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The Daily News Dec 27, 1906

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 -  -."
E-  \
fct.   Seventy-Two   Hours.  Two Cents    Royal   City  and   Holbrook   Cases   Wdl
Hundred,   per  Week.   Wo, Be  Settled   by  Commissioners
Be  charged. This Evening.
.ml   af
fter  ihe  flrsl  da.   ol   the
bants will  lie charged
I .ear. I'''''*'      ^^^^^^^^
 ,,   ihi-  goods ihey   leave in
1  ,���  j'  it. frelghl sio ds longei than
ent_v two hour-  after their i
Such was ihe Infoi n ation gi-
���   yesterdaj   by  Btation   agent,
This custom has Iw en In
,   .    over the Dominion with the
��� , p   ol   the   ci asi   ci, les,   :  i
.   of years, an 1 according to Mi
��� the order i omes from the .a..
,, rnmission, on the gro in Is that
hould    be   no discrimination.
Lhal all should  i.e treated  alike.
Ji a;  jng   i a:   ���:,,    chai "���-.-
., :   loes   no!   seem  to  hav-   ��� ,-. _
',���     Goulet   stated   that  ��he  move-
eni 'in'   een under debate for a con-
1 as   some  of  ihe  city
be ban,     ha i     been    making     the
leighi  shed  a store  house  for  their
weeks at a stretch mi some
while othe,"-'  always  make
���   ���   of  removing   tbeir goods
en,   foui   hours  after  they  are reive : here      The  char_t.-   which will
Is _ cents per cwt.,vper week,
:���  same as chargi i elsewhere.
E.:    a-  are   being   prepared,   which
\ii to be sent around to all shippers.
.. 'ic past season, the capacity
���i ".���  sheds ha- ieen taxed lo tie ut-
:   ii   was   largely   due to  the
lusiness  whieh the company
��� tupelled to carry on
'l'lie    license    <���. ���        wl l
meel ihi- evei .hen th<     will re
consider  thi     ��� ���       i  given a,   thi
last meeting, w v ������      the Royal City
and the Hoi: i : hoti were dc
prlve I of thi ensi    for a    i      .'.
��� ghl days, on ac< ��� mi i certaii**' ���
rcgularitle    which 1    I taken    .a ? a,
'.'���'..���' i   ���  ���
reason  to believi   I    t thi   lb   -   e   I
thi   Royal citj  ho-.    ���_.       ������ ^ .. ������ ���
ihis evening ������ .'  thi  ��� ase oi    ,������ Hoi-
ook   is   siiii   ad   ibtful i ii".     Th ���
��� : ���   >\a   -     ��� :. ��� . the 'in ler-
standing tbat li ���.* i   ��� .:. any case
���    ���. ain grante I i     hi      esen,
er     Mes-: g.   Mi Ca n I   Archam-
ni'.      Dui Ing   thi    past   week   the
owner-   hav     i ng   an  effor,
���o sell their stock in tra le to some
other partv wl ,'ould i willing 'c
.ondud   the   b isiness   in  the   futu   .
u; up to last evening, ao arrangement had been arrived at with any
one although several parties have been
dickering for a sale for -ome days
past. It is expi cte I tha, the sale of
*'<��� bar fixtures and hotel furniture
will have been completed before the
ine,.-ing of thi ii' ��� nse commissioners,
in which case, i: is likely lha: the
license will  he gran'' I
The revenue of the Dominion, brought to ac-
j count in the books of the Finance Department for
} the five months ended Nov. 30, 1905,
' was  $31,562,533.59
For the corresponding five months
jf the present year     36,522,516.00
Expenditures for the same period
j last year, current account     21,371,629.51
! Expenditures for the correspond-
! ing tive months this year     20,731,832.42
;        On capital account the expendi-
} tures were, last vear      4,471,195.08
i This year...'       4,387,637.39
{   j State of  Minnesota   Seeks  to   Prevent   School   Board   Considers   Applications
Great Northern From Increas- for  Positions and  Opening  up
ing   Capital.
Paul,   Minn. Dec.  26.���Attorney-
New  Rooms.
The   final   regular   meeting   of   the
General   Young,  of   Minnesota,   today   school   hoard   wa.s  held   in   the  board
eg  a   an   action   against   the   Great, room, in the Central school, last even-
Northern  raiiroad to  prevem   Hu- Is-  lng.     There  will be  a    number    of
sue ol tbi new stock of tbe face value   chant's when  the    school    re-opens,
i ���  $60,000, ee..ntiy authorized  by   nnd the trustees expect that in order
thi   board "i Directors, to accommodate the increasing num-
A permanent injunction against the ber of pupils, new rooms will have to
company, Its officers, agents and ser- be opened and additional teachers a?-
.ants  i- a.-i.ed   for.  restraining them   pointed.
irom proceeding in any manner with j     Applications   for   positions    on   the
,;...  proposed  Issue, teaching   staff   were   received   from   a
 .     , , . ...   . | number of different quarters, and in-
.:.���   bill  ol  complaint   recites  that '
th.      ...   N mthern's original author!-  c uded among them were requests for
zed capita] stock was $30,000,000, that  foBitiona trom Miss Christina McKen-
eing the  limit   fixed  by its charter,)
Found    Frozen    to    Bottom    cf    Eoat   Crescent   Island   Farmers   Wharf   and
With Emr.ty  Bottles  Beside
Barn  With Two  Years'  Crops
Blaze Up.
The granary and part cf the wharf
al Mitchel's landing, en Crescent Island, was destroyed by fire yesterday
morning about 5 o'clock. The crew
(-'* the  Transfer  saw the flames from
Lawn a ��� Ri erts, better known
along the water front as "Shorty,"
was picked up . thi Transfer, near
Cotton Wood P int yesterday morning, :lozen to the bottom of his boat.
When tin- i-aptnm I the Transfer
nisi noticed the skiff, it was twirling the .leek of the steamer, but in ihe
round and drifting just where the cur-   dan kness   could   not   make   up   their
An   Intelligent   Constituency,
een, Scotland. Dec. 26.���James
bo  is  to succeed  Sir  Marti-
Du and   as   Uriti.-b   am bass.
ngton, has given his constitu-
���   the lirst definite Indication
election  for  the   Washington
r  which tbey have jusl
a inb atioi    Br. ce   said
the ntmenl  w111 c impi l him
givi _eal   :. :   South  Aber-
��� :.
���    ��� .��� :,' ol Bi j ci  causes gen-
egret as his  scholarly qualities
iliarly  q lallfie 1  to  re
constituency   u bb h   bas
���    ���   .'   lon  ol  being the  most  in-
.  the   i :;���:��� 1  King I m, as
enjoys  I he unusual   llstinc-
��� ������' having one  llllti rati  ������   ��� i
As briefly anno .:.< ed b. the Dall.
News, Christmas morning, tiie general election will ��� hi I Feb. 2; Nomination, Jan. 19. Tbe proclamation
was published Monday afternoon.
With it the announcement was made
to the effecl tl ��� hi nexl -.-sion of
fhe legislature would b( held on the
-:. of  March.
rent chose to tak. it. Ile trained his
glass upon the boat and discovered
bat there was an object which looked
i.i.e a man lying in the bottom of It.
tie  steered   the   Transfer    alongside,
minds where it -was until they arrived
at Mitchell's later on in the morning. The granary was totally destroyed, together with its contents.    These
and   found   Shorty   lying     apparently   v.as   a   considerable   amount   of   hay
���:. i   that   between  February   1,   1890,
and   March   1,   1896,   defendant   made
-��� .'ial large increases of stock  ttn.il i
ia: March  1, 1906, its capital stock ag-i
gregated    substantially    $150,000,000;
that   all   these  increases    were    first
made without application to the State;
Railroad  Commission,  as  required by;
law;   thai   defendant   has determined:
again   to   increase   its  capital   stock.;
this   Ume   to   $210,000,000,   its   stockholders   having  been invited   to  sub- j
scribe  to their  pro rata  of same and'
that no application has been made to i
the State Railroad Commission.
zie and Miss Jennie D. Forrester, bolh
of i!iis city.
Miss Patterson has resigned hei
room and will go to Vancouver. Shi
will be succeeded by Miss Gray. Mis;
Gray's room will be looked after b.
Miss McBride. Miss A. J. McDougal
will assume charge of Miss McBride's
room at Sapperton. As Miss Cochran has decided to return to Alberta,
Miss M. S. Archibald has been appointed to fill the vacancy created.
There will be a special meeting of
the board on Friday, when matters
of importance will be discussed.
lea i :a the bottom of the skiff. They
hauled him on board after having
broken away the Ice which held him
fast to the bottom of the boat. At
first they thought the man was dead.
and two years' grain crop in tbe building. Tbe origin of the fire is a mystery, as the granary  is a  coniderable
distance  from  any  human  habitation. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Thev took him into the engine room   The  mosl   plausible  theory  advanced ���
and ,dared him  by the fire, removed   i, thai  some one dropped a match in   nOC Ipl] llirilT  UllII   TIV
his clothes and rubbed him vigorously,   the   building   which  smouldered   ami   UltL/lllIlAIJIlII 1   WILL  ��� LI
Soon  the victim  murmured  "Washer   eventually   ignited   some of  the hay,
masher, 'in a' right,  ish it lime er get   which was scattered on the floor.The
up."   'Ihn rubbers    then    knew    jusi   loss  will   be  in the  neighborhood  of
Demand for $25.OOC  Reaches Railroad
Officials���Threaten   to   Dynamite Trains.
Departure of the   Dredge.
een announce I fi   m Victoria
ul   :;'.,   ol   Ri sl b nl   Engtn-
th U   ���:.-��� dn dge   King ;-: I
(I be leaving thi   F asei i
for i he purpose oi commen-
li' Iging operations near the
���    of   the   new   c    p    R
Keel ng 1
port, thai   ov- Ing   b   I lu
��� rating tbe dre Ige In the
he  seas n when I hi
le l down, ll bas been de
this would be the mi     i ���
e for th       edge to be ,
Si  i have
in  the na" ���  ...        I tin-
iefon   i he   worl
a be    su ���
Helena, Mont., . ��� 2C ' 'nideuti-
Bed i ei.-'ii-  ��� empted to blackmail the Noi then iv tic Railroad
company for ._"-.��� -. aftei the method
employed by Isa c Gravelle, who, after a dramai Ic escape 1 :��� I he com :
house here, whi   i eing 1 rle !
on  ' he   chai;-''   i '       i   mitlng   trains,
_ as Anally killed  In the :��� ai I of Governor Toole's ri���.- Ji :.
The  railroad  offl  ��� : -    .'��� ��� ri    notified
ai unless the .       ml was forthcoming  the   St.   i. Ington  ejgiress
would   1 e   d. nam led   to lay   bei wean
LhIngston  an II        ���-.     Siv   Sr:   ���
tives   were place I   on the train.     A
ised   acci i            wi     b cated   In
the  i aggage cai.  b tl  as  he made no
move, either  fn        ear or failure to
mimunlcate   wil     bis   assistants, he
.. as nol moli - te I
A  through expn   -        n carrli
e npared with
       .. a 'he Northern
i' a Iflc   and   i      .���  ���'��� ���      would   I
���   .       ed had     ���        n been dyi
v. liai wa- the trouble and managed to
gel a little liquor between the man's
ii;'.-. In ihe boat, whicb they hauled
d, ' hi y I ind three whiskey bottles, one with a little liquor in it, and
iln other empty. The man was
broughl to town and handed over to
lhe police, In whose sefe keeping he
i- al   present.
Short,   li :���  the < itj   In  his skiff on
i' .' i -' mas    aftei no  n,   and    vas   seen
���' : 'hi   las, tlmi   ; rior to being picked
u    a io\ ��� lhi  I'ra-i    liver bridge, pull-
Ins   foi     a    ,: uer  side.
Langley   Items.
Langley,    Dec.    24.���An    entertainment was  held  in  Port Kells school
Dec. 21,   A fine programme was rendered  by ihe scholars as follows:   Address of Welcome, Miss Alice Taylor;
Chairman's  address,   Rev.  R.  "Wilkinson;   recitation.   "A     Girl's    Protest."
Ethel   Yeomans;    dust,   "Johnny   Mc-
Cree,"    A.  B.   McAdams    and     ,1.   A.
Whyte;      recitation,    "The    Nervous
i Girl,"    Kathleen    Taylor;    recitation.
! "Our  Nation's   Hope;"   Henry   Kells;
BSong    by    scholars,    "Happy    School
Dttlliri   11C   Ui'tl tQ' TI Af_   I,a-vs*       dialogue,       "The      Doctor's
rnlNlL  Uf   WALtd   fLAll   visit       J.    A.     Whyte    and     Nei
S.  S.  Entertainment.
Tbe Queen's Avenue Sunday school
will hold its annual Christmas tree
and entertainment tomorrow. Thursday, evening. Dee. 27. The program
ii provided by the children, and will
include four choruses, two by the primary department, besides recitations,
The marriage ol Mr. James Eugene
Brown to Miss Evelyn Claressa Butters took place at high noon on Wednesday the 26th, at the residence oi
the bride's father, Mr. Thomas E.
Butters of ihis city.     The bride look-
His   Royal    Highness   Is   a   Practical
Sailor   Having   Joined   Navy
in   1877.
London, Dec. 26.���The pleasant an-
nouncemen, that when the Dreadnaught is put into full commission she
will  fly  the  flag  of  Vice-Admiral   his
ed charming as shi came into the room | Royal Highness the Prince of Wales,
for the service on the arm of her makes i; Interesting to note tha.i like
fatter, wiib a beautiful spray of brid- Ujg great-great- uncle. King William
al roses In her hand and wearing a iv.. and his uncle, tbe Duke of Edin-
iov. Ij dress of ivory silk voile The burgh (afterward the Duke of Saxe-
simple, but impressive service, that Coburg-Gotha), the Prince is in every
united the young couple,-was perform- senae ,oi the word a practical sailor.
. d   by   Kev. Dr.   Hug-.  ,,f the Olivel
On June 5, 1877, the Prince of Wales ���.   .        , ,       .    .       ���..     ...
Baptist church.    Onl.  the immediate j and hi, brolh���, ,h, late Prince Albert i ter Rhodes: c***" swlng,ng' is!  '
k.   relatives   were   invited.      Tbe   rooms    vjet0r    ((!im,(1   .,,���_.  Brltannla
were beautifully decorated for the oc-lpua
...  ,is.     Prince George was then  but
and   was  probably
���i   tha,  evei  joined
Sn  Bill nnla
"a..   Mclnnes'  Dawson   Residence
'���     y  Destroyed���Firemen
Incas.t1 in  Ice.
! ���-.'. 26���Government House
���  was  last   nighl    dimple-. Ij
'I bj   lire.     The bouse was oc-
ml.   by  a. caretaker,  and  the
"ii is tbat the flre was start
explosion of the heating fur-
l  ���..
lerable   personal   property   of
and Mrs. Mclnnes was also
'    fire   stan."I     an   hour     1,efore
fortunately then' was no wind
mighl bave rwepl   the mounted
barracks  and  garrison  adjoin-
I he temperature "as only .. ro,
the firemen were Incased in Ice
: fighi of four hours. There are
'""������in- walla and gutted ""' : 9
1: was a oa ���; ivrei \.
Fatal   Ccd'S'on.
Tacoma,  Dec.  _���'
i , '������. train N . Seattle a
fi: SO  a.io ,  (odaj.        n racoma
colli led witl a frelghl ain this
of Edgewood an . eighl miles f'om Ta
- om i al S o'clocl. . oul twenl ��� pi i
sons embrac. the numbe. of killed
and Injured. The freight v.as crawl
up a grade which wind, around a
���. where the track iIses from   he
, er grade to the uplands. ,\ motor
was behind pushing the freight cars
Tie passenger train dashed around
the curve, and before the motorman
had time Io MiinV of checking the
speed of the train, ihc had collided
i'be   passesger   car.   which   contains
the   smoker,   was   split   wide   open   by
the freight, and Its fragments scattered on the sides of the track. Nearly
all the victims were in the smoker.
Lucky Pi-ze Winners.
Joe  Quoy's    prize    drawing,   which
took on  Christmas evening, re
sulted ri ' wenl ���  foi' unate j oung men
:'      ul ..,   posse  sed of < holce  smo
' ������' "is;:.' -,  v.'ii.':  __________________* duly hand 	
e.l over to the winners who happened   casion, and immediately at   the close j twt,)v(,  years  ol<J
to    ���    present.      Several  of  the  prize  '"':   ill('   service   a   bountiful     wedding   lne   youngest   cad
bave no,   vei   made  appllca-. dinner was served      Both  the younj 	
es,  being evidently   P��ople are well known In the city and .���	
���   .    rthefai    that they hold   have hosts of friends and a large num-
oi    the   winning   numbers.     The   ber of presents testified to their popu-1     An enjoyable time was spen
ti a v, nm'" s ol     ���   ' l| '���'������: number of
weri . G  G'rard, J,
Mnn,  v   h  ��� ��� h, L Chi    ian, ���'   Reid,
.    Gill ird, V,    l\ Mori     .1   W. Sunn,.
u. It   Bui gesf    The . n w Inners on
the lowei; | ��� in,    i ���       '. 1:   Perkins,
'���'   Brenc-tley, M     i n   E,  Flu-
..   '. It,   V .i.  Mi Donald,  E   Rushton,
'.'.'   Johnston, A   M    .nderauu, J. Tre
at.   :. M, \V. Bi   '
i lie Cartwright; recitation, "When
Hulda 'Spects her Beau," AV. G. McAdams:   duet   and chorus,  Miss Min-
I nie Wilkinson, Miss Ethel Yeomans.
assisted by Misses A. B. McAdams,
Violet Whyte, J. A. Whyte and Kathleen Taylor: recitation, "Faithful.'
Miss Alice Taylor; song by scholars.
The Clock Sung;" dialogue, "Whose
Turn," Ethel Yeomans and Ethel Taylor; recitation. "School Idle," A. B.
McAdams; duet. "Hello! Central,"
Violet and J. A. Whyte; recitation, "A
Ramble in the Woods," Cecil Rhodes,
solo and chorus, "Never Say Fail.'
Miss Lizzie Wilkinson,soloist, scholars as chorus; recitation, "Santa
Clans," Violet Whyte;  recitation, ;'.'
as  naval
nie Wilkinson; recitation, "Vacation,1
James A. Whyte; song, "Won't you
Buy My Pretty Flowers," Miss Ethel
Yeomans: recitation. "Grandmother's
Angel," Gwendoline Taylor; recitation, William Whyte; chorus by school
"Farewell," speeches were made by
John Latta, William McAdam and the
larltv,    The bridal couple left on the;'1'11'*  children  a,   the  Orphanage  on ' chairman.
afternoon train Por the Smmd cities| Christmas day, two large Christmas Thenoame refreshments, which con
tor their wedding nip. ..-',. stripped of many lieani.i- Sisted of sandwiches, cakes, pies,
The best wishes of tbeir many ful Pleats, specially provided for the tarts, tea, candies and other good
��� ads will go with them In .heir edificatl a ol the tots. A substan things. Sixtj persons, including the
l(,,w |ilV j llal Bupper, consisting of thi bes, ol scholars, were presen, nnd the con
 na_ in-,    was partaken of. Mea    cerl  closed  by singing   the  National
<   -     a.    I \ ' :   .-'    .   ll_,    T.     !..     i ,      '-'
aii i English wi re largely resj   i
��� he    ��� '     on of good    - n
.    ���,.;���'��� 11
St. Paul's.
A reference io the services on Sua
Canadian Attache,
i ll   iwa, Ont., Dec   26    Tin   I' ml I
lon - ove 'nmenl   has nol  reoi la cl anj
a   ���   ���    lion    ill    regard     to   a    report
from England that  Mr. Bryo.  is going
mi ve ..  c.v Indian   attach ������!  to the
Bi flsb embasiy al Washington when
��� ������   becomes ambassador      Phere   is.
a v ��� .er,  ,i   :.'i'.n'.'.   feeling  "����� re  thai
he ������'���iii have such an assistant, as Oaii
a Is in favor ol u Canadian atta< h.
al Washington,
i. aai church �� as In some manner ml*
laid  and  failed tii gel   in'o print, in
���he lasi   Issue Of th(    .i   111   Xews.   Tl       W    U/    D    MpIVOC
-..���vices  iii that edifice  lasi   Sunday! "* "' u' ��*��I"��I.*J
wen' of an unusuall) pleasing charao-
ler, and iho decorations were well In
keeping with the daj The music by
the choir was well rendered and mucu
enjoyed, On Christmas day a se
\ice was held in thi church in the
'on noon, and was well attended b)
i raig.egation,
Q :
.1.  v.  Jenkins  Intends leaving his
al OUl   N< '���'���   Years  lime,  much  I a
the re   i hi- friends.
The Sunday school of the Langley
Prairie Presbyterian church will hold
an entertainment Thursday. Jan. 27.
The antiuai shooting match was
held tn For; Langley, last Saturday,
and was very largely attended.
^^^^^_    ,  A  v(1,.v  |d,,;is:ini   evening was spenl
World Asserts  That  the  Yukon Com-' ���*"   ">���-'    Langley     Prairie     Methodist
,.,,., _ ,    _ Sunday school    Christmas   tree,    on
miE.ioner  WHI  Resign to  Re- .
i Christmas eve.    The programme was
Enter  Local   Politics. a   very   c]. ,.||jl(,   ���m,   ,������,   Wafl   W(.,���
.  rendered   by the children.     A  chorus,
_,_,,__ ,    ,    , , "Glory to God in the Highest," by the
The World of yesterday's date, says: - ,        ,
_.   ,  ,���     ,    ,    ,,     ,      ..   .,     ... school, was the first number; then a
That   Mr.  .1.   A.   Macdonald,  the   bib- ',
, ,            ,       -..,,,        ,.        'gramophone selection;   after    which
oral leader, has invited Commissioner   "         ' , ,    ,,
., ,            ..,,.,             . ���    ,,     ,   I Santa Clans made his appearance and
Mclnnes. ol the Yukon, to join bim in I   . *'
,.,���,.        , ,, .   , . dispensed  presents to  the  children
the coining provincial tight, and it has        '
A man named Bn ������ iti - W''s admit
ied to the Royal Columbian hospital
late yesterday evening, suffering from
a bruised hand. The Injury was attended to, and Brewster Is now resting easily at that Institution No
serious results are antkll '" '
iiiiniiier of the devotee* of     The annual St. Peter's Christmas en-
Bacchus fell  by  the wa)   side during tertalnment, which is to lake place In
the   Christmas  festivities,   and   wire St. Patrick's ball this evening, promt-
.���a-'"! in  I the city  police. H I ses to  be most   successful.      I  addi-   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
account of It being the season of good- tion   to  ihe   Indlspensible Christmas I t,eej_ definitely  arranged  that Gover-j    John Oliver, M.P.P., gave a political
will  toward" all  men. the drinkers of tree, and the benevolent Santa Glaus, i noi.  Mclnnes  will  resign  his  position     ddress  here   a  few   <la>'8 ago which
good healths were leniently dealt with. th��re  will  be all  sorts of games fori and  stand   for a  constituency in  the:waa listeneii <�� by a large audience.
and    several   of   tbem   were   allowed ,he children, including a  tug of war j Province.      Governor Mclnnes' .splen-' ~	
their liberty after sobering up.    Oth- "''ween  the tiny tots, a soap bubble   did   record   in  Yukon  has  given   the
thers pul  up ball  money  for their ap- blowing     contest,     with     approplate   country great confidence in  him
pearance  In court, and    then    went prizes   for  the   winners,   and  several   victory   for   the  Liberals
home and (orgol  all ahout it.    One other Interesting items, pefreahments lieved certain
man   who  laced   the  magistrate yes- will he served at the close of the en ' ^^^^^^^^
terday morning received the oust   - tertalnment,    Doors will open at 0:30   will stand  for one of the V.
���try sentence of $2 nnd costs. !'���*'*��� ..(.-"its.'
The market clerk and his staff put
and ; in   a busy  afternoon   yesterday,   and
erals is  now be-1 wHieeled   all   the  satfvs  of  _>ot4toefe
 H ; which  had  been  stored  in the  main
"It Is understood that Mr. Mclnnes ; market,  into one of the  side rooms,
'ancouver j where they would be less likely to be
' affected by the frost.
I     ���
li*'. :
Th��-   Waj   Thi.    ni-na��ifiil   Wood   Wn.i
Itn. i. _; ii t   Into   In .hlon.
Every one knows how effective and
handsome mahogany is when used for
good furniture, but few of us kuow
how Its value was lirst discovered.
In the latter part of the seventeenth
century a London physician had a
brother engaged in trade with the
West Indies who on one occasion
brought home several logs of mahogany as ballast. The doctor wa.s building
a house, and his brother suggested that
the logs would serve for ceiling beams.
Acting on the proposal, tbe doctor gave
orders to the workmen to make use of
the mahogany, but their tools were not
eiiual to the task of cutting the bard
wood, and tbe logs were put out of the
way in a corner in the garden.
Some time afterward the bead ear
penter tried to make a box from the
wood, but wa.s unsuccessful with ordi
nary tools. He told tbe doctor, who I
was interested in the baffling timber
and ordered heavier tools to be made
to work lt with, says Home Notes.
When this wns done and a box at last
made and polished, it was so handsome
that a bureau was made from another
of the despised logs, and this was declared by experts to tie so superior tn
other furniture milking woods tbat the
craze for mahogany set in, and furni
ture made from it became highly popular, tin. then Duchess of Buckingham
fostering the craze in the fashionable
& Co. Limited
wish their many patrons
A   Sea   Serpent   1.1. n i 111. ,1.
Some forty years ago. when out with
a boating party for seagull shooting. I
espied a  monster  fish  basking on  thr'
surface of tbe wafer, with its bead well
up in the air.  Tlie creature allowed us
to get within thirty yards, when I sent,
two charges of shot into its head, with'
the  result   that   it   rolled   ovpr  on  its
back, and our boat soon came up to it.
It proved to be a large angel shark.   I.
thought  I   would   make  quite sure 11
was dead and sent two more charges
Into its upturned  belly.   I must have.
unfortunately, burst its uir bladder, foi
lt  began  slowly   to  sink.    Had   I   no!'
killed it at first, and bad it reared it-
bead and flapped its wings, we should
probably have added one more story I
to the long list of sea serpent fabrlea
tlons.���Manchester < lourler.
One   Occasion   When   the   Proprietor
Wanted  !t  Stopped.
The Introduction of .sir Francis
Burnand to tlie staff of Punch led to
an unusual Incident. Tbe Bookbuyer
tells the story. Mr. Burnand hud given up bis profession oi* law and was
devoting himself to writing. It occurred to bim tbat a burlesque on the
sensational novel of t|���. day and printed after the manner of the Loudon
Journal might make a popular bit. He
proposed bis plan to the editor of'
Punch, who ai oa,.,. accepted the idea, j
The first Installment came out, illustrated by Gilbert, Du Maurier am!
Keene and reproduced in Journal fashion, it "took" at once and became the
talk of the town,
The day of the first issue the senior |
proprietor of Punch was ill in bed
The number reached him with the
Journal burlesque folded on the outside. At lirst be thought a .Journal
bad been sent him by mistake, bul
when he discovered thai the page
formed a p >rtion of Punch he did n .1
Stop to read it, but sprang out of bed
at once, dressed and hurried to the
"Stop Punch!" he cried, bursting Into
the room. "Slop Punch! Vou've go;
a page of the Journal in the form!"
'Vi took considerable explanation to
satisfy him thai some dreadful mis
take had not been made.
This was Mr. Burnand's first appearance ou the Punch staff. The next
night I'h like ray took bim to the weekly dinner and introduced bim:
"Gentlemen- tbe new boy."
Notice is herein- given tl
days after daie I intend to
the Honorable,    the-   Chief
_t  tfo'
aspply  to
sioner of Land- and Work-, for a
special license to cur and can., away
timber from the following de3c_.il ��� '
No. 1. Commencing at a post n inl
< 1 on the Dominion Boundary Line,
on Sharpe's Creek, ibout half a mile
' ��� :"iie'-' of l'i" Lake, thence Nc th
������' chain-, thence West SO ch
thence Soma so chain.-, thence Easl
v chains to point of commencemen:
No, 2. Commencing ai a   po: i planl
ed on the Dominion Boundary Li:
the  commencemenl   ol   Claim   No    I,
thence  East   SO chains,  thence Nc th
SO  chains,   thence  West    so   cha ��� -
lain    to  poll
Tide Table   Fraser River
Fm  'he  weel-; ending Dec. 30, 190G.
High Low
Water.       Water.
Dec. _ lib    1.50 6,53
13.10 i'i 15
He.-. 25th    3.20 7.33
13,50 22.30
Dec,  20th      i :hi S.30
14.25 23.25
Dec. 27th      5.20 9,30
15.55 ....
Dec, 28tb   ti.l"i a L'n
15.30 10.25
Dec. 29th   6.45 0.50
16.00 11,20
Dee. 30th       7.2u 1.20
16.35 I2.il.",
Dec. 31st     7.55 1.60
17.11.1 12.55
High. Low.
Time. Ht.       Time. Mr.
Dec. :'|     iin     9,3         555 - o
12,32    I".n       19.57 'lai
Dee, 25   2.39    10.0        6.57 8,3
13.08   ! 2.6      i!" bi ::..
Dec 26   ::.is   io.S        8.00 9.1 I
13.43    12 I       21.16 3.2,
Dec. 27     f,40    11.0         9,0] 9,5
14.17    12.2       _l 19 2.6
Dec. 28    5.25    12 2         9.57 9.S
14.50   12.0      22 20 2.2
Dec. 29   6.03    12.6       10.49 10.0
15.22    1' -        22.50 2.0
Dec, ::u   6.39    12.0       11,37 10.0
15.55    ' ' G       23 20 LS
Dec. 31       7 1 I     i '            12 L'.'I 10.0
16.30    11 5       23.52 1.8
thence South   ���
No, ::. Commem Ing a1 a p is     ' in ���
ted 80 chains N irth of posi first c
i : ibed in Cl ii::.-  No, 1 and l\ ' hem ���
North  SO    chain-     thence    East
(hains thence South 80 chains, then e
Wesl 50 - hains I i   . dnl of c in i ���
a ent,
Sec"  try,
P. Tii .
B. C. Mills, Timber and
Trading Company
Manufacturers and Dealers in All Kinds of
Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sash,   Doors,
Interior Finish,    lurned'Work,   Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glass.
Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining.
Royal City Branch, Columbia St.
Telephone  12. New Westminster
Staked, N
Foot ofjlth Ave.  Cor. 16th  Street
New Westminster, B. C.
now dissolved partnership, the business will be
carried on as heretofore by BRYSON & SONS
kinds of Ship  repair
Ship and
a specialty.
RESIDENCE���24 Eighth .treat, Ne*
Synopsis of Regulations foi Disposal
of Minerals on Dominion Lands in
Manitoba, the Northwest Territories
and the Yukon Territory.
COAL���Coal lands may be purchased at $tO per acre for soft coal
���and $a> for anthracite. Not more
, than ..-'0 acre, can be acquired by one
individual or company. Royalty at
the rale of ten cents per ton of 2000
pounds shall bc collected on the gross
QUA*RTZ���Persons     of     eighteen
iyear3 and over and joint stock companies holding free miner.-' certificates
may obtain entry for a mining loca-.
A frce miner s certincate is granted
for one or more years, not exceeding
five, upon payment in advance of $7.50
per annum for an individual, and from
$50 to $100 per annum for a company,
according to capital.
A free miner, Having discovered
mineral in place, may locate ��� claim
[500x1500 feet by marking out the
same with two legal P'l-its, bearing
location notices, one at each end of
the line of the lode, or vein.
The claim shall be recorded within
fifteen days if ocated within ten miles
of a mining recorder's office, one additional day allowed for every ad
ditional ten miles or fraction The
fee for recording a claim 1=   .3
At least >too must be expended on
the claim each year or paid to the
mining recorder in lieu thereof. When
$500 has been expended or paid, the
locator may, upon having a survey
made and upon complying with other
requirements, purchase the land at
$1.00 an acre.
Permission nny be granted by the
Minister of the Interior to locate
claims c intaining iron and mica, ah 1
copper, in the Vukon Territory, of an
area  n��t exceeding  160 acres.
The patent for a mining locati in
shall provide for the payment of a
Royalty of _,'���_ per cent, of the sales
of the products of the  location.
PLACER MINING -Manitoba and
the N*. W, T., excepting the Vukon
Territory: Placer mining claim- generally are 100 feet square, entry ier
$5, renewable yearly. On the North
Saskatchewan River claims are either
bar or bench, the former being 100
feet long and extending batween high
and low water mark. The latter in-
cludes bar diggings, but extends back
to tiie base of the hill or bank, not
r\ seeding tooo feet. Where steam
power is used claims 200 feet wide
may be obtained.
Dredging in the Rivers of Manitoba
and the N. VV. T.. excepting the Vu
kon Territ iry A free miner may obtain only two leases of five miles each
for a term of twenty years, renewable in tha discretion of the Minister
of  the   Interior.
The lessee's right is confined to the
submerged bed< or bars of the river
below .my low water mark, and sub-
f-T first >���ir and $10 per mile for each
subsequent year. Royalty same as
pla -I" mining
Placer mining in the Vukon Territory- Creek, gulch, river and hill
, claims shall not exceed 250 f*et in
1 length, measured on the base line ry
i general direction of the creek 01
; gulch, the width being from iooo ��o
; 2000 feet. All other placer claims
, -hall be 250 feet square.
Claims are marked by two legal
j po. ts, one at each end, bearing no-
| tices. Entry must he obtained within
ten day- if the claim is within ten
mill'- of the mining recorder's office.
One extra day allowed for each addi
tional ten miles or fraction.
The person or company sn'.ing .
claim must li dd a free miner's cer-
tific ite
The discoverer nf a new mine is
1 entitled to a claim of tooo feet in
length, aand if the party consists of
two, 1500 feet alt igether, <>n th.- oul
1 put on which no royalty shall hi
charged the rest of tbe pprty ordinary cl 'ims 01 Iv
Entry fee c: 1 R lyalty .,! tl:.. rate
of two and one half per cent on the
value of the gold shipped from the
ieet to the rights of all persons who
have, or v. ho may receive entries for
lur diggings or lunch claims, except
on the Saskatchewan River, where
the li - ,���,' cm dredge to high wati 1
mark on each alternathre leasehold
I    ���'   le .'   shall   have   a   dredge   ir,
I opernl '-i \ ithin one season from the
date of t'i,. |e 1-,. f,,r each five m
Inn where a person or company has
"lu lined more than one lease one
dredge for each fifteen miles nr frac
tion thereof is sufficient, Rental, $10
per annum for each mile of river
leased. Royalty at the rate of two
Hid a half per cent, collected on the
output  'ifter  it  exceeds $tn.ooo.
the   ..
giving 1,0,��� ,.
same   ;..,-|.
Work   m
each year t
A  certifi, ,      ���
PayiB8 a ���
and entry by  ,
1 he boundu   .
define 1 absolutelj
made   and   pul
Vukon  Offii ial G
smtories at | .. -
.... [��
minion Land
west T(
Territory, a ,
petroleum, and the mi I
serve   for   an   . . *.I
having machine, the l_M
prospected, an . ^fcf
such   period   a
length of which
times the bn 1
pector   di ,co'.' r  , I
decide ���"
title-, and  s
discovery,  an  a:      -
inckii ��� .���  ���
to the pro ��� ���  ���  .
sole .
Si an acre,  ind t
tract   reservi I,   ���
will be sold at the rat
subject to royalty a:
he   SpC   :_������.!   !,.
Deputy  of   the
ten it
Dept   Interior.
'     '��� .:;
I tbt il
'PHONE  NO. . i
-  Proprietor!
Whoiesaii   .'
The White Pass
and Yukon Route
FAIRBANKS. Daily trains (excepff
Sunday) carry';.- passengers, m
express and freight connect ��MI
stages at Carer iss u I Whit, ii -I
maintaining a thr ugh winter sen*,]
For information apply 10
J.   H.   ROGERS, Traffic Mm,
Vancouver. B. '���
"The Milwaukee'
"The   Pion'-i   Limited"  St. Paul ��|
Chicago,   "Short  Line" Onusi :*
Chicago,   "South    West    lun��� I
Kansas City to Chicago.
tram-,   in
ol   in   the
rvi'ci   ";
la     ; I      .;.     ' a    '      .    '      '        ' '   ,
equipment thai    I *��>"L
wank",'   &  Sl    Paul  Rai ' !'
own   and   op< ral     their     ' ; ,
diningcars   1 :       il
their   patr<
not obtainal
,   ne.al.ff
I' ������ .-:   '���?
II. S   Rl >Vl
i.U Third St.. cr Aider.
Scow  Building Hardware, Ranges, Stoves, Tinware
,. - Graniteware and Enamel CnnrI
promptly fur- *-"��w/#��ei   Kjooa,
To local points
at  .single   lure
nm ml I rip.   Dates
25th, inclusive,   ami  l'1'1'
1st; good to return Jan,
Tickel   will beta*
and one-third for
,f sale. Dec. 21s'
s -
BRYSON & SONS, Columbia
P. I!   Agen
\e.    W<
Westminster, B.C.
==*30 AND UP=
Cut and Made on the Premises
Wanted. J.HENLEY
General   P.issen3er
the Fire Di
:   th  .:i   .
24 7 Front Sin et
New Westmlnstei   (
lo til! two vacancies in
tment will be receive 1
'i ed up 1 i Friday, the
- ai pi]   to Chief \',,r
'   Fire Hall
V,    A   DUNCAN,
I      a   ��� I      '
" . 19, 1906,
mufacturer or
Mineral Waters, Etc.
Aerated Waters,
Family Trade
"I.  US.
Office,   Eighth   Street,
Dredging in the Yukon Territory-
Six lenses of five miles each may be
granted to a free miner for a term of
-���0 year-; also renewable.
The lessee's right is confined to the
submerged bar or bars in the river
b'low low water mark, that boundary to be fixed by its position on the
it day of August in the ve'r of the
date of the lease.
1 he lessee shall have one dredge
in operation within two years from
the date of the lease, and one dredge
for each five miles within six years
from such date. Rental $100 per mile
Yukon Territory to be paid to the
No frce miner shall receive a grant
of more than one mining claim on
each separate river, creek or gulch,
bul the same miner may hold any
number of claims by purchase, and
free  miners   may   work   their   claims
in partnership by filing notice and 1 :���Lt ori.-J AQd."*''!
paying fee of $,. a claim may be LIglll ailU IW�� /
abandoned and another obtained on     'fleo 'Phone 3S5.
28th t"J
apply '
Columbia "'���
Baggage delivered
part of the city,
eiiii. HUK
DEC. 27, 1906.
Hurry!   Hurry!
Only   3   Left
Rr I.
A few lota on Queen s Ave., just on the brow of the hill, well out of the._._,___-
ing mists, with uninterrupted view of the Fraser River and valley, Mt.
Baker and the Olympia Range, are now offered for sale. These lots are
situated just on Queen's Ave., off Third St., opposite the well-known residences oi b. J. Hart, W. E. Vanstone, etc., bounded by Tipperary on the
east and Peele St. on the west. Sewer pipes already laid; every lot to lane.
Lots, 42.9 x 116, only $575; one-third cash, bai. arranged; while the corner lot, Peele St. and Queen's Ave., is offered at $650.
Arc you  letting this
.-Iin?   Secure one  at
magnificent oppportunity to purchase a fine residential site now and for
once irom  the exclusive agents.
 Real Estate Brokers, Etc.
Bntl.h Co
tZZZZZ0* Trains & Steamers Purchase Notice A1<_Y QnnA'c
Service. C.P.R.   .MAIN   UM:. .TjLlW A* tfc_/LJ-CVf\    O
  Notice is hereby given that CO days j __T
Second Hand Store
B  C. Coast Line Service.
jeci to change without notice)
I   .::  .
L*ave N. W. 15.40; arr N. W. 11 35.
ui;.\.   N. VV. S.30; ;.i   Seattle 15.50.
I.'a'." Seattle 12.30; ar. N. W, 1S.40.
li.. .a -  Vancouver .Ian   9.
eaves Vancouver daily at l p.m.
eaves Victoria daily at  1  a.m.
��� ���.r- '.'   toria dailj except Mini,:*.'
l/__vfc. New Westminster at 7 a. m.
6. S. Joan
.w. Vancouver daily al 1:30 pjn,
Steamer Queen  City.
.a.'. Victoria at   ll   p.m. on 1st.
��� ���'    ith each month for Cl*. o-
leavi    Victoria    on    L'nth    for
|t.-.1.   .... ��� way iKjint.s.
Steamer Transfer
������������-  New   Westminster  on  Mon
Tuesday,   Wednesday,   Thursday
''������:..    at  '2   p.m. and  Saturday
p, a   with additional trip on Mon-
��" ���" a. in.
*-'.i'- Steveston Monday, Tuesday,
Kdnesdi     Thursday and Saturday at
l�� mr. Friday at 0 a. m. additional
Sa;_r_i.y  G  p.   n).
S. E. Beaver
ILeaves  N w  Westminster,  8  a.  m.
lODilays   .'.'.-ai,'... iiays and Fridays.
���Leaves -, hilUwaok 7 a. in. Tuesday,
iiursdas    nal   Saturdays,   calling   at 'Rlthet���
If'tn .s   between   New   W.stminsttr     From N.W., Wed. amd Mod.. 7 a.m.
'- Chilli* Krom Victoria Tues. and -Sat. . a.m.
MORTHEW.  B. C.  ROUTE. ________   e_______________ I
S.  S. Tess
'���'���'     ">'.' ni "uver  at
after date I intend applying to the
Chief Commissioner ot Lands and
Wi rks fi :��� permission to purchase the
following described land, situated at
thc mouth of the Kildala river, Coast
district: Commencing at a post marked W. M.'s N. E Corner planted on
: the south bank of the Kildala river
a; the mouth, running as follows: 40
chains    south.    40   chains   west,    40
I. Claimed! thr Mont . pirltaal
'..i.n    Alive
"The  Jew   Is  said   to  have  what  Is
known  as  the commercial   Instinct,"
html Oscar S. Straus     "Hume tells us
that under Richard I. 600 Jews suiight
safety in the castle of Vork. where, not
being Btrong enough for defense, tbey
kill"! tbeir wives and children, threw |
the bodies over the walls into the mob
below  and.  setting  tire to the castle, j
were   themselves   burned   alive.     The
gentry owing money to the Jews hastened   to   the   cathedral,   where   their |
bonds or promissory notes were kept, ,
ami made a bonfire before the altar.
'Tbe compiler nl the Annals of Waver- J
ley, in relating the event,' Hume says,
'blesses the Almighty for thus delivering over this Impious race to destruction.'    History blazes with such stories
ol'   sill'  sacrifice   ami   barbarity.     The
commercial instinct in this particular
ease appears tn have been ou the other
"Instead of the Jew being a natural
barterer, be is the most spiritual man
alive. He has been pounded through ,
the aires, robbed am] massacred, but he
yields neither bis traditions nor his
ideals. Hail in- been materialistic he
would bave sold out long ago and
bought peace. If be would Join the
Greek church be would bi' safe lu Kus
sin. Rather than do that he wlll walk
Into the jaws of hell. Then.fori' I s iy
that he is spiritualistic or Idealistic
rather than practical or material. Were
1 to choose a family that would live 1
Would have it meet hardships and per- ,
seditious. Were I to choose one to ilie
I would give It pleasure and luxury.
Tbe Jew, denied his civil rights, de
spoiled of his property, scourged nnd
murdered, hns only been made tougher
ami  longer  lived.    His enemies  have
given him strength nnd trained him Synopsis  of   Canadian   Home-
most admirably for the battle of life j    ' ,tead Regulations
no matter in what  part of the world '
fortune   may   lead   him." ��� New  York
Land Registry Act
Re Lot 4_4, Group 1 (except two parts
conveyed), New Westminster District.
A   Certificate  of Indefeasible   Title
to the above property will  be issued
to Rhoda McKamey on the 29th duy
of December, 1.06, unless in the meantime a valid objection thereto be made
to me in writing by a person or persons   claiming   an   estate  or   interest
therein, or in any part thereof.
District Registrar of Titles.
Land    Registry    Office,   New  Westminster, B.C., -1st  November, lyOC.
The person or persons having in their
custody or possession the following
Title Deeds relating to the said property are requested to deliver the same
tn the undersigne.i:
12th December, 1895���Robert Granville McKamey to Thomas Robert McKamey, conveyance In fee.
Barristers, Solicitors, etc., New Westminster, B.C.
Leave N. W  8.30, 10.35, 15.40, 17.35.
Arrive N. W. 9.35, 11.35, 10.40, 18.40.
Lv. N. W. 9.20 a.m.; ar. Seattle 4 p.m.   'hains north to the shore line, thence
Lv. N. W. 4.35 p.m.; ar. Seattle 10 p.m.   following shore line to place of com-
I mencement, containing: 16 acres more
V., W,  & Y.���VANCOUVER i ��>* l��ss.
Lv. N. W. 3 p. m. anc '9:K p. m, Aug' 27' 19(*'
bv. Vancouver ..lif, a.m., and 4 p.m. Loca,or' W   MOODY,
I Per FRANK  VANDAL. Aftent.
G. N. R.���PORT GUICHON. 0 t   24,  1906,
Lv.  N.  W.  . :3_ tm.;   ar. Guichon
2.20 p.m.
|    Lv. Guichon, 2:�� p. m.; ar. N. W.
I'8:45 p ru. and 6 p. tc.
Mondays only.
City Electric Works
Opposite Tram Office
Second Hand Goods of
all kinds bought and
sold for cash. All Mail
Orders promptly attended to. Kindly write or
call at
Sign Man on Wheel.
Columbia St. New Westminster.
Phone 275
^ny available Dominion Lands within the Railway Belt In British Colum-
kiiiidk TimeT- j Wa> may be homesteaded by any per-
To read for either instruction oi : son who is the sole head of a family,
amusement is commendable, but It is; or any male over 18 years of age, to
not so for tbe sake of killing time. Late, the extent of one-quarter section of
ln   life,   after   bis   fortune   had   beer' 160 acreSi more or legg_
made,  a successful  merchant,  Mr. 8. |
Entry must be made personally at
took a young man Into partnership
Entering the offlce on a dull day ln tbe
dull season, tbe millionaire found hie
partner yawning over a book. "Wbat'_
that you're doing?" Mr. S. asked
"There's nothing else to do, so I'm
reading," was tbe answer. "Nothlnp
else to do? Reading?" the great mer
rbnnt repeated in a tone that expressed wonder, amusement ami scorn.
"When you've nothing else to do don't
read.   Think!"
Ittudur;   Dlwuf.
the local land office for the district in
which the land is situate.
The homesteader is required to perform the conditions connected therewith under one of the following plans.
(i) At least six months' residence
upon and cultivation of the land in
each year for three years.
(2) If the father (or mother, if the
father is deceased) of the homesteader
resides upon a farm in the vicinity
of the land entered for  the require-
Lv.  New  Westminster 5.50, C.50, 1
and 8 a. m., and every half hour there- \
after till 11 p. m.
Lv.  Vancouver .or Westminster at i
same hours.
Fraser River and Gulf
From N. W. Mon. Wed. Frid. 8 a.m.
From Chwk. Tu., Th., Sat., 7 a.m.
From N. W. Tu., Th., Sat. 8 a.m.
From Chwk. Sue, Wed., Fri., 7 a.m.
Prom N. W. da;.'", <���::. Sa'. an. Sun..
2  p.m.;   Saturday, 2 pJD.
Add. trip, Monday, 5 a.m.
From Steveston, 7 a.m. (Fri. 6 a.m.)
Add. trip Saturday, 5 u.m.
For electric ��ii_ns, dynamos, motors
fans, "phone fixtures, shades, bells, bat- j
teries. wire and cables of all kinds]
and sizes. House wiring. Motor in- i
stalling a specialty. All kinds of re-,
pairs promptly attended to.
J. DIGBY, Proprietor
PHONE  304.
Architectural  Competition for  Departmental snd Justice   Buildings.
5.000   f-SMERESS OF   BRITAIN I 14,. 0.
If      ; are sending for friends fron_
��� !   Country,   buy   tickets     no*
... .  ���   tin   cheap   rates  are on.     Vot
,,,!] gi ���    ��� "a.    accommodation
. ��� ���  rati   by  applying to
-������  GOCLET^n as*"lu
.ped ami promi ses to be
irviceable boat.
'Competitive drawings are invited for
Departmental and Justice Buildings to
be award��M a premium ol $8,000, the
iment at Ottawa, Ont.
The author of the best design will
be awarded a premium og $8,000, the
second   best   $4,000.   the     third     best
42,000 and the fourth best f 1,000.
Drawings will be received not later
,,,j   than  April  15th,  1907, and  are to be
n.   addressed to the Secretar,' oi ft��� Department of  P'-^-*--  1 ���
The   British   Medical   Journal   says  ments as t0 residence may be sat;sfied
tbat only an Imaginary remedy  will  by such person residing with the fa_
��re an Imaginary  disease, which  is  tj.er Qf motj,er
true to the old maxim, "Slmilla simili        . .  _,   , '      ,      ,.
bus curantur." lt continues: "This <?) If the ��"'�� h*�� *���� permanent
may be condemned bv the righteous as ���sl��nce. upon farming land owned
quackery, and quackerv of a kind il j ��y hlm in the vicinity of his home-
undoubtedlv is. But If tbe real end of stead>the requirements as to residence
medicine Is to cure can she, when le- may be satisfied by residence upon
gitimate means fail, afford to despise I *"e sa'd land.
anything that relieves suffering, even Six months' notice in writing should
though the Buffering tie imaginary?"       be given to the Commissioner of Do-
  minion Lands at Ottawa of intention
k.tkIv. _.�����__. 110 apply for patent.
"1 can forgive, but I cannot forget.' j ^V W CORY
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N.   B.���Unauthorized  publication  of
be I this  advertisement  will  not  be  paid
is only one way of saying. "1 will no' \
forgive." A forgiveness ought to In
like a canceled note, torn in two and |
burned tip, so thai it can never
Shown agi;inst a man. Tliere Is an
ugly ki::il of forgiveness iu the work!
���u kind of hedgehog forgiveness shol
crnt like tpiills
p.m.   2nd
Mail Servir
a very
Seattle, via Sumas
Of   each   month,   culling   at
:i first trip and Bella Coola   S;'"iH ''*  ;
Ip,  T-ine  on   arrival  and
tCtures and Framing,
ar.   approximate.
'   ��� rvatiOM   and    IV'
, uouches, Parlor Goods, Rattan Goods.
. .i Ive. :*���
, ������',  -,���   ired   .: Fri at   '*'
Leu-cl-i..   by   l_-perl*n<vr.
Nell���lie  always  said   that  no tw.
_Lf'_______ on   earth    think   alike.     Lil]-
di���lie bus changed his mine
��� king over the presents his
called forth.-Woman's Home
Aa i'he; piano and organ Brm, the
M a li lhis r;:nn comp mv. of Van
,     ,er, will onm up an agent    in this
il       ,   '\|    a"a .     .    W,    Ell h    S   h0 ' lng
',������:.  api  ilni      '  ��� '
,. '  ,    rs !��� ave
��� ���    .   , ". i   Mi
n   ' i ���.'
��� . ���     Jan. 2    Tl e :' rm  will can ���
���',.  : esi   grade i     ' ���       ������ mos,   an 1
th, 'i i.���:���   :!-���.-   al InstniH   n ������
HU  Ilni!   Break.
bave you and ITarrv
���easeil t:
vanted tn begin economizing Hit
wc became engaged."���Chtcng.
icts to a
,. line is '        ; -  !���:
Just such a.s a
ate selecting his
The  Only   Sntr  Wny.
t ��� You   sa.\   your   wife   nevt:
i   No.   I never give her an.
imervllle Journal.
33C Hastings St. W., Vancouver.
Bookkeeping. Gregg and Pitman
Shorthand, Telegraphy and Engineering.
Seven Teachers
Forty-Five   Typewriters
Students Always in  Demand.
R. I. SPROTT, B. A., Principal
IE S     Furniture     Emporium
.Pont Block New Westminsfer        Tel. 73
Tin      annual     entertuinili id
Christmas ' ree In < onne<
rapid, Easy Grinders
tS Ce.. sizes,���8,   10  and   12-inch
*-~1 "$
on with the !���!
���   ��� i hurch Sun 11    sch   i! will I e ^
held in the church tomorrow evening. "�����
Th ��� flrsl  portion of the ��� venlng will !�����
' e occupied by a < antafca which the j*i
vounger   scholars   will   ren ier.      The ;���!
Christmas  tree will follow,  and   bhe ;���;
?ifta    will    be  dispensed    by Santa u
honored style.    A !J
will  win I up the !���!
Clans In the time
mixed programme
evening's entertalnmen
aim ist  ;���;
,\ slight haze | $
'. Also bagging attachments
���������'���������'   . Si ���
iw, same.
'clock   ,     BVT
Btraete of Pulpers, Slicers, Hay and
'" ' "I'ilallv   I n
M,|n'. S. 0.; N
Christmas Day wns i tu   o
\ al  winter weathe
,���   ���_��� Il0%,r,-r bills, to  the f';"''^ 11
a I ank 0f clt
I i'.aki'r  mil   'hfc
i iicir snowy slop*, ���
the  southwest, q   fe
There was hardlj  a >-
mil   the   ti'iiil" i:i!ili*e   !"���">
degrees   above   freezing  1 "li^
terday  was  even  clearer,  and
v as quite a sharp frost Id*! algM.
alnst which Mount
lesser   peaks  reared IS
and  over head In j ij
ear,    sunlit Bky. |*{
ri'iith  ol   wind ; J��]
ered  u  few
U.'COTLAND i.    a,..
'J*1-���Meets on the Fii
"'6sday o�� every  mofi
,'���  Hall.      ,l,,hn     Mel
'   '��� Forrester, R ������    -'s.
Ensilage Cutters,
The regular month.} meet-fls ������. (.He
W.C.T.U., was held a) Mrs .towel-Hals
detail of style, lit and (iir
terns to choose from.
elegance; Meltons, blue
DRESS SUITS.   P'inest material, p
Smoking Jackets, Dressing Go\f
"        y
Get the hi
t��' V��->'.,,
I .Imlted
residence  on Fourth  avenue,
day afternooii     The  presldenl
c   c.  cliff, occupie l  the chair, an.I
among other Item - of  business con
I ,. .e i, -A.. the am   tl W.C.T.U. da?
i is
(Plain Tips)
Turkish Cigarettes
1 Sc per box. THE DAILY NEWS
;    r
'I**; ���}. 1 .
j i
Published hy the Daily News Publishing Company Limited, at their
offices, corner of Sixth and Front
streets, Xew Westminster, B.C.
Pure salt is ju�� as important as
pure water or pure milk.
is absolutely pure and never cakes.
Managing Director...
.J. C. Brown
rransieii. display advertising, 10
ours pet ine nonpariel) 12 lines tn
the i-ich. Five cents per line tor
pii ..eiii't-ni Insertions.
Reading notices, bold face type, 20
rents per line, brevier or nonpariel, 10
cents per line.
For time contracts, special positions, apply to advertising manager.
Notices of births, marriages or
deaths, 50c. Wants, for sales, lost or
found, rooms to let, etc., one cent per
word. No advertisement taken for
i��s_ than 25 cents.
ist, that the Legislature can at any
time increase both rental and royalty.
That is true as regards some, not all,
licenses; but does the Colonist forget
that what would be a fair and just
rate of rental and royalty on one
limit, would be a low rate on another,
and an exhorbitant rate on still another? For that reason the plan of
disposing of these limits by competition was adopted. This is a matter
which will liear further comment and
to which we shall take occasion to
refer again,
running a
'���hains   n ,
chains u ..
then  alon
No. l ;   ���  .
ed aim it on ���
Kll I ..a   ...
aa follow      :
'"*��� -,-
' or ;,.
"' ��� I
''��� I
������' ii i ���
Easterbrook Milling Com'y
Day Office   A22
Night Office    B22
THURSDAY, DEC. 1*7, 1906.
S iturday, Feb. 2, 1907, is to see the
election of the eleventh parliament or
legislature of British Columbia. Will
the Liberals win? Will the Government He sustained? These are the
questions on men's lips. How will !
the campaign of lhe Socialists affect
the Issue? What will the Labor party:
do? These are all Interesting questions���questions whieh will give rise
t i much debate, to many heated arguments, !
Hul behind them all stands the ques-!
tion of questions, what of the future j
of this "glorious Province"? That
millions of possible revenue have
been sacrificed���thrown away���by the
McBride governmenl, no truthful man
who has a fair knowledge of current
events will deny, and that these millions are and will lie sorely needed to
push the development of the Province and place it in that leading position In the Dominion for which Its
natural wealth and other advantages
li: It, all admit. Election day is.
therefore, a day big with fate for Uhe
Province. Bhould the C_(ovei"nment
win���and we may he sure that nothing
which money and the backing of pow-
1 rful corporations ear. do to bring
them victory, will be wanting���then
farewell to the brighl hopes of those
who love their Province, and would
see her lake her , r >; ir place iu ihe
One of Ibe Mont Peculiar Weapon* ml
War Brer Invented.
Thu boomerang is an instrument used
both iu war aud in the chase by the
aborigines of Australia. It i.s usually
about two feet iu length, made of hard
wood bout into a curve resembling au
obtuse angle, tint on one side ami
rounded on the other, The method of
using this curious weapon is very peculiar. Tin' thrower lakes it in oae
hand, holding the bent side downward,
and hurls it forward as it to hit some
object twenty or twenty-five yards iu
advance, Instead of continuing to go
directly forward in accordance with
the Newtonian law it slowly ascends
iu the air, whirling round ami round,
describing a beautiful and geometrical
curved line till it reaches a considerable height, when it begins to retrograde, filially sweeping over tiie head
of tbe projector, striking the object for
which it was Intended, which is always in tlie rear.
An English officer has this to say of
the singular weapon: "The boomerang
is one of the most curious weapons oi
war ever invented, at least by a barbarous people, nor is it easy to comprehend by what law of projectiles it Is
made to take, the singular directions
that it frequently does. 1 have seen a
native throw- oue so as to make It go
forty or fifty yards horizontally and
not more than four feet from the
ground. It would then suddenly dart
into the air to the height of fifty or
sixty yards, describe a very considerable curve and finally fall at his feet
In all cases, no matter how thrown,
the boomerang keeps turning with
great rapidity, like as if mi a pivot.
making a loud, whizzing noise aLI the
A lady should never forget to say
���when she want.- to obtain the very best Flour
Perfection is not easily obtainable, but you get it if
you order Imperial, made from the finest selected
wheat grown in the great Northwest.
Unexcelled for Pastry.
Try lt
Bakers, we strongly recommend our Strong Bakers.
Ask for  Terminal,  and see that you get it.
The Easterbrook Milling: Co.
McQUARRIE &   CO.,   Local Agents.
122 Front St.
W.rtted���Strong   loy to drive -ig and
make himself generally  use hi,  Ap-
E. Fales' furniture st. '...
il.- VV.
ceive pupils. Lessons iu the ai I ���>:
singing and voice production. 32-1
Columbia Street.
A SOLD FACE. "*""-
Tin' Colonlsl tries, with more valor ���
than honesty, to .'it on a bold front.
For ihc besl pari of a year, one port-
Foil ' has no: been lili" I, ami :. nv nrto-
ther -Minister is down and out: i' Is
notorious thai some of the best men
in ihc Conservative part., are stand-1
ing aloof Irom Hie Government, it not,
openly condemning it; the Legislature
fi_.s been dissolved, notwithstanding!
lhe frequent protests ol' the organs
thai ii would live oul il 'r tn; things
are certainly in i bad way���a whole
M ist explanations ari' due the country���hut the Colonisi i;:. ir n all these
darl; spois ami goes n histling ���.,, its
v ay, as if it 1, il no a care in the
world. "The Opposition," ;��� says, "have
all '.oiu' mail together." Really :'
should Invenl something new. Months
ago, when Oppositl n pain ; thai
i he Governmenl wo ' I nol dare I i
nii'i'i the House again, a i gave I heir
reasons, Bah' crie I the C ilonis . , ou
are mad, Mr. Green . ill be ml oi
Ihe i lovernmenl be fori the ?enei tl
��� : Ion, said the Oi posll lon papei s,
I;.ih' 'ri."! the Col ml it, . ou are mad.
Now when Opposition pipers draw at-
ii'iiiion io the ba I n Iminlstration
which Is wasting the resources of the
i ountry, Bah! i rles the Colonist, you
are ma I.
The other day, we had an article
op this matter <>:' wasted resources,
with special reference to timber speculation. The Colonist pays us the com-
idimeiif of condescending to go Into
a little detail In the matter. It says
lho issuing of timber licenses is a
mere mailer of .routine. In those
words, ii litters a str mg con lemnation
of the administration. A mer i mattei'
of routine! The whole continent lias
heen talking of the growing scarcity
of limber���pointing to this pari of
the world as the lasi gi e ! ms s,
Thai magnificlenl forests of Ine and
cedar were an assel the v if which
was rising every day, i I i .en the
dullesi reader of news rs could
fail to understand V" v, h week
the Governmenl allowed ' 'orests
to pass Into the hands >f
as a mere "mal ler of rou ' ���. ime-
thing to be handled b;
"The Xews forgets,"
How T!ip>- Lived In the Middle of Cttr
l.a. t   Century.
In  the middle of the last century! '
the   crofters   in   the   west   highland* MR** HARRY DAVIS*,.Baritone, wi
seldom saw money and never needed)     ceive pupils.    Lessons in the ai
it.   They erected for themselves huts
mostly built of turf, floored with clay
and roofed  with heather.    They  kepi
a   few rattle, goats and sheep,  whicb
grazed  at  will  on  the  open   hillside
and   provided    them    with    mill,    and
wool.    They lived a  truly simple life
and iheir needs were (en-,   TUey gre-v.
oats for their mm food and potatoes
which formed their other <��� 11:- .' art. :.
of diet.    Tea   was  an  unknown   iii>:
ury.    It was Py no means uncommon
to lind persons  .... i .���', nev r taste
it.     Wheateu   breud   had   tie-,	
seen   in   those   parts.     Their   ���
were made from   Hie G tpcos
own  sheep,  spun  a a.i   n ov ui
good   wives   during   tho
nights and dyed ;'. nn the
made frnm the Hi!. '. ��� whicli
the stems of trees oc na the i
WA-NTKB���Married co'.ple desire furnished "..aa- for light, housekeeping
:- ' oard 'in,i rooms in private fani
11; ���    A ipl;  ii. -his offlce
Temporary Premises: Trapp Block
Plumbing and Contracting
P. O.lBox 248
i one
10  chains  no l0       "SI
cha,.', Dort��� '^--,
"ion  alon.-     ; ,   ,                  ..I
mencemenl I
X"     "       ''  '* :,     ��� I.
ed aboul '""��� ��� efcj?1!
of Kildala   Arni   ,_ .,���. /' '"������J
running as : /;,...     ,��� . ."*m
chains   east,   ,       ..,      ;; ..
chains west to I
to pom:  of co:,,..,.,.,,,,.,,.^.   "*'-���������
No. 15    Co
ed aboul one mile
of the Dala r . ����J
ning .,,   follov
chain,, north   i .
north.   I" ch ��� "*l
more oi
io poinl ol ���
.\o ;.,      . I
al the :n ml
trict,  on   wi   ���   ...
lows: 40 i
120 ehains east, 1
or le
poinl of co
No. 17   Comn .   j
<��� i on '. " wesi
Arm, Rhout ��� *e
lim.i'   !n llan   Villa |
l lan :, al mouth
ning   is follov
chains wesl   in
������a t, .0 chains i hj
120 ch tins ���
N'o. IS    Commen
ed abo it 20
Claim No   17, ruiiiih .  .
' hain i west, so
west,    ��� ��� ... |
Hk-ii along I
mem emeut.
N'o   19���Co ,1
.. i abo it one ui
��� :' I leer < Iree!     :.'���������.���
nei,  situate i a ��� .
of Kilt :1a Ai ���.      ��� ���
chain, east, SO north,!   ..|
east, i" (hain
l-'" chains    - .. '    ��� .      -
men ������;:.��� ot
Locate i Xov. *
i.o. a'or. V. M   M I IDI   Ui
*vi"   -I. 1906
*''������'   ; .���   fe   ''  '.
afti '    in e  I   in   --.i '
Chiel    r,,'. ���    .    . ,
Work    foi  a      ��� ������ -..
i ���'. i ���    timbei    '   ���
scribed la i I
i. Coi "ii'-.-i'' a j   ,
VV   M.'s  S !���:   Coi lei
north ban'  of the K '������������
ii :'-:'    I
:'���'��� I
lh tins
i E
a"   r.'c. ��� ���
'     f.a     .
J.ila- 'a'  ���
of r >ek iu :': ��� n fg!i irl ������ ��� X" 1,
whisky they drank mdic from \v _h
stills on the  hillside? and   had
paid     OXCiSO.        '! i   ���      ;   ..���>.- i .|
church  \\':is often  mi ny  n il ������
No school was there for the ��� i
Very few of them, Inde td, could
or write.    Still  fewer had  evorji ,i...
a word of Kadi -li spoken    Tlii
itual   needs,  h iworer,   were   ti
lected, for they i celved c :
Its fi un thc "i n   ," .- thoy ".���";
ed, who had nl thon   ely11'
spiritual guides of Iheir nelgftl
���Blackwood's \!i g i/.ine IER CO..
315  i arnarv on si reel
_PD>_    LOST���Sa tie fur collar between Fount
's 11 6
JOB  printing of ever,   description
done al lo vest  rates, al  the Arrow
I're.ss.      Satisfaction     guaranteed
Office:  Daily   News   Block.    .MRS
t ri  '���      DOMINY.   Prop ...      .
Large Stock Plain and Fa..*..,
Avenue and Ash Stpaet, or Fourth
Avenue and Tenth Street, FinoNW
kindly ri Iui n to Daily News Offlce
>'   Ul        DOMINY.   I
Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining.
Royal City Branch, Columbia St.
Notii !��� is hei
I     ���' er da
.   Telephone 12.
._���_���- -���_���>-.--._.
New Westminster
length, narii.
two, 1500 feei
put  "ii   which  no
charged  the  rest  of"
���ir\    1  iins onlv.
Iven   hai im days
'   Intend  loapply  to   tho
ntuis a iru ������   uf   Land
I'ci.i 1 license to cul
��� im the foi-
iied   on
(llll   Time   I'li'lfKl:...-.. I
Aii acl of tho I Ime of 1 ���    e
both ord line I thai vagrant 3 wei
"stripped 1 'oi 1 Ihe middle npwn.
whipped till the bo ly I's bloody,
pence each was th ��� rocognlz
made   by   th i   "whlpm tn"
male and female vagrant who,
through his hands, Pui; on spoci.,tree''
sifiiis this sum was exceeded.   Sr
constable's ai uutof Greal Stat
Huntlngd iiishlro: ".May. tfiDl.-
charges taking up a distracted ^nnoiV
watchiug h.r and whipping be. "
day, S shillings '', pence."   Aftoi
ping   people   according   lo   the   1,
tin' authorities sometln
letter   recommending   constable
others "to be us charitable ns ti
now dissolved partnership, the business will be
carried on as heretofore by BRYSON & SONS
Entry fee $10. Royalty ���t thc .
of'two and one half per cmt on the
value of the g"M shipped from the
ject t" th" rights of all persons who
have, or who may receive entries for
bar diggings or bench claims, except
on the Sa katchewan River, where
lhe lessee can dredge to high watei
in iik "11 each alternathre leasehold
'I he lessee shall htavt a dredge in
oper it '". '. iti in one sens, .n from the
date of the lease for each five m
Inn where a person or company has
obtained more than one lca-,e one
dredge for each fifteen miles or fraction thereof is sufficient. Rental, $10
per annum for each mile of river
leased, Royalty at the rate of two
and a half per cent, collected on the
"input  after  it  exceeds $in.ooo.
two miles op I
ning aa foi v.   ���  : .
i hain     wesl     10  1    tan    ���
chains   easl ' ':'
��� -- it
ment,  c mtaii In;  ..    ������ 1  "
2. Commend ���" s
WT. M's S.W   Comer
north bank ol the 1
two miles up fron
as follows:   |0 cha.l     I :
sat, su chain
10 chains   n irl 1, ***" '
pofoj(   of   comn ��� '
��� i" 1. res, ni re 0
... Comniei
iV.   MP,  N.E   I
li'. ' !
'��� , ���   a:i 1 a   ha
��� ���    '!,���;.
1     ��� :.-:���: I      1:1th
service",   p
H. S
134 Third St.. cr A.
;: 'MS and ffl
I for *
To local points.    Ticket
at single fare and one-thiw
round trip.   Dates of 5Ie-n;tli ttjft
osth ti'
g "' ,l,,; Minff
mes gave t--liu&
"Is that .all the work you <'a^
,1 day'." asked the discontent
ployer. ;8'
"Well, suii," answered Rrasti
ley,  "I s'pose  I could do nn-
Hardware, Ranges, Stoves, Tinware,
- Graniteware and Enamel Goods -
BRYSON & SONS, Columbia iT.
Wanted. J. HENLEY
Dredging in the Yukon Territory��� 25th  inclusive,   and   I1''1'
Six leases of live miles each may be J"st. '      -j |() rt.t.,rn Jan.   "
'"     '   ' ' ' ' '   " ,,,'s HPI"-VI��
I 20 years; also renewable. ""*'    """ '
never was much of n hand fo]
off."���Washington Star.
Jii_t   nn Well.
George   Washington   bad
nounced thai h uldn't irj
"\','el!," responded bis tni Premises
llll; .   ' as  long us  you
: ���>        WitllW It  WOUK���    Ti|i/-.|��
1' ,uM���������-vrf[ TAILOR
ea' Westminster
: the Flre Dei
b; :', ��� undei
'.  th ln.-t,
lo fl 1 .0 vacancies In
���tment will be received
'��� ���: ed up to Friday, the
ii ��� s r. |d]   i" Chief Wai
Fire Hal]
Ci'y Cl"!'
Hall, I
9, 1006,
Manufacturer of
Mineral Waters, Etc.
Aerated Waters,
F*rnily Trade a Specialty.
'"'���  m- Office,  Eighth  Stre
The lessee's right is confined to the
submerged bar or bars in the river
below low water mark, that boundary to be fixed by its position on the
1st day of August in thr v^'r of the
date of the lease.
T.he lessee shall have one dredge
in operation within two years from
the date of the lease, and one dredge
for each five miles within six years
from such date. Rental $100 per mile
Yukon Territory to be paid to the
No frce miner shall receive a grant
"f more than one mining claim on
each separate river, creek or gulch,
but the same miner may hold any
number  of claims  by   purchase,  and
K Age"1
For further particul
E.  J.  COYLE,
Assistant   General   P^serge
Office-Tram oenct
Columbia �������
Baggage delivered
part of the cltj'.
j free   miners   may   work   their   claims __.        ^     1 iUulfjll?
..   in   partnership   by   filing   notice   mil ] xtt\,\ UU(\ UCD-E '   ' '    ,'"
'[paying fee of $_.     A   claim  may be liig"10""           ^ ,j,one I"
abandoned  and  another  obtained  on 'fico 'Phone ���-������'���
���till ; 'ii t
J __{_>* oEC. 27, \M.
ie  Aftermath
OH     .. sale prices rule today on all Christmas goods     Today
p a.   "f the Fancy Needle   Cases,   Pin   Cushions, Glove
-|- ap  iinxes, Dresatnj.'Cases for
B-4   Price
I    and   less
_-ill   be deduct'' I fro:        ���    rice of eai h of i  ���   a
Tu DAV, Thursday.
Di    .La lies'   Dressing    C  ��e  In  fine box,  line:
rmerlj  ?14.50,  TO-DAY     $8.5a
rjj*j. .'man',   In.assl   .  Case,  including  razoi   antl  sti
tHtt; '.a!  box lined   wi'!i     watered     silk;   former!;     $]
T    S5.5Q
I.     Gentleman's   Dressing   I , _e,   wiih   razor and   sl op;   In
iox, lined with           watered  silk;   : irmerl;   $11.00;
TO MAV       $7.5Q
Hli        idles'  Fine Dressli      lutflt, in leather covered box, with
fir         lined throughout  with   watered  silk;   formerly  $15.00;
TO DAV  '   '
iijjjt:        s Work Cabinets   _-itb   spools,   i lies, etc.,   in   strong
' Case;  regular 12.00";   fo $1.50
|i ,     ms in the shape of    pumpkins,    apples,    strawberries
lai-   for   10c;   20c   ' a  15c, _ai' foi  20c, and 35c for 25c.
n teen Fine Irish  Linen Table Cloths;   full bleached and     iod
turers' second.-.   �� irth $1.50, $1.S5, and $2.25;   	
�� her Clove and Hand I Cases, lined with wai ir
tiade and beautifu 11. finished; regular $5.00 pair.
i, ordinar;   sha]        ivered  with  satin, trimmed with
75i   :oi60c;   .: T"     S2..Q
ti. i   large size Ladies'    ml   Men's  L'mbrellas, with  fancy
aural wood handles, i [uipped wi h barrel runners.  These
$1 75 and  $_ mi goods; TO HAV    $1.*>0
ir Children's Winter C oa     must    ���   .old, That's the orders
he  price.--.
: the coats are of T , o evtot,  Melton, i* imi
-'     Heaver and Bear,   ith, and the reductions are like this
' '   $2,25, $3.60 for $2.52,  .' 75 for $2.50, $1.:," for $2.95. $5.75
If TO-DAY  	
���fW. \Jr ^,
al  News  Briefly Told1   m mwm    ^ Columbian Hospital
'      ���'    meeting of the   ol   , rayer.     Th,.  date  decided   upon
1   ' "   Dall:   News  Pu      .   _   Januar}   :;.     The  in Ings   will
���   held a'   ih,-  residence of  Mrs.  iv
'������''���   ; '  the   company,   i; djson,  Third  avenue
nouncements   with   reference   to   Hi
'     :' vharf is I     ie replank
',:|1' ;"'' material for the work is   a
���������   ' "   - ro ind.     The  wha I
-1' a ing thin in . ��� mi   pla ������- and
:    -   bellevi   in   ��� ting    iefore
accidents ha;
Further   an
nee   to
programme for the day will  be madi
The Transient Throng.
Guichon���B.  W.  Partridge,    A.    D.
Grimston, Miss Bawatte, It.  _.. Smith,
Vancouver;   \v. A. Atkinson and wife
A woman named Mrs   M   C   Deane,   Chilliwack.; N. B. Deane, Calgary.
��ho lias  foi   .,  long time  been  an  in-       Windsor -Mrs.   H.  C.   Bell,   Belling-
::"'"   ":   the  Hospital   for   the   Insane,   ham;    I\   Caibick,   Vancouver;   .1.   W.
���|""'��� '�� thai institution recently.   The Wilson. Cranbrook;  Thomas Gibhens,
deceasi |   was 61   years  of  age  and Abernethy,  Steak.; C.    H.    Lewis.  ,1.
I                 :  from  an attack of apo Rand   Morgan.,   Arthur   Morgan.   Chil-
Tli" remains were shipped to liwack, B. Orahaim, Bellingham; A. E.
Lethbridge b.   W   E   Pales, for inter- Rawson,    Seattle;   L     (1.     Williams.
erdaJ'- Langley;   A. Bllodeau, Charleston.
SATURDAY, 29th Dec.
Allan Doone
It   a mammoth   production of Joseph
Murphy's Famous Play
Kerry   Gow
Supported   bj    Joseph    Marph. 's   own
A number of cases of liptheria have .
levelo ��� i at   Han mon .    md the resi
lents    tre   much   agit ited   In   coiise
'    "   ���       The   schools   an:  chui
I" ���'' I a close I, and with the "\ce:>-
tion of the one In the Anglican church,
ii i Christmas sei . ices  . ���      held. Oae
Colonial���J. D Smith, Langley Pral-  ,���, Thuratfaj
.1. (Irani, Everett; George Mor-
��� ' T. A. Myers, Langley; A. .i.-x. Montreal;   A. A.  Lane; Mission.
r:   Mr.   Fe tthi
���    ������ ease a few da. -
.   '
Tlie  l-titertalner.
"My wile Is a lecturer, aud 1 am an
entertainer." snld llobbs.
"Indeed? I knew y mr wife appeared
In publlc, bul I ili.t not know ; li ,; y . i
ever did."
'Oh. I don't.  I stay ai home and en-
'���';" l; '.     . Wardlavi  Ta
���    ''   thi    West     En I     Preshyte I m ��� terrain the ban
Clnrch,  iccei.   i   i   tangible  ap	
a'iott   from   the  Ladies'  Aid   Societ; Effect, or m_.ii Living.
,,..,, . ..-..   ,               .         ...   . Goodman  ('oii.oiis!    Waku   up. pard
������-ted wiih h     ���              a Chrisi
:���������  ��� morning,   '   ���:: ... a mi  o   the
Wot yo gn
(rubbing h
Tenders will be received by the undersigned, and marked "Tenders for
Supplies," up to l p-m-. Saturday. December 29th, L906, for supplying thu
hospital from is- January, 1907, to
31431 December, L907, with the following articles:
Bread,   white   and   brown
Il rugs;
Wood,  slab.,  per cord;
Coal, washed nut;
Detailed lists if drugs, groceries-,
l>eef. mutton, and fish can be obtain'
ed at the hospital.
Neither  the lowest, or anj   tender
necessarily aeeeyi, .|
Samples of the grocer! ���- an I all in
| format i<wi   obtainable  on  application
to   Hie   Lady   Sii;m>rintori'len!   ,p     -h"
! hospital.
Secretary, R. ��"'.  H.
Xew Westminster, B. ".., Dec 20, 1906,
W. N. Draper
Don't fail to attend  the" b. c. Land
sale of household furniture
and effects to be conducted
by Auctioneer W. J. Ken*, at I
Hear  DOONE  sing!
Thoroughbred  Race Horses!
.A  Flight of Live Carrier  Pigewis
....    See  the   Horse   Shoeing	
feats on Bale al Ryall's Drug Srore
PRICES���$t.00,  75c.  50c   and  25c
Ellard Block.   New Westminster, B.C.
aiiin'about?   Tutfold Knutt, .-,       -p , ,-,,      ,
1(J the Teirace, Agnes St., be
���. esi   (Josh, but  I'm
s desc  * ' !'"" a hor'i iivain: i thought I'd got a tween Sixth and Fourth Sts.,
i'1'I   presenl   i   the astonished  pastor job o' work an'  wuz doin'  the maui
'���p:i a purse ef gold  as a C   Istmas cnrln'fur a octopus.- Chicago Tribune
Second Duke���Yes, but my wife always goes with mo. ami I married an
American.���Pick-Me Up.
Officer Maxwell  yesterda;   arrested First Duke���Why dou't you travel ln
a Hindu who was wanted In Vancou- eotpilto, as ' ,l'1''   u's f:lr Pleasanter,
ter, having committed  an assault on
���" . her member  of  his own   rae i  ia
thai i i.y.     The arrested   Hindu, who 	
spo.tii   the  euphonic   name   of  Lund Luck   follows  the  hopeful;   ill   lucl,
Singh, was taken to Vancouver later the fearful.���German I. rover"*.
in tn.  day, and  will   be brought   be- ~"^������������_���____-���-____���_.���
'" ' "' '   olice ::. igistrai    . :' that cii
his .'iiot' ng
The annual Installation of officers Having bought out. the Blarksmith-
in the local Masonic lodges will take ing business of R. H. Be-nson, I will
lace this evening P. ii. M Dr. It. be pleased to see all his old custom-
Eden Walker will Instal officers for ers, as well as new ones. Horseshoe-
Union lodge ai 5 p.m.. while officers ,ng a specja|ty.
for the  King Solomon  lodge will  be u   ,,   _...,,_.-._,
nstalled ai 7 ���.m., by  P. .',. M. T.J. H' M> KNcUTS0N'
.        , .... , ,, , Eighth   Street.
Armstrong.     I h" annua! Masonic ban-   __
qtiet will follow ���  v' In stallation of the
at 7:30 p.m. on Monday, the fraternal order of eagles.
31st, when there are several ���e reAgularJ���*!}?l 1^-7 ���t
' minster Aerie 20, rill be het.1 on Thurs-
artideS   Of  household  effects day evening, Dec 27, instead of Tues-
to be dispOvSed Of to the for- ri;iv evening, Dec   25.
tunate buvers. (S,gned) H* schofield.
$675 Will Buy
horses:   horses::
a fully equipiW sea-going 40 feet.
16 horse-power, l-cycie engines. The
price is les:. than half the cost.
Dr,   H.  D.   Brown,  V.S .  a  graduate   lirice of 'he engine alone.     Trial trip
of the Ontario Veterinary School, will   and all particulars to anyone meaning
be in New Westminster every Friday   business.
and  Saturday, and  will examine your j
horses free of charge. FRANK  S. deGREY
DR.  H.   D.  BROWN.  V.S.     | New Westminster.  'Phone  246.
V ;���;
The  1 itti nl    h hi h   1 ���   alrea ly !���;
lng w ith lumber at  Millside, is an t^
m se vessel, an i i - esp��eciall}  well J
��� icte I  for tl     'i    ,'ing ol   lum- >"
Int lu im- the deck 1 ��ad, ��� he c tp- V
���in etates that lie can     i;: \  a c irgo ��I<
��� ii), i .' a ' ���  aboard      The  . essel ,*,
take  'in  about   2, I   fi el   o
here an i then   will   le ive fo
:.     irti -   Foi   the   11 mainrier  of  i he  >
The   :;   C.   ip neral       in rai ���   com- ^
'-  new  tu-' boat,  I . ��� Topaz,  was W
���   ;,   ��� yesti rday.    I    ���'- i    brought In y
ioui Vancouver and c     ted   in board ,���'
the general nam.mer
George !!. Webster.
the i ''nam. .  ;���"
.   e vessel  was
of  NEW   YEAR'S
w ,	
Clothing for Men
[s Furniture Emporium
urniture, Carpets, Linoleums,
Window Shades, Pictures and Framing,
Couches, Parlor Goods, Rattan Goods.
ter a shorl stay In I te        .    The To-
��� az  is  1 ehaving just   a -   well as  its
new owners hoped and promts   i to be
i   ....   a very servh       e     iat,
AaoMies   plan i antl   organ  linn,  the
M   a a,  'a,,     1'. ;no       ("Ma :;r .       Of    Van-
i   . w ill "    11 up an      '"      in this
il    .  iM   .... . ,   .   \V.  Iii.a'   '     iving
....          im                  ������������.. ative.
,, .  .      -������:������    een    ������    red    a Front
-..   t,     ��� 1   ' *'    "   ' "' -   '''
ha   ��� ci - 'hlng   .              iss for bu
��� ���- ' .   Jan. 2    Tl ���' '        ' 111 cut.
the   lest    gra le   o    Bi          inos,   and
��� . .     :                ii insfrun
3     Furniture     Emporium
ppont Block New Westminsfer
'apid, Easy Grinders
sizes,���8,   10  and   12-inch
Also bagging attachments
for same.
annual     en ei     till an I ?J
: rlstmas tree In ionnei,; ��������� '��� Ith the !���;
.'..'. hurch Sun b    ach ol  will be :j
TCl. 73 tjj . (!i |n irron evening )���;
 1   The first   portion of the evening will ;�����
         be occupied  by  a cantata which  the j��<
. j .....        t   (,oungei.   scholars   will   render.     The j
j   Christmas  tree  will   follow,   and   the j��;
=====    i    gifts    will    be  dispensed    by  Santa ^
Claus :n  the time  honored  style,     \ J
.y.r |   programme  will   win 1 up   the, J
���   aing'a entertainmi nl j��!
���      r;.,: pmas Da;,   w i    ��� tu   of aim isi ;���;
I '', al   ..inter weather     A   slight  haze A
-a��� ne,rer hills,    ��� the southeast, ��_
abank,pf^uds against which Mount ;���;
������.   tb.   lesser   peaks  reared g
.....1    ,,,--,,.   homi   ill     ff,
��� heir -now y sloj fe, ���
the   southwest, .,   ft
Just such as a careful man will appreciate selecting* his new clothes   from.
SUPERB BUSINESS SUITS. Tweeds and Serges. Absolutely faultless in every
detail of style, lit and finish. Hundreds of the season's richest patterns to choose frnwi.
MAGNIFICENT OVERCOATS, a grand display. Tweeds in all their richness and
elegance; Meltons, blue and black; and all other popular fabrics.
D^ESS SUITS.   Finest material, perfect tit, models of excellent workmanship.
Smoking Jackets, Dressing Gowns, Fancy Vests, Mufflers,, Neckties, Umbrellas
Everything a man needs.
���L T
ir��ete of Pulpers, Slicers, Hay and
lit   In. '
and over head In ,J
nr,    smiii!  sky, ;���:
, reath  of  win 1 *��;
There wa i  hardl.   a  v. >���s
and   the  temperature   hen       ; .���.
iegreea   a! ive  Ereeiin*  ; oliu1' '
��� .a     was even  < learer, and .
Get the habit, and go to
s c.
��� * ^Ensilage Cutters.
is quite a sharp .' os* l**< aig_{_.
The regular n mtht.   raaet-ftg -af i."_e
a,   l   T.U.,   W
;,s   held  a:   Mrs   .\f:i-x.��-ell.'��j ft
The Wardrobe Clothier
8C( -
I '
". I
lence    m
i.  aftei
] ourth   avenue.   ycste.r- :ft
The   president,   Mrs.
,'   C,   Cliff,   .   ' '
e I   the   chair,  and
i on the l'"lr
among  other  li
of   bu-.ine-s   eon
,,   ',    ol  every  mo*
'*"'l-       .lohn     Mc1
"���rester, Re
I Inititccl
le ed, wi .' the annua
i W.C.T.U. da>   ;���"
I . v>z*\
I. K
' ���
: ���
1.     V' 'lai
'' ' p.
'    '���
������;* ���
*>.r     -�����l��-i_t��    Uninlic.tl    Id   T_.n   ��e
an    Lum'..  n.l   ll.gr...
Tbt   .-���    ' perfume -������ ia indalgBd ._
It nd        ���- ���       -    ' degree by tif
���:'--.'    -  -   .   ���     -  UM  ���.'.t'lTr ��M>PtiC
i ���     ���       _���   ���    reason to denounce .t
���~ .-.--.-- rr...: ,:.:,g   .--
������    ���   .:. .'-t:.<3-      ' .    .- ' . esai arid Lo-
.  uni     " ���-��� -���    B        a    ���" ���: -���:.-   :r.
v.*. f -bidding ttx-
���-...'   i _   -i ���-.. -   . .   ���;. il    .tp.   aad  by
t:.'   laws of 1       ���- rl uhh were
Mpelled  from   8| in      -    ��� ti _��� wast-
e~ of "..    ' : tragi rs of -~_.suou_-
' :���_.- :. .- wr ������ .���.���_-. .: st -be ex-
'<-- ������ dm I .' ents, and Socrates
ff- . I :.��� . - .-' '.'.. a. In strong
ti rn - refer, g ��� - ild, '"_.������ smell
of beal thi   ��� .  tbe pert ;_-.e of .
go. I and i   inlj life."   It was customary  _"  fesl       -   '    ;a-  .- and to the
gu -'-   perfumes   -��� rred    ��� bastei
 ' did.    At one of
thesi   fi   -ts i    .      .-   -���'���!. ���   oved  tc
: -  tbe  use of per-
' i pti ' r tbeir rid
S  :;.-��� n.-'L.e-     .- -.. (Ht
��� ,   . -   ���    o Dtment
I' iring 11  .  ���-'.:.-   trwc bis bead and
f   ���      "���'��� ben 1 ���      timed
In si      -- - ���     ' ��� a t is th b?   Ob
IT':   iii -'...��� e witl
a . j.'c ge   .:..������  -      faci    wbicb ii
....       . ..       ,.   .- dirt'1"
At tbe 8yi        I..:.   ;��� ts   t   ������   -
fcr tbe -     es 1      ������ ��� tb bladden
full of Bai pert ime.    in :
dew tbi   garland -       I bang
tag    and fl     tbe halls witi   .-..iou?
fi  _ -. In soi       f tbe more mo
era feasts statue* - '- were
j ro. Ided  witl     el threw oul
���  ' ited   essences   ..   .     ���-..--    I.-
S     ��� *:���
I��*����l_��-   _��� aan. r la  V. hi< b  _��r��
��� t   Marring;.    * rr   lid.
There  Is  an < i-- a   : r>-, ....an"
among the '-';��� -     -   ������ _     ling pr pos-
ai_ of marrl _���    ..-���-���-...���
maL paj -   .     - '    - Ij ver be
britj.- * ith  :.:.._������ of
wt^:   a- -      ���       . re
_��,:_��� it to tb       .    '
if sbe accepts it t_i( ...
settled  Very often 1     . -      t ye:
__.<ue up her i
take refuge In ei ises - as not tc
dr.Pk the w.:.- . . yet - -���' ise .:
po-nt blank, for tbat ._ com lered a
gro^s Insult proving tbat -:.- .. - ���-:
merely trifling witb tbe affi I oa A
her lover
iilt; ���<���.... tot Instance, maintain tbat
the nine "looks bout" or that w.ae d_.-
agri - with her or x_,_,t sb< .- afral ; of
getti ag - psy or tbat tbe priest bas for-
idden ber t I ike any���in fa.: sbe
__-ake�� ase at i ny sul U rt ige tbat ; rr-
. .at- itself at that E-OiLeiit.
'.'..���   purport of these excuses .- tbat
.lv t.- :. ' ' ime to .. de   -..���: and that
tbe ������- tae ��� ffering ,- ; n d itnre,
_ bis sti    -���- ensi Lating \ ery f-r
: ..:.: - ��� mt    : ��__
_ _. . ��� as early ---��.-.. ent try���
Is called r ._.:._ tbe p ine" an . .-
s. ri ... . is ' th the t of pro] sing
>..;. . i. ers, loath to ::. ike sprt of
��� : ....:.. .: :. very
baj.py .:.-��� ��� il . .*��� - word nei : k-
-. feen ind the girl - - ired tbe \..._
fui    N'o     i ������..��� ���
If an.i       the is spilli      r tbe
_   --       bottle       - ���:. .: .-    msidere 1
��� ..      '   . ...     ; y . :..-:.-.:, fai -. :..��� :���   I.
rants   saying   for inbappy
__.-:   _���   "They bave spilii ; ::.e w._ie
��� -.'������ ���. then
is not needed to sell Westminster Real Estate. Prices sdp 1
themselves. Common sense only is necessary. Westminste ^
erty will become as valuable as in anv other city of the l^ ^
Some of us will wake up, in 1910, and find that we are rSf^
simply because we bought some of the snaps offered bv Vf.. > ^
& Co. in 1906.   Procrastination is the thief of time. lle
Exclusive Sale
5 aci'es on 6th St., just
off  city   limits.     $1,100,
easy terms. Fine prop-
erty for subdivision or
market gardening, chicken
ranch or small fruit farm. I
I    Orphanage
One acre   hack  of   the
j Orphanage.   $800 cash.
! For full particulars apply
at once.
House on Brantford St.,
rents $15 per month. Will
sell for $1,500. Terms
$750 cash, bai. easv.
: -  Lot
.' DOO,  ������
Snap    n Lets.
������' X
Th..-.    ( amr   Ir.lr.   i��*-nrral   I.r   In   Ib.
I itlt-t-nib   ff-nlar..
Curl   ���-.;   ��� -   .-:    thai    rt   li
considers I  almost   ind -; le   tbi
table ns  .-. ...  ������ .- I rst   ised
r_,.,i-r'i:   nd i    -     .;     lopted by el le.
_c> toljers '' the '-..:��� :;     bout 1 ie :... 3-
dli   - :   tbe  fifteenth  ��� ��� ot .-'      1:.  etiquette  books  ol    d ei rl er   . te th
thin 'anitihz otbi ���-_������..���-.-
for children are insti . tl  ns  i     it ��v ;���
inf tbeir  fingers  and  lips   "   b  ::.���
It seen - thai tbi ti eclotb was I :. .-
enough to rea'*. tbe floor and servetl
tt. grown i*-.i'i- In place ������' :. pr. na
When they c.d t*^:n to use napktai
tbey placed them first on tbe Bbonldi -
then on the left in. a:.i_ finally tied
taem ity.u: tb* ire<k. A French writer
who ev.'jeiit.v was conservative and
dkl Dot weleome the napki.-j k.nd.T re
cords witb scorn:
Tbe ii_;.ki-_ ii placed under the chio
aod fsHteued in the back, as if on.
w��tp goln? to tr. i-baved. A person toh)
nif- tb_t be wore hi. that way that b*
might not soil bis beautiful frills."
It wa . a difficult r_.atter to tie the
two cornert! in the Pack, and it is said
th_t thence r'r:_-._.:t'-r! our expression
for straitened circumstances "Hard tc
__ak<- ,'.. th ends meet " Tt..s custom
led to the habit of table waiters carry-
tag ;i napkin oc tbe left am
Tbe   1-amoii.    *hrine   Hnd    Ihe   -tjlij.
rin tb"   In    Ko pi.
The e of tbe   . sl .-^.-reJ
;.:..:....-   : the east t. ���- given its name
��� . -- *--_a an. eul sites   i it tbe i ��� rions
cities of cr - ��� liles tbi  ;.. :. ������- of wbicb
i... ������ ���    '���������:. :. inde 3 do�� ��� to us I y Herodotus   Pliny and Btra -.���  perhaps the
most striking was tbe "I r -���-... ���; ilis '
of   tbe   ancient   _._���;; ti. :.   ; r  '. :. e     ���
Faynm, which, accord ng to tradition,
was built t y tbat pharaob wbo "made
tbe lives of the children of Israel
ter w:th hard service."   Th - ; -  ' In -
lies within an almost c��.__; lete i irele .���'
li.'.]>���a little oasis ta ti.e midst of tbe
desert   where r >ses and graj es mingle
���'��� Itb figs and olives and iuiuriaiit palm
trees grow aim st Into f rests   1:- ca;-
.tai is Med.aeL and a little to the north
of the city are a number of Irregularly
-a^; -.:..��� ::. >    Beneatb t:.^.- are ;:._
ruins '.' tae pbaraob built "Crocodilop-
".-.    tbe  "City  of  i rocodiles,"  later
called Arslnoe and the Bbrine i ' tbe
sacred   crocodile   of   tbe   neighboring
Lake Moerts, whicb was then 450 miles
.:. circumference.   This     .-:���   b*-:d tie
s.'-red  r-rOi-'.'-d.!'--.   i.'_ i   :.-   -���"b  d.ed  ta
turn .: was buried .:. on ol the L50U
uiider?rour.; -���; ilcbers of tbe world
famed "labyrinth ' at baa I aide bj side
witb -a<- embalmed bodies of succes
s.'.e pbaraobs,
��� -   *.. - "   ��� - ��� ��� -      -"   ���   -
ndi ...     : --  '
char       ,        e   strawberries ated
���a.- . eai .��� otton nd i i :.-
-; ring b .������:���:... ���-.. ��� :. i
_ 12; 14-post ��� . ��� ise and co*
FiaWes ':.:':- .:. -' ��� ��� ws and
_ - tn borses -.- r M:si n Stai d
n< .: ..' I tnd
st�� -_u-.- lands twici    i i 1 Ofl
a :- - timber, fir an: cC'iar. never been
. gge: $_" refused for Eta_ ng
Urn er; c__rr. ige fa ise 11 t 24 hen
bouse made of :..-������ I timber laid ::.
:.. rtar   12 x '    bance of a lift
���::..-  i- I-    '.    .-:.   I   ance at (
;*���' cent
In best residential portion of Xew Westminster,
east end; close to car; 6
lai'ge rooms and large reception hall; modern in every respect; 2 full lots 132
x 132, all in lawn, laid out
with shrubs and flowers;
tennis court on one side.
Price $2,500. Terms $600
cash. bai. on mortgage.
ii 5 fi in a
the citj   fron  $25.K n  $3,000
I - . - ���   ���- -.-: ent 1    .-���   '   ooms
h house, watei     gb.. full
etween    First    and    Si    nd    street
;       ���      ���.-. ���   on north i   l<     P
$':CC.   : .   ���      .- .    .   ���     a     \t- ;.'-ar
at 6 pei   eni
���   a ree  oni  n   e from  \:   ��� tsford,
10 acres     eared, g 220 fruil
trees       ��� ���   $1,400, .    ' alance
n three < nents at n   sonable
es improvi       u a
sheds completi   - -   - ���   lale;
all tin lei     iltlva!   i    %'z. 000.    II
can  handli    thli        n'i
terms   ..:    ���    ���    nged
��� -   Langli     .     nder cultivation     ; ���    -��� ':     - _��� ��� '       ill   In
���--...���    r   so  .         $3,000.   hall  '
16i      :��� -  good farm   and In Delta,
���    ���_ a   es fron   rivei   ne ir .-' ��� tl
road. $12 pet ac :��� . a rea   ..��� ���
Hou;'- on Royal and ...'  ���        ���   -
���..     Btoreys   seven        a. -     	
'    J2.0CO.
fi tit   Ian .-    neai
a   $20 per acre
:���      '���!      ���':.:.      Si    ii :.-  _ ���
nd 22, Towi ���   . De-half ; ral
..-    reet brush and i  a ���   small trees
Prici      Sec! 2, $4.  . ei       ��� .  .-���-
. ���  $��: pei acre   s-  tii a 2.   $-:���:
��� ���   a ne   a-   Hamn ��� i
������ - .      ���   station    Pitt   Rivet   Bri  -
. ,a ��� . ne and --a
t 7 pei ��� '-a'    Ex< ...... agen
For QuicksjJ
o ������ '' 2-3-4&oiiii
and llth St  SJ
��� oal, easv  i.
:-':   '       tionakl
best  ,.    ���'...,;;'
"��� ���    Shi  se^y
���' bloc.        '
, ��� ��� ��� ���.-.,
'��  Up  tO  you   to St;; Lj
Does It Pay?
160 acres. 10 ac. cleared, j
without a stump in them;
nearly   all   planted   with :
fruit trees, apples, pears,
plums,    cherries.     Small
nouse; barn and stable 30x !
56;   good  well:   half-mile
from school.    0nly$1O
per ac. and  terms easy at
a.   ���
���     .  . -
f' ������ '  ���;-
I'U p.. 3:.
6" acres   Hon Ran  I    '���     ��� n ��� ���
bo isi    ���   ��� !. '." ��:.'���:. bulll   -'  a res
!  Ici - $3,000. ba ' easl
alai..   ���.-.
Ter,n. ��f.D'.   AjftrononjaJ.
Itj Tennye ���:. - "I'a ice n Art" occui
the lines:
&:.������ _aw  the -.  ���������     poles and -moora   ol
Tbi : :-' Fti - -   .     '
In mid Orn -��� an . tbe mai i         I   ���-
This at first looks like a I ten -;��� i ar
allei to Swift's " ell kn >w u fortuit ts
forecast    : the ��� the Mar
tlaii   si telliti -.   and  .:.   S.   Ste' ��� nson
writ.aa    "...     i ..   r: .- invoo
Ceylon, i lints ������ .:  :_ t  I'r fessor ri
II  "i ::���:.' r ���.    tes it ia "M ��� lern Astr
on.y    as ha     ig bei a n i tten   a  1S.'J."
This,   bowe re:    appears  not to  1
been  the case, for Mr.  Stevenson < n
refer'-:.'.' to the b  ijrrapl ������  ��� I  thi    ��� :���
poet   la in ate   by   the   | i nt   1
Tennyson   b.-   :��� ...���:  the  uoti
'Mo ms  ��� :   Mars'    . the only  a ��� der
readlng  bere.   All  the rest  are  mon
than h ilf I ..; old '  H lent fie dls
covi:;. ��� - bus no! anticip ited bj
Ti . .;��� si -. . . tbe a enti m ".' Martini
sate lites I  . ���
Holy   ��ntqrd��i   in   Naple*.
...:;..������- celel - ites in a i urii us man
aer I.eat and the en : .. Passi a week
Ropes are stret be I fi a. I ouse I
:.' use a -��� tbe strei ts in the i a .enl
distri '- oi '..������ da. of the carnival
and dolls made of rags wearing thi
traditional Neapol tan ��� ostume and car
rriiig a distaff and bobbin are bus
pended from these r ipes At ���.'.'��� feel
of ti.e gpinner Is attached an ��� r :._���
containing seven feathers, corresp .. 1
ing to tbe seven weeks i f Lent __a.L
week one fe tther is thai
only one remains at U - _. '.ri j
Then, as soon as the i ... a ��� ' I rl
.St. Elmo and tbe church bells anm im -
tbe noon hour and tbe res . -������ tii a :
Christ, r"rer'.a<-'ker<-. which hi beei
i.e.; ;r. long strings to the oi i ge
ti.- dolls' feet ar- lighted i nd the
Quaresima Bgun expi :��� - ai I tht
i ries .'. the cro^i d -��� ..- rein | ms for
mulas and profane phr   ��� - i Iternate
In   Good   s,.UH,,nt
I.   .. ; . New J  ���-������;.  the towi
offiei .      -'     il     ime fire i xtln
guisl -       Oix
day om     t i ..        ..   -  . .- ���
... :.���
es tl to Hj
A f i
.a. - ��� trieii io learu the re
> ��� .
After tb ������ el..   ���       .   - . tbi
subject Mr. Chair
1 t the fire ex
tin. . ���        ine I * ��� . ���.    -  t "
foi   ���
London'*   M��.*t    Inrl.pl   < nort.
Tla- an iei I      irt of bust aa- la oi
Saxon origin,    nd thi   i   me Is di  ' ������
from bus, a bouse, and tl tag     i    tt�� i
of ��� a use   th ��� .-.  a  bo .-    or bai
causi -    '   iurt. of the kii .   ��� ��� ������ ���  I
, -: ed ... all  the great     ties
regards Londo .   !   - "        pn
���-.,      . ��� .      . ��� ���       rt and Ii
... from tbi      eriff
....       r.-st   times   il   w  n
: ���   .     ��� ��� t it is        v  -   : .:.. .ne
:.'���   . -  ���
Hoa_e  and  lot,  50 x I         ack  of
brewery,   facing Co   ml -'     Rents
. : $24 ���      - ���  a- mth Price $1,200.
ball     easl      alance in i    nl   -
Fou cannot po           . ��� - bigl   r per
atag    foi           moi tl   i     :
I *��� D".
IC    icres n Sum        ,   n -
������:.-.:,:     .    . le   $1,800, half      ���'
���   ���  e on time    I  ���   pei    ���:."..:-
.-��� ��� to sale f timi --:
Thre-   : ill-size :    lots, < lea re I   an .
-������   to i er of Fori   b
���   enue an I Third streel      .    ���   i
-   a    ���. re minutes   fn m Bi ���
$1,800: eas.   te ms
Lo-   N'o.   '      full Bfze,   on   A-oi
treel   _     .leared od fenci      read
..  Ilng;   a  real a.  -:   -; ���    .   tlon
$600.     }'.a.'   ot 7   $2.0.
: ���    a re - on the S    t.i  ad, 15 ai   e.
. | so ibies, i
$30 per a re   .?: ���
.    a
;      ��� ��� -.   I    a.  .: :   Sixth  i   enue
-    , Etreel   eight rooms, all
en hi     e, full
Btoreys ,  $1,      a
res N E -. se tii a 19, town-
-a ;   10    Langlej.    small   house,   30
. .-��� ��� timbei ....-���: $750
I". - $*.50C. one-third -: alance
at T ; ��� :  cent
Pa-- of loi    69, joins   - mi
70   a  :��� ���       r. }    $25    r' -    B    ���
Half easl      lun
60 acres r     I frui     a   I   n S irrej
���   .a-  :. w  foi  }.'  per acre,
' nl.    a-  .    ��� ������     . -    nei   - -      Uani ������
ne or two years at 7 per cent
��� :   . a    Pltl     Mi idowE    on
135 pei      :������    (in. third i asb, I alan< ���
���.���'���      -    enl
H :       '���_     ts, 5 rooms   pi
$1.3?.. .
ed at 6 per cent     _lk<   street
'������ -������. i" rooms, l:_ lots, ne ir
Fourth avenue and Seventh Btreet
$2,000.   Ter:.-.- ��� an    ���   ..��� rangi :
Jami a Inlet, tbrei . ���   miles, al
$6.CO per acre, I lanci  ���   ���
es of land near S itb<  . i
d Surre.     good h   is.   ���   .   ������ -
li an .   - d1;  $i.ooo, es -    u rn i
���   oome I bouse,  dl mo o Improvi
ments, fin tioi i of Fourth
ll ������        a:   tgnes,    $5,000. cne    half
cash      -i   a ���    ��� ���   - ��� and   good
fan        ..    ..".'ice.
E ���:��� -. .-        ...     mi a- ::.
���   ��� nli a., -  on C unai von Btreet and
S _th street, two Btoreys, $3,750.
. ��� and lot oc Agnes Btreet, two
ston seven ro mi a real snap st
all over the city for sale
from $50 to $3,000.
.See us Immediately. Tell
us where you want a lot
and we car, supply.
...      ���    od tv        ttages on Corn   a strei    Sapperton    :   i    ������ nti
a- $10 f-afh.
Fivi    ottages an l two lou on 1
��� ���. ���    opposite Q teen's   : ari      Price
1'.-.- a ball lots, S      ���   li n, just
'   :-..    ���.-������������ -. ' tte, ' nlj
$1.00C. ��� a.-
160 acres, all fenced, rei
tivatli a   -������       ������'��� ��� ���       half  mile  j    m
..���   Chllllwai       $75  pe- acre.
105 acres, one n ���    ntlng-
���    B.C., 70 acre!
ad fenced ���     od        b
..   '   ; good   ������ ��� :  tlong one s
. ���   $50 , ��� ���      re. half i
to suit pu        i ���    ��� ������    ���      ��� : '     Rei
' ..'.���'-   -.. Ifl    .       :.
beali     .::���..    ���    .     to a cold
���    -      "     -���  bl ���' i -   d S    ������-.'!..
.rom tbe rl rer, $10 : i r acre
li   |
i' Westmlnsti ��� '.: - : i
$30 ;�����
Two  -' ...--
"���'"':     ' ;-:      ODi   all !��-)
; "''������ meni . ��� {
Terms a
lL.    -'���    "' al
$t00.   , ' il
' Filth in
Sixth   streel . tn fl
*��� oms, $2,500, *
20 rooon.nl
et,  oi ���   .    ��� ��� I
rents at ? _t_,orf_J
��� $-.500.
L-j.e. Jevedl
���   -   Fiftl I
ad     I. $1 SOC
House   eight :   _:���
Fourth, $"i*j
."      ��� ���
treet, S ���   ��� ���
mi :.':      '  :      $'.050.
Just Look!
80 acres in Matsqui)
| nicipality,  4-room
, chicken  house;  oi*
cleared: goodwell,|
water. $1,000.
of a lifetime.
-    a 3^^^^^
5 J
-    . is; see m
...    ic ��� rticulsra
\npnleon*.   . oniI*.
. a--       . . ��� ���..'.��� pel
In      ���    ���   li    I !.   '    the  greal
Napo eon lies iried. are of a tag.
larly  trans I er glass.   Wbi:
the sun -��� . ��� ��� iii upon them tb.
ra ������ ited      to gold,  an
tbey fall I ��� ladder of light npoa
tiie bronze - i opbagus of the eon
queror uni , In seems glorified f-tus
tt." skies.
A    ��� ��� ��� Eng
tl  . .��� .���   ���
"Coif -���     '  .     ��� 1
Iilbl ..'   11 ' .  t'.'i
...'���'I.'"., .al. -,     I: '
pie of 1       i.  a  river or
three - ��� ������
ments i    ling list's   ' ���   -    ;
������-.'-���    -������    . like   Ilimlo
Btani     any old <    thei    od a 1  rge ai
i   ���-������.-, _��h. '
McQuarrie & Co., Real Estate ft*
Agents for Employers' Liability and !]��;_,��� c     *
  . *"'"*y. and Union Fire Assurance Co. of London.
Bank  of Montreal   Grand Trunk Ry. f
Ilie   I'lirse.
The Invention of the purse wa
doubtless contemporaneous witb that
of money. Tbe purse is mentioned in
Old Testami at history as a part of a
traveler's outfit \V!i"ii the disciples
spoken of in the gospels, were senl
forth ta preach they were command
��_ tn take neither a'"l'l nor silver uoi
tiri.^- In their purses,
'I u O    1.1,1,1...
He ' I a.--. ���    " .. fi  a, tbe
with   li -   ci a- . a   " ages    til
' Si re, j e m >t   ��� - I  ���   -.'  rii b   I'al
���    all ye  bave  th re,"  said  a   by
standi r
"And what does this Bignify to me?"
answered Pat. ".lu^t two looks, wan
whin 1 gel II and .van wbln I give II
to the ould woman."   Life
Incorporated   by   act   or   parliament
CAPITAL  (ALL paid up.   	
Northern Pad
Trains D?
Travel on the F'.
Popu lur.
"He's n popular poet,"
"Dear me! Why, i th .u-l.: he badn'l
���rrHten , i j th ng for years!"
������j.*.- bastj't; (hat's why he't so popular."
Jn*t  ��_   Well.
Sinclft'iu No a. in can '",1 ' ist what
a woman will il" next, Wedderly���And
it's just as we,'! be can't. Otherwise
.he'd be sure t" do something altogether different- Chicago News.
He that runs out by extravagaooc
must retrieve by parslrooi-j^��� Prom
the Dutch.
Excellent Train Service Between
.�� r,,,., S,M���E, EEnE'iE'E'^' Chicag0'London'
"..'..' ��ir";.-'.".'."to;���,*_;;���! Ho��<"ar�� p'"i*�� Hamilton, Toronto,    "nort. coast--
,-���,., '   President 7     Electric-lighted tr.
���"i'"n Vice President and  General Manager. M      i       1/^     1 Quick Time. .,,���,
General banking business transacted Montreal,   l^UCDeC, New  York, C
rE:EE::EE^;:'sszeeeet,:---     Portland'Boston-   --~  '
world. '���'eSP0ndenta lQ a]1 P^ of the And all thc principal business center, of     Steamshir Ti iter
*,__--.__,  ONTARIO, QUEBEC and the MARL   pean points. ^ ~
NEW WESTMINSTER branch r-_^ ^t^l Also to BUFFALO, NEW YORK and        R3tes "    n
C. fii. '
���I'iOHa.M    nioi
ADVERTISE  IN  THF   NFW^^8l8^Mpa"��^��d Ticketi
"1L       llLWJ     Agent, 136 Adams St." Chicago, IH.    IPortlan
"Heavy Haalinf
...       .Mn'^i.::"" PJD-
. . ; .TI..    Iliirrb
' Blachli   nib.
1                        .     ���. I- .'II.1IIHI.C
.. Edmonds
**l>t'miiiniion T ;.:>,; tMMiP>
ROLE   soltci
���mr-.   Offlce
immerw   build
opposlti    IIOK
M .-nie'   f
���'      *      Mav.'.'   ARE    f.
.,..," rs   era .')
"-;.-,!   Bli
.. ,-ik   streets
441   Bran
ll    '. ���     ta    i	
.   . ... rrte   B    ..
u    v .1    Uf    11    .1'
���   T-.'.i.'   j.
f     ���**,,�� ^ ���..
th  " ^��<<* m
��� ..-,���  . . .
���.._ t,
��� ��,
���   ���    ���
h . ���
lhe following V&b&bk RESIDENTS
'.Vaft-ll-* .*'
j    BOWIES   r;._���w
.        .-.    etc    si    Lerrni
'     - Bl
������-  a:
eh on block
eets   Ne*   ���   i
The Fine*.: Selection of \ ACANT I
in the Citj of Nev- Y\ estminster
-.-_;��__.. v   Westmli
a ��������� ts ii     : ���       _   -
. -  -       w_
each ri   nt! ;;
..    : .      -a   the   Sl    ���;.       ,  .,,;
ruai       Ma;
���'���   at   6  p.  t.
th<       Sea. I]
1 -   - iary,     Ne*
' ' iposed    ar. '       .   .       ��� : .        >
���    ���    athl.   or quarter.. - Scoll
��� :.-, Sec. _ rrom S. Wi '-.  .
 ���     some
S       . .-     ten
bD.E   NO. 9. A. F. 4 A. M
let meeting    of    this
It ��� ���  I U e it..-- I i
htl    t S o'clocl   a.  m.   ti
r      .  n S    lurning
Hall) Invited to a
br. W   A.  DeWolf  Smith
:i.   ton it     Ihen ,     .
.   ise a nil
i   ��� have I
: ���
���    .
" ��� ������ ���   f i    ���'���"    ���
...     ".       -       . ���   ..j ������.,       ......-.���
I > .     .......        ,..-... ���,,-,,
i 1.,- | a 'aa.           ,                    ,         -.         -          i t,
���'    ���                 , ,-.           ,...-..         -.       .     - ., 1|
'      ��� ���      '    | .                                   ...                      |,ln
I                  ���    ��� I              ...         V ..      I        . - , I ,.
..'���        I -.
"���>'       '    ""    ���    mnnner<
tr ���        -a-r.'"''     --     Ih
1'���'"���'     Mil ' ���      ' -' ���    ���'
i��� ��� ... -.     ,i���  .-    hlrtck  |{
'    ||J .,111'-,        -a     1       li,-        lh ..,      -.-Il,'
���   ' I     ���  ���''���-���'   an_i.ni
(h      r,i   a,      v     lh      .. ..-.to..     ,\-.,,     li.-
ll '      lllll '���'!���     Ill      ������'
1 rlll   hin        '��� "  ���   "'    ��� ��� rr n
���       ���>       11,        .1      -. II .      , I,     ,       I,
111 .alii.i.M, ,1,     ��� ���      ..,      .        .,,   . , II,
���it'"1"1 ���   i       ni ���   ������������    ���   hi    mn
oi   lhi   il -       '"���'   0   lh'    mpp     ������   ill
���       ���,,,., ll ,.-.        II-   .,        r;  :  ,        .,.-,,
kn   '     '     h ��� 'hu    ��� 'It!
hi'   '���'������ iv "   ���    >i         it   (hi   In
."������ ������ ��� ��� hi   '������" ���    -i-    ���
"'     '"'   ' ")|     :'"           '                  Ipl        '          '          '   '���           ���'   Ij
���,-., i.,11-1.,,        ., ,,-        ���   ., I	
hi   ' ���""''   " '    Hli   ��� ������" ���'   -    "���"
wlvi   '      ��� ���	
"   "���".   ��� -I-"!'"                       ',,.,,.
"I."       '       ' |l '   '     ���'"
"'""-        .' '!"������'-���  .       I .-..- I ||
��� .,,.   I���, rw     .     ,1   .M,., ..   ..       ' a  ,,.,n.a
���'".. is'- OE '���   FOP M '" '1CW
-in...   ... '��....   ..-.   ' �����. ...
x.f...  .,., .    ...     .....       .......  I,] ...
' '''���  ���"���",' '������ ���   hi'lirl    ������     I I   ��� ������
" "������'  hli  " ">"��������� II     '������   rl Ic
" "    *���'" ��� I    * " ������ ���'���������   -'    ''
������' I'    It     ���"'���    ������ ���'"'���'���    billion"   "    torn
-���' a.i   --... ���    .   ���'..   or ; itildirii    '
Wi rifl  ��� .... ..,- ia..-.  .... .,    ij
��� '������  soi   oi  :' "���"���' ������ ���'   ��� ���������   ��� In
...     .��..     t,v    ...    .1..     to.   ;-.. .'  ���.
'���s ���,- rer   ��� ��n; ���     i ������    gr	
���'������ ��� I ������ ������ ........ be pri
��� ��� ���-���  1 '��� iv_  ��� ��������� ������ :"
" ������   ���'���      '���'"���   oi	
-      .-.      .a   r :      "   ���   ���-:���    . ���      i-r
���'-' -.'������ -     ���    ' -
v    *l"l j��_ /JL_ L        v V    K   t
Wi i ';-i ti eai   tb   attenti *   ���   fl-'  (Br
using ptibli   I   ���"i   '��� "   ant
*���'-*'���'    '
FIRE :;.<'��v \   WD
IX': v.: |  | < v ^
Pron   th.   -/ancou --1   Fifi   ���,'ii    Co
Clavbura  6 ���
Vi-K l\. ..*'.M. -Kn.
....... a
���' ���'	
a       '    a
I      - ���!"  ij��e
\>. r. r\ir
.:.���, .���
10MON LODGE. f'O. 17, A
M ���Regular  communica
ge are heM
��� -    ���   in  eai '.   n. mtfc   li
e, at S i    tn.    Vi ,li
a ���.-iin::-.   invite
li  *,'���    lilchrist, Sec.
' hi     aa ..      ���::������:��� .   . .
the proi
|TY   PRECEPTORY, No. -:- bottom   imi     ...
'       meets secon ��� i    vatlon    ��� ��� . ��� nA'.m
'��� ' month, at , : , m% i uh   ..
In   0 II,   comer   ol
f'-' in street     So   -.:    per  ..ere:
Sir Knights   cordially   ;ii
* '       V.. E. Dunlop, W
M Reg.
|RANGE  LODGE.  NO.  115:
'   ���  hall   B.-sl   an I
May I    ���   ���     'i onl b at 8 i
E   E.   "   M
���������' -  Rec.-Sec
1   '    a. :
mil 1
$10   prr   ||   ~
'   i acre       V
Offer   /..'���
[���--" T     LODGE, No. 21���   ' hoirun
[ this rl.      ..... i'
.    .      per   nr.rs.
'    ���    ���    evening
i ���.'       . . ,
Imi   i.        \\    nti ...     ii   ,���ito.
'       \ \ .   .    : n i 11 a   . a .^ ,.,,  |
���  lllllll     .  hill ' ll" I      li-.ill-      |l|-|.i       .11 l'.'i'
"' III :    I. .    .    |    ', a    ,,,    .       >....-..
'  a :       j| a, . .   ,,
I   '          ���           ��� '          |l|                   I      i     , .   ������         | I, i o
'< ' lai,a       .    .          I     ���,, : .       .1, .,  ,
'    I       |     | li 11 111111    ill     a 111.  11    i c    o 1
,'.  1    ���    .    i 1        ��� 1       ' ' i If   ,     I.   a
I i'.li cii        |||||       laia     i	
lllll  l|ll|| ll| ���'.      1    - lil',1 |||     '
f I. ,nii,   ... iii. ii  I-    i   i,,.;,,L.   :,.,,,I., i   i,,
l hi !_    .   ii ���
. .   : n     lal-      i      . : i
ill 11, . !,,_. i- ���     *a ,ni ���   i.( .... ,.,,
N-"   Xl ���������   .-.   r      ���"'���������������-.   '���"���    :..-.... >
' ��� '���'������' ���������'���= "������ '��� ' ���   ��� ��� ������- '     ��� ' ���        	
���-' ��� ��� ������������   -��� ��������������� ��� '���-.   ���������	
wl   ���     ��� !   '          Vi
��� '������������           mpi if
,-���������  .    ������ ���   tl ���'���"������ ������  ������ li ������  oi  basaltii
������    '   ��� ������  ��� ��� ��� ���   -������ ���    ���   ������ ���
r' ���'   ������ ���  "*         '      Pa
->>���-   rt   ��� -���    -      1    v.	
. .       n.-.. .-!..    ���   a  . to    ������
,.    ...-..���        i ���      1
"������'  , .   i  ���'���-    ��� ���   hi ���   li ������     ������ ���
���i"-' In ''���������  '������'������. ��� iii]     ���   i    -
c.,,, miles '���"' ���"   ��� ������ ���" " ' ; "'��� I  '    ���
taki "   thf   Ini-get i   > ��� ebnli hi
"���" bl   --��� ���' ���. ; ���' nml I; rnral
�����"��� '<" ���'-���    I'll-   ��� '        '"    , .    ������ a ,
,,    .,, ,.,   ,.... ,..!...���.-, , a      ,a .,    .    ,  ���     ���       ���-
'.""   " ���    (livl   Itt  the. i "''     	
Shingle .ind S*tw
Mill    Machinery
IV^..    *l1'->^i-W--Mri.o,~.   R    (*"'
l'l." St   I. -HUIll.ll.l,      __�����     ^.��
'        ���    a.
' ���    1 ,,,.,,,..
till        '���"'"
il. .    .a.  .,
11 llll    t! ''���
.... i     l  i..,r.,i
;,   .a,,., . ,    ,... .        .-.-....
!���    ""���'   ' :   '  '���        '
���. - M_ ill       ; lm I
 "i' ;-' ti  i     ���   ������ ' nl   I ���-���
'  Ifti '-i . | '��� h ������ H  hn
d    '��� i M. f '���������  I <
Co. mini I  learn
���   %-'������     ��� ^^ -lr^
it.it , .imti-.-  .^t.   cHARi&I) WITH IT.    WADE OSLY BY
( annilimi   IlnnK    ol     (  mrmi^rria
LOCGE   Mo    "���
- '  ' .     :
-.   tl.,
,:     to    .   . ..r.. i   i   |,
'.   -    ��� || i	
ileal      .,. i ri,l
la,,                    , I ...  .
IIM     fl
a.i .
* -    ���      ������    i >    ��� -���    ��     -
1 lull!  ��� '"" ���  ,;"    '	
ii bl ���' ''��������� el i ..M  ,      . i..
fprln Inl.    li   iii      '    i ��������� ��� '
' ll!��       Ill    if I              r-     .  , _-. .!_..--     __>--  -x---. ��^ -^
 Mlilftl   lit     lnmltir.lt <        r""' ��r �� -r**-1   f 10 000,000        D ���> r-^H, $S,000,000
   "'   '   ' "' *    ;"  r   '* HEAD   OPt   CE   -ORONTO."
::::.;:;"":',...:'",'.!', ,; :::'.   - ���" -i,; ��� ������-���    	
  ��� i ��� ������'  ������   pure ti   :'    ���������.-���
11  '���������    ���    -i t m    "    ' "
������'    Iln '    ������    pnrt nl        ���   ���     rh
'   il ���    ������     '���" Ifl |lC        ' ���    -   ' i '-'
on an. uce Tuoni.pi.oitT CANADA AND !N TME
unit en  stutcs   AND  ENGLAND.
��� '   '���   ' ' 	
I ll   	
!      ���'   . -'���'
1     '    '    Ever)   *--''���    -"     led  F.   mers for   their  banl.in:]  business.    Sales   Notes
1 '   ' '        .ashed  -    taken fe       '    ition.
" ' MRINO   BY   J	
.......       .....
- '  "     5     .  -
, .' -                      ICr
���    '���       " '
- .     ...
19      '. ���
i    he
'11.        'J atl   In ���
{                         ;   .-������             I                : :
...  v          ...       i.l .     ',       ,��� -
���       . ������           ,  .                       ���   .a ;      ��� s
'                  ���   "
-It    .-.   I.
i |(V8 jet' i.'a- ���                ;
,-   i ��� ��� i ���������  .
SKVi IINSTER     H   R  D ' '   * **   iager.
OPEN   ^Ti      VIVOS. 8 TO 9 O'CLOCK.
i   ..
...   ���  . .
"  ��� 	
-    ���   ���'  f	
������������    ���       ��� ��� 	
  '"nt Britain     .1  I ���        ���. |
���  -   -       	
" I     r, r        '��� ���- it
..-.,       .... . ,        .
���   '        . In '���-"''   DOLLAR    ������
ibi;    ��� ��� " ithlng   I ui  ONE D0L1
Ihc   Rnynl    Httnh   nf    ( \i ���* ^     >
a-   .
r     to,'11    111
.....,���        ,
: '.,..' ;...
������    ' \'   ���llll'S'll.
II,         ll ,1   ,'llll'V".
���  l| "llll.III!
ill     ,,:'��������� lil rti,.    r,-  ��   I.nilr   M.ito.lNfn.
'    ��� ' ��� - pulled
��� ''     '  .  dry goods
:. ��� S >���  "- ��� ��-
'Ila 'la'        '������.'���
nn    ��� id1 r ' -        ''���''   '���' ' '
ia-������������ |;l  ,'
,'       .,   , a ������  |f    ,      00l     11	
,,,        ,    ��� -,,,,,'    i , '���' 	
,,,        a.'.'     --.a i .      ' '      ' Tot. a      ��� "
.,., ; 'i gn   ),'������   ,	
i,    ��� ,   . "
.   .   a ���     ai.'-i
���     ,i      ��� ,-i        ill    \,- ij.       a.'ina.l
n>-������' *"i>'r was getting out,
'.       Out t'ur a .spin'.'*'
;  ' -    -   I   ��� lee V'-in."
i    ran  ttttfbsi-  your husband  a
blocH 'lb'ivc."
"Viiti iiiii?   Ho* can r oveti than!:
vou euougb?"   Nev.- York Press.
ten) :' to $ff04.60.    r'iiW*   THIS  OVER.
F. B. LYLE, Manager.
i   .i.n��-.
81 ,:.;
in    ..���  * i .:  md
Th<>  F.eirvt.
'���yUithihh\ tlirnw that ptwr beggar a
"Ah, yes, he looks very unhappy."
"Not on that account, but the Meyers
lire vra.dl.lw. us from their window op-
itoslte."���Wiener Salonwltablatt
.������������      "("iiii    n
"llll l|.\'l'";i
f.rji .I" !"���'.-=
Sfr��>��>t-, rM��x.h Rank of Commerce
A house is never perfectly furnish
ed for enjoyment unless there is a
obiM 111 It rNlnu' three years old nud a
bitten rlslnz bis weeks.���Souths!
Carruthers Manufacturing Corny.
sf. Manufacturers of
Show Cases, Store Fittings and Bar Fixtures
The Carruthers Manufacturing? Co.
t	 Ii
If.'      aa
���   ��� ��� .   i i -ii
Drawn   and   Undrawn
The only drawn birds in the city.   ORDER EARLY
Matter intended _ " th:- c.'.uron thou!- be ad-
'     ,.-.... ���      Social   Editor   Da:'.;.   News   I. ".
Bos 40.    Nen �� r-iii. ��� -'���"
TOYS, all kinds, from 5c to $7.50 ea.
DOLLS, all styles and prices
FANCY GOODS, a beautiful selection; useful, pretty, inexpensive
FINE CHINA, a splendid assortment
Come and See the Grand Display at
Columbia St.
New Westminster
Ladies' Collarsand Belts
The Daintiest we have ever shown
A.J.BIRTCH, 275 Columbia St.
11-2   ACRES
$525.����  Cash
In the Wes: End.     Handy to proposed new tram
line. Don't delay buying this for a quick turnover
Malins, Coulthard & Co.,
Real Estate, Financial and Insurance Agents,
Columbia St., - - New Westminster B. C
- New   Glassware -
Just Arrived.
-i For >-
-Christmas Trade
We will be pleased to have
Growing Appreciation
- Sugar Cured 	
Beakf ast Bacon and Hams
Mr. and Mrs Edgar Duthie and
chiiJ left todaj for Chilliwack. where
the. wlll reside in future as Mr. Duthie has been appointed manager of
the Ban.   ��� :  Montreal a" tha: place.
Mis.- Constance deWolf Smith went
up to Obilliwack this morning when
.-he will spend '-he remainder ot the
Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Moss and child
spenl Christmas with Mrs. C. E.
Mr William H. Dingle, of Aldergrove, .- in town _;>ending a few days
with his ' '  thei M:. H. 0. Dingle
Mr and Mrs. C. E. Holt entertained
at dinnei i :. i 'bristmas daj Am mg
-. present were Mr. and Mrs. A.
Malins, Mr. and Mrs. Burton McKenzie. Mr. E Burton McKenzle, Miss
Nona Burton McKenzle, Mr.-. Gaynor.
Mr.  Mau Ga) nor, Miss    Gertru li
i;.   oor an I Mr. Dockrill.
Mr. an ; Mrs. G. D. Brymner gave a
: : g<   linni i party on i 'hristm is da;..
I' and Mrs. deWolf Smith and Miss
Constanci leWoll Smith speni Christmas In v. :.. - iver.
Walter   C.   Brown   of   the  Bi :..-. i '
Commerci     stall    Victoria,    was at
���. mi   :      <':.; Istmas   an I  returned lo
VI i    .... yesterday,
Douglas Tuck wenl to Victoria : I
thi   holidays.
Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Hand and Miss
Helen   Hand   arrived  home  from  Nelson and Spokane in  time for  <*:
Thomas Gil ensol Ahernethy, Sask
is in the citj I i a few days, and in-
���������:. ..- mal Ing  some investments hi re
��� :  re rei urning hi ime.
.I. VS. WS.- ..-. ��� : Cranbrook wai i.
visitor in the citj yesterday.
A. Bllodeau, of Charleston, Quebec,
arrived in the city yesterday, on a
visit to his cousin, P. 0. Bilodeau,
proprietor of the Windsor hotel Mr
Bilodeau  will  remain in the cltj   foi
- ime time *   ���   mi
J. Perrj will l< ive to I ij :��� i V'< r-
non, where he v.... spend the nexl
two week.- on a visit to somi
tives Befi re leaving the city, Mr.
Perry hunted up his old skates, ai I
sharpened them In 'he expectation ol
:i. : ;;_.;,- in .-ome glorious - ating
while away on his trip.
H.   Engi ...     :   Bellingham,  arrive I
In ' .���- i .-..  - :. i Christmas morning ;   -
the purposi   ol  spend ng i .   J.   ; .   .
- imi  ' ' his relativi -
Ge ii ge  Green,  ol    Vir len,    .-   thi
- -"-* of Mr. an I Mrs   .!, B. Kenne I -
He has come to the coast iri- the pur-
" I attending the marriage of his
' rother, Dr. T. ii. Green, cf Victoria,
'��� Miss Lloj I, a step daughter ol J
C Kenm ly, M. P. The Interesting
event will take place on Saturday
next al the Knox church, Sapperton.
-'��������� Gi -:. . - enj jing his fi:-' trip to
the coa-: an i thinks it Is just the
rig! * place. On Christmas daj Mr.
Ki nm Ij I bim oul to Millside mr]
showe i I Im thro igh thi lai ge : .els
whicl   are .  , ling lum! ei   thi re.
Bisho     Don:. :. a ill,   who arrived    n
Montreal   ���--.��� 11      ...    ago on his  re
��� ��������� from a trip i    E iropi. is nol ex-
"' '��� l to a. .  ..    .. ri  until   ifter N'ew
'���'"��� ���      da;.     1 be   O.M.I,   fa hi   -
now ��� ��� . ... re he Is ul  the
���   ��� ui   tlmi believi   him  to    ���
the eastern    tati
V  C. Brimm ��� . i   of thi   Ban    &.
Montreal al   'to -. .1   mj      enl  Cl
i i    In the ci: - an I returned  to /to
up country hon.' yesterday.
''���  Pe u son, fo merly of Vancouvei
lefl   yesterday, with  his  persona]  ��� I
fects, for  La lm r,  when   he   will
Mile in future.
Dr. and Mrs. W V. Davies, of Chllllwack, were in the city to attend the
we Iding of Mrs. Davies' brother, E.
A. Hardman returned yesterday
from Seattle, whither he had been on
Mrs, Elliott Murdock, of St. John,
x B-< Is the gu< sl of Mrs. A. J. Hill,
at Idlewlld.
The:.- were a large number of family parties on Christmas Day. in New
Westminster, and the down town
streets wen. almost deserted.
At 11 a.m., yesterday, Alfred Nei
son of South West minster was united
in marrlag ��� to Miss Elsie Engen, also
of South Wi stmlnster, The cer��.
mony was performed by Kev. .\. g
Verl at hi., residence 397 Carnarvon
Oui  ; n -��� at  :ine of
Nickel Plated Copper Ware
��� -   Btrictlj   ol   tbi    '���������-   ������-'   quality  in-
clli iing
Pe-col. tors
Ee-vmg Dis'-es
Tea ar.i Coffee Pots
Crear- and  Sugar Dishes
Five  O'Clocks.
Chafing    Dishes.
\\'e ::.-.ite vou ti  call and i xamine.
at Reduced Pri*
Special Xmas Offer !
5.     0  S .:'-  for     $18.00
122.0!   .- litt   I       $20 CO
._   00  Suits  for    $22.00
$S.OO Pants for  $5.00
All Suits Made to Order.
Merchant Tailors.
P. 0. Box '4-1
139 Columbia St.        New Westminster |
It is just as we expected   th
our Ladies'and Children s Furs were sold d
last few weeks.
Here are some lines, though, which didm
ready purchasers, and on these we make km
such as will clear them all out before the ej\
Black  Imitation Persian  L_ i      Ruffs; r
B bu .. Imitation I1'-: sion L. n      , ������
Blai a  Imitation  Pi rsian Lai
Sa ble  Ruffs;   3 onl;. ; regulai
Si ��� ette ati !   Sable  Storm   Col
Long Ruff, Muskrat, a
,' ������    Pei _lan Lamb, oni  only $1*
(ire;.   Persian   Lamb. Oni   onlj   t   _
.-' a ette Scarf, trlmme I ���.. Ith M ...
oni- only Chinchilla and Sealetti   i ���. ...-
:.:-   '��� en Ruffs in such furs    I   - -     :
. ilai   pi Ice $4.50 to $( -   n  $3.75
' h\
r  i
against Fire
in Real Estate investments
2()U Columbia St., New Westminster
Phone 85.
Electric Railway Service
Inter-urDan Line.
Cars for Vancouver and way
stations will run every na.f-
ho:ir from 5:_0 a. m. to 11 p
rr.. excepting at 7:30 and 8:30
a. ru. Half hourly cars wi;:
run from Central Park to
Vancouver only.
C'ty Limits Line���Service from
6 15 a m. to 11 p rn.
20 Minute Service���.no tran. Ter.
Between 12 and . and 5 and 7.
30   Minute   Sur.;..  fojtai
'���" >pold J
Sunday   Set-.:..   half-bOB
IWI -:.   ���      . ..   , |
Sapperton Line,
'5  Minute Serv cs Iron ,'J
:      to   11       ::     ���    ���
12 and _ ' id
I hie! ��� t|
b   : ���   ir!
Sunday Berv lee cairtoar?-!
tween 5        ::. ..:.. :
I British Columbia Electric Ry.Co,,
All the Leading Lines, put
up in suitable packages for
Xmas Presents     A first-class home    langley municmI
TOILET SETS,  Etc., etc.
A good supply at
Ellard Block,
.Veu.   We_.min5._r
82 acres of first-class  land, about 30 acri improve, am
bearing orchard, standard varieties of fruit   Pea I A:: :e. Pear, Pw
Prunes, Walnuts:  good dwelling house and outl r,            1
ated. good roads: store, telephone,���post offici '���''������ '���"*
vei ���'.:   excellent transportation facilities.
Price  $5,200,  quarter cash, balai  ��� ���
Columbia Street, next Bank of Commerce
New Year's Greeting
We beg to thank our numerous real estate and general clients foi
��� patronage, and to express the hope that   relations thai have been '
��� ��� . ually   pleasanl   and   satisfactory may be continued during the ensuing
���ear.    We have done a large volume of business   with the  public  dun1"
tbe year now closing, involving some large  real estate transfers.    Man.
of these deals were with clients who have heen business friends  for >*ea
and many now accounts have been opened with people sent to us bj ������"���
fled clients,    To those who read this card   of   thanks,   and  who are no
��� Dents of ours ,we can safely promise satisfactory business relations u
services  as  real   estate,  financial  and  insurance experts are employed
extend to all our besl wishes for a Happj  and  Prosperous N'ew 'i';'
F. J. HART  &  CO., Ltd.


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