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The Daily News Aug 18, 1906

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 ['ME 1. NTMliEl
M \'   WESTMINSTER. Ii. i   . -       i.:l>\';   MORNING, AlMiFS'J   [8,1906.
&-��� ���
1 QISi)
arc   Down   and   Details  are   Hard   to Obtain.  But
indications Are that Disaster h a.s Great as
That of San Francisco.
Board of Control and  Representatives of Committees Decide on One Big Attraction for the Provincial
Fair.    Grand Electrical Display.
'    .
,.   .
Armed With Scythes and Other Rustic Instruments They
fee Onslaught, and Cossacks Are
Compelled To Retreat
.. .   ���
Friday i      ��� '.
t  apart    I torsi
Pedes! -ians   All
���        ;
. '
Hits   '
I -Ji  Bu'ied    n   F
���   ���
W res   Net   Working.
the < ..
nd Ni
sei from
e Pa
li is thi    ell
��� ��� a stated,
itess   Plares   Wrecked.
, Aug. 17���A
.   Grace (S  Co.,   n
��� ���   ��� Ived  i y  �� it  of I
1 ���    earthq take   in j
'"'  Is   severe   and   thai   busi-
��� i ', has ��� een total!}
���   di spat, h   further   stat-
1' nee   .'.   ��'.. A   bulldini
were  badlj   damagi i
I   ' '���    oci  'rail's   ��������� ri     'i
Los Andes  Suffers.
\ '-     17.���A   ilesj atch   to
er Telegraph
lonighl    Bays:    "Tele
1 onmi inii ation   a Ith I bile Is
led     Santiago and  Vai
are completely cul off.    The
ll -  are   only   working   trom
e north    ird      It ls certain lhal
In r of hou '    ha ��������� I e n wn ��� li
indes, also Known us An |. -���
"ita itosu lie Lo Vndes, Is n
:i lhe province   of Aconcauga,
Many   Rumors   Aflo.it.
' :'"s  Ayres,  Ann.   17.���The  news
' mlghl publish telegrams from
1  a, Buenos Ayres, ami Chile, in
' -
���    '
ih when            ���
Not Mixed With Ai  ���      ���
i-        ������  ���   -    irg     >   -
���    ,
Great Disaster Indicate i.
lh of A
Cosed  Till   Mornnp.
T    .
Ion Ti
'. '
'    TV.
Cc iv me'-co   Psraiyreii.
eeeived telegra ���  ���      igeni
Oni      i J v ��� xander
i     afire.
Sta.fl   safe."
other dispati hi    give
i  erelj   record   llii
in !
.   , eir
-- -   thi   ������    md
��   ��� sl '   ��� '   ..red.
ered  thi
s sl    ���     een
-   $23,
- T      '     -     '.
Rotbe.-s   Make   a   Haul.
17.���Sla  a tn
. , ...       . .
.i   mad( with
-tc       me   ol    hi
Cas.ialtv   List.
Warsaw    v>r   it d   a  kn   .vi
Ve'son Goes Alone.
VU| s-'
evening  t
���ong i
���  %
.      . .
e Ki
. a
id the men v nighl
s.   . eters an
Strangled to  Death.
New     N          \ ���-            ': Mat j
Mam             e wife i            rmi wa
,   .i   ..... ag oom
."  in i         ������    ���������   '��� ��� -         ���   m, l.. I..
. - ���            :-     elleved     thai $1,000
Mrs     Manelski   hs I     in     the
e was 3tolen.
T I Ti
i in charge o
, .      ��� |
and   afti -       Mr.
move hi Provincial
oil to      ilium:';- '
The foili tractloi    '
-������:������ mem   of   the
i       , ���      ��� T   i [jn   .,.  g,
fi p w irk
��� ���        Brooks,    the
���   i ��� ��� er ��� ��� ro  d
...... ensloi
i tfers to
icei Inch
... .     . .
115  fi      |      veel       \   proof  Ai ��� divan :   animal   attraction,
ai  this was ���.
:        Thi hi   '...
���    - '���   ��� thi     choice c;' mem-
t children    ���. ��� ...  ,.vv,n are ���       ���    pon iheir ra i
 track   tnittees us follows:
���        '    "��� Horsi     Racing���A     Malins.    chair-
e to bi a; George A lams, T. J. Armstrong,
J   Leamy, Col, J, C.  Whir...
      fohn  :.' ��� '" "��   T
��� ���     - i    ford, G.   Vrmstrong.
ements i Groin        G. A rmstrong,  chairman;
-���   -   ���'.    i1     hi
. i
I ites  of thi
led ui
op    ISI
.       . ...
��� ' i ve ever;
" I
 ad   a   qui
.... ...        .       sent that i    ised
ic.   ag the e:
I ��� ;' -���   '��� ���  ild.
.... .... md thi       '���   .
i -  . . ��� ���     eer
J    Rei i.  -;    Leamy.
Deo      ' 'i -J.  Watson,    chairman;
j. J.   lohnston, E. W   Cool
���I    r,   Rl    aman,  cnr.i
. c.   \   '       "   R. C   M
-  - mies       Le -
w     G.    Armstrong,    A.
as, J   Watson,  li.  C,   McDonal I,
Ri Icl enbach.
Indian    Sports���R.    C.    McDonald,
oian    '. Leamy, J. Watson.
Lacrbssi Reed    chairman;     T.
Many   SHios   Lest.
K Han    -       I    i Is said to ha'     n
i. Ived a disp.i', h statin)   thai     uni
In Chile have been ]
llallj   or toinlh   di stxoyi d,  thai   \ a
ilso  had   i een  i ompletelj   ill moi
Ibhed, ih.it man} ships had been   i
and thai  mer   100 persona  hail  been
id i    ny    hundreds    In  ired
I   ,     il    ,.    :        wevor,  Is   doi   well
thei II ated
_ o	
Doctor Arrested.
Plttefield,      Mas-.      Vi;:       17     1'
Whitman   V,     White,    n    con ull n
i in sici.m and a member of the boai i
ol manngers of Hie Manhattan state
hoB]    il  of  New   Vm.,   was  arrested
hi:.' todaj  on   '' hai ge oi 11 and lar
ci ny.    ile   waa   Inlten   lo   New   \ irk
ibis  afternoon.     II   Is  charged   thai
Dr, White took  $120,200 i elonging to
the James O. Sullivan estate In New
Fishery Commission j
Will Take Short Rest
ct��rla, Aug. 17.���A meeting of the then  until  the   I9tn  regulai   sessions
commission   was  held    ihis will i.e held  ai   Vancouvei     On  the
nlng  with   Prof,   Prince  In    the last day mentioned a conference win
The gathering  was for    the take place between Hie Dominion sni
" of winding ap business pre Washington   state   commissioners   to
1,1  a   temporarj    dispersal, discuss the be*l  possible restrictions
commission    will    resume    its ami the mos' effective meth  i of pro-
Saturday, September 15. From pogating salmon.
Montreal, Aug. 17. "Why do you not say 'our
country' instead of 'my country.'To me, there Is
little difference ; the people appear the same and
the march of progress is equally visible on both Bides
of the line." These were the sentiments expressed
to-day by Thomas A. Edison, the great inventor, in
the course of an interview. Mr. Edison with a
party composed mostly of members of his own
family, arrived here by automobile in the mdrning
and If ft this evening for Quebec,
Mr. Edison said hf tool? an especial interest in
Canada. A.s a young man he was a telegraph
operator on the old Grand Trunk at Stratford, but
the Grand Trunk at that time Beemed to be dead, he
added. However, he was Had to .see that the
present management had installed new life into the
.system. Yes, with their enlarged project the Grand
Trunk Pacific was a .scheme worthy of Canada.
"Three trans-coninental railways," he exclaimed,"
and others are asking permission to build. This is
right, the more roads the better." Eut, he continued, the Canadians must see that they did not get
too much power in the community. The accumulated storage battery problem, Mr. Edison said, was
near a solution and would mean much for transportation.
C    \   \'\. sh,  '-\ ho was    a] pi Inted
il   ,:"' lasi   ������ ���   '
ini     "���   ���    ��� i   thai   School    T u I ���
���    1 ack  in time, i G   Armstrong.
thi   chairmanship of thi       Sevi ei  committees were :
committee.      Mr.        resented
Mi'iiio ���   forward  with  a   va ���   enl at the meeting -
bli    '.T-    in   whicli   mei   with   the   C   \   Welsh, In the chair, A.  Malins,
��� sent.   'If you c u I i James Li J. Watson, W. R. Gilley,
only   Induce   .lames   Cunningham   to        -.  Reed,  It. C  McDonald, Gi
��� t, ll wi   Id do awa\  with the m ong, and the secretary, W. H.
-  Ing    or  an   a] pi    Keai
 o ���
Man ging-Si       ary Keai    Informed
I he m<     ���       ��� sent rhe tin   exhibi
Forest   Fire  Sweeps  On.
��� n,  Aus   it.   A  serious  I in st
five  is  raging  near   Vnrr  and   ,:'
1 .        .  s    irilays foi    hi   pii
illov          ie working men ol  \
couve  ��� the exhll Ition
��� ��� noon ii  had destr i; ed  the Hun-
V.   tramwa}   an I  was     '  ���
i i    th    ���-,;"    bui! lings    Th" -    i
" '''"  ' in union wires wen. down, owing to
��� '    !:""'   bj   several   ol ,. ,   .. ,     mce ear]}  |n the afternoon.
Ihe mi ��� sent,   li was ��� la n .	
���''""'���   '            ' ;" Government  Stands  Pat.
"    ' '     " -   !' Paris    v ��� -���   '7    The cabinet coun-
" :,llv   ' '      ""              " ;>       USCU    ion   Dl    the   church     and
"":  state s'eparatl i    ������    lon    today   re-
||   lhl     i      ������          al changi     had .  .    ,    ,   .               iment-s  ,-,,.,,,  ..
"""   'j'  :'  '   "   "   "!,;"   w':!'     Th"  wh ��� to  mal i  the  law.
srorts  will  be  held  in the morning  M	
and    the   '     '"     ': '   ^   ''v"'    b  ��� "  ' Pressure  on   Russia,
children  ��� 111 be' us   I  to beautil    I , . ��� ,..h Aug   1T_A djSpatch from
class roi us ol  the schools. ,: ��� l(, to ,,���,  ,,,ih  telegraph states
The   dei                ommlttfee    ask   I that Greal Britain, tho United States
for nn appi  prlation or $150, pari ol mi  Japan  have Intimated  to China
which Is ������    e used In the - nstruc the  tn  e sli    ol   Insisting   that  Itns.
Hon   ol   an   arch   tha!   will   be   syni :.    ���   -dish    customs    stations    In
helical of tin? different  Industries of Northern Manchuria,
Fifty Men Buried Alive,
Rescue Force at Work
Bristol, va., Aug. 17.���Fifty men nre  of rescue is being rushed as fast as
entombed alive In the Clinch Mountain tunnel at Clinchpert, Va., as a result  of a niveau which occurred to-
! day.     It   is   nol   hnown   whether   the
men are dead or alive, but the work
possible. Air ls being pumped Into
lhe tunnel by several pumps for a
distance of 700 feet, and a large force
of men me working ln an effort to
rescue the unfortunates before they
perish If they are not already dead.
A ���'
i I
E ���
��   A-
,   '
���<���    ,
jjjjsiwfiitf THE DAILY NEWS
Each tiny grain of WINDSOR
TABLE SALT is a perfect crystal
- pure and dry. That is why it
never cakes.
en Wh(
w omen who
Mir.L'. Ogden-Crane Haa Founded
and Co.:Jiii ta an American School
of Opera ���Is r :.���'; ing to Make
This  Country   a   Musical Center
Special Summer Courses i
The markel . ��� sterday was me of
the brightest beld here for some time
past. The cooler weather enticed out
a number of purchasers who did not
dare to brave the hoi spell ind the
vendors-took advantage of the welcome change in climate to put their
choicest wares before the public. All
the regular vendors were on hand to
supply iheir customers and a few new-
faces were noticed. Year by year
farmers along the river are becoming
more nnd more wide awake to the
value of a spol cash market tor all
theli   [arm produce.
Th.- following Is .i dlgesi of the
spirit of the market: Beef, fair supply and good demand; lamb, fair sup-
i ly mul all sold al quotations; peal
fair supply and good demand for tlrsl
class stock; eggs, fair supply, large
demand; fowl, nol so plentiful, witii
li ..and: ducks, fair s ipplj md
good .lei.laud for well grown and fat
birds; potatoes, ph nl if i an I lemand
good; apples, fair suppl} and demand
goo I for good s'rok: plums plentiful
an 1 demand only fair.
Beef,  hind  iciaiter  7%
Beef, fore quarters,  1 A
Mutton,  I" to 1 Ic  per
Lamb, li' to 13c per pound.
v'e I, ���   to 9%c pe.' pound.
Potatoes, $15 per ton.
Pork,  9%c  per   pound
Onions, $1.7.*. per sack.
Eggs,   35c   per   dozen.
Butter, I'." io 30c per pound.
Fowl. $6.50 '-i $8.00  per dozen.
Chickens, $3.50 to $4.50 per dozen.
Blackberries $1.m> ner crate.
Apples. Tn to 90c  per hox.
Plums,   in  to 50c  per cral
V\ A:! Ali ."itiii pupils i'i Blngillg
cnn achieve ia their own land und.'.'
an American \ > ce tr iln tr is well illustrated In Mme. ��� i, An-i 'nine's school
of opera. I' iv musi ��� schools In rhi;
country profess to turn out students
ready fitted both iu voice culture and
dramatic action to go at once upon the
professional stage, i hicago boasts an
o; .-ri school. Three years agj Mnn'
O-'i'.i'ii-' i'".u . n well kmwn singing
te i her, res : -.1 to establish one al ing
rie-v lines In New York. She herself
ba I be ".i ���������: rauo tololsl for tbe Tbe i
dore Thomas ami Gilmore orchestras
ami had made her place In oratorio���
that, too, with nn having left her native I'nited States,   She Is a Brooklyn
Ml     '%t*|;
For Teachers  in the
Business Institute
336 Hastings Street W.. Vancouver
R.  J.  SROTT.   B..A..   Principal.
H. A. SCRIVEN. B. A.. Vice-Prin.
8k "���E$0
to oyjc pei
to 5'tc per
New   York,  Aug.     17.���Bradstreet's
tomorrow  will say:   Fall  trade is ac-;
live throughout the Dominion aad the |
only   complain!   is   a.s   to   slow   deliveries of good.- on orders. The north-1
wesl   wheat crop  will  be larger than!
last year.    There are no evidences of
undue  extension   of  credits.    Collec-i
n'ons    are    fair to good.    Drygoods,
building hardware and  heavy metals i
are all active.   Butter anil cheese are j
ia   good   demand   for  export   at  Mon-'
treal.   The production In Ontario has '
begun  to decrease     Cattle are high-!
er. but hogs lower al  Toronto, Win-j
eg reports thai the yield of grain
Is   ."iii:   equ il   to   lasi   j ear  and   the I
i.i' re   ���     an     a ak ��� ���    for  a   larger
ita   ci  ,     In Ini'Ah Columbia trade
i.-.i.    S iii.   '.      . les are higher, j
V llures this wi ek 22 againsl 19 last
.'������".. ..:. I 20 ia this week a year ago.,
The    following  are   weekly    bank
lr Montreal, $2ti,S57, 132, Increase 15.2.
Toronto, $21,640,718,  increase 21.0.   |
Winn   - ���   ; ���.:   ' 77a. Increase 33.9.
i iti  'in. $7,79'  90, Increase, 5.2
Halifax, $1,659,155.
Vancouver, $2,720,480, increase 55.7. :
Quebec, $1,700,933,  Increase 6.8.       j
Hamilton, $1,586,133, increase 3.0.
St.  John, $1,105,942,   Increase,  9.
London, $1,105,077, lm rease, .8,
Victoria, $881,399,  Incn ise, 34 9,
Calgary,   $925,212.
Edmonton, $71" 022
Guichon���A, R. Thomi s m, V mcou-
vi r;   \   J. Faber,  Bl line;   E,  VS. C il
lom,   Kamloops;   Annie   M    Ba
C} ill   F,   Bagna'.l,   L n lon,   Englan I;
K  A   Wllmot, Vani ou .er.
Col m al -J,  li.  McDon il I,  Van   iu
ver;  A. E. Lieu:.iiu. Winnipeg;  C. S.
Fi rrlss,   Langley;   Arthui   McDonald,
William  McDonal I, J.   M< Donald, Toronto;   Charles Sexsmith, Alluvia.
Windsor R, Cummings and son,
Langley; Andrew McDonald, Nicola:
Charles Nelson, Agassiz; William
llicks, Abbotsford; li. W. Moore, Seal
He; William Champion, Victoria; R.
IC Alfree, Belllngham; John Farmer,
St.  Paul,  Minn.
Depot���Marcus Cox, Pitt Lake; William II. Burton, Hope; .1. Haldi, H.
Titmus, Langley; D. II. Ditcheon,
Seattle; Joseph Call, Sumas; w.
Wicks, Abbotsford; Neil McNlven,
John McNlven, Miss McNlven, Ladner;  William White, Ladner.
Cosmopolitan���F. D. Freeman. John
Fraser,  Vancouver;   Thomas  Forster.l
Winnii ��� .:;   S.  li.  Milne,  Iowa.
yiy,n. ogden-ckane.
woman nnd before her marriage was
Sarah Mundell.    Her teacher was I'.n
rili. the same one thai d A: ed the
golden voice of Adelina I'atti. It is
claimed that his wag tha pur,' Italian
method and thai a r >!eo in ������ I hy
this me'.h id nev t weirs out. . h i igh
her hair is gray, Mme. Ogden-Crane
retains her clear and powerful soprano
voice. Sho is the sale director of her
school and personally trains the voices
.if all her pupils. Tbey frequently per-
form entire operas, and iheir singing
antl actlug are both su good that every
yer.': some of them are asked to be
come members of professional companies. Next year the school will produce the opera "Cavallerln Rustlcana."
Mme. Ogden-Crane says she started In
her profession with one aim and let
nothing distract her attention till she
achieved it. she declnres that anybody
who can talk can learn to sin.;.
CapS, etc.
Drug*   Sto
Mexican   Business  Women.
Open roi- Business
July 4, 1906.
Public Notice!
In Mexico are many women who nre
equal to the shrewdest white man In
their executive nbility and power of
accumulating wealth. Indeed, in some
places in the republic men seem willing
to take ii lazy back seat and let women
manage business and get rich. A w .
in in ol pure Aztec Indian bio >d, Donn
Juana, is queen and ruler am mg th ���
Zapotecnn tribe hi cause she li id c mi-
mercial shrew i iss to make herself a
millionaire, she has moro i> ��wer and
influence than many a Eun pean quei u
can boast. Many a white man���little
t'i lus credit���has gone Into Juana's
domain and tri. I to do her out ���*' her
rnsl wealth 1 y shrewd bargaining anil
hns Invariably got the w irst   'f it.
Aim.' the gulf ��� ousd nre the estates
of Widow Perez, a fat old Mexican
woman who is worth many millions,
mostly accumulated by herself, she.
too, is a1, solute ruler of n country as
largo as many a European principality.
A Su
ssful Dressmaker,
A bright girl wns graduated from
college full of aspiration to achieve
something In i professional way. She
startiil iu as a city newspaper reporter, worked oiu tl night and day i a 1
gol the mi ...".��� >t, mi mosl living from
it.   Siie decide !  thill   IVO'Jlll  '������ ���'���   do.     X .'
hnd excellent i i ite lu c intniA'.",' i nil
was a ski! il ami >t:r in s 'imili r
She t.i ii, in iim ��� on in cutting  md lit-
ting   and    I"-,  line    :      :��� .:'    IS .mil     Hit*
She opi in rl Iii i i, .j' cii .��� ii shop of
ber own, pu ��� i     ;    ��� !. iiiu   mil i Ire l<
���ii. I  ber sch i.-.i-  [i I ii   :i   'I ��� If.
Thai wa < ten yi   im ago.   S'ovr nlie li 11
in iiu- ime  if ������'.    ;    i .i '..��� r .".,: un
tnbllslr.nenl  where nim ly .. v. us ir.i is
ni. I women ii    plo.i        .-'���   ���  wm n
house \v< ."ih $ 1(1 DOO nud n big red 111
tomoblle nnd bountiful clothes nnd ;)."�����
to Europ " lien - he likes. She Ic irned
to give lhe world something it wanted.
The annual general meeting of the shareholders of
the New Westminster Southern Railway Company will
be held at the offices of the
V. W. & Y. in Vancouver at
10 o'clock A. M. on Wednesday, the 5th day of September, 1906.
For Sale
Gcinroh   Burns,  Cattle   Rar.oh
Well-seasoned Pine Cord-
wood ; could deliver on scow.
Particulars Box 39, Port
China Department
is filling up.    Come and see the lovely
Columbia St.
Larned   Wins   at   Tennis
Southampton, Long Island, A ;���-
\v A. Larned, former nation il champion,  won  the final  of the singles of
the    Meadow    Club    Lawn    T    n
tcbrnamenl  today after five sets, defeating Karl  ll.  Behrlng.
in i iklahomn are I'. 1,00 i acres of
ranch, oil und mineral lauds under thc
mnnagomeul of i yarmg woman, Miss
Georgia Hums, farmerly of Kansas
City, Mo. sh i ha I tbe rt iMtern woman's
Independence mil confidence In herself ���AT-
; i t>��� -Ljiii. so it Is :. .. stn II .���' she cnn
manage one of the largest live Stock
enterprises ever In America. "They
can because they think they can," sang
Virgil nearly 2,0*50 years ano, and in
those words tbe old Latin poet made
statement of a truth for all time, Miss
Burns has a lensi on oil and mineral
lands in tbe < 'h .ctaw and < Iblckasaw
districts. She la a tall, Hue looking PLANTS) CUT FLOWERS, BOQUET3
brunette,   full   of   energy   and   wide
awake to  business.   She is  an   expert AND FLORAL DESIGNS.
���hit and eun rope cattle with the best.
Bhe  began  ber  career  by  entering a   .,,,,,.,,],,,���,. A.1S4  ,������ address 4th  Ave-
government claim if 100 acres of land. , .,,,,, m��oi
MARCIA VV. CAMPBHLL. n,:e i,nd 10tb StnJet'
Things Happen In
The Night
And the only way to keep posted is read the
Daily News
Delivered at your door in time for breakfast. Complete service of the World's
news as furnished by the Associated Press,
and all the local happenings of interest.
10 Cents
Per Week
The morning is the time to tell the purchasing public what you have to offer them for
the day, and the NEWS is a medium
through which you can talk business to almost every resident, of New Westminster
and many residents of the surrounding district. Listen to the advertising man when
he calls to talk to you.
rjffiBBMK-u^iE:;^^^ ���rijRDAY   AUGUST  18.  1906.
HAT ihe--    ������   s tb   mattei  -������.ith this bread ?    I     as at mothers  iast night and she had tho most
Iov<       read.   Well, no wondei       ur mother bakes with RISING SUN, and if the grocer sends any
: more of thi t stufl  b<  senl   lasi V nly send it back.   You get me RISING SUN FLOUR ar   I'll
ke just I- g 11       ..   as . . >m n I ������ r evei made.
Ji .LLtlxli    IflAJLdJLstliV \J
DAV-'SON. A...--.-1. 145 Hastings Street, West. Vancouver.
' Al
' 51
; v ���;
��� , ;���
\   vl
���'  i
-a j
.      J   J ��� v       .
f�� \
Wi _ ee them 1     I    ����� and 1
t set of teel ever s:
pens a
f long experieiw .
is 1       es1 n 1
��� -   ��� .
:.: ?-<TV
...���-. s \v irth c
.fit by
| Go'.rj   Filling .  .
. si.c-o
. . 55.00
I Platina Filling .
. . $1.00
Bridge Wcrk ���.;
i $5.00
, Silver Filling . .
. .    50c
Set cf Toe'.H   ,
. . $5.00
Consultation and Examination Fi-e<* of^Charge.
All Our Work Guaranteed for 10 Years With a
Protective Guarantee.
The Boston Dentists,u
Hou j 9 a. m. to 8 p. m.    Remember the Place
IO/*   Hastings   st. \V.���   Vancouver
B. C. Mills, Timber and
Trading Company
Manufacturers nnd Dealers in All ISinds of
Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sash,   Doors,
Interior Finish,     lurned Work,    Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glass.
Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining.
Royal City Branch, Columbia St.,
Telephone 12. New Weatminster.
Westminster   i Works get deadly poison
fire lat's its m
on Don      on Land
of  British  Columbia.
Drink Fr i  linci
"  and
E Die.
'  ���   ��� ���    .   r
B. C. Monumental Works
rrporter ol
Marble and Gran a Monuments
Tablets, Tr^mbsiones Etc.
New  Westminster,  B. C.
v ,       T
n| . ������
...... i ;
i   .   , -.'.
���    . ��� ���
���   was  aged
���   - -   Co-.-e  tc '     '��� ���'
ses  in  the
y   and   'I.   Di ���
'     ���
I T       |   ,.
"   :     '   '���
I ���
er    -Tiffi''-
  out  th.
.... .   oul
enci and in i
> oi ���   .
. Holmes,  YAAonflltMiBfl
., .... . ...
)  "
������ ..
��� '..������lor. Ke was
��� -.      ispectior  Servi.
Offlci    V
'���> ig
i     .   ,,
Minister    of    1
\   . st���Si
sen ce  i      *	
'..���.-. ...
Whit.       D
���   ons.
is hen       give ' '.ays
. ��� ��� <ike a | .
���    '	
v., ��� ��� Works,  f.
i , it and i
tendi ���    an . . wing i	
,':..���-...        . head  of
' . I . . ���        T Pit 1 . \ .     \".   .     '.       - I    ��� ���������
���    ,;        ��� inti       a thi   hforth
ami       ��� Icl      e appliA East corner i      he        0    Patt<  Bon
ed I      ; Id N'o. 101       ' ��� '���.   \.    '..    ;
N'o tendei e ��� \ sins,     ��    e Wesl
ertai hence South I ...
EY 0 $q , !i,o',.        . on niencement.
Si   ... fl    l.i.Ti   r   th    1! i .
Department of the I IAMES  SH VRPE.
1906. New Westminster, B. C
Wi st  E       Methi Rev,
\      .1 . S|      .... T
ill 1    7    p.    ill.       Moi     nr     -       ect,
i ,     nts;" evening   ���
-��� ��� ��� nth in the -���   ���������-     '���' ingi
���    :        I	
fioni   th.              hi
... .
Si       v. ' ������" -     Presbyti
nd  v  i    m,    Sun
;������. n Rev    i    S
flendi sto      Mi rning  sul i
\    |   .      -   ..       evening     - ;   ���
:; I  i
��� , ii
i i
Plug  Chewing
10c per cut
West  Pres i       Ser1 VI
���i   ��� ���     nd  i   p    a     S md i;   -
���_    ,. rhe   past Ri        T
will preach at bol
��� ���
.     . pi h���Services al
I nd 1 Sunday school
. .     \<    !     Rugg,
I    -   i .   , ���   .     oth services
.   i     . ' t ! i 'hui' h   Divine
��� i ��� ship at 11 i m md T 10 p. m.
Bun laj -��� hool i: : 10 p. m. Ri etoi
Rev. A. Deli. Owen.   All are welcome.
Gospel   Hall   Sixth
Bi    1 ;""
,!   H'. id   li   a     '
S '" 1
[ii,l Bll le 11.;--'   ���
1  p   ,,
I         IT       .'
1i vice "i !'. in.
A religious meeting will lie held
a* 3:45 p. m. ,at the home of K. K.
Blewett, 177 Ash street. The meeting
will be conducted in Swedish and all
Scandinavians are cordially invited.
Fierce   Heat   at  Winnipeg.
Winnipeg, Man., Aug. 17.���The excessive heat of the past few days
touched the high water mark today
end the thermometer stood at 02.8 ln
tlu' shade in the middle of Ihe after-
! noon, the highest  temperature In  re-
i cent  years.
...       ���    .
' ���       a thil;
��� ] adner
... .......
even mi      ���- ho
were gra ' e     i   '���
.    ���       were  ci
er  fi
... .... ;et ���! iwn
he in ....
" ���  ���   thus  Isola
-���   th        ��� ��� ���     ���-���'���:��� " 1
e sei ni ��� -. Ives out.
... e Ji   son   ������
.....       s  one.    Th.>   ro i I
  dnro; ed,    and
i    .     yards the so 1
        I got on fire,
...      .i  extinguish    '; i
 (-, .
Eachelors   Enjcy   Theiviselves.      *
\ er of ; onng city bai heh  -
a  ��� hui sda:  evening ai the 11
^\    ��� lunningham and s ���
.        ible timi   as the guests
Messrs    P. D Charles
McK ; ��� - Van
.   ,,        . . ..,    ,     ....
I vocal and ini        ental music and
Mi    '    lagb	
the mist  Ing while
\t " i ShilvocH  an I
��� ; ��� ocal nu	
'. '������ midnight
thi  ��� ntertalni i s were the guest ���
-:,..   . .,     t	
Indians Go to   Hop  Fields.
\ Indl ms and their
wives     ���!        Hies i itne Iti from the
icouti     ��� ahner;    on   We lnesdaj
canm      having closed
��� n  foi  the se tson.    \ htimber of-,
��� hi ���"    imi   Into iii" i lii dti a scow,
towed   bi   the   Fraser   while   others
came In "n the Transfer,    The rep-
" seatatlve  ol   the   Horst   Hop  Gar-
dens rounded up the bunch and offered them Inducements of s'icli ;i char-
actei   thai   by   noon   yesterddy    the
Whole   'avalcade had vanished. Some
wenl bj  water nnd the ealahce went
; by  train to Harrison and theti.ee to
the scene ot action al Saniis. where
they  will engage in hop picking.    ....
, o	
Mr. and Mrs. Corbould of this city
Were    passengers     on      yesterday's
Transfer to Ladner and    from    that
I place they proposed taking the stage
. and  sr ending  a  season at  Boundary
I Bay.
. t
���   i
A *f
���i ���%
-.."..ii,.. THE DAILY NEWS
Published by The Daily News Pub-
ishing   Company,   Limited,   at   their
iffiees   corner   of   Sixth   and   Front
Streets, New Westminster, B. C.
J.   C.   Brown fi.  J.   Burde
Transient display advertising, 10
cents per line (nonpariel) 12 lines to
tbs inch. Five cents per line fcr
siilrserpieut insertions.
Reading notices, bold face type, 20
cents per line, brevier or nonpariel, 10
cents per line.
;���'()! time contracts, special posi-
t.ons, apply to advertising manager.
Notices of births, marriages or
deaths, 50c. Wants, for sales, lost or
found, rooms to let, etc.. oue cent per
word. No advertisement taken for
lesj than 25 cents.
Sound were not used, an 1 it Is prob-
.. li that even a greater number will
misused next season and in 1908,
. ��� few men care to invesi $5,000 I i
;��� .ti in building and running a trap
unless 'here is a fair amount ol' cer-
that-il will catch fish enough
;.p ]<.���.:���   Sir Itself,
The newspapei.- . cne d ij an-
nounce tha: there is now another
question before the fishery commission in connection with traps in our
waters The owners of them are isk-
Ing that  they be exempted  from the
.i leration   of   iho   law   which   ena il
s   resic
Th Daily News was nor in existence when ihe question of allowing
the use of salmon traps In British Columbia waters was up for discussion,
: nd it is content for the presen to
say, simply thai i; believes a mist . ���
was made, and an injustice .lone.
when   traps  w.-re  allowed.    The one
��� iment in favor of allowing hi :..
v.as thai the trap-caughl iish of
Puget Sound were verj much (heap. .
than the net-caughi fish of the Frasi r,
thus giving the American canned salmon one advantage ovei' ours i:r tin
market. Events have knock".i thai
argument out, and other "reasons"
are now made to do luty; and it
seems quite probable that the us
of trajis in Juan de Fuca straits will
also (except in the years of the big
run) be discontinued���knocked out by
events as was the argumenl referred
to. Unless the salmo . literally
swarm In the straits, sa thai the
(Ages of the schools are, :0 ' i speak,
pressed against the 3hor . these traps
will not pay. To a certain extent
the same is true of Pugel Sound
traps; bul there the channels are
often narrower, and the line of mai
of the fish is not so direct. This
year  a  number of  trap  sites on  the
ihat the period from August 25 to
Seat. 15 be an absolute "clo.-e time"
as far as salmon fishing i> concerned Theii- plea is thai Ihey have lost
money this season (\hich is pjuw
ably true of most of them), and thai
they shoulil be allowed a chance I >
recoup themselves by "fishing for
cohoes." Now, when it is known that
one has losi money in a commercial
enterprise, ihere is a natural Inclination to say "give him another
chance;" but, unless thai be an argument, ii is hard to see what argu-
.. enl can be used In support of I he
. io osal. Fishing for salmon In these
waier.- is illegal between i . i lal -
. imed. If the law is sus ended in
favor of  some  of those  engaged   in
. ��� business of fishii g, n asi be
s ispended In favor of all, T> pul
r more correctlj. there mu sl no
., rtial   suspension,     Th     law    musi
e  repealed or enforced
I; musi also be borne in min I thai
i; i- either nonsense to tali  of traps
fishing for coin.-'-." !:' I r ips are
fishing al all, they are fishing : i
everything thai comes along, tr m
:��� .-.'al to tommy.cod. Gill nets on the
"���ther hand, having largei ��� : -mailer
meshes, can fish for cohoes withoul
catching smaller fish. Therefore,
while some show of arg un nl ��� iuld
be   made   in   favor   of   alb wing   gill
ne-  fishing for c ihoi ince a  close
31 i - in in August-Si ptei ibi    (ir these
Ah is nol particularly ne essary���
the same argumenl will i it apply
to  trap.--.    Ye:   when   a   r imor    got
ibi iad  that  gill  nel   fishing  was  to
allowed,   an   article,    apparentlj
"inspired," In one    " the governmenl
., ; e.s. denounce I    the isal    as
The whole cr; now is "preserve
the sockeye���let enough of them get
through to the spawning grounds"
Some drastic changes in the line of
further restrictions hav n prosed,   and   the   appointment   of  the
presenl   commission,   although   il   is
require: an 1 expected to look in every
quesl I   with   the   fishing
iresl - ol   : he  province,  w is large-
lue   to   riit.   agitation   arising   out
of  this  cry  "preserve  the  sockeye."
!:'. then there is now a suspen
sion  of inn u :   . lose  season   in
i. tl      tra] 5,   which     will   of
course catch every sockeye that runs
agajinsl i:    will   stultify     the
whole work of the commission so far
i thai work relates I the matter
of   ; resen ing   tl e   socke
,Ai will lo .s imething .Vse fclso.
Ii will show jus; where cert tin of the
idvo :ates of fui ther resl riction stand,
li thej are foun I to be in favor ot
this proposal, no further proof will
be needed thai it is their own divi-
I i. Is and n I the so rkeye, which
thej are anxious to preserve and in-
ciease   ar   ol hei   peoples.'   expense.
Funeral   of Capt.  Croll's  Son.
'At bodj of George Walter Croll,
the twelve year old son of Captain
James Croll, who was accidentally
.liown.'.I '���> falling overboard trom his
father's boat on Wednesday afternoon, was laid al resl in the Odd-
t . neterj      esterdaj    after
noon. The service at the family residence, Regina street, was conducted
lr. the Rev, .1. S. Henderson, and was
verj Impressive. The six young
:.;.;. is ol ; ..- lecease I W ho hail heen
selected i.> act as pallbearers, were:
Walter McKay, Benjamin Gunn, l.yn-
d u Rolfi. William I:. 10I s, Edward
iirooks   an i   Karl   Blair.
A large number of floral tributes
���t e place 1 on ihe coffin of lire de-
��� ase i. test ifj Ing I . ihe widespread
sympathy which A :.A ior ihe family
in their sad bereavement. Flowers
were  sen;   by'the  following;
Mr. and Msr. H. <A Chamberlin,
t praj :     Mrs.   Ralph    and     children,
i t ; .Mr. and Mrs. A. .1. Hill, spray ;
Mi and Mrs. Ed. Walmsley, jr.,
spray; .Mr. and Mrs. Alex. Matheson.
spray; sweet peas, Mis. Rees; flowers, Annie an.l Dorothy Imlah; Mr.
enl Mrs. C. M. Nicholson anil family,
wreath; Mr an.l Mrs. T. Mowbray,
>vreath; St. Andrew's Woman's association, wreath; Mr. ami Mis. Archi-
b ihi, sr., harp; Mr. and Mrs. D. .1.
Stewart, cross; Mrs. K. B. Stinch-
combe, cross: the Misses Archibald,
crescent; Mr and Mrs, .1. Pope,
spray; Nelson ani Arthur Newman,
spray; Mrs. Wm. Coatham, spray;
St. Andrew's Mission Band; Ernest
Ella    i.l Harrj  Bowden (Vancouver),
spray; .Miss Mabel Nicholson, spray;'
Earl HI.ii.'. spray; Mr, and Mrs. Wm.
Blair, flower.-; Mrs. McKay, spraj :
Willie Archibald, cross; Mr. and Mrs
G iff oi !. sr., spray; Russell Vanstone,
spray; Mr. and Mrs. (.'. Ii. Croll
I Vancou ver l. cross; Mr. and Mis. Wn..
A;chibald, jr., spraj: Annie, Jami -
Estella and Sidney, brothers and sisters, spray: K. B. Brown, spray; A
Plester, spraj: Ameda Nicholson,
spiay; Edward an.l Bernard Wis.,
.-..ray; Sl. Andrew's Hoys' Guild,
wreath: l.y.lon Rolph. spray; Mr, and
Mrs. W J. Corbett, anchor; Mr. ani
Mis. Fritz E, Eickhoff, flowers: Mrs.
E Bro iks, cross; Mr. ani Mrs. M.
Young, spray; Alex. Luzler, flowers; l
Mrs. and Miss Russell, spray: Miss
Pringle and Miss Rowan, wreath; Mr.
ami Mrs Farrant, spray; Mrs. J. M.
Archibal I.  spray.
Hvj. i$  In rMstcry.
328���si    !!���' . ;>..,���  ,,,-  , ���,,,,st inune,
first Chi        n       p roi   dl ��� I In Romi .
''���'-   Jala: Earl Rus    .    | . Ime minister of ',
Greal   I.        i  In  :-���.. ... born in Lon-
��� I .n. dl   I ISTS
IS '   Dr. James Beal        po a.   last .-.f the
nstrel I at Al.. rdi   i
1807 ��� 'hnrli - Frani Is Ad ims, Am rican
statesman ind dlpl im o. L'nlted Stati i
minister t i England during tho civil
war. Iji m In Boston. died there 1888,
187"    rwo -. -  '   tea   il  Mars were dlscov-
I Pro r   As iph    Hall    at
''. i hIng I  n
l :������; IT I'. - ��r F edi rick Will im Crouch,
compn f "K ithli en  M 11 i  ri ��� in,"
died in  Portland, M       b    n 1808
1 " : I'i dro Uvai lo M si. o'a mining
I.i' ���. .li "i ..I . Ihihu i a i. leaving an
estate of '
i:""t ' :������ . r ti Sto el, Ru Ian comman-
.1 i.' i I' irl i I r, refus. d to sur-
rend, r the post, aa demanded by the
J ��� 11 ��� in    ��� cider,
I      W. R. Gilley, 'Pttone l-zd.
J.  R. Gflley, 'H^j,.
I leal.U'S   ln
Coal, Lime, Brick, Sand, Cement,
Fire Brick, Fire Clay and
Crushed Rock.
Also agents H. U. fottery Co. sewer pipe, etc.
Local agents Vancouver Portland Cement Co.
Office, Front Street, New Westminster, B.C., Near C.P.R. D
'Pnone 1-b
Another   Japanese   Loan. Suspect  Arrested.
London, Aug.  17.���Japan, according      Brandon,  Man. Aug   11
to the correspondenl al Tokio of the \-t <���  wns made lasi  nigh
Daily  Telegraph  will  .shortly   issue a Hon with the shooting ol     i.
debenture loan in connection witb 'he ,, boarding car al Kemnn    aeon
^tanchurian  railway     The Issue  will lon  of the  murdered   a
be made largely in Greal  Britain and accused.    Howevei  the
the  Unite I States, e    have gol  the rlgh
Layii ij For 1 iim.
'���   1 you e .   ���   :���.   :    ist o "
a busy day t-_> c mra late !! egotism
o: tb i man wh j ���   ��� - iiu b ���
cause he :' ��� :..���:.���:... i..:y,. : .
al h ime?
il"   tblii'j i
have the ��� :       > the ral
hail nud   ither lllii   's ia the goods
Hue are   . ' ��� ��� i ,       tree as hi
passes ��� i his
ner.' sprl .. ��� . and . r, I his . . iw ...
He ''��� ������-.,'. Iiu       tiir'j the rain fall
alike   in the j        r.ul ujusl     A
tliiuks that the     .. ..���   ��� ��� ���:������ n-.
or whi : T-    . .ver is
needing  , ;    - ��� :.   ��� .        nm get
ting tu p : re ... i nci'.i ..:..:. ler as
e impared : . ��� ' ��� . he is ��� .: ��� ted
or .: a
The mun li.i . ��� ' t'i v. ij' ih iui
It Is too L . '- i !e:i t) provide
bin - If ' ill; a in I re la ia the uatu
ral waj . ; . ' ������ re imp, an.l ile-
serv '- i i .. .'���' a iln
Judge  (abruptly):    "One dollar."
Vaarant   (philosophically):    "Yer  honor  'II   never  know  cie   rasi   ^ilue  uv  I
dallar til! y-r try ter get it out uv rr>9."
ISO in Gold!
Reichenbach  Company,  Limited
Competition Closes Saturday, September 22, 1 906
First Prize $50 in Gold.       Second Prize $25 in Gold
Fifteen Prizes of $5 each in Gold
A printed check will be given to each cash customer showing- the amount of their purchi ;e. Our weekly
and monthly customers will also be given coupons for the amount of their bills on payment of .same.
When you get $1 worth of checks present them at our office and get a coupon. The coupons are all numbered in duplicate. One is given to the customer and the other is deposited in a sealed box. The first number
drawn wins the first prize: the second drawn wins the second prize; and so on through the list.
IMPORTANT���All holders of prize coupons must present them on or before October 10th, 1906,
otherwise same will be distributed among the charitable institutions of the city.
Columbia Street
its     ff'S
NewlWesthiinster SPITOBDAV.
AUGUST  18.  190b.
Smith S
Basket Picnic
, ���;���-,'-���' ��aleofa    kind   of r 1    ,mi rchandise
A   : Iftal  clearance.    Price  are   .,  *   cut I , . notch
-the bargains are arranged soyou can'l make a i istakeon
he price,    had:  table  shows good: of one prici   and each
1    "'      :   ; ' ''-  "���   ""���    ri ������.    Ci me and   -.-������ how
��� extra woi   a dollar wil! .A   -..
Basket No. 1
Boj -    an !   Girls'  Fine  Ribbed I   itton   H closi
is; extra he ivy in the leg     tonne
i     md  25c;  this s ile    IOC
n uie wli
Basket No. 2
Blouse Sel 3  on
lety pii mil lain
ras    : r mt, foi mei A   25c
Basket No. 3
Colore 1 X".-   R      ...      tt        i il   blue,   pin .
.'.. ���. lei.   gi ...   an !   ye low , 5 inches - ���
Ide,  formerlj   25c;   this  sale    J.DC
Basket No. 4
Handsome   Pers in Ribbon     ���������.���    large flowers in
various col  rs,  IA and 6 li   In    ��������� Ide,    ��� nv
reg liar 75c foi   6 ������ . an I for .... ^OC
Basket No. E
Ladies' an I Mis -  of  white  kid,  with
brass    i : '      md white and pique with col-
piping,   ��� and   ��� ��� /~v ���
Basket No. 6
La lies   D ��� lei ed  Cotton   li ise,
ack,   ... '              il   �� . 'I soles;   sizes   8 A.  9,
erl             ��� iis %-j~
ile    ZOC
i Basket No. 7
Astounding  values In V\ ish Cl inds, muslins, -lacks. J
nany  worth  23     ind -.  -.   -,    /��
12 l-2c
Basket No. 8.
Br >������'- a,   Green  and  Red  I.
fancj   dress   g	
3c and   10c.   this sale  ....
own and  -
T. H. Smith
267 Columbia St., New Westminster, B. C.
1  iffle In and see our assort-
!     uent of the famous
I   |
$f     r\4
I    which arrived a short time ago.    a.      ,\
11 swei'..
Phone  157.
lr rt ."���'���-.'    I
Wo have not only the largest 5
and best stock of WATCHES $
in the city, but also have the ��:
,   -��� ���-JiSS solo  agency for thc HAMIL- J
��� TON WATCHES which for accurate time keeping 3
* cannot be beaten. jj,
I     W. C. CHAMBERLAIN, !!i" lewder, Columbia St. |
Local News Briefly Told
Sen ..   I hampionship I'acr issC '���    '
this a tei nooi ''���.
The A. I! C cannery on :Ii��? south'
. . of 'ii" rivei has closed tor the
e ��� sol.
A lai -������ t. . d Hindoos left on
the Transfer yesterday ������> work In the
lumber  yards  al   Ladner.
A car load of rice tea and wine
. ime in from China yesterday, consigned i" local  Chinese merchants.
The lt('v- ���'��� s Henderson has returned tn ''"' ri' after being away
i   few   weeks  pn   his  annual  holiday.
The  liluine  carnival   will  open  on
icte i cm-: lera ile Interesl n I at-
I . ion. Due kite ua - ;r 'le end of
700 feel ot string    estei lay,   ind '.va
in    lu.
e   form   of   a   A. ge   bird   with
outsrtetch^  wInga
Duncan Mrisl'ven' a farmei *'h�� has
heen an inmate ot .the ""' : Colum-
bian hospitail toi ��oma E''"' ,ii" : '
thai institution yesterday tnoii":,n=-
The cause of his death Is gived kt>
diabetes of 'he kidneys. Mr. McNlven was only twenty years of age,
-.:. : casus ovei recently from Scot-i
1 in I, The funeral will rake place at
il o'clock this morning from Murchie's -
Just Received an excellent line of Pictures of
all grades.
OLEOGRAPHS 20 x 40 for $1.50
OILS, good size        ��� ���   $2.00
See them.    They will delight your eyes, tempt
your purse and make you happy.
Moulding in large varieties.    Framing a specialty.
Dupont Block. Telephone 73. ���
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^. undertaking  parlors   to  tic    Masonic
���Monday next      A n .Tiber of citizens  ceme
have   expressed   their   intention    of
:  I in-  In  the  celebration.    ">   "��� ;
The resl I.-nts of Laduer  will  fvdaj
��� ' upon the bylaws regarding -w
lighting of the town an I the selling
o.  i ertain to vn  lo a to the 0, X   R.
' iimpany.
The ��� ���... tia    '.:..- is who �� n    ar-
ftei noon while un-
��� ��� Infl .������'.!      ���  liquor, were fin-
��� ���.���-' 50 an i cos - al the police court
��� -���������:' la;       irnl
���yes  an
cle    In  the     inne    .      ,      -. Ia;
ol      thi nen      dre��
"skunks."   There Is a fair:.,  good . un
ol   spi Ing -   an I    in   odd   steelhead   is
. reeping   Into  I he  c I
Officer .Tohnsi n irrested i man
e : Slni on yesterd . ��� aftei i m,
while the latter was < itting ��� a -
on ��� he sl reet, I hi res ill ol too '..any
,.'. ..ions. Simp on wil : ice i ��� police   ni igistrate   thi -   morning.
A big S .'<��� le, i. ime I Pi ��� 31 .. for-
fi Ite : sr, bail 1 ol .,.; earina ai the
police couri  yesterda ben
his name .was < alle I. He ��a ��� want-
e I to answer a < hai gi il having
iei a drunk on the pul ii.- sl e 1
Mrs McLean and daughter ind Miss
Edgar of Brandon spent a few hours
,:. - be citj : .--'������: . 11 afti rnoon and
lefl for Portl n . and ol her coasl cities
v. ill ti en i .1 fe ��������� ��������� ��� ������'.. -
iefo ������ :eturning to theii bome in th
wheal   city.
The   Roi erl   Dunsmuir   came   into,
poi t   via   the   N'oi th   Arm   I is:   evening >viih a ten swifter boom of logs
tery at Sapperl 11 __ 	
The city  band   Will  play on  Colum- 	
[a  streel  this evening.    On account  ��'*"*"*"*������*��� *-*^
it many complaints having been re-
':t.H'.i,| f|-i,ni lhe local merchant- 'liar
ih,' Cfo '.I that gathered to listen to
the b md inferfei n I with business, l(
has i.e.-'.i de'eidea that Instead Ot ?&
maining   ifl  the   same  place  all   rhe
evening as  t0�� ' n d ine on previous
occasions, the f>��i i ��'iil play a couple
ol select! ms In sai -. place, and then
move on to some ol I. i jpot, By
thus :., iving from pfa ��� to place, the
crowd will be .- isi .1 dfj broken up,
and , ��� 1 .:.- will nal tl ��� atten I to
their shopping el ��� ten 0 eleven
11 I ick.
Battle  in   Hotel.
A. man named Brown, w 10 .s onlj
released from the penitentiary yesterdaj after serving a throe year
tern, ror assault with intenl to kill,
made things interesting in the Cosmopolitan hotel j'estei laj evening, when
le- had a short and shar 1 struggle
with another hotel loungei Before a
decision could be arrived at, the
couple were pried apart, and kept,
apart by main force until their passions had time to cool.
��� o	
Whiskey  Causes Trouble.
Rye juice accounted : n two men
- ending tiie night behind the bars.
Billy Viano was brought to the polic ���
station by Officer Bourke. who found
him sleeping on the C. P R, tracks.
Officer Stephens escorted rhe other
transgressor,   Tom   Luff,    from    the
Reduced Prices
Ladies' Blouses and
Shirtwaist Suits I
The   White House
A. J. BIRTCH. 275 Columbia St
in low. The loirs came from the International lagging company's camp Fraser-hotel to the lockup after Tom
on Burrard Inlet and were taken to ' had several times dared him to do
the Fraser River mills. lit.    Tom  put  up  a  stiff fight  before
The civic steam roller is busy he would consent to accompany the
these days al Leopold I'Ar- where officer, and after arriving at the -
the road bed l<s being buni up with tion acted in a mam thai led the
crushed rock from Pitt lake and roll- police to believe that rhe man would
ed smooth and hard. Thar section develop an attack of delerium tremens
of the streel  will soon be one of the   before the night was over.   Both will
Special Clearance
Sale of Shirts
Our regular good
values ��� $1.25, $1.50
and $2.00���to clear the
firmesi   and  best  In  the city.
The funeral ol I he ial e J iseph Hash
Edwards was held yesterday afternoon it I he English i hurch cemetery,
Sapi erton the Rev. Mr. Bell officiating. \ li i ge crowd of relatives and
.- len a atten led. The pall bearers
wi re: David Burnett, B, Chis [ell, John
Buck, John Hanson. James Murphy
I '.,.:. Johnston,
��� i - -   Fraser  wh i  ��as    f ir    some
:..��� connected with the local teaching  si ifl  lefl   for her new   si hool at
Trail yesterday.   She was accompani-
om   ol   he    .    mer  pu\)ils  o
Revel    ike,    named  Erlck    An li   - n,
who  has  been  visiting  at   her home
Iui lng  the holi laj   season.    He
accoi .pany   her   as   far   ;.-   his
home In   Revelsl ike.
iIhli : Mcintosh has received an invitation to atten ! a < onvention of
. hief  constables   to   be   held   in   T >-
nto  earl     nexl   m mth,    The  chief
oes  n il   think  that   he  will  be able
iti  -. I   the   i invenUon,   as  lie   Is
. isj   al   thla time  ol  the    i a
. ��� lng aftei  the welfare of the many
Si' .; ... ���   ��bo   develo ���   a  ta ste   I n
.. [ui r  after  tbe   fishing  season  i-  ovei.
Tin- Maple Leafs ol Vani ou\ i ind
the .New Westminster seniors pla; a
championship I icrosse m itch at
i; m's Pai !���  thi i aftei noon
Roberi McDonald, the i .even num' a -
old s .'i of Roberi Mel (onal I if V ������
toria, died al the Orphanage yester.
day moi ning from d; sentry. The bodj
will be Interred In the Oddfellows'
e nete , al *.>;.���,..���. I in I hi - aft irnoon, ���
Mr. McDonnl 1 ��a - iver fr im Vic- ',
i iia earlj   thh   n ei '.t again ',
on Wednesday.    \ lelegram was senl   ;
i i  m:in al   Yi.: i,.     Ivi -ia i  him  of ���
the   Chil i's   death. '���
''ie following will  i    r sent    Mew ;
Westminster In i he eric e   n ai ch to  ;
be   play, d   in   \'.u,i ouver   Ih'.s   afternoon;   !���:.   Peers,  T.   OI ly,   P.  Lash-
man, Rev. c. W. Ho igh ton, A. Malins,
Howard,  Lacey, J.  ii. Vidal.  E   Bac-
11,it, Faulder and C. Purvis, On Men
daj   Ihe New Westminster team will
travel  to Victoria  wh re they arc i -
lake pan   In the cricket  tourname I
taking ; lace In  the (apital i II,   n
:\ eek.
Flags have heen oj Ing over 1 iiina
town during the 11 I tew days In
lu nor of one i f : be numerous Chi-
���a se festivals, Kite fl; Ing has be m
���. : ted In am ' or of the n sl
. ,|. li :., .;,, n anil the fanciful
���  Igns cf a ip :. '   i of the kites hav i
parade this morning before the police
Partner   Had   It.
A fisherman reported I i the city
police yesterday evening thai his
boat had been stolen from the wharf
where he had tied II up. While the
alleged robbery wa - sing Ini ist gat
. I, the fishei man ma I ��� a second, cal!
. ��� ��� he station explaining thai his
partner had taken the boat a :i i -
he 11\ er and �� oul I be b icl u - ime
evening. The man had forgotten all
about his partner's trip when he ma ie
the complaint
The   Don-arion    Music   Company    Has
Ooened a Studio in the Holrr-.es
We have competent teachers tor
advanced studies with violin, piano,
voire, flute, cello, string, has,-, mandolin, guitar and banjo.
our school system Is heartily endorsed by musicans, teachers and
le lers of instruments, We invite
your enquiry and  Investigation,
I'aren'- are made welcome al rime
of children'.- studies. Pupils range In
age from S I i 15 years. We te ich
from the most  reliable works.
A fine display of Instruments given
with  tuition  is to  be seen In  Cum-j
mlng's stoi    ..n  Col imbta street.
Sizes 14' to 17
How nicely and easily a Cake can be iced with
Cake Icing
Chocolate, Pink, White, Lemon, Orange,
Almond,   Maple  and  Coconut Cream.
Advertise   in   The   News
Balloon Ascension and Parachute Jump every day,  and many other free
acts.   Dancing every day and night and a big continuous Vaudeville Performance
One Whole Week of Fun.   Baseball and   Other Sports
p m
\  Wednesday,   August   22nd,   British    Columbia    Day  |
?���>�����������������������������������+�������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ������������!���*������*������*���������������������������������������>
.    ,���:-'�����
��� .* i
* ������   j
i   \��
i '
��� i
'������������::>��� E.
"     ��� ��� 'A
���'  '"I
i i'li!i.
'E   ��� fW-J" I
i*' * ���',' i ���
'     Pa.'Ki:l,
~i-i.ixitmma THE DAILY NEWS
Hov.   a   Bumblo   D:s   t\'.zc.e   a   Sprinter
Out  of  Critic.
< Inp tiny as     e Bum   e Boo wai
Bitting on  the I ���:���   .     oi   .  I o <
and  -'.''.     - li. tak u.
things e;,-;,  .-..������
called out:
Humor one Philosophy
Excellent Train Service Between
Chicago, London
Hamilton, Toronto,
Foot of 4th Ave.   Cor. Mth  Street
New Westminster, II. C.
All kinds of Ship repair
It is n mi '.. 5 strong woman who Is , * l
able to hold her toucue. WOl'K. . ��*       ��� 1    /\      L
Ship and Scow  Building-Montreal, Quebec,
Onlv a blooming Idiot plans a stren-       ���_rti:���'|.j.,T r��        l        l     r��
* ��oushoiiarry. a specialty. Portland, Boston,
tn      ������   \ ou toil i it, m ��� ���:��� Estimates* promptly fur- 7 7
t .        '    ��� are ahvavs ��� ititi    I   i       A scrappy coupli   is apt to And that  ,-jAUPf] " ' And all the principal business centers of
bread of others" | court calls'follow courtship. niMieu.^   ^   mmmmwmmm.^^m.M \ ONTARIO, QUEBEC and the MARL
"That's :   little wav I have   ���
st>  usual.     Do von know   i hat y
.���  .   ,.   ' talking about liis football days.
ill fee .'   .
"Tin n you In I In -! Call oul or! it.
My di ar sir. evi rybodv v orks I ut
father, and C yon ivanl to save your
.- haracte'r pi t !. -,'."
"1 think I will, and thanks I'or
your inti n -; in me."
Tin reupon  I In   Bumble   v   ni  nl
il i.: ; '" :'. i:" ': " man thn <  '��������� t
fro:::    tin    : i      ill   nnd    ran   Iiini
ai      d two h     tacks and a cider    ^.cr
mill lo be mi I with the complaint:       ""
"Alas, bui owing lo your ai tivity
ai I ih" vigorous manner in which
a lot of ti.i" names fnr
M��M��y Ll".vs a  i.i oi   nne names mr   waukee   &   S(    pau]   R.liKvav      TKj
man's mean quail own .in,j 0,lt.r;ile tile.;r own  sleeping
PHILADELPHIA, via Niagara Falls.
124 Eighth St., \eW Westminster, B.f.        For Time Tables, etc., address
 i GEO. w. VAjX.
//mi a*.i i �����   Assistant (len'l Passenger nnd Ticket
Thp jyliiwaiikee     u''1;wAli'" st ChicaK"'I!1
"The   Pioneer  Limited''   St.  Paul  to
Chicago,   "Short  Line"   Omaha   to
Chicago,   "South    West     Limited"  ask THE TICKET AGEXT
Kansas City to Chicago. TO SEND VOL' OVER
railroad   in   tire   world   that   equal   in     "THE NORTHWESTERN LINE"
equipment that of the  Chicago, Mil-   Eight Train? Every Day in the Year
Berth No. 494," will be received at
this Department until noon ou Wedne lay, the 8th day of August, 1986,
for a license to cut timber on Berth
No. 194, comprising the Wes: half oi
Section -ii. Township 5, Range 7,
West of the 7th Meridian, containing
an  area  of 303 aires  more Or less.
The survey of this berth is to be
made within one year of receipt of
The regulations under which a .i-
cense w-ill he issued, also printed
firms of tender anj envelope, may he
obtained at this Department or .it th*
office of the Crown Timber Agent at
New Westminster, D. C.
Each tender must he accompanied
by an accepted cheque uu a chartered
hank In favor of the Deputy of the
Minister of the interior, for the
amount of the bonus which tbe applicant ls prepared to pay tor the license.
No bender by tel< graj b will I e enti rtained.
Department of the Intel - I ' ttawa,
June 23, 1906.
Railway Company
Two   fasi    tran8continenl
with dining cars and throu
and   first-class   sleepers  flail
Atlantic   EXJ re .   leaves
Imperial   Limited,   eave
Cheap Excursion to Toronto
and  Return. *,,.
Sept. 8,9, & 10   W.15
Good till Nov. 30th.
C. P. R, Age
New Wesl    n8tcr
Assistant   General   Passenger   Arent
you (1 --you have given me      ���  ,. llrCB ��� ,.,,,, .,,.,.., .��� ,���. (lis   and dining cars on alll their trains and
palpitation of the hearl and caused agreeable  nnd   amiable  ar   the   same
nie to lose a whole day's v oi A" tim >.
Moral -    11"   who   wakes    ip   a
Bleeping dog should bi   pn   ared t        Little sins make then so solid
outrun him.���Chieairn S'i     . Ui '��� !:   ,:-'! v;"
  pi rtlal : . them.
Unconscious Greatness.
Minneapolis, St. Paul
and Chicago
...  ��� ol  I il  w we are
him In n brickbat.
"The   anccsto; - mn   y ��� i
bi .:."'���.      rkctl
frii nd, " lisplaycd \ ���< ���
"< 'erl It is n  good  thin r for a  lazy  man
hough I    person,    wl        o       t thai   be   doesn't   km w   I. iw   to   quit
Thev had no ii breathing, but it is toujrh on the rest
give   their   patrons  an   excellence   of
servi e ;,  t    btainable elsewhere,
II. S. ROWE. Genera!  Ac t.
134 Third St., cor Alder. Portland, < ir. TIIE TRAIN  OF  FAME
t~-m-xr*'..^*.  V3~.r-if.r- Embi dies the newest   and best ideas
Lanacidn t aciric      ,.r   C0MF0RTj  convenience
and   LUXURY,     It  is   lighted   with
While it is doubtless true thai tl e   Royal Mail Steamship  \.E\EEL   ������h ti      , ���       ?���,��  Synopsis   of   Canadian    Home-
are  sermons In  s here  is  also J     H   stead Regulations
quite often a verv forceful and pointed       If vou are sending ur family   brilliantly   illuminated   train   in   the
om thi       . C   itnry you   'v?rld'     The   equipment   consists   oi
...tc   compartment   cars,   standard
were to
icgtnn Si
of ihe world.
will   save   mom i Ing   tickets   .
it.  section   sleepi rs,  luxurious  dining
car. reclining chair cars  (seats  free),
Xext  s  iling  Empress  Britain from modern   day   .               and   buffet,   li-
Quebec   Aug,   23;   thi    ���   ������    est   and brarv and  smoking cars.
mosl elegant  stei mi r.    I         ites    i ���' Fi r  Time Table .   I   ' '��� rs,  or any
People .may   talk   much   about   the   other      rtii liars apply to further   nf ri    I    n     ill  on  or  write
Blase.                               '       '��� s  ,!;   poverty  and  not  bave a p   W   PARKER
ere your  .      '    '���    Pn^sing acquaintance with it.                                     ED. GOULET, 'GENERAL AGENT,
d   : *"-' Imtllei''' c, .,.,.. ,. r   ���   r   AiiFNT f20 Secoi I  \venue, Seattle-, Wash
,.., ... Somet:;    -  oues  truth  telline nnali- t"  r*.  H. AutNi.
\\ hul    vi. re ioI    nsr    re
peal     ihe 11 ii   '.' ..  '.
"Yes.    ;' .-"
"I    111,       Sl .' I T
Sonieti; - one's truth ti lling quali-
Ities .:��� tei ribly dwarf 1 i y one's imagination.
Canadian Pacific Railway Co. Trains  &   Steamers
1 r-Jou
Sufficient  Proof.
The Summer Shower.
How pi nt Is I '     j ���:���:���-:
The bis h : patter on the street
An.I I.t   th.    lust and fre.-.hen thil --
And hi Ip to cl :,'.    .   thi   hi  it;
The gratel lifts        Its 1   ad,
An.l as the gentle ralndr ps p n
Each 1 lad    pr.     ed    I    take a drink
And tlr-ii start; In i i prow si me more.
British  Columbia  Cc.'.st  Line
(Subject to change witnout   notice.
Li ave  Ni w  Westnilnsti r 7.:;:,   lail \
Leave New Westminster 17.20 daily.
Arrive  New   Westminster  10.30  daily.
Arrive New Westminster 19.10 dailv.
Lv. N. W. 7.25, Ar. Seattle 15.50.
���: ineess Beat u Vancouvei   Lv. .Seattle, 12..".0;  Ar. N W. 20.20.
'   - '������'���   ,;'h- C. P. R. WESTR. JUNCTION
Princess    Maj    li   ves    Vancouver  Lv,   N.   AV.   7.25,  9.35,   17.20,   19.2'5.
Augusl  12th. Ar'   N'   w-  !''ir''  10'3n-  19-10,  20.20.
The crop   that had bei   n to b.
Afn.. I they v, i Idn't quite mature
Feel healths   onci     .  iln and say,
"It's threat to take tl ter i   n ."
Thi   lettuce and the o       .1-1.
The pai      y and 11 talk
L"��vepl!      ,' '   .   '      ���'     .^uid      Princess Beatrici    i   .��� i Vancouvi C. P. R. MILLSIDE SPECIAL.
May  ISth. Lv. New VVi   tm nsti r 6.10 a. m,
*Vlam   <E?^ ��
��� IfTi c Bi iy ���Ves, sir, t lie boss is
Caller    !     ecd!   There sei    - I
be some one   n his o,'i;   ���.    I low do
0     e Bo;     'i' .��� ���������   I        ���   |    n
'im i   .. ������ ,. . a    || |   uiiothei   tack
o' bl    ..������    lAi.A.T... Pn    .
Th- ��� . ::.-..
��� f -.'.   ��� not al
And hrrrii        t u.nween i      drops
To t      ii :      [. to \  ,T
An tl e v e r 1 w
The angl. i
Thai on tl . -        m .y stroll
To greet I       i    ���. ..       rami r time.
Vancouvi i       GREAT NORTHERN  :: ULWAY,
Lv. N. W. 9.21     '..: ar, Seattle I i ,m
Lv. N. W. 4. IE : ,ni.; ar. Seattle 10 p.nj
l.v. Si attle, 4.34 ;.. ;::.. ar. N. \V. 9.35,
VANCOUVER.   VICTORIA    SEATTLE ,,     _,    ���    , ,
Prim ess    May    li a ,
At tst  22n I.
Pi In ������- -  Bea rice le; . ��� -  Vancouvi r
A ie isi  29th.
Prin;ess Victoria.
Li Vi ���'��� r daily at 1  p. m.
Oh, y.py. I it It pretty poor,
I'm  still ii a hil
TJnless j ou hapi       to I.i
With no    -  ' li mitt,
Thoi ���;. li hili   all 1    I     e Is so i    .1
Vou do not 1 rt I -. VICTORIA      NEW     WESTMINSTER
Bl as      ,. ROUTE.
Or better were it nr.t to v.'et.
  S. S. Charmer.
,���   , ,      ; r"/' Ui .- ���   Wh  tmin ter at 7 a. m.
I   hear-  the  ,1m :��� le; -  are  wash ng    ���  ,;.   ,       . ,  ,,     .
their dirty Hi    i In public." ' and
"Yes;  lh:'.'.'  art' .������.}   want
their   m    li  or    to   A.  iv   how   many
pieces they have."
Lv. N. W. 3 p.m. and 9.35 p.m.
Lv. Vanco iver -   j a.m., and i p m
I.v.  N.  W. 9.20 a.m.;  ar,  G il :boi
2.20 p.m.
Lv.  Guichon  -,.:ii  p.m.;   ar.  N.  W
9.35 p-m.
Mondays only,
Lv. New Westminster ii.aO, 0.50, l
Lrchir.r;  Forward.
' ��� nti I I i::i w I hnven'l I a
to live, doctor, and when ! ��� I
wani yo to p rm an n ti psy.
I'm   ven   nn> to   know   ,; isi
whnl's the mitttei \< :: me. Translated l-'oi '!'��� I. - i .".'in l-liei.'ende
Gcr.l y   R.^^iinded.
"So soi :i ;' ij :." : mrmured tin
visitor pudh .
"lib.  i ra. i A   ,.���   are y ������:.
thinking nln     A
"Thai  live 1     r.1 u��t wecii
for a dim"    I'etroit l-'reo Treys,
A   Mai ine View.
"A r������- ��� I iliffcrci :. e win
fron   in   thii     e! ���-."
"lion so!'"'
' .'' iln ��� tietl u11 thi
shi en n't l   ike knol   in her reii
i . iim ore Ai    i    in,
L'.. ....
"Wl crc ih ���. 1. ia pet her 1 cau
',:���������     n hair from?"
"Fro n hi r fal u r."
"!   be blond?"
"No, l : : be is n chemist." 1!
Moi to por l.'i. Are.
Why  She  Loves  Him.
She Wealth is man's worsi enemy.
lie That is the reason woman
loves him for thc enemies ho hap
made, I suppose. Vonkers Statesman,
Played In Luck.
Rowan���Did you bave any Iron
ble in learning to play the cornet ?
Uli.it - None worth men! ioning,
All the neighbors were poor shots.���
Chicago News.
E-':ee   JLA
-r 'E      <E>
No ri '���������:  ro d to learning,
No ll."..   i paths of . in e,
Por klni n't sub lltule a man
To k-arn I     ���       lie
1       II       il. t.
"Whal b    " : .. .   that ��� ottle?"
"Nel" .��� i i| ilieil tile ilru) ;���    t.
"Is It Ki   i
"Oh, yes; II  udls excellently."
S. S. Josn                          | and S a. in., and <i\-j's half, hour there-
Li ives Vancouver daily* except Sat- afteT '' ' n P- m-
urday and Sunday at 1:30 ;i. m. Sat Lv. Vancouver tor Westminster al
ui ..;.   . ��� ,. :C0 p. m. isame ho-jrs.
west coast route. Fraser River and Gulf
S. S. Oueen City ,_-p  RTVER,
Leavi    VI itoria al  Ll p. tn. - a 1st, Beaver���
7th, 19th .a ; 20th ol 'ach month foi f""n ���"'��� W' Mon- ^ed. Frid. 6  i.m
A bohsil and  way points;  .eaves Vic E*0��� ^          J !l" ''!j" S'"" 7 "'"J
toria on the 7, an I 20, for Quatsino and ll'"110,M
7"    '������'-'    Victoria on 20th JKS Shwl Sn.^Al ^
"  each month Cor Cape Scott and way DOWN kivnt
;'' ���'      :      ' ,,;' '- r,'~:ii0- TraftBfer���
LOWER FRASER RIVER ROUTb. From N. VV. dally, ex. Sat. and Sun.,
Steamer Transfer 3 p. rn.; Saturday 2 p, rn.
Leaves  New  Westminster on  M ��� iV'W. trip, Monday, 5 a.m.
!-  '  ��   '    '   '���'"'"  Thursda: ZTSXhl^m*- * ^
and Fi Ida ���    t 3 p. tn, and Sal u   ij
at 2 p, m, with additional trip on M m VICTORIA and ISLANDS.
lay ai ���'. a. iii. n thet���
!���' ,t. ��� Stev '"a Monday, Tue d iy,
'���' ��� dne di . Thui day and Satur... il
7 a, iu.;  Friday al 6 a, m, additional
His Father Knew,
"Win t nre you col ..��� to do for your
son'/" ;.'i|�� Sal :: daj   6 p, in.
"Olvo hu,,  a   flmnco to  show  some      u,ppER FRASER R|VER R0UTE
other man bow sinill'l he Is,
S. S. Beaver
L'idence. Leaves  New  Westminster, 8 a, in.
"' ,lldn'1 " ":  5'0,1"R BnllelJ would  Mondays, Wedne days and Fridays,
marry d r moui!,v."
������Who said be lid?" Leaves Chilliwacls 7 a. m. Tuesday,
"Didn'l I gee lbe bride?"
Utterly  Frivolous.
"Bliggins doesn'1 lake anything
"No, answered the fan, "not
even a bnsi'liiill game."���Washing-
ton Star.
From  N.W.,  Wed. and Mon., 7 a.m.
From Vi. torJa Tues. and Sat. 4 a.m.
Mail Service
Close. Received,
Seattle, via Sumas. 10 pm. 8.20 p.m.
Sap'n & Millside. .10.00 p.m. 10.30 a.m.
Vancouver 10.00 p.m.   9.00 a.m
Cloverdale, Blaine,
Seattle, etc.,  .. 8.45 a.m,   3,30 p.m,
Van. & Cent. Paik,..10.30 a.m.   2 p.m,
ihirda.   and   Saturdays,   calling  at  victoria t0.30a.m. Hi.fHiu.m.
landings   between   New   Westminster East liurnaby  1,16   1.20 p.m.
To Be Expected, and Chllllwack. Steveston, etc��� l.30p.m, 10.30a.m.
"Notice how much foam they put oi morthfrn n  r   uniiTr East, via C. P. R...4.4B pm,   7.10 p.m.
��np of Uie irlnssos this year'.-" nokthern b. c. route. j,^ y,a (, p_ Ril0>00 f) m   ](l.,() fl m
"Sure; yon couldn't expect a square s- s- ''"ee8 Sap., Mill, Co(]'m..4.45 p.m.   7.10 p.m.
ileal out of a round glass." Leaves Vancouver at 2 p, m��� 2nd Van. & Burnahy,.8.80 p.m.   coo p.m,
and 10th of each month, culling at
Skideg.iie on first trip and Bella Coola
on Second trip. Time on arrival and
departure are approximate,
For   reservations  and   Information
;all or address
Agent, New Westminster.
Asst. Gen. Pass. Agent, Vancouver.
Unfortunately. General  Superintendent, Victoria.
"All men were born free and equal." W. II. GARDINER,
"Yes- I.nt precious few of then) evil |      Gen. Agent, Freight  Dejt.,
worked much at it." i New Westminster.
Human Nature.
If work  v.tit play
And play were work
We'd i.Nik nil day.
And play  we'd shirk.
Wanted to Please Him,
"How Billy's sweetheart is powdered
"Yes;   sb��   benrd   him   say   that   ill
liked extra pale"
Tlmberland, Tues.,
Friday   12.00 m.    12.00 m.
Tenders for a License to Cut Timber
on Dominion Lands in the Province
of Britith Columbia.
SEALED TENDERS, addressed to
the Timber and Mines Brunch, Department of ihe Interior, and marked
on the envelope "Tender for Timber
An llabli  Domli    i   Land    vltl
In the I'  Ilway Belt In British Ci
Ida, maj   ' e homestiaded ' ���  any pi ������
whi       ' h '���   head of a family,
or any n ale over IS years i I age, to
the exti ut of one-quartei ection of
160    cres, more or   ���
Ent ry  must be made pi
the local land offl e for the d I In
whit h the land I     il late,
The homesteader is required to per
fi irm the conditii n    conm   ted thei
with under one of the followii g ;     :
11 i At least six mi mths' residei ������
upon   and  cultivation  of  the  land  in
��� .    ':  yi ar  t"r three year.-.
(ji it tr...- father lor mother, if the
fath. r i dec�� asi I) of the hi mesti i ler
residi - ".; in a farm in the vicinity
of the land entered for the requin
ment- as to residence may be satis! ���
by such person residing with the father  or  mother.
Oi  li" the settler hns his permai   i i
ri     |i ���    .    upon   farming   land   owned
1 >��� him  in  the vicinity of his  hi i  i
stea I, the requin ments      to ri
may   lie    fnti-titt!   by    r- ���:.������:
the said land.
S;x months' noti e :-' wril ng -'������  ild
be given to the Commi r   >f Di
minion Lands at < Itta* f intention
to ..; ply : ir patent,
VA VV. ' ' 'RY.
Di puty  Minister of the   Inter:, r.
N. B.���Unauthorized | blical on of
��� his advertisi ment will ni ��� he paid
Sealed tenders   addressed   to   the
undersigned, marl,eil  on  the envelopi
"Tender fur Ties, 1906,"  will    be    v
celve 1 ut the office ot   thi    Commls
Blom rs ol the Tran     nthn ntal Ra
��a>-  ,.-  <ittawa, until   h      ���   i    loci
noon, of the 12th daj  ol J : .'   i I
for five hundred and  thirty-!
sand (535,000)  Railway Tii       in    i
coi lance   with  the  s; ecifications    ol
the i lommissloners,
Sealed Tender.-, ad Iressed lo lhe
undersigned, marked on the envi < pe
"Tender for Ties, 1907," wl ah
received as above until twelve o'cloc!
noon, of the 4th day of Si pi imbi l
191 .',, for one million and ti D tho l
sand 11,010,000) Railway dies. In accordance with Uie gpei Ifications i t
the Commissioners,
Ten.lers must he made nri the
forms sup] lied by the ('i mmii .done'��
v. hich, ns well ns the i pi clfii al lon >,
maj I" obtained vm application to
Hugh n. Lumsden, Chief Engineer
Ottawa, Ont., to A. E. Doucet, Dl
trii ��� Engineer, Quebec, P. <-i, or t <
A, E, llodgins, District Engineer,
K'nora, (ml.
Full Information in regard to dollv
<::es required Is given on form o!
Each tender must be signed and
sealed by all the parties to the tender
and  witnessed.
The successful tenderers will be
required I" sign a contrail in form
satisfactory to   the   Commissioners,
and In furnish an accepted cheque on
ii chartered bank of Canada, payable
to the Commissioners of the Transcontinental Railway for a num equal
to ten per cent. (Ill per cent ) of (he
amount of the tender, ai security for
the due und faithful performance of
lhe contract.
No tender for less than five thousand ties will be considered,
The right Is reserved In reject nny
or all tenders.
By Order,
P.   10.  RYAN,
The Commissioners of the
Transcontinental Railway,
Hate] ut Ottawa, June 26th, 1906
Great Northern Ry,
Time Table
V. VV. & Y. RY
9:20am Blaine,
. .
4:35 pm ham B rlin
ton, Mt. Vi ���
non, Evi i
S    ttle u
i...   | n i
{:35 pn  Spi
p ml     ������ rl
9.20 un. \i. ii
Woi  U   .
[Roi    :   rl
3:00 pm Vanco . ���
9:55 pm
l.v. Ni
Guli hou ::
C   p.   m.,
-A.",  ,,.
��� a. r.
������' :   '
.Mon la'
Route of the rai
2���Dally Overland Trains���
s ol     ���'. St. Pi  il,   Ilni
Winn;: eg,  Duluth, C ..
I."'.      . :. !   .       polnti   E
For    com] ete    Ini
ra'. b,   berth   reser
call on or : ddl i    -.
F. C. ORIF1 IN, Agi iii
Hani, of 'lommerce Bu
New  Wi   ti  ,-   ti
S, G. YERKES, A. G   :
c. ii di r Second   '������
lumbla St., Seal le, \.     i
j Northern Pacific
Trains Daily
Trav.] .in the Fan
Eleclric-lighted train.   I.��� i
Quick Time. Ex. ��� ,.
New York, Chicago,
Toronto, St. Paul
Steamshir Tickets on sale to al I   n
pean points.
Special    Reduced    Rates    Round   Tr p
Rates   to   Southern   California.
For full informtion call on or v i ti
C. E. LANG, General Agi nt,
430 Hastings St., Vancouver, B. (
Portland, Ore. V. G,   A
The White Pass
and Yukon Route
for CONR \l>. CARCRt ��SS,  v I: ":
FA1RB \NK>.    Daily  trail
Sunday)   carrying   passi n ���
expresi    and   freight   com    l
-tar. - at Car toss and White 1" ' "'
maintaining a through winb i
For information apply t"
J.  II.  ROGERS, Trail).'  Man��8tr'
Vancouver.  B. C
Spokane Falls & Sriil^
Nelson & ft. Sheppard Ry. Co.
Red Mountain Ry. Co.
The  only  all   rail  r..utc  between ��� <
points east, west and south  to  K
land, Nelson and intermedial.' P��"
connecting at Spokane with the ure
Northern, Northern Pacific and    ���
& N. Co. . ,,.
Connects at Rossland with the U"
adian Pacific Railway for Boundary
Creek points. ;,|,
Connects at    Meyers    Falls
stage (Wily for Republic.
Buffet   service  en   trains
Spokane and  Nelson,
Effective   Sunday,
Leave Day Train
9.20 a.m Spokane
12.25 p.m Rossland
0.40 a.m Nelson ������
November   'p'
-I- 1 :"
4.10 r'"
6,45 r"' cATU
RDAY, AUGUST 18, 1906.
lDB vv  EDMONDS, Barrta
ars, Blackie Blk.,
New   Westminster.
le  ii. 1.. Edmonds.
p HAMPTON HOLE, solid-
tipreme court. Offices
of  Commerce  build-
street, opposite
minster.    M-mey to
; ..ai
On the Famous
W. ��'''"
. olicitors, etc.       Of-
v. e tmin iter, Trapp Hip...
and   Lorne   si ree: s
ooms 21 to 24, 445 Orao
. eph Martin, K. ''., ..
\v.  tl,  McQuarrle,  ll.  A.
M:    Mania  wijl   be  iu th;
.   offices every Friday at
y. REID &  BOWES,  Barrie-
. itoi s,   eic.   42   Lorne
o ite   Court   Hon.-".   New
I. il. Howes, I'   (i. Iio.\
GR I'.. MARTIN,, Harris:.':- and
. Guichon block, i' ilum-
i- enzle  itreets, New West-
l  i'.
I "Oriental Limited"
Tickets on Sale luly 2,3, Aug. 7,8,9, Sept. 8,10
fcr  particulars  call   on   or  address
fr  C. (iRJFFIN, New Westminster, B. C.
Watchmaker and
Manufactvring Jeweler.
* A-,. lired a through knowledge of the
':., '������- in England with lo year- experience. Later was 7 years manager
of the watch repairing department of
Savage,   Lyman    &    Co.,    Montreal.
H .��� Birk's business managerpart of
the tim<>.   	
English, Swiss. American and all
complicated watches cleaned, repaired,
made like new and adjusted.
Charges Reasonable.
Two Doors from Geo. Adams. Grocet
8tlll Doing Business at ti-e Uld Stand.
jNION LODGE. NO. 9, A. F. & A. M.
.'. ir     'i ' Arr     .if     Ihis
:   the Flrsl  We In   - lay in
.   ti. a'  8 o'clock   p, m.. in
ii Ic   Temple.     Sojoui nil -
,   con   illj  Invite 1 to a
.   V,'.  A.  DeW df Smith,
- '   . SOLOMON  LODGE,  NO. 17, A.
A     ;;���    ilai   ( immunica-
b -  lod| ������ :   a hi I : on the
.;   .-.  I    month  in
M Templi   ..'      ;���   in.    Visit-
:en   a;e cordially  invited
i ,.    H. W. Gilchrist, Sec
Shingle and Saw Mill |""^���M
The Schaake Machine Works, Ltd.,
Columbia Street.
Full line of English, Scotcn and Irish
tweeds and worsteds always in stock
Spring  ste k  now
M;Ke vour
New WestminGter,  B. C.
I Carruthers Manufacturing Corny.
Carnarvon SL, between 10th and Mclnnis.
l_ :
Manufacturers of
i:        s.   of  !.,  meets   second and
��� ' lay of eai b  month, at 8
-    -      .:    i lr inge   hall,   coi nei   of
nue and .lohn street.    So-
.   li -  Bir  Knights   cordially   in-
i atten 1.    W. K. Dunlop, VS.
P.;   li. H. Matthias, Reg.
! Show Cases, Store Fittings and Bar Fixtures j
t ��
�� i
; Thc Carruthers Manufacturing Co. j
First Class Meals at all Hcurs,
English, Japanese and Chinese  Styles.
From 1 5c. up.
���Meets in Orange hall fi.-.-t. and
thin! Friday ln each month a' B p.
m. Visiting brethren are cordially
in-, ted to attend. E. IA Matthias,
W, M.; J. Humphries, Rec.-Sec.
I, 0. 0. P.���AMITY LODGE, No. 27���
The regular meetings of this lodge
a;.- held In oddfellows' h,:i. Colum
hia ��� eet, everj Moi I ��� evi ning,
at B o'cl ick. Vlsitini; brethren i or
rhi   I   Invited lo aitend.    S. J    '.'.., ,
N. it .  \V. C. Coatham, Rec.-Sei.
K 0. U. W.���FRASER  LOCGE  No.  :.
���Meetings 'lie Brsl and third Tues-
.a each monl h. Visli Ing
ren cordially Invited to attend
Lodge room, A. ii. U. W. hall, Odd
.-' block. Clarkson strpet. ('
nrrlgan, recorder;   Louis Witt.
i' 'ster workman.
Bank of
in i ��� .rated by act ot parliament
CAPI r Ui (All paid up).. .*n."tiu,i:i)fi
Mrs. Lizzie Chan,
Rt Hon, Loi 1 Strathcona and Mount
l: i; il. Q.C.M.G,,. .Hon  Presldenl
Hon   Sir <;. A. Drummond, President
K.  S.  Clouston,  Vice  President  and
General Manager.
General banking business trans-
ai ted.
Branches in all tne principal cities
,i Canada, in London, Eng., Xew
fork,  Chicago,  and   Bt,  Jonn,   MM.,
,i com spondents In all parts ol th6
Royal Bank
of Canada
U��;/ltal $3,000,000.    Reserve $3,137,162
Total  Asset? $3B,3/3,t>/b.
Branches   and   correspondents   in
all  the  principal   citi?s  oT  tne  world.
Cere-a!  banking  business transacted.
.fi  opens an account.   Interest added
half yearly.
Collections made at lowest rates.
Open   Saturday   nights   from   8   to   9
F. B. Lyle, Manager.
Ri : Rose Degree meets Second and
th Wednesdnv of each month,
of P, Hall,' Columbia St., at
v ��� m., White i: ise Di gree, Fourth
Wi Inesday In each month, same
time and place. Visiting Brethren
cordially Invited. K. B. Stinch-
1    be, Pres., ll. Disney, Secretary.
Sax ings Bank Dept. J# HENLEY
G    D.   Brymnsr,   Manager.
Manufacturer of
Meets the Fourth Friday In the
month at 8 o'clock, In the small
Oddfellows' block. Visiting
i'i-''.ren are cordially Invited to at-
'end. .1. H. Rushton, C. R.; F, P.
Maxwell, R. S.
A. 0. f.���The regular meetings of
Ihis Lodge are held on (he Second
S .nth Tuesda..' of each month
''   '   P    111.   In   Ilie  llihlfellows'   Hall.
1 ling Brethren are cordlaly In-
Jj'ed to attend. E. C. Firth, C. R.;
*   P, Maxwell, Sec.
Junk and Second-hand
Highest prices paid for second-hand !
goods,  junk,   bottles,   rubbers,  bras-,
copper, old Hhoes and all metals; also;
old clothes, et&   write or call.
Front Stre*. New Westminster
Opposite Brackman-Ker Wharf
Phone 212.
Mineral Waters, Etc.
Aerated Waters,
Family Trade a Specialty.
iTel. 113. Office. Eighth  Street,
NEW   WESTMlN!>.'��R,   b,   C'
Synopsis of Regulations for Disposal
of Minerals on Dominion Lands in
Manitoba, the Northwest Territories
and the Yukon Territory
COAL���Coal  lands  may    be    purchased  at $ro  per acre  for soft coal
and   $20   for   anthracite.      Not   more
than 320 acres can be acquired by one
! individual  or   company.      Royalty   it
1 the rate of ten cents per ton of 2000
'1 pounds shall be collected on the gross
j output.
QUARTZ���Persons     of     eighteen
years and over and joint stock cpm-
! panics holding free miners' certificates
1 may obtain entry for a mining location.
A frce miners certincate is granted
for one or more years, not exceeding
: five, upon payment in advance of $7.50
per annum for an individual, and from
' $50 to $100 per annum for a company,
according to capital.
A free miner, having discovered
' mineral in place, may locate * claim
'; 1500x1500 feet by marking out the
1 Same with two legal posts, bearing
' location notices, one at each end of
! the line of the lode, or vein.
The claim shall be recorded within
fifteen days if ocatcd within ten miles
! of a mining recorder's ofiice, one additional   day   allowed   for   every   additional   ten   miles  or   fraction.     The
fee for recording a claim is $5.
At least ?ioo must be expended on
r'<E ROYAL TEMPLARS OF TEMPERANCE nieel every Wednesday
i;   8   o'clock   p.   in..   In   Oddfellows'
111 Columbia street, visiting
Brethren are cordially Invited to at-
'end,   j. B, Bryson, S. <'.; .1. Men.
'Am; b��H,  Sec.
CAMp, 191,���M.viH on tlio Flrsl nnd
"alrd Tuesday of every month ln
f P. Hull. John McNlven,
' Wef; J. J. Forrester, Rec. Sec
B'jAkD OF TRADE.���Xew Westmin-
';'���<��� Board of Trade moots In the
Board Room, City Hall, us follows:
Second Wednesday of each montb,
'���''��� .I'le.ly meetings on tho second
Wednesday of February, May,
August and November, at 8 p, m.
Annual meetings on the second
Wednesday 61 February. Now
'""inhers may bo proponed and
elected at anj- monthly or quarterly
meeting,   A. E. White. Sec.
Transfer Co.
Office���Tram  Depot
Columbia St.
1   ' delivered    uromuUy to nny I
'���'  if the city. ,
Light and Heavy Hauling
"''" 'Phnn ��� IH5,      Hai 1   :��� 11 ne 1 II
Every ounce of BOVRIL is prepared under the most hygienic conditions
as required by the laws of Great Britain.
In the preparation of BOVRIL absolutely nothing but the choicest lean
beef is used, our main source of supply being the Argentine Republic, where
cattle are so plentiful and the consuming population so small that the best parts
of tlie beef can be obtained by us at a very reasonable cost.
BOVRIL is a specialty, not merely a bye-product
of a packing house like many meat extracts.
LONDON, England,  and MONTREAL, Canada
sv. wmom '������ :��� raaCTtt... ^wga^ vr wjiwra. ��� -v,
the claim each year or paid to the
mining r - irder in lieu thereof. When
$500 has been expended or paid, the
: ay, upon having a survey
made and upon complying with other
requirements, purchase the land at
$1.00 an acre.
Permission may be granted by the
Minister   of   the   Interior   to   I
claim ning iron and mica,
copper, in the Yukon Territory, of an
area not es  ���   ���: ng ifa acres.
The patent for a mining location
shall provide for the payment of a
Royalty of zVi per cent, of the sales
of the  :      lucts of the  location.
PLACER MIXING���Manitoba and
the N. W T., excepting the Yukon
Territory: Placer mining claims gen-
: erally are 100 feet square, entry fee
$5, renewable yearly. On the North
Saskatchewan River claims are either
bar or bench, the former being 100
��� feet long and extending between high
and low water mark. The latter includes bar d ggings, but extends back
to the base thi hill or bank, not
exceeding 1000 feet Where, steam
power is used claims 3QQ jeek .':A'
may le   ; '.
' Dredging in the Rivers of Manitoba
and the N. VV. T., ex epti��g the Yukon Territory���A free miner may ob-
'���-> only tw . leases of five miles each
����n of twenty yearg, renew-
for a te. -.���.,... _ f the Minister
able in the 111 ���
of the Interior. ...,., t0 the
Tne lessee's right is .^   ���    r
-���'���������-. ed beds e.r bars of 1 .
I   '  v.  ��� ny low water mark, and s
for first year and Sio per mile for each
j     '   equent   year.      Royalty   same   a =
ph     - mining.
Placer mining in the Yukon Ter-
ritory���Creek, gulch, river and hill
claims shall not exceed 25.3 feet in
length, measured on the base line or
genera! direction of the creek or
gulch, t'r.tt width being from iooo to
2cno feet. All other placer claims
shall be 250 feet square.
Claims are marked by two legal
posts, one at each end. bearing 110-
j tices. Entry must be obtained within
ten days if the claim is within ten
miles of the mining recorder's office.
One extra day allowed for each additional ten miles or fraction.
The person or company staking a
claim must hold a free miner's certificate.
The discoverer of a new mine is
, entitled to a claim of iooo feet in
length, aand if the party consists of
two, 1500 feet altogether, on the output on which no royalty shall be
charged the rest of the party ordinary claims onlv.
Entry fee $10.     Royalty at the rate
of two and one-half   per cent, on the
. value  of  the  gold   shipped  from  the
ject to the rights of all persons who
' have, or who may receive entries for
bar diggings or bench claims, except
on   the   Saskatchewan   River,   where
the   lessee  can   dredge  to high-water
'mark on each alternative leasehold.
The  lessee shall  have a dredge in
operation within one season from the
date  of the  lease for each five miles
but where a person or company has
! obtained   more   than   one   lease   one
I dredge for each fifteen miles or fraction thereof is sufficient.    Rental, $10
per  annum  for    each    mile    of river
' leased.     Royalty  at the  rate  of two
and a half per cent, collected on the
1 output after it exceeds $10,000.
Dredging in the Yukon Territory-
Six leases of five miles each may be
! granted to a free miner for a term of
:^o years; also renewable.
The lessee's right is confined to the
submerged bar or bars in the river
' below low water mark, that boun-
dary to-be fixed by its position on the
1st day of August in the year of the
date of the lease.
The   lessee   shal!  have   one   dredge
in operation witb'-n two years  from
: Ilie date of the lease, and one dredge
for   each  five  miles  within  six   years
1 from such date.    Rental $100 per mile
Yukon   Territory   to  be   paid   to   the
I comptroller,
1 NO free miner shall receive a grartt
1 of more than one mining c'.aitn on
each separate river, creek or gulch,
but the same miner may hold any
number of claims by purchase, and
free miners may work their claims
in partnership by filing notice and
paying fee of $-'. A claim may be
abandoned and another obtained on
the Bame > feek, gulch or river, by
giving  notice  an 1 jaying  a  fee,
Work   must   bc   done   on   a   claim
each year to the value of at least $:oa.
A   certificate  that  work  has  been
abandoned,  anad  open  to  occupation
1 and entry by a free miner.
Berri,^ 00 their sleepers are longer,
higher and wilier than in similar cars
on any other line. They protect
their trains by the Block System.
The boundaries  of a claim may be
defined absolutely by having a survey
I made   and   publishing  notices   in  the
1 Yukon   Official   Gazette.
Petroleum -All  unappropiated  Dominion Lands In Manitoba, the Northwest Territories and within the Yukon
Territory, are open to prospecting for
petroleum,  and  the minister  may  re-
I serve   for  an  individual  or company
having machinery on the land to be
prospected,  an area of t<)-'0 acres for
1 such   period   a>   he   may  decide,   the
length of which sh:Ij! not exceed three
'times the breadth.     Sh'cuid the pros-
I pector   discover  oil   in   j/.v,vijj   <(uan-
I.A.t, and satisfactorily establish such
aHsUbyery, an area not excetdfnig" G40
ac.-e.-; including t!'e oil well, vAll be
Bold 1    the prospector at the rate of
$1  an  a. re, and the remainder of tiie
tract    rr.T".-,T,i.   namely.   ia8p   acres,
will be sold . I the rate of $.t an acre,
BUbject to ri     -l.v at such rate as maybe specified hy Order in Couneil.
W. w. pQRY.
Deputy of the Mmtatei of thc  tn
Deot, Interior.
Modern Woman
To Get Old and Ugly Give Full
Play to Your Bad Temper
Worry and Eat Your Heart Out
Over    Disappointments    ::    ::     ::
"Xo uiprta! but  myself knows what
I   have   gone   through   the   lasi   six
.     . , 1  a   woebegone,   tumble
down   faced  girl  not   long   ago.    The
girl bad during the time mentioned a
bome, fool and clothing    Financially
Bhe was nol so well off us she would
have liked to be, but she was in no
Immediate  d;r.-  need.     The   only   answer  that  could  '"'  mad.'  to  her cb-
Bervation was, "Then what did you go
through ii for?"   The girl had almi sl
.-.ei ��� crazy  liecause she could not get
something    lie had set her heart bn;
I that waa all.   To be. bapp; she had
��� onl;- to Bjt down ;.,,,���, her foolish lm-
' agination   1    '   -���'   busj   aboul   some
w,,rk and for  ��� her mind Into another
channel,   Then, Inst rad of looking [^���
a   tombstone   ������ A;; ��� ���;;���  sue  appeared
.itI '.���������.   . ren ���      - oldi r than ber
11; ��� besides, sb   ������ ould hai ������ m 1 le ber
jelf '" and   oomn I       ph isai I 1 a 'I.
n-etcomi      ������' ;- 'A ber acquaintances.
Girls, yi : can atop worry    Nc er t dl
. .. ��� ou ��� mnot.   VVhea   ny gfoat &*
,,.  ���   ent or evil co       I   j iu I 1  ie
1 "jj-Diie through," jusl  say to yourself:
* r,.s;, fully ���!.������:   ;��� :.. _ , ���'.���', ;.��� '. ,t:
'"so to enter oven the ;.   e oi   I
-vr:i n 1 look In."   The    '
���t make yours ''.f en   ���   ���
j'oursi If think a'p.r-r
th! . T,      1 all    un
'nd see tie- :��� .f-
g.   Ther ��� is
I rei
or as  m
elsev b re a u
useful work, ma.
cheerful,   ngr leal le
your sense oi humor
le of life In eve th
al.-..: 1 ly 1 .thing "'! this plh",l0J v-"v"->
losing ; .ur good looks aud gooi; ll "
tlon foi It is certain thai we iv1 "*v
worrj li 1 matter what tbe provofa^
Mon. Tbe way to do it is just mentally
to decline to worry. A writer suggests
thai when a ',������ . nan ts overcome w di
the blues she shoul I stand before ber
mirror and "loo. ;��� Tint." The contrast betweeu thc rueful, Bnoopy faca
when it is svorryinr; and the bright,
pretty ono It becoi wh iu it pers )
In looking pleasanl . ��� of II self eno 1 a
to make a woman laugh.
m ��
A in Iy recout!} c infided 1 > me what
she and 0 lady with whom she has the
ordinary feminine calling a rqualntanc ���
' talk about when they exchange visits,
"She tells me about her troubles and
diseases and her new clothes, and I
t -11 her about my  troubles and  dls-
. eases.    Isn't that a tine layout?
�� ��.
Women In Tasmania, tlie lur: heart
, shaped Island lying away off at ihe
southernmost point of Australia, n r.v
; have t'uil suffrage. Tasmania is pari
i of a monarchy. In the republic of the
��� i'nited States women have suffrage lu
! ouly four of tbe forty-six stutes.
n ���>
The time may come when men tbem-
1 selves will seek to be admitted to tbe
splendid institutions and organizations
built up by women���and knock in vain,
��e *
The Ideal  woman is she who combines with the distinctive refined nnd
sympathetic qualities of her sex tbe
courage,   force  aud  executive ability
> usually attributed to a man.
*. m.
A   newspaper dispatch  says  that   a
: man  who lost his speech  twenty .me
years ago one day this summer aston-
; ished everybody, himself as much us
any, by suddenly, after feeling n tic-
kllng In his thi'i>nt. exclaiming to bis
I brothers, "Is this hut enough for you';"
1 On the \vhole, IsnH it rntbor 11 p.ity Jn
recovered his tal&ftg DQWAP^ 1
M '��
, A gtrl near New V'9t'k city Iras start
ed n frog farm as a means of gaining
I a livelihood. It is a wonder more wo-
men do not do ^hlsj iu suitable locall
ties. A suitable locality would be
among ponds near a good market, especially in the neighborhood of sum-
I mer resorts.
���t   P.
Ynu would hardly believe it. yel ii   <
II tact that the name of Betsy Un.-s.
who made and largely designed the
lirst American Bag, the star spangled
banner, u aot found In any American
encyclopedia or dictionary of names,
I At the same time, every twopenny poll-
1 tleiuti or obscure speaker u!i nil tfiu
I four corners of the earth could berakod
1 up to discover is ihere. Is 11 >i that a
eoa\mpn[ on man's treatment nf
I woman? Never mind! Women an
I going to make nn encyclopedia oue of
these days.
v m
The sun do move. A minis! >r nf o". \
of the must conservative church denominations In Christendom admlttcl
lu a recent discourse thai the oplsl 1
lo the Hebrews, now conceded by tho
Bcrlpture commeutators t 1 u.' the
tvork of some othor author than Paul
teas written "possibly by a w irnnn."
Th. ii >st woman rifle Bhol In Eng
laud is declared to be l.ad.v Eileen
Roller! 1, daughter of Lord Roberts,
commander In chief of the B^h
u ru'.-
I ri
Th > unlvi real :.> I '>��� 1 W that whet
swr women are permiitM la take pun
In scho il elections nnd bectfnie members of b . 't- Is of educatli n tbe scho li
hnv ��� Improved, Sanitation li bi Moi",
sch 1.1 a.-.-. 1 and school grounds ar.
cleaner nn 1 m ire attractive, and qui'ii
fi ' ',������''������ ti,. schools themselves have
l     lifted   oul   of   political   ur.ift.
Woi ic.i n iw bai e seho il BUffrugo in
thirty i tnl ���-.
"i'WtWb i
��� HOT WINDS CAUSE    ���
JUGS IYour 0pporlunitY I JUGS       mm T0 SHR,NK
^sW   ^sS   ^m^m^ | ,	
A Useful Jug Cheap.
from 1 5 cents each.
Cicp   of  the   Northwest   :s   Estimated
By   the   G'-ain    Dealers
Winnipeg,     Man..     Aug.     17.-   i hi
northwi   I   grain   de ilers   associa I n
i\s Ing  ��� stimati    if  the
. ip       ;        indi     la e  if Vug. I".:
Wheal    1,495,000     acres     al      '_.> .
-u.i.  bus
...CALL ON....
Prescriptions a Specialty.
Ellard Block,
New Westminster. -    ��� B. C.
the Public
I am now open to buy
all kinds of Second Hand
Goods .such as Furniture
Stoves, Ranges, Tools,
Bicycles, etc. We also
do all kinds of repairing.
All business promptly
attended to.
Oats    I.S3S,      acres       a! , | _>
"                                                     ~" '                 "'���'��� 75,720,000    jushels.
Hard   Up   in   Victoria. :  . A.     540,000       acres      -_..,       :;i |
A letter has been received In this bushels  per acre,  10,9^0,0^ bushels,
city   from   the   Rev,   Mr.   Boulton,   of Flax  -55,660  acres   al    J2.4   bushels
Victoria,  in   whieh. he states thai  on per aire. 16.9S0.600 '"i ,<";-.,:-.
account   ol   the  deplorable  condition Flax���55,660   icres      .   12.4   bushi  -
of  the   finances   of  the   Victoria   la- per  acre,   690,184.
- ���   club,   owing   to   lack   of   sup- Wheal        old     <,-,,.,    |n    farmi   -
pert, they  will be unable tti provide hands  to           ..     510,000  bushels,
foi   a  game  with  the  New  Westmln- Weather  :".iii,iii.i.ns  for   harvesting
Mer  intermediate   lacrosse   'earn    In have been   ,*���.;!.<���  with the exception
VI   orla rbis year. that   perhaps ji   has  been    too    hot.
 r.  !',".���     ���'.:,  cent,  or the  wheat   Is  <:ul
and  il   will  practically  be all  cul  by
the enl oi nexl week ii' this weather
1' ati'.i ;���-.
Thi ������ I. ,- been 1 ms! h rable shrinkage In the averagi j leld of ivheal
through he hoi ji-in Is an 1 extreme
hoi   v. al Aa   during   the    last     tw 1
:'   there    5 still a       end
cro;)   in   all   nr vin ��� -
Maple   Leafs   Sanguine.
, ie   Maj le   Leafs  are  as  sangotae
oi   winning   Oils afternoon's lacrosse
��� '1   as   if   tl.po   ha I   never  las!   a
gi rne   1 his   season.    The    fad    thai
���'.- ni.   and   Wintemute  will  nol   be
:   lhe field  is taken as  ,1 sure sign
thai the game is as good as jron. The
Net   Westminste     la ers also expect
ve   a   ;; ok   in   som 'time  during
>    and ying  on   their flCDfC   flF  tpHP^IflFVT
lillty        win,  and   nol  on  the "lUiu  VI   rllLuILfLil 1
��� ������ , , ������'  of thi  othei  ������     ..   The :ef-
... -    til]   be   Mat!   B        and   We] s
in selecting your hardware for your house, be
sure you yet a good
lock. To stand the continuous wear and use
given it both the material and workmanship
must be good. Our line
comprises the best Canadian and American
makes. Call and examine our lines	
������������������������������������������������*���������������������*'�� ���������������������������������������������������M,>
Black sateen Underskirts
t Regular value 1.25 for 95c ���
��� White Cambric Underskirts
��� Regular value up to 1.50 f
��� White Muslin Blouses with hem-stitching
��� and embroidery,       Regular value 1.50. f'<
i-  ������
��� Children's White Dresses, with wide ideated }
��� Skirts Regular value up to 2.00, f I
��� First Shipment of Ladies'Cravenette Coats Dut in stock to-dav *
& Lusby
CAUSE BANK TO CLOSE   for the little ones.
~��ason   for   Suscension   cf   F.rst   National   of   Chelsea   is   Made
Mow   the    Weeping    Willow   Came
Aire    : a.
. ne   ���
'     '  ���   '        .      I :
:    ntcu  ���:
���       .
stood   tod t   tl i
.    eisea, Mass .   '��. ig. 1"
Sign  Man on  Wheel.
Columbia St.
Handsome 6-roomed Cottage
Thief Worked  Here.
Solonioi    I lolsti ��� :.        Jew   with   a
bn I  re   it  ti m w ...  ��as convicted of
several        i     thefts  in   Victoria   this^
and      ondi nine I    to    sixti
mths imprisonment, has been iden- -:' ���'<   louay
led as h iving    ��� ��� i      mnected with :  ���"   r in thi      ispi if the First > 0j        .,
a  ro bei ,   case  hen     wo  weeks  ago v    : lank of i ,vas a largi
������ h   :    ...   was   searchi I,   a   pair  . I:' ������ - -     j of Pn -i !��� ni    '
gold , ��� :   glasses    vas   found   on S    vestei   B.   Hin This   Indeb ��� ,     ��� ,     ,
him, bearing the name H. Ryall, Xew edness  is  unoffleii  .      estimated      I    j       .   '.   ���������';
Westminster,  on  the  frame.    Among ' om   $300,   to  $500,0i i,     it  state- '��� States J
',.-  effi    ���   vas i   fur collarette stolen ments made toda      idicate th     Presi-   the ��� America,
rn   ,   lhe   Cosmopolitan   hotel    some dent  Him    e; msferred to [he       A   ,      .   ".   ���   '
time ago.    His class of crooked work Institution   his   equitj    n   large   real   ;.    Bosto
iu   known   as   room   working   among estate holdings wh       It was i     ecti      tin   i '       '.      .   .
lh.   under   world   oi   which  he  forms would  provide foi        ment In full      ; nie-. Iirouj in a I
New Westminster.  ���'   liart>  and   hls   '��� "    ''    !l "���lll)l1   ul    "   ''   ''1',;'     President   Hincklej  is    I'i   i : ���-
��� ;ing    ni ne    I-   o 1    e a  room  at said 1     bi   fal  lly I     n   his   i  m ���  In       ' 'itiii |��!ii! er
i  how I,  and   -'. t      ������, ;. .  .,.,,,���   ..... \, ...- iwn.
. _c,  nn la
The Paragon
= Family Washer ��� ���
The  Latest   antl   Grcnlesl   Washer   on   the Markel
The Paragon
Will Wash:
1.   Anything
ol     ���   ��� .      | ���   , ,
soap ana v. a ���
2.���Anytl ���
est lace curti
���   '   blai : ��� ���
without tl        .   i    ���   .
even the most di
3.   Up
thin 5 to X mil
������    and   clei   ��� ���   ������   i
h,   low and I i-i ��� ������
'   ird mi thod.
I   ������ Paragon r in   ab   luti ly n    ��� ���     an I so ea       I    i
i I ���  Paragi n will save it        t many times by ]
tear,   i 'all and sei        od be convinced     e othi
. tar?" Shipment of Ihem lusl Arrived Dired from facton
ther  rooms   dui Ing   the  absence   ��� f
- ���   s.
with Modern convenience ;
2 Lots all in Lawn  and    a   li n ;
one   block   from   Tram,   central Saved Themselves.
location, H '���   ��� ���'A- ��� "'   '"''": "���'    ���'""'
Price $2500             TermsEasy. ';;l!''''  Brothel :'  coupie ,,;
mmmmm^m, ago   al   Lulu Island   while   the
rew -a,is engi -��� I In  lifting the ma-
, ���
E   -:    :���'   Ii i   lefl     ��� stei :   .     for
iri]        Edmonton       I <     ���    -  I
. .,  a iya ;,.:.  ns. . -        ���.    ���      .   i ���.
 0  . to J ''' i
Suicides   on   Main   Street. "   ' ���    w'hn
Winnipeg,   Man.,   A ig.   17.���Clifford ' I,il;;' '   '    '
;���.���.;��� > ...
���"������.��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ���:>.��������'��� ���'������;���,���>������'��� ���.���> ��� ���>��������������>'���'��� ��� �� ..����-, ,
.   .  :    ���        it thrivi
A 6-roomed Cottage
him ry   ol   i hi     :. I I      Iredge,    i he
! a.''.ihis.   on I        ���     SCOW    W '..'
. Irinkin Ic acid on
���  rei   .
I   .
'i ...      .  ���   :
New Goods and New Prices
"!ir,lh A;'"n,;"-   Cornerlol |Ilter conveved the machinerj to Van- C.---.e ,' r.<:, c,-r:
82   X   132.    Only   $950     $300 , Her-era   Gives   (Jo.
.   ,   ,   , ,, couver for reshl     ent on  board  the I ��� .    . ���
Cash, balance on   i       i   yments , ,, .,.,.,    ,.,,. Mil��  nkee,  Wis.,   Uig   I"     Charli        ...
'  ��� rhemis  to  Dawson.    IVhile lifting  a anout a do* .
to suit purchaser. .   , Ni   ���    ton ghl   won over   Urelio  He
260 Columbia St.    Phone 86
Morgan Raises the Figure.
M a meeting i : the Chilliwai h
n il on Thursday evening, .1. Burt!
Morgan, the promoter oi the Chilliwack Power company's tramway
scheme, a.Mr.-sed the reeve and councillors al some h ngth upon bis proposed    scheme      A-    meeting    had
....   he n 5   , iei e   >���:'  machinery,
Iln   - v. Inginj    o m   snapped off ab
Ij  feel  ���    m 1 hi   end and the hi
ghl   .'. hii h   :-.     being  lifte I   went
I wn with a  ran.   The engineer had
���   ;. dly  warned the crew to keep
. .ii under the hoist while the lifting
was   in   i rogn --   an I   as   liis  advice
was conformed  to, tjie accident   was
no! accompanie I bj serious results.
���. n���������	
oul   re a   : , --   ��� n h   round,    Hei - n    ,,   , es ami I        i   I        J
|V,    thi   ..;���!-:   ip  the  spongi ......        , , . j^j
���' . p  T]|(      |icfr ,.,     |      .   ���.:.���     '..'.].   J
.J A full carload just arri1    I,     \   fi ���  p    d   i    ever entered thi
!��; ';       tioi ii \ <��� d. i By buj ing here you i an   ave monej   ai d  loi
..   , .   ?t Give us a trial.    We have manj things we are going   to  clear al   i
i Mi nej   ,....!     money made.
tn  rr-nrc    ,J
en to rei     V Set> our *i��"'-<><> M.illresse*.
III ll'llll
Nurses  From Atlin.
Two nurses   from  Atlln,  Miss  Bur-
been called  for Un   purpose of pass-   cess  and   Miss   McTavlsh,  were  yes-
Ing   the   bylaw   whi h   would   grant   terday    the   guests  of   Mrs.    L.    B.
the   It.   C,   IA   it. permission   to  Davies of Fourth avenue,   The young
illd iheir line, but aftei  'in   address   ladies had   for a considerable length
by Mr, Morgan, thi      ������      g adjourn-  o!  lime been  connected  with the Al
i ���   wlthoul  a   vote  heing    taken    on   Uu general hospital and Bevered their
the subject. onnectlon with ihat Institution a few
\ feature thai  �� il a!   lays ago,   Thi        isi have heen very
neetlng was thul  when Mi   Mor   popular   In rii     as   they   each
gan had a conferenci   with  Mr, Bunt-   broughl   �� ���       h     ' ome   nug
, a. ; naging directoi ol the I'.. C. gel necklaci . ��� eel long and i ac i
E. It. company, tho matter ol n :a composed ol Atlln v' i nuggets, iys
Ing thc amounl paid oul In as- li number, whieh were presented
...ar.- by the shareholders ol thi them on their h iving by iheir mine:
Morgan   scheme   was   fixed   by   Mr.   friends.    Afb horl   stay  In  this
Morgan al $9,000 This ami. up Mr, city, Ihe i in Iii rojiose con
Buntzen agreed to refund to the tinning their journej lo Toronto ajid
shareholders, other eastern points where they will
After a consultation with two law- visit friends,
p'ors, Mr, Morgan can e to thi con-
lusion thai he ha I undi rest Imated
the amounl of the debentures, and
he has since increased the claim to'i
$14,000. Whether Mr, Buntzen will
consent to pay the extra price oi no!
has no! yel heen ascertained, bul ll
Is thoughl by some parties that this
sudden raise will have the effect of
retarding the construction of the
tramway  in  the district,
Farmer  Killed. f  tllt'il ... -
i       ���      , Man.. Aug,    17.���William   oi ::
D< ustdt,  a  young  farmer  while  fei I ���������,������:
iiiK b    horses was instantly .. :'. I   ������
lig   ���   ing today. ': 'A      " p" or  "li w
n  pi       er ii i    if two of the
Fc^-d    33: ���      p inlel   ' ig,   A     ''-'"-'.    !'.' "i p" ho
;���; ���
,���,  716 and 718 Columbia St,    Four Floors.    Rear Extension, Front Street.  ���
, :    ���' . :���  ns.    \.  M.   Mal    son.
Cows  in the  Way.
A prominent citizen complains ihat
every day a couple Of call le are pas-
lured on the governmenl reserve between   Q iei n's   and   Royal    aveni	
The cows have a playful tendency t-<
break away ftom their tethers occasionally, and while in the enjoyment
of sweei liberty, ihey Invariably make
a bee line for the nearest frull garden,
where ihey manage to do considerable
Collecting Poll Tax. lamage in a very short time,   Another
I-'.  Dashwood Jones, provincial tax  nuisance Is the fa I that the ropes are
collector    and   Provincial    Constable   lefl on lhe ground al night, rind nny
Wilkie   took   a   trip   across   the   river   one   passing   along  Is   very   apt   to  got
yesterday for the purpose of collect- his feel tangli I In one of these cow
Ing the poll tax from several Individ- restrainers, with   mexpected ami un-
uals who hml persistently refused lo pleasanl   result       He  says  II   is  up
pay  the amoun:   required    by    law. to the poundkeepei  to din his spur;;
Quite a neat  little sum  was realize i Into  the   flank   of  his   charger  and
bj the trip, tbe party returning about Investigate thi      million of affairs on
10 o'clock  lasi   nighl. the  reserve.
in the community.   A poor " hai
i.  mouth ma i " nevei Mi ke   p
your mind t        .     |   mi  .'��� i IW,
Do It Now.
wai ��� . : likelj a can li - ��� and i x
tra.aganl young ��� , n and lid ni I
Btari RIGHT.
Do It Now.
is the best of all gifts to vour family.     '
7 Roomed House and
l.oI, on .Seventh Street, near Baptist
Church.    Lot60xl82 . . S1750
Very Easy Terms.
And Want lo Build
We Will Assist You.
F. J. HART & Co.
       ������    '   ..   i '    l;.i   i .��� til     :'..:.
and        led i        ���      ....
for   it-..:...     lie  nn
for  freed nn.
t!.  - -   ...    ... .....
' ���          '   ���   . ���   . i lie;
In i ������   pri    ed  or  h ' * -.     taken
prisotiiM    '          ���    ' represent u
).:���'-    :',.-      in          .... ...     ��� .   ;
to tin r coi |n :, ���������. .
C.-.r.'t '.'.    -. by Thumsolvi i
A   ;���[...'. ;,     ' po!
.-::  ,i,'.'   fill 1(1 Ipi        !   li
theniselvi     . m] ;.   :   .      niwi d : el
en.. ������ :    the,    lie   on   tin
gri    ml tin     .'....'   eil lo clu        i
ip 1 heir nv. lib irs.
Look  in   the  -  rdi     and    ee
| you can lind n eli nhii .��� pluni,    ai,
us  n   I���..���..,   ickle  or  con1
Iwi ited   tighl \\   a:-." .I  a  stick   to
I keep   it   in   an   upright   posil ion.
Doei n'i it hold on firmlj ?   ! I' \po .
I pull ii off you will probnljlv break
the poor thing off, nnd il will die,
Royal City Pish Co.
Wholesale anil Retail Dealers in
Fresh and Frozen Fish
Ciame In Season
We deliver to all parts of the City.     Telephone 40.     P.O.Box 72.
Front Street,
Next Daily News.
Nrif  Westminster, li. 1
Electric Railway Service:
InterurOan Line,
Cars for Vancouver ami way
Stations will run i very hall-
hour from 5:50 ��. m. to 11 p,
in. excepting at 7:30 and 8:30
a, m. Half hourly t-ars will
run from Central Park to
Vancouver only,
City Limits Line���service trom
8.30 a, m. to 11 p, m.
20 Minute Service���.\o transfer.
Between iii and 2 and i> und 7.
Wo Is Fired.
i beg to anno.ni' o i he disappear
onee from I he e ci ilumns of i h |j.
torial "we."   U'h\ should i! remain':
Tho cssayisl  sny- "I." the orator
says "I."   W'iiy shouldn't the editor
sny "I!-"   lie should nnd he shall���
excepi when ho lias passed within
his own door    then l.e will Bay, "My
dear, what hud 'we' belter do in thai    ��*���������������������������������������������>���������������������������<,
matter?"  Bul hero in the quiel of
this sanctum, bnrred   and   double  n    .,-      ^        ...��,!
I         ,                                ii      t             'Boarding   House   for   Snle ,   rooms
burred  iiL'ninst    be   nu b be.      nm  u               ,, ,     r      , ,    ,
r.                  i i i   11,    i   ,      .Vi         completely   turn shed  and at   nm-
free man, and I boldly declare m the        ,    ���          , ,     , '
\ f. e i 'i ,        ,- I'll     all   occupied.     Apii v   IWix   Tidl
I face ol   my dog and sundry time       . , ' ���
Btained portraits thai I (who have [..     y'
often mnde twain one) will not make j FOR RENT���Large, well lighted loom,
one twain, "1" will not be "we."��� j   suitable  ror an  offlce.    Apply  to
I Cecil Whig. CnaJs. (J. Major.
30   Minute   Service   during        ��
mainder ol day,    i ransfer al ���
Leopold fjace. t
Sunday   Service   half-hourly  be- ^
tween 8 a. m, and  10 p. ta. *
City .ind Sapperton. ��
Sapperton Line���la Minute Si '   ��
vice,   excepi    helwecll   i'i  and   ���
2, uml ;. and 1, during ��iu " J
hours the service win he 4
half-hourly. J
Sunday Service   bait-hourly .'��'���
I ween 8 11. in. and  11  p. m-
British Columbia Electric Ry. Co., Lid |
W. N. Draper
B. C. Land
Ellard Block.   New Westminster, B


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