   BY   MAIL-Deposit;,   may be made or wW
Out-of-town accounts receive every attention.
���.,.-.  M.'i*
/I U NOV. �� 1M6-
in $300 in Gold
eichenbach  Com'y
rize Contest
Competition Closes Monday, Dec. 24, 1906,
at 9 P. M
Two Prizes $25 in Gold
Five Prizes $10 in Gold
Forty Prizes $5 each in Gold
������~��� r���r -m- m m m m m A
A printed check will be given to each cash cus-
omer showing the amount of their purchase. Our
weekly and monthly customers will also be given
joupons for the amount of their bills on payment of
! When you get $1 worth of checks present them
|t our office and get a coupon. One is given to the
justomer and the other is deposited in a sealed box.
jhe first number drawn wins the first prize; the
pcond drawn wins the second prize; and so on
h the list.  Coupons are numbered in duplicate.
IMPORTANT���All holders of prize coupons
Jjjst present them on or before January 10th, 1907,
herwise same will be distributed among the chari-
* institutions of the city.
'esale and Retail Butchers   SSSn��Bm5S5
Whiteside & edmonds. Barris-
"" ters and solicitors. Blackie Blk.,
Columbia street, New Westminster.
W. J. Wlnteside. H. L. Edmonds.
MR. J. P. HAMPTON BOLE, solicl-
"" '.or of the supreme court. Offices
Canadian Bank of Commerce build-
ine;, Columbia street, opposite post-
office, New Westminster. Money to
barristers, solicitors, etc. Offices: New Westminster, Trapp Blk.,
corner Clarkson anil Lorne Btreets.
Vancouver, rooms L'l to L'4, 44iJ Gran-
' cille street. J.seph Martin, K. C, i.
W. Wean. W. G. McQuarrie, H, A.
Bourne. Mr. Martin wiR be in tha
Westminster offices every Friday af
HOWAY, REID & BOWES,  Barristers,   solicitors,   etc.,   42   Lorne
Btreet,  opposite   Court    House,   New
Westminster.    A. Whealler, P.O. Hex
E 241.
GEORGE E. MARTIN, Barrister nnd
Solicitor, Guichon block, Columbia aiid McKenzie streets, New Westminster, B. C,
W. MYERS GRAY, Barrlsti r, Solicitor
and Notary Public, in practice .-ince
1891 ;.t Xew Westminster, B.C. Offices removed to Curtis Block. Clarkson street, opposite Court House,
P.O. Box 109.   Telephone 04.
BOARD OF TRADE.���New Westminster Board of Trade meets in the
Board Room, City Hall, as follows:
Second Wednesday of each month.
Quartfc.lv meetings on the second
Wednesday of February, May,
August and November, at 8 p. m.
Annual meetings on the second
Wednesday of February. New
members may be proposed and
elected at any monthly or quarterly
meeting.   A. E. Whi'e. Sec.
UNION LODGE, NO. 9, A. F. & A. M.
���The regular meeting of this
Is held on the First Wednesday in
each month, at S o'clock p. m., in
the Masonic Temple. Sojourning
brethren are cordiallv invited to at-
|| tend. Dr. W. A. DeWolf Smith.
F. & A. M.���Regular communica
tions of this lodge are held on the
second Tuesday in eaOi month In
Masonic Temple, at 8 p. m. Visiting brethren are -ordially invited
to attend.    D. W. Gilchrist, Sec.
tt   I.   Vol.   ui.   a   Kuir.   lbe   Kraal.   ���!
l.��Lxini-N.   or  -iliitton. .
lt is a mistake and an  injustice to
man; abstemious folk to assume that
nil fat persons are gluttons or large
eaters, Very many excessively corpulent people, especially women, are
email eaters, wiiile some of the most
doughty trenchermen nre gauut and
It is nol the quantity so much as the
quality of tbe food one eats winch determines tlie putting oil ol' flesh. Vet
It is not always the kind of food that
makes tlie obese, foi- some stollt people
eat very sparingly of Bugars and
Starches, while there are large consumers of sweets who never put on
flesh.     In  such  cases   It   is  a  question
of constitution, often of heredity and
not at all, or very little, one of diet.
Another prevalenl error in regard to
fat people is thai they are Inert or lazy
and never exercise, nf course exercise
does- Increase the pi'. sses of nutrition ami bo leads to the burning up of
superfluous fat, bul at the Bame time
It   causes an   increase  in  the appetite
und thus tempts to the > sumption
of a greater quantity of food. So one
thing balances lhe other, and want of
exercise alone is nol a very potent
cause of obesity. Many very fai per
sons are. it is true, sluggish, bul they
have become so since putting on the .
flesh, tor it makes a greal difference
whether one carries 150 pounds about
when one walks or whether ii Is necessary to propel half as much again < r
even double Ihe weight. It is a tr
mendous handicap, and there is small
wonder that the lightweights do tha
mosl exercising.
Obesity, indeed, is usually a disease
nnd not merely the result of laziness or
gluttony. Its cause lies deep down in
the animal economy, in among those
mysterious chemical changes by which
the food we take inlo lhe mouth Is
convened Into blood and bones and
muscles, skin, hair and brain cells, It
can often be warded off by a proper
diet and mode of living, especially if
taken In hand from the very first nnd
not allowed to get the upper hnnd, but
the tendency to stoutness will generally persist through life and can only
be modified, but never removed.
Auy treatment for the radical removal of flesh should be carried out under the advice of a physician, as violent measures directed to this end may
be productive of terrible harm to the
constitution.- Youth's Companion,
ft. B. K. of I., meets second and
fourih Friday of each month, at 8
a. m.. in Orange hall, corner of
Royal avenue and John street. Sojourning Sir Kuights cordially invited to attend. W. E. Dunlop, W.
P.;    E. E. Matthias, Reg.
���Meets in Orange hall fi.-st and
third Friday in each month at 8 p.
m. Visiting brethren ate cordially
invited to attend. E. E. Matthias.
W. M.: J. Humphries, Rec.-Sec.
The only way some people know is
their way.
Hospitality is often nothing more
than loneliness.
A secret is never safe after some one
knows you, have it.
if you nre naturally rude it's pretty
hard to disguise the fact.
Are you so conceited that you believe people never talk behind your
back V
The trouble is some pushers are us
liable to push ou the wrong side as on
the right.
Watch your side issues. Hoot give
them so much attention us to ruin
your main issue, which makes you a
Don't be mad if you are Interrupted
when you are talking. It may have
prevented ynu irom saying something
foolish.���Atchison (I lobe.
O. O. F.���AMITY LODGE. No. 27���
The regular meetings of this lodge
.lie held in Oddfellows' hall. Columbia street, every Monday evening,
at S o'clock. Visiting brethren cordially invited to attend. A. P. lialla-
day. N.G.; W. C. Coatham. Rec. Sec
A. O. U. W.���FRASER LOCGE  No. 3
��� Meetings ihe first and third Tues.
lay in eaeh month. Visil ing
brethren cordially invited to attend.
Lodge room. A. O. U. W, hall, Oddfellows' block, Clarkson sirect, C.
.-.. Corrigan, recorder; Louis Witt,
master workman.
Why They Gol  No Mail.
An official of iii<' posto'iiee department lit Washington tells of a new
postoffice that was established iu a
certain small town. A native of the
place, lhe proprietor of a grocery, was
installed as postmaster. Ii was not
very long before complaints were filed
with the department that no mail was
being forwarded from the new office,
so an Inspector was detailed to Investigate the matter. When he called up
on  lhe postmaster  and  asked   why   uo
mail inui been sent out, the former
pointed lo a large mail bag hanging up
ln a corner and said:
"Tlie mail's in Ihat bag. I ain't senl
il   out   yet    li  eall-'.'   the   bag   lliu't   00-
wheres nigh full."
Ch ��� : "iis
a' a   ' i
Coquitlam   Council.
On Nov .10 the Coquitlam council
met in the municipal hall. Present:
The reeve and   lull  council.
Mr. Mounce made a complaint lo
tiie eouneil thai on Hallowe'en some
persons bad done wilful damage lo
him ami also to Messrs. Mines and
Mouldy. The council said that while
harmless jokes wero all right, no one
should be allowed lo do wilful anil apparently malicious damage to property, and they were unanimous in offering a reward of $2."> for the apprehension and conviction of the offenders.
Duncan McLellan, who has returned
home after an absence of five years in
the Vukon. was present at the meeting and stated that his road was completely grown up with underbrush. J;
was left to Councillors Fox and Mi-
Lean to cai! for tenders and have the
road brushed out.
Indian Agon- McDonald, of New
Westminster, applied to Lhe council
for further repairs to the Indian roa I.
The matter was lefl to the reeve and
Councillor   Brennan   to   give   the   In-
ilia; s a  contract   to repair t.he  mad.
Corhniunlcatldns were received iml
i:'.-: from VV. Sim lair, VV. II. Keary
and R. Marpole.
Messrs, Sllmon and Fox and .Mrs
i.aie> wrote complaining of the state
of the Smith road and Blue Mountain
road. Councillor Brennan was given
pi wer to have necessary repairs done.
li was resolved to repair the Pipe Lino
road in conjunction with Xew Westminster, and also to gravel t.he uouth
end of the road.
Accounts from the school trustees
amounting to $iS")._.r> were ordered
paid, and the trustees also slated that
they wen.1 ready to pay back the $140
advanced by the council in the spring,
-.villi ii per cent. Interest thereon.
Councillor Brennan reported that he
had inspected all the roads in the
west end, and recommended repairs to
Smith road and some gravel on North
road, but other parts, not quite so bad,
be advised laying over for the winter.
The following accounts were ordered paid: .1. Coleman, if-'; A. Mouldey,
$1; (i. Alderson, $16.75; H. B, Baker.
$3; ll. Blue. $12.50; J. Smith, $24; H.
Tully. $5.
Accounts amounting to $74.50 were
ordered paid In connection with the
B.C.E.R. Co. grant for the Pipe Line
The collector reported the sum of
$659.69 received since last report.
The hoard of works reported going
over the I'ipe Line road, the Scotl
road, the Prairie road nnd SchoolhOUBe
road, and in all cases ordered necessary repairs to lie done, in the way of
hauling grave] and repairing corduroy,
��� tc.
It was resolved to call for tenders
for auditor, to be In at next meeting.
Mr. Corbett was paid $15 for work
on Schoolhouse road, and I.. Smith $60
for work on Blue Mountain and Smith
tea Is. A report was before the council that the men from Slovens'logging
camp, while river driving, had sn(s-
I lied whiskey tu the Coquitlam Indians, with tlie result that, two cf
them were drunk and disorderly. The
evidence no; being very clear Whether
'tie Indians stole the whiskey or L:i3
, it given to them, no action was taken,
1 but all parties concerned are warm 1
that if the like happens again they
will i e severely dealt with.
The clerk was instructed to notify
S. It. Hitch.in.in that he musi not allow
his pigs lo run at large on the public
roads, as it is contrary to both provincial and  municipal statutes.
Councillor McLean put in a Btrong
plea for gravel on the Bit: River road,
���nun Cape Horn easterly, but funds
Ieing low. the :es! of the council
would nol grunt his re-iuest.
115, SONS OF ENGLAND, B. Sailed Rose Degree mei is . ... 0_id ami
Fourth \Vednesday of i a ���'. monl ���
it, K. or B. Hall. Columbia St., a'
s p. ui.. White Ro .- Degree, roa- :
Wednesday    in    eni h month,    inn
tune and place, Visil la:: IP. : | i an
���ii..'lally invited. E. B. Sitieh-
combe, Pies., ii, Disney, .v-io-a'.
>>:*:o>::*:'o;:��:*>::��>:>:>::*:>;:��:>>:��;:��;;��:.<��.:*., >:>::*>*>;>::*:>:>::^'��:>:>;:t;;.;:��::��:>:>'>'*>;'��>'��;'t
'.CURT BRUNETTE. No. 4099.  I.O.F.
Meets ti,,.  Fourth  Friday  in  the
month   at   s  o'clock-.  In  the  small
hall. Oddfellow:.' block. Visiting
nrethren are cordiallv invited to at
tend. .1. B. Rushton, C. It.; 1". I'
Maxwell, R. S.
A. o. F.���The regular meeting; o!
tits Lodge are held on the Second
iml Fourth Tuesdays of each month
i,t .1 p. m. in Ibe Oddfellows' Hail.
Visiting Brethren aro cordialy in
vited lo attend, E, C. Firth, C. R.t
1*. 1'. Maxwell, Sec.
at S o'clock p. m., in Oddfellows'
Hall, Columbia street. Visiting
Brethren are cordially invited lo attend, Ceo. Burr, S. C; N. R. Brown,
CAMP, 191.���Meets on the First and
Third Tuesday of every month 'i;
K. of P. Hall. John McNlven,
Chief; J. J. Forrester, Roc. Sec.
(Plain Tips)
Turkish Cigarettes
1 5c per box.
'���>>TC���C���CC<CC'i'>>>>^^ *<s
<      I
I "
Published by The Daily News Pub-
f.hiag Company, Limited, at their
iffi ces corner of Sixth and Front
ri'r.ets.  New  Westminster. B. C.
Managing Director. .,
.J. C. Brown
When you want BLACK silk,
you don't say "a spool of silk."
When you want Windsor Table
Salt, say so-" WINDSOR."
Transieu.    display   advertising,   10 | \nr t0 nln a train once a day at least, I
cents per   .ne    nonpariel) 12 lines to   {rom end of en(1 of their Hne on which
passengers are carried at the rate of j
i two cents a  mile.    The joke of the I
tlie   inch       F.=e   .ents  per  line   tor
,-ui sequent Insertions.
cents per line.
the   charge   has   heen   brought,   was
Foi   time   contracts,   special   post- j passed in 1852, and it appears that it
tons, apply to advertising manager.     : has never been obeyed, and  that uo
Notices   of    births,    marriages    or ; one has protested until now.
deaths, 50c.   Wants, for sales, lost or '.  ]
found, rooms to let, etc., one cent per ,
word.      No advertisement taken  for;     Having said   something   ahout  .he
l��SJ than 25 cents. Grand Trunk Pacific bargain the other
���-���"��� ��� '-' ' -����.,>��������-     "fiay,  the Colonist added the explana-
TELEPHONES. ition:   "This is  not a statement  made
Day Office   A22   for political purposes, but simply one
Night Office   	
A   Strainer   Animal    Frlrn.lnblp
Sometimes animals which are by na
ture deadly enemies, such aa dogs and
cats, strike up a very strong friendship
I have known a cat adopt a puppy aud
nurse it tenderly, but as a rule they
prefer to bite and scratch. A BCUlptor
of animals, a Mr. Harvey, had two
pets, a pigeon aad n cat, who lived to
gether in great friendship, and had
their photograph taken while eating out
of the sum," dish. The pigeon was
named Pidgle and the cat was called
Toddle. They ate, slept mid played together, and when Pidgie died Toddle
was nearly broken hearted, and would
never again eat or drink from the
dishes from whicli she ami ber little
playmate used to eat together.���Home
BENNETT��� On Sunday. Nov. 1H, 190*,
Charles P. J. Bennett, beloved son
of Charles O. and Mary Bennett, an I
brother of Marie Louise Bennett,
aged 24 years aud 2 months.
Funeral will take place from the
residence of M. I.. Jackson, Carnarvon street., between Merrivale and
Blackwood, to the Catholic church,
where requiem mass will be celebrated for the repose of his soul.
commencing at 8 a.m. Interment in
the Catholic cemetery.
WANTED���Experienced    hotel    waitress, ior city.   Apply P. O. Box nl'.l.
MONDAY. NOV. 19. 1906.
B22   of fact."    This is,   of   course,  tanta-
] mount to an admission that its political statements are no'  iat  leas; as -i
, rule)   statements  of fact.    Who shall
��� venture to say aftei' this, that  the Colonist is not "fiank and candid"?
In   Place of Tobacco.  ���	
Coltsfoot or the leaves of lettuce, be , WANTED���Furnished rooms for light
ing slightly narcotic, would form a housekeeping, central location.
harmless   make   believe   for  the   good j     Write L.   P.O. Box 211. 215-3
folk   who    persuade    themselves    that i	
tbey could not sleep a wink wero they i *""   "      *""* ~~
deprived    of   their   evening   comfort.
Ages ago both Greeks and Romans, ac
cording   to    Dloscorldes    and    Pliny.
found  comfort   In  smoking  through   i
reed or pipe the dried  leaves of colts
Harry Wright, MIM'.. say_ the
who!" country will endorse Premier
McBride."  Vfter such an opinion, why
Oui of tin- evil of the Ontario Ban,
failure will probably come the good of does the Premier hesitate about dis-
a<jdlng the requirement of independ- solving the Legislature? Finance
ent audits lo the Canadian banking Minister Tatlow is reportei to have
regulations. Commenting on the On- said in Ashcroft that the clef: ion- Wil]
tario failure, the Montreal Witness not take place until January, 1907, "if
says: "Oat of the whole miserable at all." It is well known ihat the dis-
business, the fact stands out clearer solution proclamation is printed What
every day that independent auditing is power is it that i.- Imposing .Mich re-
necessarv, Canada is the only coun- straints upon the government? It con-
try, s,, far as we know, where the templated a sudden appeal and a snap I
shareholders of a bank do not insist verdict. If the ministers have i
upon independent auditing." It quotes strong case, as they profess to have,
the Bankers' Magazine's opinion; 'Not and as Mr. Wright says Ihey have.
only should examination be made by why do they fear a verdicl founded
directors who are not. officers, but upon a full and free discussion?���Vic-
many failures  would  be  prevented  if   'oris Times.
examinations were  made by account-; ������ ���	
ants appointed by the shareholders. The Victoria Colonist rebukes some
making their reporl directly to the Ut- up-country paper for stating tha' some
ter, and not to the officers and direc- of the resources of the province have
tors as such. When the results of been criminally squandered by a serie.s
bank examinations are comnntnicat-.d I of governments. "Criminally squa.i-
to osi'i-y shareholder, we shall see a dered" is certainly coming it strong,
decided falling off in the number of but still the profligacy of such deals as
bank failures."'  The Monetary Times,  the  sale of  Kaien   island   for $10,000
discussing   the   advisability   of  inde-  and the handing over of S00,<  acres
pendent audits, says: "The amend- "' 'and to the Columbia & Western
ment of the Canadian Banking Act In Railway Co., to go no further back in
this direction would not. we are sure, provincial history, might, in the utter
be opposed by any'hanker. The bank disregard shown for the people's in-
which announced its intention to ap- terests, be fairly classed a.s criminal,
point independent auditors would lm- Perhaps the Colonist will consider
me llately gain in business and in pub- these items as a starter, and if our ita
lie confidence; no- because of any dis- country contemporary fails to supply-
trust of Its methods hitherto, hut aim- additional examples, we shall be
ply bee,in.-", in some respects, the av- pleased to oblige. If i: !,,. no: i crini-
erage person with money to place on '"*'' offence to give away tlie country's
deposit instinctively knows that a resources, it ought to be.���Nelson
laml-: cannot have too much of a good   News.
thin-'." ��� ���
 Thai a time of prosperity and bu.-ii-
HOCH   DER   KAISER! m'ss revival all over the world ita- S , i
in view of ihe  attacks  made upon   something   lo   do   with    the   present
iii"  conduct  and   policj   of   Emperor   rapid advance of Canada, no one  ivill
William in the German Reichstag,  i    'h'ns:   bul   that   the  Ottawa   Govern-
is of interesl to note thai Counl Rev-  menl    has   "'aken   occasion    by    uie
entlow, an authorit) ou naval ma te s  !1:"-''   and helped to secure to Cai ida
and a prominent Imperialist politician,  *'i" '"'' benefit of good times, i_ equal-
is publishing a book in which the Km-  l.v beyond question.    British Columbia
peror is somewhal  sharply criticized   has shared in the general world
As a   loyalist,  he  abstain,   from  an,\   i'erity, and especially has It shared in
dlrecl offensive criticisms of his maj-  '1"'   general   prosperity   of    Cai
csty, but  he allows it to be lnferre X j What, however, has the presenl Gov-
that the evils of which he complains ernmenl of British Columbia ���'. me ; i
are owing to William's   susceptibility  advance the Interests of tii" Province
to   Battery,   by   which   his   political   to secure to it the full benefit   if the
judgment  is badly  influenced  by  ser-  good   times?    Echo   answers,   What?
vile satellites around the throne. This   Vei the organs of the Governmenl eay
state ot affairs, he says, has produced   thai   it  should  be continued In       i
estrangemenl between the Kaiser and   because  of  the   good  time,  wh!
the  nation, and  the latter's Interests   has done   nothing   to   promote;
are seriously endangered. 'v"'y also say thai the Ottawa 0 ive n
The author condemns the Kaiser for  ment,   to   whose   administrate.!
indulging in extreme!,   versatile inter   good times are largel;   due, should
eats  Instead   of devoting   his   whole   pul oul of power.   It j.  nol a    tisine  ���
time ti state business, as his grand- proposition, gentlemen.
father did,   The resull is that, despite  ���
hi.-, majesty's good Intentions, he can- N is to be hoped that nobod; will i ���
not possibl. discharge his monarch- fooled Into any relaxatioi ,\ ������:���:., \
ichal duties efficiently. His undoubt- to'.'..irds the abolition of I ie i 13 I tra
ed oratorical glft__ have produced the lie tolls on the Frasei bridge, . he
mosl injurious effects, lie has been "red herring" tactics nl the Colum
encouraged by the exaggerated praise   blan and its editor.    The    ... of
of mendacious flattererB to Bay many the resolution which the latter Intro
things thai were better unspoken, limed al  the board of trade meeting
One of the chapters of the book Is Is aboul equal to the mode t. he di ���
devoted to pillorying the sycophants played In devoting a huge three-col
among tlio German diplomatists umn heading to his own "jayhawk"
abroad. Baron Speck von Sternberg, production, ignoring several matters
the Ambassador at Washington, is of real importance broughl uu by
vigorously denounced as one of the other members. The "cannol afford
most mischievous upholders of syco- to do It" plea will be has been ml
phantism. Ile has introduced, says in, of course; bul it is safe to aa.
i'i mt Reventlow, a system of adver- that the nei annuafreturn fr >m the ���
Using his sovereign hitherto unheard road tolls would nol pay the cosl ...
of. Count, Metternich, the Ambassa- the electioneering trips of Ministers
dor at London, receives a similar lash- this year; thai the nei return for ien
*ng- .years would nol repaj the amounl losi
,��� , ,,.,.   ,jR,   Sundering   Incompetence   nf
At lasi accounts, the south road ap- that Initial loan transaction; thai tie
proach to the Fraser bridge was Btlll nei returns, had they been :oming in
in a pithy condition. Probably tho year by year since the Conqueror
lighl frosts of tlie past two nights may 'ame, would not offsei the loss to the
have improved things a little, but such Province resulting from the scandal
Improvement can be only temporary ous way In which the natural wealth i
in this climate. How would it be If of the country lias been dealt with by
the   governmenl   agenl   took  a  walk  the present Government.
over  thai   way    and    looked   into    the 	
matter? Advance  Call fnr  Ambulant-...
  .  New York, Xov. 18.���On Saturdaj the
Proceedings have been begun ln To- annual football mime between Yale
ronto againsl the Grand Trunk Rail- md Harvard will be played al New
day Co, for disobeying the law by fall-   Haven.
foot, which relieved them of
coughs and difficult breathing.
a.s to lettuce, it has been famous Blnci
tbe time of Helen (Claudius Galenu.i
who asserts thai he found relief froi
sleeplessness by taking it at night.
LOST ��� Between Sixth and Ten'h
streets, shopping bag. containing
parcel of sewing material, boy', blue
Serge blouse Finder please return
to Dailv News office,
-1i.lli.-r   lanl-di'ii   ( nil
LOST���on Sunday evening, between
the Methodist and li. C, churches, a
sl ring of gold be ids. Finder rewarded on returning '.hem to 28
Blackwood street. 213-6
Best to Sell
Best to Buy
Best to
Styles to cover every N
from fine city wear to |urn.
bermen's or miner', f^.
the emblem signifies.
J. Leckie Co., Ltd. I
VANCOUVER, .   . B t|
Sold only in New Westminnter by W. E.
Force ourselves how we will to 1 ���   ���
a   strained,   unnatural   life,   we   i
never  get  entirely   used  to  it.   II   i
never satisfactory.   There Is a yearling for the simple life, for tbe natural
life, and, for most of iw, country II e
We   want   to   feel   Mother   Earth,   : ���
breathe the fresh air,  t > drink in the
beauties of (lower,  of  field,  of   tUOUU
tain and of sunset,  which  never t':���   ]
or pall tip >n the mind.- Exchange.
PRINTING- Lei 'i- d ��� ; our printing
We guarantee you very reasonable
prices, prompt deliver) and complete satisfaction. The Arrow Press,
Fronl   street,    Mrs,  Dominy, owner.
Good   Advice.
"Oh,   my!"   exclaimed    the   excited
woman who bad mislaid ber husband.
"I'm looking for a small man with omi
"Well,   ma'am,"   replied   the   polite
floorwalker. "if he's a very small niau
maybe  you'd   better  use  both  eyes."
Philadelphia Ledger.
LOST ��� Between  Leopold  place ani
Fourth  avenue  and    Eighth   str	
large   amethyst    brooc
monl setting in cente
be rewarded.    Apply   E.  Goulet, C.   ���
P. R. station.
The Choicest of Meats Cooked in
the Most Delicious Manner Can
Be   Ohtained    at    All    Hour,   at
r_,iSii i ii      Diicc  .
Finder win Kenny s    Restaurant    ana  G
I.l v Inj?   on   I,ove   and   Klii.il.
She���That's all verj- pretty, Jack, but
do you think we can live on love and
kisses? lie���It's much the safest
Everything else Is either adulterated
or poisoned or tainted. -Exchange.
How   ihc  World   Pay*.
Knicker���I   think   the   world   owe.
every man   s living.    Bocker��� Perhaps
but he has to take it out in trade.���New
York Sun.
Transfer Co.
Office���Tram   Depot
Columbia St.
Baggage delivered    promptly  to   iny
part of the city.
Late Suppers After the 1 heatre a
Specialty. Oysters and Game
-      -      -      in  Season.
Light and Heavy Hauling    TOtty Ik Ffflger Of OpP
office 'Phone 185.      Hern  pnone 1.7
s~.   ���c   .-^
HREE Dollars is always a popular price for Women's Shoe-.
Every shoe store in the land
sells Women's Shoos at $3.00.
But very few stores, if any,
sell our high grade of Women's Shoes
at $3.00.
The leathers are Vici, Velour Calf,
Gun Metal, etc. They're handsome
and stylish. They are made to sell for
more   money,  but   our  price will   be
Columbia St.
New Westminster, B. C.
Points to Suburban Acreag
W;  iave exclusive agency for 57 aire- on Third ' |
in Qve minutes of theB.C.B.R.  car  line,
limits.    Splendid fruit land, ea      ��� lea   ag ;        I
of the mosl   successful frull  growers   in  the   New   VS' -    '������
trict.    only $150 per acre.    Cat,no: stay al lhl. price
VI   Intending purchasers of house     lould n ]
n to us    We always have _, good list to sele
W.  R. Gilley, 'Knone  MMS.
Dealers iu
Coal, Lime, Brick, Sand, Cement,
Fire Brick, Fire Ciay and
Crushed Rock.
Also actonts ll. i'. pottery Co. .ewer nlpe ���
Local agents Vancouver Portland Cemenl >
Office, Front Street, New We.'   'nster, B.C., Near C.P.R."J
'Ph.. .   . 13
Growing Appreciation
ONLY   CAUSE   SUCH   A   RAplD ll
Sugar Cure?
Breakfast Bacon and
Advertise  in the
fl *.-**-��
.day. n:
u  scarcely hve   weeks   off, and  nun;
�� is' people are already preparing for it.
Fancy  work  take; time to do. and -it
done   now  worry  will   r;   saved   _.   '/..
Gitt   Time   draw,   nearer
:... nl
, b,    Westm!
50c. 75c. 90c
i-  rim  in
������    .-. :
$1.00 a
������ ::
.   and
-   : lisies,
-y Silks we ha ve th      ���-   ���      .   ha i
Dye Silks, better known as Corticellt.   Fllo, Roman, Cas-
ind Mouni Mellicl   S   iln Bilks
- now in stock In   Japanese Silks.   Mercerized  Sateens
���   i' ir Is
..,.-.... '.v..*.��
ne are showing some particular!) good values in_
Ladies' House Dresses, Wrappers,
Kimonas   and    Dressing   Gowns
��� J. BIRTCH, 275 Colum-
bid Street ���
A Letter of Importance.
y we have been constantly a .ked if we are selling cut, or moving
(H    premises,    These enquiries   ha   .   no   doubt   teen   created   by  tho
:n's of furniture leaving   our -.tores and warehouses daily.
n'*>t leaving our presen .     :;. but we certiinly are selling out
ime       INI ot with  any  cstch;. ; ir.y  reductions, but a genuine legiti-
oc   >f trading which we ha ���-. made successful by always marking
:' ""an the lowest  cf   other furniture houses  in   British  C_
.id   s Up T0 Y0U whether y��u want old and out of d,1tL' y����ds
IJ'    Price' 0r 'he very latest a.td  newest goods that money and ex-
*    can buy.
st come i
��� someth      C3��dS C0l18tant|y  arriving.     Look   them   over,   and   if   you
'ng rJ00dt se|ect   |t|  and   we wi|i de|iver any t|me or anywhere
c       e v   II advise >ou in purchasing Morri3 Chairs. Morris Rockers,
s- Extension Tables.  Picture* Sideboards, Buffets, etc.
THI. D-\IL\.   NEWS.
cal News Briefly Told
a .   \ . :. . .                        ���     .
. .-          . - -.        at
., .-. -      -            ans
��� al ���  .. ������
. .
: li
-  . ���               ...
Louis col ted in a victory
......... y I four 1
shins     -    Sa     ...
has been
... -    ind on i...            -   a
��� . an ������ .    ������.           ....
_   .mi                I.O.O.F
.                   hai
.....                   ...
���    . :
. '      ���                           - HIS             llj il
he Vat                  - suit
. an ..
��� su               ,' P.R,
.  .-���   .   -
. ;.     its, with
a ..           . as   ....... ...   ��� ie
- in i ig     i i
rived,   an '.    n ere   ise I ��� ;.   Saturda.
evening for the firsl I .   flash
_..:..-.          ..... . :.        al OUI
i  ghl Inches in li a. i       ivill onlj
lllumlnati   a     ea, li ,h1
is rather limited*.
...    . ���   will sit in    idgii
. ,   .  :   n case* to laj   the star trans
-   . ;.   :.arr\   Don who ha.-
wan ���     .    ... .  .,-.���. ..   ,: ���     being  or
town two weeks ago, and
a ighl In the meshes of the law
.    Ime Harry will have to answer
the charge of   hai . -   heen drank
lie rderlj   ' A  Chinaman  i>
IS  -i  .  with han tag >.., piled 11 , .or to
. Indian, the latter being also under
a   : si  for having a  bottle ol whis
in  his   possession     Several  arrests o_
..:..   weri   .... l< ���   I he Influence of
,. .   a ore  ma io  on   Saturday, but
with ono exception, the.  wero ..... wed
. ...  s<   thai their appearance
s this morning Is pi ��� : 'eni ���
..  cal
;.        ibach's    home made    ni nee
meat. per lh    will ma_     lelici ms
ii     i  - .... nothing
Van      ri si les  defi ite '.   the
.... .. at
ivas close and w
...   .        ...-     ed sh
, .....    illed.   The local
ijers wi  ....:..��� an :    layed
a goo     ained that thej
:.     ��� Ij ti ea ed hj  thi  n I
> ...       favore i   lhe   rhistles
leti iim nl    ol   lhi
...    a   a      ...... Wl
ns gi\  :.   iu   againsl  them, vi h
���        .       a   ti   .   iwed to do in ������' I
ever;        ; i lie;   . eased ��ith the ball,
thi   Roi ia ��� losi Intei est In I hi   garni .
but   played   loggedlj  until the finish
i'.a  e   ��111        tainlj    ha. e   I i   be  a
change In  the  Vancoui er team s rei
eree If the future games are to be kepl
free   from   such    injustices   as   wi
practised at Saturday's same.
S, .   ..   :. -
""'d pay us a friendly visit; no one will bother you to buy.     co
���'��� .   ?        In   Minis!  rlil  asso
ciation . ill   a hei I   his aft.    i ion I ir
lhi   i ...   ;i   il i I\ lng ��� he c mi  I   e
ia  '   ���       . a : ; he recenl...   . implied
ensus      Uthougb    ill   the
minh li iched decline    i  give
anj   de h ite   information   c in ning
lhi iia . ��� ������ the mem trial I 'pro
^'i.'1 I to e police i immissl a .-. K
Is ui ��� ��� . thai some \ erj . ml
facts a: e laci i li I in .������ . irt,
���sting developments n. ij : a
is expeel   I that' G   0   Fos i and
gh   will   e    i th   , ���     t<   laj
instruct Ion outfit, and thai
> ,,,..,,.   road to Cl iver
ii.    in ihe building of the
Clovi   .        extension.    The   conti ac
���' ill  sei ire the majoi itj   if   In
moi  in    iis citj an I ai oui I   he si eno
'   roi        :.      will have se\
nsi rue ion ma -   al   i I
;       !'���    ll'.v ,'i .   . I r    ���.
.ance the con panj. was in
-.,    I'day, ... .   made
it angenients for I te c itn
he   work   on   hand,
whh h       real - itract    in lei
I oi    les     Reuuie   &    Camp ell
. hli ..'-���,.   a -
hi .....
firm I ��� nan ,\ Bi :��� son, _ h i for
:he past fi. havi    ii ������.   i.    an
nersh     In      Is rit;    will    ie   fii . Ij
i onsunuuate I to-da;      I        firm   has
enjoye i n   gi iw lng   li a Ic  du     \   I
.. ��� ,     rs, .in : ��� he lute .   ' now
livid iviih.lnuva    i    Mr.
: iar Iman fin      M    llryson
i ,      . kin    lil i ne
ilp, ami v it-li.i.        . le
firm nan o Bryson ������- Si ti i I'lu
heat I        n I itches will he
li oppi I, and I        ivil
at teul on    u Iw.in   and   tin
ui _    Mr. Hardin in ��111 I
��� i . ... mse     n the
line  nl   lieatln ;  un I   pi un  Ing     Ills
Inns  i       no! yet full     matured   ��ul
tbere Is evei     |��� o   lb I  !
al'ill.'.   ll  I'll' ���      ���,.���.<
ness men
The I ���  iii .1,  . of an llUJUS'lj    IC      ���   I
hero provide i .i couple of hours' en
tertalnn enl al i he o| era h iu ie i'ii
Sui unlay, when "Aiir.ona" occupied Lhe
board s.    I'he i laj dlff I onl ���  in de
' ill   from   the   several   ol her   melo
dratlins u hich   havo   i n   leeti   h ire
this season, bul the acting was n lit
tie nbove the ot dinar; The storj Is
the .i a il "ne of ;i tt r< n ;e.l ..III. a
bi hen,iir; \ Ilia n. ii foolish woman aud
a thoroughly western hero \- the
., ono Is I ii i In the wilds ol VrU ma,
ih,, Introdui I lon of some aplcy rein irks and whole hearted swearing of
Iho eov. bo; viirlotj ia al lokttelj ne
hi . in oi ler to make the play
mprehonslhlo, Some of the ladiei
in (ho andieni a eeonied to objeel to
i|. , ofl i e iuat- i cubs word,', but the
majoritj ol those proienl were hlgliiy
tickled wllh lt,
What   King   Peter   Must   SUnd.
Among the divine rights of the
kins: of Servia is not immunity from
press criticism, an.l the newspapers
of that country are somewhat emphatic in their language. One of
thorn says:
"Abominable polypus!    Our un
fortunate laud is al last in the gra?p
of your sanguinary claws, but  we
will shake it' free'.'''
"Murder- and govern, monster!
Yon went to Switzerland to stud)
and returned n i riminal, This i_
the morality you have broughl u-
frotn iiitie,a."
"Reptile! Seesl thou nol lhi
look- ol hate thai follovi thee in
the streets I Fearosl thou nol tin
hand fated one day to wring thy
cursed net k
"Otadjbina" says:    "The ari
in  whieh   \\i'   said,   'Flushed   �� '
blood, you appeared  in  our n
reekin ��� with alcohol,' has been ;
nounced  wrffngfully suppressed
the i ourt, as it i ontains no mali
menl of Iving Peter,    Our mild and
jusl exposition of [acts as thej an
shall therefore i ontinuo."
.lr\.   i ml ales   ilni,iis  nl  Work,
Ii had been Mrs   Craigie's habll
many   years   to  begin   her   work   ill
o'eloi I. In the morning, no matter I
late --li" hi.I been up the nlghl befo
Off mil o i she \\ rote till ii ;.",o. ii '
being able to do more than  bnl
hour' ���   i, u 'K   nl   n   i Ime,  n  dlsnl il
whM li makes tb > ainount she p �����
the   more   I   I I    nii      At'ler  llll    ll  ���
oven nfter ti luncheon nl the Carl! i
sho n roi -   '-na ii itll ll wa i time
paj '   li- mul lo i il'- nl ton Ialil
I,lly n ��� If die li i I i"'o;i Idle nil il
foal ���    u '���:.'���'    li few   .
inui i  ' i i . ' i pei form   It ti
,li    oi     ', ���    vim   always   tlri'il
ulglll,"    hi' mi        e.l. "I ll;>\ er bj
eh i : yllilu I    ���  niiol   ���
wrli '    ;       ���   ��� i : ��� ������ "
In Navy Blue, at $1.00, $1.25, $1.50 |
up to $2.50.
In Black, $2.00, $2.50 and $3.50.
Tan color, just the thing for shoot-1
ing, $3.50. I
Fancy Sweater, in nice, dark, neat |
patterns, at $2.50 and $3.00.     5
White and light, fancy. $2.50 and |
$3.00. |
1   !
'���    i
The Wardrobe Clothier
.;���;��>,�����; .*.*:.*:.K'*;.*S.*;.*:.'S'^
'K-20 AND UP-=
Cut and Miule on the Premises
247 Front Street New Westminster
ihc Fraser River Tannery
It iitili_',s .ill the I e.itoij powri- ef the bard co.il. soft coal, wood or
, oke, Ordinary steel and cast iron ranges arc fuel wasters. They ma/
work   well   Until   the   bolts   become   locie whore nteel  Is bolted to cast iron.
Thc Monarcn range is dlffsrtn.i It is constructed with malleable Iron
frames, to which the steel is rivettcd, net bolted. It is only in this way
that absolutely air-tight joints can be made. There is no stove putty in
Monarch  air-tight   Beam-,    no   danger of leaks.    FOR  SALE  BY
k *_* " m_____i 'm_b�� " _____ ���*'���������������������-������'���"���"���-���"������������"���-������-������������������������������*
Dr. li. li. Brown, v.s. a graduate
of ihe Ontario Veterinary School, wlll
i in  in New Westminster every Friday
ani Saturday, and  will examine your
horses tree ol' charge.
I DR.   H.   D.   DROWN,   V.S.
:e's furniture
)uP��nt Block
Columbia St.
Telephone 73
The Intemperate use of vrhtefcej Is
responsible tor all the breaches of
the   leace which   occurred   between
W. IN. Draper
B. C. Land
For the
Yule - Tide
I! iii qimst nf Mimi'lhinii nut nf Ihe nrdinary-wliKri! nnvitlty nr jSj
J artistic i:iiiir.'!|ilinn is snuyht-then can this stnri; bn nf the utmost J
J valiiu in making ynur sulcclinns nf qlft.s fnr Christmas. ;!:
Our stock Is fast attaining   to   completeness.   Many European
l--,|.i;iy nlghl and this morning,   Thai tiui-u Block. New Westminster. B.C.
>*< Novelties are ready tor the early holiday shopper's Inspection.   See- J
;�� lng tiiat these cannot, be duplicated, the advantage of early cfcoostna s
>} Is obvious.                                                                                                          B
*S _Ti
>J Those who come to see are quite as welcome as those who come g
!���] to buy.
I Columbia Street                          *                    The JEWELER |
M��NDAY, Nov.���
Manufactured and guaranteed bv
F.  G.  DAWSON. Agent, 145 Hastings Street, West, Vancouver.
Ism*,   tn Demonmtrnte It  by n  Simple
|:_ pc-riment,
It i.s quite possible to prove that tlie
earth revolves on Its axis by a sin pie
experiment and without having recourse to mathematics, Take a ;_ ��� ,���
sized bowl, fill it nearly full of water nud place it upon the floor i " a
ronm which is not exposed to sha;;;: :.
or jarring from the street.
Sprinkle over tlie surface of the water a coating of lycopodlum powder, a
white substance which is sometimes
used for the toilet and can be bought at
almost any drug store. Then upou the
surface of this coating of powder make
with powdered charcoal a straight
black line. say. an inch or two Inches
ln length and lying north and south
Having made this little black mark
���with the charcoal powder on the surface of the contents of the bo-wl. lay
down upon the floor a sttek or some
other straight object, so that It shall be
exactly parallel with the mark. If the
hn" happens to be parallel with n
crack in the floor or with any stationary object in the room this will
serve as well,
Leave the bowl undisturbed for .
few hours and then notice the position
of the black mark witb reference ti
tbe object that it was parallel with, it
will be found to have shifted its direction and to have moved from oast
to west ���that is to say. in a direct! ���'.:
opposite to that of the movement ' I
the earth on its axis.
The earth   in   simply   revolving   I-.
carried tlie wai< r and everything else
in the bowl around  with it.  but  tlie
powder on  the  surface  has  1 ;;   li f|
behind a little. The line wiil al.'.-.y-
l>e found to have moved from east tn
west, which is good proof that every
thing else bas moved the other way.
The   n, ard   In   Tilliin.
In Tunis wbeu a reigning prin ���.���
finds ii necessary to go outside his
mediate family to choose his sucec.s ir
he follows nn odd custom. There ths
wearing of hair on ihe face is tbe exclusive privilege of sovereignty.   Whe.i
tbe prince selects a successor be sends
the court barber to tbe fortunate indi-
.vidua 1 to notify bim that he may wear
n beard, This intimation is equivalent
to o f-KTnal announcement that be baa
been selected ns the heir presumptive.
Grand Trunk Ry. Trains & Steamers
Excellent Train Service Between
Chicago, London,
Hamilton, Toronto,
Montreal, Quebec,
Portland, Boston,
And all the principal business centers of
PHILADELPHIA, via Niagara Falls.
For Time Tables, etc., address
Assistant Gen'l Passenger and Ticket
Agent, 135 Adams St.. Chicago, IM.
*"�� i
Wn. Iiiimtui,   Svlenttiis   Made   ��   Mom
Singular Discovery,
Southern lumbermen take gr'at tic
light in a story of certain scientific gen
tit-men who were sent by the govern
ment at Washington to study tbi
growth and -.ires of the bald cypres?
ut a time when cypress lumber wa.
comparatively new to the market. Thej
went direct to a large camp, presentt.il
credentials to the superintendent nud
watched witb minute carp the procc -e
of cutting the timber and floatiug I
down stream.
Cypress is 0 light, spongy woul ���,:.���������
grows '.n  swamps  ami  absorbs   wale
readily,    'Ihe scientific gentlemen  r<
quested  the superintendent  to  thr   ���
some logs Into the river separate f.    ,
the main rafts and followed Iheir |r..i
ross   down   .stream   in   a   boat.     Aftei
Coating south  for some distance  i:���������
logs with one accord sunk.   Much
prised, the scientific gentlemen rei   -
ed and followe 1 another conslgnn i  i
Tbe phenomi n m   wns repeated;  at a
cer::.in dlstunee from the camp all :  ���
logs sank.
The gi at; 'mcu fr im Washing! in, I ���
Ing  very  scientific,  did  n it   think   I
question the unlettered supcrlnton
aboul the paw er uf cypress to be   i
waterlogged,  l_ul  alter numerous ���
servntlons   aud   much   comparing
notes reported to their depnrtmet t ;!.-
startling discovery that cypress S. i i
north of a certain parallel of Intitu li
and south of il  Invariably sank.
the cause ihey were not yei certain  I
hazarded the suggestion that it mi; ..
iie In the rotary motion of the earth
Increasing  in  speed   as  the   logs   ap
proa- bed the equator until It was p iw
crful   enough   to   draw   tbem   under,-
Philadelphia .North American.
Great Northern Ry.
Time Table
Dailv | NEW ;!    Dailv
Leave| WESTMINSTER! Arrive
9:2*0 am'Blaine, Belling-;.:Oft pm
.:35pm'bam      Burling-|9:55pm
Iton, Mt. Ver-I
|non, EverettJ
Seattle and]
(Portland. ���
4:35 pm'Spokane,       St.J3:00 pm
|Paul    and    all)
points East.
9.20 am|Anacortes, 13:00 pm
.   IWoolley,     andi
3:0ft pm Vancouver !9:20am
9:55 pmj j4:35 pm
Lv. Nev,- Westminster fi r
Guichon 3:50 p. m. Ar. Guichon
C p. m., Monday, Wednesday,
_:.5 a. m. ar. from Guichon,
9:30 a. in. Lv. for Vancouver.
Route of the Famous
2���Daily Overland Trains���2
Spokane, St. Paul, Minneapolis,
Winnipeg,  Duluth,  Chicago, St.
Louis and all points East.
For complete information,
rates, berth reservation, etc.,
call on or address,
F.  C. MEYERS, Agent,
Bank of Commerce Building.
New Westminster, it. C
S. Q. YERKES, A. O. P. A..
Corner Second Avenue and Columbia St., Seattle, Wash.
Eight Trains Every Day in the Year
Minneapolis, St. Paul
and Chicago
Embodies the newest and best ideas
and LUXURY. It is lighted with
both electricity and gas;, the most
brilliantly illuminated train in the
world. Tlie equipment consists of
private compartment cars, standard
16 section sleepers, luxurious dining
car. reclining; chair cars (seats free),
modern day conches and buffet, library and  smoking cars.
For Time Tables, Folders, or any
further  information  call   on   or  write
Leave N. W. 15.40; air N*. \V. 11.35.
Leave N. \V.  8.30;  ar. Seattle 15.50.
Leave Seattle 12.30; ar. N. W. 18.40.
Leave N. W. 8.30, 10.35, 15.40, 17.35.
Arrive N. \V. 9.35, 11.35, 16.40, IS.40.
Lv. N. W. 9.20 a.m.; ar. Seattle 4 p.m.
Lv. N. W. 4.35 p.m.; ar. Seattle 10 p.m.
Lv. N. W. 3 p. m. and 9:55 p. m.
Lv. Vancouver S.35 a.m., and 4 p.m.
Lv. N. W. 9:35 a.m.; ar. Guichon
2.20 p.m.
Lv. Guichon, 2:40 p. m.; ar. N. W.
8:45 p m. and 6 p. m
Mondays only.
Lv. N'ew Westminster 5.50, 6.50, 1
and 8 a. m., and every half hour thereafter till 11 p. m.
Lv. Vancouver for Westminster at
same hours.
Fraser River and Gulf
From N. W. Mon. Wed. Frid. 8 a.m.
From Chwk.  Tu., Th., Sat., 7 a.m.
From N. W. Tu., Th., Sat. 8 a.m.
From Chwk. Sun., Wed., Fri., 7 a.m.
From N. W. daily, ex. Sat. and Sun.,
2 p.m.;  Saturday, 2 p.m.
Add. trip, Monday, 5 a.m.
From Steveston, 7 a.m. (Fri. 6 a.m.I
Add. trip Saturday, 5 p.m.
From N.W., Wed. and Mon., 7 a.m.
From Victoria Tues. and Sat. 4 a.m.
Mail Service
Close. Received.
Seattle, via Sumas 7.45 a.m, 6.40 p.m,
Sapperton and Mill-
side, No, 1   7.45 a m. 11.35 a.m.
Vancouver,   No.   I,   7.).", a.m. 9.no a.m.
(I N.R,   Cloverdale,
Blaine .Seatile..  8.45a.m. 3.30p.m.
Van. & Cen. Pai k.10.::. a.m. 2.00 p.m.
Victoria    10 3ft a.m.    9.00 a.m.
I'as: Burnaby ....  1.13 p m. 1,15 p.m.
Ladner, Stevi ston,
etc  1.30 p.in. 11.00 a.m.
C.P.R ea '. .-* ipper-
t< n. Mills! le and
Coquitlam     3.00 p.m. 11.35 a m
Van,  and  Burnaby 3.30 p.m. 6.00 p.m
G.N.R. Flyi :      4.00 p.m 11.00 p.m.
Timberland,  Tues
and Friday .   ... 12.00 m. 12.00 ni.
Canadian Pacific Railway Co.
British Columbia Coast Line
5. S.  Tees,
1st,  7th,   Mth  of each   month,  for
Claoquot and Mosquito Harbor; 20th,
to Ahouset, Quatsino, Cape Scott and
nay  ports.
Steamer Transfer
Leaves   New   Westminster  on  Mon
day,   Tuesday,   Wednesday,   Thursday
and   Friday   at   2    p.m. and   Saturday i
al. ].m. witb additional trip on Mon-i
day at 5 a. m.
Leaves Steveston Monday. Tuesday,
Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday at
7 a. m.; Friday at 6 a. m. additional
trip Saturday 5 p. m.
6. S. Beaver
Leaves New Westminster, 8 a. m.
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
Leaves Chilliwack 7 a. m. Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturdays, calling at
landings between New Westminster
and Chilliwack.
S. S. Teet
Leaves Vancouver at 2 p. m., 2nd
and 10th of each month, calling at
Skidegate on first trip and Bella Coola
on second trip. Time on arrival and
departure  are  approximate.
For reservations and information
call or address
Agent, New Westminster.
Asst. Gen. Pas*.. Agent, Vancouver.
.7. W. TROUP,
General Superintendent, Victoria.
Gen. Agent, Freight Dept.,
New Westminster.
Spokane falls & Northern Ry. Co. j ri��ayc
Nelson & Ft. Sheppard Ry. Co.
Red Mountain Ry. Co.
r  mining   n     ������ \\;.% Tl
| ruory���Creek,   . ��� ,,r Ml '
claims  shall  not i    .ed _:0 [mi
length, measured on the bas.   J
general   direction  i:' the   creek
gulch, the  width  being irom i��o|
2000  feet.     All  other placer cl
The   only  all   rail   route   between   all   ~ha" be 2$0 feet *'     n
points east, west and south to Ross-       Claims   are   marked  by two u
land, Nelson and intermediate points    posts,  one  at each end, bearing!
connecting at Spokane with the Great   tices.    Entry must be obtained nil
Northern, Northern Pacific and O. k.   'en  days  if the c f
& N. Co.
Connects at Rossland with the Can-;
adian Pacific Railway for Boundary,
Creek points.
Connects  at    Meyers    Fails    with
stage ("lily for Republic.
Buffet   service   on   trains   between j     Th,e  discover"  "'���  a new Mil
Spokane and Nelsen. .entitled to a claim oi iooo feefl
r___ e     j x- u length, aand  if the party con.istil
Effective    Sunday,    November    " ���
920 a.m.
12.25 P.m.
9.40 a.m.
miles of the mining recorder's o_|
One extra day allowed for each
tional ten miles or fraction.
The person or c mpany sti',
I cla'm must  hold a free miner'
Day Train Atr.ve
..  Spok . .. .7.15 n.m.
..Rossland  ...,4.10 p.m.
.. .Nelson  6.45 p.m
Synopsis of Regulations for Disposal
of Minerals on Dominion Lands in
Manitoba, the Northwest Territories
and the Yukon Territory.
COAL���Coal lands may be purchased at $10 per acre for soft coal
and $-'0 for anthracite. Ned more
than ,vo acres can be acquired by one
individual or company. Royalty at
the ratc of ten cents per ten of 2000
pounds shall be collected on the gross
QUARTZ���Persons of eighteen
years and over and joint stock companies holding free miners' certificates
may obtain entry for a mining loca-
Canadian Pacific
The only railway running through
sleepers and tourist ears. Pest equipment.
Train for Seattle leaves at v .30 a.m.
Eastern Express at 15.40.
For rates, reservations and other
; art! tulars apply to
C. P. it  Agent,
New Westminster,
E.  J.   COYLE,
Assistant   General    Passenger    Agent,
two, 1500 feet altogether, on thei
put   on   which  no  royalty   shall
charged  the  re-t  of the party Kdj
ary claims onlv.
Entry fee $10.    !' yalty at tht rl
of two and one-half   per cent, oil
value   of   the   gold  shipped ir.sj
ject to the rights of all per.-oa.i
have, or who may receive en-.riisj
bar diggings or bench claims, eii
' on   the   Saskatchewan  River, ��1|
|the  lessee  can dredge to-higl
\ mark on each alternative leasehol
The  lessee  sha!!  have a dredfil
i operation within o-a   ������     -. :'-'t:J
; date of the  lea-e for each fivei
but where a person or compai)/"|
obtained   more   than   one least I
dredge for each fifteen miles or|
tion thereof is sufficient,   Rental!
per annum  fur    each   mile  oil
leased.     Royalty  at  the rate oil
an.l  a half per cent, collected oo|
\ output  after  :t  e ���:. 11 Is $10,000
Dredging in the Yukon Terriltjl
tion. i Six  leases of five miles each mil
A free miners certincate is granted  granted to a free miner for��t��j|
for one or more years, not exceeding   -'�� years; also renewal),e.
five, upon payment in advance of $7.50      The lessee's right i- confined!1
per annum for an individual, and from ' submerged   bar  or  bar- in tie I
$50 to $100 per annum for a company,  below   low   water   mark, that!
according to capital. : dary to be fixed by it- position0
,    . ,. .   ist day of August in thr v-roll
A    free   miner,   Having    discovered : ���
mineral in place, may locate * claim
1500x1500   feet   by   marking   out   the j
same   with   two   legal   posts,   bearingi
location  notices,  one  at   each   end  of:
the line of the lode, or vein.
The claim shall be recorded within :
fifteen days if ocated within ten miles
of a mining recorder's office, one additional day allowed for every additional ten miles or fraction The
fee for recording a claim is $5-
At least $100 must be expended on
the claim each year or paid to the
mining recorder in lieu thereof. When
$500 has been expended or paid, the
locator  may,  upon   having  a  survey
The lessee shall have one m
in operation within two years >
the date of the lease, and onedtfJ
for each five mill - within six)J|
from such date. Rental $100 P��i
Yukon Territory to be paid to|
No free miner shall .p.frve'i
of more than one mining cIaIIBJ
each separate river, creek M M
but the same miner may *'-
number of claim- by Purcl!ai^l
free miners may work their tW
in partnership by filing notice!
paying fee of $2. A claim m
abandoned  and  another ob:ain��|
made and upon complying with other j the   same   ..ec'<.   gulch
giving  notice and  1 aymg ���'
Work   must   be   di ne on
Reichenbach's    home-made    mlnce-
mi at, IGe pi    lb., wlll make delicto 1
pies. 211-tf
'jo Second Avenue, Seattle, Wash
B. C. Coast Line Service.
(Subject   to change  without   notice).
Princess Beatrice leaves Vancouver
Nov. 22, Dec. 9, I)"". 22, Jan. 9, 1907;
Jan. 22.
Princess Victoria.
Leaves Vancouver daily at 1 p. m.
Steamer Queen  City.
Leaves New Westminster at 7 a. m.
-. mi-weekly,
S. S. Joan
Leaves Vancouver daily except Saturday and Sunday at 1:30 p. m. Sat-
urday at 2:30 p. m.
���8.000  C EM1TIES3 OF BRITAIN ) 14,603
H  Power ".EMPRESS OF IRELAND J      .ON!"
Tra. el In I be same �� ay as your let-
!'������ ������     It  is   the qui  ,a -:,  Bafesl   and
mosl   1    0110:; Ical,     From St. John,  Hoc. [
1 a   iiiiii   Dec.   15th.   Foi   particulars
apply to
C.  P.  R. AGENT.
Ayrshire Bulls and Chester
White Hoys        !
young breeding stock of prize-win
nine, animals.    Come and see or write
Or   telephone.
river, |
a 4
each year to the value of :;;
A certificate that work M��
abandoned, anad n to ���'::'i
and entry by a fn ���  miner.
Berths on their sleeper       "1
higher and wider than
on   any   (ither   line,
their trains by thi   I
The boundaries of a cl
defined absolutely by having8,
made   and   publfehi   g   notices
Yukon   Official   Gazette.
Petroleum   All  unapprop1**'
inion Lands in Manitoba, tn   -j
tlim ti'"   J
t Territories and
Telephone ,J nr,,
requirement-,   purchase   the   land   at
$1.00 .-in  acre.
Permission may be granted by the
Minister of the Interior to locate
claims containing iron and mica, also
cupper, in the Yukon Territory, of an
area not exceeding  160 acres.
The patent for a mining location
shall provide fur the payment of 1
Royalty of 2*/. per cent, of the sales
of  the  products  of   tlie   location.
rf.<\CER MINING���Manitoba and
the N. W. T., excepting the Yukon
Territory; Placer mining claims generally are 100 feet square, entry fet
$5, renewable yearly. On the North
Saskatchewan River claims are either i
bar or bench, the former being 100
feet long and extending between high
and low water mark. Tlie latter in-1
eludes bar diggings, but extends back
to the base of the hill or bank, not j -     , ,
exceeding   ,000   feet.      Where   steam ! fUct\. ,K'fn'" . "      u   ���  e^
power  is   used   claims   200   feet   wide   ^K^^aS
may be obtained.
Dredging in the Rivers of Manitoba
and the N. W. T., excepting the Yukon Territory���A free miner may obtain only two leases of five miles each
lor a term of twenty years, renewable in the discretion of the Minister
of  the   Interior.
The lessee's right is confined to tbe
submerged beds or bars of tlie river
below any low water mark, and .nb-
for first year and $10 per mile for each
subsequent year. Royalty same as
placer mining.
Territory, nre open to pr��5P'
petroleum, and the
serve for
having ni
. 1
having machinery on -      ,.,.���
. f   10-0 i'L    J
aria 0   'V.  .,. |
v i��E
times tbe breadtl
pector  discover 0
Should t!��
in P
a vin. '
tities, and satisfactorily c'.t^fii
discovery, an area not ex ^
acres, including the ":1 ' h' ia��i
sold to the prospector at M
$1 an acre, and the reaiaijg 2
tract reserved, namely. -M
will bc sold at the rate 01�� fii
subject to royally at sflcn jj
be specified by Order in c0���v
, . __K.of*i
Deputy of the
Dept. Interior.
.ter .DAV
s 0 ���
TfiL   DAkLY   l\C\VS
Fowded for Room.
That's why we are offerir.g those beautify
10-piece Toilet Sets this week a: .'
$2.50 PER SET
The "DICK" Old Country
Damp Proof Boots
������'.������I I   ��� . ..a
. effectu i ..   ���    - :     a es i i lea
ig  ll  imp iss      'foi      e soles    > get wai    logged
Youths, $2.00       -       -       Boys, $2.75
Boys can't wear these out in one season.
Gent's from $4.00.
J. STEWART   -    Sole Agent
Old Country   BoDt  Store. Columbi.   St..  New  W est-no-ster.
In cold, chilly, damp weather nature calls
for warmth and heat. The human body
carries warmth and heat, but it needs fuel
to keep the tires going and the blood warm
and healthy. The finest fuel in the world
for the human body is a dish of
B.& K.
Rolled Oats
Mouses For Sale
|0 lots on 6th Avenue,
:>nly $1100 cash.
���'  ���        ��� ise,   corner   ol   Sixt n
Mi   avenue,  6   r< om -.
I all papered Inside au I
I ize lot, 66  x  132, floors
\   with new oilcloth.   Price $9.0.
ntfoi '1 street, rents $15
i nth. Will sel! for $1,600. Terms
ince easy,
it half lots, Sapperton, just
treel and Brunette, only
��� ' be arranged.
In best residential portion of New Westminster,
east end. Close to car. Six
large rooms and large reception hall. Modern in every respect. Two full lots
132 x 132. all in lawn, laid
out with shrulis and flowers. Tennis court on one
side. Price $2500. Terms
$600 cash, balance on mortgage.
Don't Miss
8-roomed House, all modern improvements, line location, corner of Fourth St.
and Agnes, $5000, one-
half cash. A comfortable
home and good family residence.
A Snap
2-storied house. 7 rooms,
bath, sewer connections,
all modern improvements,
splendid locality. $2800.
Terms arranged.
}     Synopsis   01*    Canadian    Home-
{ stead Regulations
1 Any available Dominion Lands with-,
"* In the Railway Ball in British Columbia, may ba homesteaded by nny par-
son who is the sole lnviii of :i family,
or any mule over IS ..ours of age, to
the extent of one-quarter section of
160 acres, moro or loss.
Entry mus: be made personally al
the local land offlce for the distrlcl ln
which the land Is situate.
Thc homesteader is required to per
form the conditions connected therewith under one of the following plans,
(ii At least six months' residence
upon and cultivation of the land Ln
It.    \..�� ��m����.��   Dim   >..iu   bMkN
Ver    I  nrnll.r. .
1. the ar'. 0. veoeerinj wer*. not Mm
extensive ..:: I Is todaj*, ll would fre
Impossible tyr Itny hul ihc comp*w
;,u\i tew wha here ������'��� goon supply ,,f
iho ahnlftfctj dollar to possess MS &���>*
_ .-lo. of furniture st all, \ o.-.oo. .
l- no: :> m�� MV bui the ea.i-.e--j
a. mor ..an caygetmaVers, alUMtog 1
aslng '���'��� lo some Extent, -a referred as
s rule the solid WOOd furniture
rod*,   hardwood tree*, rack as the
-sk. walnut and a. li. have Vxvn mai-
mor. rw'1** *) ��* ^enuon >*f ^'*
hMrtag macEioi^ wr.*: w,1! "W^
thi' logs ta Iv sliced up inlo lv""
Uniform   IhtCfcntW   .<f   lew.    than   en>
twentieth at an inch.     In tUe o.<�� il.it I
this procem "as aii ;.y band anJ \�� i
a  slow   an.i  arduous  uiutorlaWHv.
The Sitvantagm ...  rtMend  wuhJ
are thai ll will not , raok. swell nor
warp m the ,'li.iiini-s (rom h,>l to > I
weather, and In tho ease of doom, for
Instance. || makes them lighter an,I
more eaallj hnndled
I'or our ti'.iesi |,i,n, . ,,f furniliir"
the   host   of   oak.   walnut   or   ash   1.
USCd,   and   it   BUS)   be  -ecu  how   much
one ri those trees is worth    Cul luto
thill   Slices,    it    "111   i;i\e   hundrods   o(
feel of o'luvr A large walnut 1. ������
for Instance, will be made Into s lai pn
amount of \ oueor and Is sought bj  a .
pon  woodsmen     round  lu the bearl
of the  woods er on  .ome lotiolj   la
.t   is  bough)   h\   iho 11g1.nl   work
for,   the   interest.,  of   a   \oin-ertin;   CO
pany,  and  ton  tit'.ios  as   iniieh  Is  pil   I
for   lt   10   Us   owner   .���>   would   ho   for
ord In art lumber
lhe process Includes the cutting and
trimming of the tree, sawing Intn li . ���
of convenleul lengths and thou the
cooking of these logs 1 hoy are boiled
until soft and pliable In a \ ai of hot
water or steam, Pbej nre then senl
to tho venturing mnrhlue*, where ihey
are sliced or sawed Into pieces from
one tenth to one thirtieth 01 nn Inch
in thi,i,u.' is, of nbsotutel] the same
thickness nil over Hielr soft, pliable
condition preven^. tbem from cracking or breaking,
I'ho   eaiiinoi    workers   theu   apply
those   siloes   |,>   (ho   arlleles   of   furui
tun1, gluing thorn on with the griilu
running In opposite directions and with
no Joinings visible,    Instead of mai,
Iuu   a   weaker   BrtlclO   tho   surl'iieo   ts
really toughened and hardened by this
crossgrtllU  work,  and   ll   may  also  In'
pollabod io a higher luster titan Uiu
solid wood.   Brooklyn Ragle,
Boarding house. 20 rooms, on sixth
street, one  block from   p i.t   office,
House ;iu>l full sized lot, ii rooms, routs at $30 per month, or for sale al each year for three years,
on Princess street, near sixth avenue, $4,500. (a) tf the father (or mother, if the
good garden, frull trees,  inly $.50. father is deceased) of the home_tettdct
j    Seven-roomed house, Seventh street, resides upon a farm iu the vicinity
Eight-roomed    house . all    modern  U(V1;. pjfth avenue,  two storeys,  full of the land entered for tbe eequire-
conveniences, on Carnarvon streel an 1   gjM ( , y  ^ 600 ments as to residence may be satisfied
stable,   chicken   Sixth street, two storeys, $3,730. ' by such person residing with tlie fa
modern House and full sized lot, corner of
 ,,���,, House and lot on Agnes street, two
���"'IU ,                 Iwe'.t'h   Btreel   and   Fourth   avenue,
e. .^-1   storeys,  -even rooms;  a real snap si   ,	
$2.2... $800. i'a storeys.
I fth and   Sixth avenues,      Two-3tore\   hous
[*"    "      ':"'"' "i-hl rooms. �����   house   two full sizi ; lots, a
1             ind clUcken house, full   |m     ,.,,,,.,,.,.,   Thir j   str .between House and lot on Agnes street, two
two    storeys,   $1,000   cash,   \^..',    and    Fifth    a,.'tine.,    $2,250, store;.,   -even  rooms;   a real snap a:
$1,500 cash; good snap. ���                                                                                                                     stead, the requirements as to residence
1   rooms,  l'o   lotv   ne.i:-      House on Royal and Eighth street. Corn',- of Sixth streel  and Fourth      House, elghl  rooms, m SI   Qeorge may be satisfied  by  residence upon
1           '   and   Seventh   street,'two storeys  seven  rooms,  full sized avenue, house and seven lots, orchard,  street,   cornflr   Fourth,   $2,500;   easy the said land.
ther  or  mother
(.0 If the settler lias his permanent
residence upon (arming laud owned
by  him  iu   the  vicinity  oi his  bom
��� in I e arranged.
lot,  $2,000.
(mil trees, el ' . $3,100, half rash.
Six tiioiiihs' notice in writing should
be given to the Commissioner of no-
minion Lands at Ottawa of Intention
Farms For Sale -
t     to apply for patent.
festers,   Investigate
'acres water front, 660
I1 fraser River, 800 ft.
lunette, just above the
factory,   Sapperton.
I.at . percent. The on-
fvater front on the martins side of the river
111111 the cit\ limits.
1 :e",  .   res, ''.in nabj   Lake, 41.0.  ; Ci
a tre.
20   acre   blocks,    fi ull   lan I -.   1 r
.inue': in, $20 per acr ���
so acres, one mile from Abbotsfor I,
��� 10 aire., cleared, good s ill, 220 frull
! trees, price $1,400, half 1 n ih, balance
! In three equal payments al reasonable
i Interest. Apply to D Fraser, Abbots-
I ford.
pi acres near above, $7 1 er acre;
j see us for fuller particulars.
150 aeres Improve I  land,  1 ull Hn,-
III ee   M|n;i ]-,.   mile-      it ,
;   . ..,,,,,.     .        '      land sheds complete, near Cloverda.e;
"'' ' all un ler cultlvatii n, $15,000.   If yo.i
(        ' Ml'ide Ridge, Sections 28,  can  handle  this, dcn'l   delay;   It's a
'wtiahip 9, one-half pral-  bargain; term.-- can be arrangeid,
138 acres, 100 aeres prairie, 38 aero;
:','h   land,   four-roomed   house, hain.
���n  house, all  fetire 1. nexl  lo the
I ;'   "aie small tr	
ZT"]   '��� $45 ""'' :|<*1'"- Sec-
acre     !'er i"'"': S''(,,i"" 2    """
���*���"���'-��"  ui_ Hammond;   ;: ,;u ,LiU1 dalry talrm, iyk mUea ..��� ,,���
[ ,'    Uu"r ���!n:U''   Hammond, $40 per acre.    Don'l  miu
I-, .        "��� Balance one and tw i    , ,
��nt.  Exclusive agenc . M*'
���   Ranch, Nlckomekl      160 aore8' "lttn*hi" "' ^"!''i""  '
when built, 20 acres
,,       '"" "nl.   $3,000, half .'ash.
two miles irom Kon Langley; a acres
slashed, $1,000, one-third cash.
160 acres, Langley, 23 under cultiva
Very Special
160 acres, Westminster
district, 40 ac. under cultivation, in ac. orchard, ���"��-���!
ac. strawberries planted
this year, alder bottom
land,running spring, house
18x22, frame barn 30x32,
14 post frame house and
cow stables, 3 in all, stable
8 cows and 2 span horses,
near Mission station,
schools, churches near at
hand, steamer lands twice
a day.about 100 ac. timber,
fir and cedar, never been
logged, $2000 refused for
standing timber, carriage
house 10x24, hen house
made of hewed timber laid
in mortar. 12x30, a chance
of a lifetime, $8,000, $4000
cash, bai. at 6 per cent.
Deputy Minister of tlie Interior,
N.  B.���Unauthorized publication of
this   !iil\'er!ls,'iii"iit   will   not   1)0   paid
Tenders for Debentures
SEALED TENDERS will be rocelv
I'd bj the undei -ian,��� i up to the 10th
ila.,   of November,  1006, for the pm
i iui b   ot   debenl ure!   of  the Fourth
a i, et  sower, i 'it ^   of New We il tntn
stor, lie., amounting lo ' wenl j thou
so a   ���'. of land  near Sutherland1!   ''"'I ,,"ll:""' (120,000.00), nnd bearing
mil,  In Surrey;   good  houso, 6 acres   i"1''1'   ' ���''  ,;"'  '''"" '"' lh" l"'r cettt-
leare-1; unlj $1,000, easj terms, l'or  annum,   payable   half-yearly, the
principal  and  Interesl   being payable
ni the office oi the Bank of Mon'real
: In New Westminster, B.C.
The  tenderer   must   state   the net
:or cul
gi ii ii 1
- mi
all re
at Ch
ic k,
per acre.
If you liollOVO III fortune lelllui. nny
body ��� an fool )ou
Arte:' some people hnve done tll ir
duly Ihey aot as If Ihey OXpCCl p'oplo
to eheer
If     you     are     dlSftgt .ble,     poopla
will hale you     There are no exceptions
to ihis rule
When a man Is eompoHotl lo ina!,,-
au effort to lie iioiul ualiirod, ho shoulil
sis' a do,'ior nt once.
Bvory    man   Is   ooeasionnllj     IgalttSt
i ti Im proposition Mo can', afford to,
and ho can'l afford nol to
If tho il 11 mi I Ion of I hose you are l.il���
lng io wanders frequently, thai i�� a
hIkii thai you are mil talking "'il a id
nro lalkiiu. too much,
Some people t li I n I.  they nro nil flghl
If Ihey don'l steal,   Hni there are ma iv
oilier tliliiK* you iiiiihI do, If you Wtl il
to staud well with your neighbors
Atchison Globe.
Thr   Iii��II_p��.|imhIiI��.   "W. tt."
Across tho club luncheon table fl man
looked up from his grilled solo and
proclaimed lhal no man in England
can carry ou a conversation without
Baying "woll." The usual be! wus
made, For a week the two friends
glared nl eaeh other, knowing thai
"woll" Is the beginning of mosl i tsu
nl sentences, 5fou may nol have m
tlced ihai. Dumbly ihey p ted da.
hy day. with a handshake and the
word "well" froa.il on iheir lips.    . fl
er ii   Week  one of the  two had  tO eon
feu that ihe language had gol the bei
ier of him,   "Well," he -aid. "I'd rath
or drop a soverelgu over thai dinnei
(ban , hoke ihai  'well'    I  i nn'l  talt
without It."   Lond in ��� 'I i   le
135 ai res, one  mile from  Huntingdon, B.C . "u aires in 4; .1 jg, 15 acres
iii dm. 1 and  fenced.   hou ie and  ham
cosl ._ iOO; good ro.nl along one side;
price $50 per aere. half rash, balance   i"1"' h" wi" i':'-v l"'1''
to sull purchaser al 6 per cent   Rea-     The Corporation does not bind itself
mui for   iiiini., the owner's wife la In   to accept any tender,
bad health, nnd has to no to a cold! w  a. DUNCAN,
climate.    Applj  to D.  Ffiaser, al  Ah-        1 cttj Clerk,
botsford,      ( 1    city  Hull.  New  Westminster, B.C.,
160 acres, N.E. V4 sectl in 19, town-   November ���':, 1006,
ship  to,   Langley;   small   house,   ;iu	
$7aii  ������______���__���������������������'������������������_���
Price $1,500, one-third oaah, balance | /. ��� ��� ��� rTTr I
,   iuILLlTIi i
168 acres, Coipiiilam, 111 acres clear-1
ei. near Hlacli'a ranch, J2.000.
S and 10 acre IiIim-Iih lu Surrey, thr IS 1
\   Hard   sho*.
A prominent   lawyer In Ohio,  whi
wus; very 1 ntrlc, always rubbed
luiniis and wenl through     1  ral other
movemenl 1 before   peali   1      1 lue dn y
while in coul' a ] on iger la wyer, af
seeing him do thi i a n eral 1 lines
up and 'lid It, too, In a 1 ery bIo '
deliberate  innnnet',  nnd,  n ter
what     lie     \ .1 !       oltl it
whereupon   thf! oilier   mail   gol   UP   IUJ
���aid, "Th 11 young man nets like s
lawyer, bul be talks III e n fool"
160 acres In Surray, near
��� Brown & imlleB from the river, $10 per acre.
"' farm land in Delta,  tion;   house,  barn, sheds, etc
ill  in   Coulthard's ranch, $7 per acre;  ko"'1       160 aero:., section  26, township  Hi.
,:,; river, near Sei^t   good   repair;   a   snap
': ���'��� !'>'ul good buy.    . cash.
$3 000,  half  terms;   fruit  lands;   see  us for   par- 3% milee from  Abbotsford;   50 ucres
alder holiotn. $1,200, hah' cash.
r*5.00 EACH.
cQuarrie & Co., Real Estate Brokers! CIIIS'mm
Agents for Employers' Liability, and Union Fire Assurance Co. of London.
Loniinn   Weather,
We may as u all ovi ll up to   lie
Hint the conventional abuse of our climate and our weather has been greatly
��� ui .done. When ne ��:r Inclined tn
envy countries whose meteorological
conditions have less of the element of
"glorious uncertainty" than our own,
we are much too ready to overlook tU ���
Immense n I. mtage we possess In our
almost  absolute  if lom  from  violent
extremes    Loudon World.
ll.��r Love.
'Do you call your hiisliand Ilonoy ."
"No, 1 call bim Pickle."
"Good gracious, doesn't that make
him mad'.'"
"No. lie knows I detest honey, and
every woman loves pickles."��� Houston
"lour son won a prize for oratory
while be was In college, I believe.
What is ho doing now?" "He got a
Job ln the union depot announcing tbe
departure of the train*."���Cblcas*
Record-Herald 8
- J-^
[i ���
. t ':
i "
New Dinner Ware.    ;New Toilet Sets.        Our New
Stock Pattern has arrived;  it's a
beauty.   Call and see it.
Matter inlmd.d I.r this column ihould ... ad-
dressed. Social Editor. Daily News. P. O.
B- i W_, New Westminster."
Telephone    150.
....CALL ON....
Prescriptions a Specialty.
Ellard Block,
New Westminster,  -   ��� B. C
Alex. Speck's
Second Hand Store
Second Hand Goods of
all kinds bought and
sold for cash. All Mail
Orders promptly attended to. Kindly write or
call at
Sign  Man on Wheel.
Columbia St. New "Westminster.
Don't  Worm   Smile.
Centenarians give various reason.; to
whicb they ascribe their longevity, but
lt Is significant that tbey all agree on
the advantage of plenty of work and
little worry in aiding length of life.
The advice lately given by a woman
over a hundred is worth considering,
as she advises one to eat when hungry.
sleep whe?i sleepy, with plenty ol
sleep, to w ark constantly, keep cheer
fui nnd avoid worry. This puts iu ;.
few words the doctrine of the .Imp;-
life, afid her conclusion Is worthy o:
an ancient sage when she Kays thut i!
these rules will not produce health and
long life there is bad blood In tbe
famlly and it hoc; better die out-
Baltimore American.
thai-Kins   \\ a.   In   HU  Line.
A party of gentlemen sitting ou the
veranda of a leading hotel at Jackson.
N. H., fell into an amiable discussion
of their delightful host, who bore high
military title and who won his military
spurs on the staff of a New Hampshire governor. One of them asked,
"Did lie get his title from service In
the defense of his country''" And the
reply, from a retired army officer was
"He must have, for he has not fur
gotten how to charge."
Mi A. Elliott and Miss L. Rose,
who have been lecturing throughout
ihe district under the management of
the Ottawa department of agriculture,
left on Saturday's C.P.R. train for
Agassiz, where they will speak uuder
the auspices of the Agricultural society of that district.
It. J. Clarke, who has been spending
' j a few days in the city on business, re-
I turned yesterday to his home in Rev-
; elstobe.
Miles Neilson, who has been a resi-
I dent of this city for a considerable
��� length of time, left yesterday after-
\ noon for New York via the C.P.R. At
New York be will take passage on
board the Caroma for Aalesund, Swe-
: ilen, where he will visit members uf
! uis family.
il. Shiles, of this city, left yesterday
I'or the east.   He will visit his parents
; near Ottawa during the Christmas sea-
A. Hardman has recently purchased
the lots on the corner of __ight.li street
and Fifth avenue, and is planning to
��� .1 ct an up-to-date residence there,
The ladies of St. Paul's Reformed
' Epsicopal church will serve their an-
��� nal anniversary dinner in the lecture
] room of the church Uiis evening from
5 to 8 o'clock.
A. Purvis, of the C.P.R. general superintendent's office. Vancouver, was
in the city on Saturday, and went on
to Cloverdale, where he will spend a
few (lays in search uf game.
The lirst gathering of the newly
formed Halcyon Card club will be
he'd this evening, at the residence ol
Mrs, I.. Thornber, above post office.
There will be six tables for the av-
commodatiuri of the members uf the
club, ami an interesting teries of
game,  is anticipated.
Pood Chopper is
an  economical
addition  to any
kitchen,    it saves
time  and   lessens
labor, and thus
economizes    the
and   strength.
With it many
attractive and
dishes can he
m.-.de from what might be wasted
il it were not for the (.em.
It chops food of all kinds-
meats, vegetables, fiuits, bread.
crackers, etc. It dots not mash,
squeeze, tear or grind, but chops
the food as you want it���fine,coarse
or medium. Easy to operate, self-
sharpening. N'o kitchen complete
without it.
Guichon���B. Ovens, Cloverdale; F.
Hornby, Vancouver; Dan Sullivan and
wife, Everett.
Windsor���D. A. McMillan.. Vancouver; William Johnston, Porl Moody;
W. Kilroy. Vancouver; A. K. Steele,
Cape Mudge; J. K. Morrisson, Dewdney; Mr. and Mrs. Duncan. Vancouver.
Colonial���J. Collon, Everett; .1. W.
Campbell, Belllngham; C. Schaake.
Vancouvei". \V. Sherivall, Nanaimo;
G   E. Minzer. Everett.
E heard a lady say the other day thut we have a
est and largest line of Ribbons in town.    0   '6pret|
her until you investigate personally. ���*'��
The following are good for Fancy Work and oth
purposes: lQr,f*
selection for Xmas fancy work.   Prices, 2 yds. for 5c^
10c, 50c doz., 5c per yd.    A Special Roll 16 yds. for jS '
FANCY BABY RIBBONS in Dresden patterns and holly (
signs���50c doz., 5c per yd., 8c and 10c p(.-
PLAID RIBBONS, all widths from 1-2 in. in g *n  ^
range of prices in these beautiful Ribbon novelties if
15c, 20c, 25c, 35c, 50c to $1 per yd.
DRESDEN RIBBONS. In all the large fashion centerstl,
Dresden Ribbons are used almost exclusively for anv
pose for which wide ribbons are used.   We show al
range of these new Ribbons, all widths.   Prices 10c 2fl
25c, 35c, 50c to $1 per yd.
A LEADER IN RIBBONS Wilh Us is (lur Extra Value al 25c pe. J
All   widths   from   4   inches   to   6   inches,   ii ;,;j|ar
colors,  at  this popular price
Mother   Lu.e.
/rleiiil���I am afraid your husband
ffiis a bad cold: he's continually sneez
lng. It's quite painful to hear him
Why don't yen ask a doctor to see
hlm? Matron���Well, I'm waiting just
a few days, because it amuses hatiy sc
to see his father sneeze.    Hon Vivant.
Tbe way to fill a large sphere Is t,
glorify a small one.   'Ihere is no large
phere; yon are your sphere.-Edward
Phone 275
Wood to Burn
man  who
nd can do
Oi_t oi a Job,
"Would  you  help  a   per
can't find work in his line
nothing else?"
"What is your line of work'."
"Carrying sympathy  to tlie  wortlir
hUt friendless rich."
Mrs. \V. .1. Mathers held her post-
nuptial reception at her home, corner
of Columbia and Dufferin streets, n
the afternoons of Wednesday and
Thursday last. She was assisted by
Mrs. Shildrick, Mrs. h. L. DeBeck,
Mrs. Hai". Miss Phillips, Miss McNlven, .Miss Shildreick, Miss Chapman, Miss Godfrey, Miss Florence
Hart an! Miss Mildred DeBeck.
James Keary, .lames Blair, Ru'Si 1
.lam'-,, ;-. Eiekhoff ami D. Elckhoff
left on Saturday evening, in a gasoline
launch, for Pitt Lake, where they proposed staying  over Sunday.
Joseph C Armstrong was a passenger lo Harrison on Saturday aftor-
Tb*   Theni-.    ut   Seimallon   After   the
llea<l  I* Revered.
I3alf a dozen physicians were talking
of death. It isn't a subject usually
chosen t>y physicians for discussion, but
these were discussing it. However, it
was not altogether physical death.
Tbey were including the hereafter.
"Well," said one, "I dou't know
whether there is to be a hereafter or
not, und i! doesn't trouble' me very
much, because I'll take cbandes on it If
I can make the life I live liefore It tbe
kind of life a man ought to live. But
there is one tiling about It that makes
me hope there will be another life, and
thut in tbe ���opportunity I shall have of
asking some of the people who have
bail llieir heads cut off if there was any
sensation for a few minutes succeeding
decapitation. 1 believe now that there
ls. and that life remains long enough
for tbe decapitated person to realize
that he h__s lost bis bead, or, rather,
that be has lost his body, liecause the
head is the center of thought, and, of
course, it is the body that Is lost, not
tbe head. At least that Is tbe way a
man with his head off would be bound
to think of It. I fancy there Is no pain.
because Ihat would require some time.
and if life exists at all after deeaplta
tlon it would not be long enough to
realize the sensation of pain. It must
be n very queer sort of feeling, and. aa
I say. I hope there is a life hereafter
so I imi) have a chance to fiud out a
few facts not otherwise obtainable."���
St. Donis Globe-Democrat.
Selling Out $20,000 Stock
Every article or piece of furniture in our establishment at
actual cost without reserve. First come, first Berved, We
need the cash and you want the goods. This is a chance
of a lifetime.
IleH'a   l.en. r.illi.
One of the many persons whom Alfred Beit, the diamond multimillionaire, had befriended repaid bim with
Ingratitude and abuse. Later the In-
grate fell on evil times. Though down
in the gutter, lie still had u little shame
left anil would not ask Mr. Beit for
help. Tlie South African diamond
magnate sent tor one of tbe unlucky
one's friends and said: "Oo and see
So-and-so. Ask if he wants any help
and give it to bim. but don't let bim
think it Is from ine. I have had a difference with him. and perhaps it would
annoy him."
716 and 718 Columbia St.    Four Floors.     Rear Extension. .'runt Street|
..For Only $25 Per Acre!
50 acres of Meadow and 30 acres of Fine, High Land, witil
���ome good Cedar and Spruce. Beautiful situation, and coil
veniently distant from Westminster Junction and Pitt Riv**|
Exclusively For Sale by
Malins, Coulthard & Col
Real Estate, Financial and Insurance Agents,   I
Columbia St., - - New Westminster B��
| FURNISHED ROOMS, Suitable for Light Housekeeping]
'      : ������������ '	
��� ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������
* Electric Railway Service)
Just Opened
217-219 Columbia Street.
A Satisfied Settler
Glen   Valley.  B.C.,
.Nov. 13, 1906.
Vi . A. called to-day and
ri   eived I om me one of the copies of
land agreements, signed and witnessed at  requested, and expressed him-
sell   .' ��� .!     tisfled with same,    i also
���beg   to   . a.n \. ledge   receipt   of  your
11 ii qui. .. hich In I he meantime closes
all business I el wei n us.   1 am obliged
to you fi ���   the   .- itisfaeto.y   way   In
which thi   ii't.Mio-    has been carried
through, and  hope to bu able to re-
commend other land seekers to visil
you during the coming summer.
Ifours faithfully,
(Signedl      ERNEST J, WARNE.
The above Inter is a sample of the
many  (nol  solicited)  we receive from
our client;..    They   speak   ror   them-
260 Columbia St., New Westminster
Phone 85.
:-: About the Coming Elections :-:
������ IS ASSURED ���	
Are YOU Donating to a Landlord ?
6-roomed Cottage and  Lot 99x d��i aaa
132, near Bridge  $1,UUU
7-roomed House,  Queen's Ave.,    1 /��aa
East End .    l,OUU
8-roomed House, 4th Ave., near    9 iaa
6th St., new and modern     &9IUU
7-roomed   House   on   Canarvon    1 OAA
Street       1,8UU
F. J. HART & CO., Lti
Tide Table   Fraser River
*��� '���'
��� ��� MX'MxvsMSf.v.vv. sS-KJCfSSSSjo: ;���;>���; ������>����>;:->;>>: :<:��>;>;>ij��'>;i.;>;����;>i>��;'��::*5��;
week ending Xov.
is, 1906:
Wati :.
2 20
s 45
'SS. 20
���1 30
1 lu
7.1 r,
1 r,.",
Time.  lit.
7.28    6.6
20.64    6.3
8.29    5.9
21.29   4.0
9.24    6.3
22.05    2.7
10.15    6.9
22.42   1.6
11.05   7.4
2:1.2:!   0.7
11.56   8.0
 ' 7.30
U.U7    0.2
12.50   8.5
Inter-urban Line.
Cars for Vancouver and way
stations will run every hair-
hour from 5:50 a. m. to 11 p
m. excepting at 7:30 and 8:30
a. in. Half hourly cars will
run from Central Park to
Vancouver only.
City  Limits Line���Service' from
6.15 a.m. to 11  p m.
20 Minute Service���.\o transfer.
Hot ween 12 and 2 and _ and 7.
30   Minute   Service   during I*
malnder or day.   i ransfer ��
Leopold Place.
Sunday   Service   half-bourlj t#
tween 8 a.m. an I H I1"1'
Sappertcn Line.
15   Minute  Service       '���  ' - *
m. to  ll   p.m., e.     '   *W*
12 and  2. and       '
which hours (hi ' '
Sunday Service   hair-nuiir.'�����
tween 8.30 a.n    mil M P*
British Columbia Electric Ry- Co., 1^1
. 4 ��4,���-_��������������.����������������������������***"* 1
Horse Clipping Machines!
rE have a line of light and compactly built
POWER CLIPPERS of special durability, suitable'for small and large stables.
Our 20th century is cheap and good- ^lU
clippers work easier, clip faster and take a
thicker coat, leave a finer finish, wear longer
than any other on the market. We have the
great labor saver.    Call and  see  them >
T. J.  TRAPP & cC\


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